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Full text of "Rotuli curiæ regis. Rolls and records of the court held before the King's justiciars or justices .."

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VOL. I. 






VOL. I. 














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C. P. Cooper, 

Jiif 18S5, Ste. Ccm. Pk*. Bte. 







\2tk rf March 18S1. 









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§ I. The Rolls of the Curia Regis, or 
the King^s Court held before his Justices 
or Justiciars^ during the reigns of King 
Richard I. and King John^ and here pub- 
lished for the first time in an entire form] !xot ^A*->•^-W>-^ 
are the earliest consecutive judicial recordsfiJjL^ 
now existing. At least, after endeavouring 
to ascertain the fact, by consulting the best 
authorities, I have not been enabled to 
discover any other specimens bearing an 
anterior date. 

It is true, that many detached muni- 
ments relating to judicial proceedings — 
narratives of placita — suits before various 
judges and tribunals — and other legal 
memorials of more remote periods — are 
extant : but none, which, like the present, 
constitute a continuous roll or register. The 
most antient documents of this description 
known in the continental archives, belong 
to the Parliaments of Paris, being the 
** Olim " Registers as they are called, com- 
mencing in the year 1254» the twenty- 
eighth year of Saint Louis; whereas we 

Rot. Cvm, Rio. * a 


possess the Rolls of the Curia Regis 
from the Quinzaine of St Michael, in the 
sixth year of the reign of Richard Coeur 
de Lion, 1194, or soon after his return 
from the Holy Land* 

§ II. With these rolls, the series de- Rotuiusde 


posited in the Treasury of the Exchequer S'c*iMichae- 
bcgins. Yet the usage of preserving a regu- ,1^8. (a/l 
lar written record of judicial proceedings, ^'^ 
was certainly practised in England during 
the preceding reign. The roll of Michael* 
mas Term, 9 John, contains a short tnms* 
cript of certain pleadings, 7 Henry II., 
proving that the mode of enrolment was 
then entirely settled. I have not dis- 
covered any other traces of those rolls. 
They are not noticed in any of our reper- 
tories or calendars. Peiiiaps, when it was 
declared that legal memory extended not 
beyond the first year of Richard's reign, 
the earlier judicial records, deprived of 
their practical utility, were cast aside and 
neglected, and ultimately destroyed, either 
by neglect or design. 

§ III. Much as the loss of these docu- 
ments may be regretted, — for no other 
source can supply the information which 
thoy would have afforded concerning in- 
dividual transactions, — still we have no 


reason to suppose that they disclosed any 
principles of law beyond those established 
by the surviving records. The main out- 
lines of that peculiar and national system, 
the English Common Law^ were fully fixed 
and drawn. Our jurisprudence had as- 
sumed all those characteristicks, through 
and by which, greatly as they have been 
altered from age to age, it is distinguished 
at the present day. Beginning with Glan*- 
ville; — continuing our inquiries upon the 
Rolls, existing from the reign of John in 
regular succession ; — comparing these 
records with the commentary furnished 
by the Year Books ; — and lastly, opening 
the Volumes of the Reporters, properly 
so called : we could -— if human life were 
adequate to such a task — exhibit what 
the world cannot elsewhere shew, the 
judicial system of a great and powerful 
nation, running parallel in developement 
with the social advancement of the people 
whom that system ruled. In the history 
of the English Constitution, our legal 
records are amongst the most important 
elements. The law restrained the Sovereign 
before he was controlled by his Great 
Council. And the most important func^ 
tions antiently vested in the High Court 
of Parliament, arose from the dispensation 
of justice, exercised in ordinary cases by 
♦ a2 


the Judges to whom the King delegated his 
authority and powen 

§ IV. But the interest of our judicial 
records is not locals or peculiarly apper- 
taining unto this our country. They are 
the property, not merely of England, but 
of the English people^ wheresoever settled 
or dispersed. We have here the germ and 
foundation of the laws obtaining in those 
States, which, rising beyond the ocean, seem 
appointed to preserve the language and the 
institutions of England beneath other skies, 
when the empire of the parent common- 
wealth shall have passed away like a dream. 

Nor will these muniments be without 
great value in the estimation of those able 
and learned men, who, amongst foreign 
nations, and more particularly the Germans, 
are applying themselves to the study and 
discussion of jurisprudence with a laborious 
research into historical facts, and an en^ 
lightened pursuit of legal science, which 
may at once excite our national emulation 
and check our national pride. For, in 
England, no branch of study, no pursuit^ 
receives so little elegance from the acquire- 
ments of literature, or the investigations of 
philosophy, as the law» Its professional 
members are distinguished for their know- 
ledge and their talent, but they labour to 


cultivate and adorn every field except their 
own. — And while we thus reject the em- 
bellishment derived from human intellect^ 
our practical Legislators have never yet 
sufficiently recognized the truths that the 
positive laws of man can stand upon no 
other sure foundation but those immutable 
principles» which ought to be as much the 
rule of conduct for communities» as for the 
individuals of whom they are composed. 

§ V. The character in which these re- 
cords are entered is cursive, and often very 
illegible, perplexed, and obscure^ and the 
writing being also much faded, they cannot 
be deciphered without difficulty. The en- 
tries are frequently irregular and confused» 
bearing the evident tokens of haste and 
interruption. Many clerical errors are dis- 
cernible, especially in the names of persons 
and places. In coeval charters and chiro- 
graphs of concords, documents which were 
written carefullyand leisurely, the character 
is set, regular, and firm ; and the compa- 
rison between these classes of muniments 
and the judicial Rolls, will lead to the con- 
clusion, that the latter were written whilst 
the Court was actually sitting. (Note A.) 

In a subsequent age of our legal history» 
it would seem that the roll was carefully 
♦a 3 


and leisurely engrossed by the clerk, from 
the notes taken in court of the oral plead- 
ings. In London, a curious vestige of the 
antient custom may be found in the civic 
Courts, in which there are no paper 
pleadings, but the declaration, the plea, 
dud other entries, are engrossed at once 
Upon the parchment by the attorneys, 
(who in fact are the Clerks of the Court) 
in the same manner as they would have 
done, had the suit been followed and de- 
fended according to the antient mode. 

§ VI. Upon a cursory perusal of the 
Rolls, two points will present themselves 
prominently to the reader's attention. 

The first, is the great quantity of business 
transacted before the Justiciars. And when 
we recollect the heavy ezpence, which, even 
at this period, was attendant upon legal 
proceedings, and the difficulties of commu- 
nication between the remote parts of the 
kingdom and the central tribunal, it must 
appear evident that so many causes would 
not have been prosecuted in the King's 
Court, had not some very decided advan- 
tages been derived from this course. 

The second point is, the smallness, in 
many cases, of the matter in dispute, the 
suits being frequently brought for very in- 
considerable portions of land. It is probable. 


however, that the **acra" originally con- 
tained one hundred and twenty of the 
measures usually so called, especially when 
the land was situated in the western Shires 
of England : or that the term acre was 
equivalent to ** carrucate." It is possible 
also that the common rights, appurtenant 
to small pieces of land held in severalty, 
may have been much more valuable than 
the land itself, and were the substantive 
objects of litigation. 

The spirit and principles of our antient 
jurisprudence offer a wide and interesting 
6eld for enquiry : some remarks and hints 
upon these subjects, as well as upon 
the affinity between the Norman customs 
and the laws of Anglo-Norman England, 
may perhaps be introduced hereafter. In 
the present essay, I shall confine myself to 
the observations suggested by a very few 
of the more remarkable passages appearing 
on the record. 

§ VII. Such are the entries relating to Rot-Cur. 
the appeal of treason, brought by William eg^ll ^""^''^ 
Fitz Osbert against Richard his brother. ?q.^^*^^' 

William Fitz Osbert, the Appellant, Hoveden, 
had accompanied Coeur de Lion to Pales- 
tine. We learn the fact from the narra- 
tive of a vision, relating how Thomas a 
Becket had appeared to Fitz Osbert, and 

a 4 


to GeofFry, a Citizen and Goldsmith of 
London, both embarked upon the vessel 
which had sailed from the port of that 
city. The vision itself, has little, if any, 
bearing upon the general history of the 
reign, and it is just such an incident as 
we might be inclined to neglect or expunge 
as an idle tale. But the legend affords a 
curious proof how useful the slightest 
notices relating to individuals may be, in 
completing the chain of historical evidence ; 
and that matters, appearing at first sight 
without any specific application to authentic 
history, may nevertheless confirm the tes- 
timony afforded by the more trust-worthy 
portions of the chronicler. By this tran- 
sient glimpse of Fitz Osbert in the cha- 
racter of a Crusader, we can trace the 
source of that intimacy with King Richard, 
which afterwards enabled him to take a most 
influential station in the civic community. 

1194.. § VIII. William Fitz Osbert, who is de- Hoveden, 

scribed as one learned in the law — quidam Neubrigen- 
legisperitus — a phrase probably import- Dic^^'e9i 
ing that he had studied as a civilian, M.Paris, isi. 

^ , ' Gervasius» 

was endued with all the qualifications i59i. 
required in the leader of a popular party. Annaisof the 
He possessed a slender portion of learn- don^lnthe^' 
ing : his wit was quick : his eloquence, sur- i^ber de^A^ 
passing. In stature he was mean, but he !|^"'® ^^«*' 


endeavoured to give importance to his 
looks hj nourishing the growth of beard, 
which he deemed would render him more 
notable in the crowd and theFolkmoot; 
and hence, fFyllyam wtth-the-^lovge-berde, 
derived his common name. Others say, 
that he and his kinsmen had adhered to 
this antient English fashion as a testimony 
of their hatred against their Norman mas- 
ters. And at all events, it is sufficiently 
easy to understand the object sought by 
this affectation of singularity. 

Great and frequent were the talliagcs 
imposed upon the City of London, for 
Richard's ransom : and the burthen, ac- 
cording to the popular opinion, was in- 
creased, by the inequality of its appor- 
tionment or repartition. London at this 
period, contained two distinct orders of 
citizens : the Aldermen, the " Majores '* 
or ** Nobiles," as they are termed in the 
antient Year Books of the City, the 
Patricians or higher order, constituting 
(as they asserted) the municipal Commu^ 
niuj and constantly exercising the powers 
of government. To these, were opposed 
the lower order, who — perhaps being 
subdivided amongst themselves into two 
tribes of plebeians — maintained that they 
were the true Communia, to which, as of 
right, the municip£fl authority ought to 


belong. And in these conflicting ranks, an 
historical theorist may suppose that he 
discovers the vestiges of the remote period, 
when London was inhabited by distinct 
races or nations, each dwelling in their 
own peculiar town — the Ealdonnanna- 
byrigy still known as the Aldermanbury — 
inhabited by the nobles or conquering 
caste : whilst the rest of the city was 
peopled by the tributary or subject commu- 
nity. — ^But, abandoning these speculations, 
and reverting to the plain story of the 
chroniclers, it appears that whatever may 
have been the right of the superior classes, 
they failed to exercise their jurisdiction dis- 
creetly. And when the Aldermen assem- 
bled, according to usage, in full Husting, 
for the purpose of assessing the taxes, the 
rulers endeavoured to spare their own 
purses and to levy the whole from the poor. 

§ IX. William with the long beard, had Neubrigen- 
an elder brother, Richard Fitz Osbert. S^deDic^to; 
To this relative he had been indebted for ^^^* 
support when young, and whilst pursuing 
his studies. Extravagant and profuse in 
more advanced age, William attempted to 
encroach upon Richard's bounty, and strove 
to obtain by threats, the relief which had 
been denied to his solicitations. He now 
sought the blood oP this near kinsman, 


perseduting him to the death with the tnost 
virulent hostility. 

Longbeard repaired to Coeur de Lion ; 
and, availing himself of the intimacy which 
he had acquired, he denounced Richard 
Filz Osbert as a traitor, a conspirator 
against the life of the King. Such was his 
devotion towards his Sovereign, he declared, 
that he would not spare his brother at the 
expence of his allegiance. We are told (NoieB.) 
by Neubrigensis, that the accusation was 
spumed by the King, and, as this writer 
conjectures, on account of his horror at 
such unnatural cruelty. It may be doubted, 
however, whether Richard, who was him- 
self so devoid of natural affection, could 
be actuated by such a motive. And the 
authentic record of the proceeding will 
enable us to rectify the statements of the 

Si Nov.] 194. § X. It appears, then, by the entries Rot Cur. 
upon the Roll, that on the Morrow of Jg,^*"' ''''^' 
St* Edmund, in the sixth year of Ric. I., 
William Fitz Osbert preferred his appeal 
before the Justices at Westminster against 
Richard Fitz Osbert, his brother. Speaking 
as a witness — for every Appellant sup- 
ported his complaint by his own positive 
testimony — he affirmed that a meeting was 
held in the '^ stone house " of the said 


Richard, when a discussion arose con- 
cerning the aids granted to the King for 
his ransom. Richard Fitz Osbert exclaimed^ 
** In recompense for the money taken from 
** me by the Chancellor within the Tower 
" of London, J would lay out forty marks 
** to purchase a chain in which the King 
" and his Chancellor might be hanged/' — (iVbfc c.) 
There were others present who heard this 
speech, Jordan the Tanner and Robert 
Brand, without doubt the two true men 
noticed, but not named, by Ralph de 
Diceto, whose brief account of the trans- 
action agrees, so far as it extends, with 
the record. And they also vied with Richard 
Fitz Osbert in his disloyalty. *^ Would that 
" the King might always remain where he 
" now is," quoth Jordan. In this wish 
Robert Brand cordially agreed. — And, — 
" Come what will,'' — they all exclaimed, — 
** in London we never will have any other 
" King except our Mayor;" — Henry Fitz 
Ail win of London Stone. 

The Appellees, in due form, denied the 
whole accusation ** de verbo in verbum,"and 
demanded the franchise of London, or the 
right possessed by the citizens of defending 
themselves by compurgation, according to 
the old Anglo- Saxon laws of their ancestors. 
Upon this plea, a day was given to them on 
Sunday next after the feast of St. Kathe- 


rine, in three weeks, and in the meanwhile 
thej were enlarged, finding pledges for 
their appearance ; amongst whom, scanty 
as the early memorials of the City are, we 
recognize many well-known names of 
citizens and civic families. The cause of 
the Appellees was therefore defended by 
the Magnates, to whom William tvith the 
long bearde was so much opposed. i^^ D.) 

«iDeciiw. § XL On Sunday next before Christ- 
mas, a further day was given to William 
Fitz Osbert and the Citizens of London, 
concerning the allowance of their franchise 
in respect of the appeal, to wit, on the 
octaves of St* Hilary, at Westminster. No 
further information can be derived from 
the mutilated and imperfect record, but 
we can ascertain that the facts have been 
mis-stated by Neubrigensis. The accu- 
sation was followed up in due form of law 
before the Justices at Westminster, and 
without any reference to the King. 

1196. § XII. Defeated as an informer in Court, Hovcden, 

Fitz Osbert now re-appears in the City as a M.Parisjsi, 
patriot. Those chroniclers who espouse ^ilf^^f^^' 
his cause — and the coeval authorities dis- 
play, most instructively, all the violent 
parly feelings of the age — maintain, that, 


moved by an ardent zeal for justice and 
equity, he acted with specious fideHty as 
the advocate of the poor. Face to face he 
opposed the Aldermen, on all occasions : 
asserting, that by the corruption of the 
" Nobiles '' the King's Exchequer was 
shamefully defrauded ; and labouring to 
effect an equal and impartial assessment of 
the citizens according to their means. 

For this purpose, he repaired to the 
King in Normandy, praying ^* peace for 
" the citizens and for himself." The re- 
quest is obscurely expressed, nor are we 
informed of the answer which he received, 
but since we do know that Longbeard 
complained of the extortions committed by 
the King's ministers or officers, and that 
upon bis return, the Chief Justiciar or Re- 
gent, Archbishop Hubert, was moved to 
exceeding wrath, we may conjecture that 
the authority of the latter was restricted, or 
his discretion impugned. 

Hubert at once declared himself as the 
open adversary of William Fitz Osbcrt in 
particular, and of the citizens at large. 
Orders were issued by the Justiciar, that 
any one of the commonalty found without 
the walls of the City should be arrested 
as an enemy to King and Kingdom. 
Either the franchises of the citizens, ' or 


tbeir strength, or perhaps both causes com- 
bined, restrained or deterred the Justiciar 
from attacking them within their own 
Mirch 1196. municipal territory. Beyond the city liber- 
ties, he did his worst; and, about Mid 
Lent, several London merchants, attending 
Stamford Fair, were seized pursuant to 
his commands. 

Fitz Osbert, safe within the walls of 
London, defied the Justiciar and the Royal 
authority. We are told by Neubrigensis, 
that fifty^two thousand citizens were en- 
rolled by name as his adherents or follow- 
ers, all arrayed against the rich and noble 
of the City, who were compelled to watch 
in arms, day and night, for the purpose of 
protecting their wealth, their honour, and 
their lives against this confederacy. 

§ XIII. Availing himself of the terrors Neu^rigen- 
excited amongst the higher orders, and •'*'^^* 
supported, without doubt, by their in- 
fluence, the Justiciar proceeded to London, 
and convening the citizens, he induced 
them to give pledges for the keeping of 
the peace. William Fitz Osbert was no 
party to this transaction. He called a 
folkmoot, as he was wont to do, in St^PauFs 
Churchyard, and here he addressed a for- 
cible and energetic discourse to the assem- 
bled people, inviting them to defend their 


cause by rallying round him as the Pro- 
tector of the Poor. But, according to the 
invariable destiny of party leaders, he began 
to experience the levity of the multitude : 
and, either by fear or treachery, the union 
which had supported him was weakened or 

§ XIV. Hubert the Justiciar, advising Hoveden, 
with the "Proceres,** summoned Fitz Osbert Neubrigen- 
to appear and answer the accusations now itd^Dimo, 
preferred against him. Two of the *' noble Qer^^sius 
citizens,'* or Aldermen, acted as intelli- J59i. 

M. Pans, 

gencers, and espying out the ways of the isi. 
declining demagogue, they ascertained how 1266. 
and in what manner he could be safely and f^i^**^^"' 
surely apprehended. When, therefore, it Jhron^f 
appeared that the capture could be effected London, s. 

* , , ^ . Annals of 

easily and quietly, an armed band, stationed London, 
by the Justiciar under the command of Liber de An. 
these Citizens, attacked the popular advo- b^MMs!) 
cate. Force was resisted by force. One of 
the leaders, Godfrey by name, fell beneath 
Fitz Osbert's battle-axe, the other met with 
a similar fate : yet Longbeard found that 
he had no safety but in flight. He took 
refuge in the church of St. Mary le Bow : 
and, having but too good reason for ap- 
prehending that the sanctity of the edifice 
might not be suflicient to defend him against 
his enemies, he retired to the lofty tower. 


ki which he proposed to resist a siege. — 
** Come out and abide the law/' — was the 
summons received by Fitz Osbert, and 
which he knew he could not dare to obey. 
The Archbishop, wholly disregarding 
the immunities of his peculiar Sanctuary, 
gave orders, to the great astonishment and 
marvel of the surrounding crowd, that Fitz 
Osbert should be expelled by main force. 
And when it was ascertained that the victim 
had fled to the tower of the church, the 
Archbishop directed that the structure 
should be set on fire« The fierce flames 
compelled Fitz Osbert to abandon his 
stronghold ; he descended and attempted 
to escape* As he was rushing out, he was 
stabbed by the son of the citizen whom he 
had slain, secured, bound with fetters and 
manacles, and carried to the Tower of Lon- 
don. The ^^Majores*' of the City and 
the King's oMcers, all joined in urging the 
Justiciar to inflict a condign punishment 
upon the offender. Fitz Osbert, by ad-- 
vice of the ** Proceres *' assembled at the 
Tower, was condemned to die. The sen- 
tence was executed with the usual barbarity. 
Stripped naked, and tied by a rope to the 
horse's tail, William was dragged over the 
rough and flinty roads to Tyburn, where his 
lacerated and almost lifeless carcass was 
hung in chains on the fatal elm. 

Rot. Cvb. Rio. b 


In the archives of Guildhall, a single line 
commemorates the execution of the traitor. 
The vernacular Chronicle of the City informs 
us, how the ** heretyke called with the 
Longe herd was drawen and hanged for 
beresye and cursed doctryne that he had 
taughte.'* A confession, said to have been 
made by him, acknowledging in his name 
tilie foulest crimes, was loudly and indus« 
triously repeated and reported to the 
disgrace and contumely of his adherents. 
They heeded not these accusations. They 
who had abandoned their advocate when 
living, lamented and honoured him when 
dead. It was believed that miracles were 
worked by the relics of this martyr to 
the popular cause. Hubert the Justiciar 
was able to chase away the votaries of Fitz 
Osbert, and to reduce the citizens to obe- 
dience : but the trespass which Hubert the 
Archbishop had committed against the 
privileges of the sanctuary, was not forgot* 
ten, and ultimately occasioned the loss of (§ xxxvn.) 
the great secular office which he held. 

§ XV. A very remarkable plea relates Rot. Cur. 

to the expulsion of the Monks from the J^S!'"'''^ *• 

Priory of Coventry. 
I3 0ct.ii94. Moses, late the Prior of Coventry, and 
St. Michael, his Couvcut, pray that they may recover 
6Ric.L seisin of the Barony of Coventry which 


they held in the time of Henry II., and 
after the first Coronation of Ric. L, and 
from whence they were ejected by force 
and without judgment, declaring that the 
Prior had performed homage for the same 
to the King. 

The Canons against whom the suit is 
brought, allege in their plea that they hold 
nothing in Barony, nor otherwise than 
in frankalmoigne : and that if they held of 
the Barony, the same is in other hands, and 
not in theirs. And, inasmuch as they only 
hold in frankalmoigne, they refuse to 
answer, praying their privilege of Court 
Christian. Upon this plea, a day is given 
to the parties to hear judgment at West- 
minster: and the Canons appoint their 
attorneys to appear in their stead. 

The plea to the jurisdiction was not 
allowed : and amongst the entries on the 
tijfaT.1194. Morrow of St. Edmund, is the appearance 
I ScEdnnod, of the assizc, empannelled to try the issue, 
whether Hugh Bishop of Coventry and 
the Canons of Coventry, unjustly and with* 
out judgment, disseized the Prior and Con- 
vent of Coventry pf their tenements in 
Coventry and elsewhere, since the first 
Coronation of the King. 

The Canons plead, that when King 
Henry II. granted the Bishoprick of 
Coventry to Hugh de Nonant, he also 



granted to him the priory of Coventry, i» 
the same manner as Bishop Roger Clin- 
ton, his predecessor, had enjoyed the 
same. Now Bishop Roger held the priory 
in his demesne and Barony, and re- 
ceived the homage of the Freeholders, and 
provided necessaries for the Monks at 
his discretion. And the Canons proffer 
the charter of Hen. II., purporting that 
the King granted the priory to the Bishop 
in the above-mentioned manner and form. 
Before, however, he could obtain seisin 
thereof, Henry II. died, and he therefore 
came before King Richard, and prayed hi» 
confirmation thereof. 

Moses the late Prior, the demandant in 
the present assize, appeared, as they further 
allege, before Archbishop Baldwin, the 
Bishops of London and Rochester, and 
many other discreet men, as well of the; 
Clergy as of the Laity, at Reading, and 
surrendered the Priory into the hands of 
Hugh de Nonant, the Bishop of Coventry. 
And there, in the presence of them all. 
Prior Moses abjured the Church of Coven- 
try, and promised that he would never 
return thereto. 

Some time afterwards the Bishop held 
a Synod in his church of Coventry, when 
the Monks came forth and struck the 
Bishop upon his head with a cross, and 


tlrew blood. This assault was made known 
4iuto the Pope; and by the assent and 
testimony of the King and the Suffragans 
of the Church of Canterbury, and the 
judgment of the Court of Rome, the 
.** religion '* or regular community was 
altogether suppressed. And by the King's 
assent, the possessions of the Church were 
xlistributed or divided into prebends, saving 
only the entirety of the Barony, which 
the King granted to Bishop Hugh de No- 
jiant for his life ; and thus, by the autho- 
rity and command of the Pope, addressed 
to William Longchamp Bishop of Ely, then 
his Legate — and of whom much more (i xxvi. to 
will be said hereafter — the prebends were 
assigned to the several Canons. Thereupon 
they proffer the King's confirmation, and 
pray that the same may be allowed to 
them, and they offer to the King six hun- 
dred marks, that they may hold the priory, 
together with the Barony of the same 
priory, as Prior Moses held the same, and 
that they may have the King's further con- 
firmation thereupon. 

The Prior prays that his Assize of 
Novel Disseisin may proceed : and he 
in his turn, proffers the King's charter, 
in which it is contained that the King 
granted to the said Prior the entirety of 
bis priory, together with the habit and 



the order of the Monks, as fully as they ever 
h33toi the »me, and that they should not in 
unywbe be impeded or damnified by the 
charters which Bishop Hugh had obtained 
tram the King. And to the end that they 
may have the entirety of their priory, toge- 
ther with the Barony, and the restoration 
of their order, as the same was granted 
to them by the King, they also offer to 
the King six hundred marks of silver. 

But now a third party interposes, namely, 
the Archbishop of Canterbury, who asserts 
the suit should be decided in Court Chris- 
tian, as of a church which is vacant, and 
sihould be in his custody, the dispute 
tx>ncerning ecclesiastical property. And 
the Justices demand that the suit may 
bi^ retained in the King^s Court, as being a 
pU^ concerning his Barony. And it is there- 
fiU^e adjudged by the Court — consideratum 
e»t — that the King's pleasure shall be 
taken thereupon. 

§ XVL Here the record breaks off, and Hovcden, 


the plea must be elucidated by the chro- Genrasiug, 
ni^^lers. — ^There prevailed at this period a J^J; ^^^^"^ 
bitter hostility against the Regular Clergy, ^^^^g^J^f^ 
and particularly against the Monks who Waisingham 


iHUisUtutod the Chapters of many Cathe- Neustnae, 


UnUs including the Primatial See of coggeshaie, 
Cunlerbury. Monastic or regular Chapters ^ 


werederived from the Anglo- Saxon Church, Giraidut 
and the institution was almost peculiar to vit&tiugonu 
England. They were originally introduced ^i-^H^^' 
into the Cathedrals for the purpose of ef- fgsS^^k 
fecting an ecclesiastical reform. The secu-- Knyghton^ 
lar Clerks had so greatly neglected their M.parU, 
duties, that there appeared no cure for the Tinmuth, 
evil but the substitution of a priesthood Hi,°yar^" 
bound by monastic vows. Now, the accu- ^^*^"^^^^^' 
sation was retorted : it was allesced that Dugdaie * 
the Monks were equally unfitted for their shire, 107, 
charge : and the utmost efforts were made Anoaies de 
to expel them from the Cathedrals, and wikfrsi^ 
to introduce secular Canons or Preben- S^^^'^'^'^- 


daries in their stead. In addition to all (M.S./ 
those means which could be considered as 
lawful, the adversaries of the Monks fre- 
quently employed every kind of undue 
influence, fraud, and violence. Canter- 
bury Cathedral more than once sustained 
a regular blockade from the forces of the 
Metropolitan. Pilgrims proceeding to the 
shrine of St. Thomas were shamefully en- 
treated. And the Monks who fell into the 
power of their Archbishop were cast into 
prison, chained, and fettered, even until 
they were starved by cold and hunger. 

The majority of the chroniclers being 
Monks, their accounts cannot be received 
without qualification: it is evident, however, 
that the efforts of the secular clerks were 




the on! -"*** principle. 

had tlv " -' Lanfiranc and 

anywi^ . _.. etitwasprin- 

charti =^-!*»» tl»t any 

fPQj^j . / je tbond And 

jjjay -^ *- * ^ ecclesiastics 

{^][)^). . .tati^oiiists of Saint 

Qf I ' ::t; *jy which respect 

I^Q . . ^Muddence inspired. 

the .. ^^*>P ^f Coventry 

.vi*i^ the most for- 

ll) ... otf Regular Clergy- 

ll ^, a me/' — said he to 

^\ . 1 ^ short time not a 

^ a. ^al^ in England/' The 

...uou of Richard L, no- 

4 ,atf Canons, had been 

^ :^;:?iwp from the King for 

xuiniwd marks. He ob- 

^ ..t/cj$^$$ion of the Convent 

^v'tutnit And an unhappy 

. IK Prior and the Monks. 

^ ^>r tUnented by the Bishop, 

v.-^it*^ pretext for interference, 

^xsiUtS W* designs against the 

V^u».^in§ the Convent with 

*vV4 *i^ Prior was driven out by 

^iU tfct!^ Monks who took refiige 

Hiicii ^^^ neitlier protected by 

^i;^tvH^ w>r by their Sanctuary. 

. ^ bc^tx^H wounded, maimed» and 


the muniments and archives of the Church, 
rifled and despoiled. 

It appears, however, that this warfare 
was not quite unprovoked : for it was before 
their expulsion that the assault was com-* 
mitted upon Hugh de Nonant^ which is 
stated in the plea. Giraldus Cambrensis, 
the solitary partizan of Hugh de Nonant, 
who alone in the crowd of Chroniclers 
holds up his hand for the Bishop, tells us, 
that^ proceeding to the Synod, called for 
the purpose of consecrating the Bishops 
recently nominated in the Parliament at 
Pippewell, and held before the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, he displayed his recent 
wounds and bruises, demanding justice. An 
excommunication was launched against the 
Monks: and, the more effectually to prevail 
in the common cause, Bishop Hugh pro- 
posed that all the other Prelates, who like 
himself were infested by Regular Chapters, 
should join with him hi raising a fund to 
defray the expences attending the hostility 
against the common enemy. Canterbury, 
Rochester, Winchester, Bath, Worcester, 
Ely, and >9orwich might, as he suggested, 
contribute two thousand marks amongst 
them, whilst he for his poor Church of 
Coventry would give one thousand, making 
three thousand marks in all. 

Agents were forthwith dispatched to 
Rome, their purses well filled with the 


XX^ KTmoDucnoN. 

oKttm^ oc* auTTTiog on the suit, and bearing 
the letter? of ihe Prelates, which at once 
cev£tfiNi the misconduct of the Monks, and 
^txtnrated the Pope to sanction the re- 
\M^:;)aiintion of the Cathedral, by the intro- 
ductiou of m secular Chapter. During six 
ttKHiths, the Pope suspended the sentence, 
tv^ the intent that the Monks might, if they 
|^e«ised> appear and shew cause against it. 
'l^heir poverty incapacitated them from 
making their defence, and, as it is said, a 
sentence was pronounced, by which they 
were expelled j but it is by no means cer- 
Uuu that they were legally abolished or sup- 
|vre^ed, as pleaded by the Canons. The 
hiHH) and the amice replaced frock and 
iHiwK The Canons were installed: and, 
the better to efface all recollection of the 
Kurmer inmates. Bishop Hugh pulled down 
the conventual buildings, and rebuilt them 
ujHni a new plan, paying the expences with 
the moveable goods of the late community. 
It appears, however, from the pleadings 
on the roll, that the Monks kept together as 
It btxly, notwithstanding their expulsion ; 
nor was any legal objection taken by the 
l\nu*t against their corporate existence 
Similar examples may be found in modern 
tlmt\H| the Monks of La Trappe and the 
Nun» of Syon having, though despoiled ol 
their possessions, equally withstood the 
UevoKUion of France, and the Reformation 


of England, preserving their unbroken suc- 
cession unto the present day. An ecclesias- 
tical corporation may be extirpated by the 
secular arm, but, according to the doctrines 
of the Canonists, it can only be legally dis- 
solved by competent ecclesiastical authority. 
In whatever manner procured, for it is 
difficult to collect the real facts of the 
case, a Papal Bull was subsequently pro- (^Vo/crE) 
duced, directing and empowering Hubert 
Archbishop of Canterbury, together with 
the Bishop of Lincoln and Samson Abbot 
of Bury, to restore the Monks, and to 
Jtn. 1198. eject the intruding Canons. Acting under 
this authority, both as Archbishop and as 
Justiciar, Hubert proceeded to Coventry : 
and, compelling the Canons to abandon the 
Cathedral, he restored the Monks to their 
domicile, in which they continued without 
further disturbance. Prior Moses, however^ 
was dead, and a successor was therefore 
appointed in his place, Josbert or Gisbert 
the Norman, who had already obtained 
three other priories, Dai n tree, Wenloc, and 
Bermondsey, appointments which gratified 
the avarice of this pluralist, though he had 
in some measure deserved them by his pni^ 
dence and discretion. 

During their banishment, the number of 
the Monks had been much diminished by 
death. And, as well for the purpose of form- 
ing an adequate community, as for the res- 



In the archives of Guildhall, a single Mm 
commemorates the execution of the traitor 
The vernacular Chronicle of the City informs 
us» how the ^^ heretyke called with th 
Longe herd was drawen and hanged foi 
heresye and cursed doctryne that he hac 
taughte/* A confession, said to have beei 
made by him, acknowledging in his nam< 
tilie foulest crimes, was loudly and indus 
triously repeated and reported to th< 
disgrace and contumely of his adherents 
They heeded not these accusations. Thej 
who had abandoned their advocate whei 
living, lamented and honoured him whei 
dead. It was believed that miracles wen 
worked by the relics of this martyr t( 
the popular cause. Hubert the Justicia 
was able to chase away the votaries of Fit 
Osbert, and to reduce the citizens to obe 
dience : but the trespass which Hubert th 
Archbishop had committed against th 
privileges of the sanctuary, was not forgot 
ten, and ultimately occasioned the loss ( 
the great secular office which he held. 

§ XV. A very remarkable plea relati 

to the expulsion of the Monks from tl 

Priory of Coventry. 

I3 0ct-ii94. Moses, late the Prior of Coventry, ai 

St. Michael, his Couvcut, pray that they may recov 

^^^•^' seisin of the Barony of Coventry whh 


they held in the time of Henry II., and 
after the first Coronation of Ric. L, and 
from whence they were ejected by force 
and without judgment, declaring that the 
Prior had performed homage for the same 
to the King. 

The Canons against whom the suit is 
brought, allege in their plea that they hold 
nothing in Barony, nor otherwise than 
in frankalmoigne : and that if they held of 
the Barony, the same is in other hands, and 
not in theirs. And, inasmuch as they only 
hold in frankalmoigne, they refuse to 
answer, praying their privilege of Court 
Christian. Upon this plea, a day is given 
to the parties to hear judgment at West- 
minster: and the Canons appoint their 
attorneys to appear in their stead. 

The plea to the jurisdiction was not 

allowed : and amongst the entries on the 

^iNaT,ii9i. Morrow of St. Edmund, is the appearance 

^tonow of 

^Edmuod, of the assize, empannelled to try the issue, 
whether Hugh Bishop of Coventry and 
the Canons of Coventry, unjustly and with* 
out judgment, disseized the Prior and Con- 
vent of Coventry of their tenements in 
Coventry and elsewhere, since the first 
Coronation of the King. 

The Canons plead, that when King 
Henry IL granted the Bishoprick of 
Coventry to Hugh de Nonant, he also 



granted to him the priory of Coventry, in 
the same manner as Bishop Roger Gin- 
ton, his predecessor, had enjoyed the 
same. Now Bishop Roger held the priorj 
in his demesne and Barony, and re 
ceived the homage of the Freeholders, anc 
provided necessaries for the Monks a 
his discretion. And the Canons profFe 
the charter of Hen. II., purporting tha 
the King granted the priory to the Bisho] 
in the above-mentioned manner and form 
Before, however, he could obtain seisii 
thereof, Henry II. died, and he therefor 
came before King Richard, and prayed hi 
confirmation thereof. 

Moses the late Prior, the demandant i 
the present assize, appeared, as they furthe 
allege, before Archbishop Baldwin, th 
Bishops of London and Rochester, an 
many other discreet men, as well of th 
Clergy as of the Laity, at Reading, an 
surrendered the Priory into the hands < 
Hugh de Nonant, the Bishop of Coventr 
And there, in the presence of them al 
Prior Moses abjured the Church of Covei 
try, and promised that he would nev< 
return thereto. 

Some time afterwards the Bishop he] 
a Synod in his church of Coventry, whc 
the Monks came forth and struck tl 
Bishop upon his head with a cross, at 


drew blood. This assault was made known 
4iuto the Pope; and by the assent and 
testimony of the King and the Suffragans 
of the Church of Canterbury, and the 
judgment of the Court of Rome, the 
.** religion '* or regular community was 
altogether suppressed. And by the King's 
assent, the possessions of the Church were 
distributed or divided into prebends, saving 
only the entirety of the Barony, which 
the King granted to Bishop Hugh de No- 
jiant for his life ; and thus, by the autho- 
rity and command of the Pope, addressed 
to William Longchamp Bishop of Ely, then 
his Legate — and of whom much more (i xxvi, to 
will be said hereafter — the prebends were 
assigned to the several Canons. Thereupon 
they proffer the King's confirmation, and 
pray that the same may be allowed to 
them, and they offer to the King six hun- 
dred marks, that they may hold the priory, 
together with the Barony of the same 
priory, as Prior Moses held the same, and 
that they may have the King's further con- 
firmation thereupon. 

The Prior prays that his Assize of 
Novel Disseisin may proceed : and he 
in his turn, proffers the King's charter, 
in which it is contained that the King 
granted to the said Prior the entirety of 
bis priory, together with the habit and 



the order of the Monks, as fully as they eve 
had the same, and that they should not i 
anywise be impeded or damnified by th 
charters which Bishop Hugh had obtaine 
from the King. And to the end that the 
may have the entirety of their priory, togc 
ther with the Barony, and the restoratio 
of their order, as the same was grante 
to them by the King, they also offer t 
the King six hundred marks of silver. 

But now a third party interposes, namelj 
the Archbishop of Canterbury, who asserl 
the suit should be decided in Court Chris 
tian, as of a church which is vacant, an 
should be in his custody, the disput 
concerning ecclesiastical property. An 
the Justices demand that the suit ma 
be retained in the King^s Court, as being 
plea concerning his Barony. And it is then 
fore adjudged by the Court — consideratui 
est — that the King's pleasure shall t 
taken thereupon. 

§ XVI. Here the record breaks off, an 
the plea must be elucidated by the chn 
niclers. — ^There prevailed at this period 
bitter hostility against the Regular Clergy 
and particularly against the Monks wb 
constituted the Chapters of many Cath< 
drals, including the Primatial See < 
Canterbury. Monastic or regular Chapte 


werederived from the Anglo-Saxon Church, Giraidut 
and the institution was almost peculiar to vitaUugonia 
England. They were originally introduced 351^353^^' 
into the Cathedrals for the purpose of ef- ^22% m^ 
fecting an ecclesiastical reform. The secu-* Knyghton, 
fcur Clerks had so greatly neglected their M. p^irig, 

192 193. 

duties, that there appeared no cure for the Tinmuth^ 
evil but the substitution of a priesthood L^i^^a^**^ 
bound by monastic vows. Now, the accu- ^^^^'''^''''^ 
sation was retorted : it was alleged that Dug^i^^es 
the Monks were equally unfitted for their shire, 107, 


charge : and the utmost efibrts were made ADn:iics de 
to expel them from the Cathedrals, and w^ktrsi^ 
to introduce secular Canons or Preben- ^l*^?':*^'^. 
daries in their stead. In addition to all (M.S.; 
those means which could be considered as 
lawful, the adversaries of the Monks fre- 
quently employed every kind of undue 
influence, fraud, and violence. Canter- 
bury Cathedral more than once sustained 
a regular blockade from the forces of the 
Metropolitan. Pilgrims proceeding to the 
shrine of St« Thomas were shamefully en- 
treated. And the Monks who fell into the 
power of their Archbishop were cast into 
prison, chained, and fettered, even until 
they were starved by cold and hunger. 

The majority of the chroniclers being 
Monks, their accounts cannot be received 
without qualification: it is evident, however, 
that the efibrts of the secular clerks were 



not prompted by any sound principle^ 
Although the bright days of Lanfranc and 
Anselm were passing away, yet it was prin- 
cipally amongst their disciples that any 
vitality of religion was to be found* And 
in the personal characters of the ecclesiastics 
who appeared as the antagonists of Saint 
Benedict, there was little by which respect 
could be commanded or confidence inspired. 
Hugh de Nonant, Bishop of Coventry 
and Chester, was amongst the most for- 
midable adversaries of the Regular Clergy- 
— ** Leave the matter to me,'' — said he to 
Richard, — ^^ and in a short time not a 
** Monk will be remaining in£ngland/' The 
grant and confirmation of Richard I., no- 
ticed in the plea of the Canons, had been 
purchased by the Bishop from the King for 
Oct. 1189. the sum of three hundred marks. He ob- 
tained seisin and possession of the Convent 
by a forcible ejectment. And an unhappy 
quarrel between the Prior and the Monks^ 
either instigated or fomented by the Bishop, 
afforded a plausible pretext for interference, 
and thus effecting his designs against the 
community. Attacking the Convent with 
an armed force, the Prior was driven out by 
his Pastor, and the Monks who took refuge 
in their Church were neither protected by 
their characters nor by their Sanctuary* 
They were beaten, wounded, maimed, and 


the muniments and archives of the Church, 
rifled and despoiled. 

It appears, however, that this warfare 
was not quite unprovoked : for it was before 
their expulsion that the assault was com* 
mitted upon Hugh de Nonant, which is 
stated in the plea. Giraldus Cambrensis, 
the solitary partizan of Hugh de Nonant, 
who alone in the crowd of Chroniclers 
holds up his hand for the Bishop, tells us, 
that, proceeding to the Synod, called for 
the purpose of consecrating the Bishops 
recently nominated in the Parliament at 
Pippewell, and held before the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, he displayed his recent 
wounds and bruises, demanding justice. An 
excommunication was launched against the 
Monks: and, the more effectually to prevail 
in the common cause. Bishop Hugh pro- 
posed that all the other Prelatfes, who like 
himself were infested by Regular Chapters, 
should join with him in raising a fund to 
defray the expences attending the hostility 
against the common enemy, Canterbury, 
Rochester, Winchester, Bath, Worcester, 
Ely, and Norwich might, as he suggested, 
contribute two thousand marks amongst 
them, whilst he for his poor Church of 
Coventry would give one thousand, making 
three thousand marks in all. 

Agents were forthwith dispatched to 
Rome, their purses well filled with the 


means of carrying on the suit, and bearing 
the letters of the Prelates, which at once 
declared the misconduct of the Monks, and 
entreated the Pope to sanction the re- 
organization of the Cathedral, by the intro- 
duction of a secular Chapter. During six 
months, the Pope suspended the sentence, 
to the intent that the Monks might, if they 
pleased, appear and shew cause against it. 
Their poverty incapacitated them from 
making their defence, and, as it is said, a 
sentence was pronounced, by which they 
were expelled j but it is by no means cer- 
tain that they were legally abolished or sup- 
pressed, as pleaded by the Canons. The 
hood and the amice replaced frock and 
cowL The Canons were installed: and, 
the better to efface all recollection of the 
former inmates. Bishop Hugh pulled down 
the conventual buildings, and rebuilt them 
upon a new plan, paying the expences with 
the moveable goods of the late community. 
It appears, however, from the pleadings 
on the roll, that the Monks kept together as 
a body, notwithstanding their expulsion; 
nor was any legal objection taken by the 
Court against their corporate existence. 
Similar examples may be found in modern 
times, the Monks of La Trappe and the 
Nuns of Syon having, though despoiled of 
their possessions, equally withstood the 
Revolution of France, and the Reformation 


of England, preserving their unbroken suc- 
cession unto the present day. An ecclesias** 
tical corporation may be extirpated by the 
secular arm, but» according to the doctrines 
of the Canonists» it can only be legally dis- 
solved by competent ecclesiastical authority. 
In whatever manner procured, for it is 
difficult to cx>llect the real facts of the 
case, a Papal Bull was subsequently pro- (Nou E.) 
duced» directing and empowering Hubert 
Archbishop of Canterbury, together with 
the Bishop of Lincoln and Samson Abbot 
of Bury, to restore the Monks, and to 
ha. 1198. eject the intruding Canons. Acting under 
this authority, both as Archbishop and as 
Justiciar, Hubert proceeded to Coventry : 
and, compelling the Canons to abandon the 
Cathedral, he restored the Monks to their 
domicile, in which they continued without 
further disturbance* Prior Moses, however, 
was dead, and a successor was therefore 
appointed in his place, Josbert or Gisbert 
the Norman, who had already obtained 
three other priories, Daintree, Wenloc, and 
Bermondsey, appointments which gratified 
the avarice of this pluralist, though he had 
in some measure deserved them by his pru- 
dence and discretion. 

During their banishment, the number of 
the Monks had been much diminished by 
death. And, as well for the purpose of form- 
ing an adequate community, as for the res- 


toration of sound discipline, some brethren 
were introduced from St. Albans, a coloniza- 
tion which occasioned a lasting connection 
of friendship between the two Houses. 

9 Nov. 1194. § XVII. In an assize brought by Alice Rot. Cur. 
next rfter' dc Fundcuhall against Herbert de Hel- 37. ' 
if AuSs, leveton, concerning the Advowson of the 5^|ancti 
6 Rid. Church of Dunston in the county of Jff^;^^'*' 
Norfolk, and upon which a recognition Charters ex- 

... cerptedby 

had been taken before the Justiciars Itine- Lobineau, 
rant, the record of the assize is made by taigne,ii. 
Simon de Pateshall, one of such Justiciars, jfatheri^Ep. 
to the following effect ^0^^^'^' "' 

It is declared by the Assize that they PascEp. 
; . /• 201. 

have never seen the presentation of any Bioomfieid's 

Parson to the Church of Dunston : but the pox, Acts 
Parsons have always held the same from ^ett^h\^ 
Parson to Parson, and from father to son, tf*^?: 
until the death of the last Parson. And they of the Anglo- 
further say, that the Church is founded 
in the fee which Alice holds of the said 
Herbert in the Township of Dunston, and 
that he had nothing in demesne round about 
such Church. Upon this verdict judgment 
is given by the Court that Alice should hold 
in peace : and that the Bishop shall receive 
her Clerk upon her presentation. 

The incumbents of Dunston held the 
Church by inheritance. The ecclesiastical 
benefice descended as a military benefice 
would have done. This custom, by which 

introduction: xxix 

Church property was considered as herit- 
able and belonging to particular families^ 
had subsisted of old time. In Ireland the 
usage was already very antient, and long 
established before the eleventh century. The 
Archbishoprick of Armagh, previously to 
the election of St. Malachi, continued here- 
ditary in one sept during fifteen generations. 
And so entirely was the archiepiscopal en- 
dowment converted into lay fee, that the 
eight last Bishops had not even received 
holy orders. Such being the usage with 
respect to the Primate of the Irish Church, 
it cannot be doubted but that the inferior 
members of the hierarchy enjoyed the same 
privilege. Amongst the Armorican Bretons, 
an hereditary succession in the Church 
equally prevailed. Theobald, the son of a 
Priest, having obtained the Bishoprick of 
Rennes, married the daughter of the Arch- 
deacon of Nantes. When he grew old, he 
retired to the Abbey of St. Melanius, and 
gave the Bishoprick to his son Walter, and 
Walter in his turn gave it to his son Warine. 
These are perhaps instances rather of a 
right of alienation than of inheritance : but 
Duke Conan expressly attests that a pa- 
rochial church had been granted by his 
predecessors, by homage, to married Clerks 
and their sons, ** jure hereditario.*' 

In Italy, during the tenth century, Ra- 
tUerius Bishop of Verona, after vainly at- 


tempting to enforce the rule of celibacyj 
earnestly exhorted his Clergy that they 
would at least allow their sons to continue 
laymen, and marry their daughters unto 
laymen only — for the Church had become 
the dowry of the female, who, on espousing 
a Clerk, received her portion from the pos- 
sessions of the altar ; — so that the evil 
might not become perpetual. 

The efforts of the Prelates, had more 
immediate effects beyond the Alps, than in 
England. Pope Pascal, whilst using his 
utmost endeavours to prohibit the mar- 
1107. riage of the Priesthood, was compelled to 
allow that the sons of the Clergy should be 
instituted to ecclesiastical benefices. He 
makes this concession, on account of the 
great number of individuals thus circum- 
stanced; and the indulgence was not to 
prejudice the discipline of the Church in 
future. But the Dunston pleadings show 
that the reservation was of little effect. 

It must be observed that the facts 
disclosed by the Dunston plea, go much 
further than the deeds and charters, trans- 
cribed by Fox the Martyrologist for the 
purpose of establishing the position, that 
Priests with wives continued in England 
after Anselm. These instruments only 
prove that the children of Priests had in- 
heritable blood. That such issue should 
be considered as legitimate, is in con- 


foroiity to the doctrines of the Church of 
Rome, the marriage of Clerks being only 
Yoidable, and not ipso facto void ; whereas 
the plea shows the ecclesiastical benefice 
devolving from ancestor to heir. The 
Clergy of England might therefore, like the 
Priests of the Greek Church in Russia, have 
become a sacerdotal tribe or caste, to the 
incalculable detriment of the country ; and 
this, without doubt, was one of the reasons 
why their marriage was so strongly opposed. 
In the course of our Reformation, a reason 
not entirely dissimilar was strongly urged, 
though upon one of the most favoured 
grounds of modern political economy. It 
was apprehended that if the Clergy were 
released from the moral restraint of cell* 
bacy, their families would multiply so 
rapidly as to absorb the means of subsist- 
ence in the land, and thus starve out the 
descendants of the lay community. 

«|J»^ii9d. § XVIII. In a plea between Nesta or RotCur.iL 
St Joba the Agnes deBaskerville and Robert deWastre, Rot!'par. i. 
ijST the former demands the Castle of Bredewar- ^ugdaic'i 
dine as her right and inheritance, of which P,^®"?*^®' *• 
the defendant deprives her. The Sheriff 
of Hereford has been commanded to take 
the Castle into his hands, but he answers 
that the Castle is out of his bailiwick, and 
that he dares not intermeddle therewith, the 
•ame not being in his power. And William 


I de Braosa says, that neither Kingj Sheriff*^ 
nor Justice have any right to enter into his 
Liberty ; and the plea is respited until the 
will of the King shall be thereupon known. 

The namesake and representative of 
William de Braosa claimed the like regality 
so Ed. I. in his great Lordship of Gower. When 
impleaded in Parliament, the latter Wil- 
lielmus de Braosa alleged that in such 
Liberty he has his Chancellor and his 
Chancery, and his Seal in such Chan- 
cery ; judgment of life and limb ; and 
cognizance of all pleas as well of the Crown 
as all others, arising in the said lordship, 
between all persons whomsoever. 

The bold language employed by the 
elder William de Braosa, may not have ex- 
tended beyond a legal claim ; but in that 
boldness we find the germ of those dissen- 
sions between him and John, which ended 
in his banishment, and in the cruel death 
of his wife and child. 

Ere of St. § XIX. John, the son of Richard de Rot. Cur. 

6 Hid.' Lideford, claims from Richard de Wike S6. 
two of the Scilly isles, Hagness (now cor- 
ruptly called Saint Agnes) and Puor or 
Byer; the first as his right and inherit- 
ance, and the second as a pledge or wad- 
set. The suit is terminated by an amicable 
composition. The Deforciant acknow- 
ledges that the demandant shall hold the 


island of Hagness as his right and inhe- 
ritance, to him and his heirs, by the service 
of finding two armed men for the defence 
of the Castle of Scilly, from the feast of 
the Invention of the Holy Cross until the 
Assumption of the Virgin in each year. 
And the said Richard grants the chase of 
the island of Puor to the said John and 
his heirs, and that he may hold the same as 
his wadset for the term of two years, from 
Michaelmas, 7 Richard I. ; but nevertheless 
at the rent of ten pounds. This entry is 
interesting upon many accounts. It affords 
particulars respecting places whose history 
is remarkably obscure : and it proves, from 
the marginal note ^^Cornubia," that the 
Scilly islands were then Shire land, and in 
the body of the county, respecting which 
point many doubts have been raised. 

i XX. Two Iters were held in the reign Thome, 


of Richard, the first in the sixth, and the Rot bur. 
latter in the tenth year of his reign. No u^/gigf ''' 
entire county roll of the Iters of the sixth 
year is now extant: but Thorne, in his 
chronicle, inserts an extract from the rolls 
of that Iter, relating to the judgments 
or ordeals of fire, water, and duel, in the 
lands of St. Augustine's Abbey. Of the 
tenth year, the Rolls for Hertford, Essex, 
and Middlesex have been preserved. The 

Rot. Ccm. Rio, C 


pleas are stated to have been held at 
S u^^ f >vni< (f) Hertford, at Stprtford, and at Clerkenwell, 
before Geoffry Fitz Peter and his associates. 
These rolls are amongst the earliest con- 
necting links between the Anglo-Saxon law 
and the English common law, properly so 
called. From them, we learn that, in those 
counties which corresponded with the an- 
r\^,^ . tient kingdom of Essex, the tything was not 

^ I a division of territory, but an organization 

of the inhabitants. The ^*Decenna/' 
" Decima,*' or ^* Frankpledge'' answered 
by its Headborgh ; he was the leader and 
chieflain of the band. 

§ XXL In several Townships, the juries Rot 
present the names of parties who were \^ 
found dead in the fields, having been 20 
starved by cold or hunger, or otherwise 
killed by accident, no one being suspected 
as having caused such death by violence. 
In all these cases, the judgment is *^ mur- 
" der,'' followed, as is well known, by a fine. 
Instead of considering the responsibility of 
the Hundred as merely resulting from the 
laws made for the security of the Norman 
or the Dane — though without doubt this 
object may have been one of the purposes 

for which the murdrum was enforced \\\i 

liability was founded upon a very compre 
hensive view of police. Since the Hundre* 


was thus subjected to a mulct, if the man 
died for want of the necessaries of life, may 
it not be inferred that the inhabitants were 
bound to provide those necessaries — food 
and raiment: — and that, consequently, the 
principle of a legal provision for the poor 
was recognized by the common law ? 

§ XXII. Amidst the dry technicality of Rot. Cur. 

. Regis, vol. i. 

the record, we may discover various parti- 54, 56,87, 
culars elucidating the state and condition 203! 211', 
of society. A fofmrfe, the wife of William ^^^* *^'^ 
le Parmenter, of Westminster, is designated 
in the same pleadings as Sna-wit or Snow- 
whitCj "and also as Swan-hilda. Both these 
names are evidently epithets, derived from 
the beauty of her complexion, and equiva- 
lent to each other. And they also show how 
purely the common people were still Anglo- 
Saxons in language and mode of thought : 
for the expressions thus employed have all 
the spirit and the form of the poetry of 
their remote Northern ancestors. But 
with respect to the upper classes, and those 
immediately connected with them, we may 
equally discern the influence of the foreign 
tongue in other names, no less significant. 
Trenchevent, who appears in court as the 
Essoniator of William de Sisseverne, was 
evidently a messenger distinguished by his 
swiftness of foot. And the name of Alan 

c 2 


Trenchemer, Richard's Sea Admiral^ indi- 
cates his profession and his skill. 

With respect to the condition of the 
common people, there are some slight yet 
clear indications, that they were not stinted 
in their means. Clean sheets were reason- 
ably expected in the cottage of the churl ; 
and the ale-house keeper and the vintner 
invited the guest in the upland towns. 
Eve of St. All the lands of Roger de Mortimer in 
6 BilT th^ County of Norfolk, are seized into the 
King's hands because he had tourneyed 
without the King's licence. But Mortimer 
finds pledges that, before the feast of St. 
Hilary, he will make his peace, or compound 
with the King. His pledges are Roger 
Earl Bigod, Galfridus de Say, and William 
de Warenna ; and the Sheriff is thereupon 
/ commanded to let him have his lands again. 

Tournaments had been strictly prohibited 
by three general Councils, but Richard 
found it convenient and practicable to 
raise money by granting dispensations 
for violating the precepts of the Church : — 
one of the numerous proofs that the autho- 
rity of the Clergy went for nothing, when- 
ever the governing powers chose to com- 
bine with the multitude in setting tlieii 
doctrines at defiance. 

A day is given to Master Radulphu 
Niger to answer concerning a prebend, ii 


the Cathedral of Lincoln, which had been 
sworn (or found), by the verdict of a 
jury, to be in the donation of the King. 
This Radulphus Niger is probably the 

Of Constance the Countess of Brittany, 
and Geoffry her husband, we have several 
notices. It appears, amongst other matters, 
that Richard, who had seized her person, 
also took possession of her lands. 

William Fitz Osbert's appeal contains Rot. Cur. 
the declaration of Jordan the Tanner and nf/sn!'* 
Robert Brand — that they would have no *^^' 
King except the Mayor of London — Henry 
Fitz Ailwin. The charter of the sixteenth 
of John, is the first by which the citizens 
of London are authorized to elect a 
Mayor; and it has been considered as 
creating that municipal office. But from 
these rolls we ascertain that, as is very 
frequently the case, the charter, purport- 
ing to confer a new privilege, is really the 
cofifirtnation of a pre-existing right: and 
the grant merely enabled the citizens to 
make a better title to a privilege which 
they already enjoyed. Other entries occur 
respecting the Mat/or upon the records, 
so as to establish the existence of this 
OctmtoT magistrate both in fact and name. The 
lORicL ' Mayor of London essoigns himself before 
the Justices at Hertford by Richard New- 

C 3 


Quinzaine of man. In an assize concerning a virgate < 
Baptist, land in Pertinges in the county of Susse: 
^ ^ * it was found to be the lay fee of Peter, tfc 

son of Henry the Mayor of London, an 
of Ysabella the wife of the said Pete 
This last entry is curious, as giving sonc 
particulars with respect to Fitz Ail win 

It may not be unimportant to add, tha 
in a grant made by Fitz Ailwin, one i 
the persons vouched in the attesting clau^ 
is Radulphus Brand, probably a kinsman i 
Robert Brand. And, named in the san 
character of witnesses are " Jordanus filii 
Sperling,'^ and *' Jordanus filius Jordani, 
either of whom may be the same individu 
as Jordan the Tanner. The seal of th 
document is much defaced, but enough r 
mains to shew that Fitz Ailwin was repn 
sented with hawk on fist, in baronial guis 
And the seal comes in support of the o 
tradition of London, that the Aldermc 
ranked as Barons. Such tokens of static 
were not assumed without due warrant. 

Some particulars concerning the top 
graphy of London may be collected fro 
the Rolls. Newgate, under the name 
New-port, was already used as a ga< 
** Old Street tvithout London'' then ai 
now still bears in its name the memorial 
its Roman antiquity* 


$ XXIII. Besides the legal and histo- 
rical knowledge to be derived from these 
records, they assist the enquirer in local- 
izing the information concerning indivi- 
duals, and in disclosing many minute 
particulars concerning entire layers of so- 
ciety, of whom no other memorials are 
preserved in this compacted and con- 
nected form. Not only do we here obtain 
proofs of alliances and descents of which 
no other evidence can be found, but we 
have also, in the different capacities of 
Jurors, Suitors, Attorneys, £ssoniators, 
and the like, the means of identifying 
great portions of those persons, who con- 
stituted the most efficient portion of the 
population in each Shire. It will there- 
fore rest with the topographer and the 
genealogist, to make an adequate use of 
the records here placed at their disposal. 

§ XXIV. A brief view must now be b. Abbas, 
taken of those historical events which are Neubl^gcn- 
connected with the administration of the JJI^^^g 
Septus», law. — At the period when Richard sue- J^!5^*"' 
ceeded to the throne, the celebrated Ralph Chron. win- 
de Glanville filled the high office of "Rector (MS.) ^' 
Regni," " Procurator Regni,'' or " Justi- 
ciar." Thus designated, he is enumerated 
amongst the Barons who assisted at the 
Coronation of the new Monarchy yet we do 

c 4 


not find any notice of his specific appoint- 
ment by Richard. He continued to hole 
the station which had been bestowed upoi 
him by Henry IF. And from this, as wel 
as from other similar instances, it does no 
ap^iear that the delegated authority belong 
ing to the Justiciar, was determined by th 
demise of the individual Sovereign fror 
whom it had been derived. 

Glanville had then attained an advance 
age. According to one contemporary au 
thority, the Justiciar, sinking under bodil 
infirmity, and disgusted by the vices of th 
young Monarch, became anxious to sui 
render up his trust. Glanville, therefon 
solemnly resigned his office to less con 
petent successors, and departed, as a Cn 
sader, to the Holy Land. It is said, that k 
anxiety and vexation, his intellect becanr 
much enfeebled. And dying shortly afte 
wards, leaving only female issue, not j 
individual remained who bore his honourc 
name. Other contemporaries inform 
that Glanville was deprived of the Justicia 
ship by the rapacious Monarch, who at t! 
same time removed the Sheriffs and th< 
ministers throughout the Kingdom, ra 
soming them to the very last farthing ; a 
Glanville himself was cast into prison, un 
he purchased his enlargement by submitti 
to a fine of three thousand pounds. T 


latter account is not destitute of plausibility. 
CoBur de Lion's avarice was equalled only 
by his extravagance : and by creating a va- 
cancy in this or any other office, he obtained 
the means of raising money by its sale. 

Sjt and § XXV. Richard's Presence Chamber b. Abbas, 

was a market overt, in which all that the ^v^enf^ 
King could bestow, all that could be ^JJJJJ" 
derived from the bounty of the Crown or J]^- . 

•^ . . M.Pan8,155. 

imparted by the royal prerogative, was dis- Ricardu« 
posed of to the best chapman. Hugh Pud- 
sey, the Bishop of Durham, purchased the 
Earldom of Northumberland, together with 
the Lordship of Sadbergh. For the Chief 
Justiciarship he paid, at the same time, 
the sum of one thousand marks. In the 
bargain was included a dispensation to 
the Bishop — or at least such dispensation 
as the King could grant — from his vow or 
promise of joining in the Crusade. 

These transactions are singularly oppo- 
site to our notions ; but if we wish to under- 
stand the policy of the middle ages, we must 
recollect that there was a regular and re- 
cognized profit arising from judicial and 
ministerial offices, and the price paid by the 
functionary was a security, so far as it ex- 
tended, for his good behaviour. In other 
words, he bound himself by a penalty for 
the performance of his duties : because, if 
deprived in consequence of misconduct, he 


forfeited his money. The defect of the sys- 
tem did not consist so much in the venality 
of such offices, as in the arbitrary power of 
deprival. Had the functionaries been un- 
amoveable, except for due cause, they might 
have been independent men : and the pos- 
sible effect of this system may be seen in 
France under the ancien regime, where the 
Judges, who sat only by purchase, consti- 
tuted a bench of singular integrity and 

15, 17 Sept. The appointment was formally an- 
nounced by the King in the presence of 
the Great Council held at Pippewell, an 
assembly appearing to have been in the 
nature of a Parliament. William de Man-^ 
deville. Earl of Albemarle, was included in 

Oct 1189- the commission of Justlciarship. But in 
the course of the following month, the Earl 
quitted England and repaired to Normandy, 
leaving the Bishop in possession of the 
office; in which, however, he did not long 
continue undisturbed. 

JIqo^^' Previously to Richard's departure from 

England, he had nominated a new regency, 
by which Bishop Pudsey's authority was 
greatly weakened, and his ascendancy de- 
stroyed. Several colleagues were assigned 
to him in his office, or, as their duties 
are more fully stated, to dispense justice 
to every claimant, observing therein the 
laws and lawful customs of England. Ac- 


cording to Benedictus Abbas, the additional 
Justiciars were William de Longchamp 
Bishop of Ely, Hugh Bardolf, and William 
Briwere. Hoveden adds other names. 
These appointments were in contravention 
of the bargain made with Pudsey; but 
Richard never scrupled to revoke or annul 
the grants which he had made. And, 
although Pudsey was still called Chief Jus- 
ticiar, Richard had openly placed the whole 
government in the Bishop of Ely's power. 

William Longchamp was of humble 
origin. " His grandfather," — exclaims 
Hugh de Nonant, when reviling a political 
opponent, — "was a serf in the diocese of 
Beauvais." Longchamp possessed great 
worldly wisdom and talent for business, 
and his low birth was, in truth, a proud 
commendation. It is the more important to 
advert to such historical facts, because they 
show the manner, in which the open aris- 
tocracy of an established hierarchy, always 
mitigates the close aristocracy of blood, and 
participates in the aristocracy of wealth, 
by creating an easy and accessible path to 
greatness for the lowest ranks of the com- 
munity. When the people pillage the altar, 
they waste their own children's inherit- 
ance ; they rob themselves ; they destroy 
the most impartially democratic element 
which any theory of government can afford. 

Longchamp, in addition to his office of 


Justiciar, held the Chancellorship. One of 
the seals, the seal appointed to remain in 
England, was delivered to him for the ex- 
ecution of the King's commands, and he 
was moreover entrusted with the custody 
of the Tower of London. For the Chan- 
cellorship, he gave the sum of three thou- 
sand marks. A competitor, *' Reginaldus 
Italus," offered an additional thousand. 
But Richard, from his greater trust, as we 
may suppose, in Longchamp, accepted the 
lower tender. 

In order to maintain a species of balance 
between the powers of the two jealous 
Prelates, the custody of Windsor Castle 
together with the Forest, and also the 
Shrievalty of the County of Berks, were 
granted to Bishop Pudsey. This arrange- 
ment, however, was better calculated to 
enable both parties to annoy each other 
than to promote concord. It was extremely 
unpleasing to Pudsey: and great dissen- 
sions arose between the nominal Chief Jus- 
ticiar and his colleague, whose views seldom 
or ever coincided. 

Feb. 119a § XXVI. Richard now prepared himself B. Abbas, 
in earnest for the Crusade, and a Council Diceto, 65i 
was held in Normandy, which was attended ^,^3^.^^" 
by Queen Eleanor, John Earl of Moreton S?7tl^i*' 

^ oo^, 665. 

his brother, and by various Bishops, who M.Paris, 15 
are stated to have crossed the Channel by 


the King's command. In this assembly HUtona 
Longchamp Bishop of Ely, the Chancellor, (w^^on), 
was formally appointed Chief Justiciar of ^'^^^ ^^^^ 

England. toniense. 

Longchamp had gained the entire con- 
fidence of the King, who stood by him to 
the last. Richard wished to exalt him above 
all competitors. In addition to the two 
great offices of Chief Justiciar and Chancel- 
lor, Longchamp sought the highest eccle- 
siastical authority* The Archbishopricks 
were filled ; but he despatched his agents 
to Pope Clement, soliciting the Legation 
of England. Richard supported the appli- 
cation, and the willing Pontiff granted the 
Jooe U9a boon, extending the legatine province of the 
Justiciar^ not merely to this Kingdom, but 
to Wales and Ireland, or so much at least 
of that island as was subject to the English 
Crown. And about the same time, Richard 
being then at Bayonne, he issued letters 
patent, addressed to all his lieges, com- 
manding them to obey the Bishop in all 
things, even as he the King himself was 
to be obeyed. This instrument, though 
dated some months subsequently to Long- 
champ's appointment, seems in fact to be 
the patent of the Justiciarship. 

Longchamp's character was one of sin- 
gular activity, which displayed itself in 
every branch of its administration. We 
owe the Tower Ditch to the Chief Justiciar : 

^> .rt. r^* ict ol his administration 

•, .? i> ^Min \^ England : but he had 

t t: -^. 1 js t vi ,:kian than as an engi- 

.^ . . . >^ >i.. . v«jwI that the river Thames 

'V ^c*:- :v ^wntvation constantly full. 

^ - t:» ^J2<v*". he proceeded to York 

,jt:xv, \.\r>i o* troops, for the purpose 

v.. .>^'* ;^ :>ir i^ffenders who had mas- 

^:v v.* .*x ,\^^; but he engaged at the 

.^., ^. it A i^nflict with the Canons 

.V V u^Kxii-uK They contumaciously 

>^.x^vv* \> »t;;v^Saiup*s legatine powers ; and 

^ * s;^ A> tit^ notions of the age, they 

X ^«vxit^t possible affront upon 

iK\^ wvHild neither meet him in 

• ^xvxHvu »K>r ring the bells. — The Jus- 

v .. .V, *KiiK\ Uv>r, and Legate returned the 

i„... u xi^kK By his command, the ob- 

X *...>v v^In^ which had refused to greet 

\ .^ Hv^o tuihuug and placed on the floor 

, \ K.HA and he kept the Clergy under 

,.. ..;viUK^. until, however reluctantly, 

.K> vv.vK^>*KHlgtHl his authority. 

:\ H.i\ vVftXHHl in Council, that Pudsey 
vVv-vi K< ^H Justiciar for so much of the 
., ovxu vu^lom of Northumbria as re- 

v\l u^ K\\j;land: from the Humber to 

.\ ..vsu.UKMis of the King of Scotland, and 
\ ss^ \v\\ U* 5HN^* The Bishop of Durham, 
. Sx< v1^H^' Justiciar, had resided and 
vxv^xxxl hiv^ jurisdiction principally in the 
\ . >. > .u\iK oven with this contracted 


authority he might have exerted consider- 
able sway. Numerous complaints were 
already addressed to Richard against Long- 
champ. Richard is said to have satisfied 
the applicants by giving them such answers 
as they desired, and which, as we collect 
from the subsequent transactions, imported 
that Pudsey should be restored to his former 
authority. Armed with these letters, Pud- 
sey returned to £ngland in great triumph. 
Longchamp was absent from London, but 
he received an immediate check in the 
metropolis, where the Barons of the Ex- 
chequer refused to admit him on the bench. 
The accounts vary considerably as to the 
place where the two rivals came in contact. 
According to the most probable narrative, 
Pudsey hastened after Longchamp, who 
was proceeding through Lincoln towards 
York upon the before mentioned errand. 
Bishop Longchamp received his coadjutor 
or competitor with much apparent courtesy. 
He would most willingly, he said, obey 
the King's commands, and surrender his 
authority. — And, would Bishop Pudsey 
please to meet him that day se'nnight in 
the Castle of Tickhill ? — Pudsey, with sin- 
gular simplicity, assented to this proposal, 
and entered the Castle. As soon as he was 
within the walls, Longchamp seized Pudsey, 
exclaiming,— *• As sure as my Lord the King 


^^ liveth, thou shalt not depart until tho 
" hast surrendered all the castles whic 
'^ thou dost hold. It is not Bishop arresi 
*' ing Bishop, but Chancellor arrestin 
" Chancellor;'* from which expression 
should seem that the Chancellorship ha 
also been granted to Longchamp's con 
petitor. — And in such custody and di 
ress was Pudsey kept, until he surrer 
dered the Castle of Windsor, and th 
Custody of the Forest, together with th 
Shrievalty of the County, as well as th 
Earldom of Northumberland and the Mane 
or Lordship of Sadbergh : — all, in shor 
which he had purchased from the Kin] 
With respect to the Northern Justiciarshi] 
he had never been in possession of tl 
office at all, and Longchamp was now ; 
liberty to exercise his power without chec 
or control. 

1191. § XXVII. Great discontent was excite 

by the Chief Justiciar's administratioi 
The whole powers of civil and militai 
government were entrusted to him. All tl 
Royal Castles, — the bones of the kingdor 
as they are termed by the Chronicler, - 
were in his keeping; and he was Chief Pr 
sident and Superior in every court. But tl 
various functions possessed by Longchan 
were carefully distinguished : and the ft 


memorials relating to his transactions on 
the Rolls of the Curia Regis, clearly declare 
that^ the writs issued by Longchamp the 
Chancellor, emanated from the jurisdiction 
of Longchamp the Cliief Justiciar. 

To these secular powers, were added the 
vast ecclesiastical authority which he de- 
rived from his legatine commission. He is 
represented as tyrannizing equally over 
clergy and laity, confounding right and 
wrong, offending and oppressing the whole 
community by his insolence and nq)acity. 
^^ Had he continued in office,'' — said his 
enemies, — <^ the kingdom would have been 
" wholly exhausted, not a girdle would have 
" remained to the man, nor a bracelet to 
*^ the woman, nor a ring to the knight, nor 
** a gem to the jew/' — Most violent dis- 
sensions arose between the Chief Justiciar 
on the one part, and Earl John and the 
Magnates on the other part : and they ad- 
dressed a letter to Richard, who was then 
on his voyage to Palestine, declaring the 
fearful mischiefs which the Justiciar was 
occasioning to King and Kingdom. But, 
before we admit the truth of these accusa- 
tions, we must pause. The Justiciar steadily 
opposed and counteracted the preten- 
sions of John, who was endeavouring to 
secure his succession to the throne; and 
we may suspect that a portion, and pro» 

BoT. Cvm. Rio. d 


bably no small portion, of Longchamp' 
unpopularity arose from his opposition to 
powerful, and ultimately prevailing, partj 
In order to increase his influence, as it 
said, be was a munificent patron of tbs 
species of talent, by which, in rude age 
public opinion was guided or delude 
Minstrels, Trouveurs, and Joculators, ; 
once poets, actors, buffoons, and beggai 
were paid, courted, and rewarded by bin 
and the market-places resounded with t1 
venal strains recounting the Bishop's fan 
and praise. — Had these rhymes alone si 
vived, how different would have been tl 

Subsequent events fully prove, tb 
Richard's confidence in Longchamp, 
ever really shaken, was afterwards fu 
restored. But the representations whi 
reached the King in a foreign count 
may, as it is said, have induced him 
adopt measures amounting to the display 
ment or discharge of the Chief Justici 
Two commissions or letters patent are p 
served in the Chronicle of Ralph de Dice 
both sealed by Richard or in his name, 
Messina. The first, addressed to Willi; 
Mareschall, Geoffry Fitz Peter, H. Ba 
and William Briwere, empowers them 
the Bishop shall not act faithfully acco 
ing to their advice and the advice of 


Others of the CouDcil, to administer the 
siFeb.Ji9L afiairs of the Kingdom: the second, in 
terms» adds Walter, Archbishop of Rouen, 
to the Board of Justiciars. But the con- 
struction of these documents, as we learn 
from Benedictus Abbas, was, that if the 
accusations against Longchamp were true, 
then the Archbishop of Rouen was to as- 
sume the Regency or Justiciarship, with 
William Mareschall and Geoffry Fitz Peter 
as his colleagues ; if false, the three were 
nevertheless to be associated to him in the 
April 1191. The Archbishop of Rouen and the other 
Justiciars, bearing these letters, arrived in 
England for the purpose of exercising the 
powers confided to them. Such was the 
apprehension excited by Longchamp's in- 
fluence and tyranny, at least according to 
the representations of his detractors, that 
the Commissioners did not dare to disclose 
the authority which they possessed. But 
the Chroniclers opposed to Longchamp 
conceal the important fact, that Richard, 
immediately before he set sail from Mes« 
sina, issued his letters patent, addressed to 
his subjects, taking leave of them, now 
that he was entering upon the perils of 
the crusade; and especially requiring all 
persons to obey the authority of Long« 
champ» whom he mentioned with the 



Justiciar, held the Chancellorship. One of 
the seals, the seal appointed to remain in 
England, was delivered to him for the ex- 
ecution of the King's commands^ and he 
was moreover entrusted with the custod} 
of the Tower of London. For the Chan- 
cellorship, he gave the sum of three thou 
sand marks. A competitor, ** Reginaldui 
Italus,'* offered an additional thousand 
But Richard, from his greater trust, as w( 
may suppose, in Longchamp, accepted th( 
lower tender. 

In order to maintain a species of balanc 
between the powers of the two jealou 
Prelates, the custody of Windsor Castl 
together with the Forest, and also th 
Shrievalty of the County of Berks, wei 
granted to Bishop Pudsey. This arrange 
ment, however, was better calculated t 
enable both parties to annoy each oth< 
than to promote concord. It was extreme 
unpleasing to Pudsey: and great dissei 
sions arose between the nominal Chief Ju 
ticiar and his colleague, whose views seldo 
or ever coincided. 

Feb. 119a § XXVI. Richard now prepared hims( 
in earnest for the Crusade, and a Coun" 
was held in Normandy, which was attend 
by Queen Eleanor, John Earl of Moret 
his brother, and by various Bishops, w 
are stated to have crossed the Channel 


the King's command. In this assembly Historia 
Longchamp Bishop of Ely, the Chancellor, (vviim^on), 

was formally appointed Chief Justiciar of ^^'^^ ^j^^ 

England. toniense. 

Longchamp had gained the entire con- 
fidence of the King, who stood by him to 
the last. Richard wished to exalt him above 
all competitors. In addition to the two 
great offices of Chief Justiciar and Chancel- 
lor, Longchamp sought the highest eccle- 
siastical authority* The Archbishopricks 
were filled ; but he despatched his agents 
to Pope Clement, soliciting the Legation 
of England. Richard supported the appli- 
cation, and the willing Pontiff granted the 
Jooe 1190. boon, extending the legatine province of the 
Justiciar, not merely to this Kingdom, but 
to Wales and Ireland, or so much at least 
of that island as was subject to the English 
Crown. And about the same time, Richard 
being then at Bayonne, he issued letters 
patent, addressed to all his lieges, com- 
manding them to obey the Bishop in all 
things, even as he the King himself was 
to be obeyed. This instrument, though 
dated some months subsequently to Long- 
champ's appointment, seems in fact to be 
the patent of the Justiciarship. 

Longchamp's character was one of sin- 
gular activity, which displayed itself in 
every branch of its administration. We 
owe the Tower Ditch to the Chief Justiciar : 


it was the first act of his administration 
upon his return to England : but he had 
more skill as a politician than as an engi- 
neer, for he supposed that the river Thames 
would keep the excavation constantly full 
Soon after Easter, he proceeded to Yorl 
with a great body of troops, for the purpose 
of punishing the offenders who had mas* 
sacred the Jews; but he engaged at tb 
same time in a conflict with the Canoni 
of the Cathedral. They contumaciously 
resisted Longchamp's legatine powers ; am 
according to the notions of the age, the; 
put the greatest possible affront upoi 
him : — they would neither meet him ii 
procession nor ring the bells. — The Jus 
ticiar, Chancellor, and Legate returned th 
affront in kind. By his command, the ot 
stinate bells, which had refused to grec 
him, were unhung and placed on the floe 
of the belfry: and he kept the Clergy undc 
an interdict, until, however reluctantl; 
they acknowledged his authority. 
June 119a It was agreed in Council, that Pudse 
should act as Justiciar for so much of tl 
antient kingdom of Northumbria as r 
mained to England : from the Humber 
the dominions of the King of Scotland, at 
from sea to sea. The Bishop of Durhai 
when Chief Justiciar, had resided ai 
exercised his jurisdiction principally in t 
North : and, even with this contract 


authoritj he might have exerted consider- 
able sway. Numerous complaints were 
already addressed to Richard against Long- 
champ. Richard is said to have satisfied 
the applicants by giving them such answers 
as they desired^ and which, as we collect 
from the subsequent transactions, imported 
that Pudsey should be restored to his former 
authority. Armed with these letters, Pud- 
sey returned to England in great triumph. 
Longchamp was absent from London, but 
he received an immediate check in the 
metropolis, where the Barons of the Ex- 
chequer refused to admit him on the bench. 
The accounts vary considerably as to the 
place where the two rivals came in contact. 
According to the most probable narrative, 
Pudsey hastened after Longchamp, who 
was proceeding through Lincoln towards 
York upon the before mentioned errand. 
Bishop Longchamp received his coadjutor 
or competitor with much apparent courtesy. 
He would most willingly, he said, obey 
the King's commands, and surrender his 
authority. — And, would Bishop Pudsey 
please to meet him that day se'nnight in 
the Castle of Tickhill ? — Pudsey, with sin- 
gular simplicity, assented to this proposal, 
and entered the Castle. As soon as he was 
within the walls, Longchamp seized Pudsey, 
exclaiming,— ."As sure as my Lord the King 


^^ liveth, thou shalt not depart until thou 
*^ hast surrendered all the castles which 
" thou dost hold. It is not Bishop arrest- 
** ing Bishop, but Chancellor arresting 
" Chancellor;'' from which expression i1 
should seem that the Chancellorship hac 
also been granted to Longchamp's com 
petitor. — And in such custody and du 
ress was Pudsey kept, until he surren 
dered the Castle of Windsor, and thi 
Custody of the Forest, together with tb 
Shrievalty of the County, as well as th( 
Earldom of Northumberland and the Mano 
or Lordship of Sadbergh : — all, in short 
which he had purchased from the King 
With respect to the Northern Justiciarshi[ 
he had never been in possession of th 
office at all, and Longchamp was now s 
liberty to exercise his power without chec 
or control. 

1191. § XXVII. Great discontent was excite 

by the Chief Justiciar's administratioi 
The whole powers of civil and militai 
government were entrusted to him. All tl 
Royal Castles, — the bones of the kingdor 
as they are termed by the Chronicler, - 
were in his keeping; and he was Chief Pr 
sident and Superior in every court. But tl 
various ftinctions possessed by Longchan 
were carefully distinguished : and the fe 


memorials relating to his transactions on 
the Rolls of the Curia Regis, clearly declare 
that^ the writs issued by Longchamp the 
Chancellor, emanated from the jurisdiction 
of Longchamp the Chief Justiciar. 

To these secular powers, were added the 
vast ecclesiastical authority which he de- 
rived from his legatine commission. He is 
represented as tyrannizing equally over 
clergy and laity, confounding right and 
wrong, offending and oppressing the whole 
community by his insolence and rapacity. 
*^ Had he continued in office,'' — said his 
enemies, — ^^ the kingdom would have been 
" wholly exhausted, not a girdle would have 
*^ remained to the man, nor a bracelet to 
** the woman, nor a ring to the knight, nor 
*^ a gem to the jew/' — Most violent dis- 
sensions arose between the Chief Justiciar 
on the one part, and Earl John and the 
Magnates on the other part : and they ad- 
dressed a letter to Richard, who was then 
on his voyage to Palestine, declaring the 
fearful mischiefs which the Justiciar was 
occasioning to King and Kingdom. But, 
before we admit the truth of these accusa^ 
Uons, we must pause. The Justiciar steadily 
opposed and counteracted the preten- 
sions of John, who was endeavouring to 
secure his succession to the throne; and 
we may suspect that a portion, and pro» 

BoT. Cvm. Rio. d 


^^ljr no anall ««• 

"^"S«»f«« Chief J^ 

- =«'^orfettmpateat,«pi 

-'• ^««onicleofKaJphdeKoe 

^ -«V ^v Richaid or io his »«»- 

- > brst, addressed to Willia 

" ^- ^^^% Fite Peter, H. Ba: 

-» V^w, emporeis them 

- •«* «« «nd tfae adFiVe of t] 


Others of the CouDcil, to administer the 
91 Feb.] 191. affairs of the Kingdom; the second, in 
terms, adds Walter, Archbishop of Rouen, 
to the Board of Justiciars. But the con- 
struction of these documents, as we learn 
from Benedictus Abbas, was, that if the 
accusations against Longchamp were true, 
then the Archbishop of Rouen was to as- 
sume the Regency or Justiciarship, with 
William Mareschall and Geoflry Fitz Peter 
as his colleagues ; if false, the three were 
nevertheless to be associated to him in the 
Aprfl 1191. The Archbishop of Rouen and the other 
Justiciars, bearing these letters, arrived in 
England for the purpose of exercising the 
powers confided to them. Such was the 
apprehension excited by Longchamp's in- 
fluence and tyranny, at least according to 
the representations of his detractors, that 
the Commissioners did not dare to disclose 
the authority which they possessed. But 
the Chroniclers opposed to Longchamp 
conceal the important fact, that Richard, 
immediately before he set sail from Mes- 
sina, issued his letters patent, addressed to 
his subjects, taking leave of them^ now 
that he was entering upon the perils of 
the crusade; and especially requiring all 
persons to obey the authority of Long« 
champ, whom he mentioned with the 



greatest honour. And, any how, it appears 
that the Archbishop of Rouen remained 
idle and unoccupied until the domestic 
revolution, by which the Justiciar was 

July 1191. § XXVIII. Longchamp, supported as B. Abbas, 
he was by Richard's influence, easily ob- Hoyedcn, 
tained a renewal of his legatine autho- Neubrigen. 
rity from Pope Celestine, the successor of ^D^^'jei 
Clement : and be acted on all occasions as ^* 
a strenuous asserter of the King's rights. 
Gerard de Camville, a factious and tur- 
bulent Baron, claimed the custody of 
Lincoln Castle, either under a purchase 
from the King or in right of his wife, 
Nichola, together with the Shrievalty of 
the County. Raising a great army, the 
Justiciar besieged the castle, and sum- 
moned Camville, who had already been 
deprived of the bailiwick, to surrender the 
fortress which he held. 

As soon as it was certainly known by 
John,that his brother had actually departed 
from Sicily, he assumed the port and sta- 
tion belonging to an heir apparent who is 
entering upon his inheritance. Great 
movements took place in the country. 
The Barons addressed private letters to the 
Clergy and people, exciting them against 
the Justiciar. Camville did homage for his 


castle to John» who directed him to hold 
out against the Justiciar, — or in other 
words, against the King — and also in- 
stantly attacked the royal Castles of Not- 
tingham and Tickhill, and took them both 
after a short siege of two days. And — 
** unless you forthwith raise the siege of 
'^ Lincoln, and allow Gerard de Camville 
*^ to hold his Shrievalty in peace," — was 
the tenor of John's message to the Justiciar, 
" I will forthwith come against you with a 
•* force which you can in no wise resist 
or repel/' 


§ XXIX. Longchamp convened the B. Abbas, 
leading men and chiefs of the King's Hoveden» 
array. " Believe me not," — said he, — *^ if RicDiri- 
" this man is not seeking the government. "^****^ 
^^ His demands are beyond all bounds. 
** They would be unreasonable even if he 
*^ were half King, he and Richard wear- 
•* ing the crown every other year." — But 
he was not supported, and being compelled 
to yield, a truce was concluded between 
the contending parties. On the Bishop's 
part, the negotiators were the Earls of 
Warrenne, Arundel, and Clare, and eight 
others. On the part of Earl John, Stephen 
Ridel his Chancellor, William de Wende- 
wall, Reginald de Wasseville, and seven 
others. The instrument itself is preserved ; 

d 3 


but there is a notice of another document^ 
perhaps a preliminary agreement, rather 
differing in import. John Earl of Moreton 
surrenders the possession of the Castles 
of Nottingham and Tickhill, the first to 
be held by William M areschall, and the 
latter by William de Wendewall, who were 
to keep the fortresses in the King's fealty 
until he should return from Palestine; 
but, should he die during his Pilgrimage^ 
then they were to be restored to the Earl 
of Moreton. Other castles were in like 
manner delivered to various Bishops and 
Barons, upon the same trusts. 

It was agreed that Bishops, Abbots, 
Earls, Barons, Vavassors, or Freeholders, 
should not be disseised of their lands or 
chattels at the pleasure of the Justiciars or 
Ministers of the King, but that they should 
be dealt with by the judgment of the King's 
Court, according to the lawful Customs and 
Assizes of the Kingdom, or by the King's 
command. In this passage, the " King's 
command" must probably be intended 
as his lawful command signified in due 
form. With respect to Gerard de Camville, 
it was also agreed, that he should be 
reseised of his Sheriffdom, and a day was 
given to him to appear in the Curia Regis 
to stand to the judgment thereof: and, — 
if it can be sho^n against him by the 


judgment of the Curia Regis that he ought 
to lose his bailiwick, then let him lose it, 
otherwise let him keep the same. — These 
clauses are of considerable importance in 
relation to the jurisdiction of the Court, 
and its legal authority ; and other stipula* 
tions were added for better carrying them 
into effect. At the same time, a conces- 
sion of very much greater importance was 
obtained or extorted from the Justiciar. 
By his advice, Richard had appointed | 
Arthur as his heir and successor. But { 
this settlement was now set aside : and, 
Longchamp, directing the act, the Earls 
and ^^ Primates'' of the Kingdom took the 
oath of fealty to John, acknowledging 
faim, should Richard die without issue, as 
heir to the Throne. 

§ XXX. New causes of disturbance b. Abbas, 
soon arose. Geoffry, Archbishop elect of HoveSwi, 
York, the son of Henry by fair Rosa- J^|;5„-jen. 
mond, had been banished from the King- !!■» ^:*^^ 

it R-deDiceto, 

dom, a sentence well and truly earned by 662.66S,67U 
his turbulence and disaffection. He was esf^ ^"^ 
now preparing to return. The whole board 
of Justiciars enjoined him not to land, and 
the Chief, fairly acting in the exercise of 
his authority, and issuing a legal writ or 
precept, commanded the Sheriff to arrest 
Geoffry should the injunction be con-» 
d 4 


Sept. 1191. temned. Geoflry, at the instigation of his 
brother John, despised the prohibition, and 
landed at Dover. The Archbishop took 
refuge in the monastery of Saint Martin. 
Longchamp's officers broke into the church 
where the Archbishop had just concluded 
mass. Clad in his sacerdotal vestments, he 
was seized by the officers, who literally 
dragged him through' the streets, using 
much more violence than was needed, and 
treating him with unnecessary despite and 

Indignities thus sustained by the Primate 
of England, offered a plausible reason for 
exerting the powers said to have been con- 
fided to the Justiciar's enemies. The Jus- 
ticiar did not attempt to palliate the pro- 
ceedings which attended the Archbishop's 
arrest. He had not directed them ; and the 
Constable of Dover, acting as is often done 
on similar emergencies, thought fit to under- 
stand much more from the warrant than was 
really intended. But these excuses availed 
him nothing. His foes had got him fast in 
the snare, and they were determined to ef- 
feect his fall. John and the Archbishop of 
Rouen, together with the other Justiciars, 
summoned Longchamp to make amends to 
the Archbishop of York, and to answer for 
his conduct before the Curia Regis. Long- 
champ attempted to put off the evil day. 

introduction: IvU 

and evaded compliance. He was then 
peremptorily summoned to appear at a 
general Council held before John Earl of 
Moreton, at Loddon Bridge^ between 
Reading and Windsor. 

John was supported by almost all the 
Bishops, Earls, and Baronage of the King- 
dom. They readily attended this great 
meeting, for which special writs had been 
issued by Earl John, in regular parliamen- 
tary form. The Chief Justiciar did not ap- 
pear, nor any one on his behalf. Richard 
Biset, who adhered to Longchamp, brought 
him the news that John intended to seize 
the City of London. Some chroniclers 
state that John certainly was preparing to 
proceed to the City. Ricardus Divisiensis 
says, that this intelligence was erroneous* 
Whether true or false, Longchamp deter- 
mined to preoccupy the station, and 
hastened to London, requiring the Citizens 
to close their gates against the Earl. But 
Geoffry, the Archbishop of York, was 
beforehand, and had egged on the Lon- 
doners to resistance : and when summoned 
by Longchamp, they declared that they 
would not obey a traitor and disturber of 
the public peace. Longchamp then took 
refuge in the Tower, which was closely 
blockaded by the Citizens both by land 
and by water. 


As a portion of the Justiciar's history, it 
must be added, that when retreating to 
London, he fought a battle with John's sup-^ 
porters and adherents, who endeavoured to 
intercept him. In this conflict, Rogerus de 

8 Oct. 1191. pianis, John's " Justiciar," was slain. John 

seems to have assumed a royal autho* 
rity in the domains which he had re- 
ceived from Richard's bounty. So con- 
siderable were these possessions, that the 
title of Tetrarch is given to him by the 

9 Oct. 1191. John, and Archbishop Walter, presided 

in the great Council held on the following 
day in St. Paul's Churchyard, It was 
like the Convocation at Loddon Bridge, 
in the nature of a Parliament. Here were 
convened all the Bishops, and Earls, and 
Barons, and the Citizens of London came 
in folkmoot and joined the assembly. 

The Archbishop of Rouen and William 
Mareschall then first promulgated the 
King's letters patent, bearing date at Mes- 
sina, and made the contents known to the 
people: — how the King had appointed the 
Archbishop of Rouen Justiciar, in the place 
of Longchamp, if the latter should commit 
any act in detriment of the Kingdom. The 
colleagues of the Justiciar all loudly asserted 
that he had despised their advice. Hugh 
de Nonant inveighed against him with the 


utmost bitterness. What the tenor of his 
discourse was, we may judge from the viru- 
lent letter in which he exults over Long- 
champ's fall. The charge of bad govern- 
ment was accepted and ratified by the 
acclamations of the multitude ; ^^ He shall 
" no longer domineer over us/' exclaimed 
they. And — " having held our Council be- 
" fore all the people of the City, and in the 
*• presence and with the approbation of the 
** Justiciars," — it was decreed by John the 
King's brother, and by all the Bishops, 
£arls, Barons, and by the Citizens of 
London, that the Chief Justiciar should 
be deposed from the government of the 
Kingdom. Earl John was then proclaimed 
" Summus Rector totius Regni." This 
appointment was in no wise contemplated 
by King Richard's patents or commissions ; 
and John, in the exercise of his authority, 
appointed the Archbishop of Rouen as 
Chief Justiciar under him, in conformity, 
though not in obedience, to the King's 
supposed commands. 

Four Bishops and four Earls were de- 
puted to convey the unwelcome intelligence 
to the Justiciar. He fainted on receiving 
the news, and dropped senseless on the 

The part taken by the Citizens of Lon- 
don in this transaction is very remarkable. 


They appear as one community joining in 
the deliberations of another distinct com- 

ioOct.1191. § XXXI. Very early in the morning of B.Abba», 
the following day, Earl John assembled 7si,7S6! 
his troops in the East Smithfield, the great 7(^707°7i8. 
open green plain near the Tower. The ^i^^""^' 
Bishop came out of the fortress to receive Neubngen- 

^ . 818, 409-419. 

the propositions of his opponents. They M.FwnB,i&i. 
would allow him to keep his Bishoprick, 8i8. 
and the custody of three Royal Castles, Re^'JJli.i. 
Dover being one of them. It should seem ^*^* 
that this offer was made in order to induce 
Longchamp to ratify Earl John's proceed- 
ings by a formal abdication of his office. 
This effect was not produced ; he was firm 
in refusing his assent to any such arrange- 
ment. He refused to surrender any of the 
powers bestowed upon him by the King ; — 
^^ But you are stronger than I am : and, 
** Chancellor and Justiciar, I yield to 
" force.'* — And thus speaking, he deli- 
vered up the keys of the Tower. 

These transactions being concluded, 
Longchamp quitted the country, or rather 
escaped from it. His flight was, if we 
may credit his enemies, accompanied by 
circumstances of great disgrace and con- 
tumely. The Archbishop of York had 
his full revenge. Longchamp forthwith 


appealed to the Pope and complained to 
Richard, showing that John Earl of More- 
ton had deposed him from the government 
and ejected him from the Kingdom. 

Celestine warmly espoused Longchamp's 
cause, intimating that his appointment 
had never been revoked by Richard : and 
sentence of excommunication was de- 
nounced against all those who had usurped 
the authority of the Chief Justiciar. The 
anathema was wholly unnoticed. Not a 
Bishop would obey the commands either 
of Pope or Ex-legate. And the Arch- 
bishop of Rouen and the other Justi- 
ciars placed a sequestration upon the 
temporalities of Longchamp's bishoprick» 
receiving the revenues in the King's name^ 
in compensation^ as it was alleged, of the 
royal treasures which he was accused of 
having dissipated or purloined. When he 
was expelled, nought was found in the 
Treasury, — said they, — save the empty 
chests and the keys. 
1192. Longchamp offered to account for every 

fiEurthing which had come to his hands ; and 
he constantly maintained that the King 
never assented to his removal. In spite of 
the letters patent in Richard's name, and 
under Richard's seal, he asserted that the 
mandate was of no effect More faith, — 
he said) — must be given to the King's own 


words, spoken by his own lips, than to a 
scrap of parchment Strange as it may 
seem, this mode of reasoning was grounded 
upon law. It was admitted as a principle, 
that if oral declarations came in conflict 
with written instruments, the former had 
the more binding authority. When two 
parties came before the Court, the one 
claiming according to the King's verbal 
declaration, and the other by virtue of the 
King's Charter, a solemn judgment was 
given in favour of the former, upon the 
express ground that the King's intentions, 
testified by his own mouth, must prevail. 

Richard himself, during his captivity, 
3tultified, if such an expression can be 
used, his own letters patent in general. 
In a writ or letter addressed to the then 
Justiciar, he directs that no faith be given 
to any instrument issued in his name, 
though produced by a messenger coming 
directly from him, unless the same be to his 
honour and profit. Richard was beset with 
applicants and suitors, and, in order to rid 
himself of their importunities, he appears 
to have adopted this ingenious plan of 
granting what was asked, with a secret de- 
feazance, annulling whatever grant or pro- 
mise it might not be convenient for him to 
observe. This conduct, subversive of all 
good faith, utterly prevents us from ascer* 


taining whether any particular instrument 
was or was not issued by Richard, with the 
intent that it should be observed Our un- 
certainty is increased by the knowledge that 
letters were repeatedly counterfeited in his 
name by his brothers. And it will alwajrs 
remain a problem, whether the documents 
under which Longchamp was removed, 
really expressed King Richard's intentions 
and pleasure. 

Celestine continued Longchamp in the 
legatine authority, which he states was 
expressly granted at Richard's earnest 
request. The King did not withdraw 
his confidence from his Chancellor. And, 
having propitiated Eleanor by large gifts 
and larger promises, Longchamp made an 
ofi*er or bidding to John for repurchasing 
the station of Justiciar. 

The sum proffered is stated by one 
writer to have been five hundred pounds, 
another makes it fifty thousand marks. In 
these accounts there is evidently some mis- 
take or perhaps exaggeration . But £leanor 
and John were induced and moved to take 
the proposal into grave and serious con- 
sideration. Forgetting past dissensions, 
and willing to serve their purposes by 
setting up Longchamp, both the Queen 
Dowager and the Earl, laboured much 
with the Archbishop of Rouen for the pur- 
pose of persuading hira and the other Mag- 


nates to reinstate the Legate in his former 
station of Justiciar. Amongst other reasons, 
they urged that it would much displease 
the King, to know how Longchamp had 
been thus displaced from the government 
of the Kingdom without his command* 
A strange assertion this, in the face of the 
letters patent by which John and his par-^ 
tizans had effected Longchamp's expulsion, 
but entirely conformable to Longchamp's 
declarations: and confirmed, indeed, by 
what is stated, that Richard's determination 
to return to England was accelerated by 
the intelligence of Longchamp's removal* 
Taken any way, such an argument is a 
strong exemplification of the prevailing 
want of truth and principle. 

Of John's exertions on behalf of Long- 
champ, one example is narrated with 
amusing particularity. A (Council or, as 
we should call it, a Parliament, being as- 
sembled at London, the messenger of 
Longchamp, Legate and Chancellor, sud- 
denly entered, announcing the arrival 
of his master at Dover. Alarmed at such 
intelligence, they forthwith send to Earl 
John, who is at Wallingford. Another 
Council is held. In this, John informs 
them that Longchamp defies them all» 
provided he can obtain his, John's, pro- 
tection, for which he offers seven hun- 
dred pounds, to be paid within a week. 


•* I am in want of money," — continued Earl 
John, — *^ a word to the wise is enough/' 
And having thus spoken, he departed, 
leaving them to consider this pithy moni- 
tion. Anxious to prevent the return of 
their hated enemy, they agreed to buy John 
off, by lending him five hundred pounds 
from the King's treasury. The Earl forth- 
with withdrew his proposition in favour of 
Longchamp. Eleanor equally abandoned 
the late Justiciar's cause : and letters were 
addressed to him in the name of the Queen, 
the Clergy, and the people, insisting upon 
bis immediate departure from the Realm. 

n9itoii9S. § XXXII. Walter Archbishop of Rouen, R.deDiccto, 
who now governed the kingdom as prin- Hoveden, 
cipal Justiciar, but under John and by his l^Vit^^^* 
appointment, conducted himself mildly and Coggeshale, 
conscientiously, refusing all bribes, — a rare B. Abbas, 

. . . 728. 

instance of virtue, — and deciding equitably Rot. Cur.R., 
and according to law. Eleanor appears 35'* ^^^'^» 
to have been associated to the Archbishop. ^'^- P*^^* 

' Biensts. 

^•Aprfl In Richard's letter, dated at Hagenau, he 

1151 . . 

addresses her and the Justiciars. She ap- 
pears active on various important occa- 
sions, such as in the different measures 
required for the preservation of the King's 
peace. And certain pleas are recorded on 
the Rolls, to have been held before her and 
before tlie Archbishop as Justiciar. Thus 

BoT. Cu». Rig. C 


we find that Sarah de Bonneville, wounded 
and robbed by the armed offenders, who, 
instigated by her daughter-in-law Con- 
stantia, had attacked her in her dwelling, 
first preferred her appeal before the Queen 
and the Archbishop of Rouen. A short 
incidental notice of her authority appears 
on another appeal. In a curious chiro- 
graph or agreement, made in the Curia 
Regis in the Exchequer, the Archbishop, 
described as Justiciar of England, appears 
sitting below John Earl of Moreton and 
above the Treasurer and Barons. John 
took his place in court as Governor of the 
Kingdom : and which station he probably 
retained until his open rupture with Richard, 
^hen, having quitted England, he became 
the sworn liegeman of the French King. 

Sept.ii9S. § XXXIII. When the terms and con- Horeden, 


ditions of Richard's ransom were settled, oervasius, 
but before his actual liberation, he com- ^^^i^ 
manded that Eleanor and the Archbishop Norfolk, 
of Rouen should repair to him in Germany, Spein 

and the Chief Justiciarship was bestowed MoDastia 
upon Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. ^* ^ 

Hubert Walter, lately advanced from the 
see of Salisbury to the archiepiscopal dig- 
nity, had been educated in the house and 
under the guardianship of Ralph de Glan- {NouF.) 
ville. Hubert was equally indebted to the 


care of Bertha, the wife of Glanville. He 
testified his affection for his foster parents, 
and endeavoured to repay their kindness, 
by attributing to them, when he founded 
the Abbey of Dereham, the merit of the 
good work, thus performed. And the 
pupil of the legal writer, to whom we owe 
our first text book, appears to have been 
fully fitted by his acquirements for the 
station which he filled. 

But the Archbishop's clerical dignity was 
considered, and not unjustly, as a disquali- 
fication. There were many who thought, 
that the employment of the Clergy in 
secular affairs, was equally contrary to the 
discipline and to the best interests of the 
Church. When Roger, the good Bishop of 
Salisbury, was much urged by Henry II. 
to accept the onerous duties of Chief Justi- 
ciar, he long hesitated, and would not enter 
upon the office; until, being sanctioned 
by his successive Metropolitans, and autho- 
rized by the Holy See, the scruples which 
he entertained were silenced or removed. {Nou G.) 

\ XXXIV. Against the appointment of Ho?eden, 

«-W « « . . . , 7*3» 746, 

Hubert, the strongest opposition was raised. 754, 755. 
Almost all the Magnates, as well as 6S2.^ '^^*^' 
Richard's most intimate counsellors, pro- 
tested against entrusting unto the Arch- 
bishop the administration of the Kingdom. 

e 2 


Richard, from whose letters this informa- 
tion is collected, stood firm in his choice, 
and retained his minister ; but the dissatis- 
faction, though silenced, was not removed. 
Hubert never appears to have neg- 
lected his duties as Justiciar. Cora* 
plaints were preferred by the Canons of 
York against their Archbishop, the over- 
bearing GeoflVy Plantagenet. Hubert 
forthwith dispatched Justices to York, 
namely, Roger Bigod, William deWarenna, 
William de Stuteville, Hugh Bardolf, Wil- 
liam Briwere, Geoffry Haket, and William 
Fitz Richard. The Court was held at York, 
and it was ordered that the Archbishop's 
retainers, accused of robbery or violence, 
should be attached and imprisoned. The 
Archbishop was next summoned to abide 
the law, and as he failed to appear, the 
Justices seized all his possessions, with the 
single exception of the Manor of Rippon, 
to which he retired. 
March and It appears to have been part of Richard's 
^ ^" policy, that the Chief Justiciar should 

be the acknowledged and unquestioned 
superior of all classes, both in Church 
and State. And Richard now petitioned 
Pope Celestine to invest Hubert with the 
legatine authority throughout the Realm 
of England. Celestine issued the Bull, 
stating the King's request, and granting 


the most ample faculties to the Justiciar. 
In the capacity of Legate, he visited the 
Archdiocese of York. The Officials of the 
Northern Primate, and the Canons of the 
Cathedral, submitted to his functions as 
derived from St. Peter's successor, but they 
carefully protested against any supremacy 
which he might claim as Archbishop of 
Canterbury. He entered upon his visita- 
u Jone tion on Sunday the feast of Saint Barnabas, 


commonly called Barnaby bright. On the 
following day he presided in his Court 
Christian, where he judged ecclesiastical 
causes, whilst his " ministers '' or deputies 
held a Court for Pleas of the Crown, and also 
for Assizes of Mort Dauncester and Novel 
Disseizin. These proceedings show the 
great extent of the power possessed by the 
Chief Justiciar, in deputing the jurisdic- 
tion bestowed upon him by tlie Crown. 

1194.1195. § XXXV. To this period of Hubert's Kot.Cur. 

administration belongs the first of the Rolls 9, 14, '25, 32, 
now published, containing the jiroceedings 72,82,87',89! 
of Michaelmas Term, 6 Richard J. (p. 1 to SSiSfi"* 
137^f and in which there are repeated re- Abbre?iatio 

• -^ ^ ■ ^ ^ Piacitorum, 

ferences to his authority as Justiciar — 3,4. 
days given to parlies — record made by him 
of the King's oral declarations — pleas heard 
and judgments pronounced — and writs is- 
sued by his command. In these entries, he 

e 3 


is generally designated either as ^^Dominus 
Archiepiscopus " or "Dominus Cant'/' 
From the similarity between the letters t 
and c in the record, the word "Can/' '' has, 
in the extracts heretofore made from these 
Rolls, been transcribed as " Cane' "; so that, 
supposing any legal hypothesis had been 
grounded upon the printed text, the en- 
quirer would have inevitably transferred 
the Justiciar's authority to the Chan- 

The policy of the reign of Coeur de Lion 
is of no import, except to the historian or 
the antiquary. But it may be here remarked, 
that an error, exactly of the same descrip- 
tion, probably contributed to establish the 
authority of arrest and detention exercised 
by the members of the Privy Council. In a 
case arising out of their supposed jurisdic- 
tion, a document was produced, which, any 
person moderately acquainted with records, 
would, I think, have expounded as eviden- 
cing a committal ^^ per d;20S de Concilia" 
The Court admitted the reading, " per duos 
** de Consilio;" and the ambiguous form of 
a letter, vested in any two individual mem- 
bersj whose signatures could be obtained, 
the power which, according to the antient 
constitution^ belonged to the Lords of the 
Council sitting in their corporate capacity, 
and as a tribunal. 


§ XXXVL To the Justiciar, the laity 
rendered but a sulky submission : and the 
jealousy excited by his legatine functions, 
put him out of favour with his own order. 
Hubert was also warmly engaged in a 
domestic quarrel. He was labouring to 
abrogate the Capitular rights of his Monks, 
and perhaps to eject them altogether 
from the Cathedral monastery. At this 
juncture, occurred the rebellion and death 
of William Fitz Osbert. Hubert's violation 
of the immunities of the Sanctuary of Saint 
Marv le Bow, his own Peculiar, excited the 
most grievous indignation of the Monks. 
They urged, that whilst enforcing the royal 
authority, he was nevertheless bound to 
respect the privileges of the Church ; and 
all communication between them and their 
Pastor was at an end. 
^'36. Hubert became anxious to resign bis Horedcn, 


station, alleging that he felt himself unable GerVasius, 
to suffice for the whole civil and eccle- ^^^^' ^^*** 
siastical administration of the Kingdom. 
Richard, at first, would not accept this 
resignation. No one was ever found like 
unto Hubert in the preservation of the 
King's rights and the administration of the 
law. But at length Richard yielded, and 
allowed the Justiciar to retire. 

When Hubert had obtained this permis- 
sion, then he suddenly repented him of the 

e * 


intention which he had formed, and of the 
petition which he had urged. Hubert 
made up his accounts. It appeared that 
in the short space of two years, he had 
raised for the King's use the sum of 
one million one hundred thousand marks, 
— a statement which, if at all approaching 
to the truth, fully accounts for the discon- 
tent excited by his administration, — and 
he offered to continue to serve the King. 
The proposal was gladly accepted by 
Richard, and Hubert retained his office ; 
exercising, in direct contradiction to the 
duties of his sacred functions and his cleri- 
cal vows, not merely civil, but military, 
authority. A predatory, yet formidable in- 
cursion of the Welsh, which threatened 
desolation to the Marches, was instantly 
checked by the rapidity of his movements. 
And amongst other instances of his skill as 
a commander, is the second battle, in which 
five thousand Welshmen fell in conflict 
with the army raised and led on by Hubert, 
the Papal Legate, the Archbishop, and the 
Chief Justiciar. 

1198. § XXXVIL But the Monks of Canter- Gervasiua, 

bury were indefatigable in their opposition, iwden. 
They had dispatched agents to Rome for M.Pari8,i93 
the purpose of carrying on the suit then 
pending between them and the Archbishop, 


concerning the collegiate chapel founded 
at Lambeth, and by means of which, a pre- 
bendal Chapter would have obtained the 
rights hitherto vested in the Monks of the 
Cathedral. It was contrary to all ecclesi- 
astical discipline, — they complained to the 
Pope, — that Hubert Archbishop of Canter- 
bury should act as the King's Justiciar, 
sitting as a judge upon criminals con- 
demned to capital punishment, and be 
so entirely wrapped up and engrossed in 
secular affairs, that all his ecclesiastical 
duties were neglected and cast aside. — 
They concluded their charges against the 
Archbishop by declaring to the Pope, how, 
contrary to all the privileges and immuni- 
ties of Holy Church, he had violated the 
Sanctuary of St. Mary le Bow, from whence 
William with the Long Beard was forcibly 
taken, condemned to death, and hanged 
on the tree. 

The Pope received the accusation, and ad- 
mitted its relevancy. Addressing Richard, 
he exhorted him, as he tendered his soul's 
health, to remove the Archbishop from the 
JusUciarship : and furthermore, wholly to 
abstain thenceforth from employing any 
Prelate in secular affairs. A concurrent 
mandate was addressed to all the Prelates, 
strictly prohibiting them from meddling 
with employments so uncongenial to their 


station in the Church. The King obeyed : 
and Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury, 
being deposed from the Justiciarship or 
administration of the Kingdom, Geoflry 
Fitz Peter was appointed in his stead. 

^^^u § XXXVIII. The new Justiciar had long Hoveden, 

been familiar with the duties of the judicial Gervasius, 
station. Immediately upon his appoint-- itdeDiceto, 
ment, we find him issuing writs to the Con- ^^* 
vent of Canterbury. The military talents 
of the *^ Proto-Justiciarius Anglise *' were 
exerted against the Welsh. And, leading 
a powerful army against the restless Gwen- 
wynwyn, who had besieged the garrison 
placed by William de Brause in Maud's 
Castle, he entirely defeated the Cymric 
army. Three thousand seven hundred of 
the enemy are said to have been killed in the 
conflict ; and the single Englishman who 
was slain, fell, not by the arms of the enemy, 
but by the erring shaft of a fellow soldier. 

§ XXXIX. A strange ballad or roun- Gcrva»ius, 
delay had obtained currency, no one knew ItdeDiceto» 
how, in Normandy. Its burthen, as sung Hoveden, 
by the Norman damsels, purported, that in ^^|;^^j j^ 
the Limousin the arrow was making: by «ales, 1S4. 

^ *^ Annales de 

which the Tyrant would die. Whether Margan, 12. 
these shadows cast before the event, arose Dunstapie, 
from the wishes of the people, or indicated M.Paris,i95, 


any organized conspiracy, must for ever Waisingham, 
remain uncertain. But the reign of Richard NeustH», 
was fast approaching to its conclusion, coggcshaie, 
According to Hoveden, Richard expired ^^^£^2^^ 
on Tuesday next before Palm Sunday, viz., ^^* 
6 April 1199. the eighth of the ides of April. Grervase, Vosiensis, 
Radulphus de Diceto, and most of the Reinerus 
other authorities agree in this date : yet alJ ^i^ ^^^ 
our recent histories of England have failed f^™^°' 
to notice, that, although the chroniclers Romance of 

. . Richard 

coincide as to the time of Richard's demise, Cceur de 
there are the most singular discrepancies Langtoft, 
and contradictions respecting the circum- Rigord. 74w 
stances by which his death was attended. cConicie 
Hoveden, who has been usually followed, of London, 
relates the well-known story, how Richard Chronicon 
besieged the Castle of Chaluzj in order 416. 
to win the treasure, which the Viscount (Ma)'^*°^* 
of Limoges withheld : and how he was ^w^sir 
slain by the arrow of Bertram de GurduHy Historia de 


who, after Richard's demise, perished as a perquendam 

. • 1 r Tkr Canonicum 

victim to the savage vengeance of Marca- deLancrco«t. 
deus, the leader of the Brabantine mer- c^ttaaud. 
cenaries. But a chronicle, compiled by a ^* ^'j|;) 
nameless Canon of Lanercost, and which History of 


generally follows Hoveden, states that 
Richard required, not the treamrey but the 
surrender of the Knight by whom the trea- 
sure had been discovered ; and who, fear- 
ing the King's severity, had taken refuge 
in the Castle. 


Ralph de Diceto^ a most trusty and ac- 
curate testimony, was not acquainted with 
the history of the treasure, and commemo- 
rates Peter Basil — and not Bertram de 
Gurdun — as the soldier by whose arrow 
Richard was stricken. And the chronicle of 
Dunstaple, the Annals of Margan, Matthew 
Paris (or rather Roger Wendover), and 
Walsingham, relating the story of the trea- 
sure, all designate the same Peter Basil as 
the youth by whom the quarrell was dis- 

The manuscript chronicle of Winchester 
agrees with the last preceding authorities 
in naming Peter Basil as the man, but 
differs from them by ascribing to this indi- 
vidual the unhappy fate of Bertram de Gur^ 
dun J and yet with a variation. Marcadeus 
surrendered the prisoner to Richard's sister 
Joan, Countess of St. Giles, and she, and 
not Marcadeus, plucked out his eyes, and 
caused him to suffer other horrible mutilar- 
tions and tortures, under which he expired. 

The anonymous continuator of Geoffry, 
the Prior of Vigeois, a Limoisin Monastery, 
places two knights, Peter Bru (perhaps 
Brufi) and Peter Basils in the tower from 
whence the missile proceeded : and adds, 
that as it was reported, — a report which 
he repeats without positively adopting it, — 
Peter Basil was the marksman. 


Ralph Coggeshale ascribes the ^^ private 
war *' waged by Richard against the Vis- 
count of Limoges, to the alliance which the 
latter had contracted with the French King. 
Relating all the circumstances of Richard's 
death, the time of the day, the habit and 
equipment of the King, his attitude when 
he received the fatal stroke, his words and 
actions under the infliction, this able and 
accurate writer omits the name of the 
Soldier, designating him simply as '^ qui- 
" dam armatus/' Whilst inveighing with 
the utmost vehemence against the ^^ most 
'^ impious Marcadeus,'' the names of Ber* 
tram de Gurdun and of Peter Basil were un- 
known to him ; and he is equally ignorant 
of the vengeance taken either by Mar- 
cadeus or by the Countess. But, as a com- 
pensation for this omission, Reinier of 
Liege represents the whole garrison as 
expiring in the most cruel torments. 

The attention of Gervase of Canterbury 
was most especially directed to the particu- 
lars of Richard's death. — It was a judgment, 
as Richard acknowledged, for the vexations 
inflicted by him on the Church of Canter- 
bury, — a confession carefully recorded by 
the chronicler. And the intelligence was 
brought to the Convent by a Monk, who, 
having been dispatched to Richard, be- 
came acquainted with the news when on 
his road, apparently in Normandy ; upon 


which he immediately turned back and 
hastened to Canterbury. — And what was 
the intelligence thus conveyed by him ? — 
Richard had laid siege to Nantru and not 
to Chaluz^ B. Castle belonging to the Count 
of EngoulSne and not to the Viscount of 
Limoges. The want of provisions reduced 
the garrison to the greatest streight, and 
they offered to surrender at the King's 
mercy, their lives only being saved. Richard 
refused these terms. The inmates of the 
fortress were driven to despair. Now there 
was a youth, — neither Bertram de Gurdun 
nor Peter Basils — but a third, hitherto un- 
mentioned, JbAn Sabraz^ — who, standing on 
the Castle wall, shot off a quarrell, quite al 
a venture, yet in the earnest hope that, by 
its stroke, the besieged might be delivered 
from the oppression of their enemies. 
Richard was so near, that he heard the snap 
of the crossbow, and stooping his head to 
avoid the shot, the weapon hit him in his 
left shoulder, inflicting a mortal wound. 

Walter of Hemingford, who is quoted 
by Bromton under the name of Walter the 
Canon of Gisbume, relates a story which 
departs widely from the preceding narra- 
tives of Richard's death, discrepant as they 
are amongst themselves. He transfers the 
scene from Chaluz in the Limousin to 
Chateau Galliard in Normandi/. The fe- 
males, employed as the laundresses of the 


garrison, were accustomed to come out by 
a postern gate which opened upon the 
waten The troops of the King of France, 
who had prepared an ambush, surprized the 
fortress through this entry, and won the 
Castle. Richard returned, burning with 
indignation ; and, taking his station in the 
town of Andelys, he from time to time rode 
round and espied the fortress. A nameless 
arblaster, — whether Bertram de Gurdun^ or 
Peter Basils or John Sabraz^ or any of them, 
we cannot tell, — who recognized the Mo- 
narch, discharged a shaft at him, and in* 
flicted the wound of which he died. 

The very curious English Chronicle of 
London tells us, that *' the Kyng was 
<< sclayne atte the Castle GayUarde in 
" Fraunce^ with schot of a venemed quar- 
** rell in the heed/' The metrical romance, 
which commemorates the geste of Coeur de 
Lion, adopts the same version of the tale : 

King Richard reyned here 
No more than but ten yere 
Sylhe he was schot, alas ! 
In Castle Gaylard there he was. 

Peter Langtoft, saying that it was either 
Chalouns or Chateau Galliard^ does not 
know whether it was one or the other : 

I wene it hate ChahalounSf or it hate Galiard 
Outhers the Castle or the town there smyten was 

Lastly, we may observe that Alberic of 
Troisfontaines preserves a vestige of yet 


another authority, in which additional par- 
ticulars of Richard's death, not in our 
English historians, were found. The very 
valuable chronicle of this Cistertian 
Monk consists almost wholly of excerpts 
from other writers, whom he generally 
quotes by name. Speaking of Richard as 
slain by the quarrell discharged from the 
crossbow of a certain esquire, he proceeds 
to extract a portion of the narrative of 
Hugh de Nigella, an author whose chron- 
icle seems to have been lost. According 
to this story, whilst the smith was forging 
the arrow head, the passers-by, proceeding 
to a wake or fair, repeatedly saluted him 
with an " Heaven speed you/' — Taking 
these greetings as an omen, he engraved 
a cross upon the metal : and with the 
weapon, thus marked for a special purpose, 
was Richard slain. 

§ XL. As soon as*' John Earl of More- Hoveden, 

ton '' was informed that his brother the M.%aris, 

King had expired, he forthwith retained the An^^.Bilton 

soldier knights whom Richard had in his E^^/ 

J , . , , -^^^* ^^ Ob- 

pay, and he promised large gifts unto them, latis, i Job. 

Furthermore, the Earl forthwith dispatched R.'Sbiccto 

Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury and Komton, 

William Mareschal to England, in order ^® ghtol, 

that they, togetJier with Geoffry Fitz Peter g^^- 

and the other Barons of the Kingdom, srf^'^^^''' 

might keep and preserve the peace. We 


know not exactly how long they were 
employed upon their journey : and it will 
be seen below^ that there is some diffi- 
culty in fixing the period when Richard's 
demise was declared in this country. 
Earl John now proceeded to Chinon, 
seized his brother's treasure, and received 
possession of various castles. But in the 
meanwhile, the lieges of Mans and Anjou 
had proclaimed the young Arthur as their 
SovereigiL And John, in assertion of his 
claim to the succession, proceeded to 
punish the citizens of Mans for the support 
afforded by them to his competitor. 

i8Apr*naa. John Earl of Moreton, returning from 
Mans, arrived at Beaufort in Anjou on 
Easter Day, and there he celebrated the 
Paschal festival Thence he advanced to 
Rouen, where he was received without op- 
position. And, on Sunday the octaves of 

»Apr.ii8a. Easter, being the feast of St. Mark the 
Evangelist, he was solemnly inaugurated 
in the Metropolitan Church of Rouen : 
and girt with the sword of the Duchy by 
the hands of Archbishop Walter, who also 
placed upon his head the golden coronal. 
A report of King Richard's death is 

nApr.1189. said to have spread to England on Easter 
Eve, perhaps an echo of the vague 
and ominous rumours floating in Nor- 
mandy, at once false and true. Hubert 

E«T. Cum. Rs«. f 



Archbishop of Canterbury and William 
Mareschal, as soon as they arrived, when- 
ever that may have been, used their utmost 
endeavours to fulfil their commission for 
the conservancy of the peace. And they 
required all the lieges of the Kingdom, 
'^ as well of the Cities as of the Burghs,** 
and all the Earls, Barons, and Freeholders, 
that they should be in the fealty, and keep 
the peace of ** John Duke of Normandy, 
^* son of King Henry, son of the Empress 
^^ Matilda," against all men. 

But the more powerful classes did not 
yield a ready compliance, and seemed dis- 
posed to refuse this acknowledgment to 
the **Duke of Normandy.*' Bishops, Earls, 
and Barons, all who had castles, filled these 
strong-holds with soldiers, preparing them- 
selves for offence and for defence, laying in 
stock and store of victual and of arms. By 
others, great devastations were committed. 
A King's death was the usual signal for the 
general disorganization of the community : 
and until another was established upon his 
throne, no protection could be found in 
the law. 

Geoffry Fitz Peter and his associates. 
Archbishop Hubert and William Mares- 
chal, acted with quickness and decision. 
Assembling at Northampton, they called 
before them those great men whose fidelity 


was most doubted, David brother of the 
King of Scots, Richard Earl of Clare, Ralph 
Eari of Chester, Waleram Earl of War- 
wick, Roger Constable of Chester, William 
de Moubray, and many other Earls and 
Barons. The Baronage received a promise 
from the Justiciars, that ^* John Duke of 
^ Normandy'* would render every man his 
right, if they on their parts would keep their 
fealty and peace towards him. Upon this 
satisfactory covenant, the Earls and Barons 
swore fealty and faithful service to ^^ John 
** Duke of Normandy*' against all men. 

iSftssBbj *< John Duke of Normandy*' landed at 
Shoreham on Tuesday the eighth of the 
calends of June. On the morrow, to wit 
the £ve of the Ascension, he repaired 
to London, for the purpose of being 
crowned. And aU the Magnates, as well 
Bishops as Earls and Barons, being then 
and there assembled, '* John Duke of 
" Normandy^' was crowned and anointed 
King of England in the Church of St. Peter 

trXqriiM. of Westminster, on Thursday the feast of 
the Ascension, the sixth of the calends 
of June. 

And, on the day of his Coronation, King 
John girt William Mareschal with the 
sword of the Earldom of Strigoill, and 
GeoflRry Fitz Peter with the sword of the 
Earldom of Essex, for although they already 

f 2 


bore the title of Earls, and had the admi- 
nistration of their Earldoms, yet until now, 
they were not girt with the swords thereof. 
And on the same day, girt with swords, 
the Earl of Strigoill and the Earl of Essex 
served at the table of the King. 

§ XLI. It will be observed that the Rot. Cur. 

Regis» vol. 

leading narratives of Richai*d's death agree 259, 264. 
only in one material circumstance, namely, 
that a shaft discharged from a crossbow 
inflicted the mortal wound. Had the in- 
telligence been communicated by any writ 
or letter, it is scarcely possible, that such 
variations in the statements concerning 
this important event, could be found in 
narratives so nearly contemporary. This 
uncertainty, is no equivocal token of the 
general confusion prevailing in the realm. 
More than three weeks from Richard's de- 
mise had elapsed, before the vacancy of the 
Throne was authoritatively acknowledged. 
This circumstance is proved by the Essoign 
2 May 1199. roU of the Quinzaine of Easter, which is 
entitled as of the tenth year of Richard's 
reign, and entered on the sixth membrane 
of the record. It does not appear from any 
part of this roll that the death of Richard 
was yet recognized : and in fact we have 
evidence, nearly conclusive, to the contrary, 
for a day of appearance is given in a plea 


between the Prior of Durham, and the 
Abbot of Melsa, the Prior of Newburgh, 
and others, who had proceeded in a suit 
(probably in Court Christian) concerning an 
advowson, against the King's writ or com- 
mand, ** contra preceptum Domini Regis/' 
which would not have been the usual style 
if speaking of a deceased Monarch. Are 
we to suppose that the intelligence had 
not yet reached England : — or that it had 
not arrived in so authentic a form as to 
warrant the Justices in proclaiming the 
event, which had already been more than 
once bruited, without any foundation ex- 
cepting the wishes of those by whom it was 
desired: — or did the Justiciars purposely 
delay notifying that the inheritance was 
open, the better to secure the succession 
of the new Monarch ? 

§ XLIL The next or seventh membrane. Rot. Car. 
has no heading or title either of date or seftsw! ' 
reign. Here, we have an unquestionable 
proof that Richard's death was known to 
the Court. Robert Bertram casts his essoign 
** de ultra mare de servicio Domini Diicw," 
shewing that the entry was made after 
the inauguration of John as Duke of Nor- 
mandy, and before his Coronation as King 
of England. But an entry, towards the 
conclusion of the membrane, was made 

f 3 


bore the title of Earls, and bad the admi- 
nistration of their Earldoms, yet until now, 
they were not girt with the swords thereof. 
And on the same day, girt with swords, 
the Earl of Strigoill and the Earl of Essex 
served at the table of the King. 

§ XLI. It will be observed that the Rot. Car. 
leading narratives of Richard's death agree 259, 26i. 
only in one material circumstance, namely, 
that a shaft discharged from a crossbow 
inflicted the mortal wound. Had the in- 
telligence been communicated by any writ 
or letter, it is scarcely possible, that such 
variations in the statements concerning 
this important event, could be found in 
narratives so nearly contemporary. This 
uncertainty, is no equivocal token of the 
general confusion prevailing in the realm. 
More than three weeks from Richard's de- 
mise had elapsed, before the vacancy of the 
Throne was authoritatively acknowledged. 
This circumstance is proved by the Essoign 
2 May 1199. roU of the Quinzaine of Easter, which is 
entitled as of the tenth year of Richard's 
reign, and entered on the sixth membrane 
of the record. It does not appear from any 
part of this roll that the death of Richard 
was yet recognized : and in fact we have 
evidence, nearly conclusive, to the contrary, 
for a day of appearance is given in a plea 


between the Prior of Durham, and the 
Abbot of Melsa, the Prior of Newburgh, 
and others, who had proceeded in a suit 
(probably in Court Christian) concerning an 
advowson, against the King's writ or com- 
mand, " contra preceptura Domini Regis," 
which would not have been the usual style 
if speaking of a deceased Monarch. Are 
we to suppose that the inteUigence had 
not yet reached England : — or that it had 
not arrived in so authentic a form as to 
warrant the Justices in proclaiming the 
event, which had already been more than 
once bruited, without any foundation ex- 
cepting the wishes of those by whom it was 
desired: — or did the Justiciars purposely 
delay notifying that the inheritance was 
open, the better to secure the succession 
of the new Monarch ? 

§XLIL The next or seventh membrane, Rot Cur. 
has no heading or title either of date or 26|*2w! * 
reign. Here, we have an unquestionable 
proof that Richard's death was known to 
the Court. Robert Bertram casts his essoign 
'^ de ultra mare de servicio Domini Ducis/^ 
shewing that the entry was made after 
the inauguration of John as Duke of Nor- 
mandy, and before his Coronation as King 
of England. But an entry, towards the 
conclusion of the membrane, was made 

f 3 


after the Coronation, it being an essoign 
•* de servitio Domini Regis ^^ cast by Regi- 
nald de CornhilL 

§ XLIII. The first membrane of the Rot-Cur. 
whole record has the following heading, 2^22^ 
** Haec sunt essonia Pasch» et Sanctde Tri- ^ ^J| 
nitatis et SancH Johannis et Sancti Mu f^» ^» 
chaeltSy' but no regal date, or specification 
of essoign, appearance, or return day : 
the words in Italics were added after the 
title was first written, and the roll does not 
(apparently) contain any matters which 
can be referred to Michaelmas Term. But 
this membrane was made up before John's 
Coronation,^ inasmuch as it contains two 
essoigns '^ de servitio Ducis^*^ one cast by 
Thomas de Estlee, and the other by Phi- 
lippus Molendinarius. 

The eighth membrane contains the es- 
soigns ** de malo veniendi,"" in three weeks 
9 May 1199. of Eastcr, and which are continued in the 
eighth, ninth, and tenth membranes. In 
this portion of the roll we have several 
entries ^* de servitio Domini Duds,*' re- 
spectively cast by Robert filz Hervy, 
Gilbert de Mineres, Richard de Munfichet, 
Philip de Ounne or Ouue,^ Thomas Marin, 
and William de Warenna. But in the 
essoigns ^ de malo lecti '' of the same date, 
and also on the ninth membrane, there are 


two entries noticing the King, one of lands 
'« in manu Domini Regis^ and another of 
a party ** in misericordia Regis.** These 
entries, however, are made upon a portion 
of the roll which seems to have been pre- 
viously lefl blank, and the whole is much 
confused. It is therefore most probable 
that the heading was first written, and that 
these last entries were not actually put 
upon the roll until after John's Coronation. 

§ XLIV. On the dorse of the first mem- Rot- Cur. 
brane of the Roll, are the essoigns of the 226. ' 
«Majii99. Morrow of the Ascension, the feast itself 
being, as before mentioned, the day of 
John's Coronation. It is followed by the 
essoigns of the Morrow of the Trinity, the 
Octaves of the Trinity, the Quinzaine of 
the Trinity» the Octaves of St John the 
Baptist, and the Quinzaine of St John the 
Baptist, and upon these membranes, in all 
the entries referring to the Sovereign, he is 
duly and regularly denominated the King. 

§ XLV. The pleadings begin confusedly Rot. Cur. 
at the twelfth membrane of the Roll, and so5» so?/ * 

S09 Sll 

without any heading or title, or any date of ' 
day, term, or reign, but the first entries were 
clearly made before John's Coronation. 
Hillary de Rachenton has a day given to 
him on the Morrow of the Trinity, because 

f 4 


he is in the Duhe^s Castle at Porchesten 
The assize of Novel Disseisin between Os- 
bert Gifford, demandant, and Ralph de 
Wellinton, deforciant, is respited until the 
Octaves of the Trinity by the precept of 
Geoffry Fitz Peter, because Osbert is in the 
service of John, Lord of England, with 
hcNTses and arms. A day is in like manner 
given, by command of Geoffry Fitz Peter, 
on the Morrow of the Trinity, in a plea of 
land between Robert M orin and the Abbot 
of Chertsey, because the said Robert went 
in the service of the Lord of England to Ox- 
ford. A day is given to William de Wrotham 
and the Prior of Lewisham and Theobald de 
Einesford, in a plea of land, on the Morrow 
of the Holy Trinity at Westminster, because 
the said William was in the service of the 
Lord of England. A day is given to 
Richard de Fescamp and Henry de Be- 
champton, in a plea of land, on the Mor- 
row of the Trinity, on account of another 
party being in the Castle of the Lord of 

§ XL VI. In the thirteenth membrane, Rot. Cur. 

which is without a date^ the pleas con- sf^*8i4^ '' 

tinue. The first, is an entry that an 3^^ 

assize of Novel Disseisin between Osbert ^^» ^* 

S6I, ssi. 
Giffard, demandant, and Ralph de Wel- 

linton, deforciant, is respited until the 


Octaves of the Holy Trinity, by the com- 
mand of Greoffiry Fitz Peter, because the 
same Osbert is in the King^s service with 
horses and arms. This is the same adjourn- 
ment which is given on the preceding mem- 
brane, only substituting the title of King 
for the title of Lord. Possibly it may have 
been repeated after John's Coronation, upon 
a blank space previously left on the parch- 
ment ; for, somewhat lower down on the 
membrane, a day is given to certain ap- 
pellees, because they are in the service of 
the Duke. 

On the fourteenth membrane, which is 
also without a date, it is recorded that 
John de Perteshall, having been in posses- 
sion of a false or forged writ, took refuge in 
St. Clement's Church in Cambridge or Cam- 
bridgeshire, from whence he abjured the 
land of John Lord of England. This is fol- 
lowed by another entry, stating that all the 
lands and possessions of Ralph Gifiard and 
Philip de Sumeri are put in peace by the 
writ of the Duke of Normandy y and that 
they should not be impleaded concerning 
any of their tenements, so long as they 
should be in the service of the Duke beyond 
the seas, such writ being tested by GeofFry 
Fitz Peter. And on the dorse of the same 
fourteenth membrane, is an entry stating 
that all the assizes appertaining to the Earl 
of Albemarle and hi? men, who were iu 


the service of the Duhcy are respited ^ sine 
die/' so long as the Earl and his men shall 
be thus in the Duke^s service beyond the sea. 

The sixteenth membrane is likewise un- 
dated. This contains an entry that the plea 
between Godfrey de Sancto M arlino and 
Waudrigesil de Curcellis, concerning the 
fee of William M allett, was put in respite 
until it should be otherwise commanded, 
and this by the writ or precept of John 
Lord of England. 

The seventeenth membrane is undated ; 
and here the plea between Godfrey de 
Sancto Martino and Waudrigesil de Cur- 
cellis is again respited '* sine die/' until 
further orders should be given : and this, 
by the writ or command of the Duke. 
The plea between Robert de Stok' and 
William de Hengeford is stayed ** sine die'' 
until the arrival of the Duke in England, 
and this by the Duke's writ or precept. 

The eighteenth membrane is undated^ 
Roger de Brai demands against Hugh 
de Brai three acres of land in Laffelde, 
which he had pledged to Hugh, the father 
of the said Hugh, for a term then expired. 
Hugh denies the pledging, and says that 
he holds the land in fee. Roger there- 
upon offers to the Duke half a mark that 
he may have a jury of lawful men of 
the visne, whether the land be his fee, or 
whether it was pledged for a term ; and, in 


the margin, this sum is repeated as an 
oblate or offer to the Duke. 

The first plea roll which is dated, is of 
the Morrow of the Holy Trinity, on the 
twenty-first membrane ; and firom this 
place the entries proceed regularly, deno- 
minating the Sovereign as the King. 

i XLVII. It will have been observed how RotuU de 

^ Oblatif. 

carefully and consistently the Chroniclers, Liber de 
whose language I transcribe, as well as the Le^SwI! 
I judicial records, abstain from bestowing the ^eroj^iv^ 

title of King upon John, until his Corona- *2-;rJf^f^ 
tion. From that day his reign was reckoned. Middle 
varying, however, in each year according eJ. Reriewi 
to the moveable feast, which was taken as voL xxx. 
the anniversary; that is to say, the reign ^'"7f^ 
was calculated from Ascension day to Engiiih 

^ *^ Legislature» 

^ . Ascension day in each year, and not fi-om Ed. Reiriew, 
y and to the twenty-sixth day of May. This ▼0i.xxxv.2a 
fact was first ascertained by a writer of dis- Re^^ 
tinguished eminence as an investigator of ^^l xx^ 
our historical antiquities, and noticed by ^y- 
him in two essays upon the English Con- Pr^rest 
stitution, inserted in a periodical publica- common- 
tion. Observations to the same effect are sos.^*^^ *" 
also contained in an essay upon the sources E)J!?*^^^ 
of Anglo-Saxon history, in another perio- (Chron. 
dical publication. Our modem historians Hume's Hi»- 
and chronologers were previously accus- ^^* 
tomed to reckon the reign of John fi-om the 
day of the death of his predecessor, so that 


all the instruments of his reign, dated be- 
tween the sixth April and the Ascension day 
of the current year, have been transposed. 
Hume generally bestows a title upon John 
which never did or could belong to him, 
namely, that of ** Prince." Had the origi- 
nal authorities been consulted and studied 
by this able writer, it is probable that his 
shrewdness might have enabled him to de- 
tect the error. But Hume's narrative of the 
earlier periods, — for to this portion only I 
limit my present observations, — frequently 
inaccurate, and always vague and super- 
ficial, labours under defects which no system 
of annotation can correct or remove. A 
professed and ostentatious enquirer after 
truth, this cool, acute, but inconsistent scep- 
tic neglected ordinary diligence in the col- 
lection or examination of the evidence 
whereon his historical belief is founded. — 
And, taken as a whole ; and whether judged 
with respect to research, or to spirit, or to 
tone, or to general tendency, it would be 
difficult to point out any one book, which, 
rotten at the core, has inflicted a more last- 
ing injury upon our national literature. 

The maxim of the French law, ** /e mort 
saisit le vify^ and which we have adopted as 
a constitutional principle, was unknown to 
the English in the earlier periods of our his- 
tory. The death of the father did not vest 
tiic royal title as an inheritance in the son : 


and some further act was required before the 
style of King could be assumed. The rule 
of succession in the same blood or family, 
prevailed before the right of primogeniture 
was established as an indefeasible canon. 
Hence, until the Atheling was accepted by 
the " land-folk '^ or consecrated by the 
Priest, — and I here purposely avoid enter- 
ing upon the difficult question, whether the 
popular acclamation or the sacerdotal cere- 
monial had the greater or the lesser con- 
stitutional efficacy, — no heir presumptive 
could be considered as King or Emperor, 
Bretwald or Basileus, in Anglo-Saxon Bri- 
tain. After the Conquest, it is probable, for 
we can only speak doubtingly and hypo- 
thetically, that the heir obtained the Royal 
authority, at least for the purposes of admi- 
nistering the law, from the day that \x\% peace 
was proclaimed. He was obeyed as Chief 
Magistrate, so soon as he was admitted to 
the high office of protector of the public 
tranquillity. But he was not honoured as the 
King, until the sacred oil had been poured 
upon him, and the crown set upon his head, 
and the sceptre grasped in his hand. 

John did not enter into the receipt of 
the revenues of the Kingdom until after his 
Coronation, as appears from the Oblata 
Roll, the Treasurer beginning his accounts 
from the twenty-ninth day of May. We 
learn, however, from the judicial rolls, that. 


though not adcnowledged as King, yet that 
the ^^ Jhike of Normandy '' or the " Lord of 
England" possessed very many rights of 
sovereignty. And I am informed that some (Ate H.) 
charters, recently discovered, prove that 
Riduut], before his Coronation, equally 
exercised royal rights, though only as- 
suming the style of Duke of Normandy 
and Lord of England. But, after the demise 
of Henry III., the royal title as well as the 
mya/ authoriti/ resulted from this recogni- 
tion. Edward I. began his reign, to all 
intents and purposes, from the feast of 
St. Edmund the King, four days after the 
death of Henry III., when his peace was 
tK>Navatfr«« proclaimed at Westminster, and he was (NoteL) 
thenceforth entitled King In all public 

Edward's accession was attended by some 
remarkable circumstances. Great dissen- 
sions prevailed at this period in Liondon. 
There were two competitors for the office 
of Mayor, one elected, as of old, by the 
*• Magnates,'' the other by the lesser Com- 
mons : and the King had interposed by ap- 
pointing a Gustos, until the settlement of 
iht» di»putes between the contending par- 
tit^d. Henry III* was then on his death- 
btnl» and the popular party proposed that, 
a«i noon as he should expire, they would rise 
aiittinst the Aldermen and plunder them of 
ull their goods and chattels : under the im- 


pression that this could be done with impu- 
nity whilst the kingdom should be ^* without 
a King'' — dum Regnum esset sine Rege. — 
But this — continues the writer of the Year 
Book of London, probably the Town Clerk, 
— was an erroneous opinion, for immedi- 
ately upon the King's death the Kingdom 
devolved upon Daminus Edward his son. — 
And when — continues this writer — all the 
people should have done fealty to him, then 
it was certain that all who, being under his 
dominion, perpetrate any act against the 
peace» should be as grievously punished as 
under the dominion of his living father. 
And the lesser Commons were prevented 
from perpetrating this iniquity, because im-^ 
nVm.ift% mediately upon King Henry's death, •* on 
the Morrow of Saint Edmund the Arch- 
bishop," the Earl of Gloucester, the Arch- 
bbhop of York, and many other Nobles of 
the realm of England then present, came into 
the City and caused peace to be proclaimed 
towards all, both Jews and Christians. 

From this proceeding, three important 
facts may be collected respecting the theory 
and practice of the Constitution in relation 
to regal succession, as prevailing when 
Henry HI. closed his reign : I. — ^The people 
of London, more thoroughly an Anglo- 
Saxon community than any other then sul>- 
sisting, and probably never merged in any ^ 


Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, though under the 
supremacy of the Basileus, retained a remi- 
niscence of the era, when, upon the death 
of the Monarch, a complete inter-regnum 
ensued. II. — London was still so much of 
a distinct State, that proclamation of the 
King's peace in London did not extend to 
the rest of his Kingdom, so that there might 
be, as in this instance there was, two dif- 
ferent periods for the formal acknowledg- 
ment of the Sovereign, the one arising from 
his recognition in the City, the other from 
his recognition in the rest of the Kingdom. 
And this explains an expression occasion- 
ally employed concerning the commence- 
ments of the reigns of the antient Kings, 
namely, that they are computed secundum 
usum Scaccariif implying that there might 
be another usage elsewhere* According to 
our present practice, the Lord Mayor 
and Aldermen of London are invariably (MifcK-) 
parties to the proclamation of a new 
King« being always required to concur 
in signing the act of recognitioiu And we 
may perhaps venture to conjecture that 
tills custom was originally introduced for 
the purpose of consolidating the two re- 
CH)gnitions, so as to have but one date of 
Aocoaaion, for the City and for the King- 
dom at large. III. — ^But although the 
j)iH)clamation of the peace was required to 


enable the Sovereign lo exercise his lawful 
authority, for this position is clearly to be 
collected from narratives in the City Year 
Book : still the Crown descended by here- 
ditary right to the eldest son : And by the 
proclamation alone, before the coronation, 
the Lord of England acquired the title of 

This, certainly was a doctrine established 
subsequently to John's accession. The 
different branches of the government were 
making a symmetrical advance. Parliament 
wa8 obtaining more influence : and at the 
same time, the Throne was acquiring 
greater stability. 

But what was intended by the style 
of '• Domintis Anglice ?'* — This title appears 
to indicate the right to the superiority 
over the soil, when distinguished from the 
chieftainship of the people^ The King 
might be admitted as Dominus Anglice 
before he was acknowledged as Rex Anglo- 
rum : and this distinction was consistently 
maintained. John was Lord of Ireland, 
but he did not claim to be King of the 
Irish. Edward wrote himself Lord of 
Scotland, and acknowledged Balliol to be 
King of the Scots. 

Hot. Cum. Rbo. g 


^ XL Yin. One of the works ccmtem- 
plated bj Sir Simon D'Ewes was, ^ The 
^ aotiquitj of the Municipal or Com- 
^^ moo law of the Realm before the Nor- 
^ man Conquest, out of records for the 
^^ greatest part, or other unvulgar mate- 
^ rials;" — to this he intended to add a 
second part out of the ^ Itinerant and Hea 
^ Roih, chiefl J remaining in the Treasury 
•* at Westminster,** — or the muniments of 
which this present publication is composed. 
— ^ These,'' — he continues, — " I have pro- 
^ posed to mjself to labour in, besides divers 
^ other smaller works, as well theological 
^ as moral, like him that shoots at the Sun, 
*^ not in hopes to reach it, but to shoot as 
'^ high as possibly his strength, art, or skill 
" will permit So, though I know it is 
^* impossible to finish all these during my 
^^ short and uncertain life, having already 
** entred into the thirtieth year of my age, 
'^ and having many unavoidable imploy- 
*^ ments and cares of an estate and fiEuuily, 
^* yet if I can finish a little in each kind, it 
" may hereafter stir up some able judg- 
** ments to add an end to the whole, in 
*' the same way and search I shall have 
*' waded in before them. In the mean 
*' lime I shall always pray, as I do sin- 


** cerely desire^ that by all my endeavours 
** God may be glorified, the truth, divine 
'^ or human, vindicated, and the publick 
** benefited : 

** Sic mihi contingat vivere, sicque mori.** 

Such remarks are too instructive to be 
omitted. They are the memorials of a 
period when the individuals most distin- 
guished by knowledge, by learning, or by 
intellectual eminence, were impressed with 
the deep feeling of the duties resulting from 
the important station whereunto they had 
been called. Raised up as teachers, freely 
dispensing the gifts fir^ely bestowed upon 
them, seeking neither present fame nor 
worldly profit, but acting under an humble 
responsibility for the faithful use of the 
talents entrusted to their stewardship. And 
indeed, these sentiments and principles 
will alone enable the inquirer to proceed 
steadily and cheerfully, in labours, which 
even humanly speaking, can never be 
ripened into harvest, until the hand that 
sowed the seed is mouldering in the grave. 
Pursued with any other motives, the dreary 
annals of literary history will warn him how 
little chance he has of escaping from the 
most bitter vexation, sorrow, or despair. 




plated by Sir Simo 
** antiquity of the 
*^ mon law of the 
*^ man Conquest. 
'* greatest part, 
'' rials;''— to ^ . 
second part oir 
" Rolk, chief ^ 
" at Westmir. 
which this [)r 
— "These/ - 
" posed to 
** other SI ^ 


:aie that D'Ewes 

^ the celebrated 

^o^of the records 

., Exchequer. This 

uitojuary compiled 

.racts from the Rolls ; 

f framing a regular 

" as mor 
** not in 





t«t» but simply select- 
. *tiich appeared inte- 
lui these and other ex- 
^ xiescription, the volume 
: tidio Placitorum^* was 
cr Record Commission in 
ik was undertaken upon 
ji^ the Right Honourable 
^ .ixeased. He was then the 
V. Record Treasury; and he 
iH>st of the curious matter of 
AjmUs would be found in such 
flat although much information 
cottlained in them, still it will 
^ v»uiparingthe text now given, 
J^-^viatio Placitorum^ that the 
^^te only a very imperfect and 
i<w of the originals : the records 
iu this volume occupying but 
4^ of the folio, 
xu ito^ Editor first began collect- 
,K i»»terials for the general Con- 
^..ciAjJi Historjr of England, the im- 
!ljUKV ^' these Rolls, in filling up the 





blank anterior to the commencement of 
our Parliamentary Records, properly so 
called, became apparent to him. And 
the subject having been brought before {Nouh.) 
the Commissioners in his reports, the 
Board, after consulting and advising with 
other persons conversant with records, 
and receiving information from them, 
ordered that the work should be printed 
by the Editor in its present form. 


Record Office, 

Treasury of the Exchequer» 
14 February 1835. 






Dud by which Henry FUz Aiboinj Jirst Ijord Mmfor ofLandonf 
yranti apiece of Land in Lime Street in ihe City of London. 

NoS sit ta psentib^ 4^ fuls qd ego Henf JUP Aiboini Qcessi 
FHo Lafaite !!ram q^ Emma soror pdicti Witti tenuit in Xim- 
ttrde que jacet juxta fram AVbis de Bameseia tenenda de me 1 
ftedib3 meis illi 1 &edib3 suis . in feudo 1 in Meditate finabitr • 
p. xiL d. annuati reddendis • scii. vL d infra • viiL focto dies Set 
Miduid.% vi • d • infra octab Paeche. S hac gcessiSe dedit m^ 
WiSe pdict^:' dimid marS • argend in gersumia. "P. PeCJOio 
Jkad.Badulf* Bromd. Jordan ft Spt .BjMo Camraio . Jori fit 

From the Original in the Treasury. Appendant is a seal of 
ydlow wax, varnished, impressed with the r^resentation of a 
man on horseback, a hawk perched on his fist. Much defisu^ed. 


Charter of Convention and Concord made in the Curia Reyisy as 
sittiny in the Exchequer^ S Richard /., between fViUiam Fitz 
Beiner and Henry his brother, concerning lands and tenements in 
London, §fc 

HEC est Qvenco 1 final gcordia &cta in Curia Dni Reg ap* 
Westmoii adfestU Sci Andr Apti anni regni Reg Bic tercii.corvi 
Ji*e Comite de MoreT f?e Dni Reg . *l cora . fV. Bothomag Ar- 
dJepo tiic Justic^/i^. 1 Bic Land Epo tunc Dni Regis Thesauf 


% coi^ Baronib^ de Scakario . uA Wiftmjit Eem . 1 Hmr frem 
ej^. videlic*l qd pfeto WiSo % &edib3 suis remani Sra de EddmeT 
cu p^tol Hgrauap «besot reddit^. £t !!ra de ^etreibide cu pdSciis 
suis. Et II Witkshd cu ptinenciis suis. £t in Homme Ix. solid 
reddit^ cu ptinenciis suis. Et de Ric Painforer . xv. solid reddit^. 
Et de Newentun • h solid redilit^. Et infra Lod^ remanl eid 
WUt capital mesuagiii cii toto clauso. Scit cii %ra q^ Gtmuvn? 
teni . *l cii celariis u* Loermg^ venire «olebant* Et cii tota longa 
domo pet*ua.*l supra 1 subt^ cu domo Gerardi FlandresU .% 
cii %ra q reddit • v. sot ecctie See Marie de Sutkwerke. Remanent 
% eid Wifto 1 hedib^ suis ad . xiii. paupes i ppetuii pascendos. 
ifra Ldmi . xii« marcal reddit^. Scit de Hub Ctico . iL soL De 
iualP domU? sub archa . v. sot. De domo pet^nd 9sus vicO . 
xii. sot. D domo an por^ raesuag . viii. sot. D Ikirffis vi. sot. 
lypistore • xvL soL D fiSereine • vi. d. D fra ad Ecctiam Set 
AWani. y.sot D Goda i^it^ro/'ce • xxxvi. sot. !> WUto Blundo . 
xxi.soL D||G/tdftai?.ii.sot. l> Jordano^ Reg". xvin.d. Dtra 
ret* selda Bertrami . i. mar6. D Sra q* teni de Sco Salvatore. 
v.soL ly Bic Festhartx. sot l>BicFeniatore.LmBTc. I>David 
lineo dtapero . xxxiL d. D BiZ del Baik.viiL d. Et Henrico 
^oiato remanl Dustune cii ptinenciis suis • exceptis centii solid 
%re q^s Wiit de Badue lit. Et exceptis duab^ vii^ds fre q*s 
Canonici de Sco Jacobo hnt in ead willa. Et remanl eid Henrico 
tota !!ra de \\Senleia cCL ptificiis suis. Et infra Lond" remani eid . 
H. me^ag u* Terrijlt Fukredi mansit juxta Whotmaricherche . 
cu !!ra vacua juxta illud mesuag q reddit p annii iiiL sot • scit , 
SSimonialib^ (k CkrkeneweOe .1 iiiL sot Hospitali Sci EffidH . % cvi 
tra Teloenarii q est de eod feodo. Et cii Sra vacua u' Banmdf^ 
Lanator mansit Remanl 1 eid Henr totS reddit^ que Bicjit 
Bern hiiit in Fridaistrete . excepta . L marcata reddit^. Et de 
mUo Blundo . xxL sot reddit^. Et vacua %ra in!! dom Wttt Blundi 
. 1 dom q Goda ten1; p. xxi. sot reddit^. Et %ra q fiiit Turstani 
usq, in Tamisid p xx. sot reddit^. Et est guen^ in? . W^. *l H. 
pdSm 4 si forte a*s illo| aliq* %ra de hiis %ris psc'ptis . aut de red» 
ditib^ amiserit aut vi aut placito . alter ei restaurabit ad medietate 
Uvalitudinis • pre? Dustune q* si Henf qd absit forte amiserit f 
vt liedes sui ^ WiS pfitt^ vt liedes sui debut eis restaurare . centu 
sold ?re. Et post obitii Alicie de Dustune deb*l Henr pdcs vt 
bedes sui redde • W. pdSo vt liedib^ suis i Dustune xx. solid 
reddit^. Debut %.W.%H p&ti omia debita q iZic fr illo^ debait 
coraunii aq^etare. Et omia catalla ipi^ Bic participare. Et omia 
debita q ipi Bic debebant^ comunil pq*rerc 1 pticipare. Et tota 


banc gaeSbem afidaunt ex utf q, pte teneda sn fraudis ingenio. 
Hiistestib^.J^t^ Epo Gestae. WUlo MarescaUo . JoUe MarescaUo . 
Bade Witefeld.Ros^ Jit Reinfr.B(a^^Ro^ 
JS^ffb Ca&aiio Com Joiiis.Henrde Camhidle . Bad % Ee^ fHb^ 
suk.BadJit Bad.HenfJit AOwini . Witto de HaSihidk . Eo^ Jit 
Jkan .Alano Jit Pefi. MicAJit Joiiu . Ric fil ejK Galjr BueoUe . 
Miejit EUnanl. Wi» Badue. 

Hiis instrument (also in the Treasury) is indented at the top, 
the word <^ Cirographum " being cut through by the indentation* 
A seal of green wax is appendant, much defaced, but apparently 
representing a castle or fortified town rising out of the water» 
Most of the names which follow after Robertus Ruilus are well 
known in the City archives: and they probably were the Magnates 
who proceeded in a body from the Court of Husting to the Court 
of Exchequer, for the purpose of attesting the agreement between 
the parties. Henry de ComhuUe was Sheriff 1 Ric L, together 
with Richard Fitz Reiner, the brother of the parties ; Henry 
Fitz Ailwin is the Mayor. William de Haverhulle was Sheriff 
3 Ric I., together with John Bocointe. Roger Fitz Aleyn was 
Mayor 16 John. 




Hie membranes of the Rolls are stitched or festened together 
at the top of each skin. This appears to have been the custom 
of the Exchequer in all its branches, from the earliest periods^ 
It is thus that the Pipe Rolls are made up, and all the Judicial 
Rolls. The same custom prevailed in the Exchequer of Nor- 
mandy. But in the Chancery, the rolls were and still are made 
up by attaching the membranes end to end. The Lithographs 
L IL IIL will shew the difference between the hand-writing of 
the rolls, and of other coeval documents. 

[B.] p, xl. 

<^aditoque Principe cui se pridem vel arte vel obsequio com- 
mendarat {Neubrigensis ut supra). Neubrigensis does not seem to 
have been aware that the intimacy commenced during the cru- 
sade. Accordingto2Zaiftf^pftt»&JDib^(691) William joined ^^ 
others in the accusation. Fratrem suum quoque camalem, duos 
etiam alios, opinionis int^;r8e viros, tanquam regiae proditionis 
reos in conventiculis suis, ad mortem usque persequebatur. 

[C} p. xii. 

Hie reoord is^very muob defiioad and fiided, and in many 
\ iriioUy illegible^ as will be seen fay referring to the text, 
ppw6tt, 70* Theite is, however, no doubti but that the paraphrase 
expi M scs the aense of the (m^^iml «. 

TE-J ^. xxm. 

?'i>r Jbul fxmxy^ by Pogx* Cdbadnp fiir liip iinwiiiiii rf* 

Jbu^Hn^ 4tti<! n uy^sukt ijfHxqA^ XoHDt k beangl^flti abve. Tlie 

ti«* 4«^i*vuMfttnni -uT tUr C«xn%ut to lmM<gin HL lis 

fc^mM lew -iH tU- JDdiiiik^ ab lie «ps, 1yd ii|iniid iz> IUhbc:. £r 

t4«* yutyj^ ijf MxAxkmif tlie Pope to joauii die 

"^ i«4?At tiiH}' Iuij<^ed : «gane^ weantid out linr i 

^h«i#i.v. \)uiiUKl tW AjiUiAiuIiiic Goort; odbos dad; xiE & lei^fi^ 

ifr<tr ^uhj i^<M^ w iM3]^ Im bread. About i!» tme. Haji^ ^ 

Nviiiti'V ^^ '^^ ^ *^y to Rdmey eoddenhr «ffapod ^ 

H' j<;* tv Ui*- ^yUiTjty <4 ti^^? Proriooe, emradng i 

/gy^ JUtf <U:^ i>«3d fi^:£^4; diaoi he conjeawd ius sns. Is pir- 

t^c.uUi/ Ik^ i^^ii'/wlAxi^^tidl^ «ritb great gridj hamr he IihI espeDed 

rij4 ftftv^j>j(4j^'OA^ii#7f warruigajf^aijmtfaem 

iM<(VJ; A^^M^iy i^^iTHiiiu^ from timt Abbot of BecsHffininTL. tbtt 

^ iM^rt>i/:)4 l>^ A'M^ wiih tii^ Usihit of that oider vbidi be bad 

4^,j^^4/. 'i^^ rA7;*'/yiJ^/l^i#(M/w«?rf«I<t>|i|WfvetitgaTecoiirageto 
''^'^ ^lh/^0M4^ H4^ wSm^ V*f\m hifUHietO^ wbo bad tbea htdhr been 

t^^ih^Ht^4f wrn^ khiU^ U^ fall eaiMistoryy be came befive ^be 
i^fmuff^ #/^ \pfi^-rrtf*\ Uk \fftiyir for the resUyratkxKrf'die ] 
^^^y, ♦♦ Hi^fW y« i*//iif fJroilMfr,*'— ' replied the Pope, wiA j 
♦f Mll^i ^ 0*411 w*y (/frtli^ij^'iiiowt CUfment and Celestine, oft j 
//ff h)t^iM fW tMiiiM< |»Hiitii;fit aye, and I saw and beard 
(<*.f nUmu ^HU yoM* K*^ almig with you, you wait in vain." — 
♦♦ ttoiy (''ttll^^r/'- ri'jolrud Um» Monk,—** I wait not in vaitt. 
My \t*^iUUm U Jiiiii aimI right i and I wait for your death, even as 
f Wttllitil (or ll»** iUmi\m of your |>r6d<M!eMoni. One may succeed 
yoiii wiMi will «^flliftuitiy ({■'A^t my prayer/'-* By this address the 


Pope was startled and scared, and after expressing his surprize 
to the Cardinals in somewhat unseemly language, he turned to 
the Monk, and said, <^ Brother, by St. Peter you shall not wait 
for my death, your petition is granted ;" and before Pope Inno- 
cent again tasted food, he issued the BuU by which Archbishop 
Hubert was authorized to restore the Monastery. 

Now as this statement is wholly inconsistent with the Bull, 
which is preserved textually and entire, we must either admit 
that the document is a forgery — and, at this period, the practice 
of fabricating spurious Bulls prevailed exceedingly — or that 
Matthew Paris, the Monk of St. Albans, was singularly 

[R] p. Ixvi. 

It is probable that Hubert was the ward of Glanville. He thus 
expresses himself on the Foundation Charter of West Dereham. — 
Omnibus Sancts Matris Ecclesiie filiis, praesentibus et futuris, 
Hubertus Dei gratia, Eboracensis ecclesise Decanus, aetemam in 
Domino salutem. Sapientis est hiis, quae salute animae proficiunt, 
dum potest, intendere et transitoriis aetema commutare. Quod 

quidem intelligentes quoddam ccenobium Praemonstratensis 

Ordinis in feudo nostro, apud Derham fundavimus, pro salute 
aninue meae, et patris et matris meas, et Domini Banulphi de 
GhaaiOd et BerUB uxoris ejus qui nos nutrierunt (Monasticon» 
▼oL vL 899.) — Geoflfry Fitz Peter is one of the attesting wit- 
nesses to the Charter. 

[G,] p. Ixvii. 

Diceto, 652. — The good Bishop was thus licensed by thref^ 
comecutive Metropolitans, the Venerable Anselm, Ralph, and 
William de CorboyL It therefore appears that he did not con- 
sider that the sanction given by the Archbishop for the time 
being, bound his successors. 

Rot. Cub. Reo. 


[D.] p. xiii. 
Hamond Brand was Sheriff in 1203. 

[E.] p. xxvii. 

The Bull granted by Pope Celestine for the restoration of 
the Monks, is transcribed both by Hoveden and in the annals of 
Burton, and it speaks of Hugh Nonant as being then alive. The 
narrative of Matthew Paris, which is very circumstantial, ascribes 
the restoration of the Convent to Innocent IIL his successor. 
Some few of the Monks, as he says, had repaired to Rome, for 
the purpose of inducing the Pope to restore the Monastery. 
There they lingered : some, wearied out by disappointment and 
poverty, quitted the Apostolic Court; others died; till at length 
only one remained. Brother Thomas, who, from extreme want, 
was often forced to beg his bread. About this time, Hugh de 
Nonant, being on his way to Rome, suddenly sickened when in 
Normandy. Conscious that his death was nigh, he sent &r and 
wide to the Clergy of the Province, entreating them to visit him 
on his death bed. Before them he confessed his sins. In par- 
ticular he acknowledged, with great grief, how he had expelled 
the Monks of Coventry, warring against them with mortal hatred; 
and, earnestly entreating from the Abbot of Bec-Herlouin, that 
he might be clothed with the habit of that order which he had 
persecuted, he died. 

Jan. & Feb. The removal of this powerful opponent gave courage to Brother 
1198. Thomas, and when Pope Innocent, who had then lately been 

enthroned, was sitting in full consistory, he came before the 
Pontiff, and preferred his prayer for the restoration of the Monas- 
tery. " Know ye not. Brother,** — replied the Pope, with great 
wrath, — " that my predecessors, Clement and Celestine, oft and 
oft rejected the same petition, aye, and I saw and heard them. 
Get along with you, get along with you, you wait in vain.**— 
<* Holy Father,** — rejoined the Monk, — " I wait not in vain. 
My petition is just and right; and I wait for your death, even as 
I waited for the deaths of your predecessors. One may succeed 
you, who will effectually grant my prayer."— By this address the 


Pope was startled and scared, and after expressing his surprize 
to the Cardinals in somewhat unseemly language, he turned to 
the Monk, and said, <^ Brother, by St. Peter you shall not wait 
for my death, your petition is granted f and before Pope Inno- 
cent again tasted food, he issued the Bull by which Archbishop 
Hubert was authorized to restore the Monastery. 

Now as this statement is wholly inconsistent with the Bull, 
which is preserved textuaUy and entire, we must either admit 
that the document is a forgery — and, at this period, the practice 
of &bricating spurious Bulls prevailed exceedingly — or that 
Matthew Paris, the Monk of St Albans, was singularly 

[F.] p. Ixvi. 

It is probable that Hubert was the ward of Glanville. He thus 
expresses himself on the Foundation Charter of West Dereham. — 
Oomibus Sancts Matris Ecdesiie filiis, praesentibus et futuris, 
Hubertus Dei gratia, Eboracensis ecclesise Decanus, aetemam in 
Domino salutem. Sapientis est hiis, quae salute animae proficiunt, 
dum potest, intendere et transitoriis aetema commutare. Quod 

quidem intelligentes quoddam ccenobium Praemonstratensis 

Ordinis in feudo nostro, apud Derham fundavimus, pro salute 
animas meae, et patris et matris meae, et Domini Bantdphi de 
Gkawind et Berke uxoris ejus qui nos nutrierunt (Monasticon, 
voL vL 899.) — Geoflfry Fitz Peter is one of the attesting wit- 
to the Charter. 

[G.] p. Ixvii. 

Diceto, 652. — The good Bishop was thus licensed by three 
consecutive Metropolitans, the Venerable Anselm, Ralph, and 
William de CorboyL It therefore appears that he did not con- 
sider that the sanction given by the Archbishop for the time 
being, bound his successors. 

Rot. Cvb. Reo. 

cxiv NOTES. 

[H,] p. xciv. 

I am informed that the fact of Richard's having made royal 
grants before his Coronation, assmning the style of Ricardus 
Dux Normanni» et Dominus Angliss, appears fix)m some Char- 
ters in the Archives of the Duchy of Lancaster, which have been 
recently brought to light by the exertions of Mr. William Hardy, 
an active officer on that establishment. 

[I.] p. xciv. 

See the Chronological Abstract of the First volume of the 
Parliamentary Writs, vol. L In all regal tables, &c. the acces- 
sion of Edward I. had previously been reckoned from the 
l@th November, the day of Henry's death. 

[K.] p. xcvi. 

The earliest proclamation which I have seen in the Registers 
of the Privy Council, is that which took place on the accession of 
Charles 1. The King is accepted and proclaimed by the " Lords 
'^ Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with 
« those of His late Majesty's Privy Council, together with num- 
" bers of others, principal Grentlemen of quality, with the Lord 
" Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London." The proclama- 
tions were made at Whitehall, Charing Cross, Denmark House, 
Teniple Bar, on the Middlesex side, and the Great Conduit in 
Fleet Street. When the Lords of the Council reached Ludgate, 
the gates were closed. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen, "in their 
*^ formalities," were within the gates. On being assured that 
King James was dead, they opened the gates, and the proclama- 
tion was made. The name of Sir John Gore, the Lord Mayor, 
appears as the first of the signatures. The proclamation em- 
ployed, upon the accession of His present Majesty, is nearly 
word for word the same as that of Charles L ; but the Lord Mayor 
and Aldermen now attend, in the first instance, at the Palace, 
iLiid sign the proclamation on the table. Upon the accession of 


William III. the proclamation was made by the ^^ Lords Spiritual 
^ and Temporal, and Commons, together with the Lord Mayor 
^ and Citizens of London, and others of the Commons,'' omitting 
the Privy CoundL In all other cases the precedent of the pro^ 
damation of Charles L was followed 

[L.] p. ci. 

See my Report, and the recommendation of the Committee 
who examined the original Rolls, (Cooper on Records, voL ij. 
18^ 92, and voL i. 241-243). An analysis of the Rolls, shewing 
the comparatiye number of folios, printed and unprinted, will 
be found in the same work (Cooper, vol.L 306-401). Thld 
statement was not compiled by me^ but I beUeve it to be correct. 

h 2 














2 i5-3 

zr w J- 


^.4 .. 

I f^' 

v^ 5 





6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, Sec at Westminster, on the Quinzaine 
1194, 13 Oct. J of St Michael 1^6 

6 Ric L 1 Pleas, &c on the Morrow of St Dionisius 
1194,10Oct. J or Dennis. 6-13 

6 Ric I. 
1194, 27 Oct 

I Pleas on the Morrow of All Saints 20^^26 

I Pleas, &c in One Month of St Michael ... 18^ 16 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c at Westminster, on Sunday next 

1194, 30 Oct J before the feast of All Saints. 16, 17 

6 Ric I. 
1194, 2 Nov. 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas at Westminster, of the Justices Itine- 

1194, 27 Oct J rant, in One Month of St Michael 27, 28 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas at Westminster, on Sunday next after 

1194, 6 Nov. J the feast of All Saints 2ti^35 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Wednesday next after the 

1194, 9 Nov. J Octaves of All Saints 35-41 y 

6 Ric I 1 

\ Pleas, &c on the Morrow of St Martin. ... 41, 42 

1194, 12 Nov. J ^ 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Sunday next after the feast of 

1194, 13 Nov. J St Martin 42*45 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, 8cc. on Tuesday next after the feast 

1 194, 15 Nov. J of St Martin 45-50 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Thursday next before the 

1194, 17 Nov. J Octaves of St Martin 50^54 

6 Ric I. 1 pj ^^ ^^ ^^ Octaves of St Martin. ... 54-58 

1194, 18 Nov. J 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Sunday the feast of St Ed- 

1194, 20 Nov. J mund. 58-64 

6 Ric L I PJ ^^^ Morrow of St Edmund.... 64-70 

1194,21 Nov. J 




[ Pleas, &c. on the feast of St. Clement. ... 70-72 

6 Ric. I. 
1194, 23 Nov. 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Thursday the Eve of St. Ca- 
1 194, 24 Nov. J therine. 72-78 

6 Ric, I. "I Pleas, &c. on Monday next before the feast 
1194, 28 Nov. J of St, Andrew. 78-85 

, , ^ . ^^T^ \ Pleas, &c, on the Eve of St. Nicholas. 86, 87 

1 194, 5 Dec. J 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, &c on the Day of St. Nicholas, to 
1 1 94, 6 Dec. J wit, the Eve of the Octaves of St Andrew. 87 

_' \ Pleas, &c on the Octaves of St Andrew. . . 87-91 
1194, 7 Dec. J 

6 Ric L \ Pleas, &c. on Sunday after the feast of 
1194, 11 Dec. 1 St Nicholas * 91-94 

6 Ric L \ Pleas, 8:c on Sunday next before Christ- 
1194, 18 Dec J mas 94,95 

6 RicL 1 Easoigns, &c. taken at Westminster, in 
1194, 13 Oct J Fifteen Days of St Michael 95-99 

6 Ric. 1, 1 Essoigns, &c. on Saturday next after the 
1194, 15 Oct J feast of St Edward. 99, JOO 

6 Ric. I. 1 Essoigns, &c. in Three Weeks of St Mi- 

1194, 20 Oct J chaeL 100-102 

6 Ric h \ Essoigns, &c. in One Month of St Mi- 

1194, 27 Oct J chael 102-106 

ic* • I Egsoigng &c. on the Morrow of All Souls. 106-113 
1194, 3 Nov, J ^ 

6 Ric I, 1 Essoigns, &c. on Sunday next after the 
1194, 6 Nov. J feast of All Souls. 113,114 

^* ' [ Essoigns, &c. on the Octaves of All Souls. 1 15-117 
1194, 9 Nov. J '^ 

6 Ric L \ Essoigns on Thursday next after the 
1194, 10 Nov- J Octaves of All Souls 117, 118 

* ^^ ' !- Essoigns, &c on the Day of St. Martin. ... 118, 119 
1194, n Nov. J 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c. on the Morrow of St Mar- 
1194, 12 Nov. J tin 119,120 



6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. on Wednesday next after 
1194» 16 Nov. J St. Martin. 120,121 

1 194. 18 N } ^^^8^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ ^y* ^^ ^^ Martin. 121, 12*2 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c. on the Morrow of St. Mar- 
1194» 12 Nov. J tin 122-124 

,,^. ^^ ' }• Essoigns, &C. on the feast of St. Clement. 124 

1194» 28 Nov. J ^ 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c on the Morrow of St. Cle- 
1194, 24 Nov. J ment. 125,126 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c in Fifteen Days of St. Mar- 
1194, 25 Nov. J tin, to wit, on the day of St Catherine. 126, 127 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c on Sunday next after the 
1194, 27 Nov. J feast of St Catherine 1^27 

6 Ric I 1 

' [ Essoigns, &c. on the Eve of St. Andrew. ... 128, 129 

1 I «14, JmV MOV. J 

6 Ric. I. 1 Essoigns, &c. on the Morrow of St. An- 
1194, 1 Dec J drew. ISa-ia*» 

6 Ri<* T 1 

I Essoigns, &c on the Eve of St. Nicholas. 133-133 
iisw» d JLiec J 

}Essoiirns, &c on the Octaves of St Andrew. 135-137 

9 Ric I. 1 Assizes and pleadings of Easter Term, 

1 198, 12 April. J 9 Ric I., viz. in Fifteen Days of Easter. 138-148 

10 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. taken at Hertford on the 

1198, 6 Oct J Octaves of St Michael 149-15n 

10 Ric. I. 1 j^y ^^ ^^ ^^.^^ ^^ Hertford, 10 Ric. I. 153-13H 
1198. J 

10 Ric I. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at Hertford 
1198. J before Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his asso- 
ciates, 10 Ric I : 159 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 
119a J Odesey IW 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 
119a J Edwinstrec 160, HH 



10 Ric L "1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

1198, 1 Hertford. 161 

10 Ric- L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

119a J Dacor 162 

10 Ric. L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

1198- J Broadwater 162 

10 Ric. I, 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

1198- J Braughing 163 

10 Ric I, ] Presentments, pleas, &c. of the half hun- 

1198. J dred of Hitching 164,165 

10 Rjc. L 1 Pleas and assizes of land. Sec in the 

1198, J county of Hertford. 165-168 

} Amerciaments of the county of Hertford. 168-170 

, ' ^^^ ' i Esaoigns, &c. taken at Hertford. 170-173 

1198, J 

10 Ric L 1 General Amerciaments of the county of 

1198. J Esmx 173 

10 Ric. I- ^ Amerciaments of assizes of the county of 


1198. J Essex 173,174 

10 Ric. I. 1 Assizes and pleas of land. Sec in the county 

1198. J of Hertford. 174-178 

10 Ric. L 1 Appointments of attorneys, &c. in the 

119a J county of Essex 178 

j- Amerciaments, &c. of the county of Essex. 178-180 

llie like continued. 181-184 

1 Ric, L 1 Essoigns, &c. of pleas taken at Stratford on 
1 198^ 11 Oct. J Sunday next after the feast of St Denis. 184-188 

10 Ric. L 1 Roll of the assizes taken at Stratford by 

1108. J Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his associates, 

10 Rid 188-197 

10 Ric- L \ .^^^ ,.j^^ continued 197-201 

119a J 

10 Ric. I. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at Stratford by 

1198. J Geffrey Fitz Peter and his associates, 

10 Ric. 1 202 


10 Ric. L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

119a J Chehnsford. 202,203 

10 Ric. L "I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

119a J Dunmow. 203-205 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

119a J Lexindon. 205,206 

10 Ric L "I Presentments, pleas, &c, of the hundred of 

119a J Tandring. 206,207 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the half hun- 

119a J dred of Witham. 207^208 

10 Ric. L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the half hun- 

119a J dred of Harlow. .' 208 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

119a J Rochford. 208^ 209 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the half hun- 

119a J dredofWaltham. 201) 

10 Ric. I. -I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the half hun- 

119a J dred of Chehnsford. 209,210 < 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

119a J Dengy '210 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

119a J Thurstablc 210 ^ 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

119a J Ongar. 210,211 

10 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. taken at ClerkenweU, on i 

1198, 21 Oct. J Wednesday next after the feast of 

St. Luke, 10 Ric I • 211 

10 Ric. I. 1 Assizes and pleas of land of the county of 

119a J Middlesex. i>13 

10 Ric 1. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at ClerkenweU 

119a J before Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his asso* 

ciates, 10 Ric 1 214 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

119a J Spelthome 214-216 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of Istelworth hun- 

119a J dred. 216 



10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of • j^ ^^^^ ''**• 

1198. J Hertford. 2j^ 

10 Ric. I. -I Presentments, pleas, &c.. .. township of 

119a J Dacor. 217,218 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &< ^^ ^^ ^^^ 

1198. J Broadwater. 218.219 

10 Ric. L 1 Presentments, pleas, ^ „ , , 

,^«,. It. I.- V, St. John, and 

119a J Braughmg J ^^^ 

10 Ric, I. 1 Presentments, plea 

1 19a J dred of Hitchin « . trow of the Ascen- 

^ 225-228 

10 Ric. L 1 Pleas and assiz. 

1 198. J county of H. . Morrow of the Holy 

j^ jj^.^ J ^ 228-233 

}• Amerciaments ^ j a ^u tt i 

1198. J *!ursQay after the Holy 

10 Ric. I. 1^ . ^ 28»-236 

Y Essoims, &c. ^ ^ , »» i 

119a J iw Octaves of the Holy 

10 Ric L -I General A 236-245 

1198. J Essex. ^ Quinzaine of the Holy 

lORicL -i Amerciar ..,. 245,246 

1198. J Essc^ .i» Octaves of St John the 

10 Ric I. 1 Assize- 246-248 

119a J ofV jtbeQuinzaineoftheHoly 

10 Ric I. 1 Api 248-259 

119a J c ^j^ Fifteen Days of Easter, 

10 Rid. I ^^ V :oRicI 259-271 

1198. J 

^ XV. Ui Three Weeks of Easter. ... 274-291 

10 Ric. I. } 
1198, 11 Oct. ! ^ ^^» iu One Month of Easter. ... 291-294 

10 Ric. I. i 
J jgg ^ .^^ m Five Weeks of Easter. ... 294-299 

10 Ric, 1, ^ ><v\ w Sunday after the Octaves 
lioa ^ V Vvci and St Paul 299-309 

IQ Ri^ ^ ,^ ><c\ in Three Weeks of St John 

n<, "f v^m^u 300-304 

^ ,.^is\^ awiies, pleas of land, &c ... 805-881 



I Pleas, &c on the Morrow of the Holy 
J Trinity. 381-894 

} Pleas, &C. in the Octaves of the Holy 
Trinity. 395-422 

u, 1 Pleas, &c in the Octaves of St John the 

July. J Baptist. 422-426 

. J Im, 1 Pleas, &c. in the Quinzaine of St John 
. ^^July. J theBaptbt 426-445 

1 John, 1 Pleas, &c in Three Weeks of St John the 
L'U, 15 July. J Baptist 446-453 



^^^^■»^■01 repeatedly examinitl^ 

m ^mfimml Record^ of which^ 

^^ SUk of thu drJicHptimt, th£ 

-^^m^ « to certain miimportant 

m «y kM& regular than in later 


^V^ amid twt be exaeilif rfprt^ 

^^am^^ the caxt in stick words as 

.^ am Um denoting ike ahbreination 

^ -*- ^KT two or more, letters^ as tcUl 

^^m eftr printed text it extends onltf 


Francis Palgra^-e. 

..^^a am the face of the rmord^ except 


...^^ m mimiscnles where required^ and 


^^ .imuimff marks: — 


^^^ Alia ^dm words which are apparendy 


^^j^atear'^iml. , | 


ij^wwrfff* in the original. 1 


^^p» to tliia original. 1 


. im^iire^ or apparently added to Uie 


^ irsf written* 






^^^it,%$^ (o^ H^i read Itif^ 


«C^ imm tk fbr Archpc read Arcbpo. 


. hH- for I'i^is read Maiis, 


^^ -^ i7» for fiiit read fiiit ** 
; ;^ ^- 1 1, for Ji>A read l]Jatl. 


%» a^ for Pope read f| Piore. 


»,. 6. for Prtf^ lead ]\Peti^. 


_^ ^r l<^ for Osti read \\(h^ 


. ^ IM ^ for i/f'r^fV(f read \\Utrefi^^ 


m _ 

_ . J 


Anno Regni Reg' Ric. yy. 

m. 1. Ra ap Westm* afesto S^cH Mich" t xv. dies. 

Sudf. jf Witt, m Rein d \\L5d redd Hug" fit Bob d 

Richlhale . xxx. acr tre que vocat' WNordfeld i 
Witlesha . \A reco sumon fuit de morte an- 
cesso^ cora j^ti5 i ptib} itt. 

LmcaS. JT Dies dat^^ t Gittb fil WRetTt .1 monachis de 
Fomeis d pi catello^ pd5o^ monaco^ i c^stino 
Wcstin. clatisi \Pasce . ap Westm. 

^orf\ jf Richus decan^ d SparehU venit 1 advocavit 

Witt de MUchasi de ec* de Braudewett cP 
advocacoem Theobald Walfclsm. 

••• f( Biidict^ de Bediglid venit 1 advocavit Nichot 

de Stutevitt de ec* 5& Marie i cimitio de 
Bedighd c^ advocacoem Theobald jPTa/Fclam. 
jf Nicots sumoneaf^ q sit apd Westm in ocl. oium 
sco^ ifi resposur^. 

Old ^ Sim dela Cumbe Gittb de la Hid . Witt ^Clinio. 

Bad 0! Wauzs. dicut p comitatu Oxoii q ^e/J 
rfe Bediggefeld nuq*m i comitatu illo uth- 
lagal . d q** pcepl fuit vi5 . ut in iq*rer1 rei 
£t dicut q n' ibi fecit uii utlagari debuit. 
Rot. Cur. Reo. B 


^«/*- f Petrus fit Henr ponit loco suo NicJiot de 

Wokendun v^sus Rogi del Estre d pi debiti 
ad lucnd I pded. 

Esea^. f Witts cKc^ q^'nda Com ^AlbruP.I Nicot q^da 

capKan^ ej^ ivenlunt pleg standi r*to si q^s 
vsus eos loq' voluerit d pecu£l pdci Comitis • 
scitt aut q ea habeat aut sciat u^ ea sit 
pt. ^ Pleg Witti . Ldd Epc . Rog] . fil fiReiJ\ Henr 
a WCodeha . Joh le Manat . Witt Jit Rod. d 
f Pleg Nicot. Ldd Epc p^dcs . Rad d Btto Capo 

Stephs d WToppPfeld. 
f Pleg tMic^ . memorat^ Epc .\ Rod dBtto Capo. 
\ Stephs d Topffeld.\ Ricjit \\Com. 

Kent. f Joh d Ekenl petit jud d ptu suppoito vs^ Ric 

q* lldr fil Barth.\ Ric dicit qd ipe if* etate t fi 
de ead tra ||aliq*n t*ct^ fiiit i plac tempr Reg 
H. 1 ifi fiiit tunc concord .1 cyrog^h int eos 
fcm . ita q capitale mesagiu.1 v. meal reddit^ 
remaserut pdco Joh . don*^ Ric etate liret 1 
cii etate hret:' concedit concord ilia si vellet 
t jus suii repePet.l sup illu fine il vult 
• placitare . n^ recognicoem [iii] audire n* con- 
sidacoe curie . d sicut ad hue t if* etate. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis ad hndu cyrog*pfi suu Ric 
p^dco I c^stin sci Andr . ap Westm. 

Cantebr. f Dies dat^ f Abbi 1 covetui d Rameseia St Gittb 
Peeked plac . de rra * ^Overa a die lune paf^ 
p^festu Sci Edward l.i. msS ap Westm . taut 
audied tuc record et jud suu ifi. 

Waremc. f Waff d Dan Martin venit \ dix q fit ec*m d 
Herdewicho ex dono Reg Henr . vacate p^o- 
ratu ConvStie.\ tuc fuit i manu Reg. It ifi 
ptulit carta dfii Reg q tl id testat'. 


Iba. (C ffid succetor CouStir venit 1 dixit q lit ec*m 

& Sudh ex dono p'oris .1 covet^ monaco^ 

Ibid. jf EverardP Duredent dicit q tenet .i. ||ea*m d ec* 

ConvStr i Epopatu Wigorn ex dono Epi Cbn- 
t;?/f .1 ipe IHpH^ i ifi p Epm Wigorn. 

Ibid. IT Moyses q* fuit Por QmvSlr . 1 gvet^ ej^d loci 

petut saisina sua d barr d pt^/f q^m tenuit 
tempr Reg.H. pris [diii] jRic^. Reg 1 p^ p*ma 
Cordacoem Reg R^.1 uh ejecti fueriit p^ 
p*ma coroacoem Reg Ric vi 1 sn judico 
vs^ Canoicos CdvStr 1 uii ipe p'or fecit hu- 
magiu dno Regi . 1 Canonic! venlunt 1 
dixerut . qd n* tenet d barron . n* d elemosin • 
% si q^d d barron ilia tenueriit iltd 1 1 aliena 
manu.1 n5 i sua.l desicut n^ tenent n^ i 
elemosina J\ libe petut [iH] Cur x'anitatis 1 
nolut i!i respdde • n^ i c'ia x'anit ||in • consida- 
coe cur. 

f Dies dat^ f eis a die SabH paf p^ festU Sci 
Edwardi . I rv. dies ap Westm . ad aud Jud 

f Fdci Canonici ponut loco suo . Wc^ d Dan 
Martin . Witt d Sea Fid St Magr Hetia . d 
Chiuet.\ Hear archid d Stafford. I Vs illo^ 
si oes ftee fi porunt. 

Betfefard. f ^^^ ^ Emetford junior q'r q Htigo d Btto 
Capo . 1 mr ej^ AUenora detinent ei tota 
Meditate sua occasioe dotis ipi^ mris sue . Ht 
ipa venit . \ dicit . q ipa il vult respode iK 
sii viro suo. 
f Witt fiat br ad sum p^dcm Hug" q sit ap WestUt 
a die ATcurii paf fP festu Sci Edwardi f 
B 2 



N(yrf\ f Petrus fit Henf ponit loco suo 

Wokendun v^sus Rogi del Estre c* 
ad lucnd t pded. 

Esea^. f Wil^ cKc^ q°nda Com iAlbruP.I 

capKan^ ej^ iveflunt pleg stanc^ 
v^sus eos loq* voluerit d pecufi p 
scitt aut q ea habeat aut sciat u' 
pt. fi Pleg Wim . Lod Epc . Rog] . fit 
d WChdeha . Joh le Manat . TJ 

f Pleg Nicot. Lod Epc pdcs . i2. 
Stephs d WTopfPfeld. 

f Pleg ^Mich . memorat^ Epc !X 
\ Stephs d Topffeld.\ Ric 

Kent. f Joh d Ekenl petit jud d ptu 

q^ lldr fit Earth. t Ric dicit ( 
de ead ?ra ||aliq*n t*ct^ fiii 
H. 1 in fiiit tunc concord 
f cm . ita q capitale mesag 
remaseriit pdco Joh . d( 
cu etate tiret:' concedl 
t jus suu repe?et.T: 
placitare . n*^ recognicoc 
sidacoe curie . d sicut i 
f Dies dat^ t eis ad tin 
p^dco t c^stih set Ana 

Cantebr. JT Dies dat^ f Abfti % c6\ 
Peche.3. plac . de ri 
jpfestu Sci Edward 
audied tuc record c 

Warmic. jf tVali d Dan Martiii 
Herdewicho ex dm 
ratu Comieiie.^ * 
ptulit carta dfti B 



1, ipi n 

)c6e q*le 

plea rectu 

ibenhat. q*s 

anu q*s Rob 

vie faSet.l 

Jefcu cur ipi^ 

comital p bre 

.w. dies . 1 tuc 

lUi^ Pre visu . q} 

cl Cfiu Scof ap 

)rthon optutut se. 
Sirnis d pi debit! 
lebet.1 ipe fi venit. 

od dium Sco^ ostesur^ 
>itu 1 responsr d ca- 

,\ Pet^ Picot dpl.?.d 
jnd record. 1 jud suu p 
ipe Petr^ vocavit . a die 
Ti sci Edward i . vj. septiftL 
Rob Rumb ad luc*d t pd. 

mit d WGigmes .1 Elias d 
uidn . Thorn jit Wnard . Ric d 
lialderaue . tentes d bar? Con- 

B 3 


ROTULi curm: regis. 






vStf veflut !\ posuerut se i mia dfii Reg \ 
dixerut qd il potuer&t mora diuci^ faSe ap 

In Crctstinu Sci Dionisiu 

JT Loqla ^ Ric d War .\ Reg' d Argerd .\ 
Hear d Mtemore .\ Wal? d Mtemyr .^ i 
llrespic usq^ ad Ocl Sci M^tin. 

jf Ric d Waver poft tota ?ra sua . t q'cq'd lit i 
pt . q gvicet Henr d Mentemor q fr suus 
t*did ei . i . dest^riii I motu suo v's^ Jertm . 
q adhuc detinet. 

f Henr defend .'I die q dedit diio suo .i . palefrid 
ad motu suu .1 dfis e^ dimisit ei .i. run- 
cinii t°tante. 

f R Henr stadi recto. iJo^ Enganet .\ Albin^ 

JT Brian^ fil Alan obtui se v^sP hoes Bucard.\ 
dat die p^ oci sci Mich d vasto past'e sue d 
Askat . 1 d ocupacoe e^d past'e . 1 illi 
fuerut poiti p vad 1 salvos pi adee ad ocl sci 
Joh Bapl . \ fi venlut . \ tuc fuit pt eo^ Add 
senesscall^ Buchard . 1 postea fuerut poiti p 
melior pt.^ ii venlut.^ tuc fuit Buchard 
Thesaur Eborac eo^ pt. 

jf Jud . Comuna past^e d Askd q* hoes d Aska 
clamat i ea. capiat' i manu drli Reg.1 dies 
capcois madef Justic Et Buchard .% Add 
Senesscalt e^ ponat' p pi . q veniat t oci sci 
MHin . ostesr q*r il tuerut q°s plegiaverut 
ad ?m eis poitu. Et hoes d Askd ponat' p 
pleg q tuc sint ibi audif^i Jud suu. 

f Loqla ir YvonS Mineariu . 1 SewaU est i 
respeE usq I Ocl sci MHin. 










or Ric a Tame pofl loco suo Wilt d Hatfeld v>s^ 
Atfc d Brum faut audiend jud suu d ec* d 

JT -BoJ? d Luuecote iven pt d pseqnd v^s^ vi5 
Leic q eu ^uste dissasivit d feod . i. milil . 
du fuit i 9vi5o dni Reg . Sit . Wilt Marescatt . 
1 Petr^ Picot. 

JT Ijhat bre. 

f Dies dat^ t Afcbi d AbbSdun .1 Gunnore d Wo- 
ren d pi advocacois Heclee d Nichot a die sci 
Mich I . vi. septim . ap Westm. 

jf AtJb d Radding^ pon loco suo jRo5 Camariu 
suu I ^a/? tf fFSfc^of 9s^ 05pi/a7 Et Mo/iTf . 
1 Margar . 1 Alic . 1 iJo5 Meueret d pt rec 
i piston. 1 i ii/on.T: \^s^ uxore jEZe/ie (f 
Liggebi d pt t*u hid rre i Liggebi .1 vsus 
Pore de DereHst . d pt catatt q f iierut EUe de 
la Mora . ad luc*nd t pd. 

jf WM Hibn poit^ loco Alio uxoris sue veft It 
petiit roablem porcoem Alic uxoris sue 1 
Petcheslee . d tra q fuit \\Ingain pris pdce Alic 
v^s^ Margar uxore dd q* ipe (f<^ t'xit i 
waratii . ^ ipa fe8at se ess d mat lecti . 1 
tuit languore .1 tlat^ fuit tm^ lag^ris sui . fsicl 
jv. dies p^ festu sci Mich. Et ipa tiic venit 
sfl viro suo • 1 ** iiij. die p^ optut se 1 ess 

viru suu/' 

jf PJ ceptu fuit Alan d Bosco . q redd Rein Jit Add . 
ij. caruc rre i Fingale . q fuerut Ad pns 
sui. Et n' feSit qd eet poit^ p vad 1 pi . q 
eet ap Westm a die Sci Mich I . jrv. dies . 
ostesur^ qr n fe&t Et Rein obtulit se. 
iiij. die suo v^s^ eu . 1 ipe ii venit I se ess . 

B 4 

;: ;:I e^ fiienlt Rob Jil Alured .\ fVilt cti<P 

^2i ^ r Z^^^ athachiet' p pig q sint I od oiu 

< 4 astesur qr n lluerut Alan . q pt ad die s' I CUT. Et ?ra pdca capiat' i manu dni 

Av^ ."t dies capcois madet' Justic .1 Alan^ 

-i*:uoneat^ q tiic sit ibi audit'us Jud suiL 

: \' m\T fit Fulcon % Witt dLarwaleia concord 

-v.t J tota tra d Wakeleia c oib} ptift . q*s id 

7 :J damavit \^s^ eud Theobald . p . s% qd 

it Witt q'etu clamavit totii jus suumit clamiu 

>tiu i p^dca tra de se 1 d liedib3 suis eid 

l\.v6ald. 1 6edib5 suis ippetuii .1 cartas q's 

a « VZf Huit d pd5a ?ra reddid pfato Teobaldo . 

\ id feobald 1 A^pheUs uxor eP cP dos ?ra 

:llu ♦: tenebut tra ilia i tota vita sua.T: p^ eoj^ 

vk\*t?ssu redibit rra ilia ad Fulcon fit ^obald. 

\ AUenore uxori sue . 1 si id Fuko . \ Alienor 

liO fcuerut liede :/ pd2a tra redibit ad alios 

ht^les ipi^ Teobald. 

])<:obald Wal? obtut se . iiij. die suo v^s^ PetrU 
t^wind d pi advocacois ec*' d HauZkendun. 
\ ipe Peh^ fi venit I se ess.T: sumo tesl 

'mkX advt>c6 ec* p^dce capiat' i manu dSi.]p^. Et 
vUv^ capcois madet' Justic . 1 Petr^ PlSna 
xiUuoneaf^ q sit i Oci oiu Sco^ ap Westm 
vKxi\ HUi*^ qr fi svavit die s* poitu i cur . 1 
KNi|HKHur^ d capital pi. 

* ^. xyiH^ d Bedelingehope .1 Blakemd S\ Godefr. 

XiiK'diric^ fii Elfeiii venluti q'etu clamaverut 

VuUicpo 1 successorib} suis tota ?ra q*m 

( ;u il Vherigg" tenuit d eis i BeteUgge{K]ope 

^ \(^mw d Rumeneia. 


}Imf. JT WiU. phr d PHistea.'i Bic fr ejus venlunt 1 

dixerunt .tsiclt Will . dxxxt qd advocavit & 
ecla de Witton . Joh fil Widon d Breideston . 
If \ II par advocavit . Galfr fil Pet^ sic p c^tod 
Ade fil Ade d Breideston n p eud ^^ d ec* 
d Boueton. 

Kent. JT Hoies d . wExenet venlut 1 reddidut q*ete diio 

^rc/k) . viij*^. C. ac*s tre cu ptiH i ^Oxonet. q 
ptiuet ad man!iu d Lirmntg .1 posuerut se i 
mia e^ uil fuerut i pt i Cur dni Jt. 

iK*. JT Dies dat^^ t hoib} d Westgate .1 hoib} Gm/ d pi 

CaplYe d HakSton 't d pi Judei.l garcois 
capto^ p falsoria .Id pi q ad eosd||expectat. 
I c^stin Sci Andr ap Westm. 

liifof . jf Dies dat^ t At3bi d Bardenai . 'I fnb3 iSci Lazari . 
d pi advocacois ec*" d i?a[a]fe 1 d \\Heketon 
I Oci Sci Hylarii . ap Westm . 1 oes rec veflut 
pr Joh d Hascebi q* ponedus t p vad 1 
pleg • q*f n ven ad die suiL 

Qmubf. f WiU\\BrwP^ettm.\GodardPfi\Stdhardteriem 
concordati sut d tiij®'. rod tre i Fordahd . p . 
s* . qd id WiU cocessit eid Godardo \ liedib} 
suis tenle i ppetuu d eo It Redib} suis pdcas 
. iij. rodas p sviciu t'u . d . p annu . p oi Svico. 
Salvo foriseco sviSo. 

SMdf. jf WiOs d Westhat pel record . 1 jud suu v>s^ 

Gattfr de Falestorpe d . c. ac*s tre i Westhat 1 
tra ilia capta fuit 1 manu dni Reg . p defcu 
ipius Gaufr . q*a ipe vocavit dfim Rege ad 
waratu 1 veil .1 petiit t^ra ilia . p pleviu . 1 
Ruit ea .1 c debet respSde q^r fi huit waratu 
suu ad die s^ poitu • ipe dixit qd ipe tulat diio 
loqnd cu Arch q^'da b? d dno Rege d ?ra ilia . 1 

A It 

"^* nesciebat q*d Qtinebat' i bii illo. 


f Dies dai^ t eis [i bancoj ad audiend Jud suu 
a die Pasch In fs sepl.spd Westm. 

m. 2. 

Lancast. ^ RogijitGospat^c sufaoit^ fuit ad ||cu . . afesto Set 
Mich l av. dies . ap Westm cora JustiS osten- 
s'us q*r II9 duxit i uxore filia . \ hede WaSi 
Jit Oseb sil assesu.1t licecia Teobald WdSi.di 
c\xf donacoe t:' ut ipe dicit . 1 Teobald veS 1 
obtulit se . iiij. die suo . It Rog! n ven . t se 
ess . 1 sumo test fuit. 
f Jud . Rogi poat' p vad .1 pi . qd sit I Oci omu 

Ibid. JT Teobald Waff optul se . iiij."die suo . 9s^ Mar- 

gareta fil.T: tede fVaff J! Oseb.S pi . qd 
ipa maritavit se Roglo Jit Gospat^c sfl assesu . 
1 licecia ipius Teobald d c^ donacoe ipa t . 
It ipa il vefi . I se es^fl sumo tesl fuit 
jf Margareta poat' p vad n pi . qd sit I Ocl biu 
Sco^ ap Westm • ostensur q*r n §vavit die 
sua . ^ responsur d capital pt. 

Norf\ f Nicot d fVokindtm poit^ loco Pe^ ffl Wfinr.^ 

Ysabet uxoris sue obtul se . iiij. die suo . vsus 
Roglm d Aistre . d Jememuth . d stauramtis . 
T: iplemtis receptis cu rra d Scrotebi . Rop 
il vefi n^ se es§. 
jf Jud Rogi atachiet' p vad . 1 pleg . q sit ap Westm 
t Ocl oium Scof. ostesur^ q^r n svavit die s* 
poitu 1 respos' d capital pi. 

Line. 9i Andr fil Rob d Orblinge . i. rec it fres Sci 

Lazari SI AVb d Bardenai . d adyocoib} eccla^ 

mia. d Hale .1 \\Bekinton posuit se i mia q^ n ven ad 

die suu • 1 q^ 9donatu t ei juramtu . deb3 ^^ 

diio Regi. 1 Hug" d Tkehd.l rec d 


eod simtr posuit se i mia . 1 deb} simitr dim . 
m\ d&o RegL 

fVigorn. jf Sim d Belt Capo pon loco suo Laur clicii suu 
Vs^ AS) ct CormeiUes . d advocacoe ecte d luc*. t pd. 

Bedef*. f Rob fil Etc d Cherditon offert dno Regi . xx. sot 
p ^da boS voliital ej^ . 1 Nkot cXicP d 
\\Gaudigton . xx. sot. Alej:and \\Rtisius xx. sot. 

ibid. JT Wilt fit fTi^oi dim.m*. JT/tofi de HuHn dim. 

m* . p lind simitr bon volutal .^ .ex hoc qd 
fueriit 1 vi cu CanoniS d Newenhd ad asportad 
blad monaco^ d Ward. 

Ebarac. f Cristian q fiiit uxor fFif/fi Borrff po!l loco suo 
Rod Caplt v^s^ iJo^f ^arrff ad aud Jud suu d 
pt dotis sue i Houton. 

Btp. JT Wilts d Riiscap poit^ loco Gunnore d Valuin 

petit . ij. v*gal ?re T \\httlbi ^s^Acelinu dAbige- 
ton S\ \ Lucas de Bercdsted. sic jus 1 heditate 
sua . s . pdce . GU .\ AceUn .1 Luc d Bercdsted 
venJut A petierut ifi visu. 
jf Jud . Hat visu i£l . f Dies dat^ feis a die hme 
paf^ ^ festU Set Luce eut^g^ti.t . iff. sepl . ap 
Westm .1 irim fiat vis^. 

Kent. JT Att) d Boxet veil 1 obtut se . iiij. die suo ^s^ 

Oseb d Logo Capo .1 Avelind uxore sua . d pt 
finis fci i cur.1 d ||capied cyrog^ptl in f5o 
llcapiend 1 ipi n venlut. t se ess.1 ipi fueriit 
poiti p vad .1 pt. 
f Jud.Ponat^ p meliores pleg.1 pleg eo]^ p pt. 
qd ♦ I Oct Sci M^tin . iii resposur. 

EioraZ. JT ^^ ^P^ P^i*^ ^^^ -X*ane q fiiit uxor Willi 
Bardl obtut se . iiij. die suo . vs^ Rod Bardt d 
pt q ret^ t ei d racoabli dote sua i [H'^Eke- 


ton. Et Mad Bardt fi fuit sumoit^ % ipa 
X^ana ft fe§at sec'itate d pseqndo .1 tuc vefi 
ipa 1 fecit sec'itate . d pseqndo. 
jf Considatu t q ipe 22^J^ sumoneat' . q sit i Ostin 
Od Set M^tin ap Westm . in resposur. 

Escx\ jf HurruP mil drti Reg obtul se . iiij. die suo ysus 

F^crrS d P^teswell d pt p^sntacois ec*' d wWrnc- 
Jbrd . Tt ipe p^or S vefi . 1 se ess J\ sumo tesl 
f Jud . Advoco ilia capiat' i manu Pr . "l dies 
capcois madet' Justic . 1 sumoneat' p*or pdcs 
q sit ap Westm i c^stiri Set MHiii . ostesur^ 
q*r ft svavit die suu s* poitii Si resposur^ d 
capital pi. 

Ibid. <r I^ HurruP obtul se . iiij . die suo v'sus WiU fil 

Witt, a pi . xl. ac*]^ ?re . i ipe W^ff 
ii veil 1 se ess . Tt sumo lltesta fiiit. 
jf Jud ?ra capiat' i manu . Pr.Tt dies [capcois] madet' 
Justic et Witt sumoneat' q sit I (fstinu Set 
M^tin . ostesur^ q*r n Svavit die suu .Tt respos 
d capital pi. 

Osdh. f Wi^ Wakema . Tt Witt wGnitf fuerut sumoiti ad 

resp5d Mobto d Lamara d . c . sol d firm 
Oa^on . veSut 1 cSgnovut pdcam firma ei . Tt 
ifl feSut pace ad scaccariu .1 ad reddend ilia 
l Oel Sci M^tird ap Westm. 

Esex\ f Hubjil Hub ivenit pi standi recto . Joh fil Godejr. 


Sudsex\ JT Epc Cieestr St Rob d Viliers gcordati sut d pi 
Pre i Triferd v& pi fuit ir eos i cur dfii Reg . 
sclt q id Rob dedit ecle see Tnitaiis Cieestr i 
ppelm . libe Tt q^ete . v. ac^^s tre . u'^ pdca villa 
d lyerd 1 libam elemos • p . s^ . q q^cq^d p 
sac*mentu xij. legaliu milil d ipo visn f&t 


iq'situ q ptines ffiit d pdSa tra uH pt fuit ir 
eos ad pdcam ectam . remaneb pdce ec*^ 
q»etu A q^cq^d n ptins f 8it f d pdJSa ?ra ^ in 
ad ectiam iUa p eo^ sac^mtu iltd remanebit 
q*etu pd5o Rob Tt hedib} suis. 

ff Dies dat^ f eis ad capied cyrog^li suu I Oci 
Set Hylarii ap Westm. 

jf Epc poii loco suo Thorn d Ferig^. 

jf Rob poii loco suo Rob d Stanton ad capied 
Cyrog^b ifi. 

&4r- JT Dapif honoris d jEiflf petit cur Eie d loqla q t 

iV Matilt d Aubvilt. Tt nepotes suos d rris . q 
snt d honore d jEia ad bora ^ riniL 

Sirf, jf Hauisa d Walton petens . et Wilt Agwillun . \ 

Sarra uxor ejus tenentes gcordati siit . d tra 
q fuit Alured d BendeviU. p . s*. qd id WiU.\ 
Sarra uxor sua 9cesseriit f^dce Hauise 1 
bedib3 suis mafliii de llJPwe/ cii ptin . libam.1 
q'et . bnd . Tt tenend i ppetuu d capitat diio .Tt 
p^ decessu ^dco^ Wilt.^ Sarr. ^dcs, Hauisa 
1 bedes sui babebut . ^ tenebt maSiu d 
Bekeswud cii ptifl ippetuii Tt p bac concord 
pdJfi Witt.\Sarr dedunt p>dce Hawi . xlv . 
m. argnL 

(m. 8« dors*) 

A festo $ci Mich i . i. ATsem. 

Vorf' JT «^^^ ext^ePA Nich d WesSh veflut Tt testati sut 

siimonicoem q* feciit Wiceco Capett d q*r. 
XX** . m . q*s dfls Rex Tt Justic ej^ llexigit 
ab eo. 

Kau. JT Rod d Sco ^Leodegart . Galfr d Sunderhesse . 

Wilt d Sir^on . Rob d Campain . iiij . milil . 
d xij^ . militib} q^ iq^sierut sup sac^mtu eo^ 








ton. Et Bad Bard! 
X^ana n fecat sec''itat« 
ipa Tt fecit sec'itate . (i 
f Considatu t q ipe Bad 
Ocl Set M^tin ap W 

f HurruP mil dni Reg • 
P^or? d P^teswell ( 
^^(f . Tt ipe p*or fi 

jf Jud . Advoco ilia 
capcois madet' J 
q sit ap Westiii 
q*r fi svavit di 
capital pi. 

. ut^^m lljHfomr d 

obiit d mamo d 

^'i/i d Comhitt fiiit 

ir d ComhUt obiit. 

. 1 Albree sorori sue d 
;jr ap Westm.lhnt 

.Vo^ poito [loco] fsuo 
- . 1 J^e^ d Aldra . \ 
recc d morte aficess . d .v. 
n a tc/fl^o /)fl5ce i . to- 

. Jebeat 9cessu Bob petetis . 


If Id HurruP ohV 

Witt, a pi . X. -• v's^ ?r«/f d Ar^nto tota 
n ven 1 se c- ^ Witt vefi \ dixit. q t if^ 

JT Jud ?ra capiat :ute placitadi. 

-ojt 1? IT/?/? dEuereus .1 fres 

^ dJj. lURTch reddit^.i WRenes- 

-% dJli CanI p liras suas directas . 

T; recc n vefliit . n* . v . 1 

Justic et /, 
d capital f J 

r WiltWolr ' 
respuil'^isS se p U off Jit Wati. H 
in fc&ut -^^sif ess se p Hug" Jil Elie. 

I Ocl m 

% Hubjiin ^^ ^^ip moltdinar \ Sibitt uxore 
^^' ^?^ rre 1 Esilee . "i iij. Mesuag . 1 

jf Epc p iin^c sic jus suu qd ei desce- 

ITR" 1 . ^^H'mulard avo suo . "l W7ff Sahage 
Bcl "* 4 rt5it fit p'mog , Bob p>dci . T: Cecit 
pji ^«wej^ silt d tit ptaogefi.nt Witt, 

/f ^ : ^^r dut . q tvut ptes rras i JBn^^ 



\ ■• )ii loco suo Wiff vim suu ad luc^nct t pd. 
\ isu. (f Dies dat^ f eis a festo Sci M^tin . 
- a . <//^5.1 itim fiat visus. 

^* Ficot poa loco suo Alan d Fulgers . 1 
< iaufr d Rokeswrd Ps^ Petrum d Beche d 
l>\.i.di\\MildeUon2Ld lu.t ad pd. 

^^art d Sumii pofl loco suo PetrU BIMU ^s^ 

clam Rege d JudiSo suo d tris d Patesden . 

nt Ablgewerd q fuerut c^da | Jo li sui . sictt 

Will Punferer q eas forefec p felonia ufl id 

Rad pmisit . x. m*. p !ind Jud- 

^' 5\ Holes d Kingeston tasseriit dno Reg . C. sot p 
^nd res^cu tenedi villa sua i manu sua. us% 
ad advetii dfii Reg . 1 ipi offeriit . xxx. m. p 
bnd carta dfii Reg tenedi villa illa.p eade 
firiK • q^ iil redde solebat tempe . H. Reg • 
1 ufi carta ipi^. ft . liueriit . q gbusta f p 
ifortuniii . 1 ne vi2 itim manu eis iii apponat. 

loqn*. f ^^ ^ Cropi oifert . iij. m*. p fend br d recto d 
\fjrt feod i. milit. d feod d ^MorStoh 

BuciiM* jT ^^* ^ AnketU cepit i man face escabiu Joh fit 
Hug" d dim v'gal ?re i Harewemede . %• waiu- 
tizav ei cora Justic. 

., f Hegii sut. II rri/f^. 'I Gaujr.\ Gittd filio]^ Pe/i ^ 

MeWng" tindi eos ad i*tu . si q*s 9s^ eos 
loq* vol8it d morte Judo]^ Cokcestr. 
f Pe/r^ pr eo]^.1 Jif tf Coketfeld \ Rob dHulm. 
ITveP d Geddmg". Rob d ^ATgSdun . Gaufr d 
Nefford.ld plegiavunt p eod recto j\Badewin 
d wTicteldeii et Witt €1 Ric d Bruton. 

t I jf Emm uxor Robd^Dunvitt pon loco suo Rob 

jlC I ^*^^^^ vir suu vs^ Rob d Neavitt "l Matitt uxore ej^ 


a pt . r . ad luc* .1 ad f.1 die dnica |wr« an 
festu oiu sco^ fl obtulit se 9s^ end Rod d 
eod pt. 

Stif9. ff Wilts le Franceis remittit appttm suu 9s^ Rog^ 

le Frdceis d pace Pr. fracl ^ i ^ posuit 

mla. se i mia. 

Su4f\ (f Pett^ a WMenading'.'i Add d Cokefeld. Rob d 

Htdm.% H*v^ d Gedding^. missi p cur Sci 
Edmudi dfit.qd Rob Jit Rod q* aptt Nicot 
Jit Hv^. a pt « Pr . fracl . nuq*m fuit appttat^ 
i Cur set JEdmMdi d pace Pr . n*^ p ordiem 
cticat^ ifi defedebat se. 

Dorset. jf Wilts d Monte Acuto obtulit se q*rto die suo 

loqR. 9su8 Wilt Com d Vemone . d pt ||. xxviii. K. 

catalt.1 ipe ii veS t se ess. 

f Et dat^fuit dies ei p ess suos . s . Rod MaskereJt 

\ Ric d Lahee . a Jesto sci Mich . i tres sepL 

Et Siin \fit Roges fuit pleg ess pdcoj^. 

jf Com ponat' p vad 1 pleg qd sit a festo sci 
Martini . t tres sepl . ostesur^ qr * ^ vavit die 
suu ."l Sim ^t Roges sumoneat' qd tuc sit ibi 
ostesur^ qr fi liuit ad die pdcm . q®s pleg. 

m.s. D*nica arC festu oHum S*c^of apd Westm*. 

Sujr\ JT Pleg Wim ^ Galjr 1 Gilbti filio^ Pet^ de MeU 

Un^ Ijhni eos ad rectii si q*s 9sus eos loq^ 
voluerit . de morte Judo^ de Colecestre . Add 
de Kokefeld.\Rub de Hulmo ITevi^de TisteU 
den ITeouP de Geddin^. Rob de ^Mtmegedeii. 
Galfr de Nereweford. 

f Id plegiav^ut f de ^ p eod recto . Baldetvin de 
Tisteldeii .1 Wittm & Ric de Brumtoh. 


JT Et Wilts m Bic inven pt de eod . WiUm Jit 
Fulkon.'i Wiltm de \\KoleviUe .\ \\Ivion de 

Oxm. JT JEma uxor Rob de ||0m^7? optul se v'sus Rob de 

Novavilt ^ de ^ '^; MatiUid uxore ej^ de plac 
tre . die dnica pa^ an .festu omiu scoif, . 1 1c 
posuit Pdcm Rob vim suu loco suo v^sus eosd 
ad luc* vl pd. de eod plac. 

Smf. JT Wilts le Franceis remittit appltm suu q fecat 

vsus Rog^ le Frdceis [d plac pac ifracte] \ 
mia. posu se in mia diii ^r. 

S|f . f " ** PetT^ de wMenudinges .Tt Add de 

Cohfeia. ^ Rob del Hulm ^ \\irevi(^ de Ged^ 
ding* diit p c'ia sci Edmund q Rob Jit Rad 
q* appBat Nicotm Jit Hug^ de pace diii Reg 
fiq* fu apttat^ i c'^ia sci Edmund de pace 
Reg n*^ p ordine clicat^ in defendebat se. 

Donct. f Witts de Mote Acuto optut se . iiij^. die 9sus 
Com Wittm de Vemu de plac llxviij. lib catalt. 
\ Com Witt ft ven . vl se ess . \ t^ dies dat^ 

f u ei p ess suos . s . p Rad Masker 1 

Ric de Heia . a festo Sci Mich in t^s sept . 1 
Simd \\de Roges plegi^ fu ess . illoj. 

f Jud Com Witt " ponat' p vad 1 pt . q sit ap Westin 
" a festo sci Marl in t^s sept . ostensur^ qr 
** ft ven ad die s* pSitii p ess suu Tt Sim Jit 
" Roges sumSeat' q sit ad eud tminu apd 
" Westin resposur^ qr ft liuit q yplegiav ad 
" die suu.*' 

WUt. IT Ric Crass^ Tt Wahvein Jit Angod optulert se 

iiij. die v^sus Wittm Waleran 1 Watitn Jit 

Phitipp Capellan de plac recogn de morte 

aiicess .1 ipi n venlut vl se ess S\ fuert petentes. 

Rot. Cur. Reg. c 

. :'JliUE REGIS. 

^. rakoein eat sfi die Si alii liant 
i..^ av i'lij !lre debet . 1 rec eat sS 

poll* loco suo.Gri/S c/!fc3 v^ua 
Je plac Vre in vigit omiu scof 
»1 ;?il - 1 dc plac iifi ipe Rod q'r qd 
ay^e eu f^hit in plac in wapentac. 

Sarr pnit^ loco Abft de iS^fe^i Vsus 
Ehof de plac cauUIojj . s . de . C lib. 

^^ ^."^ ivit sii die , q^ Archps dissaisit^ 

^1^^ ciK3 t ra sua, 

^^ « ^£f/6A' pon loco siio Rob de Scales 
^^ miiJ?s\is JViUm de Hlchend Tt ^Cris- 
^^ \^\\Margarcta'} uxore ej^ de plac rre in 
a*- . aJ luc vl pdend. 

Jte. j»t^ f Rob de JVailington . Tt Wdl^o de 
iftn/rrfe - poito loco /^^/J. ^'X Margar mm 
^^ . ud Tiiulu cirog'jjti suu in Octab set 
Mfri apd Westiii . )T Roi* poil loco sue Joh 
. . . , , atl cirog'pTi suii recipiend ^ in 
Wlr^4fd ^ri Martin apt! Westm ^ .Tt n' Ic venlit 
««^( . p q amittit in 

de la Mare . pon Rad de Harden vir ^ 
lycosiUO-TTsus Canonic dc Hagemot de plac 
(re, ad luC^.vl pJ. 

I 1^ * vc , re . Si Silves? avuncts Alw uxoris Ivoii 
4t Keneton . fii saisit^ die q* obiit in dSico 
irt de feodo suo de tcia pte feod . i. milil . in 
ikbk'l^(t 1 in Kencion . \ in WEgeld \ si 
ipbiit \\^ pnia corofi . //. l{eg piis .1 si Alic 




ppinqW hes ej^ t . q* pte MartirP de \\BeUo 
Fago St Gila uxor ej^ tenet 
or Ju? dnt . qd Sijoesf ita obiit in saisit^.l q AUc 
f ppinq*or lires ej^ iil. 
Jud . AUc hat saisina sua in. 

Wddebex". jf Ass ve . re . si Rod pr Godefr f u saisit^ in 
diiico suo ut de feodo suo die q* obiit de 
service illi^ virgate Pre q Godefr Hakhild 
ten3 i Tokini.1 si obiit p^ p*ma coroil H. 
Reg pns . 1 si id Godefr ppinqW hes ej^ 

sit . q serviciu Rog^ de Piston 

jf Hrtt lie 9Cord .\ Rog^ ve .Tt || pnov saisina \Ra^ 
piis ipi^ Godefr. 

IM. jf Johs Piket . ven 1 advocav Al^m ^ pventii 

^ de Westm de ecctia de Dodington . q ipe 
debet ea tenle de At^e ^ pventu . p annuale 

Midelsaf. (T Ass . ve . re • si Htigl^ fit Lefberd avuncts Sabin . 
f u saisit^ in dftico ut de feodo die q* obiit . 
de t'b} ac*s rre c ptiil in parocti 5a Andr 
eaf' Holeb^ne. Et si obiit p^ p*ma Corofl .H. 
Reg pns S\ si ead Sabin^ ppitiq'or hes ej^ sit 
q» tra Matilt de Sco WClemte tenet Et ipa 
Matilt veil 'I dix q ass il deb} iil fieri . q^ ipa 
£1 ten} tra ilia n^ ^ ad firma ^ [in custodia] d 
llqda Emma . \ MatilUde . ^ in vocat eas ad 
jf Jud . Matitt hzt warantu sua a festo set Martin 
in XV. dies . apd Westm . 1 pceptu f rec . 
q tc sit ♦ 

Lmc. f Joti de ^Norton pofi loco suo Petr de Ho clicu 

de plac debiti vsus Thorn fit ad luc* 

vl pdend. 

c 2 


In cTdstirC OnCium S'c^of. 

Bedef\ JT Loqla in? Regih de Hatidai .'I Gilbl de \\ Wauun^ 
den de pt aptti f poita sH die.1 intim lint 
lie gcord, 

ffkssf. ir Odo de \\Kamo . pofl Wiltm fit suii loco suo 
v'sus Galfr de WChatisi de plac Vre de WBole- 
ford ad luc* ♦ vl pd. 

* Bedef.L JT Prior de Pritewelt petiit p plev*m . m crastin 
Essex\ omiu scof eccliam de Wicford q capta fii in 

maS dili Pr . p ej^ defectu. 

Sitff". fi Simd de PerepxU poit^ loco Joh Ex^nei petiit 

v'sus Rod de Plaiz . tra de Bemhd c ej^ 
ptinenc q^ id Rad ten} tenenda de eod Rod ad 
warati[zand Monacfii d Tieford.'] sic jus suii 
q ei descend ex pte Begin le Brtm avuncli 
JoMs Ex^ei pris ipi^ Joh .1 ut ilia q* Hug* de 
Plaiz* dedit c Helewisa fil sua in mat*moniu 
Bad Jit hlewinSt p^ illii tenu ea Begin le 
Brun fit p^dci Bad Jit \\Helewise . q» id Bad 
le Brun dedit Ipe • H Reg pris dfli Reg in 
elemosina Ecctie 1 Monach de Titford . Et 
Bad de Plaiz ven SI dix q H tenet ea in dnico . 
set Bad le Neveu tenet de eo . 1 S lit in ?ra 
ilia n* ^viciu tre illi^.1 Bad Nepos dix qd 

[teii tra ||illa] ii vult ifl respode sfi 

diii Reg vl Justic . n* gsidacoe c'ie. 
f Considatii t . q Johs qrat bre vsus eund Bad 
.... si voluerit. 

Os(m. f MatiU uxor Walfi fil Bobti petiit . vsus Cecilid 

uxore Bad ft Wigain . Tt Wittm de . . . . senes- 
call ipi^ Bad . poitos loco ipi^ Bad ad luc* vl 
pdend . Maniiii de Swere/brd ut dote sua qd 


Henr de Oilli vir ej^ ei dedit in dote c aliis 
fris die q* ea despdsav \ uH id Henr fu 
saisit^ die q* ea despdsav ut de jure suo.Tt 
in pdux Henr de OilU fil pdci Henr 1 
hede suii ut warantu suu de dote sua . q* illd 
ei warantizav ut de jure ^ heditate sua . Tt si 
illi velint pt^diSe q*n Manliu iltd de Swereford 
a fuerit jus T; heditas illi^ 1 qd par suus . 
Henr n fuit in seisit^ die q* pdcam MatiUid 
desponsav offert pbare vsus eos . p Roglmjit 
Mthn . vl p Roglm de Teie .\\ p fF. . . . . 
. • . nel.q^ ti offut pbare vsus eos . p corp^ 
suu put c^a Qsidav'it . Cecil . Tt Witt ven Tt 
defendut jus \^^ Henr Tt dix?ut qd Henr de 
OiUi n fu saisit^ de rra ilia die q* Matitt 
desposavit.l dix?ut qd nuq* dedit Era illailfa- 
tilUd in dote n® dare potii . \ dixjut qd Ipre 
Pr H. Galfr Luvet .\ Rogl de Caustoii appltati 
fuerut de pdicoe dfii Reg . \ die qd rra ilia 
cecidit ut escaeta in man dili . Pr . 1 Dns 
Rex avus dedit rra ilia Wigaih marescalt 
suo Tt hedib} suis . "X ifi ptut carta diii Reg 
avi . in q* continet' qd ipe dedit ei tpta 
(m.s.dor«.) fra Galfr Luvet 1 Rog^i de Causton 1 tie- 

dib} suis post eu in feod \ tiditate sic ea 
huit in manu Tt diiio suo die q* mare t*nsiv 
veniendo in Norin . in illo anil q® nat^ fii 
nepos suus Henr fit MatilUd Imperat^cis . \ 
sup hac carta n fvult in respode n' c'ia psida- 
vit !\ si responde debeat ponut se sup magna 
ass .1 dix?ut qSHenrdeOiUi iiq* fu ifl saisit^ 
die q* MatiUid desposav.n^ umq* aliq® Ipe 
pa5.1 de h ponut se sup magna ass. Henr 
dix qd Henr de OilU pr ej^ fii in saisit^ die 
q^ MatilUdS desp5sav "l q ea dedit MatiUid 
c 3 


in dote .1 sup h' ||qd . H. pr ej^ eet saisit^ de 
pdca rra die q* ea desposav ut de jure Tt de 
feodo suo pdux secta su£Sciente q toffert 
pbare q vidunt ipm . H. ifl saisitii die q* 
MatilUdS desp5say capiendo in expleta ad 
Valencia . v. 8ot. vl plus S\ in offert poSe se 
sup ass. 

jf psidatii t q Matitt hat bre ad rec utr . Hern^ 
de Oiili fuit saiSit^ die q* desposav ea vl n. 

f Dies dat^ t eis a die Set Marl . I viij. dies ♦ 1 
Matin pon loco suo WaliVvt suiL 

E$sex\ cr Prior de Canl poil loco suo Alej:^ Monac suii 
vl Godefr de la Dene. y^sus WiUm de Suth" 
chche . de plac pvencois ad luc*. vl pd. 

Kct. fi MatiU q f u ux Rad Coc . veSk in c'ia 1 ggnov 

Roglo de Wymedale . i. f v^gata^ [carucata] 
tre in Midelton q* ipa tenebat ee jus \ liedi- 
tate ipi^ Ro^i "t illi 1 hedib} suis ea q*eta 

mil. if [" Witts Jil Etie poit^ loco "] Emme de Pi petit 

vsus WiUm Basset . feod . i. milil in Corfton . 
c ptiil . \ feod . i. milil in Acleia c ptin . 
ut jus It heditate ipi^ [Erne'] q ei descend 
ex pte Luvet de Brat avi sui q* rra ilia 
tenu tpe- Reg H. avi . \ post eu Fulko fil 
Luvet pr suus q* ea huit It tenu tpre Reg . 
H. pris ut jus "It tieditate sua . capiendo in 
expleta ad Valencia • v. sot. vl plus .\ Yi offeft 
pbare v'sus eu p Rad Jit Stephi q* hoc offert 
pbare vsus eu ut de visu pris sui p corp^ 
suu sic c'ia psidav^it. Wills vefi It die q ht 
pla feoda in [mafliis ill •] 1 petit visii si hre 
debeat . Emma die q fi deb3 lire visii % petit 


totu qd ipe ht in ma^s ifi.t % Qsidatu t 
q ma n deb3 lire visu ^ veS Willi defendit 
jus 1 heditate ifSi^ Emme .1 visu [pris] Rod 
ffl Stephi . p Johem de Frith . q* hoc offert 
defende p corp^ suu 9aidacoe c'ie • Wills Jit 
EUe die q inj^te defendit % sut de . i. stipite .It 
ita qd ipa Emma f de p^mogenito fre Si ad iltd 
recognoscend offert dfio Reg . xx. m. Wilts 
Basset n defend q ii sit de . i. stipite . S3 die 
q rra ilia ft descend ei ex pte ilia uii siit 
de [.i.] st^ite . % Rex . H. avus dedit tra 
ilia Osmund Basset t auvo suo . p 9vico suo 
(^ ea feuit 1 tenCi . 1 p^ illu Johannes Basset 
pr suus 1 ille p^ ipm ea lit 1 ten} ut 
jus suu 1 Wilts fit Elie.f die q ?ra Ula 
descend . ex pte ilia unde ^ [defend q Rex . 
H. il dedit Osmundo Basset tra ilia . set q 

«« ** Ltwet dedit tra ilia Basil uxori ej^ in dote , 

1 p^ morte Ltcvet Osmund^ Basset cep BasiUd 

•« ^* in uxore 1 s^ p ea liuit intuitu in ?ra ilia . 1 

" •* sic descend ?ra ilia ex pte ilia uh sut de uno 

cc _^^^ n stipite . 'I ad 6 reconoscend • offert dflo Reg 

t^nta marc.] 

S^\ ff Martin^ Prior de Tieford.lJohsExt^neus pcord 

sut de . i. carucata rre c ptiii in Bemehd 
q* pdcs P*or clamav vsus ipra Joh . p s*^. q pd& 
Prior q'etu clamav in ppetuu de se.\ suc- 
cessorib} suis pfato Johi \ hedib} suis . totu 
4 ius \ clarau suu q liuit in pdca tra. Et p 
h* q*eta clamacia Joh dedit . Priori It pven- 
4, tui de Titford.xx. solidatas Pre in Totinl. 
^•^ «^s • In Westlestede . xxi. ac^ ?re . 1 in Longa 
fra . ij, ac^ .1 in Jote . i. ac*m SI dim .1 p^tea 
9Cessit eis.t^s nativos suos q^' liuit in ead 
villa 5 eof teneffi 1 ^viciis . s . AilfmU de 
c 4 





Totinton .\ WImiu d Totinton . 1 Hug' de 
Totinl. Tenebit itaqt pdcs Prior tota pdcam 
tra \ pdcos hoies libe \ q*ete \ pacifice 
de pdco Johe Tt hedib} suis in ppetuu 
q^eta ab oi svicoT: exaccoe salvo forinseco 
§vicio diii . Pr« £t p h* gcord pfat^ For dedit 
pdco Johi . C. sot. Ita til q si pdcs t/bfe 
p^dcam ?ra adq*r?e poftt ea pdcis Priori 1 
Qventui plenarie . restituet . \ Prior \ gveni? 
resignabut pdco JoM pdcas xx^L solidatas tre 
in Totinton . q^tas *l absolutas . 1 p^rea dabut 
Ic pd5o Johi . c. sot. 

NcirAtf^. a Dies dat^ t Priori de Luffeld .\ Witto ft Sic 
de Kainnes ad cirog*pli suu recipiend de viij. 
sot veAi^i^ . a festo set Marl in xv.dies apd 

Norkdt. f Dies dat^ t Ric Basset . \ WiUo de Costenfi . 1 
Galfr Danzel. de plac ass de morte aiicess . p 
Epm Lond . in Octab Sci Hilarii . apd Westm . 
pee peiu . \ intim lint lie geord . \ n* f^t 
geord Ic sumoneat' ass. 

Norf\ f Thorn de Arden \ Rad jil Rob poil loco sue 

Magr Wilt de \\ Lectori v'sus Wilt de AuboiU 
T; Matilt uxore ej^ ad luc* vl pd • de prticoe 
heditatis Rann dejjlarwilt. 

Norhdt. JT Andr Afeb de Burgo « . Hug^ de WcSviU petens 
senescalt atd:)ie de Burgo ut jus suu.pcord 
sut p s*^ salvo jure ipi^ Hug^ p^ morte p^dci 
AS)is . qd p^dcs Ateb dedit ipi Hu^ xij. 
marc arg . q^ Hug' i resp^tii posuit f^dco Alfli 
q^* [diu] ipe Att) vixlit pfata senescalda. 

Ox6n. (T Dies dat^ fu Alex" Arsic . 1 Wilto de Clinton 

de pla5 magne ass . de feod . i. milil in Ger- 


sini a festo set Mich in 3cv. dies . \ p^ceptii f u 
q ass \c venisset . \ ad illu die ven Wilts . \ 
exp^tav usq^ in c^stin festivitatis aSa^ . I Alea^ 
a ven . vl se ess SI io psidatu f qd Wilts eat 
sii die ."XAlea^ q^ petes t Rat tale recupaSone 
q*le hre tbebet. 

•••• JT Simo de Bibbrford .\ Ric Jit Witt Jit Gvid. 
plegiav^ut Godrfr Jit Ric 1 Rod frem ej^. 
captos apd Lond . p Henr de Ribrford . hSi 
eos recto . p dilm Cani. 

Canubf. JT Simon Jit \\Eue . pofi loco suo Sim de Insula 9sus 
Rogi Jit Rob . \ Jocelin de (/ib} Scis de plac 
?re • ad audiend record I jud . suu Si ad luc*. 
vl pd. 

••• ff Agnel de Amundevitt petiit p plevina die ven 
p^ ^ JestU omiu sco}^ rra sua in Skedingeton 
q capta fu in mail dili Reg p ej^ defectu vsus 
Pef^nitt q f u ux Thorn . de \\Harimes .\ ead 
Agn pofi loco suo Ric le Norreis ad luc*. 
vl pd. 

Mid. JT Rogi de Huntingrfeld optut se die ven |w* j^ 

festU omiu sco^ vsus Andr de HodeUngton de 
pi c^da cirog^fe, 

•*• f Lemr? de Espania optut se vsus Rod de 
P^tett eod • die. 

••• jT Dies dat^fPef de Hokinges .\ Wc^o de Pet^ 
Pdte d plac catalt in Octab Sci Hilar • apd 
Westm .\ intim hnt 115 gcord. 

Norf\ jT AS) d Sco Edmund petiit v'sus Witt de Hunt- 

ingjeld.1 Isabel uxore ej^ ?ra de WenUnges. 
sic mbr ptines ad maSiu de Rungeton . sic jus 
1 libam elem . ecctie Sci Edm • 1 un ead eccCa 



• •• 


seisita f u ut de li16a ele&i Ipe . H. Reg pns 
Matiltid impat^c . ^ eo die quo pdcs . H. Rex 
obiit . capiend iii expleta ad Valencia, v. sot. 
in rris . \ pHis . \ redditib} vl pis . 1 in ptul 
secta sufficiente \ iltd ei phib} . % uB ances- 
sores ipi^ Isabel tpe gwerre p^occupaviit 
pdcam tra.l ipa adhuc ea eis deforciat.T: 
fVilts 1 Isabel ven!ut 1 dix?ut qd hnt pies 
rras . in ead villa de ptib} dfiis . 1 peciert in 
visu.f Rant visu. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis a festo sci Martin in to. dies . 1 
inrim fiat visus. 

f Dies dB,1?fSim$i de SoUers . \ JVaffo de Soliers. 
de plaS tre . ad audiend jud suii in Octab Set 
Hilar . apd Westm. 

f Dies dat^t fK WdSo de Niwehos.t Ade de 
Selbi de plac Pre . in Ocl . Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

*** JT WiU de Huntigfeld % IsabeU uxor ej^ ponut 
loco suo Rob de Alebi rsus Itic de Lecheshd . 
de plac rec • de morte a&cess . ad luc* vl pd. 

Cnbf. if Add de Cardoil optut se . iiij, die vsus Ric 

JitRic wTruet de plac duoji mesuag in Cardoil. 

\ Ric n ve. vl se ess . \ dies f u ei dat^ in 


jf Jud Add eat sil die t Ric Rat tale recupacone 

qMe tre deb}. 

Wilt* jT Considatu est qd assisa capiaf.^ qd recognoscat' 

utrii ?ra ilia [d ^Corf'ton.^ de AkleiaJ] descen- 
dat Emme de || A' ex pte Ltwet de Brai . 1 
Fulkon pris ipi^ Emme [ut jus suuj 1 si 
Osmund Basset Ruisset aliii introitu in tra 
ilia q* p Basileam . q fix uxor ipi^ Liwet. 
Dies dat^ * in crastin Sci Hilar apd Westm. 



(M. 4.) Plad apd Westm'. a festo s'cH Mich' in v. sepf . 

de Itin?e Justid. 

N(^idi. fi Dies dat^ f Ric de Clendon petenti • \ Robto de 
Stanton poito loco Bic Jit WiUi p ipm Etc 
q^ se essoniavat de piat leoti.a die bin paf^ 
an Jestm sci Marl in fo. dies apd Westm. 
£t notad qd ide Ro6 ggnov cora Justic q • iiij. 
milil q* vidut inorB ipi^ Bic gsidariit qd fi 
fu languid^^l q posudtei die ad diSven pjfm 
fp Jestu omiU ^oji • .I q ipe Ric cotSl milil 
posu eii loco 9uo ad luc* vl pd . n^ ille ad 
?ude die intee posset t fVills Trussel . 1 
RicbewarS de Hem&gekia , duo missi ad ipm 
vidend vepliitii iltd eid R(^ phibuert.l Thorn 
de Suhegtone • i. visoj^ ess • se • p Philipp Gibun . 
t Philipp de WolFne . i .yisof . n ven • vl se ess. 

nrit f Dies dat^f AtSbi de Grencestt^l Ric de Clendon 

fcia die postfestu sci Andr ad satisfaciend ipi 
A^ de xvi. sotdal reddit^ ufi fine fee c eo 
in c'ia dfii Pr.apd Ozon.1 n* Ic fe&t sit 
in octab sH Andr afkl Westm oslnsur^ qr fi 
fe&t . 1 AlSi pofi loco suo fMagrr WiUm 
cticu suu. 

Qro5. f Hug* II Torel . t Rod de HeriS . sumoitores venlut 

1 dix/ut qd sumonuert Regin Basset qd eet 
com JustiS apd Westm ^ iUe ven ^ [a festo 
sci Mich] in .v.sep \ qd hret Ic ibi WiUm . 
\ Henf Jit Bernard. q% Wib^ga q fii uxor 
Pefi de SwaleuecUve . BpHs^y de morte Pet^ 
viri sui . t qd sitr Ic hret ibi Alan de KemU- 
worthe q* rectat^ t de receptacoe malefcoj^. 

HWrfflffff JT I^ld de Henr de Hermentiers . 1 h5ib3 suis . 
1 de Wiffo de Leic . de plac applti de pace 


Reg infracta.f in resp*tu usq in octab sci 
Hilar p>ce pciu. 

Berkesir. JT Hnr Blundus de Btistlesham pelns Et ToU \ 
Gvnnild uxor sua tenetes c5cordati sut de . 
una virgata rre c omib} ptiii i Bustleshd qua 
Cristiana mar p^dci fl'nf tenuit i Bustleshd . 
ufi pT fuit inr eos i Cur dni Reg.p sic q 
pdict^ ITnr reddidit It quiel clamavit tol 
jus 1 clamiu q Ruit i p^fata virgata tre tenen- 
dam de se It Redib} suis p^dco Toli 1 Gun- 
nild uxori sue It Redib} suis ippetuii libam 
\ q^etam ab omi svico p octo sot It octo den 
annuati iii reddiidos p duos tminos anni. 
scilicet quatuor sot ^ quatuor deil ad festu 
sci MicR . \ quatuor sot It quatuor defi ad 
festu sancte Marie i Marl 1 p he quieta 
clamacone 1 concordia pdcs ToU \ GunUd 
uxor sua dedunt pdco Hnr duas Marc 

Wm. ^ C^^^^ ^^^'^ Osdl0\WindeIiriebge.sfc^ti^ 

festo Sci Martin in av. dies . adee apd Westm . 
p tota villa ad audiend jud suu. 

Die d^nica pof jp festu onCiu s^c^o^ apd 

Wigor. ir Dies dat^ t Os&to Streche . It Rob Streche . S 
plac rre.1 §jantie.a die Pasch in fs sepl . 
\ inrim 6nt lie 9Cord. 

Ibid. if ^^^ ^ Biseleia . 1 Ric de Grimesleia . Godefr de 

Alsiestoh . Simd de WNotton . missi ad vidend 
utr infirmitas q* Margar uxor David de 
Pecesleia ess . se . vsus Wiltm IbniensS . 1 AUc 
uxore ej^. de [plac] porcois sue in Pechesleia 



dfit qd languor f . 1 q posuert ei die a festo 
Set Mich in xv. dies anK Regii Reg Etc v^. 
usq in . i. anfi ^ . i. die apd t'rim Lend . ut 
q Ic veniret vl p se sufficients mitteret re- 
jf Considatu t qd Mar gar n vefi sufficient % Dd. 
vir ej^ fi vefi se5 \ q nltm e ess • q ipe se ess . 
iij. die p^ plac . idq AUc ^at porcone sua d 
?ra d Peehesleia. 

Bouland. f Henr fit WalSi . "i Hug" Jit Bured \ Rad ^ ej^. 
optuler se.iiij. die vsus Wiltm de Clapton. 
de plaS apHi de pace d&i Reg infracta [u£l 
id Wilts eos appttav] 1 ipe fi veK vl se ess .1 
dies f u ei dat^ cora Justic apd NorhaL 
f Jud Henr 1 Hug" .\ Rod eat q*eti \ Wilts in 
ml*. mia . 1 pleg ej^. s . Godefr de Bretton . 1 Sa- 

laedin de Huringeha. 

Norkdt. f Dies dat^ t JoKi Diacon . apttato de trap p 
MilesSt * a festo sciMarl t xo . dies . ap Westm . 
t notadu q ipe expectav • iiij. die suu • \ ipa 
MilesSt K vefi . vl se ess. 

Line. ff Wilts de Ros appltav Add de Tid qd ipe minat^ 

f u ei ,1 q p eu t ex ej^ missioe gbuste fuert 
dom^ Ric pns sui [1 arma illoj^ asportata 1 
hoies infra domos inrfecti . s .Rad . p^poitu t 
Godtff Diacon . 1 qda femia Leues^ t qd 
malefactores illi q^ h, fcm feSiit ven!ut de 
dome sua ad illd fcm faciend .^ ad ej^ dofn 
rediert^ Yi offert pbare vsus eu gsidacoe c'ie. 
[p corp^ suu.] t inveK pleg de pseqdo apptto 
suo • scit} Ric prem suiL 
JT Add vefi \ defend totu de^v^o in \?bu put c'ia 
9sidavit . desic f apeltat^ de alio apello. 


Seford. f Dies datP f jRo8 Dema$ . t Magro JoU Oemgt 1 
Galfr de Cellar p5itis loco A» de Gloe^ . de 
plac psentacois ecctie de Kern t Capellarie 
de t<ie Demos . In crastin Octab $ci HUar^ 

•♦• f Dies dat^fjBofi de^Aiwers. \Agnd\aoxiRo^i 
Gici \ Sim fil plac ?re • a die Pasch 
in TO. dies. 

Dorset* f Rogl Wa^pail petit v'sus JBoJ? de Hinetoh . i. 
hida ?re in Deoerel a* Claricia mat ipi^ Rogli 
de Hinel clamabat vsus eu in c'ia dKi Reg 
1 ea ei q*etu clamav p fine fcm in? eos in 
c'ia dfii Reg . p . v. marc q*s ipe Ro^s de 
Waspail dedit ipi Claric . % ifi ptul cirog^phm 
in? illos fcm q iBd ide phibet. Rogi veS 1 
die q alias tras habt in ead villa 1 petiit visu 
illi^ hide " f Qsidatii t q il deb3 fieri visas 
« q^ finis fcs fuit i^r 

••• jT Ad de Burgo pofi loco suo Gilb de BemeJee vsus 

Henr de Stanewake .1 de Coting^ha 

d plac excomunicacois ij^te . 1 de plac ?re . 
ad luc' vl pd- 

••• jT Waffs ♦ 1 1sabel soror ej^ poniit loco suo Add 
de Chine 9sus Pore de Ber .... 1 Edmd 
de ITeford. de plac . i. molend c ptifi ad luc* 

Sddp. if WThomJit mm 1 fFiUJil Rog!i . tulert bre de 

nova diss . vsus Warniu de Wileleia de libo 
tenem suo in Keneleia . \ Warnltis vefi 1 dix 

q ass ft deb} vice alta saisina huit 

de ead ?ra p cdcordia in? illos fcam in cur 
dfii Reg . 1 ifi ptul cirog^tm suu . in q® ifid 
id ptinet'.l p^ pcord Thorn \ Wills 


posudt se in eaff ?ra.1 ft p^d8i Thorn. t 

Wilts . iltd fi 9tMii lb in remasit ass . 

\ Thorn. 1 Wilt in mia.1 Warn!us liat 
saisina sua i!i. 

♦•♦ JT \\Itic dePelUnges. daas.infte'lsiijna 

lUeJit WiUi de libo left ....*. . Lukenor i 
lesione coroK. diii Reg Ric .1 Jur dflt . qd 

. Ric saisit^ 1 q Ric eu ifi diss . 

jf Jud jRic bat saisina sua iiL. 

Kbi/.' Dies dat^ f fTiSb & Mmchanesi . 1 Milon. de 

Hasting^ de plaS ass de de feod. 

i. milil 1 [ II Q^dehale] in Octab sci Hilar 
apd Westm . 1 inn ^t lie pcord p s*^ q si 
possit gcord.dabut dflo Reg ex ut^ pte 


LUL f RaS de Ludesia poit^ loco Alic mat^ sue • petiit 

Psus Magrm 1 Moniales de Stikeswald. feod. 
i. milil \ . i. bovata rre . in Bukenhale ut jus 1 
lieditate ipl^ Alie . 1 ufl AlanP pr ej^ fu in 
saisit^ tpe . H. Reg pna • capiend ifi expleta 
ad Valencia v. sol. vl pl^ ut de jure suo.l 6 
offert pbare \^us eos p Alan hoiem suu . q^ li 
offert pbare Psus eos p corp^ suu . 1 Magr 
veft 1 di8 qd lit ptes tras de pfib} dfiis . 1 petit 
visu illi^ tre . f fiat visu. Dies dat^ f ei ad 
iciU dig jPfesta sci Andr apd Westm .1 inpim 
fiat visus. 

Essej^. ff Wilts fit Willi de Bemflet petiit p plevina ?ra 
de Wieqford. in ocl oium scoi^ . q capta fu in 
mafi diii Pr . p ej^ defcu \?sus Urric la Arbe^ 
lasl \ Witts pci loco suo Witt fil suu. ad 
luc*. vl pd. 


Kit. if Dies dat^ f PhiUpp de \\Diua 1 Lecie de Chele- 

feld de plac rre i Cheltfeld . In crastin set 
Andf apd Westm . pcepto dili Card. 

Bedef\ if Dies dat^ ♦ Hospitalar .1 Rob Jit ITbti de plac 
§vicii rre . in Oct set Andr apd Westm pcepto 
f dKi Cani. 

^orf\ if -^^ ^^ Fundenhale pofi loco suo Rob Jit Rod 
vim suu loco suo v^sus ITbl de Helgeton de 
plac advocacois ecctie de Duneston . ad luc*. 
vl pd. 

Ebo}. jf Alan^ de Bosco petiit in Oct oium Sco^ p plevina . 

ij. carucatas tre in Finghale q capte fuert in 
mafi dai Reg p ej^ defectu v^sus Reinin Jit 
Ade SI petiit ea ad hora 1 rmifi, jf Ruit ea. 

Sussea^. f Magna ass . In? Rad Jit Rod 1 RiSc Jit Bar- 
thot petente [d dim hida rre in Bekinton] t 
in resp*^ ah octab omiu scoi^ . In av. dies . 
p def recognito^. jf Philipp de Woburn. 
[rec ess se] p JVdlS^Onote JlRic de Essete. 
ess . se p Rogl Passem. jf Sim5 de \\Kates^ 
Jeld • p Henr WalensS . Rob de Hekhd . p 
Watim de Henhurst . Mich de lynehd p Aleai^ 
Jit Silvan . jf It Wilts de Horstede . ess p Jordan 
Jit Willi. \RegindeEsb^hd.\Simo deShnund 
positi fiiert p vad 1 pleg qd cent apd Westm 
in ocl omiu scof • ostensur qr £1 ven!ut cora 
Justic in itinle suo ad ilia recogfi facienda . 
venlut 1 nict dixliit q** posset sanare die suu . 
mia. 1 io remanet in mia. jf Ide dies dat^ t aliis 

recognitorib} q* Ic p^sentes fuert. 

Sussea^. f Dies dat^ t Hug^ de Fekinton . ^ MaliUid de 
\^Berkhd de plac homagii ^ servicii q id 
Hug" exig ab ea de feodo de \\Feskenges q 


ptin} ad feod de WTerring^ q t in custod 
dfli Cani.ab Ocl omium scof in av. dies . apd 

Lines f Rob Jit Sim petiit p plevina in Ocl oium $co)fL 

rra sua de Scalehi q capta fu in mafi d8i Reg 
p ej^ defectu vsus Ingerd frem suii. 

Siff\ fi ^og^ ardhid de StfffT petiit ||xv. ac*s rre c ptiH 

in lacheshalai . rsus PetrU Jit Everard q 
ptinet ad ecctiam sua de HlZb^on. [ut liba 
elemosina] ^ Petr^ ven It die q recupav rra 
ilia rsus ipm Rogim p ass de nova diss St q 
ten} rra ilia de Priore de Norwic 1 fi vult ei 
ifi respode absente Pore n* cla gsidavitA 
Rog' ven 1 offert . i. marc argi dno Reg ut 
recognoscat' utr rra ilia sit liba elem eccTie 
sue • an laiS feod p'oris de q advocat ea 
fi Jud Petf^ eat sfi die St Rog* det m St liat bre 
vsus Pore in octab sci Hilarii apd Westm . ad 
rec ilia facienda. 

Kardail. JT Wilts Engerd deb} dno Reg . iij. marS argi p 
tlnda loqla sua in e'ia dfii Reg de svico qd 
Add Jit Ade exig ab eo de libo tenem suo 
in Edene^ford . s • arare p . i. die c omib} 
carucis rre sue • ^r Caracas dominii sui . 1 
herciare rra ilia p ann in qMragesima t 
mere p . i. die in Hautupfi • de una q^q^. domo 
c uno hdie pr dominiu 1 multura sitr de tota 
rra sua pr dominiu. 

jf Wilts vefi It die q cepit rra ilia c uxore sua \ 
vocat teu in waranl n*^ vult absente ilia placid 
tare . n' c'ia psidavit . "liat warantu suu. 

JT " Dies dat^ t eis ut tiant warantu suu . in octab 
" sci Hilar apd Westm." 

Rot. Cur. Reo. D 


Norf\ jf Dies dat^ t Rogi de S^on. de plac Hrecti de 

morte judo^ in ocl set Andr apd Westm. 

Kent. ^ Homo de Girund q'r qd Gilo de Merleia t*xit 

eu in plac du fu in . . . • a JustiS 9* ess q 
ipe Hamo fee in c'ia sua . \ in pdux testes . 
s . wCuneb T: Joh St Ric . q* hoc testant'. 

f Add de Sumii poit^ loco Gile defend q nllam 
c'iam tenu du fii cora Justic . n*^ t*xit eu 
in plac 1 h*^ offert fa8e sic c'ia osidaWt 

jf Hamo eat q'et^de plac illo q tiuit vsus ipm GilorL 
.... ipi^ GiU. 

Oxon. ff Jt^ilts Jit hevic optul se.iiij. die. vsus Rob le 

Puhier de plac ass de morte ailces9 . 1 Rob 
n ven • vl se ess . 1 dies f li ei poit^ p ess suii 
in itinle Justic. 
jf gsidatu t qd Rob sumoneaf q sit apd Westm a 
c^stiri Sci Martin in to. dies . apd Westm os- 
tensur^ q? fi ven ad die suii ,1 pc veniat ass. 

Sudf\ if Rob Jit Rob .1 Joh fr ej^ fl^^^^S ^^ ^®S • ^^ ^^^ 

ut 9Cordia inr illos fca de eo^ heditate in 
Godrichestorp .1 in Tomdon q* id Rob q*etti 
clamav in ppetuu eid JoM % fiedib} suis de 

selttedib} suisp q^ ifie Jo^ ei dedit 

1 iiij. solidal reddit^ in Biskeleia in 

q*s Seher^ de Biskeleia tenuit de Rob pre 
eo^. « 

Kantebf. f Curia EUens Epi recordat' q Sim Jit \\Eue peciit 

in c'ia ilia xxij. virg Pre in Prtan- 

tune D bre recti It ad peticoem ipi^ 

illi^ tre . p^ea pcedente tepe q ||c duellii in? 

capiones pdcos judical fuit sup ft 

qrelapsiluertduomilitesscljBo^^f. ...... 

bib} scis 1 ptestati st q fi ponebat tenemtu 


suu q ipi v^gatis rre in defenside 

Humfr dHi illorii quicquid 1 

responsu f a c'ia q £1 intellexit • ea q ipi 

t'a secdu locu It tepus q vale decent 

ent amove tenemtii illorii a defen- 

sione fefati fuert ab ancessore 

ipi^ Hufr de ej^ T: Hujr 

dixit q lln habebat in dnico suo 

1 capitale masagiu pcedente tepe c pPdcs . . . 

nasset . misit Baillivu epi It ipm 

Sim masagio pdicti duo milites 

restirunt 1 ipm ShnonS \ adhuc 


Witt. IT Hawisia de Dinat ponit loco suo Fidkon jit 

Warih • • . • de plac rec de morte ancess . ad 

luc*.vl pd SiUJX de Dinat uxore 

ej^ loco suo vsus eud 

g^»^ f Dat^ t dies Rod GemU . It Wilto le Franceis de 

plac a die Pasch in arv. dies . apd 

Westm . p dnm Arch 

a^. f Emma de Cntveq^r 1 Milo de Hasting^ pcordati 

St de . • . [PdSa Emma q^etii clamav de se It 

liedib} suis p (jassensu totu jus It 

clamiii suu . ipi Miloni 1 hedib} suis It ipe 
Milo t unu hostarcu. 

Uorf*. ff IWcs dat^ t TVilto de LungeviU \ 

sci Hilarii apd Westm p 

pceptii archiepi 

m* S» 

Die Jwcurii post Octab' Om'iu S*c'of. 

Norkdt. fi Ass . vea re . si Fulko JitRogli [Jit ^Dauie'] diss 
inj^te 1 sil judo Cecilia Jit Hervei . de libo 
D 2 


I tenem suo in GadinI p^ p'ma coroii . d£li Reg . 
! Ric. 
jf It Rod Passem! . i. rec . veil .1 pnovit qd fl fee 
visu de rra ilia . n*^ q f ii ad hospitiu qK 
sumoit^ f ii . t Ro5 WCapon dix qd fee visu .1 
pnovit qd fii rustic^.t nits illd ei ptfdix.l 
q^ rec defuert as§ poita t in resp^.a c^stin 
sci Martin An arv. dies . apd Westm. 

JT 1 Cecil % fu g^vida pofi loco suo AUc sorore 
sua ad rec ilia recipiend • id dies dat^ t ipi 
AUc Jit ITevic. 

jf pceptii t vie q Ic faciat venire plenarie rec. 

jf Cecil veil in c*stino ^ \ ret*xit se 1 posii se in 
mia. mia. 

Gloec. ^ SavariiPjil Sim Happllavit WiUm jfil Matkie q 

neqT 1 in pace Dfii Reg asportav catalla dni 
sui in robia ad Valencia . x. marc .1 de catalt 
suis ad Valencia . xx. sot • It h offert pbare 
v^sus eu . p corp^ suu . 1 c pvent^ eet qfi ll 
f cm fu ipe dix q . iiij. anii t^nsactis • t q n 
monst*vit ll vie . n® Justic itin!antib3 in ptib3 
ilt.qj ipe Wills fl fu in pat^.1 Wills veS.t 
defend robia . 1 felonia . t die q recupav 
q*da rra vsus Rod de Filton . 1 vie fee ei i£l 
saisina sua 1 svientes sui cepiit fen q inve- 
nlut in rra ilia 1 dix q tc f ii in Ibnia . qn t 
f cm f cm fii. If m 5 gvent^ fu SavaruP utf 
levav clamore iii . in visneto de robia ilia dix 
q fi levav clam. 

mia. ^ psidatu t q t acia . f SaoarUP in mia .1 WiU 
eat q*et^. 

Kit, jf Johes de CrioiLveii in cur It q^tu clamav totii 

jus It clamu suu qd buit in Ecctia de S^res 


in ppetuu de se t fiedib} suis Fori t pventui 
de Ledes. 

ff Hug^ de \\Lticei ven 1 q'etu clamav sitr pdcis 
canonic totu jus suu q fiuit i pdca ecctia d 

mir. JT Fulf^o Jit Warih poit^ loco Hawiss lluxoji sue St 

Sihilt uxor Hug^ de Plugenai poita loco ipi^ 
Hug^ petiit rec q sumoita f u inr illos • 'I 
irm Jit ITbti T: Petr fit ej^d Hbti de 
morte aiicess . de rris de Caleston . 1 de Stan- 
ton Si Petr^ Jit ITbti ess se iij. die p^ plac 
1 Fulko petit qd li ei allocet' qd Petr^ ita 
se ess • f % rra iUa t in man dni • Pr. 9sidatu 
' t qd asS in n capiat' p^us%* dns Rex reddidit 
ea rectis &edib}. 

£60^ f Hug" Jit ArPi . Rogijit Pel}. EUas JUMorkier . 

jRog* WBeilhus. missi ad v[i]dend ut? infirmitas 
q^Henr de P*ci se ess de mal lecti vsus Brien 
Jit Rod \ Gunord uxore ej^ de plac rre de 
Petteswrthe . veflut t dix?ut q lang*d^ 1 1 q 
posuert ei die a die Sabbi psima • an Jestrvi- 
tats omU Scof in • i. aniL • 1 . i. die apd t'rim 

NcrfS f ITbt^ de WHelleueton ess se iij. die p^ die plac 

de II fii. ||ve . vsus AUZ de Fundenhale de plac 
judi record. sui de reS sumoita in? ipm 1 
AUcid pdcam . de advocoe ecclie de Dune- 
stoh . ^ die q se ess • cora Justic Itinlantib3. 
Rob Jit Rad poit^ loco ipi^ AUc petit ut * 
allocet' ei. 

f " Record a Simde de Patesktilt.q ass dix q niiq* 
" vdunt aliq* p*m psentari ad eccliam de 
** Duneston . 83 sep tenueTt psone.^^psona in 
D 3 


<< psona 1 de pre in filiu usq^ ad ultima pm q 
" ultimo obiit . 1 dnt q ecclia ilia fundata ♦ 
" in feodo q Alic ten} de ipo ITberto . in villa 
" de Duneston St qd nich ht in dnico circa 
" ecclia ilia/' 

jf Considatu t q Alic teneat in pace .t qd [Epc 
recipiat p*m ad psentacone ilii^ Alic}. 

Ebof. f ITbt^ de Sco Qntino appttat Stephm de Faucdge . 

1 Wiltm de KilUnge .1 Everard de WWhiticc . 
It Rob de T\cdinton.1 illo^ vim . q veflut in 
rra sua de Bortoh . c vi ^ armis . \ ro15ia \ 
neqT % i pace dni p. • asportavut catalla sua 
. s . t'bas ad Valencia Ix. sot . 1 ea duxiut i 
c'iam illi^ WiUi St R offert pbare . p Wa&n 
NorensS q* Hcustos erat tre illi^ vsus ipm 
JVilhn . 1 p Rw de Sco Mich . 9su8 Rob q eu 
vidit in vi illa.1 vie testat' q Stephs fi fu 
invent^ qn sumo p*mo vefi . % t ult* mare, 
f WiUs ven 1 defend felonia 1 robiam.^ totu 
de vbo in vbu 1 die qd turbas q*s asportav 
asportav de libo teneni suo t de feodo suo . 
1 a in feodo ipi^ IT bti.MTbt^ die qd turbas 
illas fode % Ilfa8e fee p^q* dns Rex Ric ap- 
plicu de Alamania [bn 1 i pace ^ sn aliquo 
clamio q Wills ifl fecisset] 1 q p^ t*nsfreta- 
Qoem diii Pr in Norm . illas asportav St Rob 
totu defend Psus ipm ITbtH de 9bo in v^u 
JT Considatu t qd vie faciat fieri visu de rra 
ilia unde turbe asportate fueft 1 p iiij. milil 
ferre record illi^ visus c^ sit rra ilia . apd 
Westm . a die Pasch in A. mSsS. 

Caniebr. if ^^ de Feugles 1 Juiiana uxor ej^ pelntes \ 
^omas de Bassingeh'ne tenes concordati it 
" '' . de . ij . hidis tre "X dim . cu ptinen- 


ciis • in Winepot \ in WAnnlgeton . ufi pTa . f u 
in? eos . scil} qd p>dci Radi Juliana uxor ej^ 
q^tu clamavert in ppetuu de eis 1 de liredib3 
eo^ • pdgo • ^. 1 ivcedih^ suis . totu jus • It 
clamiu suu qd liuert in pdcis tris ft p hac 
q^ta clamatia • \ fine \ cocordia . ^dcs . f. 
ded pdcis .R.I.J.v.m. argenti. 

Line. fi Dies fu dat^ Priori de Suthleia p ess • suu in Ocl 

oiXiu scof apd Westm .Psus Rod de WCatebi q* 
f u petes de advocacoe ecctie de WCatebi St tc 
vefl id For 1 expectav . iiij . die .1 Rob n veil 
vl se ess. 
f psidatu t q p'or eat sK die \ Rob liat tale re- 
cupacone q'le hre deb}. 

ibidc. JT Petr^ de Holt St Joh de WNorton obtulert se iiij. 

die 9sus HumJitWIiwe d plac debil xxj . m.1 
dim .t ipe fn poiiP p vad 1 pleg qd eet apd 
Westm in oci omium 5coj^ oslnsur^ qr fi ve!l . a 
festo sci Mich in av. dies . sic Ic f ii siimoit^ t 
ipe Thorn H ven • n^ ad p*mii die n^ ad scdm • 
t pleg ej^ fuert Thomas t Galjr \ Andf de 
jf 98idatu t q Thorn ponat' p meliores pleg « \ pleg 
sui p pleg.q sit in fdo die jjPjestU SciAndr 
apd Westm iil resp5suri. 

DoruT. IT ^S* Waspaitt petit vsus Rog" de Hineton .i. 
hida rre in Deverel ut jus suu q* Claric 
mar Rogli de Hineton ei q'eta clamav in 
3 C'ia dni Reg . i/. cora Rami de Glanvilt 

\ aliis Justic \ in cirog*ptlm pfert q li id 
testat' . Rog^ de Hineton defend jus suu \ 
[diS qd nescivit q cirog*phm eet in fSm] 
^ cirog^tm ^ 1 die qd Rog' Waspail pr . 
(Pdci Rogli dedit Rog]o pri suo c Claric 

D 4 


fit sua ut in maritag It p xxv. marS 1 p . L 
albo p[a]Iefrid i feod 1 tieditate p homagio 
suo It p service . i. milil 1 ita tenG pr ej^ tota 
vita sua • p^ea Claric tenu rra ilia du fu infra 
etate ^ S etate liuit fee llpn Rogli homagiii 
suu 1 releviu t p^ ivit id Rogius in fVallid 
in §vico dai Reg noiafi . p rra ilia 1 p^ea fee 
homagiu isti Roglo de ead rra \ dedit ei 
unu palefridu bai p relevio \ in pduc Used. 
8 . Gregoriu. q* ti offert pbare p eorp^ suu 1 
die q de rra ilia ii potuit mat ej^ fine &Se 
vsus eud . % p*us ei q*eta elamav rra ilia 
cora Epo Norwic . 1 TViSd fit Audelin 1 
Bert^m de V^dun te Justic apd Andecr .\ 
si Yi suffice £1 p^ ponit se in magna ass .ad 
rec utr ipe maj^ jus Rat tenendi rril ilia de 
illo Roglo.^LiL ille jRo^r* tenend eu i dnico suo. 
^ p h Rndo ofiert d!lo Reg .v. marc n die q 
Com JoJies posuit ipm Roglm WaspaU in 
saisina illi^ rre in werra sua du fu in Castello 
de Cristeschche . 1 c pax f ca fii p p^ceptii 
Justic inq^s fu p viS de diss sua ^ p inq^icone 
s* restituta fu ^ iK voc vie. J2o^ JVaspaiU petit 
ut finis fcs in e'ia ei teneat' 1 n vult int^e i 
plac sup fine illu. 
f Rogis [Waspailf] veiil die q inplacltav predcm 
Roglm in cur Com Willi Gloec!\ ibi p pcordia 
fuert concordati de duab} hid ?re p s« q . 
i. hida remasit Rogio de Hineton ^ in homag 
suu cep St alia q^eta ei elamav p ||xx. m. argi . 
q*s ei ded 1 ... in saisina huit ^ p^ venit 
mar ej^d Rogli ^ iplaeitav eu in c'ia dfii 
Reg de ead hida rre 1 ubi fcs fu finis *t 
cirog'pR 1 ita sep Ruit saisina iii q^s% iste 
Rog" p^ werra Com Joh eu iff diss 1 q Rog^ 
de Hineton ff q* dissaisit^ fii . p Com JoH de 


ilia hida ponit se sup reS pat'e . \ Rog^ sitr 
poti se sup recogn. 
jf Jud veniat ss^a die Sci Hilar in viy. dies. 

(in.5.dor«.) In Crastin' S'c'i Marf. 

Ettex\ f UrruP Arhelesf^ petit v^sus Wittmjil Willi xl. 

ac*s rre in Wikeford. sic illas q debet ee de 
dftico suo .1 Witts ven 1 di2 qd tenet ?ra ilia 
de dno Rege It de li pon se in magna ass 
dni Pf . ad rec . utr ille hat maj^ jus tenend 
rra ilia in dftico de dno Rege . an XJrriK? in 
dflio suo. 
JT Jud t in resp^ . usq ad adventu dili Reg • p bre 
dili Cani. 

Ibid. JT We . Vrri^ petit advocone ecclie de Wihford 

rs^ p*ore de PretemeUe sic ilia q ptinet ad 
libum diiium suu in ead villa de Witfford qd 
tt ex dono dJli Reg. Prior vefl 1 die q Rob 
de Essew' Jit Sweni dedit ecctiam ilia ecctie 
teccKe de Pritewelle \ Monach sci ParuMii de 
Lewes in pura ^ ppetua elemosina 1 iS pfert 
carta ifii^ Robti . in q* illd id gtinet' . \ 
c5firmacone Reg. if. avi • q pdcam ecctiam 
eis Qfirmat ex dono ipi^ Robti tS capital dni 
ej^de fundi 

Ebo^. ff Ass . in? Rod de Roucestr.1 Waff de Faucbge . 

[d morte aflcess.] reraani p def Su re2. ffjohs 
de Melsa . i. rec ess . p Osb de Swine St Ric 
Cti<^ ess. pAles^. Jit Rici. Gild de ScrilUng' p 
Galjr de Harpha . Waff Jit Haldeloc .p Rob. 
\\Be . Radjit WReini p Waff de Sutton . Rob de 
FiteUng^ p Emold Hare .\ ThorA de WEwrest- 
wicA p Steph de Seton. 


f 1 Waif de FavZbge offert dflo Reg . xl.s. ut 

recogn ilia capiat' in ptib3 ill, 
f R ess . fid . /n oc/ Sci Hilar apd Westm . Id 

dies dat^t aliis reS q* psentes fuert.1 Rod Si 

Waffo silr. 

Line. jf Rob de Sautorp pofl loco suo JoHJil Thorn vsus 

Eudon de Batwerit de plac finis fci in Cur p 
cirog*p6 • ad luc* . vt pdend si ipe intee H 

D^nica post festu S'cH Mart. 

Stiff \ f GerardP Jit Galfr pen loco suo Johem Jit Rob . 

^sus Gild uxore Henr de WHecha de plac 
xl. ac*rii tre i WHecha . ad luc* vl pd .1 gced 
ei totu jus suu qd lit in pdca rnu 

Oxon. f \\Pientia q f u uxor Wal^ de Caw^ optui se • iiij. 

die ^sus Alenoth de Sifrewast de plac dotf sue . 
[. s. de 9cia pte ?re fVa^ de Cau} in WBensint 
1 in WWalden} 1 Halenoth fi vea vl se ess'l 
dies f u dat^ ei in Banco apd Rading in itinle 
ff 'Pra capiat' in man dfii Reg . 12 . 1 Aleno 
sumoeat' qd sit apd Westnol in Octab Set And? 
ifi resposur^.l qr n servavit die suu. s. in 
vi. sepl ]^JestU Sci Mich. 

Botet. JT Witts JU \ hes RobtiJitRic petit v^sus Ric de 

Cadamo .1 Werreis fil fsuo Ix. solidal t're i 
Castreton q*s Rob pr ipi^ Witti c^ ppinq^or 
lies ille est ut die liuit ex dono ipi^ Ric 
\ uil carta sua pfert [q 6 id testat'] 1 
notand q Ric ess se • iij. die p^ plac \ Werreis 
vefi 1 die q Ric pat ej^ nich lit in 9ra ilia . 
\ q ipe lit ?ra ilia . 1 Witts petit q allocer 


ei q Werreis ess se . iij. die p^ platf jf Werreis 
die q lit pl^q* . C. sot • tre in ead villa 1 petit 
visu illi^ tre si fere debeat . Wilts die q n deb3 
hre visu q^ ipe petit tota rra q* Ric pr ej^ lit 
in ilia villa c advocoe ecclie ej^d ville c omib} 


f Considatu t q Bic ponat' p vad 1 salvos pleg q 
veniat apd Westm . In Oct Sci Hilar resposur^ 
carte sue 1 qr & servav die suii. 

f Id dies dat^ t Werreis. 

NorhdT. f Dies dat^ t Com Cestr . 1 aUi poito loco ipi^^ Com 
ad luc*.vt pd . % nils illoj^ ||p>sentes fuert, n*^ 
diis Canl bn recordat' q^s ille sit q^ poit^ f u 
loco Com .1 Henr de WPtikenni .1 Godefr de 
la RoJcele Si Wilto de WDxmha 1 Gervasio de 
Cogeleia p ess suos . • . de recognoe manlii 
de Buddeb^c a die Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 
ff Id dies dat^ t Thorn de WBrinl.l Warnlo de 
Trop.1 Rob de Audenebi rec p ess suos.1 
pceptii t reS aliis q psentes fuert q sit ad 
eund rmin ibi ad reS ilia faciend . 1 RX de 
\de Anesti.1 Ric de Basevilt.X Witts de Bike- 
leia tenentes ponat' p vad \ pleg q Ic sit ibi 
oslnsur qr n venlut ad die suu sic sumditi 
fuerut 1 « audiend rec ilia. 

Su^fbrd. ff Ide dies dat^^ t eid Com Cestr. 1 Witto de Caunvitt 

de rec Maflii de ||C» Et Witto Jit Gwidon. 

1 Ade de Standon re5 p ess suos .1 pceptii t 
aliis reS q^ p^sentes fuert q \c sit ibi ad ilia rec 
faciend . 1 Wilts de Bray \ Alar? le Senescatt 
1 Nicot de WMuton rec % n venlut n*^ se ess . 
ponat' p vad \ pleg q sit ad jpdcm rmin 


osbisur q? n veQut ad die suu .1 pad reS 
ilia facienda. 

SufJ f Prior de BtUteleia pofi loco suo Wiltfn cficu 

Osbti Jil ITeoic . ad recipiend cirog^t suu. 
vsus Warm de ^BetshSL. 


JT Dies dat^ t ^fl/?o & Folevilt .\ Milon de Sco 
Maitro /I Rod de Sco Maur 1 Henr de Sco 
Maur . d plac apelli de pace dfii Reg a die 
Pasch in av. dies. 

jSbox. ff Hug^ de Verli qr q Amand de Sutton pocupav 

Ix. ac*s in Marisco de Bramsholme p^ duellu 

inr eos pcussu in c'ia Archiepi Ebo^ X petit 

visu f cm an duellii de tra ilia. 

jf Considatu t q vie facial fieri visii illu de rra ilia 

p eosd milil p q**s p^us fcs • f il • an duellu 1 

facial venire record illi^ visus p . iiij. milil a{i 

Westm . in Oct Sci Hilar. 

f " Htig^ de Verli pofi loco suo Hug^ de MustereU." 
{m. 6.) 

Wiltesif. jT 9sidatu t q vie facial inq'rere p comitatii suu 
q's tenu dim luda rre i Coggelda qn plac motu 
fu q* Wills D'tf petit v>sus Witt de Chelewode 
q capta fu in man dfii ptr p def cu ipi^ Wit& . 
£t Rob de BrengewrtJie veS 1 petiit ?ra ilia 
p plevina ad hora . 'I dix q Witts de Chelewode 
fi ten} tiit ilia S} ipe ten} eat tenu die q^ plaS 
movebat' \ io inq^rend f • \ mandand p 
iiij. milil . in Ocl Sci Andr apd Westm. 

Bukinf f Witts fX Grego^ pon loco suo . Hu^ Peverett vt 
Witt de Bukingha v^sus Ab15em de Mdte de 
plac rre in WTingmch ad luc*. vl pd. 

JTorf. ff Dies dat^ t Witto de BeUo Monte. \ Jolii de 


Sumihesha . de plac appBi in Octab Set Andr 

p defSu record JustiS de ilt ptib} cora q^b} 

loqla mota fu . q* tidu fueft 
f Id dies dat^ f eid JoM \ JoM de Finekia d eod 

ff Id dies dat^ t Roglo Daco 1 Jordan de Torpleia 

de eod plaS. 

SiaJ*. JT Loqd: de Bic Capellan 1 de Rob de Fetigles . de 

ass nove dis3 q remasit p bre dni Canl. 

Ebof. jf Alan^ de Bosco veS in c'ia \ gcessit Reinlojit Ade 

lire custod EtieJitAde c . ij. caruc rre i Fmg- 
hale q fuert Ade pris ej^d EUe don^ ^AcsEUas 
Ibmt etate tenedi tra . p • iiij. m. argi q*s ipe 
Bein ei dedit 

ma. f THes dtiLt^ f Bic Jit Henton .\ Begin Jit 

Waet .\ aliis apptt • de plac aptti in Oct . Sci 

Dewm. f WiUs de WBrahost pon loco suo Ada de Port.vX 
Gilb Morin vsus Olivltmi de T'ci de porcoe 
sua de honore de Berdestaple q id Olivlus ei 
deforciat .\ de • i. hida rre vsus Joh de WTiwe 
in Stissex\ ad luc^ vt pd . vl • i. illo^ si ambo 
in?ee £1 possit 

CanU». f f ^o^ ^ HaiLstede j^o'H se in magna ass dni Reg 
de ^vico . i. hide rre in Swauesie qd WDriun de 
la Boche ab eo exig • ad rec utf debeat ei 
^viciu dim • m. vt. n.4r 

Die Mart post festu s'cH Mart\ 

war. ff Dies dat^ t Wiltb de la HuHe .1 fVilld Malewainn . 

1 Boglo Buret . de plaS finis fSi inr eos p 
fine duelli in c% ^in^r dni Pr. un id Wilt de 


la Hulle fit cirog^fcm de fine fiUe . in crastin 
OdSciHilary . apdWestm • ad audiend record 
illi^ finis . I Jud suu. 
jf Wilt d Hulle pon loco suo WiUm Saltemareis. 

f WiUs de la Hulk ven in c'ia t edidit Ric le 
Hag^nier tota rra sua de Hullecrembe .It de 
WSoliue p xl. marc q*s id Wilts debG pfato Rie 
de custo qd posuit ad pq^rend jus suu • a Jesto 
Set Mich scdo p^ adventu dni Reg de Ale- 
manfi . usq^ ad vj. annos • tenenda ^ It fiedib} 
suis . 1 ad fine illo^ vj. anno^ . recipiet pfet^ 
Wilts y1 fiedes sui pdcam rra q*eta de oi 

Norhdt. JT Hug* Peverel petiit record 1 Jud suu de rra de 
Swanelfne fl d \\Aceleia.\ d Stokes .] 1 de tota 
rra Robti de Tenerchebrai de sic Comitat^ 
recordat' qd Lucia nata 1 ||pgnas f ii aK q* mar 
ej^ desposata fu Robto de TenerchelH pn suo 
\ ide petit fieditate ipi^ Robti vsus ea . ut 
vsus bastarda \ si record . com ei suflSce fi 
possit pbabit ea ad bastarda ubi ea pbare 
debuerit . 1 q Wills Peverel par ej^ cuj^ loco 
ipe poit^ t rect^ lies t • ut ille q* f u de . i . fre 
It Rob de TenerchelH de alio fre • 1 petit 
anq^ pcedat i loqla ilia visu esson dne Lvde 
\ q esson ei * allocent' [desicut esson psentes 
n fueft]. 
\ ClemSs de Stowe posit^ loco Lucie dix q sep 

" '* extitit loco ej^ in fi loqla .1 si for- 

tasse ipa fee se essoniare ft opteret ei fecisse • 
q^ ipe ad oSds sumoes \ dies suos secut^ t 
loqla \ siraul c ilia Lucia fu in c'ia die Sabbi 
|wf jj^ festU Sci Martin !\ warantizav^ esson 
suos cora Justic S\ \c dix Hug^ qd [diis] Cant 
noluit audire loqla ilia It iil p licentia Justic 


discessit 1 in vocat eos St Hug* dix q niiq* 
relaxav ei esson suos. 
if Dies dat^ t eis in Oct Set Andr apd Westm . ad 
audiend: record \ Jud suu . \ dies gcord . 
i^. die • p^fesl Sci Andr. 

(m.6.dort.) Eod^ die Marf. 

ITaiingM. ff Ada de Bermingefeld . 1 Gundra de Manasfiis 
uxor ej^ tpetiit v^sus Rob Malluuel 1 Fataa 
Matre ej^. Ilvij bovatas tre in Raveneston 
[c ptin] ut ilia q* ipa Gundra dironav in dote 
in c'ia dni Reg . H. vsus Rob Malluuel pf em 
isti^ Robti . ut ilia q^ StepJis fr Robti p*mo- 
genit^ ei dedit in dote It in pfert cirog^fim 
q b ide testat'A dnt q ide Rob eos diss in 
gwerra Com Joh . ut iji q* c Com fii gt* dnm 
Rege apd Kingeshage.t diS q q^ Rob saisit^ 
fii p Com Joh . capta fu rra ilia in man dili 
Jt . ||q Hu^ Bard testae 1 ipe Rob die q fine 
fee c diio Rege de pace sua linda .\ de rris 
suis habend . ^ p rra ista . 1 in ptulit vie de 
Notingha liras dni Reg q h, testant^ 
£t d&s Cani diS q ipe accep ab ore d&i Pr q ipe 
reddet seisina trar omib} illis . q^ dissaisiti 
fiieft p Com Joh nt di8 q ratu habet' q ipi 
dissaisiti fuert p Com Joh. 
f Jud Qsidatu t q ni&g ratu habet' q diis Rex ore 
pcij} q* q p Hi as mandav .1 q AdS 1 Gundrea 
hant saisina sua. 

Ibid. f Pflwwt mar Robti Luuel petit eamd rra p bre 

recti vsus ipam Gundrea. ut ilia q heditas 
ej^ t . Tt un Rob vir ej^ n huit n* custodia • 1 
in fine n potu fa§e n^ debuit 1 q sit lieditas 
ej^ pon se sup visnel . 1 offert dno Reg . 


X. m. p linda in rec. Gtmdra petit plenaria 
saisina sua . scil} de xxxvij. ti. q^ cep de rra 
ilia inf^ diss • ista pt li offert pbare p Rob k 
Flamenc q* li offert pbare p corp^ suii] 1 die 
q bre p q sumoita t & loqr de Ada viro sue 
\ n vult huic bn respode n^ c^ia 9sidav^t 

Line. f R^ ^ Wodelfge petiit cora Justic libm tenem 

suu in Hebston . p ass nove diss . vsus Hu^ 
Bard 9* q* ass Hu^ dix q lluit saisina ilia p 
jud cur sue . p defectu ipi^ Rod \ cu? re- 
cordata t sumoes \ dest^scias ipi Rod ronabtr 
f cas 1 ipe ||jRoS ||9novit sumoes \ dest^scias 'I 
dix q n debii ibi placitare % nieb debii de eo 
tenle in tra illa.imo de feodo alri^ t^ q^ ipe n 
qst^ fu Justic n*^ aliq% p eo de & q Hug" 
inj^te t*xit eii in plac de tenem q ipe Rod 
tenG de feodo alti^ dni. 
jf Considata t q Hu^ teneat in pace . 1 Rod 
mia. placitet p bre recti si velit ^ sit in mia p fo 


Esse£. iT Httg^ PeoereU petiit die pla8 curia de Bolonia 
de plac warantie carte qd Aitrop de Merc 
lit vsus Sim de Merc 1 p>ce ptiii lit c'ia. 

Surr. f Regih de Cruce ven in c'ia 1 dix qd ess se d 

mat lecti vsus Wiltm de Sirinl Ht q^ 9valu de 
infirmitate sua anq* visus ei fieret optul se 
stare recto. 

War. f Loqdu t de Regin de Puteo d fine fco p tra 


Ebo^. ff Hug* de VerU q'r q Amaix^ de Sutton ^ocu- 

pav . Ix. ac? i Marisco de Bramsholme p^ 
duellu in? eos pcussii 1 petit visG fcm an 
duellii de rra ilia. 


ff gsidatu t q vie faciat visii fieri p illos milil q' 
p*us visu illii fe^ut de rra ilia uii duellu 
pcussu fu in c'ia Arcftpi .1 faciat record 
illi^ visus venire [t ocl sci Hilar, ap WesL] 

Salop. fi Gwido de Soubir inven pleg de . xx". marc q*s 

deb} dno Regi p mia sua i q* cecidit p de- 
tencoe . i. marc de redepcoe dni Reg. 

jf Wal$ de Haia . \Buking^r\ d x. m. Mich de 
Wdhulle . [^KSt .] de . i. m. Rad de Bosco . 
[^Essea^.'] de.i. m. Wilts Jit Grego^ [Oxon] 
de . iij. m. Regin de Time [Salopsir'] de . iij. 
m. Ricjit Walteri . [^Buking^'\ de . ij. m. 

Line. jf ^ Dies dat^ t Ric de Ormesbi 1 Isore ♦ . d plac 

rre . in ocl sci Hilar Si Rad Jil Sim sumo- 
neaf^ q ?c sit apd Westm ut sciat' de eo cui 
illo^ voluerit se tenle de tenem illo. X Et 
recordat*^ q Isoreus petiit vij, bovat rre in 
M'eton vsus Ric de Orm . ut jus suG q ei 
descend de Alex" pre suo.l iii saisina ej^ 
voluit pbare p qda capione noie Rob .\ Ric 
defend jus. 'I saisina pris sui.t dix q sut 
de . i. stipite . ita scil} q Hug^ BlundP liuit 
duos fit . scil) Osbiii . \ Simon . \ dedit Sim 
tra ilia p homag . 'X ^svico suo \ ex illo 
descendit huic Ric . "l Osbt^ p^mogenit^ liuit . 
iij. fit . Hug^St Alex\ '\ Sim . q* alia Meditate 
Hug* Blundi huert \ ex hac tra fee Sim pr 
Ric homag p*mo Hug^ pn suo '\ p?ea Osbto 
f ri suo. \ ipe Ric in fee Hug* Jit Osbti homag. 
De Hug* descend tra ilia Sim f ri suo cui ipe 
-Ric silr fee iri homag \ ad h*^ t lio Rad Jit Sim 
de q® ten} tra ilia. 

f Ysore veS \ diS q tenet se ad pband jus suu . 
It saisina pris sui . ita q pr suus cep in expleta 
Rot. Cur Reg. e 


ad Valencia . v. sol . vl plus . ut de feodo \ 
jure suo . [tpe Reg . H. pris] p Rod Botolf. 
q* li offert pbare vsus eu ut de visu pns sui 
p corp^ suu ut c'ia gsidav^it.l Rtc defend jus 
suu \ saisina pris ipi^ Ysore . p t 

jf Dies dat^ t eis in Oct set Hilar \ \c 
veniat YsoreP c pba suaJl Ric c defensiSe 

jf Ali^ dies f ii eis dat^ a die Pasch in arv. dies . 
ad die illu venlut 'i Ric posuit se in magna 
ass ad recognoscend q^s eo^ liat maj^ jus in 
tra ilia:' dies dat^ t eis ut q*tuor mil veniat 
ad eligend xij. miL die Jovis jP ascens .1 Ric 
affidav Isoreo pace diii . Jtr. d se .1 suis. 

ra. 7. Die Jovis an' Oct' S'cH Marf. 

irtf\ JT Lucas de Berkhdsied.\ AceUn de Abml obtu- 

lert se iiij. die . s . die Jovis pa^ ^ f*. sci 
Marl vsus fViltm de Ruschap poitu loco 
Gurmor de Valon • de pi . ij. hid rre i WITfer- 
ding* \ ipe n ven vl se ess . T: ipa f u petes. 
Et tota tra ipi^ Gunnor capl t in man dfii . 
Pr . T: io considatii t q ipi eant sn die. 

Line. fi Galjr Jit PetW Wilts de Stuteoitt \ eoji see 

Justic itinlantes in Line record q Hug* de 
WSeulbi appll .Alur de Glentha q in pace dfii . 
9r * .T: iniq . assultavit Henr frem suu 1 illu 
vuln!a\? dexta manu sua uii obiit . \ fi offert 
pbare vsus eu psidacoe c' q fi vidit \ 
audiv T: Jord* appell de vi . q* utlagat^ t. 
Aluf totii defend sic ho maimat^ de morbo 
caduco . sic c'ia gsidav . vl p Rob de Kitrle- 
ton hoiem suu 1 cognatu . vl p Wiltm Branche 
q* fi offert defende p corpa suar 


f Hiig^ au diS q ad fcm cep ipm Alur.\ JordSi 
ipos libav Baill \Gerarardi de Canvilt. Ic vie . 
1 petit ut inq'rat' p sac^mentu xxiiij. milil . 
9pvincialiu utr Alur hsA morbu caducu vl . 
ii . T; utr Rob \ Wilts parentes ej^ sint vl fi. 

f Milil custodientes plac coroS iii pventi dfit q 
in Com p^mo appellav Jord q^ m® utlagat^ t 
de f CO St Alured de vi • 1 vi2 . \ Com li id 
testanf. Hiig' totu defend . vsus milil .It vie . 

jf Dies dat^ t eiis apd Westm . in oci sci Hilar. 

Warn. iT Dies dat^ t Wilto de Kanvilt . \ ''Rad'' Pinclne 
de plaS appISi • in Oct Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

f Ite Galfr Jit Pei^ 1 Wilts de Stutevilt It eo^ 
socii . Justic itinlantes in Warewic recordati 
St q Wilts de Canvilt q'r q cu fuit i servico 
diii Reg in Wallia . q . Rad. Pincina \ Henr de 
WHomton \ Rob de Walle \ alii multi qiios 
llnoinat q venert ad tra sua de Arwe et ibi 
roboraVut ei.i. lorica d.iij. m. 1 aubgellu 
de . XX. sot. 1 catalt quid in bladis q4 in 
aliis . ad . valetia . x. m. It hoc offert pbare p 
Rob Drake q' hoc offert ||pbae de visa et 
auditu It li f ca fuert de c^todia sua. 

f[ Rob Drake . appellat Rad Pinclna \ Rob de 
Walle. q^ ipi in pace di \ Reg.vefi ad ?ra 
diii sui apd ArweSl i robia asportav . i. lorica 
d . iij. m. It . i. Aubgellu d . xx. sol . 1 catalt 
ad valetia de . x. in T: q qR petiit pace dfli 
Reg . ut serviens Wilti de Kanvilt. dix q d!ls 
|t fuit in tali loco q niiq* eu videt 1 q mor- 
tuus fuit 1 hoc . offt pbare p corp^ suu v*s^ 
Rad Pincina de robia .1 v^s^ Rob de Walle q 

E 2 


hoc dcm dix de dflo Reg \ si hoc n posset 
fee n^ deberet . hoc ide of ft jbare .\\Elias de 
la More. 

Rob defendit tol de vbo in vbu 1 dixit q emit 
qdam tassii avefl de Capell d Arewe .\ ei Jl;^ 
dedit . V. sol in arra T: illud bladu asportav 
T: dixit q no potuit ptem tassi lire % tulit 
illttd in cimiriu \ tuit illud p Archid loci X 
de hoc vocav eu. 

jf pi Rob de pseqndo Simxi d Elmcap. 

jf Alexandr de Weston aptt AUsf de \Brunlon q 
ipe cii Rob hoc fcm fecit in robia .T: fi dcm 
dix c eo.T: 1i audiv \ vid^T: li oflTpbare 
\?sus eu p corp^ suu.ut de visu sqo^ — ^^ 

f Rob Pistor apptt Will Jit Ric . d Ecle$hat.i\. 
ipe fuit i ilia vi.1 pticeps illi^robie.1 dci 
p^dci d dHo Reg St li oftt pbare vsus eu p 
corp^ suu. 

JT Rob de VaUe die q Witt d Canvitt fac eii 
appttare p attia p rra de Sekendun . qua 
clamavit vsus eu ut jus suu St petit q iq*rat' ^ 
c qS ^^* Drake fuit die qS ^ f^m fuit .\ ' 
debuit fieri • 1 die q Ic fuit svies Afibis de 
Eveshd.X Rad Pinclna die q nlla robia foi 
fuit.l q ntts clamor n*^ llutes fcs fuit ifi.T; 
Witt die . q Ric T^vers . §vies fuit ibi • \ 
audivit clam . \ Ric sviens defend . q nuq* 
inrfuit . n*^ clam ifl audivit 

f Dies dat^ t oib} istis pdcis .in. arc. dies .jp^ fesi 
Sci Hilar apd Westm, 

Essex'. 9i LoqlainPPriore'lMonacbdePre^^ttJe/fe'tC/mc 
♦ArbelasPiuJr de la BruJure de plac ultime 
jpsencois ad eccKas de WCanuudon St de Wic^ 



^r(?. t poita usq^. ad adventu dHi Reg in Angt . 
p bre diii Cani. 

Devon. f Fres Milicie tepli Jertm optulert se . iiij. die v^sus 
Will de la Hela de plac xvj. ac'ru tre i la 
Hela!\ de plac cruciii Alevata^^ [pst^ta^ J] 
in ead villa p ipm Wiltm . \ ipe Wilts fl ven . 
vl se ess . 1 sumo testata fit 

IT Considatu t q Wills ponat' p vad .It pleg q sit 
apd Westm In Ocl ^ Hilar respSsur^ pdSis 
fnb} de capitali plac . T: oslnsur^ qr fi servav 
die suii . s. diS crastin p^festU Sci Martin. 

SukdL if Watl' de AbnU . pon loco suo . Baldewin de 

Nrweha . vsus EUa Jil Wal?i . d pla5 rre [i 
Lessha] ad luc* . vl pd . 1 dies dat^ t eis in 
-Ocl Sci Andr \ gcord de eod plac .1 q^ ille <]^ 
ten} rra ilia ft fii pses pceptu t ut ipi feant 
eu apd Westm ad recipiend cirog^ EUas 
pofl loco suo in . Thorn clicii. 

Surr. jf Rob le Bulett . ft Auic uxor ej^.] pofl loco suo 

Alan fit suii . vsus Elid de Edint . d plac ?re . 
ad luc* vl pd. 

Ojpo^' jf Ass . ve . re . si Wills pr Rann fii saisit^ in dilico 

ut de feodo suo de . i. v'gata rre c ptiii in 
Garing' die q* obiit St si obiit p^ p*ma coroii . 
H. Reg pris . \ si Rann . ppinq*or fies ej^ 
sit . q* rra Wal? Belebuche tenet. 

jf Jur dflt qd . Wilts huit rra ilia die q* obiit in 
dnico ut de feodo tpe Reg. H . set nesciiit. 
utr IRan] sit rect^ fies ej^. vl n . q^ ipe Wills 
fiuit de p'ma uxore sua . t*s fii . T: t's fit . 1 iste 
Rann . t de scda uxore. 

/f Jud.Wal? teneat in pace .'X Rann pq'rat se si 
voluer q^usq^ Stificet' q fit . p^oris uxoris pris 
sui sit mortui. 

E 3 


MideUex\ if Goda q fu wxov Alan Jit H^bti petiit vsus Wittm 
le F^menf \ Snotcit uxore ej^. ronabile dote 
sua in Westm q ea gting ex dono Alan v^ sui . 
8, rcia pte tfu mesuag in Westm. ^ q^AlanP 
ea despdsav . It iii habebit secta ad bora % 
?mia . S5 fiUam tS huit n*^ warantiL t E 
fVilts Snawit d&t q nolut ei iii resp5de desiS 
ipa vocav hre ifi secta .1 warantu \ nttm in 
fiuit \ petut q li ei allocet' T: WSwamld pofi 
loco suo Wilt vim suu . ad luc*. vl pd. 

f Jud Wilts \ Snawit eant sS die . T: Goda pq*rat 
aliud bre si voluer de dote sua ^da. 

**• f Ass . ve • re • Si Begin Jit Swein avuncts Henrjit 
JTdti fu saisit^ in dnico ut de feodo suo. 
de . i. v'gata rre St v. aes Pre c ptiS in Borton . 
die q^ obiit .1 si obiit p^ p'ma coron .H. 
Reg pns \ si id Henr ppinq*or lies ej^ t . q* 
?ra Wilt de Haured .% Galfr WCampio tenet 

f Jur dnt q Regin !l obiit in saisit^.ut de feodo 

JT Jud . Wilts \ Galfr fiant saisina sua in Si Henrj^ 
JTbti in mia. 

(m.7.d.) /n Ocf sViMarf. 

WSarr. jf Wilts de Sirinl q'r q Begin de Cruce inf^sit se 

in feod • i. milil ||suo in Michelha du fu in 
peg'nacoe sua apd Jerlm . un ipe saisit^ f u die 
q* it' peg^nacois sue arripu It p^ p*ma coron 
dfii pr Bic St du f ii in ipo itiSe in svico dfii 
Reg «I: petit in saisina sua si ^e debeat. 
Begin ven *Tt die q recupav saisina illi^ feod . 

p ass de morte ancesso^ v^sus ipm " --** 

tpe Cancett • apd Gelleford . cora Justic dni 
Reg . s . Thorn de Husseb^ne .% {S. Archid 


EUend .] soS suo 1 die q Galfr de \\GadeIeia 
avuncts suus deb} ee waral ej^ de rra ilia. 
JT Dies dat^ t eis ad auctiend Jud &uu . die dnica 
pa^ an NcUale. 

Noiingii. jf Ass de nova ^sint RadjdeHugenden.'X.H. 
Archid de Staff* Ae 9inua bosci de Hugenden 
remanet. q^Rad oognosc ipi Archid 9unia pdci 
boscL Ita q ipe Archid ^t de pdSo bosco 
haibote «1 husbote \ ad igne suu .[sS wasto.] 
1 pannagiu ad tp*os porcos nuf tos in domo 
sua ita qd nicli iH vende possit Si Bad pon 
se in mia. 

Ebof. f Dies dat^ t Rad Bard St Cristian q f u uxor Witti 

Bard, d pla5 dol sue I Hatton Wei Set Andr . 
1 Petr^ Bard ponatf p vad % salvos pleg adee 
!c ibi ostnsur^ qr H servav die suu sibi dal 
in banco . I Ocl Sci Martin . q^ deb} ee Waranl 
ej^d Cristian d dote ilia. 

Ibid. IT ff^i^ fi^ ||SMj)i(f .1 Hti^ de Putiaco*veSiut in c'ia 

1 gnoviit Htig* Bard . iiij. li . de firma Ebo^ . 
q*s id Hug* ab eis exig . 1 p s* pcord \\Bic. 

Warem\ f Rob de Chetewod pon loco suo- WiUm^Ruffa. 
v^sus Ric de Fardinges tefi de pi ?re i Wlfii' 
chest on ad luc\ vl pd. 

Gloee. if Jo^ q f ^ "xor Henr de Langebge qr q Regin de 

Blokeleia diss ea de dim .v'gata tre S ptin in 
Langebge p^q* Justic Itinlantes ultimo fuert 
in ptib} TXiSiRegih ven.1 defend qd n diss ea 
in ut ipa qr.1 de li pon se sup Jur visneti.1 
ipa Joha sitr pon se sup jur visneti. 

f Dies dat^est eis ad ass ilia recipienda./n Oof. 
Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

E 4 


(m. 7. dors.) Die SahVi p^ ocf s'cH Mart\ 

Line. J Alan^ de Bosco petiit vsus Joh de Bosco . x. lib 

rre in Ledeha 1 in Fulehroc ex dono Comil 
Alan Briian St ex dono Com . Cunah . un carl 
illoj^ ptulit q* testane q ipi dedunt Alan Jit 
Gal/rid |^Avunclo ipi^ Alan d Bosco] pdcam 
rra p §vico % homagio suo 1 tedib} suis .p. 
§viciu . i. milil p anii p omi servico . cuj^ iste 
Alan^ rect^ fies est.1 iil ptul gfirmacone dni 
Reg . H. pris St Johs ven 1 dix . q. Com Galfr 
Brilann St Comitissa Constantia dedunt ei rra 
ilia in escambiii cuj^da rre in Anglers. \ A. 
vinee St m pfert cartas ipi^ Com \ Comitisse . 
q. fi id testanf.T: si t n ||p* ei suffice. die q 
pdca Comitissa .1 ft fies ej^ q* infra etate t 
debet ee warantfi suu de rra illa.Tt iii vocat 
eos ad warantu. 
jf Johs liat warantu suii in crastin Purific apd 

Suhdt. if Assa ve . re . si Ric pr Robti cCci fu seisit^ die 

q* obiit de dim hida rre . 1 iij. percatis c 
j ptin in Wertinges ut de feodo in dnico suo . \ 

si obiit p^ p*ma coron . H. Reg pris . 1 si Rob 
ppinq'or lies ej^ f . q* rra Abbas de Hida 
jf Afeb ven It die qd ass n deb} ifi fieri ^^ Ric 
bastard^ t '^ nttm ft fnttm jus lit in hac rra 
n^ in alia. 
" jf Rob Rat bre ad Epm Wini ad pband < utr sit 
" legitime nat^ vl ii." 

Ibid. ^ -^s^ . ve . re . si Rad par Aline f u saisit^ i dSico 

ut de feodo suo de t'b} virgal rre c ptin i 
Muchelediure die q* obiit St si obiit p^ p^ma 
coron. H. Reg pris et si pfata Alina ppin- 
q*or lies ej^ sit . q* tra Att) de Hida ten}. 


f Afcb ven 1 die q ass fl deb} iii fieri q^ pdca Alina 
tulit aliud bre de morte ancess cora Wilto Bri- 
werr . \ Epo JVinl St JoHe MarescaU Ic Justic 
in ptib} ilt St ibi dix ilia bastarda ee St q ilia 
Ic Ruit bre Justic ad Epm Winl ad pbanda 
ilia ee vl legitime nata vl bastard . 1 c pba 
debu ee . ipa appUavit ad c'^iam Romana \ 
recess a c'ia Epi Winl. 

jf gsidatu t q ipa redeat ad c'ia Wini Epi 1 ibi 
se dironet ee vl legitime nata . vl bastard. 

yorf. jT Loqia in?^ffc de Fundenhale St ITbt de WHelgeton. 

de advocoe ecclie de Dunestan . t in resp^^tu 
usq^ in q^rtU diS p^ Octab Set Hilar ad audiend 
Jud suii . apd Westm. 

Ukc. f Wilts de Ros appHat Ada de TidSt Ric Uth. 

login frem suu . \ Wittm 1 Jord fres ej^ \ 
Hamon Dot parastr suii . q neqx \ in pace 
^ dni Reg p^ pace diii Reg s* data a Justi5 . 

[d ipo Ada \ suis p q*da loqla q in? illos 
fii .] minati fuert ei semel \ irum qd fi diu 
gaudet de pulc's armis suis n^ de edificus pns 
sui St q post minas illas p psiliu \ p^chaciu 
ipi^ Ade pbussert domos pris sui \ in?fe8unt 
Godefrid Diacon .1 Rad ppoitu \ Leues q*da 
femina St vulnlavut J^Siward.^ [Everard.^ t 
Wiltm Hare ita qd nescit' utrm vive possint 
an n • It die q Regin de Marisc . \ q'da 
Bertelot in p^onavut Rad h5iem suu c catalt 
suis . s . c . ij. marc . 1 ad h* tenet St petit eii 
It catalla sua . p vad .1 pleg .1 appHat Hamo 
parastru suii . q ipe li fcm pambulav • \ 
plocut^ f ii .T: q li malii \ li dapnii ei ptingat' 
p Add :! offert pbare Vsus eii p corp^ suii . put 
curia 9sidavit . in p'mis St nictiomin^ remittit 


HamonS . n*' J^om de Muktoh homine suii . q^ 
t fSm pambulav^iit . 1 malefcores [illos] 
receptariit [qn ad h f cm ivert T: . . . . ert 
\ silr apSat GiW le Berkier ^ ipe ivit pp 
malefcores illos]. 

jf Ada ven \ defend totii de 9bo in \?bu . It die q 
cora Justic dedit ei pace ^m de se ipo 1; n de 
aliis It offert dSo Reg • x. marc, p bndo Ujuaral 
de duob3 comitatib} • uix sit atia vl • n. 

Ibid. JT Matilt Jit Godefr Diacon appHat Ada de Tid qd 

die [oiflj^] quo h malu ad sero fcm f u q pr ej^ 
misit ea in nutiu suu qd Ic vidit Bic Utlagiu 
in domos Regifi de Niweni^'X ad domJtUian 
uxoris Ham vidit Jord Utla^ ubi ipa JuUojf^ 
tenu eii in brachiis suis T: ad pies domos vidit 
ext*neos holes q*s n nov .1 in illo sero novit 
Ric\ Jord. ita^ ^Ric pcussit c q^da hachio 
prem suu dices accipe fi $Ada de WjHdh.t q B 
fcm f u p Ada de Tid offert pbare vsus eu put 
c'^ia psidavit It die q vidit ibi simitr Will de 
Tid . frem Ade q* ad hue t c ipo Ada. 
Ada defend totu v^sus ea ut vsus femiam. 

Ibid. f \\Emold de Herelaue St Ro^ Murdac .1 Ada d 

Greinvilt *Tt Wilt Foliot missi p Everard \ 
Wiltm vulSatos dnt q appHant pdcos RegiH 
de Marisc .1 Ada de Tid. de receptacoe Ric 
\ Jord 1 Wilti.i^ h m^ fe?ut.^ de ce?o 
scdm pdcm appBm . 1 dfit q n videt' eis q ipi 
possit vivere* 

m. 8. Die d^nica in die S^cH Edm\ 

Suhdt. jf Ass inr Rod de la Dene St Rob de Auuiliers de. 

y» v*gal tre I Estderi t in respectu usq^ in Oct 
Sci . . • apd Westm p def cu rec. 



f Galfr de Luver^z rec. ess se . It Ric de Kinges- 
brig^ sitr \ ess fi expectav eos \ Johs de 
Kardurwill .\ Bernard de Ltwerez . \ PaganP 
de Seintele^ 1 WatS de Lungwe St Ada de la 
Mare . rec . n venlut vl se ess .1 io ponenct sut 
p vad \ pleg.q sit apd Westm ad f^dcm 
rminu pati fa8e in rec . \ ost&suri q? n ser- 
vavef t die suu. 

jf Id dies dat^ t rec \ psentes fuert 

Botelant. T Ass . ve . re . si Witts de Camia \ AlarP fr ej^ diss 

Hug^ Jit Mich de litk) tenem suo in Hameleden 

inj^te \ sn judo . p^ p'ma Coron dSi Reg Ric. 

JT Jur dnt qd Witt \ Alar? diss eii . in. 

f ZmSl.Hu^ Rat seisina sua in.T: Wilt \ Alar? 

mm. ^Mt^ in mia. 

Uorhdi. ^ Wilts Bnn?^t\ii.m^. v*gatas rre c ptin in Pokes-- 
leia 1 in Alfwines/eld vsus Hug^ Reuel sic jus 
suum .\ q*s Nigetts de Bechhamtoii. dedit [_Ric] 
Brahn avunclo pns ipi^ Witti.^ homag 1 
§vico suo in feod 1 Meditate 1 uS id Ric 
avuncts pns sui saisit^ f ii fpe Reg .H.avi. ut 
de jure 1 feodo suo capiendo in expleta ad 
valentia v. sot • vl plus . \ ti offert pbare 9su8 
eu . p Wa^ de Brakeleia h5iem suu q^ 6 offert 
pbare vsus eii p corp^ suu . ut de visu pns 
Ilug^ Reuel vert It die q S tenet de pdcJa ?ra n* . 
i. v*gata It q*rta pte . i. virgal rre in dnico S} 
alii tenet alia pte pdSe rre de eo . 1 si ipe sfi 
aliis deb} resp5de de ilia pte q ten} defendit 
jus suu t saisina Ric avuncli sui . p f 
h5iem suu q* fi offert defende p corp^ suii. 

f Considatu t q Hug^ n respondeat de tris libe 
tenentiu suoj^ It q ipi libe tenentes sumoneant^ 


q sit apd Westm a festo Set Hilar in av. dies 
apd Westm resposur de pdcis Irris jf noia libe 
ten st Rob Vic1>(P Hug' Reuel . 1 Wal? Reuel. 
\ Hug' fX Wsmuod. 

Suhdt. jf Com Wilts de VnU poii loco suo Rog' de Stanton. 

vsus Wiltm de Mote Acuto de plac catalt ad 
luc*.vl pd. 

Norhdt. jj- jiic de Waure appltat Regifi de Argent . 1 Ro^ 
frem suu St Henr de Mentemore \ Wolf Cficu 
qd ipi neqx 1 in pace dni Jt. 1 de noctu 1 
insultu p^meditato in hospiciii suu in rra sua 
de II. .feld.nt'X eu vulnlavutT: ossasua freglut. 
% catalla sua asportavut \ duos h5ies suos 
m'draviit \ in saccos c^da Rustic sec h5ies 
suos inrfcos asptavut \ 6 offert pbare vsus 
eos ut ho maimat^ \ ut clic^ ordinat^ S5 nttm 
ostend maimii. 

JT Id appttat Rob WThtelful hoiem suu \ ppoitu . . 
qd ea nocte q* h malii s^ \ suis f cm fu vefi 
Ric in villa deBifeld 1 ipe i?o5 dix ei q il potii 
in domo sua hospitari q^ fee braciare .set eu in 
alia domo c^da vicin sui hospitavit Si p^ cena' 
qsiv idjRo* ab eo utrm firet albos panos ad 
lectii . \ ipe Ric dix ei q pann sui ad lectii 
fuert ad dom c^da femie . 1 q debu ire pp 
pannos illos ivit pp malef cores illos q*s scivit 
ee inimicos suos. Ita qd qii ipe R^ evigilav 
vidit domu ilia plena de inimicis suis q^ ti 
malu s* \ suis intulert . 1 h offert pbare vsus 
eu ut domin^. vl ut ho maimat^. sic c'ia gsi- 
davit . vl p . i . ex hoib} suis vulflatis si debu- 
erit set nttm noiavit Et appttat de societate 
\ gsenteria Ric de Argent . \ Ric Pollard, t 
Ric f Pollard^ RusselSt Turstan clicu % Ric 


fit Wa^i . Carpenl . 1 Gerard de Lebeb^ne . It 
Ro^ Jit Godwi .\ Rob Jit Itiete St isti sut de 
Mentemore .1 Ric Testee de Suleg^e .1 oms 
hoies Rob Capun \ holes Hu^ de ITdebg .\ 
Wilt Welhist 1 Rob CarefultSt oms isti q* noiati 
sut venlut 1 defendert totu de vbo in vbu . 
vsus ipm ut vsus excommunicatu \ petut ut 
allocet' eis q ipe Ric n servav dies eis poil. 

Bui^giL ff Preceptii fu JVilto de WCreuilt q tenlet Stephojit 
Willi fine fcm in c'ia dfii Reg p Cirog*plim 
inr ipos fSm . Wilts vefi 1 die q in nHa re freg 
fine fcm inr eos • Stephs diS qd il pfeS ei fine 
fcm inr eos q finis int eos fil q 9cessit ei duo 
molend . in Tepelawe » c . ij. mesuag \ 5 oib} 
ptinetiis suis p . xx. sot ... . per et ad pdca 
molend* repanda decent sS wasto . de bosco 
suo . \ q nddu ht n* tm . i. molend . \ Witts 
die .... q ipe liret t*a molend. 
jf Considatu t q Steph faciat aliud molend de bosc 

illi^ Willi llqfi voluer q^ sup f li n* 

. i. molend. 

Nin-kOi. f Rob de Wafvilt petit vsus Petr de Esseleia ad- 
vocone Ecctie de Esseleia siS ilia q fundata 
t in feodo suo de Esseleia .t Petr^ de Esseleia 
veH t defend jus suu .1 diS q ecctia ilia fl t 
fundata in feodo suo. 'I i& pon se in magna 
ass dili Reg ad recognoscend q's eoj^ liat 
maj^jus in advocacoe ilia. 

f Rob liat bre ad sumonend . iiij» milit . q sit apd 
Westm in crastinSci Hilar ad eligend . xij. milif 
ad recogS ilia faciend. 

jf Id dies dat^ t Rob It Pet^ in banco . ad audienda 
elec ilia. 

Siqfbrt. f Precept fuit Justic itinlantib3 q llponlent'assisam 


de nova diss q* Bicjit Thorn tut vsus Rob de 
Fukh . . . de litk) tenemto suo i Licchefeld \ 
ex^Lichefeld i capis i respect sine die 1 ut au- 
diert recordu Curie Epi H. de Nondt q4e in- 
t^itum ipe Rob tuit i tenemtu ill % recordata 
fuit curia q epc fee jurare . jcij. Burgenses de 
Lkhqfeld utr Rob majus jus liret i tenemto 
illo aut Ricjit Thorn tenes 1 q Ric reclamavit 
q fi ponlet se in sac'menl illoj^ n^ voluit int*re 
in plac de libo tenemto suo sine p^cepto diii 
Reg vl Justic ej^.T: sup h^ capta f ii recogB 
T: p recogiione ilia recupavit Rob saisina. 
JT Jud 9sidatu t q tenem iltd capiat*^ in mafi dni 
Reg \ Rob sumoeat' q sit apd WestSi In Oct 
Set Hilar audit'us in Jud suiL 

JUnc. JT Basilia Jit Nicot appelt Wilt d Herlesle milite 

Epi Dunolm de ||rapo . \ ipa sequit' 1 Wilt S 
vefi ^1 se ess 1 Epc Dunolm cepat i manu 
ad tkndn en ad rectu cora Wilt de Landa fc 

, pstabular castelli Line . sup tota de 

Lincsir.% sumonit^ fuit q eet apd WLeic cora 
Justic . n*^ ibi ven vl se ess. 
It 9sidatu e q Epc Dunolm sum*" q sit ap 
Westm ad ocl Sci Hilar ostensur^ qr 8 huit 
Wilt p^dcm q pleg cora Justic ap Line. 

Warem\ jf Dies dat^ t Hu^g^ Bard. \ AUc de Harewecort S. 
plac dot uii ipa plus lit q' ea lire • . gat a die 
Pasch in fs sepl 1 intim fint lie pcord. 

S»4f\ JT B(^or^ d WLond tut bre de nova diss • vsus 

Wiltm Marescalt d libo teii suo i Barwe 1 
Wilt Marescalt veil 1 die . q dfis Rex redd 
ei OS rras 1 oia jura Com Ric de Si^gieU c 
fit 1 lied Com Ric 1 qii ipe veil 1 cep homa- 
gia libe tenenciu de feodo honoris illi^. nfis 


9puit p feodo Ulo . t ille Wilt sumonle fee 
ipm Pagan sup feod iltd semel 1 i?m A ?cio 
ut veniret 1 fa8et ei q fa8e debu 1 ft veS n« 

p se misit 1 io judo c'ie sue " *• 

feod iltd in namiu p defcu alioj^ catalloj^ 
sup feod iltd . 1 . . . . fil Pagan poit^ loco 
pHs sui . vefi t die q qfi scivit q feod iltd 
captu fuit in manu dSi TVilli Maresc . vefi ad 
eul petiit feod iltd p plevina !\ fi potu fere !\ 
die q fi deb3 tenle feod iltd . de ipo Witto 
S3 de Rod de la Kersimere • 1 voeat eii ad 
warantu \ petit adhue feod iltd p plevina. 
jf liat plevina ?re illi^. 

f Et dies dat^ t eis a die Sci. . . . in ro. dies apd 
Westm . ut Rat le warantu suu. 

JT Will Maresc pon loeo suo lin.\\ Wilt 

de Gard. 

Suhdi. jf Loqla in? Epm Win!. \ Wiltm Brixver de qMa 

hole ej^d Epi tcapti p furto oviii in . . .T: feod 
ej^d Willi t in respeetu usq^ in tres sepl post 

Pasch.apd Westm •!: Wilt it poii in 

loeo suo Thorn de Rocheford .1 Epe pofi loeo 
suo • Joh Senesealt suu. 

mir. f Dies dat^ t Willo Reuelt . 1 fit Rodti Maldmt de 

plac advoeacois Eeetie de Werministr in Ocl 
Sci Hilar, q* advoeacone id Wilt petit p uxore 
jf Wilts liat uxore sua \c ibi. 

Mid. J Matilt q f u uxor Galfr WForesS'ii optulit se . 

iiij. die vsus Rog^de la More . de plac 

Roglus n ve . vl se ess St rra ilia capta f u in 
man diii Reg p defcu illi^ Rogli 1 detenta 
• . . . ita q nits petiit ea p plevina. 
jf Considatu t q Matilt hat saisina sua in. 


Cantcbr. f Curia EUensis Epi recordaf . q Sim Jit WElie 
petiit i curia ilia vsus Hurtfr jit Rob . xxij. 
Vgat rre i . . . . p bfe recti et ad pecone 
ipi^ Hunfr fuit fcs vis^ illi^ ?re. P^ea 

pcednte Ipe 8 duellii inr capiones 1 

Hunfr judicatii fuit sup h^ querela psilueft 
duo mil . scil Rogl jit Rob St GocelirP d oibi 
Sets It ptestati .... ponebat tenemtii suu . qd 
ipi tenebat i pdcis xxij. v*gal rre i defnsoe 
Hunfr diii illoj^ q^cq . . . d duello % respos • . 
t a c'ia qd il ||itellex?l ea q ipi dix^ant eis 

valifa scdm loc % tps g. vale (jdeb} 

dix qd ft debent amove tenemtii illo]^ a 

defnsoe Hurifr . q^ ipi fefati f unt a 

Ilpditore 1 desp*liatore ej^. Et 

Hunjr dix q n liebat i dnico suo n*.vij. 

v^gatas rre \ capitale mesuag Ipe c 

pdcs Sim p duellii dronasset misit ballivu 
Epi \ ipm Sim i saisina de capitali mesag 
pdci duo mil restitSnt i saisina 9* baill Epi 
\ ipm Sirii 'X adhuc resistiit. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis ad die dnica proximd an Natale. 

(m. 8. dors.) ^^ crastin' S^c*i EdnC. 

jf Fretheric de Bissopesion pon loco suo Wilt fil 

suu \?sus Sewale jit Fuldti .1 Wilt de Bello 
capo . d plac fin f ei in c^'ia ad lu .vl pd. 

Warr. jf Ass de nova diss . in? Canonic \ Priore de 

Kenilkxvorte petentes .\ Hug* de Sai de lifeo 

" tenein pdcoj^ Canonicoj^ in Moleton . capienda 

f St dies dat^ t ut ass veniat apd Westm . 

Hi. die pP jestu sci Hilar. 

ffarexic. ff Ass ve . re . si Henr jit Fulkon pr Henr fu 
saisit^ die q* obiit in domin ut de feod suo • 


de XXX. sol reddit^ in WStanre . 1 si obiit p^ 
p*ina Coron . H. Reg pris . t si Henr ppinq^or 
lies ej^ sit . q^s reddit^ Priorissa de Elton ei 
jT P*orissa die q Henr obiit ita in saisit^.1 tut 
carta ipi^ Henr pris Henr q testat' q p^ obif 
ej^ p^dce moniales debet hre p^dcm redditu 
q*etu vsus hedes suos t petut pace q^usq^ 
Henr pdcs q* infra etate t tat etate . % ipe 
deb} warantizare eis cartas pris sui . 1 Henr 
t illi q* p eo locunt' petut saisina in q* ipa 
p^orissa cognov prem suu Suisse . die q* obiit 
It q sub judicib} lis It gtenco fu utr carta pdca 
debet tenli vsus pueru q* infra etate t q ipe fi 
^ret saisina pris sui • psilio Justic pven in? 
moniales 1 ipm Henr q moniales singlis annis 
dabut ad nut^end illu . xv. sot ad duos rminos 
anni q^usq^ puer etate Rat salvo jure ut'usq^. 
ptis . Ita q in ultimo anno p^dce moniales nich 
reddet ipi H. qn ipe jus suu vsus eas exig?e 

Dftfoti ff Ass*3 advocat^ Ipe pacis psentav ultima 
p*m ad ecctiam de Torini . q vacat ut dr . 
advoSone cuj^ Johs de Torini clamat vsus 
Afebissa !\ moniales de Sco Edward. 

^ Atbissa vefi t die q ass fi deb} iS fieri q^ bre 
loq'r qd legales holes 1 tlibos de villa d Torini 
tm sint recognitores in hac ass . It fi holes de 
visneto desic ipi oms siit holes ej^d Joh q* ass 

jf Considatu f q ass in remaneat.l; q Johs &at 
bre q loqH' de hoib} de visfi de Torini. \ 
faciat ass venire a festo Sci Hilar in jv. dies 
apd Westm. 

f Abbissa poS loco sao.fGwid frem suu.vl^ 

Rot. Cur. Rxo. ^ 


Gilbjit luc».vl ipa inPee n 

fVar. JT Ass ve . re . Si . H. Coventr Eps H Canonic de 

Leu. Coventr diss . inj^te 1 sn judo Priore t pventu 

de Coventr de lifto tenem suo in Coventr 1 i 
Sudha 1 i H^dewich t in Huminton . T: in 
Waspton . \ i \\Wlteton . \ i Offecherich . 1 1 
Pacwod St i Franketon % i Sowe St i Witihale. 
1 i ^Cumdiamn 1 i Scrapetoft . 1 i Pakinton 1 
i IliiiWo^ p^ p*ma coroii dni Reg. 
f Canonic venert 1 dix?ut q qn dris Rex . H. dedit 
Epatu Coventr . H. cfe Nondt . dedit ei prorata 
Coventr sic i?o^ Epc pdecessor ej^ p*oratu 
iliu huit . 1 ide Rog* feuit totu Prioratu illu 
in dfiico suo et Baronia i* q. cep homagia libe 
tenentiii It invenit monact neccia ad voluntate 
sua St pferut carta dni Reg .H. in q* continet"^ 
q ita dedit eid Hug^ pdcm P^oratu St anq* id 
Hug^ huit ifi saisina obiit Rex . H. t deiri . 
ven . H. epc ad diim Rege Ric . \ gfirmacone 
ej^ ifi pq^siv.T: ipi p?ea dnt qd Moises For 
veil apd Rading . cora Archpo . B. 1 epis 
Lond. Roffens .\ pKb3 aliis hohestis pson \ 
clicis St viris St reddidit P^oratu in man • H. 
Coventr Epi . \ illi in psentia oium abjuravit 
prioratu Coventr ita q pmisit se nuq^* rediturii 
de ceto ad ecc*m Coventr. Deifi gtig q id 
Epc celebravit sinod sua in EccKa de Coventr . 
tpsiliert Monacfi 1 pcusserut epm sup capd 
suii c q*da cruce de ead Ecclia ita q sang*ne 
a capite suo ext*xert • q c intimatu f u dno . 
pp . p assensu % testimoniii dni. 5^.1 oiniu 
sufiraganeo]^ ecctie Cani judo mediante Sumi 
Pontific \ Curie Romane deleta fu ilia religio. 
\ omino remota . It ecctia ordinata assensu dni 


Reg in pbendas c rris 1 c aliis ptinentib} 
ecctie salva integ*tate Baronie . q^* dfis Rex 
pcessit . H. epo ad vita sua .It ita auctoritate 
t mandato Sumi Pontificis Wilto EUens Epo 
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sic Prior Moises huit meli^ \ pleni^ . It ut ifl 
hant pfirmacoem dili Reg. 

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sue. Et pfert carta dfii Reg in q* gtinet' qd 
diis Rex gcessit eid Priori p*oratu suu Coventr 
integ^.1 habitQ 1 ordinacone sua. sic meli^ 
habebat 1; q fi sit ei ad impedimtii ilia carta 
q* H. epc impet*verat a dfio Rege. Et ut 
liant Prioratu suu integ^ S Baronia ilia . t 
ordinis sue restitucone sic dfis Rex eis p carta 
sua Qcessit offert dfio Regi • DC • marc argi . 
f Dfis Canl petit ifi c'iam xpianitatis . sic de 
ecctia q vacas 1 1: f 1 deb} ee in custodia sua 
desic lis 1 conteco t de reb} t possessidib} 
ecc^ticis. Et Jusdc petiit in cur dfii Reg . ut 
de plac baron sue. 

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psidatu f 9sulere. 

^ \\Maths de ^^Hathersen optui se . iiij. die Psus Rod 
de WWikseck d plac bosc abscisi .1 ipe Rod fi 

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ve . vl se ess 1 huit dig in Ocl Set Marl p ess 
f[ Rad ponat' p vad 1 pleg q sit apd Westm a die 
Set Hilar in av. rfie^ .fapdt Westm. oslnsur^ qr 
fi servavdie suu SI resposur^de capital plac. 

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nuq* ded releviu n* homagiii fee Phitipp de 
Kima de ?ra q* Malg^ de Banburg difonav 
vsus ipm Sim in c'ia Reg p geordia cirog*pli 
q* Elias Grim clamat 9sus ipm Malglum St 
[EUas^ die q Sim neq'vit fine fa§e de 9ra ilia 
q^ bastard^ fu [\ qd natus fu afiq* mar sua 
fuisset desposata.] \ qd par It mar ej^pnorut 
i Curia q iste Elias rect^ lies t de rra ilia t 
q puer erat in custodia Philipp de Kima du id 
iSimo nlacitav de rra ilia p septe anfi in divsis 
c'iis vsus ipm Sim sn Hclamio vl calupnia q* 
Elias vl aliq*s p eo i ilia poflet It petit q finis 
teneat' q Sim ei fee dii f u in rra ilia t ea tenu 
ut feod suu. 

f Dies dat^ t eis a die Pasch in . i . mensB ad 
audiend jud T: record suQ. 

f Dies dat^ t Roheisie de Bucre . petenti homag 
Milil hono^ Ric de Luci St eisd milil. a^5/o 
Sci Hilar in xv. dies . apd Westm. 

Epc WinI deb} diio Reg . C. sol . p findo juramto 
legaliu holii de visneto de Portlad utf eccCa 
Sci\Sthuthun tat libtate hndi wrec suu in 
Portland. \\.fi. 

Et Jur veridci pat^e die q nuq* vidunt si wrek 
ptigisset aliq^ m*» in Portland q ablatu eet de 
ecc* Winl 53 qd pdca eccKa a tpe Reg Cnut 
\ p^ea huit libtates suas iii. 


jT Ric de Tame petit ut Jud Cur sibi pficiat' de 
ultim* psentacoe p* ad ecc*m de JS^ftiwc/i.desic 
p jud Reg capta fu recognico . de ilia advo- 
cacoe . 1 p jur recognitu qd Begin de Tame pr 
Ric psentav ultima p*m ad ilia ecctiam . q' 
advocaco Afcb de ^Bruma ei deforciat .1 desiS 
[advoco] llp^dca ecctie capta fu in man d&i 
Reg p defcu ipi^ Afcb St detenta p xv. dies, 
ita q nulls petiit ea p plevina . Afcb veil \ die 
qd nuq* sumoit^ f u ad audiend ilia reS . n*^ 

sciv qfi reS ilia capta fii nd oms 

sumoes . put c'ia gsidarit 

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domo lapidea ipi^ Bic ubi coUocuti fuert 

auxiliis datis ad redepcone dni Reg 

u* ipe Bic dix p auxil qd dedat dflo pr . . * . 
q*s Cancell ab eo abstut infra t'rim Lond q 

vellet emisse q*da Catena p xl. m 1 

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fu ibi \ h audiv.T: q 1 

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Bob Brand ibi silr ||ita 1 dix. 

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Rege q* Majore Lond defende 

q*n ita dixisset offert pbare vsus eos put . c'ia 

f Bic totii defendut dc v^o in v^ 

defendet u* debuerit 1 qS debuerit 

Civil Lond\ petiit libtate Civil si fere debeat. 

f Dies dat^ t eis ad audiend responsii suu de 
libtate q* petiit . a die dnica pa* ^ festn See 

Katerin in fs sepl pseq* 

\\Osb clici . 

Henr WalSsis Hub le Ferur Andrft .... 
Jit Bob F^eis Bichjit AUc 

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Witts Jit Atic.Gaufrid ITarmator. 

Wilts WTannator f Pleg Rob Brand sut standi 
recto* .... .JilHek. . . Henr Jit Renii . 

Rob BltmdP . Gilb DcuP . Matheus 

Rob Hoildd. Thorn Brand 1 Ham fra? ej^ 
. .... .Jit Barun WaS Banm . Wido de 

\^Limoges Sim le ||Curr HathorP de 

Stanes Nicol de ^AntiocMa Martin 

m. 9. Die S'ci Clement\ 

Essex*. jf Alio q fuit uxor Pei^ de Hausted petiit die Sci 

Clefntis . i. ac*m tre in Bello Capo p plevina q 
capta fuit in marL dni Regis p ej^ def vsus 
Gatifr Jit Wiomarc 1 lint lie peordandi. 

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zandii Att)i de WincJiecUbe cirog^hu inr eos 
fcm in c'ia dni Regis. Thorn ven Ittwantizavit 
rra illam .*Tt Nich Taillard dixit q id att> 
sumonit^ fuit d ead rra vsus eu . Afeb defend 
sumonicoem \ nulla sumonico testata fuit "X 
ipe expectav die suu. 
f Jud Atib eat sine die. 

N^lidi. if RicJitHenr de Clend petes .\ Ricjit Willi ^de 
XXXV. sol reddit^ i Deresburc un plac f u inr 
eos i cur dni Reg p s*^ q Ricjit Wilti recog- 
nov \ reddidit pfato RiZ de Clend xvi. sol d 
reddit^ de pdcis xxxv. sot reddit^.T: advocone 
ecclie de Clend q* ana dironav vsus eund Ric 
I cur Pr .1 relaxav eid Ric . ij. sot . 1 yj. d. de 
svico feod . i. milil . de Moril . s . qn feod dabit 
xij. sot .\ vj. d. fc dabit feod Ric . x. sot . 1 s^ 
ad plus, plus,!: ad min^. min^. ti oia tenebt 


idRic 1 hedes sui 3 pfato JUcJit Witti \ de 
tiedib} suis i ppetuu .1 p t fin 1 cocord Bic 
de Clend q*etu clamav . xix. sot . de pdco red- 
ditu a se 1 hedib} suis . p^ato Ricjit Willi \ 
tied suis . 1 Bic de Deresburc faciet homag 
pfato Ric de Clend de • iiij. v*gal rre . un redd} 
ei pfatos x\j. sot reddit^. Cdcessit etia 
Ricjiimili uRic de \\Cleind teneat ?ras de 
Braibroc 1 de Acleia q fuert Henr pns sui si 
eas pq% possit p id Sviciu q Pre ille ei debet. 
^ Ricjil Witti pon loco suo Rob de Stanto ad 
cirog*pt recipiend. 
Dies dats^ t eis ad Od Sci Hilar apd Westm \ 
Ic veniat Ric de Deresburc. 

Wartvf. f -R^ d^^ Espes . *• debet'' diio Reg . i. m. argn p 
habend saisina sua de vj. sot reddit^ in Espes 
un Eps Coventr eu diss St un ass capta fu cora 
Justic in ptib} ilt St testificata m diss. 
f Ric bat saisina in. 

Ibid. JT Wittjl Witti Pinclne offert dno Reg.i.m. p 

habenda saisina de . i. hida rre in Gaidon \ 
dim . un ass capta f u cora Justic in ptib} ilt . 
1 recogn q epc Coventr eu in diss. 

&mex. f Dies dat^ t Hug" de FekinlSt Matitt de Petponte 
d plac homag a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies. 

Drocm. f Thom de Recheford poit^ loco Witti Brtder petit 
jud suu de Henr Jil Witti d plac svicii dim . 
milil.1 recordat' a justic q Henr Jil Witti 
defend sumoes apd Badone 1 lex adjudicata 
fu illi 1 dies dat^ fu illi de lege sua pficienda 
i banco 1 ad die eis poitu h ven vl se ess. 
f Considatu f q §viciu ittd capiat' in man diii Reg 
T: dies capcois mandet' Ic . sii plevina \ ipe 

F 4 







Henr siimoeat' q sit apd Westm a die Sci 
Hilar in av. dies audit'us jud siiu. 

f Dies dat^ t iJic de Ware \ Roglo de ArgeTd\aMis 
appltatis p ipm Ric . in Octah Set Hilar apd 
Westm .1 illi q' appltati sut de psensu ponat' 
p vad \ pleg usq^ ad pdcm tmin . 1 alii 

JT Dies dat^t Priori de IKerswelle \ JoM de TortnT] 
^la More .1 Ric de Greinvitt^ 5 plac ass 
capte p bre ||Cam . . . de capella Sci Andr de 
Mora a die Sci Hilar in xv. dies apd Westm. 

jf Id dies dat^ t Atefci de TiekeslFiaX Ric de Grein- 
vitt d plac advocois ecctie d KilkatofL 

jf Afib de Forde pon loco suo WRog' deChinion . de 
plac tre . vsus H*bi de Boslai . ad luc*. vl pd. 

Die Jovis in vigiF S*c^e Katerin\ 

Sitkdi. f I^i^s dat^f Johi Jit Godwin .1 Matho de WNorton . 

\ Xpiane mat' sue . de plac Pre . die dnica |w* 
an Natale . cora dSo Canl . ad audiend jud 

Ibid. JT Loqla in? Epm fVini .\ Hug" de ChekehtUle . de 

plac passag t in respecl us% in fs sepl post 
Pasch . p>ce pciu \ inrim hnt licenc gcord . 
\ Eps pon loco suo Joh senesc suu. 

Eboh. F Ham Com de Warenh pon loco suo JoKjUFtd- 

chi . vl Ada de Ponnlges vsus Joh de Barbi de 
plac tre i Misseleia ad luc*^. vl pd. 

Warew\ f ^^^^ ^^^ t Com de Warewic .\ Henr de WChaUr 
ringrcortk de plac tre .a die Sci Hilar in . 
jrv. dies apd Westm • 1 inrim bnt liS pcord. 


•♦• f Loqla In? Hppoitum Oxon.l Rod ManseJI.Ae 

plac capcois ipi^ Radtdfi t in respctu us% . In 
crastin Set Hilar apd Westm. 

Oion. f Thonl de WTademton pon loco suo Hti^ Torel de 

pi c^da ip^onamti vsus RadWMetfelin. 

Satcp. fi Rob deWBeaumis .Rob deWodecol.HenrCristiatP. 

visores de . 11. v'gal rre 1 . x. ac*rii 1 t*um 
mesuag c ptin in Estleia 1 in Bruges q fVilts 
le Salvage clamatv^sus WiUmJit Tur old. \ Cecil 
uxore ej^ . 1 Galfr Molend.t Malalia uxore 
ej^ . dnt q fecut visu rre illi^ . 1 Simo de 
Perepot q*rt^ visor ess . se p Alan de Gleseleia. 

Sumiui. fi Ric Jit Witt recognovit i c'ia q faSet secta 
de rris suis d Nortuh \ ft Bradqford\ Hele 
Hundr Epi fVinl de WTantim q*le ancessores 
sui fecunt ancessorib} pfati Epi [scit} Epo 
Ric . Ill p V p*mo fii epc .] \ q«le pdce ?re 
debut 1 si sup & in? illos lis \ ptenco oila 
fueriit ponet se sup vedcm xii. milit de 
visnet ilt.vl d hundr illo. 

••• jT Re^ifi de Argeni pon loco suo • Albiii de Scacc . 

vsus Thorn de Bassingelfne d plac homag ad 
luc^ vl pd. 

Wigorn. f . ve . re . si \\IngiiarcP pT Margar fu saisit^ 
in druco ut de feodo suo .... die q* obiit 
de feod dim MiK c ptin i WBretton .1 si obiit 

p dni . H. Reg It si Margar 

ppinq*or tes ej^ t q* ?ra \\fValf Haket 
jf Jiir dnt qd IguardP obiit in saisit^ 1 q ipe liuit 

s. Cristiand matre Willi Jit WGuidon \ 

Margar q fuert hedes ej^ 1 testal t a Justic 
q Wills Jil WOdon lies Cristian gcessit cora 




Justic qd ass pcedat p Margar Qamita sua 

q'cq*d de ass capet 
f Dies dat^ t ipo Iguard die dnica pa^ an Natak 

ad audiend Jud suu. 
jf Jud Margar liat saisina sua in. 
JT WJollanus P'or de Spalling^ poil loco suo Hug' 

Pore de || J/iiw . . . vsus fil AUc .\ 

WArrdcia « sua d plac warant carf ad luc* vl 


••♦ JT Wilts Aguilhm fl Sarra uxor ej^j appttat 

Philippm de Stanes neqT It in 

pace dni Reg It i robia yen ad dom sua apd 
^Burgha 1 p vi abdux?ut Constantia q fu 

uxor q f u i custodia illoj^ p 

Archiepm Rothom tc Justic 1 p . . Justic 1 
de catall sub asportaVut xxvij. li. 1 . i. m. 1 
ij. d It Sarra uxore sua vulnlarut 1 insangui- 

navut vsus eu p corp^ suu sic Ito 

sexaginta anno^ et ampli^ si debuer vl p . • . 

h5iem q^ in 

ense suu q* h. offert pbare p suii 

gsidacoe c'^ie. f( Philipjp^venl defend totu de 

v^o in v^ii . v^sus ipm ht Ix. annoj 

si debuert 1 vsus sic vsus 

p vl p aliq ••...•. si 

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jf Dies dat^ t eis ad audiend 

jud suu. 
(m. 9. dors.) 

Oxon. (T Ass in? Wilt Jit H'vic \ Rob le Puier de morte 

ancess de • v. v*ga? Pre c ptin in BukenhuUe 
remanet sn die . % tra ej^de Robi saisita t in 
manu diii Reg. 

Essex\ f Ass . ve . re . si Galfr Jit Pet^ diss inj^te 1 sn 


judo A)S>ein de \\Walend de libo tenem suo 
i Waleden p^ p*ma coroii dni Reg. 

jf Galfr die q ass n deb3 in fieri . q^ qn dns Rex 
dedit ?ra Coin Witti de Mandevlt fipi Galfr 
fiuit rra ista in man sua Si ea dedit ei 1 in 
carta sua ei fee q* ipe ptut. q q* h id gtinet'- 
1 q huit seisina rre iUi^ p bfe CanceU Ic 
Justic llq lldtul WOton Jit Witt Ic Vic Esses? q» 
in ei saisina sua fee. 

f Al^ die q Galfr Ymxt saisina i rra pdci Com 
Witti adfestn Sci Pet' ad Vincla \ q ^dcs 
Galfr eos ad capd jejunii post in diss .1 in 
pon se sup ass. 

jf Ass sit in resp«tu us%. in Od Sci Hilar apd 
Westm .1 Ic veniat ptes .ad audiend jud suu 
1: ass n veniat 

Line. JT AlanP de Bosc pon loco suo Galfr Jit WilU . 

nepote suii . vsus Joh de Bosco d plac r . ad 
lu.vl pd. 

Witt. f Dies dat^ t Bic Fundatori . 1 Bobto Aurifr . de 

plac ass • de morte ancess in M*lebge % villata 
de M' ledge die q ass ntta deb} capi de villa de 
M*lebge . T: vie h id testat' a die PascJl . in 
•i. mensS, ap Westin ad audiend jud suu. 

Cantehf. f SimS Jit Eue . poil loco suo Sim de insula v'sus 
Ro^Jit Humfr \ Gocet de oib} scis . de plac 
Pre • u& duelt fii • ad audiend jud suiL 

Sumi$ct. 9i Dies dat^f Bad deHugeden St Begin deWFran ton 
de plac homag Begin a die Sci Hilar, in av. 
dies . apd Westm . 1 innm lint lie gcord. 

Norhdt. ^ Bob Jit Henr .\ alii apellati de Norhat • ponut 
loco suo Bic WBqfftl St Joflem Jil Hu^. vsus 
Bann ^ ad audiend die suu . q^usq^ Arcfipc 


Wared. jf Memorand ut loqV c vie de Waremc sup R q 
ipe fi Buit cora JustiS WiU^\Henr Jit Bernard 
de Brailes . q®s Wilfga appltat de morte Pe/* 
viri sui sic iii bre justic recepat X de Alan 
clico suo . rectato de receptacoe malefco^ .1 
de apello uil id vie appltavit Willm de \\Blad. 
1 dies dat^ t ipi Wilfge in Ocl Sci Hilar. 

Suf'. JT Ada de Badeuent petit vsus Rob \\Gamoise.hi 

ac*s rre in WChebehal. sic jus 1 heditate sua.1 
Rob veil T: die q tenet rra ilia sic jus suu 1 ifi 
pofi se sup magna ass dfii Reg. 
f[ Preceptu * cMco vie q faciat venire . iiij. mit • ad 
eligend xij. ad ass ilia faciend in crastih Sci 
Hilar . ap Westm. 

Norhat. JT P*or de Lujffelde petes .1 Wilts Jit Ric tenes 
cocord silt de molend illo in Heiford c\xf 
medietate ipe p^or an buit 1 alia medietate 
clamav vsus ipm Wiltm . p cirog"ptlm inr ipos 
f cm i cur Reg . p s® q pdcs Wilt dedit pdco 
Fori 1 monacti . viij. sot . reddit^ sui . s. q®s 
Hug^ ctic^ tenu de eod Wilt i villa de Heiford 
I escabiii medietatis molend pdci St For 1 
Monac^ q^eta clamavert medietate ilia • pdco 
Wilto \ Bedib} suis p itt viij. solidal reddit^ 
q' in ppetuu remanebt Robo de Luffeld. 

Kantebf. if -^.ss inr jKo^ de Huntinge/eld St Fore de Longa 
villa de advocoe ecclie de Herleton t in 
respecl usq^ in Ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm . pp 

jf Wilts Jit Willi. i. eod ess se p AlanJU 
Willi St Wal? Jinhor . p Ric de Cruce Roheis \ 
Wilt WPudeJad . p Rag' de WHarreton. 

jf Id dies dat^ t rec p ess suos. 

Gloec. JT Dies dat^ t Gilb Martel St Wilto Jit Galjr d plac 


dueUi m Ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm . ut Ic 
veniat pati. 

Norhdt. f Dies dat^ t hoib} de Norhat . \ RannftAde de 
plac apSi ad diS Dnica gs^m an Natale apd 

Ibid JT Ham Jit Ham petiit die See Kaier . i. v*gata rre 

1 tcia pte . \^\ ac*ru Pre c ptiS in Wika p 
plevina q capte fuert in man dfii • ^. p defcu 
ipi^ Hafn .t q'^ ?ra Basilia q fu uxor ^Tbern 
clamat vsus eu.1t vi5 testat' q rra ilia capta f u 
in mafl dni Reg die Dnica psf^ j^ festU Sci 
MarlSt Ham pon loco suo iiic deBeUo capo 
ad luc* vl pd. 

Susie:^. ff Sarra de WBonneviU appBat Constantia q f u uxor 
Mauser filii sui qd ipa psensit \ instinctu 1 
adq^sicoe ej^ venliit malef cores ad dom Wilt. 
viri sui 1 ea vulSarut ita q sang^nolenta fca 
fii \ robiam fecut q* ipa monstrav \Regin .1 
Arcfepo Rothofn . \ Yi offert pbare vsus ea ut 
liba mulier . sic Cia psidavit. 

ff Constantia ven 1 defend totu de vbo in vbu . p 
86 si debuer vl p alios libos hdies suos si c'ia 
9sidavit .1 die q qn ratii liuit q Maus vir ej^ 
mortuus fu n huit [ta bona] custod q4e lire 
debuit 1 ido p psiliu amico^ suo^ in discessit 
c amicis suis • 1 de die. 

ff Comtantia pon loco suo Godefirid de Sco Marl 
de plaS dotis sue.1 catallo^ suoj^ ad luc* 
vl pd. 

f Dies dat^ t eis o^ ^ dnica pa^m an natale ad 
audiend Jud suu. 

-840^. jT SirnS de WLindon poit^ loco Margar uxor ej^ 

petiit 9su8 Mart inn Martel.\ Agnel uxore 


ej^ q*rta pte feodi . i. miliL c ptin in Otermgha 
q^ ipi eis inj^te deforciat • q f u WilU de 
Oteringha pns ipi^ Margaf cj^ lies ipa est 
ut Sim die. Martir? veil 1 diS q Agnes uxor 
ej^ fl £u sum5ita \ q ipa deb3 ee warantu suii 
de Pra ilia si debet ee in warani Siwo petit q 

\l ei allocet' q ipa il sumdita 

f u Ct clic^ vie testat^ q sumo f u testata. 
f Considatu t q Mar gar bat warantii suu in Oct 
Sci Marl ap Westm. 

Ibid. f Id Sim de Lind petiit vsus Joh de LaceUes 

iiij. virgatas rre c ptin in WBilmingholm .\ 
iiij. carucat rre in . • • • c ptin q fueft WilU 

de Oteringha ipi^ Sim 

Sifh die . It q*s Id Joh 1 ipe Joh 

se fee ess a festo Sci Mich in . v. sepl . apd 

Westm \ dies fu ei dat^ ad aud jud suu a 

festo Sci Marl in . arv. dies dcs 

Joh se ess fee vsus 

f petit v'sus Thorn de WHantoii 

dote sua 

m. 10. Die Luri ari festu S^c^i Andr^. 

Sussejp'. 9i I^ies dat^ t Johi Avenel .\ Urso de WLimes de 
plac diss . de ij. v*gal rre in Bergas . ad diS 
dnica $aMn an Natale ad audiend jud suiL 

Line. JT Wilts de WHerdredeshuU petit record 1 Jud 

suu .vsus Thorn fil WiUi \ Agnel uxore ej^ de 
plac falsi pueipii X Epe LirCc die q loqla ilia 
spectat ad c'^iam xpianitatis.1 petit ea. 


ff Dies dat^ t eis a Jesto Set Hilar in rv. dies . 

apd Westm. 
f Thorn pon loco suo AgnetS uxore ej^ si ip inree 

n possit St si ipa n venire n possit ipe Thorn 

veniat • ad audiend Jud suiL 

Lan^t' JT I^ics dat^ t Chermin Judo \ Samson fri \Brin 

de plac duelli in Ocl Sci Hilar St Ic veniat 
pati ad duett iltd faciend • apd Totelle. 

Kei. f Dies dat^ t Roglo Witepuse \ Watfo de Clifford. 

t [Hamon] ^Rog^^ Tunedai de plaS diss . ad 
diS driica paf'm an Natat. ad aud Jud suii .\ 
Rog* petit q ei allocet' q Ham n ven .vl se ess. 

Norf. IT Julian de Swqfeld optui se . iiii. die vsus Wiltm 

de ^Corcin de plac feod . i. milil St dim • in 
Helmgha . t Wilts S ven vl se ess . \ sumo 
testata f iL 
f Jud . tra ilia capiat' in man diii ^. \ dies capcois 
mandet' . It Wilts sumoeat' q sit apd M^estm a 
die Sci Hilar in viij. dies St pceptu t cKco 

Uur. f Dies dat^ t Robto ft RadSt Nigelt de BemOg- 

worthe de plac fin fci in c^'ia diii Reg • in Ocl 
Sci Hilar St ||n hms n® bre n* record ♦ 

ibid. f Dies dat^ t Joceo Jit WhSi St Mian de Lwltoii 

de record jud sui in Ocl Sci itime. 

Ltic. ff Dies dat^ t Rad Bret 1 Wilto de Fi St Wilto de 

Berewe d plac ?re in Ocl Sci Hilar . de Itifle 
1 ipi hnt record .J. bna. 

Smrr. ff SimS t Petr^ de Chaiha sumSiti ad tenend fine 

Qsiis Hildihara*\ MatiUid de Labur.% Wiltm 

Jit Agh St WAluicia uxore Alej^ de WHoiSg \ 







Amable uxore Wilti de la War \ Helewiss 
uxore Norma de Bosewrthe liedes Rad de 
Traleia qui f cs f u in? eos It pdcm Rad in c'ia 
dni . Pr. de . ii. hid rre in Cheiha . venlut t 
optulert se vsus eos .1 exp^tarut . iiij. die suii 
It petentes n venlut vl se ess. 
jf Considatu t q ipi eant sn die 1 q petentes liant 
tale recupacone q*le 6re debet . 1 jpceptu t 
llvic llctico q illi in sit in pace q®us% hant 
nova sumone. 

jf ^Alonoth de Siurewast petiit in vigil Set An^ 
tra sua de Hamestede 1 de Bensini p plevina 
q capta f u in man dni Reg p ej^ defectu vsus 
Pientid q fu uxor Wat^i de Catcz. 

JT Rob Jit Roscelih poit^ loco Beafc uxoj^ sue petit 
9sus Hubl de ]>randeston vij. sol reddit^ in 
Melles q^ ptinet ad dote pdce Beafic q^ ipa 
Bt de dono fVilli de Burgat vir sui q®s ipe ei» 
deforciat Hubt^woin 1 die q n t hes Wilti de 
Burgate n^ aliquid ten} de ipo Will 1 lo fi vult 
ei respSde sn waranto suo . n* c^'ia psidavit . 
Rob die q coia Justic itiflantibj addux pdca 
Beal^jc liede pdci Willi q' warantizavit ei 
dote sua \ vn petit record Justic. 

f Considatu t q Rob pducat warantu suu ad 
XV. dies j^ festU Sci Hilar . apd Westm . si 

ff Wills le Curteis petiit die Sci Andr t'ra sua p 
plevina q capta fu in man dni Reg p defcu 
ipi^ vsus OThom clicu de Huntend. 

jf Atnicia [uxor] Gilbti Avenel pon loco suo Gi/S 
vir suu vsus Mathm Jit Odoh de Estori d plac 
rre ad luc*. vl pd. 


Surr. JT Mabit de Moubrai pon loco suo Wilt de Bures 

vsus Canonic de Suwerk". d plac ?re . ad luc*. 
vt pd. 

Kent. JT Tties dsLt^^ Luce deC/ielefeld.\Philipp Jit Philipp 

de Dine . de plac porcois ?re in Chelefeld in 
Oct Sci Hilar. 

NorAdi. f Basit q fvi uxor Turbni petit v^sus Ham .JitHafti 
. i. v'gata tre It rcia pte.v^\ acrar c ptiii in 
Wika ut ronabile dote sua.q^ deb} hre ex 
dono Turbni viii sui .\ q rra capta fu in man 
diii Reg p defcu ipi^ Hafn. Ric de Bello capo 
poit^ loco ipi^ Ham die q dfis ej^ n deb} ei 
respode de dote q^ n t lies ej^ . It die q tes 
efSi WT'berti p fine fern in? ipm .\ Ham dnm 
suu q^eta clamav tra ilia q" ipa clamat \ 
ia pfert cirog^hm q t testat' . 1 petit Jud 
utr debeat ei respode sn waranto suo. 

Ibii JT Dicta t * fil Edi}fe q petit dote 9sus OsbtU de 

Glanvilt q veniat ad xv. dies p^ festU Sci 
Hilar apd Westm. 

0«* f Ass in? Had de la Rivere \ Thorn Hai de 

nova diss • t in respcu usq^ in Oct Sci Hilar . 
1 pceptii t bait de WaUng\ q lo fiat capitale 

Dorut. JT Mich de Basevilt .\ Isabtta ux sua petetes.1 
Ric de \\Siftewast tenes de tota rra c oib} ptin 
deWSi/Tiotun.^^SimJit *'Rob**yirp^dceIsabelle 
ei dedit i dote 9Cordati sut p sic.qd pdci 
Mich de Basevilt \ Isabtta ux sua q^eta cla- 
mavnt tota pdcam rra c ptin tota vita pdce 
Isabtte pdco Ric de Siflewast \ feed suis 
teiida 1 finda liba \ q^eta ab oi svico ad eos 
ptin p • Ix • sot. anuaii in redded • p • ij. nos 
Rot. Cur. Reg. O 



aiii . s. XXX. sol. adfest Set Mich St xxx. sol 
ad Pascha.l p M q*eta clamatia 1 fine 1 
gcord . pdcus Ric de WSiJvrewast dedit pdcis 
tdedit Mich de BaseviU \ Isablte ux sue . ij. 
m*c argeti 1 q p^ obil pdce Isabtk tra tota 
p^dca c oib} ptin remanebit pdco Ric de 
Si/urewast \ ted suis soluta.1 liba.Tt q^eta. 
ut libm feod suu i ppetuiL 

Siihat. JT Rod Goscelin sumdii^ fn ost^suj^ 

qr diss Alea'^ \\Cradulan de Winl ^ q fuer ^ 
de • ij. mesuag in suburbio Wini q fuert vadia 
ipi^ Alea:* usq . ad rmifi ix. anno^ \ Rod ven 
\ die q n diss • eu . set huit saisina in p vie de 
Suhai St vie die q fee ei saisina hre de ill. 
ij. mesuag q fuert Rodti CapeUan in escabiii 
. i, selde in feiria Wini. q* id Rod amisit p ass . 
de nova diss . cora Justic itinlantib3 X un id 
Rob fu waran? ipi^ Rod . pcepto Justic 
jf Dies dat^ t eis a festo Set Hilar in . j:v. dies ad 
audiend iud suu % Gives Winton emert rra 
ilia • \ inrim Ymt licenc pcord. 

••• JT petiit rra sua p plevina die Ven 

p^ fesl f u in man dni Reg p 

ej^ defcu fns sui q 

petit rra ilia in dote. 

«•• Cristian^^ fuuxor 

usqj in Ocl Sci nQ Pr. 

m. 10. dorS. 

Line. JT Loqla q f in? Sirfi de Kima poitu loco Hamsie 

mat's ipi^ Sim St AgnetS de Amundevilt de plac 
dot ipi^ Agn t in respect usq in crastin Oct 
Sci Hilar apd Westm . q, id Sifn t in ?vic6 
dni Reg pcepto diii Cani c Justic ibi itiS- 


f Wilts de Morton .\ Sim de Lindon .\ Wilts Bern . 
missi ad audiend q ipa Hauisia q lang^da t 
posuerit loco suo ad luc*nd vt pd . p ea i c'ia 
diii Reg de dote q* p>dca Agn clamat v^sus ea . 
diit q ipa posu loco suo pdcm Sim St Ric de 
Ormesbi q*rt^ mil . n veil . vt se ess . gsidatu t 
q ip ponat' p vad .1 pt . q sit ad pdcm ?min 
apd Westm oslnsur^ qr n veri ad die suu . \ 
ad testificand auditu suiL 

Dortet. JT Dies dat^ t Com Witto de rnU . \ WiUo de Mdte 
Acuto de plac catatt . a die Sci Hilar in 
TO. dies . apd Westm .t intim hfit lie concord. 

Sab^. if Lucia q fuit uxor Rob de Cauz poita fuit p pleg 

q eet ostesura q*r tulit bre de dissais \?s^ 
JViltm de Spinel de libo tenem i Wlngwrdiii . q 
ipe Wilts disroavit vsus Alea:!^ ware? iUi^Luce de 
dote sua • i cur dni {tr .1 in pfert cirog*pli fern 
in? eos anno . i. regni Pr Ric. Lucia ven 1 die . 
q disroav dote sua vsus ipm Alea:* frem viri 
sui . i curia . H. Reg . ano xxxiij. regni ej^. 1 
in pfert cirog*pfi . q hoc testat^1 petit jud . 
ut? fine fa?e potuit sup* fine p*us fcm . \ 
notad t q Alea^ q*el clamat tol j^ 1 clam suu 
q huit i tola rra i Wlngwrdiii . fVilto de Spineto 
\ llipo fTiT/.dedatvad.l pleg .monstrand vsus 
jural p q^s ipa recupav saisina q ftm sac^menl 
fecant 1 ipi attachiati venlut It ipe nict vsus 
eos dix n* monst*vit n* cirog^phm. Considatu t 
q ipa Lucia teneat in pace t Wills 1 pleg ej^ 
i mia % n m5st*nt vsus jur q fecisset ftm 

LimS. f Dies dat^ t Osblo de Langetot q* se ess . d in . 

lec.1 Wat^o de Bauent p3ito loco Eudoi d 

Q 2 


Bauent .a die Set Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm . 
% plac t de waranl carl. 

Line. JT Matild de Creuecuer pon loco suo Rand de 

Tunetorp v^sus Brian Jit Willi de\\Pinihorm de 
pi Pre ad luc*nd vt pdend. 

Kent. ff Mauser^ Jit Willi de ^Langedon \ Wills de 

Jubvilt. tenes pcord sut de x. ac*s Pre in 
\\Landeton p s*^.q Mauser^ q^tas clamav 
predcas dece ac*s Pre de se 1 liedib} suis ipi 
Wi^o It hedib} suis in ppetuu. 

Line. if Ass Thorn ^t Thorn diss inj^te \ sn 

judo . Eililda vidua It Ric fil suu . de lifto 
tenem suo i Ctppelade p^ p^ma coroii dni 
Reg. " Thorn veil " It die q ipa fu uxorata 
cuida Turkillo • q^ l&uit ex ea duos fit • q^ 
clamabat libtate tenem sui in cur dni Pr 1 n 
. die ubi St q ibi dironav eos ee villanos suos • 
1 n defend diss . n*^ aliq^s Justic vocav sup 
ilia dirone 1 ipi Etilda % Ric defendut vUi- 
nag.Tt ponut se sup jur It petiit ass. 
jf Considatu « q ipe nich dix qr ass • remaneat . 
1 io dies dat^ t eis in crastih Sci Hilar 1 to 
veniat os rec St p^ceptu * cKco vi2. 

Ibid. JT Thorn Jil \\Tim vefl in cur p suin T: ggnov Pel 

de Holt • 1 Joh de Norton xxj. mar5 1 dim . eis 
debe q*s ipi exigebat vsus eu p b . . s* vendito. 
It cep in maK eas rcddendas ad Pminos q®s 
ad ill fire potit. 
f Dies dat^ t eis de Pmin assignand T: pleg inve- 
niend . a die Pasch in av. dies . apd Westm. 

Norhit. f ^(^sit q fu uxor WTurbti de\VienSi Ham Jit 
Ham . gcord siit de . i. v^ata Pre .1 Pcia pte. 


V. ac*ru c ptin in Wika q ipa petiit vsus eu 
in dote . p s*^ q ipa q^etu clatnav totu jus \ 
clamiu suu ipi Ham . p . . .sol q**s id Ham ei 
in dedit 

Ibid. f Gild de WBemehace poit^ loco Att) de Burgo 

optut se iiij. die vsus Ric p'm d Cotinghd d 
pt hid retenti 9* ass dni Reg .1 ctic^ vi5 die q 
ipe Ric nBm laic feod ht in bail! sua It n vult 
ei dare n* vad . n*^ pl^g* 

Siqff\ f Nicotjit Rad de CoUon optut se . iiij. die v'sus 

Nicotjit Thorn d plac apptti . d morte Thorn 
pns sui .It ipe « Thorn petes n servav die suu. 

Line. if R(inn de Essebi . optut se • iiij. die . 9sus Wilt Jit 

Rob de Essebi de plac fin f 5i in c'ia dni Reg 
ap Westm St Wilt n . ven vt se ess . *Tt n tuit 
f Dies dat^ t eis die dhica pji^ an Natale ad lindu 
bre ad respondendu vie q liat ibi bre sumois. 

Boietand. f Ric de Martinwast optut se. iiij. die . 9sus Wilt 

de R d plac catatt St Wilt n veil . vt 

se ess St n liuit bre 

\lAnc. JT WalS de Lideford optut se . iiij. die vsus Joh de 

Herpha de plac waranl carf St Joh n ven . vt 

se ess St Joh f u eat sS die St Joh 

hat tale recupaEone q*le bre deb. 

iSuJii. jf Win Dae optut se . iiij. die v^sus Cecilia q f ii 

uxor ..... age St Vivian de Ivelcestr St Rob 

le taut St Witt le WLoherein St Thorn 

p^poitii St Gilb de 

plac nove diss . de ipa n 

se ess 1 Hug* ess 

p^cepto dole Regine fee eis hre saisina sua 

.... ipi 

o 3 



Bauent.a die Set Hilar in av. rfies.ap 
\ plac t de waranl carl. 

Line. JT Matild de Creuecuer pon loco sue 

Tunetorp v^sus Brian Jit Willi rfe|| ' 
pi ?re ad luc*nd vl pdend. 

Kent. ^ Mauser^ ft Willi de )\Langedon 

Aubvilt. tenes gcord sut de > 
\\Landeton p s^q Mauser^ • 
predcas dece ac*s tre de se 1 
Wilto 1 hedib} suis in ppetuu. 

Line. f Ass Thorn ft Thorn t 

judo . Eililda vidua t Ric ^ 
tenem sue i Qppelade p^ 
J Reg. " Thorn \en''\ die • 

i cuida Turkillo . q^ tuit e 

clamabat libtate tenem su^ 
. die ubi St q ibi dironav e 
1 n defend diss . n^ aliq^' 
ilia dirone t ipi EUlda ' 
nag.1 ponut se sup jur '^ 
f Considatu^q ipe nicti d' 
t io dies dat^ •§■ eis in < 
veniat os rec St pceptu 

Ibid. f TJiomJit\\Tim vefi in ci 

de Holt. XJohde Nor i 
defte q*s ipi exigebat ^ 
\ cep in man eas n 
ad ill tre potit. 
f Dies dat^ t eis de tmi 
niend . a die Pasch i 

Norhat. f J5«^^T q fii uxor 1|7^ 
Ham . pcord sut d 


11 vt 

:iact de 
cnhat i 


it de Cuber- 
lac ttost ad 

1 qreret pace 

111 Reg p dam 

licencia.1 sut 

tilfridP de Sat . ^^ 

* qd facial ei hre 


ig°. vsus dnm Rege 
, 11 rata t [ee j ad dona- 
Hilar in rv. dies . apd 

\ AVbi de Rameseia d 
fc Set Hilar in sv. dies . 


it H Rob Jit Rad . de pla5 
usq^ in xv. dies post Jesttt 
till . pcepto dni CanL 

loco suo Henr de CasteiUun . 
nburM alrm illoj^ vsusf 

G 4 






f Wilts DcuP poit^ fu p vad T: pleg adee coii 
Justic apd Westm in Ocl Sci Andr ostensur^ 
q° jure \ q° warant o teneat se in t'b} hid rre 
c ptin in Herford \xn id Wilts recupav saisina 
in c'^ia dni Reg vsus Rod de Wigorn g defcu 
ipi^ RadSi tra ilia capta t in mafi dfii Reg p 
bre dni Reg de ult* m^e .1 Witts ven \ petit 
ea p plevina.*!; die q recupavit d'ia 
dni Reg vsus ipm Rod judo c'ie . 1 in vocat 
c'iam ad warantu . \ offert dno Reg . x. marc 
ut deducat' judo c'ie dfti ^.IHug'JitRadde 
Wigof, offert dno Reg . x. marc, ut hat saisina 
sua in sic dns Rex pcipit p bre suu. 

f Dies dat^ t eis in Oct Sci Hilar apd Westm • 1 
Hug' pon loco suo Thorn de Huntend ad luc*. 

f Dies dat^ t Afibi de Salopesbur 1 Wilto de ||£i- 
shopehd de plac ass de morte ancess de \]. 
bova? rre in Norbrec a die Pasch in av. dies 
pcepto dni Ozn/. apd Westm. 

JT Wal?JitAde 1 Rob fr ej^^T: WSxvete Carefl Henr 
Care? \ Witt Bedett d Egelton 1 Rob PabnH 
\ Ingulf^ fr Henr St Godwin de WSaburnSl 
Witt Jit Turgis \ Rob fr ej^^.l Odo Jit Gudred 
1 Alwi Got poiti fueft p vad t pt adee cora 
Justic apd Westm . resposuri de q®da anci- 

pit* gcelato que Alea'^ de \\Pontd 

ad op^ dni Cant veflut 1 dixiiit qd inq^situ t 

p sac^mentu inr eos si ad de pdco 

ancipil 1 nicti potuit inr eos inq*ri n® aliq'd 

ill It vie de Roteland testat' q nicli 

p* inq^rere p eos de ipo ancipii 

jf Dies dat^ t eis a cfc Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 


GioeS. JT Dies dat^t Jord de La \\Wuke \ Rob de \\Kile. 

mundesden d plac tre .a die Set Hilar in 
jv. dies apd Westm Jl intim lint lie gcord. 


Ebof. f Oms loqle q ptinet ad ^obald Wal?. poniie in 

Line. respecl • usq^ in av. dies p^Jesl Sci Hilar p bre 

Boiet. dni (Janl. 

Suhdi. f Dies dat^t Ro£o de la Holle 1 RadMaskerel a 

festo Sci Hilar in av. dies apd Westm . ad 
audiend record 1 jud suu • de plac diss. 

Line. jT Petr^ le Salsier 1 Ada de Point gcord sut de 

catalT uR plac f ii int eos in cur dni ^r • p sic q 
Ada paccav ei mediel illo^ catalt . ita q alia 
med ei q'el clamavit 

ff^oriL f Maria de Bnmesbge pon loco suo Osb « suu 
VSU8 Agath Jit Joh de Wika de pt dol ad 
lu . vl pd, 

Berkair. ff Alanoth de S'lfrewast !\ Piencia q f u . uxor Wat^ 
de Cauz gcord siit de tcia pte . i, hide tre 
in Swanelfne p s"^ q ilia q^eta clamav ilia rcia 
pte ?re illi^ q* petiit in dote ipi Halenoth 1 
tiedib} suis . p xx. sot • q^s ei in dedit 

Nmf: JT Loqla in? WiUm de WGrancort \ Wilt le Noreis 

h5iem Foris de BenhS de plac applti t in 
resp^tu usq^ in av. dies f^Jest Sci Hilar. 

war. JT Dies dat^ t IVilto Jit Nigett .1 Roglo de Wotton 

de plac molend \ . i. v*gal tre in Wotton • un 
rec de morte a&cess sum5ita f u . p bre diii 
Ckml usq^ m ocl Sci Hilar. 

Norkdt. JT Dies dat^ t Hug^ Peverel .\ Lticie de Kokefeld. 
d plaS Pre .in ocl Sci Hitr ad audiend jud 


Sussex'. ff Add de Port St Gilb Morin poiti loco Willi de 
Brahose optulert se iiij. die vsus Rob de 
Forstesbur.\ Alic uxore ej^. d plac . i. hid ?re 
in Bedinges St Rob \ Alic tenentes n vefliit 
vt se ess .It sumo testata f u. 
^ Jud rra ilia . capiat"^ in man dni Reg .It dies 
capcois mandet' Justic St ipi sumoneant' q at 
apd Westm a die Sci Hilar in arc. dies . fapd 
tWestm audirt jud suu jf pceptu t Jocelin 
cKco vie « . 

Line. jf Elias de Hareines petiit xl. sol reddit^ p ann in 

Kinerbi \ in Barewe vsus WJoilaen de Amunde- 
vilt q**s ei debet redde annuali p fine fcm inr 
ipm WJoheilein \ Thorn prem EUe . in cur dni 
Reg . H. pris dni Reg . p y]. boval tre T: uno 
molend in Scaletorp q Agneis de AmundeviU 
ten} ad vita sua .t itm deb} id Elias hre pfatos 
xl. sol X pfert cirog*plim q fi id testat' St vie 
testat' p bre suu qd illi xl. sol reddit^ capti 
fuert in manu dni ^ die Ven pa^ ]P f* Sa 
Edm . p def cu ipi^ Joilan . vsus ipm Elid St 
Joilan vefi inf* jcv. dies St petiit pdcos xl. sol. 
reddit^ p plevina. , 

jf Considatu t qd Joilan liat p plevina illos xl. sol 
reddit^ . T: dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Hilar in 
TO. dies . 1 inrim hiit lie gcord . 1 Joilan^ pon 
loco suo ad cirog*ph suu recipiend Hug' de 
WBobi . vl Rad le Franceis St Elias poii loco 
suo in Galfr de Hareines. 


jf Rog' de Cerinl poit^ loco Abb deFordes ad luc\ 
vl pd . optul se iiij. die vs^Herbtu de \\Boil- 
liers de plac . rre . 1 Herbt^ n ven . vl se ess . 
\ dies f u ei poit^ p ess suQ » usq^ . in Oct . Sci 


jf Jud fra capiat^ in man diii Jt: .1c . T: ITb^ 
sumoneat' q sit apd Westm a die Pasch t Cs 
sepl . audit'us jud suu. 

D'nica p^ fesf. S'cH NicoFi. 

Surf. ff Regin de Cruce pon loco suo Rob Banastre • de 

plac servitii . i. milil . in Mukeld . ad luc* vl 
pd . si ipe inree ^ posset. 

WigtfK^ f Loqla q t inr Wat^ Haket \ Jotiem de Branil 

Bicjit Wiltijil Gtddonis de plac ass de morte 
ancess . de feodo dim milil in WBrecton t in 
respectu usq^ in ro. dies post festn Sci Hilar 
apd Westm ad audiend jud suu de ead loqla . 
p bre dni Cani. 

Sukdt. JT WWalkUn^Jit Engelard petit 9sus Galfrjit Elie 

dim hida Pre c ptin in Foroille sic jus \ 
lieditate sua. I un pr suus EngelardP cxxf 
ppinq'or lies ille est fuit saisit^ in dnico ut de 
feodo die q^ it peg^nacois sue airipuit vsus 
Jertm in quo itinle obiit . in q* tra ipe Gaffer 
n tuit ing'ssu n* p Silvestr avunctm ipi^ 
fValk^Un q* eu tiuit in custod du fu infra etate. 
Galfr ven \ defendit qd nuq* liuit ing'ssu 
in pdca tra p Silvestr 1 die q lit pies tras in 
p^dSa villa de Froille • \ petit visii Pre illi^. 
jf Jud tat visu .1 dies dat^ t eis m crastino Sci 
Hilar apd Westm .1 intim hfit lie gcord. 

CujMand. f[ Ricjit lyuite ven in cur die dnica pj^ p^Jesl Sci 
Nicot t dix q 9valuit de infirmitate unde se ess 
in Comil d Kardoil d mat lecti vsus Ric^t 
Robti St Alan 6fe||Or/ plac Pre in Cum . . 
1 in Vice bocardSl optut se standi recto. 




m. 12. In p'odma die cTnica pH f'm S'ci Nicolau 

Eborac. jf Assisa venit rec si UrnfricP WaspaiU par 
WalU fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feodo 
suo die q* obiit de . ij. boval tre cum ptiii in 
Burton \ si obiit 1c St si ipe WaiSs ppinq^or 
lies ejus sit . q's Rob de Filers tenet Wal^ 
petens seq^tur \ Rob no ven vt se ess It su- 
monico testat^ 

jf Jud terra capiat' i manu dni Reg p p^oitu de 
Bevilaco quia tra ilia est de feodo SciJohis de 
Bevllaco 1 ipe faciat scire Justic die capcionis 
ap Westm in . rv. dies a festo Sci Andr. 

jf T*ra capta fuit in manu dfii Reg die Sabbti aH 
festu Sci EadmUdi \ Rob de Wilers q* tra tenet 
n5 petiit ea ad hora neq^ ad rminu. 

jf Considatu t qd ass ♦sumoneat'^ [[veniet] m 
crastin Sci Hilar [in arc. dies'] apd Westm 1 
Ic capial • p^ceptG t vie. 

Narf\ jf Theobald fit JoUs p^sbii de Walton siimonit^ 

fuit adee cora justic ostesur^ or deforciat Ide 

Jit ^Guniti WlTemg^. vij . ac*» tre i fValtonJ\ 

ipe ven It dix . q n** clam i tra ilia .T: q ea 

n ei deforciat J\ ei q'eta tra ilia clamav. 

Eborac. jf Dies dat^ t Canoic de Eborac 1 ppoito de 
Bevllaico de placito li^tal . q poil fuit ap 
Westm p Justic de ptib} iBi ad av.diS a festo 
Sci Andree . a festo Sci Hilarii I av. dies . ap 

Suhat. jf Cecilia de \\Ferrieres *^ debet " drto Reg . ij. marc 

p hndo recordo loqle sic deducta fu in c''ia 
dai Reg in? ea % Godqfr \\Ruffa q dironav 4b 


ad villan 1 ut loqla ilia liat in c'ia dni Reg 
(^apd Westm] q t int eos in Comitatu. 
JT Cecilia liat bre ad loqla ilia sumonenda qd sit 
apd Westm . a die Set Hilar in rv. dies . pceptii 
t . vie Jl Cecilia pon loco suo Wiltm Jit Johis . 
frem suu . ad luc*. vt pd. 

JEfser*. JT Herevic^ de Raimes petit vsus Rob de Welles 

feod . i. milil. in Raimes. sic jus It Meditate 
sua q ei descendit ex pte Atichi fns Osbti avi 
sui q^ ea lluit t tenu a pqstu Anglie St post 
illii Osbt^ avus suus tpe Reg . H. avi capiendo 
in expleta ad Valencia . v. sot . vt plus .1 fi 
offert pbare vsus eu p bona secta q* addux^at 
S5 nemine nomiavit ." 1 die q Henr de Essea^^ 
vi 1 inj^te St tpe gwerre abstulit a pdco Os&to 
?ra ilia. 
Rob ven 1 defend vim \ injuria . \ die q diis 
Rex . H. pr diii Reg dedit Gervasio de Welles 
pri suo rra ilia p 9vic6 suo q* t de consta^laria 
sua 1 in ptulit carta diii Reg q hoc id testat'. 
\ si sup carta ilia deb} resp5de iti • die q ipe 
ostendet qd H*evic nltm jus bt in rra ilia 
vsus eu. 
f[ Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Hilar in sv. dies apd 
Westfii ad audiend jud suQ. 

Stt£si. JT Galfr de Mandevilt optut se vsus Henr de Tilli. 

Dorset. de plac Baron d ATswode 1 warantizav ess . 

«uu . 1 dies (iat^ ^ ^s a die Sci Hilar in 
av. dies . apd Westm . et Ic warantizet ess . 
suu St audiat resposu suu . de ipo Henr. 

Norhii. jT I^i^s dat^ 1 5!r^ monacti tindi warantu suu p bre 
Senescalt de Norni phibens q AfSb Sci Pet^ sup 
Diva llponat eu loco suo cora pdco Senescalt 
ad cirog*p%m suu recipiend inr pdcm Att^m. 


1 PetrU de Chainneto.1 Wtttm de Foro sup 
advocacoe ecctie de Foro a die Ptmficdis • in 
JTV. dies apd Westm. 

Siif. if -R^ ^^ Hemelton optut se . iiij. die v'sus Wilbn 

de WAuuUers • de plac rre I Sprouton !\ ipe 
Witts n ve.vt se ess .I huit die suu p ess 
suu a vigil OmiU Scof, in xxi. diS q' ess eu de 
ult* mare. 
JT Dies dat^ f eis a die Set Hilar I av. dies apd 
Westm . qjj !l hms record illi^ loqle n*^ bre, 

Essex\ JT Dies dat^ t Ide T^ket .\ Robto Rumbold poito 

loco Pe/* Picot . de plac rre i Haidenn ad 
Kndu jud 1 record suu a festo Sci Hilar in 
av. dies apd Westin. 

Die d!nica arC NataJe. 

Essea^. if Prior Sci Leonard de \\Ginnes petiit p plevina 
f die Venis pa^ an festU Sci Thorn Apli molen- 
din de Wigesho q captu f u in man Pr . p ej^ 
defectu rsus Wittm Jit Galfr Cheitre. 

Surr. IT Dies dat^ t -R^ de HaUinges \ Priori de Sco 

Sahatore de plac rre a die Sci Hilar in av. dies 
apd Westm cora Archpo. 

Susses\ JT I^cs dat^ t JoKi Avenel 1 Urso de WLimes de 
audiend record 1 jud suo de plac rre a die 

Sci Hilar in ro. dies apd Westm 1 & 

Henr de Wichml qtr finis f cs in remansit 

f Loqia q t in? Waifm de CUffbrd \ Rog" de 
\\Watertcse de audiend jud suo de plac nove 
diss t in respctu usq^ in Octab Sci Hilar apd 
Westm 1 dns Canl warantizav eid TVaffo die 



Sci Andree T: ab eod die die • • . qd || tc f u 
... in ex/ citu p sumone sua. 

••• JT Dies dat^ t Wilto de Sirinton 1 Robo de Banastr 

pSito loco Regin de ||H\ . . on de plac ^vitii 

feod . i. milil a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies 

, ^ J apd Westm. 

ID. 12. don. ^ 

Dies dat^t i plac ?re * 

p duellu fern in c'ia Eliens Epi 

in ocl Sci Hillar apd Westm T: innm lint lie 

I^<^' Dies dat^ t Witt Jit Osbti 1 Civib} Loud de lifetate 

sua tinda de aptto Ric Jit Osbti 

\ Hen Brand .\ Jord Tan in Ocl Sci 

Hilar apd Westm. 

o. IS. Esson* capte apd Westm* a festo S^cH Mich* 
in . XV. dies anno regni Reg* Ric* ty *®. 

Susses^. f Henr de P^ci es3 se de malo lecti . iii. die an plaS 
apd WDauton in Ebordc ^s^ Brian Jit Rad de 
plac tre p iJohanas de Coking^ Jl WHudard de 
f[ Mittant' . iiij. milites IS et si languor n fuerit tc 
sit apd Westm a die Sabbi paf^ f^ fesl Sci 
Edward in una mensem. 

Ebaral. f Petf^ de Frhnareis poit^ loco J^otfi de Fakinbge 
ess se de mat ven ^'s^ Rad de Rqfa de plaS 
tre p Ada de Rise. 

ff Rad pon loco suo Helia ♦ ad audiend die suiL 

jT ViS pleg m octab O^ium Sco^. 

Smue^. K Rogis fit Reinfr ess se de mat ven vs^ Witt 
de Pehedeii de plac warantie Pre p JValf de 



WUtesir* f And? de Crikelade ess se de mat ven vs^ Fore 
de M'eton de plac reddit^ p Rogim de Mes- 

Bedef\ IT lH^gin Halidai ess se] 

de mat ven vs^ 

WGitt de WCavendun \ Matilt de Munemue de 
pT apelli p Mathm Jit Roland. 
^ Dies dat^ t eis in cystine 0*ium Scof^ apd West 

BukingA. ff Ri^ de Euenton ess se de mat ven vs^ WiU 
Basset de pt tre p RadBuse. 

B€d€f\ ^ FMUpp Halidai ess se de eod vs^ Rob deHole^ 
cotes p Wal$de Bedef*. 
JT I^ c^stin 0*ium Scof, apd WesL 

Leiv. r Waif de Folevilt de mat ven fv's^ t Afi/b» 9s^ 

Milan de Sco WMauruc % Rad de Sco Maur 
de pt aptti p WiU le Fad. 
f Fict pleg in octab O'ium Scof. 

Ibid. f i/ifg-' Molendin de eod vs^ eosd p Rob Jit Rod. 

f Fid pt ad eund tmin . apd Wesl. 

Ibid- if Thorn de Seg^e de eode vs^ eosd p Wilt Jit 

f Fid pt ad eund tmin . apd West. 

Norfbr. if ^^^ ^ Heketon de mat ven v's^ Wa^JU Edric 
dc plac tre p Wilt de NiwetoH. 
jf Fid pt t octab 0*ium Sco^. 

Norf\ if Ji^^ de Plaiz de mat ven v's^ Rob Ex^neU de pt 
?re p Adelsta de Wetting\ 
Jf Fid pt I c^stin OHum Scof apd West 

Bcrksir. f Odo de Kamo d . ma .ve . vsus Gatjr de Chausi . 
it pt . ?re . p Johm de Mulef*. \ Pagan dc 
Mu^P* t esson expHavit q*rtu die suu . 1 
Gaiiff n ven n^ se ess .1 fuit petens. 











f Jud . Odo eat sn die . 'It Gaufr hat tale re- 
cupacom q'le hre deb}. 

(f Regiii de Argenl . q f in 9vico dni Jt . apd 
Cantebr vsus Thorn de BassinVne de plac 
homag p Tstan le Violur f "X Thorn ess se 
de in . ve . rsus eumd . p Witt Hauec. 

(f PI ess . fid . in crastin Omiu Scof apd Westra. 

if Joh T^sgoz d iS . ve . \?sus Rad de Sco Audoeh 

de plac 'fre p \\Fromund de \\Poclif. 
JT Fid pi I c^stin O'ium Scof. 

f -4/twi^ nepos Rob le Frdceis de m . ve . v^sus Rad 

de Crqfton de plac rre p Add Marescalt. 
f Fid pt . in crastin O'ium Sco^ apd Westm. 

f Witts fit Rob . d . m. ve . v'sus Rad de Essebi 

de plac rre p Rob JW YweiiL 
JT ^ Rod ess se de mat . ve . v'sus eude p Rob de 

(f Fid pt . in crastin OHum Scof. 

f[ Magr H*bert^ de Sees d m . ve . 9sus c'iam de 
lege sua faciend.p Ada Jit Emulf* . 

f Witts de WWelkbof d . in . ve . v^sus Afcbem de 

Wardon d plac ?re . p Watt de H'tilande. 
f Fid pt . in crastin Cfium Scof. 

f Rob fit Rad de mat ve.v*sus Prior e de Hospil 

d pt Svicii . p Petr de Bakeno. 
f Fid pt I oct(^ OnUum Sco^. 

JT Abel de Bedef de mat ve .iPs^ Gilt de II Wauendon 
1 Matild de Munemue de plac apelli p Witt 
Canterelfi 9s^ EMn de Bruha. 

JT Dies dat^ t eis apd * f d'stino O'itm Scof. 

Rot. Cur. Reg. H 


Leu. f Witt Jit Rob de mat ve ^^s^ Brnm de Essebi de 

plac rre p Rob Jit WYvon VPt Rami ess se de 
mat ve • v's^ eund . p Rob de WBrubec. 
jf Fid pleg . ? c^stin (yium Sco^. 

Coventr. JT Magr HercbiP de Sagiis de msJ ve . vs^ curia 
de lege sua facienda p Add Jit Rob Emuif. 

Bedef\ JT Witt de \\WeUebe ess se de mat ve Ps^ Attiem 
de Wardun de plac Pre p Wall de H^tilanS. 
jf Rd pt i c^stin OHim Scof. 

Ibid. if J^ob Jit Rod de msl ve ^s^ JP^orS de Hospitat 

de plac 9vi5 p Petr de Bakeno. 
JT Fid pt ? octab 0*ium Sco^. 

Norf\ JT Witt de Longoitt de mat ve . 9s^ Witt de Becc 

de plac rre p Rob de Godewic. 

jf Witt de Becco pofi loco suo Magnn Steph de 

(f Fid pt ? octab (yium Scof. 

Leic. jf DurandP de Essebi de mat ven ^s^ Witt jftt Rob 

de plac rre . p Rod de Burbocc . in octab OSfOi 

Eborac. jf Witt de Kilting de mat ve . €>8^ ITfer/ deSco 
Qntin de plac apelt p Rod de IHmareis. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis f octab OHum Sco^ • 1 Stej^ de 
Faukinbge % Rob de Dodinton fueft de eod 
apett 1 n ven!unt vt se essofi Si fuert atta- 
chiati p pt . t considat t q Steph 1 Rob 
capiant' q tc sint ibi ad p^dcm tmin. 
jf t p^cepl t vicecom. 

ibia. Everard de Witting^ de eod v's^ eund p Alan fit 

jf Ad eund rmiil pxim pcedente. 


&0T. Sim de Cheikd de mat ve vs^ Penteaist 'X 

WRogeirum de Horn poitos loco hedis Rad de 
WCruleia ad luc*nd vl pd . p Joh RuffU. 
f[ Fid pi f c^stiii (Tium Sco^^ apd Wesl. 

Ibid. JT Petf^ £t ej^. de eod Psus eosd . p Rod Jit Pe^. 

f Ft fid ad eude ?min. 

£gfgjf, f Wali de Cantebr \ Isabel uxor ej^ • d m . ve . 
V8U8 Eilbold de fVenden . d plaS . i . mesuag . p 
WAixoardJtt Ebnegard, 
f In octab Omiu Sco^. 

Wikia. JT Witt de Argent, de m . ve . v'sus \Rocero de pt 
?re.p Wig" Jit Ran. 

LM. f WiganP Jit fVigan de m. ve.\?su8 Alan de AU 

garekerke . d pla2 ?re . p Warin de Crakekale. 
JT r octab Omia Sco^. 

Die Sabb'i paf fP fe$tu S'c'i Edward". 

KH. ff Osb de Longo capo ess se de m . ve . vsus Atibem 

de Boxkia d plac capiend cirog*ph suu.p 
Jord de Leini. 

Sdr. fi Petr^Jit ITeward de m . ve . vsus JRo^ Archid . 

de plac tre p Thorn . . . Wcorebi. 
JT In octab OnUU Sco^. 

Ebof. f RaddeWWlusie.di^sus.Matttm de\\Ha- 

verseg* de plac bosci absdsi p Philipp de 
JT In octab Set Martin. 

Ibid. f Cecilia de RiderSe d ffi . ve . vsus /res tSpli d 

plae ?re p JVaU tSpU Ifres 

fi.vefiut vt se ess.l fueft petentes.1t ess 
ejcp^tav . iiij. die • suiL 
H 2 



jf Jud . ess . Cecil eat sn die Si Temptrii hat tale 
recpacone qMe * debet 


m. 13.dor§. 




Die Mart p^ festu S'ci Diomsii. 

jf A^ de Mote See Kc&ine . ess . se de ult* mare . 
v'sus Witt Jit Gregof . de plac ?re lid Tingm 
p Ric Gallic 1 p EUd de Lond. 

f Petr^ de Huchinge . d mat ve . vsus Wall de 
Pei^pote.di plac fiR fci in c'^ Osbfil 

jf In crastin (yium Scof. 

JT Ric Boissel . de m . ve . vsus Ric de Waure . d 
plac apptti p WHtJil Ivon . jf Pt ess . WRe^ 
de Argenl . in octab Sci Marl. 

jf Gerard Jil Drui d eod . vsus eQde . p Ric Jit 

(f WReg^ de Argento pt . ad eumd rmin. 




jf In tres sepf post festu S^c'i Mtch\ 

jf Witt Engeram d m . ve . vsus Ada Jit Ade . de 

plac gsuetud . p Ric Sweft. 
jf In octab OmiS Scof apd Westm. 

jf Petr^ Bardolf*. de m . ve . 9sus Xpiana q fu 
uxor Witt* . de plag dol . p Radjit Teodric. 

jf Fid pt.a Ae Dmca pxima ^ Jesta Sci Luce 
Evangl in «;. dies. 

jf Wittde^snsThofn.deWVer- 
duein de plac rre p Regin de Griseleia 1 v^sus eod pla2. 

f In octab Omium Sco^. 

f Thorn pon loco suo Witt de Ficton ad lu . vt pd. 


Uiii£bex\ if ErmoUJP de Mandevitt . d m . ve . 9sus Witt de 
Sco Mich d plac catalt p Rob dHetfeld. 
^ A die Jovis $a^ p^ fesl Sci Luce in ro. dies apd 

Vorf\ ^ Milo de Hasting* de m . ve . \?8us Witt de Mun- 

chanesi d plac rre . p Wittm Rotekin. 

f Kd pi . a die Ltm pa^ ]^ JestU Sci Licce in 
arv. dies. 

f Wittjil Rogli . recogn de eod . ess . se . p Godwin 
de Garbodesha. 

f Ad eud ?mifi. 

OxoiL if Lucia de Kokefeld . de . m . ve .v'sus Hu^Feoerel. 

Norhdt. d pi ?re . p Regin Jit Godwin. 

f Fid pi . a die Lun paim p^fesl Sci Luce Evangt . 
in fs sepl apd Westm. 

Surr. JT Galfr de Hckeseia d m . ve . vsus qda hdiem 

archpi de plac catall . p Galfr d Tikeseia. 
fl A die Jovis jf festu Sci Luce . in av. dies. 

Ucot. if P'or de WSicleia d ma . ve .vsus Rog* de WGatesbi . 

d plac advocois ecclie de Catesbi . p Witt de 
jf In octab OmiU Sco}^. 

AocT. ff J^^ ^ Ward . iij. die aii plac d ma . lee . apd 

Fektorp v'sus Galfr SakeriU d plac tre.p 
Galfr ♦ Racheia .1 Galfr de Hetlebrig. 

£1^^ jf Aman^ de Sutton . de mal . ve . vsus Hug' de 

^' VerU.& plag ?re.p Steph Jit Pet", 

fl In octab OmiU Sco:^. 

Ibid. 9i Hug^ de V'li de mal . ve . v'sus Hug' Bard p 

IvonS de \\Bemebleia. 
jf Ad eumd r. 

Ibid. f Hugo de WPusac d m ven v^sus Hugoii^de pi 

H 3 


9poti reddedi p Rod de Lonesdale . in crastkio 
Sci Martini apd Westm. 

•** jT Witt Jit Spiring* d m.v.vsus eund de eod p 

Rob de Frixtone in crastino Sci Marl. 

*** if AS) de Wmkecbe d m ven v^sus Thofti TaiUard 
d pt finis fci [in c'^ia] p Ric de ChalemU' 

Lincot. Josce de Houesbi . i. rec in? Atti de Bardenai 1 

fres Sci Lazari p Witt de Honeshi in octab Sci 
Hilarii 1 tc veiS ass. 

Surr. f WveP de Godinges d m veil rsus Witt ITxd . de 

pi ? . p Ric Jit Nich dies dat^ t in crastino Sci 

Kit. jf Ham de Girude d m veil vsus GUd de M*lai de 

pT q tenuit c'ia infra adventu JusL 

m. u. A festo Sd Michael in . i. Mensem. 

Nor/\ f Rad de Verli ||eessoS se de • ma . ve • v'sus AUc 

del Hulm de pla5 . ?re . p WaUJit Haraid. 
jf Fid pi a vigta Sifti *l Jude I . rv. dies. 

Sudf*. f ^^^ ^ Wate^eld de ma • ve . vs^ Rob de 

Watesfeld d pi aptt . p Robjtt. Ric. 

loqnd d fi AVb d Sco Edm petiit c'iam sua in ad bora 
rfaAHSis. r^gjj^ig 

(f Dies dat^ est eis . in octab Sci Hika^ ap Westm. 

Ibide. jf Witts de Aubvitt d . in . ve .1 Matitt uxor ej^^sus Thorn de Ardn .1 \\Ead^ 
Rob p Thorn d WHoc .\ M^tinH d Norfled. 
f Fid pi t ocl. S. Martini .l.arv. d. apd Westffi. 

Surr. f Re^ d Cruce ess se ?cia die aii plac d mat 











lecti . apd Swinebroc i Oxoh p Wittm d 
WSirSton d pl.?.p Rob Malhbe .\ Rob le 

JT Mittat'^.iiij. milil.l.c.1 si 1 1 languor. tuc ^it 
f ocl Set M^tini . apd Westm. 

^ Hu^ de Btto Capo d . m . ve . v^s^ Hu^ d 

WeUeboef.a pl.?.p GalfrfilRob. 
f Fid pi. a vigid SimlJude t.av. d. apd Westm. 

f Hug^ de Leuei de m . ve . v's^ Pore de Ledes d 

pi p^sentacois c^dam ec* p Rob le Met. 
f Kd pi ad eud die. 

jf Joh de Oriel de . m . ve . vs^ Pore d Ledes d 

pi psentacois c^da ec*. p Thorn FratorS. 
f Rd pi ad eiid die. 

JT Rad d Bekemett d.m. ve,9s^ Galfr Jit PetK 

d pi apll . p SpnaiUe d Bekeswett. 
)f A& d Rameseia petit in cur sua. 
f Fid pi I ffstin Set . Andr. 

f RJc At*) de Hagemd d . m . ve . v^sus Rad de 
Ardr . d pi . P. p Norin d Hagemd. 

f Pid ^\ a iUe Jovis gaf^ ]^ festU Cfitm Seof t. 
arc. d. 

Wmen^ CapttarP d.m . ve . Ps^ Mauric d t 
d pi gvncois . p Joh de Ponte. 
f Rd pi a die Sci Martini I • av. dies. 

f RicJitPefi's^ p)fa£ Galfr Jit Pet' 

de pi apK . p Galfrid CocU. 
jT Fid pi I d^stfi Sci Andr. 

jT Witts Jit Thorn'sus eGd Galfr d 

eod pi. p Jordan de Blocheleia. 
jf Fid pi ad eiid rminiL 

H 4 











Inq c 





f Lefsi Jit Rod d . m . ve . vsus eiid Galfr de pi 

eod p Reiii de Pictd. 
(f Rd pt . ad eiid tminu. 

f Galff BPsel d.m.v.v^sus eund d eod pt,p 

Rein Fab de Rok'eshd. 
(T Fidpladeud.?. 

jf Thorn fit Ger d . m . ve . vs^ eiid d eod pi . p 

Wal?fit Agnetis. 
JT Fid pt ad eud . ?. 

f W^flff BercarP d . m . ve . vsus eiid d eod pi p 

Galfr fit Rein. 
if Abbas d Rameseia petiit in c'iam sua. 
r Fid pt ad eiid . ?. 

If ^f/& de Melchesha d . m . ve .v'sus Ric leOsA 

pi . ? . p Philippu d Melchesha. 
If Fid ^\ a die Sci Martini t xo dies. 

jf Werries[lieis^ d Caam Wittmfil 

Rob d pi . t . p Ger d Crokeston. 
)f Fid pi a c^stin Sim 1 Jtid t . ro. dies s^d 


jf Witts de Vernon d c'iam de 
gmiii sumoii.p Rad d Catetto .1 Ric d 

Wiemar^ d Bassiggeb^ne d • m • ve . vsus magrm 
Petru de Paxston . d pi . r . p Wttm d 
If Fid pi a vigta Sifti 1 Jude I . arv. dies. 

(f Rad d Hildircte d . m . ve . vsus Rob d Wat- 
Ungeston d pi . r . p Regifi d Samfort. 

Afib d Croiland d . m • ve . v^s^ c'^ia d gmiii 
siimonsa p Nick d Cottehd. 


JT Osed d Ldgo Crnnpo p\ i oel Sci Hylarif apd 

SaUdfe. jf Witts d WGotocru q*da visor d ess d m lecti • v^s^ 
c'iam p Petrfl d \\GatacrifL 

Ebof. Ads d Brus • d • m . ve . vsus c'iam d gmui 

sumoe p Withnjit Rob 1 Withn Cosin. 
JT PI e^l. Rob Jit Rob. in octab Sci Hilar. 

Doner. JT StepfUTh^ett&^s^ Saresbir^^m.eii^X. 
? . p Ro^ Thrett. 

Sud/\ f Wi^ dAhilers d ult* mare ^sus Ric d Ham^ 

aUnia pt.P.p WittmftOseh. 
jf Rd pi a vigt 0*iU Sco;^ .J.rv. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibid« JT Mauric d Dodene ponit i loco suo ad luc^nd 

1 pdnd . ITvea fil suu 9sus WtnerSu Capttanfl 

Ibid. JT Atfc de Sibiton . d . m . v . vsus Martin d Beaufo 

d pi . t . p Johjit WAngnel. 
jf Fid pt a festo Set Martin .l.xv. dies. 


Sudf. 9f mitiru'a.m.\e.9s\is.J7ieo6fFaffaT^X.'^. 

p Baldewina d Btcres. 
fi Fid pi I (^stin Sci Martin. 

Boteland. ^ BiZ d Oa^s^ Wittm ft Rob . a pi. 
t.p Jordan fit Joh.\ hoc fuit ess i rcia 
die pi. 
jf Fid pi a c^stina die Sint It Jtide . I xv. dies . 1 
tuc veniet Ric ostesur^ q*e ft §vaWt die 

jT MatittdWPuz es3 se 9sus RobdOuittd pi. t.p 


Rod Forts 

PI ess fid . dat' dies eis a vigt OHtm Scoif I 
av. dies . apd Westm. 









If Oseb d Glarmnlt d • m . ve • vsus Edithd d pt . 

?.p wmiesnmefn. 

f Fid pi I c^stin Set Andr. apd Westm. 

jf Crastin' A'la^. 

jT ^i/f. tf X5^o cajEW) teess se 9cia die aB pt d mat 
lect*. apd Marisc \\Wareineis vsus Jfuft rfe 
WHalketol d pi waral tcarta p Alard RtiffSM 
ClemiS de Bohoiche. 

Pet?nUt uxor ej^d WitR'& eod.[eod] m'* v'sus 
eud .I apd Wamelfne i 5^ttdS p TAom.ii 1 JRic 

Suds€x\ f JbA Tresgod de mal lecti . apd Garrlg' 9s^Rad 
d Sco Andean d pT • r • p Alexadr \ Hendric 
hoes suos. 

i/i^^^mn d HameT 

f Fid Ric de Baa.ji i ocl Set UPtini. 

f AUenora uxor g^ d .m. ve. Psus eud d eod.p 

Penteeosth ^ . 
^ Ricde Baa pi I ocl Set Mhrtini. 

(T jRegi» d Argenl d . m . ve . v^sus ThoR d Bos- 
siggeh^n . d pi humag . p WWttfn Arhelastar. 

Middehe£. f '^«'^ fe Parmef d m . ve . €^sus Godajit ^ITfyei 
d pi dotis.p Bad Jit Galfr. 

f( Rog' d TkUilaml d ult* mare i 9vico Reg v^sus 
Rad d Bradelee d pi ?.p Gikb d Lee. 


NorhdL Jf WSomati Jit Ham d ult* mare i svico Reg vsus 
Mabmt d la Wika d pt dotis . p Rog'Jit Witt 

ROTULI Cimim REGIS. 107 

Midddsex". jf Rein d ^Hamton d pT veniendi v'sus Roges d 
Hamton d pt 2^9 p Sim^Joh S Hamton. 

m. 16. Ess*, in crasHn^ O^ium S*c^o^. 

Unc. jf Witts de Longo cSpo ess . se • iij. die an plaS de 

mal lecti apd Mareisc WWarreis • vsus Hub de 
WHaVcetot de plac warantie cartar . p Alard 
RvffU X Clem . de Boterwic. 

Ibid. JT Pct9mtt uxor ej^d Witt . de eod . eod m? apd 

Wamelfne . vsus eumd . de eod • p Thorn . 
Mdhreward .\ Ric de Frixton . de itiSe justiS. 

Sus$ex\ f Johs de T^sgoz.^^ m.leS.apd Garinges .vsns 
Rod de Sco Andean . de plac divis • rre • p fp 
Akx^ .1 Hem^ hSies suos . de itinle. 

Bedef*. JT Hug^ de Bella Capo ess . se de fii. ve.^sus Witt 
de Eineford . junior d plaS r . p Barthot 
f Pt ess . Ric de Badon . in octab Sci Marl. 

Ibid. JT Alinor uxor ej^. de eod . vsus eumd . p Pentec. 

f Pt ess • ^ pt ^ Ric . ad eund tini£L 

Caniebr. if R^giH de Argent . d m • ve . vsus • Thorn de 
BoMngVne . de plaS homag • p || Wilkin « Ar^ 
f Pt fid a (^stin Sci Leonard . in . h mensS . apd 

MiddeUex\ f Witt Tmcnl d^sus Godd Jit WITeurei . 
de plac dol p Radjtt Galfr. 
ff Inoct Sci Marl. 

LinS. JT Rog^ ^^ Thornton . de ult* mare q t in svico 

d&i Pr . vsus RanH . de Bredeleia p WGibelot del 
Le • de itinle justic. 





Wiltesif. jf Andr de Crtkelade ess se de mat ven vs^ P*or§ 
de M^eton de plac reddit^ p Roglm de Alesi 

Bedef \ ^ [Regin HaUdai ess se] de mat ven vsi 

WGitt de WCavendun 1 MalUt de Munemue d<| 
pi apelli p Mathm Jit Rolamt 
jf Dies dat^teis in c^stino O^ium Sco^ apd West] 

jT Ric de Euenton ess se de mal ven rs^ Wfl 
Basset de pt rre p RadBtise* 

jT Philipp HaUdai ess se de eod v*s^ Rob deHol 

cotes p Wats de Bedef*. i 

jf In c^stin OHum Sco^ apd Wesl. f 

jT TFal? de FoleviU de mat ven fv's^ \Mihn 
Milan de Sco WMauruc % Rad de Sco M 
de pt aptti p Wilt le Fad, 

f Fid pleg in octab OHum Sco^. f 

jf Hag* Molendin de eod vs^ eosd p Rob Jit} 
jf Fid pt ad eund trnin . aptt West. 

jf Thxm de Seg^e de eode vs^ eosd p W 

f Fid pt ad eund train . apd West, 

f Ric de Heketon de mat ven vs^ Waif 

de plac rre p Will de Niweton^ 
jf Fid pt f octab 0*ium Sco^. 

Jf Rad de Plaiz de mat veil vs^ ^5 E. 

?re p Adelsta de WeUing\ 
f Fid pt I c'^siin OHum Scof apd Wd? 

de Kamo d • nia .ve . vsus Gc 
pt , rre . p JuHm dc MuU 
tu^/^.1 esson expHavit ij" 
fr fi ven n** se c^ .1 fy* 








Leic. jf Witt Jit Rob de mal ve vs^ Rann de Essebi de 

plac rre p Rob Jit ^Yvon 111 Rann ess se de 
mat ve . v^s^ eund . p Rob de WBruhec. 
jf Fid pleg . I c^stin (yium Scof. 

Coventr. if Magr HercbiP de Sagiis de mal ve . vs^ curia 
de lege sua facienda p Addjil Rob EmtUf. 

Bedef\ if Witt de WWeHebe ess se de mat ve rs^ Attiem 
de Wardun de plac Pre p Wali de HUiland. 
jf Fid pt J (^stin OHvm Scof. 

Ibid. JT Rob Jit Rod de mat ve v's^ F^ore de Hospital 

de plac §vi2 p Petr de Bakeno. 
f Fid pt I octab OHum Scof. 

Norf\ f WUt de Longoitt de mal ve . v*s^ Witt de Becc 

de plac rre p Rob de Godewic. 

f Witt de Becco poii loco suo Magrm Steph de 

(T Fid pt f octab (yium Scof. 

Leic. f DurancP de Essebi de mal ven v's^ Witt Jit Rob 

de plac ?re . p Rad de Burbocc . in octab OSHU 

Eborac. f Witt de Killing de mal ve .Ps^ ITberl de Sea 
Qtntih de plac apeS p Rad de Frhnareis. 
f Dies dat^ t eis f octab OHum Scof, . ^ Steph de 
Faukinbge 1 Rob de Dodinton fiiert de eod 
apelt It n veflunt vt se essoil S\ fuert atta* 
chiati p pt . It consida^ t q Steph 1 Rob 
capiant' q tc sint ibi ad pdcm tmin. 
jf t pcept t vicecom, 

IbiS. Everard de Witting de eod v's^ eund p Alan Jit 

f Ad eund rmifi pxim pcedente. 


Stirr. Sim de Cheihd de mat ve vs^ Penteaist 1 

WRogeirum de Horn poitos loco hedis Rad de 
WCruleia ad luc*nd vl pd . p Joh RuffU. 
JT Fid pt I d^stiii (Tium Scof apd Wesl. 

Ibid. jf Petf^ £t ej^. de eod 9sus eosd . p RadJilTei^. 

jf Pt fid ad eude ?min. 

jgj,^ f WaU de Cantebr 1 Z$a£e/ uxor ej^.d m,ve. 

V8U8 Eilbold de Wendeh . d plaS . i . mesuag . p 
\\AiwardJtt JEhnegard. 
JT In octah Offuu Sco^. 

Wikkl. if ^^ ^^sus t-Roc^o de pt 
tre.p Wig" Jit Ran. 

Line. f Wigan^Jtt fVigan de'sus Alan de AU 

garekerke . d plaS rre . p Warm de Crakehale. 
JT P octab OftUa Scof. 

Die SabbH p;xr jp fe$tu STcH Edward!". 

KB. f Osb de Longo capo ess se de m . ve • vsus At5beni 

de Boxleia d plac capiend cirog^pfi suu.p 
Jard de Leinl. 

Si^gr. ff Pctr^Jit HTeward de m • ve • vsus i?o^ Archid . 

de plac tre p Thorn . . . Wcorebi. 
jf In octab OmiU Sco:^. 

Ebof. f Rad de WfVlusie. d m . ve .Psus • Matftm de \\Ha- 

verseg^ de pla5 bosci abscisi p Philipp de 
JT In octab Sci Martin. 

Ibid. f Cecilia de Ridetnie d ffi . ve . (^sus fres tSpli d 

plae ?re p Watt tSpU\ fres 

fi.veSut vt se esS.l fuert petentes.'t ess 
exp^tav . iiij. die . suiL 
H 2 



^ Jud . ess . Cecil eat sn die .1 Temptrii hat tale 
recpacone q*le * debet 


m. 13.dorS. 




Die Marf p^ festu S'ci Dionisii. 

f A^ de Mote See Kafine . ess . se de ult* mare . 
v^sus Witt Jit Grego^ . de plac Pre ||d Tingm 
p Ric Gallic "X p EM de Land. 

f Petr^ de Huchinge • d mal ve . vsus WaU de 
Pee'pote.di plac fiK fci in c' Osbjil 

jf In crastin (yium Sco^. 

jf Ric Boissel . de m • ve . vsus Ric de Waure . d 
plac apptti p Wittjil Ivon . jf Pt ess . WRe^ 
de Argent .in octad Sci Marl. 

jf Gerard jit Drui d eod . vsus eude . p Ric Jit 

IT WRcg* de Argento pt . ad eumd tmin. 




f In tres sepf post festu S'c^i Mtch\ 

(T Witt Engeram d m . ve . v^sus Ada Jit Ade . de 

plac psuetud . p Ric StD0. 
^ In octab OmiU Sco^ apd Westm. 

JT Petf^ Bardolf*. de m . ve • v'sus Xpiana q fu 
uxor Witt^ . de plag dol . p Rod Jit Teodric. 

jf Fid pi. a die Dnica pxima jpjestu Sci Luce 
Evangt in av. dies. 

JT Wittde^snsThom.deWVer^ 
duein de plac Pre p Regiii de Griseleia 1 v^sus eod plac. 

jf In octab Omurn Sco^. 

jf Thorn pofi loco suo Witt de Ficton ad lu . vl pd:. 



Middelser\ JT ErmoltP de Mandeoitt . d m . ve . 9sus Witt de 
Sco Mich a plac catalt p Rob dHetfeld. 
^ A die Jovis paf^ ^ fesl Sci Luce in jcv. dies apd" 









fi Milo de Hasting^ de m . ve . \?sus Witt de Mun- 
chanesi d plac rre . p Wittm Rotekin. 

f Fid pt . a die Lun paf^ jp JestU Sci Luce in 
arv. dies. 

f Witt Jit Rogli . recogn de eod . es§ . se . p Godwin 
de Garbodesha. 

f Ad eud ?mifi. 

jT Lucia de Kokefeld. de.m . ve .v'sus Hu^ Fever el. 

d pi rre . p Re^n fit Godwin. 
jf Fid ^t.adie Lun pxim p^fesl Sci Luce Evangt . 

in fs sept apd Westm. 

jf Galfr de Ticheseia d fii . ve • vsus qda hdiem 

archpi de plac catalt . p Galfr d Tikeseia. 
fl A die Jovis jf festU Sci Luce . in xo. dies. 

jf For de WSicleia d ma . ve .v'sus Rog^ de WGatesbi . 

d plac advocois ecclie de Catesbi . p Witt de 

jf In octab OmiU Sco}^. 

jf Joh de Ward . iij. die aii plac d ma . lee . apd 
Feletorp v'sus Galfr SalceriU d plac ?re.p 
Galfr ♦ Racheia .1 Galfr de Hetlebrig. 

jf Aman^ de Sutton . de mal . ve . vsus Hu^ de 

Ferff .d plag "^re.^StephfitPe^. 
jf In octab OmiU Sco^. 

jf Hug^ de V*U de mat . ve . v'sus Hug^ Bard p 

IvonS de \\Bemebleia. 
jf Ad eumd r. 

(f Hugo de WPusac d m ven v^sus HugoH^de pt 

H 3 


9poti reddedi p Rob de Lonesdale . m crastino 
Sci Martini apd Westm. 

•** jT Witt Jit Spiring* d m.v-vsus eund de eod p 

Rob de Frixtone in crastino Sci Marl. 

JT AS) de Wmkecbe d m ven v^sus Thorn Taillard 
d pi finis fci [in c'^ia] p Ric de ChalemO^ 

Lincot. Josce de Houesbi . i. rec in? Atti de Bardenm \ 

fres Sci Lazari p Witt de Honesbi in octab Sci 
Hilarii 1 tc veil ass. 

Surr. f WveP de Godinges d m veil rsus Witt ITxd . de 

pi ? . p Ric Jit Nich dies dat^ t in crastino Sci 

Kit. jT Ham de GirUde d m veil vsus GUd de M*lai de 

pi q tenuit c'ia infra adventu Jusi 

m. u. A festo Sci Michael in . i. Mensem. 

Nor/\ f ^^^ ^ V^^ lleessoS se de • ma . ve • v'sus Alic 

del Hulfn de pla5 . ?re . p Wall Jit Harald. 
jf Fid pi a vigta Sim *l Jude i . arv. dies. 

Sud/\ f( -^^^ ^ Watesfeld de ma • ve • Ps^ Rob de 

Watesjeld d pi aptt . p Rob Jit. Ric. 

loqnd A f At* d 5co £rfm petiit c'iam sua in ad hora 
rfaAHSis. r^g^ig 

(f Dies dat^ est eis . in octab Sci Hilar ap Westm. 

Ibide. f Witts de Aubvitt d . m . ve .It Matitt uxor ej^^sus Thorn de Ardn .1 \\Ead ^ 
Rob p Thorn d \\Hoc .\ M^tinU d Norfkd. 
f Fid pi t ocl . S. Martini .l.arv. d. ^d Westffi. 

Surr. f Re^ d Cruce ess se tcia die aii plac d mat 





lecti . apd Swinebroc i Oxon p Withn d 
WSirSton d pl.?.p Rob MalKbe .\ Rob le 

JT Mittat^iiij. mililAc.l si 1 1 languor . tiic ^it 
f ocl Sci MHifu . apd Westm. 

\Bedefdd. jf Hu^ de Btto Capo d . m . ve . v^s^ Hu^ d 
WeUeboef.a pl.?.p GdfrJilRob. 
jf Rd pt. a vigta Sim\ Jude i.arv. d. apd Westin. 

JT Hug^ de Leuci de m . ve . v's^ Pore de Ledes d 

pi p^sentacois c^dam ec* p Rob le Met. 
JT Rd pi ad eud die. 

jf Joh de Oriel de • m . ve • vs^ Pore d Ledes d 

pi psentacois c^da ec*. p Thorn Fratorg. 
f Rd pi ad eud die. 

JT Rad d Bekeswett^s^ Galfr Jit PetK 

d pi apll . p Spnaille d Bekeswelt. 
)f A& d Rameseia petit in cur sua. 
JT Fid pi J ffstin Set . Andr. 

f 22i? Att> de HagemcL d . m • ve . v'sus Rad de 
Ardr . d pi . P. p Norm d HagemcL 

JT Pid jlt a die Jovis gaf^ ^ festU (fiim Sco^ i. 
arv. d. 

Wimet^ CapttarP d.m . ve • v^s^ Mauric d t 
d pi 9vncois • p Joh de Ponte. 
jf Rd pt a die Set Martini f . «;. dies. 

f RicJitPefi's^ p)fa£ Galjr Jit Pet' 

de pi apfl: . p Galfrid CocU. 
jf Rd pi I distil Sci Andr. 

jf WUts Jit Thorn^sus eiid Galfr d 

eod pi. p Jordan de Blocheleia. 
jf Fid pi ad eud ?miniL 

H 4 















I09 c 



loq c 

f[ Lefsi Jit Rod 3 . m . ve . vsus eud Gay^r de pt 

eod p Reiii de Pictd. 
(f Fid pi . ad eud tminu. 

f Galfr BPsel d.m.v.v^sus eund d eod pt-p 

Rein Fab de Ro¥eshd. 
([ Fid pt ad eud.?. 

f Thorn Jit Ger d . m . ve . vs^ eud d eod pT • p 

Wal?Jit Agnetis. 
JF Fid pt ad eud . ?. 

f Walt BercaHP d . m . ve . vsus eud d eod pt p 

Galfr jfit Rein. 
f Abbas d Rameseia petiit in c'iam sua, 
f Fid pt ad eud . P. 

f ^f/& fife Melckesha d . m . ve .vsus Ric le C^s.S 

pt • r . p Philippic d Mekhesha. 
If Fid pt a rffe Sci Martini % arc dies. 

Jf Werries[lieis} d Caam Wittmjit 

Rob d pt . r . p Ger d Crokeston. 
jf Fid pt a c^stin Sim 1 Jud t . rv. dies apd 


IT Wilts de Vernon d mat . ve . vsus c'iam de 
gmui sumofl.p Rad d CkUetto .^ Ric d 

Wiemar^ d Bassiggelfne d . m • ve . vsus magrm 
Petru de Paxstoh . d pt . ? . p Wttm d 
f Fid pt a vigta Sini 'I Jude I . av. dies. 

Jf Rad d Hildircle d . Sa . ve . v^sus Rob d Wat- 
Ungeston d pt . t . p Regin d Samfort. 

A6b d Croiland d . m . ve . 9s^ c'^ia d 9mui 
sumonsa p Nick d Cottehd. 


f O^d d Ldgo Campo jlt i oci SH Hylarij apd* 

SaUslfe. jf Witts d WGotocru q*da visor d ess d m lecti . v^s^ 
c'iam p Petra d \\Gatacri1L 

Ebof. Ads d Brus . d • m • ve . vsus c'iam d 9mm 

sumoe p Withnjit Rob 1 Wittm Cosm. 
JT PI ess . Robjit Rob . in octab Sci Hilar. 

Dorset. jf Stephs Tirett d . m . ve . vs^ Saresbir Epm . d pt . 

Sud/\ JT Witts d Ahnlers d ult* mare ^sus Ric d Ham- 

aUnld pt.9.p WUtmftOseb. 
f Rd pt a vigt O'iU Sco^ .J.rv. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibid. f Mauric d Dodene ponit 1 loco suo ad luc^nd 

t pdnd . ITvea fit suu vsus Winemil CapttanH 
d pi.?. 

Ibid. JT At5b de Sibiton . d . m . v . vsus Martin d Beatifo 

d pt . ? . p Johjit WAngnel. 
JT Rd pt a festo Sei Martin .t.xv. dies. 

Siidf. f WittlTu'^sus.TheobWaffapl.^. 

p Baldewina d Btires. 
f Rd pt f (^stiii Sci Martin. 

Boteland. F ^^ ^ Cha .v^s^ Witttnjit Rob . a pt. 
t.p Jordan fX Joh.\ hoc fiiit ess i tcia 
die pi. 
jf Rd pt a c^stina die Sinl 1 Jude . I j:v. dies . 1 
tuc veniet Ric ostesur^ q*e ft svavit die 

Q/o5. iT Matin d WPuz esS se v^sus Rob d Ouitt d pt . t. p 

Rod Forte. 
PI ess fid . dat' dies eis a vigt O'ium Scoif f . 
av. dies . apd Westm. 



Norhdr. jf Osed d Glanwitt d . m . ve . vsus Editlid d pt. 
?.p Witt le SHmefiL 
jf Fid pi I c^stin Sci Andr. apd Westm. 

jf CrastirC A'ta^. 

Luat, jr fVitt. d Logo capo teess se tcia die aS pT d mal 

lect*. apd Marisc \\Warefneis vsus Ht^ de 
WHalketol d pi waral tcarta p Alard Rtiffu.1 
ClemtS de BofwicKe. 

Ibid. Pee'nitt uxor ej^dWiOi'd eod.[eod] m*» v'sus 

eud.l apd Wamelfne i Sudh p TAom.^T: jRic 
d Frist on. 

Sudsex', f Jo* Tresgod de mal lecti . apd Garrig^ 9s^Rad 
d Sco Aiidean d pT . r • p Alexadr ^ Hendric 
hoes suos. 

i|B*rrfm ^2^ d Bello Capo^^ Witt d Hamef 
f Fid Ric de Baa .pi loci Sci M^tini. 

Ibi^. f AUenora uxor e)^ d .m. ve. v'sus eud d eod.p 

Pentecostn « • 
ff RiZdeBaapli ocl Sci UPrtini. 

Caniehf. (T iJ^5^^ ^ Argenl d • m • ve • v^sus I%oM d Bas^ 
siggeb^n . d pt hiimag . p WWttm Arbelastar. 

Middelsex\ f ^i^ ^ Parmef d m . ve . t^sus Goddjit ^IPfyei 
d pt dotis.p Rod Jit Galfr. 

Lhtcai. ^ Rog" d TkUilaml d ult* mare i 9vico Reg v^sus 
Rod d Bradelee d pt ?. p Gileb d Lee. 

NorhdL JT WSaman jit Ham d ult* mare i §vico Reg v^sus 
Mahmt d la Wika d pt dotis . p Ro^JiX Witt 


Miiddse£. )f Rein d l^Hamton 3. pt veniendi v'sus Roges d 
Hamton S pt apfi p SnH^Joh d Hamtan. 

m- 15. Ess*, in crasHn* O^ium S^c^of. 

Line. ff Witts de Longo capo ess • se . lij. die an plaS de 

mal lecti apd Mareisc WWarreis . vsus Hub de 
WHalketot de plac warantie cartar . p Alard 
RvffU X Clem . de Boterwic. 

Ibid. iT Pet^nitt uxor ei^d Witt . de eod . eod xjd? apd 

Wamelfne . vsus eumd . de eod . p Thorn. 
MdhrewardSl Ric de Frixtoii . de itifle justiS. 

Sm$ex\ f Johs de T^sgoz . de m . leS • apd Garinges . vsus 
Rod de Sco Audeah . de plac divis • rre . p fp 
Jk:s^ .1 Henr hSies suos . de itiSe. 

Bedef. f -Hi^ de Belio Capo ess • se de ffi. ve. v'sus Witt 
de Eineford . junior d plaS ? . p Barthot 
f Pt ess • Ric de Badon . in octad Sci Marl. 

Ibi*. fC AUnor uxor ej^. de eod . vsus eumd . p Pentec. 

jf Pt ess • f pt ^ Ric • ad eund tmi£L 

Caniebr. ff Regin de Argenl .& m .ve .v^sus . TAom de 
BamngVne . de plac homag . p || Wilkin . Ar^ 
JT Pt fid a c^stin Sci Leonard . in . J. mensS . apd 

MUddsex'. JT Witt Tmenl d*sus Godd Jit WITeurei . 
de plac dol p Radjil Ga{fr. 
fi InoclSci Marl. 

lime. f Rjog^ de Thamton . de ult* mare q f in svico 

dfii Pr . vsus Rann . de Bredeleia p WCribelot del 
Le . de itintejustic. 



Norhat. ff HamS^t Ham ult» mare . q t in §vico 
dni Reg . v^sus MabiU d la Wike . d plac dot. 
p ^Rog* Jit Witt St Reif^U^ [ft est ess jf gsi- 
c^s. datu f ] q tra capiat' in matt dni Reg ^c /i 

Hani sumoneat' q sit apd Westm in crastin 
Sci Andr. 

Middekex\ jf \\Reinfr de ^Garinton • de m .ve • vsus Roges de 
Hamton . d plac appQi p &m . de Hdton d 
itinle Justic. 

Devon. f AloJiP cticP de HertUande . ess • se de m . ve . 
vsus^ Johm de Gerton St Armeis uxore ej^. de 
plac carl . p Amiot le Proz « ii hms bre . sumo 
testatafu.pJKtcrfe Wqford.\ Wittde Sales- 
Vie . 1 ipi n veil n* se ess. 

Line. jf Prior de Spallinges . de m . ve . vsus Waffm de 

Pincebec de plac advocois eccKe de Pincebec . 
p Alric hoiem suu • de itinle. 

Ibid. JT Jo^ ^^ Lacelles . de m . ve . vsus fVittm Bonier \ 

Wittm de Haketom . de plac tre . p Rob 
Dang^. de itiSe. 

Norhdt. JT Thoiti de Hottot . d m .ve .vsus Emma de WGaptoii 
de plac dol • p Rob le Mansel. 
jf Pt fid . tf c^siin Sci M'^l in av. dies. 
f Id dies dat^ t Johi ||p*. 

Ibid. if Alb^(P monac^ de eod, v'sus eamd . p Rob Longes- 

jf PI fid • ad eund . r. 

Wigof. JT Nigettsfit Witti capio Regin de Seldesleia de fii . 
lecti . de plac ?re . 9sus Rob Ffei . p Witt Jit 
PhiUpp St Wittm .Jit Gerold. 


JT Matitt q fu uxor Rob Jit Jekel . d m • ve , 


v^sus Joh fit plac dol.p Wal? 
JT In octab Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. f fValfde WKidefarS d m .ve .v>sus Rob de Thdton 

poitu loco Joh de Herpd . de plac ?re . p Rob 

Jit mm. 

In itmie Justic. 

Ibi*. ff Rob Camiari^. 9sus c'ia . p Joseph jil 

Galfr. d 9mui. 

Ibid. f Wilt de Barewe .d m .ve .y^sus Htig" deChaucbe . 

de audiend jud 1 record . suu p Galfr de 
fi In itinle. 

Salop. f Prior de Brim/eld. de in . ve . ^sus . Ric de ||Pan- 

tel/ie . de plac rre p Reg* h5iem suu. 
jf In iti&. 

'^^- f Constantia de la Stone . d . m . ve . v^sus Witt 

AgtdUon . de plac discessionis ab eo • p Wittm 
U Bastard. 
JT Pt fid .a (^stin Sci Martin in arc. dies. 

Ibid. f Philipp de la Stan . de m • ve . vsus . eud . de 

jf Ad eumd rmifi. 

Wefordt. JT Thorn .Jit Odon • de « m .ve .9sus .Thorn de Brome- 
crqft . de plac ?re . p Ric le Bacheler . f In 

Zwi?. JT Ales' de Ordssi .dm. ve . v'sus . Math de Gere. 

d plaS tre.p WBressinbure. 
ff In itime. 

Norhdt. JT H^^ ^ SZo Mauro . d fli . ve . €^su8 »W 
Grimbald de plaS audiend record 1 jud suu . 
p WaJSjitJoh. 








ff Ft octab SSi Hilar t]in^m lint licencia 

JT EmoldaHa\ 

jT Regin Tancqfot . d m . ve . 9sus Jo% de Munfircn 
de plac rec de morf .aScess.p WaUWLwecrot. 
(f In itinie. 

jf Rod de Basceruttde m . ve . v^sus TTum de Bos- 

^vitt. d plaS ?re p Rod de Bretvar]pin. 
jf In itinte. 

f Atti d WTorintoii . de ult* mare.^sus Martin 
Martel . 1 Agnetd uxor e ej^ de plac rec de 
morte afic • p Wall Labbe. 

JT De itifie. 

ff Waff Haket * iii • die an plac . de m • lee • apd 
II JBroc/on . ^sus Joh . de Brdton t Ric JU Gwi* 
don . p Joh de Craule .1 Osb Jit Hu^. 

jf gsidatu t ^ £1 1 ess . n^ q aliq'd de ce?o pout dite 
qr ass debeat rema^ 

jf Recogn • sumoant' q At apd Westm afesto Sa 
Marl in av. dies. 

ff Gilb Martel de m • lee . iij. die a3 plac apd 
StaweU. ('sus Cecilia d Haboardesb'ie .^ Rob 
capione suu • d plac duefi . p Rog' Cusin . 1 
Galfr Martel. 

jf 9sidatu f q B ess % f d pace Reg infracta. 
1 Cecilia Hat bre ad vie q Hat ipm GUb apd 
Westm .ad duellu suii faciend.[a festo Sci 
Marl .in.jcv. dies] 1 pleg ipi^ Gilbti Hat tc 
ibi ad audiend jud suu • qr fl Huert q pie* 

f Gocelin de Omiby Scis . d m • ve . v'sus SimJitEtie . 

JT Pt fid afesto Sci Marl in av. dies . apd Westm. 


^***- if Rog" ft eod v^sus eude .f Rob le Pei- 

JT Pt fid . ad eund ?mi3. 

^^^' JT Nicot de Hunildd de m . lee [apd Berewe . in 
StmHsel.'] €^sus j^icof (3ic2 d plac ?re . p Petr 
Russel St Trie Luuetot de itiSe. 
JT Pleg fid. 

&i^'- jf 7Fim?t^07^ff. Vre.TsusXfica 

deCk>levm.f Rog'Jit Wm.\ Ltte fBL petesl 

ess exp^v • iiij. die suu* 

ff WhSus eat sii die 1 Luc de Cholevitt Hat tale 

recupacone q*le hre deb3. 

Glofc. ff Bertram de Hudetol . i. viso]^ . de fmordo Rob 

Strech d m • ve • vsus c'ia.p « d itiSe. 

Salop, jj* Lucia de Hhgwordin . de m • ve • ^sus WUt de 

Spineto . d plac ?re . p Ric HtbniensS . de 

ITtfard. ^ Magr Peif^ de Paxton d m • ve • v^sus Gmemar 
de Bassingeburn • de plaS rre . p O^ de 
f Ft ess. fid. a die Pasce in fssepl apd Westm. 
p dfimOm/. 

Line. f[ Ahxr? fX Sacidol . [<f Leverton.'] d m . ve • ^sus 

Josce.\ Harold. \ eo& uxores.d plaS ?re p 
Alan Jit Begin . de itiSe. 

Wigof. JT Waff de Badenhale S m .ve .V8US Rob de Brasci . 
d plaS ?re . p Ric Omn . de itiSe. 

Bedef. ff Rob de Aubenn .de m . ve • ^sus Sini . de Bella 
d'u C& plac faciend ei ^ceptu dni Pr.p 

Henf Frussard. 



Line. J Rob de Colevitt . de m . ve . 9sus vie • de plac 

sumois . p Henr de Eston. 

OjTon. f RicftNigett d m . ve . ^sus . fle;zf de Clinl [^ 

• Hug^ de Chaucbe poitu loco ipi^ Henr .] de 
plac ?re . p Rob de BUem?t. 
jT PI fid . in c^stin Set Andr . apd Westm . p dSm 

Zinc. JT Hawiss de Kima d m . ve . v^sus Agnetd de 

\\AmandevUt . de plaS 9re p Wittm Sparewe. 
jf PI fid in crastin Set Andr. 

Ibid. fi Matilt q f u uxor Sim de Criueqer d m . ve . vsus 

Brieri de Pinkenn. de plac tre . p Rod de Pten- 
hale • de itinle. 

O^oTu f Thofti de Tademiton • d m .ve •vsus Rod Mansel. 

c*s. d plac q inp'sonav eu . p Hug^ Toreel . pceptu 

t vie qd faciat venire «iiij. holes de villa de 
Oxoii ad respond • qr n venlut • ad die s' datu 
in banco . \ q Thorn tc sit ibi . a c^stin Set 
Martin in aro. dies. 

NorhOi. f[ Wilt FoUot . d m . ve • v'sus Ro^ de Brai . de plac 
servicii . p Henr jiX Rogli • t Rog* de Brai 
petes ess . se p Hug^Jit ffitti. 

if Plegesi.fid 

f A c^stin Pasch . in «^. dies. 

Line. f Mart Martel • d £a . ve . v^sus Sim de Linden St 

{^Margar .] uxore sua • de plac rre . p Rod 

^ hoiem suu 1 Margar pon loco suo Sim vir 

8UU ad luc» • vl pd. 
jf PI fid . a festo Sci Marl in av. dies . apd 

Sum* set. iT J^t ^^ Mainne d m . ve . v^sus RicJU Pagan de 


Avert d plac ass . de morte ailcess . p Jordjit 
\\Espus X Jord Pore St id ess se vsus Galfrm 
Corbin de eod • p eosd . de itiSe. 

Beri^. jf Rob fit Rogii essoniator Galfr de Hosa . ess • se . 

vsus c'ia p Htig* jil Vivian . gcord . sut. 

Unc. jf Joh de wLacelles . d m .ve . 9sus Sir^ de Lindon . 

\ Margar uxore ej^ d plac rre . p Rob d 
jT Pt fid . a festo Sci Marl in rv. dies . apd 

Die D^nica psf p^ festu OnCiu S'c'of. 

Oxon. jf Afcb de Eineshd • de m . ve . vsus Milon de 

FrettewettSt MitisSt uxore ej^. de plac rec de 
morte aiicess . p LeonS Gemu . 1 fVa&n de 
f Pt esS Rob de Wotton . in (fstin ocl Sci Hilar apd 
Westm . 1 pceptu t vie qd attachiat oms rec 
illos q* ii veSut qd tc sit apd Westm oslnsur 
qr fl veSiit si5 sumoiti fuerl.T; ad rec ilia 

W7/r. jT Thorn de Sanford . d . m . ve .vsus Wilt de Warenn 

^ d plac sum . p jRo^ ^^ St^tleia . in crastih Sci 


Notf. f Witts Cvrteis .dm. ven .vsus Thorn de Huntind. 

de plaS tde plac rre • p ITevic de Fordd . eat 
sB die % exp^^tav iiij. die suu . 1 Thorn ii veS. 

Ibid. f Wittd MUcanes ess se d 9sus Theob Wal? 

d^ pt advocaconis ecctie de Baderesrvett p 
Emald Rosen H Wittm \\Cibi in octab Sci Andr. 
pleg' Witt de WMdmo 1 Witt Russet. 

LmcaS. ^ Add Decani de Kirkeha \ Ric Cticus ess se d . 
Rot. Cur. Reg. i 



m . ve . v^sus Theob Wa^ d pT advocacois ec'e 
de wKirha p Henrjit Wali. 
JT P! fid . in ocl Sci Andr apd Westm. 

Ibid. ([ Rog* de SanesUr .ess se d m . ve • vsus Theob 

Wa&&^\ ?re p Thorn d Baldestoh. 
IT Ad eund rminu. 

Ibid. f Rob d F'ston ess se d m . ve . Ps^ 2%eo8 fFo/? 

d pt advocacois eccTie d Piston p Grj/i$ (f 
f Hfidadeund?mia. 

Ibid, JT Margar Jit Walfi . ess . se d m • ve vsus eund 

Theobald de plac nubend sil lie • p JBrtm cfe 

f Ad eumd rmiii. 

WigoTfu f AS) de Cormeitt. iij. die atl plac de m . lee . de 
ult* mare . vsus Sim de Bello Capo d plac 
advocacois ecclie de Seldesleia . p Wall de 
Noent St Rob de Cotton .fa t ess % t de ult* 
mare .It id dies dat^ t ei m crastih ocl Sci 
Hilar . apd Westm. 

Leff. (T Witt Jit Rob de Cungeston • iii. die aH plac d m . 

lee . apd WSnarkeston in Leicestr rsus Witt 
Ficlnd de Clakeston p WalkUn 1 Add de Cun- 
geston . mitat'. Iliij. milil.n^ f8it lang•^ in octab 
Sci Hilar, 

Narf, f Godiva q f u uxor Rog!i ♦ d m . ve . Psus t 

Jit Rog!i de plac ?re p Witt Jit Ric. 
f Pt fid . a crastin Sci Martin . in av. dies . J Id 
dies dat^ t WAlan Jit ^Eue. 

Ibid. f ^og del Estre.A m . ve . v^sus Petrjit Malcus 

apisLC^re.fGilbdeB. . . . 
f Pt fid a c^stin Sci Andr. 



m. 16. 







Esson' Capte in octaV OnCiu S'c^o}. 

f Milo de ^Baneis ess se . d m • ve . f v's^^ de ilia 
ass» in? ITebtajit ITebti t Fuch de ^Atmo p 
Thorn mmn Jit Witt. 

f Hugo de BeUo Capo ess se d m f ve^ • [iecti] 
Vs^.Hug" de Wildbotf.[a pt ?.] p Gerrad 
de Land \ Rog" de WSubon % ja<fl ||ad Hentoii . 
in Willsir. 

ff Mittant' iiij. milil . 1 si fl f langor in crastin ocl 
Set Hilar apd Westm. 

f Regiiijit Wace ess se d m ve • [Iecti d pt t] 
yers^RicJit Witt 1 jacet ap Hentoii . p W(^a)a 
RuffalWittdeCumton.d pt appffi. 

f Radde VerU es3 se d m. Iecti [d pt ?re] ^s^ 
AUz 1 Amisia sorore sua ap H^anu>^ [ubne 
d plac ?re.] p Pef^ de Claie \ Alan Bunche. 

f Mittant' iiij. miliC.t si fi i langor in crastin 
octavo;^ Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

f Rob de JiT'revitt ess se .d m. Iecti de recogn'l 
q t in? H'ebtnjtH'ebti 1 Fulch de Auno p 
Ric SalsariH. 

f And? de Point ess se de m . ve • vsus Pef^ 
Sauser d pt catalt p \_Warin Jit Rob^ Gitb 
hoiem suii. 

f VIM a die Sci Marl . in xv. dies. 

f Rob Gameis ess se6i m . ve . vsus Ada de Chib- 

behS d pt tre p Rob hdiem suiL 
f A c^stin Sci Marl in . rv. dies . apd Westm. 

JT Witt de j^Chichesie ess se d m . ve . ^s^ Rob 
ffvientg de Camiwett d pt mellee p iHue 

f Pt ess . fid . in c^stin Sci Andr apd Westm. 

I 2 



Sumiset. f Gaujr d ^^Lindvilt^ IMadesvill] d m . ve • 9sus 
Henr de \\Tillie d pi ?re p Andr Jit Witt. 
jf R fid . afesto Sci Andr in dv. dies . apd Westm. 

NorAi. jf Godiha de Gadinton ess se d m . ve . d pt . rre • 

vs^ Rad de Gedinton p Witt d Gedinton. 
JT A (^stin Set Martin in . aro. dies . id dies dat^ f 
Alan fit suo .1 15 veniat ass. 

Waranc. JT Com d Warewicsir ess se d m ve . d pi rre rsus 
Henr d CheneUngewurd p Sansong hbem suu. 
1 ipe Henr poS loco suo Hem^ ffl suu ad 
luc*ndu vt pdnd . de itinle. 

Nor/\ JT Rog" del Esf ess se d m .ve . d pi ?re v^s^ Petf^m 

Jit Mar t Ltmd p Gilb d Biecles. 

jf H fid . in ^octab^ cystine Sci Andr. 

^Bokmgha.X !( Henr ^ Godwin ess se d m . lecti 3 ♦pi tre^ 
" Leic.** [custod c^da puell .] ap Nixveport vs^ Witt d 

Canvitt.j^ BndictU .Jit Warin \ Gilb Jit Avfrd. 

de itifle. 

Rkhemni. JT Wigain Jit Wigaih esS se d m • lecti ap H^eford 
vs^ JhAufred ^ \^Alan] d Ankrecherche d pi 
?re p Rad Jit Alan \ Rog' d H'ejord. mittanf . 
iiij. milif.1 n* ffiit lang**'' in oct Sci Hilar. 
apd Westm. 

Line. Hi Gileb d Asalakebi ess se d m . ve vs^ Pef^ 

ISalsariU^ d pi catall p Wall Jit Rob. 
jf R fid . afesto Sci Marl in an), dies . apd Westm. 

Stff*' Hi Wirnius CapellarP iij. die ail plac de 

in . lecti . apd Orford . vsus Mauric de Toden- 
hess. de plac gvencois • p Rog* de Frawesden t 
Rog" Baifot. 
jf Mittant' iiij. milil .1 si ii fSit lang®'' in ocl Sci 
Hilar, apd Wem. 


IWd. (T Rob Gemeise ess. se de m .ve .C^sus Ada de BaavSt 

d . pla5 Pre p^ visu 9re illi^ p Rob Jit WUU. 
jT Pt fid a c*^/m Sci Mori . in . av. dies. 

Ess' capt' rfie fJiTcurii^ [Jovis] f^ octaV 
OmHu S^c^o^. 

NoriU. JT Magr Witt de Grecestr d m ven v WArcard « d 

pt advoc ec* de Oxenduh . p ITbtUjit Willi fid 
pi a die Pasche in av dies. 

Ibid. JT Rob JitWAcardi d eod v^sus eund p jRic^l^ Robtl 

f Ad eund tmitl. 

Ibid. iT RobJitHenr d m vefi ♦ Iliia^Gflri d pt int"sionis 

dom^ p WidonS TrSchevent. 
f H fid a c^stiii Sci Marl in arv. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibid. f( BarthJitJurd desL&^. eund y Hug' ftHUMatilt. 

JT Ptfid 
jf Ad eund rmifl. 

Ibid. if Gaufr \\Ri0us de eod v. eund p Petrtt y Uimifum. 

jf Ad eund tmiB. 

Ibid. f[ R^ Rmff^ ct eod v^s^ eund p Re^h 


Ibid. JT i2ic^w^ ||Z7in[i]?w^ d eod v's^ eud p V Ad eund 

Rob dLod. [ tmin. 

Ibid. if Petr^ Ballard d eod \?s^ eud p i?^^ 

d LOd. 

Oxon. f ^«'^ ^ Gwe^ ^s^ i?€g^w ^flw^e/ [d plac apptti] 

p Rog' d Homigeton. 
f Pt fid . in (fstin Sci Andr. 

Lincat. jf Rad d Paitun [d m v] 9s^ Gaufr Jit \\Wi [d 
pt ?J p Rad ft Ric . de itinle. 
I 3 


Su/: JT jRic tf Ozfi d m.lecti.?cia die an pt ap SUd 9s^ 

WttmfitRob d pt ^.^ Theobald dCcheston. 

Ojob. f Wido d Diua d m . v . d ult» mare ^fp Pientia 

uxore WaU de Cauz d pt dotis p Joli 

Norhd. f Witts d HurUedtme d m . v . v^s^ JR^ntt^u Gfltn 
d pt itrasiois dom^ p Wittm WDoUor. 
% n fid • a c*5/m Set Marl in rv. dies • apd Westm. 

Die S'cH MarC. 

Ibid, if Henr de Pinkenni de m . ve . vsus Com Cestr . d 

plac tre . p Wittm Bmsehare. 
JT R ess fid • a die Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd 

Ibid, JT Thorn de Brinton . i . rec • ess . se .j^Stephm Smft. 

^ Ad eund rmin. 

Ibid- if Warn de Trop rec . de eod . p Rad fit suu. 

f Ad eundrmin. 

Ibid. jr Rob de Audenebi eod . p Rob de Bt^kebi. 

f Ad eund rmin. 

Suff*, IT PPcm^ de Geddin^. de m . lee • apd Gedding^. 

iij, die afl plac • vsus Wiltm H^evi . d plac ?re 
p RicJitNichotSt Wittm Brokehefed. 
f Mittat' n* ffiit lang«'. in ocl Sci 

Cormdi. JT Alured de . d .Psus ||Canic 
Ea:on . d plac tre . i Sco Piran . p Thorn Wa^ 
^ PI fid . in crastin Sci Andr apd Westm. 


NotkdL JT WittdeDunhadQm.yQ.^susComCestr.a^h!^ 
rre . p Rob de Dunhd. 
jf A die Sci Hilar in av. dies. 

Iba. f God^ de la Rokele . de ead . Psus eund« p Rad 

de Essea^. 
)f Ad eund Pmin. 

Ibid.' JT Gerva^ de Cogekia de eod 9bP eumd . p Rann 

Jit Henr. 
f H fid ad eund ?inia. 

iforf** f W<^ ^^ WGrancvrt . d m . ve . Psus Pore de 

Binha • d plac apptti • p Galfrjit WariiL 

Noridt. JT Henr Engainne.S. mal .ve.vsus AdaJitWDriU de 
plac warantie carte . p WUtm Cruider. 
f InocI . Sci Andr . apd Westm. 

m. 16. dors. In crastin^ S^cH Mart*. 

&ff\ ff Rob jil Gilb ess . se d m . ve . v^sus Rog' JitAlu- 

ric d plac rre . p Tf^lttfn Berme. 

JT H fid.m d'stin Sci Andr. apd Wesi 

Bedef*. JT \\J^ct Letweisie . i. viso^ . Baldemn Pket. ess se . 
d m . ve . 9sus clam p Gilb de Bereford. 

Ibid. f ^^ de Stepingleia de eod. Psus eamd . p Rob 

fit WajRi. 

Ibid. JT ^^d de CoUesden . de eod . v^sus eamd . p Joh Jit 


Ibid. f R<^ ft Gaifr q^rt^^ visor fi veii vt se ess.l 

notand qd ?min^ poit^ £u ipi Baldemn. v^ 
eet lang**' afesto Sci Mich in t^s se]^.\ bFe 
abrasu f u % ?min^ poit^ in brevi . m w. ^ep/ 
l^^/* 5« . MicJL 

SmSiset. f ^'^ * Mukheha ess se de m v . 9su^ Add 

I 4 



de Gersinges de plac tre ad luc*nd vel ad 

Oxoneford. if -Soft de Nevitt ess se de m veii . vsus Rob de 
WOuuitt de plac rre p Johem de MStemore. 
f[ Dies dat^ est eis . Hi. die * Sci Andr ap Westm. 

Bcrkaire, f Abbas de Radinges ess se de mat v vsxjpRob de 
Tvillal ITnrNoll Wilt pto 
rre p Rob de Radinges. 

Stisex* IT 'fohes de Sanford ess se . iii. die an plac . d mat 

lecti . ap Fingri d pt rre vsus Cecil q fuit uxor 
Ade de Sariford p Hug" fil Vidoh 1 Godejrid 
de WTybume. 

Stiff \ (T Comitissa Gundrea . ess . de . m . ve . p Franceis. * 

1 p Wilt de ^Cerston de ||pla .rre coni^Warinn 
de Bashd. 

Die jMTcurii. 

f Essex\ JT Prior de Bichenacre de m • lee • apd Bichenacre • 
vsus Pore de Stanisgal d plac advocois ecctie 
de Steple . p Regin Wismd .1 Ric de Wodehd. 

Bedef\ Hugo de Bello Capo . de m • lee . apd Helon . 

vsus Wiltm de Heintford de plac rre p Roglm 
Camariu 'X Joh Monde. 
Jf Considatu t q no debet lang*^ fieri q^WHts t infra 
etate .1 io dies dat^ t eis in ocl Sci Hilar, th . 
apd Westm .1 loqla remaneat . i eod statu i q® 
fu adjesl Sci Martin. 
f Id dies dat^ ^ Jl^Johanne. 

Esses\ JT Maths de Berden de m • ve . vsus Wiltm Reinbt 

d pi lindi warantu d plac ?re p Radjit WitU. 

Ibid, If Prior de Stanisgal d m . ve . vsus Pore de JB*- 

chenacre d pi advocois ecctie p Jord de 


Ibid. f Galfr Blundel . cf m . lee . apd Hersha Psus^ 

RicJitRob de pi ass rec.d morte ancess p 
Rad le Causeis \ Rob Jit Warin. 

SudM. f Edipa dMicheldiue d mat lee apd WMicheldiure 

vsus Etna Jit Edward, d CaldeueUe . d pi tre 
p Andr de Stocha \ RobI de Sandrested. 

Essea:\ f Beat^s q f u uxor Gilbti Ctici • d . m • lee apd 

Berdestaple . vsus Gilb de Hacensha d plac 
dol . p Rob .\ Joh Jit WitU. 

Salop. ff Afcb de Hagemd . i\]. die afi plac de m le5 • apd 

Hagema . vsus Rad de Arden . 1 AgnetS uxore 

ej^ d plac tre . p Wall Hagema.\ Ric Godacre. 

f H ess mittant' . iiij. milil 1c . 1 si n fuer lang®'. 

in ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm^ 

Essaf. JT Hauis de Murjirun d . mal . ve .vsus Ric de Mun- 
virU frem suu • d pi ass . de morte ancess p 
Barth le Frdceis. 

In ocf S'cH Marf. 

Sukat' JT Henr de Limesie . d mal . ve .vsus Julian Median 

\ Rad.JH Azon . de plac applli . p Ric WPeie. 
f H fid . in ocl Sci Andr . apd Westm. 

Gloet. jT Rog'Jit Nicotjit Rob . es3 d mal ve • \?sus Ber^m 

de la Mare . p WRichtm ♦ . d pi ?re. 

Noff\ f ^^* ^^ Seltoii . d mat ve . vsus Rob Jit Sacldol. 

de Selton d pi . homag . p WaU ||5ermrf. 
jf R fid in ocl Sci Andr . vie ht bre. 

Gloec. jf Jord de la Wike . d m . ve . v'sus Rob de KaU 

tnundesden.d pt f homag ^ [tre] p Philipp 
f R fid . in ocl . Set Andr. 





m. 17- 







jf Johs de Bremesel.Si mat ve.vsus Henr WalensS. 
\ Joh de Watort . d pi Pre p Petr de Froille. 

f Henr Wiard. de eod vsus eumd . p Joh'J^blem 

In crastino Sci Martini. 

f Cecilt llfema Rod Wiggein d m .v. de pi porcionis 
dol[. . . in Suertford] y^su^^Wali Jit IRob} 
1 Matitt uxore sua p SimS de WJebi. 

J Dies datus est eis ? crastino Sci Hilar fid pt. 

f Wall Jit Rob \ Matitt ux ej^ ponut loco sue 
Wa&n pcentore London vel Wai^ de Grip- 
pinge ad luc'ndii vl pded. 

f Dies dat^ est oib} recog i Bacho. 

f Witt de iTaidenne de eod v^su^ eand p WarinJ^ 

^ Fid pt ad eud ?miii. 

f ^Leticia d WChivitti d m v v^su^ Cstian uxorem 
Witti Jit Luce . p EnstaciU d Manduvitt.^ 
IWttJit Arturi petens de m ven . v^su^^ Tliom 
de Cherlfne de pt nov disS p Galjrjit Wtt.2 

r Rod Belet d m v ^su^ Tom dWSinale d pt ?re 

p Aluuered CocU. 
f Q' fi huim^ bre .n® Thofti psecut^ fu • t in re- 

sp^'u sn die. 

f Wtt d Wputta d m veil Radut pt I 

p Rog^ de Muubrai. 
jT K fid . in ocl Sci Andr. 

f Hu^ deSai a m \en 9su^ Wittm Jit Simo q* 
poitu^ fuit loco Fulcoii de AiU de pt bosci . 
p Wittm Franc. 


jf H ess . fid . a die Sci Htkar in av. dies . apff 
Westm. Fulko pon loco suo WHtJU Sim ad 
luc*.vl pd, 

SaOop. f Add de ITefardde m veil [de ult* mar de Hiftw 
nia] 9su^ Hugon de Holocote de pt ^re^ ass 
de morte ancessoj^ p YvonS Walsa. 

)r f Witt Jit ^ArPi petes de m v Psus Them de 
Cherbg de pt nove disseisiil p Gayrjit Wlti.^ 

Ibidc. jf Steph de Middelton Recognitor de assisa Ade dc 

ITtford.dmy ^ Add d Middelton. 

lUd deeod. f Warin de Middelton de m ven p Ro^JH EdwiiL 

lUd daeod. f Hugo de Hupton de m ven p Bicjit Bx>g^. 

Ibid deeod. f Rob de Faguotre de m vefi p Wttft RiL 

Ibid de cod- jf Rob JValensis d mal ven p Wall Chordiwan. 

Ibid de eod. jf Pint de Pharlawe de m ven p Ro^Jit SvwarS. 

Ibid de eod. jf Wali Hachet de m veil p Ric de Gorewelle. 

ASalop. r F^l^ de Ori petes ess se d mal veil • v'sus Hug^ 

Salop. ff Witts Bumel de malo veniendi.98^ ITric de 

Ribeford de pt cuj^da eq* p OUvlm Costard. 
f . pt a festo Sci \Hild in . av. dies. 

S»Mdi. jf Galfr de Senhurst d m \.9s^.Walkelin Jit Inge- 
lard de pt rre p Thorn de Stapele. 
f[ Ft M.a die Dnica pa^ ]^ festH See 
4V. dies . apd Westm. 

Ebof. jf RicJitEssutdeThuang' d m veil p Wall Jit Rob 

de pt ?re vsu^ Ric^t Jordan. 
jf ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

mtirnd. ff Thom^ cticus d HuntOd posit^ loco Pons de 



HutSd d m vea . vsus Pore 1 Monacos de 
Sco Neoto d pt advoc e* de Hutendun p Bui 

Stitsex\ IT ^og^ de Aula d m veil . v Wittm Mascherel d pt 
?p Wa^JitElie. 
^ PI ess . fid . in ocl Set Andr . apd Westm. 

Si^* fi ff^i^ de Audvitt d m veil vsus Rad Dardene 

\ Thorn fit suu 1 Rad fit Rob p Osh Jit 

Ksnu )f Osb de Logo Capo d m . ve . vsus AtiE>eiii de 

Boxet . de pt finis fci in cur . p Jord dLentun. 
f Pt fid . in crastin Set Hilar. 

Sudfdc. JT Rog^ pl&r de WChesfeld d m ve.vsus Canoicos 
d ^Redingeha d plac advocois eccKe de 
Charesfeld p Aleji^ Crespin. 
f Pt fid . m oetaJb Sci Hilar. 

Norkantun. Hug^ t 

Devon, f H^bt^ de \\Beallaers d . m . ve . v^sus Afebem de 
Fordes d plac rre . p Rogim CsorS. 

jf Fid pleg in oct . Sci Andr. 

f( AlSb poil loco suo 9frem Alea:^ . vt Rob Medic 
ad luc* . vl pd . vt Rog* de Cerint. 

Die S'c'i Gem'. 

Salop. JT f^^^ Bumel d m veil v . Henr de Ribeford d 

pt cuj^da equi p Olivlium Cocu fid pt a/* Sci 
Hilarii in an), dies. 

SutA. if Gaufr WDisenkurd d m veil 9 . Watkelinu fit In- 

gelard d pt t . p \\Joh de Stapile Dnica j^ /* 
Sci Qem in . av. dies. 


In crasttno S^c^i Clem\ 

Essex*. jf Rog'JitRob d m t iij die afi die pt apd||ilfai/we5- 

tone V Sim Jit Ene d pi duelli pcussi in EU . 
p Gilb de WalUngef 1 f Alarm ^ Amald de 
(f Ad diS Dnica an Natale cora Archpc. 

•••♦ f Gocelin^ de Omibi 5cw • d m t apd Dittune in 
Cantebrugesire 9 Sim Jit Eue d eod duello p 
Witkn de Didtune 1 Alan de Dittune. 
jf Ad eund rmin. 

Leic. jf Rog^ Bhmdel d m t apd Querendune v Ric 

aicu d [Rake'] pi ? p ITric Tengi 1 Gaujr 
JT Mittat' iiij. mil .\ n* f8it lang^', afesto Sci Hilar 
I viy. dies . apd Westm. 

Boidand. jf ^^^ ^ Saiptorp ess . se de m . ve . vsus Joh de 
Witeringe d plo fiR fci . p Rob d Ltifetop. 
/f PI fid • a £b> Dnica pa^ ^ festu See Katerin . m 
XV. dies. 

Leu. jT Wiltde Wicheton d m . ve.\?sus Rob des Escalles. 

d plac ?re . p Thorn Froste. 
f PI fid . a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies apd Westm. 

Ibii JT Margar uxor ej^d WitU d m . ve . v^sus eude . 

\ de eod . p Add Russel. 
jf PI fid a festo Sci Hilar in arv. dies. 

Hoff. f ^^ ^ Huntingef. d m . ve . \?sus Afibem d 

Sco Edm . d plac ?re p Haroi'd de Gressinge- 
f R fid . Hi. die jP J'. Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

Notighd. jf Magr Rog* de Capett. d m . ve - v'sus Lesiard . d 
Monasfiis . d plac ?re . p JoH Jit Jokel . fi hms 
+ bre. 


Sussea^. f Rog'Jit Ren^ d^sus Witt de Pegedm 
d plac waracie ?re p Rad . • . ct itiSe. 

in.i7-dor5- Ess' a festo S^cH Martm\ in . xv. dies s5lic1 die 

S'c'e Kater\ 

Wilt, jf Sic de WBremlo ess se d m . ve . vsus Rob de 

jyotef*. d pt ass • de morte a&cesso^ . p Hu^ 
hoiem suu. 
If H fid.fl rfie Pasch in.i. mensS apd Westm.1 
tc veniat ass. 

Sa4f\ Jf Marl de Bello Fago .9sus Afebem de Siberd. 3, 

plac warantie carl p Witt d ^Dierha. 
f De itinle. 

Sal(^^ f Wall de Witef d m. ve. \?sus Rob de Wodel A 

plac rre . p Brienn . hoTem suu. 
jf AJesio Sci Hilar . in av. dies. 

Ibid. Jf Eua de Langef* de eod . vsus eud . p Bernard de 

f Ad eund?miil. 

Sah^, Jf Witts Jit Turold . ess se . \?sus Wittm le Salva^. 

d pi tre.pRob \\Witeebig\ 
f Ft fid. in oct.Sci Hilar. 

SuhdL Jf ^ Witts de Botekia "de malo veniendi *•. v^sus 

Axelind d Alenton.d plac ass.d morte ail- 
cess • p Witt de Niwebie.^ 

Norft. Jf Mag Joh \CalvxP ess se de m ve v'sus Ema de 

Clopton de pi dotis . p Gerard Jit Gerold . stt 
die • qj Ema ii fiuit warantu suu \ gsidatu t 
q Hat eu si velit 

Line, Jf Witts Jit Gaujr de Hachetomd ess se de m ve 


V8U8 Joh de Laceles de pt vad p Alea?m de 
jf Inoct. Set Hilar. 

B'tp. f Roesia de \\He(feld ess se d . m . ve . v^sus Henr 

Marescatt de plaS ?re . p Galfr Jit Sim . fi 
bms bre. 


^Ebof. f Joh de WPtrchini ff m .ven v Isabella de Lasci d 
pt tre p Rand de IJiBorrhaire.^ 

Nmf\ ^ Theobald de Walton dim \.y? Ida dWaltonedi 

pt ? p Osbtu Sxoalewe.Mpt a die Dnicaj^f* 
See Katerim in ro dies. 

Ihii ^ Rjohde Sco Joh & m veil 9. Ric Jit Robti de Tid 

de pt ?. p Ric Truhant. 
IT Pt fid die Dnica ^ an Natale . apd Westm .1 
^OUiui uxor Robti d Sco Johe ve& \ dix q ipa 
n® dils ej^ fueft sumditi n* in vigit Sci Edm . 
1 q^ sumo ii fu legat gsidatu t q vie sumoeat' 
q sit ad pdcm tmiil apd Westm respSsur d 
sumonicoe ilia. 

Estexe. if -R^* ^^ Wettess se d m veil v^sn^ Hug* Watfde 
pt Pre p Hamon Jit Witt. 
)f -4 die 5a Andr in ro. dies . apd Westm. 

Iba. JT ^0* Rnbaud p5it5^ [loco Pe/^ Pico/] d m veil 

vers^ yaS Trichet d pt ?re p Ric Suift. 
/C Fid pleg . dies dat^ t Rob Rumbold I av. dies a 
festo Sci Andr. 

Ibid. f Oliver^ d Halneto d m ven 9su^ EUa Basel d 

pt recg d morte aficessoj^ p SewalUjil WtR . a 
die Sci Hilar i at; dies. 



Vigilia S'cH Andr\ 

Suff\ JT Osb de Glanvitt ess se de mal lee f vs^ ap 

WTateston \?sus \\Edeue de WDratton . de pt 
dotis . p Wittm \\TcheuSt \ Ran ^ . 
f In. an), dies post f est Set Hilar. 

Ibi f Rob Jit Gileb . de Glemhd de m lee ap Glemha 

vsus . Rog'Jit Aluric d pi ?re . p Ro^Jil Rob 
Ibid. \ WEdward de Glemha . de itinle. 

Oxm. ^ Ricjit Nigtt esS iij die • an die pi de m lee ap 

Witele Psus Hi^ de Chaucub p Rob Cticu 1 
Ric hoiem suii. 
f Mittat' . iiij. mil 1c . It si R t lang®"^ . in c^stin Sci 
Hilar . ap Westm . 1 pceptu t clico vie . q ilfd 
faciat fieri. 

Camut. ff Alured de WAbomin ess se de m lecti ap Abomii 
vsus canonic de Excestr de Sco Piran de pi 
?re p Alured ft Osb \ Dajfin. 
f Mittat"^. iiij. mil . T:c . It si ii t lang**'^ a festo Sci 
Hilar in ro. dies. 

Norbdf. jf Sim Balliv^ A^ de Sco Pet^ fde sup Diva ess se 
de m . ve . vsus Petr de Kainneto 1 WiU de 
Foro • de plac capell de Forro . p Rob de 
f Q* Sim n t poit^ loco Afib . gsidatu t q advoco 
ecclie illi^ capiat"^ in man dni Reg . \c. \ Att 
sumoneat' q sit apd Westm in a:v. dies s^d 
Westm . ^fesl Sci Hilar. 

Kant. ir ^i^ ^^ Scalar . iij. die an plac de m . lee . apd 

Self. . d vsus Henr de Merc de plac ^svitii . 
1^ Rad Jit Alejc" .\ Witt fit Rogli.^ n t ess. 
1 p^cepl t clico vie q ponat Witt p melio^ 
pleg .\ pleg ej^ p pleg .1 pleg \iRegin esson p 
pi q sit [apd Westm in crastin ocl Sci Hillar. 


tapd Westm ostnsur qr ft huerl q pleg 1 
qr ipe Witt ft vefi ad die suu.1t q faciat 
ipi Hetn^ hre catalla pris sui Atrap de M*c . 
q ei adjudicata fueri apd KanteVr cora Justic 
itmlantib} . p defcu ipi^ WittiJ} 

O^otL jf Matitt q fuit uxor R06 d NeovUt d m lee . 

apd Takele . vsus Rob de Neovit 1 Smd uxore 
ej^ fl^ d pi ?re p Joh QuZtance 1 Ad 
jf Mittant'. iiij, mil .T: si n t lang*^ in crastin Set 
Hilar t 

m. 18. In crastin^ S'cH Andr\ 

Noiingid. jf Math Jit Odonis . d mat . ve . 9s^ Gild Avenel \ 
Amicid uxore sua d pi tre p Thorn ^t Rad. 
fid pi .^ fesl ST. Hilarii l xv. dies. Amicia 
pon loco suo Gileb Avenel. ad luc*. vl pd. 

Ebo^. jf Hu^Jit Lqfwin d ma . ve • 9s^ ^i/!P cte Buche- 

dene 1 Rog" ft Jukel d pi debiti p Hug' 
jf R fid m crastin Sci Hilar . ap Westm. 

IbW. JT Witt de Comebur. d ma . ve .\?s^ Witt de Buche- 

dene d pi debiti p Ric JbniensS. 
f PI fid ad eund ?miii. 
JT Id dies dat^ t Roglo fX Juhel 

Ets€^. jT Galfr Jit Ret^ ess se de mal ve . vsus Galfr de 

Say d plac rre . p Lisiard ^ . 
jf Dies dat^ t eis m ocl Sci Hilar . p brc dni 

jf Id dies dat^t jRo^^ ^iGotesxvellel. aliis appltatis. 

p eud Galfr. 

I IFfl?. jf Rad de Graffion . d m . ve . v^sus Cristiand q f u 

Rot. Cuju Rko. K 


uxor Robti le Franceis . de plaS dol . p Sim de 
JT R M. mod. Set Hilar apd Westm. 

Oxdii. f Rob de Brinl. S. m . ve . Psus Witt de Fifhide cf 

plac advocois eccKe de Fifhide . p Os5 de 
JT PI &d.aJesto Sci Hilar in av. dies. 

B€def\ jf Henr CamariP. d m . ve • rsus AH^m de Burg'. 
d plac . tre . p Guiotjit Henr. 
JT H fid . afe&to Sci Hilar in av.dies. 

Line, jf A6b de Chereburc .S [d ult* mare] vsus 

Hug* de Paris . d plac waranl cart . p Petr de 
Lond.\ Rod Norense. 
jf PI ess • fid . a die Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 

Oxon, IT Hug* de Chaucbe . de m . ve • rsus Ric Jit Nigett. 

d plac tre p tp Galfr cticu suu . ess exp*^t 
bre suu. 

Suff. JT Witt Aguillun . d . mat ve . vsus Godefr de 

Sco Marl .'X Constancia uxore ej^.d plac dol. 
p Rog* Anglic. 
f PI fid • rfitf Dnica an Natale. 

Ibid. jf Sarra uxor ipi^ WitU . de eod .vsus eosd . p Witt 

de Mandevitt. 
^ PI fid . ad eumd ?mifi. 

Norf' jT Petr^ de Edesjeld . de m . ve • v'sus Ranii de 

Seinges . d plac rec d piorte access . p Ro^de 
Mundeha . d itinle. 

Line, If GeroasP le \\B*nier d m . ve . vsus Joh de Laceles 

\ Rob de Heleshd . d plac applti • p SiBl de 


f Pt ess . fid. a festo ^ci Hilarii [m av. dies'] apd 

JT Id dies dat^ t Witto te Wmer in banco. 

KU. JT -^^ ^ Cerrmg^. d ffi • ve .\?sus Archpm Gin/. 

d pla8 rre p Sirii le Franceis. 

f PI fict.^^ 0^^ 5K Hilar apd Westm. 

&faj^ f ^Arclud Saiopesbur'* iij. die aH plac de m. 

lecti apd ^Letton . vsus c'iam . de pla5 cuj^da 
pbende p Pet? . * t Gaifr^. 
JT Pceptu t q pbenda sit in maii dni . {1 .1 ii hus 

S^jff. f Henr de Munford.S, mat ve.v^sus Henr Biset 
de plac catalli p Rob de iHoremide. 
f n fid. moc/^giHi&fap Westm. 

&^ JT 22o5 de Belt poke . d m. ve • vsus Rob fit suii 1 

9sus Susanna ♦ . d plac ?re . p Hug'^t Watii. 
jf De itin!e. 

Stt&seL f[ Witts Jit Galfr /i. visor de infirmitate Nicot de 
WCvmlde . d m • ve • es3 . se . p Ric Coge. 
f act. Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. JT ^i^ ^ Bagetrope . i. visor de eod . p Osmund Jit 

Garini T: Rob Bipois . i. visor veH St Rog^ de 
Putinl. K ven . n* se ess. 

f PT fid . ad eumd ?miii Si Ric ponat' p vad 1 pt 
q Ic sit ibi ostesur^ qr no servav die suiL 

f Id dies dat^ t Rob Bipois. 

Lime. jf Rad de Rouec . d mat ve .vsus Wilt de More . 

d plaS warantie . carl St d plac rre . p Ric^t 
f Ft M in oclSci Hilar. apd Westm. 

K 2 


Salop. j[ Bic de WLetton d .^sus Witt de Hetleia . d 

plac rre • p Joh de WRile* 
f Pt fid . Hy. die ^ octaJb Sci Hilar. 

Devon. jf Htig^ Jit Witti de Sudwrth ess se . 9sus Wilt 
^W^ de See Ma^ ecctia d plac sepacob 
capelle de Cube de mat^ce ecctia de Handhoc. 
p Rog^ DevoniensS. 
jf PI ess . fid . die Lun pa^ an Natale . ap Westm. 

Suhdi. if B^^fi^ Henr. d mat ve . rsus Bic de Hereiet d 

plac rre p Witt Jit Farha. 
jf Pt fid . rfre Dnica paf^ an Natat. 

Hunt. if -^^ ^^ Torn . d m . ve . vsus Witt de Cestretoh 

de plac repacois ponte de Huntind . p Rob de 
f Pt fid fl rfie 5a Hilar in xv: dies. 

Line. if Dies 6aAp ^ Osbto de Langetot c^ se ess.d m* 

lecti.1 >ra/?o*. 

Sus€x\ if ^^^ ^ Bedingha ess . se de m ve . vs^ Mo- 

nacli de Sco Albano de pt.past^ p Ric de 
jf Fid pt a die Pasche in . jv. dies . t innm hnt 
licecia cocordandi. 

Eborac. f HanselnP d Estutevitt ess . d ma . ve . ^sus WUhn 
Englam d plac vadii p Wall Trenchem!. 
jf Pt fid . in ocl Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

Ibid. ^ Hu^ d Verli ess . d ma ve • vsus Rob d Northorp 

d plac robie p Witt Morin, 
jf Pt fid in ocl Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. f Bic de Verli . de eod .Psus eumd . p Ivonem de 

jf Ad eumdem rmirL 


fti*. JT Philipp de Verli de eod . vsus eumd . p Th(m 

Jit. ^Gosce. 
jf Ad eumd Pmin. 

VigiUa iS^c't Nicholai. 

Sudkdi. JT Magr Henr de \\Linessi ess se de m • lecti . die 
a& pt • ap Wmtd .vs^ Juliana #1 Rad vir suu . 
de pt tre . p Ric WalSsS Si Hu^ hoem suiL 
f N* t ess . precept t vie q fiat eu a die Set Hilar 
in av. dies apcf Westin . audit'us jud suu .1 q 
ponat pleg ej^ p pleg q sit ad pdcm rmiii 
Hostnsur^ qr n huerl q pl^avlt 

Ibid. JT ^^ ^ JTivi^ ess se eod m^.ap WWitrfeld i 

Fsula . 9sus jR^ Maketel de pi tre • p Galpr 
de Hauichiston \ Henr d MoU. 
jT N' t ^s . pceptu f vie • q ass . ve . in ocl Sci 
Hilar St q tc capiat', apd Westm. 

Norhdi. IT H^ de Angame ess eod m® ap WStibitd vsus 
Ada Jit Agnel de pi rre p Witt de Peikerche 1 
Wittm de Wabqford. 
f Mittat' . iiij. mil Ic. 1 si n t lang*»' a die Sci 
Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

•♦• f Rob de WSelton ess se eod m® ap WSelton rsus Rob 
de Chilton de pt ?re 1 homag p Galfr de 
Norf \Ricde Bedegeha. 
f Mittat'. iiij. mil.1 si ii f lang' a die Sci Hilar in 
TV. dies . apd Westm. 

Ebor. ff Matild Fossard ess se de • m • led . ap . Otrlgto . 

^^^ Galjr frem suu . de pt ?re p Rich fit 
Matin. \ Witt de HGf^wm. 
C De itifle . Mittant'. iiij. mil lc.1 si n ftierit 

K 3 


lang^ a die Pasch m av. dies . apd Westm . 
pceptu t cKco vie. 

Devon. jf Ric Peverel ess se de m . ven . vs^ Lucajit JoKis 
Pinc!nS de pt cataS: . p Ric Picina. 
f[ FtMadieSci HUar in tv. dies.vLpd Westm A 
alii ponat' p vad T: pleg q sit tc ibi. 

Lac. f ^^ de \iMersha ess 3e de . m . lecl . iij die aK 

plaS.ap \\He. . . A Derebisir 9s^ Rob de 
SumivittSt Matitt ux ej^ de pt tre p Ingera 

f Id ess . se in itifle justic d^ m « ve . p Witt Forti 
1 1 pl^ de audiend jud suo. 

f Mittaf*. iiij. mil .15 . si n t lang' afesto Sci HUar 
in arc. dies. 

Devon. f Matilt de JSofetf^.esi se » iij. die aS m «ven • 

vsus Lucd Jil JoHis . de pi ca**tt . p Rog^ de 
f VI ^di. a die Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

Eborac. f Witt de Buketoii ess se de m lecS iij. die an 
pt . ap WMeiidu v^fP CristianS Deubenie de pt 
[dotis] f ?re ^ ^ RiZ de ^Bruto.\ Rod de ' 
^Bvrto.X rra ilia capta in in maS d&i ^ . 
c*» * I vie in die See Caterin . p def cu ipi^ WitU . 

\ Hu^ de WEintorp . 1 \\Hu^ veft ad hora 
% petiit ea. 
jf H*at ea p plevina .T: respodeat Xpiane St de Opte 
WitU hat saisina ipa Cristian. 

Kaniebr. jf Thom de Bassiggeb^ ess se de m . v • vsus 
Regin de ArgStein de pt homag.p Wittm 
jf Ad arv. dies j^fesl Sci Hilar, ap Westm. 

Norf. jf Witt Jit Pagan ess se de m ven . v^s? Witt 


Maresc . de pY warat de Barwe . p Rod jit 
Pagan . pt ess fid • a i2re Lune j^ fesl Set 
Andr i av. dies. 

if In ocf S'cH Andr\ 

^Norf". ff Alea^ WPuintes de 9vico Reg . de ulf mare 
vsus Rob de Colevitt de pi debit, p Jord de 

^Ibid. if ^ii^ de WFerceden de eod v's^ eud p Gil6 

Norhat. f Atlbs de Pipewett de m ve . v^sus Witt de Benle^ 
f R fid . a die Sci Hilar in (Co. dies . ft hms bf e . 
\ A^ pen loco suo Henr monac suu ad 
luc*.vl pd. 

* miiesir. f Rob de Brikewrth de m . ve . v^sus Witt Dd. de 
pi ?.p Witt Rimetigg\ 
JT R fid . fcia die ff Sci Hilar. 

tforf*' jf Witt de Btto Mote de m .ve .vsus Joh de WGinton 

d pt cataK p Joh de Flkeni. 
jf R M.a die Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

SudAt. If Btichd Tesaurar de m ve . vs^ Thorn de Strat- 

JeldSt Thorn de Colub . d advocacoe capKe de 
Lokerleg^ p Walerd hole suu. 
f R fid . in oct Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Nmf\ f Jordan de Torpland de m ve vsus Rog^Dactt de 
pt apptti p Gilb . de Snamigg\ 
jf Pt M.a die Sci Hilar in arv. dies. 

Bui. f Widojit Widoh de Affeld de m ve .v^sus Witt fit 

Mathi . de pt tre • p Gaufr de Gadigton. 
f R fid . in crastino ocl Sci HUaf apd Westfii , 

K 4 




Sus9e^. I Ro^JitRenrfr d .9sii& Witt de Fegedan 
d plac waracie ?re p Rad • . . d itmle. 

in. 17. dor». Ess' a festo 5*c'i Martin\ in . ocv. dies sdlici <£e 

S'c'e Kater\ 

'^^- f Bic de WBremlo ess se d m . ve . v^sus Rob de 

Dotef*. d pt ass . de morte a&cesso]^ . p Hug 
h5iem suu. 
^ Yi ^Qi.a die Pasch in.i. mensS apd Westm.l 
tc veniat ass. 

Sud/\ jf Marl de Belh Fago .v^sus Atebem de Sibenl.S. 

plac warantie carl p TVitt d Wierha. 
f[ De itinle. 

Salap, f Wall de Witef d m, ve. v'sus Rob de Wodel.S 

plac rre . p Brienn . hoiem suu. 
f A festo Sci Hilar . in av. dies. 

Ibid. jf Eua de Langef* de eod . vsus eud • p Bernard de 

jf Ad eund?miii. 

Sak^. jf Witts Jit Turold . ess se . v^sus Wittm le Sahag. 

d pi tre.p iiofi WWiteehig". 
jT R fid . in ocl . Sci Hilar. 

SuhdL JT fWitt^ de Boteleia "de malo veniendi **. Psus 

AxeUnd d Alenton.d plac ass.d morte a&- 
cess . p Witt de Niwebie.^ 

NorH^ ff Mag Joh WCalviP ess se de m ve v'sus Emi de 

Clopton de pi dotis . p Gerard Jit Gerold.^ 
die . Qj Etna fi 6uit warantu suu \ gsidatu t 
q llat eu si velit 

Line, JT Witts Jit Gaujr de Hachetomd ess se de m ve 


V8U8 Joh de Laceles de pt vad p Ales^m de 
jf In oci. Sci Hilar. 

ETtf*. f Roesia de \\He(feld ess se d • m • ve .9su8 Henr 

Marescatt de plaZ Pre . p Galfr Jit Sim. fi 
Kms bf e» 


^Ebar. f Jo% de WPirchini S m .van 9 Isabella de Lasci d 
pt ?re p Rand de jj^BorrJuiire.^ 

Noff\ ff Theobald de Walton d m v . v Ida d Waltone S 

pt r p Osbtu Swalewe . fid pt a die DnicajpPf^ 
See Katerhie in xv dies. 

«At ^ Robde Sco Joh d m veil ^.Ricjil Robti de Tid 

de pt ?. p Ric Truhant. 
Jf PI fid die Dnica pa^ an Natale . apd Westm .1 
\\OUua uxor Robti d Sco Jotie veil 1 dix q ipa 
n* dUs ej^ fuert 8um5iti rf in vigit Sci Edm . 
\ q^ sumo H fu legat gsidatu t q vie sumdeat' 
q sit ad pdcm tmifi apd Westm respdsur d 
sumonicoe illa« 

Essexe. f ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ se d m ven v'su^ Hug^ WatS de 
pi ?re p Hamon Jit Witt. 
Jf A die Sci Andr in ro. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibti. JT ^^ iifi^fliM' poit^ [loco Pef^ PicoQ d m veil 

vers^ Yda Trichet d pt ?re p Ric Suift. 
f Fid pleg . dies dat^ t Rob Rtmbold I rv. dies a 
festo Sci Andr. 

Ibid. f Offtw^ dHalneto d m ven v^su^ -Effa Baset d 

pt recg d morte a&cesso]^ p SewalUjil WtU . a 
die Sci Hilar ! xv dies. 


Vigilia S^c'i Andr\ 

Suff\ JT Osb de Glanvitl ess se de mal lee f vs^ ap 

WTateston vsus \\Edetie de WDratton . de pt 
dotis . p Wittm \\TcheuSt \ Ran * . 
jf In. XV. dies post f est Set Hilar. 

Ibd. f( Rob Jit Gileb . de Glemhd de m lee ap Glemha 

v^sus . Rog'Jit AJuric d pt ?re . p Rog'Jit Rob 
Ibid- It WEdward de Glemha . de itifle. 

Ojron. ^ Ricjit Nigtt esS iij die . an die pi de m lee ^ 

Witele Psus Hug" de Chaucub p Rob Oicu \ 
Ric h5iem suu. 
fj[ Mittat' . iiij. mil 15 . 1 si ft t lang®^ . in c^stin Set 
Hilar . ap Westm . % pceptu f clico vie . q ittd 
faciat fieri. 

ComidL ^ Alvred de WAbomin ess se de m lecti ap Abomiri 
vsus canonic de Excestr de Sco Piran de pt 
?re p Aluredfl Osb 1 Dalfin. 
^ Mittaf. iiij. mit . 1c . 1 si ii t lang***' a festo Sci 
Hilar in av. dies. 

Naridf. f Sim Balliv^ Ateb de Sco Fet^ fde sup Diva ess se 
de m . ve . vsus Petr de Kainneto 1 Witt de 
Foro . de plac capelt de Forro . p Rob de 
jf Q* Sim n f poit^ loco Afeb . gsidatu f q advoco 
ecctie illi^ capiat' in man diii Reg . 1c. 1 Ateb 
sumoneat' q sit apd Westm in xv. dies apd 
Westm . f^Jesl Sci Hilar. 

Kant. f( Wi^ de Scalar . iij* die an plac de m . lee . apd 

Self. . d vsus Henr de Merc de plac svitii . 
p Rad^t Alex* . 1 Witt fit Rogli . jf fi t ess . 
1 pcepl t ctico vie q ponat W^ p melio^ 
pleg .1 pleg ej^ p pleg .1 pleg iRegin essofl p 
pt q sit []apd Westm in crastin ocl Sci Hillar. 


tapct Westm ostnsur qr ft tiuerl q pleg 1 
qr ipe Witt h veil ad die suii.T: q faciat 
ipi jHfenf hre catalla pns sui -4/rop de M*c . 
q ei adjudicata fuerl apd Kantebr cora Justic 
itinlantib3 . p defcu ipi^ Witti.'] 

««*• if Jl/fl/i«r q fuit uxor Rob d Neovitt d m lee . 

apd Takele.vsus Rob de Neavil \ Sma uxore 
ej^ f '^^ ^ ?^ ^re p Joh Qugtance t J(f 
jf Mittant'. iiij. mit .1 si n t lang^ in crastiii Sci 
Hilar t 

in. 18. In crastin* S^cH Andr\ 

Votingid. jf Math Jit Odonis.a mat. ve. v^s^ Gilb Avenel \ 
Amicia uxore sua d pt tre p Thorn ^t Rad. 
fid pt .|^ y&^/ 5*. Hilarii I arv. dies. Amicia 
pon loco suo Gileb Avenel. ad luc* . vl pd. 

Eiof. jf Hti^Jit Lrfwin d ma . ve . v's^ Witt de Buche- 

dene \ Rog" Jit Jukel d pt debiti p Hug' 
jf R fid in crastiii Sci Hilar . ap Westm. 

Ibid. jf Witt de Comebur. d ma • ve . vs^ Witt de Buche- 

dene d pt debiti p Ric IbniensS. 
f Pt fid ad eund ?miii. 
jf Id dies dat^ t Rogio Jit Jukel 

Bttfjf. f Galjr Jit Tet^ ess se de mat ve . v^sus Galfr de 

Say d plac rre . p Lisiard « . 
f Dies dat^ f e\s in ocl Sci Hilar . p brc dni 

f Id dies da^fRadd \\Goteswelle\ aliis appllatis. 

p eud Galfr. 

I fVa?. f Rad de Grqffton . d m . ve , v^sus Cristiand q f u 

Rot. Cuft. Rbg. K 



uxor Robti le Franceis . de plaS dol . p Sim de 
if H fid.m od.Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Oxcrn. jf Rob de Brinl. d m . ve . vsus Witt de Fifhide d 

plac advocois eccKe de Fifhide . p Osb de 
jf R fid . a Jesto Set Hilar in ro. dies. 

Bedef\ jf Henr CamarP. d m . ve . vsus Ati^m de Bwr^. 

d plac . ?re . p Gviotjit Henr. 

jf R fid . afesto Sci Hilar in xv.dies. 

Lin€, f Ateb de Cherehurc . d . [d ult* mare] vsus 

Hug* de Paris . d plac warant cart • p Petr de 
Lond.\ Rad NorensS. 
jf H ess . fid • a die Sci Hilar in xv. dies apd 

OxoS, JT Hug^ de Chaucbe . de m . ve . vsus Ric Jit Nigett. 

d plac rre p tp Galfr cticu suu . ess exp*tet 
bre suu. 

Sum JT Witt Aguillun . d . mal ve . vsus Godtfr de 

Sco Marl .'X Constancia uxore ej^.d plac do!, 
p Rog^ Anglic. 
Jf R fid . rffc Dmca an Natale. 

Ibid. f Sarra uxor ipi^ WitU . de eod .vsus eosd . p Witt 

de Mandevitt. 
f R fid . ad eumd Pmifi. 

Nor/.' f Peti^ de Edesfeld . de m . ve . v^sus Ram de 

Seinges . d plac rec d piorte access . p Rog^de 
Mundeha . d itinle. 

-Line. (f GervasP le \\B*nier d m . ve . vsus JoH de Laceles 

1 Rob de Helesha . d plac applti . p Si9l de 


f Pt ess . fid. a festo Sci HUarii [in to. dies] apd 

JT Id dies dat^ t Wim te Witier in banco. 

KJtt. IT -^^ * Cerring^. d 21 . ve . v^sus Archpm Canl. 

d pla8 rre p SifH fe Franceis. 

JT H fid . in ocl SH Hilar apd Westm. 

Sddp. IT '^ Archid Sahpesbur " iij. die aS plac de m • 

lecti apd ^Letton . vsus c'iam . de plaS cuj^da 
pbende p Petr .^\ Galfr^. 
jf Pceptu f q pbenda sit in maS dni. Jt.l ii bus 

SmUi^a. JT Henr de Munford . d mat ve . v'sus Henf Biset 
de plac catalli p Bx)b de ^Horenude. 
f R fid. in or/ 521 /fiiifap Westm. 

&0: f ^^ ^ -S^^ l'^^ • ^ m. ve . v^sus Rob fit suu 'X 

vsus Susanna ♦ . d piac rre . p Hug^fit Wdtii. 
jf De itinle. 

S^tet. f Witts fX Galfr X visor de infirmitate -A^icof de 
WCunilde . d m . ve . es8 . se . p Ric Coge. 
jf Pt fid . m oc/ . 5cj //i/iflr. 

Ibid. f ^''^ ^ Bagetrope . i. visor de eod . p Osmund^t 

Garini T: Rob Bipois . i. visor veH St Rog^ de 
PtUinl. K ven . n* se ess. 

jf H fid . ad eumd tmiii .\ Ric ponaf p vad 1 pt 
q Ic sit ibi ostesur^ qr n5 servav die suu. 

jf Id dies dat^ t Rob Bipois. 

LinB. jf Rod de Rouec . d mat ve .Psus Witt de More . 

d pla8 warantie . carl .1 d plac rre . p Ric Jit 
jf Ft M in ocl Sci HUar.apS Westm. 

K 2 


Salop. f[ Ricde WLetton d m . ve .^sus Wittde Hetleia . d 

pla5 rre . p Joh de WRile. 
f R fid . iiy. die j^ octab Set Hilar. 

Devon. f Hug^ Jit Willi de Sudwrth ess se . v'sus Witt 
^W^ de See Mof. eeetia d plac sepacois 
capdle de Cube de mat^ce eccKa de Hamhoc. 
p Rog^ DevoniensS. 
f H ess . fid . die Lun pjf an Natale . ap Westm. 

Suhdt. if ^^fi^ Henr. d mal ve . vsus Bic de Hereiet d 

plac rre p Wilt Jit FarhcU 
jf R fid • rfie Dnica paf^ an Natat. 

Hunt. if -A^teb de Torn . d m . ve . vsus WM de Cestreton 

de plac repacois poiite de Huntind ^p Rob de 
jf R fid a (Ue Sci HiUff^ in jcv: dies. 

£,,„j. f Diies dat^f Osbto de Langetot q* se ess . d m. 


Susex*. f -^^^ ^ Bedingha ess . se de m ve . vs^ Mo- 

nacli de Sco Albano de pl.past'^ p Ric de 
f Fid pi a die Pasche in . av. dies . \ innm hnt 
licecia cocordandi. 

Eborac. JT HanselmP d EsttUevitt ess . d ma . ve . vsus Wittm 
Englam d plac vadii p Wali TrenchemH. 
jf R fid . in ocl Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

Ibid. fi^ Hug^ d Verti ess . d ma ve . vsus Rob d Northorp 

d plac Tclbie p Wilt Morin. 
f R fid in ocl Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. ^ ^^ ^^ Verli . de eod.vsus eumd . p Ivanem de 

jf Ad eumdem tmifL 


Bi*. f PJUlipp de Verli de eod . v^sus eumcT . p Thorn 

fit. \ilGosce. 
f Ad eumd ?mm. 

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ail pt . ap Wkitd .^3^ Juliana #1 Rad vir suu . 
de pt Pre . p Etc WalSsS .\ Hu^ hoem suu. 
f N' t ess . precept t vi5 q Rat eii a die Sci Hilar 
in av. dies apd Westm . audit'us jud suu .1 q 
ponat pleg ej^ p pleg q sit ad pdcm rmin 
llostnsur^ qr n liuerf q plegiav^t 

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Fstda . vsus Rad Maketel de pt rre . p Gaffr 
de Hauichiston 1 Henr d MoU. 
jT N' t ess . pceptu t vie . q ass . ve . in ocl Set 
Hilar Si q tc capiat', apd Westm. 

Norhdi. JT Henr de Angame ess eod m® ap WStibito vsus 
Add fit Agnei de pt rre p Witt de Peikerche \ 
Wittm de Wabtford. 
f Mittat' . iiij. mit 1c. T: si n t lang**' a die Sci 
Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

•♦• f Rob de WSelton ess se eod m^ ap WSelton vsus Rob 
de Chilton de pt rre 1 homag p Galfr de 
Norf \ Ric de Bedegeha. 
f[ Mittat'. iiij. mit.t si n t laug' a die Sci Hilar in 
av. dies . apd Westm. 
111.18. dors. 

£ior. jf Matild Fossard ess se de . m . led . ap . Otrigto . 

vs^ Galfr frem suu . de pt rre p Rich fit 
Matitt.\ Witt de WG^m. 
<r De itiSe . Mittant'. iiij. mit 1c . 1 si n fuerit 

K 3 


lang"^ a die Fascli m av. dies . apd Westm . 
pceptu t cKco vie. 

Devon. jf Ric Peverel ess se de m . veil . v^s^ Lucajit Johis 
PmclnS de pt cataS:. p Ric Piclna. 
f[ Fl Ma die Sci Hilar in to. dies.apd Westm A 
alii ponat' p vad % pleg q sit tc ibl 

Lac. f ^^ de \aMersha ess 3e de . m . led • iij die aK 

plaS.ap \\He. . . .i Derebisir v^s^ Rob de 
SvmHvittSi Matitt ux ej^ de pt tre p Ingera 

f Id ess . se in itifle jusdc d^ m « ve . p Witt Forti 
\ t plaS de audiend jud suo. 

JT Mittat^ iiij. mil .15 . si n t lang' afesto Sci HHeSr 
in an), dies. 

Devon. f Matitt de Bofeus.eeS se • iij. die aS m • ven • 

vsus Lucd Jit Johis . de pi ca**tt . p Rog* de 
f Yi^di.adie Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

Eborac. f Witt de Buheton esS se de m lecl iij. die an 
pt . ap WMeudu vfp CristianS Deubenie de pt 
[dotis] f ?re+ p Ric de WriUo.l Rod de' 
Wurto.'i tra ilia capta fu in maS diii pr. 
c*» * I vie in die See Caterin . p def cu ipi^ WitU . 

1 Hug" de WEintorp . \ \\Hu^ vefl ad hora 
% petiit ea. 
jf H*at ea p plevina !\ respodeat Xpiane .1 de Opte 
WitU tiat saisina ipa Cristian. 

Kantebr. jf Thofti de Bas^geb^ ess se de m • v . vsus 
Regiii de ArgStein de pt homag.p Wittm 
jf Ad av. dies j^ fesl Sci Hilar, ap Westm. 

Norf. JT Witt Jit Pagan esS se de m ven . v^s^ Witt 


Maresc . de pt warat de Baraoe . p Rod Jit 
Pagan . pY ess fid . a die Lune p^ fesl Set 
Andr I jcv. dies. 

if In oc£ Se% Andr\ 

^Ntnf. JT Alea^ WPuintes de §vico Reg . de ult* mare 
Psus Rod de Colevitt de pi debit, p Jord de 

^Ibid. JT ^^^ de WFerceden de eod v's^ eud p Gil6 

Korhdr. f Atlbs de Pipewett de m ve . vsus Witt de Benle^ 
f R fid . a die Sci Hilar in av. dies . ft hms bf e • 
\ A^ pen loco 8U0 Henr monaS suu ad 
luc*.vl pd. 

' miiesir. jf Rob de Brikewrth de m . ve . v^sus Witt Dd. de 
pi ?.p Witt Rtmetigg\ 
if Vt &a Jcia die ^f Sci Hilar. 

Not/*. f Witt de Btto Mdte de m .ve .v^sus Joh de WQinton 

d pt cataK p Joh de Plkeni. 
jT Pt M.adie Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

SmdMr. fi B^hd Tesaurar de m ve . vs^ Thorn de Strat- 

JeldSt Thorn de Colub . d advocacoe capKe de 
Lokerleg^ p Walera hole suu. 
f R fid . in ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Notf\ f Jordan de Torpland de m ve vsus Rog^Dactt de 

pt apptti p Gil& . de SnanOgg'. 
jf PtM.a die Sci Hilar in arv. dies. 

B$af. f Widojit Widon de 4ffeld de m ve .v'sus Witt Jit 

Mathi . de pt tre . p Gaufr de Gadigton. 
f Pt fid . in crastino ocl Sci HUar apd Westm. 

K 4 













f TValt de Fldvitt de m . ve. vsus Alexdd de Oviton, 
un^ visor de if*mitate Gerard de O^toh.jf 
Gerard Maucul^t. 

f Mabit de Hermele de m . ve vs^ Ivon de Clinton 
de pi dotis . p Wilt WGeran. 

jf Henr de Clinton de m . ve . vsus BUra de Ware 
de pt Pre p Stephm Jit Witti. 

f Joh de Suaneton de m • ve .vsus Joh de Fackeha 

de pt appffi p Galfr de Binetree. 
jf R M .a die Sci Hilar in (Co. dies .1 Joh de 

^Sum!eshd appellator ft veil vt se ess Jt Joh 

appellat^ expectav iiii. die suu . Jud Joh eat 

sfi die 1 Joh de Suaneton in nua. 

f Rog^ Da(P de m ve . vsus Jurdan de Folkekmd. 

de pt appll p Hu^ Papilun. 
f R fid ad eumd ?min, 

(T J?^^ 5flr^ de m ve • v^sus Xana q fu uxor WiK 

Bard de pi ?re p Had de Fsula. 
f Fid plJ.^;. dies a f Sci Hilar. M dies dat^ ♦ 

Pet^ Bard warato ej^d X^ane. 

jf Rob de Colneston . i . viso^ de inf*mil Alea^ de 
Ovlton ess se de m • ve • p Ad BludiL 

jT Ada de WColdelesbge . i . visojit de ead iPmil ess 
se eod m° p RobJitErn. 

JT Jo^ de wVurU de m ve . de ult* mare vsus B^tra 
de WWaure de pi rre p Wid de Ludintoii.&S 
pi • t ocl Sci Hilar. Id dies dat^ t Ingera 
de Bagot . i. rec de eod . p Bndcm ess suu. 
1 Regin de Bardemora . i . reS de eod p 
ess suu Rob de Caton . Philipp de Cdton . i • 
rec de eod p ess suu Ada holem suu t 


Wall de RepSghat.i. rec de eod p T'stan 

h5iem suu .1 Johes de Weston . i . rec p Ric 

de Weston. 
f Rd pt . . . . 1 ceri n veflut n« se ess \ ido 

poned St p vad .1 pt • q tc st ibi iil resposur. 
JT Gott/r CKc^ fit bre t noia. 

IFar»\ jp jBo8 rffe Fii/fe de m ve . 9sus Walera de 

pt ?re p Witt de Leicestf. 
f R fid . in oc/ 52i Hilar . apd Westm. 

fiiid^. iT ^^ ^i^ • Com de Aubemarle d m • ve . rsus 

JoJi de Brideport d pt cataK p Galfr de 
JT Pt ess fid in crastin Set Hilar apd Westm. 




Plac' de ITmino PascV Anno Regni Regis 
Ric. ix®. I. XV. dies. 

Abbas de Faureshd poil loco suo Rob de Fauresha 
vsus Mainard de Kingetfeld de pt . r . ad . lu . 

••♦ f Dies dat^ f Afebi de Westfn T: Wdffo de Coleham 

de pi senescalcie i adv jusl i ptib} iff. 

*•* jf Abbas de Sco Albano pon loco suo Witt de Sis- 
Severn vsus Rob fit Walfi de pt bosci ad luc*. 
vt pd. 

Id pon loco suo Magrm Rog^m vsus Tempt de 
pt mot de Norton ad luc*nd vl pd^nd. 

♦♦♦ JT Dies dat^ t Rob de Tomha \ Canoii de MeU 

ton de pl.r.i Bridehatt % alibi a die Sci 
Mich i . av. dies pee ptiu % intim hfit lie 

♦♦♦ jT WGetia ux jRo^?f Walensis pon loco suo vim 

suu vsus Witt de Salceto de pi . r . ad lu . vl 
jf Rod Basset pofi loco suo Joh de Clopton vsus 
TAom de P'stwde de pi . r . ad . lu . vl pdend. 

tgia* Gatifr MoncuP pofi loco suo Gauff de Torha 

vsus Marchisu de Aubign de pi . t . ad • lu 
vl pd. 

Line, f Vic signific p bfe suu qd cep i mail Dili. 

Pr . ?ram q*m Petr^ fit Witti clain adv^sus 



Hu^ ♦ 1 ^fic ux ej^ t HtJ^ fit 8UU in 
iGeuekstan die Marl ps" an med C^dr^g^. p 
defcu teneciiL 

OiroS. jf Joh de Briewes poit^ loco Epi WinI pel vsus 

Ysab de Tme . vi . virg 9re cu pi i Nedburbi 
sic jus Eccle Winl.\ p^ea vefi ip* 1 q^ta 
clamav rra ilia 1 remisit iil jus sutL 

Hertford. f[ AlbruP de Ver po!l loco suo JoJim de Haldeham 
€^sus • . uerric de Marmis de pi diss de WiU 
burgeham ad lucrand vt pd. 

}jl<nf*. f[ Ass* [magna] in? Rogim de Gisnei^ WHtm de 

Resham pofl in resp us% ad adv justic i 
ptib3 iff p defcu reS !\ ilia magna ass t de 
advocoe eccle de Racheia . % Nicot de StaU 
'X- ham . i^. rec esson se p PetrH Wardebien . 

Gatifr de Hikelmg p Turgis ♦ . Rad Jit Rad 
p Petr Knape . Barth de Mar thorn p W^ de 
Horham . Rob Baignard p Rogltn ^ . Nigett 
de Wimdeham p Wittm Cunein . Gaufr Petr. 
i^ reS f in languore sic testal fuit . id dies 
dat^ t recogil p essoii suos . 1 . iiij*^' . mil q 
vener:' i banco. 

Hertford, jf Ass ven rec. si WittipK Jurd saisit^ fuit i d&ico 
suo ut de feodo de . ij . car xrt 5 ptifi in Tades- 
torn die q* . ote .t si ob p^ p*m co^ . H. Reg 
pat% Dni Reg 'X si pfat^ Jurd ppinq'or fies 
ejus sit q* rra Thorn f^ Witt de Mare ten} . \ 
pdcs Thorn ven \ dix qd assisa . iii f i ii debet . 
q^ipe Jttr^.1 fr ej^ p4nogenit^ inplacitaver 
ipm Th(mi de ip* t?ra . p br de recto . Ita qd 
p plaS illd qda pticta de tra ilia eis remansit • 
\ p^ea cepiit p ead ?ra-ii -ffi ««rg '^ unu 
chazuru. T: fe off pbare advsus eum put cur 


9sid . 8} nulla pdux pba .'t Jurd ve!l \ defend 
qd ip nttm fYem p'mogenil legitime na? 
habuit . \ qd ip nuq* i Cur ulla q*eta clam tra 
ilia . nee in . ij. m . vl pecunia aliq* JS cep . \ 
fi off dfende p qnda libm h5iem suu . \ 
Thorn nich 9* defensione ilia dix.vloptul. 
nee secta qd ipe t/iwr^p^mogenitu frem habuit. 
pdux. nee cur aliq* in q* plac e§t inr eos. 
nee qn finis factus eet int eos • cosidal t qd 
ipe JuirdYiSLt \n saisina suam. 

Norf\ JT Ass* in? Porem de Norwic \ Math de Guneton 

. de advoc eccte de WMarthd pofi 1 resp usq^ ad 

advenl justic i ptib} iff pee ptiu . 1 intim tnt 

licenc Qcord • p^or pon loco suo Ranri monaS 

suu ad luc' vl pd. 

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Capett 1 Phit Sen T: Thofti Armig" 1 Reg" Who 
monacli '^ Warinjit Begin M Nigett Marti t 
Beniamt * St Math Hauec .1 ITeward Barbet 
ijuste 'X sn jud diss Bog^ Pip de . li • te • suo i 
Tudingeton p? scd corofi dni . Jtr . Hug^ pson 
ven 1 dic.qd ass fi debet ifl fi . q^ ill tefl ||t lib 
teS ecc* sue de Tudigel qd diroav in caplo. 

Surr. JT Rog^ Jit Everard . AlbrUP de Heiwde.Luc de 

Lawdecol 4» • Witt de PtUtdenn sum ad eligend. 
xii. mil de visn de Titinges ad fac magna ass 
de . i. carr rre c ptiil i Titinges . qua . H» epc 
Exon dam vsus Bob Bumard'X Ema ux sua. 
uil ipi Bobt Emma ux ej^ posuert se 1 magna 
ass . \ petier rec iii f i . utx ipe epc maj^ jus 
hat tenendi rra ilia 1 dnico . an ipi de eo r 
venerl 1 elegert istos • Gitt de Bassevitt. Rob 
de Hameldon. Witt de Insut. Gitt de Ahmge- 
urde . Mauf de Hock . Joh de Chereburc 


Math de Bovttt.Gitt de fVaUon. Witt frem 
ej^ . RoUand de Hehstede . Albric de Hemde . 
JRog^ Jit Everard . Gaufr de Tichesia . Gauff 
de Catenha . WaU de Hehsted. Witt de Tiches. 
Witt de Bures . \\Sams de Mulesie . Rob de Wa- 
tevitt. Ada de Chintge . dies dat^t eis i adv 
just* i ptib} ill r' Emma pen loco suo Rob vir 
suu in ad . lu . vt pd. 

NorkiUft. jf Gitt de Lega \ Matitt ux ejus pont loco suo LuZ 
de Wdecol vl Albric de Damartin rsus Wall 
de WFUngeton de pt injuste desponsal cuj^da 
lldilse • q fuit de donone dni ^ . ad lu • vt 

^or/'. jf Ass* ven recog quis adv tpe pads p^enl ultima 

psona q mortua t ad ecc^m de Burhamtorp .q 
vacat ut d? • cujus psentacone Phit de Burha 
clam . rsus p^ore de Leuiis. 
JT Ju? did qd Wall Jit Phit feZ ultima p* ad ilia 
ecc*m tpe Reg Steph SI q ipe fe5 p'ma t ul- 
tima psona . c5sid t qd Phit bat psentacoe 
sua St p'or qrat jus suu si volfiit 

••• jf Ass veii rec si Joh pat Witt^q' infra etate t 
saisit^ fuit i diiico suo ut de feod de • i* car 
?re c ptin i Guzistan die q* it arrip rsus Jertm 

I q*^ itinle ob St si it arrip \si pd5s 

W^iTlf ppinq fies ejus t • Que ass* pon i resp p 
def rec . % Osb de Langedon St Hug^ de Wicha 

•• . ^ f\ Rad de Orlaueston ^ \ Laur 1 J oh de Her- 

tangre fecer se ess • Id dies dat^ t Rad de Or- 
laueston q' tra ilia tenet St cetis rec . Notand 
qd Rad die qd il tenuit tra ilia die q* sumo 
f ca fuit • immo qda femia i dot • Witt diS q 
pofl se i ass' utr sais fuit in tc . necne . dies 
dat^ ♦ \xt\ pti i banco i adv justic. 



Ass vefi rec si Wittde Curch pa? Rob de Cure 
sais fuit i dnico suo u de feod. d • cc. acr tre 
cu ptifi 1 Snaresgat die q^ ofe « • • .1 si j^pin* 

qWltc. q» ?ra A^dePante Rob^Jac 

Lewin T: Steph St Bic fr ejus tefi . Abb vefi It 
die qd ^/ic Comitiss de Augo dedit ece sue 
ilia t^ra i ppe£ elem sic ilia q fuit de maritag 
suo 1 carta sua eis ilia pfirm q* ptulit. q id 
testat' 1 ia vocat ipam ad waranl St lied suu. 
Hat war suu a die J&o^ px" an fesl Set 
Georg* . • . • apd Westm . cora Dfio Catd. 
Rob pon loco suo Rad Pantol.\\ Joh de 
Bensinton ad . lu.vl pd versus Rog^ de Scares 
de pi injurie illate • ad . lu • vl pd. 

Narf*. ff \\Grelen^ de Abric pon loco suo Rob Tirel. 

•X- ^s^ Teobald WaU de pt ?re ad luc* vl 


Midi. f Gaufr Pistor ven \ ret*xit se de ass* de nova 

diss* q* tulat vsus Afeb de Westm de lib tell 
suo q clam de pistrina de Westm \ posuit se 
i mia . id Gatifr 1 pi ej^ i mia. 

Norf\ fC Petrus p* de Branton su3l ostens q® waranto ten j 

se i ecc* de Braton ^ ven 1 dix qd Hermet^ 
par ejus eu psentav ad eccl iUa 1 p eu 
istitut^ f . 

Cantebr. ff Henr de Childresleia . Wilt de Sunessif . Petrus 
de Draiton . Rob fit Garin missi ad vidend si 

^^'- , infinnil un Pett^ de Ftid ess se vsus Heivr 
frem suu diet q n iveneft eQ ibi . consid t qd 
?ra capiat' i man dni . Pr . . s . xiiij. acr • r • i 
Tileneia'X ipe sum qd sit i crastinSce T^n aud 
jud suu ap WestrS. 

StqffT. Magna ass» in? Ai3b de Polewrd 1 Wall de 

\\Winektfeld\ Eua \xx sua de pi ecc^ de Eton 


poS i adv justic . % Witt de Hid . i^. recog ess 
se p Steph • Ada de Aldingehal p Joh . Hug^Jit 
Petr p Rod. Thorn de Kersevoelt p Nicot. M . . 
de Patekswett . p Rob . Witt Jit Wigan p Elia. 
Nicot de Mare p Ric . Heroic^ de Wiberton p 

Witt. Rob Jit Pa^ p MauriZ . t " '' M 

dies dat^ t ut*q^ pti. ' 

Warf. Uenr de WBarewill p5it^ loco Atb de Abendon, 

pe£ €^8U8 tv^sus iiotf jJf fFi^a^ . i. hid ?re c 

.^. ptiS i JEZw/f sic jus ecc* de Abendon .'X Rod 

ven \ defend jus liat visu . dies 

dat^ t i adv jusl .1 mm fiat visus. 

opl se . iiij, die vsus Ric Jit 

Jurd de pi . q^ waranto ten3 1 ip 

a yen vl se esS !\ sumo tesl fuit • jud advoco 
iUa •.......• 'I ip sumofi qd sit i adv 

justic ide responsur^. 

del Arch op£ se • iiij. die vsus 

Rogl" de Albnd 1 v'sus Beatric 

pt dol sue q ea c5ting ^suo^ 
qd fuit [JKo5] q*^nda viri . . . A ipa n vefi vl 
se ess A sumo test fuit.jud porco rre illi^ 

dni . Pr • T:c . 't ip sum :^ qd sit 

iadvjuslide resp. 



si Amuld de Camesi q* ded Pet^ 

de Ropett. xiij. acras rre fuit 

sais in dilico suo ut de feod die q* rra ilia 

dedit ut de warda • q* 

?ra Baldde la Rochett tenet q' t*xit 

ad waranl.juf diet qd Amuld ded rra ilia 

ut i warda. q* habuit p^ morte 

Sibitt cujus bed rra ilia jud • Joh pdSs 

q* fuit 1 custod ipi^ Amuld St fuit pelns hat 
saisioa sua. 

In Dorso. 









f Phitjit Rob opl se • iiij. die vsus Henr de Bee 

de pt feod i^^ mil. t Tateshatt \ i 

Wispinton \ Karkebi 't ip n veil vl se ess \ 

sumo tesl fuit ilia cap I mail dni ^r . 

1c .'X ip Henr siim qd sit a die dnic pjf^ an 

festu t.av. dies i£l respdsur ap 


JT Prioriss de A'bresbi pon loco suo Rob p*orem de 
Ambresbi v^sus Rob Tresgoz de . . . nativo^ 
ad luc*ndu vl pd. 

f Dies dat^f Fori de WLanton 1 hoib} suis 1 Rod 

fife ... . eleston \ Gattff fil suo de a 

die Set Mich i xv. dies pee ptiu. 

f Ass in? Ada Anglic pel 1 Rog* de Senetfeld tea 

de . iij. virg . r . S ptiil reman} sil die . 

% Ada n psecut^ t. 

jf Dies dat^ t Sim de Plkenni \ Sim de PikStd 
nepoti suo de pi . i^. virg tre in Helingetoh i 
adv justic pee ptiu. 

Jf Wittde Mukenes fine fee c dilo R^ 
in . arg. p se T: Comitissa Cecil marta sua p 
recto suo hndo de Ludelawe cii ptifi St de 
Wibelay \ de ^T..ias c oSoib} ptiil suis. It 
Witt pdcs int*vit ad pdcm debil solvend. 
Pred Witt \ Comitissa pos loco suo Witt de 
Mamio \ Gilt Russettad luc*. vl pdend. 

f Dies dat^t Alano Brun \ AlSbi de Parco Lud 
de pt libtatis i adv justic. 

jf For de Bbuton obi se . iiij. die vs^ p*ore 1 ffes 
de Kunnigneheved de pt . q*re pcessu fuit i 
ca q*da 9* phib j^ticiar . et ipi il ve . t se 
ess.1 s5mo tesla fuit. Judiciu.p'or eat s8 


JSfwr*. JT Petrus Picot opf se. iiij. die v^s^ \^Atda Peat de 

pt rre i Heiden ad aud judm suu . et Ida 
T}cat petes fl venit • t se esso • 10 psidal ^ q 
Petrus eat sn die. 

Ebcff. f Emma q fuit uxor Rod .f. Radpel v^s^ Wittm . 

f*. Rod ronabile dote sua q ea gtig de li teii. 
q fuit ipi^ Rad q^nda viri sui • i Nesha \ 
Gri[mestorp\^^retun^ 'X Daldton St WEcton . 
1 WHeindon .\ WCliue .\ Gtorp . i Ebo^ .\ Jff^n- 
geffbss .1 WHorthn . 1 B'chestors . 1 JarU . 1 
WSenedat \ Belebi .1 Ehretun .1 i WelpUngton . 
\ Witt vea \ dixit q RaS pr ej^^ dedit pdce 
Emme die q* ea despdsavit i dote q*nda villa • 
s • Hedun.\ in se tenuit pacataA ifi secta 
pduxit q tc It fuit .'t prea dixit q ipa p^t 
morte pris sui fuit iil seisita Si cepit in esple- 
cia du ipa voluit.'^ si secta q* iH pduxit n 
p^sit ei suffiSe ponit se sup pbos hoes q^ illi 
Irfuemt desp5saSoni . t sup wisnetu iilu.'l 
jEiTmia . defendit totu 1 dicit q nuq* dotata 
fuit de pdicta villa • n® iil se tenuit pacata • \ 
q fuit dotata ad Pcia pte toci^ rre q* Rad vir 
suus habuit.l: in pduxit secta q sue irfuit 
desp5sacoi . 'I sup secta q"" pduxit ponit se 
sup legale jurata com illi^. Emma ponit loco 
suo Marmadue • « ad lu . t p • in advetu j^tiS • 
fiat assisa ilia p pbos hoes de visit illo . sic 
ut*% ps Qcessit 

IfcriU. JT Rob de Hednebi \ Witt de Nonaucort \ Witt 
de Oxhenduh \ Rad Basset de || Vide/* sumoniti 
ad eliged . xij. milites . ad fa . magna assisa . ir 
WaU Lovel . pet . \ Ric de Fordigestun ten • 
de.xvi. ac's bosci i Fordigestun q*s eojj maj^ j^ 
babcat i pdictis • xvi • ac*s bosci. u& Ric pdicl 
•X- q* tenes t posuit se 1 magna assisa diii Reg • 

Rot. Cur. Rsg. i* 


et petit in recdgnicone fieri • veti St eleg • 
istos . Rod deTenerchebrai • Bic de F. . rindwL 
Bic Burdet . Galjridjit Galfdi . Bic de Ghnes- 
cote . wGeradP Oisel . Bob de Wager . Witt 
Burmund . Wilt de Forde . Ada de Bosco . 
Bic de HageUntun . Rob de Boce . Simo de 
Gretton . Bog^ de Blachevile . Galf^tP de Fsula . 
PhilippP de Stoneston . dies dat^ t eis i ad- 
ventu j^tic St if rim fiat vis^. 

Ei$€j\ JT Ri^ f ^i fc F'^eis \ Matitt uxor ej^. [opl se. 
iiij. die vsus] Bad de pi uni^ 
caruc rre cu ptinetiis i -4 . . . wal ipe n venii 
vt se ess \ sumonico testata fuit . psidal t q 
rra capiat' i manu dni Reg 1 dies capl .15 .1 
Bad sum q sit apd Westm a die Lun pxima 
f^t JestU Sci Georg' in resposur^. 
f Matitt ponit in loco suo Bic vir suu ad lu . vt p. 

Herief\ JT Bog! de Gisnei clam . i • caruc tre i Faleshangre 
vsus Bo^ de Bray . q* tenes fuit \ posuit se 
in magn ass .I. iiij. milil sum fuerf ad elig. 
xij. ad fac magn ass St cu venissent iiij®' milii:' 
ven GittJitEUe \ dix qd ipe tenuit ?ra ilia 
\ n Bog^ de Bray St 6 id cognovert. 
JT Consid t qd Gitt eat sft die 1 Bo^ de Brai 
mla. I mia. 

Nor/'. f Rob Tresgoz petiit advoc ecct de Braton sic jus 

ux sue vsus Hermer de Braton .1 ux ej^ n 
9paruit . nee testal fuit qd uq* poit^ eet loco 
ej^ ad luc*. vl . pd . io . cosidatu t qd Hermer^ 
recedat sn die. 

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i^. mil c pi i ||G l crastin Sci Pel ad 

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]f Gnies q Wido de Alba Mart clam \?sus 
Thorn Fotiot p defcu ipi^ Thorn .T: detBta 
fuit p • XV. dies sil pt • ido c5sid t qd Wido 
Hat in saisin sua. 

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ux sue St ipe Ad n ven vt se ess St sum5 tes! 
fuit . jT Jud • QAtacb qd sit . • . • 

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£««/. Agnel Tresgoz de pt . r . a Dnica ps* an f est 

Sci Georg^ I av. dies ad capiend cirog*ph 

suu ill. 

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ad luc*.vt.p petiit vsus jPn/lcon de 

Matitt ux sua med de 

I.i. marc redd.^ 

itorT. f Placil fuit in? Fulcon de Warr t PhiUpp de 
Bumha de omib} tenemtis q fuerl RadEa^nei 
Quf filias ipi Fulco \ Phit hnt. f Considal 
t qd omes rre q fuerf Rod pdci ptiant' ir 
illos St qd aisnecia ... sic ei q^ habet p^mo- 
genita • salvis roabilib} custis ulq^ .... sic 
pven IT eos coni diio ArcH Card. 

jf Joh de Briwes p5it^ loco Ro^ Coci opl se vsus 

Wittde de pi Pre . . . . ^ ip a 

L 2 



vefi vl se essofi . et jud illud 

i resp usq^ i aro. dies^^ festu 

^orf\ JT ^^^ ^ WLaham opt se.iiij. die vsus-fllenr . . 

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ven vt se esson atachief . 

qd sit apd Westm a die Set Mich 

jEJoa. JT B/id de opl se.iiij. die v'sus Rod 

de \\M feod qd tenuit de eo i 

Ren Rod 

qd sit a die Set Mich 

jf pon loco suo • • • * de 

. . . recessit a cur 

cirog suu 

Torchaz . c5sid t q ipe • . . 

iocl.S'.Thul.i& resp ... . 




"*• ^* Esson' capta apd Hertford^ in octab^ S'c'i 


f Aluredus de Stapelfbrd ess se de malo . ve . 

rs^ Johem MomacU de pi rre p Martin 

Roglusjilius Witti ess se vs^ Dionis de Ikinton 

de pi ass p RadmJitRogiu 
Johes jilius Jotds vs^ Rod de viL Jbntib} de 

pi asS p Withn de Wiltesir .pl.M.a die 

Sci Mich i unU mensS.apd Donestapt.\ tc 

ve . as§, 
Witts de ^Eshou vs^ Engeleisd \ sorores ejus de 

pi ass p Sim M^cand. 
Bic de Munfichet vs^ Rog^ de Cauz p Ric de 

Watford de pi ass. 
f PI fid . apd Donestapt 'X tc veniat ass. 

Cristina de Hodesden vs^ Biat^cem de Hodes- 

den.'X sorores ejus de pi ass p Wittm de 

Hugo Calues rfp Rog" de Muriden de pi ?re p 

Emold de WDella . pi . fid . apd JL Donestapt^ 

Westm a die Sci Mich J v. sepL 
Rob Picot v*s^ Siin fde^ Child de pt ass p Ric 

p. Ade . pi . fid . apd Donestapt ad pdcm 

Aldith mr \\Rob vs^ eund de ead p Rob Jilia 

H'nr filius Matitt v's^ WimarcJiHa Leueric de 

pi ass p Wittm de Brokesburn • pi . fid . apd* 

Donesl . T: tc veniat ass. 
JL 3 


Witts de Sisewern poit^ loco Abbtis de Sco AU 
bano ess se . iii. die an placil de m • lecti 
ap Sesewern Ps^ RobfUu WdSi de pl.Pre 
p Pldtipp Jit mm \ Ebrarda StabuM . 
mittat'.iiii. milites.t si n t languor af 
Westfil ad . i. rns8 . p^ f* Sci Mich . 1 si f 
lang*^ r' ad . i . die T: . i . annu apd . trim . 
TrSchevent essoniator pdSi WitU p AlanU 

Wall de Marenni de ult* autre Ps^ Luca de 
Brokesheved de pt appelli p Rad JiM 
Regin . pt fid • ii^ adventu justic Uirum i 
ptes illas. 

Wall PoUard appffator [de ma . ve] rs? eund de 
eod p Ric Starling^ pt . fid • apd Donestapt. 
Id dies dat^ « 

Emaldus de \\H*laue ess se . iii. die an pladl 
de in . lecti ap Sesewern vs^ Wittm f* Rob . 
de pt ?re p WalkeUnU de Roheng" 1 WUhn 
de \\BoUbe ap^ WW^kenton in Norhant^.mi. 
milites 1: si fl t • languor :! ad Westm ad ocl 
Set Marl . 1: si t lang**r ap t'ri . ad • L die .1 
i. annu. 

Math p Witti 9bP Wittm Franc de plae asi p 

Petr^ de Goldintoii 9s^ eund de eod p Rog^m 

Ric Bataitt ^s^ [Rob JUtt NigelF] f Thorn JU 
Algar ^ de pt tre p Rad Bataitt. 

AldeuirP » \?s^ Thorn JiUU AUgar de pt ?re p 
Rad de Keneheia a die Sci Mich .l.i. mdsi 
apd Donestapt. \ tc veniat as3 . pt fid. 

WaU Bataitt v^s^ eund de eod p Wittm Jt&a 
Alej^ . pt fid . ibid ad eund Pminu . 1 tc 
ve . ass. 


Witts JiUus Godrfr vs^ Wittm Franc de plac ass 

If Rog" jiitt mm. 

Am q fuit ux Gerard \?s^ Robjilia Odon de pi 

ass p Nichjit Godid. 
Robfr Ramdf ^^ RobJiUaOdon de pi ass. p 

Reginald JUtt Rob. 
Anketil vs^ Withn Ansera de pt tre p Rob 

Ro^. Sector vs^ Rob del Broc de pt ass . p 

Hug^ Jilia Alan • pt . fid • apd Don. 
Gatffr de Cbmiaco vs^ Jordanu de Hormed de 

pace Pr . p Hnr Scot. 
Johes de Grai vs^ Matitt \ Augnel de pt ass p 

Ale£ de Grai . pt . fid • apd Don . vie fit . . . . 


de Matha Ps^ G'vasinjit Rog" de 

pt ass . p GaufrJiUn B^nard. 
de Fumevatt vs^ Jemegan de pt 

ass p Ricjit WitU . pt ess Ric clic^ . ad ocl Set 

Marl apd Westm .\ ve . ass . t5. 
Adam ParcariP vfp Sim AngeuinU de pt tre p 

Roglm Jiliu Witti pt . fid . apd Donesi. 
Rob de Glauele y?s^ Phit \ Sigar Tres de pt ?re p 

Johemjit Rob. 
Johes de Stiuenach ess se de malo lecti iii. 

die ail pla5 v's^ Estrild de pt ?re p Sim 

fUu Rad \ Ga^fr Jlia fVilU apd Stane I 

Ro^ de Ginei ess se de malo tc . iii. die an placil 

vs^ Rob Jiliu WalU de Ka^senbroc de pt ass p 

Ric \ Ric. apd WfVeleres. 

Thorn de Therefeld %^ Rob \\EuiUarwegg' de pt 
ass . p Joh Jiliu Thorn • pt • fid • apd Donestapt. 
Id dies dat^ t • • • iiii* militib} ad facienda 

L 4 


elcone xii. mili? Rod Jit Math . Bxid de Bac . 

Regin de WaUngeton . Ricardus Cam] arms. 
Witts de Mora vs^Rw frem *de pi Pre p GitebtU 

\\Sparew\ apd Donestapt ad pdcm ?minu. 
Hugo de Dikleneswett vs^ Ermergardd de pt 

dot p Rad de Dikesneswett. 
Prior hospital Jertm Vs^ Margar de WinkerU' 

ion de pi advocaconis eccKe p Silvestrejit 

WRobtrn de Tarent v's^ PhiUpp \ Sigaf de pi 

ass p Thorn Jiliu Aleaf. 
de Monasfio vs^ AcelinU de Abintoti 

de pt ass p RicJiUu Rad. 
* - de Cruce Rois vs^ AUc &nvm de 

plac ass p Galfr de Cce . pt fid . apd Done- 
stapt . . . 
de HSgsteword 9s^ Laurenc CaptttmH 

1 Alio vidua de pi Vre p HUr D . . . . apd 

Donestapt rminu. 

amesia de rcia die afi pt. 

Vs^ GuarinU de Bradenhege de pt rre p Rob 

1 Adam Jiliu Pagani apd Rames . 

in Hunted . apd Donesl . pt ess Rob de \\Lan- 

Witts de Orsel vs^ Ranutf* Baisebatt de pt ass 

p Rad Jiliu i2egm • pt • fid . apd Donesl. \ tc 

veniat ass . 1 Lvcia pon in loco sue Ranii 

vim suu ad luc*fi . vl pd. 
Sim Jilius Ric de peg^nacone ad Scm Jaco15 vs^ 

Joh Lapegrut de pt ass p Hugj^ Bruntg. 
Gaufr Jermar vs^ Sabet de pt ass p AdamJiM 

EUas Cticus de Anesti 9s^ Gileb Fastiherth 

de pt ass p Ada de Anesti . pt fid . apd Dune- 



Hug^ Bard 9s^ Steph de Horewett de pt molndini 

p NicK Puintel 
Osb de Mara vs^ Withn Scroti de pt homag p 

Rod Jit GUeb . apd Donestapl . affl 
Joh Divimis ess se de ult* mare de pT dotls p 

Withn frem suu vs^ Alic de Hormed , pt , 

sit . apd Westm i octah Sci Martin. 
Gaufr de Roinges vs^ G^vasiuJiM Rog^i de pi 

ass p Gilbtvm homine suu . pt • fid • apd Dqtw* 

stapt ad pdcm rminu \ tc veniat ass. 
Paganus de Thorle rec . p Emald M^ceriU < pT . 

fid . apd Donestapt ad pdcm rminu. 
Jofies de MunficJiet vs^ Rog' de Cauz de pi ass 

p Nich de Lecheword . pi . fid . ap Donesl * 

t Gerard. 

Gaufr de Cave op . se • iiiu die vs^ JoA de 

Burgele de pi xxx. acr 9re i Walinton '\ ipe 

n® vefi n* se ess. f Judm . resiimoneat' qd 

sit apd Donesi.l n potit quid dre quin ass. 

capiat*^ A tc veniat ass. 

^ f 1 Bail! Regine de Berckamsted 

petentib} li15tate dne sue ap Dunesl . Id 

dies dat^ t ITnr de AUinges % 

Margar de Wichenton . petentib} 

• . es dat^ Atbti de Sco Albano id 


in.l.dort. IT (ford. 

m.2. Rotulus de Ass' apd Hurtf' anno regni Reg' 

Ric. x^ 

JT Ass veil rec . si Wilts [Jititis Ailwint] injusf 1 
S& judiS diss Rod Cloer de libo teneoi suo in 
Gedliston p^ scdam coronac. 


f WUk veil t die qd tenet tenem illud de Ru 
Tanei ad rminu 1 vocat eum in ad warantu 
qui yen t warantizat ei t die qd ass no 
lldebet in fi quia ipe Rod villanus f t qjSi 
Abbas de Sco Albano eum disronavit in 
com ut villanu suu \ ift vocat eom • Comitat^ 
vefi q* h<* testat'. 

f Jud . Rob n4 eapit % villanus 1 1 1 i mia . p f 

f Ass veil reB . si GaufrJiUus Rod \ Rog' de Sco 
WManueo \ Hug^Jititis Witt injusl 1 sfi jud diss 
Edith vidua de liBo tenem suo in Radenton 
inf * asS. 

jf Jur diit qd fi diss ita ea. 

f Jud • Edith vidua i mia p f clam. 

JT Ass veEl rec . si GerardP de Fumivatt injusl \ s& 
jud diss Jemeegan de Munden de libo tenem 
suo in Munden inP ass. 

f[ Jur . dat qd Gerard ita diss eum. 

f Judm - Jemegantis Rat seisina t Gerard i mia . 
'I dapnu t Ai mia^ • xl. sot. 

IT Ass veK rec . si Auger^ par Wath fuit seisit^ i 
daico suo ut de feudo de . v. acf ?re 1 dim 
cu ptiii in Berqueia die qua obiit t si obiit 
p^ 1c. qua tram ^Martinus p* de Berqueia 

ff Jur dflt qd Atigitcs ita obiit [seisit^]. 

f Judm . Watitis Rat seisina St Martinus i nua . 
p ijusta detncone. 

f Ass ven rec . si ITnr pr Dionisie fuit seisit^ in 
daico suo siS de feudo de . i. v*gal rre c ptiil 
in Hodenho die qua obiit . 1 si obiit IS. qHn 
?ram Elias de Boot tenet 

JT Jur diit qd H'nr fi obiit ita seisit^. 


ff Jud • EUas teneat i pace t Dianis i mia p fo 

JT Abbas de Waltha reddidit Waffo Pelerin. iii. 
mesag i Stansted q fdnt pns sui • sic jus suiL 

f Ass yen reS. si Robjltius Wall injusl t sfi jud 
diss Ysabelde Benmntoh de litk> tenem suo 
in Bennkiton inf^ ass. 

f Ju7 dnt qd & diss earn ita. 

jf ^ Judm • Rob teneat i pace .\ Isabel p fo clam4 
\ Witt fit Walfi senescaS c5gnov qd ipa t i 
seisina sua . \ ido cosidal t qd liat seisina i 

f Ass vefi reZ . si Philipp pf Ascelin de Abbenton 
fuit seisit^ i d&ico suo sic de feudo de dimid 
v'gaC rre cu ptin i Codre die qua obiit . \ si 
obiit • 15. q*m ?ra Hug" fit Rod tenet 

f Ju? diit qd Philipp n obiit seisit^ in d&ico S} de 

f Judm . Huff teneat i pace .1 Acelinus i mia • p f 

f Ass yen reS . si Ricfilius WitU de Mw^het in» 
just 1 sfi jud desseis WarinU fit JofUs de li1k> 
ten suo i WalUngeton inf^ ass. 

f Ju? diit q^ Ric ita diss eiL 

f Jud . Warinus llat seisina . "^ /2ic i mia p diss 
dapnii lit • iii* sot.l mia t dimid m. 

ff Ass vefl rec . si Rob \\fr Augnel fit Ric fuit 
seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo de dimid 
v*gal ?re 2 ptifl . in Rodeswett die q* obiit .1 
si obiit tc. quam rra WErmengetid q fuit ux 
Ade de Mandevitt tenet. 

f Ermigarda ven \ vocat Ada filiu suu in ad wa- 
rantu qui ifra " *• etate t. 


Don. jf Judm . hat qd vocavit apd Donesl .t tc veniat 
ass . Concordati si p sic qd Errnlgard reddidit 
pdce Atignel tota pdcam rra c ptin habenda 
\ tenenda q'm diu Ermgard vixlit t illi ei 
waratizar debet !\ Augnes ei dedit . ix. sot scil 
p hac quiet clamanc. 

jf Ass veil rec . si Leuric pr Wimarc fuit seisit^ i 
dnico suo sic de feudo de . i. mesag c ptin . 
io Hurtford die qua obiit . 1 si obiit . Ttc. 
quam tram ETnr jil Matiltl Rob de Alewett 
tenet . Henr ess t St Rob die qd nl jur clamat 
i illo mesag n' custodia q*m Kit cu Pagano 
filio ux sue. 

f jEid, querat bve si vol8it vs^ Paganu. 

Jf Ass de raorte aficess inr Ric de Benhat petente 
dim. v'gal ?re in Walden \ Emald le Twr . . . 
tenente r^ remanet quia EmaldP cognovit qd 
tenet tram illam i villanagio de Johe de Nevitt 
1 sicut villanus. 

jf [Judm^ Ric querat bve si vol8it vs^ Johem de 

Dies dat^ t Gaitfr de Bod querente \ Hug" 
Wiscard apd Dun . \ tc veniat . ass . n* inrm 
concordari possint. 

If Ass ven . rec si Joh de Waldo pr Thorn fuit 
seisit^ in dfiico suo ut de feudo de x. acr rre 
c ptin 1 wThitebersl die qua obiit .'I si obiit 1c. 
qua Vram Garifr de Cliildwic tenet. 

f Dies dat^ t eis apd Donestapt ad . i. msS jP 
Mich . p defall recognil . vie ht bve 1 noia 

jf Dies dat^ f Steph de Holewett querent! \ Hug* 
Bard de pi ass ap Westm ad . v. sepl ^ P 


Set Mich \ tc veniet ass . Id dies dat^ t 
Rob de HeirU \ Hug' de HeirU de pt rre i 
Peruton p feve Archi 

f Ass ven rec . si Gaufr de Mara injusl 1 siS 
jud . levavit qddam fossatii i Offele ad nocum 
libi tenem ^ sui ^ Thoih de la Mare i ead 
vUIa. K li' 

f Jur d&t qd ita levavit fossai 

JT Judm . fossal ps?nat' Gavfr i mia , dapnu f , 
ii. sot. 

f Ass ven rec . quis advocat^ tempe pacis psiitav 
ultima psona q mortua t ad ecctiam de 

W. Rob fiUus Watt \ Gunno^ ux 

ejus clamat rs^ Rob Jil Ambros 1 Rob \\le 
WLansitt 1 Rag" d Ginei. 

f Rog'^de Ginei t Rob de WLansitt dnt 1 bfi 

cognosct qd ancesso^ pdce Gtmno^ 

ultima p^m Si tpe pacis • ad pfata ecctia. 

f Rob Jit Ambr pon se sr jur.l pel iR 

dnt qd Rob de Valon pr pdce Gun-- 

noif, psntav ultima p^m q mortua f ad lleccam 
||de W tpe pac. 

f Jud . Rob \ Oimno^ ux ejus hant in advocacone 

f Ric de HeirU petit qd Hug* de HeirU warantizet 

ei . ii. virgal rre cu ptin i teSe de 

eo ^ uSl tit carta Johis de Heiru aBcesso^ 

pfati Hu^ \ pft carta, /fii^' qd 

n debet illi waranl ^ qct ^ [quia] tpe JoTus 
avi sui niiq* seisit^ fiiit de rra ilia A si iil 

carta Ibt tate sua uii Ilea yobiit ea 

adquisivit 1 hoc offt dironare cosidacone cur, 
[p Thorn de Witie'] Ric hoc defendit.'t die 
qd ejus pHate adquisivit % cad^ 


"l seisina ?re illius q^n adhuc tit • * hnt die 

ap Donesl ^ • • • ^ff • *' Reg • i. m. 

** p Iknda ju? legaliu h5iu de vis& . si ipe 
<• un^* fuit seisit^ de ?ra de . . . . p^ lint 
" die apd DonestapV^ 

f H'nr T: Johes Scatores de Sco Albano poiti 
fuert p pt ad esse cora justic responsur . 
. < . vendicone p verem ulna p^ phibicoaem 
qui fi veuiunt.l si i mia 1 pt llejus fuerl 
Nich Jit Ade . Baldeuinus Jit Bald. 

IT Isti • iiii, milites ITnr de Gorha . \\Re^ de HAfim- 
den * Gaujr Picot . Gaufr de Child . . . siiino- 
nid fSnt ad eligend xii. milites ad facienda 
magna ass . inr Peff ^Carina tenent 1 BiZ 
Cave petente de . L virgal rre 2 ptin in JFald 
un id Petf^ [tenes3 • posuit se i magna 
ass dfli Pr 1 pel in reS quis eof. maj^ jus 
fiat 1 tra ilia . 1 eleg?unt istos • Rog^ de 
Meridon . Osb de Mara . Witts JiUus Sim . 
Alanus de la Mara . Witt^ de Norton . Hu^ 
Wiscard senior . Henr Wiscard junior . Hu^ 
de Bradeweia . Math de Linlee . Joh de 

Brohehurh . Joh de Atidevitt Sttoe- 

nech . BrienP de Tinmg^. . . viellus de TOiwin^. 

Petf^ de Erpefeld . Joh in loco 

suo Withn filiu suu ad luc^.vt pd. 

% H'nt die apd Donesl ad Jest asi. 

IS^ dies dat^ t ut^ pti. 



m-1- Pladta corone placitata apd Hurtford' p^ 
Gaufr^ jfiUu Fet t zoom wm anno regni 
Reg' Rk. of. 

Hundr de WOsdesfL 

jf Jur dnt qd JoJlesJUitis Leuene 1 AUcJU Siward 
sub&i fuert in stangno molnd de Eswett \ 
&. engt n fuit rSnabitr psntaL ff Murdr. 

f Id d&t qd qda femina iventa fuit mortua i 
campis de Erdele \ nescit' S fuit .\ nemo ifi 
«. male edit', jf Judm.miumT . 

f Witts Jilius Rog^ de Hengsteword appttat Sam^ 
son de Hesewett de pace Pr.t affidav seq^ \ 
n seq'. Capiat'. t5aiM9 eat in ^quiet^^ sB 

f Id dnt qd malefZores in?fe8unt Wittm Fabr i 
domo sua apd Sandon .\ lig&riit Ric fit ei^ \ 
vtSa^t JIueuS \ AuiciS t nescit' qui font . 
t engles n fuit jpsiii 
fii. f Jud. murdr. 

f In campis de Clahutt invent^ fuit quida h5 occis^ 
t nesdt' [q% fuit vt] quis eu occidit jf Judm • 

f Id dfit qd Rod Rustk? fa^ 9 malo recto \ fiiit 
apd Russendeii manes in franc pt Hospil. 

f Jud . ?ra Hospil i Russendeii i nua p fuga ifiius . 
DcataR. 't cataS ejus fuit.ij. sot.un viZ Huf^ de Nevitt 

debet responde. 


Hundr de Edmnestre. 

f Jur diit qd i grangia monaco]^ de Cogeshat apd 
Torinden duo meadici ibid hospitati intfeciit 
?ciu .t nescit' qui ||f 8inL 
m. JT Judm . murdf. 

f Id dKt qd Lticas de Brochesheuet appfitat Wall 

de Marenn \ Gaujr Trericheo^t de furto . L 

bovis . WaU essofi t de ult* mare . \ Gauff 

[n] ven . 1 pi ejus fuit Witts de Marenn 1 1 

m, i mia. 

(T Id dfit qd id Lucas apptt eund WaU qd i pace 
^ \ I felonia furat^ t ei Felicia ux sual 
sigiS suu \ de cataS suo ad valncia • C. sot X 
hoc offt pbare considacone curie . In adventu 

<^ (T WaU Pollard apptt Luca de Brochesheued .\ 

Hug' Pese.\ Hug" Strut. \ Bic f?ein BZ 
Tanent \ Wittm Prestre 'I Bic frem ejus de 
pace Pr« 
^ WaU Pollard ess se . apd Donestapt. 

Jf Apd Hadha villa Lond diii fuit quida ho 
invent^ occis^ \ nescit' quis fuit. 

IT Jud . murdr . ^ Bic Sturm poit^ fuit p pi p 
morte istius .\ pi . ej^ fuit Bad Futerel . Bob 
Quitloc . T: si i mia % n fiunt q pi .^ t jur 
postea ii malecredit Bic. Judm .Bic eat in 

f Jordanus de Hormed appH WaU Hacun qd i 
pace ^r \ nequir i felonia isultav eu i dome 
Strangle apd Ikenton \ vulnlavit eii i capite t 
i manu \ ostndit vuluia \ hoc offt pbare con- 
sidacone cur p corp^ suu. WaU totu defBdit 


de vbo in vbum vs^ eum sic vs^ campionE 
conductic iu • \ crisiatu qui bis it suu arripuit 
1 Sep rediit i^Qe n completo. Jordanus 
defiidit qd n t campio "X psequit' vfP eum \ 
milites ju? testant' qd alia vice appSavat 
eu de roberia . i. ensis \ cape X ||purpuinti 
de quib3 n fuit m® menSo , Imt die apd 

Hundr de Hertford. 

^ Jur dnt qd in bosco deCesterhunl fuit quida 
ho invent^ occis^.t nescit' quis f8it f Jud 
«uirdr. murdr. 

f In ead villa fuit occisa qdam femina Cecilia 
noie \ nescit' quis ea occidit . engt no fuit 
psnL f[ Jud murdr. 

f Ap Wermet Rad \ Sabelot occisi fSnt de nocte 
i domo a quoda malefZore ibid hospitato • 
engt p89l fuit 

JT Id diit qd ap Brantefeld Rog^ ^Gleiue occidit 

Andr mcatore \ fugit . \ utlagat^ t . \ mansit 

I>catait. Ap WStiuineh tram Afebis de WcstfhSt cataS 

fugili si . ij. sot. un Hug^ de Nevill « . \ fuit 

i franS pi . jRic Caretar \^\ mia. 

jf Hesendon 1 Rege^eld tenuit Dns Lond que 
valUt XX. ti. 

)r Rob Vinitor le Vimer vendidit vinu cot* ass .\ f 
m. i mia . in waif Asketitt Bene . \ Witts f* 


f Amulf^Jilius ITbti de Hodesden fug p lat**cinio 
\ fuit ex* franS pt . " in Hodesden. f Jud . 
m. villata i mia . murd." 

Rot. Cvr. Rxg. m 


Hundr de Daneis. 

f Jur dnt qd i campis de Wathamsted ||inventa 
fuit quida ifans Hmortuus \ nescit' quis f uit . 
engt il fuit p^sHL 
m. jf Judm . murdr. 

f Id dat qd ''Al^is wtEmoldCin!arir' fuit iventa 

occisa in bosco de BisseiaSt Sim par ej^.1 

EdmUdP fr ejus malecdune" de morte ej^ 1 

fugili sunt • \ Sim fuit i franc pt ap Audenhd 

m. Atbtis de Westm . villata i mia. 

Hundr de Bradewaf. 

f Jur dnt q apd Weston fuit occis^ Lambt^ fl 

Ric p cujus morte fugit Wall CocSt fuit i 
m- franc pt Odon de Ladon . 1 1 i mia St Watt 

f WCalli de Mundon fug p malo recto lat^cinii 1 

fuit manes apd Mundon Furnivatt ex* franc 

pi . Tt t villata i mia. 
JT Regin de Argento tenet Wilmudele Magna p 

sganr iam pinSnie . t valet xx. li . \ nescit' si 

fine fee n® . ne . ht die apd Westm ad. iff. sepl 

ff Sci Mich. 

Id dnt qd Rog^ de Aswett vendidit vinii cont* 

ass* ^-fi mia. 
Picot de Weston fugit . p lat^cinio 1 ipemet fuit 

capitaLpt . T: decena ej^ t i mia. 

Franc pt • RadHurelf i mia p fuga Witti Mord- 

T'ra Templar in Weston i mia p fuga BerengeriL 

Franc pt Htig* de Slag^ue t i mia p fuga JoUsf* 


Hundr de WBraching*. 

JT Jur dnt q in cam pis de WWarre invent^ fuit 
quida ho mortuus t nescit' quis f 8it. f Jud . 
nu murdr. 

f Id dnt qd Wilts JiUus Ric suh^s^ fuit apd Warre 
m. engt il fuit psnt. f[ Jud . murdr. 

f Id dfit qd i villa de Sterteford fuit qda femina 
iventa mortua 1 nescit*^ q f 8it. f Jud • 

Isabel fuit atthachiata p pt . |> morte Edmund de 
Comeswelt \ pT ejus f8nt GaufrJiUus Ordlaui 
m. \ Alan de la Hack ^ si i mia. 

f Paganusjit Ric fug p morte Ade hois Gaujr de 
Sai \ fuit i franc pi . Pei^ de Cruce 1 1 i mia . 
fDcata»^ . . . catatt " " 

jf Id dnt qd Sterteford t in manu diii Reg T: 
valet xl. ti. 

f Ada Bissop fug p lat*cinio It ipemet fuit capital 
pi . in Gedeleston. 

m. f Judm . decena t i mia .\ catalt ej^ fuerl . v. sol . 
I> cata». ^^ Hug* de NevilL 

Respice i rgo. 

Adhuc Hundr de Bracking*. 

f[ Id dnt qd i villa de Sterteford qda femina 
inventa fuit mortua 1 p morte ejus rectati 
fuerl . Norma \ ui ejus \ Abbas de fValtha 
Cfc repl eos . \\\ . Arch . hiiit eos cora ♦ 

f Id dnt qd Wilt BlundP \ Spilema vendidunt 
vinu 9* ass 1 si i mia. 

M 2 


Dimia Hundr de Hiche. 

jf Jur dat qd Hug" \ Thorn 1 Rob fres in?fe8unt 
Wall Jit Emme . Hiig^ \ Thorn sunt i gaola ap 
Bedef \ Rob fugils t "^ ftiit manes i BedC" 

jf Cristina ux Willi WG^nun \ Matitt soror WiOi 
appltat Joh Jit Hug^ de pace Pr \ aff seq* 1 S 
seq"^. capiant^ 1 Joh eat in quiet^. 

jf Hv^ de Bumha .\ Rob Trenchevet applt W'Ulm 
de Hemcot \ Wali Chiepmd \ RobJ^ Segari 
de pace ^r concordat! si p bre ArcM tc capital 

Hug^ WDunel vendidit vinu 9" ass 'I t i mia. 
Lroqnd de Thorn Pac. 
Villata de Hiche nicft qd fl supi^ dcm sit. 
Villata de Baldac nich qd n sit dcm supius. 
Villata de Sterteford nicft qd S sit dcm supius. 

jf Comitat^ recordat' qd Thorn Pac rectat^ fuit de 
lat^cinio \ domo^ fractura \ capt^ 1 poit^ i 
gaola tempe Rob de Lamhutt tc vie St nescif 
quo devenit . Rob [die qd] dimiss^ fuit p pi. 
in comital quo^ n5ia b sut.jRic de Herst 
^Hug^^ [jKieJ JViscard . Ram Wiscard. AU 
selm^ de WCambnto . Wall Jit Odon . Witts de 
Flitte. isti defndt qd fi pleg eu , Vpont se sf 
Cofii . Comitat^ recordat*^ qd no pleg eu. Jud. 
Rob i mia. 

Comitat^ ir(^r<? pmisit drio Reg Ix.m • p 

quietacia carr 1 hidd. 

; jf Ad jud. jur Hundr de Othesden qui concelavant 
qd amica Absolon Presbifi capta fuit p sus- 
picone receptatoj^ malefcoj. 


fVitts JiUus Philipp ess se . iij . die an pT . de 
malo led v^s^ Hnr de Boueriis de pt tre p 
Wittm Gerard 1 Ric s viente. 


*"• ^' Dionis ponit WaU Hacon vim suii loco suo vs^ 
Rog^ de Ikenton \ Elia^de plac ass ad luc'n < 

A^issa de Anestou tenes t Ric de WBerle petf s 
cocordati siit de pt x. ac*r tre in Hache \ 
wwP mesag T:.ij. virgat Pre cum ptifi in 
WMeaudon \ . i. v*gal rre cu ptin in Wengc p 
sic qd p^dcs Ric quietu clamav I ppetuu tota 
(Pdcam rra pfate Abbatiss \ gventui. Et p 
hac quieta clamana pdca A^tiss cocess^ pdco 
Ric X. solid reddit^ annuati pcipiendos i tota 
vita sua in redditu Rob WDimel dim 
WHicfie de Magro Rod xx. d. \ Hub de HkU 
XX. d . 1 Ric ponit loco suo Ricjiliu D'D ad 
cirog*phu recipiend. 

Basilia de Redburn pon loco suo Gatifr fitiu 
suii v's^ Joh JiM Steph de pt caruc tr^ I 

Rob WCulfweg^ poBi loco suo Rad filiu suii \?s^ 
Thorn de Teref de pt . ?re ad luc^n . vt pd, 

Rog^ de Gidnei pon loco suo JValfum^liU Wall 
v^s^ Rob Jit Wat^i de pt advoc ecctie lIc 
Welewes . \ \?s^ Rob Jit Witti de Kersebroc de 
pt ass . ad luc*n . vl pd. 

Dionisia Escorchebef pon loco suo Wittm CUcu 
9s^ Margar de Wigentoh de pt Pre ad luc*ii - 
vt pd. 

Johes de Neuilla ponit loco suo IIi^ de Hcmi 

M 3 


vs^ Wittm de Sepehat si ipe inree n porit de 
pT rre ad luc*n . vT pd* 

Ric de Cane ponit loco suo Wittm filiu suu vs^ 
Petr de Catie de pi rre ad luc*n . vt pd . si ipe 
inree R porit. 

f Witts ftlius Gaufr petit v^s^ Wittm Foliot. i. virga! 
Vre cumptiri in \\Gatesbi sic jus suu T: heditate 
uS pr ejus fuit seisit^ 1 cep explecia ad 
valiicia x. sot St eo amplius . tpe . H. Reg pns 
dni Reg .T: hoc ofYt dironare cosidacone cur. 
p Wiltm de Sepehale vl Rod qui hoc offut 
dironare p corp^ suu . Witts ven t defendit jus 
sLiii \ petit in visu . ht visu . Dies dat^ t eis ap 
Donestapt . 1 intim fiat vis^. 

(T Joties de Nevitt petit vs^ Wittm de Sepehat. 
iiij, v'gal ure cu ptin in Lechewod sic jus suu 
"t heditate q illi debet descende de Albano 
avo suo qui iii fuit seisit^. 1 cep in explecia ad 
valncia . v. sot t eo arapUus tempe . H. Reg 
pris diii . Reg t hoc offt dironare cosidacone 
cur p Rob Pollard. \ Thorn de Wilie qui hoc 
offunt dironare p coi'p^ suu . Witts veil 1 vocat 
Osbtu de Mara in ad warat. 

f Ermergard q fuit ux Ade de Mandevitt petit . 
i, virgaE rre cu ptin in Loket vs^ Hug^ cticum 
de Dikeswett q ptinet ad dote sua • Hug* veii 
1 die qd n vult ei responde sii waranto suo 
n' cur cosidavit tat war ap Donestapt. 

Jf \\Rei2m de Hvit optut se.iiij.die \?s^ Woluric 
de Hutt de . v. acr rre cu ptifi in Hensteword 
T: WolnricP ft ven vt se ess \ sumonico testata 

jf Jud • X ra capiat*^ i manu dni Jt . \ dies capconis 


madet' justic 1 WohruP Bumoneat' qd sit apd 
Donesl . responsur^ de defklta sua \ auditur^ 
ilia elconem 1 tc sit ibi iiij. milites . Hu^ de 
Wauhadon petiit rra ilia p plevina die Sci 
LiUce ap Strqford p fVoluric p c^ deP capta 
fuit 1 manii dKi ^r. 

ff Petr^ de GoUidinton sumonit^ adee cora jus- 
tic ap H^tford ad warantizand Giffard de 
Gedeleston q*rta pte . i. virgal tre 8 ptifi i 
Gedeleston uB lit carta Thofti pHs sui [ut 
die] venit \ warantizav ei rra ilia. 

f Alina JitAlejf de Fumatis petit v^s^ Joh de Hore- 
med \ Johem JiUu Joh \ Alea^ mrem ej^ 
ronabile dote sua de lx.acr tre quas huit 
WaU de Horemed quonda vir suus die qua ea 
desponsavit . Joh Jit . Joh ess t . Joh de Hor- 
med ven 1 pel ifi vis . ht vis ap Donesl . Alea^ 
n^ ven nee se ess Si sumon test fuit St Alina 
exp^tav die quartu suu. 

fC Judm rcia ps xxx. acr tre Ijcapiant' i manu dni dies capl madet' justic apd Donesl Si 
Alex^ sumoneat' qd tS . sit ibi respSsur^ de 
defalta \ capitali pt. 

f Witts Foliot petit v^s^ Joh deCattesbi qd ipe 
warantizet ei \ Katerin ux ejus. i. v'gal tre c 
ptiii i Cattesbi. un ht carta ejus q* pfl.T; Joh 
ven 1 ||c5gnovit ei warantizare. 

Sim de WTitebt^rsl cep homag Pagan de Gratia d 
dimid virgal Pre cu ptiii i WTitebursL 

jf ^Gilbttis JiUus EUe S sequit' vs^ Roglm de Br at 
Ifi mia Si pt ejus fuert Reginald WCaUebois . 

f Ric fr n seqmV v*s^ Pagana Jit Rod "t f i 

M 4 


mia . \ pt ejus fuerf Joh Jilius Acer . Rob 


jr AlanusJiUus Witti n sequit'.l pt ejus f8nt 
Jordanus de Alsevnc . Rog^ f* Pe^ '^ t i 

Donesiajd. ^ Ric de Heiru petit qd Hug' de Heiru warantizet 
ei . ij. v^gsil rre c ptin I Standon quas clamat 
teSe de eo . et un hi carta JoH de Hairfi 
aBcesso^ pfati Hitgj^ \ pfl carta . Hu^ de 
HeirU die qd n5 debet illi warantizare. 

m.2.dor5. Am'ciam^ta de Hertford^. 

I> hundr de Hodesdoh • L m. p murdr except!» 

]ifetatib3, i. m. 

I> rra hospital i WRussond dim . m. p fuga Rai 

Rustie dim . m. 

I> huodr de Edwinestr. i. marc p murdr . 

excep . life. i. m. 

D- Witt de Marenni dim . m. q^ rl huit q pt. 

dimid m. 

D hundr de H^tford xx. sot . p murdr . 

excep! lib. xx. sot. 

1> franc pt RicCaritar de Stiuenech dim m. % & 

huit q pt. dim . m. 

I> Aslcil Bene dimid m. p vino vedito 9* ass. 

dimid m. 

I> Witt Jit Salone dim m . p eod dim . m. 

1> villata de Hodesdon ?ra Alan de Boxle 

dim . m. p fuga ^Alan^ Emold JiX Nbti. 


I> hundr Daco^f, • i. marca p murdr . excep . lib. 

. 1. m. 


D- villata de Aldenham . i. marc p fuga Sim \ 

Edmnd frm, .Lm. 

I> franc pt . Odon de Ladon dim . m. p fuga JVati'i 

Coc. dim . in. 

I> villata de Munden le Fumival. i.m. p fuga 

CalU de Mundon. . i, m. 

I> Rog^ de Assrwett dimid m . p vino vendito 9* 

ass. dim « m. 

I> rra templar i Weston dimid m. p fuga BelUg^i. 

cum, m. 
I> hundr de Bracking^, i. marS p murdr excep . 

lib.— .i. in. 
D- fraco pi Pel^ de Cce i Sebrictervord dim . m. 

p fuga Pagan Jit Ric. ^— dim . m. 

D franc pt Ad Bissop dim m. p fuga ipius 

I> Spilema dim • m. p vino vendito 9* assisa. 
I> Htig^ Wlhmel dim m. p eod. 
I> TheodbaldJitFolcon dim . m. p cocelam. 
I> Ada de ||5t^m?i dim • m. p eod. 
I> Luca de la Mora dim . m. p eod. 
I> . Gikb de Clahutt dim • m. p eod. 
I> Regin de WalUngeton dim . m. p eod. 
I> Rod Jit Witti de \\Rut dim m. p eod. 
I> Witt Jit Witti dim. m. p eod. 
I> AdaJitOsb dim. m. p eod. 
I> Witto Basset diin m. p eod. 
^ I> Joke de Sandon dim . in. p eod.^ 
I> Rod Jit Math dim . m. p eod. 
I> Ric Camiar dim m. p eod. 
I> Gaufr de la Mar dim m. p fossato ijust 

tl> GerardP de Fumivatt aSciand^ ad scacc" p 



I> Ric Jit WitR [de Mufichet] dim . in. p diss. 

D- lVal?o de HJord dim • m. p diss. 

D Henr M^cato^ de Sco Albano dim m. p injusta 

vendicoe panni. 
I> Nick Jit Ade de Sco Albano dim . m. % n huit 

D Bald Jit Bald de ead vilt dim m. p eod. 
I> Ric Ic Frere dim m. q^ n t psecut^. 
1> Rob Blund dimid m. q^ il huit q pt. 
M^ JoTie Jit Acer dim. m. p eod. 
I> Jorditno de Alsewic fr Wiscard dim . m. q^ S 

huit q pt. 
D Rob ctico de Ponte de Tile dim m. p diss. 
1> Pctro de Paxton dirn . marc p diss. 
D Alah Jit Godefr dim . m. p defalta. 
D Witto de Sepehat dim . m. p eod. 
1> Sim de WTttesbst dim in. p diss. 
I> Regiii de Argento Haraciand^ ad sccacc" p 

disS , C. m. 
I> Rub de WLansilla . a ij. ^ " dim " m. % n 

hiiit q pt. 
l> Comita? Ix. m. p quietacia caruc \ hidag. 


m. s. (T Essun' capta ap' Hertford^, i octaV S*ci 

Mich" de ma . ve. 

jT Rad de II Limnesie de ma .ve . ess se . 9* co . sumofi. 

p Witt de WOishil. 
Rag' de Stikeswaud 9* ess c5mune su . p Ran- 

nulf de Wiburhd. 
Gerard^ de Fumival 9* co . s . de ult* mar . p 

Johem de Draiton. 


Comes de Clar p Gawet. 

Rod de Watton p Rod Forestar. 

Abbns deRedding\p EmaldJiUU Hnr. 

Ric \\Enganie p Thorn jftt Witti. 

Elias de Eswetl^ Gileb deEswett. 

Thorn de Burg" p mitm jil Ric. 

Clerenbaud de la Lande p Baldeuiii (it- ScoKm, 

Neuelus de BocI p Wittm de SudheL 

WaUflius WBond p Alea^ Jit WaffL 

Witts Jilius Sim p Add de Hadfeld* 

Maior Lond p Ric NovU homing. 

Ric de Mtmfichet p Rog^ JiUfi Sueiv . \ Sim dc 

Pagantis de Thorleia p Emald M^ceriiu 
Rad de Roff* p Gtml de WB^queia. 
Witts de Vesci p Steph de Eswett. 
Emma de \\Humez p Eonejftliu Rad. 
Gatifr de Sei de ult* mar p Nick Jil Bi'Ung\ 
^ EmaldP de Thorleia p Elia de Thorltia,^ 
Reginald de Argento p Euslaciu * p (iofhj'r. pt . 

fid . a die Sci Mich . i . iij. sepl apd WestSi ail 

respondnd [de §janria]. 
Wittus de Longa vitt p Eone sviente suu f Rad^ 

\ Guarinu de Wauer. 
Hug* Coleman p Ailwinu JiUfi Witti. 
Joh Qictis de Weston p JohemJiliU Aihvard, 
Rad de Mandevitt p Ric Cticu de Thorleia. 
Rogj^JiUus Alani p Rog^ de Berchdsleit, 
^ Fulchus de Audebi p Alexandr de Audvbi, ^ 
Viellus de Tiwinge p Hug* de Meltoit. 
\\Al/elmus G'nu p Wittm de Mundeh, 
Witts Malet de ult* mare p Wittm Jitia Rob X 

Mathm de Linleia. 
Warinus Jilius Gerald Aq ult* mare p Thoni^fiUU 

Algaf \ Wall frem. 



f Giled de Htda p Wittm de Stodha.^ 

Osb de la Mare p RadJiliU Gileb. 

Sim de M^ston p OsdtU CocU. 

Johes de Mocha p Rad de Matchd. 

Hnr Jilius Fet p RadJiliu Auketit. 

Gaufr de la Haia p Wall Roc. 

Ric de Wares p Osbtujit Ric. 

Rad de la Stoke p Ailnot Pollard. 
A Rad Pirot p Wittm Jiliu Rad. ^ 

Ric de BopesJiettm p Gaufr Jit Atigli. 

Ada de [/a] Stoke p Ric Tailliato^. 

Fulco de Baienuittp Wall Jiliu Rob. 

Rob de [/fl] Mara p Sim Jiliu Godejr. 

Sim Brito p Rad Cocu. 

Com Leic p Auketit 1 Wittm Jit Augnel . de ult* 

Hnr Jilius Reimi p Joh Peilevilein. 

Johes de Audevitt p Hug* de Branton. 

Hamelinus de Audevitt p Nick Senescatt. 

Johes de Sanford p Rob Palrnlium. 
A Prior de la Croics Rois. ^ 

JoTies Jilius Gaujr p Rad Jiliu Rob. 

Abbas de Westm p Wall de Grenejbrd. 

Rad de Cheineduit p Odori de Langeleia. 

Joh Jilius H*vei p HespelanU de Boct. 

JoTi Jilius B'nard p Rob OsmUd. 

Sim Jit Sim p Rob JiliU Heileuis. 

Regiii Jilius Sim p Gaufr Jit Witti. 

Rad de Asselue p Wall Jit Albree. 

Hub dcAnestie p Ric Jit Turstan. 

Prior de Bermudeseia p Alured Coc. 

Wall de Cantelu de ult* mare p RicJit^Ailbm. 

Abbas de Wautha p Elia de \^Pote rfe] \\Tele. 

Ric Pinclna de ult* mare . p Mauric Juvene, 

Thtm Jilius Johis p Rob frem suu. 


Alic^ Basset p Ric Pistore. 
^ Wilt de Duf • . . ess se de m veK p Witt h5iem 
Wido de Bonincurt • ess . se . p Wincenl f* Had. 

Witt Jit Andr 
capital pt 
de m. 

m. 51. dors. I*' am'ciam'ta E8ex\ 

jf Wall WOspriet dim m. p pleg 

SnetUng" p evasione Thorn. 
JT Rob Hauec dim m. p pi Witt de 

la Gare p eod. 
f I> Sigaro Fabro \ ejus decena i Haltsted dim m. 
p fuga Godefr Jit Sigar. 
I> Witt de Cordan i Boltsted Sci PauU \ ef 

decena dim . m. p fuga Rob . \ fit suo^. 
I> ITveo Jit Coleman \ ej^ decena i Bello capo 

Danmarti . i. m. p fug Alardi. 
D WittPeche de Bumsted dim . m. p def. 
I> Olivlo de Tope/eld. dim in. p eod. 
D Rad de Bello Campo . dim • m. p eod. 
^ 1> Gaujr Jit Rob de Gelha dim . m. p eod. ^ 
I> Witt de Landa [de Esse'^ diin . m. p eod. 
I> Hascuil de Marisco dim . m. p fo appKo. 
I> Mich de Stifford xx. sot. > ^.^^^^g.^ 
I> Witt Jit Alured diih . m. i ^ 

Am'ciam'ta de ass\ in E8ex\ 

I> Mich de " Hocle " . i. m. p diss. 

I> Hnr Wiscard dim [m.] p eod p plevina Witt 

de Marenni. 
I> Joh Folenfat dim m. q^ n huit q pt. 
I> Ro^ de Marenni [Jit Leticie"] dim . [m.] p 



I> Witt de Castellioe dim • m, p diss. 
I> Nich de Walesha . i. m. p eod. 
A I> Hnrjit Rog^ de Harkesle dim m.Jp 

D- Rog^ de Marenni [^Jit Witti} dim • m. p diss . 

p pi Witt de Marermi. 
I> Rog^ de Laneweland. i. m. p hnd record 1 
jud . suo. 
ad sec". I> Alex^ de Luci p fossal ijusE 

D Witt de Donemow* dim • m. q^ n t psecul?. 
I> Witt Franco dim m. p eod • q^ n huit q pt. 
anlciam. D" Witt de Chiuilli dim . m. p diss, 
sec*". 1> Rad de Arches . i. in. p f o clam. 

I> Xpoforo de Wking^ dim . m. q^ recess^ sn lie . 

de c^'ia. 
1> Alea? de Toteshurd dim . m. q^ n huit q pi. 
I> WSeg^o Jit Witt diin . m. p diss. 


in.4,, jf Ass ven rec si Gaitfr pr WSimois de ^Winder- 
ston^ [Titeb'este'^ fuit saisit^ i dnico suo sic 
de feod . de demi virg t^re c ptineciis I WTite- 
burte die q* ob t si ob . \c q* rra Gauff 
Picot ten3. 
Jural dBt q n ita saisit^ ob . Jud . Gayfr Picot 

ni'ia. i pace teneat St WGatifr de Titub^ste i mia p 

falso clam. 

jf Ass ven rec si Gaufr Jit Walfi ijuste 1 sn 
judic diss Rob Jit Witt de libo tenem suo 
de ^ i Waston inf* ass*m .It Gaujr venit \ 
snjud. die q n diss eii sii jud.S} jud c^'ie dni sui 

Witti Marescatt q* rra ilia illi ded p §vicio 
suo habitis oib} roabtib} sumoii disroavit 
[sessina] ||?re iUi^ p defalta ipi^ Rob.X in 



pduc sumonitores • \ cur dni sui . \ 
defedit totu 9* sum St 9* cur. 


jf Ass ven rec • si Alea:^ pr JoHis fu saisit^ i dnico 
[suo] ut de feod" d dim . virgal tre • T: • i. 
mesag • c ptin i fVarfiasiud die q* oti \ si 
oh 1c .1 Steph dMuslad q* ?ra ilia ten3 ^ die 
q tra ilia fet p Agnete uxore sua . It filiu ipi^ 
hat ea cH. Agnetis 1 vocat ea .\ die q ea hebit c^ si 

justic placuer Joh veil \ ret*xit se, 

jf Ass ve rec. si Wali \\pr Witti d ^Absirot fuit 
saisit^ i dnico suo ut de feod. d. iij. acr tre c 
ptifi die q* db X si oh Itc. 1 Joh de Grauelee . 
Ditmsiapt. q' tra ilia ten3 veil 1 vocat BeaMd ux e^ ad 

waranl d tra ilia . Dies dat^ t eis a die 5*. 
Mic/J I • i. wi^^g apd Donestapt .\ hat ibi 
uxore e^ sic vocavat . Id dies dat^ f rec in 

f Ass ve . rec . si Hug* avuncis Alan d Box fuit 
saisit^ i diiico suo ut d feod . d . iij. facres 
pHi c ptin [1 Hodeston] die q* ob \ si ob 1c. 
[1 Witts iCarStariP^ ftJotis dG^uele^.q^ ?ra 
ilia ten} venit 1 ^ die ^ vocat in ad waral 
Magrm hospil d WHoford. dies dat^f eis apd 
Danesiapt. Dunestapt a die S". Martin I . i. mSsS .1 hat 

ibi q vocav Id dies dat^ rec . i baco. 

jf Ass ve . rec si Witt d Kersinbroc pr Rob fuit 
saisit^ i dnico suo ut d feod de . iiij. acr past'e 
i Palesseng^. die q* ob 1 si ob 1c. q*m Sc Rog^ 
d Wignai ten} . C5cordati sL 

DtmesUtj^. JT Ass ve . re5 si Witt pr Rob fuit saisit^ 1 dnico 
suo ut de feod d difii acre past'e c ptin 
i B'sehaul die q* ob . 1 si ob 1c .1 Ric 
Molendih q* rra ilia ten} veil ^1 dic^ vocat 



in ad waranl Rog^ d Wignai dnm suu. 
dies dat^ t eis apd Donestaple t . L mse . 
t hat ibi q vocavat • Id dies dat^ t rec . i 

f Ass ve . rec . si Ric PelUpar ijuste t sn jud 

diss Silvestr [Jit'\ Elie d libo tenem suo i 

WStorteford inf* ass^m . jur dnt q ii ita diss 

mia. eiL Jud • Ric teneat i pace St Stives? i nua 

p falso clam. 

f Ass ve • rec . si Ric IJ/r Reneri le WCurt fuit 
saisit^ i diiico suo ut d feod d dim v^gal rre 
c ptiii in Brchansted die q* ob \ si ob 1c. 
\ \\Theobad d Eschalers die q ?ra. ilia [n] 
ten3 . q^ ifra etate t in c^tod Rod. ^ RenerP 
die q tenuit tra ilia die q* sumo fca fiiit 1 
in pon se sr juf • Jur dnt q Theobald n fiiit 
saisit^ die ilia, 
Jud Theobald in ||llat q^et^St Rener qrat bre si 
voluer 9* Hug' d Eschalers q* tra ilia ten} . 1 
mla* RenerP i mia p fo clam. 

f Ass veil rec si Witt Cangier pr Tureine d Ces- 
trihut fuit saisit^ i diiico suo ut d feod 
ct . viij- tacres rre c ptiii i We[s']deleston die 
q* dh \ si ob \c. Jural dnt q ii ita ob 
saisit^. Jud . Rob Jit Odon tra teneat i pace, 
mia- Turdrw i mia. 

I> lifetate ^ Ass ve , rec . si Henr pr Reginardi fuit saisit^ 
EiiensL \ dnico suo ut d feod de dimid virg.rre 

i WHaJeld i die q*^ ob . T: si ob T:c. \ Ric q^ 
tm ilia tenet die q* ass. iii n deb} fi % ipe 
fuit saisit^ de tra ilia p^ ob pris sui . q 
ipemet ii defend sj gced • Jud . jRic teneat i 
pace .1; Reginald, qrat a* bfe si volSit 


f[ Ass* ve . rec . si . Nigillus injusl T: sn jud diss 
Witfm WBHng^ de lito tenein suo in Sabricte- 
xvord inf* ass. f Jur dfit qd ita diss eum. 
jf Judm . Witts hat in seisina. \ Nigetti mia. 
Dapnu f . iiij. s . mia t dimid m. 

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l> libtoie qui tra ilia tenet die qd ass fl debet in n. quia 

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ipemt n def iidit S3 concedit jf Judm • Ric 

teneat i pace \ Regin querat aliud bve si 


f Ass de nova diss int^ WithnJitRad\ Alic "mrem" 
ejus qrenl 1 Ric de Thanei de libo tenem eo^ 
1 Stapilford ** remanet q^ n psequut' . \ aff 
seq» r 

f[ Ass de iS • aScess in? GaufrJiliU Ad petenl .\ 
Ga^.ifrjit Gatifr te . de xv. acr rre 1 Redbtirn 
remanet q^ Gatifr Jit Ad fl psequit^ jf Jud • 
Gaufrjil Gaufr eat in sn die \ Gaufr Jit Ad 
i mia . \ pi ej^ i\\Qx\ . Alanm de \Thitebursl \ 
Alfred Carbonator \%\ nna, 

f Ass vefi re5 si Regih Tailebois ijusl \ sn judic 
diss Emma de Fonte de libo tenem suo i 
Stapilford. inf* ass. jf J^r dnt qd fi ita diss 
ea. jf Judm teneat i pace ^Emma^ Regin .'X 
Emma i mia p f*. ct. 

jf Ass vefl rec . si Wall de ITqford ijusl \ sfl jud 
diss Rob JiliU Osbti de libo tenem suo in 
\^Kingesicod inf* ass. f Jur dHt qd ita diss 
eu. jf Jud . Rob hat ifl seisina 'X Wall i inia 
p diss. "Dapnu diss t dimid m. •*' 

Rot. Cur. Reg. N 


f Ass de morf a!l . in? BecU^c 1 Letic \ Julian pel. 
t Witt Atewatr \ X}ana ux ej^ teil de . i . hid 
?re in \\Hodesd remant q'a Beai^z \ Jul . 1 
Letic n seqnr jf Jud Witt 1 X^an ux eant 
ia sfi die • \ Beai^Ci.l Letic. 1 Julian in mm. 
1: pi ej^ fuer HnricP l^t^ Kema de BrokeslFm . 
1 Rob Jit Rob de ead villa .1 s in muu 

ITtford ex hac pte. 

m, 4, dors. 


Rog^ de wRamesdon pon loco suo Hug' deLeindoU 

^s^ iio^ fife UGwwA: T: iioft 5/im^ ad luc* vl 

pff . de pt. 
Agnes de Wpeuitt 1 ^/ic T: || Jwilal ^wic sorores 

ej^ [T: jB^Z(? vir pdce AmicuB'] poflt loco suo 

B^nard de Hakele vs^ Philipp de la Roket2A 

1^ . vl pd de pi ass de niorte anc. 
Cruiina de Buitt pori loco suo Ricjitiu Hub vs? 

Luca de Brokesheved de pt ||svicii ad luc*. 

vl pd. 
Anna Jit " Waffi** \\Puiniant pon loco suo [Luca 

de Stanford^ vs^ P^oriss de Clerkenewett de pi 

ass de morte aficess ad lu • vl pd 4 • • . . (ii^ 

Stanford ^ 

Ada Anglic^ posuit loco suo Luca de Wodecot \ 

JVittm Bbmd v^s^ Wittm Coc de pl.rec in 

WEameden p bve • G.Jit PetK 
GaufrJiUus Witt posuit loco suo Gaufr de Cror 

mavitt vs^ Warinu frem ejusd Gaujr de pi 

ass • p bre Justic ad luc*n . vl pd. 

Am'ciam'ta Esex\ 

De hundr de Norcfdelrniesjord . xx. sol. p murdr 
except libtatib}. 


I> JoJlJit Rob de Badero* . dim ffi. p supsisa. 

1> Wolwald Telar dim . m . p supsisa. 

D Johe Jutiene dim m • % ii huit q^ pt. 

I> fWitt^ \iRic2Jit Godwin dim m • p eod. 

I> WUt Vtmtore dim m . p vino vendito cent* 

I> Etc Baschet • x. sol . p eod. 
^I> Hnr \jie Thont] dim . m . p eod^ p Rege. 
I> »^i7?||/i^wi5/dimm.q,ahiiitq pt. 
I> Witt Luuel dim m . p eod. 
D Barth de Feslling^. dim m . p eod. 
I> Nichjit Witt dim m . % £1 1 psecut^ p pt WalSi 

fris sui. 
1> Fulcon Jit Ric de Melebroc . dim . m . quia ft 

huit q pt. 
I> Pet^ de Melebroc dim . m . p eod. 

I> Johe Jit Ada dim m • p . " '* defcu. 

^ D- Rob H^eward dim m . p eod.^ 
I> Rob Jit Luce x. sot p eod. 
I> Hundr de Dunemauf xx. sol. p murdr except 

lib " '\ 

I> Witt de Plesingeho dim . m. p fa psfttacone. 
D-Villata de Wilingehat ^Witti de Hisparua'} 

X. sol p receptacSne MatJii de Wilingehat. 

ex' franc pt. 
De S'lonjit Eustdc dim m . p fo appllo • p pt 

Hustac pHs sui. 
I> Rog^ Fabro dim m. quia n huit que pt. 
1> ViUata de B'leston Watt de Oijbrd.u m. p 

recepl Wariii StakerS ex' f*n5 pt. 
I> Thorn Jit Witt dim . m. p def. 
I> Witt le Norreis dim . m. p fo apptt . p pt 

Theodbaldi Bel. 
I> Hundr de Lexendoii . i. m. p 

murdr . except lib. 

N 2 


1> Rob de Wesl dim m . q^ ret*xit se . p plevina 

1> Leuegar ^catore dim . m. quia il huit q pL 
I> Wilt milite de Bm'es dim m . p def. 
I> Ham Beleaf diin . m . p eod, 
^ I> Hug^ Belewe dim . m . p eod.^ 

I> franc pt H'veiJitWLeschild de WEurectart dim. 

m , p fug Hhr Jit ETvei. 
I> Ric de " Gumai *^ dim . m. quia n huit q pt. 
I> Gerard aviiclo WEdnochJit Rog^ dim . m. q^ 5 

huit q pt. 
D franc pt TVitt WRacU [i villa de Thometoh^ 

dim . lu. p fuga Wa^i de Bumsted. 
I> Aks' de Cogeshat dim . m. q^ S hviit q pL 
1> franc pt Rog^ de Stratford jux* Cogeshat. 

dim in. p ^fiigajKog^^ eod. 
Loud. Osb de fViha a^ciand^ ap Lond . quia n hiiit q 

Adam de Lega ♦ p cocelam .^ x. sot. p cocelam. 
^ Thorn de \\Langecurt p eod. 

, . . rf- J Witt de Hobrig^ p eod. 

t Hug^ de Illeg" p eod. 

Witt de Fenbrig" dim . m. p eod. 
tVitt Maudiut diin . in. p eod. 
IVallJilius Witt de Petefeld diin m. p def. 
Witt de Lega diin . m. p eod. 
D Rob Jit Witt Jit Luce dim m. p eod. 
I> dimid hundr de Herlane x. sot . p murdr 

ex^" hh. 
I> hundr de Rocheford . iij. m. p murdr . exceptis 

I> Wali de Sopilond dim . m. p def. 
D IVitt de Thorp dim . m. p eod. 

Respice i alio Rotulo sequente. 


m.s. It' am'ciam'ta E8ex\ 

D Johe clico sgHto dim hundr de Wauthd 
dim . fn. p defalta . p plevina Witt Nappatoris . 
\ Sim [Magni.'] 
I> Ordrico de Monte 1 decena sua i \\Halifeld 
X. sol p fuga RogH WBoss. 
ad scc^. I> Rad Passem \ decen sua i Reindon dim m. 
p fuga Witt Sierp St t 

J> Ro^ Jit wLouenath x. m. p stulta '' '* 

«d see™. I> Cleronbald de Lond p defalta. 

1> Rog" le Neir de rSumi^'istr dim . m. p eod. 
I> hundr de Turstapt . x. sol. p murdf excep[tis] 

I> hundr de Angr xx. sot. p murdr ex"* lib. 
I> hundr de Wenesingestr . i. m. p murdr ex"*. 

I> hundr de B*destapt xx. sot. p murdr ex"' lib. 
I> Elia del Chimin 1 decena sua i Sideb^nebroc 
dim . m. p fuga Normani Fabri. 
•d sec». I> Witt Jit Witt de Benjeld ij. m. p concelam. 

D- Hu^ de Bures dim • m. 
ad sec". D- Ro^Jit Ric . x. sot. 

I> Regiii de Donton . dim . m. ( concelam. 
I> Wittde Tharendon x. sot. ^ ^ 
I> Hug^ de Botoh dim . m. 
I> Ric de Hdestapt diin . m. 
l> Hug" Jit Witt. ddm.m. 
I> Andr de Bures dim . m. 
I> Osbto de Ros . dim .in. ^ p cocel. 

I> Ric de fftlesdun dim . in. 
I> Witt de Dunhd . dim . in. 
I> Rob de Ledres (\\m . m. p defcu. 
I> Alolf Malegreff" dim . [in.] p eod. 
N 3 



I> hundr de Clavling^ A. m. p murdr excepl 

D- Hnr de WBuuiera sviente hudr dim . m. % 

minus fee q* debuit 
I> [villata de Stanstede \ BenefeUt^ f Edmrd 

Meteserp \ ej^ decena i Stansted^ . i, m. p 

fuga Witti Metesarp . It ReimUd. 
1> villata de Henna x. sot • p receptacone 

Rannulf^ Jit Edward ex* frac pt. 

I> Witt de Finkepal dim m. p def. 

I> Jordan de Manegedon dim • m p def. 

I> RadJitRaddeWritetAmi.m.^ fa Psntac. 

I> Eustdc de Barenton diffi • m. 

I> Add Jit Thurgis dim m. 

I> Rand de Lin diiii • m. 

I> Walra de Wikes dim . m. 

]> Gaufr de Haia de Writet , ^ rx ^ ^ 
1.^ ^ ) P *^ iPsntacoe. 

I> Wail Soreberd dim . m. 

I> Rannuip Godlg diin • in. 

D- Watward Thunemd dim . 

I> JoJie de ^Stan dim . m. 

1> Alured Dispensato^f. . i. m. p hiid vero dco 

comitat^ de applt p pt Waffi de Bures T; Rod 

Jit Rad Jit Lerh. 
I> Math^ de Neweport dim • ^- K Yic^ cbcorSi. 
1> Thorn Purkaz dim . in. ) 

I> Witto Vinito^ dim . m. p vino vendito 9* ass. 
I> Andr de Winepot. i. m. p eod. 
I> Ric de Wenden dim . m. 
I> WaUJit Ale j^ dim. m. 
I> Silvestr de Ponte . x. sol. . . , ^ 
I> Lejwino M'cato^ dim . m. [ ^ 
I> WittPigaZ diin . m. 
I> Rob de Stradle dim . m. 


J> hundred de Estodeletford xx. sol p murdr . 

ad sec- I> Nich Walnse t p defali 

]> PhiUpp GvnS dim m. p eod. 
]> EUa Coco Jit Nich de Winbis dim . m. p eod. 
I> Witt de Ros dim • m. p eod. 
I> hundr de Westodeksford . i. m« p murdr ex^. 

^ I> WCond deArkesden dim m. q^ ii ppuit c c5sociis 

cojural .^]^.\\ Twmeh. 
I> Hu^ de wLangecurt dim . m. p li5 cocord. 
I> Ricf Hud . dim . m. p eod. 
Custacius de Heidon dim . m. p def. 
I> Sim de Clahavl . i. m. p cocelam . p pt 

Joh de Nevitt \ Gaufr CardU. 
I> hundr de Bekentre xx. sot ex*" lib . p murdr. 
I> Gileb de Acha dim . m. q^ il hiiit q pi. 
]> Sim de Bosco dim m. p eod. 
I> fVali ctico [de Hammes] dim.ih. p ^eod^ 

^I> Leonard de Venice.^ 

I> hundr dim . de Fraarwett x. sol. p murdr ex*", 

I> villata de [Mdgna\ B^defeld xx. sot p recepl 

Ric de Qar ex* franc pi. 

I> Eut?pio de M*c . i. m. p cocel. 

I> Wittf* Hti6 dim . m, p eod. 
I> ll^^t^m de Land dim m. p eod. 
I> Gileb Jit Ade dim . m. p eod. 
I> RicJitBerard dim m. p eod. 
A D- Gaufr de WBriffbrd dim . m. p def. ^ 

I> jRic Vinitore deClar dim m. p vino vendil 9* ass. 
I> PhiUpp de Bello Capo de Hersd dim . m. p def. 
I> Joh de Campes dim m p eod. 
I> Ijhundr de Hengha xx. sol. p murdr ex***, lib. 

N 4 



D Everardjil Ailmii 1 ej^ deceii i Gosefeld dim 

ffi. p \iRogio \ Ade. 
1> RadJitAilmli fd^f ei^ dec i Hrigha Rob de 

CarUet dim m. p fug Witti. 


D WHerlding de Wodeha . ij. m. % . n ^^vav ass . 

iiisurar p [pi] Ric Joie de dimid m. 
\ Rand dicus de dim.m. I 2%om de Marisc 

de dim in. It Rog^ de Witheha de dim m. 

in* 5. dois* Ess' Esex' de placit' capt' apd Stratford die 
D^nica pxima jp festu S'cH Dionisii. 

♦ Hamo Beleue ^ \ Witts [ck] Belres n ven. 

Ric de Engcmie ess se de mat veniend ^ pjr ^^ 
Wittm de Blundevitt de pt tre p JBo^ LargU 
pi . fides . ap Grenewiz in crastino Sa Leo- 
nard. Hugo de Boosted testificat^ t vis. 

Atic de Hastinges de eod vs^. Rad de Hasting 
de pt Vre de Wikes p Wittm de ^Eistan \ 
Wittm de Aleg^ pt . Witts Walnsis apd 
Westin . a die Marl pxima p^ f Sci Dionis 
t arc. dies. Id dies dat^ e. Rad de Comhut 
\ rec Grelein de Marisco de eod vs^ Rod 
jftliU Witti It Galian ux ejus de pt dotis p 
Hascuil de Marisc apd Grenewiz . ||in . 

Gildtus de Fordha de eod vs^ Wittm JitiU Gerard 
de pt ass It vs^ Wittm JiliU Augli p Ada de 

Gaufr de Nereford de eod vs^ Rad Jiliu Ric 
de pt advocaconis ecctie de Frhnton p Witbn 
de Kedington . pt fides ap Westm cUe M^cur 
pjritna an f OmiU Sco^ . Id dies dat^ t rec. 



Prioriss de Hemgha de eod vs^ WalkeUnU de 

Wicha de pt ass .p Thorn de WHeng^^ham^^ 

^ stead ^ apd Grenewiz Id dies dat? t rec. 
PhiUpp^ de la Roket de eod v^s^ Rob Harec \ 

vs^ . iiij. filias Godefr de Pereuitt It eoj^ maritos 

de pt ass p Wittm de Dunnemauwe . pt . fid f 

crastino Set Leonard, apd Grennwiz. Id dies 

dat^ t rec. 
Cristofor^ de Berkinges de eod v's^ Ric Jilin 

EdmOd de pt ass p Wiltm de Berkmg^ pt . fid . 

apd Grenewiz I crastin Set Leonard Si tc ve . 

Ric de Beinflet de ult* mare i svico Jt p l^lone 

filiu 41^ de pt hidag vs^ Thoiti de Canvitt. 
JohJiUm Jacob de ma . ve . p PetrUjilitt \\Stanburc 

v^s^ Thorn Orba de pl^re. 
Hubt^ de Anesti de eod p Rad Pimm 9fP Bald 

Fillet de pt magne ass • pt . fid apd Grenewiz. 
Laur de Plumberg^ t Id dies dat^ t Witt 

Fauceliu . \ Godefr de Omavitt \ Petf de 

Fielford \ Witto de Sco Clar .1 Aubrico de 

Barth Faucelun de eod p Rob Joie vs^ fVittm 

JitiU Rad de pt magne ass. 
Leticia de Bercha de eod p Sim JiUd Wohmne 

vs^ Samson de Cotes de pt rec . pt . fid . apd 

tapd Grenewiz. Id dies dat^t rec . ^Gileb . i^ 

reS atthachiet^^ 
Sim de Berewic de eod p WarinU JiUtt Witti \?s^ 

Alea^ Cticn de pt rec. 
Osb de Grenested de eod p Ric Grim vs^ Raud 

de Edburgeton de pt advocacbnis . apd Grene- 

wiz aff de pt ass. 
Hnrjilius Witti de Nutle de eod p Hun\fr Calle 

\?s^ Nich de Smalland de pt as3. 


fVats de Hauuitt de eoS p Matlim JiUn Berold 

9s^ Wittm de Taket de pt Pre. pt.fid.apd 

Grenewiz. " Id dies dat^ t rec. Id dies dat^ t 

" Witt ft Mam \ ej^ rec." 
Bald de Sopiland de eod . p Salomon JUiU Rod 

vs^ Joh de Sterteford de pi magne ass . " pt fid 

" a die Set Calixti % to. dies** 
Witts de Svcherch de eodi p WarinU ad Den vs^ 

Alie de Hakewett de pi dotis . " apd Grenewiz 

Gatifr Blundettde eod p Reginald de Witheres- 
feld \?s^ Gilebjilin Rob de pi homagii. jf pt . fid . 

ap Grenewiz. 
Witts de Hauling^ de eod p GerardU Jilia Willi 

v's^ Wittim de Houbrigg* de pt tre. 
Stephanies Turpin de eod p Nigellu de Audebi . 

vs^ Witt^ de Houbri^ de pt tre. 

Godefr Molnd de eod vs^ eund Wittm p Eudon 

ATcato^^deeoapt ^0 - - u-^t 

' pi fid. ad eund rmmu . ibia. - 

Stumtis de Hulting* de eod p VivianU JiliU Rob 
vs^ eund Wittm de eod pi. 

Godefr Textor de eod p Alea^ de Marisco vs^ 
Gunnild \ Lidiard de pt rec . pi fid . apd 
Grenew* " Id dies dat^ t rec.'* 

Matitt de Roff* de eod p J^SwanU^ [Snau] v^s^ 
eosd G. \ L\ de eod . pt . fid . ap Grenewiz 
Id dies dat^ t rec. 

Elia Flandr de eod p HnrJiUfl WitU vs^ Nich 
de Smalland de pt ass . pt fid . e c^stino Set 
Leonard, apd Grenewiz. Id dies dal? t re- 
cognitorib} I Rob de \\V^U p ess suii q* un^ 
t rec. 

Juliana de Molesha de eod p RoglmJiUu Tur^ 
gisii vs^ Ric Lippe de pt ass. Dies dat^ t 


^ apd Westm a die Set Calixti i arv. dies • pee 

pciu St Juliana poS loco suo JKic vl Rad fit 

8UU ad luc*n . vl pd. Id dies dat^ f re5. 
Httg^ de Curton de eod p Etistac Loc v^s^ Paganu 
JiUu Aselac de pi rec • pi . fid • apd Grenewiz . 

T tc ven ass. 
Abbas Colecestr de ult* mare p Thofti de Colecestr 

1 Hu^ de Pedsted ^fp Wittm de Takelega de 

pi ass . pt ess Godrfr de Cramavitt. a die Sci 

Martin i av. dies [apd Westm]. Id dies dat^ 

t rec. 
Gileb de BaiUel de ma . ve . p Steph Pesel v^s^ 

Aubric de Capita t Aleaf de Finchingq/eld de 

pi ass. 
Matitt de rpumt de eodi p Witlm Rid v^s^ Rad 

de Stapelford de pt homag. 
Rog" Galiun de eod p Witlm JiM B^n v^s^ Marg^ 

de Funteines de pt ass " pt . fid . apd Grene- 

" wiz. Id dies dat^ t rec." 
Johjit Lamd de eod p Hnr Ruff^ vaP Albric de 

Capita de pt rre. 
Gervasius TeinturarP de eod p Wiltm NorrensS 

\?s^ Ailwih P^t de pt ?re. 
Albric de Ver de eodi ^fP PetrHjilitt Johis de pt 

ass p fVa&n CocU t Htig^ Fabr . pt . ess. 
ARog" Fab^ IRob de \\Saultelu} de eod apd Grene- 

wic'] ^?s^ Eustac de Selkef* \ f suu de pt appHi 

p Wa^ de Traci . " ven p^ea." 
Prior Canl de eod vs^ Ric Peileuilein \ Juliantt 

de Lefstaneston de pt ass p Witlm de Midelton . 

\ Reginald de Booking* . pt . fid . rfie Sabbati 

pxima ^f* OmiU Scof apd Grenewiz 1 tc ve . 

ass. Id dies dat^ t Julian fit Matitt \ ||ej^ 

Witts Bataitt de eod v^s^ JwdanUfiM \Re^i de 


pt ass p Jfali ChianiereL^t fid . apd Grenewiz 

Itt dies dat^ f rec . 1: Ric Portema atthachiet' 

qd tc sit ibi. 
^Siepti de Hello Campo^ ess se de eod vs^ P*ore 

de Colun de pT asS p Gerard f* Emold. yen 

?f "ii// D^o/ " " fi fuit i pat*a ad sumoii de 

pt mail II recti . p Gatifr JiUu Sebern. 
Emma Jit Elk vs^ Prioriss de Hengef* de pt 

rec . p Thurstanu Red apd Grenewiz . pt . fid. 
Philipp de Bumeh vs^ Albric de Capelles de pt 

rec . p Osmndn Molmt pt. fid . apd Grenewiz. 

Id dies dat^ * rec. 
IVilts^Uus Philipp ess se de malo lecti.iij. die 

an pt Vs^ Ilur de Boulis de pt rre .... 

Gerard . t Ric sviente ap Bouerus i EseJi^. 

mittanf'.iiij. niilites \ si n e languor apd Turn 

I c^stino Sci Leonard, T: si t languor apdTurri 

ad II nu annii % , i. die. 
Id dies dat^ f . - niilitib3 coin ess qui ||debnt fre 

record illiiis loquele , s. de diin . virgal rre \. 

V- acr 

Gatifr de Atdlli de ma . ve . vs^ Witt Thakele 

de pt ass p Ro& de Wodeha . pt fid apd Grene- 
wiz. Id dies dat^ t rec. 


m-G- Rotulus de ass' apd StratforcT p' Gaufr^ JiUu 
Pe0 ^ socios suos anno [regni] Reg' Ric 

jf Ass veil rec , si IVilts de Sco Dionis pr Hu^ de 
Sco Dio7iii fuit seisit^ i diiico suo ut de feudo 
de . ill. acr rre cum pdn in Westhame die qua 


obiit . \ si obiit 1c. qua tram Silvr 1; Laurjit 
Bndci tenet. 
JT Jur diit % n obiit ita seisit^. 
m. JT Judm . Hu^ i ima . p f clam . I 5i/br T: Laur 
teneat i pace. 

f Ass veil rec si Henr Wiscard \\ Mich de Hocle'} 
injusl \ sn judic diss Leticiam de Mareni de 
libo tenem suo i Legre inf* ass. 
jf Jur dnt qd Hhr t Mic/i ita diss LeticicL 
JT Judm . Lelicia hat seisina . 1; l/i^r t Mic^ i mia. 
Dapnu t . nU . mia Mich . i. m . Hnr dim . m . 
in. p pt Willi de Marenni. 

jf Ass de diss inr Nich de Gatinge qrente de libo 
tenem suo in Ardele \ Matild de \\Lauda 1; 
Wills Mahettre remanet % MatiH \en \ cong- 
nov qd int*vit i tenem illd sig in heditate sua 
q*m (|vir ejus oiuino vendidat. 
m. f Jud . Matin \ Wills i mia St Nich hat iil seisina. 
Dapnu t XX. sot. 

jf Ass de diss inr Leticid de Marenni 1 Wilhn de 
Ramesh remanet:' % Leticia ret*xit se \ posuit 
se i mia St pt ejus f8nt Joh Folenfant St Rog^ 
de Marenni \ sunt i mia. 


ff Isti . iiij. milites Henr le \\H(mt . Gaujr Escotland 
Rob de Bauton . Ham de Asketot sumoniti ad 
eligend xij. milites ad faciend magna ass de 
i. hida tre cum ptiil in Tillebi \ x. acr tre cu 
ptiri i ead villa quas Wills \\Thorel clamat vs^ 
Rob RuffU uil id Rob tenes posuit se i mangna 
ass dni Pr St petit in rec quis eo^ maj^ jus Rat 
i rra ilia eleg) unt istos . Rad de vij .Jbntib} . 
Win Batain . Jacob de Tilebi . Clemenl de 
Thurroc. Witt de Cramavitt. Wittjil Witti Gilbl 
deAkenha.Stephde B' king". Rad de vij. WViclis 


Gaufr de Bella VaUe - Laur de Pbimbe . Bxc 
de Lamblon . Pagan de Stratford. Albric de 
Dulehd . Gileb de Monasfiis . Witt Fauceliun . 
Wall de Langejhrd, Ric de Molesha hfit die 
aptt Grenewiz in craslino Sci Leonard St intim 
fiat vis^. m dies dat^ t Wittd WThorel \ Rob 

f Ass ven Osbhis Bactm avuncts Gau^ 
Bacu fuit seisit^ i dmco suo sic de feudo de 
dim - hifl rre cum ptiii in Meresheia die qua 
obiit . \ si obiit Ic, Qua tram Witts de 
Thorenden tenet. 

(f Wilts venit 1 die qd n tenet tram illam i dnico 
S3 Albinus de \\Scc^ tenet ^ de eo. 

Jf JucTm , Gaufr nl capit St qrat breve vs^ tenente 
si volQit '' :' 

/ f Ass ven rec si Witts de CastelUone \ ** Nich '* de 
Wak$ha ijus! T: sn jud diss Rob de Sco 
Otvein de lito tenem suo in Tillebi inf* 

Jf Jur dnt qd ita dis5 eu. 

f Judm . Rob hat seisiiia in .1 Witts 'X Nich i 
i". mia , p diss . % dapnu t xij. sot . mia Witt dim . 

2i* Nich . i. m, 

f Ass de morte aEcess de . i. carucal rre cum 

ptin in Herkealea in? H^nr Jit Rogli petente 

\ Witts Jl Rod de Taideii \ Matitt ui Bob 

Jit Odo/l remanet (^ recognil t p comital qd 

Witts rect^ hes t \ nils hi iii rectii vs^ eu. 

(T Jud . mtts Jt Rob '^t Matitt teneat i pace 1 
m. IPnr i mia p f 6 clam, 

if Asi ven rec . si . x. acr , cum ptin in Lamfmrh 



sint laic feudu Rob de Lamburn vt lifca 
elemosina ptines ad ecctiam Lucejftt Barthot. 

JT Lucas [veil] \ pfl carta WitU de Lamburn 
pns pdci Rob i q* continef^ pdcm Wittm 
dedisse pfata eccSam c omib} ptin \ tris 
jpdco Luce quieta ab oSoi svico seclari sic 
ea Norm psbr ea tenuit 1; Rob ven nic6 i ea 
exigens n* sviciu \ cognovit qd Norm ei 
sviciu in fecit .T: n defildit carta 33 die qd 
Lucas cognovit qd carta ilia legal n fuit .H 
Luc h defhdit 

JT Jud . Lucas teneat i pace St Rob 1 mia . p fo 

jf Ass de nova diss inr Wittm JiliU WitU petente 
1 Cofh Rogim le Bigot rem .... % id Com 
cognov qd seisivat feudu illd dotf r^^tus fees eu 

in requireret. Witts Pirou petiit feudu 

suu t Com ei feud suu repleg in PakehS. 

f Ass ven re5 . " si Rog^ deMarenm ijusl \ sn jud 
** diss Gaufr Cobbe *' de libo tenemto suo i 
Brokesheued inf* ass. 

f Jur dBt qd Rog^ ita diss eu. 

jT Jud . Gaufr hat . . • . 1 WRog* i mia p diss . 
in. dapnii f . Ix. sol. t mia t dimid m. pi mie 

Witt de Maremu . " It vi5 . fit pi de dapno." 

f Ass ven rec si Auicia mv.Alic [ux Rog^ de 
Newelond'] fuit seisita i dnico suo ut de 
feudo suo de q'rta pte feud . i. milil c ptin 
i Wigebga die qua obiit .t si obiit tc. Qua 
?ra Malglus de Wigebga tenet. 
^ Jur dat qd Auic fi fuit ita seisita [n*' ppinq'or 

^Hes lle^]. 
f Judm . MaugS teneat i pace St [^Rob X\ Alic i 
m. ^la p fo clam. 



Jf Ass ven rec^si Suainus pr Alic ux Rog^ de 
Ncwelomt fuit seisit^ i dnico suo ut de feudo 
de tUiii in J Vie cu ptin in Wigebga die q' 
obiit SX si obiit 1:5, Q^m tra Matiglus de 
WWiggebge tenet 

(f Jur dnt qtt Suainus obiit ita seisit^ " S3 Alic n f 
lies ej^ ppiiiquior (j^ sorore hi p'mogenita.l 
Alie die qd mortua f .1: Mau^ h ii defndit . 
cosidat t ft Aiic hat seisina.1 si forte soror 
ejtisveSitr' hat iii fonabile pte sua. tiJo^' 
\ Alic 1 mia. i. m, p Imd ♦bre de*t jud 
suo ^ iiiq^slcone si soror Alic vivit n*^ ne.'l 
p^ea ven iq^sic fca p" [vie dices qd ||n* potuit 
a'd de vita ejus iquire S5 ps advsa dedit vad 
% pt pducedi ea 1 dies dat^ fuit ei i Ocl 
T^nii \ tc fi veil n'^ ea pdux . 1 ido cosidal 
f qd Rog' 1 Alic hilt seisina sua itegr \ pt 
sfimoneant'' qd sit apd Westm audit'i jud sufi 
eo qd n huerl (te qd pL] 

Jf ^ Ass [de morte aiicesS] inr Ric Wast petente 
dimid virgal ?re 1 v* act ?. c ptiii in Bouue- 
ries \ Lour de Boiieries^ remanetr' % Ric 
remisit T; quiet claiii Laur tol jus T: clam qd 
huit i pdca Vra. ^ 

f Ass veB rec si Maurici^ pr Giled fuit seisit^ 

I dfiico suo ut de feudo de cu 

ptin 1 Todeha die qua obiit .1 si obiit tc. 
Q"m tru Rad cticus de ..... . tenet . Rod 

die qd n tenet tra ilia I diiico.S} fVaI?us 
Stabulari^ ,....,. de eo. 

If Jud . ^ Gilebt^ fit Maiir 1 mia q^ no c5puit ad 
audied^ judic dni , . . . ^ Hug" Jit Rob . 
Witts MedicP^ Ell mm.^ 

f Ass veil rec si Rog' de Phho pr Witti de Pirho 


ftiit seisit^ 1 dnico . • . de feudo de . i. caruc 

Vre c ptin 1 Ramesden die q* obiit \ 

?ra Ric Jit Aug" \ Witts Jit Sewat. tenet Ric 

Jit Augii die ilia n* p JVitttn pdcm 

q hi i custod: . Witts [v**] ven T: vocat in ad 

warrant chet . Witts hat waranl apd 

Grenewiz . ? crastino Set Leonard. 1 tc ven ass. 
Dies . dat^ Luce [de Stanford'} poito loco Anne 

f Wall Puniant\ Prioriss de ||C pi 

ass de moii ancess ap Westm i crastino Sci 
Martin . id dies dat^ 

in.6. dorB. 

f ^ Witts Thakel optut se . iiij. die v^s^ Gaufr de 
^Amblia de [pt ass de] qMa pte feudi . i. militis 
cH. i . Erdeleia . Gaufr n^ ven n*^ se ess. 

JTJud.tG 4 

jf SinPMausipe . op . se • iiij. die v's^ Wittm || Avuclm « 
de pi ass de x. act t . cii ptin i Sterteford. \ 
Witts n^ ven n*^ se ess. 

f Judm . Witts resumoneat' qd sit apd Grenewiz i 
crastino Sci Leonard, [ostnsur^ qr n svav die 
suu ap Stratford'] \ n porit quid dre qr assisa 

jf " Ass ven rec . si Alejp" de LucV' yusl 1 sii judic 
levav qdda fossal in Godicestre ad nocumtu 
libi tenem Hnrji! Fukhii i ead villa inf* ass. 

f Jur dnt qd ita levav fossatu. 

jf Jud . fossatii pstnaf. % Alea^ i mia. 

f Ass veri rec si Tkeodbald pr Heilewis fuit seisit^ i 
dnico suo lit de feudo de xij. acr rre cu ptin 
in Stanhurn die q* obiit . \ si obiit 1c . q«m 
?ram Aleaf Jit Bald tenet. T: si id Theodbald 
fuit seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo suo de 

Rot. Cuh. Rbo. o 


. iij. acr rre cum ptin 1 dim in Bedemett die 
qua obiit \ si obiit Ic . q* rram Nich Bucekart 
Nich ess ^p Alea:*^ p Alea:^ f Ade . fid. pi . apd 
Grenewiz . id dies dat^ t rec. 

f Alex" Jilius Bald ven T: die qd ass fi debet ifi fi 
quia ead Heilewis hi . ij. sorores p^genita 1 
p^mogenita It n vult in responde . n* cur 
cosidav^it . cosidatu qd pducat sorores suas 1 
qrat ftve i q° fiat nicio de sororib} . ij. quia 
p^mogenita ejus soror WEluena ven It posuit[ea] 
loco suo vs^ Alea:' \ Nich ad luc*. vl pd. 

Dies dat^ t Sleph de Bello Campo \ Fori de 
Ck)lun de pi rec ap Westin in crastmo Sci 
Martin apd Westin p def cu rec . Id dies dat^ 
f rec. Giled de Theia \ Robjil Matitt s! i 
defcu .\ si atthachiandi qd tc sint ibi. 

(T Ass veil rec . si Witts par Warini fuit seisit^ in 
dfiico suo sic de feudo de iiij. acr rre in HaU 
sted di\e qua obiit .It si obiit Ic. q*m rra Gam/t 
filius Witti [It Godefr de Cramavitt] tenet. 
Gatifr 1 Godefr veniut It vocant ifl ad waranl 
Witt Jit Andr . hat en ad warant apd Grenwaiz 
in crasl Sci Leonard, id dies dat^ t rec. 

)[ Ass ven rec . si Witt pr Warini fuit seisit^ in 
dnico suo sic de feudo suo de xxx. acr rre 
cum ptiii in Haltsted die qua obiit St si obiit 
\c. q*m rram Gaufrjilhis Witti tenet* Gaufr 
vefl It die qdass in n debet fi quia id Warinus 
p^ morte Witt pris sui fuit ii5 seisit^ i dnico 
suo It ifl cep homagiu suii \ ei sviciii iri fecit • 
Warinus hoc def ndit . \ pon se iii sr rec . 1 


Gaufr silr.T: utq^ petit in rec.hnt die apd 
Grenewiz ad hoc recognoscendu . id dies dat^ 
t rec. Nos hfiis bre T: vie nola jur. 

ff Dies dat^ t Winf Gerard \ Gileb de Fordhd de 
cirog^ho suo recipiendo de . i. virgal ?re c 
ptin in Cripping^ apd Grenewiz. 

JT Id dies dat^ t Hiir de Pinkeni \ Witt^Bauun de 

?l ass . 1 intim hnt li2 concord ibid ad eund 
minu .Hiir vocat Leticid ux sua ad waranl 
hat qd vocavit ibid. 

jf Ass ven rec si Witt pr Ric fuit seisit^ I diSico 
suo sic de feudo de . iij. acr rre Hwerc c ptin 
1 Midelton die q* obiit .It si obiit Ic . q*m ?ra 
GiWhisJit Ailnotti tenet. 

jf Gileb ven \ vocat in ad waranl Witt Jit Rann de 
WCaneueles p carta ejus q" hi It custodit de ejus 
donac6ne.1t warantizacbne. 
. Dies dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz in crastino Sci 

Leonard. Id dies dat^ t rec. 

jf Hawis de Hemested ponit loco suo WaUf* D*d 
ad recipiend cirog*phu suu vs^ Msigr Hospitat 
Eses^ \ Wall de Baillol de . i. virga! ?re c 

^ ptiil in Bumsted \ id Wall cognovit qd cocor- 
dati sut p sic qd tota tra ilia remanet pdce 
Hawis . ap Grenewiz hiit die It Wall c5gnov qd 
n ten3 Vra ilia n^ ad rminu de Hospil .\ intim 
hnt lie 9Cord .1 n* gcord f uint r' tc ve . ass. 

*f Ass veil rec . si Bic Anglic^ pr Ade fuit seisit^ 
i dnico suo sic de feudo suo de . i. v^gal rre cu 
ptifl in ^Eaumedeh die qua obiit .It si obiit .\c . 
q*m tra Wido Coc^ tenet . Wido H ven . vl se 

if Dies dat^ t Nich Thalevaz .1 Hiir \[filius Witt ap 

o 2 



Grenewiz ad had cirog^ll suu de . i. hida tre 
cu ptin in SmaUand. ufi c5cordati si p sic qff 
tota rra in? se ||diraidiabut. 

jf Ass de morte ancess . inr ElfwinU Pret petente 
\ G*vasiU TtctorS de . iiij. acr tre c ptin in 
\\Hewenhale remanet % G^vasiP se villanu ee 
cognovit \ teSe in villenagio rra ilia de 
Matitt de Roff". 

f Elwin^ nU cap p ass. 

jf Ass vefl rec . si Ric pr Ade AngUci fuit seisit^ i 
dnico suo sic de feudo de . i. v^gal rre cu ptifi 
in WEaumeden die qua obiit .t si obiit llt.qua 
rra Wido Cocus tenet. 

jf fVido llifl sumoit^ ad ee ap Westm ess se .1 tc 
dat^ fuit illi dies p ess suu in advetu justic in 
EsesW tc.n veil vl se ess.T: ido cdsidatu 
fuit qd ass capet' [p defcu ipius Widon]. 

jf Jur diit q ita obiit seisit^. 

jf Jud Ada Jit Ric hat seisina \ Wido i mia p 
ijusta detencone. ||G^*fefi||Z\//feA*>c. jHe^Girrffi. 
Lambl Wiscard rec n venlunt.T: si i mia. 

jf Ass veil rec . si Hug\ avucls . Wittf^Eustac fuit 
seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo de viij. acr rre 
cu ptin in DepedeH die qua obiit 1 si obiit Ic. 
qua rra WWicPtina q fuit ux Hug* fOsgot 

jf WuPtuna n^ veft vt se ess. 

jf Jud . resumoneat' qd sit apd Grenewiz \ id dies 
dat^ f rec . viij. 1 . iiij. ponat' p pt qui ii 

f Isti . iiij. milites Walt de Langeford . Witt de 
Houbrig* . Add de Lega . JoH Folenfimt . 


sumoniti ad.eligend.xij. milites ad facienda 
magna ass inr Witt del Broc \ Barth Fauceliun 
de V. acr.tre c ptinm\\TUnges.uii Barth tenes 
posuit se i magna ass diii Pr . \ petit iii • . . . 
utr ipe maj^ jus hat tenendi tram ilia de pfato 

Witt an id Witt tenendi eu i istos 

Witt de Marci . Gileb de Moasfiis . H^btUf* 
Rad. Witt de Marenni . \\P?Ulpp de la Roket. 
Witt de Sco Cler . Witt de Clouitt . Joh de Mun- 

uirU . Rad de HairU Ric Hnr 

de Coddeha . Pagan de Stanford. Aubruc Du- 

leha Witt de Haia de Stow 

Aubr G^nu. Dies dat^ t eis ap Grenewiz in 
crastino Sci Leonard, id dies dat^ e Witt del 
Broc \ Barth Faucelitm . T: inrim fiat vis^, 


m. 7. fit Isti . iiij. milites Witt Faucelitm . Thorn de WLanger- 
wic T: Wittde Takelel Gaicfr Cardtt sumoniti ad 
eligendum xij. milites ad facienda recognic inr 
WittdeChivitiSlCristiana de Chimli de . i. caruc 
t re cu pti£Lin Houbrig* 1 in Glasen . un Crisliana 
q tenes t posuit se 1 magna ass • dni pr . nt petit 
rec fi utr ipe Witt hat maj^ jus tenendi rra 
ilia 1 dilico suo vt Crisliana tenendi ea de illo . 
eleg?ut istos . Gileb . de Monasfiis . Wilt Fau- 
celitm . Joh Folenfant . Wall de Languor d. Ada 
de Lega . Witt de Marenni de Legre Rad de 
HairU . Rad Mo? el . H^bttis de M^kesele . Joh le 
Mandt . Witt de Sco Claro . Witt de Marci . 
Ricf Hubl Hnr le Hont . Ham de WArketot 
Gatifr Cardu. 
jT Dies dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz in crastino Sci 

o 3 



Leonard . \ infim fiat vis^ It hant licencia 

jf Ass veil re2 si Rob de Sutton injusl \ sS jud diss 
HnrJiUn Gerold de libo tenem suo in Tho- 
renden inf* ass. 
f Jur dnt % a diss eu. 
m. JT Jud . Rob teneat i pace . 1 Hnr i mia p f clam. 

JT Isti . iiij. milites . Hnr \\de Hont . EtistacJitEustdc. 
Gileb Jit Rob . Rod Jit Morel sumoniti ad eli- 
gend xij. milites ad facienda rec . inr Wittde 
Plesingeho.'X Sim de Plesingo de xxiiij. arf 
rre \ nno mesag in Plesingeho . t dim acf 
pHi i ead villa. un Sim tenes posuit se i magna 
ass dni Reg It petit in rec . utr ipe maj^ jus 
hat tenend tram ilia i dnico suo vt Wilt 
tenendi ilia de eo eleg?unt istos . Aitrop Jit 
Hug". Rad de Heiru . Hascuil WGeruez . Witt 
Faucetiun . Witt de Mara . Witt de Takek 
Ric de Essarl . Jordanus le WZuin . Rog^ de 
Chenei . Gaufr \^Escoldnd . Amulf^ de Curton . 
Rob de Taienden . Ltic de Brokesheved . Wilt 
de Sco Claro . Wilt de Clauitt. Ric de Mulesha . 
Dies dat^ f eis apd Grenewiz in crastino Sci 
Leonard . 1 inrim fiat vis^ . Id dies dat^ t 
ut*q^ pti. 

Isti xij. mill? Rog^ de WGinnes Rob de WBountori . 
Pagan^ de Stanford . Hug" de Polsted. Gaufr 
WEscodland Rad de vii.Jbntib^ . Julian de Lef 
staneston . Rob de Trindeia . Aubric Duleha. 
Clemes de Thurroc . Gileb Jit Gerard de Hacha 
t . electi f 8nt ad facienda rec 

in? Roes Jit Rog" \ Sim de Bures tenente de 
dim ^virgal^ hida rre It xv.acr ?re cu ptin 


in Mukin^ \ in Tilledi . uii Sim pdcs tenes 
posuit se sr magna ass dni Pr 1 pel iii rec . 
utr ipa maj^ jus hat 1 rra ilia . an ipe SirfL 
ff Jur dHt qd. jf Concordati si p sic qd p^dce Rotes 
due ptes toci^ rre pdce \ prea capital 
mesagiu remanet i ppetuii % rcia ps rre re- 
manet pfato Sim 1 !iedib3 suis tenenda de 
Roesa \ liedib5 suis p sviciu qd ad porcione 
ilia ptinet. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad hfld [cirog*phu] ^jud^ suu 
ap Grenewiz in crastino Sci Leonard J\ Roesa 
cep ia homagiu Sim 1 fidelitate. 

f Rod de Qffinton cep homag Bald de Qffinton de 
libo teneni qd tenet de eo in Sating*. 

jf Rad de Stapelford petit qd Matitt de Bercampo 
capiat homagiu suu . ||cep de libo teneiu suo in 
Rohinges . Ilcep Ift homagiu Rob de Insula de 
teneiii suo in Rohinges. 

jf Aitrop de M*c optulit se . iiij. die vs^ fVidon de 
V*don de pt/svicii indebiti \ rept avioj^.1 
Wido n veil vl se ess T: fuit petens. 

f Jud . Aitrop^ eat in sfi die. 

• jf Auic q fuit ux Rob Jit WGubti op . se iiij. die vs^ 
Witt de B^def* de pt ronabit dotis sue.s 
. iij. mesag 1 Berdef*.\ ipe fi vefi vt se ess . 
pt su . testata fuit .] 
f Jud .?ra ilia jlcapiat*^ 1 manii dni |Jr .1 dies cap- 
^!f vie. ^"^is mandet' justic apd Grenewiz in crastino 

Sci Leonard .T: sumoneat'' Witt pdcs qd sit tc 
ibi responsur^ de defalta [suaj ^ capital pt. 

jf Gatifr Jit SaloM \ Augnes ux ejus petentes op . 
86 [.iiij. die] v^s^ Ric BraceatorS 1 Lecid 
ux tenentes de pt eligend xij. milil ad faci- 
o 4 


end magna ass . de dim v^gal rre c ptin i 
B*king\ ufi pdci Ric 1 Lecia te. posuerf se 
i magna ass dni Pr \ pelt in recognic fi 
utr ipi maj^ jus hant I rra ilia an Gat^ 
\ Augnes pdci. Ric p^ea ven \ defBdit 
omem sumofl p se T: p ux sua . q ii ven vt 
se ess. 
f Jud . Ric vadjat lege xii. manu ap Grenewiz .1 
Lece sumoneaf^ qd tc sit ostnsura qr n svav 
die llsibi datil in adventu justic in Esej^ 
Id dies dat^ t Gaufr \\Escouland\ Etistacf 
Etistac i banco 'I Rad de Oskedeh p ess suu. 
\ Rob de Lamburn atthachief qd tc sit ibi 
ostSsur^ qr n svav die suu \ ad eligend 
xij. milites una cii pdcis . iij. milil. 

f Eustac de Langefar optut se . iiij. die vs^ Witt 

de Donemow* de libo tenem in Langefar .\ 

Witt n veil vt se ess .1 fuit petes. 

jT Jud . Eiistac eat iii sii die !\ Witt i mia % 5 t 

psecut^ 1 pt ejus f8nt WittFramP. NichQxP. 

^^^ \ si i mia. 

m. f JuUanus de Lefstaneston i mia . q^ cont*dix cur. 
jf Witt de Cramavitt 1 Jacob de Tillebi rec i def. 

)f Isti . iiij. milites GerardP de \\Manegeneden .Witt 
f Norm . Ric fit Gerard . Fulco de Godmg^ 
siimoniti ad eligend xij. milites ad facienda 
rec int Witt Rembald \ Hug" de Bardeii de . 
ij. virgal . rre cii ptiiS in harden . un Ht^ qui 
tenes t posuit se i magna ass diii ^ . 1: pel 
iii rec quis to^ maj^ jus hat in rra [iUa] 
eleglunt istos . Rog* Bret . Mich ||Pttcm . 
Gaufr Car dun . Jordan^ de Auenet. Ham de 
Esketot . Witt de Thakele Aitroj^ de Merc . 
Gileb Jit Rob . Gilb fit Ade . Laur de Plubg' . 


Ro6 de Trindeia . Giled f* Warih . Gerard de 
Menegedon . Fulco de Gedding' . Witt Jit 
Norm . Ric f* Norm . Ric f* Gerard . dies 
dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz It intim fiat vis^ 
pcepl t vie qd tc faciat illuc venire milil . 
It utraq^ pte. "Jural vefliit apd Westm St diit 
" qS.Hug' maf jus h! «in'* f df ?raf a+ 
" pdSa^m^ ^q* de itt^ . quia inr ej^ fit fuit 
" fris p^mogenil q* rra ilia lieditarie tenuit** 
ID. 7. dors. 

jf Isti . iiij. miiites . Hug* de Polsted . Laur de 
\\Plumbg* . Julian^ de Lefsteneston . Rob de 
Trindeia sumoniti ad eligend xij. mili^es 
ad facienda rec . inr Xpqfo^ de BerkingS \ 
Worthina de Hockeleia de Ix. acr tre c ptiii 
in Hockeleia uii Worthina q tenes t posuit 
se 1 magna ass dtli Pr . It petit rec quis to^ 
maj^ jus hat in rra ilia eleg?unt istos . Ric 
Jit Witt. Pagan de Stanford . Gileb de Mo- 
nasfiis . Wall de Langef* Joh de MunuirU . 
Witt de Sco Clar. Dies dat^ t eis ap 
Grenewiz ^ inrim fiat vis^. p^cepl t vie qd tc 
sumoneat illuc milil adee. 

f Witt Russet poit^ loco Wittf Rod ad luc»n . 
vl pd . petit vs^ Fukon de Gedding\ ij. v*gal 
tre cu ptin in CUwering" sic jus suu . Fulco 
ven 'X petit visii . hi vis. Dies dat^ t eis ap 
Grenewiz .\ intim fiat vis^.T; p^cepl t vi5 
qd tc veniat . iiij. miiites ad testificand visu. 

f Cristina de \\Ruilli op . se . iiij. die vs^ Lucd de 
Brokesheued de pt scutag 1 ipe n fuit 
atthachiatus . 11% n fuit invent^. % alias fi ven 
n« se ess. Jud atthachiet' qd sit ap Grene- 
wiz ostnsur^ qr it 9va\? die s dal 1 resposur^ 
de capital pt. 


m. 8. Placita Corone placi[ta]ta apd Stratford p 
Gauff^ Jiliu Fet T^ socios suos anno regni 
Reg' i?eV decimo. 

Hundr de Chelrnlesfbrd. 

jf Jur diit qd Ro6 Jilius Randvlf* fuit ivent^ 
mortuus i campis de Badovf p lopia . 1 engi 
is fuit psn!. 

jtt* jf Jud • murdr. Et nemo in maleSdit' . fVohoord 
Telarius . Joh f Rod . Osb Franc . Turb de 
Fadue . pximi vicini atthachiati . fuerf A 5 
venlunt St pt eo^ fuerl . Joh Junior Si WiBs 

m* Jit Godwini '\ sunt i mia. 

jf fVitts Vinitor . Hnr Basket . \ Hnr de Tm 
vendidunt vinu 9* ass.i Chielmesford J\ si 
m» i njia. 

jf Id dnt qd malefcores occidunt Nich f* Au^ 
chetitt ap Borha TYesgod \ nescit' qui fmnt . 
m^ engl jpsn fuit. 

jf Id dnt qd Nich Jilius Witti appltat Joh Bltmdl 
Hamoh de Badew* de pace Jt . Ham fi ven . 
T: pt ejus fuert . Witts JiUits Reinbd . Witt 
Luuet. Barth de FestUn^.\ si I mia . Nich 
ven T: ret^xit se It pi ejus funt [^Fuko'] Jilius 

m Ric Fetr^ Melebroc S\ sunt i mia .1 Joh eat 

in quiet^. vie hi Nich don*^ ivenlit mia. 

im pt " de mia . Wat? fr ejus." 

jf Heres Mauric de Badew* 1 ux ejus sut i 
custod Rob de Tresgoz \ tra ejus valet xx. tL 
It t de feudo Boloh. 

f Rad Marescatl tenet x. sot ?re in Badetjf de 
9gan?ia custod palefridoj^ Reg. 'I finivit p 
dim • m. 



JT fVitts de Cheueli tenet i Barh& x. sol . tre in 
loqn*. Sganria pinSne n*^ scit' utf fine fe&t n* ne. 

Hundf de Dunmowe. 

f Jur dnt qd i villa de ^Kaneveles invent^ fuit 
Witts Hiche mortuus frigore T; nemo iil male- 
credr . engl fi psnl fuit. 

JC Jud . murdf . Witts de Plesingeho sviens hundr « 
qd atthachiavat . iiii. vicinos p . morte istius . 
1 adducit.iiij. homines q* n |fuant atthachiati • 
1 Witts fPeverel^ IWPuinteq fuit tc vie. T: 
Rob de WLanshtitt sub eo ^ nltsp eis respondl 
1 testal f p com qd nits iK attachiat^ fuit .^ 
Witts I mia p f psntacone. 

f In villa de Brakeshaued Witts de Silha lunatic^ 
invent^ fuit mortuus \ nescit' ufl ffiat nat^. 
engt n fuat p^snL 

f Jud . murdr. 

jT Maths de WiUngeha \\ Witts de Ispania fugit . p 
recto lat^cinii \ fuit manes apd Wilingeh ex* 
franc pi . villata i mia. Jur diit qd tota 
decena Math fug . p eod recto 83 unus eoj^ 
^ Thorn ^ [iifl(f] Tox capt^ fuit 1 poit^ 1 
gaola . apd Hur\f*t . ufl Rob de WLansutt^k . 

f Quida [puerj subfis^ t ap Lindesele 1 engl 

p^snt ft fuit. 
jT Jud murdr. 

f S'lo f Eustac appltat Rog* Fabr qd i pace Jt 
v^avit eu 1 brusavit eu ita qd noluit hiiisse 
pejoramtu p C. sot. ^ ita qd maimat^ t p 
brusura ilia ^ hoc offt pbare \?s^ eum co- 
sidacone c'ie .^ ^s^ eum + sic maimat^. Rog^ 
tot defndit. 



jf Id appttat de vi Joh frem Rog' ^ Ai^ ho- 
mine suii Aiifr n veil . 1 jRo^ jPaJ pi eu . 
Humfr de Barenton tc vie quesit^ si aliu 
hret pt . de Aufr die qd [^Hnric Pinclna 
en pl.q* die qd] Rod Morel eu fit. Rod 
def lid q n pi eu . Hnr i mia. Considat q 
& t maimat^. 
respcu. J Jud . iS'to i mia de dim . m. pt de mia Eustac 
de Selford . appltati eat in quieti. 

jf Id dat qd apd Estr G. Jit Fet fuit [JFiff] 
Algar de nocte vulnlat^ "X Edith ux ej^ 1 
MatiJt famula ipe Witts [appttat] 
ifi Steph de Caldecol \ AugnetB sorore ejus 
1 Wittm de Insula 1 Wobvinum de Romges 
q* i prisona si .It id apttat ifl GaufrScrop. 
1 Add qui fugili si 
Wilts veil "i apllat pdcos Steph 1 Augnel \ 
. . . . m? de Witt q i pace Pr . It de nocte ^ nequit ocd- 

i mia dunt ux ej^ 1 famula "X eu ligavunt ^ esgar- 

*" P gatavunt . 1 dors ej^ freg?unt . % catalla sua 

VliJr/r* ^"^^ asporta\?unt.l li offt pbare psidaoone 

c'ie sic ho maimat^. Ipi tol defiidi 
JT Considatu t qd Steph \ J^r/lf purget se ♦aqu a^ 
ingne . [% eleg?ut f^re judiciu] % Augnes 
comburat . q^^^oyicta f .^ ipe Witt Algar 
relaxav WolwinuSt milil.juf fi maleSdC eu. 
Augnes pregnas t . custodial don*^ Upeperit .1 
p^ea c5bu^at^ 

jf Warinus Stakeme pbuss* grangia mns sue ap 
Barleston Wittm de Sneres \ fug . 1 fuit 
manes ap Berleston ex* franc pi . villata I mia 
p fuga Warini. 

jf Alfamestoii . DunemowW Roinges Pre Com de 



Sco Paulo si I manu dfli Jt .1 valKt xxxiiij. K. 
c istaur. 

Hundr de Lexenden. 

jf Jur dnt q[d fTi/fe Norrensis applt W^i/f ck 
BtUtingekd \ Rob filiu suii qd i pace Reg 
nequir It i hamsok robavnt ei vj . sol T; 
vi. d. de cataS suo 1 de custod sua robav'unt 
xxiiij. bidetes It freg^unt bostia domus cus- 
todie sue T; seras .1 alia catatt ad valilcia 
X. sot It hoc offt pbare p corp^ suii c5sida- 
cone cur. fVitt^ Rob totu defendl de v^o i 
vbum . 1 diit qd MauricP victric^ p>d5i 
Witti tenuit de feudo suo . quo mortuo re- 
cSgnov se ad feudu suii 1 quida vicin^ ej^ 
Alea^ Jit Philip gdux ab eo pastura i eod 
feudo ad xxv. oves . \ p^ea vefi ipe Witt le 
Norreis ad feud illd ^ illas oves pdcas abdux. 
\ 1 aliud feudu eas posuit \ detinuit ita qd 
p>d2s Witts de WBoiinnigehd \ Rob filius ej^ 
venlut ad Witt Jit Gerard Qviente hundr Tt 
p ipm oves illas rehabuerl p plevina ^ sviens 
hoc testat'. Et tot^ comitat^ testat' qd ex 
more solito apltat ita hdies. Considal t qd 
ntta f apttaco vs^ eos. 
m. f Jud . Witts le Noreis i mia p fa apttacone 'I 
Witts It Rob sit ill quieti. 

f Id dnt qd " malef cores ** veflunt ad doin Maur 
\\d IDJerlewini apd Teid . \ ipm occidunt . 1 
quida malefcor occidit qnda psociu suu 
||nolnte igne accende . \ nescit' qui f 8nt . vl 
quis ille occis^ fuisset. 

jf Jud.murdr. 

(T Id dfit qd Rob ^BiwerU appttat RobJiliS WSeiene 


■: * Thorn fres ejus de pace Jt . 4k reftdt 
. - posoit se 1 ej^ fuerf LemgoSr 
<\.vor .\ Witts de la Broke .\ si i mk 
: ^ppltati eant in quieti. 

• ^.ttleg^ q fiiit Hnp de Esex* valet xxx. li. q'm 
:enet Com de \\p[tiyo . p diim Pr. 

■ >hjWT: Estorpe que fuerf Rogii de ^Planes. 
Tvaliit] xxj. li . q*s hi Ibttis de WKarenci p 

Hundr de Tenregge. 

" Jur diit qd malef cores \rbavut G^manU ita qd 
ohiit. Hnr Jit ^heuic maiecdif T: fugit . Et fuit i 
franc pi . ITvic \\Le/child'\ vicini pximi . WITemd 
Jit H'tdewin Ednot ft Osbti . Rob Jit Osbti. 
Rob Jit WLefchild . Witts Jit Edric siimoniti f8nt 
ad coin. Et vie Rob de \\LanshuUa fi atthachiav 

(f Gauff de Kaleis qiiida marescaS Flandr pcuss' 
Ednot Jit Rog* ita qll obiit. Et h5ies de i)o- 
uencurt eii cepunt . T: libarunt (|vic Rjoh de 
WLanshutl tc vie. Et vie libavit eu in custod 
Joh de Watele . 1 Ric de Gumai . Alan de Wat- 
tele St Witts Jit Godwini . * Gerard avucti mortui 
T: si i mia. 

. . . Una de Luci t in donacone diii Reg ^ rra ej^ 
valet xviij. ti. in hoc hundf. 

de Reimes t in donacone diii Reg 1 rra 

ejus valet xl. li. 



ID. 8. dors. Adhuc Hundr de Tenregg\ 

Jf Rob Folenfant lat^ appltavit Waff de Bumsied 

de societate n fug. Et fuit i franc pi WU& 
m, Bacun \ Elie WRakepot . It si i muu Et id 

Rob appltat Leuegar Sprot "I Rob Harcer 

de societate. 
jf Jur diit qd n malecred? Leuegar . vl Rob Sprot. 
f Judm . Rob Sprot efForciet pt suos . Et sit ita 

sub pi. Et silr Leuegar^. 

f Queda femina iventa in domo Leuegar arnica 
WaU de Bumested libata fuit^fe^r* de Coggeshat 
1 franc pt . Rog* de Stratford^ lifttate monaco^ 
Cs- de Cogeshat que evasit 

JC Jud . Ateai" i mia. Et franc pi Rogii de Strai-^ 

Dimid hundr de Wiham. 

f Jur dat q Witt d WHobrug" apptl Steph Tpin 1 
Witt d \^Hobru^. q in pac Reg \ neq*? excus- 
serut avia Alano S\ Gaufr svientib} ejus que 
cepant . in dapno libi tenem \ illos vbaPiit 1 
ip'sonav'ut \ Gaufr h offt pbare \?8^ Witt de 
WHuntinges p corp^ suu It AkmP vs^ Steph p 
corp^ suu q* essoniati siit. Et Ric de Fos- 
sato It Rad Co(P vidunt illos ip^onatos \ hoc 
offunt pbare p corpa eoj^. Id appHat de vi 
Godeff Molhd qui ess est . Suein de Burnford 
+ \ Gaufr Prikke \ Camble^ \ Ric de Munuim 

\ J oh fit Witt q* a venlut n^ se ess . Ric \ J oh 
n Slit inventi .It intro^di. \ Gaufr \ Camhle^ 
attachient' qd sint cora justic apd Grenewiz 
" in c^stino Sci Leonard.'^ Osb de Wihd svies 
hundr die qd Witts Faucelin \ alii replegia\?unt 


Gaufr \ Carnbleg* . \ ifi vocat tesl . qui t 
jf Jud.O^S in mia q^ fi huit qd vocavit Dies 
dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz. 

jf Id diSt qd Ro6 de Walur appltavit Briers k 
Carver.^ \\Bailct Filiolum It vim ej^ qd i pace ^ 
eu llassultaPut SI abscidit pollice ej^ 1 robav 
ei capa sua q valuit . v. sot % pannos d8e sue 
ad valncia xl. sot. Ro6 ii seq'. capiat^ jBneTi^B 
t ivent^ . \ Bald FilioP devocav eu \ nescf 
quo deveii. 

Dimid liundr de Herlaue. 

jT Jur diSt qd quida ho invent^ fuit mortuus in 
bosco de Halingebi 1 nescit' quis f 8it vt quis 
eu Ijoccidit. 

jf Jud . murdr. Et nemo in malecdr. 

Hundr de Rocheford. 

f Jur dnt qd Witts Warechite \ MatUt ux ej^ 
occisi fuerl in domo sua . 33 nescir quis hoc 
fecit. engt ii fuit p^sii?. 
^* jf Judm . murdr. 

jf Id diit qd BoschiLS occidit Ric le Eschirme[r']s S\ 
fug. It dix se sviente fuisse Alan Trenchefn. 
engt a fuit psriL 
* jf Judm. murdr. 

jf Wall de Pakelesha applt Regin de WBenton \ Rod 
Bereng^.1 Kinget.qd eu escuilliav^iit Et 
Wali a sequit' \ aff seq^ . Regiii op . se . Rob 
1 Kinget n venlut . n^ scit' ubi fuerl mand . . . 
Regin sit sub pt. 


ff Sopelond Senescall: Bolonie t 1 inanu diii ^ S\ 

Dimid hundr de Wautha. 

JT Jurdiitqd/Jo^ JBowl WUtsXRog'^Xxik^Boss 

fugifi si de vUla de HaUngP \ fuerf 1 franc 

D catatt. pleg \fjdr%c de Maute 1 HaUng\f*. Catalt eo^ 

fuerl . iii. boves 1 iij. vacc T: ij. vituli . \ 

xij. oves . "X ij. eque . 1 ij. puUi . 1 ix. auce . \ . 

i. acr 1 dim . f*meti . 1 iij avene . uii 

Abbas de Wautha debet responde. 

f Hundr vocat Arch ad warantu de psiitacoe engt 
Matitt occise ex ruina cuj^da .... hat qd 
vocav a die Set Martini I jtv. dies. 

JT Ro^JitAlnoti 1 mia p stultiloq^o. 

jf Id dnt qd Witts Sarp 1 fVitt Marca?^ fugili si 
de villa de Reindon p lat^cinio St Witt Marcher 
fuit i franc pt Ric Griffin \ Witt Sarp fuit i 
D ctiaS. franc pi Rod Passemle 1 Rad i mia . 1 catalt 

Witt March fuerl . iij. ♦ avene uii Abbas de 
Wautha ♦ . 

||Dim Hundr de ChebSe^ord. 

f Jur diit qd ^Weluina q fuit ux Edolji \ Matitt 

II ux ejus apptt Hamon Gerhod de morte .... 

\ II Welwina ret*xit se 1 posuit se i mia . pt 

ear fid. 
jf Jud . \\Welidna 1 Matitt i mia 

eat ill quiet^. 

f Gaufr judm fecit q»nda pprestura i 

ville de Ginges Witt de WMunteni. 

f In WGolling'Jtt Stonard h! fam 

Rot. Cur. Reg. ^ 



msura bladi 1 falsu pond? lane X capiat' ad 
respond in die Dnica ^ 
f Monachi de Stratford fe8unt pprest'am in Gir^es 
de d . . . sr via regia. 

Hundr de ^Danesheia. 

jf Jur dilt q AUZ deLilksle t i donacone dni Reg. 
It tra ej^ valet xx. sot ... ^ ... . PeuereU 
de Udonacoe ^f 

Bradewelt Baldewini de 2%owr valet. iiij. !i.1 
yj. s. t vii. d. 1 ea custod vie. 

Hundr de WTuustapt. 

(T Jur dnt qd quida ho invent^ fuit mortuns ap 

Wihd 1 nescit' quis fuit.. 
jf Jud.murdr. 

fT Id dilt qd i villa de Bracted fiiit Carpentar? 
Leo \ Cristina ux ej^ 1 Augnes 1 AUc filie 
ej^ ligati t robati a malefcorib} \ ipe ieo 

occis^ invent^ fuit i t 

hundr \ ligati fuerl i dim hundr de Wihd\ 

jur in n*l dixJuntl si i mia. 

Hug^ de Illega . i. juf fi copuit T: ^ i mia.*\ 

Os5 de Wiha *. §vie» hundr. t 

I mia . q^ minus fee q^m debuit. 

Hundr de Angr. 

f Jur dilt qd Gaufr Jit Alw fuit sub&^^ i West- 

wod\ engl n fuit p^isnl. 
jf Jud.murdr. 

jf Bi'cjit Algar fuit siib&^ apd Angr .\ engl 5 
fuit p>silf. 


f In WRoefiges JohJitAlueue cecid sr cnipulu suu 
ita qd xiij. die obiit . 1 1 de societate Gileb Pod 
1 ju? n malecdl eu iS. 

JT Sit sub pt suis. 

JT GodefrJiUus RadPiscator occidit Amic ux Al- 

mar le Tumur de nov . 1 liftat^ 

Humfr de Barenton . obiit i gaola de Nexie- 

A cataft. port . \ EdwardP. . . . respond de catalt ej^. 

1 ipe Edward^ dix?at ||am qd p Agenild q fuit 

ux Witt fegat. 

JT Jur n maleSdl ea . eat in quieta. 

ni.9. Esson* capta apd Clerkenewell* die AT cur" 
fxima jPt festu S^c^i Luce anno regni /?' 
Reg\ X. 

Herebtus de Linton ess se de ma . ve • vs^ JoTim 
JiUu Edwardi de pi re5 . p Johm Oisel. 

WarrUP de Waluines . de ult* mare . vfp Lecia 
Stripe . de pi re9 .p Stepli de la Bare pi . fides . 
i octab Sci HiUar ap Westin . 1 tc ve . ass. 

Ric [II5wneg^] de II Vinchelee . de malo ve .vs^ Lecid 
de pi, reg . p Ro^ de Monasfio " pi . fid. ap 
« Westm in ocl Sci HiUarr 

H Samaf? de \\Sunebir . de malo ve . vs cur p 
Godwin Jit Suetig. 

Julian ux Galfr de malo ve v^s Alard fr Cristian 
p Petr Jit Ric de pi re9 • pi • fid • apd Lamehie 
in octab Sci Martin. 

Gileb le Brazur de malo ve.vs Clemencid 1 
Julians . de pi veg . p RicJUHenr pi . fid . ap. 
Lamehid .in ocl Sci Martini. 
p 2 



Id dies dat^ t rec Pt Gaufr P'mentario i banco. 
T; Albred mr Julian q n venit nee se ess . re- 

^Andreas Albus de malo ve . vs Susannd sorore 
sua de pt , r . p Steph de Cantebr. ^ 

Matitt de malo ve . vs WaSumft 
Gerard de pi rep . p Htig^ fit Ric. pt fid . apd 
Lamehie t ocl Set Martin. 

^Hamo de Sarelfne de malo ve . vs Marljil 
Edmndi de pi ?.p Aihoardnft Galff^ f 

Rob Arched. de ult* mare.Ps Ro^ J^ Ric k 
Mercier . de pt Teg p Wilt Wille . 1 Will 
^BrUgor pi fid . apd Westm f octab SciHiOar 
1 tc ve . ass. 

Ro^JX Aihvard . de malo .lee . p OsbtU Rtffu de 
pi apell. 

Ric de Hinton vs AitwinU de A^ton . de magna 
ass . p Add de Hinton .pi fid . ap LamehiS . 
in ocl Sci Martin. 

Id dies dat^ t JVilt de Suhat . Thorn de Hon. 
Rog' de la Dun . Rob de StamSie . iiij. miliE qui 
debilt elig?e xij. milil. 

Ric WPalmier.die malo \e.y?s Matitt Jil Ailwii 
de pi rep . p Ric de WNestos. 

Witts de Reimes de ma . ve • 9s^ Johm JiUfi Wal- 
ram de pi bomag p Rob Jilia Doresert t 
Joh Oisa pi ess WittGu7t$. ap LameJiie i ocl 
Sci Martin T: tc ve . ass. 

JuUana Jitia Martini de ma • ye.^fp Gilbtum k 
Braseur de pi Pre p JoHm de Westm . pi fid apd 
Lamehia in ocl Sci Marl !\ tc ve . ass. 



Ass* de MiddeUex\ 

f Ass ven rec. si Ailwintis pr Matitt fuit seisit^ i 
dfiico suo sic de feudo de dim . v*g ?re . • . . 
1 . L mesag cum ptiS in Stanwett \ Bedefonl 
die qua obiit.1 si obiit 1c.q»m ?ram RicPalmi 

ess f 'l WittsJiUus Aukctit\ Witt 

Ruff^ tenent Witts Rujp die q tenet . ii. acr 
\ . i. mesagiu ex dono pns p>dce MatittX iii 
ponit se sr rec . \ Wittfilius Auketit tenet 
medietate dim v*g.tre \ nU scivit quin ass 

JC Ass veil reS . si Rob de Derhurst pf Matitt ux Ade 
de Wesim fuit seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo 
de . i. acr p*ti cu ptin i Westm die qua obiit . 
1 si obiit .15 . q*m ?ram Matitt soror Witt 
WLestrang* lltenet 

J Juf dnt qd H obiit ita seisit^. 
m. f[ Jud . Matitt teneat i pace . \ Add 1 Matitt 1 mia 
p f8 clam. 

jf Ass yen . rec . si Edmund de WStihautt pr Mar- 
tini fuit seisit^ i dnico sQo siS de feudo de . 
iij. Vgal tre cum ptin in [^Su]hautt die qua 
obiit . et si fsi obiit p^ p*ma Ic . q*m tram 
^Haman de ^Sireburn tenet .1 \\Haman venit 
1 die qd duxiat i ux Margar sorore ipius 
Martini 1 ilia tram huit cu ea sic libum 
llmaritag ^ die qd mortua t.l: ex ea huit 
filiu Witt nole qui inf* etate t 1 vocat eu 
ad waranL 

jf Judm etate . Philipp Caretarius de la 

Cherring* reS ^reS^ no veil *l f i mia. 

p 3 


Placita corone placitata apd ClerkenewelC 
cora Gaujr^ « Fef 1 sociis suis anno x. 
• Regis Ric\ 

Hundr de Spelthorn. 

jf Jut diit qd Jb^ rfe Sunebi occis^ fuit i rede- 
undo de quada 8visia de domo Osegot de 
Stmnebi 1 . . . ejus capt^ fuit Jordmms Scurf 
^ liBat^ 1 custodia al^tis de fVestm p libtate 
ejus .1 .||jRo5 Fab pr occisi vefi 1 Gaitfr 
WMenn cognoscl qd fugiendo cepunt istii 
JordanU 1 iveSunt eu absconditu i quoda 
llarmario S\ male§d£ eu de morte ejus. 

Hcapt^ fiiit p morte ^Rob de 

Septan 1 dimiss^ P P' • P jnstic 1 in vocat 

justic il yrfe Septon cognov 

qd nemine atthachiavunt pp vulnus pdci iZoft 

quo ob ||fuit. 

f Jur dUt qd £1 maleSdl • ^^0(f de morte ejus, 
sit sub pt • vie pt. 

Ilpuer inf* etate pdit^ fuit S5 

nescit' utr sit vivus vt mortuus 

suspicone . \ t pngnas . sit sub pt. in adventu 

justic. . . . 
vendid vinu 9^^ ass in Stones 

1 f 1 mia. 

.1 custod Witti de See Mar 

ecctia \ tra ejus valet i hoc hundr. 

1 FeUha de feudo Willi de 

Roumaf si i ^min^^ [manu] dfli Pr.1 val 

xiij. ti. sii instaur de Thomhd 

ht ea. 


ff Jur dat qd ap WHeggeswd in ?ra Hospital funt 
jRic de Meleburn 1 . iij. mulieres occisi i 
do ...[... ux sue 'it Al. . . ^t RoS] t p 
morte eoj^ inalecredit' J6^ P'mentarius qui 
manet apd Thidoluestre i UBtate Sfci Albani 
• • % engt ii5 fiiit p^nL 

f Jud • murdf Sefl sMSbtis de i$3o Atbano respondat 
de fuga ipus Donestapt. 

fl In bo8co de Stanwie quida ho invent^ fuit 

occis^ 1 p^ ejus sepeliconem Matitt de 

p recognov eu ^iu suu fuisse • 

Gilebtus coopator t i suspcu de morte ejus 

It t manes i Set .... \\m 

1 p5it^ fuit p pt . FMttppP sviens hundr hi 
noia pt • sit in responsur^ apd Donestapt 
« . « . « ^ . . GUbtum . engt n fuit psfii 

\llGodsune fugi!s t*l malo recto 1 fuit 

manes ap Hoggesw!e ex* franS pt sr ?ram 

. . Ilata i nua. Catalla ejus f Snt . iiij. sot . ufi 
Joh WBucuml tc vie debet responde. 

...... ^iSbtis de FavlesTutm snhSs^ fuit in 

Wrent infortuniu. 

fuit ab h . . . . ibi ipi^ sMbtis sn 

visu §vientis vie. 

sura domus cuj^d 

Tkoni de Parco Up Acetiii ux Matitt cui . . . 

1 vulnl av iiii 

villate pxime . . • . • 

r 4 


m. 9. dors. 

Rod JiUiis Aihmn Pinclne fug pmalo recto .1 
fuit manes ap Wormhot Epi Lond. extra fiunc 
pt . villata i mia. 
JT Jeremias malecredit^ t de equo Rob Fot fiirato 
It n llfSnt atthachiati . % vie nU scivit de 
malefco S\ furtii istd fern fuit anno pHrito. 
m* jf Jud . Jur i mia p stulta psntacone. 

Witt Jilius Othon tenet xL sol de S'genna de 
cuneis i Lond.\ £1 finivit. 

Abbas de Wautha fee ppres- 
t'am i aqua de Lue ap 
ITtdlake. \ sumonend^. 

Abbas de Stratford obstrusit 
aq*m de Brule. 

Thorn Vinitor de Westm vendidit vinu 9* ass. 
m. t f i mia. 

Johes Fab atthachiat^ fuit p apptt Rob de Stan- 
Jbrd 1 Osbt^ R^ff^ silr . qui eos apptt de 
robia vj. sot. 1 . L pallii de Powenaz 1 de 
vulnlib} sibi fcisA ipi 8 ven!unt pt Jotds 
fuerl Witts jilius Sigar de , . . ej^ decena i 
Hakeneia . pt Osbti Witts ||fe HJRim/en? cu ej^ 
decena i Hakeneia 1 si i mia.t sit apd 
Lamehia in ocl Sci Martini pceptu t vie 
qd eos tc feos ibi hat 

Hundr de Jsteleword nichil. 

Reginald Jit Rog* Kage fug p malo recto . 1 
fuit i f •nc pt Olardi i Heston . 1 1 i mia. 


Dimid hundr de Edehneton. 

f Jur dat q in domo Bxid Stork apd Edehneton 
fuit q'da ho invent^ ffuit mortuus .1 nescit' 
quis f &t 
m. jf Jud.murd?. 

Villata de Oxehru^. 

jT Joh mHolere atthachiat^ fuit p appSm cuj^da 
lathis ad esse cora justic 1 a vefi . 1 pi ej^ 
fixed AcetitP senescaH: Gileb Basset. 1 tota 
viUata de Oxehrig^. viUata i mia . pt ejus 
hant eu ap Lamehid. 

f Witts JUitis Witti t i mia p stultiloq^a. 

JT Joh Buctdnl o^ . se quart die v^ Cristiana de 
Forda de pT warantie • i. hide ?re cu ptin i 
Edehneton 1 ipa h ve& vt se ess.l sumofi 
testata fuit» 
Jud • Cristiana ponat' p vad t pt qd sit apd 
Lamehid I ocl Sci Martini ostnsura qr n veil 
ad sumoH 1 responsura de capital pt. 

— [Witts Jit Rann poit^ loco .] Rob Corbet 
petit Ps^ WUhn [de'] Cramfeld xxuvi. acr c 
ptiii i Balling^ ||q^ clamat ptide ad baronia 
sua t q^m tenet i capite de diio Rege.siS 

jus suu.1 Witts *' '' ven 1 

die qd ipe fee se esS de m.lS.ap Westm 
jp FascH i comif de B'kesir 1 pcepl fuit 
milil q^ debuerat eu vidisse qd si n eet 
lang^'r:' po^nt ei die in advetu justic i 
ptib} ilt .1 vocat in record 1 rotut justic d 
banco 1 [die qd] nltam huit W sumon 1 n 
vtt ift responde n^ cur c6sida\rit:' Die & 


qd Witk Jit Rarmuip n fuit poit^ loco Roh 
Corbet. Dies dat^ t ^is ap Lamehid in ocl 
Set Martini ad inq^rend rotf justic ih. 

Am'ciamenta Middel8ex\ 

I> hundr de Osuluestan . ij. marc p mixTdi 
exceptis libtatib}. 

I> vitt de WiUesdon . x. sot q^ min^ feSunt q* 

I> \\Sigri de WlUi^ge dim marc p defalta % n5 

I> Godtfrid de WlWge X ef decima dim marc 
q^ £1 habuerl q pt. 

I> Vitt de Wermeholte dim marc p recepl Rjod 
Jit Aihvih. 

I> . . . Vineto^ de JVestm.x. sot p vino vendito 

I> Sigar 1 ej^ decima . x. sot p 

fuga Joh Fabri. 

I> Wtt de Puntemer 1 ej^ decima dim marc . 
p fuga Osdti Rifffi. 

I> vitt de Sceptoh . i. marc q^ mifi fecunt q 

I> Joh Vineto^ de Stones . dim marc p vino 
vendil 9* ass • q^ paup f. 

I> Gar hundr. i. marc excepl libtatib} . p 

^ I> villa? de Kiggesbire . Gilebti Malesmains . 

dim marc p recepl . Witt Godscein. 

1> frac pt Gilebti Scarlat.dim marc p fuga 


I> Rob Pistor . X. X r p vino vendito 

sot I in viff de I 9* ass* 

I> Ro^o Aleve. \Wxsebrge\ p vino vendito 
XX. sot J V 9« ass. 

I> Alard \ ef decen dim marS . p fug Reginald 
Jit Rogii i Eston. 

J> dim hundr de Edehneton xx. sot p murdf • 
excepl libtatib3. 

I> ^Hert. . • Gilebti Basset • % n5 h€ p pt • . . . 

I> Vitt de Wxsehrigj^ .\. marc . % n5 habueii 

I> WWHt . . . . rett dim marc p stultiloq^ 

l> Ad de WWestm dim [marc] p 

I> FhiUpp Caretar dim marS p 

f D Wittmo de J^Lege ^ 

A^x^^Ric de itiSe. 




m. I. H' Silt ess* Pose' 1 S'c'e T^nitaf " 1 S'c'i 

Buk\ f fHafti v^sus RicfDd.dpt ^.fMf 

Joh.a f^ Set Mich % in. sepl.sff. 

NarM. f d Davintr ^fp WiltfJoh de pt ?.p M 

SapierUe 1 Baitt Sim d Daxmtr pet cur . . ad 

Soutlipt. f Prior d Anedewelt de ult* mare v^sus Alan 
Basset d pt t . p Hug^ ^Ckmnet .a die S. 
[MicK] ^ J oh ^ in . aro. dies . aft. 

Buk\ f AS) . de WEinesh v'sus Hug^ d Fukbroc.3. pi 

rec morf accessor, p Ric d Messenden.i ocl 
S. Joh . aff . pt essofl . Regiii Giffard. 

Ibid. f Witt WPorcarius v^sus Witt HarengW Thorn 

frem suu de pt appKi p Jord \\Scult . a cfe 
S. Mich, in . Hi. sepl. aff .1 iPim hnt licec 

f JT Bald d Bohn.y. Gerard d CamuittX Ro^ 
frem ej^ d ^ pt aptti ^ . p rec d pt ? . ad 
eud 9.afY. 

(T Rob d Bello M5te d eod v . eud p Rob d 

JT Wall Cam^arP d eod . p Rob fit Rob . ^ 
eud r.afY. 

Buli\ JT Rob AUP.y Matitt Luuel . & pi ^. a die Set 

Mich in iij. sepl. aff. 




IT B£^ d PauleshoU . v . Witt d Pont arch d pi 
^., , apm.p Wait ft Ric. ad eM^.aff. 

iwuf* ^ 

f Hug^ d \iyreuje$ d eod p Ada Bril . ad eud. 

Bed. ff Thorn de Camesl.v.Joh AurifaVr d pi ?.p 

JbA . ad eiide t • aff. ^ 

Surf. f 6«w/^ ^ WSticheseie . v. iSarra & JVarra . d pi 

cataff . p AmisiUJit Goscet ad eud ? . aff. 

£$*^y. if RobJitWitt.\.RobJit\\Lvcie.a pi rec.m. 

ant . p jRoft ^ Dalion • ad eu ?. 

Warew\ ff Wilt f \\mbl. 9. Fore d U^^odfeia . d pi ? . p 
IFi/fwi (f IWir(fe». ad eund ?. 

^Ir»/. JT 5i^ d Bosco . V Sarrd d Wara d pi cataH p 

Henr \jfit Hosel . ad eiide r . aff. 

XoHL fi Baldewin d Bolon. ^?sus Gerard d Kamuitt.'X 

Begin Jit Azer . d pi t . p Rog^ NobilS . a 
die ST Mich . in . Hi. sepl . aff. 

JT Wall d Bella Monte . \?sus eosd ^v 

d eod.p RobdlaLeg\ I ad eund ?. 

JT Wall Camiaritis . de eod v^sus 1 ^^* 

eosd . p Rob fit Rob. ^ 

Buk\ f Rob Blunt v'sus Matild d Torinton • d p . ? . p 

W^oiZ/'ieo* ad eund?. 

« WiUeV JT Reginald dPaleshoU . v^ . Witt d Ponle \ 

arch d pi apffi p WaUf Ric. I ^^ ^^^^ 

JT Hug^ d WDroies . de eod vsus eund .pi * 
Adam Briton. j 

Bedef\ JT Thorn d Kemeseton . v'sus Joh Aurifahr . de pi 
r . p II Jo/ftm ^P^huun ad eund r. 





f Gaufr d Tichesie .^ . Sarra d la pt 
catatt p Amic f* Joscelin . ad eunff ?. 

^ Rob f Wim ^.WRobf \\Luce « pi rec .m. 
antec . p Rob d Alston ad eund ?• 

jT Ric d Anesie . i, visor infirmil AfSbis d Hida . p 
Joh de Chinun. 

^ Wilt de Hiqford. p Gaujr'.f WitU. 

JT Sim d Bosco . rsus Sarra d la Ware . S pt 
catatt . p Henr \\d WHeselt. Sid eund t. 

Warewic. f Rob f Willi v'sus Priore d WSTudheia . d pT Pre . 
p Rob Freselt. ad eund t. 

Stt^*. f Joh Weland • v^sus W^aff d Windeshore . d pt 

catsLH p Rob f WHU. 

Buk\ f Uic (f Tame.^s^.NicholJil Ham. Si pt ?.p 

Ji^^/'^^- ad eund?. 

Nor. f Jb^ (f Haremed 9 • Pore d Niuport . de pt 

£t^'. nativi^ • p Rob WRandac . ad eund ? . [aff.] 

Ibid. jf jRic /• iZo^.i. visor infirm Hug^ d Casleilbm. 

p WittfRad. 

Line. JT Wall d Esse. \^sus Wall Bltmd. 

d pt catallor. p J^a/? d Cliar- 

Ibid. jf Osb Giffard.a eod v^sus eund . 

p Joh Gautris. 

Ibid. jf JoA Caretaritcs . d eod v^sus 

eund.p WiltfOsbl. 

TVarr. f ^TAo^ (f JS^/fei? de Wio due . v^sus Jb« If are- 

mc.S pi r .p Jord f* Rann ess exp iiij. die 

ad eund t . 


suu % Joh & ve » vt se es3 • eat sii die fi 
hms bre. 

Id. jf Id * de eod ^ vsus eund de pt cataff • 

Ibid. jT Philipp d Stok^.vsus ultra mare p 

Rod Noter. 

Bul^. f Joh d ^Titford . v^sus Joh de Harmed . de pt 

nativil p EUam Brun . ad eud tmiii . afT. 

Narf\ JT PhiUpp d Bumhd . vsus Joh Extraneu . d pt ?. 

Salopesff. p Aaron • ad eund t . ess It Alea^ d WRahcha . 

po • lo • Ewme . Eafnee exp iiij. die • Joh ft 

ve . vt se ess • jud eant sft die. 

Warnf. if P^f^ WCorbitun . v . Ernmam de Mtm^ort . de pi 
invadiamti rre . p Bic f^ . Rob a festo S^ Joh 
i ro dies . aff . 

US. Id dies dat' Henr'Hubald \ Erne d Mqford i 


f Gerard de Canwitt 9 LSbl d ||5to//en . d pt servic 
p Joh ^Gtunet .a die Set Mich I Hi. sept afY. 

&aT. fi Witt d Ponte Arch .^sm Rob Bluet .1 Rob d 

Mara d pt apBi . p iWc Devon ad eund r . a 
die Sci Mich I Hi. sepl.^ft . fifThom^ [iioftj 
Bloetfy^ d eod p Thorn f Witt. 

Essex. f Thorn de ST Vigor ^.Roidin d pt 

debiti.p Ada d \\Hokenorton fad eund r^ 
jf essoft exp iiii. die suul ipe fi ve. vtse essofi . 
Jud eat sii die. 

fNarf:^ JT Ht^ de Minitt.9 Rob /' Rad . d pt ?.p 
Bedef*. Laurenc de Scoton . ad eund ? . [aff.J 

&#•. JT ^da de Gedding" 9 \\IPueitm de \\Geddin^ d pt 

? . p Wall WFambum . ad eund . ? . aff. 


fVigorn. f Ric ^Poncefort . ^^ . Joft d Mmuirum . de pi 
• waran^ r .p HenrJ* Begin. sid eund ?.aff. 
Id dies dat' in baco Regiii PancefbtSt oib} 

Wiltesir. if Rob Bluet . 9sus Rob de Ponte arch . de pi 
apHi . p Thorn f Witti . ad eund ?. 

Knt. f HenraSome.9.\\mit de pi ?. 

p Math Hareng\ 
Matild pofi . in . Witt d Watton . lo . suo • ad 
lu .vl pd.T; Epc Rojffem petiit in cur suam. 
a die ^ Joh in . viiL dies . afY. 

Knt. f Hug* d Peckam . vsus Eustac d la Gaston . de 

pi q*re eu inp'sonavy p Gerard ^a die S^. Mich 
in . Hi. sepl.^ 

Nor/.* ff Witt Jit Milon vsus Magnn Regin de pi. I. 

p Sim Jit ITp .a die ST Mich i iii. sepl aff. 

Nor/.' Gaujr de Sechtford de eod vsus eund p WiU 


Gloec. f PhiUpp Molndin . vsus Pore de Lantoin . de pi 

?. p Witt Ctictm . ad eud ?. a£Y . [d ulf 
mare d §vic duels . p Rob \ Labi d Scottoiu] 

NotiiL Gerard de Kamuitt.vs Balderwin d Boloh.\ 

Witt.l Wall . d pi ?. p Riob fad eund ?|. 
a die 5* Mich t iii. sepl . pi ess Hub Jit Ric. 

KfU. JT " Eustach " d Fatkebg". po . lo . Pons de || Wosto. 

vsus \\Alolf^ d Bouton de pi advocois eccle 
de Bouton . p Gaufr Warre .a die S' . Joh 
in arc. dies . af£ 

Norf' JT Witts de WBecco fe.9 .AddlReg" de Dolling' 
de pi ♦ p Ric de Wageforin . a die Sci Mich 
in. iii. sepl. aff. 


Essex'. ff Julian . ux . Jordan f^ Reimi . v . Ric Jit Ra* 

nulf^. 1 Hawis d MunuirU . d pt past'e p 
Win d Stanford, ad eund ?. 

Line. JT P*or d Sin^Ungha .vsiis Aticia d WWieine de 

pi do? p Sifn d Bur in.arv. dies. 


Iforff? jf Rod de Coleuitt^ Atex' \\Pmniett de pT ? . p Wittm 

Franc . ft hms bre. 

Bui". f Hamo Passetewe v* Rad de WCJioii de pi ?. p 

Stephjit Witti . a die S^Johis in to. dies. 

Oxon. JT AuicdBeUo Mote. y^. Witt dWBrause apt ^.p 

Witt Tallon. 

m. Kdors. f /^ crcutin Ascencionis. 

Stisex\ ff Rod de Ferles ess • sc . de . m • lecti apd Fles . 

iih die aft plac v .Bndcm || Pirwn. de pi t^, 
p Ric de Fritoh . t Gileb Wdecoc . mittat' "Xc. 
si laguor ft fuit a die Sci Joh I arv dies. 

Essex\ JT Sarra vS.. Jordan \\Toni eod m° apd Chigevate 

v* • jRogr* f* Nichot . de pi rec d m . an- 
cesser p WUt WNobtepas.l Rog' f STtonis. 
fi est essoft. 

GUml. jf WMath d Brumelhd eod tn? ap* Brumetha in 

Wiltesir ^ . ITueiu d WHotecumbe' de pi ?re . 
p Joh d Brumetha. "X Ric Bastard, f Si ii t 
lang*r a die S* Johis in . a:v. dies. 

&aex\ JT ^^ /* -R^ ^^^ "^° ^P^ Litteton . 9. Reginald 

de aifton de pi ?.p Thorn f Odon 1 Ric 
Wastett. si n f . * ad eund t. 

WtUesir. JT Math WOisett \?sus Gaufr de \\Remis de pi rec . 
Rot. Cub. Rbo. Q 






d morl ancess . ad aud jud suu p Alan& de 
S". WOlauo.a die S'fMich^ lJoh2 in.xv. 
dies.2Lffidi I> Ijitenlejustic. 

Si{f\ f Ale:^ de Subir. y^sus Reginald de 

pT debiti . p Gileb f Berthot. 
f Matild mar ejusd ^fey. vsus eod p 
Thorn f* Ric jf ess expectarut iiii. die suu 
1 Regin ii ve . vt se ess. Jud . eant sR die . 
1 Matitt Tt Thorn n fuerf iveti . u* vie dicit 

f Witt Talebot . v^sus Agnel de Vemu . de pi dof . 
p Andr f Witti. 

(T Wali de Stanton . 9sus Almaricjit TurstanAt 
pi ass . m . antec . p Henr f* Rad. 

f Wim^us Cticus . 9 Atd!>em de Becco de pi falde 
levate p Witt Rastetl.l ocl ST Tnil afY. 
\ A^ pon . lo . suo . Hu^ [\X] Gauff moacos 
suos ifl . ad lu . vl pd. 

Oxm. jf WaU Satwage \?sus Rad f Witti de pi ? p 

Witt ft Rad \a die Sci Joh l,rv. dies affj 
f Id dies dat' AUc mat^ ej^. 

Suf\ if Rog* Jit Gil6 essoil'.q* vocav Osdff 

ITuei ad waraf \?s^ Galf d \\AmbU . d pi V . 
p ITueu d WWdeslure a die Sci Joh I av.dies 

Oron. f Rod dlTpenden.y^.^kPinclnd.l Witti Ric ft ^ 

ToniSt holes suos d pi apffi p GilbCusin.l 
octab See Thtil aflSd. 

Middelsex\ (f Witt d Raimes ^ . Andf Bludu d pi debiti. p 
^Gilb^ Witt .ft Rob .1 ocl Sci Joh aff. f 't 
Andr . q . Lucia ux ej^ posuerat lo . suo . poii 
ip*m lo . suo in ad lu . vl pd^ 








in. 2. 

f Ric de Clenduii . v^sus MtUsent 1 SibiUd de 
Clendon . de pt aptti • p Eustach F^. 

jf Ric de WEmitoh . v^sus Regin Douerton . de pt r • 
p Rob de Hemiton. 

JT Thorn de Stok* v'sus ||G>wtf in de Stole", de pT dot . 
p WarinU de Stok\ 

JT Joh de Bello Monte • vsus Rod de S" Mauro . 
de pt ass • m . anl p Wittf* Philip. 

jf Jord de WLaringsel vsus Gaufr Rufum . de pt r . 
p Rann f* Philipp. 

f[ MartinP de Quarkles . vsus Steph de Walsingh . 
de pt tre . p Martin. 

JT Ricf WRog' v^sus Matild de Hasting" de pt ? . p 

jT Will f* Auketitt.^o . lo . uxoris sue . Psus Witt 
de Ebo)^ .1 uxore ej^. de pt ? . p Steph f 

jf Barth de Martha v^sus Aftb de S" Bndco . de pt 
advoc eccte . p Witt Jit Ric. 

f Add de Naptoii v'sus Rob de Kednei . de pt ? . p 
Witt Coterett. 

f Joh Vic . v^sus Marg* de Osenuitt . de pt j|ter^ 
invad p JlanH Messagl. 

Eustach de Wadford . \?sus Witt Jit ^tf . de pt ? . 

JT Wittr^ 

f AleJ^ de Cast? . ess . se • iii. die an plac • ap 
Castr y^ Joscelih Picot d pt aplti.p Witt ^ 


Godefr .1 Ric Chede. Dies dat^ eis a die Sa 
Mich i Hi. sepl. aff. 

In crastirC ThiiC. 

Kent. f mtt d Sojffbrd v^sus Hu^ d Bosco . fde 1 Mar^ 

garet ux ejus d pt magne ass p Agemund i 
Sqffbrd . a die S" Mich . in . Hi. sepl . [afY]. 
Rad d Penherst p Alan . Rob d Meletdk.p 
Rob Larch A lured d Curtoii p Rob. Id dies 
dat^ t recog q* ve.1 ceft q* a ve. attach. 
Rob de Siburn . p VitalS . ad eude ?miS 

Sufit. jf Rob de Venuz vsus Afibem de Wa^le^ de pi 

waranl Pre p Martin f^ Rad a die Sci Jok . 
in • octo dies • affid. 

f Rad JilTurlac 9 . Rob d pi ?re.p 
Thorn fit llsuu. 

Nor/\ ^ f Clems Jit Rob Psus eund de eod p WittJS 
Rad . a die S* Joh . in av. dies. Joh fr ej^ 
deodp Witt /it Rod. 

Jf Rob Hardegripe . p Wittf Harding* de eod. 

jf Gileb wPrudune . v Gileb Herpedeman de pi pl^ 
Surf. I pJord^tRic. 

jf Wall Pruidume.v^ eund de eod. p Ric Megf. 
a die S" Mich . in . Hi. sepl . ^ad eund. r aff.^ 

jf II^Ko^ de ^Wejiford de eod.p Ric de Esse. 

Bedef\ jf Steph de Irencestf po . lo . Henr d Norhand v 
Edith Pipard. d pt ?re p Rob Pigace . f ad 
eund I . ^ in octab S* Joh . aff. 


SiM. ff Ric d Fescanp v \\Clarin de Blacfuinton . de pi 

? . p fVitt d Stok' a die ST Joh in . ui. sept . 

Buf. jf Nicholaus Passelewe v Sim Passeleg* de pi t . p 

\\Rog* Norrensem a dieS^ Mich . in . ^iii. sepi^ . 
i. msS . aff. 

&#'. jf Rob Crec 9 Comitisi Gundr f'i Thorn Blac^ . de 

pi r.p Regiii Cocum ^ad eund r.Jp ComiE 
po . lo . suo Gikb de TriUawe . a die S*. Mich 
in . Hi. sepL 

H*if\ f Prior de Cruce Roeis v^sus fres Tempt de pi 

litJtal p Witt Werri . ad eund ?. 

&#•. JT ^i/Sf ^ Hasting" v^ EstmUdU de Winebadesha. 

de pi blad capl . p Rob \\Simel 1 Witt Franc . 
a die S* Joh in . av. dies. 

^(T. JT PhiUpp de Naring' 9 Witt Jit Umfrid de pi ass . 

p Witt Jit Auketitt a die ST. Mich in iii. sepi . 

Sarr. f Rob de Beseuitt ^ Witt Flandr \ Matild ux ej^ 

de pi ? . p Henr Bataille . a die 5*. Joh . in . 
^viii.^ [rvJ^ dies • aff. 

SuU. f Arcft Rothom 9 Hug" de Nevitt ♦ pi debiti p 

Regifi de Upton X Petr d Wind essofl exp 
iiii. die suu. Hug^ no ve. vt se ess . eat sn die. 

BuW. f Magr Witt de Cirencestr po . lo • Att> d Ciren- 

cestr ^ Barbette . d pi t? . p ITeberl d Gren- 
Barbet de eod p Sim J^ Turgis a die S* Mich 
in • iii. sepi aff. 

f Laurenc aicus.\ Omens rx ef\ WaU Jit Rob. 
1 Alan d WClinl n . ve . Ido atach qd Ic sintv 
ibi ia resposuri . 1 0livius silr. J 

Q 3 



f Hug" de \\Elmtoh ^ Henr de 
Wichenton p WittWUbbe. 

f Wall le Unte de eod vsus eund . 
p Joh Fot. 

jf Rob Lenfant de eod p Ivohf* 

Gaufr. \ a die ^ Midi. 

f Joh de WElinton de eod \?sus f ^^ • "'• ^* 
eund . p Ric Fot. 

f jyfenr de ^Wichenton . de eod p 
Witt de Essex\ 

Rod Peverett v^ eund . de eod p 
Rob f Rob. 

EsseoT. f Gileb f* Rob v' Lvcia ux Herir de pi ?.p 

W^a// Rigge . in ocl S* Joh . aff. 

Li^^^ f Htibl de Halegetot . v^ Witt de Longo Campo . 

de pi P.p Witt f Wall. a die ST.Michin. 
iij. sepl . afT. 

Kent. JT P'^ior de Leuesha ^ Witt de Wrotha de pt ?• 

p -4/w^ (f Grenewic . a die !? Joh . m • iii. 
sepl . aff. 

JT Teobald d Enef de eod \? eund . p 220^/* jBo« 
ad eund r . aff. 

£fej. ir i2^*^ /* Burand . \? W^iT?/* f Rob ^ Wall de 

pi ?.p Ric d Qeiton . a die S" 
dies . 1 tc aff. 

Norf. f Henr de Gememue v WJoscebiU Picot de pi apffi 

p Wittf* Henr . ad eund r. 

Siur. ♦ jf Prior de Merton v Justic de pi car! sue p 
Rob de ^Mulesee. 
JT Fr Gaufr de eod p Hug^ d WMulesliee.T 


Kent. JT Maria de Talewrth v^sus Folbtvm de Doure . de 

pi ?. p Witt f Walt . [Id dies dat' Thorn 
d2 Talexvrih. 

Thorn de Rocheford . po . lo . ||ejus Folbti . \?sus 
eand.p Gatifr ....arv. diesj^f^ S^Joh. 

HUford. IT Gaujr f Gaujr \? Joh de Stoppesleg* de pi 
t . p Gileb f* Rad . a die S" Mich in . Hi. 
sept . aff . 

BuJ^. JT Eustach iix. Witt le Bret v^sus Vi2 d Buk\ [d 

pi dol .] p Witt Breton .a die S^ Joh • in . xv. 

jf Hug* Esturmi v Nichot de 
Trubmc de pi aplli . p WNic- 
gelltt Marescalla. y ad eude ?. 

loqd. ] JT Joh fil ejus de eod v^sus eund 
Susses\ < P H^^ ^ Bebintoh. 

Hug' f Hug' de eod p Ric \ 

Turlcetitt. I ^d eud r. 

Desidatus de eod p . Bernard ( ^^* 
Pollard. ) 

^Varev^. ff Prior de WStanes .9 Ric f Ric de pi r p 
\\Spinc . a die S* Mich in . Hi. sept • affid . 1 
Ric po • lo • suoTAom le Tailur ad lu • vl pd. 

Kent. JT Theobald de Twitham vs^ -Ric dc Garewintoh • 

de pi ass . p Joh Piket . ad eund t? . aff. Id 
dies dat' oib} rec • p esson suos. 

♦*'#'• f R^ ^ Durington Jjf 

Euex\ JT Reginald de Comhitt \? Witt de Sobiri de pi ?• 
p Witt de Halgefbrd. a die Sci Joh . in • viii. 
dies • aff. 
Id dies dat' Witt d Fenbrigge . in banco. 
Q 4 


Biik\ jf Rob de Pole.^ Witt LoJiereng' de pi ?.p 

Reginald f* JVali.a die S* Joh in . av. dies . 

Essex\ f Margaret de Berking^ v^ Warin f* Uctred de 
pi ?. p Akx" f Edwin a die S' Mich in . iH. 

ITiford. f Fulco f Teobald ^ Moniales de HaUwdt. de 
pi devise rre . p Rob Bludel a die S* Joh m . 
rv. dies • af f \ ipe ponl ifi lo . suo . Jordan de 
IIT^nad lu-vl pd, 
m. 2. dors. 

Norf\ f Herbl . de Gememue v JosceUn Picot de pi 

apffi p Rod .f* Nich .a die S* Mich in . in. 
sepl aff, 

^(T. JT Ric WChanum ^ Rob Waite de pi ?. p JosceB 

f* Ric .a die Sr Mich in . iii. s . aff • 

Salopesif. if Emelina de Ugeford v Rob de Marisco de pi r . 
p Osberi de WStok' fad eund?4 

Huniedun. Hug* de Tiring' 9sus IIjRo^^ de Smneford 1 itt 
ejus.ljRoS de Stapelf*t ux pi r. 
p Thorn ft Rob fad eund ?.+ Essoft exp . 
iiii. die suu Si ipi n ve • vl se ess • eat sn die. 

jT Steph de Suldrope . te . ^. Agnet fit Gauff de 
pi magne assise . p Hug* fit Steph . a die 
S^ Mich t iii. sepl. aff. f Ide dies dat'.rec 

Bede/\ ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^* 

f Jordan Leuueise . i. rec . de eod p JViJt Briton 
a die S" Mich in . iii. sept. 

f[ Petr^ Lohereng de eod . p Witt de Regesfeld. 

Nor/\ f Joh fit Rob v^ Rob de pi ^ f Witt 

f Rad . a die S* Joh in . arc. dies. Rob poS in 
loco suo . Simone fit suu . ad lu vl pd. 


QjoS. JT StepJi de TValeton v^ Matild de Buhum de pi ?. 

p Stephf^Ade ad eund . ?. aff, 

Buk^. f[ Sm de Hocton \? Rog" de Halsted de pt ?. p 

Rog^f* Rob . a die S* Joh in . Hi. sepl . aff. 

Imc. K Witt de iFesseus . po . lo • Witt de Longo Campo 

vsus Hubl de Halegetot p Jord f* Ade . a die 
S* Mich in . Hi. sepL 

Kent. jf UmfridP le Arbalesl v Joh Btiha • de pt aplti . 

p Johf* Maugli ad eund ?. 

Her(f\ Eugenia Picot v Priore de Norhi . de pi ? . p 

Joh J' Rob fad eund ?.aff.^ [a die Sci 
• . .] I ui. Sept. aff ,1 For po . ifl lo . suo . 
Sim d Dauintre ad lu . vl pd. 

Esstj^. JT Thorn de Kamvitt v^ Jacob de Tilebiri . de pi ?. 

1 cafatB p Steph de Brokeha .a die S* Mich 
in . Hi. sepl. 

EsseiT. f Rod de \\Wake 9. WarinU Jit Uctred. de 

pi debiti p Gaufrjit Fukon. 

Essoii de m\ l6 die Jovis lip' T}nit\ 

Norf*. if ^''wi/r de Sidisfne . ess se de m • Ic ap 

Sidesfne . iii. die an pi . vs Godwin le Pointer 
de pi ?re p. WRob de WPumiton \ Witt Jit 
Rob . a die Sci Mich in iii. sepl . si lagor 
fi fuit. 

HarT. jT Rog" de WBriuitt ap Giltlghd \?s^ Ada Jit Thorn 

de pi Pre p Ansellu MonachS t Galfr fil 
suu a die Sci Mich % . iii. sepl .si la . S 


Bukigha. jf Simd Jit Nicot eod m^ ap Coppelawe v^. Luci 
de Bumeha de pi Pre . p lystan Jit WUt.\ 
Wat? de WDrtu .a die .S Mich i Hi. sepl.u 
langor n fait 

Notf*. f Sarra ux Witt de WParroU eod m® ap Mitton v's^ 

Matitt q fuit ux Halan de Hndrgha de pi r . 
p Gileb Torett.t Thorn Ficheth. 

Esson* de . m'. veniend* die Jovis p^ ThtiC. 

Norfit. ff Joh CalxP de . m . ve 9 . Wilt Dacum 1 Emmam 

uxore ej^ de pi r • p Witt de Tichemse • a die 
S' Mich . in . Hi. sept. 

Norf. f Wittius de WPirhon vsus Matild q fuit ux Alani 

de Hindringha d pi t.p Thorn Fichet.sA 

SuJ\ f Joh Jil Turold 9sus Waff de WEtfeld de pi ? . p 

WGrifh /* Sexi . ad eud ? . aff. 

BedfJ\ J mtt le Lohereng" v>sus Witt de \\Carun de pi ?. 
p Hug^J* Ric • a die S* M* in . Hi. sept. aff. 

Salop. jj- GrifunJ" ITeivardCogh \?sus Thorn d Noel \ 

Ric d Wapenbiri de pi ?.p Ric Jit Joh ad 
eund M. 

Norf. JT Witts de Warenne . petes v^sus Rod de Duram de 

pi advocois eccle kesha p Ev!ard. 

^Gife». ad eund?. aff, 

No9f\ if Giteb de Bertoii \?sus /fi^ de ^Keuesi . de pi ass 

de m . ancess • p Gileb suu ad eund 

? . Id dies daU Alewi de Wichen. 

Bcdef. f Adam Niger v'sus Ric Jit Philippi de pi ?.p 
Steph fit suu . a die Sci Mich . l av. dies aff. 






Salapes. f ^Elvina de Hugtford vsus Rob de Marisco de pi 
rre p Bic Mansett a die S^ Mich in . Hi • sepl. 

Norf\ ^ Hug^ Btirguinun vsus Gaufr J* Ric de pi ass . 

m . ancess p Witt d la ICsimere . ad eund P. 
JT Id dies dat^ t Agath uxori ejus in banco • 1 re5 
p essoii suos. 

f Evlard de bUou v^sus AUc de Grantesete . de pi 
dot . p Witt de BUori ad eude r . af f. 

IT Emme de WKaines 9s^ Witt de WKaines fil Ric de 
pi ?re . p Witt Jit Wall . ad eud P. 

JT Rog^ de WBrumsburg" 9s^ Galfr de Albecote • d pi 
custod p Martin hoiem suu . a die Set Mich 
in . Hi. sept. Idem dies dat^ t Agath ux ej^ 
in banco. 

ETi/ard. jT Johs Jit Mabit v*8^ Rod Jit Ediue de pi ass . de 
m . aiic . p Witt Jit Wall . a die Sci Mich . I 
Hi. sept ide dies dat^ t Josep de Stiuenach p 
Laurnc ess suu.T: Watfo de P^to p Wall 
ess suu 1 Rad de Wulmax . p Laurnc t 
Hug^ de Hichendon . p GregoriU recdgnitores 
de eod. 

H'tfbrd. JT ^^g^ ^ Muride v's^ RobJitRad\ Ida ux ej^ de 
pi dol p Rob venatore .1 Att)s de Sco Albano 
petiit in curia sua ad hora 1 tni. 

ItTtford. JT Ric Jit Ud 9s^ Regih de Arghteih de pi ad- 
voc eclie p Sim Jit Goderwin. 

Si^. f Rog' de Botlisdon QsP Ro^ de Hauthois de pi ft^ 

p Matg'um Hareheuid. 

Hoiidon. JT H^ d^ Wigorh \?s^ Wittm DacU de pi ?re p 
Witt Caretaritt. 


In sched. 
Nor/.* jf Esson Rod Jit Tkurlac n expectavit . iiii. die suii 

'Ic.l IJotf sumoneat' 

qd sit apd Westm a die Sci WMich in sv. 
• . • • in. 

Ibid. jf Essofl Clementis . 1 Joh n expectavit . iiiL die 

suu ilia capiat^ I sumone' 

ant', qct sint apd Westm ad eud ? . in respdsur* 

Surr. J Rob Hardegripe p WittHardlg^. a die Set Mich 

I Hi. sepi . af f . f 

in.s. Ess' d' mat Ic in octaV S'c'e Trinif* 

^or/\ ff Rob de Frith ess se de apd Tinleia^do 

die an pi .9s^ Bic de SotUha de pi re . p Sema 
1 Rod Jit II Ungar". a die S Mich . in. viii. dies. 
si n est laguor. 

Stif'. f Rog'Jit Barthot eod m« ap Mikelefeld \?. Sim fnn 

suu de pt ?. p GalJrdeEuekd t HuH de Tis- 
teldon si & 1 1* ftd eund rminu. 

Bedef*. jf Witt de Sapongale eod m® ap Elesdon ^.Ro^ de pl?r.p Witt de Wahutt.1 Sim de 
Bedtforth . ad eund r • si no est laguor. 

Oxon. JT Thorn Basseth eod m« ap WittCote >?s^ iJo» & 

IICAott?» de [\napton de pi Sr p Rob Jit Vinc.1 p 
Rob Jit Rod. si a 1 1 . ad eiide ?. 

Buiig. if i2^ ^^ Huchedon eod m° ap HHoi^/on i Sumlscte 
v^ Galjr Jit Fulcon de pi ?^.p H»f Pmc^^.1 
Daniel ^t Witt, si n 1 1 . ad eund ?• 

Gtottc. f Joh Esceling' eodi m® apd Nateg^ue vsus 

fTiTftw Briton de pi t . p Joh de Haia \ Warinu 



Giffurd sine die p pcepl . G.f. PetW laguid^ 
f T; a p^«eq^. 

Uorf*. ^ Whnlus de Hechd eofl to? apd WBukheman v^sus 

Attem de Becco . de pt cujusda fald injusC 
p levate p Rob 1 fTi/ftw de Mordele.n est 


Stt*f. f Gifed (fe & D^ne eod m? apd DeTie v^sus Gileb 

^Cumain de pi ? p Gaufr T*vers t Hug" d 
Warha si fi 1 1 • ad eund X. 

« '* f AdaJ'WttU eod m^ ap Xei/o» v^sus W^off fTaAre- 

Cm/^W'. sor^ de pt ?re p Jacob t W^fli/. 

Lrt?. JT Gcoffr ^Abbs eod m* v^sus ^ WaUJ^Radde Ger^ 

nemue de pt catalt p WittlRic . fi f esson. 

Sk^. f ^^ f WaJSi . eod m* apd HeppewrtJi ^sus 

ITueuU de WB'ton de pt magne ass . p WiltJ' 
Ail^.1 FukonS de Tokestoc .si fi «t lang«>r • 
in.ocl S* MicJi. 

Leic^ f Goiffr^Abbe.^.Rad deGememue de pt catalt 

p WUt^ Rid • afesto 5*. J6^. Apt I lii. 5^/. 
aff • q^a p^ma essofi est 

jf Esson* de m' ve. 

Elxyf. JT Joh de Lasceles vsus Sim de Lindon de pt t . p 

I^^ ocl S" Mich a£t. 

NotitigH. JT Wall de Clifford 9. AVbem de News de pt waranl 
carte p Wall X}an . ad eund ?• aff. 

Sumisel. ff Matild de Chaindos ^sus Margar q fuit ux Rob 
f Thonl de pt aplti.p Hadewi.tJliB^ ad 
eund ?. pt ess . Ric d CareuitL 


Ibid. f J^ob Bacun de eod 9su8 eund p Ric de \ClmU^ 

Rob de Wiyvitt vsus eand p Henr . ad eund r. 

irtf\ JT ^^VSr de \\Mora ^sus Johf'Aceri ^ 

d aud jud llsuo p Stffi h5ine s 

suu ad eund t . [aff.] J 

Warrm\ f Reginald^ Basset vHenr ^Mau- \ 
lere de pi 9 .p iJofi/* fTiT». 

f Prior de Kenilwrth de eod vsus 
eund p Sweinf* Norm. 

jf ^a/ra ife Hehurbi de eod p ?Fi/? 
f WitU. 

f Wim^ Milan d Coventr. 

jf Rob Telarius de eod p Ric 

f Jb/t /' Alured de eod p &m 

f JBic/* ||Mi7b/ de eod p Regin 

JT Witt de Heburbi de eod p Rob. 

jf Gwido de Chardele^funt de eod 
98US Nigellum f* Widon. 

NoHi. f ^i/lf de Wigenton p JBo^ /* Albti de rec 

Walram de Holpeston . recognitor est 

Ibid. f Rob /* ^fo^ ^sus Joh Mauduit de pi advoc 

eccle de Atuiinton p 0^8 d Stok^. n t ess . q% 
advocaco Ula capta f i man diSi Reg. 

Kent. ^ fVitt de Badelesmar v'sus Witt de \\Seiueldon de 

pt ? . p Regin de Swqfha in ocl 5* Mich . 

Sa die q^ 
Hem^ dixit 
conl Justic q 
noluit seq^ rs^ 



Ibid. Id Witt d wSoueledon . d eod v^. eude . p Eustac 

Picema. ad eude.r. 

Nor/'. f Com Rog' le Bigot vsus Comitissa Gundr de pt 

? . p Wittf* Bic ad eund ? pt essoft . Adam 
de Westm . I od Sci Mich. 

Devon. f MatJi f^ ITebti \?8us Attem de Stanley de pi 
advoJf eccle de Stoh?. p fToff 5^iaw/ .a die ST 
Mich in . iiV. sepl . [af f ] 1 At* pofl lo . suo 
/o/i Monac suu in ad lu . vt . pd. 

Norf. JT ^^ * Htham v^sus ^iiZiw cfe Hauuitt de pi ?. p 

2Wc cfe IIS/oAr* ad eund ? . aff. 

NorMT. (T ^^'^ ^ ^^ft Ponte vsus Emma q fuit ux Johf* 

Adam . de pt dol p jRic £fe Stoh^ adieS Joh in 
XV. dies. aft. 

Ibid. fi Ric f Hubti ^sus Bonding' de WMulton de 

pt ass . mori antec . p Petr d Mutton in ocl 

St(/ir\ C Eunfri^ de Criketot ^sus Atd[)em de Sco Ed- 

mund . de pt furcaf levatar in honore S^ Edmdi 
p Alana de WWTnesdon . ad eund ? . aff. 

H'if*. JT Wittf Godwic 9su8 WiU Franc de pt aud jud 

suii p Eliot f Witt ad eund ? . aff. 

Warew'. f -'^^ Pinclna vsus J7enr Mattore de pt warantie 
carte p Btakeman de Wresleg'. Henr n vult 

jBtaP. If At* de An^s de ultra mare vsus Quentinum 
Talehot de pt §vi2 p TAom de Kirkebi in ocl 
S* Mich . aff. jf Quintin^ pofi lo . suo jRo* & 
Foleuitt. in ad lu • vt pd vs^ Bic 

Syjf*. JT Osb de Wacheshd . v'sus At* de S* Edmund de 

pt litJtal p Gerard Tesum in ocl S^ Mich . aff. 


Midelsex\ f Lambtus de S* Paulo Psus WRog'f^ Ric de pt ass • 
m • antec p Ric in oci Sci Mich • aff. Id dies 
dat^ t rec in banco. 

fVarew\ f Hug" f WifXi v>sus Com de Waraxf de pi §vic p 
Ahred Russett. ad eund ? . aff. 

f Id Com vsus Hug^ Fakonar . 1 Artfiicia ux sua 
de pt advocon eccte de WChitan p WiB 
Cticum \ Henf . ad eund t . pi esson Jord 
de Elicot. 

Ibid. JT ^ -P^'^ ^ Wareaf Psus Henr Mallore de pt 

t . p Rob Niwebolt Henr n vult pseq*. 

f WaUdeBlakewendeeoapRicf mm. 

Wareaf. f jRofi f* Lemenac vsus eunff de pt r.p Waff 

Ibid. JT Godejrid de Edeshot v^sus Jbrtf cfe HZ/Zefico/l 

Felicia ux ejus • de pt r . p «TbX f suu ad eund 

Caniebrig. jf ITueius Luvett vsus iJofi de Langetot de pt r . p 
Wittf Gaufr ad eund ? . aff. 

Ibid. f Etistach de Foleburn 9sus GifeS cfe || Tom de pt 
warantie carl p Henr ad eund r. 

Ibid. JT Sim le Bret vsus Joh de Lanualai de pt catallor 

p Biidcm f Joh ^ a die S^ Joh in . uL sepU 

Ibid- f Id Sim ^sus Sim f suu de pt ? . p Witff' Sim.tii 

eund r . aff. 
NoriiT. JT Henr de Pinkeni v'sus PMlippf* Ric de pt advoc 

eccte de Hatidenebei [p Wl/lf Marescatt.l 

MathCUcU.'] in oclS" Mich. jIt esson. Rod dc 



Kent. JT ff^^ ^ Badelesmare v^us Witt de Soueledon de 

pi ?.p Reginald de ocl S* Mich 

Ibid* f Witt de Soueledon . de eod v'sus eund p Etistach 

Pincinam . ad eund ? . aff. 

HunUd. f G/fcfi 6te Linton q^ vocav Atd:>em de jR^mei ad 
waranl v^sus Witt de Taket de pt ?.p Jo/i 
Leman . ad eund r . aff. 

B)a. iT Roesia ul.Rogli v^sus Hug*fMattU de pi ?. 

p Joh hbine suu . ad eund t . aff. 

&v^*. f J(/2 Cokerett ^sus Emmam de Kanteleu . de pt 

roagne ass . p Pe/r de Ludhd . in ocl S* M. 
Id dies dat^ t WRog" de Dalham . B*ndcl d 
Blakeha . Ranulf WBriton . Witto d Piston . t 
Thorn d Mendha p ess suu • WMich Taleiuu^. 
Wall de Weluetha . 1 Ric de Icwrth p ess suu. 
Robf^ Rob p Gaufr.Brien de Netlested . p 
Nichot. Joh de Godrichestorp . p Bricitt. 

Sitjr. JT R^ntdf de Glanuitt f^sus^ ||q Thorn de Ged- 

ding' vocat ad waranl v^sus Witt de Takele ad 
eund ?. aff . d pi ? p Joh Villan. 

Esse^. JT Magr Jord de Ros vsus Sim de ITUiam de pi 
reS de m . anteS p Pagan f* Osb . ff a die S* 
Mich in . i. msS . aff. 


ff Rod de }\Chereustt vsus Comitissa Margaret de 
pi reddit^. i. moIndiK p ITeuic de Winebode- 
shSiin.oil S'M.sft 

Naif. jT Wall de WChereuitt de eod p Hug" de Hacford^ 

ad eund t . aff 

Norkt. JT A^c^^ de WauSvitt v'sus Matild de Diue de pt 
advoS eccle de Upton p Witt WFumelaria H . 
Rot. Cur. Req. R 


ess .'q^a advocaco ilia capta est i man dm 

irif\ f ^«"^ ^ Alkledewic 9s^ Rob Rumbaut de pi finis 

fci in curp Wittf* Nichot.m ocl S^ Mich 

Ebo^^ if J^^ ^ BtdlU ^s^ Att) de Wardon . de pt advoc 

eccte de Wardon p Rod d ^Dumg in. ocl S 
JIf aff. 

BedeJ^. JT Cecitia ux ejus de eod p Rog" de la HuUe.zii 
eund r . aff. 

Ebo^. JT WittfRad v^sus Joh de WDanutt de pi ?.p 

fTa/? (fe Samundhd .in. ocl ST. Mich . aff 

Ebof. f yjR^e rfe J?wc vsus Adam WUrsel de pi ?. p Rob 

dd. ^ in . ocl S^ Mich ^ n essofi q^ ?ra ilia 
capta fuit i manu dni Reg. 

ITfT. f JVallfB'nardy^susAlureddeStapelforddeift 

t . p Reginald, a die Sci Joh t iU. sepl • [aff.] 

BcsiK if OsmundP de Husseburn vsus Henr de Tubbenai 

\ Joh ux ejus.^ Petr de Bixle \ MatUi 
uxore ejus de pi recipjend cirog^t suu p 
Umfrid Pincewar.a die Sci Mich l.i. Ha 

Ebof. JT Adam de Estrington v^sus Epm 

Dunelm de pi t • p JVilt de . 
Tetewrth. [in ocl S^ Mich. 

S[ Ysilia de Estrinton de eod p 

Adam Marescalt. 

Surr. f Ric de Godesfeld v^sus Win de Lund . It Roesiam 

ux ejus de pi ? . p Ric Franc in ocl S" Mich. 


B'lf". jf 7Jo8 de HenxtemrtU vsus Margaret de Henxte^ 

wrth de pi t. p RadfRog". a festo Set Joh I 
in. sepl af. 

Bmlf. fi Ricde \\Stokl v'sus Rob de \\Sauter de pt ass p 

Adam /*. ||5im . in oc/ 5* Mich aff. 

Ba2s^\ f BasiUa de Mara ^sus 7Jo8 ^og-e de pt ? . p ^Neel 
WCumterett. ad eund r . aff. 

Ibid. JT WittfGileb de eod p i2a(f /* i2o5 . ad eund ?. 


Bedef\ jf iWc dr Cauz ^sus ^i// dr Stippingt de pi ?. p 
jR^ cfe Estoii . ad eund ? . aff. 

Caniebf. f 5i^ de Sexton vsus Gundr de Maddingt de pt 
JT In ocl S" Mich . in . .n;. cife^ . aff. Id dies dat' 
Henr Jit Eust qui petiit vide essoil Gundr \ 
n huit.Grfi^.po.lo.suo 6^im^f ||suu ; ad lu • 

Harp. ^ Petr^ del Frith v^sus Henr frem suu de pt P . p 
Briwiswein de Wigehat. a die . S* Joh in . rv. 
dies aff. 

Vorp. IT /o^ & Oxewic v^sus Reginald de Lenn . t Matild 

de pt ?.p||22o^iei#imIoc/5**Mic». 

^Torif. jf Hftgr* Passelewe vsus -4fic q fuit ux U^ de pt 

dot p Ric Pollard . a die S* Joh. in . Hi. sepl 

Ibid. Jf Jb^ /• Samson de eod p TJeg^ d? Mumbrai . ad 

eund?* aff. 

IFSff. jT ^^^ ^ IIHoferiimd ^sus Ric frem suu de pt 

homag p Gaufr de Lokinton . in ocl ST Mich 

R 2 


Esscx\ jf Rob WOein v^sus Gumbaud de pt reddit^ p Witt de 
Pakeho . in . ocl ST Mich aff, 

Midclsex\ if Gileb de Endon vsus Martin de Braintoii . de pt 
ass . de m • anl • p Joscelin d Hendon . ad eud 

Essex\ JT Ric de BeUo Campo v'sus WaUfUmfrid. de pt 
9 . p Bic Russet, jf /n . ocl S' Mich affid. 

SuniiseL jf Phitipp^ de Cotumbs rsus Margar q fuit ui jRoS 
/^ 2%ow de pt [apelli] fdiss .p RicJU Hug'l 
ocl S\ Mich. 2Lfr. 

Nor/: f Witt WPeals Psus Wittf WaU de pt a^ . de . m. 

anl p Ric Blund in ocl S' Mich . af f. Id dies 
dat^ t rec .1 Witt f* Wall hat bre ad sumonend 
ux p^dci Witti q tc sit ibi ad aud ass. 

SuhT, jli Witt de Solers ess • se • de ultra mare de 9vico dni 

p. rsus Witt de ^POchardon de pt ? • p Ric de 

Sfiff\ f U^^"' de Reimes. ^sus Witt de Reitnes de pt §vic 

p Ric de Hecham . fi hms . bre. 

Caniebr. f Witt f* Pevlett v'sus Mich de Abingeton de pt t . 
p Joh de Strqford. 

Nurfit. JT Witt de Sco Patric v'sus Godtfrid WLangetdn . de 

pt ?.p Wittf' % iU.sepl. 

+ r Hug'fAlani . de eod p Nichotf Gaufr. 

Kent. jf Nichot de Niwentoh 9sus Hug^ Gicum Si Menelai 

1 fres ejus de pt ? p Aug^tirL 

Kent. jf Henrfpoit^de ^Swwie Ps^ \\Fubtn de DovUe de pt 

qr no fecit ei saisina de fde Pra d Sandon sic 




ei pcepl ess se p Rob /* Hub . If a festo Sci 
Joh I Hi. sept. 

f Re^ de Fonte Senescali Atbisse de B^klges.v. 
Goldeu'in It Ada de pt ass • m • antecess . p 
Alan . jf a festo Sci Joh . in Hi. sepl . affid. Id 
dies dal est reS in banco. 









Esson* a die 5*c'e Thiitatis t xv. dies. 

f Witt de Perci esson se de mal 12 . apd Chadetfeld 
iii. die ail pt . 9. Ranii de Tomeia . de pT rre 
p Ric \\Burel 1 Thorn Tutle . 1 Ranri po . lo . 
suo Radft sun . ad lu vt pd • si languor n fSit . 
a die Sci Mich i . i. rnsem. 

jf Marioria de Wike eod m^. apd Wike ^fp Edith 
sorore ej^ de pt ? . p WAlbtic ^de^*\ Wall 
de Wike . si n5 est languor • ad eund • ?. 

f Johs^itCaluiton.^sPWallJitfiRog' de pt re2 de m . 
an!.p Stephmjit Witt. a die Sci Mich i.i. 
rnsem . 1 vi8 no misit bre . nee noia reS . 1 ido 
pcepl t ||ad viS ||suai qd tc sit apd Westm iii 
resposur^.l faciat venire tot reS qd ass fl 

jT Rob CarSarP v's^ Sim de Kimes de pt ? . p Alan 

f Witt Luuel 9sus fde GauT de Cotes t Mabit ux 
ej^.1 Sarr de Cotes . de pt rec d m. anl . p 
Wall Wither. 

JT Ric de WVilteton ^s^Wielem de WOxenecroJle . de 
pt homag p ^Viete Jit Rad . a die Sci Mich i 
Hi. sepl.sff. 

f Henr de Sco Mauro 9iP Witt Jit Rob d pt reC . 

R 3 


m . anteS . p Rob de WPerer .adie Sa Mich t# 
i. ftisem . Id [dies]] dat^ t rec • p ess suos . t 
ceri q* S ve . atacb. 

Sun. f[ Agn de Mak Muiller 9s^ RicJitHam.\ Sim 

de \\Roges de pt ? • p Begin Jit Aihmn . ad 
eudem . r. 

JSior. f Prior de Vattoh v'sus Witt Burdun . d pi t . p 

Bog^ de Watton . ad eude r . afT. 

Ninf. JT WHenr de Titleshat ^ . Bog" d TUleshaX de pt 

aptti p Bob de WBillig^/brd. 

\iOxdn. ir Henrjl Witt. ^. Witt deCoueledept^.f ma 
Jit Witt, ad eude . r . Ide dies dat^ est . Diomi 
ux ipi^ Henr . i banco. 

Middelsea^. f -R^ Crasstis poit^ lo . Foris See 'Pnil 9sus Ha»- 
ctdl WGencet. d pi ? . p Bic de Berkig ad eunde 

Siirr. f Bad Jit WiUwin 9 . Wall de Ahsehroc . de pi rec. 

de m . ant . p Begin Jit Witt. 

In octab^ S^c^i JoIlis Bapf. 

Kent. jT J^obs de Sibdeston v . Ingera Handrensem . X 

(jifhenna ux ej^. de pi t . p Mattim de Sibdes- 
ton . a die Sci Mich i . i. msem . aff. 

Hunted. f Witt Jit Bad . ^ . Johm de Kaineto de pi re5 . m • 
anl . p Hitg^ de Sudha . ad eund ? . aff. 

Nariir. JT Witt de Sco Pat^cio y? Agnel Jit Henr de ft^ .1^ 
Witt de Sichegebi. 
jf A die Marl $a^ post fesl Aplo^ Pe^ 1 PavU. % 
ro. dies aff. 1 « Henr Andegavesis n ve . vl se 
ess . ido atach . q^ tq sit ibi in respos. 


Bedif\ f Witt (kPet^Ponte.^.Magrm Rod deStandun. 
de pt ass . m • anl . p Johjit Nicot . afesto Set 
Mich ! • i. rhsi. 

Ibid. JT Nichot de Holewett po. lo. Mabit ux ^i/lf de 

eod . p Alea^ de Standon. jf Ad eund • ? . aff. 
Id dies daP reS . q* ve . i banco. 

Norf*. JT ^^^ <3fe Barsha . v. \\Henr de \\Hocton de pt ass . 

de m . anl . p Hervettjit Witt, t act Sci Mich . 
af T. Id dies dat^ t Rogio de Tafseie . L rec . 
in banco \ vXlP alio^ ve • vt se . esson A ido 

Qfmkb. f Witt WGremmettes 9 Rob Brun . de pt ? . p Witt 
WBrowiho . i ocl Sci Mich . aff . 'I Rob po . lo . ♦ 
Rog\m Marescatt f rem suii .ad lu . vt pd. 

Laneasf. jf Ricjit Rob v . Amabit q fuit ux pat% sui . de pt 
dot . p Gaupjit Ketel. a die Sci Mich . i.i. 
msem . aff. 

Jffksff. ff NigelP de Coleshitt ess se • de . m • IS . apd Coles- 
hitt v's^ Rob frem suu . p WittArmig' t HeliS 
d Vike jf Ad eude ?min. 

JB«F- f Rob d \\Podute eod m« apd Caufimt v^. Witt le 

Lohereng" dept?.p Witt d \\RoV \ Hug' d 

NorT* JT Pers de Frith eod m^ apd TilneiS ^.Henr 

frem suu . de pt t . p Rein Franc 1 Rod 

[jn Witt. 

Ibid. f Lauretta Picot eod m® . apd Souletoh v . jRo8 

CUcU de pt ass . d . m . anl . p Tpin .1 Gauf. 

Ibid. jf « 'T^flfief filia ej^ eod m« apd Hokinton. 

Bedef. f ^dS ife WTingerie eod m^ v^. Jiic de Aspele d 
pt ?.p Rob Shtf.\ Rob pcfL 
R 4 


Came». JT Gaufrjit JRic eod td? apd WOreseie Q.GilU i 
Stagno . d pt ? . p Witt Francolana . 1 Mob 

Sussex/". JT Rod deSco JoJie eod m® apd Wabwrton . v'. Wilt 
deEos d pt llde 9.p Rod Jt Witt.\Witt 

JT Ric Jit Gerard eod m^ apd Manegedene v^sus 

Wall aica d Couele p Gauf', de Pacaho.X 
R^^ fil Sasonis. 

m. 5. Ess' de m\ l6 in xv. dies post festu S'c'e 


Wilte. f Margar de WiV ess se de m* Ic iiiL die an 

pi apd Wile* vs^ Edith sorore ejus de pi rre 
p \iBaldric 1 Wdtkelih de Wike si n t langor. 
in . I. mnsS^ f*m Sci Mich. Ide dies dat^ t 
Ade de WiV in banco. 

Will. jT Witt de P'ci eod « ap Kaldefeld 9sus Ran de 

WTomeia de pi ?re p Ric Burett t Thorn 
Tulle si fi t lang^ in . i. TTm^e ^ fm Sa 
Mich Si Ran pofi lo . suo in Rod ffl suG ad 
lu . vl pdeil. 

Buking. jf Joh de KalSton vsus Wallet WRog^ de a^ 
morf art . p Steph Jit Witt a Jesto Sci Mich 
in . i. mris . aff . 1 Wall hat tunc br vie qd 
tc hat p*mu bre ibi 1 noia repgnil.l ostfisur 
q*r n misit br in av. dies jpjestu See Pnil. 

LinS. jf Rob Camiar vsus Sim de Kimhe de pi rre p 

Halan Jit Gaufr. 

Esse^. f Witt Luuett v's^ Gatcfr de Cotes 1 Mabit ux 
ej^ 1; SarrS de Cotis de pi ass p Wall Wither 


a Dnica pa^ fP festU Aplof P.\ P. ht av. 
dies.Bff.% Rod Jit Rand q Witt vocavit n 
ve . vl se ess. Id dies dat^ t reggH q* vener. 
1 aliis p ess suos SI Rog^ de Monevmde\ Witt 
Reinebrt fi ve . vt se ess. " lo atachiant' '* 
qd tunc sint ibi. 

Smtt. ff Ric de Waleton v. VielU de Oxenecrqfte de pT 

homag p Vieln Jit Rod . a fest Set iJohi Bapl 
in Hi. septim affid. 

Hunt. If Hnr de Sco Mawro ^s^ Witt Jit Rod de pt ass 

m . an . p Rob. 

&rr. JT ^gnes de MatemulBer 9. Ric Jit Ham \ Sim 

Jit Rages de pi dotis p Regin Jit Ahviii a fest 
Sci Mich in i. mnsS aff. 

Ebof. JT Prior de Watton 9. Witt Burda de pt.?re 

p Rog^ de Watton . a fest Sci Mich l.i. mnsS 

NorT. f WH'uifP de WTalishatt ^.Robde TitUshatt de pt 

9re p IJoC cte WillingJ^. 

MiddUsex\ f RiZ &sms po . lo . Foris See Tnil 9 Hasctdtt 
\\&uet de pi ^repRicde Berking'. 

Line. ff Oemns Jit Alard ^.AIcj^ de WBoiton de pi 

§vicii tre p Rog* Jit Alard a die Sci Mich 
I . I. mnsS aff . \ Alea^ po . lo . suo in PetrU 
Andegavgsem ad lu . vl pdefi. 

f Witt de Fennes vs^ eunde de eod p Jord JiX 
Mauric ad eudem tmin aff. 

Essei". f R^gi^ ^ Comehitt de mal Ic . ap Lukedatt in 
Kent 9f^ Witt de pt ?r p Rog'Jit 
Rob 1 llsuii . hat diem in$.m.p^f*. S. Mich 
p Rob de TumehS. . 




Norhdt. f Witt de Sco Pa^do de m . ve v's^ Agnel Jit 
Hnr AndegavSsis de pi ?r p Witt de Sceggebi 
a die Marl $a^ ^ festU Aptof Petr 1 PauS 
^affid^ • inav. dies . aff. 

ff Witt de Pe^ Ponl ^ Magrm de Standon de 
pt ass m • ailcess . p Johm Jit Nickot. 

fi Rich de Holewett de eod vsus eunde p Alej^ 
de Stavndoh a festo Sci Mich in i. mnsS affict. 
Ide dies dat^t omib} reQgnit in banco. 

f Rad deBrham vs^ \\Heruic de \\Hocton de pt ass. 
m . afic p ITuic Jit Witt in ocl Sci Mich aft 
Id dies dat^ t reggni? de Tatirsete . "X oms 
alii qui fi ve vt se ess io atthacbiant' qd tS 
sint ibi inde respdsun 

Lancastr. jf Ric Jit Rob y . Amable novcam sua de pt dotis 
p Gaufrjit Witt jf (tfesi Sci Mich I i.nwi 
S *>?• affid. 

Comet. JT Witt Tremettes ^'sus Rob Bruin de pt ?r p.»W ocl Sci Mich aff. 1 Rob poJl lo. 
suo Re^ Marescatt frm suu ad luc* vt pden. 

Kcni. jf Rob de Sibdeston v' . Ingelra Flandr \ Gif*herma 

ux sua de pt tV p McUhm de Sibdiston a die 
Sci Mich in i\ mnsS affid. 

STe/orf. f Witt Jit Rad 9 Joh de Kaineto de pt ass m . aSc 
p Hug" de Suldeha .a die Sci Mich in i. miisi 
affid. f let dies dat^ t Fukon de Bailes X 
Swain Jit Rog^ 1 Math de WOuiton. 


In XV, dies p^ f'm S'ci JoWnis Bapf. 

f Nigett de Coleshutt. de m . Ic . ap Coleshutt P Roi 
frem suu de pt t p Witt Armiglum^ 










EUa de WiV. si no t langor in I. mrisi fP 
fm Sci Mich. 

f Rob de \iPolite eod m^ ap4 Ckaufhnt 9. Witt 
le Loereng de pt.?re p Witt de WStoV.I 
Hu^ de \Burestoc .si n f^a die Sci Mich in 
i. mnsi. 

f Petr de Frith eocT m* apd \\Tilnie 9. Hnr ffm sua 

de pt fin f 2i p Begin ||Fr*ncfl 1 Rod q^ 

t de fine fco . 1 Hnr exp*tavit iiii. die suu . \ 
Petr n ve . 1 fuit poit^ p pi . Infl . pn'. p 
. • . pt . qd" sit a die Sci Mich in . i. mnseSt 
p*mi pi 8 . q°'' noia vie n misit sum q tc sint 
ibi inde resposur. ||s. q*r fi svavef eu sic pleg 
a die Sci Johis in av. dies Si esson s. WBriui- 
swein cap', 1 vie ... . sit ibi ostKsu? q*? n 
misit noia pi. 

JT Latareta Picot eod m*^ apd ^Soulttton vs^ Rob 
Qica de pi ass m . ail p T^pin. 

f Isabett fil ej^ de eod apd Hokinton . no t esson. 

f Ada Tingi eod m*^ ap Jingi v' AUc de Aspett de 
pi ft^ p Rob \\Sech 1 Rob pvtt si fi t lang^ a 
die Sci Mich I i. mnsem. 

JT GaufrJitRic eod m^ apd \\Creseia v> GiOb de 
Stangno de pi ?r p Witt Francolein 1 Rob Jit 
Swein sitif % in ocl Sci Mich. 

f Rob de Sco Johne eod loP apd Waberton v'sus 
WittdeRos de pi ^re]^ Rob Jit Witt'i Wittde 
sn die p pceptu dni Reg. 

jf Ric^t Gerard eod m® apd Mangendon v Wall 
CticS de Cotiet de pi dot p Ganfr de Pakeho.\ 
Rog* Jit Sampson. 



jf No t ess % t de dote . 1 Wall pon loco suo 
Jord q* fuit. Luc de wBalinto exp^tavit iiii. die 
8UU.1 ipe fi ve. judm.rra s. dim virgal tre 
in \iBoUnton capia' i mafi d&i Reg.1 JRic sum5 
H sit a die Sci Mich in aro. dies audit" inde . 
judm suu. 

Bkesff. JT ^Matitt de Candos eod modo apd Stamvde in 
Sumhel vs^ Fore de Sco Framdo de pt advo* 
cois ecc**p WaUJilAlan\ Rog" ft Hug". 
jf 1 G*vas p* ecc* pdSe deNoiM sum q® advo- 
cato se tea i ecc* ilia diS qd p Philipp de 
Culnbris quond vir pd5e \\MabiL 

jf Johs de Hasting* po lo . Radde Hasting* 9 Sewatt 
de Aseuitt de pt aud judm suii p Hi^ Broun 
a die Sci Mich in i. miisem. 

Thorn de HeUebec 9 Gaufrjl Gaufr de pt?rep 
Tom de Burg*, jf In i. mnsS aff. 

jf Ric Not 9 . Magrm Begin de Lenn . de pi rre p 
Ric de Winton. jf Ad eund ?mia. 

jf Eua de Langeford 9 Agnel de Stocton de pi ^ 
p Wittde Alnel ad eud pmifi Id dies dat^t 
Wall viro suo. 





in«5* dorS. 



jf Wilt de WHolecumbe v^. Enme de W'Brinig de pi 
t^ p Rag* de Podriton aff ad eud ?m. 

jf Natanett de Leueland po . lo . Alic v^ Matitt de 
pi ?r p Wilt WM^ter ad eud ?mift aff. 

jf Rob de B'kelai 9 Ric de Ford, de pi ?r pRogim i. mnsS aff. Id Ric de Fordjf 
Rob de Bradef*. ad eund ?m aff. 


Sum\set. jf Joh de MfUagu de ult* mar v WaU Croc de pt 
ass m aBc p Regin . 1 Stephjit Auketitt. a die 
Set Mich in i. miisS. Id dies dat^ f Alea^ de 
Hamtd 1 Ric de WCrarnford in banco . Ada de 
HoUon\ Rob de Bosco .\ Witt Jit Rog" t 
Alej^ de Noubi. 

£$ses\ f Regin de Fontib} v' Ric Jit Witt de pi ?re p Alan 
de Hida ad eudem tmin aff. 

Kanttbf. jf Ada Jit Sauari v. Alic ux Elie de pt dot p Hug* 
Jit Ric ad eud . aff. 

AUc ux Ada de eod 9 eand p \ 

Gaufr Jit Witt. / adeudfm 

W^ffCKcus de Witewudeha de I ^* 

eod p WaU de Ck>tis. j 

f Evfrad Captt 9 . eanS Alic de pt tV p Gai{fr de 
Madingt ad eund tm aff. Hiirjit Witt de 
eod p Witt de Burthop . Cecil mr ej^ de eod p 
Ric ad eund aff. 

Wa?. if Turstahjit Wigan 9 Hnr de Becword de pt ?• 

p Petf de Stapilford ad eud ?. aff. 

iLeic. JT HalouandP de II Vrlewast 9. Rob de Creueq^ de pt 

magft as8 p W^aiZ ||a eud ? . aff. Id dies dat^ t 
Emald de Musten i. recogn 1 2Jo8 Mansett \ 
Thofil dispnsatori Etie. 

f[ Alicde WudehS 9 [Elia de Cadneto de pt ? p 
Rob Pollard ad eund ?m aff. 

JT RaddeChm^ WaU Jit Hani de pt?.piZicad. 
eud?. aff. 

Korf. jT il/^'c^i Relet Q.Witt de G^mcurt\ WaUm ej^ de 

pt ? . p TurbnQ de Wroclnon. 




ErnneuxefdeeoS^.aA ^ j ; rnnse ^ fm 
eund p Hug' Lampre. f g^ j^i^ji aff. u 

P'or de Rudha de eod p ( dies dat^ f Mich 
Hnr de Milha aff. ) Belet in banco. 

N<nf\ JT Hug* Burnett 9 ^Otwi de Clipestorp de pi ass m 

afi . p Johm de Sco Pac^cio . ad eud aff. 

Norhat. fi Ivode WDeane v* Petr de HoU de pt cato^ p Ada 
Ruffa a die Set Mich I arv. dies at, 

IT Hnr Falconar 9 Milan de 
Stanford 1 ux ej^' de pt , 
^.I^.DanielndelCadS. [^i-mnsSzittAB. 

jT Aunor ux ej^ de pcord p 
Johm WWdlemsem. 

SalopS, fi RobCoket^.JoJmWWalen- 
sum de pi ? . p R^ Rus- 

^^' !» adeud?minaff. 

f WidodeArundettdept^. 
Peudep fVittBritd. 

Staff". f Ranjit Pagan ^ Ric de 

Stok deft^. pMauric. 

f PordeJK'awi&tw^.P.eude I a /est Set Mick 
de eod p Rog'JitWamer. ( I i. mnsS aff. 

JT P'or de \\Stane de eod p 

Sudhat. f For de Andewett de ult* mar v . Alan Basset de 
pt ? . p fli^ WManiot ad eud ?m aff. 

H'(fora. f ■R'c JBcda& v' . Rob Jit Angett de pt ? . p WaU 
BadaU ad eud ?m aff. 


JT Sim Jit Rad v . Hnr fit Rob de pi cirog» recip p 

Giro». ^ jf Henrjit Rob v' eund p O^^. 

IT ^/ic de Upcot y^. Rob fit Wall de pt ?.p jBo8 de 
Sudha . ad eudem r. 

iVbi/'. JT Rod Jit Rad y? Wall de GHiruft de pi 9.p i2o5 

WMort in av. dies T^J^m Sci Mich aff. 

f WaUdeRibqf ^.Petronitt q fuit ux iS/ep« de 


JT Isabett ux ej^ de eod p fVidon de Torp a fed 
Sci Mich 1 1. iTm^? aff. 

jf Jffi^ & CastellU V AUc de Cestretoh de pt ? p 
JohJitHu^ ad eud ?. aff. 

^"^***^* / jT Witt de Tureuitt,^ Rad Jit Witt de pi 9 p 
OsbtU Sviente { av. dies J^fm Sci Mich aff. 

Caniibf. fi Witt de ^Mandengett ^Rog^ frm suu de pi ? . p» 
Gillebl ad eud t . aff. 

Warf. fi Witt de Sco Petr ^ WittFronta de pi 9.p Witt 

Nigr ad eud ? aff. 

Uf^^ f ThomdeCtaneston^ Hu^ deRudintondejft^. 

]fWall Anglic. Bdeu^uSr. 

B*keur. f Gilleb deColeston 9. jBoft & \\Sandrvitt de pi duett 
vadiati . p Witt Anglic . ad eud. aff. 

f Hnf de WUmken v.Hospil de pi waral carl p 
Witt Marescdtt\ Johm P^ ad eud P. aff. 

B€defard.\ ^ HilarP de la Htdle^ Witt le Euueise deplPre 
p Bdldemn ad eud ?m aff qd dies dat^ t Ran 
fit 8uo in baco. 



JT Waleran de Rochtford v Ivone \ Hnr \\Pordr\ 
Cecil ux ef\Baldri€ de G'datt\ Ysabett ux 
ej^ de pT ass m aiic p Witt Luuett in v. 
septim jpP festU Sci Mich . Ismenea 1 Cedt 
ponut loco suo in Rod de \\Poml[ia} ad luc* 
vt pdend. 

JT Rob CamlarP. v . Sim de Kime de pt rre p WiJt 
Jit Joh l TV. dies ^ fesl Sci MichSt Sim pofi 
lo . suo i& Raud ad luc'' vt pde. 

JT GittCusin 9 . Witt Jit Rod \AUc ux ej^ de pt 9. 
p Ric frm suu I i. itise aff*. 

Isabett de Foston vsus eos(t de eod p Galjr Bri- 
ton. I i.mnsS siff. lAlic pofi in WittvSmn 
ad luc* vt pdend. 

jf Auchett PinSna v . Forissa de WAudewich de pt 
advocois ecc* p Mich de Bolon i act Sci Mich . 

jf Jord fit ej^ v' Albin de Ipewett de pt waral carl 
p Rog* Buch in i. mnse aff. 

jf Emme de Mtiford v Hnr \\Hukald de pt ? p jEKr 
de Arden a fo Sci Mich in i. mnsg. 

ff Ad de Talewurth 9 . FubtU de Duuere de pt 
? . p Rob Pickard i arc. dies j^ fm Sci 
Mich aff. 

f Ric Carniari^v^. Rob deStorfforddept^f Witt 
Jit Ric ;id eund.Paff. 

ITtfbrd. ( J Nigett Sacldos 9 Ric de Winhus de pt ? pGtft^ 
de Sandon ad eud 9 aff. Id dies dat^ t Witt 
P*sbifo 1 baco. 



JFarf. JT Alan de WKcangh t Godit ui ej^ ^ Ediue 1 Gu- 

nild t Matitt 1 Ragenild de yXmng-^ de pt ? 
fTf/r t 0(/on de WConuhtmb jT Ad eund 



^^» JT Albri de Bistot^ v . Moiales de Dereb de pi ad- 

vocois ecc* p Steph ad eud ? aff. 

JT lliimic <fe JS^/b Campo 9 Witt de Brause de pt 
CT p ^i/lf /Sco/Zw . a die Sci Mich in arc. dies 

jf .N'icof de liBridirton v . -4n^ de WHtirtmie de pt 
t p Tom at a die Sci Mich i i. mse 1 Andr hat 
br ad sumdd iiii. mU. 

^ Ada de Portu de ult» marline Reg v^.P^/r 
Bhmd de pt debil . T; v^ t de pt advoc 

ecc* p Johm de CorrUg* 1 fVitt de Norton ad 
• ^*i eund ? afY. 

f Petr Bhmd 9 eunde p Thorn Lunqfaud. ad eud 

ff Mag? fFiff rfe Cirencestr poft loco suo ia 
iSim fit llsuu de pt advo ecc* p ITbl de 
Cirnceslr i adventu justiS in ptes illas vt 

.rhdT. J ^ ^^^^ ^^ P madatu f de Welle- 


jT Ascelin de Waffvitt v Ada Jit Drogon de pt 
fossal leval injusl ad eud. 

iHrtford. JT Witt Jit Godefr v>. Wall Jt ^Canel de pt §vie p 
Eliot fit Witt ad end. 

^^* if B^RoU&d Q . Magrm Begin de Lenn de pt *8vic 

p Joh Lond ad eund. 

Rot. Cuft. Reg. S 



Wilt Jit mici de eod p 

Hnr fr suus de eod p Witt 
de WHeling'ton. 

Lefina de WWul/ricto' de 
eod p Petr. 

Witt Jil Milon de eod p 

Witt WBidi de eod p Ada de 

Galfr de WSawchtfi^ Begin 

A die Sci Mich in 
Hi sepl aff % 
Witt Jit Sim I 
Teg . i ilia lire 
9gfi Regin hom 
de Dtenem suo 
1 GauT Fukon 

In cedula 
m. 16. 

Wall de mAec.2Lp Legam 
Surr . iii. die aB pt . v^ JEpm DuneUti de pi ire 
p Albric de Danmartin • 1 Alan Cocu. jf si S t 
lang^r • I ocl See Thul ap Westm. , 

Ebof. jf IReg'JitHug' [po . lo . Vitt de Vesci .] eod m^ ap 

Wintringh in Ebor vsus Rob Jit pt 
rre p Adam de Faledon 1 Regin ^t Wil&.^ 
id Rog* poit^ t lo . WitU de Vesci . f si n t 
lang°r i c^stin See Trinil. 

Suff: jf Hvh de Munchenes eod m*^ ap StanfeU in 

Esseaf rsus Rob de Vallib} . de pi sviS p 
Witt WSerewith . 1 Gatifr Marc, f Mittant' . 
iiii. mill? 1c .si £1 1 lang^r a die Invenc . S^ Cruc 
in . iii. sepl. 

Suhamt. jf Aftbissa Winton eod m° ap Winton vs^ Jacob de 
Pofne de pi ?re p Eliam dFrohitt 1 AUji^ de 
Froille . jf ess . exp iiii. die 1 alt fi ven vl se 
ess . 1 fuit petens. Jud . eat sn die. 

Oxm. Rob Jit Pagan eod m*^ ap Erdington in Ctm- 



blanct de pt ?re Ps^ JVittJit HeriZ p JoH de 
Appttford.1 Bic Jit Reg*, si fi t lang^r in. 
ocl See Thiit. 

Caniebrig. f Rod de Fumaus . i. rec de eccU de Fulburn . 
in? Gikb de Dunmawe .1 Gileb de \\Tam . eod 
m*^ ap Erling* in Norf. 

Detxm. f Rob de VeSi Ponte. eod m*^ ap Brawrth in Devon. 
Psus Rob de S" Steph p Wali \ Osb. 





Esson* de malo ven'. a die PascK in . ocv. dies . <u<. a-u£C 

ann' Reg' Reg' Ric. x^ |W>-h> w 

Rdd Musard v'sus Witt de Abetot de pt . t r p 
Nichol WHelebouc. 

Id Wilt de eod vsus eud p Hu^ de Hailesberi . 
ad eiidem t . aff . 

Witt de Eggeswrth vsus || .. nn ... p ||5 .. . 
ffi ocl See Tnit. a£f. 

Rob Rujg^. v^us Ales^ pt ?re p Ric 
Jit Ric . a die ivScon See Cruc J av. dies . 

Rob de Fles ^l Bndcm Capttdjpt ?r p Ham J" 
Ric f in c^stino WAscensiois Dm . aff. 

Rob de WPari ^s^ Witt ft Gaufr \ 

de pt ?re . p Rob de ^Piri. f f a J* See C'cis 

Ric d Gerdele . 9s eund ||de I ^*^- ^^' ^^^* 
eod . * Rog^Jit Ric. ) 

Warnus de Tothale ^ 

Sim de Huntedun \?su8 Gileb de Tudeha de pt 
9rep AlureddTorha ^ad pdSm^.aff +fl 
Jesl See c\n> I iH. septim . aff. 

S 2 

258 — ifiGIS. 


^ 'Stts Petr Briton de pi 
J ::Bam f i c^stin See Thil. 

_ v^ WRog'de Bpdenha dept 
. .i^Hsg a die tvecon See Cm i 

^ .^ Vs Giled de WSutton de pt ?re 
^iMkshac ♦a die tvecon See Cm i 
^.,'i c^stino Ascensio^is Dni Hafid. 

v^sus EM de WimBvMifl 
.uptt.p Wall I d'stin See Tnii aff. 

^""jf^' :c poit^^ loco ipius v'sus eund d eod. 

•^ ad eud, r. aff. 

. x^<?r . v^s Matilda de Bordesle de pt 
nf iT ||Ifor(f a die fSce^ IvScoh See 
. z\ dies . aff. 

L^jjd^ v^s GosccUn Pfl^ot d pt ?re p 
^-Kiine ^ad eud. t.^ a cfe fo2co» 5& 
^^rf £ ires sepL 
^^^ dar Henr^ % ITbto . % ITveo . p ess 

^Jf" ^ f-t^t-ndeii vsus Gaufrjit Ftdcon d pi tre 

"^ . ..^.^ ./ Hikenham ? oc/ 5& TVii/ . aff. 

^^ IVw/ort 9sus yirfo <f Tileneie d pt ?re p 
^^.r** Fhilipp ^ a die tvSc See Ouc i tres 

^ TVri/rVr Psus RadfWitt. de pt Pre [de 
ib« anccss •] p RobDuredent a die ivScon 

it ftp J*t^ + C?o^Vo ^ Bumha p Ht^-I i?fl^ 
^^avl* . p Joh . 1 Ht^ dBrumek. 










Ric de Heiford 9s^ RiZ d Clahalle de capiend 
cirog^ft P Rod de Heffbrd jf fid pt a die 
ivgcon See Cruc I av. dies . apd Westm . affid. 

Samson de la Pumlai vsus Milon d Haudesie. de 
pi rre p Gatffr \\Dupton jf Milo n ve • vt se 
ess J\ considatu est q Sampson hat bre ad sum 
ipm Milong qd sit apd Westm i ocl See T^nitai 
is responsur . 't vie tc sit ibi resp qr n misit 

JT WaaWFegge.v^HenrdeFleg'apl^TeffWaU 
Fol.^ Witt Carettar a clie ivSc See Cruc i tret 
sept .Bff. 

Sampson de Storp . vs PhiUpp de ^Creta . de pt 
?re p Witt \\TrauueL f Ad eud . ?• 

Margareta de StoV rsus eud de eoS, p ^Walte 
d Estham ad euS .^ .s£f. 

Thorn Jit Durand v's Matild d Melkele . de pi 
dol p Warn de Munden. ^ A die iv8c See 
Cruc ! jro. dies • aff • eod«pon • lo • suo Joh d 
Cardin ad lu • vt pd« 

Witt de Bokhara . v3 Mar gar Jit& Ade de pt 
f ?re| [dotU] p Osb f UmJ^di ad eud V. 
af f. Marg^ pen lo . suo iii . Joli d la \\Caucce . 
ad lu • vt pd. 

Henr d Estham v'sus Beatricid sorore ej^ d pt 
Pre p Joh Heruig^ ad eiid V . aff. Et Bea^x 
po . lo • suo Rob viru suu ad • lu • vt pd. 

A» de Westminsf.^s^ Witt d Bocland d pt 
Pre p Wincicf Un^pdi \ David Cote ff ad 
eud . ? . aff. 

Amfiid de Dene 9s^ BeaMa d Eintford d pt 
?re p Alea^Jit Ric . ad eiid; ? . aff. 
s 3 


Buk\ Petronitt jita Rob ^WalSse . v^s Witt Basset . 8, 

pi morl ancess p Witt d Berewic ad eud r . 

Ibid. Thoni d fVestorpe . ^sus eund d eod p [^Rai] 

Dues. ad eud ?.aff. 

Essex\ Hug^ d Leindon v^sus Jordjit ^Ren^.\ Jti&m. 

[ux ej^] 'I Marg^SX Johanna sorores ejusd. 
de pt catatt p Witt d London ^ ad eud r . 
aff • ^ ^ In crasl Asscesiois Dni afY. 

Sussea^. Godefrid JU Legard v'sus Sim de CatesfeliA 

pt ?re . p Reg* Ot^/.Aad eud ^ .^ a die 
See Crucis in arc. dies . aff. 

Ibid. Gileb fr ejusd 9sus eund d eod p Witt d 

WKlaicgi . a die tvScon See Cruc I av. dies. 

Suff: ^ Rog'Jit Pei^ %^ ^ 

ID. 6. dorS» 

Sussex'. Helias fit B^nard . Ps^ Witt.d WistenestoH .1 

Agnet uxore ej^ d pi tre p Norman. sd 
+ p>dcm .?. Witt \ Agn po . lo. suo Hu^ de 

IJDo/ vl Henr de \\ Winestaincob ad . lu . vl pd. 

\\Alina uxor ejus v^sus eosd de eod p Rad God- 
hale jf ad eud ? . aff. 

Bedrf! Reginald d ^Broc . v'sus Turstan Basset de pt 

advocois ecc®. p Thofti fit Wilt ^ad eud t^. 
a die S' Crucis . in . Hi. sept aff. 

||J?o^* pcehaie vsus eund de eod p Martin fit 
Brun ad eud ? aff. 

Essex\ Umfridfit WaU.y^sus Ric d BeOo Capo ^ ^ 

tre p Witt Swift Sid eM ?. 


Will Pukin a die IvSc See Cruc I tres sepl. [\ 
Henr po . lo. suo Joh frem suu ad lu .vl . pd.J 
Id dies da^ t . Abrah viro suo . nlta recogft 
veS .1 poiti fSut p pt t io pcepl t vie q' tc 
hat eos ibi. 

Willf Durand essonia^ Avsus^ Abrahe d Ria . 
de cod p Reginald Fer ad eud . t. 

GUmc. Rod Wakns 9s^ Rob d Aubmare 

de pt ?re p Osb de P^to a 
die Irw^ See Cruc ^t tres 
sepl ^ I av. dies B£f. 

,^ , ^ * O ^ /ad eud ? aff. 

Marg' uxor jR^^.vsus eund 

d eod p Wall NigrU. 

^Goce soror Marg^. vs^ eund de 
eod p Wilt WiberL 

NotingiL Prior DuneM vs^ Math de Atoii de pt advoS 

ecc* p Henr de Normanl . ^ J crastin See 
ThiU ^ a die S* Joh l . rv. dies . aff. 

Uf^. + Rod de Wilebi \?s^ Rad de Stikeswald de pt ? . 
p Wilt f^ Umfrid ^a die tvgc See Cruc t xo. 
dies .^ in ocl See Thiil aff .1 rec . S ve . vt se 
esS St ido athachiad si 

Doner. + Ric Jit Witt 9sus Hug' f Witt, de cap ciro- 
g*pt . p WCaukesnef. a die tvSc I tres sepl . aff. 

&lir* Rog'f Gileb v's^ Gaufr de WAmbU de p ? . uS 

vocav Osb f^. H^vei in warant [ad eud rm] 
p HerveU \\Wdeclere. 

Not/: Bndcs Rujff^. \^s^ f Goscelun Picot ^ [JVitt de 

Tung^ham] d pt apptti p Steph Album ^ ad 
eud t . a die inven[c m] Hi. sepl. aff. ^ ad eude 

S 4 


Juk\ Jraelt Bisti % Rad de pt te 

p frUT Russet a die mdc t jx\ dies . aff. 

v^/.' Bj€ a Damng\^s Witt d Bela^ \ Emma ux. 

ep. d pi tre p Ric f* Bald a (tie ioSc t ires 

Nwf: Jo» dl Frith v^s^ Witt J* Tmrgis S p .?.p 

5eier. tad eud ?. afT. ad eund ?.afY. 

Ibid- Witt Hauel [ jf po . lo . Witt de Betto Mate.} 

9su8 Gileb de Langel de p . t . p Hu^ i 
Reffiim ad eud ?. 

Oma Petr^ Brito v's Ric d Bella Mdte . de pi robie p 

^2»ric CharShett ad eud ? . aff. 

Z>«iwL Ac de IIHidon vs^ Gaafr d Baritan . d p' . ? p 

Thorn Portepeisun • ad eud ?• 

£4©^. Prior Z)uwe/m . V8U8 Atbem de WMaisseSl Pore 

de Kava burg" .\ \\Re^ ^l d^stin Tnil^ de 
WArmad p^centore Ebaraci q*re pcesseii in <5 
cont* pcepl dni Reg int eos 1 Steph d Gise- pi ecc^ d ^Bacstanefard . j^ ThomS 
Manset ^i c^stin Thiil^ a die Set 
av. dies . aft 

Durs^L Henr d Bradford essoniat Witt d Wit^ld 

v'sus AluredLinc . p RaB le Paher a die ivBc I 
av. dies. 

:hvu*L Rag* d Reimes vsus Gayfr d Barintan 1 RiS^ 

d \Hidan \ ThafiL FoUat . d p .? p iJotf tf 
Croketon. f [a/* SceCcis'} I tres sepl.^. 

\s\ i.'U IFueiiLS Carpenl vs Joscelin Picot d pi appSi.p 

Rad Album I [/* Cm] tres sepl.aff. 

Adam decan^ d Bumham 9sus Steph 1 Rcidjit 


ROTULl CUR1£ R£G1S. 265 

Barth dcani d WdlA^ d pt nove dissaisin p 
Reginald de Bumham ** ■ *' !l t ess. 

CormA. Joh de Suluu vs Wandregis de Curcelles . de pt 

Pre p Thorn Album fa die ivSc ST Oruc i tres 
sepl.^f in ocl See ThUl. 

Norf/ Prior de Norewico vs Ric Vilethon . de p t 

p SimJ^ Milon ad eud r. 

OjnmL Matild de Bukum ^'sus Steph de WeUecote de pt 

tre p David d la More . a die ivSc S^ Oruc i 
av. dies 9£f» 

Id Steph t'sus eund • de eod p StepA Behoether • 
ad eudt.aff» 

Kent. Steph de Brunifeld v^sus AtSb de Westm de pt 

bosci . p Ric Barton ad eud r • aff. 

Salop. Ada Sauvag^ vsus EudonS Martett de pt ?• p 

WRicf'Henra die ivic i tres sepl. aff. 

GbmZ. Wilt d Ponte del Arch 9^ wReg" \\Burdun . de pt 

rre p Joh F'vum a die S^ Crucis in av dies • 

Bedef.^ At* d Saleie ^?s^ Witt Briwere . de pt advocois 

^^ ecc* d Tatecastr p Witt d c^stin 

^ESo^ See Thiil. aff. 

Ibid. Rod d \\Lelan . de eod v^sus eund p Gaiffr d 

Bime . ad eud r . aff. 

NorMT. Henr d Norh pon . lo . suo Steph d Irencestr. 

de pt ass • 9^ Edith d Blechesho ad lu • vt pd. 

in. 7. 
jGIouc. Wilt d Abetot . v'sus f Hu^ de^ RadMusard 1 

Joh fit suu. de pt ?re p Hug^ d Seinesbir . a 
die ivic S^ Cruc i av. dies. 






jf Rob Ber^m de ult* mare de svicio dni ducis .r. 
Rob WHumus d pt advoc* ecce de Beche p Ric 
Valese . \ NicotRuffu. [ad eude ? aff.] 

Ivo Quarrel 9* Rod Sanzaveir . de pt tre . p Ric 
Jit fVim. fid eM^.sff. 

Andr de Cobicote v^s^ Alardl f* 
Rodland de pt consuel • p 

^Ric^ Auger^ de Cobicote . vsus 
eund . de eod p Ric f* AugH 


f Bcsif. X Alrvoand de Siftrewaih vsus Rob d Creue^ d p . 
Leic* t . p WaU d Hamsted • a die ivec i xv. dies 







Rob de la ^^Sausei 4 vsus ^ esson se 1; e in casteS 
de Notingh . 9s Ricf Sim de j^l^ .p SirHJit 
Clerenbaud Aad eud t .^t ocl See J^nii aff. 
Id dies dat^ estHug^ de Stones 1 Rog' de Brai. 
1 Rod de Lufion.\ Joh de HameredeneA 
Ric de WLugvilt. p ess • suos St ceti q^ n ve . tf 
se ess . atacb pr Rog^ Jit Rogli q^ tc aparuit 

WdU \\Tirand. 9s Estmer f?em ejus . de pt ?re 
p Rob Pollard, ad eud r. 

AGileb^ Ric de Cauue. vsixs Lecid de Wolde. 
de pt dot p Simf Witti ad eiid. ?. aff/ 

Turstan f Witti 9s Nichot Jit Witt \ WaU 
NepotS . de pt ?re p Wittf Witt ad eud ?. 

jf WittLutiel. vs^ Priore de Haffeld de pt • advoSs 
eccte d Wpvot Waltha p Witt f Joh f ad eud ?4 
Jud pon i resp usq^ I crastin Asscensionis . q^ 
ess se p . i. ess . 1 tc allocet' eis qd pk)r S ve. 











vt se . ess. jf Ibid Hascuil WGeruet petes ess . 
se de eod v . eud . p eud WM. dies dat^ t eis 
i crasl Ascensidis ad aud jud suiL 

Wittf* G^vas vs Jord fratre suu . de pt tre . p 
Henrf Rad. n habem^ bfe . fad eud ? 4 

PhilipjpPde Snaring* qm Auketitt de Chelse vocav 
ad waranl vs^ Wittf* Unffrid . de recog . 
mort ant , p Rob Pelerin . fad eud ? .^ aff. 

Id dies dat^ t Auketil \ WReg" i Baco a f See 
CVw t XV. dies. 

Stepti Harengot vs Hng* Cqffun \ Ric d ass. 
m.anC.p Gileb Franceis fad eud.r.a*^ J 
c^stinS'Tnit.afr. Id dies dat^e.rec qWe. 
i baco.1 Joh \\Hog*.\ StepJl d Marisco.l 
Augot de W* dehorn . p ess . suos. 

Gikb de WTanie pe • v^sus Gileb de Dtmmawe . te • 
de pt advo . ecc* d Fulb^ne p Witt d Bures • 
fad eud . t . ^^ afesto See C^cis i Hi. sepl . aff. 
Id dies dat^ est rec . qWe . 1 Rob de Femews 
1 Witt de T^rnpigton p ess suos. 

Rob f Ric Ps^ Wittf Martin . de pt f re p 
Michaels d Wathd f l crastin See Tnil^ 
jf esson exp iiii. die . x Witt fl ve . vl se . ess . 
1 ido ivit sii die . S huim^ bre, 

f Witt d WOunli 9s^ priorissam de Eingehd . de pt 
ass nove diss . p Rob d WCtges a die tvgc I 
TO. dies . aff. 

Rog' d Dalling" v^s Witt d Bee . de p.?.p 
Richer Jit Witti a die IvSc t tres sepl. aff. 

Maths de Eston . v'sus Priore de Dunelm . de pt 
advo . ecc* de Normaton p Witt Brun . fad 
eud ? . af f ^ a festo Sci Joh l rv. dies . aff. 


;i H'ejr f WaB de CormaiUes . v^sus^ 

H^!/: Joh de BroJceburn . v's^ Witt Jit Rod de pi debiti . 

p Rob Arch a die ivec See Cmc t av. dies aft 

y^jt^ Gileb de Holcham . v's^ Witt de BeUo Monte de 

pt 9vic.p Witt d Mudford.^a die ioec See 
Cmc i tres sept^ a festo Sci Mich t « 

av. dies . aff. Id dies dat' Witt Honel po Jo « 
Witt de Bello Mdte. 

B^tf^ Rob d la Mara v^ Joh de Brancestr • de pt 

reddit^ p Rob DecimatorS a die ivgc tjpv.dks 

Ut£. AUc de Wiheme rs Priore de SempUngha . de pi 

dol p Watt WMorcoe a (Ue ^Sce^ ivSc i tres 
sept aff. 

Wartm\ RadJitRad \?su8 WaU fil suu d pi pacli p RZfi 

Rad ab eo . t . J «;. dies aff. 

GUmS* RoddemU d Blechesdtm vs^ Rob de Sdpton de 

p.?.pi2o^^r22fl(fad eud?.aff. 

Omied. Maths de Derling' vs^ \\Rog* de Sweneford 1 

Roesid ux ej^. 1 Rob d Stapelrford 1 Sara la • 
ej^.de pi I . p Ric Faunel [sn die • q^ ux eoj^ 
ii ve . vl se ess . "I fu • pe .^ ^&d eud r «^ 

iiw*\ ^i^f Wim [pe.] v^ Reginald de Comhitt X 

Witt d WFambrig' d pi ?re p Reginald f Brm 
fad eiid ?^ t c^stin See Tnil aff. 

5 tiK let Regiii 9sus eund . de servitio dni Pr. p ||JBo/ 

P^t . ad eund ?. 

2i\ u/. Johanna ux • Henr de \\ Tubenhio . Ps^ Joh de Sea 

Helena .1 Petr de Bire. de pi ?re .p Ritf 
AturicfadeuS'^.^toclSceThul.Bfr. Id 
dies dat^ est Osmdo i banco. 


St^. Gikb Malesmems q t in Svico Reg ult* mare r^ 

Juicia ux . Rod ♦ d pt rre . p Gat^ Jit Rob 
^ab eod . r . i tres sepl^ ad eud . r. 

^ . . • . f Simle Bret v^ Jb/li de \\Laumlai de p .?.p »^i7f 
iHefif\ Megre ^ab eod ? . I .rr. dies^ af* See C^s 

t av. dies . aff • 

Norf\ Add DiacofP t^s Wiit ft ^.pRadf 

Witti . a festo See C^ ^ab eod . ?,^ 1 trea 

sepl aft 

AdcT. JT Pete's Malherbe • i . rec in? 2^^/an Basset % Pore 

de WGeldrewett de ultim p^enl ecce de Acle . 

ess se p Thorn Jit Rob . a /*• See Orucis I 

ill. ^qi/ . aff. 

JT »W^r ||i2o^. eod 
ess se p Ro^ Jit WSiiii. 

JT EUasJit Widon de * p Osb 

Jit\\DracoTL I Id dies dat^ est 

f RadJitGa^r de eod Av^ I Thorn Passelewe. 

) dekoton q* ve .1 
r Gi» JMen^/ . de eod p Ger- I p^bj j b^nco . \ 

'^o^^* I hnt licenc con- 

JT Gude Engaine de eod p | ^^^^* 

jf Gaif/r Rujf^ de eod, p 

jjnc. JT »^a/?£fe||Liwrf^ortf.v^.rAom&C^?^ 

?.p EustacJitwRog". 

jg^^ f AudoerP Plnbari^.v Joh WBtihaSt fres 

pi apefii p JoA de Ma[%]deston . J c^stino See 

Ibid. iT AmaldP PlOber de eod p JoA ^t Edgar . ad 









eude r . aff . Id dies dat' Htmfr i banco . \ 

jf fVilt VinetariP . v^ . Edith de Dunestaple de pt 
aplli p Joh Jit Bxid. I c^stino AscensioHs ^ff. 
1 Witt Jit Jordan fi fuit ivet^, qrat' Hirum. 

jf Alur WMarecatt de eod v^ . eand p ClemlJiX Witt 

f Thorn Bloc v . Rob de Crec . de pt waranl cart p 
Rod Jit WBeuc . t c^stin See TnU affid. 

jf Ricjit Pet^ q^ est i castello de Ckm. 
Y Witt Jit Ram de pi advoc ecce de Hd- 
sted^ p WarinUjit Witt . I (^stin See TSiil . aff. 

jT Gitb Maksmains ^ Witt Jit Witt de pt rec de. 
m an? • p Gaujrjit Rod . I ocl See ZW/. pt ess 
Regin de Hoisted, n hms bfe.set tuc veniet 

^ SirfiJtAde poit^ lo . AgnJitGauf.^^ Steph de 
Sult?p . de pt magne ass . p Rob Jit Ric t crast 
See Tnil. aff. 

ff Witt de Vilton . i . rec . de 
eod p Auger. 

JT Witt Longe espee . de eod 
p Rann. 

JT Wall Hacu de eoQ ]^ Steph 
Jit Rog\ 

jf Sim de Lale de eod p Witt. 

jf Nigett de M^ston de eod 
p Henr. 

JT Ada Jit \\Droc de eod p 

JT Hug^ de Wildebqf. de eod 
p Wall. 


Adeund?» Id dies 
dat^ est Pel le 
Loereng 1 Rob 
BtUtevUain . 1 
Jordano WLau- 
ueise. rec. q^ ye. 
It alii q' 2 ve . n*^ 
se.ess atachiS^ 
q tuc sit ibL 


BnK. f Regiii de Stakesden . ^ \\Ict Picot . de pt ass de . 

m anl • p Gai^ Jit Fulc . t c^stiii ^Sce T'nil^ 
AsscgsUns . aff. Nits rec vS vt se ess . 1 ido 
atact si q tuc sint ibi iil Hreposuri St Edith 
vidua S ve . vl se ess . \ ido irm sumoneat' 
q tc sit ibi in resposura. 

Devon. ff Rog^ de \\Flarii$ . v . Rod de Prariis frem suu 

de pt t . p Rog" Senescatt. l ocf See Thiil aff, 
Bre a fu missu. 

OxoSL JT StepH de Walekel . 9 Matitt de OiUi de pt ? . p 

Henr Tailliard. j^ost ven. 

in* 8. Esson de m . lect\ 1 • Hi. sepf p^ Pasch\ 

Htp. f -Hi^ de Escalers . de mat lecti apd Berchamsted 

vsus Witt de Escalers de pt ?re p Ric d ||Otte-. 
xmth 1; Joh Cardun • si n t langor . a die See 
T^tatis . t rv. dies. 

Su£s. f[ Ricde WKen eod m^ apd \\Ken v^sus Matild de. 

CUuedon de pt ?re p Joh [ITbf] de ^Ken \ Witt 
d WCfUevitt si n5 t langor • ^ad eude V .^ a die 
Sci Joh t av. dies. 

KtfU. f Rob de ^Einebroc apd Einebroc v^sus Sim de 

^Abnmcis de pt ?re . p Rob de Ceriton.t Petr 
Jit Gaufr . si n t langor ad eude . r. 

mua. JT Margar de Wika eod m^ ap* Wile ^fP Gaujr 

1 WEdisam ux . ejus d pt rre . p AddJitAde . Ti 
Baldric . si n5 t langor ad eund t. 

Beief. % Gaufr Ruff^ eod m*^ apd Stdesho Psus Wall Jit 
Martin de pt ?re p \\D'dJitmich.\ Walt/' 
Henr si R t langor ad eund t. 

«70 ROTII. 


eude \ . 



ir Witt Vine 

• ■ 

aplli p . 

1 wm 


JT Alur WM 

ad cfi 


^ Thorn J 





jr Gilb 




B€4f\ jT s; 

miTiteshat.^fP Aim. 
■ dept?.p Witti 
Dr adeund. r» 

^ apd CoKha v^s^ ASc 
- 2 WaUXJoh de Coiiha 

^":aa ps rre sue capiat^ i 
soBcmeat'^ q sit apd West" 

iai m* ap Heihoeston .vs^ 

z^.jf Eustach\ Rob deS 

.^grfadeund.P.^a ^Sa 

5if m*^ ap* NaTwic.9&^ Jor- 
'Mwa de Metton p GaudienSL 
^ . A die q*a Ric fii pe, 

. T* apd Favereshd ^s\x% Witt 
\d mtt\ Rod jit wm si n t 

jr ^14« eod m*> apd Fokinion ^^ 

•lir» 1 Matild de Mara de pi 

S (t r •'■' -^^•«'^^'^ WittG^ no t ess. q'a 

' .-.^Jtfiflrfi^exp.iiiL die.lesapel- 

. iie.^ Hu^ \ pt ef I mia Jt. 


-j^^rts eod m^ ap4 WKel^ord. in Nor- 
^^ • imSteph de Clau de pt ?re p Petr 
. -I 'i Warina Norrens. n t ess. 

. , ^ m^ ap Fidburn 9sus Albricjit 
^ \ jC I .p iW2t ^TiTf \\filUs Rob. 

y^fni eod m^ ap Croiland y^^AlZ 

4iiBr Jf^^* ^ Dreton . de pt Pre p 

' ^^-^^imdt f Witt. ^ Ric de Croiland. 


n . ess g^ est de dote. Jutf . rcia ps tenem 
ipi^ Josep capiat' 1 roan dni P; • % ipa AUc 
clam 1 dot • \ Josep sumoneat' £qct sit apd 
Westm-] J ocl See Tnil. 

Snjgr. jf Win WRemunS eod m* ap Hehn& v^s^ Rann de 

Bello Campo . [de pt . P.] p Witt de WDreiton 1 
Hug'Jit Witt, t m. dies ffSee Tnil. 

LinZ. ff Witt Jit Sim. eoSi m* apd Tory . i • recogfi . in? 

EmmS, de WRiH .1 Rob de Buraun. 

Cauniebf. f StepH de \\Pudehatt eod m« ap WCumbure v^s^Rod 
de Wilbure -de pi ? . p Ric \ Rog* . si fl t 
langor ad eund . ? . \ y. mat'm 

sua de pt doL 

tinted. f Rog" Mowin eod m® apd Torp . t^sus AnseUum 1 
^ pl^.fRicFlenag'\WittaGerte. 
ion i c^stin See Thiit. 

f[ De M.VE. in. ui. sepf p^ Pasch\ 

N€ff. ff UmfridP de Sidesfne. te . vsus Godwin pnUariQ 

de pt magii ass . p Sim de Norf* . die Jovis 
f^a ffestn. See Tnil. aff . id dies f dies + 
dat' • ii . reS . q* ve . 1 q* n ve . vt se • ess . 

Ibid. jf Ro^ de Friuitt 9sus Ada de Mudef. de pt ?re . 

P f^^g' f^^ ^R^ f Rob f I ocl See Thiil. ^ 
die Jov' jP Tnil oft. 

'Norf. f Ahoi d Duha v Hu^ JitKensi de pt m. 

anl . p Witt Jit Ric ad eud ? . affid. f Id dies 
dat'^ re5 q* ve. 

Kent. f Margar . de WSteinton . vsus Alnod de Broc Q pt 

?.p GregoriU . die Jovis pai'a . p^ JliThtte ^f. 
Rot. Cur. Rbo. T 


Noff. es. 









f Ric Jit Rod. ^^ms lUghuUSdeCUf ton. deplore. 
p Gauff i crasl assens . aff. 

f Thom de \\7\uueston . [po . lo . Eugene Picot ."h 
vsus ^Hug^ de DtuUngtoh . ^ de pt tre . p M 
Waa Anglic die Jovis px'a f TnU.sff. J 

f Rob Jit Enus.^^ Witt Darden \ Isolda ux. 
ej^. [de ^vicio Dm Due de ult* mar] de . pi t. 
p Witt d Manlio t Thorn Trtum . cdsida! f q 
sum ad waratie i|a d ess sua. 

jf Gaufr de WDainton • i . re5 • magn ass . inr Rjob 
Jit Vlf.\ . t p Rann. 

f PhilipjP de Bumhmn .vlMonac de Lewes . de pt. 
duelli . invad . p Ro^ d Harpele A die loqla 
[q*a monachi n p*ore hfit]. 

f Id ess se vs^ Fukon de Oiri . sine die Quia 
Fulco t ult* ma? i ^vicio Com de Alba Mara 
p.m. G.Jit Petri. 

If Henr de la Pumai • vsus Roesia novcam sua. 
de pt dol . p jRic d Tilebir t crasl AscEsidis. 

f Witt de Chesnei . 9sus Witt d WRaimes . de pt ?. 
p Witt d Cumbe die Jovis ga^a^ jPni/. aft 

PaHius d Linton . vS \\Dd cum barba d pt red- 
dit^ . p Henr fit ejus ad eude r. 

f Joh de Carum . vs Witt Lohereng^ de pt homag . 
p Ric Franceis ad eund . ? . aff. 

if RicJitP/ulipp 9s Add Nigr de pt ^.pRobf 
IPberti ad eund . 9 . aff. 

(jileb de Mineres q t in Svicio Dni Due . v^ Ma- 
biUaJitPet^.d pt ?re .p OsbJ^ Ric.adkSa 
Thdt • t av. dies . aff. 


IforM. f Thorn Dispensar essoil . WAVb d Grencesir . p 


Si^. f jRoft de Sancrqft . Vs i2oJ de Bosco t ii^fw 

mrem ej^. de pi dol p Joh jit Hug" ♦« ^>^ 

i crasl Ascension . aflf. 

Ibid. JT -H5M5/ ^ Cfiedeston . vs^ Reginald de Argent de 

pt magne ass . p Himtfridjit ^Alam << c/i^ Jovis 
fio^a f Tnii:' fsSt. 

^E^t^ ReginaUP Moncu?. i . rec . magS ass . in? Ganff 
NorIL jil Gatifr St Rod d ^Mortein p Mainard die 

Jovis ps'a jp T^nil . aft 

Glouc. JT Witt d \\B*kelaii ^'sus At* de psore . de pt red- 

dit^ p Adam ad eund t . aff. 

Narf. Bad d Curcim . ^ ff^d pt advoS 

eccte d lakesha p Bndcm \\Tum6te ad eund 
9. aff. 

Susux\ Att) d fFestm 9s^ ITberi Jit ITberl d pt ?re p 

Dd.1 Viceni d WestiH.a die Sci Mich I av. 
+ dies . afY. Id JETbl ess se p Thoiti fdeod pt ess . 

Bic de Si/rewast . ad eud ?• 

Na^. f Witt Jit Hu^ 9s^ mttf Ade de pt apffi.p 

Gaufr d WBokeliun die Jotds pjfa [P T^l . 

JT//*. f J(^ol^ d DjBore. ^8^ Badjit Edith, de pt ?re . p 

Xottr/'Gftftf/r.adeund ?.aff .Id dies dat' 

Notf. S(ara ux . Witt d ^Pirou 9su8 Matild q* fuit 

Alam d Indrtha . de pt ?re . p Thoni Fichet 
ad eund r. aff. 

OmT. Thorn Cti(P ^s^ Thoiii de ITeford de pt ?re p 

Joh Jit Bog' ad eund ? . aff. 

T 2 



Sussea^. f RtcJitRad . v^sus Reginald de Qtfton . de p! ?re, 
p Gaufr i crast assens . aff. 

Kent. f Thorn de \\Tuitieston . [jpo Ao . Eugene Picot.] 

vsus ^Hug* de Dtcdington . ^ de pt tre . p M 
Wall Anglic die Jovis px*a jP Thul.aff. 

Norf. c»8. ^ Rob jil Ertm.y^s Wilt Darden \ Isolda ui. 
ej^. [de svicio Dfii Due de ult* mar] de • pi t. 
p Witt d Manlio 1 Thorn Truan . cosidai t q 
sum ad waratie i|a d ess sua. 

Norf\ ^ Gaufr de WDainton • i . re5 . magn ass . in? JB08 
Jit Vlf.\ . t p Rann. 

Notf\ JT PhilipjPdeBuT7iham.vsMonacdeLe7ves.defX. 

duelli . invad . p Rog^ d Harpele A die loqla 
[q*a monachi n p*ore hfit]. 

f Id ess se vs^ Fulcon de Oiri . sine die Quia 
Fulco t nit* ma? 1 svicio Com de Alba Mara 
p.m. G.jfit Petri. 

Camtdf. IT Henr de la Pumai .vsus Roesia novcam sua. 
de pi dol . p Rw d Tilebir t crast Ascisidis. 

NorH. if Witt de Chesnei . vsus Witt d WRaimes . de pi t. 

p Witt d Cumbe die Jovis pafafP I'hul. aft 

\\ Bedford. Pall^cius d Linton . vS \\Dd cum barba Si pi red- 
dit^ . p Henr fil ejus ad eude r. 

Ibid. f Joh de Carum . v^s Witt Lohereng^ de pt homag . 

p Ric Franceis ad eund . ? . aff. 

Ibid. if Ric ft Pfulipp v^ Add Nigr de pi ? . p Ro6f 

IPberti ad eund . 9 . aft 

Cantebf. Gi^^ ^ Mineres q t in Svicio Dni Due . 9s Ma- 

biliaftPet^ . d pt ?re .p OsbfRic.a die Set 
T\mi . t av. dies . aff. 

:Z2 vTTiHii iaas. 

m.8. i _^^ 

mem e^- Of jl 5:n j /*il JI H:i^ *x '^^ 

Ibid. f -Bw?>- <? Oir-r.c.rtf -Vf^ J^rrrnsi^ lif Arz^ lie 

Nor*. JET GaL7r.l LaS i {,2kliwz£im p Jfrmrr^ ^ 

GUme. f ins i ^Rkeiai vsm A3L' de ^«jrr . de pi led- 

dil^ p ^dav Jhd eonS t . ail 

jlcrf. Bad i CwTtm . vi MTB S Waram. de pt advoc 

ecc^ fi lakeslta p ^atfas .TKraEto ad eund 

Smta\ All) a Wcsrin x^ Wheri fi Wlai d pi tie p 

Dtf.t ricet^ ^ Wettin.a He Sa Mich tjev, 
+ dies.afLlSJStl e&aefJliomfdeoSfiestt. 

Ric de Sifrasast . ad eud t. 

Jftrf. f frm fi JHifg* VB^ WmfAde de pt apBi.p 
Gat£/r ^ \Mfikeiam dk Jacis f£a p^ I^Suf . 

ff(r. JT JacolP eiBo*e,v^£jttSfiE£tK.6&^\ ?re.p 

Lawr fGmfr.^ eund t.aff. Id dies dat' 

.Vi»r. &irra «a - Wilf tf uHrw Psui 3ffl/»« q' fuit 

^toit S Jmdftbi . de pt ?re . p 2%om Fhket 
ad eund t « aft 

2%ojK Ofc^ r s» Worn de ITeford de pt Pre p 
Joh Jil Rog' ad eund ? . aff. 

T 2 


Cantebr. f Ada d B*ton . v*sus AUcid de Grantsel . de pi rre 
p AlanU d ffton ad eund r . aff. 

Ibid. JT Witt aU?. v^sus eand de eod . p WaU d Cotes . 

ad eund t . aff. 

ITruP de B'ton.^sus eand. de eod p Hug'^ 
Emald ad eude t . afY. 

Wigorn. Agath xik.WReg'.^s Gaufr d p! 

fmur^ c^tod.p WaU Strug". Sid eund^ .Bft. 

WSlapsir. Thom Noel . 9sus Griffun fValens . de pi catatt p 

Witt Martin ad eund t. 

Ibid. jf RicBrito.^susTurtele.dept^Te.pRobPigace 

ad eund ?. Et Thorn de Helstoh petiit ia 
curia sua ad rmin . p Bxid Grim. 

Oxoii. ff Dionisia Takmasch ^s^ Witt d Couele .\ AUc . de 

^ pt ?re p Rob d Abendon .a die See Vvii I sv. 

dies Siff. 

AUc d Couele . de eod vsus eund p Alan d Abm- 
don . Const d ^WaUngf* pel cur la a die See 
Tnit l ro. dies . aflT. 

Costalblari^ d WaJRgff petiit curia sua ad bora. 

Wileceslr. f Thom de la Mara . 9sus Hug" d Fokinton.X ux . 
-|- d pi aplli . p Witt/* Olivii . ess exp iiiL die 1 

Hug" n ve . vt se ess. 

Narf\ f Radf Rad v>s^ Wall de pt Pre. 

p Henr de Mere . die Joins $a?a ^ Thai. 

Bedef\ jf ^'^^ ^ \Guuz po . lo . Attisse de Aunestcraf .^fP 
Regin de Argenton \y Witt d WWilsthdsted . d 
war carte] de pi advoc • p Witt Bissap • ad 
eund ?. 


-WwcT. PetT^ de Aubois ^s^* de Hertingha . de p! magn 

ass . p jRic U^f Rod ad eund r . afY. Id dies 
dat' rec q* ve . i banco. 

Waremic. Mar^ des Loges . ^sus Robf* WPaine . de pt ?re 

p Witt d Wareaf ad eund ?. afY. 

Notf. f 11^^^ ^ BirUngh . v^s^ Matild uxor Alani . de pi 

rre . p L0tdn de Birtigha . Petr^ d Meudon. 
^^sus eand . de eod . p Witt. Hu^ ^ 

Pincina de eod llrs^ ||eude .A a die See TW/ > I 
t rv. dies .^inocl See Thdtal aff • ^ 

StgffT. JT JR(^ d Boiltmd. 9sub Witt Coc de pt warantie 

carl . p Ric WPrtiz' Jk die Jovis pa^a jp T*m/ .^ 
adie Sci Mieh in ro. dies aff. 

Noff*. JT Bi€ Fob v^sus Rmn Oka . de pi ?re p WRe^ 

rcehaiefsid eund ^ .^^die Jotf j^fest See 

Sttw^ut. f ^Alc d \\Oucumbe. 9su8 Witt "pl^re.f 
WittJitRob. ad eund ?. aff. 

Bcsir. if Baldwin de WAiserige . ^s^ Sibilia de Sai[u . • .] de 

pt ? . p Gileb WJanieis I f^stin Asels . aff. 

Ibid. Witt wPice deeoS]fSimJt Cokbrad ad eud 


GUmc. Archid d Gfcttc. 9s AtSi de Greric. d pt ?re . p 

Bo^ Doget . f ad eude r . ^ d^ Jom |iJ^a 
jpP Tmi . aff. 

Ibid. Rod de Wilueton.^ Covi pt 

intrusiois . p Sim Russett in act T*nil. aff. 

SM. Ro^ d Costentn . 9s CocS Cfe^/r . de pt ?. p ^Alain 

de Glow. ^ die Jovis pj^ajjP Thai. ^ ess ex^ 
iiii. die \ Com ii ve . vt se ess . sn die. 

T 3 




m. 9. 









f Witt Burda v^sus Priore de Wattan . de pt Pre p 
Rob d Fitting a die See Thiil l ro dies. aff. 

Goding^ essofl Rob Seman . p Gileb^JofL 

Hubt d Muncanes . v^ Com Rog^ pt r . 
^Nichotd Weluetn die WJoxfffSce Tnil.tsSf. 

jf Rod de \\Setfunten$ . i . iiii. mill? q* deb eligJe • 
xii. milit • ad fac assisa inr Witt d T^mfard \ 
Rob Corbet . te . p Gaufr Mussun. 

f Hug^ de Wilecestr v^sus WittDactt. de pt 9vic. 
jfHug'd Stifcle.fdie J(ms f TSa .^ \ 
c^stin Ascens . aff. 

Wdard de Hodiham.^sua Ric f WrmU . de pt 
r . p II Rob de Hodiham die Jovis fs^a jP TW/ . 

f Simon j^ Nich . vsus Luca de Bumha . de pt 
war carte . p Hug* Arch die Jovis pjfa fP 

Henr de Stolid. vsiis Sim de BeUo Capo.Ae pt 
debiti p Rog^ RtfffU f die Jovis pa^a ^^ [tn 
ocl See'] Tnit. 

IJZe^n^ dAilesUf vsus JuHanR dAilesbir de pt 
t . p JohdBidewic . ^ad eud^icrastin Ascens. 

JT Prior de Norew . 9s Witt f Everard \ Ric 
WDunleche.a pt ?re.p Hug" f Barth t ocl 

jf Wittf Eviard . v'sus eund . [pe .] de eod . p SS 
Franc . ad eund t . aff. 

if Sim de Okeford 9%^ Warin d ColeU \Rob% 
Sim . de pt advoS p Rog" f Hug" I ocl Ihut. 


S^. JT Gatifr de AmbU.^sP Rog* d WKaleston de pi 

? . p Ro5 d WdM f [craa Ascensidis aff ] 
f oci Tmi. I 

fNoHt.^ Hug* Wac.Qs^ A«i a Wardun.a pi advog 
Bedtf*' eccte . p Witt PoUard ad eund . ? . pi ess Rob 


Ibid. jp ^/f <fe Steppmgle .^sws Rog' de Cam de pi 

?re . p Rob Jit JVali . I ocl Tnii aff. 

Devon. + ff fVali de Instila. 9^ Rob de ST StepA. deplore. 
^SM.^ p Philipp d Insula .flocl 2^«7 .| es3 exp iiu. 

die suu 1 ipe ii ve . vl se ess . eat sn die. 

Doner. f Joh de ShelU . €*8us Wm Briton .1 ui . ej^. de pi 
?re .p Wiltf* Ric.iocl TnU . aff. \ Amabit 
vSL WUt ponit loco suo WHt vim suu ad 
luc^dii vl pdend. 

Norf*' ff Rad de Slo .9s^ ThofHJit Ade de pi aptti p ITveU 
d RotelOd die Jovis p^ Trinil aff. 

CnUeiF. f mtt d Linton ^sus AUS d la Hag*, de pi dol . p 
Wall d Linton, fi In ocl Trinil alt. 

Rob de Linton rsus eand de ^ 

eoSp Rog'JilOrdemar. I _ « 

\ adeuat.afr. 
Witt d Wertfeld .de eod p Rod ( 

d B'cha. 3 

£bo?. ff Joh Damtt. ^8 Witt/*Rad . de pi Pre . p Rod k 

JUDeliure . I oel Trinil aff. 

LM. IT Rob de Insula 9sus Thorn Dared . de pi Pre . p 

GauJrf*Joh f[ In ocl Trinil aft. 

1 7%om de Aresci €*s' eund de eod p Ric^l 
Philp . ad eund Ptninu . aff. 

Btd^\ At5b de Ramesie . 9s^ Sim d Btto Capo 1 Steph d 

Holewett de pi ^c . p Henr dAUnion . 1 Rog' 

T 4 


d Ramesie. ff In ocf Trmii . JoceUr^ de 
Stiuecle t pt ess. 

Ibid. f Steheph d Holewett de eod . v . eud p AIcji^. ad 

eud t. 

Can/^ir. f Curteis .\ Gileb fit ej^^. 9s^ W^flff fAlgaf. de pi 
equi .^Rohf WittX Alex\ 9^ Die f Joif 
f Tnil. 

Ibid. f B^nard Grim v*s AbsalonB CticH de pt P . p BoB 

Molndin f ^ ad eund . ? . ^ [t crj^f ^«cm- 
^w aff.] 

Surf. Ric Curt vs^ Gaiffr de WRonlg . de pt tre p jBic 

Ibid. Wali d Wenlesmrth d Svicio Dm Dmc v^sus iYenr 

de la Dune d pt tre p Joh M*cal . die ^Jotf 
p^ ThiiL ^ Jovis j^ Ascens. 

Norf\ . f Thorn f Rob 9s Witt d Burl .\ Sim d Ocford . 
de pt advoc eccte . p Thorn ^ die Jot/ ^ 
Tnl^ loci See Tnil. 

Hunted. f fFa// d Stiuecle. 9sus Martinet pt 
ass . p Rog* d Ramesie. f[ I ocl See TW/ 
Ide dies dat^ t oib} repgniS q* n5 veSut p es» 

Hunted. + jf Prior d Rependon . 9sus J/^<f de pt falsorii 
breviu . p Steph Coca fft(^stin Ascens sff. 

Ibid. For de Hunted . 9s Witt Dacum . de pt ecde p 

Sim ft Rod die Jovis f Tml aff. 

HJorf. JT Witt Wade 9sus Wifff efe Ebor\ Matilct ux. 

ej^. de pt reddit^ p Baldew* d GmestoH t orf 
5ce I^f/. 


Ibid. ^Ebiena ux Witt . de eod . p Ada 


Ibid. Wittf' WAsketin . de eod p ^Cos. \*^^^ '^^ • 

tentun ' ^' 

Ibid. de eod . p EUam 

Al^ford. f Reginald de Argentun vsus Attissam de Atne- 
stffwe . de pt eccle p Euslf* Watt, ff in die 

CatUebf. JT WWCfcwcn/^'soCiwM/fln/a.lui.ej^.depl^re 
p Th<M d Tnmpiton. jf In ocl Thiii 1 ux 
ej^. po . lo . suo vir suu ad lu . vt pd. 

ff Jon 

••• ff Eustach de Eie.vsus Gaufr d Bodekesha d pt 

?. p Begin SDitton f ad eund . ?. aff. 

••• ff Bob de Frith 9s\is Bic de pi ?.p 

WittdTileneie ^ in oci Tnil sff. 

••• ff Wall \\de T^uele.^s Bog" de Bodenha. de pi ?. 
plPric Waleni.loclTml aff. 

JT Wilt Frisselu.^s^ Hug" deUllingtan dept^.f 
PhiUpp.f luoii i ocl. Tnil. 

ff Math d BremelM ^s ITveitt de Holectmb . de 
pi r. p Joh Purcett . i crastin Assens .fAscens . 

ff Ivo de Dene . rs Petr de \\HotU . de pt catafi . p 
HberlJUSnau. I crastin Ascens. a£f. 

ff Wilt Pech 9sus Sibilla de Sai.dept ^ p Sim f 
Colebrant . I crastin Ascens. 

]S(ford. Wilt de Aston 9bus AlanU d Boodle . de pt ?. p 

Bod M^cal . I ocl Fnil. aff. 





[m.9. dorg.] 



Salop. ff Simd de Wetemore . vs Mar^ noverca sua . de pt 

dot p Joh Feisant . die Jovis ]^ Ihiil. Marg* 
n5 ve . vt se ess 1 fu petens . eat s£l die. 

f fWindeBaious.y^sus Witt WRote de pt ? . pRob 
Warn . t ocl Tnii.^ 

f EgeUna d Fokinton v'sus Thoiii de Mara \ Ma- 
bilia^ de pt ^ relevii .^ [aplti] p Ric dBucha. 
sft die q*a EgeUna fu pe. 

if Thorn de RoJceltmd ^s^ Witt Gigan t Rod de 
Sloth . de pt aplti p Edrid Lamm dieJomj^ 
Tnil. [aff] Id dies dat' Witt^ WittJitRam 
ess suu* 

Essea^. Com de Clara vsus Rod Jit WitU . de pt eccte .p 

Witt WParie. \ Witt Pe&el . % crastm Tnil.ft 
ess . Godwin . d ClolhS. Id dies oib3 rec .f 
ess suos. f I> t 

Cantebr. f Mabilia de Histan 9sus Alan Jit^l^.jfMartinade l['f^^^^^ 

Dorset f Felicia ux Ham . d CatescUue . 9 
AiSbm& Ford dpt^.p Ham 
vir suu. a die Sci Joh t an), dies. 

Ibid, AWruP de Sewton €^sus Witt^ 

J" Eme.lPetr fYem ej^.d 
pt f?re4 [dot] f Wittd 

Godtfr de C^nuwitt. de eod . p Meleford. 

Ibid. JT Watt Bonesqtder 9sus Alic de \ ^ iTStil pt ?. p Witt Bon- f 
esqtaer. \ 

noia rec.] die 

Jovis fPFnii. 

tue veniat 





iocl Drm. 

Ric d Hwnez . de eod . p Witt 
d Pokha. 

WaU d Capett . de eoit p Rob 
Ibid. J Ridett. 

Rob Walens . de eod. p Smi de 
Cotes . t ^sus Wittd Walesha. 

JVUt Harpur,de eod . p Gileb. ^ 

Susses', ff f Maths 4 [JRo5] Fdb ^s Joh de 
EspauUng' 1 Watt de Miche- 
weie . 1 Emald \\Fad . de pt 
aplii p Rie d Subir. 

JT Rod Molndinar . ^'s Ric P'po- 
dtU . 1 Steph de EMnton t 
Joh dEkittton . de eod p ff^ 

Gaufr d Autoii ^ Setvale % Obbe fi! ejS». 1 RieJH 
Widon lOsbf Sffwi, ieoS.fRobd WWicbe 

CoHiebf. f Henr de Bueles.^ Sim.le G^nt.^aua Hem' de 
Bueles . de pt catall: . p Siai d Pakenfid . I ocl 

Stff- i[ Win de Hoton . ^sus Tkoni 1 Agath 

pt t .p ^ pman 4ad eund rminu .^ ess exp 
iiii. die t ifSe ti ve . vt se ess. 

SiiT- JT Wittf* WaU . d pl5 . magfi assise . [^s^] f in?^ 

ITuetL de B'ton . p Hunifr d StoV ^ad eund 

StM. Gileb de la Dene . ^s^ Gileb Conanum . de pt ?re . 

p J^oni de la Dene . i ocl Thiil. aff. Id datF 
Ales' dDnha.t WaUdWSci teZ. 

BtuJ. Aitropja Hug' 9a Adi de Dertfeld de pt 9viS . 

p Pagan Jit Witt ad eund . t . aff. 










Ro^ Jit Witti . v^sus Witt de larwrth.Ae pt ass. 
p Witt Jit Rad. t ocl Trinil. aff. 

f Witt d LeUesmrth p Alea^ ad eude 9. aff. 

f A» de WTomie . 9s^ Add Jit Drogdis . de p! 
debit! . p Ric G*num • t Rod d Sipstan t ocl 
Trih . pt ess WRog' d Wanford. 

f Matild des Bautis . v^sus Rob^t Pagan de pi dol 
p WittKindett. die Jwisj^ Thiil aff. 

Gunware vsus ITueitt J* Eusl 1 Sim de Sexttm 
de pt dot . p Paganjit HaM. die JovisjPlSil. 

Sim de Ipping^ 9s Henr dBuet de pt ? . p Witt 
Hepfin^. t ocl Thiil. 

f SiSl de Hoplge 9 Henr d Buetes.d pt ?.p 
Witt d Hoppige ad eud ? . aff. 

Rob Franc visor infirm Pagan 
de Waton . p Mich d B'ton. 

Rog* wCHhagne . i. visor, de eod • 

P -H^- I In ocl Trml 

Wall de Tim . i. de eod . p ^ ^* 

Rog^ de WEmere . p Henr de 

f[ Reginald de Leha vsus Petronett d Wittburcha 
d pt t . p Gaufr Cumbaut . t ocl Trinil. sff. 

ff Joh de Cunesgeton . ^s Witt 
Cticum . de pt vad p Turstan 
dStme. \^In crasHn As^ 

Gileb f? ejus . de eod p Alea^ 




Suff* eras. Ada \iDiUe^ . i. red magn ass. 
in? Gereb dSenlc^ler 1 Rob 
dCokef.jfPetrJUEUe. y '^^'^ ^'«*' 

Id Gereb . d pt magn ass . vs Jtob 

Suff^, ff Augot de Comhert . i. iiii. milil ad eligend . xii. 

ad faciend ass . in? IVaU d Capele t Witt d 
Walesh . de pt eccte d Dunhd p Jacob. 

f Joh Manant . i. de eod . p lUc. 

Surf. JT ^S* f* E'oerard . i. rec . de magna ass . in? Henr 

\ Walt de II Wenkswrtn . p Rob Franceis. 

Bmud. f Joh de \iBrainton . vs ui Briccot .t vsus iix . 
Witt f ej^. de pt aplti . p Rob Nobit. l ocl 

Ibid. Witt de Coppen^. i. rec . magii asS . in? Maris 

de lakesle .1 Wall de Stigelton p Rob d 

Norf'. f MaHtt ui Wttt d Everwic 9. Witt Wad 1 
AvenOt u5 ef f^AukeHltux ej^ d pt ?.p 
Henr dLe.toclSce Thtil aff. 

Norf. JT Rob f* Wall €*su8 Win d J|P«rou . de pt advocSis 
eccte deHeueninghd fGileb d\iEgh& i crastin. 
Thtil. aff. 

Cantehf. ^ JT -^^ ^ Mw^het.vs Judos svicio 
jjDmi Du€ de pt debiti .p Witt de la Uage. 
Joh Franc.^ 

Norf'. K Comitissa Gundr v'sus Com WRog* de pt ? . p 

mn Tancard.l Ro^ f Hu^. t ocl TW/ 

jl* Ead Comitissa ^sus Rob Crec . t ux . ejus . de pt 
? . p Rob Tancard 1 Witt d Lupka I crastin 
Thul . aff. 


f Hunted. iT Hem' de S* Mauro . ^sus Wiltjif Rob de pt ass . 
p Philipp if* ThoM . i ocl TW/.^ 

Sifort. JT -Bo^ ^ Cavz vs Ric d Mtenfichet . de pt ?re . p 
RaSJitJliAde t ocl . ThUl. aff. 

Canubf. Albar?fRM . Psus AUc de ^Dreitan . de pt ? . p 

Wittf Widan t ocl Thtil.aff. 

Ibid. RegmaldPf Pagan . 9sua eand! de eod p JoR 

Bonde ad eund ? . aff. 

Oeooi. f Thoffi d Spicheaf ^&^ Rob Jit Gikb . d pi 9 .p 
NickotP i 

Eitu^. if Gileb Jit Rob %\is ITtoni JU pt 9vic p fVaU 

jT eod p Hug* 

I Ocl 

fi GilebJit\\fFaUni . de eod pAda. 

JT Thonijil Witt pe.Psus eosd. 
p Gazjlr Dragun. 

Leic. JT Gat^ Abbe. 9sus Rod de Gememue . de pt 1^ 

faciend . p ff^ f crastiii Axens . 


CanteM'. ff Ad& f WM . Ps WaU Wakesor^ 1 Marg ux. 
. q^.dept?.p Wm I oclTrin.zSt. 

Surf. + % Prior de B^namdesJue ^sas Gilebt&.f 

Buche.\ de pt a^.p 

loqnd + /f Prior de Caniuar de ult' mare ^sus Wall de 
IbiA Apsebroc . de pt ass p Wall de Micha .1 Wilt 

Bbmi.a die See TSul iav dies aff. aplt rec. 

ve .t atach st q tc sit ibi. 


Caniebf. if P^or de WB^newette 9s Laurjit Witt d pt homag 
f de^ p Joh Cardun .1 ocl T^l .tsSf. 

Suff*. JT Ro^ de WRatlesden . i . rec magn ass . int Rob Jit 

Sim .\ Gikbd Sender t p Rog" d Lin- 


Nork. JT Philipp de Oxendun 9s^ Henr d Pinkeni . de pt 

advoc eccte p Rob P^va . i ocl Thtil . aff. 

NoHL JT Rob de Atdsnebi . i. rec magn ass . in? Gatifr f 

Gatffr . 1 Waleram d WaJreslon ^RicBlund. 

JT WHt Doxenden . i. rec . de eod p Henr d Norf^. 

f Qatffr Jit Gc^. tt.9s^ WaJeram de Wdbres- 

ton. de pt magn assise ^Folescauch. 

ft ocl Tnil. ^ i ocl Tnil. aff. 

jBMof. if Hasctiitt WG^nel Vsus Pore fif Thiil . de pt tre p 
Rann WG'uet . [a die^ ftcroitin^ Thiil. t sv. 
dies afY. p^or po • lo suo • T^gistt • q* tc posuit 
lo • suo Ric GrassU .\ amov T^gis. 

Surf. ir Matild de la Feld . Psus Gileb Harpedemi \ 

GtmuUd ux ej^. de pt r . p Rob Jit Godwin die 
Jovis f^ Tnil 9L(r. 

Eses\ JT Uodm^ de ^Sum . 9s Rag" J" Nichot \ Sarrd 

ux . ej^.de pt ass . p AnseBumJit Rob . t crastin 
Adcens.sft. Id dies datf Witt d la Dme.% 
Jolijit T^hern X Rob Coco St aliis p ess suos. 

CamtOf. JT ^^^ /* Gerard ^sus Aliaa d Westho . de pt ? . 
p SimJ" mm I ocl TnU . aft 

jf MatJls eod 9sus eand.p uToU. 
jSfiWc ad eud?. aff». 


loqad ir PhiUpf^ de ||Ofine [d^ ^^vicio Due} vsus Ht^ 
Cantehf. Larch \ Rod Jit Hu^ de pt ?re • p Rod de 

Sausenton sn die q*a Philipp^ t ult* mare p 
bre Ducts. 

NorA. JT Ric FoUot v^sus Rob Maudut . de pt Svic.p 

Gaufr de Panton . ^l crastin TW/.^p Ro6 S 
ve . vT se ess • eat sn die. 

f Ibid.^ JT Henr de Leke . 4vs^^ . i. rec • magn a^ • de 
Hunt. + lakesle. in^ Maria d Iakest.1 fl R^m.f 

Phelipp de \\BramtoiL 

^ssex\ JT fAlbruP d^ Rod de Hosdeng v>sus Rod f 

Willi, de pi . ? . p Win Noel. t. f oc/| od 

WiUesff. JT R^mulf^ de\\Toreni.\j^e].^s\x% 
Witt de P' pt ?.p 
ThomJitRog'. ladieTnili 

I vo dies aff 
WittdeP^ci de eod . vsus eund . 
p Witt f Gaufr. 

loqnd. ^ Thorn Marin de 9vicio Due ^^ WiltLongU de 
SttT?. + pt ?re . p Joh d \\Oroindon t ocl Thul aff. 

NarH. f[ Thom Basset 9s^ Rob le Chein. de pt ?re.p 

Mathf Willi, z ocl Tnil. aff. 

Ibid. jf Rob de Nuers . vsus Ivon de Dene . de pt tre . 

p Rad de Liifwic . l ocl Thul . aff. 

Ibid. jf Warin de Virun . vsus Com Cestf de pt §vic p 

Lambtum de XinS.4^ad eund t . ^ exp iiij. 
die • Com n ve . vt se ess • eat sn die. 

ad loqnd. f Rog^ de Hildeshd . vsus Withn Testepht . de pt 
ShT. + nove diss • p RiZf Nichot. ad eud ? . aff. 


Ibid. JT -Ro^ f i^ ^s«s Ham de Sibeton de pt debiti . 

p AnsehnO, de Audebiri ^J Ocl ThiU^ . die . 
SabH ^ assess . aff. 

jBb»'. JT Thorn de Stolid, v's^ WGeue vidua . de pt ?. p Gaiff 

de Brocton f Od Triml . aff. 

^NoHL % Ales' J* Bm (^sus Samuel Jud de Oson de pt 
debiti . p Jordan^ 

Uric. fi 7%om de Aresci.vsaa R06 de Insula .1 Rob d 

^Dunstan.a. pt §vi2 p BicJ^Philipp i Ocl 

Smff: JT Bo^f Barth \?8U8 5im frem ej^.de pt ?.p 

iiofi d ^Codeha I Ocl Tnil . afY. 

£$$ei^. JT jRtc de Beimes. vsua Bad Pkot de pt svic.p 
Bob de Bures . l Ocl Tnil . aff. 

Surf. f AbtreeP Dan Martin . vsus p 

Bob ||iit#' 

jf^, ff Bad f Bic **\ Math f Bic v'aus '* Banulf* 

Wlumolf. de pt ^c p Bob Busing* X Bob 
Sfmi " f Ocl Tnil." 

Noifi' if Oaiffr J* Willi .y^aua Botild novca pt 

do! . p Bob Stanford t Ocl Tnil . aff 

Jf^J. (T Henr d WClathat ^ws% Bog* de Glette 1 Bo^ d 

Enxtesmrth de pt ? p Ad& f WaSi.l Ocl 

^Kent. JT W*^ ^ \^Scouoldon . v's^ Witt de Badenesmaer de 
pt ? . p Springet^ 

S^ff, f Gai^r de \\ Ticheshie v's^ Boesiam de CamHewett 

p Witt de Ticheshe . die Jovis ^ Thiii. 

I Warm\ jf Witt de Saitford v'sus Atti de Pippewett de pt 
Rot. Cor. Rio. U 


Pre. p wRegiiiJitHam.l Ocl' SciJoh 
I av. dies sff. 

Ibid. if Sim CaonuP de Thamewrth v^ /res Tempt de pt 

?. p Hug' de Wauiton.z Ocl Trinil.aff. 

Cantebr. ^ Witt Brito vsus Amabta de ITlton . de pt dol p 
Hug* WRende . I Crastin ascens.** aff." 

Buk". ff WittMagrP vs^ Nubiam novcam sua . de pt dol . 

p Osb Cocum . t Crastin ascens aft 

ad loqnd jf Witt d Warenn [d ult* mare] vsus Eliense Epm . 
^or/: de pt ? .p RicXRog" . sn die p p^ce^l.G.Jit 

Bet" qMiu f 8it i §vic Duds. 

SuffJ jf Gatffr de Denton • i • rec . magne ass . inr Ro^ 

, Jil Rob \ Seman d Heuentghd . p Ranulf d 

la Leford. 

Line. JT Witt de Aubeni v^s At* de Newehuse . de pt r p 

Ric Everard . a die See Thiitatis . t ax. dies. 

Bedef: f Steph de Holewelle v's ^Hug" Bardolf^ At* de 
Ramese d Hplt §vic p Ales' de . . . . re t Ocl 


^Norf: if Jacob de Ethere v^s Rob ^Ru^ de pt Ire p Ric 

Franc i [Oc/] ^Craslin^ lYinil ^ 

rec atachienf. 

fiNorn. fi -E'wia ux Witt Dad vs^ Joh de Qaton . de pt ?re 
p Galfr Wdie J wis p^ Tnil. Id dies dat' Witt 
Daco .T: Joh i banco. 

Hunted. f Lan^ de Colen . de §vic Due de ult* mare . Ps^ 

Thorn JilWThom ariU.adieSS 

Joh t . ro. dies . aff. 

'Sorf: \ Hug' de Bolsted v'sus Witt de Grantcurt de pt 

rre q erat de donacioe sua ^f In 

ocl S'Tnil^pRobWBo 


CstOf. f Gilh de WTanie 9 Bust Jit WaU & pt ?. p iZoft. 
I Oct 

Glauc. f Wall de Novo ^Mainitt \? B'tiard d Stamp d pi 

BtJe. if Ada d Bradewett 9 . Witt WRete d pi servie p 

Bed. if SlephdHolewett.9 A\Sbm.\ 

m. 10. dor». ^ Esson de . m\ lect\ in . u vCzem j^ Pasch\ 

Salopesff. jf Joh de Bramton . de . m lecti . iij, die aii pt . apd 
Bramton vsus Margaf sorore suam . de pt rre 
p ^ Joh ^ Ro^ Dor den . \ Steph Bruton . 
f Mitl .^c . si n t lag^r a die S\ Mich in . w. 
dies .\ p^ea significavit q convaluit de ilia 
ifirmil "^ q n ||fu ||vi8^/\ petiit licenc veniedi 
ad cur \ huit 

Norj: JT Witt de G^ntcurt eod m® apd Ctipston . v^sus 

Emald.l Luc.l Hug^ d Leonib} d pt ?re p 
fVidonS de Bumha .\ Witt de Fubnedeston . si 
a.^a die S^. Mich in . tv. dies. 

f Rad de Birstan eo& m® apd Birstan 9sus eosd 
de pt rre • p Bic . 1 Witt d Birstan . ad eund 
? . si ||n laguor n5 fSit 

Glotic. IT H^ ^ Welles posit^ loco Magii . Radde Liche- 

lad . apd 5* Kaiind in Sumisel \?8^ CeciUd de 
Euieus depl?.p WittmfRegin.'XHenrd 
Frame . ad eund tr. f Id dies dat^ est WUto 
de Lichelad de eod in banco [ad eud ? si il 
ffiit laguor.] 

iT Radf B'nard eod m« apd WAUdem >?sus Ric de 

Cumbe. de pt ? . p Vitalif WitU. 1 Ric. 

u 2 



Gloec. JT Witt de Ponte arch eod m? apd Castellu de Btis- 

tou v'sus Rog* Burdun de pt r . p Ric Falconar 
\ Rob de fi .Ic. fad eund ?.+ a die 
SciJoh lav. dies. 

Bede/: jf Rod^Tket eod in« apd&ameiroc \?8U8 »^d/ & 
Alseshei . de pi ?.p /ronS dBedtf'X WUtd 
Scamebroc . fad eund r. v si n est laguor a 
die Sci Mich t av. dies. 

BuV. jf Sm WDouniee eod m® apd WOuniee . v^sus Johf^ 

Witti .de pi ?. D iZe^ Mai^^ .T: jRo5 dAuneie 
si n . ad eund r. 

Bedtf* jf Dionisia ux J^a/?i iliiZam eod m^ ap Litktm. 
v^sus Wittm Russett 1 Jfic ux sua d pi t.p 
W^j^^f GifeS A Wall f Rob • si !1 1 lang^. 
a 6{fe 5c> Jb^ in • jv. cUes. jf Id dies dat^ t 
Wa&) \\Ham in banco. 

WigoriL f flienf de Estham eod m® apd JE^^/Aa vsus Beafida 
sorore ejus . de pi r . p Witt I^vitt \ Philipp 
Testard. si fi t wi (^stin ST. T^l. 

Susea^. ff God^ f* Leggard . eod m^.ajB Winckenese. 
vsus Sim d Catesjeld. de pt r .p Alanum 1 
Wittf Sweting\ si h . a die ST Mich. in. 

Ibi*. f Gileb f Swetin^ eod m« apd Hasting', de eod 

\?sus eund . p jRic /^ WitU .1 Edward J^ Gileb . 
si ii • ad eund r. 

HuniifUt. f[ Ivo Quarrett eod m® apd BotUoh in Htmtmd. 
\?s^ J?a(f iSn avlio de pi ?. p Rad d \Boiton \ 
Reginald d Pedling^ .si fi. a die S^ Joh in. 
av dies. 

Cmitebf. JT Tustan^ de Wilburcha eod m« apd WUbwrcka 
>?sus Nicholf Witti .1 Watt . nepote de pt ? . 



p Yvon Frankelaii Si GUeb . si n. a die S* Mich 
in • aro. dies \ Wall ponit in ipm Wittm ad lu • 
vlpd. f[\ Nicholson. iiiAo.Buo.TFinf 
Rob ffem suu • ad lu • t pd. 

Bide/: f Rob de Stodhd eod m^ apd Stodha \?su8 WUt d 
Botlesford de pi t . p Nich \ Rod. sin. a die 
S^. Joh in • av dies. 

NatMT. f( Ric de G'delee eod m? ap G'delee v^sus mttf 
Qattfr.At pt t.^Ahtred t Rod. si n.adie 
S* Mich in . av. dies. 

f Rob de Pirie eod m® apd Pirlee vsus eund de 
eod • p Joh 1 Regin . si ii • ad eund ?. 

Gloec. if Margar ux • Rob Walnsis eod m® a^ CUue 

in ITeford ^sus Rob de Aubemar de pt 
?.p 05««l flfc i^/o.l WaU 
eund ?. 

Ibid. JT lueta soror Margar eod m® apd Wike.m Ghee 

de eod v^sus eund p Ifenr rf RedleA Witt 
Wh. si fi. ad eund r. 

^tfard. ir J^^ * ^ Mare eod m® apd Perendon in jE55ex' 
9sus /o^ Brancestr . de pi ? . p Wittde Bleche- 
don.\ Robf Regin \ Petrf Rob . jf si ii . 
a die I? Joh in • jsv. dies f[ Id dies dat^ t rec 
in banco. 

GloA jf WBaldrun de Blechesdun. eod m® apd Blechesdun 

v^sus Rob de Sipton de pi r • p Witt de Bleches- 
dun . 1 Rob Fat .a die ST Mich in . «?• dies. 

Susej^. f Alina ux Elie f B'nard eod m® apd ||/t»f «/ 9sus 

^iTlf de Wonestah . \ Agnel ux . ejus de pi r . 
p Rad Pumtett \ Witt le Messag\ si fl . ad 
eund ?• JT Id dies dat^ t Elie i baco in 

U 3 



JT Kafina ux . Witti Foliot eoS. m^ apd Sutton in 
Bedef. ^sus Witt f Gaufr d pt ?.p fTiff 
5fle/5er .IRicf Witti • si a . t ad eund ?. 

JT Id dies dal? t WittO Foliot q^ ven i banco. 

m. 11. 



Essoii de m\ lect'. in . v. sepf jp Pasch\ 

^ . . . d Huntedun . essoB se de . m . lecti . iij. die 
an placil apd Tumham vsus Gile6. . . .nh.d 
pi Prep Jo/i Cheset\Nickot sin 
t lag^r • a die Sci || Jo^ ^Mich^ in A^iij. sepi^ 
. av. dies . ipetHa ||licec p bre diii Reg. 

^alleston eod mP apd Ingaldes- 

torp . vsus Magrm ^Reginald de Lenna . . • . 

« fad eund t. v si laguor n est . a 

die Sci Mich I iij. sepi. 

f eod m® apd WigeTihatt&plt. 

.v'sus Jo^ (» Frith p Radf*Bic\ Ada .... 

apd Torf v^sus Matild q iuit ttt 

Carnlar d pt t^ . p Regin n est 

jf Steph de Comelawe v Witt fX Milon de p! r . 
p Thorn WPetitpas ad eund rm aff. 

f Rod Jit Ascelin y? • Sim de Holewett de pf r p 
Johjit Flornc . aff. 

jf Ric de \\Haim v' Hu^ de HairU de p! ?.p 
Rog" Jit Silvestr f ad eund Pm aff. 

jf Alea^ de WHamH po . lo . Atbis de Ford v . 
EUd Talebot \ WHamtt de KattisclkC \ FeUc 
ux ej^ de pi ? p B^nardjtt Regin a fesl Sci 



Dorset. Mich in i. mnsS aff . 1 HamU \ Felic ponut 

\o . suo ifi Witt de Waraphha v Bx)b de Wik* 
ad lu • t pd. 

Eborac. f ^^^ J^^ WHugat canonic^ de Wartre y^ . JRic de 
Marisc de pi advocois ecc* p Jacob Jit Witt 
I rv. dies f^Jest Sci . Mich . aff. 

Norhatft. f Thorn Jit WLiiJF . v^ . canonicos de Kirkehd de 
pt advocois ecc* p Witt de Ildirton. 

HeJort. f Eustac de Bask^vitt 9 Witt de Mara de pt ^ 
p Eustac GalhcU jf i.i. mnsS. affid. 

Sujff:" ^ Mabit de Qopton v Joh de Liston de pt dotis . 

p Ric de Clopto . jf in i. mnsS. 

Id Joh^ de eod p Joh Forestar . ad eund ?mifi 

SaJopS. ^ Ric de Warkrigbif v Sim de Hamttdelee de pt 
? p Rob Pachot f ad eund ?.afT. 

S^jff. IT Ric de Fordr >? Rob Jit Mauric de pt ? p Rob 
de Bedford ad eund ? . aff. 

Siaffl' IT J^^ ^ Tatenghatt ^ Rad de Swnii de pt ? p 

Gatjr de Estorp ad eund t . aff. 

Essex\ JT ^^^ Ctic de BoUnton ^ Joie \ Matitt q fuit 

ux Witt Jit Rad. de pt ? . p Wf/r \\Roddere . 
ad eund tmifi. 

Salop. JT Barthot de WMortirh >? Watt de Wittfeld^ Eva 

ux ej^ de pt fia f 2i p Watt PtUrett t iij. sept 
]^Jm Sci Mich . affid. 

Surr. if ff^attjit Edwin v^ Edhaiud 1 WGunnuld \ Matild 

1 Hagenild de pt r p Godwin f[ ad i. 

u 4 


JT ffin de Rochefbrd \? Matitt 
de Botinton d pi dol p Wall 

Bernard P^sbr de eod vsus 
eud p Ric M^catorg. 

Essex'. I Witt fit Norm de eod p Wilt \ ^ «"^^ ^™^ 

Jo/i rfe Boudon de eod p W^iTlf 

Jo^ de Rochefbrd de eod p 
Regin Noblet. 

B'kesir. f ^t^i^a de Wintenha ^? Matitt de ChiseDumitm 
de pt t p Etcstac de WC^verdjg^ ad eude t • 

Sumiut. jf Philipp de Kingebir v Alea^ de Lisems de pt 
pa5 Pr.p Walt de Bocland f ad i. mnsS. 

f At*s de fAbbisodisbir 9 Wfff de HiTanattJeff de p! 
r p Ales* de Winl . f[ a die Set Mich in i. 

Dorset. ) ^^^ ^^* 

f PetT^ Hemn ^ Rad Tomi de pt cataB p Jch 
Bret f[ In iy. septim aff. 

Sut^set. f Rob Jit Witt ^ heredes Sim de pt i. 
molndiil p Witt Jit Joh jf In i. mnse • aff. 

JT Hunfr Hasteng" ^ Isilia Jit Edward Fulton de 
pt r p Galfr in iff. sept. aff. 

if Witt de Hehnu \? Alea^ de Helm de pt ?. p 
Gilleb jf m li/. ^ep^. 

Canta^ f -Ro5 ^f -^i76o» >? ^/ftnc ^f Godwin de pt ? p 
iJo5 ^f Jb^ f ad i. mnse. aff. 



•D«»»f» ir PetT^ de Buamd P Ric del Estre de pi ?.p 
Thorn fit Wm. JT ad i. mnsg aff. 

AJOgka. JT WaS de Windsouer ^ Hu^ de Nffva Vitt de pt 
debi! . p B'nard SenescaJt ad i. mnsg. afY. 

fi For de RepOdon v> Alard fit 
Rod de pt ? . p Stephm CoctU 

. f Wm Gerbode v> Pore de Re- . 
HuinS. ^ padoji de pi ? p WUt fit\^ «^^^ Vmin 

Alard. ' a^- 

JT litems fFalensis rsus eudem de 
eod p Alard fit Rod, 

jf Jocelin de WWaluott v . Magnn \ 

Regin de pi servic p Walt j 

Norf: I fit Tketm. { ad eM ?m 

rt ( aff. 

iT R^ de Berchhi de eod v eud V 

p Ascina de Lenn. j 

War. % Witt fit Wtbt €>.Fore de Stodlee de pi ?.p 

Ro^ fit Ric ad eund. 

I WW. jT Com de || fTortfu >? iJirf^jw Hastenc de pi debil 
l^Ricde Skale 1 iJic^ »W ad eM ?mi . 

&«rf . jC JrWto Pensore 9 2%om ^ W^otf de pi ? . p 

Hug* de B'kiston . ad eud tm . aff. 

AiMigA. jT Magr Alard fit WttU 9 Rog* B'kei de pi puis 
past'e p Steph fit Ric . ad eud rmi . aff. 

ff Jocelin de KaJdtfwd ^ Wall Estttrm de pi 
9vic . p Witt Bhmd . ad eund . aff. 

Stui» < _ 

JT Idem essoniat se v Wall de Talewurth de pt 

dol . p Ric fit Rob ad eund t . aff. 


Ebof. f EUas de Wadewurth ^ Joh de Curci de pi ? 

p Gatifr Jit Rog' . a Jesi Set Mich m sv. 
dies af f, 

Ide dies dat^ t Jord de Mar J\ Jord pon loco 
sue Wilt de la Mar ad luc* vt pd. 

Oxon. IT Hnr Jit Rob 9. Sim Jit Rad de pt ?.p Osb 

Jit Witt Sid ennd^.siff. 

Bedef: jf Hu^ de HairU v' Ric de Hairu de pt ?• p 
B'tot Wischard ad eud ?.aff. 

LeiZ. JT Ra^ WFridas ^ Witt de \^uschebi de pt ? p 

Ric Jit Warm ad eund r aft 

Es$ex\ f Regin Jit B'nard 9 Matitt de BoUnton de pt 
do£ p Hug* Russett ad eud t aff . 

Middilsex\ f[ Forissa de Clerkenewett 9 Sim^t Sim de pt r 
p Rog^ de Clerkenewett ad eud aff. 

Essex'. jT Rod Capttantis de Halkuh ^ Amud de eod p 

Fulchjil Rob ad eud ? affid. 

Suff: JT ^^*ria Oip/»!^ v^ Hug" Briton de pt ? p MatHm 

Jit Witt Bd eM ^ B,£t 

Surr. f Thofnjit WaU ^ WaR Bold de pt ? p ^i[/]rerf 

Pnw^^. ad eud ?• affid. 

Essea?. f Witt Jit Norm ^ Matitt d BoUnton de pt dotis 
p Witt Jit Witt ad eund aff. 

if Wilt de Lenn ^ Magrtn Regin de Lenn de pt 

§vic p Add Jit Witt ad eud . aff. 

^^/•' < o 

JT Gfl^ de Lenn V eud Ue^m 1 Witt frm suu 

de pt ^vic p Hug' de Lenn ad eud ? . aff. 

Katebf. JT ^0* ^ Insula 9 jBo5 Favassur de pt Pre p 
iJofi rfe Stoffald . ad eund ? . aff. 


Ibid. JT Tetf^ de Ramtan . v^sus WarnOL de BUoh .\ 

Cecilia ux ejus de pi ?re . p Rog^ Bigot . ad 
eund ? . aff. 

Wiltesir. ff Rob de Herston • essofi se de ult* mare de 
svicio dni Reg . Psus Rod Morin . de pt 
debit! p Wolvinfi f* Fromund .a die Sci Mich . 
in • tij. sept. 

Narf? jf Ric de Wirham \?su8 Alex^ de Lenna de pt ? . 

p VincentiU de fVirha . ff a die S" Mich in . 
I. msem. 

E$ie£. JT MaWia q fuit ux Rob Pelerin .^sns Joh f 

Godrfr de pi r . p Ric deClopton . ad eund 

Ibid. jf Id Joh esson se de eod • p Joh ForestariU . ad 

eund r.aff. 

BvJ^. f Reginald^ de ^Beasis . Psus Witlm de Beaus de 

pt ?.p Rod f Rob. fa die Sci Mich. in. 
V. sept a£f. 1 huit visum illi^ tre. 

Lbic. JT Henr Sar. 9sus fVeland.'X Albreda ux.ejus. 

de pt ?.p Radf Jacob. f[ a f* ST Mich 
m • t^. sepl. 

S^gr: f AdeUna Jit Ric \?sus Psona de Me/lgT P Rad f 

Henr . ff a die S" Mich . in . i. msS. aflBd. 

Si^.' fi Juliana soror ejus de eod p Gileb Jit Ad . ^d 

eund t.aff. 

f Die jynica p^ act' Ap'lo^ Prf . t Pauli. 

Wigorn. f Odo Tirett \?sus Hug' Tirett de pt ? . p Samson 
H'efard. Turrense I Hug* pon ifi . lo . suo Wittm de 

Estham . ad lu • vt pd • in c^stin Sci ^ Mich ^ 

Pet^ ad Vincta. 


Warem^. jf Prior de KemtmrtK v^sus HevSr Mahre de pi 
?.p WeinfNorm. f^ Joh f Alured . de eoi 
p Aka^f* Reg\ jf \\fValeram de Heburbi . de 
eod. p Reg* P'cehaie. Rob Telarius de eod 
p Fetr d Wolneie. Wall de Blakewett de 
eod • p Rob de Blacwett. f Witt de la Lame . 

Ibid. de eod.p Samson Walensg. Wido de Che- 

deleshunte . de eod . p Qoscelin f^ WitU . (f 

Petf^ de Waretxf de eod 

fr Fet^s de Warew" d eod p Ysaac de 

Witt Togod de eod p Wall Godvem. 

Rob Jit \\Leueneth de eod p Hag^ Franc. 

Essex*. JT Mar gar d B*king^ v • WarinU jit Uctred d pi 

? . p Akx^ Jit Edwin .a die Sci Mich t xv. 
dies . aff. 

Cftottc. if R^ de Willinton ^ Comil d Insut d pt ?.p 

Wiot . a die Sci Mich t iij. sept . aff. 

m. 11. dors, fi A die S^c'i Joh^ii Bapf in iij. sepf. esson' 

de . m*. l6* 

Horf? ^ Rob de Orec ess se de m . 15 iij. die aii pladl 

Regin Jit Rob . si fi est lang**'. a die Sci Mich 
t . V. sept. 

H*(ford. IT Rog^ de Henste[mr]d eod m*^ apd Henste^wryt. 
si fi t languor ad eud ? . v . Margar de 
Henstewrd p Ailwin Jit Theob 1 Ric Jit 

Suff: f Joh Jit Thorald eod m° apd Stanhd . 9 . Wall 


de Hetfeld d pt ?.p WaU d Stanha 1 Rob 
de Ponte . si non est languor ad eud r, 

ffff.* fi Ri^WChaintm eod m^ apd Westm v^. Rob le Awaite 

de pt ? . p fVitt de Weston . 1 EustaZ . si fi est 
languor f Ocl Set Mich. 

Ibid. JT TVai^Jil B'nard eod in« apd IT^f' 9 . Alur de 

Stapelford de ft p^ . Hub \Ri€ Jit Witt .81 no 
est languor a die Sci Mich i . i. msem . Alur 
po . lo • suo de B^ket ad lu . vt pd. 

A die ♦. Esson de m\ ve, 

Aiff: JT Thorn de Mendha 9 . Waff de B'nha de pi ?.p 

jRo^ de Mendha a die Sci Mich t.v.sepl. 

Noria. fi Ric de IClendeii ^ . Sibitt de WClendeii.t EUsent 
de WDerelfc . de pi appHi p EustaZ Franc . ad 
eund ? . aff. 

Ibid. jf Ric de Hemton v • Regih de Cumtun de pt ? . p 

Rob de Hemton . in . v. sepl aff* 

Bmi\ JT Thorn de StoV. ^ Geua de Stole" de pi ?.p 

WarinU de Stok\ad eud ?.aff. 

SfuSjef. f Joh d Bello Monte v^ . Rod de Sco Mauro de pt 
nov diss p Witt Jit Phitl 

Natf/ JT Jordan de Lerigsete 9 GauT Rt^ ♦ Lond de 

pt ? p Ranii deB'ffeld.sA eud t. aft 

iWd. JT Martin de Warfles ^.Steph de Walsigha de pt 

fin fci.p Martin Jit Mich, in Oct Sci Mich. 

Lanea^. f Ric Jit Rog" 9 .Matittde Hastlge deft^ .f Ric 
^tEfytotd. miv. sepi. fl hms br. 


Nor/: JT wmjlIAuketil 9 Witt de Ebor 1 ux ej^ Spl^. 

p Stephjit Rod. ad eund r • aff. 

jf Bartkot de March petens . r. 
A^m de Hubno de pt • ad- 
vocac ecctie. pfFiff^/i2o^ ^ adeundPaft 

f Ide Attis de eod . v' • eanS p 
Radjil Raa\ Henr \\PieJms 

Warreaf. f -^^ ^^ Napton 9 .Rob de Kaineto de p! r.p 
WittCoterett. f /n Oc/ 5a iVfic* aff. 

Line. f J6/i ^? Jb/i 9 . Margaf de Oseuitt de p! leg 

ivadiate p Alan Message . a die Sci Mich i iv. 
dies. aff. 

If Eustac de Vatford 9. Witt Jit pt ?.p 
Henr Jit Wall . l Oct Sci Mich aff. 

WiJtJitJoce 9 . Gunnild de Wdedun de pt P.p 
I/i^ JitEdwi . ad eud ? . aff. 

Buk\ JT Henr Camiari^ . 9 . Helewiss ux Godrff . de jJ 

dol.p Hu^ Jit Henr . i.v.sepl .?Sf. 

Subset. ^ Rog^ de WAeleia 9 iZic Capett de aud jud sou p 

5^^^.^ jT TkoBideArgentein^^Rog'iCreJ^de^t^.pRegin 
Franc, ad eund r . aff. 

Ibid. let Rog" Creff". de eod p Gatifr Filet . ad euBd ? 


«i«/fir. f Witt Jit Thorn 9 . »^a//^f ^o/? de pt? . p £mia 
^f jRann . t . i;. sept aff. 

Ireic. JT Witt de Odon^. Juliana deDamuttdeplMfB. 

p JBo5 & S'delawe.l Oct I^Mkh.n' juste 
itim venimt.aff. 











f AUc ux ej^ a eod p Rob de 

Fhin de Wastmeis p Henr 

^°^' ( ad eud ?min 

Amphelise ux ej^ de eod p Ro6 ' ^* 


Isolda de Derebi de eod p Joh 
de JVarewic 

JC Goscet de Stiuekk . v . Sarra de StiueTcle . de pi 
dol . p Witt Jit Nigelli . I Oct Sci Mich . aff. 

f Joh de ^Wadenho.v>.Pa^c de p! ? p iWc <fc 
Fraxino .t.v. sept aff. 

IT Reini de Henstean-th 9 Giib de Stodfold \ AUc 
ux pt ?. p Hug'iHug'JitOsM ad eund 

ff Id dies dat^ t iZe^i;? e/e Henstewrth . i banco. 

JT Os6lJilRog*y>. Ysabel de ^BevUoH de pT ?.p 
Laur Jit Hacon, 

ir AWtJitRob d eod p RadJitRic .ad eund ?. 

JT -Rw Ruf\ 9. fiiiWM & iJadtf*'^ de pT ? p Witt 

JT 2%ow( de la G*ue y^.Henr le Brochere de pt ?. 
p Martin Jit Fulc . a die S^ Mich I v.sepl. 

JT Rob P*poit^ 9 . Rod de Sco Mauro de pt nov 
diss . p Rad BaUard. 

JT Walfrpoit^ IdBruha] de eod p WittScarletL 

jf Gaufr de Tikebroc 9 . Heleaois de pt dot p R<^ 
de Hameldon, 





LetH. if Rob de WTheobavitt de ult* mare p 9vic dfli ^'.9. 

Bic de Leic . de pt ? . p Steph Franc. 

Hunted. JT -Ht^ de Vigorn . 9 Witt Dae . de aud jud suu . 
p Hug^ de Stiuekle .f[ adie Sci Michiiff. sej^» 


JT RicJit^B't^ ^.HerirftRob de pi ^.pGaufr 

JT EdemWtac^^G'rta^.Evan'tSegari.Aei^X^.jf 
Warinn JitGitb .t.v. sept aff. 

If Prior de Sudwerc . 9 Sccoodt de pt r . p Alan de 
Norf*. ad eund r aft 

If Epc Winton v . Comitiss Wareaf. de pi advoc 
ectie de Cnoil p PedeJcin.lRob de Canton. 

jf pi ess. 

f WmTestard.\ Ric de WGlfn.adie Sci Mich in 

if RicJitUldene^.BndcmJitWalkeli.dejt^.f 
Gilb deSene^eld. I Oct Sci Mich aft 

jT Ric de ||jReni petens v^ Witt de Reini de pi nov 
tiiss . p Henr Norrensem . i advel jusL 

f Ric de II Wainford v. Rog^ de Derhitt de pi plevin 
p Rad Cttre Humes. 

Hunted. jf Regin de Oviton ^ . Ric de HSnmton de pi 
cirog*pli recip.p Rob. jit Witt. I v. sepl. 

Cantebf. f ^^ Brito v . Witt le Manseler poll lo . Amabit 
q fuit ux Rob BHon . d pi dol p Hug" WReande 
a die Sci Mich in . j. msem . aff. 



in. 12. 

if Witts de Bod poii \o . suo Wittmjiliu Rob v'sus 
At* de Westfti de pi Pre ad luc . T:c. 

f Alan^ Basset pon . lo . suo Wali dicP v'sus Pore 
de WAnewelle d pt . i. virg . ? . ad luc* . 1c, 

IT/ ford. ff Att de Sco Alban pel cur sua de pi Pre . qd est 
it Rob de fde Lenna teH . 1 Agn q fuit * Henr 
de II Walde . ad hora. 

Ess. jT Serlo de || Woniton Witt Leuueise Godebald Jit Labt 

Thorn Jit Ailward . record qd Ailnod fuit 
utlagat^ p morte Rob Godehuge. 

Surr. if A6bsde//iefpo.lo.suoMagrm JEfi5efe5wrfa^rc 

vsus Wittm de Pirile . de pt humag ad luc* vt 

Kent. f Senesc.Epi RoJ^.pel iij die an pt cur dHi sui 

d pt P • qd est inP Wittm de \\Wdtton \ Henr 
de Somes. 

Uuc. if Henr de Longo Capo pon loco suo . Tebalda de 

Reinuitt vsus Rod d Amfldevitt de pt waranl 
carl ad luc*ndu vt ad pd. 

Sudh. IT I^i^s dat^ t Ric de Fescapo 1 YUar d Rachinton . 

d pt . P • f c^stiii See JSiitatis % id IllarP t i 
castello Dni Due apd ^* Forecestr.** 

f Assisa de morte aficessoris . inP Steffan de WBelo 
Capo pel . t P*ore d Colonia ten . d . i . car? . P . 
c ptin i Bures t Subir t aliis vitt . i resp usq^ 
i crastin See T^l p defectu recogn 1 Rob Jit 
Matild recog 1 Witt Jit WSiluri 1 Wat^Jit WitU . 
Witts Fol.\ Rob Jit Rob . ♦ Galjrjit Bald n 
vener vt ess 1 lo atach qd tc sint ibi. Ide 
dies dat^ est vJij*^ q* venerl j banco .1 cens p 

Rot. Cur. Rbg. ^ 







ess SU08 1 noia rec si i bn. ld||a dies dat^ 
f u?% pte. 

Surr. JT Ass vea rec si Aleof JilHenr ^uste \ sin jud 

diss Eiigen "X Albred fit sua de lib ten suo i 
Stidwerc p^ scd coroii dfii Reg Rtc Jural dicut 
qd Alex^ diss Albredd ijuste 1c. 
Jud . Albreda hat saisina sua 1 Aka^ i mia • 
Eugen 1 mia p falso clam. 

f /Sim rfe Cate^feld po • lo • suo Sim Jit [jsuu vsus 
Gorfe/^f de Winchelesse de pt ?. 1 9s^ Giff^ 
Legard de pi tre ad luc* 1c. 

f Ass ven rec si Matild q fuit ux NigelU 1 J^^ic* 
^f Odon 1 fTiTir^f 0(/o^ y^te 1 sfl jud diss 
Wilt Jit Gitt. Asia reman} usq^ ? ii; sept f^ diS 
Invecidis See Cruc q^ os rec . ess . se . pr Rod 
Lestrange 1 Henr Jit Gaufr q^ vener q*b5 id 
dies dat^ t * ut'% pti. 

j^or/l' JT Assa de jure ecctie de WRachee inr WW & 

Refha \ Rog' d WGisnei • pon' i resp usq^ I 
crastin See Thtitat p defc reS . % nits eo^ 
venit vl se ess 1 debet poni p vad 1 pig. 
Ido atachient' qd sint ad eud tmiS. Id dies 
dat^ t ut^q^ pti. 

Kent. jf Asia rec si . i. carr ?re c . p . i \\IUedig^ q* Ric 

de Garmnton clam v^sus Tebald de Ttdthd 
sit vad ej^de Tebald vt ^editas ej^de Bic 
vl dnicu feod ej^de Tebald pon' i respc 
usqj i crastin p defc rec . q^ id ||rec calupn 
rec ee vilanos p^cepl t vi5 qd tot faciat venire 
ut assa n5 remaneat 1 ostesur^ quare posuit 
vilanos i rec. 

Glclc. jT Asia de nova diss in? Oseb Gijffhrd pel 1 Rod de 

WetUtoh . ponit' i respectu usq^ l ocl See Tnit 


p pcepl dhi. G. Jit Petr quia id Osd i servic 
diii. J. Angt cu equis 1 armis. 

Kancia. if Ada Jil \Limn^ ponit loco suo. Matildux sua 
vsus Jordan Jit Uri 1 A^ic^ fit suu d pt . ? . in 
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J- AtJb d ///(f ea apBav i cur dni • ^r • n5 
fuisse de legitimo mat'monio pc^ata . cu qMa 
tra jure tieditario ab eode peret 1 qd suflS- 
cienr pbal t cora official suis ea n fuisse 
legitimo nata. 

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pt t . a die Pasch I . v. }^sempf. pee pciu. 

if Dies dat^ f Henr Colubar \ Ad d Portu d pi 
advoS ecclie a die Pasch t . vj. sepl. 

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monachu suu . vsus Witt d Milchanesi d pi 
advoS ecc* . d Sudton t ecclie d Brunested 1 
dim ecKe d Catetfeld \ ad luc*, vl pd . p dnm 

Surr. f Dies dat^ t Rob Morin 1 Att)i de Certeseia 

d pi . r . m crastiH See I^nil p madal . 
G. fit Pet? . (^ id Rob ivit i servic dni Angt 
apd Oa:on. 

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Haliwett de^ pi • r . a ^{ie Po^c i t«. sepl. pee 

Siisex\ JT Loqla int Witt fit Rad \ Monachos deXrett?^^ d 

ecc*.d ||/2i22//;re/!r pon' 1 respS us% pd5i mo- 
nachi hant Pore p pcepl G.fitPetr. 
X 2 


f ff^i^ de WRingls . Witt le Moine. Thorn a Trupi' 
ton . Alea^ d Mangaut tmssi ad vidend si 
ifmitas ufi Gaiifr Picot ess se d m lecti vsus 
ITvic Jit Etistach esset lang**r n* ne. Dnt qd 
no est longer 1 % posuer^ ei die a die Pose i 
an), dies apd Westm. 

ITf/ord. jf Afebisa de Anestowe poit lo . suo com . G. J^ 
Pe^. Sim le \\Gtdz.di pt ecctie d Wimdeslee tv'su 
Reg^ d Argetein ad luc* vl pd p madal . G. Jit 

Cantebr. f Rad Sn Avlio po . lo . suo Rod de Grqpi . 1 Isab 
ux ej^ d pt . r . vs^ Ivone Qrett ad luc* vl pd. 

WilTsir. JT Dies dat^ + Godeff . d Sco Martin .1 WWandritt 
d \fiurcolles . d pi t . \ad die Pose in • i. nise . p 
madal G.^fPe/r., 

Line. JT Priorissa d Stikewad . po • lo • suo • Magrm . Hu^ 

gfrem suu vs^ Hug* ScotU . d pt advoc . ecBe 
d Wilghebi . ad luc* vt pd. 

II H/or. JT Vic -^^or/' . significav p b?e suu sigillal . qd cep 
in mail dni Pr . advoc ectar d Sutton \ d 
WBrinstd 1 dim advoc ectie d ||Qz//c/&(f die 
Veniis ^a^ ^P f S" Nichot q*s Wittde Mon- 
canes clamat vsus S. Atfli S* Pefi sup Divam 
p defectu ipi^ Afibis St Sim M onac^ posit^ 
loco ipi^ petiit illas p plevina \\die Pasch 

Cantebr. if Dies dat^ est Rad sn Aviio . 1 fFaHo de Sutton. 
At de Brunsted^ ad capiend cjrrog^ft suu de 
. iiij. hid tre c ptinenl in ||0^^/on in ocl 5* 
Thiitat. 1 1saht ux pdci Rad poS in loco suo 
IIUo^ dHussehurn. 

Ibid. f Isabett q fuit ux Hmicjit Rein!i pon lo.suo 


Rob frem suu 9sus Rob de WLetun de pt . dotis 
. ad lu • vt pd. 

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1 Petr^ frem suu de morte pris sui . 1 de bre 
+ qd ipe in tulit. 

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\ Theobald de Eineford de pt rre . in c^stiri 
See 'Pmtatis apd Westm quia id Witt fuit in 
^vicio Dni AngL 

Buk\ f Onis loqle ptinenl ad Dnm epm ^ Dimelm ^ 

fViliesir. Winton us% in crasiin See Trinil p d!lm 

Sw^^sT. Qjy p r^ gp^ p^^^ ^^j^- gy. j^ loquela in? 

Ric de Fescamp .1 Alard de Bachamton. 

Buk\ f Dies dat^ est Barbel 1 Atti de Grencestr de pt 

concord Jtr . in crastiii See Thiii ap Westm. 

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spreng". xix. sot reddit^ in Begedun t in HCAiT^e 
uii Mich tulit bre de morf aficess. 

Daxm. f I^i^s dat^ t Roesie de Bello Monte 1 Ric de BeUo 
Monte de pt dotis \ catalt in c^stino See T^nil 
p dnm G. Jit Pet^. 

Este^. JT Witt Jit Ranulf po . lo • suo Osb de Glade^fenn 

9sus RtcJitPel^ de ptmediel ecctie d Halsted 
ad lu . vt pd, 

in. 12. dors. 

Stiiamr. if Loquela in? Archid Rothom . 1 Hug^ de Neuitt . 
de . c. marc ponr in respectu usq^ in oclPentec 
f hredfii G. Jit. Petri. 

NorhamT. f Ric de Clahutt po . lo . suo Thorn Jit Ric v^sus Ric 
-(. de Einef . ad capiend cyrog^h suu ad lu • vt 


X 3 


Esex\ jf Ricjit Hamon po . lo . suo . ^Fromud de Tarente 

Siifr. de pi tre p Wilt Cunin \ G'vasiQ \ Philipp de 

Legh . 1 Petrum Blund \ Wa^ de Bas^vittad 

lu • vt pd. 

Caniebr. f Loqla in? Sim de Bret \ Sim fit ejus de pt pon' 
in respecl usq^ in octab See Trinil p bre dni . 

Essex. fi Dies dat^^ e . Com de Clara 1 Witt Jit Mauric de 
pt nove dissaisia • in ocl S* Thtil apd Westm p 
defectu recogfl . 1 tc veniat ass. 

Surr. f Gauff dc Tichesia petiit tram sua p plevina. 

in vigl See Crticis ^apd Westm p defectu re- 
cognil ^ q capta fuit in man dni Reg p ejus 

Svff-/ f ^P^s ux Rod de Cree potl lo . suo Rob virum 

suu vsus Comitissa Gundr \ Thorn Blac de pt 
?re ad lu . vt pd. 

Ibid, f Dies dat^ e . Rod Auktis \ Rob BerP^ de pt 

recogn ultime psentatidis eccte de WDubbech 
in crastin S. T^nital 1 intim hant licenc 

Norfi. f Dies dat^ f Abelt de Risden 1 Priori de 5* Neoto 

de pt tre in crastin ocl S" Thiital 1 innm hint, 
licenc concord. 

Sun^seT. f WWandrigelis de Curcett pan lo. suo Philipp de 
Coleston v'sus Joh de Suleiii 1 Hasctdtt fit suu 
de pt tre ad lu . vt pd. 

jKrw/. fH SenescalF Epi Roffens pel . iij. die aS pt cur dfii 

sui de loquela in? Witt d Wallecote \ Hemr 
de Somes. 

Line. f He?ir de Long^ Campo po . lo . suo . Theobald de 


\iReineuitt9suBRad pt warantie 
carte ad lu . vt pd. 

Ibid. f Dies dat^ e . Priorisse de StikeswaudSl Hug' Scot 

de pi eccle de Wilgebi apd Westm a die ST 
Mich in . TV. dies p^ce ptium \ inrim hant 
licenS concord. 

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Beatric uxori g^ de pt rre de Hussehurn . m 
c^stiii S" TnU . p mandal diii . G.Jit P. 

SuM. f( ^^^^ ^^^^ * ^^ ^^ Fescamp \ Henr de Becham- 

ton de pt rre . in . c^stin S* Pnii quia id JoH 
fuit in castello Diii Angt. 

Essex*. if Ass de morl ancessor inr Pore de WColum tenente 
t Steph de Bello Campo de . i. carruc Pre cum 
ptinenl in Buules t Subir 1 aliis vill in 
respectii usq^ in c^siinum 5* Thutatis p defectu 
recognitor .It jRo5^fMa/i7^ recognitor!; Witt 
JtSilvrm .1 JValfjit Witt . Witt WPot . 1 Robjt 
Rob . Gauff Jit Baidewin n venliit vt se ess . It 
io attach qd t8 sint ibi. Id dies dat^ est 
. viij^ q* veflut in banco 1 cetis p essoii suos • 
\ n5!a rec si in brevi. Id dies dat^ t ut'% 

Esux\ ft ^^ ^ Winton . Witt Letmeisie . Godebald Jit 
Lambl.T/iomJit \\Alward record qd Aibiod fuit 
utlagat^ p morte Rob Godehu^. 

Sftrf. ^ Ass ve . rec si Alea^Jit Henr injuste It sH jud diss 

Eugen It Albreda fitam sua de libo tenemto 
suo in Suwerc p^ scdam coron dfli Reg Ric . 
Jur dicut . q Ales* dissaisiv Albreda injuste IS. 
Jud Albred hat saisina sua 1 Ak^ in mia \ 
Eiigen in mia p falso clam. 

X 4 


Sussea;^. f Sim de Catesfeld pofi lo . suo Sim de Catesfeld. 
v'sus Godefridde JVinchelese de pt*T: vsiisGildi 
Jil Leggard de pt t • ad lu . vl pd, 

Bedef. f Ass ve . re . si Matild q fuit ux NigelU 1 Nichot 
Jil Odon I JViltJil Odon yusl 1 sn jud diss 
Witt Jit Gileb . ass remanet usq^ m . ii;. sepl . 
^ (/ie Invem S* Cruc q'a os recogn ess se 
pt iiofi Lesirang^ \ Henr Jit Gaufr q^ venlut 
q*b3 id dies dat^ f. Id dies dat^ est utiiq^ 

lHorf: f Ass de jure eccte de Racliee inr Witt de Rejham 

1 Ro^ de Gisnei ponit' in respectum usq^ m 
(fstiii . 5' T^nital p defectu re5 • quia nBs eor 
c:u ven vl se ess . pter Hi^ de Glanvitt.o^ se ess 
p Witt de \\Ltmers . 1 debet poni p vad 1 pt. 
Ido attach q sit ad eund rminu. Id dies dat^ 
t ul% pti. 

Keni. f Ass . ve . re . si una carruc rre cu ptinenl in 

Wlllesding^ q* Ric de Garwinton clamat vsus 
Theobald de WTutha ||sit vad ejusd Theob vt 
lieditas ejusd Ric vl dnicu feodi ejusd Theob 
ponr in respecl . usqj in c^stin S* Thul p defect 
recogn q*a id Ric calumpniav recogn ee villa- 
nos • pcepl t vie qd tot faciat venire qd ass 
tc n5 remaneat \ ostensur qr posuit villanos 

Ebdf. ^ Wittf Pel^ Ps^ Ric Jit Durand. iij. carr ?re c 

ptinenl in W^ewinton \ in Torp sic jus suu 1 
Bed . in q^ rra fi huit ing^ssum n* p mrem ipi^ 
Witt q* dux uxor Ric ven . 1 pel visum rre 
illius . hat visum. Jf Dies dat^ t eis in c^stin 
S" Vnit.l inPim fiat vis^. 


m. IS. 

Glouc. JT Ass de nova dissaisifl int Osd Giffard pet A 

Rad de \\JViUuton pon? in respectu usq^ in 
ocl 5* Tnital p pceptum dni G. Jit Pe/*. 
quia id Osb est in serviSo dfii Jtr c equis 1 

&#/ f Dies dat^ est MVitti de Glanuitt \ Hubl de 

Monte Canesi de pt nove diss in octdb S* 
Tnital. Witt poS lo . suo Gatifr frem suu 
vt Gerard cticii suu ad lu.vT ipe 
intesse ii possit. 

Wam\ if H^u^ fit Witti pon . lo . suo PhiUpp de Kintoii 
v'sus Andr Giffard de pt rerag relevii ad lu . 
vt pd. 

Dewm. JT Dies dat^ t Alan de Boot t Fori de \\Printon 
de pt ?re . in ocl S* Thul pee ptiu. 

DaxA. f Johanna ux Mattii fit Herb poil lo . suo eund 

Mathm virum suu vsus Afebem de Stanleg^ 
de pt advocois eccte de Slok^. ad lu . vt pd. 
jT Dies dat^ t eis in ocl S" TnilSt hnt licenjf 

.IJfic. f Loquela in? Comitissam Constancid Bretann . 

1 Com Cestr in respectQ q'diu rra pdce 
Comitisse fSit in manu dni pr p pcepi dni • 

Essex\ f Ass . de nova diss in? Matild *l Alicia fit 
/ Willi 1 Witt de Strata .1 Gileb Swift ^ 

Albreda ux.ej^ de lifeo tenemto pdSarum 
Matild 1 Alic in Rewenhale re^we^manet 
q^a id Witt veil \ cognov q ipe fee saisina 
ia Albred q fuit ux Rannulfi Molndinar p 
consiliu amicor suor in cur d Witham 
cosidacioe cur pdce !\ ipa Albred tulat bre 


hndi ronabile dote suam ifl 1 Witt n huit 
cur psente q* vocav. Ido in mm 1 pdoe 
Matild 1 AUc hant saisina suiL 

Ebar. JT ^^^^ ^at^ t Witto de ^Sautuii 1 Petro fn suo. 

1 ^iim rfe -He^rf 1 Rob 1 Hiigr* fnb} ejus 
appSantis \ Ric Jit Rod de Cave appfianti 
in ocl S" Thiil . q*a apltati si iu §vicio Dm 

Noff* ff Dies dat^ est Joh Monach posito lo . fVWi de 

Monte Canesi petentis.1 fri Sim posito lo. 
A^is S* Petri sup Divam tenentis ad ca- 
piend cirog*p6 suu in . ru. dies ]^f* 5* Mic% 
de advocoe ecctaru de Sutton \ de Brumsted. 
1 de medietas advocois eccte de Catrfeld . 
ConcovA advocoem q*ruin id ald!> q*el clamav p se 1 

quietest, successorib} suis eid Witto 1 fiedib} suis in 

ppetuu . 1 p^ decessum JoTi de Hasting p* 
p^dcarii ecctanim. Id Witt concessit ecde 
S* Pet sup Divam . xL sol sriingor in purit 
1 ppetua elemosina pcipiend annuati p man^ 
p*rum pdcarum ecctaru ad f est S" MicK 

Essex'. JT Julian^ Jit Rad . Rob de Trindie. Witt Basset . 
Ric Jit Alan ||siimi ad eligendu sup sacram* 
turn suu .xij. milil ad faciend magna assisam 
in? JoU de Stortef* petenl • \ Baldewin de 
Sopit tenent de • Ix. acr rre c ptinenl in'j 
Sopiland • te de . Ix. acf rre c ptinenC in ? t 
Sopiland. un id Baldew* posuit se in magna-' 
assisa q*s eo? msg^ « hat in ead tra ventiit 1 
^ elegerl Hug^ de Polsted . Lour d Phmtbg 

..olcn Mat% de Franctre . Gileb de Musters . HevSr 


de Taidene . AlbritP de Doleham . Witt JH 
Witti . Pagan de Stanford . Ric Jit Alan . 
Rob de Bouton . Ham d Hasketot . Wall 


de Langtford. Witt de RocJuford . Jacob de 
TiUebiri . Joh de Rochtford . Joh Folenfatmt. 
Dies dat^ est eis . 1 utriq^ pti in c^stin 
" Ascenc.*' 

Nor/: jf Ass de nova dissaisin in? Sihrm Jit Sirfi pel 1 

Rog* Dactt dissaisiente . de libo tenemto pda 
S. in Torp St in Bodham in respectu usq^ m 
c^slinU Jsstwipiidis jp defectu recognitor . q*a 
Witt Burnett . 1 Ric Maldit . 1 \\Rog' Figge 
Rad d Bechd \ Petr de Breiun.l Nichot 
Wiard\ Rad OxP recogfi fl ve . vl se esson . 
\ i5 atacli q tc sint apd Westm i& responsuf. 
Id dies dat^ t Ade Gruel. "X Ric de Becham 
qui veniut t ceris p essoii suos. 

Oxon. -X* JT Witt Taillard apttal Rod de Harpeden q in 
pace dni Jtr . ^ nequil eiim isultav 1 vulnlavit 
duob} locis in capite.'l in brachio .t ei 

v^*'''* ^^* robavit . v. s. 1 vij. d. 1 abscid bursam suam . 

. -. - '^ ^ 1 ostend bursam assisam .1 cicat'ces . plagar. 

hoinu suor. ^ ^ 

ptRfO^.Gilet '^ ^ ^^^ pbare p coro^ suum. Rob ven 1 

deCramford defend totii de v'bo in vbum. Considai cur, 

jf Dies dat^ f a die S*. Mich in . i. ms8.^ inum 

Bui^. f Dies dat^ est Wittb de Swajham.\ Ysaac de 

Haggeston . de pi rre a cr^stin S* Cruc in . 
jn;. dies . apd Westm. 

NtniL jf Matild de Diua pon lo . suo . WittntJUiU Othon 

v'sus Ascelin de WdGvitt de pt rre ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Chrtm. «X- f ^c Jit Rog^ apttat Rob de Harpenden qd in 

i i^siin Asc. felofl 1 in pace dni Reg eum insultav 1 

plagav ID facie \ cicatrice ostend .1 ei robav 

surcotu viridera de pcio . vij. solid . 1 hoc 



offt pbare p corp^ suu. Rob veS It defend 
totu d verbo i vbum. 

No?/.* if nova dissaisina in? Ada DecanU de 

Bumha\Rad\StepnjitBarth d Walsinham 
dissaisiatores in respectii usq^ i octab S* Tnil 
p defectu recognil t p^cept t vie qd tot faciat 
venire rec \ eligi cora utraq^ pte q assis no 

Oxon. -X- JT \iTomJit WToui apSat eund Rob qd in pace dni 
T^ eum plagav in capite 1 ei robav i. capa de 
pcio . V. s .1 vi, d. 1 offt pbare vsus eu p corp^ 
suii . Rob vefi 1 defend tot de vbo in rbum. 
f Dies dat^t eis adieS* Mich in.t. me 1 innm 
hant licenc concord . 1 inquisicio fiat in comiE 
utr plage eor ronabilr ostense fuut in comi- 
tatu • ut did. 

Dorset. ' ![ Witt de Witejeld . op . se . iiij die vsus Alured de 

Line de pT svic . \ Altered ri ve . vt se essofi . 

1 fuit petens. Jud eat sn die. 

Essex\ if Fr MartirP po . lo . lepsar puellaru de I? Jacob 
op . se . iiij. die vsus God^firid de |(Cwww?iff . de 
pt . ij. marc arg q*s ei debet ut die .1 ipe S 
ve . vt se essofi . "X hiiit diem in banco Si sumo 
testat fuit. f Jud . atacli qd sit ap Westm m 
c^stih Asces . ifi resposur^. 

Jjancastr. JT Att> de Leicestr op . se • iiij. die vsus jRi? de 
Marisco po . lo • GilebJitRermfirid de pi rre in 
WRoJcenhen . \ ipe fi ve . vl se ess . 1 fuit petes. 
jf Jud . AS5 eat sn die. 

B*csir^. if Osmund de Htcsseburn positus lo . Matild ux 

ej^. op . se . iiij. die \?8us Pe/r deBixle .1 Matild 


uxore sua. de pt fiois fci qm concessit in cur 
dai Reg . 1 ipe n ve . vl se essori . ^ dies dat? 
fuit ei in banco. Ido attach q sit ap Westm 
in octab ST T^nil ifi resposur^. 

War. jf Henr Fakonar ^ Annora ux . ejus . op . se . iiij 

die vs^ Com de Warew\ de pi advocois eccle 
de WChiritoii . \ Com fi ven vt se essoii ^ sumo 
testata fuit . Jud . advoco capiat' in man dni 
Pr 1 ipe sumoneat' q sit m ocl Vnil ih 

Ibi4. IT Ipi op^ se vsus eundCom de pt leg^faciende.l 

ipe 2 ve .15. JT Atach Com q tc sit ad eund 
rminu ih responsur^. 

Sumis. f Epc Winton op . se . iiij*^. die ^s^ Geroldtmjit 

Ric de pi recogn de . iiij. hid . 1 i. virg ?re 5 
ptinenl in Neleburn . 1 ipe Gerold fi ve . vl se 
essoii . \ fuit petes . Jud £pS eat sri die . 1; 
Gerold in mia . 1 pi ej^ scill Philipp de Hersic . 
\ Witt d Btisci silr in mia. 

Narf.* JT J^og^ ^ WBramdoh op . se . iiij. die ^sus Rog^ de 

Risinges • de placito . s • q® waranto tenet se in 
eccla de WBramdon • \ ipe n ve • vl se essoii 1 
sumo test fuit • Jud attach q sit in c^stin As- 
censidis in responsur^. 

I/cbu f ^^^ ^ WAldemumebi op • se . iiij. die vsus Petr 

de Sabloil de pi . x. li srlingor \ ipe Petr^ fi . 
ve . vl se essofi 1 sumo testal fuit. Ido attach 
q sit in c^stino Ascensidis in resposur^ .1c. 

Oxo». JT Witt Jit Henr petiit rsus Ro^ Jit Augii . i. virg 

rre cu ptinenl in Hachamsted ufi Augi auv^ 
suus saisit^ fuit ut de jure suo .1 p^ eum Henr 
fil ^& Attgii.^in q» pdcsjRcgr* n huit in- 
g*8sum n^ p mrem suam q fuit ui • scda ejusd 


Augii • c* ?ra ilia data fuit in dote . \ ipe Witt 
fuit de p'ma ux Aug!i St in pon se sup juratam 
de visneto . 1 pel rec in fi . utr Rog* alium 
ing^ssum hiiit n* p dote mns sue . Rog^ ven 1 
defend jus suu 1 poft se silr sup jurata. 
Dies dat^ est eis in c^stin See Vnital . \ tc 
veniat jurata . Rog^ pon loco suo WittdeLeue- 
kenore in ad lii . vl pd. 

Esser\ jf JacolP de TiUebin op • se • iiij. die vsus Thorn de 
Camuitt de pi marisci t rre in Fobing' . *\ ipe 
n ve • vl se esson. 

Bede/: f Dies dat^ est Wimarc q fuit ux Rob ^Glauiel Rob 
BtUevilain de pt dol in c^stin Ascensiois. 

Esses\ ff Sewalt de Oseuitt pel ('sus Rod de Hasting^' feod 
^ dimid milil c ptinenS in fVikes . illd q ||ht ei 

descende de ancess suis. Ita . s • q Rob i 
Hasting^ ded tram illam 1 feofavit AleJ^ 
f rem suu • 1 p^ decessum ejusd Rob . id AJex"" 
tenuit ?ra iUa de With fit pdci Rob \ f 
decessum ejusd Alea^ Witt fit ej^ tenuit de 
Witt Jit Rob 1 soror Alea^ fuit ava p>d5 
^ Ales' ^ Sewatt. \ sic debet ei descende de 
jure . ^ ipe 1 Rod si de uno cespite . t Radn 
p^ ee . simt dns 1 lies . q* intrusit se i feod illd 
vi \ injuste q^ descend de Rob de Hasting* . 
Rod ven t defend j^ suu A die q n est hes 
pKs sui q^ huit frem p^mogenil • q* beditate 
huit pns sui • q* fr ej^ r' Baron pns sui huit • 
1 film hiiit hede q* Rod de Ck)mhitt hi 
in ux . 1 ipe Rod . 1 ux • ej^ pos8iit eum in 
placil de ead ?ra . Ita ^ posuit se iil sup 
magnam assiS t^nsactis sex annis • \ ilia assisa 
!i dum rminata est . "^ ido n vult ei respode n' 
cur considav^it. jf Dies dat^ t eis in c^stiii 









5' Thiil ad audiend jud suu • \ Rad pofi lo • 
8U0 . Joh frem suu. 

JT Dies dat^ est Wilto de Longo Campo 1 Hub de 
Asketorp ad audiend jud 't record suu de pi 
lifttatis . in c^stin ST Tnil apd Westm. 

f Dies dat^ t Bndco de ^Hoc\ Mar gar uxori sue. 
\ Hug de Chameles \ Ric de Hottorp de pt 
magne assise . de . i. carruc ?re \ dim cu 
ptinenl in ^Mest... . in ocl ST Tnii\ Hug d^ 
Chameles posit^ loco BMH \ Marg petent 
hat bre ad sumonend recogii q tc sit ibi ad 
facienda illam assisa. 

f Dies dat^^ est Edith Pipard 1 StepJi de Irencestr 
posito loco . Henr de Norh de pt ass de m > 
aKcess . in c^stin S" T*m/. Bre iil n fuit invenl 
Rob de Brai 1 Ric de Argenl de ead ass n ve . 
vt se esso2. 

f Stevh de Bella Campo petens op . se • iiij. die 
rsus Witt de Wascuitt\ Matild ux sua de pt 
ass de m anteS St ipi n venlut vt se ess • n^ reS 
pter • iiij. \ alia vice. Jud. 

JT RoUandP de Hacsted.op . se . iiij. die ('sus Waff 
BlundU de pt debiti \ Waff fi . ve . vt se essoti. ^ 
t fuit petes. IdS Rodland eat sS die. 

f Dies dat^ est Anc^ Bhmd posito lo ux sue . 
\ With dRaimes de pt debiti xx.ti. in <fstin >^ 
Ascens ad aud jud suu. 

JT Witt Jit Rad \ Matild soror ej^. op . se . iiij. die 
9s^ Witt d pt . Iv. marc 1 xl. d. / 
1 ipe fi ve . vt se ess St ||sum5 • Ic. Ido attacti 
q sit in ocl I? T^il ifi responsur^. 


Midehex\ f Dies dat^ t Joh WBttcuinte 1 X^ane de la Ford ad 
capiend cirog*phum suu I oci 5* T^nil. jf JCana 
poR lo . suo mt de la Ford ad cap cirog*pfi 
m. 14. 

Nofif.' jf Wal^ Davffnes pet tram suam de Redham p 

plevifi rfie 5* Jb/t fl» portam Latina q capta 
fuit in ma& dfii Reg p defectu ejusd WaJ^. 
vs^ iJ«^ flte Lenliam. 

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Pr apd Westm cum JoJie de Brirves [p Ric de 
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ipi debuernt solvisse ad . iij. tmin . s. adPasch 
^mn p^ obitii Reg Ric . xviij. marc . 1 iiij. sot. 
t vj. d. 1 in f^ S* Joh Bapte • xviij. marc . 1 
iiij. s. 1 vj. d. 1 adjestum 5* Mich . xviii. marc 
1 iiij. s. 1 vj. d. 1 si ipi p^dcas . Iv. marc ii red- 
didit ad pdcos rmiii pdco Johi ipe Joh . 
tenebit tota p^dcam tram c ptinenc 1 exitib5 • 
q°usqj solvint ^pdcas . Iv. marc .^ p; q*a n 
reddid] xviij. marS . It iiij. s. 1 vj. d. ad Pasch . 
p^cepl t vie q faciat hre Johi saisina pdce Pre 
c exitib} suis. Et concessu fuit cora justic 
qd solutio debiti debet fi coram eis apd 

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ve . vl se esson. f Jud . ponant' p vad \ pleg 
qd llsit ap Westm in (f'stin See Tnil f apd^ in 

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deFleg' de pi Pre . \ Henr ft ve vl, se essoii \ 
fuit petes ut Abrah dix .1 bre n fuit iovenl . 
Id5 Abrah eat s2 die. 

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iiij. die vs^ Ascelin de JFau?viti de pi med 
eccle de Uptoii 1 ipa Ascelin ft ve . vl se essoii 
1 sumo testal fuit f Jud. Med capiat' in 
manii diii ^r . 1; dies tc • 1; ipa Ascelin sumoea- 
tur q sit apd Westm in ocl S* T^nil in 

SwSih IT Dies dat^ est Ric Captto posito lo • Witti Jit 

Walfi "l Rog* de La WClee . ad aud jud suu de 
. i. hid rre c ptinenS in Cumton in ocl S* 

SuU. f Ric de Caleston petit vsus Philipp de Caleston 

feod dim railil cum ptinenc in \\Eina\Andeur 
sicut jus suu 1 lied, Philipp veft It defend 
jus suu • \ petit visum . hat visum, f Dies 
dat^ f eis in c^stiii Ascens 1 intim fiat vis^. 

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dimid c ptinenc in Caleston y, in Cttmbford sic 
jus suu q eum conting in socagio q ptttum 
fuit inV . iij. f Fes . s . Witt de Caleston \ Eliam . 
\ Sim . \ Philipp defend jus suu It pel visum • 
hat visum, jf Dies dat^ t eis ad eund tminu . 
It in?im • fiat visus. 

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pilon . Alex' Mangant missi ad vidend si 
inPmit uri Gaufr Picot essoii se vsus Her- 
veia film Eustach eet lang^r vl fl . dicunt q a 
est lang^r . \ qd pos&unt ei die a die Pasch in . 
jcv. dies apd Westm .1 tc veiL Gaufr dix qd 
oiiis n f Sut milif q' fe§unt visum de eo Si q 
Rot Cuh. Ueo. y 


OS mortales inimici sui f8ut. ITueiP op . se c 
campioii suo armato . t petiit record 1 jud 
suu . It GauJT Picot dix q campio suus p 
llsulticia sua posit^ t in gaola dni Reg 1 petiit 
eum p vad 1 pleg, jf CoDsidatu t qd Gat^r 
hat eu p pleg. Dies dat^ ^ei a die ST Joh 
Baple . in . rv. dies . adfaciendjluellum. 

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Mich de pi aud record 1 jud. d pi nativoni 
1 Witt n • ve . vl se esson. jf Jud . ponr in 
respect usq^ in c^stin Ascens . cora . G.Jit Pe^* 

Midelsex\ f Gaufr de Wethamsted po . lo . ux sue . op . se . 
iiij. die vsus Martin de Captta de pi dol ux .ej^. 
s . rcie ptis ville de Twiford . 1 MartirP n . ve . 
vt se esso&. jf Jud tra ilia capiaf^ in manu 
diJi Pr . 1c . 1 MartirP sumoeat' a sit ap Westni 
in c*5/m ^«ceniresponsur^qr n svav die suii a 
die Pasch in . arv. dies \ responsur de capitali 

Norli. jf Dies dat^ est Priori de SimpUngh de aud jud 1 

record suo de pi advocois eccle d Dadingtw 
in ocl See Trinil apd Westm * . 1 id For op . 
se . iiij. die vsus eund Com de eod plac . 'I tc S 
ve . Com vl se esson SI hiiit alia vice die p 
essoii suii a die S* Mich in . iij. septim . 1 tc n . 
ve .vl se esson . 1 advoco ilia capta fait in 
manu dni Pr 15 p ejusd Com defectu .\ Com 
sumoit^ adee apd Westm a die Pasch in . jv. 
dies iS responsur^. !l . ve . vl se essoii .1 pdcs 
Prior tc optul se. 

NarhiA. ff Joh Candicus posit^ lo . Prioris de Kirkeham . op . 
se . iiij. die vsus Thorn fX Liulf* de pi rec 
ultime psentati5is p® ad ecctam de Ilderton. 
\ ThoM n . ve . vl se essoii .1 hiiit die a die 



P(uch in . av. dies . sfi essonio in banco, f Jud . 
ponr in respectu us% in c^stin Assnsidis • ap 

Norf^ f Ysaac de ^Febnigha . op . se . iiij. die . v'sus Ilic€le 

Becham de pt recog eccte d Becham \ ipe fi 
ve. vt se essofi St fuit petes, jf Jud. Ysaac 
eat sfi die. 

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land. 9sus Rob de Setvaus .\ Malg^ de Wigebg" 
ad . lu . vt pd. 

Vorf: f Wilt de Hauuitt pel vsus Rad de Herlam . i. car? 

rre c ptin in Elchegeton sic jus suii 1 tied . uii 
avus 1 pr suus f Sut saisiti • ut de feod % jure • 
1 Rad venit 1 defend jus suu . 1 petit in 
visum • hat visum. JT Dies dat^ est eis in ocl 
5* TnU apd Westm .1 inftm fiat visus. f 't 
WUt pen in loco suo. Ric de S^ EdmHd. ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Camiebrii. f JoJl de pteshat capt^ c falso brevi evasit in 
ecctam 5* Clem . t abjurav ?ram . J. Dni 

Olo9§g. JT ^Herun de Halecumb po . lo • suo . Magrm Joscel 

Mcrescatt vl Witt cticum suii v^s^ Matfim 
de \\Dautef de pt rre in Nubelee ad lu • vt 

I^eicest?. ^ ^^ MatUuuett posuit coram dno . G.j/?/ Pe/* loco 
suo Rad yGfrim 9s^ Witt de Rideware de pt Pre 
^ bosci . ad lu • vt pd. 

Midelse^. f Gaiifr de Wathamsted posit^ lo . ux . sue . op . se 

iiij. die vsus Mor/in dKaptta de pt dotis uxoris 

sue . in Tw^fbrd . It ipe n ve . vt se . esspn. 

^ Jud.dos ilia capiat' i maii dni Pr. 1c. \ 

Y 2 



Martin^ sumoeat' q sit ap Westm in c^stin 
Ascetic Dfii in resposur^, 

Wiltesir. f Witt de Roges petiit curia Henr de Bukum de 
pi qd f in? Ranulf de WGerain 1 Witt de Fci 
iiij. die an pt. 

Caniebr. IT Oms tre It possoes Rod Giffard 1 PhiUpp de 
WSurnii jubent' ee in bona pace • p bre Dtii 
Dtic Norm 'I q 2 implacit' de aliq® teneiSto 
suo . q* diu f 8int in §vicio Dni Due ultra 
mare. T*. bri dni . G.Jit Pe^ sigillato. 

••* jf Ric de Craudon \ Gaufr de Adersl missi ad 
audiend It vidend q For de B^newett q^ langki^ 
est ut dr vellet ponle lo . suo de loqla q est 
int ipm \ ETveiUf* Ettstach de Cantebr . sup . 
iiij. mesag . " q id Herevic clam " vs^ eudem 
m.l4.djorS. ^*Reg'' 

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v^sus Ric Jit Date 1 oms alios contentos 
in eod bri . de pt rre de Geiste .ad lu . vf 

Hunted. f Dies dat^ est Henr de 5* Mauro 1 Roglo de 
WDamiel . Leticie de S" Mauro 1 WittO Jit Rob 
de pt recogn de m an a die S^ Trinilin.xv. 
dies pee ptium t inrim hant licencia concord. 
Id dies dat^ est Henr de Lech .... 1 Ric de 
Brit ail . \ JoTi de Weret. \ Johjit Rad recogfi 
p essofi suos . t aliis q^ venliit in banco. 

Surr. jT WitatJitRob poii . lo . suo A lured Fabr \?sus Ric 

frem suu de pt rre ad lu . vt pd. 

Surf". if Dies dat^ f Reginald de Clifton 1 Auic de Wodeha 

de pt rre ad lu . vt pd. 



MtfUed. JT Dies dat^ est Wall de Stilton . poito lo . Rob Jit 
Joh \ Turstan ctico de Jakest de pi morf 
ancess . in adveol justic in • ptib3 iB pee 

Kent. f Sim de Evlench po . lo . suo Witt eticum suii 

vsus Rob de Einesbroc de pt tre . ad lu . 
vt pd. 

Essex\ f AtSbissa de B^hm^ po . lo . suo Reginald de 
Fontib} v^sus Ricf^ Witti de pi marisci 1 vsus 
Godiva de pt recog . de m a&cess ad luc 
vt pd. 

Dorset. jf Rog^ d Mortuo Mori . po • lo . suo Rad Capttan 
8UU vs^ EudonS Martett de pt ultim psntacois 
p* ad ecctiam de Stipehvinfburn.zA luc.vt 
p . cora . G.Jit PetK 

fftf: JT Dies dat^ f Lep^sis de ITff* T; Alan de Boxe de 

pt regnicois duar ac*m p^ti • a die Lune pa^ 
^festH . 5*. JoU an Porta Latina . in «?. dies p 
G.Jit Fefi. 

Warewic. f Dies dat^ t Rob Jit ^Raine . 1 Hug^ de Loges . \ 
Marg^ ux.sue de pt.ij. virg t?re in Cesfton 
a die Sci . Mich in un mensem pee ptiiL 

jf Omes assise ptin ad Com de JubemarlsA holes 
tsuo q* silt in svico Dni Ducis . pont' in respcm 
sn die. Dum ipe Com \ holes f8nt in svico 
suo ult* mar. 

jg^^^^ Loqla inr fVitt de BlUvitt \ Ric de Engayn . \ ux 

ej^ de . iiij. ti rre in Sterleshey . po' in respcm 
usq^ ad fadvend Dni Ducis in Angl p bre ipi^ 
Dtwis de ult* mar T: p bre . G.Jit PetK Et 
demada q exigit' ab ipo Ric de deb dni Reg 
similit po' in respcm usq^ ad Jest Sci . Mich p 
jPdca bna. 

Y 3 



jf Bx>g^ de Mortuo Mar petiit cur sua de ioqla q t 
inr Joh de Bramton \ Marg^ de WBoctoii.Ae 
?ra de WKirdeb ad hora cora G.ft Pefi. T bn 

Itt/: Assisa ven regnosSe si Witts Jit WdUceUn inj^te 

\ sii judo dissaisivit Hug* Noel . de lilto tefi 
suo in KenfUon. jf Jurator dfit qd Witt$ ita 
mitf • dissaisiv eu. f Jud Ht^' in ima p fto dam. 

MideUei^. f Ass vefi regnosSe si Aihvard WItwonis . t jRic 
||/w«;onw 1 /o/^ Lefstan .^ Gunild vidua inj^te 
1 sii judo levaverf q**dda fossat in KingesK p^ 
scdam corofi diii Pr . ad nocumtu libi tenem 
GiUebr de CaxU^. f Jurator dnt qd p>d5 ^ ita 
levaverl fforssat illd jf Jud fossal ^naJC 1 
alii in mia. 

BedffJ IT Abbas de Warden ponit . lo • suo . Hu^ MonaS 
suii €>s^ Hug" Wac .\ Matitt ux ej^ \ JoJiem 
de BuilU \ Ceciliam ui sua de pt advois 
ecclie de Wardun ad luc vl p. 

Midlescjf. f Ass de mort a&cessoris inr GiUebr JU Guni petn. 
\ Martin de Braton ten . de dim hyd t^re cu 
ptin in Hendun pon' in respcm us% m ocl 5*. 
Thiitatis p>ce ptiu \ tc ve!l ass . \ pcepl t 
Witto Jil Othonis qd hat tc ipm Gillebr ad 
vidndu • si t inf * etate an no. 

Kantebr. jf Pet^'nitt de Mortuo Mar po.loc suo Watt Jit 
Rob vs^ Roglm del Ech • de pt dotis ad luc 
vl p. 

Kantehr, f R^gi^Ji^ '^^if Mich Jit Or gar • ||Em • missi cu 
bn vie ad testificand ut^ Absoio Jit Absolonis 
llqd fuit * Witti Arch in Kantebr. sn. Bernard 
Grim llteiiat Uid in dnico diit qd AbsoUm Chotte 
pat Absolonis . tenuit illd de B*nard Grim in 




f9'iu <w« 






feoff t liedi! 1 p^^ morte ipi^ Absolonis Enard 
Grim intuit se in tram ilia 1 ten} se int^.'l 
hoc id testaf^ p iq^icoem iil fcam in com 
p vie, 

jf Abbas de Westm pel p plevina a die Pasch in . 
iij. sept advoem captte de Epping^ q capl 
fuit in mail dni ^r. 

ff Vic significav qd cep in man d&i Pr • dim hyd 
?re cu ptifl in Cesfton . qua Rob Jit WReine . 1 
Gundr ui ej^. 1 Julian . clamat vs^ Hug^ de 
Loges . t Marg* ux ej^ p eo^ defcu m (fstin 
Set Mathe ApU. 

f JuUan de Burgauitt posuit loS suo cora . G.Jit 
Pe^ Phiiipp de Osedon vim suii 9sP Hewr de 
Pinken de pt advSis ecctie de \\AudeU. 77 

f Dies dat^ est Wittb de WRidemare posito loco 
Com de Feres 1 Hospital de pi ?re . a die 
S^ Mich in . av. dies pee ptium. 

f Dies dat^^ est eid Witto \ Hug" de Seile de pi 
Pre ad eund tminum pee ptium \ in^m hant 
licencia concord. 

jf Magr Greg^ p3it^ loco Ejli Dunelnl • op ; se . iiij. 
die vsus Ric de Euihench . de pi • ij. carruc ?re 
5 ptinenS in Skipwic St Ric n ve . vt se ess . "X 
huit die p esson suu a die PascJl in . av. dies. 
jf Jud • rra ilia capiat' in manu dni Reg • \Z. 
1 Ric sumoeat' q sit apd Westm adieS* Mich 
in . av. dies ap Westm in responsur^. 

f Matitdq^ fuit uxor Alan de Hindringh . po . lo. suo 
Ric de U Wilethon vsus Epm Norewic \ Forem 
deNorew.lPetr de Manton ^Rog'deffUngk. 

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'I RadJilTheob.\ Witt d Pirlhog' de pt?.ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Hunted. JT Dies dat^ t WUto de Stilton poito lo . Rob fi 
Joh . 1 Turstan Ctico de ^Joket de pt magne 
assise, in adventu justic p>ce ptium. 

Hat/: IT Ass ve . re . si Azor pf JoK fuit saisit? i d&ico 
suo ut de feodo die q^ obiit • de . xij. acf rre 
It . i. mesag in Torpt. 1c ,1 Witt de Mora q* 
tra illam tenet • die q ass n debet in fi . q^ 
tenet tm ilia de dono Com WUti . c^ carta ipe 
ostend • 1 vocat iil ad warantu . Gaufr Jt 
Gatffr. « . q^ debet ei ria ilia warantizare . q'a 
in carta continet' • q id Com t hades sui 

debent ei rra 1 hedib} suis 9* oi 

h5ies. f Ass recessit p licenc ad sumonem. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis in ocl fif TW/ . ad aud 
jud suii. 

Essex'. jf Sarra de Cotes po . lo • suo Reginald de Roinges 
vt Samson de Cotes v^sus Witt Lteuel de pt 
ad lu . vt pd. 

m. 16. 
Huntedt. f O's ass q ptinet ad dflm Canl vt ad bailliv suos 
vt ad wardas suas It p^cipue assis de WStottoh 
conting Ricf* Nigelli Batti Dfli Cant ponf in 
respecl usq^ in c^stin S^ Thdl p bre Dili 

Bedef: f Ass de nova dissaisifi in? Sim de Bello Campo 
petenl 1 Priore de \\Letton dissaisiatore de coi 
pastura p^dci Sim in Lichet ponr in reelect 
usqj in ocl Tnil p defectu rec t id dies dat^ 
t rec q* venlunt in banco . 1 cen atacti. 

Suj: JT Wai^ Jit WUti ven in cur . 1 cep homag Wttti. 

J* Gileb deColetdtt de tra sua de WFauthaX 



cognov tram illam ee jus suu \ hed ipius 

NorHt. iT Loqla inr Porem de Simptingh 1 Com Dd de 
ecctia de ^Dattinton . \ HevSr de Armters de 
pi divisaf ponr in respecl usq^ in.jn;. diesjP 
/• 5* JoH Baple p bfe . G.Jit Fei^. 

Cantebr. ff Ass ve . re . si Wali de Brumford injuste 1 sn 

judico diss Lepsos de Stiebrig* de libo tenemto 

suo in Cumbton inf* ass. jf Jur did q ita 

dissaisiv eos. f Jud . Lepsi hant in saisina 

inia. sua 1 Walt in mia. Dampnu f dim marS. 

Suffl' JT Dies dat^ est AtSbi de Sco Edmdo p Rob de 

Wodtford . t Magrm " Gileb'' poitos lo . suo .t 
Senesc Epi Elieni de pt libtat in ocl S* Tmi. 
JT Id dies dat^ est Osb de Wacheshd. 

Suf." f Magna ass inr Emma de Cantelou pel 'X AdS 

Cokerett de rra de Bukeshatt ponr in respectu 
usqj ^in . «;. fUes^ in ocl S* Trinil p defectu 

Canieb¥. f Magna ass ve • re . si Wido de WOUi tenes hat 
majus jus tenendi . ij. virg rre c ptinenl in cur 
d BMrJit Baldr q^ illas clam vsus eum p 
mia. bre de recto . an Baldric^ in diiico. jf Jur 

did qd Wido maj^ jus « tenendi ?ra illam de 
eo . q' Baldric^ in dfiico. JT Jud . Wido teneat 
in pace 1; BahS^ in mia p falso clam .1 cep 
homag Widon in in cuf. 

NorIL ff Ass de nova diss, in? Witt f Sim petente.1 

EUamJit Magri Oggli tenente . de lib te . suo 
in HotUofL Quia Elias die q recupavit in 
saisina cora justiS itiniantib3 afi Norti.s. 
Archid Eliens 1 Osb Jit Hervei t soc suis 
v'sus Matild de WHottoh . p cirog^ph q pf t i£l 



fcm . q h testat^ f Dies dat^ t eis in c^stin 
Asces . 1 Witt hat bre ad sumonend ipam 
Matitda sit apd Westm . tc ostesura q're fee 
fine de rra q* n huit . n* in custod c ipo Wilto. 
ut WHt^c. 

Essejf. ff Dies dat^ f Rob de S^\Avdoeh .1 ♦ Gtcbaudde pt . 
X. solid §vic in Sandon .a die ^ TMnil in . xv» 
dies \ inrim licenc hant concord. 

jBi?. JT Ass • de • m • a&cess in? Bx>b f* Gerard\ MatiH 

de JldhS It Nichot fit suu de • xx. acr rre c 
ptinenl in ^Laneha ponf in • respectu usq^ in . 
oct ST Trinit p defect recogn . quia Hug^f* 
Hu^ essofi se p Witt.1 JoHs de Hecham ;f p 
Rob. jf Id dies dat^ est eis p essofi suos 1 
Robjit Itsabett q n • ve . vt se essoii attach qd 
tS sit ibi . 1 id dies dat^ f rec qui venlut in 
banco . \ pcept est viS q faciat tot recogniE 
venire q^n ass remaneat . \ Matild poil in lo • 
suo Nichot fit suii ad lu • vl pd. 

Dorset. ff I'oo Martett pon lo . suo FromOdu cticiun ^sus 
Ro^ de Mortuo Mari de pt ultime p^enta- 
ti5is ad ecctam de Winibwmeton. 

Nmf: ^ Assis ve re . si Wall de Wirha .1 Gileb ho ipi^.t 

Wittde Sutorp^ Gerald^ de Huhno 1 Wittde 
Fincebt . 1 Witts Jit Witti injuste 1 sii judioo 
diss Rog' \ Martinn .1 Wittf WitUf Ysabel 
™^"' de . ti • te . suo in Wirha p^ scdam coron Dfii 

Pr. Jur dicut q ipa ita dissaisiv eos . Jud • Rog^ 
1 Martin 1 Witt hant in saisina . \ ipa in mia 
p diss • dampn j. marc. 

Caniebr. ff Reginald^ de Stford poit^ lo . Sibitt de Escat \ 
Matild q fuit ux . Stephi Canuti . concord si de 
pt dol ipi^ Matild q» ipa petierat 9sus ipam 


Sibillam • p sic qd i^ Sibitta redd ipi Matild 
dote suam de tra q fuit StepJi viri sui in Seford. 
\ ipa Matild . dedit ei fin . xl . s. 

Hunted. JT IM^ dat^ f Priori de 5* Neoto \ Rob Engaine . 
de pt advocois eccte de c^stin 
Asc Dni . pee ptium. 

Kent. f Magfi ass . inr Hug^ de Bosco . \ Margaret 

uxore ej^ petentes . t Witt de Saldf* tenente 
de feod dim milil cum ptinenc in Sil/brd pon? 
in respectQ usq^ in (fstin 5* Thtil p defectu 
rec . quia Jdd de WCtmitg^ . i . rec ess . se p Rob 
de WDuii . Petr de WRutett p Wittm . Ric de 
Wabanl p Gauff . Fulco Pentesch p Gileb 
Filet. Ric de B'go p Greg". Wall de Doure p 
Sini.Hu^ de Eule p fid ad eund 
PmiS. jf Id dies dat^ est cens q* vefiut in 

Nor/: f Dies dat^ f Hug' de Bosco 1 OUvio de pi catal- 

lor in (^stin ST TVii/ Pee ptium. 

jLinc. f Dies dat^^ t Alea:' de Pointon \ With Jit Rob . \ 

Alard Ruffb de pt §vi8 t homag .a die S" 
TMnit in . :cv. dies. AlartP poll i!i lo . suo 
Clemtem filiu suu ad lu . vt pd. 

JT Dies dat^ f Alardo Rujffb 1 WittoJitRob de pi 
te \ Hani a die ^ Tnit in .av. dies y 

Nor/: jf Ass de m antec in? Hu^JitGensi petente.t 

AMh BaibuUoc .1 Gileb de \\B*ton t WBrithriu' 

de Broketon tenenl . de . xx. acr rre cum ptin 

in Buketon remanet . q^ ipa Brictiua ven % 

C diS q illd qd tenet de ?ra ilia tenet in dote sua 

' 1 qd illdq tenet de ?ra ilia tenet in dote sua q^^ 


ei ded ff fldci Hu^ . \ nicR in clam . 1 JSi^ 
h i(t congii. 

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Magrm Alea^ de pt ad vocois eccte de B^destapt 
ad lu . vt pd. 

if Ro^ ft Witti .% Goslan^ de Stowe poiti f8ut p 
vad \ pi adee apd Westm . a die Pasch in . 
Uj. sepl . ostensuri q*re n veflut a/^ S* HUar 
in . XV. dies qui debSut testificasse cum Gai^ 
de WColumben ||q die ei posSut n ve . vt se essofi . 
\ pi Goslan fSut fFo// efe HaUa Holdat^ de 
Askebi . pi WimjitGaufr Rod de Noff. Witt 
Auche . t ipe Will essofi se p Wibtumft Rob . 
pi Rog' f Witti si .Ric Jit Rob .\ Alejf 
Breke^ . n*' pi eo? !i ve . vl se essoii. 

f Jud • attacH p meliores pi • \ p^mi pleg sumdeant' 
in ocl 5* Trinii in resposuf. ff Id dies dat^f 
Witt ft Gaufr p essofi suii. 

\i/i/i/. if •^<>^ Mauduit po. lo. sua. Henr Capttana suii 

vsus Gerard de Mang^nei de pi advocois ecde 
de Audrington . ad luc*. vl pd. 

Soi/U. JT Ass in? Ramilff Lambti pel ^ iJic/» flt^/i de 
m • anc de • ij. virg rre c ptinenl in MtdetoH 
remanet quia Ric q^ tengs est infiu etate f. 

f Thorn de Recheford. op . se . iiij. die vsus Hu^ 
de Plugenei .\ ipe Si ve.vl se essofi.Jud. 
atact qd sit apd Westm in ocl ST Trinii ifi 

JT Joh Maiuluit op • se • iiij. die • ^ iiij*^ v sus Ge- 
rard de \\Mang*nei de pi ultime psenl eccle de 
WAtidrington • 1 ipe ri ve • vl se esson . Jud. 
GeranP irm sumdeat' q sit apd Westm i 


V- K 


ocl 5* Trinil ifi ||respon8uri . ^ Wiffjit Joh . 1 
Rod Jit Reginald. Hug' de Rode.1 Seier de 
Teuton . Rob de Wmbtutt. Ric de Dunhag" rec 
in r^ n ve • vt se esson • attacH q tc sit ibi . lH 
dies dat^ f ceris qWe • 1 aliis p esson suos^ 

Norh. JT StepK de dai • op . se . iiij. die 9sus Rod de MuS" 

chans de pi vad ?re qd fuit Witti de ST G^man 
1 ipe n • ve . vt se esson. (f Jud atach q sit 
apdWestin af 5* T'nUin.av. dies. 

♦•• f J%s Hospital Jertm . op • se . iiij. die vsus Witt 
de \\Clumton de pT . i^. virg rre c ptin in Upping* 
ham . 1 ipe ii ve . vt se esson St sumo testal 
fuit Jud . ?ra capiatur in mafi . dni Pr IS St 
Witt sumdeat' q sit ap Westffi in (*stin S* 
TMml in resposur^. 

m. 15. dors. 

Hunted. f As3 de m . a&S . de • ij . virg rre 1 difii cum ptin 
in Adelingtoh in? Ptutippajit S^ane petente . 
\ Giled de Linton \ Matild filam sua . 1 Wittm 
vim ejusd Matild tenentes ponr in respect . 
usq. in ocl ST 2Vmi/.quia ijte Gilebt Witt 
ve^ut 1 vocaPiit i!I ad waranl Attem de 
Ramesia St t8 hant. f Id dies dat^ t omib} rec 
in banco. Witt hi bre \ noia reS. 

Kent. ^ Dies dat^ t Wittde Badelesfn!e St Witt de Siuele^ 

don de pi rre . in . ocl ST Thiil pee ptium. 

H't/S JT Ass . ve . re . si Rob pr Witti Franci fuit saisit^ 

in dfiico suo ut de feod . de . viij. acr Pre cu 
ptinenl in Gedelestan die q* obiit.15. Q» 
?ram Witts Jit Godejr tenet . 1 Witt Jit Godfr 
veil 1 vocat in ad waranl. G.JitGaiffr hede 
fit Witti . Com de Mandevitt . 1 pdux carta 



in JoK de la RokeUa de dono illius Jt cofir- 
matidem Com TVUti q^ fuit ties ejusd Jok 
ut Witt die. jf Dies dat^ t eis in ocl S* 
Thul ad aud Jud suu. 1 ass remaneat donee 

Dorset. jf Rog^ de Mortuo Mart • op • se • iiij. die vsus 
Eudon Martett de pt ultime psenl eccte de 
WvnSburn t viS n misit bre in . n*' rec in ve- 
niut vt esson . \ ido considatii f q Ro^ hat 
bre ad vie q faciat venire assisam illam m . 
ocl Sr Trini/. t tc ibi hat bfe 1 respond qr fi 
misit hf adie Pasch in . ii;. sepl 1 hat ibi noia 

Cantehf. jf Dies dat^ t Sim Luuet 1 Rad de Langetot de pi 
tre in ocl ST Trinil . \ innm fiat visus. 

Line. (f Emma de Ribi . op . se . iiij. die ^sus Rod de 

Burum de pt magn ass de . iiij. carr ?re c 

ptinenl in jRiif.tipe se esson. t 

m. fuit petes • Judm. jT Ipa eat q^etat jRofi in 

nua p defalta sua. 

Norh. ff Susanna q fuit ui Rog* de CoUntr • op . se . iiij. 

die . ^sus Basil custod ?re 1 Hed WAilidde Co- 
Untr . 4k ^ ipa Basil fi ve . vt se ess ^ de pt 
ronabit dot sue . de libo tenemto q fuit ipi^ 
Rogli q^nda viri sui in Colintr . 1 ipa Basil 5 . 
ve • vt se essofi . t sumo testaC fuit. jf Jad 
reia ps . i^. virg rre q fuit ipi^ Rogii in 
Colintr capiat' in manu dni ^; "IS . ^ ipa Basil 
sumoeat' q sit apd Westm in ocl S* jTVii/ ill 
respons • 1 Susann pon lo • suo . Steph cCcum 
suu . ad lu . vt pd. 

Essej^. ff Dies dat^ t Rob de WB'ner . 1 Sim Jit Sim . de pt . 
iiij. ti . q*s Sim Jit Sim cdcessit Rad d || J5rn?e* 


2 YsabetrSbi sua ki.ocl S" Trinil.'i ipe SOU 
concessit ipi Rod xL sot reddit^ de manlio de 
Ginges • ad pficiend . iiij. lib? ^dcas . ufi 
moniales de Clerkenewett hnt xx. solid ex 
dono ipi^ Sim . q°s ipe Sim cognov q ded cici^ 
Ysahett fit sue . xx. solid reddit^ q* m5ialib} 
pdcis . 1 intim faciat pdSe Sim q^tu predSar 

E$u£. fi Ass . de • m • antec . in? Gaiffr de Cotes. 1 Mabilid 
ux • ej^.1 Sarrd sorore sua petenl 1 WittLuuett 
tenenl . pon? in . respect in . av. dies j^ f^ S^ 
Trinil quia Witt Luuett vocav in ad waranl 
Radjil Rami hat eum ad pd8m ?minu. Null^ 
reS ve . vl se esson [p?] Ro^ Mtmwod q* se 
esson p Martin. Ce^ ataclk q tS sint ibi • ad 
faciend ass • qr noia WiH d Bukingh hi cum 

H'tf: jf RX f* Evlard. op . se . iiij. die . v^sus Martina dc 

Bercqueia de pt le gis vadiat e . 1 MartifP fi . 
ve . vt se esson • 1 fiiit petes. ^ Jud • Ric . 
eat iii sfi die . t Martin? in mia . quia ti 

H'eford. f Witt de Mara . op . se • iiij. die 9sus Eustach de 
Bask^vitt de pt pasture % Eustach no ve. 
vt se essotl \ sumo testata fuit jT Jud 
Eustach atacti q sit apd Westm a festo Joh 
Bapl in . xv. dies ifl responsu? • t vie tc hat 
p^mum bre p qd placitii fuit mol in comitatu. 

NorhamT. JT Pnor de W(a^ . op . se . iiij. die vsus Com Cesir 
de pt consuetud 1 9vic • 1 Com n5 ve . vt se 
essoil . 1 fuit petes, jf Jud . Prior eat ifl 
sfl die • 1 CoSi hat tale recupare q^le hre 



Norf: jf Hemr del Frith , op • se • iiij. die vsus Peir frem 

suu de pi finis f 2i in cur p cirog^t . 1 ipe 3 . 
ve • vT se essofi • % sum testal fuit jf Jud 
ponat' p vad \ salv pleg q sit in ocl S. Trinil 
apd Westm in responsur^. 

Ghuc. ff AtSb de Persora po . lo . suo Hug^ Porcariu vsus 

WUtde B*ce$lai.\ vim sua de pt injuria s^ fee . 
ad lu • vt pd. 

Smi^set. jf Thorn de Rochtf" W} .\o . Reginald de AWenwSr . 
op . se . iiij. die vs^ Pagan d fFalto q* se esi d 
m . led a die S^ Hilar in . av. dies St visus i& S 
fuit f8s n* testificat^, "l vie n misit bre illd 
de pi rre . \ ipe fi ve . vl se esson. jf Jud. 
Thorn hat bf e ad vie q faciat ifi fi visum . 1 q 
sit apd Westm in ocl S* Trinil . ostensur^ q*re 
& feS fi in visum n* testificari sic ei p^cepf 
fuit . t qd tc ibi hat noia visorum t bfe de 
visu illo. 

Bede/.* (f Vic significav q cep in mafi dni Pr . ij. virgal rre 
cum ptinenl in Holm q*s Witt f* Ric clam 
9sus Add f^ Yuon p defectu ipi^ Ade . die 
Javis an Ckithedr 5* Pet^ . p visum Sim de 
Holm t Laur de Dunton. 

Comta. Hug^ dcBeUoCampo • op . se . iiij. die vsus MabiM 

de pi feod.i. milil in B^nartonA 
ipa fi . ve . vl se esson 1 fuit petes . 1 Hu^ 
eat in sri die. 

Caniebr. ff Hervei^ f* Etisl . ^el . ii). mesag v^sus Pk)re d 
B*newett cum ptin in Canted sic jus suu 1 
hediL fVitt Supp^or vefi 1 defend jus siiu .1 
pel in visum . hat visum jf dies dat^ t eis tf 
die 5* Joh in . av. dies . It inrim fiat visus. 


S^' fi Magr Giled po . lo . At*) de 5* Edmund, op . se . 

iiij. die v^sus Hum/rid d Kriketot de pi furcar 
injuste levator ad suspend latrones 9* libtate 
5* Edmund. \ ipe n . ve . vt se esson. jf Jud . 
attach q sit ap Westm in ocl 5* Trinil . in 

f f Marg' q fuit ux Pe^ • op . se . iiij. die . v^sus Sim 

f Pe^ d \\Wetemore de pt dotis de libo 

tenemto pdci Pei^ viri sui . It ipe Sim ri ve • vl 
se esson. jf Jud . tercia ps de Wigemore 
capiat' in mari diii ^ • ItS . 1 Sirh sumoeat' q 
sit ap Westm die Jov' pxim' f f S Tnil in 
resposur^. ^ 

in. 16. 

Saiap. f AfflT^ qfuit nx. Reginald de \\ fVitemore . op . se . 

iiij. die vsus Sifiijit Pe/*. de pi do? sue in 
WWitemare . 1 ipe n . ve . vl se essori . \ sumo 
test fuit. jf Jud. tercia ps de ^Wigemore 
capiat' in manf d^ diii ^r. \ Sim sum5eat' qd 
sit apd Westm dU Jov' pjf p^ f* S" Thiil iii 

Nozf:' f Huf* de II Winelehei . op . se . iiij. die v'sus Rog^ 

CapttanU de pi . ^. solid . 1 iij. d. reddit^ d 
Buketon 1 ipe ii . ve . vl se essofi . 1 sumo fuit 
testata. If Jud. attach q sit apd Westffl m 
ocl 5* T^nil in responsur^. 

E^. JT Dies dat^ f Joh de Lacett.1 Sim de Lindon de pi 

Line. , ? . «n act' S\ Tnil f>ce ptiu . \ inPim hat lie 


Vinf.* f Com Ro^ le Bigod . op • se • iiij. die Psus Hug^ 

Bigot de pi ctrog^B recipiendi de fine f co in 
cur . \ ipe Hu^ fi . ve . vl se essoK . 1 vie sig- 
RoT. Cua. Rio. z 


nificav qd n fuit invel?. jT Jud . Com hat bie 
ad vie ad Hattachiend eum q sit ap Westm a 
die S' Mich . in • iij. sept ad recipiend cirog^% 

Bedef.* Jf Witt de HocUve 1 Rod Jit Ric duo rec • de nova 
dissaisina araniata inr EUam cticum de ^Hoc- 
ton pel . *l GregoriU CampiU . p q* ipe EBas 
recupavit saisina vsus ipm G^goria • 1 un Greg' 
qstus fuit q ipe Elias occupav plus de libo 
tenemto suo in WHocton . q* ipe Etias recupavit 
p ass • I un visus f cs n fuit • dnt q fecimt 
visum . de . i. virg rre • \ dim tofto c una domo 
in \\Hocton . 'I q in ei p rec saisina dedunt.1 
qd Elias occupav sup 6?^ • i* virg rre in 
WHocton. un n feciit visum n° dedunt ei saisina 
p rec . 1 hoc sign ||bre justic in banco . p bfe 
suii sigillatii scd mandatQ . G.JitPe^. JT Con- 
sidatii t q^Elias sit in mia p injusta occupatioe. 
1 qd &^ hat in saisina . 1 ut ipe Elias qrat 
bre v^sus ipm G^g* . si volfiit 

Essex^. JT J^i^s dat^ est RobJitAmhros de Pindon 'X Hospital 
de pi rre in Pendon in octab See T}nii . pee 

Kent. f Dies dat^ est Sim Jit \\Alin petenti 1 Ham PeSel 

in c^stino Ascensois \ ||itm fiet ptitio in? eos de 
duab} ac*s rre c ptin in Calleford^c cyrog*phii 
fcm inr eos testat' \ pticio ilia significef 
justic in banco . ad eud rmin . p ij. l^al 
hoies q* inrfuert ptoi .1 qd Sim \ Hamo tc at 

Sun^sete. jf Helias Talebot petit vsus Atbem de Forde feod. 
i^. miU? in Strete . \ feod • i^. milil in Etflei 
sic j^ suu \ heditate q* invadiavat Judeis . 1 


q* . Maths Oisel cuj^ filia hi aq*etav de Jud . 1 
ufl id Maths fuit saisit^ qn arripuit it v^sus 
Jertm . 1 q* . t*didit pdco EUe [sic ilia de 
q* Gaufr pf ej^ se dimiserat] . q* ipe ei 
deforciat ut dicitA in q* intuit se [y^te] 
du fuit in pegrinacoe sua • Abbas ^dicit^ 
venit 1 defendit jus suu 1 die qd " Gaufr 
Talebot'* pal predci EUe vendidit et 9eessit 
predcm feod de Strete ecclie de Forde • \ 
qn hueii in saisina venit Ric de Lisewis \ 
inplacitavit Atd:>em 1 Conventu de Forde. 
Ita qd Atbs vocavit inde ad warantu, predcm 
^* Gaufr'W ita qd " Gat{fr [\ EtiasY «veSilt 
in curiam \ warantizavut At^i ilia tram [apd 
Westm] 1 posuit se in magna ass dfii Reg • 
p q* . predcs [iWcJ recupav saisina versus 
ipos \ Witts ''\EliaJ' Et q*a ipe ''Gaufr'* 
debuit [tra] ilia ipi A^\ wai*antizare un eum 
voca^at "X q* amisat p ilia ass. " Id A6b p 
carta ipi^ Gaufr . q* huit'^ ^i^ milil+ [T: p 
record cur Reg . 1 p jud cur Com J. recupav 
feod . i. miliL] in Hetfeld [i Escambiu de 
Strete'] \ ita tenent feod de Hetfeld \ hnt 
\ dicit [prea] qd Atebs \ Convent^- de Forde 
eiSunt [p^ea de pdco Ric] predcm feod de 
StUe p^q . recuperavit tra ilia p ipam ass . . • 
Helios di5 a "Gaw/r" pr suu^ posuit se in 
magna as3 vsus ipm Ric . in curia dni Reg 
% qd asisa ilia sumonita fuit in curia Comil 
Jofus 'X qd asisa n5 fuit ibi capta p defcu 
recognil . It qd Abbas vi \ inj^te intuit se in 
illd feod 1 petit qd ei allocet' qd asisa ilia n5 
fuit ibi capta . in curia dni Reg. Et defendit 
qd magna ass ii fuit in in curia ita sumonita. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud suu I xv. dies jP 
z 2 



fesl SciJoh . Atsb pon loco suo AIm^ de Home 
m . TC. 

Dorsete. j G.JitPet^ madav justic p Gat^ clicu de Lond 
qd Rob Jil Pagan posuit cora se jRoft de Wie 
sen suu [v^sus] Rod Jit ^*Ro6** de xv m. arg 
% de ij. eq^s de ^cio iiij. marc .ad lu . vt 

Bedff: if Ada de Bedef.Msig Fein's de Linton. Ric de 
Eviset testes in carta Henr de Pinkeni in q* 
continet' qd Her de Pinkeni fecit carta Frib^ 
Hospital Jertm de oib} rris q® fiiert Rob . s . 
qd predcs Henr tenet' aq^etare predcos Fres 
de oib3 sctarib} servitiis • q^ ad tras illas ptinet 
9sus dnm f eodi \\ oes holes] \ HenSr pon ifi 
in loco suo WittMarescaXt. 

Middelsex\ f Witt Jit Rami optuHt se iiij, die vsus WiU de 
Oranford de pi de xxxyj. ac^s rre c ptin in 
\iDangele t ipe n venit vl se ess . \ hint die in 
banco a die Sci Hylarii in iij. septim . \ Xxlc 
posuit se in magna ass. Jud . tra ilia capiat' 
in manu dni Reg p def cu ej^A Witt sumoneat' 
q sit apd Westminsl in octab See Vnitat^ 
auditurus jud suu. 

Bukingfi. jT Ada WDrotog^ poit^ loco Sim de Bella Campo 

s optulit se iiij. die vsus Henr Pikot . de plac 

cataBIt ipe n5 vefi vl se ess \ fuit petens . dies 

dat^ est eis a Jesto Sci Joh in rv. dies . ad 

audiendjud suu. 

Buktghd. f Quintin^ Talebot petit rsus Pore de Kirkebi 
regalia servicia de villa de WCrqfton . For dicit 
q fi hi ?ra ilia n* in c^todia p Atbm Sci Nicot 


de An^ q^ capd est. jf Considal est qd 
querat bre rsus ipm Attm si volmt. 

Ktni. ff Godefr Seredust 1 Matitt uxor ej^ petut vsus 

Xpiana q* fuit uxor Will xxxix ac*s tre cu ptin 
in WNacindon in q*.n6 hi ing^ssum n* q*a predca 
Matitt ei gmisit ad rmifi . q* p?iit ut dicit. 
Et Nataneol poit^ loco ^ane venit \ dicit . q 
ipi nltm jus hiit in ilia tra 4illa^ q^a predca 
Matitt aiiq* . vir huit vendidit . ^Jit Odon \ ipi 
X^ane uxori ej^ tra ilia . 1 dedit illam • 1 con- 
cessit tenere ilt 1 &edib3 in ppetuu de ilia 1 
bedib} suis 1 in carta eis fecit . q* ptulit q* hoc 
testat'Ahoc fcm fuit in Curia 1 [in] Halimot. 
dni \\Ecardi de \\Bleu . q* sigillu ej^ cu sigillo 
ipi^Mo/iT/apposuit.Cm/iaiia defenditjus suii 
1 carta 1 vendicoem 1 c5cessione • 1 dicit qd 
nuq* hiiit sigilt . 1 Godefr 1 Matitt ponl se 
sup testes . q^ continetur in carta ilia \ JCana 
similr. f Dies dat^ est eis a die 1^ Johis Bapl 
in XV. dies . 1 ipi hant bre ad vie qd faciat 
sumonere Cur Ecardi predci \ testes ipi^ carte ^ 
q* vivut qd tuc sit ad testificand ia v^itate. 

OxcSL jp JVUt de Estoh optulit se iiij. die v's^ Rob de 

Eston de pt ix. hid Pre c ptin in Eston 1 
ipe n5 ven vt se ess .1 sumonic . est testal . 
Jud terra capiat' in manu dili Reg 1c • \ 
ifie JRo6 sum qd sit apd Westminsl a die 
Set Joh in av. dies in resposur^. 

VigariL f Marioria q fuit ux Pet^ opl se iiij. die v's^ 

Sim Jit Pe/* de pi dotis. Et ipe no ven vt 

se ess.'l sumonic testata t Jud.tcia ps de 

SiUton capiat' in man dni .^ .\ dies Htc • 1 

z 3 


Sim sumoS qd sit apd Westm die Jovis jp^ 
f est See ThiitalAn resposur^. 

US, . .r. JT Dies dat' Afibi Certeseie \ Alic Jit EdmSd de 
pt ass morl ancess . a die Sci Mich in av. dies 
p mandaC dni CanL 

Norfi. jf Ric Abbas Cirencest^ ponit loco suo Mag H^itt 

die suu rsus Shnon Jit Sim de pi advocoe 

Glouc. eccle de WSurton . 1 v^s^ Arch Glouc de pt r • 

\ vsus Rann Prbrm ad lu • vl ad pd .1 hJ 
die v^sus Sim Jit WPet^ a die Sci fJoh^Joh 
in av. dies . audit'us jud St record. 

Kent. f[ Philipp de \\Ardes pon lo • suo Jacob de ^Ardes 

9* Hospil de pi advocoe eccle ad lu . vt 
ad pd. 

Norf: jj- Dies dat^ Fori Normc\ Witl J" Roscet de pt 

de servi? \ consuel aj^. Sci Mich in xv. 

Leic. f Dies dat^ t Rad de Sco Maur 1 Watt de 

Foleuitt \ Milon de Sco Maur aud jud sou . 
a die Sci Mich in av. dies. 

Buk\ f Rob de Broc . Rod Jit Rog". Rob le Pour . 

Amald de Walda . iiij. milil missi ad videdu 
infirmil Rob de Pinkeni . q* ess vs^ Hu^ de 

Ildicet qd Hlaguid^ f t qd posuert die 

ei a die Sci Martin in un ann 1 • i. die apd 
Turri Lond. 

Caniebr. ff Dies dat' Fori de Bemewett .1 Johijit Hu^ 
ad aud jud suu . de ass morl ancess de idtia 
f^sencoe . ad eccMam de Crauden . a die Sci 
J oh in av. dies • "l ass t q^usq^ sumon. 


Susse:i^. ff Henr Hose ponit loco suo Hug^ Hose . vt Rog^ 
CapeUan.vs^A^bem de \Sarro ^ advocois eccle 
de t ad lu • vt pd. 

BuJ^. f Magna as3 in? Rod Jit Baldric 1 Rod fX 

Gviscard de . i. v^gal t . c ptin in \\Burl . ponr 
in respectu a die Set Mich in ro. dies . 4q^ilr 
Ric de V*non ess se Ip de ult* mare . p Hub . 
Witt \\Baiuet p Henr. Hu^ de Hevreshat p 
Rob . Roglm Jit Azur infirm^ f q testat' 
ulq^ llptes . Hunfr Harang^. p Gileb . Wall de 
Haia p Thoftu Ide dies dat' Rod Harang^. 
\ Htig^ de WMdhaines 1 Witt de Brocton . 1 
Witt de Fraxih Rod Dorel . q* venfe . Watt 
de Fulebroc ess se p Witt Jit Hu^. 

Sussex'. f Loq*la in? Hug* Esturmi \ Nich de Trubevic . 
p' in resp usq^ in (fstin See Thul.f bre dfii . 

Gaufr Peueret pon lo . suo Pef^ de Wett v^s^ 
Decan 1 Canon Gcest^. de pt advoc eccte ad 
lu.vl ad pd, 

WilT. jf Loq*la in? Godeff de Sco Marl 1 ^Waudriutt de 

Curcett de feodo Witt de Malel t in respectu . 
s!i die q^usq^aliud precept fiat.p b?e dfii. 
/. dm Angl. 

Bed. f Gileb de Meperteshat pon lo • suo Thorn CtUP 

^fp Ric de Glainvitt.l Rad de 21rw\ de pt 
?rar adlu.vtpd, 

]Eu. f In ass de . m . aficess in? Ric Jit Alic .\ Witt 

Norrensem . de xxx ac*s ^ de ac*s ^ ?re 
c ptin in WEstorp . remanet q^a testat' p jur 
qd nttam hi ?ra in WEstorp. 

Z 4 


EsS. f Dies dat' Rod de Hasttges 1 Rod de iCorwctt 

% ux sue ad aud jud suu.a die Sci Micti 
in XV. dies. 

Bed. f AUc Jit Mich pon lo . suo WaU de Stratle 9^ 

Ada de pt ?. ad lu . vl pd. 

H7/1' jC Ass ven fde recog si RobJitNigett diss WRad 

BataXt de li15o teii suo . in Sebricteswrth 
inf* ass Jur did qd ita diss eii Rod &*t 
saisina . Rob in mia. 

Wf^^ JT Godefr de Sco Marl pofi lo . suo . Fremtmd 

cKcii rsus A^issam de Will . de pt t . ad 
lu . vt pd 1 ipe posSat ana Pef^ de Stone . 
\ eii m° deposuitr' 1 \\Ham \\Cabu$. 

ni.lG. dorS. 

ITtf! f f/ie^' (fe Digleswelt petiit rra suam p plevina 

* de Tewing* die Venlis pjf anf* S' DUstan q 
capta fuit in man diii ^r p ejus defectu vsus 
Jord d ^Turrie. 

Htford. f -ErfiS^ t Whieua pon loco suo Gervas j^ Re^. 
vs^ -^nrfr cfe iaA:e . de pi rec .ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Ehor, JT Witt de Hunfigtfeld t Ysabel uxor ej^ ponl 

loco suo Witt de Cnrcten . vl Rog' de Friuitt 
Psus Witt de pi dol ad lu.vt 
pd . 1 ipa afia pos8at Witt vir suii in q* 
transfretav jf Dies dat^ t eis . f c^stin S*. 

Bale. f Dies dat' Com David \Simde \\Guiz .t WGuidaii 

Jit Henr de pi nove diss . a die Sci Johis 
in av. dies . ide dies dat' reS. 

Sujl' jf Rog* de Linsted . op . se . iiij • die . vsus Rog' de 


Htmtingfeld . de pt rec . de • m . ancess . & 
feod.i. milit c ptinenl in Linsted .t ifie &. 
ve.vt se ess.n^aliq^ rec.n^vic misit noia 
rec. Considatu t q Ro^ sumoeat' q sit apd 
Westm.a cKe S^ Joh in.xv. dies .1 vi5 t5 
bat n5ia rec . 1 respond q*re H misit ilia ad 
alium die. 

Ebof. jf Ursett de Buc . op . se • iiij. die ^sus \\Racin de 

Buc . de pt . vj, carf tre c ptinenl in ITtwett 
t ipe se esson.1 sumio tesl fuit. 
jf tra ilia capiatur in . man dili ^ .1 dies • 
1c. 1 ipe 8um5eatur qd sit apd Westm .a die 
S* Joh in • XV. dies . iB resposur^. 

Essfj^. f Dies dat^ est Reginald senescaS AlJbisse de 

B*king* posito lo . ejus .1 Ricf Witti de pi 
marisci a die Sci Joh in . av. dies ^ce ptium . 
1 in?im hant licenc concord. 

JSsse^^ f[ MavSr de Lond. op . se . iiij. die 9sus Alulf* de 
^Maleg^jffe de pt marisci de Radewrth . s • de 
pastura . C. oviu .\ de . C. ovib} .1 ipe n ve • 
vt se esson .1 sumo test fuit JT Judi.Alulf^ 
attach qd sit apd Westm ♦ See ThUi ifl re- 

Bedef. jf Witt Jit Ric recupavit saisina rsus Adam JiX 
Yvon . de . ij. virg t . c ptinenl in Holmo q 
capte f &ut in man diii Pr . sn plevina . q*a 
Ada fi servavit die sibi dal in banco. 

Hunted. ff Precept fuit Hug* de fVigorn q teneat fine fcm 
in cu? diii iiij. hid r . cum ptinenl 
in Upford.\ \\Hudlebesleia in? ipm.T: Witt 
Dacum .1 Hu^ ve .1 defend 9viciu ilium . 
t cirog^lx .1 q numq* cirog^li . iil fcm fiiit 


in cur dni Pf.1 in pon se.sup justic q* tc 
sedebant in banco It tesl t ||a justic q* tc 
intfuut q cirog*pfi illd f cm inr eos fuit in 
cu? diii Pr St io c5sidatum t q Hiig^ capiatur. 
t tra ilia sit in man dni Pr.usq^ ad octab 
S* Trinil qn jud suii accipiet. 

Norf: ^ Afib de Wautha • op . se . iiij. die 9sus BiZ /* 

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ptiR in Geiste . \ vsus Ketet f^ Godwin . de . 
iij. acr rre in ead vitt 1 vsus Robjit Godric. 
de . iij. acr rre . t 9sus Elveue fX Edward . 
de . i. acr . It Estidld vidue . 1 Alic vidue . 
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acr rre St vsus Alan CapttanU . de . ij. arf 
rre .It versus Witt cticum de . vj. acr .*t vsus 
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de Norton . de . ij. acr . \ Ranulf* WGum . de . 
i. ac? . \ vsus Alic q fuit . ux . WitU . de . ij. 
acr . 1 v'sus Rob Mercal ,1 Edith . de . iij. 
rod.l vsus Reginald Gerde dimid rod.1 
v^sus Wittf Godwin d dimid rod \ 9sus Ed^ 
mund ^Flam . Norm de dimid rod .Tt " ipi S . 
ve . vl** se esson .1 sumo tes? fuit jf Jud. 
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verett • de pt rec . de m • ancess . de • xl. sot 
reddit^ in T^udham . 1 ipe n . ve . vl se essofi 
1 vie n misit noia rec . n^ aliq^ eo^ veS. 
f Jud . Math sumoeatur q sit apd Westm m . 
oci See Trinit iii respons . 1 vie hat tc ibi 


noia reS St respondeat q'a ft huit ea ad alium 

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tre c ptinenc in Burton. \ ipe se 
esson. f JuS.Petr^ sum5eat^ q sit apd Westm 
a die S^. Joh in . arv. dies audit'us illam rec . \ 
Joh de Askebi.\ Gavfr Luuot \ PhilipjP 
de Pontop Rob de Askebi . And? d BuUeburc . 
fVali de Birtorp . Mich d Askebi. Wall de 
Hauekebi.Sim le M^le.Ada de Kellebi. Hug" 
d Baketon . Ada de Niweton . Witt Jit Enus . 
WaUJit Ysabett. Wittjil Alured. Rog" Hird^ 
man . Rob Frost rec q* n* venlut vl se essoft . 
1 Wittd Ltmet q^ ven q sit ad p^dcm ?niifi ifi 

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in Hutt sic jus eccte de Abendon . t un eccta 
fuit saisita an pqstum Angt .1 tpr . H. Reg 
pris • \ h ofiert pbare rsus eum p libos hdies 
suos considatide cur . Rad ven . \ defend jus 
4suu^eccte.t dicit qd tenet tram ilia de 
sgantia diii ^.H. ^ felonia Rog^ de Causton . 
\ ift ei feS carta sua q* ptulit 1 pfmaconem . 
H. Reg pns • q* silr ptulit t q ita fuit escaeta 
dfti P: . if . p felonia RogU de Causton . pon se 
in magnam assisam dfti ^r . t utr id Rog" fuit 
ift seisit^ die q* fee ilia felonia \\ si pdita fuit 


p felon] Henr defend qd rra ilia numq fuit 
ipi^ Rogii.1 qd earn p feloniam ii pdid.n* 
potuit feum pde • quia rra ilia est adqnisitio 
pdecessor Att) de Abendon. 

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aud jud suii .\ Rod pon lo . suo Turstanu frem 
ejus ad . lu • vt pd. 

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Simf* Pet^ de pi dol \ ipe ii ve . vl se esson . 
\ sumo fuit tesL jf Jud rcia ps de Sutton 
capiat^ in man dnipr.tclH^imio sumdeaturq 
sit apd Westm die Jovis p^ Scam Thiii. 

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de pi rec de . m . aficess .a die S". Mich in.xv. 
dies p mandal dSi Cani. 

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clicii suii vsus Sim fil \\Sim de pi advocois eccle 

de t v^sus Archid pi ?ret 

vsus Rarmip p!brm d pi rre . ad lu . vl pd. 
jf Dies dat^ f Sim Jit Sim .adie S" Joh Bapte 
in . av. dies, ad aud jud t record suiL 

jf Philipjp^ de Hardres pofi lo . suo fsuo Jacob de 
Hardres vsus Hospil de pi advocois eccle ad 
lu . vl pd. 

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de pi 9vic 1 consuetud • a die Sci Mich in . xo. 
dies pee ptium. 

jf Dies dat^ t Witto de \\Foleoitt\ M de Sco 

Mauro ad aud record 1 jud sua a die 1^ Mich 
in . XV. dies. 

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ad vidend . . 

f Dies dat^ t Priori de Enewett .\ Joh Jit Hu^ 
ad aud record 1 jud suu de pt advocois eccte 
de WCravdeii .a die ST Joh in . av. dies . 1 ass 
remanet don^ sumoeat^ 

f Henr Hose pofi lo . suo Hug^ Hose . vl Cfe- 
renbaut . vt ^Ro^m CapttanU vsus Afebem de 
Sagio de pi advocois eccte de Hertin^ ad lu . 
vl pd. 

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. i. virg Pre c ptinenl in WBrumton pon' in 
respecl us% adie S" Mich in jcv. dies . p defectu 
rec . quia Ric de Vemun . i, rec esson de ult* 
mare p Hub . Witt \\Fauuet p Henr . Hug* de 
Ha^eska p Rob . Reginald Jit Azur infirm^ e . 
q p utrumq^ pte testatur Urnfirid Hareng* p 
Gileb . Wolf de Haia p Thorn, f Id dies dat^ 
est Rad HarengW Hug" d WKaines .\ Witto d 
Bromton . 1 Wittb de Fraxmo . Rad Dor el q* 
venlut in banco . 1 WaHFulebroc ess se p WHi 

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gis* de Curcet de feodo WilS Malet ponr in 
respect sii die q^usq^ aliud pcepl in fiat p 
pcepl Due. 

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1 uxori ejus ad aud jud suu a die ST Mich in 
. av. dies. 


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Add d Bedef. ad lu . vl pd. 

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nald, vsus Andr de Lake de pt rec • ad lu • 

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dissais ||jRic Bataitt d libo tenemto suo in 

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mia. diss eum. f Jud i2»c hat saisina sua • \ Rob 

1 mia • Dapnu • ij. s. 

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ponr in respecl usq^ in c^stin 5* 2%«/ . p bre . 

Susex\ jf Gaufr Peviett . pon lo . suo Petf de Welles . v^sus 

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eccle • ad lu • t pd. 

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de . XXX. acr rre c ptinent in Estorp remanet 
quia test f qd nBam ?ram ht in Estorp. 

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suo . Wittm Curcun . vl Rogim de Friuitt vsus 
Witt d Stuteuitt de pi dot ad lu . vl pd • 1 ipa 
p*^ posuat Witt virum suii q* transfretat. 

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Jit Henr de pi nove dissaisiii .a die S*. Joh in . 
arv. dies. Id dies dat^ t rec in banco. 

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ptinent in Boliton die Jovis pa^ jp^ med x^ . 
p defectu Wittijit Warin. 


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AlanUde pt. vj. acr rre in WHame . 
ad lu • vl pd. 

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Thorn WLango de pt assise . de m ancessor • a 
die Set JoJi in . a:v. dies, f I^ di^s datus e . 
rec in banco . p bre d&i Cantuar. 

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Jit Etc q* infra etate t desic ipe Witt n hiiit n* 
tenuit rra ilia f . cum eo q hi in 

custod . 1 Mich teneat rra illam sic tenuit 

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c ptinenl . \ \. mesag in WalUng^ . q Emelin « 
fuit ux • Rod . clamat vsus Matild q fuit ux . 
Steph p ejus defectu .1 iij. solid reddit^ ibid . 
p defectu ilfa/i/^ q fuit ux. ^Steph^ Rad. q^s 
AUcJita Abcin clam vsus eam . die Vemis pa^ 
ahfS VaBtini. 

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ux . ej^ de pi tre in Sandtf^ ponr in respectu 
usq^ in . rv. dies ^ Scam Trinil p bre . G. Jit 
Pe^. 1 tc veniat ass. f Id dies dat^ f omib} 
rec in banco. 

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Marci vsus Ric de Munfichet . de pt . i. equi . 
1 . i. runcifi . q^s cep in castello de Angr . ad 
lu . vl pd. 

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suu vsus IT vein de Horsenton.t Henr de 
Langeton \ ITeb de Sco Quintino de pt r . ad 
lu . vl pd. 


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saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feod die q* obiit • de 
dimid virg ?re c ptinent in HolewettSt Standon. 
tc.q* ?ram Witt de PeP'ponte .1 Mabit ui 
ejus tenet. Et Nichot dHolewell posit^ . lo. 
ipi^ Witti *l AfflWrveniutldicut qass n debet 
in fi • q^a Mabit nicH in ea clamat n^ dote .1 
ill vocat ad warant Steph de Holewett filiii viri 
sui. JT Hat waranl suu in ocl S^ Joh.\ tc 
veniat ass. f Id dies dat^ e • omib3 rec in 

muesif. f Loqla in? Rob de StoV 1 Witt de Hengef 
remanet sil die usq^ in adventu Due in Angf . 
p pcepl Dric. 

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Morett de pi warantie Pre It vsus Ro^ Waspailt 
de pi relevii . ad lu • vt pd. 

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tulit vsus AUcJitam Witti . de . iij, virg Pre 'I 
dimid in Massewrth . quia ipa Atic vocav ifii ad 
waranl film Rad Wains . q* ven. )f Dies dat^ 
f eis a die S' Mich in • av. dies . 'l ass • rema- 
neat don^ sumoeatur. 

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vsus Atobissam de Wilton de pi rre ad lu . vl 
pd . ^ ipe posuat p^ Fetr de Stanes \ m® eum 
amov.'l WAmon ^Camb. Dies dat^t eisa die^ 
Mich in . aro. dies. Id dies dat^ t Sim Wac p 
esson . 1 Rog* Waspaitt rec de eod" qui ven . 1 
Rob Jit Rad de Winfburn. 

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\ Sim le Gtiiz te . de dimid hid . Pre c ptinenl 
in Kemeston remanet . q^ testaS est . qd Wido 
f r ejusd Hug^ placitav v^sus ipm Sim in cur 
diii Pr . \ Sim disronavit vsus eum. 

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lard de pt magne sa^.a die S* Mich in . av. 
dies pee ptium. Id dies dat^ t Rod de Bobiel . 
de Claha . \ Gaufr Deskeling'.l Thorn Hamton 
p esson suos . 1 cells q^ venlut in banco • \ 
inrim hant licenS concord. 

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WDerlet vl Ric deDerlee v'sus Steph deWalecol. 
de pt . rre ad luc* . vl pd. 

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Colecestr i. virg 5 ptinenl in Takele 
de moTte Etulon d Ambli ayucti ipi^.n debet 
fi ut ipe Abbs die. Q*a ipe Witt clamat ?ram 
ilia ex pte sororis ipi^ Eudon . \ die q ipe Eudo 
huit frs q* ||debent ee ppinq'ores tiedes in . 
Witt$ die q hGit frem p^mogenil St ipe fuit dns 
ipi^ feod . \ ipe Eudon tefi tram ilia de eo . t 
ipe ii potuit ee • in dns \ ties. Ati:>s die q 
ipe Eudo huit ptes fres . s . Witt DambU . \ 
Rad DambU. Dies dat^ f eis af 6* Mich . 
in. TV. dies ad audiend jud suu .It ass rema- 

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de pt ?re in WCherk* .adie S' Joh in • jv. dies . 
pee ptiu yit innm hnt licenS concord. 

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Hareng^ p Sqfired qui o^ • se . n tSi posit^ loco 

ejus ad lu.vt pd vexacois in cur 

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x gianitat . a die S* Mich in . av. dies . t fFiff 

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fi . ve . vl se essoii . Witt pel ift jud. 


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f suu^ suo de pt rre .a die S^ Joh in .xc. 
dies . p^ce ptium . \ inrim hant licenc con- 

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W^i/!f cfe Takele tulit v^sus eum de morte EUc 
pris sui . de . xij. acr rre . 1 i. acf p*ti cum 
ptinenl in Takele . quia avus suus ded ecde 
5* Joh de Colecestr tra ilia . 1 carta sua ei in 
fee. q* Afeb ptulit q h testat'.l confirmatione 
carte EUe pris sui q ilia donacione confirmat 
1 carta ipi^ WitU q ||coced oms donaddes avi 
1 pns sui f cas ^dce eccle . 1 si a^ debet in fi 
ponit se sup jurata Witti de Hobri^. \ alio? 
legaliu hominu de ipo visneto . \ si Witt hoc 
cocede ||nol8it • ipe of% d8o Regi . L marc 
argent . ut hat de seniorib} \ ]^aliorib3 hoib} 
de ipo visneto ad facienda ipam ass. jf WOt 
die q ass ii debet remanle p cartis pdcis • \ p^ 
illam assisa desic bre loqt' de saisina pns soi 
die q" obiit jT Dies dat^ ^eis adie 1^ Mich 
in. XV. dies ad aud jud suu . \ ass reman}. 

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maj^ j us . in . i. virg rre c ptinenl in Trefeld . an 
Thorn WTutadebles q' tenes e. q' posuit se in. 
illam ass. Concordati si. 

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Eiseaf. suo ut de feod die q* obiit . de . iilj. acr Pre c 

ptin in MideUoii . 15 . q* Pram GiUh Jit Ailnath 


lltenet. f Jur did q Witt obiit in seisit^. 
jf Jud . Ric hat iff sais. 

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hitt. de . i. virg rre c ptinenl in Cheshitt remanet . 
1 Asketitt dix q & tenet tram illam n^ ad 
tminu de PhtUppo de Snarir^ .\ iil eum 
vocat ad warantu \ ipe Philipp ven . 1 li ||ve 
cognov. jf Considatu t q qrat v'sus Philipp 
si vol8it. 

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\ Joh Parmtar . de pt dol a die S* Joh in . 
jv. dies \ hi licenc concord. 

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v^sus Rad de Ho de pt Pre ad lu . vt pd. 

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Burkestatt ponr in . respectu usq^ m • av. dies 
fpf STMich p defectu rec-q*aGfifeft de 5* 
Fide essofi se p Martin 1 W^oi? tf Fulebroc . p 
»W. t W^iffrf^ io^cllJatf de Fulebroc 1 Witt 
Frankelein . \ ffvasius de Wikendon . \ Hug^ 
de Buketon.lH'ebert^ de fVatton.tMich de 
lybrd. Ivo Malet n . ve . vt se essofi. 
jT Attachient' q tc sint ibi in responsur. 
f Id dies dat^ t aliis q* venlut.l Witt de 
Hesse essofi se. 

J^mF. JT Dies dat^ t Gaufr Peach petenti 1 Rog'JitRad . 

\ ThonilaFaite.l Hug" Long" tenentib} de 
pt magne assise • de • i. hid ?re c ptinenl in 
Hantme . a die S* Mich in . av. dies p defectu 
rec . q*a Rod d Port Joh Jit Rob . Milo /* 
Turold. Witt de Stanford. Thorn de Edefeld . 
Gilo de Pinkeni. Witt dc Sijlrewast . Hug' f 

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Sinl S • ve . vt se esson. f Jud attacH q tc at 
ibi apd Westm i& responsur. Id dies dsJ? 
t Thorn/* Ric q* se esson de war^3--sua de 
Waling ford p bre constabt . \ Rob de Senecurt. 

1 Witt Pech.lSewaled Hose q'venlut in 


NotingA. ff Matild fila Ric . op • se . iiij. die v^sus Robf 
Rogli de pi falsital magK ass • 1 ipe n . ve . vt 
se ess • 1 fuit poil? p vad t pleg. jf Ponatf 
p meliores pt • \ p^mi pt sumoeant"^ q ^t apd 
Westm moclS^ Trinil . ostensur • q*re iS lifiut 
eum ad die s^ poitum. 
m. 18. 

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de Dudingtoii.JacofP de Ha^ missi p cur dni 
Ckml ad ferend record de loqla q iuit inr Johm 
de Berges 1 Gikbt de B*ges . avunctm soft 
de . i. hida rre • 1 iij, virgat c ptin in P'ston. 
diet qd pdcs Johs de B*ges . clam pdcam tram 
vs^ eund Gilebt sicut j^ suu ita qd p clamiii 
* suu 1 resposum pdci Gilebt i duefi fuit vadial. 
\ armat ad invice in . ita qd in campo p^ jural 
duett p consiliii amicor suo^ concordat! si in. 
p sic qd id Gilebert^ * tota pdcam tram ee jus 
It hedital ipius Jotiis . \ ilia ei reddidit . p xx. 
marc arg. Ita qd pdcs JoJis concessit pdco 
Gilebto tenere tota vita sua pdcam hid?re. 
ita q p^ decessu ipius Gileb ^dca hida ?re 
rediit q'eta eid Jofii . \ liedib3 suis . t pdcs 
Gilbt ita ea tenuit . % p^ decessu ipius GUbl. 
WFediua ux ipius Jb^ . cepit saisina de p^dci 
hid ?re sic dote sua u& Thorn Jit WatH. 
tulit ass de morte Wath patfs sui q' fuit ff 
p>dci Gilbt . v^sus ipam WFediua . q* in vocavit 
ad waran! Folcoii W^forerU \ Rob de WPalk- 


wrthe tiedes Jofus viri sui . q* venerf 1 dixerf 
q ass n deberet in fi . q^ JoJls de Jf^ges 
c^ hedes ipi sf diroavit rra ilia vsus Gilb avun- 
ctm ^suu^ ipius ^Joh.^Thom.^ fine duelli 
in cu? dni Canl.tge Thorn Arch . !t in vocavit 
p^dcam cu? . 1 Thorn venit 1 dicit qd numq^ 
duefi fuit cur de ^dca hid Pre. 
immo de pdcis . iij. v*gal tre . de Piston . q^ 
ilia hid no t de dnio diii Canl. q^ Joh de Sco 
Qerr tenuit feod illd de Witt de Mtmkensi .1 
Wittde dno Canl . 1 die id Thorn qd n5 clamat 
rra p Gilbl avunctm suu . immo p Wall 
pat^ suG .1 cum inq^il esset p justic qMr 
loq^la ilia venit in cur dni Canl . desic Joh de 
Sco Qaro 1 Will de Munkenesi . fiierl dni de 
^dca hid . in9 ipm Joh de B^ges . \ ifSm Arch, 
dixerl pdci milites qd ipe Joh falsificavit cur 
ipius Joh . % p^ea ven in com t de com . in 
cur dni Canl. £t Thorn offt dno Regi . L marS 
arg • ad habend iii inq^sicoem . de legal hoib} 
pne • si nuq* loq^la ilia fuit in comit p defcu . 
comitat^ ad cur dfli Canl. " ff Dies dat^ t eis 
*^ a die S^ Joh in . av. dies ad aud jud suii/* 

Line. IT H^bert^ de Sco Quintino petiit Psus Abbem de 

KhrkeU . ij came tre 1 diin cQ ptiB . in Time- 
lebi sic jus sud • Abbas ven \ petiit in visu . 
hat visu. Dies dat^ est eis a die Sci Mich 1 
int^m fiat visus. 

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suo . ut de feodo de dim hid tre c ptin • in 
WLapenneVi. QTm^ramWittdeTuruitt tenet 
Jur dicit. qd Witt ita obiit ill saisit^ 1 qd 
Rad ppinqW lies ej^ sit . 1 diet qd ipe Witt 
\ aiicessores ej^ tenuerl ilia tram libe usq^ . 
A A 3 

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m. 18. 




^imffit in coBSuetud. 

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..f-ja Pama • 1 . iij . scisuras 

. sul • i ad cibu diii \ 

jofit q^libet anno xij. d. 

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i.;:; po . lo. suo Jofi Flombord v^us 
.i»Mi • de pt finis facti • ad iu . 

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r ^9kcest de duello vadiato a dk 

1^* . i. hid ?re 5 ptiil in Htdecol 

iatwald q* ^aff dfe Morton vocav 

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u^bM jus suu • 1 dicit qd Roswali 

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jn 31o Ipe fuit iii Hsasit^ . 1 p^ eu 

\*»***^ sic de jure *l feodo suo . 1 po4 

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ti$.in rra ilia. IPAi/i/^ dicit q no 

.« ittrinu^ft ass • q^ s€ de uno stipite. 

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Ballia ITvei avi pat*8 sui . q' fuit p*mogenit^ fr 
pdci Restwald f Dies dat^ feis.adieS" Joh 
t . TO. dies ad aud jud suu • 1 iDtlin hant 
licenc concord. 

fT Matitt Banastro^ . se . iiij. d[i]e 9su8 Ricjit \\Rog* 
1 Margeria ux ej^ • 1 Rob Stocf* poitu lo . 
eoru de pi porcione sororu.l ipi no 
venert vt se ess . 1 \\sl petentes. Jud . Matitt 
eat sn die. It ipi hant q4e recupacoem is 
habere debeant 

jf Jordan^ Petrel petiit tciam pte . i. hid tre cu 
ptin in Fiton . vsus Matitt q fuit ux • Ric de 
Fitton 1 v^sus Rob hede ipius Ric.'in q* ?ram 
no h&t ing^ssum n' p ^dSm Ric . & cepit ?ram 
ilia * Beat^ce q* cepit in ux . cii tra ilia • 1 p^ 
obi! ipius BeaMs obtinuit tra ilia occasioe q 
genuit ex Bea^ce fit q^nda q' silr obiit c mre 
sua scdm consuel regni.1 Matitt venit t 
dicit q Ric quonda vir ej^ fecit homag p^dco 
Jordano de pdca tra.l nU clam in ea n* 
custod p Rob fit ej^d Ricq^M etal 1 1 petit * 
etat pueri. ff «* Cosidatu t q Joh hat hve d 
" rec utr iJic dejiCumtonjlr Rob ohiit in saisit^ 
" ut d feod . % si aliu ing*ssii huit in ?ra ilia 
** q' p Beat^ciam p*ma ^px*m^ ux . q cep in 
" tra ilia, f Dies dat^ e a die S.Joh i.av. 
*^ dies . 1 tc veniat assisa." 

HCief? ff Dies dat' Fori de C^e Roheise 1 Hospitat de pt 
libtat in c^stino See Thiital. 

Essej^. f Leticia q fuit ux Ric de Calne petit . L. ac's ?re 
c ptia in Valde v^sus Ric de Cain q*s clam eS 
de roabile dote sua q [earn] contingit de litk) 
tenemto qd fuit pdci Ric quonda viri sui . T; 
i^ pduc iri secta sufficiente q inPfuit despon- 

A A 4 


Kent. jT Ass vei. 

ptin J 


358 ROTULI CI Fii 

X. anos an obit ^ q^. x. annis aHq* [ipt 

nesciut ut"ni \ pe saisit^ de rra ilia . \ 

Natat. nt in ; j rint saisit? de rra ilia 

riav fen de '. ^""t . \ in pducit testes 

in autupn^ ii{ Xucia liat saisina sua.** 

dedit donf 

de panna ; na Rod Jit Joh . i. hid ?re c 

die S' J( ^csst jus suii \ Meditate de q^ 

cap p a -mteds avus pat% sui [fiiit 

eodo tpr • H. Reg avi • t die 1; 

£t p^ eum Osmdus fit ipiiis 

' Osmdn descede debet Ham 

cikt esplecta in ad valenl . x. sot 

. off diroare vsus eii p Rob dc 

.:e visut audita • 1 jussu pat^.1 

.us 1: Jofl fuerC fres filii set B^nardi. 

Wit (T Sav- M^mi?. Joh juniorA Wall nat^ fiiit 

aiog . \ Rad de JoUe juniore • 1 p 

« Osu&di Joh p^sedit bedital suap 

,0^ feed q*b} ipe Joh servivit . . Rad 

Bk\ IT emlit jus suii. et saisina ipiusO^m^fi 

'it bn cognoscit q OsmO^ t Joh fres 
t Joh ?ra ilia pq*sivit \ tenuit.ut 
^..t 5UU. p servicio suo de capitali dno . 
*aiio 1 die q** id . H. Rex auv^ obiit et 
..^o\ regni ej^ fuit id Joh saisit^ de ?ra 
* pm Rad^ ej^. \ in ponit se in magna 
-«e rec si. q*s eo^ . maj^ jus hat in ilia 
.;e jure \ de ||tpe. f Dies dat^ t eis a 
\)4 m . rv. dies . ad and record "l jud 
utt Ucenc concord, 

,^^./» 4 ftiit ux Ade de Mandeviti pel 9sP 

^ ;«» Dkleswrth . i, v*gal Pre c ptiB in 

^w^' ^c ills ft* Adam vir suus ei dedit .1 

««Kii^ est ad dote sua q earn contingit . 


de libo tenemto qd fuit Ad q^da viri sui . 
un ipe Ada fuit saisit^ die q* jeam despon- 
savit Hu^ ven 1 dicit qd no est lies Ade 
q* fuit vir suu^ n« debet ei dote fa8e vl 
respodere sn waranto suo ut dicit Consi- 
datii est liat bre ad tind waratu suii q^ f 
in custod Rob de Laweshett a die Sci Joh 
in ro. dies. 

liuk\ f[ Witt Jit Hug* pel v^sus Begin de \\Baico . ix ac^ 

rre Z ptiS in Bradewett. ut jus suii • \ Begin 
vefl.t defendit jus suii 1 pel visii Pre.liat 
visii • dies dat^ t eis in xo. dies f^ Jesi Sci 
Joh St itim fiat visus. 

Buie. ir We Witt pel v^sus Ada Jit Witt xx. ac^ Pre 

cum ptiil in Bradewett ut jus suii 't AdS 
venit 1 defendit jus 8uii«1 vocat i& ad 
waratii Witt Bote • sett q^nda cive de Norti • 
hat wa? suii a die Sci Joh I av. dies. 

Bede/: JT Itog' [de2 Brai petit Psus Hug" de Brai iij ac^ 
rre c ptiii in \\Lqfelde . q*s ifie invad Hug^ 
patf ipius JEZt^. ad ?miil qui p>ftit ut dicit. 
OblacDSo Hug" defendit invadiac6em .1 dicit qd ilia ^ 

DiHCfdim.fii. ?ra tenet in feod. Bog" offt Dm Duci dim 

marc p hndo jural legaliii hoim de visfi. 
uf^m feod ipi^ sit an vad ita invad .1 si 
tmin f^t . liat bre 1 jur a die Sci Joh in 
av. dies . \ tc veniat ass. 

Cantebf. AUc de Witletford opl se iiij. die v^sus Bad de 

iBappewrth de pt roabit dotis sue q earn 
c5tingit de ten qd fuit Math quonda viri 
sui • in Pappewrth . 1 ipe n5 veil vt se esS . 
\ siimofi testata fuit. f Jud dim ps xx 
acrar Pre caji in man dni Reg .1 dies IS .1 


i^ Rod 8umoil qd sit a die Sci Joh in av. 
dies . in respds. 

Stiff' JT Roheis de Cambrewett opl se iiij. die . 4^ Gmrf* de 

Ticheseie de pt roabU dol . q earn contingit 
de Vibo tenem qd fuit Wilt Jit HeUe q^nda 
viri sui in Cambrewett .1 dos ilia capta fuit 
in manu dni Reg 'X dies dat^ fuit ei ad ^ 
cora Just a die Pasch in . i. msem St tc nd ven. 
Ic. ConsidaC t qd hat dol sua . pcepl f vie 
q faciat fl 

Buk\ jf Precept fuit Ernme de Peri . qd waranl Joh 

Morett . i. hid rre c ptifl in Burkestatt . q* 
tenet 1 de ea clam tenere . sic ilia %■ LupelP 
de Brai c^ fies ipa est . dedit Rod Morett 
cvL fit sua in maritag • cujus &es ipe t . £t 
qd id Lupett ita dedit tram ilia in maritag. 
id Joh ofT pbare It diroare rsus earn p 
q*lida h5iem suii . 8 . Rob de Walesgraue • vT 

^ p aliu sufficient Witt de Peri poit^ loco 

Emme mat's sue defendit qd Lupett de Brai 
nu^ dedit tram ilia in maritag Rob Morett. 
"X dicit qd mat sua diroavit tram de Ack 
Psus Witt Basset ad ||q».?ra de Holewett 
ptinet.'l qd niiq^.feffiiti fuerl pdecessores 
sui nisi p ablatores suos . \ i£l po£l « sup 
jural pat'e.l si h & sufficit p Ric Cordefin. 
vt p Joh WB^tasche offt defede v^sus eiL 
" jf Dies dat^ ^eis a die S^ Mich in . xv. dies 
" ad aud jud 1 record suu in.'' 

JT Sim de Holewett pel vsus Rob [jST] AceHn . 
, s i. virg rre c ptin in Holewett. ut jus suu 

t Rob ven 1 pel visii tre illi^. liat visu . 
dies dat^ f eiadie Sci Joh in av. dies. 


Essex*. Wall de ^Colehi poit^ loco Joie q fuit ux Liic 

de WDoUtUon • opl se iiij. die vsus Mkh 
WWrenar de pt vij. acrar rre 2 ptifl in BoUn- 
ton.\ rra capta fuit in manu dni Reg .It 
retenta p xv. dies ita qd nlt^ Vra ilia petiit. 
Considat t qd bat saisina p defcu. 

BerV. JT Clemens poit^ [loco] Emeline mat% sue pel 

v^sus MatUt q fuit ux . StepJi de Waligford. 
i. mesagiii *l . i. ac^ rre in Wat^ford . sic 
dol mat's sue.un Rob vir suus ea dotavit. 
die q^ ea desponsavit • 1 hoc offt diroare vsus 
earn, ff Matitt dicit q vH clam in rra ilia n* 
dol n custod Hug^ fit sui • q vocat ad waral . 
hat eu a die Set Joh in av. dies. 

••• JT Dies dat^ t Hug" de Haira.1 Rie de HahU . 
de pt X St de aud jud suu a die Sci Joh in 
an), dies. 



f WdU de WColeha poit^ loco Joie de BaUntoii 
opl se iiij. die vsus Alan de Balun de pt 
\g. acr ?re c ptin in Homme ipe no venit vl 
se ess • 'I sumo tesl fuit. Jud • tra cap in 
manu dni Reg 1 dies 1c. 1 ipe Alof^ sumon 
q sit conl just' a die Sci Joh in xv. dies • 
respSsur^ \c. 

f ^Estenat^ \\Cloppesir pel v^sus Wall de Trente . 
i. v*g rre 1 dim cu ptin in Kingestoh si2 
jus suu . WaU defendit jus suu 1^ dicit q 
sut fres It q ipe f p*mogenit^ 1 alia vice 
inplacitavit eu A cor& ^ 'I p esnecia diroavit 
?ra ilia 1 q*et^ ifl recessit . \ in port se sr 
jusl It sr rotut jusl jfjud eat sn die .q*a 
testal ^ hoc q WaU dix. 


JT WYrsitiant Edward pel ^^s^^ Hnf Hasteng'.Jij. 
ac*s rre c ptifl i Boktgwrth u j^ t fiedital 
\ ipe pel visu rre • hat visu • dies dat' eis 
a die Sci Joh % av. dies. 

Oxm. jf Sim Jit Rod opl se iiij. die . vsus Hemr fX 

Rod de pt recipiend cyrog^hu suii It ipe 
n ven .Ic. Ido atach n sit a die Sci Joh in 
TV. dies .*tc, 
m. 19. 

Nor/: jT Dies dat^ t Hug" Jit B'nard .\ Ric f WaSi 

ad cirog^ll suQ recipiend .a J* S^ Joh in 
av. dies. Ric poii |[in Rog!m de Noreaf. ||in. 

NorHt. jT Dies dat? est Witto de WWichenton po • lo «pHs 
sui . It Gerard d Dudington de pt x .a £e 
S^ Mich . in jpv. dies . 1 innm haot licenda 

Ibid. jC Sim /• Wall petiit cu? suam . iij. die an pt • 

de loqla q t in? eu 'I Sim de Dauintr.t Wilt 
J" Joh. 

Essex\ f Dies dat^ t WittO f Ailnoth . \ WittO /• 
^Ailnoth^ Ranujf* de pt warantie carte . a 
die S' Mich in . w. dies .\ Giled hat bre ad 
sumonend testes qui continent' i ilia carta 
q tc sit ibi t fit Rad Pirot . Ddde Santoh . 
Tur Stan dWTuene. Witt dBurdeles. fid dies 
dat^t EdmdoJit^Mari t uni Utestium q^ 


Kent. JT RoUandP de Avlench po . lo . Beatric dEineford. 

op . se • iiij. die vsus ^Rog" d Leges . d pt dol 
ipi^ Beatric. in Pech&.\ Rog^ essoniav se de p^ essoniu in fcm.iiij. die.copaniit 
p^mu • It JacolP de Fugekston ^ ipe Ro^ 


It lo • 8UO .in ad lu . vt pd • 3 • ve • vt 
se esson • \ Roland petit in considatione 

Smrr. f[ Gikb de JFauton po • lo . suo Rob ffem suu 

i?8U8 Rob Maudmt de pt P.v^sus Emald d 
Mich ad capiend cirog^pb suu de pt ?. ad lu . 
vt pd. 

Norfolc* f Rog^ de Sco Dionis . i^. iiij. milil misso^ ad 
Emma ux Philipp de Bumhd ad sdend q 
vellet ponere lo . suo . vsus Johm Est^neum 
de pt tre dicit q posuit loco suo Alea^ de 
Buch \ Joh de Heggeswerh ad lu . vt pd, 

Bktff. f Vic significavit p bre suu sicut ei pcepl fuit qd 
Ht^ fr Rad Esturmi utlagat^ fuit • p morte 
Hemn^ de Hendred \ nltam tram tenuit in 
ballia sua. 

Sudsex^. f MargaretaSMtuxHenrdeBodihj^etxit'^ciam 
pte XX. ti tre . cu ptiil in Bodih . vsus Witt de 
Bodih q* clamat in dol de dono Henr quonda 
viri sui . q» fuit fiU^ 1 Res ipi^^ mtttxm pfert 
carta ipi^ Witt in q* continet' q ipe Witt con- 
cessit 1 confirmavit Henr fit suo t'ciam ptem 
toci^ tre sue ut daret ea Margaret ux sue in 
dol .quando earn desponsav. £t si ita evenisset 
qd int eii \ illos convenire n possit . concessit 
eis tciam pte tre sue . cum ?cia pte 8ium 
catallor suo^ ad manedu desup ubi e(^i]s pla- 
cuisset.'l in pduc testes. t pba q in?fuit 
desposacoi sue q* hoc offert pbare. £t testes 
carte pdce sunt • Alured de Sco Martin . Ric 
de Sco Leodegar . Hug' de Lin^. Adam de 
WBaschtf. Witt de Mund^\ Witt de WEilefie . 
Rad de Bodih . Begin de Bodih . f/^i^Tdefendit 


qSHenrfili^suv? nuq* huit rrain [ilia] n^ tenuit . 
n"" saisina de aliq* rra huit • qn earn Hdesposavit 
£t hoc offert pbare p qnda libm ho^m sun. 
Set n defendit carl ilia jf Considal est qd 
Margarel Y\aX dol sua sic carta testat'. q^ n 
defendit carta n"^ despdsacoem. 

Norfolc. JT Ass* vefl rec . si PhiJipp de Bumh inj^te t sS 
jud diss RadJitWdS de liBo tenemto suo io 
Harpett iuf • ass^m Philipp dicit q ass n debet 
in fi q^ coril Osbto Jit Herui 1 sociis suis 
justic ||itenerantib3 testal fuit \ pbat p sec& 
c5gnato^ Pdci Rod. q ipe t fres fuerl viUani. 
\ iii Yocat pdcos justiS. 

Surf. ^ Ass de . m . aHcess Witt Jit Rob q* inf • etal est . 

petenteT: Wittde la \\Langebrige fteneml de . 
ij. ads p*ti in Cherlewd. pon' in respectu . us% 
m c^stin See Fnitai . p defcu rec q^ calumpniati 
fuerl • \ Pcepl est viS q faciat tot rec venire 
ne ass* remaneat 

Surf. JT Ass ve . rec . si Sim de B'wes 1 Luc cfic^ X Pet^s 

de B^wes inj^te 1 sfl jud diss Odon de Stan/eld 
X Juliafid ux ej^ de li . te • suo . in ||Mfc/idt . 
inf * ass . Sim dicit q ass' no debet in fi . q'a 
ipe cepit tram ilia in manu jud curie sue • q' 
pduxit q hoc testat'. p defcu servicii suL Et 
testatu fuit q Odo tenet ?ram ilia de ipo Sim. 
JI" P'cepl * Sim q replegiet Pram ilia Odofd t 
catalla sua 1 roabilit ducat eu in curia 

Dorset. fi Vic significavit q cepit in manu dni Reg.ij. 
caruc Pre cu ptiii in WPicka 1 Walehume diejcfd 
pj^ j^ med Q^drag^ p visu Rod Frere 1 Ric 



Franceis It Andr de Sturmenisf . • . . \\IueUna 
de Bere. 

Hunted. f( Ass* ve . rec • si Rog' de Svin^ 1 Rob de Sta- 
pelford inj^te 1 sii jud lldess AWrm Jit Marl . 
de ti . te suo . in WTunreng^ inf * ass^m. Jural 
did q ipe eu ita diss. Jud AlbruP Y\aX saisina 
It ipi i mia p diss. 

jf Dies dat' Comitisse Margar 1 VaU de Cheure- 
uUt. de pt §vicii • m oci See Thdt.^ bre . G^t 

jf Oms loqle ptinentes ad Ada de Pari ponuf in 
, resp . usq^ a die Set Joh l av. dies . q^a ipe t in 
9vicio Dvcis. 

jf Hawis de MUvirU pon lo . suo • Ric vir suu v'sus 
Jordan ^deJH Ren^ . \ Juliana ux sua • de pt. 
pasture ad lu . vt pd. 

f Dies dat' Pef Blndo t Ade de pt 
waranl carl .a die Sci Joh in av. dies. 

jf Dies dat^ t fVittO de T^sgoz [peteti] et Comiti 
Albrico de pt rec de ml aScesi a die Sci Mich 
in iij. septifH \ Com po . lo suo Ranii LupU . 
ad lu . vt pd. 

Uevon. jf Loqla in? Rog* de ^^Reimes t Gat^r de Barenton 
1 Ric de Hidon \ Thorn Foliot pan^ in respctu 

Mich in ro. dies . p b?e 

Ga^P jitPe^. 

Kent. jf Dils Canl hi cur sua de loqla q est int Nicot 

Chambleng^ 1 Witt de Bemtges ad 


Darut. jf Dies daf" Thorn de ^Sansted poito loco ^suo^ 

Ric nepotis ||sue t Hug' Jit Wit& 

ad capiepd cyrographu suu. 






Essesf. f Alqfiis \\Malegresse venit et concessit WMauro de 
Lond tenere mariscu de Brade • . • • ajesio 
Sci Mich px p^ consecracoem Magn Eustac 

in £pm EUensem ad tmin sicut 

carta ipius Alqfi testaf" q* iii fecit WUt Bludo 

avuncto p^dci Mauric • marc 

finis qy a. arg.l;dim. 

Bede/: JT Ass* ve . rec si MatittirL NigeUi t Witt Jit Nigett 

etNichotJitOdon WittJH 

GiW de ti . te . suo in Samehroc inf* ass^m jura£ 

did qd Matitt ^t saisina t 

mia. Matitt^ Witt fit ej^ in mia . Mia Matitt dim 

KetU. jf Ass de ulfia p^encoe ad ecc*m de Coleha int Pore 

de B'mUdeseie us% a die Sci 

Mich in iff. septim p def cu recognil q^ Ric 

de p Ednid. Et Jacob de Fuge- 

leston p Rod . ad euncT ?mifi • aff 

t Matho Hargg" 1, Sim de Norwode. Et 

NigeUo de de WCurlge \ Aelmn de 

Clive n veil vt se essofl. 

Sun^set. JT Dies dat^ est Hug^ de and 

m. 19.dorS. 

Essex'. If Ass ve . rec • si WatS de Hetfeld inj^te 1 sn judic 
diss Begin fitSagar . de litk> ten suo . in Wich. 
inf* ass^m jf Jural did qd fi diss eu de aliq^ 
tenemto in Wicha. 

Caniebr. J AlamisDispenmtorpelA.hida.VTeZptjSiinWest' 
wick vsus Joh de Camia ut jus suiL Joh venit 
\ defendit jus suii It pd visu rre . hat visu« 
Dies dat^ f eis a die Sci Joh in av. dies.nim 
fiat visus. 



£uex\ f Ass de nova diss in? Rod le Franc IMatitt ux 

ej^ petentes et Rob yfej Hese .It RadJitJoh diss 
de lil^ tenemto suo in WTrineUee.i^on^ in resp 
usq^ in ocl See T^il p def5u rec . q*da venerf 
1 q^da non veneii vt se essofi. £t ido atachi- 
endi si qd tc sit ibi. 

Norfolc. (T Ass de nova diss . * Ysmeinjit Warih petenl It 
)\AWin Jit Rand de libo tenemto suo in Lemta 
poll in resp us% in oetab See T^nil.^ defcu 
rec.q*a nH^ eo^ venit vl se esson.^l ido 
atachiadi sunt qd tc sit ibi. £t ^Ysmeina 
ponit lo . suo Rod fit suu .ad lu . vt pd. 

Ctnitbr. f Dies dat^ est Gilbl de WThanie % Gilb de Dunmawe 
de pt magne ass . de ecc* de Fulebume a die 
Sci Mich in iff. septifti . q'a Peti^ de ^Rech& . 
1.^ rec ess se p Ric . Witt Jit Henr p Lancelin . 
Regin de Tnmpiton p Heruii . 2%am de Wod- 
deton p Rog". Vido de Stok' p ^Henr^ Witt. 
Witt de Erewett p Henr. Id dies dat^ est 
Witt de Tnmpigton . et Albrico de Capett. in 
banco. Et ceri no vefliit vt se ess.1 ido 
atachiandi st q tc sit ibi. 

JBiifc'. If Dies dat^ est WRog" de Sco WMauro et h8ib3 ^^ 

Ailesbir de pt libtal. a die Sci Joh t xv. dies. 
Et in?im hnt licec concord. 

Middebes\ f Ass de nova diss int LambtU WSac^stain . petent. 
\ Godejr Luffe I AUc ux ej^.\ Ro^ Jit Ric 
de ti . te . ipi^ Lan^ in Vefi Vico ex* Lond 
remanet . q*a id 22o^ dicit q ipe disroavit 
ilia rra in cur dni Reg . p ass de • m . an- 
cess . v'sus Rob Banastr . et ipm LSberl. 
Et testal est p Rotut justic . q ipe Rog^^ 
disroavit terra ilia vsus Rob Banastr. \ n5 
Rot.Cur.Rbo. b b 


Essesf. JT Alqfus \\Malegresse venit et concessit \iMawro de 
Lond tenere mariscu de Br ode • • . . afesto 
Sci Mich px p^ consecracoem Magn Eustac 

in £pm EUensem ad tmin sicut 

carta ipius Ahfi testat' q* iii fecit Witt BlSdo 
avuncto p^dci Mauric ..•••..... marc 
finis qy a. arg.'^dim. 

Bede/: JT Ass* ve . rec si MatittvS. NigeUi t Witt Jit Nigdt 

et Nichot Jit Odon WittJU 

GiJb de ti • te . suo in Samehroc inf* ass^ jura! 

did qd Matitt ^t saisina \ 

mia. Matitti Witt fil ej^ in mia . Mia Matitt dim 

Keni. jf Ass de nltia p^encoe ad ecc^m de Coleha int Pore 

de JffmUdeseie us% a die Sci 

Mich in iff. septiin p defSu recognil q^ RZ 

de p Edmd. Et Jacob de Fuge- 

fe5/ eund tmifi.aff 

\ Matho HarSg" 1 Sim de Norwode. Et 

Nigelto de de WCmige \ Aebsin de 

CUve n ve£l vt se essoil. 

Saw-set. ff Dies dat^ est Hug' de aud 

m. 19.dor8. 

Essez\ f Ass ve . rec . si JFatf de Hetfeld inj^te 1 sn judic 
diss Begin fitSagar . de litk) ten suo . in Wich. 
inf* ass^ jf Jurat did qd il diss eu de aliq^ 
tenemto in Wicha. 

Cantebf. jf ^/^nt^ l)i^pen^/or pel • L hida tre SptiS in TFesf- 
wick vsus Joh de Cain!a ut jus suiL Joh venit 
t defendit jus suii 1 pel visu rre . hat visiL 
Dies dat^ f eis a die Sci Joh in av. dies. "^im 
fiat visus. 



Buex\ ff Ass de nova diss in? Rob le Ftanc \ Matilt ux 

ej^ petentes et Rob ^ks Hese St RadJitJoh diss 
de lil^ tenemto suo in WTrineUee .ipoti^ in resp 
usq^ m ocl See T^il p defcu rec • q*da venert 
1 qHla non veneii vt se essofi. £t ido atachi- 
endi st qd tc sit ibi. 

Norfotc. (T Ass de nova diss . * Ysmeinjit Warih petenl It 
WAlbffi ^t Rand de libo tenemto suo in Letma 
poll in resp us% in oetab See T^nil.^ defcu 
rec.q*a nH^ eo^ venit vt se esson.^l ido 
atachiadi sunt qd tc sit ibi. £t ^Ysmeina 
ponit lo • suo Rod fit suu .ad lu . vt pd. 

CMiebf. ff lAes dat^ est Gilbl de\\Thanie%Gilb de Dtmmawe 
de pt magne ass . de ecc* de Fulebume a die 
Sci Mich in iij. septim . q'a Peti^ de ^RechH . 
iP rec ess se p Ric . Witt Jit Henf p LanceUn . 
Regin de Trumpiton p Heruis . Thorn de Wod- 
deton p Ro^. Vido de Stok* p ^Henr^ Witt. 
Witt de Erewett p Henr. Id dies dat^ est 
Witt de Trump^toii . et Albrico de Capett. in 
banco. Et ceri no vemut vt se ess.l ido 
atachiandi s! q tc sit ibi. 

Bi^* IT Di^^ ^^ ^^^ WRog' de Sco IIAftmfo et h5ib3 ^^ 

Ailesbir de pt libtaC. a die Sci J oh t xv. dies. 
Et in?im lint licec concord. 

Middebes. f Ass de nova diss int LofnbtU \\Sa&stain . petent. 
\ Godefr Luffe t Alic ux ej^. \ Rog" Jit Ric 
de ti . te . ipi^ Lan^ in Vefi Vico ex' Lond 
remanet . q*a id Rog^ dicit q ipe disr5avit 
ilia ?ra in cur dni Reg • p ass de • m • an- 
cess . v'sus Rob Banasir . et ipm Laberl. 
Et testal est p Rotut justic . q ipe Rog^ 
disroavit terra ilia vsus Rob Banastf.\ no 
Rot.Cur.Rbo. b b 


^ ^aiil . £t ido coDsidal est q LanM 

. a diss in? Rog" JitBic petenl 1 Gi75 

.. ^jgaiaatores de K . te . ipi^ Rog* in 

. . _ c pon'' in resp . usq^ in xv. dies ^ 

' \ . q'a p^dci dissaisiatores dixerf q id 

, -crat bre de nova diss de eod teii . vsus 

THD suii \ vsus oes eosd . cora justic 

_ . .iLiin apd Caniebr. s . A^be de Sco Edmdo . 

•- ie CasteliU . Tt sociis eo^ . \ capta fiiit 

A id ipe cecidit in mia dni Reg. £t p 

. .-ecord pdco^ justic . ofiert [id GiW] dSo 

_• ^ marc . 1 qd nuq* p^ea huit [id Ro^'\ 

^:hjbL Et22o^ tulit bre de nova diss. 

-^ pm Gi1bl.\ Begin Giffard .\ ce?os.1 

. i. japta fuit . *1t q alt eo^ . eum in dissaisiv 

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Ilegt dim . marc p hiida assisa vsus oms . 

^ i hat bre ad sumon pdcos justic cora 

-. j29$isa ilia capta fuit adee tc apd Westm c 

- vrl illo. 

V- iat^ f ^m de LitUngtoh 1 Joh de la HeJk . 
.tt y Mich in . Hi. sepl pee ptium 1 inrim 
' ;:rc !icenc concord. 

'.S q fiiit ux . Rod de Esse . op • se . iiij. die 
x-^ Tkom fit 1 liede pdci Rod. de pt del sue . 
.M *.uch hi ut die . \ Thorn fi ve . vt se essm. 
" Jud • ?cia ps toci^ tenemti qd fuit pda 
XsJ^ capiatur in manii dfti ^ .\c. 1 Thorn 
<..m>eat' q sit apd Wesl . in oci S* Trinif . in 


LeS. IT R^ de Littington • po • lo • suo . Hu^ fit suii de 

pt ? . v^. Rob Mansett ad lu . vt pd. 

Salopesir. ff Dies dat^ t Philipp de Crete . 1 Samson . 1 Mar- 
gar de Stok\ de pi aud Ipt record It jud suu . 
a die Set Mich in . iy. sepl. 

Bedef: JT Dies dat^ f Rie Jt Rod petenl 1 WAcef Hug' 
tenenl ad aud jud suu de magna assisa capta 
int eos de dimid virgal ?re in Kagesho in 
c^stin S" Tnil. JT Id dies dat^ t Rob SBidun . 
i . rec . 1 Jord WLeutieisie \ Regin de Bal Sim 
de Leg^ . \ Witto d StipinglelJordan dCoks- 
den .1 Witt d Sumli . t Rob f Rod sn esson. 
Et Rob d Brei \ Hug" f Wttti \ Rod f 
Gavfr . Tt Hug' d Budenho fl . ve . n* se esson 
quia tot fecut esson r^ jf Considatu est q vie 
hat tc eos apd Westm. 

Dorset. jf Witt de Wdigate po • lo • Sabin uxoris sue . op . 
se • iiij. die . vs^ WHtLoiselur de pt . ij. carruc 
?re c ptifl in Famha . 1 in Meleburn 1 Witt 
ii • ve . vt se esson . 1 rra ilia capta fuit in 
manu dni Reg p ej^ dfectu . \ detenta p xv. 
dies. Ita q nits ||pel earn p plevina. jf Jud • 
Sabma hSt in saisina. 

Lei7. JT Hen? de WLee . op . se. iiij. die .rsus JRic de \\Lee. 

de pt . L carruc rre c ptinenl in Frisebi . \ Ric 
n • ve • vt se ess . 1 sumo fuit testal. jf Jud • 
rra capiatur in man diii Pr • 1 Ric sumdeatur 
q sit apd Westm a die S^ Joh in • arv. dies iii 

. . td. f At* d Tomei po • lo . suo Witt MdacU . vsus 
Adaf Drogon d pt ? . ad lu . vt pd. 

jf Witt Grim op . se • iiij. die Psus Hawis de Aring- 

B B 2 

• •• 

372 ROTUU CURIiE REGia pt unius HaubgeB . t ipa & ve . vt se 

f Magr Reginald de Len pel Psus Alic q ftdt ux 
Sim de Gememue 1 Ada fil ej^ q'rtam pte . i . 
molndifi cii ptinenl in Leh . sic jus \ tieditate 
suam . \ Alic vefl It dfend jus suu . \ pel 
visum, f Dies dat^ f eis a die S* Mich in . iff. 
sept . 1 inrim .... visus . 1 AUc po!l in 
loco suo Ada filiu suii ad lu . vt pd. 

jf . . . . de Grimeston . op • se . iiij. die vsus Priore 

de Estok* de pt warantie carte ve . 

vt se esson • \ sumo testal fiiit jf Jud • at^ 

tacti q sit apd Westm a die • • iff* 

sepl in responsur^. 

jf . • . . in? Reginald de Donemc petenl . t Seman 

Jit RaniUf tenenl de ptineni in 

WHeuenething^ ponr in respect usq^ in. iy. sq^ 

^ /• 5*. Mich p qj nfis rec 

ve . p? Rob d Colevitt . \ Sim dCriketot. 

JT Wleston . op . se . iiij. die • vsus 

Regin Witepese d pt aplti .1 ipe n . ve 

posit? p vadlpleg.^ vicnmisif 

noia pleg. f Jud • Regl" ponat' 

q sit ap Westm . in . ocl S^ Thiil ia responS.I 
p^mi pleg sumdeant' q ' 

SCO pon . Ro6 vir suii lo . suo 

v'sus Radde Sancrqft d pt 9 

f* Norm. \ Gerard dBaimolo.\Gauff 

WBcemam Inquisicio fca t qjacol^ 

Jit Ysaac d pns sui . 1 blad q 

in eod mafiio 

d . . stauram. 



in. 90. 








JT Prior eccle Set fAlbani ^ Cuthbti DuneUn poii . 
lo . 8U0 Widon Monac • vt Sim Monac 9s\xs 
Mat Jim de Eston de pt eccte de Normaneston. 
ad lu.vt pd. 

f Roglm de WBramdon poii loco suo WaU Cticum 
de Hengha vsus Rog^ d \^Rising' de pt eccte 
ad lu.vt pd. 

JT Ric de \\Laucett qr q Hug^ de Stodon It fr ejus 
JoeUus de Vautort • Ric d DunJia . Osb de 
Ahtredescol .\ Hu^ de Morton veflut ad 
dom suam • It ei robav^t eq^s 1 anna .1 vasa 
argentea t alia cataUa ad valncia • c. marc 
in felonia 1 in pace diii (tf .t q ||coeg^ut eum 
affidare q reddet se in p%on Henrjit Witti. 

jf Att de 5* Alhan pon . lo . suo mag?m Rag* 
cCcum suu • v^sus Rob le Mai de pt ? . ad lu . 
vt pd, 

f Ass . ve . rec si Maths fr Henr seisit^ fuit in 
diiico suo ut d feod . de . iiij. mesag ||?.c 
ptinenl in G^nemue . 1 si obiit "Ic . q* ?ram 
Abraha de G^nemue .1 Matild ux . ej^ tenent 

f Rob de Bosco t Eva ux ejus petierl v^sus Rob 
de \\Sancrqfi . ij. carf ?re c ptin in EUngha \ 
in Hwme^eld sic ilias q ptment ad ronabile 
dote suam q eam conting de lil^ tenemto q 
fuit Barthot q^da viri sui • \ Rob ve . ^ 1 
defend^ \ pel visum tre jfhat visum 
f Dies dat^t eis adie S" Mich in. iff. sepl .1 
intim fiat visus. 

jf Odo Pincina pofl lo • suo Witt d Weston v'sus 
Ric Engaine .1 Sim Jit \\Sim de pt recogniC . de 

B B 3 


nova dissaisina in adventu justic in ptib3 i&. 
ad lu • vt pd. 

Btik\ JT ^^ d^ Emesha pon lo • suo Withn de BtUdngh 

v^s^ Hug^ d Fulebroc de pt ass • d m antec . 
ad lu . vt pd. 

f Witt Pecche posit^ lo . 0dm de WKarlitm veft in 
cur It cdcessit SibiUe d Sumii • c. solid rre 
in IICAm^e . "l faciet ei escambiu de feod.L 
mUil in Bramton p feod.i. milil in ^EmeUh. 
\xn ipe Odo cep escambiu . p . iiij. marc . q^ 
ipa ded ei. jf Dies dat^teis a die STJoA in. 
re. dies . ad faciend cirog^pfi suu. 

Devon. f Loqdum de Roheis de la Pumai q pel dote 
Camtd>. suam vsus Hem^ de la Pumai 1 pel s* allo- 

cari q ipe fee se essoii de m • ve • m . fmino 

5* Hilar . ^ dies dat^ fuit ei . in . ii;. sefi. 

^ Pasch.\ tc fee se essoniare i?um i 

m. ve. 

Nor/.' jf Ass . ve . rec . si Bog^ Bacun injuste 1 sn judico 

dissaisiv Silvrm jil Sim de li15o te . suo in . 
Torp inf* ass. jf Jur dicut q Rog^ ita dis- 
saisiv eum. jf Jud . Silvr hat saisina sua St 
m. Rog' in . mia. Mia Bog* • dim marc . dampn . 

XX. sot. 

Oion. f Rob de Eston petit p plevina in crastin Asceni 

t?ram sua de Eston q capta fuit in man dfii ^. 
p ejus defectu vsus Wittm de Eston. 

Hunted. f Alar(^ Marescatt pel . i, virg t . c ptinenl in 
G^tesdon v'sus Fore d RepSdon 1 For pel 
visum • hat visum. f[ Dies dat^ f eis in. re. 
dies jp^y 5* JoMs It fiat visus. 

Buk\ ^ Ass . de m aiicess . int Rad f Rad pet . 1 


Reginald de \\StOcJuden St Edhd vidua 
ii. acr c ptinenl in Siok^ remanet • % Reginald 
dii q nich clamat in rra ilia n^ custod p 
Hug^ de Bello Campo. jT Querat bre vsus 
Htig" si volSit 

Surr. JT I^ics dat^ f Eue de Kaingnes p Wall de Fule- 

broc posil lo . ej^ It Reginald d Clifton po . lo . 
Ad \ Auicie mat^s sue de pi r . a die S* Joh 
in . av. dies St hat licenc c5cord. 

Surr. jf AsS de m . antec int Philipp Jit Osb pel It 

Pore d B*mundesfieie te . d . xiiij. acr tre 5 
ptinenl in Rederhee ponr in respecl us% in . 
ocl S* Joh . q^ Joh d Hemepat It Josceliii d 
WRetherhest . t Ric rec . essoniavut se . 1 
Gaiffr de Auenei .\ Rog^ d Abiei 1 Godefrid 
Blund . 1 Edward Rudet . rec . n . ve . vl se 
essoii ido attach q tc sit ibi. jf Id dies dat^ 
f cetis in banco. 

Surr. jl" H5ies ville de ^Dockingl^. offt dno Regi . x. marc 

p hnda jurata de consuetudinib} q^ antiq^t^ 
consuevut Si ut? tenemtu eor sit libum tene- 
mtum eor an dnicum Alan Basset cui dns 
Rex dedit mamu lUd. 

Euej^. f Godrfr de CramauUt xdi in cur 1 cognov q ipe 

debet redde Steph de S* Jacobo . ij. marc ad 
duos Aminos anni. 

Canub?. JT Gaufr de ||i^fc5 pon lo . suo Maghn Johem de 
Crausete de pi advocois capHe d Cotes ad lu . 
vl pd 9sus Ric Engaine. 

St^S ^ Homies de Gipeswich ofYunt dno Regi • xl. marc 

obto. p htida villa eor ad vetem firma. 

B B 4 



qdiienf fili^suu^ nuq* huit tram [ilia] n* tenuit . 
n"" saisina de aliq* rra huit • qn earn Udesposavit 
£t hoc offert pbare p qnda libm hdiem sniL 
Set n defendit carl ilia jT ConsidaE est qd 
Margaret hat dol sua sic carta testatf • q^ n 
defendit carta n"^ desposacoem. 

Nar/otc. f ^88* vefl rec . si PhiUpp de Burfih inj^te t s5 
jud diss Rod fit WaS de liBo tenemto suo in 
Harpelt'mf^ ass^m PhiUpp dicit q ass ii deb^ 
in fi q*a cora Osdto fit Herui \ sociis sois 
justic ||itenerantib3 testa! fuit \ pbal p secta 
c5gnato^ pdci Rod. q ipe I fres fuerf villani. 
1 ifl vocat pdcos justiS. 

Surr. f Ass de • m • aficess WiUJURob q* inf • etal est . 

petentet Wittde la \\Langebrige ftenemt de . 
ij. ac% pHi in Cherlewd. pon' in respectu . uaj 
m (fstm See Fnitat . p defcu rec q^ calumpniati 
fuerl . t PcepE est vie q fadat tot rec venire 
ne ass^ remaneat 

Surf. fi Ass ve . rec . si Sim de B'wes 1 Luc cUc^ t Pen 

de B^wes inj^te 1 sfl jud diss Odoii de Stanfeld 
t JuUafid ux ej^ de li . te . S!io . in ^MicJieh . 
inf ^ ass . Sim dicit q ass* no debet in fi . q^ 
ipe cepit tram ilia in manu jud curie sue • q^ 
pduxit q hoc testat'. p defcu servicii sui. Et 
testatu fuit q Odo tenet Pram ilia de ipo SinL 
jf P'cepl * Sim q replegiet Pram ilia Odofd 1 
catalla sua \ roabilit ducat eu in curia 

Dorset. ff Vie significavit q cepit in manu dni Reg.ij. 
caruc tre cu ptiii in WPicha 1 Walebume dieJiAf 
pa^ ^ med Q^drag' p visu Rod Frere \ Rk 



Franceis 1 Andr de Sturmenist .... \\IueUn& 
de Bere. 

HwUed. jf Ass* ve . rec . si Rog^ de Svinep It Rob de Sta^ 
pelford inj^te 1 sn jud Hdess Albrmjit Mart . 
de ti • te suo . in WTunreng^ inf ■ ass^m. Jural 
did q ipe eu ita diss. JuSAlbri(P tiat saisina 
t ipi 1 mia p diss. 

jf Dies dat' Comitisse Margar Tt Vatt de Chettre- 
tdtt. de pi 9vicii .in ocl See Thui.f bre . GJit 

f Oms loqle ptinentes ad Ada de Port ponul' in 
. resp . us% a die Sci Joh t av. dies . q^ ipe t in 
svicio Ducts. 

jf Hawis de MttvirU pen lo . suo • Ric vir suu v^sus 
Jordan ^deJU Ren^ . \ Juliana ux sua . de pt. 
pasture ad lu • vt pd. 

JT Dies dat^ Pef" BlHdo \ Ade de Port. At pt 
waranl carl .a die Sci Joh in jcv. dies. 

jf Dies dat^ t With de T^sgoz [peteti] et Comiti 
Albrico de pt rec de ml aficess a die Sci Mich 
in iij. septim \ Com po • lo suo Rann LupU . 
ad lu . vt pd. 

Dmn. jf Loqla int Rog* de ^Reimes\ Gax^r de Barenton 
t Ric de Hidon \ Thorn FoUot pon*^ in respctu 

Mich in av. dies . p b?e 


Ktni. jf Dils Cant hi cu? sua de loqla q est in? Nicot 

Chambleng^ J, Witt de Bemiges ad 


Dcrut. jf Dies dat' Thorn de \\Sansted pSito loco f suo^ 

Ric nepotis ||su6 \ Hug* Jit WitU 

ad capie^d cyrographii suu. 





Esse^. iT Alqfus \\Malegre$se venit et concessit \^Mauro de 
Lond tenere mariscu de Brade . . . . afesto 
Set Mich pi p^ consecracoem Magn Eustac 

in Epm EUensem ad rmin sicut 

carta ifSius Alqfi testat' ^ iil fecit Witt BlSdo 

avuncto pdci Mauric marc 

finis q'da. arg.tdim. 

Bede/: f Ass» ve . rec si Matittxa Nigelli 1 Witt Jit Nigett 

etNichotJitOdofi Wittjit 

Gilb de ti • te . suo in Samebroc inf* ass^ juraE 

did qd Matitt ^t saisina \ 

mia. Matitt^ Witt fit ej^ in mia . Mia Matitt dim 

Kent. ff Ass de ultia p^ncoe ad ecc*m de Coleha int Fore 

de B^mOdeseie us% a die SS 

Mich in iff. septim p def Su recognil q^ Ric 

de p Edmd. Et Jacob de Fuge- 

leston p Ro5 . ad eund tmiil • aff 

\ Matho Hargg" 1 Sim de Norwode. Et 

Nigello de de WCurlge \ Aehoin de 

Give n vefi vl se essofi. 

SuniiseT. ff Dies dat^ est Hug^ de aud 

m. 19.dor8« 

Essex'. (f Ass ve . rec . si Watf de Hetfeld inj^te 1 sn judic 
diss Begin fitSagar . de litk) ten suo . in Wic%. 
inf^ ass^m f Jural did qd fl diss eu de aliq^ 
tenemto in Wicha. 

Caniebr. f Planus Dispensator pel . i. hida rre 2 ptifi in West- 
wick vsus Joh de Cawia ut jus suu. Joh venit 
1 defendit jus suu t pel visu rre . hat visu. 
Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Joh in av. dies . mm 
fiat visus. 



Es$ex\ f Ass de nova diss in? Rob le Franc\Matitt ux 

ej^ petentes et Rob JUles HeseSt RadJitJoh diss 
de libo tenemto suo in IllWneffee.pon' in resji 
us% in ocl See Thtil p def Su rec . q*da venerl 
1 q^a non venerl vt se essofi. Et ido atachi- 
endi sE qd tc sit ibi. 

Norfolc. (T Ass de nova diss . * Ysmeinjit Warin petenl It 
WAlbfn Jit Rand de \Vbo tenemto suo in Lenna 
pofi in resp us% in oetab See T^nil.g defcu 
rec.q*a nll^ eoj^ venit vl se essoii.1 ido 
atachiadi sunt qd tc sit ibi. £t ^Ysmeina 
ponit lo • suo Rod fit suu .ad lu . vt pd. 

Caniebf. jf Dies dat^ est Gilbl de \\Thanie 1 Gilb de Dunmawe 
de pt magne ass • de ecc* de Fukbume a die 
Sci Mich in iij. septim . q'a Peir^ de ^Recha . 
i.^ rec ess se p Ric . Witt Jit Henr p LanceUn . 
Regin de Tnmpiton p Heruis . Thorn de Wod- 
deton p Ro^. Vido de Stok* p ^Henr^ Witt. 
Witt de Erewett p Henr. Id dies dat^ est 
Witt de Tnmpi^ton . et Jlbrico de Capett. in 
banco. Et ceri no venliit vt se ess.1 ido 
atachiandi si q tc sit ibi. 

Bkl^. f[ Dies dat^ est WRog' de Sco WMauro et hBib} de 

Ailesbir de pt libtal. a die Sci Joh t jcv. dies. 
Et intim tint licec concord. 

Middekex\ f Ass de nova diss int LambtU WSae^stain • petenl. 
\ Godejr Luffe \ Jlic vix ej^.l Rog" Jit Ric 
de ti . te . ipi^ Lamb in Vefi Vico ex* Lond 
remanet • q*a id Ro^ dicit q ipe disroavit 
ilia ?ra in cur dni Reg • p ass de • m . an- 
cess . vsus Rob Banastr . et ipm Laberl. 
Et testal est p Rotut justic • q ipe Ro^ 
disroavit terra ilia vsus Rob Banastr .\ no 
Rot.Cur.Rbo. b b 


9sus ipm Lddl . Et ido considal est q LamN 
hat in saisina. 

Cantebf. jf Ass de nova diss inr Rog^ JitBic petent \ GiW 
Jit AUc \ Reg" Giffard 1 Joh Gijffard \ Rod 
Giffard dissaisiatores de ti . te . ipi^ Ro^ in 
Maddtgele pon*" in resp . usq^ in ro. dies ^ 
fest Set Joh . q'a pdci dissaisiatores dixerf q id 
Rog' tulerat bre de nova diss de eodteii . vsus 
Gilbt frem suu 1 vsus oes eosd . cora justic 
Hitineratib} apd Cantebr. s . Afibe de Sco Edmdo . 
1 Henr de CasteliU . 1 sociis eo^ . \ capta fuit 
jur . ita qd ipe cecidit in mia dni Reg. Et p 
fendo record pdco^ justic . offert [id GiB^ ^^ 
Regi . i. marc . It qd nuq* p^ea hiiit [id Rog^"] 
in saisina. T^t Rog* tulit bre de nova diss, 
vsus ipm Gilbt. ^ Regin Giffard .\ cetos.1 
jural capta fuit . 1 q alt eo^ . eum in dissai^v 
\ il . ambo. Ido remansit in . mia . \ in offt 
dno Regi dim . marc p hnda assisa vsus oms. 
WGileb hat bre ad siimon p^dcos justic cora 
q'b} assisa ilia capta fuit adee tc apd Westm c 
record illo. 

Bedef: f Dies dat^ t Sim de LitUngton "t Joh de la Helle . 
a die S^ Mich in . Hi. sept pee ptium It inrim 
hant licenc concord. 

IT//.' jf Matild q fuit ux . Rod de Esse . op • se . iiij. die 

vsus Thorn fit 1 Rede pdci Rod. de pi dol sue . 
uii nicR hf ut die . It Thorn S ve . vl se essoS. 
f Jud . rcia ps toci^ tenemti qd fuit pd5 
Rad capiatur in manu dfiii 1^ . 1c. It Thoin 
sumoeat' q sit apd West . in oct S* Trinil . in 


LeS. JT R^ de LitUngton . po • lo • suo . Hug^ fit suu de 

pt r . V. R06 Mansett ad lu . vt pd. 

Sahpesir. f Dies dat^ f Philipp de Crete . \ Samson . 1 Mar- 
gar de Stok\ de pi aud ||t record t jud suu . 
a die Set Mich in . iij. sept. 

Bedrf: JT Die» dat^ f Ric Jt Rod petenl \ \\Acef* Hug" 
tenen{ ad aud jud suu de magna assisa capta 
int eos de dimid virgal ?re in Kagesho in 
c^stiii S" Thul. jf Id dies dat^ ^Robd Bidun . 
i . rec . 1 Jord WLeuueisie \ Regin de Bal Sim 
de Leg' . It fVittd d Siipingle\ Jordan d Coles- 
den .\ Witt d Sumii . \ Rod f Rod sn esson. 
Et Rob d Bret \ Hu^ f Witti \ Rod f 
Gaufr . 1 Hug' d Budenho fl . ve . n® se esson 
quia tot feSut esson r^ jf Considatu est q vie 
hat tc eos apd Westm. 

Dorset. jf Witt de Wdigate po . lo . Sabiri uxoris sue . op . 
se . iiij. die . vs^ WittLoiselur de pi . ij. carruc 
?re c ptifi in Famha . 1 in Meleburn 1 Witt 
n • ve . vl se esson . t vra ilia capta fuit in 
manu dni Reg p ej^ dfectu . It detenta p xv. 
dies. Ita q nits ||pel earn p plevina. jf Jud • 
Sabina hat in saisina. 

Z>i7. jf Heni^ de \\Lee . op . se. iiij. die . vsus Ric de \\Lee . 

de pt • L carruc tre c ptinenl in Frisebi . t Ric 
n • ve • vt se ess . It sumo fuit testaL jf Jud • 
rra capiatur in man d&i ^ . It Ric sumdeatur 
q sit apd Westm a die S* Joti in . xv. dies ill 

. . «f . f At* d Tomei po . lo . suo Witt MOacU . vsus 
Ada/* Drogon d pt ? . ad lu . vt pd. 

f Witt Grim op . se • iiij. die v^sus Hawis de Aring- 

B B 2 



•wrth . de pt unius Haubgett . 1 ipa fi ve . vl se 

jf Magr Reginald de Len pel vsus AHc q fuit ui 
Sim de Gememue \ Add fil ej^ q*rtam pte . i. 
molndiil cu ptinenl in Len . sic jus \ lieditate 
suam . It Alic vefl t dfend jus suu .1 pet 
visum, f Dies dat^f eis a die ST Mich in.ig. 
sept . \ inrim .... visus . \ Alic pofi in 
loco suo Add filiii suu ad lu . vt pd. 

f . . . . rfe Grimeston . op . se . iiij. die vsus Priore 

de Estok* de pi warantie carte ve . 

vt se esson . t sumo testal fuit f[ Jud . atr 

tach q sit apd Westm a die ig. 

sepl in responsur^. 

f .... inr Reginald de Donewic petenl . t Senum 

Jil Ranulf^ tenenl de ptinenl in 

WHeuenethmg^ poor in respecl usq^ in. iy. sefl 

J^ /^ ST^ Mich p q^ nils rec 

ve.p? Rob d ColeoUt .1 Sim dCriketot. 

JT Wlestoii . op • se . iiij. die . vsus 

Regin Witepese d pi aptti .1 ipe n . ve 

posit^ p vad 1 pleg . "l vie n misif 

noia pleg. jT Jud . Re^ ponat' 

q sit ap WestDQ .in.oci S* Thtii ill responi.t 
p^mi pleg sumoeant' q ' 

SCO poii . Rob vir suu lo . suo 

v^sus Radde Sancrqft d pt P 

f Norm. \ Gerard dBaiUiolo.lGauJr 

WP^cemam Inquisicio fca t q^Jacol^ 

Jit Ysaac d pns sui . 1 blad q 

in eod manlio 

d . • stauram. 










f Prior eccte Sci fAlbani ^ Cuthbti DuneUn pofl . 
lo . 8U0 Widon Monac . vt Sim Monac vsus 
Mathm de Eston de pt eccte de Normaneston. 
ad lu • vt pd. 

f Rogim de WBramdoii pon loco suo Wali Cticum 
deJSenghS vsus Rog* d ^Rising* de pt eccte 
ad lu.vt pd. 

JT Ric de \\Lauce!t qr q Hug* de Stodoh \ fr ejus 
Joelhis de Vautort • Ric d Dunha . Osb de 
Aluredescol .1 Hug* de Morton venlut ad 
dom suam . It ei robavut eq**s 1 anna .% vasa 
argentea t alia cataUa ad valncia • c. marS 
in felonia It in pace dni P^ .1 q ||coeg?ut eum 
affidare q reddet se in p^on Henrjit WitU. 

f Att de S* Alban poii • lo . suo magFm Rog* 
clicum suu . vsus Rod le Mai de pt ? . ad lu . 
vt pd. 

JT Ass . ve . rec si Maths fr Henf seisit^ fuit in 
dilico suo ut d feod • de . iiij. mesag ||r.c 
ptinenE in G^nemue . \ si obiit 1c . q* Pram 
Abrahd de G^nemue St Matild ux . ej^ tenent 

JT Rob de Bosco 1 Eva ux ejus petierf v^sus Rob 
de ^Sancrqft . ij. car? tre c ptiii in EUngha \ 
in HwnHetfeld sic illas q ptinent ad ronabile 
dote suam q earn conting de libo tenemto q 
fiiit Barthot q^nda viri sui . Tt Rob ve . ^ 1 
defend ^ 1 pel visum rre f hat visum 
jf Dies dat^f eis a die I? Mich in . iij. sepl f\ 
inrim fiat visus. 

If Odo PinSna poll lo • suo Witt d Weston v'sus 
Ric Engaine J\ SOfiJit \\Sini de pt recognil . de 
B B 3 


nova dissaisina in adventu justic in ptib3 i& . 
ad lu • vt pd. 

Bnk\ JT ^^ ^^ Einesha pon lo • suo fFitlni de Bukingh 

vs^ Hug* d Fulebroc de {d ass • d m antec . 
ad lu . vt pd. 

f Witt Pecche posit^ lo . Odon de WKarlkm veil in 
cur It cdcessit Sibilte d Swmi . c solid rre 
in WChause .1 fadet ei escambiu de feod.L 
milil in Bramton p feod . i. miliE in ^EmeUii . 
un ipe Odo cep escambiu . p . iiij. marc . q*s 
ipa ded ei. f Dies dal?t eis a die !? Joh in . 
XV. dies . ad faciend cirog^pb suu. 

Devon. f Loqdum de Roheis de la PtcmHai q pel dote 
Gamut. suam vsus Henr de la Pumlai % pel s* allo- 

cari q ipe fee se esscm de m • ve • m . fmino 

S* Hilar . 1 dies dat^ fuit ei . m . iij. sepl . 

^ Pasch . 1 tc fee se essoniare irum d 

m. ve. 

Nor/.' jf Ass . ve . rec . si Bog* Bacun injuste 1 sS judico 

dissaisiv Silvrm Jit Sim de libo te . suo in . 
Torp inf* ass. f Jur dicut q Bog* ita dis- 
saisiv eum. f Jud . Silvr hat saisina sua .1 
m. Bog* in • mia. Mia Bog* . dim marc . dampn . 

XX. sot. 

Oxon. f ^o^ ^ Eston petit p plevina m crastin Asceni 

t^ram sua de Eston q capta fiiit in man d&i ^. 
p ejus defectu vsus Wittm de EstorL 

Hunted. f AlardP Marescdtt pel . i. virg r . c ptinenl in 
G^tesdon vsus Pore d BepSdon 1 Por pel 
visum . hat visum, f Die3- dat^ t eis in. xv. 
^^ t^f ^ JoJiis \ fiat visus. 

Buk\ jf Ass • de m aiicess . int Bad f* Bad pet . \ 


Reginald de \\StSchklen St Edrvd vidua 
ii. acr c ptinenl in Stok^ remanet • % Reginald 
dii q nich clamat in rra ilia n^ custod p 
Htig^ de Bello Campo. JT Querat bre v^sus 
Hug" si volfiit 

&trr. JT I^i^ dat^ f Eue de Kaingnes p WaU de Fule- 

broc posil lo . ej^ It Reginald d Clifton po . lo . 
Ad It Auicie niat*s sue de pi z .a die S* Joh 
in . XV. dies St hat licenS cocord. 

Surr. jf AsS de m . antec int Philipp Jit Osb pel 1 

Pore d B*mimdesfieie te . d . xiiij. acr tre 2 
ptinenl in Rederhee ponr in respecl us% in . 
ocl S* Joh . % Jb^ (f Hemepat It Josceliii d 
WReiherhest . t Ric rec . essoniavut se . 1 
Gaiifr de Auenei .1 iio^ ^ ^/wei It Godefrid 
Blund . 1 Edward Rudet . rec . n . ve . vl se 
esson ido attach q tc sit ibi. f Id dies dat^ 
f ceris in banco. 

Surr. JT H5ies ville de ^Dockin^. of ft dno Regi . x. marc 

p hnda jurata de consuetudinib} q^ antiq^t^ 
consuevut .1 ut? tenemtu eor sit libum tene- 
mtum eor an dnicum Alan Basset cui dns 
Rex dedit man!iu illd. 

Euej^. f Godrfr de Cramauitt veh in cur 1 cognov q ipe 

debet redde Steph de S* Jacobo . ij. marc ad 
duos tminos anni. 

Canteb?. f Goufr de ||2^fc5 pon lo . suo Magrm Jotiem de 
Crausete de pi advocois capHe d Cotes ad lu . 
vl pd 9sus Ric Engaine. 

St^S JT Homies de Gipeswich offunt dno Regi . xl. marc 

obto. p hiida villa eor ad vetem firma. 

B B '1 










f Ass de m ancessoris int Henr Cticum pe.l 
Abired \\Souesot fte.^\ Siward Wagge .\ 
Reginald filiu ejus tenentes . de . iij. virgatis 
?re c ptinenl in Lamburn remanet q*a ipi 
cognorut se ee • villanos . Hams de Dinant 
de ?ra ilia jT qrat bre v'sus Hawisam si 

f Hugo de Neoitt po . lo . suo Baldemn de Bekted 
v^sus Waffm de Windeshore . \ vsus Joh ft 
Gode/rid de pt debiti • ad lu • vt pd. 

f Witt de Longo Campo ponit lo . suo Witkn de 
Farsaus vsus Hubtum de Halgetqfi de pi 
libtatis ad lu.vt pd. 

)f Preceptu fuit vie q facet venire record loqle 
inP Ric d Lu^ingtoii SI Rob le Mansett de pt 
tre in yT^/m/on p eosd milites . q* detulerl 
record illd cora justiS itinlantib} de cur 
Archiepi Ebo^ . a die Pasch in . v. septm • \ 
Rob Mansett tc ve .1 op . se . 1 pdci milites 
tc n ve.vt se iii^ jBartf.i^. jus- 
ticiar itiniantiu ibi ve S\ dix q record illd ven 
cora eis S\ qd ad nicb ptinebat jf Jud Rob 
eat sfi die. 

f Com Waleram po . lo . suo WiUm Picot v^sus 
Hu^Jit Witti de pt §vic ad lu . vt pd. 

f Dies dat^f Priori de Sco Neoto \ Rob Engcune 
ad capiend cirog^R suu de eccta Si^Weresle . 
a die S* Joh in . av. dies. 

jf Petr^ de Holt q'r q Ivo de Dene ven 5 vi sua in 
pace dni Pr ad tram q* tenet ad firma 1 
robavit ibi.xv. libr in denar.l; catalla ad 
Valencia . Ix. marc .^ hoc off); pbare p Joh 


h5ine suu vsus eum sic cur considarit Yvo 
venit 1 defendit robiam A die qd ipe recu- 
pavit q^da tram p magnam assisam Psus 
Almaric de Nuers . 1 vie fee ei saisina jud 
eu? .^ de eatatt ibi inventis • \ si cataUa ibi 
inventa in saisina sua debeat h?e poil se sup 
eonsidaE eur. 

Af/Vf . JT Waleram de Bx>chrf<yrd po • lo . suo Petr d Paris 

vsus Porissam de Standtfeld de pt advocois 
eccie .ad lu • vt pd. 

in.20. dorS. 

Norhum- jp p'ceptu est . vi2 q hat m . xv. dies ^ f Sci 
Joh Baple rec ultime psentaci5is ad ecctam 
de Ilderton in? Fore de Khrkeham.X Thani 
f* Liolf* 1 q sumoeatur pleg Pdcorum re- 
cognitor qd tc sint ibi ostensuri q*re n5 
h8ut eos in • av. dies jP Pasch siS ei ^ceptii 

Nmf: j|- Dies dat^^ f Witto d GimighS 1 Biidco Riffo 

de pt fractidis domor .a die ST Mich .in. iff. 
sepl.^ innm hant licenc concord. 

Surr. JT I^i^s dat^ t Atbi de Westnl 1 Steph de Brum- 

feld de pt pagnag .a die ^^ Mich in . ro. dies . 
\ intern hant licenc concord. 

-Ettf^. (T Dies dat^ est Joh de Storttford .% Bald de 
Sopiland.d pt.lx. acr tre i Sopiland.a die 
S^ Joh Baple in . to. dies . p dfectu rec . 
f Id dies datus f Hug" d Polstedp WWade .\ 
Laur d Plttdge p Martina .1 Maths d Bramle 
p Rod.Henr de Taiden p WiOm.Wiltf^ 
Witti p Petr. Pagan de Stanf p Alea^ . 
Jacob de Tikbiri p Ric . aflSda^t • Gileb de 
Musters . Ric f Alan . Rob d Bouton 1 
Hamon de Hasketot . Watt de Langtford . 1 



mn.\ Joh de Rocheford . Joh Folenfaut 
rec . n . ve . vl se esson . io attach q tc 
sint ibi. 

Essej^. jf Sarra ux . Jord le WZuun pofl lo . suo Jord vinim 

suu.vsus Bog^ J* pi m. 
ancess .ad lu . vt . pd. 

Hunted. JT Hug' de Wigorn pe.1 Witt DatP tenes con- 
cordat! si de.iij. hid Pre c ptinenl in Ugf* 
It de . i. hida rre in Ewaldeshor cum ptiJL 

Cantebr. if Assisa de ultima psentatide eccle d Cotes mt 
Ric Engaine pel .1 Gaicfr de \B*ges tenenl 
ponr in respect usq^ m tres sepl j^J^ ST Mich 
p defect rec ^q^ % Ric Franc . i. rec esson 
se . p Rob . \ Eustach de Barenton p Joh . \ 
Rob Vavasur p Robjt Atic.\ WUtJit WRogoii 
\ Reginald Giffard .\ Regih d Euidori .\ Witt 
pvus.1 Osbt^ Epc .1 Rog" de Erteton . n 
ve vt se essoii It ido attach sutq sint apd 
Westm tc in responsuri .1 id dies dat^t WiUo 
Jit Alured.\ Eviard fn suo.1 Widon ja 
\\Auggod.\ Samico de Cotes q^ veSut in banco. 
1 Joh jp* de Granteshede poit^ loco ipi^ 
Gayfr de \^Feles ve .1 die q ass n debet in fi . 
q^ alia vice fuit placil inr eu 1 Joh prem ipi^ 
Gaufr . ita qd id Joh posuit se iii in magnam 
assisam .1 adh*^ t iHd placil sub record \ 
judic6.1t die q eccla ilia £1 1 vacas.1 qd ipe 
Joh p* illius capelle t 

Waretji. IT Prior de Kenilwrth pon lo . suo Pe . canonic suu 
ysus . Comil d Warenf de pi bladi capti 
ad lu.vl pd. 

Norf: jf AS) de Becco poii lo • suo . Httg* \ Gaufr 

moacos suos vt alrm eorum si ambo inree n 



pot^t . v^ . Wh^um CHicum de Hocham de q*da 
falda levata injuste .ad lu .vt pd. 

NoiingiL ff Ass de m antec int AibMrJitEustach petente • 
It Wa&m de Stanton tenente de villa de Crop-- 
hiU fCfoSr in respecl J^ f S^ Joh p defect 
recog % Rod de \\Gau$i . i. rec essoii se p 
Wittm .\ Hug" de\\BinghT^\\Tom.\ Wittde 
S* Paulo p Ric.% Artur de Nmeton p JoK t 
Rad de Sai p Rod fit suu .It Rob dispensator 
^ Warin.fiS&ai.\ Hug" Scot .\ WaSdeHoe. 
\ Mich de Malueres . \ RobJitS^lon . ii ve . vl 
se esson • It ido attach sunt • q tS sint apd 
Westm in resp . id dies dat? t jRo5 d Burton 
1 Rad de Holeton q* ve . in banco. 

Essex\ jf Ass . de m • anl . in? Rog* t pel It Jord le 

Zuin . It Sarram uxor ej^ de . L car? ?re in 
\\Lancedon ponr in respecl . usq^ in . ii;. sepl jp 
/• S" Mich . q^ajord ve . T: die qd ?ra ilia data 
fuit ei in maritagiu cu Sarra Jita WitH de 
ChiuiU pns ipi^ Sarre . 1 in vocat ipm Witt ad 
warantu. Id dies dat^ est • rec in banco q^ 
ve . 1 JVitto de la Dune . p Ric St Ambrosio p 
WarinU aflEid. 

Botdand, f[ Jord It Leuina ux ejus petierf die Dnica jPAsceni 
. ?ram suam de UppinghS . i. virg ?re q fuit 
capta in mail dni Reg p defectu fVitti de Clop- 
ton dni eorum • q nich ||pe{ clamare in ilia ?ra 
v^ Hospitalarios. jf Leuina pofl loco suo Jord 
virum suu ad lu . vl pd. 

Essex. f Dies dat^ f Rob Jit Wa6i . \ Monialib3 de Hali- 
wett deptl . a die Diiica fPAscens in.av. dies. 
1 hnt licenS concord. 

Bedif.* JT Dies dat^ t £dith de Dunstapl . \ WUto Vmetario 


de pt aptti a die 1^ Joh in . ro. dies . t hot 
licenS concord. 

Narnr. JT ^^ jft^ Siffi . op . se . iiij. die v^sus Matild de 

Hocton de pi finis fci in cur dni Pr de rra q* 
n hnt n* in custod cum ipo WiUd St ipe n . 
ve . vt se essoii St sumo fuit testaL jf Jud . 
attach qd sit ap Westm in ocl See T^nii • in 
responsuf« f M dies dat^ t Alan Jit Og^i in 
banco . c q'^ fine fee. 

Leic. iT R^ de (rnemue . op . se . iiij. die • vsus Gaufr 

Aide . de pt cataS . "l ipe n . ve . vl se essoii . 1 
huit diem in banco p esson suu in crastii 
Ascens. jf Jud attach q sit apd Westm in . 
ocl S* iSiil . mia in . respecl. 

ID. 21. 

Essea^. f Hug* de Nevitt op . se • iiij. die v^sus Joh Jif 

Godefr d^ pt debiti . T: ipe n ve . vt se essoii . 
\ debuit poni p vad \ pleg . 1 vie n misit 
noia pleg. jf Jud ponatur p meliores pt . q 
sit apd Westm in . an), dies p^ f* Sci Joh 
in responsur^ St vie hat ibi noia pleg pernor 
\ alior. 

Essex\ JT Hug^ de Nevitt pel v^sus Wat^ de Windeshor. 

x.marc arg q*s ipe debuit Henr deComhitt. 
cujus hed ipe Hug^ hi in custod . 1 WdS\e . 
\ defend sumone jf Jud . WaS defendat se . 
xij. manu • ||s. leg faciend. jf Dies dat^t ei a 
die Adatus^ 5* Joh in . av. dies ad faded lege 

Derebi. jf Sim de Aldmanebir op . se .iiij . die vsus Petr de 
Sabloittde pt . x. lib debiti 1 debuit poni p pt. 
t ipe n ve . vt se esson . It vi€ n misit noia 
pleg. jf Jud . attach qd sit apd Westm a die 


S" Joh in . XV. dies . in responsu? . \ p^mi pt 
sumdeantf qd tc sint ibi ostensur qr n5 huit 

Buie. f ^Lubias q fiiit ux Witti de Husketot petes .1 Witt 

Grent tenes concord si de ronabli dote ipi^ 
Lubie q earn conting de libo tenemto Witti 
quonda viri sui in Huscol p sic q ipa Lti6 
remisit 1 quiel clamav ipi WittO "l feed suis 
tol clamiu suu qd huit in ilia dote . It id Witt 
fee lib ronabile divisam Witti viri sui p visum 
leg h5i^m de illo visnel . It id Witt ded ei . 
ii. marc \ dim. ff Dies dat^ t eis a die 1^ 
Joh in. XV. dies ad capiend cirog^pb suum. 

Warenf. jf Rob de Valuines . op se • iiij. die rsus Petr^ Cor- 
bicun . de pt rre • un cep homagiu suu . 1 un 
ei fee cirog'pb suu . 1 ipe Pett^ n . ve . vt se 
esson . y, sum5 fiiit tesL jf Attacb qd sit apd 
Westm a die S^ Joh in . xv. dies. 

In crasHn' S'c'e Trinit\ 

Norf: ^ Sim de Hunted q^ se essoB de m lecti v'sus Gileb 

de Tudeham de pT rre significav qd convaluit 
de infirmitate sua • 1; qd & fuit visus 1 pel 
licenS veniendi ad cur t hi p Joh de 

Hff: % RadCticus senescaU Witti de la Haia petiit tram 

suam de ^Causeia p plevin q capta luit in manii 
dni Jl p defectu ipi^ vsus t ux Rod de 

Esseton die Jo& an Thul. 

Ebof. JT Bea^x Haket poB lo . suo Ru: Hvirum suum ^sus 

Wittm yvirum suum de pT rre ad lu . vT pd. 


Surr. jf MoHld de Besevilt pon lo . suo Wittm le Flamag 

virum suum 9sus Rob de Besevitt de pi r . ad 
lu . vl pd. 

fVilt. if Om8 loqle q ptinent ad DiUn Winton poor in 

respect p pcepl dfli . G. ^ Pet^ us% m . 
ir;. seja f f S' fMich^ Joh Bapl. f M 
dies dat^ t Bx)b de Beugrant posito lo • 
Comitiss de \\Warreu\ % Gaufr de Piteleston 
de pi recogn. 

fftf.' jf Rob Rumbavd pon lo . suo Joh de Sandon rsus 

RicJitPet^ de pi finis fci ad luc*. vl pd. 

Bedef: f Loqla* est inr Ricjit Rad'X \AscerumJiXHu^ de 
magna ass q capta fuit de dim virg rre m 
Caisho . ponr in respecl us% in . rv. dies jP f* 
S" Joh Bapl p p)cepl dfii G. JilPel^. Id dies 
dat^ t Radf Gaufr rec.T: Sim de Lega.\ 
Witt de Subir 1 Hug' f Witti qui veSut. 1 
Rob de Bidun . p Alanu . 1 Hug^ de Budenho • 
p Ric . \ aliis q* se essoii . Jordan de Colesdon 
qui n ve . attach q tc sit ibi. 

Eboz. if Loqla in? fVittm de Stutevitti Wittm de Unting- 

feld T: Ysabett ux ejus de pi doJ . \ loqla q est 
inr ipm Wittm 1 AlanU fX Elie de advoc 
eccle de Kirkebi Useburn ponr in respect usq^ 
in.iy. sepf p^ f S* Mich p bre dni Reg.p 
custod Com Cumbland t Norhumbland \ cas- 
tallor ei comissoj^. 

Buk\ ♦ " 

Noif.* jf Rob Curpetit pel tram suam in Buketon p plevifi 

in crastin See Trinii q capta fuit in manii dm 
Reg p ejus defect Psus Umfirid de \\Winesleia » 


t vicsignif q cep p^d^ rram in manum dni ^r . 
in ocl Asceni. 

Buk\ (T Dies dat^ est Att)i de Wohurn .1 Ric del Broc 

posito lo • Else de WimSvitt, de pt rec ultime 
p)seDtatiois captte de Undrig^.a die 5* Mich 
in . arv. dies . It inrim hant licenS concord. 

Essex*. jT Dies dal? est Forisse de HaUwett .\ Rob Jit 
Watii dept t .a die ST Joh Baple in ro. dies. 

Horf: jf Mag* ass de jure advoc eccle de Racheie in? 

fVittm de Befham pel . It Bog' de ^Gisnel ponr 
in respect in advent justiS in pi ill: pee ptium. 
jf Id dies dat^ t reS iii, 

Bouland. IT Vic significav p bre suu qd cep in manu dni 
^ . i. virg ?re cum ptift in Huppig p defect 
WilU de Qopton . q*" Hospil clamant vsus eum 
die AscensiSis.t Witt ve . in d^stih ST Tnil .\ 
dix q n tenet tram illam. Immo Jord de 
Upphigg^ • T^ Jord petierl earn p plevina die 
dnica pP Ascens cum Leuina uxore sua. 

Esscj^. f Ass ve rec si Mar^ fXa Reginald de la \Mane- 

brig^ qui se essoft p etate in cur dni Pr . vsus 
WarinUjiUn Uctred de pi ?re in Blkingg' tal 
sit etatis qd possit 1 debeat placitare scdm 
consuetud Angt. jf Jur diet q pdca Marg^ 
erat.xvi. anno^ die S^ Joh Baple anno regn 
Beg" Joh jhno. 

rVigorn. f Dies dat^ t Henr de Estham .\ Beatrici sorori 
ejus de pt maritag ||sctt a dieSTMich in.rv.dies. 
pee ptium Si inrim hant licenc concord. 

Surr. f Ass . ve . re . si Rob pr Witti qui infra etate est 

fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feod in Chlewod 


die q* obiit . ItS . q* ?ram Witt de Langebrig' 
tenet, f Jur did . qd Rob ita obiit seisit?. 
f Jud • Witt hat saisina suam. 

Essej^. f Loqla in? Rod de Hasting' . "t Sewatt deOsemtt 
ponr in respecC adie S^ Joh Bapt in • ig. sepl. 
^ce ptium. 

Ebcff. f Dies dat^ est WUto Briwerr .\ Attii de Sauteia 

de pt advocois eccie de Tatekastr . a die Sci 
Mich in . itv. dies . apd Westm . \ Atti poii in 
lo . siioHenr Qfrem suu in ad lu • vt pd. 

Sij^' JT Ass . ve . re . si iS/ep/i cte Bello Ckmpo pr iS/^ 

tffe BeUo Campo fuit seisit^ in diiico suo ut de 
feodo de . i. car? rre cu ptinenl in Cloptan die 
q<> obiit. q» ?ram 11^7» d WaseuiU \ Matild 
ux ejus tenent. JT J^^ dicl.qdSteph ita in 
obiit seisit^. jf Jud • S. hat seisina. 

HUf* if Prior eccte S* Andr de Norhampton po . lo • suo . 

Sim de Dauintr vsus Eugen p de pt 

custod cujusd puellffi ad lu . vl pd. 

Bul^. ir AsS de m antec inr Sim de Maidewell . pe .% 

Henr de Stok^ de dim virg rre in WHese ponf 
in respect usq^ a die 5* Joh in . iy. sepl p defect 
recogn . % Gaufr de Upton . i. rec ifi ess . se p 
Wittm . Rog* Paskeden . p Gaufr . JohfAUnod 
p Gaufr ."X WatS de Harpwett.Sim de Sco 
MaurSt Henr de EseW^ . fi ve . vl se esson . 
ido attach q tc sint ap Westm. f Id dies dat^ 
est rec aliis q We . T: vie faciat venire tot rec 
de baillia altius vt de baillia .... Henr ne 
ass llp^set deferri p defectu rec . \ sciend q 
Henr dix qd li tenuit ?ram illam It SirA dix q 
tenuit tram q^re ass ilia sumdita fuit.t i& 
posuit se sup jural. 



Jgfser*. f Ass • de • m • antec de . i. carrucat tre c ptinent in 

Bures ."I'm La Merse Si in Atfebneston Si Subi 

1 Hat in? Steph de Bella Campo pel \ Pore 

de Colim ponr in respecC usq^ m tres sepl p^ 

/• S^Mich p defectu retS. 

ITif.* ff Rog" Jit ^Wim^ [Hi/^] posits^ lo. WitU de 

Wesci esson se de m led apd Ebo^ Psus Rob 
Jit Wall, de pi Pre . 1 ^cepl fuit ill fi visum . 
1 Senescatt^JRoft^r Wall veil 1 dix qd quida 
h5 jRoS n5Ie tulit bre de visu illo faciend 1 
nescit' q^ deven • vl si vivit vl si obiit Con- 
sidatii t qd • Witt eat sH die. 

0x0». JT Ri^ ^ Harpur • op . se . iiij. die vsus Sarram q 

fuit fita Ric ^Laban .1 ipa essoil se de m lecL 
ia . de pt . i. virg tre 5 ptinenS in Hidebge . 1 
lang^r fuit ei adjudicat^ . 1 dies dat^ erat ei a 
die STBamab Apti. in . i. annu 1 • i. die . 1 ipa 
tS^il • ve • vt se esson . n^ p se suflSciente respon- 
sale misit jf Jud Ric huit iil saisinam p 
defectu ifSi^ Sarre . \ ij^ hSt tale recupatione 
qMe iB hre debeat 

Essex\ ff TheodoruP de Gillinghd . op . se . iiij. die vsus 

SifH de Waleion » de pt . iij. solid reddit^ cum 
ptinenl in EsttiUebiri .\ ipe fi . ve . vl se 
. Jessofi .\ sumo test f et q'a invenl erat ufi 
Ireddit^ ille exiret . 1 qd capet in man dni $tr . 
c5sidal t q sit ap Westm . a die S'Johis . in.jv. 

CmUtif. f Joseph de DraitoH q' se essofi de m lecti vsus 
Ric^t ||i?o^ significav justic tin convaluit de 
infirmitate sua . 1 pel licenS veniendi ad cur • 
Rot. Cur. Rbo. C c 


Surr. jf Ro6 de lokesford posil? loco A^is de Certeue 

petit v^sus Rob \\Morin . i. carruc Pre c ptin in 
Sutton siS jus eccte de Certesie.l sic illam u& 
Witt quonda Att) de Certesie fiiit saisit^ in 
diiico suo ut de feodo ut de jure ad victii 
moacom tpr • H. reg avi capiendo iil esplecia 
ad valncia dimid marc vt plus . \ hoc offt 
pbare vsus eum • p duos lib h5ies suos q^ hoc 
offfit pbare vsus eum.ut de visu \ jussu pris 
eorum • Rob ven \ defend jus eccle \ pofi se 
in magna assisam* . \ pel i£l f rec . u& ipe hat 
majus jus tenendi tram illam de ipo Atbe . p . 
X. s. p annum . vt ipe A% in dnico. jf Dies 
dat^ t eis a die 5* Mich m.uj. sepl .\ tc 
veniant . iiij. milil ad eligend • xij . ad facienda. 
magna assisam. 

Surf. f Dies dat^ t Priori de ^Mereton ad hndum cm 

suam de quoda judico fco in cur sua . \ de 
qMam hole ei t*dito .a die S* Mich .in .iff. 

Stiff? JT Ass . ve • re • Quis advocat^ tpr pacis psentavit 

ultima p^ q mortua est ad ecc^m de Heue- 
nigha q vacas t ut dr • cujus advocone Witt de 
WPirhou diS ad se ptin!e q* advoS Robf* Wa& 
ei deforciat 

jf Dies dat^ t eis . a die S* Mich in . iij. sejd. t 
inrim hant licencia concord ^jRoS poS.Io. 
suo • Wittf* Waffi vl Henr \\Lohend vt Magrm 
EdrhdU ad lu . vt pd .\ tc veniat ass n* intmi 

Suff:' if Witt Reimund po • lo • suo YwmiS fit suu vsus 

Rainulf* de Bello Campo de pt rre ad lu. vt. 


JSie}. f Loqfei in? GifeJ de la Lega \ Epm Dunelfn de pT 

rre pon? in respect .a die ST Joh in . ro. dies 
p b?e dni Reg quia id GiUh est in ^vicio dni 

^«^•* % JosceUnus Picot apltat ITveiH Caretarin q ne- 

quir concelav ppsturiL fSam sup dnm Rege de 
G^nemue . uii firma diii ^ Hp^set ||aminitari . 
de . XXX. marc . 1 hoc offt pbare p corp^ suu . 
ITveius ven \ defend nequicia • 1 ppsture 
concelatione . 1 dlS qd appttavit ptes an 
eum de fco illo • 1 & vult ei in responde n^ 
considati5e cu? anq^* psecut^ ffiit vsus eos . 
q*^ p*^ appttavit f Dies dat^ est ei a die ST 
Mich in . iy. sept ad audiend jud suu. 

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continge ex rSnabli pte sua. Thoni ve.lpet 
visum . hit visum, f Dies dat^ e • eis • a die 
5* Mich in it;, sepl . " 1 in?im fiat visus/' 

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Steph Harengot de pt ass . de • m • ancesi . de • 
i. carr r .1 . i. marisco in Gistelee .a dieS* Joh 
in . Jt;. dies . ^ce pcium inrim hant licenc con- 
cord . 1 18 veniat ass . n* concord. 

2jrt»s. f lAes dat^ f Ric de Bello Mote 'i Roesie de BeUo 
Mote de pT dolA llipi Ric \ Pel? Briton de 
pT aptti .adie Sr Joh in. iij. sepl. 

jg^^ f Ass de nova diss inr Steph de Jl^Senlee qrente . 1 

Ads de Hoggeston diss • de libo tenefiito suo 
in ICUftoh ponr in respecl usq^ a die ST Mich 
in . iff. sepi p defectu reS . 1 vie tS faciat 
venire tot 1 tales tvenire q ass ti remaneat . \ 
respondeat q^e posuit tales rec . in jural qui 
c c 2 


?ram fi tenuert . 5. Witt de EmbH.X S»/* 

CameUF. jf Turstatfi de WiJburgh q^ se essoil de m . lecti 
v^sus Nichotf trim .1 ^Fatfnepote de pt tre 
mandav p Wittf* Ric q convaluit de ilia in- 
firmiC qd n fliit visus "X pef licenS veniend ad 

f Dies dat^ est Osbto de Glade^en.l Wittofi 
Rannulf p ipm Osbtum .\ Bicjit Pe^ ad'aud 
jud 1 record suu de advocoe eccte de Hoisted 
a die I? Mich in • ^. sejd. 

Salop. f[ Vic signific q cep in man d&i ^ rciam pte de 

Wettemor.\ xix. S.l ij.d . reddit^.l i. mot. 
Ae.v.%.die Mart px* an Pentecost, q* Mar* 
gar^ q fuit ux ^Pefi clamat in dote rsus Smf* 
Pet . p ejus defectu. 

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ville de Sutton die Pentec q^ MargaSr q fuit 
ux Wet^ clamat in dote QsusSini^Pe^ p 
defectu ifii^ Sim. 

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A%is de Grencestr .\ Ric || Arched Glotw de 
^l^ .a die S^ Mich in . iij. sej^. pee ptium. 

JS$$€£. fi Ass ve • re • quis advocat^ tpr pads p^sentav 
ultima p^ q mortua est ad ecctam d Btdemere 
q vacans est ut dr. Cujus advocSne Radfi 
Witti clamat €^sus Com d Ctara. jf Ju? dicf . 
qd Witt pr Rod psentav ultima p^ ad illam 
eccTam . s . Giled FoUot arch Essex tpr pacts. 
f Jud • Rad hat bre ad epm q recipiat idonea 
p^ ad illam ecctam ad psentacione sua. 

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pi re2 aj^ff Mich. in . i. msem pee ptium . % 
\\Rog^ pon iil lo . suo WiU frem suu ad lu . vt 

^^''•^^^^ JT Bog" d Stok.Rad de Tichemers . Rob de Ti^ 
chemUs . Ranuff' de Chpton missi ad WRog* 
Mcmn ad vid * infinnil un se essoS Psus An^ 
settum Mowin \ AUc mrem ej^ de pt Pre in 
Catewrth . eet lang^r an ti • diet q lang^r e .1 
qd pos&ut ei die a c^stin S^ Bamabe ApU in. 
I. annU .t i. di^ apd Turrim Lond. 

Boiet. If Dies dat^ ♦ With de WCUpton . t fnb3 IHospitat 

Jertm] ^Milicie ten^li^.de pi v. a die ff 
Mich .in.i. msS ad aud record 1 jud suiL 

Xeni. If Dies datus ♦ Eugenia Picot.t AUZ Picot de pt 

^S .a die ST Joh in . xv. dies 1 in^W hSnt 
licenS concord. 

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dan de pt libtal. ufi id Wittvocwit rotulos 
justiS. If Dies datus e . eis . a die S^ Joh in.av. 

Haif* % OU^us de Arden • op • se . iiij. die ^sus Hug^ dc 
Bosco de pt debiti . t ipe ti ve • vt se essoti Si 
fuit petes, f Jud . eat sn die. 

GUne. f Alured Psore poS lo . suo Bjo^ de \a IIDime 9s^ 
WiXtm d B^kelai de pt a^oru injuste capto? 
ad lu • vt pd. 

EbaOed* ff Dies datus S . Fori de Uuntedune A Witto Daca 
d pt advoc5is eccte de Upprf*. adie S^ Mich 
in. iff. sepi. ^cej^tium. 

c c 3 


Bedef: f Ada Jit Osbti . op . se • iiij. die vsus Wittm de 
Barkeston. de pt * L . marS SlA. suptunica fur- 
rata q id Witt dix ipm Add fuisse furatum • 1 
uii eum apttavit . 'X p^cepl fuit vie q mitret apd 
fVestm p 1^ milit record illius loqle deducte 
in Com illo in crMtih 5* TrinU . \ ft misit 1 
Ada fuit attachiat^.T: ^cepl fuit ipi Witto qd 
tc eet ibi ad pseqdum apl]:m suu si vellet 1 S 
ve • \ inven pleg • de pseqdo in comit 
jf Dies dat^ t ipi Ade a die S* Joh in . iv. 
dies .1 tc est loqd cum justiS ad and jud 
suu in. 

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in vig*t Asceni Dm reddil.v. solid. 1 iij.d. 
in Bukenton q*s UmfiriS de WWiuesleskaa 
clamat v^sus Regiii \\Curtpeitt p defectu ipi^ 

Nor// f fVittde Grant Curt poS lo. suo fFaff film suu 

vsus Mich Belet t Emmam ui ejus . \ Poit 
de Kokesford de pt ?re ad lu vt pd. 

Ibid. JT Witt de Grant Curt \ Rad de DirstoH essofl se 

de m • led v^sus Emald de WLuing % ff es suos • 
\ petiert licenc veniend ad cur \ hiierL 

Nor/.* JT Magna ass de advoS eccte de Herpingh . in¥ 

Petr de Haubois t Rob de ETpingh ponf in 
respect sn die q* diu id Petr f 8it in Svida 
dni Pr ultra mare p pcepl . G.^t Pei^. 

Bedef.* f As8 ve . re . si Rob pr Ric fuit saisit^ in dSico 
suo ut de feodo de redditu • v. sot cum ptiil 
in WLinton die q* obiit . "Xc . Qm redditu Paf* 
cius de WLinton ei deforS . cScord sL 









% Dies dat^ est Thxm f ThoHi petent.1 ThoHi 
Cttco de Hunted q* vocav ad war Lan^tum de 
Coloma q^ se essoil de pt ass morl antec • a die 
ST Joh in . rv. dies . 1 tc veniat ass. ff Id dies 
dat^ est reS in banco. 

JT Ass de nova diss in? Joh le Sire . \ Rob Jit 
Nigelli de libo tenemto ijSi^ Jph in Sutton 
ponr in respecl usq^ in.jn;. diesfPf* 5* Mich. 
1 vis tc faciat venire ass. 

JT Gaufr de Rohinges pel . i. virg ?re cum ptinenl 
in WPitch sic j^ suu vsus Ric de Curl St Ric ve. 
^ dix q ft tenet tram illara in dnico . immo 
Rod de iKareuilt cui ipe rrara illam ded .1 Si 
pol tram illam amit?e . n"" sft eo in placitare SX 
Gaufr veft \ dix q ipe mov in placil v^sus eum « 
rram illam tenuit . 1 de hoc pon se sup jur de 
visneto . 1 Rjc sil?. 

f Ass . ve . re . si Rob Jit Rodld injusl \ s3 judic5 
diss Almaric de ^nBoxe de libo tenenito suo in 
Wautr p^ scdam corofi dni Reg RX. f Ju? 
did . qd Rob ita dissasiv eum • JwSi.AlmaruP 
hat saisinam suam . \ Rob in • mia. f Dampn 
t V. s. mia . dini • m. 

ff Reginald de Argentoin pet vsus AN!>issam de 
Alnestowe advo6onem eccTe de Wimdele si? 
jus suii • \ siS illam q ptinet ad heditate suam 
q<^ tenet in 9gantia de drio Rege in WimOdesle . 
q* disronav v^sus Andr de WVitric.xn q* ecctam 
ipa nttam lit ing^ssum n' p ablatore suu.l 
Sitn le Quiz posit^ lo , At^isse . ve . 1 defend 
jus suu .1 die q Judith Comtissa neptis Reg 
WitU Conqstoris q' fundav Abbacia de Abtes- 

c c 4 


tmf ded eccte A Atnesti/af villam de Hicck 
cum eccla ejusd ville . \ c capSa de JVimdek 
q ptinet ad ecctatn de Hich p cartam suam 
q* ptulit . \ q testator qd ita ded ^eam in 
libam 1 ppetua elemosinam • in q* \ carta 
continet' . concessio 1 confirmaco Reg WilU 
Conqstoris in 1 assensus WUU fit ^dS 
Reg . pduc ecia coniirmac Reg Henr . in . 
\ p^ea confirmatione R^ . H. pns doi R^ • 
\ p^ea sc*pta EfJoj^ q* fSunt offidales in 
Epatu illo.l testim5ia Arch q testant' qd 
eccTa de Wknundet fuit ptines ad ecdam 
de Hicche . 1 testimdium Epi q* dedica? 
ecclaro illam • 1 testimoium p scriptu • ^^ ^*lf 
« Reg" q' fuit tS tempis legat^. ^ iJ^^moif J 
diS.qd numq^' eccla delVimundet fuit ptines ad 
ecctam de Hicch.'X qd numq^ Rex Witts tenuit 
Wimundet in dnico • S} tpr suo tenuit rm ilia 
qdam Alfled. 1 psentatioem p* fee ad ecdam 
illam 1 p^ ea dns Rex ded Wimundele sic 
escaetS suam Reginald avo pdci Reginald in 
sgantia • t i!l feS p^senl fp* ad eccbm illam 
duas p*s q*rum ultima p* fuit q'da Osb . \ in 
pduc sectam q^ h offt pbare ut de visu suo 
considatioe curie . It q ^dca Forissa hiiit in 
ing?ssum p ablatores suos • \ ifi po& se sup 
juf pat^e. jT Dies dat^ ^ eis a die S" Mick 
in . aro. dies . ad aud jud suiL Reginald po . 
lo suo Joh de WSatidoii . vt Witt de \\Bosco ad 
lu.vt pd. 

If Off: JT Dies dat^ est WalSo de Grancurt.l RadJitRaS. 

de pt . x\) acrar ?re cii ptinenC in ||5/id^ . a 
die ST Joh in . ro. dies • \ inrim hant licenc 



Cantebf. ( Ass . ve • re . si fVall pr Alani fuit saisit^ in 
dfiico 8U0 de dimid acr tre c ptinenl in Hus- 
ton die q® obiit AS. q^m tram Henr « 1 Mabit 
ux ejus tenent • 1 Henf • ve . t die qd nich 
clamat in tra ilia n^ custod ad tminum de 
fnb} Hospital. 1; q ipe villan eor est ff Jud . 
ff fVall qrat bre si voluit rsus Hospitalar. 

Smf: If Dies dat^ t Reginald de ArgentO tenenti t Hubto 

de Chedesston de pt mag* ass . de • i. carruS t • 
cum ptinenl in Wise!. a die S^ Mich. in. iff. 
sept Pee ptium .\ tS ve • ass . t Reginald 
poii in lo • suo Joh de Saundm ad lu • 
vt pd . vt WUhn de Bosco . 1 Hubtum de 
Chede$ton pen . lo . suo Rie Jit WRog^. ad lu • 
vl pd. 

Cani€b¥. f Alic q fuit ux Etie pef Psus WiOm Cticum .\ Henf 
f?em suu rSnabile dote suam q eam conting 
de libo . te . q fuit BUe q^ndam viri sui in 
D. .ton.\ Witt diS q S vult iil ei responde sn 
waranto suo . s . herede ^dSi Etie. If Dies 
dat^ eis a die S* Joh in.av. dies.l ifSa hat 
bre ad vie q hes pdcs tc sit apd Westm. 
JT Henr di? q vfl clamat n^ custod p CeciUam 
mrem ej^. cujus dos tra ilia t .1 in vocat 
eam« ff Hat eam ad waranl ad eund ?minu • 
1 Alic po . lo . suo in . Henr cticum suu • ad 
lu • vt pd. 

Ibid. f PdSa Alic petiit 9sus Ad&Jil Captttini rSnabile 

dote suara ibid A Adi ve 1 die q n ten^t 
tram illam n' p custod.s.p Alii ux ejus, 
cujus maritagiu t^ra ilia est . 1 ea vocat in 
ad warantu. ff Hat eam a die S^ Joh in . 
sv. dies. 


Hunted. jf Assisa de nova diss inr Rob WAkari qrente 1 P*ore 
de Hunted \ Thorn Cticum de libo te . pda 
Ro6 in WITtford jux* Hunted . \ in WBranton 
ponr in respectu usq^ in . ra. dies f^/* 5* JoH 
p defectu recogii . quia H^ veins de Hurst ess. 
se p Ada . \ WCubtus p Laur . \ WiUfHilde^ 
gar p Osb . It Martin p jRic . \ Thorn d Hurst 
p Joh ."t Thorn f Ailbti p Witt. 1 £/kW 
Chechel. \ Radf Witti n . ve . vt se essoB -1 
ido attachiandi si q tc sit ibi. Id dies dat^t 
aliis q* venlut . \ p*or pon in . lo • suo p^dcm 
Thorn ad lu . vl pd.1 jKo* Pdcs ponit in lo. 
suo Thorn Cticum ad lu • vt pd. 

♦•• f Dies dat^ ^ f Wittd^ Walfo de GrancurtA 

Hug^f Hug" de Potsteddft q're 

Juliana jfitam Hug^ de \\Candos g* 

convencionem fca diii Pr . a 

die S* Mich in . av. dies . I Hug^ d Foisted . \ 
Hug^ de Tabari sint ibi 

•## jf re/ op • se . iiij. die vsus Ysabett de 

Basiclvitt de pt dimid virg Pre 1 

ipa venit \ dix qd noluit sequi vsus illii .1 io 
recessit Ric sn die. 


q fuit ux WiJt . \ Beafic que fuit 

ux ♦ WDineweld apSatib} . \ Joh Jit Eudonis 

suoj^ a festo Sci Mich in to. 


Margareta 4 que fuit 5^ de Hottot 

pon . . . loco suo Wiltmjit Sim de 

pt magne as8 . \ ipa p^ posuerat loco suo 
Hug" de WChamil 


ni.M.dort. f In ocf S'c'e Trinit\ 

H'tf.* iT Gileb de Hida po • lo . suo • JoJiem fil suum vsus 

Witt de la ^Lane • de pt ass magn* ad lu • 

SuSiset. ff WRog" de Groue . Rob Franc . Walt de Tilli . WRo^ 
de la Ri'Re missi ad vidend ♦ infirmi! Pagani 
de WaUoh . q* se esson de • m . lecS de pt t • 
9sus Reginald d Albemare eet ♦ vt n . did qS 
lang^d^ est Jt qd pos8ut ei die • a • duodecima 
die A]^t in . i. ann . 1 i. diS ap Turrim Lond. 

g^jr* JT hauretafita Alea? de Windreuitt po . lo. suo Rob 

frem suu ('sus ITueia de \\Tilsteden de pt ass • 
ad lu • vt pd. 

NoHff. f ff^i^ de Kenei . op . se . iilj. die €^sus Wittf^ RiB 
de Koines de pt ? in Qaketorp.l ipe n ve . vt 
se esson • 1 fuit petes, ff Jud • eat sn die. 

Nor/? f P^l^ de Melton pon lo . suo €^sus AUc q fuit ux 

Alofu de Indringh WRof^ d Bermingh . de pt 
rre ad • lu • vt pd. 

Essei'. f Rog" de Oniib} Scis ^Baitt de Weston. Johf 
Godefr. Wall/* Alani missi ad vidend q*m 
Urnfirid Jit Walfi vellet pofie lo suo.^us 
Ric de Bello Campo . de pt r . die! q posuit 
lo • suo Ami ux • ejus • vt WaU fit suu • vt 
alrm illo? si ambo inPesse n5 poriit . ad lu • 
vt pd. 

Dorset. iT G.^t\\Gat(fr signifiS p b^ suu qd Joh de Eske^ 
lingh t in tali languore q 2 p* ambulare vt 
loq* • \ ido Peep q teneat in pace de loqla q 
est inr ifim . \ Witt Briton .\ Anutbile ux ejus 


de pt rre in Aktford.'X in saisina sua q' diu 
id Joh vixJit. 

Essex'. JT Ass . ve • rec . si Sim de Waleton . 1 Durand.l 

Roheis ux ej^ injuste 1 sn judico dissaisiv Joh 
jT Rob de . libo . te . suo in Moking^ p^ scd 
coron dni ^r, jf Ju? diet q Sim • 1 cteri ita 
dissaisiv Joh iiL jf Jud • JoA hat in saisina » 
t ceti in mia • 1 reddat dapnii in fern • xxx. 
Su den • mm . dim. marS . 1 ceti nicb hnt. 

Bede/: f i^^ f Rad.\ Joh de Estwic.Gaufr de Cos- 
tentin . Rod de Tiuitt missi ad aud q AVbs de 
Rames vellet tlocojsuo ponle lo.suo v^sus^m 
de BeUo Campo . \ Steph de Halewelle de pt 
svic . diet qd po \o . suo ifi WaU de Stiuecid 
vt ReinerU Elemosinariu ad lu . vt pd. 

JEssex\ f Ass • ve . re • si Witt de KiuilU injuste J, sn 
judico diss.Porissam de Ingha de litk> tenemto 
suo in ^Heingha^ IVdUha p^ scd coron dni 
^.RiL jf Jur did. qd ita dissaisiv earn. Jud 
Forissa hat seisina suam 1 WM de Ktueli 
in mia. 

Hunted. ff Ass . de m • antec in? Martin/^ Alured pe . 1 
WaU de wStincle . remanet % WaU diS q n te . 
tram illam immo GosceUnP * ux . ejus . querat 
bre vsus GosceUn si vol8it 

Kent. JT Fubttcs de Doure pon • lo • suo Attma de Scac- 

cario vsus Adam de Talewrth . ^ Henr F^po^ 
de Sandwic de pt ? . ad lu . vt pd. 

Gloi£. f Dies dat^ t Roglo Ctico posito lo . Wm llCom dc 

Insula . \Radde WiUton de pt cujusda puelle 
desp5sate sii licencia Com die Lune px^ ^f 
S Joh in • av. dies jpce ptiu. 


'BHJt\ IT QuintifP TakbotpoZ lo . suo Rob de FroUvitt vt 

Bic de Wiun . vsus Attem 5* Nich de Angers 
de pt svic . ad lu • vt pd. 

Line. jf Ass . ve . re . si Rob de WileH ded RM de Stike-^ 

wald fito suo . ij. bov tre c ptinenS in Wile- 
gebi . t si in ei carta fee • 1 si ifi fei unq* 
saisina huit.ponf in respect usq^ a die S' 
Mich in . i. msS . p defectu ree • % Witt de 
S" Vasto .1 Witt de Eskebi .1 Witt d \Ark(ffrd. 
Wall de Rudestain n . ve • vt se essoii. jf Ido 
attach q sint ad eund t . 1c. ^ x . rec veSut 
quib3 id dies dat^ est in banco. 

ITtf: f Dies dat^ t Lour de WTobrtg' po . lo . /iic de 

Munfichet.1 Rog" de Cauz de pt ?.a die 
5* Mich in . viff. dies . t intim hant licenS 
concord ^ce ptiu. 

-Nbr/1' f Prior de Norew^ venit in cur t ded Matild de 

Indringh . xxiiij. ac7 tre de teneffito q fuit 
Atani de Indringh in dote • 1 in pacata est. 

Concord. (f Petr^ de Melton. Rog' de BirUngh.Hug" Pin^ 
Sna concessnt eid Matild . x. acr t dimid 
ibid . 1 dimid marS arg • t iil pacata est 

SfAjr^* JT Rob de Anhus pofl lo • suo Ranulf* fit suu vsus 

Rob B^tram de pt advoS eccte de WObeche ad 

STtfi* IT ^^^ signific q cep in man dUi^.die Sabbi pj^ 

fp Ascens tciam pte tenemti q fuit Rod de 
Esseleue in Grauele . q* Matild q fuit ux ejusd 


Rad damat in dote vsus ♦• 

Devon. JT ^^ ^^ Stankg^ pon lo • suo Joh monaS suum 
v'sus Mathmf* ITberti de pt advoS eccte ad 
lu.vt pd. 


Warm". f FeUcia de lAcUshaX pon lo suo Jord vif suum de 
pt ?re ^'sus God^a de ^Ecleshat ad lu . 

vt pa. 

Ibid. f Vis signif q cefi in manu d£li Pr die Peni. advoc 

eccTe de Kirtoh . q* Henr Falconaf \ Atmcia 
ux ejus damant vsus Com de ^Warenn. 

ITtf: ^ Ass ve . re . si Wittf^ Wall injusjE 1 sH judioo 

diss Ysabelt viduam de libo tenemto suo in 
^Benitoii p^ scdm corofl diii Pr. ff Juf did q 
baillivi ejusd Willi ea diss. scilC Osb F'posifi 
Aildtus Bedell.**ip2L hat saisina St Will in niia," 

Cantebf. JT Vie signif q cefi in mail dni Pr.rciam pte. 
i. virg tre c ptinent in Draiton q* Alio de 
Draiton clam ^sus Joseph de Draiton ut dote 

jf^r* \ /f AWtvs Jil WBond injuste \ sS 
judico diss Ysmeinajftl Warin de lito tenemto 
suo in Lenna p^ scdam coron dili Reg Ric. 
jf Jur did q AWtus & diss eam. jf Jud. 

Suff: JT Ass . ve • re • si Roheis amita Will de Takele fuit 

saisit in dnico suo ut d . iiij. pte 
feod . L milil cu ptinenS in Staniesha . die q^ 
obiit "l si obiit . 12. q* ?ram Gatffr de AnM 
tenet ^ ve . 1 die q ass n debet in fi q*a ipa 
Roheis huit frem • c^ fit adhuc viv . s . Rod de 
Arnbli • It ille db} majus jus hre . in feod illo 
q* ipe Will genit^ de sorore . 1 pterea die qd 
ipa Roheis soror hiiit ptes . 1 Matild q^da 
n5ie . cujus fit adhuc st inf* . . . . 1 ipi debent 
hre jus suu 1 porcone . 1 sil iff n p* f i finis . 
1 Win die qd Rod Damblie n p* n^ debet 
clamar iii jus aliq^d % ifie « pot in ee dfis . . . 
hiianit^ contigisset de filiis 1 filiab5 . Crufi/r 


DambUe.tqS nesc qd • . • . hOit noie MatUd. 
\ Gatffr dig q Stus est ita ee. 

Bui*. JT Ass de nova diss inP Cecil f Hug^ qrente 1 

Magrm H ejusd in WGrauet pon? 

in respecl U8% in . av. dies 

1 Ric de Logoil .\ Hu^ de Rikespaud .1 

Rog* d fVketon . . . • 1Ro& deStodha . 

\ Rag* de Brai reS iii fi ve . vt se esson • • . 

sint apd Wests. Id dies dat^ t Ric 

de Paveli p Nichot essofl 

suos • \ cens rec qui vefiut in banco. 

St^ f Joh le Manant . Rog^ de Ratlesden . Godqfr de 

Herth . sum ad eligend • 

xij. milil ad fa eccte de 

Dunha, q» fVilt de Walesha 

WaU po . se • iii in magna assisam . \ tc rec 
veSunt \ eligeri 

Ebcj. f Rob de po . lo suo Rog^ frem 

v^sus Wilt Jit ITveide pT?ad lu. 

vl . . . . 

Ebof. JT Dns Rex significav Justic de banco 

€^sus Wall de Tateshat . . . . ^ . . 

sfi die ult* mare S equis 

\ armis. 

Mideluj^. jf Ass . de fil . ant . in? Gilebjp ||Grfm/.t Martin de 
Branton de dimid hid tre S ptineni in Hdn- 
don pon? in respect usq^ in ocl ST Mich p 
defectu reS. 

Hunted. f I^^®' ^^ ♦ AdeJ^ Drogon 1 Al*i de Tomei. 
de pt debiti . v • marcar . a die S^ Mich in . i. 
mem . ^e ptium* 


^ovf: IT ^ N.1 dies dat^ t W!c Fahro \ RamdfCtico de 

pi zre adie S^ Mich in.av. dies p>ce ptiiL 

CunManA. f Sim de \\ Tillott Rob f Adam . Odo de \\Rachardebi 
fVaU Barun f8ut missi teste vie. ad vid m infir- 

"* rail q» Robf* Pagani vsus Witt Jit 

Henr apd Irdington . eet lang^r vT S . 1 ipi 5 
compueri « S3 vie significav p bre suu qd ipi 
h invenlut eum ibi • S3 invenlut eu apd Haiton 
ubi tenuit placit dni Arch .\ fe^xxnt sum ei 
qd eet in oct See Trirul apd Westm. jf Con- 
sidatu t q milites attach qd llsit apd Westm. 
a Dhica p^^f* AptorU PefilPauli 
dies ad testificand visum suu • ^ q die ei 

&iff7 jp Ass. ve • re . si Rob pr fVitU qui infra etate t ut 

dr fuit saisit^ in dnico suo die q* obiit de • L 
carf rre cum ptinenC in UCWingr'.lc. q* Pram 
Gileb Malemains tenet f Jur diet q Rob pr 
Witti fuit ita saisit^. jf Jud Witt hat in 

Nuf/: ^ Ada Decan^ de Bumhd tulit bfe de nova diss. 

^'sus Steph de Walsinglid . 1 retfx se . % 
m. posuit se in mia . s . i. marS . "X petieii licenc 

concord . % huut . 3 . utfq^ eor dim . m. 

Nof/: f Dies dat^ t WittO PeviettX Mich Peviett de pi 

rec in ocl S" Mich p defecl rec. 

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Stow* . Witt de Laketon missi ad vid inf 4nital 
un Alic de WAngo ess se de . m .lee . de pT rre 
vsus Wittm de Bur^ utr eet lang^r vl n . diciit 
qd lang^da est \ qd pos8ut ei die . a erastiH 
Set Hilar in.i. anna .1 i. die apd T\arfi Land. 
^ Id dies datus est Witto deBurgo in banco. 



B^f\ JT Dies dat^ t Att>i de Bxmiesie . 1 Sinl de BeUo 
Campo . 1 Sim de Holewett de pt §vic a die 5* 
Mich in . i. msem . 1 inrim concord. 

SidT. JT -^ss . ve re . si Witt de || Testedeh injuste 1 sn judico 

diss ^Ro^ Cticum 1 Nichot filiu suu de libo 
tenemto suo . in f p^ sSdam corofl diii 

Reg Ric. jf Jur diet q n ita diss eu f Jud . 
Witt eat in quiet^.1 Rog^ 1 Nichot in mia p 
falso clam. 

NorMt. ff Dies dat^ t Rob de Morttu) Mari posito lo . pns 

sui . t Gatifr f* Gaufr te . de pi mag* ass . de 
feod.ij. milil in Cunet^p .1 in Sudt^p\ in 
Stole in ocl S" Mich, jf Id dies dat^^ est Rob 
de WSaucel rec iri . 1 Rog'ft Pagani . 1 Steph 
de Marha • Rob de Haudenebi Emald de Her- 
lane . Rob de Ver . Witt de Oxendon . 1 Witt de 
Qntoh in banco ^ Hug" de la ^Surs. Witto de 
Wilinton . Ric de Sardington . 1 Sim Mal/e . p 
essoS SU08 . 1 Rob de Nners . 1 AbnaricP de 
Nuers . il . ve. f Ido attacb q tc sint ibi. 

Hunied. f Dies dat^ t Rod de Tiuitt. pe . \ ^Reg* deArgen^^ 
tein de pt nove diss . libi tenem in Rames in 
ocl S* Mich . p defect rec . quia Ada Ctirteis . 
Rob Kideman . Joh Fab . Rob WFdicat Alan^ 
Tqfie n . ve . vt se essoB . Ido atacb q tc sint 
apd Westm. f Id dies dat^t ITveio de PeP. 
Ric Crowe p ess . suos. 

S^gr. jf Al5b de 5* Edmund pon . lo . suo Magrm Gileb 

('sus Senescalt Epi EUens de pt libtaE ad lu • 
vt pd. 

Narht. f Dies dat^ ^ Witto f Ade.\Matild de Hot ton 

de pt rec moii anl . de . ^. ac? rre cu ptiil in 
Rot. Cur. Rec. » i> 


MtUeton . in oct S* Mich . 1 tc veniat ass . \ 
inrim hat licenc concord. 

Stiffs. if Dies dat^ t Ranulf* de {\Hames po • lo • pns sui . 

It Rod B'tram de pt advoc eccle d lEling^ a die 
S* Mich in . i. msi . p>ce ptium. 

Suff". f[ Ass . de nova diss . inr Wiltm de Glamntt\ Hub- 

4 turn de Monte Chanesi ponf in respcE usq^ in . 

ocl S* Mich p defect rec. Id dies dat^ t rec 

qWe . It alii q* ii ve . vt se esson atacli q tc 

sint ibi. 

H'if\ f Witt de la Haia recognov in cur dni Pr Matild q 

fuit ux Rod tota ||rrciam pte tre q' pd& Rod 
tenuit die q^ obiit ee ronabile dote suam* 

Glmtc. jf Ass. de nova diss . int' Rad Giffhrd.X Rod de 

Wititon de libo tenemto ej^ ponr in resp*c q* 
diu id Osb f 8it in svicio dni ^r ultra mare. 

Cantehf. f Ass . de m . anl inr Gaufrjit Umfrid. 1 Eustach 
de Eya de . i. virg tre A . ||ix. ac*s tre cu ptifi 
in II Di/on ponr in respecl us% a die S" Mich 
in . i. mse . q^ Rad le SumeillurSlJoh de ^Diton 
Joh f Pet^.Henrf* Rich. Hug" d Maimtrs 
Rob Torkanasse .Yi.\e.\\ se essoii. jf Ido 
attach q tc sint ibi. jf Id dies dat^ t aliis 
q* ve. 

Ibid. jl Rob de WSausitoh \ Alan^ po . lo . Gaufrf Urn- 

frid \?sus Eustach de Eia de eod ad lu . vl 

Hunted. ^ ^^^^ ^^'^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ Wigorii de 
aud jud suo de fine fco in cuf dni Reg wi 
ocl 5* Mich . \ inrim concord . 1 ?ra iUa intW 
sit in man dm Keg. 

Bcdif: JT Ass . de nova diss . inr Sim de Bella Campo 


qrentS 1 Fore de Letton dis3 . de c3i pastura 
sua in Licelad ponr in respecE usq^ in . ocl S* 
Mich p defectu rec . q^ Rob de Stodhd . 1 Rad 
JitRi€\ Hug' le Bret. ETveius Salvage . Greg" 
de ITHngho re8 H . ve . vt se essoK. JT Ido atach 
q tc sint apd Westm !\ Ric Venator ess . se p 
Henr . ITueius de ^Toterho p Steph . Hug* 
BuUoc p Hug^. Ric Blak' p Nichot. 

Midelses\ JT Dies datus t WithJ^ \\Ranuilf*. po . lo . Roj 
Corbet, t Witt de ^Cramford . de pt . xxxvj. 
acr rre t bosci in Dallee . a die S* Mich in • 
j. msem . % inrim hat Witt tram sua p plevin 
que capta fuit in manu dni Pr. 

Sj^. jf Ass • ve . re . si . Gerard pr Rob fuit saisit^ in 

dnico suo ut de feed • de . xxxvi • acr de Hware 
cum ptinenl in WLaJH die q° obiit St si obiit p^ 
p^mam coroB Reg Ric.l si pdcs i?o5 ppinq'or 
Ties ejus sit . q* tram Matild de Haldhd \ Nich 
fit ejus tenent. jf Jur did contVia .It p^ea 
considatu fuit concessioe ut*usq^ partis qd rec 
in inrim fiat . scit£ tat . f 

€^nubf. f Ass • ve . re . si Rob de la Mara avuncts WittiJU 
RannulJ* fuit saisit^ in dfiico suo ut de feod . 
de.iiij. virg tre cu ptinenl in Seluerleg^ die 
q^ obiit . \ si obiit p^ p'mani coroii dni • H. 
Reg pris .t si pdcs Witt ppinquior lies ejus 
sit . q* tram AlbricP de Btto Campo . God^ de 
Cramavitt St Maria ux ejus S\ P*oriss deSwafhi 
tenent jf Jur did q Rob ita obiit iii saisit^. 
S5 p^dcs Witt no f ppinq^or hes ej^ test • q*a ipe 
t fit iejusda Rannulf* Bastard q' se fecit fit de^ 
purchaseia Hani pris Witti .\ Rob pdci.t>|| 
Steph ilcujusd.t EmmcB soror eor cuj^ liedesJ 
adhuc vivut 1 debet ppinqWes ee pdci Rob . 
q* pdcs Witt. jT Juct. 

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Hunted, JT Sarra ux Rod po . la • suo Rob vimm suu 
\?su8 Hug^f* Mathi 1 ^Abrahd frem ejusjp 
de pt tre ad lu • vl pd. 

••• (T Hii ofYiit replegiare Aldred le Wild de Niwe- 

bhi.WallChamiarius de ITrford. Witt le Wild. 
Ric Mainard. Ric de Kareuitt. 


m. 23. dors. 

Essex\ f Dies dat^ t Aitropf* HugW Ric de Basmg^ 
burn po Ao . Ade Jit Pagani de pt catallor a 
die 5* Mich in . t. mse p>ce ptium. 

Cantebf. jf Gileb de Derefeld Reginald de Trumpitoii . WUt 

f* Umfrid. Watt de la Haia missi ad P*ore de 

Bemewelt ad . sciend q poSe vellet lo • suo 9* 

Laur de Cratidon de pt homag . 1 relevii • did 

q posuit Witt Supp^ore suu ad lu . vl pd. 

Leic. f Ric de Leke pel p plevina • i . carr t . cum ptinenl 

in Friesbi in d'stin ocl S* T^nil q capta fuit in 
mafi d?ii ^r p ejus dei'ectu vsus Henr de Leke. 

jf Henr de Isleia . Witt de P'slon . Ric de Puers . 
Ada de Illega missi ad Gileb de WaUtingfori 
ad sciend q vellet ponle lo • suo v'sus lUic de 
WBrohat de pt q^ waranl tenet se in eccta de 
Fosele . diet q posuit Witt fit suu vl Rx^ de 
WaUngfeld. ad lu . vl pd". 

WiUes. if Witt Costentin . op . se . iiij. die • vsus Adam de 

Welpele . de pt . ij. virg tre . 1 dim cu ptin in 
\\PedewrthSt in .\\Iutientet .t ipe se 
essoii St sumo fuit test jf Jud rra capiat^ in 
mafi drti Pr . 1 Ada sum5eat^ q sit apd Westm 
in ocl S' Mich iR resp. 

Cantebr. jf H'veius f Eustach pel psus G^vasitm Wrench. 
i. virg tre c ptinenl in • Granteden sic jus 


suu . Getvasius ve . \ defend jus suu • 1 pet 
visum • hat visum, jf Dies dat^ t eis m ocl 
S* Mich . \ inVim fiat visus, 

Sjjfl» jf Matild q fuit ux Godefr po . lo . suo Henf frem 

suum • 9su8 Ricf*Henr de pt dol ad lu • t pd. 

E$$ex\ JT Wi^ ^ Takele poS lo . suo . Magrm (rvasium 
vs Gaufr DambU . de pT ass de m • anl ad lu • 

XAif. JT Thorn de Aresci pofl lo . suo Petr de Nevitt. v^sus 

Rob de Daiieston .ad lu . vT pd. 

Siif: f " Dies dat^t Priori de Norew\'' \ WUtdfEv^ard 

de pt . i. carr tre cum ptifl in Gapetorp a dieS* 
Mich in . av. dies.*^\ intim hant lie concord". 
1 For pon lo . suo . Magrm WRaulf^ mdacum 
suum . vt Gatffr ad lu • vt pd. 

&sgr. f D*es dat^ t Osbf* ITvei q Rog* jil Gileb vocat 

ad waranl .1 Gaufr DambU de pt ? . 1 in?im 
bant licenc concord. 

Si^. JT Adam de Wattfeld v^sus Rod WQic^ tulit b?e de 

nova diss . de libo tenemto suo in Wat^eld 
posuit se in . mia . \ concessit ipi Rad tram 

.iilam c vestitu . q'a id Add reddid ei carta «7o^ 

Jit Rad q' in huit 

Suse^. JT Rddjit BrienJl Gunnora ux.ejus petnt v^sus 

AtJb de Sagio advo5 eccte deBocking^ sic jus 
p>dce Gunnore . 1 Witt Por Darundel vefl 1 
die . qd AtJb n fuit in pria qn sumo ve .1 testal 
t q ita est )f Dies datus t a die S" Mich . in . 
rv. dies . affid ad hnd t2 At* . \ Rad\ Gunora 
ponl loco suo Rob Cros ad lu . vt pd. 

Nor/: JT ^Wmfrid de ^Winele pel v'sus UjRo^r* iCurtpeitt. v. 

sot reddit^. \ iij. d. in WBuketoii . ut jus sua "X 

D D 3 



Meditate . q^s WarirP pr suus invad Witto WCurt- 
peitt^^Acx \\Rog\i tpr Reg Steph ad ?min q* 
pteriit ut die . ^Rog^ ve !\ defend invadiatione. 
\ diS qd tenet illos reddit^ sic KedlE \ libum 
tenemtum . \ offt defende jus suu p Petr de 
Wimbeis sic cur c5sidavit • ut de Qloginquo 

Suff\ f Dies dat^f Rog" de \\ Westm .\ Witt de Lexewrth . 

de pi . viij, acr rre cu ptinent in Lexewrth in 
ocf S" Mich.\ hat licenc concord. t Ro^ 
pon in lo . suo Witt Cticttm ad lu . vt pd. 

Norf. jf Gaufr Clicits ve.l reddid Botild vidue rona- 

bile dote suam in Morle de iibo tenemto q 
fuit Witti q^nda viri sui . \ pcept ^ vie q 
faciat fi. 

Hwited. (f Ass . de m . antec . de . ij. virg £ • cum ptinenl in 
AUngton in? Philipp Jit Xani petenl \ Wittde 
Linton . 1 Wittm . m ^ Matild ux ejus ponr in 
respect . usq^ in . ocl S" Mich p defectu re5 
quia Rog' de WMalaricis .1 Rogj" de Long^viOa. 
1 Barth Bonaire . \ AceUn de Sellon .1 Rag" 
WaUhef *. 

NorhT. f Epc Line mandav p litras suas justic dni Pr . q 

Wittf^Ade * q* tram q*dam clam ^^sxxsEustadi 
de Watford coxdL^usixc itinlantib} in Norkam- 
ton q' objecit eid Witto q bastard^ fuit q suflB- 
cienl pbatum e . pdcm Wittm ee • legitime 

Cantcbr. f AUc q fuit ux Radjil Hu^ pet v^sus Hug^ fit 
suu ronabile dote q eam conting de libo 
tenemto Rad q**nda viri sui in Campes . 1 in 
\\Horsel . Htig^ ve . 1 c5cessit eid fa8e ronabile 
pte de tenemto qd tenet. 


Ibid. JT Ead pel simili m* v^sus Add Jit Gerard tciam pte . 

ix. acrar c ptinenl in Horsee . \ Add ve .t di8 
*q anteq^ desp5sata fuitjp qd! Gerard pr suus 
tenuit eas de Radf* Hu^ viro suo 1 ho ejus 
fuit . 1 die qd infra etate est . t pel etate . \ 
ipa diS qd pr suus intrusit se in iliam tram . 
p^q* ipa fuit desponsata . 1 in pofi se sup ju? 
visneti . \ q'a Htig* cognov cart* pris sui 1 
donone in . hat saisina • ix. acr . s • rciam ptem . 
1 faciat escambiu de p^dco. 

Ibid. JT Ead pel simili m^^iPsus Witt. ix. acr cu ptinenl 

in Horsee ut dote suam . t Witt ve . 1 die qd 
anq^ desponsata ||est vt dotata . fuit saisit^ in . 
1 ifl pon se sup jur visneti 1 ipa sitr . utr Htig^ 
pr viri sui eu feffiiv anq^^ dotata eet. jf Hat 
jural .a die S^ Mich in • i. mensi. 

Ibid. jf Ead pel vsus Wall de Capttis rciam pte dimid 

virg r . in Horsee ut dote m 1 Wall ven 1 die 
q AlbruP pf suus fiiit ho ipi^ Rad viri sui . 1 
ipe p^ea deveR in ho ejusd Rad \ carta suam 
iB ei fee q id testatur . qd ipe Rad ded pdco 
Albrico . v. acr r . p homag \ svicio suo .1 die 
q Hu^f* Rad debet ee . ejus waranl . \ aliam 
carta silr ptut de aliis • v. acr . \ in vocat 
pdcm ^Rad^ Hug\ Et q'a n f negal q*n 
dotata eet • io considatu t D hat saisinam de . 
iij. pte . X. acr. 

Ibid. jf Ead pel . v^sus Rob Walens . rciam pte • i. virg 

?re cu ptifi in dote . 1 Ro6 ve . 1 die . qd hi 
cartam ifl pdci Rad 1 ipe t ||ho Hug* iii .'^t 
ipe f in sumoit^ ad warantizand eum . 1 ipe 
Hug* \e .J, fi id cognov. q debuit Vram ilia 
warantizare . hat rcia pte. 

Ibid. . f Ead pel rciam pte de xiij. acr tre in dote suam 

D D 4 


v'sus Mathm CUcum . It cognov tdanaf 

ptem ei q*m tenet 

Ibid. jf Ead pel v^sus Wall de Pelham rciam pte. v. acrar 

r . in Horseia in dote .... Rob .... die q 
Helios fr suus tenuit tram de p^dco Rod A 

carta ia hiiit.l ipe obiit t Res ejus, 

1 die qd Hug'jT ^^ t sum ad waranl n' tra 
illam . 1 Hug^ ve . 1 cognov carta illam .1 die 
q i2a^ pr suus il tenuit n* . iiij^. pte . L mill! 
1 de illo feod pr suus ded ^ cartis suis con- 
finnav septies . xx. ac*s 1 x. 1 tm ei in n 
remasit qd pi iii faSe regale 9viciu . ^ p^ 
c5sidatione cur . si ita faSe potuit desic. 

jf Hat saisina . rcie ptis sic petit 

f Ead . op . se . iiij. die . vsus Rob f^ Rod de pt 
?cie ptis.vj. acf c ptiii in Cd]^ q* pel in 

dote n ve . vl se esson . 1 sumo fuit 

tesl. jf Jud . era capiat^ in . man dni Pr . 1 ipi 
sumoneat' qd ..... . apd Westm .in.ocl S^ 

Mich . ia resp. 

f[ Eod m? . pel vsus Rog^ Curteis . tcia pte . i. acf c 
ptin in Campis Si v^sus RadJ^WIPbti .... ?cie 
ptis . duaf acr 1 dimid in Ci^is St p eor de- 
fectu. jf Jud t q rra ilia capiat^ in man diii p. 
1 ipi sum5neant^ q sit apd Westm .a die S^ 
Mich in . viij. dies . in resp. 

tn. 24. 

Cantebr. f Ead pel y^sus Ric de Humez rciam pte . x. bxS 
?.in dote.1 Ric ve.t die q Rod f Hu^ 
ded tram illam Joh de Fm^naas p homag suo. 
\ carta suam iS ei fee . \ ipe Joh ded tra ilia 
p homag \ svico suo. jf hat . rcia pte suam. . 


Ibid. JT Ead pet (^sus WUhn CRcum ?ciam pte . xxij. ac? 

ut dote . 1 ipe ve . 1 die q Hu^Jit Rad debet 
warantizare tram illam ei \ lllibent faciet ei 
tciam pte salvo escambio q Hu^ f* Rad ei 
faSe debet )f hat saisina . rcie ptis • \ Htig^ 
faciat ei escambiu. 

Ibid. jf £ad pel ^sus Wittm de Widrtfeld tciam pte 

dimid virg tre in dote .1 ipe ve . 1 di8 qd 
nicK clamat in ea n* custod p Robf* OUvii . 
q^ inf^ etate • t • JT Considal t q hat saisina de 
dote sua % Hug^ n negavit qd Rad p? suus 
n feofav Olivia prem fsuu^ Ro&.l faciat 
escabiu ipi Wittd. 

LeS. JT Dies dat^ f Witto de Chameles posito lo . Bndci 

de Hoo . 1 Margar ux ejus .1 liic de Hottot 
tenenti de pt magne ass .in ocl S' Mich p 
defecl re5 . quia ntts eor ve . vt se esson. 
jf Ido atach q tc sit apd Westm . Witts hat in 

Notf" (T ^^i^ ^ -Bwr^ . op . se . iiij. die Psus Thorn f 

Rob po • lo . Wariii de Colebi . 1 Sim ffis ejus 
ad lu.vt pd . de pt ultime psentaS mediet 
eccte de Colebi .1 ipe fl . ve . vl se esson . 1 
hiiit die p essoil suu .in.ocl 5* Tnital . 1 ipi 
f8ut petenL jf Jud . Witts eat in sH die . 1 hat 
p>senl suam . in S\ hat bre ad epm ||ut suscipiat 
cticum suu ad psentatione suam. 

€JafUebr. ff Constantir^ po . lo . Aekis ux sue . pel v^sus 
Wittm Oemenl. i. virg tre g ptinenl in ITles- 
ton sic jusi hedil pdce Aekis. Witt ve.'l 
defend jus suii . \ pel in visum. If Hat visu 
jT Dies dat^ f eis in ocl Sci Mich . 1 intim fiat 

Leic. JT Juliana de \\Hauuitt po . lo . suo Rob de Mumfort 


v^sus Phitipp de Wastineis.l Wittde fFerdl 
^ Witt^ PJuUpp de Derebi .\ ux eor de pi con- 
cordj) fee in cur dni Jt . ad lu . vl pd. 

fVilT. if Samson de Pormai • op • se . iiij. die vsus Milon 

de wAntesia de pi finis f ci 1 Milo n . ve . vl se 
essofi . T; peep? fuit vie q ponlet Leu] p vad 1 
salv pleg • ^ vie n misit fil misit n5ia pleg 
(f Ido considatum est q pofietur p meliores 
pleg q sit a die l^Joh in. iij. sepl irhresponsur^. 
1 vie hat tc noia primo^ pleg . 1 scdorum . 1 
respond qf il misit noia pt . in oci S". Fnil. 

THorf. IT Hwfr^ndde\Winet'f€i^?AX%.\Ro^Wy^^ 

solid reddil 'I . iij. d. in \Bukentoh sic jus suii . 
\ liedil q^s Warir^ pr ej^ invad Witto Curt- 
peittpn pdci \\Rog*. tpr Reg' Steph ad tminu 
q* ptiit ut die . Rog^ ve • 1 defend jus suu •'I 
invadiatione illam Si die q tenet ilium redditu 
ut liedi? suam • 1 liftm tenemtum suii . 1 offt 
defende « p Petr de WimbisMc cur considavit 
ut de longo tpr. 

Swrr. f Henn de la Dune . op • se . iiij. die vsus WaUm 

f*Gileb ^ \?sus Wallni ^ de pt . i. virgal r . in 
WWenleswrorth.xxnHenr po . se. in magna ass. 
1 milil ffiut electi . *ad^ "I ve . . in cur . ad 
faciend ass . I Wali ii . ve . vl se essofi . \ fiiit 
petes, f Ido considatii t qd Henr recedat sfi 
die It ipe q*le debtiit hat recupaL 

Cantebf. f Loqla int WUt de Scalariis \ Hug^ de Scalar de 
pt tre remanet sn die q*diu Henr ^t Hug' 
ffiit in svico dni ^ cum equis \ armis ulf 

Bedef.' jf Henr ^de Buelles^ Picot . po . lo . suo vsus Hetvr 
de Buelles Hug* de Grantes . de pT debiti ad 
lu.vt pd. 


Norhl. ff Dies dat^ t Priori de SimpUngh de aud jud suo 

de advocoe eccte de Dodington VfP Com Dd 
a die Set Mich m . tv. dies .\ Com n ve.vt 
se essofi . \ advoco capta fuit in manu dili 

H'tford. f Rob fit Walfi poH WithnfiM WaSi senescallum 
siiu loco suo Psus Wittm de Vesci de pt r . ad 
lu . I pd. 

Suff: f Rob fit Sim . op . se . iiij, die vsus Girebl de Sco 

Claro de pi advo5 eccte de Bradefeld StGirebt 
esson se ad die placil . \ posSat lo . suo Wall 
de Hope vl Gilebf Viuiani .ad lu . vt pd . It 
ad diem ilium n comparuit . fVall posit^ lo . 
^suo^ ipi^ Girebti . vt esson A Rob petiit sup 
hoc • Jud cur desic fVall ♦ apparuit vt essofi 
desic Gerebt posuit eum lo . suo psecut'm 
loqlam si int^ il possit f Considatum est 
qd Rob hat iK saisinam . % WaU po . lo • 
ipi^ Girebti vt Gileb ft comparuit vt essoft. 

SuML f I^ies dat^ t Nichotfit Rob .\ JoM fn suo .% Rob 

de fVamtford de pt aplti \ filiis suis a die 
Dmca pj^ ^ f 5* J oh in . viij. dies. 

Devon. JT Prior de WPlmton . op • se . iiij. die . vsus Alana de 
Bocland. de pt. iiij. fling tre in Boclandt in 
Ho.% ipe n. ve.vt se essofi. 1 huit die in 
ocl 5* Trinil . 1 fuit petes, f Jud prior eat in 
sn die . \ Alan hat tale recupatione q*le hre 

Sfdkl. JT ^^^^^ ^^ Punchardun . op . se . iiij. die vsus Witt 

de Solers de pt nove diss . t Witt de Solers . 
essoii se de m . ve . nt ft jacuit . 1 esson H . ve . 
JT Ido considatum + qd oms rec atach qd sint 
apd Westm adieSci Joh in . iy. sepl ad faciend 
in assisam. 






f Ricf Rod op . se . iiij. die v^sus Witt de ^Sauton. 
\ Hug^ de Hesett. \ Rob frem suum . de pi 
aptti.t ipi se esson,T;huerf diem 
in banco in ocl S* Mich in responsur. jf Id 
dies dat^ t Petro de SatUon apHato de vi in 

f Witt de Ebo^ \ Matild ux ejus pel « Wittm JU 
Wade . It Ailina ux ejus . x. s. reddit^ cum 
ptiii in Leiham . ut ronabile pte suam q eam 
con ting de rra q fuit \\Olin* Salmar. cuj^ filia 
fuit mr ejusd Matild. \ ipi ve . \ petiert visum 
rre . uri reddit^ exit . hat visum, jf Dies dat^ 
t eis a die S" Joh in • iy. sept . \ intim fiat 

JT Witt de Ebo^ S\ Matild ux ejus pel simili m° v'sus 
Wittmf\\Auketitt.\ WTheda ux ej^.x. sol red- 
dit^ cum ptinenl in Lenna . ut ronabile pte 
suam q conting eid Matild de rra q fuit Remi 
Salmar . c mr fuit fila ejusd Reimi . \ ipa pel 
visum rre uK reddit^ exit . hat visum, f Dies 
dat^ f eis a die S* Joh in . ^av dies^ .in.iij. 
sept. 1 intim fiat visus. 

f Dies dat^ t Priori de Simplingh . 1 Com Dd ad 
aud jud suu de advocoe ecclie de Dodington 
a die S* Mich in . rv. dies . t advoco capta fuit 
in manu dfli Pr . It Com n . ve . vl se esson. 

f Witt Jit WOthon poit^ loco Matitt de Diua op • se • 
iiij. die vsus Ascelina de WatS^tt de plac ad- 
voconis medietatis ecc' de Upton . T: AsceSn 
ess se de m. ve. "I advoco iUa capta fuit in 
manu diii Jtr . p defalta ipi^ AsceUh r' (Ue Lm 
psima jP AssensioneSX detenta p xv. dies.i' 
qd nHus petit earn p plevina. Ideo gsidatu t 



qd Matitt hat inde saisina . 1 Ascelina hat inde 
tale recupare qMe inde habe deb}. 

Norf*. IT Qsidatu t qd Balti de Norwiz athach qd sint apd 

Westm a fo Set Jofl in iij. sepl . ostilsur q*r 
n fecE mandatu vie sSdm pceptu justiS eis 
dir^tum de nova diss « ft Afebem de Rammes \ 
Oliver monac . 'l intim sumon xij. Ii t leg 
homies de visnel qd tc sint ibi ad 4id^ 
faciendu ass. 

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\ Hands ux ej^. de plac . i . haubergelt . \ ipi 
n llveniiit n* se essofl . 1 poiti fuerunt p vad 1 
pT bis :''\ ipi n ve • n^ se ess . lo psidatu t qd 
vie hat eos a festo Sci Johis in iij. sept . ^ ut 
hat ibi Gitt Flandr 1 JTft/fl fil ejus p»mos pi . 
ostiisur qr n huerunt qd ptgiav . \ ultimi pt 
summon qd tuc sint ibi inde responsur. 

Norhamt. f ^^^ Line ||signavit p liras suas patntes qd Witt 
Jit Hervei disronavit se corn eo esse legitimu 
natum t a legitimo mat^mon que Eustac de 
Wqffbrd dixit esse bastardiL Id 9sidatu t qd 
Witt hat bre ad sumo ipm Eustac qd sit apd 
Westiii a festo Sci Joh in iy. ^ep/audit'us inde 
judm suu« 

Canieb?. JT ^^^^ ^^^ t Hhrjit Rob petiiti 1 Ric ft Bertram 
de plaC t . a festo Sci Joh in iff. sept. 
Idem dies dat^ t Hnr 1 ♦ Ber^m ad capiendu 
cirog*phu suu. 

Siiff\ JT Mag? Gitt poit^ lo. At*>is de ScoEdmOdop se iiij. 

die v • Epni Eliensem 1 Senescalt suu de plac 
lat^ni susprisi.f q*m^ [9*] libtate SciEdmHdi\ 
dies dat^ fuit eis in oclSce T}nil ad hildu cartas 
libtatu suaf • 11"^*% "^ ^^ ^^^ cartas suas . 


8 . cartas Reg Edward. 'X Reg Witt gqnesUyt 
1 cartas 1^ H. i q*b3 ptinet' qd dederunt 1 
pcessenint Sco EdmUdo omia gnia libtatu q 
p^sint dari alic^ p donu alic^ Reg . Epc 3 ve n* 
se essoniat jf Judm. Epc sumoii qd sit apd 
Westm in octab Sci Mich inde responsur.l 
qd hat ibi tc cartas suas. 

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de Sco WSauo ij. mesuag in WGrenemuc. 
p' in r" [usq^] a die Sci JoHis usq^ in iij. sepi.jf 
defcu regg . q, Hiir aUp Witt Jit Unjr ITbi 
nepos Helewis . Johjit Helems . Hug" de Lud- 
ham . Hug' de WTostis . Austin de Dunewiz . 
Alan WPedes . Wall Segge . Bndcs Ruffus . Hnr 
Q^t^mars . EdmiUP Ruff^ . n ve . n*^ se ess • io 
athacfi qd sit tc ibi ad faciendu assisa • t ostS- 
suri q*r n fueriit ibi I ocl 5* JSdl. 

Norf: JT R^gi^ de Lenne \ Matitt ui ej^ op se iiij. die. v. 

TurstanCloher .\Johem deOxenewich de pt xv. 
ac*^ t . c ptift in ^F^insha . It ipi ii ve vt se ess. 
\ sumo testal t • Judm . rra capia' in manu D. 
Reg Ic. % * Johs sumon qd tc sit apd Westm 
I octah Sci Mich inde responsuri .1 WRog' poB 
loco suo Mar .... ad luc^ndu t ad pdendiL 

Cantebr. if Josep de WDrauiton ess se de m . ve . v^ AUc de 
WDrauiton de pt . tcie ptis iij. virgal tr 1 rcie 
ptis . vj. ac*ru tre q*s ipa clam in dote .It pdcs 
Josep hat die p ess suxi \ ad die illu ess se de 
m . led . \ 9sidatu fuit qd n erat essonu . % 
fuit de dote .1 io rra ilia capta fuit i manu D. 
Reg \ sfl replevina . q^ recordatu erat p Witt 
de Warenn . T: socios suos justic itinkntes qd 
ide Josep huit diem i banco • io Qsidatu t q^ 
AUc hat inde saisina sua. 


lbid€. f Nkhot de ^Cotham ess se eod modo de m . ve . 1 

de mat 12 . vsus eande AUc de pt tcie ptis . 
i. virgal Vr c ptinl in WDraiton .t ess de m. 
Ic fi fuit recepf % fuit de dote . 1 id t rra ilia 
capta in manu plevina.q^ testatu 
fuit qct huit diem 1 banco . cora justic . Ideo 
9sidatu t qd ipa hat inde saisina* 

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Godejr op . se iiij. die vsus Bicjit Hnr de pi 
rSnabit dotis ipi^ Ma/itt.qHn clam vsus ipm 
Ric . 1 ipe Ric n ve vt se ess . T: sumofi testal 
fuit. Judm . rcia ps rr que fuit Godrfr vir 
sui 1 Spottishat capiat' in man dSi p^ . tc. 'I 
Ric suiii qd sit ap Westm a Jo Sci Mich I xv. 
dies • inde respons. 

Caniebr. f ^^^^ ^^^ t AUc de Draiton \ Regiii Sacldoti de 
pt dotis a die Sci Mich I Jev. dies \ inrim hant 
licfiS 9Cordandi. 

Ibidc. f ^^c de Draiton petit ^sus WAlbinJit Ric ?cia pte 

ij. virgal tre c ptiiil 1 Draiton ut ronabilem 
dotem sua q ea Qting hre ex dono Ro^.JU 
Witt, quond viri sui 1 ^Albiii venitl defendit 
qd K fuit inde dotata n*^ potuit . q^ Ric par suus 
fuit .... fieffat^ ex dono Ro^ viri sui anq^ 
desposata esset • \ inde ponit se sup recogni- 
coem visneti \ AUc silr. 

in. 25. 
Caniebr. IT Ric f* Rogii siimoit^ ad warantizand -rf/W^ ^^ 
Ric carta Rogii pns sui de dimid hid rre q* 
Rog* pr suus ei ded . 'X carta sua confirmav. 
Ric pr ipi^ AUnni J\ ufi ||5ir ipi^ Ric clamat 
t ciam pte in dote vsus ipm AlbinU . Ric ve . \ 
die q K vult ei responde • anq* placil in? Alicia 
mrem ejus . \ eu tminal sit 


Caniebr. f Witt Jit Rob po • lo • Petronitt q fuit ux . || Urn/rid^ 
vsus Reg' de Leiham . xl. s. reddit^ cu ptin in 
Wilburgh q'^s clamat ee . dote ipi^ Petronitt q 
earn conting de Ii15o tenemento q fuit ^Rogli 
viri sui . ut die . Reginald ve St pel visum tre . 
hat visu JT Dies dat^ t eis in . j:v. dies fPf 
S" Mich St intim fiat visus. 

Buk\ jf Getui q fuit ux Rogli de Stok pel vsus Hum de 

Stol^. iij*. pte . i. virgal tre cu ptinenl in Stol^. 
q earn cooting ex dono Rog^ q^ndam viri sui . 
Thorn ven . 1 die qd vir ejus numq^* tenuit 
?ram ilia ut de feodo . \ qd rra ilia n descend 
ei in bedil ex pte ipi^ Rogii . 83 hi earn de 
dono Witti de Eineford. \ in pon se sup rec 
visneti St Geua silr. f Veniat rec . a die S'Joh 
in ♦ av dies^ [iij. seplS] 1 intim fiat visus. 

&#*. f Rob de WaUingf. po . lo . Gikb de fValding'. op. 

se . iiij. die vsus Ric P^brm de Foxole 3 pt q* 
waranto tenet se in eccla de Foxot. 1 ipe n. 
ve • vt se essoK 1 sumo testal fuit J Jud . 
JRic atach qd sit a die S* Mich. in. av. dies 
apd Westm in respdsur . It ostensur qf n ve . 
in oci S' Thul. 

Essex\ f Ass . de nova diss . in? WHtmJit Maur Upente .1 
Com de Clara St Ric Gardinu . "t Thorn f* Rod 
de nova dissaisiil de libo tenemto suo 1 f ead^ 
villa de Tacsted ponr in respecl us% in ocl Sa 
Mich p defectu rec . q^ Rob Ogg'. Elias Eu- 
croc . Ric d Basstgb . Rad de Bosco . TurstarP 
de Eiston . Joh fr ejus . Witt de Kcarum . Rod 
de Hid. Eustach de Buett. n . ve . vl se esson . 
io atach qd tc sint ibi ad facienda illam rec. 
^c. f Id dies dat^ t WdSo Martett .\ Eustach 
de Selford. Ricf Aldan q* venlut 



Daxm. JT Dies dat^ t jRoftcfe Vefi ponte .1 Rob deSTSteph 

a die S'Mich . in . u msg. de recipiend cirog^fi 
8U0 de pt r • in Brawd. 

Caniebf. f Amabt q fuit ux ♦ Briton po • lo . suo Witt le 
Mazelun . vs^ Witt Briton ad emdend cirog^ph 
suu in . iij. sepi p^/* S" JoJL 

Bedef. JT ^*^ flBwafl pel v'sus tAt*)em de Alnestow\ q 
Witt de Wilsamsted vocaPat ad waranE . de 
dimid virg A virc^ c ptinenl . in Wilsamested. 
ut jus % hedil suam.l: Sim leGtdz po.Io. 
At*>isse . ve . 1 vocat ifl ad waranl . Sim /* 
WSim . hat eum ad warantu .a die S* Mich in . 
iy. sepL 

Norkar. JT Rob ^ Alan petiit p plevina die Dnica pj^ p^ 
fesl Sci Jofns tra Gerard de WMatquci q capta 
fuit i manu dni Reg p defalta sua vsus Joh 

Bedrf: % Watt Jit Mauric petit Psus Gai(/r Rufll i. hida 

?re 5 ptiH *l dim hid in Goggepatt sic jus 
suu 'I hedil . \ Gauff ven 1 defndit j^ suu , 
\ petit in visii . hat visu. Dies dat^ ^\\i a die 
Sci Mich I un msem \ intlm fiat vis^. 

JT Loqla in? Ricjtt Horn \ Wittm \\Cumin . \ Grecia 
ux ej^ p' in r'm q*ni diu ipe fuit in svico 
dni Reg ult* mare cu eq*s \ armis p b^ve dfl 

£^. f Wall de AlbnU sumoit^ ad ee apd Westm ostftsur 

quo advocate teneat se i ecc* de WPeluencseia. 
[die] qd p Rob Jit Witt cuj^ pr ea ei dedit 

Hertjoii. JT Witt Jit Rod petit vsus Atd^m de Faverisha vj. 
hid Vre c ptin i II I^hangr si5 jus suu 1 hedital. 
1 Turbt^ CamiariP p3it^ loco At3t>is venit \ 
Rot. Cua. Reg. E E 



defndit j^ suu . 1 petit in visii habeat visa . 
Dies dat^ t eis . a die Sci Mich in . i. mnse . 1 
inrim fiat vis^. 

Glouc. JT Dies dat^ t Rad Musardi Witt de WAlbetot a die 

Dnica pa^ T^ jrh Set Joh in av. dies de reci- 
piend cirog*pti suo . 1 Rod ponit loco suo in 
TFali de Heliun.^ Wittm ponit loco suo Wittm 

Oxen. ^ Dies dat^ t Rob de Harpndon apttato 1 Witt 

Taillard 1 Ricjit Rog". \ Thorn Jit Toki ap- 
pttatorib} a fo Sci Mich in i. fnnse . \ innm 
fiat inquisico p comil t p legal milil \ p illos 
qui c^todierunt placita corone utr plage essent 
ostnse ad hora 1 ad rminu It recntes r' ufi ipe 
Rod apttat^ t . 1 inq^sico ilia tc mittat' ibi p 
iiij. legal milil de comitatu qui inrfuer iqui- 
siconi p b^ve vie sigillal. 

Ess. jf Rog^ de la Neweland \ Atic ux ej^ pmisunt dno 

Pr . i. m*. argnti p hnda iqsicone utr ipsa Atic 
hat sorore p*mogenita vivete q debeat pticipe 
ex Meditate Amic mris sue . in JViggebg^ sic 
obj^tu flat a Maug^o de Wiggebg' . \ Rob de 
vy. Vallib} vs^ q^s ide Rog* 1 Atic petier dimid 
hid tre . % inq*sico ven p vie It dix qd n p^ 
inq*rere qd ipa Alic hat sorore \ qd Rob 1 
\\Malg^um ivenlut pi qd Rrnt sorore Alic pdce 
ap Westm cora justic i ocl TnU S\ Malg^ n ven 
vl se ess . n^ Rob . n*^ sorore ilia pduxlunt . 
% io gsidatu t qd Rog* \ Alic hant saisina sua 
de t'ra p^dca. 't qd pi. s . Nichjit Witt.1 Witt 
Jit WRocelin \ Witt de Tortaine . Joh de Legr 
Slim' ad esse ap Westm a die Sci Joh in ig. 
sepi . ostnsuT \c. 

f Insp^'tis siq p^ea rotulis justic itinianciu in ptit^ 


ilt 9ptu t qd illi p seduccoem tra ilia habe 
Uvelliit. Quia p ass ablata erat eis . s . p ass de 
morte aflcess • ablata erat eis tra ilia . cora 
eisd justic . It io 9sidatu t q n4 ||capiat p 
inq'siconem ilia. 

Bukigh. JT ^i^ de Rigate \ Agnes ux ej^ op . se iiij. die 
\?s^ Ric Jtcven^ de pt . i. virgate tre 5 ptin in 
Stoke T: ipe a ven vt se ess 1 sum'* tesl fuit 
Judm . tra capia' in manu d. Pr. \ dies 1c. t 
Ric sumdia' qd sit ap Westm a die Set Mkh 
in . i. mnse in respos . \ Witt pon loco suo . in 
Agnet^ ux sua . ad luc*nd vl pdend. 

111.25. dors. 

Surnlset. JT Mattis de Qiueden pel vsus Ric de Ken . vi. hid 
tre \ dimid in Ken . \ Hiwic . ut j^ % hedil 
suam . q ei descend ex jure de Iledto q* ven in 
conqstu ^de Hilebto q^ ven in cdquestu^ us% 
ad Henr pavu ejusd Math • q* tram illam 
tenuit. tpr. i/. Reg avi dni ^ • capiendo iii 
esplecia ad Valencia . v. solid . 1 pl^ . t h offt 
disronare vsus eum p qSdam h5iem suu q^ hoc 
oftt pbare v^sus eum . '\c. Ric ve . \ defend 
jus suu . \ petit bre audire p qd posit^ fuit in 
placiLI Maths ret^xit se.1 ad illu die n ptu- 
lit bre. in cStino ess se de in. ||ville.1 die tcio 
silr . \ Ric pel ut ei allocet' qd petiit audire 
bre 1 p^ea ft comparuit. If Considatum e . 
qd Mattis nich capiat p bre illd S} qrat aliud 
bre si vol8it . 1 ad die q® tutit aliud bre sit in 
considacioe justiS si p^sit hfe aliq^ recupacione 
p bre scdm ad loqla ilia n® ne. 

Cantebf. f Mag* ass in? Rob Ruff^ petn . \ Stephm Rage- 

datte de diai hid tre 5 ptin i WWrating^ p' in 

r"m usq^ I . i. mnsS f^ fm Sci Mich . p defSu 

reggnic . % ntts eo]^ venit p Alan deFeuffisSl 

£ E 2 



Rob de Nevitt.l Regin de Tmrnpitm ess se 1 
ceti offis. 

Hunted. f Dies dat^ t Radjit Witt petn 1 Agnel de Aumou 
de pt tre a die Set Mich I . i. mnsS p defcu bns 
K ||inventi . 1 Agnes pon in loco suo . QGnvim 
de Lega ad lu • vt ad pd. 

Oson. f Witt de WKouele petit vs^ Alic de j^Katiele . i. vir- 

gal tre c ptin i \\Kavele . sic suu jus It heditate ^ 
\ Alic petit ifi visu . habeat visii. Dies da^ f 
eis a fb Sci Mich i . i. mnse t inrim fiat visas. 

Ebof. f WR^cius de Bosco petit tra sua p plevina die 

M^cUi px* ji^JestU Aptof P. 1 P. que capta 
fuit in manu dni ^r . p ejus defcu vsus UrseHu 
de Bosco. 

Surr. if German de ||CAwen/on qui tlit br de nova diss 

vs^ Jord de Turri ven 1 ret^i se t posuit se 
mia. in mia. 

Sum^set. ^ Dies dat^ + Ric Captto pel . \ Rog" de WCleia ad 
audiedu judm suu in iij. seplim J^ fin Sa 

Oxon, JT ^^ Mausep op . se iiij. die rsus Alwin Caretar 

de pi ass de m . aKcessor . 1 rs^ Witkn || Uncle . 
"X sil? de pt ass de m afScess . It ipi fi venlunt 
vl se ess Si siimo testata fuit f Judm AilmfP 
\ Witt resumoneat' qd sint apd Westm a die 
Dnica psf ^ fm Apto^ P.\P. in to. dies . 
Id dies dat^ t omib} re9gnitorib3 i baco. 

Sumerst. f Ass ve . reg . si Osewald pr Walfi fuit saisit^ in 
diiico suo ut de feod de . i. virgal tre c ptin 
in Cheihd /die q* obiit • t si obiit 1:5. Q*m Vra 
Rod P^poW ten}. % Jural dnt qd Osewald 
inde obiit saisit^. f Jud • WaU in tiat sai . 



Norhant. f Stepti de Cloie op . se iiij. die v^s^ Rob de Mtis- 
chaflps de pT ivadiamnti rre . \ ipe n ve . vt se 
ess . 1 debuit pon p vad t pt ad ee ap Westm 
t arc. dies j^fm See Thtil. f Judm . atach qd 
sit ap Westm afoSci Mich i i . mnsi in re- 
sposur^. \ vie t5 sit ibi inde resposur q*r n 
misit br. 

Narhdt. f AUc q fuit ux Witt Blund • sumoita ad ee ap 
Westm a fb See Thnl in xv. dies ostnsur qd 
jus hat in dote sual decuj^ dono ea hat.l q® 
warato ipam teneat :! vefi ^ diS qd t dissaisita 
de dote sua . \ petit saisina sua an%* resp5- 
deat . psidatu t qd AUc hat saisina . 1 q sit ap 
Westm sup ^dcis resposur a die Sci Mich i i. 

Sudhant. JT Wall de Benetle^ . 1 Ric f? suus op . se iiij. die 
Vs^ Ric WIrcJiium t Rad frm suQ . \ Ric de 
Ferleg^. \ Sim de Lang^\ \ Bernard de Sap- 
horn . \ Wl^ricU fnn suu 1 Ric de Bosinton 1 
Hug* ♦ Nich fit suos .1 Thorn Fir ipi 8 veiSunt 
vt se ess5 .1 Vic sig qd n fuerl iventi. jT Judm . 
athacb qd sint apd Westm a Jo Sci Mich in 
av. dies n^ Justic i ptes illas Ijvenlint.'l qd 
s&moneat dnm de Winton. Wittm Briewer. 
Ric de Herieth . Magnn Thorn de Husseburn 
qd tc hant recordu aptti . \ sumo iiij. legat 
milit de comil qd tc sint ibi ad id faciend S 
justic pdcis ifi record illd. 

Ebof. IT Rob de Tumhd po . lo. suo. fVittm de la Hate . 

vt Joh ^Chap vsus Epm Dtmelm de pt ptiii 
magne ass • de Clift Si vsus cticos deDanecastr 
de pt 9vic ad lu . vt pd. 

Caniebf. f Add Jit Witti • qui se essofi de . m . lec . Psus Wall 

E E 3 



fVakesorg* . It ux . ejus . de pi « Mandav q 
covaluit . 1 pel licenc veniend ad cur . 1 

ni.26- In octabis S*c^i J6K% Bapt\ 

Ebor. f Rob de Tumh po . lo2 Asuo^ Witt de Haia vt 

Joh \\C/iape vsus Epm Dntm de pt ptinedaf 
mag ass de ClifW vs^ clicos de Donecastr de 
pi svicii ad luc* vl pd. 

Cantebr. jf Ass ve . reg . si JS'wartf ||2Vim injusl 'I sn judo di^ 
Absdtojit Absat de lib tenm suo in Catebr post 
scda coro . Reg Ric. jf Jur did qd B'nard 
ita dissaisivit Absal inde. f Jud . Absat bat 
mia. saisifi ifi • % B*narct in mia It reddat dapnu 

Absat . set} . i. ra*. jf mia B*narct t . i. m*. 

ITtford. if -A.SS ve re si Rob de Broc injusl 1 sn judo diss 
Albred Jit Wall de libo tenem suo i Sah^ctc- 
wurth p^ scdam coronone Reg Ric St Rob ven 
% die qd ass n deb} iii fi q^ ipe recupavit in 
saisia \?sus llfrem p*mogenitu WRo^. i^iPAlbre 
cora justic apd Dunestapt p ass de morl anc. 
\ ipa die q n recupavit saisin de teS pdco . q 
fr ej^ n tenuit tra ilia tc n^ fuit ifi saisit^ s} 
ipa tc fuit in saisita 1 de Bi pofi se sup jur 1 
ipe similr. f Jur dnt q ipa tc fix ifi saisita .1 
inia. a fY ej^ Rog' \ qd Rob de Broc i* diss ea ifi. 

jT Jud ipa hat in saisin \ Rob i mia in • \ red- 
dat dapnu ifi f cum • s • i. m\ mia ej^. ij. m\ 

CarUehf. f ^^^ ^^ ^^S se de ma • IS • vsus WaU Wakirs- 
orgen It Margar ux ej^ de pi rre • \ fi fuit 
visus . \ madavit p nuciu suQ Witt Pupard q 
pvaluit de infirin ilia \ petiit licfi vefi ad 
c'iam . It huit. f ^vet die suu» 



Essex'. JT Dies dat^ t fVittde Sobi pet&tit Begin de Ck)m^ 
hitt \ Witt de WFemhri^ tentib} de pt ?re 
t octc^ Sci Mich . pee ptiu . \ inPim hant lien 

BukingIL jf Ass ve . re. si Everwin \ Phit avueti Hug* de 
Fulebroc fuerl saisiti in diiieo suo ut de feod 
de ij. boval tre cu ptin in Fulelfc die quo 
obiit . 1 si obiit 15. \ si id Hug* ppiq'or lies 
ejus t. Q*ra tra At*s de Einshd teni • WM de 
Bukingh po^. lo . At5bis veil \ di5 . qd ass n ||a 
deb} . vsus AMbm in fi . % ipe ft tenl Vram ilia 
immo Pdcs Witt teni ea de PdSo Afebe. 
jf Hug* qrat se vsus ipm qui tenet tra ilia . 
si volSit 

BmtingM. f Bad de Huggedon qui se ess de mat Ic vsus 
GaufrJitFuJZ de pt rre sigcavit justic I baco 
p nueiu suQ qd visus n fuit feus . \ qd pvaluit 
de ifirmil ilia . \ petiit licn5 venied ad euria 
1 habuit 

Nord/\ IT Jiob de Sudgate \ Alio ux Witt . Estritt Alic 
Beat^x^ WittCU(P petierunt die Sabbi pximop^ 
festU Apto^ P. \ Pauli tra sua p plevina in 
Geiste que capl fuit in manu dfti Reg p eo^ 
defcu v'sus Atebm de Walth. If Dies dat^ t 
ut'% pti a die Sci Mich in i. mnae jPee ptiu . 
t At5bs pdSs remisit [eis] \ oiuib} aliis poitis 
i plac illo claraiu suu de veti feofeamnto de 
f^dca ?ra. 

n. jT Witt Jit Bob % Alan fr suus petiit Psus Bob de 

^TitUshale ronabile pte de i. carruc c ptifi in 

if<nf*. \\TitUshatt.\Bob venit 1 die q ?ra ilia nuq» 

llpetita fuit rf deb} 1: de h pon se sup legat 
hSIes de visn \ Witt \ Alan sitr. jf hant br 
E E 4 


in ad viS q faciat venire in jur de visfi a feOo 
Set Mich I i. mns^ . apd Westin. 

Surf. JT Ass de morl aBc in? Phitjit Osbn petnl 1 Pore 

de BermUdeseia de xiiij. ac^s rre c ptifi i Red- 
Mrheia po' in r'Hn us% in ocl Sci Mich p defcu 
re9nil. q^ Gaufr de \iAln il ve . q* t L re9 . S5 es» 
se p Gaufr \ Ran de Kambrewett p Begin . 
Martin de WDelewise p EdmOd. Id dies dat^t 
omib} aliis q* venlut. 

BucA. f Turstan Basset q*eta clam advocone ecKe de 

WAclet Fori deChatidewelt^ 8uccessorib3 [suisj 
t totU'jus q huit i ilt ptin « de se "I heredib} 

Sudfi. f At*)S de WWaruelee optulit se q*rto die vers^ Rob 

de Veniz de pt finis fci in cur 1 ipe fi ve . vt 
se esson .\ dies fuit ei dat^ p essoniu suu m 
octad Sci Johis. jf ^^^ • atachiet' Rob p vact 
1 salv pt qd sit in octab Sci Mich ostfisur qr S 
*3vav die suu . 1 resposur de capital pi . t intiin 

pdcs A^s de ariis suis vsus eundem 


JSU. f Ass ve reg . si Ailwin de Hugging^ yusl t sn jud 

diss Pagan 1 Wall \ Ham de libo tenemto 
suo in Huging* p^ scdra coro& Reg Ric. 
f Aihmn ven \ die qd disronavit rra ilia v^ 

Pagan \ avuclm pdco^ JVaU 1 Ham 

i c'ia dni Archepi jud cur illi^ . T; ifi 

Wall \ Ham dfit qd ipe Sampso n tenuit tra 

ilia. S3 ipi tenuerut ilia t de b ponit 

se sup jur. f Jur dnt qd Ailwin diss eos in» 
jf Jud hant in saisiii Ht W. Ailwin .... 1 
niia. reddat eis dapnu. set} xx. sot . mia ej^ dim m*. 

Line. f ^^* ^^ wTibsai opttit se iiij. die vsus Hug^ AlbU 

1 Beatce ux ej^ de . pt v. sot. reddit^ .... 1 






i^ fi vefi vt se ess . \ suffi testata fuit • \ q^ 

inctu fuit uil reddit^ ille deb psidatu 

t qd pdci Hug' 1 Beal^x natashient' qd sint in 
octab Set Mich ap Westm in resp5sur. 

f Alan^ de ^DaalU pel die Dnica p^^fm Apto^ 
Petr 1 Pauli p plevin ?ra sua de Home q 
capta fuit in man dni Reg p ej^ defcu v'sus 

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in voluntas dni Reg. 

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petenti de pi advoc eccte in Lega a die Sa 
Mich in . av. dies. \ in?im hant licenda 
*' concord *\ 

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saisit^ die q*^ fuit vivus 1 mortu^. \ ille nunq' 
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dati si. 

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vsus Yvon^ Ctrrett. i. hida t're cum ptin in 
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gulj^. \ Ric Jit Basil. 1 Ric d Stanbge.\ 
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atac^ qd tc sint apd Westm. jf Id dies dat^ 
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ux ejus . 1 Hug* Briton . 1 uxori ej^. \ Rob de 
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Watt de Colelid Ps^ AlanS d \\Baabm t Ricf 
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ve . vl se ess . 1 sumo fuit testaL f Jud 
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1 Sirn de WCaneued \ Atejf de \\Glantford re- 
cogn.i& esson .1 affid . ad eund dies 
dat^ f recogn q* veflut 

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pvaluit de infirmitate ilt • 1 petiit licnc ve- 
niendi ad c'ia St huit 

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t de plo rre 1 H fuit visa 1 mandavit p 

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licncia vemdi ad curia 1 huit 

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debl waratizare p^dSo Jord carta Witt pat^ 
ejusd Ric. 

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seq*s p^ corononem /. Reg . \ inrim p>dS 
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llpugnavit . It pdci Rad \ HamU ronabile re- 
cordu curie llsequenf^ . 1 catalla que capta 
fuerunt in pdco tenem debiit libari in manu 
pdce Odiern usq^ ad pdcm rminu. H^ Qcord 
formata fuit p Hug* de ChaucHbe. 

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misit milil suu Uq^indiu q^m ipe erit 4 in 
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standi ad r^tii vsus Maghn Thofti de Husse- 

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monacii suii vsus Wall Jit Wall de pi rre ad 
luc*nd . vt pdfid. 

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tenem suo in Offinton p^ scdam coronone Reg 
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mia* dat dapnu in f cm s. vi. sot • mia t dim m^ 


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p^ sSdam coronone Reg Ric. (f Jur did qd 
Magr Hug* no diss ^eam^ inde. 

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Bemot petSi \ Pore de Landa . 1 Bic de Er- 
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defcu repgnil . % Ric de WDam ess se p Jud^ 
wen . Eustac de Kirkebi . p Ric i Ingold p 
Ro^.\ Hub de Hafigdeuurd . Witt Jil Rob 
de Midelton . 1 Wilt de Midelton . Hnr Seitiz • 
Joh de Pavelli H venlunt vl tesse ess . 15 atach- 
iant' qd tc sint apd Westfii inde responsur . 
Ide dies dat^ t aliis qui venlunt in banco • 1; 
Por ponit in loco suo Wall canonicu suu . 
Emald [Coc^] ess se p Emald Rad Passcmer 
p Hnr Witt Foliot p Rog". 

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psona que mortua t ad ecctiam de jj^Hilderiton 
que vacas t ut dr. jf Jur dnt qd For de 
Kirch psntavit ad eccliam ilia ultima p*". 
que mortua t sct3 Petr de Ros. f Jud • For 
bat inde psentaconem sua. 

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sent . pee ptiu. || ff Math pon loco suo Jord 
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ten p' I r*m usq^ a die Sci Mich in i. mnsg . % 


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WMatitt de Stdtd * de tra de Crophilt reman3 % 
id fFo/? vefi T: die q^ ipe -dux mf em ipi^ Au- 
maruP in ui cuj^ fieditas rra ilia t '^ ip& ht 
ptes fit • 1; n^ clam i ttk ilia n^ ad tm p ipam 

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diston p' 1 ftn usq^ l.i. msef^festU Set Mich. 
% Rob ven 1 vocav inde ad waratu Ric de 
nMabbedon Jit GiUeb q* rra ilia ei dedit p 
svico 1 homag sue . \ ifi carta ei fee q* ptlit. 
q h testa' • (f hat br ad h&du waratu suii tc ap 
Westm . id dies dat^ t omib3 reg . q* ven!unt 
in banco. 

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liba elemosina ptines ad capBam de P'tiges q 
f Jofis de \\Bracestr in laic feodii Fetrjil Hmr 
majoris Lond . T; Isabett ux ej^. f Jur dSt 
qd t laic feod Pel \ Ysabett. 

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de ^liCurrUcestr de pt ass de ultim p^ncone 
ectie ad lu . vl pd. 

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Hug^ de CastillU de pi tre ad lu . vt pd. 

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Wittm frm suu vsus Gaufr de Mar de pt 
nove diss ad lu . vt pd . 1 de ass guni paste. 

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in Holewettf sfi die q^ id fVall t i 9vic3 dni 
Reg ulf mare p pcepl G.^t Petr. 

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WBrocke p^ scdam llcoronone Reg Ric. ff Jur ^ 
dfit qd Ran ita diss eii iii JT Jud Thont hat iff 
saisina. 1 Ran 1 mia dim m^ 1 reddet d^nu 
mia. dim m\ 

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Comil Da\ Sim Guiz diss de M.ieH. p>dci 
fVid 1 WKeneston p' in r"m usq^ a die Sci Mich 
in. f. mens^.i\^ ide SOU ven 1 dix qd ipe disro- 
nav* llvsu^ eud Wid rra ilia i c'ia dfii Reg ap 
Westm 1 iS recupav* saisina jud c'ie p defcu 
Comil Dd 5 ipe Wid vocav i waratu . \ Wid 
diS qd n f tra ilia q* ipe disr5navit vs^ eii i 
c'ia dfii Reg • imo t alia tra • \ iil pon se sup 
jural \ Sim simitr id dies dat^ t omib} repgn . 
T; innm faciat viS fi visa tre q* ipe Sim dis- 
r5navit Psus eu p illos mit q' tS it fuerut 
visui pdSe tre . \ p duos illo^ testifice' visus 
eo^ ulx tra uS id Wid q'r dc nova diss 
sit ilia tra q^ ipe Sim disronavit vsus eu 
vl fi. 

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ta diu q* ipe Gitt f^t in 9vi2 diii ^ .1 qd ipe 
n^ hSies sui mm placitef^ • p b? dni ^r de ull^ 

Surf. f I^ies dat^ f Monach Gm/ \ Ediue de Harlee de 

Rot. Cur. Rio. f f 




pt i. virgal ?re i Hort die Dm^ {p^'\ ^» fi^ 
See Mar gar pee ptiu. 

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de WdSvitt diss p' in r'^m usq^ f od Set MicA p 
def cu repgnil % ntts reg . venit vl se ess . 1 i5 
oms athachient' qd tc sit ap Westm ifi 

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injusl 1 sn judo diss Jord le Euueise de gfii 
pasf^a sua i Stiuect q ptiil ad libm tenem suii 
i ead villa p^. s coron Reg Etc. ^ Jur dnt 
qd Aristotit q baits t piis sui \ Rad i* dis- 
saisivnt eu in. jf Jud • Jord in hat saisifi \ 
ceti i mia 1 reddat dapnu in fcm.s.x. s. 
mia. mia Aristotit t xl. s. mia Rad t dim m*. 

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Qntin de pi rre i Cherletoii un ipa Hawis die 
fine esse fern i c'ia H.^.p^ in r^m don* dfis 
Rex /. locut^ f 8it ifi c Witt Senescatt Norin 
cora q® finis in feus fuit . p br dni Reg de ult* 

NorhaL f Rob ^t Alan petiit p pi rra dBi sui Gerard de 
WMalq'ci die Veniis pjf" p^ oci Aptof PeP^ \ 
Pauli q capl fuit in manu dni ^r p ej^ defcu 
v*s^ Joh Malduit. 

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9* Qsuetudie A*gt du ipe fuit i c^tod dSi 
Cant . 1 don* liurit etate plac . \ tet etatis sit 
qd debeat plac. 

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pi ?re a die Sci Mich I . i. rnnse . \ iSW hat lie 
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silden 1 ej^ pplicib} de pt qd wulnSavnt hdies 
ipi^ Witt a die Sci Mich in iij. sepl pee ptiiL 

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born Ps^ Galjr WPalm de pT ?re ad luc* vt 

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fossal 1 domos i WJ^Peston ad nocum libi tenem 
hed . Sim de Waltori ven 1 diS qd fee p stuU 
ticia. f pstnet ||Ula. 

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don 1 Thorn de Huntndn. 

jf Aldred de Neubi capt^ p mala suspicione tMit^ 
f Johi de Ferles vie ut hat eu die Dnica ps^ 
anfestU See Margar .% inrim inq'raf utr sit 
utiag an n . 1; hat tS iq^icone ilia. 

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?re i Waddon a die SH Mich I . f • mnsem. 

JT Rod de LS Valeie po lo . suo Rod Jit Wall \?sus 
Witt de la Valeia de pi ?re de Hamiton 1 i 
BlacgHie ad luc*. vl pdn . un die «sum esse fad 
die Sci Joh I it;. sepL 

JT Hug* de Welles po^ loco Rod de Lechelad ess se 
de malo led vs Cecil de Euiols de pt t?re • 
madav' qd pvaluit de infirmital ilt .1 petiit licii 
ven ad c'ia 1 huit 

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masag in Catebr siS j^ suu % lleditate sua 1 

Por veil 1 defndit iii jus suu . 1 pon se iH i 

. magna asi.1 petit in fi rep' q's eoj^ maj^j^ 

hat in rra ilia. (T Dies dat^t eis a die Sci 

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Mich i . i. fnse . \ ITuuP hat br ad su iiij. 
mit • ad elignd . xij. ad faciend in ass ilia. 

Bucfi. jf Joh de WSqP petit p pi rra sua i Estoh die Sa6di 

pa:^ f^ oci Aptof^ P. 1 Paul q capta fuit i man 
dni Reg p qnmoia ux Wall de ^JiHndesufi. 

Syff: f Witt Oliuer q*etu clamavit i c'ia G.Jit P. homag 

1 §vic Witt de WBrqf*. s . c. sol p annu 1 §vic 
feod dim mil in Bercheholt qd id Witt de 
\\Br^ ten3 ibi. 

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mosina ptines ad ectiam de Welewes sic JoA 
de Brdcestr die an laic feodu Rob Jit Ambr.l 
Rob Jit Ambroi ven 1 die q ipe n ten rra un 
reddit^ ille exit n* p c^tod . ^ q^ WNicot die q 
ten5 rra ilia T; Sim poit^ loco Joh die q ipe 
ad jud. tenuit rra ilia qn sum de ass ilia fuit fca 1 in 

poii se sup jur . 1 milil elect ad llilld juf qati 
utr Rob fuit saisit^ de rra un reddit^ ilie 
exit ut de feod die q*^ vis^ in fuit fcs 'I qn ass 
ilia sum fuitvlfi:^ dnt qdRob in fuit saisit^ut 
de feodo die q** vis^ ifi fuit f cs . It qd nenuem 
in llvidint saisitu n* illu. 

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p*^m q mortua t ad eccUam \\Ade Belton q vacat 
ut dr . c^ advocone Rob de Cornh die ad se 
ptifle rone \\Abin fil \ ted Elie de Belton q t 
i ej^ custod . It For de WWatt q* advocone ilia 
ei deforc vefi 1 die q n vult in ei respdde rf 
gsidat cur de sic ille WAbitt t inf^ etate . 1 bf 5 
lo' de eo . in r'^m usq^ in oci Sci 
audiend in judm suu. t ass remaneat 

Jdidil$ex\ IT I^i^8 dat^ t Att)i de Westm t Witt de Boct de 
pt maSli de Cheliseia a die Set Mich I xv. dies 


Ebof. IT Loq^" de 2Uc de Marisc pqrnt qd Atts de 

Means 1 Por de KiptUon 1 Magr 

pcessunt 1 cam ir ipm 1 Canonic de Wartre de 
eccKa de WCtiftoii 9* phibicoe justic 1 Ric pofl 
lo . suo . Hug" Lespecer ad lu . vl pd. jf Con- 
sidatu t qd • • . hat bre ad judices qd n 
pcedant amplius in cur ilia t ad sumoned 
eos qd sint apd Westm .af* Set Mich . in . 
$. msS. 

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q^s t contenco de advocoe medie! eccte de 
^Ormesbi . q^a un^ eorum • s. Bad trahit ilia 
ad baron Com Cestr . % Alan ad baronia Thorn 
de Aresd. ff Dies dat^ f eis a die Sci Mich 
in • f. msS • % m(^ hat tc warantu suu . si 

Eue£. iT r>ies dat^ fHug" de NevUt .\ Johjit Godeff de 
pt 4?re^ debit! in. ocl Sci Mich.t in^m 
hant licenc concord. 

Bed. f Dies dat^ f Ascejit Asce pel,l Ric Jit Had a 

die Sci Mich t rv. dies . de pt magne ass p 
defcu rec. Id dies dat' Jordano WLeuueise .1 
Rob de Brai . T; Hugr* ck Budeho . rec iii. Et 
i2o« fil ♦ ess se p fTiTSr. 1 iiatf^f Gflw/r p iJo* • 
^ Begin de Baton p WUt .\ Hu^ Jit Witt^ 
Ric . 1 /io8 ife 5iV/ttn . p Hem^ . 5im <fc Lehga 
p ||.B*cia 1 »^ii/ de Subi p i/f^ • aff . ad 
eund ?. 

iSTimr. f Pc^illa Jit Sim opl . se iiij. die v^s^ Wall de 

Faukenbge . 1 Agn ux q^ . de pt rcie ptis 
feodi . i. milil i Witton . t de . x. boval tre 1 
dim c ptifl in Risebi .\ de xx.sot redd .in 
Marlon .1 ipi n venerl vt se ess . T; suino 
tesl. fuit , f jud rra capiat*^ in mafi dili Reg 
F F 3 


Ic. 1 ipi sumoneant'' q sint apd Westm a dk 
Set Mich in • i. msem . in resp . Pet?mUa po . 
lo . suo Rann de WMileto . v^. WaU de Ribof. 1 
Agn ux ej^. d pt r • ad lu • vt pd. 

Korf.' f Emald de Tikebro* po . lo • Henr de Sibiton opl 

se iiij. die . rs^ Gauf* Palm . de pt xviij. acf 
t . in Sibeton \ ipe no venit vl se ess . *t sumo 
tesl fuit. Jud rra capiat' in mafi dni R^.l 
ipi sumoneant' • q sint apd Westm a die Sa 
Mich in . I. msem • in resp. 

Ebof. f Ursett de Bosco pet rs^ WRaciU de Buc yj. canic 

?. c ptin in Herthitt sic ilia q* Regin de Wo- 
renn dedit Ursett pat^ suo . p homag \ servic 
suo • \ ipe Ursett dedit eam fit suo Ursett 
juniori u t p'cac ju suii^ ipe dedit Racio fn suo 
Meditate in Normann . ut tiedi suo . ita q ipe 
Ursett p^ obil UrseUi pat*s sui . remansit in 
custodia Regin de Warenn dfii ipi^ feod taq* 
ille q* fuit inf * etate . \ ipe dns p custod illi^ 
cep [in] expleta . ad valenc . v. s. t pl^ . \ li 
offert pbare p qda Alan . Radus defend jus 
suu.'t dfend q pr suus nltam fieditate ei 
dedit . n* huit pr ilia q* Ursett pet . q* Regin 
de Warenn dedit ei p homag \ svic suo . q* 
rram pr ej^ ten[u]it tota vita sua •'I p^ ej^ 
obit ipe Raci^ remansit i tledil pns sui.ut 
rect^ heres . 1 p'mogenit^. Ita q Regin de 
Warenn deforciavit aliquando ei jus suii.1 
ipe ^e Ric deLuci pq*sivit jus suG in cur dfii 
Reg. Ita q p pcept Just fuit ?ra ilia ptita. 
int^ ipm t dfini suu. It in pduct *t^ milil q' 
int'fuert illi pti6i.T:si debuerit of ft defende 
j us suii • p qda hoiem libm suG. jf Dies daf 
eis a die Sci Mich m . i. msem . 1 hnt licenc 


Cantebj^. f Witt Jit Wall pel vsus AH>m de Eveshd . i. v*gal 
tSi dim c ptin in Httston . ut jus suu 1 heditat . 
At^s defendit jus suu •'I pel visu . hat visiL 
Dies dat' a die Sci Mich i v. sepi • i?im fiat 


Hunt. if Ass ve . rec . si For de Hunted \ ^ For ^ Thorn 

Cti(P inj^^te \ sn jud diss Rob ft Akar de lilio 
ten suo 1 Huted t in Hereford . p^ scdam 
coron Reg Ric. Jur dfit q Por T; TAom t 

Bssej^. if Amhrosius Capett sumoit^ ad ostendend q*^ wa^ 

ranto ing^ss^ sit in lilim feod Matitt de Pet^ 
Ponte in Roinges veil 1 dicit . q 2 t feod ipi^ 
Matitt. S3 vocat iii ad warani Pore \ Mona- 
chos del t hat warani suu a d^ Sci Mich 

in ro. dies. 

Wif* if Ermegard q fuit ux Ad de Mandevitt pel vsus 

Hu^ de Digeneswatt .\. v'gal tre c ptin in 
yLo/e si5 ea q* . vir suus ei dedit in dote die q* 
earn dsponsavit. 1 ufi vir suu^ fuit saisit^ die 
q* it arripuit vsus Jeitm \ q® obiit . \ in pducit 
secta q intfuit desponsacoi sue q hoc offt 
pbare put cur considavit . Hu^ veil 1 defend . 
q nuq*fuit iB dotata. Immo de tra de WBede* 
v:ett.\ in tenuit se pacata. £t ipa dicit q ilia 
v*gal tre deficit ei de dote sua . q* habere de- 
bet .1 pel tcia pt6 ubiq^ de tota tra q fuit Ad 
viri sui. Et Rob de WLeneswett q* ht hed ipi^ 
Ade • 1 custod • dicit q i^a dotata fuit t pacata 
de iPra de WRadexcett die q* earn desponsavit . 1 
in pon se sup jur . Hug* pon lo . suo Gatf* de 
Norhat .ad lu . vl pd. jf Dies dat^ eis a die 
Sci Mich in . v. sepl • 1 tc veniat jur. 

Kent. JT Ass de iii . anl . i\ inr Roglm T; A^icof petentes 1 

Thorn LongU pen' in resp . usq^ a die Sci Mich. 

¥ V 4 


l . L msem . q*a nll^ rec veil . 1 ido attacli . 1 
4^ce?i q* n ve .^ Thorn q* n ve . vt se ess . re- 
sumoneat^ q tc sit ibi. 

Hunt. JT Matitt q fuit ux Alur pel.i. messag in Sco 

Neoto q ptinet ad roabit del sua For ve5 1 
defend \ pel visii . hat visu dies dat' eis a i& 
SH Mich in. "v. s^l. nim fiat vis^. 

Oxon. IT ff^i^ ^^ Eston petiit ix hid rre c ptifl in Estm 

in cur Red Com Sarr p bre de recto vs^Rob de 
Eston \ ipe Witt inpet*vit bre Justic q loqla q 
fuit in comitatu eet apd Westm 1 rra ilia 
capta fuit in man dni Reg vsus ipm Rob . p 
ej^ defcu . \ petita ad hora 1 rmiSi . p plevina 
1 dies dat^ fuit eis a die Sci Joh in xv. dies . 
1 tc ven Witt\ petiit ea vsus ipm Rob .1 Rob 
dfedit q loqla ilia nuq^ deducta fuit in comii. 
1 ifi vocat comil . Et vie testat^ p bre q misit 
de capcoe pdce rre in ma& dni ^r . q nuq* 
loqla ilia deducta fuit in comil inr eos Ipe sue 
n^ Ipe alioj^ vi2 . sicut inq*sivit p legat milil 
de comil St ido 4^ n5 ^ ||sumoneant ipm Rob. 
f Consida? t q Rob eat sn die . T; Witt re- 
maneat in mm q^a testat fuit q loqla ilia S 
fuit deducta in comii 

Bedf\ f Dies dat^ ♦ Wa^o Hacon \ Witt Russett po . lo. 

ux sue • a die Sci Mich in . i. msem • ^ Witttvait 
bre ad faciend visu . de infirmil Dionis ux sue. 
q se ess d malo lei . 1 pcepl fiiit Vic alia vice 
q faSet visii fieri . % h fecit. 

Bed/.* JT Sim de Holewett pel v^sus Rob Jit Ascelin . i . v^ 

rre c ptifi in Holewett sicut jus suu 1 sic ilia 
q fuit WMachi avi sui 1 p^ea J^om pns sui . 
ufi ipe Thorn fuit saisit^ ut de feodo 1 de 
jure Ipe Henr Reg avi • die % anno q® obiit . 


capiendo IS explel ad valenS. v. s. vt pl^ .I hoc 
offert pbare .Rob ve St defend, jus suu St dicit 
q WMarcher^ WavvP pd5i iSim. huit xiiij. v*gal 
1 dedit WAuketit nepoti suo pro homag *% ser- 
vic6 suo . i. v*gal p defend xiij. v'gal . 9* secta 
comit t hudr . t p^ea • ve . Rob d Btderes foe 
Steph Jtr . in wenra . % adq^sivit pdcas v*gat r • 
]^ Sim d BeUo Campo .qhi Thorn pr pdci Sim 
fuit occisus . 1 ipe erat tc inf* etate . T: c ipe 
Sim venit ad etate inplaci[ta]vit eu in. Ita q 
p concord in cur dili sui . ita concordat! fuert • 
q ipe Rob dedit pdSo Sim 1 remisit d p^dcis 
v^gal.^. v'ga! c fit sua. Ita q Robto reman- 
sert.viij. v^gaC • residue v'gat remansert Rob 
q^ru octo . ista una . f. £t Sim defend q nuq* 
in fecit • c Rob d BttUeres . set Sim de BeUo 
Campo dils ej^ reddidit ei in vj, v'gal rre \ 
p^ea iplacitavit de vij v^gal rre residuis . ipm 
Rob. I cu? dni Reg :^ Ita q apd Dunestapt con- 
cordati fuerL Ita q eqMi? ptite fuerl int' eos 
illos v*gal ?re q*8 Rob tenuit . \ \j. v'gal q*8 
Sim tenuit salvis messagiis • eor. 

JBoer'. IT ^^ ^ Windhutt (ft^Joli BlundP removit ij. 
domos in ?ra sua q* ei Qmiserat us% tmin xij. 
annoj^ ad valenc . ij. marc • 1 xxv. s. insitas in 
orto suo . Joh ve . \ dicit q ifie p libit ipi^ 
Roj^ domos illas apreciatas . ij. m • asportavit. 
It q ipe vendidit ei xiiij. 4^ insitas . p . L surcotto . 
1 ia pducit sectam q ft testat'. 1 Ro^ defend 
toL JT Jud . defendat se xij. manu . a die Set 
Mich l . t;. sept . d lege facienda . pt e)^. Joh d 
Storttford.\ Witt. Jit Alur. 

Es$ex\ f Joia q fuit ui Lw peC vi. ac^ rre c ptin in 
HamfH.q ptinent ad dol sua.vs^ Alan de 



pt i. virgal ?re i Hort die Dnic^ [^^1 ^ f^^ 
See Margar pee ptiu. 

NorhdT. f Ass de no . diss "^ Add Jit WDracon qrent \ Asceliii 
de WdlSvitt diss p^ in r'^m usq^ % ocl Set Midi p 
def cu repgnit % nils reg . venit vT se ess . T; io 
oms athachient' qd tc sit ap Westm iil 

Hatndon. f Ass ve rep . si Magr Aristotit \ Rad de Stiuect 
injusl 1 sn judo diss Jord le Etaieise de gUi 
past'a sua i Stiuect q ptiii ad libm tenem suii 
1 ead villa p^. s coron Reg Ric. f[ Jur dnt 
qd Aristotit q balls t pns sui 1 Rad i* dis- 
saisiv'nt eu in. f Jud . Jord in hat saisifi 1 
ce?i i mia 1 reddat dapnii in fcm.s.x. s. 
mia. mia Aristotit f xl. s. mia Rad t dim m*. 

B^cfa. JT Loqla fi Mabit de WG^ua petn 1 Hawis de Sco 

Qntih de pi Pre i Cherleton un ipa Hawis die 
fine esse f cm i e'ia //. Jfc . p^ in r^m don* dHs 
Rex J. locut^ f 8it ifl c Witt Senescall Norm 
eora q® finis in feus fuit . p br dni Reg de ult* 

Norhat. f Rob ^t Alan petiit p pi tra dHi sui Gerard de 
\\Malq*ci die Venlis pa;^ p^ ocl Aptoi^ Fef 1 
Pauli q capl fuit in manu dni Pr p ej^ defcu 
vs^ Jo% Malduit. 

Sudf: jT P^cepl t p br diii Jt de ult* mar ne Ran de 

Glauvitt pon' i plac de [aliq®] libo ten suo 
9* gsuetudie A*gt dQ ipe fuit i c^tod dfli 
Canl . \ don« hunt etate plac . *t tal etatis sit 
qd debeat plac. 

X^. f Dies dat^ f Hnr de \\Lec petn 1 Ric de WLec de 

pi tre a die Sci Mich t . i. mnse . It mm hat lie 
. , ....9Cor.d. 



Eise^. JT Dies dat^ ♦ Win de Boct pqreti \ Wall de Chi^ 

silden 1 ej^ pplicib} de pi qd wulflavnt holes 
ipi^ Witt a die Sci Mich in iff. sept pee ptiiL 

Sudf^ JT Thorfi de Sibethon po . lo . suo Emald de Tike- 

born Ps^ Galjr WPalm de pT ?re ad luc* vl 

Sumiset. JT JR^gin Carpnl sum ostnsur q^ waral levav qdda 
fossal \ domos i WAPeston ad nocum libi tenem 
lied . Sim de Waltorl ven T: di5 qd fee p stul- 
ticia. jf pstnet ||illa. 

EOeUt. JT Loqdu de ass Rob f \\Achar \?s^ Pore de Htttn- 
don t Thorn de HuntndU. 

ReMtff. f[ Aldred de Neubi capt^ p mala suspicione tMit^ 
t Johi de Ferles vie ut hat eu die Dnica pa^ 
an festU See Margar .% inPim inq'ratf utr sit 
utlag an n • *% hat tc iq^icone ilia. 

JT Dies dat^ f Witt de Puntarch \ Rog" Burd de pt 
?re i Waddon a die Sci Mich I . i. mnsem. 

JT Rod de La Valeie po lo . suo Rod Jit Wall \?su8 
Witt de la Valeia de pi Pre de Hampton \ i 
Blacg^ue ad luc*. vl pdn . un die «sum esse fad 
die Sci Joh i it;, sepl. 

JT Hug^ de Welles po^ loco Rad de Lechelad ess se 
de malo led v^s Cecil de Eu]ols de pi t?re . 
madav* qd pvaluit de infirmital iH .\ petiit licii 
ven ad c'ia \ huit 

Caniebf. f[ ITuUP Jit Etistac petit v^sus Pore de B'newett \\]. 
masag in Cdtebr sic j^ suu 1 heditate sua It 
Por ven \ defndit in jus suu • 1 pon se in i 
magna ass .1 petit in fi reg' q's eoj^ maj^ j^ 




hat in tra ilia. 

jf Dies dat^-9^ eis a die Sci 
F F 2 


Mich f . I. mse . t ITuuP hat br ad su iiij. 
mit . ad eligiid . xij. ad faciend in ass ilia. 

Bucfi. f J^^ ^ 11^4^ petit p pi ?ra sua i Eston die Sabbi 

pji^ ^ ocl Apto)^ P. \ Paul q capta fuit i man 
diii Reg p qrimoia ui Wall de ^Hudesuh. 

Stff: f ^i^ OUuer q*etu clamavit i c'ia G.^ P. homag 

1 §vic Witt de WBrqf*. s . c. sot p annu 1 §vic 
feod dim mil in BerchehoU qd id Witt de 
\\BrqP ten3 ibi. 

hTffori. JT Ass . ve . rep . utr reddit^ i, m* . argn sit liba de- 
mosina ptines ad ecliam de Welewes sic Joh 
de Brdcestr dig an laic feodu Rob Jit Afnbr.\ 
RobJitAmbros ven 1 die q ipe n ten tra un 
reddit^ ille exit n* p c^tod. 1 % WNicot die \ 
ten5 tra ilia \ Sim poit^ loco Joh die q ipe 
ad jud. tenuit tra ilia qn sum de ass ilia fuit fca \ in 

pon se sup jur . % milit elect ad llilld juf qati 
utr Rob fuit saisit^ de tra un reddit^ ille 
exit ut de feod die q® vis^ in fuit f cs 1 qn ass 
ilia sum fuitvlfi:^ diit qdRob in fuit saisit^ut 
de feodo die q** vis^ ifi fuit fcs . 1 qd nemiem 
in llvidint saisitu n' illu. 

Kent. if Ass ve reg . q^s advocat^ tpr pacis psntav* ultim 

p'^m q mortua t ad eccUam \\Ade BeUon q vacat 
ut dr . c^ advocone Rob de Cornh die ad se 
ptinle rone \\Abitt fil 1 tied Elie de BeUon q t 
i ej^ custod . 1 For de WWaXt q* advocone ilia 
ei deforc vefi t die q n vult in ei respode rf 
gsida? cur de sic ille WAbitt t inf^ etate . 1 br 5 
lo' de eo . in r^m usq^ in oci Sci 
audiend in judm suu • t ass remaneat. 

Midilsex\ IT ^^^^ ^^^^ t Att)i de Westm T: Witt de Boot de 
pi mafiii de Cheliseia a die S^ Mich I sv. dks 
pee pciu. 


Ebcf. , f Loqct de Ric de Marisc 9qrn{ qd AM:>s de 

Means 'X For de KiptUoh t Magr 

pcessunt i cam ir ipm \ Canonic de Wartre de 

ecctia de WCIifton 9* phibicoe justic 1 Ric poil 

lo . suo . Hug^ Lespecer ad lu • vt pd. f Con- 

sidatu t qd • • • hat bre ad judices qd n 

pcedant amplius in cu? ilia It ad sumoned 

eos qd sint apd Westm .af* Set Mich . in . 

i. nisi. 
in* 28« 

Line. f Loqdum de Radjit Sim . 1 Alan Jit Bernard in? 

q^s t contenco de advocoe mediel eccte de 

^Ormesbi . q*a un^ eorum . s. Rad trahit ilia 

ad baron Com Cestr . 1 Alan ad baronia Them 

de Aresci. f Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Mich 

in . i. nisi . \ ur% hat tc warantii suu • si 


Esse£. ir Tiiefidsit^ fHug" deNevitt.tJohJitGodefrde 
pi ^t're^ debiti in. ocl Sci Mich.\ intern 
hant licenc concord. 

Bed. f Dies dat^ t Asce Jit Asce pel • t Ric Jit Rad a 

die Sci Mich % av. dies . de pt magne ass g 
defcu rec. Id dies dat' Jordano WLeuneise .\ 
Rod de Brai . \ Hu^ de Budeho . rec in. Et 
jRo«fit#e8ssep Witt.t Radjit Gaujr p Rob. 
1 Regiii de Baton p Witt.t Hug" Jit Wittg 
Ric . t Rob de Bidun . p jHenr . Sim de Lehga 
p WBkiU \ Witt de Subi p Hug" . aff . ad 
eund r. 

Hunt. JT Pet^lla Jit Sinl opl . se iiij. die Ps^ Walt de 

Faukenbge . 1 Agn ux ej^ . de pt ?cie ptis 
feodi . i. milil i Wilton .1 de . x. bova{ tre T; 
diin c ptiil in Risebi . ^ de xx. sot redd . in 
Malbton .1 ipi n venerl vt se ess . 1 suino 
test, fuit.f jud rra capiat"^ in mail dAi Reg 
F F 3 


Ic. 1 ipi sumoneant' q sint apd Westm a dk 
Sci Mich in.i. msem . in resp . Pet^mUa po. 
lo . suo Rann de WMileto . v^. Watt de Bibof. \ 
Agn ux ej^. d pt r • ad lu • vt pd. 

Nor/: If Emald de Tikebro* po . lo . Henr de SiUton opl 

se iiij, die . rs^ Gaiif* Palm . de pt xviij. arf 
t . in Sibeton \ ipe no venit vl se ess . t sumo 
test fuit. Jud tra capiat' in maft dni Reg.1 
ipi sumoneant' • q sint apd Westm a die Sci 
Mich in . I. msem . in resp. 

Ebof. f Ursetl de Bosco pe? vs^ ||jR^ti de Buc vj. caruc 

r . c ptin in Herthitt sic ilia q* Begin de Wo- 
renn dedit Ursett pat^ suo . p homag It servic 
suo • \ ipe Ursett dedit earn fit suo Ursett 
juniori u tp'^caciu suul ipe dedit Bacio fn suo 
lleditate in Normann . ut tiedi suo . ita q ipe 
Urselt p^ obil Urselli pat*s sui . remansit in 
custodia Begin de Warenn dfii ipi^ feod ta^ 
ille q* fuit inf^ etate . \ ipe dns p custod illi^ 
cep [in] expleta . ad valenc . v. s. 1 pl^ . 1 \i 
offert pbare p qda Alan . Bacius defend jus 
suu.'l dfend q pr suus nSam heditate ei 
dedit . n* hiiit pr ilia q* Ursett pel . q* Begin 
de Warenn dedit ei p homag 1 svic suo . q* 
tram pr ej^ ten[u]it tota vita sua.^ p^ ej^ 
obit ipe BaciP remansit i tiedil pns sui.ut 
rect^ heres . 1 p^mogenit^. Ita q Begin de 
Warenn deforciavit aliquando ei jus suu.'t 
ipe Ipe Bic deLuci pq^sivitjus suQ in cur dfii 
Reg. Ita q p ^cept Just fuit ?ra ilia ptita • 
Int^ ipm It diim suu.1t iii pduct f t^ milit q' 
iiirfuert illi pti5i.1si debuerit offt defende 
j us suu . p qda h5iem libm suu. )f Dies daf 
eis a die Sci Mich in . i. msem . \ hnt licenc 


Cantebf. f Witt Jit JP^all pel vsus Afifcm de Eveshd . i. v*gal 
tSl dim c ptiii in Huston . ut jus suu 1 hedital . 
A^s defendit jus suu.'l pel visu • ^at visiL 
Dies dat*^ a die Sci Mich i v. sepl • irim fiat 

HunL JT Ass ve . rec . si For de Hunted \ ^ For ^ Thorn 

Gi(P inj^te \ sii jud dis§ Rob Jit Akar de libo 
ten suo 1 Huted \ in Hereford . p^ scdam 
coron Reg Ric. Jur drit q For \ Thorn t 

Bsscj^. JT Arnhrosius Capett sumoit^ ad ostendend q*^ wa- 

ranto ing*ss^ sit in libra feod Matitt de Pet^ 
Ponte in Roinges ven \ dicit . q S ♦ feod ipi^ 
Matitt. S3 vocat in ad waranl Fore 1 Mona- 
chos del t hat waranl suu a die Sci Mich 

in TV. dies. 

H*tf' iT Ermegard q fuit ux Ad de Mandevitt pet vsus 

Hu^ de Digeneswatt .\. v*gal tre c ptin in 
yXofe si2 ea q* . vir suus ei dedit in dote die q* 
earn ctsponsavit . 1 urS vir suu^ fuit saisit^ die 
q* it arripuit v^sus Jertm i q** obiit . T; in pducit 
secta q intfuit desponsacoi sue q hoc offt 
jpbare put cur considavit . Hugj^ veil It defend . 
q nuq* fuit iH dotata. Immo de tra de WBede- 
wett.'X in tenuit se pacata. £t ipa dicit q ilia 
v^gal tre deficit ei de dote sua . q* habere de- 
bet .1 pel tcia ptfi ubiq^ de tota tra q Ibit Ad 
viri sui. Et Rob de WLeneswett q* ht lied ipi^ 
Ade . 1 custod • dicit q ipa dotata fuit \ pacata 
de tra de WRadewett die q* earn desponsavit • 1 
in port se sup jur . Hug* pon lo . suo Gatif* de 
Norhai .ad lu . vl pd. jf Dies dat^ eis a die 
Sci Mich in . v. sepl . 1 tc veniat jur. 

Kent. if Ass de iii . anl . j;\ inr Roglm \ Nicot petentes "X 

Thorn LongU pon*^ in resp • usq^ a die Sci Mich. 

F F 4 


t . i. msem . q*a nll^ rec veil . 1 ido attach . 1 
♦ce?i q* n ve .^ Thorn q* 5 ve . vl se ess . re- 
sumoneat^ q tc sit ibi. 

Hufit. JT Matitt q fuit ux Alur pel.i. messag in Sco 

Neoto q ptinet ad roabit del sua For ven 1 
defend 1 pel visu . hat visu dies dat' eis adie 
Sci Mich in. v. s^l. nim fiat vis^. 

Oxon. IT ff^i^ ^^ Eston petiit ix hid ?re c ptifl in Estm 

in cur Red Com Sarr p bre de recto vs^Rob de 
Eston *t ipe Witt inpet*vit bre Justic q loqia q 
fuit in comitatu eet apd Westm \ rra ilia 
capta fuit in man diii Reg vsus ipm Rob . p 
ej^ defcu • \ petita ad hora 'X rmiSi . p plevina 
^ dies dat^ fuit eis a die Set Joh in av. dies . 
1 tc ven Witt 1 petiit ea vsus ipm Rob .1 Rob 
dfedit q loqla ilia nuq* deducta fuit in comil • 
1 ifi vocat comil • Et vie testae^ p bre q misit 
de capcoe pdce tre in mafi dni {tr . q nuq* 
loqla ilia deducta fuit in comil int eos Ipe sue 
n^ Ipe alio^ vie . sicut inq*sivit p legal milil 
de comi^ St ido 4 no ^ ||sumoneant ipm Rob. 
f Considal t q Rob eat sn die . I Witt re- 
maneat in mm q%i testaC fuit q loqla ilia S 
fuit deducta in comiL 

Bed/\ f Dies dat^ t Wal?o Hacon t Witt Russett po . lo . 

ux sue .a die Sci Mich in . i. msem.^ Witthat 
bre ad faciend visu • de infirmil Dionis ux sue. 
q se ess d malo Ici • 1 pcepl fuit Vic alia vice 
q faSet visu fieri . % h fecit. 

Bed/J JT Sim de Holewett pel vsus Rob Jit Ascelin . i • v^gti 

?re c ptifi in Holewett sicut jus suu % sic ilia 
q fuit WMachi avi sui *t p^ea Thorn pns sui . 
ufi ipe Thorn fuit saisit^ ut de feodo 1 de 
jure Ipe Henr Reg avi • die t anno q^ obiit • 


capiendo iH explel ad valenS. v. s. vt pl^ .It hoc 
offert pbare .Rob ve St defend, jus suu St dicit 
q WMarcher^ llavu^ p>d5i Sifn . huit xiiij. v*gal 
1 dedit WAuketit nepoti suo pro homag t ser- 
vico suo . i. v*gal g defend xiij. v'gal .9* secta 
comil t hudr . *t p^ea . ve . Rob d BtUeres foe 
Steph Jtr . in wenra . \ adq^ivit pdcas v*gal r • 
p Sifn d Bello Campo . q^ Thorn pr pdci Sim 
fuit occisus • 1 ipe erat tc inf^ etate • "l S ipe 
Siin venit ad etate inplaci[ta]vit eu in. Ita q 
p concord in cur d&i sui . ita concordati fuert . 
q ipe Rob dedit p^dSo Sim 1 remisit d pdcis 
v^gat.^. v'gal c fit sua. Ita q Robto reman- 
sert.viij. v^gaC • residue v'gal remansert Rob 
q^rii octo . ista una • t* £t Sim defend q nuq* 
in fecit . c Rob d BuUeres . set Sim de BeUo 
Campo dils ej^ reddidit ei in \j. v*gal rre T; 
p^ea iplacitavit de vij v^gal rre residuis . ipm 
Rob. I cur dni Reg :^ Ita q apd Dunestapt con- 
cordati fuerL Ita q eq^lit ptite fiierl int' eos 
illos v'gal ?re q*s Rob tenuit . t \j. v'gal q*8 
Sim tenuit salvis messagiis . eor. 

fsfex*. IT ^^ ^ Windkutt ((tmJoh BlundP removit ij. 

domos in ?ra sua q* ei Qmiserat us% tmin xij. 
annoj^ ad valenc • ij. marc • "l xxv. s. insitas in 
orto suo . Joh ve . T; dicit q ifie p libit ipi^ 
Roj^ domos illas apreciatas . ij. m • asportavit. 
It q ipe vendidit ei xiiij. ii» insitas . p . i. surcotto . 
1 ia pducit sectam q ft testat'. \ Rog^ defend 
toL JT Jud • defendat se xij. manu . a die Set 
Mich f . v. sepl . d lege facienda . pi ej^. Joh d 
Storttford .\ Witt. Jit Atur. 

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Hamiii.q ptinent ad dol sua.^s^ Alan de 


Baltm .1 tra ilia capta fiiit i man dni Pr . 1 
petita ad hora 1 train . \ Alar? ve . \ dfend 
p'm \ scdam sumSem . Qsidacoe cur jf Con- 
sidal t q AlarP p^m suraoem • 1 scdam • dfen- 
dat se , xxiiij , manu. Dies dat^ t eis a die 
Sci Mich in . v. sepl d lege facienda. 


Essex*. JT Priorissa de ClerkeneweU .\ Rod Sacldos • op • se . 

iiij. die vsus Sim/* Sim de pt ronabt escam- 
bii marisci de ^Horsitt . T: ipe fi ve . vt se 

NoiingH. JT Pctronitt Jila Sim . op • se . iiij. die .vsus fF€ill de 
Falkeb^ . \ Agnel ux . ejus . de pi . xx* . ptis 
feod . i. milil . in Cukeni . *t ipi n . ve . vt se 
esson . 1 sumo fuit testaL f Jud tra capiaf 
in . manu dni . pr . 1c. 1 ipi sumoeant^ qd sint 
apd Westm . a die S*. Mich in . i. mse . in . 

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mesag c ptin in Pva ^Seile sic jus \ mari- 
tagium suii. ^Liuciah ven 1 defend jus suu.t 
vocat ifi ad waranl Johjit WaSi Jit ITberti. 
If Hat eum a die Sci . Mich . in • t^. sept. 

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Coffin q* inf* etate si . ut dicit^ fuit saisit^ in 
dflico suo ut de feodo die q"" . i. camic 
?re cu ptiii i Chistet Ic. Et si p>dci Ric \ Hug" 
sint ej^ ppinq*ores liedes q' tra WS^e^te^l^h 
Harengod ten} . It jur dnt qd Hug* Coffin 
huit . ij. fres p*mogenitos . Rod \ Ric 1 fila 
ipi^ Ric p*mogen[i]ti fris ad hue vivit. Et 
Thorn de Roch^ord dicit q Hug^ Cqffin hiiit 
fres p*mogenitos q* pati fuer cu eod • d gavili- 
cude q* ||hiinl S3 no de ista tra q^ est laicu 


feud 1 purj^ciu ipi^ Hug' 1 q? de bosco in 
asartato f concordat! sunt 

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lo . 8U0 V8^ Robl de Ferles iij hid rre cu ptin 
in Ferles siS jus suu It Meditate • un Ric pr 
8UU8 fuit saisit^ ut de feud t jure in dnico 
{pe .H.^. pns dili Reg . cap iil espt ad vat 
dim .ml pi T: offk pbare vs^ eu p suffic 
pba . Rob ven It die q Basitt Jit Hani tenet 
iii tciam pte 1 q ipa disroavit tram ilia in 
cur v^sus -Ric pfem p^dci BndicH.I q qdam 
Alej^ de Folkeneshesl . tenet in . i. v'gal . It non 
vult sn itt d tota responde n^ cur psidaverit . 
Joh dicit q pdcs Alej^ n tenet aliq'd de itt. 
iij. hid n^ aliq^d fuit in visu illo fco.1 bn 
9gnovit q BasiUa ^ i dote de tra 8} inj^te • t p 
illu q* nU juris l&t i ilia . n« huit f Benedcs 
reliq'd bre suu . \ vult pq*rere bre vsus qlibet 

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in Bomn "sic*' jus suu T; Witt defend jus suu . 
\ petit ill visiL jf Hat visu. Dies dat' eis a 
die Sci Mich in v. sept . ">; intim fiat visus • \ 
Hug' ponit lo • suo • Hug' fit suu ad lu . vt 
pd . 1 Witt ponit lo . suo Pet^JH Amald. a4 
lu • vt pd. 

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Sewat.\ Witt Freismantel.\ Rob Jit GaifT . 
\ Rob Jit Rob.x. ac*8 ?re c ptin in Pampes- 
wrth . die Marl |u* jjP Jest Sci Botulfi . q»8 
Alic de Witletford. clain in dot . v^sus Rod de 
Pampemrth . p ej^ defSu . 1 t^ra ilia n fuit 
petita ad bora • \ Alic expectavit iiij. die suiL 
Jud . f Alic hat in saisina p dfSu ipi^ Rad. 


Bedef! ^ Sim de BelloCampopo. lo.suo. Rob deJ^Laueshd 
Ps^ Scac'm de pt debil. 

Boteland. JT Magna ass in? Comil Dd. ten . "X Henr de Har^ 
monters pe . de pi divisar . tre remanet sn die. 
ppt t^nsfretacioem ipi^ Dd. 

ifotigii. JT ^^ ^^ Burgefia appSator .1 Rod \\Sim apellat^. 
de pace dni Reg ifracta venlut.l; posut se in 
mia. mm . 1 Maths de Mtiscamp t pt Ric pdci d 

mia. mia . pt Rod Hug^ || TireL 

Bedef: jf Edith q fuit ui Dd Jkde Dunestaple^ appellans 
Witt Vinitore de Dunestaple d pace Jtr.l 
constans est q fecit p atiam \ eat Witt sn die 
q^a nllam ostend • plaga* 

Warr. f Rann de Kenewarton opl se iiij. die vs^ Johann . 

ux Ric Bridde . de rcia pte ij. hid rre . c ptifi 
in Catton. 

Id opt se vsus eand de pT . i. hid tre ^ ptin in 
Kinewarton . % ipa n ve • vl se ess . 1 siimo 
testata fuit . S3 Ric vir ej^ venit jf Jud ?ra 
cap in mail ^.\Z.1 ipa sumoneat' q sit ^d 
Westm a die Sci Mich in . v. sepi. in resp • 1 
ostensura qr il servavit die sibi poitiL 

Surf. f Gaufr de Tichesie . * iiij. die Ps^. Roes de Camb- 

wetti Cecilia [soror] ^ux^ ej^ de recipiendo 
cyrog*pho suo de . i. hid ?re cQ ptifi in Cam- 
brewett. un finis feus fuit i cur.p ||vij. ac^ 
tre q debent remanere ipi Roes % Cecil 1 ipe B 
venert vt se ess . Jud.atach q sint.apd Westm 
a die Sci Mich in . 1. msem . ad cap cirog^fi 
It ostensure TxJ. 

Surf. jT Amald de CaiUelu opt se iiij. die v . Gfi/W d 

Vatton ad recipiend cyrog*pfi suu . 1 ipe n 


ve • vt se ess. f Jud Gilb atacb q sit apd 
Westm a die Set Mich I av. dies. 

Sui&sei. f Dies dat^ t Stepho Tiret.t Epo Sarr ad aud. 
^^"^ Jud suu de pi uov diss a die Sci Mich in v. sepl. 

Steph po . lo . suo Rogim fit suu .ad lu • vt 


Bed/: f Ada Jit Osbl apltat^ de . L. m* 1 . i. surcotl . p 

Thorn de Hottot.l Witt d Barkeston opl se 
iiij. die vsus eos Ji ipi n5 psecuti s£ apttm suu . 
JT Jud Ada eat q'et^. 

I>evon. f Sibitt de SurSi po . lo . suo . Joh de Bemes . vt 
B'ksif. jynt de Herchh v^s^ WittPechie . po . lo . Odori 

de Carliun ad cap • cirog^pti suu . de iiij. ti • 
?re . in Milqf. vt 4m^ . C. sot . tre i WBrdton . 
in Devon . q^ ipe debet face eid Sibitt p dol 
sua. f Dies dat^ t eis i ocl Sci Mich . ad 
capiend cirog'pli. 

Byldgha. ff Witt Rote q Bxidjit Rob vocav ad waranl . opl 
se iiij. die ^s^ Witt Htig^ c pdco Rod. de pt 
XX. Ilads rre c ptin in Bradewett.\ ipe n ve. 
vt se essofi . % Witt fuit petens f Jud Witt\ 
Rod eant sn die. 

Carua. f[ Dies dat^ t Rob Seman .1 Curteis de CanteVr. 
ad cirog*ph suu recipiend • d . i. mesag in Can* 
tebr .a die Sci Mich in . v. sept . T; itlm iq*rat' 
ut^m id Curteis tiat frem p^mogenit siS id Rob 
ei obicit. 

Bbof. JT Wittf WaU t 


m. 29. A die S'cH JoV in . iij. sepf. 

Susex\ ff Dies daV Regin de ^Clffton petenti 1 Etc Jit Rod 

a die Sci Mich in av. dies . ad aud record t 
jud 8UU . de . Ilix. hid tre i Pin^ 

Cantebf. if Dies dat' Fori de Bemewett\ Andr le Chdz ad 
aud record ">; jud suii de eccCa de WCraudai a 
die Sci Mich in . iy. sepl. 

Buktgh. JT Dies dat^ Epo Winton . t Ga^fr de Ptkelestorp. 
de pt ass de m • aiicess. 6( die Sci Mich in.u 
atsem . Pee ptiiL 

Line. JT Ass ve . rec si Ysmena de Q^rpelade J\ BdUr de 

Grandat . iuj^te 1 sn j ud diss Thoitijit Joh . de 
li.te suo in }jfi^dhauermn . jP fesl . f^ fed . 
Sci Mich pjT an coroil./. Reg. Jur dftt 
qd ita diss eiL jf Jud ThomtvsX saisina. t alii 
in nua !t reddant dapnu de dim marc • \ ur% 
in mia . de • x. s, 

Sntn. if Ass ve . rec • si Witt de Solers inj^te \ sn jud diss 

Witt de Ptmchardun de li . te • suo . i Allinges 
fp scdam coroii ^.Ric. ff Jut d&t.q Witt 
ita diss eu. |f Jud • Witt de Punchardun &at 
saisina.t Witt de Solers in mia .1 reddent g 
dapno ix. m*rc . 1 vij. §. 1 v. d. 1 Witt ad- 
iSciand^ t. 

Hereford, f Eugenia Picot po • lo • suo . Thorn de Kemeston 
vt Steph de Berktges . Vsus P*ore Set Andr de 
Norhat . de pt custod ad lu . vt pd. 

Norf*. if Johs.^ T^star? de Fransha petierl tras suas p 

plevina cUe pa^ an fesl See Mar gar . q capte 
fuerl in man dni Reg p defcu Ulor vsus 
Rog^m Passatore . \ ux ej^. 


Susex'. JT Dies dat^ est Hug" Esturmi 1 filiis suis \ Nicot 

de Turwic . de pt aptti in octab Set Mich p 
bre dni Reg de ult^ mare • 'X dns Rex waran- 
tizat ei oes dies ei poitos d aptto eod. 

Esuj^. jf Ass ve . rec si Joti pal Godiue fuit saisit^ in diiio 
suo ut de feodo die q* obiit de iij. acf ?re 
cum ptiS in Berkige \ si obiit 1c. q* tram 
AM!>issa de Bergige tenet* jf Jur d&t q Joh 
ita obiit sasit^. 1 q Godiua ppinq'or tes ej^ 
est JT Jud Godiua ^t saisina • \ Attissa in 
mia % senescall^ ej^ dixit q ipa Godiua cu viro 
suo q^eta clamavit tra illam ipi Attise in cvSf. 
sua p dim • ni • 'I in fuit convictus • q^ ipa hoc 

Middehe£. f Ass ve . reS. si AUc \ Witt vir suu^ 1 Rob \ 
NigeU^ fi'es ipi^.inj^^te't sfi jud diss WGodeleuH 
Jit Harm de ii . te . suo . in S^fford j^ /• Sci 
Mich px" . an coron . J. {Jr. Jur dnt q ipi ita 
diss eam. jf Jud . Godeleua hat saisina . \ alii 
in mia . \ redd dampnu • dim marc • \ q%lib3 
eor dabit dim marc • p mia. 

Esse:^. f Ass de nova diss int WRegin^t jjiSagar petenl 'X 
WaU li. ten. suo i Heiffeld. 
remanet.q^ id fVall dicit q saisivit ten ittd 
q^ erat eskaetu jud cur sue • \ in vocavit cur 
sua .1 pduxit . ||i • Eustac de WDameswett. Rann 
Jit Gerard Ric de MunuirU . Hug* Jit Ric . ^ 

MauridP Jit Witt. Witt Mustard . Witt de 
Briefed. GatiT JitGiffiird. Witt de Dunmawe . •' 

Wittjit Rad.q' ve.t dixerl.q ten iUd dal ^ 
fuit in ancessorib3 ipi^ Wall .c 
q^da feia • t ipa huit ^ed Rad Folenfait • q^ 
sn liede obiit. 1 ipi judicavert ei ||cape feod 
[Usaisire] suu don^ veniret q^ iltd exigeret • ab 


eo q* jus ifi tret . It Regin dicit qd nuq* huit 
in sumoem • i cur f sua • ^ ilia • 1 aliqM bre n 
fiiit ift de rec . Jud . Wall in mia . t oes q* 
itfuert curie illi • ad illd falsu jud fadend. 

Line. ff Ass de.m . antec. in? Pefhn le Angetdnl Baldr 

le Angevin de iij, boval tre . cu ptin in Bur- 
ton . pen' in resp • usq^ a die Set Mich .m.v. 
sepl.f defcu rec . q*a nH^ rec ve . vl se esson 
jpt Gaufr Luuet.t Ada de Neweton.l Wall 
Jit Ysabet. 1 Wall de Hakonebi q* ve . \ Mich 
de Ascebi . ess se p Pet^ . 1 Rob Frost p 
Osbl. affi. 1: os alii atachientf q tc sint ibu 

Nor/\ jf Ass . ve . rec . si Regin JitlTvi . inj^te 1 sfi jud 
diss . X}ana de Pikehd de li . ten suo i Pikeha. 
T^fesl Sci Mich px"". a& coron . J. ^. Jur dSt 
qd Regin ita diss ea. 

Essex\ f( Ass . ve . re . si Ailwin de \\Don tbailG WFubti de 
WDon yuste ^ sn judico diss Gild Jit Anegod de 
libo ten suo i Kingeston ^ fesl Sci Mikaet 
pxim an cor dfii ^r . «/. jf Jur did q ipe n 
diss ea j^ fesl Sci Mich pxim an coronaL 
jf Jud Gila i mia p fto clam. 

Buking. * if Ass*, ve • re • si Alan avuncts Sim de Maidewett 
fuit saisit^ i dnico suo ut de feudo die q^ 
obiit de dim virg tre c ptin i Heseldg^ 1c. 
\ si ipe Sim f u ej^ ppinquior fies . q* tra /Kr 
de WTocli tenet . ponil i res^ usq^ a die Sci 
Mich t.v. septim . p defctu. rep . q^ Wilts Fivens 
de mse . ^ Rad de la \\Lec n ven . vl se ess . 1 
ido attachiandi si q tc sit ibi. Et id dies 
dat^ t Robl Jit Evlaud "l Henr de ^Bisingt 1 
Wittti Jit WAuketit.l, Nigello de Caltecol 1 
Rann de la Loc p ess • suos . 1 aliis q^ veSunt. 
\ vis tQc respondeat q? fi fee tot rec venire 


sic ei ^ept fuit ne ass* remafiet p defStu 
f r«9+ re9\ 

BtMgM. (T Dies dat* f Johi de Sanford\Alic ui ej^ de 
pt dot* t ocl Sci Mich.^ce ptiu St io?im hQt 
licenS gcord. 

Kent. ff Dies dat' Fori de LeueshS po • lo • At^is de 

Gant.t Teobald de \\Eine^ord tenentib3 \ 
Witt deWrotha . peteti A^ipXx .adie Set Mich 
ifi. i. msem. 

Kent. JT Dies dat' Henr plpo'ito de Sandwic t \\Fubto de 

Doure ad faciend sabina a die Sci Mich i xv. 
dies Pee ptiu. 

Buie. f Dies dat' Sim de Bello Campo 1 Hnr P'po'ito a 

die S Mich .in.i. msem. 

CantOf. ff Amaru? de Babtget \ Eugenia Picot ten p Thorii 
de Kemestoh • po • lo • ej^.l Wall Por Sci Andr 
d Norhal \ EgidiP nepos ej^ pel . Cocordati 
si de pt q fuit it eos in cur dni Pr • sr custod 
?re de Boct. ita^ q pdcs Aim vt hedes sui dabl 
pdco Walio \ Egidio . L. marc arg . inf^ anS 
p*m obit^ Reg . R. solvend s81t ad fesl Sci 
Joh Bapl . XV. marc . adf^. See Fid V^g^ . xv. 
m . ad fesl S. Thorn Martiris claus 
Pasch X. m ."l si pd8s Abnar . vl lied sui i8ta\ 
pecun pdSis.?. n reddidint . ead Eugen Picot >t 
vt tied sui ad pdcos tminos . pdcam pecun^ 
pdefis Wat?o \ Egid solvent . \ si forte Ahna- 
ruP \ Eugen vl lied eo^ ii solv . ipi 9cesser€ 
p)dcis Wall . \ Egid custod ? . d Bokt hnd a 
festo AsscensiOis Dni px* p^ obi! Reg Ric . usqj 
i. vij. annos . ita \ihe\ q*ete 1 iteg* sic WNeuot 
ea uq* . meli^ tenuit . 'X t affid ipe Abnar 1 
Eug^ p se 'I liedib3 suis fidelr tend. 

RoT.CuR.Rso. c o 







in. 29. dprS^ 

ff Ass Witt Baret\ Aldeth ui g^ diss 
Absolon Jit \\Ro^ ij^te \ sn jud de Ubo ten . 
suo . i Cantebr p^ fesi S". Mich px" an coroS 

JT Dies dat' Fori de Bistepp po** Afibis AeBecX 
Wimo de Hocha a pi falde iftd levate a die 
S* Mich I . V. sepl. pee ptiii. 

jf Gaufr de Roing\ pel . i. v*g . ? . c ptin i Putteha 
^s^Rob de Barreuitt .sic 'f suu . 't un id Gaufr 
fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feodo Ipe Reg. 
£r. It Pr . Ric . capiendo in expl ad valenc . t. s. 
vl pl^ It h® offert pbare rs^ eii sic cuf con- 
sidaverit • Rob defend jus suii • 1 po . se in 
magna ass . ut^m eor maj^ jus hat . jf dies dat' 
eis a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl. 

jf Dies dat^ t Witto de LanudUai St Rod de Lm- 
ualai ad audiend jud suu. de pt rre a die SS 
Mich . in . iij. sepl. 

(f Ass . ve . re . si Witt Baret !\ Edith ux ej us injuste 
It sn judico dissaisiv Absalonjit IJ-Rog^ de libo 
teneiiito suo in Kantebrig^ j^ f* Set Midi 
pximu an coron dni Reg • J. 1 Witt . 1 Edith 
dicut q. tenemtum illd recupaviit vsus ipm 
Absolon in cur diii Reg apd AWestm^ WTiffbrd 
\ ipe Absaloh dfend S5 bn cognov qd ipi dis- 
ronavut vsus eum . i. mesag in Cantehri^ .1 in 
n conqrit^. Dies dat^ t eis • a die Sci Mich in. 
iij. sepl . 1 vie faciat hoies leg de visnel vide 
tenemtum illud qd disronaviit vsus ipm Ab- 
salon ,1 un ipe Absalon qrit' utf sint id illd 
mesagiu . T: tenemtu p^dcm uii ipe Absalon 
qr vl n . It tat rec faciat vie tc venire ne re- 
maneat assisa p defectu recogn. 







ff Loqd de fFittd de Lanualai . 1 Rod de Lanualai 
de pt tre.adie Sci Mich in . iff. sepl . \ intW 
hant liceitcia concord. 

JT Ham de Hottot ve . \ cognov ||qd Rad de Sco 
Mauro saisina de teoemto suo in WBrenii \ 
ei redd cora justic p licenc . un assisa de nova 
dissaisina sumdita fuit in cur dni ^r inr eos 
\ reddat ei catalla sua in capta . \ hoc pmisit 
cora justic se forefcurum. 

IT Loqd de JoJie de Lanualai q* pet v'sus l^m le 
Bret . q*t XX. m. de catatt.'l Sim ven 1 die qd 
n vult ei responde . desic ipe f itur^ in §vicio 
dni Reg n^ cur considavit . 1 Joh pel qd ei 
allocet' qd Sim n comparuit . ante diem 
tcium . \ Joh pdcs • op se cum lege sua q^ 
vadiavat vsus Sim qd ipe Sim injuste It sn 
judico cur Com Britann eum de p^dcis catatt 
dissaisiarat * ipe Sim \ fit suus Si Witt le Meg* 
arrtp8fit ipm Joh p manu dexram extnsa ult* 
libm • lidcntes qd neq^t voluit abjurare sr eu 
pecunia ilia, (f Considal f qd Joh disronav 
pdcam pecun vs^ Sim \ Sim fit suu \ Witt 
Lemegr in mia. 

JT Hu^ Bardt « •' ^. 

ff Assisa ve • rec . si Witt Barat . ^ Edith ux ejus 
injusl 'X sn jud diss Absalonjlt WRog* de libo 
te . suo in Kantebr . jp/* S" Mich pxim an 
coron dni Reg . J. \ Witt. 1 Edith dicut qd • 
te • illd recupavut . vsus ipm Absaloh in cur 
dni Reg apd Teqford.t ipe Absalon defend. 
\ bn cognosc qd ipi disronavut vsus eum . i. 
mesagiu in Kantebrig*. \ in no conq^it^ Dies 
dat^ f* Sci Mich . in . iij. sepl . \ vie 
faciat itm leg hdies de visnel vide. te. illd. 
G o 2 


qd disronav v^sus eund Absaloii St ten . un ipc 
conqritur • utf sit illd niesagiu St tenem. ||ip. 
un ipe qr vl n . t tales rec faciat venire . tc 
ne remaneat assisa p defectu rec. 

^'- JT Thorn de Osperiges op . se . iiij die vsus Emma de 

Creveqver d recipiend cirog*pli suu de rona- 
bili dote q ea gting de tra WilU q**nda viri 

{sui. Et ipe Gitt n ven vl se ess. Jf Ponat^ p 
vad \ salv pig ipe GUI (^^it a die Set Mich m 
arp. dies . iri responsur^. 

Bui?. f Sim Jit Nich * ess se de mat Ic vs^ Luc d Burnk 

d pi ?re mandavit justic qd 9valuit . \ petiit 
lie veniend ad cu? "l huit 

tVigorn. jf GaufrfrMorgr poit^ lo.ej^de ilfjr^.opt. 
se . iiij die vs^ Gitt Jit Sim ad capied cirog^fi 
suu d ronabil dote q ea pting de rra WitS 
q^nda viri sui It ipe Gitt n veil vl se e». 
jf Ponat' p vad \ salv pig ipe Gitt qd sit 
a die Sci Mich in . sv. dies responsur^. 

NoiM. If Emma q fuit ux Johisjit (|Z)*i . op • se • iiij die vs^ 

Wittm de Vefi Ponl de pt ronabil del sue q 
ea gting de lib tenemto qd fuit Johis q^nda 
viri sui in WHardighorn Et ipe n vefi vl se 
ess St dies dat^ ei fuit p ess . suu a die SciJoh 
in t^s sept, jf Judin tcia ps pPdci ten capiatf 
in man dni Reg \ dies Ic. Et ipe sumon qd 
sit ap Westm in oct Sci Mich in resposur^. 

Siitr\ f Dies dat^ t fVitto Ctico Osbl Jit ITvei 1 Johi 

CUgestuh \ Gitt fri suo d pi vad in B^ewic in 
oct Sci Mich. Et inrim huit lie gcord. 

Liftc. IT Dies dat^ t Witto d Hardreshtitt 1 Ade d NeciB 

q* hi in custod WG^cid q'nda puella q dicebaf 
ee fil Agnel q fuit ux Thoni d Salebi. 


Bss€x\ f Dies dat^ f Hamon . d J scot 1 Wittb dSuschircH 
ad capiend cyrog^p^ suii & dol Alic ux pdci 
Hamon a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl . \ tc faciant 
venire holes q^^ Svic assignabr Ham. 

Bed. f Wilt d Steping^le q* se ess. de mat leS v^s^ Ric 

d llCduje? • d pt tre madav justic qd pvaluit 'I 
petiit lie veniend ad cu? p Witt d Wahaut \ 

jf Isold mal -^nrff op . se . iiij. die . v^s Andr [" fit 
suu'n d pt finis fci in cur p cirog^li d . v. 
v^gal tre c ptin in Lewint6 't ipe n ven vl se 
ess. £t p^cepl fuit « qd ponat' p vad It salv 
pt \ Dun n5 misit b?e illd n® n5ia ptg. jf Jud 
ponat' p ptg qd sit a ^ Sci Mich . in xv. dies 
apd Westm in responsur^ n^ justic intlm 
venlint i ptes illas, Et vie tc respond ttS qre 
n misit n5ia ptg sic pcepl ei fuit alia vice. 

CanUbf. JT Ricjftt\\B*tin op . se iiij die p ess suu vs^ Henr 
jit Rohl petenl d pt r . 1 Henr n ven vt se 
ess • \ huit die in banco, jf Jud Ric eat sin 
die \ Hnf ilq^tr recupacione in hre debeat 

G G 3 


G G i 



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Abraham frater Hugonis filii Ma- 

thaei, 404. 
Abraham vir Matildas de Geme- 

mue, 263. 
Abric, Grelentus de, 142. 
Abruncis, Simon de, 271. 
Absalon, Absolon, filius Absalonis, 

Absolonis, 326, 422, 431. 
Absalon, Absolon, filius Rogeri, 

450, 451, 452. 
Absebroc, Walterus de, 246. 

Absirot, Walterus pater Williehni 

de, 175. 
Absolon Cholle pater Absolonis, 

326, 327. 
Acardi, Robertus filius, 117. 
Ace filius Hugonis, 371. 
Aceleia, terra de, 46. 
Acelina, 215. 
Acelinus — Senescallus Gileberti 

Basset, 217. 
Aceri, Johannes filius, 168, 170, 

Acham, Gilebertus de, 183. 
Achari, Robertus filius, 435. 
Acle, ecclesia de, 269. 
Acle, terra de, 362. 
Acleia, feod milil in, 22. 
Acleia, terra de, 71. 
Acleshai, Felicia de, 398. 
Aclet, ecclesia de, 424. 
Adas, Adam filius, 33, 100, 271. 
Adas, Alexander filius, 194. 
Adae, EUias filius, 45. 
Adae, Gaufridus filius, 177. 
Adas, Gilebertus filius, 183, 200, 

Adae, Johannes filius, 179, 233. 
Adae, Johannes filius, et Ejnma qu<e 

fuit uxor ejus, 239. 
Ados, Margareta filia, 261. 
Adas, Nicholaus filius, 158. 
Adas, Philippus filius, 121. 
Adas, Radulphus filius, 286. 
Adas, Rannulphus filius, 77. 
Adas, Reinerus filius, 7, 32, 45. 
AdaSj Ricardus filius, 149. 
Ada?, Robertus filius, 149, 400. 
Ada?, Simon filius, 270. 



Adfie, Stephanus filius, 233. 
Adadj Thomas filius, 279. 
Adae, Walterus filius, 88. 
Adae, Willielmus fiUus, 227, 275, 

302, 401, 406. 
Adae vel Adam, Alicia uxor, 253. 
Adae, Matilda uxor, 307. 
Adae de Breideston, Adam filius, 

Adae de Sancto Albano, Nicholaus 

filius, 170. 
Adae de Westm, Robertus de Der- 

hurst pater Matillidae ux- 

oris, 2ia 
Adam, 136, 155, 184, 224, 245, 

275, 286, 294, 375, 394. 
Adam, Decanus de Bumham, 264, 

316, 400. 
Adam filius Adae, S3, 100, 271. 
Adam filius Agnetis, 133. 
Adam filius AJdeiae, 372. 
Adam filius Capellani et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 393. 
Adam filius Draconid, 434. 
Adam filius Driun, 119. 
Adam filius DroS, Drogonis, 257, 

270, 284, 371, 399. 
Adam filius Emulfi, 97. 
Adam filius Gaufi^idi, 152. 
Adam filius Gerardi, 287, 407. 
Adam filius Liuingi, 307. 
Adam filius Osberti, 169, 390, 445. 
Adam filius Pagani, 152, 404. 
Adam filius Savari, 253. 
Adam filius Simonis, 243, 372. 
Adam filius Thomae, 233. 
Adam filius Thurgis, 182. 
Adam filius Walteri, 289. 
Adam fiUus Willielmi, 237, 281, 

286, 298, 361, 421. 
Adam filius Yuonis, 336, 345. 
Adam filius Adae de Breideston, 

Adam filius Ricardi Anglici, 195, 

Adam filius Roberti Emulf, 98. 
Adam filius Simonis de Gememue, 

Adam homo Gaufridi de Sai, 163. 
Adam pater Eliae, Elie, 45. 

Adam — Senescallus Buchard, 6. 
Adelina filia Ricardi, 299. 
Adelington, terra, 8cc in, 333. 
Adersl, Gaufiidus de, 324. 
Admundus filius Alberedi, 218. 
Aedmundi, Curia Sci, 16. 
Aeleia, Rc^enis de, 302. 
Aeleis uxor Constantini, 409. 
Affeld, Wido filius Widonis de, 

Agatha uxor Reginaldi, 276. 
A^tha uxor Thomae, 283. 
.A^tha filia Johannis de Wika, 

Agatha uxor Galfiidi de Albeeote, 

Agatha uxor Willielmi de la Ker- 

simere, 235. 
Agenild quae fiiit uxor Willielmi, 

Agnes fiilia Eve, 425. 
Agnes filia Gaufridi, 232, 270. 
Agnes filia Henrici, 246. 
Agnes filia Henrici Andegavensis, 

Agnes quae fiiit filia Henrici de 

Walde, 305. 
Agnes uxor Martini Martd, 77, 

78, 110, 112. 
Agnes uxor Radulphi de ArdeS, 

Agnes uxor Roberti de Crec, 310. 
Agnes uxor Rogeri Qerici, 30. 
Agnes uxor Stephani de Mus- 

land, 175. 
Agnes uxor Thomae filii Wffiielmi, 

78, 79. 
Agnes quae fiiit uxor Thomae de 

Salebi, 452. 
Agnes uxor Walteri de Fauken- 

berge, 437, 442. 
Agnes uxor Walteri de Ribof^ 

Agnes uxor Willielmi de Rigate, 

Agnes uxor Willielmi de Wisten- 

eston, 262. 
Agnes uxor Willielmi de Wones- 

tail, 293. 
Agnetis, Adam filius, 133. 



Agnetis, Walteros filius, 104. 
Agnetb, Willielmus filius, 79. 
(v. Angne^ Augnes^ &c) 
Aguilloo, Willielmus, 109. 
Aguillun, Agwillun, Willielmus, et 

Sarra uxor ejus, 13, 74, 130. 
Ailbemi, Ricardus filius, 172. 
Ailberti, Thomas filius, 394. 
Ailbon, Robertus filius, 296. 
Ailef, Willielmus filius, 237. 
Ailesbif, homines de, 369. 
Ailesbi^, Juliana de, 278. 
Ailesbif, Leswinus de, 278. 
Aili, Fulcon de, 122, 123. 
Ailina uxor Willielmi filii Wade, 

Ailmaricus filius Eustaehii, 379. 
Ailmeri, Everardus filius, 184. 
Ailmeri, Radulphus filius, 184. 
AilnoA, Johannes filius, 384. 
Ailnodus, 305, 311. 
Aihiodi, Gilbertus filius, 195, 354, 

Aiinothi, Williebnus filius, 364. 
Ailwardi, Johannes filius, 171. 
Ailwardi, Rogenis filius, 212. 
Ailwardi, Thomas filius, 305. 
AUwardus filius Galfridi, 212. 
Ailwini, Matillida filia, 212. 
Ailwini, Radulphus filius, 218. 
Ailwini, Reginaldus filius, 246. 
Ailwini, Willielmus filius, 153, 

Ailwinus filius Theobaldi, 300. 
Ailwinus filius Willielmi, 171. 
Airden, Willielmus de, 221. 
Aiserige, Baldewinus de, 277. 
Aistre, Rogerus de, 10. 
Aitrop filius Hugonis, 198, 283, 

Aiwardus filius Elmegardi, 99. 
Akari, Robertus, 394. 
Akari, Robertus filius, 439. 
Akeford, terra in, 396. 
Akenham, Gilbertus de, 189. 
Akleia, terra de, 26. 
Alamannia — adventus Regis de, 

38, 46. 
jVlani, Alanus filius, 98. 
Alani, Brianus filius, 6. 

Alani, Hugo filius, 151, 244. 
Alani, Humfiidus filius, 275. 
Alani, Radulphus filius, 116. 
Alani, Ricardus filius, 314, 377. 
Alani, Robertus- filius, 238^ 417, 

Alani, Rogerus filius, 171. 
Alani, Walterus filius, 252, 286, 

Alani, Walterus pater, 393. 
Alani de Box, Hugo avunculus, 

Alani de Hesd, Hugo filter, 314. 
Alani de Hesel, Robertus fiiater, 

Alanus, 125, 207, 228, 245, 277, 

292, 382, 402, 438. 
Alanus avunculus Roberti de Hote- 

shaf, 272. 
Alanus avunculus Simonis de Mai- 

deweH^ 448. 
Alanus — Clericus Vicecomitis de 

Warewic*, 76. 
Alanus Comes Britann', 56. 
Alanus filius Alani, 98« 
Alanus filius Bemardi, 437. 
Alanus filius Eliae, 382. 
Alanus filius Euce, 114. 
Alanus filius Galfridi, Craufridi, 

Godefridi, 56, 170, 245. 
Alanus filius Herbert!, 54. 
Alanus filius Ogeri, 380. 
Alanus filius Reginaldi, 111. 
Alanus filius Rodlandi, 266. 
Alanus filius Walter!, 282. 
Alanus fi ius Wil ielmi, 76, 168. 
Alanus filius Godithce de Gadin- 

ton, 116. 
Alanus filius Radulphi de Miche- 

ledeiG, 307. 
Alanus filius Roberti le Bulett, 

Alanus filius Sacerdotis de Lever- 
ton, 111. 
Alanus filter Willielmi de Camera, 

Alanus filter Willielmi filii Roberti, 

Alanus nepos Roberti le Franceis, 




Alardiy Clemens filius, 249. 
Alardi, Rogerus filius, 249. 
Alardi, Wiflielmus filius, 297. 
Alardi Ruffi, Qemens filius, 331. 
Alardus, 173, 219, 280. 
Alardus filius Radulphi, 297. 
Alardus filiusWillielmi, — Magister, 

Alardus fi^ater Cristianas, 211. 
Alba Mara, Comes de, 274. 
Alba Mart, Wido de, 147. 
Albano, Abbas de Sancto, 138, 

150, 153, 154, 215, 235, 

305, 373. 
Albano, libertas de Sancto, 215. 
Albano, Henricus Mercator de 

Sancto, 158, 170. 
Albano, Monachi de Sancto, 132. 
Albano, Nicholaus filius Ade de 

Sancto, 170. 
Albanus, avus Johannis de Neville, 

Albanus filius Ricardi, 286. 
Albecote, Oalfridus de, 235. 
Albemaf , Albemare, Reginaldus de^ 

336, 395. 
Alberedi, Admundus filius, 218. 
Albemon, Rogerus de, 143. 
Albemun, Wdterus de, 417. 
Alberti, Rogerus filius, 238. 
Albertus filius Bond, 398 
Albertus filius Martini, 367. 
Albertus filius Randulphi, 369. 
Albertus filius Roberti, 303. 
Albetot, Willielmus de, 418. 
Albinus filius Ricardi, 415. 
Albrea filia Walteri, 422. 
Albrea soror Willielmi Pincerne, 

AlbrecB, Walterus filius, 172. 
Albreda filia Eugenii, 306. 
Albreda filia Alexandri filii Henrici 

Albreda mater Juliani, 212. 
Albreda uxor Welandi, 299. 
Albreda uxor Gileberti Swift, 313. 
Albreda quae fuit uxor Rannulfi 

Molendinarii, 313. 
Albricus, Comes, 2, 245, 367. 
Albricus filius Godwini, 272, 296. 

Albricus pater Walteri de Capdli^ 

Albus, Andreas, 212. 
Albus, Hugo, et Beatrix uxor ejusy 

424, 425. 
Albus, Radulphus, 264. 
Albus, Robertus, 220. 
Albus, Stephanus, 26a 
Albus, Thomas, 265. 
Aldanebi, Robertus de, 287. 
Aldani, Ricardus filius, 416. 
Aide, Gaufiidus, 380. 
Aldemsu^, Walterus de Ponte, 25a 
Aldene, Ricardus filius, 304. 
Aldenham, villata de, 169. 
Aldermanebif, Aldermaneberi, Si- 
mon de, 317, 380. 
Aldeth uxor Willielmi Barec, 

Aldewinus, 150. 
Aldham, Matilda de, 330. 
Aldham, Nicholaus filius Matildc 

de, 330. 
Aldingehai, Adam de, 143« 
Alditha mater Roberti, 149. 
Aldra, Hugo de, et Matilda mater 

ejus, 14. 
Alebi, Robertus de, 26. 
Aleng', Willielmus de, 184. 
AlentOD, Azelina de, 126. 
Alewe, Rogerus, 219. 
Alewelle, Robertus de, 156. 
Alexander, 22, 83, 106, 107, 280, 

284, 377. 
Alexander — Magister, 332. 

Alexander de re, 290. 

Alexander Clericus de Bolintoii, 

Alexander filius Ada?, 194. 
Alexander filius Baldewini, 193, 

Alexander filius Edwini, 232, 300. 
Alexander filius Henrici, 306, 311. 
Alexander filius Matillidae, 150. 
Alexander filius Philippi, 205. 
Alexander filius Regiualdi, 300. 
Alexander filius Ricardi, 41, 261, 

Alexander filius Silvani, 32. 
Alexander filius Walteri, 171. 



Alexander pater Johannk, 175. 
Alexander frater Roberti de Has- 
ting', 31 a 
Alexander pater Ricardi de Orme, 

Alexandria Radulphus filius, 128. 
Alexandria Thomas filius, 152. 
Alexandria Walterus filius, 182. 
Alexandria Willielmutf filius, 150, 

Alexandri filii Henrici, Albreda 

filia, 31 L 
Alexandri filii Henrici, Eugenia 

filia, 311. 
Alexandri de Fumaus, Alina filia, 

Alexandri de Windrevill, Robertus 

frater LAuretae filice, 395. 
Alexandrina mater Johannis filii 

Johannis, 167. 
Alfiunestoii, terra in, 204. 
Alfelmeston, terra in, 385. 
Alfwinesfeld, terra in, 59. 
Algar, Willielmus, et Editha uxor 

ejus, 204. 
Algarekerke, Alanus de, 99. 
Algari, Ricardus Alius, 210. 
Algari, Thomas filius, 150, 171. 
Algari, Walterus filius, 280. 
Algari, Walterus frater Thomas filii, 

Alicia, 152, 226, 252, 253, 254, 

273, 276, 346, 423, 447. 
Alicia filia Alwini, 351. 
Alicia filia Auicie, 323. 
Alicia filia Edmundi, 342. 
Alicia filia Herevici, 36. 
Alicia filia Michaelis, 344, 350. 
Alicia filia Osmundi, 348. 
Alicia filia Siwardi, 159. 
AUcia filia Williehni, 313, 314, 

Alicia mater Ricardi, 415. 
Alicia sorer Ceciliae, 36. 
Alicia uxor Adam vel Adss, 253. 
Alicia uxor Elie, 253, 393. 
Alicia quae fuit uxorGerardi, 151. 
Alicia uxor Hugonis, 139. 
Alicia qiue fuit uxor Ulfi| 243. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Willielmi, 346. 

Alicia filia Cristinas uxoris Carpen- 

tariiLeo, 210. 
Alicia mater Anselli Mowin, 389. 
Alicia mater Radulphi de Ludesia, 

Alicia mater Willielmi filii Radul- 
phi, 177. 
Alicia soror Agnetis de Perevill, 

Alicia uxor Adas filii Capellani, 

Alicia quas fuit uxor Radulphi filii 

Hugonis, 406. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi filii Radulphi, 

Alicia qua? fuit uxor Alani de In- 

dringh, 395. 
Alicia uxor Gilberti de Stodfold, 


Alicia uxor Godefridi LufTe, 369. 
Alicia uxor Hamonis de Ascot, 453. 
Alicia uxor Johannis de Sanford, 

Alicia quas fuit uxor Petri de 

Hausted, 70. 
Alicia uxor Roberti de Forstesbu?, 

Alicia quad fuit uxor Rogeri de 

DretoS, 272. 
Alicia uxor Rogeri de la Neweland, 

Alicia qua? fuit uxor Simonis de 

Gememue, 372. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

Blund, 421. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Estritt, 423. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Hibemiensis, 

Ibemiensis, 7, 28, 29. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Russell, 292. 
Aliciae — filius, 74. 
Aliciae, Adam filius, 372. 
Aliciffi, Gaufridus filius, 210. 
Alicias, Gilbertus filius, 370. 
Aliciffi, Richardus, Ricardus, filius, 

69, 343, 350. 
Alicia^, Robertus filius, 378. 
Aliciae, Willielmus filius, 70. 
Aliciae, Ingain pater, 7. 
Aliciae uxoris 1 von is de Kenoton 

Silvester avunculus,, 18, 



Alici» uxoris Rogeri de Newelond^ 

— Suainus pater & Auicia 

mf, 191. 
Alienora mater Willielmi de Eines- 

ford, 3, 4. 
Alienora uxor Fulconis filii Theo- 
bald!, a 
Alienora uxor Hugonis de Bello 

Campo, 106,107. 
Alina filia Alexandri de Fumaus, 

Alina uxor — j 262. 
Alina uxor Eliae filii Bemardi, 

Alinss, Radulphus pater, 56, 57. 
Alinas, Simon filius, 338. 
Alington, terra, &c in, 406. 
Alinton, Henricus de, 279. 
Aliz soror Radulphi de Verli, 

AlkledewiS, Rieardus de, 242.. 
Allgari, Thomas filius^ 150. 
Allinges, liberum tenementum iiv 

Allinges, Henricus de, 153. 
Almaricus, 449. 
Almaricus filius Turstani, 226. 
Aln, Oaufridus de, 424. 
Alnestow*, Alnestowe, Abbatissa 

de, 281, 391, 417. 
Alnestow*, ecclesia de, 392. 
Alneto, Willielmus de, 252. 
Alnod, 214. 

Alnoti, Rogerus filius, 209. 
Alperton, Ailwinus de, 212. 
Alricus homo Prions de Spallinges, 

Alseshei, Walterus de, 292. 
Alsewic, Jordanus de, 168. 
Alsewic, Jordanus firater Wiscardi 

de, 170. 
Alsieston, Godelridus de, 28. 
Aluei, Rogerus de, 375. 
Aluerton, Robertus de, 222. 
Alueua, 159. 

Alueuae, Johannes filius, 211. 
Aluieia uxor Alexandri de Hoieng, 

Alunichestoii, Johannes de, 443. 
Aluredescol, Osbertus de, 373. 

Aluredi, Johannes filius, 238, 300» 
Aluredi, Martinus filius, 396. 
Aluredi, Reginaldus filius, 326. 
Aluredi, Robertus filius, 8. 
Aluredi^ Willielmus filius, 173; 

347, 378^ 441. 
Aluredi^ Matilda que fint muir, 

Aluredus, 29a 
Aluredus filius Osberd, 128. 
Alurici, Rieardus filius, 268. 
Alurici, Ro^rus filius, 119» 128. 
Alvilers, Willielmus de, 105. 
Alwardi, Thomas filius, 311. 
Alweis uxor Emoldi Cinerarii, 162. 
Alwini, Alicia filia, 351. 
Alwini, R^inaldus filius, 2^. 
Amabilia, Amabila, uxor Willielmi 

Briton, 279, 304, 395, 417. 
Amabilia quae fiiit uxor patris Ri- 

cardi fit Roberti, 247. 
Amable noverca Ricardi filii Ro* 

berti, 250. 
AmaUe uxor Willielmi de la WaF, 

Amandevitt, Agnes de, 112. 
Amberli, Eudo de, 353. 
Amberlia, Gaufiridus de, 193. 
Ambli, Galfi'idus, Gai^idus, de, 

226, 263, 279, 398, 399, 

Ambli, Radulphus de, 398. 
Ambresburi, Priorissa de, 144. 
Ambresburi, Robertus Prior de, 

Ambrosii, Robertus filius, 157, 

Ambrosii de Perindofi, Robertas 

fiUus, 338. 
Ambrosius, 379. 
Ameria soror Agnetis de Pererill, 

Amicia filia Joscelini, 222. 
Amicia mater Aliciae de la Newe- 

land, 418. 
Amicia soror Agnetis de Perevill, 

Amicia soror Radulphi Verli, 115. 
Amicia uxor Almarici le Tumur, 




Amicia uxor Oilberti Avenel, 80, 

Amicia uxor Henrici Falconarii, 

Amicia uxor Hugonis Falcoiud^, 

Amicias de Pereville, Radulphus 

vir, 178. 
Amisius filius Goscelini, 221. 
Amphelisa uxor Theobaldi, 8. 
Amphelise uxor Phillippi de Was» 

teneis, 303. 
Amund, 298. 
Amundeviil; Agnes de, 25, 82, 

QSy 90. 

AmundeviU, Joheileinus, Joilaenus 

vel Joilanus, de, 90. 
Amimdeville, Radulphus de, 305, 

Andeg, Prior, 347. 
Andegavensis, Henricus, 246. 
And^avensis, Petrus, 249. 
And^avensis, Agnes filia Henrici, 

Andevf, Justic apd, 40. 
Andeuf, feod, &c. in, 321. 
AndeweS, Prior de, 254. 
Andres extra Holebume, Paroch 

Sancti, 19. 
Andree de Mora, Capella Sci, 

Andre» de Norhampton, Prior ec- 

clesis Sancti, 384, 446. 
Andrese de Norhaml, Walterus 

Prior Sancti, 449. 
AndreflB, Willielmus filius, 173, 

Andrese Albi, Susanna soror, 212. 
Andreas, 161, 254. 
Andreas filius . . . ., 69. 
Andreas filius Willielmi, 1 16, 226. 
Andreas filius Ysoldae, 453. 
Andreas filius Roberti de Orblinge, 

Anedeweft, Prior de, 220. 
Anegod, Gila filia, 448. 
Anesie, Ricardus de, 222. 
Anesti, Adam de, 152. 
Anesti, Elias Clericus de, 152. 
Anesti, Hubertus de, 185. 

Anesti, Ricardus de, 43. 
Anesde, Hubertus de, 172. 
Anestou, Anestowe, Abbadssa de, 

165, 308. 
Anewelle, Prior de, 305. 
Ang, Robertus de, 113. 
Angaine, Henricus de, 133. 
Angelli, Robertus filius, 254. 
Angers, Ang, Abbas Sancti Nicho- 

lai de, Abbas de, 239, 340, 

341, 397. 
Angeuin, Baldricius le, 347, 448. 
Angeuin, Petrus le, 448. 
Angeuin, Angevinus, Simon, 151. 
Angevin, Henricus, 425. 
Angiers, terra in, 56. 
Angleis, Robertus le, 103. 
Anglia — adventus Ducis in, 325, 

Anglia — adventus R^^ in, 53. 
Anglias, — conquestus, 93, 347, 

358, 427. 
Angliae^ — consuetudo, 383, 434. 
Angli» — Dominus, J. Dominus, 

307, 309, 311, 323» 343. 
Anglicus, Adam, 144, 178. 
Anglicus, Ricardus, 195, 196. 
Anglicus, Rogerus, 130. 
Anglicus, Walterus, 109, 255, 274. 
Anglicus, Willielmus, 255. 
Angnetis, Johannes filius, 105. 
Ango, Alicia de, 400. 
Angod, Walweinus filius, 17, 18. 
Angr, castellum de, 351. 
Angf, hundredum de, 181, 210. 
Annus, Robertus de, 397. 
Anhus, Ranulfiis filius Roberti de, 

Ankrecherche, Alanus de, 116. 
Anna filia Walteri Puiniant, 178, 

Anneis uxor Johannis de Gerton, 

Anningeton, terra, &c. in, 39. 
Annora uxor Henrici Falcon^, 

Anselli Monachi, Galfi*idus filius, 

Ansellus, 273. 
Ansellus filius Roberti, 287. 



Anselmus filius R^naldi, 300. 
Ansera, Willielmus, 151. 
Antesia, Milo de, 410. 
Antiochia, Nicolaus de, 70. 
Appellford, Johannes de, 259. 
Apsebroc, Walterus de, 286. 
Arbalesl, Umfridus le, 233. 
Arbelastarius, Wilkin, 107. 
Arbelastarius, Willielmus, 106. 
Arbelastarius, Arbelesterius, Urri- 

cus le, 31, 41. 
Arcardus, 117. 

Arcli, del, 143. 

Arched, Robertus, 212. 
Archer, Hugo, 278. 
Archer, Robertas, 268. 
Archer, Williehnus, 326. 
Arches, Radulphus de, 174. 
Ardele, libenim tenementum in, 

Arden, Henricus de, 256. 

Arden, Oliverus de, 389. 

Arden, Radulphus de^ et Agnes 
uxor ejus, 121. 

Arden, Thomas de, 24. 

Ardern, Thomas de, 102. 

Ardes, Jacobus de, 342. 

Ardes, Philippus de, 342. 

Ardr, Radulphus de, 103. 

Aresci, Thomas de, 279, 289, 405, 

Arewe, capella de, 52, 134. 

Argent, Argentein, Argentoin, Ar- 
genton, Argentun, R^- 
naldus de, 6, 60, 73, 97, 
100, 106, 107, 134, 162, 
170, 171, 235, 275, 276, 
281, 308, 391, 393, 401. 

Argentein, Thomas de, 302. 

Argentoin, Reginaldus avus Regi- 
nald! de, 392. 

Argenton, Ricardus de, 60, 61, 319. 

Argenton, Rogerus de, 72. 

Argenton, Willielmus de, 14, 99. 

Aringworth, Hawisia de, 371, 372. 

Aristotit — Magister, 434. 

Arkesden, Conoli de, 183. 

Arketot, Hamo de, 197. 

Arkwrd, Willielmus de, 397. 

Armiger, Thomas, 140. 

Armiger, Willielmus, 247, 250. 
Armingwurdi, Andreas de, et Hft- 

wisia uxor ejus, 41§. 
Armode, Reginaldus de, P^cenUn* 

Ebor', 264 
Armters, Henricus de, 329. 
Amaldi, Petrus filius, 443. 
Arnaldus, 269. 
Amulfus filius Herbert! de Hodes- 

den, 161. 
Arsic, Alexander, 24, 25. 
Arturi, Hugo fiUus, 37. 
Arturi, WilSehnus filius, 122, 123. 
Arunde», Wido de, 254. 
Arwe, terra de, 51. 
Asce filius Asce, 437. 
Ascebi, Michael de, 448. 
Ascelina filia Warini, 346. 
Ascelini, Radulphus filius, 294. 
Ascelini, Robertus filius, 362, 440, 

Ascelini de Abbenton, Phil^ipus 

pater, 155. 
Ascerus filius Hugonis, 382. 
Ascot, Hamo de^ et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 453. 
Aselac, Paganus filius, 187. 
Aseui», Sewa» de, 252. 
Askaim vel Askam, pastura, &c. in, 

Askebi, Holdarus de, 332. 
Askebi, Johannes de, 347. 
Askebi, Michael de, 347. 
Askebi, Robertus de, 347. 
AsketiUus, 355. 
Asketini, Willielmus filius. 281. 
Asketorp, Hubertus de, 319. 
Asketot, Hamo de, 189. 
Aslackebi, Ricardus de, 4» 
Aslakebi, Gilebertus de, 116. 
Aspele, Aspei), Alicia de, 247, 251. 
Asselue, Radidphus de, 172. 
AssweB, Rogerus de, 169. 
Aston, Willielmus de, 281. 
Aswett, Rogerus de, 162. 
Aswinton, villa de, 14. 
Atewatr, Willielmus, 178. 
Aton, Matheus de, 263. 
Aubeigni, Amicia de, 442. 
Aubemaf, Comes de, 325. 



Anbema?, Robertus de, 293. 
Aubemarle — Serlo serviens Com 

de, 137. 
Aubeni, Willielmus de, 290. 
AubenS, Robertus de, 111. 
Aubeimare, Robertus de, 263. 
Aubemun, Jurdanus de, 146, 

Aubervitt, Matilda de, 13. 
Aubenrifi, Willielmus de, 24, 84, 

102, 124. 
Aubignei, Marchisus de, 13S. 
Aubois, Petnis de, 277. 
Auche, Willielmus, 332. 
Auchelli Pincemae, Jordanus filius, 

Aucherus frater Osberti, 93. 
Auchetilli, Nicholaus filius, 202. 
Audeano, Radulphus de Sancto, 

106, 107. 
Audeberi, ecclesia de, 327. 
Audebi, Nigellus de, 186. 
Audebiri, Audeburi, Alexander de, 

Audebiri, Anselmus de, 289. 
Audebiri, Audeburi, Fulcherus de, 

Audelini, Willielmus filius, 40. 
Audenebi, Robertus de, 43, 11& 
Audenham, villata de, 162. 
Audeviil, Hamelinus de, 172. 
Audeville, Johannes de, 158, 172. 
Audewicb, Priorissa de, 256. 
AudintoS, ecclesia de, 238. 
AudoeS, Robertus de Sancto, 330. 
Audoen, Radulphus de Sancto, 

AudringtoS, ecclesia de^ 332. 
Audwenus, 431. 
Auecc, Willielmus, 134. 
Auenei, Gaufridus de, 375. 
Auenel, GUbertus, 269. 
Auenei, Jordknus de, 200. 
Auerenges, R6heiendus de, 356. 
Aufridi, Gilbertus filius, 116. 
Aufridus homo Johannis (ratris Ro- 

geri, 204. 
Auger, Augerus, 270, 317, 318. 
Augeri, Gaufiridus filius, 172. 
Augeri, Henricus filius, 317. 

Augeri, Ricardus filius, 193, 266. 
Augeri, Rogerus filius, 317, 318, 

Augeri, Willielmus filius, 184. 
Augerus pater Walteri, 154. 
Auggodi, Wido filius, 378. 
Augnes, 151. 
Augnes filia Cristianae uxoris 

Leonis Carpentarii 210. 
Augnes soror Stephani de Calde- 

cote, 204. 
Augnes uxor Gaufiridi filii Salom, 

199, 200. 
Augnetis, Willielmus filius, 172. 
Augnetis filiae Ricardi — Robertus 

frater, 155, 156. 
Augo, Alicia Comitissa de, 142. 
Augustinus, 244. 
Auicia, 159. 
Auicia mater Adas, 375. 
Auicia uxor Roberti, 269. 
Auicia mater Aliciae u3L Rogeri de 

la Newelond, 191. 
Auicia quas fiiit uxor Roberti filii 

Guberti, 199. 
Auicia uxor Roberti le Bulett, 

Auiciae, Alicia filia, 323. 
Auilli, Gaufridus de, 188. 
Auketil, Auketiius, 151, 172,285. 
Auketili, Radulphus filius, 172. 
Auketili, Robertus filius, 15. 
Auketili, Auketilli, Willielmus filius, 

213, 227, 229, 302, 448. 
Auketilli, Willielmus filius, etThe- 

da uxor ejus, 412. 
Auketilli, Stephanus filius, 253. 
Auketiius nepos Simonis de Holc^ 

well, 441. 
Aukus, Robertus, 310. 
Aula, Rogerus de, 124. 
Aumericus filius Turstani, 432. 
Aundemere, esson apd, 291. 
Auneie, Robertus de, 292. 
Aunesto#, Abbatissa de, 276. 
Auneto, Agnes de, 272. 
Auniou, Agneta de, 420. 
Auno, Fucherus de, 115. * 
Aunor uxor Henrici Falcomdf, 



H H 



Auri&br, Johannes, 221* 
Aurifr, Robertus, 75* 
Auton, Gaufridus de, 283. 
Auuilers, Robertus de, 58. 
Auuiliers, Willielmus de, 94« 
Auversy Robertus de, 30. 
Avelina uxor Oseberti de Longo 

Campo, 11. 
Aven, Ricardus filius Pagani de, 

Avenant uxor Willielmi Wad, 285. 
Avenel, Gilbertus, et Amicia uxor 

ejus, 80, 129. 
Avenel, Johannes, 78, 94. 
Averench, Rolandus vel RoUandus 

de, 364. 
Avicia uxor Ricardi de Bello 

Campo^ 395. 
Avunculus, Williehnus, 193. 
Awaite, Robertus le, 301. 
Azonis, Radulphus filius, 121. 
Azor pater Johannis, 328. 
Azu?, Azer, R^inaldus filius, 221, 

Azuf, Rogerus filius, 343. 

A na, terra, &c. in, 146* 

Al. filiut Robert!, 815. 


B. Archiepiscopus, 66« 
Baa, Ricardus de, 106. 
Baalun, Alanus de, 428. 
Baavent, Adam de, 117. 
Babinget, Amaricus de, 449. 
Bac, Radulphus de, 152. 
BachamtoS, Alardus de, 309. 
Bacheler, Ricardus le, 109. 
Bacstaneford, ecclesia de, 264* 
Bacun, Gaufridus, 190. 
Bacun, Osbertus, 190. 
Bacun,' Robertus, 238. 
Bacun, Rogerus, 374. 
Bacun, Willielmus, 207, 

Badalt, Ricardus, 254. 

Badalt, Walterus, 254. 

Badelesmare, Badesmar, Badeies- 
mere, Badenesmare, Williel- 
mus de, 238^ 241, 289, 

Badenhale, Walterus de. 111. 

Badereswett, ecclesia de, 113. 

Badeuent, Adam de, 76. 

Badew, Badow, viUata, campi, &&, 
de, 202. 

Bade^, Hamo de, 202. 

Badew, Mauricius de, 202. 

Badeiv^, Johannes filius Roberti dcv 
^ 179. 

Badon, Ricardus de, 107, 

Badon, summonitiones i^pud, 71. 

Bagetrope, Williehnus de, 181. 

Bagot, Ingeramus de, 136. 

Baibulloc, Alwinus, 331. 

Baico, R^naldus de, 361. 

Baienuitf, Fulco de, 172. 

Baifot, R^ogerus, 116. 

Baignard, Robertus, 139. 

Baiies, Fulco de, 250. 

Bailhurt, Hamon filius, 353. 

Baillel, Gilebertus de, 187. 

Baillol, Walterus de, 195. 

Bailliolo, Gerardus de, 372. 

Baious, Willielmus de, 282. 

BaisebaUe, Ranulfiis, et Lucia uxor 
ejus, 152. 

Baiuel, Williehnus, 343. 

Baiwrd^ Henricus de, 347, 348. 

Bakeno, Petrus de, 97, 98. 

Baketon, Hugo de, 347« 

Baldac, villata de, 164. 

Balderaue, Willielmus, 5. 

Baldeston, Thomas des, 114. 

Baldewini, Alexander filius, 193; 

Baldewini, Baldewinus filius, IbS, 

Baldewini, Galfiddus, Gaofridoa^ 
filius, 305, 311. 

Baldewini, Ricardus filius, 264. 

Baldewinus, 255. 

Baldrici, Baldricus filius, 329. 

Baldrici, Robertus filius, 343, 349ti 

Baldrici, Willielmus filius, 3591 



Baldricus, BaldriS, 248» 271. 
Balinton, Joia de, 363. 
Balintoii, Luc de, 252. 
Ballard, Petnis, 117. 
Ballard, Radulphus, 303. 
Balun, Alanus de, 351, 363, 441, 

Bam, Edwardus de, 260. 
Banastf, Matillda, 359. 
Banastre, Robertiis, Robertus de, 

91, 95» 369. 
Banburg, Ma^rus de, 68» 
Baneis, Milo de, 115. 
Barat, Willielmus, et fiditha uxor 

ejus, 451. 
Barba, David cum, 274. 
Barbet, Barbette, 229, 309. 
Barbet, Herewardus, 140. 
Barbi, Johannes de, 72. 
Bard, Hugo, 47, 48, 55, 62, 101, 

153, 156, 376. 
Bard, Petrus, 55, 136. 
Bard, Radulphus, 55» 136. 
Bardemora, Reginaldus de, 136. 
Barden, Bardenai, Abbas de, 9, 10, 

Harden, terra, &c. in, 200. 
Harden, Hugo de, 200, 201. 
Hard!, Hugo, 451. 
Bardt, Radulphus, 1 1, 12. 
Bardt, Bardleia, Willielmus, et 

Christiana quie fuit uxor 

ejus, 11, 12, 55, 136. 
Bardolf, Hugo, 290. 
Bardoir, Petrus, 100. 
Hare, Stephanus de la, 211. 
Harenton, Eustacius, Eustachius, 

de, 182, 378. 
Barentoii, Gaufi-idus de, 367. 
Harenton, Humfridus de, 204, 

Baret, Willielmus, et Aldeth uxor 

ejus, 450. 
Barewe, redditus in, 90. 
Barewe, Willielmus de, 109. 
Harewill, Henricus de, 143. 
Bariton, Barinton, Gaufridus de, 

Barkeston, Williehnus de, 390, 


Barleston, villata de, 204. 
Bameuitt, Willielmus de, 425. 
Barr, Robertus de la, 18. 
Barreuitt, Robertus de la, 450. 
Barsham, Radulphus de, 247. 
Bartholomceivel Bertholomsei,Gile* 

bertus fii, 226. 
Bartholonuei, Hugo filius, 278. 
Bartholomcei, Lucas filius, 191. 
Bartholomaei, Ricardus filius, 2, 

Bartholomaei, Rogerus filius, 236, 

Bartholonuei, Stephanus filius, 264. 
Bartholonuei Decani de Walsing- 

ham vel de Walsinham, Ra- 
dulphus et Stephanus filii, 

264, 265, 316. 
Bartholomaei, Simon filter Rogeri 

filii, 236, 289. 
Bartholomaeus, 373. 
Bartholomeeus filius Jurdani, 117. 
Barton, Ricardus, 265. 

Barun, filius, 70. 

Barun, Walterus, 70, 400. 
Barwe, liberum tenementum in, 

62, 135. 
Bascervitt, Radulphus de, 1 10. 
Baschef, Adam de, 365. 
Baschet, Ricardus, 179. 
Baset, Elias, 127. 
Base^, Michael de, et Isabella 

uxor ejus, 81, 82. 
Basevifl, Ricardus de, 43. 
Basham, Warinus de, 120. 
Basil, 334. 
Basilia, Basillia, filia Hamonis, 

Basilia filia Nicholai, 62. 
Basilia, Basilea, quce fiiit uxor Lu- 

vet de Brai, 23, 26. 
Basilia quae fuit uxor Tubemi vel 

Turburti de Vien, 77, 81, 

Basiliee de Redbum, Gaufiidus 

filius, 165. 
Basilii, Ricardus filius, 428. 
Baskeruiil, Nesta de, 426. 
Baskervitt, Eustacius de, 295, 335, 
Baskervitt, Thomas de, 86, 110. 

H H 2 



BaskerviH, Waltenis de, 310. 
Baskervi», Ysabella de> 394. 
Basket, Henricus, 202. 
Basset, Alanus, 220, 254, 305, 

Basset, Alicia, 173. 
Basset, GUebertus, 219. 
Basset — Acelinus senescallus Gile- 

berti, 217. 
Basset, Joh^ines de, 23. 
Basset, Osmundus, 23, 26. 
Basset, Radulphus, 138. 
Basset, Reginaldus, 27, 117, 238. 
Basset, Ricardus, 24. 
Basset, Thomas, 288. 
Basset, Turstanus, 262, 269, 424. 
Basset, Willielmus, 22, 23, 96, 

169, 262, 314, 352, 362. 
Basset de VideP, Radulphus, 145. 
Basseth, Thomas, 236. 
Bassevitt, Gilebertus, 140. 
Bassiggebourne, Thomas de, 106. 
Bassiggeboume, Wiemarus de, 104. 
Bassinboume, Thomas de, 97. 
Bassingburn, Ricardus de, 404, 

Bassingebourne, Thomas de, 38, 

73, 107, 134. 
Bassingeburn, Gwiemarus de, 111. 
Bastard, Ricardus, 225. 
Bastard, Willielmus le, 109. 
Bataille, Henricus, 229. 
Bataille, Batafi, Radulphus, 150, 

Bataille, Ricardus, 150, 350. 
Bataille, Rogerus, 150. 
Bataille, Waltenis, 150. 
Bataiii, Willielmus, 180, 187, 189. 
Batoii, Reginaldus de, 437. 
Bauent, Eudo de, 83, 84. 
Bauent, Waltenis de, 83. 
Bautou, Robertus de, 189. 
Bauues, Willielmus de, 425. 
Bauun, Willielmus, 195. 
Bauus, Matilda des, 284. 
Bauus, Willielmus des, 321. 
Bauvent, Eudo de, 42. 
Bavent, Ade, 5. 
Baxerevift, Radulphus de, 86. 
Be, Robertus, 41. 

Beallaers, Herbertus de, 124» 
Beasis, Re^naldus de, 299. 
Beatricis, Robertus vir, 261. 
Beatricis de Berdestapt, Ricardus 

filius, 332. 
Beatrix, 143, 178, 423. 
Beatrix filia Swein — uxor Ricardi 

de Euton, 428. 
Beatrix, soror Henrici de Estham» 

261, 292, 383. 
Beatrix quas fuit uxor Dinewel^ 

Beatrix quas ftdt uxor Gilberti 

aerici, 121. 
Beatrix uxor Hugonis AIbi, 424, 

Beatrix uxor Johannes de Grau- 

elee, 175. 
Beatrix uxor Ri6 de Fitton, 359. 
Beatrix uxor Ricardi de Portico, 

Beatrix uxor Roberti filii Rosce- 

lini, 80. 
Beaufo, Martinus de, 105. 
Beaumis, Robertus de, 73. 
Beaus, Willielmus de, 299. 
Bebinton, Henricus de, 231. 
Bee vel Becco, Abbas de, 2^ 237, 

378, 450. 
Bee, Henricus de, 144. 
Bee, Becc vel Becco, Willielmas de, 

98, 224, 267, 269. 
Becco, Hugo Monachus de, 378. 
Becham, ecclesia de, 323. 
Becham, Radulphus de, 315. 
Becham, Ricardus de, 315, 323» 
Bechamton, Henricus de, 31 1. 
Bechamton, Nigellus de^ 59. 
Beche, advocacio ecclesis de, 

Beche, Petrus de, 15. 
Becword, Henricus de, 253. 
Bedefeld, 103. 
Bedefon^ terra, &c. in, 213, 
Bedefordsire — Bedeford, Bed^&c, 


106, 107, 111, 115, 119, 

120, 130, 140, 164, 221, 

223, 228, 232, 234, 236^ 

242, 243, 247, 250, 251, 



Bedefordsire^ &c. — cant 

254, 255, 257, 262, 265, 
269, 270, 271, 274, 276, 
279, 280, 284, 290, 291, 
292, 29a, 294, 298, 803, 
306, 312, 318, 319, 326, 
328, 336, 338, 340, 343, 
344, 345, 350, 352, 355, 
359, 361, 368, 370, 371, 
379, 382, 390, 396, 401, 
402, 410, 417, 427, 428, 
429, 433, 437, 440, 444, 
445, 453. 

Bedei; Abel de, 97. 

Bedef, Bed, Adam d^ 840, 344, 

Bedety Ivo de, 292. 

Bedeford, Robertus de, 295. 

Bedef, Walterus de, 96. 

Bedef; Willielmus de, 199. 

Bedeforth, Simon de, 236. 

Bedefun!, Matillida de, 212. 

Bedegeham, Ricardus de, 133. 

Bedelingehope, Lefwinus de, 8^ 

Bedett, Ailbertus, 398. 

Bedett de Egelton, WilUelmua, 

Bedeswett, terra in, 194. 

Bedewett, terra in, 439. 

Bedigffefeld, Adam de, I. 

Bedignam, ecclesia Sajicta? Maris 
incemeterio de, 1. 

Bedigham, Benedictus de, I. 

Bedinge^ terra in, 90. 

Bedingham, Alan de, 132. 

Begedim, redditur in, 309» 

Beiihus, Rogenis, 37. 

Beinflet, Ricardus de, 185. 

Bekentre, hundredum de, 183. 

Bekeswett, Radulphus de, 103. 

BekesweH; Spemaille de, 103. 

Bekeswud, manerium de, 13. 

Bekinton, ecclesia de, 10. 

Bekinton, terra in, 32. 

Bel, Theobaldiis, 179^ 

Belag, Willielmus de, et Emma 
uxor ejus, 264. 

Bele Perche, Robertus filius Ro> 
berti de, 131. 

Beleboche^ Walterus, 53. 

Beleburi, Belefti, 145. 
Belengeri, Nicholaus filius, 171. 
Belengerius, 169. 
Belet, Michael, et £mma uxor 

ejus, 253, 254, 390. 
Belet, Robertus^ 122. 
Bele^, Hamo, 180, 184. 
Belewe, Hugo, 180. 
Bella Valle, GanfHdus de, 190. 
Bellantf, Margareta de, 147. 
Bello Campo^ terra in, 70. 
BeUo Campo, Albricus de, 403. 
Bello Campo, Amicia de, 257. 
Bello Campo, Hugo de, 103, 107, 

115, 120,336,375. 
Bello Campo, Hugo de, et Alianora 

uxor ejus, 106. 
Bello Campo, Radulphus de, 2, 

Belk> Campo, Rainulfus, Ran- 

nuli^us, de, 273, 386. 
Bello Campo, Ricardus de, 77, 81, 

244, 262. 
BeHo Campo, Ricardus de, et Avi- 

cia uxor ejus, 395. 
Bello Campo, Simon de, 11, 111, 

114, 278, 279, 328, 340, 

396, 401, 402, 441, 444, 

Bello Campo, Stephanus de^ Stef- 

fanus, 188, 194, 305, 311, 

319, 385. 
Bello Campo, Willielmus de, 64. 
Bello Campo^ Stephanus de Bello 

Campo pater Stephani de, 

Bello Cfitrapoy Walterus filius Ri- 

cardi de, 395. 
Bello Campo Danmartin — Decen- 

na de, 173. 
Bello Campo de Hersam, Philippus 

de, ia3. 
B^o Fago, Martlnus dc^ 126. 
Bello Fago, Martinu» de, et Gila 

uxor ejus, 19. 
Bello Monte, Auic de, 225. 
Bello Monte^ Johannes de, 227, 

Bella Monte, Ricardus de, 260^ 

264, 309, 387. 

H U S 



Bello Monte, Robertus de, 220. 
Bello Monte, Roesia de^ 309, 

Bello Monte^ Walterus de, 221. 
Bello Monte, Willielmus de, 44, 

135, 264, 268. 
Belres, Willielmus de, 184. 
Belstede, Baldewinus de, 376. 
Belton, Abillia filia et heres Elise 

de, 436. 
Belton, Adam, 436. 
Belwedier, Stephanus de, 265. 
Bemflet, Willielmus filius Willielmi 

de, 31. 
Bemton, Ysabel de, 303. 
Bendev^, Aluredus de, 13. 
Bene, Asketillus, Askil, 161, 

Benedicti, Laurencius filius, 189. 
Benedicti, Ricardus pater, 443. 
Benedicto, Abbas de Sancto, 

Benedictus, 136. 
Benedietus filius Johannis, 240. 
Benedictus filius Ricardi, 443. 
Benedictus filius Walkelini, 304. 
Benedictus filius Warini, 116. 
Benefeld, villata de, 182. 
Benetleg, Walterus de, 421. 
Benetleg, Ricardus fineiter Walter! 

de, 421. 
Benfeld, Willielmus filius Willielmi 

de, 181. 
Benhale, Ricardus de^ 156. 
Benham, Prior de^ 89. 
Beniamin, 140. 
Beninton, Simon de, 130. 
Beniton, liberum tenementum in, 

Benleg, Willielmus de, 135. 
Benne, Willielmus, 119. 
Benningefeld, Adam de, 47, 48. 
Benningeworthe, Nigellus de, 79. 
Benninton, tenementum in, 155. 
Bennintone, Isabel vel Ysabel de, 

Bensinl, terra, &c. in, 42, 80. 
Bensinton, Johannes de, 142. 
Benton, Reginaldus de, 208. 
Berardi, Ricardus filius, 183. 

Bercampo, Matillida de^ 199. 
Bercamsted, Berkhamsted, Lucas 

de, 11, 50. 
Bercarius, Walterus, 104. 
Berceslai, Willielmus de, 336. 
Bercham, Leticia de, 185. 
Bercham, Radulphus de, 279. 
Berchamsted, esson apud, 271. 
Berchamsted, libertas de, 153. 
Berchamsted vel Berchansted, terra 

in, 176. 
Berchamsted, Rogerus de, 171. 
Bercheholt, feod mil 1c. in, 436. 
Berchestori, lib tenementum in, 

Berchham, Ricardus de^ 297. 
Bercqueia, Martinus de, 335. 
Berdefeld, mesagimn in, 199. 
Berdefeld, Thomas de, 355. 
Berdefeld Magna, villata de, 183w 
Berden, Matheus de, 120. 
Berdestapf, ecclesia de, 332. 
Berdestaple, esson apud, 121. 
Berdestaple, honor de, 45. 
Berdestapf, hundredum de, 181. 
Berdestapt, Beatrix de, 332. 
Berdestapt, Ricardus de, 181. 
Berdestapf, Ricardus filius Beatrick 

de, 332. 
Bere, luelina de, 367. 
Bereford, Gilbertus de, 119. 
Bereng, Radulphus, 208. 
Berengerius, 162. 
Berewe in Sumerset, esson apud, 

Berewe, Willielmus de, 79, 
Berewic, vad apud, 452. 
Berewi6, Simon de, 185. 
Berewic, Willielmus de, 262. 
Bergas, terra in, 78. 
Berges, Gaufridus de, 37a 
Berges, Gilebertus de, 356, 357. 
Berges, Johannes de, et Fediva 

uxor ejus, 356, 357. 
Berginge, Abbatissa de, 447. 
Bergo, Ricardus de, 331. 
Berhaffi, Radulphus de, 250. 
Berkei, Rogerus, 297. 
Berkef, 301. 
Berkelai, Robertus de^ 252. 



Berkdai, Bericdaii» Willielmus de» 
275, 389. 

Berkesir, Bercsir, Berlt, Sec, 20, 
28, 80, 96^113, 120, 144, 
242, 247, 250, 252, 255, 
266, 268, 277, 296, 316, 
351, 355, 358, 363, 365, 
376, 434, 435, 445, 450. 

Berkesir, comitatus de, 217. 

Berkham, Matillida de, 32. • 

Berkier, Gilbertus le, 58. 

Berking, Berkinge, Berkingg, terra 
in, 200, 383, 447. 

Berkinges, Abbatissa de^ 245, 325, 

Berkinges — Reginaldus de Fonte 
senescali AbbisBffi de, 245. 

Berking, Berkinges, Cristoforus, 
Christophorus, de, 174, 185, 

Berking, Margareta de, 232, 300. 

Berking, Ricardus de, 246, 249. 

Berking, Berkinges, Stephanus de, 
189, 446. 

Berking, Willielmus de, 185. 

Berkistoii, Hugo de^ 297. 

Berle, Ricardus de, 165. 

Berleston, 204. 

Berlestofi, villata de, 179. 

Beriingh, Rogerus de, 327. 

Bermingb, R^rus de, 395. 

Bermundeseia, Bermundeseie, Ber- 
mundesheie, Bermundeshie, 
Burmundeseia, Prior de, 
24, 172, 286, 368, 375, 
424, 429. 

Bern, WilUelmus, 83. 

Bemardi, Alanus filius, 437. 

Bemardi, Eiias filius, et Alina uxor 
e^us, 293. 

Bemardi, Oaufridus filius, 151. 

Bemardi, Helias filius, 262. 

Bemardi, Henrieus filius, 27» 

Bemardi, Hugo filius, 364. 

Bemardi, Johannes filius, 172. 

Bemardi, Radulphus filius, 291» 

Bemardi, Reginaldus filius, 298w 

Bemardi, Thomas filius, 5. 

Bemardi, Walterus filius, 242, 301. 

Bemardi, Willielmus filius, 187. 

Bemardi deBrailes, Henrieus filius, 

Bemardi le Franceis frater Johan- 

nis— Osmundus filius, 360. 
Bemardi de Saphorn, Terricus 

fititer, 421. 
Bemardus filius R^inaldi, 294. 
Bemardus — Senescallus, 297. 
Bemarton, feod milil in, 336. 
Bemebleia, Ivo de, 101. 
Bemehace, Gilbertus de, 85. 
Bemeham, terra in, 23. 
Bemeke, Gilbertus de, 30. 
Bemef , Robertus de, 334. 
Bemeres, Radulphus de, 334, 335. 
Bemeres, Willieunus de, 204. 
Bemes, Johannes de, 445. 
Bemewelle, Prior de, 287, 324, 

336, 342, 349, 404, 435, 

Bemham, terra de, 20. 
Bemham, Walterus de, 301. 
Bemier, Gervasius le, 130. 
Bemier, Williebnus le, 108, 131. 
Beminges, Willielmus de, 367. 
Bemot, Gervasius de, 431. 
Beroldi, Matheus filius, 186. 
Berolfi, Brianus filius, 432. 
Berqueia, terra, &c. in, 154. 
Berqueia, Gun! de, 171. 
Bersehaul, terra, &c. in, 175. 
Bertelot, 57. 

Bertfeld, Rannulphus de, 301. 
Bertin, Ricardus filius, 453. 
Bertlesdun, Ricardus de, 181. 
BertoS, Adam de, 276. 
Berton, Alanus de, 276. 
Berton, Everardus de, 235. 
Bertoii, Gilebertus de, 234, 331. 
Berton, Hervicus, Herveus, de, 

237, 276, 283. 
Berton, Michael de, et Cecilia uxor 

eius, 284. 
Bertoii, Warinus de, 299. 
Berton, Williebnus de, 235. 
Bertram, Robertus, 266, 310, 397, 

Bertrami, Ricardus filius, 304, 413. 
Berwes, Petrus de, 366. 
Berwes, Simon de, 366. 

H H 4 



Besevitt, Matilda de, 882. 
Besevifi, BeseuiH, Robertus de, 

229, 382. 
Beteliggehope, terra in, 8. 
Betsham, Warinus de, 44. 
Beuc, Radulphus filius, 270. 
Beugrant, Robertus de, 382. 
Beverlaco, Praepositus de, 92. 
Beverlaco, Feodum Sancti Johan- 

nis de, 92. 
Beverleia, Ivo de, 132. 
Bichenacre, esson apud, 120. 
Bichenacre, Prior de, 120. 
Bidun, Robertus de, 371, 382, 487. 
Biecles, Gilbertus de, 116. 
Bifeld, villa de, 60. 
Bigan, Ricardus filius, 243. 
Bigge, Waltenis, 286. 
Bigod, Bigot, Hugo, 337. 
Bigod, Bigot, Rogerus le — Comes 

Rogerus le Bigod, See, 87, 

191, 239, 278, 299, 337, 

Bikeleia, Willielmus de, 43. 
Billigeford, Robertus de, 246. 
Bilmingholm, terra, &c. in, 78. 
Binetree, Galfridus de, 136. 
B'ing, Willielmus, 177. 
Bingham, Hugo de^ 379. 
Binnam, Prior de, 119. 
Bipois, Robertus, 131. 
Bire, Petrus de, 268. 
Birlingham, Lefwinus de, 277. 
Birlingham, Rogerus de, 277, 397. 
Birne, Gaufridus de, 265. 
Birstau, essoa apud, 291. 
Birstan, Radulphus de, 291. 
Birstan, Willielmus de, 291. 
Birtorp, Walterus de, 347. 
Biseleia, Ricardus de, 28. 
Bisett, Ansellus, 264. 
Biset, Henricus, 131. 
Bishopeham, Willielmus de, 88, 
Bisingl, Henricus de, 448. 
Biskeleia, redditus in, 34. 
Biskeleia, Seherus de, 34. 
Bisseia, boscus de, 162. 
Bissop, Adam, 163, 169. 
Bissop, Willielmus, 276. 
Bissopestoii, Fretheric de, 64. 

Biston, Albertus de, 257. 

BiwenI, Robertas, 205. 

Bixle, Petrus de, et Matilda uxor 

ejus, 242, 316. 
Blac, Thomas, 229, 270, 300, 310. 
Blacgraue, terra de, 435. 
Blachanton, Clarin de, 229. 
Blachevile, Rogerus de, 146. 
Blacwett, Robertus de, 300. 
Blad* Williebnus de, 76. 
Blafc, Ricardus, 403. 
Blakeham, Benedictus de, 241. 
Blakeman, filius Elfeini, 8. 
BlakeweS, Walterus de, 240, 300« 
Blancgemum, Baldewinus, 432. 
Blanc Gemum, fxieua, 304. 
Blechedon, Blechedun, Willidmos 

de, 293. 
Blechesdufi, esson apud, 293. 
Blechesdun, Baddemus, Baldm- 

nus, de, 268, 293. 
Blechesho, Edith de, 265. 
Bleu, Ecardus de, 341. 
Bliencourt, Robertus de, 112. 
Blocheleia, Jordanus de, 103. 
Bloet, Robertus, 223. 
Bloet, Thomas, 223. 
Bloihon, Willielmus, 250. 
Blokeleia, Reginaldus de, 55. 
Bluet, Robertus, 223, 224. 
Blumviii, Willielmus de, 325. 
Blund, Andreas, 319. 
Blund, Godefridus, 375. 
Blund, Johannes, 202. 
Blund, Petrus, 310. 
Blund, Ricardus, 244, 287. 
Blund, Robertus, 168, 170, 178w 
Blund, Simon, 23a 
Blund, Walterus, 222. 
Blund, WUliehnus, 178^ 286, 297, 

Blund, WiUielmus, et Alicia que fbit 

uxor ejus, 421. 
Blundel, Blundett, Galfridus, 121, 

125, 186. 
Blundel, Robertus, 232. 
Blundel, Rogerus, 125. 
Blundeville, Willielmus de, 184. 
Blundus, Adam, 136. 
Blundus, Alexander, 49. 



Blundiu, Andreas^ eC Lucia uxor 

ejus, 226, 425. 
Blundus, BartholomasuB, 106, 107. 
Blimdus, Hugo, 49. 
Blundus, Johannes, 441. 
Blimdus, Osbertus, 49. 
Blundus, Petrus, 15, 257, 867. 
Blundus, Ricardus, 49. 
Blundus, Robertus, 70, 803. 
Blundus, Simon, 49. 
Blundus, Walterus, 819. 
Blundus, Willielmus, 16a 
Blundus de Bustlesham, Henricus, 

Blunt, Robertus, 221. 
Bobi, Hugo de, 90. 
Bocking', ecclesia de, 405* 
Bockinff', R^inaldus de^ 187. 
Bodand, Bol^ Bod, terra de, 411, 

Bodand, Bod, Alanus de, 813, 

41 K 
Bodand, Bod, Gaufridus de, 156. 
Bodand, Bod^ Hespelanus de^ 

Bodand, Philippus de, 99. 
Bodand, Bod, Walterus de, 296. 
Bodand, Bod, Williebnus de, 261. 

805, 485, 486. 
Bode, Elias de, 154, 155. 
Bode, Neudus de, 171. 
Bocoro,* — Clericus, 14. 
Bocstede, Hugo de^ 184. 
Boctoo, Margareta de, 826* 
Bodeham, Rogerus de, 426. 
Bodekesham, Gaufridus de, 281. 
Bodenham, Rogerus de, 260, 281. 
Bodham, Bodib, liberum tenemen- 

turn in, 815, 865. 
Bodlham, Henricus de, et Marga- 

reta quse fuit uxor ejus, 865, 

Bodiham, Radulphus de, 865. 
Bodiham, Reffinaldus de, 865« 
Bodiham^ Willielmus de, 261, 865. 
Bodiham, Henricus filius WiUielmi 

de, 865, 866. 
Boilliers, Herbertus de, 90, 91. 
Boilund, Radulphus de, 277. 
Boissel, Ricardus, 100. 

Bolton, Alexander de, 249. 
BoitoS, Radulphus de, 292. 
Bokingwrtb, terra in, 864* 
Bold, Walterus, 298. 
Boleford, 20. 

Bolibe, Williebnus de, 150. 
BolitoD, Joia de, 351. 
Bolinton, Boliton, terra in, 252, 

850, 863. 
Bolinton, Alexander de, 428. 
BoUntoS, Matillda de, 296, 298. 
Bolinton, Alexander clericus de, 

Bolne!, Robertus de, 85a 
Bolonia, curia de, 48. 
Bolonia, honor de, 202. 
Bolonia, Baldewinus de, 221. 
Bolonia, Michael de, 256. 
Bolonise — Senescatt, 209. 
Bolsted Sancti Pauli, villata de> 

Boll, Walterus, 429. 
Bomene, Aluredus de, 118. 
Bomin, 443. 

Bonaire, Bartholomeus, 406. 
Bond, Albertus filius, 898. 
Bond, Walterus filius, 171. 
Bonde, Johannes, 286. 
Bonesquier, Walterus, 282. 
Bonesquier, Willielmus le, 282. 
Bonincurt) Wido de, 178. 
BonneviH^ Sarra de, et Constantia 

quse fiiit uxor Mauseri filii 

ejusdem Sarra?, 77. 
Bordesle, Matilda de, 260. 
Borham, terra in, 208. 
Borham Tresgod, villata de, 202. 
Borrhaire, Randulphus de, 127. 
Borton, terra in, 88, 54. 
Boschus, 208. 
Bosco^ Adam de, 146. 
B06CO, Alanus de, 7, 6» 32, 45, 

56, 75. 
Bosco^ Hugo de, 889. 
Bosco, Hugo de, et Margareta uxor 

ejus, 228, 881. 
Bosco, Johannes de, 56, 75. 
Bosco, Radulphus de, 49, 416. 
Bosco, Rascius de, 420. 
Bosco, Robertus de, 258» 375. 



BoscOy Robertus de, et Eva uxor 

ejus, 373. 
Bosco, Simon de, 183, 221, 222. 
Bosco, Willielmus de, 355, 392, 

Bosco, Ursellus de, 420, 438. 
Bosco, Ursellus pater Urselli de, 

Bosewrthe, Normaimus de, et Hele- 

wissa uxor ejus, 80. 
Bosinton, Ricardus de, 421. 
Bosinton, Hugo filius Ricardi de, 

BosintoD, Nicholaus filius Ricardi 

de, 421. 
Boslai, Herbertus de, 72. 
Bos§, Rogerus, 181, 209. 
Botef, Willielnms de, 428. 
Boteleia, Willielmus de, 126. 
Botereus, Matillida de, 134. 
Boterwiche, Clemens de^ 106, 107. 
Botilda— Vidua, 406. 
Botilda, noverca Oaufridi filii Wil- 

lielmi, 289. 
Botinnigeham, Willielmus, 205. 
Botlesford, Willielmus de, 293, 355. 
Botlisdon, Rx^erus de, 235. 
Botolf; Robertus, 50. 
Boton, Hugo de, 181. 
Boudon, Johannes de, 296. 
Bouereis, Laiurencius de, 192. 
Boueriis in Esex, villata, &c., 188. 
Boueriis, Henricus de^ 165, 188. 
Boueton, ecclesia de, 9. 
Boimton, Robertus de, 198. 
Bouton, ecclesia de, 224. 
Bouton in Huntingd, esson i^ud, 

Bouton, Alolf de, 224. 
Bouton, Prior de, 144. 
Bouton, Robertus de, 314, 377. 
Bouueries, terra in, 192. 
Bovilt, Matheus de, 141. 
Boxe, Box, Alanus de, 175, 325. 
Boxe, Almaricus de, 391. 
Boxe, Hugo avunculus Alani de, 

Boxe, Jacobus de, 275. 
Boxety Boxele, Boxleia, Abbas de, 

11, 99, 124. 

Boxle, Alanus de, 168» 281. 
Braceator, Ricardus, 199, 200. 
Brachinff vel Bracbering, huncire- 

dumde, 163, 169. 
Bracted, villa de, 210. 
Brade, mariscus de, 368. 
Bradefeld, ecclesia de, 411. 
Bradefor^ terra de, 73. 
Bradeford, Henricus de, 264. 
Bradeford, Robertus de, 252. 
Bradelee, Radulphus de, 106. 
Bradenh^e, Guarinus de, 152. 
Bradewater, hundredum de, 162. 
Bradeweia, Hu^ de, 158. 
BradeweH; [viUata] Baldewini de 

Thoni, 210. 
BradeweH; terra in, 361, 445. 
BradeweU, Adam de, 291. 
Braham, Eustachius de, 427. 
Braham, Teobaldus pater Eustachii 

de, 427. 
Brahose, Willielmus de, 90. 
Brahost, Willielmus de, 45. 
Brahum vel Brahun, Ricardus, 59* 
Brai, Hugo de, 361. 
Brai, Lupellus, Luvet, de, 22, 362. 
Brai, Lupellus de, et Basilia quie 

fuit uxor ejus, 23, 26. 
Brai, Robertus de, 319, 437. 
Brai, Bray, Rogerus de, 112, 146^ 

167, 266, 361, 399. 
Bray, Willielmus de, 43. 
Brai, Hugo pater Hugonis de, 361. 
Braibroc, terra de, 71. 
Brailes, Henricus filius BemanK 

de, 76. 
Brainton, Johannes de, et Briccoi 

uxor ejus, 285. 
Brainton, Martinus de, 244. 
Brainton, Willielmus filius Johan- 

nis de, 285. 
Braitoft, Galfridus de, 109. 
Brakeleia, Walterus de, 59. 
Brakeshaued, villa de, 203. 
Bramdon, ecclesia de, 317. 
Bramdon, Rx^erus de, 317, 373. 
Bramle, Matheus de, 377. 
Bramsholme — mariscus de^ 44» 

BramtoS, es^pn ap(^ 291. 



BramtoS, feoda in, 374. 
Bramton, terra in, 445. 
BramtoS, Hermenis de, 146. 
BramtoD, Johannes de, 110, 326. 
Bramton, Johannes de, et Marga- 

reta soror ejus, 291. 
Bramton, Martinus de, 326. 
BramtoD, Philippus de, 288. 
Brancestf , Johannes de, 268, 293, 

432, 436. 
Branche, Willielmus, 50, 51. 
Brand, Henricus, 95. 
Brand, Robertus, 69, 70. 
Brand, Thomas, 70. 
Brandiston, terra in, 432. 
Bran{, Johannes de, 91. 
Brantefeld, villata de, 161. 
Brantoo, ecclesia de, 142, 146. 
BrantoS, liberum tenementum in, 

BrantOD, Hugo de, 172. 
BrantoS, Martinus de, 399. 
Branton — Petrus Parsonade^ 142. 
Brasci, Robertus de. 111. 
Braseur, Gilbertus le, 212. 
Braudewelle, ecclesia de, 1. 
Brause, Williehnus de^ 225, 257, 

Brawd, terra in, 417. 
Brawrdk in Devon, esd apud, 259. 
Brazur, Gilebertus le, 211. 
Brecton, terra, &c in, 91. 
Bredeleia, Rannulphus de, 107. 
Bredewrth, castellum de, 426. 
Brei, Robertus de, 371. 
BreidestOQ, Adam filius Adae de, 9. 
Breideston, Johannes filius Widonis 

de, 9. 
Brekespere, Alexander, 332. 
BremeUiam, Matheus de, 281. 
Bremesel, Johannes de, 122. 
BremlonRicardus de, 126. 
Breneres vel Bemeres, Radulphus 

de, etYsabella 61ia ej us, 335. 
Brengewrthe, Robertus de, 44, 
Brenn, tenementum in, 451. 
Brent, 215. 

Bressinbure, Galfridus de, 109* 
Bret, Hugo le, 403. 
Bret, Johannes, 296. 

Bret, Radulphus, 79. 

Bret, Rogerus, 200. 

Bret, Simon le, 240, 269, 310, 451 . 

Bret, Willielmus le, et Eustachia 

uxor e\uBj 231. 
Bret, Simon filius Simonis le, 310. 
Bretasche, Johannes, 362. 
Breton, Williehnus, 231. 
BrettoD, Brecton, terra, &c in, 73. 
Bretton, Godefi-idus de, 29. 
Bretun, Petrus de, 315. 
Breworthin, Radulphus de, 110. 
Brianus filius Alani, 6. 
Brianus filius Berolfi, 432. 
Brianus filius Radulphi, 95. 
Brianus filius Willielmi de Pin- 

thorm, 84. 
Briccot uxor Johaunis de Brain- 
ton, 285. 
Briche, [vUlata] Rogeri de Planes, 

Bricius, 241, 437. 
Bricted, Williehnus de, 447. 
Briddle, Ricardus, et Johanna uxor 

ejus, 444. 
Bridehalt, terrain, 138. 
Brideport, Johannes de, 137. 
BridirtoS, Nicolaus de, 257. 
Brien, filius Radulphi, 37. 
Brieni, Radulphus filius, 405. 
Briennus, 126. 
BrieweP, Briewer?, Willielmus, 146, 

Briewes, Johannes de, 139. 
Brifibrd, Gaufi*idus de, 183. 
Brimfeld, Prior de, 109. 
Brin, Samson fi*ater, 79. 
Brining, Emme de, 252. 
Brinkewrtft, Robertus de, 135. 
Brinsted, ecclesia de, 30a 
Brinton, Robertus de, 130. 
Brinton, Brinl, Thomas de^ 43^ 

Bristoue, castellum de, 292. 
Britanni^e, Comes, 451. 
Britanniae, Alanus Comes, 56. 
Britannia?, Galfi-idus Coed, & Con- 

stantia Comitissa, 56. 
Britannise, Brittanii, vel BrettaS, 

Constantia Comitissa, 313. 



Britan, Ricardus de, 324. 
BritoS, Bril, Adam, 221. 
Briton, Galfridus, 256. 
Briton, Hugo, 298, 428. 
Briton, Brito, Petrus, 260, 264, 

Briton, Ranulfus, 241 • 
Briton, Brito, Ricardus, 276, 887. 
Briton, Robertus, 304. 
Briton, Robertus, et Amabilia 

quse fuit uxor ejus, 304, 

Briton, wZ Brito, Simon, 172. 
Briton, Williebnus, 232, 236, 254, 

290, 304. 
Briton, Williebnus, et Amabilia 

uxor ejus, 279, 395. 
Briui», Rogerus de, 233. 
Briuiswein vel Brunswein, 251. 
Briwer, Briwere, Briwer?, Wil- 

lielmus, 57, 63, 265, 384. 
Briwes, Johannes de, 147, 320. 
Broc, Abiod de, 273. 
Broc, R^inaldus de, 262. 
Broc, Ricardus del, 383. 
Broc, Robertus del, 151, 342, 422. 
Broc, WiUiebnus del, 197. 
Brochere, Henricus le, 303. 
Broclee, liberum tenementimi in, 

Brocton — esson apud, 110. 
frocton, Oaufridus de, 289. 
Brocton, Williebnus de, 343. 
Brohid, Ricardus de, 404. 
Brohid, Williebnus filius Ricardi 

de, 404. 
Broke, Williebnus de la, 206. 
Brokebume, Jobannes de, 158, 268. 
Brokeham, Stephanusde, 233. 
Brokebefed, WUliebnus, 118. 
Brokesbume, Williebnus de, 149. 
Brokesbume, Henricus filius Here- 

manni de, 178. 
Brokesbeued, tenementum in, 191. 
Brokesheved, Brokesbeued, Brokes- 

bevede, Brokesheved, Lucas 

de, 150, 178, 198, 201, 

Brokesheved, Lucad de, et Felicia 

uxor ejus, 160. 

Broketon, Brithriva, Bricdva, de, 

Bromecroft, Thomas de, 109. 
Bromt Willielmus de, 436. 
Bromton, WiUiebnus de, 349. 
Broim, Hugo, 252. 
Browiho, WiUiebnus, 247. 
Brubec, Robertus de, 98. 
Bruele, Radulphus de, 146. 
Bruge, terra in, 14. 
Bruges, terra, &c. in, 73. 
Bruham, Elwinus de, 97. 
Bruhire, Urricus de la, 52. 
Bruier, WiUiebnus, 71. 
Bruin, Robertus, 250. 
Bruiton, terra, && in, 320. 
Brum, Bruma, Abbas de, 4, 7, 69. 
Brumele, Hugo de, 260. 
Brumelluun, esson apud, 225. 
Brumelham, Johannes de, 225. 
Brumelham, Mattheus de, 225. 
Brumfeld, Simon de, 426. 
Brumfeld, Stephanus de, 265, 377. 
BrumforC^ Walterus de, 329. 
Brumgor, WiUiebnus, 212. 
Brumham, Walterus Prepositus de^ 

Brumle, aqua de, 216. 
Brumsburg, Rogerus de, 235. 
Brumsted, ecclesia de, 314. 
Brumton, terra, &c. in, 349. 
Brumton, WiUielmus filius Ricardi 

de, 15, 16. 
Brun, Alanus, 144. 
Brun, EUas, 223. 
Brun, Radulphus le, 20. 
Bnm, Reginaldus le, 20. 
Brun, Robertus, 247. 
Brun, WaUelmus, 267. 
Brun, Martinus fiUus, 262. 
Brun, R^inaldus fiUus, 268. 
Brunesberge, Maria de, 89. 
Bnmested, ecclesia de, 307. 
Bruning, Hugo, 152. 
Brunsted, 30a 
Bruntoii, Alexander de, 52. 
Brunton, Ricardus de, 134. 
Brunus, WiUiebnus, 9, 59. 
Brus, Adam de, 105. 
Brusebare, WiUiebnus, 118>r 



BrutOD, Stephanus, 291. 

Buc, Race, Racius, Racinus, de^ 
242, 345, 438. 

Buc, Ranulphus de, 430. 

Bug, Ursett de, 345. 

Bucekart, Nicholaus, 194. 

Buch, Alexander de, 365. 

Bucfa, Rogerus, 256. 

Bucham, Ricardus de, 282. 

Buchard, Bucard, — Thesaurarius 
Eboracensis, 6, 7. 

Buche, 286. 

Buchedene, Willielinus de, 129. 

Buchenha}, feodum in, 87. 

Bucuint, Bucuinte, Johannes, 215, 
217, 320. 

Buddebroc, manerium de, 43. 

Budeho, Budenho, Hugo de, 371, 
382, 437. 

Budeho, Budenho, Robertus filius 
Hugonis de, 437. 

Buett, Eustachius de, 416. 

Buelles, Bueles, Buet, Henricus de, 
283, 284, 410. 

Buha, Johannes, 269. 

Btihum, Henricus de, 324. 

Buhum, Matilda de, 233, 265. 

Buitt, Christiana de, 178. 

Builli, Johannes de, 242. 

Builli, Johannes de, et Cecilia uxor 
. ejus, 326. 

Bukeberi, Robertus de, 118. 

Bukenhale, feoda, &c. in, 31. 

BukenhuUe, terra, &c. in, 74. 

Bukentoii, Buketon, redditus, &c. 
in, 331, 337, 382, 390, 
405, 410. 

Bukeshatt, terra de, 329. 

Buketon, Hugo de, 355. 

BuketotJ, WiUiehnus de, 134. 

Bukheman, esson apud, 237. 

Bukinghamscire— Buckingh— But, 
&c., 7, 15, 44, 49, 61, 96, 
100, 220, 221, 222, 223, 
225, 227, 229, 231, 232, 
233, 234, 236, 239, 243, 
245, 247, 248, 251, 255, 
259, 260, 262, 264, 266, 
271, 278, 289, 290, 291, 
292, 294, 297, 299, 301, 

Buckinghamscire, &c -* conL 

302, 303, 309, 315, 340, 
342, 343, 344, 349, 350, 
352, 355, 357, 361, 362, 
369, 374, 381, 382, 383, 
384, 387, 397, 399, 416, 
419, 423, 424, 428, 430, 
431, 432, 436, 445, 446, 
448, 449, 452. 

Bult, Vic, 231. 

Bukingh, Williebnus de, 44, 335» 
374, 423, 42a 

Bulemere, ecclesia de, 388. 

Buleres, BuUeres, Robertus de, 

Bulett, Robertus le, et Auicia uxor 
ejus, 53. 

Bulewic, Johannes de, 278. 

Bulleburc, Andreas de, 347. 

Bulloc, Hugo, 40a 

Bumford, Sueinde, 207. 

Bumsted, terra in, 195. 

Bumsted, Bumested; Walterus de, 
180, 207. 

Bumsted, Willielmus Peche de^ 

Bunche, Alanus, 115. 

Bu?, Simon de, 225. 

BurbocS, Radulphus de, 9a 

Burd, Rogerus, 435. 

Burdeles, Williebnus de, 364. 

Burdet, Ricardus, 146. 

Burdun, Reginaldus, 265. 

Burdun, Robertus de, 27a 

Burdun, Rogerus, 292. 

Burdun, mllielmus, 246, 249, 

Burebecfa, Robertus de, 97. 

Bured, Hugo filius, et Radulphus 
filius ejus, 29. 

Burel, Burett, Ricardus, 245, 24a 

Burel, Rogerus, 45. 

Bures, terra in, 305, 385. 

Bures, villata de, 180. 

Bures, Andreas de, 181. 

Bures, Baldewinus de, 105. 

Bures, Hugo de, 181. 

Bures, Robertus de, 289. 

Bures, Simon de, 198, 199. 

Bures, Walterus de, 182. 



Bures, WUlielmus de, 81, 141, 267. 
Burestoc, ^ugo de, 251. 
Burestret, Hugo de, 247. 
Burgate vel Burgat, Willielmus de, 

Burgauitt, Juliana de, 327. 
Burgeham, Ricardus de, 444. 
Burgele, Johannes de, 153. 
Burgham, villata de, 74. 
Burgo, Abbas de, 85, 130. 
Burgo, Andreas Abbas de, 24. 
Burgo, Abbatia de, 24. 
Burgo, Adam de, 30. 
Burgo, Thomas de, 171, 252. 
Burgo, Willielmus de, 400, 409. 
Burguinun, Hugo, 235. 
Bur ham, Philippus de, 141. 
Burhamtorp, ecclesia de, 141. 
Burkestaii, terra m, 355, 362. 
Burmund, Willielmus, 146. 
Burn, Johannes de, 358. 
Bumard, Robertus, et £jnma uxor 

ejus, 140, 141. 
Bumeham, Lucas de, 234. 
Bumel, Williehnus, 123, 124. 
Bumeil, Hugo, 254. 
Burnett, WiUielmus, 315. 
Burnluun, Godfridus de, 260. 
Bumham, Hugo de, 164. 
Bumham, Lucas de, 278, 452. 
Bumham, Bumeti, Philippus de, 

188, 274, 366. 
Bumham, Phillippus de, et Emma 

uxor ejus, 147, 223» 365. 
Burnham, Reginaldus de, 265. 
Burnham, Wido de, 291. 
Burnham, Adam Decanus de, 264, 

316, 400. 
Burl, terra in, 343. 
Burthop, Willielmus de, 253. 
Burton, terra, &c. in, 92, 347, 448. 
Burton, Radulphus de, 134. 
Burton, Robertus de, 379. 
Burton, Williehnus de, 280. 
Burum, Robertus de, 334. 
Buschebi, Williehnus de, 298. 
Busci, Willielmus de, 317. 
Buse, Radulphus, 96. 
Bustard, Robertus, 349. 
Bustlesham, terra in, 28. 

Bustlesham, Christiana de^ 28. 
Bustlesham, Henricus Blundus d^ 

Butevilain, Robertus, 318. 
Butteleia, Prior de, 44. 
Buttevilain, Robertus, 270. 
Buttingeham, Willielmus d^ 205. 
Buueres, terra in, 311. 
Buuiera, Henricus de, 182. 
Buuiun, WiUielmus, 417. 
Buwud, Petrus de, 297. 

B . . . ., Gilbatusde^ 114. 


Caam, Werrheis de, 104. 
Caan, Ricardus de, 118. 
Cabus, Hamo, 344. 
Cadamo, Ricardus de, 42, 43. 
Cadendene, Danielus de^ 254. 
Cadneto, Elias de, 253. 
Caisho, terra in, 382. 
Caldecote, Stephanus de, et Aug- 

nes soror ejus, 204. 
Caldeuelle, Ema filia Edwardi de, 

Caleston, terra in, 37, 321. 
Caleston, Elias de, 321. 
Caleston, Philippus de^ 321. 
Caleston, Ricardus de, 321. 
Caleston, Simon de, 321. 
Caleston, WiUielmus de, 321. 
Calle, Humfridus, 185. 
Callebois, R^inaldus, 167. 
CaUeford, terra in, 338. 
Calne, Ricardus de, et Letida vd 

Lucia quas fuit uxor ejis, 

359, 360. 
Calteco!, NigeUus de, 44a 
Caluerton, Johannes, 245. 
Calues, Hugo, 149. 
Calvus, Johannes, 126, 234. 
Camb, AmoD, 352. 
Cambenton, Anselmus de, 164. 
Camftleg, 207, 20a 
Cambrewett, Ub tenementum in, 362. 
Cambrewett, L hid terf, &c. in, 444. 



Cambrewett, Cama-ewefl; Roesia, 

Rohei3, de, 289, 362. 
CambreweH, Cecilia soror Roesice 

de, 444. 
Camera, Johannes de, 368. 
Camera, Willielmus de, 59. 
Camerarius, . • • ^ et Matilda quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 294. 
Camerarius, Henricus, 130, 302. 
Camierarius, Ricardus, 152, 169, 

Camerarius, Robertus, 7» 109, 245, 

248, 256. 
Camerarius, Rogerus, 120. 
Camerarius, Turbertus, 417« 
Camerarius, Walterus, 220, 221. 
Camerwett, Robertus Serviens de, 

Camesi, Amuldus de, 143. 
Camesl, Thomas de, 221. 
Campain, Robertus de, 13. 
Campes, Campis, liberum tenem^i- 

tum, &c. in, 406, 408. 
Campes, Johannes de, 183. 
Campes, Matheus de^ 287. 
Campio, Galfiidus, 54. 
Campiun, Oregorius, 338. 
Camuifl; Thomas de, 318. 
CamvH), Gerardus de, 223. 
Camvill, Rogerus frater Oerardi de, 

Cancellarius, Cancellarius tunc 

JustiS (i. e. W. de Longo- 

campo, £ps Eliend), 54, 69, 

Candos, Matilda de, 252. 
Candos, Juliana filia Hugonis de, 

Canesi, Hubertus de Monte, 313. 
Canel, Walterus filius, 257. 
Caneued, Simon de, 429. 
Caneueles, Willielmus filius Rann 

de, 195. 
Cangier, Willieknus, 176. 
Cannan, Petrus, 158. 
Cannet, Hugo, 220. 
Canonicus, Johannes, 322. 
CantebF, Kantebrig, tenementa, 

messuagia, &c in, 336, 422, 

435, 445, 450, 451. 

Cantebrig, Judasi de, 285. 

Cantebrigscire — Kantebrig, Sec, 
2, 9, 15, 25, 34, 38, 45, 
64, 75, 76, 87, 97, 104, 
106, 107, 110, HI, 128, 
129, 134, 142, 235, 237, 
240, 243, 244, 248, 251, 
253, 255, 259, 266, 267, 
272, 273, 274, 276, 278, 
279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 
284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 
290, 291, 292, 296, 298, 
299, 302, 304, 308, 310, 
321, 323, 324, 326, 329, 
330, 334, 336, 342, 349, 
361, 368, 369, 370, 375, 
378, 385, 388, 393, 398, 
402, 403, 404, 406, 407, 
408, 409, 410, 413, 414, 
415, 416, 417, 419, 421, 
422, 427, 430, 431, 435, 
439, 443, 445, 446, 449, 
450, 451, 45a 

CantebF, Curteis de^ 445. 

CantebF, Stephanus de, 212. 

CantebF, Wdterus de, et Isabella 
uxor ejus, 99. 

CantebF, Herveius filius Eustachii 
de, 324. 

Cantele, Robertus de, 184. 

Cantelou, Kanteleu, Emma de, 241, 

Cantelu, Amaldus de, 444. 

Cantelu, Walterus de, 172. 

Canterett, Williehnus, 97. 

Canton, Philippus de, 136. 

Canton, Robertus de, 136. 

Cantuariae, ecdesia, 66. 

Cantuariae, homines, 9. 

CantuaF, monachi, 433. 

Cantuariensis, Cant, Dominus, Dtb 
Archiepiscopua, Archiepis- 
copus, &C, 9, 14, 25, 32, 
35, 14, 43, 45, 46, 47, 53, 
67, 72, 82, 87, 88, 89, 90, 
91,94, 104,111, 112, 129, 
131, 142, 147, 164, 328, 
342, 348, 351, 356, 357, 
367, 434. 

Canl, Thomas Archiept9copu% 357. 



Cant, Cantuaf, Cantuariensis, Prior, 

22, 187, 286. 
CanuiH, Thomas de, 185. 
Canuti, Stephanus, et Matilda qus 

fuit uxor ejus, 330. 
Canuudon, ecclesia de, 52. 
Canvift, Gerardus de, 51. 
Canvifl, WiUielmus de, 51, 62, 

Capele, Walterus de, 285. 
Capella, Capelt, vel Capellanus, Ca- 

pellis, Albricius, Albricus, 

Aubricius, de, 187, 188, 

298, 369. 
Capella, Martinus de, 322. 
Capella, Walterus de, 283. 
Capellani, Adam filius, 393. 
Capellanus, Alanus, 346. 
Capellanus, Ambrosius, 439. 
Capellanus, Benedictus, 259. 
Capellanus, Everardus, 253. 
Capellanus, Henricus, 332. 
Capellanus, Johannes, 140. 
Capellanus, Laurencius, 152. 
Capellanus, Radulphus, 11, 124, 

Capellanus, Ricardus, 45, 302, 321, 

Capellanus, Robertus, 82. 
Capellanus, Rogerus, 125, 837, 

343, 349. 
Capellanus, Vincencius, 13. 
Capellanus, Willielmus, 433. 
Capellanus, Wimerus, Winemerus, 

103, 105, 111, 116. 
Capellanus de Halkun, Radulphus, 

Capellis, Walterus de, et Albricius 

pater ejus, 407. 
Caperun, Robertus, 61. 
Capon, Robertus, 36. 
Carbonator, Alfredus, 177. 
Cardin, Johannes de, 261. 
Cardoit, comitatus de, 91. 
Cardoit, Kardoil, 33, 100. 
Cardoit, Kardoit, mesuagium m, 26. 
Cardoii, Adam de, 26. 
Cardun, Gaufridus, 183, 197, 200. 
Cardun, Hugo, 196. 
Cardun, Johannes, 271, 287. 

Careful, Robertus, 61. 
Caretarius, Alwinus, 420. 
Caretarius, Herveius, 387. 
Caretarius, Johannes, 222. 
Caretarius, Philippus, 219. 
Caretarius, Ricardus, 161. 
Caretarius de la Cherring, Philip- 
pus, 213. 
Caretarius, Carettarius, Wlllielmoa, 

175, 235, 261. 
Ca/eter, Henricus, 88. 
Careter, Swete, 88. 
Careuil}, Ricardus de, 237. 
Carliun, Odo de, 445. 
Carpentarius, Leo — Cristiana uxor 

et Alicia filia ejus, 210. 
Carpenter, Herueius, 264. 
Carpenter, Reginaldus, 435. 
Carum, Jc^annes de, 274^ 
Carun, Williehnus de, 234. 
Carver, Brienus le^ 208. 
Casteillun, Casteliun, H^iricos de, 

87, 370. 
Casteillun, Casteliun, Castillun, 

Hi^ de, 222, 255, 432. 
Castellan, Williehnus, 248. 
Castellione, Willielmus de^ 174^ 

Cas^, essonia apud, 227. 
Cast?, Alexander de, 227, 260. 
Castreton, terra in, 42. 
Catebi, ecclesia de, 39. 
Catebi, Robertus de, 39. 
Catefeld, ecclesia de^ 314. 
Catefio, Radulphus de, 104. 
Catenham, Gaufridus de, 141. 
Catesbi, ecclesia de, 101. 
Catesclive, Katescliu', Hamo de, eC 

Felicia uxor, 282, 2M, 

Catesfeld, ecclesia de, 307. 
Catesfelde, Sunon de, 262, 292, 

Catesfelde^ Simon filius Simcmis, 

Catewrth, terra in, 389. 
Cattefed, ecclesia de, 308. 
Cattesberi, terra, &c. in, 167. 
Cattesberi, Johannes de^ et Kate- 

rina uxor eju% 167* 



CattOB, terra, Sec. in, 444. 
Catton, Robertus de, 1 14. 
Caucce, Johannes de la, 261. 
Caue, Petrus de, 166. 
Caue, Ricardus de, 166. 
Caufunt, e8son apud, 247. 
Caunvitt, Willielmus de, 43. 
Causeia, terra de, 381. 
Causeie, Johannes de, 381. 
Causeis, Radulphus le, 121. 
Causton, Rogerus de, 21, 347, 

Cautoii, Robertus de, 304» 
Cauue, Ricardus de, 266. 
Caoc, Ricardus de, 243, 453. 
Cauz, Robertus de, et Lucia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 83. 
Cauz, Rogerus de, 149, 153, 279, 

286, 397. 
Cauz, Walterus de, et Pientia qua 

fiiit uxor ejus, 42, 80, 89, 


Cave^ Gaufridus de, 153. 

Cave, Ricardus de, 158. 

Cave, Ricardus filius Radulphi de, 

Cave, Williehnus filius Ricardi de, 

Cavendun, Gillbertus de, 96. 
Caxl^, Gillebf de, 326. 
Cecilia, Comitissa, 144. 
Cecilia filia Hervei, 35, 36. 
Cecilia filia Hugonis, 399, 431. 
Cecilia mater Henrici, 393. 
Cecilia mater Ysabellae, 427. 
Cecilia mater Willielmi de Burthop, 

Cecilia soror Roesi» de Cambre- 

wett, 444. 
Cecilia uxor Adae de Sanford, 120. 
Cecilia uxor Henrici Porcf, 256. 
Cecilia uxor Johannis de Builli, 

Cecilia, Cecillia, uxor Radulphi filii 

Wigain, WiggeiS, femina 

Radulphi Wiggein, 20, 122. 
Cecilia uxor Warini de Bertofi, 

Cecilia uxor Williehni filii Turoldi 

w/Turaldi, 14, 15, 7a 

Cecilia uxor •• , 242. 

Cecilia quce fiiit uxor age, 85. 

Ceciliae, Alicia soror, 36. 
Celestia, 428. 
Cellar, Galfridus de, 30. 
Cerinton, CerinI, Rogerus de, 90, 

Ceriton, Robertus de, 271. 
Cerring, Adam de, 131. 
Cerstori, Willielmus de, 120, 
Certesie, ecclesia de, 386. 
Certesie, Certeseia, Abbas de, 307, 

342, 348, 386. 
Cesterhunl, boscus de, 161. 
Cesterton, terra in, 325, 327. 
Cestretoii, Alicia de, 255, 432. 
Cestreton, Williehmis de, 132. 
Cestr, Comes, 43, 118, 119, 277, 

288, 313, 335, 437. 
Cestrihunt, Tureine de, 176. 
Chadesfel^ esson apud, 245. 
Chaiham, Petrus de, 79. 
Chaiham, Cheihara, Simon de, 79, 

Chaindos, Matilda de, 237. 
Chainneto, Petrus de, 94. 
Chainun, Ricardus, 301. 
Chalemundesden, Ricardus de, 

Chamberleng, Nicolaus, 367. 
Chamerarius de Hereford, Walter us, 

Chanesi, Hubertus de Monte, 402. 
Chanterheft, Albricus, 264. 
Chanum, Ricardus, 232. 
Chape, Johannes, 422. 
Chaper, Johannes, 421. 
Chardelesfunt, Gwido de, 238. 
Charesfeld, advoc ecctia? de, 124. 
Chameles, Chamel, Chamil, Hugo 

de, 319, 394. 
Charnelea, WUliehnus de, 409. 
Chartres, Walterus de, 222. 
Chaucumbe, Hugo de, 109, 112, 

128, 130, 429, 430. 
Chaucumbe, Joliannes de, & Ho- 

diema uxor ejus, 4.30. 
Chaudewell, Prior de, 424. 
Chaufhunt, esson apud, 251. 
Chauringworth, Henricus de, 72. 

Rot. Cur. Rbg. 

I I 



Chause, terra in, 374. 
Chausi, Galfiridus de, 20, 96. 
Chauz, Rogenis de, 236. 
Chebehat, terra in, 76. 
Chechel, Elias, 394. 
Chede, Ricardus, 228. 
Chedeleshunte, Wido de, 300. 
Chedeston, Chedesston, Hubertus 

de, 275, 393. 
Cheiham, terra, &c.^in, 80, 420. 
Chein, Robertus le, 288. 
Cheineduit, Radulphus de, 172. 
ChekehuUe, Hugo de, 72. 
Chelefeld, terra, &c. in, 32, 81. 
Chelefeld, Lecia de, 32. 
Chelefeld, Lucas de, 81. 
Chelewode, Willielmus de, 44. 
Cheliseia, manerium de, 436. 
Chelmersford, hundredum de, 202, 

Chelse, Auketiii de, 267. 
Chembenbi^, terra in, 5. 
Chenei, Rogerus de, 198. 
Cheningwurd, Prior de, 429. 
Chera, Kicardus de, 105. 
Cherberg, Thomas de, 123. 
Cherboume, Thomas de, 122. 
Cherdinton, Robertus filius Ricardi 

de, 11. 
Cherebure, Abbas de, 130. 
Chereburce, Johannes de, 140. 
Chereuffl; Radulphus de^ 241. 
Chereuitt, Walterus de, 241. 
Cherigg, Adam de, 8. 
CherintoS, Rogerus de, 72. 
Cherinun, Johannes de, 222. 
Cheritan, advoc ecclesiae de, 240* 
Chert, terra in, 353. 
Cherleton, terra in, 434. 
Cherlewod, feodum in, 383. 
Cherlewod, pratum in, 366. 
Chermin, Judaeus, 79. 
Chening, Philippus Caretarius de 

la, 213. 
Cheruill, Ricardus de, 238. 
Chese!, Johannes, 294. 
Chesfeld, Rogerus Presbiter de, 

Cheshitt, terra, &c in, 355. 
Cheshitt, Askillus de, 355. 

Chesnei, Willielmus de, 274. 
Chetewode, Robertus de, 55. 
Cheueli, Williehnus de, 20a 
Cheuelingewurde, Henricos de, et 

Henricus filius ejui^ 116. 
Cheure, Willielmus filius Qi}firidi, 

Cheureuii^ Vall de, 367. 
Chianterel, Walterus, 18a 
Chibbeham, Adam de, 115. 
Chichesie, Willielmus de, 115. 
Chielmeresford^ burgus de, 202. 
Chiepman, Walterus, 164. 
Chigevale, essoS apud, 225. 

Child , Gaufiidusde, 15a 

Oiilde, Simon de, 149. 
Childresleia, Henricus de, 142. 
Childwic, (}aufridus de, 156. 
Chilte, redditus in, 309. 
Chilteham, terra de, 425. 
Chilteham, Rannulphus de, 425. 
Chilton, Robertus de, 133. 
Chimin, Ella del, 181. 
Chininge, Adam de, 141. 
Chiriton, ecclesia de, 317- 
Chiselhoniton, Matillda de, 296. 
Chisenton, Germanus de, 420. 
Chisilden, Walterus de, 435. 
Chistet, terra, &c. in, 442. 
CJiiuet, Magister Helias de, 3. 
Chiuili, Crisdana de, 197. 
Chiuili, Chivilli, Williehnus de, 174, 

Qiiuili, Sarra filia Williebm de, 

Chivilli, Leticia de, 122. 
Cholle, Absolon, pater Absolonis, 

Chordiwan, Walterus, 12a 
Chou'n, Robertus de, 236. 
Cliristian, Walterus, 237. 
Christiance, Philippus filius» 306, 

(v. CWsftofio, &c) 
Cibi, Williehnus, Ua 
Cicest?, ecclesia Sanctae TrinitatiB, 

Cicestf, Episcopus, 12. 
Cicest?, Decanus et Canonici de^ 

343, 350. 



Cilterne, Ricardus de, 304, 320. 
CinerariuSy Emoldus, et Alweis 

uxor ejus, 162. 
Cioges, Robertus de, 267. 
Cirencestf, Abbas de, 27, 229, 275, 

277, 309, 388, 425. 
Cirencest?, Cirecestf , Ricardus Ab- 
bas de, 342, 348. 
Cirencest?, Herbertus de, 229, 257. 
Cirencestf, WiUielmus de, 388. 
-Cirencestf , Cirecestr, MagisterWil- 

lielmusde, 117,229, 257. 
Cirencestf, Simon filius Willielmi 

de, 257. 
Oahalle, Ricardus de, 26 L 
Claham, Werreis de, 353. 
Oahaule, Simon de, 183. 
ClahuS; campi de, 159. 
Oahdl; Gilebertus de, 169. 
Oahuii, Ricardus de, 309. 
CJai, Claie, Stephanus de, 333, 421. 
Claie, PetruB de, 115. 
Clakeston, WiUielmus Pincema 

de, 114. 
Oaketorp, terra in, 395. 
Claptoii, Emma de^ 108. 
Cli^ castellum de, 270. 
Oara, Claf, Comes de, 171, 282, 

310, 388, 416. 
Clare, Ricsurdus de, 183. 
Clare, Ricardus Vinitor de, 183. 
Claricia mater Rogeri de Hinetoii, 

30, 39, 40. 
Claro, Girebertus de Sancto, 411. 
Qaro, Johannes de Sancto, 357. 
Claro, WiUielmus de Sancto, 185, 

197, 198,201. 
Clathaf, Henricus de, 289. 
Clatoii, Johannes de, 290. 
Clau, Stephanus de, 272. 
ClauUle, WilUelmus de, 198. 
Clavering, hundredum de, 182. 
Clavering, terra, &c in, 201. 
Clee, Cleia, Roger us de la, 321, 

Cleindon, Ricardus de, 71. 
Clemencia, 211. 
Clemens, 236. 
Oemens fiUus Roberti, 228. 
aemens filius Williehni, 270. 

Clemens fiUus Alardi Ruffi, filius 

Alardi, 249, 331. 
Clemens fi:^ter LAurencii dericif 

Clement, Johannes, 30. 
Clement, WiUiehnus, 281, 409. 
Clemen te, MatiUida de Sancto, 19, 
dementis, ecclesia Sancti, 323. 
Clementis filii Roberti, Johannes 

fititer, 228. 
Clend, advo6 ecclesia de, 70. 
ClendoD, MUisent de, 227. 
CkndoD, Clenden, Clenduu, Ri* 

cardus de, 27, 70, 71, 227, 

dendoii, Clenden, SibUia de, 227, 

Oendon, Ricardus fiUus Henrici 

de, 70. 
Clepesho, servic milii, &c. in, 428. 
Clere, Matheus de, 109. 
Clerenbaud) Simon filius, 266. 
Clerenbaut, 349. 
Clerici, Simon fiUus Rogeri, 30. 
Clericus, Absalon, 280. 
Clericus, Adam, 422. 
Clericus, Alanus, 425. 
Clericus, Alexander, 185. 
Clericus, Gaufi-idus, 137, 231, 406. 
Clericus, GUbertus, 18. 
Clericus, Gilbertus, et Beatrix quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 121. 
CJericus, Henricus, 376, 414. 

cus, Hugo, 244. 

cus, Laurencius, 229. 

cus, Lucas, 366. 

cus, Matheus, 240, 408. 

cus, Nicolaus, 111. 

icus, Radulphus, 184, 381,405. 

cus, Ranulfus, 277, 400. 

cus, Ricardus, 41, 113, 151. 

icus, Robertus, 128, 247, 251. 

icus, Rogerus, 30, 396, 401. 

cus, Tliomas, 275, 34;3, 394, 
Clericus, Turstanus, 60. 
Clericus, Walterus, 60, 305. 
Clericus, WUliehnus, 165, 224, 240, 
276, 284, 39(^ 406, 409, 
423, 452. 

I I 2 



Clericus, Wimerus, 226. 
Clericus de Anesti, Elias, 152. 
Clericus de Bolinton, Alexander, 

Clericus de Couele, Walterus, 248^ 

Clericus de Hengham, Walterus, 

Clericus de Hocham, Wimerus, 

Clericus de Hunted, Thomas, 391. 
Clericus de Ralle, Ricardus, 125. 
Clericus de Thorleia, Ricardus, 

Clericus de Weston, Johannes, 171. 
Clericus de Witewudeham, WiUiel- 

mus, 253. 
Clericus Osberti filii Herevici, Wit 

lielmus, 44. 
Clerici, Henricus frater Willielmi, 

Clerici, Nicholaus filius Rogeri, 

Clef, Williehnus de Sco, 197. 
ClerkeneweH, placita, &c. apud, 

211, 214. 
Clerkenewett, Moniales de, 335. 
QerkeneweB, Priorissa de, 178, 

298, 442. 
ClerkenewdJ, Rogerus de, 298. 
Oerf, Johannes de Sancto, 357. 
Cli^ Clift, magna assisa de, 421. 

Clifford, Walterus de, 79, 94, 179, 

Clifton, ecclesia de, 437. 

Clifton, liberum tenementum in, 

Clifton, Reginaldus de, 225, 274, 

324, 375, 446. 
Clinl, Alanus de, 229. 
Clintero, Williehnus, 1. 
Clinton, Henricus de, 1, 112, 136. 
Clinton, Ivo de, 136. 
Clinton, Johannes de, 135. 
Clmton, Willielmus de, 24, 25. 
Clipestorp, Otwi de, 254. 
Clipston, terrae et consuetudines de^ 

Clipston, esson apud, 291. 

Clipton, Willielmus de, 389- 
Cliue, liberum tenem in, 145. 
Qiueden, Matheus de, 419. 
Cliuedoii, Matilda de, 271. 
Clive, in Hereford, esson apud, 293. 
Clive, Aelwinus de, 368. 
Qober, Turstanus, 414. 
Qoer, Radulphus, 153, 154. 
Ck^pesir, Estenarus, 363* 
Clopton, terra in, 384. 
Clopton, Ema de, 126. 
Clopton, Johannes de, 138. 
Clopton, Mabilia de, 295. 
Cloptoii, Ranulftis de, 389. 
Clopton, Ricardus de, 295, 299. 
Ctopton, Willielmus de, 29, 379, 

Clotham, Godwinus de^ 282. 
Clouitt, Williehnus de, 197. 
Clumton, Williehnus de, 333. 
Cluniaco, Gaufridus de^ 151. 
Cnoil, eoclesia de, 304. 
Cnut, Rex, 68. 
Cobbe, Gaufridus, 191. 
Cobicote, Andreas de, 266. 
Cobicote, Augerus de, 266. 
Coc, Aliu^edus, 172. 
Coc, Radulphus, et Matilda que 

ftiit uxor ejus, 22. 
Coc, Walterus, 162, 169. 
Cocaine, WiDielmus, 272. 
Cocus, Alanus, 258. 
Cocus, Alueredus, 122. 
Cocus, Emaldus, 431 . 
Cocus, Galfridus, 103. 
Cocus, Nicholaus, 200. 
Cocus, Ohverus, 124. 
Cocus, Osbertus, 172, 290. 
Cocus, Radulphus, 172, 207, 315. 
Cocus, Reginaldus, 229. 
Cocus, Robertus, 287. 
Cocus, Rogerus, 147. 
Cocus, Stephanus, 280, 297- 
Cocus, Walterus, 187. 
Cocus, Wido, 195, 196. 
Cocus, Williehnus, 178, 277. 
Cocus fii Nicholai de Winbis, f2ms^ 

Coddeham, Henricus de, 197. 
Codeham, Henricus de^ 2. 



Codeham, Robertas de, 289. 
Codie, terra, &e. in, 155. 
Coffin, Ricardus, 387. 
Coffin, Hugo, avunculus Ricardi et 
Hugonis Coffin, et Ricardus 
et Hugo Coffin, 442. 
Coffun, Hugo, 267. 
Coffun, Ricardus, 267. 
Coge, Ricardus, 131. 
Cogeleia, Gervasius de, 43, 119. 
Cogesha), villata de, 180. 
O^eshal, Monachi de, 160. 
O^geleia, terra in, 44. 
Cogeshat, Alexander de^ 180, 207. 
Cogb, Griffun filius Herewardi, 

Cokefeld, Cokesfel/f, Adam de, 15, 

16, 17. 
Cokefeld, Cokef, Robertus de, 

CokereH, Adam, 241, 329. 
Coket, Robertus, 254. 
Coking, lohanas de, 95. 
Coldelesberge, Adam de, 136. 
Colebi, ecclesia de, 409. 
Colebi, Warinus de, 278, 409. 
Colebi, Simon frater Warini de, 

Colebrand, Simon filius, 277, 281. 
Colecesti^, Ecclesia Sancti Johannis 

de, 354. 
Colecestre — Judasi de, 15, 16. 
Colecestre, Abbas de, 1 87, 353, 354. 
Colecestre, Gilbertus de, 358. 
Colecestre, Roidinus de, 223. 
Colecestre, Thomas de, 187. 
Coleham, ecclesia de, 368. 
Coleham, Walterus de, 138, 363^ 

Coleman, Herveus filius, 173. 
Coleman, Hugo, 171. 
Colen, Lambertus de, 290. 
Colesdeii, Colesdoii, Jordanus de, 

371, 382. 
Colesfa, Walterus de, 351. 
Coleshiit, ColeshuH^ esson apud, 

247, 250. 
Coleshitt, Nigellus de, 247, 250. 
ColeshHl, Coleshu!}, Robertus frater 
Nigelli de, 247, 250. 

ColestOD, Gillebertus de, 255. 
Colestoii, Philippus de, 310. 
Colevitt vel CnoleviJI, Lucas de, 

Colevifl, Coleuitt, Robertus de, 1 12, 

135, 225, 372. 
Coleuitt, Willielmus filius Gileberti 

de, 328, 329. 
Colint?, terra, lib tenementum in, 

Colinti', Ailid de, 334. 
Colint?, Rogerus de, 334. 
Collesden, Jordanus de, 119. 
Colne, Adam de, 30. 
Colnestoii, Robertus de, 136. 
Colonia, Lambertus de, 391. 
Colton, Nicholaus filius Radulphi 

de, 85. 
ColumbaP, Henricus, 307. 
Columbett, Gaufindus, 400. 
Columben, Gaufridus de, 332. 
Columbers, Philippus de, 244. 
Columbers, Thomas de, 135. 
Colmnbris v^/Culumbris, Philippus 

de, et Mabillia de Candos 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 252. 
Colun, Colonia, Prior de, 188^ 194, 

305, 311, 385. 
Com, Ricardus filius, 2. 
Comelawe, Stephanus de, 294. 
Comeswett, Exlmundus de, 163. 
Computator, Albinus, 6. 
Conan, Gilebertus, 283. 
Constancia, Walterus de, 95. 
Constancia, Comitissa Bretanii, 56, 

Constancia, uxorGaufridideSancto 

Martino, 77, 130. 
Constantia, quas fiiit uxor Mauseri 

filii Sarrae de Bonnevitt, 77. 
Constantia quae fuit uxor , 

Constantinus, et Aeleis uxor ejus, 

Constantius, 281. 
Copmaneford, Robertus de, 285. 
Coppelawe, esson apud, 234. 
Coppenet Willielmus de, 285. 
Corbet, Robertus, 217, 21ft, 27ft, 


I I 3 



Corbicun, Corbitun, Petnis, 223» 

Corbin, Galiridus, 113. 
0)rcin, Willielmus de, 79. 
Cordltn, Willielnms de, 173. 
Cordefin, Ricardus, 362. 
Corfeton, terra de, 26. 
Corfton, feodum, 22. 
Cormailles, Walterus de, 268. 
Cormeilles, Cormeitt, Abbas de, 1 1, 

Comeberi, Willielmus de, 129, 

Comfa, Robertus de, 436. 
Comhert, Augot de, 285. 
Comhifl vel Comhuii, Henricus, 

Haimicus, de, 14, 380. 
Comhili vel Cornhut, Radolphus 

de, 184. 
Comhili, 0)mehull, Radulphus de, 

et uxor ejus, 318, 349. 
Comhii}, Comehitt, vel Cornhulf, 

Reginaldus de, 14, 226, 

231, 249, 268, 423. 
Comilumft, Odo de, 257. 
Comilumb, Willielmus de, 257. 
Comubia, Comub, &c., 72, 86, 

118, 12^ 247, 250, 265, 

274, 336, 373, 374, 443. 
Coming, Johannes de, 257. 
Corwd}, Radulphus de, 344. 
Cosm, Williehnus, 105. 
Costard, Oliverus, 123. 
Costentin, Gaufridus de, 396. 
Costentin, Willielmus de, 24, 404. 
Costentun, Rogerus de, 277. 
Cote, David, 261. 
Cotenham, esson apud, 272. 
Cotenham, Johannes de, 272. 
Cotenham, Nichol de, 272. 
Cotenham, Walterus de, 272. 
Coterett, Williehnus, 227, 302. 
Cotes,*advocatio capellae velecclesie 

de, 375, 378. 
Cotes, terra in, 18. 
Cotes, Gaufridus de, et Sarra uxor 

ejus, 245, 248, 335. 
Cotes, Samson de, 185, 328. 
Cotes, Sarra de, 248, 328. 
Cotes, Savericus de, 378. 

Cotes, Sunon de, 283. 

Cotes, Cotis, Walterus de, 253, 


Cotingham, de, 30. 

Cotingham, Ricardus Parsona de^ 

Cotham, Nicholaus de, 415. 
Cotteham, Nicholaus de, 104. 
Couele, Alicia de, 276. 
Couele, Williehnus de, 246, 276. 
Couele, Walterus Clericus de, 248| 

CouelestoD, Radulphus de, 320. 
Coueleston, Gaufridus filius Radnl- 

phide, 320. 
Covent?, 97, 98. 
Coventi', Uft tenemodtum in, 66. 
Coventi', Conventf, tenentes de 

baronia, 5, 6. 
Coventf, Conventr, Canonici, 3» 

66, 67. 
Coventr, Conventf, Monachi, Prior 

et Conventus, Moyses Prior, 

3, 66. 
Coventf, prioratus, prioratus & 

baronia, 3, 66, 67. 
Coventr, ecclesia, 3, 66. 
Coventf, Episcopus, 71. 
Coventriensis, H. de Nonant Epis- 
copus, 66, 67. 
Coventriensis, Rogerus Episcopus, 

Coventr, Conventf, Wibert Sucoen- 

tor, 3. 
Coventf, Milo de, 238. 
Cradulan de Winton', Alexander, 

Crafton, Radulphus de, 97. 
Crakeford, Cnicford, Simon de^ 

278, 280. 
Crakehale, Warinus de, 99. 
Cramaville, Gaufridus, Godefiidus, 

de, 178, 185, 187, 194, 282, 

316, 375. 
Cramaville, Gaufridus'de, et Marii 

uxor ejus, 403. 
Cramaville, Willielmus de, 189, 

Cramfeld, Williehnus de, 217. 
Cramford, Gilebertus de, 315. 



Cramford, Ricardus de, 253. 
Cramford, Cranford, Willielmus 

de, 340, 403. 
Crassus vel le Cras, Ricardus, 17, 

18, 1*04, 246. 
Craucumbe, Alicia de, 277. 
Crauden, advocatio ecclesiae de, 

342, 349, 446. 
Craudon, Laurencius de, 404. 
CraudoS, Ricardus de, 324. 
Craule, Johannes de, 110. 
Crausete, Magister Johannes de, 

Craverang, Eustacius de, 296. 
Crec, Robertus de, 229, 270, 285, 

Crec, Robertus de, et Agnes uxor 

ejus, 310. 
Cref, Cref^ Rofferus, 302. 
Creissi, Alexander de, 109. 
Creseia, esson apud, 251. 
Crespin, Alexander, 124. 
Crestoii, terrae, &c. in, 308. 
Creta, Gretas, Pbilippus de, 261, 

Creuequer, Crewequer, Cruveqer, 

Emma de, 35, 452. 
Creuecuer, Matilda de, 84. 
Creuequor, Robertus de, 253, 

Creuitt, Williebnus de, 61. 
Criel, Johannes de, 103. 
Crikelade, Andreas de, 96. 
Criketot, Eunfridus de, 239. 
Criketot, Simon de, 372. 
Crioil, Johannes de, 36. 
Gripping, esson apud, 195. 
Gristescnerche, castellum de, 40. 
Gristiana mater Mathsei de Norton, 

Gristiana mater Willielrai filius 

Guidoni, 73. 
Gristiana qucc fuit uxor Roberti 

Fransigin£P, quae fuit uxor 

Robert] le Franceis, 86, 87, 

129, 130. 
Gristiana uxor Willielmi filii Luce, 

Gristiana, Christiana, uxor Willielmi 

Atewatf, 178. 

Gristiana quie fuit uxor Willielmi 

Bardleia, Bard, 11, 12, 55, 

Gristiana uxor Willielmi de Wi- 

chend, 18. 
Gristiana, Christiana, quae iiiit uxor 

Willielmi, 100, 341. 
Gristiana quae Aiit uxor , 

Cristianse, Alardus firater, 211. 
Gristianse, Christianae, Fhilippus 

filius, 333,400. 
Gristiana uxor Leonis Garpentarii, 

Gristiana uxor Willielmi Gemun, 

Gristianus, Henricus, 70, 73. 
Griueoer, Simon de, 1 12. 
Croc, Walterus, 253. 
Crocheston, Theobaldus de, 


Croftou, villa de, 340. 
Croiland, Abbas de, 104^ 
Groiland, essOn apud, 272. 
Groiland, Ricardus de, 272. 
Groiland, Thomas de, 272. 
Groindofi, Johannes de, 288. 
Grokestoii, Gervicus de, 104. 
GroketoD, Radulohus de, 264. 
Groperi, Simon de, 15. 
Crophii), terra de, 432. 
Grophitt, villa de, 379. 
Cros, Robertus, 405. 
Crowe, Ricardus, 401. 
Croxton, terra in, 427. 
Gruce, Galfiridus de, 152. 
Cruce, Petrus de, 163, 169. 
Gruce, Reginaldus de, 48, 54, 91, 

Cruce Roeis, Gruoe Roheise, de la 

Grous Rois, Prior de, 172, 

229, 359. 
Cruce Roheis, Ricardus de, 76. 

Gruce Rois, de, 152. 

Gruider, Willielmus, 119. 
Cnil, Remialdus, 262. 
Gruleia, Kadulphus de, 09. 
Cruwellee, liberum tenementum 

in, 431. 
Cubertus, 394. 

I I i 



Cuinain, Gilebertus, 237. 
Cuintereft, Neel, 243. 
Cukeni, feod milil in, 442. 
Culing, terra in, 400. 
Culterweg, Robertus, 165. 
Culterweg, Radulphus filius Ro- 

berti, 165. 
Culumbris, Philippus de, 252. 

Cum , terra in, 91. 

Cumbaut, Gaufridus, 284. 
Cumbe, capella de, 132. 
Cumbe, Ricardus de, 291. 
Cumbe, Simon de la, 1. 
Cumbe, WiDielmus de, 274. 
Cumberford, terra in, 321. 
Cumberland, 26, 258, 259, 278, 

CumberlanC^ custodia comitatus^ 

Cumbermaf, Nicolaus de, 87. 
Cumberton, liberum tenementum 

in, 329. 
Cumbure, essoii apud, 273. 
Cumdiaun, tenementum in, 66. 
Cumeston, Thomas de, 255. 
Cumin, WiUielmus, et Grecia uxor 

ejus, 351, 417. 
Cuming, Adam de, 331. 
Cumtevitt, Willielmus de, 271. 
Cumton, terra in, 321. 
Cumton, Ricardus pater Roberti 

de, 359. 
Cumton, Willielmus de, 115. 
Cumtun, Reginaldus de, 301. 
Cunan, Comes (Britannias), 56^ 
Cunan, Gillebertus, 429. 
Cuneb, 34. 

Cunein, Willielmus, 139. 
Cunesgeton, Johannes de, et Gile- 

bertus frater ejus, 284. 
Cunetorp, feod milil in, 401. 
CungestoS, Adam d^ 114. 
Cungeston, Walklinus, 114. 
CungestoS, Willielmus filius Ro- 
berti de, 114.' 
Cungestun, Johannes de, et Gil- 

bertus frater ejus, 452. 
Cunilde, Nicolaus de^ 131. 
Cunin, Willielmus, 310. 
Cuot, Walterus, 188. 

Curcelles, CurceB, CurcoUes, Wan- 

dr^is, Wandrigel, Waudri- 

gis, Wandrillus, WaudriuH; 

de, 265, 308, 310, 343, 

Curci, Johannes de, 298. 
Curcio, Robertus de, 142. 
Curcio, Willielmus de, 142. 
Curcun, Radulphus de, 275. 
Curcun, Williehnus de, 344, 350. 

Curmge, de, 36a 

Curpetit, Robertus, 382. 
Curr, Simon le, 70. 
Curruncestf, Abbas de, 432. 
Cursor, Ricardus, 280. 
Cursor, Rogerus, 124. 
Curt, Ricardus, 280, 391. 
Curt, Ricardus frater Renm le, 

Curteis, 280. 
Curteis, Adam, 401. 
Curteis, Rogerus, 408. 
Curteis, Willielmus le, 80, lia 
Curteis, Gilebertus filius, 280. 
Curton, Aluredus de, 228. 
Curton, Arnulftis de, 198. 
Curton, Hugo de, 187. 
CurtpeiiJ, l^inaldus, 390. 
Cur^itt, Rofferus, 400, 405. 
Curtpeifl^ WiUielmus, 406. 
Curtpeitt, Willielmus, pater Rogei 

Curtpeitt, 410. 
Cusin, Gilbertus, 226, 256. 
Cusin, Ricardus, 111. 
Cusin, Rogerus, 110. 
Cusin, Willielmus, 18. 
Cuthberti, Dunelm, Prior eedesue 

Sancti, 373. 

C , Priorissa de, 1 93. 

Ch , manerium de^ 43. 


Daalun, Alanus de, 425. 
Dacor, hundredum, 16a 
Dacus, Gilbertus, 70. 
Dacus, Rogerus, 45, 136, 136, 



Dacus, Willielmus, 85, 88, 234, 
235, 277, 278, 280, 304, 
345, 378, 389, 402. 

Dacus, Willielraus, et f^ma uxor 
ejus, 290. 

Dadington, ecclesia de, 322. 

Dagehale, Henricus de, 428. 

Dale, Ricardus filius, 324, 346. 

Dainton, Gaufridus de, 274. 

Daivii}, Johannes, 279. 

Daldtoii, liberum tenementum in, 

Balfin, 128. 

Dalham, Rogerus de, 241. 

Dallas, boscus in, 403. 

Dialling, terra in, 217. 

Dalling, Reginaldus de, 224. 

Dalling, Ricardus de, 264. 

Dalling, Rogerus de, 267. 

Daltoii, Robertus de, 221. 

Damberli, Radulphus, 353. 

Damberli, WUlielmus, 353. 

Damblie, Dambli, Gaufridus, 398, 
399, 405. 

Damblie, Radulphus, 398. 

Damerel, Rogerus de, 324. 

DamesweH; Lustacius de, 447. 

Danecastf, Cleriei de, 421. 

Daneis, Danesheia, hundredum de, 
162, 210. 

Dang, Robertus, lOa 

Dangele, terra in, 340. 

Daniel filius WiUielmi, 236. 

Danmartin villata de Bello Campo, 

Danmartin, Albricus de, 141, 258. 

Dan Martin, Aluredus, 289. 

Dan Martin, Walterus de, 2, S. 

Danuitt, Juliana de, 302. 

Danuft, Johannes de, 242. 

Danzel, Galfridus, 24. 

Dardene, Radulphus, et Thomas 
filius ejus, 124. 

Dardene, Rogerus, 291. 

Dardene, Willielmus, et Isolda uxor 
ejus, 274. 

Dareci, Thomas, 279. 

Darundel vel De Arundel, Williel- 
mus Prior, 405. 

Datlinton, ecclesia de, 329. 

Daueston, Robertus de, 405. 
Dau^es, Walterus, 320. 
Dauintre, Daventf, Simon de, 220, 

233, 364, 384. 
Daus, Ricardus de, 431. 
Dautes*, Matheus de, 323. 
Dautoii in Eborac, 95. 
Dauton, Hudardus de, 95. 
David, 275, 444. 
David cum Barba, 274. 
David, Comes, 329, 344, 350, 41 1, 

412, 433, 444. 
David, Robertus, 242. 
David, Willielmus, 44, 135. 
David filius Nicholai, 271. 
Davidis, Ricardus filius, 165, 220, 

Davidis, Walterus filius, 195. 

Davinti', de, 220. 

Deane, Ivo de, 254. 
Debbeham, feod milil in, 18. 
Decimator, Robertus, 268. 
Delewise, Martinus de, 424. 
Deliure, Radulphus le, 279. 
Delia, Emoldus de, 149. 
Dene, esson apud, 237. 
Dene, Amfiidus de, 261. 
Dene, Gilebertus de la, 237, 283, 

Dene, Godefiidus de la, 22. 
Dene, Ivo de, 281, 288, 376. 
Dene, Radulphus de la, 58. 
Dene, Thomas de la, 283. 
Dene, Warinus ad, 186. 
Denton, Gaufindus de, 290. 
Depeden, terra in, 196. 
Depping, Willielmus de, 284. 
Dereberc, Elisent de, 301. 
Derebi, Derebisif, 100, 134, 317, 

Derebi, Isolda de, 303. 
Derebi, Moniales de, 257. 
Derebi, Philippus de, 410. 
Derebi, Robertus de, 128. 
Derefeia, Adam de, 283. 
Derefeld, Gilebertus de, 404. 
Derehurst, Prior de, 7. 
Deresburc, redditus in, 70. 
Deresburc, Ricardus de, 71. 
Deresburg, feod in, 425. 



Derhitt, Rogerus de, 304. 

Derhurst, BLobertus de — pater Ma- 
tillidae uxorisAdfledeWestm, 

Derlee, Ricardus de, 353. 

Derlet, Gaufridus, 363. 

Derlewini, Mauricius, 205. 

Derling, Matheus de, 268. 

Desideratus, 231. 

Deskeling, Gaufridus, 353. 

Deubenie, Cristiana, 134. 

Deuias, capellania de, 30. 

Deuias, Robertus, 30. 

Deverel, terra in, 30, 39. 

Devonscire, Devon, &c. 45, 53, 65, 
71, 72, 87, 104, 108, 124, 
132, 134, 146, 147, 239, 
259, 260, 264, 271, 279, 
286, 304, 309, 313, 367, 
374, 387, 397, 411, 417, 

Devon, Ricardus, 223. 

Devoniensis, Rogerus, 132. 

Diaconus, Adam, 269. 

Diaconus, Godefridus, 29, 57. 

Diaconus, Johannes, 29. 

DicleswrtA, Huco de, 360, 361. 

Didtune, Willieinus de, 125. 

Dierham, Willielmus de, 126. 

DigeneswaH; Hugo de, 439. 

Digleswefl, Hugo de, 344. 

D^i, Johannes filius, et Emma quae 
fuit uxor ejus, 452. 

Dikesneswelle, Radulphus de, 152. 

Dikleneswelle, Hugo de, 152. 

Dilleg, Adam, 285. 

Dinant, Hawisia de, 34, 35, 376. 

Dinant, Sibilla de, 35. 

Dineweld — et Beatricia quae fuit 
uxor ejus, 394. 

Dionisia uxor Walteri Ham, 292. 

Dionisia uxor Willielmi Russefl", 

Dionisia uxor Williehni filii Wil- 
lielmi, 246. 

Dionisiae, Henricus pater, 154, 155. 

Dionisio, Hugo de Sancto, 188, 

Dionisio, Rogerus de Sancto, 365. 

Dionisio, Willielmus de Sancto, 188. 

Dionisius, 165. 
Dirston, Radulphus de, 390. 
Disenhurd, Gaufridus, 124. 
Dispensar, Thomas, 275. 
Dispensator, Alanus, 368. 
Dispensator, Aluredus, 182. 
Diton, terra, &c. in, 402. 
Diton, Johannes de, 402. 
Dittoii, Reginaldus de, 281. 
Dittune, esson apd, 125. 
Dittime, Alanus de, 125. 
Diua, Diue, Matilda de, 241, 315, 

321, 412, 4ia 
Diua, Philippus de, 32. 
Diua, Widode, lia 
Diue, Philippus filius Philippi de, 

Divam, Abbas Sancti Petri super, 

93, 128, 307, 314. 
Divam, ecclesia Sancti Petri siqi^, 

308, 314. 
Divinus, Johannes, et Willidmu 

fi:uter ejus, 153. 
Docking, villa de, 375. 
Dodene, Mauricius de, et Herveos 

filius ejus, 105. 
Dodington, ecclesia de, 19, 411, 

Dodinton, Robertus de, 98. 
Doget, Ricardus, 23a 
Doget, Rogerus, 277. 
Doget, Williehnus, 296. 
Dogg, Williehnus, 283. 
Dol, Hugo de, 262. 
Doleham, Albricus de, 314. 
Dolinton, Lucas de, et Joie quae 

fiiit uxor ejus, 363. 
Doltor, Williehnus, 1 la 
Don, Ailwinus de, 44a 
Doii, Fubertus de, 44a 
Donecastf, clerici de, 422. 
Donemow, Willielmus de, 174, 

Donesl, Donestapt, Dunesti^t, DoS, 

essoa & placita apad, 149, 

150, 151, 152, 153, 156, 

158, 160, 161, 166, 167, 

168, 175, 176, 215, 422, 


(v. Dunestapk.) 




Donewic, K^inaldus de, 372. 
Dontoii, Reginaldus de, 181. 
Dorel, Radulphus, 340, 349. 
Doresert, Ilobertus filius, 212. 
Dorsetscire, Dorsei, &C., 16, 17, 30, 

39, 81, 83, 93, 105, 263, 

264, 279, 282, 283, 295, 

296, 297, 316, 325, 330, 

334, 340, 366, 367, 371, 

395, 445. 
Dot, Hamo, 57, 58. 
Dotef, Robertus de, 126. 
Douencurt — homines villatae de, 

Douere,Doure,Fubertus, Folbertus» 

de, 230, 244, 396, 449. 
Douerton, Reginaldus, 227. 
Douniee, Simon, 292. 
Doura, Heubertus de, 147. 
Doure, Waltenis de, 331. 
Doxendeu, Willielmus, 287. 
Draconis, Adam filius, 434. 
Draconis, Osbertus filius, 269. 
Draffun, Gaufridus, 286. 
Draitoii, terra in, 398, 415. 
Draiton, Dreitan, Drauiton, Alicia 

de, 272, 286, 398, 414, 

Draiton, Johannes de, 170. 
Draiton, Drauiton, Josephus de, 

414, 272, 385, 39a 
Draiton, Petnis de, 142. 
Drake, Robertus, 51, 52. 
Dratton, Edeua de, 128. 
Dratton, Josephus de, 273. 
Dreitoii, Willielmus de, 27a 
Dreton, Rogerus de, et Alicia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 272. 
Dreues, Hugo de, 221. 
Driu, Walterus de, 2t*J4. 
Drogonis, Droc, Adam filius, 270, 

257, 284, 371, 399. 
Droies, Hugo de, 221. 
Drotog, Adam, 340* 
Drui, Gerardus filius, 100. 
Druin, Adam filius, 119. 
Dubbeck — advocatio eccticB de, 

Dudington, Gerardus de, 364. 
Dudington, Hugo de, 274, 356. 

Duleham, Albricius, Aubruc, de» 

190, 197, 19a 
Dulm, Prior de, 431. 
Dune, Henricus de la, 280, 410. 
Dune, Robertus de, 331. 
Dune, Rogerus de la, 212, 389. 
Dune, Willielmus de la, 287, 379. 
Dunel, Hugo, 164, 169. 
Dunel, Robertus, 165. 
Dunelmensis, Episcopus, 62, 242, 

258, 327, 387, 421, 422, 

Dunelm, Prior, 263, 264, 267. 
Dunelm, Prior ecclesiae Sancti 

Cuthberti, 373. 
Dunemow, Dunmowe, hundredum 

de, 179, 20a 
Dunemow, terra in, 204. 
Dunestan, Dunestou, ecclesia de, 

32, 37, 57. 
Dunestaple, David de, et Editha 

uxor ejus, 444. 
Dunestaple, Edith, Editha, de, 270, 

Dunestaple, Willielmus vinitor de, 

Duneston, villa de, da 
Dunewiz, Austiii de, 414^ 
Dunhag, Ricardus de, d3a 
Dunham, ecclesia de, 285, 399. 
Dunham, Alexander de, 283. 
Dunham, Alwi de, 273. 
Dunham, Ricardus de, 373. 
Dunham, Robertus de, 119. 
Dunham, Willielmus de, 43, 119, 

Duning, Radulphus de, 242. 
Dunlecne, Ricardus, 27a 
Dunmawe, Gilebertus de, 259, 267, 

Dunnemauwe, Willielmus de, 185, 

Dunstan, Robertus de, 289. 
Dunton, Laurencius de, 336. 
Dunvitt, Robertus de, et Emma 

uxor ejus, 15. 
Duptoii, Gauu'idus, 261. 
Duram, Radulphus de, 234. 
Durandi, Ricardus filius, 230, 312. 
Durandi, Thomas filius, 261. 



Durandi, WilHelmus filius, 263. 
Durandus, 396. 
Duredent, Everardus, 3. 
Duredent, Robertus, 260. 
Durington, Ricardus de, 231. 
Dusing, Robertus, 289. 
Duuere, Fubertus de, 256. 
Duvre, Rohesia de, 68. 
Dux, Radulphus, 262. 

D . • . . Henricus, 152. 

Duf Willielmiu de, 17& 


Eadmundus filius Roberti, 102. 

Eameden, plac apud, 178. 

Eaumeden, terra, &c in, 195, 196. 

Eboi — Eborac, &C., 6, 7, 11, 
18, 32, 37, 38, 41, 44, 45, 
48, 55, 72, 77, 80, 86, 89, 
92, 95, 98, 99, 101, 105, 
123, 127, 129, 132, 133, 
134, 136, 144, 145, 148, 
230, 237, 242, 246, 249, 
258, 264, 265, 267, 278, 
279, 295, 298, 309, 311, 
312, 314, 327, 337, 344, 
345, 350, 376, 381, 382, 
384, 385, 387, 399, 412, 
420, 421, 422, 428, 433, 
437, 438, 445. 

Ebof, civil, 385. 

Ebof, Dauton in, 95. 

Ebor, firma, 55. 

Ebor, Archiepiscopus, 18, 44, 49, 
376, 400. 

Ebor, Buchard Thesaurarius, 6. 

Ebof, Willielmus de, et Matilda 
uxor ejus, 227, 280, 302, 

Ech, Rogerus del, 326. 

Eclesho!, Ecleshal, Godefridus de, 
240, 39a 

Edeshol, Johannes filius Godefridi 
de, 240. 

Ecleshol vel Ecleshat, Willielmus 

filius Ricardi de, 52. 
Ecton, lib tenementum in, 145. 
Edburgeton, Raudulphus de, 185. 
Edelmeton, esson apud, 217- 
Edelmetoii, hundredum de, 217, 

Edelmeton, terra in, 217. 
Edenesford, liberum tenementum 

in, 33. 
Edesfeld, Petrus de, 130. 
Edeua Blanc Gemum, 304. 
Edgari, Johannes filius, 269. 
Edhaiua, 295. 
Edinl, EUas de, 53. 
Edisa uxor Gaufiidi, 271. 
Editha, Edith, 106, 154, 271, 

344, 346, 350. 
Editha soror Margarets?, Maijoris, 

de Wife vel Wike, 245, 24a 
Ekiitha uxor Davidis de Dunest^Ie, 

Editha uxor Willielmi Algar, 204. 
Editha uxor Willielmi Barat, Baret, 

450, 451. 
Edithce, Radulphus filius, 275. 

Edithae, filius, 81. 

Ediva, 375. 

Edmundi, Alicia filia, 342. 
Edmundi, Martinus filius, 212. 
Edmundi, Ricardus filius, 185. 
Edmundi, Simon frater, 169. 
Edmundi, curia Sancti, 16, 17. 
Edmundi, ecclesia Sancti, 25. 
Edmundi, libertas Sancti, 337, 

413, 414. 
Edmundo, Abbas de Sancto, 25, 

102, 125, 239, 329, 337, 

370, 401, 4ia 
Edmundo, Ricardus de Sancto, 

Edmundus, 162, 368, 424. 
Edmundus, magister, 386. 
Edmimdus filius Mari, 364. 
Ednothi filii Rogeri, Gerardus 

avunculus, 180. 
Ednot filius Osberti, 206. 
Ednot filius Rogeri, 206. 
Edolfus, et Matilda uxor ejus, 




Edric, Waltenis filius, 96. 
Edric, Willielmus filius, 206. 
Edwutli, Elueua filia, 346. 
Edwardi, Johannes filius, 211. 
Edwardi, Rannulfus filius, 182. 
Edwardi, Yrsilla filia, 364. 
Edwardi de Caldeuelle, Ema filia, 

Edward Fullon, Isilia filia, 296. 
Edwardo, Abbatissa & Moniales de 

Sancto, 65. 
Edwardus, 211. 
Edwardus Rex, 414. 
Edwardus filius Gileberti, 292. 
Edwi, Hugo filius, 302. 
Edwinestf, hundredum de, 160, 

Edwini, Alex filius, 232, 300. 
Edwini, Rofferus filius, 123. 
Edwini, Wdterus filius, 295. 
Effeld, feod milil in, 18. 
Egellna, 282. 
Egelton, Willielmus Bedett de, 


Egffeswrtl^, Willielmus de, 259. 
Egnam, Gilebertus de, 285. 
Egidius nepos Walteri Prions 

Sancti Andrasae de Nor- 

ham!, 449. 
Eia — curia honoris de, 13. 
Eie, Eustachius de, 281, 402. 
Eilefae, WiUielmus de, 365. 
Eililda vel ElUda, 84. 
Eilildae, Ricardus filius, 84. 
Einam, feod milil in, 321. 
Einebroc, essoii apud, 271. 
Einebroc, Robertus de, 271. 
Eineford, Beatricia de, 261, 364. 
Eineford, Ricardus de, 309. 
Eineford, Einesford, Theobaldus 

de, 309, 449. 
Eineford, Einesford, Willielmus de, 

et Alienora mater ejus, 3, 4. 
Einesber*, Abbas de, 430. 
Einesbroc, Robertus de, 325. 
Einesham, Einsham, Abbas de, 1 13, 

220, 374, 423. 
Eingeham, Priorissa de, 267. 
Eintorp, Hugo de, 134. 
Eistan, Willielmus de, 184. 

Eiston, Turstanus de, et Johannes 

frater ejus, 416. 
Eiton, 7. 

Ekent, Johannes de, 2. 
Ekintoii, Johannes de, 283. 
Ekinton, Stephanus de, 283. 
Ela uxor Willielmi de Marci, 351. 
Elchegeton, terra, &c. in, 323. 
Elesdoii, 236. 
Elfeini, Blakeman filius, 8. 
Elieini, Godefridus filius, 8. 
Elfeini, Godericus filius, 8. 
Elgedon, Willielmus de, 272. 

(£/i, Eliensy Sfc.) 
Eli — duellum apud, 125. 
Elieng, libertas, 177. 
Eliensis, Archidiaconus, 329. 
Eliensis, Episcopus, 34, 95, 176, 

290, 368, 413. 
Eliensis, Willielmus Episcopus, 67. 
Eliens Epi — curia, 34, 64. 
Eliensis — Senescallus Episcopi, 

329, 401. 
Elioe, Alanus filius, 382. 
Eliee, Alicia uxor, 253. 
Eliae, Emma filia, 18a 
ElioB, Galiridus filius, 91. 
ElixE, GiUebertus filius, 146, 167. 
Eliae, Hugo filius, 14. 
Eliae, Petrus filius, 285. 
Eliae, Silvester filius, 176. 
Eliae, Simon filius, 64. 
Eliae, Walterus filius, 124. 
Eliae, Willielmus filius, 22, 2a 
Eliffi de Belton, Abillia filia et 

heres, 436. 
Elias, 143, 165, 281, 393. 
Elias Gericus de Hoxton, 338. 
P^lias filius Adae, 45. 
Elias filius Bemardi, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 293. 
Elias filius Morkier, 37. 
Elias filius Oi^geri, 329. 
Elias filius WcJterus, 53. 
Elias filius Widonis, 269. 
Elicot, Jordanus de, 240. 
Elilda vel Eililda, 84. 
Elin^, ecclesia de, 402. 
Elingham, terra in, 373. 
EI in ton, Hugo de, 230. 



Qinton, Johannes de, 230. 
EUot fiUus WiUielmi, 239, 257. 
Elmcamp, Simon de, 52. 
Elmegardi, Aiwardus filius, 99. 
Elretun, lift tenementum in, 145. 
Eluena, 194. 

Eluena uxor Willielmi, 281. 
Elueua filia Edwardi, 346. 
Ema filia Edwardi de Caldeuelle, 

Ema uxor Robert! de Ouuitf, 17. 
EmaB, Willielmus filius, 282. 
Eknae, Petnis frater Willielmi filii, 

Embiri, Willielmus de, 388. 
Emelin, feod milil in, 374. 
Emelina mater Clemends, 363. 
Emelina qusefuit uxor Roberti, 35 1. 
£me?e, Rogerus de, 284. 
Emiton, Ricardus de, 227. 
Emma, 19. 
Emma filia Eliae, 188. 
Emma mater Willielmi de Peri, 362. 
Emma soror Stephani, 403. 
Emma que fuit uxor Johannis filii 

Adfie, 239. 
Emma qiue fuit uxor Johannis filii 

lyi, 452. 
Emma quae fuit uxor Radulphi 

filii Radulphi, 145. 
Emma uxor Michaelis Belet, 254, 

Emma uxor Philippi de Bumham, 

147, 223, 365. 
Emma uxor Roberti Bumard, 140, 

Emma uxor Roberti de Dunvifi, 

Emma uxor Roberti de Neovii, 

Emma uxor Turbemi de WroclnoB, 

Emma uxor Willielmi Daci, 234, 

Emma uxor Willielmi de Belag, 

Emmae, Walterus filius, 164. 
Emmas de Peri, Willielmus filius, 

et Fulko pater ejusdem 

Emmae, 26, 352, 362. 

Endon, Gilebertus de, 244. 

Ene^ Teobaldus de, 230. 

Ijigainne, Henricus, 119. 

Engaine, Guda, 269. 

Engaine, Enganie, Engayn, Ricar- 
dus, 171, 184, 325, 373, 
375, 378, 431. 

Engaine, Robertus, 331, 376. 

Enganet, Roserus, 6. 

Engelardi, Willielmus filius, 91. 

Engeram, Williehnus, 33, 100, 

Enxteswrth, Rofferus de, 289. 

Eon filius Radulphi, 171. 

Eon Sendais Willielmi de Loi^ 
Campo^ 171. 

Epping, capella de, 327. 

Erdele, campi de, 159. 

Erdeleia, feod milii in, 193. 

Erdington, esson i^ud, 258. 

Erdiue, Radulphus filius, 235. 

Erewe», Williehnus de, 369. 

Erleton, Rogerus de^ 378. 

Erling, esson apud, 259. 

Ermergarda, 152, 155, 156. 

Emergarda, Erm^ard, vd Ermeo» 
geuda, quos fuit uxor Ads 
de Mandevifl, 155, 166, 
360, 439. 

Ermingwurth, Ricardus de, 431. 

Emaldi, Hugo filius, 276. 

Emaldi, Ricardus filius, 227. 

Emaldus, 291, 431. 

Ernaldus filius Henrici, 171. 

Emaldus fiUus Rannulphi, 302. 

Ernoldi, Gerardus filius, 188w 

Ernoldi, Ricardus filius, 301. 

Ernoldus filius Herberti, 168. 

Emul^ Adam filius Roberti, 

Ernulfi, Adam filius, 97. 

Ernulphi, Robertus filius, 136. 

Erpefelde, Petrus de, 158. 

Eruis, Robertus filius, 274. 

EruiS, Williehnus filius, 347. 

Esbriham, Reginaldus de^ 32. 

Escalers, Willielmus de, 271. 

Escalers, Sibilla de, 330, 331. 

Escalles, Robertus des, 125. 

Esceling, Johannes, 236. 



Eschalers, Escalers, Hugo de» 176, 

Eschalers, Theobaldus de, 176. 
Eschirmers, Ricardus le, 208. 
Escodland, Escoldnd, Gaufridus, 

Escorchebef, Dionisia, 165. 
Sscotland, Escouland, Gaufridus, 

189, 200. 
Eselberg, Henricus de, 384. 
Eshou, Engeleisa, 149. 
Eshou, Wifiielmus de, 149. 
Eskebi, Willielmus de, 397. 
Eskelingham, Johannes de, 395. 
Esketot, Hamo de, 200. 
Espania, Lewinus de, 25. 
Espauling, Johannes de, 283. 
£q)e8, redditus in, 71. 
Espes, Ricardus des, 71. 
Espus, Jordanus filius, 1 13. 
E^ari, Ricardus de, 198. 
Esse, Radulphus de, et Matilda 

quae niit uxor ejus, 370. 
Esse, Ricardus de, 228. 
Esse, Walterus de, 222. 
Esse, Williehnus de Landa de^ 

Esse, Thomas filius et hxeres Ra* 

dulphi de, 370. 
Eflsebi, Durandus de, 98. 
Essebi, Radulphus, Rannulphus, 

de, 85, 97, 98. 
Essebi, Williehnus filius Roberd 

de, 85. 
Efiseleia, ecclesia de, 61. 
Easeleia, feodum de, 61. 
Esseleia, Petrus de, 61. 
Esselue, Radulphus de, Matilda 

guae fuit uxor ejus, 397. 
icardus de, 32. 

Esseton, Radulphus de, '^Sl. 

EsseweUe, redditus in, 427. 

EsseS, Esex, &c., 2, 5, 12, 20, 
22, 31, 41, 48^ 49, 52, 
70, 74, 93, 94, 99, 120, 
121, 125, 127, 129, 144, 
145, 146, 147, 173, 178, 
181, 184, 188, 196, 197, 
200, 206, 221, 222, 223, 
225, 226, 2;)0, 231, 232, 

Essex — ami. 

233, 241, 244, 245, 248, 
249, 251, 252, 253, 258, 
259, 262, 266, 267, 268, 
270, 282, 283, 286, 287, 
288, 289, 293, 295, 296, 
298, 299, 300, 305, 307, 
309, 310, 311, 313, 314, 
316, 318, 323, 325, 328^ 
330, 332, 334, 335, 338, 
343, 344, 345, 347, 349, 
350, 351, 353» 354, 359, 
363, 364, 367, 368, 369, 
375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 
380, 383, 384, 385, 388» 
395, 396, 404, 405, 416, 
417, 418, 423, 425, 428, 
435, 437, 439, 441, 442, 
447, 448, 453. 

Essex — amerciamenta com, 173, 
178, 181, 184. 

ElsseSc, Vicecome^ 75. 

£sse5c, Boueriis in, 188. 

Ease^ Gilebertus Foliot archidia* 
conus, 388. 

EsseS, Magister Hospital, 195. 

Essei, Esex, Henricus de, 93, 206. 

EsseS, Radulphus de, 119. 

EsseS, Willielmus de, 230. 

£sse5c filius Sweni, Robertus de, 

Essid de Thuang, Radulphus filius, 

Esswi, Stephanus, 425. 

Estden, terra in, 58. 

Latham, esson apd; 292. 

Estham, Henricus de, et Beatrix 
soror ejus, 261, 292, 383. 

Estham, Walte? de, 261. 

Estliam, Willielmus de, 299. 

Estillebiri, redditus, &c., 385. 

Ustlee, Thomas de, 222. 

Estleia, Esdee, terra, &c. in, 14, 

Elstmer frater Walteri Tirand, 

Estodelesford, hundredum de, 183. 

Estok, Prior de, 372. 

EstoS, terra, &c. in, 341, 374, 



Eston, Bemardus de, 126. 
Estoii, Henricus de, 112. 
Eston, Jordanus de, 431. 
Eston, Matheus de, 267, 373. 
EstoD, Radulphus de, 243. 
Eston, Robertus de, 303, 341, 374, 

Eston, Willielmus de, 341, 374, 

Eston, Matheus filius Odoni de, 

Estorp, terrae, &e. in, 343, 350. 
Estorp, Gaufridus de, 295. 
Estorpe, valor, &ۥ, 206. 
Estf, Villata de, 204. 
Estre, Ricardus del, 297. 
Estre, Rogerusdel, 2, 114, 116. 
Estrilda, 151. 
Estrill, Willielnnis, et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 423. 
Estringtoii, Adam de, 242. 
Estrinton, Ysilia de, 242. 
Estuild, 346. 
Esturmi, Hugo, 231, 343, 350, 

Esturmi, Hugo frater Radulphi, 

Esturmi, Johannes filius Hugonis, 

Esturmi, Walterus, 297. 
Estutevik, Hanselmus de, 132. 
EstwiS, Eistwich, ecclesia de, 4, 7, 

Estwic, Johannes de, 396, 
Eswefl, molendinum de, 159, 
Eswett, Elias de, 171. 
Eswett, Gilebertus de, 171. 
EsweH, Stephanus de, 171. 
Etfeld; Walterus de, 234. 
Etfled, feod milil, &c., 33a 
Ethere, Jacobus de, 290. 
Eton, ecclesia de, 142. 
Etton, terra, &c in, 427. 
Etton, Priorissa de, 65. 
Eucroc, Elias, 416. 
Eudonis, Johannes filius, 394. 
Euehaan, Galfridus de, 236. 
Euenton, Ricardus de, 96. 
Euerdon, Reginaldus de, 378. 
Euere, Hugo de, 331, 

Euereus, Walterus de, 14. 
Euerhench, Ricardus de, 327. 
Euerols, Cecilia de, 435. 
Euerset, Ricardus de, 340. 
Eugenia filia Alexandri filii Hen- 

rici, 311. 
Eugenii, Albreda filia, 306. 
Eugenius, 306, 384; 
EuUtarwegg, Eulterweg, Robertus, 

151, 354. 
Eurecurt, Herveius filius Leschild 

de, 180. 
{EustcKia vel Eustachian ^c.) 
Eustacia soror Isold ux WaK de 

Tatishall, 432, 433. 
Eustachia uxor Willieimi le Bret, 

Eustachii, Ailmaricus filius, 379. 
Eustacii, Eustacius filius, 198, 200. 
Eustachii, Henricus filius, 243. 
Eustacii, Heruicus, Herveius, filius, 

284, 308, 321, 322, 336, 

404, 435, 436. 
Eustachii, Osbertus filius, 100. 
Eustacii, Serlo filius, 179, 203. 
Eustacii, Willielmus filius, 196. 
Eustachii de Cantebr, Herveius 

filius, 324. 
Eustachius, Eustacius, 171, 269, 

270, 272, 301. 
Eustacius, Magister, 368. 
Eustacius filius Eustacii, 198, 200. 
Eustacius filius Rogeri, 269. 
Eustacius filius Walteri, 291. 
Eustachius filius Willieimi, 281. 
Euton, Ricardus de, et Beatrix 

uxor ejus, 427. 
Euueise, Jordanus le, 434. 
Euueise, Willielmus le, 255. 
Eva mater Roberti de Bosco, 275. 
Eva uxor Segari, 304. 
Eva uxor Roberti de Bosco, 373. 
Eva uxor Walteri de Witefidd; 

Eva uxor Walteri de Winelesfelcl, 

Ev», Agnes filia, 425. 
Evse, Alanus filius, 114. 
Evae, Simon filius, 25, 34, 35, 75, 

110, 125. 



Evenurd, Ricardus, 290. 
Everardi, Petnis fUius, 33. 
Evenurdi, Ricardus fUius, 335. 
Everardi, Rogenis filius, 140, 141, 

Everardi, Willielmus filius, 278, 

Everardus, 57, 234. 
Everardus filiuB Ailmeri, 184. 
Everardus frater Willielmi, 378. 
Everaudi, Robertus filiiu, 448. 
Everendk, Simon de, 325. 
Evereus, Cecilia de, 291. 
Everwic, Willielmus de, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 285. 
Everwinus avunculus Hugonis de 

Fulebroc, 42a 
Evesham, Abbas de, 52, 439* 
EwakleshoP, terra in, 378. 
Ewrestwicfa, Thomas de, 41. 
Exenet, homines de, 9. 
ExoS, Excestf, Canonici de, 118, 

Exoniensis, H. Episcopus, 140. 
Extranea, Emma, 223. 
Extraneus, Johannes, 13, 20, 23, 

24, 223, 365. 
Extraneus, Radulphus, 147. 
Extraneus, Robertus, 96. 
Ejra, Eustachius de, 402. 

Faber, Alexander, 259. 

Faber, Aluredus, 324. 

Faber, Hugo, 187. 

Faber, Johannes, 216, 218, 401. 

Faber» Normannns, 181. 

Faber, Ricardus, 277, 400. 

Faber, Robertus, 214, 28a 

Faber, Rogenis, 179, 203, 204. 

Faber, Sigarus, 173. 

Faber, WUlielmus, 159. 

Faber de Rokesham, Reinerus, 

Fabri, Ricardus frater Aluredi, 

Fackeham, Johannes de, 136. 

Fad, Emaldus, 28a 
Fad, WUIielmus le, 96. 
Faffuotre, Robertus de, 123. 
Faite, Thomas la, 355. 
Fakinberge, Walterus de, 95. 
Falconarius, Henricus, 254. 
Falconarius, Henricus, et Amicia 

uxor ejus, 398. 
Falconarius, Henricus, et Annora 

uxor ejus, 317. 
Falconarius, Hugo, et Amicia uxor 

ejus, 240. 
Falconarius, Ricardus, 292. 
Faledoo, Adam de, 258. 
Faleshangre, terra in, 146. 
Falesthorpe, Gaufridus de, 9. 
Falkeberg, Eustachius de, 224. 
Falkeberg, Walterus de, 442. 
Fambrig, Williehnus de, 26a 
Fambum, Walterus, 22a 
Fardinges, Ricardus de, 55. 
Farham, Willielmus filius, 132. 
Farnburgb, terra in, 307. 
Farnham, terra, &c. in, 371. 
Farsaus, Willielmus de, 376. 
Fastiherthe, Gilebertus, 152. 
Fat, Robertus, 293. 
Fauceliun, Faucelun, Bartholo- 

meus, 185, 197. 
Fauceliun, Faucelium, Faucelin, 

Willielmus, 185, 190, 197, 

198, 207. 
Fauconburge, Faukinberge, Ste- 

phanus de, 38, 98. 
Fauconburge, Faukenberge, Wal- 
terus de, 41, 42. 
Faukenberge, Walterus de, et Ag-' 

nes uxor ejus, 437, 442. 
Fauresham, Robertus de, 13a 
P aulham, terra de, 32a 
Fauuel, Ricardus, 268. 
Fauuel, Robertus, 272. 
Fauuel, Williehnus, 349. 
Faveresham, esson apud, 272. 
Faveresham, Faverisham, Fauret- 

ham. Abbas de, 138, 215» 

Fediua uxor Johannis de Serges» 

Fegge, Walterus, 261. 

Rot. Cur. Rko. 

K K 



Feisant, JcJiannes^ 282. 
Fekinton, Hugo de, 32, 71. 
Feld, Matilda de la, 287. 
Feletorp, esson apud, 101. 
Felicia uxor Hmnonis, Hamtmis, 

de Catesclive, Kattiscliue, 

282, 294, 295. 
Felicia uxor Jordan! de Utelicot, 

Felicia uxor Lucae de Brf^esheved, 

Felmigham, Ysaae de, 323. 
Feltham, villa yel manerivm de^ 

Fembrig, Fentoig, Fenbrigge, Wil- 

lielmus de, 180, 231, 423. 
Fennes, Willielmus de, 249» 
Fer, Reginaldus, 263. 
Fercedefi, Alia de, 135. 
Fereles, Gaufridus de, 378* 
Fereres, Come» de, 327, 
Fering, Thomas de, 13. 
Ferinton, Henricus de, 284. 
Ferlam, Edmundt», 346. 
Ferleg, Ricardus de, 421. 
Ferles, esson apod, 225. 
Ferles, terra in, 443. 
Ferles, Gaufridus de, 375. 
Ferles, Johannes de, 378^ 435. 
Ferles, Robertus de, 225, 259, 

Ferles, Ricardus pater Roberti de, 

Ferlington, Waltenis de, 141. 
Fernet, manerium de, 13. 
Femews, Robertus de, 267. 
Ferrariis, Radulphus de, 271. 
Ferrator, Thomas, 103. 
Ferrieres, Cecilia de, 92, 93. 
Ferur, Hubertus le, 69. 
Fescamp, Fescampo, Ricardus de, 

229, 305, 309, 311. 
Feskenges, feodum de, 32. 
Fesseus, Williebnus de, 233. 
Festerling, Festling, Bartholomfleus 

de, 179, 202. 
Feugeres, Radulphus de, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 38, 39. 
Feugeres, Robertus de, 45.^ 
Feugeris, Alanus de, 419. 

F&ngeffos, liberum traiementimi 
in, 145. 

Ficheth, Fichet, Thomas, 234, 275. 

Hcton, Wiltielmus de, 100. 

Fide, Gilebertus de Saneta, 355. 

Fide, Willielmus de Saneta, a 

Fielforde, Petrus de, 185. 

Fifhide, ecelesia de, 130. 

Fifhide, Williehnus de, 130. 

Figge, Rogerus, 315. 

FiKa Adae, Mai^areta, 261. 

Filia Ailwini, Matillida, 212. 

Filia Alexandri filii Henrici, Al- 
breda, 311. 

Filia Alexandri filii Henrici, Eu- 
genia, 311. 

Filia Alexandri de Fumam, AMna, 

Filia Alexandri de WinakcaS^ 
Laureta, 395. 

Filia Alwini, Alicia, 351. 

Filia Anegod, Gila, 44a 

Filia Auieiae, Alicia, 323. 

Filia Cristian» uxoris CarpcBlarii 
Leonis, Alicia, 210. 

Filia Cristianse uxoris Carpenl^ 
Leonis, Augnes, 210. 

Filia Edmimdi, Alicia, 342. 

Filia Edwardi, Elueue, 346. 

Filia Edwardi, Yrsilia, 364. 

Filia Edwardi de Caldeuelle^ Emi, 

Filia Edwardi Fullon, Isilia, 296. 

Filia Eliae, Emma, 18a 

Filia et heres Eliae de BdtoS, 
Abillia, 436. 

Filia Eugenii, Albreda, 306. 

Filia EvfiB, Agnes, 425. 

Filia Gaufridi, Agnes, 232, 270. 

Filia Gileberti de Linton, Matilda^ 

Filia Godefridi, Matillida, 5a 

Filia Hamonis, Baaillia, 44a 

Filia Henrici, Agnes, 246. 

Filia Henrici Andegavensis, Ag- 
nes, 250. 

Filia Henrici de Walde^ Agnes, 305. 

Filia Herevid, Alicia, 36. 

Filia Hervei, Cecilia, 36, 36, 

FUia Herwei, Gbda, 106, 107. 



Filia Hugonis, CecUia, 399, 431. 
Filia Hugonis de Candos, Juliana, 

Filia Hugonis de Plaiz, Helewisa, 

Filia Johannis de Wik^, Agatha, 

Filia Joscelini, Amicia, 222. 
Filia Lauretie Picot, Isabella, 251. 
Filia Leuerici, Wimarcia, 149. 
Filia Martini, Juliana, 212. 
Filia Matillidae, Juliana, 187. 
Filia MichaeliB, Alicia, 344, 350. 
Filia Nicholai, Basilia, 62. 
Filia Osmundi, Alicia, 348. 
Filia Petri, Mabilia, 274. 
Filia Rannulphi, Godeleua, 447. 
Filia R^inaldi de la Manebrigg, 

Margareta, 38a 
Fdia Ricardi, Adelina, 299. 
Filia Ricardi, Matilda, 356. 
Filia Ricardi Laban, Sarra, 385. 
Filia Roberti, Luciana, 442. 
Filia Roberti Walensis, Petronilla, 

Filia Rogeri, Roesia, 198. 
Fdia Simonifl, Petronilla, 437, 488, 

Fdia Siwardi, Alicia, 159. 
Fdia Swein, Beatrix, 428. 
FUia Walteri, Albrea, 422. 
Fdia Walteri, Margareta, 114. 
Filia Walteri Puiniant, Ajina, 178, 

Fdia Warini, Ascelina, 346. 
Fdia Warini, Ysmeina, 369, 39a 
FUia WUlielmi, AUcia, 313, 314, 

Filia WUlielmi, Matilda, 313, 314. 
Filia Willielmi de Cliiuili, Sarra, 

Flliae Alexandri de Windrevitt, Ro- 

bertus frater Lauretie, 395. 
Filiae Ricardi, Robertus frater Aug- 

netis, 155. 
Filii Bartholonuei, Simon frater 

Rogeri, 236, 289. 
Filii Bemardi, Johannes et Os- 

mundus, 360. 
Fdii Dauie, Fulko filius Rogeri, 35. 

FUii Em», Petrus frater Williebni, 

Filii Gervasii, Jordanus frater WU- 
lielmi, 267. 

Filii Guidonis, Ricardus filius WU- 
lielmi, 25. 

FiUi Henrici, Albreda filia Alex- 
andri, 311. 

Filii Henrici, Eugenia filia Alex- 
andri, 311. 

Filu Herberti, Johannes filius Wai- 
ted, 442. 

FUu Hugonis, Hugo filius Radulphi, 

FUu L^ard*, Gilebertus firater 
Godefridi, 262. 

Filii Lem, Radulphus filius Radul- 
phi, 182. 

Filii Luce, Robertus filius WiUiel- 
mi, 180. 

FUu Mathei, Abraham firater Hu- 
gonis, 404. 

Filii Philippi, Stephanus filius Ri- 
cardi, 234. 

FUu Radulphi, Regnerus firater 
WiUielmi, 425. 

Filii Radulphi, Ricardus frater 
WUliehni, 256. 

Filii Radulphi, Walterus filius Ra- 
dulphi, 268. 

FUu Roberti, Alanus frater Williel- 
mi, 42a 

FUii Roberti, Johannes firater de- 
mentis, 228. 

Filu Roberti, Johannes frater Ni- 
cholai, 411. 

Filii Roberti, Johannes frater Ro- 
berti, 34. 

Filii Aoberti, Rogerus filius Nicho- 
lai, 121. 

FUii Rogeri, Gerardus avimculus 
Ednothi, 180. 

FUu Simonis, In^erarous frater 
Roberti, 3a 

Filu Turlac, Thomas filius Radul- 
phi, 22a 

FUu Uri, Nicholaus filius Jordan!, 

FUii WUlielmi, Walterus firater Ni- 
cholai, 179. 

K K 2 



FiUi WtUielmi, WiUielmus filiud 

Ysabelke, 330, 
Filii Willielmi, Warinus firater Gan- 

fridi, 178. 
Filii Willielmi de Bemflet, Williel- 

mus filius Willielmi, 31. 
Filii Ysabellae, Willielmus filius 

Waiielmi, 330. 
Filiolus, Baildiwinus velBaldwinus, 

Filius Absalonis, Absolonis, Absa- 

Ion, AbsoloS, 326, 422, 

Filius Acardi, Robertus, 117. 
Filius Aceri, Johamies, 168, 170, 

Filius Achari, Robertus, 435. 
Filius Adae, Adam, 33, 100, 271. 
Filius Adae, Alexander, 194« 
Filius Adas, Elias, 45. 
Filius Adae, Ganfridus, 177. 
Filius Adae, Gilebertus, 183, 200, 

Filius Adae, Johannes, 179, 233. 
Filius Adae, Johannes — et Emma 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 239. 
Filius Adae^ Jordanus, 233. 
Filius Adae, Nicholaus, 158. 
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302, 401, 406. 
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Filius AilwijDi Pincemae^ Radul- 
phus, 216. 

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69, 343, 350. 

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Filius Aliciae, Willielmus, 70. 

Filius Alicia^ y 74. 













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Aluredi, Martinus, et Ma- 
tilda quas iuit uxor ejus, 

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