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Full text of "Rotuli curiæ regis. Rolls and records of the court held before the King's justiciars or justices .."

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BoUS mh MttOtt^S 







]^ll{$ mib ISittoti^ 





VOL. 11. 
Qt. B^'t. Con* a tc^\1, 









TBS BouaB or coMMona or orbat BRiTAijt t 

AKp VMpaji TBS DtHMono» or 






' '. 



< i 



tr I 

, • ^ 









\%th of March 1831. 









CAB vjMsmi^ f^iA^i9sxsmu^ sfXi 3»mi» «saciaQ<re<i»sK. 

















§ I. This Volume contains the Rolls of 
Michaelmas, Hilary, and Easter Terms of 
King John's first regal year : completing^ 
with the Rolls published in the preceding 
Volume, his^r^/ judicial year. An antient, 
but not coeval, note upon the record*, in- 
cludes the proceedings of Trinity Term 
which follow the proceedings of Easter 
Term as belonging to ^e first year, but 
this ascription is erroneous ; and with these 
Trinity Rolls, I propose hereafter to begin 
the «econ<^ judicial year. 

§ II. These rolls furnish further evi- RotCur. 
dence of the rights exercised by the So- 121, i^ 
vereign, before the royal authority was (Seevoi.i. 
assumed. Jntroduc- 

tion, Ixxxv, 

Roger de Ramis sets forth in his appeal, ^^vii.) 
that when the King was Duke^ he was 
sent, by the command of GeofFry Fitz 

* This Note occurs twice, at the top of the seventh 
membraDe and at the bottom of another. In the first 
instance it has since been lost by the want of care of the 
binder by whom the Roll has been repaired. 

Rot. Cur. Rko.^VolJI. * a 


Peter, to keep the King's peace at Dun- 
sten It is obvious that the peace is here 
called the King's peace by retrospect, but 
that it was considered when proclaimed, as 
the peace of John Duke of Normandy. 
Whilst Roger de Ramis was thus occupied, 
William Malet, whom he appeals, levelled 
his hedges at Ludesland, and made piles 
thereof, and feloniously burnt his com ; 
and this he offers to prove by one of his 

The Appellee denies the burning and the 
felony, and proffers three marks to the 
King, to have an inquest, whether the 
burning took place in the lands of the 
Appellant or his own ; for he acknowledges 
that he took the corn, and carried away 
the same as being his property. It was 
a forcible entry, but in assertion of a legal 
right. Upon this plea, a day is given to 
the parties to hear judgment. 

In another case Ralph de Lancelles ap^ 
peals Hugh de Stotdon, for that after 
the peace had been given and proclaimed, 
and when he, the complainant, was in the 
peace of the Duke of Normandy and Lord 
of England, the Appellee robbed his Lord, 
Richard de Lancelles, and forcibly carried 
off his chattels, to the value of twenty 
shillings in apparel, and one horse, and 
this he offers to prove against him by his 


body. The Appellee comes and denies 
the same, word for word. Pledges are 
given for the appearance of the Appellee* 
With him^ the Appellant includes others in 
the accusation : and judgment is given 
that the duel shall take place between the 

William de Burgeslond prefers his appeal 
for the same robbery against Richard de 
Dunham : alleging in like manner the in- 
fraction of the Duke*s peace ; and in this 
case also, the duel is awarded. 

Furthermore, Philip the son of Roger 
DiriU^ appeals the said Richard de Dun- 
ham, for that, being in the Duke^s peace^ 
he robbed his wife of a gold ring of the 
value of one mark : and of other chattels to 
the value of five marks. And this he offers 
to prove by his body, as that which was 
^^ seen and heard,^' or witnessed by his wife, 
when he was in pilgrimage at Compostella : 
that is to say^ the appeal was supported by 
the testimony of a party, who was an eye 
and ear witness of the fact or deed. 

In a plea between Walter Fitz Ralph, 
demandant, and Ralph Fitz Ralph, tenant, 
the parties come to a final agreement re- 
specting four acres of land in " Dercet,'* 
concerning which the plea was moved, upon 
the following terms — ^The demandant con- 
sents that the land shall be held by the 

, a 2 


tenant during his life, and that after his 
decease it shall revert to the grantor and 
his heirs for ever : and for this concession, 
the tenant quits claim to the demandant 
all his lands in Donestanescot : to hold to 
him and his heirs of the said Ralph fitz 
Ralph, and for his life, by the rent of 
twenty shillings per annum, in lieu of all 
other services» And it is added, that this 
concord was taken from a ^' note ^' made 
when the King was Duke of Normandy, 
and not yet King. 

§ III, The foregoing documents, com- (>- 

• ^ troduction, 

pared with those of the earlier portion of p.xcv,xcvi.> 

the year, fully prove that, for all purposes 

of legal jurisdiction, the Sovereign was 

recognized as Chief Magistrate, from the 

time when his peace was proclaimed. The 

civil jurisdiction of his courts was obeyed, 

and the violation of the protection afforded 

by him, was punished by the law. But it 

may at the same time be inferred, from the 

care taken to lay the trespass as having 

been committed after the proclamation of 

the peace, that, before the ceremony, the 

court could not have taken cognizance of 

the case. And hence the inter^regnum,pro^ 

perly speaking, existed only in the interval, 

between the death of the one King and the 

proclamation of his successor, nearly in 


accordance with the opinion of the London 

§ IV. A suit is brought by Constancius Rot. Cur. 
de Heiden and Alice his wife, against «.^5/**^^*"* 
William Clement, for lands in Herleston, as 
the right and inheritance of the said Alice, 
and of which Warine her father was seised 
in the time of King Henry the grandfather. 
And Constancius will deraign his claim by 
a champion, who will prove the seizin by 
his body, as by the sight and command 
of his father, who had seen and heard the 
facts, or, as before mentioned, had been 
an eye and ear witness. 

The defendant pleads that he is not 
bound to answer, inasmuch as he is ex-^ 
communicated on account of a wound 
which he gave to a priest, and which he is 
to expiate by a pilgrimage to Rome» " This 

deed,^' — ^the plaintiff replies, — ^**was done 

three years ago, and within that time you 
" have answered, and prayed a view of the 
" land/' The defendant further replies, that 
the Official of the Bishop of Lincoln had 
given him a respite ; but that the Bishop 
had commanded him to proceed to the 
Pope for the purpose of seeking absolution. 
This is a curious example of the manner 
in which attempts were made, on all oc- 
casions^ to set up the legislature of the 

a 3 


Court of Rome against the civil autho- 
rity. Penance became a privilege, and 
might defeat the operation of the law« It 
appears, however, that the plea was over- 

§ V. Further evidence is afforded that Rot. Cur. 

^1 1- • J- • 1 J • J. J • Regis, vol. iL 

the earher judicial records existed in a p. 236. 
regular series, and that their absence at tlie troduction, 
present day, is to be attributed to their loss P*"*) 
or destruction. Edward Fitz Richard is 
summoned to show cause why he does not 
perform to John Fitz Rimnild the fine, 
made in the King's Court, of one virgate 
of land, with the appurtenances, in •* War- 
deburge,'^ made between Richard the father 
of the Defendant, and Rimnild the mother 
of the Plaintiff. 

This entry, it may be observed, affords 
some insight into the custom by which the 
formation of surnames was regulated : and 
it shows that gentilitial names were, some- 
times at least, guided by the descent of 
lands. John is styled Fitz Rimnild, the 
son of his mother, and not the son of his 

Other matters are alleged, to which John 
pleads in reply, that Rimnild his mother 
bought the land : and had so impleaded 
Richard the father of the Defendant, that 
the same remained to her ; and, as his war« 


fanty, he vouches the Rolls of the third year 
of the reign of King Richard. But a day is 
given to them, on the Morrow of St. John, 
and a jury is to be summoned to make a 
recognition^ whether the said Edward has 
a better right to the land than the said 
Rimnild and John ; and this^ because the 
Rolls do not sufficiently certify to the 
Justices the right of the parties. 

§ VI. The Court had full jurisdiction Rot. Cur. 
over Ireland. This fact appears from an pA^'2.^^ " 
appeal preferred by the men and kindred of neimf l 
" Willielmus Brunus " against Warinus de P-^^o* 
London, Elias Fitz Phillip, Richard Gil- 
michael, and Thomas Norreis. There had 
been a feud between the parties^ and Wil- 
lielmus Brunus came before the Justiciar, 
Peter Pipard, in the County Court of Dub- 
lin, and prayed the King^s peace^ which 
his opponents pledged accordingly. Some 
time afterwards, William Brunus repaired 
to Dublin Castle in obedience to the King's^ 
writ, and as he was returning home, ac- 
companied by the Appellants, they were 
encountered by the Appellees, together 
with an unknown individual, armed with 
a battle-axe; and, by the latter, Williel- 
mus Brunus was slain, and he dropped dead 
in the fosse of the Castle. The hue and 

a 4» 


cry was raised, and the battle-axe man 
escaped by the help of Warinus de London* 
The Appellants then severally challenge 
the Appellees. Robert Keinel, the ^^maa 
and kinsman^' of the deceased, proffers 
battle against Warinus de London, for that 
the battle-axe man slew his Lord at the 
bidding of the said Warinus, and that the 
latter also procured his escape, feloniously^ 
the parties being in the peace of the Lord of 
the Landj and against the peace which he 
had pledged. Rogerus Brunus, " man and 
nephew^* of the deceased, and Philippua 
de Livet and Henricus de Frideby, his 
kinsmen, in like manner and in their turns 
severally challenge the remaining Appel- 
lees, who, as they allege, joined in direct-* 
ing and encouraging the malefactor to do 
the deed. Warinus denies the whole, as a 
maimed man, his leg being broken, which 
mayhem the knights, sent to inspect the 
same, attest. The others all offer to defend 
themselves as the Court shall adjudge ; and 
they proffer sixty marks to have an inquest 
whether they ever pledged their peace ia 
manner before mentioned. 

The proffer is not accepted, and judg- 
ment is given that Warinus shall defend 
himself by the fire ordeal, and the others by 
the duel ; and that they shall all make their 


lawSy in the Quinzaine of the Morrow of 
St. George, before the King, and wherever 
he shall be^ whether in England or beyond 
the seas. 

This is a very remarkable case in all its 
bearings. The refusal of the trial by in- 
quest, brings the practice close upon that 
which is designated by the G^nqueror^s 
laws; according to which, in plaints im^ 
porting outlawry, the Englishman was to: 
defend himself by ordeal, and not by com- 
purgation^ It will not have escaped the 
observation of the reader, that the peace, 
which in the first portion of the pleadings^ 
is called "the King's peace,'' is subse-* 
quently designated as the peace of the 
Lord of the Land. 

§ VIL A Jury comes into Court for Rot.Cur. 
the purpose of making a recognition of the ^^^l\^^ **** 
rights appertaining to the heirs of Simon 
de Vautort to lands in Shepperton, then 
held by John de Vautort. The jury find 
that Richard de Vautort had two sons, 
Hugh and John; Hugh was his eldest son, 
and he left a son, to wit, Simon, whose ^ 
issue, as it seemeth to them, should be the 
heirs of the land. But a memorandum is 
added, that this inquest was taken by the 
King's command, and not by judgment 
of the Court, or according to the custom 


of the kingdom.— -The King^s prerogative 
was known to be limited by the law ; and 
though the Court could not prevent an 
infringement of the law by his power, yet 
the judges protested against the violation 
of its principles» effected by the Monarch's 
arbitrary will. 

§ VIII. The Abbot of Bury complains Rot Cur. 
against Osbert de Wechesham, a knight of p^^et'io. " 
the Bishop of Ely, for that unjustly he ^Tp!'^r7. 
erected a gallows and made executions E"^!!*^5^" 

o auction to 

in the manor of Hecham, within the liberty Domesday, 
of St Edmund, violating the franchise Domesday» 
which hath appertained to St. Edmund *"'^* 
from the time of Edward the G^nfessor^ 
and by that King's gift; and thereof he 
proffers the charters of William the Con- 
queror, confirming and attesting the same, 
and also of King Henry the grandfather, 
or Hen. I. j and moreover he puts himself 
upon the Rolls of Winchester, as to the 
liberty of St. Edmund. This is one of the 
singular instances of a survey, supposed to 
be the Domesday survey, quoted by the 
apparently inapplicable name of the Rolls. 

Osbert calls in the warrantv of the 
Bishop, and he, on his part, warrants the 
execution, which he asserts to be as of 
right. And in like manner he asserts that 
St. Etheldreda has, and has had the same 


liberties from the time that King Edgar 
gave those liberties to the church; and 
he also produces the charters of Edward 
the Confessor, the Conqueror, and of 
Henry I., confirming those liberties. The 
Confessor's Charter yet exists. Hecham is 
granted by name to the Church of Ely, with 
sak and sok, and exemption fi*om all secu- 
lar and ecclesiastical jurisdiction, so that 
neither Bishop nor Earl should meddle 
therein. And Domesday, which affords no 
evidence of any right possessed by St Ed- 
mund over the Lordship, bears record that 
it was held by St. Etheldreda in the time 
of St. Edward. 

Another plaint, to the same effect, is 
preferred against Heinfridus de Criketot, 
for the same violation of the abbatial fran- 
chise. Heinfridus pleads that he holds as 
of the honor of Boulogne : and, that as 
from the conquest of England he is en- 
titled in his land to raise the gallows and do 
judgment upon thieves, and this as from 
the liberty exercised by his ancestor, to wit, 
William his father, who caused a thief 
taken within his land to be hanged, first 
calling in the bailiff of the Abbot, who had 
the right of being present at the judgment. 
Furthermore, that when he, the said Hein- 
fridus, was within age, Osbert de Glanville, 
who had the custody of the land, caused a 


thief to be liung as in right of the franchise 
appertaining thereunto, and that he^ Hein- 
fridus, had done the like, having required 
the bailiff of the Abbot to attend the exe- 
cution, but the latter would not come ; and 
of this he produces sufficient suit. And he 
alleges, that from old time the place 
where the thieves were hung was called 
the " qualmptowe,^' and he is willing to 
put himself upon a jury of the two ad- 
joining counties* 

Thfi Abbot rebuts the plea, by stating, 
that if William de Criketot did make any 
such execution, the same was done in 
time of war ; and that if Osbert de Glan- 
ville did the like, he did so in right of the 
franchise of St. Edmund, inasmuch as he 
and Robertus de Cokeford were keepers of 
the temporalities of the abbey, which, being 
vacant, was in the King's hands. This 
record affords a striking example of the 
mode in which franchises were deduced 
from the Saxon era, as well as of the per- 
plexity and difficulty of so deducing them. 
It also shows how firmly the Anglo-Saxon 
language was retained in common use 
throughout the country. 

§ IX. Of the last fact we have another Rot. Cur. 
example, though offering some obscurity p.n4!^^'" 
in its interpretation. Four knights of the 


county of Hertford being summoned to 
" say the truth '' concerning the money, 
which certain individuals have appropriated 
to themselves in consequence of the indict-» 
ment of a thief, certify as follows : — That a 
thief was apprehended at Berkhamstead, 
with a great booty, and that, confessing the 
fact, he was condemned, and led to the 
gallows. — Being asked, whether he had any 
money, he answered, that " apud silverhord 
" versus London," he had deposited ten 
marks, ten shillings, and a ring ;. and the 
verdict then adds, that the parties named, 
had gone by night to the place, where 
they had digged for the treasure ; and the 
sheriff is commanded to take an inquest 
thereon. The Anglo-Saxon term implies 
" the Treasury of Silver ;'* and it would 
seem to designate some place, known tra- 
ditionally, and possibly connected, like the 
^* Ntebulimgen Hort " of the antient Teu- 
tonic heroes, with some legend or super-* 

§ X. In editing these Rolls, it has not 
been thought expedient to give the essoigns 
at full length; and therefore merely the 
dates of the returns are given. The essoigns 
printed in the first volume, besides exem- 
plifying the practice of the Court, afforded 
the very valuable and important infor- 


mation relating to the assumption of the 
royal title; but the subsequent essoigns 
do not impart any particulars, except the 
names of the parties; and although the 
latter are not without their use, still it 
was scarcely equivalent to the expence 
which would have resulted from thus in*- 
creasing the bulk of the volume. 


Record Office, 

Treasury of the Exchequer, 
25 April 183& 


",*• « ■ 




' I Essoigns, &c. of various dates. «•« h^ 

1 John, 1 Pleas, &c of Michaelmas Term, of the 

1199. J First year of the reign of King John. 2-8 

1 John, "I Pleas, &c. in Fifteen Days of the Feast of 

13 Oct. 1199. J St. Michael 6> 9 

Pleas, &c. of the Term, resumedi 9-47 

Pleas, &c *..* 48-59 

1 John, 1 pj .^ Q^^ -MionA of St. Michael ... 60-96 

27 Oct 1199. J 

iJohn, 1 Pleas, &c. in the Octaves of All Saints. ... 96-153 
8 Nov. 1 199. J 

' \ Essoigns, &c of Michaelmas Term, resmned. 1 53 

° "* }• Eesoicns of Hilary Term 154-155 

— 1200. J * ^ 

1 John, 1 pj ^j jjjj^^^^ ^g^ 155 

— 1200. J "*^ ^ 

1 John, 1 pj ^j. E^tgr Term. 166-184 

1200. J 

IJohn, I Pleas, &c. in Fifteen Days of Easter. 185-240 

23 April 1200. J ^ ' 

1 John, 1 j^^^^j^ ^^ j^^j. 240-266 

7 May 1200. J 

1 John, I PJ j^ p.^^ y^^^ ^^ j^^ 266-281 

14 May 1200. J 

Rot.Cdk. Rbo. — Vol, II. 



All the proof sheets of (Ms Volume have been repeatedly examined, 
collated^ and compared hy rue with the original Record, of which, 
alloioinff for the errors inevitable in a Work of this description, the 
following printed text is a true copy, except as to certain unimportant 
minutuB in live contrajctums ; for these being less regidar than in later 
Records, to which the type is adapted, could not be exactly repre^ 
sented in letter-press. This is principally the case in such words as 
apfd qd '3cs '^t §*c. in which the line denoting the abbreviation 
extends, in the original, through or over two or more letters, as will 
appear by the facsimile inserted in the first volume, whereas in the 
printed text it extends, only through or over one of thenu 

25 April 18S5. FrANCIS PaLGRAVE. 

The text is given as it appears on the face of the record, except 
as to the substitution of capitals for minuscules wher& required,, and 
the addition of the following denoting marks:— 

II Doubtful or difficult readings ; and also words which are 
apparently clerical errors in the originaL 

f Readings, evidently errors in the original. 

^ Apparent omissions or deficiencies in the original. 

[ ] Interlineations. 

" " Words written on erasures» or apparently added to the 
text after it was first written. 

A ^ CanceUations. 


Page 9, (margin) for m. 7. dors, read m. 8. dor& 
Page 73, line 6, for dim mid read dim mi}. 
Page 175, line 18, for cucartis read cu cartis. 




Di. 1. Essoii capta de ma) veh • a die S^c^i MidC i 

XV. dies. Vi. 

m. 2. " Essoii de mai. veii. a die Sci \\Mari i Hi sept. 

It ex alia parte esson de mat lect . Tc,' 

•v 99 

m. 8. . Ess', a die 5*c'« Mich^ in . i. mense . T:6. 

iii.s.dor9« Essoii de mai . l5 a die jS'c't Mich^ in v. sept\ 


Ess' de mai veii a die jS'c'i Mich^ t . v. sept\ 

m. 4. Ess'. in . V. sept^ post fesi Sci MicV d malo 

le .'I de 9mto octav" Sc'i Ylar\ \q. 

« In Oct' Om'iu S'c'of. 


Essoii . de mat "veii'* in octaV iu S c o^ .T:c. 

Rot. Cur. Reg Vol. 11. 3 


m. 5. Esson de mat Ic . iiu die arC pF. z ocf S^c^i 


ro- 6- Esson de mat . l6 . a die S^cH Mart\ l • xv. dies. 

'' 1 de mai ven '\tc. 

Essoii de mat ven a die . 5*. Marf in . xv. dies. 

m. 6. dors. Essoii de mat veil D'nica pof^ P^-/'* ^^ 

Ka£in\ \c. 

Esson I crasf S'cH Andr\ 16, 

m. 7. Plac de t mio ^cH MicK anno . t. regni 

Reg' Joh\ 

IdvZ. jT Loqla int Sim de Lindon 1 Joh de Lacett de pi . 

X . reman} sn die p p^cept dni Reg de ult^ mar 
q*diu * fuit i svico dSi Reg ult* mar cu eq^s 
^ arm. 

Warr. jf Vic signif litis suis qd cep i man dni Reg. 

ij. virg rre St xl. acr cu ptiii i B^on q*s Thorn 
CamariP 1 Cecil ux ejus clam v^sus Gerard de 
Berton :! die Jo'tf paimo f^Jesl Sci Laur. 

OxoS. ^fi Gitt Marescalltcs servies [d] honore WoBnge- 

ford ven It die qd in ven ^Tom plagatu q' 

retav iii Rob de Sco Joh.\ id Gilt posuit 

eund Rob p vad 1 pl.l dedit eis die.Tt 

4- WTou affidav pseq^ . t . nuq* p^ea psecut^ t "^ 

testal f qd Justic itiflaver? p^ea i ptib} iB Si 
\Joh pet qd lit ei allocet' :! qd appBm illu fee 
duob} anis:^ tnsactis .It ii t psecut^. Jp 

Cantehr. f Com WAlbric poii loco suo Magrm Elia de Sud- 

werch vs \\Wittm RtisS St ux sua de pl.?re, 
ad luc'.tc. 


Kent. jf Ric de Wrothd pe? n Godma le Glaggere pcord 

sut de . i. molend cu ptiii i Pva Wrotha un 
pt fuit int eos p sic qd id Godma recogii 
pdcm molend esse jus 1 fied ejusd Ric It 
lied ej^.1 tenend de Ilipe Godma Tt ted ej^ i 
ppe? p sviciii . ij. sol p anu p onii svic redd 
ad . iiij. tminos ani . \ id Godma It Redes ej^ 
cocord. habe15t multura dom^ sue q*eta i pdco mot 

ippeLl p h fifi id Ric ded Godma. jd. s. 

Bert/: jf Das Rex «phibuit** p br suu [d ult* maT) qd 

nttus inplacitet vl forifaciet TViffo de Vesci 
vt Warin de Vesci de aliq*b5 teii suis vt pos- 
sessioib} q^ Eiisi de Vesci posuit i Hmarcli 
suis . donee cert sit dfio Regi q^lr Rex 
^Scoii hre se voluit vsus eu. 

Susex\ jf Loqla inu Hug ^Esturm 1 Nicot de Trubmch 

appBante [de pt appffi] pon^ i resp q* diu id 
Hu^ f8it i svico dni Reg.l donee aliud 
p)cep! in liat dns . G. Jit Pei\ 

Sumls. JT Loqla int Math de CUuedon It Ric de Ken de 

pt . I • pon' i respm us^ ad advent dni Reg 
i Ajigt p pcept dai Reg de ult* mar. 

Suses\ if JSiidcs p!sbr pott loco suo Joh de Ferles v'sus 

Rob jil Gerold de pt . ij. hid .t .T: \?sus Ales* 
de WLanco de pt . i^. virg ♦ ad luc* . T:c. 

Oson. jf Loqla int t poit loco Quintin 

Talebot pet It Al5b de Angers de plac §vic 
p' i resp usqj I ocl Set Yllar.*\ hiit lie 

Essejp\ JT ^i^ de Rocheford [q* vocav ad waranl TJiom de 

WMenelW] pon loco suo WiUm Flambard vsus 
Alan Jit Ogger de plac rre ad luc*.vt pd. 

B 2 













If Gilt de Stagno pel vsus Gaufr Jit Rtc . i. virg 
rre c ptin i Horsee ut jus suu . \ Gaufr ven 
t pel vis Pre . hat visu dies dat^ k eis l ocl 0*iu 
Sco:f. It intim fiat visus. 

jf Wallet Ad pon loco suo Rob Walensem vsus 
Hit^ Jit Rod de pT . { . ad luc* . vt . pd. 

Joh de San^ord poii . W. Walens . ad cap cirog* 
suu • vsus q^mda femina. 

JT Ric de Cauz pel v^sus Witt de Stibbinget. xxx. acr 
rre 8 ptin It . ij. masag i Serpend ut jus suu .It 
Witt pel visu rre. Hat vis. Dies dat^ t eis 
i ocl . (yiu Sco^ .1 Irim fiat visus. 

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Monac [vt Steph de Berktg^ vsus Wilt de la 
Wode de plac molend ad luc^.ltc. 

jf Jocel de Stivecle \\ Wail it Wardebois Rob de Rames 
Phil de WHocton missi ad Abb de Rames ad 
sciend q vellet ponle loco suo vsus Phil de 
AUnton de pt ass uii Gilt de ^Luiton vocav 
eund A^ ad waranl r^ did qd posuit lo • suo 
Rein monac. 

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v^sus Gilt WOin . ut jus suu 1 beditate It GiU 
vetl I defend jus suu \ pel vide It audire bre 
p qd i plac trahit' . T: n t invenL 

f Dies dat^ t Wat^o del \\N()fineisnilt ^ Bernard de 
Stanes ad aud jud suii die p\. I. a die M*cur 
pa^ j^ fesl Sci Dionis t . av. dies. 

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de AUnton sais fuit i dnico suo ut de feod 
de . ij. virg Pre \ dim c ptiii i AUntoA die 
q* ob . 1 si ob \c .1 si id Phil ppinq hes ej^ 


sit.q* rra AW) de Ram ten}. Jur did q3 
X^ana ita obiit saisita fi qd Ph ppiq hes t • 
<< mia." Jud PAif hat sais sua St A^ i mia. 

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suo ut de feod de . xjcxviij. acr tre c ptiil i 
Duha die q* oB .1 si oft .15.1 si id fVitt 
ppinq lies ej^ t • q* ?ra li^/lf HP^ f ten ^ It 
II Ysolct ten}. Jur dic£ qd Wall ita obiit sais • 
1 qd ^iff .^c. Jud . Win hat sais .1 W. 
**inia." IIP^ i mxa. 

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ijuste St sn jud diss Wilt ^^fX Mawr [d . li . 
ten * *'] 1 Tacsted infra ass. Jur diet qd n 
« mia." diss eii. Jud . Wilt i mxa .1 ce?i q*eti. 

Cantebr^ jf CustancP de Heidenn t Aids ux ej^ pelt v'sus 

Wilt ClemSt • i. virg I . c ptin i SPleston ut jus 
suu It fted ejusd AUc . un WarirP pat ej^d 
^£c sais fuit tpe pac It Ipe • H. Reg avi . cap 
espt ad val .v. s, 1 pt .1 h off diroare p t 
3 . q* h off pbare p corp^ suii ut de 

visu It p^cepto pat*s sui q* h vidit Tt audiv. 
Wilt ven It die qd £L vult Hide resp5de n* cur 
9sidavit q*a excoicat^t llpp plaga q*nda q* fed 
cuida saSdoti . un pat^ t Roma tende g 
absolucoe adipiscenda. CttstandP die qd illd 
fee . iij. annis t^nsactis • "l infra iUii rmin alia 
vice respod 1 petiit vis tre . Tt . Witts die qd p 
officiates dni Epi Line respectu " habuit '\ 
Dns au £pc indix ei qd Roma adeat .It Ijpetat 
absolucone . nee moretf^ quousq^ Dhm ppm 
adierit .^adie ASci^t M'cur gaf^ j^festU Sci 
Dionis I . arv. dies . ad aud jud suu. ^ '< Dies 
" dat^ f eis a die PascH i . i . nisem . voluntate . 
*' ipi^ Custanc:' 

B 3 








q . O5S 
vocav ad 

JT Hug* de Fulebroc pon loco suo "JZoS Vavasur'* 
vsus fFilt de Btckinghd de plac • ass de morl 
aiicess ad v luc^.ltc. 

f Vic sigDif p br suu qd cep i man dni • Rf ^ t ocl 
" See Marg " t(tram) q* Al^ q fuit ux Rod 
Jit Hug" clam v^sus WaU de Norho 1 R06 de 
WBerket \ Rog Curteis % Rob Jit Rad. 

jT Magr Ada de Walsingha poii loco suo Sim de 
Legha vsus Hub de Mukgsi de pt . nov diss . t 
vsus Pore de Binha de pi horn "Xc. 

f SibiUa de Sumi pon loco suo Rad de WDudimer^ 
T: Phitjit Witt vt alrm eo^ ad cap cirog*pli 
suu • Ic . s . I . i Bramton. 

f Abbas Samson q'r qd ^Heinfiid de Criketot^ 
1 Osb de WecheshS [miles Epi ESensis^ 
ijuste f\ sn ^ leva**vit'* furcas .Tt suspendiu 
fec'^it** [1 manerio de Hecks'] infra libtate 
Set Edrndi [*>; cotra libtate] q* habuit Bat^ 
Edm a tpe Regis Edward \ ex ej^d Regis 
donoA in ptulit carta testante.'l 
de q^ li15tate saisina habuit icocusse usq^ m^ 
\ ptulit carta • W. Regis pqstoris q id [c5- 
firmatl] testatM: H. Reg avi.1 p?ea pon 
se in sup Rotulos Winton de libtate Set 
Edm . Osb ven /I trahit ifi Epm Eliens ad 
waran? 1 ej^ lil&tal* 

f Epc ven 1 warantizat ifid suspediu.qd 1 de 
jure fcm fu ut die % libtate habet Tt habuit 
Sea Edeldred a tpe Edgar Regis q* eccte See 
Edeldrd uniVsas lib* dedit [c suspendii lib- 
tate] \ carta cofirmav q id testat'. ptulit 'I 
carta It cofirmone Reg Edward q cofirmav 
libtates oms [ita] ||data^ See Edeldrid ta i 



ma^o de Hccha [cnj^ membr t Wechesha[] 
\ i ptiil omib3 q^ i aliis mamis sn omi excep- 
cone eccliastice vt sSlaris justic si£! Rex Ed- 
gcof^ pdecessor ej^ dedat ptulit % cartas 1 
cofirmones Regu Angt . W. coqstoris St H. 
avi J\ alioj^ << pdcas libtates 9firmantiu.'' 

[Dies dat^ f eis a die M^cur j^ jT Set Dion % 
av. dies.2 

Bedef! if Sim de Bella Capo pon loco suo Ada Jit Dragon 

rsus Fore de WLehton de » nov diss ad luc*. 
vl . pd. 

Htfari. /f Dies dat^ t Jah de Sandon poito « Rob Rohald 

1 Bic Jit Pe^ ad cap cirog* suu . f act. 
S. Marl It sciend qd id Bic recognov [se] 
debe fa§e escabiii Rabto Rubald de tra q^ 
tenuit ]^Ciji^an^ in Hehenton. 

NarfL f Waleran^ Jit Bad po£l loco suo W^i/!f fil ||suu 

v'sus Gat^ JiXGa^fr de pt magn ass ad luc*. 

^orjl. % Joh Maudvit pon loco suo Wittde WAuenay vsus 

Gerard de \iMauq^nci de plac . I . ad luc^.lc. 

Essea^. f Assa de ulta psentacone eccte de Berdestapt 

sumoita int Bea^c de Berdestapt pet.l 

Epm Land . 1 assa in? Ric de Berdestapt Tt 

8Q die eund Epm de ull psen^ de Barlestoh ponuf" 

i respm q*diu milites ejusd Epi f 8int i 9vi2o 
diii P: . ult*^ mar. 

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vitt opl se • iiij. die rsus Ateb de Albamart 
de pt qf ipedit jpsentacone ej^ ad ecctam 
de . Carletoh . It ip n ven vt se essoii. Ido 
atachiet' qd sit t ad O'iU Scof, responsur^. 

B 4 


H War. jf Rob de Valdnes opt se . iiij, die vsus PetrU CorbezQ 

de pl.tre uii cep horn suu apd Wirecestr 
cora justic It carf sua c5fiim.. It ipe 5 ven vt 
se essoii St fuit posit^ p pleg . ||T: si noia pleg. 
Witt de Stodleg^ . Rob Jit Rein . jud . atach p 
met pt • qd sit % ocl O^iu Sco^ resp 1 osten- 
sur qr ii svav die suu a die Pasch 
sic sum fuit St p^Si pt sum qd tc sint ibi tc. 


<Scbed.) / XV. dies p^ fesf S'cH Mich\ 

Loqla int Hb Jit Herb pel 1 Witt de Bretise de 
pt . I . remanet sn die % milites ejusd Witt sut 
i svico dni Reg ult* mar. 

Bukigha. jf Dies dat^ f Attii de Wohurh \ Rtc de Broc 

posito loco ^Ric de \\W0vitt de ull jpsenl 
capeB de HUderugg a die Pasch % a?v. dies p^ce 
pciu . \ hrit licenc gcord. 

Essex\ jf Sahina ux Serooat poii loco suo Sewat vir suu vsus 

lOana de Hobrug^ de plac . I . ad luc* .15 . t 
Matitt soror ej^ poii loco suo eund • \ God vir 
ej^ pon ileund loco suo "Ic. 

Susea;\ JT Ass veil rec si Rob Taillard Ijuste It sn jud diss 

Wittm WBriewerr de sua q ptinet 

+ ad libm teii suu i \\Hessei p^ scdm coroSi 

♦•• Reg Ric. Jur diet . . Rob ita diss eum. 

Wilt. f Loqla inP Afibissa de Wilton \ Godefr de 

remau} sH die id Godefr f 8it 

in svico diii Jt ult* mar. 

Leic. f ^- Ji^ P^l^ significav p Sim de Pateshitt qd 

\\Mabitt de loco suo cora . . . Witt 

de Bures vl Petr de Berges v'sus SiM 


Ebo'f. f Epc Lond poii loco suo Hug^Peviett vt Henr de 

Pofne de plac.l.m. ad luc*-1tc. 

Berkesir. J AsSa de morf aiicess int PetrU de Wingha 

petente \ WHalenald 1 Ric 

de WPeseme Tt Ysoldd ux sua de dim hid ?re 

c ptiii i pon' i respm us% I 

ocl Set Marl . q^ JRw \ Ysold vocaver iii ad 
waranl Helenald ||ad warant q^ fr t • . • Ysold 

q* dedit ei ?ra ^ \ 

i . • • de Chelegrave iii rec q n venef vl se 
esson • . . .^ i maritag • .\ Ysold. 

jf Hat bre ad siimonend ipm Haknald % ad 
atachiand . . . • de Haggemore Tt WSewel .... 
Buccenettn Gervas de (| . . eleg^e rec in 1 n 
vener vl se essoSi 1 id dies dat^ t aliis rec 
q vener i banco . Ysold pon loco suo BiZ vir 
suu iii ad luc'.lc. 

Hertford:, f Dies dat^ t Hi^^ Herru 1 Hiig' Bard de plac 

m.7. dorg. 

hill. if Nicot de la Mara opl . se . liij. die vsus Petr 

de Will de . ||xL s. de debito . xl. sot It Petr 
n ve vt se ess \ sumo tesl fuit. Judm 
Petr atacK q sit apd Westm i ocl OmiU Scof, 
inde resp5sur^ • 1 ostnsur^ q*re ii svavit . 
die s^ poitu p siimoniconem in ocl Sci Mich. 

Nor A. JT Assa ven rec si Acelin de Wa^vilt ijuste 1 sS 

jud levav fossa^ i Opton ad nocum ti ten . 
Ade Jit Drogoh [i Sibeston] p^Jesl Set Mich 
px™ an coroii dfli Reg. Jur die! qd Acelin 
?i levav fossa! ibid. Jud Acelin teneat i 
m, pace St Add i mia. 


5»^/ JT Sam5 AS) de Sco Edm q'r qd Heimfrid de 

Criketot ijuste levav f ureas infra libtal SH 
Edm \ CO* liBta! ;S« jErf^.T; ubi fi potuit vt 
debuit de jure . 9* ilia liBtate q* habuit It M 
jBa^^ EdmdP a tpe 5aft' Edward Reg ex c^ 
dono ilia libtate ht * cuj^ carta ptulit q 
testat' se dedisse Bdto Edm univsas libtates • 
cu lat^nu suspeudio infra li15tate sua .ptulit 
*f c5firm . W. Reg c5qstoris .1 . H. Reg avi . 
Tt oiu Regu Angt successor eo:^. .1 pel saisin 
T: libtate q*le semp habuit. Heirifr die qd 
ten3 de honore Bolon St deb} ex coqstu Angt 
i tra sua de t ftu:cas levare t lat^^nes 

judicare 1 suspende . ex libtate q* habuer 
jpdecess ej^. set Witts pat ej^ q^ lat^ne captii 
infra rra sua suo tpe suspende fec.vocato 
tarn Baifl: At* q* inree debT: judo.^l p^ea 
du id . H. fuit infi* etate . Osb de Glavitt 
vict'c^ ej^ du rra ej^ Hhiiet i eustod q^nda 
lat^ne siti m^ suspende fee ex libtate q 
adjacet tre sue .t ipe Heinfr sili m® qnda « 
suspende fec.vocav ati BaBm Aibb ut inr- 
foret judo.t venire noluit.T: in pdux sec 
tam llsuff die \ qd ab olim vr^ adhuc 
loe^ i q** suspensi f 8nt lat°nes p^dci i vocat' 
t qualmjtowe .1 ill poil se sup jurata 

duo^ vicinoj^ eomitatuii \ de libtate sua ita 
habita :! \ S. suspesoe ita f ca . A^ die qd si 
Witt par ej^ aliq suspend:' i werra h fee 
1 si Osb de GlSvitt suspediii feSit.h ftiit p 
libtate SH Edm . q^ ipe 1 Rob de Cokef* cus- 
todes ftier Atebie q tue vacans fuit S\ i maS 
dni Reg . qVR fa8e potuert p potestate T: 
libtate Sci . Edm q fuit i manu regia • si 
Heirifr suspendiu fecit. 9* jus T: libtate ^*r 


Edm h fee q* 9firniaver% oms Angt Reges 
a tpe Reg Edward A i£L pon se sup cartas 
suas • q testant' qd nBus hre pot vt deb3 
suspendii libtate ||hre infra metas libtatis Set 
EdnL Heinfr die qd par ej^ Ipe pac li fe5 . 
1 Os5 de Gldvitt id fee tpe Hug Atbis 
p^dcessoris sui.'l de jure libtatis ita h&de 
[% ita habite] poSi 4^ sup magna assam . si hre 
ea porit vl debSit. Ateb die qd n pon} se 
iii sup ass • S3 sup cartas suas • q^ siH m^ 
posset t alii faSe St p^ea ponie se sup assam . 
\ ita vexari p^set sup libtate sua. A^ 

pon loco suo Magrm StepH in .t vsus Witf 
fit Alan de pi pastur ad luc* . Itc. Heinfrid 
pon loco suo Joh de WKertUnge iil sitr. 
♦* Dies dat^ t eis a die JMTcur gaP p^ fest Set 
<' Dionis l • jrv. dies . ad aud jud suiL' 

« 9f 

Suff.* if Joh Jit Godtfr de WLastan op? se . iiij. die v^sus 

Phit de la Brendehat de pt . homag reci- 
piend . Tt Phit fS ven vt se essofi . It sumo 
testata fuit • jud . Phit atacb qd sit ap Westm 
t ocl OHU Scof . \c. 

Bed. f Dies dat^ t Henr monacb poito loco ASi de 

Warden % Joh de Btdlli de plac adv eccle 
de Wardon I ocl O'iU Sco:^.^ hnt licenc 
cocord » Cecit ux Johis pon loco suo Joh vir 
suu iii. ad luc^.^tc. 

Stiff.' 9 Magna ass d • i. car rre c ptifi i Bukeswrth 

pon' i respm usq^ i ocl Sci Marl p defectu 
rec . % Witt de Piston essoii p Rob . WRog' de 
Dalhd p Rob . A Rob de WReindon p . ^ 

Id dies dat^ t Thorn de Mendhd . ^ Rob de 
Hulm ^ Ric de Ikeurth Rand Briton . Brian 


de Netlested . Witt Jit Alan . Witt de Bures . 
ceti atach qd tc sint ibi. 

Suf: JT Gerard de WNeref poit^ loco Witti de Glavitt 

v^sus Hub de Mukensi de pi . nov diss reced 
sii die p voluntate ipi^ Ht^ nolentis . " seq 
bre suu*'* 

JViir. f Dies dat^» mitd Costentt pet A Act de Welpelee 

de pi. ij. virg [1 dim] ?re c ptiii i ^PerdeS" 
wertJie \ i ^Funtett I ocl Sci Marl .^ hflt 
licenc gcord, 

£bof. f[ Had de Lenham opt se « iiij. die vsus Afibtn de 

Egleston de pi • deft . c. s. q^ ei aret^ sunt de 
fine fco i cur dfii ^. % At* il^ 
sumo testal fuit . jud • A^ atachiet' qd « e 
ocl 0*ia Sco^ in resp. 

Bukingka. f[ Rad de Hugenden tenes opt se.iiij. die vsus 

Gatffr Jit Fukon de pi • t . i HuchSden 1 
Gatifr n ven vl ♦ ess . 1 fuit petns . Rad 
m. eat sn die . It Gatifr i mia q^ fl t psecut^. 

Bed. JT Asia ven rec si For de Lecthon ijuste It sii 

jud diss Sint de Bella Campo de coi past'a 
sua 1 Lehtori q ptin3 ad libm ten suu i 
Lichelade p^ scdam coroS Reg Ric. Prior 
die qd assa n deb} iQ f i q^ id For inplacitav 
eund Sim in • p bre de recto • ita qd loqla 
remasit cora just sup judm ,1 ido n videf 
ei qd assa debeat pcede q^usq^ rminet' plac 
qd adhuc sub judo t • dies dat^ t eis ad 
aud jud suu t . a^v. dies p^ Jesl Sci Ylar 1 tc 
veniat assa. 

Ebo^. jT Ric Jit Rad appttat Wittm de WSanton . qd i pace 

dni Reg Rad patre suu duxit i thalain suii • 


1 ibid eu plagav i felon . [ad morte] 1 cfi 
p^ea debuit adire justic ad c5qrend sup 
plagis illi datis:^ Id Witts insecut^t eii usq^ 
i comital Line .1 ibid eu ^neq'l:^ irfec i 
bosco de \\Berhton i felon 1 i murdr Si si h 
negare voluit r' offt j^bare vsus eum p corp^ 
suli sic cur Qsid. Id appltat Hitg de Hesett. 
1 Petr llfrem WiXti .1 . Rob frem Hug de vi 
ilia \ cosilio . Witt veil T; dfend morte 1 
felori.l cen oms.1t die? qd i comi? LiriZ 
irfcs fuit. Ita qd q'da malef cor q* suspensus 
fuit recognov se illu *1 qm n apposuit fvisii 
suu vT aliq's p eo r' psidat t qd appSati eat 
mTa. q'eti 1 Ric i mia. 

Salc^. f Gaufr Jit Pefi warantizav qd Rogis de Mortuo 

Mori pet £cora eo] cur sua de plac tre qd t 
in? Joh de Braton \ Mar^ sorore sua ad 
hora 1 rmiii. 

Nor%. if Vic significav p bre suu. t 

f Emma q fuit ux Joh Jit ^Ui optulit se . iiij. die 
v'sus WiWm de Vefi Pdte de plac tcie ptis . 
Iliiij. virgat tre cii ptiK i Hardlgestorp .1 ipe 
n veil 1c St rra capta fuit i manu dni Reg 
It retenta St ii fuit petita ad hora. Jud. Ipa 
hat sais sua iii. 

^orf* ff WRog' le Pasmr \ Malitt ux ej^ p eand Matitt 

poita loco ej^d WRog optut se . iiij. die vsus 
Turstan Cloker St Joh de Oxewich de pla2 . 
xvi, acr tre c ptin i ^Fronssd St ipi !l vener 
Ic. 1 ?ra capta fuit i man diii Reg ♦.'In 
fli petita ad hora. Ido c5sidatii t qd ipa 
K' hat sais sua in. 

lVurT\ f Dies dat^ f monialib} de Ancrewich petentib} 



1 WAnseUn Pinc^ne de plac eccle de Dune- 
cherche icia die ^ fesi ^ Andr pee ptiu .1 
inritn h&t licenc 9Cord. 

Kent. f Dies dat^ t WiUo de Badeksmar 1 Witto de 

Sotieldon de pt • { . de WBeaiiffeld a die Set 
Yllar t . jn). dies J\ hnt lie geord. 

irtford. f Petrus de Paxton pon loeo suo Petr \\Buccett 

vsus Guiomar de Bassingel^n de pt waranl 
rre ad lue*.!». 

Hi Her i. J Witt Jit Godefr o^l se . iiij. die v^sus Witt Franc 

de pt audiendi jud suu de oeto aer terr c 
ptin i GodelestoA . q's id Witt Franc petiit 
versus eu . [p bre de ass] 1 Witt !l veil vt 

se essoii.1 " "fuit petns:^ Ido reeessit 

Witt Jit Godefr sn die. 

Line. if Thorn Prior de Sentpingh pon loeo suo Rob 

Canonicu vs^ Com ^David de pi audiend 
jud suu ad lu . vt pd de ^ plac ^l^ advoc 
ece* de Dedinton It vs^ Rad Jit ^Ridett de 
WRisebi de pt exilii bosei 1 [de] pasfa 
ad lu.vt.pd. 

Warr. JT Thom CarSar 1 Cecit ux ej^ elaiii vs^ Gerard 

de BHon . ii. v*ga£ 1 xl. acr rre c ptifl i 
B^ton ut jus \ hedital ipi^ Cecit \ Gerard 
ven \ pet visu. Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis I 
ocl OHu Scof Si intim fiat visus . 1 Cecit poS 
in loco suo ipm ITiom ad lu • vt pd. 

Si^.' f «'^^ ^ Ceresie opt se . iiij. die vsus Wittm de 

Ceres de plac . q*r . xx**. aer rre T: redd . ij. sot 
1. vj. d. cii ptia i Cretin^. \ i MendeshaSt I 
\\StaM.\ i WMichelfeld .\ i ||Me/fe^.1t ipe 
Witt n ven vt se essoil. Ido cosidat f qd 









m» 8« 

tra aia It reddit^ cap i man dni |Jr \ dies 
llp^ie mandef^ justic Sic . Witt sumoii qd sit 
t oc^ (yiU Sco^ ia resposur 

fi Ass de morf ancessoris int Phitjit Osb petenl . 
It Fore de BemOldeS ten de ||x . . . act rre c 
ptin i WRutheree i respectii usq^ t . arv. dies.jP 
Pasch . pee * . 

jf Dies dat^ t Godefiid Andegavens \ Agn JiUe 
Henr Le Angevi ad aud jud suii a die Veniis 
jJ^Jesl Set DioTus % . jcv» dies. 

JT Dies dat^t Wd^o de Wirha 1 Rog" \ Marl \ 
Witto Jit WUti Jit Ysab ad aud jud suii die 
Veniis ^af Wan Jest (yiU Sco^ ^ p>cep? t vie qd 
tc sit ibi resp5sur q^lr . . • sais jjfiliis Witti 
fit de rra q Wall recupav cora just itifl 
p jurata lb respSsur^ qr n fuit t ocl Sei 
Mich apd Westm . ostensur^ q® waranto h 
feSat sic pcept fuit 

f Dies dat^ t Rob Jt Pag" .1 WiUo Jit Hemr I 
octah (yiU 5coj^ ad aud jud suii de pi rre. 

f jRjc ^Gubitm op£ se . iiij. die 9sus AUc Bhmdett 

de pt i rcia pte . c. solid rre . 

i Norham q id Ric clam p 1 

ipe ii ven vt se esson. Id? atach qd sit i 
ill responsur. 

Dies dat^ t Wittb Briexerr Tt Ysab de Brus 
de p! l.t octab Set Mart» Id dies dat^ eid 
Witto 1 Hug^ de WFekinton . d . pt . no v. diss. 

jf Vic sign qd cep in man dni Reg Dnica ^a^ 
an Jest Set Laur p visii Rob de WWoketon Rog* 
de Verli Rog' de WWochet * Eustac . j. virg Pre 


q* fVitt de Bukingh clam vsus AttS de Wo- 
burn p def ejusd A%. 

Sudfi, f JuUan de ArUd pon loco suo Wiltm fit suu v 

Nicotjit Rob de pi dot ad luc* • "\Z. 

Nor/,' ff AttE) de Walthd A ven 1 ^ sumon adee cora 

justic ostens qr ipediret psenl Rob de Binetre 
ad eccTam de WTuffbrd:/ ven T; die qd n vult 
ipedire psentat • nee aliq^d clam i psentaL 

NorA. jf Rob fX Pagan poii loco suo Andr de Scacc . 

v^sus Sim fit Osb de plac rre ad luc*.18. 

Essex\ if Dies dat^ t Alan Jit Ogg* po . lo . YpoUl fit 

Andr % AUc ux sue It Thorn de WMinelee ad 
aud jud suu t f^ocl^ [jcrastin] Sci Marl. 

GUmc. f Rob de Alba Mart poii loco suo Wall Ely v'sus 

Rod Waleis 1 Marg ux ej^. It WJocea « de luc*.1c. 

Norfi' JT Dies dat^ t Joh Monach poito loco Witt de 

Mukensi 1 Fri Simon po • lo • Afcb Sci Petri 
sup Diua ad recip cirograph suii de eccla 
de Svdton 1 aliar ecct a die Pasch t . arv. dies. 

WUl. if Al5b de Maimesbir pon loco suo Steph Franceis 

\^ v^sus Milon de Morlee de pt . I . ad luc* 1c. 

E$sex\ jf Sabina ux Setvat poii loco suo Sewat vir suu 

\?sus X^ana de Hobrigg^ de pt .{ • ad luc* .Ttc, 
Matitt soror ej^ pon eii sili m° . 1 Godefr vir 
ej^ silr poii eund. 

fWiiesir. jf Mifo (fe Morle petit vsus Ateb de Mabnesbir . 

j. carr. £ . c ptift i Kemele ut jus suii It hed 
Afeb pel vis rre. Dies dat^ t eis I Octab Set 
Marl It ixim fiat visus. 










f Dies datus t Attbi de Woburh \Ric de Broc po. 
loco ||£ff(? de \\Winbvitt de pi ulf p^sent ||ecce 
* Hunderregg* a die Pasc in arc. dies pee 

JT Loqla in? Afebiss de Will \ God de Sco Marl 
remanlt sn die q*diu id God fuit i svico dni 
Reg ult* mar cii eq*s It arm . p pcepl dni Pr 
de ult* mar. 

f Rob de WCajjhiiltl Gaufr WParlet [Gaufr Ballard^ 
missi ad ||sciend q Afcb Raffi vellet ponie loco 
suo vsus Rob Jit Suein diet . qd posuit loco 
suo .Jocet fit \\Dap vt Rein Monac ^a^ d . 
pt ass ad luc*.T:c. 

jT Dies dat^ f Hic^ WHarriu 1 Hug' Bard de p! . 
t . a die Sci Illar t . ax\ dies. 

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f Joh fe ]liMandt.Ham \\de \\Ieston Witt Jit Gaiifr 
Wall de Creppinges missi ad Adam de Nemtt 
ad llsciend q ponlet loco suo vsus Wittm de 
Hardredeshitt de pt magne asse dic^ qd posuit 
loco suo Hug' de Nevitt vl Thorn frem suu 
vt Witt Jit Gaufr ad luc*,T:c. 

f Dies dat^ t Fubto de Doure \ Ad de Talexorth 
\ ux sue % octab Sci Yllar de pt rre . 1 hnt lie 

Canlbr. ^ Bald de Sco Georg\ Alex' le WMangant . Wido 

de \\Stowe . Wilt de Trupiton . iiij. mit siim ad 
elig . xij. mili^ ♦ ad fac magna assam inr Rad 
sn Averio 1 Ysab ux sua pe? .It . Yvon (^rrett 
teii de . i. hid rre cii ptiii i Croxton . ufi id 
Yvo ten posuit se i magna ass .set ut rec • 
utr ipe maj^ jus tiat tenendi rra ilia de 

Rot. Cun. Rkg.— Vol. II. c 


ipis . tan ipi in dnico i venef \ eleg istos . 
Hug^ de Scalar. [+']Guioinar. de Bassingeb^n . 
Hamelih de WAndevitt. Regin de Ckilderle . 
Petru de Beche . Rob de WGois . Witt Jit 
\^Orges . [+] Rob de Nevitt. Henr de ChilderT 
Osb \\Epm . Rob Vavasur . Wittm WCaluu . 
Ric de WComlon . [+] fVittm Jit Gat^d . 
Thorn de Waddon . Bald de Sco Georg\ Dies 
dat^ eis I od Set Marl \ tc veniat assa. 

Norf." jf Magna ass inr Ric Pulein pel It \\Godard Jit 

Edric de . xxx. acr rre cu p? in Horsted 
ponif i respectu usq^ " i adv justic i ptib} 
" [ill] '* p defectu rec . Ilquia . Gaufr de 
Sliuekei ess se . p Stephm. IS. dies dat^ t God 
de wLiuvmdo . Witto de Bello Mote Rad de 
Birston . Witto Houett [i banco .] It Thorn de 
Wellebru Rog de WRatlesdenn . Phit de Snang 
Nigett Jit Ric . Ric de || Viretheii . Umfirid de 
MiUieres . Wido Buteturl . Milo de Niuers . 
Regin de Tustatt . Rad Jit Rad . Math de 
WGreineston . Ham de Hemsted * n vener 1c. 
Ido atacti qd sit ad eund tmin ad faS ilia 
rec Si ositensur Ttc. 

^Essex\^ JT «^o^ Mauduit opt se . iiij, die v Gerard de 
11 Narh. \\Mauq*nci de pi . xj. virgatar rre cu ptiS in 

Sitelhangr \ . ij. virg tre cii ptin i Stokes . 1 
^ dim molend i Tuifbrd . 1 ipe 8 ven vl se 
esson . "X tra capta fuit I man dni Reg. « Ido 
c5sidat t qd Joh hat saisin sua inde p de- 
fectii ejusd Gerard. 

Sur?. i^JT -A^ss ven recogS si Ailward par Jocet sais 

fuit in d£lico suo ut de feod de.j. virgata 
rre cu ptin i Pecham die q* ob . It si o'b 
1c A si id JoceUn ppinq^or ejus fies sit q* 


train Rob Jit Leuine 1 1| Wluina filia Asketett 

Norf.* jf Ass de morte ailcess. de.j. masag cu ptiS i 

Lenna im Alan de ^Beautes pel.1 Sim Jit 
Edith ten pon"^ i resp usqj i octahas Set Marl 
p def cu rec . q^ Winemer^ Jit Sema essoii se 
p Rog*. Ric Fab p JoceUn . Rog* de Vallib} 
p Petru . Rob Jit Joh p Rob . \\Gitt p Rob 
Hare Sim de Wigehat p ^Rog" Norreis . Odo 
M'cator p Joti . Ham Avrifab p Wittm . Witts 
Jit Stdgrim p H^tiic. Id dies dat^ t • Joh de 
Geiwde . Rob Jit Stagrt . 1 HerU Barate q' 
venert.1t notandii t qd nicti dix id Sim q^ assa 

Bulcinghd, jf Magna ass de.j. virgal rre cu ptin i Burton 

in? Rob Jit Bald pel .1 Wall WBuistard ten 
ponif^ i respm usq^ I octabas Sci Marl p def 
rec . qj Witt de Fraxin ess se p Wall \\ Wall 
de Ftdebroc.p Witt.Rad WHarSg p Witt. 
Witt de WBrohton jf Rod. Rob Jit Malg" p 
Rog\ fid p!. Id dies dat^ f itt q* ven 1 q* 
vener atacli qd ^t Sic. 

WBercii. jf Matitt q fuit ux Pet^ de WPedeis ponit loco 

Sixo . Regin Andegavese vs^ Wittm de \\ Willi 
de pt . { . ad luc\ I pd. 

Essej^. ff Ass ven reS si AlbinP de Bracsted.\ Thorn fit 

ej^ ijuste 1 sn jud diss WttmJit^Roes de libo 
tenein suo i Bracsted jP fest Sci Mich 1c. 
JC Hec ass po' i respm usq^ ad ocl Sci Marl 
apd Westm p def cu re . q^ Theobald^ Jit 
Sarnuet ess se p Wall. Wittm WPuintet. p Rob • 
Herb Pakner^. p Maug' t Wttsjit Ric . Rad 
de Riueshat. \\Warrs de Haul. Wtts M^ cat or . 
Johs de Bures . q* ii venit \ se ess. Atth q tc 

c 2 


sit ibi • ide Ais^l^ . dat^ f dies alii* q* venert • 
1 llnol qj Albin^ It Thorn nich Hvoluert dre qr 
ass remanTt. 

B'kccfi. JT Ass de m an inr WalkeUn Malet pe .1 \\Iretdn 

Malet de feu do dim militis c pi i WClereton 
po' i respm us% ad ocl Set Marl p defcu r*l , 
qj ^f'Tfe rfe Freholm ess se p U^ . Hnr de 
WRammeston p Ada . Gifed e/e ||jR{^ . p Gileb . 
Add jil ilHnf.p Aiiwi.Ric de WHnredon p 
Johm . Galf* jil Ehorard p Add . ^Hub Jit 
Witti It SlepJim de CurcU • Rad de WGaing . 
Ric Blfidn . Wall P^sH . q'ui n venert . 1 . se 
ess . atl qj tc * ibi. Ide dies dat^ t alii* 

t" '* q* venert. It sciendu q \\Iuerin 

nicti voluit dre qr ass remaneret. 

E^ex\ f Rob Torel It socii sui v's^ quos Fres Milii TSpt 

tulert breve " " de nov fass de quoda 

||muro pstrato ad nocum lib ten sui i Turroc. 
m. ven It cognov ilia pstacoem 1 t i mia dim 

marc . G.Jit Pet^ .1 1 pt ej^ Clemes de Turroc. 

Essex. f Loqla inr fVOhn de Hobrige appSante 1 Wttm 

de W^ttig* \ hoes suos de pace Regis . remanet 
sn die .o^^Witts de Hobrige t i svic diii Reg 
uit* mar p dnm .G. fit . P. 

llSttw)^: if Ass veft « si Wall pr Leticie fuit saisit^ i dnico 

suo ut de feudo de • j. mesag c pi i Reigal 
die q ob 1 si ob Ttc . q* tram Johs le Franceis 
tenet .jural dnt . q Wall n obiit saisit^. Judm 
Jofis tenet i pace 1 Leticia p flo clamore. 

Ebtyt. jT Ass . de nov diss . in? Rob de WBuulers It HiUar 

TrttweJw/ . qrentes de libo ten i iCoppeg^e 
po' i respm usq^ I ocl Set Marl p defcu 
reel . qj nits rec ven p^r Wtlm fit Rad. Ro& 


de WWAffod \ Rob de \\Buuelers \ WHillars 
pont . lo . suo fVttm \\Trassebutt !\^y^ JoJim 
de \\Beige de pi rre ad luc* I pd.1 si ipe 
inree ii possit WHillars pofi lo . suo Rob vir 
suu ad luc* 1 pd. 

Salop* jf Ass de nov diss inr Thorn Malduit qrente de 

libo teii suo i la WCleie \ Rob de ^Giros ponr 
i respm usq^ i octab Sci Marl p defJectu rec . 
qj Weliiiger Desdiches ess se p Ric . \\Engeli 
p Wali • It Add Saluag . Wittm^ de II Xe- 
ferdeh . Petrus de \\Suangeie . WOliv* Haket . 
Alan^ de \\Slaton . Ric de WWerdet . Thorn de 
Sudtoh . Herb Cangefot • q^ n vener vl se 
essoii Atach qd sint ibi. Id dies dat^ t rec 

q^ vener. 


Kent. jf Ass ven rec si Leuina Jit WiUi \ Adam de 

Stubhidel Matin uxef.\ Witt \ 

Regin 1 Elias de Stubhid ijuste 

1 sii judco diss Nicot Jit Jurd d lib tefi 
suo . in \\Hakerme infra assisa Leuina "X Ada 
t Matitt \\ Witt^ veniut \ did qd ipa 
Leuina [1 Matitf] dironavert rra ilia i comil 
vsus Nicot . . . . p bre de recto .1 iK vocat 
Comil ad waranL Hant eii in ocl Sci Marl 
'X assa llreman. 

j^l^ jf Maria uxor Ad de Talemrth poii loco suo Ada 

virii ^ versus Fv^tu de Doure de 

ad luc*. vl pd. 

Kent. if Ass ven rec si Sira tl"fra?'' Witli de \\Pirroh 

sais fuit i dnico suo ut de feod die q^ ob 

tre c ptin i Brebet.'X si obiit. 

%c .1 si id Witt ppinq 1c . q*m ?ra Yda Tket 
tenet. Jur diciit qd Sim ita obiit in sais.t 

c 3 








qd Wilt ppinq Res ej^ t . Jud JTi/? hat in 
niTa. sais .1 Fit/a i mia p ijusta 

HeTifoii. ff Dies dat^ t \\GadarS Jit Bruwi 1 ^[{Gunilct pe- 

tentib} "i Henr \\fit \\Germa \ Alex' \\Ctko de 
plac rre i Sabricteswrth l octab Set Marl . q^ 
Godard il pparuit S\ GUnild cep i man hndi 

suu It Henr ess se de mal ven.l; 

habuit die p ess sua. 

Essejc\ (T Ass de . m . ancess int Warih Jit Ric pet .1 Joce 

de Chelmesford tefi pon' i respm usq^ « octab 
Sci Marl p def rec . quia Steph ^GurettS\ Gitt 

WRuccett It Rob de WMacebi i Ida 

atacti qd tc sint ibi. Id dies dat^ t aliis rec 
qui venert i baco. 


Nor/.' jf Ass vefl rec si \\Cqfr de Lisewis T: Rog^ de 

Eschat \ Wtls de WReinh . Rog" Chuffr . 
Godrfr Jil WAcelin . Thorn de T^revitt . WU 
de WSculh . Rog' Jit Hawis . \\Latuir fr ej^. 
Peir^le Franceis . WlvreS. Constantin^ Salmar. 
AdaJitHervis . Sim Jit Herds . Sim Jit Wall. 
Wtls Jit Ailm . Rob f r ej^. Rein Jit Godwin . 
Rein Jit WLeJwen . Joh fr ej^. Thurketil JU 
lAky . Johs Jit GodeJ". Wits Jit Alur inj^te 
1 sn jud . diss Semanu de WigekatJ\ Eudon 
de libo ten suo.i Wigehat.p^ 
Jestu Sci Mich goi^ an coroii Eegf Johis. 


T: Godefr venit 1 di£ q ass in n debet 
f 1 . q^ pdcs Seman \ Etido tra ilia tenueft de 
eo.redd ei p anii.||iij. sol 1 dim.1 p 9vic 
metend blad suu . iij. dieb} i autun \ cariand 
fenu suu n.j- die ad c^tu suu.1 fodiendi. 
vj. milia tvar . ad c^tu suu. It siccand T; 
itassad i curia sua.l dandi .vj. gallin ad 
natale . 1 c ipi §vic ittd ei f a§e nol8ut r' 


ipe fee eos ||suneri .iij. vicib} ut veniret ad 
curia sua t c ipi S veniret . 1 se ess ad aliq* 
illar • iij\ ||sumunicom j psidav cur sua q ipi 
distrig^ene^ p catatt iventa i tra illa.^ c ntta 
ibide ivenirent^ p q distriglent' . p^ . iij. q*n- 
denas psidacoe cur sue cep tra ilia i [|manu 
||sua p defcu svicii .% tenuit ilia p . in. q^n- 
denas ita q nSs ea petiit p plevina inrim . It 
adhuc ea tenet don*^ aliq*s veniat . q* ea 
petat p plevina . It in pduc curia sua • q h 
testat'. Et Sema \ Eudo veniiit It defendt , 
qd ii tenuert tra ilia de pdco Godef* n^ te- 
nere debnt . set tenet ea de Com de Harun- 
del p 9vic.j. ob p anu p omi svic.n® aliq 
svic uq* ei ifi fecert.T; q ii funt sum on n® 
aliq* recepert sumonicoem p Godef^.l Godef* 
venit 1 die q neq*E lldefendnt q ii tenuert rra 
ilia de eo • 1 p^dcra svic neq^l ei negat . T: h 
offt pbare vs^ Sema p fVttrn jit Ric . 1 vs^ 
Eudone p Nich jiX Johis . q* pdcm svic in eos 
fa8e vidert . T: si h® ei n suffic r' ipe offt drto 
Regi . iij. in. p hnda jurat legal horn . de 
visri. q* 2 sit de [libtalj Comitis de HarUdet. 
utr rra ilia sit de feudo Com de ||JF"rarii". 
de quo ipe tenet . an de feudo Com de 
HarUdet, Et Sema 1 Eudo defndt felonia .1 
q iicq* fecert svic ifid . It h . offunt defnde 
Sema p t 1 Eudo p t ST: 

i jural fi Ijaudet se ponle de feudo Com It ej^ 
svic de sicut ipe t i svic diii ^r ult* mar. 

oblaf. God opt Dno *.iij. m. arg p sic qd inq*rat' p legal 

hoies de vicin hndr utr ipi Semann de Wige- 
hat *\ Eudo tenuert terra ilia uii dissaisiti 
sut de ead God usq^ ad illu rmifl q® dissais 
eos p jud cur sue Si utr tra ilia sit de feod 

c 4 


Com de plico de q° God ten} . an sit de feod 
Com Arudett. Loqla remani usq t oci Set 
Yllar p voluntate Sen Com. 

Susex\ jj- Assa veil rec si Rob Taillard ijuste 1 sfl juct 

diss Wittm Briewerr de ^lit tenem suoj^ de 
comui pastura sua q ptinl; ad libm ten suu I 
Hessei p^ scdm coroS Reg Ric. Jur did qd 
ita diss eum. Judm . fVitts hat sais . Rob i 
mia. + mia. 

Kent. jf Assa veil rec si Leuina Jit Witt 1 Ada de 

Stebehid 1 Matitt ux ej^ . 1 Witt de Maris . 
1 Regin Flandr .\ Elias de Stuhbehid ijuste 
T: srt jud diss Nicot Jit Jurd de li^o ten 
suo ||de Hakemer p^ Jestum Sci Mich 15 . 
Et ipi veniut t dicut qd ipi diroanaver in 
comita? de Kent p bre de recto vsus pdcos 
Nicot It Jurd Si in vocat comitat ad waranL 
Jud . hant warant suu i octab Sci Marl.t ipa 
hat bre ad vie qd faciat record ari i comil 
loqla ilia . It record loqle illi^ faciat venire p . 
iiij*^' legal milil q* record illi in?fuert ad pdcm 

Kent. f Maria ux Ad de Talewrthe pon Add vir suu loco 

suo vsus Fuberl de Doure de pla5 . ? . ad 
luc*. "Xc. 

Kent. ^ Assa vefi rec si Sim \Jit Witt de Pirrho fiiit sais 

i dnico suo ut de feod de . iij. acr tre c ptin 
in Brembele Jl si ob . "Ic . q*m tra Ida Triket 
teH Jur die? qd Sim ita obiit saisit^. T; qd 
WUtdtus ppinq'or ejus Res * . Jud. Witts hat 
.tn. sais sua .It Yda i mia p ijusta detencone. 

Herf/: JT Dies dat^ t Godard Jit \BrUmh 1 WGunnolf 

petentib} 1 Hehr \\de WGretha 1 Ak^Ctico Afi 


plac 1. 1 oci Sci Marl S\ Godard il coparuit. 
t Gmild cep in man hndi eu cora Justic Si 
Henr ess se. 

Essex*. ff Ass* de morf ancess . inr fVariii Jit Ric pel T: 

\iGoce de Chelmesford pon' i respm usq^ l ocl 
Set Mori p defcu recogn . quia Steph de 
\\Bures % Gilleb Russett!\ Rob de WMassebi rec 
ill n vener vl se essort. Ido atacli . Ic. Id 
dies dat^ t aliis itt q* venen 

jf Loqla inr Herb Jit H^bt pel Tt Wittm de Brause 
de plac *reman1 sn die q^ milites ejusd Witt 
sunt i ^^vico diii Reg ult* mar. 

Sad/: jf Witt Ctic^ optu! se q*rl die ^ Joh 1 Gilb frem 

' suii de Cttgeston . de pi vad 1 ipi n venert vt 
se es§ . 1 liuert die i oci Sci Mich . pee ptiu. 
f Ido atachiet' qd sit apd Westm a die Sci 
Ytt I tres sept iri resp5s, 

Oson. f Alan Jit Rolland pel vsus WAng* de WCupicoi qd 

debT; ei de t^b} virg tre c ptin T WCupicoi 
messiones It araturas ^ pasnag 1 Hp^sencias 1: 
cera svilia \ \\Aug ven 1 defend omem svitute 
1 die qd debt tenle tota pdcam tram p svic . 
obtt X. s. tp anu|p anu.1 in pofl se sup jur 

.j. m. legale pat^e.l Alan off.j. m. diio Regi. 

p hnda ||Jur. Dies dat^ t ? oci. Sci Mart. 
I tiic vefijurata. 

f Id Alan pel vsus Andr de WCupicoi ead svilia 
de . ij. virg .1.1 Andr siti ||modo defend ea . 
1 die qd tenle debet tota rra sua pdcam p 
svicm . vj. sol p annii p oi gsuetud.'l iri 
pon se sup jur cosilera. Jurata veniat i oci 
Sci Mart. Id dies dat^ f ut^q^ pti. 

BukigJid. • ^ ^Vitt de Turvitt pen loco suo Fulcoii de Lond 


vl GiU de Ybnia >?8us RaS de ^Perme . de plac 
aud jud suu de asi de • m • aiic .\c. 

Nor/: JT Joh de MatesJiat \ Witt ft Bie pleg Pe^ de 

Stowe de pseqndo « de nov diss ^ua Gaufr 
WResce f\ Clarembald It ptes alios i mia ^ id 
PetT^ mortuus t T; ft essoniaver eum r' de 

Essex . jf Assa ven rec si Sibitt Amita Joh de Wirrefeld 

sais fuit in dftico suo ut de feod de • v. acr 
?re c ptiii i Tillebi die q* ofe .15. It si id Joh 
ppinq ejus ties sit . q* rra Rog Stahard tent. 
Rog ven 1 fvocat iii ad warani Rob RuffU 
dnm suu. Dies dat^ t eis I octab Set Marl 
ad h8d waranl suu. Id dies dat^ f Wittd le 
Clobbe p Ric fe Comur ess suu.t Ric de 
\\Bertedenn 1 Petr de Stqford 1 Hug* de 
Bures It Hu^ de Sco Clar.Rob Bulgefen. 
Ric de Berdestapt . Wall de Mara . Wall 
CarniarP ^ n vener tc. % ido atach qd tc 
sint ibi. Id dies dat^ t \Bl q^ vene?. 

BedefJ ..f Ass ven rec si Adam Hubald Hauncts Petfjit 

Joh sais fuit i d&ico suo ut de feed die q* 
obiit de dim virg rre cu ptiii in Stodfald . tc . 
It si id Petrus "tc . q*in ?ra Rob Hubald 1 
^llStSgnia q fuit ux Witti tenent • Rob • 1 
\\Staghnia diet qd assa n deb'l in fi^q^ipe 
Add p que Petrus clam fuit £r pat^s ipi^ Rob 
9cor(f. 1 bastard^. Cui par ipi^ Rob accomodav rra 

ilia « ut fri ejus p^mognil p miseria sua. Ita 
qd an obil ejus vefi ipe 1 reddid rra ilia . I 
ita n obiit sais. Concord sut 

Line, JT Assa inr Priore de Spaldinges qrente Si Att> de 

Croiland de q"da cruce amota Si q^da cruc de 


pet^ ]^uste levata all! q^ ee lldebet \ Hsolet ad 
nocumtu libi tenem ipi^ P*oris in Spalding* 
reman'lt sii die. Prior f cs f AS) ap Angis .1 
dom^ caret Pore. 

Nor/.' jf Ass* de morl aiicess inr Jacob Jit Rog pel 1 

Rob de Sco WSauo de . ||ij. masag c ptin i 
Gemefa poniP i resjpm usq^ i octab Set Marl ^ 
p defcu rec . % null us rec ven .vt se ess. Ido 
atacb qd tuc sint ibi. 

^Hertf' ^ Regih de For lis • Rog^Jit Sim . AlavP de Sumeri . 

Sim de Futeha sximon ad elig . xij. mit ad 
fac magna assam inr Gilb de la Hide pel .1 
Witlm de la Lane ten de « xx. acris tre c 
ptiii i WBarewrth un id WiU tenens posuit se 
1 magna assam St pel in fi rec . utr sett id 
Witts maj^ jus hat i rra ilia . an id Gilb • 
vener 1 eleger istos . Regiii des Fortes . 
Mathm de Linle . Thorn de la Mare . Wluarct 
de Wett . Alan de la Mare . Witt ^Bruast . 
Gaufr Ficot . Wittm Ficot . Alan de Sumer . 
Wittm de Gatesden . Rob Jit Ambros . Joh Jit 
God . Rad de Fudeha . Fetr le Lohere^. Osb 
de Mara . Jurd de Avenitt. Dies dat^ t eis 
t ocl Sci Marl 1 Gilb liat bre ad sum pdcos 
qd sit ad pdcm rmiii ibi. 



jf Witt WMoruuP posit^ loco Attiis de Valle di opl 
se . iiij. die vsus Maw Jit Rob \\Jutienal de 
pi I 1 bosci in \\Hirha St Maur n veil 1c. 
It fuit petns. IdO reced Abbas sn die. 

jf Nicot de Stuteuitt 1 GUnora ux ej^ optul se. 
iiij. die p ess suos vsus ipm Maur.\ ipi. 
"• ii vener Ic jud eant sBi die. 



• «• 

^ Loqla in? H'6 de Sco Qntih 1 Bic A» de 
Kirkested reman'l sn die de . iij. car rre 
['I dim] cu ptirt in y Tinelebi . % testal f qd 
id Afeb obiit 

Ebor. JT ^^^ fi^ ^^^ P^^ ^^^ s^^ ^//IPw ^t Ric It Jda 

fife II Westm v^sus JRoS rfe Nevitt de pi I ad luc*. 
\q. Dies dat^ ^ eis l octab Set Marl. 

Eboy ^ Dies dat^ ^ Witto Brierverr pe? T: Comitiss de 

WarrSt Attbi de Gerwedon .\ Rob de Lelay 
de pi advoc eccle a ^^^o iSci F/far ? . xv. 
dies .1 J?o8 pon in loco suo Wall CticU suu 
ad luc*.vt pd. Id dies dat^ t Att> de 
II Trilee St Witto Briewerr de plac adv eccte 
de Tatecastr .1 At* pon loco suo Walfiii 
Monde suu in Sic. 

Ess€x\ JT Loqla inr Witt de HohriggW Stephm Tijorpi 

"X Wittm de WUtUnges de plac apffi pon' i 
resp usqj t.j. mense jj^ Pasch p diim.G. 
ft Pe/^.q, id Witts t rteo dni R ulf 

Norf.' JT Assa de nov diss inr Joh Jit Godric 1 Ajflada 

ux ej^ qrentes.l Gilb de Norf 1 Wittm 
Sc^ba 1 Rad Brunig diss de libo ten ||eo^ i 
. WCrec ponit' i respm usq^ I octab Sei Marl . 
q^ vie a mis . noia rec. Ido pcepl t vie qd 
faciat tc venire rec St tc Hrespondat qr n mis 
1c .1. sciend qd nicll dix qr ass* remaneat. 

H^i/S JT Dies.dat^ t Hug* de Nevitt pet It WatSj de 

. Windesores deplac.x.m. l octab Sei Marl. 
.Tt.inrim hat licenc cocord. 



m. 9. 



B Nor/: 




f Andr de Scac^o po . lo .Rob Jil Pagan op? se • 
iiij. die vsus Siffi fit Osb de pi . vj. virgat Pre 
cii ptiii i Setelhangre .1 ipe n ven vl se essoii 
Jud . rra cap i man dfii pr . "X dies cap? mand 
justic Si ipe Sifti sumoii qd sit « i octab Sci 
Marl m responsur^. 

jf Gilb Pecche pel vsus Sim de Seston. iij. virg 
rre cu ptin ^i ^Sea^ton^ in ChauetSl Sim 
veil 1 pel vis . I. Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis 
t oci Sci MarlSl in rim fiat visus. 

jf IVitt fit Gatifr pel vsus Ric fit Rob . j. virg . I . 
c ptiii i Hirdele ut jus suu.l Ric pel visu 
rre. Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis i ocl.S*. Mart 
1 intim tiat visus. 

jf Witt fit Gaufr pel vsus Rob de Wpie . iij. virg . 
tre cu ptin i Herdet u jus suii . Rob pel 
vis . I. Hat visii. Dies ^^ l ocl Sci Marl . 
1 irim fiat visus. 

jf Dies dat^ t Albred de Lisures 1 Frib^ Hospital 
de pi adv eccle de \\Faicford a die Pasch l . 
j.msem.1 « hnt lie 9Cord. Ead po& loco 
suo Witt fit Witt fit suu in ad luc* IS. 

jf Dies dat^ t fPhitfit^ Rob de Tateshat \ 
Frib} Templi de pi I i Witton l oci Sci Mart 
p pcepl dni . G. fit Pef^. 

jf Witt de Denie pel v^sus WAlic matrS \\Rog fit 
Nicot qd capiat homag \ ||ronabile releviu 
suu de life ten suo qd teni 1 de ||eo tenere 
clam in Elmoure. Ipa veil 1 die qd ipe 
Witt [n5] t saisit^ de rra ilia .||1 q ip* saisita 
t in ut de dol sua.'l in vocat Rog fit suu ad 




waranl .It ipe ^Witt^ die qd t sais de tra ilia, 
ut de jure sue . Rog^ veii 1 die qd n videt' 
ei qd debeat respode eid Wilto p bre illud 
p qd mat ej^ vocata t in cur ad eapiend 
homag ej^ de tra • un ipa saisita t t fuit 
a tpe Nicot viri sui q* ea in dotav 1 ea ten . 
p^ea llieoeusse . nee vult in resp5de n* eur 
gsidav^it. Et qm ||cotenco fuit inr eos q^s 
eo& eet sais de tra ilia, psid t qd jur ven t 
ocl Set Marl ad reeognoseend q*s eo^ Hultimo 
luit in sais. 

Cumtlani. jf Ric Jit Troite appltat Rob de iHodeJme . qd ipe 

neq*l dereliq*t diim suu Rege {^Angt^ Henr . 
1 mentit^ t ei fide sua.t extirpav fra sua 
\ eivitate sua obsedit 1 eastellu.l: alligav 
se Regi Scot mortali inimieo Reg Henr 
taq* neq^.t in ut die appellav eu cora eod 
Reg Henr ex* villa de Getfiton. Ita qd n 
ausus fuit tc tpis defende se in eur Reg n^ 
voluit . unde id Rex • H. fngav eu a cur sua . 
1 si h negare voluit t off pbare p corp^ suii 
vT p qnda libm hoiem suu . f 
^ Rob ven 1 defend felon de vbo i 

verbu ut ho sexagenari^ . 1 ampli'^. vl p 
qnda filiu suu . Ric introgat^ cora quib} 
justic ipe fecit appltm illu t^ Reg . H. die 
qd cora ipo Rege . 1 nullu justic vt aliu 
coram q^ loqla t\:tata eet ostend vt noial. 
Rob ven 1 die qd eo tpe tq**o jRic die ipm 
extitisse cu Reg Scottie ad castellu obsidend 
de Cardoitt^ fuit WUdard^ pa? Rob sais de tra 
de t . q*m clam vsus eund Ric . 

1 i §vico Reg . H. infra casttt pdcm .1 ibid 
obiit in saisit^ [1 qd id Rob nulla ?ra tenuit 
eo ^e] It pon se sup jura! legaliu hoiu de 


comiS • ^ qd p athia fac appBm istu . ut ita 
extiedet eu. " Dies dat^ t eis a die Set Lite 
" I . TO. dies ad aud jud suii." Postea gsida? 
f qd qm id Ric tato tpe celav loqla ista 
mia. cassu t appltm istd . \ remani i mia . \ 

Rod q^etus. 

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cu ptiii i Hadfeld ut jus suul lied sua.l: 
Wid ven \ die qd villan^ f [1] qd n pol 
vl debl in placitare 1 villan^ f Pagan de 
Rocheford cui diis Rex ded villa ilia . 
Querat bre vsus Pagan si volSit. 

Glouc. ^ Rob Jit Wall pel vsus ^BaderU de Blachesdon 

feod dim mil cu ptin \ Blechesdon ut jus t 
liedital sua • || Baderun pel visu tre. Rob 
ven 1 die qd no debl hre visum in q^ 
ipe clamat tota villa c ofnib} ptin absq^ oi 
retenemto \ pel qd h ei allocet'. ||JBa(fenZ 
die qd teni de feod alio soil de feod Henr 
de Mineres. 

jf Cosid f qd hat visii. Dies dat^ f I octab Sei 
Marl St intim fiat visus. 

Btikigh. JT Pagan de ^^Hichecol poii loco suo Matitt ux sua 

vl WaU fil suii vsus Nigett de Caldecot de 
pt.l. ad luc*.lc. 

Sii^.' ^ Joha de ^Be^cheshat opl se . iiij. die rsus Rad 

de Sumer de pi» 1. 1 ipe Rad f i svico diii Pr 
ult* mar . 1 ido recedit ipa sfi die. 

Suscx\ jf Sim de \\Tate^eld pel 9sus Gilt de Hasting. 

iiij. acf 1 dim i marisco q vocat' Stqford 
ut jus suu . 1 Gitt pel vis . I. Hat visum . 
Dies dat^ f I ocl Set Marl T: innm fiat 
visus . Gilt poa loco suo Henr Jit Pet^ in . 


1c . Sim pofl loco suo Sim fit suu in ad 

Glouc. jf Hccwis q fuit ux Elie de Rodebg^ pel rsus B£c 

Ruffu . dim virg . t . c ptin i Rodebge ut dot 

pcord. sua uB -Efia^ vir ej^ ea dotav die q* ea 

X desposav . Ric ven 1 die qd EUas vir ej^ 

ilia tra ded pat' suo 1 carta sua ea.Qfirm 
q* tt . ut die • anq* ilia desponsaret . 1 ipa 
die qd EUas ill sais fuit i diiico die q^ ea 
desposav. 1 m pon se sup jur pne.x ipe. 

Bukigh. JT Witt de Gatisdenn pel vsus Ysaac de Eggeston 

dim hid.l.c pi i Heggeston ut jus suu. 
Ysaac ven t pel visu , I. Hat vis. Dies dat^ 
f t ocl Set Mart 1 it^im fiat vis. 

Ibid. f( Witt de Gatesd pel siti m® v'sus Withn de Stufhd 

diin hid.l.i Heggeston. \ Witt pel vis. I. 
Hat vis . dies dat^ ^ l ocl Sci Marl . \ irim 
fiat visus. 

Hert/: f( Dies dat^ t Hug" de Nevitt pel Si WaHo de 

Windesof, de pT * . x. m. I ocl Sci Marl .1 hnt 
licenc gcord. 

Xe/c. /r Witt Jit Svain opl se . iiij. die v^sus Witt de 

Chamel de pT de diip virg . I . c ptin i 
Ailmestorp 1 ip n ven vl se essori. Jud.rra 
cap in * man dfii Reg t dies 1c. \ ipe Witt 
sum qd sit i octab Sci Marl resposur^. 

Sdc^. ff Dies dat^ t \\Marg de Burmtgehd . 1 Joh de 

\^BrcUon ad recip cirog*pli suu de pt . I . i 
^Kilet t ocl Sci Marl. 

JBfoj. JT ^^ ^^ Marisco opl se . iiij. die v^sus ♦ Pore de 

Wortre^ Att> de Melsa .% Paulin de Ledes 


*lt Pore de Kirlceha qr pcessert i causa q 
vertit' int^ ipm Ric . ♦ \ PWe ^ 1 Canonicos 
de Wartre sup eccta de Clifion . cuj^ ad- 
vocone Gilb Jit Reinfr die ad se ptinJe lb 
warantizav ea eid Ric i cur dni Reg St ipi ii 
vener vt se esson .1 test * p Thorn clicu vie 
qct n pol eos atachiare q^ clici sut .1 Canon de 
Wartre trahut ea ad feod WGitt Engaine St 
q*da Canoil Witt noie die qd eccta de Wartre 
vacat p'ore St ||ostend carta Rad Engaine q 
testat' qd eis dedit ecctam ilia jf P' cepl « . 
Vic qd distrigat pdcos judices qd sint t 

in resposury 1 qd pcipiat CanoS 
de Wartre qd li pcedat i causa ilia. 

Bed. jf ^Ace de Keisho [opt se . iiij. die]] vsus Ric Jit 

Rad de pt dim virg rre i Kaisho c ptin .*l 

« Ace llposuerat se sup magna asSam . q% eo^ 

mia. maj^ jus hret i ead tra J\ Ric * fuit petns. 

N'. Ido gsidal t qd A^o teneat i pace .T: ipe Ric 

1 mia. 

Line. f Thorn de Muleton optut se vsus Witt de Longo 

Capo de pi . I St Witt t ult* mar i svico dfii 
^. Ido remanl: loqla eo^ s£l die. 

Idnc. f[ Wtts MonacP poit^ loco Afibis de Valle DH op 

se • iiij. die . v . MauriciU * Rod Junioris • d . pT. 
I St bosc i Himha St Maur fi veil vt se . ess • 
'it fuit petnsA |jide Abbas eat sii die I.e. 1 
"• ipe Maur i mia. 

l|Lw7. f Nich de Stutevitt t Gunnora ux ej^. op . se . iiij, 

die p ess . suos . v . ijpm Mauriciu \ ipe fi veil 
&• t se ess St fuit petns . Judm • sfi die eat 1c« 

Line. JT Loqla inr Herb de Sco Qtntino pel \ Ric A^m 

de Kirkested. f sfi die . de • iij. car? St dim c 
Rot. Cur. Reg, — Vol. II. l> 


pl 1 WTimikbi t sn die . qm tesl q pdcs A^s 

Kent. jf Rob Jit N$g!t op se . iiij. die .v. B^nard de H&oft- 

belia de pi t^nsgressionis .1 Bernard n venit t 
se ess .1 huit die p ess suu a festo Set Mieh 
i.aro. dies. Judm B^nard ||atlh q sit apd 
Westm a festo Sci Marl t aro. dies. 

StUhdt. JT Juli<ina de |] Wade po .lo . suo . Wittm de HarUdel 

fil suu . vt Alea^ de \\Eu . v's^ NicH Jit \\Rob . 
\ \\Eillaria mrem sua de pt dotis . ad luc* 
1 pd. 

. j. jud. 
m. 9. dors» 

Line. JT Dies dat^ t Erne de Ribi % Rob de Burn de pt . 

iiij. carr tre c ptin i Ribi I . rv. dies ^ fesl 
Sci Marl. 

Ebof. f Dies dat^ t Witto de Nevilt \Ad de WHolond de 

pl med eccle de \\Holand I av dies p^fesl Sci 
Yllar . 1 tc veil assa in. 

Norfi^ JT Dies dat^ t Sim Murdac . Joh de WKaisneto . 

. IPhit Jit Willi ^ sumonitis ad fac iq^sicoe ^ 
de villa de M'ston i ocl Sci Marl. Id dies 
dat^ t Osb de Hinton ."X Rob de TunuU inq^si- 
torib5 in . *1t \\Rob de \\Wauci ess se p ITberl. 
Ric de Hinton p Rob Russell . Gill de \\ Watide- 
viltp Emald.Gitt de Gretewrth p GiUJit Will* 
Rod Bass p Alured. Rog de Bray . A Rob de 
Culezvrtk . Rob de Tumitt^ . \\Rog Murdac . 
Ric Foliot . Ric de Ferendoii . Hug' de Purston 
atach sunt . qd tc sit ibi . 1 pcept t qd vie 
faciat * . j. milite loco Rob de WCulewrth q* 
lang^d^ i. 


JEbo^. ff Epc Lond poii loco suo Hug Peurett vl Magrm 

Middels. Eusl de pi . W vsus Hospital • 1 vsus Rod 

WLupellu de pT , L. m. ad lucrand \c. 

Ebof. jf Ro6 de Bealgrat po . lo . Comitiss de Warr opt 

se . iiij. die • 4de p^ vsus Wilekin de Arches 
de pi qr tenl se taq* forestariu i foresta sua 
de Ldgestre 1 ip n veil vl se esson 1 sumo 
tesl f bit Jud id Wilech atacti q sit t «rt; dies 
p^ fesl Set Yllar in resposur^. 

Norh, JT Loqla int Canoii de SimpUgJl \ Com D^d de 

eccla de Dodinton remanl sri die % id Com t 
i svico dfli Reg ult* mar. 

Ebo^. (T Hug de Vabadu opl se • iiij. die vsus JEina q 

fuit ux Warin de Vesci de pi dim carr tre c 
ptiri i Eluet Si ipa n veil vl se essoii % sumo 
test fuit. llJd . rra cap i mail dfii Reg .1 dies 
'tc.T; ipa sum qd sit t.jn). dies j^ fesl Set 
Yllar. , 

f ll^pc Lond opl se.iiij. die vsus Rod \\LupellU de 
pi . L. m. arg . \ ipe Rad n ven . vl se essoii • 
1 sumo test fuit Jud id Rad atach qd sit 
i • av. dies p^ fesl Set WMarl i£l resposur^. 

Bed. jf Add Nig^ opl se. iiij. die vsus Ric fit Phil de 

plac qr tr^it eii i plac de diin croft tre c ptin 
1 Wutenho . uii plac fuit i cur dni Reg .\ un 
finis f cs fuit i ead cu? 1 p cirog*pli Si n veil 
Ttc. Ido atacti qd sit t ocl Sci Martin. 

f Id dies dat^ f eid Ad.l Ric de la Brache « de 
pi applii. 

Kent. if Wali fl Yuo po . lo . Oroguiluse ux sue opt se . 

iiij. die v^«us Steph Haregot de pi finis fci i 

D 2 


cur dni ^ 1 fuit i cur 1 recessit sn licenc- 
Ido atacR qd sit t od Set Marl iJl resposur^* 

pbo^. jf Joh de Curci qr qd Eltas de Mara tulit bre 

rie nova diss de.j^bov zr^ c pi i Mara q* 
diroav vsus eund Elia i cur de Tikehitt p 
duellu cocussu ibid . in? ip \Joti 1 Jurd de 
MarJ] EUas die qd duellu n fuit de tra 
sua . si de svico ||ali^ Pre . Joh poii se sup cur 
qd de rra ilia simt c alia 9cussu fuit duellu 
Ita qd id Elic^ reddid ei rra illam i ead cur . 
T: in poii se sup cur ilia. Cosid t qd hat bre 
ad vie qd dicat ballivis de TikehiU qd 
llfaciat venire record cur apd Westm [i 
QCtah Sci YlUvF\ de q t^ra cocussu fuit duett 
int eund JoK \ Jurd de Mar . \ si ead rra 
q* EUas de Waddewrth recupav p bre de 
nov diss cora justic itinlantib} fuit infra fine 
illi^ duelli . n*^ ne. 

Botelandt. jf Joh de la Barre pel vsus WaU Jit Alic .]. Vw^ 

rre cu ptiii i Marketes Overton sic jus suu • 
\ ip pel vis rre illp . hat vis. Dies dat^ t eis 
I opl Sci Marl 1 itim fiat visus* 

Devofi. f Dies dat^ t Alan de Boclaiid 1 Fori de \\PUnton 

de pt . I • ? ocl Sci Yllar \ hiit licenc 9Cor4^. 

IVigorH* ^ David de Wigorn appHat Witt Colle 4aurifabr^ 

qd neq*l it*vit i cur mat*s sue "X ibid furat^ t 
llcheveruii 1 aliud m^iremiu ad vat . x. s, 1 h 
off pbare vsus eu p corp^ suu . Witt veS 1 
die qd diroav vsus eos rra q*nda p bre de 
xecto . 1 10 fac appUm istii. 

f Cosid t qd cassii t appttm iltd.q^alia vice lltrac- 
fii, tata fuit cora justic .1 qd ipe sit i mia. vt i 

p*soii % Witt q'etqsr 









f Ilgar^ de Cation pel vsus At* de Beland.y bov. 
t . c ptifl i Katton q* Begin par ejusct Ilgari 
ivadiav pdco ASii ad tmifi q* priit ut 
jus suu. At*) veil It pel visu rre illi^.hat 
visum Dies dat^ t eis I ocl Sci Yllar . \ iriin 
fiat visus. 

jf Id ilgat^ ^el vsus etind AtSb.j. boval rre c 
ptiri i Katton i q* n lit igressii n^ p Pagan de 
Catton qui ea ipi vendidit . rt cui Begin par 
ejusd Ilgar cuj^ heres ipe t :^ ea de anno i 
annii dimisit ad firma.t A% pel in visum 
Hat visu » ad pdcm tmiii * Afib poii lo . suo 
Wittm gfrem suii in ad luc* * 1c. 

jf tVitt de Baiocis pel vSus tVttt Jit Ad . xx. acr 
rre c ptin i Bradewett ut jus suu .1 ipe pel 
visum rre . hat visu. Dies dat^ 1 1 octab Set 
Mdrl "X inrim fiat vis^. 

jT Joh Jit Witt pel . ?cia pte - i^. hid ?re c ptiii i 
Clifton vsus Sim de \\Ounei 1 Sim \en 1 die qd 
nich in tenl: i dnico suo . "X in poil se sup juf 
pat^e.1 qm ita t Sim reced s£S die.T; ipe 
Joh qfat aliud bre si voluit * . 

jf Bic de Castelliu opl se.iiij* die vsus Hug de 
Castelliu de pt recipiendi cirog* suu [de 
tra i Lechdsted] St ipe n vefi 1c. Ido atach 
qd sit i ocl Sci Marl in resposur .1c. 

jf Amiot de WBiffbrd 1 Lucia ux ej^ opl se . tiiiij die 
vsus Joh Jit Witti 1 Hawis de Curtenay de 
plac . iiij. masag i Exon .1 ipi ii vener vl se, 
esson. Ido 9sidal t qd tra cap i man diii 
Reg . 1 dies 1c . 1 ipi sumon qd sit t ocl Sci 
YUar m resposur. 

D 3 


pofi. ^ Lucia poii loco suo iii Amiot vir suu ad luc* . 


Bet. If RogJitHenr de S^ton pe? vsus \\Rog Jit Alured. 

dim virg rre cu ptin in Holme. (^ par ej^ ei 
ivad ad t'min q* priit ut die . Rog ven 1 die 
qd ilia tram cep i libm maritag cu \\Aluina 
ux sua cui Henr par ejusd Rog ea dedit c 
filia sua Ahuna . \ in trahit ea ad waranl * 
A die Sci Marl I . viy^. dies. 

Essex\ jf Joia de BoUton pe? vsus Ric Jit Gerard dim virg 

Pre c ptiri i BoUton 1 rra cap? fuit i man Diii 
Reg \ Ric veil 1 die qd n ten'l rra ilia . S3 
Joh Jit fVitti tenet ea. Ido hat id Joh bra 
ad vie qd faeiat ei lire plena saii de rra 
ilia • % capta fuit i man d&i ^ p def e ejusd 

Norn. ^ Rob de Turuitt veil in cur \ recognov qd cepat. 

ab Hug Jit Ric de WEteueston . ij. s. de relev 
. 1 10 gsid t qd n po? vl deb'l deeero hre 
custod de eo . 1 id Hug' hat bria sup de- 
forcitores ejusd Hug de aliis rris . si voluit 

Bucktfi. JT Dies dat^ t Wtto de Buddha pel 1 EUe Cetario 

de Wlfn de . j. v'gata .? .c pi • l^Wtton afesto 
Sci . Mart .i.arv. dies . \ t^ra ilia capta fuit i 
manu dni Pr p defcu AHiis de Wb^ne. 

Suff: JT Magr WaU de WBenha poit^ loco Attis de Sco 

Eadm op se . iiij. die . v . Rod le Estrange 
poitu . lo . Witli Jit Alani de pt . ass . de . m . 
an • It Rad n venit t se ess . It fuit petns. 

♦m^ N'. Judm . Magr WaU eat sn die . 1 Wtts beat 

in tale recupacoem q*le Rere debeat 

Suff.' JT Ass . de . m . an . in? Alio Jit Rob petente \ Wltm 




m. 10. 








Com de V^nU de diiS v^gat.t.c pi i Lam^ 
huse remanet sn die q^ milites pdci comitis s 
ult* mare c eq*s 1 arm i svic diii Jt t 
Com 4 po • in . lo • suo Rog Senescallu ad luc\ 

f Rie de Stokes op . se . iiij. die . vs^ Rog de WLat- 
tesbri de pt ass • de m . aii . 1 Rog n venit . 1 
se ess !\ fuit petns« Judm Ric eat iii sn die 
\ Rog i mia . q^ n t psecut^. " It noa pleg n 
s iventa/* 

if Dies dat^ t « MonacR de Sco Neoto " 1 Burg 
de Hunted ad ^ud jud suu • de plac ||texto^ 
a die Pasch t .j. msem. 

jf Dies dat^ t Wilt de Mendhd \ Drogon de Sco 
tldm ad aud jud suu l.av. diesjP.. Pasch 

jf Joia q fuit ux Luc de Boliton opl se vsus Alex" 
de Boliton de pi . v. acr . I . c pi i Boliton 1 
ipe ven 1 recognov qd essofi se de mal veJl 1 
de . m . Ic « It & fuit esson roable St ri*a capta 
fuit i man dSi Reg . 1 ipe sum5it^ fuit ad aud 
jud suu . 1 cosidal t qd p defcm ej^ hat Joia 
sais sua. 

jf Emald de Leon petiit vsus Rad de Birston. 
iij. ptes.j^. car? rre c ptin i Ketleston 1 i 
Birston [p bre de recto] 1 ipe ore n petiit 
n* rcia pte.1 ido gsidal t qd Rad recedat 
sri die. 

jf Id tulit 9site bre vsus Witlm de Grdcurt .1 ido 
recedit sitr sii die. 

jf Id tulit bre gsite vsus Walt de Gracurt.*\ sili 
m® reced sn die. 

D 4 


Herif.^ if P^trtis de Paxtoh opt se . liij. die vsus WGvtomar 

de Bassingebn de pt finis fci inr eos i cur dni 
Jt . 1 ipe il ven vl se esson . 1 debuit poni 
p pt . 1 vie ii misit noia pt. Ido gsid t qd 
ponat' p met pi St qd vie hat noia p'mo^ pleg 
t octdb Set Marl . " 1 p'mi pt " siim qd tc, 
hant eu ibi. 

T-^grcF. jf Gaufr wVuniHing pel.ij. virg.l .c ptiii i Ap- 

pelbi p vad It pleg [rfie Sci Luc WEuagl^ q 
capt fuit in man dni Reg p def ejus vsus 
Rog CrasstL. 

^Kent.^ jf ITberlJlt Herb opl se * Psus At*)em de Westfti 
Sussea^. de pt . 1 .1 Afib ipet»9at bre diii . G. Jit Pee i 

q° cotinebat' qd ^Hrt Jjf poSet loqla q fuit 
i Com suo inr Herb pdcm 1 ipm At* apd 
Westm I . aro. dies p^fesl Sci Mich .1 qd H^b 
pseqret' si vellet . Afeb vocat^ ven 1 defend 
qd no tulit t^niodi bre St qd nuq* vsus eu se 
esson. Cosid t qd defendat se • xij. manu. 
Dies dat^ t eis t Crastin Set Marl .\ tc 
veniat At* ad fac legem ilia. Pleg AS). 
JVali de Creppinges Si PentecosL 

Ehof^ jf Magr Gre^o^ po.lo.Epi Dunelfn opl se.iiij. 

die . vsus Ric de Abrtcis de pt# ij. carr rre c 
ptiii i \^Shipwiche .1 ipe n veil vt se esson .1 
pcepl fuit qd . rra capet' i mari diii Reg . \ 
dies p^se mandaret' justic . I xv. dies ^ fesl 
X Sci Mich .1 nict iii fcm fuit. Ido psid t qd 

rra cap in man drii Reg St dies 1c. 1 Ric sum 
qd sit I jv. dies p^fesl Sci Yllar iii resposur^» 
1 VIC tc sit ibi ostensur^ qr n tec md fi sic ei 
p^cepl fuit. 

Hertf,' if WittJiT Walt po . lo . Rob Jit Wall pel \?sus A66 

de Sco Alban boscii de Radebg ut jus suu 1 . 


G. ux sue . u!i Rob de Vat avus ipi^ Guno^ 
sais fuit i dnico suo ut de feod die q*^ . H. 
[Rex] avus obiit SI p^ eu ||J?o^ de Vahn cuj^ 
Res ipa t . * ut de jure \ Red .1 h off diroare 
p secta suffic . AS) veil 1 defend jus suu St 
ostend liras dni Reg patentes i q*b5 cotinet"^ 
qd diis Rex phibet * ne Abbas vt MonacR de 
Sco Alban implacitet^ sup aliq^ ten vt pos- 
sessoe q" hat n* cora ipo diio Rege. 

Norh. ^ Rob Malduit opt se . iiij* die vsus Ric FoUot de 

pi . Ixxv. s. 1 ipe n ven vT se esson. Ido atacb 
qd sit I oCtab Sci Marl in re£(p5sur^. 1 osten- 
sur^ qr 1c. 

5/#'. 9i Rob de Waldingef* po . lo . Gitl de Waldingef*" 

opl se . iiij. die vsus Ric F^sbrm de Foxhot "X 
ipe n veil vl se essoii . 1 pcepl fuit vie qd 
ponlet eu p wad \ salv pleg qd eet i . xv. dies 
j^fest Set Mich apd Westm ostensur^ q*^ wa- 
ranto teneat se i eccta de t'oxhot.\ n fuit 
posit^ p pi f^ sa8dos f. Ido psid f qd hat 
bre ad Archid Stiff* qd faciat eii venire I • «^» 
dies p^fesl Sci Yllar. ostensur q® war 12. 

Line. f[ Marg^ de Oseuitt opt se • iiij. die vsus JohJitJoh 

de lege sua faciend 1 ipe n veil vl se essoii. 
Ido cosidat t qd ipa hat saisina sua de rra de 
q^ ipa tulit vsus eud Jb^ assam de nova dissais. 
fii. 1 id Joh I mia. 

NoffS f Ric de Hocton opl se.iiij. die vsus Ric Jit Widon 

de pi . xxvj. act . ? . c ptin i Norbarsha 1 ipe 
n ven 1c. 1 sumo test fuit Ido cap rra i, 
man dni Reg .1 dies 1c .1 id sumoii qd sit 
f ocl Sci Marl iii resposur^. Ric poii lo . suo 
Radjit Ric in ad luc*. 1c. 


Norh. jf Witt Jit Ad . que Eustac de Watford dix cora 

justic itinlantib3 apd Norh ee bastard sup 
assa q'da de morl ancess de.ij. virg.^.c 
ptin 1 Watford. % que dns lAnc significav » 
ee legitime natii i opt se . iiij. die . vsns ipm 
Etistdc.\ ipe n \ habuit die p essoil 
a festo Sci Mich l . xv. dies. Jud, Terra cap 
in man dni Reg . It Eustac sumon qd sit z 
octad Sci Marl apd Westm aud jud suu. 

Bed. f Loqia inr Gitt de Maupteshat 1 RiZ de \\Glatdtt 

remani sii die p pcepl diii Reg de ult* mar 
q* diu id Ric fuit i svico diii Reg ult* 

Qlouc. Jf Witt de Parco . Witt de Frehorh . Eustac de 

Came . Rog de Bouitt missi ad vidend utr 
itirm q* se essoii Jocea soror Mar^ de Wiche 
vsus Roh de Alba Mar de pi . t . esset lang 
an ri r' li vener vl se essoii. Ido atac'bi qd 
sint I ocl Sci Marl apd Westm ad testificand 
visii suu Si que die ei posuert 

Middclsex\ f Loqla int Wittm Jit Rad 'X Matitt sovov^ ^udL ^el 

1 Witt de Mobray ten de deb . Lv. m. remani 
sn die q^ id Witt de Molhf f i svico diii Reg • 
ult* mar. 

Bukigh. jT Witt^ WGorante opl se . iiij. die vsus \\Lidid q fuit 

ux Witt de WHuscol de pi recip cirog suii. 
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ad recip cir suu. 

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ej^ gcord sut de . v. acr . t . c ptin i Pecha p 
sic qd ipi ptiti sGt tra . c^, mediel remanT: 
uni . % alra . aliis . tenend de Jocet p svic . 


xvj. ct. T: (j*dr salvo forigeco svico. Dies dat^ 
f eis I octab Sci Marl ad recip cirog* in. 

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^bosco de^ divisa bosci de Ledes \ Haddlget 
£un pi .12.] set q remanet i eo statu q° nc t 
usq^ ad legitima etate Maur Jit Rod q* t i 
custod pfati Epi cuj^ ^&ed^ villa de Ledes 
t . Ita qd nee Epc vl sui nee pfat^ Thorn 
vl sui q'cq*' capiet i divisa ilia usq^ ad pfat 
rmifi ^1 hoc affid p^fat^. T. T: iri liras suas 
patetes Epo fee . 1 in emendacoe vasti q i 
ead divisa fecat . ded eid Epo . v. s.^ 

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dfiico suo ut de feod de dimid virg rre cu ptiil 
1 Pecha die qua obiit S\, si obiit Ic. 1 si id 
Jocet ppinq lies t q* tra fVluina Jit Auketitt 
tenl . ipa veri \ t*x iii filiu suu Jocet ad 
waranl . q* ven 1 dix qd tra ilia t bed sua 
deseendens ei ex pte [ JZiwg**] pat*s sui • Jocet 
die qd [JoceV] pat pdci Jocet nttra igressii 
hiiit i rra ilia n^ p Wluina . qua dux i ux siml 
c rra ilia .t Jocelin pon se in sup jural ."X 
ipi silr . Jur diet qd . H. par Jocet Hullu ingress 
habuit i rra ilia n* p Wluina. 

jf Jud . Jocet hat sais sua. 

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de pi . hidag \ aliar gsuetud I ocl Sci Marl. 
1 hnt lieenc eoeord :! Id Henr pmisit cora 
jus? qd acq^etabit aver sua q eapt siit p seutag. 
Reeognov eni qd id debit. 

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vsus Rad de Balling* de pi L ad/ luc* '^c. 


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essoii de mat Ic. 

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Evagte ?ra sua q capta fuit i mail dBi {fc p ej^ 
defcm vsus Joh de Ceres. 

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Witt FoUot T: Joh Jit HT' pi ass.t 
Rad de \\Fumttts ad luc» 1c. 

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in. 1 0< dors. 

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Elya Jit Bernard \ \^AUnd ux sua feod duo^ 
milil T: dim cu ptiii . in ^Suting . \ I Iwerst . 
1 in Emhd.q clamat ee roabile pte ipi^ Jgii q 
ea 9ting de lib teii qd fuit Witti de Harecurt 
pat*s pdce Agn.Elyas ven 1 pel vis traf 
p^dcar • hat visu. Dies dat^ eis i ocl Sci 
Marl . % inrim fiat visus . Witt 1 Agn poSt 
lo . suo . Htig de ^Jbatt vl Henr de . Wistenesl 
si ipi intee li p^sit. 

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Joh de WFercles de pi captte de Cotes • ad 
luc*. 1c. 

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qr ii svaret fine fcm inr ipm It Priore de 
Lanion cora dJio Canl apd Cirencestr de . 
V. acr c ptia i Benton ven 1 recognov fine. 
Ita qd p se 1 lied suis q*et clam tol jus qd 
habuit i ead . I • eid p*ori • 1 succ suis ippel .t 
ipe p'or q*el clam homag ejusd PhitSt seqla 
ejus % catalla ej^ ippetuu^ 

Nor/: JT Witt Jit Rad atturnav Rad Kelloc redd . viij, d. 


de «* q*ta '' [pte . j^.] masag . d Witt Jit Mit. 
viij. d. de . q*rt pte . j^, mas . Ric Noth . vj. d» 
de . j. mas . Ric de Brecha . xij. d. de . j. mas . 
Witt Jit Ric AT: Hnr frem suu^^ • de xvj. d. 
d . j. mas • Wittm \\Ride . xij. d. de . j. masag • 
Ric Jit Suefild. vj, d. d . j. mas . Witt Jit Ric • 
xij. d. de . j. mas StLefina de Wlverton . xij. d. 
de .j. mas . Osb Kermetre. xvj. d. d • j. mas . 
Qaujr de Secheford. xij. d. d .j. mas. 

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Hindrigha custod [^Matitf] fil sue . siml c . 
viij. act de feod suo q fueft Alan de Hin- 

Sun^s. ^ Rog Jit Wmfr. Rad Gaue . Pagan de Curtpett 

opl se . iiij. die vsus Witt Malet T: Ric ppos 
de Enesmer . ^ Rad Jtwene. 1 Witttn de Fade- 
naure . t Witt de Tolesford \ Rad Kepe . 
Witt Pmeni. \ Rob Pinet . \ Ric CticQ .1 Rob 
Gos .1 Rob le Wenche . Ric Wele Wall Wele. 
Rob WTeissU de pi applti t ipi n vener vl se 
essoii .1 fuert positi p pi 1 sut noia pt . Witti 
Malet 1 horn suoj^ ^ Joh de Erlee Rad de 
\(Aure . SifH BuzU. Ido atach sut p mel pi .1 
p*m pi sum qd sit I ocl Sci Marl . \ hant ibi 
q°s plegiaver.t ostensur qr n habuer eos 
t ro. dies jffesl Sci Mich . 1c. 

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de ?ra de WCoift \ Vefi villa po' i respcm usq^ 
* cora dno Rege cu venlit i Angt. p pceptu 
diii 1^ de ult* mare. 

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Reg die Marl pxima p^ Jesl See Atheldr . 
xviij, acr rre c ptin i Sibeton Q*s Ham de 










Sibeton clam vsus Gaitf^ le Palm p defcu ipi^ 

jf Id vie sign p br suu q eod die cep i man dni Jt 
qual XX. acr tre t reddiL ij. sot T: vj. d. c.ptiS 
i WStanham Si i Creting 1 i Mendksham 1 i 
WMicheford 1 i Melles Q*s Joh de Ceresia 
clam vs^ TFittm de Ceres p defcu ipi^ fVitti. 

jf Ass de nova diss int Ric de Ambrest It moniales 
de Iclinton remanl p ||g*tu ut^^q^ ptis . \ p 
licenc die. 

jT Thorn le TaiUur po lo . Ric Jit Ric pel vsus 
Priore de Stanes . ix. virg rre c ptin i Tisso . ut 
jus suu . Prior pel visu tre . hat visii. Dies 
dat^ t eis a die Set Marl l . av. dies .t inrim 
fiat visus. 

jf Ric de Catric sumoil ad ostend q° waranto 1 
advoc teneat se i eccta de Wendesle veil \ 
die q p Nigellu Jit Aleaf * cuj^ carta in hi. 
ut die. 

JT Joh de la Hide pel vsus Alan de Witchircli 
qd warantizet ei . j. virg tre .1 . vij. acras 
prati c ptin in \\Lesinges 1 i Sefeld q* tenet 
t clam teSe de eo !% un carl ostend . Alan ven 
1 recognosc cartas suas t tras pdcas ita ei 
datas . si die qd anq*' ei daret tras illas t' 
ivadiavat eas cuida Burg de Radinges q^ p^tu 
illud hre debl usq^ a Jesto Sci Joh I .j. annu . 
\ tc p*tu ittd ei delibabit . reeipiat tra sua ad 
tmifi suu q Alar? recognoseit. 

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q* Ric de Garwintdfi claiii vsus Teobald de 
Tuithd sit vad cjusd Teobald f anit 1 S»d 


ipi^ Ric . an dnicu feod ipi^ TeobaUt . re- 
manT: sii die % bre n t de cursu. 

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fVigorn. cap cirog* suu I arv. dies jP Jesl Set Marl . 

Ric po.lo suo Add de \\ Weston ad recip 

cirog* suu. 

Sum\s. jf Phit de Burci . Ric de Cil?ne . Wall de Haueken- 

burg Gilt Jil Ric . missi ad aud q Etna ux 
Willi Daci ponlet loco suo ad luc^.lc de 
loqla q f inr ipam T: Joh CaluU de rra i 
Claiton ^ did qd posuit loco suo Wittm vim 
suu in ad luc* . 'Ic. 

Hunted. jf Dies dat^ t P*ori de Hunted \ Witt Daco ad rec 

cii'og* suu de Hecclla de Opford I . an), dies ^ 
fesl Sci Marl. 

Hertf.' jp Ass ven rec si Umfrid par Willi sais fuit i dnico 

suo ut de feod de • j. virg rre c ptin i Chelle 
die q* obiit . T: si obiit Ic . q* rra Philipp de 
Snaring teni Phit veil 1 recogii jus suu . 1 
cep in homag suiL 

Nor/.* f Dies dat^ t Rog" de Friuilt 1 Add de Mundeford 

de pt . XX. s. redd . t jcv. dies p^ fesl Sci YUaK 
1 hnt licenc cocord. 

Essex\ jf Assa de morf ancess in? Pore de Colum.l 

StepTim de Bello Capo de rris 1 WLamers \ 
i Bures T: Fordhd \ i Elfelmesl T: i Sudhir \ i 
\^Heni .T: 1 Bercholt \ ptib} locis remanl sn 
die pee ipi^ StepTi . q^ id StepTi dissais t de 
tota rra sua p diim Rege. 


m. n- D' Jovis. 

Oxdn. ^ Witt Jit Henr pon loco suo Andr de Scacc de 

pi . ?re i WAcliasted v^sus Rog Jit \\Aug ad luc* 

II Berkcsir. if Loqla in? Bic de WSifrewast \ Rob de Pinkeni \ 

JVittm de BrofUon % eoif, ux de ass* de . morf 
ancessoris remaiiet sii die q^ id Ric fuit i svico 
dni Reg ult* mare J\ fine fee p t*nsfretacone 

Bukingfi. f Ass* de mort ancesso^ int Witt Basset pel 1 

Turstan Basset ten remanT: * id Tursl n hiiit 
t^ra ilia n* i custod c filio Rob Walens de cuj^ 
morte ipe Witt clain tra ilia . ^ ass* 5 debuit 
f i inr nepote T: nepte . Witt qrat bre de recto 
* si volfiit. 

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WRenhd Rob \\Leueise missi ad vidend utr 
infirmil qua Umfr d Sidesfne vsus 
Godwin Pmenl de pi • I . diet qd lang^d^ f 1 
qd posuert ei die a die M^cur * ocl Sci 
Mich t .j. dnu \ .j. die. 

Glouc, i( AS) de WBordeslee pon loco suo Gerold monacli 

suu vsus Nicot WAsptuz ad recip cirog* suu . 

Nor/* f Magna ass* in? Um/rid de Sidesfne [teK] f pel^ 

St Godwin Pment pel p' i respm usq^ 5 ocl Sci 
Mich qd Umfrid esson se de mal Ic .It milil 
missi ad eu dedert ei die ah octab Sci Mich 
t .j\ anu \ .j. die. Id dies dat^ f Ham Bu- 
hurt . Rog* BuzU . Ainalric de Babbinget . 1 
Gaufr de Stivech ess se p Au^ Jit Rann 




Thofri de WabrtL p Burgense . Wit de Htmsta- 
nestoii p RicJitRegin . Gaiifr\\BcLniard p WRog^ 
de hucha . \ Gitt de Ldgetot . Rad de Dockinges . 
-Soft Jit Rad . Walt de WCaphiitt • n vener « %c. 
Ido atact qd tc sit ibi ^Alan^ de Ingaldestorp . 
p WAlan se esson. 

f IliJewwf f^ ^r jBo^* opE . se . iiij, die 9sus Steph 


&/;t. if ^^^ ^^ -Bwre^ . Rob deHameldon . ||Gri7?£fe Abbin^ 

gewrth SamsQ de Mulesee • iiij. mil siimoiL ad 
eligend. ad faciend magna assam int 
Afeb de Certes * 1 J?oJ Mon de . j. carr rre cii 
ptiii 1 JSudton . un id i2o£ ten posuit se i 
magna assam • sett ut recognoscat' utr id Rob 
maj^ jus hat tenendi rra ilia de eod Afibe . an 
id Att i diiico r' vener T: eleger istos . Ric de 
Vabadu * EUa de Edinton . Wittm de Watton . 
Rolland de Axsted . Gitt de WPudiden . WaU de 
Axsted • Rog^ Jit Euerard . Gaufr de Catenhd . 
Gitt de WicJiehd • Maur de Okelee . Math de 
Bouitt . Witt de Watteuitt . Rolland Huscartt 
Rob de Wateuitt. Ad de Talewrth . Witt de 
Bures. Dies dat^ t I jcv. dies p^ fesl Set 
Marl Si tc veniat assa. 

jjOiow* JT Assa ven rec si WAvg*. par jRo^sajs fuit in diiica 

suo ut de feod de . iij. virg . t • c ptiii in Ha* 
, . chdsted die qua ob . T: si oh Ttc . T: si Rog* 
ppinq^or lies t . q*m tram Wiftjit Henr tent . 
Andr de Sqocc pc, lo . Willi Jit Henr ven It re- 
cognoscit WAugm obisse saisit iii.T; p^ morte, 
H. Reg pat^s .1 Hadicit ip'm-4t^ filiu habuisse 
ptoogenit Henr noie . q* rra ilia tenuit . 1; i ea 
dux uxli ead obiit . q* fuit ppinq*or hes ejusd 

Rot. Cub. Reg.— Vol. tl. E 


Augli Jl libos habuit q^ st supstites .1 quia 
fi potuit 9*dici q*n Henr p^mogenit^ eet .It de 
rra ilia sais die q* obiit It p^ mort Aug' r' gsid 
t qd assa remaneat • querat bre de recto si 

Line. if Loqia in? Lamb de ^l^Scotouin p^ .1 Gerard de 

Cauitt remant sn die q^ fili^ ej^d Gerard f i 
9vico dni Reg ulf mar. 

Su8es\ jf Assa de nov diss in? Ric Aguillu pel .It Manager 

Aguitta de libo ten ipi^ Ric l l^Inland pon' i 
respm u^5 I ^av.^[^,viij.'] dies jP fesl[^(yiu\ 
Sco^ ^Marl^ p defcu rec • q^ OUver de WicU 
ring' Ric de Kaisneto . Xuc de Emele^Ric de 
Pagehd . Gaufr de WP^nesled Rod de Grqfka . 
Engelin de Neweton . Gervas de la Pette .Rob 
de Coleidlt . Rod de Ebnere . rec n vener 1c. 
Ido atach silt qd tc sll ibi. Id dies dat^ t 
aliis q^ vener i bax^o. 

^®?/-* 9i Sifn 1 Warin \ Rob de Colehi pon loco sua 

Witt de Pirroh Psus Win de Burg" 1 Sifn de 
Crakeford de pt eccle de Cokb tc. 

Suff: f Dies dat^ t Regin de Argent 1 Htib de ^fihedesta 

de pt . ? . fl die Sci Yllar I arc. dies \ hnt lie 

Norh. f Witts I>acus St Emma ux ejus petut ♦ Joh CabOL • 

ij. virg tre \ dim cu ptin i WCloton ut jus fsuu 
ejusd Emme q ei descend . 1c . JoTi ven 1 pel 
visum ?re . hat visum. Dies dat^ ft.av. dies 
jP^ Jestu Sci Marl.^ inrim fiat visus. 

Norii. if ^^^^ ^^^^ t Regin Jit Azur .1 Bald de Bvlon t 

ce?is llmltis ad recip cirog* suu I octab O^iu 


. Suff\ ^ ^ Vic signif p bre suu sigUlal qd cep i man 

. «'»•>' ^ dni Reg die Marl $a^ f fesl See Edeldrid 

q*r . XX. act tre cu ptin.^ 

^^'{f'^' Si Joh de Stopeslee pet vsus Gaitfr Jil Gavfr . 

j, hid rre c ptin i WHextaneston ut jus suu . 
un Edm avus ej^ sais fuit tp . H. Reg avi ut 
de feod T: * jure suo . 1c. ^ Gayfr vefi \ vocat 
ad war in Bald Wach q* infra etate t . hat eu 
a die Set Marl i av. dies. 

Surr. JT Dies dat^ f Hug" de PeeM \ Eusljil Witti de 

pi Jp*sonacois a die Sci Yllar I . arv. dies. 

Surr, JT R^^ d^ Hulla It Aluina ux ej^ HqSr qd Ric le 

WDiu « vi sua asportav bladu de sex acris rre 
c ptiK i Sande . q*s dironav in cur diii J^ 
siml cu alia rra:' p fine fcm \ p cirog*ph 
inr eos . T: Bic vefi It defend tot de verbo i 
vbu. Considal t qd hant bre ad vie qd 
faciat covenire . legales milil de visii illo sup 
tenemtii illd . 1 iqVat p eos utr ille sex acr rre 
[un ita asp bladi ptineat ad dimid hida rre 
full asportav bladu ut dr''^:^ un finis fcs 
fuit i cur dni Pr .1 iq^sicone q* fecit venire 
faciat cora justic apd Westm I . ax\ dies p^ 
fesl Sei Marl . 1 ilia iq'sicone p bre suu si- 
gillal justic scire faciat . It noia milit p q^s 
inq'sico fca fuit 

Herl/.' jf Assa vefi rec si JVitt avuctus Rad sais fuit i 

dfiico suo ut de feod de.j. virg Pre c ptiri 
i wStidenaeh die q*" ob • 1c. q* m WJacob de 
Bose 1 Joh fit Mabitl tenet . Jacob 1 Joh 
veniut 1 did qd assa fi debl ifi f i q^ id Witt 
avucTs ejusd Bad filiu huit q* saisit^ fuit de 
tra illa.1 ifi obiit saisit^. 1 n potuit 9*dici q*n 
ita eet. I^To remani assa, 

£ 2 




X Inq^sico» 




jf Sim de Buude • SifA de Maid&wett » Ada de CSpes^ 
ton , Pkit de Keihners . Engeram^ Wff^adeben . 
Alejf d WBraibroc . Hetw de Oxenton . ^ Hug^ 
de FaredonJ^ Sim LanceUn . Joh de WPauett. 
Hug^ de Riston . \\Her de Senliz . Yvo de Dene. 
sumoiti ad certificand justic sup morte Ric de 
Wlendon T: Ric de Dereburg* It utrii aliqui sup 
morte eo^ male credit! sit r^ veniiit It dicut qd 
Rog* de Oxeselfde comil Warr inrfec Ric de 
WCleidon . ^ utlagat^ f p morte iUa • idem did 
qd tViltJit Henr de Oxendon inrfecit Ric de 
Derebur^. \ utlagat^ t ^ diet qd n male credt 
de morte RVt de \\Clendon ;! Ric q Sibilla ux i2ic 
appBat de morte viri sui. 

JT Bela q fuit ux Gitt Morin pel vsus Ro^ 
Morin rcia pte ?rar q fuert Gilt Morin in 
WAwelton [1 i Sudton] 1 in Pitelesha . ut dote 
q ea coting ex dono * G. q^nda viri sui lb 
Rob vea \ die qd ipa plena dote hi \X 
ipe aff ei rra de WAulton . vl ilia de Sudton 
sic ||mr ej^ hiiit i dol] 1 de surplusag hi doin 
q*nda in civitate Lond . q valet . x. in. t 
offt dare ei rcia pte p^dcar rrarr' p sic qd 
hat duas ptes pdce dom^. ipa cdcessit qd sic 
fuit p sic qd hat tercia pte . x. m . si8 dom^ 
ap^ciata t . hat bfe ad vie qd faciat tras ilia» 
appciari. Dies dat^ t eis « . iy. sepl . jP fed 
Set Mart. 

f Hug^ de WElinton Walt le Venur . Rob Lenfat . 
Joh * Rad Peurett opl se . iiij. die v'sus Henr 
de Wichenton de pi ||vis fee cuida hoi suo !\ 
ipe ii veil 1c. \ fuit petiis. Ido recedt sn die* 

jf Alan \ Lauf de Lond opl se . iiij. die v^sus 
Marg* de Ros de plac . xxj. Si. 1 xij. s. q*s eis 









> • \ ~m •»■ 

lldebet 1 ipa fi vefi 1:c« Ido atach qd sit I 
.« jTi;. cfie^ responsur .\ ostensur Stc. 

jf Id optuler se rsus Joh de JRos de plac • ||xxj. m* 
T; xij. s. q* ipe eis debit ut dict.1 ipe n ven 
1c. Ido atacl^ qd sit ad eund rmin resposur^. 

f Priol: de Neuport 1 Jo^ de Tike/brd opl se . iiij. 
die vsus Joh de ^Harewod de pi nativital It 
ipe H veil vl se ess. It fuit petns. Ido recedt 
sfl die. 

f Wilt Franceis 1 Joh fX Bald de hand opt se . 
iiij. die vsus Mar^ de Ros de plac . xliiij. s. 
q®s ipa eis debit .It ipa fi veil .Ic. Ido atach 
qd sit i TO. dies jPjesl Sci Mart ifi resposur. 

jf Rod fit Pagan opl se.iiij. die v'sus Aka^ de 
Gr&sel de plac dim virg It • vij. acr rre cu ptin 
i Graset .It ipe ii veil . vt se essoS. Ido psidal 
t qd rra cap in mail dSi Reg. It lldies p^se 
mandet' 1c. \ ipe Aka:* siinK)n qd sit I . rv. 
dies ^fest Sci Marl. 

f ^An^ de Cantebr opl se . iiij. die vsus Wiltm k 
Burdekis de plac . Ixij. acr . [rre] . 1 . v. acrar 
prati 2 ptiil i Maddingel. 1 ipe S vefl vl se 
essoil . t sumo Itc. Ido capiat' rra i man dili 
Pr It dies p*se . 1c. T: ipe siimon qd sit f . av. 
dies jp^Jesl Sci Marl . 1c. 

ff Monach de Stanke petut vsus Math Jit Herb . 
[.s. advoc] ecclam de Hurdestoke c ptiS q* 
clamat ex dono MaUt Wat^c 1 un carta ej^ 
ptuler donone ej^ testante . Math veil 1 die 
qd n vult in respode n* cur psidav^it ^ n' vi- 
derit Mabitt p^sente . 1 q^^usq^ sciat utr ipa 

E 3 



warantizare vol&t donoe ilia . an n . q^ ut die 
ipe tndstrabit vsus earn qd ii debeat ilia 
waratizare. Dies dat^ f eis i av. dies ^ fesf 
Sci Yllar . "X ipa [^MaUU] tc veniat. 

WilL f Dies dat^ f Witt Reuett " "X Hu^ de Bosco'' de pt 

asse de ulla psentacoe eccte de Wermenistr . 
I . av. dies f^Jesl Sci Marl . It WittJReuett hat 
tc ux sua ibi J\ Henr de Fumett % ux ej^ sum 
qd tc sint ibi ad aud ilia recogii. 

Kent. f[ Prior de Bermudes opl se . iiij. die vsus WUim 

de \iMarci de pt ultiiu p^senl ad ecctam de 
WCoheha .\ ipe n veil vt se essoil \ fuit petns. 
Ido llrecedit sine die. 

Oxen. ^ Regin Andegavensis posit^ loco Lucie Cttremais 

[vsus ITb Q^tremdkf] pet.j. hida tre cu ptiH 
in Estcoi \ Weston q^ clain ptinle ad libam 
dote q ea coting de tenem qd fuit ITb viri sui* 
Herb veri 1 die qd . plenarie ht dote sua rt 
4- die q* despdsata fuit se tenuit pacata.l iil 

pon se sup jurata legal visii It Begin defendit 
qd nuq* tenuit se pacata. Dies dat^ t eis i 
TV. dies ^ fest Sci Yllar • ad aud jud suu. 

iq'sico f i h roUo. 

Surf. if ^^'^ Esturmi pet vsus Jocelin de ^Scaldeford 

hospiciii suu ad duo scacc^ . c • x. equis p 
XV. dies ad plus St infra . q debet ei de ura sua 
de ^Scaldeford.\ q ei deforS ut die . % Jocelin 
ven li recognov qd ad utriiq) scacc debet ei 
hospiciu c . V. eq's . j. hospiciu i adventu ej^ 
ad scacc St aliud ad red ej^ de scaccario . 1 de 
surplusag^demandc pon se sup magna assam. 



f 4Fiat iH magS petns uolSit sin 
ilauS an die^ '^ Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud 
suu a die Sci Yllar I . to. dies . \ hnt lie 
c5cord *' ** 9sid t qd • iiij. mil veniat 

ad elig , xij". 

Bedef.' jf JohAurifab pel vsus Thorn jfit Herb • j. virgal 2 

ptin i ^Kembeston q ei remansit ut die p fine 
duelli ^ i eur com Sim • de • vij. virg rre It dim 
j^lt xLacr rre] q*s Thorn pdcs clamav vsus eund 
JoJl un • iij, virg. % xl. acr remasert eid Thorn . 
X ipi Jo/l . luj. virg T: dim . q* virgata ipe ei 
deforc ut die. sup* porcone q eu 9tiDgIe debuit 
p fine in? eos fcm. Thorn ven \ defend tot 
It pofi se sup cur Coffi dd q* honore Coin Sim 
ht . T: ipe Joh sitr . hat Joh bre ad vie qd 
faciat venire record cur Com p . iiij. legales 
hoies de cur a die Sci Marl t . av. dies. 

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sup visn. Hat bre ad Epm qd inq^rie faciat utr 
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Marl responsur.lostensur 1c. 

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Marl in responsur Ic. 

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tre cu ptin i \\Gaiton \ ipe n ven vt se esson 1 
sumo testata fuit .jud. terra cap 1 man diii 
Reg t dies • p^se mandet' justic .1 Phit sumon 
qd sit a die Sci Marl t • jv. dies iH responsur . 

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ult' mar. 

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eis t av. dies jj^ Jesl Sci Marl • % inn fiat 

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poiti fuer p pleg Ido ponant' p met pt . 1 
p*mi pt sum qd hat eu ap Westm a die Sci 
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suu vsus Falcon de Oirri de pt nove dii£ ad 

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sua • % Thorn i mia • j« m • dapil • ij. m. 

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eund Joh de plac maritag ad luc^ IS. 

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vsus Mog* de Verli de pla? maritag ad luc* . 

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plac « ult psental ad eccTam de Heuenlgha . a 
festo Sci Yllar I xv. dies pee pciu • "It assa innm 
reman usq^ ad sumon q^ hnt licen^ cocord. 

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diss Sarrjit Willi de libo ten suo i WWarr p^ 
fesl Set Mich 18. Gaufr ven 1 di5 qd p jud 
cur sue cep rra ilia i namiu p defcu svicii 
sui q aret^ ei fuit • It in pduc cur sua . q id 
testat' suflBcient . Sarra tot defend. Cosid f 










qd defendat se • xij. manu. Dies dat^ t d a 
die 5?! Marl I octo dies. 

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lingebur ijuste 1 sH judo diss Amalric Jit 
Willi de libo tenem siio in I| Wallr p^Jesl Set 
Mtcn pxtm an coron dm Keg.Jur diet qa 
ita diss eii • Jud • Amalr hat sais sua St Rob X 
Phil 1 mia . Phil/], m. Rob dim • m. dapnu • 

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de plac ul{ psenl eccte de ^Cnotttgeton a die 
Set Marl l. av. dies . AVb pon in loco suo Sim 
clicii suu «IS. 

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sn die de loqla q fuit inr eos de relevio \\Dauid 
q^ p licenc cocord sunt p sic qd AXJb faciet ei 
habe releviu • si Henf de Taidenn cap diis h 

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loco Atfc de Cirencestr 1 \\Barbetlo de pi . t . 
a die Pasch t . an), dies . \ innm hflt li!^ 

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q*da inq^sicoe de tra de Suerrqfbrd i av. dies 
f^Jesl Sci Marl p defcu jur • Id dies dat^ t 
rec q^ venert % aliis p ess suos .1 Joh de Broh- 
ton \ Auenett Picema St Wall de Chadelinton . 
Ric UtAnseUin . Sim \\de Cropper . Witt de Ger- 
sindU « rec in ii vener 1c. Ido atSLch qd tS 
sint ibi • MatUt pofi loco suo Henr vir suu vt 
Gatifr de WFerle ad luc* . 1c. 



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vsus Steph de BrUfeld de pT bosci • ad luc*. 

Bed. f Assa ven rec si Rad de Exon % Witt P'posit^ t 

WaU Acremd 1 Ric ^Onotte ijuste 1 sn judo 

divtert cursu aq molend Joh de WCharU i Tami^ 

seford ad nocum libi teii sui i ead villa j^ fest 

i\\Y\ mie» Sci Mich pxim aii coroii diii Reg • Jur diet 

qd ipi ita ||divtert cursu aq .Rod.]. vL Jfitt^ 
dim • m. WaU • dim • m# Ric dim • m. dapnu • 

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Briewerr . de pi np^ diss ad luc* S\Z. \ vsus 
Henr de WFerenbge de plac assa de . vL anc • 

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suu vsus Rod Achard de pt ass de . m» ancess • 

Kent. f Lamb de Berton petiit d Joxf festo Aplo^ Sim \ 

Jud tra sua p plev I WMuntgha q capta fuit i 
mafi Reg p def Matitt de Broc . q ii terfl rra 
ilia. Ranri ThrarP pel in cur dni Arch. 

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diii Reg die Sci Math Apli . j. virg rre c ptin 
1 Stok\ q* wot de Regal % Agn ux ejus clam 
vsus Rtc JtcvenS p def ipi^jRic. 

hereht. JT Y^ ^^ WaU de WRiebqf pori loco suo WaU viru 
iiotign. suii vsus WaU de Faukenbge . [^lAgn ux ej^] I 

^'Pet^nella sorore sua d plac". I . ad luc*.*lc.^ 


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Suf^S» fit Henr . vt Eusl de Faukenbge vs^ ComitisS 

[de Warr'} de pi eccte de Cnoel .% \?sus. 

Gaufr de ^Pitelestorii de pi ass de . m. aKcess . 

\ vsus Gei'oldjftt Ric . de plac ^ finis fci !\^ 


Susex\ jf At*) de Westm pon loco suo Jacob WCellariU vsus 

Bald Jit Bald de pi ass de uU psentat ad 
ecclam de WPereha. 

fVigorn. jf Id pofi loco SUO Phit mouac vsus Rob de || fVich 
Leic. de pi hospicii !\ vsus Joh Mansett de pi eccle 

de Lega ad luc* , \c. 

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\\Enedewelt de pi • I 2 .j\ m^^ a die Pasch pee 
pciu If 

Nor*. f Dies dat^ t Sim Jit Sim \ Rod de IB'neres de pi . 

X.a die Pasch I .j. msem pee pciu , 1 hiSjt 
lie • 9. 

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Pore de Bradenestoch de pi ass ad luc* . 

Bsse^if. f Rob de WMareni • pon loco suo Gerard de 

Manege^ vsus Ysaac Clica de pi . 1 . 1c. 

&(5^y. JT Hug^ de \iFokinlon pon lo . suo Thorn de 

Roinges vsus Witt Briewerth de pi nov di53 
i Petemrth.'^ vsus AUc ux Rog' Jit Reirjr 
de pi piscaf .Itc. 

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iSWf. f Marg* ux ^t<gr* L*^* Loges] pofi loco suo jHi^ 

(fe« Loges vsus 12f c die IIDo/ de pt . I . ad luc\ 



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de pt.i.a die Set Marl i . av. dies . % hSt 
lie . 9. 

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suu vsus Hu^ des Loges It Heilewis ux sua • 
de pi ass • 1 vsus Ric de ^HameUoin de pT ass 
de tra i \\Haifneston \ l Torp .1c, 

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de pi pasnag a die Set Marl i • av. dies t hftt 
he • 9. 

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\ X. bov. I . i RiseU .1 . ||x. s redd i Malbtcrp. 
q Pet^neUaJit Sim clam rsus Wall de FaukEdge 
p defcu • « It diis . G* sigS vie qd TFall petiit 
ilia tra . 1 redd die Vemis p^ AssUpcone. 

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diss Magrm Lepsof, de Sjferesbri^ de lib ten 

suo i WCOdton iufra assam « Alan^ die qd assa n 

debt in f i q^ nich clam 1 rra ilia n^ firma ad 

min. tmin redd annuati . x. s. p Jtida It Abraha \ 

Samuete Judos de Cantebr (^f, vad tra ilia t St 
ipi veniiit 1 warantizat b • jur did qd ita diss 
eos • jud . hSnt'Sais • % Alan t « mm • xx. s. 1 
dapn • XX. s. 

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Cestreslia int Rod de WPurt pel . \ Rob frem 
JKo^ de Chadrugg* p' i resp usq^ l . j:t;. rfie^ ^ 
^5/ 5« JVf (flr/ p defcu rec . q^ Rob Polet . 1 
»7ff rfe Bosco 1 Wall WPipe. Witt Jit S'lon. 
Witt DespenS . Pe tries P^pos . Rob Jit Wimud , 
Rob Jit Elured . essofl se .1 Luc de Rane . % 
Witt de Laden . Witt de Bouen . n veil . 15, 


Ido Btaich Ic , qd sint 1c. Id dies dat^ f ce?is 
q* venef . 

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Sxiff! wett t Fuicon Jit || Teob de pi . ^ . f ax\ dies jp^ 

Jesl Set Mart p^ce pciii • 1 Fulcho tc hat 
Eustacde Brahd q atornabit de . j. m. redd • ad 

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Jit Rob de pT ass de • m « ail . ad luc* • He. 

OxcH. JT Wall Marescatt poii loco suo Maghn Jocelin vT 

JF22? clicu suu vsus Att> de Abendon de pt 

Suses\ iT ^'^ ^ Wapenbir pon loco suo TAom (/e Kers^ 

wett^. Thorn Noel.\ Griffin de plac t^ ad 

Bet. j( Assa ven rec si Com David ijuste 1 sii jud diss 

Widoh Jit Henr de lifto teii suo in ^Cdueston 
infra assam . Senesc Com veii It die qd Sim 
le Gviz iplac eund Widon i cur diii Reg de 
ead tra t ? ra . ita qd Wido ih vocav Com ad 
waranl . qui ven cora Justic % dix qd ii 
debuit ei warantizare tra ilia % ii fuit n^ est 
lies Reg ITct de Scocc " t ita p def cu " wa- 
X rani Wido amisit tra ilia .It Wido die qd 

Sim ii iplac eu n* de . ij. virg .1.1 Sim die 
qd petiit vsus eu . ij. virg . 1 . xl. acr tre . t 
ill poii se sup rotulos jusL Dies dat^ t eis 
i av. dies jpP Jest Sci Yllar . 1 vie faciat re- 
cogn % visores q* inrfuert visui que Wido 
petiit . qn Sim . ij. virgal clam vsus Wictr 
^vide^ vide tra illa.1 p duos . visores • 1 
duos rec significet gusl 4p br suu ^ utr • xK 
acr fuer inf* visu vl no. 











JT Dies dat? t Jon de \\Chaisn 1 Wilt Jit Bad de 
plac ass de . X. acr bosci i StUnesheue a die 
Set Yllar i.iy.sepi.^ defcu rec. Ide dies 
dat^ fAnsellin Mowin . Ric de WGraneuett. Witt 
Jit ITb . Malgio rec q* vener .T: alii os essoS . 
se . de itifle Osb fit H^vic t ,1 tit bre. 

jT Ass rec utr Witt Coin Glouc psent uK pson ad 
ecctam de Eure q vacat ut dr c^ advoc diiB 
Rex clam vsus Rob monac f potir i resp usq^ 
t av. dies J^^f** S. Marl.q^ rec H erat idonei. 
t pceptii t vie qd tot 1 tales faciat venire qd 
dns Rex n possit se ad ilia cape . 1 Rob q^ ii 
ven sum q tc sit ibi. 

f 11^^^ Mdlduit Ric de Columbs WRog^ de la Folie * 
Petr^ de la Folie . iiij, mit miss ad vid utr 
ifirm q* Marg^ de Wich essoii se vsus Edith 
sorore sua de pi I . diet qd languida ^ \ % 
posuer ei die a die Sci Mich i . iij. sept . [ap 
7\irrt LonS] Edith pon loco suo Gaujr vir 
suu in xc. 

f Ass ven rec si Nicot Sarent ijuste \ sii jud diss 
Rob Sarent de libo teS suo i ^^Cantebr'* inf* 
assam. Jur did qd ii diss eum< Jud • Rob i 
mia p fto clain. 

jf Assa veil . rec si Ht^ de Milkens ijuste 1 sn jud 
diss Magrm Add de Walsi^ighd de lib teii 
suo 1 Holcham infra assam. Jur did qd 
ita dissais eos. Jud • Adam hat sais sua . 1 
Hiib 1 mia .. iij, m. [Thorn de Mulct pleg] 
dapnii • iij , in . Gaufr de Hokha pi . ||fili^ 

f Dies dat^ t Rob de Crec 1 Tham Blac de plac . 
I . I octab Set Yllar .t hnt liS cocord. 


DarseT. f Bic del Eslre pelns 1 Petrus de Bucwde teBs 

9Cord sut de pi custod rraf It Red Werreis 
de ^Ptlesden. Ita scit qd id Bic remis pdco 
Petro custod ilia 1 q*e£ clam in. 

Warr. jf Atfc de Pipewelt pofi loco suo JHIwif cofrem suu 

vsus Elena q fuit ux Ric de WJhirlauesl de 
pt • I . T: Vsus Ham de DUneschirch de pi 

ifiic. JC Dies dat^ t Amulfo de Bosco \ Phit de Diue de 

pi feod dim mil i \\Withiam a die Sci YllarJ 
• Jcv. dies pee ptiu .\ intim qrat bre Capital ♦ 
qd t^di£ fuit justic itiSantib} i ptib} ill. 

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ijuste 1 sn jud diss Odon Ptcema % Gervas 

deBemaco de lib tefl suo i Blarewich p^scdam 

coron Reg Bic. Jur did q Bic Engaine diss 

mia« eos de bosco q°d. Jud . ipi hat saisin. NuUii 

dapnu !t did qd Sim n diss eos. Ido remant 
i mia p flo clam. 

Bedrf! f Ass veil rec si Bic de Elton alir habuit ingressu 

i . iij. pte . j. hid rre i Elton q t de feod 
Jurd Peurett q*m p Bea^c fit Suain ux ipi^ utrii obiit sais ut de]feod an ut de 
warda q^ in habuit tota vita sua occoe qd 
de ea habuit fil ut dr:^ pon i resp usq^ I. 
ro. dies jp^ Jesl Set Yllar p def rec. Id 
dies dat^ t . ||xj. rec i baco • Hug' BuUoc • 
Joh Frakelein j[Ba 

CaniebfL jf Assa veil rec si Bog' jit Witt feofav . Bic patre 

AMn de.ij.virg rre c ptin aiSq* desp5saret 
Alic ux sua q in pet dot sua • an p^ea • \ 
ilia ass ponr i respm usq^ I . aro. dies ^ Jesl 
Sci Illar . q^ Albrw Bene ess se p Bog . Begin 
Arget p Bog\ Bad de Childert]^ Bic . Joh Jit 

Rot. Cur, Reg.— Vol. II. F 


Rod p Gaufr . Henr Arckeboldp Rog\ Gan^ 
de Blossevitt p Witt. Id dies dat^ t aliis q^ 
venert . It Nigett de Childert atach qd tc Usit 

Sj^. f Dies dat^^ t A» de Sco Edm % Epo EUenS i 

crust See Kater ad aud jud suu £pc poii 
loco suo Regin de Ar^.vX Witt Unck.vX 
Decan de Cicestr X v Atii de Sco Edm de pt 
St Act de Cokef ."Vc. 

B Warr. f Dies dat^ f Hug* d6s Loges . 1 Fori de Kllewrth 

de pi adv eccte de Cesftoii a die Sci YUar l 
. av. dies pee ptiu .1 hSt .Ttc. 

f f Dies dat^ t .....-.• t A«ii de Bi.^ 

Oxoh. JT Epc io/i^ pon loco suo ThdM Decan v\ Etistac 

clicii vs^ AS) de Betksdenn de plac . I • ad 

IlStfdf. JT Witt le Lohere^ poii se.i mia d.j. m. [p.iij. 

diss .] 1 Rog^ Jit Henr [pe?ns] dim . m. p eod 
posuit se 1 mia. 

BukingH. jf Ass de nov diss inu Daniels cticu pel t ^i7/ 

Pictaivens de libo ten ipi^ Daniet i Eilesbir p' 
i resp usqj I oi;, rfie^ jpo5/ fesl Sci YUar p def 
rec . qj JfTaZ? rfe H'twett ess se p i2o5 . Sim de 
Sender p Add . ^iff (f Op/o;5 p Rod . P&T 
Blakema p jRoS • ]>Fa// cEe Stadenn p ^/^«r* . 
jKic de WBurwile p HiJo^'.l Gavfr de Of ton . 
IFa// cfe Burton Sim de Huscot . Nicot Jit 
Hafii . jRo^ de Tenerchebray . Rod \\Moc atacb 
sut qd 1c* Id dies dat^ t iff q* venlut. 

Oxon. JT ^^^ * Wit^\ Ric 'Pirn Rod Jit Rog'.Ric 

Takmasch . iiij. mit siim ad eiigend . xij. mil ad 
fac magna ass • int Nicot de Brudicol ten « \ 


Andr de Hertemer pet de . iij. virg rre c ptin 
i Stokes uii id Nicot posuit se i magna ass ad 
tec utr ipe maj^ jus hSt tenendi rra ilia ^ de 
eo&Andr^ [i dilico]. taS-4nrff i diiico [de eo] 
vener ^ eleger « Witt MarmiU . Petr de || . 
Rod fit Rod de MUgewett.Gatifr Chausi.Joh 
de Hida Ric Mori . Unifr * de \\Lewelme Gaufr 
de la Mare • Alan ^de^ Jit Rolland . Witt 
WBaca . \\Nich Gribald . Wall de JSigestorp . 
^Auenett Ftcema . Witt Sifrewast • Ric de 
Parco . Otuellu de Insula. Dies dat^ flav 
dies jp^ fesl Sci Yllaf St tc veniat assa. 

jf Hub de Burc posuit Witt de Sco Mich loco suo 
de omib3 plac advsus oms de omib3 plac 
ad luc'^ • vt pet • p bre diii Reg de ult* mar. 

. iij. jud. « llDoU' 

m. 12. dors. 

W5/r. jT Roi de Belgrat po • lo • Comitiss de Warr pel 

v^sus Epm Witd advoc eccte de Cnoel . sic ilia 
q ptinit ad maSiu suii de Cnoel qd integre 
diroav vsus Epm Ric pdecess ipi^ Epi sine 
oi retenemto • q^ advoc Epc ei deforc ut die. 
Loqia remand sii die q^ Epc tit milites suos i 
svico dni Reg ult* mar. 

Nor/.* if Sema de Wigeh pofl loco suo EtidonS de Wigeh 

vsus God de huxevio [ad aud jud suii] de pt 
nov diss ad luc^ .tc. \ dies dat^ t eis l ^ro. dies 

p^fesl Sci YUar. 


Sumiut* • f ^i^ ^ ^^ Mich po . lo . Htib de Burc (f qd 

Rob Jit Willi [fee] qdda molend i villa de 
M^ston ad nocum rre«liedisi2oS de Bella Capo 
1 M^ston . q* tit i custod p dBm Rege. Ita 
qd flauft diio suo molt'am ptiii ad mot suii » 

F 2 








\ gardia suu ||sub^it » J2oS veiL "l die qd 
infra feod suu qd habuert ^decessores sui a 
c5qstu Angt fee molend i^uu • Ita qd ipe vt 
aliq^ hoiQ suo^ 8 debet ei secta molend • \ iii 
poii se sup jur legal miT de visn .t WiltsSr. 
hat bre ad sum jur qd veniat t ocl Set YUar 
apd Westm ad rec utf pstnix mot ||dii rra 
bed pdci fuit i ||manu dni Reg. 

jf Loqla de plac I in? Wall de WUef \ Eua ux 
sua St Agn de WStohtoh remanl sn die % Wall 
fifl fee p t^nsfrecoe sua. 

jf Ass de morl ancess inr Mahitt de Berton \ GUI 
de Mineres de dim virg rre remanl sn die 
q*diu id Gilt f8it i svico dni Reg ult* mar. 

jf Ass* de • m • aneess inr Radjil Herward petnte • 
It Witt de Pet^onte tenete . de dim virg rre . 
[i Holewett \ Stadon] uii id Witt vocavat ad 
war Steph de Holewett \ uii ipe Steph ven t 
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sitr ad recip cir suu . Itc. Dies dat^ ^ ev& t. 
viff^. dies ^ f\ S** Illar 1 ipi debent tc hre 
cora justic aliud cirog* q fSm fuit tpe Reg 

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rre 1 diin c ptiii i Westmch [1] i Hokinton 
ut jus suu . Rob yen \ pet visum rre. Hat 
vis . dies dat^ t eis t a?t;. dies j^ fesl Set 
Yllar • It inm fiat vis. 

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^Pohre de . iiij. acr rre S ptin i Bocland pon*' 
i respm usq^ I • jpo. dies jp^ fesl Set Yllar 
p def rec . % oms esson se • pr • Wilt de 
Pentelawe q* ven . c^ id dies dat^ t •I Grego^ 
de Bocland. \ Alex^ de Comer. Thorn de JBer- 
leia £L vener vl se ess • Ido atacli qd \c sint 

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C. s. rre i Bray t sfl die q^diu Rob de B^ket 
. f 8it i svico dni Reg ult* mar uii fine fee. 

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pel vsus Agn Male MuUier . xx. acr 1.5 pi # 
Cambrewelt. ut jus suu. It ipa veil It pel vis 
tre . hat vis. Dies dat^ t eis t av. dies f^Jesl 
Sci Yllar . 1 itim fiat visus. 

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viij» bov rre c ptiK i Foslon q**s ^Rad^ Witt fit 

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Wittb Jil Henr ad ?inifl • iiij. annoj^ It p^ illu 
train reraanebt . v. bov rre p: di^] q*ete ipis 
W^ \ AUc • \ lied suis i]^petuu i maritag« 

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alii .It hoc id testaC t» Ido qrat bre vsus 
singles ten si uolSiL 

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p^ce ptiu . 1 * hat lie pcord. 

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jud suii \a die Sci Yllar t . av. dies 2 de . 
j. hid ?re c ptin i Hutte . ^ ?ra .H. Rex 
[avus] ^pa?4» ded Wigan Marescatt p homag 
suo It svico . S . rra q fuit Rog* de Causton . q* 
ilia pdid p feloSi. Ita ea ei ded sic fuit in 
manu sua . 1 Henr defend qd Rog^ ilia rra & 
habuit qn rra sua amis p felori» 

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ei homag de . j. virgal tre i BiSwich\Freston. 
\ Alard veil \ die qd ipe tenuit de Eudon de 
Garton . iij. virg . 1 . iij. ptes . j. virg ?re . \ 
adhuc illas tenet .% pel vis illi^ virg ?re utt 
pel homag .It de aliis posuit se • i magna assam* 
hat vis illi^ virg. Dies dat^ t eis i av. dies jp^ 
Jesl Sci Yllar . *Tt i?im fiat visus. 

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bov rre c ptin i Bufwich sic jus suu It Witt 
pel vis I . hat vis . dies d^t^ f I ro. dies p^ fed 
Sci YUar . It inPim fiat vis. 


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£stur7nS] 1 alios q*^ ptes • de pac dni Reg t 

hasocha • 1: ret^ se A posuit se 1 mia . ^ Joh 

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Gervas & ven vT se essofL . ^ dies dat^ t p ess 
suu J crasl acl Sci Luc Eifgt. Jud.rra cap 
in man dni Reg Ac. "X Gervas sum qd sit i 
av. dies ^ fesl Set Marl in resp. 

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i Letm . 1 Ric n veS • Itc. t habuit die p esS 
suu a die Sci Mich t .J. msem. Jud . terr cap 
i man dni Reg .t dies ^c • 1 ipe Ric sum qd 
sit I . iff. sept jP fesl Sci Yllar. 18. 

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diii Reg de . xxvj. S redd . uii nicR habuert . 1 
ufl id FromUct fuit i sais ut die • It ipi n vener . 
1c. 41 poiti fuert p pt • ^ 1 sumo testaL Ido • 
atack qd sint l av. dies p^ fesl Sci YUar ifi 

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u jus suii .1 Rob pe? vis rre • hat vis. Dies 
dat^ t eis f xv. dies j^fesl Sci Yllar 1 inrim 
fiat vis^. 

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obto . j. m» I arv. dies i^ fesi Sci Mart \ tc fiat * i ptib> 

iSi. Gerard de Cdmtt ven.t recognov.||iij« 
ptes illi^ eccte ee jus pdci Rob. 

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ad llferend record loqle inr Matitt « 1 JCan 
de Cantuar de xxxix. acr rre c ptiS i ||JVacin- 
ton i dicut qd Matitt pdca nuq^ vendid rra 
i Cur Ham de Creveq^ n^ carta fee . Xane . 
n^ llalii «It li • offrSt pjbai'e cosidaSone cur 
dni Pr . Cristiana q fuit ux Updci JVitt jiX 
Odon vefi 1 die qd ]yuste & negal • q^ karta 
ipi^ Matitt ]&t ||que testat' ^ ipa fX^ana ded 
1 dimisit Wittb Jit Odon \ Xane ilia ?ra 
q^m ead Matitt^ de Etard de WBleu i WNadn^ 
don \ ilia rra q^ tenuit de Ham de Valoii 
de Qgardinor' q^ diroav ad scacc dni Reg 
apd Westm • p . xij. d. redd p annu St qd ead 
Matitt illas eisd deb warantizare 9^ oms. 
nt qm Emald Chic .1 ^iif Wiueday q* testes 
sut i ead carta qMIcI eid carte • p se , 1 
omibj aliis ^ qd nuq^ intfuert illi c5cessoi 
vt dimissoi i X^ana off d&a Reg dim • m. p 
hiida iquisicoe legali de visnel . 1 de Porti- 
moto utr ita fuit vt li . It Matitt die qd n 
debt iq^sico .in f i • q^ alia vice ead Xana 
posuit se sup testes^ carte .1 sup record cu?« 
1 ill llvocat record Just ad waranL C5sid 
f qj3i Ham sum [Ttc] Ht cur ej^. qj sigillu 
pat^s ej^ apposit t carte ut sciatur p eu utr 
warantizare uol&t ea . vt 9*di8e . 1 testes 
sum silf si uol8int waraptizare qd duo e 


testib3 dixer:' qd sit z av. dies jj^ Jesl Sci 

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mia. Blake veil 1 re*xit se St posuit se 

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dim mid c p! i iCaudykld ut jus suu 1 Witt 

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Ic.p RicBurett^Thofn TuUe. % dies dsLt^ fuit 

eet lang^r t.j.fnsem j^ fesl 

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sumoiie habuit • • essoniav :f sic 

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||se xij. manu A.xv. dies ^ fesi Sci Yllar St 
esson cap pt Witt de Lege • Witt Dacus* 

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Rod de Grafton de pt fiil f ci ad luc* 1c. 

Dors. jf Rob de ^Purbich posit^ loco Ham de CatescUue 

1 Felic ux sue pel vsus Afebem de Forde 
iiij. hid rre c ptin i CatescUue t i Burge-- 
stoke ut jus ejusd FeUc. un Steph par ejus 
sais fuit ut de feod Ht de jure tpe . H. Reg 
pat's diii Reg . 1 h off pbare rsus eu p 
Ada MalKb . vt p aliu suff q* id off pbare . p 

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irim fiat vis. 

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virg . hab vis. Dies dat^ t eis t jv. dies fP 
feslSci Yllarlin^ua fiat vi%. Ales' pon Pe/f 
Langeta loco suo . in StZ. 

m. 18. 

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jus suu t ^feiT* pel vis . t . Hat vis* Dies « 
i . a?», rfie^ T^ fesl Sci Yllar . It itW fiat visus. 

Bedef: jf Dies dat^^ t JTa/? & Stradt po . lo . >i/ic • 1 Ad' 

deBedef de pt .!.i »7«on; a die Set YUar I. ^11 
.rt?. dies . t hfit lie gcord. 


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Matin Jit Witt de ^Ken de pt dim masuag I 
Ahendon I jsv. dies jj^ Jest Sci YUar . Dion poii 
loco suo Wittm vir suu. 

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obtc virg rre c ptiii i Futburn ut ilia i q* n huit 

•J- ™* id 22o5 ^essu n* p Sexgiva matre Albric q* 

^i5w^ par jBo5 dux 1 ux p^ morte Godwin 
pat*s Albric . q« tra Sesgiua hiiit i dol ex 
dono Gorfa;m.nt jBo8 ven t die qd p [jus] 
^{/S patre suu • lot rra ilia .1 ||ulq^ poii se sup 
jurata utr . aliii igressu ||hat id Rob fiVPAilbii 
n* p ll&gt'wS q* matre -4/fo-ic q* dux 1 ux . veniat 
jur I . XV. dies ^ fesi Sci Yllan 

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Pabm de plac.j. masag c ptiil i NorJl.^ 
WiWnP ii ven vt se esson . t siimo tesl fuit 
Jud • terra il]a cap i mail diii pr . T: dies 1c. 1 
Witt Slim qd sit ? ro. dies p^ JestU Sci YUar 
iii responsur. 


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pon' i respm usq^ J octad Sci YUar p defSu 
rec . % Hug^ de Calne esson se p Bonn . t Ric 
Puher p Rob. Id « dat^ t rec q* vener % Witt 
Jit Vitat . Rob de Fvtvpo . Rami I^aceis rec S 
vener . tc. atac^ qd sint ad eund rxnin. 

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vir ejus petl vsus Godlac % Susatmd ux sua • ^ 
Alan It Godith ux ej^ roabile ptie sua q eas 
c5ting de dim hid rre c ptin 1 Brdlee q fuit 
Osb patris ear . % Gudlac \ Susanna t Alan % 
Godith did qd tenet i willenag . It n posst rra 
ilia pde sii Bad \\Fahe de q"" tenet. Hant b?e 
ad sum Rod qd sit a die Sci YUar I aro. dies . 


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Derebi. ^gus Epm Lond 1 Witt de Riduar .\ v Henr 

Bed. Buk\ ^ Pikenni de pi Prar . ad luc* • 1c. 

Wilt. f J^^ Flambard po • lo • Samson de ||P(w»er opt se; 

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cur dfii Pr. p . xl. m. t ipe ii ven *lc. It debuit 
poni p pleg . T: vie ii misit bna ||tria q eide tulit 
id Joh ut die. Ido c5sid t qd ponat' p pleg . 
qd sit a die Sci YUar t . iij. sept . t vie i pp*a 
p* sit ap Westm ostensur^ . tc. 

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suii . de . iiij. hid rre c ptiii i \\Baudinton .It 

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. . capital mas2^.1 Henr vXm ad vsd.ita qd 

pacat^ sit.l qd p bre suu sigillal signified; 


Jusl q^m^ f Sa f 8it ptico p duos legates Tioies 
q^ intfSint pticoni. 

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rre c pi [i St dike'] ut jus eccte sue.t WUt 
pet vis tre. Hat vis • dies dat^ ^eia adie SB 
Ytt I .iij. sept • t mm fiat visus. 

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dim virg . € . i Aibmestorp p pt q capta iuit i 
mail d&i Reg p def ejus vsus || Witt Jit Suehu 

Surr. ^ ^S^ ^ MalemuUier poii loco suo Rob de Peccha 

v^sus SiftiJitRog^ 1 RicJitHam de plac nove 
diss ad luc* • ^c. 

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de m . ailc de tra de WCherdestott^ .1 de pt nove 
diss ibid a die Sci Hilar i . iy septim • p • G. ^ 
Pe/* q Epc essoniav se de svico dni ^^ 

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de pt deb % Com t ult^ mar i ^vico dni Pr. 

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de WHuntes q^ vocav £ea/*c ux sua ad war Pcia 
pte toci^ viS de || Wlsisle ut roabile dol sua 
ex dono Witti q^nda viri sui • Witt t Bea^c 
did qd ii debet ei dol faSe q^ vir ej^ vivit .Ht 
Matitt die ipm mortuu fuisse 1 itinle peg^iL sue 
v^sus Scm Jacob. Dies dat^ t Matitt ad hadii 
secta suffic qd mortuus sit r' t • iij. sept jp^ Jesl 
Sci Yttar . Beai^c pon loco • suo . Witt vir suu 
in . TC 

Susex . JT ^^^ q fuit ux Ro^ Jit Reimfr pon loco sua 

Reimff fit sua [vt Jb^l Lestinur] v^sus iZic A? 
£^5e/ \ Hu^ de FokifUon de plac nov diss 


OixciL, f Ro^ de Cduz tulit vsus Fiencid de WBesinton bfe 

de nov diss de litk> teil suo i \\Bensinton [cora 
jusl itin] t ipa dix qd: ilia t^ra q» clain id 
Rog* diroav in cur dili Reg vsus eund Rog^ 
1 Witt de Sifrewast.\ p^ea c veniret apd 
Westm negav qd ii diroav'at v^sus Rog^. 1 qd 
il fuit jpsens. Ido c5sida€ qd Rog' hat sais 
mia. sua S\ ipa Piencia i mia. 

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Stakes, [qd warantizet ei]** . vj. pte i^, hid rre 
c ptiii I Stokes, ut ilia q^ clam tenle de eo. 
uii carta lit Nicot patfs ipi^ Ric . q*m ei debl 
waratizare • q^ carta pferC . ^ testat' qd id[ 
Nicot ded eid jRoft t lied suis med toci^ ville 
X de 5/0^:^ c pi . scil duas . virg rre c med Hdfiii 

p omi svico salvo foriseco svico . p cent 

sot arg q®s ei ded . \ Sibitt ux ej^ j. [anulii] • 

aureii.i2i? die qd si par ejus carta ei feS 

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patre ejus senesc t custode c5stituit t're illi^. 
1 du custos eet ded eid Rob rra sua \ carta 
9firm si aliq in fecit • \ in pon se sup legalem 
jur visii • t p hiid jural off dno Pr . j. m. t Rob 
sili m° poii se sup jur 1; in off diio pt . xx. s. p 
hnd jur . utx Nicotps^ Ric fuit sais ut de feoda 
qn carta ilia fee :/ an ut de ward p eund Ric. 

jf Hat jur . t veniat l av. dies jpP Jest Sci YUar. 
Id dies dat^ t ut'q^ pti. 

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Ric de Afllee ad recip cirog* suii. 

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Tiokesbir de plac eccte de Chedeslee q^ id Atti 
vQcav in diim ^r ad war • % dns Rex phibet 


ne ponat' i plac de ullo teil • de q^ vocaPit eu 
ad war. 

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sur^ qr fine feS c Jitrd de Lamar de rra de 

^Kedestoii . q*in ipe n tenuit . " * u£l " |l fVhnarch 

^' q fiiit ux Rob de la Mar sais fuit ut die . 

ven nt die qd eo die q® fine fee fuit ipe sais 
de tota rra . 1 n I Wimarch q tulit bre de 
nova diss vsus Jurd.t in pon se sup jur 
visn.1 ipa silr . veniat jur a die Set Ylhxr I. 
jcv. dies . WitUarch diS qd • xxj. s* habuit i 
rra ilia. 

tific. IT ^^ ^ Kime poS loco suo Regin Furre vsus Rob 

Cam!ariu de luc*.vt pd. 

Hereford:. JT Thorn de la Mar sum ad « ostend qr fine fee c 

Jurd de la Mar de molend de WC^edestoiii qd 

n tenuit . % u& EUas jil Witt saisit^ « ut die r' 

ven . t die qd qn fine fecit cu Jurd nic& 

X habuit in mot . illo jP?. v. s. t inrrogat^ qr q*el 

clam eid Jurd to£ molend p cirog* fcm inr 
eos:^ die qd q^cq^d i eo habuit q^l clam. 
4k Et Jurd hat ^ Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci 
Yllar l.xv. dies\ ad rec cirog* suii.1t tc 
hant vet^ cirog* . t Tliom facial Jurd escab 
de moL 

l^orf! ^ Magr Witt po • lo . Ai% de || Waltha opl se , iiij. 

die vsus Rob de WSudgate de pt • j. acr i Geiste . 
1 vs^ Estrildl AUc vidua de pi . ||iij. acf rre c 
ptin 1 Geiste . 1 vsus AUcq fuit ux Witt de pt . 
iij. acrar rre c pi ibid . It vsus ^Fil? cticu de pt. 
vj.acr ibid.1 ipi n vener vt se esson.t rre 
ille capte fuer in man dni • p^ . p defcu eoj^ . \ 
?raB petitae Ufiiert p; greplegiatss]] \ dies eis 
dat^. t .j. msem jP fesl Sci Mich [\ n ven 
vt se essoniav. Ido Pre nm cap . 1c.] 


JT Jud • i^i oms sum qd sint a die Sci Ytt i. iy. sept 
apd Westm. ^aud jud suu^. in responsur. 

Line. jf Baldr de Grendon 1 Ysab ux ej^ ♦ . Henr de 

SaresVr \ Cecilia ux ejus . pon loco suo 
Ymenid sorore pdcaf » vsus Walera de Roche^ 
ford 1 [Albrd!^ ux sua de pt ass 'de . m .an ^ 
ad luc^ . 1c. 

Surf. jf Dies dat^ t Fori de SudwercK % Sewatjit Rob 

de pi • t . 1 cataflt I otl Sci Marl. 1 hnt lie 

Essex*. jf Pleg Rad de Jl^Binesle de . x v. m. redd Ric Franc 

. 1 ux sua infra duos annos . It Urnfirid Hasteg 
X de . ij. m. Ric Wastinett. de . ij. m. AlbirP de 

Angr .di.\].m. Rad Dagemer de.j.m. GiU 
ide Jit Mauric de Lamburn . j. m, Hti^ 
de Inges de . j. m*. . WittBataille . de . ij. m. 
Magr Rad de Wicheng . d . ||ij. m. Rad Jit 
SalofH.]. m. Rad de Halde^.y m. Fuko de 
Berkiges .J. m. 
[i (^stin Sci Marl iveniet pi d residuo] 

Surf. f Gfiff de WBaseuitt . Witt de Insula . Gitt de Micleha : 

Gilt de AUngewrth sum ad eligend • xij. mit 
ad fac magna ass inr Gatifr de Roinges . 1 
Rob de WBareuitt de . |Ij. virg rre . c ptin in 
Puteha . q* id Gaufr clam Psus pdcm Rob 1 
un id Rob ten posuit se • i magna assa , ad rec 
q*s eoj^ maj^ jus hat i rra ilia 1! venef Ht eleger 
istos Rob de Hameledon . MauriciU de ^Ocle • 
Math de BouiXt . Albric de Danmartin . Rotland 
Htiscart. Galfr de CcSham . Witt de Bures ^ 
Win de Watton . EM de JEddinton . Wali de 
Ajcstede . Gitt de Pudindon • Rotland de Axstede 
* Rog" Jit Eborard. Ric de Valle BadU . Sason 


de Mules . Ro^ de jjiHabam. |f Dies dat^ t 
ut^ parti t oci Sci YUar 1 pdci miliE 
sumon . q tc sit ibi . ad fac magn • ass • 
nt no? q StepH Essewi poit^. lo . Bx>b de 

Lnc. jf Baldr Angevin po& loco suo • Thorn capffm 9sus 

Peti^ Langetn de pt ass de . m • aK . ad luc*. 

^Sasftj?', jf Ass* de • m « ancess inr Joh Jit WitS pel 1 

Wittm de War ten de . j. hid rre c ptiK in 
Kmgeston pon' i respm usq^ i*^* sept j^ 
fesl « YUar p defcu rec . q^ Math de AUnton 
esson p Alan . Begin de Dene p Witt. Bog^ 

Kent. jf Dies Ast^ f Hug" de Bosco t Witt de Scaldford 

de pT magn ass a die Sci Marl t . a:v. dies 
p^ce ptiu.t hnt lie gcord Id dies dat^t 
omib} rec q^ vener. 

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nu 13. dorS* 

Norf.* JT Dies dat^ t Henr de ^iiGenein 1 Heru Carpentar • 

a Tebald de Faleines.t ITb de G^nem 
appffatis • 1 Jocelin Picot appffanti in adv 
justic . 1 t8 inq*rat' p legal hoies de visS q* 
ft teneat de libtate ville:' utf p^dS fecerl 
p'prestura x villa de Gemem sup diim Rege 
sic Jocelin die an n.t sciend qd id Jocelin 
remisit appUm qd fecerat v'sus Alea^ de 

Eboh. JT ^ob de Tateshdt pon loco suo Tebald de ^Reine^ 

vitt.vl Thorn Blac v^sus Alic de Stuteoitt\^ 
ITbtU de Sco Quitin \ It ux sua • 

\ Rob de Cramatiitt.l Ysab ux sua de pt 


carl faciend ad luc'.Htc. T; vsus Witt Jit 
H^uic.'X vsus Tempt de pt finis fci .Ttc. 

Warr. JT Vic signif p bre suu sigitt q cep i man dni 

Reg t crastin See Mar Magdat. j. hid . ? . c 
ptin 1 Kinewarton .Tt rcia pte . ij. hid rre c 
ptin i \^Cohton . q*s Rann de Kenewarton clam 
vsus Ric de Brusle .\ Joh ux sua p defcu 

Sw2s. IT Dies dat^ t Afebi de WFordr teii .T: EUe Talebot 

de pt rre de ^Strate .Tt de Halfeld t.iij. sept 
p^ Pasch ad aud jud suu * 1 irim inq*rat*^ 
certissime cora q^b3 just assa magna capta 
fuit Si utr capta fuit vt ii • Ai% poS lo . suo in 
Regin pfrem suu . ♦ 1 vsus ^ vl 'Bernard fit 
Regin.'l vsus Ham de Catectiue de plac rre 
l^ luc*.'\c. 

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pi i WMusele . q ptinet ad feod diin milil . i 
eade || villa un saisin fuit adjud. Auicfil Joh . 
1 cur dni Pr cora j^tic itinlant • \ q Magr . 
Regin de ArundetSt Ric de Fisseb^n ponant' 
p vad \ pt. q sint a festo Set Marl l.aro. 
dies ostens . qr deforc pdce Auic sais sua in. 

WSdoff. JT Dies dat^ t Wall de Witefeld poit . lo • JSt/e 

ux . sue . Tt J3ar/of WTuret de aud record Tt 
jud suo de pt cyrog*p!i a die Sci Hillar I. 
TO. dies apd Westm. Barth pon loco suo 
Witt de 

Berkesir. JT Dies dat^ t Joh Frdceis . Regin fit Ailric Setvat 

Pigge . Regin \\Fuist appltatis . 1 Petr de 
Bridiport appltanti • ||de . Aiij ^. Ilpac diii Reg 
I. iij. sepl .\ hilt lie gcord.Ti Regin Bercar . 
Tt Wluric Fab ponat'^J) pt qd tc sit ibi. 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. O 


Glouc. jf TVitt de Sco Laudo po • loco Comitiss de 

'' ETeford'' pel v'sus Afib de Tiokesbir.]. 
masag S p{ i Langrford ut jus ejusd Comil . 
Tt Afeb ven.t vocat in ad waranl Rob de 
Stokes • c^ carta fit ut di8 .\ ASi hat bre 
ad sum eund Rob . qd sit I . i^. sepl f^ Jesl 

f Atb pon in loco suo WaU de Kingeston J\q. 

Hertj: f Dies dat^ t Frih^ MiUi TempU . 1 Fori de Cruce 

Rofieis de plaS libtatis i crasl See Kater It 
hnt lie 9Cord • It For tc hat ibi carta Regis 
Hmr pat's. 

Leic. ff AUc de Grendon q' qd Rad de Betto Capo dux 

ea 1 dom sua • It deflorav ea . It p^ea p Rob 
de WAiuitfX Rob de CUpestonn . Rob ^Despens 
armatos fee ea ||duci us^ ad F^va Friston 
qn ea apd dom sua retinuerat p • i^. dies .\ 
noetes. Oms p^dci atac^ qd sit I • arc. dies j^ 
fest Set Marl resp5sur. 

^^fff* iT J^^ ^ Stanha po . lo . suo • WaU lit suu de 

Stanha.Y. WaU de Hathfeld de pt fin fSi ad 
loc» 'Xc. 

Surr. f Leticia q fuit ux Rob de Broc poii loco suo 

Joh Brulle vsus EuS de WChahan . de pt nov 
diss . Ic. 

Middekex". jf Dies dat^ t Witt Jit Rann po . loco Rob Corbet 

\ Witt de Crqford ad aud jud suii de pt . { • 
a die Paseh i . arv. dies. 

ALinc. iT Gitt de BenlgewrtR 1 Rog* Jit Hug^ venerf 1 

q*e£ clam Gatffr de Neuitt adv eccte de 
Sutton p se .It feed suis ipi 1 Red ejus ippel 
,1 p h* q*eta clam ded GUt de Benlgwrth 
• XX. in. 1; Rog^ ^ 


Line. j[ Vic sign p bre suu sigitt qd cep i ipaii dKi 

Pr d Vemis ^a^ ]^ fist Set Laur med adv 
eccte de ^^Quadhairrtg^ p defcu Porisse de 
\\Steinfeld .'X petita fuit ad hora. 

Line. f Dies dat^ t Rog' Jit HugW Witt de \\Vaudinge^ 

wrth po . loco . Gav^ de Neuitt ad rec cirog* 
suu de eccta de Str^toh . q^ Gaiifr t ult* 

SudA. jf Ass de . in . aiicess inr Ric de Leic pe! ,1 Rob 

Hardxmn ten de offico q^da i Sudhdl sett 
talliare 9* pposil ville de Stidh de libacoib} 
fcis i ead vilt p pcepl diii Reg vt capital! 
jus! uii 9potu debt reddi ad scacc;^ poiir 1 
respm usq^ i . av. dies ^ fist Sci Mart . p 
defcu rec . q^ Witt de Rotet esson p Ric . 
Witt de Sco Mart p Walt . Hug de \\SameU 
herst p Steph • q*b5 id dies dat^ t. Id dies 
dat^ t itt q* veK. 

Bede/: jf Hug^ de Saltford . Joh de Karu . Wall Hacu . 

Steph de Hokwett suin ad elig . xij. mil . ad 
fac magna assa int' Sim de Hokwett pet. It 
Rob ^t Acelin ten de.j. virg Pre c ptiii i 
Holewett . un Rob ten posuit se i magn assa . 
1 pe! rec fi . utr id Rob maj^ jus hat tend 
?ra ilia de eod Sim . an Sim i dnico r' vener 1; 

eleg istos • Johem de Estwic . Hug* de Bu- 
deriho • Roglm de Brai . Rob de Brai • Hug* 


de Brai . Gaufr Ruffa . Rod fit "" Gaufr . 
Witt de Bereford . Witt Wiscard . Nigett 


Malhhe . |] Witt le Bretvn • JordarP de WColes- 

X X 

don . Sim de la Leia . Johes de Carum . Hug* 

de Sco Edward . Hug' de Hottot. Dies dat^ 

o 2 








f ut'q^ pti a die Sci Hillar l aro. dies . 1 
Sim hat bre ad sumonend iUos xii. qd tc sit 

Hug* de Wirec^str veK i cur dni Reg \ q*el 
clam Witt Daco t feed suis p se t hed suis . 
iij. hid rre i Opford . c p£ .1. j. hid i Ed- 
waldeshett c ptiil T mia ipi^ Witt . q^ id 
Htig^ sup fine 1 cirog*pfe fcm inr eos i cur 
dni Reg acces^at ad capitale dnm feod.t 
fee ei homag 'I defend cirog* fcm inr eos .1 
in covict^ fuit.1 fl aus^ t expectare jud 
suu . 1 id Hug pepig cora Jusl redde cirog* 
*^ t.av. dies p^ ^*fesl Sci Marl. 

f Dies dat^ f Fori Hospital Sci Joh po^loco 
Sim Jil Sim 1 ASi de CirScestr ad aud jud 
suu de eccTa de WSpliton a die Pasch l . ro. 
dies . apd Westm. 

jf Joh de Tikrford opl se . iiij . die vsus Pore de 
Neuport de pt waranl . j. virg .1.1 xij. acf . 
\ vij. masag i \\Suinton . uh carta sua tit ut 
die .1 ipe n ven 1c. Ido atac!i qd sit a die 
Sci YUar t . iij. sepl.'\jc. 

f ff^ali HacU dedit Henr de Norwude.x.%. p 
relev suo .1 id Henr q*el clam tenem suii 
tenend de eo lb hed suis in villa de WWiue^ 
leshoe 1 surplusag q*et clam . " Begin de 
Arg'' "ptde.x. s/' 

^ Dies dat^ t Ham de Asketot t Witto de Sud^ 
cherche ad cap cirog* suu a die Pasch t . av. 
dies.1 Gitt \\Liding atacfe.qd sit ||tiic ibi. 
q^ ii ven vt se ess l . v. sepl jP fesl Sci Mich:! 
ad respod eid Ham de • xij, s. 1 Witt p>dcs 








aturna^ Rann Forestar de . xVi. d. p ann eid 
Ham . de • vj. s. q^s debet ei p anu. 

JT WaUJit Wall pet \?su8 Wittm Jit Thorn . j. virg 
rre c ptin i Ympiton ut ilia i q* Tfiom par 
^i/?i igressu il habuit n^ p Alan avu pdci 
?Fa/? q* ea ei ivad ad ?mia q* p^Piit .1 fTi/? 
pel vis rre . hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis ? . 
If/. *^/ jp^j^si Sot Yllar . \ irim fiat visus. 

jf -E^/w ^f Gitt opt se . iiij. die v^sus Wittm Waite 
de plac finis f Si inr eos i cur dfU Reg de . 
j. virg tre c ptiii i \\BIaclultiesle . uK cirog* 
fcm fuit inr eos . 1 ipe ft veii vl se ess . ^ 
sumo test fuit. Jud . atachief^ qd sit I arv. 
dies f^ fesl Sci Marl in resp. 

f Conveii inr Gem q fuit ux Segar 1 Editha q 
fuit ux Gitt Blaglntt de . j. masag S ptiS i 
Cantebr . scitt qd pdca Edusa tenebit iffd 
masag tota vita sua de pdca Etta p . vj. d. in 
redd p oi svico p anu . 1 p^ morte ej^ redibit 
ittd masag Si faciet forisec sviciu. 

jf Testat t cora justic qd jurata qda capta fuit 
apd Norwic [cora just itiSantib}] de.viij. 
acr Pre c ptin i Wirha Holm * . utr Wi^J^ 
Ysab sais fuit de iS die q^ obiit .It dixerl 
jur qd ft fuit iii sais . q^ iii i cur dni Reg 
posuerat se llfilii || Witt Jit Ysab \ eoj^ tenentes . 
^ ipe WaU i jurata. T; ph.... \\Wall in 
sais iil .t p^ea tuler filii Witt bre de nova 
diss v'sus eund Wall de ead rra.l p jurat iii 
capta recupavert saiS • It WaU i mia . ^ p 
recogn assar pdcaf test t qd ita fuit .It p 
aliud bre qd filii . W. tuler p^ morte pat's 
eoj^ [i q*' cotinebat' qd] fine fecert cu dno 

G 3 


Reg p hnd tris omib3 de q'b^ saisit^ fuerat 
die q» [.?F.] viv^ fuit 1: mortu^.l p h tutiit 
ipi bre ad vie qd fa§et eis sais de tris q'b} 
sais fu pal eoj^.1 vie retumav bre suii ad 
Bait AH5 de Rames i c^ libtate [n] 6t 
accede «1 BaiS Qfec eis sais. Ido remanet 
BaS i mia It Wali hat sais sua .It jur i 

m. 14. 

Essey. f Ass de . m. aiicess de . xxx acr 1 . c ptin i Bert- 

ksdon inr ^Rog^Jit Ric . pet St Rod de WNona 
Villa p®a' i resp usQj i . av. dies jjp fesl Sci 
Yllar p defcu rec . q^ Gaufr de BelevcUt . It 
Ric de WBertlesd Hug^ deBures . Andr de Bur. 
\ Joh de Lanha . Gilt Long^ ess se . 'I id dies 
dat^ t Mich . It Rad WGame q* ven It Ric de 
Berdestapt. Witt Takbot . JoH Jit Matitt . Sim 
^Bursi . rec iii fl vener Itc. Ido atacli qd tc 
sit ibi 1 Rob de Netdtt il veil vt se ess. Ido 
Slim qd tc sit ibi aud ilia rec. 

Line. f Ass de morl ancess de . iij. bov I c pi i Burton 

1 resp inr Baldr **Angem^ pel 1 PetrAngetC 
ten i resp usq^ I * av. dies infest Sci Yllar . p 
defcu rec '. % nuU^ ven pz . Withn Luuet . \ 
Rob Frost . q^ vener 1 Joh de Hacebi . 1 Phit 
de Ponton . 1 Rob de Hacebi • 1 Sim le Merk . 
1 Ada de KeUebi . Hug de Baketon Witt Jit 
Ends . Witt Jit Alur . \Rog Hirdma rec positi 
fuerl p pleg .1 p met pleg S\ fuerl p*mi pleg 
Witt Jit WaldeJ\ Witt Friday . WaU Carpe?. 
Witt Jit Ungvin . GUt Jit P'sbri . Rob Bissop . 
WHeru d Kelkbi . Gilt de Kelkbi . Witt Jit 
Elmer . It Alan f r ej^ . It n habuer eos sic 
jpcepl fuit . Ido St i mia . It scdi pleg siimon 


^c. 1 vie hat coipa rec tc ibid . It p*mos rec . 
*^ ^ alii rec q'^s apposuit *' vie scil Joh de \\Hal . 
Witt de Sco Vedasto . Witt de WAmoxvich . 
Witt Jit Joh . Rob Pilate . Rod de ^Kisebi . 
Thorn Anglic^. Gitt de Helphigha . Hug^ de 
Ripers n venlut vt se ess . 1: ido attac1&. 

Buk\ jf Ass de • m • afleess in? Sim de Maidewett pel • 

1 Hear de Stokes ten de . j. virg l.c ptin i 
HeseUb^ pon' i respm usq^ 1 . ax. dies post fcsl 
Sci YJlar . q^Henr de Risebge . J^Negett de Cat- 
decol . Witt de Haltig rec iB essoii se . It Wall 
de Hertwett Sim de Sco Qaro . Gaufrde Upton . 
Ric de Hadenkd • Rog* de Poswich . Joh Jit 
Ailnod. & veue? .tc. Ido atacli qd • tc sit ibi. 
Id dies dat^ f aliis q^ vener i banco. 

Oxon. ir Assa ven rec si Wifc&n^^avucls Ysah sais fuit i 

dneo suo ut de feed de ^•'y^ [dim] virg. I . c 
^tin i ^Netiton die q* ob . IS. Nicot psona q* 
Ta ilia tenit il ven vt se esson. Jur did qd 
Waklin sais fuit de tra iila Ita In qd dis- 
saisiv psona p lite It odio ir eos habito.q^ sole- 
bat tra ilia teSe de eod Waklin. (P carta 
habuit.1 p5^ obif %f ^Witt \ ux ef aUqn 
recepiit redd illi^ tre. 

HaifJ if Assa mzMrmegard q fuit ux Ad de ^Madevitt \ 

Rob de \\Laueshett remanit qj id Rob ven 1 
cocessit eid Ermegard cuj^ filiii A liede AS 
1st i ciistod face ei ||dol sua . s. tela pte de 
omib} tris q^ habuit id Ada \ gsidal f qd hat 
bf e ad vie qd llilla faciat f i p visu legal miliL 

Warf. JT Thorn de Ardenn poiS loco suo Witt de Warr 

vsus Sim de Lacett de plac adv eccte^ad 

G 4 



Esses'. JT Ass de morf ancess inr Gatifr de Cotes St \\Maiilt 

1 Sarr pet St Wilt Luuelt ten de dim hid t're 
c ptin i Farenha pon' i respm usq^ i ocl Set 
Yllar p defcu rec. Id dies dat^ t Witt Jit 
Norma S\ Alex* Ctico . 1 Ematd de \\Stoctomad 
Act Bltmd . Ric BatailUe . Witt Reimbert . p ess 
suos t aliis q* vener pt . j. 1 bre + in ligamie 
do ?mto Sci Yllar. 

Hcrfoidt. jf Dies dat^ + Jurd de la Mar t Rob de Mara . ad 

aud jud 8UU de pT llass • a die Pasch l . iij. sepl . 
pee pciu. 

Norn. f( Rob Jit Witti pel v^sus Joh de Perie [frem 

suu] . ||ij. virg masag cu ptin i 
Peria . ut jus suu sic iila q^ ei descend de 
jure pns sui . cuj^ lies t ut p*mognit^ fili^ 
ej^, uii pal ej^ Witt^ scil sais fuit i dnico 
suo ut de feod Ipe . H. Reg . Ic. Joh veK 1 
dfend jus ej^d Rob . It die qd ilia ?ra hi ut 
ex epto pat^s sui q^ ei dedit ut dic.uK carta 
fee ei q* ptulit q testat' ipm dedisse ei rra 
ilia • 1 ptulit carta ipi^ Rob q testat' ipm 
Rob q^etas clamavisse eid Joh It lied suis 
iilas . Iliiij. virg tre cu pi i Pirie q*s pa? ej^ 

Rot oif . J. m. ft ^^ ^^^ tenendas.i capil de Com Witt de 

hiido testimoio Ferrar 1: lied ej^. sic carta ej^ testat'. 

testiu carte sue Testib} Rob Jit W^kUh . Witt Patolf. Wmjr 

q- de visn sint. ^^ y^^^ jg.^^ ^^ Walclin . Witt Maheid . 

Hu^ de Wideuitt . Joh de Wideuitt . Add 
de Basenho.Rob fit ef.Nicot de Hertwett. 
Joh \ Phit fil ej^. Joh de \\Beruitt . Wa- 
lerd Jit Witti . Ansett fre ej^. Joh Jit Godefr. 
1 Rob ven 1 defend qd pal ej^. nuq* sigitt 
^ habuit . n3 carta fee . 1 carta sua q* Joh 

die ipm Rob ei fecisse defend . I pon se 


sup illos q^s die testes fuisse i carta .vt p 
Rod hoiem suu . ^ Joh off pbare carl p Wali 
hoiem suu. 

jf Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud suu a die Sci YUar 
t . iij. sepl. 

Wigorii. jf Rann de \\Kenwarton pel $ qd Johana ux Ric 

Brulle ii ^ fee ^ ven a die Pasch t .j. msem 
sic sum5ita fuit .1 Ric poit^ loco ux sue 
veil \ defend sum. Cosid t qd defendat se . 
xij. mafi. Dies dat^ t eis l aro. dies ^ fesl 
Set Yllar . pi de lege WaU de Pendeshd. 

Ojcon. jf Magr Wi^ Poeta opl se . iiij. die v WaU de 

. Dustdvitt posil loco ^ fVilt^ Henr Jil Witti . 
de pt cirog* recip 1: ip ii ven vt se esson. Jud. 
WaU atacti qd sit ^ a die Pasch t .j. msem 
resposu? 1t8. 1 ad recip Itc. 

Bcdef: . jf Dies dat^ i Sim de BeUo Capo \ Henr Picot de 

pi . X. m . It xij. d. q^s id Henr exig de Ham 
de Buett 1 Sirn de Bello * . tc vie a die Sci 
Yllar. I . ^pv. dies. 

il Buk\ jf Heilewis q fuit ux God pel v Henr Caniariu 

tcia pte . j. hid rre c ptin i Culm don sic ilia 
q ptinz ad roabile dote sua • Henr ven \ pel 
visu rre . hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci 
Yllar t.iij. sepf .\ irim fiat visus. 

^ukinghd. jf Assa vefl rec utr ||jRo^ de Stok* q**nda vir Geue . 

saiS fuit die q* ea desponsav de.j. virg.l. c 
ptiii i Stok* uil ip^ clam roabilem dol suam . 
q» ?ra Thorn Jit Rog" tenT: . [1 ut? ilia virg 
descend eiS.Th i Hed vi^Ro^ pre ej^] [vt 
no]. Jut did qd Ro^ vir Geue die q* ea 
desponsav tenuit rm ilia ad furca 1: flagellii 
"X \ vilenagio.1t p^ obil ejusct Ro^^ Witt de 



Emeford dedit eid Tkom It fiied suis ilia virgat 
tre c ptifi tenend de se 1 lied suis p . v. s. p 
annu p omi svico salvo Hforesi svico . q^ carta 
ptulit q id testat'. *^ Ipa nicfii p assam illa.« 
Thorn ten i pace ^1 ipa i nua/' 

Bertford. jf Rog^JU Erne siimoil adee cora justic ostensur^ 

qr ii pmitret Margar vidua excoTe tra sua 
i Heuxtentoh . un ipa q'r qd ipe ei deforc 
ijuste r' ven 1 recognov qd tra ten} de eo . 
1 fl pfic ei sviciu suii . p^ea cocord si p 

Nor// f Gmj^ R^ petiit vsus Jwrd de WLartgesel qd 

warantizet ei . x. acr 1 .1 • x. s. redd c ptin i 
WHeiSghd % i WAudewicH . un carta M Gitt pat^ 
sui . q testat' qd Gitt ded eid Gaufr tota riu 
sua de Heuentgh c oinib} ptifi . ilia q fuit 
WCole 1 lldniu \ x. sot redd i Heuentghd \ i 
WAudewich i libm maritag c Heilems fit sua • 
p octava pte . i. milit . salvo svico dni Reg It 
capil dni . Jurd veft 1 recogii carta pat*s sui 

'. \ f ?T. ^^ fosm eid Gatffr . \ die qd ilia Pra \ redd 

ten} de dSo suo p svic.iiij** ptis.j. mit.l 
pel Qsidalone cur utr potuit tra ilia dare p 
min^ 9vitiu q* ?ra debet .1 Gaufr die qd 
tra ilia ii deb} plus q* octava pte . j. mit . 1 
in poii se sup pares suos de eod feod '* 1 
Jord iq*sit^ si ponlet se silr sr pares illos. 
die qd noluit \ q^ Jord nulla pba pduc ido 
. 9sida£ t qd Gaufr teneat p svic qd gtinet' 
i carL 

Liric. JT Amicia d WAlbeini pet vsus Lucianil Jit Rob 

qd reddat ei • j. m. redd S pti& i poa \Seille . 
i q ii habuit igressu n* p Lucianu avii ipi^ 
Luciam . q ipa aiia posuerat i plac i comil p 

• •• 


bre de recto . 1 c jipe ipe Luc H potuit se 
ampli^ esson • ad Udeffend jus suu :f posuit 
Lucian nepote suu in i saisina .It LtcdarP alia 
vice vocav inde ad waranl Joh jit Wherl . \ 
dies dat^ fuit ei ad lind waranlE suu a die 
Sci Mich t . V. sepl jjP fesl Set Mich 1 tc 
ven . T: die qd id Joh fuit i svico dfii Reg 
i castello de BaalU.I capt^.T: i p*soil Reg 
Franc . 1 io ii ||pot • * t <fe LuciarP n hiiit 
waranl • psid f qd ipa hat sais sua. 

f Henrjit Rob opl se . iiij. die 98us Ric de Berton 
de . iiij. pte . j. virg . I. c ptin i QUon 1 ipe 
no veil vl se essoil . \ dies dat^ fuit ei p esson 
suu. Jud rra cap i mail dni Reg .It dies. 
*\ZSt ipe siim qd sit a die Set Yllar t.iy. sepi 
ill resposur^. 

jf Afeib deSco Ednt petiit cur sua die plac [.I.] de 
loqla q t inr Laur . t Gitt de Herlave. 

f « Inq'rend 9^ p legal hoies de vis£i de ^^Reines c^ 
fame sit Witt Cohan . 1 qd sii diloe mittat 
justic iq^sicone q* feSit. 

m. 14.dorS. 

Susex\ IT ^^^ ^ Crqfl q' qd Thorn de Argeni cep Roo 

de Merewe hoiem suii q misat i cur WUti de 
Sco Joh apd \\Hanac ad essoii se roabilr St eu 
ip*sonav i pace dni Reg .It robav ei.eqii 
suii . 1 capa . t . iiij. d. 1 eii retinuit ita qd 
eii hre n potuit h* p bre diii Reg . T: si h vult 
defende off pbare p corp^ suii . si5 cur gsida- 
v^it . Tlum vefl % defend p*sam . 1 felon . 1 die 
jd id Rog^ detinuit dno suo §vic qd deb} de 
^ra sua .It 8 ii potuit illd hre . fee eii siimoSe 
qd veniret i cur sua resposur^ sup detencoe 
§Yitii . % ipe fee se . semi ess ."i i?m . 1 ircio 



XX. 5. 

mia X 

• 1. ID» 


[p eund Rob"] t ad qrta vicem de mal ven 
esson se . 1 tc retinere fee essoii suu q^usq^ 
hret waranl A si sup h ddiq^t i al^iq^ r llpsto t 
t pat^ ei satf fa8e .1 off dno Pr . xx. s. p hnda 
jur legaliu horn de Com utr Tp^onav eu 1 
robav ut die . vl n . Rog^ de Craft ret*xit se 1 
posuit se i mia • t t ej^ mia • i. m . Thorn de 
Arg" pleg. 

BuV. f Witt de Baioc pet v^sus Regin de Baioc . \\ x. aer 

rre c ptirl i Bradewett ut jus suu 1 ted. 
It Regin ven . ^ voc irl ad waranl Fres Hos- 
pital . Hat eos ad waranl a die Sci YUar t . 
iy. sepl. 

Oson. if Henrjit Gaufr pel vsus Thorn de WGraue qd 

warantizet ei. i. virg rre c ptiii i WKirtligei. 
u& lit carta sua . It Thorn veil t warantizat ei 
earta.^ si n pol ei waratizare off face ei 
escabiu p vis legal hoiu . 1 die qd ma? ej^ fee 
eid Henr carta sua de ead rra . \ ipa imped 
illis abob} rra ilia . 1: ||tn HnricP t i sais ut 
die. Teneat se in sais sua. 

Corfiut. ti Dies dat^ t Hug^ Juveni po . lo . [H.] pat's sui . 

1 Petro Jit Arnold po . lo . Witt de Scaccar ad 
rec eirog^ suu de dim masag . i Bomin a die 
Sci YUar I . Hi. sepl .1 notad qd Wilt de Scacc 
dat ei . xl. v. s. p eod masag tenend de eo \ 
Red ej^ p . ii. d. 'I ob . p aniL 

Essej?. JT I^ies dat^ f Rog^ de Winhitt. 1 Joh Blund ad 

recip cirog* suii a die Sci Yllar l av. dies . 1 
Phil llfr . . Ro^ sit tc ibi.l Rad Jit Pet 
capital diisjRo^. 

Hunted. f Witt de Tillebroc po . lo • suo Watt f rem suii v^ 


Wall de SuineheU de pt warant tibosc ad luc% 
vt pd . p Magrm Rad de Stokes. 

Berkesif. if ^g^ fi^^ WiOi Grim 1 WUis fil ej^ tulert bre 

justic ad vie qd ponlet loqla q fuit 1 Comil 
suo inr ipos \ Henr de WTademton . de carta 
q^da q^ id Henr dicit eos ipi ^ fecisse • uii 
plac fuit inr eos i Comil . 1 nescit"^ p qd bre. 
Ido consid f qd. Agn.'X W. Mt bre ad vie 
X qd faciat venire record illi^ loqle p . iiii. 

milil a die Sci Yttar I . iii. sepl . 1: notand qd 
in carta cotinet' ipos Jgn . t Witt dedisse . 
WThoffi de WTademton tol p^ suu qd 1 4^ \\SiU 
\\Hama . ipi Thorn scit . It hed suis p . vi. d. p 
annu . 1 ipi defendt . qd niiq* fecert carta 
iila • 1 ponl se sup testes carte • scit Witt de 
Senekewrth .Ric ||fre ej^. Henr de Baiworth Rob 
de Ditton . Thorn Jit Ailric . Henr Jit Simeon . 
Emald Nauta.Hug'l WittB ej^. Walt de 
Suneshitt . ^Rad de WBotelen . Henr Jit Xpine . 
Rad Jit Edolfi . Henr Jit WThoid. 

Warr. jT Henr de Rokebi po . loco suo Witt de Rokebi 

vsus Att) de Leic de adv eccTe de Rokebi . 
p bre dfli Reg de ult^ mar. 

Sumiset. jT Assa de ?ris de Jffbrdi de Pva M'ston \ de 

^EstiU reinan3 sn die p p^cepl dni Reg de 
ult* ma? . q^ Joh Jit Godqfr f ult* mar i ^vico 


Sur¥. f Matitt ux WaU de \\Hexsted pon lo . suo Wali 

vir suii [vt Petr de \\Begeshot'\ v'sus Ada de 
Wdeha . de pt . war carl ad luc» 1c. si 
WaU i9ee ii p^sit . WaU pon eund si i?ee il 




Swr. jf Henr.1 Hagemld.\ Edwin t MatiltSt Gunild 

ponut « Ediua sorore pdcar • vsus Alan . \ 
Godieth ."l GutlacU \ Sussana de plac tre, 
ad luc^.lc. 

Midit. J Ric Grassus posil loco Foris See J^il q* se 

essoii de mat Ic vsus Hascuitt WGeruet petiit 
lie ven ad curia «. 

jf Thorn de Areci posuit cora dno Reg Petr 

de NevUt ad luc* vl pd vsus Rob Jit 

X Jocet de plac svic. Id . • • • • eund vsus 

Rod Jll SifH \ Alan Jit B*nard . milite pdci 
Thorn de plac adv med eccle de Ormebi p bre 
• • . diii Reg de ult^ mar. 

Kent. jf Jurd Espleng* opt se . iiii. die vsus Sabind jit 

Rad.\ Henr 1 Milon de \\RokeU . % Godenot 

de WBranteford . de pT ? i WRokeli . 1 ipi n 

mla, venert vt ess It fueFt pelEiites. Jud Jord eat 

ill sine die \ ipi hant tale recupaconem q4e 
hre debeant. 

ISit. jf Dies dat^ est eid Jord \ Rod Jit Sabin T: Almii 

Aplst . \ Bad \ Samson t EscoUand It Agnel 
Jit Walketin de pi t a die Sci YUar I t^s sept 
jpce ptiu It intim heant licenc cocord. 

Essex*. ff Assa ven rec si For de lUeford ijuste 1 sK jud 

diss Rad Brid de libo ten suo i lUeford ^ 
Jesl Sci Mich pxim an coron diii Reg . Johjit 
Salom poit^ loco Foris ven 1 recognov diss . 
93 noluit manle i domo sua siS Hgveii inr eos \ 
reddid ei sais sua • It dedit ei die t . jn). dies 
n. veniendi i cur Foris ad stand ibid recto. 

Bedef* f Mnora ux Henr Fakon q se esson de mat Ic 

vsus Milan de Staford petiit lie veSi ad curia 
t habet 










tf Vic signifiS p bre suu sigiB qd cefi i man dni ^ . 
||xl. acf .1: dim Pre c ptin i Mu. . • qs Alea:* 
de Doure clam rsus Matitt q^nda ux EUe de 
Broc die Jov* pjfi f^ fest Sci Luc Ev*gte p 
def ejusd Matild. 

jT P'cept t Gilt de Tanie ne teneat plac de rra q* 
Rob Brtt clam ^sus Eustac Jil \\WaIl i Fule- 
burn • un id Eustac vocav Gitt ad war • \ loqla 
reman} sn die % id Gilt t i svico diii ^r ult* 

jf AsSa yen reS si Ailward Juuenis St Rtc Jiwenis 
1 Joh Lefhta Gunild vidua . 1 Rann p^posit^ 
ijuste 1 sii jud diss tdiss Gerard de C/takhett 
de c5mui pastur sua i KingesUr q ptin} ad 
lib tens uu i ead vilt. ^ Jur did qd pdci . 
ita diss eund Gerard . Jud • Gerard hat sais . 
It p^dci i mia Rami i. m.t Joh dim.m.t 
Aibvard. dim • m • dapn • ii. d. Rob de Stamer 
pt de • ii* m de d&pno, 

JT Ass de ult psent ad eccTam de GUnolueston inl 
Uyoon de Hertz pet.1 W. Archiep Roth 
1 canon See Mar de Roth reman} sn die q^ 
dns Rex du Com fuit Morton cofirmav Canoii 
Roth ecctam ilia p carta sua q* ptuler canon 
!\ q^ loqla ilia tang ita diim Rege. ♦ 

jf Loqla de plac • ||xliij. acr rre c ptin i WMiluigha 
in? Matitt q fuit ux EUe .\ Alex' Jit Edith 
rem . sn die % bre loq' de q*da Mabilt. 1 
n de Matitt. \ notadu qd ipa die qd ipa n 
ten} . rra ilia. 

jf Marg^ q fuit vx Henr de Bodiha pet 9sus Witt 

de ^Huscap . iij^ pte . xx^. sol redd 

, . • . . 1 ?cia pte . Ilviij. sot redd i \\Badih ut 





illos q ptinet ad roabile dote sua ex don 
Henr viri sui St Witt ven It pel visu rre . 
Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis « . iij. sept ^ fesl 
Set Yllar. 


Suff' if r^*6S dat^ t Osb Jit IPvic • 1 Gatifr de Nerford 

po . loco Gaiifr de Aniblie de plac svic 

^ . . .jp Jesl Sci HiUar. 

Noiigid. jf Assa ven rec q*s adv ipe pac p^sentav uK psona 

ad eccTatn de Sojcenddt q vacat ut dr q'^m adv 
MaiLger de Scuvendat clam vsus Magrm WUtm 
Testard . Magr Witt ven 1 die qd in psona t 
p Archiepm Ebo^ institute 1 n vult in respode 
n* cur 9sid absente eod Archiepo . prea die 
qd de re ulla q spectat ad ecctam SH Pet^ de 
Eho^ n pol vt deb} aliq^s canon placitare n^ 
ad ostiu Sci Pet^ 1 prea pel qd ipi allocet' qd 
X dns Rex phibet p littas suas patetes ne Dec 

vt Capillu eccte Eboif, vt eoj^ p^sessones 

vexent' i aKq® . Mal^ die qd de capil 

ibi plac • % nic1& clam de eis teroe n^ ten} • imo 
de honore de Tihehitt .\ die qd n5 debet 
expectare Archiepm . qj Arch n^cli lit i villa 
ilia It qd Witt Malebisse q* ultia p* fuit sais 

p^q* Arcli t^nsfretav q* 

obiit. Jur did qd Ma^* psentav uK pson * . 
hat psenl 

rt. IS. ^ i Oct' OHu S'c'of. 

Esses*. JT Dies dat^ t Matitt de Pei^ Ponte \ Ambros 

p^sbiro de pt I i Rohing a die Sci Hillar I 
. iff. sepl pee ptiu. 

Nor/: JT Dies dat^ t StepH de. Walsingha "i Phit de 


Bumha 1 WFrarko - It Ro^ frib} T: Marl de 
WfFarueles de pi llfin fci a die Sci Yllar t. 
arv. dies pee ptiu. 

Cantebf. f Hug^ Jit Pef^nett. appBat Herv^Jit Etistac qd i 

pace dni Reg sumo mane die Nativil B^e 
Mar armat^ \ S aliis armatis venit ad dom^ 
sua .tea vi armata asportav t brachiu mns>t 
ob)o i. m. sue freg . ^ frem suu plagav i capiE . It lu 

off pbare vsus Herv^ ut de visu suo . ut die . 
1 Herv veil 1 defend felon .1 ofY diio Pr • L m 
p l&nda legali iq^sicoe de visn utr athia sit 
vl no . 1 utr iili f co inPf 8it vT , 3. 

CanteW. JT Rob de Langel pel vsus Sim LupellS . i. car . £ • 

c ptin in Euresdon . ut ilia uii Steph avus ejus 
[de q® exiit \\Rog^ de \\Lagei pa? JKoS] saiS fuit 
tpe pac It die T: anno q° Rex . H* avus obiit 
capiend in espleel ad vat • dim . m. It ampli^. 
ut de ilia q ei descend de Wimarch q mat 
fuit Steph avi sui . cui Hug de Bemeres ded 
ilia i maritag • q ||ht ei descede de ead. Sirh 
veil It defend jus suii . t defend qd Wimarch 
pava ej^ niiq* ia fuit sais [u} Steph .] \ die 
qd ^Rad de Ber^ Mabitt ava ej^ Hscrviv 
Rad de Bemeres avucto suo q* rra ilia ei ded 
i maritag . de q* descend Osb [par Sim] . 1 de 
Osbi Sim Lup cui rra ilia descend sic i 
liedit % It in pon se i magna assam dili Reg 
q^s eo]^ maj^ jus hat .\ pel in rec fi .\ Rob silr. 
[Digs dat^ t eis I ocl Sci Yllar . It tc veniat , 
iiij. mil ad *^elig". xij.J 

NarH* f Dies dat^ t WUtoJit Ad 1 Moric de \\AtideU po • 

loco MatiU de ^Hohton de plac ass p defcu 
xec . in octab Sci Yllar . q^ q*da rec vener . \ 
q'da esson sc . '\ duo atach i assa inr \\Randui • 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. H 


It '• "l notand qfl fVttt GribdUt veil i 

** cur It warantizav MatiU de Hohton rra • uil 
^^ assa deb3 f L 

Cantebr. ff JJiHertfJil Eustac pel Psus Geruas || Wirech . L virg 

rre c ptiiL i GrSiseden ut jus suu .1 fiied. un 
GiJtJit DUnig sais fuit ut de jure fpe • H. 
Reg pat^s dili Reg • cap in espt ad val. v. s. 1 • 
iiij.a.1R off pbare ^ Jta^d de Risebg^ (^ li off 
pbare p corp^ suu ut de visu suo sic cur 
9sidav^t . Geruas veil 1 def jus suii . p corp^ 

f[ Consid t " qd duellu ||sit .vadiat f . Heg Jurd. 
'' WHero' Jit Eusir 

" f Pleg Geruai^ feodu suii f p^ q*d tenet' de- 
*< fende/' 

Ebof. jf i7i^ ^ ^er/i cep in man habndi ad rectii ux 

sua.^ duos filios ej^ ad recti! Ilretatos de morte 
StepM de OtringM . ^ n habuit eos. Ido 
inTa« reman3 i muu 

Ebcr^. jT Eob de Nortqff t 

Essex*. f Dies dat^ t Marg fit Regin \ Warm Jit Uktrei 

de plac • £ . i Berkinges a die Sa YUar t . iy. 
sepl»\ ipa infra etate « ut ||dr.1t ipe die % 
etate lit placitand . \ % jurata capta fuit i 
cur dni Reg de etate . Hat waranl suii de 
jurata ilia capta ibid. 

B«vP. JT Matitt q fuit ux Pet^ de \\Pesie pel vsus Rad 

WEsttmni rcia pte . i. hide . £ • c ptiil in 
Wachenfeld ut dol sua ex dono viri sui. 
Fet^ scil .1 ipe Rad veil 1 pel visii . I . illi^ . 
Hat visii. Dies dat^ t eis a die Set Yllar t . 
iij. sepl \ intim fiat visus. 


SudhamL f Loqla in? Ric jj^Archer 1 Rod frem suu 1 TVali 

fitEmald [de pac diii • Pr.] reman3 sn die ^ 
diu id jRic f uit i servico diii ^ c equis ^ arm 
uit* mar. 

Suff^ jf 2%ow & £5fe^ opt se . iiij. die vsus X^ana Leidet 

de plac rcie ptis feod • dim mili£ c ptin i 
Laktghid 1 i Brandon. t ipa n vefi vt se 
esson ft sumo testa^ fuiL Ido 9sid t qd rra 
cap i mail diii Reg "lb dies 'Ic • It ipa siimon 
qd sit a die Sci YUar i.iij.sepl iri Hresponsur^* 
Thorn pon loco suo Seher de Stokes in ad 
luc* . "Ic. 

Surr. JT Dies dat^ t Jurd Tirelt appBanti . It Witt de 

Walton appfiato de Hpac dni . P: • a die Sci 
YUar t . iff. sepl . It Witt hat bre ad vie qd 
faciat Justic scire q^ die id Witt^ fee appfim 
suii • I qd appBm fee .It cuj^modi appltm. 

Bede/l* JT AH) de Wardon peJ vsus Matitt de Bussey 

advoc med eccte de Wardon q* ei deforc ut 
die . T: uii ipe AH) carta ht Witt de Bussey 
pat^s ejusd Matitt q testat^ ipm dedisse Heccte 
de Ward pdcam ||med eccte i pur 1 ppet 
elem • q^ pfi . un clain medietate vsus Matitt. 
t ipa veil \ die qd Witt par ej^ niiq* habu 
X eccTam vl dare potuit . % Wall Spec ded eccTam 

ilia 1 adv Nicot de Trailli .1 id Nicot ded ad. 
voc eid Matitt 1 sorori ej^. AH) veil It die qd 
WaU Espec ded ecctam ilia Nicot de Trailli 
taq*^ psoil . q^ i ead ecda obiit sais ut pMt £[ 
ut advocat^.1 desic ipa Matitt % soror ej^ siit 
fiedes apparetes ej^d Wa^i q' ecctam ilia ded 
Nicot p«. \ WWittde Bussei fit Wall iDa ded 
eccte de Wardon It MonacR ibid ]>o ^vietib} 

H 2 



^ ipa S 9^dic q^n Witt ita deffit eccHn ^ pel 
9sidacone cur . Matitt pon loco suo Regin 
Bacn . Ic. 

** f Dies dat^ t eis a die Set Hitt in tres seplad aud 

jud AUUJ 

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Suff.* jf Gaufr « Jwr^ It -4£c ux ej^ opt se ^sus Roh de 

Crec * de pt warantie . Ix. acrar rre S ptiil in 
WRatlesdenn . 1: ||ipi ii vener Ic. Ido atacH qd 
sint I . iy. sept p^ fesi Sci Yllar iii resp • 1 
ostens qr n svaver die suu l . octoS O'iff 52o^ . 
1c . ^ Gatifr hat bre ad viSf p qd phibeaf^ ne 
teneat plaS de ead tra i comital suo q* ipi 
.tenent' warantizare • Alic pon loco suo Gat^ 
vir suu.TC. 

Noiighd. ff Ass* ven rec q^ adv tpe pac psentav ull psoil 

ad ecctam de SojsendaX tpe pac • Jur did qd 
Malg llfec ull psoji . Hat sais sua. 

Sudli. ^ Dies dat^ t Warn^o Venatori 1 Rob de 

Wameford de pla8 . 1 . a die Sci Yllar t . iff. 

SuffJ X if Magna assa veil recgnit'a utr Watt de Capett 

majus jus hat i adv eccte de Dunha . an Witts 
de Walesham . q^ eand adv clam ^sus eund 
Waffm i [x] Jur did qd WaU de Capitis maj^ 
jus ht i adv ilia .1 jRo8 de Westorp.1 Witt 
Jit Walt duo rec . 9*dicl pdcis . x, 

Norh. f Guntld q fuit ux Joce pel vsus WUtm Jit Joce 

roabile dol sua q ea conting de libo ten qd 
fuit Joe vir sui in WBolendoh . [GffiTii/^poii loco 
suo Rob fit suii . vl Rob de Cheisneto ^i5^.] 1 
Witt ven \ die qd par ej^ dux ux sua [prima] 
1 cep rra q*m tenet c ilia [q fuit heditas ej^.] 


It ido n videt' ei qd par ejus p^S} alia dotare 
de hed sua . Gunild die qd qii Joe dux ux sua 
p^ma:^ tenuit rra sua i vilenag.'lt aiiq^ ea 
ducet . libam fee rra sua . It tc in ea dotav . It 
potuit . 1 in poii se sup jur . legale pne .1 Witt 
X sitr. ita tarn q juratores n sit de baUia *^Ric ct 

Wardon^' c^ filia dux id Witt^ . " Cosid t 
•* qd " ipa" hat bre ad vie qd faciat 8umo&. 
** xii. lib . t leg hoies de visneto q* n sit infra 
" baillia Ric \\Foliot qd sit t ocl Sci YUar ad 
«^ fac rec ut? Joce aliii igressu hSit i . iii. virg 
" c ptin i Botend n* p Cecil ux sua p*ma • c^ 
**bedfuitut WittdxcJ' 

Stisex\ f RoUand de Axsted pel 9sus Phit de \\fVataet 

iiii. pte . i^. virg . I . Sptin i || WauUetxxi jus sua 
• \ Phit pe visii . rre . Hat visii. Dies dat^ 
t eis I ocl Set Yllar J\ inrim fiat visus. 

Nor/7 jf Rog de Rismges capfis siimon ad ostend quo 

adv teneat se i med eccte de Brandon veil 1 
die q p Thorn Decan de Bradon . It p Barth 
fit Witti q* habuit bede Alan de Baifeld i 
custod cu bed sua «^ p q silr . ||reiu seit advoc 
X tenet se i ead eccta. 

JVarr. jf Jurd de Iclicol 1 ux ej^. ^ Godqfr recedt sn die 

q3 Jwrd n habuit bre de recto p qd debuit 
n po3e i plac Godefr. 

BeiefT f \Ge7Val God ht bre ad faciend visu Emme de 

• la More • un . se esson vsus ipm \\Rob . ^ si n f 
lang®'. a festo Sci YUar t . iii. sepl . T: vi2 tc 
4^mi^ sit ibi ostensur^ qr. 

lAni. JT Jtard de Blakenbg opl se . iiii. die v'sus PetrUL 

de Billingeie de plaS . xxiiii. m. It ipe fi veS 

H 3 


& vt se essoii . 1: f bit petns. Ido reced sine 


Ess€x\ ff^'Sleph^'Bocristien pel v'sus Witt de la Haie . xliiii. g. 
a. X 1 viii. d. q^s ei debet St offert diroare vsus eu 

p lldica It p pbam alia sic cur gsidav^t . Witt 
ven It defend debit SI ||dica v'sus eund \\MatH. 
Iq^fi habuit psente sectar' Qsidal t qd Witt 
sit q*et^. de debit 

Esses\ )f Dies dat^t Tkom de \\MeuU % Alan Jit Ogg po. 

lo . Ypolii \ Alio ux ej^ ad aud jud suii a die 
Set Yllar z . av. dies . Witt de Roclieford q* 
vocav ad warant ipm ThofH poii loco suo WiU 
de \\Hume . vl Wiltm Flambard. 

Line. f( [Ric Conon posit^ loco] Aftbis de Neuhus opt se 

• iiii. die vsus \\Ada de \\ Ysem de plac finis fci 
i cur dm Pr . \ Ada n veil vl se esson .1 fuit 
po • p pleg. Jud . atacli p met pleg q,sit a 
die Sci Yllar t . Hi. sept . 1 pleg ej^ scitt Henr 
de Norton * \ Rob \ de \RapqP siimou 

qd tc sit ibi ostensuur . Ic. 

KenX. JT ''Marg'' q fuit ux ''HerJitWitU'' pel v'sus Witt^ 

de Badiha rcia pte . xx, §• redd i " Cantehi /' 
ut ilia uii id Henr p ||gral Witti pdci pat^ 
sui ea dotav . \ Witt ven . "X die qd ilia rra 
fuit maritag ux sue de q^ n potuit vt 
debuit dot face • I pel gsidacone cur utr 
debuit vt potuit dotare ea de maritag ux 
sue . q fuit mat ejusd Henr . It ipa ptulit 
carta ejusd Witti q testaf^ ipm dedisse [ . H^ 
fit suo] rcia pte toci^ rre sue . ad danda eid 
Marg 1 dol.1 ipe li n potuit 9*dre. Ido 
cosid t qd ipa hat rcia pte sua i omib} 
rris suis. 


Bukingia. ff Hug de Hersi posit^ loco Rob de Hersi pet 

vsus . Rob de Pikenni feod . i. milit 1 f eod 
dim mill? c ptin i Wieng^ue . 1 in RoUesha 
ut jus ejusd Rob . un Hug de Herd par 
ejusd Robti saisit^ ftiit die 1: anno q^. H. 
Rex avus viv^ fuit \ mortuus . It Rob de 
Pikenni ven [1 def jus suu] 'X poii se i 
magna as3am«1 pet reS fi utx ipe msy^ 
jus hat 1 eod feod an Rob de Hersi. Dies 
dat^ f eis a die Sci YUar . I octo dies . lb t2 
veniat . iiii. milit • ad eligend • xii. 

Eboh. ^ Lece q fuit ux Stephi appfiat WUhn de Wardre 

. qd in pace diii Reg \ in feloil ve£L i cu7 
StepK viri sui [It domos ej^ cobussit] cii 
Philipp de VerU \ c AUc matre ejusd Phil 
q^ pla^ ei dedit • mortale \ appKat eund 
Wittm qd ipe manu sua plaga ei dedit 
^ mortale . un n posset evasisse :! licet alia 

pla^ n recepisset . \ hoc offt diroare vsus 
eu ut de visu suo \ auditu sic cur 9sidavit :! 
Witt ven . lb defend 9bustione . T: morte . \ 
felonia • 1 tot de verbo I verbu • sic versus 
ea q n fuit sposa Stephi • S3 focaria • 1 h 
offt pbare vsus ea p legates hoies de visneto 
de WOtrighd ."l si h n suffic r' offt defende tol 
sic cur gsidavit. 

£hof. f Cfe^^ ^ Eureus poii loco suo Gitt Prudkume 

v*sus Rad de Lichelad 1 Wittm frem ♦ de pt . luc*.vl pd. 

f Rad \iNapeltus ven 1 recognov qd debet diio 
Epo Lond. XXV. m. arg . de . 1. in. q*s id Epc 
ab eo exigebat J\ ita gcord sut 

H 4 


Essex\ if ^^^ de ulla psentacooe eccte de Berdestapt 
n. int Beat^c de Berdestapt pelDte 1 Epm Lond 

tenen^ remanet . q^ id Epc die qd tpe Epi 
{Rw\ p^decessoris sui fuit eccta ilia data . 1 
io n t vacas .\ ipa id cofitet'» 

Essex*. Assa de ultim p^sentacoe ad ecclam de Bert- 

lesdon inr Ric de Bertlesdon pel . 1 eund 
Epm Lond siti m^ remanet • q^ Ipe . R. Epi 
pdecessoris sui data fuit • lb io ii vacat Si Ric 
n pot 9"dre. 

Oxon. jf Priorissa de Stodlee [po . loco . WUt Jit Henr] 

pel vsus Rob Jit Pagan • i. hid rre c ptifl i 
JEsendon ut jus ejusd Witt .\ Rob veil It 
defend jus suii . \ pel \^sum tre . Hat visum. 
Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Yllar . I • iii. sepl . 
1 itim fiat vis^, 

SumiscT. jf Ric Capttan^ posit^ loco Rod Jit Watt opt se . 

iiii. die vsus \\Rog de la Cleie de plac • i. hid 
rre c ptin in Cuton . 1 id Rog Qposuerat loco 
suo Rob fit suii « 'I ad die eis dal ii [veri 1] 
se essoii Rob atornat^. Ht io fuit rra capta i 
mail diii Reg . 1 ipe Rog siimonit^ ad aud 
jud suu 1 adv Justic i ptib} ilt 1 tc p bre 
Justic siimonit^ fuit qd eet apd Westm ad 
aud jud suu t octab Sci^.1 vefi . t iPm veil 
alia vice . 1 p^ea essoii se de malo ven 1 
p^ea a die Sci Mich t . v. sepl essoii se de 
malo lc.1 ii fuit essoii. Ido cosidal t qd 
Rob Jit Wall hat saisina sua. 

Ussex^. JT Thorn de \Gatton po . loco Hug de Nemtt opt 

se • iiii. die vsus Joh Jit God de plac . Ix. Sl. 


q*8 debet eid Httg ut die Si ipe a ven vl se 
essoft.ltc. Ido atacli qd sit apd tFestm a 
Dnica pa^ ^ fest Set Mart i . av. dies • 

Surf. f WaU BJund^ pel vsus Rolland de Haxsted . 

xxxi. s. \ • viii*°. d. de debito Ham ife JAUe^ 
chircH • un pleg fuit ut die • It pel vsus eund 
Rolland • xxxii, s. de debito suo pprio^ 
Cdcord sut p sic qd Rolland ded ei • xxx. 
sot . XV. s. ad Natal . xv. s. ad Purify B^e 
Mar 1 vie cep i man qd tenebit rininos. 

Stiff? f Wilt Jit WaU in?rogat^ qr videat' ei qd WiU 

de Wakshams^^^ *}\x% hSt I eccTa de ^Dfiha qHn 
WaU de Capelt die qd lo videt' ei q^ ipe 
cu patre suo inrfuit desposacoi Lucianejit 
Alan Jit Fredonis q* despdsav WaU de 
Walesha cui id Alan^ dedit terra q fuit 
H'mer i Duha cu advoeacoe eccte de DtmhR 
cu filia sua.^ carta gfirmav in q* par ej^ lb 
ipe testes sut.1 Rob de Vestorp sitr die 
qd ei videtf^ p eand causa . lb q^ Ga^fr 
psona ej^d eccte tenuit tota vita sua eund 
WaU p advocato. 

jf .x. niilites inrrogati qr ipis videat' qd WaU 
maj^ jus hat i ead eccta q* Witts de Walesha i 
did qd Alair? Jit Fredonis dedit tot diiicu 
suii qd habuit i Dunhd p^r rra q fuit ITmer. 
cu adv eccte Albrico de Verr q* suo Ipe in- 
stituit psona I ead ||eccta noie Gaufr * [ WaXr\ • 
Defucto Albrico i Com Albru? dedit rra 
ilia fdedit cuida militi suo • Alhrico scilt de 
Capett cu adv pdce eccte q* suo tpe ded 
ecctam ilia cuid pson noie Gaufr Jit WaU 
q* ea habuit . 1 . annis • It ampli^. p^ morte . 



Gcn^ WaU de Capett dedit ea Rob de 
Fumett ^ Bc ea ht \ tenet. 

[Dies dat^ t ut^ pti ad aud jud suu Dtiica 
panma j^ fesi . S^. Kater Volt de CapeU 
poil lo . suo Rog HuscarU. Witt pofi Phit de 
Wermedat sitr.] 

Warr. jf Rob de Valoines opt se . iiii. die vsus PetrU 

CorbezU de plac Pre q.* ded ei p carta sua. 
1 un homag ei fee 1 ipe n ven vt se esson . 
It fuit posit^ p pleg • 1 fuer [p*m] pi ej^ 
« Witts de WStollee Rob Jit Rein r \ ft habuert 
que pleg. Ido i mia . 1 fuert scdi pleg ej^ 
Witt de la Haie . Aleaf de HoUe . Joh de 
Dormestoh. Isti sumon qd f tc ^ sit ibi • \ 
viS hat eu in octab SSH YUaf. 

Ebof. ][ Rod de WLenhd opt se . iiii. die vsus Afibm de 

Egleston de plac debiti |Jde . c. s. 1 ipe a veil 
vt se esson 1 fuit posit^ p pleg. It vie fi 
misit noia pleg. Ido cosid t qd ponat' p 
mel pleg qd sit I octab Sci YUar apd Westm 
resposur^. It p*mi pleg siiin qd tc sint ibi 
ostensur 1c • 1 vie mittat noia p^moj^ pl^& 

Kent. if WAdmm^ de Hussendenn opt se . iiii. die Psus 

Priore de \\Lednes de plaS . vi. m. q»s ei debet 
p mairemio . 1 For n ven .Htc. 1 sumo testata 
fuit. Ido attach qd sit apd WestM a die 
SH Yllar in . Ui. sepl.'^jc. 

Norh. JT BiZ Gvhiu opt se . iiii. die v^sus AUc q fuit ux 

WitU Bltmdett de plaS ?cie ptis . c. sot ?re i 
Norh.l ipa ii veil vt se esson .T:c. Jud. 
tercia ps . c. s. [||t redd] Pre capiat*^ i maii dni 


Reg . 1 dies Itc. 1 ipa sum qd sit I octab 
Set YUar.^. 

Surf. jf Wali BlundP opl se . iiii. die v^sus Ham de 

LiUecherch de plac.xxxi.s. l.viiLd. \ ipe 
a ven 1c. Ido atach qd sit i oci Set YUar . 

Kent. JT Ji^ sviens Math opl se . iiii. die vsus Hv^ 

de Ditie . It Ha^ de WPerewald. « Ric SUmetar 
de plaS applH de pac dili ^ . \ positi fue? 
p pleg . scil Pore de Rqffa . 1 ipe ii veii vl 
se essoa. Jud • ipi ponant' p met pleg qd 
sit I ocl Set Yllar in respons . \ For siim qd 
tc sit ibi ostensur^ qr n habuit eos ? octc^ 
(yiU Sco^. 

ComiA. f Rob le BrU opl se • iiii. die vsus Ric de 

Tremnetes de plac . 1 . 1 ipe & ven vl se 
esson . 1 esson se . de malo Ic • It • iiii. miliS 
missi ad vidend eu H vener vt se esson 
[scilt .] Maigs de iContreu .1 Add de Marke- 
wett . Rog de Padred . Rie de WMamnton . 
Ido atacli qd sint I ocl Set YUar in responsur. 
Id dies dat^ t Rob. 

StidH. f Hug de WinghR pofl loco suo WUt de Pirle 

v'sus Etia de Baiocis de plac aud jud suu 
de qMa magna assa • ad luc*. vt pd. 

(f Dies dat^ ^ eis Dnica pa^ jr^fesi See KateriiL 

Suf: JT Dies dat^ t Watt jil Joh . 1 Watt de Hadfeld 

ad rec cirog* suu de pi . I . Dnica pj^ j^fed 
See Kater .1 i?im fiat ptico ?rar. 

Norh. JT Dies dat^ t God * Angeul .1 Agn sorori sue ad 

cap cirog* suu Dnica pa^ ^ fesi See Kater 


de rra de Deresburc .1 coven inr eos qd 
medietas rre reman3 Agn . t lied suis c ca- 
pital masag . \ God reman} alia medietas • 1 
tied suis • \ p capitat masag hab God 
molend qdda i ead vUla* c ptin .1 si God 
a hat hede de ux despdsatar' redibit med 
God eid Agn ft hed suis. 

Wigorn. jf Vic sign p bre suu q cep i maR dni Reg dim 

virg . I . c ptiii in Bradewal die Set Marl p 
defcu Os5 de WLetis v'sus David \\Porl t 
Aldith ux sua St ipe Osb pet ea p plev die 
ScAb pa^ Infest Sci Marl. 

Dorset. jf Ric de S^ton pel v^sus JoK Lanceleuee debil 

de • xxi. ti. 1 xii. m. un id Joh acq^tasse 
deb eund JRic vsus Judeu qnda \\scSt .Jil 
Mosse de WaUngeford ut die. Joli ven 1 
defend debitii It die qd v^sus Judm illu 
9cordsut. aq*etav.1t carta Judi in lit ut die. Postea 

pfessus t Ric qd Joh ipm acq^etarat de • 
xxi. ti. vsus Judeos • \ xii. m. ei deb}. Joh 
die qd oino eu acq^etav. Ita qd coiiL Osb 
Jit ITvic Justic . t aliis fine fee i cur dni 
Reg It in eii vocat . 1 rotulos . gcord suit p 
sic qd Johs dedit eid Ric • vi. m. p sic qd 
JRic q'el clam ei univsa debita q ei debuit. 

Surf* ff Atti de Certes pon loco suo Rob Senesc suii 

vsus Alic de Ebeshd de pt ass de . m • anc ad 
luc* . 1c. 

JCent. JT Godwin jit Sinod pel Dnica pa^ jpP fesl Sa 

Marl .1. sua p plev q capta fuit i mari dni. 
Pr p def vsus Edwacher . 1 frem suu. 

Suffi* fi Joh de Ceresie opt se . iiii. die vsus Wilt de 







Ceresie de plac . qua? . xx. acr rre • 1 redd^ 
. ii. s. nt vi. d. c ptifi i Creting .% in Mendlesha. 
\Staha.1 in MickfeldliMelles.l^nctxptA 
fuit 1 manii dni pr • I petita .1 ad die ei dal • 
scilt l oci CfiU Sco^ n ven S3 se essoniav . It 
ido cosidat t qd JoHs hat saisina sua p def cu 
ejusd Witti. 

Jf Dies dat^ t Fori de Bemewett .\ Joh de Crau^ 
derm ad aud jud suii a die Set YUar l • arv. dies J 
** de eccta de Craudenn.*' 

ff Elena q fuit ux Ade fX WdSi optut se • iiii. die 
vsus Alex^ RuffU de plac tercie ptis • iii. virgal 
rre 1 dim cii ptin i Goldinton q* rcia pte clam 
vsus eii u dol ex dono Ade viii sui . It ipe 
ii veil vt se esson.^ sumo tes£ fuit Jud. 
ilia rcia ps cap i maii dni Reg •'tc. 1 ipe siim 
qd sit l.oci Sci YUar responsur* 

jf Heru^ Jil Eustac pel.^i. virg rre c ptin.^ 

ixii. ac? . It V. acr p*ti p plev die Lun fio^ p^ 

festU Sci Mart q capl fuer i man dni Reg p 

def cu Witt le Burdet q ilia rra ||ii ten} ut die 

id H^uic. 

jf Rob Jit WAlan optulit se • iiii. die de plac audiendi 
q die • iiii. milites missi ad Witt Jit Gregof. q^ 
se esson de malo Ic vsus eund Rob de plac 
rre i Lahton . q 1 1 com de Leic .\ ipi milites 
n vener . t vie n misit noia milit, Ido p^ceptu. 
t vie qd faciat pdcm WHtm vidi p • iiiL milil 
1: noia mittat a die Sci Yllar t . av. dies • It 
faciat eos tc venire ad testificad visii suii • t 
qd ipe tc sit apd Westm ostensur^ qr n fee 
alia vice f i vis sic jpcep? ei fuit. 





f Sm d PateshuSt op « se . iiii» die • v WiUm de 
\\Ij^emund. de pi q^ imped p^sentacom ej^d 
Sini ad med ecce d MiddeUon\ 1 ad med ecSe 
de ^Coknt^ie 1 ipe ii ven vt se esson. Jud. 
atach q sit i oci Set Hitt in responsur. 

jf H'ueus ll/*! Eustac pen loco suo Wittm d BvJ^ 
seniore v WGunwar de Madlglee tc. 


f Bicjit Wtdon petiit die Mortis pa^ an.ocl.Sci 

Mart. € . sua p plevin • q capta fuit i man dSi 

P^ P ®j^ defcu.v.iWc de Houton. vie sign 

q cep i man diii Reg rra ilia Dnica p^ jp^ 

fesl OHn Sco:f. 

Norhamion. f SimJitOsb pet rra sua p plevin die Marl |w* 

jp^ fesl Sei Marl q capta fuit i mail dni Reg 
p ej^ defcu versus Rob ft Pagan. 

••....». JT Joh de WReimiy opt se.iiii. die v'sus Wittm fl 

Bald de plac ass de • m • aiicess de . L carr 
rre c ptin i Brikeston.1 ipe n ven vt se 
esson.1 sum. 1c. Ido cosid t qd ipe Wilt 
sum ni?m] qd sit in ocl Sci YUar auditur^ 
ilia rec . It null^ rec ven . vl se ess . Ido 
atach oms qd sit ad eund • I . Itc. 

jf Witt le Burdeleis pet xvk sua p pt i Maddinget 
q capt fuit in mail dni • pr. p ej^ defcu vsus 
WAugm de Cantehr. 




de Pichejbrd missus p Rad de WBescHtdtt q^ 
se ess de • m. Ic • vsus Jurd de Limesi de plac 
. viii*^. bov rre c ptin i Sudton . un lang®' ei 
adjudicat^ fuit veii Dnica pjc^ p^ fesl Sci 
Marl apS: Ttirr Lond 1 opl se . 1 mora fee 
u^3 ad die . iiij. 1 Jurd 2 ven vl se esso& .It 



m. 16. 







Hug die qd Rod esson se de • m . Ic . i itinie 
H. Bard % soco^ ej^. 

f Dies dat^t Witt de ^Hauvitt pell: Rad de \\Erlka 
teii de plac . C . i Helgei u die Set YUar t . Hi. 
sept \ hSt lie Qcord . £o statu q^ nc t* 

f Ric de Hache q^ se esson de mat Ic vsus Rog 
Waspaitt de plac • t . pel lie ven ad cur . 
1 lit. 

f Alic WMartett q se essofi de mat Ic vsus WUt de 
Botletford de plac • I • n fuit visa \ petiit lie 
vert ad cur . \ ven \ optut se. 

jf ^Rog de Kerdeston pon loco suo \\Rog de Birston 
vsus Milan de Nuers de plaS fin fa ad luc*. 

jf Comitiss Gtmdr pon loco suo Hug de Berg vsus 
Com Rog de pt . £ . ad luc*. Ic. 

jf Assa ven rec si Emold pat Rann Picot sais 
fuit i diico suo ut de feod de . i. hid • I • c ptin 
i Maddinget die q^ ir peg^nac^s sue anipuit^ 
- vsus Jertm i q** obiit . 1 si ifid it anip p^ p*ma 
coroii . H. Reg patfs . It si id Rann ppinq ej^ 
heres t q*m tra A^issa de Chatric ten}. Jur 
dicut qd Emold fuit sais in die q^ ir peg^n sue 
arrip . It qd Rann ppinq^or lies ej^ t • S3 nesciut 
utr obierit vt ii. 

f Nicli cap p assam . q^ nescit' si pat ejus obierit 
vl no. 

f Assa ven rec si Ric ||fit [pa?] Gerold sais fuit i 
dnico suo ut de feod de . iiii. hid rre c pi i 



3reife5Jwn5dieq» Q*m ?ra Epc »7«/ 
ten} . Joh SenescaS Epi die qd a die Pasch t 
av. dies . tutat id Gerold alia assam de moif 
ancesso^ vsus ipm Epm de ead rra . It tc n 
ven vT se esson !\ cosid cur recessit sn die Q1 
ipe • G. 1 mut] .\ ido vidr ei qd assa n debet 
in f i sup assam • Gerold die qd tiic tpis fuit ipe 
i castello de ^Exon cu eq^s 1 arm.l io ii potuit 
. appan e • nee esson • \ in vocat dnm • G.Jit 
X Pet^ ad war • 1 ven 1 waratizav « p^ea dix Joh 

qd qii Epc ven ad sede Epat^ ilia rra iven i 
dnico • It Epc lot milil suos ultra mar \ llden 
suos • 1 pel pace p h • Ido sn die. 

SudiL if ^s^a de m • an • inr Henr de Brendon pel .It 

Witt de Ho tefi de ward gaioie de Winton 
1 resp usq^ i octab Sci YUar p def cu rec • q^ 
^Hug de Tisted.WaU de AudeU^.Witt 
Petche . Witt de Toteford . Rod Picema 
Httg de ArUdett . Witt de Braibqf. Ric de 
Sudwerch n vener .Itc. Ido atacli qd At ad 
eund • I. Id dies dat^ t aliis q^ vener i baco • 
\ aliis p essoft suos. 

OxoH JT Assa utr Andr de Cupicol .1 Aug deWCupicol 

debeant ten!e ten sua i Cupicol • d Alan JiX 
RoUand p libm sviciu • an p alia svica q ab 
eis exig pon' i resp usq^ % xv. dies jP Pasch ^ 
q^ oms recogii esson se q^b} id dies dat^ t p 
esson suos. 

Berk\ 9 Assa de morl ancessoj^ de dim hid • I . c pi i 

WBodehasted in? Petf de WingJia . pel • It 
WHalenald de Sifrewast \ Ric de PasketSe \ 
Ysold ux sua pon' i resp usqj l ocf Sci YUar • 
$ defcu rec • cj^ Mich de Bagenore . Nicot 






Pecche . Sewat WBuchenett fi vener . tc. Ido 
atach qd sit ad eund . L Id dies dat^ t aliis 
: q* vener ,1 q* se esson . \ WHalenald de Sifre- 
wast q Ric t Ysold vocaver ad waranl tc esson 
se p JVilt fil Rod. 

jf Dies dat^ t Yuon Q^ett \ Rad Sh Averio de 
plac magne ass a die PascTi l . rv, dies . p def 
rec . q^ Hug de Scalar ess se p \\Rog . HameUn 
de WAndeuilt p Joh . Petrus de Bech p Wall. 
Regin de Childert p Thofti . Henr de Childerl p 
Godefr . Osb Epc p Gaufr . Bald de Sco Georg 
p Warin Rob le Goiz p t . Thorn 

de Quaddon p Wilt. Wilt Calutis p Rob . Ric 
de WChnito p Rog Witt Jit Gaufr p Ric . Rob le 
Vauasur p Rob . q^b} dies dat^ f ad eund. ?. 
\ Guiomar de Bassingeb J, Wilt ft Ogg . Rob 
de Neuitt n veu . \c. Ido atactl qd ||sit ad 
eund • t, 

jf Dies dat^ t Edith q fuit ux Ric ^'X Hug de WBer- 
neche de plac Aol i Bemeke a die Sci Yllar l 
. i. msem . p>ce ptiu . 1 hiit lie geord . '\ sciend 
qd tra capta fuit i mail dni Reg. 

jf Assa de morf aficess int' Petr \\GemU^1Joh 
Morett de • i. hid . ? . c ptiii i WBrikestoch I ocl 
Sci Yllar p def cu recogii . q^ Wali de Sea Fide 
• 1 Gervas de Wichend . Hug de \\Buketot . 
Wall Toners . Rob de |i Waudon Gilt de Sea Fide . 
Witt de Bosco . Ham Carbunett n veil vl se 
essoii . \ peep? fuit vie qd illos atacli. Ido 
peep? t vie qd hat illos tc apd Westrn. IS 
dies dat^ t Henr fit t 

Glotic. if I^ies dat^t Witto de Pared .1 Wilto de iFrehorn 

Eustac de Came . Rog de Beuitt. iiii**'. mili! q* 
Rot. Cur. Reg. — Vol. II. I 







debuer ||fecisse vis ixArm Jocee sovons Margc^ . 
q* se essofL ♦ vsus Rob de Aubemart a die Set 
Yllar I . i. msS . 1 itim faciat visu . It tc sit apd 
Westm ad testificand vis suii • 1 5 die ei 
posuerit . \ sciend q oms sut i mia pt Wilt de 
Parco • q^ se essoii alia vice • ^^ dBus eo^ fuit c 
alto ad fac visu. 

jf Assa veil rec si Rob par Gaiifr sais fuit i dnico 
suo ut de feod de . xL acr • £ • c ptin i \^Bihie 
die q* obiit .1 si ob . 1c 1 si id Gaufr ppinq 
Res t • q* rra Seher^ 1 Johana ux ej^ tenent 
Seher 1 Joh veil It diet qd assa n deb} in f i 
id Gaiifr ut did fuit sals de tota jpdca 
Va p^ obi? patfs sui . pt de . i. cultura q jacet 
ex* WEmeford q t maritag Joke ux sue . \ iil 
poH se sup. ix. juratores q^ fuert psenl . t 
Gaitfr silr . \ jur did qd Gatffr fuit sais p^ 
morte pns sui. Jud . Gaufr nich cap p 



f \ sciend qd Seher^ vocav ad war Henr de 
Rokebi de cultura p^dca q t maritag ux sue . 
Hat waranl suu ? ocl . S* . Yllar . 1 tc veniat 
assa . 1 Rog^ HairU • Warin de \\CundeuUe 1 
Thorn de ^CiUon rec de eod atacli qd tc i^t ap 
West c aliis rec ad fac recog de pdca cultura. 

[Gaufr p^ea vefi . \ relaxav in jurata tifi.] 

jf \(Au^ de Bodekesha\ \\Eluina ux ej^ poul loco 
suo t Witt Jit Lab pon loco suo Hug Jit ^Au^ 
vsus 2J/c de Dultingha de plac . L ad luc* . vl 

f Dies dat^ t GittPecche \ Witt Jit Erne .Rob de 
IGremiseuille . de pi . t • a dieSci Yllar i . i. msem 
. 1 hSit lie 9cord. 


MiAUkex\ f ^^^ dat^ t Epo Lond 1 Fri Ric po . loco F^oris 

Hospital a die Set Yllar ^ . /. msem . de pi rre . 
1 hnt lie gcord. 

BuV. jf Dies dat^^fVali de Burton po • loco . iii. feminar • 

1 Henr de WRisebge q^ vocav ad war P*ore See 
Thul de Cant, a die Sci Yllar i . av. dies . It tc 
veniat assa. 

Middelsea^. ^ Assa ven rec si Wall fr Torold sais fuit i diiico 

suo ut de feo3 de . x. hi3 . ? . c ptin i Bedefimt 
die q* obiit.l si oft infra assam . 1 si id Torold 
t ppinq li ||f . q* rra Henr de Bedefut tenet . 

Henr ven ♦recognov qd^a//obiit sais sic 

par ejus cuj^ lies ipe Henr t ut die . It ita qd 
Torold p^ morte pns ej^d Hnr intrusit se i 
rra ilia . It tpe Ric de Luci tc Justic recupav id 
Henr saisiii vsus Toro/(f judco cur [sic rectus 
lies Wal$t • \ fil spose] T: Turold die qd nuq* 
recupav sais de aliq* rra . ^ qd ipe . JGT. n t 
[fili^ WaM 1] nepos ej^, n^ ipe Turold avucls 
Henr . 1 Henr die qd fuit fili^ WaU legitime 
nat^. 1 hes ej^ rect^ 1 li off pbare sic cu? 
gsid 1 u* debfiit Considal t [qd] quia Torold 
defend qd il fuit saisit^ de rra ilia . T: qd id 
Henr n recupav sais in taq* fili^ 1 rectus lies 
Wal^ i jurata in fiat utru ita eet . vl n. Dies 
dat^ t eis t 

Solops. f Dies dat^ t JoU de \Brai. T: . Margie sorori sue 

ad 4^e^ cap cirog^pli suii a die Sci Ylt I . i. ins • 
p jKic de Eggleshat !\ Martin CUc poitos lo eoj^ 
\ tc veniat Marglia fil i^i^ Joh . ad testificad 
eschabiu in llsupL 

Surr. jf Assa ven rec si Brides avucls AUc sais fuit i 

dnico suo ut de feod de . i. virg • { • c ptiii i 

I 2 


WEkeka die q* obiit St si 6b .Ttc St si Aid^p Al£ 
ppinq . ej^ fies f . q* tra Abbas de Certes tenet 
. Senescall^ A^ po . lo . ej^ veil 1 die qd assa 
ii deb3 iR fi q^ WGraeleg Jit Bndci . sais fuit de 
rra ilia p^ morte pris sui Bndci . 1 Witt fr ej^ 
sitn Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci YUar t . jv. dies . 
T: vie faciat vide teii illd SI tot rec fac ||venire 
qd assa ii remaneat. 

Essex\ ^ Assa de nov diss inu Witt Jit \\Rog 1 Albin « de 

lib teri ej^d Witt i Axsted reman3 q^ WiU 
recognov q n habuit tra ilia n* ad tmin t 

iJttJf. jf Magna assa inr Rob fil Bald pel 1 Wall Buistard 

de . i. virg . I . c pt i Burton pon' i respm usq^ 
2 0^. rfie^ 1?^ Pasch p def cu rec . q^ Regin Jit 
Azur esson se p Steph . Ric de II Vern p iJic . 
Rad Dairett p ?Ffl[// . Witt WBainel p -4fa« . 
Hug de \\Ottreshag p . . Hug de 

Kahanies p Wittm. Id dies dat^ t Waffo de 
Ja Haie . Rad WHareg . iioi cf^ Chewod. Witt de 
Fraa:in Witt de Broxtoh . Walt de Fulebroc • q^ 
vener . T: Wall de la Haie . 1 Umfr Hareg . 
Rob de \\Scauitt. Hug de CastelUu . Ham Passe- 
lewe.n veil. 1c. Ido atach sut qd sit Had 
eund . I. 

Eba^. ^ Odo de Barkeston pel ijesto Sci Edm tra sua 

1 motnd i \\Marketon p pt* q capl f8ut 
i man dni Pr p eo^ defcu vsus Rad de 

JSudA. JT Dies dat^ t Jurd de Aubemart 1 Claric ux sue p 

ipm Jurd po . lo . Clar St Erne q fuit ux Henr 

Jit Rob ad aud jud suu de . m. ancessoris de 

diin . hid . I . c ptin i Sidehamton a die Sci 

YUar I . i. rnsem . \ tc hat iPa Ema Witt fit 


suu p q ut ipa die lit tra ilia c^ ^editas t . Ti 
remaneat assa • q^usq^ sumoneat^. 

Kent. jf Sarra de la Ware ven cu lege sua q* vadiavat 

Gatifrido de Tichesie de plac nov dissais de 
]\bo ten ej^d Sarr i WEdolueshrigg . un c5qsta 
fuit qd ipe ea dissais . 1 ipe vocay cur sua ad 
waranl qd judo cur sue li fecat Si ipa def siim 
1 c debet face lege . ipe Gaufr dix qd n diss 
roia. ea jud cuf .S3 qd cepat rra ilia i man sua 

p defcu svicii sui . [scilt . xx. sol 1 sviciu 
lliii ptis feod i^ miiitis] 1 recordat fuit p 
justic qd*judo cur sue ea diss. Ido cosid 
est ^fuit^ qd Gaufr sit 1 mia . 1 salfaciat ei 
de dapno suo. 

"Sofii. JT ^^ de Bemeres 1 Ysah ux ej^ petut vsus 

Priore Hospital de Novo Loco * • i. molend c 
ptiii 1 Abbindon qd clam ptinie ad dot sua q^ 
* ex dono p*mi viri sui. Prior pet vis molend . 
Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis a die Set Yllar I . 
L msem . It itim fiat visus. 

Suffl* JT Assa de nova diss int Hub de Mukensi pet . 'I 

Witt de Glauitt de libo ten ipi^ Hub i || Auverton 
reman} . q^ id Ht^ alia vice tutat bre de nova 
diss Vsus eund Witt de ead rra . 1 recessit . 
||n Witt sn die q^ Hub reliq^t * bre suu. 

ID. 16.dor3. 

Zjeic* f Vic signif p bre suu sigiB qd cep i man dfii 

Pr dim virg . t . ||c ptiii i Almerestorp . q* Witt 
Jit Suain clam vsus Witt de Chamelest p 
defcu ipi^ Witti:! die M^cur px^ an JestU 
O'iu Scof. 

Surf. jf Monaclii de Cruce Lefridi vener i cur dni Reg 1 

recognosct qd debeat redde de molend suo de 

I 3 


Ashiat . xii. brochas ang^uUa? p annu . Her^ 
de ^BuhU . 1 Regin de Cruce . p manu Ro^i 

Ebof. JT Assa de nova diss in? Ro6 de BuUers 1 YUaria 

Tnissebut . 1 Ric de Berton de libo ten Rob 
^ Yllar i Coppeg^ne p' i respm usq^ t av* dies 
f^ fesl Set YUar p def cu recogn q^ nuUus ven 
pr . ^Rog Maleurer . Othon de Barkeston . Rob 
Jit Ric . Witt le Guher. Id dies dat? t ceris 
p essoil suos. 

"ft Rogjit Steph silr veii.'* 

Norii. f J^or Milil TempU pon loco suo . « Henr Grim . vl 

P^ceptore Milil vsus Priore de Norh de plac 
eccTe de Herdwich ad luc*. vT pd. 

Surr. ir ^ob de Boseuitt •• recessit " sil die vsus Witt 

Flandr 1 Matitt ux ej^ de plac . J • in Chirs- 
hamton . q^ Sibitt de Tingree dila feodi pet in 
cur sua ad bora S\ babuit ea. 

K'nt. f Hnr de Cobh . Jacob de Hages . [[ . Henr de 

Somes . Phit de Girude^ ^ Steph de Canar^ 
dig to Hug de Dudttd • ^ q* debuer f re re- 
cord inr Levina . 1 Matitt de Stibbehide 
[petetes] de . ||xiiii. acr rre de HWareland. 
in WOcrnie Psus Jtird [Jit Urr] 1 Nicot filiu 
ej^. diet qd . Levina T: Matitt tulef bre de 
recto vsus Jurd pdSm de . xiiii. acr .1 .c 
ptin i " Ochemore " It psecute siit ita vsus eu 
qd apparuit i comitatu • \ petiit visum . rre • 
It babuit. T: p^ea essoil se.t tadem veii.T: 
vocav ad waranl jBic de WBarris .t c debet 
pduce warant suu r' \en . 1 ii pdux eu It 
ita c5sid Comit recupavut saisina . 1 Nicot 
Jit Jurd q? tra ilia tenuit ven It tulit bre de 


nov diss vsus easd . 1 ipe vocaver Coitiil ad 
war qd diroaverat 9ra ilia i Comil vsus JvrS 
1 Nkot . 1 Comil recordat' qd Nkot nuq* 
\Nicot llposit^ fuit i plac de ead tra . {\ ipe 
a gtradic?.] 1 io gsidat f qd Nicot hat 
mia. saisin sua St ipe i mm. 

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WUt MarmiU . xl. acr . ? . c ptiS [i bosco t 
i piano] i Bensinton sic illas q^ • H. Rex par 
dni . Jfe . ded Monach de Tham i pur t ppel 
elem It Ric Rex eis p^ea cSfirmav.t Witt 
veSi t vocat ad waranl ia Rob MarmiU . Hat 
eu a die Sci Yllar i . j. m^em. 

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vsus Alured HGemfl de pt . I .T:c. 

2^w;^* ^ JRfl^ ^ Reppes posit^ tl loco Uic tfi^ Houton 

pel vsus iZic jfjf H^^ . xxvi, acr rre c ptiii i 
Norbarshd ut jus ej^d Ric . 1 Ric ven 1 pel 
visum • I . Hat vis. Dies dat^ t eis a 6^ Sci 
YUar l . i. m^em. * 

2>ic. f ^^^ ^ 5wr^5 posit^ loco MaUtt de Molbray 

pel vsus Sarra de Stmidebi . ii. car ?re c 
ptin i Melton ut illas q ptinet ad ManeriU 
de Melton qd NigeUus de Mobray ded illi 
1 dol . It ipa veil 1 pel visu Pre . Hat visum. 
Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci YUar I . i. me , 
I intim fiat vis^. 

Essex\ fH Joh Jit Brihtwald opl se.iiii. die vsus Wali de 

Baiocis de plac . xii. acr • I • [It diml . S ptin 
1 de • ii. masag c ptiii i Bumstect. 1 ipe n ven 
vl se ess . 1 sumo 1t5. Jud . I . cap i maii dni 

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Reg . ntc . T: ipe sum qd sit apd IVestm t ocl 
Set Yllar in responsur^. 

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Brus de plac nov diss . 1 ipa li ven vl se essoii 
1 fuit petns . ido recedat Witts sn die , " I ipa 
mia. i mia/' 

Stisca\ ^ )f HerlewinP de WRande q'r qd Witt Mal/e dns 

suus cu vi 1 armis pstrav boscu T: c forcia 
cocord sut. freqnr asportat ad dom sua . 1 q*drigas suas c 

forcia i bosco suo ||p'o de Weuedenn capit . 1 
adhuc una illar ht 1 detinet ijuste .1 qd llp'die 
cenl keueroii •' pstrav T: c illos asportaretr' 
forestall^ ejusd . H. petiit vad roabitr". ita qd 
ipe deteriorate t ad val. xx. m. 1 ampli^. Tt Rob 
Pistore die i fortia ilia fuisse • Witt veil \ die 
qd Herlexiih n tenet vl teme debet, boscu illii 
de eo q^ qn pdecessores ejus Hfeofafer afices- 
sores i^iP H^lewin:! ipi ad op^ suu pp*u retinuert 
boscu illii.S3 aliqn q^ c5sang^nei fuertr' sus- 
tinuert illos hfe mairemiu i bosc ilio [t alia 
neccia] \ aliii itroil nee aliud jus lit vl lire 
pol • in pon se sup jur prie . \ Hert pon se i 
magna assam . utr ipe maj^ jus hat tenendi de 
eo bosc . an ipe i dnico . 1 Witt sitr. ^ 

Norn. J Dies dat^ t 2^1*3 MiUl Templi \ Fori Set Andr 

de Norh de pi adv eccle de Herdewich a die 
Sci Yllar t . av. dies .1 hfit lie gcord* 

Leic. jf Abbas de Selebi debet diio Regi • c. s. p tinda 

obfc inq^sicone utr hoes sui appBat sit p athia de 

. c. 5. pac dfii Reg . an atr . Dies dat^ t eis a die 

Pasch .i.i. msem . It tc ven i at appTantes ^ 

apttati. t 


Horf.^ JT J oh de Cailli pon loco suo Ricjit Euerard v^sus 

Beat^ce de Cailli de pi do? . ad luc* • vt pd si ipe 
inree n possit. 

Witt. JT Dies dat^^ t Sim de Litlecol . 1 Ric de Cube de 

plac svic a die Sci Yllar t . arv. dies. 

Essex\ ir At5b de Colecestr opl se • iiii. die \?sus '* WiW de 

Taket de pi duar assar- de . m • ancesso^ i 

Taket \ Witt n ven Ic. 1 fuit petns. Ido 

mia. recedat sn die.1 Witt q»le debfiit hat re- 


Sum) set. JT Rog de Ramis appttat Wittm Malet qd cii p 

obtc pcep^ Dili • G. Jit Pet^ ess3 i svico dni Reg 

.iii.m. t^pe i^ Diuv fuit:^ SLpd Dunestore p pac Dili 

Reg svanda t ipe Witt i pp^a p* cQ hoib5 
suis sepes suas apd Ludesland pstrav • 1 rogos 
ill fee 1 blados suos pbussit i feloiS 1 h ofY 
pbare p qnda hoiem Ita qd ad 
ilia c5bustione seget suar q^da svies suus 
duos ex hoib3 ejus retinuit . 1 dimis p pi 
vie . Witt defend pbustione 1 feloii . T: off dno 
Regi . iii. m. p linda iq*sic6e utr c5bustio ilia 
f ca fuit i tra Rog . vl i sua . T: bfi 9gnoscit 
qd cep blad .\ asportav tanq sua ppria. 

[jf Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud suii a die Sci Yllar 
t,i. mse .\ vie fiat tc record loqle • un 
Gerard de \\Brocton redd eid Rog jud de q° 
9qstus f.^ 

Essex\ jT Ric de Bello Capo appBat Henr de Longo Campo 

qd i pac diii Jt . 1 i felon ven [ap WFinstede^ 
ad dom sua . 1 thalam suu freg 1 robav ei . 
i. palliu de scarleto 1 aliud d viridi . 1 . iiii. 
dubler \ . viii*^. lintheamia St sotular de cord- 


uano . de nocte • t li off pbare vsus eu p 
corp^ suu . Henr ven \ defend robia de verbo 
i vbu . sic ho mahemat^ \ de svico dfii Reg 
. vl WittPiggu hoiem suu sic cur considarit . 
1 die qd id Ric de eo tenet • sic de custodia 
qMa q* habet de d&o • R* un ipe scutag ei 
debuit • p q® cep averia sua • t p pl^ dimisit 
roabilr . t prea die qd ipe bailliv^ fuit de rra 
ilia q^m bt I custod.1t c5po{ ei debuit .t 
reddid ita q aret® fuit de • xl. s. t illos exeg • 
1 p ifi cep aver sua . 1 dimisit . Ric defend qd 
n ten} de eo n® tenere deb} vl debuit . nee q^cq* 
ei deb} vl debuit n*^ copol reddidit [1 fi off 
pbare * vl vsus Witt sic vsus capione lllocatii 
1 Witt def qd n t llcapio local? • .1 T: in 
pon se sup jur prie . 1 p?ea id Ric nrogat^ 
die qd ipe ad ista robia levav clamore • un 
silr pon se sup visil. Ft Ric de pseqndo. 
Steph de Bello Campo. R Henr Rob de 
Bullers 1 Regin de Argentd. Dies dat^ t eis 
ad aud jud suu in oct Sci Yllar. 

Cantebf. jf Gitt Pecche petiit record 1 jud suu de villa de 

Oure sic loqla deducta t i cur diii Reg » t 
Prior de Ram ven 1 die qd Att> n debet 
placitare vt jud audire de aliq^ ten du milites 
ipi^ At*)is f Sint ult^ mar i §vico diii Jt. Gitt 
die qd ipe milites ht c dno ^tr. Ido recedt 
sn die. 

Salop. JT Dies dat^ t Hug de Bosco « T: Rob de WGilros de 

pi nov diss \ de pi yurie illate a die Pasch 
t . i. msem . pee ptiu. 

Essex*. JT W^^ ^ Sopiland petiis . 1 EgidP de Canervedon 

tenefi recedt sn die p gra{ suu • inr q^s plaS 


fuit de diffi hid.l.c ptin i i|6rra/^/e^.p lie 

Nor/.* JT P'or de Norwic pon loco suo . Rann monac suu 

vs^ Walt de IjiBasingha de plac rre ad luc* • 
vt pd. 

Warr. ff Osb ^^Norreis op? se . iiii. die vsus J oh Jit Judith 

de plac dim virg tre S ptiii in \Odmett • ^ ipe 
n ven vt se ess .tc. Ido • terra cap in maK 
diii Reg 1 dies p%e • IS. \ ipe sum qd sit a 
rfie Sci YUar I . i. msem . ^8. 

Sui^set. jf JbX cK^ EUngebge pon loco suo Magrm iS^/ep^ 

vsus Officiale de Baton de plac qr recep psona 
ad eccUam de EUngebge 9^ phibicone JustiS 
ad luc* vt pd. 

Wilt. jf Dies dat^ t Ric de Cumbe 1 Sim de Litlecol de 

plac ^^vic a die Sci Yllar l . xv. dies p^ce 

Ktnt. jf Dies dat^ t Elye Monaco po . lo • Pons See 

ThUl de Canl 1 fFitto de Wade de plac molend 
a die Sci Yllar % . i. insem . p*ce ptiii . 1 inrim 
hnt lie 9Cord. 

m. 17« 

fViir. f WittCostentin pel vsus Ada de Welpeleg . viij. pte . 

feod • j. milil in ^PendeswrtHe . t i Fimtel ut 
jus suii Si Ada pet vis rre . Hat visum. Dies 
dat^ t eis a die Sci Yllar t .J. msem . t itim 
fiat vis^. 

Essex\ f Hug de WLangetvit pet v'sus Ric Jit Hub duas 

virgal . £ . c ptiii in Wich It i Withd ut jus suu 
• T: Ric pel visum . I. Hat visum • dies dat^ f 
eis a die Sci Yllar I .j. msem . \ irim fiat 





jf Dies dat^ t Acelin de Abmton It Bx>g fit Joh de 
pi dim virg . I . c pi i Abinton a die Sci YUar 
t . av. dies 1 hnt lie gcord. 

Hertford, jf Dies dat^ f Gitt de la Hide . 1 W^iTfo de la Lane 

ad rec cirog* suu a die Sci YUar I . iy. sepl 
pee ptiu. 

^ssex\ JT Amicia q fuit ux Jo^ (fe \(Trindeie opl se . iiij. die 

^ . Witt Pac .1 Thorn Trillori de plac do! sue 
q ea c5ting ex don . J. viri sui i Trindeie . t 
ipi n vener vl se esson . 1 Thorn habuit die p 
ess suu i oci Sci Marl .^ Witt habuit die i 
Baco. Jud . tercia ps rre q fuit Joh cap in 
man diii Jt . 1c, 1 ipi sum qd sint ^ ocl Sci 
Yllar . Ic. 

Essex*. JT Sewat de Oseuitt pet feod dim milil i II Wiche c 

ptiil v' Rad de Hasting u jus suu . 1 Rad 
ven 1 pet visum . I . hat visii. Dies dat^ t 
eis a die Sci YUar t.j. msem.\ irim fiat 

Lific. ![ Witt de Willegebi pel v'sus luetaJitRad WPilate 

dim bov . I • c ptin in WSlodebi sic jus suu. Id 
pel versus Juliana sorore sua diin bov . I . c 
ptiii i ead villa .1 ipe pel visu . L Hant visu. 
Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci YUar z .j. msem . 'I 
inrim fiat vis^. Itieta pon loco suo Julian 
sorore sua . 'Ttc. Witt pon loco suo Herb de 
Lekeburn Ic. + Jf Loqnd de Wat^o de Gracurl 1 de Hug de Pole- 



jf WaU de Stanton sumSit^ ad ostendend ex cuj^ 
dono habuit Albredd q fuit ux Turstan I uxore 
c maritag ipi^ Albred in Crohett veil 1 dix qd 


Witt Ptcema dns pdci feod T: ||fr ej^d Albred 
ded ei ilia i ux c maritag • suo .^ pp h dedit 
ei . X. m. arg .\ AmalrkP Despens . po • lo . ej^d 
fVitU venit 1 defend qd nuq* p ipm Wittm 
habuit pdcam Albr • nee ei ded ilia . n®. 
pecunia ilia recep • S3 ipe habuit ea 9^ volun- 
X tate ej^d Witti St sup h gqstus fuit qd i feod 

suu int*vat sfi ej^ assensu . 1 Wall off pbare p 
corp^ libi hois sui . scilt Utting ^ qd tpe . H. 
Reg pat's ita p volunl . Witt \ p pecunia 
pdcam Q^ ei ded ita habuit ea . c maritag . suo 
• sic cur gsidavit . vl p jur legal visii . p q* 
Oblat linda offt dilo Regi . iij. m. Amalric^ defend 

.iij, m. q3 nuq* Witt recep pecuii ilia n*^ p ej^ assens 

ea habuit 1 . h off defende p corp^. ^ Wigan 
noie. " Hug Bard die qd de maritag ejusd 
" Albred in itinle suo i Notigh fuit plac .1 
" c5cord fca. Ita qd . Wall deb dar Amalr q* 
" ^es t . V. m. p annii ad ej^ expensas q^usq^ 
*' ad train qda.sic recordalf p Justic.sic fiat** 


Devdn. jf Isti si milil q' ceput i man ad custod Ric de 

Crues . Joh ^Brietcrre . Rad de Secchevitt. Ric 
Mori . Nicot de la Mara . Rod Malduit . Thorn 
de Rocheford • Rog de Reimes • Phit de Horsie. 
Wallet Yuon . Wall de Strechot . Gerold de 
Burci . Gerard de Brohton . Witt Malet . Rob 
de Sco Dionis . t in Comil iveniet /vj, alios 
milil :! q^ retat^ t de morte Jurd de Lacett. 

Bul^. fi Hug de Baiocis pel vsus Hug fit Decan . xxiiij. 

acr. t . c ptin i Bradewett ut jus suu 1 ipe pel 
visii • I . Hat visii. Dies dat^ f eis a die Sci 
Yllar l J. msem • 1 intim fiat visus. 

morh. JT Rob fit Pagan pel vsus SimfitOsb . vj , virg . I . c 


ptin i Sitelhangr . ut jus suu . % Sim veil 1 pel 
. I. ilia p plev q capta fuit i mail dni . ^. p ej^ 
defcu.^ defend ||sum.1 vad legem se.xij. 
manu* Dies dat^ ± eis a die Sci Yllar I . xv. 
dies* \ tc ven c lege sua. ^'im de Holewelt^t 
de leg. 

Norti. JT Will Jit Ade opl se . iiij. die • v^sus Eustac de 

WWatford de plac . ii, f carr^ [virg] . I . c ptifi 
i Watford % ipe H ven vl se esson 1 9ra capta 
fuit in mail dfli Reg p ej^ defcu . 1 n petita 
ad hora. Ido cdsidal t qd TVitt hat sais 

Si^^ f Dies dat^ t Sim de Bareswrthe pe? . 1 Gitl de la 

Helde de plac ass die Pasch I 
. av. dies . ^ Sim hat bre ad vie qd faciat f tc] 
venire assam apd Westm 4^c^. 

W5/f. jf Osb Banastr pel die Lune festo See Cectt . i. 

virg • I • c ptin i Borscube S capta fuit i 
man dili Reg p ej^ defcu vsus Odori de 

NoifJ f[ Wali de Gracurt (fr qd Hug de Polested cu 

Juliana neptis sua \ ties ej^ eet i ejusd Hug 
c^tod p Diim Cani • " 1 ipe '* cora eo \ aliis 
Justic fidelr pmisiss3 4^ ^^ ^ maritaret sn 
assensu ipi^ Wali \ pgeniei sue:^ ipe sua 
voluntate fee eand moialem ^uste . It ct^ 
pmissu qd coni justic feSat . Hug vefi \ defend 
qd nuq* p ipm moiat f ca fuit . S3 die qd 
Senescall^ Com de Ptico ut die misit p ilia 
ad dom sua . It nescit q*d de ea fecit • Wali 
die qd ipe Hug 9* volunt ej^d Juliane 1 du 
cora Arcll. g^j mit2L etate fee ea habil relig suscipe . ut 

sic porcone hedil ipi^ JtUiane optinlet cu 


p^mogenita sorore q^ dux i ux.Hug ptulit 
carta Com de Ptico 1 . 3/. Comitisse sue q 
testat' qd ipi dedert eid • H. Hcpwis p^mogenita. 
c bed sua.t q \^^ JvUana cora ipo Com. It 
Comitiss t mttis aliis petiit qd habil religionis 
licenl poss3 suscipe .1 W(iU die qd h n ||p^set 
ee % ipa nuq* t*nsfretav . n® 5 diio Com vt 
Comil 9lloq^u habuit. Dies dat^ ^ a die Set 
YUaf t .j. msem ad aud jud suu. 

Norf.^ JT -P^^ ^ Breccha pet . rra sua . s . xl. acr i Geiton 

p plev die Lun festo See Cecil q capta fuit i 
man dni • Jtr, p ej^ def vsus Leticid de Tilen. 
Vic sign qd cep rra ilia i mail dili p.. die Sci 

Kent. if Dies dat^ f Jacoho de Hage • po . lo • Pfut de 

Hardres . 1 frib-^ Hospital de plac adv eccle 
de Hardres ad aud jud buu a die Pasch i 
. iy. sepl. 

Leic. jf Kr Bic de Herford po • lo . F^oris Hospital op? 

se . iiij. die Psus Wilt de Ridewar de plac ?re 
i WSeille . t ^ilf n veil vl se esson . It habuit 
die p ess Foris t octab Sci Mart . It ipe Wilt 
fuit petiis. Ido tredit For sfi die .1 ipe i 
™a* mia. 

Cantebr. f Wait fl Rob poit^ loco Petronelle q fuit ux 

Wrnfrid fil Rob opt se . iiij. die vsus Regin de 
Leiha de plac . xl. s. redd i Wilburha . \ ipe 
habuit vis rre . 1 p^ea se esson . de mal veil . 
1 de mat . Ic. Ido cap ille reddit^ i man dni 
Reg \ ipe siimon qd sit a die Sci Yllar I . arc. 
dies aud jud suu. 


Vorf! jf Prior de Norwic reced sn die vsus WdU de ||5fl»- 

singha de plac villar de Martha t Hemisbi 
. p pcept dill Reg de ult* mare . q* phib} ne 
ipe vl Mdachi de Norwich de nfio ten iplac 
qd eis debeat waratizare. 

Wilh f Bic de Hage q* se «ssoniav de malo Ic vsus 

Rog WaspaiU de plac . t . i Hache pqst^ fuit 
qd Rog n llfec eum videre • t petiit lie veil ad 
cur . 1 habuit . It dies dat^ f ei a die Sci YUaf 
% .J. msemp 

NoffJ ^ ^^^ ^ Grdcurt 1 For de Cokeford recedt sn 

die de plac • I • % Mich Belet q i ead qrela t 
q* id P'orr' tulit bre de ult* mar qd ipe n 
iplacitet' q'^mdiu Ifili^ ej^ fuit ult* mar i svico 
dni. P:. 

Kent. iT Senescafi A^is de Sco Austin pet cur sua. 

iij. die an plac de plac • f • qd t inf Ric de 
\ilGarigton 1 Tebald ^. 

Bedefori. if Nigellus de Merston sumonit^ ad aud inq^sicone 

fcam sup eii de cai2iB[ WReinii q^nda viZJEbof, 
• q id Nigellus d*^r hre . ti veti i octab Sci Marl 
sic sumot^fuit.n^ se essoniav, Ido atachietur 
qd sit in octab Set Yllar ifi responsur.Tt audif^s 
ilia iq'sicone. 

Knt. if Walljil Eudon . op . se • iiij. ^i^ v Steph WHaregot 

de pi fin fci i Cur dni Jt . T: p^ea Steph pparuit 
\ p^ea recessit de Cur sti licK. lo psidat t q 
Steph attacli . q sit apd Westm a die Pasch t 
. av. dies . iii responsur^ 1 ostensur^ qr re- 
cessit a Cur • T;c. 


Bedejt f Jnq*sil f p legales hoies de Bedep qd HL^ 

Joh de ^Euersot tulit bre de recto 4 in ^ ad 
Ballivos de Bedeford. \ clam . xij. acr tre c 
ptin I WInlande * q fuer Witti Captli ^ ut maritag 
suu • 1 ipi p bre iBd reddidut ei sais 1 cuida 
fit $uo junior! • s • WAbnelt . \ obiit id WAbnett. 
1 p^ morte ej^ cepiit ppositi rra ilia i man^ 
dfii . P:. 't ipa \\Lece adhuc vivit C5sida{ 
t qd ipa hat sais sua p p sviciii dim . m. qd 
rr» debet, 

Noff^ JT Inq'si? t p legales hoies de visa de Pikeha llqd 

feod dim mil it i Pikeha qd Cristiana mar 
Regin de CUfton diroav p bre de nova diss 
vsus eund Regin i qd clamav ee maritagiu 
suu ex dono Wirmi pat*s sui :' qd ipm feod t 
heritag ej% Regin descendes ei ab aiicessorib} 
suis a c5qstu Angt . 1 p^cept fuit X^ane qd 
llapper^t t odSci Marl ad aqd ilia iq^sicone Jt 
n veil .•*1** diis Rex peep p bre suii de ult* 
mar qd si id Regin secur fecit de . xv. m. 
redd . T: ita iq^sitii fuit qd sit ej^ liitagiu :! tc 
hat sais." Ido psidat > qd rra capiat*^ i man 

dni Reg .It ipa sumon qd sit a die Vemis pa^ 

p^festu SSe Kater t . av. dies apd Westm aud 

• ' ^ ' • ' ilia ici^slt . 'Tte: 

t^ic. , jf Ric de Fisseburn pel p plev in crastin Sci Clemtis 

rra sua i \\Mtiset q capta fuit i man dni Reg p 
ej^ defcm vsus Atticia JitJoh. 

* • « 

Stiff:* jf Wilt de la Haie pel vsus Mauric de Haie . \\. s. 

redd c llptiii i Seffiyrd\ i Hehha ut jus suu 

1 MauT pel visum . I. Hat visum. Dies dat^ 

t eis a die Sci Yllar I . v, sepl . 1 irim fiat 


Rot. Cur. Rkc— A'ol. II. K 


Kent. jT Dies dat^ f Hug de Bdico pel. "l JVilb) de Sqf 

Jbrd* de plac magne asse de feod dim mit c 
ptiii i Sqffbrd a die Sci Yilar t . to. dies p 
defcu rec. Id dies dat^ f rec q* vener • scit 
Ric de \\Vabada • Rod de Maletdtt. Fukon Pel- 
Jbrere . Ade de WChiuentg . Ahred de ^Curton 
Natanaett It ceris p esson suos • scit WdSb 
de ^Hatere p Rab.R(^ de Siburn.p Johem 
Hug de Eure p Tebald.Ric de Beres.jf 
Rob .Petro de \\Buteilles p Joh . WUt de Dor^ 
ke$t p Ada . Rod de PSherst p Hakemud. fid 
pt oiu. 

fVarf. I Dies dat^ t Matitt q fait ♦ JBic Jbfio/ . ^ Henr 

de Penbrigg ad recip cirog^ suii a die Sci 
YUar i . av. dies de dol i^t^ Matiif i llPe- 



Tal t gcordia i? Hem^ de Penebregge % MatUd 

que fuit ••••,••.: qd ^dcs 

Henr pdce Matild tcia pte de 

sot [p tcia pte 

?re Ric FoUot2 f ^ 

i 1 

• ||v. solidatas . « ^ 

Henr •••«••«•• 

f Hnr pon ifi lo.suo Will de Hottot ad cap 

JT t ipa po • lo « suo $ ^Kigesto^ 

In.f. tRS f f SciYtt ap4 Westm 

m in fiat ptico. 



m. 1 7. dorS. 

Middehes^. jf Ass ven rec si Lvcas de \\Creneford 1 Milojit 

Ham yuste \ sn jud diss Ysillid vidua de 
libo ten ejus i WGrene/orct p^ Jesl Set Mich 
pxim an coroii dKi . ^tr. 

jf Jur dkl qd ii diss ea. Jud. ipa i mia p fTo clam • 
paup f 

Essex". JT Dies dat^ f Alan de BaalU . 1 Joie de Boliton ad 

recip cirog* suu de . vi. acr rre . i Esthame a 
die Sci Yllar I . i. msem . Nos bms nota. 

fVarr. ff Dies dat^ t Sim de la Neuland po . lo . Had de 

Grafton SI Rog de WSeldon .1 Joh ^Barate a die 
Sci Yllar I . m. sepi ** ad recip cirog* suu/* 

Essex*. if Vis sign p bre suum sigiB qd cep in mail dili 

^. xh acr . t . c ptiii in Tiwinge i vigitt Sci 
Mart q*s Ric de Tiwing clam v^sus Gervas de 
Tiwing p ejus defcu. 

Bedeford. jf Henr de Pinkenni sumonit^ [fuit] ad waran! 

Frib} ^* Hospital Jertm*^ carta sua q' eis dedit 
c^ tenor t scil qd Henr de Plkeni t tiedes ejus 
debet fa8e plenar defensone oiu rrar q*8 ipi 
hnt ex diOnoRobJit Widont erga diim feod 1 
oms hoies i omib} sSlarib3 sviciis . ita quid . 
qd pdci Fres • xv. solidos de tris a pdco Rob 
eis datis plenarie recipiet • nee ||ulli de iB ?ris 
de aliq* svic6 respodebt . S3 ipe . H. 1 hedes 
ej^ oms tras *• pdcas acq^tabf Hoc aii con- 
finnav p Pris de Tingria .It Holecol .\ \\Cralee 
[•s id . H. heditarie lit ex don p^dci Robli p 
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deLa Hid. Alejf de Rtmiilli.\ Sim de Berton !\ 
JoTi de BroKton ess se p Witt . Sim de WCroperi 
p Ric. \\Auenitt^ p Emald. Wall de Gersinton 
p Witt. Wall de WCkellinton It Pagan fr ej^ ii 
vener . Ic. Ido atacfi Itc, 

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recto :f ponr i respm usq^ t to. dies p^ fest Set 
Yllar . qj milit p q°s iq*sico fieret n vener . S3 
Gaufr Cardu ess se p Gavfr . Roh de Upwich 
p Guttfr. Et Henr Loholt . Jurda WDauenett 
BriarP. de Stradle . Rob de Tfiderle\ Rob 
WLetieise • Ham de Asketot p Ada de \\Tefeld 
JacoiP de Sumieshat. Rad de Vallib^ . Herb de 
Langepori Rob le Guiz Jtic Cdbleg n vener vl 
jse ess. Ido atacH qd tc sit ibi . Regin Bret 


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• q* ven. 

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svico Rod ven ^ die qd ipa petit • tol tenein 
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tenuit de dol sua [q*m lit. ||s .||xxx. acrj \ iii 
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Dies dat^ t eis a die PascTi t . arv. dies . \ tc 
veniat jur. 

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viri sui . q*ai ei deforc "X \Rogls ven \ die qd 
ipa alia vice posuit . * *^ alibi f/* 

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Reditarie tpr . H. Reg avi . H. Reg pat*s dili 
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** ppiq^or lies ||ii credt q^ id Regin filias habuit . 

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ista n^ p voluntate dni ^r.] 

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par «7o/i dimisit se i ligia potestate sua . \ fee 
pdcm Joh face iii homag capital dilo * scit 
Wa^o fil JBo5 . 1 ce?is diiis . t u!l id Joh 
X obiit saisit^. Ita qd ipe Sim n&m ju9 lit vt 

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p secta llq off {|pbar . \c. Sim ven \ defend 
jus suu . "X die qd id WittrnP ifra etate t . It ido 
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die qd par ej^ obiit sais SX io n5 debet ei noce 
etas q* petit • % ipe T: cen libi pris sui i custod 
Phit avi eo^ fuert . 't qd fi habuit rra ilia n' 
p custod q* habuit c iS. Dies dat^ t eis a 
die Pasch t • i. msem ad aud jud suu. 

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dim virg . t . X viu* acr. t . c pt m Grantesel 
q*s Rod Jit Pagan clam vs^ Alea^ de Grates 
p defcu ej^:^ die Sci Marl T; ipe petiit ea 
apd WPleiset die Sabb seqnti com dno . G. Jil 

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wett . Jocet de WBreltgherst missi ad vid ifirm 
Att> de Westm q* esson se vs Witt de Boclade. 
did q lang t "l qd posuer ei die a die fcio j^ 
fesl See Kater i • i. armU. 

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ten suo i Cambwett . infra assam • Jur did qd 


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ipa hat saiS • 1: ipi i mia. 

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acr tre c ptiS i WSande • un Ric de HtUtt AU 
uina u% ej^ qsti sut qd Ric le \\Diu asportav 
blad eoj^ :/ n ptinet ad dim hida, tre c ptin q . 
IliS remasit p fine cocord versus Ric le \\Diu .It 
qd nuq* plac fuit inc eos i cur diii ^r de iS sex 

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pel vis . L Hat vis. Dies dat^ f eis ? • v. sept 
jp^ Jesi Sci Yllar • 1 intim fiat vis. 

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rsus Ati!) de Woburn sic jus eccte sue de 

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dat^ t eis t • v. sepi jjP fesl Sci Yllar t fiat vis. 
Afeb pon loco suo JoceU Monde suu in, 

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dol sua q ea coting i Wlokeford 1 Middelton 1 i 
\\Riihton ex don Rog de GlauHt q^nda viri sui . 
q» ei deforS . Rob ven 1 die qd ipa alia vice 
posuit ||ei i plac \ ux ej^.'l ipi in recesser a 
cur Ita qd ipi debuert ei face sua rcia p vis • 
legal hoiii • scil Rob de || Valeines . WaUMalet • 

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Henr de Grimillies . Thorn Auenett Ric de 
NuggU • t Rob de ^Cuaston . 1 alioj^ feS ei sua 
rcia • 1 in pon se sup eos . 1 ipa die qd niiq* 
petiit rcia pte . S3 tota rra q* ipi tenet sic 
carta Rog deGlauitt testat- . t Rob die qd fi 
habuit ptes tras q* illas q*s pel .1 alia vice p 
c5sidacone cur ThoU le Bigot fee ei tciii toti^ 
pdce t're. 

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fesl Sci Yllar . Com pon loco suo Jocet de 
0*ib} Scis vt . Hug de Berges "Xc. 

jf Joh de WNerthie pon loco suo Rob de Wett vsus 
A6b de Bello de plaS . 1 . 1c. 

m. 18. 

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suii de ^Muneketon p plev ||qd ||captu fuit in 
mail dKi Reg p eo^ defcu vsus Rad de 
AmudeviU . ^ defendt siimoes . \ c5sidal f 
qd defendnt se duodecima manu. Dies dat^ 
est eis a die PascR i . av. dies . Hug de Berghes 
pleg de lege . Hams pon lo . suo Witt Jit 
Othon . 1c. 

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\\Holiac « de • i. car A.c ptifi i Norton pon*" 
i respm usq^ i • av. diesjPFasch ||p defcu rec . 
q^ nils rec ven pr WEruis CticU . 1 Guarn de 
^Bruiera. Id dies dat^ t ^liis p essoii suos St 
Rad de WTheshat n veil • IS. Ido atach qd sit 
ad eund • I . Agn poii loco suo Nicot vix suii • 
Ric nicH dix qf assa reman. 

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viij. acr • I • c ptin i Hakgestowe p def Godwin 
Jit Sinod vsus WEdwaker "X \\Lesnoord:. 

Essex\ jf Henr Jit Witti pel vsus Rob de WTope^eld. 

iiij. virg . I . c ptin i \\Litlebir in q*s fi habuit 
ingress n* p Stephm patre suu cui Witt par 
pdci Henr invad eas ad tmiii q* priit ut 
die • 1 ipe veil 1 defend jus suii \ inva- 
: diamtii . "X die qd lilim feod suii t 1 Henr 
" offt *' dno Regi . C. s. p hiida inq^sicoe de 
legal hoies utr invadial f bit sic tpe • H. Reg 
pat^s . vt ri. Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Yllar F 

. C. »• • -^* ^^^ • pl^g d^ • C* ^* «^*^^ ^^ -Ric/t de 


Berkesif. jf jRoJ de la Withie pon loco suo ^Wali fil suii 

v^sus Witt La Waite de plac . §vic ad luc* • 
vl pd* 

Kent. JT -Ema de Pi/eld pon loco suo Magrm Bndcm vsus 

TAom . \ Hani de Perifeld de plac dol 1c. 


^ajr/l' if Magr Regih pon loco suo Wittm f rem suii vsus 

Jlicde Gemeril de plac asse ad luc*.1c. 

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n tec ei hre rcia pte trar q luer Ad vin sui 
die q* ea desposav :! si2 ei alia vice pcepl 
fuit. Ido hat aliud bre ad vie qd iHd faciat 
f i • 1 ipe sit I . V. sept jp^ Jest Sci Yllar osl qr 
fi fe&t 

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^ . I. c ptin i WDeuenebe ut do? sua ex dono Rog 

viri sui 1: Joh se essoniavat de • mal veniend 4 
T: p^ esson fcm posuit Ric jfit Everard loco 
suo . 1 n c5paruit ad die ei dal s} attornat^ 
suus 1 ipa Beatric, pet sibi allocari qd ipe 


atornav afiq* 8Uia8S3 die p^ sibi daX, . \ pel 
9sict cur Dies dat^ ^ eis a die Sci YUar % 
. V. sepl . ad aud jud suu ,1 innm hilt lie 

Nor/* JT Dies dat^ + Fori de Bmhd 1 1W Ac de Wahmghi 

de plac homag a die Set YUar i . v. sepi . pee 
ptiu.1t hnt lie Qcord. Prior pon loco suo 
Lour de Tibrigg in ad luc*. Ic, si ipe inree n 

tVilL f " ^i^ d^ Histon " poit^ loco Emme de Pert op- 

tulit se • iiij* die vsus Rog TVaspaitt de plac • 
catallo^ "X avio^ ijuste detentoj^ . 1: Rog n ven 
%c. \ vie n misit bre . nee noia sum. 

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de St^dle missi ad sciend q Ysold ux WiU 
Rtcsselt q pgnas t ut dr vellet poule loco suo 
vsus Com Albrie de plac svic :! did qd posuit 
loco suo Sewat de Wicham, 

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plev q capta fuit in man dni Reg p ej^ defcu 
vsus iLeticJit Radft defend siimoem . defbidat 
se . xij. manu. Dies dat^ f&B a die **Pasch I 
. XV. dies *\ pleg de leg Abired de fde WalpotL 

Wigorn. ff ^^ ^^ Westm po • lo • Ric Paceuot opl se . iiij. 

die vsus Joh de MuvirU ad recip cirog* suii • 
"X ipe n ven 1c. Ido atach qd sit a die Sci 
YUar l.v.sepl.%c. 

Kent. r Jiog de Plawrtke . Herb Jit Fubti . Witt Jit Oe^ 

men! . Alea^ de Allinges missi ad Rad de W^in- 
ton ad vidend utr infirm q^ se esson vsus Ifitt 
Noel de plac . I • diet qd lang 1 1 qd posuert 


di die a eUe Sci CJeBitU I • i. annU apd Turr 

Line. f Dies dat^ t Regin MonacH de Exaq^o \ Gerard 

de CatUtt de plac asS de eccta de \\Brocebi a 
die Pasch .i.L msem • \ Regin hat A1^ suii • 
vl qrat qd p5it^ sit cora diio Rege loco A1^ . 
12. infra iilii tmin. 

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Kei. JVestm de plac bosci de Penge % inilil ej^d 

Steph sut ult* mar i syico dni . ^r. 

Hertford, jf Alan^ poit^ loco Gerard de Fumivatt pet Psus 

PetrU de Paston :/ qr advocat tenle . j. car . t . 
c ptin in Mundenh . de alio q* de ipo Gerard . 
de q** debet tenle ut dicr^l Petrus die qd ipe 
iplac fuit in cur dni • Pr. vsus Warin de Bos* 
singeburn . t p^ea vsus Guiomar fil suii . 1 
postea vsus qnda Osd. Ita qd plac inr Os5 1 
ipm remasit pp plac qd fuit ir ipm % Guiomar. 
inr q^s pcord f ca fuit ita scilt [XK] salvo jure 
capil dili . qd ||fa§e licuit ut ei ||vidr . Cur 
psidav qd licuit ei ita face. 

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Nor/.' die V8U8 Hub de Mukensi de plac nov diss . 

q^ id Hub alia vice tutat bre de nova diss de 
ead rra • \ & psecut^ fuit . \ io reman3 i mia • 
. mia. 1 pleg ejus i mia. 

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9sus Thorn Decan de Bensinton de plac roabit 
dot sue 1 Bensinton q ea coting de lib teil qd 
fuit Witt II vi sui i Bensinton .1 ipe n ven vl se 
essoii. Ido terc ps illi^ tre • scilt. rcia ps diin 



«virg". I. c p€ ca^ in man dni ^r .He. 1 dies 
1c. t ipe sum qd sit a die Sci YUar I .v. sepl. 

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de dim virg .1.1 Kaisho .1 vad releviu suu . 
It de . XX vi. s. q^s ab eo exegit hnt lie 9Cord . 
\ dies dat^ t eis a die Set Yllar I . xv. dies. 

Bed. f Dies dat^ t Joh Aurifabro a die Set YUar I 

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ducta in cur Com WSiffi de . vij. virg . t .1 dim . 
T: xl. acr . I . c ptiii i Berkeston . uii finis f& 
fuit in? ipm Joh \ Thorn Jit H'5 p dueUiL.T: 
vie tc mittat record p . iiij. miM St tc respodeat 
qr n misit record ittd n"" noia milit a die Sci 
Mart t . av. dies. 

Buk\ jf Steph de Tappelawe q* se esso& de mat Ic vsus 

Witt Jit Milan pel lie ven ad cur. 

CanTbr. jf Alex* de Grates pel tra sua [de Grantesel'] p 

plevin q capta fuit i rnaQ diii ^. p defcu ejus 
vsus 'Rad Jit Pag .1 defend sumone . T; vad 
lege se xij. manu . Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci 
Yllar t . av. dies . pleg WaU de ^Cotes. 

Essex\ f WaU Jit Umfr pel vsus Ric de Bella Capo 

.iiij. pte ville de Pentelawe ut jus suu.1 
ipe pel vis I, Hat visu. Dies dat^ t eis a dire 
Sci Yllar t . v. sepl . 1 " irim *' fiat visus. 

Essea^. ^ Witt de BlUuitt pel Psus Ric Engaine . j. car ; I . 

c ptin i \\Serdelesfiee • \ Ric def sum. Dies 
dat^ f eis a die Sci Yllar i . "j. mse** 1 hnt 
lie gcord. 

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Oris de plaC finis f ci int eos i cur dni Reg . 


1 ipe fi ven Ic» atach qd sit a die Sci Yllar 
l • iw. sepL 1c. 

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po'.i resgm usq, i . «;. rfie. jP Pasch c^ 
advoc Joh de Crioitt \ Joh ux ej^ clam vsus 
Afib de Westm i p def cu recogn . q^ Rob de 
WRiggebi.Sm de WFqffinton . Rog de WTtcen- 
ford. Gitt de \\Tuiford. Rad de Torp . Thorn de 
Risinges . fVaU de Norton . Reginjit Reinfr 
David Burdet Witt Jit Joh . Rob Friday . 
Warm de BamU . Joh de Tilton . rec ii vener 
vt se ess. Atac^ sut qd sit ad eund rmin. 

2for/: ^ ff Witt de Becco [T: Rob Jit WitR'] op! se . iiij. die 

vsus Rob de Cantelu .1 Sim Jit Ric . Ad \JiUu 
P'posif . 1 Gitt de Baitt \ Tebbald Sorett. Rob 
Culling \ Aleai^ de la Kersimer . Rob Marescatt 
« Witt de la Land . Sim OstiariU . Thorn de 
Hausted. ^ Rob Marescatt . Witt de V ^ de 
plac catallo^ 1 ipi 3 vener 1c . 1 debuer poni 
P pl^g i^*^ P^cepl fuit ut vie die Ball Sci Edm 
qd eos atacli .1 ii ^ 1 vie fi xnisit noia pleg. 
Ido atacli qd sit a die Sci Yllar t . v. sept \n 
resposur . T: vie tc respodeat qr n eos atacli . 
1 qr S misit noia pleg l. an), dies ^ fesl Sci 
Mart sic ei peep? fuit. 

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Jlerm T; Maienc0 3 fuit ux Osb. ^ 

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plac deb .1 ipe il ven vl se esS . 1 debuit pobi 
p pleg • 1 p met pleg. Ido cosida^ t qd vie 
hat eu a die Sci Yllar i ^. ||^'. sepl^ £av. dies'] 
resposur^ . 1 scied qd vie signif qd ipe n fuit 


i com p^q* bre pffi veS . 1 J)*mi pleg Oseb si 
rola. 1 mia . It q^rant' eo^ noia i dorso brevis. 

if M fFaff opt 86 . iiii. die v^flus Petrjit Rob Fabr 
de plac deb . 1 {Pcepl fuit vie q3 habet corp^ 
ej^ a die SciMarli.av. dies.l tc 5 veii vt se 
esson • n^ viS eix habuit • sj significav qd n fuit 
i comitatU p^q' bf e veii. Ido pcepl f vie qd 
hilt eii sic alia vice p^epS fuit ei r^ qd sit a 
die Set Ytt I . av. dies . resfi^sur^. 1c. 1 vie sit 
tS apd Westm ostensur^ q? n habuit eia adie 
SciMarlt.av. dies sic *IS. 

iin?. jT ^J^''^ ^ WWaUtot fine fee c fFii/Fo 

. xxxiii. bidentib} It ear exitib} p • xl. s. quos 
ei dat's t • scit • a die Sci YUar I . xv. dies St ad 
feria Sci Botulfi . xl. s. Htig de Bohi . pL 

f Rob WessepekelJoHCaretar^.t Wall eaf porta 
fine fecert rsus eund de debitis q ab eis exeg . 
p • iiii. ti. 1» iiiL »• viiL d. ad duos • {. sciT med 
^Natdt pwm . % med ad med (^drag . Petr^ 
BacU pt de toto. 

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tenuit de eo i Tomeie . It iii cep homag suiL 

Sutf? f Dies dat* t Waffo de Hadfeld 1 Wai^ojajoh 

« po .lo. ^ris I . t;. sepi ^fesl Sci YUar ad 
recip cirog* suii • It WaU hat bre ad vie qd 
faciat intern ipi Wat^o hre rSabile escabiu de 
. med • t . q* Hero^ d6 Geddig ten} de Beod JoR 
de RatksdeniL 

Wat. JT ^ic aignif p bre suu sigiUlal t^S. cep in man dBi 

.« Pr. i, vi^ « I • c ptiS i Boa^cttb ^ det Rob 
liBarate Vsus t I crastiii Sci 




Bui'. jf Dies dat' f Henr de WNonSt . 1 Ysab ui sue . 

pel.1 Sim de LitUngei poito loco Rob de 

WitecIUrch de plac . I . a die Set YUar i . v. sepi 

J\ Sim pet qd ei allocet' 1c i! qd Henr n ven 

^se esson. 




ff Magr nut Tempt pon loco suo frem Witt de 
Bemewod versus JoU de Marisco de plac 
marisc ad luc* • 1 . pS . 1 Vsus Pore de Norh de 
plaS eccTe St rsus Pore de Cruc Roh de plac 
lil&tat • 1 ipe *t ipe Jp deposuit in Hemr ^txem 
8UU . q i^ posuerat .T:£. 

/f ViS signif qd inq^siv p legal hoies q®^ noia 
silt {I bnj q3 rra q fuit Gitt Morin i 
IIP^fcAe^iTi valet s& S. It i. 
virg ?re i Clopton . IPt val «v. §• 1 . i. virg t . 
1 Upnowburn val • viL s. 

)f P^cept 1 fuit vie q p legat hoes iq*rer3 de. 
visn . de GameUngei . utf HugJitPet^ de Captta 
\ Pet^nitt mat sua It sorores ipi^ Hug ||eent 
saisiti de • i. mesag i GameUngei c pi un ipi 
9qrunt'^ q Henf Jit JEustac eos diss lb dom 
eo^ asportav • ^ utx ipi i|f mnt saisiti die qua 
p'dca Hemf mov. pt . v Gatfr Picot i Cur dni 
pf de ?ra de GameUngei "t u1? ipi eent saisiti 
die qua ipe Herc^ recupavit saisina p fine 
duelli *m\ quale saisin tc iii Yiueit • ^ ufx ipe 
JHert^ intfuit ubi p>dca dom^ pstata fuit 1 
«spartata. I qui ibi inrfuert It ipe«significav 
1ms snis sigiS q inq'sidoem fee p« xv. libos 1 
legsl hoes quoj^ noa • s. i brevi « q Hug jit 
Pefi & . , . • Pet?niU mat ej^ 1 sorores 
ej^de Hug n fuert saisiti de . i. mesag c pt . 
die qua Herd Jit Eustac movit pla8 v * 
Galfr Picot . S3 in fiieft diss . p Galfr Picot # 


ita q ipi tulert bre de nova diss * . cora j^tic 
itinianl apd Cantehr 1 tc remansit pdca • asS . 
occasione • q duellii ivadia^ fiiit int pdcos 
Henfn Galfr. Significav x q Hug .\ pdicti 
sals f uert de . i. mesag tm i GameUgei p quonda 
llconvencoem f cam ir ipos 1 pdcm . . . . 
• • , . • It q die qua Henf . recupav 
tra de Gametigei v Galfr pdco n fuef iventi 
saisiti de illo mesag • n^ de aliqua . I • i Gams- 

Rget . S3 f ca fuit . ei plenaria saisa 

gio q de alia tra q fuit ipi^ Galfi • ita q fuit 
saisit^ de illo mesag i pace p iii. dies. F^ea 
Hug 1 mar ej^ 1 sorores ej^ de nocte intrasert 
se 1 bordKm quodda . 1 seras Hertf fregert JX 

in? se Significav 1 q Hertf 2 

inrfuit u* dom^ pstata fuit ^ asportata.l q 

•nescif qui inrfuert pstxata fiiit 

1 asportata ' n*' inq^ri p . % inq*sico suspecta 
habetf^ . Precept f qd fiat p jurata . It qct ven'aj 

t • av. die? p^ Jesl Sci Yllar, 


jfor/,' IT Afeb de Derha optulit se .iiii, die v. Rog Buche 

de pi fin f ci p cirog*. int eis Tt ipe n venit 1 se 
ess. It fuit poit^ p pleg.l:^p meliores^.s. 

Rob Jit Emrnlg . Johjit iKetei Rcid Jit 

Jit Wictrher . Tt io ^attacti^ ponat' p meliores 
pleg • q sit a die S'. Hitf I . av. dies • ifl 
responsur 1 . p*mi pleg ej^ siimoneant'^ q tc 
sint ibi ostensuri qr r^ l)iuert q pleg. 

Surf. jf Dm ^ {jsignifica . . «mandav p bre suu de ult^ 

mar j^tic . q loqla q t int WaU de la Hose 1 
Hnr Jit Rod /S xvi. acr t . c pi i Wandleswrh 
sit i tali statu quo fuit die quo pfat^ Watt se 
ess • de svic . suo . n* judm iii fcm fuit 

flboy % Wittde Nevitt[\ Amabt u^ ej^] po • loco suo Math 


de iliSepet vsus Ad de WHolende de plac \x\l 
psen^ ad meet eccte de ^Holand tc. 

Ebof. f AVb de Witeby op! se . iiii. die vsua Burgens de 

Witebi de plac libta! p cart.l ipi n vener. 
1c . T: vie 8 mis bre, Ido cosida! f qd ipi 
sum qd sit . Hii. die j^ Covlsione Set Paid in 
resposur . 1 Vic tc hat p*m bre 1 scdm ostfis 
qr n mis p*m bre t crasl Set Andr.^ nee 
noia sum. ^ Fostea id dies dat^ t ||eis A^ 
1 Win Jit Ulkitt [de p! Ubta! . ap Westm^ 


jf de Wodelcme q* se ess de m . Ic vsus 

Pa^c de WChauton de pi.! 

m. 18. dors* 

Bul^. f Testal t p ArcM Etiem 1 ||JRi2 de Heriet. 

sup q°s Bic de Sijrewasf 1 Rob de Pikeni se 
posuerat qd c5ven inr eos cora ipis de rcia 
pte « dim milit i Cestresha q* Rob de Pikenni 
\ ux ejus clam vsus eund Ric. Ita [q] Ric 
de Sifrewast daret eis . iiii. ti. ! • [p servic ) 
9cie ptis . i. mil] Ita qd dono rre q* Rob de \ 
Sifrewast dedat Rob de Pinkenni **p^q* dux?at 
" (ilia sua i ux:'" pputari ||debuerat infra 
illas . iiii. li. 1 .1 ita gcord final foret inf eos. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad rec cirog* suu . ? • Hi. sepl 
f fest Sci Yllar .% inPim fiat ptico ?rax \ 
ux ej^d Rob venis^t 

Leic. jf Epc Line pon loco suo Hug de WRobi vsus 

Senescallu Com de Leic de plac ijurie ad 
luc» \ fd. 

Kent. f ^Edward 1 WLeofwrth op! se . iiii. die vsus Godwin 

Jit Sinod de plac • viii. acr I en pti£l in Hak- 
gestowe . It ?ra capta f bit i man dni . ft . 1 
petita Si ad die ei da! p^ea il veil vt se ess • 

Rot. Cdiu Reg.— Vol. £I. * ^ 


Jud . Edward \ WLeofword feat sais sua .1 
Godwin q*le debuit hat recupacone. 

LeiC' f Considal t qd Auic filia Joh de WMusele hat sais 

sua . de . vi. virg . ? . 8 ptin vsus Magrm Regin 
Arundett. \ vsus Ric de Fisseburii . \ vsus . 
Hug PirrarrP [1 Ydonid ux sua^ de • iiii. virg 
rre c ptiii i Muset . q^ testal t qd Joh f uit i 
custod Magri Regin . \ du fuit c eo r' fee 
cartas sub noie ejusd Joh s* . % Ric de Fisse- 
burn . 1 Hug PirrarrP. 1 ux sue . Ita qd nich 
sibi vl hedib} ej^ remajolet'. si rate habentur 
donacoes ejusd Joh p cartas q*8 pdci Regin 
\ Ric . 1 Hug \ Ydonia dixut eu eis fecisse . 
mie. % ipi oms in ima. 

Suf: f Cristian Leidet pel die Sci Andr ?ra sua p pt q 

capta fuit i man diii Reg p ej^ defcu vsus 
Thorn de Estlege. 

Warr. f Dies dat^ t Thorn Cambleg \ Gerard de Berton 

de plac .X.a die Pasch i , i. msem . Pee ptiii. 

Warr. jf Wilt de || Wilmecol fine fee de . mia sua [p hdie 

suspense p pedes] p . v. m. Regin Basset . Ric 
. V. m. de Beledenn . Yvo de Dene . Hiig de Berges. 

Hcrifordt. f Ass de . m • ailcess inr Wilt de . Mora 1 Joh fX 

Azur p' in respm q*diu id Witt f 8it i svico 
dni Reg ult* raar*.p bre diii Reg de ultf 

Essex\ jf Ric fit Rann po . lo . ux sue pel vsus Jurd Jit 

Reingii [1 Julian ux sua] . i, mariscu qd 
vocat' Utmers . ut jus ux sue . f t 

Jurd pel visii marisc. Hat visii. Dies dat^ t 
eis a die Sci Yllar l . v. sept .1 irim fiat visus. 
Juliana poU loco suo Jurd vir suu . TtS* 


Norf: f Witt de WBecco pel v^sus Rog de Balling xxii. acr. 

X . c ptin 1 DalUnges ut illas q ptinet ad ec- 
clam sua de Dolling ut liBm feod illi^ eccte . 
IjKo^ ven \ defend jus suu.1 pon se "in 
legale jur visa illi^." scit utr ipe maj^ jus 
habeat tenendi ura ilia i dSico an [^i7?.ut 
liBra teii] eccte illius et Witt sitr. Dies dat^ 
t eis a die Sci Yllar i iev. dies . 1 tS veniat 
** jurata '' A iiii. milit ad eligend xii.^ 

Cantebr. f Herv^ Jit Eusl q* se essofi de . m . Ic * pel lie 

veil ad cur . It lit. 

NariL JT Petrus Clictcs de Holt 1 Yuo de Denne peord 

silt de • Ix . m • catallo^ q id Petr pel rsus 
eund YtLoii . p sic qd id Petrus q*e£ clam ei . 
^ Rob de Bumebir tol pdcra debi? p . xv. m . 
q*s Ytto ei ded. 

Surf. JT Rob Jit Jocelin poit^ loco ux sue opt se . iiii. die 

vsus Jocelin Jit Ailward de recip cirog*pli suu 
de . vi. acr . I . c ptin i Pecha . \ dies fuit eis 
dat^ i octab Sci Mart .t tc fi ven vl se essofi . 
ido atacH qd sit apd Westm i oci Sci Yllar . 

Norii. jT Alic WBlundtt pel die Jovis gaf p^J\ 5*. Andr. 

tra sua i Norh . q capta fuit i man dni . ft . p 
defalta sua v Ric Gubiun. 

Surf. f Vic significav p bre suii sigillal qd inq'sivit p 

Rob de Bosevitt 1 Turb de Talamo . Hug 
WPulcre Rog de Nortbroc . \\Rog Caueseie . Witt 
Jit Regin . Witt pposit . qd ftre q fuit WRob 
Mori 1 Kersaultoh valt xxxi. s. \ tra de 
SudtQn vail • C. s. 

iDev\ Ji Joh Jit Witt pel die Jot/ $al^.ff. S". Andr ?ra 

I4 2 


sua p pt 1 Excestr q ||capta fuit i mail dni ^r p 
defcu ej^. v ArnisiU. 

Warr. f Rod de Grqfion pon loco suo Ric Jit Joh rsus 

[^Petr] Steph de StoUee de plac war carl ad 
luc* • Ttc. 

Stiff*. JT Dies dat^ t Rog . Huscart • po , lo • Wall de 

CaplUs % Philip de l| WirmHdat. po . lo . Witt de 
^Walesh.zA aud jud pt magn.ass. 
a die . 5*. Hitt t . av. dies. 

iL/nc. if Elias de Brandon . po . lo . suo Petr Bussett. v • 

Eugjit Joh de pi I. ad luc*. Ttc. 

Cantebr. ,jf Dies dat^ f Jotii P'son de Grates po . loco Gaufr 

de Fercles . \ Ric Enganie de ass de capita 
de Cotes a die Sci YUar t . Hi. sepi . ad aud jud 

BuJe. jT P'cepl fiiit vie qd inq*ret p legates hoies ["jura- 

tores"] "p quos" ass de morf ancess de.i.virg. 
I . i Witcherch capta fuit rsus Henr de Nonat . 
*\ iq'ret quis vl q* fuer i sais . \ . illi^ qn ass 
/capta fuit«t iq^sicone in fcam p.iiii» lii^ 
holes q' irSent illi iquisicoi significaret Justic . 
t crasl Sci Andr . 1 vie n misit ilia iq^sicone . 
n^ • iiii. mil it venert . Ido cdsidal f qd hat bre 
ad viS qd faciat iq^sicone f i . \ ilia venire 
faciat I octab Sci YUar p . tales • iiii. holes • qd 
n op^teat Justic cape se ad illii • 1 ipe vie tc 
sit ibi osl qr n fee fi siS ei pcepl fiiit alia 

EboT^. jf Dies dat^ t ho%3 de Beverlaco de plac libtatis 

sue ostend a die Sci Yllar I . v. sept. 

Kent. JT -Kic Di gra Rex Angt '\jc. Ditcto \ fideli suo . 

G.Jit Pet^ •salt Mandam^ vo15 q diligil? iq^ri 


facialis p antiq^s % legat hoes de visn • de 
Sutton . quas psuetudies \ quas opacoes • hoes 
de Wilminton \ de Sutton It de • • • . home 
debnt 1 sotnt fa8e ad firma . vii. Ubr albe firme 
de Sutton • de justa \ antiq^ gsuetudie • qii H. 
1^ ea tenuit i manu sua J\ qn Matitt Impatx . 
ea donav Rob Jit Rod St AUc ux. sue \ q essi- 
amenta 1 q ptinentia tc tpris solebant ptinere 
ad pdcam firma de Sutton. Qua Stctton dilcl 
1 fidel nr . fVitt d Wrotha ten} de dono fvro . 
It q ia iq'sil f 8it ifi pdco Wilto here faciatis 
scdm teuore cartar Matitt Impa^cis .It H. ^ 
pns nn t carte nre. T. me ipo apd Rupe de 
Andeli . ir* die Octobr. 

ESU. f X Di gra Pr Angl 1c. G.JitPe^ . sat. Mandam^ 

voft q j^te . % sH diloe facias fiere Witto de 
Wrotha j^tas 9suetudies .1 opacoes A assia- 
menta t ptinentia q debnt It sotnt de j^ta gsue* 
tudie ad libm tefi • • • de Sutton . ptinere • in 
Wilminton Tt i Sutton .It i Sutecholte 1 in 
Kingesdon St in Lagahame St in marisc de De* 
rentefford . scdm iq'sicoem in f cam. T. Ttc. 

Knt. jf Hec t inq^sico de justis t antiq^s psuetudinib} 

1 opacoib} ptinentib} ad . vii. lib? t . v. sot de 

alba firma quas Sutton membr de Derteford 

solebat redde qii . H. |(r earn tenuit i manu 

sua *l qn Matitt Jmpatx earn donavit Rob Jit 

Rod St Alio •^* sue . 1 hec inq^ico f ca fuit 

p veredcm • xxiiii. libo^ \ legat homin de visii 

de Sutton \ p pcepl Capitat J^tic . set istoj^ . 

WiUi de Orkesden . Walkelin de . . . Sim de 

Creiford. Joh Jit Lefwin . Edward Jit Uctred . 

Ade de Stanes . Ham de Stanes . Wilt del Haie 

Sim de la Hoke • Gi/S Jit \\Aelei$ . Petri atte 

Hoke Rob deWNorsele^Godtfr de \\Hotton.Rob 

h 3 



Jit WaU . WdiSi f rfi^ fe Fleg . Edmtrd de Fre^ 
ningeha . Witti Forestarii de Brumlege . Edwin 
le WNaber. WaU le \\Dan . \\Anselm de Cleidon. 
Alea? fns ej^ . JoU de Erde . Thoin de WOchoUe. 
Petri fns ej^. Isti dnt q de j^ta \ antiqua 
psuetudie de quolib'l jugo de Sutton. t de 
Wihniiiton hoes . sotnt \ debnt arare • ii. acras. 
I scl .i. acra de sumagio .t ab'a de tremesio. 
\ ire IIpp semen ad granariu . de Sutton t se- 
minare . 1 sarclare 1 hersiare Pt mere St ||car- 
care ad horreos de Sutton . ad c^tu eo^. f Ide 
dnt q de j^ta It antiqua cosuetudie debnt t 
sotnt in venire de quolibi jugo de Sutton . 1 
de Wilminton . i. falcam .^.i. hoiem ad falcand 
pHa llq llprata q ptinet ad cur de Sutton .\ 

levare fena . \ de quolibt jugo i ad 

carriand pdca fena ad cur de Sutton . ad ||cun- 
redii diii de Sutton, jf Ide dnt q cur de 
Sutton debet 1 solet de j^ta 9suedie partiri 
dSic marisc drii ^ de \\Dorent^rd 1 i . . . . 
ubiq^ II 9* curia de la Dele, jf Ide dnt q hoes 
de Sutton . t de Wilminton debnt It sotnt de 
j^ta 1 atiqua 9suetudie blodwite 1 childwitte 
1 heriel ad cur de Sutton, f Ide diit q bosc^ 
de . . . . Holt solet ee de j^ta 9suetudie d£Uc^ 
bosc^ ptinens ad cur de Sutton . qui nc vasta- 

tus t destructus f p ifl^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ 

WCingesdon i bosco 1 i piano debet ^ solet de 

j^ta psuetudie ee f Ide dnt 

q de rra de Laggehame de j^ta psuetudie 
debent % sotnt dari ad cur de Sutton . . . . . 
carra It • iiii. paria rotar caruce quolibit ano . 
i vigt^Joh Baptiste. jf Ide dnt q de quolib} 
jugo de Sutton \ de Wilminton debT: 1 soli 
dari de j^ta 9suetudie un^ porc^ pcio . viii. S. 
set q* vocat' Gres . . . quolibT: anno ad f*. S^. 


Pet^ . ad Guld Aug. jf Ide dnt q de quo- 
libt jugo de Sutton /I de Wilminton debnt 1 
soTnt dari de j^ta 9suetudie ad cur de Sutton . 

una cleia ad falda .1 Hockedai 

de bosco diii |(r • "X Uportari ad falda cur de 

Sutton . quolibl; ano» jf Ide diit 1 de 

Wibninton debnt % sotnt de j^ta Qsuetudie 
face . i. ponte i marisco de WDerenteford . . . 
• • . . feni de pHo diii ^r ad cur de Sutton . 1 
hoes de Halgele debnt invenire vi. Ilgistas ad 

% dnica carra de Sutton p'mo debnt 

transire p pontem illu. jf Ide dSSt q^ custodia 

de marisco de Derenteford debl 

\ solet ptinere ad cur de Sutton de j^ta 


jf Com Devoid po . lo . suo Philip Monach . \ Sim 
tCantebr. ^ y^^g^ j jfrittm v Hug de 

\\Ermenters de rrar T: . v . ||vic de 

. . . .to de WCorceles 1. 

V . Gilb Jit Reinfrid ^ Reinfrid frem suu . de 



Surf. f( Rod Morin gcessit jBVfe q fuit . ux . Gilb Morin 

p tota sua llrcia de rris q fuert Gilb Morin 
i ^Cherhauton \ i WPitrelesha \ i Sutton p 
dote sua q eam 9ting . ita q ipe bebit capitale 
messag i WPitrelesha 1 ipa i Chershautoii ,\ 
jp?ea faciet ei sua rcia de . x. m. scit xliiii. s. 
1 vi. deii un dom qda i Lond appciata f salvo 
tn 9vi2 q Rob tenet' in fa8e p annu . ipa heat 
bre ad vie ubiq^ in. 

Nm^t. f Nich de Reppes q^ se ess de mal Ic . v . Regin 

[de Reppes de pi t] petiit lie veniedi ad cur 
T: huit 

L 4 


• «* 


jf Wall de Boittott pel in crasl Set Nicot tril saa 
[de WBumsted'] p pleviii q capta fuit i man 
dni Jfc vsus JoH Jil Brithwald. 

jf WAncelin WBataiUis Hug dc ViCantelu RadJilRaS. 
Hug de CanteJu . Witt Jit WitU miss p Com 
ad ferend record q**m° loqt in? Jurd Jit Amc 
pel 1 Aug capBm \ Rob de \\Crikesee ten de . 

i. hid. I .I dim deducta 

fuit 1 com 1 1 q° statu • . • • . qn 

in suscep q de sigiK .G. Jit 

loqla ilia poniet' cora Jusl ap Westm.'X si 

jpdcs Au^. Rob agebat . 

vt si ui\ illo^ viS 9tulit bre q p se agebat 

• Ilostensione bns illi^. 

dicut qd Jurd Jit Auic tulit ||duo bria de recto 

• It ipe essoii se • 

de . m . ve 1 de . m . Ic . 1 i 

ipe Jurd .... loqla sua ..... r^ WAu^ tulit 

bre sub sigillo. dfliG. q cotinebat' 

sept ]^ Pasch t ... ipe Jurd .... Austin 

pace hre p bre sub eod 

sigillo . 1 ejusd • . . . p Rob pd2o • . . vie 
custodiret bria ilia 1 ea hret cora jusl .1 • . • • 

••♦ ^ facienda p legal hoies de comil qd jus 

Rob Jit Wall sue 

resp usq^ t oct Set Yllar p def cu rec 

. • . WMereshat. Regin de 

Fortes . Joh MoruuP. Rob Jit Umfirid Sim JiX 

Ric ad eund • L Id dies 

dat^ f aliis q vener. 

Mieh .... 

Buh^. jf poii loco suo Sirn de . .ichingh vsus 

Henr de de • . . . 



m. 19. 

Sdh^. f Mabitt Jit Rob Marmfi q fuit ux Htig de Say 

habet tota Codrigg noie dol 1 hre debet. 
• xi. ti. 1 . iiL 8. 1 II xi. S.. ob ex dofi Htig jpdci 
q^nda v4 sui in Wichebold ta in dnico q* 1 
9vic salvo cap masag q remant Hug de 
Frarits . 1 ipa hat • i. masag i ead villa c5pe- 
ten^ ad vat. 

Kmi. ^ Margar q fuit ux Wid de Seines op{ se . iiii. die 

vsus Witt de Sebies de plac roab doS sue q ea 
9ting ex don Wid quonda vU sui i Selues t 
ipe n venT;c. Jud.tota tcia ps tre q fuit 
Wid 1 ead villa cap i mail dni ft . 1c, 1 ipe 
Slim qd sit i octab Sci Ylt* 1c« 

£ssej^. f Dies dat^ t Jurdjil Aide .1 Rob de ^Chirchei .T: 

Jug capBo t Oct Sci YUar de plac aud jud 
suH de jjftis brib} . 1 hilt lie cocord. 

Norf.' f Begin de Clifton ^* querit' q " X^ana de Pikeha 

mr "tsua" plus ht [dotis] q* hre debet 1 ?ra 
sua de Pikeha . Id au op^ eid tcia pte oiu 
?rar q flier pat's sui ta i Norf* q*m 1 Ebo^ . 
Ido gsid t qd ipe Regin hat bna ad vie ^dco^ 
comil qd faciat hre eid X^an roabile dol 

m. 20. Essoii de mat l6 "^. 

Esson de m^ van in ocf ^cH Mick^ "16. 
in.2o.dor5. Essoii I • XV. dies jJ^fesf S^cH Mich^ de mat Id. 


(A.l.No.10.) IL 

™- 1- Essonia de malo lecti ad ?miiiu S'cH HSt^ 

ano regni . ^ JoK. jf^mo . TtC. 

Essonia de malo veil ad eundem fminum . 1& 
«»•2. /. Hi. sept\ Tte. 

m. 8. Esson de mat 16 a die jS'c't YUar" i . i. nCsem • 

D' mat ven ^c- 
m.s-dorg. D'nica p^ odaV Purif 16. 

/. V. sepf post fesf S'cH YUar' Ifi. 

«!• 4. De mat veniendi i . ai:;. dies p^f^S' HilT. !£. 

Esson de Banco anno jhno . Pr . JbA'i; 1:d. 
ID. 4. dors. D'. mat 16 z.HL sepf.'ic. 

Ad eund I . de . m . ve • 1c. 

m. 5. Essonia de mat yen a die S^cH HilF l . xv. dies 


m.S.dorsr. /• XV. dies «tc* 

m. 6. Esson de mat ven t v. sepf pPfesf S'cH YUar^. 

Essoii de mal Ic . D'nica gx"" 111 an dvHes 'Ic. 


D' mat ve. 
D^nica p^ CMes 1c. 

•m.6. dors. D^nica avL mediam Quadrag^ coram Dno. G. de 

BocP 1 Baron de Scco • de mat ven Sic. 

Ad mediam QuadrcLg. coram p?d5is de mat 

ven 't^. 

Plac cora p?ddis ad p?dem ?minu. 

Herif.' f P^ceptor TempU pet v WiWm Wrench q faciat 

ei ronabte auxit ad fine suu q feS c dno T^ !\ 
ad q*etanda debita . \ auxilia q debnt dno 
Regi . \ Witts venit 1 die q nich [deb3 eis q^ 
niclij tenet de eis J\ io gsidera^ t q Templarii 
qrant s^ aliud bre si voluint 

Norf' JT Burgnses de Normco • op . se . iiij. die . v • Judeos 

de Norwico de pi cimerii eo^ fracti . It ipi £1 
veil set essoniavt se • ||iij. die p^ diem placiti • 
% essoniu ii fuit admissu .It Ji^i fuert pelntesr' 
Judm Bm'gnses eant in sn die • It Judi beant 
iii talem recupacoem qualem Yiere potint. 

Noff.' jf Greg MonacfP posit^. lo • P^oris de Binkam ut ipe 

dix . op . se • iiij. die v Rob Jit Wall de pi 
advoc ecclie de Baketon 1 ipe ii venit 1 esson . 
1 sumoit^ fuit adee apd Westm responsur^ 
eidem Fori i llstatu i quo loqla in in? eos 
remansit alia vice i cur dni ^r • occoe t^nsfre- 
tacois ipi^ Robti . t sumo testata fuit» Dies 
dat^ « ei a die Pasch % . av. dies f in^p ad aud 
jud suii iii. 

to. 8. dor8. Essoii de rmino S'cH HyUar' anno regni 

Reg* JoKis primo. 


(A.l.No.7.) III. 

jn.i, << Placita de ?mino Pasch' [1 de Pmino S'c'e 

^^ Thiitatis] anno regn Reg* JoK'is primoJ"^ 

Middelsex^. f AUc de JiKari petiit rra llilla p plevina die Lune 

pjf jp^ scdam diS Dnica Quadr q capta fuit i 
man dni Reg p defalta Rod Luuet [fit sui] 
vs^ MatHm de Stones . ^ AUc poil i& loco suo 
Philip de WKari fin. 

WMiddeke^, f Htib de Burgo pon loco suo AlanU ^Vic Surr^ 
«SwS^rf, [. . .] de II WiUon vt Fukhum de Sudwerk* \?8^ 

Johem WOniun de pi ad voc ecclie .1 9s^ JbXem 
de Septon de pt iquisiconis ad Ijluc vt pd. 

war. if Loqnd cum G. Jit Pet^ de custod Kedum Ade 

de Hut q^m Com de Ptico ^de Chikelad^ 
clam vs^ Andr de Crickelad q^ ven T; dix q 
pdci Kedes tenet de aliis dilis capitalib} q* 
de Com pdco utpote de Rob Dewias de quo 
tenet maj^ feod q* de Com , ad q custod 
p^dco^ bedum mag debet ptinle q^m ad Com . 
It qd id Rob cocessit ei custod ilia p carta 
sua q* tt .1 p^ea ven Htig de Tahari Sefl Com 
tven \ dix qd noluit in placitare .t Andr exp 
. iiii die suii 1 Hug n copuit .It ||fuit petes .1 
io Andr eat sil die. 

^orKt. JT Is^tt q fuit ux Rob de Pessi pori loco suo 

Thorn de Sissewne vs^ Com de Frariis de pt 
disseisin rre i Neubott ad lu • vt pd, 

Solop. JT Abbas de Psor sumonit^ fuit adee cora dfio 

Jfigorn^ Reg oslnsur^ qr ipe psentav cticu ad ecdiam 

de Halfs que t de donacone dfli Reg ut dicif. 


t duo monachi veniut p Afebte qui Unguid^ t 

BpAJVodesiok' ut dicit' '' '' t dnt qS ipi " '* debfit 

psentare cTicu ad ecctiam ilia sic ad ilia q 
sua f q*m ipi hSt ex done David fit Owin 
[qui ea eis dedit] assnsu t voluntate Emm 
ux sue \ carta sua cof'mav q* ptutunt q h 
testat'.l carta .J. Epi Wigorn de conf'ma- 
cone .'I carta It Emm ux David. \ ipm David 
m vocat ad waran?. Hant q vocarut I eras- 
tino diei Pasch cora dno Rege. P^ea ven 
Abbas 1 p*a psona 1 ret*xit se 1 posuit se iii 
i mia Pf • It reddidit ||ei cartas suas ut dix, 

OxotL if Loqnd cu dno Reg de Templariis q* qrunt' qd 

hoiesde Wodestok^ [diss eos] de.iiii.acr rre 
c ptin 1 Wodestoh^ ^uK • • o^ seisi Pf^ un ipi 
f Sut seisiti ut dnt xxx. annis ptitis, Hoies 
de Wodestok^ diit qd [reva] tota villa de 
Wodestok^ sedet sup feud Templar ita qd 
dns Rex .H. eis dedit escambiu iii [• qn feoffav 
hoies de Wodestok" iii] It de istis iiii. acr sitr 
escambiu dedit eis • ita qd post escambiu fSm 
iii n f 8ut iii seisiti n^ p WAmsiU de Wodestoh^ 
q* pmisit eos p*^. i. acr cole 1 p^ea alia t tcia 
^ iiii**. uii cu Witt de \Sce Mar Ecdia custod 
illo^ hretr' fecit inquiri p jur ville utx iiii.a<^ 
ille ptinlent ad dnm Rege n^ ne • quas cii 
iquisico dedisset dno Reg ^ seisivit eas i manu 
Reg c bladis i ea iventis «^ nesciiit quo modo 
iRogls svies] eis dimisit blada illa.t Tern-' 
plarii h defendt Hat bve ad faciend iq*sicone 
si f cm f 8it escabiu de iff • iiiL acr. 

f Loqnd cu dfio Reg de hominib3 Lancastr q* n 
possunt ut die hre li15tates suas sic p illis hnd 
fine feSut i Norm p Theobald WaSi \ de 
homiDib3 de SuttoA q' qrunf^ de Rog!o le 


Foer qd cep ad se ^uste p^ morte . H. Reg . 
pris pl^q^ C. acr tarn de bosco q^m de laada 
de foresta dni Pf i quo bosco sotnt hre c5muDe 

War. Capienda t t^ra Rod de WTrubleoitt i manii dni 


m. 1. dorS. 

Noff*. jf Duodecim milites de visS de Wdkingh sumoniti 

f Sut ad esse cora dno Reg ad dicendu verum 

apd Wodes' dcm suum de Decano de Wahingha qui dr cu 

quoda cultello inrfecisse q^nda sviente suu 
uii vi. illo^ veniut \ dnt qd reva pdcs Decan^ 
vulSavit cu quoda cultello pdcm sviente qui 
pximo post obiit S3 nesciut utxm vulnie illo 
obiit nee ne . It illo^ vi. militu noia sunt & . 
Philipp de Snaringes . Petr^ de Warha . Pett^ 
de Hokha . Ric de Welles . Rad de Eggem^e . 
JoKes de WQuandes . Alii . vi. de eod ess se • s. 
Gaufr de Hikeling p Rob fe ArcH.Hug le 
Burguniun p Hvg de Swathing • Rad fit Rad 
p Ric de Curcun . Regin de Barsha p Rogim 
Hurteoent • Nichot de Docking p Witlm . a die 
Pasch t TV. dies aff u^cuq^ HRex f 8it i Angt. 
Id dies dat^ t Gauf* de Stiuekeia q^ ven 1 n 
dix ||a*d . Regin de Barsha id dix q* ven p^. 

Bukig: if Wa^s de HUwett . SimO de APston . Witt Jit 

WoM . Witt Jit Gileb . WaUJ' Rog^i . Wai^s 
de Burcol. Rogis de Paskeden .vii. de illis qui 
fuert siunoniti adee cora dilo Rege ad 
dndu verdcm suu de pecunia q^m Hnr de 
BuelUs dr ivenisse ||aliqn ad dpmu Walkelini 
lat^nisr' veniut 1 dfit qd rev^a cu WalkelirP 
p^dcs esset 1 gaola apd AilesH * \H. de BuetX] 
educi eii fecit de gaola % cora eo venire [ad 


peticoem ej^] 1 pmisit ei vita ^ membr p sic 
qd ipe oslndet ei pecunia q^m ipe dix se velle 
ostnde ut ei auxiiiet'. dnt g** qd Hnr de Buelt 
\ Bic 1 Rob de Serpenho [servientes ej^] 
fecut eu . sup . i. equu ascende . \ eu dux?ut 
ad domu ipi^ Walkelin . cu quib3 WM J^ 
Nigelt ivit ex* villa 83 nesciut [p vero] utr 
ivit ad dom WalkeUni n^e . WalkelirP g^ 
duces Vic \ svietes suos i [q®nda] ulriore 
camam [suar'J postulabat q^nda gladiii vt 
cultellu. Que cii ei dare nollet ^ dix eis ut 
fodent an sede illi^ caSe It ut audivut dici 
ibi ivenlut magna pecunia 83 nesciut qua \\ 
q*nta • S3 die eod iventa fuit qda fossa loco q 
eis osfndisse debuisset . p^ea vefi Vic It dix 
WiUoJit Wohoi hospiti suo ut pecunia dKi Pr 
custodiret. Q' [ Witf\ dix se ii aude n® velle . 
un accepta clave ciste ux sue posuit pecunia 
i cista S3 nesciut q*nta vl q'm sj q^nda saccii 
cu pannis It alio lat^cinio portari feSiit ad 

Salops. f Dies dat^ t TVal^o de Clijord 1 Ric f n suo t 

crasttno clausi Pasch de tra de ^Korfham cora 
diio Reg vl apd Westm si dSs Rex ii f 8it i 
Angt . p pceptu diii Reg . It Ric pon loco 
suo Olivium de Berkelay ifi ad lu . vl pd, 

NorK. if Gerebttis Flandr . Arnold^ de WHuttorp . Rod de 

OseuUt. iii. milites electi ad Hferendu inquis- 
iconem fcam p duodeci milites de feudo 
J. milil I Keilrn!S qd Wilt le Hauburg tenet r' 
veniut t dnt qd PhiUpp de Biavmes fuit 
seisit^ iii eo modo quo Witt pdcs m** t seisit^ 
in • s • ta 1 sviciia q^ i dominiis \ disseisit^ p 
^vico dni Reg ^du fuit^ ^<i castello de 


Nottgh •* t dSs Rex peep qd si ead occasioe 
fuit diss:' habeat seisina sua. Et ido co- 
sidatu t qd Philipp hat seisina sua «It Hnr 
de Oaeciw^ • i. de eoS n ven vt se ess. 

JVar^ f Joh de lAn^s pel die Lune ^Mortis ^ pjf^ an 

media Quadr tra sua i Ketleb p piev q capta 
fuit i manu dni Reg p defcu suo vs^ WdSm 
de Tateshal. 

Nariir. JT Sibilla q fuit ux Norfn de Sco Fatkio petiit [p 

plev] die M'curii pa9 an media Qjuadr t?ra 
sua i Deresburc q capta fuit i manii dni P: p 

apd Norlil. defcu suo vs^ WAngneta Andeg. 

jf JoHes FramP petiit die Mercur gaf^ an med 
^dr tra sua p plev q capta fuit i man ^ p 
defalta sua rs^ ipam AgnetS. 

jSumoniendi sunt Rob de Stame • Joh de Wedon . 
Witt de Upton . Gaufr de WWauto Gauff de 
Upton ad dicend vdcm suu. 

in.2, ApaNottgn. 

Norf*. JT Wall de Grantcvrt ess se de mal ve . vs^ Com 

de Ptico de [pt] cuj^d puett c^ custod clamat 
p EtcstaciU Jit Ric. *^ Esson exp® . iiii. die 
suii \ Coin il ven vt se ess. Judm sn die eat 

Roielant. jT Rob GreUe q'r qd vie Roteland ijuste deforciavit 

ei avia sua cont^ vad It pleg • t homine suu 
[q3 P ^^iis illis replegiandis misit ip^onavit \ 
detinuit .1 Hug Sco^ Subvic vefi \ defndit 

ap Notl^. vi \ i^uriam 1 detenconem avioji cont* vad 1 

pleg \ die qd reva datii fuit ei itBigi qd quida 
lat* capt^ fuit i ?ra pdci Rob q audierat velle 
devenire pbatorem . un ipe fee sumoSi Baltm 


ipius Rob qd ipe hret ad pximu comital ipm 
lat^nS. Qui cu " noUet ^. . . . f i . • • ^ vie 
accessit ad rra" ipius Rob [1 statuit Hundr 
suG] ut videt ^ audiret ipm lat^ne loqui . qd 
Ball ipius Rob ei vetuit . ** uil ipe recessit " p 
cosiliu Hundr.*' Ad pximu v^comitatu^'audi- 
vit vie*' dici qd lat® p^dcs evasit. uii p cosi- 
dacone comitat^ fee dist*econe f i p viii. li. de 
evasione . fca dist^econe p avia eapta veil Bal- 
livus ej^d Rob \ petiit avia ilia quieta ^ ipe 
vie p comital eii retinuit sic illu qui pficuu 
Reg aii ipedierat . [^ sic illu q^ vad It pleg 
dare noluit] \ in vocat comitatum. Hat qd 
vocavit I c^stino clausi Pasch cora Dno t 

Noiigii. JT Prior de Lenton pon loco suo JoKem de Lond 

v^s^ Witt de Sco PaMo "i Adam de Kokefeld 
de pi advoc ecc* de Nutehat^d lu . vl pd, 

OjoH. ^ Add de Mora pon loco suo Gileb \\de Hida v's^ 

Ricf* Dureward de pt nativitatis qdti Comil 
ad lu • vt pd. 

Leic. JT Witts \\Ridel petiit p plev die Veniis pxima an 

festU Sci Gregor rra sua q capta fuit i manu 
Reg p defalta sua vs^ Wallm de Tateshal. 
[cora G.f* P. apd . Querendon.'] 

f Rogs Pistor . Witt Warin . Fr Hospital Sci JoTds 
de Leic . Gaufr de Torp . Johes de ^Aums eod 
die petiert t^ras suas sitr captas i manu Reg p 
defcu illo^ vs^ eund. 


Line. jf Ric Hak* qui se ess de mat Ic [vs^ ITebtu de 

Lekeburn] mandav ad cur qd ii fuit vis^ 1 
qd covaluit de infirmitate sua T: petiit licencia 
" veniendi " ad Cur 1 huit. 

Rot. Cuh. Rec— Vol. II. M 


Line. ir Hnr de Neoitt pon loco suo Sim de WChianci vt 

Witt de WTuronis vs^ p* de Homecastr de pi 
iquisiconis de ecclia de Askebi \ vs^ WEmm de 
Humaz \ Gilebjit \\Bereng . Witt de WComeburn . 
Rob de Bareworth de pt rre ad lu . vt pd. 

**** jf MiUtes Honoris Thikehitt dnt i vero dco suo qd 

Com de Augo nttm jus lit i Honore p^dco n*^ 
unq* i ill huit ingressu nisi tempe Reg Steptii 
[llpr tep illo . . .] comissu fuit balliv Castelli 
illius Coin Hnr de Augo cu forinsecis rris . \ 
custodivit mota illi^ castelli Witt de Clerfei usq^ 
ad capconem Reg Steph sic Conestabl Reg . 
p^ capcone v° Reg . Steph seisivit castell . H* 
pr dni Reg Si postea semp fuit i manii dni 
Reg. Postq* vero Com de Avgo capt^ fuit 
cu Rege. S. 1 id ||C. recupavit seisina rre n^l 
recupavit id Com i castello pdco n*^ Ti i 
tempe pdci Reg 

I3xy^. jf Loqnd cu dno Reg de Priorissa de Apelton q 

querit' qd Witts Senescatt Dns suus 1 Philipp 

de Faukenbge . \ Wall de FauciJl£g . ^ B'tram 

de Stinenton totu boscu de Apelton 

un llipe deb&t hre pte 4scdm^ q^ta Uptinet ad 

tenem q tenet i ead villa . s . car rre It dim q'm 

hnt ex dono AUc de Sco Quintin p carta4s^ 

suaAs^ ^^i^s^ ^^ ptutuntfido nUtestantes St 

pelt ut bosc pciat'. ita qd eis sua ps ||ej^ 

assignet^ testat' t carta qd de bosco illo debnt 

hre.i.caruc singlis dieb3 de mortuo bosco. 

peep? t qd hant bve ad vie qd faciat boscu esse 

i pace ita qd nU in vendaf vl amoveat' donee 

bosc^ sit ptit^. 
m.2. dorS. 

ACarleoln. jf Rob • ess . se de ma . ve . vs^ MatilUd 

de Carleol de pi dot p a die PascH t 



jn). dies a£f . 't Matitt poii loco suo WRegin de 

Carleoln. jf Rob Jit Ade ess se de ma . ve v's^ Matitt de 

Carleolo de pt dotis p Dolfin a die PascTi l 
av. dies aff .H Matitt pon loco suo \\Regin de 
Carleolo 1c. 

Eiof. jf Loq c dno Reg de Porissa de Molsbi q qrit' qd 

homines [Reg] de Hobi [Hfragiit 1 colunt] i 
pprestura cdmuna pastura que eas conting 
scdm ii. ptes llville quas ||ipe hnt de dono Reg. 
H. pris . q^ eis dedit .||iiii. car rre [i Hobi'] 1 i 
manu sua retinuit.ii. caruc. ita qd homines q^ 
tenet tra ilia de diio Reg pastura ilia p^dco 
m? colunt . 'X petl ut dns Rex illud faciat ad- 
reciari ita qd hat pastura sua sic ea hre 
lldebat.nt f "ipi hant'*+ pte sua de ?ra q» 
hoies jpdci fregiut de pastura ilia. PJceptu f 
qd vie faciat illas tefle rra ilia q*m diis Rex 
eis dedit scdm cartas suas cii pastura q eas 
gting.l faciat eas hre rra q eas c5ting de 
pastura ilia culta. 

Ebof. * f Loq Thorn f^ Turstan q* q'r qd Cano- 

nici de Watton deforc ei dim virg rre c ptin 
i Killingwic \ nott ei respode n* cora dno 
Reg . 11% pducl q*nda carta q phibet ne ipi 
IJiplacitet de aliq° ten qd tenet n^ cora dno Pr. 

Ebo}. JT Dies dat^ t Com Albemar I crastino clausi Pasch 

ad audiend recogniconem de [portu de] 
WPaguleSt vi8 faciat recognitores tc venire qui 
n * homines Com :! cora dno Reg . \ vie ht 

iLancastf. f W^^^g^^^ 5 f^it * Ade \\G'net qr qd Rogs de Leic 

maritav filia sua Thorn fit ipius \\Angnetis q' 

M 2 


debet esse i custod dUi Reg . ita qd ipe Rogs 
tit ipm Thorn cu [t^ra sua . s .] v. car tre i 
\\Hissein It i \\Katon sn cosensu ^ voluntate 
dni Reg. 
loqnd. (^Seisiaf i man Reg ?ra .1 ipe attacR.] 

NorhL jf AmalruP DispensarP ess se de mal ve . vs^ Petrii 

de Stokes de pi rr p G*vasiu WalnsS . t crastmo 
clausi Pasch aff. 

Nottg. f Rob Mauluuel cui dies dat^ fuit ad ee cora dno* 

ad respondnd Ade *T: Gundred ux sue de vii. 
boval tre c ptifi i WRamei:! recedit sn die:' % 
ipe Ada % ux sua veniut % dilt qd nolut psequi 
q^ £1 hnt sei^ina sua de rra ilia sicut d£is Rex 

Ebo^. f P'cepl fuit « iq'siconem fi quare Hnr de Archis 

disseisit^t de rra sua de \\KattecUue\ deHaia. 
uS ipe querit*^ qd Wilt de Lond ijuste t sn 
jud eu disseisiv It quatr It p que id JSKf in 
seisina amisit . \ utrii ipe Hhr in disseisit^ sit 
p judiciu 1 quid juris p^dcs Witt hat irra ilia. 
1 iquisico ven \ die qd cii placil eet int 
Thorn de Lond prem pius Witt ^^\Gilebl*^ frem 
^fa Hnr de q»b3da tenem [q ptiri debent] 
covenit it ipos qd rra de ^Katescliue \ de Haia 
Ijremanlent ipi ^s. am^.ita qd ea delibaret de 
Hnr fre suo q* tc ea tenuit .It cii ipe peret qd 
Hnr ilia ei " reddet,/ noluit ^ un ** iplacitav eii 
i cur de Tikehitt in (^p bve Justic] \ i tantu 
pcessit loqla qd Hhr sensit se debe amitre p 
judiciu:' 1 n exp*^tato judico recessit. Cur g* 
misit ppr eu ut veniret audiendi judiciu suG 
semel ^ irum It rcio St cu venire noUet ^ ad- 
judicaviit eid Thorn seisina iii . 1 hiiit 1 Witt 
p^ eu don*^ pdcs Hnr eu disseisiv dii fuit i 


castello de Tikehitt un pdcs Wilt tulit bve dfli 

Reg de hnda seisina sua in. 
in. 8» 

Eboif. jf Adam de Sea Maria . Bertir? de Novoforo . 

Hug de Mukelebrig . Rascius del \\Buc . Add de 
Mikelebrig . Witt de Insula . Rob Malet . JoHes 
At Harding . Witt de Liuet . Witt de WMorl- 
thtg Milites sumoniti ad dildutn quale seisina 
Gerard de Fumivatt hiiit de tra It bosco de 
Eggrefeld % de Grauenho 1 de Wtuinesleg afi 
q* recognico siimonita fuit iii p Rad de Eggre- 
feld p q^m recogniconem ipe amisit seisina r^ 
It *' ad dndu qd vastum \ qd det*mentu G^- 
rar^ Pdcs feSit" ||de ?ra \ bosco q llfSnt Witti 
de Luuetot p^q* devenlut i manii sua :/ veniut 

It dnt qd " "tempe quo Gaufr le Hostoir 

hiiit custodia rre \ Redis Witt de Luuetot hiiit 
Rad de Eggrefeld seisina de pdca rra . \ 
p^qm " pdcs '* Gerard hiiit custodia [ilia] 
fuit ipe Rad i seisina in ita qd ntts ballivo^ 
ej^d Gerard dii ipe fuit ult' mare manii ap- 
posuit ad rra vl ad boscu don® id Gerard qui 
postea ven i Angt eiid Rad in disseisivit. 
Qui cu disseisit^ eet pquisivit bve de nova 
disseisina sup ipm Gerard \ p assisam ilia 
recupavit ipe du Gerard fuit ult* mare seisina 
1 jactura sua . Gerard p^ea veil i AngliS 
audito se ill amisisse seisina St quest^ t JustiS 
[itinerantib}] qd p fam jur amisisset seisina 
de rra ilia. Accessit g® ad eu ^dcs Rad.'X ita 
int eos con veil [cora eisd justicj p C. m. q*s 
id Rad ei optulit qd ipi posuert se sup alios 
lljuratores q^les ipe Gerard elig?et q* tn ii eent 
• homines sui [de seisina Witt de Luuetot'] p sic 
qd si ipe [G.] p jurata eo^ amitPet . hret 
[illas] C. marc . 1 ipi Bad remanlet ?ra 1; 

M 3 



ap Done- 







boscii . elect! funt % sup sac'mentu suu dix?ut 
Witt de Luuetot n fuisse seisil in die qua 
obiit ita qd tra ilia remasit eid Rad\ ipe 
dedit pdcas C. m.ipi G. **1t prea iiii. marc 
p h£lda ejus c5firmacoe in ne amplius eu 

vexaret*' " '• — " de bosco v® " '* 

dnt se il esse Hctos q^ntu vasti vT det*menti 
in fecit G. S3 bn sciut qd multii plus q^m 
valet . IID. fi. 

JT Hnrjit Gaufr petiit die M^curii an Paschajto- 
ridu rra sua p plevina q capta fuit i manu dni 
Reg p defalta sua vs^ Thorn Jit Andr. 

jf IngelranP Jit Johis petiit eod die p plevina rra 
sua q capta fuit i manu dni Reg p defcu suo 
vs^ Elia de Brandon. 

jf AUc de Amundevitt pon loco suo Johem de Hoke- 
ton vs^ II Goc/einu de Amundetdtt de pi rre . ad 
lu . vl pd. 

JT PhiUppJit JoJUs arestat^ t p pceptu dfii Reg eo 
qd ipe amovit catalla de rra q fuit Thorn de 
Burg p^q* rra ilia \ ux ipius Thorn q t de 
donacoe diii Reg seisita fuit i man Reg. 

f Gileb de Turonis po . lo . suo Witt de Turonis 
vs^ Hamone de ^Crasci de pi rre ad lu . vl 


jf Emm ux Philipp de Stapeltoii poK loco suo 
PhiUpp virii suu vs^ ITbert Jit Herbti de pi 
assise nove diss de rra i WDormton .It Brict- 
wastre 1 de ass m . ancess de rra i \\Boicol 
ad lu . vl pd. 

[Hat bve d nova diss ap Lond. [a die Pasch t arc. 
dies] !\ bve de in • an . cora Justic itinantib}.] 


Itotelani. jf Thom de Hottot ess se de m . ve . i crastino PascTi 

v^s^ JoJiem Marescatt \ Gaufr deCestr de pt 
Pre p Segerf Witti.a die ^JS^cur^ Mart 
panmo ^ die Pasch t an), dies cora Pr si f uit 
i Angt It si n f 8it apd Westm aff It Vic fi misit 
tve.Tt ido hat tve ad pdcm sit ibi 
resp5sur^ 1c. 

Ebfff. iT Ricjit Ric \?s^ Philipp WMacriH de pt catatt . p 

Hnr Russett. 

Norf* JT Rog^s de Kerdeston vs^ Johem Marescatt \ ux 

^Wigorn.^ sua \ Gaiifr de Cestr de pt rre p Clemtem de 

Dalleia . a die Martis ^a^imo jj^ diS Pasch t 
arv. dies cora J^ si f 8it i AngL Si n f uit :/ apd 
Westm aff . 

fVigorn. jT Isabett [ux] Rtc de WLidebi pon loco suo Ric 

virii suu vs^ Edric de Lega de pt nov diss 
de tra i Stocton ad lu . vt pd. 

Wigorn. f \\Auglus de Sco Jacob pel vs^ Ric de WPipelinton 

custodia coipis tiedis Ric Blundi qua • J. Eps 
Wigorn ei concessit tenenda don*^ id Ric apt^ 
f 8it ducendi ux . p carta sua [q* ptulit 1] q 
hoc testat' . \ Ric ven % die qd puer ^* pdcs " 
tenle etatis t utpote iii. anno^ . 1: 1 1 custod 
mns sue . t die q loqla ista aliqn fuit cora 
diio G. j€f P. 1 cora eo con ven iK inr eos sic 
qd ipe Ric hret ?ra ilia 1 p8um don^ l|h9it 
etate . p iii. m. q*s ipi WAugio daret p annu.1t 
c h8it etate faciet eid ^Augio hre rra 1 p8m 
It ipe eii maritabit ita qd n dispaget'.lt in 
vocat dnm G. Jit P. q* ^vefl 1^ die qd reva 
locuti Ijfunt de pace cora eo S3 nlta cocessa 
fuit ab ipo Augio . quia ipe dix se iil velle 
cdsiliu hre. Concordati sut p sic qd \]Aug!s 

M 4 



concord St. 


cocessit qd pdcs Ric remaneat i custodia lUX 
de WPipelinll ^Marcie fit sue p.iiii. annos.sine 
custo aliq® qd ipe \\Augltts apponat It ita qd il 
maritet' p eos . 1 ad fine illoj^ iiii. anno^ ipi 
reddet eid WAuglo ipm Ric . vt ||tm cu eo loqnt' 
qd c eis remaneat. 

f [^PetT^ de Stokes poit^ loco] Ev(b del Broc pel 
Y^ Amalric Dtspensar villa de \iEUnton cu ptiii 
q^m ipa clam ee Meditate sua [in q^m] id 
Amalric^ ii lit ingressu n* p TValfm de Keineto 
q°nda ||vir ipius Eve . qui rra ilia ei dedit cu 
AmabitGl\2L sua i maritag cui ipa Eva cont^dice 
£1 potuit ut die . % AmdlruP veil 1 defndit jus 
suu . 1 die qd ipa Eva dedit eid Amalric villa 
ilia de \\DaiUnton i libum maritagiil cu Amabit 
filia sua \ carta sua in ei feS q^ ptulit ^ q b 
testate Testat' \ [carta] qd donu illud ei 
f cm fuit p^ obitii TValfi de Kaineto die Sci 
Leonard px p^ [p*ma] coronaconem Reg jKi? . 
"X Petr^ [ven 1 defndit donu ittd .X] die qd 
tempe quo carta ilia fi debuisset:' n5 fuit ipa 
Eva seisita de rra ilia . nee \ vii. annis an . 
It i!l pon se sup jur. Die It qd tempe . H. Reg 
pris diii ^r maritata fuit Amabit fit t]^Si WaSi 
ipi Amalric % desic carta loquit' qd rra 
fdebuissett ei dari i maritagiu tempe Reg 
Ric i pel ut hoc ei allo^t Amalru? die qd 
reva ** ipe fuit seisit^ de rra ilia tepe Reg. 
H. ex dono'* WaJ^i pdci \ ipius Eve.\ f 
obitu ipius TVai?i ipa Eva qn fuit i ligia 
potestate sua • • • ipa donii iltd fcm tempe 
ipius fValfi It carta sua q*m ptulit in ei fecit. 

X. fii. f P^ea ven Petr^ 1 optulit x. in. p lindo judico 



Salapsir. f Wa^s le Poer . Hug de Sudbi . Witt Bofett. Sim 

de Pel^ Ponte iiil. milil sumonit ad eligndu xii. 
ad faciendu mangnam [assisa] imXpiand filia 
Rod Poer % Ada Tigg tenen? de . i. virg rre 
cu ptin i Northleg qua ead Xpian clam vs^ 
eund Add \ uii id Ada qui tenet posuit se 1 
magna assisa \ pel rec ulx ipe maj^ jus hat i 
rra ilia an p^ata Xpiana. ElegJ ut istos • • . 

Ric de Kinton . Rob de Gatacr . Witt 

Carbunel.Hug de Asketot Witt 

de ^Furds . Ric Salvag . Bertram de Girros . 

MaukobmP de \\Herleia . Hug de 

Odo de Hodenet . Witt ^Burnett. Ract Hose . 

H*vic Boscard . Helid de WPanha 

Dies dat^f eis 1 adventu Justic It tc veniat xii. 

War. JT Witt de Kantelo qrit' qd Prior de Stodleia ^ Ric 

de Antiochia \ \\Sim \\Aketon ||intf se i rra sua 
de Stodleia \ de la Stodfeld vi 1 armis \ i pace 
Reg \ av^a sua cep \ ||tefi vad It pleg tenuert 
1 pcariu suu redepseft \ ^parcariii^ pad- 
nagiu suu cepnt ita qd dapnii 4ksuu^ ei 
feSunt ad vatncia xx. m. It in pduc secta q h 
testat' \ ipi venert ^ defendt vi It yuria ^ tol 
de v^o i 9b prq* qd bn cognosc? se cepisse 
car sua . q'm iveSut i rra ilia arante. [Ad 
judm.3 de p^dcis Pore . Sim. Ric. (j^ c5gnovut 
se intrasse i rra pdcam ufl Hnr de . . .ford. 
\ Emma ux ej^ fuer seisiti die q° obiert 1 q 
seisita fuit i • manii Reg. Q^m rra • • • . 
Witt de\\... eluu 1 maritag c fit sua . id dilt qd 

Henr'l ux ej^ f8ut Milic Tempt 

veniiit It dilt qd rra q*ra ^Joties 

clam vs^ 't ilia tenet de eis t n p 

ilia sil eis 


m. 3. dors. 
tVigarn. JT ^^^ ux Ric \\Scoti pofi loco suo Bic vir suii 9s^ 

Petrf* Edmn de pt ass m • aii • ad lu • vl pd". 

Glouc. jf ^OUmpias ux Rod de Wilinton t pon 

loco suo vir suu JR^i^f vs^ Witt \\Pict de pt 
ass nov diss ad lu . vt pd. 

Glouc. jf Rob Bluet petiit p plevina die Jovis gaf ^ die 

Pasch tram sua . s . dim hid i TageUngworth 
q capta fuit in manu dni Reg p defcu suo 
v^s^ Nestd Watnse. 


OsarL f[ Bad Jit Gaufr ven cora Justic 1 quietii clam 

diio Reg feud dim . milil i \\Acrinton qd tenuit 
de dno Reg i capite :/ quia ipe n5 pol justiciare 
milites . s. WdQm de \AcUnton \ ITnr de New- 
inton qui tra ilia de eo Ih tenuit" ad faciendu 
ei in s(vicm qd delSnt .1 sciend qd ITnr de eo 
tenuit dim . q»r?iu . t q*rl \ dim . ''Walt:' 

NotigA. JT JoheS'^de WHuuetorp op .se iiii. die vs^ Radjit 

Sim de plac . ii. bo v tre cii ptin i || Vuetorp S\ 
ipe H vefi ^vt^ se ess. It sumori test fuit 
cr Jud • rra cap i man |l It dies capl . 1c. 
\ Bad sumoii adee apd Westm a die clausi 
Pasch t . Hi. sepi in respons . Ic. 

Nor/.* JT Johes Marescatt op . se iiii. die vs^ Bob de 

Mateshdtt de pi . i. car rre cu ptin i Mateshat 
1 ipe n ven vl se ess . I sumoii tesl fuit. 
GT Judm . rra cap' . Ic . It dies capl Ic . It Bob 
sumoii qd sit apd Westm a die clausi Pasch I 
av. dies iii respons . 1:2. 

Eboi. f Johes Marescatt % socii ej^ recordant' qd ipi p 

pceptu dni Reg attacti Philipp \\Macrih adesse 


apd Wigorn I crastino Pasch responsur Bicjit 
Ric de XX. marc cataS \ Ric op . se iiii. die It 
PhiUpp fi veil vt se ess \ Rob de Thomhd pleg 
ej^ fuit. GT lo cosidatii t q3 PhiUpp ponaf^ p 
meliores pleg adesse apd Westffi a die clausi 
Pasch I . Hi. sept Ttc. It Rob de Thomha p*m^ 
pi sumoii \c. 

Notigh. f Witt de Sco Pat^cio siimonit^ [fuit] ad Hostndu 

qr n pmittit Priori 1 monacli de Lenton 
^sentare idonea psona ad ecctiain de Nutehat 
que vacas t " ut dnt 1 c^ advocaconem *' ipi 
clamat ad eos ptinSe ex dono G. f de Sco 

Pai^cio avi ej^ c^ carta in ptulerunt q hoc 
testat' .\ confirmaconem Ro^i Ebof. ArcH .1 
Witt ven It die qd desic ftve loquit' de ipo Witt 
^ deAdam de Koktfeld \ ipi pelt vs^ ipm Witt 
qd pmittat eis psntare [psona] ad ecctiam 
tota:^ petit cdsidacone cur si debat responde ad 
illud ftve . Respondat . ^iTST veil It die qd juste 
ipedit psntacone. Quia avus ej^ psentavit 
ultima psona ad ecctiam • "t iii pel jurata . It 
For ven It bn cognoscit qd avus ej^ psntav 
ullam psona S3 n debet in fi jur . quia i vita 
psone lldedit ipe ecclie sue tol jus qd ipe 
hdit i ecctia ilia sic carta sua testat' ita qd 
Rogls Ebo:f. Arc6 ut ipe testat' i carta sua 
acceptis litis ej^d G. cii pcib} r' donu ej^ eis 
cof 'mav.1t ecctia ilia ppetuo possidnda pcessit. 
Et Witt ven 1 cSgnosc carta St donii. S3 die qd 
G. iltd doS T; carta fee eis du jacuit i lang^re 

Leic. un obiit .1 in poii se sup jur .1 For die qd 

ilia fee i Hgia potestate sua. " " 

Salop. JT ^^^ ^^ Clifford ess se ys^ Ric de Clifford de pt 

?re p Fulcone de WBeinfeld.'X p Rob " Cticu " a 




crastino clausi Pasch t av. dies u^cuq^ Rex f mt 
i Angt. 1 n* ffiit i * apd JVestm . [^AmaliifP 
DispSsarP.'] q^ fuit pi ess* 

Jf Rob WKeinel fia It pares Witti Brunt . RogsBrun^ 
nepos 1 lio ej^d . Philipp \de Linet'] Hnr de 
Fridebi parete* ej^ dnt q [cu] (|aliqn contencio 
\ malivotncia eet inr Wittm Brunu \ ^[int^^ 
WarinU de Lond . It EUd Jil Philipp 1 Ric Jil 
\G%lemtchal \ Thorn Norense J\ Rob de Wvnl q^ 
obiit id Witt Brtm^ veil i Com de Diuelin \ 
petiit pace Reg ita qd cora Justic illi^ fre. s* 
Pet^ Pipard:/ pdci eid Witt pace vadiav^ut . 
Contigit a p^ea qd id Witt p peep? Justic ven 
ad castellii de Diuelin. \ c ** redire vellet:"' 
\ ipe eet sup ponte \ pdci Rob \ RogsX 
Philipp \ Hnr cu eo i vidunt ipi pdcos Wa^ 
rinu . Elia . Ric . Thofti . Rob "X q^nda aliu q 
nQq* p*us vidant [nee postea] q* tenuit.j. 
hacha .1 cii ipi vellet opponie se pdcis It d£lo 
suo:' ven ipe qui tenuit hacha It p p^ceptu 
pdcoj^ pcussit ipe i Witt Brunu ita qd ipe 
cecidit i fossa castellilt rcio die ||p^ obiit .\ cu 
duo de " pdcis'* ||descendent i fossa ut dno 
suo auxiliarent' r' duo alii levaPiit clam 1 
huthes ^ secuti fuut ilios malefcores quous% 
pd5s Warin^de Xon^ recepit ipm q* diim suu 
itfec 1 p porta q^nda q* ipe custodiebat ^ uft 
hiiit clave r' feS exire [ita qd no potuert eu 
gsequi] ;! diit T; qd ad clamore in levatu veil 
Justic rre . It Rod Morin q* h bii c5gnov 1 
multi alii q* ipm Witt vidiit ita pcussu r' f ** — *' 
£t qd bajulas hachia ita p pceptu Warin dnm 
suii pcussit % ipm p^ea ad porta q* h8it i cus- 
tod recep . [nequir '\ i pace dni^Pre 1 cot* 
pace q". vadiav^nt] offt ipe pbare " vs^ eii sic^ 



cur cosidavit " ut de visu . It auditu . It Rogs 
BrurP offt pbare sitr vs^ Elia . Philipp vs^ 
Ric • Hnr vs^ Thorn . qd pdcs malefactor ita 
dfim suu inrfec p pceptii eo^ ut de visu 1 
auditu suo. csr^ Warin^ ven 1 defndit totu de 
+ vbo i vbu sic ho " maheimat^ de gamba" sua 

q fracta fuit un milites missi ad vidndii eu hoc 
testant' . I alii silr tol defndt sicut cur cosi- 
davit 1 offut Ix. in. p hiida iquisicone si unq* 
vadiavut pace sic dcm f . cr Considal t qd 
WarinP defndat se judico fri . vadiavit lege. 

Et alii appUati defendant se p duellu . Etias vad 
duellu . Ric sitr. 

JT Dies dat^ t eis faciendi leges suas a crastino Sci 
Georg t av. dies cora dno Rege ubiciiq^ fuit 
siv i AngI siv ult* mare. 

Essex\ jT Gaufr Mauduit ess se vs^ Philipp Gtdqfr. 

"i c5t* Witt f Sim de pt ?r p Michaet\\G'nun . 
a die M^curii p^ clausU Pasch l xv. dies cora 
Reg si f8it i Angt:\. si ii fWit r' apd Westm 

'Sorf: jf Witt de II Cwrcu v^s^ ^Witt^ JtcUand de wSwathe- 

feld de pi I . p Hiir de Bungeia. 

jf \\Robs de BraJia . i. ad ferend record de loqla int 
pdcos . p Gayfr Main. 

jf Roh de Hengha . i. de eod p Johem Cocu. 

fierkesir. ^ Dies dat^ t JuUane Jit Achard pet . T: Wigot de 

^Schiag \ Joh filiastro suo de . i. mesag cu 
ptiH i ** Windesores** die Sabbtip^ claus Pasch 
apd lIGer . . . 

^Rad ..... apelt Warin de Lond \ Rogs 
BtutP nepos • . . aptt Elia Jit ^ 



m. S. * 

ID. 4. 



H' est final 9Cordia f ca in |JCia dni Reg inr Roh 
d Mara petente 1 Jordan d Mara tenete de 
feodo . i. milit cu ptinenl in Kedestorhne fX in 
CbTzai.scil qd pdcs Rob quietii clamavit 
pnoTato Jordano totu jus . It totu clamiu qd 
liuit vt hre clamavit i pnoiato feodo mili? in 
Kedestorhne \ in Cemai. Et p hac q^eta cla- 
mantia dedit pdict^ Jord pnoiato Rodto C. 
sol It prea dabit ide Jord jpnoiato Rob dim 
marc arg ad se vestiendu p annu ** scil ad 
festu Set ** Michael q*mdiu ide Rob vix?it . 
q^usqj ide " Jord** assignavit ipi " Rob ** in 
certo ecctiastico bnficio . C. sol reddit^. 

jf Juliana q fuit filia Achard petes It J] Wigod de 
^Schage It Johes pVign^ ej^ concordati sunt de 
xl. sol quos ipa ab eis exigebat vl . iii. acr ?re 
i II Windesacr quas Rob pr ipius JoMs ivadiav 
Achard pri suo p iH xl. sol p sic qd " ipa 
clam q*el eis** to? clam qd hiiit i vad illo vt 
i xl. sol p XV. sol « ipi dant ei • redd med a 
die Sci ^Johis^ Georg t ro. dies St alia med a 
die illo I aro. dies ft in si pi Wigod Andr Fab. 

jf Sim de Berevitt . G*vas^ de Briuer. Radjil Alsi . 
Ric de Audebi sumoniti ad jldndu verii dcm 
suu de deii quos Witt Jit Rad It " JJ . . . ^al^ 

dicunt' liuisse p indi- 

tamtu cuj^da lat^nis ;! dfit qd quida lat*^ 
capt^ fuit apd Berchamested cu magno lat®- 
cinio ita qd c5gnosces suspendio adjudicat^ 
fuit St cu ducet' ad furcas r' qsit^ si pecunia 
aliq^m liret r' dixit qd apd \\Silvihord vs^ 
Lond posuit ipe x. m. 1 x. soll.i. anulii 
aureii .1 pdci Witt St Ric de Donestapt . Rog 
f* Watii lldfir ivisse ad locu illu noctu S\ ibi 







fodisse .It ido attachiati f unt St ido pcepl i 
qd vie in faciat aq*sicone. 

- o 

jf Wilt de Breus petit cur sua tcia die an placit de 
f rra^ loqla q t inr Nestd \\Boehd ^ Ro& le 
Wqfr \ Alio ux sua \ Rob de Everous It Matitt 
ux sua de rra a Bradeworthin. 

jf Rog de Kerdeston ess se de mal Ic ^ vs^^ i 
Clakeston v^^ JoUem Marescatt.^ Gauff de 
Cestr "X ux suas . de pi rre p Rogm de WBirston . 
T: BndZmJit Warin . mittant^ Ttc. Si ri t lang^r ^ 
I crastino Set Joh apd Westm. 

jf Witt de Wrotha de mat ve . [de svico P'] vs^ 
Ab'btem de Michelen de pi tr p Rob Clicu. 

jf OUvitis Mof pofl loco suo Everard de Riparui 
vs^ Ric de Strait on de pt injurie ad lu . vt 

jf Rogs Corbet 1 Hawis ux ej^ sumoniti f unt ad ee 
coram dno [Reg] cucartis \ munimtis q hnt 
de ecctia de Cheddesleg u£l vexant Ab'btem 
de Theokesbi sup advocacoe ej^d ecctie .1 
ipi veni&t t d&t qd in nB^am hiit carta vt 
munimtu n* de antiq° feoffamto suo . " It dicut" 
qd ^s p^ ailcessores ipius Hawis . [s . pavi 1 
avi s . Rob Jit Pagan pavus ux sue dedit ilia 
Sparri ctico . Ric Foliot senex avus ej^ dedit ilia 
Edwin clico . Ric Foliot juvenis pr ej^ dedit 
ilia Pagan clico] ilia dedut *^ ita qd cu ||aliqn 
contncio eet inr J?o8j^f iJic" p^mii virii ipi^ 
Hawis 1 Abbtem Fromund pdecessore isti^ 
Abbtis r' ipe Rob [jus] ecclie illius dironavit 
\ p^sntav Rad Foliot ad eccTiam ilia ita qd 
ad psentaconem ej^ admiss^ ||fuit ipe Rad ad 
eccliam !\ Abbas ven T: defndit jus suii It die 



qd RobJitHamoms siml cu aUis eccliis f tra^ 
ecctiam illam ecclie \_Sce Marde Theol^'] dedit. 
in piira T: ppetua elemosina Si carta sua cof- 
mavit . q* ptutunt q hoc testat' . ptutunt ? in 
carta Witt Com Glouc q^ fuit lies ipius jRo6 
[ut dnt] qui cof^mavit 'I c5cessit donu illud . 
1 carta Reg ITnr avi de conf raacone [It carta 
Sim Epi de cofirmacoe] ita qd sp p^ hoc 
donu fcm " Abba* 1 gvet^ p*s" ad ecctiam 
ilia p>snta\?ut 1 % Rad Foliot q* ultimo [obiit] 
psona illi^ ecctie . ** "1 in pfut carta Wi!t** Epi 
Wigorn q^ eu admisit ad ecdia p psntacoem 
eo^ 1 p^obilTJatf id Abbas ICovent^ psntariit 
Magrm Richum . J. Epo q* illu admisit . un 
carta sua pfut q h testal [1 vocat ad waranl 
dnm Reg q* lit honore Glouc] " 1 Rogs ve£l 1 
[offt X. m. p h2da3 jur utr p*m^ vir ux sue \ ux 
sua psentarut Rod Foliot ita qd p eo^ psnta- 
cone fuit admiss^ r' an p Abbte 1 die qd cu 
Abbas vellet psentare p^ ob Rad p^dcm 
Richum i ipe venTt posuit clam suii [1 psntav 
clicu suu] \ phibuit ne ad alic^ psntacone 
cticu admittet i n^ ad sua desic advocaco 
ptinebat ad se \ ux sua X q^ cotenco tat erat 
inr ipm Abbtem T: eii cora Epo i " pq*siv ass 
de [ulla jpsntacoe] " t pel ut ilia m° posset 
pcede [q tc remasit p peticone Reg dii fuit 
Co7n\ \ si Eps psona p^ea admisit ijuste h fee 
It cot* clam suu, Judm . recipiantur x, m. \ 
fiat recogiio quis f 

\ Hams poii loco suo vir suii in 'Ic. 

^ Ric de WGreinvitt op . se iiii. die vs^ pdcm Abbtem 
[de ecctiis de Kilkamton .1 de Bideford] \ % 
f Abbas^ n placet dno Reg qd Abbas placi- 
tet cora aliq° n* cora eo :f recedt sn die don*^ 




' fsk* 4* dorS. 



ID« 5« 




Rex venlit i Angt . It tS Abbas pq*^rat 

sumon .It vie sumon qd sit tc resposur^ qr n 
huit bve sic peep? fuit. 

JT Rod WG^nun off . xxx. m . p hnda confirmacoe de 
rra de Bancwett q*m dSs Rex ^ du fuit Com^ 
ei dedit p^q* fuit Rex .\ ^p^ ut posset ea tenie 
p svieiii diffi . milil . 

jf Kilhamton 1 Bideford s! ecctie q*s Abbas clam 


^ Vic sig p bve suu qd cep i manu Reg . i. came 
rre cu ptiri i Mateshat die Mortis paimo post 
clausU Pasch qua Joh MarescaJt clam vs^ 
Rob de Mateshal p defcu ejusd Rod. 

jf PetT^ de Stok* ponit loco suo Magfm Radm de 
StoV ad luc*nd vT pdend de loqla q est inr ipm 
1 Porissa de la Celk de ecctia de WEillinton. 

jf Assisa ven rec si Matilt de Cheleshd 1 JoHes fit 
ej^ ]yuste t sn jud disseisivut Alea^ de \\Battred 
de libo teii suo i Chelesham j^ festu Sci Mich 
$a^ aii Co^ . diii Pr. 

<x Jur dnt . q Matilt \ Johes n ita ([disseisivit eii ^ 
" qj ipe Alea^ ** tenuit "l tenet .1 lo Alea:^ i mia 
p fo clam. 

f Witt de Breus \ Matitt ux ejus ponut loco suo 
Rw de Amberleg vl Adam de Porta vs^ Thorn 
de Sco Walerico de p! ?re [de dim ^Tettebi \ 
\\Hantomll\ WRigg'} ad lu . vt pd.p G.Jit 

f Dies dat^ t Gileb Basset \ Elie de Bello Campo 
de pt Svic a die Pasch I v^ sept \ intim hant 
Ucenc coniiord « n Hemus bve. vie 1^^ 

Rox. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. 


178 • ROTUU CURIiE Bf£GI& 

AZ)«rei(.l ft 

JUorht. )f Assisa de nova diss q^m Isabett de Peissi arrai- 

niavat vs^ Com de Frariis de rra i Neuhott 
1 1 BUthesworth remanet sil die i p p^ceptu 
dfii Reg. Quia ut dns Rex testat' ead IsaheU 
n l&t jus i ?ra ilia n* p Rob de Peissi q^da virii 
ej^ qui ea huit p Rege Hnr du hret i manu 
sua Honore de Peveret . 1 qd convefi inr ipm 
Reg \ Com qui lies t de eod Honore qd ta 
pdcam rra q*m alia de eod Honore ei dedit» 
% ilia ei warantizat. 

Oxm. jf Prior de Sea Fredesnvida dix % sumonit? fuit ap 

Westm Rit^ qnda cticii Sahier juri pitur 1 qd 
ipe n -I- sub potestate sua n^ aliq*d p eo vult 

f i2ic ^Ageliun poil loco suo Rob fit suu vs^ Hug 
fm^iWarini de pi ^rei Estres "i i BrettevUf 
i Natm ad luc*nd vl pd. 

I^ne. f Isabett ux ^Pet^ Salsar^ Gaitfr de Cestr poS 

Gaufr virii suii vs^ Tempt .\ Canonicos de 

JSforf! StmpUngha . 1 Petru Salsariu 1 ux sua de pt 

tre ad lu . vl pd. 

Norhuntb* jf Petr^ de Brus op . se iiii. die rs^ Witt de Bras 

'''''*• 4e pi ?re \ ipe n veil vl se ess \ Witt de Pd 

eras vie ven "l die qd ii sumonit^ fuit Witt. Quia 

cu veniret ad faciendii [i33 sumonicone^^ 
phibuit eu £ps Dunelmsis It voluit eii exc5- 

tiDenecastr. f Comitissa War po . loco suo Rob le Vavassur 

v^s^ Rob de Thumha 1 ux ej^ de pi ?re I WDane- 
castr ad lu . vl pd. 

Devon. )f Assisa ve& reS quis advocat^ tempe pacis psSta^ 

vit ultima psona q mortua t ad ecdiam de 



Aidescumb cuj^ advoc Ric de Tremineli clam 
vs^ Canonicos de Welles . 1 Canonici [s • Rod 
de Lichelad . Hug de Welles . 1 JoscelinP'] dnt 
qd Si posst in placitare sii Epo suo de Bathon 
\ in vocat eu ad waranl . cr hant q'm vocaviit 
i adventu Justic .1 assisa " tc veniat." 

OxcSk. I' 2Jo8 Abbas de Eineslm pofl loco suo Thom 

cticu suii Vs^ i2o^ WThollin de pt ass ad lu • vT 

Cantebr. f JTaZ? de [£^] ^ Insula poil ^ appon clam suu 

i rra de Braha q*m IVvuP JiX JEustac clacoL 
v's^ Jord Jurifabr.\ Sen Epi pel in cur Epi. 

Norf*. jf Eps EUens petes It H. Com War tenes concord 

sunt de rra de Marha p sic qd id Com recog 
iUa ee jus f1 feed^ See EdeUr \ Epi.^ p 
hac recognicoe id Eps cocessit illi t £Ledib3 
ejus pdcam rra ten de Epo ^ successorib} suis 
i ppetuii p sviciii milil . i. 1 p^rea Com dedit 
ecclie Et . C. sol rre i pura 1 ppel elem quiet 
i ppetuii p hac fine 1 concord It prea x. m. 
arg. Dies dat^ t eis l crastino Asceni ad re- 
cipiend cirog^hu suu . 1 Eps port iii loco suo 
Wilt Uncle . \ hot die z crastino Ascensionis. 

Devon. if ^^^ ^ Breus pel vs^ OUvium de Traci qd 
J^Eb(Tf.L teneat ei fine f cm inr eos i cur . Pr • de mediel 

Honoris de Berdestapt scdm cirog* fcm int eos. 

Olivius ven It bn c5gnoscit fine . S3 die q ipe 

r J^if IhoTes sui ^s^ ceput aria sua ijuste ^ 

detinuert ♦quousq^ p p^ ita qd delibari ii 
potuert Die "l qd xxv. li. ei a ret® sunt quas 
ei reddidisse debuisset scdm fine illii . 1 Witt 
die qd de aviis rillam buit sumon . de xxv. 
^ v°' libr die qd illas t*didit ^vienl suis redd 
eid Olivio .Vstat lliT p cii q^n reddant'.'l petit 

N 2 


ut c 9vieiitib3 siiis possit in loq^ Quia si ei 
il reddidut :" ei in satisfaciet. 

'^'#' if Ass* ve . rec si Amkia q fuit ux Com de Qar \ 

Hug de wCeriton Senescatt ej^ ^ Johes de Corn- 
herd \ Wittde WateuitfX Alex' JilGileb. Ale j^ 
Jit Matitt. Bartholjit Alex* . Rob de Comherd. 
Gaufr Jit Leurec ijuste It sn jud diss Bicjit 
Witt de libo ten suo i SudK j^festfl Sci Mich 
j^x an Co^ . Reg . It Amicia yen \ c5gnovit diss 

*' It ido i mia . 1 oes alii.*' 
^ Land. 

f[ Kni. jf Jacob de Wincheleze q* se mal Ic.vs 

^IjmA.jL Simon de Kattes/eld. signi&c p Joh de Nortftkt 

hoiem suii . q^ il fuit vis^. 1 q^ covaluit de in«* 

firmitate ilia .1 pel licenc veniendi ad cur .t 


Essex*. jf Ric Enganie po • lo • suo Hu§ de WHunesdon vt 

Hnr Engan v^s^ Wittde Blu ... . de pt t^ ad 
lu.vt pd. 

Cantebr. ^ Id Ric pori Hnr Engan vl Hug de \\Hune/elS 

vs^ Joh de \\Fcles de pi adv ecctie de Cotes ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Buk\ jf \\Alol de Dodinton applt Jord Svienl . Hnr de 

Nonat t Gileb le Buuer \ Petr J* Rob 1 
Gatifr pJpoitii 1 Rod f sun qd neqx \ i pace 
P: ceput ea i cur jpdci Hnr 1 abdux^unt ea 
1 exspoliavut 1 ligavut sup . i. rota . i. quadr. 
1 rota ilia sup ea .adv^tebat . It ita ibi sub rota 
ilia jacuit . i. die 1 . i. nocte . It ei robbavnt 
vii. sol 111 d. Tt .i. palliu St . i. pepi . It i. zona ft 
h offt pbare v^s^ Jord de f co \ \?s^ alios de 
vi sic cur gsidav^it. ft 9»dic+ 1 oes appllati 
tol defndt de v^o i v'bu . t dnt q^ fiUam de 
isto appS bueit sumoS. 


Ibid. Dies dat^~ t eis ! ocl See T*nil ad aucF jnS suu. 

Ibid. Jf Rob de Escot apptt Grvidon de Bolebec « q^ [ipe] 

ven de Docte 1 neqT 1 i felonia ad dom Rob 
de Witechirch ubi hospitat^ fuit . 1 iposuit i 
dom llillas ign sup ipm It pdcm Rob \ ||illas 
cobussit.1 ||ipi || JRoS It i robia ||robiaviit dim m. 
arg It . i. palliu It . i. gladiu \ h offt pbare vs^^ 
eu p corp^ suu 1 de vi ilia appff oes p^dcos >|| 

applt WaUJit Widon^RobJ 

f Gunnild . 1 Rod f Gunild. Bald \\G*nun . 
Seward de Monasfio . Turstan le Buvi . * * Gileb *' 
Messore . Regin Pisto^ a JVido ven 1 defndit 
tol vs^ eu sic ho q* etate t^ pdcm 

Euej^. f ^R^ ^^ ^Off^ V^^ ^^c^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ Bolon 9sP 

Etist de WLaghefar de ass de . . • . ad lu • vt 


m. 5. dor9« 

Buk^. JT Witt de Kisteworth appB PetrU de Bedef fit 

Rob qj nequir 1 i felon \ de uocte 1 i ro^ia 
iposuit igne i domib} pdSi Rob de Withe» 
chirch \ dom illas c5bussit nequir ubi ipe 
hospitat^ fuit It ei ||robbavit . v. sot.Tt . i. gladiu 
1 • i. capa i ilia conbustioe It felofl St h offt 
pbare 9s^ eii p corp^ suu. cr Petr^ ven \ de- 
fndit tol . " ad pdcm rminu.*' 

Bukig. if Bob le Palrnf de Witechirch appB Gwidon de 

Bolebec q^ ipe nequir It i feloii 1 noctu ven ad 
dom sua It tc obstrux hostia sua cu vi sua sup 
||eii It igne iposuit Ita q ipe vix evasit p q^nda 
colupna de thalamo suo . % ibi q^nda cane 
bersavit . 1 cu ipe exisset 1 levaret clamore 1 
huthes ipe Wido ||obstrusit portas suas % holes 
votntes ire ad succ'rend cobustioi illi retinuit r 

N 3 



1 ire iiluc phibuii »1 If^ido tol defiidit sic ho 
q* etate t*nsiit .^ offt . i. m p hnda juf visn de 
vitate ipius coDbusti5is ad eund rminu. 

Ebo}. JT Gileb de Notf.BxA de Vefi , Ponte . Milo de 

Bello Campo.GUo de Badelesmar missi ad 
Johanna ux Rob de Thumha ad sciend q 
poolet lo . 8UO vs^ Abbtem de Ebo^ de adv 
eoctie de Denecastr It See Cruc Ebo)^ dnt q^ 
ipa posuit loco suq iii Wittde Haia.y\ WPFan- 
dritt de Curcett yt Aim de Wkton vt FulcJiu 
de Sudwerc ad lu • vt pd. Id Rob pon loco 
sue p^dcm Witt vl singlarir Ses vs^ eund Ab- 
btem de p>dBo plac . \ v^s^ Epm de pi re&i. 
conis cuj^da hoiis sui ad lu • vt pd« 

Line. f Dies dat^ t JoU Marescutt It ux sue 'I G<n(fr: 

de Cestr \ ux sue peteti . \ Tempt .'I Can de 
Smptingh\ ReV Sakar de pi tt t c^stino Sci 
JofUs cora dno Jt . si f 8it [i Angt^ It n' f 8it r' 
^apd Westm^ [corH capitcd Justic] . Prior 
Milic Tempt poii loco suo Aleai* Jit Rogi .'X 
Prior de SimplingFfem Wittm Gz^.ad lu.vt 
pd .It inrim hant lie concord .It Joh pon loco 
suo « Witt Jit WaU" [vt Thorn JiRupe2 ad lu . 
vt nd.t y^s^ Rogm de Kerdeston de pt t^. 
1 vs^ Rob de Mateshdt Martin cticu Sim de 
Paieshutt ad recipiend die suQ. 

Devm. f Hnr de Torinton pon loco suo WittQicU vt H^g 

WBet vs^ Walim f Com Sar de pt quo waranto 
clam id Wall ecc*m de Torinton 1c. 

Dorset. fi PhiUpp de Htdecol pofl loco suo Gaufr de 
Notigh. Smrnvittv^P Auicia de Ildeslea de pt cuj^da 

DerA. iq^iconis dol ux sue *lc. 

^^rf'^ JT Com de PrarOs poS loco suo Herkmn de Rand 


vT . Ham CticU v^s^ Rem^um de WMamcler de pt 
tT ad lu • vl pd. 

Stiff.* jf Id Com pon loco suo WUlm de Ridewar vl Hant 

^^- aic& 9s^ Hiir Fabr \ Rob de WBruin 1 WuU 

fn!um de Seile 1 Mathm de \\Leuc ^ AlanJ^ 
Alan 1 Wittmf Warin \ Robf Wiltt Rob 
Maubmett\ Rad ^Grim de pt t^ ad lu . vt pd* 

BiJdg^ J iWc de Siffrewast pon loco suo Rob de Gray vs^ 

Wittm de la Den \ v^s^ Walfm de ^Grau 1 
Wittm J^Rad de p! ?^ ad lu . v! pd. 

Line. ff Ysabett ux Gaufr de Cestr pon loco suo G. virii 

suu rs^ Tempt \ Canon de SimpUngha t 
Petru Salsariu \ Ysabett ux ej^ de pi n* ad lu . 

JSio». JT Comitissa War pofi loco suo Rob le Vavassur 

v^sP Rob de Tumhd de pi nr *l homag ad lu • 

vl pd. 

Glouc. f[ Joh de Kenouitt petes veil i cur Dni 1 q*e? clam 

Abbti 1 Ganonicis Sa Aug^tmi de Bristorxf T: 
successorib3 eo^ • i. hid Pre S ptiii i Sudmk\ 
Q^m clam ptinle ad pbnda sua de Betton p se 
\ ^liedib}^ [successorib3] suis i ppetuu. 

OxorL IT I>ies dat^^ t Rad Jit Wigan \ Matitt de Oilli f1^ 

de ass de tra de WSvineford in (^stino See T^nit 
p defcu rec. Id dies dat^ t q%3da rec p es3 
jsuos.1 aliis qui venlut .1 not qd ipa recupavit 
seisina de tra ilia cora, Archiepco tcjustic tanq* 
de ilia q^m Hnr de Oilli ei dedit i dote. 

Lets. jT Das Archieps pel cur xpianil de pi xx de Horle 

q^ t i? Com de Legr 1 Epm Line . iii. die an 

Witt. jf Ric de Cumbe pon loco suo Ada Russett 9s^ SiSi 

N 4 













de Litlecol de pt magii ass de SviSo n^ de ^Sak^ 

f Com Rog pon loco suo Milora \\Leu Veise vt 
^Rogm de Braham v*s^ Wiltmf* Alan de pt tr 
1 Comitiss Gtmdr de pi aud judm suu.l id 
pon eosdit jRoS CapUanU 1 Ric de ^Senges 
vs^ Com de Legr ad recipiend .x. milites.^ 
cirog^li suu. 

jf Wilt Noel pofi loco suo Rod frem suu vs^ Rod 
de Dadinton de pi tr 1c. 

f Dies dat? t Rob Grelle 1 Hug Scoto de pi ijurie 
i od See Thut.\ Rob pon loco suo AlbtU de 
Neuitt.% Hug pon loco suo Rob Ctic. 

f Dies dat^ t fVa^o f Eudon 1 Steph Harengot 
de pi coven5onis f Se a die Sci Mich i aro. dies 
Sip Westm.]^ ^ceplG.JitPe^. 

jf Dies dat^ t Priori de Norwic \ Witt Jit RosceUn 
de pi libtatis t (f^stino Sci Joh Pee pciiL 

jf Loqla inr Pagantt de Walkecol 1 Withn Brieve 
i^oAo .Regin de Alba Mara de pi tr po' * us% 
I ociSci Joh . p G.^l Pet^ \ Sim de PateskutL 

f SenescaS » de Rames pet cur sua tcio die an pt 
inr Ric de WSinges appllante \ Rob de Brane- 
cestr 1 alios. 

f Dies dat^ -§■ Nich PinSne It Nigett de M^ston de 
pt cataB a die ^j^Pasch l . i. msg. 

jf AlarP Trenchem! pon loco suo GilebPrudkum 
vsP Witt de Hasting de pi nov diss Ic. 

f Ass* de advoc ecclie de Husseburn inr dfim 
Rege pel It ecclia Saresb remanet p ^cepl dni 
Reg r^ q^ eccliam ilia q^eta clain ecc*^ Sar i 



6. Plad in xv. dies post Pasch* anno j. regni Reg* 








jf Dns Rex warantizavit p br suu Griffin Jit SeU 
verd Coc diem poitum eidem It Rob Barnard 
qd no potuit illuc venire p svico suo t io 
llpcepit qd t 

JT Loquet int Wittm de Ardenn \ Ysold ux ejus 
pel \ Rob Jit Emis de ?ra de Wettt^Warhd 
po' in resp^m usq^ in oct Pentec coram ipo dflo 
Reg in Norm p pceptum Reg. 

Jf Hug de Loges ^ Marg ux ejus petentes petunt 
tram de WSogh p plevina Dnica pxima ^clausfl 

jT Templar t Burgnses sui de Baldac 9Cord sunt 
de pt auxilii faciendi ipis Templar p licnc 

f [WattJitWaJl po . lo .] Bobjit Watt die qd: dfls 
suus n vult pseq^ assisam q^m tuTat de custod 
castelli de IPtfordfW^ cartas q*s iK lit [quas ipe 
mostrav diio Reg .'] io recessit assis sil die. 

Jf Diis Rex mandavit dilo G. Jit P. qd a tenlet vt 
pmit?et tenli loqlam que -i int Rob Jit Iwein 
\ Thorn Noett \ Marg ux ejus.^ Ric de 
II Wapnbir 1 Juliana ux ejus SiGriffin Waleis 1 
Matitt ux ejus de rra de Weston q*m ipe Rob 
clam V eos . uii carta Regf jBT. patris hnt ut 
dicut . q*m rra idem Rex dedit Witto Eal^neo # 
pat^ p^dca^ mulierum . q^ diis Rex vult scire 
quem ing^ssum pdcs Iwain huit in tra illam « 
\ quom® eam pdidit. 


Line. JT Sarra ux Thorn de Multoh ponit lo.suo vim 

suu versus Nicot de Wadingha de pt a^ dke ulE 
psntcoem eclie de Wadingha ad lu . 15. 

Surr. jf Dies dat^ f Priori de BermUdish \ Rod de 

Haltinges de pT I . a die Sci Georgii in aro. dies 
Pee pcium. 

Sudfi. JT Ass in? Mob de Insula tenenl 1 fVarin de AtUa 

pel de rra de Mordestan p' in respite sn die 
q*mdiu BriarPjitRob f 8it in service dni Reg 
ult* mar p jpcepl ipius Reg. 

Esex\ jf Johs de Danmartin po . lo . suo Adam de Rohing 

V Martin Jit Joh It AUc mrem sua de pt ass 


f Loquela inr AlanU de Boct pel . 1: Priorem de 
Plumton in resp^^m usq^ in xv. dies p^Jest Sci 
Joh p pceptu dfii Reg. 

Esej^. f[ Ass de nova diss inr Rio de la Bere petente 1 

Rob de Sudton de libo tenem ipius RiZ in 
Marisco de Langedd ponit' i resp^m usq^ in 
. i. mensem ^ Fasch p defca recog. Q* Hug 
de Glouc . i. rec ess se p Aluered. It Joh Gallic 
p Gaufr . Thorold de Tillebi p Ric . Jordan de 
Ramesd p Witt . Ric de Fonl p Rob. Ide dies 
dat^f Rob de \\Boleuett . Ric Kipping \Rob dc 
Lednes qui veSunt \ Jacob de TiUehir . 1 Joh 
Blund^. Witt PinSna . Rob Ruff^. Witt Cos- 
teUun • Osbn \\Olbe reS £1 ve • tc. io atacb q tc 
1c. 1 Rob de Sudton n ven. 

j^orli. ^ Dns Rex mandavit p Rad de Normauitt qd 

loquela in? Ric Gubiun 1 AUc BUidett po^ ia 
respfm usq^ in c^stino See Trinitatis. 

Nor%. (T Magna assisa de feod lliii. mili! in ^Gunetoh It in 


Sudtorp \ Stokes in? ^Wamm de Helpeston 
pel 1 Gat^ fil Gai{fr ten ponit' in resp^um 
^p'iresjpm^ p defSu rec ^*usqj l ocl See 
I^iui . quia quida vetl 4^ q^da se ess q^b} id dies 
d^t^ t \ Regin Monac^. Witt de \\Wichinton 
AlmaruP de Ntieriis.Rob de Nueriis H veil Ic 
% ido atacb. 


H'tfora. f Priorissa de HaUwett ponit lo • suo Gervas 

Capttm ^sus TehalS Jit FvR de pt finis f ci T:c. 

fi%arn, jf Agn ux ^ico7 i/e Halioc ponit lo • suo virum suu 

vs^ Bic de Halioc de pt ass de mor£ an • ad 

^cw// ir Dies dat? t -Bo» de Crec \ Thorn Bloc de pi I 

a die PascH in L mensem • pee pcium. 

Esex\ jf Dies dat^ t Fori de Tejgibrd 1 BJiZ de iGopId de 

pi 1 1» oc/ 5& T^l pee pcium. 

^^' IT \^Tickmefi^ Motndin venit 1 ret*xit se de bfi qd 

tplat de nova diss v TFall Gimtard de • i. moln- 
din It de xxiiii, acr tre in || Walton t quietu 
clatnavit eidem Wall in ppetuii p v. m\ arg 
mia. ^ posuit se i mia. 

Hefori. JT Ass ve rec si ITbertusJit Herbti injuste 1 sii 

judo dissais FJiit de Stapilton \ Emma ux sua 
de libo tenem suo in ^Dorminton \ in Bric^ 
warestr ^ J^m Set Mich pximu afl coro dni 
Reg. Jur dnt qd ita diss eos. Jud . ipi hant 

mia bare f saisina sua 1 H'bt^ in mia . Damp& dim m\ 

Esex\ f For de Hatfeld pon lo . suo Milon monaS suu 

V . Wittm Faucilhm de plac deb ad luc* Ic, 

Safqps. . Sf Ass ven , rec si Ham aviicls Ji>R Ess^nei sais fuit 

in dfiico £fuo ut de feodo d% q^rta pte feod 


i. milil cum ptiii in \\Arkelav . die q*obiit .1 si 
ot 15 . 'I si idem Joh ppinq^orhes ejus sit . q*m 
?ram Fulco de ^Oirri [1 Matilt ux ej^] tenet 
Jur dnt qd Ham fuit in saii • 'X qd idem JoAs 
ppinq^or lies ejus t • Judm. 

f [|" Jb^*'] hat in saisina 'Ic. 

Ese:x^. f Dies dat^ t Therric de Tillingh \ Rob de Sco 

Audonoeo ad recip cirog^ suu de pt x. §• 
reddit^. quo^ \i\\. sol reddit^ remanent eidem 
Therric in vita sua x adie Set Johis in av» dies. 

Nottfigh. JT Dies dat^ t Widon po • lo • Poris DunoJm It Jord 

po . lo • Math de Eston de pi ||advc ecclie de 
Normaton pee peiii 1 intim 15. a (Ue Set Johis 
in an), dies. 

Salop. JT Joh Ex^nem po . lo . suo Witt Jit Warin v . Phit 

de Bumeh \ Emma ux ejus It v Fulc de OiUi 
\ Matitt ux ejus de pi aud jud suu ^15 . " 1 
" Fulco 1 Matitt ux ej^ pont loco suo in Witt 
" deHokbech:' 

Glauc. IT Loqla in? Magrm Rad de Liclielad 1 Wittm frm 

suu 1 Cecil de Euroic de diin hid 1 vi. acr Pre 
c ptin in Leche p' in resp*^m quousq^ dns Rex 
redierit de Norm p pceptum ipi^ Reg • \ tc 
sit cora Reg. 

KHt. ^ Ass * WittWMorett.s. utr Rad de WDenngton in- 

g^ssum hiiit in Dentgton sic Iju ||jus suii vl p 
vie Kane qui tram illam ei comisit ad firtn ut 
d'r :f po"" in respcm usq^ in c^stinU WAscessionis p 
def JRic q RicJitRad essofi se p Thofti . NicoU 
de Selling p Rog . Witt Jit Clem p Fetr. Idem 
dies dat^ t aliis qui ve . 1 Natanaett It Rob de 
Champagne . WittFceforrere . Hnr de WChoren- 



den • Alan^ de Kingesland n ve • 1c. io atac!b q 
sint ad eund L 

Surr 1 jf Jur ven recognit'a qd jus bedes Sim de Vautort 
"• hant in Septoh cum ptin . q*in J oh de VaiUort 

tenet, idem dilt qd Ric de Vautort qui tra 
ilia tenuit • hiiit ii. fil . s. Hug T: Johm .1 Hug 
fuit p^mogenit^. Ille Hug hiiit qda filiii s • 
Sim cuj^ filii debnt esse tra deSepton 
ut eis videt^ Noia jurato^ sunt . Rob de 
Wateuilt Rob de Hameledon Gitt de AbUng- 
wurtR . Rogjit Eborard . Gilt de MvJeham . 
JohForestar.Rog de la Dune • Thorn de WAugo , 
Rob Simplea^. Reimfr de Bruer • Rad de Airelt. 
Witt Jit Othon .1 notad q ||t inq'sico f ca fuit 
p pceptum d8i Reg il ||p 9sidaco cur. vl scdm 
9suetudiem regni. 

jf Dies dat^ t AtSbi de WWebburn \ Elye monach 
suo po .lo. ejus \ Elye de Wimbmtt de pt ult 
Psnl capelle de Hundrigge .a die Sci Mich in 
i. mensem . \ intim hfit lie gcord . p^ce pcium» 

JT Dies dat^f Attii de WWimbuitt \ Ric de T^tt.1 
Johi de Chadneto visorib} infirmitatis Rob de 
Polet in crastin Ascnsionis. Idem dies dat^ t 
Rad de Weddon p Reimudu essoniatore suu. 

f Conven in? Abbm T: Can de Egliston 1 Rad de 
Lenham de pt debi^ x. ti. Ita . s . qd ipi 
solvent eid Rad. C. sol .1 sol9e debnt eidem 
C. sot a festo Sci Botulfi in . i. annu pximii p^ 
coronone Reg J. 1 Wido de WHoUebec ||in 
pt t • fide \ in?poita. Ita • s . qd si tunc n 
reddidint ipe recupare potit ptac suil in cur 
dfii Reg * ||ap ||Reg. 

H^tford. ^ Dies dat^ t jBv de Wimbisse \ Ojp^ano 1 Witt fn 





t M « 

sub t NigeUo.sA red J cirog*Buu in c^stin See 
Thtitatis • ipi ponut lo • suo , Gaiifr de Sandon 
ad recip cirog*. 

Line* jf Petronitt que fuit ux StepH- de Falchenbg 

ponit lo . suo Rah de Millar/ vT Phil de Clac- 
torp de pH . V Wall Falkenbg \ Augh ux ejus 

ffford. jf Jokes de Stopele ponit lo . suo ^Pentecoste de 

Wendliswurth vsus Gatrfr ^l Gayfr de pt 

Omes loqle Hug Bard ponunf* i respcm usq^ a 
die Sci Georg z an), dies. 

in.6.dor9. R in XV. dies ^ Pasch\ 

Sdlops. JT ^^ ^^ Oirri ponit lo. suo WiUm de Holebeche ad 

aud judm suum in? ipm 1 Johm Eaf^neum . *lc. 

Sur¥. f Sim Cticus ponit lo . suo Tehald Senescdtt v . Gitt 

del WHeUe de pT 1 1c- 

jf \joq}iAz,\m Rob de Pinkeni^ Rob de ^Hersan Ae 
rra de Wen^ue \ de Rollesliam po' sn die p 
^ceptum diii Reg • q^ Rob de ^JiHersm fuit cum 
inimicis dni Reg ut d*^!. 

jf Gflfe^rj^rPe/* mandavit Justic de Banco qd n 
teneat plac intjohm de Stapele petn .\ Gayfr 
Jit Gaufr de i. hida rrc cum ptin in Hocsta^ 
neston quous% Bald Wach qui earn deb ei 
waratizare etatem hat qd possit 1 debeat 

Litic. JT Hhr de Neuiltpon loco snoWOtde \\C^s v^s^ Rege 

^ Jit ecc&n Ae WOskebi \c.' 


jf A^s ve • rec si God de Cramauilt injuste % sn judo 
dias War fil Witt de libo tenem suo in Belstede 
\c. Jur dnt qd God de Cramauitt inplac 

+ Rob de KanteJu de tra ilia in comitat • ^ psidal 

cur recupavit sais vsus eu. Jiid. Warin n* cap 

mia. p a$sisam • \ reman"! in mia« 

Esea^. jf Ass live rec si Witt par Sim fuit sais in dUico 

suo ut de feod de q"r xx. acr rre 5 ptiii in 
Theiee die q* iter peg?£lonis sue vsus Sent Egid 
arripuit • in quo itinle obiit . q*m t!Ta,RadAngU(P 
tenet Rad die qd infra etatem est ^ n lit 
plus rre q*m illam.1: fi videt'*in resp5de 
quousq^ etatis f8it *! petit etatem suam. Sim 
die qd ipe de15 tram illam tenle de eo J\ par ejus 
de jPdece8Sorib3 ejusdem tenuit • 1 i& ponit se 
sup assisam. Considatu t q^ R(id hat f sa^ 
etate suam Si ass* remanet quousq^ hat etate. 

Sttn^t f Ass ven rec si Wilts Treuet injuste 1 sn judo 

dissais Wittm Decanu de Piriton de liho ten 
suo in Piriton p^ scdam coronouem Reg Ric , 
Jm dat qd n diss eum . jud . W. Treuet teneat 
^^^' in pace . \ Witt Decan^ in mia p flo clam. 

Surr. jf Dies dat^ t Simon de Bareswtirth pel T: Gitt de 

Hett ten de pi ass de xl. acr rre t i. mesag 
in 4f» ilnle a Dnica gaf" j^ f^m Sci Marc 
Ewangte in aro. dies .1 tc veii ass ad dicnd sup* 
sac^mn^ suii quot acre sint infra clamiu suu. 

Glouc. JT Dies dat^ t Witt6 de \\D[u]iue 1 Gatsfr Ctico poito 

lo . Rog Jit Nicot de pi escamb tre i ocl See 

Noif: . JT liadjit Rad . Gcnifr de Stiuekei . Rog WBachn . 

Ric Branch iiii« milit sumoiti ad eligndii sup 
sac^tu suu xi;. ipiUt ad fac magii ass ir^ Rob 


de Snddat pet .\ Rod Jit Turlac ten de llxxi. acr 
tre cum ptin in Pluinsted.\ in WtiSton t in 
WBemtgha •% .(\m& eo^ maj^ jus hat in tra ilia, 
venlut \ eleg?unt istos Wittm de Motion. Wall 
de B^nighd . Berth de Caletorp . Wittm de Burl. 
Witt Houett . HamUd de Homstud . Thorn de 
Walburn . Johm Auenett. WRogm de TunstaU. 
Wdli de Sco Plascencio . Nicot de Doking . 
Rad de Munpicun.RobJit Rod de Massingha . 
Milan de Ntders . Rag de Ferrers . ITnr de 
Fleg. Dies dat^ t eis in adv Justic St tc ven 

Noif* JT Idem sum ad fac magn ass int eund Rob pet t 

Clem \ Johjit Rob ten de xxi. acr tre c ptitt 
in Phcmsted St in Wufftoii t in B^ntgha. in q*m 
jpdci Clem 1: Johs tenentes posuer se silr ele- 
gerunt istos eosd pdcos. Idem dies dat^ t eis. 

NorA. Gaufr de Burecql venit T: 9cessit Geue que fuit 

ux Ric fil sui rcia pte toci^ tre sue in Burton 
It in Kerswett in dot hSda tota vita sua. 

Stirf. if Ass veil rec si Eva de WChesenie injuste \ stt 

judo diss Leticia vidua de li15o ten sue in 
Bissele inf^ assisam, Jur dnt qd Eva n dis- 
saisivit eam. Jud . Eva sit in pace It Letic in 
mia. niia. 

Sussex*. JT I^i^^ dat^ t JoJii de Monte Acuto 1 Martin de 

Besteno^ in ocl Sci Joh ad recip cirog^ sud de 
• C. acr llde tre in Bestenof un concord sunt • 
Anselm^ habet concord in rollo suo. 

Idfic. JT A%s venit rec si Gerard de Huwett injuste t sn 

judo diss Rad de Wa^itt de libo ten suo in 
WT^lfnetorp 1 in Lundirtorp infra ass .jur dnt 
qd diss eum. Jud . Rad hat saisina St Gerard 
naia» in mia de ii. m*. Dapnu ii. m*. 


Ncrf." ^ Jto^ de Sudat ponit lo . suo Sim filiu suu versus 

Sun Jit Turlac de pt t . ad luc* Ic. 

Dors. f Dies dat^ t Ric de Melecumb \ Hug jil Witt de 

pT nov diss in c^stin See Thiil pee pciu 1 tunc 
veniat assisa. . 

Eses^. jf Rad de i^Bauencestr ponit lo . suo Batd de Bolon 

vsus Eustac de Laghefar de pi ass mortis aii 
ad luc*m vT pdend •1c. 

Norhm. ^ p^f^ ^^ jg^^^ pQjjjj. Jq ^ gyQ Marmaduc de 

Twoeng v WUtm de Brus de pt I ad lu . 
vl pd. 

NarH jf Magna assisa int Watanu de Helpeston pel • It 

Gaitfr Jit * ten de feod iii. militu in Stokes 
\ in Gtmetorp It in Stidtorp p*^ in resp^^m 
usqb i^ ocl See Thiit p defcu recognil . q^ 
EmaM de Herlawe esson se p Sleph Witts 
de ^Euermon p Witt Wenge . Steph de Mar ha 
p Witt. Sim Malfe p WaU . Rob de WAundenebi 
p Gatjr \MuJ Roh de Salceton p Joh . Witt 
de Oxenejord p Fhit. Idem dies dat^ t 
Hug de Lisures • Rag Jit Pagani Rob de 
Wer . Joh de Wiuitt qui venlnt.l WRegin 
MonacP . Witt de Wichittoh . \\Almalric de 
Nuers • Rob de Nuers n veil .Ic . athacR qi 
sint ad eund L 

JRottt. If Dies dat^ t Phit Monaco po . lo . AS)is de Westm 

1 Joh Mansett ad aud judm suii a Dnica pjf^ 
p^Jestu Sci \\Marc * in xv. dies pee pciu. 

Nor/: jf Dies dat^ t Clem de Docking pe! . 1 JoJii de 

Duffcol po . lo • Witt Lupelli ad recip cirog* 
suii de xxiiii. acr tre in Docking in d^stin See 

Rot, Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. O 








pcord sh 


f Dies da^ t A»i de Nehus.t WaJX de WCliffbrS 
de pi advoc * de ^Norhag in ocl See TW/.p 
hv dm G. Jit P. 

f[ Dies dat^ t Ricjil Ddt Gaufr de Wiueksthorn 
de pi I . in ocl See Thiit 1 hnt lie gcord. 

jf Wido de Winfton sum ostii q® advoc ten} se in 
eclia de WirSton 1 de sum die qd p Rod de 
CUpesbi « • 

f Ass in? Epm LkiZ \ ComiE Leic p' in rtn usq^ 
hi c^stin See ThiU p def rec . % Petr^ Line ess 
se p Petrum Rod Broc p HtAg . Witt de 
Hausted p Rod. Idem dies dat^ t sepl rec 
qui veri .1 Rod Caw^ari^ 1 Rad \Arrahi . Hug 
de WEutcors . Achard de Sproaton • WittdePkro 
Hnr Ptitrett.n ve .vl se * io atach tc. 

f Ass ve rec si Gwitt de Nojf* injuste % sii jud 
diss Joh Jit Godric St Aifled ux ejus de libo 
ten suo i Crec infra ass. Jux dnt qd Gitt de 
NorJ^ n diss eos .t postea introgati dixlunt 
qd Gitt dis3 eos p judm cur sue. 

jf Ass ve re . si Alea^ de Chesnei par Joh de Ched- 
nei saiS fuit in dnico suo ut de feod de 
X, acr bosc in WSwinesheved ut de feod die 
q* obiit Si si clb Ic . 1 si Johs Ic . q*m tra 
Witts Jit Rad tenet • W^ die q ass n deft iil 
esse.1 ponit se sup rol justiS tc itinianciu. 
Hat llrecordiu in act See Thiil 1: ass remaneat. 

jf Loqla inr homies Epi LinZ t hoies Comil Leic 

de saltu q®da in c^stin See ISiit pee Epi % 


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Rog Bigol • Rogm de la Zuche de feod iiii. 


nrilitd ^ feodu Rod de Fumuuatt^ iii. inilitib3 . 
t feodu Begin de Leiham p ii. militib} It 
feodu B£c Qubitm p • i« miliL 

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Havhois de advoc eclie de Herpingha \ Petr 
h ven vt se esson It sum testata fuit Judm • 
advoc ectie capia' in manu dni Reg Ic . It ipe 
sum qd sit apd Westm in c^stin See T^nil, 
Idem dies dat^ f aliis rec s . Matho de Gret- 
teston . Gaufr Stiuenay • Rag de Botlesdon qui 
veil . t Wilt de Bello Monte esson se p Witt 
04^^^ ^ ^^ ^ MUpincU p Gatffr . T: 
Thorn de \\Lei6n p Ric • T; Rog de TunestaUe 
p Ri€.\ Wido WBucte p Rob . Nigett Jit 
Ric p Thorn. Humfr de WVtdlers p Rog .\ 
Godefr de Lisewis .p Drogong.t Phit de 
Snaring. 1 Milo de Noers It Ric Vis de chS 
atach Itc. 

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Croc V offic WBatth de pt custod ecctie de 
WEmeb . . ad luc*. 

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lo . Matittjlt Enrne pel . 1 Jord de \\ Wikewan 
de XX. virg tr c ptin i Bradeword po"^ i adv 
justic \c p defcu rec . attacli q* fi ven 

. t not qd ass^ capiend waranl 

que Jord vocav. 

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1 Rod Jit Ridettt Gaufr de\\B'newett. • . . . 
tenem suo i Godestok* \ Clapestorn po' i 
respm usq^ l crastino See Thiil oes rec attacli 
p>? Joh de Sudwic q* ve St no? qd Rod Jit 

Ridett Gaufr n ven. 

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JVigorrL f Ass* de . m llanc in? Cristiand Jit Rob pet 1 

Philipp deBradewett. . . . Hmrem ej^ de dim 
llhid rv. c ptin i Bradeaf po' i adv justic . . . • 
Id dies Ic. nH atL 
m. 7« 

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i. mil cum ptin in Marston ut jus suu . 1 Rob 
pel visu rre. Hat visum. Dies dat^ t eis in 
c^stin See T'nil . It inrim fiat visus. 

SudA. ff Loquela in? Oliver le \\Moter 1 Ric de St^ton p' 

in r*ta usq^ a Dnica pxima jp^ J^m SU Marc 
Ewangte in arc. dies p br diii G. JitP* 

Sumis. jf Vic signif p br suu sigiH qd cep in manil dni 

Reg dim virg I c ptin in Pedton die Vemis 
j^xima p^ med Q^drag . q*m Joh le WNeuu clam 
vsus Emma de Bruges* 

Line. jf Ass de nova diss int Witt de Sco Marco pel \ 

Rob de Wd^vitt \ Gaufr de Sco Marco po"" in 
resp usqj in c^stino Ascens p def rec q^ nulls 
rec veil . io atach qd tc sint ibi T:c . 1 sciend 
f qd ipi nich dixiunt q*re asS remaneat. 

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tcia ptem i. hid tre c ptiii in Etton q t de 
feod Jord Peverett q*m p Beatric Jit Semn 
p*in ux ejusd Ric . 1 utir id Ric obiit in sais 
ut de feod an ut de ward q*m inde hiiit 
occone qd de ea huit fil. Jur dnt qd n hSt 
ing*^ssum n* p Beatric q*m rra Jord Espleng 
clam vsus Osb Jit Ric qm huit de scda ux sua 
Jud . Jord hat saisin in salvo jure bedum illius 

Bvk*. f I^i^s dat^f Witt de Turvitt 1 Emme de ^Sanddon 


1 Jacob * de plac ? . in c^stin See T^il pee 
pciu It hnt lie concord . Witt ponit lo . sue 
Fulcon de Hid Ic. Emma po!l lo . suo . Rad 
frm suu 1c. 

Stiff! f Ass de mort an inr AlanU de Widdatt pet It 

Rog Gulqfr de feod dim mil in Isted \ i 
Otinton p' in resp usa in adv justic p def 
rec qj nuUus eo^ ven pr Rog de \\ Withering \ 
Rob WMaloiset . Rog ven It vocavit ad waranl 
WPhilippam Gulqfr . tc hat waranl suu. 

X. if I^^s ^a/z^ mandavit Justic dni Reg qd Mabit 

ux ?Fj/lf de Insula c* obicieba"^ qd bastard 
fuit disronav qd legitime nata t . 

Buk\ JT Dies dat^ t Witt de Turuitt T: Hug poito lo . Rad 

Jit Witt ad rec cirog* suu a c^stino Set Marc 
Ewangle in viii. dies de pi I . Witt poK Fulc 
de Hid vt Sim frem suu 1c. 

Notlgfi. f Rog MoTUuP pet Z);5ica pxima an fm Sci Marc 

Ewangle tram sua de Stratton p pi q capl fuit 
in ma£l dni P: p def ejus vsus Rob de Stein^ 

Suff' JT Prior de Theffbrd op . se iiii. die v . Gaufr de 

AmbUe 1 Ric Pigace \ Wittm Frdceis \ Ran 
hoiem Gaufr de pi intrusionis 1 vis illate . 
1 ipi ii vea vl se esson \ poiti fuer p pleg .It 
p^ea esson se .t dat^ fuit eis dies a die Pasc in 
aro. dies . \ tunc n ven 1c. lo atacti qd sint 
in ocl See T'nil in respsur. F^or ponit lo . suo . 
Thorn de Thameston vsus illos 1 v Ric de 
\\Conifeld de pi I 1c. 

SuJE* JT -^fe*^ ^ wLuwsi op . se iiii. die vsus Gatifr de 

Amblie 1 H*vic de Geddinges de pi reddit^. 1 

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i^ fi yen 1c« ifi atacU qd sint in ocl See 

jf Dies dat^ t Wall de ^W^ Falchenbg % Petro^ 
mlkjit WSim fjt WSim^. de jitl a die See 
Thiii in av^ dies. W. . .ponitlo.suo Wittm 
de Bauenton si ipe intesse & possit 

jf Dies dat^ t Rog de la Zvche 1 Gayfr de Blie ad 
aud jud de pt carl in oct See Trinil. 

f Dies dat^f ii-Ht/J Hose 1 Monach de Pipewelt de 
pi rre t decimar in ocl Sci Joh pee pcium. 

f Dies dat^ t Ri^ de BeUo Campo . \ JETn de Long 
Campo ad aud jud suu de pT applti in ocl See 

)f Jur ven rec utr Agn de Cupicol debeat tefle 
iii. virg rre 8 ptin in Cupicote p svic x. s. 
. . • • p 5i 9vi5o de Alan Jit RollandSt utr 
Andr de Cupicol deb tefle ii. virg rre c ptifl 
in Cupicol de eod p svic sex sot p annu p 
omi svico . an ipi debeant psc*ptu sviciii . 1 
prea bis metere It arare p annu ad cibum 
ipo^ It de quo!} porco supanuato . i. d. It de 
aliis porcis j. ob % bbagiu ^ tallagiu 9* Natale 
• • • • It cariagiu feni sui. Jur dfit qd ipi 
intlligunt qd Angn t Andr debnt xvi.s. p 
annu 1: secare t caraiare ad cibu suu pp^um. 
1 metere bis ad cibum dni sui . It dnt qd 

nesciut utr debet de porcis suis vt 

tallar 9*" Natale. Dies dat^ f eis a die See 
T^nil in aro. dies ad aud jud suu. 

f AUc q fuit ux Boh fit \Swein op • se iiii. die v 
Ada de la Roche de pi yad I. in Morle t in 
JliHemesgrave , . . • n veil vt se esson • io atacb 


qd sit in oci Set Joh 1S« AUc pon lo • suo 
Rob Flandr T:c. 

Norf' f Dies dat^ t MatHo Peverelf 1 Witt Peverelt de 

pi ass de xl. s reddit^ i adv justic pee pciu. 

Notfl^ f Ass» de m. anc inr Joh Widerspon \ Sibitt ux 

ejus pel • 1 Rob de Walton tefl de . i. mes c 
ptin i Len po' i adv justic p defcu rec • q^ 
quida ve& quida n t ido attach. 

SUi^.' if Eps Cestr pon loco suo Magrm Osb vs^ Hug 

Aurifabr de pt ass m . anc de • i. motnd It 

vs^ Ric de \\Ptiz " " ad capiend cirog* 

suu tc. 


Sal<^. jf Ass de morf afl inr Emma Jit Rog pel It Berth 

JitPetr ten de . i. carruc Pre c ptin in ^liltieUthe 
po' in resp us% in adv justic in ptib} iS p 
defcu rec. Idem dies dat^ t rec qui veil . T: 
Rob deBehnes INicot de WBoHncJiatt qui n ve. 
vt se esson atacH qd ^c \ tol reS apponaf^ 
qd ass ii remaneat 'Ic. 1 assisa deh capi p 
defalta Nieolai. 

JEPtf! f W^ de Scalariis pel v . Hug de Scalar feod 

XV. milil c ptin in \\Fatulon It in WWidehatt \ 
in Rode 1 i WBeastode 1 in ||jBra;2/^/(f ut jus 
suum Itc.l -Hiwg^ defnd sum 1 vad lege. 
Pleg ejus \\Graeleg. Dies dat^f eis in oci 
See Tnil. 

f Rob fil 1 lies Sim de \\Walle torta op . se iiii. die 
V Johm Cumin de pi advoc ecctie de Babbecar 
1 ipe n ve . vl se esson . io advoc cap in man 
dni Reg '\jc. Tt ipe sum qd sit t c^stino See 

O 4 


Line. jf Rod de Mara pel v A^m de Bardenay qd ei 

pmittat psntare idonea psona ad ectiam de 
SpUnglon . sic ad ill am q*in disronavit una 
cum mediel vitt de SpUnton v Alex" Briton . 
\ pft cirog* f cm inu ipm 1 eud Alea^ conl 
Arct Cani H. qd testat' ipm \ Alea^ con- 
cordat fuisse cora ipo de mediel viB de 
Splingtoh c oib3 ptin ejusd med viH. Atts 
vefi \ defnd jus Rad.\ die qd ipe 1 eclia 
sua de Bardenai possidunt ectiam illam L 
Ijannus t plus in9cusse . ^ pft cartam Gaufr 
Briton qui eam eclie sue dedit . cuj^ beditas 
rra de SpUnton fuit . \ gfirmonem Alea^ fiis 
ejus in % gfirm Epi Line R. \ Epi H. \ p>?ea 
die qd finis ille quem pfert p cirog^phum:^ 
f 5s fuit w. anno regni Reg Ric . 1 Rod \ Alejf 
deforc ei jus suu q buit in SpUnton • ita qd 
p^ea disronavit vsus Alea^. ^ io n deb3 ratu 
hre quid fecint. 

jf A^s ponit lo . suo Rad de Bonde monaS suu 
Ic . dies dat^ t eis in ro. dies p^ J^m See 
Thiil. Rad poii lo . suo Ric frm suQ ifi 

Line. JT Margiia de Ros sum ad cap homag Rob de 

Tatishalt de Pra q*da in Tidd ven 1 cep 
homag suu. 

Ojw». if I^'cs dat^ t Rob de Nevitt \^ Ate q fuit ux Witt 

Poller e de pi l\ ectie in od See Tnil pee 
pciu 1 hnt lie concord. 

Sun^s. JT Jofis Mona<P poit^ lo . Wali de TiUi op . se 

iiiL die v . Wilt Bret de pi advoc eclie de 
Portesheued 1 ipe K ven Ttc. jud . advoc 










cap' in manu dni Jt T: dies 1c "X ipe sum q 
sit in oct See Thiil. 

JT Rob Jit Gitt op . se iiii. die v Witt Jit JoJUs 
de pi dim hid rre c ptiii in Cirenc \ ipe n 
ve 1c. Jud . rra capia' in manu diii Jt T: 
dies 1c 1 ipe sum q sit I od See Thiii in 

jf Ric de Melkele op . se iiii. die v . Joh Jit 
Gatifr de pi homag 1 ipe n ve 1c. 13 
atach qd sit fsit in ocl See Thiit .15. 

if JoHs [/e] Ptier pon lo . suo Sim de Neweland 
V Eliam de Pidele de pi 1. 1c. 

f Ass* de m . anc inr Gileb Jit Tur start pel . 1 

Gatifr Anglic ten de dim virg tr cu ptifi 

1 Hameleden po' i adv justic p defcu rec. 

qj . V . rec ess se. Id dies dat^ t aliis q* 

jT Dies dat^ t Witt /' Fet^nitt pel .1 ITnr de 
\\Benigton ten de pi ass de dim hid tr c ptiil 
i WBenigton uii Hnr dix qd Witt huit iii 
escambiu 1 in posuit se sup jur 1 c5cessu 
fuit qd jur iii fieret . i adv justic .1 tc . veniat 

f Abbas de Wardon pel vs^ Johem de Builli 1 
Cecit ui ej^ medietate advoc ecclie Sci Leo- 
nard 1 Ward sic ilia q*m Witt de Bussei pr 
ipius Cecit dedit domui de Wardon 1 monach 
ibid i pura 1 ppetua eleiu 1 quicq* jur i 
ecclia ilia huit . 1 carta sua donaconem ilia 
eis conrmavit q*m ptulit q h testat' sic vs^ 
illos qui hnt medietate hed pdci Witt.\ 
Joh 1 Cecit ven 1 defndt donaconem pdci 


Willi 1 carta ilia [qn debebut] 1 dnt qd 
sic ecctia ilia vacas t It ancessores sui 
feSunt sp p^ntaconem n5 Uvult responde de 
advoc n* cur cosidavit llanq^ %at seisioa q^tn 
pdecessores sui liuert " 1 pel jurata de 
<^ psntacoe . A6d die qd carta ilia t l^tima 
" It h off pbare p legales hoies de pfia vl 
" p llaUas ||q»s pdcs Wilt «fee. 

[[..•• JoH 1 qd n waranl 

suus . • • • ud dre • • . p*a . • . • qd • • • . 
hat seisina.] 

" JT Joh pon loco suo Rob j^ Ric in 1 . WMatiU 
** de WBussei poil loco suo Regin BacU Sic '* 

** respcm usq^ i crastin See T*nil . 

<< \ tc %at ^Sd cartas suas. Id dies dat^ t 
" ui Hug Woe sorori jpdce Cecil/* 


jf Pel ^ ipe Jur pfie quis psntav ullam psona 
ad ecctiam ilia \ Abbas die qd ipi debnt 
ecctiam ilia hre p cartas suas quas hnt % q 
legales sunt St of ft pbare vs^ eos p legales 
hoies de pria. c Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud 
suu i c^stino See Thiit. 

jf Ass" de m • an • in? Gerald « 1 Marioria ux ej^ 
\ Joh Gren \ Matitt ux ef \ Ric f* 
T^kilt 1 Juliana ux ej^ 1 Etifemia . Edusa 
\\Angnel \ AUc Jil Gileb pel.1 David f 
Owein \ Emm ux ej^ tefi de . L virg t dim 
tr c ptin i Chatteslee po' i adv justic p 
defcu rec q^ oes rec attach sunt pz . i. q* ve£L 
\ not qd n® David n^ ux ej^ veniut . vt se 
ess . ^c. 

f Ass^ ven reS si Rkhenda mv Wilt WaGi fuit 

in. 8* 


seisita in dfiico suo ut de feud de • i. hid t^ . 
c ptin 1 WitingeskPttf die Vi . 1 ITebtus /*. 
Alan q' rra ilia tenet vocav iii ad warani 
Wa^ p?em ipi^ Witt q^ veil \ warantizat 
\ die qd hac tra huit cii ux sua.l dedit 
ilia ipi ETebto cu filia sua 1 sorore ipi^ 
Wa^ i maritag .1 p cocessione ipi^ Wa^i t 
Wal$s defiidit q fiq* cocesait 1 pet cosida- 
cone cur si ipe potuit dare Meditate mns 
sue. jf Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Joh I aro. 
dies St ass^ remaneat. 

Oxon. JT Ric Jit \\iyd op se iiiL die \?s^ Wittm Qmtremarc 

de pi rcie ptis duaf hid rre cu ptin i 
Chaticg^ve .\ ipe H veil vt se ess.l sumon 
test fuit. jf T'ra ilia capiat' i mail Reg 1c 
1 ipe sumoii qd sit i crastino See Thiit in 
respons . tc. 

NorfS f Witt Jit Gatffr op . se iiii. die vs^ Bic le Bigot 

de pi §vic 1 cosuetud 1 ipe il veil vl se 
ess . 1 fuit poit^ p vad . 'I pi t Vic ii misit 
noia pi. Attach p mel pi qd sit l ocl See 
T^it.1 p*mi pi siimon qd tc sint ibi osln- 
sur qr ii hue?t que pleg .1 nota qd Vic 
pcepat Ballivis Com de Arundel ponle eu 

P P^- 

Bedef.* f I^i^s dat^ t Steph de StiU^p ten 1 Augn Jit 

Gaufr pel de pi 4ady ecclie^ magne ass 
de . i. virg tr i Sull^p i adv justic i ptib} ill 
p defcu dies dat^ t rec q* ven \ 
q* se ess, 

G/<wc. jf Dies dat^ t Hnr de Prahers \ Sarr ux ejus 1 

Gaujr le \\Bugunim 1 Biahi ux ej^ de pi 











pticonis tV t ocl See Tnil. or ''fGaufr*' pofl 
ill loco suo " \Gatifr " ||vir «uu 1c. 

jf fVa^s poit^ loco Pons de ^mundeseia op . se 
iiii. die vs^ Philipp J^ Osb de pt ass m. 
anc de xiiii, acr tr cu ptifi i ^BucHlee \ ipe 
n ven vl se ess . 1 fuit petes . io i mia 1 
pi ef. 

If Hug de Loges \ Marglia iix ejus poSt loco 
suo Thom de Erdinton vs^ AttE>tem Leic de 
pi tr 1c. 

jf Joh de BviUi pon loco suo Rob Jit Ric vs^ 
AS)tem de TVardon. 

jf ^Aluina q fuit ux Aug^tini pon loco suo Hug 
fil suu vs^ Ric de ^DvUngh de pi I 1c. 

jf JKo8 ^* fife Mateshal pel t^ra sua p pi ^ Joxns 
$af^ j^ festU Set Marc Evangtist q capta fuit 
i manu Reg p ejus defcu vs^ Johem Ma- 

jf Assisa de m anc inr Gaufr 1 Mobil ux ej^ 
1 Sarra sorore ej^ pel 1 Wittm Luvett de 
dim hid rr i ^Femha url id Witt vocat i 
war Rod Jit Rann po*" * l av. dies p^ Jestu 
See T^il . "qj rec ess se ifi quib} id dies 
dat^ t." 

jf WaU de Tirinton 1 Ric de Brexes appSantes 
op . se iiii. die vs^ Ada Banastf T: Steph 
Pincinam de pi robie SI ipi n venliit vl se ess 
1 f uut poiti p vad 1 pi . s . Rog de Leic . 
Rob de Burun . c Attach p mel pi 1 p^Soi pi 
smnon qd sint a die See Tiiil t xv. dies apd 
Westm in respons ..1c. 









jf Hug Jit Eluine po . lo . ejusd Elfine op • se . 
iiii. die vs^ Ric de DulUngh de xv. acr tr 
cu ptin i DuUngh S\ ipe n ven vl se ess T: 
sumon tes^ fuit. cr T'ra ilia cap i manu Reg 
Ic !\ ipe siitnoii qd sit I oci See Thiit 1c. 

^ Ass» de m . anc in? Wiltm Jit Walfi pet 1 
Magrm Milic Tempt de dim hid tr c ptiii 
i Botesfeld po' i respcm usq^ ^ crastinu See 
Thiil • Quia ipe Magr ostndit carl de rra 
ilia q testaf qd ITber^ de Castett \ Emm ux 
ejus dedunt Tempt rra ilia T: qd ipi It Kiedes 
eo^ debnt warantizare rra ilia . T: rra ilia t i 
mail dHi Reg una cu aliis rr . pdci ITb St 
Emm .1 contecio f in inr hedes .1 ido Unesciv 
q possit in vocare ad waranL 

jf Gileb po • lo . Rad de Amundevitt op . se iiii. die 
vs^ Ric de War \ Idonea ux sua de pi feud . 
i. milil i Muneketo \ \\Billeburc 1 Ric ven It 
Ydonea ess se de m • Ic T: milil qui debuiant 
testificasse visii illu . s . Witt Jit Sini . Turstan 
de WTauleston . Jord de Sea Mar . Malg le 
Vavassur ii veflut \ ido attach qd sint l 
oct See Thiil in respons. Ric poU loco suo 
in Ric de \\Oa:*ndon. Id dies dat^ ^ eid Ric i 

jf Joh de \\Emeburg op . se iiii. die vs^Alan official 
Epi Bathon de pi qr admisit advsar pdci Joh 
ad ecclia de \\Emeburg 9* phibic Capitat Jus- 
tic . \ ipe n ven T;c. \ io attach qd sit I ocl 
See Thiii tc. 

jf Witt Burdun po . lo . \\Augn \\And pel vs^Sibitt q 
fuit ux \\Norm de Sco Pat^cio . i. car tr \ t^s 
virg i Deresburc sic jus pdce WAugn . id pel 
v^s^ Johem Frankelan . i. virg tr cu ptiii i 


esUt villa • id pel ^s^ Matitt mTem Sarr . L 
virg ti cu ptin i ead villa ,1 ipi pelt in vis . 
liant Dies dat^ f eis z oci See TSul Si intim 
fiat vis^. 

f Id pel V8^ Alan Venator^ . i. virg tr cu ptin i 
ead villa \ ipe pel visii . fiat \ Bit die ad eund 

WUL jj- Dies dat^ t Sim de Litlecot 1 Bic de WOmb de 

pt magne ass de svic qd id Bic exig ab eod 
Sim . de ii. hid tr cu ptin i \\Saghe . I ocl See 
Tnii.t Sim de Fifhid . Witt de Sages . Rod 
WTibbett . Ric Cotet . iiii. milil qui ||debent eli- 
gisse • xii. ad faciend ifi ass n ven vt se ess 
\ ido attacfi. 

Smr* JT ^^^ ^ Hexsted op . se iiii. die vs^Ad de Wodeh 

, de pi waranl . iiii, virg rr c ptin i HaUgeP \ 

i B^d \ ipe n ven vt se ess 1c. io attach qd 

sit i crastino See Thtii *Ttc, 

Notf/ SifAJitRob de Sudatpel y^s^SiSljr\\Turlac xxi. 

acr tr cu ptin i PlUsted 1 TVat^ton \ \\Bemtghd 
sic jus suu St Sim ven 1 pel in vis . fiat. Dies 
lldies dat^ t eis i crastino See Thiii . T: intim 
fiat vis^, 

Siaj: JT Sibilla q fuit ux Witt \\Bufferre pel v's^ Atfctem 

de Cumba dote sua q ea conting? e ♦ de rra 
pdci Witt q^nda viri sui . ex dono ipius 5 
WTrescol un n'l lit ut dic.1 Abbas vefi \ 
vocat in ad waranl Widon c^ carta ptulit q 
^hoc^ testat'.qd ipe Witt dedit domui eoj^ 
de Cumba tra ilia i elemosin • fiat eii % cras- 
tino See Thiit . Att) poii iil loco suo Nigett 
Monac suii \c. 

War. jf Id Afib poa eund Nigett lo . suo . v^s^ Witt de 

Verdun de pt ass 1 v^s^ ux ej^. 


f WarirP Jit Wilt pel Ps^ Godrfr de Crdmavitt. 
i. car tr cu ptin i WHaldsted ut jus suu. 
Godtfr ven It die qd alia vice i pt fuit in 
i cur dni Reg.*l p fine fcm I cirog*phu 
remasit ei rra ilia absq^ clamio ej^d JVarin . 
1 pel in cosidaconem cur . WarinP die qd 
vs^ eii niiq* finis fcs fuit in. csr Moniales 
puelle i q"r loco Godqfr pdcs poit^ t teneat i 

Esse J?. JT Petr^ de ^Neref* op. se iiii. die vs^ WdSmJil 

Umfr de pt finis fci i cur ,1 pcepl fuit Vic 
poSe eu p pt.^ vie die q n fuit ivent^. 
Attac1& qd sit t c^stino See 'Pnil iii respons 1 
ostnsuir qr recessit de cur sn die. 

Ehof. f Dies dat^ t Magro MiUI Tempt 1 Rob de Tate- 

shot de cap cirog*pfi suo de rra de Witton l 
oct Sci MicJl. 

iLoni. f Laurend^ 1 Alan^ de ^Lond pelt vs^ Marglia de 

Ros xxi. m \ xii. sot quas ipa eis debet p 
carta ipius Marglie q* plleft ft p Hdieas ft i 
carta ilia Joh jit Margiie pdco debil 
t sigilt suu apposuit ft i carta ilia [continet' 
qd ||ip] cocessnt eisd Alan t Laur rra sua de 
\\Lutiedon i vad q^usq^ debil p^dcm solvet' si 
Hipi 1 Joh decessissent aSq* debil solv'et^ 
cs- Margiia ven 1 die qd cognosc carta ilia ita 
eis fcam ^ die qd ipa tol debil illud eis solvit 
pt ix. sot q°s eis debet It t soluco fca fuit p 
Wittm de Portu Senescattsuii q* veil "l H testat^ 
It pft lldicas ei fcas de iJIa solucoe p man^ 
pdco^ Alan 1 Laur ut die . 1 h of ft pbare 
c5sidacone cur ft Alan T: Laur deffidt a Con* 
sidatu t qd ex quo c5gnov debil iilud \ carta 










ilia \ ii sufficiente pbam de ilia sotone pdux i 
qd ipa satis in. faciat jpdcis Laur It Alan de 
p^dco debit ft <ict reddat Wittb Franceis lb 
Joh fit Bald .ii\im. sol quos ei ||debe cognov. 

jf Sim de KifA pon loco suo Alan de ^CalesU rs^ 
WRoglm de Fontib} de pi advoc eccKe ad lu. vl 
pd. Dies dat^ t eis t oct See Thul cr id dies 
dat^ f WSifti \ Hiig ctico po . lo . Rogii de Fort- 
tib} de pi ejusd ecclie. 

If Thofh de Sudhl op . se iiii. die vs^Rad de llCrnw- 
ton de pi appSi 1 vs^ Gaiifrfit suu de eod.1 
ipe n ven vl se ess St liuert die a die Pasch i 
an), dies p ess suos. Atthac^ qd sint I ocl See 
Tnil iii respons. 

jf Rog Attewett op • se iiii. die vs^ Gaufr de Sco 
Leodogar de pi x. acr tr c ptin i || Werthlg . 1 
ipe a ven vl se ess .1 sumon test Ic. cr Judm . 
rra capiat' i man Reg Ic. I ipe siimoii qd sit 
I c^stino T^nit. 

If Id Rogs op • se . iiii. die vs^ eund de pi . iiii. m, 
cataH It ipe n ven vl se ess \c. or Attacli id 
Gaiifr q sit ad pdcm tminii . ap Westm in 

if Loqla in? hoies Rod de Wellef \ Pore de Larir 
ton de pi appSi po"^ i respcm usq^ I crasfmo 
See Tnii p^ce pciu. 

f Math Cristten op. se iiii. die \?s^ Rad Giffard \ 

Alic de Maniio "l finis fci t ipe » veil 

vl se ess. 

jf Nichot Biarifiz op . se iiii. die v^s^ B^tram de 
Cliff' Aq pi de tr c ptin 1 Wermintoh 



Id. 8. dors. 


% ipa n veil vl se ess \ tra ilia capta fuit i 
man pr p ej^ def cu % relnta p xv. dies ita q 

nSs ea p plevina petiit Nkh &at seisina 


jf Jo^ fe j^(5t;tt op . se iiii. die Vs^ Emm de ^Bruches 
de pi dim virg tr c ptin i Peretoh .\ ipa n 
yen vt se ess.^ tra ilia capta fuit i manu 
Reg p ejus defcu St fi fuit petita. a- Judm. 
Johes bat in seisina sua. 

jf Hamo CtUP poit^ \o . Com fVttti de Derebi op . 
se iiii. die vs^ Reimum de ^Meinilers de pi 
ville de \\Bartd \ ipe ii ven . vl se ess St sumoii 
tes{ fuit. or Judm . tra ilia capiaf^ i man 
Reg \c. \ ipe Rein sum qd sit l ocl See Fnit 
ap JVestm. 

jT Dies dat^ t MonialiB} de HaUwett *l Fulcon Jit 
Theodbald de capiend cirog^Bi de . i. 4 virg ^ 
marc reddit^ i Stanhd i crastino See iSiiL 

f Witt Burdun po . lo . Augn Jit Eve op . se iiif. 
die vs^ Priori Hospitat Jertm de pi . i. virg 
tr c ptin i Deresburc . I ipe n ven vl se 
ess • ^ sumoii testat fuit. cr Judm . tra ilia 
capiat^ i marl dni Reg.l:?. ^ ipe sumon qd 
sit J cystine See Thiil ia respons. 

jf Witt de la Fenn op . se iiii . die vs^ Anketitt 
de WHerthdin de pi diin hid tr c ptin i 
Kingesb T: ipe ii ven vl se ess . ^ sumoii test 
fuit. or Judm tra capiat'. \c. \ ipe suin q sit 
l ocl Tnil. 

Line. f Rogis de Stratton op . se iiii. die vs^ Wittm dc 

Faldingeworth poitu loco Gaujr de Nevitt de 
cap €irog*p!i suii AeAdv* ecctte de Stratton Si 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. IL P 



Sum set. 










ipe n ven vl se ess .1 hfiit die a die Pasch i 
av. dies, csr AttacBi qd sit t ocl See T^nil in 

f Rob de Bredton po . lo . EUe de FlaviU op . se . 
iiii. die y^s^Ad de WInguindtgtorp de pi tr q* se 
ess de mat lc.1t iiii. mili^ q* debuant testificasse 
visu in n ven vT se ess^s. Wittmjit Rad. 
Rogim Jit ^ Nich ^ Steph . Mathm de \^Brain . 
\iRog Mauleverer. io attach qd sint a die See 
Thtil I av, dies . oshisur q®m die ei posuert . T: 
qr n ven vl se ess a die PascH t av. dies ad 
testificand visu suu, 

f Dns Rex mandav p bve suu qd Diis \\Buet 
posuit coram eo Wittm de WBureth lo . suo vs^ 
Ada de Broc de ass m . anc. 

jf Dies dat^ t Witt de Buchigh \ Hug de Fulebroc 
de pi ass t ocl See TSiit pee pciu. 

f Siffi de Bello Campo po • lo • suo Witt de WDmiatt 
vs^ Priore de Lecton de pi pastuf 1 vs^ Hnr 
Picot de pi debil ^c. 

jf Witt de Pokesle po • lo . suo Hug de WBrokesholt 
9s^ Hug Revett de pi §vic 1c. 

jf Omes loqle q spectat ad Hug Bard sunt i respcm 
usq^ l av. dies a die Dnica p^ ah festu Aplof 
Phil % Jacob p dnm Reg a Id dies dat^ t 
Joh de WCurli v^s^ eund de pi ftf ^ Com War 
de pi tr . ^c. 

jf Witt de Stratf^ op . se . iiii. die 9s^ Rad G*nun 
de pi svic q ab eo exig .% Rad n ven vl se 
ess , T; debuit poni p pleg . 1 ii fuit ivent^ . io 
attach q sit i ocl See TSiiL 



IT Lo^k in? Hni^ de T^i t mn\\Baf sn die p 
bve diiii p. 

JT Loqia Gileb de la Legh sili m** remanet. 

Corn* F ^^^ Crespin sum ad ostnd qr ipe warantizat 

Martin de WBlebolt fr JVaM . i. acr rr i WBose- 
rolbih q*m Turgis pr Mauric dironav p duellu 
i Com Comub vs^ frem pdci Martin \ veS It 
die q nuq* duelt vad fuit vl pcussu iS.n*' 
Turg uq* saisina huit p^ duelt vl aii . 1 iii pon 
se sup Com . \ Maur silr. cr Hat feve ad 
faciend m iq^iconefn \ record Com t 
in adv justic. 

Lond. f Loqlae inr Gfoes Lond "X Epm Winl sunt i 

respcm usq^ t crastin See Thiil p pceptu dni 
G. JitPe^. 

War. jT Rob de Arewectart . Httg^ Scol^. Gerard de WMa- 

neged missi ad Amabt ux Bardt ad sciend q 
poiuet lo . suo . vs^ Com War de pi dot dnt qd 
po • lo • suo Sim CticU vl Rad de Riuera. 

Wigorn. jf Elias de Pidet pe? vs^ Sim de Neweland poi? 

loco Joh le Puher med ville de WRumerle . ut 
ilia q*m ipe ivadiav Hug le Puher pri p^dci 
Joh ad tminii q* priit f ut dicj ut die. Sim 
die qd feud illud f libm ten Joh p^dci 1 n 
vadiu \ Elias pel recogniconem in f i p le- 
gales milil de Com utr sit vad ivadiatu ita 
ut EUas die an li15m ^teil^ feud ejusd Joh^ 
fiBt ass iii I crastino See Thul .\ inrim fiat 
vis^ p rec rr. 

Wilh JT Dies dat^ t Comitiss War \ Epo Wird de pi 

adv ecctie de Cnoett I c^stino See Thtii or ipa 
poii loco suo Wall de fci \ Rob WBelg^t \ 

p 2 


^s^fRob^ Morarajit Pef de pi ?r T: ^^ 
Wietm de Argenl. de pt « t rs^ Com War 
de pi dotis 1c. 

War. JT Dies dat^ ^ Fori de WKileworth.l Hnr de PUfd 

de pi escambii tr i Tachebroc I od See T^l^ 
\ hnt lie gcord. 

War. f Dies dat^ t Gileb Croc po . lo • Hug de Loges 1 

Marglie ux sue I Fori de WKinlinworth de pt 
ass de ecclia de Cestreto I adv Justic. 

Line, if Sim de KiSi po • lo • suo Alan de Karehi vs^ Bx>b 

de Ros de pi ass ..1c. 

BedeJ! if Albredux Widon de Sco Waleric pon loco suo 

Hug de Ros. 

Essex*. JT ^Sim^ [JE?»m] de Cantetu pon . lo . suo Witt ft 

Emold v*s^ Bndcm phbilm .de pi ass 1c. 

JT Omes loqle . 1 placid q ptinet ad Epm Saresb 
po' i respcm sn die q*m diu id Eps f uit i 
svico diii Reg ult* mar. 

Kent. f Dies dat^ t Philipp de Alsinges 1 Alex^ de At 

singes de rec cirog^R suo I ocl See Thul 
Philipp pon loco suo Alea:^ de \\Foj:ton Ic. 

SudHt. f Witt de Colevitt 1 Witt Wibn cepunt i man ad 

hnd Johem de Keth cora justic ad suio. 

Oxofi. ^ Dies dat^ t Andr de H'lm pel 1 Nicfiot de 

Bridecol ten de pi magne ass de . iii. virg t¥ 
cu ptin i Stok^ i adv justic pee pciii. 

Sm^. JT Mangna ass de . i. virg tr cii ptin i WendleswortR 

po' 1 respcm usq^ i adv justic q sumo£l t fipm 
Walht Jit Gileb pell Hnr fit Rob ten p defcu 








[rec] Gild de Pudnd ess se p ||£&o/ . Witt de 
Insula p fFa^ . WaU de IHexsted p Had Jit 
Egelin. Id dies dat^ ^ jRoS efe Hameld . 
Gatffr de Ticheseia . Gife5 rfe Micheh .1 HiJo/dT 
fife Ajcsted . Rogjit Eborard . Gaufr de GadertJi 
cr Gileb de Basevitt p Rob .t J^^eTlT de fVatieviti 
p Gaufr. Gileb de WAbbigesworth p HnrSl ceri 
attach 1c. 

jT Ass* de m an in? Hnr de Ferendon pet 1 
Priore de Sco \\Schwithon de dim hid tr c 
ptin i \\Ladebn s& die . q^ Hnr confessus fuit 
q. alia vice i pi eii p bve de i*to i Com de 
ead ura .X iitd 15ve noluit ulrius psequi \ ||p? 
tulit Ibve in. de ass . io Hnr i mia. 

jf Ass* de nov diss inr Rob de Ros petenl It Sim 
de Kim diss de quoda stagno 1 fossato levato 
ad nocuintUL libi ten ipius Rob i Wragebi po' 
i respm usq^ I ocl See J^nii p def cu rec It Sim 
nU dii quin ass ilia capiat^ Id dies dat^ t 
rec q* ven \ aliis p ess suos Tt ceti attach. 

jf Dies dat^ t Rob de Wafvitt pel \ Turstan de 
Torp ten de svic t*u pciu . i. virg tr c ptin 
i Torp u£i id Rob exig Sviciii xx. sol p 
annii.1t prea scutagiu a pdco Turstan Si 
ipe TurstavP dix qd ipe ei debet p annii 
XX. sol p omi svico It iK posuit se i assisa 
ilia # po' i respcm usq^ i adv justic p def cii 
rec. Quia quida veil . quida se ess quib} id 
dies dat^ t \ ceri q* n ven vl se ess attacb 
\ quia pi^ poiti ffiut p pi 1 ii ven 1 Vic n 
misit noia pi ponant' p met pi. It p*mi pt 
sum tc . \ Vic respond tc. 

f Dies dat^ t Rog^o de FrivUtX Ad de Mdeford 

p 3 









a die 8Sk Thdl t av. dies de pt xx. sot redd 
^c^ pciu» 

JT Dies dat^ f Rod &nun \ Witt de WStratfard de 
pi reddit^ vi. li. i ocl See T^nii. 

jT \^Ismen q fuit ux Witt Andeg pe& recedit 
sii die de pt q fuit in? ipam \ Sac^sta de 
Burc q^ n po£ placitare absq^ Abbte. 

jf Loqla de ecctia de Mtmdrford inr Hnf JU 
Gerold pet \ Coin Rogm sfi die p tHisfre- 
tacone Com. 

^ Magna assisa int Wat^ de Witefeld pet 1 
Afebtissam de Pollesworth de advocacoe ecctie 
de ecctia de ^Elton i adv justic p defcu rec. 
Quia Witt Ragot ess se p Nich t alii silr ess 
se quib} id dies dat^ f ^ ceti qui il vefi 

f Dns Rex mandav p bve suii sigillal qd pdonav 
Watii) de \\F^lint malivotncia q^ huit vsP 
eum q^ dux?it Wimarka filia Hnr 1; pt • • • , 
. • • sii ea relaxav. 

Hunted. jf Dies dat^ t Jordjit Witt pet It Gerard de Lega 

po . lo. Angn de AL ... de pi tT 

1 hilt lie concord. 


m. 9. 

jf Adelina pont loco suo Wal&fn de 

\\Raleu . . . vs^ Magrm 

pt warant It A^ • • . • Watt poiit loco suo 

jf Ass ven rec si Witt Pictavnsis ijuste 1 sn jud diss 
Rod de WiUton 1 Olimpia ux ej^ de libo ten 


8U0 i WSide infra assisam . Witt ven % die qd 
assisa ri debet iii f i. Quia id ^Rad^ [ Witt] 
dimisit rram ilia ad firma ad tminu . iiii. annoj^ 
qui elapsi # Wilt Franchevaler pri Olimpias \ 
dtfii fii. p bnda jur legaliu hoium offt diio Reg dim. 

^^ m. utr ita llffiit ivadiata an libm feodu ipoj^ 

Rad It Olimpias f Jur dfit qd Wilt dimisit 
sic pdcm t Wilt Frankel [Chevaler] rra ilia . 
ad tminu -t p cirog*pR IComitatu. Ita.s. 
qd si inf* tminu id Wilt Franc Cheoaler 
decessisset tra ilia remanlet OUmpiad fit sue 
usq^ ad tminu statu^ • inr eos. 

mm. cr Jud Wilt Pictav* teneat i pace It Rod i mia. 

Suff: ^ Loqla in? Epm Eliens \ Abb de Sco Edm de pi 

suspendii sii die p t'^nsfretacoe Epi. 

Surr. JT Assisa int Alic filia Edffi \ Abbtem de Cteseia 

ten utr \^Graeleng vl Wilt Jit Bndci de Lond 
seisit^ fuit de . i. virg tr e ptin i \\Ebeha p^ 
morte Bndci pfis sui vl ii po' i respcm 
usq^ i av. dies pP festU See T^nil . p defcu 
rec a q*da ven q'da se ess q^b} id dies dat^ t 
^ ceri attacb. 

Warr. f Coin Warr [^ Comitissa sim} poii loco suo Sim 

de Berkeston vt Wiltm ClicH \?s^ Hug Bard 
de pi dol ejusd Comitiss Ic. 

Surf. if -^^ C^'^^ pon loco suo WaMn de Fulebroc vt 

Luca de Wodecot vs^ Brien JilRad de pt svic 
\ ^s^ Alan II Vic de pt libtatf \ v^s^^ Emald de 
Bray ad rec ciro . suu "Ic. 

jHorf: JT -^ss* ^^ ^^^' ^^ ^^ ^^ P*^^ ^ Dulling ||sit liba 

el em ptines . ad eccliam de Bailing q* Wilt 
de Becco Ijpossidet possidet an libm feud 

p 4 

gl6 ROTUtlt^URI^ REGIS, 

Rogi de Dalling pp^ i respcm usq^ i adv jus- 
tic \ p defcu rec q^ Rog Maloisel .1 Sim Jit 
Odon d^leti sunt de ass. Id dies dat^ t 
oSaib} aliis qui veflunt \ p^cepl t qd vie loco 
p^dco^ ponat alios « ii. \ tot 1 talea alios % 
as9^ ii remaneat 

War?. jf Mangna ass in? Wittm de WHondesacr pe? \ Rob 

BlunS tefi de xvi, sol redd i WUegeU po' i 
respcm usq^ i adv justic p defcu rec. Quia 
q*da veil . q*da se ess . quib} id dies dat^ 1 1 
ceti attacli. 

Norf' jf Magna ass de una virg rre cu ptin i Holewett 

inr Sim de Holewelt pel \ Rad Jit Ascelih teS 
po' i respcm usq^ i adv justic p defcu rec» 
Quia q^da ven.quida se ess .quib} id dies dat^ 
t % alii qui n veu attaclit 

IVaf. jf Dies dat^ t Hug des Loges 1 Afibti de Legr 

de pt ass i adv justic . ^ inrim lint lie 

^Herif' JT Nigett MalKbe. Hug de Sco Edward. tValiHacun 

Rad Jit Gaujr missi ad Atebtiss de Alnest&of 
ad sciend que ipa poniet loco suo vs^ Wittm 
Peverett de pi rr diit qd ipa posuit Sim le 
Guiz \c. Dies dat^ t ut^q^ pti i adv justic I 
hnt lie. 

ID, 9t dorS, 

CarUehr, jf Magna ass int Rob * pel \ Steph Raggedat 

ten de dim hid tt cii ptin i Wrating po' i 
respcm usq^ i adv justic p defcu rec. quia 
quida veniiit quida se ess quib} id dies dat^ 
t \ ceti attach. 

Ess^x\ f Assisa de rra de Heiden int Thorn de Heiden 



pet It JRegin \\Furre sn die p jPceptu dni 
Reg q*mdiu id Thorn fuit i svico dni Reg . 
vt quousQ) redierit de svico ej^ i AngL 

m. 10ft 

Wigorn. jf Assisa de nova diss t 




jf Ass* ven rec si Rob Jit Rad \ Ysabelt ux Ric 
de Leddebi ijuste ^ sil judo disseisiv Edric 
de Lega ^ Nichot filiu suu de lifeo ten suo 
i Stockton infra assisam .^ Rob ^ Isabett dfit 
qd tine fecunt i cur dni Reg apd Wigorn 
de . i. hid rre cum ptiil i Stohton de qua 
pdci tenuert • i. virg rre de pdco Rob q 
remasit:' Ysabett 1 concord ilia. It ea occa- 
sioe saisivit ipa illam virg . \ ita cognosc 
diss . 1 ipe diS qS nits finis f cs fuit vs^ 

f Magr Milic TempU pon loco suo frem Regin 
vl Magrm EUa de Sudwerc vs^ Priore de 
NorM de plac advoc ecctie de ETdwic \ vs^ 
Priore de (>wce Rohies de pi lititatis t vs^ 
Wittm de ^Glauele de pi waranl carl St vs^ 
Hi^r de Clinton de waranl carl T: cirog^pBi ad 
lu • vl pd. 

jf Ass* vea rec si rra ilia de qua Absolonjit P^sbifi 
tulit feve de nov diss vs^ Witfm Earat I 
Edith ux ejus:' sit ead rra q*m pdci Witt 
\ Edith recupavut vs^ eund Absolon ut 
vadiu ei ivadiatu .1 si ipi occupavut plus 
rre q* ipi recupavunt p assisam. cr Jur diit 
qd ii occupavut pl^ rre q* recupavut cora 
Justic cr Judm . ipi teneat i pace \ Absolon 
1 mia. 


Esses". JC Ass* veil rec utru.iiii. virg rre cu ptin i 

\\Litle6i q«s Hnr JU Witt clam v^s^ Ro6 de 
WTopesfeld sint ^^diu ivadiat Steph pri pdci 
Rob a Witlo pre pdci Hnr tempe . fl. Reg . 
Pris [an feudu It Reditas ipius iJo8] T; si ipe 
Steph hiiit aliud juris vt aliu ingressu i rra 
ilia q.* p illd ivadiamtii :/ cr J\if dSt qd n 
hiiit aliud jus vt aliii igressu q.* p vadiamtii 
illud f cm ipi Steph. c Judm Hnr fiat seisina 
It Rob i mia p ijusta detencone. 

Cantebr. f ^^S fi^ \^^o^i\ A Pagan ^ qui tulit five de 

nova diss vs^ Ric fit Rogli \ AUc mre ejus 
de lifio teii ej^d Regin i Dreiton . ven 1 re- 
nila. ^ ta^it se \ posuit se i mia \ pt ej^ fuiit 

Bald Jit Pagani . Johes Giffard T: si i mia. 

mia. mia. 

Bcdef! ^ Amicia de || Toppefeld poii loco suo Steph de 

Holewett v^s^ Rob fit suu de pt ft*' ad lu . 

f Dies dat^ i Magro Milic TempU 1 Priori de 
Cruce Rothes de pt aud jud suQ a die Sci 
Mich t . i. mse* 

jf Dies dat^ t eid Magro 1 Priori Norhl de pt 
flrcfwc ecc/fe de H^dwic t ocl Thiil. 

Cantebr, jf Ass*' de nova diss in? Petru WMaJcstan qrenl 1 

Marl Motnd 1 Matitt \ Joh \ Xpiana re- 
manet :' q^ Petr^ excomunicat^. f . 

lYaf, jf Ass* de morte aficess inr Witt Jit EtistaZ pet 

1 Mauric de Brohat ten de . i. virg tre c 

ptiK i Tidinton ponit' i respcra usq^ i advenl 

justic p defc rec . % Witt de CUff*. Rob de 

Valle . Hug de Cliff \ * \\Ketetbn rec iii n ven 


vt se esS.t f8ut poiti p pleg. Ido pon p 
meliores 1 p*m pL 

Essej^. jf Ass* ven rec si Eustac de Merc avuncts Rad 

de ^Rossa seisit^ fuit I dnico suo ut de feud 
de ii. car rre cu ptiii i Lagefar die qua oB . 
T;S, Q*m Pram WEtistac de Lagefar tenes 
die qd assisa u debet in f i • quia Rex . H. 
Pr saisivit rra ilia i manu sua ^ in obiit 
seisit^. 1 Rex Ric p^ea rra ilia tenuit i manu 
sua ad q®m acessit id Eicstac T; tm fee vs^ 
eum qd Rex concessit ei jur hre iii utrii . s . 
maj^ jus habet tenendi tram illam de Reger' 
an Rex i diiico \ jurata capta fuit q dix 
rra ilia ee jus ipius Etistac St die qd juf n 
debet fi sup jurata .T; p^rea die qd ipi st de 
. i. stipite ^ ipe [^Eustac2 f de majori natu SI 
pel qd ei allocet' qd ipe Rad fuit i cur qn 
jur capta fuit inr dflm Reg T: ipm Eustac St 
Rad die qd ipe fi fuit i cur. or Dies dat^ t 
eis f crastino Thiil It tc veniat jur utru 
fuisset i cur nee ne. 

Dew^i. JT -^ss* ^® "^^^^ ^^^ i^^ Johem de WReini peten? 

1 Witt Jit Bald ten de . i. car rre cu ptin i 
Brikeston po' i adv justic p defcu rec. Quia 
Witt Bastard . \ Rob de Serehitt . Aka:* de 
HeuendU . Rob Eustac Ric Fortescu n ve vt 
se ess \ ido attach, id dies dat^ t rec q* 
venlut.l nota qd Witt Jit \\Baldeu n*l dix qf 
assisa remaneat. 

Staff? if Ass* de m anc inr Rob de Icford pel ^ Regin 

de Burchton tefl de ii. virg rre cum pi i 
WBurgiton po' i respcm us% i advent justic 
p defcu rec . quia II Witt Meuerel . Witt le 



Sauvag , Rog de Burgeston rec in n vefliit 
vl se ess St ido attach qd Ttc. Id dies dat^ t 
aliis rec q' ve. 

jStoj. jf Eustdc de Vesci pofl loco suo Nich Basset vt 

Witt Russett vl Eustac de Rocheford vs^ 
Gaufr de \\Sanzseuior 1 ux sua de pi I .^c- 

IBede/: f W^iT? de WDruual. Rad f Gaufr Nigett MalKb 
ITtforA. Hug de Salefbrd .iiii. milil . ^ Radjit Gaufr ^ 

missi ad vidfidii inPmi? Dionis ux Wa^i 
Hakun ufi se ess vs^ Witt Russet % Alio ux 
sua dnt qd languida 1 1 qd posuerC ei die 
a crastino See Mar MagdaJ I . i. on/iS apd 
Turrim Lond. 

Staff! jf Assisa utrum Nichot de Tidesof, fuit saisit^ i 

dnico suo ut de feudo de 4 feud ^ . ii. virg 
tre t dim cu ptiii i Stok^ It de redditu 
vi. d i Eston die qua rra ilia \ redditu 
dedit ecctie de Stanes^ an ut de ward q^ 
ill llhuit de baSia Ric fit sui po' i respectii i 
adv justic p defcu rec. quia Joh de BUthes- 
feld . Rod de Blee LiulJ^ de Tunstat . Watt 
de Stivinton rec in n ve • vt se ess 1 i5 
attachient^ id dies dat^ t aliis qui venlut . 
\ Vic faciat tot venire tc qd assisa fi re- 
man eat. 

Id dies dat^ t Priori de Stanes vs^ Ric de 
Stokes de pt ass p eod • quia recognitores 
pdce assise ||subfuut huic assise. 

Sfaff\ jf Rob Jit Pagani . Ric Marescatt Sim de Norton 

Witt de Edbaldeston . iiii. milil missi ad vidnd 
infmil Philipp Canonici q* se ess v's^ Thorn le 
TaiUur de pi ?r/ dnt q languid^ 1 1 q posueri 


ei die a crasthw Sci Marc JEwangUste f. i. 
annU apd Turrim Lonct. 

Glouc. JT Ass* veil rec si Rad \\Canuett avuncts Wa^i 

WCaniietf fuit seisit^ i diiico suo ut de feodo 
de dim hid tre cu ptin i Estwoct die qua 
obiit T: si db \c. Q^'m tram Adam Ruff^ 
tenet, or Jur d£it qd Rad S oft ita seisit^ 
cr Judm • Adam teneat i pace ^ Waffs i mia. 

Surr. (T Dies dat^ t AtJbti de C'tes 1 Alan de \\Wkton 

de pi lifttal l ocl T^rdh 

Surf. jf Ass* ven rec si Normann^ avuncts Biafic fuit 

seisit^ i diiico suo . ut de feudo de dim hid 
tre 8 ptiii i WCherlesword die q* db .1c. q*m 
tra Witt de la War tenet* [cr Juf drit qd 
Norman^ n fuit in saisit^] die q* obiit St qd 
ista n t pp'nq*or fies ej^. % ipa lit qnda fratre 
mia. vivu. a- Wilt teneat in pace . 1 Bia^c i mia 

p fo clam. * 

£ssex^. jf Dies dat^ t Steph de Holewelt poito loco ux 

sue It Ro6 le ^Bloi de pt qr it*sit se i feud 
ipi^ ^Abbtis ^ Rob I advent « pee pciu. 

fn.'lO. dorS. 

Middels. JT D^carP Set Paut Lond poii loco suo . J. de 

Garland vs^ Philipp de WCouet ♦ pt £ ad lu • 
vt pd. 

/>ic. JT Ass* de m . aiic de xv. bov tre cu ptiii i StapeU 

ford in t Wimark* q fuit soror [ Wilti^ Goram 
1 . Wilt Jit Oggli remanet . quia Ogglus fuit 
fr pdci WiltGordSl pdce Wimark\ 

JAnc. f Ass* de in . aiic de . i. bov tre cu ptiii i \Scldrhec 

\ de dim car Xx c ptirl \ "^Reinton intHesmenid 









\ CeciUa sorores petetes St || War am de Bx>che* 
forS \ Albredam ux e)u8 p</ i respm us% i 
adv justic • p def cu rec. Quia quida ess se 
quib3 id dies dat^ t . 1 aliis qui veSnt . 1 
Reginjit ITvic 1 Joh \\ Walueric n venlut .1 io 

f A^tiss de Chia^cia pon loco suo Sim de Foxton 
9^ Rarm Picot de pi £ . tc. 

jf Johes de Ferles po • lo • BiidJci P^ shift pel . !• virg 
tre c ptin i WFokerhersl rsP Alex* Langko . 1 
ipe n tenet tra ilia . io qrat aliud Bve v^s^ 

jf Hnr de WPacton pon loco suo fsuo ^Rogm de 
Lai? de pi warant cart vs^ Wittm de haV. 

jf Vic sign qd cep i manii Reg . i. car rre c ptin 
i Madinget q*m Rann Picot clam vs^ A^tissa 
dp Chiateriz die Sabbti ga^ poit Pur^caconem 
Beate Marie ^ p defalta ejusd Abblisse. 

[Memorand qd i dorso "bvis capital notal 
alius dies capconis.J 

jf Assisa veil rec quis advocat^ tempe pacis 
psntav ullam psona q mortua t ad ecctiam 
de Harewod . q vacat ut dicit*^ . cujus advoc 
WarirP Jit Gerald clam vs^ Canonic T; CapUanos 
See Mar \ Sci Sepulc' de Ebof. Jur dnt qd 
Wilt de Curd fr AUc ux Warin q lies ej^ t 
p^sntav ullam psona . s • Witt de See Mar 
Ecclia q* Eps t. gt Judm Warin^ hat psntac 

jf Assisa de m aii . inr Alan de Dodinton \ 
Helewis ux sua pe{ SI Johem de AudevUt de 


. i. virg rre 1 iiii. acr i WBramton remanet :f 
quia Joh n^l juris clam I ?ra ilia n^ custodia 
p frem ej^d Heilewis q* inf* etate est. 

SahpS. f Joh Watns . pel v^sP Rob Corbet feudu dim milit 

c ptin i WTiUeneshitt \ i Merebroc Sl Rob vefi 
\ vocat iii ad wai-anl Margjit Hug de ^Say 
q* inf* etate t ad waran^ . exp^t etate. 


Eba^. JT Nichot Basset pan loco suo Gavfr de Roche- 

ford v^s^ Joh de Gunnetorp de pt §vic ad . 
lu . vl pd. 

Glouc. jf Ric de Baggeden . Fulco de Sco WGeorgio . Hnr 

Brito \J*AlmaruP Torett'*"] '^ ^^^^* milites sumoii 
ad eligodum xii. ad faciendu magna assisam 
de . i. hida rre cu pdn i \\Amenel inr Wall 
WCanuelt pel.1 Nichot \\Canuel ten . un i&Nichot 
posuit se 1 magna ass \ pet recog f i quis eo^ 
maj^ jus hat i rra illa yen!ut \ eleg?unt istos 
Wal^ de Sireburn . Rad de \\ Vein . Witt de 
Berkelay • Hug le Bigot . Thorn de Vein . Tur-^ 
^stanP de Rodmton . Osbi^ de Sipton . Adam Jit 
Nigett Barthot de Holepenn . Andr de || Wenriz 
• Hug de Gundecol . Witt le Peiteuin Pagan^ 
de ^Didemton.Hnr de WDruecis. WittRussett. 
Hamon de Daudinton. Dies dat^ t eis i 
advent justic \ tc veniat jur. 

Dorsef. jf Loqla in t Rad de la Bruer \ Grego^ de Cumbe 

de . i. hid rre i WLilltgt uh id Rad vocat Epm 
Sar ad wai*ant t sn die pp trasfretaconem 
p^dci Epi. 

Cantebr. jf Assisa de m . anc inr Gavfr fit Umfr pel \ 

Eustac de Eie tert de . i. virg tre \ de . ix. acr 
tre cum ptiii i Ditton ponit' i respcm usq^ I 


advent justic p def cu reS quia quida ess se 
1 nove venlunt quib3 id dies dat^ t Ti Vic tot 
rec apponat q ass^ n remaneat. 

Leic* Jf Dies dat^ f Thorn CHco poito lo * Johis fris sul 

"It i2ic ftt Arnold de pt.L Aass^ acr tr c 
ptiii i II Wench % ocl See T^l p^ce pciiL 

Bedef: if Dies dat^ t Hug de WSchalef \ Sim Ruffb de pi 

finis fci a die See Thiif I av. dies p>ce 

HHfori. JT Assisa veil rec si Muriel mr Witt Jit Tttrslan 

fuit seisit^ in dSiico suo ut de feudo de . iiii. 
acr rre cu ptin i Bocland die qua oft . T:c. 
Q*m rra Rob de Poire tenet . qui n ven vl 
se ess.1: hiiit die p ess suu a die Pasch t. 
Hi. sept St io p ej^ defalta capit*^ assisa. a- Jur 
dat qd ita obiit seisit^. or Judm . Witt fiat 
mia. seisina sua.1: Rob i mia. 

Esses\ X JT Dies dat^^ t Ric Jil Pet^ ^ Witt ft Rann.1 Os5 

de Gladtfen ad recipiend cirog*phu suii de 
ecctia de Hausted • ad lu • vT pd* 

Bed. f Dies dat^ t Hnr Picot J\ Sim de Bello Campo 

de pt debit a die Sci Mich t arv. dies. 

Essex\ JT Rob de Marenni pel p Gerard de Manegedeh 

poit loco ej^ vs^ Isaac de Lagefar . i. virg t re 
c ptin i Lagefar sic jus suu • t Isaac vefi 1 
pel vis rre . hat visu. Dies dat^ -^ e\!& a die 
Thiil I aro. dies \ intim fiat vis^. 

Oxon. IT J^^ Mona(P poit^ lo . Abbtis de llTAflm op • se . 

iiii. die v^^\\Rob Marmiun de pt xx. acr ?re cu 
ptiii 1 Bensitoh . Tt ipe fi veil vt se ess . 'I 
sumoii tesl \c. c rra capiat' i mail Reg 1 


dies Itc* t ipe sumon qd sit a^d Westm in 
resp5s a die T^nil I av. dies. 

CatUebf. f AlarP CapttanP pel 9s^ Gaufr de WBodekesM. 

i. virg Pre c ptin i Ditton siS jus suu .1 
Gaufr yen 1 defend suu .1 ponit se I magna 
assisa Tt pel rec fi ul illo^ maj^ jus fiat i 
tra ilia, jf Dies dat^ t eis a die TSiil % av. 
dies . 1 tc veniat • iiii, ad elignd xii. 

^Dereb.^ ( Wilt de Bissopetoh op . se • iiii. die Ps^ Hug de 
Waf. Torinton de pt • i, car Pre c ptin i ^Morto .^ 

ipe ii veil • \ ess se de mat Ic • nee . iiii. milil 
qui deberet testificasse visu suu iK . s . Witt de 
Cotinton . Rob fit Fvlch . Witt Jit Rob . Rog 
Duredent * io attach qd sint a die See T'nil 
I an), dies ad testif .1 oslns Ic. 

% Adam de Portu cep i manu libare Johem de 

\iRecfia Hug de Nevitt q* juss^ t 

Ilretudi p Rege. 


Buitg. f Sim de Bett Campo op . se iiii. die p ff^tt de 

WDruuatt vs^ Priore de Lectoh de pi nov diss 
\ ntt rec veK pp . iiii. T: Hnr de Tofno . i. rec 
ess se p Steph 1 RadJitRic p Witt i adventu 
Justic po' i respcm . id dies dat^ t itt q* venlut 
. s . Bndco Espun . Witt Jit Rogii . Gregof, fn 
suo . Hug Espun. 

Bedej: if Wall Jit Maur pel v^s^ Gaufr Ruffu i. hid Pre 5 

ptin \ dim i Coggespol ut jus suu uS Hug . 
avus suus seisit^ fuit tempe H. Reg Avi . 1 
Gaufr veil "t defndit jus suu T: t*hit iii ad 
waranl Sim de Bett Campo • tiat eu a die See 
T^nil I av. dies . \ fia^ five ad sumon Sim. 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. Q 








f Wilt de Pokesle qstus fuit qd Hug WRevel S vult 
adq*etare eu de svico rre sue i Pokesle sic 
cirog*phu inr eos f cm testat'. s . qd debet eu 
acq*etare de forinseco svico .1 die qd debet eii 
acq^etare de hidag 'X de auxiliis dni Reg. 

jT Considatii t qd auxiliu 1: hidag 8 sunt forinsec 
sviciu St ido " fVitt i mia p fo • clam/' 

JT *^ Bald*^ Andegav* op . se iiii. die vs^ Petru An- 
deg de pi finis f ci 1 ad recipiendii cirog* suii 
1 ipe S ven ^c ^ huit die i banco St ido 
attacSi qd sit a die See ISiil I av. dies Ic. \ 
Bald pori loco suo Thorn Capplttin& T:c. 

f Dies dat^ t Atebti de Slant t Math [Jit IPberl} 
de Slant de ecctia de WH^deslok" a die Thiii 
% a*o. dies . ^ iiii. milites qui debent venisse ad 
^ea^ [Mabilid Patrick ad sciendu si vellet 
waratizare donu suu de ecctia ilia n venSut 
vt se ess ft ido attach qd sit a die See Vnii 
t arv. dies . ad testif tiaudil suii St Vic tc sit 
ibi oslns qr ii misit bve \ noia mili^ a die 
Pasch % Hi. sept 

f[ Witt de Bocland op . se iiii. die v^s^ Roglm de 
Alevitt de pt ass in • anc de tcia pte feud 
.i. mil it i Upcol .\ ipe ii veil vl se ess .1 
siimoii tesl fuit. 

f Jud . Rogis resiimon ad ee i adventu Justic 
audit's Ic. % oes rec attacb qd tc sit ibi q^ 
nits veri. 

jf Rob Jit Pagan pel vs^ Sim /* Osb vi. virg rre 
c ptin i Schitelang sic jus suii. It Sim ven t 
petit irl visii • liat visii. Dies dat^ t eis a die 
Thiil % XV. dies . \ inrim fiat vis^. 







jT JVatt de Witefeld po . lo . Eve ui sue pel 9s^ 
ITbtU de Risber xl. acr bosci It xx. acr pastur 
• S ptin i Risbi . quas clam ptiSe ad libm ten 
eof, q^ tenet 1 WKoies 1 i TVatt. sic illas q f8ut 
de maritag Sibilt mris ej^d Eve . cuj^ Bies ipa 
t St ETbert defndit jus eoj^ % poii se i Jjmagna 
ass S\ pel recog fi utr ipe maj^ ^^^ j"^ ^^* 
tenendi rra ilia [1 pastura] 4de^ " in do- 
minico '* an ipi de " ipo " a- Dies dat^ t eis 
a die Thiii l av. dies . 1 tS veniat iiii. ad 
eugnd xu. 

f IngelrawP FUmdr \ ui ej^ pel 9s^ JBoS J5awA:' 
xxx. acr tre 2 ptin i Sibdestd ptiii ad Z)otT 
sic illas quas ei ivadiavut ad rminu qui priit . 
p llxvii. sol \ Rob ^Saul^ defnd vadiii ittd St 
die qd ipi vendidunt ei f ra ilia p xlviii. sot q®s 
ei in dedit St de hoc poii se "sup jur prie ulx 
rra ilia t vadiii ivadial ipi Rob ut ipi dnt an 
eptii suu . [tenendi de eo p xii. d p annu] ut 
ipe die St ipi silr. cr Fiat jur i advenl Jus- 
tic St EngelrarrP \ ux sua poiit loco suo in 
Grego^ •/* Ailwin . T:c- 

jf Emm q fuit ux Hug Jit Rob pel vs^ Rob de 
Bella Aqua ronabile dote sua q ea conting de 
libo ten qd fuit Hug q^nda. viri sui i Upcol \ 
i Flore 1 i NorTd un nU Bit ut die St Rob veri 
^ vocat in ad waratii Marioria ux sua c^ 
heditas rra ilia t ut die. Hat qd vocav a die 
T^nii t arc. dies. 

jf Gileb de Stangno pel vs^ Gaiifr Jit Ric . i. virg 

rre c ptiii i Horeseg [tenend de ipo GaufrJ 

ut jus suu uii Ailm avus suus fuit seisit^ i 

dnico suo ut de feud It jure tempe H. Reg 

.. . Avi Ic. \ Gaufr ven \ defndit jus ^\mSt pori 

Q 2 








se i mag . ass .Tt pel recog utx ipe Crileb maj^ 
jus hat tenendi de eo tra ilia an ipe Gat^ 
i dilico. Dies dat^ t eis t av* dies jpP T^nil. 
\ tc veniat . iiii. milil ad elig xii. 

JT Thorn de Brechintoh po . lo • Agath ux sue pel 
vs^ Wiltm de Houton . i. car tre c ptifi i Houton 
ut jus ux sue St ipe pel vis Pre • liat vis. Dies 
dat^ f eis a die See TSut t ro. dies .1 innm 
fiat vis^. 

jf FromundP CtUP op . se • iiii. die vs^ Rogim de 
Hembi 1 Gayfr de HenJbi de pi qr fecunt 
fine de xxvi . ^ acr tre i ^ reddit^ i Wigorn 
un ipe Frormmc^ seisit^ fuit 1 ipi n veflut 
vt se ess.'t ffiut po.p ^X.s.Wttt JU Enrn. 
Osbjit Emold . Hnr Jit Ailric . Osb Segar . io 
ponaf^ p met pi St p^mi pt sumon qd sit apd 
Westm a die Thtil i xv, dies oslns 1c. 

jf P'or de Kennibvord pel vs^ Tempt H'mitof, de 
FUchamsted sic ittd qd Rex Avus . H. dedit 
ecctie sue f de li15 ^ de Kennildeworth I libam 
elemosiii 1 carta sua eis ifl fee q^ ptutunt q 
h testat'. csr Tempt defndl jus suu . 1 pett 
iK vis . llSiat visum. Dies dat^ t eis i ocl 
Thiii St inrim fiat vis^. T; For poil loco suo 
Wd&m Canonic suu . ad, T: vs^ Hm^ 
de Clinton de pt waranl carL 

if Rod Jit Pagan pel v^s^^ Alex' Jit Witt dim virg 
tre c ptin i Granteset sic jus suu.t Ale£ 
defnd jus suu St pel i& vis . llat Dies dat^ 
t eis t arv. dies jP Thtit St inrim fiat vis^. 

^ Rog Jit Geronim pel v^s^ Ascelin de AbUnton 
dim . virg tre c ptiii i Abbinton ut jus suii St 


ipe pel vis . liat vis. Dies dat^ f eis a die 
T^nil I av. diestc. 

Oxon. jf HnrJitGauJr pe! ^qd ipe| v^s^ Thorn ft FuU 

con qd ipe warantizat ei rra q* ei dedit \ 
carta sua iii ei fee . s « medietas Cur sue de 
Kirliton \ . i. virg tre 1 ii. acr . i ^Rtpmeme 
1 xvii. acr i alio campo .Tt q*nda pte p*ti 9* 
q*nda Margar \ Hnr \ cotagiu qd WiU 
Rubiz tenuit p svico \ homag suo 1 Thorn 
ven \ cognosc carta sua 1 donii ittd. or Con- 
sidatu t qd faciat ei escambiu rona'b de rra 
q ei deest de p^dca rra . pcepl t Vic q p 
vis legaliu hoiu faciat f i escabiu \adieSZe 
Thiil I aro. dies mittat Justic q°m^ 1 ubi fecit 
ei escabiu . \ tc fiaat cirog^phu suii iii. 

Bed^j: ffRobf Rod pel 9s^ Hug de \\Mimtt dim . virg 

tv i BolHst ut.jus suu.l Htig defndit jus 
suii . ^ pel ifi vis . liat vis. Dies dat^ t eis a 
die Thul I aro. dies . 1 intim fiat vis^. 

fVilt. jf Hug Senescatt Epi Sar cep i mail q faciet hre 

Matho de WCar^sden catat sua q ei ablata fuut 
ut die. 

NorfJ jf Dies dat^ t Steph de Walsingha ^ Martin de 

Quaruetes de pt tr ^ad lu . vt pd Jp i ocllhiil 
. 1 tc veniat Ada Decan^ de Bumha. 

ID. 11. dors. 

Line. F I'^tta \ Julian sorores op . se . iiii. die vs^ 

Regin \^Pilai de pt qr n vult cape fidelil sua 
\ sviciii de rra q*m difonavut vs^ eum i 
^Sladebi 1 ipe n veil vt se ess .It siimoii tesl 
fuit. or Judm . attach Regin qd sit 5 rv. dies 
f^ Tnil T:c. 


Kent. ff Eustacjit Wilt qrit' qd Hug de Pecha [Conestabt 

de Tonebrug'] ^cep^ nequirl i pace Reg 
cap eu 1 iprisonavit eu vi sua t p . v. dies 
detinuit cont* vadiu ^ pleg T: abstulit el 
catall: ad vatncia vii. SI. 1 hoc offt pbare 
vs^ eu sic lio maimat^. vt p q^nda MatJm . 
vt Ahnu hoiem suu q^ h offiit pbare sic illi 
q* illu exigebat p pleg scdm cosidacone cur. 
"i Hug defndit to£ de v^o i %u.\ qd tc 
ii f uit ConestabL Et offt dno Reg . i. m. p 
linda legali iquisicoe r^ utrii attia f uit n^ne • 
1 utrfi Conestabt eet n*ne. 

Kent. (f Sim de Abrunc pel vs^ Rob de JEinesbroc • i. virg 

tr cum ptin . s . unu jugu rre i ^Suetton sic 
illam q^ debet tenie i dnico suo ut die qua 
ei deforc ijuste Rob ven 1 defndit jus suu 1 
pon se i magna ass dni Reg . s . utni ipe Roi 
maj^ jus hat tenendi ?ra ilia de ipo Sim an 
Sim 1 dnico. Dies dat^ t ©is t av. dies fp 
festn See Thiil . 1 t5 veniat iiii. miliE ad 
elignd xii. 

Line. IT Witt de Wihun . Rad f ej^. Witt de Wintebi op . 

se iiii. die vs^ Rand de \\Hoc appSante de pt 

apptti cataS 1 ipe n veil vt se ess • io cosidatu 

niia. t qd ipi appSati eat in sn die . It Rand i mia 

% ii seq .^ pi ej^ silr. 

B'tfora. f[ Dies dat^ f Thorn de Mar 1 Jord de Mar a 
Glouc. festo See Thiit i av. dies ad recipiend cirog^pt 

suu de escambio motnd de TedestornSt Jor- 
darP fiat bve ad Vic qd faciat fi escambiii 
p legales homines coram eo . ^ tc sit ibi ad 
testificand escambiii \ p^dci moind valB . 1 
oslnsur qr n ven alio die . 15. 


ISfOf, jf Witt de Stuteoitt poS loco suo Witt de Pci vl 
^LeicJ' NigellU de Pltmton vl J(yrd de Riffbrd v>s^ 

''War:' ff^iif ^ wMuuhray de Pr de •^ \\Kirkewald\ de 

^^^ ' , WKirkewaldesir St de Malesarl .1 de Hevingh . 

^Notlsh.'* 1 de TVe^A'.l de Wellebwrn\ dt Burton. \ 

de Haxeholm . 1 de ^reic . 1 de Landeford • 
nt de WHainton . Kirkebe \ de \\MiatUon . 1 
rs^ Rollandjit Uctred \ ux sua de Burton 
ad lu.vl pd." 

^^^* JT Comes JBofo^ 1 Comitiss ux ejus poSt loco suo 

Rob de Danmartin vfp Moniales de wLisles-^ 
chirc% de pt 1c. 

Suff? /f Emeburc 1 jErfiV^ sorores op . se iiii. die 9s^ 

Thorn JtAlgar 1 Gilebjt Rogli de pt ||rapi \ 
robie •'I ipi ft veflut vl se ess St peep? fuit eos 
attachiari. cr Judm attachient' qd sit apd 
Westm a die See Thul I to. dies in respos .1 
Vic tc sit ibi ostns qr il ^misit^ attach eos 
sic ei p^cepl fuit. 

Kent. iT Magr Bndcs poit^ lo . Emm de Pirtfeld op . se 

iiii. die vs^ Thorn Jil Gaxifr 1 Hamoii Jit 
MatM de pt dotis 1 ipi posuert se sup ju- 
rata:^ utru ipa dotata fuit de tota villa de 
Pirtfeld.^ si ipa unq* iii fuit tseisit^ p^ morte 
Ric viri sui. 

Leic. jf Rops Grassus op • se . iiii. die vs^ Everard de 

AppttU % WAmuria ux sua de pt rr i Appelbi 
\ ipa Amuria essoniavat se de malo Ic i 
com Staff" "t p>ceptu fuit Vic Staff" qd fi 
facet visu .\ n fuit visa, cr lo cosidatu f qd 
Rogis liat bve ad faciend fi visii \ Vic sit a 

Q 4 


die See Tnit l jsv. dies os&sur^ qr ii feS fi 
visu 1 Eborard veil cui id dies dat^ t . 

Suses\ f Rog de WMimb \ 

Berkesir. f Matiti q fiiit f fil + ||ux WUtde Kinton pel v^s^ 

fVitl de Wichenha de pi dim mesag c ptiil i 
Abendon ut jus suu .1 Witt defbdit jus suu .1 
pel ill visu • fiiat « Dies dat^ t eis % crastino 
Tnil !\ in?im fiat vis^. 

Norf! if Loqla int Joh Marescalt 1 Rob de Mateshal 

teii de.i. car tre c ptiii i Mateslial po^ i 
respcm p p^ceptii dni Reg usq^ I crastinU Sa 
JoJiis Bapl t tc sit loqla \ tali statu quo 
fuit quando remasit pp t^nsfretaconem Reg 
i cuj^ svico ipe Joh t .1 sciend qd ipe JKo8 
petiit rra sua p plevina q capta fuit i maa 
Reg p defaita sua :! ad horam \ rminiL 

Warr. f Mogr MiUc Tempt pe? v's^ Hnr de Clinton rra 

ad vatncia Arra ad vat^ vi. virg rr Hk • i. acr 
1 ii. Gotland quas tenuert i Herburbi 1 i 
WThojcheksbrec ex dono suo p carta sua q*m' 
hrit ill ut dfit . [" 1 alia carta de . ii. virg zr 
" i ead villa .1 alia carta de . i. virg w."] \ 
q*s amisut p defcu waranl ej^ ut diit. JHnf 
die q ipe niiq* sciv ipos iri fuisse I placil 
\ ipi id cocedl . \ ||adhiciut qd dns Rex 
precep qd Hnr Mallore haberet seisina de 
?ra ilia qui in placitav vs^ eund H^. 
csr Dies dat^ t eis aud jud suii a die 2*nil 
% viiu dies. Hnr pon loco suoi|jRo^w de 
Leges . 1 vs^ Pore de KenUnworth de pi tf 
ad lu.vl pd.1 sciend qd ipi ptulunt carta 
ej^d Hnr de . i. virg tr i H*eburbur c craflo 



' ^ tofto It S aliis ptiii. Qua rra ipe eis debet 

Surr. JT Dies dat^ f Atd;>ti de Cteseia 1 Brien Jit Rod 

de pt svic a die See T^nii I xv. dies. 

Her^d. ^ Rogis Watnsis po . lo . WGeue ux sue 1 WcM de 

Travel t Maiitt ux ej^ pe? ^^^Witt de \iSaucel 
i. hid rre cu ptiii i Wirmetoii ut jus earde 
Geue \ MatittSt ipe pel considaconem cur 
utx debat itt respode absente Margar jit Hug 
sorore pdcar» 

Cardehf. jT Ronn Picot pel vs^ Sirn de Fojcton po.Io. 

Afifctisse de Chiat^z i. hid rr c ptiii i Madding 
get ut jus suu.t ipe defendit sumoii p^roa p 
q^m rra capta fuit i manii Reg. It scdam 
sumoft i qn capta fuit i manu diii Reg • I 
vad leges . Ada Maheisin pt. Dies dat^ t 
eis l aro. dies fPjestu ThiiL 

Susex\ JT Jo^s de Recha pon loco suo Witt de Colevitt 

vs^ Rob Jit Brien de pt ass • ad lu . vt pd, 

Middelsea^. f *' ^^^ /* ^^6 op • se iiii. die vs^ Rogim de 

Monasfio 1 WalSm f* Ade de pt . iiii. ptis ". 
i. virg tr c ptin i Stubenhee . 1 ipi ii veil . 
1c. Tra capiat' i mail Reg 1 dies Ic . 1 ipi 
siimon q sit l a:v. dies p^ festu See Thiil .tc. 

NoiigA. f[ Rfid Jit Sim pel . ii. bov rre c ptin i Unetorp 

p plevina q capta f&iit i manii Reg p ejus 
def cu vs^ Johem de Unetorp die Vemis paf^ 
jp^ ivenZonem See C^cis. 

R'tford. f Juliana de Kingeswod qrit' qd fVaJffus de ITeforct 

cep aPia sua ijuste I vi 1 tenuit 9* pt A vad . 


ita qd detiorata t ad vaTncia xl. sot 1 in pduc 
secta . s . Wat de Bisseden Wittf* Emm . Wall 
defendit totu. Considatu t qd defndat se 
xii. manu . vad lege. Dies dat^f eis I xv. dies 
post festU See T^nii . pt de lege . WerreuP de 
WValuTues Petr^ de Halbeis. 


J^Glouc.^ jf Ales^ Jit Emm op . se . iiii. die vs^ Matitt de 
War. ^Brom de pi finis f ci ^ ipa fi veil vt se ess 

T: poita fuit p pt . s . Rod de Brom . Begin de 
Lisewis . ponat' p meliores pt qd sit a die 
See Thiit i xv. dies St p'mi pt siimoii qd tc sit 
ibi Ic. 

Leic. if Hamo Ctic^ po . lo . Com de Frariis pel ^fp 

Hnr Fabr. i. virg ?r c ptifi i Seille t y^s^ Ro6 
Brun . i. virg tr ibid 1 vs^ Woluric . i. virg xr . 
1 v^s^ Mathm de Leic i. virg 1 . 1 Ps^ Alanfi 
y Alan . i. virg St x. acr w .1 . i. acr pHi ibid . 
1 vs^ Witt Jit Warin . ii. virg t¥ 1 dim St i. acr 
tV \ dim \ ii. toftas c ptin ibid .t Ps^ Rob Jit 
Witt dim virg St vs^ i2o8 Maultwel xv. acr .1 
XV. acr bosci . *l vs^ jRa^f GWm • iiii. virg . 1 
X. acr bosci . 1 ipi pelt vis rr. 

Norfit. JT PI ^*^ ^^ WKaaines de C. in. q*s debet de fine 

suo . R£c [Flandr'\ de ||xxv. m. Ric [Jit Ha^ 1 n 
?won] de xv. m. Rob f* Brien de . x. m. Witti 
Jit Joh de Harpetr de x. m. Johjit PinSne 
de . X. m. Witt de Lanvalay de x. m. Witt 
de Bofett de x. m. Ric Engaine de x. m. 

m. 12. 

Suff' JT BeUsenI Jil Alstani op . se iiii. die vs^ \\ReginJit 

Rob de .V. mesagiis c ptiri i Donewiz 1 ipe 
ii ven vt se ess St siimon tesl fuit a Judm . 
tra capiat' i manii Reg 1 dies cap .Ttc . I 


ipe sumon qd sit in xv. dies fP iStit *lc . \ 

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iiii. die vs^ Witt de Lak de pt waranl carl 
1 ipe ii veil 18. 1 huit die i banco, c Judm 
attacH qd sit a die See Thiil I ro* dies ad 
warantizand 1c. T: os^ns. 

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Waffi 1 Witto de Purho ad aud jud suu de pi 
eccKe de WHenenghd die M^cur ^af^ ^ ISiiU 

Her^d. jf Matitt soror Waffi de Solariis pet p Roglm 

ClicU po • lo . suo ad lu . vl pd ||pe£ . vs^ 
JValfm de Cormeliis A. virg t're 1 diin cii ptin 
i Claihangr quas ei deforc.t quas emit ab 
eo p xiiii. m. ut die S\ un lit carta ejusd 
Walfi q* pft 1 WdiSs vefi \ cognosc carta 
It donaconem sua jux^ tenore carte sue 
f cam • S3 die qd quida ho tenet dim virg tre 
pdce 1 conven inr eos qd ipa delibaret ilia 
dim virg .1 p^ea hret ipa seisina de tota rra 
pdca .1 ita qd carta poita f uit 1 equa manu • 
1 ita teflet' quousq^ delibslta eet rra sic 
pdcm f . 1 Rogls defnd totii v^s^ eund 
WaSm . 1 pet seisina sic carta testat'. 

LinZ. f t V 

Liric. JT "jRic" Abbas de Chereburc po.lo.suo Gileb 

Canonic suii vs^ Johem Jit Witt de vi. bov 
tr 1 de xiiii. act cu ptiii 1 Hake T: vs^ Ric 

Jit Witt de ii. acr i ead villa \ vs^ Garnet 
de.v. bov tr c ptifi i ead villa .1 vs^ PetrU 

Jit Witt de . v. bov i Geueleston ad lu • vT pd* 



]Essex\ jf Albinus de Scdcd^ op . se iiii. die vs^ Rogim /* 

Ric de pt injurie t averio^ mahemiato^ \ 
ipe n ven vt se ess 1 poit^ fuit p pleg .*l 
sunt noia pleg t't sunt noia pleg| JoKes CR(P. 
1 Ric de Berdestaple . io ponant' p meliores 
pleg • 1 p'm pt sumoii q sint a die See TSiil 
% aro. dies respons Ic. 

OxoiL f Edward Jit Ric sumon ad ostndnd qf n teneat 

JoTu Jit \\Rimild fine f cm i cur dKi Reg de • 
i. virg tr cum ptin i Wardebge int Rindld 
mrem p^dci JoJiis 1 Ric prem jpdci Edward 
\ qr trax eund Johem in placid de t^ra ilia 
i cur Com Saresb veii 1 die qd nunq* finis 
fcs fuit i cur dni Reg int eos sic die St prea 
die qd avus ejus duas ux huit:^ 1 RiZ pr ejus 
fuit de p^ma .1: p^ea dux ux scdam noie 
Rimild de qua Joh nat^ t .1 di8 qd bedil 
ilia descendit ex pte avi sui 1 ii de Rimild. 
It in pel considaconem cur Joh \\eg^ die q 
Rimild mr ej^ emit tra ilia .t aliqn iplacitav 
Ric preni Edward i Cur ita qd ei remasit 
1 ill vocat rollos ad war de fcio atmo regni 
Reg Ric . [" p^ea veSut 1 posuert se sup 
" Jur de jure **] " Dies dat^ t eis z crastino 
" Sci JoJiis.\ Edward liat tve ad sumon 
" vi. [ legales ] homines de || Warbge It vi. 
•* hoies de visn qd tc sit ibi ad recognosced 
" utru ipe Edward maj^ jus fiat i rra illi 
'< an ipi \\Remild t JofL Quia rotuli n bS 
" ctificat Justic de jure." 

LeiS. JT PetT^ Jit Rad op - se iiii. die v>s^ Win de 

Capes de pi finis f ci ad recipiend cirog* \ 
huit die a die Pasch I . iii. sepl .1 tc fi ven 
vl se ess . io attach qd sit I aro. dies p^ fest& 


iSci? I*n^ ad reclpiend cirog'phu suu St osbaS 
qr xc, 

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W cu ptin i Couele ut jus suu q ei descendit 
de Sired avuncTo sue St ipa veS 1 def ndit jus 
suu t vocat in ad war Hnr Jit fVitt.YiBt eu 
a die See Thul I xv. dies. 

Botelani. jf Mangna assisa de vii. virg tr c ptifl i Weneton 

in? Rob Pinc!na pel T; Wi!t Jit Acliard ten 
po*^ i * i advenl Justic p defcu rec qj Wilts 
Grimbald ess se p Malgium . Rtc Jit PMlipp 
p Ric . Joh Mansel p Htig • H^f de Armenfs 
p W^iTftw . Rob de Basingh p ^^niZ . Witt 
de Folevitt p Ric .fid pt • t J?ic -4ife Ric 
de Bitlesbroc. Hicg de Silecot . Thorn de Anesi. 
Walt de M/J^ n veflut vl se ess . io attach. 
Id dies dat^ t Bndco de Euresha . qui ven i 
banco. Et nota f 

Glouc. !li ^^ ^^ Welleford op . se • iiii. die v's^ Priorem 

de Lanton de pi qr ip*sonav Sirti hoiem suii 
t ipe ii ven vl se ess . lb debuit poni p pleg 
\ Vic ii misit noia pleg csr 13 ponant' p 
pleg qd sit I aru, dies jP Thtit in respons 
T: Vic tc sit ibi oslnsur^ qr n attach eii It 
qr n, misit noia pleg t . Hi. sepl jP Pasch. 

KenU if ^^^ ^^ Soueledu pe^ feud dim mili? i Betifeld 

v^s^ Wittm de Badelesm sic jus suii 1 hedil . 
im Wielard avuncls Jord pris pdci Wilti 
saisil fuit ut de feud 1 jure tempe Jt . H. 
Avi S\ Wielard dux i ux q*nda Dionisia cui 
dedit tram illam i dote q tota tram ilia tenuit 
i dote omib} dieb3 vite sue ex dono ipius 


CumUand. IT t 

Wielard i qHn ?ram p^dcs Witt nttm huit 
ingress um n* p Thorn de Neusot ffl predce 
Diords q* nHm jus huit i rra ill n* p Dionii 
mrem sua q huit [ea] i do^ Witt ven 1 
defndit jus suu 1 defndet qn . debebit sic 
vs^ eu q* inf * etate t • vs^ que licet finis f & 
eetr' no posset ee rat^.l die qd Dionis n 
hiiit rra ilia in dote • S3 1 maritagiu. Quia 
quida GunceUrP rra ilia dedit 1 maritagiii 
pdco Wielard cvl Dionisia filia sua.q^ Wie- 
lard decessit sii Rede [ de se ] . *l p^ eum 
dux ea [i uxj Thoffi de Cestreton . cii pdco 
maritag .1 ex ea huit hedem.1 p^ decessu 
ipius Wielard fr suus Sim avus pdci WH& 
posuit ipm Thorn 1 Dionisia i placid i cur 
A Reg + Sci Aug^tini . 1 ibi finis fcs fuit 
int eos* Ita qd rra de \\Linacher remansit 
eid Sim i fine itt ^ Bearifeld remasit pdco 
Thorn 1 Dionis 1 hoc offt pbare t 

1 Wilt ven ^ defndit fine iUii [nS 
1 q!l defnde deb8it ut ille q* inf* etate t3 
It qd nuq^ pdca Dionis huit rra ilia i ma- 
ritagiu immo 1 dote«t ut inquisico i£L fiat 
p legales homines utr • s • Dionis rra ilia 
huit i maritag vt i dote p si Thorn fit ej^. 
aliii buit ig^ss n* p mrem sua.] of¥t Reg. 
XX. m. [sic illas p^us pmisit . Reg.] Dies, 
dat^ fuit eis I aro. dies jP JestU Set Joh ad 
aud jud. 


Cumtlanct. f R^^ ^^ Curtenay poii loco suo Rob Maudtdt 

vs^ Rob de Dumbredon de pt xxx. m. ad lu 
vt pd. 


Ketu. ff AUc de Cesireton op . se iiii. die vs^ Hug' de 

CastelUoe de pt magn ass de rra de WMarcheis 
i q^ assisam id Htig posuit se 1: huit die i 
banco a die Pasch I . Hi. sepi ^ tc n ven vt 
se ess. c rra ilia capiat' i manu Reg^ . *t 
ipe sumoii q sit l ocl See Thtil audil in judm 

Salopsif. if Considatu f qd finis fcs i cur Reg inr WaSm de 

Quitefeld 1 Eva nx sua 1 Barthotjit Pet^ u3 
cirog*phu t inr eos gtines qd Barth debet 
tenle de eis • i. hid tr i \\Sthircfiele p xx. sol p 
annu p omi svico :' teneat'.l q Barthot quiet^ 
sit p hoc sviciu. 

jSfl/op. jf P^ ceptu fuit Vic q inquireret p legales mili^ de 

com p quos recog ass de nova diss capta fuit. 
1 cora quib} justic inr Rob de Huntiland 1 
Rob de Wodecol de rra de Chersat \ scire 
facet justic p duos legales mili^ p quos inq^sico 
fieret \ rmXvL li velSut "X p^cepl fuit q facet 
venire rec p quos ass cap^ fuit 1 ipi ii venliit 
Ic. c- 13 peep? t . qd Vic attach milil 1 rec 
q sit % XV. dies a die See Vnil !\ tc ^sit^ ibi 
hat noia 1 milil 1 rec \ pt. 


Surnlscf. f Dies dat^ t Afibti de Ford 1 Ham de Katesctiv\ 

\ Felic ux ej^ de pt tr a die Sci Jotus 1 
TO. dies. 

^Hff-' f Vic signif p tve suu qd cep i manu T^ I vigt 

AdnUconis See Mar advoc ecctie de Foshat. 

SwniseT. jf Gilo Hosa^ op . se iiii. die vs^ Gerard de Broc- 

ton de pt viii. solid 1 ii. vaccar T; . i. eque t 
ipe n ven vl se ess . It sumoSi testal f '. 
GT Judm attacfii qd sit i ocl Thiil Ttc. 


Line. f Thorn ^t Eustac 'poit^ loco Atflitisse de Wintim 

op • se iiii. die rs^ Rob Jit Witt de pi qr attor- 
navit libam elemosina ejusd!^ Afifctisse i ele- 
mosina Hospital de Sco Lazaro \ ipe no veil 
vt se ess \ poit^ fuit p pleg scit Hug Gape . 
Gaufr de Heriz. Judm . ponat' p meliores 
pleg St p^mi pi sumon qd sint apd Westm i 
jn). dies jP T}nil A Rant eu. 

Line. jf Alea^ de Pointon pel v^s^ Alard Ruffii qd faciat 

ei homag 1 ronabile sviciu q ei debet de . 
j. virg tre cum ptin i BiSwic q*m teSe debet 
de eo sicut illam q^m tenuit de Eudon de Bar^ 
ton vs^ que fine fee i cur dSi Reg de xi. bov 
CT nt de tfb3 ptib3 . i, bov cum ptifl i Bt&cic % 
it G- Alard ven Ht die q ipe Alej:^ 

p^mo emit tra ilia *l p^ea veil ipe i cur dni 
Reg . nt Eudo silr . 1 fine fe8unt I cirog^hiL 
Et icosulto It ii sumonito.l ii videt' ei qd 
fine posset face de tra sua de sicut p sviciii 
milil tenet tra sua.1 ipa bov t^ data fiiit 
mat^ sue i maritagiu libum. 

" A die Pa^chi l.i. msemS' 

Hen/: JT Dies dat^ t Frih Tempi \ Witto de ^Grauat de 

pi rre I c^stino Sci Joh pee pciu. 

Kent. /f RicJ^ Godefr \ Johs Scotland \ Regin fres po • 

loco suo Adam 1 Rad frem suii v^s^ Engerra 
de Some de pi W qd t i Com de Kent ad 
lu.vl pd. 

War. IT Dies dat^ t Hnr de Baiworth poito loco Atdbtis 

de Abbendon \ Radjil JVigan a die S& Mich 








i arc. dies ad aud judm suii de . i. hid tre cum 
ptin 1 Hutt Si uii id Rad posuit se i mangna 
ass . utrii ilia hid tre fuit forisfca tetnpe • H. 
Reg Avi p felonia Rogii de Causton 1 si id 
Rew earn dedit Wigano Marescatt suo c alia 
rra q escaeta fuit I manu sua. 

jf Dies dat^t Priori de B^mundes 1 Rad de Hailing 
de pt rr t ocl See TSiil pee pciii. Id dies dat^ 
t H'edtOjftt ITebti p Johem WBukuinte po . loco 
ej^ de pt tr qui dies dat^ t Afibti de Westffi 
q* se ess de m . Ic . vs^ Witt de Boct . \ lang**r 
. t eid AtSbti adjudicate. 

If Samson Abbas de Sco Edmund po lo . suo Gileb 
de Stangno vs^ JVittm de Warenn de pi custod 
ad lu . vl pd. 

jf Ass* ven rec si ThcM Basset ijuste 1 sii jud diss 
Johem de Hid de libo ten suo i \^Suleh infra 
assisam csr Jur diit qd ita diss eu. cr Judm. 
Joh liat iil seisina . 1 Thorn I mia . 1 reddat 
lldapnu dim . in. 

jf Rob Ber Irani port loco suo Bald de \\Anestai vs^ 
Witt de Vesci 1 AUna ux ej^ de pi vii. car tr 
ad lu . vl pd. 

Ebo^. f Assisa de nova diss inr Rob de WBeulers \ liar 

ux ej^ pel . 1 Ric de Bretherton diss de libo 
ten suo i Coppeghte po' i respcm usq^ i xv. dies 
p^Jestu Sci Johis p defcu rec. Quia Hug Jit 
Ypolil 1 Rob Bainard.\ Alan de Arches. \ 
Witt de Plaiz.PetT^ de Ardinton . Witt f Sim . 
Otho de Barkeston . Ric de Luhtton rec in n 
ve . vl se ess . T: poiti f uiit p pleg T; ido 
attacb p meliores pi . \ p^mi pi sumon qd tc 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. R 


sit ibi . iff dies dat^ t Rob de ^Wtneterp^ 
Rolio f Steph . Win f Rod .1 RaSJil Bald q* 
vefiut . \ Rogio Maukvier qui ven . t Vic 
ponat aliu loco Alan de KaS^ton q* depoit^ t 'I 
Witt WGuer q* obiit Si tot rec faciat venire q 
as^sa ii remaneat p def cu rec • noia p^o^ pt 
s{ i alio bvL 

SudAT. f Loqla in? Gileb de la Den 1 Gileb [\Oinon de feudo 

dim milil i Hocton po' i respcm usq^ afesto 
Sci Mich I. v. sept coram dno Reg p bve 

Narf: jf Ric f Baldr . Rog Buztm . Rob Grassus . Witt 

Houel missi ad vidiiff utrum if*mi? un RadJ^ 
Turstan ess se de m . Ic vs^ Andr de l|Cbi//e- 
shalt eet Iang°r an n . dnt qff Rad svies Hundr 
4ux eos ad domii ipius Rad/i n iveniut eii S3 
ad caruca sua ^ deffunt ei die a die Pasch I • 
i, msS. Et Rad j^ Thurstah die qff p*^ fuit 
vis^.s . in crastino meff xl* p pdcm Rod svi- 
ente \ Witt Franc ballivos pdcos \ p Adam de 
Becco .1 Witt ^Turuett \ Rog de Etweic . Sim 
Jit Alan \ en iveniut i lecto \ ♦ eunff die 
deffant St Rad die qff ipe n p* rra ilia pffe 
q^ n*l clam i rra ilia n* custodia p Witt Jit 
ITevic q* infra etate est cuj^ hedit rra ilia -^ 
a Andr exp^tet etate ipius. 

f SiUtt ux ThofA de Hoi po . lo suo Tbofti vir suii 
rs^ Wittm de Marci . \ Ela ux ejus de pt tr 
ad lu . vl pff. 

Susex\ f Dns Rex peep q EUasJit B^nard 1; AueUna ux 

ej^ teneat oia ten sua It tras ita i pace sic 
tenuert tempe . H. Reg Pris dm Jtr. 

jf Vic sig p bve suii q cep i manu Reg . i. mesag 


i Brandon p def cu Ir^ebramjit JoHh vs^ Elia 
de Brandon:! die Lune pa^ ^P^^ ^^ Pasc% 

Jf Vic signif p 15ve suu qd cep i manum ^r . iii. bov 
tf 1 Fulebec \{t Bradon q*s Thorn de Fulebec 
clam YS^HnrJit Gcufr die Lvne pa^ an Pasch 

SmdU. ^ Rob de Hoitot pon loco suo Hfir Wiard de pt 

svic vs^ Ebrard de Btdon ad lu . vl pd. 

iiiddelse^. ^ Witt Pevlet sumon ad * ronabile dote Ji^ane ux 

Bad de Querendon ven 1 redd ei tota rcia pte 
toci^ rre q fuit Hug Peverett i Edelmeton 1 
pcient' i quolibj campo sal vis blad suis. 

Kent. f Dies dat^ t Witt de Soford ten . \ Hug de Bosco 

1 Marg ux sue pel i adv Justic • id dies dat^ 
t Ric de Vabadun . Rob de Malevitt . Walfo de 
^EuT Hug de \Eur • It Natanaet . Rad de 
Penherst . Alured de Curton . Ric de Berhes q' 
veSut . Witt \\Peifbre • ess se p Hamon . Fulco 
W^oier . p Witt . Petr de Buceilles p Rob . Rob 
de Siburn p Rob. Adam de )^Chiveminges p Hub. 

Vorf? f Nigett svies Rob Bertram i mia p falsis essoniis. 

Sujff? IT Ass* de nova diss int Alanfi Trenchem dissaisil 

\ Witt de ^Hasttg de libo teii Alan ^ de i^ i 
HelmigJia po' i respSm usq^ i adv Justic p 
def cu rec q^ nit rec ven ^c io attach q sit ad 
eund tminii. 

Noif.' JT ^S^ ^ Brandon 1 Yda ux ej^ poniit loco suo 

Waffm de Henghd 9s^ Ric de Baifeld de pt 
advoc med ecctie de Brandon ad lu.vt pd 
si ipe Rogis int^esse n possit 

R 2 


in. ]d« 

Comub. f J2<2W» efe ^Lancet appBat Hug de Stotd qd p^q* 

pax fuit tjurata 1^ data [1 clamata] ^ i 
pace Ducis Norm [1 Dni AngQ i robia 1 i 
felon ro15avit dnm suu Ric de Lacett 1 eu cep 
^ cataB sua i ro15ia cu vi sua asportav ad 
vatncia Ix. m 1 plus St ipm Ranii robbav de 
p*o cateH ad value xx. sol i pannis 1 [.i.] equo 
\ h ofYt pbare vs^ eum p corp^ suu. Hug ven 
1 defend tol de v^o i v^u c P! ipius Hug 
Rog de Reimes . J oh Jit Ric . Ric Jit Ric .1 
appBat de ipa vi It societate • Aldii ctic Richema 
de Duh . Hug de Mortd . Joelt de Valle Torta . 
Osb de WHaluecot q' 1 1 p^sona. Considatu t qd 
dueB sit inf eos de p^is cataB • Ric de Lan- 
cett pi Rann. <=" Dies dat^ t eis t c^stino 4kI 
See Tnil. 

Ibid. ^ ^^^ ^^ Burgeslond appBat de ead robia Ric de 

Dunha \ de ipa pace 1: feloil It robia p^o^ 
cataB 4 ad vatncia^ . Ix. sot \ plus .It h oftt 
pbare vs^ eum p corp^ suu. csr Ric defend 
tol de verbo i vbu pi ejus sunt Witt de Bote- 
raits \ Johjit Ric . RadArcfdd. or DueB sit 
inr eos de pHs appBatoris Ric de 
Lancetl . pdcs dies dat^ t eis. 

Devon. JT Adam de Grafton appB Hug de " ^Stotdon ^ 

pdcm de robia cataB dni sui Rogli WDeritt 
ad valnc xxi. m. 1 de p'o cataB • i. cape 1 • 
1. hache danachie • ad valncia • v. sol \ plus. 

f Philipp Jit Rogli WDiritt appB Ric de Dunha % 
i respm« I pace Dni Ducis "X i felon \ i robia robavit ux 

sua de • i. anulo .aureo . i. m. It de aliis cataB 
ad val . v. m. 1 hoc of ft pbare vs^ eum p 



I respcm. 






corp^ suu ut de visu 1 aud ux sue du ipe 
fuit i peg^nacoe sua vs^ Scm Jacob. 

f Siffi CUc^ apptt Thorn Jit Witt qS nequi? \ i 
felon 1 i pace diii Reg 1 noctu T: i murdr 
occid Johem Cusin prem suu ^ ling*in sua 
ex*it % sup vultii suu c5bussit carta diii Reg . 
1 h offt pbare v^s^ eu ut de visu 1 auditu 
suo ut ipe qui fuit i ead domo i qMa fenestra 
abscondit^ p timore mortis p corp^ suu.1 appB 
de ipa vi Withn ^Bascher.Rob G^veis . Urnfr de 
Calwett. Rob \\Ware . Rob \\Doggefel. EUotf 
Rimild. « Witt Jit Joh q^ eosd ibi misit ad H 
faciend. Thorn veri 1 defnd tol ut ipe qui 
infra etate t St pel qd h ei allocei qd t%3 annis 
t^nsactis h fcm fuit • \ Justic postea f uut i 
pata • ^ nttm appBm fee iil usq^ nc c ipe fuit 
i pat'a.^ ipe die qd n aus^,fuit mora face i 
pat^a • n^c appttm illud psequi pp vi \ timore 
ipi^ Thorn q* fere dris t i pna. or Thorn pel 
de huj^modi murdr jur prie. or Dies dat^ t 
eis I ocl Thut St Thorn sit intim i custod pris 

jf Hnr de Tilli recedit sn die de pi tre v's^ fTiT&i 
de Mandevitt q^ Gaufr de Mandevitt q' plac 
rs^ eura obiit. 

jT Hamo de Morcol poS loco suo Rob de WShref* v^s^ 
Thorn f Alan dept^lc. 

jf Rad fX Sim po . loco suo Rogim Monac vs^ 
t de Enetorp de pi tr Ic. 

jf Dies dat^ t Pee" de Hattinget \ Per de WBemig 
ad aud record 1 jud suu de pi ass i adv 
Justic pee pciu. 

R 3 










«• ■• • 

mia 111. in. 

f Loqla in? Steph Tirel pel 1 Epm Sar de pt n . 
diss sn die p t'nsfretacoe £pL 

)f Amabil de Pokintm pon loco suo Witt virii sau 
^s^ Rob WFurintin de pi ^ 15. 

JT Dies dat^ t JFa/fo ife Insula % Rod de Sco 
Steph de pi tt 1 ip'sonamti a die Sci Mich 
t . 4^1. mse^ . XV. dies. IS. dies dat^ t Uric i 

fi Dies dat^ t Witt de Fenbrigg It WittdeHobrig 
de pt w I Sobi I oct Sci JoHis. 

jf Ass* de nov diss in? Ric de Essel \ Hug de Fo- 
kinton-p Thorn de \\Roinges poit loco ipius^u^ 
q* se ess . It Ric de WRicharuitt qrentis 1 Al^ 
q fuit xxk Rog f* Reinfr dissaisiatores po'. i 
respcm usq^ i adv Justic q^ Thorn de Hochton - 
fValeram de Herst . Rod j^ Godric . WaS 
TiUi . Petr^ de WMetmges God de WITebtmg 
Philipp de Woburn . Thorn de Friston . Ada 
Forestar 3 veflut Ic . i3 attach . id dies dat^ 
t ill q venliit 

f Dies dat^ f Priori de ^Hunte^ ScoNeoto\ 
Matitt q fuit ux Aluric de WAugo de jural 
quada de tra i villa SH Neoti i adv Justic. 
Id dies dat^ t rec q^ venlut \ inrim hant lie 

f Ass* vefl rec si Rob de Sutton ijusl \ sii jud diss 
Ric de la Ber de libo ten suo I Marisco de 
Langedon inf^ assisam. or Jur dnt q ita diss 
eu. c Judm Ric hat seisina.'l Rob i nua. 
reddat de dapno xi. li. \ xl. d. Mia ej^ 

• ■ • f\j 


Glouc. r I^i^s dat^ f fVilb ^oAo.Margar mris sue t 

" PAiT rf^ WRisinden de pi dotis ej^de Marg 
*^ I c^sUno Sci Joh BaplJ* <^ Id dies dat^ t 
Wilt de Ho It ||eid Fori de pi waranl car?. 

Nor// fi Dies dat^ t hominib3 Gaufr de WAsnes . \ hoib5 

Gileb de Norf de pi appBi I crastino Set 
Joh p jPcepl diii {t, 

DorseT. ff Ass* de nov « int ^wf cfe Melecnmb qrenl T; 

i»/fl&7 d(? Frar \ Hug f Witt .\ Matittjit 
Ingoip It Hnr de Frar \Joh de ZlwrfciTlf diss 
po' i respcm usq^ i adv Justic p def rec q^ 
Thorn Maurin . Wingod 1: Godefr de Anesti . 
Fordric de Liscumb Petr^ de Sco Berth . Rod 
Belet . rec n ven vl se ess . attach. 

Eise^. f Gaufr Maudvit petiit t^ra sua i Chigwelt p 

plevina die T^slaconis Sci Nich q capta 
fuit i manu Reg p defalta sua vs^ *jftt Rob 

Stiff: f Dies dat^ t Rob de Crec \ Thorn Bloc de 

capiend cirog*pli suo . de . 1. solid reddit^ q°s 
Thorn clam vs^ eum I ro. dies p^ festu Set 
Mich \ Rob debet ei dare C. sol p quieta clam 
pdci reddit^. 

Leici JT Dies dat^ t Hnr de Lech It Nich poito loco Ric 

de Lech de pi [magne ass de] . i. car rr i adv 
Justic. id dies dat^ t Witt de Folevitt . i. mili? . 
qui debuit eligie . xii.1t.iii. miiit q* n veniut vl 
se ess attach . s . Petr^ de Line . Witt delPerer 
St Gileb de 4^ custody Twiford. 

Norf: JT Ass* ven rec si Hug Capttan^ 1 Steph fr ej^ 

ijuste *1t Steph fr ej^ ijuste^ It sn jud diss Rob 

Jit Ailwin de libo ten suo i || Winebodesha if* 

assisa. Hug ven \ die qd ipe dimisit rra 

II 4 


sua ipi Rob ad tminu xii. anno^ <^ pait St in 
poii se sup jur. 

jf Jur diit -f q3 ita qd tenuit tra ilia ad rminii St % 
n diss eu de libo teii suo. or Jud . Hug 
teneat i pace. 

Bukig. j[' Dies dat^ t Heilewis t 'Tt flwf Camar 

de pt dot f c^stino Set JoHfs pee pciii St Hnr 
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ult* mare 1 prea ipe dat . . . sot. Ric 
petes poii Witt Cticu loco suo ad recipiend 


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Brito . Emald de Notion. ^WaU f^B^nard.^ 
Alex^ de Culet Emald de Kinelay n veil tc . \ 
positi ffiut p pleg q®*** noia si i cedula t Vic 
liat illos tc cora Justic.1 de mia [pleg] t 
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clam i.i. illar virg tr n* p q*nda Hpurn q ipe 
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crastino Set Joh respons. 

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f 8it i svico suo ult* mare. 

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" WBucUer . si ide Thorn Supp^or intee 3 
•* possit." 


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vs^ Gerard de Canuitt \ ua? sua de pi advoc 
ecctiar de ^Broccebi \ ^Swaneton T; de pt 
decimar de ||dnicis mafliis pdci G. \ tuv* sue 
*l vs^ Witt de Sudbroc de advoc ecctie de Sud- 
broc 1 de aliis placit ad ipos ptiii . ad lu Stc. 

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ponit' i respcm usq^ i adv Justic . q nils rec 
veil . 1 ido omes attacli T:c, \ sciend qd 
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pdecessoris Nicholae ux ipi^ Gerard q tes- 
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salute aie sue \ anc suo^ 1 pura t ppetua 
elein ecctie See T^il de WJEa^eq^a \ ptulit 
carta Ric Jit Rob 1 coPmaconem Rob Epi 
Line 1 cof *macon . H. Reg Pris .1 attornat^ 
G. de Canuitt n'l die 9* cartas pdcas S3 . pel 
ut ass* pcedat SI q^ nU die cont* cartas n^ p* 
iff contMide cosidat t q assisa remaneat \ qd 
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yioci qd ad psntacone Monaco)^ recipiat idoil 
psona. q^ h. eis ||t adjudicaL 

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Ivone de pi do! t c^stino Set Joh pee pciiL 

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ass de Ix. acr rre c ptiii i \\Hameg St ipe n 
veil vl se ess Si hiiit die p ess suii St ido 
c5sidatii t qd assisa capiat' p ejus defalta • 
S3 po'^ i advenl Justic p def cu rec. Quia 
Witt Pigot .. Witt de Lia . Hug Bumel . 


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veil vt se ess .1 ido attacli. Id dies dat^ t 
aliis q^ veil \ cetis p ess suos. 

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waral utrii Hug de WEtiereshag ||debat tefle rra 
sua de \\Eueresfiag de eo .\ to ej^ ee iii ut id 
Hug die • vl ipe defeat ilia tenle de Priore de 
Luffild % lio ej^ ee de dono Pagan de Bello 
Campo pris ipi^ Sim ut id Prior die SI ipe B 
veil vl se ess .1c. attach qd sit t cystine Sci 
Joh \c St ostnsur^ 1c. 

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Joh pee pciu. 

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1 q* pr ej^ tenuit i dfiico tempe . H. Reg • 
Witt ven 1 defnd jus suG 1 vocat ad war 
Witt f* Rob q* ven 1 warantizat ei ut ilia q* 
dedit ei i maritag cu fit sua 1 ponit se i 
mangna ass quis eo^ maj^ jus tit i 4 tV ^ 
ilia bov. Dies dat^ t eis I c^stino Sci Joh St 
tc veniat . iiii. milit ad eligend xii. Alej:* pon 
loco suo . Ric Giffard 1c. 

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ei homag 1 ronabile sviciii de • i. bov Xx c 
ptin i Bufwie q f . i. de xi. bovaC quas 
dironav i cur. diii Reg p fine concord 1 
cirog* qd pft f cm inr ipm 1 Eudon de Gar* 
ton . Witt die qd libe tenet 1 ii licuit dno 
suo vende Ira sua vl sviciu suu vl homag vl 
-dare eo icosulto vl nesciente vl ii siimonito. 



I lane. 

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i c^stmo Set Joh \ Etias poii loco suo PetrU 
de Gardeston ad lu vt pd. . 

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po . lo . Jord de pt catalt t oct . Thiil. 

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sui vs^ Mathm de Lond SI q^ testaE t qd ipa 
tetiuit tra It fi iJatf ipa teneat i pace . *t 
Maths qrat aliud ftve si volfiit. 

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don de . i. hid tx . c ptin i . Risendon I 
crasl Sci Joh Itc \ intim tant lie concord. 

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vs^ Sim de ^Step^ Sexton. m. virg tr c, 
ptiii 1 WChiauet sic jus suu .It Sim vefi \ de- 
fndit jus suu .\ vocat ifl ad waranE Wvic jP 
Eicstac . hat q vocavit t crastino Sci Johis. 

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Bard de pt ijurie I oci Sci Johis pee pciu. 

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(/^ \\Feugiiis de pt mangne ass i adv Justic. 

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ex pte mris sue q* Fetr^ pdcs dux i ux q 
hre debet i custod p feod milit qd teSe debet 
q*m Abbas ei deforc ijuste ut dic:^ q^ pr ejus 
ii tenuit de ipo n^ socagiu . Gileb de Stangno 
poit^ loco Afcbis die q Petr^ pr Witti de ij)o 









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fuit Ita qct filia sua dare n potuit sn g^ 
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ted ilia hre vl Witt de Warenn desic residns 
fuit Afebtis i feud f iUo^ suo \ n fWitt^ i 
feud Witt pdci It pel cosidaconem cur si 
debat custod ilia hre necne. a- Dies dat^ t 
eis ad audiend judm suu a die See T^nil I 
av. dies St inrim Ic. 

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vsP Hustac de Bocland \ Juliana ux sua 
rcia pte . i. hid tr cii ptiii i Newinton un 
ipa dotata fuit p pdcm PetrU qui i2 fuit 
seisit^ die qua ea dotav. Eustac 1 Julian 
diit qd Peir^ n fuit iii seisit^ die q' ea 
desponsav . 33 ipi ut de maritag It poil se sup 
jur .1 ipa silr . liant jur I crastino Sci JolL 

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hid Xr 1 Wachene^eld ut ilia un ||silr m* 
dotata fuit p eund Petru vir suu q* iii fuit 
seisit^ die q* ea desposav T: Rod ven \ re- 
cognosc ipm fuisse iii saisi! ^ fuisse ^ p 
capitale dnm q* Ula Pet^ vendidit dii Rod 
fuit 1 custod ^RadL \ p^ea c pvenisset ad 
etate ipe recupav tra ilia vs^ Petr ut jus 
suu % Petr^ * escatnbiii v^s^ dnm suii X ipa li 
ii cont'dic T: io cosidal t qd Rad teneat i 
pace .^ Matitt i mia. 

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dim mili? c ptiii i Wiche ut jus suu qd ei 
descendit ab Alea^ avuncto pris sui Sewed 
cui R06 de Estan dedit ea tenenda de ipo T; 
lied suis 1 in fuit seisil ut de feud \ de 
jure tempe . H. Reg Pris q» H^l Rad h pol vt 


cori G* f debet hre i diiico desic ^ers f Hoh datoris 
^^^^ p^dce IT \ ipe Sewat descendit de sorore 

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debet iii ut ei videt'. Had veil \ die q ipe Si 
tenet tra ilia tota i dnico q^ alii ptes iii tenet • 
\ prea die qd ipe q*nda pte ipi^ Pre re- 
cupav rs^ Rod de Exon pfine fcm i cur 
Reg . H. scdi q pft eo n reclamate nee pre 
ejus q* eo tempe vix .It Sewat die qd pr suus 
languidus fuit. cr Dies dat^ t eis aud judm 
suii I c^stino Set JoMs St intim 1c. 

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cur Reg inr ipm \ Rohes de tra i Tillebi. uB 
ipa q'r qd p^ fine fcm \ seisina q*m hiiit id 
Sifn fine fee p^ea i cur Reg de quada rra q ei 
remasit p fine pdcm St un ipa querit' qd 
Salomo CarpentarP occupav x. acr de porcone 
sua \ plus St Sim die qd n5 warantizat ei plus 
tr q* id Salomon tenuit p*^ [an fine f cmj \ ipo 
die quo finis fcs fuit . c^ ten ipe Sim c5cessit 
Terrico de TilUngha • n® warantizat ipi Terrico 
plus tr q* ipe ei cocessit. csr Sumon Terrtc ll 
Salom tenentes adee l c^stino Sci .J. Id dies 
dat^ f Sim 1 alii pti. 

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virii Auii vs^ Com de War de pT adv ecclie de 
Oieriton \ de lege faciend ad lu . vt pd. 

Susex\ jf Abbas de Grestein pon lo . suo RosceUnU vl Witf 

Monacos suos v^^Ric de Cube de pt adv ecctie 
de ^Biston \ de West den ad lu • vl pd. 

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biconem Justic f cam i wapingtac \ i com ea 






vexavit i cur sua p plac uS Bndcs fit JoKis eS. 
iplaci{ It pouendo ei die de • i. cotni^ i aliu q 
secuta t pejorata t ^d vaTncia . iiii. m. \ Sim 
defnd q niiq* cur iii tenuit n*^.die ei posuit 
>^q* audiv ia phibicone Justic \ ipa offt pbare 
^s^ eu p secta sua % fi otf t pbare vs^ eu 
cosidacoe cur. c Defendat se Sim xii. manu. 
jf Dies dat^ f eis i advent Justic . pi de lege • 
Osd Giffizrd M defndat se silr xii. manu rs^ 
Bndcm f* Joh qui de ead injuria eu iculpat . 
ad eund rminiL 

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Keleho de pt qr t*xit eu i plac . i cur . Xpianil 
de ecctia de Neuton i Clendat 9* phibiconem 
Justic . 1 ipe fi veil vl se ess . 1 poit^ fuit p 
pleg Rann le Brun It Rog de Hamelesdon . T; 
Bonn ess se t Bog dix qd n potuit eu hre ad 
recti! T; io 1 1 mia .1 ]pcepl fuit qd ponlet' p 
meliores pleg.T Vic mandav qd n fuit ivent^ 
1 qd nU ^t i baBa sua n^ • i. grangia q^m ipe 


jf Bob Batc^ 1 Witt de Hausted op • se iiii. die ♦ 
Bad de Martinwast balli vu coin Leic de pt qr 
ijuste cep \ detinuit ^injuste^ catalla sua . 1 
ipe fi ven vl se ess It siim T:c. jf AttacB. qd 
sit l ocl Thiil 1c. 

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virg tr 1 dim c ptin i Pendesworth ut jus suii 
\ lied It ut illas que ei hnt descende de Edith 
mre sua [q fuit] soror f ipi^^ MaUt mns 
ipius Ade. " Ada veil " \ die qd nesc ipm 
Witt ee cosanguineu suii . S3 bri fatet' ipm 
iiilisse martera q^nda Edith noie S3 nesc 
ipm fuisse fit ej^ n^ne .1 de parentela pofi se 


sup jur prie . Concord sunt p xx. sol q°3 Wilt 
dat ipi Ade p hnda ronabili pte sua de . v. 
virg tr uii eii contingt ij. virg \ dim .1 Witt 
tat bve ad Vic qd faciat fi pticone p visu 
legaliu hoiu. Dies dat^ t eis recipiend ciro- 
g*phu suu i crastino T^niL 

Staff: JT Dies dat^ t Sigerid vidue \ Witt Jit Witt de 

recipiend cirog*pli suo l crastino Sci JoTi . t 
Vic tc 4 hat ibi^ faciat Justic scire quas rrse 
\ ^ quib3 locis ipi Sigerid debant remaSe. 

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1 i pace Reg 1 i felon It i murdr intfec Rod 
d Baskwitt preni suu qui diis fuit ipius Rogli 
1 domo sua 1 h vidit ut die tanq* puer inf* 
etate 1 h offt pbare vs^ eii p corp^ suu. 
Rog vefl 1 defndit felofi \ murdr sic cur 
cosidavit. sic vs^ dnm suu c^ ho ligius f. 
Thorn defendit q nuq* homag ej^ cepit S3 bri 
cognosc ipm fuisse hoiem pris sui quem 
nequir inffecit. Prerea Rog die q sal notu 
t ubi ipe lljacuit ilia nocte q* inrfcs fuit 
1 q n fuit i villa ilia ^ iii pon se sup jur 
prie salva defnsi5e sua St pel qd . allocet' qd 
fere x. annis [aii] t*nsactis ittd debuit fcm 
fuisse 1 Justic itinlantes p^ itiniariit cora 
llq'b} nfl? 9s^ eii in fee mcone . 1 Thorn pel 
qd ei allocet' q p^ morte pris sui ipe Rogls 
desponsav ux pns sui. Dies dat^ f eis l ocl 
Sci Joh ad aud jud suii St Rogls irim sweff 
i p^sona. 

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Hug Cemtariu de pt catall xl. sol St ipe n ven 
vt se ess \c. io attacli q sit t c^stino Sci Joh 

Rot .Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. s 


Line. jf Abbas de Croxton poii loco « Kem Warinu 

v^s^ Jord . de pi catatt 1c. 

Hunted. JT Dies dat^ t Priori de Sco Neoto It Burgnsib} de 

Hunted de pi lift a rfi^ 5« Mich i . i. m^e. 

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\\Furintin de pi .iiii. virg rre i Pakenton q^ ipa 
lit vir .It bve ii loquit' de eo. 

m. K. dor§. 

Norf: jT f^^^ Aurifdb po . lo . Foris de Sco Neoto op . se 

iiii. die vs^ Ada de Walpol de pi mediei 
cuj^da Piscar i Welles St ipe ii ven vl se ess 
16. ido Piscar capiat' i manu dni Pr 1 dies 
Itc. \ ipe sumon q sit i crastino Sci JoJds 1c. 
[Ess se de m Ic . S3 ess . fl exp^] 

War?. JT Prior de Stodle pel v^s^ Wittf Wibt . i. virg ?r 

cu ptin 1 Stodle ut jus suii un seisita fuit Ecclia 
de Stodlea tempe pacis ut de jure ex dono 
Pet^ de Stodlee cap iii espl ad valii . v. sol. 1 
pl^.1 Wilt vea 1 vocat itl ad war Eicf Witt.l 
Ric vocat in ad war Rob^t Witt q^ stati posuit 
se sup magna assisam dni ^r . s. quis eo^ maj^ 
jus hat i ilia virg tr 1c. Dies dat^ t eis I 
crastino Sci JoTi . 1 tc veniat iiii. milit ad 
eligna xn. 

Susesi^. ^ Tiie^ dat^*- Brienjit Rad p Rob de K>res po. lo. 

suo .1 Witt Fori de Arundel de aud jud suo 
de Ecctia de Bockinges i ocl Set JoRis .1c. 

Susex\ ff I^i^s dat^ f Matittjit Umfr 1 \\Rand de Worth 

ad recipiend cirog*phu de diin virg tx 5 ptiii 
i }\Osernis a die Sci Mich l rv. dies n* Justic 
inrim venlint 1 ptes illas • Matitt pon loco suo 
Witt fil suii .1c. 


Kent. f ^Eduius de Hussendon pel vs^ Pore de Lednes 

vi. m, q*s ei debet ut die p xx. mil j|cendul 
quas ei vendiditT: pacavl ei detinuit p.iii. 
annos ^ dim . ita qd detiorat' ad vat xx. m. 1 
For vefi T; to? defnd de vbo i v'bu Si nltam 
pduc secta WEduius. a- Ido For recedit q*et^. 
mia. T; WEduttis I mia, 

Warf. JT JVilt de Ponte fracto pel v^s^ WSaheriu de Stokes 

po . lo . Ric J^Ervis ix. mesag. c ptiii i Covntr 
un Anhetit avuncts pris sui sais fuit tempe • 
H. Reg Pris cap 1c 't h of ft pbare p Steph de 
Ponte fracto q* li offt T;c. Sailier defiidit jus 
suii ut vs^ illii q* fil avuncli Witt p^dci t . ad 
que descende posset bed si eu mori contigisset. 
Dies dat^ t eis aud judm suii I c^stino Sci Joh, 
1 hnt lie concord, 

Kent. JT I^i^s dat^ t Philipp de Hardr T: Hospital Jertm 

ad aud jud suii de Ecdia de Hardr a die Sci 
Mich i • i. msem. 

Cumttand, jf Rob Mauduit po . lo • Rob de Curtenei op • se • 

iiii. die vs^ Ro6 de Dunbdan de pt xxx. m 
catatt . It ipe li ven vt se ess. csr Judm . ipe 
attach q sit t c^stino Sci Joh in respo.T; 

Norknmt. jf Abbas de Ebo^f. pet vs^ Ph Epm WDonlmes q 

pmittat eii psntare ydonea psona ad Ecctiam 
de Steinton q vacat ut die' 1 q t de donacone 
sua ut die St Eps die q pdecessor ejus ultima 
psona psntav ad EccUam ilia 1 ipe sic pde- 
cessor ej^ dedit Ecc^ illam cuida cKco fri 
Ht^ de Burg St Abbas die q nils pdecesso^ 
suoj^ psntav ad eccliam ilia • n^ potuit vt 
debuit plus q^ admitte psona idonea . q^ ilia a 
conquestu Angt data fuit Ecctie \ Abbacie See 

S 2 


Mar Ebof .It in pft carta Widon de BaiUol 
p*jmi datoris It c5f*maconem . H. Reg Avi .1 
cof^maconem . H. Epi Donelm p^decessoris 
ej^. Eps die qd ^ q^^ n t sumon responde ad 
aliq*s cartas . n*^ vult responde n* cosidacone 
cur, or Abbas tiat bve de ultima psentacone 
psone q obiit • 1 not qd ecclia n t vacas . q^ 
ibi t psona ex c5sensu ut*% ptis. 

Norhiimt' jf Witt de Bamburc q'r qd Eps Donelm cep eu \ 
l^^^d". ip%onav 1 eu retinuit ijuste q^usq^ ipm redem 

It eii 9* vad 1 pleg retinuit It in secta suflSc 
pdux q id testaf^ sic de libis burgensib} dni 
Reg • Eps to? defndit tanq* Eps 1 Sa§dos. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad audiend judiciu suii a die 
Set Mich t an), dies \ intim liant licencia con- 
cord 1 Eps Dunot pon iii loco suo Magrm 
Grego^ \ Witt Eiat l&ve ad Witt de SttUevitt qd 
n vexet eii vl pleg suos inrim de redepcone 

Cantebf. JT W^^ fi^ Walfi pe? vs^ Aftbtem de Einesha . 

!• virg rr c ptiii i Histon ut iUam q |(lit ei 
descende 3,Rogio freAiuc ave sue.un idRog 
ssLisil fuit tempe f capies expt 

ad vatn dim . m St pl^ \ h offt pbare t 

q* offut tc. Abbas veil \ defnd 
jus suii si debat vl qii debat sic vs^ eii q* [ut] 
ei videt' t infra etate .1 pft carta diii ^.H. 
Avi q phibet ne Monachi de Einesha placitent^ 
n® iplacitent^ de rra ilia ampli^ q^* EUas Jit 
Auic \ mr ej^d AtUe \ fr ej^ Walfi caliipni- 
avut desic ilia Hforisjurarut 1 q*el clam i 
coin Cantebr sic carta Everard de Bech tc 
Vic testat^ It pft id Abbas carta . H. Reg Pris 
id testate . Concordati s? p iii. m. quas Abbas 
dat ipi Walfo. 









jf Radde Grafton po. loco suo Hnr de Berefordv^ 
Ham Passelew* de pt rr I vs^ Petru de Stodle 
de pt waran? car? It vs^ Johem Barat de. car? 
It cirog^.T: vs^ C-Ko^] ^Hiig^ de 
pi finis f ci Ttc. p WEngerka Bagot \ Rob Bloet 
missos ad eum. 

jf Dies dat^f jBoJ?o de Seldon'X Rad de ^Seldon^ 
Grafton de pt finis fci a die Set Mich I xo. dies. 
p^ce pciu. 

jf Marglia q fuit ux Hnr de Bodihd [pe? vs^ Wilf 
de ^Hiiscap2 tcia pte xx, sot tv i \\Bek WErewis 

I tcia pte viii. sot tr i Doleh ^ clam ptinle ad 
ronabile dote sua (^ recupav i cur dni Reg 
vs^ Witt de Bodiha . \ Witt vocat ad waran? 
Rob de Hi^cap . 6at eu i crastino Sci Jotus. 

jf Witt Jit Regin vs^ que Ric de Forton clam . 
i. virg IT c ptiii I Muset ut vad ivadia? Regin 
pri ej^d Witt:! veil \ recognov eidjB/c jus suu 
in 1 reddidit ei tra illa.l Ric Rat five de 
seisina hfida. 

jf Prior de WLoud op . se . iiii. die vs^ Wittm Tailte- 
host poi? loco Ric Basset de pt . i. car tr cu 
ptin i Weston "X ipe fi veil 1c It huit die. 
[i banco Itc] p ess suu a die Pasch i . i. mse. 
or Jud.rra capiat' 'tc. I ipe silmon q sit z 
^^octab** Sci Johis " audit's** in judm suu. 

jf Dies dat^ t WRegin de Baioc \ Witt de Baioc 
de pt tr J crastino Sci Joh \ hnt lie con- 

jf Rogls de Cauz op . se iiii. die vs^ Laurenciu de 

II Tebrig de recipiend cirog*' suo 1 ipe n ven 
1c. io attach q sit i crastino Sci JoKis Ic. 

s 3 


BukigA. J' Hnr deB'eford poAo.Radde Grafton \Hamon 

Passelew* op . se . iiii. die ad aud record Cur 
Dne Regin de Maumesbi de duello concusso 
int Hug Maletl Odiema de \\Lusern de.v. hid 
tr c ptiii i Muset *\ iiii. milit qui debuert 
lltulisse recordu in n venlut vT se ess Pt Vic n 
misit five vl noia mili? . io Hamo feat ftve ad 
Vic q faciat record illud fi \ mittat recordu 
illud l ocl See Tnil p . iiii. milil de ead cur Si 
respondat qr n misit noia mili£ vt br. 

Surr. f Witt de Waleton 1 Jord Tirett ret*xert se de 

appSo suo . de Hjud dni Reg "l posuert se i 
«™»a mia. 

Leic. jf Rob WWiscard pel 9s^ Rob de Harewecurt qd 

teneat fine f cm inr eos t1^ i Osb- 

neston 1 i bosco de Holmo . uii x. virg re- 

masut ip . . . . Rob de 1 qd faciat 

forinsecu sviciu .1 Amfrid ctic^ po . loco ipius 

Rob libiir tenebit fine illu scdm 

tenore cirog*pIi inr eos f cm .1 sciend 

ii.mcio i cirog^ph qd debat face forinsec 
sviciu vT qd il deba.t or Dies dat^ t eis aud 
judm suu I crastino Sci Joh 1 intim feant lie 

Middel$ex\ jf Rog Huscart op . se iiii. die vs^ Rob Jit Therric 

de pi dim virg tr c ptin 1 . i. mesag i Stvbhe 
l rra capta fuit i manu dni Reg \ retenta *l 
fii • petita io considatu t qd bat saisina sua. 


^ " Notigh. f Vic signif q cep i mari Reg.*' ^ 

Line. jf WaU Blund op . se . iiii. die v's^ Waffm Ej^ Porta 

\ Thorn f ejus de pi finis fci i Cur dni Reg 






de debif xx. sot 1 poiti f 8ut p pt • s . Johem 

feggefort . Ric Jit Rob . Rog Crass ^ 

ipi n veflut vl se ess. a- Judm .... ponanf 
p meliores pleg qd sint t crastino Set JoTiis. 

f Osb Giffard fine fee . c Wdlio Blundo . p remit- 
tenda ei lege (^ ei vadiav p queda 

jf Dies dat^ t Augnel mri Witt Grim It eid Witto l 
Henr de Thademton de carta quada i adv 
Justic .1 Vic tc hat ibi . . . . Comil ad . wa- 
rantizandu recordu loqle illi^ qd ipe misit apd 
Westm* G- Et qui tenet rra teneat . donee 
discuciaf^ cui cede debat 

jf Dils Rex mandav p bve suu sigillat qd res 
\ tre Rob de Wameford sint i pace sic sue 
pprie quadiu Etias fit ejusd Rob fuit i svico 
diii Reg ult*' mar. 

jf Sim de ^Catesfeld pet vs^ Jacob de Wincheless 
||xxvi. acr rr c ptiii i M . . . . de WStanford 
sic jus suu 1 hed descend ei de Berenglo 
avo suo 1 de Mabit fit ipi^ B*engli \ mre 
(|ipi Sim SI un ipe Sim fuit seisit^ [i dnico] 
ut de feud 1 jure tempe Pr. H. pris cap 
ifi expt Itc. \ h of ft pbare p Roglm f* Rob 
q^ h offt pbare p corp^ suu ut de visu 1 
auditu suo It si de eo male c5tig3it p aliu. 
Jacob veil t defed jus suu 1 seisina sua 

in 't die qd qfi pont ipe n 

tenuit in n* xxii. acr.l in fine fee p cirog*pfi 

de ii. acr \ 

....•••• p aliud cirog^pfi f cm int Sim 

\ EUa 1 Gerard de Winf 

pt fee sumon fuit ad eos 

fill , , . ipi^ nttm clam . . apposuit 

S 4 




n*^ aliquis p eo T: Sim 

fee in vs^ eu vt aliq de cdgnacone sua \ Jacob 

die qd . . . cirog^h ille ei ii sufficiat 

ipe defndit jus suu "l . . . . sua io 

Brmebar . . . Considatii t qd sit 

int: eos de xxiiii. acr pdc Dies 

dat^ t eis l c^stino Sci Jotiis . pi Alani Jacoh 
dns suus PI Ro^i dns suus 

m. 15. 




jf Witt de Ghtic poit^ loco Prioris de Munemue op 
se . iiii. die vs^ Abr Kakebrein 1 ^Marchann 
Walenses de pi audiend judm suu \ ipi S 
venlut vl se essoii \ hiiert die a die Pasch % . 
i. msem !\ ||f 8ut petentes. or Witt eat sii die 
in . X ipi 1 mia. 

jf Dies dat^ t Priori « Bemewett St JofU Jit Hug de 
aud judo suo A.tfestU Sci^ i av. dies post 
festu Sci Mich. 

jf Rogis Capttan^ pon loco suo RogimJ^Roald vs^ 
WarinU de Blasar de pi r re qd t i com Camttb 
ad luc^nd vl pd St v^s^Rob le ^Frierm T: Grecia 
ux sua de pi t^ i Peddrid/l v's^ Rob Pig ace "X 
Ric Pigace de pi tr i Tregodac . 1c. 

jf Regin Andegmf po . lo . Leticie de Estcot q* 
petiit . i. hid tr c ptiii i Estcol t t i Westd 
sic iS q ptinet ad ronabile dote sua q ea con- 
ting i ead villa ex dono Hubert Qmtremeins 
quonda ||viri * vs^ H^bertu Quatremeins ad 
pficiend sua rcia pte rre q fuit p^dci Hubert 
.1 un Hubert Quatremeins dix qd ipa dotal 
fuit ad hostiii ecclie de . v. virg tr c mesag 
i Estcot quas adhuc tenet . I in se tenuit 
pacata It in posuit se sup jur de visiir^Tt ipe 







Regin defndit \ posuit se sitr sup jur . tiant 
in jur I crastino Sci JoHis Bapi. 

jf Rad de P^eld pe? die Sabbti ga^ an Ascensioem 

xl. acr zT c ptiii q capte funt i mafi dni Reg 

p ejus defcu vs^ Emm de Pifeld. Et Godard 

\ Simfr Thorn Jit Gatifr pel eod die duas 

ptes XX. acr q capte ffint \c p defcu \c vs^ 

jf Rob de Wivitt op . se .iiii. die 9s^ WitlmJitRic 
de Harington de pt finis f Si in cur de waranl 
svic tr i ^Bofigto It ipe ii ven vt se ess Itc. 
jf 13 attach q * J c^stino Sci JoHis ostnsur^ qr 
n veri ad die sibi poitii ^ responsur^ qr £1 
tenuit fine illii J\ quia manet in WLincett io ibi 

f Thorn de WPilefeld pel die Vemis an Rogal rra 
sua p plev q capta fuit i manu dni Reg p 
defcu ejus vs^ t 

jf Sibitf de Clendon appS Ric Jit Hnr q^ ipe i pace 
dni Reg inrfec Ric virii suu c quada ascia 
ita q ipa Sibilla ex^t ascia ilia a capite suo .1 
h offt ©bare vs^ eum ut de visu suo sic cur 
cosidavit . Ric ven \ defndit tol de vbo i 
rbu \ die q Melisent q fuit ux Ric de 
Deresburc q sitr appS eu de inorte Ric ^ de 
Clendon^ viri sui pquisivit br de dno Reg 
ut inquisico fieret de morte ipius Ric de 
Clendon.^ coram Justic itinlantib} veil ilia 
inquisico .1 offt diio Pr x. m. p hiido verodco 
milil p quos inquisico fca fuit. I die qd p 
odiu 1 atthia appBat eu .It pel p^rea id Ric 
qd si n pot hre verdcm milil p quos fca^ 
fuit iquisicor' * de rei vitate i Comil p xxiiii.y' 
milil de Coin St offt dno Reg x. m. p hnda 





in jur ut ei allocet' verudcm milil alia vice 

jf Melesent q fuit ux Ric de Deresbwrc appS eund 
Ric de Clendon q ipe neq*t 1 ^ipe+ i pace Reg 
Ric vir suu mriec. 

jf Ric Jit Emald op . se iiii. die vs^ Ric de Bos- 
sintoh \ Hug fit suu 1 Nichot fil suu de pt 
appBi \ ipi n venSut \c. £t c5sidal fuit alias 
q poiti eet p vad \ pleg . \ Vic el misit bve n^ 
noia pleg. cr lo cdsidatu t qd attacTi p vad \ 
pleg qd sit I arc. dies p^festU Sci JoHis Bapl . 
^ Vic tc sit Ic. 

jf Thorn de Mendha dedit pace Witto Ctico p se T: 
liedib} suis 1 af f . t 1 Rob Jit Sim sitr. 





A die PascJC l . i?. sept\ 

jf Dies dat^ t Witto pheptori Tempt \ Witto de 
Semebroc de pi tallag i oct « 

jf Eps Winton poii loco suo Johem de Briues vt 
Witt /• Hnr vs^ Comitissd de fTaf de pt 
Adt/ ecctie de Oioe/ 1 v^s^ HCivib Lond de pt 
Ubtal T:c. 

jf Dils Rex phibuit p bve suu q Moiiachi Xpi Card 
n vexent vl iplacitet Wittm de Wod de motn- 
diii venti cont* tenore It libtate carte q*m 
in ht. 

jf Diis Rex sig p bve suu q Hnr Biset \ ^lsabett^ 
Ysold ux ej^ posuer cora eo Wittm AguUuti 
vt Roglm de \\ Vrkewrth 9s^ Rad de Amundevitt 
de pt tr i WEuingedon ad lu . Ic. 


••• Rod de wSneriis pel v's^ ikP'ore^ \Magrm] Hos^ 

pitat de Sco \\Davd . i. motnd c ptin i Abidon 
ut jus ux sue. I Magr veil \ defndit jus suii 
It vocat in ad waran? Henr Jit Pe/Miat eu 
I ocl Sci Johis. 

\\Suff:" jf BrierP de Netlested poii loco . suo Gaiifr de 

\\Bra7nf0rd vs^Hug de Malaunei de recipiend 
cirog* suo de eccUis de Netlested \ de Blakehd 
Ic. Hug pon loco suo || j . Jofiem CUcU. 


jf Biatkia de Cressi petiit die Lune pa^ ant Ascen- 
sionem tra sua p plev i WScaudeford q capta 
fuit i man Pr p qrela Alic de Grendon vs^ 
Rad de Bello Monte. 

Nor/' f PetT^ de Alto Bosco petiit ecctiam sua p plev 

t die Lune an AscSsionS q capta 

fuit i manu Reg vs^ t 

Leic. jf Vic sign p bve suu q cep i man Jtr die Sahbti 

paf' jp^ capd jejunii . iii. virg tr cu ptin i 
Holewett quas Wall de Tateshat 1 Isolda ux 
ejusl Ct^^oc soror ejus clam vs^Joh deWAnws 
1 wot Ridet !\ Rog Pistore p defcu eo^d .It 
ii. virg XT c ptiii i Ketelbi q*s ^dci Waifs t 
Ysold ^ Custanc clam vs^ Magrm Hospital 
de Leic "X Gaufr de Torp p defcu eo^d. 

jf Ass* de nov diss inr Rob Pinclna disseisitu 1 
Ric de Muntaines T: Rad de Tiwe 1 Hnr le 
Be de libo ten suo i M'ston po' i respcm usq^ 
i adv Justic p defcu rec. Quia tres rec ess 
se /I Rob de Pasci St Sim de \\Sfton 1 Rob de 
Icford . G^vasi^ de Walton . Petr^de ^Herlenmie -. 
RicJitWMor . Witt Pincina . Rob Venator. Hnr 
de Sudket rec in ii veSut vT se ess . io atacK 
qd ass* capiend f p eo^ defalta. 




ff Dies dat? t Ric jit Rogli poito loco Hud de 
WChedesto 1 Wittd de Bosco po.loco Begin 
de Argenl de pt mangne ass de . i. car tr c 
pi i Wisei i adv Justic p defcu rec. Quia 
Gaufr de Denton ess p WBegin . OUvius de 
Vaus p Talebot . Sim de Criketot p Begin . 
jRo5 de Colevilt p ^ilf . Philipp le Latimi p 
W^iTf Heirun . iJoS ^ ^ ^ Mawoenu p Jf^fll 
c Id dies dat^ t 2%ow rfe HMenrfAa . t 

Witt de Foleskd . Nomumn de Peseliat 
n venliit 

NorfJ IT P*cepl fuit Vic qd facet . iiii. legales milil 

vide inf^mil ^Baderun de Blechesdon q* se ess 
vs^ Bob de \\Sipet de pt tr A qd facet scire 
Justic a die Pasch l . v. sepl 1c. t Vic tc 
misit . iiii. paupes homines ii idoneos ad fa- 
ciend visu It io c5sidatu t q p • iiii* legales 
milil faciat fi visu t scii*e faciat Justic t 
ocl Sci JoJus . It qd tc sit ibi oslns q^ £1 fee f i 
sic p^ceptii ei fuit alia vice. 

jf Dies dat^ t ITberto de Sco Quintin 1 Witto de 
Bocheford ad rec cirog*p1& suii i ocl Sci Joh • 
1 inrim fiat ptico rrar. 

jf Ass* ve rec si G. ITeford ekct^ ijuste 1 s5 
jud diss Fres Hospitat Jertm de libo ten suo 
1 Vaumarie p^JestU Sci Mich px an Corofi 
dni Reg cjur dfit qd Gilo pdcs ita diss 
eos. or Judm Hospitalares liant seisina sua • 
T: Elect^ i mia . Hdapnu diss t . x. sol. 

jf Mangna ass \nz Emm de Cantelou pel \ Ada 

Kokeret tefl de feud diin milil po' i adv 

Justic {) defcu rec . q^ Bann Brito ess se p 

WTurmot \ Wall de Weluetha p Withn . Wilt 

Jit Alan p Bogm . iJic de Ickeworth de itiSe 






• •• 






Sci Jacob f Id dies dat^ f Thorn de Mendha . 
T: Rogio de Dalha 1 Gaufr de \\Welueth.\ 
Witto de WBures \ Bndco de BlaJceha . "X Witt 
de P*sto q* venlut 1 Rog de Tudehd p ess 

suu WNich Talevaz Joh de Godriche- 

strop .1 Petr^ de WCheJueth n veil vl se ess 
io attach q^ sit ibi in resp5s. 

Dies dat^ f Hug de WSahi 1 Hug de Frer \ 
Ric de Say de pt ti^ 't war carf t xo. dies 
jjr^ festu Sci Mich pee peiu . 1 inrim liant 
lie \c. 

f Ass* veil rec si Hnr J^ Gerold ijuste T: sn 
judico disseisivit Thurstanu Basset de libo 
tefi suo i Aldefeld infra asS. cr Juf diit qd 
ita disseisiv eu. cr Judm ThvrstarP Iiat 
seisina sua It Hnr i mia • dapnu diss t . L m. 

f Witt de Suqflia q Isaac de Hoggeston vocav 
ad waran? de dim hid tr c ptiii i Hoggeston 
vs^ Wittm de Gatesden veil \ vocavit in ad 
war • Rob Gerebt . liat eu I ocl Sci JoKis. 

jT Id Witt de Suq/Tia q Witt de Gattesden posuit 
i plaeil de dim hid rr 2 ptifl i Hoggeston 
vocav eund Rob ad war . hat eii ad eund 

ff Hug WRikespaud . Yvo Quarel . Joh de Wilebi 
missi lip Cur Comi^ Sim de Kemeston ad dndu 
veru de duello vadiato \ eoncusso . inr Thorn 
Jit Hubert pel \ Johem Aurifabr ten \ de 
fine inr eos fco :' dnt qd p fine concord 
f cm inr eos de vii. virg rr \ dim \ de xl. 
acr i Kemeston q*s Thorn clam vs^ pdcm 
Johem if remanserunt Thorn iii. virg ^ xl. acf 


tr c capital mesag "l Jotii remasut iiii. virg 
tr I dim de ead t'ra !\ Johes die q Thorn 
occupavit . i. virg tre q eum contingi e debuit 
cr lo c5sida{ t q JoKes hat hve ad Vic qS p 
ballivu cur p^dce It p milites q* inrf'Snt con- 
cord pdce faciat inquire utrii Thorn hat • L 
virg tr plusq* iii. virg tr 1 xl. acr ^c^ T: 
capital mesag c ptiii q ei remasut p fine 
p^dcm St qd mittat ilia iquisiconem in ocl Sci 
Johis p . ii. milites q* inrf uiit iquisiconi 1. p . 
litas suas sigillatas. 

IT Wa^s Jit Rad pe .t Rad Jit Rod «tetes** con- 
cordati sunt de iiii. hid xx c ptin i \iDercel 
un plac fuit Ic . p sic qd pdcs WaiSs remisit 
It cocessit pdco Rad tota pdcam ura c ptin 
i tota vita ipi^ Rad. Et p^ decessu ipius Rad 
tota pdca tra . c ptin redibit ipi WdSo 1 
hedib} suis i ppetuu. Et p hac c5cessi5e 
jpdcs Rad quiet clam eid Wa^o tota rra de 
WDonestanescol teneda s' 1 hedib} suis de 
p^dco Rad i tota vita ipius Rad p svidii 
XX. sol p anil p omi svico redd ad ii. rminos 
ad festU Set Mich x. sol. \ ad Jestu See Mar 
I Mari x. sol. 

[Ista Concordia t*cta fuit a q*da nota f ca tempe 
qfi diis Rex fuit Diur Norm Sdii Rex.] 

Devon. f Loqia in? Hnr de Traei 1 Witt le Bqf de pt 

tr remanet sn die p pceptu diii Reg. Quia 
Witt 1 1 . §vico Reg. 

Line. f Dies dat^ f Hug de Merle po . loco Epi Line \ 

Ebo^. PhiUpp de Sco Joh 1 Hug de \\Elam de pt 

catallo^ i ocl Set Johis .% inrim hnt lie con- 


Line. JT Wilts de Wilegebi pe? [vs^] JuUana Jit Had 

dim bov rr c ptiri i WSlodebi ut jus suii 't 
hed 1 un id Witt saisit^ fuit tempe Reg Ric 
capiend esplel ad vaT . v. sol 1 plus St h offt 
dironare vs^ earn sic cur cosidavit Ipa veil 
\ defendit jus suu \ pon se i magna assisam • 
% pel rec fi quis eo^ maj^ jus tat i jpdca tra. 
Dies dat^ t eis t oct Set Johis \ tc veniat 
iiii. milites ad elignd xii. 

Line. JT I^ Witt de Wilegebi pel vs^ \\Iuetta sorore 

Juliane dim bov tr c ptin i WSlodebi ut jus 
suu S\ ipa defendit jus suu It posuit se sup 
mangna assisa. cr Id dies dat^ t eis \ tc 
veniat • iiii. milites ad elignd xii. 

Line. if Hereb f Witt pel 9s^ Ric de WDehdg qua? xx. 

acras tr c ptiil i \^Sudton ut jus suu 1 ipe 
vocavat in p*^ ad waranl Ysob ux sua ^ ipi 
pelt vis tre illius. f liant visum. Dies dat^ 
^^- eis I ocl Sci Joh St inrim fiat vis^. Ysabet pon 
loco suo \irberl virum suu^Uic vir suu. 
ITbert^ poii loco suo Witt, de Wilegebi. 

Susex\ f Emm q fuit ux Witti Grant pel v's^ Wittm de 

WLincinges rcia pte duar hid \!r \ dim c ptifi 
i WLancinges ut dote sua q ea conting ex dono 
Witt quonda viri sui \ Witt ven 1 die qd 
n*l clam juris i rra ilia n* custod p Witt Jit 
Rob le Grant q* fil fuit Witt Mdgni q* infra 
etate t • 

NorfS JT Dies dat^ t Witt Jit Baldr 1 Godefr de Bella 

Monte ad rec cirog*p6 suu de xxiiii. acr tr c 
ptiii i Tamhd i adv Justic ^ sciend qd xii. acr 
remanet . i. eof t xii, alri eo^ sill Godefr i 


GlauZ. f[ Rob Bhet op . se . iiii. die v^s^ Nesta de WaJUa 

de pt rr 1 ipa capta fuit i man Reg \ ipe 
petiit ea ad horat ipa noluit pseq^ loqlam sua. 
io IJrecedit sn die. 

Ebcff. If Hug de Steinton pe? vs^ Priore de Sco Oswald 

advoc CapUe de Steinton ut jus suu T:P'ar vefi 
^ die qd capita ilia f ptines ad ecctid sua de 
Tikehutt q*m hnt ex dono H. Reg Avi cP 
carta pfunt .1 carta . H. Reg scdi \ carta Reg 
Ric q oes coPmat eas donaconem eis f cam T. 
pfunt conf 'macone Rogli Arch Ebo^ q testat' 
ipam esse capSam ecctie sue de Tikehitt. pfunt 
X carta ipi^ Hug q testat' ipam siti m** e€ 
capSam pdce ecctie c* n c5tMic 85 tm m® 
diS qd For fefellit eu sc*bndo carta ilia. 
Et quia Hug n ptMix carl sue q*m fee qd 
[erat] captt de Tikehutt:! ido Por sS die eat 
It Por fiat bve ad ArcJm qd suscip psonF 
ad psntaconem sua. 

SuffJ JT Nichot Jit Coding pel vs^ Pore Sci Pet^ de 

Gipewic q Osb Jit Acelin vocav ad warant 
. ii. acr tr It dim 5 ptin i Reindon ut jus suu 
uii Osb avuncis suus saisit^ fuit tepe . H Reg 
Pris ut de jurel fied capiend espt ad \al .v. sot 
I pt It h offt dironare vs^ eu p Rogim t 
hoiem suu q* h ofYt IS p corp^ sufi ut de visa 
suo. Prior ven 1 die qd n videt' ei qd 
responde debat desic frem ht p^mogenil • t 

Nichot die qd fr remisit Port jus 

suu St ipe ii pel n* porcone sua p^am. 

Line. JT Pogls fit Gamel appBat Andr de HorbUng qd 

nequir 1 i pace Reg veil ad domu q*nda q fuit 
cuj^da sa8dotis i Scredinton q*m WAi^es dna 


sua saisier i. . • • • • .It hostia fregit cu vi 
sua armata It plagav eu i capite q^ plaga • 

osbidit ei V. sot I h offt pbare 

vs^ eu sic cur cosidavit An^ ven 1 defnd 

to? vb It die qd Rich de BeUgburg 

qst^ fiiit WVtc dno suo ^diA^gnes de Amundevitt 

sua i dom. [jsualt qd hoies ej^ 

c vi sua deforciavn? ei dom sua ^ catalla sua 

vastavut p p^cepl ut svies 

suus ad deponendu i£i ilia ^ qd nSm i& ibi 
ivefi 1 pel q ei allocet' qd ipa Angnes .... 

alia vice fee eund Andr appBari de 

pace dni Reg ^ frem suQ p frem t 
q' eu appSat. 

Aiej:* de Mar aj^ltat Godefr frem p^dci Andr 

qd i pace Reg "l i felon i vulnlav 

i capi? ^ h offt t 

jf Bad de Scredinton apptt Rkha f P^ shift siti m° 

qd i domo pdca vululavit i capite 1 

h offt pbare vs^ eu Jt Thorn ^t Reinli . appBat 
siti m® . . M . . de vulSe. 

f[ Ham de Leideston appS Alcalde Biker de robia 
XX. sot 1 pdca domo .It 

Line. ^ Magr DorrP de Lekkeburn siimofi ad os&idnd 

qr fxit Muriels de Farlesl ecctie 

i cur xpiani? 9* phibiconem Justic ven \ 

defndit qd nuq* posuit placil T cur . 

• xpianil sic ipa die It ipe inrrogat^ die qd 
misit ....... de decima cuj^da motndin 

T: de quada pte [ecctie pdce] 

q* ipa occupav. 

Oxen. jf Gaufr de Sco Michaet poii lo . suo . Hnr de 

Sandon vs^ Mich de sua de pt 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. T 



nov diss sutnon cora Justic itiD!antib3 ad lu • 

Ebof, JT Dies dat^ t Witto de Stuteoitt Witt de 

Huntingep poito loco Isold 

I arv, dies j^festU * JoMs p dSm G. Jit Fef. 

Horf: JT Dies dat^ f Epo EUens \ Com War ad recipiend 

cirog^t suu de 4 . . dies j^festu 

See Tml. 

Wilt. f Petr^ SumetariP 1 Hnr Fab q^ appttaPut Gileb 

de Bemevat de veSut *\ ret*x?ut 

mia. se ^ posuert se i mia. 

m. 16. 
Line. if f^^^ ^ Bures po . loco MaUt de WMuubray pel 

vs^ Sarra de ^SumdeU . ii. car tr cu ptiK i 
Melton ut illas quas Nigett de \\Muubratf ded 
iB . i dote . T:c. Sarra veS *\ vocat iii ad war 
Wilt de \\Muubray . liat eu t ocl Set JoUs .\ 
Sarra pon in loco suo Osb fit suu ad lu . vl 
pd . T: vs^ Mabit de Mobray sttr. 

WiltcSi. jf Milo de Mark pel vs^ Astern de Maimesdi . 

L car . CT c ptiii i Kemele ut jus suu un Milo 
avus suus saisit^ fuit ut de jure suo. [1 feudo] 
tempe H. Reg Avi T: anno "l die quo obiit • 
cap in expl ad vat . v. sot 1 plus ^ ei lit 
descende de Milesent filia ipius Milon q fuit 
mr isti^ Milon \ hoc offt dironare p Hug de 
WRvmburc qui h offt \c. ut de. visu 'X jussu 
pris sui. Abbas ven \ defndit jus suu p Joh 
P Bxid hoiem suu q* K offt defnde p corp^ 
suu. c Considal t qd duellu inr eos fiat, 
Vad . pt JoU . Abbas dns suus . pi Hug Milo 
diis ej^. Dies dat^ -t eis i ocl Sci Joh . \ 
Abbas pon loco suo JoKem MonaZ suu. 









JT Jordan^ de Auhemart po • lo . Qaric [ux] sue 
pe? vs^ Emm q fuit ux Hnr dim hid tr . 5 
ptin 1 WSidmton. Q' Emm vocav in ad war 
Wilt fit suu q* infra etate 1 1 ipa ven It pdux 
fit suu \ testal t q iiifra etate t • cr io cosida^ 
f qd Jbr^ exp^et etate ||p8i. 

(f 2Jfl^ fife Fumett. JohJitGaufr . Witt de Norton. 
Alan de Sumeri sumo£l ad elignd xii. niilil 
ad faciend mangna ass de xi. acr rr S ptin i 
II Walcr . quas Gaufr de Bocland psona ecctie 
de ^ Walcr clam vs^ Amalric de Boxe \ uB 
id AhnaruP (^ tenes t posuit se i magna ass 
ad recognosc utru ipe maj^ jus fiat tenend 
r ra ilia de ipaecetia:^ an ecctia^Gaii/r^ i 
dominico venlut ^ eleg? ut istos . Ric de Clafiatt 
Regin de ArgSto Ric de Soueldon Regin de 
II Wadlinget Mathm de Lindle • Witt de Sisse- 
vin . Rogm de Gisnel Joh de \\Stidenach . Brien 
de Tiwing . Hamet deAudemtt.Joh deAicdeuitt 
Rad de Watton . Ric de JMTston . Petr de Wett 
Gileb Monde . WUt de WadUnton. or Dies 
dat^ t eis l ocl Sci Joh . Gaufr feat ftve ad 
sumon xii. 

ff Rob p>poit^ debet delibare iBrien], Brien fX 
Berold. ii. acr t¥ % dim i ^Bramtestoh. Quas 
Ric de Vabaudtm ht i vad ut dic^ 

JT Sarra de StnSdebi pofl loco suo . Osd f suu 
v's^ Wi^m de ^Muubray \ Mabit de ^Mim- 
bray de pt tr ad lu . vl pd. 

jf WOUna de Sco Joh pofi loco suo W^m de ^Sau- 
ford^ Tuffiyrd Vs^ Willm de Portu de pt do! 
i Wauburgel 1 de pt rr i ead villa. 

f Ass* de in aSc inr Sim de Boresxvorth pol 1 

t 2 







Gikb de Heddon [de xl. acr tr T: . !• mesag 
c pi i WFurmes'] po' i respcm usq^ i adv 
Justic p defcu rec. Quia Gileb de Hewe 
ess se p Gileb % Witt de la \\War p Albmu. 
% Rogm Franc . p Wittm . T: Hug Hairu p 
Wilt . Joh de Heddeha p Joh \ Thorn de 
Montib} p Wall J\ Rob de Motnd p Eustac . 
aff ad eund rminu. Id dies dal? t Witt de 
Eur \ Elie de Holeg % Win de Munteherst \ 
Gileb de CoUe q* vemut 

jT Dies dat^ t Wat^o Esturmi pel % Goscelin de 
WStandeford [ad Helidend electone xii.] de pt 
svic un id Goscelin^ posuit se i magna ass % 
ocl 0*ium Sco^ pee pciu . \ Wall Rat Bve ad 
sumofi iiii. milit ad elignd xii. sic alia vice 
peep? fuit .\ Vic tc sit ibi oslnsur^ qr n huit 
p*mu bve Ic. 

jf Loqla in? Augustinti \ Bic de \\Dulehd remanet 
% Aug^tin obiit. 

jf Dies dat^ t Rod de Glamorga pel • q^ op . se . iiii, 
die vs^ Rob de Mandevitt de pt ass • m aiic . 
de V. hid rr c ptin i Hardinton \ i la 
||ilfe[r3we i adv Justic. Id dies dat^ t rec 
q* veniut T: eis q* se ess T: Rtc Faggot . Rob 
de \\Baton Rog Fossard . Rad de Hasebg . 
David de Asebge Ric de WAgStS . Rob de 
Cantelo rec . i!i n ven vt se ess . \ io attach . 
\ Vic tc sit ibi osfosur^ qr ii misit bve 
ohginale de ass apd Westm !\ Rad po . loco 
Buo i!i FhiUpp fit suu Ic. 1: Rob de Monde- 
vitt n ven . vt se ess . io cosidatu t q resiunon 
qd sit ad eund rminu. 

jf Eborard po . loco OUv^i ^fe» Mol op • se • iiii. 


die V8^ Ric de Stratton de pi decime feni \ 
ipe fi ven vl se ess \ fiiit petes, csr io recedit 
s£l die. 


SudM. jf HnrWiard^o.\o.RobdeHottoto^1ie.\m.^Q 

v's^ ^Eboraud de Bolon de pi cdsuetud \ §vic 
T: ipe n ven vl se ess . T: sumon test fuit • io 
attacb qd sit t oc/ Set Johis He. 

JEwCT^ f Gikb de Stanford petes T: Ric de || ^a«(f tenes 

concordati sunt cora Gaiifrjit Pe^ sic ipe 
mandav Justic i banco de . ii. virg tr c ptin i 
Haueringes p sic qd ipe RiZ recognov \ 
reddidit ipi Gileb pdcas . ii. virg tr c ptin ut 
jus suu 1: ipe Gileb concessit eid jRic tota rcia 
pte illar . ii. virg tT c ptin pt capital mesag 
qd remanet ipi Gileb tenend sibi \ liedib3 
suis de ipo G. T: liedib3 jTsuis] p rcia pte 
§vic qd ad illas . ii. virg zr ptinet . 1 i es-^ 
cambiu rcie ptis mesag p^dci qd ||to{ ||ipi>| 
Gileb [" remanet**] ipe Gileb eidRic concessit-^ 
. ii. acr . tr T: dim de p^dSa tr. 

Glouc. ff Rob de Marisco pet vs^ WiUm de la Mora q*m 

Emelina de Hugeford vocavat ad waranl. 
ii. hid tv c ptin 1 ^Wenriz sic jus suu T: 
tiedit 1 sic ilia q^m pr suus Rob tenuit \ 
in fuit seisit^ i dnico suo ut de feudo H jure 
tempe • H. Pris d&i Reg capiend i& expT 
ad val X. sol. T: pi T: hoc ofTt pbare vs^ eu 
p q^nda libum ho . suii . Add Jit Alan . q^ hoc 
offt pbare vs^ eu p corp^ suu .1 si de eo . 
male c6tig?it . p q^nda aliu . \ Witt ven t 
defend jus suu T: die qd n debet eid [Rob'] 
responde in . % Wilt Mansel posuit OUmum 
prem suu i placil aliqn i Ckmul GlouJc ^ 
duellu erat in vadial ir eos . pnte pre ipius 

T 3 


Rod q' n apposuit claoiiu suu in Si de Catml 
sumo Aiit 1 magna cur 1: ibi finis fcs fiiit ill 
inr eos ita qd n^ ibi pr ipi^ Rod clam apposuit. 
Et Rob ven 1 defiid qd niiq* pr suus intfuit 
ubi pt fuit inr eos i Comil n^ i magna cur . qft 
finis ille fcs fuit q^ ipe tc fiut languid^ t de 
rra ilia seisit^.1: ipe Rob fiut tc infra etate. 
1 Wilt die qd . pr . ej^d . [JBo8] n fuit seisil? 
de rra ilia q^ Olivi pr suus tc suscep defiision 
in siS ille q^ tc erat in seisit^ % de hoc pon se 
sup Ckmiil. 

Kent. ir Gatffr de Hosbringes appS Jacob de Hag q i 

pace Pr 'It 1 robia eu isultav t ei plaga fee 
1 capite S quoda culteS q ViS os!nd ut die c 
sang^ne J\ alia plaga i tunica sua S} came 
sua ii attigit % ei robbav . v. m. arg t & 
oift pbare tc. 1: die qd li ei fee p anlquii 
odiu sup pace Reg ei data St Jacob ven It 
defndit tol 1: die q eu appSat p attia t de & 
poS se sup jur pfie desic nttm vuln^ vl loc 
vulnlis os^ndit St desic die qd antiquii odiu 
fuit inr eos 1 in pon se sr Com. cr Vt Gan^ 
de pseqnd r^ Gaufr de Akeme. 

NorfJ !( -E&Vw ||/*i Ric pel v^s^ Wittm CapttanU de 

WB^mingha x. acr t? c ptiil i Badh ut jus 
suii \ Witt pel iii vis . Rat vis. Dies dat? 
t eis t ocl . Sci Joh St inrim fiat vis^. 

Oxoti. JT ^ob Marmiun petiit rra sua • i A Chekesk ^ 

[Chakeden] p plev . i vigit Ascensionis Dm q 
capta fuit i manu Reg . p ej^ defalta vs^ 
Monacos de Tham. 

Berkem. f Considatu f qd ConestabI de Windesores de 

quo hoies j^ Bray qsti f uut qd ipe f cepit 


ab 4 vexabat eos de 9viciis % cdsuetudinib} 
indebitis 1 talliag isueta ab eis exigebat:^ 
accipiet ab eis talliag cdsueta t [ipi holes] 
alia svicia t cosuetudines q^ face sotnt 
mia. faciat t s£ i xma p fo clam. 

Bede/: f[ Dies dat^ t Hug de BeUo Campo \ Witto de 

WLamialay de capiend cirog^K suo a die Set 
Johis t ro. dies de Baron de HetofL 

Glatic. f[ Dies dat^ t Wiltd de Sco Laud poito loco Co- 

mitiss de ^ITtford \ TFaffo de Kingestoh . lo . 
Atbtis de WStockebi de aud record \ jud suo 

de . i. mesag i Langef* \ vii. acr zi . t crastmo 
Set Joh p^ce pciu. 

Susex'. jf Rogs de Bretteworth poit^ loco HAr Biset \ 

Ysold ux sue op • se • iiii. die Vs^ Rad de 

Mandevitt de pt ronabit dot p^dce Ysold q 

loqnd. ^^ conting de libo tefi • qd fuit • Hug de 

Munpincun q^nda viri sui • i Jl^Hmgindon \ ipe 
n veil vl se ess. 

Dera. JT ^^^ ^ Baious pel vs^ Hug de Stratford dim 

virg Xx 5 ptifi i Bradewett ||ut jus sudi 1 
Hug ven 1 defod jus suu Ht vocat iii ad war 
F^ore Hospital Jertm . fiat q*m vocav t c^stino 
Sci Joh. 

Nor/' if ^^^^ ^ Becco op . se . iiii. die v's^ Sim f* Ric 

\ Ad Jit Hug Rob de Kantelo Rod Marescatt. 
Thorn de Halsted Witt de la Land . Sim 
Ostiariu de pt catsJt 1: ipi il veSut vt se esi 
It f 8ut poiti p pleg \ p meliores St ido Vic 
hat eos I od Set Johis .\ Vic tc respondat 
de p^mis pi A ||sd pt. 

T 4 


Berkesif. jf Ric d \^Estovilt op se . iiii. die rs^ Rob de 

CuwHwell de pt . i. A mesag «^ came • c ptin 
i Inglef. . St ipe ii ven vl se ess .1 ^sumon • 
^c.^ tiuert die p ess • suu a die Pasch i. v. 
sepL a T'ra ill cap i man Reg Ic. 1 ipe 
siimofi l:c. qd sit t ocl Set Joh resposur 1c. 

. HI. 16«dor9. 

Middelsex*. f[ Ro^s Jit ^Paschaf pet v^s^ Johem Jil Edward 

iii. mesag . c ptin i Westm \ vi. acr tx sic 
jus suii % YfP Roglm King ibid . i mesag 
sic jus suu t ipi veniut % pett in vis «bant 
visu. or Dies dat^ t eis t ocl Sci Joh 1 intim 
fiat vis^. 

Oxoti. if R^ fi^ Gaufr op . se • iiii, die vs^ Wd^m de 

Argto \ Hnr de Newento de pi p Hq'm 
waran^ ifli tenet feud dim mili? i ArgenlSt 
1 Newinton I ipi fl veniut vl se ess t siimoS 
test fuit or Jud • attach qd sit t ocl See 
Thiil in respos Ic. 

War. f ^^^ ^^ (^W^^^ op . se . iiii. die vs^ Joh de 

CUffbrd de pi iii. virg t^. i Oijbrd t ipe a 
ven vl se ess.1 sumofi T:c t't sumoii Ttc-j 
cr Judm He. tra ilia cap' i man 1c. 1 dies cap 
1c. 1 ipe siimon qd sit t ocl Sci Joh 1c. 

Essex". if Dies dat^ t Jord Jit WReng 1 Ric Jit Ram de 

pi cuj^da marisci t ocl Sci Joh p^ce pciii .1 
intim .1c. 

Q^^fl^ f Milo de Morle pet v's^ Gileb Jit Hnr qddam 

molnd c ptin i ^^WOthercol** sic jus suii . Gikb 
ven 1 pet iii visii or Hat visu. c- Dies dat^ 
t eis t ocl Sci Johis 1 intim fiat vis^. 


Oxon. f fVitt Clic^ de Bureford q* tulat five [de i*to] 

v's^ Wittm de Upton T: Paulina ux sua de . iL 
mesag 1: dim i Bureford u!i ipe petiit rona- 
bile pte sua q eu conting ven t relaxav 
loqla illam • \ dix qd ipe tut pceptii Reg 
Wilto de Faleis [Sen Glouc'] de fadenda in 

Kent. f Dies [dat^ t ] Theodbald de Twitha \ Etc de 

Garmntoh de pt vad f ocl Set Joh. Quia Bic 
n tidat bve de ass q i& ei fuit judicata .1 Eic 
liat aliud Bve si voluit. 

Essex'. JT '^^'if ^ Hadfeld op . se . iiiL die v^s^ WdSm de 

^Pedfeld 1 WitPm S*gent de \\LeidU de pi applll 
\ ipi fl veflut vl se ess St ^ sumon Ic. ^ f 8ut 
jussi poni p vad t plT: n fuut poitL or 13 
Witt liat bve ad attach eos. 

Sudsea?. jf Vic sig p bve suu . qd • ipe cep i man Reg 

quinta die ^ festu Sci Grego^ rcia pte vii. 
virg tr c ptin i Wodemanecol. Q^ Emm de 
Becha dam vs^ Wittm de Braus • p defcu 
ejusd WitU. 




ABBE, Ricardus, 237. 
AbbendoD, Abbas de, 240. 
Abbigeswortb, Gilebertus de, 213. 
Abbingewrdi, Abingewrtfe, Abbin- 

gewurth, Gillebertus de, 

49, 79, 189. 
Abbinton, terra in, 228. 
Abbinton, Abbindon, molend in, 

Abbinton, Ascelinus de, 228. 
Abendon, Abbas d^, 63, 70. 
Abendon, masui^ in, 68, 74, 232. 
Abemell, 129. 

Abidon, molendinum in, 267. 
Abinton, terra in, 124. 
Abinton, Acelinus de, 124. 
Abraham Judeus, 62. 
Abrincis, Ricardus de, 40. 
AbrunS, Simon de, 230. 
Absolon filius Presbiteri, 217. 
Acelini, Godefridus filius, 22. 
Acelini, Osbertus filius, 135, 272« 
Acelini, Robertus filius, 83. 
Achamsted, terra in, 48. 
Achard, Robertus, 60. 
Achardi, Juliana filia, 173, 174. 
Achardi, Willielmus filius, 237. 
Aclinton, Walterus de, 170. 
Acreman, Walterus, 60. 
Acrinton, feod dim milil in, 170. 
Adam, 20, 30, 66^ 240. 
Adam Decanus de Bumham, 229. 
Adam — et Gundreda uxor ejus, 

Adam filius Alani, 277. 

Adam filius Drogonis, 7, 9. 
Adam filius Henrici, 20. 
Adam filius Hervisii, 22. 
Adam filius Hugonis, 279. 
Adam filius Nigelli, 223. 
Adam filius Preposid, 141. 
Adam filius Walteri, et Elena qua? 

fiiit uxor ejus, 109. 
Adfle, Robertus filius, 163. 
Adae, Walterus filius, 4, 233. 
Adae, Willielmus filius, 37, 42, 97, 

Adffi de Basenho» Robertus filius, 

Adelina, 214. 

Aeleisiae, Gilbertus filius, 149. 
Aenora uxor Henrici Falconarii, 

Aermegarda quae fiiit uxor Adas de 

Mandeuift, 87. 
Affinus, Willielmus, 195. 
Afford, terra de, 93. 
Agatha uxor Tliomae de Brechin- 

ton, 22a 
AgeliuS, Ricardus, et Robertus 

filius ejus, 178. 
Agenten, Ricardus de, 276. 
Agnes filia Walkelini, 94. 
Agnes filia Henrici le Angevin, 

Agnes filia Roberti filii Ecardi, 

Agnes filia WiUielmi Grim, et 

Willielmus fil ejus, 93. 
Agnes soror Godefridi le Augeuin, 

Agnes uxor Nicolai de Halioc, 




Agnes uxor Nioolai de Norton, 

Agnes uxor Walter! de Fauken- 

berge, 60. 
Agnes uxor Willielmi de Regat, 

Agnes uxor Willielmi de Wiatones- 

ton, 44. 
(v. Anffnes, Augnes^ Sfc.) 
Aguillun, Manaserus, 50. 
Aguillun, Ricardus, 50. 
Aguliun, WiUielmus, 266. 
AUesberi, gaola de, 158. 
Ailfleda uxor Johannis fii Godri^ 

Ailmeri, Robertus filius, 22. 
Ailmeri, Williehnus filius, 22. 
Ailmerus avus Gileberti de Stang- 

no, 227. 
Ailmestorp, terra in, 32, 76. 
Ailnodi, Johannes filius, 87. 
Ailrici, Henrieus filius, 228. 
Ailrici, Reginaldus filius, 81. 
Ailrici, Thomas filius, 93. 
Ailwardi, Jocelinus filius, et Estril- 

da soror ejus, 42, 147. 
Ailwardus, 18, 43. 
AUwi, 20. 

Ailwini, Oregorius filius, 227. 
Ailwini, Matillida filia, 68. 
Ailwini, Robertus filius, 247. 
Air^ Radulphus de, 189. 
Aiuiff, Robertus de, 82. 
Akemere, Gaufi*idus, 278. 
Aketon, Simon, 169. 
Aky, Thurketil filius, 22. 
Alani, Adam filius, 277. 
Alani, Alanus filius, 183, 234. 
Alani, Herebertus filius, 203. 
Alani, Robertus filius, 109. 
Alani, Simon filius, 242. 
Alani, Thomas filius, 245. 
Alani, Willielmus filius, 11, 12, 

38, 56, 184, 251, 268. 
Alani, Goditha uxor, 75. 
Alani filii Fredonis, Luciana filia, 

Alanus, 52, 80, 94, 116, 139, 

205, 208, 237. 
Alanus Clerieus, 244. 

Alanus avus Walteri filii Walteri, 

Alanus homo Mathei, 230. 
Alanus Vig Surf, 156. 
Alanus filius Alani, 183, 234. 
Alanus filius Bemardi, 94. 
Alanus filius Oggeri, 3, 16, 102. 
Alanus filius Rdkndi, 25, 67, 112, 

Alanus firater Williehni filii Ehneri, 

Alba Mara, Reginaldus de, 184 
Alba Mara, Robertus de, 42. 
Albamart, Abbas de, 7. 
Alba Mart, Robertus de, 16. 
Albano» Abbas de Sancto, 40. 
Albano, Abbas et Monachi de 

Sancto, 41. 
Albeini, Amicia de, 90. 
Albem£^, Comes, 163. 
Albemi, Robertus filius, 74. 
Albini, Ricardus pater, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 65. 
Albini de Bracstede, Thomas filius, 

Albinus, 20, 116, 276. 
Albreda, 125. 
Albreda quas fiiit uxor Turstani, 

Albreda uxor Walerani, Warami, 

de Rocheford, 79, 222. 
Albreda uxor Widonis de Sancto 

Walerico, 212. 
Albricii, Sexgiva mater, 74. 
Albricus, Comes, 2, 105, 138. 
Albricus filius Godwini, 74. 
Aldefeld, liberum tenementum in, 

Alditha uxor David Fori, lOa 
Aleis uxor Custancii de HeidenS, 

Alexander, 66, 74. 
Alexander filius Edithse, 95. 
Alexander filius Emmae, 234. 
Alexander filius Gileberti, 180. 
Alexander filius Madldse, 180. 
Alexander filius Rogeri, 182. 
Alexander filius Willielmi, 228^ 
Alexander avunculus Sewalli de 

OsevDle, 254. 



Alexander frater Anselmi de Clei* 

don, 150. 
Alexandri, Bartholomeus filius, 

Alexandri, Ni^ellus filins, 46. 
Alflada uxor «K>hannis filii Godrici, 

Algari, Thomas filius, 231. 
Alicia, 74, 78, 116, 199, 2ia 
Alicia filia EklmnncU, 215. 
Alicia filia Gileberti, 202. 
Alicia filia RobertJ, 38. 
Alicia uxor Ricardi, 65. 
Alicia uxor Roberd, 149. 
Alicia uxor Rogeri, 61, 246. 
Alicia uxor Wfflielmi, 70, 78. 
Alicia uxor Ypoliti, 102. 
Alicia uxorGodefi*idi Jurdani, 100. 
Alicia mater Martini filii Johannis, 

Alicia mater Philippi de Verli, 

Alicia mater Rogeri filii Nicolai, 

et Nicolaus vir ejus, 29, 

Alicia soror Eugen Picot, 71. 
Alicia soror Willielmi de Couele, 

Alicia quae fuit uxor Adas de 

Scaldeford, 56. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Custancii de 

Heidenn, 5. 
Alicia quas fuit uxor Radulphi filii 

Hugonis, 6. 
Alicia uxor Ricardi Scot, 170. 
Alicia uxor Roberti le Waf?, 175. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Roberti fit 

Swein, 198. 
Alicia quos f\iit uxor Rogeri filii 

Reimfridi, 76. 
Alicia uxor Warini, 222. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

Blundel^ 106. 
Alicia quas fuit uxor Willielmi 

Pouere^ 200. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Russel, 220. 
Alicia uxor Ypoliti filii Andreas, 

Aliciae, Benedictus avunculus, 115. 
Alicias, Walterus filius, 36. 

Alina uxor E3yas filii Bemardi, 

Alina uxor Willielmi de Vesci, 

Alinton, terra in, 4. 
Alinton, Matheus de^ 80. 
Alinton, Philippus de, et Christiana 

mater ejus, 4. 
Allingebu?, Plulippus de^ 59. 
AUinges, Alexander de, 138. 
Almerestorp, terra in, 117. 
AlnestOTir, Abbatissa de, 216. 
Alsi, Radulphus filius, 174. 
Alsinges, Alexander de, 212. 
Alsinges, Philippus de, 212. 
Alstani, Belisent filius, 234. 
Alto Bosco, Petrus de, 267. 
Aluina filia Henrici de Stratton, 

Aluina quae fuit uxor Augustini, et 

Hugo filius ejus, 204. 
Aluina uxor Ricardi de • Hulla, 

Hulle, 51, 135. 
Aluredi, Rogerus filius, et Aluina 

uxor ejus, 38. 
Aluredi, Willielmus filius, 22, 86. 
Aluredus, 34. 

Alvina quae fiiit uxor Henrici, 255. 
Amabilia filia Walteri de Keineto, 

Amabilia uxor Bardt, 211. 
Amabilia uxor Willielmi de Neviii^ 

144» 249. 
Amalricus filius T^^llielmi, 59. 
Amberleg, Ricardus de, 177. 
Amblie, Gaufridus de, 96, 197. 
Ambresi, Ricardus de, 46. 
Ambrosii, Robertus filius, 27. 
Ambrosius, 96. 
Amenel, terra in, 223. 
Amfridus, 262. 
Amicia quae fuit uxor Comitis de 

Caare, 180. 
Amicia quae fiiit uxor Johannis de 

Trindeie, 124. 
Amisius, 148. 

Amowich, Willielmus de, 87. 
Amundevifi, Agnes de, 273. 
Amundevifi, Alicia de, 166. 
AmundeuiU; Gocleinus de, 166. 




Amiindevffl^ AmundeuS}, Radul- 

phus de, 7, 55, 116, 136, 

205, 266. 
Amuria uxor Everardi, Eborardi, 

deAppellbi, 2dL 
Ancrewidi, moniales de, 13. 
And^avensis, Angnes, 160, 205. 
And^avensis, Baldewinus, 226. 
And^avensis, Godefridus, 15. 
Andegavensis, Petrus, 226. 
Audegavensis, Reginaldus, 19, 54$ 

And^avensis, Willielmus, et Is- 

mena que fuit uxor ejus, 

Andeli, castellum de Rupe de, 149. 
AndeviS, Andeuiff, Hamelinus de, 

18, iia 

Andrsese, Thomas filius, 166. 
Andreffi, Ypolitus filius, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 16. 
Andrseas de Norli, Prior Sancd, 

Anesi, Thomas de, 237. 
Anestai, Baldewinus de, 241. 
Anesti, Godefridus de, 247. 
Angers, Abbas de, 3, 27. 
Angevin, Baldricius le, 80, 86. 
Angevin, Godefridus le, et Agnes 

soror ejus, 107. 
Angevin, Petrus le, 86. 
Angevin, Agnes filia Henrici le, 

Anglia, adventus Regis in, 3, 45, 

158, 159, 167, 177. 
Anglia, placita coram Rege ubi fue- 

rit in, 158, 159, 167, 172, 

173, 177, 182. 
Anglia, servitium Regis in, 217. 
Angliffi, Dominus — et Dux Nor- 

mann, 244. 
Angliae, conquestus, 10, 129, 259. 
Anglicus, Gaufridus, 201. 
Anglicus, Radulphus, 191. 
Anglicus, Thomas, 87. 
Angnes, 202. 
Angnes quae fuit uxor Adae Ger- 

vet, et Thomas filius ejus, 

An^, Albinus de, 79. 

Anketill, 259. 

Ansellani, Ansellini, Ricardos filius, 

59, 132. 
Ansellus firater Walerami filii Wil- 

lielmi, 88. 
Anselmi de Cleidon, Alexander 

frater, 150. 
Anselmus, 192. 
Antesie, Milo de, 75. 
Antiochia, Ricardus de, 169. 
Anuers, Johannes de, 160. 
Anuers, Robertus de, 132. 
Apellbi, Everardus, Eboraidus, de^ 

et Amuria uxor ejus, 231. 
ApeltoS, boscus de, 162. 
Apeltra, Priorissa de^ 162. 
Appelbi, terra in, 40, 231. 
Aprest, Alwinus, 94. 
Archembold; Henricus, 66. 
Archer, Robertus le, 158. 
Archer, Radulphus et Ri6 le^ 99. 
Arches, Alanus de, 241. 
Arches, Wilekinus de, 35. 
Archidiaconus, Radulphus, 244 
Archis, Henricus de, 164. 
ArdenS, Thomas de, 87. 
Ardenn, Willielmus de, et Ysolda 

uxor ejus, 185. 
Ardinton, Petrus de, 241. 
Areci, Thomas de, 94. 
Arewecurt, Robertus de, 211. 
Argent, feod dim milil in, 280. 
Argenton, Argenl, Reginaldus de, 

50, 65, 66j 84, 122, 268, 

Argeiiton, Thomas de, 91, 92. 
Argenton, Walterus de, 280. 
Argenton, Wielmus de, 212. 
Arkelav, £eod milil in, 188. 
Armegarda quae friit uxor Adas de 

Mandeuitt, 137. 
Armenters, Henricus de, 237. 
Arnaldi, Petrus filius, 92. 
Arnoldi, Ricardus filius, 224. 
Arrabi, Radulphus, 194. 
Arsic, Willielmus, 250. 
Arundett, Comes, 24^ 203. 
Arundel}, Hugo de, 112. 
Arundel, Juliana de, et Willielmus 

fit ejus, 16. 



Arundel, Magister Reginaldus de, 

81, 146. 
Arundel, Willielmus Prior de, 

Ascelini, Kadulphus filius, 216. 
Aseberge, David de, 276. 
Asha}, molendinum in, 118. 
Askebi, ecclesia de, 162. 
Asketitt, Wluina filia, 19. 
Asketot, Hamo de, 84, 85, 132. 
Asketot, Hugo de, 169. 
Asnes, Gaufridus de, 247. 
Aspuinz, Nicolaus, 48. 
Atevifi, Rogerus de, 226. 
AtteweH, Rogerus, 208. 
Aubemart, Jordanus, Jurdanus, de, 

et Qaricia uxor ejus, 116, 

Aubemar!, Robertus de, 114, 
Audebi, Ricardus de, 174. 
Audeli, Moricius de, 97. 
Audeli, Walterus de, 112. 
Audevil^ Hamelinus de, 275. 
Audevitt, Johannes de, 222, 223, 

Audewicfc, terra, &c. in, 90. 
Audoneo, Robertus de Sancto, 188. 
Auelina uxor Eliae fit Bemardi, 

Auenay, Willielmus de, 7. 
Auenett, Johannes, 1 92, 
AueneH^ Thomas, 136. 
Aueni», 132. 
Aug filius Rann, 48. 
Aug pater Rogeri, et Henricus 

filius ejusdem Aug, 49. 
Ajigeri, Hugo filius, 114. 
Augeri, Rogerus filius, 48. 
Augerus, 167, 168. 
Augnes, 272. 
Augnes filia Eve, 209. 
Augnes filia Gaufridi, 203. 
Augnes mater Wifi Grim, 263. 
Augnes quae fiiit uxor Walter!, 

Augnes uxor Walter! Falkenberg, 

Augo, Comes de, Henricus G)mes 

de, 162. 

Box. Cur. Reg. — Vol. II. U 

Augo, Aluricus de, et Matillda 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 246. 
Augo, Thomas de, 189. 
Augustini, Aluina quae fuit uxor, 

et Hugo filius ejus, 204. 
Augustino» SenescaUus Abbatis de 

Sancto, 128. , 

Augustinus Capellanus, 152, 153. 
Auicia filia Johannis, 81, 129. 
Auicia filia Johannis de Musele, 

Auicia uxor Robert! de Cleies, 

Auiciae, Jurdanus filius, 152, 153* 
Auketilli, Wluina filia, 43. 
Aula, Warinus de, 186. 
Aulescumb, ecclesia de, 1 79. 
Aulton, terra in, 52. 
Aundenebi, Robertus de, 193. 
Auners, Johannes de, 161. 
Aure, Radulphus de, 45. 
Aurifaber, Hamo, 19* 
Aurifaber, Hugo, 199. 
Aurifaber, Johannes, 55, 140, 269« 
Aurifaber, Jordanus, 1 79. 
Aurifaber, Willielmus, 258. 
Auverton, liberum tenementum in, 

Auuers, Johannes de, 267. 
Avenitt, Jurdanus de, 27. 
Averio, Radulphus Sine, 113. 
Averio, Radulphus Sine, et Ysa« 

bella uxor ejus, 17. 
Avicia ava Walter! fit Walter!, et 

Rogerus filter ejus, 260. 
Aviciae, Elias filius, 260. 
AweltoD, terra in, 52. 
Axstede, liberum tenementum in, 

Axstede, RoUandus de, 49, 79, 

101, 213. 
Axstede, Walterus de, 49, 79. 
Azo, 33. 

Azo filius Radulphi, 140. 
Azuf, Johannes filius, 146, 
Azur, Reginaldus filius, 50, 116, 

Al , Angncs de, 214. 




Baalun, castellum de, 91. 

Baalun, Alanus de, 131. 

Babbecar, advoc ecclesiae de, 199. 

Babbinget, Almericus de, 48. 

Bachun, Rogerus, 191. 

Bacun, Petrus, 142. 

Bacun, Reginaldus, 100, 202. 

Bacun, WiUielmus, 67. 

Badelesma?, Gilo de, 182. 

Badelesmi^, Badelesmer, WiUiel- 
mus de, 14, 237. 

Badii, terra in, 27a 

Badib, redd in, 95. 

Badiham, Willielmus de, 102. 

Badun, Ricardus de VaUe, 79. 

Ba^ WiUielmus, 211. 

Bagemore, Michael de, 1 12. 

Baggeden, Ricardus de, 223. 

Bagot, En^erkan, 261. 

Baifeld, ^anus de, 101. 

Baifeld, Ricardus de, 24a 

jBaiU, Gillbertus de, 141. 

JBailloft, Walterus de, 152. 

BaiUot, Wido de, 260. 

Bainard, Robertus, 185, 241. 

Bainel, WiUielmus, 116. 

Baiocis, Elias de, 107. 

Baiocis, Hugo de, 125. 

Baiocis, BaioS, Reginaldus de, 92, 

Baiocis, Walterus de, 119. 

Baiocis, Baioc, WilUelmus de, 37, 
92, 261. 

Baious, WUlielmus de, 279. 

Baiwortb, Baiwrth, Henricus de^ 
70, 93, 240. 

Baketon, ecclesia de, 155. 

Baketon, Hugo de, 86. 

Baldac, Templar et Burgenses de, 

Baldewini, Baldewinus filius, 61. 

Baldewini, Johannes filius, 208. 

Baldewini, Radulphus filius, 242. 

Baldewini, Ricardus filius, 242. 

Baldewini, Robertus filius, 19, 116. 

Baldewini, Willielmus filius, 110, 

Baldewini de London, Johannes 

fiUus, 53. 
Baldewinus fiUus Baldewini, 61. 
Baldewinus filius Pagani, 218. 
Baldredi, WUlielmus filius, 271. 
Ballard, Gaufiridus, 17. 
Bambi, Warnerius de, 141. 
Bamburc, WiUielmus de, 260. 
Banast?, Adam de, 204. 
Banast!^, Osbertus, 126. 
Banniard, Gaufiidus, 49. 
Barat, Johannes, 261. 
Barat, WiUielmus, et Editha uxor 

ejus, 217. 
Barate, Heruicus, 19. 
Barate, Johannes, 131. 
Barate, Robertus, 142. 
BarbettO) 59. 
Bard,H., 111. 
Bard, Hugo^ 9, 17, 125, 190, 210, 

215, 25a 
Bardenai, ecclesia de, 200. 
Bardenay, Abbas de, 200. 
Bardl, — et Amabilia uxor ejus, 

Barefeld, AUcia de, et Clemens, 

WiUielmus, Jacobus, et Os- 
bertus filii ejus, 25a 
Bareswrthe, Bareswurdi, Simon de, 

126, 191. 
Bareworth, terra in, 27. 
Bareworth, Robertus de, 162. 
B€U*euifi, Robertus de, 79, 80. 
Barkeston, Odo, Otho, de, 116, 

118, 241. 
Barkeston, Odo, Otho, de, et Ha- 

wisia uxor ejus, 55, 136. 
Barlestoii, ecclesia de, 7. 
Barre, Johannes de la, 36. 
Barris, Ricardus de, 1 la 
Barsham, Reginaldus de, 15a 
Bartholomeo, Petrus de Sancto^ 

Bartholomeus, 81. 
Bartholomeus filius Alexandri, 180. 
Bartholomeus filius Petri, 239. 
Bartholomeus fiUus WiUielmi, 101. 
Bartoii, villa de, 209. 
Bartofi^ Eudo de, 240. 



Bascher, Willielmus, 245. 
Basenho, Adam de, et Robertus 

filius ejus, 88. 
Baseuifl, BaseviS,6illebertu8,6ile- 

bertus, de, 79, 213. 
Basingham, Robertus de, 237. 
Basingham, Bassingham, Walterus 

de, 123, 12a 
Baskervitt, Thomas de, 257. 
Baskervifl, Badulphus de, 257» 
Bass, Alanus, 61, 
Bass, Badulphus, 34. 
Bass, Thomas, 58. 
Basset, Gilebertus, 177. 
Basset, Nicholaui, 220, 223. 
Basset, Reginaldus, 146. 
Basset, Ricardus, 261. 
Basset, Thomas, 241. 
Basset, Turstanus, Thurstanns, 48, 

Basset, Willielmus, 48. 
Bassingebourn, Giomarus, Giou- 

marus, Guiomarus, Gvio- 

marus, de, 14, 18, 40, 113. 
Bassingeburn, Warinus de, et Guio^ 

marus filius ejus, 139» 
Bastard, Willielmus, 219. 
Bataille, Willielmus, 79. 
Bataillie, Ricardus, 88. 
Bataillis, Ancelinus, 152. 
Bathon, Episcopus, 179, 205. 
Bathon, Baton, Offieialis Epi, 123» 
Bathon, Baton, Robertus de, 276» 
Batdi^ 195. 

Battred, Alexander de, 177. 
Baucw^ terra de, 177» 
Baude, Simon da, 52. 
Baudintone, terra in, 75. 
Bauencestf, Radulphus de, 193, 
Be, Henricus le, 267. 
Bealgrant, Robertus, 35. 
Beastode, feod milit in, 199. 
Bead Edmundi, libertas, 10. 
Beatrix filia Sewini vel Suaini 

prima uxor Ricardi de Et- 

ton, 65, 196. 
Beatrix uxor Gaufiridi le Bugu- 

niun, 203. 
Beatrix uxor Willielmi de Wlsisle, 


Beaufeld, BeaufFeld, terra de, 14, 

Beautes, Alanus de, 19. 

Becco, Adam de, 242. 

Beeco» Willielmus de, 141, 147, 
215, 279, 

Beche, Everardus de, 260. 

Beche, Petrus de, 18, 58^ 113. 

Bedefordsire — Bedefbrd, Bed, &c., 
4, 7, 11, 12, 26, 33, 35, 
38, 42, 43, 55, 56, 60, 
68, 65, 66, 68, 74, 75, 
83, 84, 89, 94, 99, 101, 
109, 111, 128, 129, 131, 
140, 184, 196, 203, 204, 
210, 212, 218, 220, 224, 
225, 229, 252, 269, 279, 

Bedeford, balliva de, 129. 

Bedeford, homines de, 129. 

Bedeford, terra in, 129. 

Bedeford, Adam de, 74, 131. 

Bedeford, Petrus filius Roberti de, 

Bedefunt, terra in, 115. 

Bedefimt, Henricus de, 115» 

Bedellus, Ailmer, 72. 

Begeshol, Petrus de, 93. 

Beinfeld, Fulco de, 171» 

Beinge, Johannes de, 21. 

Belt, terra in, 261. 

Be!, Hugo, 182. 

Bela, Bella, qu^ fuit uxor GiUe^ 
berti, Gilberti, Morin, 52, 

Be^nd, Abbas de, 37» 

Beledenn, Ricardus de, 146. 

Belet, Michael, 57, 128. 

Belet, Radulphus, 247. 

Belet, Johannes filius Michaelis, 

Belevafi, Gaufridus de, 86. 

Belgrant, Robertus, 67, 211. 

Belingburg, Richerus de, 273. 

Belisenl filius Alstani, 234. 

Bella Aqua, Robertus de, et Mar- 
ioria uxor ejus, 227. 

Bello, Abbas de, 136. 

Bello, Simon de, 89. 

Bello Campo, Elias de, 177. 

Bello Campo, Hugo de, 279. 

U 2 



Bello Campo, Milo de, 182. 
Bello Campo, Paganus de, 252. 
Bello Campo, Radulphus de, 82« 
Bello Campo, Ricardus de, 121, 

140, 19a 
Bello Campo, Robertus de, 67. 
Bello Campo, Simon de, 7, 12, 89, 

210, 224, 225, 252. 
Bello Campo, Stephanus de, 47, 

Bello Monte^ Godefridus de, 271. 
Bello Monte, Radulphus de, 267. 
Bello Monte, Willielmus de, 18, 

Belmes, Robertus de, 199. 
Belstede, liberum tenementum in, 

Bemig, Petrus de, 245* 
Bene, Albricius de, 65. 
Benedicti, Graeleng filius, 116. 
BenecUcti de Lond, Willielmus 

filius, 215. 
Benedictus, Magister, 137, 231. 
Benedietus Presftr, 3. 
Benedictus avunculus Aliciae, 115. 
Benedictus filius Johannis, 256. 
Benedictus filius Ricardi, 74. 
Benedictus filius Warini, 175. 
Benham, Magister Walterus de, 38. 
Benigtoa, terra in, 20L 
Benigton, Henricus de, 201. 
Beningewrtli, Beningwrtli, Gill- 

bertusde^ 82. 
Bensinton, terra in, 119, 224. 
Bensintou, liberum tenementum, 

&cin, 139. 
Bensinton, Thomas Decanus de, 

71, 139. 
Bercarius, Reginaldus, 81. 
Berchamstede, villata de, 174. 
Bercholt, terra in, 47. 
Berdestapt, ecclesia de, 7, 104. 
Berdestaple, honor de, 179. 
Berdestapt, Beatrix de, 7, 104. 
Berdestapt, Berdestaple, Ricardus 

de, 7, 26, 86, 236. 
Bere, Ricardus de la, 186, 246. 
BereforS, Henricus de, 261, 262. 
Bereford, Willielmus de, 83. 
Bereraefi, Johannes de, 48. 

Berengeri, Gilebertus filius, 162. 
Berengerus avus Sim de Catesfeld, 

et Mabilia filia ejus, 263. 
Beres, Ricardus de, 130. 
Bereuifi, Simon de, 174^ 
Berg, Berges, Hugo de, 111, 136, 

Berges, Petrus de, 8. 
Berghes, Hugo de, 136. 
Berhes, Ricardus de, 243. 
Berhtoii, boscus de, 13. 
Berinton, terra in, 44. 
Berinton, Philippus de, 44. 
Berkei, Robertus de, 69. 
Berkelay, Oliverus de, 159. 
Berkelay, Robertus de, 69. 
Berkelay, Willielmus de, 22^^ . 
Berkele, Robertus de^ 6.^^/ 
Berkesir— Berk, BenA,&c 9, 19, 

20, 46, 48, 58, 62, 68, 

74, 81, 98, 112, 137, 173, 

174, 232, 241, 254^ 26d^ 

269, 278, 280. 
Berkesif, Vic de, 92. 
Berkeston, terra in, 400. 
Berkeston, Simon de, 215. 
Berkiges, Fulco de, 79. 
Berking, Stephanus de, 4» 
Berkinges, terra in, 98. 
Berleia, Thomas de, 69. 
Bermundeseia, Bermundisheie, 

Prior de, 54, 186, 204> 

Bemaco, Gervasius de, 65. 
Bernard; Gaufi*idus, 72. 
Bernardi, Alanus filius, 94. 
Bernardi, Elyas, Elias, filius, et 

Alina vel Auelina uxor ejus, 

Bernardi, Walterus filius, 249. 
Bernardus confrater Atib de Cum- 

bermaf, 58. 
Bernardus filius Reginaldi, 8U 
Berneche, Hugo de, 113. 
Bemeke, terra in, 113. 
Berneres, Hugo de, 97. 
Bemeres, Radulphus de, 61, 97. 
Berneres, Radulphus de, et Ysa- 

bella uxor ejus, 117. 
Berneriis, Radulphus de, 267. 



Bernevat, Gilebertus de, 274. 

Bemeweft, Gaufridus de, 195. 

Bemewett, Prior de, 109, 264. 

Bemewode, Willielmus de, 143. 

Bemingeham, terra, &c. in,. 192, 

Bemingeham, Walterus de, 192. 

Berningham vel B'mingham, Wil- 
lielmus Capellanus de, 278. 

Beroldi, Brianus filius, 75, 275. 

Bertedenn, Ricardus de, 26. 

Bertholomeus filius Petri, 199. 

Bertlesdoii, ecclesia de, 104. 

Bertlesdon, terra in, 86. 

Bertlesdon, Ricardus de, 86, 104. 

Berton, terra, &c. in, 2, 14. 

Berton, Alanus de, 62. 

Bertoii, Gerardus de, 2, 14, 146. 

Berton, Lambertus de, 60. 

Berton, Mabillia de, 68. 

Berton, Ricardus de, 91, 118. 

Berton, Simon de, 132. 

Bertram, Robertus, 241, 243. 

Beruili, Johannes de, 88. 

Bescheruifi, Radulphus de, 110. 

Besinton, liberum tenementum in, 

Besinton, Piencia de, 77. 

Bestenor, terra in, 192. 

Besteno?, Martinus de, 192. 

Betlesdenn, Abbas de, 66. 

Betricheshai, Johanna de, 31. 

Betton, prebend de, 183. 

Beufeld, feod milil in, 237. 

Beuilf, Rogerus de, 113. 

Beulers, Robertus de, et Ilaria uxor 
ejus, 241. 

Beverlaco, homines de, 148. 

Biatriciae, Normannus avunculus, 

Biaufiz, Nicholaus, 208. 

Biaumes, Philippus de, 159. 

Bideford, ecclesia de, 176, 177. 

Bifled, terra in, 206, 

Bigestorp, Walterus de, 67. 

Bigot, Comes Rogerus, 194. 

Bigot, Hugo le, 223. 

Bigot, Ricardus le, 203. 

Bigot, Thomas le, 136. 

Biked, WilUelmus de, 252. 

Bikemers, liberum tenementum in, 

Biker, Alexander de, 273» 
Billebiu'c, milites in, 205. 
Billingeie, Petrus de, 101. 
Bilne, terra in, 114. 
Binesle, Radulphus de, 79. 
Binetre, Robertus de, 16. 
Binliam, Prior de, 6, 43, 138, 

Birstoii, terra in, 39. 
Birston, Radulphus de, 18, 39. 
Birston, Rogerus de. 111, 175. 
Biset, Henricus, et Ysolda uxor 

ejus, 266, 279. 
Bissele, liberum tenementum in^ 

Bissop, Robertus, 86. 
Bissopestoii, Willielmus de, 225. 
Biston, advoc ecctiee de^ 255« 
Bitlesbroc^ Ricardus de, 237. 
Bixe, Petrus de, 67. 
Blac, Thomas, 64, 80, 187, 247. 
Blachesdoii, Baderun de, 31. 
Blaculuesle, terra in, 85. 
Blake, Nicolaus, 73. 
Blakeham, ecctia de, 267. 
Blakeham, Benedictus de, 269. 
Blakeman, Phillippus, 66. 
Blakenberg, Jurdanus de, 101. 
Blangemum, Gillbertus, et Editha 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 85. 
Blarewich, lib ten in, 65. 
Blasar*, Warinus de, 264. 
Blebott filter Walteri, Martinus 

de, 211. 
Blechesdon, feod dim mit in, 31. 
Blechesdoii, Baderunus de, 268. 
Blee, RobeiXus de, 220. 
Bleu, Etard de, 72. 
Blie, Gaufridus de, 198. 
Blithesfelde^ Johannes de, 220. 
Blithesworth, terra in, 178. 
Bloet, Robertus, 261, 272. 
Bloi, Robertus le, 221. 
Blossevitt, Gaufridus de, 66.^ 
Bluet, Robertus, 170. 
Blumuitt, Willielmus de, 140, I8(k 
Blunde», Blundtt, Alicia, 15, 147, 


U 3 




Blundell, Willielmus, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 106. 
Blundus, Adam, 88. 
Blundus, Johannes, 92, 186. 
Blundus, Ricardus, 20, 167. 
Blundus, Robertus, 216. 
Blundus, Walterufl, 56, 57, 105, 

107, 141, 142, 262, 26a 
Bobi, Hugo de, 142. 
Bockinges, ecclesia de, 258. 
Bocland» terra in, 69, 224» 
Boclan^ Alanus de, 36. 
Bocland, Eustacius de, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 254. 
Bocland; Oregorus de, 69. 
Boclande, Bocland, Willielmus de, 

134, 226, 241. 
Bocland; Persona eccjie de Wirfcr, 

Gaufridus de, 275. 
Bocle, Alanus de, 186. 
Bocle, Dominus G« de, 155« 
Bodehamsted, terra in, 112. 
Bodekesham, Augerus de> et El«> 

uina uxor ejus, 114. 
Bodekesham, Gaufridus de, 225. 
Bodiham, Henricus de, et Margeria 

quse fuit uxor ejus, 95, 

Bodiham, Willielmus de, 261. 
Boehan, Nesta, 175. 
Bof, Williehnus le, 270. 
Boicote, terra in, 166. 
Bolebec, Gwido de, 181. 
Boleheue, terra in, 56. 
Boleuelt, Robertus de, 186. 
Bolherst, terra in, 229. 
Bolinchail, Nicolaus de, 199. 
Boliton, terra in, 38, 39. 
Boliton, Alexander de, 39. 
Boliton, Lucas de, et Joia quae fait 

uxor ejus, 38, 39, 131. 
Bolpn, honor de, 10. 
Bolon, Baldewinus de, 181, 193. 
Bolon, Comes, et Comitissa uxor 

ejus, 231. 
Boloii, Eboraudus de, 277. 
Bomin, masagium in, 92. 
Boncristien, Stephanus, 102. 
Bonde, Radulphus de, 200. 
Bordeslee, Abbas de, 48. 

Boreaworth, Simon de, 275. 
Borscumbe, terra in, 126« 
Boscard; Hervicua, 169. 
Bosco, Amulfus de, 65. 
Bosoo, Hugo de, 54» 80, 122, 

Bosco, Hugo de, et Margareta uxor 

ejus, 24a 
Bosco, Robertus de, et Eva uxor 

ejus, 133« 
Bosco, Williehnus de, 62, 113, 

Boserolbib, terra in, 211. 
Boseuill; Boseviii, Robertas de^ 

118, 147. 
Bosintoii, Ricardus de, 266. 
Bosinton, Hugo filius Ricardi de^ 

Bosinton, Nicholaua filius Ricardi 

de, 266. 
Botelen, Radulphus de, 93. 
Botendoii, Botend; liberum tene^ 

mentum et terra, &c in, 

100, 101. 
Boteraus, Willielmus de, 244. 
Boterdi, Willielmus, 169, 234. 
Botesfeld, terra in, 205. 
Botington, terra in, 265. 
Botlesdon, Rogerus de, 195. 
Botlesford, Willielmus de^ 111, 
Bouenton, Bouen, Willielmus de, 

62, 19a 
Bouifi, Matheus de, 49, 79. 
Bouiil; Rogerus de, 42. 
Boxcumb, terra in, 142. 
Boxe, Almaricus de, 275. 
Boxe, Jacobus de, 51. 
Brache, Ricardus de la, 35. 
Bracstede, liberum tenementum in, 

Bracstede, Thomas filius Albini de^ 

Brad, Philippus de, 195. 
Bradenestocb, Prior de, 61. 
Bradew, terra in, 196. 
Bradew^ terra in, 37, 92, 125, 

Bradewdi, Philippus de, 196. 
Bradeword, terra in, 195. 
Bradeworthin, terra in, 175« 



Braham, terra de, 179. 
Braham, Eustacius de, 63. 
Braham, Robertus de, 173. 
Braham, Rogerus de, 184. 
Brai, Hugode, 83. 
Brai, Robertus de, 83. 
Brai, Rogerus de, 83. 
Braiboi^ Willielmus de, 112. 
Braibroc, Alexander de, 52. 
Brain, Matheus de, 210. 
Bramdon, Elie de, 253. 
Bramford; Galfridus de, 267. 
Bramlee, terra in, 75. 
Brampton, terra in, 6. 
Brami, Johannes de, et Margeria 

soror, et Margeria filia ejus- 

dem Johannis, 115. 
Bramteston, terra, &c in, 275. 
Bramton, terra in, 223. 
BramtoS, Johannes de, 32. 
Bramton, Johannes de, et Marga* 

reta soror ejus, 13. 
Branch, Ricardus, 191. 
Brandon, ecclesia de, 101, 243. 
Brandon, feoCt milil in, 99. 
Brandon, mesag. in, 243. 
Brandon, terra in, 243. 
Brandon, Elias de, 148, 166, 243. 
Brandon, Rogerus de, et Yda uxor 

ejus, 243. 
Brandon, Thomas Decanus de, 101. 
Branecestf, Robertus de, 184. 
Brantefeld, feod milil in, 199. 
Brantefor^ Godenot de, 94. 
Branteston, terra in, 75. 
Bratewater, terra in, 108. 
BrauB, Brause, Williehnus de, 25, 

Bray, terra in, 69. 
Bray, homines de, 278. 
Bray, Emaldus de^ 215. 
Bray, Rogerus de^ 34. 
Breccham, Brecham, Philippus de, 

57, 127, 138. 
Brecham, Ricardus de, 45. 
Brechinton, Thomas de, et Agatha 

uxor ejus, 228. 
Bredton, Robertus de, 210. 
Brembet, Brembelo, terra in, 21, 


Brendehai, Philippus de la, 11. 
Brendon, Henricus de, 1 12. 
Bret, Reginaldus, 132. 
Bret, Williehnus, 200. 
Bredierton, Ricardus de, 241. 
Bretingherst, Jocelinus de, 134. 
Brettevift, terra in, 178. 
BretteworA, Rogerus de, 279. 
Bretun, Williehnus le, 83. 
Breus, Breuse, Williehnus de, 8, 

175, 179. 
Breus, WilUelmus de, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 177. 
Brexes, Ricardus de, 204 
Brianus filius Beroldi, 75. 
Brianus filius Robert!, 186. 
Brictwastre, terra in, 166. 
Bricwares^, liberum tenementuni 

in, 187. 
Brid, Radulphus, 94. 
Bridecote, Nicholaus de, 212. 
Bridiport, Petrus de, 81. 
Brieni, Robertus filius, 233, 234. 
Brienus, 275. 
Brienus filius Beroldi, 275. 
Brienus filius Radulphi, 215, 233, 

Briewere, Briewerth, Briewerr, 

WiUiehnus, 8, 15, 24, 28, 

60, 61, 120, 184. 
Briewrre, Johannes, 125. 
Brihtwaldi, Johannes filius, 119. 
Brikestocb, terra in, 1 13. 
Brikeston, terra, &c. in, 110, 219. 
Bristow, ikbbas et Canonici Sancti 

Augustini de, 183. 
Brithwaldi, Johannes filius, 152. 
Brito, Henricus, 223. 
Brito, Rannulphus, 268. 
Brito, Robertus, 249. 
Brito, Simon, 255. 
Briton, Alexander, 200. 
Briton, Gaufridus, 200. 
Britoii, Randulphus, 11. 

Briton, filius Roberti, 247. 

Briues, Johannes de, 266. 
Broc, Adam de, 210. 
Broc^ Elias de, et Matilda quon- 
dam uxor ejus, 95. 
Broc, Eva del, 168. 

U 4 




Broc, Matillda de, 60. 

Broc, Radulphus, 194. 

Broc, Ricardus de, 8, 17. 

Broc, Robertas de, et Letieia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 82. 
Broecebi, Brocebi, advoS ecdesias 

de, 139,251. 
BroctoS, Gerardus de, 121, 239. 
Brohton, Gerardus de, 125« 
Brohton, Johannes de, 59, 132« 
Brohton, Williehnus de, 19, 4a 
Brokeshoff, Hugo de, 210. 
Brom, MatiUida de, 234. 
Brom, Radulphus de^ 234. 
Bromhale, Mauricius de, 218« 
Broxton, Williehnus de, 116. 
Bruast, Willielmus, 27. 
Bruehes, Emma de, 209. 
Brudicoi, Nicolaus de, 66. 
Bruer, Radulphus de la, 223. 
Bruer, Reinfridtis de, 189. 
Bruges, Emma de, 196. 
Bruges, Stephanus de, 250. 
Bruier, Gervasius de, 174. 
Bruiera, Guarnerus de, 136« 
Bruin, Robertus de, 183. 
Brulle, Johannes, 82. 
Brulle, Ricardus, et Johanna uxor 

ejus, 89. 
Brumfeld, Stephanus de, 139. 
Brumlege, Willielmus Forestarius 

de, 150. 
Brun, Rannulphus de, 256. 
Brun vel le Brun, Robertus, 95, 

107, 234. • 

Brun, Willielmus le, et Isabella 

uxor ejus, 250. 
Brunfeld, Stephanus de, 60, 62. 
Brunig, Radulphus, 28. 
Brunus, Rogerus, 172, 173. 
Brunus, Willielmus, 172. 
Brunwi, Brunwini, Gadardus, Go- 

dardus, filius, 22, 24. 
Brus, Johannes de, 61. 
Bi-us, Petrus de, 178, 193. 
Brus, Willielmus de, 178, 193. 
Brus, Ysabella de, 15, 120. 
Brusebar, 264. 
Brusle, Ricardus de, et Johanna 

uxor ejus, 81. 

Buc, Rascius del, 165* 

BucceH^ Petrus, 14. 

Buccenei)^ 9. 

Buceilles, Petrus de^ 243* 

Buche, Rogerus, 144. 

Buchenefi, Seval, 113b 

Bucherlee, terra in, 204. 

Buchingham, Willielmus de, 210* 

Buckinham, Willielmus de, 38* 

Buclier, Petms le, 250. 

BuStcWido, 195. 

Bucwde, Petrus de, 65. 

Budenho, Hugo de, 83. 

BueH^ Hamon de, 89. 

Bu^, Buellis, Henricus de^ 156» 

Buet, Dominus, 210« 
Bufferre, Willielmus, et Sibilia que 

fuit uxor ejus, 206. 
Bugimiun, Gaufridus le, et Beatrix 

uxor ejus, 203. 
Buhun, Henricus de, 118. 
Buhurt, Hamo, 48. 
Builli, Johannes de^ 11, 204. 
Builli, Johannes de, et Cecilia 

uxor ejus, 201. 
Buk, WiUielmus de, 135. 
Buk, Willielmus de, senior, 110. 
Bukeswrth, terra in, 11. 
Bukinghamscire — Bukingham, 

&C., 6, 8, 12, 15, 17, 

























103, 113, 115, 116, 125, 
140, 143, 145, 148, 152, 
158, 177, 180, 181, 183, 
189, 194, 196, 197, 210, 
225, 240, 248, 261, 262, 

Bukingham, ViS, 149. 

Bukingham, Willielmus de, 6, 16, 

Buistard, Walterus, 19, 116. 

Buketot, Hugo de, 1 13. 

Bukuinte, Johannes, 241. 

Bulgefeii, Robertus, 26. 

BuUers, Robertus de, 118> 122« 

BuUoc, Hugo, 65. 



Bulon, Baldewinus de, 50. 

Bulon, Ebrardus de, 243. 

Biimstede, terra in, 119, 152. 

Bungeia, Henricus de, 173. 

Bur, Andreas de, 86. 

Burc, Hubertus de, 67. 

Burc, Sacristanus abbatias de, 

Burchton, Reginaldus de, 219. 
Burei, Geroldus de, 125. 
Burei, Philippus de, 47. 
Burcote, Waltenis de, 158. 
Burde^ Burdeleis, Willielmus le, 

53, 109, 110. 
Burdet, David, 141. 
Burdun, WiUielmus, 205, 209. 
Burecote, Galfridus de, et Ricar- 

dus filius ejus, 192. 
Bureford, mesag in, 281. 
Bureford, Willielmus Ciicus de, 

Burefi, Ricardus, 73. 
Bures, terra in, 47. 
Bures, Hugo de, 26, 86. 
Bures, Johannes de, 19. 
Bures, Stephanus de, 25. 
Bures, Willielmus de, 8, 12, 49, 

79, 119, 269, 274. 
Buretft, Willielmus de, 210. 
Biurg, Thomas de, et uxor ejus, 

Burg, Willielmus de, 50. 
Burgensis, 49. 

Burgeslond, Willielmus de, 244» 
Burgestoke, terra, &c. in, 73. 
Burgestoii, Rogerus de, 220. 
Burginton, terra in, 219. 
Burgo, Hubertus de, 156, 259. 
Burguniun, Hugo le, 158. 
BurmendeS, Prior de, 15. 
Burmingeham, M argareta de, 32. 
Burnebir, Robertus de, 147. 
Burneham, Philippus de, et Emma 

uxor ejus, 188. 
Bumel, Hugo, 251. 
Burne», Willielmus, 169. 
Burnhun, Adam Decanus de^ 

Burnham, Philippus de, 97. 
Bursi, Simon, 86. 

Burl, Williehnus de, 192. 
Burton, terra, &c. in, 19, 86, 116, 

192, 231. 
Burton, Walterus, 66, 115. 
Burun, Robertus de, 34, 204, 

Burwile, Ricardus de, 66. 
Bussei, Matillida de, 202. 
Bussei filius Walter!, Willielmus 

de, 99. 
Bussei, Willielmus de, et Cecilia 

filia ejus, 201. 
Buss^, Petrus de, 148. 
Bussey, Willielmus de, 99. 
Bussey, M atillda de, et soror ejus, 

Buteilles, Petrus de, 130. 
Buterwic, terra m, 73, 240, 252. 
Buterwich, terra in, 70. 
Butetur^ Wido, 18. 
Buuelers, Robertus 1^ 21. 
Buuer, Gilebertus de, 180. 
Buuer, Turstanus le, 181. 
Buulers, Robertus de, 20. 
Buzun, Rogerus, 48, 242. 
Buzun, Simon, 45. 


Cailli, Alicia de, 58. 
Cailli, Beatrix de, 58, 121, 137. 
Cailli, Johannes de, 121, 137. 
Caldecot, Nigellus, Negellus, de^ 

31, 87. 
Calesbi, Alanus de, 208. 
Caletorp, Bertholomeus de, 192. 
Calli, Johannes de, 58. 
Calne, Hugo de, 75. 
Calvus, Johannes, 47, 50. 
Calvus, WiUiebnus, 18, lia 
Calwei), Umfridus de^ 245. 
Camberleg, Ricardus, 132. 
Camberleg, Thomas, 146. 
Camberweif, liberum tenementum 

in, 134. 
Cambrewett, terra in, 69. 



Cambrewett, Martinus de, 134. 

Cameraiius, Heniicus, et Hugo 
filiusejus, 89,24a 

Camerarius, Radulphus» 194. 

Camerarius, Robertas, 78> 196. 

Camerarius, Thomas, et Cecilia 
uxor ejus, 2, 14. 

Camerarius, Walterus, 26* 

Camme, Eustacius de, 42, lid. 

Camuifi, Gerardus de, 72, 139. 

Canardington, Stephanusde, 118. 

Canewedoii, Egidius de, 122. 

Cangefot, Herbertus, 21. 

Canonicus, Gilebertus, 235, 

Canonicus, Philippus, 220. 

Canonicus, Robertus, 14. 

Canonicus, Walterus, 228. 

Cantebrig — Cantebrigscire, &c., 2, 
4, 5, 17, 29, 44, 49, 53, 
62, 64, 65, 68, 69, 74, 85, 
95, 97, 98> 109, 110, 111, 
113, 114, 122, 124, 127, 
134, 138, 140, 143, 144» 
147, 148, 151, 179, 180, 
204, 205, 208, 216, 217, 
218, 222, 223, 225, 227, 
228, 233, 253, 260, 264, 

Cantebrig, Judsei de, 62. 

Cantebrig, messuagium in, 85. 

Cantebrig, Augerus de, 53, 1 10. 

Cantelo, Robertus de, 276. 

Cantelou, Emma de, 268. 

Cantelu, redd in, 102. 

Cantelu, Hugo de, 152. 

Cantelu, Robertus de, 141. 

Cantelu, Emma de, 212. 

Cantua?, Arch, 60, 183. 

Cantuaf, H. Archiepiscopus, 200. 

Cantuar, Crisdana de, 72. 

Cantui^, Dominus, 44» 126. 

Cantui^, Monachi Xpi, 266. 

Cantuar, Prior Sanctae Trinitatis 
de, 115, 123. 

Cantuaf, G. Prior ecclesias Sanctae 
Trinitatis, 4. 

Canuel, Nicholaus, 22a 

Canudi, Walterus, 223. 

Canueft avunculus Walteri Ca- 
nuett, Radulphus, 221. 

Canueston, liberum tenementum 

in, 63. 
Canuitt, Gerardus de, 50. 
Canuifl, Gerardus de, et Nichola 

uxor ejus, 251. 
Capella, Valentinus de, 106. 
Capella, Hugo filius Petri de, et 

Petronilla mater ejus, 143. 
Capellani, Stephanus frater Hu- 

gonis, 247. 
Capellanus, Alanus, 225. 
Capellanus, Aug, 152, 153. . 
Capellanus, Gervasius, 187. 
Capellanus, Milo» et Tlioma finater 

ejus, 61. 
Capellanus, Ricardus, 104. 
Capellanus, Robertus, 184. 
Capellanus, Rogerus, 264. 
Capellanus, Thomas, 226. 
Capellanus, Willielmus, 63, 129. 
Capellanus, Willielmus de B'ming- 

ham, 27a 
Capellis, Albricus de, 105. 
Capellis, Capett, Walterus de, 100, 

105, 106, 14a 
Capes, Willielmus de, 236. 
Caprauii}, Robertus de^ 17. 
Capravifl^ Walterus de, 49. 
Carbimett, Hamo, 1 la 
Carbunel, WiUiehnus, 169. 
Cardoitt, castett de, 30. 
Cardun, Gaufridus, 132. 
Caretarius, Johannes, 57, 142. 
Carleol, 162, 163. 
Carleol, Carleolo, Matillida de, 

162, 16a 
Carleol, R^naldus de, 163. 
Carleton, ecclesia de, 7. 
Carpentarius, Heruicus, 80. 
Carpentarius, Salomon, 255. 
Carpenter, Walterus, 86. 
Carresden, Matheus de, 229. 
Carum, Johannes de, 83. 
CasteH, Herbertus de, et Emma 

uxor dus, 205. 
Castellione, Hugo de, 239. 
Castellione, Petrus de, 250. 
Castelliun, Hugo de^ 37, 116. 
Castelliun, Ricardus de, 37. 
Castellun, Willielmus, 186. 



Castr, Alexander de, 80. 
Catecliue, Hamon de» 81. 
Catenham, Gaufridus, Galfridus, 

de, 49, 79. 
Catescliue» terra in, 73. 
Catescliue, Hamo de, et Felicia 

uxor ejus, 73. 
Catesfeld, Simon de, 263. 
Catric, Ricardus de, 46. 
Catton, Ugarus de, 37. 
CattoS, Paganus de, 37. 
Catton, Rc^inaldus pater Ilgari de, 

Caudifeld, feod dim mit in, 73. 
Caueseie, Kogerus, 147. • 

CauBtoii, Rogerus de, 70, 241. 
Cauz, Ricardfus de, 4. 
Cauz, Rogerus de, 77, 261. 
CedUa, 201, 222. 
Cecilia prima uxor Jocei, 101. 
Cecilia uxor Johannis, 11. 
Cecilia uxor Henrici de Saresbif, 

Cecilia uxor Johannis de Builli, 

201, 202. 
Cecilia uxor Thomse Camerarii, 

2, 14. 
Cecilia quae fuit uxor Willielmi le 

Palmer, 139. 
Celer, Petrus, 250. 
Cella, Celle, Priorissa de, de la, 

177, 250. 
Cellarius, Jacobus, 61. 
Cementarius, Hugo, 257. 
Ceresia, Johannes de, 44, 46. 
Ceresia, Willielmus de, 44, 46. 
Ceresie, Johannes de, 14, 108. 
Ceresie, Willielmus de, 14, 109. 
Ceritoii, Hugo de, 180. 
Cemai, feod milii in, 174. 
Certeseia, Certes, Abbas de, 49, 

108, 116, 215, 221, 23a 
Cesterton, advoc ecclesias de, 66. 
Cestr, Episcopus, 199. 
Cestf, Gaufridus de, 167,178. 
Cestf, Gaufridus de^ et Ysabella 

uxor ejus, 175, 182,18a 
Cestresham, terra in, 62. 
Cestresham, feod milit in, 145. 

Cestreton, ecclesia de, 212. 
Cestreton, Alicia de, 239. 
Cestreton, Thomas de, 23a 
Chadelinton, Walterus de, 59. 
Chadneto, Johannes de, 189. 
Chadrugg, Robertus fi:ater Radul- 

phide, 62. 
Chahan, Eua de, 82. 
Chaisn, Johannes de, 64. 
Chakeden, terra in, 27a 
Chalchell, Gerardus de, 95. 
Champa^e, Robertus de, 18a 
Change, llobertus, 71. 
Chame!, Chameles, Willielmus de» 

32,76, 117. 
Chartres, Walterus de, 5a 
Charun, Johannes de, 60. 
Chatric, Abbatissa de. 111. 
Chatteslee, terra in, 202. 
Chauegrave, terra in, 203. 
Chaue^ terra in, 29. 
Chausi, Gaufridus, 67. 
Chauton, Patricius de, 145. 
Cheddesleg, ecclesia de, 175. 
Chedeslee, ecclesia de, 77. 
Chedesta, Hubertus de, 50, 26a 
Chedestoin, molend de, 78. 
Chednei, Alexander de Chesnei 

pater Johannis de, 194. 
Cheisneto, Robertus de, 100. 
Chekesle, terra in, 278. 
Chel^rave, 9. 
Chelesham, liberum ^nementum 

in, 177. ^ X' 
Chelesham, Matillda de, et Johan- 
nes filius ejus, 177. 
Chelle^ terra in, 47. 
Chellinton, Walterus de, et Paga- 

nus filter ejus, 132. 
Chelmeresford^ Goce, Joce, de, 22, 

Cheluetb, Petrus de, 269. 
Chen, Ricardus Vis de, 195. 
Chenesie, Eva de, 192. 
Chepmaii, Nicolaus filius, 6a 
Qierdestok, terra de, 76. 
Chereburc, Ricardus Abbas de, 

Cheriton, advoc ecctice de, 255» 



Cherlesworde, terra in, 221. 
Chersid, terra in, 239. 
Chershauton, Cherhauton, terra, 

&C. in, 151. 
Chesnei pater Johannis de Chednei, 

Alexander de, 194. 
Chewod, Robertusde, 116. 
Chianei, Simon de, 162. 
Chiateriz, Abbatissa de, 222. 
Chiatricia, Abbatissa de, 222. 
Chiatriz, Abbatissa de, 233. 
Chiaue}, terra in, 253. 
Chic, Emaldus, 72« 
Chigwefi, terra in, 247. 
Chigwel}, ChigeweU^ Hugo de^ 

Childerle, Henricus de^ 18, 113. 
Childerle, Nigellus de, 66. 
Childerle^ Radulphus de, 65. 
Childerle, Reginaldus de^ 18, 113. 
ChircheS, Robertas de, 153. 
Chirshamton, terra in, 118. 
Chiuening, Chiveneringes, Adam 

de, 130, 243. 
Chorenden, Henricus de, 188. 
Christiana, 218. 
Christiana filia Roberti, 196. 
Christiana filia Radulphi Poer, 

Christiana mater Fhilippi de Alin- 

ton, 4, 5. 
Christiana mater Reginald! de 

CliftoD, 129. 
Christiana quas fuit ux Rad de 

Querendon, 243. 
Christiana quss fiiit uxor Willielmi 

filii Odonis, 72. 
ChristianaB, Henricus filius, 93. 
Chufff , Rogerus, 22. 
Cicestr, Decanus de, 66. 
Cilterne^ Ricardus de^ 47. 
Cingesdon, 150. 
Cipriani, WiUielmus firater, 189. 
Cirencestr, Abbas de, 59, 84. 
Cirencest?, placita apud, 44. 
Cirencestf, terra, &c. m, 201. 
Cirencestr, Willielmus de, 59. 
Cirintoii, Gaufiridus filius Radul- 
phi de, 20a 

Clactorp, Philippus de, 190. 
Clahafi, Ricardus de, 275. 
Claihangf , terra in, 235. 
Claiton, terra in, 47. 
Clakeston, esson apud, 175. 
Clamuiii, Rannulphus de, 133. 
Clapestorn, tenementum in, 195. 
Clare, Comes de, 5. 
Clare, Comes de, et Amicia qus? 

fuit uxor ejus, 180. 
Clarembaldus, 26. 
Claricia uxor Jordani, Jurdani, de 

Aubemarl, 116, 275. 
Claro, Hugo de Sancto, 26. 
Claro, Simon de Sancto, 87. 
Cleidoii, Ricardus de, 52. 
Cleidon, Alexander frater Anselmi 

de, 150. 
Cleie, liberum tenementum in la, 

Cleie, Rogerus de la, et Robertus 

filius ejus, 104. 
Cleies, Auicia uxor Roberti de^ 


Clemens, 192. 

Clemens filius Aliciffi de Barefeld; 

Clement, Willielmus, 5. 
Clemen tis, Willielmus filius, 138, 

18a ^ 
Clendid, ecclesia de Neutou in, 

Qendoii, Ricardus de, 52, 265, 

Clendon, Sibilla de, 265. 
Qereton, feud diin milil in, 20. 
Clerfei, Willielmus de, 162. 
Clerici, Johannes frater Thomse^ 

Clericus, Alanus, 244. 
Clericus, Alexander, 22, 24, 88. 
Clericus, Amfridus, 248. 
Clericus, Eruisius, 136. 
Clericus, Fromundus, 228. 
Clericus, Gaufi-idus, 73, 191. 
Clericus, Gerardus, 139. 
Clericus, Hamo, 183, 209, 234. 
Clericus, Johannes, 236, 267. 
Clericus, Martinus, 115. 



Clericus, Ricardus, 45» 

Qericus, Robertus, 171, 175, 184. 

Clericus, Rogenis, 235* 

Clericus, Simon, 190, 211, 245. 

Clericus, Walterus, 28. 

Clericus, WaUelmus, 25, 182, 215, 

248, 266. 
Clericus, Ysaac, 61. 
Clericus de Bureford, Willielmus, 

Clericus de Holt, Petrus, 147. 
Cliff, Bertram de, 208. 
Cliff, Hugo de, 218. 
Cliff, Willielmus de, 2ia 
Clifford, terra in, 280. 
Clifford, Johannes de, 280. 
Clifford, Ricardus de, 171. 
Clifford, Walterus de, 171, 194, 

Clifford, Walterus de, et Ricardus 

frater ejus, 159. 
Clifton, terra in, 37. 
Clifton, ecclesia de, 33. 
Clifton, Reginaldus de, 153. 
Clifton, Cristiana mater Reginald! 

de, 129. 
Clinton, Henricus de, 217, 228, 

Clipesbi, Radulphus de, 194. 
Clipestofi, Adam de, 52. 
Clipestonn, Robertus de, 82. 
Cliuedon, Matheus de, 3. 
Clobbere, Williebnus le, 26. 
Cloker, Turstanus, 13. 
Cloptoii, terra in, 143. 
Qoton, terra in, 50. 
Cnoel, advoS ecclesise de, 61, 67, 

211, 266. 
Cnoel, maner de, 67. 
Cnotte, Ricardus, 60. 
Cnottingeton, ecclesia de, 59. 
Cobeham, ecclesia de, 54. 
Cobham, Henricus de, 118. 
Coc, Griffinus filius Selverdi, 185. 
Cocus, Johannes, 173. 
Cocus, Rogerus, 249. 
Codrigg, 153. 
Coggespol, terra in, 225. 
Cokef, Adam de, et filius ejus, 66. 

Cokef, Robertus de, 10. 
Cokeford, Prior de, 128. 
Cohton, terra in, 81. 
Cole^ 90. 

Coleberi, ecclesia de, 50. 
Colebi, Robertus de, 50. 
Colebi, Simon de, 50. . 
Colebi, Warinus de, 50. 
Colecestr, Abbas de, 121. 
Colc^treie, ecclesia de, 110. 
Colesdon, Jordanus de, 83. 
Coleshefi, Robertus de, et Nigellus 

frater ejus, 62. 
Colevift, Robertus de, 50, 268. 
Colevi», Williebnus de, 212, 233. 
CoUe, Gilebertus de, 276. 
Colle, Williebnus, 36. 
Coluin, Willielmus, 91. 
Colum, Prior de, 47. 
Columbers, Ricardus de, 64. 
Conifeld, Ricardus de, 197. 
Coniton, Ricardus de, 18, 113. 
Contreu, Malgerus de, 107. 
Coppegrave, Coppegraue, liberum 

tenementum in, 20, 118, 

Corbet, Robertus, 82, 223. 
Corbet, Rogerus, et Hawisia uxor 

ejus, 77, 175. 
Corbezun, Petrus, 8, 106. 
Corcele^ 151. 

Cormeliis, Walterus de, 235. 
CorneburS, Willielmus de, 162. 
Corner, Alexander de, 69. 
Comherd, Johannes de, 180. 
Comherd, Robertus de, 180. 
Comubia, 92, 107, 211, 244, 

Comur, Ricardus le, 26. 
Costentin, Willielmus, 12, 123, 

250, 256. 
Cote}, Ricardus, 206. 
Cotes, capella de, 44, 148. 
Cotes, ecclesia de, 180. 
Cotes, Gaufridus de, 88. 
Cotes, Walterus de, 140, 253. 
Cotintoii, Willielmus de, 225. 
Couele, terra in, 237. 
Couele, Philippus de, 221. 



Couele, Alicia soror Willielmi de, 

CouteshaH, Andreas de, 242. 
Coventf, terra in, 259. 
Crafi, Crafton, Rogerus de, 91, 

Crakeford, Simon de, 50. 
CramauiH, Godovicus de, 191. 
Cramauifl, Robertus de, et Ysa- 

bella uxor ejus, 80. 
Cramford, Willielmus de, 82. 
Cramlee, terra de, 131. 
Crammavil}, Gode&idus de, 207. 
Crancurt, Walterus filius Willielmi 

de, 57. 
Cranle, hida in, 132. 
Cras, Willielmus de, 190. 
Crasci, Haijao^ de, 166. 
Crassus, Rogerus, 40, 263. 
Craucumbe, Alice de, 55. 
Craudenn, ecclesia de, 109. 
Craudenn, Johannes de, 109. 
Crec, liberum tenementum in, 28, 

Crec, Robertus de, 64, 100, 133, 

135, 187, 247. 
Greiford, Simon de, 149. 
Creneford, Lucas de, 131. 
Creppinges, Walterus de, 17, 40. 
Crespin, Alvericus, 211. 
Cressi, Biatricia de, 267. 
Creting, terra et redd in, 14, 46, 

Creuequor, Hamo de, 72. 
Crickelade, Andreas de, 156. 
Crikesee, Robertus de, 152. 
Criketot, Heimfridus de, 10. 
Criketot, Heinfridus de, 6. 
Criketot, Simon de, 268. 
Crioifl, Johannes de, 59. 
Crioill, Johannes de, et Johanna 

uxor ejus, 141. 
CristieS, Mathaeus, 208. 
Croc, Gilebertus, 212. 
Croc de Leic, Reginaldus, 133. 
Croc, Magister Stephanus, 195» 
Croift, terra de, 45. 
Croiland, Abbas de, 26. 
Cromheft, terra in, 124. 

Croper, Croperi, Simon de, 59, 

Croxton, terra in, 17. 
Croxton, Abbas de^ 253, 25& 
Cruce, Reginaldus de, 118. 
Cruce Lefndi, Monachi de, 117. 
Cruce Roheis, Rohesie, Rohies, 

Roihes, Prior de, 82, 143, 

217, 2ia 
Crues, Ricardus de, 125. 
Cuaston, Robertus de^ 136. 
Culet, Alexander de, 249. 
Culewrth, Robertus de, 34. 
Culling, Robertus, 141. 
Culuerdon, terra in, 89. 
Cumba, Abbas de, 206. 
Cumbe, Gregorius de, 223. 
Cumbe, Ricardus de, 121, 123» 

183, 206, 255. 
Cumberland, 30, 238, 259. 
Cumbermaf , Afeb de, et Bemardus 

confrater ejus, 58. 
Cumberton, liberum tenementum 

in, 62. 
Cumerweft, Robertus de, 380, 
Cumin, Johannes, 199. 
Cumton, terra, &c. in, 91, 104* 
Cumton, Thomas de, 114- 
Cunant, Gillebertus, 4. 
Cundeuile, Warinus de> 114. 
Cungestoii, Johannes de, et Gil- 

bertus firater ejus, 25. 
Cupicote, terra, 8(c. in, 25, 198. 
Cupicote, liberum tenementum in, 

Cupicote, Agnes de, 198. 
Cupicote, Andreas de, 25, 112, 

Cupicote, Augerus de, 25, 112. 
CurceH, Wandrillus de, 182. 
Curci, Johannes de, 36. 
Curci, Willielmus de, 222. 
Curcun, Ricardus de, 158. 
Curcun, Stephanus de, 20. 
Curcun, Willielmus de, 173. 
Curli, Johannes de, 210. 
Curteis, Rogerus, 6. 
Curtenay, Hawisia de, 37. 
Curtenay, Robertus de, 238, 



Curtenei, Robertus de, 259. 
Curton, Aluredus de, 130, 243. 
CurtpeH, Paganus de, 45. 
Cusin, Johannes, 245. 
Custancia soror Isolds uxoris Wal- 
ter! de Tateshat, 267. 
Cutenho, terra in, 35. 


Dacus, Willielmus, 55, 73. 
Daeus, Willielmus, et hered ejus, 

Dacus, Willielmus, et Emma uxor 

ejus, 47, 50. 
Dadinton, Radulphus de, 184. 
Dagemer, Radulphus, 79. 
Dailinton, ecclesia de, 250. 
Dailinton, villa de, 168. 
Dairett, Radulphus, 116. 
Dalham, Rogerus de, 11, 269. 
Dail; Hugo de, 44. 
Dalleia, Clemens de, 167. 
Dallinges, terra in, 147, 215. 
Dallinges, ecclesia de, 147, 215. 
Dallinges, Radulphus de, 43. 
Dallinges, Rogerus de, 147, 216. 
Dan, Wal terns le, 150. 
Danecastf, terra in, 178. 
Daniel Clericus, 66. 
Danmartin, Albricius, 79. 
DanmartiSi, Johannes de, 186. 
Danmartin, Robertus de, 231. 
Dap, Jocelinus filius, 17. 
Daudinton, Hamo de, 223. 
Dauenel^ Jurdan, 132. 
Dauintf, terra in, 134« 
David, 59, 63. 
David, Comes, 14, 35, 55, 63. 
David, Magr Hospital de Sco, 

David filius Owein, Owini, et 

Emma uxor ejus, 157, 202. 
David, Ricardus filius, 44, 194, 


Decani, Hugo filius, 125. 

Decanus, Thomas, 66. 

Decanus de Bensinton, Thomas, 

71, 139. 
Decanus de PiritoS, Willielmus, 

Dedinton, advoS ecclesice de, 14. 
Dehag, Ricardus de, 271. 
Deintoii, Radulphus de, 138. 
Dele, curia de la, 150. 
Delfirid, Johannes, 57. 
Dene, Gilebertus de la, 242. 
Dene, Reginaldus de, 80. 
Dene, Willielmus de la, 183. 
Dene, Yvo de, 52, 146. 
Denecastf, 178. 

Denecastf, ecclesia de, 182, 250. 
Denie, Willielmus de, 29. 
Denne, Yuo de, 147. 
Dennington, terra in, 188. 
Dennington, Radulphus de, 188. 
Denton, Gaufridus de, 268. 
Dercel, terra in, 270. 
Derebiscire — Derebi, &c., 60, 68, 

69,75,110, 166, 177, 178, 

182, 225, 246, 258^ 265, 

Derebi, Willielmus Comes de, 

Derebui^, Ricardus de, 52. 
Derenteffbrd^ mariscus de^ 149, 

DeresburS, terra in, 160. 
DeresburS, terra in, 205, 209. 
Deresburc, Ricardus de^ et Meli- 

sen{ quae fuit uxor ejus, 

265, 266. 
Derham, Abbas de, 144. 
Derifl, Rogerus, 244. 
Derteford, membf de, 149. 
Desdiches, Welingerus, 21. 
Despens, Amalricus, 125. 
DespenS, Robertus, 82. 
Despens, Willielmus, 62. 
Deuenebe^ terra in, 137. 
Devonscire — Devon, &c., 6, 36, 

37, 53, 69, 109, 111, 125, 

147, 178^ 179, 182, 198, 

219, 226, 244, 246, 270. 




Dewias, Robertus, 156. 

D^i, Johannes filius, et Emma uxor 

ejus, 13. 
Didemerton, Paganus de, 223. 
Digne, Ricardus le, 134. 
Dionisia fUia Wielardi, 237, 23a 
Dionisia uxor Hubert! de Halketot, 

Dionisia uxor Walteri Hakun, 

Dionisia uxor Willielmi de Witen- 

ham, 74. 
Dionisio, Robertus de Sancto, 

Dirifl, Philippus filius Rogeri, 

Dispensarius, Amalricus, 164» 168, 

Dittos, terra in, 223, 225. 
Ditton, Robertus de^ 93. 
Diu, Ricardus le, 51, 135. 
Diue, Hugo de, 107. 
Diue, Phuippus de, 65. 
Diuelin, castellum de^ 172. 
Diuelin, comitatus de, 172. 
Docking, terra in, 193. 
Docking, Clemens de, 193. 
Docking, Nicholaus de, 158. 
Dockinges, Radulphus de, 49. 
Dod, Radulphus, 252. 
Dodintoo, ecclesia de, 35« 
Dodintou, Alanus de, et Helewisa 

uxor ejus, 222. 
Dodinton, Alol de, 180. 
Xfoggefel, Robertus, 245. 
Doking, Nicolaus de, 192. 
Dol, Ricardus de, 61. 
Doleh, terra in, 261. 
Dolfinus, 163. 
Donecastr, 166. 
Donestanescol, terra de, 270. 
Donestaple, Ricardus de, 174. 
Donewiz, mesuag in, 234. 
Dorenteford, 150. 
DorkesJ, Willielmus de, 130. 
Dormeston, Johannes de, 106. 
Dorminton, liberum tenementum 

in, 187. 
Dormitoii, terra in, 166. 

Dorsetscire — Dorset, &c., 52, 64, 

65, 73, 76, 108, 143» 182, 

193, 223, 245, 247. 
Doure, Alexander de, 95. 
Doure, Fubertus de, 17, 21, 24. 
Dovr — terra in Sibdeston perti- 

nens ad, 227. 
Draitoii, terra in, 134. 
Dreiton, liberum tenementum in, 

Drogo, 195. 

Drogonis, Adam filius, 7, 9. 
Druecis, Henricus de, 223. 
Druia», WilUelmus de, 210. 
Druual, DruuaH, Willielmus de^ 

220, 225. 
Dudimef , Radulphus de, 6. 
Dudinton, Hugo de, lia 
DufFcote, Johannes de, 193. 
Duiue, Willielmus de, 191. 
Duleham, Augustinus et Ricardus 

de, 276. 
Dulingham, terra in, 205. 
Dulingham,Dullingham, Ricardus, 

114, 204, 205. 
Dumbredon, Robertus de, 238. 
Dunberdan, Robertus de, 259. 
Dune, Rogerus de la, 189. 
Dunecherche, ecclesia de, 14. 
Dunelm, Dunolm, Episcopus, 40, 

Dunolm, H. Episcopus, 260. 
Dunelm, Donelm, Philippus £pis« 

copus, 259. 
Dunelm, Dunolm, Prior, 188. 
Dunestore, 121. 
Dunhain, Richemanus de, 244. 
Dunham, terra, &c. in, 105. 
Dunham, terra in, 5. 
Dunham, ecclesia de, 100, 105. 
Dunham, Ricardus de, 244. 
Dunneschirch, Hamo de, 65. 
Dunnig, Gillebertus filius, 98. 
Dunstamvifi, Walterus de, 89. 
Duredent, Rogerus, 225. 
Durewardi, Ricardus filius, 161 • 
Dux, Dominus, 121, 244. 




Eadmundo, Abbas de Sancto, 38. 

Ebeham, terra in, 215. 

Ebesham, Alicia de, 108. 

Ebof— Eboracscire, &c., 9, 12, 20, 
28, 29, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 
40, 43, 46, 55, 80, 98, 103, 
106, 116, 118, 136, 144, 
145, 148, 153, 162, 163^ 
164, 165, 166, 167, 170, 
179, 182, 183, 189, 205, 
207, 210, 220, 222, 223, 
231, 241, 249, 250, 270, 
272, 274. 

Ebor, abbacia Sanctae MariiB, 

Ebor, Abbas, 182, 250, 259. 

Ebor, Archiepiscopus, 96. 

Ebof, Rogenis Archiepiscopus, 171, 

Ebof, ecclesia — ecclesia Sancti 
Petri, 96. 

Ebof, ecclesia Sanctae Crucis, 182. 

Ebof, Canonici & CapeDani Sanctae 
Marias et Sancti Sepulcri, 

Ebof, Reinerus quondam ViS, 128. 

Eborardi, Galfridus filius, 20. 

Eborardi, Rogenis filius, 79, 189, 

Eborardus, 276. 

Eborardus filius Petri, 212. 

Ecardi, Agnes filia Roberti filii, 

Ecclesia Sanctae Mariae, Williel- 
mus de, 157. 

Edbaldestoii, Willielmus de, 220. 

Eddinton, Elias de, 79. 

Edeldredae, ecclesia Sanctae, 6. 

Edeldredae, jus Sanctae, 179. 

Edelmeton, terra in, 243. 

Edgarus Rex, 6, 7. 

Edinton, Elias de, 49, 134. 

Editha, 231, 256. 

Editha filia Osberti, 75. 

Editha soror Marg de Wich, et 
Gaufridus vir ejus, 64. 

Rot. Cur. Reg, — Vol. II. 

Editha quae fuit uxor Gilberti 
Blangemum, 85. 

Editha quae fuit uxor Ricardi, 1 13. 

Editha uxor Willielmi Barat, 217. 

Edithae, Alexander filius, 95. 

Edithae, Simon filius, 19. 

Edmundi, libertas Beati vel Sancti, 
6, 10. 

Edmundi, Ballivxis Sancti, 141. 

Edmundi, Alicia filia, 215. 

Edmundo, Abbas de Sancto, 66, 
91, 215. 

Edmundo, Samson Abbas de Sanc- 
to, 10, 241. 

Edmundo, Drogo de Sancto, 39. 

Edmundus avus Johannis de Sto- 
pesiee, ox. 

Edolfi, Radulphus filius, 93. 

Edoluesbrigg, liberum tenemen- 
tum in, 117. 

Edrici, Godardus filius, 18. 

Edrici de Lega, Nicholaus filius, 

Edusa, 85, 202. 

Edwachef, 108. 

Edwaker, 56, 137. 

Edwaldeshei}, terra in, 84. 

Edwardi, Johannes filius, 280. 

Edwardo, Hugo de Sancto, 83, 

Edwardus, 145, 146. 

Edwardus Rex, 6, 10, 11. 

Edwardus filius Ricardi, 236. 

Edwardus filius Uctredi, 149. 

Edwini, Petrus filius, 170. 

Edwinus, 75, 94, 175. 

Egelini, Radulphus filius, 213. 

Eggemere, Radulphus de, 158. 

Eggestoii, Ysaac de, 32. 

Eggleshat, Ricardus de, 115. 

Eggrefeld, boscus de, 165. 

Eggrefeld:, Radulphus de, 165: 

EglestoS, Abbas de, 12, 106. 

!E^listoii, Abbas et Canonici de^ 

Eie, Eustaciu4 de, 223. 

Eilesbif, liberum tenementum in, 

Eillaria mater f)icholai filii Ro- 
berti, 34. 



Eillinton, ecclesia de, 177. 

Eineford, Willielmus de, 89, 90. 

Einesbroc, Robertus de^ 230. 

Einesham, Abbas de^ 260. 

Einesham, Robertus Abbas de, 

Einesham, Monachi de, 260. 

Ekeham, terra in, 116. 

Ela uxor Williehni de Marci, 242. 

Elam, Hugo de, 270. 

Elena qu» fuit uxor Adae filii Wal- 
ter!, 109. 

Elena quae fuit uxor Ricardi de 
Turlauesl, 65. 

Elfelmesf, terra in, 47. 

Elfina, 205. 

Elifie, Matillida quae fuit uxor, 

Elias, 173. 

Elias fiOius Aviciae, 260. 

Elias vel Elyas filius Bemardi, et 
Auelina vel Alina uxor ejus, 

Elias vel Elyas filius Gillberti, 85. 
Elias fiUus Philippi, 172. 
Elias filius Ricardi, 278. 
Elias fiUus WilUelmi, 7a 
Elias filius Roberti de Wameford, 

Eliensis Archidiaconus, 145. 
Eliensis Ecclesia, 179. 
Eliensis Episcopus, 6, 66y 179, 

215, 274. 
Elingeberge, ecclesia de, 123. 
Elingeberge, Johannes de, 123. 
Elinham, terra in, 133. 
Elinton, villa de, 16a 
Elinton, Hugo de, 52. 
Eliot, 213. 

Eliot £lius Rimild, 245. 
Elmere, Radulphus de, 50. 
Elmeri, Willielmus fiilius, et Alanus 

frater ejus, 86. 
Elmoure, liberum tenementum in, 

Elue}, terra in, 35. 
Eluine, Hugo filius^ 205. 
ElurecU, Robertus filius,. 62. 
Ely, Walterus de, 16, 179, 
Elyas Monachus, 123, 189. 

Emeburg, ecclesia de, L95, 205. 
Emeburg, Johannes de, 205. * 
Emma filia Roseri, 199. 
Emma soror Williehni de la More, 

Enrnia uxor Henrici, 169, 275. 
Enrnia quae fuit uxor Hugonis filii 

Roberti, 227. 
Emma uxor David fit Owini, Owein, 

157, 202. 
Emma quae fiiit uxor Henrici filii 

Roberti, 116. 
Emma uxor Herberti de Castefi, 

Emma quae fiiit uxor Johannis filii 

lyi, 13. 
Emma uxor Philippi de Bumeham, 


Emma uxor Philippi de Stapelton, 

166, 187. 
Enrnia quae fiiit uxor Warini de 

Vesci, 35. 
Emma uxor Williehni Daci, 47, 

Emma uxor WilUelmi Grant, 271. 
Emmae, Alexander filius, 234. 
Emmae, Matillda filia, 195. 
Emmae^ Radulphus frater, 197. 
Emmae, Rogerus filius, 90. 
Emmae, Willielmus fihus, 114, 116, 

228, 234. 
Emming, Robertus filius, 144. 
EnedeweH, Prior de, 61. 
Enesmer, Ricardus Prepositus de^ 


Enetorp, de, 245. 

Engaine, Gillebertus, 33. 
Engaine, Enganie, Henricus, 44^ 

Engaine, Radulphus, 33. 
Engaine, Enganie, Engannie, de 

Engannie, Ricardus, 44, 

65, 140, 148» 180, 234. 
Engeli, 21. 
Engelramus Flandrensis, et £u- 

femia ux ejus, 71, 227. 
Episcopus, Osbertus, 18, 113. 
Erde, Johannes de, 150. 
Erdinton, Thomas de, 204. 
Erewis, terra in, 261. 



Erlee, Johannes de, 45« 

Erlham, Radulphus de, 111. 

Ermenters, Huso de, 151. 

Emaldi» Ricardus filius, 266. 

Emaldi, Walterus filius, 99. 

Emaldi Nautce, Willielmus etHugo 
filii, 93. 

Ernaldus, 34, 132. 

Emeburc, 23]. 

Emeford, terra sive cultura in, 

Emele, Lucas de, 50. 

Ernham, feod milit in, 44. 

Emoldi, Osbertns filius, 228. 

Ernoldi, Willielmus fiUus, 212. 

Emoldus pater Rannulphi Picot, 

Erpingham, Robertus de, 195. 

Eruisii, Robertus filius, 185. 

Eruisii, Willielmus filius, 86. 

Ervisii, Ricardus filius, 259. 

Escha]^ Rogerus de, 22. 

EscoUandus, 94. 

Escote, Robertus de, 181. 

Esendon, terra in, 104. 

Esleg, Thomas de, 99. 

Elspec, .Walterus, 99. 

Esperleng, Jordanus, Jurdanus, 94, 

Esperun, Benedictus, 225. 

Esperun, Hugo, 225. 

Essebi, Robertus filius Simonis de, 

Esse!, Ricardus de, 76, 246. 

Essewi, Stephanus, 80. 

EsseS, 3, 5, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18^ 19, 
20, 22, 25, 26, 28, 31, 
38, 39, 44, 47, 57, 61, 
79, 84, 86, 88, 92, 94, 
96, 98^ 102, 104, 116, 
119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 
J 31, 132, 137, 140, 146, 
153, 173, 180, 181, 186, 
187, 188, 191, 193, 198, 
204, 207, 212, 216, 218, 
219, 221, 224, 236, 246, 
247, 254, 255, 277, 280, 

Estan, Robertus de, 254. 

Estcot, mesagium in, 264. 

Estcof, terra in, 54, 264. 
Estcol, Leticia de, 264. 
Esthamme, terra in, 131. 
Estlege, Tliomas de, 146. 
Eston, redditus in, 220. 
Eston, Matheus de, 18a 
Estovifi, Ricardus de, 280. 
Estrange, Radulphus de, 38. 
Estre, Ricardus del, 65. 
Estres, terra in, 178. 
Eetrilda soror Jocelini filii Ail- 

wardi, et Robertus vir ejus, 

Estrilda uxor Alexandri de Suanet, 

Estrilda vidua, 78. 
Esturm, Hugo, 3. 
Esturman, Radulphus, 71. 
f^turmi, Radulphus, 98, 254. 
Esturmi, Walterus, 54^ 276. 
Estut, terra de, 9i3. 
Estwic, Johannes de, 83. 
Estwode, terra in, 221. 
Eteuestoii, Hugo filius Ricardi de, 

Etton, ecclesia de, 214. 
Etton, terra, &c in, 65, 196. 
Ettoii, Ricardus de, et Beat fi} 

Suaiii vd Sewiu prima ux 

ejus, 65, 196. 
Etweic, Rogerus de, 242. 
Eu, Alexander de, 34. 
Eudo, 23. 

Eudonis, Walterus filius, 128, 184. 
Euerardi, Rogerus filius, 49. 
Eueresfeld, terra in, 133. 
Euereshag, terra de, 252. 
Euereshag, Hugo de, 252. 
Euemon, Willielmus de, 193. 
Euerous, Robertus de, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 175. 
Euersolt, Ricardus de, 131. 
Euersolt, Willielmus de, 131. 
Euersot, Letia mater Johannis de, 

Eufemia, 202. 
Eufemia uxor Engelrami Flandf, 

71, 227. 
Eugenius filius Johannis, 148. 
Euingedon, terra in, 266« 

X 2 



Eure, ecclesia de, 64. 
Eure, Hugo de, 130, 24a 
Eure, Wdterus de, 24a 
Eure, Waiielmus de, 276. 
Euresden, terra, &c. in, 97. 
Euresham, Benedictus de, 237. 
Eureus, Cecilia de, 103. 
Euroic, Cecilia de, 188. 
Eustac, Robertus, 219. 
Eustacii, Hervicus, Heruicus, Her- 

ueus, filius, 97, 98, 109, 

110, 143, 147, 179, 253. 
Eustacii, WUlielmus filius, 218. 
Eustacius, 15, 35, 66, 253, 276. 
Eustacius filius Ricardi, 160. 
Eustacius filius Walteri, 95. 
Eustacius filius Willielini, 51, 230. 
Euuors, Hugo de, 194. 
Eva, 85. 

Eva uxor Roberti de Bosco, 133. 
Eva uxor Walteri de Quitefeld, 

Eva uxor Walteri de Witefeld, 68, 

81, 227. 
Evse, Augnes filia, 209. 
EvsB, Sibilla mater, 227. 
Everardi, Euerardi, Ricardus filius, 

121, 137. 
JEjcaquio, Reginaldus Monachus de^ 

Exequia, Abbas de, 251. 
Exon vel Excestf, terra in, 148. 
Exon, castellum de, 112. 
Exon, masagium in, 37. 
Exon, Radmphus de, 60, 255. 
Extra Portam, Thomas, 262. 
Extra Portam, Walterus, 56, 57, 

Extraneus, Johannes, 188, 190. 
Extraneus, Johannes, et Hamo 

avunculus ejus, 187. 
Extraneus, Willielmus, 185. 


Faber, Andreas, 174. 

Faber, Henricus, 183, 234, 274. 

Faber, Ricardiis, 19. 

Fabri, Petrus filius Roberti, 142- 

Faffinton, Simon de, 141. 

Faggot, Ricardus, 276. 

Fahe, Radulphus, 75. 

Falchenberg, Stephanus de, et Pe- 

tronilla quae Aiit uxor ejus, 

Falchenberg, Walterus de, 198. 
Falconarius, Henricus, 255. 
Falconarius, Henricus, et .^Blnora 

uxor ejus, 94. 
Faldingeworth, Willielmus de, 209. 
Faleis, Willielmus de, 281. 
Falesham, Adam de, 253. 
Falkenberg, Walterus, et Agnes 

uxor ejus, 190. 
Farendon, Hugo de, 52. y/^ 
Farenham, terra in, 88. \/\ 
Farlesl, Muriel de, 273. 
Farseus, Willielmus de, 70. 
Fasseft, Williehnus de, 252. 
Faucillun, Willielmus, 187. 
Faucumberge, Walterus de, 162. 
Faudingewrtk, Willielmus de, 83. 
Faudon, feod milil in, 199. 
Fauford, advoc ecclesisB de, 29. 
Faukenberge, Eustacius de, 61. 
Faukenberge, Philippus de, 162. 
Faukenberge, Stephanus de, et 

Petronilla quae fuit uxor 

ejus, 68. 
Faukenberge, Walterus de, 62, 

Faukenberge, Walterus de, et Ag- 
nes uxor ejus, 60. 
Fauresham, Abbas de, 70. 
Fekintoii, Hugo de, 15. 
Felicia uxor Hamonis de Cates^ 

cliue, Katescliv, 73, 239. 
Feliciae, Stephanus pater, 73. 
Fenbrigg, Willielmus de, 246. 
Fenne, Willielmus de la, 73, 209. 
Fercles, Gaufridus de, 148. 
Fercles, Johannes de, 44, 180. 
Ferenberge, Henricus de, 60. 
Ferendoii, Henricus de, 2ia 
Ferendon, Ricardus de, 34. 
Ferle, Gaufridus de, 59. 
Ferles, Johannes de, 3, 74^ 222. 



Ferlinl, Waltenisde, 214. 
Femham, terra in, 204. 
Ferrariis, Comes de, 23, 156, 178, 

182, 234. 
Ferrariis, Ck)mes Willielmus de, 

Ferrariis, Henricus de, 247. 
Ferrariis, Ferrer, Hugo de, 153, 

Ferrariis, Mabilia de, 247. 
Feugeriis, Robertus de, 253. 
Fide, Gillebertus de Sancta, 113. 
Fide, Walterus de Sancta, 1 13. 
Fifhide, Simon de, 206. 
Filia Achardi, Juliana, 173, 174. 
Filia Ailwini, Matillida, 68. 
Filia Alani filii Fredonis, Luciana, 

Filia Asketelli, Wlmina, 19. 
Filia AuketilU, Wluina, 43. 
Filia Berengeri, Mabilia, 263. 
Filia Edmundi, Alicia, 215. 
Filia Emmae, Matillda, 195. 
Filia Evae, Augnes, 209. 
Filia Gaufiridi, Augnes, 203. 
FUia Gileberti, AUcia, 202. 
Filia Henrici, Wimarka, 214. 
Filia Henrici le Angevin, Agnes, 

Filia Henrici de Stratton, Aluina, 

Filia Hugonis, Margareta, 233. 
Filia Hugonis de Say, Margareta, 

Filia Inffolfi, Matillida, 247. 
Filia Jonannis, Auicia, 81, 129. 
Filia Johannis de Musele, Auicia, 

Illia Milonis de Morle, Milisent, 

Filia Osberti, Editha, 75. 
Filia Osberti, Gunmlda, 75. 
Filia Osberti, HagenUda, 75. 
Filia Osberti, Matillida, 75. 
Filia Radulphi, Juliana, 271. 
Filia Radulphi, Leta quse fiiit, 

Filia Radulphi, Leticia, 13a 
Filia Radulphi, Sabina, 94. 
Filia Radulphi Pilate, lueta, 124. 

Filia Radulphi Poer, Christiana, 

Filia Reginaldi, Margareta, 98. 
Filia Ricardi de Pipelinl, Marcia, 

Filia Roberti, Alicia, 3a 
Filia Roberti, Cristiana, 196. 
Filia Roberti filii Ecardi, Agnes, 

Filia Roberti de Marmiun, Mabil- 

lia, quse fuit uxor Hugonis 

de Say, 153. 
Filia Rogeri, Emma, 199. 
Filia Sewini, Suani, Beatricia uxor 

Ricardi de Etton, 65, 196. 
Filia Simonis, Petronella, 62. 
Filia Simonis filii Simonis, Petro^ 

nilla, 19a 
Filia Umfridi, Matillda, 25a 
Filia Walkelini, Agnes, 94. 
Filia Walteri de Keineto, Amabilia, 


Filia Wielardi, Dionisia, 238. 

Filia Willielmi, Leuina, 21. 

Filia Willielmi, Sarra, 5a 

Filia Willielmi Franchevaler, Olim- 
pias, 215. 

Filia Willielmi Grim, Agnes, 9a 

Filia Williehni de Ken, Matillida, 

Filii Ailwardi, Estrilda soror Joce- 
lini, 42. 

Filii Ecardi, Agnes filia Roberti, 

Filii Fredonis, Luciana filia Alani, 

Filii Nicolai, Alicia mater Rogeri, 

Filii Radulphi, Matillida soror 
Williehni, 42. 

Filii Reinfridi, Reinfiddus frater 
Gilberti, 151. 

Filii Roberti, Emma quae fuit uxor 
Henrici, 116. 

Filii Rogeri, Gregorius fi:ater Wil- 
lielmi, 225. 

Filii Turstani, Muriel mater Wil- 
lielmi, 224. 

Filii Wictmeri, Radulphus filius 
, 144. 

X 3 



Filii Ysabellas, Willielmus filius 

Waiielmi, 15. 
Filius Acelini, Godefridus, 22. 
Filius Acelini, Osbertus, 135, 272. 
Filius Acelini, Robertus, 83. 
Filius Achardi, Willielmus, 237. 
Filius Adae, Robertus, 163. 
Filius Adffi, Walterus, 4, 233. 
Filius Adae, Williehnus, 37, 42, 

97, 126. 
Filius Adse de Basenho, Robertus, 


Filius Adae de Coke^ , 66. 

Filius Adae Gervet, Thomas, 16a 
Filius Aeleis, Gilbertus, 149. 
Filius Ailmeri, Robertus, 22. 
Filius Ailmeri, Willielmus, 22. 
Filius Ailnodi, Johamies, 87. 
Filius Ailrici, Henricus, 228. 
Filius Ailrici, Reginaldus, 8L 
Filius Ailrici, Thomas, 93. 
Filius Ailwardi, Jocelinus, 42, 

Filius Ailwini, Gregorius, 227. 
Filius Ailwini, Robertus, 247. 
Filius Aky, Thurketilus, 22. 
Filius Alani, Adam, 277. 
Filius Alani, Alanus, 183, 234. 
Filius Alani, Herebertus, 203. 
Filius Alani, Robertus, 109. 
Filius Alani, Simon, 242. 
Filius Alani, Thomas, 245. 
Filius Alani, Willielmus, 11, 12, 

38, 56, 184, 251, 268. 
Filius Albemi, Robertus, 74. 
Filius Albini de Bracstede, Thomas, 

Filius Alexandri, Bartholomeus, 

Filius Alexandri, Nigellus, 46. 
Filius Algari, Thomas, 231. 
Filius. Aliciae, Walterus, 36. 
Filius Aliciae de Barefeld, Clemens, 

Filius Aliciae de Barefeld^ Jacobus, 

FDius Alicios deBarefel^ Osbertus, 

Filius Alici8edeBarefeld,Villelmus, 


Filius Alicias Luvel, Radulj^us, 

Filius Alsi, Radulphus, 174^ 

Filius Alstani, Belisenl, 234. 

Filius Aluredi, R(^nis, 38. 

FiUus Aluredi, Wimehnus, 22, 86. 

Filius Ambrosii, Robertus, 27. 

Filius Andraeae, Thomas, 166. 

Filius Andraeae, Ypolitus, et Alicia 
uxor ejus, 16. 

Filius Ansellani, Ansellini, Ricar- 
dus, 59, 132. 

Filius Arnaldi, Petrus, 92. 

Filius Amoldi, Ricardus, 224. 

Filius Aseelini, Radulphus, 216. 

Filius Augeri, Hugo, 114. 

Filius Augeri, Rogerus, 48. 

Filius Aviciae, Elias, 260. 

Filius Avicias, Jurdanus, 152, 153. 

Filius Azuri, Johannes, 146. 

Filius Azuri, Reginaldus, 50, 116. 

Filius Baldewini, Baldewinus, 61. 

Filius Baldewini, Johannes, 208. 

Filius Baldewini, Radulphus, 242. 

Filius Baldewini, Ricardus, 242. 

Filius Baldewini, Robertus, 19, 

Filius Baldewini, Willielmus, 110, 

Filius Baldewini Londonien^ Jo- 
hannes, 53. 

Filius Baldredi, Willielmus, 271. 

Filius Benedicti, Graelengus, 1 16. 

Filius Benedicti de Lond, Williel- 
mus, 215. 

Filius Berengeri, Gilebertus, 162. 

Filius Bemutli, Alanus, 94^ 

Filius Bemardi, Elyas, et Alina 
vel Auelina uxor ejus, 44^ 

Filius Bernard!, Walterus, 249. 

Filius Beroldi, Brianus, Brienus, 
75, 275. 

Filius Brieni, Robertus, 233, 234L 

Filius Brihtwaldi, Brithwaldi, Jo- 
hannes, 119, 152. 

Filius Brunwi, Brunwini, Gadar- 
dus, Godardus, 22, 24» 

Filius Chepmaii, Nicolaus, 68. 

Filius Christianas, Henricus, 93. 



Films Clementis, WillielmuB, 138, 

Filius Dap, Jocelinus, 17. 
Filius David, Ricardus, 44, 194, 


Filius Decani, Hugo, 125. 

Filius Di, Johannes, 13. 

Filius Dionisi», Thomas de Neu- 

sol, 238. 
Filius Drogonis, Adam, 7, 9. 
Filius Dunnig, Gillebertus, 98. 
Filius DureTvardi, Ricardus, 161. 
Filius Eborardi, Galfridus, 20. 
Filius Eborardi, Rogerus, 79, 189, 

Filius Edithas, Alexander, 95. 
Filius Edithae, Simon, 19. 
Filius Edolfi, Radulphus, 93. 
Filius Edrici, Godardus, 18. 
Filius Edrici de Lega, Nicholaus, 

Filius Edwardi, Johannes, 280. 
Filius Edwini, Petxus, 170. 
Filius Egelini, Radulphus, 213. 
Filius Ehneri, Willielmus, et Ala- 

nus frater, 86. 
EUius Eluine, Hugo, 205. 
Filius Eluredi, Robertus, 62. 
Filius Emmse, Alexander, 234^ 
Filius Emmse, Rogerus, 90. 
FiUus Emmffi, Williehnus, 1 14, 1 16, 

228, 234. 
Filius Emming, Robertus, 144. 
Filius Ernaldi, Ricardus, 266. 
FiUus Ernaldi, Walterus, 99. 
Filius Ernaldi Nautas, Hugo, 93. 
Filius Ernaldi Nautae, Willielmus, 

Filius Emoldi, Osbertus, 22a 
Filius Ernoldi, Williehnus, 212. 
Filius Ervisii, Ricardus, 259. 
Filius Ervisii, Robertus, 185. 
Filius Ervisii, Willielmus, 86. 
Filius Eudonis, Walterus, 128, 184. 
Filius Euerardi, Ricardus, 121. 
Filius Euerardi, Rogerus, 49. 
Filius Eustacii, Herueus, Hervicus, 

97,98,109, 110,143, 147, 

Filius Eustacii, Thomas, 240. 

Filius Eustacii, Willielmus, 218. 

Filius Everardi, Ricardus, 137. 

Filius Fuberti, Herbertus, 13a 

Filius Fulconis, Gaufridus, 12. 

Filius Fulconis vel Fulchonis, Ro- 
bertus, 225. 

Filius Fulconis, Tebaldus, 187. 

Filius Fulconis, Thomas, 229. 

Filius Gamel, Rogerus, 272. 

Filius Gaufridi, ^ufridus, 7, 51, 
187, 190. 

Filius Gaufridi, Henricus, 92, 166, 
229, 243. 

FiUus Gaufridi, Hugo, 251. 

Filius Gaufridi, Johannes, 201, 

FUius Gaufridi, Willielmus, 18, 

Filius Gaufridi, Radulphus, 83, 
170, 180, 216, 220, 280. 

Filius Gaufridi, Ricardus, 4. 

FUius Gaufridi, Thomas, 231, 265. 

FiUus Gaufridi, Williehnus, 17, 29, 
113, 203. 

FiUus Gaufridi de Burecote, Ri- 
cardus, et Geua uxor ejus, 

FiUus Gerardi, Ricardus, 38, 240. 

Filius Germani, Henricus, 22. 

FiUus Geroldi, Henricus, 214, 269. 

FiUus Geroldi, Robertus, 3. 

FiUus Geroldi, Warinus, 222. 

FiUus Geronimi, Rogerus, 22a 
(Filius Gikberti, 8fc) 

Filius Gileberd, Alexander, 180. 

Filia Gileberti, AUcia, 202. 

FiUus GiUberti, Elyas, 85. 

FiUus GiUberti, Ricardus, 138. 

FiUus Gilberti, Robertus, 201. 

Filius Gileberti, Walterus, 212. 

Filius GUeberti, WilUelmus, 15a 

Filius Gilemichalis, Ricardus, 172. 

FiUus Godefridi, Johannes, 22, 27, 
88^ 93, 104. 

Filius Godefridi, Ricardus, 240. 

FUius Godefridi, WilUelmus, 14. 

FiUus Godefridi de Lastan, Jo- 
hannes, 11. 

FUius Goding, Nicholaus, 272.^ 

FiUus Godrici, Johannes, 28. 

X 4 



Filius Godrici, Johannes, et Aifleda 

uxor ejus, 194. 
Filius Godrici) Robertus, 246. 
Filius Godwini, Albricius, 74. 
Filius Godwini, Nieolaus, 135. 
Filius Crodwini, Reinfridus, 22. 
Filius Gregorii, Willielmus, 109. 
Filius Gunildse, Radulphus, 181. 
Filius Gunnildae, Robertus, 181. 
Filius Hamonis, Milo, 131. 
Filius Hamonis, Nicolaus, 44, 66. 
Filius Hamonis, Ricardus, 69, 76, 

134, 234. 
Filius Hamonis, Robertus, 176. 
Filius Harding, Johannes, 165. 
Filius Hawisise, Laudr, 22. 
Filius Hawisiae, Rogerus, 22. 
Filius Henrici, Ad^on, 20. 
Filius Henrici, Gilebertus, 280. 
Filius Henrici, Ricardus, 265. 
Filius Henrici, Rogerus, 66. 
Filius Henrici, Wido, 63. 
Filius Henrici, Willielmus, 15, 48» 

49, 61, 104, 266. 
Filius Henrici Camerarii, Hugo, 

Filius Henrici de Oxendoii, Wil- 
lielmus, 52. 
Filius Henrici de Straton, Rogerus, 

Filius Herberti, Herbertus, 8, 25, 

40, 166, 187. 
Filius Herberti, Johannes, 91. 
Filius Herberti, Matheus, 53. 
Filius Herberti, Thomas, 55, 140, 

Filius Hereberti vel Herberti, He- 

rebertus, 241. 
Filius Herberti, WiUielmus, 64. 
Filius Herberti de Stan}, Matheus, 

Filius Hervisii, Adam, 22. 
Filius Hervicii, Osbertus, 64, 96, 

Filius Hervicii, Reginaldus, 222. 
Filius Hervisii, Simon, 22. 
Filius Heruicii, Herevici, Herui, 

WiUielmus, 81, 141, 242. 
Filius Herwardi, Radulphus, 68. 
Filius Huberti, Ricardus, 123. 

Filius Hugoius, Adam, 279. 

Filius Hugonis, Johannes, 264. 

Filius Hugonis, Radulphus, et Ali- 
cia qufle fuit uxor ejus, 6. 

Filius Hugonis, Rogerus, 82, 83^ 

Filius Iwein', Robertus, 185. 

Filius Joce, Willielmus, 100. 

Filius Jocelini, Robertus, 94» 

Filius Jocelini, Robertus, et uxor 
ejus, 147. 

Filius Johannis, Benedictus, 256. 

Filius Johannis, Eugenius, 148. 

Filius Johannis, Ingelramus, 166^ 

Filius Johannis, Johannes, 41. 

Filius Johannis, Martinus, 186. 

Filius Johannis, Nicholaos, 23. 

Filius Johannis, Petrus, 26. 

Filius Johannis, Philippus, 166» 

Filius Johannis, Ricardus, 148b 

Filius Johannis, Robertus, 19. 

Filius Johannis, Rogerus, 124. 

Filius Johannis, Waiterus, 63, 107, 

Filius Johannis, Willielmus, 56, 87, 
134, 141, 201, 245. 

Filius Johannis de Harpetr, Wil- 
liehnus, 234. 

Filius Johannis de Stanham, Wai- 
terus, 82. 

Filius Jordani de Aubemart, WU- 
lielmus, 275. 

Filius Jude, j 64. 

Filius Judithse, Johannes, 123. 

Filius Julianas de Arund, Williel- 
mus, 16. 

Filius Jurdani, Nicolaus,Nicholaus, 
21, 24, 118. 

Filius Ketelis, Johannes, 144^ 

Filius Lamberti, Willielmus, 114. 

Filius Lefwini, Johannes, 22, 149. 

Filius Lefwini, Reinerus, 22. 

Filius Leuine, Robertus, 19. 

Filius Leure^ Gaufridus, 180. 

Filius Mabilliae, Johannes, 51. 

Filius Malgeri, Robertus, 19. 

Filius Margeriee, Johannes, 207» 

Filius Mathei, Hamo, 231. 

Filius Mathei, Willielmus, 31. 

Filius Matildse, Alexander, 180l - 



Filius Matilldie, Johannes, 86. 

Filius MatilldfiB de Chelesham, Jo- 
hannes, 177. 

Filius Mauricii, Walterus, 225. 

filius Mauricii, Willielmus, 5. 

Filius Mauricii de Lamburn, GU- 
lebertus de, 79. 

Filius Milonis, Willielmus, 45, 

Filius Moricii, Ricardus, 267. 

Filius Nicholai, Robertus, 16. 

Filius Nicholai, Rogerus, 191. 

Filius Nicholai de Hertwefi, Johan- 
nes, 88. 

Filius Nicholai de HertweB, Phi- 
lippus, 88. 

Filius Nigelli, Adam, 223. 

Filius Nigelli, Robertus, 34. 

Filius Nigelli, WiUielmus, 159. 

Filius Norman, Willielmus, 88. 

Filius Odonis, Simon, 216. 

Filius Odonis, Thomas, 68. 

Filius Odonis, Willielmus, et Chris- 
tiana quae fuit uxor ejus, 

FiUus Oggeri, Alanus, 3, 16, 

Filius Oggeri, Willielmus, 113, 

Filius Orges, Willielmus, 18. 

Filius Osberti, Philippus, 15, 204. 

Filius Osberti, Simon, 16,29,110, 
125, 226. 

Filius Osberti, Willielmus, 58. 

Filius Othonis, Willielmus, 136, 

Filius Owein, Owini, David, et 
Emma uxor ejus, 157, 202. 

Filius Pagani, Baldewinus, 218. 

Filius Pagani, Radulphus, 53, 134, 
140, 22a 

Filius Pagani, Robertus, 15, 16, 
29, 104, no, 125, 175, 
220, 226. 

Filius Pagani, Rogerus, 193. 

filius Pagani de Stokes, Robertus, 

Filius Pagani de Hichecot, Wal- 
terus, 31. 

Filius Paschari, Rogerus, 280. 

Filius Petri, Bertholomeus, Bar- 
tholomeus, 199, 239. 

Filius Petri, Eborardus, 212. 

Filius Petri, G., Galfridus, Gau- 
fridus, 3, 8, 13, 17, 20, 28, 
29, 40, 76, 112, 121, 148, 
149, 156, 161, 167, 177, 
184, 185, 190, 194, 196, 
211, 274, 277. 

Filius Petri, Henricus, 31, 267. 

Filius Petri, Radulphus, 92. 

Filius Petri, Ricardus, 7, 57, 224. 

Filius Petri de Capella, Hugo, et 
Petronilla mater ejus, 143. 

Filius Petri de Lenn, Willielmus, 

Filius Petronellae, Hugo, 97. 

Filius Petronillae, Willielmus, 201. 

Filius Philippi, Elias, 172. 

Filius Philippi, Ricardus, 35, 237. 

Filius Philippi, Simon, 134. 

Filius Pincemae, Johannes, 234. 

Filius Prepositi, Adam, 141. 

Filius Presbiteri, Absolon, 217. 

Filius Presbiteri, Gillbertus, 86. 

Filius Presbiteri, Richerus, 273. 
{Filius Radulphij Ranaulphi^ ^c) 

Filius Rann, Aug, 48. 

Filius Radulphi, Azo, 140. 

Filius Radulphi, Brien, 215, 233, 


Filius Radulphi, Hugo, 4. 

Filius Radulphi, Johannes, 274. 

Filius Radulphi, Petrus, 236. 

Filius Radulphi, Radulphus, 18, 
152, 158^ 191, 204, 270. 

Filius Radulphi, Rannulphi, Ri- 
cardus; 12, 33, 140, 146, 
188, 280. 

Filius Radulphi, Robertus, 6, 49, 
56, 217, 229. 

Filius Radulphi, Robertus, et 
Alicia uxor ejus, 149. 

Filius Radulphi, Simon, 75. 

Filius Radulphi, Waleramus, 7. 

Filius Rannulphi, Walterus, 270. 

Filius Radulphi, Rannulphi, Wil- 
lielmus, 20, 44, 57, 64, 
70, 82, 113, 174, 183, 
194, 210, 224, 242. 



Filius Radulphi, Willielmus, et 

Alicia uxor ejus, 69. 
Filius Radulphi de Cirinton, Gau- 

fridus, 208. 
Filius Radulphi de Glamorgan, 

Philippus, 276. 
Filius Radulphi de Massingham, 

Robertus, 192. 
Filius Radulphi de Mungewefi, 

Radulphus, 67. 
Filius Randulphi de Worth, Wil- 

lielmus, 258. 
Filius Reginaldi, Bemardus, 8L 
Filius Reginaldi, Ricardus, 49. 
Filius Reginaldi, Willielmus, 147, 

Filius Reineri, Thomas, 273. 
Filius Reinfridi, Gilbertus, 33. 
Filius Reinfridi, Reginaldus, 141. 
Filius Reinfridi, Robertus, 8, 106. 
Filius Reinfridi, Reimfridi, Roge- 

rus, Alicia uxor, et Reim- 

fridus filius ejus, 61, 76, 

Filius Reingeri, Jurdanus, et Juli- 
ana uxor ejus, 146. 
Filius Reug, Jordanus, 280. 
Filius Ricardi, Benedictus, 74. 
Filius Ricardi, Edwardus, 236. 
Filius Ricardi, Elias, 27a 
Filius Ricardi, Eustacius, 160. 
Filius Ricardi, Gaufridus, 227. 
Filius Ricardi, Geroldus, 61. 
Filius Ricardi, Gillebertus, 47. 
Filius Ricardi, Johannes, 244. 
Iilius Ricardi, Nigellus, 18, 195. 
Filius Ricardi, Osbertus, 196. 
Filius Ricardi, Radulphus,41,225. 
Filius Ricardi, Ricardus, 46, 167, 

171, 244, 24a 
Filius Ricardi, Robertus, 28^ 118, 

175, 202, 204. 
Filius Ricardi, Rogerus, 86, 236. 
Filius Ricardi, Simon, 141, 152, 

Filius Ricardi, Warinus, 22, 25. 
Filius Ricardi, WDUelmus, 19, 23, 

26, 28, 45. 
Filius Ricardi Ageliun, Robertus, 


Filius Ricardi de Bosintoo, Hugo, 

Filius Ricardi de BosintoS, Nicho- 
laus, 266. 

Filius Ricardi de EteuestoS, Hugo» 

Filius Ricardi de Harington, Wil- 
lielmus, 265. 

Filius Richardi de Litlebir, Jo- 
hannes, 137. 

Filius Ridett, Radulphus, 195. 

Filius Ridett de Risebi, Radulphus, 

Filius RimUd, Eliot, 245. 

Filius Rimild^ Johannes, 236. 

FiUus Roaldi, Rogerus, 264. 

Filius Roandis, llobertus, 59. 

Filius Roberti, Brianus, 186. 

Filius Roberti, Henricus, 75, 91, 
144, 212. 

Filius Roberti, Hugo, et Emma 
quae fuit uxor ejus, 227. 

Filius Roberti, Johannes, 65, 192. 

Filius Roberti, Lucianus, 90, 9L 

Filius Roberti, Mauricius, 43. 

Filius Roberti, Nicholaus, 34» 

Filius Roberti, Petrus, 180. 

Filius Roberti, Radulphus, 250. 

Filius Roberti, Reginaldus, 234. 

Filius Roberti, Ricardus, 29, 251, 

Filius Roberti, Robertus, 233. 

Filius Roberti, Rogerus, 263. 

Filius Roberti, Sewal, 79. 

Filius Roberti, Walterus, 127, 134. 

Filius Roberti, Williehnus, 63, 225. 

Filius Roberti, Wmfridus, et Petro- 
nilla quae fuit uxor ejus, 

Filius Roberti de Bede^ Petrus, 

Filius Roberti Briton, > 247. 

Filius Roberti Fabri, Petrus, 56, 

FiUus Roberti le Grant, Williel- 
mus, 271. 

Filius Roberti Juuenal, Mauricius, 

Filius Roberti de Sudale, Simon, 
193, 206. 



Filius Robert! de Tateshai, Philip- 
pus, 29. 
Filius Roberti de Wameford, Eiias, 

Filius Roberti de la Withie, Wal- 

terus, 137. 
Filius Roesiae, Willielmus, 19. 
Filius Rogeri, Alexander, 182. 
Filius Rogeri, Gilebertus, 231. 
Filius Rogeri, Jacobus, 27. 
Filius Rogeri, Radulphus, 66. 
Filius Rogeri, Reunfridus, 49. 
Filius Rogeri, Ricardus, 218, 248, 

Filius Rogeri, Simon, 76. 
Filius Rogeri, Thomas, 89, 90. 
Filius Rogeri, Walterus, 158. 
Filius Rogeri, Willielmus, 116. 
Filius Rogeri, Reginaldus, 218. 
Filius Rogeri DiriH, Philippus, 244. 
Filius Roges, Simon, 69, 134. 
Filius Rdlandi, Alanus, 25, 67, 

112, 198- 
Filius Roscelini, Willielmus, 184. 
Filius Sabini, Radulphus, 94. 
Filius Safridi, Radulphus, 138. 
Filius Salomonis, Johannes, 94. 
Filius Salomonis, Radulphus, 79. 
Filius Samuelis, Theobaldus, 19. 
Filius Comitis Sarum, Walterus, 

Filius Selverdi Coc, Griffinus, 185. 
Filius Semanis, Winemerus, 19. 
Filius Serlonis, Willielmus, 62. 
Filius Simeonis, Henricus, 93. 
Filius Simonis, Radulphus, 94, 

170, 238, 245. 
Filius Simonis, Robertus, 266. 
Filius Simonis, Rogerus, 27. 
Filius Simonis, Simon, 32, 61, 65, 

69, 84. 
Filius Simonis, Willielmus, 173^ 

205, 241, 250. 
Filius Simonis deflssebi, Robertus, 

Filius et heres Simonis de Walle 

torta, Robertus, 199. 
Filius Sinod, Grodwinus, 56, 108, 

137, 145. 
Filius Stangrim, Robertus, 19. 

Filius StangriS, Willielmus, 19. 

Filius Stephani, Rogerus, 118, 
210, 242. 

Filius Stephani, Willielmus, 248. 

Filius Stephani de Holewell, Ro- 
bertus, 218. 

Filius Suaini, Svaini, Sueni, Williel- 
mus, 32, 76, 117. 

Filius Suefeldi, Ricardus, 45. 

Filius Sueni, Robertus, 17. 

Filius Sweini, Robertus, et Alicia 
quae fuit uxor ejus, 198. 

Filius Teobaldi, Theodbaldi, Ful- 
CO, 63, 209. 

Filius Therrici, Robertus, 262. 

Filius Thomae, Willielmus, 85. 

Filius Thoui, Henricus, 93. 

Filius Troite, Ricardus, 30. 

Filius Turbumi, Johannes, 44. 

Filius Turkilli, Ricardus, et Ju- 
liana uxor ejus, 202. 

Filius Turlac, Radulphus, 192. 

Filius Turlac, Simon, 193, 206. 

Filius Turstani, Gilebertus, 201. 

Filius Turstani, Radulphus, 242. 

Filius Turstani, Thomas, 163. 

Filius Turstani, Willielmus, 69. 

Filius Uctredi, Edwardus, 149. 

Filius Uctredi, Rollandus, et uxor 
ejus, 231. 

Filius Uhtredi, Warinus, 98. 

Filius Ulkilli, WiUiehnus, 145. 

Filius Umfridi, Gaufridus, 223- 

Filius Umfridi, Robertus, 152. 

Filius Umfiddi, Walterus, 140, 207. 

Filius Unguini, Willielmus, 86. 

Filius Urrici, Jurdanus, 118. 

Filius Vidonis, Robertus, 132. 

Filius Vitalis, Willielmus, 75. 

Filius Walclini, Henricus, 88. 

Filius Walclini, Robertus, 88* 

Filius Waldefridi, Williehnus, 86. 

Filius Walerami, Willielmus, 7. 

Filius Walteri, Adam, et Elena 
quae fuit uxor ejus, 109. 

Filius Walteri, Eustacius, 95. 

Filius Walteri, Gaufridus, 105. 

Filius Walteri, Robertus, 31, 40, 
58, 104, 150, 152, 155, 
185, 235. 



Filius Walteri, Rogerus, 174, 
Films Walteri, Simon, 22, 73. 
Filius Walteri, Waltenis, 86, 185, 

Faius Walteri, WUlielnms, 40, 58, 

100, 105, 182, 205. 
Filius Warini, Benedictus, 175. 
Filius Warini, Hugo, 178. 
FUius Warini, Willielmus, 183, 

188, 234. 
Filius Warini de Bassingeburn, 

Guiomarus, 139. 
Filius Widonis, Ricardus, 41, 110, 

Filius Widonis, Robertiis, 131. 
Filius Widonis, Waltenis, 181. 
Filius Widonis, Wido, 31. 
Filius Wiberni, Willielmus, 76. 
Filius Wiberti, Willielmus, 25a 
Filius Wigani, Radulphus, 59, 70, 

Filius WiUielmi, Alexander, 22a 
Filius Willielmi, Amalricus, 59. 
Filius WiUielmi, Bartholomeus, 

Filius Willielmi, Elias, 78. 
Filius Willielmi, Eustacius, 51, 

FiUus WiUielmi, GiUebertus, 34. 
FUius WUlielmi, Henrieus, 89, 

218, 237. 
Filius WiUielmi, Henrieus, et Mar- 

gareta quae fuit uxor ejus, 

FiUus WiUielmi, Herebertus, 271. 
FiUus WUUebni, Hubertus, 20. 
FiUus WUUelmi, Hugo, 193, 247. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Johannes, 37, 38, 

80, 147, 235. 
FiUus Willielmi, Jordanus, 214. 
FUius WUUelmi, Petrus, 235. 
FUius WUlielmi, PhUippus, 6, 34. 
FUius WUUelmi, Radulphus, 197. 
FUius WiUiehni, Ricardus, 180, 

235, 258. 
FUius WUUehni, Robertus, 67, 88, 

89, 141, 183, 234, 240, 

248^ 258. 
Filius Willielmi, Rogerus, 29, 65, 


FUius WUUehni, Segenis, 167. 
FUius WUlielmi, Thomas, 245. 
FiUus WUUelmi, Waleram, et An- 

sellus frater ejus, 8a 
FUius WiUiehni, Warinus, 119, 

FUius WUUehni, WUUehnus, 29, 

152, 257. 
FiUus WiUielmi de Crancurt, Wal- 
tenis, 57. 
FiUus WiUielmi Grim, WUliehnus, 

FiUus WiUielmi de Pirrho, Simon, 

FiUus WiUiehni fflu YsabeUfie,Wil- 

Uelmus, 15. 
FiUus Wimundi, Robertus, 62. 
Filius Wmfridi, Rogerus, 45. 
FUius Wolwi, WUlielmus, 158, 

FUius filii Wictmeri, Ra- 
dulphus, 144. 
FUius Ypoliti, Hugo, 24L 
FUius YsabeUfie, WUUehnus, 85, 

FiUus Yvonis, Yuonis, GiUebertus, 

7, 55. 
Filius Yuonis, Waltenis, 125. 
FUius Yvonis, Waltenis, et Oro- 

guUuse uxor ejus, 35. 
Finstede, 121. 
Fisseburii, Ricardus de^ 81, 129, 

Flambard, Johannes, 75. 
Flambard, WUUehnus, 3^ 102. 
Flamvifli Elias de, 210. 
Flandr, Engelramus, et Eufemia 

uxor ejus, 71. 
Flandr, Gerebertus, 159. 
Fland?, Ingelramus, et uxor ejus, 

Fland?, Reginaldus, 24. 
Flandf, Ricardus, 234. 
Fkndf, Robertus, 199. 
Flandr, WiUielmus, et Matilda uxor 

ejus, 118. 
Fleg, Henrieus de, 192. 
Fleg, Walterus de le, 150. 
Flichamstede, Hermitorium de, 




Flore, liberum tenementum in, 

Fokerhersl, terra in, 222. 
Fokinton, Hugo de, 61, 76, 246. 
.Folchenesherst, terra in, 74. 
Folesham, Willielmus de, 26a 
Folet, Reginaldus, 73. 
Folevi», Willielmus de, 237, 247. 
Folie, Petrus de la, 64. 
Folie, Rogerus de la, 64. 
Foliot, Radulphus, 175, 176. 
Foliot, Ricardus, 34, 41, 101, 175. 
Foliot, Ricardus, et Matillda quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 55, 130. 
Foliot, Willielmus, 44. 
Font, Ricardus de, 186. 
Fontibus, Rogerus de, 208. 
Ford, Ricardus de, 69. 
Ford, Forde, Abbas de, 73, 239. 
Forestarius, Adam, 246. 
Forestarius, Rannulphus, 85. 
Forestarius, Johannes, 189. 
Forestarius de Brumlege, Williel- 
mus, 150. 
Fordham, terra in, 47. 
Fordf, Abbas de, 81. 
Fortescu, Ricardus, 219. 
Forton, Ricardus de, 261. 
Fossard, Rogerus, 276. 
Fostoii, terra in, 69. 
Foston, Ysabella de, 69. 
Foxha), Foxhol, advoc ecclesias de, 

41, 239. 
Foxhol, Ricardus Presbiter de,* 

Foxton, Alexander de, 212. 
Foxton, Simon de, 222, 233. 
FranS, Ricardus, et uxor ejus, 

Franc, Rogerus, 276. 
Frang, Williebnus, 14, 242. 
Franceis, Johannes, Johannes le, 

20, 81. 
Franceis, Petrus le, 22. 
Franceis, Rannulphus, 75. 
Franceis, Stephanus, 16. 
Franceis, WiUiebnus, 53, 197, 20a 
Franc Chevaler, Fnuikel Chevaler» 

Willielmus, et Olimpias filia 

ejus, 215. 

Francus, Johannes, 160. 
Frankelan, Johannes, 205. 
Frankelein, Johannes de, 65. 
Fraricus, 97. 
Fratres Hospitalis Jerusalem, 29, 

43, 127, 131. 
Fratres Hospitalis Sancti Johannis 

Leic, 161. 
Fratres Militiae Templi, Fratres 

Templi, 20, 29, 82, 120, 

Fraxin, Salomon de, 72. 
Fraxin, Willielmus de, 19, 116. 
Fredeswida, Prior de Sancta, 

Fredonis, Luciana filia Alani filii, 

Freholm, Willielmus de, 20. 
Frehorn, WiUielmus de, 42, 113. 
Freningeham, Edwardus de^ 150« 
FrestoS, terra in, 70. 
Friday, Robertus, 141. 
Friday, Williebnus, 86. 
Fridebi, Henricus de, 172. 
Frienn, Robertus le, et Grecia 

uxor ejus, 264. 
Friston Parva, 82. 
Friston, Thomaade, 246. 
Fritb, Johannes del, 57. 
Friuili, Frivitt, Rogerus de, 47, 

Fromimdus, 69. 
Fromundus Abbas de Theokes- 

bury, 175. 
Fronssam, terra in, 13. 
Frost, Robertus, 86. 
Fuberti, Herbertus filius, 13a 
Fuist, Reginaldus, 81. 
Fulburn, terra in, 74. 
Fulco filius Teobaldi, Theodbaldi, 

63, 209. 
Fulconis, Gaufiridus filius, 12. 
Fulconis vel Fulchonis, Robertus 

filius, 225. 
Fulconis, Tebaldus filius, 187. 
Fulconis vd Fulchonis, Thomas 

filius, 229. 
Fulebec, terra in, 243. 
Fulebec, Thomas de, 243. 
Fulebroc, Hugo de, 6, 210. 



Fulebroc, Waltenis de, 19, 116, 

Fuleburn, terra in, 95. 
Funnes, terra in, 276. 
Funtell, terra in, 12. 
Funtel, feod militis in, 123. 
Furcis, Willielmus de, 169. • 
Furintin, Robertas, 246, 258. 
Fumellis, Henricus de, et uxor ejus, 

Fumellis, Radulphus de^ 44, 133, 

Fumellis, Robertus de, 106. . 
Fumivafl, Gerardus de, 139, 165. 
Fumuuafi, Robertus de^ 195. 
Furre, Reginaldus, 78, 217. 
Furre, Robertus, 132. 
Futipo, Robertus de, 75. 

Filiua , G., 152. 

Filiiu Gaufi-idi, , 193. 

Filius , Elias, 173. 


Gadardus filius Brunwi, 22. 
Gaderth, Gaufridus de, 213. 
Gaing, Radulphus de, 20. 
Gaiton, terra in, 57. 

{Galfridus^ Gaufridus^ S'c.) 
Gauiridi, Augnes filia, 203. 
Gaufridi, Gaufridus filius, 7, 51, 

187, 190. 
Gaufridi, Henricus filius, 92, 229, 

Gaufi-idi, Hugo filius, 251. 
Gaufridi, Johannes filius, 201, 275. 
Gaufndi, Radulphus filius, 83, 170, 

180, 216, 220, 280. 
Gaufridi, Ricardus filius, 4. 
•Gaufridi, Robertus pater, 114. 
Gaufridi, Gaufri, Thomas filius, 

231, 265. 
Gaufi-idi, WiUielmus filius, 17, 18> 

29, 73, 113, 203. 
Gaufridi de Burecote, Ricardus 

filius, et Geua uxor ejus, 


Galfridus, Gaufiridus, 66, 100» 
105, 106, 113, 144, 186, 
204, 213» 228. 

Gaufiidus filius ' " ■ , 193. 

Gaufridus, et Mabilia uxor ejus» 

GaUridus filius Eborardi, 20. 

Gaufi-idus filius Fulconis, 12. 

Gaufiidus filius Gaufiidi, 7, 51, 
187, 190. 

Gaufiridus filius LeureS, 180. 

Gaufiridus filius Petri, G. filius 
Petri, 3, 8» 13, 17, 20, 
28, 29, 40, 76, 112, 121, 
148, 149, 156, 161, 167, 
177, 184, 185, 190, 194, 
196, 211, 274, 277. 

Gaufiridus filius Radulphi de Grin- 
toil, 20& 

Gaufi-idus filius Ricardi, 4, 227. 

Gaufridus filius Willielmi, 105. 

Gaufindus filius Umfiridi, 223. 

Gaufiridus vir Edithse soroi^ Marg 
de Wicft, 64. 

Gallicus, Johannes, 186. 

Gamel, 235. 

Gamel, Rogerus filius, 272. 

Gamelingei, mesagium et terra, 
&c in, 144. 

Gamen, Radulphus, 86. 

Gape, Hugo, 240. 

Gardeston, Petrus de, 253. 

Garington, Ricardus de, 128. 

Garland, J. de, 221. 

GartoS, Eudo de, 70, 252. 

Garwinton, Ricardus de, 46, 281. 

Gatacf, Robertus de, 169. 

Gatesden, Gatisdenn, Willielmus 
de, 27, 32, 269. 

Gattesteii, Willielmus de, 269. 

Gattou, Thomas de, 104. 

Gaue, Radulphus, 45. 

Gautris, Johannes de, 58. 

Geddinges, Adam de, 142. 

Greddinges, Herevicus de, 142, 

Geiste, terra, &c. in, 78. 

Geitoii, Hervicus de, 142. 

Geiton, terra in, 127, 138. 




Geiwde, Johannes de, 19. 
Gelay, Walterus, 252. 
Genem, Henricus de, 80. 
Georgioy Baldewinus de Sancto, 

17, 113. 
Georeio, Fulco de Sancto, 223. 
Geraldus, et Marioria uxor ejus, 

Gerardi, Ricardus filiuB, 38. 
Gerardus, 165, 166. 
Gerebert, Robertus, 269. 
Grerman, Henricus jfilius, 22. 
Gememue, niasagium in, 27. 
Gememue, villa de, 80. 
(jememue, Alicia de^ 137. 
Gememue, Herbertus de, 80. 
Gemet, Adam, Angnes quae fiiit 

uxor, et Thomas filius ejus, 

Gemun, Aluredus, 119. 
Gemun, Baldewinus, 181. 
Gemun, Michael, 173. 
Gemun, Petrus, 113. 
Gemun, Radulphus, 177, 210, 

Geroldi, Henricus filius, 214. 
Geroldi, Robertus filius, 3. 
Geroldi, Warinus filius, 222. 
Geroldus, 48, 111, 112. 
Geroldus filius Ricardi, 61. 
Geronimi, Rogerus filius, 228. 
Gersindun, Willielmus de, 59. 
Gersinton, Walterus de, 132. 
GerueldoS, Ricardus de, 58. 
Geruet, Hascuillus, 94. 
Gerveis, Robertas, 245. 
GerwedoS, Abbas de, 28. 
Gettinton, villa de, 30. 
Geua quae fuit uxor Ricardi de 

Burecoi^ 192. 
Geua quondam uxor Rogeri de 

Stok, 89. 
Geua uxor Rogeri Walensis, 233. 
Geua quae fuit uxor Segari, 85. 
Geueleston, terra in, 235. 
Gifiard, Johannes, 218. 
Gif&rd, Osbertus, 57, 141, 256, 

Giffard, Radulphus, 20a 
Giiiard, Ricardus, 252. 

{Gilebertij GUberti^ ifc.) 
Gileberti, Alexander filius, 180. 
Gileberti, AUcia filia, 202. 
Gillberti, Elyas filius, 85. 
Gillberti, Ricardus filius, 138. 
Gilberti, Robertus filius, 201. 
Gileberti, Walterus filius, 212. 
Gileberti, Willielmus filius, 158. 
Gilebertus, 20, 25, 90, 164, 205, 

228, 251, 276. 
Gilbertus filius Aeleis, 149. 
Gilebertus filius Berengeri, 162. 
Gill^bertus filius Dunnig, 98. 
Gilebertus filius Henrici, 280. 
Gillbertus filius Presbiteri, 86. 
Gilbertus filius Reinfridi, 33, 151. 
Gillebertus filius Ricardi, 47. 
Gilebertus fiilius Rogeri, 231. 
Gilebertus filius Turstani, 201. 
Gillebertus filius Willielmi, 34. 
Gillebertus filius Yvonis, 7, 55. 
Gillebertus filius Mauricii de Lam*- 

burS, 79. 
Gilemichal, Ricardus filius, 172. 
Gill, Robertus, 19. 
Gilros, Robertus de, 122. 
Gipewic, Prior de Sco Petro, 272. 
Giros, Robertus de, 21. 
Girros, Betram de, 169. 
Girunde, Philippus de, 118. 
Gisnel, Rogerus de, 275. 
Gladefen, Osbertus de, 57, 224. 
Glaggere, Godman le, 3. 
Glamorgan, 45. 
Glamorgan, Radulphus de, et Phi- 

Uppus filius ejus, 276. 
Glanviil, Osbertus de, 10,11. 
GlanuiS, Ricardus de, 42. 
GlanuiS, Rogerus de, 131, 135, 

GlanviH, Glamvill, Rogerus de, 

quondam vir Comitissae 

Gundr, 133, 135, 
Glanvi», Willielmus de, 12, 117, 

Glauele, Williehnus de, 217. 
Gloucestrescire — Glouc, &c., 4, 16, 

29, 31, 32, 42, 44, 48, 60, 

82, 113, 170, 177, 183, 

188, 191, 201, 203, 208, 



Gloucestrescire, &c. — cont. 

210, 214, 221, 222, 223, 

230, 234, 235, 237, 247, 

253, 272, 277, 279. 
Glouc, comil, 277. 
Glouc, honor de, 176. 
GlouS, Senescallus, 281. 
Glouc, Hugo de, 186. 
Glouc, Wiffielmus de, 264. 
Glouc, WiUielmus Com, 64, 176. 
Gnosinton, ecclesia de^ 141. 
God, Gervasius, 101. 
Godardus, 265. 
Godardus filius Brunwini^ 24. 
Godardus filius Edrici, 18. 
Godefridi, Johannes filius, 22, 27, 

88, 93, 104. 
Godefridi, Ricardus filius, 240. 
Godefridi, Willielmus filius, 14. 
Godefridi de Lastan, Johannes 

filius, 11. 
Godefridus, Godfridus, 22, 23, 24, 

101, 107, 113, 273. 
Godefridus filius Acelini, 22. 
Godefridus, et Heilewisia quas fuit 

uxor ejus, 89. 
Godefridus, et Matillda uxor ejus, 

Grodeleston, terra in, 14. 
Godestok, tenementum in, 195. 
Godietha, 94. 

Goding, Nicholaus filius, 272. 
Goditha uxor Alani, 75. 
Godlaci, Susanna uxor, 75. 
Godrichestrop, Johannes de, 269. 
Godrici, Johannes filius, et Alflada 

vel Aifleda uxor ejus, 28, 

Godrici, Robertus filius, 246. 
Godricus, et Matillda uxor ejus, 

Godwini, Albricius filius, 74. 
Godwini, Nicolaus filius, 135. 
Godwini, Reinfi-idus filius, 22. 
Godwinus, 146. 
Godwinus filius Sinod', 56, 108^ 

137, 145. 
Gofield, Ricardus de, 187. 
Gois, Goiz, Robertus de, 18» 113. 
cGoldinton, terra in, 109« 

Goram, WiUielmus, et WimarlL 

quae fuit soror ejus, 221. 
Gorante, WiUielmus, 42. 
Gos, Robertus, 45. 
Graeleng, 199, 215. 
Graeleng filius Benedicti, 116. 
Grafham, Radulphus de, 50. 
Graflon, Adam de, 244. 
Grafton, Radulphus de, 73, 131, 

148* 261, 262. 
Grancurt, Walterus de, 39, 12^ 

126, 128, 160. 
Grancurt, WiUielmus de, 39. 
Graneueti, Ricardus de, 64. 
Grant, Emma quae fuit uxor WO- 

liehni le, 271. 
Grant, WUlielmus fiUus Roberd lev 

Grantee, Johannes Persona d^ 

Granteset, Grranset, terra, &c in, 

53, 134, 140, 22a 
Grantesel, Granted, Granset, Alex- 
ander de, 53» 134, 140. 
Grantseden, terra in, 98. 
Grassus, Ricardus, 94. 
Grassus, Robertus, 242. 
Grassus, Rogerus, 231. 
Gratstede, terra in, 123. 
Grail, Walterus de, 183. 
Graual, WUliehnus de, 240. 
Graue, Thomas de, 92. 
Grauenho, boscus de, 165. 
Gray, Robertus de, 183. 
Grecia uxor Robert! le Friemi^ 

Gregorii, WiUielmus fiUus, 109. 
Gregorius, 260. 
Gr^orius, Magister, 40. 
Gregorius filius AUwini, 227. 
Gregorius frater WiUielmi filii Ro- 

geri, 225. 
Greineston, Matheus de, 18. 
Greinvitt, Ricardus de, 176. 
GreUe, Robertus, 160, 184. 
Grendoii, Alicia de, 82, 267. 
GrendoS, Baldi^ de* et YsabeUa 

uxor ejus, 79. 
Grene, Johannes, et Matillda uxor 

ejus, 202. 



Greneford,liberum tenementum in, 

Grrenehitt, Willielmus de, 81. 
Grenmiseuille, Robertus de, 114. 
Grestein, Abbas de^ 255. 
Gretewrtb, Gillebertus de, 34. 
Gretham, Henricus de, 24. 
Grettestoii, Matheus de, 195* 
Griffinus, 63. 

Griffinus filius Selverdi G>c, 183. 
Grim, Henricus, 118. 
Grim, Radulphus, 183, 234. 
Grim, Agues filia Willielrai, 93. 
Grim, mlliebnus iilius WUlielmi, 

Grimbald, Nicholaus, 67. 
Grimbald, WiUiebnus, 98, 237. 
Grimillies, Henricus de, 136. 
Grig, Robertus le, 140. 
Gubiun, Ricardus, 15, 106, 147, 

186 195. 
Guer, WiUi'ehnus, 242. 
Guhec, WilUelmus de, 118. 
Guiomarus filius Warini de Bas- 

siogeburn, 139. 
Guiz, Robertus le, 132. 
Guiz, Simon le, 63, 216. 
Gulafr, Philippus, 173, 197. 
Gulaf^, Rogerus, 197. 
Guncelinus, 238. 
Gundecote, Hugo de, 223. 
Gundreda, Comitis^ 111, 184, 

Gundreda, Comitissa, et Rogerus de 

Glanvill quondam vir ejus, 

133, 135. 
Gundreda uxor Adas, 164. 
GunetoD, feod mili{ in, 186. 
Gunetorp, feoS milil in, 193. 
Gunilda, Gunnilda, 22, 25, 94, 

95, 101. 
Gunilda filia Osberti, 75. 
Gunilda vel Gunnilda quae fuit uxor 

Joce, et Robertus filius ejus, 

Gunildae, Radulphus filius, 18L 
Gunildse, Robertus filius, 181. 
Gunnetorp, Johannes de, 223* 
Gunnolf, 24. 
Gunnolueston, ecclesia de, 95. 

Rot. Cur. Reg. — Vol. II. 

Gunnora uxorNichoku de StuteviH, 

27, 33. 
Gunnora uxor Roberti fil Walteri, 

Guntard, Walterus, 187. 
Gurei^ Stephanus, 22. 
Gutlacus, 94. 

G — «vus Willielmi de Sancto Fktrtcio, 171. 

G. filius , 152. 

Ger 173- 

Genrasius de ... ele8g*¥e,.9. 

Godefir' de , 8. 

Gres. , oonsuetudo ▼ocata, 150. 

Guillielmus » ^ S14. 


H. Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis, 

H. Episcopus Line, 200. 
H. pater Hugonis Juvenis, 92. 
Habom, Rogerus de, 80. 
Hacebi, Johannes de^ 86. 
Hacebi, Robertus de, 86. 
Hachamsted, terra in, 49. 
Hache, terra in, 128. 
Hache, Ricardus de. 111. 
Hacun, Walterus, 83, 84, 216. 
Hacunnebi, Rogerus de, 56. 
Haddingel, boscus de, 43. 
Hadenham, Ricardus de, 67. 
Hadfeld, terra in, 31. 
Hadfeia, Walterus de, 107, 142. 
Hadfeld, Willielmus de, 281. 
Hage, Hag, Jacobus de, 127, 278. 
tmg^, Ricardus de, 128. 
Hagenilda, 94. 
Hagenilda filia Osberti, 75. 
Hages, Jacobus de, 118. 

Haggemore, de, 9. 

Haia, terra de, 164. 
Hai^, Robertus de^ 251. 
Haia, Willielmus de, 182, 250. 
Haie, Mauricius de, 129. 
Haie, Walterus de la, 1 16. 



Haie, Willielmus de la, 102, 106, 

129, 149. 
Haimeston, terrain, 62. 
Hainton, terra de, 231. 
Hairun, Hugo, 276. 
Hairun, Rogerus, 114. 
Hak, Ricardus, 161. 
Hake, terra in, 235. 
Hakemere, liberum tenementum 

in, 21, 24. 
Hakemundus, 130. 
Haket, Olivems, 21. 
Hakun, Walterus, et Dionisia uxor 

ejus, 220. 
Hal, Johannes de^ 87. 
Halbeis, Petrus de, 234. 

Haldeg, Radulphus de, 79. 
Halderstede, terra in, 207. 
Halegef, terra in, 206. 
Halegestowe, terra in, 137, 145. 

Halenald, 9. 

Hales, ecdesia de, 156. 

Halewestowe, terra in, 57* 

Halgele, 151. 

Halioc, Nicolaus de, et Agnes 
uxor ejus, 187. 

Halioc, Ricardus de, 187. 

HaliweH, Moniales de, 209. 

Haliwelt, Priorissa de, 63, 187. 

Halketot, Hubertus de, et Dionisia 
uxor ejus, 56. 

Hallinges, Willielmus de, 87. 

Hallinges, Radulphus de, 186, 241. 

Halsted, Thomas de, 279. 

Haluecot, Osbertus de, 244. 

Hameldon, Robertus de, 49, 213. 

HameledeS, terra in, 201. 

Hameledoii, Robertus de, 79, 189. 

Hamelesdon, Rogerus de, 256. 

Hameltoiii, Ricardus de, 62. 

Hamma, 93. 

Hamo, 243. 

Hamo filius Mathasi, 231. 

Hamo avunculus Johannis Extrar 
neij 187. 

Hamonis, Milo filius, 131. 

Hamonis, Nicolaus filius, 44. 

Hamonis, Ricardus filius, 69, 76, 
134, 234. 

Hamonis, Robertus filius, 176. 

Hanac, cur Williebni de Sancto 

Job apud, 91. 
Hantonell, terra in, 177. 
Hapham, Johannes de, 69. 
Harding, Johannes filius, 165. 
Hardingestorp, terra in, 13. 
HardintoB, terra in, 276. 
Hardr, ecc!ia de, 259. 
Hardf, PhQippus de, 259. 
Hardredeshin, Willielmus de, 17. 
Hardres, advoS ecdesiae de, 127. 
Hardres, Philippus de, 127. 
Hardwin, Robertus, 83, 133. 
Hare, Robertus, 19. 
Harecurt, Willielmus de, 44. 
Haregot, Stephanus, 35. 
Hareng, Radulphus, 19, 116. 
Hareng, Umfiridiis, 116. 
Harengot, Stephanus, 128, 184. 
Harewecurt, Robertus de, 248» 

Harewode, ecdesia de, 222. 
Harewode, Johannes de, 53. 
Hameg, terra in, 251. 
Harpetf , Willielmus filius Johannis 
de, 234. 

Harrington, Willielmus filius Ri* 
cardi de, 266. 

Harriun, Hugo, 17. 

Harundel, Comes de, 23. 

Harundel filius Julianas de Wade, 
Willielmus de, 34. 

Haseberg, Radulphus, 276. 

Hasteng, Aitrop, 76. 

Hasteng, Umfiidus, 79. 

Hasting, Gillebertus de, 31. 

Hasting, Radulphus de, 124, 254. 

Hasting, Willielmus de, 184, 24a 

Hatfeld^ terra de, 81. 

Hatfeia, Prior de, 187. 

Hathfeld, Walterus de, 82. 

Hattinget, Petrus de, 245. 

Haubois, Petrus' de, 195. 

Hauburg, Willielmus le, 159. 

Hauecroft, 271. 

Hauekenberg, Walterus de, 47. 

Haueringes, terra in, 277. 

Haule, Warinus de, 19. 

Haure, Walterus de, 130. 

Haustede, advoc ecclesias de, 224» 




Hanstede^ Thomas de, I4L 
Haiistede^ Willielmus de, 194,256. 
HauTiB, Willielmus de, 111. 
Hawisia, 127, 176. 
Hawisia quae fuit uxor ElisB de 

Rodeberg, 82. 
Hawisia uxor Rogeri Corbet, 175. 
Hawisia uxor Odonis vel Othonis de 

BarkestOD, 55, 186. 
Hawisiae, Laud? filius, 22. 
Hawisiae, Rogerus filius, 22* 
Haxeholm, terra de, 281. 
Haxstede^ Rollandus de, 105. 
Heeham, manerium de, 6, 7. 
Heddeham, Johamies de, 276. 
Heddon, Gilebertus de, 276. 
Henrici, Williebnus filius, 49. 
Heggestofi, terra in, 82. 
Hehenton, terra in, 7. 
Hehham, redditus in, 129. 
Heideii, Heidenn, terra de, 132, 

Heiden, Custancius de, 5. 
HeideS, Thomas de, 216, 217. 
Heilewi^ 248. 
Heilewisia uxor Gaufiridi Ruffi, 

Heilewisia quas fiiit uxor God, 89. 
Heilewisia uxor Hugonis des Loges, 

Heinfridus, 10, 11. 
Heirun, WiUiehnus, 268. 
Helde, Gillebertus de la, 126. 
Helewisa uxor Alani de Dodinton, 

222, 228. 
Helgel, terra in. 111. 
Helle, Hei)^ Gillebertus del, 190, 

Helle, Johannes de la, 56. 
Hehriingham, liberum tenementum 

in, 248. 
Helpeston, Walleram, Waleranus, 

de, 187, 198. 
Hd[[»ingham, Gillbertus de, 87. 
Hemberi, Hembir, Gaufridus de, 

71, 228. 
Hemberi, Rogerus de, 228» 
Hemesgrave, terra in, 198. 
Hemisbi, villa de, 128. 
Hemsted, Hamo de, 18. 

Henengham, eoclesia de^ 285. 
Hengham, Robertus de, 178. 
Hengham, Walterus de, 248. 
Heni, terra in, 47. 
Henredon, Ricardus de, 20. 
Henrici, Adam filius, 20. 
Henrici, Gilebertus filius, 280. 
Henrici, Nicolaus filius, 66. 
Henrici, Ricardus filius, 265. 
Henrici, Rogerus filius, 66. 
Henrici, Wido filius, 68. 
Henrici, Willielmus filius, 15» 48» 

61, 70, 104, 266. 
Henrici, Wimarka filia, 214. 
Henrici, Alvina quae fuit uxor, 

Henrici, Enuna qu» fuit uxor, 

Henrici Le Angevin, Agnes filia, 

Henrici Camerarii, Hugo filius, 

Henrici filii Roberti, Emma quae 

fuit uxor, 116. 
Henrici de Oxendon, Willielmus 

filius, 52. 
Henrici de Straton, Rogerus filius^ 

Henricus,'25, 45, 59, 94, 95, 118^ 

122, 181, 182, 152, 157, 

178, 178, 218. 
Henricus Rex, 80, 88, 149, 157, 

Henricus Rex avus Domini Regis, 

5, 6, 7, 10, 41, 51, 70, 97, 

108, 188, 176, 225, 227, 

228, 287, 241, 260, 272, 

Henricus Rex — pater, 49, 82, 

111, 125, 182, 187, 158, 

168, 185, 218, 219, 251, 

254, 259, 260, 268, 272, 

Henricus Rex — pater Dni Regis^ 

78,98, 119,188,149, 162, 

Henricus Secundus Rex, 272. 
Henricus Comes War, 179. 
Henricus confrater abbatifie de 

Pipewell, 65. 

Y 2 



Henricus confrater Militiee Tern- 

pli, 143. 
Henricus filius Ailrici, 22& 
Henricus jfilius Aug, 49. 
Henricus filius Christians^, 93. 
Henricus filius Gaufiridi, 92, 229, 

Henricus filius Grermani, 22. 
Henricus filius Geroldi, 214, 269. 
Henricus fiilius Johannis, 166. 
Henricus filius Petri, 31, 267. 
Henricus filius Roberti, 75, 91, 

144, 212. 
Henricus filius Simeonis, 93. 
Henricus filius Thoui, 93. 
Henricus filius Waclini, 88. 
Henricus filius Willielmi, 89, 137, 

218^ 237. 
Henricus filius Willielmi, et Mar- 

gareta uxor ejus, 102. 
Henricus Monachus, 11. 
Henricus serviens Mathei, 107. 

(Herbertij Herebertus^ ifc) 
Herberti, Herbertus filius, 8, 25, 

40, 166, 187, 241. 
Herberti, Johannes iUius, 91. 
Herberd, Matheus filius, 53. 
Herbert!, Thomas filius, 55, 140, 

Herbertus, 34. 
Herebertus filius Alani, 203. 
Herbertus ^ius Herberti, 8, 25, 

40, 166, 187, 241. 
Herbertus filius Fuberti, 138. 
Herebertus filius Willielmi, 271. 
Hereberting, God de^ 24. 
Herdd, terra in, 29, 57. 
HerderwiS, advoc ecclesise de, 

Herdestok, ecclesia de, 226. 
HerdwiS, advoS ecclesias de, 218. 
Herdwich, Herdewich, ecclesia de, 

118, 120. 
Hereburbu?, terra in, 232. 
Herefordscire — Hereford, &c, 17, 

78,88, 139, 175, 187,216, 

233, 235, 250, 264. 
Hereford Comitissa de, 82, 279. 
Hereford, G. Electus, 268. 
Hereford, Walterus de, 233. 

Herevici, Willielmus filius, 242. 

Herford, firater Ricardus de, 127. 

Heriet, Ricardus de, 145. 

Heriz, Gaufridus de, 240. 

Heriz, Ijrvo de, 95. 

Herlave, Gilbertus de, 91. 

Herlawe, Emaldus de, 193. 

Herleia, Maukolumus de, 169. 

Herlenmere, Petrus de, 267. 

Herleston, terra in, 5. 

Hermer, 105. . 

Herpingham, advoS ecclesise de, 

Herrun, Hugo, 9. 

Hersan, Robertus de, 190. 

Hersi, Hugo de, 103. 

Hersi, Robertus de, 103. 

Hersin, Robertus de, 190. 

Herst, Waleramus de, 246. 

Hertemere, Andreas de, 67, 212. 

Hertfordscire — Herts — Hertford 
— &C., 3, 7, 9, 14, 22, 24, 
27, 28, 32, 40, 47, 51, 57, 
59, 63, 69, 70, 71, 77, 
82, 87, 90, 124, 137, 139, 
146, 155, 166, 174, 185, 
187, 189, 190, 199, 220, 
224, 230, 233, 240, 261, 
266, 275. 

Hertford!, castellum de, 185. 

Herthdin, Anketilla de, 209. 

HertweB, Walterus de, QQy 87, 

HertweH, Nicolaus de, et Johannes 
et Philippus fit ejus, 88. 

Herveus filius Eustacii, 1 10. 

Henri, Willielmus filius, 141. 

Hervici, Osbertus filius, 64, 96, 


Hervicii, Willielmus filius, 81. 
Hervicus, Herevicus, 19, 144, 253. 
Hervicus filius Eustacii, Eustachii, 

97, 98, 109, 143, 147, 

Hervisii, Adam filius, 22. 
Hervisii, Simon filius, 22. 
Herwardi, Radulphus filius, 68. 
Heselbei^, terrain, 87. 
Hesei!, Hugode, 13. 
Hesmenia, 221. 



Hessel, liberum tenementum in, 

8, 24. 
Heton, baronia de, 279. 
Heuendun, Alexander de, 219. 
Heueningham, ecclesia de, 58. 
Heueningham, terra et redditiis in, 

Heuere, Gilebertus de, 276. 
HeuxtentoS, terra in, 90. 
Hevingham, terra de, 281. 
Hexstede, Waltenis de, 206, 213. 
Hexstede, Waltenis de, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 93. 
Hextaneston, terra in, 51. 
Hichecol, Paganus de, et Matillda 

uxor, et Waltenis filius 

ejus, 31. 
Hida, Gilebertus de, 161. 
Hida, Johannes de, 58, 67. 
Hide, Fulco de, 197. 
Hide, Gilbertus de la, 27, 124, 

Hide, Johannes de, 241. 
Hide, Johannes de la, 46. 
Hikeling, Gaufridus de, 158. 
HiUarius, 2L 

Hindringham, Alanus de^ 45. 
Hingindon, 279. 
Hinton, Osbertus de, 34. 
Hintoii, Ricardus de, 34. 
Hirdele, terra in, 29. 
Hirdman, Rogerus, 86. 
Hirham, boscus in, 27, 33. 
Hisseburn, Ricardus de, 131. 
Hissein, terra in, 164. 
Histon, terra in, 260. 
Histon, WiUiehnus de, 138. 
Ho, Willielmus de, 112, 247. 
Hobi, terra in, 163. 
Hobi, homines de, 163. 
Hobi, Reginaldus, 163. 
Hobrig, Hobrigg, Willielmus de^ 

20, 28^ 246. 
Hobrigg, Christiana de, 16. 
Hobru^, Christiana de, 8. 
Hoc, Handulphus de, 230. 
Hochton, Thomas de, 246. 
Hocstaneston, terra in, 190. 
HoctoS, feod milil in, 4, 242* 
Hocton, Philippus de, 4. 

Hocton, Ricardus de, 41. 
Hodelme, Robertus de, 30. 
Hodenet, Odo de, 169. 
Hoggeston, terra in, 269. 
Hoggeston, Isaac de, 269. 
Hohton, Matillda de^ 97, 9a 
Hoke, Petrus atte, 149. 
Hoke, Simon de la, 149. 
Hoketon, Johannes de, 166. 
Hokinton, terra in, 69. 
Hoi, Thomas de, «t Sibilla uxor 

ejus, 242. 
Holand, ecclesia de^ 34, 145, 5249* 
Holand, Adam de, 248. 
Holcham, liberum tenementum in, 

Holcham, (jaufiidus de, 64* 
Holcham, Petrus de, 158. 
Holebeche, Willielmus de, 188, 

Holecol, terra de, 131, 132^ 
Holeg, Elias de, 276. 
Holende, Adam de, 145. 
Holepenn, Bartholomeus de, 223. 
Holewett, terra in, 68, 83, 216, 

Holewel!, Simon de, 83, 84, 126, 

Holewelt, Stephanus de, 68, 83, 

Holeweil, Stephanus de, et uxor 

ejus, 221. 
Holiac, Ricardus, 136. 
Hollebec, Wido de, 189. 
Holme^ terra in, 38. 
Holmo, boscus de, 262. 
Holon^ Adam de, 34. 
Holt, 150. 

Holt, Petrus Qericus de, 147. 
Holte, Alexander de^ 106. 
Homstude, Hamundus de, 192, 
Hoiidesac?, Willielmus de, 216« 
Horbling, Andreas de, 272. 
Horeseg, terra in, 227. 
Horle, terra de, 183. 
Homecastf, Parsona de, 162. 
Hors, Hugo de, 252. 
Horsee, terra in, 4. 
Horsie, Philippus de, 125. 
Horstede, terra in, 18. 

Y 3 



Hosatus, Gilo, 239. 
Hosbringes, GaufridnB de, 278. 
Hose, Hubertus, 198w 
Hose, Radulphus, 169. 
Hose, Waltenis de la, 144. 
Hospitalarii — Fratres Hospitalis — 

Fratres Hospitalis Jerusa- 
lem, 29, 35, 43, 92, 127, 

131, 132, 268. 
Hospitalis, Prior, 75, 127. 
Hospitalis de Novo Loco, Prior, 

Hospitalis Sancti Johannis de LeiS, 

Fratres, 161» 
Hoetoir, Gaufiridus le^ 165. 
Hotton, Godefridus de, 149. 
Hottot, Hugo de, 83. 
Hottot, Robertus de, 243, 277. 
Hottot, Thomas de, 167. 
Hottot, Willielmus de, 130. 
HoueB, Willielmus, 18, 192, 

Houton, terra in, 228. 
Houton, Ricardus de, 48^ 110, 

Houton, Willielmus de, 228. 
Hubald, Adam, 26. 
Hubald, Robertus, 26. 
Huberti, Ricardus filius, 123» 
Hubertus, 243. 
Hubertus filius Willielmi, 20. 
HucbendeS, terra in, 12. 
Hugefor^ Emelina de, 277. 
Hugenden, Radulphus de, 12. 
Hugo, 11, 13, 43, 105, 111, 127, 

169, 189, 197, 208, 237, 

Hugo Archidiaconus Salop, 250. 
Hugo filius Aug, 114. 
Hugo filius Decani, 125. 
Hugo filius Eluine, 205. 
Hugo filius Gaufi-idi, 251. 
Hugo filius Petronellae, 97. 
Hugo filius Radulphi, 4. 
Hugo filius Warini, 178. 
Hugo filius Willielmi, 193, 247. 
Hugo filius Ypoliti, 241. 
Hugo filius Emaldi Nautae, 93. 
Hugo filius Henrici Camerarii, 


Hugo filius Ricardi de BosintoS, 

Hugo filius Ricardi de Eteueston, 

Hugo filius Roberti, et Emma qua 

fiiit uxor ejus, 227. 
Hugo filius Petri de Capella, et 
. Petronilla mater ejus, 143. 
Hugo Senescallus Episcopi Sarum, 

Hugonis, Adam filius, 279. 
Hugonis, Johannes filius, 264. 
Hugonis, Margareta filia, 233. 
Hugonis, Radulphus filius, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 6. 
Hugonis, Rogerus filius, 82, 83. 
Hu^Adam de, 156. 
Hulecote, Philippus de, 182. 
Hulla, Hulle, Ricardus de, et Alui- 

na uxor ejus, 51, 135. 
HuUe, terra in, 70, 241. 
Hulm, Robertus de, 11. 
Humaz, Emma de, 162. 
Hume, Willielmus de, 102. 
Hunderregg, ecclesia, 17. 
Hunderugg, Hundri^e, capelt de^ 

8, 189. 
Hundrintoii, Odo de, 126. 
Hunefeld, Hugo de, 180. 
Hunesdon, Hu^o de, 180. 
Hunstaneston, Willielmus de, 49. 
Huntendonscire — Huntedon — 

Huntid— &C., 4, 39, 47, 49, 

52, 56, 63, 64, 84, 92, 

194, 214, 246, 25a 
Huntedon, Burgenses de^ 39, 258. 
Huntedon, Prior de, 47. 
Huntes, Radulphus de^ et Beatrix 

uxor ejus, 76. 
Huntiland, Robertus de, 239. 
Huntingef, Willielmus de, 274* 
Hurdestoke^ advoc ecclesiae de^ 

Hurtevent, Rogerus, 158. 
Huscamp, Robertus de, 261. 
Huscamp, Willielmus de^ 95, 261. 
Huscarl, Huscartt, Rogerus, 44, 

106, 148, 262. 
Huscart, Huscarti, Rollandus, 49, 




Husoot, Simon de, 66. 

Huscot, Willielmus de, et Liberia 

quae fiiit uxor ejus, 42. 
Husseburii, advoS ecclesiae de, 

Hussendenii, Admarus de, 106. 
Hussendon, Eduinus de, 259. 
Huttorp, Amoldus de, 159. 
Huuetorp, Johannes de, 170. 
Huweil, Gerardus de, 192. 

HenricQB de • . • • ford*» et Emma uxor ejii% 

L & J. 

J; I^iscopus, 176. 
J. Episcopus Wigorn, 157, 167. 
Jacobo, Augerus de Sancto, 167* 
Jacobum, peregrinationes, &c., 

versus Sanctum, 245. 
Jacobus, 197. 
Jacobus filius Rogeri, 27. 
Jacobus filius Aliciae de Barefeld, 

Icford, Robertus de, 219, 267. 
Ickeworth, Ricardus de, 268. 
Iclicol, Jurdanus de, et uxor ejus, 

Iclinton, Moniales de, 46. 
Idonea uxor Ricardi deWar, 205. 
Jerusalem, peregrinatio versus. 111* 
Jerusalem, Hierosolima, — Fratres 

Hospitalis, 131, 259, 268. 
Jerusalem, Prior Hospitalisf, 209, 

Jeston, Hamo de, '17. 
Ikewrtb, Ricardus de, II. 
Ilaria uxor Robert! de Beulers^ 

Hdeslea, Auicia de, 182. 
Ildinges, terra in, 46. 
lUefbrd, liberum tenementum i% 

Hleford^ Prior de, 94. 
Lnperatrix, Matilda, 149. 
Ingalde8torp,'Alanus de, 49» 

Ingelramus filius Johannis, 166^ 

Inges, Hugo de, 79. 
Inglef, terra in, 280. 
Ingolfiy Matillida filia, 247. 
Inguindingtorp, Adam de, 210. 
Inlande, life tenementum et terra 

in, 50, 129. 
Insula, Otuellus de, 67. 
Insula, Robertus de, 69, 186. 
Insula, Walterus de, 246. 
Insula, Willielmus de, 79, 165, 

Insula, Willielmus de, et Mabillia 

uxor ejus, 197. 
Joce, 101. 
Joce, Willielmus filius, et Ounnilda 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 100. 
Jocea, 16. 

Jocea soror Margaretae, 114. 
Jocea soror Margaretae de Wiclie, 

Jocelin, Radulphus, 60. 
Jocelini, Robertus filius, 94. 
Jocelini, Robertus filius, et uxor 

ejus, 147. 
Jocelinus, 19, 56, 63. 
Jocelinus filius Ailwardi, 18, 42,43, 

Jocelinus filius Dap, 17. 
Joceus Monachus, 135. 
Joellus con£rater Abbatis de Kin-' 

geswod, 60. 
Johanna uxor Johannis de CrioiD^ 

Johanna uxor Ricardi de Brusle, 

Brulle, 81, 89. 
Johanna uxor Roberti de Thum- 

ham, 182. 
Johanna uxor Seheri, 114. 
Johanne, Oliua de Sancto, 275. 
Johanne, Philippus de Sancto, 

Johanne, Robertus de Sancto, 2. 
Johanne, Willielmus de Sancto^ 

Johannes, I, 2, 19, 20, 25, 36y 

52,56, 109,113,119,130, 

169, 173, 174, 188, 193^ 

202, 218, 276. 

Y 4 



Johannes Rex, 1, % 22, 149, 154, 
155, 156, 185, 189. 

Johannes Episcopus Wigorn, 157, 

Johannes filius Ailnodi, 87. 

Johannes filius Aznf, 146. 

Johannes filius Baldewini, 208. 

Johannes filius Brithwaldi, 119, 

Johannes filius D^i, 13. 

Johannes filius Edwardi, 280« 

Johannes filius Gaufridi, 201, 275. 

Johannes filius Godefiridi, Godfiridi, 
22, 27, 88, 93, 104. 

Johannes filius Godrici, 28. 

Johannes fiilius Godrici, et Aifieda 
uxor ejiB, 194. 

Johannes filius Hardingi, 165. 

Johannes filius Herberti, 91. 

Johannes filius Hugonis, 264« 

Johannes filius Johannis, 41. 

Johannes filius Judithas, 123. 

Johannes filius Ketet, 144. 

Johannes filius Lefwini, 22, 149. 

Johannes filius Mabillise, 51. 

Johannes filius MargerisB, 207. 

Johannes filius Matuldse, 86. 

Johannes filius Pincemae^ 234. 

Johannes filius Radulphi, 274. 

Johannes filius Ricardi, 244« 

Johannes filius Rimildse, 236. 

Johannes filius Roberti, 65, 192^ 

Johannes filius Salomonis, 94. 

Johannes filius Turburni, 44. 

Johannes filius Willielmi, 37, 38, 
80, 147, 235. 

Johannes filius Baldewini de Lon- 
don, 53. 

Johannes filius Godefiridi de Las- 
tan, IL 

Johannes filius Matilldae de Che- 
lesham, 177. 

Johannes filius Nicolai de Hert- 
weB, 88. 

Johannes filius Ricardi de Litlebir, 

Johannes firater Thomas Clerici» 

Johannes Parsona de GranteS, 

Johannes SenescaUusEpiscopi Win- 
ton, 112. 
Johannis, Auicia filia, 81, 129. 
Johannis, Benedictus filius, 256. 
Johannis, Eugenius filius, 148. 
Johaniiis, Henricus filius, 166. 
Johannis, Ingelramus filius, 166, 

Johannis, Johannes filius, 41. 
Johannis, Martinus filius, et Alicia 

mater ejus, 186. 
Johannis, Nicholaus filius, 23. 
Johannis, Petrus filius, 26. 
Johannis, Philippus filius, 166. 
Johannis, Ricardus filius, 148. 
Johannis, Robertus filius, 19« 
Johannis, Rogerus filius, 124. 
Johannis, Wcuterus filius, 63, 107, 

Johannis, Willielmus filius, 56, 87, 

134, 141, 201, 245. 
Johannes, et Cecilia uxor ejus, 

Johannis de Musele, Auicia filia, 

Johannis de Stanham, Waltenis 

filius, 82. 
Johannis de Harpet?, Willielmus 

filius, 234. 
Johannis, Prior Hospitalis Sancti, 

Johannis Leic, Prior et Fratres 

Hospitalis Sancti, 84, 161. 
Joia quae fuit uxor Lucas de Boli- 

ton, 39. 
Jokeff, terra, &c. in, 133. 
Jokeford, terra, &c in, 135. 
Jordanus> 90, 94, 180, 188, 253,^ 

Jordanus filius Reug, 280. 
Jordanus filius Willielmi, 214. 
Joscelinus, 179. 

Isabella uxor Petri Salsarii, 178. 
Isabella uxor Ricardi de Lideberi, 

Isabella quae fiiit uxor Roberti de 

Pessi, 156, 173. 
Isabella uxor Willielmi le Brun,. 

{See abo YutbeUoy §"0.) 



Ismenia quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

Andeg, 214* 
Isolda, 274. 
Isolda uxor Walteri de Tateshai, et 

Custancia sororejus, 267« 
Istede» feod milit in, 197. 
Judaei, 62, 108. 
Judas, 62. 

Jude, filius, 64. 

Judithae, Johannes filius, 123. 

luelitbe, terra in, 199. 

lueta filia Badulphi Pilate^ 124. 

luetta, 229, 27L 

Juliana, 124, 126^ 229, 271. 

Juliana filia Aehardi, 173, 174^ 

Juliana filia Radulphi, 27 L 

Juliana uxor Eustacii de BodanC^ 

Juliana uxor Ricardi fii Turketi); 

Juliana uxor Ricardi de Wapenbif , 

Junior, Robertus, 33. 
Jurdan, Gaufiidus, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 100. 
Jurdani, Nicolaus filius, 21, 24, 


Jurdanus, 119. 

Jurdanus filius Auicise, 152, 153. 

Jurdanus filius Reingeri, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 146. 
Jurdanus filius Urriciy 118. 
Juuena}, Mauricius fiilius Roberd, 

Juuenis, Ail^^ardus, 95. 
Juvenis, Hugo, et H. pater ejus^ 

Juvenis, Radulphus, 45. 
Juvenis, Ricardus, 60, 70, 95. 
Ivone, Editha de Sancto, 251. 
Iwain, 185. 

Iwein, Robertus filius, 185. 
Jwerst, feod nulit in, 44. 

Johannes . . • fi^gefort» S6S. 
Jobannis^ frater, 56, 


Kaaines, Williebnus de^ 234. 
Kahanies, Hugo de, 116. 
Kaisho, terra in, 33, 140. 
Kaisneto, Johannes de, 34. 
Kaisneto, Ricardus de^ 50. 
Kakebrein, Abraham, 264. 
Kani, Dominus, 197. 
Kantelo, Robertus de, 279. 
Kantelo, Williebnus de, 169. 
Kantelu, Robertus de, 191. 
Karebi, Alanus de, 212. 
Kari, Philippus de, 156. 
Kari, Alicia de, et Radulphus 

Luuel filius ejus, 156* 
Karun, Johannes de, 83. 
Katerton, Alanus de, 242. 
Katesdive, terra de, 164. 
Katesclive^ Hamo de^ et Felicia 

uxor ejus, 239. 
Katon, terra in, 164. 
Kattediue, 164. 
Kattesfeld, Simon de^ 180. 
Katton, terra in, 37. 
Kederstorhne^ feo(t milit in, 174* 
Kedestoii, terra de, 78. 
Keilmers, feod milit in, 159. 
Keilmers,, Philippus de^ 52. 
Keinel, Robertus, 172. 
Keineto, Walterus de, et Amabilia 

filia ejus, 168. 
Keisho, Ace de, 33. 
Keleho, Abbas de, 256. 
Kellebi, Adam de, 86. 
Kellebi, Gillbertus de^ 86. 
Kellebi, Heruicus de, 86. 
Kelloc, Radulphus, 44. 
KembestoS, terra in, 55. 
Kemele, terra in, 16, 274. 
Kemeston, terra in, 269. 
Kemeston, Simon de, 269. 
Ken, Ricardus de, 3. 
Ken, Madllida filia Willielmi de^ 

Keneto, terra in» 248. 
Kenewarton, Raimulphus de, 8U 
Kenlinwortb, Prior de, 232. 
Kennildewortii^ ecclesia de, 228» 



Kennilword, Prior de, 228. 

Kenouii^ Johannes de, 183. 

Kent, — Kancia, 3, 4, 6, 14, 17, 
21, 24, 34, 35, 40, 46, 
54, 56, 68, 60, 71, 72, 
80, 94, 95, 102, 106, 107, 
108, 117, 118, 123, 127, 
128, 130, 136, 137, 138, 
139, 145, 148, 149, 153, 
180, 184, 188, 212, 227, 
230, 231, 237, 239, 240, 
243^ 253, 259, 262, 265, 
266, 278, 281. 

Kent, comitatus de, 24, 119. 

Kenwarton, Rannulphus de, 89. 

Kepe, Radulphus, 45. 

Kerdeston, Rogerus de, 111, 167, 
175, 182. 

Kereuitt, Simon de, 249. 

Kermetre, Osbertus, 45. 

Kersaultofi, terra in, 147. 

Kersimere, Alexander de la, 141. 

Kerswel^ terra in, 192. 

KersweH; Thomas de, 63. 

Kertlinge, Johannes de, 11. 

Kete}, Johannes filius, 144. 

Ketelbem, 218. 

Ketelbi, terra in, 267. 

Kethf Johannes de, 212. 

Ketlebem, terra in, 160. 

Ketleston, terrain, 39. 

Kilet^ terra in, 32. 

Kilewortil, Prior de, 212. 

Kilhamton, ecelesia de, 176, 177. 

Kilindhot, Johannes de, 250. 

Killingwic, terra in, 163. 

Kime^ Simon de^ 78, 196, 208> 
212, 213. 

Kinelay, Emaldus de, 249. 

Kinewarton, terra in, 81. 

Ejinewerham» Johannes de, 195. 

King, Rogerus, 280. 

Kio^esl^, terra in, 209. 

Kingesbiif, comm pastu? in, 95. 

Kingesdon, 149. 

Kingesland^ Alanus de, 189. 

Kingeston, 130. 

Kingeston, terra in, 80. 

Kingeston, Walterus de, 82, 279. 

Kingeswod, Juliana de, 233i 


Kingeswod, Abbas de^ et Joellus 

confrater ejus, 60. 
Kinlewrtfi, Prior de, 66. 
Kinlinwortfc, Prior de, 212. 
Kinton, Ricardus de^ 169. 
Kinton, Willielmus de, 232. 
Kipping, Ricardus, 186. 
Kirkebe, terra de, 231. 
Kii-keham, Kirkham, Prior de, 33^ 

Kirkestede, Ricardus Abbas 

28, 33. 
Kirkewald, terra de, 231. 
Kirkewaldesir, terra de, 231. 
Kirliton, curia de, 229. 
Kirtlingel, terra in, 92. 
Kisebi, Radulphus de, 87. 
KisteworA, Williebnus de, 181. 
Kokefeld, Adam de, 161, 171. 
Kokere}, Adam, 26a 
Korfham, terra de, 159. 
Kotes, 227. 
Kreic, terra de^ 231. 

K , 158. 


Lacd^ Johannes de, 2. 
LaceH, Jurdanus de, 125. 
LaceH, Simon de, 87. 
Laci, Gilebertus de, 251. 
Ladebem, terra in, 213. 
Laden, Willielmus de, 62« 
Lagahamme, 149. 
Lage&r, Laghefiu*, Eustacius de, 

181, 193, 219. 
Lage&f, Isaac de, 224. 
LagefaJS terra in, 219, 224« 
Lagel, Robertas de^ et Rogems 

pater ejus, 97. 
Laggehamme^ 150. 
Lahton, terra in, 109. 
Lak, Rogerus de, 222, %5. 
Lak, Williebnus de, 222, 235. 
Lakinghide, tercia pars feod dim 

milit in, 99. 



Lamid^, Jurdanus de, 78. 
Lamberti, WilUelmus fil, 114. 
Lamburn, Gillebertus filius Mau- 

ricii de, 79. 
Lamhuse, terra in, 39. 
Lammers, La Mersse, terra in, 47, 

Lancastrescire — Lane, 163, 204. 
Lancastr, homines de, 157. 
Lancet, Rannulphus de, 244. 
Lanceleuee, Johannes, 108b 
Lancelin, Simon, 52. 
LanceB, Ricardus de, 244« 
Lancinges, terra in, 271. 
Lanco, Alexander de, 3. 
Land, WilUehnus de la, 141, 279. 
Landeford, terra de, 231* 
Lane, WilUehnus de la, 27, 124, 
Langedon, libermn tenementum in 

marisco de, 186, 246. 
Langef, mesag in, 279. 
Langeford, mesag in, 82. 
Langeport, Herbertus de, 132. 
Langestre, foresta de, 35. 
Langei, Robertus de^ 97. 
Langetot, Gillebertus de, 49. 
Langetvit, Hugo de, 123. 
Langeuin, Langevin, Petrus, 74, 

Jjansho, Alexander de, 74^ 222. 
Lanham, Johannes de, 86. 
Lanton, Prior de, 44, 208^ 237. 
Lanualay, Willielmus de, 234» 

Larcher, Ricardus, 5. 
Laringeset, Jurdanus de, 90. 
Lastan, Johannes filius Godefridi 

de, IL 
Latimer, Philippus le, 268. 
Lattesberri, Rogerus de, 39« 
Laudo, Willielmus de Sancto, 82, 

Laudf filius Hawisise, 22. 
Laueshett, Robertus de, 87« 
JLaurencius, 91, 133» 207, 208. 
Lazaro, Hospitalis de Sancto, 240« 
Lech, Henricus de, 247. 
Lech, Ricardus de, 247. 
Iiechamstede, terra in, 37* . 
Leche, terra in» 188. 

Lechton, Lecton, Prior de,' 12^ 
210, 225. 

Lecia quae fiiit uxor Stephani, 

Lecia mater Johannis de Euersot, 

Leddeberi, Ricardus de^ et Ysabella 
uxor ejus, 217. 

Ledes, boscus de, 43. 

Ledes, villa de, 43. 

Ledes, Paulinus de, 32. 

Lednes, Prior de, 106, 259. 

Lednes, Robertus de, 186. 

LeferdeS, WiUielmus de, 21. 

Lefi'emund; Willielmus de, 110. 

Lefridi, Monachi de Cruce, 117. 

Lefstan, Johannes, 95. 

Lefwini, Johannes filius, 22, 149« 

Lefwini, Reinfridus filius, 22. 

Lega, ecclesia de, 61. 

Lega, Edricus de, 167. 

L^a, Edricus de, et Nicolaus filius 
ejus, 217. 

L^a, Gerardus de, 214. 

L^e, WiUielmus de, 73. 

Leges, Rogerus de, 232. 

Legh, Gilebertus de la, 211. 

Legha, Simon de, 6. 

Legham, Gilebertus, 211. 

Lehton, pastura in, 12. 

Lehton, Prior de, 7. 

Leia, Simon de la, 83. 

Leibum, Thomas de, 195. 

Leicestrescire — Legracestf — 
Leic, &C., 8» 17, 32, 40, 
61, 62, 76, 80, 81, 82, 
109, 117, 119, 120, 127, 
129, 141, 145, 146, 161, 
171^ 183, 194, 198, 221, 
224» 231, 234, 236, 247, 
256, 261, 262, 267, 275. 

LeiS^ Legra, Abbas de, 62, 93» 
204» 216. 

Leic, Comes de, 145, 183, 184» 

Leic, Magr Hospite^ 267. 

Lei^ Fratres Hospitalis Sancd 
• Johannis de, 161. 

Lei& Matheus de, 234. 

Lei^ Ricardus de, 83^ 133. 



Leig, Rogerus de, 163, 204. 
Leideston, Hamelinus de, 273. 
Leidet, Christiana, 99, 146. 
Leidun, Willielmus Sergent de, 

Leiham, Reginaldus de, 127, 195. 
JuekeburS, Herbertus, Herebertus, 

de, 124, 161. 
LekkeburS, Magister domus de^ 

Lelav, Robertus de, 28. 
Leniant^ Robertus, 52. 
Lenham, Radulphus de, 12, 106, 

Lenn, Lenna, Len, messuagium in, 

19, 71, 199. 
Lenn, Willielmus filius Petri de, 

Lenton, Prior etMonachi de, 161, 

Lenueise, Robertus^ 48» 132. 
X<eodogiuF, Gaufiridus de Sancto, 

Leoiwrthus, LeofWardus, 145, 146. 
Leon, Emaldus de, 39. 
Leonardi in Ward, advoc ecclesias 

Sancti, 201. 
Lesinges, terra in, 46. 
Lestimur, Johannes, 76. 
Leswordus, 137. 
Leta filia Radulphi, 57. 
Leticia, 20. 
Leticia vidua, 192. 
Leticia filia Radulphi, 138. 
Leticia quae fuit uxor Roberti de 

Broc, 82. 
Leu Veise, Milo, 184. 
LeuS, Matheus de, 183. 
L^uina, 118. 

Leuina filia Williehni, 21, 24. 
Leuine» Robertus filius, 19. 
Leurec, Gaufridus filius, 180» 
Leus, Osbertus de, 108. 
Lewehne, Umfiridus de, 67. 
Lia, Willielmus de, 251. 
Liberia quae fuit uxor Willielmi de 

Huscot, 42. 
Liber Miles, Umfiridus, 131. 
Lichelade, lil^ ten in, 12. 
Lichelade^ Radulphus de, 179. 

Lichelade, Radulphus de, et Wil- 
lielmus frater ejus, 103» 

Lideberi, Ricardus de, et Isabella 
uxor ejus^ 167. 

Lidinff, Gillbertus, 84. 

LdUecnerdk, Lillechirdi, Hamo de» 
105, 107. 

LiUing!, terra in, 223. 

Limei^ Nicolaus de, 71. 

Limesi, Jurdanus de, 110» 

Linacher, terra de, 238. 

Lincinges, Willielmus de, 271. 

Lincolnescire — LinS, &C., 2, 7, 
13, 14, 26, 33, 34, 41, 
42, 50, 52, 53, 56, 57, 
62, 65, 69, 70, 72, 73» 
78» 79, 82, 83, 86, 90, 
101, 102, 124, 139, 141, 
142, 148, 161, 162, 166, 
178» 182, 183, 186, 190, 
192, 196, 198» 200, 208» 
209, 212, 221, 226, 229, 
230, 231, 235, 240, 249, 
251, 252, 253, 255, 258» 
262, 270, 271, 272, 273» 

Line, Episcopus, Dominus, 5, 42, 
145, 183, 194, 270. 

Lincolniensis, Robertus Episcopa% 
200, 251. 

LinS, Petrus de, 194» 247. 

Lince}}, 265. 

Lindle, Matheus de, 275. 

Lindon, Simon de, 2. 

Linle, Matheu» de, 27. 

Linleg, Philippua de, 252. 

Liscuml^, Fordricus de, 247. 

LisewiS, Godefiridus vd Cofiridus 
de, 22, 195. 

LisewiS» R^inaldus de, 234^ 

Lisleschirch, Moniales de, 231. 

Lisures, Albredus de, 29. 

Lisures, Hugo de» 193. 

litlebi?» Lideberi, terra in, 137, 

Litlebif, Johannes filius Richardi 
de, 137. 

Litlecol, Simon de, 121, 123, 184» 



Litliiiget) Simon de, 143. 
Liuet^ Philippus de, 172. 
Liuet, Williehnus de, 165» 
Loching, liberum tenementum in, 

Loges, Hugo de, 61, 66, 216. 
Loges, Hugo de^ et Margareta, 

Margeria, uxor ejus, 61, 

185, 204, 212. 
Loges, Hugo des, et Helewisia 

uxor ejus, 62. 
Lohald, Henricus de, 235. 
Lohereg, Petrus le, 27. 
Lohereng, Willielmus le, 66. 
Loholt, Henricus, 58, 132. 
Lond, Alanus de, 52, 207. 
Lond, Fulco de, 25. 
Lond, Johannes de, 161. 
Lond, Laurencius de, 52, 207. 
Lond, Matheus de, 253. 
Lond, Thomas de, 164. 
Lond, Willielmus de, 164. 
Lond, Willielmus filius Benedict! 

de, 215. . 
London, 52/180^ 207,'2ll.t' 
London, breve de nova dis§ apud, 

London, civitas et cives, 52, 2lT, 

266.1^ ^ 

London, domus in, 151. ^ 
London, Turf, 64, 110, 221. 
London, Decanus Sancti Pauli, 

London, Episcopus, 7, 9, 35, 43, 

66, 75, 103, 104, 115. 
London, Silverhord versus, 174. 
London, Warinus de, 172, 173. 
Londoii, Johannes filius Baldewini 

de, 53. 
Longo Csonpo, Henricus de, 121, 

Longo Campo, Willielmus de, 33, 

Lon^s, Gillbertus, 86. 
LouQ, Prior de, 261. 
Lucham, Rogerus de, 49.. 
Luci, Ricardus de, 115. 
Lucia, 38. 
Lucia uxor Amiot de RifFord, 



Luciana filia Alani filii Fredonis, 

Lucianus filius Roberti, 90, 91. 
Ludesland, 121. 
Lufield, Prior de, 252. 
Luiton, Gillbertus de, 4. 
Luitoii, Rogerus de, 131. 
Lundirtorp, liberum tenementum 

in, 192. 
Lupellus, Radulphus, 35. 
Lupellus, Simon, 97. 
Lupellus, Willielmus, 193. 
Lusern, Odiema de, 262. 
Lutrinton, Ricardus de, 241. 
Luuedon, terra in, 207. 
Luuesi, Alexander de^ 197. 
Luuet, Willielmus, 86. 
Luuetot, Willielmus de, 165, 166. 
Luvel, Radulphus, 156, 253. 
Luv^, Luu^, Willielmus, 88, 204. 
Luwordus, 56. 
Luxeuio, Luxuuio, Godovicus de, 

18, 67. 

L*, Willielmus le, 141. 


M. Comitissa de Pertico, 127. 
Mabilia, MabiUia, 8, 53, 54, 95, 

Mabilia filia Berengeri, 263. 
Mabillia filia Roberti de Marmiun, 

quae fiiit uxor Hugonis de 

Say, 153. 
Mabilia uxor Gaufiidi, 204. 
Mabilia uxor Williebni de Insula, 

Mabilifie, Mabillise, Johannes filius, 

Macebi, Robertus de, 22. 
Macrin, Macriun, Philippus^ 167^ 

Maddingel; Madinge}, terrain, 53y 

110, 111,222,233. 



JVIadinglee, GrniwaP de, 1 10. 
Magister Milicise vel Militum 

Templi, 143, 205, 207, 

217, 218, 232. 
Magnus vel Mangnus, WillieimuB, 

Maidewei}, Simon de^ 52, 87. 
Maiencia quae fiiit uxor Osberti, 

Main, Gaufridus, 173. 
Mala mulier, Agnes, 134. 
Malaunei, Hugo de, 267. 
Malbertoro, redditus in, 62. 
Malduit, Kobertus, 41, 125. 
Malduit, Rogerus, 64. 
Malduit^ Thomas, 21. 
Malebisse, Williehnus, 96. 
MalemuUier, Male Mullier, Agnes, 

69, 76. 
Malesarf, terra de, 231. 
Malet, Hugo, 262. 
Malet, Ireuin, 20. 
!Malet, Robertus, 165. 
Malet, Walkelinus, 20. 
Malet, Walterus,. 135. 
Malet, Williehnus, 45, 121, 125. 
Maleurer, Rogerus, 118. 
Maleviil, Robertus de, 130, 243. 
Malfe, Simon, 193. 
Malfe, WUlielmus, 120. 
Malgeri, Robertus filius, 19. 
Malgerus, 64, 96, 100, 237. 
Malberbe, Adlam de, 73. 
Malherbe, Nigellus, 83, 216, 

Mallore, Henrieus, 232. 
Malmesbir, Abbas de, 16. 
Maloiset, Robertus, 197. 
Maloisel, Rogerus, 216. 
Malveisin, Adam, 233. 
Malveisin, Williehnus, 88. 
Mameler, Reinerus de^ 183. 
Manant^ Johannes le, 17. 
Mandeuiil, Adam de^ et Arme- 

garda quae fuit uxor ejus, 

87, 137. 
Mandevifi, Gaufridus de, 245. 
Mandevitt, Radulphus de, 279. 
Mandeviil^ Robertus de, 276. 
Mandevifi, Willielmus de, 245. 

ManegedeS,' Maneged, Gerardos 

de, 61, 211, 224. 
Manerio, Alicia de, 208. 
Maninton, Ricardus de, 107. 
Manseil; Mansel, Johannes, 61, 

19^ 237. 
Mansel, Williehnus, 277. 
Ma?, Alexander de^ 273. 
Maf, Mara, Jordanus, Jurdanus, 

de la, 36, 78, 88» 174, 

MaF, Robertus de Alba, 42. 
Ma?, Robertus de la, et ^^^^marcH 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 78. 
Ma?, Mare, Thomas de la, 27, 78, 

Mara, terra de, 36. 
Mara, Elias de, 36. 
Mara, Nicolaus de la, 9, 125. 
Mara, Osbertus de, 27, 131. 
Mara, Radulphus de, 200. 
Mara, Robertus de, 88, 131, 174. 
Mara, Walterus de, 26. 
Marcheis, terra de, 239. 
Marci, Willielmus de, 54. 
Marci, Willielmus de, et Ela uxor 

ejus, 242. 
Marcia filia Ricardi de Pipelinl» 

Marco, Gaufridus de Sancto, 196. 
Marco, Willielmus de Sancto, 196. 
Mare, Alanus de la, 27. 
Mare, Gaufridus de la, 67. 
Marenni, Robertus de, 61, 224. 
Marescallus, GiUebertus, 2. 
Marescallus, Johannes, 170, 175, 

177, 204, 232. 
Marescallus, Johannes, et uxor 

ejus, 167, 182. 
Marescallus, Ricardus, 220. 
Marescallus, Robertus, 141, 279. 
Marescallus, Walterus, 63. 
Marescallus, Wiganus, 70,241. 
Margareta, 229. 
Margareta — Vidua,90. 
Margareta filia Hugonis, 233. 
Margareta filia Reginaldi, 98. 
Margareta filia Hugonis de Say, 

Margareta mater Willielmi, 247. 



Margarets mater Robert! de Wiuifl; 

Margareta soror Johannis de Bran- 
ton, 13. 
Margareta uxor Thomse Noeff, 

Margareta quae fuit uxor Henrici 

de Bodiham, 95. 
Margareta quas fuit uxor Henrici 

ffliiWilUelmi, 102. 
Margareta uxor Hugonis de Bosco, 

Margareta vel Margeria uxor Hu- 
gonis des Loges, 61, 185, 

204, 212. 
Margareta uxor Radulphi Waleis, 

Margareta quae fuit uxor Widonis 

de Selues, 153. 
Margeria filia Johannis de Brami, 

Margeria uxor Henrici de Bodi- 
ham, 261. 
Margeriae, Johannes filius, 207. 
Marham, terra de, 179. 
Marham, Stephanus de, 193. 
Maria uxor Adas de Talewortb, 21, 

Maria, Adam de Sancta, 165. 
Marise, Canonici et Capellani 

Sanctae, 222. 
Mariae, Willielmus de ecdesia 

Sanctae, 157. 
Marias de Rotb, Canonici Sancte, 

Marise de Theo^ ecdesia Sancte, 

Mariora uxor Roberti de Bella 

Aqua, 227. 
Marioria uxor Geraldi, 202. 
Maris, Williehnus de, 24. 
Marisco, Johannes de^ 143. 
Marisco, Ricardus de, 32. 
Marisco, Robertus de^ 277. 
Marketes Overton, terra in, 36. 
Marketon, terra et molend in, 

MarkeweD, Adam de, 107. 
Marmiun, Robertus, 119, 224, 


Marmiun^ Williehnus, 67, 119. 
Marmiun, MabiUia fUia Roberti de, 

qme fuit uxor Hugonis de 

Say, 153. 
Marston, feod milil in, 196. 
Martett, Alicia, 111. 
Martham, villa de, 128. 
Martino, God de Sancto, 17. 
Martino, Willielmus de Sancto, 

Martinus, 15, 
Martinus — clericus Simonis de 

Pateshufi, 182. 
Martinus filius Johannis, et Alicia 

mater ejus, 186. 
Martinwast, Radulphus de, 256. 
Martoc, terra in parodi de, 55. 
Masseberi, Robertus de^ 25. 
Massingham, Robertus filius Ra- 
dulphi de, 192. 
Mateshale^ terra in, 170, 177, 

Mateshale, Johannes de, 26. 
Mateshale, Robertus de, 170, 177, 

182, 232. 
Mateshale, Robertus Persona de, 

Mathei, Alanus homo, 230. 
Mathei, Hamo filius, 231. 
Mathei, Henricus serviens, 107. 
Mathei, Willielmus filius, 31. 
Matheus, 102. 
Matheus filius Herberti, 58. 
Matheus filius Herberti de Stanlie, 
• 226. 
{Matilda, MaiiUida, MatiOdcB, ifc. ) 
Matilda — Matillida, 8» 72, 88, 94, 

100, 130, 218. 
Matillda Imperatrix, 149. 
Matillida filia Ailwini, 68. 
Matilda filia Emmse, 195. 
Matillida filia Ingolfi, 247. 
Matillda filia Osberti, 75. 
Matillida filia Radulphi, 195. 
MatiUda fiUa Umfridi, 258. 
Matillida filia Williehni de Ken, 

Matillida quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

de Kinton, 232. 
Matillida mater Sarrae, 206. 




MatUlda soror Christianas de Ho- 

brigg, 16. 
Matillida soror Walteri de Solariis, 

Matillida soror Willielmi filii Ra- 

dulphi, 42. 
Matillida uxor Adse de Stebehid; 

Stubhide, 21, 24. 
Matillda quas fuit uxor Alurici de 

Augo, 246. 
Matillda quondam uxor Elia^ de 

Broc, 95. 
Matillda uxor Fulconis de Oilli, 

Oirri, 188. 
Matillda uxor Griffini Waleis, 185. 
Matillda uxor Johannis Grene, 

Matillida uxor Pagani de Hiche- 

col) et Walterus filius ejus» 

Matillida qusb fuit uxor Petri de 

Pedeis, 19. 
Matillda quae fuit uxor Petri de 

Pesie^ P^ 98, 254. 
Matillda uxor Ricardi Foliot, 55, 

Matillda uxor Roberti de Euerous, 

Matillida uxor Rogeri le Passur, 

MatiUda uxor Walteri de Hexsted, 

Matillida uxor Wakeri de Travele, 

Matillda uxor Williehni de Breus, 

Matillda uxor Willielmi Flandf, 


Matillida quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

de Wlsislee, 76. 
Matildae, Alexander filius, 180. 
Matilldse, Johannes filius, 86. 
Matilldae de Chelesham, Johannes 

filius, 177. 
Mauduit, Gaufridus, 173, 247. 
Mauduit, Johannes, 7, 18. 
Mauduit, Robertus, 238, 259. 
Maugant, Alexander le, 17. 
Maugerus, 19. 
Mauleverer, Rogerus, 210, 242. 

Mauluudt, Mauluevel, Robertus, 

164, 183, 234. 
Maumesberi, Abbas de, et Johan- 
nes Monachus ejus, 274. 
Maumesberi, Re^naldus de, 262. 
Mauperteshale, Gillebertus de, 42. 
Mauquenci, Gerardus de^ 7, 18. 
Maurieii, Walterus filius, 225. 
Maurieii, Williehnus filius, 5. 
Maurieii de Lamburn, Gillebertus 

filius, 79. 
Mauricius, 33. 
Mauricius, et Turgis pater ejus, 

Mauricius filius Roberti, 43. 
Mauricius filius Roberti Juuenal, 

Maurin, Thomas, 247. 
Mauvenu, Robertus le, 268. 
Maxstan, Petrus, 2ia 
Meinilers, Reinerus de, 209. 
Melecumb, Henricus de, 247. 
Melecumft, Ricardus de, 193. 
Melisent uxor Ricardi de Deres- 

burc, 265, 266. 
Melkele, Ricardus de^ 201. 
Melles, terra et redd in, 14, 46, 

Melsa, Abbas de, 32. 
Melton, manerium de, 1 19. 
Meltoii, terra in, 119, 274. 
Mendesham, terra in, 14. 
Mendham, Thomas de, 11, 266, 

268, 269. 
Mendham, Williehnus de, 39. 
Mendlesham, terra et redd in, 46, 

Menelli, Thomas de, 3. 
Merc, Eustaciusde, 219. 
Mercator, Odo, 19. 
Mercator, Williehnus, 19. 
Merdeford, Adamde, 213. 
Merebroc, feod dim milil in, 223. 

Mereshale, , 152. 

Merewe, Robertus de, 91. 
Merf, Walterus de, 237. 
Merle, Hugo de, 270. 
Merle^ Simon le, 86. 
Merlee, Ricardus de, 77. 
Mersse, terra in la, 276. 



^lerston, 67. 

Merston, libenim tenementum in, 

Merston, molend in, 67. 
Merston, villa de, 34. 
Merstou Parva, terra de, 93. 
Merston, Nigellus de, 128, 184. 
Merston, Ricardusde, 275, 
Merstoii, Simon de, 158. 
Messor, Gilebertus, 181. 
Me tinges, Petrus de, 246. 
Meuerel, Willielmus, 219. ' 
Meuli, Tliomas de, 102. 
Miauton, terra de, 231. 
Michael, 86. 

Michael, Gaufridus de Sco, 273. 
Michaet, Willielmus de Sancto, 

Micheb, Gilebertus de, 213. 
Michelen, Abbas de, 175. 
Michelfeld, terrain, 14. 
Michelford, terra et redd in, 46. 
Miclefeld, terra et red in, 109. 
Micleham, Gillebertus de, 79. 
Middelesex, 35, 42, 75, 82, 94, 

95, 115, 131, 156, 189, 

221, 233, 243> 253, 262, 

Middeltoii, terra, &c. in, 133, 

Middelton, ecclesia de, 110. 
Mikelebrig, Adam de, 165. 
Milisent fUia Milonis, 274. 
Milites honoris ThikehiS; 162. 
Milites Templi, Fratres Militiae 

TempU, 20, 120, 169. 
Militiae Templi, Magister, 143, 

205, 207, 217, 218, 232. 
Militiae Templi, Prior, 118, 182. 
Millay, Rannulphus de^ 69, 190. 
Millieres, Umfridus de^ 18. 
Milo Monachus de Hatfeld, 187. 
Milo filius Hamonis, 131. 
Milonis, Milisent filia, 274. 
Milonis, Willielmus filius, 140. 
Milningham, terra in, 95. 
Minelee, Thomas de, 16. 
Mineres, Gillebertus de, 68. 
Mineres, Henricus de, 31. 
Mini», Hugo de, 56, 229. 

Rot. Cur. Reg. — Vol. II. 

Mobray, Mabilla de, 274.V 
Mobray, Nigellus de, 119."^ 
Mobray, Willielmus de, 42.^ 
Molbray, Mabillia de, 119.^ 
Molendinarius, Brichmerus, 187. 
Molendinai'ius, Martinus, 218. 
Molendinarius, Rogerus, 118. 
Molendino, Robertus de, 276, 
Molendino, Rogerus de, 252. 
Molsbi, Priorissa de, 163. 
Monacus, Elias, Elyas, 4, 123. 
Monachus, Gregorius, 155. 
Monacus, Gilebertus, 275. 
Monachus, Johannes, 16, 152, 200, 

Monacus, Nigellus, 206. 
Monacus, Philippus, 193. 
Monacus, Reginaldus, 139, 187, 

193, 251. 
Monachus, Reinfridus, 17. 
Monachus, Robertus, 64. 
Monacus, Rogerus, 197, 245, 252. 
Monacus, Walterus, 28. 
Monacus, Willielmus, 27, 33. 
Monasterio, Rogerus de, 233. 
Monasterio, Sewardus de, 181. 
Moneketon, molend de, 55. 
Moni, Robertus, 66. 
Monte Acuto, Johannes de, 192. 
Montibus, Thomas de, 276. 
Mora, Adam de, 161. 
mora, Aunora de, 255. 
Mora, Willielmus de, 146. 
Mora, Williehnus de la, 277. 
Morcol, Hamo de, 245. 
Mordestan, terra de, 186. 
More, Emma de la, 101. 
More, Willielmus de la, et Emma 

soror ejus, 57. 
Morett, Johannes, 113. 
More», Willielmus, 188. 
Moricii, Ricardus filius, 267. 
Moriii, Gillebertus, 14i3. 
Morin, Gillebertus, et Bela, Bella, 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 52, 

Morin, Radulphus, 172. 
Moriii, Ricardus, 67, 125. 
Morin, Robertus, 49, 52, 147> 





Morle» terra in, 198* 

Morle, Morlee, Milo de, 16, 

Morle, Milo de, et Milo avus ejus, 

et Milisenl filia ejusdem 

Milonis, 274. 
Morldiing, Willielmus de, 165. 
Morton, terra in, 225. 
Morton, Comes, 95. 
Morton, Hugo de, 244. 
Mortuo Mari, Rogerus de, 13. 
Mosse de Walingeford, filius, 

Moter, Mol, Oliverusle, 175, 196, 

Motton, Willielmus de, 192. 
Mowin, Ansellinus, 64. 
Moyses Clericus, 77. 
Muf, Gaufridus, 193. 
Mukelebrig, Hugo de, 165. 
Muleham, Gillebertus de, 189. 
MuleS, Mulesee, Samson de, 49, 

' 80. 
Muleton, Mulel, Thomas de, 33, 

Multon, Thomas de, et Sarra uxor 

ejus, 186. 
Muncanvitt, Willielmus de, 56. 
Mundeford, ecclesia de, 214. 
Mundeford, Adam de, 47. 
Mundenn, terra in, 139. 
Muneketon, feod milii in, 205. 
Muneketon, molendinum de, 136. 
Munemue, Prior de, 264. 
MungeweH, Radulpbus filius Ra- 

dulphi, 67. 
Muningham, terra in, 60. 
Munkens, Munkensi, Hubertus de, 

6, 12, 64, 117, 139. 
Munkensi, Willielmus de, 16. 
Munpincun, Hugo de, 279. 
Munpincun, Radulpbus de, 192, 

Muntaines, Ricardus de, 267. 
Munteherst, Willielmus de, 276. 
Munvirun, Johannes de, 47, 138« 
Murdac, Rogerus, 34. 
Murdag, Simon, 34. 
Muriel mater Williehni fflii Tur- 

stani, 224. 

Musele^ terra in, 81, 129, 146, 

261, 262. 
Musele, Auicia filia Johannis d^ 



Muub, Rogerus de, 232. / / 
Muubray, Mabilla de, 274, 275^ 
Muubray, Nigell de, 274. >/ / / 
Muubray, WiUiehnus de, 231^274,^ 


., Michael de, 273. 
.., tern in» 95. 

• N. 

Naber, Edwinus le, 150. 

Nacindoii, terra in, 72* 

Nacinton, terra in, 72. 

Napellus, Radulphus, 108« 

Natanael, NatanaeU,Natane&, ISO, 
188, 243. 

Nauta, Emaldus, et Hugo et Wil- 
lielmus filii ejus, 93. 

Nehus, Abbas de, 194. 

Neilesburn, terra in, 112. 

Neoto, Monachi de Sancto, 39. 

Neoto, Prior de Sancto, 246. 

Neref, Gerardus de, 12. 

Neref, Petrus de, 207. 

Nerford^ Gaufridus de, 96. 

Nerthie, Johannes de, 136. 

Netlested, ecclesia de, 267. 

Netlested, Brianus, Brienus, de, 
12, 267. 

Neubotle, terra in, 156, 178. 

Neuhus, Abbas de, 102. 

Neuifi, Albertus de, 184. 

Neuifi, Gaufridus de, 82, 83. 

Neuii}, Henricus de, 190. 

Neuifi, Hugo de, 104. 

Neuiit, Robertus de, 86, 113. 

Neuland, Simon de la, 131. 

Neuport, Prior de^ 53, 84. 

Neusol, Thomas de, 23a 

Neutoii, terra in» 87. 



Neuton in ClendaU, ecctia de, 

Nevifl, Adam de, 17. 
Nevifl, Gaufridus de, 209. 
Nevift, Henricus de, 162. 
Nevi», Hugo de, 17, 28> 32, 225. 
Nevii^ Petrus de, 94. 
Nevi», Robertas de, 18, 28, 200. 
Nevi», WiUielmus de, 34. 
Nevitt, Willielmus de, et Amabillia 

uxor ejus, 144, 249. 
Nevifi; Thomas &ater Hugonis de, 

Nevu, Johannes le, 196, 209. 
Newektn^ Simon de, 201, 211. 
NewentoS, Henricus de, 280. 
Neweton, Engelinus de, 50. 
Newinton, feod milil in, 280. 
Newinton, terra in, 254. 
Newinton, Henricus de, 170. 
Nichola uxor Gerardi de Canvifi; 

Nicholai, Rogerus filius, 191. 
Nicholai de HertweS^ Johannes 

filius, 8a 
Nicholai de HertwdQ^ Philippus 

filius, 8a 
Nicolai, Alicia mater Rogeri filii, 

et Nicholaus vir ejus, 29, 

Nicolaus, Nicholaus, 67, 68, 77, 

119, 209, 214, 247. 
Nicholaus Persona, 87. 
Nicolaus filius Chepman, 6a 
Nicholaus filius Goding, 272. 
Nicolaus filius Godwini, 135. 
Nicolaus filius Hamonis, 44, 66. 
Nicholaus filius Johannis, 23. 
Nicolaus filius Jurdani, 21, 24, 

Nicholaus filius Roberti, 16, 34. 
Nicholaus filius Edrici de Lega, 

Nicholaus filius Ricardi de Bosin- 

ton, 266. 
Nigelli, Adam filius, 223. 
Nigelli, Robertus filius, 34. 
Nigelli, WiUielmus filius, 159. 
Nigellus, 190, 24a 
NigeUus filius Alexandri, 46. 


Nigellus filius Ricardi, 18, 195. 

Niger, Adam, 35. 

Niuers, Milo de, 18. 

Noel, Thomas, 63. 

Nod^ Thomas, et Margareta uxor 
ejus, 185. 

Noel, WiUielmus, 138. 

Noel, WiUielmus, et Radulphus 
frater ejus, 184. 

Noers, MUo de, 195. 

Nofmeisnitt, Walterus del, 4. 

Nonant, Henricus de, 148, 180. 

Nonant, Henricus de, et Ysabella 
uxor ejus, 143. 

Norbarsham, terra in, 41, 119. 

Norensis, Thomas, 172. 

Norfolk, Norfolg, Norf, 6, 6, 13, 
16, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 
26, 27, 28, 29, 39, 41, 
43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 50, 
57, 58, 64, 67, 71, 78, 
80, 85, 90, 96, 101, 110, 
111, 119, 121, 123, 124, 
126, 127, 128, 129, 133, 
137, 188, 139, 140, 141, 
144, 147, 153, 155, 158, 
160, 167, 170, 173, 175, 
177, 178, 179, 182, 184, 
185, 187, 191, 192, 193, 
194, 195, 199, 203, 204, 
206, 213, 214, 215, 216, 
229, 232, 241, 242, 243, 
247, 258, 258, 267, 268, 
271, 274, 278, 279. 

Norf, Gilbertus, GiUebertus, GwU- 
lebertus, de, 28, 182, 194, 

Norhamtonscire — Norhamton — 
NoA, &c, 7, 9, 13, 15, 
16, 18, 29, 34, 35, 38, 
41, 42, 50, 52, 61, 65, 
74, 84, 85, 88, 97, 100, 
106, 107, 110, 113, 117, 
118, 120, 125, 126, 134, 
147, 151, 156, 159, 160, 
164, 168, 177, 178, 186, 
192, 193, 205, 209, 210, 
213, 214, 217, 222, 226, 
227, 231, 234, 249, 250, 
251, 257, 261, 265. 

Z 2 



Sde, 194. /" , 
isde, 6./ / y 
r, 178,^193X21^ 


NorhamI, ViS, 213. 

Norhamtou, liberum tenementum 

in, 227. 
Norhamton, terra in, 15, 106, 147. 
Norhamtoii, Prior de, 118, 143, 

217, 2ia 
Norhamton, Prior Sancti Andrasse 

de, 120. 
Norhang, advoc de, 194. 
Norho, Walterus 

241/256, 259, 260, 
Norman, Willielmus filius, 
Normannia, placita coram Rege, 

&c. in, 157, 185, 188. 
Normannia, terra in, 178. 
Normanniae^ Dux, 244, 270. 
Normannus avunculus Biatriciae, 

Normantoii, advoc ecclesis de, 


NormanuiH, Radulphus de, 186. 
Norreis, Osbertus, 123. 
Norreis, Rogerus, 19. 
Norrensis, Osbertus, 59. 
Norsele, Robertus de, 149. 
Nortbroc, Rogerus de, 147. 
Nortflitt, Johannes de, 180. 
Northleg, terra in, 169. 
Norton, Robertus de, 9a 
Norton, terra in, 136, 250. 
Norton, Henricus de, 102. 
Norton, Nicolaus de, et 

uxor ejus, 136. 
Norton, Simon de, 220. 
Norton, Walterus de, 141. 
Nortoii, Willielmus de, 275. 
Norwde, Robertus de, 131. 
Norwioo, Burgenses de, 155. 
Norwico, Judei de, 155. 
Norwico, jurata apud, 85. 
Norwico, Norwicli, Monachi de, 

Norwico, Prior de, 123, 128, 

Norwude, Henricus de, 84. 
Notfe, Ricardus, 45. 
Notinghamscire — Notingham — 

Notinhamscire — NotI, &c, 

29, 60, 68, 69, 95, 96, 


Notinghamscire, &c — conf. 

100, 124, 125, 161, 164, 
166, 170, 171, 182, 188, 
194, 197, 198, 231, 233, 
245, 262. 

Notingham, castellum de, 160. 

Notingham, placita apud, 160. 

NottOD, Ernaldus de, 249. 

Novo Foro, Bertinus de, 165. 

Novo Loco, Prior Hospitalis de, 

Nova Villa, Robertus de, 86. 

Nueriis, Almaricus, 187. 

Nueriis, Robertus de, 187.* 

Nuers, Almalricus de, 193. 

Nuers, Milo de. 111. 

Nuers, Robertus de, 193. 

Nuggun, Ricardus de, 136. 

Nuiers, Milo de, 192. 

Nutehale, advoc ecdesiae de, 161> 


Ochemore, terra in, 118. 
Ocholte, Thomas de, et Petrus 

fraterejus, 150. 
Ocle, Mauricius de, 79. 
Ocmere, terra in, lia 
Odenelt, terra in, 123. 
Odonis, Simon filius, 216. 
Odoius, Thomas filius, 6a 
Odonis, Willielmus filius, et Cris- 

tiana uxor ejus, 72. 
Oggeri, Alanus filius, 3, 16, 102. 
Oggeri, WilUehnus filius, 113, 221, 
Oilli, Fulco de, et Matilda uxor 

ejus, 188. 
Oilli, Henricus de, 183. 
Oilli, MatiUda de, 132, 183. 
Oilli, Matilda de, et Henricus vii: 

ejus, 59. 
Oin, Gillebertus, 4. 
Oinon, Gilebertus, 242. 
Oirri, Fulco de, 58, 190. 
Oirri, Fulco de, et Matillda uxor 

ejus, 18a 



Okelee, Mauricius de, 49, 

Olbe, Osbern, 186. 

Olimpias uxor Radulphi de Wlli- 

toii vel Wilintoii, et filiaWil- 

lielmi Franchevaler, 170, 

214, 215. 
Oliverus pater Willielmi Mansel, 

Omnibus Sanctis, Jocelinus de, 

Oniun, Johannes, 156. 
Opford, ecclesia de, 47. 
Opford, terra in, 84. 
Optoii, fossatum in, 9. 
Opton, Gaufridus de, 66. 
Optoii, Willielmus de, 66. 
Ores, Robertus de, 258. 
Orges, Willielmus filius, 18. 
Orkesdefi, Willielmus de, 149. 
Ormebi, ecclesia de, 94. 
Oroguiluse uxor Walteri filii Yvo- 

nis, 35. 
Osbemestoii, terra in, 262. 
Osberti, Editha filia, 75. 
Osberti, Gunnilda iilia, 75. 
Osberti, Hagenilda filia, 75. 
Osberti, Matillida filia, 75. 
Osberti, Philippus filius, 15, 204. 
Osberti, Simon filius, 16, 29, 110, 

125, 226. 
Osberti, Willielmus filius, 58. 
Osberti, Maiencia quae fuit uxor, 

Osbertus, 71, 75, 97, 139, 142. 
Osbertus Episcopus, 113. 
OsberiMs — Magister, 199. 
Osbertus filius Acelini, 135, 272. 
Osbertus filius Ernoldi, 228. 
Osbertus filius Hervicii, 64, 96, 

Osbertus filius Ricardi, 196. 
Osbertus filius Aliciie de Barefeld, 

Osbertus filius Willielmi de Muu- 

bray, 274* 
Osemers, terra in, 258. 
Oseuifi, Margareta de, 41. 
Oseuifi, Radulphus de, 1 59, 
Oseuitf, Sewal de, et Alexander 

avunculus ejus, 124» 254. 

Oskebi, ecclesia de, 190. 

Osdarius, Simon, 141, 279. 

Oswald, Prior de Sancto, 272. 

OthercoJ, molendinum in, 280. 

Othonis, Willielmus filius, 136, 

Otintoii, feod milil in, 197. 

Otringham, visnetum de, 103. 

Otringham, Stephanus de, 98. 

Ounei, Simon de, 37. 

Oure, villa de, 122. 

Oureshag, Hugo de, 116. 

Overton, terra in Marketes, 36. 

Oweni, Davidus filius, et Eiiuna 
uxor ejus, 157, 202. 

Oxecumfc, Henricus de, 160. 

Oxendoii, Ricardus de, 205. 

Oxendoii, Willielmus filius Henrici 
de^ 52. 

Oxenefordscire — Oxon, &c., 2, 3, 
25, 48, 49, 54, 59, 61, 
63, 66, 71, 75, 77, 87, 
89, 92, 104, 112, 119, 
132, 139, 157, 161, 170, 
178, 179, 183, 198, 200, 
203, 212, 224, 229, 236, 
237, 250, 264, 273, 278, 
280, 281. 

Oxeneford, Willielmus de, 193. 

OxeAton, Henricus de, 52. 

Oxeself, Rogerus de, 52. 

Oxewich, Johannes de, 13. 

Oxon, comitatus, 161. 


Pac, Willielmus, 124. 
Pacton, Henricus de, 222. 
Padenaure, Willielmus, 45. 
Padred, Rogerus de, 107. 
Pagani, Baldewinus filius, 218. 
Pagani, Radulphus filius, 53, 134, 

140, 22a 
Pagani, Robertus filius, 15, 16, 

29, 104, 110, 125, 175, 

220, 226. 

Z 3 



Pagani, Rogerus filius, 193« 
Pagani de Stokes, Robertus filius, 

Paganus, 175. 
Paganus frater Walteri de Chellin- 

ton, 132, 
Pageham, Ricardus de, 50. 
Pagule, portus de, 163. 
Pakenton, terra in, 258. 
Pakinton, Amabila de, 258. 
Palmer, Gaufridus le, 46. 
Palmer, Willielmus, 74. 
Palmer, Willielmus le^ et Cecilia 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 139. 
Palmer de Witechircli, Robertus le, 

Palmerus, Herbertus, 19. 
Panceuot, Ricardus, 47, 133. 
Panham, Helias de, 169. 
Pantolf, Williehnus, 8a 
Parco, Ricardus de, 67. 
Parco, Willielmus de, 42, 113, 

Parisiis, Petrus de, 253. 
Parlet, Gaufridus, 17. 
Parmenter, Godwinus, 48. 
Parmenter, Willielmus, 45. 
Parva Seille, terra, &c. in, 90. 
Parva Wrotham, molend in, 3. 
Pascharii, Rogerus filius, 280. 
Pasci, Robertus de, 267. 
Paskeden, Rogerus de, 158. 
Paskemere, Ricardus de, et Ysolda 

uxor ejus, 112. 
Passelew, Hamelinus, 261. 
Passelewe, Hamo, 78, 116, 262. 
Passur, Rogerus le, et Matilda uxor 

ejus, 13. 
Pateshitt, Pateshuft, Simon de, 8» 

110, 184. 
Pateshufl — Martinus clericus Si- 

monis de, 182. 
Patric, Mabilia, 53, 226. 
Patricio, Normannus de Sancto, et 

Sibilla quae fuit uxor ejus, 

160, 205. 

Patricio, Willielmus de Sancto, 

161, 171. 
Patricius, Robertus, 256. 
PaueH, Johannes de, 52. 

Paulina uxor Willielmi de Uptoi^ 

Pauper, Hubertus, 138. 
Paxtoii, Petrus de, 14, 40, 139. 
Pecche, Peche, Gilbertus, 29, 1 14, 

122, 253. 
Pecche, Nicolaus, 113. 
Pecham, terra in, 18, 42, 43, 147. 
Pecham, Hugo de, 51. 
Pecham, Hugo de, Constabularius 

de Tonebrig, 230. 
Pecham, Peccham, Robertus de^ 

Peddrid, terra in, 264. 
Pedeis, Petrus de, et Madllda quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 19« 
Pederton, terra in, 196. 
Pedfeia, Walterus de, 281. 
Peifore, Williehnus, 243. 
Peiforere, Fulco, 130. 
Peissi, Robertus de, et Isabella 

uxor ejus, 178. 
Peiteuin, Williehnus le, 223. 
Pekeners, 130. 

Penbri^, Henricus de, 55, 130* 
Pendesham, Walterus de, 89. 
Pendesworthe, feod milil in, 123. 
Pendeswortfi, terra in, 256. 
Penebregge, Henricus de, 130. 
Penge, boscus de, 139. 
Penherst, Radulphus de, 130, 24a 
Penleswerthe, terra in, 12. 
Penne, Radulphus de, 26. 
Pens, Willielmus, 5. 
Pentecosl, 40. 
Pentelawe, villa de, 140. 
Pentelawe, Willielmus de, 69. 
Pepin, WiUielmus — Canonicus 

abbatiae de Legf , 62. 
Per, Williehnus de la, 250. 
Perceforrere, Willielmus, 188. 
Perci, Walterus de, 211. 
Perci, Williehnus de, 178, 231. 
Pereham, ecclia de, 61. 
Perer, WiUielmus del, 247. 
PeretoS, terra in, 209, 
Perewald, Hamo de, 107. 
Perfoier, Fulco, 243. 
Peri, Emma de, 138. 
Peria, terra in, 88. 



Perie, Johannes de, 88, 89. 
Perie, Robertus de, 29. 
Perifeld, Emma de, 137, 265. 
Perifeld, Hamo de, 137. 
Perifeld, Radulphus de, 265. 
Perrers, Rogenis de, 192. 
Persor, Abba3 de, 156. 
Perston, Willielmus de, 269. 
Perti, Willielmus de, 73. 
Pertico, Comes de, 24, 126, 127, 

156, 160. 
Pertico, M. Comitissa de, 127. 
Perton, Henricus de, 235. 
Pese, Matillda que fuit uxor Petri 

de, 254. 
Pesehal, Normannus de, 268. 
Pesemere, Ricardus de, et Ysolda 

uxor ejus, 9. 
Pesie, Petrus de, et Matilda quas 

fuit uxor ejus, 98. 
Pessi, Robertus de, et Isabella qu8s 

fuit uxor ejus, 156. 
Petche, WilliebnuB, 112. 
PetewrtH, 61. 

Petra Ponte, Matillida de^ 96. 
Petra Ponte, Simon de, 169. 
Petraponte, Willielmus de, 68. 
Petri, Bertholomeus, Bartholomeus, 

filius, 199, 239. 
Petri, Eborardud filius, 212. 
Petri, Galfridus, Gaufridus, filius, 

3, 8, 13, 17, 20, 28, 29, 

40, 76, 112, 126, 134, 

148, 149, 156, 161, 167, 

177, 184, 185, 190, 194, 

196, 211, 274, 277. 
Petri, Henricus filius, 31, 267. 
Petri, Radulphus filius, 92. 
Petri, Ricardus filius, 7, 57, 224. 
Petri, Ricardus frater, 56. 
Petri super Diuam, Abbas Sancti, 

Petri de Ebor, ecclesia Sancti, 

Petri de Gippewic, Prior S6i, 

Petrus, 19, 26, 168, 188. 
Petrus Clericiis de Holt, 147. 
Petrus filius Amaldi, 92. 
Petrus filiu$ Edwini, 170» 


Z 4t 

Petrus filius Joliannis, 26. 
Petrus filius Radulphi, 236. 
Petrus filius Roberti, 180. 
Petrus fiUus Williehni, 235. 
Petrus frater Williehni, 13, 253. 
Petrus frater Thomas de Ocholte, 

Petrus filius Roberti de Bedef, 

Petrus filius Roberti Fabri, 56, 

{PetraneUoj PetroniUa,) 
Petronella, 60, 69, 143. 
Petronella, Petronilla, filia Simonis 

fit Simonis, 62, 198. 
Petronella quae fuit uxor Stephani 

de Faukenberg, Falchen- 

berg, 68, 190. 
Petronella quae fiiit uxor Walteri 

filii Roberti, 127. 
Petronellae, Hugo filius, 97. 
Petronillae, Willielmus filius, 201. 
Pette, Gervasius de la, 50. 
PeureH, Hugo, 35. 
PeureH, Jurdanus, Qb. 
PeureU, Radulphus, 52. 
Peverel, honor de, 178. 
Pevereft, Hugo, 9, 243. 
Pevereil, Jordanus, 196. 
Pevereil, Matheus, 199. 
Peverett, Williehnus, 199, 216. 
Peveret, Willielmus, et Cristiana 

uxor ejus, 243. 
Philippi, Elias fihus, 172. 
Philippi, Ricardus filius, 35, 237. 
Philippi, Simon filius, 134. 
Philippi de Alinton, Christiana 

mater, 4. 
Philippi de Verli, Alicia mater, 


Philippus, 5, 92, 134, 160, 171, 

173, 193. 
Philippus Monachus, 60, 61, 151. 
Philippus f^s Donelmensis vel Du- 

nelmensis, 259. 
Philippus filius Johannis, 166. 
Philippus filius Osberti, 15, 204. 
Philippus filius Willielmi, 6, 34. 
Philippus filius Nicholoi de Heit* 

well, 8a 




Fhilippiis filius Radulphi de Gla- 
morgan, 276. 
Philippus filius Boberti de Tates- 

La}, 29. 
Philippus filius Rogeri Dirifi, 244. 
Picheford, Hugo de, 110. 
Picot, Eugenia, 71. 
Picot, Gaufiidus, 27, 143. 
Picot, Henricus, 89, 210, 224. 
Picot, Jocelinus, 80. 
Picot, Ranulphus, 222, 233. 
Picot, Rannulphus, et Emoldus 

pater ejus, 111. 
Picot, Willielmus, 27. 
Pictavensis, Thomas, 43. 
Pictavensis, Willielmus, 66, 170, 

214, 215. 
Pidele, Elias de, 201, 211. 
Pigace, Ricardus, 197, 264. 
Pigace, Robertus, 264. 
Pigge, Sewat, 81. 
Piggim, Willielmus, 122« 
Pigot, Willielmus, 251. 
Pikebam, feod milil in, 129. 
Pikeham, terra in, 153. 
Pikeham, visnetum de, 129. 
Pikeham, Cristiana de, 153. 
Pilate, Reginaldus, 229. 
Pilate, Robertus, 87. 
Pilate, Iveta filia Radulphi, 124. 
Pilefeld, Thomas de, 265. 
PilesdeS, Werreis de, 65. 
Pincerna, Anselihus, 14. 
Pincerna, Aueneft, 59, 67. 
Pincerna, Nicholaus, 184. 
Pincerna, Odo, 65. 
Pincerna, Radulphus, 1 12. 
Pincerna, Robertus, 237, 267. 
Pincerna, Stephanus, 204. 
Pincerna, Willielmus, 125, 186, 

Pincemse, Johannes filius, 234» 
Pinet, Ricardus, 45. 
Pinkenni, Henricus de, 43, 75, 

Pinkenni, Pinkeni, Robertus de, 

48, 103, 145, 190. 
Pinne, Johannes, 71. 
Pipard, Petrus, 172. 
Pipe, Walterus, 62. 

Pipeliiitoii, Ricardus de^ et Mlurcia 

filia ejus, 167, 16a 
Pipewell, Abbas de, 61, 65, 249. 
PipeweH*, Henricus confrater Ab- 

batisde, 65. 
Pipeweil, Monachi de, 198. 
Pirho, Williebnus de^ 45, 5a 
Pirie, terra in, 88. 
Pirifeld, villa de, 231. 
Pirifeld, Emma de, 231. 
Piriton, liberum tenementum in, 

Piriton, Willielmus Decanus de^ 

Pirle^ WiUiehnus de, 107. 
Pirramus, Hugo, et Ydonia uxor 

ejus, 146. 
Pirrho, Simon filius Willielmi de^ 

Pirro, Willielmus de, 194. 
Pirroh, WiUiehnus de^ 21, 50. 
Pirun, Ricardus, 66. 
Pistor, Reginaldus, 181. 
Pistor, Robertus, 120. 
Pistor, Rogerus, 161, 267. 
Pitelesham, terra in, 52. 
Pitelestori, Gaufi^ de, 61. 
Pitrelesham, terra in, 151. 
Pitrichesham, terra in, 143. 
Plaiz, WiUiehnus de, 241. 
Plascencio, Walterus de Sancto» 

Pleiseiz, GiUebertus del, 119. 
Pleisel, placitum apud, 134. 
Plint, Henricus de, 212. 
Plinton, Prior de, 36. 
Plumstede, terra in, 192, 206. 
Plumtoii, NigeUus de, 231. 
Plumton, Prior de, 186. 
Plumwrthe,' Rogerus de, 13a 
Poer, Rogerus le, 158. 
Poer, Wfidterus le, 169. 
Poer, Christiana filia Radulphi 

Poeta, Magister Willielmus, 89« 
Pointoo, Alexander d^ 70, 73» 

240, 252. 
Pokesle, terra in, 226. 
Pokesle, WiUiehnus de, 210,226. 
PokintoS» Amabilia de^ 246« 




Polestede, Hugo de, 124, 126. 
Polet, Robertus, 62, 189. 
PoUeswortb, Abbatissa de, 214. 
Poire, Robertus de, 69, 224. 
Pomeria, Samson de, 75. 
Pontefracto, Stephanus de, 259. 
Pontefracto, WiUielmus de, 259. 
Ponton, Philippus de, 86. 
Porl, Davidus, et Alditha uxor ejus, 

Portes, Reglnaldus des, 27, 152. 
Portesheued, advoc ecclesiae de, 

Portis, Reginaldus de, 27. y^ 
Portu, Adam de,^177, 225. *^ 
Portu, WiUielmus de, 275. 
Portu, WiUielmus de, SenescaUus 

Margeriae de Ros, 207. 
Poswich, Rogerus de, 87. 
Poterne, Henricus de, 9. 
Pouere, WiUielmus, et Alicia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 200. 
Prahers, Henricus de, et Sarra 

uxor ejus, 203. 
Preceptor Militias Templi, — Pre- 
ceptor Templi, 118, 155. 
Preceptor Templi, WiUielmus, 266. 
Prenested, Gaufridus de, 50. 

Prepositi, Adam fiUus, 141. 

Prepositus, Petrus, 62. 

Prepositus, Robertus, 75. 

Prepositus, WiUielmus, 60. 

Presbiter, Benedictus, 212, 222. 

Presbiteri, Absolon Alius, 217. 

Presbiteri, GiUbertus filius, 86. 

Presbiteri, Richerus filius, 273. 

Preston, WiUielmus de, 11. 

Prior Hospi talis Jerfm, 115, 127, 

Prior MUitiffi TempU, 182. 

Prisun, Walterus, 20. 

Prudhume, GiUebertus, 103, 184. 

Pudeham, Radulphus de, 27. 

Pudend, Pudinden, GiUebertus de, 
49, 79, 213. 

Puer, Joliannes le, 201. 

Puher, Hugole, 211. 

Puher, Johannes le, 211. 

Puher, Ricardus, 75. 

Puintet, WUliebnus, 19. 

Pulcre, Hugo, 147. 
Pulein, Ricardus, 18. 
Purbicli, Robertus de, 73. 
Purho, WiUiebnus de, 235. 
Purl; Radulphus de, 62. 
Purston, Hugo de, 34. 
Puteham, terra in, 79. 
Puteham, Simon de, 27. 
Putreft, Henricus, 194. 
Puz, Ricardus de, 199. 


Quaddon, Thomas de, 113. 
Quadhairing, advoc ecclesiae de^ 

Quarel, Yvo, 17, 113, 269. 
Quarueles, Martinus de, 229. 
Quarules, Joliannes de, 158. 
Quatremains, Quatremeins, Her- 

bertus, 54, 264. 
Quatremains, Lucia, 54. 
Quatremarc, WUlielmus, 203. 
Quelpele, Adam de, et Mabillia 

mater ejus, 256. 
Querendon, 161. 
Querendon, Radulphus de, 243. 
Quintino, Alicia de Sancto, 162. 
Quintino, Herbertus de Sancto, 28, 

33, 80, 268. 
Quitefeld, Walterus de, et Eva 

uxor ejus, 239. 


R. Episcopus Lincolniensis, 200. 
Radeberg, boscus de, 40. 
Radinges, Burgenses de, 46. 
{Raditlphi^ Hanmdphi, Sfc) 
Ranu, Aug fiUus, 48. 
Radulphi, Azo filius, 140. 
Radulphi, Brienus fiUus, 215, 233, 



Radulphi, Hugo filius, 4. 

Radulphi, Johannes filius, 274. 

Radulphi, Juliana filia, 271. 

Radulphi, Letia vd Leticia filia, 
57, 13a 

Radulphi, Matillda filia, 195. 

Radulphi, Petrus filius, 236. 

Radulphi, Rannulphi, Radulphus 
fiUus, 18, 152, 158, 191, 
204, 270. 

Radulphi, Ricardus filius, 12, 33, 
140, 146, 188, 200, 280. 

Radulphi, Robertus filius, 6, 49, 
56, 217, 229. 

Radulphi, Robertus filius, et Ali- 
cia uxor ejus, 149. 

Radulphi, Sabina filia, 94. 

Radulphi, Simon filius, 75. 

JEladulphi, Waleramus filius, 7. 

Radulphi, Walterus filius, 270. 

Radulphi, Rannulphi, Willielmus 
filius, 20, 42, 44, 57, 64, 
70, 82, 99, 113, 174, 183, 
184, 194, 197, 210, 224, 
240, 242. 

Radulphi, Willielmus filius, et 
Alicia uxor ejus, 69. 

Radulphi de Cirinton, Gaufiridus 
filius, 208. 

Radulphi de Lichelade, Willielmus 
frater, 103, 188. 

Radulphi de Massingham, Radul- 
phus filius, 192. 

Radulphi de Mungeweli, Radul- 
phus filius, 67. 

Rannulphi Picot, Ernoldus pater, 

Radulphi Pilate, lueta filia, 124. 

Radulphi Poer, Christiana filia, 

Radulphus, Rannulphus, 19, 20, 
51, 75, 80, 94, 95, 111, 
166, 173, 197, 215, 241. 

Rannulphus Monachus, 123. 
Radulphus filius Alsi, 174. 
Radulphus filius Ascelini, 216. 
Radulphus filius Baldewini, 242. 
Radulphus filius Edolfi, 93. 
Radulphus filius Egelini, 213. 

Radulphus filius Gaufridi, 83, 170, 
180, 216, 220, 280. 

Radulphus filius Gunildae, 181. 

Radulphus filius Herwardi, 68. 

Radulphus filius Hugonis,et Alicia 
uxor ejus, 6. 

Radulphus fiUus Pagani, 53^ 134, 
140, 22a 

Radulphus filius Petri, 92. 

Radulphus fiilius Radulphi, Ran- 
nulphi, 18, 152, 158, 191, 
204, 270. 

Radulphus filius Ricardi, 41, 225. 

Radulphus filius Roberti, 250. 

Radulphus filius Rogeri, 66. 

Radulphus filius Sabini, 94. 

Radulphus fiilius Safridi, 13a 

Radulphus filius Salomonis, 79. 

Radulphus filius Simonis, 94, 170, 
233, . 245. 

Radulphus filius Turlac, 192. 

Radulphus filius Turstani, 242. 

Radulphus filius Wigani, 59, 70, 
132, 183, 240. 

Radulphus fiOdus Willielmi, 197. 

Radulphus filius AUcise Luvel, 

Radulphus fiOdus Radulphi de Mas- 
singham, 192. 

Radulphus filius Radulphi deMun- 
geweft, 67. 

Radulphus filius Riddt de Risebi, 

Radulphus fihus Willielmi de San- 
toii, 12. 

Radulphus filius Willielmi de Wi- 
hun, 230. 

Radulphus filius filii Wict- 

meri, 144. 

Raggedale, Stephanus, 216. 

Ragot, Willielmus, 214. 

Rainef, Osbertus de, 71. 

Ramesd, Jordanus de, 186. 

Ramesei, Abbas de, 4, 5, 17. 

Ramesei, Ballivus Abbatis de, 86. 

Ramesei, Senescallus Abbatis de;, 

Ramesei, Prior de, 122. 

Ramesei, Robertiis de, 4. 

Rame!, terra in, 164. 



Kamis» Rogerus de, 121. 
Kammeston, Henricus de, 20. 
Hand, Rande, Herlewinus de, 120, 

Randui, 97. 
Rane, Lucas de, 62. 
Katlesdeim, terra in, 100. 
Ratlesdenn, Johannes de, 142. 
Ratlesdenn, Rogerus de, 18. 
Recham, Emma de, 281. 
Recham, Johannes de, 225, 233. 
Regal, Agnes uxor Willielmi de^ 

Reginald!, Bemardus filius, 81. 
Reginaldi, Margareta filia, 98. 
Reginaldi, Ricardus filius, 49. 
Reginaldi, Willielmus filius, 147, 

Re^naldus, 21, 87, 129, 217, 

231, 240, 261, 268. 
Reginaldus, Magister, et Williel- 
mus frater ejus, 133, 137. 
Reginaldus confi*ater Abbatis de 

Fordf, 8L 
Reginaldus filius Ailrici, 81. 
Reginaldus filius Azur, 50, 116. 
Reginaldus filius Hervici, 222. 
Reginaldus filius Reinfiridi, 141. 
Reginaldus filius Roberti, 234. 
Reginaldus filius Rogeri, 218. 
Reginaldus Monachus de Exaquio^ 

Reigal, mesagium in, 20. 
Reimbert, Willielmus, 88. 
Reimes, Rogerus de, 125, 244. 
Reimfi'idi, Rogerus filius, et Alicia 

quae fuit uxor, et Reimfiri- 

dus filius ejus, 76. 
Reimundus, 189. 
Reindon, terra in, 135, 272. 
Reindoii, Robertus de, 11. 
Reineri, Thomas filius, 273. 
Reinerus Monachus de Ramesie, 

Reinerus quondam Vic £bo?, 128. 
Reines, visnetum de, 91. 
Reinevifl, Tebaldus de, 80. 
Reinfridi, Gilbertus filius, 33. 
Reinfridi, Reginaldus filius, 141. 
Reinfiridi, Robertus filius, 8> 106. 

Reinfridi, Rogerus filius, et Alicia 
uxor ejus, 61, 246. 

Reinfi-idus, 151. 

Reinfi-idus filius Godwini, 22. 

Reinfridus filius Lefweni, 22. 

Reingeri, Jurdanus filius, et Juli- 
ana uxor ejus, 146. 

Reinli, Willielmus de, 22. 

Reini, Johannes de, 219. 

Reinny, Johannes de, 110. 

Reinton, terra in, 221. 

Reng, Jordanus filius, 280« 

Renham, Julianus de, 48. 

Reppes, Nicholaus de, 161. 

Reppes, Radulphus de, 1 19. 

Reppes, Reginaldus de, 151. 

Resce, Gaufridus, 26. 

Reuell, Williehnus, 54. 

Reunfridus filius Rogeri, 49. 

Revett, Revet, Hugo, 210, 226. 

Ribi, terra in, 34, 249. 

Ribi, Emma de, 34^ 249. 

Ricardi, Benedictus filius, 74. 

Ricardi, Edwardus filius, 236. 

Ricardi, Elias filius, 278. 

Ricardi, Eustacius filius, 160» 

Ricardi, Gaufiridus filius, 227. 

Ricardi, Geroldus filius, 61. 

Ricardi, GiUebertus filius, 47. 

Ricardi, Johannes fiUus, 244. 

Ricardi, Nigellus filius, 18^ 196. 

Ricardi, Osbertus filius, 196. 

Ricardi, Radulphus filius, 41, 225. 

Ricardi, Ricardus filius, 46, 167, 
171, 244, 24a 

Ricardi, Robertus filius, 28» 118» 
175, 202, 204. 

Ricardi, Rogerus filius, 86, 236. 

Ricardi, Simon filius, 141, 152, 

Ricardi, Warinus filius, 22, 25. 

Ricardi, Willielmus filius, 19, 23, 
26, 28, 45. 

Ricardi, Editlia quae fiiit uxor, 

Ricardi, Sibilla uxor, 52. 

Ricardi filii Rogeri, Alicia mater, 

Ricardi Ageliun, Robertus filius, 



Aicardi de Eteueston, Hugo filius, 

Ricardi de Harington, Willielmus 

filius, 265. 
Richard! de Litlebir, Johannes 

filius, 137. 
Ricardi de Pipeline, Marcia filia, 

Ricardi Archer, Radulphus frater, 

Ricardus, 7, 31, 33, 47, 52, 56, 

65, 67, 83, 93, 104, 113, 

116, 122, 132, 159, 167, 

173, 186, 188, 195, 200, 

231, 236, 237, 25a 
Ricardus, Frater, 115. 
Richardus, Magister, 176. 
Ricardus Rex, 8, 12, 24, 65, 77, 

119, 148, 168, 191, 200, 

219, 236, 271, 272. 
Ricardus Abbas de Chereburc, 

Ricardus Abbas de Kirkestede, 28, 

Ricardus Prepositus de Enesmer, 

Ricardus Presbiter de Foxhot, 41. 
Ricardus filius Ansellani,Ansellini, 

59, 132. 
Ricardus filius Arnoldi, 224. 
Ricardus filius Baldewini, 242. 
Ricardus filius David, 44, 194, 

Ricardus filius Durewardi, 161. 
Ricardus filius Emaldi, 266. 
Ricardus filius Ervisii, 259. 
Ricardus filius Euerardi, Everardi, 

121, 137. 
Ricardus filius Gerardi, 88. 
Ricardus filius Gilemichaelis, 172. 
Ricardus filius Gillberti, 138. 
Ricardus filius Godefridi, 240. 
Ricardus filius Hamonis, 69, 76, 

134, 234. 

Ricardus fil 
Ricardus fil 
Ricardus fil 
Ricardus fil 
Ricardus fil 
Ricardus fil 

us Henrici, 265. 
usHuberti, 123. 
usJohannis, 148. 
us Moricii, 267. 
us Petri, 7, 57, 224. 
us Philippi, 35, 237. 

Ricardus filius RadiUphi, Kannul* 

phi, 12, 33, 140, 146, 188, 

Ricardus filius Reginald!, 49. 
Ricardus filius Ricardi, 46, 167, 

171, 244, 248. 
Ricardus filius Roberd, 29, 251, 

Ricardus filius Rogeri, 218, 248» 

Ricardus filius Suefeldi, 45. 
Ricardus filius Troite, 30. 
Ricardus filius Turkilli, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 202. 
Ricardus filius Widonis, 4], 110, 

Ricardus filius Williehni, 180,235, 

Ricardus filius Gaufi-idi de Bure- 

cote^ et Geua uxor ejus, 

Ricardus vir Aliciae, 170. 
Richaruffl, Ricardus de, 246. 
Richenda mater Willielmi Walteri, 

Richerus filius Presbiteri, 273. 
Ride, Willielmus, 45. 
Ridet, Williehnus, 161, 267. 
Rideli de Risebi, Radulphus filius, 

Ridew^, Riduaf, Willielmus de^ 

75, 127, 183. 
Riebof, Walterus de, 6a 
Riebof, Ysabella uxor Walteri de, 

Riiford^ Amiot de, et Lucia ux 

ejus, 37. 
Rifford, Jordanus de, 231. 
Rigg, 177. 

Riggebi, Robertus de, 141. 
Rikespaud, Hugo, 269. 
Rimildee, Eliot filia, 245. 
Rimildfie, Johannes filius, 236» 
Riparia, Everardus de, 175. 
Riperio, Gilebertus de, 20. 
Ripers, Hugo de, 87. 
Risberi, terra in, 227. 
Risberi, Herbertus de, 227. 
Riseberge, Henricus de, 87, 115» 
Riseberge, Jurdanus de, 9a 



Risebi, terra in, 62. 

Risebi) Radulphus filius Ridett de, 

Risendon, terra in, 253. 
RisendoS, Gaufridus de, 253. 
Risinden, Philippus de, 247. 
Risinges, Rogems de, 101. 
Risinges, Thomas de, 141. 
Rissedeii, Willielmus de, 234.^ 
Ristou, Hugo de, 52. 
Riuera, Radulphus de, 211. 
Riueshsd^, Radulphus de, 19. 
Roaldi, Rogems filius, 264. 
Roandis, Robertus filius, 59. 
Roberi, Hugo de, 145. 
Robert!, Alicia filia, 38. 
Roberti, Brianus filius, 186. 
Robert! Briton, ....*.. filius, 247. 
Roberti, Cristiana filia, 196. 
Robert!, Elias filius, 26a 
Roberti, Henricus filius, 75, 91, 

144, 212. 
Roberti, Hugo filius, et Emma 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 237. 
Robeiti, Johannes filius, 65, 192. 
Roberti, Lucianus filius, 90, 91. 
Roberti, Mauricius filius, 43. 
Roberti, Nicholaus filius, 16, 34. 
Roberti, Petrus filius, 180. 
Roberti, Radulphus filius, 250. 
Roberti, Reginaldus filius, 234. 
Roberti, Ricardus filius, 29, 251, 

Roberti, Robertus filius, 233. 
Roberti, Rogerus filius, 263« 
Roberti, Sewal filius, 79. 
Roberti, Walterus filius, 127, 134. 
Roberti, WiUielmus filius, 63, 225. 
Roberti, Wmfiridus filius, et Petro- 

nilla uxor ejus, 127. 
Roberti, Emma quae fuit uxor Hen- 

rici filii, 116. 
Roberti filii Ecardi, Agnes filia, 

Roberti de Bedef, Petrus filius, 

Roberti Fabri, Petrus filius, 56, 

Roberti Juuenai, Mauricius filius, 


Roberti de Marmiun, Mabillia 
quce fuit uxor Hugonis de 
Say, filia, 153. 

Roberti de Sudale, Simon filius, 
193, 206. 

Roberti de Tatesha}, Philippus 
filius, 29. 

Roberti de la Withie, Walterus 
filius, 137. 

Robertus, 11, 13, 19, 30, 31, 62, 
64, 66, 68, 75, 77, 88, 
92, 101, 102, 113, 114, 
130, 161, 162, 174, 192, 
195, 213, 216, 218, 221, 
243, 248, 252, 262. 

Robertus junior, 33. 

Robertus Abbas de Einesham, 

Robertus Senescallus Atib de Cer* 
tes, 108. 

Robertus Episcopus LinS, 251. 

Robertus Monachus, 64. 

Robertus Prsepositus, 75. 

Robertus filius Acelini, 83. 

Robertus filius Adse^ 163. 

Robertus filius Ailmeri, 22. 

Robertus filius Ailwini, 247. 

Robertus filius Alani, 109. 

Robertus filius Alberni, 74. 

Robertus filius Ambrosii, 27. 

Robertus filius Baldewini, 19, 

Robertus filius Brieni, 233, 234. 

Robertus filius Eluredi, 62. 

Robertus filius Emming, 144. 

Robertus filius Eruisise, 185. 

Robertus filius Fulchonis, 225. 

Robertus filius Geroldi, 3. 

Robertus filius Gilberti, 201. 

Robeitus filius Godrici, 246. 

Robertus filius Gunnildae, 181. 

Robertus filius Hamonis, 176. 

Robertus filius Iweinis, 185. 

Robertus filius Jocelini, 94. 

Robertus filius Jocelini, et uxor 
ejus, 147. 

Robertus filius Johannis, 19. 

Robertus filius Leuine, 19. 

Robertus filius Malgeri» 19. 

Robertus filius Nigelli, 34« 



Robertus filius Pagani, 15, 16, 29, 

104, 110, 125, 175, 220, 

Robertus filius Radulphi, 6, 49, 

56, 217, 229. 
Robertus filius Radulphi, et Ali- 
cia uxor ejus, 149. 
Robertus filius Reinfi-idi, 8, 106. 
Robertus filius Ricardi, 28^ 118^ 

175, 202, 204. 
Robertus filius Roandis, 59. 
Robertus filius Roberti, 233. 
Robertus filius Simonis, 266. 
Robertus filius Stangrimis, 19. 
Robertus filius Sueini, 17. 
Robertus filius Sweini, et Alicia 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 198. 
Robertus filius Therrici, 262. 
Robertus filius Umfiridi, 152. 
Robertus filius Vidonis, 132. 
Robertus filius Walclini, 88. 
Robertus filius Walteri, 31, 40, 

58, 104» 150, 152, 155, 

185, 235. 
Robertus filius Widonis, 131. 
Robertus filius Willielmi, 67, 88, 

89, 141, 183, 234» 240, 

248, 258. 
Robertas £^us Wimundi, 62* 
Robertus vir Hillarise, 21. 
Robertus filius Ad» de Basenho, 

Robertus filius Amicise de Toppe- 

feld, 218. 
Robertus filius Pagani de Stokes, 

Robertus filius Ricardi Ageliun, 

Robertus filius Rogeri de Cleie, 

Robertus filius Simonis de Essebi, 

Robertus filius et heres Simonis de 

Walletorta, 199. 
Robertus Parsona de Mateshale, 

Roche^ Adam de la, 198. 
Rocheford, Eustacius de, 220. 
Rocheford, Gaufridus de, 223. 
Rochefori!^ Paganus de, 31. 

Rocheford, Thomas de, 125. 
Rocheford, Waleranus, Waramus, 

de, et Albreda uxor ejus, 

79, 222. 
Rocheford, Willielmus *de» S, 102, 

Rode, feod milil in, 199. 
Rodeberge, terra in, 32. 
Rodeberge, Elias de, et Hawisia 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 32. 
Rodmerton, Turstanus de^ 223. 
Roesiae, Willielmus filius, 19. 
Rofia, Radulphus de, 181, 219. 
Rofia, Prior de, 107. 
Rogeri, Emma filia, 199. 
Rogeri, Alexander filius, 182. 
Rogeri, Gilebertus filius, 231. 
Rogeri, Jacobus filius, 27. 
Rogeri, Radulphus filius, 66. 
Rogeri, Reunfridus filius, 49. 
Rogeri, Ricardus filius, 21^ 248^ 


Rogeri, Simon filius, 76. 
Rogeri, Thomas filius, 89, 90. 
Rogeri, Waltems filius, 158. 
Rogeri, Willielmus filius, 116, 225. 

Rogeri, Philippus frater , 92. 

Rogeri, Alicia uxor, fit Reinff, 

61, 246. 
Rogeri Dirifl, PhUippus filius, 244. 
Rogeri Pagani, Reginaldus filius^ 


Rogeri filii Nicolai, Alicia mater, 

Rogerus, 15, 19, 30, 38^ 49, 66, 

71, 82, 97, 113, 157, 176, 

188, 195, 206, 268, 272. 
Rogerus, Comes, 111, 184, 214. 
Rogerus Senescallus, 39. 
Rogerus filius Aluredi, 38. 
Rogerus filius Augeri, 48. 
Rogerus filius Eborardi, 79, 189, 

Rogerus filius Emmae, 90. 
Rogerus filius Euerardi, 49. 
Rogerus filius Gamel, 272. 
Rogerus filius Geronimi, 22a 
Rogerus filius Hawisiae^ 22. 
Rogerus filius Henrici, 66. 
Rogerus filius Hugonis, 82, 83. 



Rogerus filius Johanni% 124. 
Rogerus filius Nicolai, 191. 
Rogerus filius Pagani, 1 93. 
Rogerus filius Pascharii, 280. 
Rogerus filius Reinfridi, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 61, 246. 
Rogerus filius Ricardi, 86, 236. 
Rogerus filius Rpaldi, 264. 
Rogerus filius Roberti, 263. 
Rogerus filius Simonis, 27. 
Rogerus filius Stephani, 118> 210, 

Rogerus filius Walteri, 174. 
Rogerus filius Willielmi, 29, 65, 

Rogerus filius Wmfiridi, 45. 
Rogerus filius Henrici de Stratoii, 

Rogerus filius Reimfiidi, et Alicia 

3 nee fuit uxor, et Reimfiri- 
us filius ejus, 76. 
Rogerus vir Beatrici» de Cailli, 

Roges, Simon filius, 69, 134. 
Roheis, Rohesie, Prior de Cruce, 

82, 14a 
Rohesia, 255. 
Rohing, terra in, 96. 
Robing, Adam de, 186. 
Rokebi, Henricus de, 114. 
Roinges, Gaufiridus de, 79. 
Roinges, Tbomas de, 61, 246. 
Rokebi, advoS ecclesiae de, 93. 
Rokebi, Henricus de, 93. 
Rokebi, Williebnus de, 93. 
Rokeli, terra in, 94. 
Rokeli, Milo de, 94. 
RoUandi, AJanus fiUus, 25, 67, 

112, 19a 
Rollandus filius Uctredi de Burton, 

et uxor ejus, 231. 
Rollesham, terra de, 190. 
RoUesham, feod milil in, 103. 
Roma, 5. 

Ros, Hugo de, 212. 
Ros, Johannes de, 53. 
Ros, Margareta de, 52, 53. 
Ros, Margeria de, 200, 207. 
Ros, Robertus de, 212, 2ia 
Roscelini, Willielmus filius, 184. 

Roscelinus Monachus abbatise de 

Grestein, 255. 
Roteland — Rotei, &c., 36, 59, 
160, 167, 184, 193, 237. 
Roteland, Vicecomes de, 160. 
Rotet, Willielmus de, 8a 
Rodi, W. Arcbiepiscopus, 95. 
Rotfi, Canonici Sancte Marie d^ 

Rubiz, Willielmus, 229. 
Ruccett, Gillebertus, 22. 
Ruchton, 133. 
Rufius, Adam, 221. 
Rufius, Alardus, 70, 240. 
Rufius, Alexander, 109. 
Rufius, Gaufridus, 83, 90, 225. 
Rufius, Ricardus, 32. 
Rufius, Robertus, 26, 186. 
Rufius, Simon, 224. 
Ruhton, 135. 
Rumbald, Robertus, 7. 
RumburS, Hugo de, 274. 
Rumerle, villa de, 211. 
Rumilli, Alexander de, 132. 
Rupe de Andeli, 149. 
Rupe, Alardus de, 73. 
Rupe, Thomas de, 182. 
Russ, Willielmus, et uxor ejus^ 

Russeff, Adam, 183. 
Russel}, Gillebertus, 25. 
Russ^, Henricus, 167. 
Russel^ Robertus, 34. 
Russeil, WUlielmus, 223. 
Russel, Willielmus, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 220. 
Russeff, Willielmus, etYsoldauxor 

ejus, 138. 
Rutheree, terra in, 15. 
Ruwemere, terra in, 229. 

Ra • 65. 

Raleu , Walterus de» 214. 

RapeT, de, 103. 

Ricardus ......reuill', 44« 





Sabina, 8. 

Sabina filia Radulphi, 94. 

Sabina uxor Sewalis, 8, 16« 

Sabinae, Radulphus filius, 94» 

Sabricteswrdi, terra in, 22. 

Safridi, Radulphus filius, 138. 

Sages, Willielmus de, 206. 

Saghe, terra in, 206. 

Sagio, Abbas et Conventus de^ 

Sahi, Hugo de, 269. 
Sahief, 178. 
Sak, terra de, 184. 
Salceton, Robertus de, 193. 
Saleford, Hugo de, 83, 220. 
Salnu^, Constantius, 22. 
Salomonis, Johannes filius, 94. 
Salomonis, Radulphus filius, 79. 
Salopsir — Salop, &c, 13, 21, 32, 

67, 58, 68, 81, 115, 122, 

153, 156, 159, 166, 169, 

171, 187, 188, 190, 199, 

205, 223, 227, 239, 250, 

Salop, Hugo Archidiaconus de, 

Salsar, Petrus, 182. 
Salsaf , Petrus, et Isabella vd Ysa- 

bella uxor ejus, 178, 183. 
Saluag, Adam, 21. 
Salvage, Ricardus, 169. 
Samelherst, Hugo de, 83. 
Samford, Johannes de, 4. 
Samson, 94. 
Samson Abbas de Sancto Edmun- 

do, 6, 10, 241, 253. 
Samuel Judeus, 62. 
Samuelis, Theobaldus filius, 19. 
Sancroft, Robertus de, 133. 
Sancto Albano, Abbas et Monachi 

de, 40, 41. 
Sancti Andraeae de Norft, Prior, 

Sancto Audoneo, Robertus de, 

Sancto Augustino, Abbas de, 128. 

Sancti Augustini de Bristow, Ab- 
bas et Canonici, 183. 

Sancto Bartholomeo, Petrus de, 

Sancto Claro, Hugo de, 26. 

Sancto Claro, Simon de, 87. 

Sanctae Crucis Eborum, ecclesia, 

Sancto David, Magr Hospital de, 

Sancto Dionisio, Robertus de, 

Sancto Eadmundo, Abbas de^ 38^ 
m, 91, 215. 

Sanctae Edeldredae, jus, 179. 

Sancto Edmundo, Samson Abbas 
de, 10, 241. 

Sancti Edmundi, Balllvus, 141. 

Sancto Edmundo, Drogo de, 39. 

Sancti Eklmundi, libertas, 6, 10. 

Sancto Edwardo, Hugo de, 83^ 

Sancta Fide, Gillebertus de, 113. 

Sancta Fide, Walterus de, 1 13. 

Sancta Fredeswida, Prior de, 178. 

Sancto Georgio, Baldewinus de^ 17, 
18, 113. 

Sancto Georgio, Fulco de^ 223. 

Sanctus Jacobus, 269. 

Sancto Jacobo, Augerus de^ 167. 

Sancto Johanne, Robertus de, 2. 

Sancto Johanne^ Olina de, 275. 

Sancto Johanne, Philippus de, 270. 

Sancto Johanne, Willielmus de, 

Sancti Johannis, Prior Hospitalism 

Sancti Johannis LeiS, Fratres Ho»- 
pitalis, 161. 

Sancto Ivone, Edithade, 251« 

Sancto Laudo, Willielmiis de, 82, 

Sancto Lazaro, Hospitai de, 240. 

Sancto Leodogar, Gaufridus Je, 

Sancti Leonardi in Wardon, eccle- 
sia, 201. 

Sancto Marco, Gaufridus de, 196. 

Sancto Marco, Willielmus de, 196« 

Sancta Maria, Adam de, 165. 



Sancta Maria, Jordanus de, 205. 
Sanctas Marias, Canonici et Ca- 

peUani, 222. 
Sanctae Marias, Willielmus de ec- 

clesia, 157,222. 
Sanctas Mariae de Rotii, Canonici, 

Sanctae Marias de Theoft, ecclesia, 

Sancto Martino, Godricus de, 17. 
Sancto Martino, Willielmus de, 

Sancto Mauro, Henricus de, 63. 
Sancto Michaele, Gauiridus de, 

Sancto Michaele, Willielmus de, 

Sancti Neoti, villa, 246. 
Sancto Neoto, Monachi de, 39. 
Sancto Neoto, Prior de, 246, 258. 
Sancds, Omnibus, Jocelinus de, 

Sancto Oswald, Prior de, 272. 
Sancto Patricio, Normannus de, et 

Sibilla quae fuit uxor ejus, 

160, 205. 

Sancto Patricio, Willielmus de, 

161, 171. 

Sancti Pauli Londoniensis, Deca- 

nus, 221. 
Sancti Petri super Diuam, Abbas, 

Sancti Petri Ebor, ecdesia, 96. 
Sancti Petri de GipewiS, Prior, 

Sancto Plascencio, Walterus de, 

Sancto Quintino, Alicia de, 162. 
Sancto Quintino, Herbertus de, 

28, 33, 80, 26a 
Sancto Scwithon, Prior de, 213. 
Sancti Sepulchri de Ebof , Canonici 

et Capellani, 222. 
Sancto Stephano, Robertus de, 

Sanctae Trinitatis, Prior, 77, 94. 
Sanctae Trinitatis de Caiil, Prior, 

115, 123. 
Sanctae Trinitatis de Canl, G. Prior 

ecdesias, 4. 

Rot. Cur. R^.— Vol. IP A 

Sancto Vedasto, Willielmus de, 87. 
Sancto Walerico, Thomas de, 177. 
Sancto Walerico, Wido de, et Al- 

breda uxor ejus, 212 
Sande, terra in, 51, 135. 
Sande, homines de, 135. 
Sanderdon, Emma de, 196. 
Sandon, Gaufridus de, 190. 
Sandon, Henricus de, 273. 
Sandon, Johannes de, 7. 
Santon, Willielmus de, et Radul* 

phus filius ejus, 12. 
Sanzseuior, Gaufridus de, et uxor 

ejus, 220. 
Sarent, Nicolaus, 64. 
Sarent, Robertus,. 64. 
Sarra, 88, 204, 206. 
Sarra filia Willielmi, 58. 
Sarra uxor Henrici de Prahers, 

Sarra uxor Thomas de Multon, 

^ 1B6. 
Sarum, Saresb, Com, 236. 
Sarum, Saresber, ecclesia, 184. 
Sarum, Sarestt, Episcopus, 76, 

212, 223, 246. 
Sarum, Hugo Senescallus Epis^ 

copi, 229. 
Sarum, Saresb?, Henricus de, et 

Cecilia uxor ejus, 79. 
Sarum, Walterus filius Comitis^ 

Sauce!, Williehnus de, 233. 
Sauford, Willielmus de, 275, 
Sauk, Robertus, 227. 
Sauo, Robertus de Sancto, 27. 
Sauvage, Willielmus le, 220. 
Saxendai, ecclesia de, 96, 100. 
Saxenda}, Maufferus de, 96. 
Say, Ricardus de, 269. 
Say, Hugo de, et Mabillia filia 

Roberti Marmium quas fuit 

uxor ejus, 153. 
Say, Margareta filia Hugonis de, 

Scaccario, Albinus de, 236. 
Scaccario, Andreas de, 16, 29« 48» 

Scaccario, Willielmus de, 92. 
Scalarib, Hugo de, 18, 113, 199. 



Scalariis, Willielmus de, 199. 
Scaldeford, terra, &c. in, 54, 56. 
Scaldeford, Alicia quae fuit uxor 

Ade de, 56. 
Scaldford, Jocelinus de, 54. 
Scaldford, Willielmus de, 80. 
Seaudeford, terra in, 267. 
Scauitt, Robertus de, 116. 
Schage, Wigod de, 174. 
Schalef, Hugo de, 224. 
Schiag, Wigol de, 173. 
Scliirbec, terra in, 221. 
Schitelang, terra in, 226. 
Scobbeham, Bemardus de, 34. 
Scotland, Reginaldus frater Johan- 

nis, 240. 
Scotouin, Lambertus de, 50. 
Scotl Rex, 3, 30. 
Scotl, David Rex, 63. 
Scotus, Hugo, 184, 211. 
Scotus, Hugo, Subvicecomes Ro- 

telandiae, 160. 
Scotus, Ricardus, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 170. 
Scredintoii, 272. 
Scredintofi, Radulphus de, 273. 
Scriban, Willielmus, 28. 
Sculh, Walterus de, 22. 
Scwithon, Prior de Sancto, 213« 
Secchevilt, Radulphus de, 125. 
Secheford, Gaufridus de, 45. 
Sefeld, terra in, 46. 
Segaf, Osbertus, 228. 
Segarus, et Greua quas fuit uxor 

ejus, 85. 
Sefferus filius Willielmi, 167. 
Seneri, Johanna uxor, 114. 
Seile, Wulmerus de, 183. 
Seille, terra in, 127, 234. 
Seille, redditus in Parva, 90. 
Seldon, Hugo de, 261. 
Seldoii, Radulphus de, 261. 
Seldon, Rogerusde, 131, 261. 
Selebi, Abbas de, 120. 
Selling, Nicholaiis de, 188. 
Selues, terra, &c. in, 153. 
Selues, Wido de, et Margareta 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 153. 
Selues, Willielmus de, 153. 
Selverdi Coc, Griffinus filius, 185. 

Seman, 23. 

Semanis, Winemerus filius, 19. 

Sempingham, Thomas Prior de, 

Sender, Simon de, 66. 
Senekwrth, Willielmus de, et Ricus - 

frater, 93. 
Senescallus, Rogerus, 39. 
Senescallus, Tebaldus, 190. 
Senescallus, Willielmus, 162. 
Senges, Ricardus de, 184. 
Senliz, Henricus de, 52. 
Sepet, Matheus de, 145. 
Seperton, terra de, 189. 
Seperton, Johannes de, 156. 
Serdeleshee, terra in, 140. 
Serehilt, Robertus de, 219. 
Sergent de Leidum, Willielmus, 

Serlonis, Willielmus filius, 62. 
Semebroc, Willielmus de^ 266. 
Serpendon, terra in, 4. 
Serpenho, Robertus de, 159. 
Setelhangre, terra in, 29. 
Seuerebi, Robertus de, 249. 
Seulis, Simon de, 151. 
Sewal filius Roberti, 79. 
Sewal vir Sabinae^ 8^ 16. 
Sewel, 9. 
Sewini, Beatricia filia, uxor Ricardi 

deEtton, 196. 
Sexgiva mater Albricii, 74. 
Sextou, terra in, 29. 
Sextoii, Simon de, 29, 25a 
Shipwiche, terra in, 40. 
Shref, Robertus de, 245. 
Siberdeston, terra in, 71, 227. 
Sibeston, lil^ tenem in, 9. 
Sibeton, terra in, 45. 
Sibeton, Hamo de, 45. 
Sibilla, 26, 77. 
Sibilla mater Evs, uxor Walteri 

de Witefeld, 227. 
Sibilla uxor Ricardi, 52. 
Sibilla uxor Johannis Widerspon, 

Sibilla quae fuit uxor Normanni 

de Sancto Patricio, 160, 

Sibilla uxor Thomee de Hoi, 242. 



Sibilla qu8e fuit uxor Willidmi 

BufFere, 206. 
Siburn, Robertus de, 180, 24a 
Side, liberum tenementumin,2l5. 
Sidehamton, terrain, 116. 
Sidesteme, Umfridus de, 48. 
Sidmerton, terra in, 275. 
Sifrewast, Halenaldus de, 112, 

Sifirewast, Ricardus de, 48, 145, 

Sifrewast, Williebnus de, 67, 77. 
Sigerid vidua, 257. 
Silecot, Hugo de, 237. 
Silverhord, 174. 
Simeonis, Henricus filius, 93. 
Simon, 8, 17, 21, 55, 59, 97, 

126, 140, 191, 197, 238, 

245, 256, 265. 
Simon Episeopus, 176. 
Simon, Frater, 16. 
Simon filius Alani, 242. 
Simon filius Edithae, 19. 
Simon filius Hervisiae, 22. 
Simon filius Odonis, 216. 
Simon filius Osberti, 16, 29, 110, 

125, 226. 
Simon filiiis Philippi, 134. 
Simon filius Radulphi, 75. 
Simon filius Ricardi, 141, 152, 

Simon filius Rogeri, 76. 
Simon filius Roges, 69, 134. 
Simon filius Simonis, 32, 61, 65, 

Simon filius Turlac, 193, 206. 
Simon filius Walteri, 22, 73. 
Simon filius Roberti de Sudale, 

193, 206. 
Simon filius Willielmi de Pirrho, 

Simon homo Prioris de Lanton, 

Simonis, Petronella filia, 62. 
Simonis, Radulphus filius, 94, 170, 

233, 245. 
Simonis, Robertus filius, 266. 
Simonis, Rogerus filius, 27. 
Simonis, Simon filius, 32, 61, 65, 

68, 84. 

Simonis, Willielmus filius, 173, 

205, 241, 250. 
Simonis de Essebi, Robertus filius, 

Simonis filii Simonis, Petronilla 

filia, 198. 
Simplex, Robertus, 189. 
Simplingham, Canonici de, 35, 

178, 182, 183, 250. 
Simplingham, Prior de, 182. 
Sine Averio, Kadulphus, etYsabeUa 

uxor ejus, 17. 
Singes, Ricardus de, 184. 
Sinodi, Godwinus filius, 56, 108, 

137, 145. 
Sipet, Robertus de, 26a 
Sipford, Wolvricus de, 250. 
Sipton, Osbertus de^ 223. 
Sireburn, Walterus de, 223. 
Siredus, 237. 

Sisseveme, Thomas de, 156. 
Sisseverne, Willielmus de, 275. 
Sitelhan^, terra in, 18, 126. 
Sladebi, terra in, 229. 
Slodebi, terra in, 271. 
Sloderebi, terra in, 124. 
Snaring, Snaringes, Philippus de, 

18, 47, 158, 195. 
Sober!, terra in, 246. 
Sofibrd, feod dim milil in, 130. 
Soffbrd, Soford, Williebnus de, 130, 

Sogh, terra de, 185. 
Solariis, Matillidasoror Walteri de, 

Solesham, liberum tenementum in, 

Sopiland, Walterus de^ 122. 
SoreH, Tebbaldus, 141. 
Some, Engerramus de, 240. 
Sornes, Henricus de, 118. 
Soueldofi, Ricardus de, 275. 
Soueldoii, Willielmus de, 14. 
Soueledun, Willielmus de, 237. 
Spalding, liberum tenementum in, 

Spaldii^es, Prior de, 26. 
Sparr, Qericus, 175. 
Spec, Walterus, 99. 
Sperlington, ecclesia de, 200. 

A A 2 



Sperlington, terra de, 200. 
Sperlington, yilla de, 200. 
Spliton, ecdesia de» 84. 
Sproxton, Achardus de, 194. 

76, \ 

Stafford, comitatill^ 231. 
Stafford, Vicecomes, 231 . 
Stafford, redditus in, 129. 
Stallee, terra in, 76. 
Stallee, Prior de, 76. 
Stamere, Robertus de, 160. 
Stamford, terra in marisco de, 

Stamford, Milo de, 94. 
Standeford, Groscelinus de, 276. 
Standenn, Waltenis de, 66. 
Standon, terra in, 68. 
Stanes, ecclesia de, 220. 
Stanes, terra in, 253. 
Stanes, Adam de^ 149. 
Stanes, Bernardos de, 4. 
Stanes, Hamo de, 149. 
Stanes, Matheus de, 156. 
Stanes, Prior de, 46, 220. 
Stanford, Gilebertus, 277* 

Stanford, M de, 263. 

Stanford, Petnis de, 26. 
Stangnia quae fuit uxor Willielmi, 

Stangno, Gillebertus de, 4, 227, 

241, 253. 
Stangrim, Robertus filius, 19. 
Stangrim, Willielmus filius, 19. 
Stanham, terra et redd in, 14, 46, 

82, 109, 209. 
Stanham, Johannes de, 82. 
Stanham, Waltenis filius Johannis 

de, 82. 
Stanhard, Rogerus, 26. 
Stanlee, Abbas de, 226. * 
Stanlee, Madieus filius Herberti 

de, 226. 
Stanlee, Monacli de, 53. 
Stanmer, Robertus de, 95. 
Stanton, Alanus de, 21. 
StantoS, Walterus de, 124. 
Stapele, Johannes de, 190. 
Stapelford, terra in, 221. 

StapeltoS, Stapilton, Philippus de, 

et Emma uxor ejus, 166, 

.^tebehid, Adam de, et Madllida 
1^ f uxor ejus, 24. 

214,n Steinfeld, Priorissa de, 83. 

Steinmore, Robertus de^ 197. 
SteintoS, advoc captte de, 272. 
Steinton, ecctia de, 259. 
SteintoS, Hugo de, 272. 
Stephani, Nicolaus frater, 68. 
Stephani, Rogerus filius, 118, 210, 

Stephani, Williehnus filius, 24a 
Stephano, Robertus de Sancto, 

Stephanus, 18, 49, 73, 83, 97, 

113, 116, 137, 218, 225, 

Stephanus, et Lece quae fuit uxor 

ejus, lOa 
Stephanus, Magister, 11, 123. 
Stephanus Rex, 162. 
Stepinge), Henricus de, 131. 
Steresbrig, leprosi de, 62. 
Sterton, Sunon de, 267. 
Sthirchele, terra in, 239. 
Stibbehide, Matillda de, 1 la 
Stibbingel; Willielmus de, 4. 
Stidenach, terra in, 51. 
Stidenach, Johannes de, 275. 
Stiuekei, Stiuekeia, Gaufridus de, 

18> 158» 191. 
Stiuenton, Bertram de, 162. 
StiuintoD, Walterus de, 220. 
Stivech, Gaufridus de, 48. 
Stivecle, Jocelinus de, 4. 
Stivenay, Gaufridus de, 195. 
Stochton, liberum tenementum in, 

Stockeberi, Abbas de, 279. 
Stoctomad, Emaldus de, 88. 
Stocton, terra in, 167. 
Stodfald, terra in, 26. 
Stodfeld, 169. 
Stodle, terra in, 258. 
Stodle, Stodleia, Prior de, 169, 


Stodle, Stodlee, Petrus de, 258» 



Stodlea, ecclesia de, 258. 

Stodlee, Priorissa de, 104. 

Stodleg, Wmielmus de, S. 

Stodleia, 169. 

Stohtx>n, terra in, 217. 

Stohtx>S, Agnes de, 68. ^ . 1/ 

St»k, terra in, 60,*^ 8?, 212, 22dr 

Stok, villa de, 77. ^ 

Stok, Petrus de> 177. 

Stok, Stokes, Radulphus, Magister 

Radulphiis de, 93, 177, 

Stok, Rogerus de, quondam vir 

Geufl^ 89. 
Stoke, terra in, 70. 
Stoke, Agnes de, 70. ' jX 
Stokes, terra in, 18,^7; 77K 
Stokes, feod milil in, 187/^93.1 
Stokes, Henricus de, 87. 
Stokes, Petrus de, 164, 168, 250. 
Stokes, Ricardus de, 39, 77, 220. 
Stokes, Robertus de, 82. 
Stokes, Saherius, Seher, de, 99, 

Stakes, Robertus filius Pagani de, 

Stollee, Stephanus de, 148. 
Stollee, Willielmus de, 106. 
Stopele, Johannes de, 190. 
Stopeslee, Johannes de, et Edmun- 

dus avus ejus, 51. 
Stwtdon, Hugo de, 244. 
Stowe, Petrus de, 26. 
Stowe, Wido de, 17. 
Stradle^ Brianus de, 132. 
Stradle, Osmundus de^ 138. 
Stradle, Walterus de, 74. 
Strate, terra de, 81. 
Stratford, Hugo de, 279. 
Stratford, Wifiielmus de, 210, 214. 
StratoS, Ricardus de, 108, 196. 
Straton, Rogerus filius Henrici de, 

Stratton, terra in, 197. 
Stratton, advoc ecclesise de, 82, 

Stratton, Ricardus de, 175, 277. 
Strattoii, Rogerus de, 209. 
Strechot, Wcdterus de, 125. 
StretoS, ecclesia de, 83. 

Stubbehide, Elias de, 24. 
Stubenhee, terra, &c. in, 233. 
Stubhide, Adam de, et Matillda 

uxor ejus, 21. 
Stubhide, Elias de^ 21. 
Stutevifl, Alicia de, 80. 
Stutevil}, Nicolaus, Nicholaus, de, 

et Gunora, Gunnora» uxor 

ejus, 27, 33. 
Stutevi)}, Willielmus de^ 231, 260, 

274. 1 

Suafham, Williehnus de^ 32, 269. 
Suain, Beatrix filia, uxor Ricardi 

deEtton, 65. 
Suain, Willielmus filius, 117. 
Suanet, Alexander de, et Estrilda 

uxor ejus, 71. 
Suangeie, Petrus de, 21. 
Suarrebi, Osbertus de^ 56. 
Sudale, Simon filius Roberti de, 

193, 206. 
Sudberi, liberum tenementum in, 

Sudberi, Hugo de, 169. 
Sudbif, terra in, 47. 
Sudbroc, advoc ecclesiae de, 251. 
Sudbroc, Willielmus de, 251. 
Sudcherche, Willielmus de^ 84. 
Suddale, Robertus de, 192. 
Sudgate, Robertus de, 78. 
Sudhamtonscire — Sudhamton, &c« 

4, 16, 34, 60, 61, 83, 99, 

100, 107, 112, 116, 133, 

175, 184, 186, 196, 212, 

213, 242, 243, 245, 248, 

252, 263) 266, 275, 276, 

SudJi, villa de, 83. 
Sudham!, Thomas de, 208. 
Sudherton, 133. 
Sudket, Henricus de, 267. 
Sudton, terra in, 49, 52, 110, 147» 

Sudton, ecclesia de, 16. 
Sudton, Robertus de, 186. 
Sudton, Thomas de, 21. 
Sudtorp, feod milil in, 187, 193. 
Sudwerc, Elias de, 217. 
Sudwerc, Fulcherus de, 182. 
Sudwerc&, Elias de, 2. 

A A 3 



Sudwercb, Prior de, 79. 

Sudwercb, Ricardus de, 112. 

Sudwerk, Fulcherus de, 156. 

SudwiS, Johannes de^ 195. 

Sudwik, terra in, 183. 

Suefeldi, Ricardus filius, .45. 

Sueini, Robertus filius, 17. 

Sueini, Willielmiis filius, 76. 

Suereford, Suerreford, terra de, 59, 

Suetton, terra in, 230. 

Suffolk— Suff, &c, 6, 10, 11, 
12, 14, 25, 38, 39, 41, 
44, 45, 46, 50, 51, 58, 
63^ 64, 66, 75, 82, 96, 
99, 100, 105, 107, 108, 
117, 129, 133, 141, 142, 
143, 146, 148, 180, 183^ 
184, 197, 209, 210, 214, 
215, 228) 231, 234, 235, 
239, 243, 247, 253^ 266, 
267, 272, 275. 

Suff, Archidiaconus, 41. 

Suineford, terra de, 183. 

Suineheue, Suinesheue, boscus in, 
56, 64. 

Suineheued, Walterus de, 56, 93» 

Suinton, terra in, 84. 

Suelb, liberum tenementum in, 

Sully, Walterus de, 45. 

Sultorp, terra in, 203. 

Sultorp, Stephanus de, 203. 

Sumer, Radulphus de^ 31. 

Sumerdebi, Sarra de, 119, 274, 

Sumereshai, Jacobus de, 132. 

Sumeri, Alanus de, 27, 58^ 275. 

Sumeri, Sibilla de, 6. 

Sumersetscire — SumerS, &c., 3, 
20, 45, 47, 55, 61, 67, 
81, 93, 104, 111, 121, 
123, 143, 156, 184, 191, 
196, 200, 205, 209, 239, 
245, 246, 276. 

Sumervil}, Gaufridus de, 182. 

Sumetarius, Petrus, 274. 

Summetarius, Ricardus, 107. 

Sumting, feod milil in, 44. 

Suneshin, Walterus de, 93. 

Surreia — Surr, &c 15, 18, 42, 
43, 49, 51, 52, 54, 56, 
58, 60, 61, 62, 69, 75, 
76, 79, 82, 93, 94, 99, 
105, 107, 108» 115, 117, 
118, 126, 134, 135, 139, 
144, 147, 151, 177, 186, 
189, 190, 191, 192, 204, 
206, 212, 215, 221, 233, 
241, 262, 275, 276. 

Suit, Alanus Vic, 156. 

Susanna uxor Grodlaci, 75. 

Susex— Sussex, &c, 3^ 8, 15, 24, 
31, 40, 44, 50, 61, 63, 
74, 76, 80, 91, 95, 101, 
120, 192, 208) 222, 232, 
233, 242, 246, 255, 258, 
261, 266, 271, 275, 279, 

Sussanna, 94. 

Sutecholte, 149. 

Sutton, 149. 

Sutton, curia de, 150, 151. 

Sutton, firma de, 149. 

Sutton, homines de, 157. 

Sutton, visnetum de, 149. 

Sutton, Robertus de^ 246. 

Svaini, Willielmus filius, 32. 

Swaneton, advoS ecclesise de, 251. 

Swathefeld, Juliana de, 173. 

Swathing, Hugo de, 158. 

Swein, Robertus filius, et Alicia 
quae fiiit uxor ejus, 198. 

Swinesheved, boscus in, 194. 

Simon de chingham, 152. 

S , 56, 


Tabari, Hugo de, 156. 
Tachebroc, terra in, 212. 
Tacstede, lib ten in, 5. 
Tademerton, Henricus de, 93. 
Tademerton, Thomas de, 93. 
Tagelingwordi, terra in, 170. 
I TaidenS, Henricus de, 59. 



Taillard, Robertas, 8, 24. 
Taillehasl, Willielmus, 261. 
Taillur, Thomas le, 46, 220. 
Takele, assisa in, 121« 
Takele^ Willielmus de, 121. 
Talamo, Turburtus de, 147. 
Talebot, 268. 
Talebot, Elias, 81. 
Talebot, Quintinus, 3. 
Talebot, Willielmus, 86. 
Talemasci^ Rieardus, 66. 
Talevaz, Nicholus, 269. 
Talewrtfa, Adam de, 49. 
Talewrtft, Adam de, et Maria uxor 

ejus, 17, 21, 24. 
Tamiseford, villa, molendinum,&c. 

de, 60. 
Tanie, Gillebertus de, 95. 
Tappelawe, Stephanus de, 140. 
Tarente, Fromundus de, 71. 
Tatecast!^, advoc ecclesise de, 28. 
Tatesfeld, Simon de, 31. 
Tateshal, Robertus de, 80, 207. 
Tateshat, Walterus de, 160, 161. 
Tateshat, Walterus de, et Isolda 

uxor ejus, 267. 
Tatesha}, Philippus filius Roberti 

de, 29. 
Tatishatt, Robertus de, 200. 
Tauleston, Turstanus de, 205. 
Taverham, terrain, 271. 
Tebaldus, 128, 130. 
Tebaldus, Senescallus, 190. 
Tebaldus filius Fulconis, 187. 
Tebrig, Laurencius de, 43, 261. 
Tedestorn, molend de, 230. 
Tefeia, Adam de^ 132. 
TefTord, Prior de^ 187. 
Teissun, Robertus, 45. 
Templarii — Fratres Templi — Fra- 

tres Militiae Templi, 29, 81, 

82, 120, 157, 178, 182, 

183» 228, 240, 253, 266. 
Templi, Magister Miliciae, 143, 

205, 207, 217, 218, 232. 
Templi, Prior MiliciflB, 118, 132. 
Tenerchebray, Radulphus de, 66. 
Teobaldus, 47. 
Terrevift, Thomas de, 22. 

Testard, Magister Willielmus, 96. 

Tetteberi, 177. 

Thaehelesbrec, 232. 

Thademertofi, Henricus de, 263. 

Thame, Abbas de, 119, 224. 

Thame, Monachi de, 119, 278. 

Thameston, Thomas de, 197. 

Thefford, Prior de, 197. 

Theiee, terra in, 191. 

Theobaldus filius Samuelis, 19. 

Theodbaldi, Teobaldi, Fulco filius, 
63, 209. 

Theokesberi, Abbas de, 175. 

Theokesberi, ecclesia Sancte Marie 
de, 176. 

Thesaurarius, Rannulphus, 60. 

Theshale^ Radulphus de, 136. 

Thikehm, Milites honoris, 162. 

Thollin, Rogerus, 179. 

Thomae, Wmielmus filius, 85. 

Thomas, 17, 20, 33, 61, 80, 85, 
113, 137, 150, 163, 173, 
179, 188» 195, 224, 265. 

Thomas filius Ailrici, 93. 

Thomas filius Alani, 245. 

Thomas filius Algari, 231. 

Thomas filius AndrsBce, 166. 

Thomas filius Angnetis, 163. 

Thomas filius Eustacii, 240. 

Thomas filius Fulconis, 229. 

Thomas filius Gaufiridi, 231, 265. 

Thomas filius Herberti, 55, 140, 

Thomas filius Odonis, 68. 

Thomas filius Reineri, 273. 

Thomas filius Rogeri, 89, 90. 

Thomas filius Turstani, 163. 

Thomas filius Willielmi, 245. 

Thomas filius Albini de Bracstede, 

Thornham, Robertus de, 171. 

Thoui, Henricus filius, 93. 

Threhangre, terra in, 70. 

Thurketitt filius Aky, 22. 

Thumham, Robertus de, 250. 

Thurnham, Robertus de, et Johan- 
na uxor ejus, 178, 182. 

Tibbe», Radulphus, 206. 

Tibrigg, Laurencius de, 138. 

A A 4* 




Ticheseia, Tlchesie, Gaufiidus de, 

58, 117, 213. 
Tidd, terra in, 200. 
Tidesor, Nicholaus de^ et Ricardus 

frater ejus, 220. 
Tidintx>D, terra in, 218. 
Tigg, Adam, 169. 
Tikeford, Johannes de, 53, 84. 
Tikehitt, ba» de, 36. 
Tikehj}^ castellum de, 165. 
TikehiH; curia de^ 36, 164. 
TikehiH; honor de, 96. 
Tikehutt, ecclia de, 272. 
TikehuB, cape» de, 272. 
TileS, Leticia de, 127. 
Tilleberi, terra in, 26, 255. 
Tilleberi, Thoroldus de, 186. 
Tillebiri, Jacobus de, 186. 
Tillebroc, Williehnus de, 56. 
Tillebroc, Williehnus de, et Walte- 

rus frater ejus, 92. 
Tilli, Henricus de, 245. 
Tilli, Walterus de, 200, 246. 
TilUngham, Terricus, Therricus, 

de, 188, 255. . 
Tilton, Johannes de, 141. 
Timilebi, terra in, 34. 
Tinelebi, terra in, 28. 
Tingree, Sibilia de, 118. 
Tingria, Tingrie, terra de, 131, 

Tiokesbif, Abbas de, 77, 82. 
Tirei}, Jordanus, Jurdanus, 99, 

Tirefl, Tirel, Stephanus, 76, 246. 
Tirmton, Walterus de, 204. 
Tisso, terra in, 46. 
Tisted, Hugo de, 112. 
Tiwe, Radulphus de, 267. 
Tiwinge, terra in, 71, 131. 
Tiwinge, Brienus de, 275. 
Tiwinge, Gervasiu» de, 71, 181. 
Tiwinge, Ricardus de, 71, 131. 
Toke, Wmfridus de, 8a 
Tolesford, Willielmus de, 45. 
Tonebrug, Conestabularius de^ 

Topesfeia, Robertus de, 137, 218. 
Topesfeld, Stephanus de, 137. 

Toppefeld, Amicia de, et Robertus 

filius ejus, 218. 
Torel, Robertus, 20. 
Tore^ Ahnaricus, 22a 
Toreni, Rannulphus de, 73. 
Torinton, ecclesia de, 182. 
Torinton, Henricus de, 182. 
Torinton, Hugo de, 225. 
Tomeie, 142. 
Tometon, Thomas de, 249. 
Torolf^ 115. 
Torp, terra in, 62, 2ia 
Tor|, Gaufridus de, 161, 267. 
Torp, Radulphus de, 141. 
Torp, Turstanus de, 2ia 
Toteford, Williehnus de, 112. 
Totemo, Henricus de, 225. 
Toui, 2. 

Traci, Henricus de, 21 1, 270. 
Traci, Oliverus de, 179. 
TrailU, Nicolaus de, 99. 
Trauers, Walterus, lia 
Travel, Walterus de, et Matillda 

uxor ejus, 233. 
Tregodac, terra in, 264. 
Treminetes, TremineS, Ricardus 

de, 107, 179. 
Trenchemer, Alanus, 184» 243. 
Trescote, terra in, 206. 
Tresk, terra de, 231. 
Treuet, Willielmus, 191. 
Treuil^ Ricardus de, 189. 
Triham!, Robertus de, 250. 
Triket, Yda, 21, 22, 24. 
Trilee, Abbas de, 28. 
Trillor^ Thomas, 124. 
Trindeie, dos in, 124. 
Trindeie, Johannes de, et Amicia 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 124. 
Trinitatis, Prior Sanctae, 77, 94^ 
Trinitatis de Cant, 6. Prior cede- 

sie — Prior, &c, Sanctae, 4» 

115, 123. 
Troite, Ricardus filius, 30. 
Trublevil}, Radulphus de, 158. 
Trubwicfc, Nicolaus de, 3» 
Trumpinton, Willielmus de, 17. 
Trussebut, Hillaf, Ylla?, 20, 118. 
Trussebutt, Willielmus, 21. 



Tudeham, Rogerus de, 269. 
Tuenford, Rogerus de, 141. 
Tufford, Willielmus de, 275. 
Tuiford, ecclesia de, 16. 
Tuiford, molend in, 18. 
Tuiford, Gillbertus de, 141. 
Tuitham, Teobaldus, Tebaldos de, 

46, 58. 
Tulle, Thomas, 73. 
Tunderle, Robertusde, 132. 
Tuimestalle, Rogerus de, 195. 
Tunstale, Liulfus de, 220. 
TunstaS, Reginaldus de^ 18. 
Tunstafl, R(^rus de, 192. 
Turbervili, Johannes de, 247. 
TurbervBi, Paganus de^ 45. 
Turbumi, Johannes filius, 44. 
Turet, Bartolomeus, 81. 
Turgis pater Mauricii, 211. 
Turkilli, Ricardus filius, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 202. 
Turlac, Radulphus filius, 192. 
Turlac, Simon filius, 193, 206. 
Turlauesi, Ricardus de, et Elena 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 65. 
Turmot, 268. 
Tumebi, terra in, 249. 
Tumebi, Hugo de, 249. 
Tumham, Robertus de, 183, 250. 
Turoldus, 115. 
Turonis, Gilebertus de, 166. 
Turonis, WUliebnus de, 162, 166. 
Turpin, Stephanus, 28. 
Turroc, liberum tenementum in, 

Turroc, Clemens de, 20. 
Turris Londoniensis, 139, 220, 

Turstani, Gilebertus filius, 201. 
Turstani, Radulphus filius, 242. 
Turstani, Thomas fiilius, 163. 
Turstani, Willielmus filius, 69. 
Turstani, Albreda quae fiiit uxor, 

Turstani, Muriel mater Willielmi 

filii, 224. 
TurueH; Williebnus, 242. 
Turvifl, Robertus de, 84, 38. 
Turvi», WilUehnus de, 25, 196, 


Tuteneshifi, feod milK in, 223. 
Twiford, Gilebertus de, 247. 
Twitham, Theodbaldus, 281. 
Twoeng, Marmaduc de, 193. 
Tynetorp, liberum tenementum in, 


Uctredi, Edwardus filius, 149. 
Uctredi, RoUandus filius, et uxor 

ejus, 231. 
Udardus, 30. 

Uhtredi, Warinus filius, 98. 
UlkiUi, Williebnus filius, 145. 
Umfiridi, Gaufiridus filius, 223. 
Umfndi, Matillda filia, 25a 
Umfiridi, Robertus filius, 152. 
Umfiidi, Walterus filius, 140, 207. 
Umfiridus, 47. 
Uncle, Williebnus, 66, 179. 
Unetorp, terra in, 233. 
Unetorp, Johannes de, 233. 
Unguini, Willielmus filius, 86. 
Upcote, liberum tenementum in, 

Upcote, feod nulil in, 226. 
Upton, Gaufi*idus de, 87, 160. 
Uptoii, Williebnus de, 160. 
Upton, Willielmus de, et Paulina 

uxor ejus, 281. 
Upwicb, Robertus de, 132. 
Urrici, Jurdanus filius, 118. 
Utlinges, Willielmus de, 2a 
Utmers, 146. 
Utting, 125. 
Uuflus, 24. 


Vabadun, Hugo de, 35. 
Vabadun, Vabaudun, Ricardus d^ 

49, 130, 243, 275. 
Val, Robertus de, 41. 



Valeines, Robertus de, 8, 135. 
Valeines, Tebaldus de, 80. 
Valle, Robertus de, 2ia 
Valle Badun, Ricardus de, 79. 
Valle Dei, Abbas de, 27, 33. 
Valle Torta, Joellinus de, 244. 
Vallibus, Radulphus de, 132. 
Vallibus, Rogerus de, 19. 
Valoines, Robertus de, 106. 
Valon, Hamo de, 72. 
Valon, Rogerus de, 41. 
Valunies, Werreieus de, 234. 
Vauasur, Robertus le, 69, 113. 
Vaumarie, liberum tenementum in, 

Vaus, Oliverus de, 268. 
Vautort, Johannes de, 189. 
Vautort, Ricardus de, 189. 
Vautort, Simon de, 189. 
Vavassur, Malgerus le, 205. 
Vavassur, Robertus le, 178, 183. 
Vavasur, Robertus, 6, 18. 
Vedasto, WiUielmus de Sancto, 87. 
Vein, Radulphus de, 223. 
Vein, Thomas de, 223. 
Venator, Alanus, 206. 
Venator, Robertus, 267. 
Venator, Wamerus, 100. 
Venur, Walterus le, 52. 
Verdun, Willielmus de, et uxor 

ejus, 206. 
Verli, Hugo de, 98. 
Verli, Rogerus de, 15, 58. 
Verli, Philippus de, et Alicia mater 

ejus, 103. 
Vern, Ricardus, 116. 
Vemun, Comes de, 39. 
Ver?, Albrico de, 105. 
Vesci, Eustacius de, 3^ 220. 
Vesci, Warinus de, 3. 
Vesci, Warinus de, et Emma uxor 

ejus, 35. 
Vesci, Willielmus de, 3* 
Vesci, Willielmus de, et Alina uxor 

ejus, 241. 
Vestorp, Robertus de, 105. 
Veteri Ponte, Robertus de, 182. 
Veteri Ponte, Willielmus de, 13. 
Veteri Villa, 45. 
Vic, 273. 

Vic, Alanus, 215. 
Vidonis, Robertus filius, 132. 
Villa Nona, Robertus de, 86. 
Villielmus filius Alicias de Barefeld, 

Viretheii, Ricardus de, 18. 
Vis de Chen, Ricardus, 195. 
Vitalis, Willielmus filius, 75. 
Voleston, redditus in, 248. 
Vrkewrth, Rogerus de, 266. 
Vuetorp, terra in, 170. 
Vullers, Hmnfridus de, 195. 
Vunihering, Gaufiidus, 40. 


W. Archiepiscopus Roth, 95. 
Wabrun, Thomas de, 49. 
Wac, Hugo, 202. 
Wach, Baldewinus, 51, 190. 
Wachenesfeld, terra in, 254. 
Wachenfeld, terra in, 98. 
Waddewfth, Elias de, 36. 
Waddon, Tliomas de, 18. 
Wade, Juliana de, 34. 
Wade, WiUiehnus de, 12a 
Wadeben, Engeramus, 52. 
Wadingham, ecclesia de, 186. 
Wadingham, Nicolaus de, 186. 
Wadlingel, Reginaldus de, 275. 
Wadlinton, Willielmus de, 275. 
Wafr, Robertus le, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 175. 
Waite, Willielmus, Williehnus la, 

85, 137. 
Walburii, Thomas de, 192. 
Walclini, Henricus filius, 88. 
Walclini, Robertus filius, 88. 
Walclinus avunculus Ysabellas, 87. 
Walcf, terra in, 275. 
Walcf , Gaufiidus de Bocland psona 

ecciie de 275 
Waldefi-idi, WiUielmus' filius, 86. 
Waldingef, Gillebertus de, 41. 
Waldingef, Robertus de, 4) . 
Wale, Robertus, 72. 



Walecot, Willielmus de, 56. 
Waleis, Griffinus, et Matillda uxor 

ejus, 185. 
Waleis, Radulphus, et Margareta 

uxor ejus, 16. 
Walenses, Marchann, et Abraham 

Kakebrenn, 264. 
Walensis, Gervasius, 164. 
Walensis, Johannes, 223* 
Walensis, Nesta, 170. 
Walensis, Robertus, 4, 48. 
Walensis, Rogerus, et Geua uxor 

ejus, 233. 
Walensis, W., 4. 
Walerami, Willielmus filius, 7. 
Waleramus filius Radulphi, 7. 
Waleramus filius Willielmi, et An- 

seUus frater ejus, 88. 
Walerico, Thomas de Sancto, 177. 
Walerico, Wido de Sancto, et Al- 

breda uxor ejus, 212. 
Walesham, Walterus de, 105. 
Walesham,Williehnu8 de, 100, 105, 

Waleton, Simon de, 255. 
Waleton, Williehnus de, 262. 
Walford, ecclesia de, 250. 
Walford, Hugo de, 250. 
Walingeford, honor de, 2. 
Walingeford, Mosse de, et filius 

ejus, 108. 
Walitol, Willielmus de, 142. 
Walkecote, Paganus de, 184. 
Walkelini, Agnes filia, 94. 

Walkelinus, de, 149. 

Walkelinus, 158, 159. 

Wallia, 227. 

Wallia, Nesta de, 272. 

Walle torta, Robertus filius et heres 

Simonis de, 199. 
Walpol, Adam de, 258. 
Walpole, Jocelinus de, 133. 
WalpoH, Aluredus de, Ida 
Walsingham, visnetum de, 158. 
Wakingham, Adam, Magister 

Adam, de, 6, 64, 138. 
Walsingham, Decanus de, 158. 
Walsingham, Stephanus de, 96, 

Walteri, Theobald, 157. • 

Walteri, Willielmus, et Richenda 

mater ejus, 202. 
Walteri, Adam filius, et Elena quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 109. 
Walteri, Augnes uxor, 257. 
Walteri, Eustacius filius, 95. 
Walteri, Robertus filius, 31, 40, 

58, 104, 150, 152, 155, 

185, 235. 
Walteri, Rogerus filius, 174. 
Walteri, Simon filius, 22, 73. 
Walteri, Walterus filius, 185, 260. 
Walteri, Walterus filius, et Alanus 

avus ejus, 85. 
Walteri, Williehnus filius, 40, 58, 

100, 105, 182, 205. 
Walteri de Keineto, Amabilia filia, 

WaltertoS, terra in, 206. 
Walterus, 19, 21, 61, 83, 85, 86, 

92, 113, 115, 116, 125, 

142, 193, 204, 213, 234, 

Walterus Extra Portam, 142. 
Walterus filius Ade, 4, 23a 
Walterus filius Aliciae, 36. 
Walterus filius Bernard], 249. 
Walterus filius Comitis Sarum, 182. 
Walterus filius Emaldi, 99. 
Walterus filius Eudonis, 128, 184. 
Walterus filius Gileberti, 212. 
Walterus filius Johannis, 63, 107, 

Walterus filius Mauricii, 225. 
Walterus filius Radulphi, 270. 
Walterus filius Roberti, 134. 
Walterus filius Rogeri, 158. 
Walterus filius Umfi-idi, 140, 207. 
Walterus filius Walteri, 85, 185, 

Walterus filius Widonis, 181. 
Walterus filius Yuonis, 125. 
Walterus filius Yvonis, et Orogui- 

luse uxor ejus, 35. 
Walterus pater Leticie, 20. 
Walterus pater Willielmi, 5, 203. 
Walterus filius Johannis de Stan- 
ham, 82. 
Walterus filius Roberti de laWithie, 




Walterus filius Willielmi de Cran- 

curt, 57. 
Waltervitt, Acelinus de, 9. 
Waltervii), Radulphus de, 192. 
Waltervift, Robertus de, 196. 
Waltham, Abbas de, 16, 78. 
Walton, terra in, 187. 
Walton, Gervasius, 267. 
Walton, Robertus de, 199. 
Waltr, liberum tenementum in, 

Walueric, Johannes, 222. 
Walvredus, 22. 
Wand, Ricardus de, 277. 
Wandleswrth, terra in, 144. 
Wapenbi?, Ricardus de, 63. 
Wapenbir, Ricardus de, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 185. 
Warberge, homines de, 236. 
Ward, ecclesia de, 99. 
Ward, advoc ecclesise Sancti Leo- 
nard! in, 201. 
Wardeberge, terra in, 236. 
Wardebois, Walterus, 4. 
Wardon, Abbas de, 11, 99, 201, 

Wardon, domus de, 201. 
Wardoii, advoc ecclesite de, 11, 

Wardon, Ricardus de, 101. 
Wardre, WiUiehnus, 103. 
Ware, Robertus, 245. 
Ware, Sarra de la, 117. 
Wareland, terra de, 118. 
Warenn, WiUiehnus de, 241, 253, 

Warew, Hubertus de, 24a 
Warham, terra de, 185. 
Warham, Petrus de, 158. 
Warin, WiUiehnus, 161. 
Warini, Benedictus filius, 175. 
Warini, Hugo fiUus, 178. 
Warmi, Wilhehnus fiUus, 183, 188, 

Warini de Bassingeburn, Guioma- 

rus filius, 139. 
Warinus, 5, 113, 173, 258. 
Warinus fiUus Geroldi, 222. 
Warinus filius Ricardi, 22, 25. 
Warinus fiUus Uhtredi, 98. 

Warinus filius WiUiehni, 191, 

Wameford, Robertus de^ 100, 

Warwicscire — Warewi^ Sto^ 2, 8, 
13, 14, 46, 52, 55, 59, 
61, 62, 65, 66, 70, 76, 
81, 87, 93, 101, 106, 
114, 123, 130, 146, 148, 
158, 160, 169, 185, 198, 
204, 206, 211, 212, 215, 
216, 218, 225, 228, 231, 
232, 234, 240, 245, 248, 
255, 258, 259, 261, 280. 

Warf, Vic, 2. 

Warf, liberum tenementum in, 


Wa?, Comes de, 76, 210, 211, 

212, 215, 248, 274. 
War, Henricus Comes, 179. 
Warf, Comidssa de, 28, 35, 61, 

67, 178, 183, 211, 215, 

Waf, Ricardus de, et Idonea uxor 

ejus, 205. 
Waf, Warf, WUUehnus de, 80, 

War, Warf, WiUiehnus de la, 221, 

Wartre, Canonici de, 33. 
Wartre, Prior de, 32, 33. 
Warueles, Martinus de, 97. 
Waspaitt, Rogerus, 111, 128, 13a 
Wassepoke, Robertus, 56. 
WastineU^ Ricardus, 79. 
Watervitt, Robertus de, 213. 
Watevifi, Robertus de, 49, 189. 
Watevi», Wattevifl, WilH^us de, 

49, 180, 2ia 
Watford, terra m, 42, 126. 
Watford, Eustacius de, 42, 126« 
Watton, Canonici de, 16a 
Watton, Radulphus de, 275. 
Wattoii, Wmielmus de, 49, 79. 
Wauberget*, terra, &c. in, 275. 
Wauci, Robertus de, 34. 
Waudevitt, GiUebertus de, 34. 
Waudon, Robertus de, 1 la 
Waute}, terra in, 101. 
Wautet, Philippusde, 101. 



Wautervili, Radulphus de, 195. 
Wauton, Gaufridus de, 160. 
Wdeham, Adam de, 93. 
Webburn, Abbas de, 189. 
W^hesham, 7. 
Wechesham, Osbertus de, 6. 
Weddon, Radulphus de, 189. 
WedoD, Johannes de^ 160. 
Wele, Ricardns, 45. 
Wele, Walterus, 45. 
Weft, terra de, 185. 
Weft, Petnis de, 275. 
Weft, Robertus de, 136. 
Weft, Wluardus de, 27. 
Wellebrun, Thomas de, 18. 
WeUeburS, terra de, 231. 
WeUeford, Wellef, Radulphus de, 

208, 237. 
Welles, Canonici de, 179. 
Welles, piscaria in, 258. 
Welles, Hugode, 179. 
Welles, Ricardus de, 158. 
Welpelee, Welpeleg, Adam de, 12, 


Weluetham, Gaufridus de, 269. 

Weluetham, Walterus de, 268. 

Wencb, terra in, 224. 

Wenche, Robertus le, 45. 

Wendesle, ecclesia de, 46. 

Wendlesworth, terra in, 212. 

Wendliswurth, Pentescost de, 190. 

Weneton, terra in, 237. 

Wenge, Willielmus de, 19a 

Wengraue^ terra de, 190. 

Wenriz, terra in, 277. 

Wenriz, Andreas de, 223. 

Wer, Robertus de, 19a 

Werdel, Ricardus de, 21. 

Wermedal, Philippus de, 106^ 

Wermenist?, ecclesia de, 54. 

Wermintoii, terra in, 20a 

Werthing, terra in, 208. 

Wertting, Willielmus de, 20. 

Wessepeke, Robertus, 142. 

Westden, advoS ecdise de, 255. 

Westm— Westmonasterium, &c., 9, 
11, 15, 19,25, 34, 36,40, 
41, 42, 51, 57, 68, 72, 
75, 77, 79, 81, 84, 104, 
105, 106, 109, 113, 114, 

Westin, &C.— con^. 

120, 126, 128, 129, 130, 
142, 145, 147, 152, 155, 
159, 167, 170, 171. 172, 
173, 175, 178, 182, 184, 
195, 204, 208, 209, 225, 
228, 231, 240, 263, 276. 

Westm, mesuagium in, 280. 

Westm, Abbas de, 40, 59, 60, 61, 
62, 134, 139, 141, 193, 

Westm, Adam de, 28, 138. 

Weston, terra in, 54, 185, 261, 

Weston, Adam de,- 47. 

Westorp, Robertus de, 100. 

Westwicft, terra in, 69. 

Weuedenn, boscus de, 120. 

Whitchircfa, Alanus de, 46. 

Wiard, Henricus, 243, 277. 

Wibem, WiUiebnus, 212. 

Wibemi, Willielmus filius, 76. 

Wiberti, Willielmus fflius, 25a 

Wicb, Robertus de, 61. 

Wicham, Sewal de, 138. 

Wiche, Wift, terra in, 123, 254. 

Wiche, feod milii in, 124,254. 

Wiche, Margareta de^ et Jocea soror 
ejus, 42. 

Wiche, Editha soror Margaret» de, 
et Gaufridus vir ejus, 64. 

Wicheboia, 153. 

Wicheham, Gillebertus de, 49. 

Wichendon, Gervasius de, 113. 

Wichenham, Willielmus de, 232. 

Wichenton, Henricus de, 52. 

Wichering, Magister Radulphus 
de, 79. 

WichintoS, Wichitton, Willielmus 
de, 187, 193. 

Wictmeri, Radulphus filius 

filii, 144. 

Wicton, Alanus de, 182, 221. 

Wictring, Oliverus de, 50. 

Wideha», feod milii in, 199. 

Widerdaft, Alanus de, 197. 

Widerspon, Johannes, et Sibillia 
uxor ejus, 199. 

Wideuift, Hugo de, 8a 

Wideuift, Johannes de, 8a 



Wido^ 63, 181, 182, 188, 206. 
Wido filius Henrici, 63. 
Wido filius Widonis, 31. 
Widonis, Ricardus filius, 41, 110, 

Widonis, Robertus filius, 131. 
Widonis, Walterus filius, 181. 
Widonis, Wido filius, 31. 
Wielardi, Dionisia filia, 238. 
Wielardus, 238. 
Wiengraue, feod milil in, 103. 
Wigani, Radulphus filius, 59, 70, 

132, 183, 240. 
Wigehale, libemm teDCTnentam in, 

Wigehale, Wigeb, Eudo de, 22, 

23, 67. 
Wigehale, Seman, Semanus, de, 

22, 23, 67. 
Wigehale, Simon de, 19. 
Wigomescire — Wigorn, &C., 36, 

46, 47, 61, 71, 73, 77, 

89, 108» 136, 138, 156, 

167, 170, 171, 175, 187, 

196, 201, 211, 217, 228. 
Wigorn, Com, 211. 
Wigorn, redditus in, 228. 
Wigorn, Davidus de, 36. 
Wigorii, Johannes Episcopus, 157, 

Wigorn, Willielmus Episcopus, 176. 
Winun, Radulphus Mus Willielmi 

de, 230. 
Wikewan, Jordanus de, 195. 
Wilburham, redditus in, 127. 
Wilebi, Johannes, 269. 
Wilegebi, redditus in, 216. 
Wilegebi, Willielmus de, 271. 
Wilileg, Wamerus de, 251. 
WilintoS, Wiliton, Radulphus de, 

et Olimpias uxor ejus, 170, 

Willegebi, WilUehnus de, 124. 
Willielmi, Alexander filius, 228. 
Willielmi, Amalricus filius, 59. 
Willielmi, Bartholomeus filius, 101. 
Williehni, Elias filius, 78. 
Willielmi, Eustacius filius, 51, 

Willielmi, Gaufiridus filius, 105. 

Willielmi, txillebertusfiUus, 34. 

WiUiehni, Henricus fiUus, 89, 137, 
218, 237. 

Willielmi, Henricus filius, et Mar* 
gareta uxor ejus, 102. 

Willielmi, Herebertus filius, 271. 

Willielmi, Hubertus filius, 20. 

Williehni, Hugo filius, 193, 247. 

Willielmi, Johannes filius, 37, 38, 
80, 147, 235. 

Willielmi, Jordanus filius, 214. 

Williehni, Leuina filia, 21, 24. 

WiUiehni, Petnis fiUus, 235. 

WiHielmi, Hiilippus filius, 6, 34^ 

Willielmi, Radulphus filius, 197. 

Willielmi, Ricardus filius, 180, 
235, 25& 

WiUiehni, Robertus fiUus, 67, 88, 
89, 141, 183, 234, 240, 

WiUiehni, Rogerus fiUus, 29, 65, 

Winiehm, Sarra filia, 58. 

WiUielmi, Sterns filius, 167. 

WUUelmi, Thomas fiUus, 245. 

WUliehni, Waleram fiUus, 8& 

WUUelmi, Warinus fiUus, 191, 

WUUehni, WilUehnus fiUus, 29, 
152, 257. 

WUUelmi de Pirrho, Simon fiUus, 

WUUelmi de Pirroh, Simon frater, 

WiUielmi de Santon, Radulphus 
fiUus, 12. 

WUUelmi de Wihun, Radulphus 
fiUus, 230. 

WUliehnus, 5, 10, 13, 19, 21, 
22, 24, 30, 37, 45, 47, 
51, 63» 66, 68, 80, 85, 
89, 100, 101, 103, 106, 
109, 113, 116, 132, 137, 
139, 151, 158, 165, 186, 
188, 189, 191, 197, 202, 
203, 215, 218, 225, 237, 
238, 246, 247, 252, 253» 
260, 261, 268» 276. 

WUlielmus Rex, 6, 7, 10. 

Willielmus et uxor ejus, 87. 



Willielmus, et Alicia uxor ejus, 


Willielmus, et Stangnia uxor ejus, 

Willielmus Canonicus, 33. 
Willielmus, Magister, 78. 
Willielmus Senescallus, 162. 
Willielmus Comes Glouc, 176. 
Willielmus Episcopus Wigorii, 176. 
Willielmus Prior de Arundel, 258. 
Willielmus Monachus abbatiie de^ 

Grestein, 255. 
Willielmus filius Achardi, 237. 
Willielmus filius Adce, 37, 42, 97, 

Willielmus filius Ailmeri, 22. 
Willielmus filius Alani, 11, 12, 38, 

56, 184, 251, 268. 
Willielmus filius Aluredi, 22, 86. 
Willielmus filius Baldewini, 110, 

Willielmus filius Baldredi, 271. 
Willielmus filius Clementis, 138, 

Willielmus filius EmmsB, 114, 116, 

228, 234. 
Willielmus filius Emoldi, 212. 
Willielmus filius Eruisii, 86. 
Willielmus filius Eustacii, 218. 
WiUielmus filius Gaufridi, 17, 18, 

29, 73, 113, 203. 
Willielmus filius Gileberti, 158. 
Willielmus filius Godefi'idi, 14. 
Willielmus filius Gregorii, 109. 
Willielmus filius Henrici, 15, 48, 

49, 60, 70, 104, 266. 
Willielmus filius Herberti, 64. 
Willielmus filius Herevici, Herui, 

81, 141, 242. 
Willielmus filius Joce, 100. 
Willielmus filius Johannis, 56, 87, 

134, 141, 201, 245. 
Willielmus filius Lamberti, 114. 
Willielmus filius Mathei, 31. 
Willielmus filius Mauricii, 5. 
Willielmus filius Milonis, 45, 140. 
Willielmus filius Nigelli, 159. 
Willielmus filius Norman', 88. 
Willielmus filius Odonis, et Chris- 
tiana uxor ejus, 72. 

Willielmus filius Oggeri, 113, 221. 
Willielmus filius Orges, la 
Willielmus filius Osberti, 5a 
Willielmus filius Othonis, 136, 189. 
Willielmus filius Petronillfle, 201. 
Willielmus filius Radulphi, Ran- 

nulphi, 20, 42, 44, 57, 

64, 70, 82, 113, 174, 183, 

194, 210, 224, 242. 
Willielmus filius Radulphi, et Ali- 
cia uxor ejus, 69. 
Willielmus filius Reginaldi, 147, 

Willielmus filius Ricardi, 19, 23, 

26, 28» 45. 
Willielmus filius Roberti, 63, 225. 
Willielmus filius RoeS, 19. 
Willieknus filius Rogeri, 116, 225. 
Willielmus filius Roscelini, 184. 
Willielmus filius Serlonis, 62. 
Willielmus filius Simonis, 173, 205, 

241, 250. 
Willielmus filius Stangrim, 19. 
Willielmus filius Stephani, 24a 
Willielmus filius Svaini, Sueini, 

Suaini, 32, 76, 117. 
Willielmus filius Thomae, 85. 
Willieknus filius Turstani, 69, 224. 
WiUielmus filius UlkiUi, 145. 
Willielmus filius Unguini, 86. 
Willielmus filius VitaJis, 75. 
Willielmus filius Waldefridi, 86. 
Willielmus filius Walerami, 7. 
Willielmus filius Walteri, 40, 58» 

100, 105, 182, 205. 
Williehnus filius Warini, 183, 188, 

Willielmus filius Wiberni, 76. 
Willielmus filius Wiberti, 258. 
Williehnus filius WiUielmi, 29, 

152, 257. 
Willielmus filius Wolwi, 158, 159. 
Willielmus filius Ysabellas, 85, 

Willielmus filius Benedicti de 

Lond, 215. 
Willielmus filius Elmeri et Alanus 

firater ejus, 86. 
Willielmus filius Emaldi Nautas, 




Willielmus filius Henrici de Oxen- 
don, 52. 

WiUielmus filius Johannis de Har- 
petf, 234. 

Willielmus filius Jordani de Aube- 
mar!, 275. 

Willielmus filius Juliahae de Arun- 
del, 16. 

Willielmus filius Petri de Lenn, 

Willielmus filius Radulphi de 
Worth, 258. 

Willielmus filius Ricardi de Haring- 
ton, 265. 

Willielmus filius Roberti le Grant, 

Willielmus filius Willielmi Grim, 

Willielmus filius Willielmi filii Ysa- 
bellfls, 15. 

Wilmecote, Willielmus de, 146. 

Wilmintoii, 149, 150, 151. 

Wilmintoii, homines de, 149, 

Wiltesif — WUts, &c, 8, 9, 12, 16, 
17, 54, 61, 64, 67, 73, 75, 
111, 121, 123, 126, 128, 
138, 142, 156, 183, 206, 
'208, 211, 229, 256, 266, 

Wil!, Petrurde, 9. 

Wilton, 156, ii74.\ 

Wilton, Abbatissa de, 8, 17. 

Wimarcfe, 97. 

Wimarcb quae fuit uxor Roberti de 
la Mare, 78. 

Wimarka, 221. 

Wimarka filia Henrici, 214. 

Wimbervi», Abbas de, 189. 

Wimbervifl, Elyas de, 189. 

Wimbervift, Ricardus de, 8. 

Wimbisse, Ricardus de, 189. 

Wimereffod, Robertus de, 21. 

Wimerus, 129. 

Wimenis Vicecomes Suff, 133. 

Wimundi, Robertus filius, 62. 

Winbervifl, Elias de, 17. 

WinchelesS, Jacobus de, 263. 

Wincheleze, Jacobus de, 180. 

Windesacf, terra in, 174. ^ 

Windespres, messuag In, 173. ^ 
Windesores, Constabl de, 278. 
Windesores, Walterus de,. 28, \j 

32. x/ 
Winebodesham, liberum tenemen- 

tum in, 247. 
Winemerus filius Semanis, 19. 
Winetorp, Robertus de, 242. 
Wingham, Hugo de^ 107. 
Wingham, Petrusde, 9, 112. 
Wingod, 247. 
Winhitt, Rogerus de, 92. 
Winl, Robertus de, 172. 
Wintebi, Willielmus de, 230. 
Wintene, feod milit in, 62. 
Wintertoii, advoc ecclesise de, 194, 
Winterton, Wido de, 194. 
Winton, Abbatissa de, 240. 
Winton, Episcopus, 61, 67, 112» 

Winton, gaiola de, 112. 
Winton, rotuli de, 6. 
Wintoii, Prior de, 60. 
Wirecest?, homagium captum apud» 


Wirecestf, Hugo de, 84 
Wirham Holm, terra in, 85. 
Wirham, Ricardus de, 71. 
Wirham, Walterus de, 15. 
Wirmeton, terra in, 233. 
Wirmundale, Philippus de, 148. 
Wirrefeld, Johannes de, 26. 
Wiscard, Robertus, 262. 
Wiscard, Willielmus, 83. 
Wisdard, Robertus, 24a 
Wisel, terra in, 268. 
Wistenesl, Henricus de, 44. 
Wistoneston, Willielmus de, et 

Agnes uxor ejus, 44. 
Witchercn, terra in, 148. 
Witebi, Burgenses de, 145. 
Witeby, Abbas de, 145. 
Witechirche, Robertus de, 143, 

Witechirci, Robertus le Palmer de, 

Wite^ Henricus, 66. 
Witefeld, Walterus de, 214. 
Witefeld, Walterus de, et Eua uxor 

ejus, 68, 81, 227. 



ytTitenhani) Willielmus de, et Dio- 

nisia uxor ejus, 74. 
Wil£, WiUielmus de, 19. 
Witham, terra in, 123. 
Withechircb, Robertus de, 181. 
Withering, Rogerus de, 197. 
Withiam, feod dim mi) in, 65. 
Withie, Robertus de la, et Wal- 

terus filius ejus, 137. 
Witingeslaw, terra in, 203. * 
Witton, terra in, 29, 74, 207. 
Wiudestock, Amisius de, 132. 
Wiueday, Willielmus, 72. 
Wiuelesboe, villa de, 84. 
Wiuelesthorn, 6au£ridus, 194. 
Wiuelingham, ecclesiade, 72. 
WiuiS, Johaimes de, 193. 
WiuiB^ Margareta mater Roberti 

de, 249. 
Wlvffi, Robertus de, 265. 
Wlsisle, villa de, 76. 
Wlsilee, Willielmus de, et Beatrix 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 76. 
Wluina filia Asketett, 19. 

Wluina filia Auketilli, 43. 

Wluinesleg, boscus de, 165. 

Wmfridi, Rogerus filius, 45. 

Wmiiidus filius Roberti, et Petro- 
nilla uxor ejus, 127. 

Woburn, Wboume, Abbas de, 8, 
16, 17, 38, 135. 

Woburn, Philippus de, 246. 

Woburn vel Wbourn, Elias Cele- 
rarius de, 38. 

Wochel, Rogerus de^ 15. 

Wod, Willielmus de, 266. 

Wode, Willielmus de la, 4. 

Wodecote, Lucas de, 215. 

Wodecote, Robertus de, 239. 

Wodeham, Adam de, 206. 

Wodelawe, de, 145. 

Wodemanecol, terra in, 281. 

Wodestoft, terra in, 157, 158. 

Wodestoft, Amisius de, 157. 

Wodestoft, homines de, 157. 

Woketon^ Robertus de, 15. 

Woketon, terra in, 135. 

Wokinton, ecclesia de, 135. 

WlvertoS, Lefina de, 45. 

Woluricus, 234. 

Wolwi, Williebnus filius, 158, 159. 
WorA, Randulphus de, 258. 
Wortb, Willielmus filius Randulphi 

de, 25a 
Wragebi, lib tenementum in, 213- 
Wrating, terra in, 216. 
Wrench, G^ruasius, 98. 
Wrench, Willielmus, 155. 
Wrotham, Ricardus de, 3. 
Wrotham, Willielmus de, 149,175. 
WttoS, terra in, 38. 
Wulterton, terra in, 192. 

Willielmus de eluu, 169. 

Winf , Gerardusde, 263. 


Ybemia, Gillebertus de, 26. 
Yda uxor Rogeri de Brandon, 

Ydonia uxor Hugonis Pirram', 

Yford, Rogerus de, 80. 
Ymenia, 79. 
Ympitoii, lerra in, 85. 
Ypoliti, Hugo filius, 241. 
Ypolitus filius AndresB, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 16, 102. 
Ypwinburii, terra in, 143. 
Ysabella, 87. 
Ysabella uxor Baldr de Grendoii, 

Ysabella uxor Gaufridi de Cestr, 

Ysabella uxor Henrici de Nonant, 

Ysabella uxor Petri Salsarii, 183. 
Ysabella uxor Radulphi de Ber- 

neres, 117. 
Ysabella uxor Radulphi Sine Ave- 

rio, 17. 
Ysabella uxor Ricardi de Ledde- 

beri, 217. 
Ysabella uxor Roberti de Cram- 

uiil, 80. 

Rot. Cur. Reg.— Vol. II. 

B B 





Ysabella uxor Walteri de Riebof^ 

60, 68. 
YsabellaB^ Willielmus filius, 85, 86. 
YsabeU», Willielmus fiUus Williel- 

mi filii, 15. 
Ysem, Adam de, 102. 
Ysillia Vidua, 131. 
Ysobella, 271. 
Ysolda, 5, 113. 
Ysolda uxor Henrici Biaet, 266, 

Ysolda uxor Ricardi de Paskemere^ 

Ysolda uxor Ricardi de Pesemere, 


Ysolda uxor Willielmi de Arden% 

Ysolda uxorWiUielmi Russ^ 138w 
Yuonis, Walterus filius, 125» 
Yvonis, Gillebertus filius, 7, 55. 
Yvonis, Walterus filius, et Orogui* 

luse uxor ejus, 35. 


Zuche, Rogerus de la, 194» 19& 


London: Printed by Gbouzb Etbb and Andrew SporrrrewooDB, 
Printon to the King's mott Excellent Miyetty. 1885. 


a bios Qba 1HM iiSi