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Full text of "Routledge's French-English and English-French Dictionary"

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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a:-'. .',;.;. L'j:tox AND 

TILM.'-. ■ ■ -'DATIONS 
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/// Ca^r^^pUt^ Olcra^ 

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In preparing the preseftt Dictionary, 
the authors had it in view to compile not 
a dry nomenclature, but a work adapted 
to general use, and serviceable both to 
the English and to the French reader, 
and — ^notwithstanding its limited compass 
—presenting the highest possible degree 
of completeness and conciseness. To 
att&inthis point, it was an indispensable 
requisite in regard to the copiousness of 
words, in both languages, to separate the 
useful and practical from the useless and 
superfluous, and to select such words and 
expressions only as have a standard ac- 
ceptation iSwpolite society and in classic 
literature, and are warranted by the best 

To obtain the space necessary for this 
purpose, the authors have omitted all 
words out of use, vulgar and obscene ex- 
pressions and significations, synonymous 
meanings, etc., and their attention has 
been chiefly directed to the words and 
phrases newly formed and introduced 
in consequence of recent discoveries and 
inventions, particularly to Scottish phrase- 
ology, to the peculiarities of both lan- 
guages, and to technical terms. 

The Accentuation of the English words 
and the exact Pronunciation, correspond- 

Le Dictionnaire que nous publions n'est 
pas une s^che nomenclature ; c'est bien 
plut6t un ouvrage k I'usage des deux 
nations dont il renferme les richesses lexi- 
cologiques. Anglais et Fran9ais pour- 
ront s'en servir avantageusement. S'il ne 
constitue qu'un petit volume, il n'en a pas 
moins I'avantage d'etre concis et complet 
autant que pent I'^tre im dictionnaire. 
Pour le rendre tel, il fallait n^cessaire- 
ment faire un sage choix dans le riche 
tresor des deux langues, et tout en lais- 
sant de c6t6 ce qui 6tait superflu, ne 
donner place qu'aux mots et aux tours 
auxquels I'autorit^ des grands dcrivains et 
celle de la bonne soci^t^ ont irnprim^ le 
cachet de I'dl^gance et de I'urbanit^. 

Pour rester dans de justes limites, nous 
ne nous sommes occupes ni des mots 
surann^s, ni des locutions synonymiques, 
ni enfin des expressions triviales ou ig- 
nobles ; en revanche nous avons recueilli 
avec grand soin les idiotismes des deux 
langues, la phras^ologie 6cossaise, les 
termes techniques et en g^n^ral tous les 
mots et tours de formation rdcente que les 
d^couvertes et les inventions de nos jours 
ont fait passer dans la langue. 

La prononciation exacte des mots fran- 
^aiset anglais a ei6 not^dans Ijuneet 




ing to the idiom of both Nations, is added 
to the first as well as to the second part. 

Moreover the irregular forms and tenses 
of the verbs are inserted in alphabetical 
order, the fundamental significations care- 
fully separated by a semicolon from the 
secondary and figurative. 

I'autre partie du dictionnaire ; nous avons 
de plus indique I'accentuation de tous les 
mots anglais. 

Pour les formes irr^guli^res et les temps 
des verbes, nous avons pris soin de les 
consigner, en suivant I'ordre alphab^tique. 
Au moyen du point-virgule nous avons 
distingue la signification propre et primi- 
tive de chaque mot de ses acceptions 
secondaires ct figur^es. 

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« oy 29 7 ^ Digitized by Google 


a. adjective 

ad. adverb 

art, article 

c» conjunction 

/, feminine gender 

int. interjection 

in. masculine gender 

n» numeral 

//. plural number 

^n. pronoun 

Pr. preposition 

Prt. participle 

s, substantive 

V. a. verb active 

V, a. et n. verb active and neuter 

r. imp. verb impersonal 

V. n. verb neuter 

V. r. verb reflexive 


The words marked with a star ( • ) are irregular. 

hj represents the french j or ^followed by e^ t, y, and sounds like z in azure, 
or J in p 1 e a s u r e. 

/, in italics, denotes the liquid sound of // or / (the french / TiiouilU), and is pro- 
nounced as gl in the word seraglio. 
n, in italics, represents the french nasal sound, f. i. : pai;/, salo«, etc, 
H represents the french vowel u, and is pronounced as M in b u t, with the under- 
lip a little protruded. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

A, k, 7Ai,pr. to, at, oit, by, in,/or,/rom, about, against, 

Abaisse, ab-ays,/. uudercntst. [Ja/i. 

Abaissement, ab-a^s-maw, m. lowering ; abasement : 
Abaisser, ab-ays-ai, v. a. to lotuer, abate ; debase ; s' — , 

V. r. to fall, sink ; decrease. 
Abalourdir, ab-a-loor-deer, v. a. to stnn. 
Abandon, a-baM-do>i, m. abandonment ; forsaking ; 

dereliction ; k \' — , at random. 
Abandonn^, ab-a»-do-nai. m. rake. \prqfligacy. 

Abandonnement, ab-aM-don-ina», tn. abandoning; 
Abandonner, ab-a«-do*nai, v. a. to abandon, forsake ; 

give over: deliver up; s'— , v. r. to indulge, trust 

one's self; despoftd. 
Absisourmr. ab-a-soor-deer, see Abalourdir. 
Abatage, ab<at-ahj, tn. attting down. 
Abatant, ab-at-aM, tn. trttnk'light. 
AbAtardir, ab^u-tar-deer, v. a. to debase; spoik; s'— , 

V. r. to degenerate, 
Ab&tardissement, ab-au-tar-diss-ma», m. degeneracy. 
Abat^e, ab-a-tai,y^y?i!//»>^ off to leeivard. 
Abatis, a-bat-e, m. giblets ; offal. 
Abat-jour, ab-ahj-oor, »». sky-light. 
Abattement, ab-at-ma;/, m./aintness ; dejection. 
Abatteur, ab-at-ur, tn. feller. 
Abattoir, ab-at-tiirar, tn. slauehter-house. 
•Abattre, ab-at-tr, v. a. to fell, pull down ; deject ; s'— , 

V. r. to fall down; despottd. 
Abattu, e, ab-at-td, a. faint, defected. 
Abattures, ab-at-tftr, / //. abatures,pl. 
Abatvent, ab-ah-va«, m. penthouse. 
Abatvoix, ab-av-wa, m. sounding board. 
Abbatial, e, ab-ass-yal, a. of an abbot. 
Abbaye, ab-ai-ye,/ abbey. 
Ahhi, ab-ai, m. abbot. 
Abbesse, ab-ess,y: abbess. 
Abe, ah-bai-sai,, primer. 
Abcis, ab-say, tn. abscess. 
Abdication, ab-dik-ah-syo;/,/; abdication. 
Abdiquer, ab-dik-ai, v. a. to abdicate. 
Abdomen, ab-do-main, tn. abdomen. 
Abdc^daire, ab-ai-sai-dair, vt. spelling-book. 
Abecquer, ab-ek-ai, v. a. to feed {bit^s). 
Ab^e, ab-ai,/: mill-dam. 
AbeiUe, ah-bai/,^ bee. 
Ab^quer, see Abecquer. 
Aberration, ab-air-rah-syo«,yT aberration. 
AbStir. ab-ay-teer, v. a. to stup^y : s' — , v. r. to grow, 
Abhorrer. ab-or-rai, v. a. to abhor. [become stupid. 
Abime, ab-eem, m. abyss ;gu(/i 
Abtmer, ab-ee-mai, v. a. to throw into an abyss ; 

destroy, spoil; s'— , v. r. to sink. 
Abject, e, ab-hject, a. abject, base. 
Abjection, ab-hjec-syo«,y: abjection. 
Abjuration, ab-hjfi-rah-syo«,/: abjuration. 
Ablurer, ab-hjft-rai. v. a. to abjure. 
Ablatif. ab-lat-if, tn. ablative. 
Ablctte, ab.lett,y^ ablet. 
Ablution, ab-l(k-syo«,y7 ablutioti. 
Abn^^tion, a\>-tai-^ah-syon,f. abnegation, self-denial. 
Aboi, ah-bv\-a, Aboiment, ah-bwa-maM, m. barking ; — s, 

tn. pi. bay ; extremity, distress; Atre aux — , to gasp. 
Abolir, ab-o-leer, v. a. to abolish ; annul. 
Abolissement, ab-o-liss-ma», tn. abolishment. 
Abolition. ab-o-le-syow,yC abolition. 
Abominable, ab-o-me-nah-bl, a.— ment, ad. abominable. 
Abomination, ab-o-me-nah-syo«,/". abotnination. 
Abondanmient, ab-07<-dam-a;/, ad. abundantly. 
Abondance. ab-o«-da«s,/ abundance, plenty. 


Abondant, e, ab-o«-da«. — t, a. abundant, plentiful. 

Abonder, ab-o;t-dai, v. a. to abound in. 

Abound, ab-o-nai. m. subscriber. 

Abonnement, ab-on-nia», in. subsct^piion. 

s'Abonner, ab-o-nai, v. r. to subscribe. [better^ 

Abonnir, ab-o-neer, v. a. to improve; s* — , t'. r. togrotv 

Abord, ab-or, in. access ; approach : d' — , at first. 

Abordable, ab-or-dah-bl, a. accessible. 

Abordage, ab-or-dahj, m. boarding. 

Aborder, ab-or-dai. v. a. et n. to approach, accost; 

board, handle; land; s*— , v. r. to rtmfoul. 
Abomement, ab-orn-ma«, tn. limitation. 
Abomer, ab-or-nai, v. a. to limit. 
Abortif, ive, ab-or-tif, — iv, a. abortive. 

Al'i.iUChcmrnT, :ibrnns.|i.iii:i*(, tn. ^-.ruffirtnY. 

Alujuchcr, ab-Qo-shnll. IK a. ft brtug fi^^ttAfr; *'—,«'. r. 
Al "lut, iib.on, UK Atiit^H^. (fit csn\0ir with. 

AbouEir, Jib-WMteen t^ u. tiieonfiuf^fifin ; end. 
A I ..utiss.inii, nln-oo-ttS3-ii«K m. pL nhtttnli.pL 
Al..:jytJ";seflHiUt, att-O^EiUh-lllilK, m. fkinj^-ptece ; sup- 
AL.n^'cr, 4h-W4t'yaJ, t'. w. ftJ titfk,yf/p. \pnration. 

Al:.c.yq»jr, nb-w^t yur, m. biinter. 
AX'ti^i, ab Mi-hJaJ, m, abffdgTnt 
AX'tigtr, uh-n^-hJAl v. tr.teat'ridgr. 

At'rcuver, ab-rtili-lmk, p. a. ta ■H'atfr; Ji'— 1 1'. r. la drink. 

At r^uvDir, ab-mh-v^iraif, m. Ai'rtp/tfirrf, 

Alf€*Uti:Vif, ab-rnJ-VC'dS-iar, rft, ai^Fet'tiafor. 

Alr**¥JaEit ivt, aLi-rai-vt^l st — if. a. abbire'iairve. 

Abrtfviatidll, ah-Tul-voait-sjon, f airbretfiaiian^ 

Abf ^Vlfl*, aLh-Tai^n;^, r. a. i^ nbtrreiatey 

Abri, al>rc. m, iftf^ier; i 1'^^. tfifdrr ev^fr. 

Aliriccrt. ajj-rc-koh. wr, (Ipricfi^ 

Abricotlcr, Bb-rc-kot-yaiK Wf, apri(vf-tnf. 

AbriEcT,, ab^fv-iqi, t', it, fj shtfftr, thtfdf. 

Abroj:ation, ali-m-i^h-sj-n*i|jr; aitregatiott. 

Abroi^er, al>-ro-hJiiU '■■ n. tf> rrf^rfi^aff. fgrtm stupid. 

Abmtir^ fit>'ril-le?r, t'. a. t^t b^sct. JtTtpt^ ; t'— , v. r. to 

Abrutissemcnt. nb-f C-4tes-niaff, m. bruttiknets. 

Absence. ati-«a«is,y: ah^entr^ 

Ab-^cnt, Cr nlb^i'^ — t, a. nbttHt. 

s'A ^ ■ ^ r; r I- r, : ,1 i rx 'J ^t at r. r. ft? ahstnf ones telf 

Al ■ ■ - •.' I , /: 'fiH-it'trrTFPad, 

At ! .. -J'. — ixi^nt, ad. akifitftlf. 

At- ■ ■ W ■AVfttf. it^Hi-^iiifwn. 

Abv. ,...:■.:„:■ .r - ■ I f, -1 ' .r! ! . ^^Z .. r ,■ 1 ..■-., V J ... 

Absolutiste, ab-so-lfl-tist, m. absolutist. 
Absolve, ab-solv, see Absoudre. 
Absorber, ab-sor-bai, v. a. to absorb ; consutne. 
Absorption, ab-sorp-syo«,/; absorption. 
Absoudre, ab-soo-ar, v. a. to absolve, acquit. 
Absous, te, ab-soo, — t, see Absoudre. 
Absoute, ab-soot.y; absolution. 
Abst&me, abs-taiin. a. abstemious. 
•s'Abstenir, abst-neer, v. r. to abstain. 
Abstergent, e, abs-tair-hja7<, — -t, a. abstergent. 
Abster^er, abs-tair-hjai, v. a. to cleanse. 
Abstersif, ive, abs-tair-sif, — iv, a. abstersive. 
Abstersion, abs-tair-syo/f, / abstersion. 
Abstinence, abs-te-na^/s,y: abstinence. 
Abstinent, e, abs-te-na», — t, a. abstinent. 
Abstraction, abs-trak-syo^.J*^ abstraction. 
•Abstraire, abs-trair, z: a. to abstract. 
Abstrait, e, abs-tray, — t, a. abstract, abstruse. 
Abstrus, e, abs-trA, — s, a. abstruse. 
Absurde, ab-sfird, a. — ment, ad. absurd. 
Absurdity, ab-sfir-de-tai,/: absurdity. 
Abus, ab-{i, tn. abuse; error. 

Abuser, ab-fl-zai.^ f. ^. et «. t{\ ^^iv\i^t^ki^^< : 
seduce ; s'— , v. r. to nistak.'. I >^J Vj VJ V L V^ , 




Abusif, ive, ab-fi-zif, — iv, a. abusive. 

Acabit, ak-ab-e, m. taste; quality. 

Acacia, ak-ass-yah, m. acacia. 

Acad^micien. ak-ad-ai-miss-yabi, m. academician. 

Acad^mie, ak-ad-ai-me,^ academy. 

Acad^miquc, ak-ad-ai-tiiik, a. — ^ntent. ad. academical. 

Acadtoitste, ak-ad-ai-mist, tn. academtst. 

s'Acaj?narder, ak-an-yar-dai, v. r. to n^row slot?0tl. 

Acajou, ak-a-hjoo, m. mahogany- 

AcariAtre, ak-a-re-au-tr, a. peevish. 

Accablant, e, ak-kah-bla«, — t. a. luavy : grievous. 

Accablemcnt, ak-kah-bl-ma«, m. heaviness. 

Accabler. ak-kah-blai. v. a. to overwhelm : oppress. 

Accaparement, ak-ap-ar-ma>i, m. monopoly, forestall; 

Accaparer. ak-ap-ar-ai. v. a. to/orestall. li/ig. 

Accapareur, ak-ap-ar-ur, m. forestaller. 

Accastillage, ak-kas-ti/-ahj. m. upper-works, pi. 

Accider, ak-sai-dai, v. n. to accede. 

Accdl^rateur, ak-sai-lai-rat-ur, m. accelerator; —trice, 
— triss, a. accelerating. 

Acc^Wrer, ak-sai4ai-rai, v. a. to accelerate; voiture 

Accent, ak-sa^/, m. accent. [accikree.yfy-owf/r. 

Accentuation, ak-saw-ta-ah-syow,/. accentuation. 

Accentuer, £ik-sa»-tQ-ai, v. a. to accent. 

Acceptable, ak-sep-tah-bl, a. acceptable. 

Acceptant. ak-sep-ta/i, see Accepteur. 

Acceptation, ak-sepKtah-syo»«,y^ acceptance. 

Accepter, ak-sep-tai, v. a. to accept. 

Accepteur, ak-sep-tur, m. accepter. 

Acception, ak-sep-syoM, yC acceptation; signification; 

Acc^s, ak-say, m. access; Jit. \regard. 

Accessible, ak-sess-sibl, a. acassibU. 

Accession, ak-sess-syoM,y^ accession. 

Accessit. ak-sess-sit, m. second premium. 

Accessoire, ak-sess-swar, a. accessory. 

Accident, ak-se-da/t, m. accident ; chance. 

Accidentel, le, ak-se-daw-tel, a. — lement, ad. acci- 

Accisc, ak-seez, /". excise. [dental. 

Acclamation, ak-klah-mah-syo«,yr acclamation ; sltout. 

Accliinater, ak-kle-mat-ai. v. a. to accustom to a 

Accointance, ak-wai«-ta//s,y^ acquaintance, [climate. 
Accolade, ak>o-lad,y: hug. 
Accoler, ak-o-lai, v. a. to hug; Join; embrace. 
Accommodable. ak-ko-mo-dah-bl, a. suitable. 
Accommodaj^e, ak-ko-mo-dadii, m. dressing. [way. 
Accommodement, ak-ko-mod-ma«, fft. agreement; 
Acroinmoder, ak-ko-mo-dai. v. a. to accommodate; ad- 

Just, adapt ; fit up; make up ; s' — , v. r. to agree ; 
comply ; be made up. 
Accompagnateur, ak-ko;t-pano]rat-ur, m. accotnpanier. 
Accompa^ement, ak-kow-pan-y^-ma^/, tu. accompani- 
ment, [escort. 
Accompagner, ak-koM-pan-yai, v. a. to ttccompany ; 
Accomplir, ak-ko//-pleer, v. a. to tuxomplish, perform ; 
s' — , V. r. to be accomplished. [ment. 
AccomplLssement, ak-ko/t-pliss-niaM, m. accotnplish- 
Accoro, ak-or, m. agreement ; accord, consent ; d' — I 
Accordable. ak-or-dah-bl, a. grantable. [granted! 
Accordailles, ak-or-da/,/: pi. espousals, pi. 
Accord^e, ak-or-dai,y; bride. fs'— , v. r. to agree. 
Accorder, ak-or-dai, v. a. to grant ; reconcile; tune; 
Accordeur, ak-or-dur, m. tuner. 
Accordoir, ak-or-d\var, tn. tuning-key. 
Accorer, ak-o-rai, v. a. to prop. 
Accort, e, ak-or, — t, a. complaisant, easy. 
Accostable, ak-os-tah-bl, a. accostabU. [company with. 
Accoster, ak-os-tai, v. a. to accost; s' — , v. r. to keep 
Accoter, ak-o-tai. v. a. to prop ; s' — , v. r. to lean 
Accotoir, ak-o-twar, m. Prop. [against. 
Accouchde. ak-oosh-ai./T woman in childbed. 
Accouchement, ak-oosh>ma«, m. delivery. 
, Accoucher, ak-oo-shai. v. a. to deliver. 
Accoucheur, ak-oo-shur, m. man-midivife. 
Accoucheuse, ak-oo-shuz,/! midwife. 
s'Accouder, ak-oo^lai, v. r. to lean on one's elbow. 
Accouple, ak-oo-pl, / brace, leash. 
Accouplement, ak-oo-pl-ma», m. coupling. 
Accoupler, ak-oo-plai. v. a. to couple; s' — , v. r. to 
• couple, pair. [v. r. to grow short. 
Accourcir, ak-oor-seer, v. a. to shorten, abridge ; s' — , 
Accourcisseinent, ak-oor-sias-man, m. shortening. 
•Accourir, ak-koo-reer, V. n. to rtm, hasten. 
Accoutrement, ak-koo-tr-nuu<. m. garb. 
Accoutrer, ak-koo-trai, v. a. to accoutre. 
Accoutumance, ak-koo-tft-ma«s,/: habit. 
Accoutum^, e, ak-koo-tfi-mai, a. accjtstomed ; usual. 
Accoutumer, ak-koo-tfi-mai. v. a. to accustom; s*— , 

V. r. to inure one's self to. 
s'Accouver, ak-koo-vai, v. r. to hatch. 
Accriditer, ak-krai-de-tai, v. a. to accredit; s'—, v. r. 

to get into credit, to get a name. 
A<?;roc, alfc-rQh, m. r'mt^ VMpedimeftt. 

Accroche, ak-krosh, f. obstacle. [v. r. to be caught. 

Accrocher, ak-kro-shai, v. a. to hang up ; delay; s'— , 
•Accroire. ak-kro-aur, v. n. to believe ; s'en iaire — , to 

be self-conceited. 
Accroissement, ak-krwass-man, m. increase. 
•Accroitre, ak-kro-ah-tr, v. n. et s'— , v. r. to increase. 
Accroupi, e, ak-kroo-pe. a. squat. 
s'Accroupir, ak-kroo-peer, v. r. to squat. 
Accroupissement, ak-kroo-piss-ma//, in. squatting 
Accru, e, ak-rA, a. increased. [down. 

Accueil, ak-u/, m. reception. 
•AccueiUir. ak-u/-eer. v. a. to recei'Z'e. 
Accul, ak-A, m. blind alley ; small bay. 
Acculer, ak-kA-lai, v. a. to drive to a comer; s' — , v. r. 

to betake one's self to a corner. 
Accumulation. ak-kii-njfl-lah-syo«,/: acatmulation. 
Accumuler, ak-kA-md-lai, v. a. to heap up ; s' — , v. r. 
Accusable, ak-kik-zah-bl. a. accitsable. [to increase. 

Accusateur, ak-kfl-za-tur, m, acatser. 
Accusatif, ak-kO-zat-if, m. accusative. 
Accusation. ak-kfl-zah-syo«,/C acaisation ; charge. 
Accuse, ak-kfi-zai, m. culprit. 
Accuser, ak-kfl-zai, v. a. to acatse ; reproach. 
Acenser, ass-a/t-sai, v. a. to let out, farm. 
, Acerbe, ass-airb, a, acerb ; sour ; rough. 
Acerbity, ass-airb-e-tai,/. ascerbity. 
Acere, e, ass-ai-rai, a. sharp ; steely ; keen. 
Acirer, ass-ai-rai, v. a. to steel. 
Aceteux, se, ass-ai-tuh, — z. a. acetous. 
Achalandage, ash-al-au/-dahj. m. custom. 
Achalander, ash-al-a^«-diu, v. a. to get eustotn ; s— , 

V. r. to get customers. 
Acham^, e, ash-ar-nai, a. eager. 
Acharnement, ash-am-ma«, m. rage, fury. 
Acharner, ash-ar-nai, v. a. to fiesh ; provoke, rouse; 
Achat, ash-ah, m. purchase, [s' — , v. r, to be set upon. 
Achees. ash-ai./://. lobworms. 
Acheminement. ash-min-ma», m. means. 
Acheminer, ash-min-ai, v. a. to forward ; s'—, v. 

gofotward; set out. 
Achetpr, ash-tai, v. a. to buy, purchase. 
Acheteur, se, ach-tur, — uz, s. purchaser. 
Achevd, e, ash-vai, a. perfect. 

Achevement, ash-ay v-ma/i. m. finishing ; per/ectioit. 
Achever. ash-vai, v. a. to finish ; complete. 

Ac*»ippeiisent, asli-o): _ 

Ac ■>-'c-^ Tiiil3-cjr, m, ft. 

Aci- ii.-.'. nbS'^li-^?-^+E^ j^ . 

Aci"-. iLhi^y^i. m. itrt^' 

Aci-.-il:, iiii?i'>Mlr'<eK7! . 

Ac-lys:.., :Lk-0t-Jtt. w. 4-P( 
liiicsri ttk-«j-kc-ii.ii. 
:i<LLI?» .ik-iHK'tik, 
rcLir, alt-di-mr,, u 
■ rir, alc-aj^rcer. ■ 
In uk'B^, NT, an^. 


Ac- ■: 

Ac I . 
Ac |.. 
Ac-i I 
Ac .. 


Ac.. I 
Ac i-. 

In Uk'BF, NT, J 

JTf A .. 

. m. stumbling-block. 

■ lor. 

■ Hty, sourness. 

■ ord. 

■ 1. to allure ; s' — , v. r. to be 
■ coustics. [bewitched. 

.' .-. yer. [to be acquired, ga in. 
'i to acquire, buy ; s' — , r. r. 
A profit. 

M, m. compliance. 
'I. to acquiesce, comply, 
itnt {see Acqu^rir). 
■; acquisition, purchase. 
. 'ice ; lead; — de douane, 
•1. acquittal. [cocket. 

acquit, clear, pay ; s' — , 

. ak'y._ 

.-.C(fr, alt-ycss-iai. 
>- .ik-JSh m. at'ififi 
■.Jii'in, at-e-jc-fty, 

[ iJiUcnt, nk^tU']] u, 

u.T. ,ik-\n;iK ■:. 
*•••'- ai.ii.r'.„,j4.. i/ru^ vjf; lead. 
Acre, au-kr, m. acre ; —, a. sharp, sour. Uiess. 

Acretrf, au-kr-tai, Acrimonie, ak-re-nio-ne, y; sharp- 
Acrimonieux, se, ak-re-mon-yuh, — z, a. acrimonious. 
Acrobate, ak-ro-bat, m. rope-dancer. ^ 
Acrostiche, ak-ros-tish, fn. acrostic. 
Acte, akt, m. act, deed ; — s, //. records, rolls, pi. 
Acteur, ak-tur, m. actor, player. 

Actif, ive, ak-tif, — iv, a. — ivement. ad. active, nimble. 
Action, ak-syo«,y: action ; battle, fight ; share ; — de 

graces, thanksgiving. 
Actionnaire, aks-yo-nair, m. shareholder. 
Actionner, aks-yo-nai, v. a. to sue at law. 
Activer, ak-tiv-ai, v. a. to fortoard ; instigate. 
Activity, ak-tiv-e-tai,y: activity; quicktuss. 
Actrice, ak-triss,y: actress. 

Actuel, le, ak-td-el, a. actual; real; —lement, ad. 
Acutangle, ak-fit-a^gl, a. acutangular. [really ; uotv. 
Adage, ad-ahj, m. adage. 
Adaptation, ad-ap-tah-syo«,y: adaptation. 
Adapter, ad-ap-tai, v. a. to adapt, fit ; s'— , v.r. to com- 
Addition, ad-diss-vo», f. addition. \ply with. 

Additionnel, le, ad-diss-yo-nel, a. additional, 
AddiUonner, ad-diss-yo-nai, v. a. to cast up. 
Ademption, ad-a«-syo«.y: ademption. 
Adepte, ad-ept, m. adept. 
Adeauat, e, ad-ai-kah, — t, a. adequate. 
Adherence, ad-ai-ra;/»,/: adhesion, C 

ADH [91 

Adherent, e, ad-ai-ra^/, — t, a. adherent. 

Adherer, ad-ai-rai, v. h. to adhere. ^^^^-^^ 

Adhesion, ad-ai-zyo/f. /. adhesion. *****^' ^ {leave. 

Adieu, ad-yuh. m. fareweU : faire ses — x, to ttUte 

Adition. ad-is-yo«,/: acceptance (inheri.a'tce). 

Adjacent, e, ad-hjah-sa>f. — t, a. adjacent, [adjectrvely. 

Adjectif, ad-hjec-tiC fn. adjective: — iveinent, ctd. 

•Adjoindre, ad-hjwai«-dr, v. a. to adjoin, associcUe, 

Adjoint. ad-hjwaiH, m. assistant. 

AcQonction, ad-hjo«lc-syo«,/: adjunction. 

Adjitdant, ad-hjA-da», m. adjutant. 
. Adjudicataire, ad-hJA-de-kat-air, nt. highest bidder. 

Adjudication, ad-hjfi-de-kah>syo»,/: adjudication. 

Adjuger. ad-hjQ-hiai, v. r. to adjudg^e. 

Adjuration, aa-hJu-rah-syo^/.yT adjuration. 

Adjurer, ad-hjQ-rai, v. a. to adjure, sutnmon. 

'Admettre, ad-mettr, v. a. to admit; let in. 

Adminicule, ad-me-ne-kfil, m. adminicle, aid. 

Adininistrateur, ad-me-niss-tra-tur, m. administrator. 

Administratif, ive, ad-me-niss-trat-if; — iv, a. adminis- 

Administration, ad-me-niss-trah-syon, f. administra- 

Administrer, ad-me-niss>trai, v. a. to administer, \tion. 

Admirable, ad-me-rah-bl, a. — ment. cut. admirable. 

Admirateur. ad-me-rat-ur. m. —trice, — triss, /. ad- 

Admiration. ad-me-rah-syo»,yC admiration. \mirer. 
I Admirer, ad-rae-rai, v. a. to admire ; wonder. 

Admis. ad-me. see Admettre. 

•Admissible, ad-miss-sibl. a. allowable. 

Admission. ad-miss-yoM, /I admission. 

Admon^t^ ad-mo^nai-tat, m. admonition. 


Admon^ter, ad-mo-nai-tai. v. a. to admottish. 
Admonition. ad-mo-ne-syo«,/: admonition. 
Adolescence, ad-o-less-sa^is,/". adolescency. 


Adolescent, e, ad-o-less-san, — t, a. young ; — , m. young 
Adoniser, ad-o-ne-zai, v. a. to bedizen, dress : s'— , v. r. 

to dixen one's self out. 
s'Adonner, ad-o-nai, v. r. to addict, apply one's self, take 
Adopter, ad-op-tai, v. a. to adopt. [to. 

Adoptif, ive, ad-op-tif, — iv, a. adoptive. 
Adoption. ad-op-^OM.yC adoption. 
Adorable, ad-o-rah-bl, a. adorable. 
Adorateur, ad-o-rat-ur, m. adorer. 
Adoration, ad-o-rah-syo/i.yi adoration. 
Adorer, ad-o-rai. v. a. to adore. 
Ados, ad-oh. m. shelving-bed. 

Adosser, ad-oh-sai, v. a. to put back to back ; lean 
, against; s' — , v. r. to lean nite's back against. 
Adoucir, ad-oo-seer, v. a. to sweeten ; allmiate ; soothe; 

s* — , V. r. to become sweet. [emollient. 

Adoucissant, e, ad-oo>se-sa^i, — t, a. softening: — , m. 
Adoucissement. ad-oo-siss-man, m. softening. 
Adresse. ad-ress,y: address: direction. [to apply to. 
Adresser, ad-ress-ai, v. a. to acUiress ; direct ; s — , v. r. 
Adroit, e, ad-drwa. — t, a. — ement, ad. dexterous, 
Adulateur. ad-{il-at-ur, in.flatterer. [skilful. 

Adulation, ^-^Aaii-s^on,/. flattery, 
Aduler. ad-Q-Iai. v. a. to flatter. 
Adulte, ad-filt. a. adult. 

Adulteration, ad-Ql-tai-rah-syo»,yT adulteration. 
Adult^e. ad-Al-tayr, a. adulterous; — , m. adulterer; 

Adulterer, ad-fil-tai-rai. v. a. to adulterate. 
Adult^rin, e. ad-Ql-tai-rain, — rin, a. adulterine. 
•Advenir, ad-v»A>neer. v. n. to happen. 
Adventice, ad-va«-tiss, a. adventitious. 
Adverbe, ad-vairb, m. adverb. 
Adverbial, e, ad-vair-byal, a. —ement, ad. adverbial, 
Adversaire, ad-vair-sair, m. adversary. 
Adversatif, ive, ad-vair-sat-if, — iv, a. adversative. 
Adverse, ad-vairs, a. adverse. 
Adversity, ad-vair-se-tai,/ adversity. 
A^rer, ah-ai-rai. v. a. to air. 
A^rien, ne, ah-al-ryai», — ain, a. aerial. 
A^rolithe, ah-ai-ro-Iit, m. aerolite. 
A^rom^trie, ah-ai-ro-mai-trce,/: aerometry. 
A^ronaute, ah-ai-ro-noht, m. aeronaut. 
Aerostat, sih-ai-ro-stah, m. air-balloon. 
A^rostatique, ah-ai-ro-stat-ik, a. aerostatic. 
Afiabilite, af-fab-e-le-tai./: affability. 
Afiable, af-fah-bl, a. — ment, ad. affable, kind. 
Affadir, af-fad-eer, v. a. to tnake insipid. 
Affadissement. af-fad-iss-ma/i, m. insipidity. 
Affaiblir, af-fay-bleer, v. a. to weaken ; s'— , v. r. to 

grow weak. 
Atfaiblissement, af-fay-bliss-man, nt. weakening. 
Affaire, af-air, f. affair, busitiess ; concern ; scrape ; 
Affair^, e. af-air-ai, a. busy. [flght. 

Affatssement. af-faiss-ma», m. sinking, debility. 
Afiaisser, af-fais-sai, v. a. to press down ; s' — , v. r. to 
Afialer, af-fal-ai, v. a. to lower ; embay. [sink. 

Afiam^, af-fam-ai, a. hungry; eager e^fter. 

Afl'fUosfi aT'fvQ'Bi. jt. a. to favttik, starve. 
Atfi^ctAtwn, flJi-fclt-taJi-syni,/^ nffrttiji^'^H. 
Affscter, af-fdc-t-ij, v. a, r^affidr fnJ^f// tus^: ojw 
SUttU ; ftjpltv A* - 4'— H !►. r. /tf te nffktled, 

Ai^tidii; 1*6, af-fek-tiT^ — *v, m. pathetic 

AfFt^cltOFUli, e, qf-Cek^yo-nai, a. tt^Eiionaie, 
Affvctkuiner. a^fek-qfo-iial, v. a, ts laue^ be fond of; 

^'— , V. r. t0 dtt^ht in. 
AffectlifiU*, Mt oAcc-tu-ylif —I. a. ^scmcnt, ad. affec- 
AfTemacrr af 'fair-ma I, w. *i, tajarm. [tiouate. 

AffertilJr, ^r-rdtT'iueer, v. a. ta sinrNgfk^n ; cofiflrtn ; 

S^-— i V. r. to grav stif^ttj^, gtvit! A/i *d. 
AfTtfnn^sem&nt, ai^talr^iuiu-mn'i, wi, j-JrvH^thening; 

Anci6, s, arral'tJiE. rt. aff^td- 
Affc[^;rle, af-faS"ttef, a-, nJRifiiiim-r 
Afhcllti. aUah.f bi£ip4^td t*p. 
AfTi^:hct^ af-c-±iiKiL t^ ft. ifipayt up ,- pttbii^* s'— , V. T, 

Alhckcurn af-t^-sll'Ur, m. Mtt-iiKker. 

AIH5(?H ar-fr-dnl, a. trusty . 

Allili^r, af-lc-lai, l'. a. t^ s-ff; fhaffvH. 

Aftiliatdon^ af-fc-lyAh-ayoJiH /: ifjfiiuttion^ 

AflilicTK af-fc-iyaj, v. n. fa a^h^ttf. 

Afhitapc. aJ-fc-ruihjF m. a^H'&i^f. 

Aftiner, iii-ff-ila], V. «■. t\i rfflur 

Aftincric, ar-fki-fc«, / ^«rrj>, r^fltiery. 

Affincur af-fe-tlUn wr. r^ner. 

AftiLiiliJ, .if'fc-nc-tii, /I arjftrii/y. 

AflinoLrd arrian-wur, m. hiMeftel, [bles.pi. 

Afficjmrt. af'fc-tiiyi in. Jt»ittt'itg-j-he>tth ; -^%, pi. baw- 

AftirmAtif. i^c, ^-fccr-Uid-LU^, — i^, a. ^Lveinent, ad. 

Al' :.,..:• '-.i. af-fe(?Mr.ah'Sj'OHKy! tyJfrt*iiT^x'f;l. 
Af M . . ■ . iir-fiTfff'rH^t'J*'*^ *iJfl-fWnilt*v. 
Af' . . L rfMT'nMii< JA^ a. fittt^rfi, ntscrf. 

Af . v :irf|;l(f4if, ^-if. a. r>trpofitl. 

Af :\'-iHk-fiYoit,frm^univi. [sorrow. 

Af : ■ ilti-jjal. V, Hh f^ ii/ffirt," s'— < V. r, to griei/e. 

Aft; . ■<i-Aii-nn^f a^^Mfitinr. 

Af.-rinii. f. ,kf-^{l-ari, —I, i», y.T//rP(j infi-: — , m. con. 
Afil"iiT. Oif-alA-iiLC, -D. it. ffiflinv miif r a&*nn,i. [fluence. 
s'A rTnlcr, nr-fi>bi, v. r. to rf*tr iip^Jti. 
Aff.,r..-c, .,f.r.vr.irij. Hi, ii/^^nw. 
Affraiiclii, df-irciw-ittkc, tn./teed tnan. 
Affranchir, af-fra«-sheer, v.a. to set free ; frank [letter) ; 

s' — , v. r. to free one's sei/'. 
Affranchissement, af-fra><- shiss-ma^t, tn. delivery ; 
A fTre, af-fr, f. great fright, pa ngs. [franking. 

Affretement, af-frayt-ma«, 7n. freighting. 
AfTr^ter, af-fr^-tai. v. a. to freight. 
AfTriteur, af-frai-tur, m. freighter. 
Affreusement, af-fruz-ma«, ad. frightfully. 
AfTreux, se, af-fruh, —z, a. frightful. 
Affriander, af-fre-an-dai, v. a. to use to dainties ; entice. 
AfTrioIer, af-fre-o-lai, v. a. to allure. 
Affront, af-froff, *n. affront, insult. 
AfTronter, af-fron-tai. v. a. to face, brave. 
Affronteur, af-fro«-tur, m. cheat. 
Affublement, af-ffl-bl-nia«, m. muffler. 
Affubler, af-fu>blai, v. a. to mtiffle up; s'— , v. r. to be 

wrapped up. [catch. 

AfTOt, af-d, m. gun-carriage ; 6tre k Y—, to be on the 
AffCltage, af-fl-tahj, m. mounting of a piece qfordnattce. 
AffQter, af-fQ-tai, v. a. to mount; sharpen. 
Afin. af-ai», c. in order to. 
A^aqant. e, ag-ass-aii, — t, a. enticing. 
A^ceraent, a^-ass-maM, nt. setting on edge. 
Agacer, ag-ass-ai, v. a. to set ott edge; entice; irritate. 
Agacerie, ag-ass-re,/". enticemetit. 
Agate. ag-at,/I agate. 

Age, auhj, m. age; itre sur 1'— , to be growing old. 
Ag^, e, auhj-ai, a. aged, old. 
Agence, &\\ya.ns,f. agency. 
Agencement, ahj-aws-ma», m. arrangement. 
Agencer, ahj-a/t-sai, v. a. to arrange; s' — , v. r, to trim 
Agenda, ahj-ain-da, m. memorandum book. [one'^se(f. 
s'Agenouiller, ahj-noo/-ai, v. r. to kneel down. 
Agenouilloir, ahj-noo/-war, m. hassock. 
Agent, ahj-a;/, m. agent ;—dc changcexchange-broker. 
Agglomeration, ag-glo-mai-rah-syo»,/I agglomeration. 
Agglom^rer, ag-gTo-mai-rai, v. a. to agglomerate. 
Aggravant, e, ag-gra-va«, — t, a. aggravating. 
Aggraver, ag-gra-vai, v. a. to aggravate ; s' — , v. r. to 

grow worse. 
Agile, ahj-ill, a. —ment, ad. agile; nimble. 
Agilite, anj-e-le-tai,yC agility. 
Agio, ahj-yoh, nt. exchange. 
Agiotage, ahj-yo-tahj, m. stock-Jobbing. 
Agioter, ahj-yo-tai, v. n. to stock-iob.^--^ t 

Agioteur. ahj-yo-tur, m. J<i«c*:/«**«fVjOOQlC 


[ lo] 


Adr, alij ccr, i il.rfrt. is ad; tUff^tatnf; mpve/ en—, 

% t>eha%'€; s— . 1'. i»i^, to Af t« fttfzfim. 
Affissant, e, shj-tsa-aw, — 1^ a. tutttw. 
Aiiitateur, iJi]-c-cat-ur, «- a^itaJor. 

A^tET, Aly-C'tai V. rt. tsaeitniti diXtttrff; »-. f. f /to 

Agnelw, anyjfA lai. v. «, ^jmwm. raw. 
AifneVet, an-ywA-lay, m. ia.mMiH. 
A|,meEin<;. ati yljAlfn.jC ^a«Ar »w/. 
A|fn^^ aiiryds!^/ sim^ietpn. 

Aionlc^ ajr-tj-nn:,/ it^ntty. 

Ai^oauicr, ag-o-liM-ia^ ir. «- fc it at f/tf/>&tHJ ^dtath. 

AjfrafF, a[f-rafl,y cAr^, i/mt^^/. 

AifrafcrK oj^-raf-ai, ^^ «^ ^^ f/uf/. 

Aj^raniWf, Af-mtMleer, v. a. iaeniaf^/ raist . exait ; 

s'_, ijj, r. ftj dteitme in r£€i: \ irotftotion. 

Aietalldkseiuent, siif-raJii-dtK'maHH «, tniarzematt : 

Ajf liable, ag-rai-;ili-tilt a* — "lentt ct*^. ajrrtcabie ; 

Aki^cf, a|f-rrii'rtt t'. iS. r^ n ^<j flfPfjW ^,' rri"/ ^^ift// 
A^t^rcut, ajf-T^I-yr, Mt. riA^W- (//rr^J*. 

AETCgcr, SU-rj.J-ltjaI, t'. rt. Vtf djSjT^Tj'i^ft / flf^WfJf. 
Aifrrnliccir,. il|r.niT-iiLiirf, rf», a^aaiiUittSS i JflfitJure; 

Ajifre-5» ag-iay, ^n, /A ri^gin^. 

A^ncs5curj a^-rcsii-Sklr, *«. a^^nm^y. 

Afrrrailf, ivt, ajf-reS5-3fp — vt, nJ. it^niti^. 

AETMSLDrt^ a^-rciii'iiyonHj; fi^£yrtff j^!<?^. 

A([rRitc, a[f-iicsti ((^ V^iid. 

AicricQLc, avJ-re-kol, d. ngricHiim'&i. 

Ai^ricUlEeair, ii^-rf -k 01 hll:, wi. A IrjJd ijd'^TbtM. 

AsriculEurcH iif-rc-ltfll-tQr,^ Agtia*ii»rt, 

VA^ifTcr, ^tf-rc-fa3, t'. r. <?{» ciiHi*/^tSt. 

Afcnsnamc, agj-rD-noin, rrt. itstvittiutiit. 

AfifTuniD]]] Lquc, aK-ro-uom-lk, tr, &^ritfiiiHrat. 

Aifucrrir, aK-air-cfir, Tf. n. /j ^rffCn K/ ^fl tear: inUre ; 

s'— , IV. r. is iHJi^nr £J^M-'jf JiB^^tf to-a^. 
AjtiitC^l, ajf-haj-, ?A. //. *tre alilt — > t^ £u in TvAit. 
aE[ ah[ int.iihf 

AhclirttmetitK ah-urC-nl^HH. jj». cbsttfsac^. 
s' Ahcurtf r, :iti-Ur-t2i i, s-v r^ te ^ ebsiinaU tn, 
AJii I ah'Cc, iH^. dear I 
Ahurir. rih-il-rccr, t. it. tcaitauHd. 
Aide, ^i'lj ^/T. iTsstxtatif; — dc camp; aid-dt-catnfi ; 

— maqon, AMfman ; —,f. aid, help; -St^L taxes, pi. 
Aider, ay-dai, v. a. to aid, help. 
Aie, aient, a-e, see Avoir. 
Aleul, ah-yul, vt. grand-father. 
ATeule, cih-yul,/: grand-mother. 
Ateux, ah-yuh, *n. pi. fortfatherSt pi. 
Aigle, ay-gl, m. eagle. 
Aiglon, ay-gloff, vt. eaglet. 
Aigre, ay-gr, a. — ment, ad. sour; sfiarp ; ^ doux, a. 

sourish ; — , m. sourness, 
Aigrefin, ay-gr-fain, m. sharper. 
Aigrelet. te, ay-gr-lay, — t, a. sourish. 
Aigret, te, ay-gray, — t, a. sourish. 
Aigrette, ay-grett, y: egret; tuft. [pi. heart-burning. 
Aigreur, ay-grur, f. sourness ; tartness : spite ; —St 
Aigrir, ay-greer, v. a. to make sour; irritate; s'— » 
Aigu, e, ay-g<i, a. pointed ; sharp. \v. r. to turti sour. 
Aiguade, ay-gad, y:^xA water. 
Aig^uayer, ay-gajr-yai, v. a. to soak and wash. 
Aigue-marine. aig-mar-in,y: beryllus. 
Aigui&re, ay-ghe-air,y: ewer. Jug. 
Aiguillade, ay-gfli/-ad,y: goad. 

Aiguille, sa-gdxl, f needle; spire; hand {watch); 
Aiguillde, ai-gQi/-ai,y: needle-full. [sioitch, points. 

Aiguillette, ai-gfliZ-ett,/: tagged point; slice. 
AiguUIeur, al-gdiZ-tir, m, switchman, railway-shifter. 
Aiguillier, ai-gdiZ-yai, m. needle-case. 
Aigulllon, ai-gAi/-o», m. sting; goad; spur. 
Aiguillonner, ai-gAi/o-nai, v. a. to goad; incite. 
Aigiiisement, ai-gOeez-ina», tn. sharpening. 
Aigulser, ai-gde-zai, v. a. to sharpen. 
Ail, sU,pl. aulx, oh, m. garlic. 
Aile, ail. f. wing. 
Aile, e, ay lai, a. winged. 
Aileron, ail-ro», m. pinion ;flH, 
Aillade, sd-sj^,/. garlic-sauu. 
AiUe, a/, see AUer. 

Ailleurs, aAur, ad. elsewhere; d'— , otherwise. 
Aimable, ay-mah-bl, a. amiable, lovely. 
Aimant, ay-man, m, loadstone. 

Aimanter, ay-ma«-tai. ?'. a, to touch with the loadstone. 
""'■■ >» e. ay-ma«-tal/»» —tin, a. magnetic. 

Aimer, ay-mai. Iwe; like. 

Aine, ayn, f groin. 

Atn^, e, ay>nai. a. older, eldest 

Ainesse, ^y-ntss,f. primogeniture. 

Ainsi, ai»-se, ad. so; thus; —que, even as; so as. 

Air, air, m. air; look ; tune, song. 

Airain, ay-raiM, m. brass. 

Aire, air,/: area ; barn-floor; aerie. 

Airde, ay-rai, f. a barnful. 

Airer, ay-rai, v. n. to make one's aerie. 

Ais, ay, m. board, plank. 

Aisance, ay-zans,f. ease; con^/brt. 

Aise, ayz, a. glad; — ,f. ease, convenience ; leisure; h 
1'—, a son — , at ease, comfortably. 

Kvsi, e, ay-zai, a. —ment, ad. easy; convenient; easily. 

Aisselle, ess-ell,yT arm-pit. [mons. 

Ajoumement, a^O-oom-ma/i, m. adjournment, sum- 

Ajoumer, ahj-oor-oai, v. a. to acUoum, summon ; s'— , 
V. ad/oum. 

Ajouter, ahj-oo-tai, v.a. to add; — foi, to believe. 

Ajustement, ahj-fist-ma», m. adjusting; agreement; 
attire, dress. 

Ajuster, ahJ-Qs-tai, v. a. to adj'ust; trim; reconcile; 
take aim ; s'— , v. r. to agree ; trim one's se{f. 

Aiusteur, ahj-Qs-tur, m. weigher. 

Alambic, al-a/f-bik, m. alembic. 

Alambiquer. al-a^t-bilc-ai, v. a. to puzzle otte's self; re- 
fine too much. 

Alarme, ai-arm,y: alarm ; fright, fear. 

Alarmer, ai-ar-mai, v. a. to alarm; s'— , v. r. to take 

Alarmiste, al-ar-mist, m. alarmist. {alarm. 

Albinos, ail-be-nos, m. albinos. 

Albmn, al-bom, m. album. 

Alcali, al-lcal-e, nt. alkali. 

Alcaliser, al-kal-e-zai, v. a. to alkalize. 

Alchimie, al-she-me,/: alchymy. 

Alchimiste, al-she-mist, m. ctkhymist. 

Alcool, al-ko-ol, nt. alcohol. 

Alcooliser, al-ko-o-le-zai, v. a. to alcoholize. 

Alcdve, al-kohv,/: alcove. 

Alcyon, al-se-o», m. kingfisher. 

Aline, al-ain,y^ awL 

Alinier, al-ai-nyai, n. awl-maker. {environs, pL 

Alentour, al-a»-toor, ad. about, around; — s, m. pi. 

Alene, al-ertt, a. alert, brisk ; —, f. qdarm ; — , tnt. 

Alevin, al-vai», m. fry. {make hcut* I 

Alezan, al-zaw, a. cheval — , sorrel horse. 

Algarade, al-gar-ad. f insult. 

Algibre, al-hjav-br, f. algebra. 

Algtfbrique, ^-njai-brik, a. algebraic. 

Alg^briste, al-hjai-brist, m. algebraist. 

Algide, al-hjid. a. algid. 

Akuc. ak:, /. ,T,V,i. 

Ali :;, '-ilc-Lic. tn. hi/j-^i. 

A^\\nyv<:^a^ al-e-bo-run m. conceited fetiimt^ 

AlicnabLc^ aJ-yai-n^h-oE, a, alierfa&ie, 

AJ^ecEacian, BA.y^.a^-sycn,f alieMotisx ; ajfersian. 

Alicinci, Q, HLt.yai-iiai, it. Iicnai:^, insane. 

Alicricr. aJ yai jiaif tf. a. ia adenate ; — I'esprlt* A> ntaM 

Al],::h-', a.l-iil-yj,yi rlHiitt£^ail. [JllluC' 

Al ij^LLemtnt. ai-ili'yf^ma«4 wCr line ; nyw. 

Ahj^nnr, ahiii.yaj^ v, a. la la-y fui by line, 

Al3]iii;Tir, ^^n-^^^n^maHtnefit ; fund : —^,pL aUmMff, 

AlitucEiTaircH ai-c-m^M -t^r, a, aii'meniary. L/W^AMtf, 

AlEiiifiiitatioji^ atc.majn-tah^JiMt, / alimiHtOtim; 

AliJurntci-r aJ-c-maM-taj, if^n. to feed,- ttisiitiiain, 

AJLiiiijutflui, se, al.fl.ina"-tuti+ ^i, «. nmnitive. 

AliriLM, f^]-e-Tuiii-ati, m, ttevf paragraph. 

Ali:*^, <?, al.c.tai, a. ^d-rid. 

s'A liii.'T, al-e-tal, p. r. t& ktep ont'f bfid. 

Ali.^r;, 3.lii,f. thefruit^fthe Itf^trtt. 

Aliift?^. al-e-2Al, tf. vents —. tr<tdt'Winds. 

A\\:'.iiir. a]'«-f^ai, m. tate^et. 

Al;.ui?]]]eiit, Al-eti-ma^ m^ sutkliftg. 

AlS.ritT^ a^ett-aL v, ^. tasttcklt. 

All^vjkefmen^ al-la¥sli'ma^, w. ntluintTfieint, 

Altr'cJier^ al'Jai-shal, v, a. to allure. 

Allec. al-aJ./: Allty; walk. 

A]k'^:;ition, al-t^ij^ah-^yoM,/: ai*ie£atien. 

Allcf^j, al-ayhj.yf ^tfA&f'j,' ten^fr. 
A.\\6\.',>i-ajict, aJ-Lalrhja»ll, y: othgiaHtr. 

A\\-}\.',iiiiiCT\ly at U^hj-BUn, fn. ailtViatiifHy rtlief 

Al letter, al-laL-hjai, V. a. t^ altrttiate, lighteH.. 
Ai\.c];iT, aJ-lai-hpttr, -V. a. t^t tighten. 
Allu^jiiiifK al-tat-Kfl-nee,/: alUg^y. 
AlLLiL^-urlgue, al-Ui-gu-fikn a. — mcnt^ ad. aileg^rie&it 
AHictTciriicr, ai-Eai^fjfO'rt-^, -w. a. ttmlteevrire. 
Ahe-s^fJTWicUt, sl-iai'KC-tt'iUr, m. aliegerixer^ 
Alltirre, al-lay-eif, rt. — ilicitt rtrf. brisk, Ovtiy. 
Alli^t^ressii Eif-Iai-^flSS./j'iii/Ww^jrr, 

AliJi^jcr, al-lal-ifllAi, V. a.. 


*AIler, al-ad, v. fi. to go, walk; reach: Jit, become; 

amount; — kcbeval. to ride; — chercher, to fOck; 

il y va de la Tie. life is at stake ; s'en — , to go away, 

depart; se laisser — t to give way, yield. 
AlUac^e, al-yahj, m.. alloying ; ailov. 
Alliance, al-yaMS, / alliance ; veading'ring. {ally. 
AUii, e, al-yai, a. related ; confederate ; —,m. relation ; 
Anier, al-yai, v. a. to ally; unite; s'— » v. r. to match ; 

enter into an alliance: — , *n. partridge-n^. 
AUobroge, al-lo-brohj, m. down. 
Allocation, al-lo-kah-syon,/: allowance. 
Allocution, al-lo-k{is-yo^f,^ address. 
Allodial, e. al-k>d-yal. a. allodial. 
Allodialit^ fdAxA-yBiM-al^f./ireehold. 

.'..■." ''■■-■ :.-f£ning. 

AJlon^or. ,'J-i:i.'rhj-^ki, >■. ,j. ij y't't^t^isn ,- prolong: delay; 

i'-n, v. r. ftj jrridw laager. 
AUupathe^ oli-Io-piit **t. iUiifath. 
KMsmlMs. al Ifrpa-tee, /. aUflpathy, 
AlliiiMililquep al4o-pa-tuc, «i. ^?^j^ft^('r. 
Allfluabt^ iLIaa^hrbl, a. aU^waMt. 
ADoucf^ aJ-lDCKBi, v. a. r# »MimK 
AlEumer, al^lOm^l, n^. tf. to Mutdie , i'— ^ v. r. to be 
AlTuincttc^ aMfl-ttiett.yr jtutfcK it^ia. [kindled. 

AEluintHir, al-lO-Oiur^ jh. tantp-iightfr. 
ALlure, s.\^<iry /. £ait : jKrit. 
Ailualojt, sl-\a.i'yoK,f. ailiiji&n, hint. 
.^UurlcMi, at-lAvyoN, jC atlttviotr. 
AlmaiiAiih^ aJ-mad-ahi m, alftMfUt\:M, 
Alots, al-o-eys, in. alttS. 

AlorSf al'Ohr. iirfi tAerif at th^t h'tftr. 

AlQLiette. aUweU. f irri, 

AlDurdir, al-oorMJeer, v, flr /.j <ittt/^ 

Aloyau, aJ^wa-yoti, m. xirieiu^ 

AlpestrCr aJ-MiS'tr, a. aJpine, 

AJphabet aT-fab-ay, Wr bi//AjAc^, 

AJithab^tJiju*, ol^fab-^Utilc, a^ — mcnt, orf. alphabetical. 

Al[(ira,blc ol'htl'rah'bl, a, a^Utrable, 

AJttranT, t, al-Eai-n,K, —It s. fAffi^taJtufi'/Ajrrf. 

AJi^jrarinDn a]-i:iirrah-syf)N, /. iteration, change; 

excess rue tk irsf. 
AHrTcatioEi, aJ-tair-kaL-syoJt, ./". 0^/tfrmtiim. 
AJtir^, c, ai-tBJ-j^i fl. ckaTtiVd: thirfty. 
Alt^rtr, aJ^tairra], fc rt. Af H/J5rr,' adnUerate ; cause 

thirst : $* — , v.r.tidf impaired, 
AJtcimaliC iTt.' aUtmr-Diai-iC -hv, a. — Ivement. mT. 
Altvraattvc, BJ-tair-n^t4f, / altcmairtft. laUernotive. 
Alterae, al'tain^ d. alirrHate. 
AUeroer^ al-tair-naJ. -u. n, iff alternate. 
Alf^s-ic, al-tcss.^T hi^krisss. 

■ 7 jiV. 

Ai;- lA, ■ ;■ ., ■ : -n^ ^-^ a. olttminous. 

Alnn. alHiM, m. alum. 

Aluner, al-A-nal, v. a. to steep in alum-wetter. 

Alunitec, al-A-nyair, f. tilum-pit. 

Airhole. al-vai>ol,^ ceU. 

AmabUit^, ara-ab*e-Ie-tai, X amiability, amiableness. 

Amadis, am-ad-is, m. t^ht sleeve. 

Amadou, am-ad-oo, m. tinder. 

Amadouer, am-ad'00<4d, v. a. toflatter^ coax. 

Amadoueur, am-ad-oo-ur, m.fl«Merer. 

Kaaxgpx, am-ay-greer. v. ct. to emaciate: —, v. n,et 

s' — , V. r. to grow lean. 
AmaijTissement, am-ay-griss-maM, m. emaciation. 
Amalgamation, am-al-gam-^-syow,y^ amalgamation, 
Amalgame, ara-al^iram, m. amalgam. 
Amalgamer, am-al-gam-ai, v. a. et s'—, v. r. to amal' 
Amande, am-aMd.Xo^''*^^^'' \jgamate, 

Amanda, am-aM-daf, m. almond-milk. 
Amandier, am-aMKlyai, m. almond-tree. 
Amant, am-aw, m. lever; — e, — t, /. sweetheart, mis- 
Amarante, am-ar-awtiy^ amaranth. [tress. 

Amariner, am<«r4n*ai, v. a. to man (ship). 
Amarque, am-arlcyC beacon. 
Amarrage, am-ar-ahj, m. mooring. 
Amarre, am-ar,y^ rope. 
Amarrer, am-ar-ai, v. et. to moor, belay. 
Amas, am<au, »». heap, pile. [%'—, v. r. to gather. 

Amasser, am-au-sai, heap up ; gather, collect; 
Amateloter, am-at>lot-ai, v. a. to class the crew. 
Amateur, am-at-ur, m. lover, virtuoso. 
Amaurose, am-oh-rohz,/^ amaurosis. 
Amazone, aun>azon, /. amojeon, 
Ambassade, aw-bass-ad,/ enOassy. 
Ambassadeur. aM-bass*ad-nr, m. ambassador. 
Ambassadrice, aM>bass-ad>riss,y: ambassadress. 
Ambe, akb, m, ambe. 
Ambiant, e. anb-ya>f, — t. a. ambient. 


I Ambidextre, an-be-deks-tr. a. ambidextrous. 
Ambigu, e, a/(-big-(l. a. ambiguous, -—, nt. medley, 
Ambijruit^, an-big-A-e-tai, y. ambiguity. lnti\ture, 
Ambii^mqiit, eLn^i^-d-majt, ad. ambiguously. 

Ambitieux, se, aM-biss>yuh, — z, a. — sement, tui. ambi- 
Ambition, a»-biss-yo»./: ambition. [tious. 

Ambitionner, a/i-biss-vo-nai. v. a. to desire earnest^. 
Amble, an-bl, m. amole. 
Ambler, aM-blai, amble. 
Ambre, an-br, m. amber. 
Ambrer, aM*brai. v. a. to amber. 
Ambroisie, aM-brwa-ze,y: ambrosia. 
Ambrocien, ne, aM-bro-zyaiM, — ain. a. ambrosial. 
Ambulance, an-hQl-aMS,y. Jield-hosfital. 
Ambulant, e, aM-bA*]a». — t, a. ambulatory. 
Ame, aum,j^ soul ; spirit, mind ; veUve. 
Amelioration, am-ai-lyo-rah>syo», y: improvement. 
Am^liorer, am-ai-Iyo-rai, v. a. to improve. 
Amen, au-main, m. amen. 
Am^nager, am-ai-nahj-ai, v. a. to keep (wood). 
Amendable, am-a»-dah-bl, a. amendable, Jlftable. 
Amende, am-and,/'. J! ne, penalty. 
Amendement, am-and-maM, m. amendment. 
Amender. am-ai»-dai, v. a. to amend,Jff$e ; s'— , v. r. to 

grow b^ter. 
Amener. am-nal. v. a. to bring, introduce; cause; 
Amtfnite, am-ai-ne-tai,>C amenity. [strike. 

Auienuiser, am-ain-we-zai, to make thin. 
Amer, ire, am-air, a. — irement, a. bitter, sour; —, m. 

bitterness; —s,pl. landmarks. 
Amertume, zm-axr-tHan,/. bitterness. 
Am^tiiyste, am-ai-tist, / amethyst. 
Ameublement, am-uh-bl-maM. m./umiture. 
Ameubler. see Meubler. [lighter. 

Ameublir, am-uh-bleer, v. a. to make moveable ; make 
Ameuter, am-uh-tai, v. a. to break dogs; incite; s'— , 

V. r. to- gather in a mob. 
Ami, am-e, s.JHend; — e, a. friendly. 
Amiable, am-e-ah>bl, a. — ment, cut. amicetble ; 4 1'—^ 
Amiante, am-e-awt,^ amianth. [amicably. 

AmicaU e. am-e-kal, a. — ement, ad. amicable. 
Amict, am^e, m. amice. 
Amidon, am-e-don, m. starch. 
Amidonnier, am-e-don>yai, m. starch-maker. 
Al- ■■- ■"-■ ' '■ ■■. -i^ ^•., ^.■■■■■.. .-. 
Ai ■ ■, 1,1 ■. ■i.iie t/tfuner. 

Aluti LL^ cmcnt, iis ■iibi-iiiii-coi.j.Hj ni. thtHHtir^ 
AmiraL ain^'G^ral< tn. admiral,- a4mf'rars iHip, 
Amirauti*. ^nn^^tah-tzi^ f admiralsMip. 
Amltif , amity al,ffficnJ.Tkip / — *, pL earfsses, kind 
AinnjonEaqu?, am^maa-yak,f. it*ftvtfiniiitr [tkitlgs, pi, 
Amnistic, Am-niis-JCfj^ artttdfly. 
Anmbttier, am-ni^-tyBi^ v. a. t&pani^n. 
Amo{tlat«uff, aiQ^QHlyiL-tur^ m. hiiff. 
AmorliatiQii, am-o-dya-syaM^y: least. 
Amcfdisr, am-od-ya^ t^- *i^tBfarm out. [grffw less. 
Anioindrir, am-waJjit-driref, v^a. fa lessen ^ a — > v. r. to 
Amomdrisi&etiieat, am-woi^'Einsa-inaji, hi. decreeue, 

diminuti&l. {ta sft/tm ; gnrsi eJTtTHinate. 

Aoiollir, am-ol-Hr, r. a. i« ioftm ; tufraais .- b'—, v. r. 
AnirOUtuiiient, am-oi-lss-nioM^ wt. sq/ientng. 
ArFLCjncel^r, anvoM-iku, w, a, et s'— . ^ r. la htap up. 
Artitindslltnifint. jtHi'0*iii'^el-niAJi+ wi. Ara/jwj Kp. 
Atrlftht, am-uH, *4^. (*/ tfa refcf, 
AiLLdincal. e, Am-en-ux a. ^ rest. 
Atriortt, ani-ai-^^y; ftlif .- pritat. 
AlEicircer, aiii^r-Sili, f. a, io baii^ aJhtrr; fnifte, 
Amur^crlir, iltti-or-sw^r, tn. aiigrr. 
Amortir, am-of-tetrK V. *r, ta dmartine^ qutnth ; re- 

deem ; a'— ^ f. r. tm bt ^ettcMtd- 
AnorlLsMibtc, Am-Or-tc-sah-bl, rt. rfiftumafife^ 
Amorti!:u!natnt. am-or-tiss-raaH^ m. d<a4eHin^ ; re- 

dertfisfiff ; a/n^rlixfrnetit. 
AmoLir^ [im-DOT, Tfi^ leve ; — mtjpre, stlf-t^f ; [wur 1'— 

de. f^rlhe sake af: -^%, pi. delij^^kt ; ^«<". 
s'Amcv^rsclitJT, aFn-DO-ra2ih-aJ> V. r. to it smitfrtt. 
Alii -Tclly f inirifttte. 

Ai V. -■■■. .icn-oomti, — i, a. — semcDt, ad. amor- 
ous; — m. lover. 
Amovibilite, am-o-ve-be-le-tai,/ unjixedness. 
Amovible, am-o-vibi, a. revocable. 
Amphibie. an*fib-e, m.. amphibium. 

AmphitMfttre, a»-fe-tai-au-tr, m. amphitheatre. 
Ample, aM-pl, a. —ment, ad. ample, wide. 
Ampleur, aM>plur,y^ amplitude, fulness. 
Ampliati^ ive, a»-ple-at^, — iv, a. ampliating. 
Ampliation, a»-ple-ah-syo», / duplicate. 
AmpUficateur, ax-ple-fik-at-ur, m. mnpiifier. 
Amplification, a^<ple-fik-ah-syoff,Xam^/^as/(«m. 
gitized by \j\ 

AMP [i3] 

Amplifier, a^fple-fyai, v. a. to amplify. 

Ampoule, aM-pool.y: blister. 

Ampoule, e, a»-pool-ai, a. high-flown, bombastic. 

Amputation, a/t-pQ-tah-syon, X. amputation^ 

Amputer, a»>p(l-tai, v. a. to amputate. 

Amulette, am-A-lett, tn. amulet. 

A mure. am-Qr./^ tack. 

Amusable, am-A-zah-bl, a. Jit to be amusedt 

Amuscint, e, am-d-zaM, — t, a. amusing. 

Amusement, am-fiz-maM, m.. amusement, diversion. 

Amuser, am-Q-zai, v. a. to amuse, entertain ; s'— . v. r. 

to amuse one's self; trifle -with. 
Amusette, am-Q-zett,/: trifle, toy. 
Am^dale, am-^;-dal,>^ amygdale. 
An, a«, m. year; par — , yearly. 
Anabaptiste. an-ab-at-ist, m,. anabaptist. 
Anachor^te, an-ak-or-ett, tn. anchoret. 
Anachronisme, an-aJc-ro-nism, m. anachronism. 
Anagogique, an-aj^-o-I^ik, a. mysterious. 
Anagrammatiste, an-ag-ram-iaat-ist, tn. anagramma^ 


Anairamme, an-asr-ram, / anagram. [list. 

Analectes, an-al-ekt, m. pi. analects, pi. 

Analofsie, an-al-o-hje,^ analogy. 

Analofifique, an-al-o>hjik, a. analogical. 

Analogue, an-al-og, a. analogous. 

Analyse, an-al-iz,/^ analysis. 

Analyser, an-al-iz-ai. v. a. to analyse. 

Analyste, an-al-ist, m. analyst. 

Analytique, an-al-e-tik, a. analytical. 

Ananas, an-an-ah, tn. ananas. 

Anarchie, an-ar-she,/^ attarchy. 

Anarchique, an-ar-shik. a. a*tarchical. 

Anarchiste, an-ar>shist, tn. anarchist. 

Anath^matiser, an-at-ai-mat-tz-ai. v. a. to anathema' 

Anath^me, an-at-eym, m. anathema. itize. 

Anatomie, an-at-o-me,^ anatomy. 

Anatomique, an-at-o>mik, a. anatomical. 

Anatomiser, an-at-o-miz-ai, v. a. to anatomiXA 

Anatomiste, an-at-o-mist. m. anatomist. 

Ancdtres, a«-say-tr, tn, pi. ancestors, pi. 

Anche, a^sh, /: reed ; mill-scuttle. 

Anchois, an^sliwa, tn. attchovy. 

Ancien, ne, an-syaiM, — ain, a. — nement, ad. ancient; 
old; — , tn. senior, elder. 

Anciennet^, a«-syenn-tai,yC ancientness, seniority. 

Ancrage, a»>krahj, m. anchorage. 

Ancre, a»-1cr, y. attchor; brace; — mattresse, /: sheet- 
anchor; lever r—, to heave up the anchor; mouiller 
1'—, Jeter 1'—, to cast anchor. 

Ancrer, an-krai, v. n. to attchor. 

Andain, awHiain, ttu swath. 

AndouiUe, aM-doo^y^ chitterling. 

Andouiller. a»HiooAai, tn. antler. 

Andouillette, ^n-dool^^/. forced meat. 

Ane, aun, m. ass; fool. [to come to nothing. 

An^ntir, an-ai-a»-teer, v. a. to annihilate; s'— , v. r. 

An^antissement, an-ai^aM-tlss^man, tn. annihilation. 

Anecdote, an-ek-dot,/I anecdote. 

An^mom^e, an-ai-mo-mey-tr. tn. atumotneter. 

Anyone, an-ai-mon,y? anetiume. 

Anerie, a.\m-tc,f. gross ignorance. 

Anesse, aun-css,X •''*'■«**• 

Anet, an-ay, m. dill. 

Anfractueux, se, aM-frak-tA-uh, — z, a. anfractuous. 

Anfractuosit^ aM-frak-tA-p-ze-tai,y^ a*\fractuosUy. 

Ange, a»hj, m. an^l; chain-shot. 

Ang^lique, an-hjai-lik, a. — ment, ad. angelic; —, 

Angelot, a«-hjloh, tn. angelot. If. angelica. 

Angine, a»-hjeen,yi quittsy. 

Anglaise, a»<gleyz,y: hornpipe. 

Angle, a»g^ m^ angle, comer. 

Ai^leux. se, a»-gluh, — z, a. thick-shelled. 

Anglican, e, an-gie-ka», —an, a. attglican, english. 

Anglicisme, a»-gle-ci&m. tn. anglicism. 

Anglomane, an-glo-man, s. admirer of what is english. 

Angiomanie, an-glo*man-e,yT anglotnania. 

Angoisse, an^gwass,/: anguish, pain. 

Angora, aM*go-rah, tn. angora. 

Anguillade, aM>ghi/-ad,^ lash. 

Anguille, aM-ghi/;^ eel. 

Anguill&re, aM-ghi/-air,yC eel-pond. 

Angulaire, an-gAZ-air, a. attgular. 

Anguleux, se, an-gQ-luh, — z, a. angulous. 

Anicroche, an-e-krosh,/I obstacle, rub. 

Anier; aun-yai, tn. ass-driver. 

Anil, an-il, tn. anil. 

Animadversion, an-e-road>vair-syoM,^ anintadversion. 

Animal, an-e-mal, in. animal; — e, a. anitnal; -sett- 

Animalcule, an>e-mal-k(ll, tn. animalcule. [suat. 

s'Animaliser, an-e-roal-e-zai, v. r. to anititalixe. 

Animalit^ an-e-mal-e-tai,y: animaltty. 

An i m a ti o n , an-&mah-^off,y: anitntUioti, 

Animtf, c a&-e-tnai, &, spirited, gay 

Aftirae*, ui-e-iniii tf. rf. ft» &m'm^^. ciiiiiien ; ixciis 

s'— , TL r. ta c^ftte to h/e; cA^^r up. 
Aa.\.tivAlll. an-c-mo-EC-tat, f cXiti^H^t^ily^ rantHHt. 
Attiv au-c jw. ttHssci iTiifj^rtf. 

Aitiui], Cf oh'IuI J, iitiHMai; —ie.%,fply annals, p£y 

Xnna]i%l\^ aTt^jial^LFir^ m. annaUst. 

Aitnjtcii, sn-mtt,^ /A annatif pi. 

XnnKi^n:, an-*>tl, •^n. ring; curl qf hair, 

Annce, an-fli, / jh^m^ 

Ajin clcr^ Jin-iaj, p, (t. /» fvrt. 

Anndtr, iwi-l.;iy, ut. small ring. 

Anncvo-K wi-nek-wiir v- a. 'fl r»««ejf, *irfrf. 

AnnihiJ^a-, an -ne-e-lul, %\ a, t& flnmhilUi!. 
AjiDiivL-riniire, an-iie-ver-&aLr, a aiutivefSitry. [wflv. 
AjiiiDtici;, an-OMSrj^ ^dvertttfrnnTft ; IfattH^ ^ matrt- 
Annotkcisr, on-iti-iia^ ^, ii. fir^fi*ttfttHCf ifsttttU; shm^; 
s— . %\ r, i,i prejetii tmt'i it<fi u Ikure — ^ tostttJ m 

AnTtonirixtir, ive, an-niprs-vd-tif^ — re^ a. (tHUOtmnMg. 
Annonc^aiiou, ati-nufti^y-jh-^iiii, f ft^tnuttcuttisn^ 
AnnolAi^^M, an-ncHLi^un ti. anHatntifr. 
Aliaacalinn, im-aoLah^^nan,^ anrwfntwn, i'm»*t{Oty. 
ATUtOCtr, iin<na-talf ^'. (1j ft? « unOtatif ; fo taJfC tf#r ittvrfi' 
AnnuBiJ^, an-nfl-aifi. a-, anffjtat. ['<"y. 

AnnutEt Ic, au-^-cl, ti- — IcuicdE, ad. aunUal, ytArty. 
Annuitr, an-Qfi-c-til, y! amiiti/y. 

Aniiutairei £m-n^]-air iLanatt^itr;: Aai^ — „rutgjim[rr^ 
AnnuIatioiL, an-ntk^^ikh-'syaa.f aiifntimtr^t^. 
Anniitcr^ im^n u-]^, v. a. ta ttnKHlT, aut£££. 
As'ibiir, im-a bU'Cfi v, a, ia tunable. 
Aqu bEt&st:incnt, Jin-CKtili^ii'inAMt ik, rntiBiiir^t 
AnJKlin, c, an-o-d^'f^ — diEU a. aniniyife. 
Anunuii. c, aH'O' rtuil, fi. OH^mnaiiins^ 
AnuuiiiiCj iui-o-rtjoil.c,^ aniywta/y, 

Anan, LLUTCinirt, wi, nsxfttU. \itaittr, s/itm^mt. 

AnanEier, ai:i'{>[>-3ta^ %>. a. t^ ^n'ttg ferth a yeutigOJa; 
Anunytuc^ an-n-mni, a, Am^aym^US. 
Ancir^zjijque. Jict-nf -irim-ik, a. itnorgaHicoL 
Ansct, arts, j; hnudU ,• criffiA ,- bay. 
Ans^aiu^uc, OH-sai-Jit-ik, A. hattseaitc^. 
AntaffiJciL-iine, tiH-tA|f'M'a(siii, «. &ntfi£fnism, 
Anta^oal-itc ajf-ta^-o-nist^ m. nrttag^nisL 
Antnrcltiiue, nrt-UtK-tik, a. itHta^rctic. 
Ante^cs^iitHuricrit, ii^Maj-sal'dam-afr, ad. ituttadetttly^ 
Anr(^g(iOct1t, Cy l^fv-Ui-^i-d^Jli, —I, fi. ttnfeeedrnt. 
AivtcchriJt, 3^-Ui-ltilvEp m. auttchnist. \ti/vidtis. 

Antf^diliivkii, 11C. a'i't&l-d^l&i^-yiLiN, —ain, tf. ^ntaii^ 
AniemiC, iUi'teiH],/ IstUtn Snilyttrd; feeler^ Aarrt. 
Aw^pln\iititinQ, on tiU-[jiL)-ndl-Ty£iii, a. iast tnt tmfa. 
Anr^iHeur, e, ai4-Ta]-rc-iir, a. awft«ffr,/*irwi/r /— ttncnt, 
A ur<5trii.iriti!, ;i^-td]-r«- or-e'Lat.yT prii^riiy. ytd. b^ri, 
AnElii^loj^Jti, ii/j-td-kt-hje^y: ttnth^^xy. 
AnthrwiJOltJEil^i, ilH-tro-pu-lo-IHc,/. irrtlflft^paloey. 
AnHlrn]iciuhH£(?^ aJr-tm-pti-ra^ m. anthntpiipXagHj^ 
i;^ 1 1 1 H h III] br-Cf aH-ti:-shaH-br, f afttecham^ry {Hmk 
Aiiu.JireciiMi, rlc, Bu-tr-kr^ii-t J^ai», —sdily a. antitAribp- 
AijLl(.ij>Atlon, kK-tc-iic-pah-sy-UK^/!, aj»ftirir/i i/jtf n .' pp,r — ^ 
Mf.\trAaiid. IrnCrvach Mpmt. 

Antlcipcr, a;l-te-5Crpai, -v, a. ta anfici/ate : — sur, to 
AjjtJcoii^iticutlonncE, la. ivi-tc-ko«-5tl-t(l'syo^i-c1L a- ani^ 
Alitkl-itc, aK-lc-datt,/: autadnt^. [comtUtHisHAl^ 

Antral £r, ajv-tc-datC-^i, V, a. to afitedalt, 
AtiikEoLc^. aji^it^dott, m* antidote* 
AsatJcjiucK a«-tyeu,ji^ unthftn* 
Antilopc, ajr-tc-hp4>: amtl^pe, 
AiiTinioLnCr art-lc-mwiin, m. amimifnyt 
AntinoEFiie, aff-te-na-me,>^ antin^n^. 
Antipapc, flJ^t«-p■■*P' *"■ ii*^Hp&pt. 
Antipiiihie. aiit-le-pAHi,^ antipathy. 
AiitijiftthiniM, nM'Le-pat-tk, a. aMtipaihic. 
AntiphnnalTef AuttutiAnier, an-tfi-fch-oain — nyal. jp*!. 
Antipodtf, aw-te-pod, nit. itntip^. {ttnttpA^tml^ 

AuiiiiuatlEe; .-uc-Ee-kiiiLi; / Antiajfr, old rw^jJA^ 
AnTjquaire, a,u-te-ktiirr m. antufUary. 
Ajiti^uc aff'tih^ ft. imtiqiit. urtfjimt. 
Antin^ufte, .V('Ec-k«-taJ,/l anti^HiJy. 
Aiitivoi:ia1, tr afi4c-^^yal, n. npi/i^iitftjt/. 
Antre, ,VitT, ftt. nttre, den, fttlW. 
sAnuitfit, anwe-tai, f . n ti* tr fvwighted. 
Aijxjiiti, ajP-kM^i'talp^ HrrrT^f]?^. 
Aoiil, OOr WIT. jfUgjfSt; hfirvcsi^tmt. 
AoAter, oo-tai, ^j-. ». to ripen. 
A<iQiteftin, OQl-ran, m. A[»?"H'rf-HTaw. 

A piiificr, ap-aif^i, v. a.ta uppeasfy culm ; ^ — ^ %f, r+ f» 
A f iaim]ftf , aiJ^an^j , m. appunage, {he apptAMd^ 

ApaJJaifcr, ap-aji-aLj^al, v. a, to sftilr a pefftieft. 

Vpftft^ ap^iiitai. ad, tuidt^ r^r^n]o ^'^^' 

Digitized by VjOO^LC 


Apathie. ap-at-c,/: apathy. 

Apathique, ap-at-ilc. a. indoUnt. 

Apercevable, ap-airs-vah-bl, a. perceivable. 

•Apcrcevoir, ap-airs-vwar, v. a. et s'— , v. r. to perceive. 

Aper(;u, ap^ir-sQ, tn. sketch. 

Ap^ritiC ap-ai-re-tif, m. aperient. 

Aphorisme, af-o-rism, m. aphorism, 

Api, a-pe, tn. apt (apple). 

Apitoyer, ap-e-twa-yai, v. a. to move to pity ; s'— , v. r. 

to be moved to pity. 
Aplaner, ap-lan-ai, v. a. to nap. [gfvw smooth. 

Aplanir, ap-lan-eer, v. a. to hrvel, plane; s*— . v. a. to 
Aplanissement, ai}-lan-iss-maM, m. levelling; levelness. 
Aplanisseur, ap-lan-iss-ur, nt. leveller. 
Aplattr, ap-lat-eer, v. a. to flatten ; s'— , v, r. to become 
Aplatissement, ap-lat-iss-maM, m. flattening. l/lat. 
Aplomb, ap-]o;i. m. plumb ; aplomb : d'—, plumb. 
Apocalypse, ai}-o-lcal-ips,y^ apocalypse. 
Apocrypne, ap-o-krif, a. apocryphal. 
Apoeraphe, ap-o-graf. m. apograph. 
Apou>getique. ap-o-lo-hjai-tik, a. apologeticcU. 
Apologie, np-o-Io-hje,/^ apology. 
Apologiste. ap-o-lo-hjist, m. apologist. 
Apolc^ue, ap-o-log, m. apologue. 
Apophthegme, ap-of-tegin. m. apophthegm. 
Apoplectique, ap-o-plek-tik, a. apoplectic. 
Apoplexie, ap-o-pIek-se.yC apoplexy. 
Apostasie, ap-os-taz-e,yi apostasy. 
Apostasier, apK>s-taz-yai, v. n. to apostatise. 
Apostat, ap-os-tah, m. apostate. 
Aposter, ap-os-tai, v. a. to subortt. 
Apostille, ap-os-ti/,/: marginal note. 
Apostiller, ap-os-ti/-ai, v. a. to write notes. 
Apostolat, ap-os-to-lah, m. apostleship, 
Apostolique, ap-os-to-lik, a. —merit, ad. apostolic. 
ApK>strophe, ap-os-trof,/: apostroplte. 
A(>ostropher, apos-tro-fai, v. a. to apostrophize, ad' 
Apoth^ose, apK>-tai-ohz,y^ apotheosis. [dress. 

Apothicaire, ap-o-te-kair, m. apothecary. 
Apothicairerie. ap-o-te-kair-re, /. apothecary's shop; 
Ap6tre, ap-oh-tr, m.. apostle. {pharmacy. 

Apoz^me, ap-o-zem, m. apozetn. 
•Apparaitre, ap-par-ey-tr, v. n. to appear. 
Api>arat, ap-par-ah, tn. apparatus ; pomp, show. 
Apparaux, ap*par-oh, rigging. 
Appareil, ap-par-ey/, m. preparation; machinery; 

equipage; show. 
AppareiUage, ap-par-ey/-ahj, m. getting under sail. 
Appareillement, ap-par-e^/-maM, m. yoking. 
Appareiller, ap-par-eyAai. v. a. et n. to match ; set sail. 
Appareilleur, ap-i>ar-ey/-ur, m. setter : preparer. 
Apparemment, ai>-par-am-an, ad. apparently. 
Apparence, ap-par-a/zs, /: appearance. 
Apparent, e, api-par-an, — t, a. apparent, considerable. 
s'Apparenter, ap-par-an-tai, v. r. to become related. 
Appariment, ap-par-e-ma/(, m.. pairing. 
Apparier, ap-par-yai, v. a. ets'—, v. r. to pair, cottpie. 
Appauriteur, ap-par-e-tur, m.. beadle. 
Apparition, ap-i>ar'e-syoM,yT apparitiott, vision. 
• Apparoir, ap-par>war, v. n. to appear. 
Appartement, ap-pait-man, m. apartment. 
Appartenance, ap-part-naMS,y: appurtenance. 
•Appartenir, ap>art-neer, v. n. to belong to; — , v. imp. 
Appas, ap-au, m. pi. charms ; allurement, [to become. 
AppAt, ap-au, tn. bait, decoy. 

App&ter, ap-au-tai, v. a. to bait; feed. \to grow poor. 
Appauvnr, ap-oh-vreer, v. a. to impoverish ; s'— , v. r. 
Appauvrissement, apK>h-vriss-ma/(, m. impoverish- 
Appeau, ap-oh, m. bird-call. [ment. 

AppeU ap-el, m. appeal; call. 
Appelant, ap-Ia//, m^ appealer; decoy-bird, 
Appeler. ap-Iai, v. a. et n. to call: call /or; send /or; 

challenge; appeal; s— , v. r. to be called. 
Appellatif, ive, ap-el-lat-if, — iv, a. appellative. 
Appellation, ap-el-lah-syoM,/: appeal. 
■Appendice, ap-ai/x-diss, tn. appendix. 
Appeiidre, ap-a«-dr, v. a. to append. 
Appentis, ap-an-te, tn. shed, pentice. 
Appert, ap-pair. see Apparoir. 
Appesantir, ap-p»/t-za^i-teer. v. a. to make heavy, 

dull; s'— , v. r. to grow dull. 
Appesantissement, ap-p»A-za»-tiss-man, tn. heaviness. 
Appetence. ap-pai-ta/«s.y: appetency. 
App^ter, ap-pai-tai, v. a. to covet, desire. 
App^tissant, e, ap-ai-te-sa», — t, a. relishing; desirable. 
App^tit, ap-ai-te, tn. appetite, stomach ; desire. 
Applaudir, ap-loh-deer, v. n. to applaud; s'— , v. r. to 

congratulate one's self. 
Applaudissement, ap-loh-diss-nuu/. m. applause. 
.'Applaudisseur, ap-loh-diss-ur, tn. applauder; clapper. 
Applicable, ap-puk-ah-bl. a. applicable. 
Application, ap-ple-kah-syo«,/ application. 

[13] ABO 

AppUque, ap-llkf/^ iHiaty£H^. 

Ai>tiliEluer, ap-pfe-luu V. rt. tn apply; Sit.flK l^Vti- l'^» 

r\ r, apply ottc's stl/f<f. 
Appuinti ap-wnlf «4 nt, add mfifiey. 
AppumtciDcnt, ap-WEU M-UlMfl, rH.^altiry, 
Appobttcr^ aji-vr t\ j, /q d^rvlrte: rt/er; giiv n 
Apjaainccur, ap-w^iM-tur^ w, ptmwmttktr* [i^f^ry. 

Appcnt, a.^iTt M, market; aftttntHtian, 
Appoititr. up^r-ut, t, a, tobrifig: £aHie,- employ. 
Appo&cr^ ap^pj^iFi t-u, v. rt, topHK ft. 
Apptf&ifJDD, ^^^^•^^'ifQH,J.^»ttfHf; appojiffoH. 
Appn^EiLahJe, ap-pr^i-syjih-ui a. itpprrcwble. 
AppFL^cmi<<DTT iip^ral-fyat'tir^ m. apfiraijier. 
Appn^diUhnit ap-pFai-^ih-j^ydi^^ uppt^isittg. 
Appr^der^ ap-pmt4>'al, v. t. ta ajprtciait ; la/^/mtm 
Appn^heniler^ a|>pittJ-UI-da'l^ f. (t. Ai apprtf^nd. 
Appnflieiuisn. jip-pral-iifi-^aN.y; apprehensiatt ; per- 

•Apprcncire, ip^rsw-tlr, f. a, ta fruffi, te^mh. inform. 
Apprenil, ap-raji-tc, wr. apf^tyntitt. 
ApjjrCI4tL!t3ii|*«. Eip-nuit-LiiiQ^hj. m. afprrnticerhip. 
Apptfx, ap-rsij\ Tft. pFtpamli^H ; drrssutg: sttJfn^S. 
Ai»ptftt, aiJ-rcyt,^ j/hViy^*rtVr«f. 
A]>[jrlter, ap-TLiy-td, if. u^ tJpi-fpArt; dnsT:^—, p, r. 

to prepa rt i'ite'j irtf 
A ppr^tcur, ap'f ey-tur, in. prrfyxrer. [rrevf &% ttt*. 

Appnvod3cr, ap^c-rwa-zait v. a. tiftftmt; V— ^ V. r. to 
A pprub<illcur, dp-pro-bat-ur, m. Otppraver. 
Appn>batif. ivr* ftp-pTO-lmt-Jt — i^j a^ afprmtms^ 
ApprobntEoni a|}'PTii-bah'5yia'^,y: apprBSati9M. 
Approchojsrt ap^o-bhaJi, «. stunt^Aat lik£; —, atf. et 
Approctltiv *iwwfctl,/ ^ppr0a£h. [/r, i^b<f*4t. rtiar. 

Apprucher^ ap-ro-snAl, »*, a. ct n. ta appnnrehj Jusie 

rrawjT la ; c'4i>ffie hi>s r ; A^f tike : 5'—, v. r. fst tfrtFtr ne,ir. 
Approfoiidlr, Eip-rfrfiifr^lccr, tv a. to make dteffr; 

j:e/rrtM iuto. [itthx 

ApprofonJiascineTit, np-itK-fow-dtM-maii, m. ratrdkijig 
A|>pri5]tripiti<rri» ap-pru-pre-Jitv-Siuw',/: epprspriati^u, 
Apprmprj^rn up-pfc^tire-sli. v, a, t^a(f*rpl;JH m/, 5'—, 

V. r. to iippfvprml^ tn mt^'s fr/f. 
AppTDUTcrj<>¥a^ V, rt. to »ppnme. 
Appro visiapn'Ciiien.t, ap-ro-viz-yun-miiM, tfu vAriuft/Uftf. 
Appfoirisiupncr, aiJ-m-vli-yO'tviii, 7^. a. Ai fictitttl- 
ApprQiiinja,Ur, ive, itp-prok-»-niaf-lf, i*. u, ^vem™r, 

ltd. appraxt'maiiiv. [ttM. 

Appros^LMmunn, d}T-prth1e-$e-tnah--!ynf^ _f. tippntxima- 
Appiii, ap we, m. m/p&r^, prifp. A,!lp; k I—, itt Aup- 

pVrt; — tll.lrtll, }fl, tftatflsfick. 

A^TpuJ'er. aj^wt-yiiE, t'. nr rl u. m pr&p up.- supp^rf; 
Jrait; praiiCf,- bear; insist; s — ^ ?'. r. fa&a^r.- rely 
"pcft. l/iene .- f(i.i}fr. 

A pre, au-pr, a. — menrn ad. t^ugh.rigni, fUtrdt unrrv ; 

AprtS, Fip-riiy, pr,. ad. dr. after ; next tit; aiatit; aft^r- 
-li'ards : d'— ,/rowj r — que, af^r. whrn ; — Coiipv ^"0 
late,- — (Iciiifiiiv ad. thedAyaf/ertif-tftSfT^W ; — tltnt^, 
f. it/teritef^fi .- ~ nridt,7^ ^trrjiaOti. 

A^retc, tku-pr-Vii.f r&Hghtiess : harshness; jruervfy ; 

Aptc, apT^ a. apt. Jit \ea^tmtss. 

ApUtudf, ap-te-lrt<Uj^ aptHmie. 

Apuremenr, ap-l^rmaq, jw, jetiiing. 

Apyrtr, afi-rt-riil, v. a. ta settle. 

AqiiarePe. ak-wa-rell,/ itmier^e^tfars^ pi. 

A 1^ u^ircLLbte, ak-wa-reul-ist, tu, painier Uivatet^<^effiUFS, 

Ai]i5iltiipie, ak-wiit-ik, a. it<afery. 

AiiyetUn:, ak-rtaic, m. aqnrdud\ 

Ai|VfiU^i SC, ak-ulii —K^ a. wtttery, 

A I |i]1 iiTK c, ak'f -loin, ^] in, a. afmliHe, 

AnyUon, ak-e-lon, in. *t!iiiJt.-Bnnd^ 

Arabs, ar-ab^ m. miser. 

Arab«rQuc£, ar^h-Hk,/: ^/. anaSesfutt. pi. 

AtahlT, ar-ah^bl, it. at^ie. 

AraEk, ar-ak, tn. ^trrntk. Tack. 

Arati^efc^ qr-^yn-yaf,/ spider; tdled'— , fJ»**'^, 

Ara^CEEitfnt, ar-ALL^'TtUiH, m. Inviting. 

Ar^iser, Qf-nvu aJ, tK a. t& Irert^ 

Ar^riolrtf, .ir-iit-wnrn a. arafory^ 

Arl.h'il&Ci?. ar-bnI-cLt,./: rrrrr^^oTt'. 

Arliiihitfier, ji r-t>i J-did-tre^E, rtt. crtV.t^^ifTi'Wtttf. 

ATl..ini^cr, ar-bc-rra1ij, m. drffffrafff*'!, [nrbftFarifreS.^. 

AtI ..I r lire, ar-bdrirair, i»- — TTKTir, mi. trrfnTrawy ; — . >a. 

iVrh ti ,1, e, a. irttf£Hr<r ; — c, p». afbttrrment. 

Ail'ilrnknimt, sz.W-ls^Uw^lH, ad. by arbitration. 

Arbitre, ar-bcc-tr, wr, afMtfr; frtlJiC — , MlMfC — , rrt. 

Arbkrtfr, ar-l>c-traj, v. u, iaHrtHtrHte. [frW-ni/J, 

A rbcrcr, nr-borai^ v. a. t,i hnigt. Set Hp. 

Arbau^Cn jtr-booz, J> i^rftuff-fvrry. 

ArbouEicr, ar-bocr-xyaj, m^ arbttfe-trrt. 

Arbre, ar-br, m. trfe- Amm. 

Arbri-s^eati, qj-bre-SOJlj W. xhrtttr, *Wf*\^ 

ArbustCf nnbtst, Wl. JA*■«^^ 

ABO f 14 ] 

Arcane,, tirk-dit, w. nt^atfttm. 

A^c-lwutcr, M-b<N>ta.lH v. a. ta tn/>^ri, frop^. 
Arceao, iir^&{>h, m. arcA. 
Jiiciiaismt, HJ-}cali^L«lU rtt. arfAairiH^ 

Aiche; tuib.y. arvk; arJt. 

Afi:h64li>i;i(j;U?, a7-kBi-o4a-hj ik, a, a nrA^r^flVa/r 

Arch^oki|^F, ar-kaLro-lof^, fn. arcAftf/i^piif, 
Aicbcr, Bx-^liait m. urrAtr. 

ArtlttitTpCi ar^jcai-tlp, jn. ^rcAeiji^, 

AfchcTCc h^t arsh-vdy^siiai, fn. arckbi^it^ififi-c. 
Arc ticvi^qup> Hr^h'vayk, tfi.nrcA^isAofi, 
AfciiLdlaEronat, ^-slic-dyak-o-niili^ t/t^ ^rtiJtdem^^ti-iHif. 
ArchidLacrri aT'&iit-Jyah-lcj', fH. ar€hifntt:iysi. 
Alchiduc, ar-^ht^dlilkH m. archdulkf. 
Amlifducht^i ar-sllC-d6-shaL, jut, ar(h4iiked^*ft, 

A:rcbi(ipi5copaL Ci ar-kcHai-pK-ko-pat, ii, ^n:hi4pisi^/'al. 
Arclil^pijcopai, ax^kc^aJ^pi^-kQ-p^h, fj'in artJ^iffiisCtf^te. 
Anchipicii ar-^c-pcL, m, uriJu/^^it^^, 
Aif^LhlpicshytdisL c, ar-shcwpr^s-btt-ai^TSii, d. at-cAi/>^s- 
Af chiprttrc^ arTshe-prey-tl^ w. ^rehpfHif. {/-j/iirut/. 
ArchEtcctCj ar-aJjc-tflkt, w. artAiU^A 

Ardiitenlura, w-sh*-L*Jt4(5r,v^ ftrrhifA'tftrt. 
ArcliUrAve, flr-F^hC'trdv,/; at^AHrnvf^. 

Ai'.i-.irx- ■:. ■-: .^ft■^l-.i, ^.';. tJtf/iiL;'.ir, 

Ar-^on. ar-so;t, m. saddU-bow. 

Arctique. ark-tik, a. arctic. 

Ardemment, ar-dam-a/i, cui. artUntly. 

Ardent, e, ar-dan, — t, a. ardent ; burning: cagtr : —, 

tn. iguis/atuus. 
Ardeur, jur-dur.y: ardour ; xeal, eagerness, 
ArdUlon, arHiiZ-o^, m. tongue. 
Ardoise, ar-dwaz,^ skUe. 
Ardolsi^re, ar-dwaz-ysur, f. slate quarry. 
Ardu, e, ar-dfi, a. arduous. 
Are, ar, tn. are (measure). 
Arine, ar-ayn,y^ sand: arena. 
Ar^neux, se, ar-ai-nuh, — z, a. sandy. 
Ar^m^tre, ar-ai-o-mey-tr, m. areometer. 
Arite, 9x-c^ f. fish-bone : edge. 
Ar^tler, ar-eyt-yai, tn. kip, corner. 
Argent, ar-hja», tn. stiver : tnoney: \'^^, quicks ilver. 
Argenter, ar-hjan-tai, v. a. to silver over. 
Argenterie, ar-hja^t-tree, f. plate. 
Argenteur, ar-hfa»-tur, tn. plater. 
Ai^entin, e, ar-nJaM-tai», —in, a. silver<oloured. 
Argenture, ar-hja«-tflr,/; sHver-plating. 
Ai^e, ar-hjill,^ clay. 
Argileux, se, ar-hje-mh, — z, a. clayey. 
Argot, ar-goh, tn. slang, gibberish ; stub. 
Argoter, ar-go-tai, v. a. to cut a stub. 
Argousin, ar-|^oo-zai», tn. galley-sergeant. 
Argue, SiXg,/. wire-drawing ttutchine. 
Aj^er, ar-gfi-ai, v. a. to argue. 
Argument, ar-gfi-nuut, tn. arguntent. 
Argumentateur, ar-gfi-man-tat-ur, tn. argtter. 
Argumentation, ar-g{i-ma//-tah-syo«,y: arguing. 
Argumenter, ar-gA-maM-tai, v. n. to argue. 
Argus, ar-gds, tn. argus : spy. 
Argutie, ar-g<is-e,yT quirk, cavil. 
Ande, ar-id, a. arid, barren. 
Aridity ar-e-de-tai,y: aridity: barrenness. 
Ariette, ar-yett,y^ arietta. 
Aristocrate, ar-iss<to-krat, tn. aristocrat. 
Aristocratic, ar-iss-to-krass-e, f. aristocracy. [erotic. 
Aristocratique, ar-iss-to-krat-ik, a. — ment, ad. aristo- 
Arithm^ticien, ar-it-inai-tiss-yain, in. arithmetician. 
Arithm^tique, ar-it-mai-tik, a. — ment, ad. arithmetical. 
Arlequin, arl-kai», tn. harlequin. 
Arlequinade, arl-ke-nad, /. harlequinade. 
Armateur, ar-mat-ur, tn. shipowner ; privateer. 
Armature, ar-mat-Ar, /. iron bars, pi. 
Arme, arm,y^ artn : weapon : — ^ feu, fire^rtn: —s, 

pi. arms, pi. : fencing. 
Arm^e, ar-mai, /. army, troops, pi. 
Armelhie, arm-hn, /. ermine. 

Armement, ar-mMA-man, tn. artttament : equiftnent. 
Armer, ar-nuu, v. a. to at^n ; fit out: cock: s— , v. r. 
Armet, ar-may, tn. helmet. \to take arms. 

Armillaire, ar-mil-lair, a. armillary. 
Armistice, ar-miss-tiss, tn. armistice. 
Armoire, ar-mwar, f. cupboard, press. 
Armoiries, ar-mwa-re,y^ pi. armouries, pi. 
Armoise, ar-mvraz.y'. mugwort. 

Armon, ar-mo;/, vt.furcheL 

Armoriste, ar-mor-ist. tn. armorist. 

Armure, ar-mfir, f. artnour, arming. ' 

Armurier, ar-mCir-yai, tn. gtitistnith. 

Aromate, ar-o-mat, tn. aroma. 

Aromatique, ar-o-mat-ik. a. aromatic. 

Aromatisatimi, ar-o-roat-e-zah-syoM, yC arottuUizction 

Aromatiser, ar-o-mat-e-zai, v. a. to arotttatute. 

Arome, arohm, tn. arotna. 

Aronde, ar-oMd, /. swallow tail. 

Arp^ge, ar-paihj, tn. arpeggio. 

Arp^er, ar-pai-hjai, v. a. to arpeggiate. 

Arpent, ar-pan, tn. acre. 

Arpentage, ar-paM-tahj, tn. surveying. 

Arpenter, ar-pa»-tai, v. a. to survey. 

Arpenteur, ar-pa/i-tur, tn. surveyor. 

Arqu^ e, ar-kai. a, arcuate, bent. 

' [uebuse, ark-bAz, /. arquebuse. 

Arqu( ._ ^ 

Arquebuser, ark-bA-zai, v. a. to shoot. 

Arquebusier, ark-bfiz-yai. tn. gunstnith. 

Arquer, ar-kai, v. a. et n. to bettd. 

Arrachement. ar-ash-ma». tn. pulling out. 

Arracher, ar-ash-ai, v. a. to pull away, pluck, snatch, 

root out : fifrce. 
Arracheur, ar-ash-ur, — de dents, tn. tooth-drawer. 
Arraisonner, ar-ray-zo-nai, v. a. to argue. {measure. 
Arrangement, ar-a»-hjmaff, tn. arrangetnent : order : 
Arranger, ar-a»-hjai, v. a. to arrange: set in order : 

suit : s'— > v. r. to take measures : agree. 
Arrentement, ar<ant-maui, tn. rettting out: par — i f>J 
Arrenter, ar-a»-tai, v. a. to let out. {the year. 

Arr^ager, ar-rai-rahj-ai, v. a. to get in arrears. 
Arrdrages, ar-rai-rahj, m. pi. arrears, pi. 
Arrestation, ar-es-tah-syo«,y: arrest. 
Arr^t, ar-ay, tn. decree : rest: stop : — s, pi. arrest. 
Kxxhx€, ar-ay-tai, tn. decree: resolution. 
Arr£ter, ar-ay-tai, v. a. et tt. to stop: delay : hire : 

appoittt: arrest, settle, set; s*— , v. r. to stop, stay: 

Arriier, ar-ai, v. tt. to give earnest. 
Arrhes, ar,/: pi. eat^test. 
Arriire, ar-ryair, tn. stern / en — , backward^ behind : 

— ban, m. arriere-ban : — boutique, /. back-shop: 

— cour.yr back-yard: — fermier, tn. uttder-fartner : 

— fiet tn. tnestte-fee: — garde, fi rear-guard, rear: 

— goAt, tn. q/ter-iaste ; — main, /. back-stroke ; 

— neveu, m. son of one's nephew : — pens6e, /. 
o^fter-thought, mental reservation : — petite-fille« f. 
gtvat-granddaughter : — petit-fils, m. great-grattd- 
son : — point, m. backstttch : — saison, fi latter 
end of autumn: — vassal, m. under-tenant. 

Axiviti, ar*ryai-rai, m. arrears, pi. 

Axniter, ar-ryai-ral, v. a. to throw behindhand, defer: 
5'—, V. r. to be in arrears : stay behind. 

Arrimage, ar-e-mahj, ttt. stowage. 

Arrimer, ar-e-mai, v. a. to stow. 

Arrimeur, ar-e-mur, ttt. stmaer. 

Arrivage, ar-e-vahj, nt. Arrivrfe, ar-e-vai, f. arrival. 

Arriver, ar-e-vai, v. n. to arrive: come to pass: hap- 

Arrogamment, ar-o-gam-a», etd. arrogantly. Ipon. 

Arrogance, ar-ro-ga^is, f. arrogattce. 

Arrogant, e, ar-ro-ga», — t, a. arregattt. 

s Arroger, ar-ro-hjai, v.r. to arrogate to ottes' self : claim. 

Arroi, ar-wa, m. equipage, train. \round. 

Arrondir, ar-o»-deer, v. a. to routtd: s,— , v. r. to grow 

Arrondissement, ar-oM-diss-ma/f, tn. routtding : dis- 
trict. * 

Arrosage, ar-oh-sal^ , Arrosement, ar-ohz-ma/f, in. 

Arroser, ar-oh-zai, v. a. to water. [watering. 

Arrosoir, ar-oh-zwar, tn. wateri$ig-pot. 

Arsenal, ars-nal, tn. arsenal. 

Arsenic, ars-nik, m. arsenic. 

Arsenical, e, ars-ne-kal, a. arsenical. 

Art. ar, m. art: mattre is arts, master of arts. 

Artire, ar-tair, f. artery. 

Arthritique, ar-tre-tik, a. arthritic, gouty. 

Artichaut, ar-te-shoh, tn. artichoke. 

Article, ar-tiki, m. articU, point: Joint. [distinctly. 

Articuler, ar-te-kul-eu, v. a. to articulate : prottounce 

Artifice, ar-te-fiss, tn. art^ce, trick : feu ^—, fireworks. 

Artificiel, le, ar-te-fiss-yef, a. — lement, ad. arHficial. 

Artificier, ar-te-fiss-yai, 

Artificieux, se, ar-te-fis^uh, — z, a. — sement, ad. 
artful: crckfty. 

Artill<6, e^ ar-ti/-ai, a. ntountedwith cannon. 

Artilleries ar-tiZ-re,/: artillery, ordnance, 

Artilleur, ar-ti/-ur, m. artilleryman. 

Artimon, ar-te-mon, tn. tnixxen. • 

Artisan, ar-te-za», m. artificer. 

Artison, ar-te-zoM, tn. wood-wotttt. 

Artisonn^, e, ar-te-zo-nai, a. tfwrm-eaten. 

Artiste, ar-tist, »«. ar«j/. 

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Aztistcment, ar-tist-maM, ad. artfully. 

Aruqpice, ar-fis-piss, a. aruspex, diviner. 

As, auss, m. ace. 

Asbeste, ass-best, m. asbestos. 

Ascendant, e, ass-saM-daw, — t, a. ascending : —, m. 

Ascension, ass-sa/t-syon, f. ascension. {ascendant, 

Asc^te, ass-seyt, s. ascetic. 

Asc^tique. ass-sai-tik, a. ascetic 

AsiJe, az-eel, nt. asylum. 

Asine, az-in, a. bdte — , shenus. 

A^>ect. ass-pek, m. aspect. 

Asperf^. ass-pairhi, f. asparagus. 

Asperger, ass-pair-njai, v. a. to besprinkle. 

Aspei^is, ass-pair-hja;^, m. ctspersoriutn. 

Asp^nt^, ass-pai-re*tai, /. asperity: roughness. 

Aspersion, ass-pair-syo/i, f. besprinkling. 

Aspersoir, as-palr-swar, tn. koly-weUer brush. 

Asphalte, ass-&lt, m. asphalt. 

Asphodtie, ass-fo-^ell, m. asphodel. 

Aspic, asS'pik, nt. aspic; spikenard. 

Aspirant, e, ass-pe-rax, — t, a. pompe — e. suction'^ 
pump ; _, tn. candidate. 

Aspiration, ass-pe-rah-syo», /. aspiration, 

Aspirer, ass-pe-rai. v. a^Hn. to aspirate; draw breath; 
ttspire; aim at; desire. 

Assaillant, ass-sa/-a/f, tn. assailant. 

•Assaillir, ass-saZ-eer, v. a. to assault ; assail, attack. 

Assainir, ass-say-neer, v. a. to render wholesome. 

Assainissement, ass*say-niss-maM, tn. rendering whole' 

Assaisonnement, ass-say-4onn-ma», m. seasoning. 

Assaisonner, ass-say-zo-nai, v. a. to season. 
Assaisonneur, ass-say-zo-nur, m. seasoner. [*'ng. 

Assassin, ass-ass-ai/t. m. murderer; — e, a. murder- 
Assassinat, ass-ass-e-nah, tn. assassittatiott. 
Asszissiner, ass-ass*e-nai, v. a. to assassinate, murder. 
Assaut, asSK>h, m. assault; storm ; fencing match. 
Assemblage, ass-an-blahj, m. assetnblage ; joining. 
Assembl^e, ass-a/i-blai, /. assembly; meetirtg. 
Assembler, ass-a/t-blai, v. a. to assemble. Join, clamp ; 

s' — , V. r. to tneet together. 
Assembleur, ass-aM-blur, m. gatherer. 
Assener, ass-s»A«nai, v, a. to strike hard. 
Assentiment, ass-sa/i-te-ma/f, m. assent. 
*Assentir, ass-a//-teer, v. n. to assent, agree. 
*Asseoir, ass-war, v. a. to seat; lay ; fix ; pitch; s'— , 

V. r. to sit dovm. 
Assermenter, ass-sair-maM-tai. v. a. to stuear ir 
Asserteur, ass-sai^-tur, tn. assertor. 
Assertion, ass-sair-syoM, f assertion. 
Asservir, ass-sair-veer, v. a. to enslave, 
Asservissement, ass-sair-viss-ma/f, m. subjection, 
Assesseur, ass-ess>ur, m. assessor. [bondage. 

Assez, as&4i, ad. enough. 
Assidu, e, as-se-du, a. — ment, ad. assiduous. 
Assiduit<i, as-se-dwe-tal,y^ assiduity. 
Assied, as-syay, see Asseoir. 
Assi^gr^, e, ass-yai-hjai, a. besieged. 
Assi^geant. e, ass-yai-hjax, — t, a. besieging; — , tn. 
Assizer, ass-yai-hjai, v. a. to besiege; beset, [besieger. 
Assiette, ass-yett, f. plate; situaiion; assesstttettt ; 
Assiett^e, assyct'M,f.pla^ul. [temper. 

Assigoatj ass-in-yah, tn. assignat. 
Assignation. as-sin-yah-syo»,7^ajj'i^/t//i«w// sutnmotts. 
Assigner, as-sin-yai, v. a. to assign ; summon. 
Assimilation, ass-e-me-]ah-syo/«,y'. assimilation, 
Assimiler, ass-se-me-lai, v. a. to assimilate. 
Assis, as-se. see Asseoir. 
Assise, ass-iz,/: layer, row. 
Assises, ass-iz, f. pi. assizes. 
Assistance, ass-iss-ta^is,y: assistance; assembly. 
Assistant, e, ass-iss-tan, — t, a. assistant; —, tn. assis- 
tant; — 5, assembly. 
Assister, ass-iss-tai, v, a. et n. to assist; attend. 
Association, ass-o-syah-syo«,/: association. 
Associii, ass-o-syai, s. partner, felloio. 
Associer, ass-o-syai, v. a. to associate; s'—, v. r. to 

associate; enter into partttership ; share. 
Assombri. e, ass-OM-bree, a. sad, tnelattcholic. 
Assommer, ass-o-mai, v. a. to knock doit/n ; overpower, 
Assommeur, ass-o-mur, tn. killer. 
Assommoir, ass-o-mwar, m. trap. 
Asaomption, ass-soMp-syon.y: assumption, 
AsscMiance, as-so-na7rs,yC assonance. 
Assonant, e, 2is-so-naM, ~t, a. assonant. 
Assortiment, ass-or-te-maM, tn. assortmetU, set. 
Assortir, ass-or-teer, v. a. to ttuttch, sort; —, v. n. et 

s' — t V. r, to tnatch, suit. 
Assortissant, e. ass-or-te-sa», — t, a. suiting well, 
Assot^ ass-o-tai, a. doting on. 

Assoupir, ass-soo-peer, v, a. to make drowsy; still; 
$•— , V. r, to grow sleepy i be appeased. 

; AsEOLiplssaiit, ?, a^-oo-pe-saM, — t, a. sotiut\ferous. 
A«K0Lipls5ciiieMit4 o&irsoo-pis-nia/i, m. drowsiness. 
As&oLipdir, ii^-%cH)-f)lieer, v. a, to sup fie; s' — , v. r. to 

be^t^mc JKfpUt 
KsbUrUfdiT, as's-^oor-deer, V. a. to dee^/en. 
As50uvir, asv^CKO-vcer, v. a. to glut, satieUe. 
Asscmvisscrticiit, .\',- -ioo-viss-ma/f, tn. gluttittg. 
Ajisujcnki Aiis-sii .1 ^y-teer, v. a. to subdue ; fasten ; 

i'-^( %\ n vj jjj.:.r. .■ otte's se(f. 
A5SLLJettUiU,nl, t-. ^ .nsQ-hjay-te-saM, — t, a. slavish. 
AsHUen^Kineni, i .,.sQ-hjai-tis-nia>i, m. subjection. 
A^amer, uai-tA^rn ■\ , v. a. to take upon one's self. 
Assurance, aai-tl-raTs, f. assurance, security; <*«- 

Jfd^utt; iftJHniimc. [Jtdent; — , tn, insured. 

A jiur£, c, iu.irOr'^lt a. —ment, ad. sure, certain ; con- 
Ai^Etrcr, a^s^Cknoj^ z'. a. to assure; secure; assert, 

Jirtf(f: ittsure .- i'~, v. r. to be sure; secure, 
A^urcuii ass^flr- ll:. rJf. ittsurer, 
AiT^juquc. iyit-ii ji k, ttt. asterisk. 
Asthjiuitiqm;. a;^-^ t: i. l c-ik, a. asthmatic, 
Asthjnc, iisEn, ft i.' thtna. 
Asbccvtcr, ,%i'j-iiL-k. -.u, v. a. to teaMC, 
AsLTil, c oib'U-LJ, A. .xstral, 
AsCtc^ adtf. It., J .' ! ' 
•Ailr«jn,;j,-, .■■: i- ^■.•i-dx, compel ; confitu; s'— , 

Tr, f, j-li . . . ' , . -- p seff. 
Aj,tjin|f>^ii:, , ■■ I; .n-txjan, — t, a. astringent. 
AstiuLa] II ,tn. astrolabe. 

As^rcliy. \i\t,f, astrology. 

AiifL^lL.,- , lo-)\[ik, a. astrologic. 

AitiiiJiiv-. . Ti, tn. astrologer. 

A$Lrnn li I LI ( . .y :-,- -.-. •.■>uk, m. astronotner. 
A>Lt M js' ■ II Lir , li- !: ■ f I • ■ • 1 1 0-me, f. astronotny. 
A^!r<ji|i>iiLLi|iK\ LLi'i im-no-uuk, a. astrvno/nic, 
AsincCf aii-ifis, /: . '-{/?, cunning. 
A^iuciriiE, sc, as^tuiii-yuh, —t,a. — sement, ad. crq/ty 
A^ytc, ite A'iilc. 
Atetkr, at-c]-y;i[, m. workshop. 

AEcnnodcmcni, at^.^] i-mwa-ma/i, m. delay qf payment, 
Arcrano^cr, al-air-iu .va-yai, v. a. to delay. 
Aihi^c^ iLt-Al. ji, x.\{hf,'.tical ; —, tn, atheist, 
AchcLdmci 3t>iL-]£i]'i, "1. atheism. 
Acb(^L«jqu^, at-M L ulc, a. atheistical, 
AMttn. at-leu, T'l. .zhlete. 
Atlile^CL^ue, at-tai :il^ a. athletic. 
AditErr, ftt-*i^4i»ip r , 3. to adorn, 
Atiasj at-CiUS *'*. 'i''-'is. 
Atici&^phire, iii'ni'-svur.>^ attnosphere, 
Aumufihc riquit, i<L .<.^)-stai-rik, a, attnospheric^ 
Acame, atriihjii, fi .;:om. 
Atonic, at'O-ne-.y: .i.'.'ty. 
Atour, ftt-CK»r, tn. -.l.-' -tan's attire, 

AtOUt, At~(Ht, m. ir.,rfp. 

Alr^LILtLU^ ai-r£kL<-r.'l.iir, a. bilious. 

Atre, au-tr, r^. hrA*th. 

Alincc, at-nsas, a. — n^ent, ad. atrocious, 

AtKjGiteij at-riis«-c-tai,/I atrociousness. 

ALrbpbie^ at'rqF-«./. atrophy. 

a'Attabicr, at-al'i^ i\ r. to sit down eU table. 

Aiiflddajit, c at-ii'.ii^i**, — ^t, a, engaging. 

AitacEii*, a.t-ashr/ -■.T, bond, string; attachtnetit ; rivet, 

Aiiachemerii, aj ,i-,]i \\)3jt, tn. attachtnettt ; itulittation. 

AttiicJier, iit'ii-sJi.iL'.. ; a. to attach;^; ettgage ; s'— > 

t}. r. ttt sfid (yf ; ^i.f'\ere; win over. 
Attaijuabtc, ;itvk1t.>bif itl, a. assailable. 
Actaquiiuit:, Ai^ak-L.irr. nt. ossailattt, 
Attaque, at.jjL.y. .J.V.rofe. [blattu. 

ALtjqtii*r, at-ak-.i!, ;-. Jt. to attack ; s'—. v. r.tosetupon, 
h' ACLinicr, iLt-tAt-.LLi. v. r. to retard, delay. 
AttEiiiiife^ jtt-oiJ^MlT, -'. a. etn. to reach; catch ; attain 
Xiv^mXt, ^i-\ii.Ui\. /. ■'-.ow; it^jury, datnage, [to, 

AiE«U|fe, at-Jiilij, f'i. .itt. 
Atieltr,. ^\.Aa\, tl>, u. to ptU horses to. 
AUtrllf , ar^Llu/. katini. 
Atlehiint, t, at-na/j, — t, a. contiguous, 
Aifetidrci at-fl^-dr, v, a. et n. to wait for; stay; expect; 

CM attcodant^ in the ttteantitne; s* — t v. r. to rely 

Aitcodrir, Fil-ajj-rlreer, v. a. to s<ften, ttiove; s'— , v, r, 

f^jj^'rsni.<f^;i:^r'r', f-,' tnoved. [pity. 

Altendri.. ' >■ ' '' an-driss-maM, m. impassion, 

AUcncUi, ^ ' on account qf; — que, whereas. 

AUeiaiAir '-' • outrage, attempt. 

AttenLatL.iE., .:: .-war, a, outrageous. 

Attenttf, al-^iiH,/. f.^/Mtation, hope. 
AL(enLer, at-a'^-u^, r. n. to tttake an attetnpt. 
Atieatir, Ive, ak-A'j-iM', — iv, a. — vement, ad. attetttive, 
Atiiflilon, ic-a^P-i} . I y: attention; regard; faire— » 

tifpay at ft mien, ;>iind. 
A.nitSi\iax.iuvv, at-[diL'j^ii-ah-syo»,yC attenuation, 
Aitiiiiuer, Ht-taJ^rLU-oii, V. a. to attenuate. 
Ati^rtii^e, iat-air'Aiyv ***. lattding. ^ t 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


I 16 J 


Atterrer, at-tai-rai, v. a. to cast down ; destroy. 
Atterrir, at-tai-reer, v. n. to make the iand. 
Atterrisseiiient, at-tai-riss-ma/i, w. alluvion. 
Attestation, att-es:>-tah-syo«,y. attestation, wittiess. 
Attester, att-css-tai, v. a. to attest, call to witttess. [cool. 
Atti^dir, at-tyai-deer, v. a. to ccol ; s'— , v. r. to grow 
Attiedisseinent, at-tyaiHliss-ina/t , nu luketvarmness ; 
Atiifer, at-te-fai, v. a. to trick up. [abatement. 

Attique. at-tik. a. attic. 
Attirail, at-e-ra/, m. apparatus, luggage. 
Attirant, e, al-c-ra»i, — t, a. attractive. 
Attirer, at-c-rai, v. a. to cUtract, atiure ; bring over ; 

s' — , V. r. to win, gain. 
Aftiser, at-e-zai, v. a. to stir ; excite. 
Attis«ur, at-e-zur, m. stoker. 
Attitr^ e, at-e-trai, a. appointed, bribed. 
Attitude, at-e-tfld,/. attitude. 
Attouchement, at-toosh-nia/i, tn. touch, contact, 
Attractif, ive, at-rak-tif, — iv, a. attractive. 
Attraction, at-rak-syo;i,y. attraction. 
Attrait, at-ray, rn. allurement ; chartn. 
Attrape, at-rap,y. trick ; — vivg\\xA„/ool4rap. 
Attraper. at-rap-ai, v. a. to catch, insnare ; hit, cheat. 
Attrapeiir, at-rap-ur, tn. deceiver. 
Attrapoire, at-rap-war,/I trap ; trick. 
Attrayant, e, at-ray-ya;/, — i, a. attractive. 
Attriijuer, at-tre-bA-ai. v. a. to attribute ; s'— , v. r. to 
Attribut, at-re-bfl, m. attribute. [claim. 

Attribution, at-tre-bfl-syo/i.y: prerogative: province. 
Attrister, at-triss-tai, v. a. to grieve, afflict ; s' — , v. r. 
Attrition, at-tre-syo;/,/; attrition. [to grieve, be sad. 
Attroupeiuent. ai-roop-ina«, nt. tnob. 
Attroupcr. at-roo-pai. v. a. to assemble; s' — , v. r. to 

gather in crowds. 
Aubade, oh-l>alid,/; serenade, insult. 
Aubain. oh-bain, m. alien, foreigner. 
Aubaine, oh-ben,/. escheat; wind/all. 
Aube, ohb./; day-break. 
Aub^pine, oh-bai-pin, /. Aaw/A^rw. 
Auberyc, oh-bairhj,/; inn, tavern. 
Aubergiste, oh-bair-hjist, m. innkeeper. 
Aubier, oh-byai, tn. hasel-tree ; bleak. 
Aubifoin, aub-e-fwai//, tn. bluebottle. 
Aubin, oh-bai«, tn. canter. 

Aubiner. oli-be-nai, v. n. to canter. [not at all. 

Aucun, e, oh-ku;*, — kfln, a. — ement, ad. none, any ; 
Audace. oh-dass,/". audaciousness ; boldness. 
Audacieux, se, oli-dass-yuh. — z, a.— senient, ad.auda- 
Audience, oh-dya/is,./ audience. [cious, bold. 

Audiencier, oh-dya;/-syat, m. usher. 
Auditeur, oh-de-tur, tn. auditor. 
Audition, oh-de-syoM,y. audit (of accouttts). 
Aiulii-nire nh-rlA-t-tvar. w. sesston-house ; auditory. 

Aiiiiti, uU-iij.iy. tn^ ^if^iiitrW^i- cage). 
A'a^xaaiX. i*i,r iimirt mrjfyitittsrv. [crease. 

Au^fincnT.iiiMii, rjK-iHiii*-utitijfi^(, /. augtnenfntion, in- 
AutTH«(iTier, [qr-ntari-tal, t'. h,. %k n. et s — , v. r. to .lug. 
Allj^urct nh-tffir, m. itlrgnryy tiunur. [tnent, increase. 
Ati^ftr, oh-if Qr-Ai, V. jj, A> ^ajpirate, augur. 

Aujoun^]'h(rk, ^TEi-hJour-^l^e, fld. to-day ; ttow. 

Aulimie, titvAlk, it. ftnlrf. [nlttts. 

Auraone, uh-iuulin,/ atms-, rharity ; faire 1'—, to give 

AuniAiicr, oh-mnti-naE, -u. tt. tfl /iry ajine/or the poor. 

Auinfinerlc, (linnohn-nip y: tiiwipnry. 

AbnHjAaitr, Liti-xnotui^yiii^ w. aitntftter. 

AumAutifcre, o^i.mnbn^yair, f^ purse. 

Auimisic* ah.nitls5,yi avit^s. 

Aunaif?, Dh-nAbJ^ rn. fi/tt.ijpr. 

Anciue, uh-Bny. 7r atdrr-pint 

Aune, ohn, ^f. eft; — , la . aittfr. 

Auner, uh^nai, t\ /i. txi iiwtisHre by the ell. 

Aun«uf, ciJi-nur, m. ^ihtngtr 

Aupnnivjuit, f\\\^pai^^^'^n.aif. htfore. [hard by. 

Aufirii^ uh.prcy, pr. tt m£. attir, by, next to, with, 

Aumii 0ll-ri(y. see Avoir, 

Aijrj"l«, 0-mJ-ol, f. a.utxflla, ^'lory. 

Aurk:iiliitr«, o-K-Kfi^kiir, ra. tturkular; t^moin — . ear- 

Aurunc, o-rftr^y; dA-H<it ; fftsL [witness. 

AuHcv.kai.itm, (itvk&li-tali-!;yo'^yr auscultation. 

Ati^ce, o^piSB, irt, attspicf. omen. 

Atts^Hn ti-iif^ r. -af^f^ f^* ; rtr : — Inen que, as well as. 

_*^,.. ,j,v.. ,. .„i..i^ ... .■■■■■■:- J r^j fcfy; -.que, as soon as. 

-■. .ntstere, rigid. 
.\. nr I ■. ■ ....... ■■.rity. 

Austral, e, oh*stra], a. austral. 
Autan, oh-ta^i, ttt. south-witul. 

Autant, o-ta«, a. as much, so much; as many, so many: 

d'— mieux, so much the better ; d'— moins, so much 

Autel, o-tel, m. altar. • [the less. 

Auteur, oh-tur, m. author, writer; inventor. 
Authenticity, o-ta//-te-se-tai, /. autlunticity. 
Authentique, o-ta/<-tik, a. — ment, cul. auHientic ; —, tM, 

Authentiquer, o-ta/i-te<kai, v. a. to authettticaie. 
Autocrate, oh-to-krat, tn. autocrat. 
I Autocratic. oh-to-kras&«, /: autocracy. 
AutO}fraphe, oh-to-graf, a. autographic; — , tn. auto- 
Autoniate, oh-to-niat, m. automatoti. {graph. 

Autouiatique, oli-to-mat-ik, a. automatic. 
Autoninal, e, oh-tom-nal, a. atUttmttal. 
Automne, oh-ton, tn. autumn. 
Autop^ie, oh-top-se, f, atttopsy. 
Autorisation, o-to-re-za-syo/x, /. authorization. 
Autoriser, o-to-re-zai, v. a. to authorize; s — , v. r. to 
Autorit^, o-to-re-tai, f. authority. [get atUhority. 

Autour, oh-toor, pr. et ad. about, around ; — , m. 

Autre, oh-tr, pn. other, another; Tun 1'—, ecKh other; 

de temps k — ,/rotn titne to time. 
Autrefois, oh-tr-fwa, ad./brmerly. 
Autrement, oh-tr-maM , <></. otherwise, else. 
Autruche. oh-trQsh.yT ostrich. 
Autrui, oh-trti-e, tn. others, otfier People. 
Auvent, oh-va>/, tn. penthouse. 
Auxiliaire, ok-sU-yair, a. auxiliary. ^ 

s'Avachir, av-ash-eer. v. r. to flag ; becottu slcuk. 
! Aval, av-al, tn. endorsetnetft ; —, ad. down the river. 
, Avalaison, av-al-ey-zo«, /". torrent. 
■ Avalanche, aval-a/tsh. f. a7>alanche. [to hang down. 
j Avaler, av-al-ai, v. a. to swallow ; let down ; s — , v. r. 
I Avaleur, se, av-al-ur, — uz, s. one that swallows. 
Avaloire, av-al-war, /". large throat ; breeching. 
Avance, ar-a/zs. /. advance ; step ; out-Jutting ; d'— , 

par — , beforehand. 
Avanc^, e, avan-sai, a. advaticed, forward. 
Avancement, av-a/<-sina/<, tn. advancetttent ; forward- 
ness ; progress. 
Avancer. av-a/i-sai, v. a. et tt. to advattce, forward, 
promote, prefer ; go too fast, encroach ; Jut out, pro- 
ject; rise ; s' — , v. r. to move or ga forward ; get on : 
Avanie, av-an-e, f. insult. [Jut out. 

Avant, av-a/r, pr. et ad. before, forward ; en — , for- 
ward ; in advattce ; — que ^r de, before ; — , tn. prow ; 

— bras, forearm ; — corps, tn. fore-part; — couT,f. 
fore-yard, fore-court ; — coureur, ttt. fore-rutt tier; 

— dernier, a. the last bttt one; — garde, y: vanguard, 
van ; — goflt, tn. fore-taste ; — hier, ad. the day before 
yesterday ; — main, tn. forehattd ; — midi, tn. fore- 
tioott ; — port, tn. outer port ; — poste, m. outpost ; 

— propos, tn. ^reatnble, preface ; — sc^ne, f. pro\ 
scetiiutn ; — toit, in. eaves ; — train, tn. fore-carriage ; 

— veille, f fore-vigil. [odds 
Avantage, av-a//-tahj, m. advatttage ; Prqfit, gain ; 
Avantager, av-a/z-tanj-ai, v. a. to advantage ; favour. 
Avantageux, se, av-a/r-tahj-uh, — z, a. — sement, ad. 

advantageous ; profitable; conceited. 
\ Avare, av-ar, a. — nient, cut. avaricious, niggard ; — , 
\ tn. tniser, tti^gard. 
I Avarice, av-ar-iss, f. avarice, covetousness. 
I Avaricieux, se, av-ar-iss-yuh, — z, a. avat icious. 

Avarie, av-ar-e, f average, datttage. 

Avari^, e. a-var-yai, a. averaged. 
' A vau-l'eau. av-oh-loh. ad. dowtt the river. 

Avec, av-ek, pr. with ; for. 
> •Aveindre, av-ai«-dr, v. a. to take, fetch out. 
i Aveline, av-lin, f. filbert. 

Avelinier, av-lin-yai, m. filbert-tree. 

Avenant. e, av-iuui, — t, a. well-looking; k X—, proper-. 

Avenenient, av-en-ma**, tn. accession. [tionabiy. 

•Avenir, av-neer, v. tt. to happett, chatice; — , tn./uture 
fittttrity; k 1*—, hettceforth. 

Avent, av-a/f, tn. Advettt. 

A venture, av-a«-tflr,/I advettture ; chance ; hazard ; 
itttrigue : h 1'—, at rattdotn ; d*— , by chance; par 
bonne — , by good luck. 

Aventurer, av-a»-tA-rai, v. a. to venture ; s' — , v. r. to 
riiti a hazard. 

Aventureux, se, av-a/i-tQ-ruh, — z, a. advettturotts, rtit- 

Aventurier, av-a»-t6r-yai, m. advetitttrer. {turesotne. 

Avenue, av-n6, / avettue, alley. 

Average, av-ai-rahj, m. prix tttoyen. 

Av^rer, av-ai-rai, v. a. to aver, afflrttu 

Averse, av-airss, f. heavy shower. 

Aversion, av-air-syo;/, f. aversiott, 

Avertin, av-air-tai;/, nt. vertigo. 

Avertir, av-air-teer, v. a. to warn, advise, infortn. 

Avertissement, av-air-ttss-ina», tn. warning, advertise' 

Aveu, av-uh, tn. avowal ; cotisent. [nttttt, adtnc-.; 

Aveugle, av-uh-gl, a. — 6ment, ad. blittd; en— ^ blindiyi 
— , tn. blittd tnan. 

Aveuglement, av-uh-gl-maM, m, blituiness, ' 

Digitized by vJjOOQLC 


Aveueler, ay-iih-glai, v. a. to blind; darken ; s*— , v. r, 
to shut one's eyes. 

Aveuglctte, av-uh-glett, k \'—, ad. eroping. 

A vide, av-id, a. — luent, ad. greedy ; eager. 

Aviditi, av-id-e-tai, f. avidity, greediness. 

Avilir, av-e-leer, v. a. to abase, disgrace ; s'— , v. r. tf 
debase one's self, 

Avilissant, e, av-e-le-sa/t. — t, a. debasing, disgrace/tit. 

Avilisscment, av-e-liss-nia», m. debasement, contempt. 

Aviner, av-e-nai, v. a. to season with wine. 

Aviron, av-e-ro», m. oar. 

Avis, av-e, m. advice ; warning, notice ; k mon — , in 
my opinion ; ouvrir un — , to make a tnotion. 

A vise, e, av-e-zai, a. prudent, wary. 

Aviser, av-e-zai, v. a. et n. to advise, warn; consider; 
resotve: s'— , v. r. to bethink one's se{f, devise. 

Aviso, av-e-zoh, tn. advice-boat. 

Avitailleraent, av-e-ta/-tna;(, m. victualling. 

Avitailler. av-e-ta/-ai, v. a. to victual. 

AvitaiUeur, av-e-ta/-ur, m^ victualler. 

Aviver, av-e-vai, v. a. to brighten ; polish. 

Avives, av-iv, s. pi. vives. 

Avocasser, av-o-kass-ai, v. a. to be a pettifogger. 

Avocat, av-o-kah, m. lawyer; — consultant, chamber- 
counsel : — gdndral, attorney-general ; — plaidant. 

Avoine, av-wan, y. oats. [barrister. 

•Avoir, av-war, v. a. to have, hold; — clmud, to be 
warm ; ily a, tlure is, there are; — , m. substawe; 
possessions, pi. 
Avoisinement, av-wa-sin-ma;/, m. bordering ; nearness,, 
Avoisiner, av-wa-se-nai, v. a. to border upon. 
Avons, a-vo«, see Avoir. 
Avortement, av-ort-ma;/, m. miscarriage, 
Avorter, av-or-tai, v. n. to miscarry. 
Avorton, av-or-to«, m. abortion. 
Avoue, av-wai, m. attorney. 

Avouer, av-wai, v. a. to ainnv ; grant ; allow of; s'— , 
Avril, av-ril, m. April. jv. r. to own one's seif. 

Axe, aks, tn. axis ; axle. 
Axiome, aks-yohm, m. axiom. 
Axonjfe, ak-sonhj, / axungia. 
Ayant cause. ah-ya/<-kohz. m. claimatU, 
Aziinut, az-e-mflt, jn. azimuth. 
Aziinutai, e, az-e-niA-tal, a. azimuth. 
Azur, az-Ar, tn. azure. 
Kzut6, e, az-fl-rai, a. sky-coloured. 
Azyrae, az-im, a. azymons. 



Uabnirrc, t*ab-ur, m. bnit^r-tniUb. 
BatHchc, bflFbtSih, / iapdngr 
Babil, bs^b^it fn. prattle, 
IkLbJlLi}^^ bstl>4/-aliJH jot. fhil-rfinf. 
iJHibiUajrd, bBb-l^-iir, wi, ^e, — d,/ ivti>lyler. 
lltibiUer, 'bab-l/-ai. v. ttr r^pintfe. 
IiEiLrinQ, bai>-iii, y; up, 
U^VjaiDUr, Iwb-yol.y; %att/>le, fuy, tri^e. 
liAbof d, bnb-oir, m. larboard. 
t!aboLicll«, bal>-oosii,j^ J^j>*/fr. 

blAtjouiiser, Ual»^\«p-naL, v, «. tiPpiay the fmff'^'^n. 

ISoccalaiur^ac b,ik^k^l^>r^i-.Th^ m. hatkiUr^Hip. 

i'^ahnnifi, 'bak.-'ksitft,f bacnAaitt- itrmagant. 

K;^Cllc badshnV^ rilf, €isferu, 

i!.n:lie]el», K=*iJi.l^tt,y: £ass^ tfamse/. 

Boc]ie!icr, bash-tyjit, tn. ba^hel^r. 

HAcller, btau'slini, v. a. to till, 

Biiclii^ut^ liaih-ik, a, baschic, 

Dilclnjtn basih'Ch, jn. teitei-ry. 

Bfiehcitcurt ba^hH^iur, tn. -luhfrryniatt. 

U4clcr, baU'Jtlfu, ^. a. f& bar; fastttt ; jifji'sA, 

TJ:idaudt bad-oh, m. coiJtncy. 

Biidaudcr^ bad-oll-clai^ -l'. tt, t^j^i^pc about. 

iiAdaudlcn^ liad-oh-djc^y^/cuj^rj'. 

Bajdeme, tMd-Alrti,/. mat, 

Badiane, bad-i-ann^ badinH, 

Badij^«o|i, bsd-e-hjrjj, tn, si&ne-CQlcnr. 

B^dlireoiuier, bad-c^bjo iieii, v, a, t<f pauit in stone- e* bad-aljT< — m, «. pta^/u(, tfintrti^-^. {colour. 

DadiiLigH*^ bad-*-iiahj, m. jporl, play. 

Badine, bad'in,/. rayi&vS ,- —a,//, jitm/JUtigs^ 

Badiiier, bnd^^nai, v^ «, t^play^ sparf^ rails. 

Baroo^, baf-tft^ae, v. a. io sc&^at, abiue. 

lilfrcr, bau-fral, %r. n. to i^uflis:, 

Bifrcurt bau^rmi, m. gutfier. 

Bajfa^^J?, i^j^-^hj, m-Mg^age,iH^gage : pllcr— ^ trous- 

liagqire, \ia:£,-&r,f.fray. tumHii. [scT — » t<t anarch off. 

lii^asse, bapjss,^ ba^swze. 

Uoj^^iitelle^ bag-ac-eLI, /. tri^e; nmseme; —, tVf, nM- 

aattae. biui.y^ m. ^r,„\f^ [setue I 

aisi^c, uajfty: ring. 

Kujruciiaudc, bah'-nohd,y: hlttdder*nitf, 

B;i]^^uciiauLi«r, Liciif-noh-dai, v. n, to trifif, daily. 

Baijuenaudkr, ba^;-noh-<i;^ni, m. biadder-nHi trve, 

liai^u^rj bagf-ai, v. a, ra basfe, 

|iiiKLiftte,baU-eE,/. wwjju^,' tvd ; —^ pi. gantlet, 

IliUim^r, bajj-yai, tN, riHg^Asi.. 

BaJi \ t>4u, int. psAa-nf f 

Uatiut^ Uih-fi, wt frttnk. 

iJohtiticr, bah-fl^tyai, m, trUnk-nti^Jbfr. 

030, e, bay, a. bay ; — don*, yeltofv^inn. 

liaic, berry; bay : humbug. [t. r, to fiathe. 

U.-ti^^it, bain-yai, v. a. et «, to bathe: J^j* >■ « — , 

n.iiifjrtur, baan-yur, *«. bather; baffHitfrJtffper, 

13ii,3ijiioircH bain-yivar,/. bathittx place ; bAijrneirt 

HaJlT ba^ m, Uase, 

l^:ULLcmcnt, IW-tiia//, tn^yasynuig. 

Stiller, bo/Kai, ^. w. toyaTt'ti^gapr. 

Baill^r, tna^-ai, V. a. to give ,■ ^ i fcrtnc, Aj lease. 

B,lillciir, ba^-uT, rn, ^-cusm;, — kij;^^ yaitritir, 

UiiilLeur, baZ-urj m, — er«;!>±>C, — res^ A iess^r 

iiiiiILL, tW-et, MT. bm'iilf. 

ll.iilluigie, ba/-ahj, w. ^iVjft^kvt. 

Iiiiil4>ri, baJ-on, tn, j[^g. 

Bliltonncf, ba^'O-niir v, *, fOgi^. 

H.iin, biii'r, m. Aa/A, Mfhiffg. 

niiiyMnctlCj bah-yofiell, / Bayonet. 

13-iiyciiiain.^ bay^-niaiw^y: /:/ wtspects. 

H^itiieincnt, IvtVf'llia'r, wi. tijjrtt^, 

M.:ii^crH iKiy-Jai, ir. 0. toJtiss; — , mi, /-iff. 

MiiisDttf r, Imy-to-tai, if. a, to Jtisf o/tcti. 

BaisKC, h.x'j'u&./.Jail, atatetncHt. 

Buisscr, bay^i-al, v. a. et lu r^ Ut dott/n, iffwer; drop ; 

fall ; dctay ; sc — ^ v. ^. f^ ito^p. 
Baissiijr^ bay-syaj, m. fixer. 
Haisjii^re, bay-syaiTj/: sedimtfit. 

BaisuK, bay-iflrjy: ytirJtJfr^HTrtj/. 

Itijoue, biilij-oo^y; h^s ckrek. 

Jtal, bal. w?. ball ; donucr ]c ^ I quelnu uii^ ^o a^Mj« 

Riil-irlici. bal-ad-ai't, *h. bt^ooiu {one. 

Bj\Laffe, bal.aufr>y!^ffj-A, j:/<tTjA, Jrrir. 

Balafrcr, babau^rraE, f. a. tagash^ slash. 

BaliiL, bal^y, ««. ^rEwn. 

Balais, bal^y, a. ^laSs. {tivitrftbridge. 

iJiiJiuicc, l^Al'd^f ^ f. ba/ixnc* : sinlc ; ^ ^ bojiciile, 

Biilanccment, bal-urr^SniaH, ftt, balancing. 

Balancer, bat-ii'j-^, i/. a. et u, to baiantie ; weigh; 

s-^irtg; VfaVer; sc — , v. r. l^ saving, 
Balancicr, bal-aM^yni, ih, bataHrt-maiber ; balance. 
bidancoue; bal-AM-:^war, yC see^.taW. 
UAl.-LFidrail, bal<a^j-drAi>-;, tm. grrat^oat^ 
Ik^l.l.-j&e, bn-ta!i5.y^ th^-bed. 
Itilityay^e, bal^y.yahj, ^*i. mKepiMg. 
lialayer, bol^y.yai, 4?. 0. iosweep^ 
UlEayeur^ bal-ay^yur, jot. STveeper, 
Iitala]furc!d, b,i|^y-yflr, /: /i/, snvept'ttgs. 
BaJbutictnent, bal-ba^{;-iaa», wi, jtamttiering, 
B^lbuticr, baM>a-3iyai, tt. h. to sit^m^tter^ 
t^Jcun, IxU-kOJ!, #*i. balcony, 
B^ldacmirir biiC-dak-aiH, ijf(. btiidachin. 
Balcine, (>a^etl,/l whale.- whalebOHe. 
Ualcjne. e, K'Xl^y-iiai, a. TfAaiebot^e. 
B;ilcinrau, biil-Cy'noh, wi. yoHitff whale^ 
Balcinicr, bnJ-ey-nyai, wi, wAjhSp^. 
Jtilcvre, haUayvr,^ under4ip,jHt. 
Baliiia)^, biil-lz-nhj^ im, burying. 
llalisi;^ bal-lEiyt^Kty*. 
ItaiiiHSf , bal-ii-aij Tr ft. ftt buoy. 
RiEiveilU, baLc'Voli, j«. stamlet. tUlen 
H.i]ivertie, bal.c.vairn.y; rton sense, 
BolJvemcr, bal-e-vatr-nai, t^. k. t^triMe. 
B,illartc,y: *ff//arf. 
BiiUe, bat,/: ^/(f, bullet; itaie {gonds'i. 
Balkt,, .w. *w/^f f. 
Biilluii, bat.njt, m./xftbaZl; fiaiiiK'n. 
Ba]|r:]|lnciTii?n.l, bal-on-inajr^ ju*. tnvilinfr- 
BaSluiinter, ba]K>-ll\TiiK tn,J0o(bail^tna£er^ 
Ballot^ b;il-oh, fft. bale; petckai^'c. 
BattoItaj^«, bal-d^tahj, m. bailotirig, 
ik-i]lott«, biil-oE,/; bailttt. 
BjISottemcnt. ba3-nt-iiia/4. ?^ skujfiug. 
IliTilotter, bal-o^tai, v, a. ei «. io tcffs ; ihtitJ!^ ,- ^hi^e ; 
Bnlcniril, e, bal-Dor, — d, a. rf^wif, 4fHpid. \»ail^^ ; debate 
hnjourJise, bn3.oorH:|i^,y. stitpidiiy ; aiJit nitty. 
ItnLwimiquc, bnt^zani.ik, «. ba/sautic. 
llalustrade^ bal^ils^trad.y: baiustrotfe. 
HAlu-stre, bat-l^sEr^ m, baiastfry rai/s. 
l^a\23.Ti,h^Vzafu a.-mhUeail^four. C^ r^r^r^\r^ 


r i8] 


Bambochcur, bAH'1xip«bur, trufttfldifr. 

lioiiiiiiF, Idn-BJi.y; hsHana, 
iHdfiimiefr, LiBJi-onrf ait w^ baKana-trrt. 
liQnc. l.^f, f !f . i^ii4.-A ^ /pnn : f Aimf ,■ — ti^^j£li«H ^Tttf ; 
— dfi picirc, ^rf : — de Anblt, famf-Aauk. 

BAnil«,-u^ baH-doh, m, MtadAaHd.- mrtaih. 

BoaU^^l^Ue, ba.Md^etl,y; /*J,fi!f banH,/iIfrt 

Ba^^dicr, baJM-dyu, *', Ji< /o bimi u^ ^' if mi ; sc -^, f. r. A» 

BnnftCfoleT bajr-drtil,J^ baitdwvi ; ^rtatfter^ 

Biindoulttre, bajj-daol-yair,^ band^eer, 

BAune, batm,/, ^*//t Adi^d/itF', 
Udjmeair, bjuns-ciili, wi, AttNt/iff, 

BoiuiciTCi biit-rjy, *rf. ^annffti. 
Banneton, biiu-tu«r, tj*. nj u/. 

BuEinir, baji-ccr, V. (t. &t /'auinh ^ sc — , f. r. tit •with' 
BiuinusaH^p ban-bi&^li-bl, ir. deStrtfiHg bn/tiihtnatt. 
Biinniri^seniciit, baa-L*^SHiiuL/f,/; i'afsirhfiifit!. 
Bwi'illie, bjinkt /: ^awit / lairc ta — ^ /« ^ a butiifr, 
BanqucTQUte, baw-kroott^ ^jH^rj^iTtj., 
BanqkierouticTj biJ/'kroDt-yait m. *aMitru^iy 

BasiqLiiier, b^H-kynlh 3«, **»fl*?r: 

BapEciTkc, bat-«>-m, *^, fitt^ii-tn j Quln rJc ^, pA rCsHuH 
JBaptUcF,. Lat-c-^ir T'. 1?. If» i>afitiif. [name. 

BapEifmat, c, bat-is^malf a. po^tijrftal^ 
EaptUlairCr bat-tss-tali,, 0. efhafitifm*^ 

Baqud:, bak-evT ^j*. ^Htiti. tu^. 
Bai^ bar, m. hamf-^rrvru ; Attrt'ef, 

liaip^gouinaffc, bar-dg-Wre-tlaBj. 'h. gi^dtHsh, 
l3dja]:oLLL[icr. bar-a^-Wt-nal TJ. i^i, ^S talk £^bbtrisfr. 
^antgouiiicUr, bar-n^-we-n-uf, iti,Ja&ivrfr. 

Bvn^tc, bar-at, /I fhurH. 

lUraLEcric, bar<it-«,/ MrTafry. 

tUxfbAcune, b^-hak-an, /I i^rbicaH. 

Ii(irb!i,r#i bar-bar a. — metlCK orf. i^artmi^Us ; — ^ w. 

Barbaric, bsr-bar-c-/: .:^Jifrani(r' L*«'^arw«. 

Barbarisine, bvir-bar-tsmt fft. htrbaHsm. 

BATbt^ barb, y; dmrii ; co<:*.r u/atift ; — s,//. l^pets ; 

Barb^au, bar-boh, "(. (farf'f/; filitffyviliU. {tarb. 

.Barbclt^, c, bor-blftl, a, hevr\ifi.f, 

Barbene, bar-brccV. sh^iuti^ :ind futir^ifttiff^. 

Barbctt bar-bay, m. Ifituiii. 

BnTti^r^ bar-bynjf ?fi.. inir^r. 

BiVbi^er, har-bc-jyalt f. n. /tf iAatM. 

BwbU]oa, bar-bi/H>rr, pt. ^i/l^r tartri ; — Sf //. barbies, 

Baibotcr, Ivu^bo-ai, i\ fi. ^ dabhif. 

Bartioi'.-LLi, Li-if ■ 1. !-.-[ cifh fw. tutfu du£M. 

Bai-\i •"" 1 i^ti^-ahjj wi, (^ajifr^ijC/ jcm^/ 

Baj-I ■■ -./-aik u. a, ra dmub,- scrnTtfl! £6rib- 

btr : ■:.:■■■■ ■■■- ' ■ : - — » ^, f. ifl i&ejr*;«*(W tfJM'j s^^j ^* 

*«*V character. 
Barbouilleur, bar-boo/-ur, tn. dauber; scribbler. 
Barbouillon, bar-boo/-07(, *n. bad musician. 
Barbu, e, bar-bA, a. bearded, 
Barbue, bar-bfi, /. dab. 
Barcarolle, bar-kar-oUy^ barcarole. 
Barcelonnette, bars>lo-nett,y: cradle. 
Bard, bar, m. hand-barrow. 
Bardane, bar-dan.^, burdock, burr. 
Barde, bard, m. bard; —,/. bard; slice o/bacon. 
Bardeau, bar^doh, m, shingle. 

Bardelle, bar-del, /. pack-saddle. [<if bacon ; bard. 

Barder, bar-dai, v. a, to caparison ; caver with a slice 
Bardeur, bar-dur, m. day-labourer^ hodman, 
BardU bar-de, m. water-boards. 

Bardot. bar^loh. m. small muU; waste pe^er. 

Barege, bar-eyhj, m. barege. 

Barguignage, barg-in-yahj, m. haggling. 

Bargu^er. barg-in-yai, v. n. to haggle. 

Bareuigneur, barg-in-yur, m. haggler. 

Baru, bar-e, m. barreL 

Barillet, bar-i/-ay, m. box, keg; barrel of a watch. 

Bariolage, bar-yo-lahj, m. medley qf colours. 

Barioler, bar-yo-lai, v. a. to speckle. 

Barlong, gue, bar-lo/i, — gh, a. longer on one side than 

Bamache. bar-nash,y^ barnacle. [another. 

Barom^e, bar-o-mey-tr, m. barometer. 

Baron, bar-on, m. baron. 

Baronne, bar-on, /I baroness. 

Baronnet, bar-o-nay, m,. baronet. 

Baronnie, bar-o-ne,/: barony. 

Baroque, bar-ok, a. odd, irregular. 

Barque, bark,^ bark. 

BarqueroUe. hax}L-xo}\,f. ferry-boat. 

Barquette, bar-kett,/. tray. 

Barrage, bau-rahl, m. toll; bar. 

Barrager, bau-rahj-ai, m. toll-gatherer. 

Barre, baur,y: bar; dash; tiller. 

Barreau, bau-roh. m. bar; rail. 

Barrer, bau-rai, v. a. to bar; strike ottt. 

Barrette, bar-ett, /". cap, bonnet. 

Barricade, bar-e-kad,y^ barricado. 

Barricader, bar-e-kad-ai, v. a. to barricade. 

Barriere, bau-ryair,yi barrier; rails; turnpike; toll- 

Barrique, bar-ik,y: cask. {house. 

Bartavelle, bar-tav-ell,/: red partridge. 

Bas, se, bau, — ss, a. low; sheUlow; mean; — , ad. 

down, low; en — , below; \k—, yonder; — , fn. lower 

part, bottom; stocking. 
Basalte, baz-alt, m. basalt. 
Basane, baz-an,/I shup leather. 
Basan^, e, baz-an-ai, a. tawny. 
Bascule, bass-kAl,/: swipe; swing-gate. 
Base, bauz,y: base; bottom. 
Baser, baiu-ai, v. a. to ground, found. 
Bas-fond, bau-fo», m. shoal. 
BasUic, baz-e-lik, m. basil; basilisk. 
Basin, bauz-ain, m. dimity. 
Basque, bask,yC skirt. 
Bas-relief, baur-lyef, m. basso-relievo. 
Basse, bauss,/: bass; shoal; — contre,/! bcus ; —cour, 

f. inner-yard; —fosse,/: dungeon. 
Bassement, bau-smaM, ad. meanly, lowly, vulgarly. 
Bassesse, bau-sess,/: baseness, lowness. 
Basset, bau-say, m.. terrier. 
Basse-taille, bau-stau/./: under-tenor. 
Bassin, bass-ain, m. basift ; scale (balatux). 
Basstne, bass-in,/. wide pan. 
Bassiner, bass-e-nai, v. a. to warm ; steep. 
Bassinet, bass-e-nay, m.firepeut. 
Bassinoire, bass-e-nwar,/^ warming-pan. 
Basson. bau-so», m. bcusoon ; bassoonist. 
Baste, bast, int. poh I 
Bastide, ba5-tid,y: coutUry-secU. 
Bastille, bass-ti/,y: bastille. 

Bastingage, bass-tain-gahj, m. barricading; netting. 
Bastingue, bass-tai/igh,/; netting. 
Bastion, bass-tyon, m. bastion. 
Bastonnade, bas-to-nahd.y: bastinado. 
Bas-ventre, bau-van-tr, m. Unuer belly 
Bdt, bau, m. pack-saddle, pamiel. 
Bataille. bat-au/,/. battU, fight. 
Batailler, bat-au/-ai, v. n. to fight, strttggle hard, 
Batailleur, bat-au/-ur, m..figlUer. 
Bataillon, bat-au/-o/t, m.. battalion. 
BAtard, e, bau-tar, — d, a. bastard. 
Batardeau, bau-tar-doh, m. dam, dike. 
BAtardise, bau-Ur-diz,^ bastardy. 
Bateau, biait-oli, m. boat; — k vapeur, steanter. 
Batelage, bat-lahj, m.Ju£gli>tg. 
Batel^e, bat-lai.y: boe^fuT. 
Batelet, bat-lay, m. little boat. 
Bateleur, bat-lur, m. mountebank. 
Batelier, bat-lyai, m. Toaterman, boatman. 
Bftter, bau-tai, v. a. to saddle with a pack-scutdle. 
BAti, bau-te, m. basting. 
BAtier. baut-yai, m. pack-saddle-maker. 
Batifolage, bat-e-fol-ahj, m. romping. 
Batifoler, bat-e-fol-ai, v. n. to romp, toy. 
BAtiment, bau-te-ma«, m. building; ship. 
BAtir, bau-teer, v. a. to build; baste. 
Batisse. bau-tiss,/: building. 
Bfttisseur, bau-tisi-ur, m. great builder. 
Batiste, bat-ist,y: cambric. 
BAton, baut-OM, m. stick, staff"; — & miche, lintstodt: 

k — s rompus, by fits and starts. 
Bfttonner, bau-to-iud, v. a. to cudgel; cancel, 
B^tonnet, bau-to>iiay, m. tipcat. 




xojt, tn. beating, clapi>ing: stamping, 
/. battery; scHtffle, figMng ; beating 
tdside: — de cuisine, Ititchen uteftsils. 

fi^onnier, hau-to-nyai, m. sfajfmau. 

BAtonniste. ban-to-nist, m. cudgel-player. 

Battage, bat-ahj. m. thrashing. 

Battant, e, bat-a/i. — t, a. beating: tout — neuf, fuit* 

new; pprte — e, swing-door; — , tn. clapper ; fold ; 
Batte, batt,/: rammer; beetle; beaUr, [batten. 

Batteler, bat-lai. v. n. to babble. 
Battellement, bat>el-iiiaH, nt. house-eccves. 
Battement, l>att>nuui, tn. beating, 
Batterie, batt-re,/: bati 

the drum : broadside , 
Batteur, batt-ur. m. beater; — de pav^, rambler, [pi. 
Battoir, bat- war, m. batUedoor ; beetle. 
•Battre, battr, v. a. et n. to beat; strike; mint; thrash ; 
^7 ^nTn^-^rT^e. t(\ xjycak a1 ravdojn; — I'estrade, ^ 

S'X-nt- t-ii-c tvunfjy : ^ 1^ ch.imnrtfl^ to beat a parley ; 

— Ic paT(^, ta rsnike a^oui; sc — + v. r. tojight, 
Battu, t bat-ll, a. ^^atftt i it-tasJtti-^emten. 
Battue, bat-fl J^ b^tins^. 
^ttiuc. bat-fir, yr gifM-/acJberin^. 
BaxjAct, boh-davt t^. ojj; trrriie. 
Bsiiiidriert boh-drcaL m^ rAawMff^U. 
Haudruclie^ boJl-drilsh./: g^dbeaitr's siitt. 
Baijjfe* bolil*/* iair,- m^riar^ 
FUU4D?, bolim^ m, Ba/fn, balsam. 
Baujuwr, bchm-yiiit nt. bmiam-trei, 
Bavdfd, bav-ar, m. babWer. 
Bavardae^e, bav^r-daiyj, tn. ^Itblitig. 
fiarajrder, bav-iur-dal, v. it. ta babble. 
Bav^, bav,y. siatfer, drive/. 
Bavcr, b^iv-iij, ^'. «. /^ sitxttr, drivtl. 
Bavette. bav-en.y: bib. 
Baveux, se, bav-uh, —z, a. slaN>ering, 
Bavoch^, e. bav-o-shai, a./till qf blots. 
Bavochure, bav-o-shfir.y: blots, pi. 
p.-. ■ 1 '■ ■■ -.■ -a. h'-i.{ Jrt¥s. 

Biivr. , ,., .. , . .;, .Oiet, 

BayfLjr. b.Ty.yuf, m, ij^jfe-T, 
Bafar, bali-^^ir, m, b^s4tr, 
Bcaiitr e, bai-aw, — t, *. jcapiHg. 
B(^at. e, bai-aJi, —I, a, saiut, bi^iit. 
Beatificatlaii, bai-at-if-e-ka-iyoTf,^ AfitJi/lattiaii. 
B^ti£er, bai-at-ir-«-Ak t'. a. ea beafij^. 
B«atiflqtie, bai at-ir^Lk, a. ^nat^/le. 
BdatiUcs. haiat-H./. fiL ftlAits, pi, 
B#4»titude, bai-at.c^ttfd.y; beatitude. 
Besiu. Belj Hcllc, bohb bcif bel, a.Jine; beam i/ul ; fair ; 

richappcr betlc. fit H^ve ft narrvw escape ; ^- ms, tn. 

sen-iiflaw ,' — fnire, w(, ^wrfA^r^iX /iiBo/ ^b^re, m. 
fathtr-in4tew i —ad, gtntfy, st/tiy ; lowt —1 softly; 

.^-^ wf. beauty, fairness. 
Beaucaupt bo-kaa, flrf. fnttfht many; grtAfly; de — ^, 
Beaupr^* boh.prai» w*. bart'Sf rit. [Mf, by far. 

Beaut d» boh.tai,yi bfanty^Jitteneis. 
Bee, Ixskp «i, i^jfr,, fri//; gullet: Js^fAf// «i^/ ^ d'ftne. 

^p&J^^.shave .- — d< corbLn, bili-heajted fane ; nippers, 

pi. ; — <Je gar, j'a^.^m *rf(ff ,- ^at^attip; — de lieTre, 
Bccarre, boi-kar, m. B-fMarp. {Aare-lip. 

B«cass«; bai-koss^y^ TfMxituvi. 
B^cassrau, bai-ka£it<»h, tn. y&uttgWMd^scJt. 
B<icassine> bal-kasS-tn, iC sttipe. 
BaC'fifJuc, bck-fijT, w^ MCaJ^co. 
B^chCi bcyaiL/ spade, 

B^cbcr, bcy-soai, v^ a, /j (^(jp' mr('/A a s^ade, 
BrichJquCp bni-shik, a. beirhii\ 

BecciueteTib^k-tAlj w, j, rupetJtr^^ "P^ 
Bcdaiue, bifA-daiUty; pauttiht^ttu. 
Bcd«aUi bwA-dqh, ^^, bsadU. ver^ir, 
Bcflrot, bef-rita, w. bel/ry. 

Be^yer, baf^^ray-ai^ *■ w. /a Jtew(f*i*r: stviter. 
B^g>ic. beg, fti. StatriTfierer. 
Bisaciiltt, b^-eu\,f.prwd'isklvifmaii, 
B^^eiUcric, bal-ETil-rCfjf: prudery, 
B^^in. baj-ehabj, w. bigjiin^ 
Iktguinai^Ct Eai-phin-ah.j, »i, fviivevii/ ^f^^uin^;, 
B6|fulneK bal-jflim, J', beguin. 
- Beige, bajbjt rt. wfl'rfjwi!'/ — ij^ **t*/. 
BciRiiet, bayn-iTii, tn.frUfer^ 
B^jauiic, bsu-hjchn^ lit 11 1»*^, npjj'. 
B«lp be), ste Beau. 
Ediandre, Uai-ta?;^,/ bil&ttdtr. 
BfJant, e, bey-la/l, — t, ji. bleating. 
Bile^TienC. bcyl-matf, tn. bleating. 
fiflef^i bcy-lai, v. rt. to bleat. 
Bci'esprit« bel-css-pre, itt. tvif, pretender to ^tfit 
BdeUe. bwA'tctt/ vxaseL 
B^lier, bai-lyai, wj. ram: battering'ratfi. 
Bt^li^re, baJ-liyair,y: elapper^ring, 
B(*lilre> bai-ke-lr, in^^emtNdrefy rojcal 
Bclifti'e, bay-lau-tr, ^- beanisA. 

Belle, hel,/ Ai-Z/f, ^^ic^ . — de^nutt. / nit^AtxkmU.* 
— (iUc, / rfijwj'A/fi'.iM-if.aiv;^ — inirt, /t Mr^l^trr-^K- 
/aHf . — skjcu r, /^ sisler-iu^taw. 

Bcllcment, \x\-m3j1, ad, sifUy. 

B<iltEecra[hl, c, bcl-Lc-hJaJ-foit, ^t, h^lligereHK 

BeUlqueux, se, bcMe-kuh, —J, a. -wariUit, martial. 

BeUissime, bcl-c--Leein, d. veryjitte, 

BeUot, te, bcl-Joh, — t, a. pretty. 

Belvcder, bd-viUiUii, m, hett&itr. 

Bemcil, bai-EiioI, w, B^JIat, 

B^edicild:, bajiial de-$clat, tn.gtvar. [bettispfi. 

Uch<i4ict\0li, ba.l-Ba.i.6ik..iyoit.frbeHediitt0n, biaiing; 

Bcnt:^fice, bai-nai-fU-i, m, benefit ,• cAurrH4it>in^ : privi. 

Ben<!^ficiaiTC, bai-DAi4u-yair, IW . ben^ciafy. (lege^ 

Ben^Ader, bai-n^ti-Ass-vaJ^ m. intutH&eHt: ^, tv h, Ai 

Ben^t. bwA-ney, a. Sil/y: — , m. niHHV. {profit, gain, 

B^n«¥o3e, bai-nai-vol a. — ment, ad.kitut; ^ut^ga&d. 

Bcnijjtiement, bai-niii-yc'iua«, ad. Undty. Iv/Ul. 

Bi^ni^tt^, bai-ntn-yc-tat,/; Hfttgni^'y JtifidHils. 

Benin, iffne^ bahnaLn, —Jn-y^, <». A^^J]^*. 

benir, bai-iuer, t>. a, t^ JWfw, coHiKrate. 

Ecciit, e, banner —It, *, hallewed. 

Bcnitier> bal-nii-yai, m. h^iy tutMierpof. 

Benjamin, baJn-maju-ai/^, m, darting. 

Bi^HmlJe, bai-kee?, / f rt*AA / spud,- —*>//. sksresypf. 

EeniMlUer, bai-kee/Hai, «'. v. ft h. t^ dig with a spud . 

Ber, bair, m, cradle </» J-Aij*. Yf;? Walh UritA cridiAes. 

Befcatl, bair-ka/, m. shetpfptd, pale. 

Berceau, baif -soli, m. erxtdU : hTUvr. 

Berber, ba Ir-sai, v. a. to rtxi ; arnirse; se — , 1-. r. Iff 
/tatter one'^s self. 

Beri^acQDCe, bair^j^m-dt,^ hergamot. 

Eerye, ljairhj',jf^ barge. 

Berper, bair-hjai, »i, jhepkerd, 

BcTkrire^ bair-lijajr, jC shepherdess ; j«*ftWr 

Berfferctte. bairlij.f ett^j^ /iWAf shephtrdtSS. 

Bcrpcrie, b^jrhji-re,/ jheepft>/d. 

Bcfgef onnette, baErhJ-ro-nett,/. TvagtaH. 

Bernne, bair-]in,/ berlin. 

B^rUngOt, bair-laiN-|;;Oh, m. single-seated Berlin. 

Batriue, bair -]<!,/: dit/inrss tf sight, 

Benne, bairm,/. ^rrn. 

Berne, baim,/ tassifig in a ^^nJtet^ 

Befner, bair-oal, t. a. r^ tffss in a ^auJtet; ridicule* 

B^ty\, ba]-ri], wi. ^ryl. 

Beidce, hiih-isi%,f. seaffet, 

Besacicr, bH^^xass-yai^ m, Seggar, 

Besaigre, bHA^eyt^r, j^ tumittg j^ttr. 

Eesaitfuc, hitA-xaig.ii,f tmitil, tugttil. 

EeFiicics, htth-iilsl^f pi. spectaeles^ pi. 

EC5<r>^e, btth^zQn^ye.f w^rJi, iruflWJS, 

B^j&ojiner. hi*h-ton-yai, v, n. tffmtri. 

Bc^^Hcvx, se» bttA-zon-yuh, — z, a. ftetdy. 

Eesoifl,b«A-zWabf, tn. 4vff7rf, need; au— , at a pin^h. 

EestiaU e, best-yaX a, — cment, ad. beastly, brUtish. 

BcB-tialisier, besl-yal^c-xai, t, a. ti} bestiati^e, 

BestiaUte^ btst.yaJ^e-taijj^ beastliness. 

Bestiagse^ bc.'»t-yaii&, / ninny. 

Bc^tiaux, bcst-yoh, m. fL cattle. 

BestJok, bcst-yol,/ tittle »eait, 

E^ta, bey-tab, tn. b/txthtadyfool. 

Entail, bal-tM m. tatfU. 

B^te, bcyt,/ Sftjrf,' WW*.***** , fairii li — , ta be silly. 

Eetemcnt, beyt-inaH, mi. fi*e AfivL 

Belise, bfty-tiz,/; stttpidtty : ttffnscHse 

Bcfoine, bai-twann/; betany. 

Bi^toii, bai-CoH, m^ beton. 

Bctle, belt,/: beet. 

Bcttcravc, bett-raF,_;^ beet, b^tr/Hii, 

licujftemcnC, buh'ffl-niLUt, in, bellf^liig, 

BcuglcTp, buh-glai, v. tt. t^ bellw?, rajr. 

Bcurre,, bur, wj, butfer. 

EeurrnJ. bur^p m, hutter-p^ai: 

Bcun^Cp,J^ bn^id and buttifr. 

Bewrrer, bur<ti, tj. a. {& butter. 

BeurrJer, bur-yal, ttt. — *re, —air,/ butiiF-sefler. 

B<isTie,l>ai-va,/ Cfversight^ mistake. 

Bi^zoard, bai-zwar^ «i. WJftfBr. 

Biais, byay, m . JiJi^e' ; de — > aslope^ 

Biaisemc nt, byay-zmaji, *». Qhtique dirtftityn ; sk i/ft. 

Biaiser, ttyay-zain ^i «, ^ be sloping, shuM^^ 

Biassc^ be-ass,/; raib stli. 

Biberan, bib-f oir, m. s«£^itfg-b<>tt(e ,- bib^r. 

Bible, bibl./: Bible. 

Bibllographe, bc-bte-ct-graf, m. bibiisgrapher. 

Bibliogt^phie, l>c-b]c-o-jrTH/-c-y^ bibliography. 

Bibliomane^ be-btc-cmaTif tn. bibliamaniat. 

BibUutbecaLre, be'b|e-4]u.tai-k), tn. librarian, 

Blbliothiquc, be-ble-O-tek ,/^ library. 

Bisque, tie- bisk, a, bibliCitl. /^-^ t 

Bkhe,biJ..^.A.W._^ ^qitizedbyV^OOgie 

ilLche, aihSi.f. hind. j-.- ■ 




BkhonriFr, bc-sho-iwU, Vr 0. A* furl ththair. 

Hicii, byiliN, «if. ilt^//,- rHt4£/i, Utaujf^- 9 iT'f^ ti^foi; 
^tij : prvfmrijf ; {vHifi}rfa^t : — cnieoilu, Al''Ci5^#'-ie'/ 
fiHuA estair^ JtiUtiiteXi. 

^iMfin-f^itre, VyaU-fairK r . b. A? rfn ivj*^jr rfri^. 

BienraiuuiL c, n^oui-fKy-xj^j, — 1h a. /vii^cftt/, iiHd, 

llienfiuteuri ^Jy*^H-^ily'lll^^ jw, ^rji^f^u^rh 
IllenfAimcc, 1Uy!iijiii-&iy-TrL«,/; henffactrvfi. 
BJeMheuTvux^ w?, byajn-nuN^nih> — 1» fi> ^tf jftA haf'^, 

l^\Ati^iiW.Cr l»yai«-sai^iWJi,yItift.-¥Wfyj ntWurWiiM, 
Dkti^^imT, e, fiy,ii(('j.ii.',i«t — t, &. iittrnr, beat^tin^^ 

Bicnvt^Eiu, ^ byAiJf^vnA, a. ^PtUeffiti 
BiCfivenije:^ uiyiki«f-vTiQ,y! If^A'trin^^ 
Bi^re, liyjiir,_/r fierr^ ci\/fin^ 
Bitue, tjfiy'Vr, i«. *ftmrr. 
ihicf, by^, fir HM Ulrica ft, frti/J-^Pfiti 
Killer, [le-rjxL, ^. 0- ^ rnrjr, ra iif t'f/n 
BiftecJci, Lif.tckn tft. iffEjiffait. 

Slelen Uiiji. ^. iititint-eyfit. 

IMKtJt, e, L)«-|$rjh, ■— tr ^. ^if[]ateiL 
Divulctie, bc^m-re,yr As^^fitry^ 

jji" QUticr, LK-tljool-j'iii, m. Jcn-ti/frr 

litltioiiiTflt, bjl'lijfrtiiy, *jj^t-|i/iipi-]f ^^/l 

Bite, ULlJ.,j'"h ^iVr'i .c/i^-*i, mnji^en 

BiUaJn:. tiU-yak. i^-- fr*/ido, 

KUeui, 5C4 t^ilS^yuLVh — '> ti. fi^iuitiJt 

Bill ^\\\. Ml. »F/'fr 

BlUaitl, biV^ihrt i/i, it^ianii,- hiiiMnt-tKtlfU. 

BllUiAleri bi/^r-iUi, £/■ «■ fd jm'i^ ^ AitVy fWKV. 

BiDc, bt/,/ *fti;, 

BiUcbdudc, liil/'l:iolid,y? fljjjjftrjikrji. 

Billet, bi/^y, m. neit ; *i//f/.' Jtc*fi .' — (iau*. iffiH-liiitr. 

Billct'Cf , bi/'tal^ V. OL A? //i^'r 

DlU«ve^e» biU-v/rA-z^^,/: td^^irmrf^. 

liiJlojirter, biZ-u-'TUii, V- «r fl? circwiatff r/r ^j-ff r/ icliij , 
Hiljonneur, bJ/'O-PUf, W, i^ifrin Aadceui. 

Bimbclct, b^/l^blotir "I. ^"IJ^"- 
l)gi])bc1&tcri«, b.-UJf ■Wot'ri'i j^ /ny* /mJf. 
Qinibclo^iur, bftl«-bljot.yait wr. /^j^Wif w. 

Hinmre, bL^-nnir, j. Ai»rffl^. 

Bail. u. ' . ' ':•.'.••. /ott r'-rfurieit dtariy^i, 

Bincr, ■.■■■:..... H.ta diff a^aia,' ixkhr^it itfuSS 

Binet, be-nay, m. save-iUl. [twice a day. 

Dinette, be-nett,y: hog. 

Binocle, be-nokl, m. biiiocie. 

Biographe, bc-o-jfraf, ;;i. biographer. 

Bio^raphie, be-o-j;raf-e, ni. biography. 

Bio^raphique, bc-o-graf-ik, a. biographic. 

BipiScle, be-ped, m. biped, 

Bique. bik.y; she-goat. 

Biquet, bik-ay, in. kid. 

Bis, e, be, beez, a. brown. 

Bis ! biss, int. encore I 

Bisage, be-zahj, tn. secoitddie. [great-grandmother. 

Bisaieul, be-zah-yul, tn. great-grand/athcr ; — e, /, 

Bisannuel, le, be-zan-nwel, a^biennial. 

Bisbide, bis-bi/, / quarrel. 

Biscaien, bis-kain-yai>i, tn. iron bail. 

Biscornu, e, bis-kor-nfi, a. outlandish. 

Biscotin. bis-kot>cU/(, in. hard biscuit. 

Piscuit, Dis-kwee, m. biscuit. 

Bise, beez,yC north-east wind. 

Biseau, be-zoh, m. basil; Jtissing-crust. 

B&er, be-zay, v. n. to dye again. 

Biset, be-zay, tn. stock-dove. 

Bisette, be-zett. X narrow lace. 

Bismuth, biss-mot, tn. bistnuth. 

Bison. be-zoM, tn. bison. 

Bisque, bisk, /. bisk ; odds. 

Bissac, be-salc, ttt. wallet; beggary. 

Bissection, be-sek-syOA. /: bisecliott. \ 

Bissezte, be>sekst. tn. bissextile. 

Bissextil. be-seks-til, a. bissextile. 

Bistourner, bis-toor-nai, v. a. to twist. 

Bitume. be^Am, tn. bitttttten. 

Bitumineux, se, be-t6>nie-nuh, — z, a. bitutninous. 

Bivac, be-vak. Bivouac, be-voo-ak, tn. bivouac. 

Bivaquer, be-vak-ai, Bivouaquer, be-voo-ak-ai, v. n. to 

Bizarre, be>zar, a. — ment, ad. odd, whimsical. 
Bizarrerie. be-zar-re, /. oddness, whim. 
Blafard, e, bla-far. — d, a. wan, pale. 
Bla^e, blag. f. U>bacco-pouch. 
Blaireau, blair-oh, tn. badger. 
BlAmable. blau-mah-bl, a. blatneable. 
Bldine, blauin, m. btatne; reprimand. 
BlAmer, biau-mai, v. a. to blame ; reptHtnand, censure. 
Blanc, he, bla/i, — sh, a. white ; clean ; blank ; carte 

blanche, /hU paruer ; — , tti. white colour; white 

mark; — de baleine, sperttuueti; de but en — , bluntly; 

— bee, m. novice ; — uianger, tn. blatu-matiger. 
Blanchaille, bla/i-shau/, f./ty. 
BlanchAtre, blax-shau-tr, a. whitish. 
Blanche. bla>/sh, /. tnittim. 
Blanchement, blansh-ma/^ ad. cleanly. 
Blancher, bla/i-shai. tn. blattcher, tatttter. 
Blanchet, bla»-shay, tn. blanket. 
Blancheur, bla/(-shur, y. whiteness. 
Blanchiment, bla/i-she-inaw, m. bleaching. 
Blanchir, blan-sheer, v. a. et n. to whUen, bleach; 

wash : grow grey ; ^row old. 
Blanchissage, bla//-shiss-ahj, tn. washing; bleaching. 
Blanchisserie, bla;f-shiss-re, /. bleach-yard. 
Blanchisseur, blaM-shiss-ur, tn. whitster, bleacher; 

— euse, — uhz,/; washertuotrutn. 
Blanquette, bla^f-kett, /. blanquette. 
Blaser, blau-zai. v. a. to blunt, weaken ; pall; se — , 

V. r. to impair one's health {by drittkingy. 
Blason, blau-zoM, m. heraldry. 
Blasonner, blau-zo-nai, v. a. to blazon. 
Blasphemateur, blass-fai-mat-ur, m. blasphetner. 
Blasph^matoire, blas-fai-mat-war, a. blcuphetttous. 
Blasph^ne, bla&s-faym. tn. blasphettte. 
Blasphemer, blass-fal-mai, v. a. to blasphettte. 
Blatter, blat-yai. tn. corn-merchant. 
Blatte, blat. /. tnoth. 
Bie. biai, tn. com, it/heat. 
Bl^me, bleyui, a. wan, pale, pallid. 

Bl^niir, blevin-eer, v. ti, to vrirpi ^al*, 

Bl ' :,ynittgpeUe. 

Blv '. r. l-j - n, r, -j ■■ . xurt; {fffend ,• se — , 

7'. y. fi> /t.'prf Lirrcjf ^c^f , Mit i\ff':n(e, 
BU^^:iLirCi l>]c!$!>-fir, J'. li'i?MMrf+ hurt. 
Bl ex. Il', bliiVd blcltt X- iKxr-rife. 

BU:LL, i:, \Xm\ Hr ^/JVfi 

Bl-iL.iifi,', |i]u])-au-trr 0-. NuiJh. 

Bl'. III:. l,i|iAl)'««r, Vr m. et li. tAi 6lue ; furtt bltu. 

Bill. L.L^e, ^Ui,V'ddI\fp ff. biinding. 

BI.'i'iLT, bliliJl-dny^ tf.a. tn biuai. 

Bt ' , bbk, Mr iurnp^ 

Bl '.". l^'L^ btnk-aiij, »v. fumtvl tetter* 

Bt" ' 1 i [l [^ bin ik^ii^, f. ruliHsh. 

Bl ' ' I' hntiv, btuk-ybs, »i. biivkhattre. 

Bl II. bhchb'fV^ VK ^M-iade. 

Bl ;-l. r.', Woit-, — d, It, /air's light: — , tn. tight colour. 

Bl. :, i. . S.l [. / f;^-'i.{, J.Ur u'.'man. 

Bl ■• " 

B .:.r,lisrht. 

BL-..^.^__:.., u. — _.-. Ji. „i.;, ;, u.^Jlowish, golden. 

Bloauer, blo-kai. v. a. to block up; turn letters, 

se Blottir, blo-teer, v. r. to squat down. 

Blouse, blooz, /. hazard : smock-frock. 

Blouscr, bloo-zat, v. a. to tnake a hazard ; deceive : se 

— , V. r. to mistake. 
Bluet, bm-ey. tn. bltubottU. 
Bluette, blA-ett, f. spark. 
Bluteau, bifi-toh, tn. bolter. 
Bluter, bift-tai, v. a. to bolt, sift. 
Bluterie. bl6t-re, /. bolting-rootn 
Blutoir, blfit-war, m. bolUr. 
Bobiche, bo-baysh, /. socket. 
Bobine, bo-bin./, bobbiti. 
\ B9biner, bo-be-gai, v. a„ to wind on a MHn 


Bo-bo, boh-boh, m. small ailmetii. 

Bocaee. bo-kahj, m. strove. 

Bocal. bo-kal, m. boccal, decanter. 

Bocard. bo-kar, tn. stamper. 

Bocardage. bo-kar>dahj, m.. stamping: 

Bocarder, bo-kar-dai, v. a. to stapnp. 

Bodine, bo-deen, /. keel. 

BoeuC buf, m.ox: beef. 

Boh^mien, bo-ai>myabi, m. gifsy. ^drinking, 

•Boire, bwar, v. a. et n. to drink ; blot ; — , m. drink, 

Bois. bwa, m. wood; horns ^if a deer; -de lit, bed- 
stead; — taillis, copse. 

Boisage, bwa-zahj, m. wainscot. 

Boiser, bwa-zai. v. a. to wainsa^. 

Boiserie, bwaz-re, /. wainscot. 

Boiseuz. se. bwa-zuh, —x, a. woody. 

Boisseau. bwa-&oh, m. bushel. 

BoisseWe, bwa-slai.y: bushef/ul. 

Boisselier, bwa-sel-yai. m. wood-turner. 

Boissellerie, bwa-sei-re, /. turner's trade or warts. 

Boisson, bwass-OM, /. drink, drinking. 

Bohe, bwat,/". box ; mortar; Wixtch-case, 

Boiter, bwat-ai, v. a. to go lame, limp. 

Boiteux, se, bwat-uh, —z, a. latne. 

Boitier, bwa-tyai, m. surgeon's box ; Je7ttel<ase. 

Botve, boh-av, see Boire. 

Bol, bol, m. bolus; bowl. 

Bombance. bo«-ba«s, /./easting. 

Bombarde, bon-bard. /. bomb-ketch. 

Bombardement. bon-bard-man, m. bombardment. 

Bombarder, boff-bard-ai, v. a. to bombard. 

Bombardier, bo»-bard-yai. m. bombardier. . 

Bombasin, bon-baz-ain, m. botnbaxitu 

Bomb. bo«b, /. bomb. 

Bombement, bonb-man. m.. convexity ; tangling. 

Bomber, bon-bai, v. a. to make convex. 

Bon, ne, bo«, bon, a. good, useful; /it ; — mot, 
-witticism ; tout de — v in good earnest; trouver — , to 
approve; tenir— , to hold out, persist; — , m. good 

Bonace, bo-nass, /. calm at sea. {qucUify ; order. 

Bonasse, bo-nass, a. good-natured. 

Bonbon, bo»-boff, m. sioeetmeats, pi. 

Bonbonni^re, bo«-bon-yair, /. sweetmeat-box. 
Bond, boM, m. bound, bounce, gambol. 
Bonde, hond, /.Jlood-gate ; bung-hole. 

Bondir, bow -deer, v. a. to bound, bounce. 
Bondissement. bon-diss-man, m, bounding; — de 

coeur, rising o/the stomach. 
Bondon, bon-don, m. bung; bung-hole, 
Bondonner. boM-do-nai, v. a. to bung. 
Bonheur, bo-nur, m. happiness, good luck. 
Bonhomie, bo-no-mc, /. good-nature ; simplicity. 
Bonhomme, bo-nom, m. good-natured man. 
Boni, bo-ne, m. surplus. 
Bonification, bo-nif-e-ka-syoM, /. improvement. 
Bonifier, bo-nif-yai, v. a. to improve. 
Bonjour, boM-hjoor, m. good day. 
Bonne, bon, /. maid; nurse. 
Bonnement, bon-maM, ad. honestl^i^. 
Bonnet, bo-nay, m. cap; — de nuit, nightcap, 
Bonneterie, bon-tree, /. hosier's business. 
Bonnetier, bonn-tyai, m. hosier. 
Bonsens, bon-san, m. good sense. 
Bonsoir, bow-swar, m. good evening. 
Bont^, bon-tai, /. goodness ; kindness. 
Borax, bo-raks, m. borax. 

Bord, bor, m. edge, brim; shore; board; —4—, level, 
Bord<f. bor-dai, m. hem ; lace. [even with. 

Bordde, bor-dai, yC broadside; tack. 
Border, bor-dai. v. a. to edge ; border, line; tuck up. 
Bordereau, bor-droh. m. note, account. 
Bordigue, bor-dig, /. crawl 
Bordure. bor-diir,^ edge, border. 
Boreal, e, bo-rai-ai, a. northern. 
Bor^e. bo-rai, m. north-wind. 
Borgne, bom-y*, a. one-eyed. 
Bomage, bom-ahj, m. setting bounth. 
Borne, bom, /. boundary; post. 
Bom^, e, bor-nai, a. narrow, limited. 
Borner, bomai, v. a. to bouttd ; confitu, limit; se — , 

V. r. to limit, content on^s se{f with. 
Bomoyer, bor-nwa-yai, v. a. to look with one eye. 
Bosquet, bos-kev, m. grove, thicks. 
Bossage, boss-anj, m. embossment. 
Bosse. bo&s, /. hunch, hump ; lump: knob ; bunch ; 
Bosselage, boss-lahj, *h. embossing. [snare. 

Bosseler, boss-lai, v. a. to emboss, dent. 
Bosseman, boss-maM. m. boeUsrvain. 
Bosser, boss-ai. v. a. to stopper {cable). 
Bossette, boss-ett, /. stud, boss. 
Bossu. e, boss-Q, a. hunchbacked. 
Bossuer, boss-A-ai, v. a. to batter, bruise. 


Hot, bah, a. piod 


. , —J, Ni, rf fl. fluhjmi ; club/ooted. 

Botimiquie, b(M*n-ii, j, batatiiis* ; —, /. botany. 
Botani ±ef 1 bo-tii .BC^f^i, T'r h. Ai A^rt^ ttige. 

Batt«, trtit, f. iHf^; ^tnuJt ; Jiigi*^^ bundle, bottle. 
Bott^ e, titit^iL. rt, ii^f^. 

BoiTc^kur. U^-lur, m. Aa> frw/^i-. 

Boner, boE^ii. t-. a. fu makr &infj; »e — , t». r. to put 

BoEEicr, brjE-val, m. ik\ifrfUtkfF^ {one's boots on. 

Bottiiic, bQL-in, y: titxi^iH, kn^^inKyt, 

Bouc, book, m, he^i/at, 

BoucaiL, book-tiN, m, ^jrcpr'^, strHV. 

BouciLBErK bookaB-aE, v. *», ft* fitnvau, smoke. 

BoLicajii£r„ boo-kan-y^k ifr i^rtrtflrtT. 

BoLica^slji. lioo-|(4.^i^jrt w Aft-ffjfwif, 

Bouq^Lir, boo-koU. w*. h^jrheoit 

Bonchc. hcsas,li, / meifik ; atok bonne — , to keep 

Bo LI ch eic, |xHV!ihf4i, /. »m>ut ft/Hi- [secret. 

BolilIkt, 1,>nL>^hai^ Tr a. to stAp, ^uMfr: — . »«• butcher. 

Bo^i. Ii.^re, tnr,l-^^L4i^, f. ?'it.yhfr.:.-i?tnan. 

Bo . : .i.imbles,pl. 


BOu««tivrii, uw-sitnai, m. »(U i// ftft vl/eU. 

Bouchon, boo-shoM, m. stopple, cork-wisp, bush, tavern. 
Bouchonner, boo-sho-nai, v. a, to rub with a wisp: 
Bouchonnier, boo-sho-nyai. m. cork-ctitUr. [/ondle, 
Boucle, bookl,/: buckle; ring; curl. 

Be .:!Lr, Li^ult-LL. :■ ^i. :i>^H,J:-^. i;^.-:. 

Boudcf, tiOGhndai, ir. »P. isp\>Ht^ sHik. 

BoiLiJerict boad-re, /: jAujf J'*«j- - SMlJeiHg. 

BoudcTiTj 4C, boo^ur^ — uz^ a. stttiy .- 4}Hf who pouts. 

Bouiitn, boorHlaiEi, th. pf^ddinF : roiled toboA'O ; bag. 

Boudijiltrc, boa-din-yalr^y^VT/^fr, 

Bo'.siiair, boo-dwsirr wn betta^r. 

Bonv. \iort,/. dtri, mut/y mife^ 

Boisce, btjo-ai, nt, ijwjj). 

Bo'KUT, boo-ur, «Jr dustrnatt, st-^rvrHgtr. 

BoLLCLiK, M, bo&-utl, — *r a. dirty. 

Boyrf.uit, e, boo-JaM. — t, a.pnM*ig. 

Bo^ifFtf, bwjf, m. b^ff^tt. 

Bon (Tee, bm49A,/.pu_^, sh^h/jf/, 

BoiirTcfT bLn)-fii4, -v. d, ittpuM s^ii^tl. 

Bo.i(T<ecte, b(w-fett,/:A*r-*«trf. 

Bo;3ffif, biw-rew, Vr «r tff Taieii„ puff" up. 

BouiTl^atirf, bQQ-fe-sdr.y: j«w//£*5ir, [Jester. 

Bo 1.1 (run, ne, hoo-rcut, -^ron, a. Jivam —t m. biiffbon^ 

Bo u ffiji I mc . brjo-ib-nal, v. h. tspiay iht tujfaon, 

BciMr.'nf*eii«» boo-fon-rcy; intffbi^^'nf- 

Boujc'?, bnxilij. lit^pajfry A*^»n^.' ^u^e, 

Boujreolr, U»ohj'*ar, m.Jfm mnditsikk. 

Bou^Tcr, bot>-]iJai, t'. H. fo ^Mi^, jf/in 

Beui^etitf boo-lijctt,/ budi^f, bag. 

Boupc^ bcx^hjc^y: ii^v-cattdf* J fliJfttfW. 

Boujjonnerb boo-go-aal, ir, u. to grumble. 

Boujyracij boo^j^an, jw* bUckram. 

BouiLLajiE, c. txjDAajr. -^ a. bi^Hifig. 

Bouillc. \iOQ!./JitkiHg.^e, 

Boi I tLI ctr boo^aif t. a, ft) frjtthie •Seatrr ; tttark cloth. 

Bouilli, boLi^ce, jff, boiiid tfieat^ 

BcuiJlie. lHiol~t:m./. pap, /uifi^ 

•Bi'iLiLlliT, iioril-ceiy V, fu f* boif; bu^le, 

BouilJowft \iQQl-■w^T^/ bsiier. 

BouilJon, Hoa/.OM. m, hratk: btt^le ^ Jle\itu:e ; fit. 

Boi]illomi&nieBtt boo^-on-maw, wi. hn^iUtgup. 

BouLUoptier. boo^M^nai, V. n. ft* ^ubHt up. 

Bo1J].lll^Je^r boo-laji-hjai, v. a. ft? hftke^ —r tn. baker. 

Bo-nlxn^ifi^ bi>o-law-hjflir,j'l AflAfr'j Vf^.' l„,ij-l.tP^.1iiTr' f f',jJ!iii^,ifaAt-hOUSe. '.vi,/ ■vi'l;. /ir-,. 

Bouleau, boo-Ioh. m. birch-tree. 

BouledcM^e, bull-dog, fn. bult-dog. 

Boul^e, boo-lai,y: dregs o/ tallow, pi. 

Boulet, boo-lay, m. bullet, cannonball. 

Boulette, \iooA!iVt,/./orced meat-ball. 

Bouleux, boo-luh, m. short thick horse. 

Boulevard, bool-var, m. bulwark. 

Bouleversement, bool-vairs-man, m, overthrow. 

Bouleverser, bool-vair-sai, v. a. to overthrow; overturn; 

Boulevue, bool-vfl, k — , orf. hastily, [agitate, unsettle. 

BouUmie, boo-le-me,/: bulimy. 

Boulin, boo-laiM, nt. pigeon-cove ; putlog. 

Bouline, boo-lin,yC bowline. 

Bouliner, boo-le-nai. v. a. to haul the wind. 

Boulingrin, boo-laiM-grai/f, m. bowling-green. 

Boulon, boo-loM, m. tronpin, bolt. 

Boulonner. boo-lo-nai, v. a. to/asten with iron pins. 

Bouquet, boo-kay. m. nosegay; bunch; birthday 




Boaquetiire. book-tyair,/.^0«vr^>/, 

Bouquetin« book-tai/i, m. wiidgoat. 

Bouquin, boo-kai/t, *n. old ht'goat, old book. 

Bouquiner, boo-ke-nai, v. h. to hunt after old books. 

Bouquiniste, boo*ke>nist, tn. second-ha*td bookseller. 

Bouracan, boo-rak-a«. nt, barreuaH. 

Bourbe, boorb,y^ mud, tnire. 

Bourbeux, se, boor-buh, — s, a. muddy, miry. 

Bourbier, boor-byai. m. slough, pudtUe : scraft. 

Bourbillon. boor-bi/-OM, m.. core. 

Bourdaine, boor-dam.yC black elder. 

Bourde, boord.y: sham. 

Bourdillon. boor-diAo», m. stave-v/ood. {{printing). 

Bourdon, boornioM, tn. drone; staff; great bell; out 

Bourdonnement, boor^don-maM, m. buMM, humming. 

Bourdonner, boor-don-ai, v. n. to bu*g; murmur. 

■~ ^ ^-..t »^ j^ ^.. 4fi_ Jaisii, 

■ ■■^.■■, i>-— ■ ..tif huraiij^k. 

^iQ^rI^^;^■'SSi tiour-t^jiVi^i fir turgejj; cisifeti ; — , e, — r, 

a. — ementi, ad. ciHxtn-liktr 
Bq«jrs^)!5e4 t»or-l|/w«*,/; «n^'«im'j»'irtr, (>/. 

B«urg£altte, bwr-^wai-c. / ^urnrMtrnhip ; bHrghers, 
B<jursAA, boM hjofl( *m, f^vd ; fiwptt. 
EHOiirjeonniftr^ tio&f-l^o-nu, f. ^. ta bud^- A^vak in 
BouiHtiie^tre, buOf^-oifStr, m. iut^o^mi^tfr. {pimples. 
Sourr:icbc, thDOriaiE,/ b<i*a£t. 
BaurtaElti buo.rad,/. tuff^ bbw : hOiTie-ihrusf. 
iitiuxTssqaa^ bacir-aiik^/r rqitaii : IvAtm. 
Eh^uire, honi.f. -wad, Cirar's hair ; Stujf, 
lioLLrre^lir t^i:j(i*-oh» »»- rxrntiiantr; — il'ar;£Cht, sfiend' 
Bourrde, U>,.A ^rushnnvd, /ogTif. \mrift. 

BourTElcr, boar-lain v- *- to ra^k, t^rmfritr 
BoimcLcne:; tKQrl-r*^/ tradi^a AarHfii-rfUX^r. 
Bonrrclet, baor^ay^ m.pad; pMddfdfit/. 
ficurrelier, tioar.1]riU« fn^ HamfS-t-moMfr. 
fioimrr, boo-ral z/. a. to rarf$ igUH) ; StuJ^^ thrash. 

fiourriqciE, boO'tLk, /: JhAj-jui. 

EouTiif^uel:, boO'fe-Ecy, *«- asi'sff^H,- tttasitn' r korse, 

Bciumr, boo-re^r, y, «, ^ wAj>. 

Bquitu^ e, tKV-rd, ^i- tfwr^-rt : favisk, 

BfiUTK/bocktc, 7: purK; bur jury, fxiJian^ : fetlcw- 

£ctL4.rvJcaui:, boor-94-lcQhT wt. jmatf/iij'j?, Iship. 

Bounicr, boor^yal, wt. /KrJY^ ,- bursar^ 

Bourenier, btMr'slZ-al i'. u, to tiw* t^^her-. 

BDUriouAajfe, boor-sfio-llihj, IW, iai«iaj,f, 

BoitrftCtLtfltf , bcgr-^ocr-flAi, V. *. ftJ *.5(M^, puff up. 

Bousctilen bCH>s-lc<^-liUi xf. a. <r^ jf^^r^ f^^r^cb detvH. 

BouFiirUifCt boo-zi/-ahJK !«► mud-tvaU ; bHn£-^m£. 
UotusEt^r, baO'£k/:^V *3 mfl^w a mutf-wn/i; ditoilt. 
fiouLsUlcur, boDnzii''Ur, wt. wswrfwa/^fr,- daib/tr. 
Ifotl^oIrK boQ.sol.^ cifmfiasi. 
Bout, boo^ Ki. fwrf, «/«■»! j'/y/ /i>J; *af,' d'ua — k 

I'autrt, aliintr.- au ^. du complc, -^^fliT tffj? ; — por- 

taiiC, f/ipj* tff; iStTc ^ ~, /i» Ar u/ Mr last ixtrtmity; 

vcnir A--H j:'j ^nr^i^aH tndiff, 
Eouladc, boD-tftcl,/: •whiint/stfuy. 
Udute-E a^traiq^ boct-AJi^tral^f mi, dif^ny'bird : stailion; 

mtfty c9t*tpitnieH. 
BDUte-reu,^ boQl-fllih, f^^. tinstoek; ^nhra^mt. 
Boute-hor?, kwoi-or, «i. Aoow, 

Bouter, Iwct^ *. a. to ropt^ 

BodtcTDlle, boot-triU/. f A^a/^ . 

fiout«-5fiU«. boot-Mid. frti. Sfiimcrle — , Af Jtfiif^df ^(^^ A^rjf. 

BoutiUirr, iMJO-IIMir ^.^ buHwr. 

Boutiquff, boo-ti};,/ f^|»; tniHk: impiemfnn,pl. 

BoutLquiir, bi:?a-ttk-yili, wi. sh&pk^ptt\ 

JiQUti-isR bth>-?iSi,/ hrti^rr. 
BoLitolr. bOQ-tWnlJf, »», snout; Parer. 
BoLitan, bdO-lOFPn Fft. Awffiwt ; bud; pitrtpU. 
BouEoTitber. b«i^to-ii^H ^. a. tt ?i, jf* butiaii : bttd; se — , 

Vr n 1,1 button oni'^t coat^ etc, 
Boutojmene, boo-lDn-rcj^ iHtf^wrwort. 
BonEcnJlter, LieiO-bon-yniH mi. button^fftaker. 
BouLonni&re, bao-ton-yair,/: bidicn-hiflr. 
BoutS-rim^K buo-TH-maif An.^f, ft[^«^nwM.^,/A 
BoiiHift, bdr:i-tflr,/ jj/l-*w. 

Bouvet, boo-vey, m. plough. 
Bouvier, e, boo-vyai, s. cow-herd. 
Bouvillon, boo-vi/o», m. bullock. 
Bouvreuil, boo-vru/, nt. bul{finck. 
Bovine, bo-vinn./: black cattle. 
Boxer, box-ai, v. n. to box. 
Boxeur, box-ur. m. boxer. 
Boyau, bwa-yoh, m.gut, bowel; pipe. 
Boyaudier, bwa-voh-?'~ii, m. gutspinner. 

BraLfjTijiiij^e, brak-o-iuhj, m. ptiaekis^. 
Btj dinner, brnk^o-nai, t. h. tstp^^ck, 
Bmoirinter, brnk-o-nyaE, w*. .^socAfr. 
Brhi :r.\te, brak-tii-aty. brac^aie, 
Bmi. 1 Tiiy^ m. /ij^ A, iitr. 
BtlI^. Lriiy,/ ri^wi. 
Br<.LilUrd, F, tiraii/.Ax, — d, a, A^viirig. 
Bnull^r., brau/-ai, v. m, tp bajel. 
BriilkuTf sCk brau/.iir» ^-^^ jt. bftwitr. 
BKurcient, bray-man, W. bropittg. 
*Br,i.\ri, 'tir^ht Vr ». to bray, 
Br:i^-,e, hiayxf: Ift^ tlM-l; smitt/cml. 
BTihi-.cj. bray-Hit, V. a. to stnv. ^n/iL 
Brjti ,;er, brj^y^iynj, m. trVHgA; bmsi^r. 
Br*riiijr, brajfil-.^^, v. «. t^br^y. 
Br.iL .ir4. (^JTAif-ka^, m. /ititr; sha/f. 
BrnL. Ii.i^e. br^Uf-bhahJ, m. brnnckeS.pL 
Bnsi.i lif, braJrsfi,^ bramJis A«t. 
Br.Lni..Jief, bfaw'that, i'. r^. t&p^nh.^ rmMC 
Br.i:u.lui^r, hraii&hfaJ, w. brarfcker^ 
Br.i Mil, ie?5, brapi-iihe, / pi. grilr, pL, 
Br.j.nN fui. tf, lintit-ihQ, rt. r4in<?Hr. 
Bnijii!^, brj.wrf,y; A^*iiJ(,/"Krw. 
Br,Lj..:tV'fi'ttr)f, brand-boor, m-/«w-. 
BriiMJi-i^n. nra^jd-vziiT^, j»i. f mnd^, 
Br..'." "..■ I- v 1i/-Edan, f/v. j-fi^j^fiAi^. 

Br Mil ....^'.■.l|l, .,i, :.■, m, /^ j-hi<j'jj^,- j/ir/ 96 — , V. r. 

to see-saw, swing. 
BrandlQirire, braM^di/'War,y^ swing. 
Brandir, bran -deer, v. a. to branaish. 
Brandon. bra>i-doM, m. wisp qf straw ; firebrand. 
Brandonner, bra»>do-nai, v. a. to mark the seixure with 

\\e — , mettre ta—,toset a-going 
_.. . ^ */donnei 

n], fn. /egging, tossing; i 
, braw-max, m.jeggtng. 
uf •lai, V. a. et n. to Jog, sh 



a wisp. 
Branle» bra»]. m./ 
Branlement, I 

Branler, bran-h . ^ _ 

Brantoire, braM<hrar,y: see-saw. 

Braque, brak, s. brack. 

Braquemar^ brak-mar, tn. hanger. 

Braquement, brak-ma^ t$t. poSuittg. 

Braquer, brak-ai, v. a. topomt, turn. 

Bras, brah, tn. arm; hand; branch, handles brace; 

— dessus, — dessous, arm in arm, 
Braser, bnui-zai, v. a. to braze, solder. 
Brasier, brah-zyai, tn. quick dear ff re ; pan- ^ 
BrasOlement. brah-zi/-maM, nt. glittering, 
Brasiller, bra-ziAai, v. a. ettt. to broU; sparkle. 
Brassajfe, brass-ahj, m. coinage. 
Brassard, brass-ar, tn. bracem, brace, 
Brasse, hvass, /i fathottt. 
Brass^e^ bras^ai, /. armful. 
Brasser. brass-ai, v. a, to brew : plot. 
Brasserie, brass-re, f. brew-house. 
Brasseur, brass-ur, -m. brewer. 
Brassiag^e, brass-srahj, tn. depth. 
Brassieres, brass-jrair, X//. night^wensteoeU. 
Brassin, brass-aiM, tn. brewing-copper; brewing, 
Brasure, brah-zAr, X braxing, 
Bravache, bra-Ta^ tn, btMy,fat\faron. 
Bravade, brav-ad«y: boast, hectoring. 
Brave, brav, a. — ment, ad. brave; hottest; gallant; 

'--fr^-^.-^^T - ._ tn. rr.-rr- 'f Tf<-'T:'f ; bravo. 

Bt ].irav-otk, int. Jrtiivit f 

B: .r.?, Lnv-iMr^^ brtn.'^'ry, t^'Mr^ COUrugv. 

Bt 1 r. btAy-yBl, v. a. topftJty tar; —^ m. ttMSS, 

Br a •, ■:■ t tr, bray-ycl^ /I fiffp^ 

Br-r? .b n I , bra i -a^f^ m. ytHsw-ka mmtr. 

BrttiiT,, bj-i*A-bc, / r^t ; sketp. 

Brtho, brtshn fi brtaick: uotck.- hole; — dent, a, 

Bfr^clici. brai-sbey, wi. bnrtfi, {toothless. 

Br-i:V.-]m<i^ hn^A^c^r^tAr^ia.h, ad. hurriedly, 

BrcilMuiUf'. brifA-dou^, ^tt. Inrck. 

Br l' . I . 'Liil^eincat, hTuh^Qoi^tn^n, nt^ sta mtttering. 

Bt ■ ! ■liilkrr brHA-ilooAai. v^ n^ ia sTawtmer, 

Br ■ ■ .. i]]eur, brPiA-daq/^EiTn wtt^ stAfHwurer. 

Bt ■ I . . l^ brtf, brayv, a. bt ief^ sksrt; — , ad. itt short, 

1 /i . 1 v.j:> ,' — , »/*, eriif; ^aleiidar, 
Br r: I1 1 tin rtt, bn^-bayn-y^j a. barrtH^ 
Butl.isi, hrukAa-H^ rn. glewi ; ^^itMfing-house, 
Bt'.-Un-lttft hTuk-ijutJiai^ ir, u. tjfgatnr. 
Brct^iiiJatr, brHA-la/i'dyaii m. finrvsirr, 
Br^]*e, hwukAaw/. she*p^oM<r. 
Bt^;ic, brct. /: raft, 
Bteli.'ijijc^ bj'i*AJcvkt7;«wfiffWH^ ti>y. 
BrdiiiiJic. htuh-i^iAi,/ drugget. 
Bri-m':, brcym, /; brtam. 
Breiisl. brai-zil, w, btUxit^Wood. 
Bresiller, bmi-sZ-at^ t\ a. to cut emails 
.BrctaUiert bricA'M^-al, VjA^^tp 
Brc&ilkui^ biai^4tta^4litiiyi» 




Bretauder, brMA>toh-dai, v. n. to ctU unevenly. 

Bretelle, 'bruh-itSuf. strap; — s,//. braces, pi. 

Brette. bret,y: rapier. 

Bretteler, bret-lai. v. a. to tool, chip (stone). 

Bretteur. bret-ur, m. bully. 

Breuil, bruh^ nt. enclosed copse, thicket. 

Breuvaee. bruhv-ahj, m. beverage; potion. 

Brtve, brayv.y: short syllable. 

Brevet, brwAv-ay, tn. warrant, patent ; bill 0/ lading: 

Breveter, brwAv'tai. v. a. to give a patent. 

Br^viaire. brai-vyair, tn. breviary. 

Bribe, brib, f. scrap, lump of bread. 

Bric-^-brac, orik-ab-rak, m. odds and ends. 

Brick, brik, tn. brig. [indireMy. 

Bricole, bre-kol, /^ chest-band; bricole ; strap ; par—, 

Bricoler, bre-ko<ijii, v. n. to bricole ; shiiffle. 

Bricolier, bre-ko-lyai, tn. off-horse. 

Bride, brid,y: bruUe.stay; k — abaXXwt^JuU speed. 

Bri.ier, brid-ai. v. a. to bridle ; fasten, curb. 

Rridmr, bre-dwar, m. cnp-stting. 

Bi-Idon, brLdniT?. tn-. ,ri\iigis-bit, 

BricE; hvn* tuc-ct — tyv, a. — ivemetit, ad. short, brif/l 

Briiwetii bra-ayv-taE, /■ brevity, shertrtess. 

BK^ifle, bril^'ad, /. itrigmit ; hand. 

Bri^i4iex, bni^-ilityiu. wi- brignditr. 

Brii^nd, bhC'^JIi "». highway man. 

ISrig;Lada£e;l>r^-aju.d4aj, «. robhiry^ exaction. 

Brjf^nder^ brie^a^i'daj:, v, »«, ts rob. 

UrtffiiulJiie, bnE-*'i-dlnr J*^ brigsMdittt, 

Qr%Lie, brijf,^ cflrm>asrin^; mhitt, 

Biipucr, brw-ai, *, a. tti tirmr<^s; cevrt, 

HnUammcIit, Ori/-anti«(, itd. im'iliatiily. 

Et(i]Eant, e, briZ-apr, -^, *, brU^mnt, bright; m, brill' 

inficy, ArigUtftrii ; hrtHi^Ht. 
UnTLantcr, briZ-an-tai, T. ff . ftJ <;;rf t'iU^ angles. 
aHtltr, bri/ni]^ b*. h. ti shtHf; Tparirlt ; glitter. 
drimbaleH ^raiM-bsJ^y^ ^t^a;^, handle. 
£rmllMl«;r, braifl-baJ-Ai iy. a. to tOfS, Stta-going. 
Brrrdbononi braW-bor-rydR, iM. baubU. 
ErifiH bFfliM. 'w. sp¥\g ; slip; ^nsrstl^ hit, 
Firj-'-^ h-^'«rr. f. faalth.ioast, 
11;,^ .. ':., f. briash, 

Bjij'. '.-. |.t:l.y: i/i*. 
Briquet, brik-ajr, m. steel. 
Briqueta^e, bnk-tahj. m. brickwork. 
Briqueter. brik-tai, v. a. to make brick-like 
Briqueterie. brik-tre,y^ brick-kiln. 
Briquetier, brik-tyai, m. brick-maker. 
Briquette, brik-ett,>C square piece of turf. 
Bris, bre, nt. wreck ; breaking open. 
Brisant, bte-zaM, m. breaker, shelf. 
Brise, breez,y^ breeze. 
Bris^es. bre-rai, f. pi. boughs cast in the deer's way, 

pi. : aller sur les — de q., to follow one's steps. 
Brise^Iace, breez-glass, fn. starlings. 
Brisement, breez>iiiaM, nt. breaking. 
Briser, breez-ai, v. a. et n. to break; bruise, split, 

break off; se — , *. r. to break ; fold up. 
Brise-tout, breez-too, nt. break-all. 
Briseur, breez-ur, m. breaker. 
Brise-vent, brecz-Ta«, nt. shelter. 
Brisoir, breez-war, nt. brake (flax). 
Brisure, breez-iir,y^ break ; folding. 
Broc, brok, nt. great Jug; de brie et de —■, one way or 

another, anyhow. [goods. 

Brocantaf^e, bro-ka»-tahj, m. dealing in second-hand 
Brocanter, bro-ka^t-tai, v. a. to decU in second-hand 
Brocanteur, bro-kan-tur, nt. broker. [goods. 

Brocard. bro-kar, m. taunt; bracket. 
Brocarder, bro-kar-dai, v. a. to taunt. 
Brocardeur, bro-kar-dur, nt. scoffer. 
Brocart, bro-kar, m. brocade. 
Brocatelle, bro-kat-ell,^ linsey-wolsey ; brocatelle. 
Brochaj^e, brosh-abj, nt. stitching. 
Broche, brosh, f. spit; broach; knitting-needle; 

spindle; stick ; peg ; point-blank ; — s, //. tusks ^ 
Broch^, bro-shal,/: spttful. [a boar, pi. 

Brocher, bro-shai, v. a. to work with gold, etc. ; stitch ; 
Brochet, brg-shay, m, pike. [knit. 

Brocheter, brosh-tai, v. n. to skewer, spit. 
Brocheton, brosh-to», nt. smaUfike. 
Brochette, bro-shet,^ skewer, ptn. 
Brocheur, brosh*ur. nt. book-stttcher, knitter, 
Brochoir, brosh-war, nt. shoeing-hammer. 
Brochure. brosh-Or.y: stitching ; pamphlet. 
Brochurier, brosh-d-re-ai, nt. pamphleteer. 
Brocoli. bro-ko-le, m. broccolt. [boots, pi. 

Brodequin, brod-kain, m. buskin ; half^oot; — s, //. 
Broder. bro-dai. v. a. to embroider; — au tambour, to 
Broderie. brod-re,y^ embroidery. [tambour. 

Brodeur, brod-ur, m, -r*e, '~z,f. embroiderer. 

Broie, brwa^ hemp-brake. 

Broieinent, Broiment, brwa-maM, m. grinding, 

Bronchade, bron-shad,/: stumbling. 

Broncher. bron-shai, v. n. to sttimSle ; fall. 

Br^iciTie, brof^ w. br^nxe, irrasj:^ 

BroHfcrj bro^j'^ai, v, 't, to frnjii^f, 

Brijqudrt, tiro^kiir, *«n bi^Kkti. 

Broquettc, brO-ket.y. small rtail, tack, 

BruancK bras,/ irrttih. 

Broiler* brosi^i-ai, v. a. A? ^rU4h - Jicaur, 

Br.iHscricj broas-ni,/; brUsH #n««/&rfj'rjr* 

Brn>isicr, br<3s!>-yai. m. brUShrMtker. 

BriJLt, broo, m.grart shfll. 

BriyueE, bripa-'AV- *'*- foiled rruat and SU^^r. 
Br<>Liette, broo-ett,,/. ^fA^jZ-Aflmnp* trttck. 
Br<lU(?ETer, broo-eit-ai^ v. a, te atny fn i> ^vhetlr^arfcra^ 
Brouettcur, broo-etuur, Bjcuctticrn briii>-cn,^yai, m. 

ttfheelr^arrmii *m$tt. 
Br-GiihsJia, broo-ali'iUi, tn. rietppiMg. 
BroLLiLLimini, bf oo^4iin'e^ne, fn. e^n^^ion. 
BrouiLldrd, broo^'Ar, iH.f^-> tmM; d^jf-b^ok ; fupEer — . 
BroLjille^ hjonf, f ^uarreHingr l^FiakiHjt'paptr, 

Broi^iJlcrK broo/il, V. tf, ta ihuff^t; mif it^fiwr ; set 

at iiarianct ; SC — , V. r. /41 Aa c<t*t; ftf ^tvrr^j/t. 
Bra^iIle^ic^ \3rtml-rc,fr brfil, tiiiaj?T*/nv*tt, 
BtQ^M\Jlaa^ hiotil-^n, m, nfttgh d*mtgHi ; day-^^k ; 

Aurvtody: —y tie, —can, <*, tneJdling. 
Brnuiiloriner. brooZ-O-tUli, V, d, tv camfian *h a hurry^. 
Broit^taUles. brwi-iaUif,/.//. brvtrv, krambler.pL 
BrLmSSiai, broo-saJWH m. ixrrtsatHSt. 
Br.m!, hroo, *». fr^wwjw. 
Bruutctf brOQ^Al, V, a. tosrair, brvHfSer 
BpLnitiUes. bn30-ti/,J^ ^rJ^j*iB«ftrf; rubbish,. 
Broycr, brwQ-yaL, V. itr io gr^tid, pound. 
Broycur, brira^yttr, Pt> griwter, pounder^ 
Broyan brwH-yoN, m. bm^ytr. 
Bru, hrh-yf. dau^h/er-iM'taW, 
BriLTcit, brfl-irti pw. yflltmr^amftvr. 
Bru[{T5on, briji-ya«^ trt. nfcfan^te. 
BruLiie, brQ-in, m. rnist, rime. 
Bnilner, brA-C'na^ v^ *t. to drinfe. 
Brutr«K brA'Cern if,H:ta ntjrfit, blvTtr, »ur. 
BrLtisv^meiUv brfi-issniDiu^ iwf. rVariUg. 
Bruit, brd, *»i. asise ; rttfnour; ittmrftoti^H ; ^Harrti, 
BrulHtit, e, bri-Lu^ — t, a. tu^nin^, h^t. 
Bnil [i^ brd-laj, wi, burn ifi^y Am nti tflJte. 
Br.;]«fEFient. brflhmoj*, »t.bwr*iiH£^. 
BrfilcT, bl-Q^lai. v. a. ft h. to Ifum; Tcarrch^ fiu:^; i>> 

Jscitnt; Ik on^re ; %C —. V. r. tit bt*m 9n£t Ct^. 
Br!JJ*?rie, brill-rc,/ distilleryr 
Br:".]c-iout, J^rdl^iroo, wi, save-all. 
Bru I cur, brOI-urj rtt. incfrtfiiary. 
Bill lot, bfCit'OTl, ^n.Jint^jhi*. 
Biulure, brfll-ftr.y; burH^ scald. 
Biunial, £, brii-]na], »r itruHt^:. 
Br\:mci brif^jlilH f.fog, mist 
Br'.:.]ncijx, c, brtli-tELUh, —9, a.fsggyr 
Bru:s, e, bruw, —Oil, *, brvwH.^ dark; sur la — e,aj it 
Brunette, brii-ticttn/: ^rwte^fif. Ij^rfw dark. 

BrunLr, br(^n<<cr, v. a. rfft, Jto tnake Aro^a ; ppl£iA ; 
Bniniuai^, bni'niss-abj, »t. burfiishing. {mm brewH. 
Bruni5seur, bri-fiiss-Lir, m. bumishttr. 
Brunut^QirhbrA-nis^Tvar, i«, bumishtr. 
Bninissurc, brft-nJss-ftr,7^ AurAishiHg. 
BrL^cmc. brtlsk, a^ — nitlU,. ad. bimit ; roj^gh ; sudden^ 
Brisicjuer brflii.fcai, V. a. ia affnmt, &ffeftd ; br hiufu 
Bru^jfl^ierieH brCisk-re,y: ^luntfiess • raitghnas^ [tifUh. 
Bnir, *r brfit, a. rvngh ; rudf, ra-w. 
Bniriji], «, brCUta^H a. —emsut, ^. brttial, bruHsh^ 


ifalityy ritdenesr. 

Brujramment, brQ-yain-a», ad. with great noise 

Bruyant, e, brQ<yaM. — t, a. noisy, blustering, 

Bruy^re, brA-yair.y: heath, furxe. 

Bu, bO, see Boire. 

Buanderie, bA-a»-dre,y: wash-hottse. 

Buandi^e, b6-a»-dyair,/: washet woman, 

Bube. \>(i\>. f. pimple, blister. 

Bubon, bAbon, nt. bubo. 

BAche. bAsh.>C billet; blockhead, herring-buss. 

BAcher, b6>diai, nt. wood-pile; — , v. a. to roughhew. 

Bficheron, bQsh-ro». m. woodcutter. 

Bftchette, h€ish-ett,f. fallen wood, sticks. 

Budeet. bOd-hJay, m. budget 

Buflfer, bfif-fiair. nu buffer-head. 

Buffet, bO-fay, nt. buffet, side-board; bar-room 

Buffle. bO-fl. nt. bujfalo; buff leather, 

Buffleterie. bAf-let-re.y: belts, pi. 

Buffletin. ba-fl-taiM, m, young bu/ 

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Bute, bwe, *h. box-tree ; tax. 

Buisserie, bwiss-re,/: staff-vood. 

Buisson, bwe-so«, m. bush : thicket. 

Buissonneux, sc, bwe-so-nuh, — z, a. bushy. 

Buissonnier. ^re. bwe-so-nyai. —air, a. lapln — , 

Bulbe. bQlb,^ bitib. [thicket-rabbit. 

Buibeux. sc bfll-buh, —z, a. bulbous. 

BuUe, bQI./. bubbU; buU. 

Bulletin, bQl-tain. m. bulletin; ballot; billet. 

Buraliste, bQ-ral-ist, m. clerk. 

Bure, bar,/ coarse cloth ; pU-hole. 

Bureau, bd-roh, m. bureau; office: board; committee. 

Bureaucrate, bO-roh-krat. tn. bureaucrat. 

Bureaucratie, bfl-ro-krass^,/ bureaucracy^ 

Burette, bfl-rett,/ cr%tet, oil-cruet. 

Burin, bfk-raiw, m. graver. 

Buriner, bfl-re-nai. v. a. to engrave. 

Burlesque, bAr-lesk, a. — ment, ad. burlesque. 

Bursal, e, bQrsaU a. pecuniary. 

Busart. bA-rar. m. buxxard. 

Bosc. i.:isk. ■"■ ■'■ f 

Bush. . ■ ■ :'\f ; itttiief. 

B.Uii>\-^y.:-.. --_, _K _. r, a, /^ tkife- iti^rn, 
BttsqulfefC \i^^k.-^\'-MT,/r stay-hOifi^, 

Bat, bQ, Mt. *nark; aim; sT* — tn blanc, abruptly; 

— A — , rtfJi . fr^ppcr au — , iif AittAe mark. 
Byt«, bit,/ tuftfr^- 

Eu»*r bfit-ai, 7r. *f, fi' )tii.- aim at; it — , V. r. to be 
But lire, bdi-ynk,/ n^tii^Mn. [Jixed ; oppose. 

Bittln, bfi'Cn.Lrt, m. iwiy, 
ButlHcr. bfl'ie-Bni, v. n. topitin^. 
Buror, bCi-iar, m, ^iittm .; Mifikh^a^ 
BuQe, bdu/ MWM/irf ijJ^ CBi-l* ; *J*tf; Atre en — * A> *» 
Buttle, bflt^i,/ o^utimrMt. [ej^posed. 

BtitEfr. hfl-tai, V. d. *? n- /h* earth Up, stumble. 
BuE^icuIh Mh bCl-te-ruh, -^z. a. ^uiitry. 
BuvEiblc, bQ-vali-bl fl, drinkabit. 
Buveti^r^ bflv-iyaH m. kee-pff of a Auvttte. 
Buvette, bii-vcll,y t^lf-h/^ftM^ 
Buveur, bil-vur, m. drt'HJter ; tiller, 
Buvex, b^'nL set Boire. 
Buvoncf , bd'f a-toi, v. m. lb Jifj* ; t^pt*. 

Ca, sa. «* Cela. [afid/ro ; -* *i/. come an I new I 

C^ sa. (x^ A^nf, A»VA*r/ — et tt. here and there, to 

Cabale, kab^,/ cabaU intripu. 

Cabaler, kab-al-ai, v. u. to cabal. 

Cabaleur, kab«l-ur, m. caballer. 

Cabaliste, cab-al-ist, s. cabalist. 

Cabane. kab-an./ cot, cottage, cabtn. 

Cabanon, kab-an-o», m. small cabin. 

Cabaret, kab«r-ay, m. tavern, teaboard. 

Cabaretier, kab^-tyai. m. publican, tavern-keeper. 

Cabas, kab-ah. m. frail; basket. 

Cabestan, kab-ess-ta», m. cafstem. 

Cabillaud, kab-iAoh, m. cod^sh. 

Cabine, kab-in,/ tfo^m. . ^, ^ . 

Cabinet, kab^-nay, m. closet, study ;^ cabinet; — de 

lecture, reading-room; circulating library. 
CAble, kau-bl m. cable. 
Cableau. kau-bloh, m. small cable. 
Cabler. kau.blai, v. a. to make cables. 
Caboche, kab-osh,/ hobnail; head. 
Cabotage. kal>ot-ahj, m. coasting. 
Caboter. kab-ot-ai. v. n. to coast. 
Caboteur. kab-ot-ur, m. coaster. 
Cabotin, kab-ot^i/«, m. strolling player. 
se Cabrer, kau-brai. v. r. to rear;faU mto apasston. 
Cabri, kab-re, m. kid. 
Cabriole, kab-re-ol,/ caper; capriole. 
Cabrioler, kab-re-o-iai, v. n. to caper. 
Cabriolet, kab-re-o-lay. m. cabriolet, cab. 
Cabrioleur, kab-re-o-lur, m. caperer. 
Cacao, kak-ah-o, m. cocoa-nut. 
Cacaoyer, kak-ah-o-yai, tn. cocoa-tree. 
Cacaoy^re, kak-ah-o-yair,y:/Aifito/«w» qfcocoadrees. 
Cacarder, kak-ar-dai, v. n. to cackle. 
Cachalot, kash-al-oh, m. cachalot. 
Cache, kash, f. lurking-hoU; — cache, m. hide and 
Cachemire, kash-roeer, m. cashmere. seek. 

Cacher. kash-ai, v. a. to hide, conceal. 
Cachet, kash-ay, m.. secU, signet. 
Cacheter, kash-tai, v. a. to seal, seal up. 
Cachette. kash-ett,/ hiding-place. 
Cachot, kash-oh, m. dungeon. 
Cachotterie, kash^t-re,/. mystery. 
Cachou, kash-oo, m. cashoo. 
Cacochyme, kak-osh-im, a. peevish. 

r.L< [JiT, kpLt-tyain Mc ca^/MS. 

<: .1 I.L-iifi;, l;4iiM.^tTj in, r^iittr ^ landi . 

CJi^JatfcrniUei k-^ii^v-^ijikH, a. efa Jead bifdy. 

Cadcaur kdid-«:>h, m., prtsrut. JtiHtrishy 

CadtrDOjver. k^Kl'iviii-Hi. V, a, tafadtmk. 

Carienccr, k^tiUt'^Mli, P. a, lo fo^t^itce;^ fufwr. 
CaiL:!, kFiiLE-.i>, tn- j't*i*ftJirtr broiher ; foOct. 
Citdcttc, k.Mi-vil,f, ynimger stsifr* 

CnAfQt, bjiunlral. If, d. tfi fimffrum^ JPftmrf4 
CfiLUic, que. kdd-L^k, d. d&irtpsi i Htnayed; mal — ^ 
jir/liH^ rieJttteti^. 

lI^LltiCit^, kaiLffl^c-Ial,/ diCtry, CrOtiness. 

Cafard, c^ Mifnar —A^ a. hypatritiarl v — > ■*. hypocrite. 

Carardcfkn kaf^^I-dr(!+ C«rardhe, kaJ^t-i^i, f. hypo- 

Ca^K kaf^al, m, wjjfr',' r^^it^haltse. [crisy. 

C^ftiffrcj kaf-il-yaif,/ c^et-pfaftiation. 

Cafclicr. kartvai, m. ivJir-Mtati, —tTs,—r,f,(iiiff'ee-pot. 

Cahcr. kiif-yaf, m, cqjfft^ne. 

Ca-ce^ katijn /^ inti'-e ; /ail. 

Ciifinaid. e, kan-yiir, — d, a, Jany. idle.^irder. kan-yar-dftS, fr. «- t^nemia foxy f^. 

C?l<nnrdi!M;, kan-yiir-dLi, / inKittess^ 

Cat^Ticiii:, s^y kaii-yuh, ^t, a, Itffpf-tfg^vi* 

[TiiKOt. c. kaU'Cih, — t, a, ^4*irf- 

Cptjp uteri e. fciij'Oi're.y. bit^^try^ 

CrLVrfiie, k.\e.J. l>Miirk rlArp. 

(T.illiet. kah-y^ip *«- ^wirr, bo^k. 

Ca^l^l^-^ilh.^ kah-JUW'kaMih k ad. J9 ^p,. 

t :ihi.i[, ka^i-i'h, titrjiflt^ ihixk. 

CakurjiKc, kalt-i^-tahj, tft.Jifitin^r 

Qaholcry kah-n-taj, w. j»- Aijoti, ihoJh. 

Cahutc, kali-ftti/ Awf, JiOTtrA 

Careu, kah-yuh* m. j'iii*?*-, oj7jA«rf. 

Cflille. ^^tf-qua-il. 

CaJUcbottc, kay-Lort,/ (7i«£r sfmilk. 

Caillcnient, ka^-ma/i, fRr ^f^U^^ff^. 

CaTUer, ItaZ-yai. t. a. to nrrt^fe tr^fagutaie.. 

CiliUetq^, ka/.ta3]J. w».i;Wii/i'^iiri idtftalk. 

CoiJIeteau, ka/.tahn «i. j^jfri?4' pirai^. 

Cjiflkcrr. ka/4ai, !■. «, toxvtup. 

Dtflleuff, kaj'-ettfc/ rr^f^ttf-Mg s gossip, 

Cailloi, kn^-*»>i, m.cftitqf^inMid. 

C^in-jii, kity-Tsrii, tH^Jtittt-Hant.pfbhle. 

CaiJSiHJiagH, kd/'LM>talt3f m. rW(*^a)w^jt. 

Caique^ knh-lk, tn^ tviixL X^H^y qfa ^-jsrr* ; drum. 

03^'^. kajiit, ^ iTfcPf, fA^Ji^'H hs*. trunk , foj* / bank; 

Caj. .Itfn kafij-u-l, ti, *f. a. ^J iajf>U^ nwtr. 

(T^tjiiterie, kri1]J-L»J-»eK y. cajoiefy. 

CalnLtfun ki*lii-<>lMrr m-ftuatur, 

Calule, kii-liJiitH/ *cj-^A> 

Cat k^li M, xtftl'ffity. 

D^dsim, kill ay MiJ*./:4^^/?'A nfihips. 

CaliUUiti, ka4^tM'C-Tai,/ (uitiwiOf. 

CiilfLtikittujc, ssck kAl^i]i]'e'lMli, —I, a. ca/mnitfms. 

CaLaitdre, kal-iifi-tkr,/ cal^ndfr : -^vnf^il. 

CiilleivJttr, kiil-5i^(4lf;il, p a, hr caJnt\^tr. 

i.'Ti\\:Xitr:. kn^-kMr. ir. mAitrriiMS-^ 

H.-.ij. ....1,.ir..'. I |i ..,;..,/ n'Ao/rei/mji. 

t. . ' I ' . k . L I ' k ' < I. ' '>: I J'/' ufAiliiiii .- mlcf^/ttS^ 

1. .'.1 "1 ■■■k. i. ,I.L<.|..rJi-til, a, {uliitla&ie. 

'.'■<■■ •i^-<t.r^ur. 1^ 'I k :J->tl-urK tfi- tiiicataior. 

Cii- 1 1 1, .jr.'1-.-.Li, !■. (T. fiS tetlfttiafe, 

K-\\<.\ till. /■: Tj,^./^',- . kj'jj/V ftoM ; dt^^ix^ i creek. 

rifh.'|.as>:iL\ k;Ll-LjUjL-., f. ifrtitbiti-ft, 

CaE^clic, kii]-*?>';,li,/ fti/ajfA. 

L'ali^t^ii, kal-Mi«*, tn. d^vWfrXy pi. 

CaldfrictcuFK kalHii-fdik'tiir, m, a-Kti^i^^parafus. 

Cateinbourf kat-rtw-LiLJOrH in.ptit; ^ui^te,. 

L'aleli Jriern l;'*l-il^M!re-ili, ^Jf^ riT/riWCiF". 

Cfifur. kill -din t'. ft. fi it.ta TMif^itp; iawer, strike ; 
L'rdfat, k^tl-fiUlH J*t, tiri^r : fmiJb.i*j*. [sink. 

(.:^LlllH»t^:Ur:, Jj.ll-filt'nJlj, *Jfr titftUiJ^. 
L:illaU'i, kil-fat^L irr, «. f^'^itfJh 
CniMVuerur. krt)'fV»r-ur, w^. nt/iff. 
Crdreutraffj?, lt^-rLi>i-tfaVj, w.h, st^pityt. 
OlIfviJtFcr, kal.fuh'tral. ". <*. '=' 'I'l!'/ (^'*J*i:]t 
CaJibi-^, kaUC'ttf, *w, atliAer, f^cirf/ sijKt 
CalihrL'r, kaJ-f^EjraE, 7>, a^tOfdisparit, 

Caiicc, kni^isf)i^^^^^^^fi^;:#^5^Q 



[25 J 


Callcat, kal-e-koh. vt, <"Whw / shf^J>kte/tfs man [at j Cannelle. Ican-el./. cinnamon ; tap. 
Califat, Ical-G-rfili, "1. fatipfiatt. [Paris), j Cannellier. Ican-el-yai. m. cinnamon-irfe. 

k Ca,ILfourohoii, kal-e'fch&r-slio^-, arf. a^tradHle. 
Cdlin, e, k^iilaJ^K— lin, rM, it^hft^Utr: —.a.-mluedliufr. 
Cflljiier, kail k-iiaL t^(j. ^4) TvHenift : se— , i-. r. to sit at 
CAJincTif, tcFm-lin -rti, / whf^iiin)fr [ones ease. 

Catlcux, set kal-uh^ --z. a, iniious. 

Callif^raEilii^, kal-le'-K'ra.f-eKj'! f^tiiii^fn/Jt^^ 

<">'-r:-. l:^!!:":. fi. train t: — , 7W, fij/wf Jt^-.f j, 

C.:..-!': J- i-.-li iji;tit I', a. rf >E- J?4? iaitft; taii; se— , f. r. 

to becotne calm. 
Calomuiateur. kal-om-nyat-ur, m. —trice, — triss, /: 
Calomnie, kal-om-ne.y: calumny. [calumniator. 

Calomnier, kal-oin-nyai, v. a. to calumniette. 
Calomnieux. se, kal-oin-nyuh, — z. a. — senient, orf. 
Calorique, kal-o-rik. tn. caloric, heat. [calumnious. 
Calotte, kaf ^t, /L calotff, ra/. 
Caique. knJlkn tn. tifUn^^rttr^nt/inir- 
CMf[acT, kaUk-ai, zr. a. ft> i&itnfirtiraitf, 
Calquoirp kallk'war, m. Irarttij^-fiQiitf, 
Calumet, kaUA-may, mi. osimnet. 
CaJUB, )(^I-A, m.callits. 
CaJvaifVp kal-vair. ix, cahiary. 
OlIviniSfQC, kal^vc-nLsmn in. ca/j'iUifftl. 
CaJHniste. k^t^ve^nUtk t/i. calzfiniJt. 
Calvitle, kal-ve-5e,y; AaMness. 
Caiimiey, kain-ah-yi^ii, tn. camaieu. 
Caniai], kani^, m, ca^mhift ; fnwtf. 
CainaTtidtf, kam-Rr-ad, m. camra^ii, Tftate. 
CamariKlcrrie, fcHlU-ar'^d-re../I inhtnaty. 
Caniard, t, knui-ar, — d, a^^uf'naSAi. 
Cfiifibistc» kaif-bi^t, WJ, t'*iJfli£j^^ 
Camt>€>uiiiH kaH-bwftK w*,^£)WJtf, i^cwj*. 
Cambrcr, kaw-bral, V, flfr i'fl' *f«rf: a-oe^ ; se — , w. r. 
Cambmrt, kaw-brilrK^ finiiiine, [fa WArp, cast. 

Camtjusc* kaH-bfl^K/! j/'(jir'nJtt*/i^ 
CatnbwsiCTt kaii-bA-2;^3, w«. if^nttsfper. 
i.lwita^ft kani-a],/! catnto, 
Cam^iont kam-ai-Lai-o^r, iJt. ihAmik^n, 

C^izneLct, kam-loh, »r. camlet. 

Camfork kam-yoiii* «*. iwf j Fttall pin ; {ru£^. 

CainE<saiie, kajn-C-zad^/: camijiarii^. 

Canii^oLe, J(.im-e-JWL.y: niutfr-^ifiiisicinii. 

CiLinoniille, karn'O'iniLU/; famotniif. 

C.irnouflet, kam-oo-nay, m. pujft^ s/futkt ; a,ffTvnt. 

CailiPf ka^t, wl. Camp. {—, ^. clown. 

Cainpafiiiard, e, ka;ii-pan-yar. — (1^ a^ rustic, country ; 

Campaf^c^ ka^f-pan-yr,/: Conniry ,- atuntry-h&Hse. 

Caiiipanc* ka»-pail,/ fi0^,/rtit^(. 

CanipanilcH, kar#- pan-lLyl tt.tpit. 

Cainpanulc, kajr-pan-tlC/ iwl/fovfcr, 

CaniiJemcnt, kaHprinapr^ b? . tNCainpftftfuf- p'S^. kaw-pai, ^^ a. JIj wt^7 wi/ ,■ Su — , 7'. *; Aj settle. 

<'.ir[]|jhre. kaj^-fr, ^Ji. campkitY. 

Citiiplire. Cb icaH-frat|, a. camph\T-iif^<f. 

CaiJipliriuri ka»-fre-aLp »i. cafnph<it-i>^€f. 

CauipOS, kaw.poli. Mi, ^/Jay-^y. 

Canaille, kan-a/,X rafiil-g, msd. 
Canal, kan^ali hj. f^tm^. cktinnei. 
Caiuip*^, kiwi-ap-;U, m. coach, so/a. 
n CanartL kan-ar, m. dt^te .- rf^rr*. 
c"jrt :iriler. kan-ai^dai, v. a. in shjot at. 
CanarrlL&re, kaji-ar-flyaif j^ iftcoy,- dm-Jt-g-un : fc^p-Jiole. 
Can^ri. ka(i-a-re, jw. cattffry.fiini. 
CancaDp ka«-ka«, fn. tiffUfaffltt* iMtise. 
C&nceUcr, ka^i-aeU'at, V a, fa cancel. e^aCC^. 
Cancre, kart'kr, m. craJ^Jffk ; dnnct^ 
Cantli^IabTr, ka^i^iai-laU'br, i«, chmttitiixr. 
CandetUV kait-dui't/I iand^ur^ 
Cantii» ka^^-dc, m. in^ar-fanJy, 
CiindifUxt, kaw-de-rtbil], m. tAitdiiiatf, 
Candi«iafurc» kaw-tlc-iiat-Or,/ faiuiviatfs/i{p. 
Can't] ide, ka/f-did* a^ — ancnt, oii. canditi./ran.^* 
sc Cajidir, ka«"dccr, -if. r, to caftfly. 
Carte, kan,y; ^dncJt, 
Cau^Con., luut-tQ'K. m. dncklinj^. 
CaneTtCt knri'^ertnj^ dinrJtlOti:- : fan. 

Canichc, kau-isii, r,i.p,/v^ii^. . , ^ . 

Caniculaire, kan-e-kftUair, a. jours — s, //. d<^-days, pi. 
Canicule, kan^-kfll,/ dojr-star; dog-days, pi. 
Canif. kan-if, m. penkni/e. 
Canine, kan-in, a. canine. 
Caniveau, can-c-voh, m. kennel-stone. 
Canne. kan,/. cane, reed. 
Cannebcrgre, kan-bairhj.y: -whortte-berry. 
^anneler, kan-Uu, V. fl ' ' ' """ '' 

'. a. to cfwnnelf^ute. 

Cannelure, kan-lflr,/", channeling;;: 

Cannetille.\M,/. purl. 

Caiinetiller. kan-ti/-ai. v. a. to tie with purl. 

Cannibale, kan-ne-bal, m. cannibal. 

Canon. kan-o;i. m. cannon: pipe; barrel; quill: 

Canonial. e, kan-o-nyal. a. canonical, [canon, decree, 

Canonicat, kan-o-ni-kah, /n. canonry. 

Canonique, kan-o-nik, a. canonical. 

Canonisation, kan-o-ne-zah-syoM,yC canonization, 

Canoniser, kan-o-ne-zai. v. a. to canonize. 

Canoniste. kan-o-nist. m. canonist. 

Canonnade, kan-o-nad.yi cannonadt. 

Canonnasre. kan-o-nahj. m. gunnery. 

Canonner. kan-o-nai. v. a. to cannonade. 

Canonnier, kan-o-nyai. m. cannonier. gunner. 

Canonni^re, kan-o-nycur, /. loop-hole; popgun ; clia- 

loupe — . gun-boat. 
Canot, kan -oh, m. canoe, small boat. 
Canotier, kan-ot-yai, m. roiver. 
Cantaloup, ka;/-tal-oo, m. cantaloup. 
Cantate, Ka;/-tatt,yC cantata. 
Cantatrice. ka/*-tatt-riss,y; singer. 
Cantharide, ka«-tar-id,/: cantharide. 
Cantine, kajt-tin,/. canteen : bottle-case. 
Cantinier, kaM-te-nyai, m. —ire, — air.y: sutler. 
Cantique, kan-tik, m. song: air. 
Canton, ka»-to«, m. canton, district. (^ la — . aside. 
Cantonade. ka//-to-nad. /. wing of a theatrical stage ; 
Cantonnement, ka/z-ton-raaw, m. cantonment. 
Cantonner, ka»-to-nai, v. a. to canton ; se — , v. r. to 

fortify one's self. 
Cantonnier, ka7/-to-nyai. m. roadman ; line-keeper. 
Canule, kan-fll.y^ pipe : faucet. 
Caoutchouc, kawt-shook. m. India-rubber. 
Cap, "-"T-. "■"' '"■^'*'" -" ■^■'".'r.-f (r'---", de pied en ^. front 
Cajj^b.^. L.L,. .Lh 1;., ... .^;-u:u^, able, \.hemi tofoot. 

Capa^iitc. k:i|>^i!w>;-c^tit,yT iiifimity. 
Capara^on, kap^ar^assrajj, m. rafiartufn, 
Capoiai^ciniicr, kapraj-aiup-o nai, i'^. a. tti caparison. 
Cape, cap.y (upe ; maitiEaU; rir« sous — r 'i' tmtgh in 

^ w . ^ - 

{ofte^s sleeve. 

cufttfnander : — 

CapeJer, kap'laj'. w, swel/ing, 
CapiHalfCf kap-iMair, a. capif^ixry. 
Capilotaden kap-e-k>t-ad,y: Aj?.tA, 
Cabitaine, kap-t^raLn, m. capiat/. 

uartTies, rnaJtcr^tt-armt. 
CapLEiEcicrie, kap-e-xaiH'r&,/ cmpttxins/tip. 
Capital, e, kap-e^l'iL, a, capital, chi^f, maittj —, m, 

capital: -tttX-Jt ; chiff ^ittt. 
Capita 1<?H kap-e-tal.y! capital; atpit^/ If^ft. 
Catjjtalhtr, kap~e^tai^^zal v. a. t^ rtalize, 
CapitalL>itc, kap-e-tal-tst, m. capitalist. 
CapLtanp kap-c^ta*! , itt.. fuctcrt. fioastcr. 
Capitan?, kaprC'tan.^ admiral-gat fey, 
Capiiafion» ltap-c-l:ali.5yQM.y^ pi^it.tav^. 
CapiteuK, se, kap^e-Uihr — *, i*. heady, 
Capitole, kai^-^-t*)], m. Capitifl. 
Captton, kap-e-tou, tn. siiJIr'jf^JiJt. 
Ca.^>\t,^\^:vI'e^ kdiJ-C'tLiS-iir. it. ni/n/ttlur, of a. chapter. 

Ca A i--. .. .i.- :r. A . : : /. ■. - - .■-..■../.frf. 
Cai" ..-. .. ■. ., . ■.. .' Af/.V. :,■ , 

Capon. kap-o>i, m. coiuani ; cheat. 

Caponner. kap-o-nai, v. n. to be cowardly ; cheat, trick. 

Cannmf, kap-n-raU tn, «ri?r/arcA 

Ca;i t, k,i.i>-uh, m.cttpdt. 

Cap.^iL-, k^i|j-M,/ cajwe^ ritfi'ti^-AMtt. 

CflpitiH kiiii-pfK/ Caper; —y m, privates r. 

Caprice, kap-tn^^s, m. ca^ritYy whim. 

Ca[}ricEtMiK, se, kap^ri^Sryiili, — z, a. — sement, ad. 

Cflprltr, kap-r^ai, ra. cttper-<b:tsh. [capricious. 

Caprisant, kap-ri*-7ajj, a. irregidar. 

Cap:^u]c, kap-^tll.^ capsule ; perruisicn<ap. 

Captat^^ur, Itap-taE-ur. m, inveig^er. 

Captation, kci|J-rah^syoJ<,y;: ittveigling. 

Captcr, kap-tai, v. a, itt captivate, etu»'ave. 

Caiiteiir^ kap^tur, tn. capton 

Captieux, s£, kap-^yuli, —z, a, — semene, ad, captious: 

Captif, ive, kap^tir, — (v, a, cmptivt, [deceitful. 

Captiver kap-ie-vai, v. «, to i-aptit*aie. 

Captivity, kap'tis^vfrtaT, f. captivity. 

Capture, kap't^r,/ taptttre, stittirt. 

Capttirtir, kap-lCk'tai, Tr a. (&captt4rt. 

Capuc«, kap^QSh Capuchoa, kap-a^jh^a^, m. cowl, hood. 

Capuctn, kap^Q-ialM, mrmpHthiH. 

Capu^iiiade, kap-O^se-tiad,/ rid ictdaus sermon. 

Caquaife, kak^rij, tn. barrelling itp. 

Caquc, kAk,f. fag, barrel. 

Caqucr kak^E, V. a. to Itarrtl up. 

Caquct, kak-ay, m. tiiil^atile, 

CaquctaK^'e, kaVtalO^^, m. csc^llng* r~^ ,-^r^^\r-. 

Caquctcr^ k4ik4ai, v. H.\^^fsm*^hstmO^K. 

OAQ [36] 

Caqueterle. leak-tree./ talk. tiUietattie. 

Caquetetir, kak'tur, tn. prattler. 

Car, kar. r. for. because. 

Carabin, kar-ab-ai;/, tn. carabineer; rook. 

Carabinade, kar-ab-e-nad.y. rook's trick. 

Carabine, kar-ab in./ carabine ; r\fle. [retreat. 

;'•••> ■ • .■■'*. ^1 rfffe : shoot and 


'cT^ ri/teman. 

Caracotc, kar^ak^l, X o»rti>-ij/, 
Caracutcr. Idr-ak-Cir^k V. «- /J canMCifl. 

C -Tf -L - ' . T '. V: :; r -J ^- ; 1 *, m. di^r^y'tfr, iHUr : temper. 
1. j: , : i ,-.i^t'Xt.KSL\.t'- a^ t,.^ characteriMe. 

i . ..• : ^.\]ii-Ka,VfUA'%\k. a./, characteristic. 

i. -.r L-, I, ,' , ■ . .t'tter. 

C^^rtlf'>l^, k-Ll'-iil'ofi'. ri. imaNffrt&uttr: fit-pail. 
CuoillbolAl^. kar.ajj-boUaJiJ, rrt, vn nr jJtAi*/. 
Cimnit^nler, Ipir'ajO'bolrni, v-. Ur t^ cjrtiMfibol. 
Caraniel, kar-am-ci w#- karHtsi^arr 

Caiac, kjLT^ali, m. uinx/. 

QiFavane, kaf'flv^in,^: raf-fft^n ,■ — s. ^^r dissolute life. 

Caravan«>crai. kiU-av.4rt.5iil^a-e, w. iffm+'a/iJarK. 

Ciu-batme. ltEir-l>iit-[n,/ nam Ai/r. 

CarbutLdiiidF, kar-b<J-tl.a4,y^ caritatnid^. 

Circali, kai-ka/i, mi. I'n^^j (^tiar. 

OuciTioEnatewK. sci — i.a. cancerous. 
Carfl^Eikain?, kzur-ctalit-oin, :*ffr iar^iamjm. 
CM^r kArcl,/ j-a^V. 
Carfl^r, caMfpiU Til, J. f&tAni^ li'tfth. 
Curv'lcur, k.ir4iu.r, jji. rar.rtr. [cardinal. 

. CardinHlk i£, C4.r-d^-lMl, a. ^.aniiNti/. principal : — , w. 
CardinAJat. kar-dc-nal-'lti> w, cunHfutiikip. 

Cnr^c. Ic3r-;iiiii, m^ ttat^ — prpuiEultj ra^ carnival. 
C^nA^'f^ lowai-natij, m. titrrettifig. 

Cai^ne, kar^ayn-/ <-are<n. 

Ciirf ncr, kAr-aE-nai. !■'. «. t& mjiwif. 

CT,an»5^, k.iT <-'^, f. AiJiYii. 

r.r- .■■ r, I ■ •trftJ, St*P/fie. 

<.:■■... -yarM. 

I. T-.t ■■.! II. |..i: ^ i;. .,■ .LfJi"*. 

Carj^ue, kar^, /! *rtt t7, line. 

CarKuer. kar-};ai. v. a. to brail, haul up. 

Cancature, kar-e-kat-Or,y. caricature. 

Carie. kar-e,/ caries. 

Carier. kar-yat, v. a. to rot, putrefy ; se — , v. r. to grow 

Carteux, se. kar-e-uh, — z, a. carious. [carious. 

Carillon, kar-i/-o;/, m. chitne, peal. 

Carillonner. kar-i/-oh-nai. v. u. to chime. 

Carillonneur. kar-i/-ohnur, m. chimer. 

Carlin. kar-lai;/. tn. pug-dog. 

Carlinguc, kar-Iai**^!!,/ kelson. 

Carme. karm, m. carnulite friar. 

Carmelite, kar-mai-Iitt,/: carmeliU nun. 

Carmin, kar-niai/i. m. carmine. 

CarminatiC ive, kar-inin-at-tf, — iv, a. m. carminative. 

Carnage, kar-nahj. m. carnage, slaughter. 

Carnassier, ire, kar-nass-yai, — r, a. carnivorous. 

Camassi&re, kar-nass-yair,/ bag, pouch. 

Carnation, kar-nah-syo;i,/: carnation. 

Camaval. kar-nav-al, m. carnival. 

Came, kam./ corner, angle. 

Camet, car-nay, m.. note-book. 

Carnivore, kar-ne-vor, a. carnivorous. 

Camosit6, kar-no-ze-tai,/ carnosUy. 

Caronade, kar-o-nad,/ caronade. 

Carotte, kar-ot,/ carrot. 

Carotter, kar-ot-ai, v. n. to play low. 

Caroube, kar>oob, Carouge, kar-oohj,/: carob-beart. 

Carpe, karp,/ carp. [carp. 

Carpeau, kar-poh, Carpillon, kar-pi/-o;f , m. young, little 

Car-quois, kar-kwa, m. quiver. 

Carre, kaur,/ crown {hat) : toe {shoe). [bed ; floor. 

Carrtf, e, kau-rai, a. square ; — , m. square: garden' 

Carreau, kau-roh, m. tile, brick; ground, floor; 

aishion ; diamond {cards) ; tailor' s goose. 
Carrefour, kaur-foor, m. crossway. 
Carrelafi^e, kaur-lahj, m. paving with tiles, bricks. 
Carreler, kaur-Iai. v. a. to pave with tiles; cobble. 
Carrelet, kaur-Uur, m. flounder ; awl. 
Carrelette. Vxe^^VSf.finefiU. 

Carreleur, Kaur-Iur, m. one that paves with tiles; cobbler. 
Carrelure, kaur-lfir, f. cobbling. 
Carrdment, kau-rai-maM, ad. square. 
Carrer, kau-ral, v. a. to square; se — , v. r. to stntt. 
Carrier, kau-ryai, m. quarryman. 
Carri^re, kau-ryair,/ career; quarry. 
Carriole, kau-ryol,/ small open carrietge. [coach. 

Cwrrosse, kau>ross, m. coach ; — de louage, hackney- 

Carrossier, kau-ross-yai. m. coachmaker. 

Carrousel, kar-oo-sel, m. carousal. 

Carrure, kauriir.y: breadth of the shoulders. 

Cartayer, kar-tay-yai. v. a. to quarter. 

Carte, kaft. /! card, ticket; bill of fare ; pasteboard : 

Cartel, kar-tel. nt. cartel ; challenge. map. 

Carter©, kar-tro, m. pocket-book. 

Cartier, kar-tyai, m. cardmaker. 

Cartilage, kar-te-lahj, m. cartilage. [nous. 

Cartilagineuz, se, kar-te-lahj-e-nuh, — z. a. cartilagi- 

Carton, kar-to/i, m. pasteboard ; band-box ; cartoon. 

Cartonnage, kar-to-nahj, m. boarding. 

Cartonner, kar-to-nai, v. a. to board. 

Cartonnier, kar-to-nyai. m. pasteboard-maker. 

Cartouche, kar-toosn,/ cartridge. 

Cartulaire, kar-tfll-air. tn. cartulary. 

Cas, kau. tn. case ; fact, accident ; value ; en tout — , 

at all events ; faire grand — de, to make tnuch of. 
Casanier, ^re. kaz-an-yai. — r. a. dotnestic. 
Casaque, kaz-ak,yT^rea/rM/. 
Casaquin. kaz-ak ai'/, tn. short gowtt. 
Cascade, kas-kad,/ cascade. 
Case, kaz,/: point; square ; cottage. 
Cas6eux, se, icah-zai-uh. — z, a. caseous. 
Casemate, kaz-mat,/ casemate. 
Caser, kaz-ai, v. a. et n. to place in order; se — , z: r. 

tofliut a place, settle. 
Casern, kaz-aim,/ barrack. 
Casemement, kaz-aim-ma;/, m. barrackittg. 
Casemer, kaz-air-nai. v. a. et tt. to lodge, be in barracks. 
easier, kaz-yai, tn. cases. 
Casiire, kaz-yair./ store-rootn for cheese. 
Casimir, kaz^-meer, m. ccuimere. 
Casque, kask, tn. hehnet. 
Casquette, kas-kett.y! cap. 
Cassatit. e, kau-saM, — t, a. brittle. 
Cassation, kass-sah-syon,/ cassation. 
Casse, kauss, f. cassta ; case. 
Casseau, kau-soh, m.fottnt-case. 
Casse-cou, kau-skoo, m. breakneck ; daredevil. 
Casse-noisette, kau-snwa-zett, tn. ttut-cracker. 
Casser, kau-sai, v. a. et tt. to break, annul; weaken : 

cashier; se — , v. r. to break; se — la t^te, to fuxzle 
Casserole, kass-roll,/. stewpan. [one's Brains. 

Casse-tete. kau-steyt, m. puxgle-brain, tomahawk. 
Cassetin, kass-tai//, tn. printer's box. 
Cassette, kass-ett./ ccuket ; privy purse. 
Casscur, kau-sur, m. crcuker; boaster. 
Cassier, kau-syai, nt. cassia-tree. 
Casine, kass-in,/ little country-box. 
Cassolette, V.&ss-o-\tX.t,f. perfuming pan. 
Cassonade, kass-o-nad,yC moist sugar. 
Cassure, kau-sQr./ broken place ; crack. 
Castagnette, kas-tan-yett,/ Castanet. 
Caste, kast,/ cast, tribe. 
Castel. kas-tel, tn. castle. 
Castllle, cas-ti/,/ altercation. 
Castor, kas*tor, tn. beaver; beaver-hat. 
Castorine, kas-to-reen.yC/»<r<'/tf/A. 
Castrat, kas-trah, m. caetrato, eunuch. 
Castration, kas-trah'Syo;(,/ castration. 
Casualit^, kaz-Q-al-e-tai,/ casualness. 
Casuel, le, kaz-Q-eU, a. — lement, ad. casual; — , vt. 
Casuiste, kaz-fi-ist, tn. casuist. [perquisites, fees, pi. 
Catafalque, kat-af-alk, m. catafalco. 
Catalepsie, kat-al-ep-se,/ catalepsy. 
Catalogue, kat-al-og, tn. catalogue, list. 
Cataplasme, kat-ap-lasinv in. poultice. 

Catarart-*. k^t-^r-Akt. C rnf/n*nrt. 
C '-i-sf. 

C .■: 

C.xfrirTli':iiK, n.-,\r-LLl'i, —7., a, ratarrhous. 
CMab\ji:fphit. kM'Sii^tTGf,f. x:at\j.'.tr-^fihe. 
CaiccJiJiHtr, k.^t-ii]-^hi?^£iii, t'. a. h* nitechise. 
C^icchihrncy kal-ai-Mtan. m. cafrthistn. 
CaKfuhLiite, kaL-ai^hi^, in. fatCt-kiti. 
CaicEhum^me, kaL-al-ktl-ntaiti, rn. ratechutnen. 
Caii^jjonc. tiiC-aiila-re,/!! rutrgitry. 
Cal^ariqucH kat-ai-cn'rlkH a. cfi.'rjrutrical. 

CathoHcisniCK kat-o-lt-nsol, m. nfitholicistn. 

Callinliciuc, kFit^t>TEik| a. — Di^xiti mi. catholic. 

Call, kiit"t| tn. sf^ssy pfESSt 

Catir^ kat-ccr, v. a. to glass. 

CatissEUT, kol-i&Kir, nt. cfatk'prestfr. 

CarDfon, kaE-OHgarF, jh. cinh. 

Catt]ptiii]uiFH kat-cjp-lrik. a. catattj^cal ; —,f. caUptrics, 

Caucbcmar, ki^shrmari »/r. night fft<tre. 

Caudtiirfr, k»h-dnL-air. w. tmiis-^'earer. 

CauuiliEij, V.tth-TAl'C^'an^/'. catisahty. [sake of. 

Cau^^H kt.lijtr f Dii*j¥ ,■ vn^ax^tKial ; k — de, for the 

Cau^tfrn V.^-i.^'^\mfM^^i&d6jagi;Halk, prate. 

OAU t «7 1 

Canserie. Vxki-zxt^ f, prataing. 

Caus»ur, se,koh-zur, — uz, a. talktUvvt; — , tn. prattler, 

Causeuse, koh-zuhz. f, smalt sofa. 

Causticity, kos-te-se-tai. /. causticity; bitterness. 

Caustique, kos-tik, a. caustic. 

Cauteleux, se, koh-tluh, —z, a. — sement. ad. crafty, sly, 

Cautere, ko-tatr, m. cautery. 

Cauteriser. ko-tai-re-zai , ?/. a. to cauterise. 

Caution, koh-syo«, yC bail; surety. 

Cautionnement, koh-syon-tna/<, «i. bailinjr, security, 

Cautionner, koh-syo-nai, v. a. to bail. 

Cavalcade, kav-al-kad, f. cavalcade. 

Cavalcadour, kav-al-kad-oor, nt. equerry, 

Cavale, kav-al, /. mare. 

Cavalerie, kav-al-re, f. cavalry .• horse. 

Cavalier, kav-al-yat, tn. horseman ; trooper; cavalier; 

kni£lu {chess) ; — , ^re, — r, a. — ireinent, ad. free, 

genteel; blunt. 
Cave, kav,yC cellar; case of bottles ; pool ; teell. 
Caveau, cav-oh, m. little cellar. 
Caveqon, kav-so;/, m. caveson. 
Cavec, kav-al, /. hollorv way. 
Caver, kav-ai, v. a. to hollow; stock at play. 
Caverne, kav-airn, f. cavern, cave. 
Cavemeux, se, kav-air-nuh, — z, a. cavernotts. 
Caviar, kav-var, m. caviar. 
Cavillation, kav-il-lah-syoM, /. cavillation. 
Cavite, kav-e-tai, /. cavity. 
Ce, cet, cette, s»A, set, set, pn. this, that, it ; ce qui, ce 

que, what; h ce que, that; c'est pourquoi, therefore. 
C^ans, sai-an, ad. within, cU home, 
Ceci, s»A-se, pn. this. 
C^citi, sai-ae-tai, /. blindness. 
Cedant. sai-da/i, m.granter. 

C^der, sai-dai, v. a. et n. to cede, give up, part with ; 
C^iUe. say-di/.y: cedilla, {submit; yield; be inferior. 
C^drat, sai-drah, m. cedrat. 
C6dre, say-dr, m. cedar. 
C^dule, sai-dai.y: bill, note. 
Cei^n^ant, sain-ya;/, see Ceindre. 

•Cemdre, sai;/-dr, v. a. to gird, enclose, surround; 
Ceint, sai«, see Ceindre. \put on. 

Ceintra};e, sai>(-trahi, m. cords, pi. 
Ceinture, sai/i •tAr, f. girdle, sash, enclosure. 
Ceinturier, sai;t-t(ir-yai, m. belt-maker. 
Ceinturon, sain-td-roM, m. belt. 
Cela, swA-lah,///. tltat; comment — / how so f 
Celadon, sai-lad-o^t, a. sea-green; —, m. sentimental 
C^I^brant, sai-lai-braM, m. tijgficiating priest, [gallant. 
Calibration, sai-lai-brah-syo;/, f. celebration. 
Cel^bre, sai-Jay-br, a. celebrated. 
C^ltfbrer, sai-lai-brai, v. a. to celebrate. 
CiWbrit^, sai-lai-bre-tai, f celebrity. 
C^ler, sai-lai, v. a. to conceal, hide. 
Crfleri, sel-re, m. celery. 
Caerit^, sai-lai-re-tai, f. celerity. 
Celeste, sai-lest, a. celestial, heavenly. 
C^libat, sai-le-bah, m. celibiuy. 
C^Ubataire, sai-le-bat-air, m. bachelor. 
Celle, scll,/«. /. she, that. 
Cell^^rier, sel-Iat-ryai, m. cellarist. 
Cellier, sel-yai, m-. cellar; store-room. 
Cellule, sel-lGl, f. cell ; partition. 
Celul, sell-we. pn. he, him, that. 
Cement. sai-ma;i, m. cement. 
C^menter, sai-iuaM-tai. v. a. to cement. 
Cendre, sa/i-dr, f. ashes, pi. 
Cendre, e, sa^i-drai, a. ash-coloured, ashy. 
Cendree, sa«-drai, / small shot. 
Cendreux, se, sa»-druh, — z, a. ashy. 
Cendrier, sa^<-dre-ai, m. ashpan. 
C^ne, sain, f. the Lords supper. 
C^nobite, sai-no-bitt, m. monk. 
Cens. sa^is, m. qjiiit-rent; census. 
Cens<^, e, saM-sai, a. reputed. 
Censerie, sa«s-re,y: brokerage. 
CenSteur, sa/t-sur, m. censor; critic. 
Censier, sa«-syai, tn. lord of a manor ; farmer, 
Censitaire, sa»-se-tair, m. copyholder. 
Censurable, sa»-sA-rah-bl, a. censurable. 
Censure, san-sdr, /. censorship ; censure. 
Censurer, sa;(-s(l-rai, v. a. to censure, blame. 
Cent, sajt, a. kutulred; cinq pour —, five per cent. 
Centaine, sa/i-tain, ^. a hundred. 
Centenaire, sa//t-nair, a. centenary. 
Centiare. sa/i-tyar, m. centiare. 
Centiime, saM-tyaim, a. hundredth. 
Centilitre, sa«-te-litr, m. centilitre. 
Centime. sa»-tim, tn. centime. 
Ceutiinfetre, saw-te-mai-tr, m. centimetre. 
Centon, saji-ion ,m. cento. 
Central, e, sa»-t»l, a, centraf. 

CHA ' 

I Centralisation, sa;r-tral-e-zah-syoM. f, centraliMati»n, 
, Centraliser, sa;i-tral-e-zai, v. a. to centralise. 
I Centre, sari-tr, m. centre. 

Centrifu{(e. san-tre-fAhJ, a. centrifugal. 

Centripite, san-tre-pait, a. centripetal. 

Centuple, saM-tQ-pl, a. m. hundredfold. 

Centupier, sa;f-tQ-pIai, v. a. to centuplicate. 

Centurie, sa^i-tfi-re, f. century. 

Cep, sep, »«. vine; — s, //. fetters, pi, 

C^pi§e, sai-pai, f. stump. 

Cependant, spa/i-da>/, ad. etc. in the meantime; yet. ' 

C^rat, sat-rah, m. cerate. 

Cerceau, sair-soh, tn. hoop ; quill, pinion. 

Cercle, sair-kl, m.. circle ; ring ; eusembly, 

Cerder, sair-klai, v. a. to hoop. 

Cercueil, sair-kuh/, m. coffin. 

Cereales, sai-rai-al, f. pi. corn. 

C^r^bral, e, sai-rai-bml, a. belonging to tfu brain. 

Ceremonial, e, sat-rai-uio-nyal, a. ceremonial; —, m. 
ceremoHial, ceremony. 

C^rdhionie, sai-rai-mo-ne, f ceremony. 

C^rdmonieux, se, sai-rai-mo-nyuh, — z, a. ceremonious. 

Cert sairf, m. stag, hart; —volant, paper-kite; hortt' 

Cerfeuil, sair-fuhA m. chervil. [beetle. 

Cerisaie, sreez-ey, f. cherry-orchard. * 

Cerise, sreez, f. cherry. 

Cerisier, sreez-yai, m. cherry-tree. 

Ceme, saim, m. ring, circle. 

Cemeau, sair-noh, m. wtllHut-kertul. 

Ccmement, saim-ma/t, m. encircling. 

Cerner, sair-nai, v. a. to encircle, surroufui; tap a tree. 

Certain, e, sair-tai^/, — ain, a. — ement, oul. certain; 

Certes, sairt, ad. certainly, indeed. [some. 

Certificat, sair-te-fe-kah. m. certificate. 

Certtiicateur, sair-te-fe-kat-ur, tn, voucher. 

Certification. sair-te-fe-kah-syo», f. certification. 

Certifier, sair-te-fyai. v. a. to certify, testify. 

Certitude, sair-te-tild, f. certainty. 

Cerumen, sai-rA-men, m. ceruttten. 

Ceruse, sai-rAz, f. ceruse. 

Cervaison, sair-vai zon, f. venison-seasott. 

Cerveau, sair-voh, tn. braitt ; inteUect. 

Cervelas, sair-vlau, m. cervelas. 

Cervelet, sair-vlav, tn. cerebellum. 

Cervelle, sair-velf, f. braitts; genius. 

Cervoise, sair-vo-ahz, f. kind of beer. 

Cessation, sess-sah-syo;i, f. cessation. 

Cesse, sayss, f. ceasing ; sans — , iticessantly. 

Cesser, say-sai, v. a. to cecue. 

Cessible, sess-sibl, a. cessible. 

Cession, sess-syow, f. cessiott, giving, yielding up. 

Cessionnaire. sess-yo-nair, tn, grantee. 

ensure, sai-zAr, /. cesura. 

Cet, te, set, pti. this, that. 

C^tac^, e. sai-tass-ai, a. cetaceotts. 

Ceux, celles^ suh, sell, ptt. pi. see Ce, Cet. 

Chablis, shab-le, tn. wind-fallen wood. 

Chabot, shab-oh, tn. bull-head, gull. 

Chacal. shak-al, tn. jackal. 

Chacun, e, shak-u;^, — (In, pn. everyone ; each. 

Chafouin, e, shaf-waiM, — win, a. mean ; shabby ; — 
tn. truan-looking wretch, [grief, sorrow ; sliagreett. 

Chagrin, e, shag-rau//, — rin, a. sad, peevish ; — , tn. 

Chagrinant, e, snair-re-na«, — t, a. vexatious. 

Chagriner, shag-re-nai, v. a. to vex, grierve ; se — , v. r. 

to fret, grin 
Zhatne, shain, 

Chame, shain, f. chain ; warp ; galley ; bondage. 
Chalnetier, sliain-tyai, m. chaintnaker. 
Chainette, shain-ett, f. little chain. 
Chatnon, shain-o/i, tn. litik [chain ). 
Chair, shair, f flesh; tneat ; flesh-colour. 
Chaire, sh&ir, fpttlpit ; chair. 
Chaise, sheyz, f. chair ; seat; sedatt. 
Chaland, slial-a'i, tn. customer ; barge. 
Chalandise, shal-a/t-diz, f. custom ; customers, pi. 
Chalcographie, kaUkog-raf-e, f. chalcography. 

Chaie, %\iamki^fmgShawt. 
Chdiet, shaul-dfJ'W* Wttnge.. 
Chaleur, shal-ur, f. heat; an 

srdour. [fulloffirt. 

Chaleureux, se, shal-ur-uh, — z, a. naturally warm ; 
Chaloir, shal-war, v. imp. il ne m'en chaut, / care 
Chaloupe. shal-oop, f. long-boat, sloop, [nothing for it. 
Chalumeau, shal-Q-moh, ttt. stem; straw; pipe. 
Chamade, sham-ad, f. parley. 
se Chamailler, sham-ci/-ai, v. tt. to wrangle, quarrel. 
ChamaiUis, sham-a/-ee, m. squabble. 
Chamarrer, sham-ar-ai, v. a. to lace over. 
Chamarrure, sham-ar-Ckr, f. lacing. 
Chambellan, sha«-bel-la;<, tn. chamberlain. 
Chambranle, sha;i-bra;{l, tn. door-case. 
Chambre. sha«-br,y! chamber, cabin ; honey-comb; — 
liattte^ kottse of lords; — desUbraires, stationers' hall. 




Chambr^e, sha»-brai. f. persons lodging in one room, 

Chambrelan, sha;i-br-la7/, m. lodger. \pl. .• meeting. 

Chaiubrer, sha;/-brai, v. a. et n. to keep conjined : 

Chambrette, sha^z-brett, /. little room, {lodge tifgetJur. 

Chambrier, sha//-bre-ai, m. chamberlain. 

Chambri^re, sha«-bre-air, /. chambermaid: horse' 

Cliaineau, shain-oh. m. canul. {whip. 

■ Chainelier, shaiii-el-yai, ;//. camel-driver. 

Chamelle, s.hain-ell.yiyJ-w/a/f camel. 

Chamois, shain-wa, ni. shautoy. 

.Chamoiseur, shatn-waz-ur, m. shamoy-dresser. 

Champ, sha«, m.Jield: compass ; ttume ; sur-le> — , 

thampart, sliart-nrii-H \fi. Jidd-nrnt. 
CltampetrCr &h:Ur-lK?y-lf. a^ rural, 
Cliampijfnon, ^liA'j-|iltl-;ywr, j«. rfiitsAr«nH ; thief in a 
Diampiuni, sJta^(-i>y o,hf , r;j. A-hamp^n, [candle. 

^Chance, iYi^t%/. iltftuce : Aaxani ■ uKress. 
CJiftncelant, e, aliaiw-ildjj, — i, a. iftfifriag : wavering; 
OmnceLef, ^a^r-^liiT, v^ n, Aa U?tifr. n^kvcr. [unsteaay. 

Onacdl^rf, sha/jj4yair,>^ dtAHi'H*^>r ^ ivife : fo<a-bag, 
ChincelieineutH sliiUi-^H-maJi^ m- sfft'^^^ring. 
Cbaiiceljcrlc, !ih9/|n5ctl-r<!,/: fharutry. 
Chiinceux, si*:^ shnux-suh, —X, tt. iufky. 
triiaucm ^lian liccrp T^ n. Aj i^r^w tHifsildy. 
Cttaticrc, %hMif.\i.r, m. ramr^r ,- t'tttiff-. 
Chaucrcu^K se, bCMJ^-krEfhn -^'u-^roits. 
Ch^ndctenLr, sluK-dlur,^ r^tldlettbtJi. 
Chandflis:; «Jia^j -^Ett'y.lln J't^ la^tdliStitrJ: ; cltandler. 
Chaivdetlc, shu^Hletli/: lattdlr. [horse. 

CiiB.T\(tK^in, &hnti-Tt:dn, fft. iff ad-fi iter: forehead of a 
CijaTtfic, &ti:::^hji m. exdutti^i^ t-hanj^i : aj^ent de — , 

Chan^anfi e, ^iAn-t\\AH, — t, a. changtcAle : fickle. 
ChAn^emont, ^uufl^J-miu/^ fn. cfian^e; alteration; 

ChailK^r, slii^/lljai, i-. a. rt u^ to c/iange ; alter; se — , 
V. r. to^be clianged ; shift. 

Chafr;- - ...■.■• ::■..;. •.■.■;Sfi^ytJia}ij;;er. 
Chasj- ■ .,'ii. 

ChaULJL. — ^..-. .a:.^.: .•-..^■.-.^ .-..f. lattOti'tvS. 

ChiiiMjri, ^ELjL/j-^?j,y; s&is^ ,' idle ^t&ry / —s \ nonsense / 

ChilllSiOiuier,^ &ha^in$o.nAl^ V, jj, /^ tauiphott. 

Chan&Dniienc; sti^i-SQ-riett./ tittli MHP. 

Chan^unnicr, shAii^^a-n^^X,/. bailaduiakir. 

Chant, shajii jjj. slttgiu^ .- sttttg/ air ,' — tlu coq. cock- 

Chantantn c, shaH-taJi, —I, ^T, iuna&lt. [crowing. 

CtkantoAU, 5Eia«-toh, *'Ji. fia'^f/JV', /JrJVt'A ^ifvad. 

ChantL>pEe ure; slliUI t-plUr.yT/if jj /jT/, 

Chanter,. shaJ^MflS, tt. (j, tesin^ ■ .-wmt. 

Chanterelle, faliajr-trtll,/: irrhle^tyinir: decay-bird. 

ChantCHf, bhil/i'tur. m. — cU5e, — ulii,/ iiftiirr. 

ChautiffT, 4iJsaJt'tyitJ, ri/. ff>H*fr-j«urri' ; rf*^^ hh/; x/oc^j. 

Chaiitaim^T, slia/MD-nai, V, a. Af /itf"', 

CliantoLimc, ^^fMfMiiii^, m. head-piece {hedi, 

Chantomner, shaJ^trXlr-nai, -a. a. to i'/tt a pfojile. 

Chantr^h SihaJ'Ml-, *«. Si'isrer, chvrjifer, 

Chantreric, h'\\An<tnh-TS,f chattity, 

Chanvre, ihnf^v^, m. ^leatpy 

Chaos, kah-oh, m. eiuios. 

Chape» sJiau.y: ccpe : helm ,- £<^t. 

Cha}>eau, anap-«1tK jh. Ait/; Arwj^rf/ huHth af ^onoers. 

ChapdaLn, shap^Enhi^ ur, rhapl^tn, 

Chtpekif, shap-lau tv-a, ftg mf/s *rtMfrf, 

CJupf bet i^hap-lay. ni.^h&pht; fh^tifi-puatp. 

Ctepelit^r. ^hap-lvai, Wi, Atf/rtff. 

Chap&lle. !ihai>-el[!,y: e/uipfi. 

Cfuij^llcriLie. shap oll-ncHT: fUafilaimAlfi. 

CtuLpfcllrHc, sliap-ell-re,/ A(j/-HKi«Ji/it/j:J^j'. 

CfiaptLurc, ^liap.J^r, y; twJpi!igi,pL 

Chiip«roti, ijhaii-mift f«^ Aflnf / holtttr^'iip : shoulder- 

Aiiot .- survir de — , fo aecampatty. 
CliaptrunnerH shap-rcti^i t'. a. /a hi?odUfifil- \hawk). 
Chapicr, Jjh-ip-yflE, m. rmpe-^arcr, 
L'hapitt:aUt Bhnu-C-tdh, iti. capital, 

ChapitD!. sh.-l]^-it4r, ?n. chapier; cAapter-hease ; matter. 
ChapEtrer^ shap-enmif -v. a. ttj f^piimami. 
Chapon, fihap-tuff w. c^part. 
Chapcmneati, sliap^Q^nDh, nt. young capsii.. 
Chaponiier, ^hapH>iiHi, i>. a. ts eapeitx. 
Ch&ptmilte'l*. fihap^-nyairy: si:ttt>-pan, 
CIlAilnft. *,liLKk:. pn i'ttely, it- fry. 

Charanqon, sITar-aM-so;/, m. weevil. 
Charbon, shar-bo;/, m coal, ember ; inildeio. 
Charbonnde, shar-bo-nai, short rib of beef, {carbonize. 
Charbonner, shar-bo-tiai, v. a. to char; se — , v, r. to 
Charbonneux, se, shar-bo-nuh, — z, ad. carbuncled. {hole. 
O^arbpnnier, shar-bon-yai, m. charcoal-burner ; coql- 

Charbonnlire, %hax-hoii-ya\x. f. coal-woman; coal-tit. 

Charbouiner. shar-boo/-ai, v. a. to mildew. 

Char cuter. shar-kQ-tai, v, a. to mangle. 

Cliarcuterie, shar-kfit-re.y: hog's flesh ; pork-butcher's 

Charcutier, shar-kOt-yai, ;«. pork-l/utclter. {trade. 

Chardon, shar-do;/. m. thistle. 

Chardonner, shar-donai, i'. a. to nap. 

Chardouneret, sliar-don-ray, «/. goliifinch. 

Charge, sharhj. f. load, burden, charge : cargo ; ex- 
pense ; office : tax, duty ; care ; accusation ; poultice : 
a la — - de, on, upon condition that. 

Charg'eaiit. e, shar-hja;/, — t. a. Jteavy. 

Chargement. sharhj-ina;/, m. lading : bill of lading. 

Charger, shar-hjai, v. a. to charge, load; burden : en- 
cuinber : overcluzrge ; se — , v. r. to take upon one's 
self; be answerable. 

Chargeur, shar-hjur, rn. loader; oivner. 

Chariot, shar-e-oh, m. waggon, cart. 

Charitable, shar-e-tah-bl. ct. — ment, ad. charitable. 

Charite, shar-e-tai.yC charity ; alms. 

Charivari, shar-e-var-e, m. loiv-belling : clattering. 

Charlatan, shar-lat-a^/. m. cluirlatan, mountebank. 

Cliarlataner, sliat-lat-an-ai, v. a. to gull. 

Charlataiierie. shar-lat-an-re, f. Cltarlatanisme, shar- 
lat-an-ism. m. quackery. 

Charmant. e, shar-ma;/, — t. a. charming : delightful. 

Chariiie, shanii. m. charm, spell ; yoke-elm. 

Charmer, shar-mai, v. a. to charm, beivitih; delight. 

Chanuille, shar-mi/, / hedge of yoke-elms. 

Charnel, le. shar-nell, a. —lenient, ad. carnal, sensual- 

Chamier, shar-ne-ai, m. charnel-house. 

Chanii^re, shar-ne-air,y: foint, hinge. 

Chamu, e, shar-nu, a. fleshy, plump. 

Chamure. shar-nflr./Iy/e'j'A. 

Charogne, shar-on-y^,/; carrion. 

Charpente, shar-pa//t. f. timber-work : frame ; stmc- 

Charpenter. shar-pa//-tai. v. a. to work timber, \ture. 

Charpenterie, shar-pa/i-tre, f. timber-work, carpentry. 

Charpentier, shar-pan-tyai, m. carpenter. 

Charpie, shar-pee.yC lint; rags, pi. 

Charpir. shar-peer, v. a. to tease wool. 

Charree. shar-ai,/ buck-ashes, pi. 

Charretee, shar-tai.y: cart-load. 

Charretier, shar-te-ai, tn. carman, carter. 

Charrette. sliar-ett, /; cart. 

Charri^e, shar-e-ahj, m. carriage. 

Charrier, shar-e-at, v. a. et n. to cart ; bear large pieces 
of ice; —, m. bucking-cloth. 

Charroi, shar-wa, m. carriage. 

Charron, shar-o;/, m. cartivright. 

Charronnage. shar-o-nahj. m. cartivright's work. 

Charroyer, shar-wa-yai, v. a. to cart, carry. 

Charrue, shar-ft,y: plough. {charter-party. 

Charte. shart, Chartre. shartr, f. charter; — partie, 

Chartreuse, shar-truz.^ charter-house. 

Chartreux, shar-truh. m. carthusian friar. 

Chartrier, shar-tre-ai. m. keeper of charters. 

Ch<is, shau, m. eye of a needle. 

Chdsse, shauss,yi shrine ; frame ; scale. 

Chasse, shciss, f. hunting ; chase ; — h courre, cours- 
ing: — au tir, shooting; — maree, in. fishn-art ; 
— inouche. 

Chasselas, shass-lau, m. chasselas. 

Chasser, shass-ai. v. a. et. n. to hunt ; chase : drive 
out; pursue ; take room ; — au fusil, to shoot ; — un 
clou, to drive in a nail. 

Chasseur, sha&s-ur. m. hunter, sportsman. 

Chasseuse. shass-uz.y: huntress. 

Chassie, shass-e.yC blearedness, rheum. 

Chassieux, se, shass-yuh, — z, a. blear-eyed. 

Chassis, sliau-see, ;//. sash ; frame. 

Chaste, shast, a. — inent. a. chaste, innocent. 

Chastete, shass-t//A-tai,/. chastity. 

Chasuble, shaz-fi-bl.y: chasuble. 

Chasublier, shass-fi-ble-ai, m. maker of chasubles. 

Chat, shall, m. cat ; — huant, screech-owl ; i bon — 
bon rat, tit for tat. 

ChAtaigne. shau-tain-y^.y: chestnut. [trees. 

Chataigneraie, shau-tain-yr-ray, / grove of chestnitt- 

Ch&taignier, shau-tain-y«-ai. m. chestnut-tree. 

ChiAtain. shau-tai//, a. chestnut-colour ; — clair, auburn. 

Chateau, shau-toh. m. castle; fort; — en Espagnc, 
castle in the air. [lady of a manor. 

Chdtelain. shau-tlai;i, m. lord of a manor : — e, f. 

Chatellenie, shau-tel-ne,y: castleward, castellany. 

Chitiable, shau-te-ah-bl, a. punishable. 

Ch&tier, shau-te-ai, x/. a. to chastise; scourge. ' 

Chati6re, shat-e-air.y: cat's hole ; cat-trap. 

Chfltiinent. shau-te-tna», m. chastiseinent. 

Chaton. shat-o;/, m. kitten ; catkin. 

Chatouillement, shat-oo/-iua«, m. ticklintr ; delight. 

Chatouiller, sbat-oo/-ai, "/^^''f^^P^'V^A 

CfilA [ 49 1 

Chatouilleux, se, shat-oo/-uh, — z. a ticklish : nice. 

Chatoyant, e, shat-wa-ya«, — t, a. shot-coloured. 

Chatoyer, shat-wa-yai, v. n. to sparkle. 

ChAtrer, shau-trai, v. a. to geld; castrate. 

Chitreur, shau-trur. in. gelder. 

Chatrure, shau-trflr.yC castration. 

Chatte, shatt.y: she-cat. 

Chattemite, sliatt-mit,/: demure hypocrite. 

Chaud. e, shoh. — d, a. et ad. — ement, ad. hot, warm, 

ardent : eager : — , m. heat. 
Chaudeau. shoh-doh, m. candle. 
Chaudiere. shoh-dyair.y: copper ; boiler. 

* Chaudron, shoh-dro«, m. kettle : caldron. 
Chaudronnee. shoh-dro-nai.y: kettU-full. 
Chaiidronnerie. shoh-dron-re.y: braziers ware. 
Chaudronnier, shoh-dro-nyai. m. brazier ; coppersmith. 
Chauffape. shoh-fahj, m.fiiel : Jireivood. 
Chauffe, ^o\\ii,/. furnace : — pied. m. foot-stove. 
Chauffer, shoh-fai, v. a. et n. to heat, warm : bream ; 

grow Tuarm : se — , v. r. to luartn one's se{f, 
Chaufferette. ^\o\i-tx&\.X,f. foot-stove. 
Chaufferie, shoh-free,/ chafery. 
Chauffeur, shoh-fur, m. stoker, fireman. 
Chauffoir, shoh-fwar, m. warniing-place : warm cloth. 
Chaufour, shoh-foor. m. lime-kiln. 
Chaufournier, shoh-foor-nyai, m. lime-burner. 
1 Chaula^e, shoh-lahj, m. liming (corn). 

* Chauler, shoh-lai, v a. to lime (corn). 
Chaumajje, shoh-mahj, m. cutting of the stubble. 
Chauine, shohm, m. stubble ; stubble-field. 
thaumer, shoh-niai, v. a. to cut stubble. 
Chaumiire, shoh-me-air,y: cottage. 
Chaumine, shoh-mui.y. small cottage. 
Chaussant. e, shoh-sa«, — t, a. easy to put on. 
Chausse, shohss, f. filter ; — pied, m. shoeing-horn ; 
Chauss^, e, shoh-sai, a. shod. [— s. pi. breeches, pi. 
Chauss^e. shoh-sai, y: causeway; bank; rez de — , 

\ ground-floor. 

Chausser, shoh-sai, v. a. to put on shoes or stockings ; 
make shoes : suit, fit ; se — , v. r. to put on one's 

Chaussetier, shoh-styai, m. hosier, [shoes or stockings. 
I Chaussette. shoh-sett,/: understocking. 

Chausson, shoh-so«, m. sock : pump. 

Chaussure. shoh-sfir,/: stockings, boots, shoes, pi. 

Chauve, shohv, a. bald. 

Chauve-souris, shohv-soo-re.yT bat. 

Chauvir, shoh-veer, v. n. to prick up. 

Chaux, shoh.y. litne ; — vive, quick-lime. 

Chavirer, shav-e-rai, v. n. to capsize. 

Chehec, shwA-bek. m. xebeck. 

Chef, sheff. m. head ; chief, leader : fag-end : — de 
famille, housekeeper : — d'oeuvre, tn. masterpiece; 
— lieu, fft. capital, chief town. 

se Chenier. shay-mai, v. r. to pine away. 

Chemin, shinai«, m. way, road ; path ; course ; 
means : gfrand — , hij^hway ; — de ler, railway ; 4 
mi — , halfivay ; — fatsant, by the way ; faire son — * ' 
to make one's fortune. 

Cheminee, shme-nai.yT chimney ; funnel. 

Cheminer, shme-nai. v. n. to walk, go on. 

Cliemise. shnieez,y: shirt, shift ; chemise. 

Chemisette, shme-zett,yi chemisette. 

Ch^naie. s\\Ay-na.y,f. grove of oaks. 

Chenal. shnal, m. channel ; mill-race; gutter. 

Chenapan, shnap-a;i, tn. vagabond. 

Cheiie, shain, m. oak. 

Cheneau, shai-noh, m. young oak. 

Cheneau, shain-oh, m. gutter. 

Chenet, shwA-nay, m. andiron, 

Cheneviire, shen-vyair.yT hemp-field. 

Chinevis, shen-ve, in. hemp-seed. 

Ch^nevotte, shen-vott,y: bullen. 

Chenil, sh«A-ne, m. dog-kennel. 

Chenille, shuh-nil.f. caterpillar. 

Chenu. e, shwA-nfl, a. hoary ; grey-headed. 

Cher, ^re, shair, a. — irement, ad. dear, valuable ; 
costly : vendre — , to sell dear. 

Chercher, shair-shai, v. a.vt n. to seek, look for, search ; 
try, attempt : aller — , to go and fetch, go for ; en- 
voyer — , to send for. 

Chercheur. shair shur, m. seeker, searcher. 

Chire, shair, yi cheer, enter tain tnent. 

Ch^rir, shai-reer. v. a. to cherish, love. 

Ch^rissable, shai-re-sah-bl, a, amiable. 

Cherti, shair-tai.yC deamess, dearth. 

Ch^rubin, shai-rQ-bai;^, m. cherub. 

Chervis, shair-ve, m.. skirret. [/ul. 

Ch^tif, ive, shai-tiff, — iv, a. —vcment, ad. mean,piti- 

Cheval, sh«A-val {pi. chevaux), horse; — de tAt, pack- 
horse ; — de bataille, 7var-horse, charger; — de 
course, race-horse; — deselle. saddle-horse; aller & 
— -, monter ^ — , to ride on horseback. 


Chevalement, shKA-val-man, m. prop. 

Chevaler, shMA-val-ai, v. a. to scrape hides. 

Chevaleresque, sh«A-val-resk, a. chivalrous. 

Chevalcrie, sh«A-val-re,y; knight/tood. 

Chevalet, sh»/A-val-ay, m. wooden horse ; bridge {in- 
strument); sawing-trestle ; buttress. 

Chevalier, sh«A-vaI-yai, m. knight ; — d'industrie, 

Che valine, sh«A-val-in, a. f. 'horse, mare. [sharper. 

Chevaucher, shw/r-voh-shai, v. a. to ride. 

Chevau-l^eer, sh»A-voh-lai-hjai, m. light-horseman; 
— s, ^l. light-horse. 

Chevelu, e, shKA-vlfl, a. long-haired. 

Chevelure, shuh-vldT.f head of hair. 

Chevet, sh«A-vay, m.pilloiv; bed side. 

Cheveu, sh;/A-vuh, m. hair. [ankle-bone. 

Cheville, sh«A-vi/, f. peg, bolt; botch; — du pied, 

Cheriller, sh«A-vil-ai, v. a. to peg, pin ; bolt. 

Chevillette, %}\uh-\\l-^\,f. peg. 

Chivre, shey-vr,^ site-goat ; crab; — feiiille, tn. hotiey- 
suckle : — pied, a. goat-footed. 

Chevreau, sh/rA-rroh, m. kid. \pot; little attdiron. 

Chevrette, shwA-vrett, f. doe, roe ; shrimp ; syrup- 

Chevreuil, shKA-vruh/, m. roebuck. 

Chevrier, shwA-vre-ai. m. goathetd. 

Chevrillard, sh«A-vri/-ar, m.fawn of a roe. 

Chevron, sh«A-vro;/, tn. rafter; chevron. 

Chevroteinent, shKA-vrot-raa«. m. quivering. 

Cherroter, sh«A-vrot-ai, v. tt. to kid : fret ; quiver. 

Chevrotin, sh«A-vrot-ai«, m. kids skin. 

Chevrotine, shKA.vrot-in,y: deer-shot. 

Chez, shai, /r. cU, to, or in one's house; among; 
— nous, ift our family ; at hottu. 

Chtasse, she-ass, yC satm, dross. 

Chic, shik, m. trick. 

Chicane, she-kan,y: chicanery : cavil. 

Chicaner, she-kan-ai, v. a. to chicane ; cavU. 

Chicanerie, she-kan-re, see Chicane. [chicaner. 

Chicaneur, she-kan-ur, m. Chicaneuse, she-kan-uhz, f, 

Chicanier, 6re, she-kan-yai, — r, a. wrangling ; — , rru 
wrangler, cavalier. 

Chiche, shish, a. — raent, ad. stitigy, shabby. 

Chicor^e, she-ko-rai,y^ sttccory, endive. 

Chicot, she-koh, m. stump. 

Chicoter, she-ko-tai, v. n. to wrangle. 

Chien, shyain, m. dog; cock of a gun; — d'arrSt, 
pointer ; — couchant, setter. 

Chiendent, shyai«-da«. m. dog's grass. 

Chienne, shyenn,y: bitch. 

Ch- ■■■■1. r, -.ilvf iill-.Li. 7 '■■ " 7l7j:-'^. 

Ch I :i L' , ^.1 1 1 1 r, f. f::i';> r r>'ii_ */'. 

Chisfurt, §Ui^faii,tH,'rag.- bmd jhHt of paper. 

ChirTcinncfK slTe-fo-imi, ^, a^ t^^ rttrnple, tumJbU. 

ChiffonQier, slle-rc^-T^yai^ *«, ntj^-puker; — 6re, —r, ft 

Chi rff e; shifr , in. ,/f^^w r^ ; tt'phtr. [chest ofdt^awers. 

Chi^Tncr, iihi>.frd, t'-. a. tp tf-riie iti ciphers ; number ; 

ChUTrelir, sht-fmr, 7n. utf^untanf. [compute, 

Chis^noti, iKithytiw, m. wapc ; rhi£iiJH. 

ChM]]irie, iille-llinyr, /; idle fancy. 

ChLLLie*ri(iue, i^ltf-niit-rik, n.fanc^iil, 

Ch'iiili:, fihc-mi:, / che?nit/ry. 

Ch' ■ "■ '":, a chemicnL 

Ch . '.'J. chfm ist. 

Ch u,,ftrt^, 

Chifvici, 9iic-|wi-ai, V. n. to piddle; trifle. 

Chipotier, she-po-tyai, m. piddler, trifler. 

Chique, shik,X marble-ball ; quid of tobacco. 

Chiquenaude, shik-nohd,yCyf/A>. 

Chiquer, she-kai, v. n. to chew tobacco. 

Chlquet, she-kay, wr. bii; -~K —,by drihhts. 

ChlraiJTc, kfSniH-ffr, / rftiryiwrrd. 

ChiroxTuphairc, Ver-ro-irtef-iilT, a. in virtue Qfa niSte of 

Chiniri^cal, ^^rrur-hj^ki] I, d. sutyieaL \haiid, 

Chirur^ic; she-rflrr'hjc,^ SH/^try, 

Chimripcim she'H^r-njc-B.i» , in. snr^pn, 

Chinirginue, she^rflr^itilct 4^ ckirut^kal. 

ChLorq^ klor, tn, cft^nut. 

Chli-Jixifonne, klo-ro-fonn, m. rhleri^^rm, 

Chirittvsei if:\6-r<ihz,f. t-Aioi-fUj-ir. 

Chi^i;, abocJc, w. t^eek^ afta^ky cla-thittg. 

Chi>i:t>Jat, itiD-kolah, *tt. chA'&lafe. 

Chi^colEitier, ^ho-kO'laE^yaJ, fn. chifcalate'^ni^ker nr 

C\iK»ii>]a\\iiVi, sho-k«^]lnt-y3]r,>r cHotslate-p^, [4eiitit% 

ChivMi, kuhr, Tft. chcfir ; eAor/tSy 

•Ctioirngliwajr, tf. tt. ft? fNMbfe./iill. 

Chobk, shfrii-MierH tf. a. f\jcha&se; silecf* 

CIioEkh J^hwa, m. choice: apfien. 

Ch<^li:rlnuc, kQ-lainrik, d. eftfiech^lef^.'biliaUr, 
Ch'inable, sho-mEh^bl, a. kept as a hadday.. 
Ch''i]]]aK*^i sho-mahj, tn, rtspiie ; nest. 
Ch&nner, s^ioh-Tllal, l\ a. ft h, tit keep ^r^ttoHday^ 
ChopJiic, sho-pisi. / ^^y:^^tzed by *" 


t 30 1 


Chopiner. sho-pe-nai, v. n. to tipple, sip. 

Chopinette. sho-pc-nett. see Chopuie. 

Chopper, sho-pau v. n. to stumble. 

Choquer, sho-kai, v. a. <t n. to clash: shock ; offitnd : 

touchy jiftgU glasses ; se — , v. r. to take offence ; 

strike one another. 
Chor^graphie, kor-ai-exaf-e,/^ chortgraphy. 
Choriste, Ico-rist, m. atorister. 
Choroj^aphie, ko-r<>«raf-c,yC chorography. 
Chonts, kor-fis, tn. chorus ; faire — , to sing together. 
Chose. shohz,y^ thing, tnatter. 
Chou, shoo, m. cabbage; — cabus. headed cabbage. 
Choucas, shoo-kau, m. jackdaw. 
Choucroute, shoo-kroot./I pickled ccMtage. 
Chouette, shoo-ett,^ screech-owl. 
Chou-fleur, shoo-flur, m. catdifiotoer. 
Chouquet, shoo-kay. m. block. 
Choyer, shwa-yai, v. a. to fondle, pamper. 
Chreme, kreym, m. chrism. 

Chretien, ne, krai-t3rai«. — ain, a. — nement. ad. chris- 
Chr^tient^, kFai-tyai»-tai,yi Christendom. Itian. 

Christ, krist, m. Christ. 
Christianisme, krist-yan-ism, m. Christianity. 
Chromatique, kroh-ina-tik, a. chromatic. 
Chrome, krohm, nt. chromium. 
Chrontque, kron-ik, a. chronical; — ,/. chronicle. 
Chroniaueur. kro-ne-kur, m. chronicler. 
Chronoiogfie, kro-no-lohje,y^ chronology. 
Chronol(^que, kro-Tio-Io-hjik, a. chronological. 
Chronologiste. kro-no-lo-hjist, Chronologue, kro-no-log, 

w. chronolager. 
Chronomfetre, itro-no-mai-tr, tn. chronometer. 
Chrysalide, kre-zal-id,yC chrysalis. 
Chu, shfi, see Choir. 

Chuchotement, shd-shot-maM, tn. whispering. 
Chuchoter, shQ-shot-ad, v. n. to whisper, 
Chuchoterie, shfl-shot-re,y: whispering. 
Chuchoteur, shQ-shot-ur, m. whisperer. 
Chut ! shftt, ittt. hush I peace I 

Chatc, ^^X., f. fall ; falltng ; failure ; ruin ; — du jour, 
Chyle, shai, m. chyle. [close of the dqy. 

Ci, se, ad. here; par-ci, par-IJk, here and there ; now and 

then; ci-apris, hereafter; ci-dessous, here-uuder; 

ci>dessus, aforesaid: ci-devant, heretofore. 
Cible, sibl,y: black point; tnark^ aim. 
Ciboire, sib-war, m. pix. 
Ciboule, se-bool,y: scallion. 
Ciboulette, se-bool-ctt,/ chives. 
Cicatrice, se-kat-riss,y: scar. 

Cicatriser, se-kat-re-zai, v, a. to cicatrize, scar: se— , 
Cidre, sidr. m. cider. [v. r. to heal, skin over, 

Ciel. syeli (//. cieux), m. sky ; heaven ; (pi. dels) top 

{of a bed): sky {in painting). 
Cieree, syairhj, m. wax-taper. 
Cigale, st-f[3\,f. grasshopper. 
Cigare, se-gar, m. cigar. 
Cigogne, se-gon-ytf,y: stork. 
Cif^ie, se-gft,yC water-honlock. 
Cil. sill, m. eyelash. 
Cilice, se-liss, tn. hair-cloth. 
Cillement, si/-ma/f, nt. twinkling. 
Ciller, si/-ai, v. a. et n. to twinkle, wink. 
Cime, seem, f. peak, summit. 
Ciment, se-raajt, m. cement. 
Cimenter, se-ma/i-tai, v. a. to cement; bind. 
Cimeterre, sim-tair, tn. scimitar. 
Cimetiire, sim-tyatr, m. churchyard. 
Cimicr, se-me-ai, m. buttock ; crest. 
CimoUe, se-mo-lec, f. pipeclay. 
Cinabre, se-nah-br, m. cinttabar. 
Cin^raire, se-nai-rair, a. citierary. 
Ctntf ration, se-nai-rah-syon.y? cineration. [hours. 

rt. [a fair 

Cinq, sat»k, a. five ; fifth. \JU& years old. 

i Cinquantaine, sai«-ka>«-taih,/:y^?y ; avoir la — , to be 
Cinquante, sai«-ka«t, a. fifty ; fiftieth 
Cinquanti^tne, sain-kaM-tyem, a. fiftieth. 
Cinqui&me, sain-kyem, a. —meat, ad. fifth ; — , tn. fifth 

class ; fi^h part. 
Cintre, sai«-tr, in. arch ; centre. 
Cintrer, sai//-trai, v. a. to arch. 
Cipaye, sip-av, m. sepoy. 
Cirage, se-ranj, nt. loaxing; blq/cking. 
Circoinpolaire, seer-kon-po-lair, a. circumpolar, 
Circoncire, secr-ko«-seer, v. a, to circumcise. 
Circoncis, seer-kon-se, tn. one that in ciratmcised. 
Circoncision, seer-ko»-se-syo»,y: circutncision. 
Circonf^rence. seer-ko»-fai-rans,yC circumference, cit^ 
Circonfleze. scer-ko«-flex, a. circumflex. [cuit. 

Circonlocution, secr-kow-lo-ka-syo;/, f. circumlocution. 

Circonscription. seer-kON-skrip-syo«, f. circumscrip- 
tion: limitation. [limit. 

•Circonscrire, seer-kow-skreer, v. ei. to circumscribe: 

Circonspect, seer-koM-spekt, a. circumspect; txtutious. 

Circonspectiott, seer-kow-spek-syoH, f. circumspection, 

Circonstance, seer-ko»>stans,/I circumstance, [larixe. 

Circonstancier, seer-kow-staM-syai, v. a. to particu- 

Circonvallation, seer-kOM-val-lah-syo«, f. circumvalla- 

*Circonventr, seer-ko»'Vneer, v. a, to circumvent ; de- 

Circonvention, seer-kon-va»-syon,yC deceit. [ceive. 

Circonvoisin, e, seer-ko«-vwa-zai«, a. neighbouring. 

Circonvolution. seer-ko«-vo-lfl-syo«,yi circumvolntion. 

Circuit, scer-kwe, m. circuit, compass. 

Circulaire, seer-kAI-air, a. — ment. cut. circular. 

Circulant, e, seer-kOl-a^i, — t, circulating. 

Circulation, seer-kQl-ah-syoM,y: circttlatiott ; currency. 

Circulatoire. seer-kdl-at-war, a. circulatory. 

Circuler, seer-kO-lai, v. ti. to circulate; be atrrent. 

Cire, seer,^ wax; tapers, pi. ; seal; cerumen. 

Cirer, se-rai, v. a. to wax; black {boots); totle ciree. 

Cirier, s«-ryai, m. wax-chandler. [cerecloth. 

Ciron, se-ron. tn. flesh-worm ; little blister. 

Cirque, seerk, tn. circus. 

Cirre, Cirrhe. sear, m. tettdril. 

Cirure, see-rfir,^ prepared ittax. 

Cisailler, se-xa/-ai, v. a. to clip. 

Cisailles, x-zaJ,f. shears ; clippingt,pl. 

Ciseau. se-zoh. m. chisel; xasc&nx, pf. scissors. 

Ciseler, seez-lai, v. a. to carve, chase; chisel. 

Ciselet, seez-Iay, m. graver. 

Ciseleur, seez-lur, tn. chaser. 

Ciseltnre, seez-lQr, m. chasing, carving. 

Ciste, sist, tn, cistus, 

Citadelle, se-tad-el,y: citadel, fortress. 

Citadin, se-tad-ain, tn. citizen. 

Ctuteur, se-tat-ur, m. quoter. 

Citation. se-tah-syo»,/ citation, quotation; sumtHons, 

Citatoire, se-tah-twar, a. summoning. 

Citi, se-tai,/ city; citizens, pi. 

Citer, se-tai, v. a. to cite ; sutnmott. 

Cit^neur, e, se-tai-ryur, a, citerior, hither, 

Citeme, se-tairn,y: cistern, 

Citoyen, se-twa-yal;/, tn. — ^ne, — yenn,y^ citizen, 

Citnn, e, se-trai^z, — rin, a. lemon<olourtd. 

Citron, se-troM, tn. lemon. 

Citronn^, e, se-tro-nai, a, that has the taste ofletnott. 

CitronneUe, ce-tro-nel,y: balm-mint. 

Citronnier, se-tro-nyal, m. lemon-tree. 

CitrouUle, st-ttool,f. pumpkitt. 

Civadiire, se-vad-yair.yC spriisail. 

Cive, siv.yC chives, pi. 

Civet, se-vay, m. Jugged hare. 

Civette, se-vett./ chives, pi. ; civet-cat. 

Civiire, se-vyair./C hand-barrow. 

Civil, e, se-vill, a. —ment, ad. civil; polite. 

Civilisation, se-ve-le-zah-syo»,y: civilization. 

Civiliser, se-ve-le-zat, v. a. to civilize. 

Civiliti, se-ve-le-tai,/ civility, politeness ; —%,pl. covu 

Civique, se-vik, a. civic. \jlimeKts, pi, 

Ctvisme. se-vism, m. crtfism ; patriotism, 

Clabaud. klab-oh, tn. noisy fellow. 

Clabaudage, klab-oh-dahj, m. barking; bawling, 

Clabauder, klab-oh-dai", v. n. to bark, bawl, 

Clabauderie, klab-oh-dre,yC clamour, bawling. 

Clabaudeur, klabK>h-dur. m. bowler. 

Claie, klay,y: hurdU, 

Clair, e, Iclair, a. clear, bright; light; thin; cleati ; 
persptcuous; — et net, plain ; il fait — , U is day. 
^il^^: — . or — cment, aef. clearly, plainly ;fratikly / 
— obscur, a. clare-obscure ; — sem^, thinly sown ; 
scarce; —,m. light; shine; tirer au — , to clear up. 

Clairet, te, klair-ay, — ctt, a. claret. 

Claire- voie, klair-vwa,/: opening; break; k — , in open 
work ; semer a — , to sow thiti. 

ClairiAre, klair-yair,/: glade; lawn. 

Clairon, klair-OM, m. clarion. [sagacity 

Clairvoyance, klair-vwa-ya^w, f. clear-sightedness; 

C^nroyant, e. klair-vwa-yaw, — t, a, clear-sighted, 

Clameur, kUm-ur.y: clamour, outcry, [Judtcious. 

Clan, kUuf, m. clan, tribe. [clandestine, 

Clandestin, e, kla»-dess-tai;/, —in, a. — ement, a<i. 

Clandestimt^, klan-dess-te-ne-tai,/: clandestinettess, 

Clapet, klap^y, m. valve, sticker.. 

Clapier. Uap-yai, in. cotuy-bttrrvw. 

se Clapir, klap-eer, v. r. to squeak, squat, 

CJapotajfe, klap-o-tahj, ;«. rippling. 

Clapoter, klap^tai, v. n. to ripple, plash., klap-o-tuh, -z, a, sTveUiug, 

Clapotis, klap-o-te, tn. rippling. ling-hat. 

Claque, klak./: smack ; -s, A clogs, pi. / -,^wL y&S^ 

OLA tsO 

Claquement, klak-ma», m. clapping: s»uxckiHg. , 
Claquemurer, klak-md-rai, v. a: to coop up. 
Claquer, v. a. et n. to clap, flap, snap, crack; chatter; 
Claquet, klak-ay, nt. mill-clapper. [ '"<»/• 

Claqueur, klak-ur, nt. clapper. 
Clarification. kla-re-fe-kah-syo;x,/ clarification. 
Clarifier, kla-re-fyai, v. a. to clarify, purify ; se — , v. r. 
Clarine. kla-rin. / little Ml. [to clear, clarify. 

Clarinette, klar-e-nett.y: clarinet. 
Clartd, klar-tai.y: clearness. 

Classe, klauss.y: class ; order, rank ; set ;form ; school- 
Classement, klauss-ma^i, in. classing. {room. 

Classer. klau-sai, v. a. to class, arrange. 
Classification, klass-e-fe-kah-syo;/,y: classification. 
Classique, klass-ik, a. classic. 
Claude, klohd, a. dollish; — , m. simpleton, clod. 
Claudication, kloh-de-kah-syo«, f. lameness. 
Clause, klohz, f. clause. 
Claustral, e, kloh-stral, a. claiistral. 
Claveau, klav-oh, m. rot ; arch-stone. 
Clavecin, klav-sat», m. harpsicltord. 
Ctavtl^, e, lc3ilv4iU» a, r^itteN, 
CLivcWe, kl£iv-)al / rai, scab. 
Ciavcttc, ktav^tt f. key^ pe^, 
Cla^ncule^ klaV-e-ltiJl y coltar-haue. 
Clavjifr, tlav-yS], m. kty<hain; itey^^ird, 
Ctayoin, kJay-yo^f, m. smsil^iatile, 
Clayoiinaccn felay-yO]Vaf|]> »«, -wattU^feuct, 
Cle, Clef, >Jai^ / key ; screw iff a press ; fertJiCr A—, to 
Cl^niAiite. klai-toai-it, f. a^m^fitis. [l^ck up. 

Cl^trience, k\sLim^ft^, f. c/ttmmy. 
Cleintnt, ^r klaipinau, — E. a. (lemenf. tnerafiti. 
C\crC, klaiFt *w. i:lerA ; cler/^yiftaH ; Sf^iti^r : p:is de— , 
Clenr^ Iclair-hjai, tn. clergy :cki(n'hmfn, pL {founder. 
Ci^iTcM, e. ItM-re-kal, a. — tmtnt, ad. ifirimi .- dergy- 
Cl^ricature; kJai-TB-ka^liir, / derkship. [fNMnltke. 

Clichajfc, kl&^hal^j, ih, sfirroiypiMg. 
Clichtf, kle-ihJli, IW, stereotype plate. 
Clfchcf, fcl*-ahaL T*. *» to sterentyfie. 
Cliclieiir, kl«-shur, m. stereotyper. 
CH«nfh c, kle-yajf, — i, j, clierit. 

Cjiisnttic, klfr-ajji'te]:, 7: cUtntship ; practiix, littitts, pi. 
Clitrn«'"="^' kUll-y<f-ma*^ ttt. -miniitij^. 
C^i!T'ie-'T^"^s^^^' klin-y*-1IlQ-?eH. f hiiie and seek. 
CtiKiieiT, fclin-yAi, 1/. a. [JesyeuKj^ff wi>j^. hi/mkle. 
CiiffnOtenienl, kliti-yot-rrta^f, m. minting, t^vinkiiug. 
Clij.'nOter, ktin-yot-ai, i'. H. tH -wiii^^ tviinkie. 
Ciimat, kle-niaiip tn. cliffuttt, dime. 
Climat^riquet klc-mat^l-rik, a. dimacieriiC, 
Clin d'oelT, kl^jn-duti/f ift. eteinAling{fff izft. eye\,' en un 
Clin eh 1?, klai«sh, f la^h. !"► "' « 'rice. 

ClTnique. kle-nik» a. cliiiita/. k 

Clinquant. k\s.m-V^», ?«, tinsel, 
^liiiac, klik, f. gti fig. pf^rty. 
Ciiquefer. klik tai, v, a, to clack, clang. 
CliqliCtis, klsk-le, wir dashing, dang. 
Ciiqu*;tte. kle-keir, /; snafpers, dappers, pi, 
Clisfjc, k lias, f. wHker mat.- splin.^ 
CTisscT, klc-sai. v. a. t& splint. 
diver, kle-vai^ V. A. t0 ilMve. 
Clfjiique, klo-ak. 7H. j^itft, o^mmffti -fertier, 
Cl»ielic. klosh. / bell; blister; c&ver; dtving-ifell. 
CloChcinenrK kbQs]i-ifiair» 1ft. hffbbli$tg. 
^ Clochtpied, klo^h^pyai, itd. Mpping. 
ClQcllcr. klo sh^iL tn. steepie : parish ! ch.isse au — , 
coii rsc au — , sieefileckase ; — ^ ^. w. ^tf /r>«j* .' hobble. 
ClcrchclEc^ kli>5lietE. y; AandJfell; heU-fimvtr. 
CloiH&Ht klo-aii-iow,y:/a^f/iwM. 
CloisonnaK'ft, klo-ah-jo-nalyt >M>^r«^i™-ajtfrt*. 
Cloi^onncr, klo-ah-^a-nal, t^. a- is partition. 
CloJtre, klo-ah-tr. ?rf. doister, convent. 
Cloitrcr, kld^Ei-tTai. v. n, tadoister; immure. 
CloitHtnr, klo^ture-aL, m. clanstrai tncnk. 
ClopJnHdopant, kk^fMi[^^kk»^^, ad. kobMingy limp- 
Clopincr.^ klo^p^iHiLadH -v. u. t& h^^le along, {ingly. 

Cloportc. Mlo-port. m. iModt^ouse. 
*Clore, kTorr, v, a. tsdose; endase ; end, finish. 
Clos* e, kJoti, — Zf a, fA-jiw/. shut; Ijouche c3osc» AkjA / 
tfiitm J^r /hat .- H huis— . «rlVyV f/<>^i^ deors .- — , ?«. 
Clostau, klD-zob^ »M, siftalldose. {dose : enclosure. 

C'lO^iClfleTlt, klOSS-ITUWfr J"* f/jB:ir;>tf . 

Closscr, kloSi-ai, v. tt, to duck {hett\. 

Cloture klo-iOf. yr/tfrtf* : endesHre; d&sfitg, 

Clotiircr. kloli-tQ-r.iUi'. a. to fence; d^se. 

Clou, Moo, m. uitil ; ^ii; — dcBiraflc, d\K'e. 

Clouaire. kloo-ahj, w. nailing. 

Clouer, kloo-ai, v. a. to nail, tack ; confine. 

Cloutcr, kloo-tai, v. a. to stud. 

Clouteric, kloot-re, f. nail-trade ; nail-forge. 

Clouticr, kloo^ai, m. nailer. 

Cloy&re, klo-ysur, f. oyster-basket. 

giub, klAb, tn. club. 


Clubiste. klQb-ist, tn. clubbist. 

Cljaokn kleswar, 1ft. dysrer^pipe. 

Cly^tire, kEi&-[Liir> m, elysttr, 

Co.i::cirt^. t. kCKik-(y-£ai. s^fi^llsm-prissner. 

Coiiccif^ vcp ko-ak-tiJf, —\v, a. costive, c^rdve, 

CakctLon, kc^k-syu^, /. eom:ti9n, nWJTHWf. 

Co iiijuieur. ko-iul-hjatur. m. iMidjift^r. 

Co.iiljulortriie, ko-iad-h| Q-l or-re, jC rtWiifVcA) wAij^* 

Co.iLSjiitricc. kd-ad-hja-trias,/: i'^adJHirix. 

Co.i^l.itiDii, ko-aff-fl-tall-syo^t,/: ^Oaguiatw^n. 

Co.L|^a.ikr» ko-as-filait -v. a. t& c&agHlate ; se — , », r. A» 

se Ci>ii,Liser, Icn-al^^Eai. tf. *-. ta roaleax. {cnrdle. 

Qo.\\ki\ti\\, ko-al-e-syoH, / rM/jftoH. 

Co n^^ement. ko-ass-niajA^ wt crvaking. 

Co li^icr, ko-asis-ai, i*, «, ifu j:«ict^. 

Col.dt, ko-ball. »f. w&fl*. 

Col.autiifeois. ko-boor4ijwa. m, cff-partneK 

Cocajfnc, ke-kaJl-y*,/ paysdc — t country of plenty. 

CocarJi:, kokard,/^ eofkade. 

Cochc^ koih. m. carttPfUH ; — d cau, barge ;—,/. notch ; 

Cochcnillc, kosh-niAj^ i:*'/j( i"«rttJl [x(7W. 

CoehenlLLiir^ kcssh-niZ-ai, V. a. iQ dyt wi^h itehinuah 

CochijT, kosh-ai, m, cmchtnan, drittr; — ^ V. ii. t&iread. 

Cochcrc, kosh-air, a. pdrte —, axuh-gviit, carriage- 

Cochct, knih-cy^ itt. cxkreL {fnirance. 

Coi IhjviSk ko&h-vc, m. tufted lark. UockitW-pi^. 

CoihftTL, 'k^.shoH, m. hog, pig; ftfW itHdrtf^; — de lait, 

Co; SiiTiHuveCj kn^sho^nai. v. a. et n. f^fArrilw ; bHHgle. 

Cotlirtirneriet ka^shon-ic^f filth; rmstiHfss. 

Coto, kn-knh, m, tL-ocon-nta. 

Cocurt, ko-ko^*, M. ctid, cocoon. 

Cocodtf, ko-ko-tyaL ^"r cocoa-tree. 

Co :t Lull, kok-sydfl,/: eoriiffn ; di^eition. 

Co :i. ko-fcL\, m. oick^M. 

Co ■ .', kohd, m. ctfde. 

Co l.'hitcur^ kotiKlai-bc-tur. m.fellsnv-debtt?r. 

Co l.-tr:ntr:i]r, knh-dai'tanvtur. m. tthdetaiufr. 

Co-. I L. ill-. kn-tie-Stll. m.codifil. 

Co-.h:i.-, k.j.d!,r, f«, fiirf(7,r<f, 

Col.tuuMJrc, kob-clO'iiat-air, jr. cs^fitiee, 

Coc:(ncEei;tt, koh er-Ss^-ya^f , jm. Ci*-<^deHt 

CoeEiipcLon. ko-art-psyoM.>: fW-<JM//r*f»* 

Cocrcitif. ive, ko-air-^if^-tlf; —IV, i». fiiwfv/w^ 

Cocrcitian., kil-air-sifis-yOJt, JC cff^rciim. 

Cot^Efrnal^ [c, ko-ai-tair-nel. a. of-dernal 

Coeur, kiir, m. heart; c&ura^t; stifmach, mind; ceutre i 

middte; par^. by hiarf ; de bon — * heartily; ^ 

contre — 1 against tme's will. 
Co45:tl:Slrr. koh^cK^-£ls-tai, P. «. t^ co-exist. 
CoPlre, kof-fr, f«. Ched ; trnttk ; coffer, seat {coach); — 
ColTi-efH kaf-raJ. 1/. a. ftf imfirison. {foil, strong box. 
CofTfet. knf-raJn rH. h'ttlt chist 
CoiTretier, kof-fr-tyat, $m, trunAma^^r. 
Coi^Tt^iS&e, kon-y.-iiis^y!' wild quince. 
CojjiJilS^ier, kon-yasjs-yaL tfi. auin^e-tree. 
CojillEit', kogf-nahr trtr sindred{by ihefemoie sidi^ 
Cos:ini5e, koft-yai.j^ axe, ha^hit 
Cofjiiis-fctii^ kon-yf-fat-rCit »«► hu^yhody, 
CoijiicrH kun-yai, V, a, et Uy to drive in .- knock, 
Coliabitation^ ko ab-e-t3h-5y<?«. /: c&hetbUati^rt, 
Coliatntcr^ ko-Eib-e-tai. V. n. fe c&HalHt* 
Cohcirencc, ka-ai-ni>HjiC«N^<?>¥J*flf. 
Coherent;, c ko-aE-rart*— I, fl. coherent. 
Coheriti«r ko-ai-re-tyai, w*. i^^eir ; — tir<r, —n.\.r, f. co- 
Coholier* ko-ho-hal:. v. a. to iohftitte. [/leiress. 

Cohorie, kohort./ cehcrt. 
Cohye, kO'hii.y: rvtti, tmi^; faire —, t& r&nt. 
Coi. le. kw.i, — i, a. —incut, ad. still, 4tuiet. 
CoiiTe, kwaffV/^ Aaft/; lifiing {fffa hoi); husk. 
Coifitif, kwa-^4 "v. a. t& dreis the hair; cap a bottle; 

&c ^, V. K fo dress ojtr's head ; be fond iff. 
CoilTeur, kt^a-fur, in. hairdresser^ 
Coiffcuse. kwa-fiiz;/: miltiner, 

CoL^Lirc, kwa-filr.j^ head-dress, [iui'). 

CoL'i4 kwai^j. m. eortier; -wedge; stump .- dock {stock- 
Co- ivctdcni, e. fcoh-awf-se-da^i. -^, a. toinddettt. 
CoL:tff, kwai/ff m. ^tdncf. 

CoTntcrc5ii<5. koh-alM'tai-res^nl. m.pat-tmr, (tssociale. 
CcL, kol. nt. neck ; ^foci; difili. 
Cdo^ataira. kt^h-lai-Kat-alr, m. c^lfgatct. 
Colt re, koJair./t anger, passion, Wrath ; —, A ehsleric, 
Col^rlne, koJajr-cea,^ ck&leriite. {passionate. 

Col^tique, kp4ai-rik, a. chaltric, irasdble,^ 
CollbriK kn-lc-brc, m. cotibri. 
Colin-'- V ^r-l -->-lTiv. -. : — -.-■. *-.- >7-r''-. 

Cc- •■■..■ ■ . . ■■ .■ .,,/: 

Coii;;-UuiiiJuu, t~^ ij...ii. — i-~--, >"■. i-i;.* ^^-j — cr comme 

Colique, ko-lik,y: colic. . [de — , to care not a fig. 

CoUs, ko-le, tn. bale, package. 

Colisee, ko-Ie-zai, m.. coliseum. 

Collaborateur, kol-la-bo-rat-ur, in. fellow-labourer. 

Collaboration, kol-lab-or-ah-syo«,yC co-operation. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[32 ] 


Collaf^e, kohl-ahj, m. sisinz. Pasting: 

CoUant. e. ko-la^/, — t, a, tight. 

Collateral, e. kol-Iat-ai-ral. a. collateral. 

Collateur, kol-Iat-ur, tn. collator. 

Collatif. ive. kol-lat-if, — iv. a. collative. 

Collation. kol-lah-syo«,y: collation: lutuhfon. 

CoUationner, kol-lah-syo-nai, v. a. et n. to collate, com- 
pare : make a light repast. 

Colle. kol, f. paste, glue : sham ; — Ji bouche, lip-gltte ; 
— de poisson, isinglass. 

Con .;■■■■ I ■•'■-:. ■ ■ ■ yjjg ,< ca/ltrt^ 

Coll' . •iVirfor. 

Cuil-. — tvi a. — lemcnt, ad. collec- 

t^oli'i- ■ ■■ ■ • ■'■ 'liitlertiifv. [five. 

CulTii.'- !' ■ • . f I aiiitifTny. 

Ca\\.>:y . ■ . !- . i ■'. n. (sllfj^iiil, collegiate ; — c, 

/;rYV.,,'J.x:. ..^..'.v. 

Caller, kot ai, v. a. ft tt, tttpttjir. ^luf ," stici together ; 

ciiMti/y in'iw}.' Jit rln/vf,- 3ie — , v. r, to lie istic*) 
CrJlcrcttc, kc4-f ett, / fiici^n [close. 

Collet. Jcol-ay, i*t, collar / r<r/e: xttarr: — demouton, 

ntvk \!i/HtHtt&^t ; pn:nt1r< ilu — v A' cirtWar. 
Collttcr, kol-l^in ti. a. ft n. tetAtftar-; set snares; se — , 

(^ r, ft3 ccliartach i?thm ti^feitlr^ 
CtAlelin, Itol-tafH, /«. jerkin, 
Celleur^ kcil-ur, j*^ fiu^rhtinj^ri 

CaJlier, kol-viiL m. ngfir/kife ^- f^flar : coyp de —,/'resh 
CvWiKtat. knl-le-hjaU t. «, /j *»,^^-jP. L?i&r/ or aUempt. 
Cdllne, kc4'ln,j^ Ai/^, A^/Z^*, 

CcillDCDtJat%» kol-lo-icftyi-sygw, J. df s position : invest- 

CoJlciquc, ka1-]o1c, fa. esl^uif, \ment. 

CoUoqucr, ktiUlo-ka^ v. a. ftj follerafi ,- net in order, 

CatHuclcr, knUlVtlAl, '^^ k, Aj raltittft. 

CnllLiiutn, koU;ct.-?yo«.v: arfliut*>n. 

CnDuEiHrc. ko^lu-Kwari ». — ment, Orf. cotlttsory. 

CoVonilic, ko-lo«b, /: rfffiv, pi^euu. 

CotDmbrcr, IcO'loij-riyftf , ^«r pvCf&ft-Afitof, dove-cot. 

Ciil^mbiiLt^ ki>lo«-hmt j: pij^etiM-dffftj;. 

CtiTon* kn-I<Jjf, *«. ptati^r ; farmer. 

CySonel. k...-k.-nell. »". «■■ ■/.■■/ r-/. 

€uh-.:- . . '^.'/•,iny. 

ColOM^i:. w. *.v, .,J ill; u.. ^. .^.^v...**. 

Colonie, ko-lo-ne,yC colony, plantation. 

Colonisation, kolo-ne-zah-syo«, y. colonisation. 

Coloniser, ko-lo-ne-zai, v. a. to colonise. 

Colonnade, ko-lo-nad,/; colonnade. 

Colonne, ko-lon,yC column ; pillar; — de lit, bed-post. 

Colophane, ko-lo-fan./T colophony. 

Coloration, ko-lo-rah-syo«, yC colouration. 

Colorer, ko-lo-rai, v. a. to colour, tinge ; palliate ; se — , 

V. r. to colour. 
Colorier. ko-Io-ryai. v. a. to colour ; varnish. 
Colons, ko-Io-re. m. colouring: tint. 
Coloriste, ko-lo-rist, m. cotourist. 
Colossal, e, ko-los-sal, a. colossal, gigantic. 
Colosse, ko-loss. m. colossus. 
Colportage, kol-por-tahj, m. hawking, 
Colporter, kol-por-tai, v. a. to hcnvk about ; publish. 
Colporteur, kol-por-tMr, m. hawker ; pedler. 
Colza, kol-zah, m. colewort, rapeseed; huile de — . 
Combat, ko7«-bah, m. combat; fight. [coleseed-oil. 

Combattant, ko«-bat-a;/, m. comoatcfnt, cHafnpion. 
•Conibattre, kow-liat-tr, v. a. et n. to combat^Jtght, con- 

CtiLir natty. 

ilm\A • ■ _ • ■■ ■ >n. 

don]bini:r, kuTr-ljt:-lLiJ, '\ •i-. ^t' fiJ'nf't'i': 
Combic kDJt-L^ m. titp, r^/i summit; pour — , to 

cffmp/ete : — , a.fttiL 
ConibWTi kwr-Lliii, t'. f¥, t^ hmp Hp.^ll up ,- overload. 
C:nii|bti:ic, kiiJi-blerr,^ ih't. 
Cqmhri^rc. kod-bic-air, fy l^tj^e net. 
CamXtugcT. Ico^-bfl'tijaJ, i^ a, is soajt. [/Uel,Jlring. 
CQmbu^liLiJCt koix-lrHs-le-tjt fl. ^T^ttstiMe ; — , m. 
Ze\n\\m'i%\ff^, fco^t-bfls-tyoH, / c0mi>ffrriAfn ; confu- 

xi^H ; — spantan^e, xtff<ambinUm. 
Cnmt.Ui?, \<t'yKu\\A\:. ,f. <<tmtdy : /Ltyhout^. 

t.-URv. ■! ■ ■■,!.■ .:■:.. ..■■(. fOtHfiiuiItt piiiyCr. 

Ccnii'.-^-i .■■, r.. ■.■.-.-.... . ;j. mingle, 
Comite, ko-mett,y: comet. [comic author. 

Coni'que. ko-mik.a. — ment, ad. comic, comical; — , m. 
Comittf, ko-me-tai, m. committee ; meeting. 
Commandant. ko-ma«-da«, m. commander, [sickness. 
Commande. ko-ma/id,/ order; maladie de —, feigned 
CommandemeRt. ko-roa/zd-ma//, m. command, com- 
ntaiulment, order. [rule; bespeak. 

Commander, ko-ma;/-dai, v. a. et n. to command, order, 
Commanderie, ko-ma//-dre,/: commandery. 

C«nmnndeur, ko-raa;t-dur, tn. commattder. 
Conimanditaire. ko-ma/i-de-tair, m. sleeping partner. 
Commandite, ko-ma»-dit,y: sleeping partnership. 
Comme, kom, ad. et c. as, like ; almost; when; 

Commemoraison, kom-mai-mo-ray-zo//, Comm^mora- 

tion, kom-mai-mo-rah-syoM,yi commemoration. 
Commengant, e, ko-ma>/-sa^/. tn. beginner ; novice. 
Commencement, ko-mans-ma//, tn. beginning. 
Commencer, ko-ma;/-sai. v. a. et n. to commence, begin. 
Commendataire, ko-ma;t-dat-a<r, m. commtndator'y. 
Commende, ko-ma«d,y. commendam. 
Commensal, kom-ma/t-sal, m. messmate. [able. 

Commensurable, kom-ma«-sfl-rah-bl, a. commensur- 
Comment, ko-ma«, ad. ho7v ; -why. [ment. 

Commentaire, kom-ma/i-tair, tn. commentary, com- 
Commentateur, kom-ma/f-tat-ur, tn. commentator, com' 

Commenter. kom-nuuf-tai, v. a. to comment upon. 
Comrotfrage. ko-roai-rahj, m. gossiping. 
Conimer^ble, ko-mair-sah-hl, a. tiegotiable. 
CommerQant, e, ko-mair-sa;/, — t, a. commtrcicU, trad- 

ing: —, m. trader, merchant. 
Commerce, ko-mairss, m. commerce, trade ; corre- 
Commercer, ko-mair-s4i, v. tt. to trade. [spondetue. 
Commercial, e, ko-mair-syal, a. comtnercial. 
Commire. ko-mair,yT^«»w<»/A^r; gossip. 
Commettant. ko-met-an, ttt. constituent. 
•Comraettre, ko-met-tr, v. a. to commit, delegate ; ap- 

point ; intrust ; se — , v. r, to expose one's self. 
Comminatoire, kom-me-nat-war, a. comtninatory. 
Commis, ko-me, tn. clerk; — voyagcur, trrtzvlling 

clerk (see Commettre). [tion, pity. 

Commiseration, kom-me-zai-rah-syon, /". commisera- 
Commissaire, ko-nie-sair, tn. cotnmissary ; commis- 

Commissariat, ko-me-sar-e>ah, tn. cotnmissary ship. 
Commission, ko-me-syo;/, f. comtnission ; charge ; 

warrant : errand, tnessatre, committee. 
Comniissionnaire, ko«me-syo-nair, tn. cotnmissioner ; 

factor; porter. 
Commissionner, ko-roe-syo-nai, v. a. to commission. 
Commodat, kom-mo-dah, tn. gratuitous loan. 
Commode, ko-mod, a. — dment, ad. commodious ; con- 
venient; easy ; Jit ; — ,/. commode, chest of drawers. 
Commodity, ko-mo-de-tai,yi convenience, ease; — s, //. 

Conunotion, kom-moh-syo;/, f. commotion; shock, 
Commuable. kom-mO-ah-bl, a. comtnutable. [tumult. 
Commuer, kom-mO-ai, v. a. to commute. 
Commun, e, ko-mu». — mfln, a. — ^ment, adv. com- 

mon ; usual, ordinary: vulgar; — , tn. com- 

tnonalty ; generality ; offices, pL 
Communal, e, ko-mA-nal. a. belonging to a corporation. 
Communautd, ko-mQ-noh-tai, f. community ; corpora* 

tion. [ pi. House of Commons. 

Cf!inTiihnt, \i.^\iwix\rf. itihxhi'r. ./ ■' .r ■ ri>z,pl.; — s, 

Corii. iF^iit, kci^tiia-ny[i,r/, wr _ '^ ■.. ■ nt. 

Ci'i^iniiiltifjlhle, ko-niil-nr'kEih-bJ^ a. ci'miftmiicable. 
C( iiuEtJcaElir, Ivc, ko-nifj^uc-k^t^lit, -r^W, a. — vement 

■ r /, ftitnmUHiiat^ef. 
C(':"mi.\n\caikt\t, k.o-nyu.-Ttc-ii^h^ytm, f. c^tnntnttica- 
C<ii.imitii<T, ka-m£l-nyai, u. n. ffl rommHnicate. [tion, 
C<<-,ii]]m;i(on, \!Ltj-m&-nYotiyf fstftmnmon, 

,!iiLui.ic]ii[:rK kcMiiA ne-k-ii, %\ dr tt H. to totnmuni. 
impart,- se "1 V. r. ta he sxi&b(e, accessible to,. 
iiiiLi^ine, ko4i]'Tn(]-nt5m, *it ^^mmutfism. 
■Lfiisle, knnMinA-ini^^ m. ccmftTifnisty 
.Mijitlon, kom-mfl-tili-syii??,/ afrnmntatiott, 
■|'.i..itfi, ko?f-tiai^-tn.iy: cvmpaefttrr^^ 
.|.'.LL-lc, ka^-tUakt, a. catftpatt. 

■ ; HI kTilf, kart-pan.-ye,f, fimttie fivnp^rtdBa ; spousr, 
jjfl+jnie, kt]n-[kiLn-ye,/: cainpttny. [consort. 








C(M ^ ^ ^ 

C< ^ii^iajfinjii, kn«-:|^iui-yt;fi, m. twtn/atiufw, partner, 

/■ ■■ ■■' ' w / JnnmryiHan. 
C<.iii|i.Lh;iJ[snHiLi;c. knH-pAn-yio-nflliJi s. Jmtrneyman- 
C<- 1 1 1 1 Ml nil »1ct kii*f- fi:iz^ah..b1, a, tompn trtii/ft [ship. 

•C.ihi|j.LrakrcK Icnw^par-ny'tr. v, *(, to n/fpertr. [pearer. 
Cr<iri^^;i.r.-uit, kn^^p;:ir-a'iT a. appfari*ti£ ; — . ttt. ap- 
C('ii|i.iratir. Ive^ koPi-parinnt-if, ^tv, <*, — veinent. rtrf. 

C I 'arcr. kf5«-paj--4ll, ^^ a., t<f i-umparf, \c*tnparative^ 

•C-iii|ininjir, ktud-p.-u-war, \k *(, ta appear. 
Ci- .\y.vts^y kci«-pi\rM, ff±,^^nritttK 
CiTM^irttiiieiit, kfiid-fiar^e-tmiM. m. Cflmp^^t^itent, tfHi^ 
C< - ■. I ; 1 rutlo [I, iLQtt-^f^.H^yott, f. <tpp<^r\tnat, [sion. 

C<'ii| j^ koil-piiu. m. /^mpai^s,r<cWfiayreT. 
Ci'^u\>:is^^ e, KOW-pau-Mi, i«, rvry e,M:(Tft, prveise. 
CfiipzisStffK kikt/'pau-fiat; 1*. m. tucttmpnjr: proportiotn. 
Cfiiii|..i^.\Tiori, ka^n,|:i.-m-syaJ>i, X cempa^stvuf^ ittercy, pity.. 
C<.3j,|».iti1>i1ireH ktwf rtHt*,bii^.*til.y: i^mpaK&/€ttess, 

T j;^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ I 




Compatir, ko«-pat-eer, v. a. to sympathiee vUk : 

a^ret: pity. 
^t>m%i^lxiiBiinX., tj ko/t'pat-e-s.iWi '— t^ a. c&rrf^t^sionale. 
Lmnp:itriDtc. ku^i-oat-re-ott, w. t:ompatrsni. 
Cotupcddicux, itn Ito^l-paM'JyiihH —t. a. Citm/fttflious. 
CaiU]>eiuatioit, kati-pAn-:ii3ii'}iyoit^j: tvmpcn-nttion. 
I,£>ilipcii!»crj k.oH-i>a'i'^tU, -'. 1 1 r fiJ fornprfisuff, ceunteT' 
Comp^l^Lgc. kch'j-iMii-i'aaij, m. t-oiMpstrrmfy. [ia/ance. 
Compire, kojr-piiin m, ^odfuthtr: ^oi-tip: merry 

CompetCimqcTtC* kdH-pid-tain-aJl, ad, csmpeientfy. 
ComfkdteilC«, Icoji-poi-tawiy/ ^atpittme. 
Ccimptieiitt e, kon-pai-tajj^ ^t, dn (^mpettnt. 
Comp^iteur, tan^pai-le-mrK wl. c^mpitiii^t'. 
Comp^itloilii )E<jw-pi»i'E<>*y<>"i /^ ipmj^ftiiisn, 
CnjUipilatfurT lEOfl'P^-Lat-ur, f^r. csmptl^r, 
C4>cQp!]atioii, koff'Pe-tah'syojf, /I cempi^flfi(>tu 
Uocnpiler^ ko,«f-pe4AiF t', a, /^o >:smpi^t. 
CumpLaiiiiiallt, ko/t-plaln-yajfh m. piainf^J^. 
€oIupl4inC(^t l£0**-pla J^f t , 7. i^ofnpia inf. \dilSght in. 

'Cpropla-ire* ko«-pla3f, *■. ff^ tspieair ; St ~, *. r. /o 
CompJtAisinunciit. koii-play-£aui-a//. ii*^- trompiaisanily. 

CompUiisanr, e^ kn/x-play-zuilH — t, J, iotN^iassaRt ; — , 
C&mplajtlt, ko^r-pla*!, jHh vinfyarti. Im.Jawner. 

dompi^ioent, ko^r-plAi-maHK w*. rB/HpitfUitti-, 

Cooipt^ineilT^irer kow-plai-tnaH-tair, a. i'^&trtpietitur. 
CToinpl^enicnt, ko^;■p^it■nl4M11 w*^ compkU'^H. \pUU, 

Complclcir, kd;j-plai-tat, V. a. ts complete. 

CampleKf:, koJi-plfiks, n. e^mplix. 

Coniplei^tom koH*plck-sy o«, j/^ i-pm/>ifxiQit ; humour ,■ 

t^oinplexit^ kow-pkk-se-laii, /. (niti^iixiiy, [teint, 

C^piicatJon, ko^j-plc-kah-syOW, /. (empliinxtipm 

CompUce, k<J«(-|)liss. t^. aitvrnpiiCf. 

tompUcitt, koji|-pltj'Sc4aL v^ ^?lw btinsan aiXfmpiice. 

Compiica,, kOfi'ple, /, pi* cmapHnei^.pi. 
\ Complinicnt. ku^i-ple-niau^ *"- caMpii'rHfUf. 

Comptimcntcr, ko^^-^k-niaii'taj, v. ji, is cifMpItrHent. 

Cffmipliittentcuf , koJE-p^H^'iJiiU'^tLir, jh. cornplufKiiter. 

C«<DfkEU]lui. Cr koif-pk-kaif n, fompiicate. 
\ CompliqU'Cr, kojf.plc-kuL, tej. (t. tocamph'mfe ; » — , t^. r. 
ft> M^jwr/ famp/itiaitit. 

Compkit, ko«-p1pht fft eetnfifi^^ piat, 

CtnTiptoier, l«o«'[]So-t.ii. ^, <*, toisympi^, 

Cv: ..[ ;■-■.". ■; !"-../t.?ycijii /; fjfliK^jt^jr/'i^/l. 

■Crtti.^ . Ttor, k ■ .:.. J-. rt. iTtf eti^iJir, ptrm:^; St — • 

V. r. to if€have. 

Compost, koM-poh-zai, nt. compoutid. 

Composer, ko7/-poh-zai, v. a. et tt. to compound ; ivrite. 

Composcur, ko/i-poh-zur, m. scribbler. 

Compositeur, ko/i-poh-ze-tur. fn. coinposer; compositor. 

Composition, ko»-poh-ze-syoM, y! composition, agtee- 

Composteur, ko»*p<>s-tur, »«. compoiins-stick. \ment. 

Compote, kon-pot, /. stewed fruits, pi. 

Compotier, kon-po>tyai. in. dish/or stewed fruits. 

Comprehensible, koM-prai-a>i-sibl, «. comprehensible. 

Comprehension. ko»-prai-a//-syon, f comprehension. 

'Comorendre, kon-pra»-dr, v. a. to comprehend; 
understand : iiu-lude. 

Compresse. koM-press,yC compress. 

.Compressible, ko//-pres-sibl. a. compressible. 

Compression, kon-pres-syon, f. conipression, cotuUnsa' 

Comprimer. ko//>pre-mat. v. a. to compress. \tion. 

Compris. kow-pre, see Comprendre. 

•Compromettre, koM-pro-met-tr. v. a. et n. to compro- 
■mise : se — , v. r. to expose one's se^f. 

Compromis. ko/i-pro-me, m.. compromise. {office. 

Comptabilite. ko«-tab-e-le-tai,y. accounts, pi. ; account- 

Comptable. ko/i-tah-bl, a. accountable; —, m. ac- 

Comptant, kon-ta/i, a. ready ; arj^ent — , reeuly tnoney. 
\ Compte. koMt, m. account; value : k — . on account ; 
k bon — , cheap ; rendre — , tojiive a reason. 

Compter. ko«-tai, v. a. et n. to count; reckon ; esti- 
mate : settle accounts i purpose ; — sur, to rely upon. 
' Coiupteur, kon-tur, m. accountant. 

Comptoir, ko//-twar, m. counter, counting-house ; bar. 

Compulser, ko//-pA]-sai, v. a. to peruse. 

Comput. ko/z-pOt, m. computation. ■ 

Coinputist. koM.pQ.tist, wi. computer. 

Comte, kowt, m. count; earl. 

Comte, koM-tat, m. tottnty ; earldotn. 

Corotcsse. ko«-tess, f. countess. 

Concasser, koM-kau-sai, v. a. to pound, bruise. 

Cuncatenation. koM-kau-te-nah-syo;i, f. concatenation. 

Concave, kow-kav, a. concave. 

Concavity. kOM-kav-e-tai, f. concavity. 

Concedcr, kn«-sai-dai, v. a. to concede, ip'ant. 

Ci'Dcentiation, ko;/-saM-trah-syoM, f. concentration. 

Concentrer, koM-sa//-trai, v. a. to concentrate, con- 
centre, se — , %. r. to be thoughtful. 

Concentrique, ko/i-sa^i-trik, a. concentrical. 

Concept, koM-sept, m, conception. 

Conception, ko«-sep-syo«, f. conception. 

Concemant, koM-s&ir<nan, pr. concerning, relating. 

Concemer, ko»-sair-nai, v. a. to concern. 

Concert, kow-sair, m. concert. 

Concertant, koH-s^iir-tan. m. performer. 

Cimc-Ti'T ki'.i.-vur ■^^la iv j?. ttfcpncert; se -^j f. f. to 

C t^lltc^JuiiH kuHnrSCs-^yOH, f. t ffimsion, gm ttf. 
Cantc^TiJ'.in Luiirc. kan-SLi^Ji> o-naix, mi. x' ra Hit£. 
Ci^n^cvahW, kojf&'VAti-blp d. CBNirivabit. \iaiagi'Ht. 

'ConcFvoiik kj^H^-vwar, v. a. to cvrntrve, compreluint. 
Conchy tijlotlic, ktMi^kc-lc-o-ltf-Me, j^ fumh^togy. 
CH>ncicr|£?^ Kt>jr-!syairlijk i, doo^kfeptr, 
CoiwLici^Mt'ie, koju-syairhj-rc, >^ siitii-prisots {in Faris^. 

CarjciJiiildc. koj(.&il.jrall-lilb a. neettHfil^oNf 

CanciliAtJiile, toM-sit-yatKai, rn. <^nv<ntK:^t. 

Cniiciliatetir, kow'Sil-yat'Ur, at. c^ncifiaion netonciler. 

Coiiciliaiion, kaJ^^il^^nh-Siyoff, /. conaiiation. 

C{>n(:J]kr. ku'r-sil^yaL, v. (i. to cotiCiiiate, nec^Htcile. 

C<>ndi, t:^ koiJ'», —%lt, it. iVHCite. 

Coiic4*,ioii, ko^i-^fr-iyofu f. cpfict'seneji. 

Coimkoycn^ it.On-\it'-lWii*, ftuftfiratcitixen^ 

CoTiclavc, kuN'kbaV, m. tOncia%'<. 

Cciocluaul, Ci ku^f -k t A-a^i, — t, it. cffmrlitsit>t. (decide, 

*ConclLire, koif-ktflri t\ a. rt n. to cenciude^ JiniAh ; 

CoiiClu^ifi ve, koj/'kld-fifK --LVi (Tl (vnclustve. 

ConctiJiklon, kpH-klii-zy ow.y; fi?«tV«rwH*- —\p/,df/ftiMtui. 

CfHi^oix, ku»-s waHf set CorlccvaJr. 

CcmcQinbr-F, k on ■kfl<'''-bri in. CMCttmber., 

Cor^tomttancc, kO'^-ko-lBC-LaMv ^ fVHa'mtfiXHfy. 

Concomitsitit^ d kdW'k'O-tne'^n, — t, a.i&Mti-ptfutijttt. 

Coheordatkce^ ko^i-kur-dairs,/ tonc^rdanff, agrrrmeTif. 

Cuticordiir, koii-korn dah, m, fumvnlatr. 

Concnrtic, knxr-kord, /. rem-firft. 

CoricQTiJcr+ kort-kor-itai, *^ n. to conford^ agrtr. 

*f;onccHiTir, kow-koo^f wr, ?■. IK tv concur. 

Coaf:'Ciur>i, koH-kooTH ^1. tumtttirse, to op^t-atiOn , i^JW- 

Concr«t, ^te, ko«'krcy, — krcttn a- iOfuffft. \/>rttiii n. 

Cuncriitlou, koK' kfai^yoji , /. loncreti^ft ; lOncretfueiS. 

Cmii^u, kcui-iA. set Concevoii, 

Concubkiiaj^e, kojr-k6-be-wiTiJ, m. coHtttbiHOgf. 

ConE-ubiiic, koii-k Cl-brt:11, f. itHnu^itte. 

Cooicumcntiiicnt. korf-kiir-r^in-a^^ ad. f/i cOmfietftiotf. 

Cnncti^r^^nc?^ ko^i-kOr-iaHi^ cottcurrcHif; <i^'fffetitiSti, 

CtHntJUrtcAf, e, kQW-kfir-riUf, — l, j. cottifrtitor. 
I O^rtCUi'siHill. ku«'kijs.syo«s /. exuittoft. 

Cuckc Li^iiirjii nAEre, koJ^'Itfl^-^ycs-iiair, f/t. extortioner. 

Cuiidaiiijialjlev koJJ-dau-nali'bl, a. condetMNabtc. 

CundaiiiTiaEion, kOfl-dau-aau-sycw*H ^ a^Hdemtt^tioii^ 
: Condaii^ncr, ki}/i^ Vr if. to fsudetmt ; bl^ttte. 
I Condeit^tlon, kD^fcIaH'Sah.'iij^oa, X fOitdtrtiSHtt'Oit. 

Con(le:n!i«r, koiz-dajf-ui, v. a. tt> fomUuie ; &e — ^ p, r, 
to iff (i>ni£titsfd, become compact. 

Cohdc&ce^lld-^ncc. ko/i-d^-sa/j-rlaff^^ condescendaace. 

Conde^clliiJantv c, kaji-dcs^ibii/i-d^L^j, — T, a, fojideicfftd- 

Candesfendie, k4>,tf-des-saJJ-dir. v. n. to (ondcfttttd, 
CDndhiieiit, ^an-A^-itiAiu »*K si'^ixaiiiug. [ivtHpty. 

Condisciple, kuH-dc-sipl, m. Sih<Mi(fi!l/6m\ 
Coiidkikiin, kcwi-dc-6yo«,y; mmit'tioft. jitMtfy flfUf, nt«^, 
CdndiLKKLincI^ kn ko^r-d^!>yaii^Ur a. — iBiueflt^ Att. fitn- 

if it it? II a L 
CundiLLonncr, koj^-dcSyon-aUP. rt. fo qifaltfy ; nnangi, 
Condulcancc, koit^ul^-a'iS, f. t'i>ftdii£eiue. 
CoimIqt, 'koii-'i\(tF, ta. caiid*?r. 

Conducleur, koJ'^-dOk-tur, iif><OMdttctor; dnhftr.guar^. 
C<>iiLluclrice» kO'i'dilk-tfiiiSty: fondurtrrJt. 
•CcnnluircK lto«-dweer, TV a^ to fouduit ; teoti i escort; 

driW ; sfeer ; rule; se — ► V. r, fo ^A<im 

Ci»[lduit, koM-dwCn tn. (Oiuiutt ; pip^' 
" nf/ b*fta 

CoTtduiltf, kon-dwit,/: tOiidtul; T^^haTtour; dirfctHfn ; 
Cl^Etc, kohctK Tfi. cone. liAarj^C. 

Conitction, kow-fck-syoH, /. coirffctfou r mailing. 
Coufcclionneik koji -/i: k-'ayun.-niH t'. a. tv ntcii-e, 
ConUMr.\\ c. koii-faE-tlai-rril, Ccmfedif ruE if, — ivc, kow- 

tai-ilLii .r.TJ rrali-tir^ — Lv, (T. /e\ teral. 
Coiilvdi^rciiion, koji-fai-ilai-rali-Jiiuw, / fOnffd< ration* 
Cciis'edcfi^'V kpii'fai'dai-raL, iti. ioiijfderatet atly. 
sc Codled^rCf, ko*, t\ r. to *{in/fiiei*^fe, 
Cpii^cr^nc^, kdJ^'fai-rajf 5^ y^ con/krence^ ctfifiparfsoff ; 

ifeimJftig focieJy, 
Cputt;fenct(:r. ko^'^ralraFi-syal, m. ihainmfTi. 
tonferer, iso/i-ffii-j-ai. 7u d, eat, to confer ^ tontpare, 
ConFess*'. ktwdis^ir f. confessi&n. 
Confes%er, kow-fewswii, v., a, to mitftsi : sc — , t', r. to 

f(fj(/ef J /(> <:t prii'if. 
C03ik-!i5<Lir. kujj'fi^b^ur. ire. coiifumr. 
Confcii^iciiint koji-fcsa-yo/^t f. ion/etJ,a^fFt tstttiitry. 

1- Cwrc:,>iit?nai, kow-fcsSrl^lgftl^^cl bV'^-!^»O^V4^"*'' 




Confiance, ko/i-fya;is, /. cot{fidence, trust. 
Confiant, e, ko/t-fyaM, — t, a. cot%fidetU ; sanguiHt. 
Confiderament, ko/<-fe-dam-aM, ad. cotifieUntly. 
ConAdence, ko«-fe-da;/s,/I confidence, intimacy, trust. 
Confident, c kDH-fe-da»ii — t* s. (onfidnnt, 
CunfiJentiei, \c, kuN 'fc-iiaj^ ^ycl| a. -^^cnient, oti. ^tcn- 
jid^fiiiul, ^ \i>c> trusiin. 

Conficrr k DH-fyai, ^\ a. ta ittirust ; co/Ji*Mfti ^ — + 1'* r. 

ConfijL^ir, ktJW-fc-nAi, t', tf. ?/ «. ^^ c(ntA'*ie, Oi>rdtr ufion. 
tZoafm'i, kfyti-Uii't-, m,/f/. p^iyiitcst pi. 
•Cynfirc, kUiK-fiL-er, tK a. ft? tutt^t, /twstrv*, 
CoufiriikiTif, ivc?, kriM-ffcri'inai-jf, — iv. a. co^^firtnutsry. 
Confij'iiiiitioii, ltrjn-reffr-»Lsh-*;i'o*<,/ co't^rmai^^. 
CoillhliicrK Ito^l-Zeur-uiaT, l^r a. ft? afH^rru 
ConFtuCablt^^ kopf'fiih-kalb-bl, a. ttvi/icsciiiiify 
ConfiiiCTtiqll, toJ('("li!»-kiltb-4yo|r^,/ (ottJiscatiiiH. 

Con&l, iKttt'fes, Jrf Ci^nritc. 
donfucur, kDn-re-fUrt j^j, ctni/fcfieftfi^.. 
CoEtfii^tliitfr, kujiT-^s-kui, f. a, ^d r^ui/fi^'tu^^ 
CuEiAcun:, koji^rr-turtyl s^tfeefmesit, 

CoclfiLLlricrH ko«-fs-t i-ryair fr'r ivn/tetiffmr)'. 
ConRa^ratEon, ttM£ ^AftjJ-rah-syoi^ /. cnHjia^ntiioH, 

Cofiflucrp ko^i-flCI-ai, t?. w, iJj^iti,, ttteet. 

ConJ^^CHld rCn kOH^fQiJ-dr^ if. a. /j i^njiiufid ; 5C "■■ i', r. 

ft* i?e hitn\i<\i, perfiitxfif. 
CanrQirttiaitiaii^ V%iH-iQT-ii\a.\\-^yaH,/, r0^i/brmatimf, 
CnflfHl-rue^ kpH-rariflk "ir --cnient, a^. v-<?»iferynaibie, 
Cauforinifr, kOJ^-rof-lli^i^ 'Sf. a. fo Ci>i{/i>r7n ; sc — , i^ r. 

Aj nfmf^y Tifith. 
Cqunfomiuitc, kojif-foir-llllsl. W. ^mj^rtiiiji. 
C[>nf6n])it^, kO'^-for'ttie-Sair^ C&t^prtnity^ 
ConCgiit, krijijf'f(jr, rfl. rcJ^Jt/iJ^; am. 

ConfortcfT kOJT-fr5r-tn3, V. a. fif c&m/orf, cefrpA^rate. 
CoDfnUcrniT^, koJi'frat-alr^ne-tiU,/: if^-eifterhcAi^ 
Confrere, kCKT-rn^ir, rn. I^n^iktr^feli^^tf, 
Conrrerie, kChni-liEiSf-c.y cGN/ratemity, 
CDarronl;iL[<tn, kaii-Crgju-tah-iiyQri./i i^t^fnnHiiue- ; fH*«- 
fiann^., itltatiiHi. {ffllfjtte. 

Conrroiiter, ko/i-frpjj-tai, v. c, ftt atn/r^ni; eot/if^are, 
ConftiS, t, kaH-f{J, ^^f f». — emenr, ad. cvn/rtsid. 
CDnAi^iiaii, kpH-l^-Eygn,^ i^tt/usipit. 
CdafutatJQii, koii-fCl-uh-sytMi,/; coti/utatinfi. 
Cnnfutcrf ka»-fA'taJ, *. Ji. ttHoti/'/tfe. 
Conjjft, kcv^^hjol, rri. ieaiie : /ttrlouph ; disch^y^^. 
CQI3}reiJJtif, kO/f-hJiii-dyaE, c. la, le diimiSS, 
Conj^^latJon^ ko Fd ^^ai4BhF^yD»._/', ii»tx^iati0Fi. 
CoflgeCtr, koFf'hjtni, Tf, rt. Jo cotij^ettiyjrft^t. 
CflnjfestiottH ko;j-hjc!i-tyojr+j^ t'o*tf[!t. 
Cf>njt|loiln5rcT, kofx-jsloni-ai-nF^E, r. a, iT;* (^rI^l^Jmiratt^ 
Conglutiaatkoni ko^d-Klfl-te.nats.syort.jC c^N^hitifsatien. 
Conflutiiter, ka;j.£lE^-te^naE, v. fl. rfl €SHj^4it{iHafe^ 
Con)£¥atul3lEuD^ k<Mn^(jTat.{l.L^h'-5yori,j^ t^t^'-raTHiaticn. 
Con^ratulcr^ ka/f.^fratn^tl'lai, v. 4n t} ^atj^ratuiatet 

CQ3]jfrcgation, koJi'^;iJ-fjah-5yoiiT ^^ coH^rej^ntiott ; 

Cungris, icoH^rey, f'^. ffUjiT'-i'tj, {irt^ting: 

Conjiruit^, k&^^-jjrii-c-taji,^ oofsj^miiy^ 

iZmii^Mtt, ka-aik. dn f'^'^j/h 

Conjecture t, kojf.hjck't^-ral, a. ^enieiit, ^J, ^enJtC' 

L'fttiji;ctU«; ka?j4ijek'lftrKj< tVUjtcbtTir, ^rurss. \nirat. 

CotijeclLprcr, ko^-Bjek-tO-r^i, t?. «. f€ c^ij^ftntr, x'tifis. 

'ConjoiniLlre. ko'r-hji 

Cdhj ' 















CHCUSi, ki-v I I.-. :, 

ojic L i f, L '. ■ 

OCLCtiOII, k<". I, I 

otictufL', kti^.-fLj. 
U^.iiain, ki'njj-liji 
\.iip]. e, kfJ^r-lljll 
LLjrUi-Tr kn/i'llhl-L;';ii 

f-dr, -v. a. ta cofi/nrtt. 
i Tt-nuiHi ad, Jointly. 

■ Li^ —\v, a. ^iftijwKtiTi'. 

\ t'tt/". am/itttc/f'ott. 
■5 M r, /^ a>ujii iiriti jt , 

, l¥. — ClIILUt, L^jf. i;>lljlt^^t. 

„ . . ^. -^.^.. z: fi. te fsvijtij^iii^, 

linttCllf, ko«^lg il-nit-nr, w/, i'^ns^irat^fn ceji/ntvr. 

uniFtDii, ItnifF 'hji^. jit--5yort,_X C(Jti/itrati^tt. 

iiTC, kow-hlfl-raiH *k, Ci}nifiiratti'. 

ivrcrh ko^r-lrjG-rn!, t*^ j, r? C^UjHrg: bisctch. 

' " fci 


'<y f^uj, 

j: Ml, 

, _ _. ,_ }i^kd^e; acquaint- 
aitfx-~s,fi/. U^rnUi^. 

CtanjiAJ^eintiJit, ko.nFvyMiia?l, *«. *iV/ e/'/od'iftj;: 
L.apTmvacur, ko-tLiy-surn in, cortfiiffssetiy: 
•ConnasEre,, T, ff. e/«K ta hnCfTt/ ; taie coi^ni- 
tanti *^/ &a — f -u. r, fp kn^Tzv eiie'i ^f(f; ij?fd^rs/:fUd. 
C^TUitfliiiw, Kn-n.\i-ia.h-l)\, tK. ceitsf^A/e, 
Cojirn-I J.;:,-. 1;, ■HJtab'leK/tf^irj/o^/if, jJtij*^ . 
Cunn.- . ■■ ., ,1, tvHftee/ad, 

Con ■ '^■'^ynH,/. rotfTtfcfi'ytT. 

Lann-.y:i . ■-. ., ■, ■■^: -se-tai, _/ cfttntxi^y. 
LonnLLIicfL!, k ■ i ■ n i] ■ y.-\Lr,_/; sst&teffif^. 
CodiiivcnceK kon-novaws.j^ mnnufattce,. 

Conniver, kon-ne*vai, v. n. to connive. 

Connu, kon-nd, ^f.Connaitre. 

Conqu<(rant, ko;f-kat-ra>/, tn. conqueror; — e, — t, a, 

conqturing; superior. 
•Conquirir, ko«-kai-reer, v. a. to conquer, ■ 
ConquSte, ko«-keyt,y: conquest, victory. 
Consacrer. ko;/-sak-rat, v. a. to consecrate: sanctify. 
Consangum, e, ko»-sa//-j;hain, — gwin, a. co7isangitin- 

Consanguinity, ko»-sa^{-gwe-ne-tai,y: consanguinity. 
Conscience, ko«-sya//x, j^ conscience. [cottscientious. 
Consciencieux, se, koM-sya«/-syuh. — z, a. — sement, ad. 
Conscription, ko«-skrip-syo«,y: conscription. 
Consent, ko«-skre, m. conscript, recruit. 
Consecration, ko«.sai-krah-syo«,y: consecration. 
Cons^cutif, ve, ko/t-sai-kfi-tif, — iv, a. — vement, ad, 

ConseU, koM>se/, m. counsel, advice; council. 
ConseiUer, ko;i-se/^, tn. counsellor, adviser; — , v. a. 

to counsel. 
Consentement, kon-sa»t-maM, m:<onsent, approbation. 
•Consentir, ko»-sa^/-teer, v. n. to consent. 
Consequeminent, ko/f-sai-kam-aH, ad. consequently. 
Consequence, ko//-sai-ka»s,/: consequence; result. 
Consequent, e, ko»-sal-kayf, — t, a. consistent; par — , 

conseqiuntly, o/conrse. 
Conservateur, koM-sair-vat-ur. tn. preserver; keeper; 

—trice, — triss, a. conservative, conservatory. 
Conservation, ko«-6air-vah-syo», /. conservation, prt^ 

Conservatoire, koM-sair-vat-war, a. tn. conservatory. 
Conservatrice, koM-sair-v&t-riss, /l preserver; protec- 
Conserve, kon-sairv.yCdMM^rrv,* ~-^ pL preservers. 
Conserver, kow-sair-vai, v. a. to cotuerve; preserve, 

keep : se — , v. r. to keef on^s se{f; keep. [cradle. 

Consra^rable, ko;/-se-dai-rah-bl, a. — ment, ad. consid- 
Consid^rant, e, ko»-se-dai-ran, — t, a. cautious. 
Consideration, ko«-se-dai-rah-syo», /. consideration ; 

importance : veight. [prudetttly. 

Consider^ment, koM-se-dai-rai-ma^i, ad. cautiously, 
Coiisiderer. ko»-se-dai-rai, v. a. to consider; regard, 

value, esteem. 
Consignataire, ko«-sin-yat-air, tn. trustee. 
Consignation, ko«-sin-yah-syo«,y: deposit. 
Consigne, ko;i.sin-ye,/. order, watch-word. 
Consigner, ko»-sin-yai, v. a. toconsxffn,deposii :eot{fitu. 
Consistance. koM-sis-ta/is, yC cotisistency ; steadiness; 

contents, pi. 
Consistant, e, ko«-sis-taM, —t, a. consisting, consistettt. 
Consister, kOM-sis-tai. v. tt. to consist. 
Consistoire. ko>i-sis-twar, m. consistory. 
Consistorial, ko/i-sis-tor-yal. a. — enient, ad. consis- 
Consolable, kon-so-lah-bf, a. cotisolable. [torial. 

Consolateur, ko»-so-lat-ur, m. —trice, —triss, f. cottso- 

lator, comforter: — , a. consoling. 
Consolation, koH-so-lah-syo»,y: consolation, cotnfort. 
Consoler. ko»-so-lai, v. a. to cottsole, comfort. 
Consolidation, ko»-so-le-dah-syo/(,y: consol^attott. 
Consolider, ko/i-so-le-dai, v. a. to consolidcUe ; heal up. 
Consommateur, kon-som-mat-ur, m. consumer; fiti- 

isker. [consumption. 

Consommation, kow-som-niah-syoM, f. consumtnation ; 
Consomme, e, ko»-so-raai. a. consutntnate, perfect ; —, 

m. Jelly-broth. 
Consommer. ko«-so-mai, v. a. to cottsumtnate ; cottsutne. 
Consomption. ko»-so;ip-syoM./: consumption. 
Consonnance. kon-so>n2i»s.y: cottsonance, hamieny, 
Consonnant. e, ko»-so-na». — t, a. consotuxnt. 
Consonne. ko«-son./: consonant. 
Consorts. ko»-sor. m.pL consorts, plT 
Consoude, ko«-sood,^ consound. 
Conspirateur. kon-spe-rat-ur. m. cotispirator. 
Conspiration. koff>spe-rah-syo;«.yC conspiracy. 
Conspirer, v. a. et tt. to cottspire, plot. 
Conspuer, kon-spd-ai, v. a. to spit upon. 
Constamment, k0M-stam-a», ad. constantly, steadily. 
Constance, V.on'SX3MS,f. constancy. 
Constant, e, koH-staM, -^t, a. constant, steady. 
Constater, ko«-stat-ai, v. a. to prove, cmer, state. 
Constellation, ko«-steMah-syo;/.yC constellation. 
Consternation. kO»-stair-na£-syo»./ consternation. 
Consterner, kOM-stair-nai, v. a. to strike with consterna- 
tion, [ness. 
Constipation, ko»-ste-pah-syo»,/: constipationt costive- 
Constiper. ko«-ste-pai, v. a. to constipate. 
Constituant, e. ko«-ste-tfl-a»«. — t, a, constituent. 
Constituer. ko/i-st^-td-ai. v. a. to constitute; set, settle. 
Constitutif, ive, kow-ste-tfk-tif, — iv, a. cottstitutive. 
Constitution, kOH-ste^-syon,f.constitutioH; annuity; 






Consdtutionnalltd, koM<«te-tQ-syo-naI-e-tai, 

Constitutionnd, le, ko»-ste-ta-syon-eU, a. — lement, ad. 

Constructeur, kow-strOk-tur. m. builder, [t>^. 

Construction. ko»-str{kk-syon, yC cofistruction : buiui- 
Coostruire, ko;(-strQ-eer, v. a, to construct^ build: 
Consul, ko»-sAl. m. cottsul. [/ratne. 

Consulaire, ko»-sQ-lair, a. consular. 
Consulat, koM-sfi-lah, *h. consulate; consulship. 
Consultant, kon-iXA-ta^t, tn. who gives advice, con- 
Consultatif, ire. ko/«-sAl-tat-if, —it, a. consultatrve. 
Consultation, koM-sQl-tah-syo/i./I consultation. 
Consulter. koM-s(U-tai, v. a. et n. to consult; eUliberate, 

confer with ; se — , v. r. to consult, reject. 
Consumable, ko»-sQ'mah-bl, a. consumable. 
Consumer, kon-sQ-mai. v. a. to consume, waste ; se ■—, 

V. r. to weute arway. 
Contact, koM-takt, tn. contact, touching: 
Contaipeux, se, ko»-tal^-yuh, — z, a. contagious. 
Conta^on. koM-tahj-yoM,yC contagion. 
Conte, ko«t, m. stoiy, tale, fiction. 
Contemplatetir, ko»-ta»<plat-ur, m. —trice, — trt<is, /. 

conUtnflator. \tive. 

Contemplatif, ive. kow-taM-plat-if, — iv, a. contempla- 
Contemplation, koM-ta>(-plah-syoM,y: contetnplation. 
Contempler, kon'ta«-plai. v. a. to contemplate, \rary. 
Contemporain. e, ko»-ta»>po-rai», —rain, a. conUmpo- 
Contempteur, kon'tanp'tur, m. contemner, despiser. 
Contemptible, ko»>ta»p-tee-bl, a. contemptible. 
Contenance, ko»t-na^is, f. capacity ; contents, pi. ; 

Contendant, ko»-ta>f-da», m. contender ; competitor. 
*Contenir, ko»t-neer, v. a. to contain ; withhold ; se 

— , V. r. to re/rain, forbear. 
Content, e, kon-ta^t, — t, a. contented, satisfial. 
Contentement. ko«.tant-nuu», m. content; satisfac- 
tion ; comfort. 
Contenter. ko»-taM>tai, v. a. to content; satiny; se — , 

V. r. to content one's seff, be satisfied. 
Contentieux, se, ko/t-tan-syuh, — z, a. — sement, ad. 

contentious, litigious, disputable. 
Contention, ko;<-ta«-syo«, f. contention, strife; — 

d'esprit, intenseness of thought. 
Contenu, kow-tnQ, m. contents, pi. [upon one. 

Conter, ko»-tai, v. a. to relate, tell; en — , to impose 
Contestable, kon-tess-tah-bU a. contestable, [variance. 
Contestation, kqM-tes-tah-syo». f. contest, dispute; 
Contester, ko«-tes-tai, v. a. to contest, dispute. 
Conteur, ko«-tur, m. — se, —vAu,f. teller; storyteller, 
Contexte. koM-tekst, m. context. 
Contexture, koM-teks-tdr.y^ texture. 
Contit^ e. ko/i-te-gA, a. contiguous. 
Contijo^itf^, koM-te-gd-e-tai, a. contiguity. 
Continence, ko«-te-na«s,/". contifuncy. 
Continent, e. ko»-te-na;i, — t, a. continent, moderate; 

— , m.. continent, mainland. 
Continental, e. koM-te*na>i-tal, a. continental. 
Conting^ence, koM-tai;i-hja«s,yC contingency. 
Contingent, e, kon-tain-hjaM, — t, a. contingent, 

casual; ■ — ^ m. contingent. [— e, at length. 

Continu. e, ko«-te-nQ, a. continuous, continual ;\ la 
Continuateur, ko>(>te-na-at-ur, m. continuator. 
Continuation, ko/i-te-nQ-ah-syon, f. continuation. 
Continue], le. ko»/-te-nfl-el, a. —lement, ad. continued. 
Continuer, ko»-te-nQ-ai, v. a. et n. to continue; go on, 
Contihuittf. ko«-te-nfl-e-tai,y: continuance. 
ContinCkment, ko»-te-nQ-maM, ad. continually. 
Contorsion, ko//-tor-syo«,yC contortion. 
Contour, ko»-toor, tn. contour, outline. 
Contourner,- ko»-toor-nai, v, a. to draw the outlines. 
Contracter, kon-trak-tai, v. a. et n. to contract; 

abridge ; se — , v. r. to shrink up. 
Contraction, ko»-trak-syoM,yC contractiott. 
Contractuel, le, koM-trak-tO-ell, a. stipulated. 
Contradicteur, koA»-trad-ik-tur. tn. cotitradicter. 
Contradiction, koff-trad-ik-syo»,y. contradiction. 
Contradictoire. ko/«-trad-ik-twar, a. — ment, ad. cott- 

tradiitory, opposite. 
Contraignable, ko«-train-yah-bl, a. compellable. 
•Contramdre, ko/t-tralM-dr, v. a. to constrain; 
Contraint, e, ko»-trai^i, — t, a. stiff. [straiten. 

Contrainte, ko«-trai«t, f. constraint, force ; — par 

corps, writ of arrest. 
Contraire, ko^i'trayr, a. —ment. ad. cotttrary, opposite; 

hurtful; au — , on the contrary. 
Contrariant, e, koH-trar-e*a^i, — t, a. contradictious. 
Contrarier, kon-trar-e-ai, v. a. to contradict, oppose ; 

Contrari^^ kon-trar-e-ai-tai, /T nm/rortifi^ ; obstacle. 
Contraste, ko»>trast, m. contrast. 

Contraster, ko»-trast-ai. v. a. to contrast. 

Contrat. ko//-trah, m. contract ; deed ; — de morioge, 
marriage settlettuttt. 

Contravention, ko/<-traT-a/i-syo»,yC contravention. 

Contre, koM-tr, pr. against, contrary to; near by; 
tout — , hard by : le pour et le — , pro and con ; — 
all^e, f side-alley: — ainiral. m. rear admiral; 
— balajicer, v. a. to counterbalance : — bande, f. 
smuggling: — bandier, tn, smuggler; — basse, yC 
couttter-bass ; — batterie, f. counter-bat/ery ; k — 
btais, ad. contrariwise; — calquer, v. a. to retrace a 
design ; — carrer. v. a. to thioart, counteract ; — 
chara^e,^ counterbalance ; — chlssis, ni. double-case- 
ment ; — coeur, m, chitnney-back ; 4 — coeur, un- 
willingly ; — coup, m. counter-blow, rebound; — 
danse, f. couftterdance ; •—dire, v. a. to contradictt 
refute ; — dit. tn. coturadiction ; counterpiea. 

Contr^s, ko/i-trai,y: country, region. 

Contre-enquet, e, ko«-tra/i keyt.y: counter-inquest ; — 
dpaulette, f. epaulet without fringes ; — ^prcuve.yC 
counter-proof; — fagon. f. counterfeiting ; — facte ur, 
m. counterfeiter, —faction, f. counterfeiting ; •— 
faire, v. a. to counterfeit, forge ; di^gnre ; dis- 
guise; — foiseur, m. mimic ; —fait, e, a. deformed; 
— fenetre, f double-window ; —fort, tn. counter- 
fort: — gaee, tn. counter-security, pledge : — gager, 
V. a. to take a pledge; —-gairdt^f. counter-guard ; 
— hacher, v. a. to counter-hatch; — hacnure, f. 
counter-hatchiHg ; —jour, m. false light ; — latte, f. 
counter-lath ; —latter, v. a. to counter-lcUh ; lettre. 
f. counter-deed : — mattre, m. foreman : boatswain ; 
— mandement, m. counUrtnand ; — uiander, v. a. to 
countertTutnd ; — raarche,yC countermarch : — ^inar^e, 
f. back-tide; —marque, f countertnark ; check; 
— ^marquer, v. a. to countermark ; — ^mine,^ counter- 
tnitu ; —miner, v. a. to countermine : — mur. nt. 
countertnure, counter-wall ; — ordre, m. counter- 
iruind; — partie, f. counterpart ; — peser, v. a. to 
counterbalance ; —pied, tn. wrong scent ; contrary, 
reserve ; — poids, nt. counterpoise ; — poil, tn. wrong 
way ; 4 — l>oil, against the grain ; in a wrong 
sense: —point, tn. counter-point : —poiaiex, v. a. 
to guilt on both sides ; — poison, tn. counter-poison ; 
— ^porte, f folding-door, double-door ; — poser, v. a, 
to post wrong: — promesse,yC counterbond ; —rivo- 
\uUoa,f. counter-revolution ; — ruse,^ coutiter-piot ; 
— scaurpe, f. counterscarp ; —seel, m. counterseal ; 
— sceller, v. a. to countersecU; — seing', m. counter^ 
sigyt; —sens, m. wrong sense; wrong side; wrong 
way ; k —sens, i$t a wrong sense, wrong; —signal, 
tn. countersigned ; —signer, v. a. to countersign ; — 
temps, m. mischattce, countertittte : k —temps, utt- 
seeuoneUfly ; — tirer, v. a. to counterdraw ; -valla- 
tion, f. contravallation ; — venant, tn. offettder, 
transgressor: •— venir, v. n. to contravene, in- 
fringe; -vent, in. otttside shutter; — virit^ f. 
irony ; — visite./I second search 

Contribuable, ko«-tre-bfi-ah-bl, m. taxpayer. 

Contribuer, koy-tre-bfl-ai, v. n. to contribute, help. 

Contribution, ko»-tre-bQ-syoii, f. contribtdion ; taxi 
— fonciire, ground-rent. 

Contrister, ko»-tris-tai, v. a. to grieve. 

Contrit, e, kow-tree, — t, a. contrite : troubled, sorry. 

Contrition. ko;i-tre-syo»,/: contrition. 

Contr61e, ko/i-trohl, /«. control; mint-mark. 

Contr61er, ko»-troh-lai, v. a. to control; register i 
blame, cettsure. 

Controleur, ko»-troh-Iur, tn. controller; check-taker. 

Controuver, ko;i-troo-vai, v. a. to forge ; contrive. 

Controverse, kon-tro-vairss,y^ controversy. 

Controversiste, ko;i-tro-vair-sist, m. controversist. 

Contumace, kow-tQ-mass, f. contumacy ; default, 

Contumax, koM-tO-maks, a. contumacious. 

Contusion, koit'td-zyon.yl contusion, bruise. 

Convaincant, e, kon-vaiM-kaM, — t, a. eonvictvve. 

•Convaincre, koM'Vai»-kr, v. a. to convince ; convict. 

Convalescence, ko»-vaI-es-sa>/s,y: convalescence. 

Convalescent, e. ko«-val-es-saM. — t, a. cofivalescent. 

Convenable, koH-vnabl, a. -ment, ad. fit, suitablCt 

Convenance, kow-vna>/s, f. Jltness, suitableness, am- 
venience; amformity ; propriety ; proportion. 

•Convenir, koM-vneer, v. n. • to fit, suit ; become ; be 
proper; grant, own; se — , v. r. to agree, suit each 

Conventicme, ko«-vaM-te-kQl, tn. conventicle. [other. 

Convention, kon-van-syo», f. corvuentum, agreettunt; 
de — , conventiottal. 

Conventionnel, le, koM-va/z-syo-nell, a. —lement, ad. 
conventiotuil ; by agreement. \tuals. 

ConventuaIit<S, koM-van-tA-al-e-tai, f. state of conven- 

Conventuel, le, ko«-va«-t(i-eI, a. —lement, orf. 

Couvenu, e, ko;i-vnQ, a. agreed on. 





Converger, lcoM-vair-hjai« v. n. to cottwrj^e. 

Convers, e, ko«-vair, — s. a. lay; frtre — , lay-brother. 

Conversation, kon-vair-sah-syon, f. conversation, diS' 

Converser, ko»<vair-sai, v. n. to converse ; commune. 
Conversion, ko»-vair-syo/(, /. co>tversion ; change. 
Converti, ko«-vair-te, m. convert. 
Convertible, ko»-vair-tib], a. convertible, 
Convertir, kon-vair-teer, v. a. to convert; change ; Se 

— , V. r. to be converted, turn to. 
Convertissement, ko/t-vair-tiss-ina/i. tn. conversion, 
Convertisseur, ko«-vair-te-sur. m. converter, \cliange. 
Convexe, ko»-veks, a. convex. 
Convexity, ko«-vek-se-tai, /. convexity. 
Conviction, ko«-vik-syo«, /. conviction. 
Convii, koM-ve-ai, m. guest. 
Convier, ko«-ve-ai, v. a. to invite ; incite. 
Convive, ko«-viv, m. £Ufst. 
Convocation, ko«-vok-dh-syo«, /l convocation. 
Convoi, ko«-vwa. m. burial; convoy, train ; — ac- 

cdleri, express train. 
Convoitable. koM-vwa-tah-b1, a. covetable. 
Convoiter, koM-vwa-tai, v. a. to covet, lust after. 
Convoitise, ko«-vwa-tiz, /. covetousness, lust. 
Convoler, ko;/-vol-ai, v. n. to marry a^ain. 
Convoquer, kon-vok-ai, v. a. to convoke. 
Convoyer, ko«-vwa-yai, v. a. to convoy, escort. 
Convoyeur, ko«-vwa-yur. m. a. convoy. 
Convulsif, ive, ko«-vfll-sif, — iv, a. convulsive. 
Convulsion, ko;i-v(kl-sJfo«, /. convulsion. 
Convulsionnaire, ko;/-vfil-syo-nair. m. convulsionary. 
Cooblig6, ko-ob-le-hjai, m. joint bondsman. 
Coop^rateur, ko-op-ai-rat-ur, m.. co-operator, fellow- 

Cooperation, ko-op-ai-rah-syo«. f co-operation. 
Coop^rer, ko-op-ai-rai, v. n. to co-operate. 
Coordination, ko-or-de-nah-sj'o«, f. co-ordination. 
Coordonnees, ko-or-do-nai, f. pi. co-ordinates, pi. 
Coordonner, ko-or-don-ai, v. a. to make co-ordinate. 
Copal, ko-pal, m. copal. \^ partner. 

Copartag'eant, ko-par-tah-hja»/, m. co-parcener; co- 
Copeau, ko-poh, m. chip ; — x, pi. sltavings, pi. 
Copie, ko-pe, f copy, duplicate. 

Copier, kop-yai, v. a. to copy 

: imitate, mimic. 

! ^-"iTH^nt, ad. ci^fiifius, 
\' ,■ : ■ : . •. ■■■ . ■ . .■■..•..' [/-yfT^i/ul. 

CtJ I jr-ci] cur, lifj-pr?;.-^niir, '^. f.-'ufftrfiint. 
Coprcprit^rair^/ ko-piO' t^rc-^ii-L^r^ m. ca-pnririier 
Copul^ttf^ ivct fcO'pd'lat^Ux — iv, Al fopulairvr. 
Cnpiitlllionh kn-fkLk'hli-sVQH, f. cvpu/utioa^ 
Copule. Icop-fi), f. tvptilst. 
Co<i, fcok, in. rock ! «fp* f(j/" # ift.ip\ : — de docher, 

tveathfr^c^cJi : — 4-l'Ane, wi. nens^nst^ 
Coquft \iJ^\, f. shell, rtJrf/ hiiii\ihip\. 
Coquccignie, kolc-S^'KTn, f start ; idle iitit, 
CoqueliCO^, kok-^k'lfoh^ fiU>py, 
Caqiieluclic. ttok'Eaih, ./^ tnhBopine^tH'si^h : dn fling, 
CEHE^'QeiucTiQii kok-IJ^h-OH, j«. ^am, <l^zt<i. 
CciquemarT k<])k'iitar,^ m. M.enie„ infiter. 
Coquet, le, kctk^ey, — ett, a. roqufiti^^ — , ta, 6t*su, 
CoqueterH kok-taC ti'^ w. i^ c&^uef.JUt-!, \dat^y. 

CetjLLcticrH kuk-^yilt m^ pottitrrcr i rgi^^CHp. 
Cpquctte, kcik'Cfr^ fcoqaetfe.Jiit. 
Coqy .11 trie, fccik-eH-re. y! coqnetry. 
CpquJUiijfCi kuk-i/-ahj^ m. iheiyiih; shf!ls,pL 
CtsquiUc. kok-i/. f Shell ; Jhet-Pcfand. 
Coqu Llliicr, kale-iZ-ai, ffr. rollectioa irfsheilT. 
CnqLittlaa, Itok-L/'OM', vi. small sJirtl^ 
Cnqiicn, kok-naiirj, m. respiF, knave. 

Co^Qc, knk-tn^ ^ Jysc/r, nT/Ff/. _ \rfg»ery. 

Cof^uiiicrit:, kAk-in-re, Jl Cfj^u inismc, kok-c-nism^ !n, 
Cor, kur, *n. oJrr* ; hiffn ^- k — ct A Cri, If i/A R rte and 
CahuL kor-a/, rn, ivraL [cry ; »irfA tni^ht and main. 
CorHiUeur, kai-aZ-urj wt roral^sher. 
Cor^JJin. ^ koral-aiH, -^4n, a. rpraline. 
Corbeau, kar-boh, in. raven : corbel. 
CorbeLlle, lu>r-ba,y^, f bi^iket ; t crr6el. 
CorbetEle?, kor-lwyJ-siS, f, a bnfielfnf^ 
Ce?rbiDard. kor-Lii^ar, m. ^tartf. 
Corliillat, kar'hU-nh, m^yfungraivu. 
Corbtlloti, kor'hJ,^-<jJ(, m. itTiail dtukt^K 
CardKi?«, kof -flatij, m, afrd^if^e, rapes. 
CanJe, kord, / c&rd, r&pe. string; thrt&4 Qf cloih ; 

catgut ; fUtHg^ig, galloTes, 
^arfKB-Oy kQr>ac>h. ni. /iue, string- 
CofdtSer, kord-ViEr v. a. Iq tofist. tipine. 
Cordclc'tti-. fcord-'ctt. f. Small cord. 
Cordelier kord-lyju, Tn..franci^can friar, 
Cordeliitrt, koiAAy^ik, ffrancisCan HUH ; SjirdU. 
Csrder, karHldi, ti. m id iwist„ ^ind vfiili « tord; 

titeasure by ihtCStd : *e^, V. r. to grovf Firntgy^ 
CanJcnci kor-drfi, / jvpe-ryani: rppe-mai^i'n^r 

Cordial, e, kor*dya!l, a. — ement, ad. cordial. 

Cordiality, kor-dyal>e-tat, f. cordiality. 

Cordier, korndyai, m. ropemaker. 

Cordon. kor-do», tn. string, twist, lace, band, riband, 

girdle; edge ; row. \ 

Cordonner, kor-don-ai, v. a. to twist; braid. 
Cordonneric, kor-don-re, f. shoemakin^. 
Cordonnet, kor-don-ey, -m. twist, lace; edging, 
Cordonnier. kor-don-yai, tn. shoemaker, 
Corigent. Ico-rai-hjaM, m. co-regent. 
Coriace, kor-yass, a. tough. 
Coriandre, kor-e-a^/-dr, f. coriander, 
Corme, konn, tn. service-apple. 
Cormier, korm-yai, tn. service-tree. 
Cormoran. kor-mor-a/i, m. cormorant. 
Comae, kor-nak, tn. elephant-driver. 
Comaline, kor-nal-in, f. cornelian stone. 
Corne, kom, f. horn ; hoof; comet. 
Come, e, kor-nai, a. corneous, homy. 
Corneille, kor-nay/, f. crow, rook. i 

Comemuse, korn-milz, f. bagpipe. [a hoim ; tingle. 
Corner, kor-nai, v. a. et n. to buzz in one's ears ; blow 
Comet, kor-nay, ttu kom; inkhom; dice-box ; paper* 

cornet; rolled wq/er. 
Comette, kor-nett, m. comet; — , ^ iady's nightcap, 
Corneur, kor-nur, tn. horn-blower. Icor^et. 

Comiche, kor-nish, f. cortiice. 
Comichon. kor-nish-OM, tn. little horn ; gherkin. 
Com lire, kor-nyair, f gutter ; corner-iron. 
Comouilie, kor-noo/, f cornelian-clterry, comet. 
Comouiller, kor-noo/-ai, tn. cornel tree. 
Corau, e, kor-nQ, a. horned; angular, 
Comue kor-nii. f. retort. 
Cornuelle, kor-nfl-cli, f. Tvater-caltrop, 
CoroUe, kor-ol, /. corolla. 
Corporal, kor-por-al, tn. corporal. 
Corporation, kor-por-ah-syo», f. corporatiott. 
Corporel, le, kor-por-ell, a. — leinent, ad. corporeal. 
Corps, kor, m. body ; stays ; corporation ; — Ji — , 

hand to hand , \ — perdu, head Ion i^- ; garde du — , 

lifeguard : — de gfarde, guard-house ; — de lofps, 

part of a house ; suit of rooms. 
Corpulence, kor-pQ-lans, f, corpulence. 
Corpulent, e, kor-pik-la«, — t. a. corpulent. 
Corpusculaire, kor-pfis-kfl-lair. a. corpuscular. 
Corpuscule. kor-pAs-kul, tn. corpusde. 
Correct, e. kor-rekt, a. — ment. ad. correct ; exact. 
Correcteur. kor-rek-tur, tn. corrector; reader. 
Correctif, kor-rek-tif, m. corrective. 
Correction, kor-rek-syo;/, f. correction ; correctness ; 

accuracy ; rending: 
Correctionnel. le, kor-rek-syon-ell, a. correctional. 
Corrclatif, ive. kor-rai-latif, — iv, a. correlative. 
Correlation, kor-rai-lah-syo//, f. correlatiott, correld' 

tiveness. [intercourse. 

Correspwndance, ko-res-po«-da«s, f. correspondence; 
Correspondant, e, ko-res-po«-da;/, — t, a. correspondent; 

suitable : — . in. correspondent. 
Corres;iondre, ko-res-po«-dr, v. n, to correspottd. 
Corridor, kor-e-dor, tn. corridor. 
Corriger, kor-e-hjai. v. a. to correct; reclaitn; reprove; 

se — , V, r. to viend, be reformed. 
Corrigible, kor-e-hje-bl, a. corrigible. 
CorroDorant, e, kor-rob-or-a;*, — t, a. corroborant. 
Corroboration, kor-rob-or-ah-syo//, f. corroboration. 
Corroborcr, kor-rob-or-ai, 71. a. to corroborate, 
Corroder, kor-rod-ai. v. a. to corrode. \strettgthen. 

Corroi, ko-rwa, tn. dressing of leather ; litiitig of clay. 
Corrompre, kor-o«-pr, v. a. to corrupt; deprave; 

adulterate ; bribe ; se — , v. r. to grow corrupt ; rot. 
Corroinpu, e, kor-o«-pfl, a. corrupted : putrid. 
Corrosir, ive, kor-roz-if. — iv, a. corrosive. 
Corrosion. kor-roh-zyo«, f. corrosion. {plane wood. 
Corroyer, ko-rwa-yai, v. a. to curry ; prepare clay ; 
Corroyeur, ko-rwa-yur, tn. atrrier ; leather-dresser. 
Corrupteur, ko-rfip-tur, m. corrupter; seducer ; —trice, 

— triss, a. corrupting. 
Corruptibilite, kor-rap-te-be-le4ai.yT cotnmptibility. 
Corruptible, kor-rflp-tibl, a. corruptible. 
Corruption, kor-rflp-syo>t,yT corruption, bribery, 
Cors, kor, tn.pi. hortis, pi. (stap). 
Corsage, kor-sahj tn. shape ; chest; waist. 
Corsaire, kor-sair, m. corsair, privateer. 
Corselet, kor-slay, m. ccrslet. 
Corset, kor-say, m. bodice, stays. 
Cortege, kor-taihj, m. retinue, train. 
Cortical, e, kor-te-kal, a. cortical, barky. 
Corvdable, kor-vai-ah-bl, a. liable to average. 
Corvee, kor-vai,yi average, husbandry, service. 
Corvette, kor-vett. /: corvet, advice-boat. 
Coryph«5e. kor-e-fai, tn. leader, chief. 


fa; J 


Cosmofpraphe. kosmogf-raf, m. cosmographer, 

Cosiiioj^raphique, kos-rooe-raf-ik, a. cosmographical. 

Cosmopolite, kos-mo-po-Iitt, tn. cosmopotitau, tos' 

Co-isc, koss, / husk, cod, fht/L | mofoliU. 

Cesser, koss-ai, v. n. se — , v. r. to btttt. 

Cosson, koss-o«, tn. weevil. 

C'obsu. c. kosvfl. a. husky, shelly. 

Costal, e. kosstaU a. cos'al. 

Costume. kos>tQii*, nt. lostume. Roue's self. 

Coctuniec kos-tA>inai. v. a. to dress : se — , v. r. to dress 

Coftuinier, kos>tA-inyai, »i. dealer tn (ostutnes. 

Cole. kot./. Htonber; quota, share. 

Cote, kolu./. rib: hiU; foast; slue of melon : — \^-t 
suf*. by s''4e ; abreasi. 

Cote, kohtai, tn. suie : Atrty . h —, by. near; de — , 
stfteways ; asquint ; tie — et d'autre, here and there. 

Coteau. kol-ob. m. slope . hillock. 

CO'elette. kohl lett,/ cutlet, chop. 

Coler. kni-ai, '•. a, to quote, number. 

Coterie, kot-re.y coterie, club. 

Cotbume. kot-ftrn, m buskin. 

Cotier. koh-tyal. a. coasting: — . m. coaster. 

Colienac. ko-tiii-yj»k, in. quiddany. 

C otiHon. ko-ti/-o«, m. under-petticoat : cotillon. 

Cotir, kot-eer. if. a to bruise (fruits). 

Cotisaiion. kot-e-za1i-syo«,/ assessment : quota. 

Cotiser. kot-e-zai. v. a. to assess .- se — . v. r. to club. 

Cotissure, kot-e-sflr. f. bruisins {fruits). 

Coton. ko-ton, cotton; down; — explosir, explosive 

Cotonnade, kot-on-ad./. cotton stuff. \cotton. 

Cotoniier, kot<on-ai, v. •». to stuff' toilh cotton : se — , 
"V. r. to become doiony 

Coti^niieux. se. kot oii-uh, — z. a. doiony, spongy. 

Cotoiinier, kot-on-yai. tn. cotton-tree. 

Cotoyer. koh-twa-yai. v. a. to coast along ; go by the side. 

Cotret, kot-rey. tn. rotret. 

Cotte, kot, /. petticoat ; — d'.nrnies. coqtofarttu. 

Cotuteur. ko-tiVtur, tn. joint guard^n. 

Coil, koo, tn. tteck ; couper Ic — , to behead. 

Couard. e. koo-ar. — d, a. coward. 

Couardise. koo-ar-diz.y: cowardice 

Couchant. koo-sha». tn. west, Occident. 

Couche. koosh.yC bed ; couih ; layer; childbed; h^bed; 
child's linen ; stake ; faussc — , tntscarriage. 

Couchee. koo-shai.y: night's iodgitig.] 

Coucher. koo-shai. v a. et n. to put to b^d ; lay down : 
set dawn, write ; lie c own. test, xleefi: se — . v. r. to 
go to bed ; set ; — . m going to be^ . oedtitne. bedding: 

Coachette. koo-shett.y: couch. [— du soleil, sunset. 

Coucheur. koo-shur. tn. bed ft llovt. 

Couchls. koo-Mie, m. layer, urafutn, 

Couci-coud. ko«-se-koo-se. ad. so so. 

Coucou. koo-koo. m. nuke. 

Coiide, kood. tn. elbow, at'gle, 

Coud^e, koo-dai./ rutu 

Cou-de-pied. kood-pyal tn. tttstep. 

Couder. koo-dai. »• a to bene* 

Coudoyer. koo-dwa-yai. •" a. to elbow. 

Coudraie. kood-rey./. copse of hazel trees, 

•Coudre. koo-dr, v. a. to sew, stitth. 

Coudrette. koo-drett,/ see Coudraie. 

Coudrier. koo-dre-ai. tn. haxel-tree. 

Couenne, kwann.yi sward of bacon. 

Couenneux. se, kwanuh, — z, a. swardlike. 

Coulatre, koo-lalij. tn. leakage. 

Coulamment. koo-]am-a». a.fluetttly. 

Coulant. koo-Uui. a. diatnottd-tiecklace ; slide. 

Coulie. koo-lai./I rutming hatid. 

Coulement, kool-maw, tn. runnittg/lux. 

Couler, koo-lai, v. a. et ti. to Jlow', run ; trickle: leak, 
drop : slide ; spetid, pass ; glide away, slip ; — sur, 
to slur over; — k fond, to sink; se — , v. r. to slide 
aivay, slip, creep. 

Coulcur. koo-\ur, f colour ; pretence ; suit (cards): — s, 

Couleuvre, koo-luh-vr.yC adder. [pi. Irvery. 

Coulis, koo-le. tn. jelly, gr^vy ; —, a. vent —, draught. 

Coulisse, koo-liss, f. groow ; side-stette. 

Couloir, kool-war, tn. lobby ; passage. 

Couloire, kool-war,/. colander, strainer. 

Coulure, koo-lflr,X runnitig ; dropping qf grapes. 

Coup, koo, tn. blow, stab; thrust; stroke; tution ; 
jrr'MT. hit : drir^i-;ht .- apT^*; --, tf>fi late t tTni^ ?i — . Turf- 
iifitiy; b — iftr, vHH^ftt jTnii : i tuilt — , trry '^ftdf ; 

— suf — , rwr 9it4 Atton ; — de bonheur, ha-ky hit ; 

— dc cation, iatftsan-jhet ; -^ (Vi?^!^, Ctft, th ►-j* •. C ; 
^ ifcsipai, first uttetnpt; — i\c foUtlfc, thuttdcrh'// ; 

— dc fdticC, lash, cfifsA ." ^ clt ta^W jArt" ; — dc j^Sce, 
d^mthf^ffiv ; ^ dcmoiit, sttddtrt attack ; — Ac m^Strc, 
tmnHrrljf itrtfkt ; — tl'ti lEt glancft loei ; — dc paLte, 
tAtfl* ; -^ tie pic J, ^ei ; — tic poiJiffp Jiitfcuff.- — de 
sEfllet, tehisilt: —dtt^it^.gifd^ action .—lie theatre, 
SftT*i"£'^ftrt { — de VEtitt^«/fi Jf )taif^ 

Coupable. koo<pah-bl, a. guilty of. 

Coupe, koop, /. cMiti'ig, cut; cu/; sectiott ; shape ; 

— liorRe, tn. cut-throat place; — Jarret, tn. cut- 
throat; — papier, m. folding bone. 

Coup^, koo pai, tn. co^pee; chariot; — , e, a. cut; 
short; brief; broken 

Coupeau, koo poh, tn. top ; summit; border. 

Coupelle, koo-pel,y. coppel. 

Couper, koo-pai, v «. et n. to cut. ctU off"; cut out; cut 
up; pare, dip; carfe ; geld; mix; inUrcept; hin- 
der ; se — , V. r. to cut otie's seff; cross, contreuiict 

Cmiperet. fcoop-rry. -^ ' rver; chopper, [on^s se(/, 

Crn.lKrr<i^,r.-, L.i. i|,.i, \<^-, /, ■■tperas. 

C^^vpI'f^■>^r'. i- . k-. •[' f. .; ■•■ii. a. pimpled. 

touptiir, ki^.p 111'. r„. , ii::,r; — de bourse, aitpurse. 

CouiMe, )zr^o-\^\, f. ,tfttf/r. yoke, bmce; —, m. conpU, 

CcHJijler, koo-pbaL v, a. t.j >upie. [frame. 

Ccmplri, k<xi-p4ay, tft.ti?n/-et. 

CoiipoirK kao>t?war, m^ rtrti'^'r; dressing-betich. 

CoUJKi l'C^ k<KJ ■ [>n|, f. c}tpt^a., 

Coii|,i*jTi. )io>\Kjts, m. rtiftnant ; dividend. 
frmiinri", ki-n-i-in'iT. f. nrf, ^^it. 

f.-.T L,...r . .,...> .„,V. f„^, 

*■ ■■ 'age: tnettle ; — , int. cheer 

C'..- ■■.. r. I ill, — z, a. —icmcni, ad. cou- 

rageous, strenuous. 

Couraminent. koor-ain-a/i, cui. fluently. 

Courant, e, koo-raM, — t. a. runnini;; current: instant; 
— , tn. current; course, stream; present tnonth ; 

— d air, draught of air. 
Courante. koo-ra/it./ looseness. 

Courbatu, e, koor-bat-A, a. foundered. \ness. 

Co\ttbaX\\tc,koot-haX-tir,f. foundering , extreme weari' 

Courbe, koorb, a. curved, bent, —,f. curve , knee. 

Courber. koor-bai, v. t. to betid, bow doion : se — , v. r, 

Courbure, koor-biir,y. curvity, [to betid; stoop. 

Courcaillet. koor-ka/-ay, tn. quail pipe. 

Coureur, koo-nir, tn. runner; rambler; rctctr; scout, 

CoHreuse, koo-ruhz./x'rtrf'^^r. 

Course, koorhj.y Routd, pumpion. 

•Courir. koo reer. v. a. et n to run, rate, hutit after ; 

pursue : frequent, ratnble ; be turrent ; — la poste, 

to r^e post : en courant, iti a hurry. 
Couronne. koo-Ton, f crown ; wreath. \piishtttent. 
Couronnenient. koo-ron-niaM, tn. coronation ; cucotn* 
Couronner, koo-ron-ai, v. a. to crown : fitiish. 
*Courre, koor, v. a. to hunt, chase . p**'e. 
Courriet, koo-ryai, m. courier; tnessenger; tnait' 
Courroie, koor-wa,/. j/rrt/. [guard, 

Courroucer, koo-roo-sai, v. a. to provoke; anger ; se— , 
Courroux, koo-roo, tn. wrath, rage. [v. r. to rage. 

Cours, koor, w. course ; stream ; current price ; avoir 

—,t0 be m vogue. 
Course, koorss./ race, runnitig ; cruise; inroad, in- 

vasiott ; ride, walk : journey : fare. 
Coursier, koor-syai, tn. steed, charger; courser, 
Courson, koor-so;i, tti. shoot (vine). 
Court, e, koor. — t, a. short; concise; — , ad. short, at 

once ; deroearer — . to stop short. 
Courtai^e, koor-tahj, m. brokerage. 
Courtaud, e, koor-toh, — d, a dumpy ; cropped. 
Courtauder, koor-toh-dai. v. a. to crop. 
Courte-pointe, koort-pwai;it. f. counterpatie. 
Courtier, koor^tyai, tn. broker; agent, ruttner. 
Courtine. koor-tin./. atrtaitt. 
CourtLsan, koor-te-zaM, m. courtier. 
Courtisane, koor-te-zan,/ courtesatt. 
Courtiser, koor-te-zai, v. a. to court, flatter. 
Courtois, e, koor-twa. — z, a. — einent, ad. coutrteous, 
Courtoisie, koor-twa-ze,/I courteousness. [civil. 

Couru. koo-rA, see Courir. 
Cousu. koo-sA, see Coudre. 
Couseiise, koo-zuhz./. stitcher. 
Cousin. koo-zai>f , tn. cousin ; gnat. 
Cousinag'e, koo-ze-nahj, tn. cousinship. 
Cousine, koo-zeen, / cousin. 
Cousiner, koo-ze-nai, v. tt. to call cousin, 
Cousiniire, koo-ze-nyair,./: gnat-veil. 
Cousoir, koo-zwar, tn. sewing-press. 
Coussin, koo-salM, m. cushion, pillow. 
Coussiner, koo-se-nat, v. a. tnatelasser. 
Coussinet, koo-se-nay, m. smaU cushiott ; pad, 
Cousu, koo-sA, see Coudre. 
CoAt, koo, tn. cost, charge; price. 
CoAtant, koo-ta«, a. prix —, prittu cost. 
Couteau, koo-toh. m. kttife; — de chasse, hc^ger. 
Coutelas, koo-tlau, m. aitlass. 
Coutelier. koot-lyai, m. cutler. 
Couteliire. koot-lyair.yC ktiife-case, 
Coutellerie, koo-tell-re,/ cutlery. 
CoAter, koo-tai, v. tt. to cost; coAte que coAte, at any 
Coftteux, se, koo-tuh, — z, a. costly. [Price, 




Coutier. koo-tyai, m. ticken-weavtr. 

Coutil, koo-te, m. ticken, 

Coutre, koo-tr. t>t. coulter. [common/y, usually. 

Coiitumc, koo-tilm, f. custom; common law; de — , 

Coutumier. dre, kootfl-rayai, — r, a. common; wonted ; 
— , we. book 0/ coiutnon law. 

Couture, koo-tfir. /! seam ; suture ; scar, 

Coutur^, e, koo-tU'rai, a. scarred. 

Couturi^re, koo-tfl-ryair.y, seatnstress, mantle-makir. 

Couvain, koo-vai», m. e£'£s o/bees, bugs. etc. 

Couvaison, koo-vay-zow.yC sitting. 

Couvie, koo-vai,y. broad, covey. 

Couvent, koo-va^t, m. comment. [to be Jtatckiug. 

Couver, koo-vai, v. a. et n. to Hatch, brood; se — , v. r. 

Couverclc, koo-vair-kl, m. cover, lid. 

Couvert, e, koo-vair. — t, a. covered; shady; secret, 
hidden, h —, under-shelter ; mettre A — , to secure ; —, 

■ tn. tablecloth and cavers ; cover; shelter, 

Couverte, koo-vairt, /'. g'laxing^. 

Couverture, koo-vair-tflr,/: cover; coverlet ; roof; pre- 

Couvet, koo-vay, m^./oot-stove. [teuce. 

Couveuse, koo-vuhz,y: brooder, sitter. 

Couvi, koo-ve, a. addle. 

Couvre-chef, koo-vr-shef, m. kerchief. 

Couvre-feu, koo-vr-fuh, m. curfew. 

Couvre-pied, koo-vr-pyai, m.. foot-coverlet. 

Couvreur, koo-vrur, m. tiler; slater; thatcher. 

•Couvrir, koo-vreer, v. a. to cover ; clothe; conceal; out- 
bid; se — , V. r. to be overcast; put one's hat on. 

Covendeur, koh-va;i-dur, m. joint-vendor. 

Crabe. kraub,/. crab. 

Crac. krak, m. crack. 

Crachat, krash-ah, m. spittle, spawl ; star. 

Crachement, krash^maw, m. spitting. 

Cracher, krash-ai, v. a. et n. to spit, spawl. 

Cracheur, krash-ur, m. spitter. 

Crachoir. krash-war, m,. spittoon. 

Crachotement. krash-ot-iuaM/ m. frequent spitting; 

Crachoter. krash-otai, v. n. to spit often, {sputtering, 

Craie, kray.yC chalk. 

Cra!gnant, krain-ya/i, set Craindre. 

*Craindre, krain-dr, v. a. et n. to fear ; be a/raid. 

Crainte, Vx9\ni,f.fear; de — de, for fear of; — que, 
for fear that lest. \timid. 

CraintLT. ive." kraiM-tif, — iv, a- — ivement, ad, fearful, 

Cramoisi, kram-wa-ze, a. crimson ; — ,»f. crimson. 

Crampe, kra«p,yC cramp ; torpedo. 

Crampon, kran-poft, m. cramp-iron, frost-naiU 

Cramponner, kra«-pon-ai, v. a. to cramp ; rough-shoe ; 
se — , V. r. to cli*%g to. 

Cramponnet, kra»'pon-ey, m. little cramp-iron , staple. 

Cran, kra;/, w. notch, nick. 

CrAne, kraun, m. skull ; swaggerer. 

CrAnerie, kraun-re,/: sioaggering. 

Crapaud, krap-oh, m. toad; paddock. 

Crapaudi^re. krap-oh-dyair,/; swampy place. 

Crapoussin, krap-oo-sai». m. shrimp. 

Crapule, krap-(il,yr low debauchery. 

Crapuler, krap-0-lai, v. n. to live intemperately. 

Crapuleux. se. krap-fl-luh, —z, a. intemperate. 

Craquelin, krak-lai;/, m. cracknel. 

Craquement, krak-maM, tn. cracking. 

Craquer, krak-ai, v. n, to crack ; creak. 

Craqiierie, kn.V.-xe,f Jib. fudge. 

Craqufetement. krak-eyt ma;*, m. crackling ; gnashing 

Craqueter, krak-tai, v. n. to crackle. \ofthe teeth, 

Craqueur. krak-ur, m. cracker. 

Crasse, krass,/". dirt, filth; drost. 

Crasser, krass-ai, v. a. to foul. 

Crasseux. se. krass-uh, — z a.filthy, greasy , sordid. 

Cratire, krat-air, m. crater. 

Craticuler, krate kfll ni. -r/. a. to graticulate. 

Cravache. krav-ash./I ha>id-whtp. 

Cravate, krav-at,/: cravat; colour-knot. 

Cravater, krav-at-ai, v. n. to put on one's cravat. 

Crayeux, se, kray-yuh, — z, a. chalky. [draught. 

Crayon, kray-yo«, tn. cltalk ; pencil; sketch, rough 

Crayonner, kray-yon-ai, v. a. to crayon ; sketch. 

Crayonneux, se, kray-yon-nuh, — z, a. chalky. 

Creance, krai-aMS,y: trust, credit; lettresde — , creden- 
tials, pi. 

Cr^ancier, krai-aM-syai, tn. — fere, —T,f. creditor. 

Criateur, krai-at-ur, m. creator, —trice, — triss, a. 

Cr^tion, krai-ah-syo«,yC creation, [creating, creative. 

Crdature, krai-at-fkr.yC creature. 

Crecelle, krai-sell,/: rattle. 

Crecerelle. krais-rell,yi kestrel. 

Crfeche. kreysh.yC crib, manger ; public-nursery. 

Credence, krai-da^/s.^! buffet ; pantry, 

Cr^dibilite. krai-de-be-le-tai.y: credibility. 

Credit, krai-de, w. cr*<^d//r»«/. 

Crtditer, krai-de-tai, v. a. to credit; give credit. 

Cr^o. krai'dnli, tn. tmd. 
Cr^iule. krai dJll, a. cr\eduiaui. 
CriJi1u]iit<<; krjj^ul-t^-tai/. tricdtfi^. 
Crclcf, krai 'Oi. -u. a. tta crmlx ; invcHt ; itttle* 

Crt'nLjTL[fL?re', krj3-nia/-airf.j^ pothattgct^ 
Cr.'Jii'>Lll<'iL, !i I -.1 L-iiu»^-Df Ik ftt. iinatl pethsak, 
Cr.-Mi..-. tr.Lvi'i, f. irfattt; ihoue. 
Crciii'.r, L;r,',i.'5„Li, I-. tj, tit crraitL 

CriJl 1 1 1 iJ rf , UT-Li-ltiTfJJt,fr ttlllJtTF^HtsXn, 

Crdtlriiu, ItT-iU'SSCifl. Jw, b.Uf^i!i*tfiit. 

Crertalcr^ krain-l^i, v. n. td uide*ti, fififiA. 

Crenel Lirf3, krvlitl4flr,y: iusitnling. 

CrcncJ, krai'lJaJ, f. *, tpii-nt^- stm^th. 

Cte^^^ knLi-^]3j, wt glffjiing. 

CrcfJCh iiTc:yyi^f: p^tuariv ; — , m. crtpt^ 

Crr^^r fcrey pii, ;■. a. fn crfip^fruaffi, 

Cr.* i ■■ I irr.i J ■ ;■ ■: , f?t. 3-vitchf\ts/, p<i r^-, 

Cr-.- ill, V.'. .\ \>:'Ati, tft.i- SOIL Saint -'i 9tWs all. 

Cr.- ■, III' . I'- M- ■ I ■ ni, / friitx'ft 

Cr..-i-ir, km; |-.:-^j-, V, a. it* rptn'hciiifr p^f'J'f^- 

CKpr...-MTf. lit.r'\'ws-iilf,f. nrngAdAK 

Crtpltjitic^n, kml-pt'lafi-iyun, / rrtptttttion, crackling. 

CreiKHRn kril4"pti'?. m. f/tJti crape. 

Cre|jLi^cutFr knu^ptbi^Jcult fn^ i-milijiHt. 
Cressncif krc^s-OHk '«■ rnfir, cresses. 
Cresiiannicrri kress-Dn-yaiT, /^ fttfibed^ 
CrcTe, k.Tcy^,f rretT ,- fuci^j-fifntfr, 

Cu-\''-. C:, kr..-y I.LI, a, o-^itf.'l, in f fed, 
Cx<:.V^'.f.I. tiV-W. J.Li, -.-, jp, fi-> rhUiU^. 

Criin, krai c.LL'c, jh. cre/i't, i^ii?t. 

Crj;iiJ]i!fiiie, kriii-te-ntsiTi, 71. crefinisitt, 

CiMriiuie, kmA-liDhi f.Jfue /iuen-flntA, 

Cretons, ^Ltith-ton^ m. pL graves^ pi, 

CrtUie'lltHt, kruh-ziTtaHi wi. diffgine, 

Crt;LL!y4tH krull^zdi. v. u^ et n. t^ drg, kallow, deepen; 

siff; M — Ic Mrvciiu. tc ntt^ tfflif'j train. 
Cr^usiCt, kmh-zcy, ttt. cfttfiAle. 
Cri:iix. f-."^. knilK —j..i. Aiy/ffne, tirep^ttnpty ; vain : — , 

Ci -iviee ; rhaf^. 

Cl_iu._»_*, *.4.i..v ij^i ».;, ^f. a. to crack ; chap. 

Crfeve-coeur, krev-kur, m. heart-break. 

Crever, kr»A-vat, v. a. et n. to break ; burst: die. 

Cri, kre, tn. cry ;scrvam, 

CriaJllcr, kr-c -ay-ai, ^'- tt. fa Artno-'i ,■ snrld. 

CiiaillericH ^icsil^re.f. Amw/iHg. stuitding^ 

CriaJJkuT, krfl-a/'Ur^ tn, ifaTttfer, ^rawUr, 

Cri.irtl e, krc^hr, — ii, a. cryitig, ttffity j dribbling 

Criblc. krc-bl, m, sievt.\id<ti^; — , m.ifitKfkP^ brawler. 

Criblcr, kre-blfli, v. tt, & sift; riddle. 

Criblcur, IcncO-ilyr^ fft, s^ftfr. 

CuliliEjr,, m. sf^vt^tak^. 

Cri hlurc, kre- li] CI r. / siftiugs, pL 

CtLC, Mfffr »lj\frJt^ itltW-JfJTmr. 

CiJc-crac, l^rtk-IcrHk, m. cricA-cradt^ 
Cri^e^ kr«-ai,y: proctamafi^fi iff sale, 
Ciirr, krf ^ElJ, V. rr. tt n. to proclaim^ stlt hy auction ; 
Kvmk ; (ry: sfwitt: s.kriek; tukine ; c&mp&sitt loudly. 
Criitrhe, krc-rc,^ btTJvtiag ; fi'^idiitg,, krc-tir, ^uhz, f, Inrxvier; asicti^ifer ; hawker. 
CrUnCp krliTi. tn. crim^ ; guHt, 
CrLminaliL^H krim-c4ial-c.lai»j'^ gltilHtttis. 
CrimEncI, ]<:. krnn^e-iiell, a. — lemetit, mt eriminat, 
Crirt, krjiLjj, m. h^rie^Hdir. [jpnl^ ; — , tn. ctHminal. 
Ci:ric:iri, \iv.V\;>\.i.t\it,iri., s^rryjtddlt : isrrjhfiddler. 
CriiiiiT. lif^;- :.:...!, tttrhoru^hair^^rktr. 
CriiiLi[^-, kiL.:.ny.iir./: tntxne : h&rst^i^U^ 
Ciiqut, kiik.y- H"»^it, f«.Tf, bay. 
Clique;, krJk-ey. m. tilt tomtit. 
CrLsUr krit^f f foists. 
Cri s p.-i fi r.r, . krl •-,- pali -^yO ?r, A tvi^faffan. 

Cti 1 ' :' . ". ; . ::■; 55 — , v. r. to 

Cii-.-. ■ i.r. . :>:>...:,>: -ih. ^contract. 

Cristal. krist-al (//. — aux), tn. crystcU. 
Cristallerie. kris-tal-re.y: crystal-nuttiufactory. 
Cristallin. e, kris-tal-Iaui, —in, a. crystallitie. 
Cristallisation, kris-tal-le>zah-syo7i,y: crystallixation. 
Cristalliser, kris-tal-Ie-zai, v. a. et se — , v. r. to crystal- 
Criterium, kre-tai-ryom, m, criterion. [lixe. 

Criticable, kre-te-kah-bl. a. censurable. 
Critique, kre-tik,/: critical; — , tn. critic 
Critiquer, kre-tik-ai, v. a. to ctnticize. 
Croassement, kro-ass-maw, tn. croakittg. 
Croasser, kro-ass-ai. v. tt. to croak. 
Croc, kroh, m. hook; fattq ; sharper; — en-jambe, trip. 
Croche, krosh, a. crooked, bent; —,f. quaver. 
Crochet, krosh-ey, m. hook; picklock: steelyard, key; 
crotchet, bracket; — s, pi. fangs ; braces; locks qf 
Crocheter, krosh-tai. v. a. to pick (a lock). [hair, pi, 
Crocheteur, krosh-tur, tn. porter; pickUfk. 
Crochu, e, krosh-0, a. hoo^d; ctMjheiLA 
■ Digitized by VjOOyiC 




Crocodile, krok-od-il, m. croaxiiie. 

•Croire, kroh-ahr, v. a. etn. to believe, think; credit; 

be advised by ; en — , to trtist to; se — , v. r. to believe 

one's self, be believed. 
Crotsade, kroh-ah-zad. /. crusade. 
Crois^ kroh-ah-zai, tn. crttsetder; twill. 
Crois^ kroh-ah-«aU,y. casemettt, witutow; cross'aisle; 
Croisement. kroh-ahz-ma^/, nt. crossing. \cross. 

Croiser, kroh-ah-zai, v. a. etn. to cross; lay cross-wise ; 

strike otU; lap; se — , v, r. to cross each other; be 
Croiseur. kroh-ahz-ur, tn, cruiser. {crossed. 

Croisiere, Icroh-ah-zjfair, /. cruise. 
CroisiUon, kroh-ali-zi/-ow, m. cross-bar. 
Croissance, kro-ah-sa/is, /. growth. 
Croissant, kroh-ah-saM, a. growing; — , »/. crttcent; 

hook ; chimney-hook. 
Croisure, kro-ah-zur, /. crossing ; coat-staves, pi. 
Crott, kroh-ah, m. increase. 
•Crottre, kroh-ah-tr, v. n. to grow; increase. 
Croix, kro-ah, /. cross; affliction. 
Croquant, e, kroh-ka/*, — t, a. crisp, brittle. 
Croque, krok, /T & la — au sei, ad. with salt atone. 
Croquenote, krok-not, tn. sorry musician. 
Croquer, krok-ai, v. a. et n. to craunch ; scrunch ; 

sketch ; — le marmot, to dance attendance. 
Croquet, krok-ey, m. crcuktul. 
Croquette, krok-ett, f. crocket, croquette. 
Croqueur, krok-ur. m. glutton. 
Croqui^ole. krok-in-yol, y: hard pastry ; /illip. 
Croquis, krok-e. tn. sketch. 
Crosse, kross, / crosier; butt-end. 
Grosser, kross-ai, v. a- to bat; treat with conUmpt, 
Crossctte, kross-ett, f. layer, sprig. 
Crosseur, kross-ur, tn. cricket-player. 
Crotte. krot, /. dirt; dung. 

Crotter, krot-ai, v. a. to dirt ; splash; se — , v. r. to^et 
Crottin. krot<«ii». m. dung. \dirty. 

Croulement, krool-ina;i, m. sinking. 
Crouler, krool-ai, v. n. to sink ; launch. 
Croulier, ire, krool-yai, — r, a. swampy. 
Crouli&re, krool-yair, /l bog, swamp. 
t.TiiiJEJn 1rrr>f>fh rt •''■oup. 
Cf^Ljpaite, kroi* |ii, / croupade. 
CFntipet kniopn /■ > rou/; brow q/ a hill. 
CtOMp4 krodj-piiL, i. bien — , with ajfne croup. 
Crrjitpicr, trao-Ei^- \i, m. croupier; partner. 
Ct-jiupitrc. krrF[i-LH air, f. crupper. 
Cruiiplon, J:jor.-|.y Ki, m. rump. 
Cruiipjr, kFOO-pcr.r, V. ft. to stagnate ; lie. 
troustlllc, krci« si /. /. little crust. 
t>ou5*ilkrH kri>'-.:i^'-ai, v. n. to gnaw little crusts. 
Crnfltc, fcrool,/. r^-:tst ; scab; scurf. 
Crputelcttc. k^ocl^^Jtt, /. little crust. 
Crofiticr, kraot-y.ii. m. paltry painter. 
Cnrilitfln, Icroo-t'j';. 'n. crust. 
Cj n y .1 ? 'Fls k rw, , - '. I h -bl, a. credible. 
L T . iy 1 1 ii; L-, k r ■ . is,f. belief; faith. 
Croyant. krwa-ya//, m.. believer. 
Cru, e, ierfl, a. raw; crude; coarse: harsh, rough; 

indecent; stiff; k —, on the bare skin {see Croire). 
Crfl, krfl, m. growth, soil ; invention {see Croitre). 
Cruaut6, krA-oh-tai, f. cruelty. 
Cruche, kxH^f. pitcher ; blockhead. 
Cruch^e, krftsh-aC f piUher-full. 
Cruchon, krftsh-o«, m. little pitcher. 
Crucif^re, krdwie-fair, a. cruciferous. 
Crucifieroent, krfl-se-fe-ina«, m. crucifixion. 
Crucifier, krfl-se-fyai, v. a. to crucify. 
Crucifix, krfl-se-fe, m. crucifix. 

Crudite, krfl-de-tai, f. crudity, crudeness ; indigestion ; 
Crue, krfl, /. growth ; rise. [— s, //. harsh words. 

Cruel, le, knl-ell, a. —lenient, ad. cruet. 
Chiment, krft-ina;*, ad. bluntly, roughly, 
Crustac^, e, krAs-tas^ai, a. crustaceous, 
Cruzade, krfl-zad, f. crusade. 

Crypte. kript, f. crypt. 
Cube, kOb, m. cube. 

Cubique, kd-bik, a. aibic, cttbical. 

Cucurbite, kfl-k(br-bit, f. amtrbite. 

Cueillaison. ku/.ey-so;i, Cueillette, )ml-t,\Xtf. gathering, 

•Cuefllir, kuAeer, v. a. to gather, pick. [harvest. 

CueiUoir, ku/-war, nt. fruit-basket. 

Cuiller. kwiZ-air, >: j/«?« ,• ladle. 

Cuiller^e. kwl/-rai, f. spoonful; ladlefUl. 

Cuilleron, kwi/-ro»«, m. bowl of a spoon, 

Cuir, kweer, m. hide, skin ; leather. 

Cuirasse. kwe-rass, f. cuirass. 

Cuirasser, kwe-ras-ai, v. a. to atirass. 

Cuirassier, kwe-ras-yal, m. atirassier. 

•Cuire, kweer, v. a. et n. to cook ; dress ; boil; roast; 

stew ; digest; smart; bum ; to — trop, to over-do. 
Cuisant, e, kwe-z^;/, — t, a. sharp; smarting. 

Cuiseur, kwe-zur, m. brickburner. \ttndercook. 

Cuisine, kwe-zin. f. kite/ten ; cookery ; aide>dc- — , 

Cuisiner, kwe-ze-nai, v. n. to cook, dress victuals. 

Cuisinier, kwe-ze-nyai, m. cook ; —ire, —air, / rook- 

Cuissard, kwe-sar, m. cuish. \mttid. 

Cuisse, kwiss, f. thigh ; leg [tt/afowl). 

Cuisson. kyrc-sonf. cooking ; baking; smart; pain de 

Cuissot, kwe-soh, m. haunch. {—, home-bakea bread. 

Cuistre, kwis-tr, m. a schoolmaster's man ; pedant. 

Cuit, kwe, j«'.Cuire. 

Cuite. kweet./: baking, burning. 

Ciiivre, kwe-vr, w. copper; — Jaune, brass. 

Cuivri, e, kwe-vrai, a. coi>pered, copper-coloured. 

Cul, kfth, m. brecth : bottom; — i.\c]aX\f, cripple ; 

Lui.i^-'ii'h kii-Nii.-*-, J. \- rtu 'fi if; c. 

Cukliut'C^ kiil-tsuiry; n(Vfti(frief,tttmt>lf. 

Culbuter, kfll'bft-i:itE, T^ a, €/ tu to ihtvf& d^yjvn head- 

lifwg: Jkfl hfitd^tiug. 
Culec, kft-lai,/ a^nimrnt; s^erfi-Hra;:!'. 
CuLitrc, k (ii-yaLr,y^ gfti/er-stuHt ; hiutf-gtrih. 
Cii Ltoiiirc I kil'kc-niur. a. miinaryy 
CuFtninatino. kili'iuc-D£ilii^yi}n,/l ntlmiinttisn. 
Ci:l''^ kn-Loli^ wi+ uisiltfig; cup ^ fvifo*ii <■ ffnax, 
Hi !■ i : ' . li iVliH, f iffM At-Jh >/. ,► rttmp tfheef 
(_ij''ii'f. l:fi-5 cvt'fll, !►+ a, iahrtnh, 
(jLili.'UitT. kli4ot-JuT, ttt, bn-trhfjffiuirt', 
CiiljiiUlln^, kAl\iRb^^U^tm^firt/pai»Ji/y, 
C»Mcy ki'll, UK n't't-tJtip. 
CnUiv.iliJe, k iM -t c-Vrt.>l-bi> ff, ittJ/mtfi/^. 
C-'ulEi^LLteur kl'kl-ie-ral-llr, m. itus^t^dinatty tiller; 
CMhJTallDTiH kfil'tc-TSi-iyow./ iUitiT^tii^Hr \fartner. 
CwltivcTn kfl]tc'T;U. T/, !», t& mm^'att; im/r^tv. 
Ciillurc, kfti-tflr,/: nt/furr, hushtntfry. 
Cmniiii kft-n^^fM^ hi. rtftnia. 
Cumul, k^-mti], m. mcumtti&fim. 
Cuxnubtbr. ivc, kTi-t^, — jv, ff, — Jvcment, ad. 
Cumuk'f , kil-jn 11^^ T. (t fo acrmn tthfc. \ m i NMUlatrve. 
C\A\i\\\v, Itii-pitl, a^cinftitus^grmij. 
Cufji'lH^J, kd'fic-flc.laJ./ CTtfUdityy ittst. 
CliriLlilUk=. kCl^m-'be-lc'lfll,/; t-nraNeiuis. 
fiir.tMc. ka-Mh-bl, a. rtit^ibie. 
i'ii'V.:. tn-riihj, UK itf'fiifiiif^ 
l' r , ! K 1 1 1 ■ , kfi ml cHh/; gntinlHtHsh ifi. 
iA,j,, kfi-r,tt-ur, m. atrn/t/n tritsttf. 

CiiraTricc, kllri-Lit-riiA,/ iriufr*. 

Curt-, kflr, / istrf : /arfth. 

Clif^-'r ki'i-r:ii, m. pnrtoH. 

CiJTL'iliiTit, ■Li'ir-ilFl^l, »i, f^hpic^k. 

turL'C. kh-r.LJ. /; h&ut!\ts.fce. 

Curi; L-rtJllc, ki^rnr-cy/, tn, turpifkcr, 

CuFcr. kiVrai, T*. a. Fn fletimr^ piik. 

CurclK", krt-i'ct^/ jiitiMfi-jimpfr. 

Cia reuFj k il-riiri hp. cletnijfr ly tvflJi. 

Curiiil, Cy k ri-n«nal, n^ curraf.^ 

CuTic, ki-.rc, /; TPrtn/. 

CiirieuK, M!. kft-ryuh. — c, n, 

tUfin^lt. ii-t^tyoh-xE'ta^.f. t-nr^Tify. 

Ciiroif, kfirtv^ar, ttupiaiti^rh-spttd* I 

Cutli^r K'tf, kflr-sSI, — iv* a. rttrsfve; c^nturt:. ■ 

Qi^ckIf, kiivteKt, m- niiinii-n .- ^yf furtain ; Pyx. 

Cutatle, c, kfl-Mn-al, it.cutiSHfSiis. 

Cuvtn kiiv, X tftK f'**f. 

\ ft jet, dainty, 
ad. cnrious; 

I m Hnifii^ hand. 

Cu^^t. kdv-ai,/; tuhjHiL 

( i/*r/* utters irif sober. 

Cu^Ttr, kil-vai, f. n. h* ttn^rk fet-Ht^nf ; — son vin, to 

t:uvclie, kiVvet,/, WiTjA Arti^ff ^Ti«. 

Ciiv3tit kil'vc ill, m^/Iih^ffiit; ffg'titfi. 

Cjcfti f,tk1, ««, f vf/iT, 

CytUnltiet M'kliK, a, fytficat 

CyctiCf iiii'j^^. tft. smtti. 

dVmdTc^ &t-\aufi\t, tit. cytfihitK 

Cylindriquc, &c-Uii«i.1 rj]; , *, ofiirdrit., fy/inJrj'tal. 

Cymaisej hc-tata,f. f^ffft., 

CymtiAlc* saUt-lia-Uf tytnNt-L 

Cyntrjuc, sc-nik, a^ cyHiti cyrticml. 

Cyni^nCj sc-nizm, rn. cyttista,. 

Cyiints, ic-iircy, t/r. ryprwfs. 

Da, dah, int. ovA-dsi,yes indeed; nenni-da, no indeed. 
Dactyle, dak-til, m. dactyle, 
Dada, dad-ah. m. hobby-horse. 
Dadais, dad-ev, m. booby, ninny. 
Dague, dag,yC dagger. 

Dayjuerr^otype, dag-err-ai-o-tep, rtt^aguerreotype. 
Daguerrio^er, dag-err-ai-o-te-pai, Vir^A^tps <.aguer< 
retype. gitized by VjVJVJV 

Dafinierrtk}typiste, dag-crr-ai-o-te-pUt, m. dasuerrfo- 
typist, \stae, PL 

D^^Olcs, A9!R,/. pi. tusks 0/ a wild boar; horns qf a 

Daguet. da^-ey, m, brocket. 

Daif^ner, dain-yai, v. tt. to deign ; iwtckstf/^. 

Daim, daiM, m. — mAle, buck; — feiuelle, doe. 

Daine. den,yC doe. 

Dais, dey, tH. canopy. 

Dalle. 6a3i, f. flag-stone : trough. 

Daller, dal-ai, v. a. to pave with/lag-stoites, 

Dalmatique, dal-mat-ik,/: dalmatic. 

Dalot, dal-oh, m. scupper. 

Dam. dan. tn. cost, damage. 

Damas, dam-ah, m. damask. \v. a. to damask. 

Damasquiner, dam-as-kin-ai, Damasser, dam-ah-sai, 

Dainassure. dam-ah-sAr,/: damask'Work. 

Dame, dam,/: lady : dame; queen (chess, cards); — s, 
pi. drattghts : — , int. nay, forsooth ; — Jeanne, /. 
demijon, lar^e bottle. 

Darner, dajn-ai, v. a. to crown : — Ic pion \<\.,to outdo 

Dameret. dam-ray, m. spark, fop. {one. 

Damier, dam-yai, m. draughtboard. 

Damnable, dau-nah-bl, a. — ment, ad. damnable. 


\ <i. sab^y^ 

Damnation, dau-nau-syow, /I damnation. 
I3amner, dau-nai, v. a. to damn, 
Damoiseau. dam>wa-zoh, tn. spark, fop. 
Damoisel, dara-wa'Zell in. young page ; spark, 
Damoiselle, dam-wa-zell f. datnsel. 
- Dandin, da^z-dai/i, m. noddy, ninny. 
Dandinement, da/i-din-ma«, m. jogging. 
46 Dviiliucr, dBJi-din-a'i. 1'. r. t^Jof^oUt^i self. 

iXin^fjcuKH 5c, ili'/lij-f^li, — ?, if. -"icment, ad. dan. 

JSun^, dfiji, pr. itf^ tvifhitt, rWM nf, [gerous. 

Uiiiuct dii'i^y. dittiit! d^m-hti^. 

tloEucr, da'i-sdi, v. #1. fo 'iTitur^ liultrc 1 — , dancing- 

Ehmsemr^ Elji^HtiLr, ml. dtlHirr.. [master. 

Xh^ni, dar^ m. d/tri, Jttt^/f'n, httr^'fln. 

tbriJcr, dkr^dal^ v. a. fn dart, harfitHttt. 

I^ricilt, ilor-ynt, /; a sort q/'cajtartl, 

Ila,rne, dam, / j/iifr 

Dant, A^ns, fr wrt-dufk. 

Danre^ dir-tfpj^ t-iH.^^**nt : t^fUi\ 

DfirttHHiTL, sc, ilir'tnih, —ty 

DataLrrK d»E-aiir» m. dafary. 

liaXx, (Ut,/: dittr. 

I>atcrK dat'Oih V- ff, t> I d'tte-^ 

Daterit cUt're,/' d^io-fy'^ ^gfcr. 

JJtjkiifi iife, AAl-if, —U\ rfj iiiitTJf; — , m. dative, 

]>4tte. i\nt, f. dale, 

I'Xrtlifif, rttt'j^K^i. ut, \tair-ttW. 

Ilji Whe, \\^t]\t\,f. s/rnied aU^f. 

\X\Vi\i<T, (J I ik 1 1. li. I'. 1 r, ti> ^tem / i i(^; tenter. 

Uauphin, ^^*A\-iii\st, tn. ti^ipiiiii-, 

DavMntaffCi tl.U-a'E-E.ahJ^ dvf. jHtfrft 

TICk i\tih, pr^ ff/^fri?Mt in, *>, Tn/Hh - ile pmr le roi, in the 

D(*H f J-TJ, m. die : ihim&te. {king's tianu, 

Hiikdkclaif Ci (t^i-'UaU'UUhj, f Jr, rlfarin c a haven. 

iJ^Kidci d!iL-l*aLi-hKj^ breiiA'itt^ ^ffh,f iff, 

TjIbrrV/f^ t'ia.r&ryttr}^. 
TiiXActa^T, dal^b-lU'kUi. f. it. /n ^rrrP* fr/ (i«) ; r/^-ar 
U(i|jlclciir, diiUluLL-kEar^ w. intt/rr'^nlfff. [(harbour). 
XHjbaUajfE, d^-lnal-iihj. p». nu^ufkiH^. 
D^ballcJi [t:ii-baL..i,i, 7^^, A^r u^ijhfL'^. [skelter. 

D^bamiad c^ d^i- Lia^i-dA^ l.y^ d I4 '« 1 » toif/itsion, helter- 
Hk^bandtiDmtt iliu^bLuvii-HkTH^ f^i, dfiiutiuiing, 
Dt^lhHJidrrs rLd-thiFr-doJ, 'e>'. u. A; ttufieitJ,' loosen ; se — »' 

?'. r. ^p 4fi^ifid. 
T>eban>^LFcr, tLji-lMut-rk^i^ t'. a, fit firfn^a bank. 
IhfLhiplispr, LJai-liAt-Cn^^i^ Th. fj, /lj itttcAfisten; se fatre 

— K /j7 rrniHtiiir tutfitirtn j tA-m^ iMtr's itame. 
ilcbajbouillcr^ diLi-<1iaj4piHt/-:il, tt. d, /l^ (lean; wash; 

se — , ^'. r. ^Ef wuj A jh? i /iii ^. 
TlijbajruaJtre, liiMii^Lr-kAil-.iir. ^^f. fA*uliHg-place ; rail- 
PiibaritajjE!, [l.tM,iiLr tLifij, "f. tif(f\^, [way-station. 
I>^hardcr, FLiL'lx'U'<>,tt, *■, a. f.t 
nebajdcuFj ri;iu|>tr^i Utr. nt, ligltftrf/UJrt. 
TJtfliiU'qLiEiniinf, <l,iM*Jirk-lilbl«, m. (.jn-iifs^. 
1 i«lhUf ifuer, ^I.Li'lKtr^kh'd. cj tr.efn. A> A\sfmbark: land. 

Dcljartas^r, ddJ-biir'^s-Eu, t^, a. t^ di incumber ; free ; 

St — J T'f r. /u t'r'f rfif ii f"+ rid of. 
rubarTEr, claLrbiiuri^U ^^ a. /<? ntihyir, 
Dtibat {Lai^lNiti. I'fi fflff»rr*/K strife. 
Uebftlei-, dd-u-lviLi'tdC t^ rt^ fi? intftTddlc 
iJeKlttrt, <lai-bat-tr, Xf. rt. /tf de6\ifi!', diifnss ; se — , v. r. 

Dt^baucliCt illi-bolihh,/ dehittth; d^fi'auchery. 
n^Liiiuciier dni-ljoJt'ShEil, m. df^Hi'hr^. 
Debauckicr^ cUl-^buk^akJiui, -p. a. i^ liitAitch ; seduce. 

Debaucheur, dai>boh-shur, m. debaucher. 
Debet, dai-bett, m. balance. 
D^biflfer, dai-bif-fai, v. a. to weaken. 
D^bile, dai-bil, a. —ment, ad. weak, feeble. 
Debilitatwn. dai-be-le-tah-syoM,y: debUitation, 
Debility, dai-be-Ie-tal,/I weakness. 
D^biliter, dai-be-le-tai, v. a. to debilitate. 
D^bit, dai-be. m. sale; delivery: debtor side. 
Debitant, dai-be-ta>i. m. retailer, dealer. [d^it. 

D^biter, dai-be-tai, v. a. to sell; tUter words, declaim; 
D^biteur, dat-be-tur, nt. —trice, — triss, /. debtor; — , 

m. — teuse, — tuhz,/! teller ; spreader of news. 
Dtf blai. dai'blay, m. clearing away ; rubbish. 
Deblatdrer. dai-blat-ai-rai, v. tt. to blatter. 
Deblayer, dai-blay-yai, v. a. to clear away. 
D^bloquer. dai-blok-ai, v. a. to raise a blockade. 
Deboire. dai-bwar, tn. twatig, afier-taste : trouble. 
Dfiboitement, dai-bwat-niai/, nt. dislocation ; luxation. 
Deboher, dai-bwat-ai, v. a. to dislocate, [gush forth. 
Dibonder, dai-bo/i-dai, v. a. et tt. to unbung ; burst, 
Dtibondonner, dai-bon-don-ai, v. a. to unbttng, uttstof. 
D^bonnaire, dai-bon-air, a. —ment, ad. itteek, easy 

Dtfbonnairete, dal-bon-air-tii,./: meekness, kindttess. 
Debord6, e, dai-bor>dai, a. dissolute. [luteness. 

D^bordement, dai-bord-maM, tn. oversowing; disso- 
Deborder, dai-bor-dai, v. a. et tt. to take off the hem ; 

jut out; oversow; se — , v. r. to overfttnv. 
D^botter, dai-bot-ai, v. a. to pull off'one's boots. 
Debouche, dai-boo-shai, m. market ; isstte ; evasion. 
Deboucher. dai-boo-shai, v. a. et tt. to uncork ; open ; 

pass : clean. 
Ddboucler, dai-boo-klai, v. a. to unbuckle; uttatrl. 
D^bouquement. dai • book • ma/<, tn. disemboguing: 

ttarrow channel. 
D^bouauer, dai-boo-kai. v. tt. to disetnbogue. 
D^bouroer, dai-boor-bai, v. a. to cleanse. 
D^bourrer, dai-boor-ai, v. a. to unstop; draw the wad- 
ding <i/'a gun ; se — , v. r. to becotne polished. 
Dibours, dai-boor. tn. pi., Debours^, dai-boor-sai, tn, 

disbursement; tnottey laid out. 
Debourser, dai-boor-sai, v. a. to disbitrse. 
Debuut, d»A-boo, ad. upright, tip, standing. 
D^bouter, dai-boo-tai, v. a. to reject. 
Dtiboutonner, dai-boo-ton-al, v. a. to uttbutton. 
se D^brailler, dai-braAai. v. r. to uncover one's breast. 
D^brcdouiller, dai-bri/A-dooAai, v. tt. to save the lurch. 
Debrider, dai-brid-ai, v. a. et tt. to bridle ; dispatch; 

halt ; sans —,ata stretch. 
Debris, dai-bre, m. remaitis; wreck. 
Debrouillement, dai-broo/-ma», m. unravelliHg: 
Debrouilier, dai-broo/-ai. v. a. to uttravel; explain. 
Dibrutir, dai-brO-teer. v. a. to polish. [rough. 

Debrutissement, dai-brfi-tiss-maM, tn. clearing off' the 
Debucher, dai-biVshai, v. a. to dislodge, start (gatne), 
Ddbusquenient, dai-bAsk-ma;/, tn, driviitg out. 
Debiisquer, dai*bQs-kai, %'. a, to drive out ; oust. 
Ddbut. dai-bfi, m.ftrstcast; outset; begttttting. [titne. 
Debutant, dai-bd-ta«, tn. actor appearittg for the first 
Debuter, dai-bfi-tai, v. tt. to play Jirst ; begin ; tnake 

an outset. 
De^^, Auh-sah, ad. au — , en —, par — , ott this side, 
Decacheter, dai-kash-tai, v. a, to uttseal. 
Decade. dai-kad.y: decade. 
Decadence, dai-kad-awx.y^ decay, declitte. 
lyAr^crnn^ Ha!-Vffi?-'^n, m, dtcas;on. 
L ti. .liiMrr, 'tiLi-k.iy-h-i]. i:a. tP take out of a cf test, 

Dc (T^lk^ucr. d^i-kuJ-kai, f.% a, io cnuuterdraw. 
DtrcinipcmfntH dal-lco/rp'ntBJif tit, decatttptnetit^ 
lUcaiu pcr» ilai-kap^-f lai, i\ ft, to deraufp. 
Dcicun, d^'kriN, m, dtttn, 
Di^caiuLt, diil-kiifirn]'!^ tn. dtaHship. 
Di>c^:4i]]t;rT dai.kaiitiiii, a. a, todtr^nt. 
DiJicaiMlalicmK itii .kflp-c-tah-5jri*(,>; beheading. 
Dtcrtpiter, 1iflJ-iEap.1e.t4i, V. a. tc behead. 
Decarfclet, djil-k iiUT'tni, V. a. to hnpar-e. 
DccaEfr, dai-lCilE'Ctr, V. ff. {0 HUgfosf, hot-press. 
D{rcaiibUi)fF, d;hl-ka.t'e-5al\), m, ti*ieiossittg, 
DcchTvcf, lEai'kav-ai, t'. v. Cdjutritt tht i/itke, 
Dfcedcr^ dai«^3-daE, V. rt. /ffdi^cease^ die. 
*iJffcqindri^, c!ili-!iaiK-dTe 1^. p. ttf inlgii'd. 
DFctltmcnti dH>se1<rm^//, rn. dfsrLnitiff; 
Dec«]fr.^-Uli V, a. A^ disctosr, aelray, 
Dt<cjC]]]brCi diiJoiavrbr, ttt. Uirtititrrt 
Di.^cni Ltncrir^ dat-^in-ai/, ad. dtcewljl, 
DtccncCj t\M-sa.Tt^f divtncy^ 
Df^ciituiL. ti, dat-^i^n-aj, lt. decrnuiit/t 
Decent, <sty diii'^^r, ~^i, a. det-eHl,Jf/. 
D??dciitnilc6tr, tlaj'san-ii'a/'^ " 




D^cemer, dai-sair-nai, v. a. to decree; award. 

D^c^. dai-say, tn. decease, death. 

Decevant, e, dai-sva«, — t, a. deceitful, /aUcu:ioHS. 

•Decevoir. dais-vwar. v. a. to deceive. 

Dechainement, dai-sliayn-inaw, w. outrageoHs words, 

D^chainer, dai-shay-nai, v. a. to unchain; incense; 

se — , "v. r. to inveigh : rait at. 
D^chanter. dai-sha^^-tai, v. a. to change one's note; 

ioiver ones key. 
Dechaperonner. dai-shap-ron-ai, v. a. to unhood. 
D^charge. dai-sharhj, f. unlading; discharge; 

relief : lumber-room. 
Dechargement, dai-sharhj -ma«, m. unlading. 
D^charf^er, dai-sharhj-ai, v. a. to unload, unlade ; 

lighten : release; clear ; se — , v. r. to discharge, 

ease one's self. 
D^chan?eur, dai-shar-hjur, m. unlader. [maie lean. 
r'^-v-.'-.'T, '^-i ••hn? r,ai, v- a. to strip oj" the flesh ; 
1 ■ ,.■■.■,,' i\..v,a,io drive out. 

L>r' i:h,Ti am c Tk lim-i?"! iji-euai. ^k tt. iff brtak up fallow land, 
l^chaussemcni, klat^Eihrill -sni ^^^ tn. baring the root. 
Dt^Eliauuer, drti-sliAh-^ai. t<, a. to pull off the shoes, 

Dcchaui^urcs. daErshoh-iCir,/ /-^. ihewolfs lair. 
J:>{?ch(!anten clai-siKiii-aiii.y: /r-yf-.-mre. 
iJcchf^c. tlai-shiiy, wr. loEs, -f^i.-.n: .i-ay. 
HechtvclerT ELii-ihKA-v5flj» 7^- n. .■■■ .iishevel. 
iJAchitTriblF, liaJ-shif-Tih^ljl, n. yi:< :f>herable, legible. 
n^.^hxe^dti^xA^ (l3!, »«. itciphering. 
rJ(5cJ>iffTcr^ diii-shir'ni(> -v. a. to .f'-.-f-ker. 
JJcchiffceiJi?. dJii-iilie-frur, tn. iiiY:rA''rer. 
DechtillielcT, dsl-3ljLlc-tai, Tf, ,t. f.> -xsh; pink. 
Dccliiqiwlure. drtl-^llili-Tur,/ si.^ king ; pinking. 
Dcchirase, daj-shc-rahj, m. ifmi^^it^gup. 
Lfiichirant. c< dui-^hc-niM, — t, ^. hfurt-rendtng. 
LicchlrcineiK. dai-sh c cr-iHa « , wj, rending; tearing, 
Dt^chinfr, daS-stiE-raU tv- a. t& rtrid^fear; rip; destroy ; 
tiC'AMTcv.t, dai-^>it;-rur, m, Fifipfr.. \defanie, 

] 1 . ■ . - ■ ■ . ■ ; ■ J , ^ rtni^ tea r. 

',.. ,,..,, i: n.tpfail : iifcay, declitu. 

Dccnu, Jew i>c«,iiwii. 

D^ciddment, dai-cid-al-ma/i, ad. decidedly. 
Didder, dai-cid-ai, v. a. et n. to decide ; induce ; 

se — , V, r. to be decided, resolve. 
D^cimable. dai-se-mah-bl, a. tithable. 
Decimal, dai-se-mal, a. decimal. 
D^cimale, dai-se-m«il, f. decimal fraction. 
D^cimateur, dai-se-niat-ur, m. tithe-owner. 
Decimation, dai-se-mah>syo7i, f. decimation. 
D^cime, dai-seem, m^. tenth part of a franc. 
D^cimer, dai-se-mai, v. a. to decimate. 
DecisU*. ive, dai-se-af, — iv, a. — ivemcnt, a. decisive ; 
Decision. dai-se-zyo«, f, decision. {positive. 

D^dsoire, dai-se-zwar, a. decisory. 
D^damateur, dai-klam-at-ur, m. declait^r. \vectri'e. 
Declamation, dai-kIam-ah-syo«, f. declamation ; in- 
Dedamatoire, dai-klam-at-war, a. declamatory. 
Dddamer, dai-klam-ai, v, a. todeclaim ; recite; inveigh. 
Declaratif, ive, dai-klar-at-if, — iv, a. declarative, de- 
Declaration, dai-klar-ah-syo», f. declaration. 
Declarer, dai-klar-ai, v. a. to declare ; notify ! se — • 

V. r. to declare one's self. 
Dedencher, dai-kla»-shai, v. a. to unlatch. 
Dedin. dai-klaiM, m. decline; wane (moon). 
Declinable, dai-kle-nah-b<, a. declinable. [lion. 

Declinaison, dai-kle-nay-so«, f. declension ; declina- 
Dediner, dai-kle-nai, v. a. et n. to decline ; fall away; 

except against, 
Dedive, dai-kliv, a. declivous, sloping. 
Dedivite, dai-kle-ve-tai, f. declivity. 
*L)edore, dai-klor, v. a. to open, unclose. 
Dedos, e, dai-kloh, — z, a. unclosed. 
Declbuer, dai-kloo-ai, v. a. to unnail. 
Decocher, dai-kosh-ai. v. a. to discharge, shoot. 
Decoction, dai-kok-syo«, f. decoction. 
Decoiffer, dai-kwaf-ai, v. a. to take off the head-dress ; 

uncork ; se — , v. r. to undo one's head-dress. 
Decollation, dai-kol-lah-syon, f. decollation. 
DecoUement, dai-kol-man, m. ungluing. 
DecoUer, dai-kol-ai, v. a. to behead ; unglue ; se — , 

V. r. to come unglued, come off, [breast. 

DecoUeter, dai>kol-tai, v. a. to uncover the neck or 
Decoloration, dai-kol-oiuih-syo«, /. decoloration. 
Decolorer, dai-kol-or-aii, v. a. to discolour ; se — , v. r. 

to lose colour. 
Decombrer, dai-kon-brai, v. a. to clear from, rubbish. 
Decombres, dai-kon-br, f. pi. rubbish. [analyse. 

Decomposer, dai-koM-poh-zai. v. a. to discompose; 
Decomposition, dai-ko»-poh-ze-syo», f. decomposi- 
' tion ; analysing. 

Decompte, dai-ko;tt, m. deduction. 

Decompter, dai-ko/i-tai, v. a. et n. to deduct ; diminish. 

Deconcerter, dai-ko»-sair-tai, v. a. to disconcert ; dis- 
compose ; se — , V. r. to be disconcerted. 

•Deconfire, dai-ko«-feer, v. a. to rout. 

Deconfiture. daiko/i-fe-tiir, f. discom^fitnre ; failure. 

Deconseiller, dai-koM-se/-ai, v. a. to dissuade. 

Deconsideration, dai-ko»-se-dai-rah-syoM, /. disesteeni. 

Deconsiderer, dai-ko//-se-dai-rai, v. a. to bring into 

D^contenance, dai-koMt-na/xs, f discountenance. 

Dec«ntenancer, dal-ko»t-na>/-sai, v. a. to confound, 

Deconvenue, dai-kow-vnd, /. mishap. [abash. 

Decor, dai-kor, m. decoration. 

D^corateur, dai-kor-at-ur, m. decorator. 

Decoration, dai-kor-ah-syon, f decoration ; scenery. 

Decorder, dai-kor-dai, v. a. to untwist. 

Decorer, dai-kor-ai, v. a. to decorate, dignify. 

Decortication, dai-kor-te-kah-syon, f. decor ticatioH. 

Decortiquer, dai-kor-te-kai, v. a. to decorticate. 

Decorum, dai-kor-om, tn. decorum. 

Decoucher, dai-koo-shai, v. n. to lie abroad. 

Decoudre, dai-koo-dr, v. a. to unsetu, unstitch ; en — , 
to have a brush with. 

Decoulement, dai-kool-man, nt. trickling. 

Decouler, dai-koo-lai, v. n. to trickle. [pink. 

Decouper, dai-koo-pai, v. a. to cut into pieces ; carve ; 

Decoupeur, dai-koo-pur, m. pinker. 

Decoupler, dai-koo-plai, v. a. to uncouple ; let loose. 

Decoupure, dai-koo-pAr, f pinking; paper-cuts, pi. 

Decouraeement. dai-koo-rahj-ma^i, m. discourage' 
tnent, dejection. 

Decourajfer, dai-koo-rahj-ai, *v. a. to discourage ; dis- 
hearten ; sc—,v. r.tobe discouraged. 

Decours, dai-koor, m. decrease ; wane. 

Decousure, dai-koo-zfir, f. unsewing ; rent. 

Decouvert, e, dai-koo-vair, — t, a. uncovered ; open ; 
k. — , in the open air ; plainly. [to scout. 

Decouverte, dai-koo-vaurt, f discovery ; aller k la — . 
•Decouvrir, dai-koo-vreer. v. a. to uncover; discover ; 
find out ; se — , v. r. to take off one's hat ; make one's 
self kno7un. 
Decrasser, dai-kras-£u, v. a. to clean. 

Oecreditement, dai-krai-dit-maM, m. discredit. 
Decrediter, dai-krai-de-tai, v. a. to discredit; se — , 

V. r. to lose one's credit. 
Dettcpit, c, dai-krai-pc, — Ti<t, a.flKfrr<3»i'/. 
DccrtpLtudc,,/ rflfor/f/WIr. 
Decrct. tlal-trey. m. deftcf . warrant. 
DecTL^lPFr liai-kr^J-Utf v. a. f.7 decree ; order. 
Ddcri, t]a[-kje, **, jtoiji^ if- wh ,• disrepute. 
D»;^ crier, da['kre-iii, r, a. titJi'cry; bring into disrepute. 
•Dt^crirc, dai-kreer it. a. l.' iUscribe. 
Dei-rocliemcnTn d[i(-kro*ih-uij«, m. unhooking, 
Decrochcr. dai^kna^li-ai, v. fi. to unhook. 
DenrijJssemciiEt dni-krnrB-Gnia/i, *n. decrease. 
•E)dcioIt«, fUii-Jcr'.-ih-ah-tT, l^ «. to decrease. 
Ddcncitter- dAt'k mi-aii v. it. to clean ; rub off the dirt. 
Dccroiteur, diia-krol-UTf m ihoeblack. 
Dccriottciir, dai-ktnt-war. rrj. xcraper. 
D^^^Ti^tt^l^L^ .'' shoe-brush. 
DciCiUi;;, u-i i.iJ.>.i, Dijci-ser, dai-krfi-zai, v. a. to 
♦Decuire, dai-kweer, v. a. to liquefy. [scour (silk). 

Decuple, dai-kA-pl. a. decuple, tenfold. 
Decupler, dai-kA-plai, v. a. to increase tenfold. 
Decuver, dai-kQ-vai, v. a. to tun. 
Dedaigner, dai-dain-yai, v. a. et n. to disdain ; scorn. 
Dedaieneux, se, dai-dain-yuh, — z, a. — senient, ad. 

disdainful, scornful. 
Dedain, dai-dai/<, m. disdain, scorn. 
Dedale, dai dal, m. labyrinth. 

Dedans, 6.uh-da.n. ad. in, within ; au — , en — , in- 
wardly ; — , m. the inside, interior ; au — , at home. 
Dedicace, dai-de-kass, f. dedication. 
Dedicatoire, dai-de-kat-war. a. dedicatory. 
Dedier, dai-dyai, v. a. to dedicate. 
•Dedire, dai-deer, v. a. to unsay, disorvn, deny ; se — , 

V. r. to recant, recede. 
Dedit, dai-de, m. unsaying; forfeit, [tion ; atnends. 
Dedommagement, dai-dom-ahj ma«, in. indemnifica- 
Dedommager, dai-dom-ahj -ai, v. a. to indemnify; 

make amends. 
Dedorer, dai-dor-ai, v. a. to rub, wear off the gilding. 
Dedoubler, dai-doo-blai, v. a. to unline ; make two 

regiments of one. 
Deduction, dai-d6k-syoM, f. deduction. 
•Deduire. dai-dweer, v. a. to deduct, deduce. 
Deesse, dai-ess, f. goddess. 
se Defftcher, dai-fau-shai. v. r. to cool. 
Defaillance, dai-fa/-ans, f. fainting-fit, sivoon. 
Defaillant. e, dai-fa/-a», — t, a. fainting ; feeble ; — , 
m. defaulter. r~^ y-viyv^^T /-> 

Digitized by VjOO^ IC 


Ddfailltr, dai-fa/-eer, v. tt. to /ail; swoon. 

Ddfaire, dai-fair, v. a. to undo ; defeat: rid of; se — , 

V. r. to rid one's self of: ^ive up. 
Defait, e, dai-fai, — t, a. undone; nuagre ; wan. 
Defaite, dai-fet.y: defeat, sale; evasion. 
Defalcation, dai-fal-kah-syo;i,y: defalcation, deduction^ 
D^falquer. dai-fal-kai, v. a. to defalcate, deduct. 
D^faut, dai-foh, m. defect : fault : want; non-appear^ 

ance ; ^ — de, in default of, for want of; etre en — , 
Dtifaveur, dai-fav-ur,/: disgrace. [to be at a loss, 

D^favorable, dai-fav-or-ah-bl, a. — ment, ad. unfavour. 
Difectif, ive. dai-fek-tiC — iv. a. defectrze. [able. 

Defection, dai-fek-syow./^ defection; revolt. 
D^fectueux, se, dai-fek-td-uh, — z, a. defective; imper- 
D^fectuosite, dai-fek-t<l-oh-ze-tai,y: defect. \/ea. 

Defendable, dai-faM-dah-bl, a. defensible. 
Ddfendeur, dai-fa»«-dur, m. defendant. 
D^fendre, dai-fan-dr, v. a. et n. to defend; uphold; 

shelter; prohibit; se — , v. r. to d^end one's self: 

help, forbear. 
De/«l3yj, <X.v.Lv;i^y f. defence ; prohi^iiioHi opposition; 

■-Sr pL d<j€H€*s \<^faplnci\ i tusks \wiLi b^ar), 
D^fenseur, doi-ran-sur, m, de/tfidtr. 
P^fensJt; ivc, dai-faM-sif; —\y, a. d^/htsi-ve. 
t>^fensivc^ dai^faM^iv,/:4fe^Jt«rW. 
EWfdrfrticc^ dai-fai. ra«E,y; d^rtrtce. 
D^fi^rtrn ddi-fai-rair v. a. *t n. ta cottfsr ; impeach; 

campiy -mifh , tubmit ; pay di/trence, 
Dt^fcTlcr. dal-fairlaE, v. a. t& utifurl. 
Dcfcrrer, dai-iaJr-iii, v. a. to itu£koe;perp{f;x ; confound^ 
Dcfct, dai-fey^ fn. -waste sheet. 
Deli. da[-fe, ***. dej^aitcey cAaltenx-e, 
U^fjonce, ilai4yAfi>i,f. dtstrmi: dt^dc/t£f. 
liefiant, e^ dAl-Iymfi, — t, a. dtstrHStJttL 
B<i(icEr, dEii-rfi-sit, »t di[^city de/fcieruy. 
Di^fier, da^fyai, ir. a. ta def^t (h&Hati^i ; brave; se •— . 

V. r. i& distrust; suspecf. 
Dififiurer. dai-fr-jt^rai, v, a. t^ di^j-ure. 
J^tmHy dai-fc^aL m, defiie. 
Defilement, dai-fil-iuai*, m. df^itment 
D«i^r, d^E-fc^-tai. V. a. ttt UfttTi/ist, unstring' ; dijile ; se 

"-K V. FL io ^et uiiztrtiHg. 
DtifiniK e, dai-fe-ni?, n. definite, precixe, [notion, 

D^fiilir, dai-fc-nccrt ?', A. to dijirii; deiertnittf; give a 
Dc^nitif. ivQ. datfe-ne-Hf, — iv, a. — ivcment. ad. defiiti- 

twe : -en iiefiTistJve,jtf;irrt/0''. 
Dt^Anition, diiy fejllcsyqjM»y7ii?jf^;i^jVf« ; de.ision. 
D^Cffmer. dalflejf-mai, v. a. m depHlts-mate. 
D^fteufir. dai-fliih-reeT,y. a. etn. to Hip o^the btessoms ; 

/{*« or shed the blQsscm t. 
Oefloratbn, dai-Oor-ah-syoM, /: dejloratian. 
D^flortTj dai-Apr-aL v. as. to iejfo'Ufer 
D^fbliEtmcnt, d:a-UMrs^ma«H m. stcFuifip, 
D^fonccr^ dai-foM-sat, V. a. ta ,^tai>e ; shoifx, 
rMfOrriLatlon, dni-fciT-mah-SyOj'i ,/ deformaHmt. 
Diformcr. rtai^for-m^li, V. a. to deform^ 
Dt^toumerj daj^fpoMnal, V. a. to take ant ^tht even. 
Dn^frai, datfray, tK. d^ntying. 

. ... .dai'fr.. 
Dcfiictier, dJL rjrish-ai, tv. n. h ^rt^ up "elka-r ground , 

Ddfricheuf, d^ki-frf^-tiri m, em who grubs up, 
D^fnser, ^l-frc-iaj, ir^ et. t0 HfiOfrl; disappoint. 
DiJfrcinter^ daL-JrDH-saJ, t^. ff, t& undo plaits. 
Defroqucn dai-irol;, f, i-asi-i^' clothes ; a ixsnk's pro- 
EM ff Oqugr^ dai-fro-kai, 1^. rt. /tf taifrock^ rob. [Perty. 
EKifunt, e» daS-fuw, —t, (i. 4ectased, iate, 
Dd^raj^cincnt, dal-ffahJ-tHaHn fa.disenffagfment; clear- 

i>{^ of the imy; ^ac^^oi>m : c^caEicr de —/private 

J^gcasrer, dai-fffllij-ai. v. a. fa disengage, redeem ; free 

ffjm; ease; teUhdni-w one's itford; clear {a, way); 

se — , V. r, to disengage one's self; get clear. 
Degaine, dai-gayn, f odd manner. 
Degainer, daf-gay-nai, v. a. to draw. 
Ddganter, dai-ga«-tai, v. a. to pull ojff'gloves. 
Degarnir, dai-gar-neer.T/. a. to disgarjiish ; unfumish; 

strip ; se — , V. r. to grow thin ; part with. 
DegSt, dai-gau, >«. havoc; waste. 
Degauchir, dai-goh-sheer, v. a. to plane ; polish. 
Ddgauchissement, dai-goh-shis-ma^f, in. planing, level- 
Degel, dai-hjel, in. thaw. [iing. 

D^geler, dai-hjiai, v. a. to thaw. 
Degeneration, dai-hjai-nai-rah-syo«,y: degeneration. 
Degenerer, dai-hjai-nai-rai, v n. to degenerate. 
Degenerescence, dai-hjai-nai-res-sa«s,/: degeneracy. 
Degingande. e, dai-hjai«-ga«.dai, a. tottering; awk- 
Degluer, dai-glfl-ai. v. a. to unglue. \ward. 

Deglutir, dai-glft-teer, v. a. to s7oallo7u. 
Deglutition, dai-glfl-te-syon,/: deghaition. 
Pegoiser, dai-gwa-zai, v. a, to rattle; chatter. 



Defrayer, daa-fray-yair I'. Tt, lo defray, bear the charges 
pefricheiTterit, dai'rrL^h-naiujf jh. clearing {l/trtd). [of. 

De|^oriicinc"t, daL.gfltrffJ^nm™, w. in^erJIffT^ng. 

rit-Ku^rfjer dai-fjor hjai, t. (t. rf w. fo tkar ; tteanse, 
scarf r ; be purged . E€ — . &. r. to seour, discharge 
ptte s self. 

DeKOiirttir. ctai-j^onr-decr^ -u. a. io rev^vt ; polish ; faire 
— , tj fake the chill iuf; !jc — , V. r. fo grow warm; 

I>e(jourdksen[ient, dai-j^nffT-diss maw, m. rei^ri^s^ig. 

Dcj^'D^l, dal-h^oo, WT. disguit; loathing : disitJbe. 

uegoacant, e, dai-j^oo-ta^p — i, a. disgnft/ul, nasty: 

Dejyaflter, dai^[FCK>-tai, *■. a. t^ disgust; se —,v. r. to 
i^KUhe, get disgusted ^^ 

Dc^iOuttcr, dai-gOQC-ai^ -v. ti. fa drop, trieJtle. [mage. 

UtKrEubtion, daj-gfad-ah-syopj, jC degradatiott ; da- 

UOiijrjdeF, daS-grad-ai^ i^. a, to dev-radc; damage ; de- 
t'ij.-ic ; -se — , t'. r. to degrade en? s se^. 

r)e!.:i-.irf<?r, daS-j^raf-ai^ ?■. a. to uw/asp. 

Dt.ti:r.-Lis.^.ii>t;^ dai-KTcy.Batij. D^jjralssenieiit, dai-grey- 
!im.iJi, in. securing, cleamiHg. 

LJek:r.L5&i«r, daJ-prcy-sai, v. «. to SCOitr; impoverish. 

iJui^j-.iii-seuh dai-jfcey^svr, m. scourer. [mine. 

pL^jjrai'oyer, dat-ffra.vwnvyaj, *■. a. ta To^sh nway ; 

DcgrtS da! ^fat. nt, degree, step; staircase; stage, 

DUgTttr, dai-grai^ai, r\ (i. i$ unrig. 

O^r^'cinent, dai-gT^iv-maw, jh. reducing a tor. 

Dt5jjrevcT. dai-g-roi'Vai, V. a, to reduce a tax. 

I^euringoLade, dat-graSw-ffol-ad^ y[ tumblittg. 

DeRTingoleT, dai'grat^^-^jol-aS^ -j. ft. t^ tumfie diwn. 

DcKTiBcir, d-ii-gK-aal, tr. a. to sober; se — , if, r. to get 

DegTossir, dar-iiroh-secr. -u. a, to raughgritid; cUar 

DegiicjllLie. daijf-nJ/^i, a. ttiitered. ra^^. [up. 

pcjfuerpjf, dal-jjhair-pcEr, v. «. to ^uit, yield ttp. 

Uci'i:ii^^p\i,iKtnt.siX, dai^li^iy-pe-sm^'fK m. quitting, giv- 

DcijiuseinienE, dai-ghcz-ma^j'. m. disguise. [ing over. 

UcEui-sfr, dai-ghiz-ai, w, a, to disguise; se — , t\ r. to 
disguise oaef's self^ dissemble. 

I.H?j,^ySiii[CLir, daL-gtl^.tat-Mr, m, taster, 

] .►uiiruilation. dai-i;LL5.tah-syoi(, / degitsnttiOH. 

I>e4^us[cr, dai-iri?;.tak V. A. to df gust, ftsstt. 

DeJiSlcr, dat-hau-l.^i, v, a. i\? iaAei?^ft4itAtfrnS. 

Dt-haiicl](f. c. dnii4iI\»'Shil3, a. hip-shot, Aifiped, 

Deilarnachcment, rt;xL-hat-fta£h-maM, fn.rmharnessing. 

Dehamach(*r. dai-har-nASh-a], v, a. to unharness. 

Ddhonre. c, dai-h^jj-tai, a. shameless. 

Dchaih. dith'hot, ad. out, out 0/ daars, abroad; — , m. 
outside: a/ipeamme ; —, pi. ^t^tstde; oi^works.pU 

DttficiriLin, dHTi^e-ft-kah-5yaj(,^ deification, 

DLiirlLj-, (l.ii-eryaiH i', a, ta deify. 

I>ii-;]ii:-, il.-,i-:MTi, w. deism. 

\k\v.u-. .l.i--i,i, m. deisr. 

l\ i[;.-, d.r.-t-t.u,/: deify. 

Ucjh, H!,;Li-l:ij;ilu ad. Jilre^y ; be/ore, 

DtjtCtJuti, daL-jhek'SyoWK^^ dejection. 

■se n<:-jfier, d,TLrhjfal, z: r. fOwarp. V^nakfast. 

T).:ii;iint.'r, [lai .jhuJi -nal. rn. brm*fasf; — , v. ri. to 

'LJ' Ji'iridrH:, rl.ii-lijwaiw-dr, if. a. ti> disjoin; se ^, v. r. 

1 3..! M I L' r, d.-ii. M ivf J, t.r. a. io bajie, thtifari. [to warp. 

J )"-u!.ciLC'r, dat-lijii'&hai -v. a, to unroost. 

ptpiH d^^A-lah, ml. au —, par — , beyond; ab^m. 

Deiasrernentn, dai^lati^br-man, *», disorderly state, 

DflabrcT, dai-TaU-bral^ ]&■. a. to tatter, ruin ; fit — ^ t; r 

pi*1acePr dR.EIau-iaL 7'. ti. to utfiaef. {tuga to n'tiii. 

WlJ;^!, ftai-lay, WP. delay, adjoumiftent. \frssioH. 

llL^].i]s^€3»ent, <^'t-\7i.Tf^5inB,fi,tn. destitution; desertion; 

1 J.?t.■L;^•^r, d[ij-lay-sai, v. a, t^ff^rsa&e. relinquish. 

nfil.-LtilftH dcii-laT-dal^ v a^ to chamfer, 

I '■ i 1 :.iil«nl, dai-lau-siTia^, m. relaxation^ wrfresh- 

T ■, ; 1 T , (lai L\u.sai, v. a. to reAjX; refresh. (ment. 

1 ■•': ! , I. :. . i Tk daj-Lit-ur, m. H\/brmer. 

DLlniliufi, [lai.tah-syfl«,/: delatian, 

I>^latter, dai-Uit-ai, V. (t. to Uidath. 

Ddlaycr, dai-la^-yai, t: a. to dilute^ temper. 

Delectable, dill-lek tah-bU a. delectable, delightfnlT 

DelectatiQii, (ial-luk-Eah-iyw^^ drlectaiion, delight 

Ucttjcier, dni-lek-tn[^ v^ a. to dehght ; m — ^ *l r to 

I>c3^^J;^^T^0■n , 4tii-lj]-};aIi-Eyo)i| f. dt^legatiafU 

n* L' ■ -4 I.I j. ■: I ; 1.1- ki i-n^i, JM. deputy, 

T'-i. ^■■- -. :'.i-|..d-gai, -2'. a, to deUgate, 

T:vli: ::,L-:j. ■■l.L-.-liJ^-lalij, m, unba^asting. 

l>uJL', J.L,k^-t.ii^ V, a, to unballast. 

DtJeiitiiiir, (Irji-lcs^Lirs m, bt^llast-iighter. 

YiciilxtTM, d.-iiOnii-tait, a, deletewieus. 

Detibir^nt, e, dai-lc-bai-raji^ — t, n^liTx^mttf, Ivu, dcd- 

]c-bai.^ral-if, — iv, a. deliberative. 
Deliberation, dac ie-b:ii-Tah-£yDH» f deiiberitfian. 
Dd^liti<ire, ft, dai-te-bai mi, a. — mciu, ad. resolved, 

resolute, bofd; de propoa — + desigftidly, oh purpose. 
Deliberer, ^^^l\^Wi^xB^iV{mt^dehb^^; - 
Digitized by Vj0051^ 

? rpfP/l^. 




D^licLetlX, y^i diii-ic^syiiliK — z.^ a. dflidmiSy deli^ht/ul. 
Dtlie, e, daHe-ai, a. jinet t/iin, sJtNder ; ■ — , rrt. Aat'K* 
I >C UiV, (IjU-1^^3] , V. u. in unite : rtiease, \sirol^, 

rk-limlteFr dai^lfC-niF'taS, 'v, a, i& SrUie the lim its. 
I>t,- [jJi e3t ion, dai^lc-nai-zih-s^rD^t, /! delittfiituin . 
rs^liniiyant, dai-Liiw-taji, wi. pffhuiert deiinqisf!st, 

ruelire, daU-ccr, ^w, deiiriHm^ /renzjf, 
n^li re r, d*i'lc-raij i^. m. i^ dc^ruie, razr^ [vn^Jad, 
Dc'Ut, dni-1C|i ft- tPj^fic£ ; £rijnt ; en flajjTdiinE — , in th4. 
I>eUv r^ncCp cj^lprv^rajis; /, deU-utranett deivvtryt i%tr* 
t^emiet'i [itf f id <?tie'^ ^rift fast {ftuti ie{f. 

D^H^TeTi daS-le-rraii ^, a, to dtiiixr, r^tcast ; sc — „ p. f, 
Ddof ementt da]-lDh]'iila^r, tn. remevai; drtn^nfiirtetif. 
D^logeri d^'lci-hjiu^ ^, b^ ti m iir dtsJ^^ic^ fvrruive ^ 

D^loyaJt Ct dai^wayaJ. a, ^cms'ttt, odf. dfsli>yji\ irea^ 
D^]oyaiit^, dai-twa-yoh'fai, _/;_^jfyfrfjf, ti^Sicheryt 

D^lu&trer. dajvlas-trai, ti*. a. to taJke off'tkt giosf. 
Dt^irta^jric* dai-niag'^o-hjCj f, demagogy. 
D^mago^qjuei dai-nia^^rD.hjilc^ a. deitta^^ogic* 

Dt^nSil^ter, dai-maZ-ot-zii, ^. a, A^ unsTu^tHii 
bemablT dM^-mauj, a<^. to^nitrfnTTV, 
D^ZIULnchcincnT, ddi-nia'i-5hlna», ^n. ttnha/iin^, 
Disnan cfi^T {la L-iiLiiii-shaE, ^. a. /^ itfiha/f, s/ii/t, 
OeuMflile^ d»A-iiia?idi ^ rf quest : dftruiud ^ f/nifnt. 
Deinander, dwA-nian-d^, t^, n. /f ixjjt^ rwgitejt,- dt^tv^ 

Dewiandegr, aM/t-mAjt'duT^ wi. — duresstt — c!rcss, y^ 

tdiffrntid^fi ^taiftti^ : — p wi. — se, -^uhZf X d'jjlrrp 
D^rtiaiigeaison, dai-majf^hjay^sorxp /: itchUig^^ \fiun* 
Ddnian^^, daiTiuajw-hjaUj v. n. ti> it^At 
Ocmant^lenucntf dai^ina:'Htcl-iiian. fH^ distnixtsUinff. 
O^nUDtel^r. dai^manr-dai, x". a, t^ distttntiif/^, 
D^manttbulc^^ dai^ma/f-tc-bi&i-ai» v. j, Cd t^renit, 
D^nurCAtion, dai-mar-iLatiTsyon, /; detftttriatttfii, 
D^marcb&i dai-marsii, y7jr<»'j'< -J-^^/. 
D^ntiirier, dai'inar-c-ai^ v. d. io unmaryy, 
D^marQU^fp da>maF-LaE, v. a. to urifnarJk. 
Ddtnurer,^mar-ai, c. a. f< »l rj ut:mosr ; put t^ 
IMloa,s<]uert dzti-Toa^'kai, it^ a, to uh masi:, \seei ; move. 
C^m^taj^Cr dab-maii-EahJ, m. distnastinjf, 
D^mller, dai-ioau'taii v. a. to disntasf, 
DrilSille. dai-may-lai, fn. contest Jit^(/e, 
D^milerp dai^may-lai, if. n. to disentaitgif,' /kftff dis- 

ee%/tr ; tontest: clear «/ ; sc — ( v^ r. ta ixtrkatt 

^ne'x Xif; £et ctear. 
IMm£iloirH d^inay4fTar, fti. large c&m^, 
D^mcmbrement, dai^maK'br'Tnaij'i »t, di^m^mString: 
D£IneITll>^«'^ dai-maM-brau v, a. to dij^mtftlftr., 
IMlH<Hui>ieiiiEnEi dai-ffla^nahj-^l4lH. m, remffl'tttf,, 
Di^jHu^r. dai^mal-nah^-alt t'- n, ^i? rvjtn^^iv. 
D^menc^i dai-manirs, ^ tnianiiy ^ tNadneif. 
se Di^inirnfiri dai-mnai, v. r. to s'lrttj^^ie, sirwe* 
D^faenli, d^'maH-tiC» Tft- He ; disa^/^ointmepit, 
'DrimentiTi dai-maji^tccr, v. a. to give the He; cOHr 

tradut ; se — p ^. r, io contradict ont't tei/i/stli ifff". 
Dihn^rit?! dai-mai-Tit. 9n. demerit. 
D^in^Titerp dai^maiTrit-aia v. h. to lose eftfffftr 
IMinesuP^i Cp Aaim^ii-ja.i, a, — qicntp mi. ^aun^Uss i 

MugVt ixcej-sive, 
*Dimcttv^ dai-mct'tr, t, a, t^ disjoint; discard^ disf- 

irtits ,- se — 'd w- f; ioheptttoitt q/'jtunt ,■ rrsign. 
DAtnevbleincnt^ dai^iauh^til^iiiaNp ^m, utt/Hrniihing. 
OtfmtfllbleF, dai-rinuh-blal, ^'. ct, ^d mi/urfsisfi. 
Demeyf e, dwA-murH _A a^ode^ diifeifiitg ,- delay, stay. 
!Dcitn«|]rerp dirA-muh-raJi v. h, A; /i-zv. dweil, oiidft 

rremaiH; Jtay, tarry^ iast; au dimcurcnti iniiher 

Demi, e, d»A-tne, a. ^/ <u/. half: almost : \ —t half, 
by Halves; —bain, tn, half bath ! — cercle, nt, semi- 
circle; — dieu, m. dentugod; — fortune, f. four- 
whaled one-horse chaise: — heure.yC haffetn hour,- 
—jour, tn. imperfect light; — lune, /. half-moon; 

— m^tal, m. semi-metal; — solde, f, half-pay; 

— teinte. f. mexjtotinto. 
Demie, dM/t-me, f. half an hour. 
D^mis, dai-me, see D^mettre. 
Demission, dai-me-syon, f. resigttation, 
D^missioniiaire, dai>me-syon-air, m. resigner. 
D^mocrate, dai-mok-rat, m. democrat. 
D^mocratie, dai-mok-rahs-e, /, democracy. \craticcU. 
C^mocratique, dai-mok-rat-ik, a. — ment, ad. demo- 
Demoiselle, d»A-mwa-zel, f. miss, young lady ; ratn- 

vttr ; /oot-7oar}Jur, 

D^molifH dal-iBDl^eer. v, a. Ai dem^ifk, 

Vimtiliiiotit. Ani-im^l-E-^yan, f dctitf/itioit. 

D^^moti, dfii-TiiDHp tH. deinoHi denii, [''"> e^^agt^ 

Llt!ini:vni!ti&-iLtuni daUiiiuu-ai'lic<£ah-5iyQii| f cancelhttg 

Ddnioneti^cr, dai^mdn^-tc^df ir* a. i^ cancel itujt 

roinage. ^ [tniuimaiu 

'D^moKiAqMt, _ daj-DlOh-yakt a. dem^n focal .- ^^ m* 
mnu*T\StT!Utur, da)-TDD»'Strat-ur^ frt. detftanstralitr, 
I>£HlOJli&traEir ivct Jai^iua/i-iitralri^ — iv, a^ . — ivmcicbt^ 

ad. dernofijtrnffve. 
Dt^inODbtraticin. daL-ino^f-^trsJi^syoifi f demons^tratiiiH. 
DiaiOiiicry dai-cuD/x-toi, V. a^ tt^ diimauut ; tuie to 

pieces : confound. 
D^'iiiuiatiablct dai"[nD/x-traU-bl| a. deasonstfafile^ 
I>t^ Eiiuiatrcri da[-]TiQJit'<trait \k a. to detaonstrate, firirrf. 
Dduit^rali^duElp dm^mo-ish-^tii-MAl^^y^tt^ demtirtiSixa*^ 

D^niOraliSctp dai^ma-rali-lc^f^ %. a, t& detnuratise. 
*Uiiiiiotdrc, dai^mor-dx^, v. H. fo fetgo ,- give ■'/■ 
D^muliir, daj-md-necri "- A t9 Strip ^ mi*nit6fiHfJ 

se --, i/. r. to part viith. 
D^ niureri tCai-niLlr-aip i'. a. ti/ ttn Wd//. 
Detiaifc, (.Lai-tiaiTp a. detiary, 
5it U^tianiir, daE-iia»-tcer, v, r, t^givt up. 
D^nstioiliiliscr, dai-nah-syQ" nal-i>-c;d, Vr a. t&unn<ltt$H' 
Denntler, dai-dat-ai, v. a. to MnptatJ^, [ti/ise, 

D^natUfaUs^rn dui-nah-L£l-ra-tE-zai, v. a^ to deitotmraJi^f, 
D^natur^, c, dai-nat'{Ji-r£ii, a, irnnatitnii^ cruet, 
TMnntMtet, dai-tiaE'd-raJ, v. a^ to deface, perverL 
D^n^^atlou, daj-liai-f^ah-sywi, f. denial, 
D^nU dai'Oe, m. denial, refusai. 
DidniaiSff, dai-ne-ay-zai, tK, cunning w^an. 
D^niaiiScr, dai-iiA-ay-zai^ v. a. to teach wit ; sharp, 
D^llichcr, dai'iic^iihaip v- 'r ei ft- to taJke out qf a nettj 

disitfdge: huTttoitt: march qff^ 
Dtsldclieuf, d^E-DC'SJlur^ to. birds' 'HfsifT. 
Denier, dif A-uyai, »f . ttLHtlfih p^-ti tlf a son ; petttiy- 

"iveigkt: — Tfia^, Jive per etttt. : — vinift-cinci, /wiir 

per cent. .- — s, pL money, 
Lhitntn. daj-rnc'ay, v, a, t^ deny.. 
I.Ji-]il.;{renicnt, dai-nc-^-mat, tft. talumniatittg. 
Tkinijircr, dai-nfjfrai^ v, a. t«> ialumtiiate. 
DtinoRibrccnenE. dai-naH-br'iTia/j, m. cnumerahtt/t* 
DenocnbrcF. dai.jiojj.braJi V. tn, to niim^r. 
DetiOEEiiiiatcLir. da.i-n4>]u<-iu!t-i4,r, rtt. drnomiuat^fK^ 
minomiiiatii't ivcp daE-ai;»ra-e-ndl^ir^ — iv, d. d*twmina~ 

tive^ _ _ 
Diinomiiiarion, dat-nom-e-nah-^yc^'x^ f dfnon* (tttUi&H* 
l>i:no[n[iicrp dai'iioin^aip V- <l- to no me, 
Denuaccr^ dai-noid^aaE, v. a. ta itenounce: ii\fontts 
I>i;nDrtciaLcujp da^noji-$y;,it-ur, tn, — IrJcrp -^tnS5i ^ 

deniinctatsr, ifi/brmer. 
Di^no'nciaticm, dai-nou^syah-FiyDH, yi denMitciation^ 
Dcnotcr^ dai-not^ai, Vr a, ta denote^ tnarA. 
I H^aoucmcnt, daL-noo-ioa'', nt. discovery ; cffftclnrjan-. 
U^nwjcTt dal-nQO-aii Vr a. t9 mnfU, io&tf, uttravet; 

5c —, V. r i&gtwi l^se, tvmemid^ne; tki/ft, 
D<in<iALTiciit ste DiinoueiDcnt. 
l>c}ir^e; dsifv-fai, f. tommtdity, proidtioH, 
Dxjiis^t d»«s, if^ dtnsti e&fnpttct. 
Density t dft«-5e-lai, f. density^ ofmpacfntss. 
l>^atf da^'t fr t£eth : not^h. 
Dcntt', Ci daH-taii a, toothetjli ttolihitd. 
UciitdCi dajd^iai, f. bite : stn^/Jter 
Dcntctf , Cy &Afi-U3i, a. tn?tcAed,jfigg&im 
DcntcLEc^, daH-lclL /; face. 
Deiitt^Lure, daw-tluT, f notching. 
Ueilticr, da;i-tyaL, m, set ^ teeth, 
Dciitifncc, daN-Ec-fdjSp a. dentiftice* 
DeHtiiiEc, da;x-tist^ hi. dentist. 
JUeajtitioni da«-tc-5yo«j f dentition* 
Denture, daw-lflri,_/^ stt ^tftth. 
Ifenueinenlp dai-nlil^maJW, Wt 6frettV<me}ttM 
JJenucr^ dainfli>alt V. *. (Q bereave. 
Denilmcnt, see Oenucment. 
Di^paquetcTp dai-pak-Erii, v. ct. ts unpacJt. 
LtLpari^iUcr, dai-I»ar-«yML, V, a, ta numatcA^ dispairm 
DtfijarcFi dai-par-al, v. a, /? strtp : dis/igut^. 
Di^parier, dai-jiar-^^al, f. ii, io uninatch. 
De^arler, dai-par-Ui, V, tu to eeaj€ taUti/tg^ 
]>cp:\.it, dai-par, rn, deptirfnrc. 

Dipartajjcridai-par-EahJ-ni, v. a. to gtvetk^CAStifig'mte,. 
DcpartqmcnE, dai-part-iuaM, *«. deparimertf. 
Departcincntalt Cp«-ta],rt, ofn dcpcirtment, 
Departir, daUpar-tctr, V. a, to dittrtftite, impart; SA 

— I V- r, ifi desist from, gizfg tip. 
Ddps^sTTy dai-pau-sai,: v* a, to outv/alA; rite above; 
U^pavcfp dai^pav-ai, v-^a, to unpave, {dravf out, 

Df^psiyscr, dai-pal-4;^zaip V. a, t^ retn^^ ; put out ; put 

ripen a -wrong scent ; se — ., ^, r. to go abroad. 
Dr^jiiccnitnb ttai^pess-nian, Sf . tuttti^g up, curbfjig, 
Deiiec^^rn daJ^EJ^tiip t<, a. tff cut up, ^i^Ml'^, ^ 

r y^ 

Digitized by VjOOQI 




tyip&che, dai-paysh,./: despatch, express. 

Dep^cher, dai-pay-shai, v. a. to despatch ; se — , v. r. to 

•Depeindre, dai-paiw-dr, v. a. to paint. {make haste, 

D^penaill^, e, dai-pnau/-al, a. rags'd. 

D^penaillement, dai-pnau/-ma>i, m. razgedness. 

D^pendamment. dai-pa/i-dam-aft, ad. dependetUly. 

D^pendance, dai-pa/i-daMS, /. dependency : — s, //. 
appurtenances, pi. 

Dependant, e, dai-paM-daw, — t, a. dependent. 

Dipendre. dai-pa«-dr, v. a. et n. to take down ; depend. 

Depens. dai-pa/i, m. pi. expense, cost, [on : belong to. 

D^pense, dai-paMS,/ expense: outlay ; pantry. 

D^penser, dai-paw-sai, v. a. to spend, expend. 

D^pensier. ire, dai-pa/i-syai, — r, a. expensive; — , m. 

Deperdition, dai-pair-de-syo«, / rflf/^n/i/iV^w. \avfay. 

Dcpirir, dai-pai-reer, v. n, to decline, decay ; consume 

D^perissemeut, dai-pai-riss-man, m. decay, decline; 
■wasting. \to get clear qf. 

D^pdtrer, dai-pav-trai, v. a. to diseneage ; se — . v. r. 

Depeuplenient, aai-puh-pl-ma«, m. depopulation. 

Depeupler, dai-puh-plai, v. a. to depopulate ; unstock, 

Depiecer, dai-pyai-sai, v. a. to dismember. 

Depilatif, ive, dai-pe-lat-if, — iv, a. depilatory. 

D^pilation. dai-pe-lah-syo«,/: depilation. 

Depilatoire, dat-pe-lat-war. m. depilatory. 

DdpUer, dai-pe-lai, v. a. to strip off hair ; se — , v. r. 
to lose the hair. l/brt. 

D^piquer, dai-pe-kai, v. a. to unstitch, cheer up, com- 

Depister, dai-pe-stai. v. a. to track ; find out. 

Depit, dai-pe, m.. vexation, rancour, spite ; en — de, 
in spite of. [be vexed, fret. 

IMpiter, dai-pe-tai. v. a. to vex, provoke ; se — , v. r. to 

D^piacement. dai-plass-ma«, m. displacing. 

D^plac^, e, dai-plas-ai, a. misplaced; out of season. 

D^placer, dai-pfais-ai. v. a. to displace ; se — , v. r. to 
remove: leave one's seat. 

•IWplaire, dai-plair, v. n. to displease ; trouble ; offend; 
se — , V. r. to dislike : not to thrive. 

D^plaisance, d£u-play-za«s,y: dislike. 

Ddplaisant, e, dai-play-zan, — t, a. unpleasatit. 

D^plaisir. dai-play-zeer, tn. displeasure, pain, gritf. 

Dciplanter, dai-plan-tai, v. a. to displant. 

D^pH^, dai-ple-ai, v. a. to unfold ; open. 

D^plisser, dai-ple-sai, v. a. to unplail. 

D^ploiement, dai-plwa-ma/t, m. unfolding ; displaying. 

Deplorable, dai-plor-ah-bl, a. — ment, ad. deplorable, 
doleful; wretched. 

D«iplorer, dai-plor-ai, v. a. fo deplore, bewail. 

Deployer, dai-plwa-yai, v. a. to display ; stretch; de- 
ploy : set (saUs) ; se — , v. r. fo spread, deploy. 

se Deplumer. dai-plO-mai, v. r. to moult, mue. 

D^pour, dai-pol-eer. v. a. to take off the polish. 

Depopulariser, dai-pop-A-lar-e-zai, v. a. to render un- 

Depopulation, dai-pop-fi-lah-syo/,/: depopulation. 

Deport, dai-por, tn. delay ; first fruits, pi. 

Deportation, dai-por-tah-syo«,/". deportation. 

Deportement, dai-port-man, tn. demeanour, conduct. 

Deporter, dai-por-tai, v. a. to transport. 

Deposant, dai-poh-za«, m. deponent, evidence. 

Deboser, dai-poh-zai, v. a. et n. to lay down, depose, 
divest ; deposit ; give evidence, prove. 

Depositaire, dai-pon-ze-tair, s. depositary, trustee. 

Deposition, dai-poh-ze-syo«,y: deposition, evident. 

Deposseder, dai-pos-ai-cfai, v. a. to dispossess. 

Depossession, dai-pos-es-yo«,y. dispossessing. 

Deposter, dai-pos-tai, v. a. to drive from.. 

Dep6t, dai-poh, m. deposit; warehouse ; charge ; de- 
pot : sediment; mandat de— , writ of imprisonment ; 
— de niendicite, beggar's inn. 

Depotcr, dai-pot-ai, v. a. to take out of a pot. 

Depouille, dai-poo/,/: slough, skin ; crop ; spoil, booty. 

Depouilleraent, dat-pooZ-man, m. stripping ; abnega- 
tion : self-denial; cottnting. 

Depouiller, dai-poo/-ai, v. a. to strip, take off; skin ; 
lay aside; sum up ; se — , v. r. to divest one's self; 
fret rid of. 

•Depourvoir, dai-poor-vwar, v. a. to leave unprovided. 

Depourvu, e, dai-poor-vfi, a. void, destitute; au —, un- 

Depravation, dai-prav-ah-syon,>^ depravation. 

Depraver, dai-prav-ai, v. a. to deprave, vitiate. 

Deprecation, dai-prai-kah-syo/t,/: deprecation. 

Depreciation. dai-prai-syah-syow,y^ depreciation. 

Deprecier, dai-prai-syai, v. a. to depreciate, undervalue. 

Depredateur, aai-prai-dat-ur, m. depredator. 

Depredation, dai-prai-dah-syo/i,y: depredation; waste. 

•Deprendre, dai-pra«-dr, v. a. to part, loosen ; se — , 
V. r. to disengage one's self, part with. 

Depression, dai-press-yo«,yr depression. 

•peprevenir, dat-praiv-ncer, v. a. to unprejudice. 

Deprier. dai-pre-ai« v. a. to disinvite. {raie. 

Deprimer, dai-pre-mai, v. a. to depress ; debase; untUr- 
Depriser, daUpre-zai. v. a. to undervalue, underrate. 
Depuis, d«A-pwe, /r. ad. etc. since; from; — peu, not 

long ago; — lors, ewr since. 
Depuration, dai-pA-rah-syo;t,/I depuration, 
Depuratoire, dai-pfi-rat-war, a. depuratory, 
Depurer, dai-pQ-rai, v. a. to depurate. 
Deputation, aai-pQ-tah-syo».^ deputation. 
Depute, dai-pfi-tai, m. deputy. 
Deputer, dai-pfi-tai, v. a. to depute. 
Deracinement, dai-ras-in-max, m. rooting out. 
Deraciner, dai-ras-in-ai, v. a. to root ottt; extirpate. 
Deraillement, dai-ra/-man, m. goin^ off the rails. 
Derailler. dai-ra/-ai, v. n. logo off the rails. 
Deraison, dal-ray-zo«,y: want of a reasott. [reasonab/e. 
Deraisonnable, dai-ray-zon-ah-bl, a. — ment. eui. un- 
Deraisonner, dai-ray-zon-ai, v. n. to talk nonsense, 


TH I iTitn dp-u-rii/cht^inAH^ m. dis^r^er, distHf^ttfe. 

D^ i . : .. ^ V ( . iLii-raH-hjai.. V, a. te dei-ange, dintrder .- gii^- 

iisr f) ; iiicatnfKode ; sc ^, "v, r. tar take to ^(sd c^urtot. 
Der.itt, dAi-ra-uin J^ cUtiiiHjr, sharps 
DeTnicur. dAi-rat-al, w a. to extract the spleen. 
Dercchcf, dwA-rliA-fthcr, ad. aneat, sgain, - Xorderty^ 
D6rL-jT|i*, c< dai-ra l-j3:]dii a. — mtnK^ ad. irrrgvftrr.- dii' 
Derirjf kmcnt, {Eai-rEii-ifl-ni^J, wi. irre^uiar^t disorder'. 
DirL-g[c*T^ dsj-mi-i^Uiittt. a, /<f disorder, put attt of order ; 

s,t — , V. r. tif he nMt t^Ordcf. 
DeriricT, dai-re-ddi, tK rt. to iftrwritiili: sc — * V, r, t^ 

c/fiir up fffffs cvuHieimHiv. 
DeriiiiDn., dAirtt-tyiift,f. d-iriH&n. ffistk^ry. 
Derisolftn dat ttf'Wjjir, a, derisory. 
DeriiatlcMiiK daii-re-*ali-syo»j,y; drriv^iion. 
Derive, dftj-riw, j^ (^*Tv^y : eii — ^ ad^^. \lee^\^rd. 

DetUe, dai-re-vai, v, a. a n. to derHv^ prereed - fait t^ 
Denutir, *re, i^a'^rury^j, _r, *, Ust, iftmost: te^esi. 
DeirnL^femCEit, dalrn-yAJt-mat, nd. lately, ti^late^ nenfty. 
Derivhri, e, dai-rotj-ai, **. pfwt^te; i 1^ — c, ** stealth. 
Dernbqr, daifdh-ai. V, * to r^, ttettt ; hide, c^mxixl ; 

Srj ^^ Vr r. fo steal ifatay, ts&tpif r gti (tnt Of si^ht : 

Deroj^^fltoir^T dai.PO(f^E'War. a. denf^ato^y, 
DernkVt;r, dai-rohJi^L, w, n, tn den^gaie ^ f^r/eit, 
^'- -^Lir, iJlai^rwa-deCT, 'v. a. to itttsti^n. 

. V. a, to take off the redfiesj 


D*' t-fvti^ir, Aii-rnchrhje' 

&■: ^. ». r, lEfude, 
DefciuJlicr, rtai-rooZ-ai, v- a. fo r"fr ejftAi ncs/,- sc —, 

?■- r. Is ttri£Jt/en up ,■ teach tnanfurs. 
Denouicment, dsi-rof^l-nifiu , jj*, tinroiiing: 
Deroulcr, riainrnol-ai, v, a, is unr^k, (ti^pMy, 
Deroute, dai-Toot/; rvut, defeat; disorder. 
De router, d.iL.roiol-aiH ^. a. is lead asinty, diSfOfie^rt. 
Derrli:rE, dair-yatr, pr, ei ad, fvAittd^ &fttr: par — , 

yy.M. f,^j.;,,.f ^...j„;..-,f.ff. Ttatts de — ^ back-doof : 

t'-. ff: hind p^rts ; ~&y pi. the 

Deiv:.Ur. -^.lu-^r^.. .■■';. u-.t-vis* [rear. 

Dis, day, pr.from, since ; — que, ats soon as, since. 
Desabuser, dai-zab-Q-zai, v. a. to disabuse, undeceive. 
Desaccord. dai-zak-or, tn. disagreement. 
Desaccorder, dai-zak-or-dai, v. a. to untune. ■ [unite. 
Desaccuupler, dai-zak-oo-plai, v. a. to uncouple ; to diS' 
Desaccoutumer, dai-zak-oo>t(i'inai, v. a. to disaccustom ; 

se — . V. r. to leave off. 
Desachalander, dai-zash-al-ax-dai, v. a, to make one 

lose his customers. 
Desaffection, dai-zaf>fek-syon,/l disaffection. 
Desaffectionne, e. dai-zaf-fek-syon-ai, a. disaffectal. 
Desaffourcher, dai-zaf-oor-shai, v. a. to untruwr. [able. 
Desagreable, dai-zag-rai-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad. disagree- 
Desagrement, dai-zag-rai-ina», m. disagreeableness ; 

disgust. [pose; disturd. 

Desaluster, dai-zahj-Qs-tai, v. a. to disarrange, discotn- 
Desalterer. dai-zal-tai-rai. v. a. to quench the thirst. 
Desancrer, dai-zan-kral, v. n. to weigh anchor, [ment. 
Desappointement, dai-zap-wai«t-man, tn. disappoint- 
Desappointer, dai-zap-wain-tai, v. a. to disappoint. 
*Desapprendre, dai-zap-ra»-dr, v. a. to forget* [/auZf. 
Desapprobateur, dai-zap-rob-at-ur, m. blamer, find' 
Desapprobation, dai>zap-rob-ah-syo», f. disapprobu" 

tion. [the possession. 

se Desapproprier, dai-zap-pro-pre-ai, v. r. to give up 
Desapprouver, dai-zap'roo-vai, v. a. to duapprove of; 

dislike. [down. 

DesarQonner. dai-zar-son-ai. v. a. to dismount; run 
Desargenter. dal-zar-hja»-tai, v. a. to scrape off the 

silver; drain op cash ; se — , v. r. to lose one's plating. 
Desarmement, dai-zar-mi/A>maM, m. disarming ; dts- 

mantling. [band. 

Desarmer. dai-zar-mai, v. a. to disarm; dismantle; dis- 
Desarroi, dai-zar-wa, m. disorder, confusion. 
Desassembler, dai•zass-a;^blai, v, a, to take to pieces. 

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D^sassocier, dai-zass-oh-syai, v. a. to dissolve a part' 

D^sassortir, dai-zass-or-teer, v. a. to uHfnatch. 

D^saistre, dai-zastr, m. disaster. {happy. 

D^sastreux, se, dai-zas-truh, — z, a. disastrous, tin- 

D^savauitafi'e, dai-zav-a«-tahj, m. disadvantage ; avoir 
du — , to be "worsted. 

Desavantageux, se, dai-zav-a»-tahj-uh, — z, ad. disad- 
vantageous, un/ixvourable. 

Desaveu, dai-zav-uh, m. disavoival, disavoiving. 

D^saveugler, dai-zav-uh-glai, v. a. to undeceive. 

Desavouer, dai-zav-oo^i. v. a. to deny ; disown. 

Desceller, dai-sel-ai. v, a. to unseat. 

Descendance, des-a«-da/is,yC descent, pedigree. 

Descendant, des-an-da>f, m. descendant, offspring. 

Descendre, des-a;<-dr, v. a. et n. to descend ; tnake a 
descent, take down, let down, set down ; go down ; 
land; — !a garde, to come off guard. 

Descente, des-a«t, /. descent, going do7vn ; landing ; 
declivity ; inquest ; invasion ; rupture. 

Descriptif, ive, des-krip-tif, — iv, a. descriptive. 

Description, des-krip-syo«,yC description. 

D^sechouer, dai-zai-shoo-ai, v. a. tagetajloat. 

D^semballage, dai-za«-bal-ahj, m. -unpacking. 

D^semballer, dai-za^z-bal-ai, v. a, to unpack. [ing. 

Desenibarquement, dai-za»-bark-ma/<. m. disembark' 

Ddsembarquer, dai-za^i-bar-kai, v. a. to disembark, 
unlade. [mire. 

Desembourber, dai-za«-boor-bai, v. a. to take out o/the 

D^sembrayer, dai-za>»-brai-yai, v. a. to disengage. 

Pesemparer, dai-za;/-par-ai, v. a. et n. to abandon: dis- 
able a ship. 

D^empeser, dai-za;i-p«A-zai, v a. to unstarch. 

D^semplir, dai-za«-pleer, v. a. et n, to empty in part; 
se — , V. r. to grcrw less full. 

Desemprisonner, dai-za/t-pre-zo-nai, v. a. to set free. 

D^senctiatner, dai-za»-shay-nai, v. a. to unchain, [ing. 

Dasenchantement, dai-zan-shant-maM, m. disenchant- 

Desenchanter, dai-za»-sha/i-tai. v. a. to disenchant. 

D^senclouer, dai-za;t-kIoo-ai, v. a. to take out a nail. 

Desenfiler, dai-za/t-fe-lai, v. a. to unthread, unstring. 
Desenfler. dai-za«-flai, v. a. to remove a swelling ; se 

— , V. r. to lose a swelling, abate. 
D^senflure, dai-za«-flftr,y. removal 0/ S7uelling. 
Desenivrer, dju-za«-ne-vrai, v. a. et n. to make sober; 

get sober. 
DSsenlacer, dat-za>2-la-sai, v. a. to disengage. 
D^sennui, dai-zan-we, m. diversion. 
D^sennuyer. dai-zan-nwe-yai, v. a. to dispel tnelancholy. 
D^scnrayer, dai-za«-ray-yai, v. a. to unlock 
Desenrhuraer, dai-za>/-rQ-mai, v. a. to cure a cold, 
Disenrouer, dai-za»-roo-ai, v. a. to cure hoarseness. 
Desensevelir, dai-za«-suv-leer, v. a. to strip a corpse. 
Ddsensorceler, dai-za;i-sors-lai, v. a. to unbeiuitck. 
Desensorcellement. dai-zaw-sor-sell-raa/t, m, unbewitch- 
ing. {with, set right. 

Desenteter, dai-za«-tey-tai, v. a. to put o%it of conceit 
Desequiper, dai-zai-ke-pai, v. a. to unrig. \ness. 

Desert, e, dai-zair, — t, a. desert ; — . m. desert, wilder- 
Deserter, dai-zair-tai, v. a. et n. to desert, forsake. 
D^serteur, dai-zair-tur, w. deserter. 
Desertion, dai-zair-syo;*,y: desertion ; nonsuit. 
Desesp^r^, e, dai-zes-pai-rai. a. — ment. ad. desperate, 

in despair; hopeless ; — , m. ntadtnan. 
D^sesperer, dai-zes-pai-rai, v. a. et n. to bereave of all 

hopes ; give up all hope ; despair ; se — . v. r. to be in 

despair. (etre au — , to be in despair. 

D^sespoir, dai-zes-pwar, m. despair; desperation; 
D^shabill^, dai-zab-i/-ai. m. dishabille. 
Deshabiller, dai-zab-i/-ai. v. a. to undress ; se — , v. r. 

to pull off one's clothes. 
D^shabituer, dai-zab-e-tA-ai, ta a. to disaccustom. 
Ddshdrence, dai-2MU-ra«s,y: disherison. 
Desheriter, dai-zai-rit-ai, v. a. to disinherit. [honest. 
D^shonnete. dai-zon-eyt, a. —ment, ad. indecent, dis- 
Ddshonn^tetd, dai-zon-eyt-tai,/: indecency, dishonesty. 
Ddshonneur, dai-zon-ur, m. dishonour, disgrace. 
D^honorable. dai-zon-o-rah-bl. D^shonorant, e, dai- 

zon-or-a>/, — t, a. dishonourable, shameful. 
Dishonorer, dai-zon-or-ai, v. a. to dishonour, disgrace. 
D^signatif, ive, dai-zig-nat-if, — iv, a. designative. 
Designation, dai-zin-yah-syo7i, f. designation; ap- 

pointment. [sign. 

Designer, dai-zin-yai, v. a. to desi^yMte ; appoint ; aS' 
Ddsincorporer, dai-zai»-kor-por-ai, v. a. to disincor- 
Desinence, dai-zin-a«s,y! termination. [porate. 

D^sinfatuer, dai-zai»-fat-A-ai, v. a. to undeceive. 
Desinfecter, dai-zai«-fek-tai, v. a. to disinfect. Purify. 
Disinfection, dai-zaiM-fek-syon,/*. disinfection. 
D^sint^ress^, e, dai-zain-tai-res-ai, a, —ment, ad. un- 
interested ; impartial. [terestedness. 
P^sint^ressemeptt dai-zai;i-tai-ress-man, m, diiin- 

D^sint^resser, dai-zai»-tai-res-ai, v. a. to indemnify^ 
Desir, dai-zeer, m. desire. 
Desirable, dai-ze<rah-bl, a. desirable. 
Ddsirer, dai-ze-rai, v. a. to desire ; covet. 
D^sireux, se, dai-ze-ruh, — z, a. desirous, eager. 
D^istement, dai-zist-man, m. desistance ; relinouish' 
se D^sister, dai-zis-tai, v. r. to desist, give over. [ment. 
D^sobtfir, dai-zob-ai eer, v. n. to disomy. 
D^sob^issance, dai-zob-ai-e-sa^/s, f. disobedience. 
D^sobeissant, e, dai-zob-ai-e-saM. — t, a. disobedient, un- 
dutiful. [if'gl/- 

D^sobligeamment. da!-zob-le-hjam-a>t. ad. disobltg- 
D^sobligeance, dai-xob-le-hja/{s,yC disobligingness, 
D^sobliger. dai-zob-le-hjai. v. a. to disoblige. 
Desobstnier, dai-zob-strQ-ai, v. a. to deobstrttct. 
Desoccupation, dai-zok-Q-pah-syo»,/I leisure. 
Ddsoccup^, e, dai-zok-Q-pai, a. unemployed, at leisure. 
Desceuvr^, e, dai-zuh-vrai, a. busiless, idle. 
D^sceuvrement. dai-zuh-vr-ma», m. idleness. 
D^solant, e, dai-zol-a/(, — t, a. grievous; tiresome. 
D^solateur, dai-zol-at-ur, m. destroyer. \tion. 

Desolation, dai-zol-ah-syo//, f. desolation, grief, afflic- 
Desoler, dai-zol-ai, v. a. to desolate ; grieve ; annoy; 

se — , v. r. to be grieved. 
D^sopilatif, ive, dai-zop-e-lat-if, — iv, a. deoppUcUive. 
D^sopiler, dai-zop-e-Iai, v. a. to deoppUate. 
D^sordonne, e, dai-zor-don-ai, a. —ment, ad, disorderly; 

inordinate : dissolute. 
D^ordre, dai-zor-dr, m. disorder ; disturbance : riot. 
Disorganisation, dai-zor-gan-e-zah-syo/i, f. disorgani- 
Desorganiser, dai-zor-gan-e-zai, v. a. to disorganize. 
I>esorienter, dai-zor-e-a^i-tai, v. a. to make one lose his 

way ; disconcert. 
D^sormais, dai-zor-may, ad. henceforth, hereafter. 
Ddsossement, dai-zoh-sma/t, m. taking out the bones. 
D^sosser, dai-zoh-sai, v. a. to take out the bones. 
D^soxyder, dai-zok-se-dai, v. a to disoxydate. 
Despote, des-pot, m.. despot. 
Despotique, des-pot-ik, a. —ment, ad. despotical. 
Despotisme, des-pot-ism, m. despotism. 
Desquamation, des-kwam-ali-syo«, f. desquamation. 
se Dcssaisir, des-ai-zeer. v. r. to give up, part with. 
Dessaisissement, des-ai-ziss-ma^t. m. giving up. 
Dessaler, des-al-ai. v. a. to unsalt, soak. 
Dessangler, des-a>2-glai, v. a. to ungirth. [tion. 

Dess^chement. des-ai-shma«, m. drying up ; emacia- 
Dess^cher, des-ai-shai, v. a. to dry, drain ; emaciate ; 

se — , V. r. to wither. • 

Dessein, des-ai/», m. desigti, intention ; k —, on pur- 
f---.-;\ . '*-' irt — 'rr f^ ; h — aue, to t/te end that. 
D< ■ :: I '. ■'. ■ unsaddle. 

■ Doserrt*. ii<,'S-ntr, /: uiir -t ui — , close-fisted. 
Desserrer, cles-aiT'ai^ li. n. to loosen, slacken. 
Dt^SrertK oes-air «f- dasari. 

Dt^s^rte, des-airt. ^ remti ins ; parochial duties, pi. 
Des«rvant, des-?Ur-v3-'(, m. curate. 
Df^-ierwJr, des-air-vejsr, i: a. et n. to clear the table, 

diutrvt; dif tit f parochuil duties. 
De-s&iccaitr ive^ dcss-e-kat-if, — iv, a. desiccative. 
Desiiccati&n, des-c-k.iti-syow, f desiccation. 
De^iiiUeFi dti-sU-iii, v, a, -^ les yeux, to undeceive. 
De^idn d«-aN, nu ^ra-u'vnfr: pattern. 
Debijcniitrur, des-e-nat-yr, m. draiver. 
Defi^ilncrK desi-e-nai, v, a, aj draw ; design ; se — , v. r. 

to be dttinnited. 
De^-iotcr, dcB'Ol'fli, V, A. in unsole. 
De'JSDudcr, d«^^>oilfti, v, ti. to unsolder. 
DeswtQkri Jes-oo-Lii, f. a. f't n. to make sober; be sober. 
DesiouRH dnh-^^io, pr. rf <id. under, beloiv, beneath, 
tiK;ie)'};fa.'h .- tn •-. nyr,{erneath, askant; par — , 
ir.-.. ' . ,. ' :■■..■■=. . m. loiuer part, bottom; 

Irs .■.:'■. - M 'eward ; avoit Ic —, to have 

the worst of it. 
Dessus, dM^-sA, pr. et ad. au — , above, upwards; 
bevond; en — , on the upper side ; par — , above, over, 
besides, more; sens — dessous, topsyturvy, upside 
down; — , m. upper part; upper side; superiority: 
treble ; — du vent, weathergage ; avoif le — , to get 
the upper hand, have the best of it. 
Destin, des-tai/r, m. destiny, fate. 
Destination, des-te-nah-syo;/, f. destination. 
Destin^e, des-te-nai, f. destiny, fate. 
Destiner. des-te-nai, v. a. to destine, destinate, design. 
Destituable, des-te-tfl-ah-bl, a. removable. 
Destituer, des-te-tfl-ai, v. a. to dismiss, discharge: 
Destitution, des-te-tfl-syo«, f. dismissal. [deprive. 

Destrier, des-tre-ai, m. steed. 
Destructeur, des-trfik-tur, m. destroyer. 
Destnictibilit^, des-trflk-te-be-le-tai, f. destructihility. 
Destructif, ive, des-trflk-tif, — iv, a. destructii^\ ^^ 
Destruction, dQS-tr<lk-syo«,/ rfw/r/«r«<7«,'vJV LV^ 




P^sufiir. ilaJ-^Li-ficcr, V. a. & titAUttiff, tiUJain / i^i at 
V»riirtsi-'e .' M — , V. r. fitjb/i Mil. 

diitnf^MN ; »e ~ » t'h tTj fc dtcnmc itctazhr<i i nrj'is ^i^/ 

EKdtatt, ikil-ta/n. tw. ii^iail: wvtAil ; cnbUDCrce Cfi — , 
Ihftaiikliit, dui-UL/Ha^, wit rvinifer^ 
Ddtpillt^. daU^^i, V. -I. *!» (*f/diif .■ rttaiL 

D^lnler, dai-tiil-aJ, tf^ tf. '*' iti. if«i ittif iti ih£ pnodi : run 
THtn'ihlgueT^ tiai-taX-a^iH-KAl, V, a, /■O' «R6£ft4 a caAJ^. 
*D4tcdnArc, tisii-lsiti'^, v. a. ta 4isr<iiaur j fad£ ; 5C — , 

rWtcler. d^-LlBJ, t'. a. U HtiJ/aif. itttharHxss, 
l>itcTiiirc» dai-tajj-dr, if. a. (<* utilifttit ,■ /c±^i dt^utfi. 
*D(!-lcnir, ftai^iiiier^ l^. a. ti' dfiain ,- istifAAoif. 

D^tentcLtr* dj,i-E&w-cur, ^1. Ao/Jur. 

Ddtt^n-j^unn, dat-tiil-ryq.rah-SJfi-iW. 7^ Fft-Z^rfuju^Vvi. 
Uetif riorftr, dai-liHi-ryo-ral, P, ?r. /^i ,U/±-^riifrart ; iutfinir. 
Uitcnninaiat, c, d ^r-tslr-me-niT", —l, EVlerminilif, 
ivc» diuriiiir-mt-n4t-(r, — !v, i», tf^fe-rmfHa^iw, 

O^tcrmind!. riai^tair-me'-liaJ, w, rfxfltufe Tfiftri, 

D(JfH" miner, dai-talr-mc-nnT, f i o. fadtterniine ; nCfiSiV; 
lift-iiif ; 5C — 1 v. -r. fa /ait*, a r^saiufimi. 

IWiefT<;r, Uqi-t-Tir-ai, w- o. /j dijir jt/> .- disarFir. 
Ht^lerwr, Ive, (iili'tIli^.FIf^ — iv, a. tfe^rsiTie^ \iarrfihid. 
D«^teata.b]«?, tluS-tes-tab'bSi a- — mcnt, tTiV. diiishible, 
IMttStatron, diW-teS'tali-^ycm,^ deiesiaiimi. 
Diteattr, daHes^taE^ p, a. ^^^ rft&ri, aiAjr. 

Dcti^r, cl^-te-£;ll t. A is mte ^uH/^r^V 
IMtEsbcr, dai-ttf-sai, ir. i^ Jft Jt^f ;uAf in^, WJi?£fi?, 

DctDnatioTiH d^]-tuti-a3]'3^yurj', f. d^fatistiion. 

Jj^tnncr, dAl-tait-nS, it. W. ^.S dff^ni^^ ; rf*4?Wf*^C, 
* U^tonmcr, d^i-ton-iii^ *■. 11. te ^ tmi^itmf ; Mr. 

nitozdr^t rtW'tor.dr, fj, a. fo unhi^ist^ ntirmrtn^^ 

r>dltnrnuer, rtai-toi-kM. "'. rt, A? Mfti>ri : f^rcc. 

UfHorfl^ dnt-torK j« iMtotdre. 

TXitlnniUfir, d:ii-tor-ti/-ill. x\ a. tix untvfi^^ \fVaiiOn. 

, iJetoTir, ilo^l-toan ^. fttr^inir,' ntutrd-atvitt tt<^ ; 

li^lm\fT\ii, {Jfli-toor^TiaF, a. iitdirtrf ,■ cJtamn — , *i'-li™>'. 

l>StCl^^n^■■m::nT, dai-tt'trii-iiiaj^f, m. iitrttPJ^' ^hff; sin- 
fir-.-.- ■■■ ..-,■ 

Dtitounn-i, u-ij :i,i.i- iiui, I', ii. ^/ f;. A> tufr! aside, off: 
divert, avert; distort; dissuade; embezzle; har- 
bour (stag) ; se — , v. r. to turn aside ; swerve. 

D^tracter. dai-trak-tai. v. a. to slander; detract. 

D^tracteur, dai-trak-tur. nt. detracter. 

Ddtraction, dai-trak-syo«, f. detraction. \/rom insects. 

D^trang^er, dai-tra;i-lijai, v. a. to drive away, clear 

D^traquer, dai-trak-ai, v. a. to distract ; lead astray; 
spoil a horse's pcKC; se — , v. r. to be out 0/ order. 

Detrempe, dai-tra«p, /. water-colours. 

D^tremper, dai-tra«-pai, v. a. to dilute ; soften {steel). 

Ddtresse, dai-tress, yf distress ; sorrow. 

Dtftresser, dai-tress-ai, v. a. to untwist. 

Detriment, dai-tre-ina«, m. detriment. 

Detroit, dai-trwa, m. strait; defile. 

D^tromper, dai-tro;<-pai, v. a. to undeceive, disabuse. 

IMtr6ncraent, dai-tron-ma;i, »*. dethronement. 

DArdner, dai-tro-nai, v. a. to dethrone. 

D^trousser, dai-troo-sai, v. a. to untuck ; rifle. 

•D^truire. dai-trfl-eer, v. a. to destroy; ruin; se — , 
V. r. to destroy each other; kill one's self. 

Dette, det, f. debt; duty. 

Deuil, duh/, m. mourning; mourners. 

Deux, duh, n. tivo ; second; —h.—, two by two ; piquer 
des — , to clap spurs to one's horse ; — , m. deuce. 

Deuxi^me, duh-zyem, a. — ment, ad. second. 

D^valer, dai-val-ai, v. a. to let doiun. 

rWvaliser, dai-val-e-zai, v. a. to rifle, strip. 

Devancer, dK/r-va«-sai, v. a. logo before; outrun, out- 
do, outstrip ; forestall. 

Devancier, d«A-va«-syai, m. predecessor ; ancestor. 

Devant, duh-\aLtt,pr. eta. before; in front of ; par—, 
in front, in the forepart ; — , m.. front ; forepart ; 
chimney-piece ; prendre les devants, to go before; 

Devanti&re, d«A-va«-tyair, f. riding petticocit. 
Devanture, d«A-va«-tflr, f front. 
D^vetstateur, dai-vas-tat-ur. m. destroyer. 
Devastation, dai-vas-tah-syoM, f devastation. 
Ddvaster, dai-vas-tai, v. a. to devastate. [foldiJig, 

Ddveloppement. dal-vlop-ma;/, m. developtnent ; un- 
Ey^velopper, dai-vlop<ii, v. a. to open ; develop ; un- 
fold; expound; se — , v. r. to unfold one's self ; be 

cleared up. 
•Devenir, d«A-vneer, v. ». to become, grow; que 

deviendrez-vous? what will become q/you ? 
D^vergondage, dai-vair-go;<-dahj, ni. profligateness, 
D^vergondd, e, dai-vair-eon-dai, a. profligate; shame- 
Ddverrouiller, dai-ver-oo/-ai, v. a. to unbolt. [less. 

Devers, dwA-vair, pr. tomards, ctbout. 
Divers, e, dai-vair, — ss, a. jutting out. [out. 

D^verser, dai-vair-sai, v. a. et n. to bettd, incline; Jut 
D^versoir, dai-vausswar, m. overfall. 
se Div^tir, dai-va]f-teer, v. r. to drvest one's self; give 
D^v^tissement, dai-vay-tiss-man, m. giving up. \up. 
Deviation. dai-ve-uh-syo«, f deviation. 
Divider, dai-ve-dai, v. a. to wind into a skein, reel. 
Divideur, dai-ve-dur. m. — se, — uz, f. witider of 
D^vidoir, dai-ve-dwar, tn. reel, spindle. [skeins. 

Devier, dai-ve-ai, v. n. to deviate. 
Devin, duh-vaxn, m. diviner, soothsayer. 
Deviner, d»A-ve-oai. v. a. to divine; guess. 
Devineresse, d«A-vin-ress,y^ divineress. 
Devineur, di^A-ve-nur, w. diviner ; guesser. 
Devis, d«A-ve, tn. estimcUe ; plan ; talk, chat. 
Ddvisager, dai-ve-zahj-ai, v. a. to disfigure, maul. 
Devise, duh-v\z,f. device, motto. 
D^visser, dai-ve-sai, v. a. to unscrew. 
D^voiement, dai-vwa-ma«, m. looseness. 
Divoilement, dau-vwal-man, m. unveiling. 
D^voiler, dai-vwal-ai, v. a. to unveil. 
•Devoir, d»A-vwar, v. a et «. to ov/e; be in debt; 

ought, must, must needs ; il doit venir tci, he is to 

come here ; — , tn. duty, obligation ; task ; rendre 

ses — s, topajf otie's respects. 
Devolution, dai-vol-<i-syo;i,y: devolution. 
Devorer, dai-vor-ai, v. a. to devour; consutne ; waste; 

suppress, repress ; — un aiTront, to brook an affront. 
D^vot, e, dai-voh, —t, a. — ement, ad. devout; — , m. 

devout persott ; devotee. 
Devotion, dai-voh-syo«,/; devotion ; devotedness. 
Devouement, DevoQment, dai-voo-man, tn. devotion; 

Ddvouer, dai-voo-ai, v. a. to devote, consecrate, 
Divoyer, dai-vwa-yai, v. a. to lead astray. 
Dexterite. deks-tai-re-tai.y: dexterUy. 
Dextre, deks-tr, /: the right hand, 
Dia, dyah, int. het ! gee-ho I 
Diab^te, de-ab-et, m, diabetes. 
Diable, dyah-bl. tn. devil; un bon — , a good-tuUured 

fellow : F>auvre — , poor wretch. 
Diablement, dyah-bl-ma«, ad. devilishly. 
Diablerie, dyah-bl-re. /: witchcraft. 
Diablesse, dyah-bless,y: devil, shrew. [lozenge. 

Diablotin, ayah-blot-ai^, m. young devil ; chocolate 
Diabolique, dyah-bol-ik, a. —ment, ad. diabolical, 

Dtaconal, e, de-ak-on-al, a. relating to a deacott. 
Diaconat, de-ak-on-ah, m. deaconry, deaconskip, 
Diaconesse, de-ak-on-ess,/r<fraA;;tfJJ'. 
Diacre, dyah-kr, tn. deacon. 
Diadime, de-ad-aym, m. diadem. 
Diagnostic, de-ag-nos-tik, tn. diagnostic. 
Di^onal, e, de-ag-on-al. a. — ement, out. diag-ottal, 
Dialecte, de-al-ekt, tn. dialect. 
Dialectique, de-al-ek-tik,/: dialectic. 
Dialogique, de-al-o-hjik, a. duilogistic. 
Dialogue, de-aUog, m. dialogue. 

Diamant, de-am-a», tn. diatnond. [caL 

Diametral, e, de-ara-ai-tral, a. —ement, ad. diametri- 
Diam^tre, de-am-eytr, m. diameter. 
Diane, de-an,y: beat of drum at daybreak; tnorrtittg- 
Diantre, dya»-tr, itit. the deuce / {watch. 

Diapason, de-ap-ah-zo«, m. tuning-fork. 
Diaphane, de-af-an, a. diaphanous ; trattsparettt, 
Diaphan^ite, de-af-an-ai-e-tai,y: transparettcy. 
Diaprer, de-ap-rai; v. a. to diaper, variegate. 
Diarrhee, de-ah-rai,/: diarr?tcea. 
Diatonique, de-at-on-ik, a. diatottic. 
Diatribe, de-at-rib,y; diatribe; invective. 
Dictateur, dik-tat-ur, tn. dictator. 
Dictatorial, e, dik-tat-or-e-al, a. dictatorial. 
Dictature, dik-tat-fir,/. dictature ; dicteUorship, 
Dictde, dik-tai, f. dictation. 
Dieter, dik-tai, v. a. to dictate; prompt. 
Diction, dik-syon, f. diction, style. r> 
Dictionnaire, dik-syon-air, m. dtctioHWi^. 




BIcton, dflc-tOM. m. sayings, prwtrb 

Didactique, de-tak-tik, a. didactic. 

Difese. de-ayz,y^ diesis. 

Di^ser, de-ai-zai, v. a. to sharpefi (notes). 

Diite. dyet,y: diet. 

Di^t^tique, de^-tai-tik, a. dietetic. 

Dieu, djruh {pi. — x), m. God; plflt Ji — , would to God. 

Diffamant, e, dif-fam-a^;, — t, a. defamatory, 

Diffamateur, dif-fam-at-ur, tn. defamer. 

Difiamation, dif-fam-ah-syow,^. defamation. 

DifTamatoire. dif-fam-at-war, a. defafnatory. 

Diflfamer, dif-fam-ai, v. a. to defatne, slander. 

Diff^remment, dif-ai-ram-a«, ad. differently. 

Difference, dif-ai-ra;f s, f. difference ; distinction. 

DiffSrencier, dif-ai-ra«-syai, v. a. to distinguish. 

Differend, dif-ai-ra«, m. difference ; quarrel, variance. 

Different, e, dif-ai-ra«, — t, a. different, distinct; 

DifferentieU le, dif-ai-ra/i-syel, a. differential. 
Differer, dif-fai-rai, v. a. et n. to defer, put off; differ. 
Difficile, dif-e-sil, a. — ment, ad. diffiailt ; rigid; nice, 

DLHicultd^ dif-c-kul-ta], f. d^cuUyt impediment, 

^bila^le : sans — , with e-cise. 
Dif^cultufux, se, dif-e-kai-tll-uh, — z^ a. di^cuii^ 

J3 LtTormcr,. dif-Cn'-liiillK V. a. to deforfn. 

X>iffQmiit4±, Jif-or-me-tid^/ deformity. 

l>[|fus, c, dif-fitp — z, a. — Hdmcnt, ad. diffuse, prolix. 

llitfusian, dif-fil-zyo?f , ^ di^usiinn ; prolixity. 

l>Lgiircr|, dc-hjai-raE, -v. a. el ti. todij^esi ; dear^ sHffcr ; 

I>i^ji;FiteuT, de-hjcs'tur, m. dijfester. [ripen. 

l>Lj,'Catift ivc, dc-hjeB-tift — iv, a. dix''estive. 

13Lt:i>stion, djc-hjcs-tyoM, »t. digesiian. 

n\^v\i^\, Et dc-hjfe-talK a. digital, 

jyv)*n^, din-yf , a. — mratn ad. -wartfiyy deien/iag, 

r>ijfllLt,iircH, tttt digtiicaryr 

Diffnit^, din-yti-tai, /I digtitiy, 

IHtiresser. de'^ncas^ai, -u, jj, ie digress* 

Dlkression, dc-^rcs.syQjJiy: digress^n* 

D^gue, (li^.f,iii^e, dam, *aJJA 

Dtguement. di^-majj. m, effif>ait^mefit, 

DErac^ratioTit nfl-las-aa-TjJi-syoiU, y; dUnceral^n. 

DtlaeSreTp de-k*ai.ra]^ f, et. ta dUncerate, 

Dilapldateur, de-tap-B-dat-uri m. dU^pidnti^r, -ufaster. 

Dilapidation, de-lap-e-dab-syo". / dilnpidatiitft . ii/aste. 

Dila pider, d^'lap-t-dai, v. a. /* dilapiditi^, TAiaite, 

DSlatnbiliti^, d^i^Iat a]>e-lc-Eai,y: di^itt^biiiiy, 

Dilutable, dclatah-bl, a, dil^l&Me. 

I>'[latatto]i, dc-lit-.Tti.syoJi,/. difatarinftt. 

Dildteir, de-5at^[, ir. a^ to dilate, widtfi / se — , v. r. to 

Dilatolre, de-iaE war, II, diiat^fy^ [gi-{!7if mde. 

DileCEion, dc4clE -Fiyow.y; dileaUn. 

Dileinme, doLem, m, dilemma. 

Diii^emttient, dclc-hjam-ajr, lul. diUj^eTttly. 

DLti^ence, dc-lchjawj, _/. atiidutty; speed,- stage- 
c0acJi,/iyifig-c&acA ; pursuit, 

Diiijrent, e, de le-hiairr — i, a. tiilijr^fte; ^uitk. 

Bil^^^cnter, de4C'hJaJi-tai, v. a. t^ haiten, dispatch. 

DiU^vieiiK ne, dc-lu-YvaiiN, — ryen, a. diluvian. 

Dtmanche, d^-manan, m. SuTtday. 

Dime, dim,/. lifHi. 

Dimcr, denial, -ij. a. ft? lepy tithes. 

Dimension, de-maw-syOH, / diminsian. 

Dsmeurn dim-ur, m, fiiAcr. 

DJminucr^ de-iue-n Cl-EiJ, t/. tt^etit. ft? diminish: lessen; 

DJininutif, ivc^ dc^-iinL'-n Qrtif, ^1t, a^dirnittitti-ve. [adate. 

DiiTsinution, dc-iite-aCi-Syafi, f dirttintttiiffi ; alfatement. 

D iFiiissotn:, dc-mis-awEirH wi. let/ers dimisnory, 

Din^ndciic, de-uaw-dre, /^ &rass mare. 

DlnatoireK dc^nat-war, a. relating to dinner. 

Dinds. ihtindtf. tttrkey-hsH. 

Dilidon, dui^t-doji, tn. turkey. 

Dinddnneau, dztiH-don-oh, m. young turiey, 

Dlnif, dc-nai, fw- dinner. ^dinner. 

Dlm^Ct dc-nai, / place tehcre One dines ptt journey; 

DtntiTt de-Eiaip ^- «- to dine : — , jm. dinner, {dinner. 

DinettCH d^ntt, / tittle dinner; fairc ].i ^, iopfay at 

Dlneur, dcnnr, »f. dinner-gnest ; great eeder^ 

Dloc^saln- e, dcHJ-sat-zaiw, — iraln, a, di^esan, 

DldC^SC, dcKJ-iiayz, «i. dioc.ese. 

DiopCrtquCi dcnop-trik^j/i dioptrics, 

DEpnthcwvBTie^ dif-Eowgli,/ diphthong. 

EHplojnatet dip-lom-at, wi, diplomatist 

Diplomatte, dip-lcwn-Eis-e,/; diplomMy. 

DlpEciniatiquer dtp-lom-aMfcH ^. diplmnaiie. 

DdplCmeT ae-pLohm, m*. diploma, patejit. 

•Dire, de«r, Vr <*, i?* ftr//, j^;i^, sij^m/y ; c'est-^-dlte, that 
is tff say ; trouver 31 — ft, tejtna fault ivith ; vouloir 
— f ft? mean; se — , »f. r, is jfr'iw ^«*V JCp^ ^?^;, fc call 
jn/j ju^/ — , »t. saying; ^ vctM — , ^ 'a- hat you 

Direct, e, de-rekt, a. — emcnt, ad. direct; straight, 
Directeur, de-rck-tur, m. director; manager, COH* 

Direction, de-rck-syo«, f. direction ; management: 
Directoire, de-rek-twar, m. directory, {director's office. 
Directorial, e, de-rek-tor-e-al, a. directorial. 
Directrice, de-rek-triss,/: directrix, cojuluctress. 
Dirigeant, de-re-hjaw, — t, a. directing. 
Dinger, de-re-hjai, v. a. to direct. 
Dis, de, see Dire. 

Disant. de-zan, soi-disant. pretending to be, mould-be 
Discale. dis-kahl. m. tare, tret. \Xsee Dire). 

Discaler, dis-kah-lai, v. a. to tare. 
Discernement, dts-sairn-ma;<, in, discernment. 
Discerner, dls-sair-nai, v. a. to discern ; distinguish. 
Disciple, de-cipl, m. disciple. 
Disciplinable, de-se-ple-nah-bl, a. disciplinable. 
Discipliiiaire, de-se-ple-nair, a. disciplinary.. 
Discipline, de-se-plin,/: discipline; instruction. 
Discipliner, de-se-ple-nai, v. a. to discipline; instruct. 
Discontinuation, ais-ko»-te-nfi-ah-syo». f. discontinu 

ance. {leave qff; cease 

Discontinuer, dis-kon-te-nfi-ai, v. a. etn. to discontinue 
Disconvenable, dis-koi-vnah-bl, a. —ment, cul. un- 

suitable. {proportion, 

Disconvenance, dis-ko«-vna»is, f. disagreement, dis- 
•Disconvenir, dis-kon-vneer, v. n. to disagree, disown. 
Discord, e, dis-kor, — d, a. out of tune. 
Discordance, dis-kor-daws,/ discordancy. 
Discordant, e, dis-kor-da;r, — t, a. discordant ; out of 
Discorde, dis-kord,/ discord, contention. [tune. 

Discorder, dis-kor-dai, v. n. to discord. 
Discoureur, dis-koo-rur, m. — se, — ruhz, f. babbler, 
•Discourir, dis-koo-reer, v. n. to discourse. [prattler. 
Discours. dis-koor, m. discourse; speech. 
Discredit, dis-krai-de. m. discredit. 
Discr^diter, dis-krai-de-tai. v. a. to discredit. 
Discret, 6te, dis-krey, — t, a. — etement, ad. discreet; 

reserved, close. [reservedness ; caution. 

Discretion, dis-krai-sj-o«, / discretion; discreetness; 
Disculpation, dis-kfll-pa-syon,/*. exculpation. 
Disculper, dis<kAl-pai, v. a. to exculpate. 
Discussion, dis-kfl-syo«,/: disMssion,'dispute, debate. 
Discuter, dis-k{\-tai. v. a. etn. to discuss; debate. 
Disert, e, de-zair, — t, a. eloquent. 
Disetto, de-zet,yr dearth, scarcity. 
Diseur, de-zur, nt. teller; — de riens, empty talker. 
Disgrace, dis-grauss,/ rfti-^rtfc^/ misfortune. 
Di-:^ ■■• vT, \.-.-^,jAi\ :-y.,f, :- .-. '■' .?■■ ■ '■ ■■■■^ 
Diij^f.iticiiA, i(:. uii-KPLiH-hyLiii. — z, tt. — su-tnent, <id. 

ungracejni; ditagrremirie.. 
•Dttjoiiidre, dis^hj.wuiH-dr» if. a. to disjoin^ separate. 
Diyjonctif, ivt, ttis-h joHk-tif, — tc, a, dis/uttcfive^ 
Dlsiiunclion, dt^hioMk-syoji , f dis/unetion. 
DcslocaELon, dis'lok-ati-sypH,/ dif^attifn. 
DLBloqucr, disrtofc-at, -v. a, iff dt'slotvftt, (rtflWjy» 

•DtsiF^arattrc, disrpar-ay-tr^ V. H. Iff dise^ptar : go 
Dirii.-iL'^Lte, dis-pai-HE, a, in^HsTHouS ; incensisteni ; 
Di I .liLi', dis-par-c-Eai,y; dispat-tty. {—^f. incongruity^ 
DiriM-iitininf dis-par-tsyoM^^ disappearance^ 
Diin^LLdLL'tuEf sc, di£-pa«"dyiih, — 2, a. — semeitt, ad. 

expensizn, coHly. 
Dtspcnsair^, dis-pau-^r. m. dispenssiry^ 
DLipcn&atcui', dis-paw-sat-uri tn, dt'speiUtK llntfiffti^ 
DLspcnsatLon, dis-pa«-aah-5yD«, f, dispensaiion, distri- 
Dispi; \vi^^ dis-pa^iji, f. dispetisatian ,- h'ceniV. 
Disp4:]iser, dis-paH-sai, v. a, ta dispense -Wiih; excuse; 

dispense ; sq — , -u. r. to exciise one's self. 
DispEisicr, di^-pair-sai, v, a. to disperse; scatter; se — , 

7.', r. to disperse ; de scattered. 
Dispersion^ dh.pair.syoiuf. di'sperst'Ort. 
Disppnibic, di5-pDh'Tu;:«-bl, at. disposable. 
Dispos, dia-poh, et, nimble, aeti^. 
Disposer, di^-poh-zait v. a. et n. to dispose; prepare; 

^Jtow; ortiaiit ; se — , v. r.t&gri ready, {proviso^ 
Disposilifi ive, dis^po^e-tlf, — iv, a. preparatory ; ^. t^K 
Disposltiq^n, dis-poil-^e-syofl, /. disposition; disposal^ 

order; inclinaiinH ; gifodiuill ; hnmour. 
Dispifopcjrtion^ dis-piro-por-syoflify: disproportiffn. 
DispropoTtJow;^, e, dis-prQ-pDr-syDn-ai, a. dispropor^ 

tioned^ uneenmt. 
Disputable, dis-pft-tah-bt a. d^sputa&U^ toftfcstable. 
DispuEe, dis^pfil,/: dispute^ conmt.- di^pnttfiii?if. 
Dijspiiter, d Es-pa tal, -if. a. et m, to disipute; eentend; se 

— , f. r. t(f contend Ji^r: sncrrrel, 
Di^puteur, dEs-p{l-tur, itt. dispn/er, disptttant-. 
Di!iqwt\ disk, tn. ^in*it, disA?. 


tiotv, dis-kc-zu-syipjr,/ dis^HisHism. 

■■•n, dis^sek-syo ji , X dirseetion. [lar, unlike. 
.:;iblc, dis^5au«.h!ah-bl, a. ^mcut, md. dtssimi-^ 
jiLanctj dis-san-bidfa, f, drssipiifar£^ wuHliJ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[48 J 


Diss^miELCT, dis-!!ai-me-naj, v- a. fQ auitmrmtif. 
IXsscnEiDn, dis^'iaM.syQu.y. ^issenn^H. 
l>i^senTiinen1, dLs-sji^f-ffl-man, m. diStti^Ttitm^i. 
Uisat^qucr do-ui^kat^ v. Or W fffSitrt. 

Di!i&trtatfLir dis-wir-tit-yr, m. tiijsfTtatiir. 
Ln^&crutioji, dis-54iMah-syH>iT. / di.ssfrf*tf!^n. 
Disiscrtcr, dis-^air-fai. v. n. iadHtfri. ftiiiUit. 

Di^^idenr, dis.stf -d :im„ w, tftjsi^ttfr ; twncff^fcrmixt. 

IHissiiniulatfLir. dtin'S^^mA.lAt-ur, »*. ^itifttt^ft*'. 
EtisginiLilaUoii. dls-M'mC'l'aJT^SiyiaH,/: ftiftfyttuiftfioM. 
Uisi^lmu]^ fl( dispM-iTiia-lalt d. dm^m^fing ; — » pm. ^sfif. 

DtsaimuVer, dls-se-mCl-Ul. tj. a, ft n. b 4fitem^if, A0f. 
Pls9if>^teur, dis-se-pat-uf, m. — irice, — iriss, / jjv^jrf- 

tkrift. 'm^sttr. \tirss. 

ttt^ipatjon, di;i-s«-pah-?^4rii>i, / dittipati^n : ffii^^nte- 
Dis^pcr, dis-se-pai, v. fl. i& dtsitpAtt; tvftjir; dtvtrt ; 

5c — , ^, f. is rr^Ax cue's sti/. 
t>L5solu< t^ dis-so^A, A. — in<:nt **.^. (ftJS^ttff, IcvM. 
llis&oluble, dJ4-so|-^bt, if. diSSifiu^it. 
DisBotuiriojii, dis-9ol-(i'ayoH,/ disjc/uiieti : ftitti^lntentss. 
J>LESQlvmnt, e, divsol-vaj^f, — t, a. m^. dissttJrvnt. 
iJissanancej d(s-sonra«s,/ diisSHifufr. 
I>Ls«<?nant, e, dis-son-a't, — t. a disse/taHt. 
iiisionmr, di^-son-ai, t?. w. fc>«r. 
•|]tS4audre, dis-soo-dr, r. n. ta diS-t&h-r; mrU; « — , 

;. r, ft! t^ ditftfhfif : prriiH. 
Jlts*£>u^ dia-soo, JYf DlSbubdre. 
I>Lssuader, d ts-swad-al, -p, # , ^tf ahsmttdt. 
Pissuasiofi^ dis-^&wah.iyon,/ ^pj^trrtj-if^. 
Dtaji^llahe, disosiUlab. a. dinylfAiif, 
I^isFiytlabique. dis-sil-lab-ik, a. tius^il^t^ic. 
Di&Eanc«, nis4a»(S,^ dislafne, 
IJistant, «•, dii^taM. — ^t. flr disitinf, rrm^f, 
Disieridrev dfs^t»H-dr, v. Oy ta ditipifd, ex/affti. 
iJisrensigT). dis-tBK'&yoif.y: ^gisttnium, 
|>i$ttFUteur, dU-til-at-tir, «. di^ttiUr 
pistlllatkrei, dts^til4h-syo'(,^ ^|j^i?r//«rurjii. 
UistillcTg dis-til^i, T'r <r, 'f w, i^ dtiUl. 
f ^illerie, dis-tiJM'e.j^ dim!i€ry, 
pi-it inct. t di^tiiifikt, ^, — «m«nt. &d. di'ftjrfrf. 
IJi^inctit ivc. das-fa,j«lftif, — vw, A diftiJittirf. 
DistinctLon, dis-laM^k-SJfOH./. dlttrnflion, di/ffrfitft^ 
l>istii:gnc!-. dis-taiir-i^ai, t^. <*. fc rfj;?/i>rirpriyj% ; ^ — , 

1?, r, fiJ disting-uiih cHf't tr^. 
Di9tiqu«. dis-tik. wi. diiticH. [mind; rfftvatign. 

Distraction, dii-lrafc-s>'OJ^ y: dt-i/t^ftion : Jt^JfWi qf 
•Disiralre, di«i-(raif, t^. a. t<idhtraci: st^arotty divfrt, 

ttiteri^iii { iA — , t. r. ft) dttfrtsn/r /tftmi. 
Distrait, e, dis-tray, — t, a. distratttd / absftU. 
Distribuer, dis-trib-fi-ai, v. a. to distribute. 
Distributeur, dis-trib-ft-tiir. m. distributer. 
Distributif, ive, dis-trib-fl-tif, — iv, a. — iveraent, ad. liis- 
Distribution, dis-trib-fl-syo«.y. distribution, [tributive. 
District, dis-trikt. tn. district. * 

Dit, de. see Dire ; — , m. saying: 
Diur^tique, de-fl-rai-tik, a. diuretic. 
Diurnal, de-Qr-nal, m. daily prayer-book. 
Divagation, de-vag-ah-syoM.y. divagation. 
Divaguer, de-vag-ai, v. u. to ratnbie, -wander. 
Divan, de-va«, m. divan. 
Divergence, de-vair-hia«s,/". divergency. 
Divergent, e, de-va«r-lijaf«, —t, a. divergent. 
Diverger, de-vair-hjai, v. n. to diverge. 
Divers, e, de-vair, — s, a, — ement, ad. divers, several; 

drverse, various. 
Diversifier, de-vair-se-fyal. v. a. to diversify, vary. 
Diversion, de-vair-syo;/,/. diversion. 
Diversity, de-vair-se-tai, /; diversity. 
Divertir, de-vair-teer, v. a. to divert, embextU : se — , 

V. r. to divert one's self. 
Divertissant, e, de-vair-te-sa«, — t, a. diverting. 
Divertissement, de-vair-tiss-maw, m. diverston, paS' 

time: etnbettlement. 
Dividende, de-ve-da«d,y. dividettd, share, 
Divin, e. de-vai«, — vin, a, —ement, ad. divine. 
Divination, de-ve-nah-syo;/,/". divination. 
Divinatoire, de-ve-nat-war, a. divinatory. 
Diviniser, de-ve-ne-zai, v. a. to deify. 
Divinity, de-ve-ne-tai,y^ divinity : deity. 
Diviser. de-ve-zai, v. a. to divide ; sunder ; se — , v. r. 
Diviseur, de-ve-zur, tn. divider: divisor, [to be divided. 
Divisibility, de-ve-ze-be-le-tai./! divisibility. 
Divisible, de-ve-zibl, a. divisible. 
Division, de-ve-zyo«,y; division. 
Divorce, de-vorss, tn. divorce. 
Divorcer, de-vor-sai, v. n, to be divorced. 
Divulgation, de-vfll-gah.syo«,/". divulging. 

Do [ 
Do* '. 




t go to 


Divulptte^ de-tftl^ciai -v. a. ia diT.>it/ge. 

Dix, flk^. rf. ten: trfith. 

Dixi:':i.;-. i1tr-f )-f III, a. — mcnt. ad. tenth; — , tn. tentJ^ 

Dia-.iii. ik'-£ai/j, w. ■riania oftcft xvrses, [/art, tenth, 

Dii.LMi,-, de-^Jn^/.J'fw. 

Di2i ill, ([^-^(jh, WW. shsck ^ti/hfat. 

Dot ilr. cJr^'ii-LL a. — tficntK dif. diKile ; with docility. 

Dol ■:.:•■ I'. ■: I i:»s-e-le-tai,/: dt^i/ify. 

■Ii'kt, a. ^tneiit, aJ, hamfd. 
T, Jijk-tur, m, ii^tffr. 
iL. t. d*>k-tor-al, a. — emertt. ad. doctoral. 
Li. c!<^k-ttir-ti,li, ttf. dpcianhip. 
.ire, dnklrt-nair, m. dxfrinary. 
i|, a, Jok-Tre itid, «. doctrinal. 
■. dufc-lHii,/ dfHfrt'nt; /taming: emdition. 
Ill, dok-fi-tniiH, m. diKTi'ttfitt. 
r. iIo^T-dtf-nai, V. ft. ie move; se — , v. r. to 

fy x-iHt's Stif. 

i ■lull, rn. fatre — , ft slftp; aller k — , to i 

iU:id-0, a.//Hmfi. 
.M', d&gHar-tsSvj^ -wife ef a doge. 
'! 'K^iih, t», dp£iship, 
^ . h.tij, m. diigf. 
Dot: !:-|LLe, dc^-mal-Jk, a, dagmaticat. 
Doj^ii.L^kte. dog-inat-j^t, *n. dagi»aiist. 
Do^jiJ.f. ilogrn, *n. dfgttm. 
DoKf'-, >.l%'r, M, d^^rib,Ha\. 

Doi i;-. iJisjJ', tit, bHif-dp^, 

Do . ilnjj-aiJK, m^yifUitgbHlf-dag. 

Do -..v,!, m, Jut^-ff: ittch; rhre h deux — s dc, to 

b . 'f i/ii- brinJt ; lou^her ^u — , to see clearly. 
Do ., ■ I, ntwat'^i, f, ti, Ijt^ttper. 
DoilI-I'-t, dwat^yai, tit^Jlfiger^slaU. 
Doi-, .|.\.k. see ucvoii, 
Don- Ua. m. debU, debtor [see DeTOir). 
Dol.-..iiLCf dc\-a\-3.H%,f gamp/aiat, 
Del liiiiient, doL.ain-a#f, ad, doiefitily. 
Doli'uL, e, dol-aift — t, a,d^lefuit 

Do:.i.,i , 1.1 11 1 ■ [l L. irr. Hi. dt'lmatS. 

Do .:•■•..• ■■ ■■■.■ I fits s. 

Do..., Lj--;, }ii. u. „■. 

Domaine, dom-en, tn. dottutin ; possessiott, proptrty. 

Domanial, e, dem-an-yal, a. detnestiial. 

Dome, dohm. tn. dome, cathedral. 

Domesticity, dom-es-te-se-tai, f. state qf a servant; 

menials, servants, pi. 
Domestiquc, dom-es-tik, a. — ment, ad. domestic ; —, 

m. servant; one's family. 
Domicile, dom-e-cil, tn. residence; dwelling; k — , <U 
Domiciliairc, dom-e-cil-yair, a. domiciliary. [hottu. 

se Doniicilier, dom>e-cil-yai, v. r. to settle, dwell. 
Dominant, dom-e-na», — t, a. dominant, ruling: 
Dominateur, dom>e nat-ur, tn. domittator, ruler. 
Domination. dom-e-nah-syo«,y: domittation,dominion. 
Dominer, dom-e-nai. v. a. et n. to domittate ; trule; 

prevail ; predominate : rise above ; cotntnattd. 
Dominicain. dom>e-ne-kai):. m. domittican. 
Dominicaine, dom-e-ne-ken. f. dominicati ttun. 
Dominical, e, dom-e-ne-kal. a. dominical; —e,f. Sutt- 

day lectures, pi. 
Domino, dom-e-noh, m. hood, domitto. [— , it is a pity. 
Dommage. dom-ahj. m. damage, hurt, injury; c'esl 
Dommageable. dom-ahj-ah-bl. a. hurtful. 
Domptable. do^i-tah-bl, a. tatneable. 
Dompter, dOM-tai, v. a. to tame; subdue. 
Dompteur, do«-tur, tn. tanur; subduer, 
Don. do«. tn, gift, present; talent. 
Donataire. don-at-air, s. donee. 
Donateur, don-at-ur. tn. donor, giver. 
Donation. don-ah-syo;i, f. donation. 
Done, do»k, c. then, therefore. 
Donjon, do/i-hjon, tn. turret. 
Donnant, e, don-a», — t, a. liberal. 
Donne, don, f. deal, dealing. 
Donnees, don-ai, f. pi. data, pi. 
Donner, don-ai. v. a. et n. to give ; bestow; deliver; 

allow, grant; bear; reach; engage; charge; 

deal (cards); se — , v, r. to give up one's self; 

se— , garde de q., to bewate qf one ; se — , de la 

peine, to take the trouble. 
Donneur, don-ur, m. — se. — uhz. f. ?iver. 
Dont, don, pn. whose, of whotn, of which, for whortt, 
Donzelle, do/t-zel, f damsel, lass. Iwhereq/. 

Dorade, dor-ad, f. dorado. 

Dor^navant, dor-ai-nav-a». ad. hettceforth, hcrec^fter, 
Dord, e, dor-ai, a. gilt; golden. 
Dorer, dor-ai, v. a. to gud. 
Doreur, dor-ur, tn. gilder. 
Dorien, ne, dor-e-ai«, — en, a. dorian. 
Dorique, dor-ik, a. doric. [to tnake tnuch qfotte's se . 
Dorloter, dor-lot -ai, v. a. to cocker, fondle ; se — ^ v. . 
Dormant, e, dor-tna/f| —\^ a^leepinf :^statidiHg^ 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Dormenr, dor-mur, *h. sleeper. 

Dorraeuse, dor-muhz, f. travelling carriags. 

•Dormir, dor-meer, v. «. to sleep. 

Donnltif, dor-mit-if, tn. soporific. 

Dors, dohr, see Donnir. 

Dortoir, dor-twar, m. dormitory, 

Dorure, dor-fir, /. gilding. 

Dos, doh, m. back ; ridge / — & — , back to back ; 

Dose, dohz, f. dose. [toumer le — , to go away. 

Dossier, doh-syai, nt. back, head-board : bundle (o/ 

Dot, dot, /i portion : dowry. [papers). 

Dotal, e, dot^, a. dotal. 

Dotation, dot-ah-syon, /. endowment. 

Doter, dot-ai, v. a. to portion; endow. 

Douaire, doo^ir, tn. jointure : dower. 

Douairi^re, doo-air-vair. f, dowager. 

Douane, doo-ahn, f. atstom-house .• dtOy ; association 

de — prossienne, German tariff-union. 
Douanier, doo-ahn-yai, m. custom-house q^cer. 
Doublaj^e, doo-blalij, m. sheathing. 
Double, doo-bl, a. et ad. — ment, ad. double / double- 
minded, deceit/ul; — , m. double ; duplicate. 
Doubly doo-blai, m. doubling a ball. 
Doublement. doo-bl-nia», tn. doubling. 
Doubler, doo-blai, v. a. et n. to double ; line; sheath. 
Doublet, doo-blay, m. doublet. 
Doublon, doo-bloH, tn. doubloon. 
Doublure, doo-blflr. f. lining; double. 
Doucedtre, doo-sau-tr, a. sweetish. [indifferetttly. 

Doucement, doo-sraan. cut. gently ; softly; kindly; 
Doucereux, se, doo-sruh, — z, a. sweetish ; mawkish. 
Doucet, te, doo-say, — set, a. demure ; — tement, ad. 

sLnuly; calmly. 
Douceur, doo-sur.yC sweetness ; mildness; gentleness ; 

delights; gratuity ; -~s,/l. sweet things ; fiattering 
Douche, doosh, /". shoioer-Sath. [words. 

Doucher, doo-shai, v. a. to pump. 
Doucine, doo-cin, /. ogee. 
Doucir, doo-seer, v. a. to polish (glass). 
Deuer, doo-ai, v. a. to endow. 
Douille. doo/, /". socket. 

Douillet. te, doo/-ay, — ett, a. — tement, eui. soft, tender, 
DouiUette. doo/-ctt, f. quilted silk goiun. [nice. 

Douleur, doo-lur,yr pain ; grief, [painful; grievous. 
Douloureux, se, doo-Ioo-ruh, — z, a. — sement. ad. 
Doute, doot, tn. doubt; doubtfulness; scruple; distrust. 
Douter, doo-tai, v. it. to doubt ; scruple ; se — , v. r. to 
Douteur, doo-tur, tn. doubter. [suspect ; mistrust. 

Douteux, se, doo-tuh, — z, a. —sement, ad. doubtful, 

dubious ; suspicious. 
Douvain, doo-vai«, tn. wood for casks. 
Douve, doov, f. stave. 
Doux, ce, doe, — s, a. et ad. sweet : a<ift; easy ; eau 

douce, ^rwA iveUer; filer — , to be submissive. 
Douzaine, doo-zen. f. dozen / Jl la — , common, paltry. 
Douze, dooz. «. twelve ; twelfth. 

Douzi^me, doo-zyem, a. —ment, ad. twelfth ; — , m. 
Doyen, dwa-yai;i, m. dean ; the elder, [twelfth part. 
Doyennrf, dwa-yen-ai, m. deanery. 
Drachme, drakra, f. drachm. 
I3rag6e, drahj-ai, f. sugar-plum ; small shot. 
Drageoir, drahj-war, tn. comfit-box. 
Drageon, drahj-o», m. shoot, sucker. 
Drageonner, drahj-on-ai, v. tt. to put forth shoots. 
Dragon, drag-o;i, in. dragon ; dragoon. 
Dragonnade, drag-on-ad, f. dragoonade. 
Dragonne, drag-on, f. sword-knot. 
Drague, drag,^ drag. 
Draguer, drag-ai, v. a. to dras. 
Dragueur, drag-ur, in. drag-boat. 
Draniatique, dram-at-ik, a. dramatic. 
Dramaturge. dram-at-Arhj, in. sorry dramatist, 
Drame, dram, tn. drama. 
Drap, drah, tn. cloth ; — de lit, sheet. 
Drapeau, drap^h, tn. colours, flag. 
Draper, drap-ai, v. a. to hang with cloth ; cover with 

mourning; mill {stockings); jeer, banter; se — , 

V. r. to dress. 
Draperie, drap-re.y; drapery; cloth-trade; cloth-work, 
Drapier, drap-yai, tn. woollen-draper. 
Drastique, dras-tik, a. drastic. 
Dr^che, dresh, f. malt, grains, pi. 
Dresser, dres-ai, v. a. et n. to straighten; set up; 

train up ; trim up ; prick up ; stand ;. se — , V. r. 

to stana, stand on end. 
Dressoir, dres-war, m. dresser, sideboard. 
Drille. dri/, m. fellow ; —,f. drill. 
Drisse, driss,/: haliard, gear. 
Drogman. drog-maw, m. dragoman. 
Drogue, drog, f. drug ; stuJj; rubbish. 
Droguer, drog-ai, v. a. to physic. 
Progueiie. drog-re, f. drugs ; dm^-tradc. 


Droguet, drog-ay, m. drugget. 

Droguier, drog-yai, m. medicine-chest. 

Droguiste, drog-ist. m. druggist. 

Droit, e, cfrwa, — t, a. et ad. — ement, ad. ri^hi, 

straight, direct; iipright ; honest; — . m. right; 

law : justice ; title ; fee ; tax, duty; ^ bon— , with 

good reason, justly ; de — , by right. 
Droite, drwat, f right hand ; right side ; Jl — , on the 
Droitier, 6re, drwat-yai, — r, a. right-handed, [right. 
Droiture, drwat-Or, /; uprightness; honesty ; en — , 

Dr''!s, liMjbl, ./ l____,. __;_ ■_... ,-j-.t; jocose;—, 

Drolcrie. <lroh]'irtf, / drsllcry ; bn^^fifiy, 

Droniaci^lr^K tlfi^imnl-alrn tfi. dmi/mdnry^ 

Drome, droiii, ffiaafy wnft. 

DrobiDt'ur.draa C'iii4T, i«. tifiifw, 

Dru. e, Uro, a. ^tadrfiaifci! l/iiiJi .- firiik, 

DiLiidi', i^tC-id, m. drtiitf. 

DruiicU-aiie, [1r(t-«-iEi^ii]H fft. dmidirrH^ 

DryAdc, ilrcnilil, / dryad. 

D(k e, Hik. m. dfif [j^ UcVoirl. 

Dj.biCiitii; !¥e, tHj-be la tjr. -W, a, dn^ifaliit. 

DiibkAtjim, il^-\}4i-\ah'%--^im, A dutitativtn, 

Dui, dCiJr, Jtt. diikf, ftttmsm^l. 

"DuiiuX, c, riiVMal, a. dumt. 

DiJt^it, dfl-kdls^ in. dttcat. 

Diich^. du-^Ual, nKdjittit&m^dHfity, 

Duchcs^i^ rtil-sneis*/ duthess ; fttxy irhatr. 

Dui;tiJu. ilfllc-til, d, aufiit<t. 

DiLctilitd. [JfikteJe-lni,/ dnriili(y. 

Dueijne. ild-oyo-ycyTi^wwiwti, 

Dut'lr dO-cl^ m. iml 

DnelJiste, da-tfU-iat. m. durllisi. 

Duiri?, dweer, v. u. is smt.^t^p^a^rt^ 

Dulcifitr. dJ^I-ierymE. t<. a. fit du/c(/^. 

DiiIciIS^Ck dfll-sr-liill,/: dHlfffiea. 

DflnteEVl^ dQ-]]]A^^ ai. duiy, rsgkily, l.i^jiffy. 

DiLtie^ d&i\f. dttwft. 

DiicicTttf, da-nciiyf pspp-wvyal. 

Duu. iJil-f-j]3, m. duet, dittita. 

Du|.^', •ll^^ .' ,^''/^, £ttl/. 

Diij'.jr. .iO-i iii, ■:■. a. ft? dupe', friri, rhiai. 

Di". I i.- r;-;; , ,'.ii\.V'^,f dupery t chfat. 

Du|.eLir, diL'pLir, m. cheats tite. 

Duj.-ILcalan dil .iiLE-kal-ii b, tft. duplirs-te. 

Du [j1 ication, du-plc-ka3i-ay uf^, f dnpiii:ati^H. 

DujilicitCj d'l.plc-ststaiKy", dUMicUy. 

DufjOlqut, dCi-pUk, y; ns^ktj'Krf*"!-. 

Du|.3JJqucj+ dfi-pLlk-aL Ik h. t& rejoin. 

Duqnel, dfi-keU see Lcqutl. 

Dur, c, diir, a. — cmtfiitH atl. hard ; rattgh ; rttgged ; 

sr:vtv, Aard-hearfcd; cruel- 
Durable, dL^-rah'Li], a, — mqnti od, dnr^blf, lasting. 
DurEint, dd-r^^jj pr. durtftg, 
Durdr^ diir-iicer. v. a. eta, ta harden, imiurate; se — , 

7'. r. /tfj;-tvw ^tird, mdiirater 
Durci^^enicnt, dOr-fliis-us.vt, w, hardtnifig; indura- 
Dure, bare i^roimd^fl&^r. [tion. 

Dufcck dQ.ral./; duratinn^ pfrrttanen^y^ 
Duren d^-rai, v. tt^ te last, indur*. 
DurcCf tiXtCy dfi.rayf — rctn (*. i^mgw/utf huf^. 
Du rcCc^ dir-tat. f- h^nfiifis- .• k^rshtins ; rudeness ; 

stiffness: cruelfy ,- — d'orcillei dulness i^ hearing. 
DuiilloTir dA-ri/.£j«j jft, callosiiy .■ (^m, 
Duriuscule. d a-re-as-k^ a, s&tftt^hM fniyd* 
Duveti dil-vay, jMh dtm/tfy 
Du%'CtfLix. 5C. duif-ridi, — jTh fl". dfmtfiy. 
Dyjiainiquc. Ain-ixmAk^f dynamic. 
DyndJUiCi dm-aMc.y; dynmty, 
D3iji;i^ti<iue, djn^^^iEk, it. dynmiiir, 
Dy!js;cnteric, dc-sarMinitj^ djsTHttry. 

Eau, oh, f. water; rain; urine; gloss; — b^nite. 
holy water ; — douce,yrf jA loater; — de mer, sea- 
water; — de pluie, rain-water; — de puits, well- 
water; — de vie, brandy ; —x, pi. watering-place; 
mineral waters, spas; les eaux-et-forets, eyre. 

s'Ebahir, ai-bah-eer, v. r. to wonder, be astonished. 

Ebahissenient, ai-bah-is-ma«, m. astonishment. 

Ebarber, ai-bar-bai, v. a. to strip (quills); clip (paper); 

Ebarboir, ai-bar-bwar, m. scraper. [scrape, 

Ebat, ai-bah, m. prendre ses — s, to be playful, frolic, 

Ebattement, ai-bat-ma>/, m. diversion, frolic. 

s'Ebattre, ai-bat-tr, v. r. to sport, be merry. 

Ebauche, ai-bohsh, /: rough draught. 

Ebaucher, ai-boh-shai, v. a. to rottgh-draw ; 

Ebauchoir, ai'boh-shwar. 

V. a. to roiteh-draw : rough- 




Ebaudir, a!-boh-deeri v. a. to chetr; %'—. v. r. fa make 
EMne. ai-ben, m. ebony, ebon. [nterry. 

Eb^nier, ai-bai-n)rai, m. ebon-tree. 
Eb^niste, ai-bai-nist, m. cabinetmaker. 
Eb^nisterie. ai-bai-nist-re,/. cabinet-work. 
Eblouir, ai-bloo-eer. v. a. to dojczie, beguile. 
Eblouissement. ai-blbo-iss-maM, m. dazzling, dimness. 
Eborciier, ai-born-yai, v. a. to blind qf one eye. 
Ebouffer, ai-boof-fai, v. a. — de rirc, to burst into 

Ebouillir, ai-boo/-eer, v. a. to boil down, boil away. 
Eboulement, ai-bool-naaw, m. falling. 
Eboiiler, ai-boolai, v. n. et s'— , v. r. to/all in, tumble. 
Eboulis, ai-boo-le, m. rubbish, rubble. 
Ebourpeonner, ai-boor-hjon-ai, v. a. to nip buds. 
Ebounffi^, e, ai-boo-rif-ai. a. disordered. 
Ebranchetnent, ai-bra»sh-niaM, m. lopping, pruning, 
Ebrancher, ai-bra»-shai, v. a. to lop, prune. 
Ebranlement, ai-bra»-lma^(, tn. shock, trouble. 
Ebranler. ai-braM-lai, v. a. to shake; s*— , v. r. to be 
Ebr^cher, ai-bresh-ai. v. a. to notch, [shaken ; waver. 
Ebrouement, ai-broo-maM, m. snorting. 
Ebrouer, ai-broo-al. v. a. to bleach ; s — , v. r. to snort. 
Ebruiter. ai-brQ-e-tai, v. a. to divulge. 
Ebuard. ai-bfl-ar, m. wedge. 
Ebullition. ai-bfll-Ie-syo«,y: ebullition. 
Ecachement. ai-kash-nia», m. bruise. 
Ecacher, ai-kash-ai. v. a. to crush ; Jlatten. 
Ecaille, ai-ka/,/: scale, shell. 

Ecaill^, ai-ka/-ai, a. scaly. \oJf; —, m. cysterman. 

Ecailler, ai-kaAai, v. a. to scale; s' — , v. r. to scale, peel 
Ecailleux, se, ai-ka/-uh, — z, a. scaly. 
Ecale. ai-kal.y: shell; skin {of peas). 
Ecaler. ai-kal-ai, v. a. to shell; s'— , v. r. to come off. 
Hcarlate. ai-kar-lat,/! scarlet. 

Ecariii::: ■::. ..-, :. IT-:-:; -wvAfi^ m. s/!fViittfiig ; staring. 
1-Cii -.a. la s^f^Ait Hfidfii£g^; 

^ - i-- . . ■ U^£di?u^,- i \~. aside. 

Ecarl, 3.:.k^T, m. s!ij>/iitig aside ; digrtssien ; cards 
Hearth, ^E-kar-tai, m. ecartte {gamey 
Hcartder, ai-kart-lai, zr. a. toqaaTter. 
licaftcmenr, ill^ktirt-maN, 7n. puUing HSMHdfr. 
Ecsrter, aJlcar-tiii, ^. a. et «. ^4? tiisp^st; rtm^e, 

oitftn, fi^TAfe; discard; spread Uhfit); s'— -, li. r. 

tB^^Mtff tkt ttiT> ; recede ; svftrve. 
Eccl^SAat^ue, ck-kkl-zya^ttk^ a, t(rUs*as/ic: ^, m. 
Ecervel^, e, ai-SaLrv4a3, a. \clergy}fian. 
Edu^ud, al-sliaf-oh, m. sraJfi>M. 
Ec1laFaIuJa]^c^, ai-shaf-oh-clntij , jwt, sca^fdirtg, 
Echafauder, ai^ihaf^ch'dal* V. fl, f^ trtcf scaffolds. 
EciisJas, ai-shal-au. tn prep, 
Echalasscnieiit. ai'slial>aU'$m.^K, m. pfC/ping, 
EchaJasi^cr. ai-shfi^au.s;:ik, V. tf. t^ pr&p. 
EchEiIicr, ai-sJial-yai, tn.fiiirf{Rftr^ft\. 
Echalotc. ahshaJHDt; /: esihediH, sCtt^Jtbrt, 
l^cbancrcFt ai-ihaji ^kra j, i'', -i. iO jl^pe. 
EchancmrfH ai-shan .kTurr 7^ slitpe. 
iHchandolc,. ai.5haM-dol,J^ shiHglt. 
Is-chaji^tL, ai-aha»hj, m. ex^h^Hi^ ; barter. 
lichaBfcablcH ai .it>a«'llJaJl-bl a. exckaii^tabte 
Echanger ai-sh^i^t-h^i, v. ft, te CAfAn/tge, 
Echanaoni ai-^tta^-son, m. tUp-bearer, 
Ethansonncrie, at-shaif'Sfln-rc./ ^ineceilar vfctpriute. 
lich^mtPknit al-E^AK-tt^-dn, ^n, sample, pattern. 
EcTia,ntilk>niier, ai-shaJt-tLZ-Oh-aiK v. a. ie examim by the 
Eebanvrer, aE^sha^-vraL v. a, ts hatchet. [stanUnrd. 
J^chappSide; ai'Shap-ad,j^ liip ; mistake. 
Echappatoire, M-^^]^x-\t3.v,f skiff, [fits isin4 starts. 
Ecltapp^e, a^shap■ai//#«WJt/ pres/vnt; jwr ^^ by 
2£chap|>«m«nt, ai-^hap-mail, m^ escafemenr. 
Eehapper, al^shap-aL -u. u^to escape ; slip ,- drop ; 5' — ^1 

tf. r. t0 tSCapt; forget cttt's seif 
Echjirde, aJ-stkajd^/; prick a/ 3 thistle, splinter. 
Echafdonner, ai4har-cloii>ai, v, a. ta flear Qf fhistUs. 
Echamai, aJ-iihaT-nair v, a. rajftik, 
Echanniir, ai^Eitiarn-war, m.^eikitig^knife, 
Echatpc, ai'Eharp , f scarf, siini- ; ijpi — , sianHMg. 
Echarpcrj ai-Ehar^pai, -v^ a. la slash. 
Ecliassct al^shauss. X stilt, 

Echauboul^. e, ai-snoh-boo-lai, a. fitll of pimples. 
Echaud^ ai-shoh-dai, m. vrig, bun. 
Echauder, ai-shoh-dai, v. a. to scald; s'— , v. r. to bum 

on^s fingers. 
Echaudoir, ai-shoh-dwar, nt. scalding-house; scalding- 
EchaufTaison, ai-shoh-fay-zo»,y^ aver-heating. \tub. 
EchaufTement, ai-shoh-fma», m. heating. 
Echaufier. ai-shoh-fai, v. a. to heat; excite; s'— , v. r. 

to get warm ; groiu angry, fume. 
Echauffour^e, ai-shoh-foo-rai,/: rash enterprise ; skir- 
EchaufTurc. ai-shoh-fdr.f. pimple. [mish. 

Echauguette, ai-shoh-eet,/: watch-tower, 
Echaux, ai-shoh, m.pi. drains, pi. 




Ec - 
















Ed: . 








Eclir iT [e, bj^4l^4}lp at. payable, 

Ec :^, .1 U%M TiUmti, /. f .ci*j raiioH, 

Ec • . ^ . 1 1 , aU5ik,ti.flj( , ste EchDir 

Ecliv . ai-ihck. m. iheck; loss. ^-^pL €htismm,pL: 

'■ . j ouei aux — , to play ai cAjtst, 

'.-.'. Ai'^hdl,/. ladder; scale; ^eapfrt. 

11, ^sh-km, m. step. 

rmcr, ni-shloa^H tr. a. te arrange Ot ephetOMS. 
McT, al-&hn)l-aE, v. a. ft? clear of mtirpii£ars. 

r.LJ, ai-shiii-rfty. See Ecfaj>ir. 

■j.iu., flhli.viC'll, wt. skeiH, hank. 

■:\}. c, nish-vl^fci, a. dishez^l/eid. 

nt. cii?,ti-VUUi, m. atdem^H, sheriff. 

:. 7v^'\j\.,f chine, back-b^nt. 

.., .^L.^Ue-nai,/; chine ^f p^rk, 

J. .li-iliv^ttai, -v. a. to break the back^ 
!iii T, qi&h^kyai^ »c fhiSSimird y esahe^Htr. 

■ ll koh, m. echo. 

>, ai-sfvwnr, -v. n, to befall, happen : fad I out ; 

, 1 . !, ai-itiopi f. siall ; Jf at grafter ^ \expire, 

P<-r^ al-ihfip-ai, v.'O. tc tarvt, 
1 Lfc^o, £ii-s3]Qo-ahj, nu sirartdittg. 
!: Jinjnin ai-!ihDo-;naM, w*. running aground. 
Mf, aj^hoo^ V a, et H. t^ rufi agrsund ; mis- 

'■.. :l|^s|]C]^ see Echoir. [carry. 

I. f^!-ae-mai, v. a. ftj i^t the lep of 

ij^st-uicnr^ a]-kla1>oo-sliia«f^ hi. spla^hif^. 

iiiser, aL-klab-CH>94i, v. a. ta splash. 

ii-.-iMre, al-kbb-OQ-iClT^ f splask, 
. . : :-lt r,! y r, rt. /^a' ^ i^'i't.'T . Jf'i i ■*■ flightifig. 

'•"■■' ■ -■'■•- i;-*^ gas- 

*»/>/ tn/orm; s— , -i/. r. to dear up; brighten. 
Eclaircissement, ai-klayr-siss-maM, m. clearing up; 

Eclairer, ai-klay-rai, v. a. et n. to enlighten ; light; 

obsefve; watch; sparkle; shine; s'— , v. r. to get 

enlightened; get information. 
Eckiireur. ai-klay-rur, m. scout. 
Eclanche, ai-kla»sh.y: leg of mutton. 
Eclat, ai-klah, m. splinter; brightness: splendour- 

noise; explosion; clap (ofthuttder). 
Eclatant, e, ai.klat-a«, — t, a. bright; glaring; brU- 

luxttt, glorious. 
Eclater, ai-klat-ai, v. n. to shiver, split; burst forth: 

sparkle, shine; faire — , to show; — de rire. to 

laugh immoderately. 
Eclectique, ai-klek-tik, a. eclectic. 
Eclectisme, ai-klek-tism, m. eclectism. 
Eclipse, ai-klips, f. eclipse, [to be eclipsed ; disc^pear, 
Ec ipser, ai-kfip-sai, v. a. to eclipse; darken; s'— ff. r, 
EclipUque. ai-klip-tik. f. ecliptic. 
EclLsse. ai-kliss,/: x//i«rf/ cheese-wattle. 
Eclisser. ai-klis-ai. v. a. to splinter. 
Eclopp^, e, ai-klop-ai, a. lame, limping. 
•Eclore, ai-klor, v. n. to haUh ; blow. 
Ecluse, ai-klAz, f. sluice. 
Eclus^e, ai-klQ-zai, f. sluice-full. 
Eclusier, ai-klfl-zyaf, m. sluice-keeper. 
Ecofrai, ai-ko-fra)r. m. cuttiug-board. 
EcoinQon, ai-kwai«-so«, m. cornerstone. 
Ecole. ti.x.Vo\,f school ; college; — de commerce, com- 

merctal school ; — pnmaire, popular school. 
Eco\ier,ai-kol-yai. m. schoolboy; scholar; — *re, — yair. 

A female scholar. . — ^ «. yxu. 

•Econduire, ai-ko«-dweer, v. a. to put off, refuse, deny. 
Economat, ai-ko-no-mah, m. steioardship. -^ "^ -" 
Econome, ai-ko-noin, a. economical; — , nt. steward. 
Economie, ai-ko-no-mcy: economy; saving, [savin e. 
Economique, ai-ko-no-mik, a. — ment, ad. economical; 
Economiser, ai-ko-no-me-zai. v. a. to manage well; 
Economiste, ai-ko-no-mist, m. economist. [save. 

Ecope, aj-kop, f. scoop. ' 

Ecorce. ai-korss, f. bark; peel; outside. 
Ecorcer, ai-kor-sai, *. a. to bark; peel. 
Ecorcher, ai-kor-shai, v. a. to flay, skin; murder ia 
Ecorchene, ai-korsh-re.y: slaitghterhotise. [language). 
Ecorcheur, ai-kor-shur, m. flayer. et ^ f 

Ecorchure, ai-kor-shClr, f. excoriation. 
Ecomer, ai-kor-nai, v. a. to break the horns or comers- 
Ecornifler, ai-kor-ne-flai. v. a. to sponge. [atrtaiL 

Ecornifleur, ai-kor-ne-flur. m. sponger. 
Ecomure, ai-kor-nflr,/: bretUting of the edges; splinter. 
Ecosser, ai-kos-ai, v. a. to shell; peel. ^ ' ^ 
Ecot, ai-koh,, company; reckoning; share. 
Ecouer, ai-koo-ai, v. a. to dock. 
Ecoulement, ai-kool-ma**, m. flowing, running. 
Ecouler, ai-kool-ai, v. n. ets'—, v. r. tojlow out; flow 

away ; slip away. 
Ecourter, ai-koor-tai, v. a. to crop; curtail 
Ecoute, ai-koot. f. private place {for listening); Atro 

Avx-i^tobeuponthetvatch. *'* ^^ 


r SI] 



Ecouter, ai-koo-tai, v. a. et n. to listen to 
attend / s'— , v. r. to be over -anxious. 

Ecouteur, ai-koo-tur, m. listener. 

Ecouteux, se, ai-koo-tuh, — z, a. skittish. 

Ecoutille, ai-koo-tlAy^ hatchway. 

Ecouvillon, ai-koo-vi/-o», m. manikin ; drag: 

Ecran. ai-kra/f, m. screen ; ^re-screen. 

Ecrasement, ai-krauz-ma^i, m. crushing. 

Ecraser, ai-krau-zai, v. a. to crush. * 

Ecrdmer, ai-kray-mai, v. a. to take off the cream, skim, 

Ecriter, ai-kray-tai, v. a. to take off the top. 

Ecrevisse, ai-kr-viss, /: crab. 

s 'Eerier, al-kre-ai, v. r. to cry out, exclaim. 

Ecrille, ai-kri/. /. grate. 

Ecrin, ai-kraiM, nt. Jewel-box, casket. 

•Ecrire, ai-kreer, v. a. to write ; pen. 

Ecrit, ai-kre, m. writing; deed; mettre par — , to 
"Write down. 

Ecriteau, ai-kre-toh, m. bill, label. 

Ecritoire, ai-kre-twar, /. ink-ftorn. 

Ecriture, ai-kre-tflr, /: writing; handwriting: Holy 
Writ ; tenir les — s, to keep the books. 

EcrivaiUer, ai>kre-va/-ai. v. a. to scribble. 

Ecrivaiileur. ai-kre-va/-ur, m. scribbler. 

Ecrivadn, ai-kre-vad;/, tn. writer ; author; purser, 

Ecrivassier, ai-kre-vas-yai, tn. scribbler. 

Ecrou. ai-kroo, m. nut; gaoler's book 

Ecrouelles, ai-kroo-ell, /. pi. scrofula. 

Ecrouer, ai-kroo-ai. v. a. to enter in the gaoler's book. 

Ecrouir, ai-kroo-eer, v. a. to /uxmmer-harden. 

Ecroulement. ai-krool-iua//, nt./alling. 

s'Ecrouler, ai-kroo-Iai, v. r. to fall down, tumble. 

EcroQter, ai-kroo>tai, v. a. to cut off the crust. 

Ecru, e, ai-krfi, a. raw ; unbleached. 

Ecu, ai-kO, tn. shield ; crown ; post-paper. 

Ecubier, ai-kA-byai, m. hawse-hole. 

Ecueil. ai-kfl/, m. shelf, rock. 

Ecuelle, ai-kwell, f. porringer, basin. 

Ecuellee, ai-kwell-ai, f. porringer-full. 

Ecutsser. ai-kwis-ai, v. a. to split. 

Eculer, ai-kA-lai, v. a. to tread down at the heels. 

Eciunagej ai-kQ-mahj, tn. skitnming. 

Ecume, ai-k^im, f.foam ; scum ; dross. 

Eciuner, ai-kA-mai, v. a. et n. to skim ; foam ; froth. 

Ecumeur, ai-kfi-tnur. m. sponger; mer, pirate. 

Ecumeux, se, ai-kd-muh, — z. a. foaming. 

Ecumoire. ai-kOm-war, f. skimmer. 

Ecurer, ai-kfi-rai, v. a. to scour, cleanse. 

Ecureuil, ai-kfi-ru/, tn. squirrel. 

Ecureur, af-kfi-rur, m. — euse, — uhz, f. scourer. 

Hcurie, ai-kfl-re, /: stable; equipage. 

Ecusson. ai-kfi-so^i, tn. escutcheon ; grafting; hatch- 

Ecussonner, ai-kfi-son-ai, v. a. to graft. [tnent. 

Ecussonnoir, ai-kO-son-war, m. grafting-ktt\fe. 

Ecuyer, ai-kwe-yai. tn. tttaster of the horse ; gentlematt 

usher ; groom ; squire. 
Ecuy6re. ai-kwe-yair, f. horsewoman. 
Edent^, e, ai-dan-tai, a. toothless. 
Edentet, ai-da»-tai, v. a. to break the teeth; notch. 
Ediiicateur, ai-de-fe-ka-tur, tn. builder. 
Edification. ai-de-fe-kah>syon, f. building, edification. 
Edifice, ai-de-fiss, tn. edijice ; structure, 
Edifier, ai-de-fyai, v. a. to build,' edify. 
Edit, ai-de, tn. edict, decree. 
Editer, ai-de-tai, v. a. to publish. 
Editeur, ai-de-tur, tn. publisher ; editor. 
Edition, ai>de-syoM, f.editiott. 
Edredon, ai-dr-do« ,m. eider-duck; eider-down. 
Educateur, ai-dA-ka-tur, tn. ittstructor. 
Education, ai-dfi-kah-syo», f. education ; breeditig. 
EfaufUer, ai-foh-fe-lai, v. a. to reeve out. 
Effagable, ef-as-ah-bl, a. that tnay he effaced. 
Effacer, ef-as-ai, v. a. to efface, erase; strike out; 

eclipse ; s'— , v. r. to be effaced; vanish. 
Effaqure, ef-as-dr, f. dash, block, cross. 
EfTaner, ef-an-ai, v. a. to pull off the flag. 
Effar^, e, ef-ar-ai, a. scared, aghast. 
Effarer, ef-ar-ai, v. a. to outright; horrify. 
Effaroucher, ef-ar-oo-shai, v. a. to scare away ; s'— , 

V. r. to take fright. 
Effectif, ive, ef-ek-tif, — iv, a. effective, actual; — , tn. 

effedive force ; — ivement, ad. really, ittdeed. 
Eflectuer, ef-ek-tu-ai, v. a. to effectuate. 
£ff(fmination, ef-fai-me-nah-syo;i, f. effemituition. 
Effidminer, ef-fai-me-nai. v. a. to effetnituUe. 
Effervescence, ef-fer-ves-sa«s, / effervescettce. 
Effervescent, e, ef-fer-ves-sa/i, — t, a. effervescent. 
Effet, ef-ey, m. effect; result; bill; en —,tutually; 

ittdeed; pour cet — , to that etui; — s, pi. effects; 

Titoveables ; — s de passai^e, effects of passengers. 
Effeuillaison. ef-fu/-ay-zoM, f.full of the leaves. 
EffeuiUer, ef-fu/^, v. a. to strip oj^ leaves. 

hJ^c^ct, ef-fe-bus, a. —mental/, tff^i&rUiis; — . ejffl- 
t^fflc^ciriJ, erre-kiUH^tal, f ejimo'- [fJiy, efficiency. 

Effiific. er-re'hj«, f. <^£y, im^gt. 

EmkS e, i^r-fi-Ujj a. slender^ ffuH/ -~^ f^.fh'n£e. 

Effihir^ fff-c-lnij tk a^ ta ttJtittravtr 

EfllilQeiUC^ i.-f-o-^ak-aJ, v. 4, ^ ntve/imt, 

ESn^ni.\iit:r, i:f^lafi^fe^ p, a, if fmit^iate. 

ESUeiiKt, ef4uli-rai, Vr 4. /# gAmix ttpen ,- run over 

M.^ r\'\t^ty t:r-o«-Jjr,ii, v^ d. At turn Up dwf tnanure : 

' ■ :l .lArji ; »'", ir. f. tiSiiitk deteti. 
t • ■ • . ! J-; LTti, cf-OM' [1r[^ f-pfj: AV/Jiii//, f/'Tf J4 pi. 
•• i ■ ••■ .cr, usi-nr^'^it v. r. bfjfj-iz^, cmLazh'iir. 

I ' ijn, d''^CfiLL-vyufp, f. AraJkf'i^rj Vol avec — . but^ 

'- - lllt^ C efray-ya/l, — t. a. dftn.iful. [iT^otry. 

J ■; ..J L-r, uf-Mj'Ofiilr f'r rf, lit frighteit i 5'—, V. r. to be 

/r-fXhfett&t, it>*nfk. 
W^viu.i, c, ef-fraUnaJt a. ittibriiilMy lOtrtt^; licentious. 
Hfftttcr, cf-rrii>t[ll, V. a. tif fxHutHXi {/arlJU 
tffrot, £(^hw^ m. flight, thread. 
HiTrositi^. e, eT-rtiK-til, tt. — HEcnt, ad. sJtaineless ; 

iir((^ ; ^, m. Ar-a^fU/'acie. 
Ii(rr-jnlcrie,cf.f<i«.i}'e, A ^^rsiNtery. ifitpudfrtce. 
ErTrojnihlc wsi-yntl-bl, a. — llHrlSL, tftrf. frigh^ul, 
EfTu^um^ d^ffl-iypo,/; iffwxion. [dreadful. 

Ejiiil c ai-if *5, d, — cttiKUt, ait ^yttal; ^tn ,• utiifortn ; 

indiffff^nti i 1'— dc^ iiJte : ceki iu'c5t —^ it is all otu 

t^me- ^~, m. t^Ual. match. 
E|^k:r« ai-gilHii, *. a. ta etftiot ; Itivt; match; cottu 

fill re ; a"—, ^r, r. A3 e^jtut tJr cjmpttr* otte'x telf, 
EunJiiBgr, aJi^iJ-c- Ml. v. a, tjeftiajiiH. 
Egallrd, rti.i*[il-e-tai,/: rqualify, /iir/tesr : evenness. 
E^fanl, ni-K^r, wit regard ref/ei.'t : aarttn/it; k Y — de, 

m eoMpariivJH Aa^ affar ; X man — ^ /iyr my sake ; cu 

— \ kVff/i^ering : nvolr — ■, ^ fay regitm ; — s, //. 

dff'r^Ttce, rfs/*eti [tnistake. 

Ej-.srcLnertt, rti-kriir-mofJr Wl. de^f in f £>■■>». rrrvr; disprder; 
h-^nftit, ai-jjaraU v. d. fiJ mi^ifiid ; fif,id artray; s" — , 

T.'. r. tp /jji jNt'J! -way ; V'ruufer, 
Etfiij-jr, ai^jay-yal v. ft. f& (Hfer up; irr^i^te ; prune ; 
^ s— -, ^. r. Ai dit^trt ones stif 

t ! . i ' 1 ■ •- r. • ■. i ■ , ' • Lri-tyAr, **, i^t!f^l^A^^iar^ 
■t,- .'i.L+r-Un,_^ Wild *vse. 

L... _ . i . : -. th li^A ;p&rish ; hotnui^ d'— , clergy' 

I '; ►; I '^ • L- , J, L- ,^ J . i^K / fulegue. [man. 

Ii.^iiil?ifn(.% al-i^Dri^iQ, jjrj. e^i^ism^ 

^MfiistK, td-jjo^ifl, m. tgfftiit; — ► a. styJiH. 

IiJ^l^rl!tf^, a^IJo^-hJfl:^ v, O-, t^iutiheUirvat; slaughter. 

ii^KnirfFtiirK Al^Qr-hJ^r, m, murderer. 

^'i-ti uiiilk'r^ [la.^cih'^t!/^, V. r, fa make pne's throat sore* 

E^tiut, al^poo^ rtf, tiitk. Ct^THtnon ir^ifr. 

Fir., utter, [ii-|;<>q'lAit V. «., i'— , fr, r. Itt ffrfftn f' dry. 

El; 'iiLl':'iJ"f 3J'£«ot-Vl.r, m. dratfttr. 

il ., iJ! !uri*, aA^oot^T,f. dribbhrtgi,pl 

I: ^ T ^ j 1 u r, alrgTatJ^ll, v. «. ffi takw eff the grumes. 

tjjriLij^jstr, W'l^at-lin-yaL, xr, b; ta iprttftk, flaw. 

iLt-TAti^imtnir iii'firral-tiJi-yflr,/ scratch. 

EjjrcnerH Ai-grifA-niiJ, ^. a. tat^tki mtt the graitt. 

EpriJiiTi:!, e, si-jjrJMr, — d^ a. sprightly, gay ; — , m. 

ligriUutr, al'^l/'war, in.gra&. {jolly fellow. 

EfTTUffcoir, aj^Ejffi.^Mwar, m. m^rtar.^ 

Ej^ruffcr^ .li.^frft-hm v. &. tppfiund, 

liirucylcr, aj cnh-lai, if. a. tfitreni the iftii:k. 

Eh, li, iMt, .ch / iifas f — biitti : itieii. 

HJiontt, *?, :ai-n.ii4-Eai, d. irhaTittlfvi. 

Illi.-nipcr, .Lklio. 'OS^, V. a. in fpp t/rrfjj. 

Ei.ili'in'-t.n. .i\4ai>ur^Biirhyqfttf. eltthffatistt, 

EL.i;.. icf, ai-tlli-or-^i, V. a. ^ elabuwiTt^. 

y.:.'.., i.^vv <il-la(*-alij , Tft. pmnitig^ 

FLiijii r, ;»i-lilg-ai, if. a. ta prune, Ifip^ 

!-"!:ii;iiLi4lr, ai-Eii^-ur, ^.printer. 

Hl.ill, ai-l,ux, m. cl^: stati; Jerk.' —%,//. imttspot^s. 

Eland, Cr aS-Taw-tiJ, a. la^ig! tkiu, tanS. [pi. 

E1.iiiccni4flit, AE-^Jtrp^mAH,^ftng; tjtjculation. 

Elincer, nJ-Eaji-iai, <ti. n. ts sAoat.- 1— ^ v. r, to dash, 

El'ioi^r, ni-jarhjeer, ^a. ta sitttifA^ wideii ; enlarge; 



. AE^ar-bJE&S^marr, fw, n/i<iiriiing ; dis- 
'.'}, ai-^M-t&'St-t^f. r£asefcity^ (cJiiJw^e, release. 
[■■<.<.; ai-lu-tEk, a. tlms/ic 
-r, !iJ'tck-tur, m. elediir. 

ivc, At](k tif, — iv. a. eleeiSve, 
.fir nJ-lek ayQjj,j(C c^wt^R. 
l1, c, a^-Tclt-totTlI, ii, eiectrvu/. 

EEcctrlqwc. ailek-lrik, mgfkmiSfKjOOQl^ 


Csa 1 


EJecMser, ai-Jcfe'trczai, -e. a. fr fifi-fri/y. 

Hli^tfimt; e, ol-lfli-ijiLM k — [^ 0. r^^afift 

El^^ie, ii'lai-llije,/; e/fjifnif. 

Element, ju4iu-inAjr]^ «i. e/rmJUt, —\ fi. rudimetits, PL 

Ei^HijentklrEi^BMiil^iiutN-tiilr, a. ^Ifttwufary. 

EJ^btUlt, ai^liu^rx'e , ffi. cUpha h^- 

EUvatkiOn. aJ'laJ-vBii'^]fO'P,y. c^^^t^iiJi / rif*/ prtjkr' 

EUve^ ai-lcv, s.pttpit. \mtnt; emitunce. 

Eicv^t, ni^lvuX, If. a, it! ra-iit ; hriH^ up ; rear ; educate ; 

<^, -v. r. ta arise ; mvm^i r ifnts£ Up ; grow proud : 

Elevuffln ij-lvflr,y: hiiiiff^ plmpUr \bearoff. 

Kli'ler. ai-lE-rJaJ, Tn Sr ti> ttUt, 

Hkimiimtioa, [ii']c-tti«^nA>l'^i3'J, ^ tti'mination. 
Elimincr, ahlf-lnc-aHiJ, «?. a. fiJ utrMr mtf. 
H^nGu^t al-bii/ifirliK /!. siiHj^. 
•Elirc oi-^ccr. v. a. fS'tfrrf; ^pp&ifti^ 

Elite, ai4it,y: cHmcf, fiu'k. 
HILEir, aiTl£kn4itKrf rn^ riiA-iri 
£Uct cl, ^H. she ; htr; ii. 
HlUpsei^ C!]-Ijp«,/: rJJi>rLn 

HLoctitinn, ai- Itik il -bv fir A riarnii^n, 

J±t<Hjia1C, lU'; ■lil-i-l. ?^J. Pif-'j? ,- »-i/- 

EIdi^l", (l'. .Li.!-.Lj ii-jai. j3, r-ttttjle : distant: absettt. 

Eluitf ritiUn,; I u I fU Lt^-.iiiii iV'Tiijjr, *«, tetHoval ; distance ; 

£lo(£l^M', aj4an^yu-;^ai, ti, a, is^ rt m<7ve ; banish : put 
pjfi triieittiie ; s' — ■ v. r, &^j ijR'^jr; ramble from 
ht mi\it etf, 

Ekniucminenf, Hi-lolc^am^^, riiy. rfi'^utHtly. 

lilnqutuli, Cr aj-lcilmi'd — T, a. elL^Hertt. 

Ivku, yii.]i"i» Mt, f^etl, fAiTjfH. 

y.i'.it 1 1 ] i^titon, ni-] fiF^'fj^h'^ynjii y, e!ucidatioH, 

Fliii.iJt-r', Ai-]l^-:K-r|pi,lu f, 9, f^elHChiate 

HlnC'jirFnliiorv, rti-lft.JtQ.Vtnih'iiyfiH,./: iucubration. 

EludiT. aE-]n-iJ4i. 7. n. t±ie/nde, 

IZlyst^cEk. he, HtE-]e-£Aha.i't, — «n, s, i/jstan. 
JLoiEil, ai-nAl, tit. eUafttfL 
EmaiUcii', ai-^^J'^i, -i.', ff. fii^ raitm^t 
EtoDidetur, aj-ma^uf , M. frfafttfilrr. 
Emaltlure, 3li-ina^-4ir.X «'r(i?i4^^F'*i'jj,'', 
Euianatlotw at-mrifl'rth-syQw, /: ^fjfctnaiion. 
Enlatvcipaticni, ftl-m;i«'i:t-]jal:i-syci«,/: emancipation. 
Eoi4ftc-i I ler riE-mi/i-sc't'iiin, i'. a, rt entancipate ; s* — , 

1^. r. fiJ fljjt'j Aw mUi-A iU'fffy. 
Efnsner, ai'^n^a-ai, ir, n. t&^fnanaif. 
\l FOArff Cfp a3-nuir-hiai, r. a. {\? tvn'fe 0M the margin. 
liintifluCiUJTifr. :iH-Uiit>-wc-tirtiK n, a. ta inveigle. 
I ■. cnlmll .^tjir, rj/^ I jrJ-nhJH n\. packing up^ 
i'i..|..i'.. t, .■.■,■'',. tl-iii, IS, a. fit piifA up, 
] . : 1 1 -. I . ■ i - . 1 ■ : ■ 1 .■ril'MTr Iff. ^flj iter, 

] ■. i, I i 1. 1 r . . I I ,■ r >.: , ;i/^ l-.iir, m. ta.nding-place ; ter- 
] ■ i , I ., 1 1 ...iti L jti, Hi^i-bLi r-ltclll-Siy i.>*)i rT!' frtw/. [»ii««x 

J .111! .Ti^n, iLF/- tdiU:-CU'4 W». ffft^Tf^'S, 

}:iii .^.r.'Ljcmciit. ari-barlc-n^AUp, ^. em^rcation. 
l-iiili.ijijiji:r, Euv-bar-kp-il^ -v. n. fi> tmbttrk ; s*— , V, r. to 

ett^hxi rjf 1 QP on ^va rd ; tTt^n^*, 
EmtiiiTTiis, D^^-b'nT'.-k}], tH. Fmh<im34jtnent, perplexity ; 

ire f ffi it ; ifttpni imenl. 
EmbarriUfflirr, ifj-barNft^^iin v-ti^foem^rrass, enatmber, 

hiiidm distantfrt, pateff ; s'-^^ v. r. to be embar- 

rasird: entan^/t tme's aiK 
MtnbatA^t^ sa-hAt-nhj, tn. sJt'^eittj^. [saddle. 

HmbAirr, a^-liPiLr^lrit, V. tf. i'* ^»t ^1 a peuksaddle : 
EmbadtTTK D')-kTT-Lri ^r fl. *» Jj^iV iiekeels). [vHth. 

Erabiuchaue, H-i^4?['lt'GhA)lJ. m^ Hiring; tampering 
%jaixiMch.Ktf an-lioh-bhni. v, a* to hire ; tamper with. 
Hrabaytlicurn AFr-boh-^llUf, w, kiJrt^pper. 
Biabauiiitsnieiiil, ai-byh^mu^iri'Vi, w, embalming, 
Embaum^r, aff^bdh-mAi, *r, (i. A> imfialm ; per/ume. 
J^inhn^jTiilTiijr, ■l.'^-lr.ii-j.^liln-rif. rs a. tir muffle up ; bewitch. 
r...;. I:.;,., ' ' . .■ ' .^hellish, %'—, v.r. 

Kf grviu hant*J:Utticr . 

Embellissement, a«-bel-iss-ma«, m.. embellishment. 
Emblaver, a>i-blav-ai, v. a. to sow with wheat, 
d'Enibl^e, a>t-blai. cut. at the first onset. 
Erabl^matique. a«-blai-roat-ik, a, emblematical, 
Embl6ine, aw-bleym, m. emblem. 

•Eraboire, an-bwar, v. a. to soak : s'— , v. r, to soak in : 
Emboitement, a«-bwat-maM, m. jointing, [/ade. 

Embolter, an-bwat-ai. v, a. to joint; dove-tail, 
Hiubotture, AnAywaX-tr,/. Juncture ; Joint. 
Minbonpoiiu, a«-bo«-pwai«, m. corpulence, stoutness. 
Hmbordurer. an-bor-dQ-rai, v. a. to frame. 
Embosser, a»-bos-ai, v. a. to bring to bear. 
Einboucher, a/<-boo-shai, v. a. to bit (a horse) ; prompt; 

blow ; s' — , V, r. to Jail, discharge one's self. 
Entbouchoir, aM-boosh-war, m. boot-tree. 
EmbQMchure, a»-boo-shflr.yC mouth, mouth-piece ; bit. 
Einbouquement, aM-book-maM, m. tnouth o/a strait. 
EmbouQuer, a^f-boo-kai, v. n. to enter a strait. 
Embourber, an-boor-bai, v. a. to bemire ; s — , v. r. to 
Embourrer, a/<-boo-rai, v. a. to stuff, [sink in the mud. 
Embourser, ai/-boor-sai, v. a. to pocket up, 
Emboutir, a/i-boo-teer, v. a. to stamp. [ing off. 

Embranchement, an-bransh-maM, rn. branch ; branch- 
Etnbrasement, at-brauz-ma^<, m. conflagration ; in- 

Enibraser, a/i-brau-zai, v. a. to set on fire ; infiame ; 

s' — , V. r. to kindle ; be infianted. 
Enibrassade, a/i-bras-ad, /., Embrassement. a»-brass- 
ma/z, m. entbrace. [contain ; s* — , v. r. to embrace, 
EinbrASser, a/t-bras-ai. v. a. to embrace; comprise; 
Embrasure, a«-braz-flr,/; embrasure. 
Embrocation. a^/-brok-ah-syon, /: embrocation, 
Embrocher. aM-brosh-ai, v. a. to spit, 
Embrouillement, a^{-broo/-ma;i, tn, confusion, per^ 
plexity. [s*— , v. r. to get confused. 

Embrouiller, a7}-broo/-ai, v. a. to embroil; cottf'ound; 

Embnimd, e, an-brQ-mai, a. foggy. 
Embryon, a//-bre-o/i, m. embryo. 
EmbQche, a>«-bflsh,/: ambush. 
Embuscade, aM-bQs-kad,y^ ambush. 
s'Embusquer, a/t>bQs-kai, v. r. to lie in ambush. 

Hinender, ai-ma»-dai, v. a. to reform. 

Emeraiide, aim-rohd,/: emerald, 

Emeri, aim-re, m, emery. 

Emerillon, aim-ri/-on, m. merlin. 

Emerillonn^, e, aim-ri/-on-ai, a. brisk. 

Em^rite, ai-mai-rit, a. emerited. 

Emersion, ai-mair-syo«,y: emersion, 

Emerveiller, ai-mair-ve/-ai, v. a. to astonish, amaze t 
Em^tique, ai-mai-tik, »«. emetic, [s'— , v. r. to wonder. 

•Eraettre, ai-me-tr. v. a. to emit, issue. 

Emeute, ai-muht.y: insurrection, riot. 

Emeuter, at-muht-ai, v. a. to incite, mutineer. 

Emier, ai-myai, Emictter, ai-myet-ai, v, a, to crumble : 
s' — , V. r. to crumble. 

Emi^fra^nt, ai-nie-^ra»r, m. emigrant. 

Emigration, ai-me-grah-syo»,y: emigration, 

Emignrd, ai-me-j^rai, m. etnigrant. 

Emigrer, ai-me-g-rai, v. n. to emigrate. 

Emincd, ai-main-sai. m. minced meat. 

Eminccr, ai-maiM-sai, v. a. to mince. 

Eminenunent, ai-me-nam-a», ad. eminently. 

Eminence, ai-rae-na»s,y: eminence. 

Eminent, e, ai-me-naw, — t, a. eminent. 

Eminentissime, ai-me-nan-tis-sim, a. most eminent. 

Kmir, ai-meer, m. emir. 

Emis, ai-mee, see Emettre. 

Emissaire, ai-mis-sair, m. emissary. 

Emission, ai-mis-syon. f. eznission. [sine, store. 

Emmagasiner, aM-mag-az-e-nai, v. a. to lay in a maga- 

Emmanloter, aM-ma/-ot-ai, v. a. to swaddle. 

Emmanchement, an-ma«sh-ma», m. Joint. 

Einmancher, a^i-nuvt-shai, v. a. to haft; settle. 

Emmariner, aM-ma-re-nai, v. a. to man. 

Emm^nagement. a/t-niai-nahj-ma/t, tn. furnishing ; 
setting goods in order. 

Emm^nagcr, a«-mat-nahj-ai, v. a. to furnish a house. 

Emmener, aM^mifai, v. a, to carry away, lead a-way, 

Emmenotter, an-muh-not-ai, v. a. to handaiff. 

Emmieller, an-myel-ai, v. a. to sweeten with honey ; 
put honey into. 

Emmitoufler, a^t-me-too-flai, v. a. to muffle up. 

Emmortaiser, a^z-mor-taiz-ai, v. a. to mortise, 

Emmuseler, aM-mfiz-lai, v. a. to muxzU. 

Emoi, ai-mwa, m.. emotion, trouble. 

Emollient, e, ai-mol-ya», — t, a. emollient. 

Emolument, ai-mol-fi-man, tn. emolument. 

Emonder, ai-mo»-dai. v. a. to prune. 

Emondes, ai-mo«d,/: //. branches lopped. 

Emotion, ai-moh-syo«, /: emotion, commotion, pert ur- 

Emotter, ai-mot-ai, v. a. to break clods. [bation. 

Emoucher, ai-moo-shai, v. a. to drive flies away. 

Emouchette, ai-moo-shet./yfy-w^A 

Emouchoir, ai-moo-shwar, tn. fly-flap. 

•Emoudre, ai-moo-dr, v. a. to grind ; whet. 

Emouleur, ai-moo-lur, tn. grinder. 

Emoulu. ai-moo-lQ, see Emoudre. 

Emousser, ai-moo-sai, v. a. to take the tnosi <tff ; dul/^ 
blunt; s'— , V. r.togrow ¥li^nL.^-^^\^ 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Cmoustiller, al-moos-ti^ai, v. a. to brisk up. 
•Eraouvoir, ai-moo-vwar, v. a. to move, stir up ; affict; 

s' — , V. r. to be moved, troubled. 
Empaillage, aM-pa/-ahj, m. stuffing: 
Empailler, aM-pa/-ai, v. a. to stuff', pack up in straw. 
EinpaiUeur, a»-pa/-ur, m. chair'Stuffer, ckair-metider. 
Empedement. aw-pal-man, m. empaling. 
Empaler, a»'pal-ai,. v. a. to impale. 
Eropanacher, aM-pan-ash-ai, v. a. toplume. 
Empanner, aM-pan-nai, v. a. to brinst to, lay to. 
Empaqueter. aM'pak-tai, v. a. to pack up. 
s'Emparer, a«-par-ai, v. r. to seize upon, take posses- 

tmpatement, aM-pat-ma», m. basement. [sion of. 

mpfltement, atM-paut'tnan, m. stickiness, clamminess. 
Empdter, a»-pau-tai. v. a. to tneike sticky, make 
clammy / fatten poultry. {allure ; wheedle. 

Empaumer, aM-poh-mai. v. a. to strike with the palm : 
Empaumure, aM-poh-mQr, f. palm-piece of a glove; 

antlers, pi. 
Emp^chement, aM-paysh-maM, nt. hindrance, obstacle. 
Emp^cher, a>i-pay-shai, v. a. to hinder, prevent, op- 
pose, prohibit; s' — , v. r. to abstain froin, forbear, 
Empei^ne, a« upper leather, 
Empenner, an-pen-nai, v. a. to feather. 
Empereur, an-prur. m. emperor. * 
Empesage. a»p-zahj, m. starching. 
Empeser, anp-zai. v. a. to starch. 
Empester, a/i-pes-tai, v. a. to infect. 
EmpStrer, a/<-pay-trai, v. a, to entangle. 
Emphase, an-ta.\iz,f. empheuis. 
Emphatique, aM-£at-ik. a. —meat, ad. emphatical. 
Empi^tement, a»-pyet-man, m. encroachment. 
Empi^ter, a«-pyet-ai. v. n. to encroach. [one's self. 
Empiflfrer. a^-pe-frai, v. a. to cram ; s'— , v. r. to cram 
Einpilement. a>i-pil-maM, m. piling up. 
£inpUer, a^t-pe-lai, v. a. to piJe, heap up. 
Empire, a«-peer, m, empire; power; command. 
Einpirer, aM-pe-rai, v. a. et n. to make worse ; grow 
Empirique, a»'pe-rik, a. empiric. \worse. 

Empirisme. a»-pe-risin, m. empiricism.. 
Emplacement, a»-plas-ma», m. 'site, situation : 
EmpUltre, a«-plau-tr, nt. plaster. [ground. 

Emplette, aift-p\cX.,f. purchase, bargaitt. 
Emplir, an-pleer, v. a. to fill up, Jill. 

Emploi. a/i-plwa, m. employnunt, employ, business; 
Employd, a/i-plwa-yai, fn. clerk. [office. 

Employer, an-plwa-yai, v. a. to employ, use ; s'—, v. r. 
to apply one's self. 

Emplumer, an-plil-mai, v. a. to feather. 

Empocher, a»-posh-ai, v. a. to pocket. 

Empoi^er, a»-pwan-yai, v. a. to grasp, seixe; clutch. 

Empois, a/i-pwa, m. starch. 

Empoisomiement, aM-pwa-zon-maw, tn. poisoning. 

Empoisonner, a/i-pwa-son-ai, v. a. to poison. 

Empoisomieur, aM-pwa-son-ur, m. poisoner. 

Eropoisser, aw-pwas-ai, v. a. to pitch over. [fish. 

Empoissonnement, a^f-pwas-on-maM, nt. stocking with 

Empoissonner. an-pwason-ai, v. a. to stock withfish. 

Emport^, e, a«-por-tai, a. passionate, hot-headed. 

Emportement, a^t-port-maM, m. transport; rage; 

Emporter. aw-por-tai, v. a. to carry away, transport; 
take off; obtain ; excel ; 1'—, to get the better, prevail; 
s' — , V. r. to fly intopcusion ; run away. 

Empoter. aM-pot-ai, v. a. to pot. 

•Empreindre, aw-prabi-dr, v. a. to intprint, engrave, 

Empreinte, a//-prai«t,/". impression. Print, [stamp. 

Empress^ e, an-pres-ai, a. bustling; eager ; hasty. 

Empressement, an-pres-ma^i, m. eagerness, haste. 

s'Empresser, an-pres-ai, v. r. to be eager; hasten. 

Emprisonnement, an-pre-zon-maM, m. imprisonment. 

Emprisonner, aM-pre-zon-ai, v. a. to imprison. 

Emprunt, an-prun, nt. loan. 

Emprunt^, e, an-pruM-tai, a. borrowed, false, awk- 

Emprunter, aM-pru»-tai, v. a. to borrow. [ward. 

Empninteur, aM-pruM-tur. m. borrower. 

Einpuantir, an-ptl-a/t-teer, v. a. to infect. 

Empuantisseraent, aM-pQ-an-tiss-ma/V m. stench. 

Emu, ai-mfi, see Emouvoir. 

Hmulateur, al-niQ-lat-ur, m. emulator, rival. 

Emulation, ai-mQ-lah-syo«,y; emulation, rivalship. 

Emulatrice, ai-mfi-la-tnss,yC rival. 

Emule, ai-m(U, nt. rival, competitor. 

Emulsion, ai-m(U-syoM,y: emulsion. 

En, Aft, pr. in, into, from, by, as, like, to; — bas, 
belorw : de mieux — mieux, better and better; —, pn. 
of him, of her, of it, of them; about, for or with him, 
her, it, etc.; thence ; some. 

Encablure, aM-kah-blQr, f. cablelenglh. 

Encadrement, an-kah-dr-maM, nu framing ; frame, 

Encadrer, a»-kah-dral, v. a. to frame, 

Encager, an-kal\)-ai, v,a,to cage. 

fS3] END 

Encalssement, a/t-kay-sma/i, m. packing or laying up 

Enii^Lj^er !ifl-kay'5a.T, t^. u to pack up, lay up money. 

s'HncrijiaLIlcr, iui.lu9.ii'A/-,ii, v. r. to keep low company, 
Hnca^kicj, [!U'jn^li[£Llt..ii, 1', ii to barrel up. 

EnciittucLir, a«-WAt-Lir, MI. he who barrels up. 
i' EnciL-^clcr, HJi-kiiSif .Lij , .■ ■, r. to be hoof-bound. 
HciciLstclLirc aH-kAiKT-Ulj. / the being hooj-boiind. 
tncadtxeiucni* a'^-kix-^-tr.iuaM, nt. setting into a groove, 
to set into a groove 

HnciLslFcr, a^i-kJivtriiii, 

L ncjiLutJiiiuCr aun koh^-l LL , /. encaustic. 

Lrn^JveiiJEnt, qjj- ^t-TTt.i 
I'l^^av^uri BN'kaV'Urr tn. 
Encfmt«^ uf-^AJ^t, a, /iy 

HnCGlU^ ikH'-KUJ, tti. imrty 

Enccntifiihent, Hh-'SJiH-^tji. 
Encengir, aj*.s(wr-kal , f. . 
Ence^n^Lir, an-VJiii -iUr, i* 

HccliiUDEtiiiGnt, ajr-Hjityiyh' 

MFrt ,- 5' — I u^ r. ta bt Itt 
Eacb^itnare, ajfr^ha>n-flr 

nt. laying in a cellar. 
■9 lay in a cellar. 
-'Vine porter, 
a. to enclose. 

nant; — , f. enclosure; fre- 
f. [ctuct. 

n, nt. incensing. 
. to incense, 
i. censer. 

la/t, m. concatenation, 
a. to chain, enchain ; con- 

f. chain-work. 
^ V. a. to set on gawntrees. 

Hnchantcincntt ,-i4fr.shaM-[raa/f, nt. enchantment. 
Elsschantcr, jji'siuut-hii. i- a. to enchant, 
tf^nhantiiai., Bjj^^aN.iuT , nt, enchanter; — teresse, 
— tress, _/^ encAau/rf/j, 

JZnc FiaNiiir, a^r^j^U.iu-'i^ ^ f a. to enchase. 
linch4'*<sLirfi, iij-iJiau-ailt , ..I enchasing. 
linch.'HiHer, d^'tliyls-iai. : '. a. to cover with litter. 
tnchfefe, aM-sJiiUr,/, auf bidding. 
iLnchersr, aiK'iliii'WerH \ . a. et n. to raise the price ; 

au'hid ; surpitJtt ; riir it price. 
ii.n\;hwitht^etnenty in'^iha.i-riss-ma.n, nt. rising in price. 
iLncheji^'ttiiir, 4*f-'-h.ii-re ■ ir, m. outbidder. 
lisLbgir^trcr, a«''sls¥rtj-triu, v. a. to halter ; entangle; 
5'—, f I r, ^ euMti^tr I'^rVj self [nose, rheum. 

finchirr^ncji3i:ni, afi^s^tn^iren-man, m. stopping in the 
liDchilreEviii, a/l-iJlel-ft-li;* 1 , v. a. to stop one's nose. 
Hnnl^vit, ajt^^Unv,/. t'i^ifi'ary, limit. 
IrnctHviMxitnt, uK-ltluv-]ji.'i'^ m. endosini^.±Lvi<i, aw^klav^, t\ m to enclose; wedgt. 
fincttn, t^ a^j^ktv'ti ^Vli". a. inclined. 
tnckisirtr^ an-tlwa-traj, i- a. to cloister up. 
*Jin4:kirCi sM^'Wcd v^ it. h: enclose. 
LqitIu^k arr-klcik^ m. nt\rh":ure ; turn again. 
LnclouCrF aN-klGo-ol, v. u to nail up, spike. 
tn cJcju LirUf airrlcLH>narf f. pricking with a nail; rff/7- 
LiEicluaiF,, ankJilDs^y^ atnil. [cuUy 

tnclumrau^ ajU'kJQ-iitmli. "t, hand-anvil. 
tiicocSii:^ ajv-kiirah.yi m't, A. 
HncnchcF^ in-b.iisJi'fij, I', gr. to notch. 
EncTj Hirer, ajt-kor'nii, f, ts. to lay up in a chest. 
HjicDirnLirc, a^'kon-vftr,/: comer. 
lintolLuc aji^kn^'ahj, m. jptmming. 

^cDllcr, a/n-kiJ-iii, v. ft. 'y gum, paste. 
EncolDre, a.H'^i^A^^t,f ifi^tt; appearance. 
iLnLDiiiljre. ^j-boH-br.y. impediment. [cumbrance. 

tZnciDmt^rcttienir, ajj.|o.K( .V.f-ma«», nt. encumbering: en- 
liQLGmljra', an-kLi«-trat, v. a. to encumber ; stop; ent- 

h. E'HDcniKtn;, ai^-knfi'rr, a.i. to the contrary ; against. 
tniicirc, ajv-korr ad, ytt, still; once more; besides, 
KoctiniJ, .\#r-ki[ii-ndi, a, in^med. [even : however. 

tncciurajtemcnt, lui-k^^- f. ihj-maM, m, encouragement. 
litnirciurBjjer, iu-kciLi-faljj- li, v. a. to encourage; spur, 
•EjicrjLinr, liUJ-ktM-reer, i . a. to incur. 
Eccrasserf an-kraJMai, ik ,r. to soil. 
Encre, ajr.lLf./; Ink. 
iincTETi [i4'kra!, V. Hi. ^1^ ink. 

ImcrlcrK aN-kre^al, m, itt^hom. 

Lncrnuefj OM'kruri-aL, n. fi\tangled. 

i'JEncToCiier, a/f-kitjo-tiii, v. r. to gather a crust; 4tre 

encj-f^fiui, {fl ite brirrt^n'. 
ii'HneLiiriuiKfr, {iH-kwe-nu><ai, v. r. to put on a cuirass ; 

jrrf>-st ntgfy. 
lEafUt'eir, aii^A^yaJ, f. u. fo pttt into a tub. 
ll^u.^i:Xii^i\\ii, ^n-^^'k\\i\i-dl-dc/. encyclopedia. 
Kncyi ri?|Lt.^f[bt|uet a»-br^-klop-ai-dik, a. encyclopedical. 
I r ;> V 1 ■ •■, '^^'.liitc, iiw-4«-tL. p-ai-dist, encyclopedist. 

y |iiWi fl^'Jal-miltj rj. endemical. 

I . J , .i*x-il-i/('ral, IV tx. to indent, dove-tail. 

l:i .. -. f, iLH~tJ«i-iii, Vr ti. to tnake one run into debt : 
5.'—, ■:>, r. teruti Utti' lifit. 

Endiabl^p ic, quKlyiUl^bUii , a. devilish. 

£ndEahl«r, 3Ji'd.yii>v.bLiii, V, n. to rage. 

s'ifDrlimancherH at'de'ni£Li«*shai, v,rJU) put on Sunday's 

I- udl?^ im-dirty; eHiiiaut (^ r\d-\n [clothes. 

Digitized by VjOOv 




Endoctriner, a^i-dok-tre-nai, v. a. to indoctrinate, in- 
Endolori, e, a«-do!-o-re, a. pait^ul. [struct. 

Endomma^ement, a/z-dom-ahj-maff, tn. dantage,%njury, 
Endommager, a/i-doin-ahj-ai. v. a. to damage. 
Endormeur, an-dor-mur, tn. mheedler, coaxer. 
Endormi, e, a»-dor-me, a. asleep, sleepy ; drowsy. 
•, aM-dor-meer. v. a. to lull asleep : wheedle; 

benumb; s'— , v. r. to /all asleep. 
Endos, an-doh, m. endorsement. 
Endosse, a/i-dohs,/: trouble, toil. 
Endossement, aw-doh-sma«, m. endorsement. 
Endosser, aM-doh-sai, v. a. to endorse. 
Endosseur, a/i-doh-sur, m. endorser. 
Endroit, a«-drwa, m. place ; part. 
•Enduire, a/i-dweer, v. a. to do over. 
Enduit, aw-dwe, tn. plastering ; coat. 
Endurant, e, a«-dQ-ra/f, —t,. a. patient. 
Endurcir, a«-dQr-seer, v. a. to harden ; inure ; eucuS' 

totn ; s' — , r. r. to grow hard ; inure one's self. 
Endurcissenient, a/t^lQr-siss-man, tn. hardhtartedness. 
Endurer, a«-dfl-rai, v. a. to endure; suffer. 
Energie, ai-nair-hje,/! energy, 
Encrpiqiie, ai-nnirhjik, a. — ment, ad. energetic. 
Energum^ne, ai-nair-gA-mayn, tn. dettu>niac ; one pos- 
Enerver, ai-nair-vai, v. a. to enervate. [sessed. 

Enfatteau, a«-fay-toh, m. ridge-tile. 
Enfaiter, a;<-fay-tai, v. a. to roof. 
Enfance, 9n-i^tts,f. infatuy, childhood. 
Enfant, an-fan, tn. infattt, child. 
Enfantement, aM-fant-maK, tn. delivery. 
Enfanter, a/t-fa»-tai, v. a. to brine- forth ; give birth to, 
Enfantillage. a«-fa«-ti/-ahj, tn. cnildishttess. 
Enfandn, e, aM-fa»-tai», — tin, a. infantitu, childish. 
Enfariner, a^t-far-e-nai, v. a. to white loith tneal. 
Enfer, a/i-fair. tn. hell. 
Enfenner, an-fair-mai, v. a. to shut up ; etulose; con- 

tain ; s' — , v. r. to shut one's self up. 
Enferrer, a»-fair-ai, v. a. to trati^/ix; s'— i v. r. to run 

one's self through. 
Enfilade. a«-fe-lad,/: range; string. 
Enfiler, a/<-fe-Iai, v. a. to thread, file ; run through ; 

s'— , V. r. to run one's self through. 
Enfin, an-fsdn, c. injine, at last. 
Enflammer, a^t-flah-mai. v. a. to /kindle ; injlattte ; itt- 

cettse ; s'— , v. r. to take fire. 
Gnfler, a^f-flai, v. a. et n. to swell, blow up ; s'— , v. r. 

to swell; increase. 
Enflure, a«-flflr,yC swellittg, bloatedttess. \bottotn. 

Enfoncement, a«-fo«-sma«, tn. breaking open ; hollow; 
Enfoncer, a»-fo/f-sai, v. a. et n. to drive in, thrust in ; 

pull down ; force ; sink, give way ; s* — , v. r. to go 

deep in ; sink down in. 
Enfonceur, a«-fo;i-sur, tn. boaster. 
Enfoncure, &n-ion-stt,f. bottom. 
Enforcir. a«-for-seer, v. a. to strengthen ; —, v. ti. et 

s'— , V. r. to grow stronger. [to bury one's self. 

Enfouir, aM-fweer, v. a. to bury in thegroutul ; s"— , v. r. 
Enfouissement, a»-fwiss-maM, m. hiding in the ground. 
Enfourcher, an-foor-shai, v. a. to bestrtde. 
Enfourner, aM-foor-nai, v. a. to put in the oven ; mal — , 
♦Enfreindre, a«-frai«-dr, v. a. to infringe, [to begin ill. 
Enfroquer, an-frok-ai, v. a. to make one turn monk ; 

s'— , V. r. to turtt monk. 
•s'Enfuir, a^t-fweer, v. r. to run away, escape; leak. 
Enfumer, ax-fQ-mai, v. a. to besmokc. 
Engageantes, a«-gahj-a«t,/://. ruffles. [action. 

Engagement, an-gahj-ma», tn. engagetttettt ; pawning; 
Engager, an-gahj-ai, v. a. to engage; pawn; pledge; 

induce; entangle; — le combat, to btnttg on the 

action ; s* — , v. r. to engage one's self, be bound; run 
Engainer, a«-gay-nai, v. a. to sheath. [in debt. 

Engarder, a»-gar-dai, v. a. to forbid. 
Engeance, a«-nia«s,/. breed, brood. 
Engelure, a«-hjmr,/: chilblain. 
Engendrer, a»i-hja«-drai, v. a. to engender; breed; 

s'— , v. r. to be produced, grow. 
Engerber, a»-hjair-bai, v. a. to sheave. 
Engin. a»-hjain, m. engine, toot. 
Englober, an-glob-at. v. a. to clap together ; unite. 
Engloutir, a«-gloo-teer, v. a. to sivallow up ; dissipate. 
Engluer, a«-glft-ai, v. a. to daitb with birdlime. 
Engoncer, a7/-go>i-sai, v. a. to cramp. 
Engorgement, an-gorhj-ma», m. stoppage ; obstruction. 
Engorger, a/t-gor-bjai, v. a. to choke up, stop; s'— , v. r. 

to get choked. 
Engoucment. a«-goo-ma>«. m. choking ; ifi/ixtuation. 
Engouer, a»-goo-ai, v. a. to choke up; s*— , v. r. to choke 

on^s self; be infatuated with. 
s'Engouffrer. a«-goo-frai, v. r. to be engulfed. 
Engouler, a»-goo-lai, v, a. to gobble up. 
Engofiment, see Engouement. [v. r. to grow dull. 

Engourdir, a/i-jjoor-deer, v. a. to benumb; dull; s'— > 

Engourdiss«ment, aN^oor-diss-maM, tii, Htmthttest: 
Engrais, aM-gray, tn, pasture ; nuinure. [torpor. 

Engraissement, an-gray<<sma», tn, fattening; tna- 

Engraisser, aM-gray-sai, v. a. to fatten; tttanure ; — , 

V. n. et s' — , V. r. togrrowfat ; grow rich. 
Engranger, an-gran-hjai, v. a. to get in house. 
Engravement, an-grav-maM, m. runnitig agrouttd. 
Ei^aver, aM>grav-ai. v. run aground. 
Enfrrilwcc, SLn-gTay-l&r,f. purl. [catch; itutent. 

Engrener, an-gr-mii, v. a. ettutoputintfte milt-hopper; 
s'Engrumeler, iiM-grQm-lai, v. r. to clot, coagulate. 
Enhardir, an-ar-deer, v. a. to etnbolden. 
Enharmonique, an-ar-mo-nik, a. enharttumic. 
Enhamacher, an-ar-nash-ai, v. a. to hartuss. 
Enigmatique. ai-nig-mat-ik, a. —ment, euL enigttutticeU. 
Enigme, ax-viigta,/. enigttta, riddle. 
Enivrement, an-ne-vr-maM, m. intoxication. 
Enivrer, an-ne-vrai, v. a. to intoxicate; infatttctte ; s*— , 

V. r. to be intoxicated. 
Enjamb^e, aM-h|a7t-bai. f. stride. 
En^amber, a»-hjaM-bai, v. a. et n. to stride over, stride ; 

jut, eturoach upon. 
Enjaveier, aM-hjaT>lai, v. a. to bundle stalks of com, 
Enjeu, a/f-hjuh, tn. stake. 

•Enjoindre, a«-hjwai«-dr, v. a. to enjoin ; charge. 
Enjoler, an-hioh-lai, v. a. to coax, wheedle. 
Enjoleur, ai/<-njoh-lar, tn. coaxer, wheedler. 
EnjoUvement. aM-hjol-tv-maw, tn. etttbellishttunt. 
Enjoliver, a«-hiol-e-vai, v. a. to embellish, set off. 
Enjoliveur, a»-niol-e-vur, tn. setter off. 
Enjolivure, a«-hjo-Ie-vflr,/: set-off. 
Enjou^, an-hjoo-ai, a. playful, sportive. 
Enjouement, EnjoOment, a/i-hjoo-maw, tn. playfulness^ 

Enlacemect, aM-Iau-sma^t, tn. twisting. 
Enlacer, an-lau-sai, v. a, to lace; twist; s'— , v. r. to be 

locked, tTifistid. [ugly. 

Enlaidir, a»-lay-deer, v. a. et m. to tnake ugly ; grow 
Enlaidissement, a><-lay-diss-maM, tn. growing ugly. 
Enlevement, aw-Ikyv-ma», tn. retttoval ; rape. 
Enlever, a«-lvai, v. a. to lift up; pull out; pick out; 

carry off; blow up ; retturve ; buy up ; chartn ; s' — ^ 

V. r. to rise ; come off; peel off. 
Enlevure. a«-lvflr,y: shred, blister. 
Enlier, aM-lyai, v. a. to unite, bind. 
Enligner, aM-iin-yai, v. a. to leveL 
Enluminer, a»-lA-me-nai, v. a. to colour, 
Enlumineur, a^t-Ifl-me-nur, tti. colourer. 
Enluminure, a«-lQ-me-n(lr,y: colourittg. 
Ennemi, e, en-me, a, hostile; euiverse; — > nt. ettemy. 
Ennobliir, an-nob-leer, v. a. to enttoble. [spleetu 

Ennui, an-nwe, tn. tediousness ; wearittess ; sotrrotu, 
Ennuyant, e, an-nwe-ya», —t, a. annoying, tiresotrte, 

Ennuyer, an-nwe-yai. v. a. to titv, Tueaty, antufy; s'— , 

V. r. to be tired, be weary. 
EnnuyeiiK, se, iR n^cyuli, — z, a. -^sement. ad, 

Enonc^, ni-n(»*-&a1, a, Jtclaration. 
EnnnccT, ft^no«-iHij, f. a. to express. [claratir^ei 

Ennticlfltlfr iTC, a1-now-c>'at4r, — iv, a. enunciative ; de- 
Eonticfatinn, ai-no^iyiLli^synM, /C enuttciation ; utter' 

an^t - 4e(t*>ery. {up ; s'— , v. r. to be proud. 

Enqri^icilEtrr SH-OT-Ktiie^i;r^ v, a. to tttake proud, ptiff 
Entirmer al-ncinEi, a. — i^nient, ad. enort/tous, pro- 

digiaju. hn^w. 
EnQrmiti!^, M^tinr-ai£-taL f, enor^nity, hugeness. 
Enouer, ^non^ai p. ^. /:? uft-inow. 
'H'Ena\i6tirt Eix-kal-rstr, r- »- toittguire. 
Encjtj^t, afl-keyt,y? it/f/:"-'. inquiry. 
s'EniTU^ttr, Ai^fceyt-Ai t. r. r» inquire. 
s'F.niT^iLinert nie-rave-aiit, 1^. r. to take root. 
EriFA^a, c, ft«-c?th>aJ, a. road, raging; — , m. tttad- 
Eiira^tF. ar^-rahj -aJ, v. h. ia run mad, rage. [ttuxn. 
Em.LVuT, .^'j-r.-iv-vini. 7.'. ti. et n. to put OH the drag ; 

Enrayure, an-ray-dr, f. trigger; pla^orm. 
Enr^ginienter, a^i-rai-hje-maw-tai, v. a. to enroll. 
Enregistrement, aM-rMA-hjis-tr-ma», tn. enroUtnent ; 

Enregistrer, aM-rwA-hjis-trai, v. a. to enroll, register. 
Enrhumer, aM-rfi-mai, v. a. to cause a cold; ^— , v, r. 

to catch cold. 
Enrichir, an-rish-eer, v. a, toenrich ; s'— , v. r. to grow 
Enrichissement, a«-rish-iss-msi«, tn. enrichittg. [rich, 
Enrdlement, an-rohl-maM, tn, enlisting; enltsttttent. 
Enr61er, a«-roh-lai, v. a. to enlist; s— , v. r. to enlist 
Enrouement, aM-roo-man, tn. hoarseness, [oru's se{f. 
Enrouer, aM-roo-ai. v. a. to make hoarse; s — , v. r. to 

become hoarse. [grow rusty. 

EnrouiUer, a/«-rool-ai, v. <*(^^i^f^^- s— , v. 

. to roll round; 

wrap in. 

Bnronler, aM-rool-ai, v. 

s' — , V. r. to roll round. 
Ensablement, a^z-sau-bl-man, nt. sandbank. 
Ensabler, an-sau-blai. v. a. to run aground. 
Ensacher, a»-sash-ai, v. a. to put into a sack. 
Ensaisiner, aff>sai-zin-ai, v. a. to invest with. 
Ensanglanter, a^i-san-glan-tai, v. a. to stain with blood. 
Enseigne, a>t-sain-y^, /. sign, token; sign-post, en- 

signcy : — s, pi. standard; — , tn. ensign; second 

lieutenant. , 

Enseienement, An-sayn-ye-vaan, tn. injbi motion; 

Enseigner, aM-sayn-yai, v. a. to teach; point out. 
EnseUe, e, aM-sef-ai. a. saddle-backed. 
Ensemble, aM-saji-h\, ad. together ; —, tn. the n'hole. 
Ensemencement, &n-suh-majt-smajt, nt. sowing. 
Ensemencer, an-s»/(-ma»-sai, v. a. to sow. 
Ensevelir, an-suv-leer, v. a. to bury; s'— , v. r. to bury 

one^s self. 
Ensevelissement, a;{-suv-Iiss-ma^i, nt. buryittg. 
Ensorceler, an-sorsrlat, v. a. to bewitch. 
Ensorceleur, a«-sors-lur, m. bewitcher. 
EnsorceUement, a/(-sor-sel-ma;{, tn. witchcraft, spell. 
Ensoufrer, a^t-soo-frai, v. a. to sulphurate. 
Ensouple, ajt-soo-pl,/'. catu-roll. 
Ensuite, a^'Swit, ad. afterwards, then. 
•s'Ensuivre, a;i-swivr, v. r. to follow, result. 
Entablement, ara-tah-bl-mei», tn. entablature, 
s'Entabler, an-tah-blai, v. n. to entable. 
Entacher, a^i-tash-ai, v. a. to taint. 
EntaUle, a.n-XSLl,f. notch ; slash. 
Entailler, an-ta/-ai, v. a. to notch, fag. 
Entaillure, ajt-tdJ-tx,f. see Entaille. 
Entamer, a^i-tam-ai, v. a. to make the first cut ; open, 
Entamurc, a/z-tam-Or, f. cut .• -first cut. [begin ; break. 
Entassement, a;i-tau-sma», m. heap. 
Entasser, a^-tau-sai, v. a. to heap up ; crowd. 
Ente, a«t./: graft / grafted tree. [tellect. 

Entendement, a/(-ta»-dma», tn, understandittg : itt- 
Entendre, a«-ta*i-dr, v. a. to hear ; understand ; 

mean ; s' — , v. r. to utuierstattd ; know; beskil/ulin. 
Entendu, e, a«-ta^i-dCl, prt. heard : skilful; bien — , 

well contrived ; to be sure, by all means ; bien — 

que, upon cotutition. 
Entente, a«-ta«t,y: meatting ; utiderstattding. 
Enter, an-tai, v. a. to^raft, ingraft. 
Entdrinement, a;/-tai-nn-ma^i, tn. ratifying. 
Ent^riner, an-tai-re-nai, v. a. to grant, confirm. 
Enterrement, a«-tair-ma//, tn. burial. 
Enterrer, a«-tair-ai, v. a. to bury ; s' — , v. r. to retire. 
Entet^, e, a«-tay-tai, a. obstinate; — de, cottceitedof. 
Entdteraent, a«-tayt-ma«, m. obstinacy ; conceitedness. 
Enteter, a«-tay-tai, v. a. et n. to cause the headache ; 

it^atuate ; s — , v. r. to be conceited, infatuated. 
Enthousiasme, a/i-too-zyasm, tn. enthusiasm. [ture. 
Enthousiasmer, a«-too-zycis-raai, v. a. to put itt rap- 
Enthousiaste, a«-too-zyast, tn. enthusiast; fanatic; 

— , a. enthttsiastical. 
Enticher, aM-te-shai, v. a. to taittt, infect. 
Entier, fere, a»i-tyai, — r, a. — ferement, ad. etttire ; com- 
plete; obstinate; en — , totally; en son — , at full 

length; cheval— , stallion. 
Entitd. a«-te-tai,/: entity. 
EntoUer, a>i-twa-lai, v. a. to paste upott canvas. 
Entomolog^e, a«-lo-mo-io-hje,./^ etttomology. 
Entonner, eM-ton-ai, v. -a. to put into a cask ; begin to 

sittg, tutte. 
Entonnoir, a»-ton-war, tn. funnel; shc^(ofa mine). 
Entorse. a«-torss./. sprain. [perplexity. 

Entortillement, ziM-tor-tiAmaM, m. twisting, twining; 
Entortiller, a«-tOr-ti/-al, v. a. to wrap up; twist; dis- 
tort; perplex; s* — , v. r. to wittd ; entangle one's 
Entour, a«-toor, m. environs ; those about one. [self. 
Entourage, a«-too-rahj, m. frame. 
Entourer, a«-too-rai, v. a. to enclose, sut^outtd. 
Entoumure, a«-toor-n(lr,y: cuff. 

s'Entr'accuser, aw-trak-fl-zai, v. r. to accttse one 
Entr'acte, a«-trakt, m. interlude. [attother. 

s'Entr'aider, a^z-trai-dai, v. r. to help otu attother. 
Entrailles, a*i-tx&l,f. pi. bowels, entrails; tender affec- 

s'Entr'aimer, a/i-tray-mai, v. r. to love one another. 
Entratnement, a«-trayn-ma;i, m. sway, rapture. 
Entrakier, aM.tray-nai, v. a. to carry away ; gain over; 

sTEntr'appeler, aM-trap-lai, v. r. to call otte attother. 
Entraver, aM-trar-ai, v. a. to shackle ; fetter. 
s'Entr'arertir, a«-trav-air-teer, v. r. to give otte another 
Entraves, a«-trav,y: pi. shackles, pi. [notice, 

Entre, a«-tr, pr. between, betwixt; among, into. 
Entre-bdUler, a«-tr-ba/-ai, v. a. to set ajar. 
s'Eatoe-baisar, an-tr-bay-zai, v, r. to ktssotte attothtr. 



s'Entre-choquer, a»-tr-shok-ai, v. r. to dash otU 

agaittst attother. 
Entrecoupor, a«-tr-koo-pal. v. a. to cross ; break off; 

intersect : s' — , v. r. to hit otte leg against the other. 
s'Entre-croiser, an-tr-kro-ah-zai, v. r. to cross otu 

Entre-deux, a»-tr-duh, nt. ititerjnediate space. 
•s'Entre-dire, a«-tr-deer, t. r. to tell one attother. 
s'Entre-donner, a«-tr-don-al, v. r. to give otte attother* 
Entrde, a«-tral, /i entrattce, entry; begitittittg ; first 

course; duty; ciistotn. [the meanwhile. 

Entrefaites, a«-tr-fet, / //. dans ces — , sit ces — , itt 
s*Entre-frapper, a«-tr-frap-ai, v. r. to strike otte 
Ent regent, a«-tr-hja«, ttt. shrewdness. [attother. 

s'Entr igorger, aM-trai-gor-hjai, v. r. to cut each other's 

Entrelacement. a/i-tr-lau-sma/t, tn. wreathing. 
Entrelacer, an-tr-lau-saJ, v. a. to inter/ace. 
Entrelacs. a»-tr-lah. m. pi. things interlaced ; knot. 
Entrelarder, a;<-tr-lar-dai, v. a. to interlard. 
EntrC'ligne. a«-tr-lin-y^,y: inter litteatiott. 
•Entre-luire, a«-tr-Kk-eer, v. tt. to gliiurtter. 
Entremeler, a;/-tr-may-lai, v. a. to ititermingU, itiseri; 

s* — , V. r. to interttteddle, interfere. 
Entremets, a»<-tr-may, m. by-dish. 
Entreraetteur, a«-tr-met-ur, tn. go-between. [fere. 

•s'Entremettre, a«-tr-met-tr, v. r. to itttermeddle, tttter- 
Entremise, aM-tr-n:iz,y: interposition ; tttediation. 
•s'Entre-nuIre, a;»-tr-nweer, v. r. to hurt otte attother. 
Entrepas, an-tr-pau. tn. brvkettpace. 
s'Entre-percer, a9>tr-pair-sai, v. r. to rutt each other 
Entre-pont, a«-tr-^o«, m. between-decks. [through. 
Entreposer, a«-tr-poh-zai, v. a. to store up. 
Entreposeur, a;i-tr-poh-zur, tn. storehouse-clerk. 
Entrepot, an-tr-poh, m. warehouse, etttrepot. [darittg. 
Entreprenant, e, a«-tr-pr«A-na«, — t, a. ettterptHsing ; 
•Entreprendre, a«-tr-pra«-dr, v. a. et it. to undertake, 

attempt ; j«/ upott; — sur, to eticroach upon. [tor. 
Entrepreneur. a«-tr-pr«A-nur, m. uttdertaker, cotitrac- 
Entreprise, a«-tr-priz,y^ enterprise : encroachment. 
s'Entre^uereller, aff-tr-k»A-rel-ai, v. r. to quarrel with 

each other. 
Entrer, an-trai, v. tt. to ettter; begin; participate: 

faire — , to settd in, ititroduce. [attother. 

s'Entre-regarder, a/t-tr-r«A-gar-dai, v. r. to look at otte 
s'Entre-r^pondre, a//-tr-rai-po;i-dr, v. r. to attswer otte 

•s'Entre-secourir, a^f-tr-swA-koo-reer, v. r. to help one 
Entre-sol, an-tr-sol. m. entersole. [attother. 

•s'Entre-suivre, a«-tr-swivr, v. r. to follow eac/t other. 
s'Entre-tailler, a.n-tx-Xat-A\, v. r. to cut. 
Entre-taiUure, sjt-tc-tBJ-Ctr.f. cutting. 
Entre-temps, a»-tr-ta», m. ttteanwhile. 
•Entretemr, a«-tr-tneer, v. a. to holdfast; keep up; 

maitttain; entertain; amuse; s'— , v. r. to fuep ; 

Entretien, an-tr-tyai», m. maintenance, keeping ; coti- 
Entretuise, a>i-tr-twau, / tie-piece. \versatiott. 

•Entrevoir, a«-tr.vo-ar, v. a. to have a glimpse qf; fore- 
see; s' — , to home ati intet^ietv with. 

•Em tVwir, 3.W -trc ! ■ ■ c cr, tl'. j, /j overhear. 
•EiiTf'oilwrir. ii,«.tri3Ei-vrecr, it. a. to half-open; s' — ^ 
Enmrc, ^^tVir,/^ jn/7iH.^. [v. r. to gape. 

Enum^r.itiun^ Tii.nll^mai-r?Lli-'^TO«, / enumeratiott. 

Enum^jcr,^.^lfli-JTli^ t'. .? to enuttterate. 
En^ahir, £Uf-vab-cn', w. n, '■' .'ivade. 
EnvThL:jiicnenr+aw-Tali-i5-!v. i . m. ittvasiott; ittfp'itge- 

'vu.r^ a«'Vah-C'6uri 
• , ni^-\\(}l^^f. tuz 

invader. [me ttt. 

t ; wrapper. 

.' ! etwelop, wrap up ; sttr- 
to wrap otte' s self up. 
Er t ettvettom, poison ; pro- 

Enverguer, a»-vair-gai, v. a. to fasten the sails to the 
Enverrai, a«-vair-ay, see Envoyer. [yards. 

Envers, a«-vair, pr. towards, to; — , m. wrottg stdc; 

k 1'—, outward; cross-graitted. 
Envi, a//-ve, \ Y—, ad. with emulation. 
Envie, a«-ve,y: envy; lottging; flaw; tttark, 
Envier, a»-Tyai, v. a. to envy; desire. 
Envieux, se, a«-vyuh, — z, a. enviot*s. 
Envin^, e, a«-vc-nai, a. seasoned with witte. 
Environ, a»-ve-ro», arf. about, near, almost. 
Environner, a«-ve-ron-ai, v. a. to surrouttd, encompass. 
Environs, a«-ve-ro«, tn. pi. ettvirons, pi. 
Envuager, aMve-sahj-ai, v. a. to eye, face ; regard. 
Envoi, a«-vwa, tn. sendittg ; message; ittvoice. 
s'Envoler, a»-vol-ai, v. r. to fly away. 
Envoys, a«-vwa-yai, m. envoy, deputy. 
Envoyer, a«-vwa-yai, v. a. to settd. 
Epagneul. ai.p«..yuhl, -^-"-GoOgk 




V.pA^ M, at'imy.— «f a, iMifi, fhtitisj/: solid; Iteavy. 
lEfiatsseur, M--^Y-mt,f, fhuiftm. Affth. 
Epalafri ai-pjiv-si;t-r, v. ^. ir/ n. ta ihiiktn : grow thick; 
i" — 4 *■, r. to rhick*H .- j^tviif tAicJk. 

EpaUstMcment^rti-f.'Sijf'fiiM-niAfifK pi. thickening. 
Epamp«ment, ai-jfAwpr-maj^ mj. fri<ning. 

£paTic]»inenf. nl-ptaw-silinMWH m.l'-^i^rotg out; effusion. 
Epanctwr, ftt-p-i^^-shai, p. a, ia^ttr^ift; open, disclose : 

i-_^ m r. to' iirerp^Jrt'. \v. r. to spread. 

Epuidre, *S-p*MHlr^ i*. 9. iaffiti*-^tt; scatter; s'— , 
Epanc^utr, al-jiAn-wcer, v. <i. tfl mair rrterty; s'— , v. r. 

ft* ^/dw. filiictft : erpw fhtifrfttt, 
E[>uvnLjf!S(S«fiienE, ^-pAti'Wi&^tniH, th. blowing; mirth, 
I'EftATCr, Mipai-ai^ v. r. tfl^ttrk, kt)^, [cheer/u truss. 
EpaFBniCtfti-panl-r'.y^/"*'Jf»"j«*'''«j ; Jsving. 
EpurgTter. af-pam-yaS, i^. d. J'.? fd'tv^, tpare; s'—,v. r. to 

^^rt Dut'r stiff rtfUhi^. 
Eparpilkmcntn at pur-lji^iniUFl , m. x^nttering. 
kparpiLlcT-K dii p-1f-pl/M4l, V. nt. I'll sc^flfr. 
Hpan,K c, aUl»r, -SH* d, jfft/fri'a'J. 

KpjiLcn ai-i»nf-?ti, v. d, ft'/faitfn ; — un verre, A? break 

EpAUk, ai-l inlil, / jhffuMtrr^ \titefoot oj a glass. 

Epauli!:, V, i^-^f}h^a.\r/r ^shvaidti^-jhpif^n. [help.'U-l^tln f. fl. iafiulrAft/mulderouto/joint; 

Ejiaylettie, ai-poIl-lcM,/ jA^jw^rf-rr'^ iCfir, epaulet. 

Epatt, al-pd.v, n.sitaytit ,- /ffftmm ; — .y^ waj/C 

Epeautrc, at-poh'tr, fjK. Jr/«-if. 

Epe^H ai-pai^./: inn'tif^ 

EpcEet, aj-plai, t^r a. fa sffil ; — nuilt 4? misspell. 

EpcLtatlon, at-l>BMah"5yQ«,y: ifif/littf^^ 

E perdu, e, o^pai^'d4l ^i. dattaEtitd, 

Epcrlan, 4J' paif -lajf . tn.stnn't. 

E p^ron , BS'f(ri>«h ™ • J/wr ; iftp**t'Aflf rf, 

Epcf«>ntHir, al-pfrm-ai, *►. a., ta spur aiu 

E ptrOfLfliieJf . Ai-prDn-]fiii, wi^ ipttrtnaJbfr. 

E(>ef vier, aL-poir^v^ai^ m. spiimrof'hawk. 

EplTfffi6rt airfai-miiTr. a^ rpfieftteriii ; — ,/. day-fly. 

Ephore, al-farh wf . eph^nts. 

EpU aUpe, «■, fttf, spike: tu/t^nfftair). 

Epi<:e> id-pilE^J^ J^SiVr . pain ii'—,giugtr bread; -^pl. 

Epieer, aj-p« M,i v. a, /o spicf. [/ees,pt. 

EpEddric, ai-pe'5«,y^ ipi^est ^rvary. 

Epidtf, ^['^pci-Ay^, M(,ji?Focfn 

Epldt^mie, aE-pe-clal-JUcy: epfd^mi/ at disease. 

Epldemiquc* aL-pe-^JfUniiJlt, a, epidtmtc, epidemical. 

Epicr, ^I-pyal, l'. cr, tin. ftJ ^'akh,- shMt into ears. 

Epicmen ai-pvair-alK t^, a. fti dtar of itones. 

Epbru, ai'pyUliH wJ, ftfldr-i/mx 

EpiSjrTammatique. aj-pe-^raiivm4l'i;c, a. epigramma- 

tpiprammc, ai-pc-fiiraliiit, /, c/n^fJiTO^f. L/ikra/. 

lEpEKTaphc, ai-pc-({Mf,y; mait€\ 

EpillcpBic, ai-pi?-lictv-M,y: tpilfpjy. 

E pikpt1<JU«, ai. p e-l«:p4i t, a. fpilfptic. 

Ep^ler, a('pe-lat, «- a. to depUttlt. 

EpEloi^Iue, ai'pt Ei^Er ^*^ rfiilnfj^ue, 

EpnoemeT, ai-pc-lLijE-al, v. a. tn criticikie. 

Epilo^eui, tfi. rniur, 

E|iLiukI. aJ-pc-nar, m. jptnaj^r. 

Epincr iU^p^n^Ji ihom ; — du Jo-s, backbone. 

Epinctie, ai'pc-ni?r./, j/^wf'. 

Epltteu]!, *e, al-pc-nuht— If n. fhani v.-rkklish, captious. 

Ep3Djj;:ef ai-pjufl-gl, / /f « ; — v pi 'prtsent, pin-money. 

Epitiffleltc, li-paTif-chlit't./: primitig^Hiire. 

EpJnclier, dh p^if -j^hk-aii m pintHaker. 

EpiphanJe, aJ-pe-fan-Cn/: Tut^i/iA^iida^ 

Kpiquc, ai-pTkf a, r/ic, 

EpiiCDpal, e,, a, epfscufPal. 

EpJ^Cripat, ai-pis-top-aliK wi. episa^aey. 

Episode, ai-pc^zod,y; ej^is4?dr. 

E p3&dd[r|liCf aJ^pa-^ad-iliH n. episodicaL 

Epi*5i^i7, ai-pe-swaf , fH.jiii. 

Epicure, ai-pc-sAt,^ s^iitt. 

Epislolairc ai-pli'tiJl-iir, «. fpisf^lAry. 

EpLCapllC, flJ'pc-tafr/ eptfaph. 

Epithol^rie, ai-pc til-lain K r*?. rpUhakunium. 

Epiih^te, tci./: r/jMr/. 

EpitCiini£, oi-pe-tntiTTiiai, in^rpitfunei 

Epilne, at pccHtTny: epistlr. 

Epiioctie, aJ-pcTD-Q-iCK/'. tpiMMfjf^ 

EptOiri, aj-p]nr-aL a. at'firt teart. {m picking. 

EpLLidTingtrr aJ-pldsli-ahi, EplDclienient ai-plQsh-maff, 

Eplnchir, ai-jilOih-ai, i'. a. taptfk , J^H«, st/t. 

Epluclieur, aj-nlilstnj r, iw. ^ir*Fr ^ Jault-finder, 

Eplucholr, ii£'plCi!ih-war<, jk. paring k^n/e. 

EpluGliure, ftj-pl^sh-clr, j?^ /iViihjr^ r pL 

EpwJc, al'pnd, J'; f^JJii*. 

Ep^jlntcr^ [ii-pwaiM-tajn v. ft. to blunt, 

Epcufje, aj-nnKlij.y; ipBtt£T. 

Epon^er, al-po«-hja% tj, «. ^a spangr. 

Epopee, oi-p(jp-ai,/. f;*i?/«f. 

Epoque, al-pok,y: <v>0(A, period. 

Epounioner, ai-poo-inon-ai, v. a. to tire the lungs. 

Epousailles, ai-poo-zaJ./lpl. nuptials, pi. 

Epouse. ai-pooi,/. spouse, consort. 

Epous^e. ai-poo-rai,/. brid^. 

Epouser. ai-poo-zai. v. a. to espouse, marry. 

Epouseur, ai-poo-zus. m. tnarryitig man. 

Epousseter. ai-poo-stai. v. a. to brush, dust. 

Epouvanuble. ai-poo-va«-tah-bI, a. —meat, ad. /right' 

_/ul, dreadful. 

Epouvantaii, ai-poo-va«-taA m. scarecrow. 

Epouvante, ai-p<>o-vant,j'. /right, terror. 

Epouvanter. ai-poo-va»i-tai. v. a. to frighten , terrify: 

s* — , V. r. to be frightened. 
Epoux, ai-poo, m. spouse, husband. 
*kpreindre, ai-praiM-dr, v. a. to squeeze out. 
Epreinte. ai-prsixnt,/. gripes. 
•s E prendre, ai-praw-dr, v. r. to be smitten. 
Epreuve, ai-pruhv, /. trial; proof: & 1 — , k toute — , 

proqf agaittst. 
Eprts. e. ai-pre. —z, a. enamoured. 
Eprouver, ai-proo-vai, v. a. to try ; experietKe. 
Eprouvette, z.i-^xoo-ye.'U /. probe ; prover. 
Epucer, ai-pQ-sai, v. a. to flea. 
Epuisement, ai-pwiz-ma«, m. exhaustion. 
Epuiser, ai-pwe-zat, v. a. to drain, exhaust ; s' — , v. r. 

to be dried up. 
Enuratif, ive, ai-pfl-ra-tif. — iv, a. purifying. 
Epuration, ai-pQ-rah-syow, /: Epurement, aUpflr-maM, 

tn. purifying ; refinement. 
Epurer, ai-pQ-rai. v. a. to purify; refine; s'— , v. r. to 
Equarrir. ai-kar-eer. v. a. to square. {be purified. 

Equarrissage. ai-kar-e-sahj, m. squareness. 
Equarrissetnent. ai-kar-iss-ma^i, m. squaring. 
Equarrisseur, ai-kar-e-sur, m. horse-killer. 
Equateur. ai-kwah-tur, m. equator. 
Equation, ai-kwah-syo«,y; equation. 
Equerre, ai-kair./I square. 
Equestre, ai-kwestr, a. equestrian. 
Equidistant, e, ai-kwe-dis-ta«, — t. a. equidistant. 
Equilibre. ai-ke-libr, m. equilibrium. 
Equinoxe, ai-ke-noks,y: equinox. 
Equipai^e. ai-ke-pahj, m. equipage; carriage ; crew. 
Equiptfe, ai-ke-pai,/ prank. 

Equipement, ai-kip-man, m. equipment, fitting out. 
Equiper, ai-ke-pai, v. a. to equip, fit out ; %'—, v. r. to 

equip one's self. 
Equipollence, ai-ke-pol-la«s,/ equipollena. 
Equipollent, e, ai-ke-pol-la«, — t, a. equipollent, equiva- 
EquipoUer, ai-ke-pol-lat. v. n. to be equivalent. {lent. 
Equitable, ai-ke-tah-bl. a. — mcnt, ad. equitable. 
Equitation. al-kwe-tah-syo«. f. riding. 
Equity, ai-ke-tai./: equity, rightness. 
Equivalent, ai-ke-val-a», m. equivalent. [balance. 

•Equivaloir, ai-ke-val-war, v. n. to be equivalent. 
Equivoque, ai-ke-vok. a. equrvocetl: doubtful; — , f. 

equivocation, ambiguity. 
Equivoquer, ai-ke-vok-ai. v. n. to equrvoceUe. 
Erable, ai-rah-bl, m. maple-tree. 

Eradication, ai-rad-e-kah-syo«,/. ercuitccUion ; extirpa- 
Erafler, ai-rah-flai. v. a. to grate. \tion, 

Eraflure. ai-rah-flClr,/; r light scratch. 
Erailler, ai-ra/-ai, v. a. to fray, fret. 
Eraillure. ax-vaI-Glt,/. fraying. 
Eratd, e, ai-rat-ai, a. sprightly, brisk. 
Erater. ai-rat-ai, v. a. to pull out tfu spleen. 
Ere, air,/ era, epoch. 
Erection, ai-rek-syo;*,^ erection. 
s'Ereinter. ai-rai;i-tai, v. a. to break ones bcuk. 
Er^mitique, ai-rai-mit-ik. a. eremitical. 
Erjfot, air-$roh, m. spur ; smtU. 
Er)(ot^, air-g^ot-ai, a. spurred; smutty. 
Ergoter, air-got ai, v. n. to cavil, wrangle ; find fault. 
Ergoteur, air-got-ur, m. caviller, wrangler. 
Ergotisme, air-got-isra, m. wrangling. 
Eriger, ai-re-hjai, v. a. to erect, establish ; s' — , v. r to 
Erminette, air-ine-net,/ adze. {set uf /or 

Ermitage, air-me-tahj. m. hermitage. 
Ermite, air-mit, m. hermit, recluse. 
Erosion, ai-roh-zyo«./. erosion, 
Erotique, ai-rot-ik. a. erotic. 
Errata, air-rah-tah, w. erratic. 
Erre, aAt.f.pcue; rate; — s, //. traces, pi. track. 
Errements. air-man, m. pi. traces, pi. 
Errer, air-rai, v. n. to 7vander, ramble; err, tnistake. 
Erreur, air-rur,/ error, mistake. 
Erron6, e, air-ron-ai, a. — ment, ad. erroneous. 
Ers, er, nt. fitch. 

Enictation, ai-r(lk-tah-syo«,/! eructation. 
Erudit, e, ai-rfl-de, — t, a. erudite, learned. 
Erudition, ai-rO-de-syo«,/ erudition. 
Erugineux, se, ai-rA-nJe-&uh| — z, a. eruginous^ 




Eruption, ai-rflp-syo«,yC eruption. 

Iiscabeau, es-kab-oh, m. EscabeUe, es-kab-el,y^ stool. 

Hscadre, es-kah-dr.y: squadron. 

Escadron. es-kad-ron, in. squeuiron. 
t) Escalade, es-ka-lad,yi escalade. 

Escale, es-kal, X stay. 

Escalter. es-kal-yai, m. staircase, stairs, pi. 

Escamota^e, es-kam-o-tahj, tn. juggling. % 

Escamoter, es-kara-o-tai, v. a. to Juggle; pilfer. 

Escamoteur, es-kam-ot-ur, tn. juggler. 

Escapade, es-kap-ad,yC caper; prank. 

Escape, es-kap,/: shaft 0/ a column. 

Escarboucle, es-kar-bookl.y: carbuncle. 

Escarcelle, es-kar-seI,/./Krxtf, 

Escargot, es-kar-((oh, tn. shell-snaU. 

Escannouche, es-kar-moosh.y: skirmish. 

Escannoucher, es-kar-moo-shai. v. n. to skirmish. 

Escarmoucheur, es-kar-inoo-shur, tn. skirmisher. 

Escarpe, es-karp,/. scarp. 
\ £scarp^, e, es-kar-pai, a. steep, sleepy. 

f Escarpement, es-karp-man, m. declivity. 

Elscarper, es-kar-pai. v. a. to cut down steep. 

Escarpin, es-kar-pai;/, m. pump. 

Escarpolette, es-kar-poi-et,/". swing. 

Escarre, es-kar, X scab, scrub ; slough. 

Escaveqade, es-kav-sad.yr check, jerk. 

E^ient, cs-syaw^ m, ^ twn —, in good tArrifdt ; ^ 11 ion 
— , ts tny kntymiedge. 

Esclandre, cs-k]a(i-iJr. jm. ttpriftir, qitarreL 

I^sdavaKC cs.r|iJ:iv-aliJ, tit, siat/ery. 

Esclaire. Es-klav^ tn. slave. 

EtCObarrfer. c^koh-ar-dili , *. ts. ts sku^e^ pt^evarii^te. 

EiiCtibardcFic, t^kob^ar-^^lrc ,/. skuj^inf^, prevarication. 

EstocJier^ cs-kQFili^, V, «. i^ knead {doughy 
* EitOJirrill'c, c5-ko^.rif, w. tattfeilffw. 

Eiicuiuptc. esJcojJt, m.discsttnt, 

Hsrcunlpter, K-knji-tai, V, iV. ie di^ouHi. 

Hacupetttf, es-kop-et.y: turbine. 

li^corte, e&'kortrJ^ esiort. renzvy, 

Ji!icorter, es-kor-ti-U, v. rt. to escurt, i:oifvt>y. 

]i:.cuuade, ei-ltOO-id, / sqrtad. 

liFicauri^eon, es^fcCur-^O/ft ih^ green bariey. 

E^CDUssti; es-koos^yl springy run, 

K^criiucr, eS'kK^ntai, jf. n. to/etice ; 5'—, if, n io Iiil>i^nr, 
Ksc riineijf, eS'kre-Uiur» tn. fettcer. [da^^lc in. 

Kscrotr, es-kn>h. tfi. sharpery STuiudler. 
liKcroqueF, es^klfOk^E, V. a. et it, in jn^r'wrif/c, cheat, 
H<;criK]uerie, eS'ltrokTe,/^ sivnidSin^. {sharp. 

Hscroqueur, es^krok'tir, »i. is-'indler, 
>:sp:icc, cs'pahss, tn. et/. space. 
■Hspaccmem, es^pahS!iH^iiiiaM. ™, spaiit/g. 
Kajinccr, «s-piilt-saj+ v. a^ ts sfofe, 
> HnpadcT, t!i-pjid^i, -v. a. to tew ketnp. 

Y.ii\tB.Aony cs-piidMlM, wrt. back.neattt 
K;ip:idoiincr, is-pad-Oii-ai^ 1^+ ii, faji^hl Jtfiih ike ^irk- 
Esi^ajCnolclItf e&-pdn-^ul-ctt, f.fasteHin^, [Ji^:'f«/. 

E^r^*'"', tS-paUyai, ?it, espaiier. 

Esp^, es-pMss,^ tpKtfs : kind; — S, pi. specie; ctfsh ; 
E^pcniitcc, e^piil''ri]^E!^/: hope. [ fpft^j^ //. 

Espcrcr, cs-pui-riil, v. a. I0 hope/or^ 
E&in^^'lc, es-pyay-Ki a. freiic^mne ; V^ggish ; — , w. 
lispi^Klcrie* fiii-pyay-if l-rc^ j<; Bya^r-jfr^fj-jf ,- prank, \jyag. 
Espingdei ei-palw-KoLy: biuuderbnJs. 
Espioiu es'pyoju, wt . jyty. 
Eapiofinagic, tfi-pyoil-ahj+ *» , espi^it^gt. 
Eapioonicx, «:^pyciii-ai, i^. a. ts ^py, wa/th. 
Esplaiiiidc, es-pbu-adKy^: esplatmde. 
Esprar. es-pwiir, rtt. A\?pe ; 
Espisntmin c^-port-KotM, tn. Aa/ffp/kf. 
Eii^rir. es -pre, r/r. spirit ; iftittii ; tvit ; Kiulre V^, tadie. 
EsflLijf, eH-tLf, wt. skij^, ya-Hfl, 
Esii^LuJler CK-ki^yr splin/er. 
EvtjLimandcH cs-kc-Jiaff-sc/T quinsy. 
li-,i[A\\-^C. c-;i-kibS. /: sA\!ifs,_fir':i: phjJt. 
\' .'.■■:. ■■■■t. ,. • I'. -. f -■■ '.;.'.■ ■: ,:..i'.j.' ^7i-,Ty. 

E&quivcr, cj.--.w-. 11., ./. ,».. tv uwm, c^i/uUe ; i' — , -v. r. to 
Essai, es-ay, tn. essay, trial; sampU ; ptoof; tastittg ; 
Essaitii, es-sai«, nt. swarm, crorud. {ejffbrt. 

Essaiiner, es-ay-mai, v. n. to swarm ojff. 
Essanger, es-a/i-hjai, v. a. to soak, wet. 
Essarter, es-sar-tai, v. a. to grub up, clear. 
Essay er, es-ay-yai, v. a. et n. to try, attempt; assay; 
s'— , V. r. to try one's ability ; etuUavour, tnake at- 
Essayeur, es-ay-yur, m. assayer. [tetnpts. 

Esse, ess,/: cramp ; wire-gauge. 
Essence, es-sa«s,y: essence; species. 
Essentiel, le, es-sa»-syel, a. — lement, eul. essential, 
Essieu, es-yuh, tn. axle-tree. [material. 

Essor, es-sor, m. soar, /fight; prendre son — •, to flight. 
Essorer, es-sor-ai. v. a. to dry, air. 
Essoriller, es-or-iAai, v. a. to cut the ears off; crop. 

EssoufHement. es-oo-fl-maM, m. blowing, panting. 
EssoulHer, es-oo-Aai, v. a. to put out of breath ; s*— > 

V. r. 6tre essouffl^, to be out of breath. 
Efi"!'?!, ♦•«;«!-w*», *». drying.plact. 
Es:.i.;i.- 11 1. 1 1 p., tivvvt-ttuiE/j'. m w^vcl. 
Es^-ii'ica. I--" I- >'.a, V. tt, -iuip^; dry if/; endure. 
Est , L-.-,[ , tft. f.iA f. [bear, be exposed to, 

EsuiuiJlj, t;:i'ljk-in1,jf^ trotS'hoom. 
Estafclie, es-iaf-ct, j: express. 
Eft^.ifiefr es-CAf-yai, tn., /oaf man. 
EsUlCilade, t^-Ui-^A^A,/ slash ; rent. 
Estafvtader, ea^ur-e-ljd-ai, i'. a. to slash, 
Estame, «s-bun./: ^vorsted. 
Esciiinjiul, «-tnin-«-aiiy, m. stnoking-room, 
Esiinn(;*e, ti-uup,/. statttp, prim. 
EsUimit^Tr CS-taH-paS, v. a. to sia/np. 
EsiiampiUe, tis-tiiH-piA/. liatnp, 
Es[-'impiU«!r> eii-iaH-pii^ai, 1/. a, to stamp* 
Ef»l«r, «s-tai. v. n. tp aPpeAr. 
Esttire, ei-tiir,/ rusk-ntat. 
EstqrLLn, e^tair-lai'iK m. sorting, 
EsthiStifme, cvUi-lik.y: scirncr it/the heauHful. 
EstimaUtj, es-te-analvbl, it. estitnabU, -valsi.ible. 
Estlmatqur, eiiae-inat'Ur> «r, appraiser, esiunator. 
E.stiiLiatir^ ivc, «>> tL-mat-iT, — iv, a. estitntitive. 
E^tiiruitLon, c(-te-m;i]i-s.yoi*, jC estitttaiicn ; esteem, re- 
E5tLnn.e, e5-lini,j^. tstfttn. [putation. 

Estimtr, evEts-itiai, p. a. et tt, ta esdmAie; esteem, 

pri3.t; rcckitn; ihink^jt*dsc. Suppose, 
E.stivai, fl, (TS-te-fiil, a. eSii^'ai. 
Esloc, es^t'wk, tt%, hntg rapier: trunk; descent. 
E&ti>Ciide, «.-lcik-aii, / rapier; thrust^ 
Esiocader, cs-tok-adrai. v.ti. to thrtut : fight ; dun, 
Estuiiiac, cs-tojniah, tn. stattutch; body ^st /awl. 

EutHjEiipf 4 c5'to/f p, f siu inpt 
Estainpcr, esi-CoM-pai, v. *, ft? stump, 

ElitCJUrfadc, <;!v-tOOrad. f SteVilH^. 

Esiradc. c-vtrad, /: esir^de ; bcinre V—, tascout. 

Estrajfon, c5.[rajf-o«, tn, furragOn. 

Estramaqonner, c^-traqn-ah-SfUl ai, x^. 11. to strike with 

ike edge ^a s-se^rd, 
Esitrapa Jo, cs-trap.fLd, f sitappado ; estrapade. 
Eiitrapadcr, ea-t r.i|T~aLi -ai. i*. a. to gi-ve the urappado. 
Esirapasscr, cs-trap-ah -luii^ v, a, to mxnmrk, override. 
Ealropicr, cs-trop-yai, v. a, iolattte; tnutitate; disable. 
EHturj;;con, cs-lflr-hjow, nt. stui^eon. 
Etabtajjc, aL-tab-bhj< tn. stabling. 
Etable, ai tah-bt,/ stogie. 
EtabLcT, aUtab-tal, -v. a. ts stable, house, 
Elablif al-tab-Efr, tn. ^nch ; skop^boa rd {iailor). 
EtLibLir, aL-ta1->-lecr, -a. a. to estaiiisk - appoint; cusertt 

s'— ^ V. r. to srMe, set up. 
Elablissemrnt, ai-tab-ki^-inAJE, m.estabhihtnent; settle- 
Etaffc, aS-tahjn Hi.yfjujr, stary ; rank. Itn^nt. 

EtJij^^er, ai-t.ihi-ai, -z', a, /« tapTrl^k^iri^ 
Et.t^erc', .-LL^i.ilij-iiir^ f. s(1 0/ shrives. 
V.Ui\f airt.-iy, ttt, .itety, 
EtaiCf ai.!;ijr. / sta^, ikfire. 
EtaiEii, ai^taijf , ttt. icirdfd -a'^toL 
Et ain* ai't4 in, ttt. tin , pewter. 
Etal, aulaC, ttt, stall. 

Etatai;^, ai-tal-ahj^ tn. stall ; show ; jfl tftfile ; finery. 
EtalajfiHtc, ai-tal-ahj -istf tti. sttilLkefper', 
Etalf r^ ai-tal-aK v^ a. to expose fj saii, shffti' ; s' — , V. r, 

to tie alottgt stretch otie's uffaut, 
EtaEitr, ai-tal-yai^ tn. stali-bnt^her. 
EtaEan, ai-tal-D.'i4 wt. stall/oti / sfs^tfdard. 
Euionnaffc, aUtal-Dit-aliJ, Etiilonilcinent, ai-tal-on-ma;(, 
Etalonncr^ aj-tal-Qn-a], it. a, te sta^np^ \m, stamping,- 
Etamaj^c, ai-tam-alij , *«, HUHing . 
Etambotit ai-taM-boht in, stertf^post. 
Etamer, ai-tani-aif v, <t. to tin, 
Etain«ur, aJrEaen-ur^ tn, tititnatt. 
EtamLnc, aL-tamnin,y: bolter; light sttt^. 
Etin^inier, iii-taju.Ln.yaJ, w. boitittg.€lifth weaver. 
El.-Ltnyfe, ai-tftin-tir, / tinning. 
El.LDchement, jii-tui&h-iHanK tn. stattchittg, stopping. 
El.isschor, ai.ta*f'5hai„ 7f, «, fts statick; slIp; quettch. 
El.i:K"i^ii, nii-.ta«50H, m.prup. 
Et.Liif:niacr, ai-t«ur-lpcni-ai, v, a. foprop^ 
Et. L 11^ , I uxtt, tn, pond, pool, T/he tnarch. 

Et.iii;. .li-crtp,./^ staple ; t?? 77.7 .--.=,- f >■ nffdiers upon 
Etal, ii-tali. m. stale; t^jidi^i^ji. ui:c£>n/it ; rank; 

quality; etre en— , to be able; feire — , to esteem ; 
Exau, ai-toh, m. vice. [mettre en — , to prepare, 

Etayement, ai-tay-ina», tn. propping, staying. 
Etayer, ai-tay-ai, v. a. to prop, support, shore. 
Ex.6, ai-tai, tn. sumttur (see Etre). 
Eteignoir, ai-tain-ywar, m. extinguisher. 
•Eteindre, at-tain-dr, v. a. to extinguish; quench; 

abolish; s'*-, V. r, logo out ; become extinct. L 




Ctendage, ai-taM-dahj, m. laying out; lines to hang 
Etendard, ai-ta/<-dar, tn. standard. [things, pi. 

Ftcr-'r-. n^ *-.\- -^T - - ""- ' ^ read, stretch, enZirge ; 
. bespread; reach; uist, 
tteni]ii, f, 'ti-L '.jj-.jLi, ti. ^jPj.r, extensive. 
liumdue^ ai-taW'flkl, Jr ^^mtsUn ; extent; compass, 
Etcnel k, al-Catr-nerll, a. -^letuent, a</. eternal, 
Etenifsn, ■i-talr-ne-Aii, ^. a. A' etemixe. 
Eteitiit^, Bl-tJiir-fic-ta[. / etr^t^. 
EtemueiDeiiti jw EKfiiCiiucnt. 
Etcmuer, Ai-tair-na^, %k tu t<? ^neexe. 
Etmuamcnt, ki^tdbvul^'iDa/j, m, sneezing,' sneeae. 
Et<J:sJeii, aJ-tai-ryaE7(, a. emian. 
EE^iiicnt, at-tayi-maK , tfu hppit^ the top off. 
Etclcr^ aj-tay-tai, V. a. tA Strtki off the top, 
Btciif. ai-iuhf, m. fia/^. 
Etculc, al-tutii /, ttwi'tli!. 
Ethjcr, aS-titLt, pw, riA^-r. 
EUicnf, c, ai-taj-jali, ti. fthenenl^ 
Elhtqucn alrtik,/: rrt/r j. 
EtluioKrajj hicn cl-no-craf-c, fi tthnography, 
EtiajjCK aJ-Lyatt^, Tn. bTHi-Timtt*' mari. 
Ettcj, aL-ty-Eu, wt. iiitihy 
Etincclcr. ai-taSiiiTsla^ t'. ft' ie sparkle. 
litincclk. ai-taJf^-scI, y: j/a^*^ 

KtinccllcmciatK aJ^tniii-i«f-JTia»g wi. sparkling, scintilla- 
Etiqucr aJ'tikK pi. Asn^r, i^nsumptfve. [tion. 

Ettquet^rK aj-tik Irti, iy «r ti} rkiet, label. 
Etiquette, ai-tclcct, f, it^ktt, ttiqueUe. 
Edrer, itJ4«-TalH ^f. flr ft^ stretch, spread, 

EwlTe, ai-tcjff, y: j/jf^.- ftrj^iVpV«. 

EtafTtiT, alplor-si, Vr a, jfM^; garnish. 

ELDUCr al-twal,/: jyji-,- rffts^^nrj'. 

EtoSI^, c, av-twat^ai, a, littri-^, starred. 

I'GtoJJeri ai-twaJ-ai, v. r. iiyitaf, crack. 

EtQie, ai-lolt y; j/j/*-. 

Etontiaminent. aE-ron-qm-aw, uJ. atnaxingly. 

ElQDnaut, e» BHoniiJi, — t, «. <ttnaxing. [terror. 

Hionnement, ai-ton-uia'f, jn. astonishment; -wonder; 

Eionner, aL tC'd^, *. «. /i* astenish, shake; %'—, v. r. 

EiGutTaDt, r, aS-tud-fiini, — t,4..fwiyry. [to be astonished. 

HtCiuEcmcaE, al-LQi>riniaH, m. -ruffocation. 

HtciuHcr, ai-toLir^, t'. o. f/ iv. A? stifle; choke; to be 

HjDuffoir, ^1-twf-WTir, m. f^fin^ntisher. 


] ' ■■/'•with tow. 

■ . . •■• td. 

litourdeau, ai-toor-aon, «. young capon. 

Etourderie, ai-toor-dre, /. giddiness. 

Etourdi, e, ai-toor-de. a. — meot, ad. giddy ; k T^our- 

die, giddily ; — , m. madcap. 
Etourdir, au-toor-deer, v. a. to stun, astound, astonish ; 

s' — , V. r. to shake off the thoughts of. [ening. 

Etotirdissant. e, e-toor-de-san, — t, a. stunning ; deaf- 
Etourdissement. ai-toor-diss-naa;t, m. giddiness ; dix- 
Etoumeau, ai>toor-noh, m. starling. [xituss. 

Etrange, ai-tra»hj,'a. — ment, ad. strange, odd. 
Etranger, ire, ai-lra»-hiai, •— r, a. strange, foreign ; 

extraneous; ik I*—, abroad; — , m. foreigner, stranger; 

—, V. a. to drive awa^. 
Etranget^, ai-tra«-hjtaj, f. strangeness. 
Etranglement, ai-tra/(-gl-ma;<, tn. strattgulcMon. 
Etrangler, ai-tran-elai, v. a. etn. to strangle; be choked. 
Etrape, ai-trap, / little sdckU. 
Etraper, ai-trap-ai, v. a. to mow. 
Etrave, ai-trav, f. stem. 
•Etre, ay-tr, v. n. to be, exist; y —,tobe at home ; — , 

m. being, existence; 11 connaft tous les — s, he knows 

eifer^ knock and comer. [narrow, shrink. 

Etr^ctr, ai-trai-seer. v. a. to straiten; s'— , v. r. to 
Etr^cissement, ai-trai-siss-maM. m. narrotuing, shrink' 
Etrein, ai-traiw, m. litter for horses. [ing- 

*Etrcindre, ai-traiw-dr, v. a. to bind. 
Etreinte, ai-traiMt, f. tie; grasp ; embrcue. 
Etrenne, ai-tren,y: handsel: new year's gift. 
Etrenner, ai-tren-ai, v. a. et n. to handsel; give hand- 
Etr^illon. ai-tri-zi/-on, m. prop. [set; take ha/uisel. 
Etr^sillonner, ai-traU-zi/-on-ai, v. a. to prop, 
Etrier, ai-tre-ai, m. stirrup. 
Etrille, ai-trl/,y: curry-comb. 
Etriller, ai>triAai, v. a. to curry ; thrash. 
Etriper, ai-tre-psii. v. a. to embowel, unrip. 
Etrique, e, ai-tre-kai, a. scanty. 
Etrin^re, ai-triv-yair,y^ stirrup-leather. 
Etroit, e, ai-tro-an, — t. a. — etnent, ad. narrow t close; 

strict ; k V — , narrowly, hardly. 
Etron^nner, ai-tron-son-ai, v. a. to top off. 
Etude, ai-tfld,yC study ; office, chambers. 
Etudiant, ai-tfl dya/(» m. student, scholar. 
Etudier, ai-tA-dyai, v. a. et n. to siudy ; s'— , v. r. to 

contrive, endeavour. 

Etui, ai-twe, m. case, box, sheath. 

Etuve, at-tflv,/". stove; drying-place. 

Etuv^e, ai-tfl-vai,/^ stewing; stewed meat^ 

Etuvement, ai-tQv>ina». m. fomenting. 

Etuver, ai-tO-vai, v. a. to stew ; fometit. 

Etymologie, ai-te-mol-o-hje, /: etymology. 

Etymolf^que. ai-te-OM^-o-hJik. a. etymological, 

"tymologiste, ai-te-mol-o-hjtst, m. etymologist. 

Jxi, d, see Avoir. 

Eucharistie, uh-kar-is-te,/ Eucharist. 

Eunuque, tth>n(ik. m. eunuch. 

Eux, uh, >«. them, they. 

Evacuation, ai-vak-<l-ah-syo»,yC evacuation. 

Evacuer. ai-vak-Q-ai, v. a. to evacuate. 

s'Evader, ai-vad-ai. v. r. to steal away, escape. 

Evaluation, ai-val-fi<ah-syoM,yC valuation, estitnate. 

Evaluer, ai-val-fl-ai, v. a. to value, rate. 

Evang^lique, ai-va»-bjai>lik, a. —ment, ad, evangelical, 

Evang^liste, ai-vaM-hJai-Iist, m. evangelist. 

Evangiie, ai-va»-hJU, m. Gospel. [appear. 

s'Evanouir, ai-van-oo-eer, v. r. to faint, swoon ; dis- 

Evanouissement, ai-van-oo-iss-maM, m. swoon ^fainting- 


Evaporation, ai-vap-or-ah-^o».yC evaporation. f. 

Evaportf , au-vap-or-ai. a. guidy-brained. 

Evaporer, ai-vap^r>ai, v. a. et n. to evaporate, give 

vent to ; %,—, v^. r. to evaporate. 
Evasement, ai-vau-zmaM, m. widening. 
Evaser, ai-vau-zai, v. a. to widett, extend. 
Evasif, ive, ai-vah-zif, — iv, a. — ivement, etd. evasive. 
Evasion, ai-vah-syoff,y: escape, elopemetU. 
EvecM, ai-vay-shai. m. bishopric. 
Eveil. ai-yajl, m. hint. 
Eveill^, e, ai-vay/-ai, a. brisk, sprightly. 
Eveiller, ai-vay7-ai, v. a. to awake; quicken, brisk up; 

s' — , V. r. to awake. 
Ev^nentent, ai-vain-ma/i, m. ei;ent. 
Event, ai-va«, m. smack, twang; air-hole ; tfite k 1*—, 
Eventail, ai-va«-ta/, [giddy-brained person. 
Eventaire, ai-va«-tair, m.flat basket. 
Events, e, ai-van-tai, a. fanned ; foolish, giddy. 
Eventcr, ai-van-tai, v. a. to fan, air; find out; s*— , 

V. r. to fan one's self; growffat. 
Eventoir, ai-va«-twar, nufan ; adit. 
Eventrer, ai-va//-trai, v. a. toetnboTuel; ri^ up. 
Eventuality, ai-va«-tO-al-e-tai,/: eventuality, event. 
Eventuel, le, ai-va«-tfl-ell, a. — lement, ad. eventual. 
Ev£que, ai-vayk, m. bishop. 
Eversif, ive, ai-vair-sif, — ve, a. subversive. 
Eversion, ai-vair-syo«,/: eversion, ruin. 
s'Evertuer, ai-vair-tQ-ai, v. r. to struggle, exert one's self. 
Eviction, ai-vik-syo«,y^ eviction. 
Evidemment. ai-ve-dam-an, ad. evidently, plainly. 
Evidence, ai-ve-da«s,/; evidence. 
Evident, e, ai-ve-da», -r-t, a. evident, plain. 
Evider, ai-ve-dai, v. a. to groove; hollow; unstarch. 
Evier, ai-ve-ai. m. sink ; drain. 
Evincer, ai-vai/t-sai, v. a. to evict. 
Evitable, ai-ve-tah-bl« a. avoidable. 
Eviter, ai-ve-tai, v. a. to avoid, shun. 
Evocation, ai-vok-ah-syo«,/: evocation ; afpeal. 
Evolution, ai-vol-Cl-syo«,y^ evolution; movetnent. 
Evoquer, ai-vok-ai, v. a. to evoke ; bring before a 

higher court. 
Exact, e, eg-zakt, a. — ement, ad. exact, accurate. 
Exacteur, eg-zak-tur, tn. exactor, extortiotter. 
Exaction, eg-zak-syo«, X extortion. 
Exactitude, eg-zak-te.tild,y^ exactttess, accuracy. 
Exag(frateur, eg-zahj-ai-rat-ur, tn. amplifier. 
Exag^ration, eg-zah1-ai-rah-syo«,/ exaggeration. 
Exag^rer, eg-zahj-af-rai, v. a. to exaggerate. 
Ex^ation. eg-zaf-tah-syon,/: exaltation, elevation. 
Exalter, eg-zal-tai. v. a. to exalt, extol. 
Examen, eg-zain-ain, m. exatnination. 
Exarainateur, eg-zam-e-nat-ur, tn. examitter. 
Examiner, eg-zam-e-nai, v. a. to examine. 
Exarchat, ^-zar-kah. tn. exarchate. 
Exarque, eg-zark, m. exarch. [irritation. 

Exasperation, eg-zas-pai-rah-syo«, / exasperatioiu 
Exasp^rer, eg-zas-pai-rai, v. a. to exasperate. 
Exaucement, eks-ohz-nia», m. hearing of otu's request. 
Exaucer, eg-zoh-sai, v. a. to hear favourably. 
Excavation, eks-kav-ah-syon,y: excavation. 
Exc^dant, ek-sai-dan, ttt. overplus. [work; abuse. 
Exctfder, ek-sai-dai, v. a. to exceed; wear out, over^ 
Exfellemment, ek-sel-am-aw, ad. excellently. 
Excellence, ek-sel-a^/s,/ excellence, excelletuy ; par — , 
Excellent, e, ek-sel-an, — t, a. excellent. [above all. 

Excellentissime. ek-sel-an-tis-sim, a. tttost excelletU. 
Exceller, ek-sel-ai, v. tt. to excel, outdo, 
Excentrique, ek-san-trik, a. eccetttric 
Exceptd, ek-sep-tai, pr. except, saw. ^ 
Excepter, ek-sep-tai, v. a. to ex^^o [^ 




£zception, ek-sep-syo«,y^ exception. {measure. 

Ha- ". ■ •■■ i. - ITkB. ^! settle tit, fTii'. fJi-/Jf J !</ 

^-.- . .■- r.-,j ..;,■. :-■.■.■:■ -.ftAtt, 

p.xcipct, ck-5JT']]j3, p, »P. fti alirj^, 

Hiciiant; ts» elc-BdiiK^ — e, a. itiniuUifing* 

EicFtrr, cic-sc-td], v. a. ta exriif; if^mUMtf. 

KsfUirft. clu-klfir+ tJ. a. ta fjatiuitf. 

Hichisi^ ive, ifk»'klu-xir+ — iVfi»< — jvetnentj prfr rxdnirpe. 

RvcommnAfcittlDtU cJti-liioTn-ft-Tve-kah-s^GiHi yl fxfiftn- 
V- KCCHiimunEcr, eks-kom^^iiyRSH -^''i a. /0 frtiTjiTf ^ mji ifiite. 
ii % corieft *li*kor-tiit, c. a. /fj ejcftrrhttf. 
liXGr^mttit, fk-vltTaE-nuui, pa, fjffK"ni/M,ff jth^^, 
l^x^reHoni cks-krii-Syoff,_/; f JifJTf'iiJW , fi-finry. 

Hj(CTOl>5$iU^£, tfcs-krd-aiinsaHSi, /l tJecriTrrmrf txcrts- 
li m PTBJoti, eiijlrk(ii.:&yDiiH /! rxcift-fiMt : rrijtf 
H»;u»iblc, eks kA-zah-bl, a. ex^rH^uf'ff. 

Its CUV, cks-ltflt,^ fjtrifj^.' a/tV'i?j^>', 

H xciiiierj ^tkQ -iai, i?. a. Or exi^mf; V"p i'. fy At e vrr^^r^ 

£«« At, cpi-fll-at, frt. /nn V *p ^ 0, [ j.'j /.rjrr A/f 

E»ri crcrt c^i-aJ-kriiJH t'. a. /la tKHT^tr. \liiin. 

F uet'iitffhlB , CK'i-aJ-k fl-lah-ttJ. a, ffiJsiMft /nif/fi-ji Wf- 

li <if t; UteT^ egi^al-kd-tiiH ^'. a . r^ txecHir .■ pcrfctr^s^ ; ifij- 
tmiit : i'^, ». r. ^fl riBiril/. 

Kkd-CULift iifCf c]fz-aL-k{i-Eif4 — it, a. rxftriiHiv. 

E li^cuHoiOf cKi-at-ki-syo«,^ rxfCHtiuM, fiei^rmatuti, 

EK^entolTC. cffi-al-kii-lwar, ij, tx^t^rufary, 

Eii^dlfquc, e^^-iil-hjjiE-tik^ a, txes^eHcai. 
EmUplUfCi cjci-a^j-plairt a. — Fnent, jn(f. IXimptyJty ; 

^, #7*+ pattern ; r^Al^. i ifts/aftft : -^t /I iv^. 

Eicmple, C|rr-»»-pl. «T. Gfami^f: ^tva/; par — , y&r 
i^«4^ilptr c. cci-aji, —I* a^. exempt, frfe /ivm ; — , m. 

&j^cef : dau'tjT. 
Exempter, egz-a»-tai, v. a. to exempt; dispense. 
Exemption, ejfZ-a«-psyo«,^ exemption ; dispensation. 
Exercer, efi^z-air-sai, v. a. to exercise ; train uf ; per- 

form, practise ; s'— , v. r. to exercise one's self. 
Exercice, eg-zair-ciss, m. exercise ; practice ; trouble. 
Exfoliation, eks-fol-e-ah-syo«,y^ exfoliation. 
s'Exfolier, eks-fol-e-ai. v. r. to exfoliate. 
Exh^aison, eg-zal-ay-so;i,yi exhalation. \to evaporate. 
Exhaler, tg'zaX-aX, v. a. to exhale; breathe; s'—,v. r. 
Exhatisser, eg-zoh>sai, v. a. to raise hU[htr. 
Exh^rtdation. eg-zai-rai-dab-syo«,y: disinheriting. 
Exhrfrider, eg-zai-rai-dai. v. a. to disinherit, 
Exhiber, eg-ze-bai, v. a. to exhibit. 
Exhibition, eg-ze-be-syo«,y: exhibition. 
Exhortation. eg-zor-tah-syo«,y: exhortation. 
Exhorter, eg-zor-tai, v. a. to exhort. 
Exhumation, eg-zO-niah-syo«, /C disinterment. 
Exhumer, eg-zd-mai. v. a. to disinter ; diff up. 
Exigeant, e, eg-ze-hja», — t, a. exacting too much; 

Ex i i ; ■ : i ' ■ ■v- . c ' :"'-1iji& wskX rxis:ritf^ : ^m rrn len&blitjfss. 
F -, 'iMtXtW a. to exflci, rt^uir^. 

Em^-. -■■■'„ .■■■-lijiblf a. exi^i»lfy 
EjtiifUh e, Cjf-zciffl, ja, txij:uinir, Mmi^il. 

liitil^ Cg-Kilp tn, exiiff AanixftMffHtr 
HxUcr* eK''^''i'< ^ a- to fxiif, f'^ttljth, 
Hxi^tan^ e^ cfs-zis-tiul,— I, a. fxiJtiii^y rxi^nt. 
Hxt^tcace* c^-iis-tAwSi/. txistetiff. 
HkiUct, e^T'^i^'iaJ, #^ ff . ta txixf : iwTf, 
HX'oMrfcr, fg-zofl-ol-riiJ, v. a. it? txjfifmtc 
ExOTbilailBTOent, cjf-zor-be-tanujj. a,t. fxeerxtrvty, 
EiiTirbltant, e, tj^-iDr^jt-taw, — fc, a. fxiffiivf^ ftwrvti'ns. 
Hxorciier, eg'ior-scEiS, -c. a. iu cxunritf* 
HxiCtftJune, Cg-zior-&iwnh rn. exorclffft, 
Hxofdstfi, egTior^sJatf Wf , asorriMr, 
ExoTd*v cg^JEprd- «r- fxifi-diuai. 
Exotiqrie* CE-JUil-tk, ff. exctic/brt^n, 
Jiirpflm^bUiteT fiks-paH-fie-bc-lc-tai,^ fXp^iiji^ifity, 
fyilJiOBbic, ek:t'pkvf^;ib1, a. expatiiiAle. 

E^xtvatriatian, c*i-pnt-rc^n-ay<jji, /: ^.j^^irAnrfN^ 
KxpaLricr, et*'iiirt'Tie'«lt ^ ianijA. 
EKpecUuil. cks-pek-laii. iw- ixptc/aTii^, 
ExpectatiC ive, elci-pek-tsi'lf, — i*-, ra. txpe^fittirvr 

Exi>CCtorantH t| elti-pek'tof^aifj — t, a. txpiciomteve. 

Expectoration, eks-pelc-tor-ahosyo».y: expectoration, 
Expectorer, eks-nek-tor-ai, v. a. to acpectoratt. 
Expedient, e, eks-pai-dyaM, — t, a. expedient, proper, 

At; — , m. expedient, shift. 
Exp^dier, eks>pat-dyai, v. a. to despatch, send off. 
Exi>^diteur, eks-pai-de-tur, m. he who despatches. 
Exp^ditif, Ive, eks-pai-de-tiC — iv, a. expeditious, active, 

Exp^didtm, cks-paL-*Je^aj^«, / txpcdiiii>H : d^ipakh ! 

C»tpy; —i.,pJ. orjfrsyjfl. 
"ExpiaitiutiaiutK, cks-t^ifu-Ju-syiKQ-ak, m. tfypyi^t. 
Exp^tleTLCc, t^ks-poJ-ic^ft^/ ffpcritna; /rVs^ 
Expi^rLiiicnral, c, ck^p^^i-rl:-mfl«-t^], a. ej-perUn*ntaf, 
E*p^ rim EH ti*, c, ck^n|ji^rcniTiaffntEki, n. eXperf.,skil/«L 
'Exp6i\iaciiX^Tt irkji^pai^roniBuU^tiUi v. a. to e^tprrttHct. 
Exjjt^it, c+ cks-fiair^ ^-r, a. — cment^j ad, expert^ ftsPtrl 

— k tm. arbitfr. 
Exprrtbc, cks-pair.tiz.yiBrnwinfiiAirWp arhifr^trufHt. 
Exi^ialion^ cks-pc^ah-syo^.y; expiaiion ,■ atonemetti-r 
ExpiAlairc, eks^p^a^-war, a. exftittury. 
Ex f ipcr eksrpc-ai, t', a. to expiate, aiim ffyr. 
Exj'trfllitin, cks-pcnrnhnsycn^ /: ef/frWt'aH. 
Exj'trrr, cks-pe-niit t. k. ta expire ; t£if omnj: 
Ex ! .k,. .,\,)^, cSu-pJe-Jcfib-Lil. b. espiica^lt, ej^iainaMe. 
Exi I ii:7':iT, cks-plc^kaX -ur, wp. expHioteWy tx/Liiftert 
Ex].|.i. .liif, ivc, tks-plc-Vili^pC — it^ jt. exp/attatary- 
Etj/litrihO% c1c9-i)tc-kati-iyun, f. expHeistioHy trt/ff#av 

Explkilt, cki-i^ie-slt, Hr — menlr ftd. expiirit^ *spress: 
Expiiqutr, eJcs^jik-knl, v. &. fi> rx/lain : tTgAtfttfrrf,- i'— » 

1K r. to rxpla-tft OHt's tH0HgHt, xpeai plain. 
Exploit, eki-jiEifrT^, pw. fX-t{oit; xH^nwfflnX. 
Exploirabit-, rkShp>fra-tah-bl, n.Jittirke -airPUeht ; th^t 

/nay fir distr/t inrd. fjmrrH^iff^ 

ExplrTicarlort, tkB-pLwa-f Ah-s.yon^ f jTrst cultiivtitin. ; 
Ex]tlohtit cki-p\\, t', a. eta. ia tiuifivatt : swrA; 

tunt fp prvfit .■ sft^v tv^rrsi n/s. 
ExpLot^ltur^ ckk-pluF-Bt-UT, hi. e.xpls*aisr, 
ExpEijntlHin. cks-jibr-ah-iyDH,/; erplitntiisH. 
Expiorer, cks-ptor^L, i'. a. ts> txplarait, ixpi^ri^ 
Explo^nn, etB-plo-iyDM,/' e.Kpliis(iiHr 
ExpEirtatioiif ^ks-put-tBit^jfaHt f fjcperfatioH, expert. 
Exporter, tlti-pcir-tal, IK a. tn fxp^rt, 
ExpofclFir, rkj^pDh-zon^ trt. fie^ifiPHef ,^ e^p^nrat. 

Expn«,(<, eks.|.r.E-,.3' 'tt, ^f.->!ffHf»l. 

Ex|. . ■ :. : ■ ' ■,■.,... ,.-/ . ■, ...-;.■■;;. .:.:. ; 

\ftrunrc i 3 — , V. T. iv txpo^t Otic t ietj' liiitiitntint. 

Exposition, dK.s-poh-zc-syon,f. exposition ; exhibition; 
Expris, se. eks-pray, —press, a. express, positive ; — , 

ad. on purpose : —, m. express. 
Expressement, eks-press-ai-man, ad. expressly. 
Expressif, ive, eks-press-if, — iv, a. expressive, [phrase. 
Expression, eks - press - yo«, y: expression; diction, 
Exprimable, eks-pre-majj-bl, a. expressible. 
Exprimer. eks-pre-mai, v. a. to express; utter; s*— > v. 

r. to express one's self. 
Expropriation, eks-prop-re-ah-syo«,yr expropriation. 
Exproprier, eks-prop-re-ai, v. a. to expropriate. 
Expulser, eks-pfil-sai, v. a. to expel. 
Expulsif, ive, elcs-pQl-sif, — iv, a. expulsive, expelling. 
Expulsion, eKS-pQl-syo«,/r expulsion. [cious. 

Exquis, eks-ke, — kiz, a. — ement, ad. exquisite; deli- 
Exsudation, ek-sfi-dah-syo»,y: exsudation. 
Exsuder, elc>sfl-dai, v. n, to exsudate, exsude. 
Extase, eks-tahz, /C ecstasy ; trance. 
s'Extasier, eks-tah-zyai, v. r. to be enraptured. 
Extatique, eks-tat-ik, a. ecstatic. 
Extensibilit<f, eks-tan-se-be-Ie-tai,yC extensibility. 
Extensible, eks-tan-sibl, a. extensible, extendibU, 
Extensif, ive, eks-ta/i-siC — iv, a. extensive. 
Extension, eks-ta«-syo«,/". extension. 
Extenuation. eks-tai-nQ-ah-syo»,/C extenuation. 
Extenuer, elcs-tai-nQ-ai. v. a. to extenuate; weaken, 

weary. [tertial ; — , m. exterior, outside. 

Ext^rieur, e, eks-tai-ryur. a. —ement, ad. exterior, ex- 
Exterminateur, eks-tair-me-nat-ur, m, exterminator, 

Extermmation. eks-tair-me-nah-syo;»,/: extermination, 
Exterminer, eks-tair-nte-nai, v. a. to exterminate. 
External, eks-tair-nah, m. dayschool 
Externe, eks-taim, a. external; — , tn. dayscholar. 
Extinction, eks-tai/fk-syoM./T extinction. 
Extirpateur, eks-teer-pa-tur, m. extirpator. 
Extirpation, eks-teer-pah-syon, f. extirpation, total 
Extirper, eks-teer-pai, v. a. to extirpate, \destructiotu 
Extorquer, eks-tor-kai, v. a. to extort. 
Extorsion, eks-tor-syo>t,yC extortion. 
Extraction, eks-trak-syon,y: extraction. 
Extradition, eks-trad*e-syo», f. delivery, sttrrender. 
•Extraire, eks-trair, v. a. to extract; select. 
Extrait, eks-tray, m. extract, abstract. [trajudiciai, 

Extrajudiciaire, eks-trah-hju-de-syair, a. — ment, ad. tx» 




Extraordinaire, eks-trah-or-de-nair, a. — ment, ad. ex- 
traordinary : uncomfHon: particular ; odd; —,tH, ex- 
traordinary thin^. 

Extravagamment, eks-trav-ag-am-a/i, ad. oddly, [ness. 

Extravagance, eks-trav-ag-a»s, /. extravagance, wild' 

Extravagant, e, eks-trav-ag-a«, — t, a. extravagant, 

Extravs^^er, eks-trav-ag-ai, v. n. to rave, ramble. 

Extreme, eks>traym. a. —ment, ad. extreme, utmost, 
excessive ; — , m. extremt. [unction. 

Extreme-onction, eks - traym - o«k - syo«, /. extretne 

Extrdmit^, eks-trai-me-tai,y: extremity; last moment; 
utmost misery. 

Extrins^que, eks-trai//-sek, a. extrinsic, extrinsicoU, 

Exuberance, egz-fl-bai-ra/is.yC exuberance. 

Exuberant, e, o|fz-(\-bai-ra//, — t, a. exuberant. 


Fa. ^Iih m. fa. 

FaMc. fah-bl, />*/*/ stspy. 

Fabridaiitt rab^Tf'kaii, ^n. tnanHfit^itrfr. 
Fabrkateur, f&h-nfl-kot.ur, m. tH^fltt ; fef^fr, [ture. 
FabrlciitiDn , fabrc'lrah'^y^^^r A Jiif'fTra/ititft, manujac- 
Fabridcnn fjib-nj^synj it. i«, fHutvhii'urdi^n, 
Fabriquc, ftilKrilE. f. f^briu strueturt ; tttann/acture : 

bui/a£njjT : Fhittrh'Ti-'iiriffHi, {fiiftutx : forge. 

Fabriqacr, f;ih-r?.knU o', a* fi n^ f& JtTthri^titf tnanu- 
FabuJnit, iw, fubrft-luh, —z, a. /alutfeuj:. Jit^lftiffUS. 
Fabulibtc, (Tiib-fl'liat, ut, /iaintfist 
Ta^dc, fai-ad, y^/TBWft 
F4ce, fasfi,/ /a« , /tvfit. sidf . Ji ta — dc, ?n -, in the 

Jftff »f; fairc — , io/acf. app tj^, 
Fflicer, felS-at v. a. tofacx {caris\ 

Fac^iJcikK, se, iks-aj-^yuh, — *< ^^ — Mineut^ ud. face- 

Facette, fas-ti,/: J&r?/. \tiotts. 

FtlUttcr, fas-ct-sir, V. a. t0 ^tm/ith futfts. 

Ffch^ t, faii-Bhai, x^ ft prf. aa^ry, -wrry. 

FAchcr, fau-shai, v, a, *> ma^i^Hgry: grieve; se —, 

V. r. t^/rtt; be sorry, 
FilclieritK faU-siiric. _,(^ ^txatiatt, frVitble. 
F4cheut sc fau-s]]uh, -i, (J, ^rpH,-^^„ ^^ ^^^^ . ^f^rvish; — 

in. troublesome man. 
Facile, fas-il, a. —ment, trd. easy ; flexible ; ready. 
Facility, fas-il-e-tai, y: y&fiVtO' / easy tem/er; — s, //. 

easy terms, *l. 
Faciliter, fas-il-e-tai, v. a. to facilitate. 
Faqon, tas-on, f. fashion ; form, manner; tnien ; 

dressing; making; ceremony ; de — que, in such 

a ivay as, so that. 
Fa^emtver, laK-nn-at ^. a. i^ fAskiitn, form; dress; 

taonlfi ; se — ,v.r,/o accii.teem ^H/'s self. 
Fa<;onftier, trs, faS-oh-yai, — ri ff, ttrtrripnisus. 
Facteiur, fiak-tur. m. mairr, mfi^i^f^ctunr ; factor ; 
Factice, ^Jc-tis^K d. — inetii, aif^fa^aiaus. [posHnan. 
FJkClieux, M, fak-syuli, —z, firJiiCfiPHS. 
I'action. f:i.k.-ilon,f.fajrtiPrt,pflrtj>ria{; ditty. 
F3Ctionna3r«„ tyic-eyon^air, w, sttttincl. sentry. 
Faetorerie, ^.^-lor-ie^f/itc'iiry. 
F&Cttint, fak-tom^ m. ^/c^, i\\se. 
Factur*. Cafe -til r. ,<; i'l^iw^V*'. 
FaculeatirK ivc. f:ik^ft|.raT^iF, —It, rt. vpHoiial. 
FjiCuIt^H falcfl1'rAi^j^flfW:j/>OTKr#'/ atility ; talent ; 
Fad^js(t, ta.d^\z.f: fri'^r ; fiK/rry^ i—St Pi. fortune. 
Fanle, fflrf, n. hsjipid. jrtatui^isJt. 
Fi^deur. fad-ur,^ insipidity. 
Fa^Otr f?l>f-oh, ffi.^rt^frf, bnfid'e. 
Fi^fOtflgfe, rnE^Jt-ahJ^ tn,f(Ti;pt-matit:^. 

Fagorfur, fiiE-ot-uir, m,^^.v-w^7*'? . 

FflEOti!n> rd^-ol-ai/i, jit, merfv-fjminrje. 

Faible^, fFiy-bt «. -m*nt, b^. -wmII:. fffbi^; —, feeble ; 

FaJ>di.'v.f. f.Lylj]eh.H,y: Tttfii^iifis ; fnintiiig /it. 

Fniblir. -Tuy-llc-r, ?■■. «, t^ l^e Ptir's sfffjijj.'h; to girte 

Fsieitc-, 1 n J-- r.-5 n !;, /; ifr^A. [ way, yield. 

FaSenccrJc^ fri3j-yn,«'itreH^ ddpk-mnftufaciery. 

Fafender, fcre^ (jih-^yaM-KynL — t, s. dealer in delph. 

Fafllalt. fs.t.^y, str FaiJlir, Fallolr. 

FuiHi, U\t^, m. *<i;(*rt^. 

Fafmbniic, fiAt be Jt.t,i k ffa/liiyL'ifv. 

FaTlli bk, fa-T-e-bl. /r, >r//i Vf". '[ fl? waj r, A«r r^rt^/y. 

•FailUr, IV-eer, 7t. ru ffifaU ; givev^ty: fie mistaken; 

FaUHtc. UlAW,/. hfTfskrtfpf^. 

KdlrrV^ Mn,f AtrrrgrK 

Fftlnc^ fayn,^ beich-frwist. [m. luMer, sluggard. 

Faineant, c, fky.n.ii-a». ^t. jtr ln^v, sluggish; — , 

Faln^ant^r. fay-nni-a/i-lai, tk n. id loitfrt lumber. 

FainijuiLi^i finy-nai-afl-tir,/ lati/iesSt jl^fthfulfuss. 

•Faire, fair, v. a. et n. to do, make; act; build; Per- 
form ; use, cause ; commit ;-walk ; il fait chaud. it ia 
hot ; il fait jour, it is daylight / -— la cuisine, to cook ; 

— de I'eau, to take in fresh water; — eau, to be leaJ^. 

— gras, to eat flesh ; — maigre, to eat no flesh ; fair* 
faire, to bespeak ; — savoir, to let know ; — semblant. 
to feign, pretend : se — , v. r. to be done ; inureone's 
self; turn, grow, become ; get ; comment se fait-il? 
how is it? se —aimer, to make one's self loved ; se — 
des amis, to get friends ; se — tort, to wrong one's 

Fais, fay, see Faire. [self. 

Faisable, fay-zah-bl. a. feasible. 

Faisan, fay-za;/, tn. pheasant. 

Faisandeau. fay-za«-doh, tn. young pheasant. 

Faisander, fay-za//-dai, v. n. etse —, v. r. to get a taste 

Faisanderie. tay-zan-drcf pheasantry. [ofgatne, 

Faisandier, fay-za;<-dyai, m. phcatsant-breeder. 

Faisceau, fes-oh, m. bundle, sheaf. 

Fatseur, fav-zur, tn. maker ; performer. 

Faisserie. tays-ree, f. open work. 

Fajt, e, fay, — t, a. et.prt. done (see Faire) .- » ipe ; shaped. 

Fait, fay, tn. fact ; deed, matter ; action; business: 

share ; en — de, in point of; c'est votre — . thtU 

suits you; Atre au — , to understand a matter; 

mettre au — , to give a true notion ; apprise ^, 
Faltage. fay-tahj, m. top, ridge-piece. 
FaJte, fayt, m. top, height. 
Fattidre, fay-tyair,y: ridge-tiU. 
Faix. fay, m. weight, burden. 
Falaise, fal-ayz,y: cliff. 

Falbala, fal-bal-ah. m. furbelow. [cious- 

Fallacieux. se, fal-las-yuh, — z, a. —sement, ad. falla. 
♦Falloir. fal-war, v. imp. must, he necessary, want ,- il 

me faut, / must have ; il s'en faut beaucoup, there 

wants a great deal, far from it. 
Fallu, fal-lfl, see Falloir. 
Falot, fal-oh, fn. cresset. 

Falot, c, fal-oh, — t, a. — ement, ad. odd, ridiculous. 
Falotier, fal-ot-yai, tn. lamplighter. 
Ealourde, fal-oord. f. faggot of thick sticks. 
Falsificateur, fa4>se-fe-kat-ur. tn. falsifier. [forgery. 
Falsification, fal - se - fe - kah - svo;i, f. falsification; 
Falsifier, fal-se-fyai, v. a. to falsify ; fot ge ; adulUraU. 
Falun, faI-u/(, tn.falun. 

Faluner, fal-Q-nai. v. a. to ttutnure withfalun. 
Faluniire, fa!-(l-nyair.y:/rt/K« pit. 
Famrf, e, fam-ai, a.fatned ; bien — , of a good character. 
Famelique, fam-ai-lik, a. starved, hungry. 
Fameux, se, fam-uh, — z, a. famous. 
Familiariser, fam-e-le-ar-e-zai. v. a. to familiarixe. 

(r<rrt(r'ftn : tamr : ^e — , v, r^ to make one's self 

i i;i rit6 . fiirivc li? ^ r-ft4aV f fam iiiaritv. 
hcf, km. f^m^At^K —air, a. — irement. ad. 
^tiViar; i:,t£y, ttaftfmf : —^ tn^fimHiat; tnti»Mle. 
r^, fiitii-^f^ffrrMily; rrtttttsni. 

1 1'.-. f.i.iii iri. / fiM/iiae. 

■;■ ■. rin-.i\i, t'j ii.iy^making. 

I ■ 1 1 , F.1 i-, .- L- V ■ .V, /. hay-ffbftiifg season. 

;. >'t f-fii^^m ,■ lighfAeusf, 

ri.|ijic, f[in-.it4h. ly.ffttt/ttic. 

LT, TaTiM^t-c-Mi, V. It. to fftakefaneUic. 

■ ,11 f t.-Klli-n itiif, dry leaf 
' ■ ■ i\ tr, ffi nrake^ hay; •srif/ter; se - 


I. AaymaAcr.' ifitdeajt/ay,' wither, 
•it. ckiii' ^ '- 




Fa 'I, ^p. chiid, darlings 

Fa •■><'■. \.i/i-\\iT,ffli!Hrisk. [boaster, bully. 

Fav,i.Li.>ii, ne, faFr-far-Dn, — On^ a, ^oastittg; — , m. 

FarJirunnntCr fAPv-far-oD-ad, ^ titust^r. boast. 

Fail if. iE':ii*;ri«, ri«-rn-rj5i-ri^, f. ^^.ifgittg. boasting. 

Fa ■ ji^ewgvw. 


Fail- — /., i_, — Ljal., - £., .i. i;ury, muddy. [cradle. 

Fanon. fan-o», m. dewlap ; fetlock ; pendant; — s // 

Fantaisie, fa«.tai-ze,/:yJi«0'; mind; whim, caprice. 

Fantasc^ue, fa»-task. a. —ment, ad. fatttastic ; tvhittui- 

Fantasstn. fa;t-tas-aiM. m. foot-soldier. [atl. 

Fantastique, fa/t-tas-tik. a. fantastic, fanciful. 

Fant6me, fan-tohm. m. phantom ; apparition, 

Faon, fa/«, m.fawn. 

Faonner, fan-ai, v. n. to fawn. 

Faquin, fak-ain, m. scoundrel ; fop. 

Faquinerie. fak-in-re.y: roguery ; foppery. 

Farais, far-ai, m. coral-net. 

Farce, farss,/ stuffing; farce. 

Farceur, far-sur, m. tturry-andrew. ' 

Farcir, far-seer, v. a. to stuff, Jill. 

Fard, far, tn. paint ; disguise. 

Fardeau, far-doh, tn. burden, loeight. 

^'i^'S';'^:±1i:r?io%&(^ts^'* •"*"*• -^ 

uraen, weignr. 




icha^e, foh-shahj, m. nunoing. 
ichaison. foh-sbay-zo*f,/C mowirij^-tifne. 

PardBer. far-dval. nt, low carriage, 

Faifadet, fiu--fad-ay, m. hobgobiin, 

Farfouiller, far-foo/>ai, v. n. /<t rummagt, 

Faribole. far^-bol,/: idle story, trifle. 

Farine. far-in,/. meat, flour. 

Fanner, (ar-e-nai, v. a. to flour. 

Farineux, se, tar-e nuh, —z, a. farinaceous, mea'y. 

Farinier, far-in-yai, m. tnealmaH. 

Fariniire, far-in-yair,y." meai-tttb. 

Farouche, far-oosh. a. wiid: shy. 

Farrafi^o, far-rai^-Oh, tn.Jarrago. 

Fascicule. iasryt\i^,/.JasciCHtus. 

Fascinage, fas-se-nahj, m. vtork made with/ascin:s. 

Fascine, fas^in,/. fascine^ 

Fasciner, fas-se-nai, v. a. to/ascittate ; beTiritch, 

Fasdole. laz-ai-ol,yC kidney^an. 

Faster, fa*ze-ai, v. n. to skiver. 

Fasse, Cass, see Faire. 

Faste. fast, m. pomp : ostentatiott. I tedious. 

Fastidieux, se, fas-te-dyuh, — z. *. — sement, ad. 

Fastueux, s6. fes-tQ-uh, — z, a. —sement. ad. pompous. 

Fat. fat, fH. coxcomb, fop. {ostentatious. 

Fatal, e, fat-al, a. — ement, ad. fatal, unhappy. 

Fatalisme, fat-al-isni. m. fatalism. 

Fataliste. fat-al-ist, m.fataliste. 

Fatalttd. {iA-aX-e-Xa\,f. fatality .-fate. 

Fatidique. fat-e-dik, a.Jatidual. 

Fatigant, e, fat-e-ga/i, — t, a.fatisrui»g, tiresome. 

Fati^e. ia.t-\f[,f/ati^ie; hardship. 

Fatijruer, fat-e-gai, v. a. et n. to jatigtte : tire ; teaze, 

vex : se — , v. r. to grow tired. 
Fatras, fat>rau, m. trash, rubbish. 
Fatuite, fat-we-tai./^ silliness, foppery. 
FaubourGf. foh-boor, m. suburb. 

Fauch '-*- -^-*-' - 

Fauci , .. 

Fauche, fohsh, >T mowing. 

Fauch^e, foh-shai,y: a dty's mowing. 

Faucher, foh-shai, v. a. to mow, reap. 

Fauchet. foh-shay. m. hay^rake. 

Faucheur, foh-shur, m. mower, reaper, 

Faucheuz. foh-shuh. m.fleld-spider. 

Fauciile, foh-si/./ sickle. 

Faucillon, foh-si/-on, m. bill-hook. 

Faucon, foh-koM, fn. falcon. 

Fauconneau, foh-kon'Oh, m. falconet, 

Fauconntfrie. foh-kon-re, m.fedconry. 

Fauconnier, foh-kon-yai, m. falconer. 

Fauconni^re, foh-kon-yair,^ hawking-bag. 

Faudra, foh-drah, see Falloir. 

Faufiler. toh-fe-lai. v. a. to baste: se — . t'. r. fo intro- 

Faune, fohn, m,faunus, {duet one's self. 

Faussaire. foh-sair, m.jorger. 

Faussement, foh-smaM, ad. falsely. 

Fausser. foh-sai. v. a. to bend : break: spoil : violate; 

se — , V. r. to bend: go astray, 
Fausset, foh'Say, m. faucet, spigot : falsetto, 
Fausset^, foh-stai.yC/2»/x«««. 
Faut. foh, see Falloir. 

Faute, foht, / fault: error: omission, sin, crime : — 
Fauteuil, fon-tu/, m: arm-chair. lde,for want of. 

Fauteur, foh-tur, m. abettor. 
Fautif, ive, foh-tif, — iv, a. faulty, d^ective, 
Fautrice. {oh-X.jiss,f.fautress. 
Fauve, fohv. a. fallow. 
Fauvette. foh-vet,y: linnet, tomtit. 
Faux, foh; / scythe {see Faillir). 

Faux, sse, foh, — ss, a. et ad. false: fyigned : untrue, 
wrong : k —, false! y : — , m. falsehood : forgery / — 
'coup. »i. miss: — fuyant. m. back-door: shift: — 
inonnayeur, m. coiner of false money : — semblant, 
■m. show : pretence. [la — de, by the help of. 

Favour, fa v-ur, //ftt*i?ttr. crtdit : narrow riband: k 
"i- f. M fxi I ri L- , J^v-[*r-atrbil. a. — riitfnt, ad. /nTvurabif. 
)AVi:if^ in, rai'Hor-Cj — ic, a^ fmMfinfr, ^y rti. K^JiffArr* 
>''ri V ciriser, fa T-or-c-zal zr, a^ ie/irifpur ^- /Hj/rtiitii.f^ 
j'^^hricItnQt. c^ faj-hrt^-se-laffn ^-t, a.Jc^trish. 
] ■'.■fcvriftl^Ct lai-brc4flhj. ftt^frhrifu^t. 
] -^brile, fai'liril, a. ftbriU. 
1 ^ccfi, f«Sh/ pi. drtgs, ires, fl. 
1 it odd, e, fdi-knii, —a,^ii^cfrrfi/f. 
] T. coiKlanl, e, fni-iioH-AiLfi, -~^, a. ^fititii. 
] (L'i:onc1ai[eiH< (ni-Tcnit-dsJii-SYOn, f. /icuifrfafifft, 
1 croncttfr, faj-t DM^lat V. a. ttt imprti^a/r : frrtitiMf. 
1 ' eton dJl(f , fai-ka H-dc-Iai, f. /rcUndify^ /eTiili''ji. 
F^cLile. fni ki\l,/:>s™#rt ; itdim^f. 
Fikuleiictf. {».ikm-^i.fJiefnUnfy. 
Fiiculeni^ t, (ai-kftl-a/r, — t, a.J^u/fHt. furtid. 
VMttml t» fai-dai-rnX «. ffdtt^l. 
F^it^F»1is«r, roJ-dai-rA-l^-rai, v, tt. fopin tc a itft^ut. 
F^d^miC Ive, fai-dil-nit-ifH -HT. it.Jt>ffmtt ; ffdrrativt, 
FMenutan, tpJ-riAl-mhityo'r/: t9n/httritti(iH, Je^tgttF. ' 

FMiri, e, fai-dai-ral, a. federate, confederate. 

Fie, tai, y . /airy. 

Fierie, tai-re.y. enchantmettt. 

•Feindre, faiw-dr. v. a. et n. to feign, dissemble: limpt 

Feint, fain, see Feindre. [hesitate. 

Feinte. faint, ^. dissembling, pretence. 

F4ler, fay-lai, v. a. to crack, burst. 

Fdicitation, fai4e-se-tah-syon./: /?/trt7a/um, congratu- 

Felicity, fai-le-se-tai. /.felicity, happiness. \lation. 

F^Iiciter, fai-le-se-Ui, v. a. to congratulate ; se — , v. r, 
to congratulate one's self. 

F^lin, e, fai-laiw. —in. a. feline. 

Fdon, ne. fai-low, —Ion, a. felonio%ts. 

Frflonle, fal-lon-e, /./r/ow^. 

Felouque. fMA-k>ok. f. felucca. 

Fjlure. fav-IAr./C crack, chink.\ 

Femelle, xuh-xaiA, f. female : hen. 

F^minln. e, fai-me-naiM. — nin. a. feminine: womanish. 

Femme. fam. /. woman : wife : — de chambre. wait. 

Femmeiette, fam-let, X silly woman. [tug-maid. 

F^mur, fai-nifir, m. thigh-bone. 

Fenaison, f»A-nay-zo». f. hay-harvest, 

Fendant, fa/i-dan. m. bully, hector. 

Fenderie. fa«-dre,y: slitting-mill. 

Fendeur. faw-dur, »f. slitter, cleaver. 

se Fendiller, fa»-di/-ai, v. r. to crack, spiv. 

Fendoir, faM-dwar, m. splitting-tool. 

Fendre, fan-dr, v. a. et n. to cleave, split: rend: break; 
se — , V. r. to cleave, chink, crack. 

FenAtrage, fwA-nay-trahj, m. windows, pi. 

Fen^tre, {uh-nayAT,f. window. 

Fenil, f»A-ne, tn. hayloft. 

Fenouil, fuh-nool, m. fennel. 

Fenouillette, fvA-noo^-et, f. fennel-water, 

Fente, (dLfit,f. chink, cleft, chap. 

Fenton, fan>to/f, m. iron-cramp. 

F^dal e, fai-od-al, a.feodal,feudal. 

F^odalisme, fai-od-al-fsm, m. feudalism, 

F^odaI!t^. fai.od-ate-tai,/.ySr«<A»/»/j'. 

Fer, fair, m. iron: sword: fil de — , wire: — «. //. 

Ferai, fuh-ny, see Faire. [chains, fetters, pi. 

Fe-blanc. faJr-bla», m. tin: tin-piaUs, pt. 

I<~erblantier, fair-blan>tyai. m. tinman. 

Fer-chaud. fair-shoh, m. heart-bunt. 
FinaA, e. fairyal, a. ferial. 

Fdrie, fai-re,/ dav: holy day. 
Fixii, fai-ryid, a. Jour — , holyday. 
F^rir, fai-reer, v. a. sans coup — , without striking a 
Ferler, fair-lai. v. a. to furl. [blow. 

Fermage. fair>mahj, »r. rent of a farm. 
Ferme, iairm. a. et ad. — ment, ad.flrm, steady: stout, 
hard, solid : frapper — , to strike hard: — ,ffarm. 
Ferment, fair-man, m. ferment [manor. 

Fermentation. fer-ma;f-tah-syo;/, f. fermentation. 
Fermentcr, fair-man-tai, v. n. to ferment. 
Fermer, fair-mai. v. a. et n. to shut: lock {the door) : 
close: be shut: k Jour fermant, at the close cfday ; Jt 

nuit fermante, cU the approach ^ night : se — , v. r. 
Fermet^, &irm-tai,y, flrtnness. [to shiU: close up. 
Fermeture. fairm-tfir, f shutting, fastening, 
Ferroier, fair-myat, m. farmer. 
Fermoir, fair-mwar, m. clasp. 
Frfroce, fai-ross, a. ferocious, fierte. 
F^rocit^, fai-ross-et-ai,y:y?n«^. 
Fer-- '■■■ - :■.: .:.. -.y..-.. 
Fer'^ _i. J^_: ^■_. . : ■ . ■_■: : /. 
Ferr^jLur. {au-aj'uf, fn. tUtH'^r in tfW irm.'flf^ier, 
Ferrant. rkir-ari, a. mAr(k:hi^ ^^firrrier. { 0H4iy. 

Ferrement, fairmaM, m, iifm-foe/: imrtiftg. 
Ferrer, riir-ai. v. a. ft* *^^i^ Jtfifh iron i th^ {a horif\. 
Ferretr Durrny, fw. tai*^ : firrfTt 
Femcur. fair-tir, wi. /sf.i'ji,'rr. 
Ferriirif^ fair-vEur, /? imith't tcai-^^g. 
Ferronncrie, JaLr-or>-ri:,/ NaiksmUK^Hisr&ihop. 
Ferroimier, l.iijr-t m-v ni m. iroMtn^ngfr, 
FerrujTincux, sCh f.iir ru hjii-tmh. — k, a./trrnjiriniitiT^^ 
Ferrurc, fair-fir, f. iri^n-iimrk : shoeinjr {/iflrsf^ 
Fertile, fair-liU a. —tntn\, mi-ferti/t, fruUfHl, 
Fertilucj, fair^lc -le-i^^l, *», 4i. toftrHiiir. 
FertilLtc. fair it-lu-Lu, / /trtility.frUi^timM. 
F^ru. c, fai-ifl, jc* l-i^rtrr 
FrfruJe, iiA-T^,f.fenitiy n4. 

FervemmcIitH (^Er-V*t»>-a*l, mi^fert^iMty, srde*itly, 
Fervcntn t, fair-Vnir^ — t, a.fervrni: xiitieus^ 
Ferveur, i^j-^%it,f.fti-i'mr. **™/. 
Fessc, fc5s^/ tuttock, 
Fess^it, itA-SiX, f, flogfitig, 
Fesscr, fcs^ Vy a. ittfloj^', lath, 
Festiiv, ffrS-tiilWj mrfeait, baa^ttet. 
Fesfriiier, fcs-te-rvaii ir, w . tsfeaJii, 
Fest£U3, fc5-tfiff , fn, ftstoen. 
FestonKT, fe4 tw-^, i\ ^- tefetffvft. 

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ffo ] 


F4tefK rdrV't^S, Vr tfr Aj ttfffkoijt / ^fev^omr* 

F^etide, fai-^tid, a.Jeiid^ rank. 

F^tiditf. fai-te-de-Ui, f./etidtiesr.' 

Fetojitr. f.i!-rira-y!li. l^- *, to/east^ i-e^aie. 

Fclu. (ai^ fl, ^», sff0w : rusk. 

Feu, fuht Mr Jirx : fi^nie : heet^^rvour; paisitm ; 

F^uclaEaJre, Tuh^lat-air. m. /ln*daJflry. 
Fe-uULa^. fu/-ahj. »w,./W!(T£t, (Vwhcj. 

FcuLlLuson. fy/i*y-ioH,^ lei^Jinif-itA^^m. 

FcitLlLe, f(i/, _i^ ifitj^; sAfTi .' HrWt^pfr- /'urii>ti^k, 

_pasf ; —^ perindbquf^S, ^l ptriodicms, pi. 
FeuUy. ^, fu/'aiH d. Ita/y. 

FcuDlc-njortc. fuZ-mort, a. /iir-'n&rf* 

Fcuillcr, fii/-ay, xn. iea/\p&fitT). 

FtfuiUctaj^c, lu/'tahj, m. pMj/-^uftf.r 

FeuEtlttcr, TuZ-taL xr^ a to turn pitr^ ftruiti makt ff^'- 

FeUElleton, W-toHt m< /rHUttt^H^ [paste. 

Fetiillu, e^, fiW'-il, a, /ra/y. 

Fculllturc, {mI^t,/. ratbet. 

Feutrt, fiirH tn. sfrate. 

Feutiajjc fuh-trahj. wi./fttiNg, 

Fcutrc. fuh-tr. rn./elt^ hut. 

Fcutrcfi filh -trat, t, a, to /tit : pad, 

Fcutrier, fuh-tre-ai, wi,_fi/ifr. 

Ffeve, ftv,_/. ivmtf terry. 

Fiverole. fev-ml. j^ kifrsr-bean. 

FevritJ, fai-vjC'aiH mi. I^ebruar^. 

Fi, fq. £«/. /y / _/&r skajrw f 

FLacrc^ fya-1tr, m. kac/krUv-CPacft ; ^t»f.trl<y-f MfAwiaw. 

Fian^ailles, iytw-ii^,/. pi. ^iriOthinj^. 

Fiance, fyaw-iiij. ri*. tt-nit^gr^m. 

Fiancee, f>aif-&ai,/ ^J^hA-, 

Fiance-r. fyLb/r-saJ, v. Ar ttf i^tTVttJk. 

Fibre, i^-hf,/.^i>r-e. 

Fibfeux, sCr fib-nih, — r, a. jfAFUMt. 

Fibiine, fib-rip», /.Jf^riHi. 

Fie, fik, tH.M^^ 

Fiedler, fiS'lfli, V. a. io tit wifh par k'-tft read. 

Ficelle, fe-setl, J^ pml^ihread. 

Fiche, fisll,X hp^^, Minrk * tituHter^ 

Ficher, ftSih-aL, v. a. ta itrivt i'm, /jk. 

Fichet, fiih-ly, m. //j(r; *tfl+';|fyr)^. [rAtr/ 

Flcllu, e, lisl-i--0, a.pitifiti, iprry ; —, w, Htf3hhintiiAfr- 

Fictif, iTc. fit-tif, — iv, a. — iifftHieiit, ail. JitrtHtcmj. 

F1.CIJ01I4 fik-ayorti yi^f^t^B. 

Fuleicoiiuiiis. fe-oai^C'lcom-i;, m. trust. 

Fidekommis^rc, rc-tJai-e^-kcnn^e-sdif , m. tTttstit. 

FlddusseurK fC'daL-Ilji^s-SUf, nt. i>aii. 

Fld^lussion, fe'daL>hJC£-syoM,y^ ^^iiing, stturity. 

Fklfele, fe del, «». — mtnt, a^./mrthfui, tt-tu ; tmsty. 

Fid^lit^j fe-dai-lc-tai, y; JiJflity, /uHk/ulmss / jrrjwTA ,- 

Fi4uciaire, fe-dO'SyaJr, m._fHiuiiar^. lexofirjess. 

Ficf^ fyef, m.^eji 

Fictfd, fyef^. a, efi/t^f^d.' arratit^ da'afnright. 

Ficffcr, fyePha], v- <*, to enjioff: 

FicI, fyel. 'fl. ^iJii s m^gir ; spietHy 

Ficntc, iyantjf, ^nfsi^; mute. 

Fienttr, lya^j'tai, t. i(. /<? <iun£^; mate. 

Bc FEer, fyai, 1/. r. tc tfustt^^ rtfiote. 

Ficr, ire, ryair, a. — tietnetit, rtn. pr^ud ; ^{d ; arto- 

Fier4-bras, fyair-^b-rah, wt. buiip: ktiti^r. [ffaiit. 

FiertfJ, fyair-lai,yt ^J'li^^ : arrv^^ancr. 

Ftfevire, fyay-vr, /. jezfeK fl/pw- 

FE<Svre-u*, se, fyat-Ti-uh, —2, a./rveriik. 

FiiTE, Je-fr, *«. jS/f .- yWfn 

Fij^iD4;nt, lih)-DiaM, tn. CQH^ii^littjf. 

Fijfcr, |Vhj.a], v. a, I'o atn^eal ; sc — , V, ir, tif etfajriiJate, 

FijfiiC, ^^./.Jfjr^ [cvni/f^ 

Fijjuser, fie-yai. fH.jTjj'irfe. 

Fjjfurant, fijj-£l'raH, ttt.Ji^tnant. 

Fijf uraEifi ive, 6jF^i^'Fat-lr. — iVj ci^ ^ivcmtnt, ad. Ji^u- 

Fiyurc, ^^-tiz./.Jtffuret fhape; outside. {ratiiv. 

F t RTJ r [^mcntf fijr- ill ■ ral ■ m aj* , ad.jfjpt rat i'vety. 

Fi>ru rer, iig^-^-rai, Tf, a. et jf* ip^£\trt^ feprtsent ,' m;a jtf 

A^PMTe, /pojfr M^/ / sx: — , V. r. to ifna^iftey /antyt 
FignirmcH ^(j-Orrin.^ Utile figure. 

FJl, fiU fw. tkrrad ; yartt ,' "wire - ^rain ; stre^tnpt iht 
FllajjCi fil-ahj. fw. spinninj^. [Tfu-tgr. 

Filanicnt, ^^ajn-aji, ttt. Jiiatnent. 
Filamcnteuiii sc, ^l-Ain-aiE'tuh, — 2, a.fiiatesus^ 
Filandi^re, fil-aji-dyair, .1^ spinster^ spinner. 
Ftlandrcs, fil-aH-tlr,/: */. thrrads ; -whUestriM^s^pl. 
FUantlincux, S*, ftl-uf-drubH — i, a. stringy, 
Fllardeau, fil-ar-doh, m. Sapiirt^. 
Filassc. ie-Las5,y.^aA-, Aem/>. 
Filaisier, fc'lajryai^ m./iax-^drtsser. 

Rlatffur, fe-tat-ur, »w, r/tanagtr ^m spinning Jkieteryi 
Filaturt, fe-lat'Ox, y. spinnmg^: spinniti£ fa^iry. 

Fi|<J, fe-Iai, wi. wiiY. 

Filer, fe-lai. V. o. ei n. ti spin: iiiir: ctsut: purr; 

~ dous, to £'rW WflJ*. 
FUerie, fil-re^ /: ipitifiiMg:Jtause. 

Fikl, (e-lajf, wi. strittg^ net : Jidlet ,\filamtne : —S. /!. 
Fileur, fe-lur, m. JpinHtr; — sc.y^ spinster^ \stt»rt4,pl, 
FtJial, e, fil-yol, a, — ement, ad. ^liai, 
FiiUiiion. fiJ-yEih-syo»,^yf^iflJ*o«, 
FiJiite, fiJ-wlir^ /. strrnu-ptafe. 
FLljfotmc, fc-k-form, a. /iHJbrm., \ 
Fitigranc. fe-k-j^ran, m^Jiii^ret* 
Filin, fe-laE«, i«, rt^pe, iprda££. 
Ftlte, Tif, /; d^w^htif ; ^*i^ lass,. 
FiUette, fi/-ctt, y^ jrnung^ giri* 
FLU cut, fi/^uhl, m.£^-i^n. 

FUorh. fe-loff, w. tVHf (o/jTW/d/K 
Fi|ase41e, fe-lo-id,/ jfj?jj-j^i'/i- 
Filou, fe4oo, m. pk&pock^ti skarpcK 
Filoyler, fee-loc-Tai. v.. if, tff (kfat. 
FQouiefie, rcc-loo-trce,y^yfif.*iJir", fheaUftff, 
rili, fe, fiis, pw. jip«. 
f ilEiathsn, ^-tnkh-$yCin, /._fi<Heritij^, 
Piltre, fil-tr, rtt. jitter, strwintK 
FLLtrer^ fit-irai, f. a. t9^iter,/il4raie* 
FLiure, fe-]ir,y: j^mwh*/. 

I'm, fiiin, ,/: fW/ aim; dts^/t : k ta. —, at tasi ; — , 
_m. rkiifpoint, quirtUSStti^t. 
tia, e, fain, fin, a. — cmeot, od. jfi»e, fkift, smaJi » 

£lettri Suittf„ deliCaU; siy, trutntinz- 
Pcnal, e, fe-ltill, a. — emeilt, ad.^Httl, fast. 
Finance, fe-naK^ /. rtAdy tnsnty, cash : fiuan^^ 
Fiiiancer, fe-na 'i-jbit, V. n. {9 fitty Jtm^fl^j^* {picdir^tur., 
FinanckcL !*► fe-nan-syel, ^.j^nmnfiat. 
Financier, fc-itaH-^yai, m./^nan^-icr. 
t'Jnosseric, fc-nas-rc,/: pftty iki^, 
Hinaudt c, fc-tioh, — d, a. sly. 

F L:(essc, fin-CES J^yf rtjjff Xf / sfyness, eraJHftess : arti^ft. 
Finet, tc. fcnay, — t^ a. sly, fi-r^ul. [pew/igeien. 

Fini, C^-sic.a.^nisked :Ji7iitg. limited : —, m. finish: 
Fitlif. fc-nccr. v. a. etn. fifjSniili, tnd^ conctudf, (vm* 

F1ole,fyo[c„y:/Aiii^ Iplitt. 

Fir^iairiCTit, fccr-iua-ittaKp M.yiTn/to/fflfWii Ji^jf, 
Fis. fe, see Fairc. 
Fi^t, liiik, PTf.^jr, eJcchfffuir.. 
Fuical, e, fis-ka], a./isca/. 
FtHsip^de, fis.!^-pcd. a.jissipidi. 
FtsituJe, fis-tll!,/^j-/3f/a. 

Fisluleuxn 5c, fts-tOl-uh, ~^, a.Jfstu£&us,JTsfuJdt\ 
Fif, fe, j« Faire. 

FLsatiOtl, Sk.-sRh^sfon^/:jfxatiim; app^tttittff. 
Fir, fiks, a. — cmcnt, ad.Jixed, Settled,Jlrm, 
Finer, ifik-sai, w^.a. lojtx; setiie: appoint,- se — , v. r. 
F i J£ It^, fik-se-lai,y: Jf.vedfiess. [ta injlxeil i Stitii, 

Flacciditif, flak-serdc-tai,y:yfBa:K/i'0'. 
Flache, ?tA3h, f. £asp,^ssure. 
FlaeheUK, sc.'Ha^bi^uh, — z, a.J^alvy^ 
Flacon, flaSL'On, m.J?a£trn ; &>f//f. 
FlagetEatit, Aahj^cl-laju^^yr^^fri/^jii^. 
I^SaifcHalLQn. iiahi^l.laJi-&ydi»,/:yfa£'dV^^K!>fl'„ j:fi!iJf»X'^6|^„ 
Plaj^cELcr, flahj^cL-lai. i>. a. to sc^urj^. 
MaKtutet, Aahj-ol^ay. m.Jiaj^eiet. 
I^LljiomcT, flaen^T-nat, p. a. tojiaiierstrvihiy. 
Ma]{>3mc:ric, nau-om-nc.yr fnfanjta^ery. 
I'laffomcuri flaf^^or-nyr^ »i, wiean /faittrrr. 
F?a^ant» c. fla^-raw, — t, a. en — ddlit, iw /'A* veryjacf^ 
riair, flair, ^n. smelliȣ^, scent. 
Flairtfr, i^r-a], 1/, iX, /^ STHelt, sCettt. 
J'laireur, Hair-yr, Mf , sponger. 
PlaiHant, Aam-aM, fn.Jlatninffe* 
Ftsifnbeau, HaM^bcih, nt._fiafnoeai€.^ 

M^imbcr, £aji.bai, ti*- Sr f^ m to JtattU, &IaJ^ ; ^i*t^; 
¥\i»ti\\Kr^Cf flaM-baJrhj,^ rapier. [AojVv, 

F]il tube yer, Aan^bwa^yai, I'r «. to i^lHtert btaxe. 
FH^ttlUlnc, flahin,y^ Jfatne. tlaxe ,' ^Jui^m ,' pasJioH, 
Flammichr, Aamn^^b,^ spark, 
T'laaimerolc, fiam-rol.y: ^^try^HH^, 
Flafl, flaH, T.rf. custard. 
Plane, flan, tn./lan&, side, 
Flandrln, ftan-dr^nn m . f^// man^ 
FlftTieJle. flart-ellf/^yfaHw*;, 
Fli) nti! r, flji^rkai, v. n. ^ saHHier, loifng<tm 
FlAnerEc, flan-recy^ iaMn£ing^. 
FlAiieup, (la-nur^ m. touft^er^ 
F]anqucr, flafr-kal» *. a. to/lank, 
Flaqite, flak,y; tm&ttpooiy s-atam.p^ 
J'laqucic. fl.ik-al,/! ifajA eftvater, 

l-laqiieTn flak^ai, -y, (t, tp ttasH. [hem ; chttk. 

llasque, fla^k, a-^d^^^jfiigi^^viKbtJ-^ m*pffSfda^ 
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Flatter. flat-aE, xr. a. t^fjlatttr: fartff ; ti^sh'^hti -* le 
dd. fitciv tht did ; M — , V. r. t&JlaiUt' am i iei/C. 

Fiatteur, d^t^ur, w. — se, — llh*^ 7T jSaaenr ; —, a. 

Flat uosJti, (Lje-OojIt j«-tivi, y: ^atuitHi^y. 

Flenii, toi-oh, ifw.^LiiV.- &?<!»* (dd/dnc-r) ; pla^^H^. . 

Fi^che, ftesliKX ^rraio ; x^irt: iftam [t&nihi : ^itch \ 

jHecliir, floi-iiEieer, p, 1*. if^ n, !■(? firnd, dew ; mpi^^' j'lxw , 

FT^tfiissePWBt, flai-shJSJ-ma^, m. frrrfdins (^««). ! 

YivKjne, ffegfm, stl phiegm, 

Fl4^t:rir, Aal-tr£«r, ?;■. a. ti^/adcy Tvifhet : tarnilH : -tiain / 

utifpyat^ / se — t V. r. to/adi s-fvay, ^vither. 
Flelnssutfr, Hai-trf-sAr, yt /adins- a'itfajf, Urifhrtinj^: 

■itttiit i draH-difts: Iwiif/f , ^v/ H'l/'V. 

Fl«yr, tlw, /. ^iteer ; */ftfji>jw, dl^m; k — de, fwcw 
FleuraJson, ftur-ay-^tsn.y^ dUs^ming; iionfing-timi. 
Fleurer, flub-ral, v. n. to uruiL 
Flcuret, fluh-jTay, m./emt; foil. 


^, o. /xiiiK ^fatfifn! dffmtjf! 

Flcurir, Auh-Tccr^ v. ^1. t&Jtfftver, ^ioJs^f* ; Jlsufish. 
FlciirislCf flub-rist s.JferiSt; dttjkr in^imtrs. 

FIcuvCh fluhvi fit. rii'er. 

Flexibiliti^K fltk-se-be-1e-talK/I^cr]p6iV//'>,y7<yft'i>/fl«JX 

Flcxiblcn Hek-silil, a.jiexibii, ^lut'tt 

FleiJDa, Bek-SyoH./jSTfji'tf/r, IVHttirtg'. 

Flibot^ AM-bob, m.^y-inxtt. 

Flfbustlet, Hec-bas-tyai, mn./rwhwftr. 

FlicftaCt flik-flak. m. tk'Ufick-thtvatil. 

Flocon, flok-Cfl, fH.JTarjt: iufi {Aatr] ,- ^&M^ 

FtocannerilXi Stj AoK-cm.ub, — x, a./iaMjt- 

Floralsoiin Bor-ay-zoii,yt biDir&fnins^. 

FlorCf flor. /; /?jjinj. 

Florence, fldr.BjiJs, J^ Fl&rtti^ i<(iffktA 

— ■ - I. Jaire _, fp 

f «f a figure. 

Florin, flor-airj, m.^&ritU 

FluTESF^nt, c aor-!r-&afT, — t, tf^Jt^urisfiittj^. 

Flot. Aob, frt. ittitr, biihm,' Hdi^ er&iisi i k — s, I'rt 

Flottabic, (tot-tab-bK a.Jtwtt&itk. [strttXfns. 

FlattajjCi fldt'Ohj, m.Jtiiatins- {Ve^^). 

FlQttni&nin, flot-ay-zopf,./! ttr'attT^^Hnr. 

FloitCK ^tit,/.^fet:^fxtt. 

Flottcmeht, flot-maji, nf . u^idu/atiCH. 

Flatter, flot-ain 1^. «. (ofi^at; V.-AVt ; tt-aWr; hOiS Hott^, 

Flottcur, £ici4-ur, «i.^oa/rr/ C^U-catk^ \Jt{!ai-ti>^0d. 

FlottLtlcj TLol-i\i,f.S^iiia. 

Flou, i^Do. n^. light and i&/f. 

Flo per, flc».:ii, v. ht. ^tf didkie ; cfuat. 

FEuctuation. fl Q k-tfi-ah-sy&?/,y?^itf-^«ff/i(iipi», 

FluctucuK. sc, flflfc-tCl-uh, — i, (T.^Wf/iict^MJ^. 

Flucr, flti-iu, V. II. tf> /l^w, run,' pnpier fJuan^ bi^ttittg 

FlLiGt. ic. fld'ay, — et, ar. /jf^i^, i'Airt. \ptX^r. 

Flueurs^ (10-11^/ /^. eauriti,/f. 

FJuif^e. Ai^-id, a.Jfuid, iigvid. 

FlL|irtit<^. flfl-S'de-lai,/ /midtfy. 

J^iiXe, Ahl./'.Jtnti / tWi. 

Flfit^f ftfl-taL a. J^, jTKVr^. 

Finteau^ AJj-tollH m. thild'-t wAijtU. 

Flflrer* d£i-ta1> V. w. t&^ifig. 

FJOteur^ flfl-tuf, 7^. pij^r'. 

Fluvialp c, fluv-y«l, a.JinxHui, rivfr, 

Fltix, ftfi, Tfi.jfiix-^ ^nmf; — ct refluit, ^1** attd^ew. 

FltJXEon, flilk-syoFi./r^ia'iffH ; flf^furK^rt. 

F<.HC» fok, tn.Jii>. 

FOJ, fwsw ^ yut^A V /idelify, irtist ; lionne — , pla\n- 
d^aiifijt, rin^riiy : en "d« nuoin in ii/iint-ts tv^trm?/: 
mauvaije — -, disAatt^^y: de tocinc — > tattdid^: 
ijflWter — , tegive credif, 

Foie, fwa. w, /i%^n 

Frjtn, fp-iibt, «, Aiiy ,' " d'a,!TLtre-sa3soni apirmsfh. 

Faire+ fo-atlf ,yij^^*"i fnark£t, 

Fois, fwa^^ i'^JW* .' unc —J £iwf< ;■ dcm — , fzi^i^.'^ ; trois 
— , iVkfTM citnes : i la — „ fl/ii' a/ i?«iTf; de ■— 5i autre, 
ffom tifiU fo iimt. 

Foison, fiiita-x.ofi./:_fi/f!nty, 

Fo'nanHt-T, fwa-zon-ai^ p, «. ^j abeund .- trtutti^^, 

I-ol3trc, fol^iu-trr Al — ^mcnt, ad. ptay/ttif/rvlicsom^i 

Folltrcr* fol-*u-lrai. t'. tt^ ta dally ^ isanton. 

FoWtT^iie, lol-au-lrwA-Teiy. ^Hinlenness^ jportizvness^ 

Folichon.1 ne, i'ol-c^ojf, — Ehon. a, Ttiattteu, iitaggish. 

Folic fol-t^/'./iJ/iy: fnadnas^ k \n. —, mad!yy t<f tfir- 

Foliot fed'C-dh, fnrjitiiii, [inKtitm. 

1= ollokv foi-c-ol, /; jm#tf /fffl/; 

Fsd1«t Jw F^ii. 

FDlLementt fol-nMUi^ iM. madiy, diHittgiy^, 

esprit — t koii;^0^iin . 
FollicuJaire, fo14e^ krt-lillr, m. fawtt^htrttrr. 
Folliculc. fol-IckOJ. *tt.MlicU. 
Fomcniration, fom^a/r-tah^^Mi , f./<>mrfU&ii&n. 
Forttcntcr. fom-ait-taiH tif. o. t^/emfni. 
FoticCi e, ron-5A[, It. dtt^ ; mtnityt^ ; clntr, MtilfiL 
Foncer, ton.^si.i, ir. &. ff n. ta ht^d ik ci^Jt.- fay tkt «¥v 

fitNSrS off to - — SUf , f^itll UfOH, 

Foflcierf trc. foj(.5j.;it^ _r, a, bfioMging ia tfu maxor^ 
I teamtd :■ rente —^tE, ground-rent ^ — ^remcnt, ad, 
• thprnHghly .- to the bottifti* ^ pef^tctiy. 
\ FfStlction, tonii.'Syoft^/'.yuftffiitM, dttty. &^cr: 1 
I France ioTinairc, fonk^syon^^ r, tn./unctionary. 
I FrjnctionftcT, fuirk'Syon-a t, ''- «, to rvorki act. 
Fojid, fOiE, m.botiettt,£roiinti; i^iJtsent,' utmost ^rtf 

rjctr^f/nity ^ \ — , thoroitr/tiy j — dc cattff Aa/d qf ^ 

ihipj <:ou]er A — /Jb j:j'm1. 
Frimcliniental, foH-dam^jf-tal^ a. — c^metit, ad. ^nda- 
Fondattt, £, run-[1ajf^ — t, d. tneltittg. \7f^■a^taim 

Fondateur, fon^at-ur, fft.Ji^uftder. 
FotLiJAtioTit fOK-diih-Ef OHt^ /aundatioK i fftdoTtfoieHtr 
FonJitrkct fon -dar-n^SK j^ /bundresi. \dametitt 

Fontlciiicnt, foii-dmajv, m. /luiMdatiotr i ground .^fttn^ 
Foil Jer, r^'i-dai, v. a. to fou nd ; grpund: estaiiiik 7 

UtTi touiXi ^, to Aaix a ri^ht to: li* ^. w. f, Ar ** 

j^Titnftded ; rtiy. 
Fonddrie, foH-<lre>//pwrt{^ry. 
Fotideur, foji-ditr, m./&NnfUr, raster. 
FondDir, fott-dwar, tn. m<!tin£'hfinjf, 
Ftmdre, f&rt-dr, v. a. et n. ia mflfi f*J^,' jqften,- (fit* 

jd/iif ,' tha^ : tinJt , nts'k u^an ; se — , v r. ta tmU, 
Fcnidiriir*, foPf-cke-aLr, / quagmirr. {Uisie, 

FandriUt!^ fdun-dry,//^. dne£S,pL 

FySlds, fo«, m. ground: stoci^/kHd, ia^itat, pr^firty, 
Foftdu, ro#i-dQt j*^ Fondrc. 
FonjE^c^uic, sct foH-f uh, — z^ a./MttgO'US. 
Fontainr, fD»-tcn, Jljifufiinin, spruig .- jlpf. 
Fontainit^r^ fon^ten-yai, w^Jbutiiain-m<^Jbef. 
Funt,, fo^K J£^ Faire- 

Fontc, fowl, /. meltingi casting .■ fount, cast ,- Iratr f 
Fonts, (on ^ wj. ^i.font. [ hotsttT* 

l-'Or, for, in. — intcrLcurK conscience. 
Forap Cf for-ahj^ fu, horiNgt 

Forain, for^H, — en, at/ortign : rzidc — o, i'/jH rcadt 
FoTban, for-baW^ m, ^rate. 
For^ajfet for-sahjn wt. over-Wright, 
Fi>r^,aEK fbrnsah, »i. galicySiave^ 
ForCBK fo^is^J^ y&PTf , iirrngth ; fiaw^r : trttrj^ ,- ^^tniy : 

h — dCr ^J' dint ^> dy strength ; d« — , rwir — , *y 
fffre*; njfijson de — , Aemie ^ torTfctf&n : raire — de 

voiles, fif fr4nivirf aU sails ^ — s, pLfanfs^, trsafit, //, 
Forc^, c, fCKt&5-a5, rt./Srrrft^, <^eet€d, stij^. 
Forcitnerii, for-sai-truiw, ad./^rctdfy. 
Foroeti^, e, Tors-itai, a./nriout, m^di —, m. madman^. 
Forcepi, for-scpfif ttt./orte/ij^. 
Forcer, for-sai, zf. a. et n. ffi /i^rrf. Compel: assauH .- 

ever-ride : — une clef, to ifnd a Aey ; — dc raicies, to 

TffHf strongiy / sc — < v. r. ta strain o«cV se(/l 
Forclos, Ch lork]oh|. — z, a.fricludtd^ 
Forclusion, for-fclfi-zyoil, ,/^ debarring, txeiuiit?n, 
Forcr, for-ai, v. a. to borcy drili. 
Forestier, frrCf for-cs-tyai, — r, a. fares f^ 
Porct, (or-a.Ytffarest. 
ForeE, for-ayt m. bonCr, giin/et. 
•I'offaire, (oT-lair, V. h. tcjarfeit^ trap&ss, 
Fo^fa[t^ fur-fay, wi. trcsp>att ; Crime. 
Fdrfainire^ for^ay^tOir, f. /or/eitttrc. 
Forfanterie, {^yr-ii^n'Xi'i.f^nafkfry; boiuiiltg. 
Forge, forhj,/ Afyr. 

F urgeable, for-tijafi-blt a. that fHay de forged. 
FoJrK«f , for-l]j ai, v. a. et k. io forge i coin i ovtrreach. 
ForEenCrtii fOrbj-rO«, rw. s^ttiih. 
ForireuT, for-hiiir, m.far-afr, iffvcnlor, 
FornuiT, for-w hctr, v, rt. to recnti tht dflgs^ 
se Forjcter, forhj-Lal, V. r. tc/ut aut. 
Porlancer, for-lan-sai, v. a. t& disi^dge. 
ParU[jner, for-lLCt-yaii, t>. it, ts degenerate. 
se J' orlcmcerf for-lon-lljal, V. r. ft? get ahead, iifiger, 
se Fomialiser, ror-mal-e-^ab, *. r. ta taJte ajfence at, 
Fomialiste, fof'tnaKist, m,/&rmaiist. 
Formality, for-nial-e-tat,//&i'wa/j"jfy. 
Formal, for^tnali, m-. site. 
Formation, for-inaTi-&yow, f. formation. 
Forme, form.Jlfi/rm^' tHvidd; shape: spSFVift : far- 
Forroel, le, foMnell, et. --leriient, ad. forma/, [maiity, 
Fomjer, fonnai, v,^, tafo* mj'rame^fashian ; contrive i 

instruct,' se — , V, r, ta de farmed ; imprwi, 
Foifniidal>le, for-me-dali.'l>l, ^.farmidabli.fwigh^fKi, 
Foamier, for^me-ait m. lastmater. 
Formulaire,, for-m^'latr, fn, farmnlarjf^ 
Tctm\3lt^,iQt-ta(i\/:/ifrmvi9, V C\C\Cs\f^ 

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[64 1 


FormuVr, fopinfi-**!, v. a. ^ ktij^ tH/nrrn. 

fnTmuHvie^ rdrmQ-liit, nt./BrtHaliit. 

• F<:»rpal!tff, fcir^pay'tri, i^. w, im /nej at ^ liUitttice. 

Fm\, Pur, />*. jrfjrf, di5f f/*/. 

Furt. e, Utt, "t, J- — c"kfiir, aJ. sifvftf, -li&Mt, hard, 
liit^ntit; tkaifd : csj.Krit -^ /rtr-fhinktr-y u faire — 
do qcK, is fttiw it thiii4^ H/ffH imtt wij'y — , arf. t/ery, 
fiVi^ ttirfmffy: ^( M- tkt s/rBifi;ejt fiartj- strong- 

ViiTii^catii^iL, r&r Jte-fenkali-afiiiFi /! /prit/ffafinn. 

Fonin, Tor-tolM, m.Jf^itt. \v. r^ tojjrrvnr strotigtr. 

Finrtr^it, e, fni'tniy, ^tret, Wr ptviffnt, 
Fifntaltmt, fnr-trrf Or./ rtifi^7tf'Vl'"<'" 
Fartuit, 6, Wr-twEf -^, ff, — tinetil, mi.ffftitifetis. 
Famine^ fontiln, fi /firftntt ^ rA^nf^.- *-t>*/ success: 

tic— » aa-£^enfaif^ ; fpijfc — , fJ ^Md^f pwj* J Ajrr««*. 
FartDn£ c, foMO^ial, a.JfirtUftOU, imfy. 

FtiHie, fohas^/: hairy fiif ; jfTwf^f.- f^f*, 
FosaG, foh-aaif ih. dtffh, frrn'A. 

FussiJc, To^-ii^ tn, fossil. 

Fciistiyaijc, fLks-win-yaliJ^ nif. difthinji^, 

F Dbsaypkir, fias-wn-yur, ivi, jfrav^i^^cf- 

Fcu. fnUc, fwJr ftii, t. mad. fiKiish y tt//y : fivHcsome ; 

I'DUiillcr, f[Ti-aAaii If. Tiy ttf^i>'fft tehifi, \boU. 

l^nudrcr. foo-^Ir, i«. /arjrr ^i*inr . — -/ Jiiiir«jA'r .■ thunder- 
FQUitKiimnenEi, rtw-[lni*'m»«, fWr IkiiHiieriiriking. 
FDUiJifiyiiiiE, tc, fcn>Jr*;;i y^Wf "-^i tf^ th^twidering : 
irtmendiiits. \i>fatUr 4intm - rttiri / arn/ound. 

FnadrtfyBT, rMT-draw-yiL ?■ Hr f^ *i, r* tkutidtrstri^ ; 
Foui^t^ f □□-!¥, Ht. ^'hi^i /JJfA . *wtrf. 

Pnutntzry fnE3-i!:k-A3, ?t. 4i, (tf «. fiJ v^if. imh . cut; flap : 
ruucitcur, fkjo-emr, *tt,flfgj^i^* vihi/ffr, [stvee/. 

fetj-vrass,/ Vr/I^r wuWr 

]'[jiiif*re, fuo-VjiiLr.yryi'*-;!, 


Fuuf^LTc, fmlu:, / fflfff/if ; ^fr^tifu ,■ /asiien ; ntixen- 

Falj^ireui, sc, rL«a-^ttt, — «, itr tntffini'.^tfif, Jitry: pas- 

FotjEUe, f*i/. / flrrtrtw^fVuj, \nonate. 

Fuuilttr, fop^ft!, t. n, rf^ f^ ffl ftWflTflJT : dig ; starch 

Fiiiiinc,{nu-in.j:pif/c-farf;p%ii:/i/ttrJ:^ imii>: rummage. 

Foidr, ftJEJ-eri-, t. a. tn dij^r dtivf, 

Fodajfti fDo4i3J^, rm.JSifhng: firr^rttty^ 

FcnilanJ, Too-tAr, w. ti/^-^nd*frthi>'/. 

Fcju]c, fKot/; crciyrf, thrcn^^ fuUi**^- 

Foulcc, foij-Siil./ijtxu^f ist/j^irtj-.- - s, /J, j^ffJ ^fl/a x/o^). 

I'uLilcr, luu-iaa, t. tf. i^ trtfid ^ faU .' cvii^it^if^e; strain; 

%e —I V. ^^ .-.:■ f-r -.f.-airitd. 

Foulerie. iodi-xt,/. fuller's -workshop. 

Fouloir, fool-war, m. hatter's itforking-bcard : trough 
of a wine-press. 

Foulon, fool-OM, Foulonnter. foo-Io;i-ne-ai, tn. fuller. 

Foulque, foolk,/ water-hen. 

Foulure, iQo\-tt,f. sprain: —%,pl. slot. 

Four, foor, m. oven : kiln. 

Fourbe, foorb, a. crafty, deceitful: — , m. imfostor, 
cheat: —,f. imposture, knavery. 

Fourber, foor-bai, v. n. to cheat, gull. 

Fourberie, foor-bre,/ cheat, deceit, knavery. 

Fourbir, foor-beer, v. a. to furbish, burntsh. 

Fourbisseur, foor-be-sur, m.fiirbisher. 

Fourbissure, {oox-\i^ furbishing. 

Fourbu, e, foor-bO, a. foundered. 

Fourbure, foor-bdr, f. foundering. 

Fourche, fooTsh,f. fork, pitchfork : i ta — , carelessly: 
faire la —, to branch off. 

Fourcher, foor-shai, v. n. to branch off; divide, split. 

Fourchette, foor-shet, f. fork: trigger: sleeve -bit: 

Fourchon. foor-sho«, m. prong. [ prop, 

Fourgon, foor-jf o«, m. waggon : oven-fork : poker. 

Fourgonner, foor-eon-ai. v. n. to poke: sttr : rttmmage. 

Fourmi, foor-me,^ ant, emmet. 

Fourmtlier, foor-mil-e-ai. m. ant-eater. 

Fourmilitre, foor-mil-e-alr,/: ant-hill, crowd, throng. 

Fourmi-Iion, foor-me-lc-ow, m. ant-eater. 

FoumiiUement, foor-miZ-maM, m. pricking, itching. 

FourmtUer, foor-mi/-ai, v. n. to swarm, crawl with: 

Fournaf^e, foor-nahi, *n.fomage. [feel a pricking. 

Foumaise, foor-navz, f.fumate. 

Foumeau, foor-non, m. stove: oven: bowl {tobacco- 

Foum^e, foor-nai,/;.*rt/fA, ovenful. [P'Pf). 

Foumier, 4re, foor-ny-ai, — r, s. oven-keeper / parish 

Foumil, foor-ne, »». bakehouse. [baker. 

Foumiment, foor-ne-ina», m. powder-flask : belts; ac- 
coutrements, pi. 

Foumir, foor*ncer, v a. et n. to furnish, supply ; com- 
plete, make up : administer, afford. 

Fournisseraent, foor-ne-sina», tn. every partner' t stock. 

Fourniss<;ur. foor-ne-sur. m. contractor; purveyor. 

Foumiture, foorne-tAr.y: supplying, provision ; remit- 
tance: garniture {salad) : trimming. 

Fourquet, foor-kai. m. scoop. 

Fourraf^^e. foor-ahj. m. fodder, provender ; forage. 

Fourra((er. foor-anj-ai, v. a. et n. to forage ; ravage. 

Fourraifer, 4re, foor-ahj-ai, — r, a.fltforforage. 

Fourrageur. foor-ahj-ur, nt. forager. 

Fourri, e, foor-at, a, thickly covered ; furred ; pickled; 
plated; — , m. thicket. {frock. 

Fourreau, foor-oh, m. scabbard; sheath, cover; child s 

Fourrer, foor-ai, v. a. to thrust in ; stuff ; foist ; fur ; 
se — , V. r. to dress very warm; intrude one's self; 

Fourreur, foor-ur, m. furrier. {engage one's self 

Fourrier, foor-yai, m. harbinger ; guartermeuter. 

Fourri^re, foor-vair,/: wood-yard : pound. 

Foumire, ioot-m,f. fur ; furred gown. 

Fourvoiement, foor-vwa*maM, m. going astray ; error, 

Fourvoyer, foor-vwa-yai. v. n. to lead astray ; mislead; 
se — , V. r. to go astray. 

Fouteau, foo-ton, m. beech-tree, beech. 

Foutelaie, foot-lay./ plantation of beech-trees. 

Foyer, fwa-yai, m. hearth ; green-room ; focus. 

Frac, fralc, m. frock. 

Fracas, frak-ah. m. crash ; bustle. 

Fracasser, frak-as^l. v. a. to break i$t pieces, crash. 

Fraction, fn.\i-syon,f. fraction. 

Fracture, ftdit-ttt,/. fracture. 

Fracturer, frak-tAr-ai, v. a. to fracture. 

Fragile, frahj-il, a. fragile ; brittle. [bility. 

Fragility, frahj-e-le-tai,/:yya^i/»Vfy,' hrittleness ; insta- 

Fragment, frag-maM, fn.fragmtnt. 

Frai, fray, tn. spawn ; fry. 

Fraichement, frav-shmaM, ad. freshly ; coolly ; newly. 

Fraicheur, frAy-^ur, freshness ; cool; vigour, 

Fraichir, fray-sheer, v. n. to freshen. 

Frairie, fray-re, X merry-making. 

Frais. fralche, fray, — sh, a. fresh ; cool, cold; new; 
brisk ; — , m. coolness; cool air; stiff breese, gale; expenses, charges, costs, pi. 
.fray- ' • --^^—'- 

Fraise, frayz,/ strawberry ; ruff,fraise. 

Fraiser, fray-zai, v. a. to plait, strengthen withfraiset, 

Fraisette, fray-zett,/ small ruff. 

Fraisier, fray-zyai, nt. strawberry-plant. 

Fraisil, fray-zee, m. cinders, pi. 

Frambo'se, fraw-bwaz,/ raspberry. 

Franjboisi^r, fra«-bwaz-yai, m. raspberry-bush; 

Franc, he, fra«, — sh, a. et ad. — ^hement. ad. free; 
open ; sincere, tPue ; arrant; — dc port, post-paid; 
— , m. frank (coin). {{rrveri 

Franchir, fran-sheer, v. a. to overleap, overpass ; cross 

Franchise, fra«-shiz, f. immunity ; ftanktuss, open- 
ness, plainness. 

Franciscain. fra/t-sis-kai», m.franciscan. 

Franciser, fran-se-zai, v. a. to give a French temtina- 
tion ; register a ship. 

Francisque, fra»-sisk,/ battle-axe. 

Franc-maqon, fra^i-mau-son, m. freemason. 

Franc-maqonnerie, fra«-mau-son-re,y:y>-<'^»»axtf»fr)(!. 

Franco, fran-koh, ad. free of expense, post-paid. 

Francolin, fran-kol-ain, m. heeUhcock. 

Franc-tillac, fraM-ti/-ak, m. main deck. 

Frange. fra«hl,//W«;pTf. 

Franger, fra;i-nfai, v. a. to fringe. 

Frangier, fra«-nje-ai, m.fringemaker. 

Franglpane, fra;»-hje-pan,yT/>aj/»-y. 

Franquette, fra«-kett./ k la — , plainly, openly. 

Frappe, frap,/. stamp. * 

Frappement. trap-man, m. striking: clapping of hands. 

Frapper, frap-ai, v. a. et n. to strike; stamp; Anockg 
hit; — dts n^ins. to clap hands, applaud. 

Frappeur, frapt-pur. m. knocker, beater. 

Frasque. {ta&\i,f. prank, trick. 

Frater, frah-tair. m. barber. {brvfherly. 

Fratemel, le. frat-air-nel. a. — lement, ad. frtUema. , 

Fratemiscr, frat-air-ne-zai, v. n. to fraternise. 

Fratemitd. frat-air-ne-tal,/:/Vai/rr»<»/yt brotherhood. 

Fratricide, frat-re-sid. m.fratricide. 

Fraude, frohd, f./ratui : trick; smuggling. 

Frauder, froh-dai, v. a. to cheat ; smuggle. 

Fraudeur, froh-dur. tn. cheat; smuggler. 

Frauduleux. se, froh-dO-luh, —z. a. — sement. ad.frau- 
ditlent, deceitftd. 

Frayer, fray-yai, v. a. etn. to open, clear; rub; 9Hiit. 

Frayeur, Uay-yur.f. fright, tethvr. 

Frayoir, fray-ywar, tn. rub. 

Fredaine, ituh-Aen,f prank, frolic, 

I'redon. fruh-don, tn. trilling, quctvetring. 

l"rcUorineuient, frM//-Uun-uuu(, m. humining. 

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Fredonner, frMA-don>ai, v. «. to hum; qiiaver. 

Fregrate. ix^-^t,f. frigate. 

Frem, fraiM, m. bridle ; atrb ; check. 

Frelater, frr^A-Iat-ai, v. a. to sophisticate. 

Frelateur, ixuhAaX-wt, m. sophisticcUor. 

Frele, frayl. a. /rail, brittle: -weak. 

Frelon, ixtihAon, tn. hornet. 

Freluquet, frMA-lQ-kay, m. Puppy. 

Fr^mir, frai-meer, v. n. to shudder, shake ; shiver : roar. 

Fretnissement, frai-miss-maM, tn. shttddering : rnbra- 

Frene. fravn. m. ash-tree. [tion .• roarinu. 

Frdnisie, frai-nai-ze, /:y>r«*y, madness. 

Frendtique. frai-nai-tik, a. /rant U., mad. 

Frdquenunent, frai-kaui-a;f. ad. trequeiUly, often. 

Frequence. it^-\iajis,f.freqiuncy. [quick {ptdsf). 

Frequent, e, frai-ka/<, — t, a. /requent; ordinary,- 

Frdquentation, frai-kaM-tah-syon.y./rr^/^^/i/o/tbn. 

Frequenter, frai-ka;i-tai, v. a. et n. to frequent; haunt. 

Frfcre, frair, m. brother ; friar. 

Fresale, iruh-zscf,f. screec/t-owl.- 

Fresque, ftcsk,f fresco. 

Fressurc, ixcsrtx,f.^uck,purtenance. 

Fret, fniy, tn. freighting, freig[ht. 

Freter, frai-tai, v. a. to freight. 

Fr^teur, firai-tur, nu freighter. 
Fretillant, e, frai-tiZ-an . — t, a. brisk, Ivvely. 

Frdtillement, frai-ti/-ma». m. frisking. 

FretUler, frai-ti/-ai. v. n. tofrisk,fi<tget. 

Fretin, fn/A-tai;/. in. fry : rubbish, trash. 

Frette, frct.f. hoop, ferrule. 

Fretter. fret-ai. v. a. to bind -with a hoop. 

Freux, fruh, tn. rook. 

Friabilite. fre-ab-e-Ie-tai.y:/riVr*»/j7y. 

Friable, fre-ah-bl, a. friable. 

Friand. e, fre-a«, — d, a. dainty ; delicate, [titbits, pS. 

Fnandtse, fre-a«-diz. f. daintiness, delicacy ; — s, pi. 

Fricandeau. fre-ka«-doh, tn.fricandeau. 

Fricassee, {r^-\i.a&-sa,f. fricassee. 

Fricasser. fre-kas-ai. v. a. to fricassee. 

Fricasscur, fre-kas-ur. ttt. paltry cook. UallotLK 

Frichc, frish, f. fallow ground; en — , unntititfoted, 

Fricoteur, fre-ko-tur, m jobber. 

Friction, {n\L-syon,f. friction. 

Frictionner, frik-syon-ai, v. a. to rttb. 

Frigard, fre-gaur, tn. pickled herring. 

Fr^dit^, fre-lije-de-tai,/: frigidity. 

Frileux, se, fre-luh, — z, a. sensible to cold; chilly, 

Frimas, fre-mau, in. ritne, hoarfrost. 

Fringale, frai«-pal,y; sudden hunger. 

Frin.srant, e. frai//-ga^f, — t, a. brisk, lively: mettlesome. 

Friper, fre-pai, v. a. to rumple, ruffle; waste, gobble 

'Fr\yi£\p-xf,f. frippery. [down. 

Fnpier, ere, fnp-yai, — r, s. broker. 



I trifles. 

Fripon, frip-on. in. knave, rogue : cheat; — , a, knavish, 

Friponneau, fre-pon-oh, in. little rogue. [roguish. 

Friponner, fre-pon-ai, v. a. to cheat, pilfer. 

Friponnerie, fre-pon-re,/". roguery : a. knavery. 

Friquet, fre-kay, m. hedge-sparrow : kitchen-slice. 

Frire, freer, v. n. to fry ; faire — , to fry. 

Frise, fx<xz,j:fnxe,frie*e. [{cloth), 

Friser, fre-zai, v. a. to frizzle, curl; border upon; ttap 

Frisotter, fre-zot-ai, v. a. to frizzle. [ing. 

Frisson, fre-so«, Frissonnement. fre-son-nia>f, m. shiver- 

Frissonner. fre-son-ai, v. n. to shiver ; shudder^ tremble. 

Frisure, ixc-ztix.f. curling, frizzling ; atrls. 

Fritte, frit, /./rit. 

Friture, fxe-tta,f. frying, fried fish. 

Frivole, fre-vol, a. frivolous. 


Froc, frok, m. monk's habit. 

Froid, e, frwa, — d. a. — cment, ad. cold: cool; indifferent; 
dull ; — , in coldness : coolness, avoir—, to be cold. 

Froideur, Irwad-ur.yC coldness. 

Froidir, frwad-eer, v. n. to become cold. 

Froidure, frwad-Ar,/. cold, coldness. 

Froissement, frwass-man, m. bruising: rumpling. 

Froisser, frwass-ai. v. a. to bruise, clash with. 

Froissure, frwass-flr,/. bruise. 

Fr6Iement, frohl-maw, m.gtazing. 

Frdler, froh-lai, v. a. to graze: brush. 

Frontage, from-ah). m. cheese. 

From^er, froin-anJ-ai,m. — *re, -~Aix,f.cheesetnonger. 

Fromasrerie, from-ahj-re,/. cheese-room; cheese-trade. 

Froment, from-aM, tn. wheat. [froztmtng. 

Froncement, frons-nuui, tn. knitting qf the brows : 

Froncer. fron-sai, v. a. to wrinkle ; — le sourdl, to knit 

Froncis, frOM-se, m.gather, plait. [the brow. 

Fronde, frowd, X sling, 

Fronder, fro»-dai, v. a. to sling; censure, 

Frondeur, fron-dur, m. slinger; critic. 

Front, txon, tn. forehead, face ; boldness ; de — , in 

Frontal, fro»-t£U> m. frontal. If rent ; abreast. 

. Fronteauj ftQkAt)ht w. frontlet : . 
' Fromltre, inyn-i-^TiAr^f^frenfier, 

F/untiSpkc. fraiif.ti>'llik», m. fnftttjspiere : titit-Aoft. 

Front Ob, fmH-to/i, m. /tdttnetft. . 

FrottF^ijc, frdt'Oiij, »u ntimfif : scmMittr. 

Frotlemcrtt, frot-imtM, rrt. rNb^iitg,j'rtctiatt, 

Frciirer, frot-at, v. &.et h. t\s riS ; beat ; gran ,' 
t.^ r. fa rub rne'i iti/; mtdiiit •miih. 

FftJllcitr, frat-ur, m. /t^f-sembbfr. 

Fr&trukr, frnr-waff tn. rubi'ing-cxiftftt rttMn\ 

FrtHPcr IrnO'iki, -v, h. tcperp, neftifti^, 

Fntctlficr, frOk-tlf-y-'li, V. n. tojrft'-tijy; prpjfer. 

FructucuT, bCh Irfiit-ld^uh. — £^ di, ^Vif&&k\l,ad.fruii/iil, 

t fe— » 

i^'rQif al, fruu^al, a, — i 

Ff U^H^UtiJ^ frfl. 

FruidyDrt, iiuA 

•\ili\,f./rtijfxlily, XtJj' 
ic-Vur, a. frugtvotvfj. 

f^-CAa\,f.yrii£aIiIy, Xiibrrtteis. 
-hjc-vur, a.frugtvotvfj 
■i, fnl-c, m^/rttit,'^ derterf: prt^tr 


y mjtf rlcj fraHj^trp, m , fru ifrry. {fruittrtr : /rtHf^v. 
I-rMJtkf, i'lB, rrii4t.y;4, -r, a. frmf-btariHgi — , M. 
1-rusrt, frflstt 9. dt/itftd imeda/sl 
Fru-itrnatflre* rr(k.trAt-VLia. <i./rwtstnHftry. 
hjv^lrct, fT\\B-tz3Li, v. d; fo dt/mud, ^Utrpfnifi/, 
FujfAct, rfl-jjai'bH a.ft^'ari^ttj. 

Kiigjtif, ivc, I'ii-hjc-EU; — iv, a, ftigitt'ise ,- tmnriftii ; 
Fugue. {i\Ti,f./f'ipie. {—, m. fugitive, vjtnAHMy. 

tui, Jil.f, jnc 1-uir. 

•Fuir, riJ-eer, v. «. etn.^ shun ifiy.Jtfe^ tewJt. 

Fuite, lA4t,f. /fisfrt; f^<as^ti ,■ s&tji. 

Futj^l nili«^u, ra^kf ^^.rahr^yDfi, f fu ^ u I'ahon, 

t-Lilijjiin.nji(,M, ru-tc-hju-nuti, — f, tt.fniigiii.rm, 

I u3]]J I nat \^t\ , fttl-me^naLh-^yn 'j ,y Jmminaliffi. 

h yLuintr, ril^l-EDi: iiai, v. ^ ei n. t^/hfmiftafe. thutri^ti 

J'qrruM?e> frt-frt,ilij, rt. tmke^ng. \pi^ 

Fum^e. ra-iAal/f.rwf0*tf ,' sftcrrri: ntSit- — hypL fftt*nff, 

F^niber, rCUinoi^ t\ m. ta smi^kf ,- rtcam ,■ fiime ; aatig. 

Fucncroni fuEH-ro^j, ft. si*t^ky c^al. 

FuTiiet, ri%nicij% m./rajvMF-, 

KurmStfiTt, {^km^^^i^f./nmtkr. 

FumaJir, fil-mivT,, fa. jmnkgi-. 

Fumetiitr se, id-ratili, — i, d/futftifiu, tm^kr. 

Funiieif, fiian-yai, m. dung ,■ dutighiiJ. 

i-hiiii-riT; .n, i\Umc.'^i:^.i^ait,/.fttfii-ii^tif>ti. 

] ■ i^ ' ' ■ ■ r ,. , ra-me-dat- war, m-fuimf^iar^. 

i • • . . 1 1 i . ■. r M'l -poc-hjai , Tr. a, fij/u rffigiife-. 

liLiLL-!- i:M-i--i-. •}/ . rAifHHfy.d.tfffrr. 

Fuiii.iii :■ ■ •.■>.■ t.u1, tn, m/fdafwer, 

l-uii.l.- . . ■. .i,fitn£rtil. 

I'lin.; ..:,,..! ...u t.v\fpL /imeml, i&54<qM(tTf pL 

J- uiit-rLi I rt^-, r-,i-ii.(, a./fmeniJ. 

FuRicriiiq. fti-nestT p»r — (nen^, ad^/aiaL 

Funeuff flU-nur, wi. rig^tr. 

FuTiin. f^k^njitK, m. rigging. 

Fur, f^r^ m. AU — eJ a mesurc, Ptapariiffnally^ 

Furi-t, fil-rn^y. tft, ferret. 

l-urc'er. f^fir-JaJ, f ■. a. ioferrfii siarch, 

FuncEeur. filr-tur^ fn.ftrrtffr; senrghtr. 
Fyreur, \\^-^, f ft*vy,frei\xy. rjge.- ^-^ pl^frenffi 
hurlbonfl, fti m-rc-thuf. ^^J^ a. JnriatfS, ra^^iug* anfi, 
yur\^, iii-Ttiff3ffy,fut-tifit^titeis. inn-faus^ 

F»rli?«i,4i:^ rO^ryuh, ^e, a^ — tcraciU, ad, fttrittiis j 

r^gtrrg: exrexsiiff, wt&tfjtroui. 
FiiriJi, fi-raE'r, iff. pfffH^. 
F 11 rnllei, HD-rGl, f pi, ^erv f-vkat^iianj, 
FiifOSKlc ^{l-rTffl-tX m. fttrtiiu-^t, 

Funll, i\e, fdr-lJf, — iv, a. — Ivcilicltt, ad^furt^'f, ffp/r^i,' 
I'WSi fO, jw-Etrc tby Jtcaii/t. 

huviLFV, (n-ta.Ui, m. sfiiftd/r-ttrf. 
Fu^.tii, fn-*tih, fit. .TpOidi^ ; b(ii>biit. 
Fuwe, Ui-tAiy /. spindliftt/ ,^ r^sikei : fujet^ 
FuwL^, e, fdii-la], a. si'nidfr^ 
FiisibEHii^T fi-ic-lwi-lc-Lai, /, 'kli^iiy. 
Fusjhlt, Ki-iE-L]< a.fitdifilf. 

Fusil f(3-ic, wf. stfet; tittiffr-bAT ; gttit; —1 aiiTttilJe, 
fiff die-gun i — dc clw*St',y(Tftrt/^. *Hfrr ,' — A hhJnii, 
Fusil kr, ra-jn-viii, m^fHiitcur. I fiemissian gufi 

F;uiiillL%i1 e , m-ei/natKy, di^rharge s>f^ um. 
HutiiJIyrf fu-zi/-a.l^ -v. a, ra fttiKft. 
Fnstcjn, K-xinH.f.fusiaif, jrttliitfg, 
iniitcC, ffit-tay, vf^Jitslic. 

Fustigadotl, m^-te-rah-syoMi^T "Bi^fPfii'TfgiJfOr^ir 
Fuatiijer, nks^tc-hjaj» v. a. to whip Jrr?jr 
Fut, rn. JKEtrc. 

TQi, ro, HI. s/xk; skafi; rmk .■ humL 
Futaie>'mjt^/A^h trtfs. 
Fyt.viUe, f^t^iyfatsk, barrtl* 
Futflillt, fii:-tcntffMjf/iaH. 
FuUihlcr, fJa-talEti/^, m.fttjtiaft^vfatrt. 
Fllti, c, fQ-tal. a, rly, f turning. 
Futile, fD-tiL^/ritWcms. 
FuKiiii^, r&-xiX-t^-i&i.f./},tmy ; tr0t. 

Digitized by VJljOOQlC 


Futur, e, ffl-tAr, a. future, to come : — , in./tdure. 
Fuyant, ffl-e-ya«, see Fuir. 
Fuyard, ffl-e-yar, m./tt^iiive, runauay. 
Fuyons, fa-e-yo«, su Fuir. 

OR\if\a. ^b4ai, v. a. teitiJafi^rjUtliJttJlvgastt/U, 
G^cliciJ', gau^hoi. i'. n^ t*^ fftiv mi>rtar. 

CAchis g3.LL-!bEkCr^fijh ; ^Jbie. 

v^ >nv» 

. standing' 

Gaa"ej, gaf-aj, i&. a. ft? j^tn^* itJfA if^tc^,ff' 

G;i.]^eur, unanj-ur. *«. ttttitr. 

CiiKliaiit, eutl-ynlij. n». fiaJHura^ ; —5, //. 

Gilgnc-dcniCf ♦ ssn-y^^rt/Mxy^, m. ialfint 

GajsJttci'piiJfiT s^an-ji'-iXllJ^ m^ lii^^tAitMr 
C^UL;-fitLTt, i^Jiri-jY-liM^'tCi Iff, firHi/f-i^Hfhier. 
{:i?iy^r,. ;. . u\:'..-L ■■ra,ttu.ti>£-ain,jj,'ct; lain; prevail 
uf . i-^: ii^trtaki ! rt\xch; ^idi.v\c,toget 

i.'iu ■ . . [ ■ — UTV rtiujHc, tacn^h ij iv/<f,* se — , 

Cait c £ii3, a. t-/ tf4', —cnscnt, ad, jf^y: mfrry^sportive, 
Caisfii^ gjiJT*1i f, jSa-ftfyt JJtirtA^ c/t^r^itfrtexs s de — de 

cceur^ Tuaatfinly^ 
Cafflardi Cf en/-ar, — dn fl, — cmeilt, srrf. mirrjf ; jovial ; 

brisA: s^iawii: — , fi^Jcity /€li\*tu ; ^iS^\wA,fore- 

Ci^stie : — d'arriirt, fUitrfer-de€A. 

GniUartEiiCd g^''aj:'d\s,/. fMer/ittHi!si,/hfiur. 

Gain, J^U^ tfi. XTiain ; n-intf iff^-^r 

Galne, giyn,y, sAe^tA ; r»jr. 

G utn [e T , i^^V' n 7 3 1 ^ r/i ^ EMeath^-ma ktr. 

Clla, ^A-laJi. m- ^ala^fe^tir'ii'y' 

Galuiihrncnt, LiU-ain^n/fi n*/. gifttaiiytfVHrifttusly; nobly. 

Galaiit, e, gal^aJij^t. n. -aprii^k^, h^tffpi:!^; ££«teel; ele- 

CaUt&tEiig. Falrafl-tfC, _/! eettiHUy ; csmpament ; in- 

Catmtinrt praJ-a??-tin, /. .0t/iawW;i^i 
Gaiaaiic, gaJ-ak-5>e,/ytr)'iJ?¥, 

Giiire, jpil-air, J^ ^aJiey : ^ai&ry. 

GaitrLct, nni^rCt.f-ffallEty^ 

GatdrirfU, gaJ-ni-jy3i#i, tri^jfa^ey^slaW. 

fjalcTHc, iiat-alni,yy narth-vxstfrly wirtd. 

Hialet* gal-ajfT 'rt. peM'l^^ sfr^ntf. 

Unlets^ (Ji^l-UW, wir s^i'r<ft, uU{r. 

.GaldtC, [^-rt,y- ln'und thitt caJte; ^tjck^sii^.. 

iGiU^ujCp se, gal-uhi — Ei, a. i/cAy ; scabfiy. 

GuliniaUaf, gi^^'^imt-yal], ^Ji, jj^aliimatia, ttCHSettSC. 
GElifQitp Kill-J'OWr J«- ¥it-ii€an^ 

Gnlie, galiyT £Ta/^ .' nolx de ^, ^alinut. 
GutLkflTif e. KRl^c!-k^L», —kun, a. TsJli^ait* 
Gallkismc. (jsl-lc-'-dLSiis, pi. p^aiii^sm. 

GiiLlLjiiLrLnic, tT;i[-ki-iii:i-n-.-, / ,-pJinmaTiia* 

G;il- :■.-.■ . . . ■. 

G'l ■ 

GaJo;.... I, ,: . .. .. . . .■■.■.: 

Galonnier, gal-on-yai, m. lace-maAer. 
Galop, gal-oh, m. goillop. 
Galopade, ^-^^-^As f. galloping. 
Galoper, gal-op-ai, v. n. to gallop. 
Galopin, gal-op-ai«, m. errand boy. 
Galuchat, gal-Q-shah, m. fish-skin. 
Galvanique, gal-van-ik, a. galvanic. 
Galvanisme. gal-van-ism, tn. galvanism. ^ 
Oalvaniser, gal-va-ne-za v. a, togalvanixe. 

[66'[ GAT 

Galvanomitre, gal-va-no-mai-tr, tn. gah'anotneUy, 

Galvauder, gal-voh-dai. v. a. to spoil, abttse. 

Gambade, fpm-h&A, /. gatnbol. 

Gambader. gaM-bad-ai, v. n. to gambol. 

Gambiller, ga»-bi/-ai, v. n. to wag one's legs. 

Gamelle, g^am-el,/. Tvooden bowl; foire la — , to mess 

Gamin, gam-aiM, m. boy, lad. [together. 

Gamme, %asa,/. gamut. 

Ganache. gan-ash,/ lower jaw (horse); /ooL 

Gangrtoe, ga«-gren,y: gangrene. 

seGangrencr, gaM-grai-nai. v. r. to gangrene. 

Gangr^neux, se, gan-grau-nuh, — z, a. gangrenous. 

Gangue, ga»g, in.gangue. 

Ganse, gawss,^ eagiixg; string, loop. 

Gant, gan, fn. glove. 

Gantelet, ga«t-lay, m. gauntlet. 

Ganter, gan-tai, v. a. et n. to put on gloves ; fit ; se— 

V. r. to put on one's gloves. 
Ganterie, ga«-tre,/: glove-making; glove-trade. 
Gantier, gaM-tyat, m. glover. 
Garance, gar-ans,/: madder. 
Garancer, gar-an-sai, v. a. to die with madder. 
Garanci&re, gar-aM-syair,/! madder-field. 
Garant, gar-aM, m. guarantee ; tmucher; etre — de, to 

be answerable/or. 
Garantie. gar-a«-te,y: giuirantee, warranty. 
Garantir, gar-a/i-tccr, v. a. to guarantee^ warrant ; 
secure; keep/rom; se— , v. r. to keep one's sel/from. 
Garbin. gar-l»I/i, m. south-west wind. 
Garcette, gar-set,/, gasket. [shopman ; groom. 

Garcon, gax-son, tn. boy ; bachelor; Joumeymati ; 
Garde, gaird,/: keeping; watching; guard ; custody ; 
watch; care ; heed : charge ; hilt; ward; nurse: 
^tre en — ,ta be upon the watch; to be upon one's 
guard; prendre — , to take care; — , m. keeper; war- 
den; line-keeper, pointsman; — bois, m. forest- 
keeper; — boutique, m. slug; — champetre, nt field- 
keeper; — chasse, m.. gamekeeper ; — corps, m. para- 
pet ; — c6te, nuguardship; —kvi, m.. fender; — fou, 
m. parapet; — magasin, m. keeper of a storehouse; — 
rnalade,/. nurse; — manche, m. false sleeve: — 
manger, m. pantry, larder; — marine, m. midship- 
man ; — meuble, m.. lumber-room ; — noble, f. 
guardianship of a fiobleman's children ; — peche, 
m. river-keeper; — robe.y: wardrobe; water-closet; 
— temps, m.. chronometer; — vue, m, screen. 
Garder, gar-dai, v. a. to keep, preserve; save; take 
care qf; protect ; guard; Dieu m'en garde, God for- 
bid ; se — , V. r. to keep ; last; beware of. 
Gardeur, gar-dur, m. keeper; herd. 
Gardien, gard-yain, nt. guardian. 
Gardon, gar-don, m. roach. 

Gare, gar, y: wet-dock; railway-station; — d'arriv^e, 
landing-place ; — d'dvitemeut, sliding rail; — , int. 
Garenne, gar-en,/', warren. [take care qfl 

Garennier, gar-en-yai, m. warren-keeper, 
Garer, gar-^, v. a. to secure; se — , v. r. to stand out 

qfthe way ; get to. 
se Gargariser, gar-ga-re-zai, v. r. togargarise, 
Geurgansme, gar-gar-ism, nt. gargaristn. 
Gargote, gar-got, y^ cfieap eating-house. 
Gargoter, gar-got-ai, v. n. to frequent cheap eating- 
houses; eat in a slovenly manner. 
Gargotier, gar-got-yai, nt. low eating-house keeper ; bad 
Gargouille, gar-goo^ yi spout. [cook, 

GargouiUement, gar-goo/-maM, tn. grumbli*^. 
Gaigouiller, gar-goo/-ai, v. n. to dabble. 
Gargouillis, gar-goo/-e, tn. splashing. 
Gargousse. gar-gooss,y^ cartridge. 
Gamement, £^m-ma», tn. rake. 

Gamir, gar-neer, v. a. to furnish; trint; line; rig; 
chambre gaLrnie, furnished room; se — , v. r. to fur- 
nish one's self. 
Gamisaire, gar-ne-zair, in. a tax-gatherer's bailijff'. 
Gamison, gar-ne-zo;«,y^ jfam'jow. 
Garniture, gar-ne-tflr, f. gamishtnent; tritntning; 

furniture ; lining ; rigging. 
Garrot, gar-oh, tn. withers ; packing-stick. 
Garotter, gar-ot-ai, v. a. to bind with cords. 
Gars, gah, m. lad, stripling. 
Gascon, gas-ko», tn. boaster. 
Gasconnade, gas-kon-ad,./C ^afa>M<»]{^. boastittg. 
Gasconner, gas-kon-ai, v. n. to boast, bounce. 
GasptUage, gas-pi/-alij, tn. squandering. 
Gaspiller, gas-pi/-ai, v. a. to squander, waste. 
Gaspilleur, gas-pi/-ur. m. squanderer, waster. 
Gastralgie, gas-tral-hje,y^^<M^ra4gy. 
Gastrique, gas-trik, a. gastric. 
Gastronome, gas-tron-om, m. gastronomist. 
Gastronomic, gas-tron-om-e,/:^<w^'v«^»y. 
Gdteau, gau-toh, m. cake. 
Gflte-m^tier, gaut-mai-twii, »«. spoil^radt. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




CltC'p^e, eaut'paut, tn. tad jfastry'tt^^. 

to bt spsiUiii grtrtv fttfrw, 
Gitcur, i^au^tur, ft*, ipoiitr. 
Gauche, K^Ti^b, a. — nient, ad. if/i^ tittmsyr, awkward; 

Gaucher, £1%, ^h-sllal, — r, a. i^-handini. 
Cauchpit, ^OU-Sihrc,/ invk^fffirdneis : biitndtr. 
Gauchir^ gf4J14bfierH &■ Ts^ ia istrn tj sidt ; thu^t. 

Oiuidr, f ahd.y. ttvad. [rArittJHtt^. 

Caudf r, iCDl) j^l, V. It. ft? dj^ Tviik -waad. 
Oaudriole, gob-iirft'OJ,/! smutiyjobr. 

Gaufn-Tn |{[uh-rfiU, V. a. i^JigUrz istrfjfi). 
t^ufrEMir, ^oh-fnif, #™. tf n/ that^£ ura: 

Gaulcr, fifUli^Wp ir. a. Ar hnOCJt dfftOH wiihap^ii. 
Gaulctte, £<oh-let,/ rod. 

G4Z+ t^ax, rri.gcm ^\;i\t^vfi au — , g^ts-li^hting- i bee 

da — , g^ai-dttrfitr : conduit Je — n gas'pipe. 
Gaze, f^axty. j^a tnf. 
Gazciiier, ^aa^-e'^fyai, v. a., togai^y. 
GazcUe, Eai-elty^ antit&pe. 
(j^^i^T. |;az-al, 7. a. ff ciTtYr Tviih gamtt, 
G^tzi^tiC r, i^az-t^Al, M. ^a vtttrer, 
GofCtin^ ga^-Cauv, th. tittle gaMtUe. 
Ga^ettCt gaz-rttiy; gasttie^ ttm'spaper. 
Goxeux^ $e, E^z^uh, — z^ d L gaseous^ 
GaEi<^, ^az-yaj^ HI. game-taaJber^ 
GaE4mi^f» f[azr<]Dinnay-tT^ tH. gAfomitfr^ 
GafOn, |[fa*KW», T«. grass: ; /«!^ 
flajj ocn lament, [^az-on-miuf^ »f . severing -^tiih tUrf, 
GaJOnner, i^BZ-aa-di v. Ql to cover v^ilth turf, 
I ^jufmiilamQiitt j^iiz-tic^-maj'i ^ f^. chirpifig^ •mar^tiug, 
Go^ttuiUer, caz-ocZ-'ai^ ■v.n^ to chirp, ■ofiit'tfle* 
G«ai. hjBJ, jwj.jdj^ 
G^a£it,XEu-A«i m.giiiat. 
'*Ge^{Jc^ hji|LM-drK tTh H. /tf HrXittt .< tucan . 
Gelatine, lvjai.MJTi,y: siia.tiii,jtliy^ 
Gf^latineux, *?+ lijiHlatpe^Lihi — i, *t. ^kttinoH^. 

Gein, iiJkA-lol, Wi a, tf N. t&/r^tsit: ^fr^xen ; chiii. 

G^lvufeii Ivfat-le-vQj',^; t^tiHtiT. 
ermine, «, nJAtmC'^'nai, e. t'ifn^A'itf. 
G^mfrp hJai-mcerT i'^ ft^ tiigntaH, Hiottn, 

Gemxnadoii, r^e^l■mah'Syore^/^ Mtdding. 


G«na.n^ tf» hjay-naji, —I, «. troHhks&trn. 

GencivQ, bJajf'Siv, / i^ijjtn. 

Genci^iTiac, hJai/i-duTD, m. ^tdat^m ,' jTaw. 

b*i Gendanncr. hj vt'dar'ni^u, t'r ^. is Hustfr. 

Ccuddrmerie, h)aN-dafm-re, / gftftdartiicrj^. 

Gi^fi^lCiitl^ h^ji^^nl^^lije, /: gfntaii^y. {sttviftit. 
G^fW'aiciKi'que, hJaJ^taiml^hJlk, a.grmfa^gicai. 
G^O^alo^^th hJai-nM-al'O-hJISfr, ^n, genHatogtU. 
G^ndTh HJaj-HdJi 1'. a. la cvHs/raifi, Cramp: tr'mi^it, 

Mjrt/irde, pKt rtstr<.tijit Hpon ; sti ^-^ 1/. n 'cr eVir>/ilcif>j 

uni's itif- 
Crikaivm^, lit bJai'naiToI, ft. — tinc^nt^ ad. general : itmait 
G^^rnlC' hlsf-flai-ral^/: .fifiwni/. [— , wi. gi'tfrai. 

C<^Ji^13UiKltlailH liJairnaiL-ral'e-za1)'S]i'uji:^ >^! gtHiratina- 
G^^^VXTf hjai-Rili^ral-e'Zau 1'^ ^i /« geftfralixi. \tiaH. 
G^n^nUiSfiimc^ h^J-]Mi'■^a^is.saIn^ t/it getieraJisSimt', 
G^ju^lnlft^ K>4i-iiali-r[il-*-tai,y:xi"f«^^<yv 
G^O^tateur, ~^ricre, hJai-nii^rat-urK — rUs, ix^ gtttrrod- 
G^^^allf^ ilfCr hSai-nai-i^t-ifK ^-iy^ a. gtti^r^ifiiTfr. \ing. 
G^enltiGR,'fiflirTah'!! JO^i+y^ gt/ienattofi : prvgtf^. 
Gca4rBuj(, «, hjni-nflj-mbi ^^xi Ah —Yemeni, ad.gttu^ 
G^n^nqu^ Ujni'tiAi^nK ttr gvntHc. gtfifrica-t, lr^ttt^ 
Gtinerc^te, hJai-FuJ-Toli-ze-tA),/: ffner^HfjF^ 

Genet* mMi-na]^, m.gtttttr 

CeneBfc ttlKA'Uet/ jrtwrf/ tnaM*,' 1 la — + i»u'A jtA^w^ 

Gtrn^vncTi hjoiii-irre-iikl, m-Jumpf/^nf. Utimtfj. 

Giiiiie, iijal-na, fw. ^cnita /Jitn^cai*0H ; tttgiHtrr, /A 

GenUvreu hJ»A-[vyay'TFi m,/mt\ffir^rryi getuvtr. 

G^[i5e» hjak'ULss^y; '^^'f^^ 

G^t^, «, ttjoi-ne-UiL <*■ gtnitiil,gtmpai(ivt;^ 

Qfinftif, h|:vi ac-hf, m, ginUftf*, 

GentAt, lunoo» »«■ ^a*. 

Lidnrc, lijii«f^» Iff. WH**/ ^Hd : JatH-^H ; gtv^r. 




m.gffftiU, htitthtH. 

'r If tiffs ; gtniiHmti 

^n<\l'*m^ m. gt^ttJ^maH : no^tctttmH, 

G..r,rillr.-vi.-. liL- ■'• • - — ■" ■ ■ ■■ 

f * -- r. Ml j , MjiM'i'te-maif , ad. pr^tfiljr. 

Geo^g»|tiihtr l]jill-fijr-rnr, HI. liPiigrafhfr^ V 


ucdk^mpnicnic, hjru 

GcdliiK'i^, hjtjh-talij, mi" gAiaJtr'sfiri'.f.'p^ \ 
E, bjont, /^ gvulj £iit//fr's ^ftif, \ 

ier^ ^lah-ljii, tn.gticilcr. \ 

ilj iCr nJoS-oJ-nf hj c y; grattgy. \ 

G^oln^itjue, bjai-ol-E^bjik^ u, gt^tr^atft ^ 

Gci.'lHl|r^e, hjal-at-ci^, jii. gfalagisi. 

GcohtnncEe; llJaJ-o-Aa 'i->i«, ^^ geufn^Hcyt 

GertihnttTC^ hJ<u.-Qin-A^-Er^ ^i. grernftfr^, 

GertrftdtrfCr lyn^om-ai-trc/lji'PiiMK/*^'. 

Gfiftrirj^rifiue, hJai-at[iiiM[^kH ft.— nientj 4<^jfiWiHfjn£n/^ 

Gf^h'int, b>ftt-rA»» hv. ntanngtr. 

G«rlLie, hJerb,jK sftt^nf: sperti. 

Gcrber, rvfAir-baE, r. «. .Tc muke up in jAearsr^ ; /iH^ 

GerbiUDn, hjifT-liiZ-an, m:. f j'2V/f sAt^j: 

Gerce, hjtra, ^ ^TaJt-faitse^ 

Liflrcer, lijair-saif tk a., ft «^— , v. F. ts ch^^p ^ cfSf^i 

l>:i^Tirr, hJair-SLLr^y f/bj>, craf*, L^aWi^ 

\!ii^TCF^ bjai-fni ^. a. /^v ma.ncigf, 

Ijerfaurt hjaJr-ifDht m. gei^/fitt. [jfrnf nJMfifit, 

( icrmajiu e^ hjair-cnaiH, ^mPFl, a. gertJtan ; CuUUn -^ 

(Jejmandrdc, 1] jair'Uu^i-clTaJ, y ^ £rmiij<u^r. 

Gcnnani^ne, hjairi^iLAiti-ifni, tn.gfrmaniim. 

tiemiEi, JijiiJnn, «i. i'tf *'«, rAtK^I ,■ tpraui, arigifl^imtilit 

Ccrmef^ hjair-inal, -ji', jj. A^xi^iW/ tpring Kp. 

GfrmlaatLon, MnLr-me-nall-^yoiv,/: ^frmirt^Hfl. 

G^TcnniiliF. tiJdiJ-r'Xl'rilfj flt. gifUTtd^. 
'G&531, hjaf-Mer, t*, «. ti-Kit, *^#Rf all&ca'. 


Geste, hjeitn ^«. gfstttrf; —%, //, li^fi^H fxpiail^t ^ 

Gcf tkulAte^r, hJeS'bE^lnll-at-UT , ^Jf, gejtfrttMt^r^ 

GcstieuUtJan, hJc5rLc-kii-liLh-sj'0W, ^ t&ficHiaiii4n, 

C«tkuler, hJijS'tii'lEfl'lal, Px «. t& gisHcuiatt. 

G«tiQn. hJ!a-tyDfl,y; m^mxgtmfnf^ 

GititieuK, ie, hjiti'tiuh, — i, a. gibbstts. 

Gibbn^ite, bjit^boh-ze-taL*Afl'Ji/yK 

Gi:tr>?Ckqte, I'^jilk-iyaij', / gam^'^tfag ; poMcA, jUA^hiL 

GlUiltft. Iijil>'[riy, m.gittttft. > 

Gnxjll!l> U]ib4AUV, J**, giffaiin. 

Gibdotte, lilil'-lPl,/: rsgput 'of tah^Hs^. 

GilxMTiv, tiJlUalrnn/ rt»rfrilt4'jr-AH*i 

Clbet, >TJib-ay, -m. gi&^ft^ ga/ttjwi.. 

Gihkr, njiti-yii[, m.^'^me, Viffis<?n, 

Gtbouliic, bjib-oo'tai, y j*(Wf r, 

Gilrwijyer, hjib'*n-y*i, Vr *r, ftjybrtV. 

Glboycui, se, hjitj-wa-yuh, — r, /.jTult iffgunt*., 

G^lf4llte&2>ue, hji;<gaji'te5ki ^rj^^rt^H:. 

GejJOt, liJU'JJtih, in, it^ u/imtttoH. 

GIgua, hii£,f.jig: iitfigirl. 

Gl"4."r> hJti-WJf, THr -OMlishUHtt 

tUfltf, JiJJl, M, J^^BTL'n; fifMnx^Hif. 

(jirtj^'uiiibre, hjaLh.hja/i'bf, m.gingtr. 

Gii^Kii^t- tc, MAL^r-tj.iy, — Efit, rf. joz/i/y, s<jrry *• fPBr*. 

Gir^rs, lnJe-raf, /! fci»iffypitwvl. 

Gimiidt, hjC'raJ^d,/; A^tfi^fftt/^ttwA^et, 

G i rfiJi* lole, hje'raw-dol,/, girnftd'ik. 

GirjAr-I, Jt|£'rji£-u1, fff^gimrjJ-, c/a/. 

GJttifte, hit^'toH, J«. t/dMUr 

GtroflicT, l^le^mf-Je-aU P«r d^>e-trte, 

Gtron, l4je-i'0^(, fft, /aj*/ ,^f {dtHrcH^^ 

Girdiiettn;, lijeer-wet, /. wtffthtrcfxJiu 

G!i<ialit, ti, hjcfaii, —\^ «. i^it^g. 

Gjsciiicni, hjiJ-uiafe, $n. i&^K fifd. 

Gl^iis, bjl-dHJFF, Git, bie, jw Gtidr. 

GTtc, l^tt, f«./&r*rt ; isk(giHg i iay<r, 

Gitef, II,Jc4^, 't'. ^1. ioiii, SfOjf, imigw, 

Gh'/e, UJe-\r, m. rittut, haar-Jr^t, 

Glitbrc, Kiill-br, a. tmm^A, 

Gtm^antn e, g,ii^^fi , —I, a. yrcfstftg^ " 

GlacCi glass,/: !«+' g£ajJ ; raa-f A-1U^m/dW ; ^4l1ll/( 

Glaceh Cd ciavfti* a,/rvMrn i /rttsirtg: gitixed. 

Digitized by V^jCjOQ IC 

Clackn, i^3-> oil »i , ftacier : ^lasrmaJter. 

Cbclal. e, B 




Glac ) ^ re , If Lu-ya L n ^ it? -^ 1 tse. 
Cladutcur,. |f bct-yat^ur, m. j^laAiat^r. 

(L^Msc, IflayiE, /. f/jiy, ^ttr"! tarth. 
Otfii^T, ^1iiy-£iii, t'- ii- /i:^ '/i? ij^^r "arith fiajf^ 
GlatHCitx, be- gUy-^uhn — t a. flayejf. 

CfLllHl, giatt HI irfi^r^rn man ; ias^tt, 

<^].|iidce, ijflaN-diiii ^ rri^ t^ moii. 
tiljiiUiiJeui, sf, fifLiii-<]^L-iih, -^jc a^j^F^ntttilaiit. 
i:M\^nc, (f lan^ /: j.Vfti 11 ( «*" / n?/? f wi^j'W J* 
Crtancr jfl-iit-iiii r. a, fo^/eau : fuJt, 

(rlmurc, [{liiii-dr«/! £ifSNi»ji^s, fit, 
iita|iiT4 j^lap-ueTi Vl h. tsyelp; tuirit, 

GtaLtt|ue, glohk, *. sfa-j^tyru. 

Glrtte, S'rtt, /. /f>Ai*fAV, f^rftfJ. 

GlEsbant, ^, gk-S^Mi, — t, a. i^tfijvry. 

Gtiss«inenii (ijilss-m-i»r, :fM, J:/(//K'J*A^ 
GliVfCr, glC'Wit *'- ^- *■' ". J''' j/<W^» j//// j^tiife; se — , 
CpliS'Cuf. Klc-sur^ m. iiiiier. t :•'. f< /d slij^ ; cr€tp inti>. 
(.Tib'wJrf . kf I Li- war y. j/ti/f .■ gnidt. 

f j lobe. If top- »f - i^ltibf ^ flfi .'/, 
CJoTnilpi [jJob-Lll, JM, j^ltihitlt-, 

CJoi'Cf glo-ah.r.y. jff0ty,/i!ifnf, 

Glijiictte. ^lo-rC'ett, j^/^iJv'/i'iSW, [ prvitd: v^ifi'j^loriifUi. 

ClortcLiit^ ^, HrEnr^y Lih, — z. d, — '^jn^nt^ ad. j^Isrious ^ 

CjlorH^CAtion, j^oT-c-fe-k.lh'Sj'ioJr, j^ je/(t^^trt/£f^«r 

filoTilicr, cJor-e-fy^i, i^. i^r 'if ^i^rij^i se — , v. r, to ht 

4!^tnrif7leh iflor'yo], y^ vaia-riery, [ptvud q/i 

Close, Elmii, y. shss, coffim^nt 

GInscT, gloh^ZJli, tf. d, i?/ «. iOffliftSt comnrtnt: miscon^ 

Closeuf, £luli-£ur, m.^nd'fanlt. \4irui, critiiciie. 

Glos&riJ'e, ^los-sair, 

Glos^cetlf, Flos-sat-ur^ th. s^ii?ssater, 

Glotii^tDU. j^iDD-f IoDf wIl j^iS'i^iini^- 

Gloujfl DLitcr, iftDO-ffloot-ai, x^. n. tsj^ab&li, 

€AoM-i<, gluo-sma/i , ^/. ClMckins^^ 

G1ini!iEcr, Ktoo-sai, i^. n. ^<$ f/UcJi. 

GluuTon, iic» sioo-tOM, — torvn, «. ■— nement, dif. f^/.f^- 

Cloulnmnerier sjlH>i>'ton"re, /.plttiioKy. 

GlUiinl. e, gUS'Jiw, — t, (». jt-^?(^c''(flPf J. 

G3u.Gr. elfl'fl.i, t^r a. t^ imir : ^nakc ^naums^ 

Glutjueux, se, ^td-te-iiLil], —z^ a. ^iutittoHx^ 

Gnome, i^nohDi, m. jpwme. 

GlliDnilqiiCt ^oit-niiJc, a. ^iifmii^* 

Gncxnioniq^ucy etiohxinon-iK^ ^ f ftonron ics. 

( Jobclct, irob-Gy, #». goAItt ,- jttjjtj^ifr'f &ax. 

CktbclottcT, Kob-lnt-ai, Vn ft, f^f fi/'tU- 

Gobc-niDucncsK pttb-iiiotHii, nt./fyni fitter / sim^Mfffi* 

trolycTy soh^u ^. a. togitiph doTtftt : fnih. 

Go be I, gol>-ay, rrt. £uip ; da in/jr di/^ 

GobctcT, gxub-ia!, V. a, to peini {WalisY 

Gobi]Tdir4 ^ti\>M-tAM, m. fiankj/er siaifit^ 

GcKlaLllcTH jfcul-a/Kji, ^. w. tf iifipie. 

Godc^LuTcaUp god-li^^roh, /*ȴ. /^p : spark. 

Godenot KCnT-noh, fn.Jitjp^fer J puppet. 

GodcT, jtod-ai, *. ?i. to ptttJSicr. 

GmSct, Kod-ay, fn. iftiit tnn ^iffvi {t&batiCi>-piPil^ 

G«Htiv«aU, |$od-e^vOh, m./ortt-fneai. 

Godtire, KO-dOfrT^ nrrriurJSf. 

G<KHand,^f<K]it-inf7, mt. ieagTtU. 

GotiJette, go-el-el, /. ffAtf^pj^fr. 

Gotimon, f^^^Fno^^, m. .fAinwicf, 

GofTe, jfof, j». d^tish, chfmsjf. 

Gc>)70h i,t>-Poli, fitcf, vtiTe ^ — , i<? /]^ lttxuri6ui^. 

Go^ueiaard., e, gof^'iur, — d, a./^titie- ; -", m.Jt$rer, 

Gd^enaf det, ^^o^^nar'dal, v. a. i^jftr. 

CogueitifiS, gOff-et, y. />/. j^tr r?^ £aA,r, pL 

C-oinfrcr, ^o-aiM-r»i, Tfr ft. t^g&rman^i^. 

'UDitrcr go-ah-lr, /7t. utim. 

Croitreii^ s^ Ht>4ii-tnilL, — c a. wtHny^ 
Gull ffoEfi JW, JT**^ largt ^ay. 

■ viscount 

GolllflKuiC K, ffom-uh, —X. a. jpjtmmiUt; 

GcHtiMkr, E;d<ii-yai, m.jpiwt-iret.. 

GDndn wtt fif. AiH£e. 

GonduCt, [fDH-dot,y^^H^^ 

Gondaiiiicr, ^aiJ-d'Od-yai, rn. ff&ndotier^ 

Gonfalon, ff OH-fal-oir, fm. £-$t^/aiPK. 

Cron^onif r, gD/j-fal-on-yai, fff. j^f^ftM/fft-frfaney. 

Gondcmtcit, poH-flTiniuii nn. rserltift^t pu^*ig. 

GonAcrH eoh-^Ih v^ d^. ir/ n. to rw€ii^ S^^Jf, SC ^, V. ^. 

ft? sitftiit de pufffd up ; fir* b^, 
Conne, i^ann, ^ j^a-^ci^i^L 
Ijord. por, fw . Jishery. 
(rfirict, iror-iiyj tn.yi}MH£ Afl£. 

fioFfjc^ i^^orlij, ff. throat .- gifrgr : hrem^t; tUfiUt gUn. 
I iori^cc. if or-lij,ii, /. Tw^tlcrw, £ ulp. 

Gorier, ^or-lij^ii v. a, ia slaty £^r£t .' se — t V. r. to 
rktrjr-uriii. eorfij-raiw, Jw . £efj^tt, IS^iMt one's se^j. 

Gouache, ^ WRSih, f. v.titer.ral(ttirs, ^. 
Goudrttiii i^ooKlroN. tn, tar. 
C ^tud ronncr. ^oo-4rQn^, v. a. tf tar, 
f riiuffre. (foO'lr^ *m. ^ul_f, abyss, 
Crou^. %oahy f. i[oujre, £ao£e, 
( ifoo-hJAh. tn. soiditf^s hoy; Aedtnott, 
(rouion, (Too-Jijoii, »r, gud^^attt 
(iauJcE, (foO'lny, uf. jf ii>'nnv tntrattfx., 
C Jnidot. j^oo-ion. tn. Hevjt, gulUt \hiyttU\. 
Goulotte^, goo-lot,/: ehattn^l, {siMtt^Hi, greedy-gut. 

(;kiulii+ c, (too-hV a, ^in«nt, ad, gtuttenSHS : — , wi. 
C roupdtc, gi]o-pii< _/^ /^« .■ ^>vMJt. 
Goupillrr. ^oo^piAa^ ^, a, te pin. 

C^upLUan. goo.piZ-aN, ftn, Aa^y.-aiater-'Spri^ile ,' bottle- 
Gourd. Cr ifoor, — d, a. Humdtd.sii^'^ithcoid. [brush. 
Crourcjc. jfoonl, f^ gourd, 

tki unnad^H gOOT-ili*d, f, fisticuff, {^luitfn, gormand. 
(ioLnniand, c, Roar-Mi,i«, ^4, ft. giuttf^n^us ; — , m. 
Gfmrm.incitr, i^oof-iiidJf-dal, -v. a. ia thide, abuse; 
cAfiji (d M0nti, [tony. 

GounTvajidt^, ffoor-nuui-iltjr, X g^rttmndi^ing, glut- 
Gottrme, sf>orm,y^ strattgi4s, pi.; Jeier sa— , /0 jow 

Ofltf'j WiAf (ht/J, 

Grpurm^, e, uoor-mal, dt. fwnfcriif/ j^^ affected. 

Goumier, gwr-m,ii, v. a. fe turfi ; euj^. 

f rourmet^ j^QOf'OiJiy, m. cemtoisstHr, 

GL^umiette, goor'mett, Ji a*rA, 

Gi^usse, gooi-i,/". f4»rf, hush; — d'att» eliKMofgarlicJi. 

GoMSset, ^OD-say, m. gufftt, ann^h^U/jm. . 

Gufit, goo, m. iitsit i saif0Mr y /anfy ' j'j& » de bon — * 

m ff jfjwnf ^fTj^^, ticgi^iit; trOLivef ^ ^r>ti — , A> relish. 
Goiltcr, ^00-tai, V. d. rf «. tatas/e : rviish ; tike ; enjoy; 

hAt'fit triai; tat f» lUHcHean; —, rn. light repcut^ 

Crjuiic. }?oot, f. drap ;p^ut ; ne voEr — , Tiat taseeat all. 

GouEtelette, hfHXit-Jel,/ ^i/^it f/rt?^. 

Gontteus, s«, fjooi-uli, — /, ft. jwK^. 

Gouttiirc, ffijcii-yatr./ j-if/ftr ,- j-nAt^f. 

rktLit'^rnail, K'oo-Tair'rt.i/, m. Aif/w, r]f^i^!e>r. 

Cauvcfnaiiic, ffOH>vair-]v\*irr./" j-*i*?^wj- / Itausekeeper. 

Gouvcrnt, f(oo vai m, ^^ ^tW 4j/i",Jwf »frf, [MuiM^fvwMTfA 

Gouvcrrvsiiicjit, ^do^vaJrn-ma'i:, in^gmtrrimeMt ; rule; 

{.kiiivcrnf r, jjiuo-yair'nal, v. a . i^ gvvtm ; rule ; tna- 

^ ftagr ; jJ^wV / se — , V. r. tftg^nv^u One^sSel/: behave. 

{"ouvcmeur, [^o-vaiF'-niif , «*. g^^vrnor; stBtrsmaH. 

Orabat» i^rab-ah, rH. paJtry ^r4^^ pallet. 

Gnibujjc, tfrnb-flllj, m. S^Ua^U. 

Gricc, E^auiS^ /. gm^f; Jamur; kittdntst ; pardon ; 
thornk; — ^ Dieu, oW if thanA*d ; dc ^jTor tnerty's 
liiltey pray ; deiiiasder^, t<? ssJt pAirdotti taixc •—% 
to pardon ; — S, fit, GraceJ; pi. 

Gradat^e, '^as^ah-bl, a. paf^fittadle. 

Grader, uras-y^u, v. a, fa ^ai/an. 

Gfaci«ti£eli£, ^ras.^yull-zUl.y ^indHr^rr ; preser.t, gift. 

Gmcieiix, se, gtas-yuh, — f, t. ~s«mcn^ md. graceful, 

GracLtEl^^ ffaK-e-le'Ui,y: gmiiiity. {gracious. 

Gradation, gndi-ali^syo^ir,/: j^>Wi)/ii', 

Grade, f^radf, m. «i*fr,- dtgrtt. 

Grader, grail^ai, v. a. ts e^n/er a dignify^. 

Graditv, jgt^d-^in. m. ftep. 

GrAduation, gmAA-n^-syon,/'. gradsmfiint, 

Graduel, le, £Tad4-ell, a. ^Vemem, tid. graduaU 

Graduer, g^fld-ti-ai. v. a. t^^mdwate. 

Grailicineiti, graZ-ma^i, m-. Jtoar-jg sonnd, 

Gruillcr, gra^-ad, v. n. t^ mlliAed^s. 

Griiilloii, gra/^jM, f^^f . strap. 

GTairtt grolK^ *h. ^rain, tarn ; iirr;y; Je4A 

Graine, gt^yn.f. seed. 

GraSnler, graln-yaJ, «. serdsm&H, 

Digitized by VjOOS 


Gravure. grav-Cir./'. engrceving : c 
Crtf. erai, m. wi7/; liking, incl 

Gr^er, grai-ai. v. a. to rtg,^ 
Gr^eur, graUur, m. rigger. 
Greffe, grref,/. graft, scion: — , M. reorder' s office; 

rolls : fte due to the recorder^ 
Greffer, gref-ai. v. a. to graft. 

greffear, gref-ur, m. grafter. 
reffier, gref-yai, m. recorder, registrar, 
Greffoir, gref-war, m. grafting-knift. 
Qrige. grayhj, a. ravf. 

Grelin, % 

QBA [69] 

Gralssage, gray-sah), m. greasing, 

Graisse, grayss../lya<:, grease, 

GraLsser, gray-s^ v. a. to grease, 

Graisset. gray-say, m. tree-frog. 

Graisseux, se. gray-suh, — z. a. greasy, 

Gramen, grah-men. m, cotick-grass. 

Granunaire. gram-nuiir,/. grammar. 

Grammairien, gram-moir-e^n. m. grammarian. 

Grammatical, e. gram-mat-e-kal. a. — ement, ad. gram- 

Gramme, K^am, m. gram {weig/U). [maticat. 

Grand, e, gran, -kI, a. —ement, ad. great, large; 

high ; touU ; huge, principal / k la — e, m high style ; 

en — . at full length ; —, m. greatness; nobleness; 

great lord ; grandee. 
Grandelet. te, grand-lay, — kt. a. pretty tall. 
Grandesse, graM-dess,y. qucUUy of a grandee. 
Grandeur, grax-dur.yr greatness: largeness; taUttess; 

height: quantity; importattce, dignity. 
Grandiose, graM-dyohz, a. grand 
Grandir, gnvc-deer, v. n. to grow tall, high; se— , 

V. r. to make one's se^f taller, 
Grandissime, graM-dis-sim, a. very great; very large. 
Grand'm^re, gjAn-iaaix,f. grandmother. 
Grand*messe. graM-mess,yrAv'A-mArx. 
Grand-ptee, graM-pair, m. grandfather. 
Grange, graMhJ,/. AarM. 
Granit. grange, m. granite. 
Granulation, gran-iNah-syon,^ granulation. 
Granuler, gran-fi-lai, v. a. to granulate. 
Granuleux, se, gran><l-lah, — z. a. granulous. 
Graphique, graf-ik, a.graphicaL 
Grappe. grap,y: bunch; grape-shot. 
GrappUler, grap-pi/-ai, v. a. et n. to glean ; get a little 
Grappilleur, grap-pi/-ur, m. grape-gleaner, {Profit. 
GrappUlon. grap-pi/-OM, m, lUtfe bunch. 
Grappin, grap-ain, m. grapnel. 
Gras, se, grau, — ss. a. fat : grassy, fleshy ; smutty; 

jour — ,7tesh-day ; Jours — s, shrove-days ; parler — , 

to speah thick ; — , m. fat, fatness : ccUfwthe leg); 

— double, m. double tripe ; — fondu, m. molten 

Grassero'ent, grau-snuM, ad. plentifully ; generously, 

Grasset, te, grau-say. —set, a. pretty fat. 

Grasseyement, gras-ay-maM, m. lisping. 

Grasseyer, gras-ay-yai, v. n, to lisp, speak thick. 

Grassouillet, te, gras-oo/-ay, —yet, a. pretty fcU. 

Graticuler. grat-e-kfi-lai. v. a, to grattculate. 

Gratification, grat-e-fe-kah-syo«,y:/TaA<i(y, reward. 

Gratifier, grat-e-fyai, v. a. togreUi/y; grant a favour. 

Gratis, grah-tis, ad. gratis. 

Gratitude, f[nx-e-t^f. gratitude, thanJ^fUlness, 

Gratte, grat.y: scraper. 

Gratte-cul, grat-kQ, m. hip, hop. 

Gratteleux, se. grat-luh. — z, a. itchy. 

Gratteile. f(rat-e0.y: itching. 

Gratte-papier, grat-pap-yai. m. scribbler. 

Gratter. grat-ai, v. a. to scratch ; scrape; rub'; se — , 

Grattoir, grat-war, m. scraper, [v. r. to rub one's self. 

Gratuit, e, grat-we, — wit. a. —ement, ad. gratuitous; 

Gratuity, grat-we-tau,/. gratuity. [free. 

Gravatier. grar-ah-tyai. m. rubbish-carter. 

Grave, grar, a. — ment, ad. heavy ; grave; serious ; 

low, deep. 
Graveleuz. se, grav-luh. — z, a. f^ravelly; smutty, 
Gravelle. ^pvi-eA,f. gravel : vinegar dregs, pU 
Gravelure. grav-I6r,yi smuttiness. 
Graver, grav-ai, v. a. to engrave; imprint; — \ I'eau- 
Graveur, grav-ur. m. engraver. [forte, to etch. 

Gravier, grav-e-ai, m. gravel, grit. 
Gravir. grav-eer, v. a. et n. to climb, clamber. 
Gravitation. grav-e-tah-syo»,/. gravitation. 
Gravity. grav-e-Ui,/: gravity, solemnity; seriousness. 
Graviter, grav-e-tai. v. n. to gravitate. 
Gravois, grav-wa, m. rubbish. 

" * ' '*gi tut. 

_, inclination; debon — . 
"Willingly ; contre son —^grudgingly; de — i — , /b' 
mutual consent; bon— mal— , whether one will or 
not; savoir bon — de qch., to thank for a thing, 

Gniciser, grai-se-zai, v. a. togredxe. 

Grecqne, fste}ii,f. fret-work; handsaw. 

Gredbi. gruA-dai/f, m. scoundrel. 

Grtfement, grai-man. m. rigging. 


Gr£le, grayl, a. slender; shrill ; — ./. hail; skamer, 

GnM, e, gray-lai. a. hailed: pockmarked. 

Gr^jer, e, gray-lai, v. imp.toluul; — ,.r. a. to spoil. 

k-lai«. m. small cable. 

Grelon, gray-low, m. hailstone. 

Grelot. grMA-Ioh, m. ItUle round bell, rattle. 

Grelotter, grM/t-lot-ai, v. n. to shiver. 

[destroy, ruin. 

Grenade, grM/t-nad, / pomegranate; grenade. 
Grenaulier, grM/t-nad-vai, m. pomegranate-tree , 
Grenaille, gruh-nal, /. small shot ; waste corn. 

l-yai, m. pomegranate-tree ; grrtta- 

V ,. . litter. 

GrenaiUer, grNA-na/*ai, v. a. to granulate. 

Grenat. grMA-nah, m. garnet; steel-bead. 

Greneler, gren-lai. v. a. to grain (leather), 

Grener. gri<A-nai, v.a.etn. to grind; seed, 

Grtaetene, gren-tre,y: cornchandlery. 

Grtoetier, ire, gren-^ai. — r. x. eomchandler. 

Grfenetis, gren-te. m. milling. 

Grenier. grMA-nyai, m. granary; corn-loft; magcutine. 

GrenouUle. gr»A-noo/,y:yr(»^. 

GrenouUlire, grMA-noo/-air,/: place full <tf frogs. 

Grenu, e, gr«A-nA, a. full of com; seedy: grained. 

Gths, gray, m. gritstone ; grittdstone ; stone-ware. 

Gr^sil. grai-zi/, m. rime : broken glass. 

Gr^illement. grai-zi/-maM, m. shrivelling. 

Gr^siUer. grai-zi/-ai, v. a. to shrivel, wrinkle; gr^- 

siUe. U ts hoarfrost. 
Gresserie. gres-re./: sandstone; sandstone quarry, 
Grtve. gn.y\,f. sandy shore. 
Grever, grMA-vai, v. a. to burden, harass, 
Griblette. grib-let. / pork chop. 
Gribouillage, gre-booAahJ, m. scrawl. 
Gribouiller, gre-boo/-ai, v. a. to scrawl. 
Griiche, gre-esh. a. speckled. [pair^fUt, atrocious. 

Grief, live. gre-tU — ev, a. — iivement. ad. grievous; 
Griivet^, gre-ev-tai.yr grievousness, enormify. 
Griflfe, grit, / claw; talon ; clutch : grasp; stt 
Griflfer. grif-ai. v. a. to daw. 
Griflfon, grif-oM. m. griffin. 
Griffonnage, grif-oii-ahj. m. scrawl. 
Grilfonner. grif-on-ai. v. a. to sera ml. 
GriiTonneur, grif-on-ur. m. scrawler. 
Grignon. grin-yoM. m. crusty piece of bread. 
Grignoter. grin-yot-ai, v. n. to nibtle, mump. 
Grignotis, grin-yot-e, m. dotting^. 
Grigou. gng-oo, m. beggarly ftllow, 
GriV. gre, m. gridiron. 
GriUaae, gri/-ad. /: broiled meat. 

Grillage, gri/-ahj, m. broiling, roasting; frame of 
Grille, gri/,/1 frate ; grater. [timber. 

shut up; burn, 
[broit; scorch 

Grillon, grU-on, m. cricket. 

Grilloter. gri/-o-tai, v. n. to chirp. 

Grimace, gre-mass. m. grimace, wry face ; sham. 

Grimacer, gre-mas-ai, makewry faces ; pucker. 

Grimacier, gre-mas-yai, m. one that makes wry facts ; 

Griraaud, jgfre-moh, m. raw schoolboy. [hypocrite, 

Grim^. gnm, m. dotard. 

Grimeiiner. grim-le-nai. v. n. to play for a trifle. 

se Grimer, gre-mai, v. r, to wrinkle on^sface. 

Grimoire, grim-war, m. conjuring book ; obscure speech, 

Grimper. grai»-pai. v. n. to climb, clamber up. 

Grimpereau, grain-proh. m. woodpecker. 

Grincement, grain-smaM, m. gnashing or grinding of 

Grincer. graiM-sai. v. n. to gnash the teeth, [the teeth. 

Grii^i^otter. grain-got-ai, v. a. to warble; hum, 

Griotte, gre-ot./: black cherry. 

Grippe, grip, f. whim; tt^fiuenxa; prendre en — , to 

take a dislike to. 
Gripper. grip-ai, v. a. to gripe, clutch; se — , v. r. to 

skrink, shrivel. 
Grippe-sou, grip-soo, iw. pinchpenny. 
Gris, e, gre. jrnz, a. grey; tipsy ; papier — > blotting 

paper; temps — , raw weather. 
GrisaiUer,gre-za/-ai. v. a. to daub with grey, 
Grisfttre, gre-zau-tr, a. grizxly. 
Griser. gre-zai, v. a. to make tipsy. 
Grisette, gre-zet./ grey gown : grisette. 
GrisoUer, gre-zol-ai, v. n. to sing (lark). 
Grison. ne. gre-zo», — zon, a. grey; grey-haired; — , 

m. grey-haired man; donkey. 
Grisonner, gre-zon-ai. v. n. to turn grey-haired. 
Grive, griv,/ thrush. 
Grivele. e, griv-lai. a. grixsled, speckled. 
Griveler, gnv-lai, v. n. to embexxle,fllch. 
Grivois, e. griv-wa, — z, a. lively, brisk; —, m. folly dog. 
Grog, grog, m. grog. 
Grognard, gron-yar. m. grumbler. 
Grognement, gron-y/-ma», m. grumbling. 
Grogner, gron-yai, v. n. to grunt; grumble. 
GrcMpaon, gron-yo», a. grumbling, peevish: — , fn. 
Grom, gro-aiM, m. snout. [grumbler, 

GroUe, grol,^ rook, ^~^ '' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Grammder. sfrom-lai. v. n. to frumiU. [roar. 

Gronder, gron-dai, v. a. et tt. to chide, rebuke : rutnbie: 
Gronderie, grow-dre,/. ckidina;. (— uhz.y: shrew. 

Croir'.r.-.T, ;;:j'i:7 - rl-.-r, t- r—.'.Y.r'-, r'^r-rr*/-r; ?e, 

prt^n^iii i — jeu, high fi'jy; — itt''^pi„j'ifii^ Titiiih^ ; 
— . ad. ntvehy a srratdftti ; — , W. grtattstM*^; J^TMS, 
main ; main piriaty' dram / en — , *> n>hx^^ial£ i in 
gtnerai. igotyseifrry. 

GtO&cillicr. ^loh-zay-jl-aj^ «. CHrmHt-ftre : £&&sr»trry. 
GrOsiCj gnoh-ks,/. f jtsuj. [*»tTA. 

GT£>5scric» groh-sre,/: -Bfhi^tisalt ^aiin^ ; iivn-Ttufrt* 
GrK^5scs$«^ groh-sfrsa,/. ^rtgn^my, 

r'Kde,£iint'msh,- vwis<tr. yiutn^inns. 

Qiossir, CToli-sctf, t^ ff. rf fl. rt ma^ ^g^^f i fnl^r^ft, 
itmrrase ; tfa^t^ ,- »e —^ V. r. iff £row ^i££eri 
steeli ! 6e Tuaj^iijicd. 

Gros^iii^eineEit, groti -si^f^tnaiti^ m. ma^tti/yiHg. 

Crotcsqiic, ETOt-cSk, a. — Iflcnt, &d. £-rtfUKfve »- tuld, 

Grottc, gToL/ pr^, den, urt't:. [tidicuiifiiS. 

Groml Icmcnt, f^otd'Umjty m. rfaltdin^ ,' rumMvttg. 

QiauAWcT, ^cKj/.adr "v. n. le crasd ; E-rumdie ; rton&ft. 

Croup, gTQO^p. w«r *^ n/tftaMfy^ 

Groupe, groop, m. ^tvufi^. 

Grouper, eroopai, v. a, Aj £roup: sc ^, f. *-. t6 Jbrm 

Gruau, gra-oli, tn. gnfatr: tratmeai. \inia i^rcti^s. 

CniV, ^^,J. trantj fti>adle. sirn^t/eH. 

Grw^et, ^rfl'hjai^ V^ a. la craumH. 

Giuisje, gratFiij/^ untlf/t 7ivt>d. 

Orumcau, grfl-nulh, f«, f/rf, f/<rf, 

iiis Urumclcr^ ^Atn-lai, V. r. t9 clot. 

GrtoDBlcujr, w, EtOm-luh, — i, fl. U<fi{<d, 

Cruy«, ^^-•^^Xljn.juitict in tyn. 

Gn€, gal, m.JifTd. 

Gu^ble, gaf-ah-Ll, a./irdnHt. 

Gu&dfrH ]£a!d, /: isRhr^. 

Guilder, (^aE^i, t^ d. /^r <(/>f with lo&ad. 

Cu^er, gai-al, t. a. to/erd. 

GuenLLlis. l^MAnU;/ raj', r»ji*(>A / —^,pi. eU dcthxi,pl. 

Ciwnoiw E«A-no?ir,/ sfu-nwttktyi ugfy '^•P^man. 

Guenuche, if wAnfliliH/ jwiinf **<«?<»«*(■>. 

Gti£|J3cr, (fiiiy-pyjil^ tn. a?rtJj*.wf J/. 

Gu^rTh GuircFi. g^ir, ad. huitittU: but /ete, net Vety ; 

Qa^zct, ^^-T3y,m,fili}ii£^h^ land. [scarcriy. 

GUi^cton, g^ti'rc-do'f, fn. stutid. 

Guei'ir^ ga.L.rcer, f , a^ tt J( , /(J €itrr, kral : ntsi/er / se 

— , t'h r^ I& &i cured, healed: cure one's leif. 
Cu^^H^on^ [fai-rC'ZOJi, /: recovery. 

GuKiriasabtCk ffai-rc-iiali-LJ, i*. curAhie. Ih&HSe. 

Gue^nte, uai-riti /. leTttty^ox; turret^ Hnt-ki:epel>*s 
Guctre, ef^ir,/. tvar; lear/nr^ ; nom de — ^ nicJImame. 
Gu«rrier tie, gair-yai — *, (». tt^^/i^fy — , *«, t*ra/'™?r. 
Ckt«r»yer, gatr^va-vai, Vr fi. ta tt^r, wa^e mtf. 
Gt»t. gay, m. nmtrA, 1v^ilcltman. 
GiMt-Apens, gay-tnp-axf, «. Attiburh. 
Gudtre, giy-tr,/ftfjjftr, sfi^tf^rdnth. 

gutter, (jfaj^'lral, v. a, ^ij/ii^^diicrrf en. 
uetter, gaital, ir. a, /e* i^t't/f, lie in v^ait/jr^ 
Gudteur, gafl-uf,»i. -leattkir,' tiMiteHm^n. 
Gueular^, guh-lar, ftv./Ffrwat^-WiSiiWfA. 

Gweusarii, cTAli-iisif, *w, ^ggariy rascal. 

Gueuser, |ruh^ai^ v. n. ioj^o a.&cgi^iriff, 

Gtieitaen?, guKz.rc,j^ ^^^^ry; trash. 

Gueux, M, glib, — Zj a, biffj^ariy^itimr ; — , tn. ht^j^r; 

GlJi, etie, W. ^nistletoe ; main.diNfnt. { ra^atttii^H. 

Cukhtt, i^c^ny, »ir TtdcJxt. shut/er. 

Culchetier, ^Itish-tyai, *w- /«r#i*4ry. 

Guide, fflija, m.^ttid^, leader ; ^,/. rein ; ^Htwi, m. 

Gujder, [^he-d?u, *». <t. fc^WTV/i", /wtf. JJiWc^^tiry. 

Guidon, ^e-t^oH, m. ^tandaref,* sfandard-lvarer ; 

GuJgnard^ ghin-yai', m, dt?ttereL 

Guignc, ^hfn-y/./ keart-cherry. 

Guigncr^ if hin-ya!, ^. n. to leer^ prtp ; Awt^ o^r. 

Guignier, jjlii il-yc-aJH. mi. heart cherry-irte. 

Guifla^e, ghii-ah), nt.Jerttiettiiiliofi. 
GuillaLicne, ghW-ohm, wt. rahbet-plaHe. \gHo!istt&H. 

C^uillenictSt gh.l/-iiia,y, tn. pi. turned CermuaT, pt. ; 
Gui]]cr4;t, tc. ghiJ-rajfT — t<^E> <i. spri^kiiyt j^ay, tnerry ; 
Guillen, gfa^'fe, wi. ckirfiffjir^ l-tli^mt. 

GuiUocbcf , ghlZ-osh^f, ?', a, to m-otv. 

Gil i ; lot Lne, gli i/'Ot -in, y. ^' ufififttni. 

GuiJJqtinisr, i-hi^-OE e-na;i^ t. 0. tobtkiicd. 

Guiiiiiauve, grie-moliv,/ mmrsh maJln&. 

GuLcnbaitle, ^alH-^Am,/. ^ewr harfi ^ sfti^e-ttia£-^im. 

Gulmpe, e^bip,/. nun'j^ stoma^iur. 

Guln,di, t, ^aL//-dai» a. keisted^ j-'i^ 

Gui nder, eai^Klai, v. a. to hPiit t»i' 

Guin^, fifMjl-ai.yifWjnfij. \CrOekediy. 

Gulfvgois, Eai«-cwa^ m. tr^oiednut ; de — n a^J^, 

Guinijftierte^ FiiH-jTcr,/ pidttick&ust ,- iituntry-Aouse. 

Gu]rLa13d1^, (fliccrlara^/. garland, ivrttUM. 

GuiSfiH Jillb:./ mamttry CtUt^m : /aHty. hum&itr, 

Guiiar«, Ehe-taT./irwi/ffr. 

GuitarL^te, Ebe-iar-rit, m. ^uitar-pittytr. 

GuiluraE, e , jdH-tC-ra^H a. gittftirai. 

Gynmait, hjiin-natcz, m. eyrnnnsium. [rtaitics,. 

Gymnaitiquc. hjim-li^^s£, cr, ^ymuarfit ; — ,/'.£ym- 

GynLniqLj.t, hjim-nik, a. j^yf/fttic t" ^^,A ^wtttaSttCi. 

Gypsu, hjips, w, piaster 0/ Parii, Eyptum, 

Gypscuii se, hjip-suhn ^--z, a. ^yfisetntx. 

Ha I hah. ^«^. hat 

Habile. alirbLE. a, ^ment. ad. ahU : drvrr: dexterous, 

HiibLLcte, ab-il-tai^y; ability, cleivrntss ; dcxfenily. 

Habilitd, ab-c-lC'tai,/! fuah/iLati&n, 

Habiiitcr, ab-e'le^tal, v. a, te hoAilitoA. 

Habillagf, ab-i/.ahj, Bf, dressing, 

HabiUcment, ab'i/^ma», fft. dress, cl^tJits, pi-, i attire. 

HatiiJler, ab-iZ-aU v. a. et drtsi ^ dathe : etttire : 

eQuipi skin ; %'—, v, r. te dress one's sel/i *«j ii4fthes. 
Habit, ab-e, m. drea , suit of clashes. 
Habitable, ab<-tah'bl, ^. inha&itaHt. 
Haliitacle, ab-e-tah-k], tn. Mnacie. 
Habitant K ab-e-UfJ, tn, dweller : planter. 
Habitation, ab-e-tah-syojj, /; h^^itati^m residence: 
Habit«;, ab-e-taJ, t'. a. to inhabit, dvtellin, [plantation. 
Habkude, a-tw-t£ld, /. Aa^tt, custom ; aa^uantiance / 

Habitu^, ab-e-tidvii, tn. /nqtttnHr, rejraiareustomer. 
Habstuel, k, al>e-tA-«l, a. — lemenr, ad. Aaiitual. 
Habicuer, ab^-ta-aJ, v. a. to aecusttm,^ inure; s'— , 

^. r. fi? use, inurt&ne'tsei/,' settle, 
HhhUit, hau-blai, tf. n. to &mg, duster. 
H&blcric. hau-bljfh^TC, /: ttrap£itt£, 
H^blcLirn had^blur, m. ^ragger^. 
HachCf hash,/: axe : hatcMt. 
Hathet, ha&h-aJ, v. a. te hash, kacA : hatch, 
Hscbeireaa, ha^-roh.^ m. tittle axt. 
Hachette, hasli-et,/: haicAit. 
HachJs, hash-^, m. minted tntai. 
Hachnir, hash-war, *n, efnifpiu^'*tiijk ^ tki^^infr. 
Hachure, liash-tlf,/ haiihiftg. \fioatd^ 

Hagard. e, 1ia^-ar, —4, a. ha2gard : •miM, 
Hana. hah-hah^ tn. haha. 
Haicn hay,/", hedge ; hedee^nf^^ 
Haie I hah-c, int. £ce hoi 
Haillonj hai^QH. in. tatter. 
Halncn hayUk /: hatred ; abharrettctt 
Hainciiic, sc^ licy-nuhf — i, a, hateful, raHcor&liS. 
HalT, hah-ecrj %'. a. to hate, dislice ; a&hor. 
Haircn \i3^T^/^ hair.€loth. 
Haissablft nali^-s? h^bl, a, hate/kl, odious. 
Halajif?, h^l-ahji tn. tiiwin^, 
Halbran^ hal^braw, tti. yotHug wild ducJir. 
HaJbrcnd, haJ-brN^j'tiai, a,_^i£Med, 
H^c, haulj m. dryings wind. 
HiL^i c, haul-ai, a, sun^iumt 
Halelnc, 3\..e;njf, Ittreaih, m',!^ ,- hw S d'— * Pt^oftntath: 

tout d"iinc ", o/asirekh. 
Halcnde. al.jiaL J^ ^rtath ,- whi^, 
Haicr, tiaui-ai, ^•. a. to ^um,,fe(trfft, 
Halcr haMi, v. a. to haul, torn. 
Halct^T^ hal-td, v. tt. tapant,pu^. 
Halcur, hau-lur, m. hauitr, 
HAllagc, haJ-abj, tn. inar^f-duty. 
Hallali, at-sl-e, tn. whoop. 

HsIJCk hal, f, mttrAet,- latverajg'e des — s, BOlingssraU 
Hailebarde. hal-bard,/; haihrrd. [Mnjrua£e, 

HaHebafdier, ^laUbar-djral, m. halberdier. 
Hauler, ha1-yai, m. thkkft,' mar^-iteper. 
Hallucination, al lu-se-tiali-ayDM,/ haUneinatiott. 
Half^ hal^li, m. halo. 

H^loir, liaut-o-iar, m. place ^hert hemp is drsttf. 
Halot, hal-oll, tn. COny-^urnrar, rabbit-h^lc. 
Hidte, halt^ halt: fairc— , to halt; —» int, haUtstopI 
Hatnac, ham-aJL m. hamtnoch, 
Haineau, bam-oiii m. hamlet. 


Kajn:iier, am-stair, m, hutftsttr. 

Hanche, h^nhh^X A^uric/t^ Az^, 

Itiinnetoii, l»E-to«± »f. tfmy'^tig: 

Hautist^K ha'^r-teet.y^y>wifl'Wtf*iftMj>. 

]Ja-ipe, lia|.»,/ €Tamp'irvn. 

Happeloiirile, 'hap-]ocitii>'. £i(>Nif/2'r//«r fA?Ntf/ fdjcr^inft. 

Hnpper, hap-HiE, V. hii. -/^ nfrf't*^ »/, jir^tArA, 

JL-iqueiidc, liiUc-nai,/: dW*ft>^ UA^. 

] Liquet] if r, Itak'tya-lT m. ifr^.j'T'Mn. 

Hnran^ue, har-a«gb,yt haraitj^ue. 

H.irangTJcr, har-^H-fiifttaL Tf. o. Ta haran^t. 

H.irancucur, hlTiirf-g'tiurt ^Wl haran^utr'. 

H.\r.'\.^ har-au, ^n. jj^h^. 

Har.isacrj har-ass-flj, V. a. to harass y Itrfary, t^vertim 

H.ifCCler, hajii-lai, f. a; ftc AarojS, icrwiiJtt. Ytta^t^. 

Vir\ rdcr, haz-clai, v. a. i^ <oupit. 

\\ rirriffSr hard, J^ JS^. tiothts : fii. alif'rt. 

H'irdi, €, har-dcn d. <— mcnt; a^. hatn/jF, haid, audaciffvj, 

HaFfilJci^i^c, har-dycsst ^ dq/dness, atidoiHy ; /rad^tn, 

HafCH^b har-SHj itw. herrisij^. 

H aren;gaisanj har-aH-gpy-zoH, / herrin^'Season ,■ ^iW^ 
Hdrcil£^7C, har^ajw.hjaijiyT^jrt-^wjwjajf^ [ring^-JisfKry. 
Jiar^n«U?C. se, Ijari^-jruh, — z» a, pe^z'isk^ trArtrifsA, 

llEiriiJeile, l»ar-e-deI,/:j"(irA', harritiitttr 
HaTntDnlcan ar.mon-c-t.iihf w, hurmonic^^ 
llannonie, ar-EtH>n-c,7^ A*irwi(n«y^ 
l^armon^eux, 5«^ ar-mon^yuh, — £, a. — Kinent^ iK^. ^^i 

Hannottique; ar-mon-ik, i. ^mcnE, dtfr httrmanic. 

1 Harmon bte, ar-JUOn^Lst, f». /itfrftUfttCtt. 

Usmacha, liaT'^nash^i, t. a. /** Aarti^js: 

Hamais, har-iiay, vt. hamtit; armimr; cheval de — ^ 

HaroK har-ol], W. A*(f and Cry. ldraii£hi-h^ri$, 

F« liarpaLLter, liar-pdZ-av, V. r. /<? sa^^i. 

H arpc„ harp, ^ Atw"/' ; tcHffki/ff^. 

Hjirpcr, har-paj, e'. a. ICjj^ri^i, kaU. 

Ji:irpLc, har-pe,^ harpy ; -Shme. 

HutrpLstc^ har-pist, m. Hurpi-^L 

HaTpon, har-poff, f7<. harpoon. 

H.irponncr, nar-poJi-ak, tf. a. /& hafpiUm, 

H arponiiEfur, har-pon-ur, m. HarpooN'Sr^ 

Hart^ hai,/! band{/asot\; hailcr^ \_sec&nd^kan4. 

H anard, hah-zaji nr. hazard, c/iufice, hap ; dc — p ai 

HaRardcr^ hah-xar-ddJ, f . n. /i? Wj^> "venture ; St 

HasaTdcux, ue. hah^zLir-iJiiti, —z, &. —Scmentf «i. ^J- 

ardoits i txntUrvus^ 
Hasc^ hahf ,^ dee^hare / dag-ra^i/, 
Hilftf haut,^ has/tf hurry / i |a ■", »" a: hurry^ 
H ^tcr, liau^taJp ^'. a, /i; hasim ; h urry ; push en ; 3C ^t 

Vr r, io mate haste, 
HAr^uFp hau^tur^ wt, (merieer of thi reatt-meat ; f&rt- 
Hatier, hau-tj^ai, »flr j/ijr-rdfA I **«**. 

Hntttf, ive, han'ttf, — iv, a. — jvcment, ff^'. Aiw/y: <?sr<y, 
HiVtlvet^, 'hAvt'<vt'XMYf,Jor^'ardii<ss. l/orwanf. 

Hiiuban^ hoh-Uvf, w, shn}ti4, 

Ifjiubert, haji-tairp ttt, hau^rJb. l£vrs^t. 

Ilriusse, hohss, / iifli ovtrlayi —col, m. ntck-pitix^ 
Haiissementp l;on^sinaff» jw. rerikng', rim — d'^paiile$. 

r7i) HiB 

Ucbdeinwlah^ eb-dom^d-aJr^ ?. wteAfy. 
M« border, al-bilr^lijaj, f^. 4]. 4> Mf^»in i^^r. 
H^bi^er, aJ-bai-taJ, «. a. rl^ he^ftttttt duti^ tittpi^. 
Hdbcatstnt^ al-bmh-lsm, »i. h^jn-^ism. 

H«el^t^uc, itk-tik. a. AfrCiiC. 

HflctLstt, ck^Ec>ze.y: Affrtr. 

fi^S^lfc, ai-iijccr^/; hcj^ra. 

Hfldm|uc, at'ilAk, m. Nwn^ri£tH/oot-SaMifrt 

Helm aifi. ifiL eh/ 

H^Jas I ai4a}i^ int. a/as f —, m* ^iffh^ 

H^ler, haMal 7\ a. fii haiL 

HeU^flliintf cl4a3.TiL!iim, m, hei/rnism, 

Kelli^Distep d-Lai-nist, tit, h^lfatut. 

Hem, hfin^ int. hem i 

Hematite, al-maL-it.^ tlif^ds^fu, 

Hdcnisphercr ai-mC'^lAir, m, hemitpht*^. 

HiJimorraBie, ai-mor'a,?iJ-e,/ ht^m^rrhAg^yhfrnerrhagy, 
lli^marToidal, c, af'iiior-rof^aJ, s. htmorrknidat. 

Ilausser, hoj^sal, t, ^ . tet «, ?*» ratje', htt'^-Hffn, lift up ; 

nye ; irtct^/tse / S€ — , 7', K tif ratst OHe'i Sc^/; rift. 
Ilau&gicr, ftoh-syai, wi, ^pauiat&r far tfie ri^i in the 
1 1 ausai^e, hoh-syaJTrj'I hawt^f. {puMicj'uHd. 

Ilauu e, boTi, — ti (tr e(«^, hijfhytail: ai^/i,- uprig-Ht ; 

ioud; pfvud, h&ughty^ — , tn. height; upper part ; 

top; en — t lAnv, up^ttAirt; pa* —, ((^mwn^j, 
Hautain, ei hoh-taiH, — E^i:^ et . -^inent, ^if. hanghty. 
IlauiboiSp hoh'bwa., wt hmmb^y: hartti?(yy'piaytr. 
Haut-<l«'Cba.u5se3t hohd-&liohss, m. /it^^^, ^rttihts, pL 
}laut&«anti% hoht-kort-trjj^ ^urtiir-fener. 

i-l^Lii EC-lice, hoht4ks,j< fapt-ttfy-Aangiws. pL 

FE.iutcincllt llollt-nia*f, ntf. highly/ 


J-i-riutcssCt hDh-tes&/ Ay'Awfjj. 

K tiitquf, liDh-tur,/r^«'^'^''^'^'>^''nf'>"^!^^^>' hatighti-^ 

'lessy scorn ; 6.6 SH — , at /nil len^th^ 
I-J ^ vf , ^auv, a. tvAn, pale, ^kastiy. 
H .1 vtran, bivlfO^, jtt. ivild oais^ pt, 
HarkFp hav-eer, f. a. to st&txh, 
Havre, hau-VT, m. hovtn^p^rt. 

H<^. hAi, t>if. hi / ^w^/(t / 
}lcaume, liolim^ nt^ f^rimtfy 

llcmorroldes, ai-niot-ro-id,/^//. Htmorrkoidit pikht^' 

Ht^nnir, han-eer, *. ». to ttnigh. 

Hi.'nni^.'^r'Ttient, hati-u-inair, vt. tttigkiftg, 

t[i|..iTi..|iie:r, ai-pat-ik, a. hrpaticsi. 

ri j.M: . .Tvlf, ep-talt-uld, jri. heptachord. 

IIli.lLJLijtjv, aUral-dik, a. htra4dfi:. 

llcr.^ut, hai-roh» m. hfralxi. 

Hcrbaci, e, «r-ba&^l, a. herhturious'^ 

Hcrha^^e, «T-baliJ, m. htrta^e : _pastHtw, 

J^erbe, erb-y. h^rd ; grass. 

Hcrbef, aLr-biil, -v. a. lo /ay en ihegrojt. 

Hcrherie, crb-rt*,/'. hUackiNg-plAit. 

HcftMtte, air-bet, z+j'AciWjTnaj'j. 

Herb^ux, Se, air-buhp — it a, herbffUS^ grassy^ 

IHerbJer, air-byai, n\. kerkat, 

Hctbitre, air-byairK^^ hfrb-'wotnan. 

Herbivore, air-bc-yor, a, hertivore-ws. 

HerborLser, air-bor'C-rait ^, Wi to gather simpter, 

HerborJscur, air^bcir-e-zuri, HerbcristCp air-bor'ist^ f^ 

hirtoristf simpltr, 
Herbii, e^ air-b^* a, htr^aMSt g^'^ssy. 
Wht^t njaiZf tn, po^rwrviih. 

Ht|r^i3itajrcj ai^rai^de-tairr a. ^mentp ad. Hereditdty. 
H er^diti?, ai-rai-de-tai, J", heirsh ip, in }t/-rififn<x, 
Ht^r^iiiaxquep ai-rai-^yjulEh *>i. h^resiarch^ 
"Hiti^r, ai-cai-ze,^ heresy, 

Ht^ii^tique, ai-rai^tik^ a^ herrticai i — , tft. hereite•^ 
Hi^riiserf hai-rc-sai, v. a. et se — , if. r. to bristle np. 
Ht-^ri^cm, hai-re-BOw, m. htdgthag / mHting '^heei. 
Hiint^ii^y ai-re-tal]j, m, inhit^AHti ; ii/ate. 
HcrLicr, ai-re-tai, n', n. to inhtrit. 
^[(^ritLcr, aUre-tyal m. heir^ — ^re, ^t,/. heiress. 
Flcrmaphroditc, er-^inaf-nod-it, fH. henriaphrodite.. 
1 1 emif^tiquei air-[Iial>tikh a, — Ut^t^ ad, fttrtntth'a/, 
H ermine, er-nvifi,^ erfnine* 
IJcrrnincttep er-mui-et, >T sdxe. 
Hemic, hatr-Tve,/ rapture. 

Heniicu^r, se, ef-ne-uK. — j, a. a^fftckd with a hernia. 
Hernine, ^m-ixi,/'. h^ine, 
H^idiqnQ, af^ri>ik, a. -^tsentr *rf. h^r&ic, Atraical. 
Hi^roiame, ai-ro-iscn, m. hendim. 
Hh-ron, liaJ^rori, m. her&n. 
Hi?rcnnea[iK bai-roim>1i, tn^ya^uftg htr^n. 
Hf^fonnier, Eiai-jron^yai, m. haiifk/i?r hervn'^hundfig. 
HtSronnifere, lia]-fon-y3ir,X hentshaiv. 
H^ros, hal-foli, Mr hero* 

Herssifiie, 1t^Er=^a?ij, jw. ham^Ttdftjc fifitjft^d* 
Her&e, hdats&^J". harnrm.- pDrttuiJis; 
Htrser, Jmtr'SaiK v. a. to harrcnf. 
Herseur, hair-sur^ m. AttrrtntYr. 
Hesitation, ai-ze-iah-syot, / hesitatt'oH, ^neniitude* 
H^sfEer, aL-ze'tai, v. n. t<t hisi^U: pause. 
H^l^fodoKCj ai-tal^rodl-oks, a, h^tfradox. 
H^t^fodoicEe, a3-tal■^&(l-ok-se^/^ hgturoda^. 
H^t^tOiiltiCy ai-tai-n^hj-ayn, a. hrtfrvgcnrouf. 
llrti^roLrciJcii^p ai-tal-rohJ-al-!iai-e4aJ,/; het^^geneiiy. 
Hfrtr^H hay-tip rn. &eech-trte. 
Hra^ huH^ av^ hoy.^ 
Hcur, UTi ffir lufJt. 
H cuJCk UTyJl hour / tifne ; 4t boftne — ^ Mifftff, ^arly ; 

h la bonne ^, veryiueilf be ii sa; pour I'—, at present; 

lout a I'— ■, imtnediaieiy, by-and'ity ; —St pi. prayer- 

Heureui^ sijp uh^niKp — z^ a^ — scment, ^if?. happy; 

ineiy ; fortMnaie ; —^, tn. happy mtiH, 
Hcurterp hnhr-taif v. a. tt tt, to j-trike trgafHSt; diwJk, 

iMix:i :■ hurt; shosk ; colour hard ; se ^ ^h r, t^ 

striAe agaiftst one Another; ^utt^ 
Hcxamtive, cK-zsin-Ay-tx, m. Aexameter, 
Hiatus &ali-tia$^ m, hiatus., 
Hibou> bc-bC0j pik 9w^, Digitized 





Mic, h!k. m. kttot, difficulty: c'est Ul le — . volUi le — . 
tfure is the rub. 

T^- ^ ■:- '' ■ "•■'■. —z, o. —icmcnti #4/. Ajytpfrj. 

i i ; . ; : .'■ .■ ■ . I.-; I.IJ tfifr. 

11l(jLi]c, ^-iiy-b\/. "Ji'-ai/iitorf. 

liter, yair, aif. ytstirdtsy. 

lli^rarchic, hyai^rarrFibe,,^ hierarchy. 

I i LiJiEiFclaiquCp h^:ti-rar-!>hiki ^ai. hifmrchiCaL 

Hidroj^lyphe^ yax-'ff)^-\i^ at, hi^rer/p'^/iic. 

Hi^ro)fly|jihique; y^i^rfj^rtir-ib, a. Jiiere^ly/ 

Hilaritf, e'l3r-e't^i,y^ Ailariiy. 

Hij»ria1rLqtl«, t[>'P«-aMJk,J^ vtteriHary art. 

HipptKlrotTie, ip-po.firoUTO> m. raa-^rauiut, 

HiK^ndeUf, e-row-dcll.jT rsHtlltf^. 

HirsuteuxH se^ jr-sfl'tyh. — i^ a, ^istly^. 

HiKMT, he-ioi, r. * . '(J Aji'jf, 

KiStPiK, [s-twar^ history .- re^erJ^ 

Kislorkji, iMoryaJK, m. hisiarinn. 

Kistcricr, i^tOf'S-ai, Vr 41. io amnutintt 

Mistoiictt«, is-tor-e-ett,/! sf^ry, 

Kktcrio^aphu, ia-tor-e-off-raf, w. Hi^ior-fag'rvipfitr. 

Uisitaiiquf, i5-toir4k, d. — Ment, (Mf. histprit\ Ai-ifericai. 

MSTcma^, e-va]f -iiahj, m. ^ttnnferin^, winfer-tirftt. 
Htwrn^l, e, ■e-valf-nul. a. hifi^rnaL 
Miverner, e-valr^tuk, v, n. itf ivirtftr; s'— , v. r. to 
Ho, Iwh, »>rf. Atf/ fi"jpj/t¥«»*trV jif^&j ii^id. 

HobereAU, bob-roliK wi. h&b^y; ^mtuiry tfHtrt. 
Hoc. liok^ /«. hoc/t iefimf]. 

Hochepot, ho*h-poh, j«, hi>t£h^ih. 

HDclseqiL^Lter Iio^tl-kuh. f», tifa^iaii, 

Hoclicr, TiQsh-ai, t. ^r ^1? shak^y Apjj* 

KochGt, hosh-ay, uf. rattix, 

Hotr, war, jWl Ai'/r, 

HoLrie. w:ir^,_/l itikeriJanef. 

H0IA, hn-lah, int ho I hfiiiJ f 

lioler^ hD-]:ii. v, n, jTit fy^sif/ ^^2e/s^ 

Hoillajider. lioJ^ajt-^ai. v. a. to ri4^ i« hot dlhti. 

Kom^liCi oni^ai-lc,/; h^iniiy. 

tiomicVde, oro^e-sid, wi. /f^rm'n'dt ; — Involontalre, 
»cd#j/af4jr^'''^r',' — , d. TTtitriien^tt-i. 

Honuniti^r, oin^i-ai, m, hoiHa^er^ 
HofTunasse, am-assi,^ utasmtiitte. 
' Honinie, onv n«. r^cth .' tfiafiJtind/ — de I&ttres, 
iiferary man ,- — de robt, fim^fr. 
HoiTioeopathe, om-ai-o-pat, ?^f. h^Tmrafiitihis/. 
Homoeopathic, omi-ai-o-pai-e./^ kemeEetpnthy. 
Homoeopathtque, otn-ai-o-p^t'Ek, a. ^-intint, ai^. horriao- 
Hc»mo^]3«, om-o-hjayn, <t. h^rmtgieneiiL ifathit^al. 
Homo^^n^it^^ oan'O-lOai-nahfi'tai,/ Aom<^f7ieafnesi, 
Homolngmion, om-ol-e^'ah-syci«,y! con/trmati^n:, 
Hoinologiier, om-ol-oj^^t, 1/. a. tff^njirifK 
Homonyine, om-on'iii], tf. h&^ncnym&ns i — , ?«, name- 
Hoiigrc, bnw'grr *. cheval ^y^rMiiis: [sake. 

lionn&tey tm-ayi, a. —menu (Ta!'. honest; btcaining, 

] I uein£t«tf , on-^yl-LaiKy: hojirs/y ,- dtcency ,- ftitieftfss. 
H uMif ur. an^Ur, wiv, koKaur ; ^lory ,- nefiufiifi'nn ; 

dtcsratfctn / darac d'—g /jd^ in 'wa itif:£ .- homjne 

d' — K ??*n M qf^ro^ity .- — s. ^/, hoitaurs ,- ^ivHifiifi 
Honhir, hoil-necT, if. a. to d£i£ race. 
HoEtorabJe, Oti-or-ah-b], a. ^^mrni, oi/. honourable ; 

r^spfftaMe : tvfitttadift' sitfnj^ttioifs. \saiitry. 

Honurauc, onor-air, df. ^£)jj{tm?;y, titjtlnr: — , ta./ee, 
Hotibrur, DH'Or'at, t. rt. ft) h^n^^Hr; do credii; a' — , w, r. 

to honour <?ttt's it^,- h^ii Hs an Han&Mr. 
Honotifique^ onH>T-e-£k, a. hifH<rr(%ry. 
Honlc, hojf Ej_/! sAame : avoir — de, to ^ ashamrd cf. 
f^IonE^ux^ SC, hoH-tuh, — z, ct. — ^Ciaent, ad. ashamed ; 
Hopitai, op-c-ta]^ tst. har^ifa/. [sAtinfr/u/, 

KoqucE, hok-ay^ »i. hica?i^'-hr Ajimifi. 
HoquctCFr hok-tai, ?'. n. to Aiaflfti^'A. 
Horai:r?i ar'AEr, a. hcrary. 
HhM d^i liord,_/r horde. 
tioTtzo^L, oT-c-xofi. fft. fwrispf:. 

Horizojitalt c> aT'C-zati-tuX^ a. — -tnitnt, ad. hi^ri^ott/j/, 
Horloge. or-Ioh1,y. clocJi. 
Horloger. or-Iohj-ai, nt. watchmaker. 
Horlo^erie, or-lohj-re.y; luatchmahing. 
Hormis, or-me, pr, except, save. 
Horoscope, or-os-kop, m. horoscope. 
Horreur, or-rur,y: horror; dread; detestation; Uffly 

thing ; shocking thing. [shocking. 

Horrible, or-ribl, a. — ment, ad. horrible, /righ^ttl ; 
Horripilation, or-re-pe-lah-syow,/: horripilation. 

Hors, hor, pr. except, save ; — de. Out of, beyond { — 

d'oeuvre, m. outwork ;. digression. 
Horticulteur, or-te-kfil-tur, tn. horticulturist. 
Horticulture, or-te-kfll-tflr.y: horticulture. 
Hospice, os-piss, m. hospital. \m. hospitaler. 

„.,.., . .. , _ --.. hcsi 

wspiUwle ; — « 

Hospitaller, ^re, os-pe-tal-yai, • 

Hospitalitd. os-pe-tal-e-tai, /I hospitality. 

Hostie. os-te,/. victim ; host. 

Hostile, OS-til, a. —ment, ad. hostile. 

Hostility, os-te-le-tai,/: hostility. [d'— . ordinary. 

Hdte, oht, m. landlord, innkeeper, host; guest; table 

H6tel, oh-tel, m. Itotel; — de ville, guildhall, town- 

Hdtelier, oht-lyjd, tn. landlord, innkeeper ; —ire, — air, 
H6tellerie, oh-tel-re./I inn. [/. hostess, lattdlady. 

Hdtesse. oh-tess,/: hostess. 
Hotte, hot,y: dorsel, scuttU. 
Hott^e, hot-ai,/: dorsel/ul. 
Hotteur, hot-ur, »«. dorsel-man. 
Houblon, hoo>UoM, tn. hop, hops. 
Houblonner, hoo-blon-ai, v. a. to hop. 
Houblonni^re, hoo-blon-yair,y^ hop-garden, 
Houe, Yioo,/. hoe. 
Houer, hoo-ai, v. a. to hoe. 
Houette, hoo-ett.y: lUtU hoe, 
Houille, hoo/,/: pit-coal. 
Houiller, hooZ-ai, a. coaly. 
HouiUdre, hoo/-air,y: coal-pit. 
Houilleur, hoo/-ur, m. collier. 
HouillcLiK^ 5C, hqoif-uli, — z, a. e&Aly, 
HoLitan, hoa^laM, tn. tthlatu 
HouIf, hciol,^ surge., swet/t 
Houlcttc. hoo-Sett,/; crosier; treT^l, 
Heij[eux, sc, tiao-luh^ — z, a. snrgy. 
Houjipc, hoopry] mft; pewder^p}^^ 
Ho-.,| [jrl^inde, hoop'laJ(d,y; great coai, 
Hci:.:j;iJ<-r, hoop-^i, v. a., totii/i* 
Ho:i\HAcry honp-yiti, tft. vfoo^-comSer, 
HoLiraLLJ«r^ tjoor-^/-:^!, v. fir fo hmti'Sfith bad hounds, 
Hciarriageh hixf'-dfih), aa, rough masonry-work. 
Hcurder, hrutr-dai, V. a, to roujiAit.'i}rjbt, 
Hourct, linor'ay, ni, bad Hound, 

Hourque, honrfcrj^ hooktr. [noise. 

Hoktrv.iri, hooj-var-e, '". catling hack the dogs ; great 
HoLiFipUler,, li[?os.'pi/-a3n ^, ^, to tug, touse ; se — , v. r. 

t.i one's seff; "Wf^ngU. 
H(.i.-.-,ri-e, hoO'EUUiJ, PI, dusting. 
Htu-,s.Lir:, lioo-say^y: hoUy-grov*. 
H(i.i-.'..iriJ, hcKHSiar, m. hussar. 
Ho2i',^.t:. h'!ios%J'. AoTiiing, horse-dotJk, 
Hou-H-^vfy h*>-«iU V. a. to dust. 
H<iiJ->sine, ]ic>0!^iii,/: jTviith. 
Houssiiiec, lioo-i&e-naU v. a. ta rtoiteh. 
Hcu^&oi^ hoo-swar, m./rat/ifr-^FOOm, 
Houx, hcio, m. holly. 
HoysLu. lio-yotiK m. mattock. 
Huati, tlOH>n, m. sCarecrotv. 
HubluC, ha-bloh, fH. smalt port' hole. 
Huclve, hash,/t kneading-troitffh ; meal-tub, 
HuchetK llflih^ay, m. hnnts^rnan' s^ horn. 
Hue, hrt. iHt.gerha f 
Hu^eK hti-ai,/ whoop; sh&ui, 
Huer, [ifl-al zf. a. to ^hoop f^er, ih^ttt after, 
HufTLiefidit, 6, h^K'-HCllK— ti S. hugftcnot. 
HujfuenoCc, h.^^-not^y. pipkin. 
Hui, we, ad to-day ; Cc juur d'-^^^ this day, 
HuiieK wce],jC oil. 
HuLtcT, we-tain v. ti. to oil^ 
HuilcLiK, 5C, we-luh, — z, at oi/y, 
HuLlicr. wc-Syair t/t. oUtnan.- oil cruet. 
Huis. we, j«, door, k — clos, Toith closed doors. 
Hui!iF;Lcr„ wis-y:^i, -nt. usAer, tips^Jf, 
Huit, witp n. eight; eigArh. [se'ttnight. 

HuLE^Lnc^ w«.ten» /. eii^ht dayj ; i |a — , this day 
HuiEiimc, wur-tycm, a. —ment, ad, eighth; — , w. 
Hi.?; . •■■ \^./.<^yster^ [eighth part. 

Hu' :■ ■ . f. yni\^f.^mtM, 

Hu 1^1 ■...., : , ■.. i.i.iL^, —men, a. — ement, tul. hutnan: 

hutttane, kind; — , tn. man. 
Humaniser, A-man-e-zai, v. a. to humanize, cvuilixe; 

s'— , V. r. to grow tractable, become gentle. 
Humaniste, A-man-ist, tn. humanist. 
Humanity, 0-man-e-tai, y^ humanity; kindness; —5, 

pi. classical learning. 
Huml "• 

umble, UM-bl. a. —ment, ad. humble, tttean. 
Humectation, il-mek-tah-syo»,j^ humectation. 
Humecter, Q-mek-tai, v. a. to hutttect, tnoisten. 
Humer, hd-mai, v. a. to such in, sup up. [fancy. 

Humeur, A-mur, f. humour; tetnper ; disposxtion: 
Humide, A-mid, a. humid, damp, tttoist; — ment, ad. 

in a danip place. [moisture. 

Humidity, ft-me-de-tai, f, humidify, dampness, 

HUM [73] IMP 

Humiliation, fi-mil-e-ah-syon. /. humiliation ; mortiji- Illigalit^. i]-]a!gat-e-tai.>: iUegalUy. 

cation. [v. r. to httmble one's self. \ ^^^■^'•^•''"•'•^ :i 1— ui_ »:.„ _ » . 

Huniilier, fi-mil-e-ai, v. a. to humiliate, humbie / s'— , 
Humility, <i-mil-€-tai./: humility, humbleness. 
Humoral, e, fl-uior-al. a. hutnoral. 
Humoriste. Q-mor-ist, Humoristique, <i-mor-ist-ik, a. 

humoursome, peevish. 
Humour. O-mor. m. humour, drollery. 
Humus. d-mOs, m. mould. 
Hune. hOn,y: tojp. 
Hunier. hOn-yai. m. topsail. 
Huppe. \ito,/.pewet : tuft. 
Hupp^. e, hOp-ai, a. tufted. 
Hure. hflr.y. head ; jowl. 
Hurlement. hOrl-man. m. howlittr, yell. 
Hurler. hOr-lai, v. u. to howl, yell. 
Hurlub«rlu, Or-lQ>bair-lQ. ad. bluntly^ 
Hussard. hOs-ar. m. hussar. 
Hutte. hat./: hut. 
Hyacinthe, vas-aiMt,/ hyacinth. 

Hybride. e-brid. a. hybridous. [draulics. 

Hydraulique. e-droh-lik. a. hydrauNcal : — , /. hy- 
Hydrographe. e-drog-raf, m. hydrographer. 
Hydrojfraphie. e-drcwf-raif-e.y". hydrography, 
Hydro^^aphique, e-drog-raf-ik, a. hydrographical. 
Hydropatnie. e-drop-at-e. /. hydropathy. 
Hydropathique. e-clrop-at-ik. a. hydropathicttl. 
Hydrophobe, e-drof-ob, s. hydrophobe. 
Hydrophobic. e-drof-ob-c,y: hydrophobia. 
Hydropique, e-drop-ik. a. dropsical. 
Hydropisie, e-drop-e-ze, yT dropsy. 
Hyine. yen, /l hyena, hyen. 

Hygiene, e-hje-ayn./". hygiene. 
Hymen, e-mai^i, Hym^iu^e, e-niai-nai,m. hymen, mar- 
Hymne, iaaa,/. hymn. [riage. 

Hyperbole, e-pair-bol,/; hyperbola. 
Hyperbolique, e-pair-bol-ik, a. hyperbolical. 
Hypercritique, e-pair-cri4ik. m. hypercritic. 
Hy(>ocondre, c-pok-o«-dr, m. hypochondriac. 
Hypocondriaque, e-pok-o;i-dre-ak, a. hypochondriacal. 
Hypocondrie. e-pok-OM-dre,yr melancholy. 
Hypocrisie, e-pok-re-2e,yC hypocrisy. 
Hypocrite, e-pok-rit, m. hypocrite : — , a. hypocritical. 
Hypoth6caire, e-pot-e-kair. a. cr^ancier — , mortgagee; 

— ^ment, cut. by mortgage. 
Hypoth^que, e-pot-ek,/: mortgage. 
Hypoth6quer, e>pot-e-kat, v. a. to mortgage, engage. 
Hypothise, e-pot-ayz,/: hypothesis. 
Hypoth^tique, e-pot-ai-tik, a. — mcnt, ad. hypothetic, 
Hysope, e-zop,/! hyssop. [/typothetical. 

Hysteric, is-tai-re,^. hysterics. 
Hystdrique, is-tai-rik, a. hysterical. 

lambe. e-a»b, m. iambus, 

lambique. e-aM-bik, a, iatnbic. 

Icelui. e-sloo^, IceUe, Qs«\,pn. he, she. 

Ichneumon. ik-nuh-moM. m. ichneumon. 

Ichoreux. se. e-kor-uh, — z, a. ichorous, 

Ichthyologie, ik-tc-ol-ohj-e,y^ ichthyology. 

lei. e-se. ad. here : hither ; psur — , this loay : — pris, 

Iconoclaste, e-ko>no-klast, m. iconoclast. {hard by. 

IconoUltre, e-ko-no-lau-tr, m. iconolater. 

Ict^re, ik-tair, m. Jaundice. 

Ict^rique, ik-tai-nk, a. ictenatl. 

IdiaX, e, e-dai-al. a. — ement. ad. ideeU; — , m. ideal. 

Idde. e-Uai.yC idea ; mind, notion. 

Identifier, e-dan>tif-e-ai, v. a. to identic. 

Identique, e*da/r-tik. a. — ment, ad. identical. 

Identity, e-daw-te-tai,/ identity. 

Idtologue, e-dai-ol-og. m. ideologist. 

Idiome. id-yohm. m, idiom. 

Idiot, e. id-yoh. — yot. a. silly, foolish ; —, m. idiot, 

Idiotisme. id-yot-ism, m. idiotism. [fool. 

IdoUtre. id-ol-au-tr, a. idolatrous; —, tn. etf. idolater; 

IdolAtrer, id-ol-au-trai, v. a. et n. to idolize, [idolatress. 

IdoUltrie, id«ol-au-tre,/I idolatry. 

Idole, id-ol.y? idol. 

IdyUe, id-U.y: idyl. 

If. if, m. yeW'tree. 

Ignare. in-var, a. illiterate; — , m. ignoramut. 

Ign6, e, igh-nai, a. fiery. 

Ignoble, in-yoh-bl, a. —ment, ad. ignoble. 

Ignominie, m-yom-e-ne,/: ignominy, [ignominious, 

Ignominieuz, se, in-yom-in-yuh, — z, a. — sement, ad. 

Ignorance, in-yor-awss.y: ignorance; error. 

Ignorant, e, in-yor-aw, — t, a. ignorant; —, m. ignora- 

Ignorer, in-yoh-rai, v. a. to be tortorant of. tmus. 

lie, fl, /. island. 

JUifpS, e, il-lai-gal, a. —ement, ad. illegal. 

I llldgitime, il-lai-hie-tim, a. —ment. ad. illegitimate: 
■ lUegitimite, il-lai-hje-te-me-tai.y: illegitimacy, [illegal. 
Illettre. e, il-let-rai. a. illiterate, unlearned. 
Illiberal, e. iUle-bai-ral. a. —ement, ad. illiberal. 
Iliicite, il-le-sit, a. —mcnt. ad, illicit, unlawful. 
lllimitd. il-le-me-tai. a. unlimited. 
lUisible, il-le-ze-bl, a. illegible. 
lUuminateur, il-lQ-me-nat-ur, m. illuminator. 
Illumination, il-IQ-me*iiah-syon./: illumination. 
Illumines, ii-lQ-me*nai. illuminati. 
lUuminer. il-lQ-me-nai, v. a. to illuminate. 
Illusion, il-IQ-svo»,y^. illusion, delusion, 
lllusionner, ilJQ-zyon-ai, v. a. to deceive. 
lUusoire, il-lQ-zwar. a. —ment, ad. illusory, deceitful. 
Illustration. U-IQ-strah-syoM./>iV/nj-/ra/t0M,- celebrity. 
lUustre. il-ld-str. a. illustrious. [to acquire celebrity. 
lUustrer, iNfl-strai, v. a. to make illustrious ; %'—, v. r, 
Illustrissime, U-lQ-stris-sim, a, most illustrious. 
Hot, e-loh, m. islet. 

Image, e-nu(hj,y: image; likeness; representeOion. 
Im^inable, e-mahi-e-nah-bl, a. imaginable. 
Imaginaire, e-mahj-e-nair, a. ima^nary. 
Imaginatif, ive, e>niahj-e>nat-if, — iv, a. itnaginative. 
Imagination. e-mahj-e-nah>syo», f. imaginatiott : con- 

ceit ; fancy. [s'— . v. r. to im gine, fancy. 

I manner, e-mahj-e-nai. v. a. to imagine ; contrive; 
Imbecile, ai^i-bai-sil. a. —ment, ad. imbecile, simple^ 

silly ; , m. idiot ; fool. 

Imb^iUitd, ai/t-bai-sil-e-tai.y: imbecility ; silliness. 

Imberbe, ain-bairb, a. beardless. 

Imbiber, ai»-be-bai. v. a. to soak ; steep. 

Imbibition, ain-be-bi-syow,/: imbibition. 

Imbriaque, ai/i-bre-ak, a. tipsy. 

Imbroglio, ain-brol-yoh, m. intricacy. 

Imbu, e, ai»-bCI, a. ifnbued. 

Imitablc, e-me-tah-bl, a. imitable. 

Imitateur, e-me>tat-ur, m. imitator. 

Imitatif, ive, e-me-tat-if, — iv, a. imitative. 

Imitation, e-me-tah-syoM, f. imitation ; k 1*— de, in 

imitation qf. 
Imiter, e-me-tai, v. a. to imitate; copy; counterfeit. 
Inunaculd. e, im-mak-Q-lai, a. immaculaU. [certain. 
Immanquable, im*niaji-kah-bl. a. —ment. cut. itifallible, 
Immarcessible, im-mar-ces-se-bl, a. immarcessible. 
Immateriality. im-tnat-ai-ryal-e-tai,y: imtnaterialUy. 
Immatdriel, le, im-mat-ai-ryell, a. — lement, ad. imma- 

terial. [tion. 

Immatriculation, im-mat-re-kfil-ah-syoM, f. tnatrtcula- 
Immatriculer, im-mat-re-kdUai, v. a. to matriatlate. 
Immddiat, e, iin-mai-dyah. — t, a. —ement. ad. imme' 

Immemorial, e, im-mai-mor-e-al, a. immemorial. 
Immense, im-manss, a. — sdment. ad. immense. 
Immensity, im-maM-se-tai,/ immensity. 
Immerger, im-mair-hjai, v. a. to immerge. 
Immersion, im-mair-syoM,/l immersion. 
Immeuble, im-muh-bl, nt. real estate, 
Inuninenunent, im-me-nam-aM, ad. imminently. 
Imminence, im-me-na/iss,/. imminence. 
Imminent, e, iin-me-naM, — t, a. imminent, impending. 
s'Immiscer, ira-mis-sai, v, r. to interttuddle, interfere 
Immixtion, im-miks-tyon,/: intermeddling. [with. 

Immobile. im-mob-U, a. motionless. 

Ini:ij..|iMierH t.rt, .u^-^^y,'.,■\.\-■fr^.■it — f. ». f"t.irii.i-crttt,'ir, rrui, 

IntiLHjtiJljte, JkiiHt^jL^x^-i^^l^i,/. i'ntrttji'iiify. 

Innnu'Jcibte^ km'nKHl'Cir, a. —va^a^ ad, immpdrit, im- 
IniiTioJcitie, Em-mi>d-M-tt,/t itHituii^^ty. ipudeni, 

InniinLationi i ra^fnOJ'Ob-^DH.y; iuim^afi^n. 
IniiiiuJcr, iin-ntol^ v. a. t» imm^atfy tacri/ic*, 
IniEuundtr, irn'mn^fd, a. umJeau. 
ImiiiEjQiiicu, iia-mon-iiiss,f, p/,jf/tk, dirty 
Iniianral, c, Lm-cnfr-nl, a. imtftiinMl. 
ln\iuuT3iii.t, Hn-mor^l-c^taif. imf/isi/ralifr, 
Imcnartalkcr, im-mor-tal ■e-CCii , t\ a. fa imtKifrfaltMe. 
ImLuartalit^. Lm-mor.Eai-e-|gi, /; immarfaliiy<^ 
Immnrt^l. Us, im-ninntclU itr ttHmnrhrt. 
Imniuablc^, <*, — iii^nt.o^. immttUtiiley ftre- 
Imiimnivi, ihirinl^-nE^-tBl,/; (wmuuJJr. [rhatji^ii&ie, 

Inmiiiraliilif^, im-Enkl^a]>e.|f^aiH /. immtti/tMtiy. 
Ini|,i.iJr, ivi^'-paiFi a- m(«t*«, udd, 

Inif..irCalt, e, aiw-par-fay, —fti, a, ^ ement. ad. ivtper^ 

/fit; i0%fittiiheJ: ^^ ♦«. tmpftfurt tensr. 
Iniparttoi. e* af'tt-pansyal, a. —ement. ad. impttrtial. 
Impi^rtlaUM, ^ui-par-syal^-tai.y; nrfi/*<irtiaiity. 
Ini|*ai»Cf 4i«^BJiH*y; bh'nd alley. 
\xt^\i^i^h\\\i^, aiM-f*as-se-bt:-lE-^a(fy: frttpastibifify. 
InipaaaaWe, aiJ^-pas-se^til, a. impiuslhle^ 
Imp atkTnnwn t, aiH-pBt-yam-BM^ aJy impiit^Hfly,_ 





Impatient, e. ai»-pas-ya^ — t, a. impatieni, unfuiet, 

Impatienter, aiM-fMS-yax-tai. v. m. U tire one's patience: 
s — , V. r. togroiu impatient. {in a/amUy. 

s'lmpatroniser. aiM-pat-ron-e-zai. v. r. to become master 

Impayable. aut-paj-yah-bU a. invaltuxbU : admirable. 

Impenetrability, auf-pai-nai-trab-e-lc-tai, /. impenetra- 
bility, ^penetrable. 

Impenetrable, aiM-pai-nai-trah-bl, a. — ment. ad, im- 

Impenitence, awi-pai-ne-ta/rs,y. impeniUncy. 

Impenitent, e, aix-pai-ne-taM. — t, a. impenitent. 

Iiuperatif. ive, aiM-pai-rat4f. — iv. a. — ivement, md. 
imperative, abstlMte,- — . ««. im^rafisie^ 

Imtt^riktrkc a[iF'paI-ral rtA A empress. [rf/rtfAfc 

IJi]]>cr(:icpciNcT aiM.pair^4en-tc-EjU o- — nstnl, W, u«^ 

IlaperkuJt, 4c, urj-|Mi'iyil>t, — *, a. — iefljcw^ *m'. i*^* 

ImpeeiB^aU^aiM'fianr-iital-aii-bl 4. ifftr^^r^'L^Tfj. [v/ir. 

I tapcitmemmetit, ^In^pJiLM c^baiikiajv^ ^. imptfii^ 

Jmpemaence:, ai*r-paiMe'BAM*» y; im/ertifi^ntf. ^^ 

MHwd^i riliitieit, 
Impcttinenl, F. ai«-fiainc-pajf. — t, a^ rmpertiteat. 

JiiUy ,- MJftir/it?^, LAnw. 

Jmpcnruf LabEc. BJn.pQir-LAr-b;ih-Lil, a. — ImettL, adjtca^^ 
JEnpcEiuit, ai^j-fLii-Lnui, nt. grantee. 
Impetri^r, iu 4-|>ii[-triUF f. a. A> impetmte. lpelMJ^ts^ 

1 [npeEucaiH se, aiiv-|ui-ti^'u]u — ^d. — icjtirblL^ iid. irm- 
t m|Jcruo&it(^, a>iR-|3^-EL)-(>li^zie^liii, y ijXpHMon'ry, ^vfu^ 
ImpicH ain-pc, iff. int^i^PUi i/ft£adfy, [w^^tv^ 

ImpitfC^t ain-pyaJ-taiK/; iJM^ijrfi'' 

Impitjdyatdc^ ^N-pC'^wa^yah^tjC a, — ^mCQl, o^. utttner' 
1 cnpLicable. iUJi-plaJc-jJ^-t^r ^: imp^arat/e. [i-'i/iti. 

) ntpTanUtiioq, ai^n-pl^'^'t^h-^V"*'- '^ iirtpLsntatiJH. 
JropLanrer, auf ■ptiH.tAi, p^. -i. i^ tmpi.itu^ 
iUi^ajte, Ai4'P^X^# impleje, porttfih'Atfd, 

Impkkjie, ni*r-pk^it, tf. — mtjii. Ad. ft^iu^tt. 

IlOptiqy EiT^ rtin--i:jJ*r-l«;iil- i'. ft- L' trHi<iUi3Jr. j «■?*.■■/; /, «*■■ 
Impk-.f-r. -J.'M ■■■:.: J ■■.'v' • • ■ -.f^r^if. 

Jmp I i ■ :■ ■ w' •■ ■ ■ 

Iropoiitcsbc, aiw-ijui-c-icss, y: urtpodueness, tru.ivt*uy, 
Impoliti^ue, aw-pol-e-tik. a. — 4nent, ad. impolitic. 
Imponderable, ain-poif-dai-rah-bl. a. imponderable. 
Impopulaire, ai><>pop-0-lair, a. unpopular. 
Impopularite. ai«-pop-fl-Iar-c-tai, /. unpopularity. 
Importance, ain-por-tanss, /. importance, consequence, 
fnotnent. [o/ tnoment. 

Important, e, abf-por-taM. — t. a. important, of note. 

Importation, ain-por-tah-syow,/*. importation / import. 
Importer, ain-por-tal. v. a. etn. to import; be <(f con- 
sequence; nDaaporte. it is no matter. 

Importun, e, ai>»-por-tu«, — tfin, a. importunate, trouble- 
some; —, m. intruder. 

Importuner, ain-por-tfi-nai, v. a. to importune, trouble. 

Importunite. ai«-por-t(l-ne-tai, y. importunity. 

Imposable, aw-poh-rah-bl, a. imposable. 

Imposant, e, ai»-poh-za», — t, a. imposing, striking. 

Imposer, ai»-poh-zai, v. a. etn. to impose ; charge ; en- 
join : overawe ; cheat, deceive. 

Imposition, ain-poh-ze-syon. /. imposition ; duty, tax. 

Impossibility, aiM-pos-se-b«-le-Ui, f. impossibUity. 

Impossible. aiM>pos-e-bI, a.— ment. cul. impossible. 

Imposteur. ai«-pos-txir, m. ifnpostor. 

Imposture, ai»-pos-tCir. /. imposture. 

Impdt, ai«-poh, tn. tax, duty, toll. 

Impotence, ai«-pot-a>is, f. impotency. 

Impotent, e, ai«-pot-a«, — 1| a. impotent, infirm. 

Impraticable. ai«-prat-e-kali-bl, a. impracticable ; un- 
passable; utisociable. , 

Imprecation, aiM-prai-kah-sstoM./: imprecation. 

Imprej^er. ai»-prain-yai, v.)a. to impregnate. 

Imprenable, aJ«-pr«A-nah-bri a. impregnable. 

Imprescriptible, ai«-pres-kri(>.te-bl, a. imprescriptible. 

Impression, ai«-pres-yo«,/. impression ; print, edition; 
(froit d*— , proprietorship, t [pression upon. 

Impressionner, aiw-pres-yon-ai, v. a. to make an im- 

Iroprevoyance, ai«-prai-vwa-yai«s,/. improvidence. 

Imprevoyant. e, ai«-prai-vwa-yA«, — t, a. improvident. 

Impreru, e, ai«-prai-vfl, a. ur(/breseen. 

Impriniable, ai«-pre-mah-bl, a. fit to be printed. 

Imprime, aiw-pre-mai. m. anything in print. 

Imprimer, ain-pre-mai. v.e^to impress ; print ; prime. 

Imprimerie, ai»-^nm-te,'j(^^rintiftg-iijfflce. 

Iroprimeui, •bi-pre-mur, ni. printer. Pressman. 

l\.n\n^'tM\AK^ aH^rob-d^-lsit a, ^ment. *J. irnprobable. 
Im[i^<ibaLLi-urH trkCi aifl.pfliaj>At-vkri —Ti«, ff, dtsappro- 

fii*^; --, m.. rwprtTer. 
J '1 1 .1 r. i} ,arliOfl, ain-pTQb^ab^'Si-QHt /. diia/^tv^itttTm, dis- 
3^; ^ -M , Win-X>trAi^-\aA, f. imfr^i^, [lite. 

r iuLjit, i*e, iiff-pTwl-tik-Eir. —ir, ^. unptv^uctive. 
.:■, '• .:n,iTw, .-li^'^iroiT^fAll, m. imptv^Mptu^ 
i'.r. j,jr. i I -r^, aiM -^- m%ity a. — mcnl, «id^. improper, 
1 m|3reiu*'er, flii(F"|srcK*-vaI, v. a^ fs dtjapptvi'e, 

liupiroviuiiod, m»«^jrosr-c-iah.5ro«,y: fxtejnpitwinng. 
Im^jfpvtRer, iiirt-prtiir-tSBal, ti. *i. A' t.-^inp<friMe. 
Im|]f«iiL%,T€, aiH-pfOV-i£t, A r— , ad. nfL4tf,ires, 
tmprudti^neiu, aiiW-pril'<iiUd-afr, ad. ijnprudefttly, in- 

Jmpi-iittcncfi, ai«-pr6-dans,y impntdence^ inJixcretidn. 
iraipniLkm, e, liM-piVJ-dan, — t*j. imprHdeHt 
liii]*ui^-fc, ^iM-p£l-b^LJr, it. ^^lescenf. 
Imsmiitriutshftic 4iN-ijii-daxii-dH. ad. i/mpudcn^y, 

ImjiuiJenr^ e. ailt-pfi-daM, — t^ a, impudent, rau^y, 
iHipu-ityir, iW-pfl-dur /I impudence, i'mimidfsiy.' 
Jrujiuiikise, i»t»»"p<i--le-5e-taj,y: HHckjstiry; impurity. 
Jruj.iiiiJ(i|aej ilin-pfl^dik, a. ^meinl, nd. unchaste, lewd. 
] nk j^oivz^lict, aiin-\fwt:-si3.fts,_f. i/Npui£Stime ,- inability, 
I EU] ■ Uit^s,anr+ e, oiN'pwc-adM, —I, a, intpafetit, liJeaJb ; un- 
lmps.3b4-.iilH aJ JiT-plii'iycuj , y; MtnpnIjit>H, irnpuJse. [able. 
IniVHiiH-'iiiciit, ai'E-pil.Q^rni4ii. ^d, v^ith impHttity. 
lmi.-\juit ^:^ ii.\ji'pik-ac iT. vtipanuhed, 
lapiurie, aijr-pia-nc^i. y, impMHtty. 

ItHpurc r^H aifr-p^n{ai. f. r*npuri(*. 

[1,,-.. : .1... .i".,.4.taii.U, a. imp* 

] ■ [jQ-lAh'&yon./ imputntiert. 

] " , .isd^v.^rtj impute, iaji ie tvi^j charge. 

Li X _. ui^abKir-dah-bl. a. inaccessi^fe. 

Inacceptable. in-ak-sep-tah-bl. a. inacceptabU. 
Inaccessible, in-ak-ses-sibl. a. inaccessible. 
Inaccordable. in-ak-or-dah-bl. a. ungrantabte. 
InaccostablcL in-ak-kos-tah-bl. a. unsociable. 
Inaccoutume, e. in-ak-oo-td-mai, a. u$taccustomed, un- 
Inacheve, e, m-ash-vai, a. ut%finished. \usual. 

Inactif, ive, in-ak-tif, — ^iv, a. inactive. 
Inaction. ui-ak-syoM, /. inaction. 
Inactivite, in-ak-te-ve-tai, y: inactivity. 
Inadmissible, in-ad-rais-sibi, a. inadmissible. 
Inadvertance, in-ad-vair-ta/is, f. inadvertency. 
Inalienabilite, in-al-yai-nab-e-le-tai, /. inalienableness. 
Inalienable, in-al-yai-nah-bl. a. inalienable. 
Inalterable, in-al-tai-rah-bl. a. unalterable. 
Inamovibilite. in-am-ov-e-be-le-tai, f. unremoveable- 

ness ; beinf^fi>r life. 
Inamovible. m-am-ov-c-bl. a. for life. 
Inanime, e. in-an-e-mai. a. inaninuste. 
Inanite. in-an-e-tai.y inanity, emptiness. 
Inanition, in-an-e-syox.y inanition. 
Inaper^u, e, in-ap^ir-sQ. a. unperceived. 
Inappetence, in-ap-pai-ta«s,y want q/ appetite. 
Inapplicable. in-ap-Ie-kah-bl. a. inapplicable. 
Inapplication. in-ap-le-kah-syo«,y. inappiiccttion. 
Inapplique. e, in-a-ple-kai. a. inattentive, careless. 
Inappreciable, in-ap-prai-syah-bl, a. invaluable. 
Inaptitude, in-ap-te-tad.y unfitness. . 
Inattaquable, in-at-ak-ah-bi, a. inexpugnable. 
Inattendu, e, in-at-an-dO, a. unexpected. 
Inattentif, ive, in-at-an-tif. — iv, a. inattentive, careless. 
Inattention, in-at-aM-^o»,y inattention. 
Inauguration, in-oh-gii-rah^yo»,y inauguration. 
Inaueurer, in-oh-eO-rai, v. a. to inaugurate. 
Incalculable, ain^lcal-kA-lah-bl. a. incalculable. 
Incandescent, e, ai»-kan-des-sa«t,'— t, a. incandescent. 
Incantation, ai»4ca^<-tah-syoM,y incantation. 
Incapable, ai/t-kap-ah-bl. a. incapable, unable. 
Incapacite, aiM-kap-as-e-tai,y incapacity; unaptness. 
Incarceration, ai/i-kar-sai<rah-^on,y incarceration. 
Incarcerer, ai»-kar-sal-rai, v. a. to incarcerate. 
Incarnadin, e, aiM-kar-nad-ai/i, — in, Incarnat, e, ain- 

kar-nah, — ^t, a. carnation-coloured. 
Incarnation, ai/f-kar-nah-syo»,y incarnation. 
Incarne, e, aiw-kar-nai, a. incarnate. 
s'Incarner, ai»-kar-nai, v. r. to assume the human 
Incartade, ai/i-kar-tad.y insult. [nature. 

Incendiaire, ai»-sa»Kiyair, a. incendiary. 
Incendie, ain-saMKie. tn. great fire; conflagration. 
Incendier, aiM-san-dyai, v. a. to bum. [certain. 

Incertain, e, ain-satr-taiM, —ten, a. — ement, ad. un' 
Incertitude, ai«-sair-te-t(ld,y incertitude; doubt. 
Incessamment, alM-ses-am-an, ad immediately. - 
Inceste, ain-sest. m. incest. [cestuouf. 

Incestueux, se, ain-9es-tft>uh, ~z, a. — semeat, ad, in- 




Inddemment. awr-se-dam-a«, ad. incitUntaUy. 

Inddence, aln-se-da«s,/: incidence. [incideitt. 

Incident, c, ai«-sc-da«, — t, a. incident, casual; — , *n. 

Incin^ation, ai«-se-nai-rah-syo«,/I incineration. 

Incinerer. ai«-se-nai-rai, v. a. to incinerate. 
^» Incisif, ive, ai«-se-zif, — iv, a. incisive. 

iQcision, ai«-se-zyo«,/ incision. 

Indtation. ai«-se-tah-syo«,^ incitation, stimuiation. » 

lodter, awi-se-tai, v. a. to incite. 

Indvil, e, am-se-vil, a. — ement, ad. incivil, unp<diie. 

Indvilit6, aiw-se-ve-le-tai,/ incivility. 

Indvique, abt-se-vik, a. unlike a patriot. 

Indvisme, aui-se-vism, m. want of patriotism. 

Ind^mence, al«-klai-ma«ss,y: inclemency. 

Ind^ment, e, ai/t-klai-ma^, — t, a. inclement, severe. 

Indinaison, alw-kle-nay-zow,/". inclination, [passion. 

Indination. awi-kle-nah-syo«, /: inclination; slope; 

Indiner, aiM*kl6-nai, v. a. et n. to incline; bow : be dis- 
posed to ; s* — , V. r. to incline; bow. 
, Indus, c abt-klA. — z, a. enclosed, 
y Indusivement, ain-ldO-ziv-man, ad. inclusively. 

Incognito, ai/i-kon-ye-toh, ad. ituojptito, incog. 

Incoherence. ai«-ko-ai-ra«s,/: incoherence. 

Incoherent, e. ai«-ko-ai-ra«, — t, a. incoherent, [bility. 

Incombustibility, ai«-ko«-bfls-te-be-le-tai,yC incombusti- 

Incombustible, ai«-ko«-bas-te-bl, a. incombustible. 

Incommensurable, ai/»-kom-ma«-s(l-rah-bl, a. incom- 
mensurable, [some. 

Incommode, ai«-kom-od, a. incommodious; trouble- 

Incommode, e, ai«-kom-od-ai, a. — ment, ad. incon- 
venietti ; indisposed. 

Incommoder, ai«-kom-od-ai, v. a. toiTwommode; anne^. 

Incommodite, ai«-kom-od-e-tai, /". inconvenience; in- 
disposition, [nicable. 

Incommunicable. ai«-kom-mti-ne-kah-bl, a. incommu- 

Incomparable. ai»-ko«-par-ah-bl, a. — ^ment, ad. in- 
comparable^ matchless. [bility. 

Incompatibility, ai«-ko«-pat-e-be-le-tai, /". incompcUi- 

Incompatible, ain-kon-pat-e-bl. a. incompatible. 

Incomp^temment, ai«-ko«-pai-tam-a«, ad. incompe- 

Incompetence, ai«-ko«-pai-ta«ss,/! incompetence. 

Incomp^tentr e, ai«-ko«-pai-ta«, — t, a. incompetent. 

Incomplet. i!te, ai«-ko«-play, — pleyt, a. incomplete. 

Incomprehensibility, ai«-ko«-prai-a«-se-be-le-tai. /. in- 
comprehensibility, [hensible. 

Incomprehensible, al«-ko«-prai-a«-se-bl, a. incompre- 

Inconcevable, ai«-ko«s-vah-bl, a. inconceivable. 

Inconciliable. ai«-ko«-sil-yah-bl, a. irreconcilable. 

Inconduite, ain-ko»-dwit,y: misconduct. 

Inconfjfru. e, aAn-kon-grd, a. incongruous, ut^fit. 

Incongruite, ai«-ko«-grfl-e-tai,y: tncoHgruity. 

Inconnu, e, ai»-kon-A, a. unknown. 
V Inconsequence, ai-kow-sai-kanss,/ inconsequence; in- 
' consistency. [inconsistent. 

Inconsequent, e, ai«-ko«-sai-ka>», — t, a. inconsequent; 

Inconsideration, ai« - ko» - se - dai - r?h - syo«, /. incon- 
sideration. [considerate. 

Inconsidere, e, ai«-ko«-se-dai-rai, a. —ment, cui. in- 

Inconsolable, ai«-kon-sol-ah-bl, a. inconsolable. 

Inconstamment, ai«-ko«-stam-a«, ad. unsteadily, 
lightly. L»ess. 

Inconstance, ai«-ko«-sta^<ss, j: inconstancy, unsteadi- 

Inconstant, e, ai«-ko«-sta«, — t, a. inconstant. 

Inconstitutionnel, le, ai«-ko«-ste-ta-syon-ell, a. not con- 
stitutional. [testable. 

Incontestable, ai»-ko«-tes-tah-bI, a. —ment, ad. incon- 

Inconteste. e, ai/i-ko«-tes-tai, a. not contested. 

Incontinence, ai«-ko«-te-na«ss,y: incontinency. 

Incontinent, e, ai«-ko«-te-na«, — t, a. et ad. inconti- 
nent ; immediately. 

Inconvenable. ai«-ko«-vna-bl, a. —ment, ad. unbecom- 
ing; unsuitable. 

Inconvenance. ai«-ko«-vna«s,/: unbecomingness. 

Inconvenant. e, ai«-ko«-vna«, — t, a. unbecoming, 

Inconvenient, ai«-ko«-val-nya«, m. inconvenience. 

Incorporation, ai«-kor-por-ah-syo«, /. incorporation. 

IncorporeU le. ai«-kor-por-eU, a. incorporeal. 

Incorporer, aiw-kor-por-eii, v. a. to incorporate. 

Incorrect, e, ai«-kor-rekt, a. incorrect. 

Incorrection, ai/i-kor-rek-syo«, /. incorrectness. 

IncorrigibOite. ai«-kor-re-hje-be-le-tai, y. iniorrigible- 

Incorrigible, ai«-kor-re-hje-bl, a. incorrigible. luess. 

IncorruptibUite, ai^»-kor-r(lp-te-be-le-tai, y. incorrupti- 

Incorruptible, aiw-kor-rflp-te-bl. a. incorruptible. 

Incredibilite. ai«-krai-de-be-le-tal, f. incredibility. 

Incredule, ai/i-krai-dfll, a. incredulous; — , m. unbe- 

Increduiite, a!n-krai-dA-le-tai,/ incredulity, unbelief. 
Incree, e, ai»-krai-ai, a. uncreated. 

Incriminer. ain-krim'e-nai. v. a. to impeach. 

ncroyable, cii»/-krwa-yah-bl, a. —ment, ad. incrediblt, 

incrustation, ain-krfis-tah-syo»,/: incrustation. 

ncubation, ain-kQ-bah-svo»,y^ incubation. 

ncube, ai^i-kfib, m. nightmare. 

nculpadon, ai»-kQl-pan-syon, ^ arraignment. 

nculper, ain-kAl-pai, v. a. to accuse, charge. 

nculquer; ain-kOl-kai, v. a. to inculcate. 

nculte, ai»-kQlt. a. uncultivated. 

nculture, ai«-kOI-tflr,/". want of atlture. 

[ncurabiiite, aiM-kA-rab-e-le-tai, / incurability. 

ncurable, aiM-kA-rah-bl, a. incurable. 

ncurie, ain-kfi-re, f. carelessness. 

[ncuriosite, ai«-kOr-e-oh-ze-tai, f. heedlessness. 

incursion, ain-kOr-syoM, f. incursion, invasion. 

ndebrouiUable, ain-dai-broo/-ah-bl, a. inexplicable. 

!n ■..\...ii,iij..Lit, dj'f-.i,jL-7v,L];,-u.:;, .t. ifiiU:Li.ii:i^^ 

niicCciSuCt fliiH-d.«J.:idJfiJn,/. tHd£t.€Ki^ .- itM^tSffii HiftS. 

n. W cenlj c, aiM-daJ-sa i), — t, u, i^decmt : uHreewt/y, 

ndi^chilfmbJe, ain-du'sliif', i>l undecipheFahfe : 

niEr^cis, B^ Eut^iJjiI.^e, — ^^a. t4tuiecided, [Mnd^mthtF^ 

inc i.: d^oiL aJH^dq^-sV'^ □m, f. indecisioHf Itrvctable^ 

inc [r' cTot^hJe, nirt-daJ-jErut-ah-bt^ a. not polirhaliie ; i*n- 

niLcfiitij Ci ai«-cUU-ft'-nif. ^-mcntr ad. indejfinte^ 

nc 1 1: linissable, aiiw-d:u-fc-ne.Kah-bl, a. ftJtd^*tabU r 

[n( I L JiibLl c , abj-diiJ-lru-ljLl, ct. ittifeiai^e. [HHHizauHla^. 

[ndL' liberal t, nuJ-[lL■li-ll:-bai-^ai^ a. irtdeitt>eraify 

[mli/licat. c, aiM-ilai-tc-t nh, — t, a. irnfeftifitt. 

;nf 3 iJ:]JcatE:s5c, aiwHlal-le-kat-cSs, ^/; utdeiictty^ 

[n< li:4iinc, oi/i^demu^ a. irtdtrmfttjifd- 

m i 1? iiitii^efr siiu-dam-ncniain v. to ind^mni/y. 

[ndc'iikniie-, aiM-dam-ae-tiu, f, ittdefttrtity ; indetfttiijlT- 

t.ifiU'l, {drntly, 

[ndi^jjentlamnient, fliM-dai^p«j*.dani-a«, ad, tiidepen- 
ln( kjjendanee, ai*(-iJ*f-jM/r-iia*iS5>j^ indef^ni^ney. 
ndcijeiidanf, t,ai«'il(V]-pa'(-dafl, — t, J- tHd^p^ndenf, 
ndiTiitructibtitb^H aiKf-desi-tf flk-ie-bB-le-Cai, JT inderfrttr- 


ni1cstrud:ible, aiM-dcs^trCik-te-bi, tf, indtttmctible. 
[ndctcrmittiiliuti, aE^l-dai-uif-ltDE-Uall^yon, /. Htd^ier- 

t'<sfiiTti^n. [d<iirminai4 ^ it^rtsUnte. 

nilcttfnLiinif, ty jkipr^dui-talr-ni^evaai rt. —^vauad. in- 
nijcvot^ Ct aiji-d^i-roti, — t^ a. — ^tuent, ad, indetmtt ; 


^iiidii:ative VtO^. 

.xn\\ix, ai^l-dcks, m. -iniiex. 

nclLoidf, iYc. ,i]ji-dc-1cac^df, — iv, *», indicaiive 

[ndlctfc aiMHliss, m, Jrij.iti. t4:Jrf.n. 
ndiciblf, ai7i-de-!ic-bi u. un^^fieaiablfr 

[mJic'.ion, Eiin-dlik-i>iy«Ti, f. ?Mrf*rft'(T*i ,■ rmmxatifiM^^ pre- 

" ' f. pn'ntfd i&^ttH. Uititrwetcn. 

in<ii?rcrcnitQeiit, ain^t4s.i-vam.-^i, ad. ind0ervntly. 

ndirffircncc, aiH-Actxi-TAns., f indi^rrtn^e. 
[ndifferiutt (r, aiU'dc-iak'iaji, —I, a. iitdi^erent^ i 
[tui\^iinM, ^itt-tlc.iijj.i-aB.hi tn. indigenaU. {ctrtit^u 

'n«Li|j«ncc, siH-de^UjaHs.rf iMdigena-, pp^ferty. 
n&.;^hie, Bj/i-cJehjiiyn, an iHdigtnauSy nativi. 
[TuUi^w-U e, Aiff-de-Kjii^^ — ', -a- iiut^nt^ povr, 
ln<lL|iiKH?( AlM-ft«-h)e«rj ffr inJigtrt, 
Indigestion, aiM-dp'tijes-tyow,/; fHd:iffejtiirity iMrfeit. 
n<] i^ jition , alM-din-yAtb-^yoM , f ind^naivjn . {bnie, 
IxuVvgnti, uirt^hU'yfi flr ^-ipcnrK ad. Nn-Umrthy ; pttau, 
'm iL^'tvcT, aiJ( -dini'yai i it'r a, ta- cxuxptnate ; t^ — * v. r. ttt if 

. , li/i-riln-yC'tiJ./ iTidi^^ity, Mtwotihinas. 

I.- . d C^[Jo]1k Mf. iildt'l'i^. 

. ... .iJu-ilc'jiat^rc,/: indij!^^tHs»»jUet<fry. 
i . .■ . aLN-dc-^ut-yain pw. iftdig^trte. fx^unt^ 

, . r, iii^i-dc.k*l, V, p, tj indicate :patrd &td, app^ini, 
niiirect, ff, abi-de-rekt, dr — eracnl. m^, indirect. 
:nt5iic[p]inatile, al^i-dc-se-pde-Ttah-Dl, a^ nJigm>erfiabU ; 
uff rtify. 

ndlsidpline^ AE«ii'i:le-«e'ptLn,>^ rt-attt fifd(^pliitp^ 
IndL^i^itine, e, ^n-de-ae-plis-iuii, #, andisfipfinedy 
ndkcTeTn ^ffn alft-dFi^.Jfrfir. — kret, n. — ^ti:mmt, arf, 

neni. ' ' [nence. 

ndiscretion, ain-dis-krai-syoM,/: indiscretion ; imperti- 
[ndispensable, ai»-dis-pa«-sah-bl, a. —ment, ad. indis- 

peftsable. [queathed. 

[ndisponible, ai;i-dis-poh-ne-bl, a. that cannot be be- 
'ndispose, e, ain-dis-poh-zai, a. indisposed ; unwell. 
[ndisposer, ai»-dis-poh-zai. v. a. to indispose ; dist^ffid. 
Indisposition, ai«-dis-poh-ze-syo«,/: indisposition. 
[ndissolubilite, aiw-dis-sol-fl-be-le-tai, f. indissolubility. 
indissoltdyle. aiM-dis-sol-d-bl, a. —ment, ad. indissoluble. 
ndistineik e, ain-dis-tainkt, a. —ement, ad. indistinct: 
ndividu, aiw-de-ve-dfl, m. individual. [confused. 

ndividualiser, ai»-de-ve-dCk-al-e-zai, v. a. to indtdi- 

IndividuaUte, eAn-dc-ve-d(!i-a\-c-taA,fyUtdividualiey. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


fn(!tEv[du«l. le, >lMHJe-ve^it^l, a. — ement, ad. frtJivi. 

Tndtvts, ■t, aiiv-db-fCi — \ix. a^ itndivitttd ■ p^ <— , yninffy^ 
Indiviiiei z, ain-dc-vc-zau a. uttdtvuifd, 
Inilkmibilit^, ai^j-Jc-ve-rc-bc-le-tfti,/. imiiviiiiilify. 

llldQcilCi aiH-dos-il. d, iiufatri(f, 
Indacilitdi uH-dos-il-e'taJ.^, iadaciti^. 
] ndolcnunentt aiM 'dal-am -^Ji^ dif. indolently. 
litdokrBce. aiii'df^Ujvss^ /. itutoItHri. 
Indoltnt, «. zijj-dol-aH, — t^ n^ ittd&ltnf 2 lawy^ 
Indomptable, atn-don-ptah bl. n. UHtatrtaiie, hhiwaH' 
Indompt?, e. aw^ioM^ptai. ji. ttHtatntd. [ajrfatltt 

Jii-(Iou£«. abf-docf, jtff. £w^ tfl f^velt'^s, 
Indu. f^ aiM-dfl. a. u.ndi*et UHStastffial'/e, 
IndubLlabJc, aif-cl fl-be ^Eali-bl, d, — Encnt» ad, irtdubi- 
' tabif^ undaudted. 
Inductian. aLft-d^h-syoji,/! indutii&H, 
'Jnduire, a=LM-dwctr. ii. a, ta ittdHce ; ittjfr^ 

t76 1 


Indu^cncc, aJN-dL^LnhiaHss,/^ inditigifitie^ 
Jitdulgcnt, Cb aiN-d^frhja^i, ' ' 

Induh, aiM-riOlt. nc, mdttif. 

ludMlg'tHf, kind, 


Ind^mpntk aiM -dd^uLB^, di^. unduly, 

ladustrir, aiH-d{^tr«, / UPs^JfJ^f*^ .■^ ingirnMity: ■rftr- 

terity : chcvaJter d' — ► thnrf^r. 

lodustricL Ic. aiii'dds^tre-ftll, a. mJinn/aeturing : — , 

wi. «T4i«Wjrit£fif>*^i^, iradfr. {mgfHti>i4t, /MH/nir 

Industnc^LiK. se. ai '< -dlis-irr^uh, — t, *. — Mfiwnt, arf. 

liM^branlable. ui-ai-br&H-lJL-bl, a. ^ment, dK£ ii«JMtMf> 

Iiu^dit, Pk in-at-de, — dil. *», un^uf>IisAfd, 

Jncflabilit^. d in-cf-lab^-lc-tai,^. int^&iit'fyt. 

Ineffable, ui^f-fatt-bl. a. iHt^ibl^t ufts/^^i^Af^e. 

lneiitlliail^c^ in-cr'aa-afa-bl, a. indiiible. 

1 neHiCacc, iji-ef-c-ka.^5H a^ ifuj^cac tints : yf^it^ss. 

J neHica'Cil^, in-Fr-c-kasrC^tai,y7 inf^£aiy. 

Iii^I^'IIe C, iii-aJ-i;Bl. a. -^^mrnt. ad. unequal ; utift'^n. 

In^ifalh^K ia-^i^al-C'tai,^ itt^ua/ity .- ua^venHtjj. 

Jn^f^^anC£, iii-ai-lai-jjfaKSS,y, irtele^ance, 

ln^l^(JUltk c, in-aiJai^^Ju^ ^t, ii. itttlfj^mnK 

] lli^li|;ible, in^ai^ic'hjc^Ep <■- Hj^ eH^i^lt, 

I n^lurtaUc, in-ai-naF-rah-bl. d. inuxfirtsiiblf, umMak'- 

] neptf, In-cpt^ a. — mcnt, ad, un_fit ; /aalu-Jt, laiie. 

iTK^titt in-c|>.ic^ inrfitiiudi ,- Jboltty, 

tn^puljiabJe, in-ai-pwc^iaJi>th|, d, intxhatiSti^U. 

Incite, in-airt, a. inert ,- sin^j^iik, 

InertiiC, vn-aii-^e./. tnertut^ ila^^sHnMJ, 

liiCsp^r^^ C. in-es-pa^rai, a, —mtM, ad. uniiffied^ Un- 

Inestimable. in-e$'t«-m,ihL^tiL. «- tfu^jfitmtd^f, [rj^/ytfted. 

In^vitabEc.^ah'I^E, a, ~iiieni, ad. inevital'lr, 

Unavmdatie. Y^arriris. 

Ine^lETlt e^ in-c]i--£a1;ti a. — cmeni, ad. inactUrait .• 
1ncxactitu<:ie, in-eu-iak-lc-rficiy: inaccbrcti^; citrr/tsS' 
inticn^iivbLe, in"ekSi'k^'2ahi-bl, a. inixrHsair7^. [jiffjj^ 
Jnciecutable^ m^ni^^-fti-k Q-Eah-bl, a. UH^r/^rmai!ic. 
Jliexercff, e, in.«|;x>'Sai, a. un/rachsed. 
Inexorable, In-c^z^nr-o^-bl, a. — incTvE, ad. inn^tabit^ 
Jneirpericnce. iB-cks-paJ-ryahU, /t iM«fjfl#ri^ «<'*■, 
Incapcrij] Lcnti, Cj in^-eks^pai-rc-inajj-tai^ a, iufx/tri- 

tncedi untried. 
Inexpiable, m-clcs-pe-ah-yn a. inexpiable. 
InexpLkzible, tn-eli;N-[j>e-ltal]-b], a inexplicable, 
IncifirLiTiable. in'eks-].iTe-]Tiah-br, a. inexprti.iiJbU. 
IncxtlFi^uible, ln^ek.«t^[aLM-|;Li.e-bl, a. inextiHguiskahle, 

IiKxtifl^ble, in-eks4ir-pah<bl, a. n^ if iie txHrpaied. 
InraillibLUl^. aJH-ra/'C-bc4e.tai. /. tti/aiiibHiiy, ce-r. 

fainiy. -f ^ -v 

InfaiUille, ai^.faJ'.t-bl, a. — mcnt. arf. ■iii/hiifdU^certain. 
Infaisabde, aiU'rai^fah-UL a. in/easibie. 
Infamant e. auf-fau-mfl^r, — t, 0. ^iftf»u>fA;iirj, 
InfUmr, aiH'faum, a, itf/innous; ait£-face/»i, 
Iniamie. nin-fm^'CrJ^^ i^/ltfr^y. 
Jnfantefie, aiw-^Lw-tre^/', ir^AUfry. 
Infanticide, ai^t-fat-te-sid, m. infanticrde. 
J nfat Liable, auj^rat^t-fdh-bL a. — tPient, ad, %'nde/ati' 
tnratuatiOTL, aJ/E-fat-p-^-syoH,/ infatna/iifn^. {gabU, 
Ififatuet, aL^'fat-wai, Vl a. /^ infitintite, ffXpi^SSt^i ; Sr" — , 

V. r. t€i tt infaitmtrd. 
tnf^condi e, am^ai-kon, ^d, a, in^eund. 
Inr^comlit^ atN-fai.koH-dC'UL^ tn/**tinil^^. 
Infect, e, ain-frkt, a^ tm/tcttdi infectU^tfS. 
InffiCler, aiH-fek-tai, v, a. i^ in/rCfy posipn : corrupt, 
Inffrcfion, am^fdc-tsyo^.y? \f\/ttt\^i, 
Inrt^odalion, aLH-fai.od>a}]-SiyonK/ eHfeoJfmnit. 
InKoderi ainn-laL-od-^. v. a, {^it^^/^. 
Inl^rer, ai«-£ii.rjiii it. a, if %ti/<tr. \towfr, nether. 

Jfir^neur, e^ aJM-faL-ryur, a, — eanent, ad. it^/^erier, 
Inr^rlorit^^ aiH^^o^o'or e-tal,/ inferior ity.^ 
lafenmJn % ■in-CaiT'iul, a. tn/erttaiv 

Insert He, lIu-raiT-tD. a. infertile. 

I nfsri lUe^. Ai jv-fai r-tilnj-taih / infertility, 

Itire^ici, jiiw-fes- tal. Vy a. tt> infect, 

Ififiiletc nTEw-fc-ddr a, — ni«nt, ad. tm/dithfitit Jhlre, 

iftiMtri'ing • -^. tft. un^lierer, 
Infid^illc,ai«-fc-dai=Jc.Ui,X *>yf'''?i^»^J.' fwfdttfifuimsi 
Uil^kratlun, aiji^^-trah''5yQH,yr inJIHrati^fu 
JiifiJircT, ain-iil-trai. Vr d- ^ it^itraH. 
I nfifii e, aiff fini, d. l&wtii. I iH T — , ttfUhititf end 

\nhn\, e. atH'fe-Tie, d. — merit, Orf. t'n/^nii* ; heundlfsSt 
InfiJiiti?, ain-lc-ne-taipjC in^nitj ; i^finite nttm^r. 
InAniteuinal. ai^'fe^nc^tiU^Je-lttai a. iti^HiirsimaL 
Inftnirif. aui .rcn ne^t jf, m. Ui/intlrt^. 
Infinn^tion. ai«-fe«f ■mah'Sy ti«, / ifrPalidatt'^rt.. 
Infinne. ab/^reerin, (*. tt\/irm; ivea'b. 
|]]firiner, iin-htt-TtAi, V. a. ta insfalida^, onnnL 
Iniinnerie, aiii^recrm-re,/; ir^rmtiry. 
InArmLer, ai^J^reer^tne^ak, m. Aeipitat aiicndiirtf. 
JnfircntU, st\n-fitr-Mt-tAhf. in^rmiiv. 
JnJtd,nt]nAbLe, aj rf-flam-liuh-bU a. inftammahte. 
infiaiiL3iiailCini ai'^-flaia-mah-syo/i , ^ if^armrtaii^rt,, 
Jnljfchii', aNi-ftai-sIieer. ?'. a. Ai it^/ect. 
JnA^Jtibilicd, ain-Ack-se-bc^e-ta!^ /: inJfexwA/lify, f>|. 
tPhfl^Ktble, aiJv-nex-se-bl^ d. infexitfe. iJltxibleHfSS. 

JnflexioilH aNP-flck-syow,/; infleftion. 
Jnili^er, aiif-Ae-hJai^ X'. d. f^ indict: imp^K {punish' 
UiRutiii\:iK,ti\n-M-afi%^:,\flueme. {fft€tlt). 

I H 11 ijQDCer, ahp-nCi-an-sai. v. a. ftf inftuence, 
lllflu^m, e, ain-J^i^-an, —t^ a. inJTuentiat. 
Infiuer, iiLpT-AA-ai. v. n. te kaz'e an inffuene^ Hfcn. 
JrTfH>liH>. am-foJ-yoh, tn.foliif^atiJt, 

I rtnjrniatlQtt, aiH-for-mah-fiyoit , f. ii^irfHaii^n .• in- 
\ wUytm^t al^^-form^ a, ^hapeltst. {qulrv. 

Inf*irtikcr, abi-rar-inai. v, a. etfi. ft? iri/^rms m^uatnt : 

F*ja^f an inquity: s'— , v. r. tfi as£ q/i^tr. 
Irifrji-tuRC;, aiPf-forvtCJn.j^ mi^rtune. 
Inroi-tuni^, c, aijp.for^tCl^nai, a, Uti/hrtitna/e, unhappy, 
Infracteur, at^^frak -tur, m, itifringer^^ fielater. 
infraction,».k-&y0n^f. in/rafttsn^ tfio/nfion. 
Infi-ucLuetix, se, aiij-rrilk^t C^-uh, — i, a. ^leideaCp ad. 

Tfnfruitfii/: un^nf^fa^ie i Vmr'n. 
Infiiircr. aipi-rd-zat. V, ft. i0 inf^tse. 
Jllfusible, aiM.f^'Ze-b1, a. in/ux^tty 
Ippfusion. aiH-fa-zyoM,/: if^su^n ; inspiroNan, 
Irthfrtrritie. aiJi-^i^b, d, nimMt^ i^ip. 
S' [ngcnier, aiM-hjai-nyxil, f . f-. to ketone's witr ta, 
Jngenieur, aift-hJiJii-nynr, m. enj^ineer. IffenitTHS. 

Irxmfuieuxn ta. atii'hjaj'liyuh, ^-i, d. — scment. ad. iu- 
Ijl^cipu, e, ainx|ijai-i|Q,d. ^IMm^nd, in^ennatts : optn, 

I fl npfertt. 
In^i^nuplc, aiH'hjaj-ita.«4ai,^. i»^fifflPfp/|i'.' candour. 
s'Sngercr. aLPd-]]>ai.fav V. r. Aj meddle. 
Jn^rat, e. aiii-^rah, ^t, a. um^raftful. 
Jnt^raEptudc. auj'gTat-C-tDd,y^ in^raiitMde^. 
Inj^^r^dtent. ajj^gra^-d^a^j, m, ini'^redienf. 
Inifud^riji-uiblff, ai^'g^i^ re-sah-bln a. incitrafflt* 
Inliabile, in-ab-jl, a, ttn<Juall(/fid^ un/i/^. 
Inliabtlft^, in*.ibMl-tat,y. UHsJtil/ulness^ 
tnhabilit^, in'ab-ij'«-taj,/ inadility. iitmmMfn^, 
lnbabitahL4;, in-ab-e-lah^bl d. untHhaltitaik^ 
Inhabits, e, Jn-ab-e-taE, &. nriin/mbifed. 
Inhalation, in.^l.^h-tyon^/. inka£aiwn. 
I[Ll](^rent. e. in^ai-firi, —I, rt. ifikerent. 
InhibitLon. m-e-be-sycMf,/: ink^itioH^ 
Inbo3ipLta1ler, ^r«. in^OS^pe-tal-^L — r, a. inktrpitmiit. 
tnhcispltalit^. in-nss-pe-tal-e-iai, ^ fn/kaipiiait(y. 
tnbunialn. e. io-0-nui,t;v, ^liien, a. — emcnl, di^. i'lrJbf 

man, cruel. 
Inhumanite. m-A-man^C^tat,/. inAumaitiiy, erneitj. 
Inhunialion, Ln-d-nu,h-^yeiip , y^ burviitj^. 
InhuiPier, m-Ll,.pnai, v, a. to inkumate,, fiury. 
Jnirnajfinable, i^'e■mahj ^e-nah-bl, a, unitHOgittmhie* 
Iniinitiiblc, En^e-uie-iaJa^b], a. inimitable. 
IniiniLic, in^cme.tjfaL/ enmity y avtrst'on. 
Iidntclbgltile, in^aup-[c]-le-bjc-bj, a, uninttli^ibte, 
liiJque. ui.iK a. — jneiit, ad. iHiguittfi4S, unjust; mt^ 
Jni^^^Liitr^, in-e^kc-t3i,y: inijui/y ; iH^Mticr. [f^A^KJ. 
imtLaJ. in^e^^yal. a. initiai. 
Initiation, in.c-syah-sj'twJ^ / init^aUfffi, 
] nitiative, in-S'Syat-iv,/: prvpofiH^Jirtt. 
Fnitier. in-v-syai, v. d. fo initiate, admif. 
InJcctGf, alU'llJelc-tai, v. a. ts ittjftcf, 
Tn|ectLan, aj »#-mek-syoPf , y^ infeeti&H. 

onclian, aipT-nJowk-syoH,/; i$dluncHon, c^mtnatef. 

tifi;, at*t-hjflr.j^ in/ury. insttft^ abuse, 

nrier, atw-nj fl fvaU V. a^ fa ai>Mit. 
^Liricux, te, ain-bj£Ir-yuh, —i, a. iiffinsivt, aiiiiixv; 
In|Lis.te, airp-hJustK a. — ment, ad. uHjust. [««/wit 

uitLtc, aipf-hjfls.ti$.i,/i ittjustice. 
^ustifiabre, aiH-hjds-te.fe-.ili-bt a. unfusHfi^U, 
Innavigable, in-na v-«-£ah-bl, a, innxuigitblu 
Inn^, Ct in-Eoin a. ittrntl^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


''■ Ciocemment, in-os-am aw, ad. innocently. 

,^,.-. iKKrence, in-os-a«ss,y. innocence ; simpliciiy. 

•" fnocent. e, in-os-a/i, — t. a, innocent ; simpu : —, m. 


^^ liocenter. in-os-an-tai, v. a. to acquit. 

nombrable. in-now-brah-bl, a. — inent, ad. innumer- 
. .. inome, e, in-nom-ai, a. tacit. {able, innumerotts. 

'' '". liiovateur, in-nov-at-ur, m. innovator. 
., ^ ^novation, in-nov-ah-syo«,/; innovation. 
■,., ^nover. in-nov-ai, v. a. to innovate. 
'''" ^observation. in-ob-sair-vah-syo«,y. non-observance. 
loccupe, e, in-ok-fl-pai, a. unoccupied : unemployed. 
ctavo, in-ok-tah-voh, m. octavo, octavo book. 
:ulateur, in-ok-fl-lat-ur, nt. inoculator. 
:ulation, in-ok-fi-lah-syo/i,/: inoculation. 
:uler, in-ok-Q-lai, v. a. to inoculate. 
-lore, in-od-or, a. inodorous. 

ifTensif, ivc, in-of-a«-sif, — iv, a. inoffensive, harnt' 
>ndation, in-o;f-dah-syOM,/I inundation, /lood. [less. 
mder, in-o«-dai, v. a. to overflow. 
loptn^. e, in-op-c-nai, a. — ment, ad. ut^/breseen, un- 
expected, sudden. 
■^ knopportun, e, in-op-por-tu«, — tfln, unseasonable. 

.Inopportunit^. in-op-por-t&-ne-tai,yr unseasonableness. 
' borg^anigue, in-or-gan-ik, a. inorganical, 
inoui, c. in-we, a. unheard of. 

Sn-quarto, ai»-kwar-toh, in. quarto-book. 
nquiet. fcte, ai«-ke-ay, — et, a. uneasy ; restless. 
*' Inqui^ter. ai«-ke-et-ai, v. a. to disquiet ; disturb ; s"— , 
V. r. to be anxious. 

inquietude, aJM-ke-et-fld,^ uneasiness ; restlessness. 

Inquisiteur, ai»-ke-ze-tur, tn. inquisitor. 

Jnquisition, ai/{-ke-ze-syo7t,yr inquisition. 

Insaisissable, ai/i-sai-ze-sah-bl. a. unseizable. 

I nsalubre, ain-sal-Q-br, a. unwholesome. 
' Insalubrity, ai«'Sal-fl-bre-tai,y^ unwhoUsomeness. 

Insatiability, aiw-sas-yab-e-le-tai,/; inscUiableiuss. 

Insatiable, aiM-sas-yah-bl, a. insatiable. 
• Inscieniment, ai«s-yarn-a«, arf. unknowingly. 

Inscription. ai«-skrip-syo«,y: inscription : title. 

•Inscrirc, ai«s-kreer, v. a. to enter; inscribe: s*— , v. r. 
to enter ofte's name. 

Inscrutable, ai»-skr(k-tah-bl, a. unsearchable. 

Insecte, aiw-sckt, m. insect. 

In-sei2e, ai//-sayz, ;//. book in sixteens. 

Insens^. e, ai^-sa^z-sai, a. senseless, mad. 

Insensibility. ai/x-sa«-se-be-le-tai,yC insensibility. 

Unsensible, ai^t-san-se-bl, a. —ment, ad. insensible; 

Ins^tKirable, i 

ns^ parable. ai«-sai-par-ah-bl, a. inseparable. 
Insurer, ai«-sai-rai, v. a. to insert. 
Insertion, ai«-sair-syo«,y^ insertion. [sidious. 

Insidieux, sc, ai;/-sid-yuh, — z, a. — sement, ctd. in- 
^nsigne, ai«-sin-y^, a. signal; notorious; — , m. en- 

sign ; — s, //. insignia. 
Insignifiance, ai«-sin-ye-fe-a«ss,/: insignij!caftcy. 
Insi^ifiant, e, ai«-sin-ye-fe-a«, — t, a. insignijicant. 
Inslnuant, e, ai«-sin-fl-a«, — t, a. insinuative. 
Insinuation, aiM-sin-fi-ah-syon./*. insinuation ; hint. 
Insinuer, ain-sin-A-ai, v. a. to insinuate, suggest; s'—, 

?% r. to insinaaie one's self, 
Ifl>t[ikde, al«-«-^ii*J, (1, iH4^ipidi dHlL 
Ijuip^it)^. aiH-i4'pJd-e-Eai,yr iniipidify ; dulmss. 

In^JEter, ain-sii-tni, v. n. f^ inHft.pers 
Ii]i»Kiabilil[tf, alft-sos-yatHe-lC'lauyl unstKia^/nf-'S. 

. rittocidblE> niH-sos-yBJi-bl, a. — ntent, « rf, un-rerjable. 
tJiSu^emntcat^ ai^f-Hl-nni-aFr, ^t^', insoitntiy, s&tnily. 
Ita^cJencTF, abj-so)-aws&,/ ins^^ct, swucijtfsj, 
In^lenL, c^ ai*nso5-afr, —I, a. itisoknt; malapfrt. 
losdllte, alH-sol-ir, fL. umisUttL 
liaahlXmii, ai#f ioUfl-tii:4t-l4i/^ in^t?lM^ltrj£Sg. 
Imduble, BiH-^l-£4il, a iftsotubte. 
ln'sol^jibillii^> iiiK'%o[-vab-e-]4i-iitl,/ inivt^^ui-y. 
Il3»lVttbte, aiJi^iO^f Sth-lil, a. ijisptvciit. 
llbCflnniSt aui-iCifd-ntiH^ H^nt ff/iltcp^ restl^Jsness. 
ItEwuciilOCCT am^UiO-syAnsSiJl rarttessness, 
IliiSQUcianti Cj aii-MO-iya/i, — I, a.careUss ; thssi^htless. 
lo&DumfT, ^ Eiin-sOO^tne, — iniz, a^ uTisw^ued. 
Ihumieiutlilc, abi-^aDt-nahrbi^ a. insupptfyiablt , inde- 
\ tibpctter, ai^J'Spck-tal, v. a. ie inspect. {^i nsible. 

Iiui^jcctevr, sifl'SpetTtur, tn. insprctort siti'veju^r. 
Iniipcti^tlonT HjH.spck.syod.y: inspeciio/i, sun-fy. 
Inspiration, diJi-^pC'rab-syon,/; itispiratinn. 
liOxpiTCr. ^f f -spi; rai, i\ a. f^? inspire. 
llMabOit^, aJM'StotcJc-tai,^ ifUtai!iiity,Jfi:Jtiiriess. 
Itt^Bble, ali^-sLoh-bi^ a. 9H^Jtai^/e^^cklf^ 
lltetallaJJOIl, mil-Stairiah-SYnH.J'. iasfaNa/ton. 
^n^AA]]^iT, airt'StaJn^t v. «► fe iastafl; s"— ^ v. r. ta estab- 

1 77] li^* 

, Instant, e, ain-stajt, — t, a. urgent, prestittg ; —, tti, 
I instant, moment; k V—, instantly. 

Instantan^, e, ain-sta»-tan-ai, a. —ment, ad. instantm- 

Instar, aiM-star, k V—, ad. like. [neous, 

InstauratioD, ai»-stoh-rah-syo7{,yC itistauration. 

Instigateur, aiH-stig-at-ur, m. —trice, — triss,/^ instigei^ 

Instiration, aiM>sttg-ah-syo»,/: itistigation. [tor. 

Instillation, aiM^stil-lah-syoM,/*. instttlation. 

Instiller, ai»-stU>lai, v. a. to instil. 

Instinct, aiM-stai», m. instinct. [stinctitte. 

Instinctif, ive, ain-stai/ik-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. in- 

Instituer, ain-ste-tO-ai, v. a. to ittstitttte, establish; ap- 

Institut, ai»-ste-tfi, m. itistitute. [point. 

Instituteur, ai/i-ste-tO-tur, m. institutor; schoolmaster; 
—trice, — triss,./". schoolmistress. [school. 

Institution. ain-ste-tO-syon , /. institution ; boarding* 

Instructeur, ai/f-stri^k-tur. m. instructor, teacher. 

Instructif. ive, ain-strflk-tif. — ve. a. instructive. 

Instruction. ain-strfik-syoM, /: instruction ; in/orma- 
tion ; education. 

Instruire, aiw-strO-eer, v. a. to instruct; fieach ; in- 
form ; %'—, V. r. to teach one's self; improve one's 

Instrument, ai»-stri!k>ma». tn. instrtnnent. [self. 

Instrumental, ai>i-strQ-maM-tal. a. instrumental. 

Insu, ai/i-sA, k \ — , ad. unknown to; k mon — , «/<• 
knoivn to me. [nation. 

Insutx>rdination, ai»-sQ-bor-de-nah-syo;t. f. insubordi- 

Insubordonn^. e, ai»-sfi-bor-don-ai, a. insubordinate. 

Insuffisamment, ai»-sfif-e-zam-an, ad. insujficietttly. 

Insuffisance, ai»-sAf-e-za»ss, y. insnfficieti^ ; inca- 

Insuflisant, e, ai»-saf-e-zaM, — t, a. insufficient, [pacity. 

Insulaire, ai/i-sQ-lair. a. insular; — , m. islanaer. 

Insulte, ain-sAlt, Jl insult, affront. 

Insulter, ain-sQi-tai, v. a. to insult. [sUjfferable. 

Insupportable, ai»-sfip-or-tah-bl, a. insupportable, in- 

Insurg^, ai//-sfir-hjai, m. insurgent. [rebel. 

s'lnsurger, aiM-sdr-hjai, v. r. to rise in insurrection^ 

Insurmontable. ain-sOr-mon-tah-bl, a. insuperable. 

Insurrection, ai/z-silr-rek-syon, /". insurrection. 

InsurrectionncI, le, ai»-sAr-reK-syon-ell, a. insurrec- 

Intact. c, ai;t-takt. a. untouched. [tionary. 

Intarissable, ai;i-tar-e-sah-bl, a. inexhaustible. 

Integral, e, ai«-tai-gral, a. integral; — emcnt, ad. 
entirely, wholly. 

Integrality, aiM-tai-gral-e-tai. /. integrity. 

Integrant, e, ai»-tai-gra/i, — t, a. itUcgrantt compotmU. 

Intigre, ain-tay-gr, a. upright. 

Intigriti, ain-tai-gre-tai. yi integrity. 

Intellect, ai»-tel-lekt, m. infetlect. 

Intetlectif, ive, ain-tel-lek-tif, — iv, a. intellective. 

Intellectuel. le, ain-tcI-lek-tQ-ell, a. intellectual, 
spiritual. [knowingly. 

Intelligemment, ai;/-tel-le-hjam-an, ad. intelligently. 

Intelligence. ai»-tel-le-hjanss, f. intelligettce ; under- 
statuiing ; ability. 

Intelligent, e, ai«-tel-le-hja«, — t, a. intelligent, skilful. 

Intelligible, aiw-teUe-hje-bl, a. —ment, ad. intelligible ; 
cUar. [cess. 

Intemperance, ai/<-taM-pai-ra^/ss. yr intemperance, ex- 

Intempdrant. e, ain-tan-pai-ra//, — t, a. intemperate, 
immoderate. [weather. 

Intemperie, ai»-tan-pai-re, f. inclemency of tlte 

Intempestif. ive, aiM-tan-pes-tif, — iv, a. —ivement, ad. 
unseasonable. [management. 

Intendance, ain • ta/t - danss, f. superintendence, 

Intendant, ain-ta7i>da«, m. intendant, steward ; sur- 

Intense, ai^i-ta/tss, a. intense : violent. [iMyor, 

Intensity, ain-tan-se-tai. f. i'ttenstty, iniettsetuss. 

Intenter, aiM-ta^r-tai, v. a. to begin, enter. 

Intention, ai;<-ta«-syoM, yC intention, purpose, design. 

Intentionn^, e, ai»-ta»-syo«-ai, a. affected; bien — , 
well-minded; mal— , disaffected. 

Intentionnel, le. aiM-ta/t-syon-ell.-B. intentional. 

Intercadent, e, ai»-tair-kad-a», — t, a. irregular, un- 

Intercalaire. ai/«-tair-kal-air. a. intercalary. \even- 

Intercalation, ai»-tair-kaI-ah>syon. f. intercalation. 

Intercaler, ai/i-tair-kal-ai. v. a. to intercalate. 

Intcrc^der, aiM-tair-sai-dai. v. n. to intercede for, 

Intercepter. ai»-tair-sep-tai, v. a. tointervept.[mediate. 

Interception. ai»-tair-sep-syo/f, f. itUerception. 

Intercesseur, ai»-tair-ses-ur. m. intercessor. 

Intercession, ai/<-tair-ses-yo». f. intercession. 

Interdiction, ai»-tair-dik-syoff, f. interdiction, pro- 
hibition ; suspension. [suspend, stupefy. 

•Interdire, ai/i-tair-deer. v. a. to interdict, prohibit; 

Interdit, ain-tair-de, m. interdict, interdiction. [ing. 

Intdressant, e, ai«-tai-res-a«. — t, a. interesting, affect- 

Intdress^, e, ain-tai-res-ai, a. interested; covetous ; con- 
cerned in. 

Int^resser, ai»-tai-res-ai, v. a. et n. to interest; excite 
interest ; nurve; injure ; s— , v. *'{T^ M^fiAMt' 
terest in; be concerned in, gitized by VJVJVJ V Lv^ 


Int^r^t, ai/i-tai-ray. tn. interest; advantage; prendre 
— k, to concern one's sel/aboui. 

InterfoUer, auf-tair-fol-yai, v. a. to interleave. 

Int^rieur, e, aiw-tai-ryur, a. — ement, tut. interior^ in- 
ternal, inward; — , m. inside; home; secret 

Interim, aiw-tai-rim. tn. meantime. [thoughts, f I. 

Interjection, auf-toir-hjek-syow, /. interjection. 

Interjeter, abt-tair-l^M^-tai. v. a. — appel, to make an 

Interlin^aire, alM-tair-Un-ai-alr, a. interlineary. 

Interlocuteur, abt-tair-lok-Q-tur, m. interlocutor. 

Interlocution. ai><-tair-lok-Q-syoM, /. interlocution. 

Interlocutoire, at«-tair-lok-a-twar, a. interlocutory. 

Interlope, ain-tair-Iop, m. interloper, smuggler. 

Interm^de. alM-tair-med. m. interlude. 

Interm^diaire, ain-tair-mai-dyair. a. intermediate. 

Interminable, al«.tair»ine-nah-bl, a. endless. 

Intermission, ai«-tair-mis-syo«, / itttermission, pause. 

Intemuttencc, ai«-tair-mit-ta«ss, /. intermission, in- 

Interne, ain-taim, a. internal; — , m. boarder, 

Intemonce. ain-tair-nonss, m. internuncio. 

Interpellation, alw-tair-pel-lah-syo/i, y. interpellation, 

Interpeller, aiM-tair-pel-lai, v. a. to summon, challenge. 

Interpolation, ai«.toir-pol-ah-syo«, /. interpolation. 

Interpoler, aiM-tair-pof-ai, v. a. to interpolate. 

Interposer, ai«-tair-poh-zai, v. a. to interpose : s'— , v. r. 
to intervene. [tervention. 

Interposition, aiff-tair-poh-ze-syoff,/C interposition, in- 

Interpr^tatif, ive, aln-tair-prai-ta-tiC — iv, a. — ivement, 
ad. interpretative, expounding. 

Interpretation, ai«-tair-prai-tah-syo«, /: interpreta- 

Interprite, ai»-tair-pret, m. interpreter. [tion. 

Interpreter, ai«-tair-prai-tai, v. a. to interpret; ex- 
plain; translate; — en mal, to misconstrue. 

Interrigne, ai«-tair-rayn-y*, m. inter-reign. 

Interrojfateur, aiw-tair-og-at-ur, m. inUrrogator. 

Interrogatif, ive, ai«-tair-ogr-at-if, — iv, a. interrogative. 

Interrogation, ai»-tair-og-ah-syo», / interrogation. 

Interrogatoire, ai«-tair-og-at-war, m. interrogatory. 

Interroger, ai»-tair-ohj-ai, v. a. to interrogate; ex- 

Inter r*jsii]>re, i^btAsAt^uiu^t, t<. a. ts iifftfrifpf^- impede; 

JnterriipleurH abi-talr-f i:)^-tur, r«, i4ttfrr»pfrr. [disturb. 

Intetrupticm, nwt.ti,ir-rtp-sj'on,j^ iwiUmtpiiiin^ 

Intetsticj^H aiti-t^LLf-jitis^ nt, ifUtrsti^t, 

Intcrfjsiic aiti-ti^i-va.1, nu infetiftL 

•ImcrvcnSr, aix tair^vnecr, tf. n. & iaifFz^jte; irUer- 

Intezveittkui, alji^ir^urr-syci«], j: itiiei-i>enftatt, [pose. 

ufcervenlon, al«-tair-vak-iyfntjjfc disturtaiu*, 

IdtETvertlr, iLlrt tEiir-T3ir4t:«r, t>. n. ta iitlervert, over- 

Inte^titt, «l^('ta-tah, f«. im^tiixfet [turn. 

Inreslin, e, niitiat-liiift. ^(in, a. fiitsstiag. iittemal; 

IntlmiktJai], aiH.(c.nmIi-!i.yoi#. y: wUfnaiisn, notifica- 
Intl^c, ai«-tlm, n. ^luetll^ ad. intimate. Uion. 

IntLhicr, HlLH-tG-maJ, Ty. rt. t& Hnii/\- ,- sjtmniniu 
Ititmiider. al«4c-me-dill, v. a. {jTintimuiate^frighteH. 
Intimitis, aan^t-mclai,/ iiUi^iHy. 
Intitule, oiw Ic tfi-Uit, tft, tif/t. 

I&titi^cr, oljilt-tii-]^ , v. a, fts mriile. Unr$f^erabU. 

IntciJi^mblc. Dir^.roJ-^^, a., —m^t, «k. inl^Urable, 
Intoliiinmce, ai^^tol-aE-raii/E, /. int^li^nntit. 
JntoTilrMil, e, aifi-tcl-jii-rjin, — i, d. tntal^anl, 
IntDUnmtluiic. aLu-tnl-ai-raH.tiitii, m. itu^^Uratice. 
Jilitdnatbil, alji^-toQ-»iJi-b.yc!», / iHlonaliim. 

t78 J 



— , #». 

JntT.Tinilil[f, IVt, abr-tra^j-et-Lir^ ~iv, j, iVi/kj 

Intr^pldittii {iUj-Lrai-[>c-de-t^, f^ ^fUtYpiJt- 

Intrli^ant, c, al'i-tncc^Hiu, — i, a^ ittirurm 
Intrigue, A\H-iTi^yj: intrigue. 

1litrtt;uer. adJr tre-jjal^ p, a. ei h. tst puxs^i. i^rplex) 
InltljjMtut, iJiji-Ere.(;rnr, jH^ ifUri^ntr. \inirinsical. 

IntrmiiqLie, aiii-tra^tfu-adc, a» — ment, urf. intrinsic, 
IntrodUEtcur, at»-troiJ-t)ik-tur^ m. itHnxiMc^. 
ItttTfMhictit, Wt. oiti'lt^d-Qk-tit. —iv. a. sHirPflftctory. 
Introduction. aU.irod.ak.syq«.>C tHtredt^irtiitn. 
•iiurodntre.pujj^ a.f^ intrtKiKcT; 5"—. v. r. 

i0 iittivducf *ft/j stiTj ^oiH adrniaa^jy. 
IntrcanUation, fll«, j^ enfhrBttirig, 
IntrcxniMrL a3^i trDHtic-EoJ. v. #. lj mtJtrvnr. 
Jntrouvatuc^ alw-^rxja-vah^b}^;^. fitrttoiiej^inid, 
Jntrut, e. ai/i-txA. — =, n, iiitradtd,- — . m. intruder. 

littuitif. i^re, Qin-tfl^.tLf, -iv. a. -ivement, atl intuitive. 
intuhion^ ftj^'ta-v^QH./; iHtmi^tu 

Imuavttcent^ e, airt hQ-bics-vuv, — t^ a,, intfitttes&nt. 

Innate, e, m-<l-ze-tal a. unusual, unwonted. 
Inutile. m-fl-tU, a. —ment, ad. useless; needless : idle 
InutUite, ui-(l^.c4ai, y: inutilUy, uselessness ; idle 

Invaincu, e, aiM-vain-kd, a. unconquered, uttvan- 

guuhed . [—,m. disabled soldier. 

Invalide, aiw-Tal-id. a. —ment, ad. invalid ^ disabled: 
Invalider, ai«-val-e-dai, v. a. to invalidate, annul. 
Invalidity, awi-val-c-de-tai.y: iftvaiidity. 
Invariabilite, aiw-var-yab-e-le-tai,/: invariableness. 
Invariable, aiM-var-yah-bl, a. —ment. ad. invariable. 
Invasion. ai«-vah-zyo«.y: inintsion. [unchangeable, 
InvecUve, ai«-vek-tiv,y: invective. 
Invectiver, ai«-vek-te-vai, v. n. to inveigh. 
Inventaire, ai»-vaM-talr, m. inventory. 
In venter, ain-va^i-tai. v. a. to invent ; forge. 
Inventeur, ain-va^i.tur, m. inventor, contriver. 
Jnventif, ive, ai/(-va»-tif, — iv, a. itvventix>e. 
Invention, ai«-vaw-syo«,y: invention : contrivance. 
Inventoner, aw-va»-to-re-ai. v. a. to make an inventory, 
Inventnce, aii«-va«^riss,:/: inventress. 
Inversion, aiM-vair-syon. f. inversion. 

" -j-lccT, ^'. a. tu itreejf^ 

■ L, ain^vt^^lii^maK^ m. ittfMtHug. 

'■■i-^i-. .L'/Tts-te-t ftr. jr. invej^ttr*. {^efemte. 

■ret, JLiH-val-ffli-rji tf^ n. et i'— . tf. r. fdgrva^ in- 

^il4e. afcra.vauT.5e4>]. o. ^raeut, ad. ita^Mcible, 

■■ : '-ftttTUMtfaeAt, 

jUI<?. a£«.w^^h-bl. a. —mrnt. ad, in^iJai^it. 
:^%'. aiK-Tc^e-h], fl. ^ixient, ad, ttfPiiibU, »Mseen. 
'.w-.m, auj-ye-raJi'iiya^^j: iitvOa^n* 
■r, aS;i-ve'tfll. -P. a. ta tm^fe, bid, 
Uton. aw-TOk-ali.ayow,/. iFiPxat{x>n. 
■iiEidtCi ^n-MKA^^, rt. — uient. ad iftv^lMnfary. 
nici^ Akf-vnl-tiN^tyai. ad. unvni/injftjf. 
Hn:r. aiw-vot-iiit ^' ^ 'fl inVoir: it/pen/ Ar, 
-t:]ntilia]>]e. eiJ a-irTB;^.saM'blah-bi a. — numt. ad. 
■ '■■,'}Al}lt, Hfih4vfy^ 

i,ti]il)]ance. sin-vTay^^tt-hisiH^ A utt/iArl&^a^ 
\\cr.\Uc, aiH-rmnat-mh-U. a^ iftt'HlNera^f, 
y'>t'3th. tn- fpfa.Jui, pttiai, 
-Tiiy, iff AlJcr. 
'12c, t-ras-te-tjl, a, ii-asaitit* 
iLi. tHr itiSf raiftAew, 
t\ c-Fe.^ni^ a. r-ctinJmtf-ti:Aiwtltd, 
■-■'■■ 11 -r-, jT. irjiiy. 

ik, a. ^Hent, ad. irpHimL 
r^-^tHah bl, a.mttede mfgemed. 
y.ii. T. H. te irrfldiri/f. 
■ r.n'-jt^in-H-vh-Li], a. — icent, ad. irratinmU. 
n-sil.yah-h], a. — mtnt. ad. irre- 



Irrecusable, ir-rai.k( a. unexceptiotiabU. 
Irreflechi. e, ir-rai-flai-she, a. thoughtless. ' 
\rr6tiex\on,\T.ra.i.fick.iy on, f.thoughtUssness. 
Irreformable, ir-rai-form-ah-bl, a. irreclaimable. 
Irrefragable, Ir-rai-frag-ah-bl, a. irrefragable. 
Irregu&nte, u-.rai-gO-lar.e.tal.y: irregutarUy. 
Irreguher, 6re, u-.rai-gfl-le-ai. -ayr. a. -dement, ad. 

trregular. [irreligious, ungodly. 

I^ite^'- -z, «. -sement. a^d. 
Irreiipon, ir.rai-lihj^Kj«,y: irreligion, ungodliness. 
Irremediable, ir-rwA-mai-dyah-bl, a. —ment, ad. irre- 

medtable. [unpardonable 

Irremissible. ir-raj-mis-ss-bl, a. -ment, ad. irremissibU. 
Irreparable, ir-rai-par-ah-bl, a. —ment ad. irreparable. 
IrreprehensibUite. ir-rai-prai-a^i-sib-c-le-tai, JTirrePre- 

hensioleness. [blatnetess 

l!^JKli!?h2Si"*^'- i'-fai-Pra'-^'-«5-^'' «• <rreprehensible', 

Irreprochable, ir-rai-prosh-ah-bl, a. -ment, ad. irre- 

Irresistible, ir-rai-zis-te-bl, a. -ment, ad. irresistibU. 

Irresolu, e, ir-rai-zol-fl, a. —ment, ad irresolute, un- 

t1^™ *i°°' »'-'^i-?ol-fl-syo«, / irresolution, indecision, 
^r Ai'l^* xr-res-pck-tfl-uh,-*, a. -sement, ad. 

Irreverence, ir^rai-vai-rawss.^ irreverence. 

Irreveremment, ir-rai-yai-ram-aw, ad. irreverently. 

Irreverent, e. ir-rai-vai-raw. -t, a. irreverent. 

t^^««'^k5 '*1' i'^-ra»-vok-ab;e.le.tai.y: bein^ irrevocable. 

{rrti««?1;^'""^*';''°''-^-5'' .«• -"»^"'' "'^ irrevocable. 

iI2Pi???i ir-"g-ah-syo«,y: irrigaHon, watering. 

Irntabihte. ir-re-tab-c-le-tai,/: irritability. 

irritable, ir-re-tah-bl, a. irritable. 

Irritation, ir-re-tah-syo;/./: irritatio>t. 

Imter. ir-re-tai. v. a. to irritaU, excite, provoke; s-^ faU into a passion. T 

Irruption, ir-rflp-syo«,/ irru^QtQW 


IsabeDe, e-zab-ti, a. ligrfu bay. 

Islamisme, is-laon-ism, m. isiamUm. 

Isolation* e-zol-ah-syow./: isolation. 

Isolcment, e-zol-maM, m. retiremettt, sdiihtdt. 

IsoU, e. e-zol-ai, a. isolated: loiu^ ; unconnected i 

— ment, ad. solitarily. 'Jive lonely, 

Isoler, e-zol-ai, v. a. to isolate, separate ; s' — , v, r. ta 
Issu, e, e-sA, a. sprung-; born; cousin — de germain, 

second cousin. 
Issue, e-sfl,y. issue ; outlet; purtenance. 
Isthme, istm, m. isthmtis. 

Italique, e-tal-ik, a. italic. [pealed, 

It^ratif, ive, e-tai-rat-if, — iv, a. — ivement. ad. re- 
Idn^raire, e-te-nai-rair, m. itinerary. 
Ivoire, e-vo-ar, tn. ivory. 
Ivoirier, c-vo-ar-jrai, m. ivory-turner. 
Ivraie, e-vray, m. tare. 
Ivre, e-vr, a. drttnken, intoxicated. 
Ivresse, e-vress.y; drunkenness, intoxication. 
Ivro^e, e-vron-y^, a. drunken ; — , m. drunkard. 
Ivrogner, e-vron-yai, v. n. to fuddle. 
Ivrognerie, e-vron-yKA-re,^ drunkenness, tippling. 
Ivrognesse, e-vron-yess,/*. drunken-iMfnan, 

\ able, Wah-blK m. notch.. 

^ abl f r, nj ah-blaij %\ a. fi? mftcAi 

abiit, bjab-oti, rH. crop ; shirt J^lf, 
\ abolcr. hjab-ot-aJj t. n. tepfaffl^, iJutitCTi 
\ a rj gj^p-r hjak^d^si, V. n. td cAatifr. 
] acasscriic, hjak-as^rcc,^ ck^tttrin^^ 
_ accnE, Cy hJaSi^H, — t. a. t« ififeyaHci. 
^ ach j^J¥, h|ash'air, f.faJIpw /and. 
^ achen»;ri Iilpsh-acr-a.i, p, ar ta/al^rtu. 
, Bcintbc, hlms-mntrJ'. hy&f^Hth. 
, acet)in, lijak-ob^iM, *». derHinican friar ^ ^obin, 
, acDflASt Imk'On-Ah, ttt.jeic&net. 
, actaixe, njak-tauss, f. h^ufstinj^. 
\ aculatoire, JiJa'kOl^lat-ty^at, a. rjacniaft^r^. 
^ adK hlalMiis, a4, sf^Ut, in tifnes cfybn. 
_ ajfiiar, nJag-wafK m.Ja^wzr^ 
' 'a]] LLth hja^-e^TK tf. H, tir spout : hitnt oat, 
\ ailki&snnc&t, KJaZ-Hsmnarf , m. spoutin^i guskirtg out. 

aiSf hiajn m.Jei; dead. 

aLaifc, bjaL-ahJi tn. duty on tbine. 
] .ilap, hjal-ap, tn.Ja/ap, 

ale. hlal. /. b^iT^I. 

[79] JroxT 

^ A'ipe, blUip, m. Jasper. 

, asimr, m>k£-(.ial, v. a. to marAfe, vtl/ta 

. A$}'Urc, njoA-oiit^f rfnsrbIiH£. 

, altt*,^ f^ ennvh pprrtH^r, 

, altde, htikt'Ai,/. lurTalfuA 

. Aiaj^e, hjohj, fi^anirf; jritndard-^arr^fi 

ai;^Ca(Fr, lij rHl-^lij^liJ . tn. f^Ujfi'Hg: 
] 4Ugcr, njali-hj-ai, u. a. ti} j^nit^e. 

, iiuliAtxe, nJiQlwnau^tr, a, yriji/wisA . 
. aanc, hjoSirit a.yeU^W; —, m. ycHow cQ^ur ; yolk. 
. aunir, hjotiniiccr^ V. a. et n, to mtftt yHI^ ; grow 
auni^sfi, hjDl|.niss./:j'ffMFiti/i«, [jt'/i'^Sm; ripen. 

^ avo3Li, hjav.fth, w. f/n<j/j/ island f^mttd ^y gravel. 

avd«r, hjav-l-ti, I', fj. to /ayi^m itt bundles: lie on 
J^ivcLinc. njav4i!i,/;/jrOT/iiM, \the field. 

, avqllt^ h^aV'S],/ bundle of e^m. 

^ lirdmiade^ hjai^r^i-tity.-itl.^ C9mpfaintf 
^^ire, hjal^zil-ii^ wj, yttuii, 

\ LHuittqiic hJai-zCi-etHfc, n^JesuiKc. 

, «nitiiyJi«,hjai-ZTl^e.Eii>OJ, m. Jesuitism^ 
et, ttjay, »». caj/, /A*im^,- jAtwf, j/^ijj ,- ^js : — de 
ct^€, ruuJftal,//Arr<4>^»'t. flyiiiii-jc. ray qf light. 

, eLCr, hjPf^-taiK V. u. et n. tif iAr^^^ cjui, Jfirig ; shoot; 
su/ipumJe; — dica cris, to cry vut; ~ 4e U luini^re, 
ftr j^ivf ^. ie ^, 11, r. ti?jTmg ^Hes seif- rmsh upon. 

1, hJ^h-Uuf, *M. paU^jAtte; iatMd^mark. 


._ , bjah-]oi3-at, V. «. J'U siiik poles ; tn<$rk. 

^ aJonjicur, nJ'^h-lon-Ltr, m.Javclin-ntan. 

alooser, hJAl-OD-zai, v. d. 1^ ^jealous of 
_ HJoiisie, tyal-oo^e, //edi/f^KJ-j, envious nest, 

Bkyax, K, bJaJ-oo, — jc, a.fttriens. 
I antais, hjam-ar, ad. riftr; nc — + tteijer. 
' ambaj^e, hja/t-babj, m.Jafn3 : stroke, 
' antbe^ hja^bK f. ^g ; sAani. 
' amb^, «t hJm-baE, it. Hen ^^ ^tfctl-te^edt 
' ambcCtc, hjaf -bctj ffblding-kn ife, 
\ nmbon, hjat-boFir, fit. ham^ gamtttctt, 
' iunbonncau, h ja/i -btm-olij fn, smiitl fwtnt 
' aCj hJBMj m.Jan. 

J i t(}ajit„ f felloe. Jaunt. 

jtnwIeTj hja^-^yaii ^i. jTaHutiryt 
' open, W-ap-ow, JK. Japan -ofare, 
" app«, \^».^, f praffliiTg. 
' appoDcnt, hjap-ii»H, m. yeipiitg. 
' appef, tjap-ain v. "n tajvlp, i^tr^. 
' aque^ lOakK^^ j^jfiiCif ,' — die mail^es, fiiw^ j/ mfd^. 
' aquette, I^JalC'et, fjoikft; ihitd'Scoat. 
^ araiiu hjar-datn, m. gnrde/t. 

] mUnajjc, hjat'de^naTiJ, m, ganfening ; garden stuff. 
' ATdincr, hJar-dc^ni^Si If. n. t^ drtss a gtiniiiti, 
\ ar^pct, hUr-de'lla^', nt. liitle garden. 

ordiliier, njar-din^e-£ii, m. gardener r —^tl^ — r, f. 

g^ardenrr's Itfi/i ; ^oTOtr-iiand. 
^ argon, hjar-jfon, m.jittrgon, gibberish, 
*- arUOTincr, hjar-jf nn-^i, tTl Wl to talk gittberiih. 
* aTifOnncur^ hjar-jTon-ur, m.faiberrr, 
' a«C, hjar^yi^iJrH •atater.Jar. 
I arret. fu*F■'*y^ *'*' hamy Aoitgk, 
arreter, l^ar-talT *. a, toganer. 
' arrctihtt, bJar-lyRir, f. garter. 
" arfi, llJarK m. gfrtider. 
' as, lijah, 7Jt. sff^k t,aMcA^r}. 
I ascr, hjah-l£l3, ff. ?f. tirprfttt,chitfter, 
^ B3cnc lijah'ire, f. prating, chatierin^^ 

, hjlih, wl. play; sport; ,^ _ ^ . ., , , ^ 

f^^j.' action ; perfermamv; — dc IxiuJe, '^m//tV/J^> 


, W'lJ'/ -rA'*!*'.- game / gamittg- ; Pack qf 

gTte?\: — clq bJl.irdi biliiar^^^bie : -^ de bourse. 

sfs?c^-jpbbiN£ : -^ d« itj^ISk ^ft/^^^f^ pun. 
JeuilJ, hJLih.-[|e, »f, TAnrtday; — jzras, 5^/vlw>7'A»rx- 

i^^j." — Mint, lH'iHnday-Thursday. 
4 Jcfici, hjuliw, jirf.yii.tfifwi'-^ 
^eunc, hjuhu, ff. ycttHj^''; y&unger; ^I'd*^, 

cilnc, hjuhn, nufftsftng, 
fuLLneri n]uli-n>ii, t^' «- t^faif. 
fqunet, ]iJ»*^A-na.y, u. veryyifung. 
kunc&s«, hJjfA inss,/.jPufA; ystttftfuluess, 
fQCltieurn hjuii-nur, tn. faster, 

[oatlkf ie, hj<>W-rCi^ /fswc/iSf/j frtiJir ; Jej^^iU, pi, 
fo^atUter, llJo^a/-ya!, m.JeTmeiUr. 
[ocrtSS£, hjok-TiBS, TH^ roitfuenH. 
[ok, hJcj-ahK/:>ffjf, ^di'flrfifwj,' mt'rih^ 
[oijjnant* hjo-ayn-yaji, /»■, nextt^yjoiHingr 
Otndrc, hJD-ai;i-dr,c!. a, etiuttfjnn; unite ; fit close J 

s& — , ^r. f , ito aniie ; meet. 
Jonit K hjo-^n, m./oiftt., JnactUnt lite JuEJldreJi. 

J omt^, njo-ain-taij /^ tiou^te handful, 

Jointifj ivc, hjo-aiH'tif, — iv. a.Jointd. 

Jointure, hjo-aiii't4T,^y«m/«/Ttf. 

]oli, e, hjoJ-e, j^, — imjnt, otf. pretty ; pletuin^, 

Jnljet, te, hjol-yay, —yet, a, rather pretty* 

Jnlivet^ hjol4v-tat,j< i-sf/fi'owi:. 

lone, ltjO*f, ?^J, rushy rane, reed, 

Jonch^e, liJd'r-iihaL /: brancl$es or powers; slrewed 

itb&Ht; CTwarri-c/teese. 
J outlier, hjoji-shai, V, a. to sfreW. 
^ OttCtl&IV, h\onk-iiyon,fJnnffi{iit. 
] on filer, hjofi-i^tai, v, «, to Juggle. 
^ tmiflerLe, hion^nA-rc,f. Juggling. 
] \jn|,4eur, hfQ^f-i,^Lur, m.Jti£giet-y ntOunfebanAt 
^ otiaiiler, hjoo-a^-al v. n. to play f&r tribes. 

oubarbe, ojoo-b^rb,/! house^ieet. 
^olie, hjOO,^ check. 

^ outir, Jijoo-u], v. a. et H^ ia play ,- sp^rt ; i^ame; per* 
f^rm, act; deceive: —am cirtet, fo pMy at cards; 

— dc la ftfllc, to play upon tHe^ttte; falre — t to set 

a-going, pMt in fftotion / se ^, V. r. to sport, play ; 

fnake a jest af; datly tvifh. 
JoLiet, hio<>.3Ly, m. piaytAt'ng ; laugking.sf'OcJL 

. , ijoQ.ur, m. player; gambler^ 
OLifftu, €, 10.00-flA, a, cnubfoired^ 
Jonijf, lij4», m,yoke.- slavitry. 

onjir, hjoo-eer, v. n. t^ tnj^yy possess, 
. ouissance, hioo-Q^ss.ns&,f: enjoy tnent; poiussiOH. 

OLiJou, I^OO'|^c>iJ, m.playtAing, toy^ 
jour, lOoor, m. day; light; opening; &=> Open; en 
plein —,at no&ndity; il lait — , ^ ij daylight; — s, 
/^, rf^jtyj, ;i^,/A [log-book. 

Journal, l^oor-nal £//. ^aux), m. Journal; nnt/spaper; 
ouinalier, frre, hjoor-oal^yai^ — r, a. daily; uncertain; 
— , m. JCHrneyinan. 
lottmalbte, l^oor-nal-iiit, Tn-joumalisf, rcz--iewer. 
J0urn4^&, ]]JOOT-Ilai, f day ; day's tvorA ; day^s wages ; 
I Jjertfi dc ^-H li[^rifrRW«j+ 

I Journellemcnt, hjaorrncl-rmi^, ad. daily, iZ^eryf day, 
ouECk h}aot,f.fousf, titi. 
foutcT, |ljoo■ta^ f, w, tsjoust, /iJBft, / 


Digitized by VjOOQ LC 


^ uuvcncdk, n}o(V¥4w-*et,y, Auj. 

, ovia], c, hjOV-y^l, ^.JiftfiixK vi^rry. 

, iTfiaiiii, hjov-yat-e-tii./j'ifiiii/iiy^, BwrnV/i'jj. 

, oyaiit hjo-ali-yuhi rn. jkWcL 

^ Dycu&cL^H hjo-allnrytihi-^r ^ '^ 

] oyeux, 5c, nJQ-ill-yuh, 



oyeux, 5c, nJQ-ill-yuh, — z, a. — ^c.iict 


\ ubi Litre, hSQ-be-JalT, a. c/tftejahHre. 

\ Libilition, lijij- Lte-lah'&yttN', y^ cxt^i^ifftu Jfitiviijft 

^ LiblLe, lij t^-bc-lain wt^Ja^tfre^ 

\ uchcr, h)4^-5hjiL, i^, n. et se — ^ tc, «'. £J ra,!Si^ jUith. 

uclicaEurc, liJu-ij£'kBC-£lr,yiyii.^ji:u^»rT. 

udicMunc^ h^Q-tlC'SyBiri Ah — ^OJit^ ^i.itjuJi^iai'y: Jn4i- 

JufJicicux, %Ch lijdnde-syuliji— *, a. — semcnE, aJ, Jtttli' 
Juif!?K hjlJtij. m.juti£r. |ci!^ifx. 

. ugcri hja-hjai, v, a «^ Ah, fj jiu^fft : /wrfj jtfftfttffa: 

Llif, ye+ hj»tf| — 'ir, u, Iffv/ij/l/ —, tn. ^gwy —Vt, /l 
/■D U Jet, hjTlt^y, m r jH^f. I yrtwSfx. 

Liirih Jijqo-aN, Wi. ytfue. 

, Lile|>, Hi^^tj], m,jftftp. 

, nmeniit clJe, hjQ-nJtiJl, ^Jnd. a. tivin-horn j — ^ W* 

. unidJd^ lilinncl.y; tTbiU'iiiien — *, /y. 6:A*f.itf , /i. 
, ni[TEFi[K ]iJCi-ni.ii,y: ffliinr, 

_ wre, t, hJQ-raJ* «. jcjuwh^ .- —, tft. Juryman, 

^ uner, liJCl-rAi, tJ. ^r ei m. ?«»■ J*?#flr » .;iar, f^jrJfc. 
, UfewrnT^ft-fur, «. runutrrr 

. nnJjqnc; tijQ'-f«'d:i)(, tfr~mcnt, iti^.^Mnirii^inif, laTufal. 
. \irl*itt»ti3ukc, hiia-rls-kO'f^&nirr m.iffrircntuit/K 
^ urLspruclence, nJ&-4[£-pH)-djiiv^s»j^ jnrispmaenfit 

unuL, hj[l^rofii m. oath. 

\ us, hJQ, la^JiiHe. 

. usaniL, hjtl-eaw,. iw, ^^S, t-^j^ttx: 

Jusqutv Tiis^ues, I^Qsk, /^>'. ^<»> as/arAs.-^ tiii,. tttsfiL 

Jiwsiiloll, lvlClShiyo«. /: <f^f. [ifxani: prtciie. 

/ustkiabft^, lyft^-lis-yah-ll, j, itui/fy ene'r Juriniictiffft. 

Citif ^ —y in, ffiii that d^itsJaUm ; iud^i. 

Justifnl>]«. hjas-te^fc-ah-iptr ^. juHv^ttbU. 
llt&tificatK,. Sve, hjfls..lif^;.kat.jf, ^lipf, a, jHstiJlfAiivt^ 
J M^tirlcatton, Jij ilii-tif-e-kaJi'Syow^ /. JusiijteaK&n. 
JusHfi«r, lijDfi-tif'C'iUt v. *, t^ J**siifjf ; mt — , t', f. to 

TuttuJiK sCf hjQ-ELiRH -^i; 9.jM€y, 

JUVi^nlle, (lill.vai-nlfh »*^ — mcnt, fid.jinvniie ,- ^^ve^A. 

J uvcn UitC, Jtj i-ViJi'nEte-taJ,yt yQufh/uiHt^i. 


Kaleidoscope. ka1-a!-«-dos-kop, m. kaleidoscope. 

Kali, Ical-e, m. kali. 

Knn)^iroo, ka«-gQ-roo, ni. kangaroo. 

Keriiiesse, kair-iness,/! annual/air, 

Kiosquc. kyosk, m. kiosk. 

Knout, knoot, m. kftout. 

lA, lah, ad. there : thither; —has, yon, yonder ; — 
haut, there, above, up then; jusque — , till then; 
Ui Ul, so so, pretty well. 

Labeur, lab-iir, m. labour. 

Labial, e, lab-yal. a. labial. 

Laboratoire, lab-or-at-war, tft. laboreUory. 

Laborieux, se, lab^r-e-uh, — z, a. — sement. ad. 

Labour, lab-oor, m. ploughing, tillage, [laborious. 

Labourable, lab-oo-rah-bl, a. arable. 

Labourage, lab-oo-rahj, m. tillage. 

Labourer, lab-oo-rai, v. a. et n. to plough, till, labour. 

Laboureur, lab-oo-rur, m. ploughman. 


t^byrinthtj, bb-e-rAlNt, m, ia^yri7tfk, n 

Lac, lak^ tn. lake. 

Larerr, Ljili-sai, v. a; ftj tatt ; iinr^ 

Lac^tcr, l^l'^'at-ralr v. a. iff iaceriitc, kar, 

Lacct, tlh^iy, vr. iatt ; snsLrE. 

L&cht, Uuid, a. — iiienr, itd, [mv^ slack ; cowardly j 
ViitMii^Wf ; — , ^. fvttfiirJ, j/ifggani. 

LAchtri laii-^liaJ, i'. a, t^iiackt ^acteu, loosen; release; 
dischnr^t , — unt flciclle, fe j/ti^ts^f an arrow ; — Ic 
picJ, to run ateny ; ec — , v, r- fOj^fWf loose ; go qff", 

xhirte, ^LLsh-tai,/: nn^anfj'^, stuggishness^villany. 
Lac 1^4 JAtt-itf '»i. net-jiixirkr 
LacDniqiie, l[ik-Qtt-Jk, a^ -t— pient. d^. laamic 
La u r>initiue, tiik 'Ctii-i^m, «pr. tatiJOHiitH* 
Lac^. liih, f/f. Etnng ; smirr^ 
Laetoiioii, lak-ialKsyorr.y^ luff^iitm 
Lacre^c, Uk-i:,-u, a. /aef^-il; mfH^ji; *Citt— e, milky wt^. 
Lacunen [ak-unn/:^^ J- (f^^-ii'^irj. ' {-wretch. 

Ladre, lah-dr, a^, iaprens ; sttu^, — > wa. leper ; sordid 
LadircHe, lah-drrr^-re, f, Itprn^ : wrttasUs, pi. ; lazar- 
Laguti«^, laff'fin,^ la^ostt. [house. 

LaiiK e, tay, -a. lay, juiHlar ,- — , irj. l^^jnan. 
Lairdi Ci layf — d, a, ttg/y .- iqrf. 
LaEtl^rnn, Liyd-row./i Hgly pms^. 
Laid^^urH laytl-urr/^ tigHnesf- unscernliness. 
Laic, iay,y. w i^it sstv ^ ji^Vaiii^ 

Lairiiice, lay-nahj( m^ ^^es/len goads^. pL ; napping, 
LaintK ien,^ Ti/Lvl, 

Latner, lea-ai^ v, d, le na/, eartl {teooll. 
LaLEtcriCt len-ne.y. la^I'imtrkrt. 
LaicieuK, jk^ len^uh^ — fft ft. ^W^. 
Lainier, lenny^i, mj, v^0ffl'-ttT9Ff£cr.. 
Laiquc, L~ih^[k, i», ^jij', statiar;—, rn. layman^ 
Lai^, l.ii, in, s{an{ia.s^-trte. 
LaK^". I \y%^,/, Ie^j:h. 
Lal^-.|■r■-.. \.f^^^Ah/^. pi. dmig. 
Lai -r. I.iy -,.^f, ZK^ a. f^f ?j. r',7 rfnyf : let; desert; omit; 

Lai.4. l^j, ,j:.. j.-iU.V; r>.:i — , i^iicy,- ffire de — , foster^ 

brother; veau de — , surking^aif; vache ji — , w«i/>fr- 
Laltage, lai-tahj, in. milk diet. \cow, 

Laitance, lay-tanss, I-aite, let,>: milt, sqft roe, 
Lait^, e, lay-tai, a. soft-roed. 
Laiterie, lay-tre,y, dairy, milk-house. 
Laiteux, se, lay-tuh,— z, a. milky. 
Laitier, lay-tyai, m. dross; milkman. 
Laiti^re, lay-tyalr,/: milkwaman ; miHi/tg-cow, 
Laiton, layton, m. brass, latten, 
Laitue, lay-tfl,/: lettuce, 
Laize, layz.y: width. 
Laina, lam-ah, m. lama. 
Lamanaffe, lam-an-ahj, m. coasting-pilotage, 
Lamaneur, lam-an-ur, m. coast-pilot. 
Lambeau, la//-boh, m. rag, tatter, scrap, [m. loiterer. 
Lambin, e, lax-bai/i, —bin, a. slow, sluggish, tardy ; — , 
Lambiner, lan-be-nai, v. n. to be slow, loiter, linger. 
Lambris, lan-bre, m. ceil*.ng; wainscot. 
Lambrissa^e, la/t-bre-sahj, m. ceiling; wainscoUing^ 
Lambrisser, lafi«bre*sai, v. a. to ceil; wainscot. 
Lame, lam,/: sheet ; foil; blade; surge. 
Lam^, e, lam-ai, a. laminated. [deplorable. 

Lamentable, lam-a/x-tah-bl, a. — ment, ad. lamentable. 
Lamentation, lam-a»-tah-syOM,y: lamenttUion, plaint. 
Lamenter, lam-an-tai, v. a. to lament^ complain; 

mourn ; se — , v. r. to moan, mourn, 
Laminage, lam-e-nahj, m. laminating. 
Laniiner, lam-e-nai. v. a. to laminate. 
Laminoir. lam-in-war, m.flatting-uuichine, 
Lampe, lanp,/: lamp. 
Lamp^e, laM-pai,y^ bumper. 
Lamperon, lan-pro», m. socket. 
Lampion, laM-pyo/i, repot, illumination-lamp. 
Lampionner, la»-pyon-ai, v. a. to illuminate. 
Lampiste, lan-pist, m. lamp-maker. 
Lamproie, la«-prwa, /. lamprey. 
Lance, Ianss,y: laiue; lancet. 
Lancer, laM-sai. v. a. to dart, ^ing, cast,' launch la 

ship) : se — , v. r. to rush upon, shoot, 
Lancette. laM-set,yC lancet. 
Lancier, la^i-svai, m. lancer. 
Landau, la>/-aoh, m, landau. 
Lande, IsmA,/. heath, moor. 
Landgrave, lawd-grav, m. landgrave, 
Landier, lax-dyai, m. andiron. 
Laneret, Ian-ray, m. tanner. 
Langage. ]a»-gat^, m. language ; style. 
Lange, IsiMhJ, m. stoaddling-cTothes, pi. 
Langoureux, se. law-goo-ruli, -z, a. —sement, ad, lafk' 

gutshtng, languid. 
Langouste, la«-goost,/. largej^ster. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

LAIS' t 8t ] 

* Langue, Uuteh. / iottg'ue ; lanf[ttagt : — At tcrre, slip 
or neck qfJana. 

I.*T;7".:t*tte. !n'i n"ct. ^ tntt^nf ; valzf. 

J ....:, 1 :..,-.-. •■ JitMi^jtiJHfsSy tatig itor. 

I .a ji j,' u i r, ]a i>j -^3i e*f I I'J^, rt . to /afij^Nis/t , pineaitH^y, ling^. 

I^n^i^^tiiuticitt, lat-gfhe-sani-afi, d^, languishini^ly, 

h^oi^als&ant, e, Un-^hc^safi^ — ti ', ianjptiskifig, 

L.Jint^re, lan-yaif,/; j/faj* .'if leather^ lajA 

l^nifere, lail-e-ra.iT, a. iani^rntts^ 

l^metne, la^i'tiidiii, /^ /antertt : — s, //. 'nonsense. 

l^Fiterner, U»^tair-naj, v. ». tifa'a/iy, trifle. 

1 JUnlrrttcrie, lAN-titi rn-ir^ dmfiyin^. irijiing; nonsense. 

I-^uiTemicf, law-tai r-nyaU wj. 'lanifr>utnaker ; tri/ler, 

Inintuirclil, laK-tLir-ll% n^. I'lr <i :rA r^^mji" tSMiy. [datlt'er. 

],ci9iu^kii£ux, !ic, lan-^'hjc-nLLlk, — j, d, {^HHginous, 

I^L> |>Frt kip^aj, zf. 4>. to /a/, ^2r'> itp, 

!E^I>tdairc, laiJ-c-dai r, ^ii, /^^idij ry. I 

],rap]clatioii, llip-c-ctah^&yo)j^.yi lii^idati^n, stoning, 
LapklcTi lap-^-dai, v. n. i^ taftdAtf^ H^nt to decuk, 
Lrapldjficf , Lip-c-dir-yai, i,% a, !<} f jj^>f iHAf stone, 
I.rap]ni Lap-a(», fft. rabbit, contyt 
Lapinc, Ijip^in,/^ d^}f-rabbtt. 
]^ps, lapi, wi. /«/» k' — H e, Japs, A./nNtft. 
l^aquaEs,, lak^y, /,^. iac^fy^Jluyt-iiffjf, 

LniqiiclliCt UiK-fn, .fff t-EqucL. 
Lar-citi, Idi'-^i/r, .ftIl laneny, Ihcfl^ 
Lrardi lar, m. btfcoatjdt. 
Larclrr, Jardai, s^. a. tif tard. 
L^rtJoitfi, Im-dwrar, ^ ia rditsf'-pin^ 

LarcSi larf jw. pi. Laret, fl, ; htytn^, 

LaTjje, larhj. «. *f djf. ^ment, ***, l^^Vt, wide, broad; 
libtt at .- — ii »(, Arfn^tA, fvidfttfff, letdth ; main sea ; 
au hinif tt 4L1 ~, yiif' itj(j< T(rirf^ .- eti long: et en — , up 
and rfd^'w ; iJlrn; ,iu — , to JWtif tibp^'rootn ; be at 

3.AF^eur+ Jar-hjur,/ hrtAdlH : firifodfUJS, Vtdeness, 
1-mt^u^^ \sn^, Ml, oj^ttj^, uiitin yfa, 
l^rgUffr+ lar-ghm-r V. I*, to in^stn, cast ^ 

l^afinier, lamnyai, wj, ^^w, liufp-fisie. 

T^rtiioieifkeDt, lann-wg-niajf, m. iAftfdiH£- iif tears. 

]^nnc>y«F, larm-wa-yai. »f. fK to i««^, ri^. 

l.iLrron, lah-rc'^, tn, tftiff,- —p.c%-ic,'—i:oaKSS, /".yema/e 

l^rrtMineau, lad-i'orv-oh, /;i, iiitle ihuf, \thtef. 

L^ajvc, larr,/ AirtM. 

I^ryox^ IdJ'Jlinrka^ m. larynx^. 

] .a.^1 5C, lail^ — SS. a. tjrrd, "Ofrary, [lewd. 

1 ..T.'ici'ff tv*| ha-^if, "iVk r. — Lv cii3«nt» ad. lascivious, 

I ^r " : ■.■ -f ^ ir, - s \\-j,a\,J'. iasttTi^nsne-is, lewdness. 

I .* li'l, — X,ii, tir'C^i^mf. u-rarisome. 

) . . • r It. /t"' f^y.f, ^fta^ry,j9ii£ue ; se — , v, r. 

to£rtrw Tfta.ry. 

Lassitude, lah-se-tAd, f. lassitudct weariness, /leavi- 

L^tanier, lat-an-yai, tn. macavhtree. [ttess. 

Latent, e, lat-aM, — t, a latent. 

I^t^ral, e, lat-ai-ral, a. — enient, ad. sidelong, 

Latin, e, lat-ain. —in, a. latin ; lateen. 

Latiniser, lat-e-ne-zai, v. a. to latinize, 

Latinisme. lat-e-nisin, m. latenistn. 

Latinit^, lat-e-ne-tal,/: latinity. 

Latitude, lat-e-tOd,/. latitude. 

Latrines, lat-rin,yC pi. "water-closet, 

Latte, lat.y: lath, shingle. 

Latter, lat-ai, v. a. to lath. 

Lattis, lat-e, nt. lattice, lathing. 
Laudatif, ive, loh-da-tif, — iv, a. laudatory, 

Laur^at, lo-rai-ali. m. laureate. 

Laurier, lo-ryai, tn. laurel : glory. 

Lavabo, lav-ah-boh, in. washhand-stand. 

Lavaj^e, lav-ahj, nt. washing;, slop, splash. 

Lavande* Iav>awd,/: lavender. 

Lavandiere, lav-au-dyair,yC lauttdress. 

Lavasse, la-vass,/". heaiy shower. 

Lave, lar.y: lava. 

lavement, lav-nuui, tn. wetshing; clyster. 

Laver, lav-ai, v. a. to wash, clean, absolve/ se — . v. r. 

to wash one's se{/. 
Lavette, lav-et, f. dish-cloth ; sponge. 
Laveur, se, lav-ur, — uhz, s. washer. 
Lavis, lav-e, nt. wash, colouring. 
Lavoir, lav-war, m. washing-place : -wash-house : sink. 
Lavure. Iav-ftr,yi dish-water, hog-wash ; scouring. 
l^xatif. ive, lak-sa-tif, — iv, a. laxative, 
l^yer, lay-yai, v. a. to cut a lane. 


l-.-ijftftler, la^-yiiA-tyitJ, *», hit-maker. 

LAyeut, lay-jtl,/: drawer, shttf, ikiidhei^bwU 

]^iar, lay-yur, fjw. /arest'^mrve^y^f^.^ltl, ia-f array. »t. lam^tnetio. 

I>, lai, m. breriJth {nfci&th}. 

L^c]3£fHtG, laysih.fritt./: drifipittg^^/t^ 

IvCChcr, laysh^aLf c, a. to Itiri, lif% up. 

Lc^on, ittk^soH., f leSfOH ; iKturr ; J(aire U — i ij-, '* 
g nv sfte hti fup, 

Lecteur, Jrk^uT, «f, — in'ce, —ti\iA,/. ietiurtr^ rtadtr. 

l-ecruTCi Icctilr.y. readittg, 

lyCj^aL c, laJ-i^al. a eipcnt, ad. legal, ia-^uL 

I,4^i:alisatian. ln'^jA-^'ti^\-^,yiyn,J. lej^<tliriftg^ 

Lc^raJiicr. lai^K^.c-^aL, V> a. i^ ftgaiut. 

Lck^aHtCn lai^al.^.tai,/; legality. 

J^^jfitt. lai-ffali, ttt. If^fe. 

I-l^^^arJL^c. lai'gat-air, *n. ttgatee, 

I rCKatJon^ Jai-jiah-syot^/ kgattih^^ tfgaiiOHitmbalsy. 

lA^iy layhjK ti. itt bttUatt; ii^At. 
I je^cudc, lai.hjajid, y^ tfgrmL 

LcHc^ ire, lai.hjiu, -r> a. — iremetit. ad. tigki: 
fitfrtife; ncti^v : rtwy ,- ificoniider^Ie ,^ ^c4tli j X ia 
Icgerfe, UqMI^ ; irtctnindfr^trly. 
l,eu«rt[i, \k\-\i]3M.lak/- ii£hOttsi i nimhieness ; Ac^te- 
I-^Bifm, lai-hjyivi , yl lej^is^tt , ( nfsi ,- ti^hiness. 

Uc^iOfmairfii lay-fajyociraij, tn, itgio'tatj. 
J.^i^latfur, iaj-tij LK^^E^ur, h», Z^ iiititpfy lawjirver* 
LegilJatif, ive, tai-hjis-ta^tift — ^v, it, t^gi.siatiift„ 
Lif IjliiilatiDni iair tij [s4ah-syQj|,yi irgtsla.lion. 
Iv^g'istalunc, lak-lijis-lat-flf ,_^ fegiila/ure. 
i.^gait, iai'hjist, mi, civiltafi, lawyer. 
l-d^fhiliiatitm. biL-hJctc-ntaJ^-S^yoit, /J trgiiitnatiffn. 
I-'^ifititnCi lai-hjc-tiiii. a, — juem, ad. legitimate, t^iiifai. 

'■ Jlurjri'sA : 

^jC-tun, ,. .^ 

I.'^ifitiraer, lainhj«.t«.|:Et4i, v, a. tti ifgiiimate ; Justify^ 

L^lfitimiste, laMi)e.[e^llH^t. m. Uaitimiit^ 

L^jfitLmit^, li4-lije're-llie-t;li,yt le^-itiutacy^ litw/nluess. 

Leif Sj lay, m. Ir^-tny. 

LcjTucr, lat.^al., 1^. a. to hf^tteath. {greens, pi, 

L^KUQie, lAl'g-i^in, m. irgnmei — S, pL •vei^tia&fei, 

Lenimc. \^my m. Itmma. 

Lcn J Gnuin, la/f d'^tnaL'f , jn. the next day, d^yXitllff^ingt 

Lcnificr, Jas-ne-fc-al, v. a. to irny/y. 

LcnitJJ, ive, i^i'bc-lif, — Jv, a. len%ttt>e. 

Lent^ f, Id'i, — t, av ^^cueut, ^d* siovf i 

Lcntc, \l^Ht,/. nit. # 

Lcntcuf, kitt-tur,/'. sli^m'nesj .^ tardiness, 

LcntJculriire, l-i^r^Ec^kuL-airt ct. ienticuiarw 

LcatiELe, law-Jl/^y, IrHtH ; freckit. 

Lcjitiiiine, lii^i-tisk, r^t. ^^^wj/iV'^risw. 

Leonin, c, laJ>on-dJFi, —in, a. io'niiu, 

Lec»pariJ, iai'dp^ar, Ji^^. ift>pard. 

Lipre, ]ii>'-pr,./^ iepntsy. 

L^jpKuT, St, lai-prub, — 1» a, leprous. 

L^pro&cHCk lai-prDhuZ-TCtyi la^ar^Aattse, 

L*M, layz,/. crime dc 3t*c-iiLaiesti, Ai^r^ f/vrl,fdH, 

L^^cr, lai-2ai, t. d, /i^ Turvftg, nurtL 

L^Wlt, lfti'£in,y^ stinginess, 

Lesisji^r, ]ainr2F^i].it, t^, m, /o be stingy. 

l-^sin<riF, lai-zin'f c,j^ stingiHest. 

l-iMti, lai'ZyoHij^ lesiat:, ttirong. 

LeiSiTC, Ics-iVny; ^w^ lye'-anasAifig.^ 

Lf^SLvcr^ 3c&-iv-aL v. n. /i? -wash in fyt, 

[-fit, 3cstt hw. baiiasi, lastage^ 

f .estate, tcs-ta]iJH ^. balia^iing. 

I.tstc, lest, Hl — in e Ell, ad. niftible^brii&t€ir..-(r, sttutttr 

l^csier^ Ics-tal, V. a. to ifailasL 

Lestcuf, Ics-Eur, w(. butiast-iighter, 

LcEhar^ic, Lai -tar-lij e,y^ irlhar^^y^. 

Lrl liarj^iqur^ lai-ta r-hj lICi ti. ieiiiarg^^ 

L^lliiferc. lai-tc^faiT, a. deadly, 

LctCrc, Ict-tr, /; letter; epistle, hand-turiittig ; type; 

^ la — , literally ; ^ d'aflTairfis, /•^Z/rf' e/" bttiineij. ; — 

^Ic chanp^e, bifls/exi-hange ; -de iftiiEiuet I'jtliV'ii:^. 

r.o^cv Ifcrol, 0, ietiemd^ i iterate. 

Lc*. luhr, pK, tf f/wAw, their ; iuJeun, theirs ; their 

LcuTTC, luhr, tn, iare, bait. [^"UrJU* 

l^eurrcr, lnhr-^ij, v. a. ttflurt; dcc&y. 

Lfi'aiii, \ttk-vaxM, tn, ieat'en, yr^sf. 

Levant, iuk-va.ti, m, ritlt/g; Easty Levant 

l^t-vc, iayv,y: httllow m&lltt. 

Lcvtle^ hih-v^,/', rising; raising: leiy ; bani, tftitle; 
recess: CoIiecH^H {Ittten^ STeeil{iea}: trii-it{e-atds). 
Lcv«r, ln'^vat, V. a. et n. to l^, iij't up ,■ raist ; cutty/', 
'Cant ; gather; levy ; rerrfpz-v ; £ome upy rt'sti 4*^ 
f, r, to rite, aris^i — , m. rise ; rising i leva. 
I-CvLtf, ]fth-Yyilii, m. lever, Uam, 
Lrfvjte, Iii3-vlt, rft. Levite. 
L«vra,ui, Iw^-vruh, m. leveret^. 
JUtvre, lay-vr,/: lip. 

Lierreite, Urh 'vrci, / £ reykaund-bitckr^ T 

Livrier, lai-vrt ai, m^ e^^m4^ by V^OOQlC 


[82 ] 


L4Ik h.Y, pr. h^rd fiv, rmar. 

L^£ardd, c. iai-zarHcl^L, a. cretfiiyed. 

i iy.^i'fo/1, /'.Joining; cettHtiti^H 

[dates, PL 
s. //. ass^ 

, , , _ ^ Jii^, - , — . 

Uaidtir, lyax-dat, ly, ir. ^^/ffj by /Affftin^s : higgU, 
LlafdcuT, lyax-riur, fn. stiHi^ perJOH. 
Liasisc, lTas5./- bandif ^paptrsi Siring, 
Liba^c, Ic-batij i ffi. T^Hgh fte^f. 

ObeLfc^ Ictfcl, i«. /i^ffjl', iarrtp^m. 

lAixAcf^ \cAx\-\3.h ^'^ a. t^ sp€€{/^. 

IJl^ctliEtc, tr-bel4ist, m. i^ifer. lam/ifAfitr. 

I^iiberaJ, c, le-bai-ral, a. — cctieti^ ad. isbiTcd : free; 

IJb^ralit^, Ic-bai-rnil-c-taL,/ ^iberaiiiy. \jraterous. 

LiMrBttEir, Ic-bal-ri-U-urK trt. dtHztrer, 

Ub^vMitt ivc, Ic-hai-rat Jf^ — tc^ a. fiberoHng. 

Ub^tatiDHj Vc^boi^rali'^Dn, /: disukar^f^ riddance. 

LSWrer, le-bai-rol, t', a. to/ra. rid% s« — , Tf. r. to AV 

LSbcTtitJc-tiair-UL,y; liberfy : freedirtft, {pn^s debts. 

Uihcilmt e, le-bair-EO-iw, ^iSrif a, librrfine ; rakish, 
iiceittiauf. [ttess. 

LibcTtitisi^eK le-bair'tfl'iia.hj, ««. iiietfiiiistn ; reckiess' 

LihcTt i ner, Ve-bair-te-nai, tj, i'. J"<3 /jfja!' a disorderly li/e, 
in rakish. 

Libidineux, se, le-bc-de-nuh, — *, a. libidinous. 

Libraire. le-brair, nt. bookseller. 

Librairie. le-brair-e,yT book trade; bookseller's shop. 
Libre, le-br, a. — ment, ad. free; unocatpied; bold. 

Lice, Uss,/; list; bitch-tiound.' 

Licence, le-sa^iss,/. licence ; licentiousness 

Licencie. le-sax-syai, m. licentiate. 

Ltcenciement, Ie-saM-se-ma», m. disbanding troops. 

Licencier, le-sa/(-syai, v. a. to disband. 

Licencieux, se, le-san-syuh, — z, a. — sement, ad. licett- 

Licet, le-sait, nt. permission, \tiou5, dissolute. 

Lichen, k-kcn, m. 1:^:1^::. 

LLcitatiOii, ]e-fie4»*]i-iv'^«'/^ h\-tiaJmi. 

Licite, le-sit, a. — aieDt, ad. liTR/utr 

Liciter, Ic-SE-iaJ, v. a. ta sell ^ aU^liPn, 

IJcpttic,, Ic-kflm,^ HHiarrn. 

Ucbu, l^-koQ^ ftt. ftnlter. 

LJc, le, / dregs, (its. pl. : fain? chii* — , fo/fost. 

Lii^lje, iL^-ailij, m. cork ; t»*'*.rt'w. 

Lien, XytUt. m. battd; tie.' —^,pi chajnt,/efiers,pl. 

Lier^ lyai, v. a. ftt bind, tie ; Join : ikiiktn {sauce) ; se 

— , V. r. i^ bind one's jcj/; thicken. 
Licire, lyair, m^ i-vy. 

Lieu, lyuh, «i. ^fcr, rvom; c**jtf»r, ocrttticn ; au — 
dc, insiead it/; AvoLr — , ft? te*f /^sifT ^ happen ; — x, 
LEcut, ]yuh, /: /fljjT^^p^*-^ ^ //. /rnjy. 

Licur, lyur, »», «^r!l<^r. 
Licutcnancc, 1yuh^tnai>iSS»^ li^itfimiiCy. 
Licutenanti lyuh-tnaN, m. Iteuttnant. 
Li^^re, lysy-vfr »«. hare: bee di^ ^, hari-lip. 
Lig-amenr, lig-am-aw, m. Irgatfteftt, 
Lig'aLure, lig-at'dr,y: ligature, imnd^ 
Li^£, lihj, a. /u^f, 
Li^Aagc, lin-yani, hi. liNfagCt raCt, 
Lignffj Jiii'y^,y; line ; JisAiftg-lifie ; trg^pCB de — ,/^^ 
Lignie, liii-yBi,r<J^j/nj'(^,/i^jfifjij'. \sHdUrs,pl. 

Li^n«r, lin-yai, v. a. t<f line. 
LS^nette, lin-yelt,/, ttvirit. 
Lij^ncul, tin-yuhl, m. sh^ttnaker's thread. 
Li^ciix, scv lii^-yuh, — ^^ (?, li)*Heous. 
Lictic, lig.y. ititff^itf, cenffdff^iHoH. 
^ .v.\"~'. 1:- ^i - - .'-1 T^flfflf t;j a leapuf; EC — ,v. r. to 
] : ; ■ lij-ner* [h^gue, con/ederate. 

Liliac^, e, le-lyas-ai, a. liliaceous. 

Limace, Ie-inass,y: slug. \ing staircase. 

Limacon, le-roah-soM, m. snail; escalier en — , wifui' 

LimaUle, le-ma/,/: limature, filings, pi. 

Limande, Ie>maMd,yC btirt, dab. 

Limbe, lai/tb. ni. limb, edge ; — s, //. limbo. 

Lime, \\m,/.jile; svnet lemon. 

Limer, le-mal, v. a. to file, polith. 

Limier, lim-yai, fn. bloodhound. 

Limitatif, ive, le-me-tat-if, — iv, a. limitary. 

Limitation, !e-me-tah-syo«,>: limitation. 

Limite, le-mit./I limit, boundary. 

Limiter, le-me-tai, v. a. to limit, bound. 

Limitrophe, le-me-trof, a. frontier. 

Limon, le-mo», m. slime, mud; lemon; sha/t {.cart). 

Limonade, le-mon-ad,/: lemonade. [keeper. 

Limonadier, le-mon-ad-yai, *n. — ire, — r.yC coffee-house 

Limoneux, sc, le-mon-uh, — z, a. slimy, muddy. 

Limonier, l*-mon-Sfai, m. thtU-Horset le»ioH-tree. 

LintQiti^rc, Je-mon-yaiirTj^ sha/t. 

LiniQusina^c, JC'iiioo-Jsc-niityT ttt. rvngh-walliftg. 

LimpLde, i^in-pi^, a. limpid, cUa.r. 

LimpidLtif, lain.pfl-dfi^tii,/, limpMniss, cUamess. 

Limure, lc^ta(iT,/lJiling ; polish. 

Lcn, laijj, ttt. lintjjtax .- graine de — , iinseed. 

Liii,-UTC, ]c-Tiair,>; mad.fiajc, 

LinceaF. kLlH^dsuhli m, vfittding^sA^t. 

Lcnt^atrc, Ic-nai-air, a, linear. 

Lineal. Ic^nai-al, a. lineal, 

Lincainent. le-nai-nra-aji, wi. lineament, 

LincltF, Ic^nctl,/ Unseed. 

Lingt, Jat"hj, m. litteft. [/. seamstress. 

Linger, laiw'tijal, m. linen ^ drafitr ; —ire, — hjair, 

LiRjferic, lai«hj-r«,/ Wttn^drapery i linen trade. 

Ljnjfot, UiiJf -foh, m. ingot, bar. 
LingQiifere, lalrt-jjot-yair,/ imga 
Lin^f UiUK e, !al>v-(rn-^t a. lingual. 

/A^^Lti&ft, iAt/;-)^wist, m. iinguist, 

l-iri^titSiftiJe, iin^i-jfwia-tit, /. science of languages. 

Liiufere, li]l-yalr,/;^dJt.'uvjMdJt ,-Jli:^plot. 

t-ininieiii, Utv-frmair» m^ Hmment, oinitnent, 

J-inon, k-noH, wt, la-am, 

Lijiot, ie-n£>h, fw* linnet. 

l-iJ501tc, dentil, f Men^litttte/,. 

I-Liiteakln LaL.rx^Qh, tHr linttt. 

I-tOISn iyojf, lit. lion. 

i-\oaccnii, lyoM^SGK «». lionSzakelp, 

LJonnc, iynnrf lioNesir. 

IJippc, lip.f. bl,ibber-lip. 

Li|iptc, }i\i'.\i,f. m&nth/nl; franclic —tfree-cdsL 

Li[.i3}itLidc, 1L|>.]H?4D[I^/ iippiimie, 

lA\ipn, e, \\n.^^. a. tlobber-lTpped, 

Liquation^ Jilt-kwEih-syow,^ ii^uatnnK 

Liquefaction, lc-fcwai-fak-5yD«,y: iiqnefactioH. 

Liquciicr^ le-kwal-ryai, w. n, to H^uefy, melt; se — , 

Liqueur^ ie-kur, /T liquor, [p, r. to hgnefy, groTO liquid. 

Liquids! eur, liSkc-dat-ur, «*, {iauidisior. 

LiqtEidatbn, Ic-kc-daliysycMJ+y. h^i^irfiti/i^^/t. 

Liquids, le ki.l, a. is^uidy vfafery / tfJtar.- — , m. liquid. 

Liqutder, Ir-kt-dai, v^ n to ii^uidale. 

LiquLiiit^, le-ke-[ic-ta]^>: liquidity, 

Liqiiflreiis, sc, Ic-ltpr.uh, — *, a, InsiioHS, sweet. 

LicjuoriitiiK ]E-kor-isCi »«. distiller. 

•Lire, Jtftr, v. a. to read; ptruse. 

i-is, lis, rn. lily, 

l-i!vint, ]i*-5afj, see Lire. 

Ltvdrd liz.aj.faLt fn. fntbr-pt'dering^ 

I Jsernn. lif -rON, Wf. bindm/ccd. 

Lls4.-nr, le^iur, »t, --M, — z,/ nrfliArr. 

Li:,ib[c, ]c-j(c;lh1, «. — nitent, ad. legible^ readable. 

Liiitro, Ic-jiy^iEr, >: ^ij^/ seii^ge; ^rder; - 

Ifading^siriHgS, pL 
LEs&e. lisi, rt, smttotky glossy, sleek i —^f. rail^ riband. 
l-iiser^ le-sai, t. a, ^a stnMth, gloss. 
l.i^^isr, ie&ur, m.poiisher. 
LL!»-i::iJr, ]e-?i*4ir, *«. polisher, sleekst^n^ 
I rtvvHre, ie-!^£lr, /; giassinesst 
Lisu-. Jiit,/ A'jif, rafif, 
Listel, tti-tel, tn. lisitl. 
Lit, Lc, w*. bed ; layer; boEt de — , bedstead t — de 

camp, ficid^bed ,- — d e fcpo^ CE>«hr4. 
Licanic^ k-las-e, /T ^^. litany. 
l-itcau, Ic-toh, iit^ h<funt\&fa^ ^o^\. 
1-ithai^C, Je-tAtdjKj^ litharge. 
LichoiifFaplie, lt^-(r.^;-raf, ^. /dAnwrH/A^r, 
Lit Kr-i- r. 11 ill I,:. , Ic -! f ..r-r. if-c^ f. HtHography. 
I • i ' ' • ■ 1 ' :.!■■■'•-. 1 1-yai, If, a. to lithograph. 
I ■■ ,. ,^ \S.-Wy a. lithoz^aphic. 

I.iii ■ ■ .. . .1 I ■ . \../'.lifft0iogyy 
LiLln^Kiiiitc, ic'-t.jt-..Jiii-4:,y: lilhidomy^ 
Lititrc, Ic-tyair,/. liiter^. straw. 
Litjj^ant, c, Icrtq^jjajj, ^t^ a. litigant, 
I^itJi^Cn IC'LthJ, }n. lifigatioH^ sutl at Ittw. 
Li::iJ..iix, s-c, Ic-Lltij-j-uk, -^Zf a. lili^t^KS ; disptOable, 
Lib : . ■■, \c-\^xj\, f. fitkifare. 
Li';-. . I ■ Ir, j;j. litre {meAi\tr^. 
J Jtt'T.iJjf:, Jit.Lii.rair, a. liieraty, learned, 
I.iLtcr.ii. Lv Lii-iai^rr,;, a. — ement, <trf. literal. 
Littcj-aLitc, lit.tai.r^Ue'Eai,j^ literali4y. 
Littiiratcuj-, lit-Ui-rat-ur, #,*. literary tnan, man of 
Li(reF:iturc, lit-tai-rat-Or,^ ^j&™ft«r«-. {letters, scholar. 
Littar;\!, c, ]it-tor-4Jl, a. littoral : —, wj, toastt shore. 
Litur^jJc, U-lOr.hjc,/, lilnrgy. 
Lidiri^Jqtter le-lflir-hjik, a. liturgical^ 
J-mti,}^iMT,f repe,- luLshiug. 
Liviile, Ee-viLj, a. /i:i-^. 
Lividit^, le-vLd.c.lai,y: Ih^dntsr. 
Lj'^rai&fin, \fi.sT3y.xan,f deltVcry ,■ pari, number 
LivTC, Ic^vr^ ni.imok ; —yf^und. T 


[83 J 


Livrer, le-vrai, v. a. to deliver :^eive up : ~- bataille, to \ Loucher, loo-shai, v. a. to squint. 

engage : ®e — ^ ^. r. to giat 0n^ ^^ up ; commit 
ofte's silf: csT^de in. 
Livr^, k'vray, m. iittk ti?t?k ; cerfi^faie. 

l^ocaJi e^ lok-alf a. — ement, drf. local, -^ — t wi. tonality: 

l_ecAlit^, lok^-ft-tat/t i&ealit^. {prfmises. 

X,Dcat»ire. iDk-ai-ajr, m. Utf^-'er : tenafti. 

I^OCQtLcP, lok-ah-SyO«,/. Itttt'iig tfnt. 

L&cti, i*>k, B». ifitie. 

IjOChe, toshi/I toanh^ ^raufidlin^. 

LMher, iMti-ai, v, h^ ?<? *£ /imjj*:. 

L.octiino'tif, tve, lolt-n-mQi^ — iv, rt. i^xomofivf. 

luhDomolionr lok-o-inQh-FhyoK,/^ Ixi^m-otiijif. 

Ijdcoinotwe, lciilE-&-mQh-LiVi j^ lecGmOtil'i nsgint ; — 

Buxiliaire, asst'sfafti Ixom-eii-se. 
LocuTion, lok-ft-5yo«.J^ mtninenifs^pti^ch. 
Lndier, lod-yai, m, bat^nuiit. 

XjjA lof, 7^. /iM/; lire au — , /o Ac ^^f jTA,? TeiitdTmra. 
l^^rtthiiie, Iflg-ar-itmn *». iesrurfthfn. 
LorjfiuithttUjauet Ip^'arHt-init, a. ti?^itritfurtii\ 
LoifCi lollj,/; iotigi; &ox; hut, cudt»; kenfttL 
J^Dgcablc, lghj-g.n-bl, fl- iNhabiiahle. 
LojfCJiiclit, lonj-maH, »*► tod^ifi^s: gMcirt^rs, fl. 
Lo^cr, 101^41, V. ff. W »tt ftJ l^^'^ gnari^ir; iiiHr dwell : 

5P ^, -tf, r. W iitJte lodj^ftg'f ; ntakf a Itfdj^jn^Ht, 
LrOgcur, lohj-itr, m. ln/i^itig'^A^itse iaprf. 

Logiqucn lohj-ik, a. — iBeol, arf- io£-k-al : —,/, logic. 

Lei, Iwa^y; ^ffif ; rtc/if; honmi« dc — » iateyen -de 
domldlch ia^p/jfrt/rtjw^ff / — d'ctecUon, fitft^n-law. 

Ixflrn, U>-ai«, ad.J'^ry/itr^. at a di^rmice f ^ AQ,/ar 
jy^m - 4c — i at a ifistaji£e ,■ /<?jfj^ ^ff«, 

LoLntaia^ Cp lo-aiN-taJjr, —ten, A mtusti ; distant ; —, 
rri. distance / backsroiirtd. 

LoEr, lo^r, wi. donrUitist^ 

LoiSjiblCt iwa^c-bl, a. atltnetd^ law/u/. 

Loisjft Iwa-^CtT, tN. leisUrr ; k — , at IfiSMre. 

LjMiibard, Igif-barH f^ pirTvnbrok^: 

LoBflbes, loMix jw. fi. hiTis. pL 

L.onilr£ii> low-araiH, m. Lottdsn thth. 

LoiiR, ue, JoK, — frh, B. /ff?^i^ £flrs;'B? ,■ tt^w ; A la le;ngue, 
iVi tim€: —, »i4 Uft£thi tcmat au —, af iiJ'jv'*'; tout du 
^, (j;^ aioftf^: tout dc son — ^ o.^ iJWf'j ttis^th ; le — 
di?, al^ng, aUaioM£. 

X.oagCf \un\\.\,/. strap i fhoit^i ioin. 
Longer, lo«-"hjal, V, a. to^o atert^. 
L&TVSj<5iitjij, kiM-hjai-ve-tavy; intt^evfiy. 

Larijjiriidc^ lon-Wt-tad,^ lim^mde. 
I^ongitiidioai, e, iKM^-hj e-t fl -dc-nalf a. is7ii;iitidifjal. 
Long-joEnt<*, lan-bjo-di'i-tai* jj. lotis-^Joitiicd. 
Lonif rincn loH-gtiten,y; slaper, 
Lorkfftemps, lurf-taif, <?(?. » A?«^ wAjYij. 

Ltmgfuetp tc, loHi^ay, —get, a.ptvity Ajhjt. 

I^oii^'ueur^ low-jfLir/ Ufigth ,- liit£€rin^, 

J.ooiciti, liokH ^«. /ptA. 

LrOpin, lop-airtp ffi. f fliJp iSȣ 

Loquacc, lok-wafis., a, laqnaciaus. 

LtHiuacitip lok^wavc-tai,/. l^qUaiify. 

LoqucT lfll£,J^ niW^. taticr. 

Ljociutt, lok-ay, wt. latch. 

Loquette,' 16k-ct, f. svia il bit ; liUU piice. 

LoTipicr, lom-yaip w, a, /o ujT^frp' Ucr. 

Ljor^ctie^ lorn-yctlr/; j/j-£^/ffJj ,- p>frir-jri?JJ. 

LQrgnciir, lorn-yur. »i- ^jti;*'''- 

LoripiDii. lorti-yow, «i, o'^-J^'ajr. 

Lorujt, lor-yoh, m, yeiiirw.hammer. 

LomiicT, lonn-yai, wr, Isrimery saddler. 

Lors, lor, /^. — tie, at the tinjc of; dis —, fro^H that 

tim£ : pour — + ^Af»J!, fH t/iatcasc^ 
Lorsque, ter^k, c, mAen^ 
Losaneo ki2^«hj, tn. I^effs^c. 
Lot, IdSi, ?j*. j!^, M<J!^^, porfian / pris(. 
Loterie, lot-re,/ lotuty, 
LoUcr, lol-yal, m. letus: 
LotioTit hh-syon,/. loiistt. 
Lotir, lai-cftf, ^. A. to diT^tde UHo lots^ 
Lutissaf Ch lot-e-sahj, «i, fiisayiii;^^, 
LoHsscineiit, lot'e^am9,H| m. dividing into icitf^ 
Loiow lo-tolu *n. loto. [able. 

Leuablci loo-ah-blr a. — jiient, arf, IsJidabU: commend- 
Ltmage, loo^hj, «f, ^tfitif out * prendre i — , ft? A»rif. 
Louan^^i ]oo^j|hj,y:/™)X(f, commettdatwn, 
IvOUanjjer, loo-^ibj-aip xf. a, io praise. 
Louans^ui'' lOQ'a'J-hjurn wi, praiser.J^attcrer. 

Louer, loo-ai, z/. «. to let, rent, hire : praise, commend; 

se — , V. r, to hire one's set/, let, praise on^s self. 
Loueur, loo-ur, m. one -who hires; praiser : flatterer. 
Loup, loo, m. vjolf; packing-stick ; — cervicr, stag* 

ivo/f, lynx; — ijrarou, m. matt-'ONtif. 
LoiL] ■ '.■^ loop, J^ Tvcn ." kncb ; jnagt:tfying glass. 
LoL-viUK, 5C, liKj-puhp — £p a. kffobby. 
Lo.-ii3, c. loor^ — dj a. ^-emcnl, nii^. htany; rlumjy. 
Lo . ■ I r. .i Licij loor^dohr jm. awJ^'ardJetlom, 
Lc-.irilL;rie; kv&r-drc,/; Alundnr. 
Loiirlijiif, loW'dur,/. heaviness. 
Loif.r, loor-iil, V. tXr (tfjoin t^tiotiJ!}. 

Lo ! I ■ r,j , too^r, /, ^J/iJTr 

Lou.-. Iiwv,/. jAif-fiAst^/',- iron-pintcr, 
Loij. Lt, lotHvay, *i. detpycllotv-dnfi. 

Lc 1 1 V L-reau, lOov-toJl , m. Ttfl^j nsi*^ 

Lou-.c'uer, Icmv-tai, *■. n. to whrtp. 

Lc i.i V ulerit, loot-trt,y. equipage Jor ■aml/^kHnting. 

Lc-i I V i LTi, loov-ya], th. Lawvters cieth. 

Lt:.i-.i yer, Ltra-vwa-yai, ik n. to imk. 

Lc 1:1 i.romit, lok-snil-rDin-cy; l&x^imimics. 

Lc> ,il. (.', Iwa-ya], a. — f mcnt, ad^ layat.jH^r, trut, 

Lc'y.LJie, lwa-¥oh-Cat,y: loyalty ^fairnea. 

Lc>. '- r. Iwa-yai, ?«. ^ crtiC ; Aire. 

Lu. In, Tt'iF Li*e. 

Li ! ■■■• ij , ] Li-be, /, Tifhim, tnagji^of. 

Lul iii-ite, iij-brc-sc-tat/u iMbrifi/y, 

Lu ! ■:' ; lier,, v. a, is lubricate^ 

Li/lri-iLiCi li^^bnk, a^ — rncnt, ad, lewd. 

Lu. r:ic^ lfi.kam,X ^kyiight 

Lu-. iiit. Lil-sid, a, — mcnt, ad. lUi^, ckar. 

Lu. iilite, l^-gid'^tai,/; ^Hj^htttess, elittrmss. 

Lu.. :.-L[Lf, Sve, Iti-kra-ttC — iv, «. Ijicrative^ 

Lu- !■. . :;:-i kr, W. hi^r^. ir-.tirt. 

Li : 

LucUI, iu-ui,>. ffiltnuui-, fiiiirc. 

Lu^bre, la-gfl-br, a. — ment, ad. lugubrious, doleful. 

Lui, l(k-e, /«. A*, Ai>», t// to him, to her, to it; lui- 

Lui, Ifl-e, f« Luire. [meme. himself. 

•Luire, Ifl-eer, v. n. to shine ; glitter. 

Luisant, e, Kk-e-za«, — t, a. glittering: shiny. 

Lumbago, lo^t-bah-goh, m. lumbaeo. . 

Lumi^re, lii-myair, y^ light, candle; opening; touch- 
hole ; hint; knowledge, luminary ; -de gaz, gaS' 

Lumignon, lQ-min-yo», m. wick; taper-end, [light. 

Luininaire, lA-nie-nair, m. light; lights, pi, 

Lumineux, se, lA-me-nuh, — z, a. luminous. 

Lunaire, Ifi-nair, a. lunar, lunary. 

Lunaison, \t-vtz.y-zon,f. lunation. 

Lunatique, IQ-nat-ik, a. lunatic; whimsical, 

Lundi, Iu»-de, m. Monday. » [whims, pi. 

Lv-:.-, hill, ./: "' ■■ , ^.l-Lir di — ^ moonshine; ~s, pt. 

Lt .. -LL.-, lj-illLh j. f;iijii ; jcdtt [qfa ■osater.clt^set) ; sky- 
Iti; h f ; — s. pi. Spectacles, pi, 

Lui Let tier, id-nct-yaCf m, speOacle-mtticr. 

Lui-iLir lii-paiH, tn. iapiite, 

Lu:ci(.-, lAs^tr^ j«, lustre; gloss. 

Lu-afrr, ^A&itrai^ V. a. to gloss, glaxt^ 

Luii.LiK, Ids-truh, —^ a, glassy. 

Lu iiL£!(^ l63^tTin,y; lusirmg. 

Lor. int, m. lute, 

Lu'ii.r. lac-ai, V. a. to luii, 

LuU'.irit, m, imt. 

Lu 1 1 ' ■.■ r^mLsnie, lO-tai-ran-Lun, ?M. Lftilifm tiistn, 

LuT^liciricn, Irt-taj-ryai ", — rycn, a. Litttierafi. 

Lu'l:-.>:if, LQ-lyai, nt^ fnitsical instrurneni^tnaAer, 

Lu". I, k.l.tajjj, m- hj^gofflin, 

Lu'.: cif, Lfl-te-nai, v, a, toplagv^, U^se* 

Lu r r i 1 1 , S Lj-Lr auf, m. choristers dusJi. 

Lucn,', h\t,f. wrestling, struggle. 

Luti.!.T, lOt-aE, ff. Ti. toiVrfstic, struggle, 

Luti..JLir, l{!lt-iir, frt. Wrestler. 

Luy.itii?!!, Idk-Hah-syOWf /^ luxafion, 

Lu \'j. ] ClkSj Fn. Itixurjt Injeurlance, 

Lu .V-. T , LUik-sflij Ef. a. to luxate, 

L,\i.\'.ii'::, Iftk-sOr. y^ luxuriousncss. [rious^ lustful. 

Lu.Miiiijus, se, lfllc-sfl^'yuh^ — z^ a, — scmtnt, &d. luxu- 

Lu.iifnc, Ifl-ariini, y: Intern. 

Ly ■ •:: 'l:r^<\ ■'■^. lij-knH-trop-c, f lycanilt ropy. 

Lj .I'f. lycfitin, 

Lj :,iiji.r!ii-ik, a. lymphatic. 

L>.. .. ...... .1/^. ly/Lv. 

Lyj-c, Jtiif,/, lyre, 

Lyrique, tcer-ik, a. lyrical; — , m, lyric 


Ma, see Mon. 

Macadainiser, mak-ad-am*e-zai. z'. a, to macadamixi, 

Macarun. mak-ar-o/i, m, macarcf 

gitized b 





Macaroili, mak-ar-on-e, m. macaroHL 
Maciidoine, maS-ai-dwan,/. medley. 
Maceration, mas^ai-rah-syo/t , /. maceraticH, soaking. 
Mac^rer, mas-ai-rai. v. a. to maceraU, 
Miche, maush, f. cortt'Salad. 
M&chefer, maush-fair, m. dross of iron. 
MAcheliire. maush-lyair, a. /. dent — . grinder. 
MAcher, mau-shai, v. a. to chew, tnasticate. 
MAcheur, mau-shur, m. chewer. [quid. 

MAchicatoire. mau-she-kat-war, m. something to chew; 
Machinal, e, mash-c-nal. a. machineU, mechanical. 
Machinateur, mash-e-nat-ur, m. contriver, {trivance. 
Machination, mash-e-nah-syo/t, X- machination, con- 
Machine, mash-in, f. machine ; engine .• — Jt vapeur, 

- locomotive, LKOntotive ; COUduCteur 

M^t:h\n^i.Cy lanblt-e-tiEiT, m, maf-hfttiir. 
Wichjolrt!, iTuiU-shmLf,^ Jan>, Jcrw^^iit^ 
j^Uchonnern iiiau-ithotl-ad, f. a, t^ mtuH^^t. 
M^i;1iurcr, iniLU-ahil-rai, jf. rt. tP(f*ttfit* 
MhIicIsh lUiiii-CH m. rmace. 
M.icE?^ nuh-pld, jf; Tuater^flrsfTtH/, 

M ^l^ciri n3.^<»4 Tnali^wn-ikhjli m. fHtmfn'i tui'rk, masonry, 

Mt^^or^ncrn mah'Scnn^i. a. ^4 to tuitdt wait it^ ; bungle. 

M^onn^ric^ mah-aon-rc, /. ffia-ssnry^ 

Ma;)9nnique, mAh^iiciii-ikH «t, maji'nic. 

Mhctc, mah-kr./; •matfir^fheitnNt, 

MncrtuM', ni(ik-«il5a.y; sfa^ucA. 

Maculitture. mak-fl-lat-tlr.y^ ti^ite-^ptr, waste. 

Mat^ute, mAk-dlh/^ jtaia^ i^or. 

MAilukr, mak'il-lai, i/^ n. et u. ftf Jf/*/, i>Iei; be blotted. 

M.iiiAiueH rndd-iaiu. /. Tftadaift, rttttemn, tny lady. 

M nit] linnoUcSIc, ]]uid-iliVa-£tL ^ Tutsi. 

Tiri.Mittnc innrlrun, /i ntoHOftuii. 

>i:iijr.3Ji, ni3iii-failv tn. Madras hitii^k^rfh^. 

^i^iJrc, Ch mad-raiH a. ifefkie^, j^p/^rt^," fjrv; — , »f. 

Mh'1(J riCTi luatl-rr^i, w. fiva: j( ^i?n m. [[H^rKtMtf- blade. 

Maftu, 1*4 nwif-lAi u. chtth-cfiefAed, 

Maj^iuin, nia^ ^Az-ai^i, M. mnj^asitir, slorik^use. 

V^a^st^iUa^c maf^^az^f <iL:tliJH ^n. /E>wr /.^ gOeds remain 

in a TVtinf Aaiise .- hirr efa titarrhouie. 
Maga^^nEer. miur-a^'in-yiii, fn. isarfkousr-ktiper. 
Ma>^ mahjf j^j. tfuig^m, ifstrvi^er^ 
MafffcPen, tiulij-e-iiyai'f,! mj, —uq, — Sj'cn, / magician, 

Maifiquc, mahj-tk, a. Mti^ic, viagi'ea/, 

Maijisterj ina]ij4'^tair, wi. tch^lmmifr., 

Mii^fistral, E, inahj-ivlral, ». — eii)«nti. ^ii^h magisterial. 

Miitfislrat, mahJ-Lir'trah, nf. tnajfifiratf, 

Mapistiatarr, nuihj-li^TJViI'dr, /, ?«iTfiV/fJ?fjf- [wortns. 

MaEnanrric^ man-yan'rce. /► A<f/*jy ^r rtartng silk- 

Mairnanimc, raan^y^m-lTn, ii. ^-JTWnt, *rfi tfiagfianimous. 

MojfmininiSit, man ■yMi-e-ni* 'tat.y^ maguanitnity. 

MatTTH^ale. «i,itt-yJii-se. yf^ ifuigtifiia, 
MiLgiMitis;ne, ntitn^yAi-tikd tr- magnttic^ 
Ma^frtrftJ^er, in.iix-yfli-tcziSKH', a, /u magnttist. 
Majjint^liKUF, 5Ti,iTi-j'-kirc-zur. w, tuitgiieiiter. 
^fa^nt^tUlner luim-y.ii-tlsin^ i«r »/j3jfii*^^^i *"r 
MaifniAceTtce, itMTi-ye-rc-M/iiy; tna^uiJUence. 
Maifni^mie, man^ye'Ak, 0. — 4ii«]it. 't.^, -magnificent, 

Moi^oti Uliih-ifijtu Hf. babo&n;^ hidxfert t^fttsure. 
^laEnciii^tan, niah-ram-al-lawi wi. Mah«ffnefarf. 
Miiltucn^Lum c, inali-Tim-ai-li^ni, ni. Mahatitetanistn. 

fttjLL, m:iy. pt. .Ifaj' ,■ ft^iy^fit. 

^T.ll^■, J 11,1V. /. ^itffi-hitj^^rtSN^fL 

M . 1 1 U r c , 1 1 u i' 1; T, . r - 1 1 1 L-n t. Fid/. rJ*rtV''^h J''*'* .* jou' — t 
/iih'day ; — rcpna, s/arr dtti ; \m^ ^, ^o abstain 
from meat, keep Lent. 

Maigrelet. te, may-gr-lay, —let, Maigret, te, may-gray, 
— -gret, a. a little lean, thin, poor. 

Maigreur. may-grur, /. meagreness, leanness. 

Maigrir, mai-{p-eer, v. n. togroiv lean ; fall away. 

Mail, ma/, m. mall; mallet. 

Maille. ma/, f. mesh ; stitch ; link ; web : cotte de — s, 
coat of f nail, n'avoir ni sou ni — . to be very poor. 

Mailler. moZ-ai, v. a. et n, to make meshes ; beat (hide) ; 

Maitlet. ma/-ay, m. mallet. [grow speckled. 

Mailloche, ina/-osh, /". wooden mallet. 

Maillot, ma/-oh, tn. s^oaddlin^-band. 

Mam, maiM, ^ hand; handwriting ; trick : quire {0/ 
paper): hook: grapple: de — en — . from one to 
another: de longue — , long since : sous — . under- 
hand, clandestinely : k toutes — s, every way : cheval 
de — , led horse: coup de — , bold stroke: battre 
des «-s, to applaud.: en venir aux — s, to engage; 
fdire sa — , to plunder. 

''tln-d'ceuvre, mai«-duh-vr,^ workmanship, 
n forte, mai«-fort,/^ assistance, help. 

Mainlev^e, main-lMA-vai, f. replevy. 

Mainmise, main-meez, f. seizure. 

Mainmorte, maix-mort, f mortmain. [time. 

Maint. e, maiM, — t, a. many : maintes fois, nuiny « 

Maintenant, maiM-tnan, €ut. now, at this time. 

*Maintenir, main-tneer, v. a. to sustain, support ; main^ 
tain, preserve ; se — , v. r. to hold out. 

Maintenue, main-tnfi, f. maintenance. 

Maintien, maiu-xyaxn, m. tnaintenavce : carriage, 

Maire. mair, m. mayor. {countenance. 

Mairie, mair-e, f. mayoralty. 

Mais, mav, ad. but. 

Mais, man-is, m. Indian wheat, maize. 

Maison, may-zoM.y^ house ; fatnUy ; — d"arr4t, prison, 
house; — de plaisance, manor; — de ville, town 

Maisonn^e, may-zon-ai, f. the whole house or family. 

Maisonnette, mai-zon-ett, y^ small house; line-keepers 
house, guerite. 

Maitre, may-tr, m. master ; landlord; — autel, high 
altar; — de danse. etancing-master; — d'^cole. school- 
master : — d'^tudes, usher; — dlidtel, steward; 
— de musique, music-master ; petit — , beau, spark. 

Mattresse, may-tress, f. tnistress; — ancre, sheet- 

Maitrise, may-triz, f. mastership. {anchor. 

Maitriser, may-tre-zai, v. a. to domineer^ master, sub- 

Majesty, mahj-es-tai. f. majesty. [due. 

Majestueux, se, mahj-es-tii-uh, — z, a. — senient, aJ. 
majestic, majestical. 

eur, e, mahj-ur, a. major, greater ; superior. 
or, mahj-or, m. tnajor; itaX - 

Malora^ mahj-or-ah. m. majorat. 

Majority, manj-or-c-tai, f. majority. 

Ma uscule,.manj-Qs-k<U, a. capital. 

Mai, mal (//. maux). tn. evil; pain, distemper; hard- 
ship ; misfortune; — d'aventure, whitlcw ; — de 
cceur. squeamishness : — de dents, —aux dents. 
toothache; — de mer, sea-sickness; — de ventre, 
gripes ; — , tut. ill, badly ; wrong; — k propos, ««- 
seouonably ; 4tre — avec q., to be at variance with 
one; sctrouver- , to find one's self ill, faint. 

Malachite, mal-ak-it, / malachite. 

Malacie, raal-as-e, f. vitiated appetite. \ patient. 

Malade. mal-ad. a. sick, diseased, distempered ; — . vn. 

Maladie, mal-ad-e, f. illness, sickness, disease ; fond- 
ness; avoir la — du pajrs, to be home-sick. 

Maladif, ive, mal-ad-iC — iv. a. sickly. 

Maladrerie. mal-ad-ri/A-re. f. lazaretto. \ness. 

Maladresse, mal-ad-ress, /: awkwardness ; unskHful- 

Maladroit, e, mal-ad-rwa, — t, a. — ement, eul. awkward^ 

Malaise, mal-avz, m.. uneasiness. {unskilful. 

Malais^, e, mal-ay-zai, a. — ment, eul. diffiatlt ; incon- 

Malandres, taaX-ajt-dx, f. ^l. malanders : rottenness. 

Malandreux, se. mal-a»-aruh. — z, a. rotten. 

Mal-appris. mal-ap-re. m. churl, boor. 

Malart, mal-ar, m. mallard. 

Malaxer, mal-ak-sai, v. a. to malaxate. 

MalMti, e, mal-bau-te. a. ill-shaped. 

Malcontent, e, mal-kon-ta/i, — t, a. discontented. 

Maldisant. e, mal-de-za/i, — t, a. bctckbUing, slanderous; 
— , m. backbiter. 

Mftle. maul, a. male ; manly ; —, m. male. 

Malediction, maI-at-dik-syo;i, f malediction, curse. 

Malefaim, maul fain, f. violent hunger. 

Mal^fice, nial-ai-fiss. m. witchcraft. 

Mal^fici^ e, mal-ai-fis-yai. a. bewitched; shrivelled. 

Mal^fique. mal-ai-fik. a. malignant. 

Malencontre, mal-an-ko»-tr, f. ill-luck. 

Mal^ncontreux. se. mal-an-ko«-trah, — z, a. unlucky. 

Mal-en-point, mal-an-po-aiM. ad. badly off. 

Malentendu, maI-a»-tan-dQ, m. misunderttanding, 

Mal-^tre, inal-a>r-tr, m. uneasiness. {mistake. 

Mal^vole, mal-ai*vol, a. evil-minded. 

Malfaqon, mal-fas-on, /I defect; cheat. 

*Malfaire, mal-fair, v. n. to do mischief. 

Malfaisance, mal-fay-sa/zz, f. mischievousness. 

Malfaisant, e. mal-fay-za/(, — t. a. mischievous. 

Malfait, e. mal-fay, — t. a. ill-shaped, ugly. 

Malfaiteur, mal-fay-tur. m. malefactor, criminal. 

Malgr^, mal-grai, pr. in spite qf, notwithstanding. 

Malhabile, mal-ab-il. a. —ment, eul. unskilful, awkward. 

Malhabilet^, mal-ab-il-tai. f. unskilfulness. awkward- 
ness, [int. — k, woe to. 

Malheur, mal-ur, m. misfortune, ill-luck ; tnisery; — , 

Malheureux, se. mal-uh-ruh, — z, a. — sement, cut. un- 
fortunate; wretched; miserable; — , tn. wretched 
man, wretch. 

Malhonn^te, mal-on-ayt. a. —ment. ad. dishonest: rude. 

Malhonn£tete, mal-on-ayt-tai. f. dishonesty, riuieness. 

Malice, taa\'\ss,f. malice ; tnaiic»ousness,f oguishness ; 
roguish trick. ^^^^^^ ^^ GOOglC 




M*]igTic[nci]L 11 tntl-m-y c-i'iiri't , i^'i, tttiili^^'iUHT. 

M aline, imil-iii, /. i/t^ff^-iiJe, {fi-'i 

AialLntcntinniiGi r, uml-iu'w-tn ?^ -£yiin-a(, a. iii-^is/o^Ed. 
^lalitornft ntal^-lom, a. ati^kiViMni, stupid. 
MaJ^ju^e, c, mat-bji^-bjai, /q. rrrttr in iHr itnfrN^. 
MaUt« ui^,^^ trunk : — p[?%Ic, mmiii^jrh^ {abirtttss. 
Ma lie ability, mal-lai-ab^c4c-1ai, ^ wnaiiisibilttj^ ffia/tt' 
MaUf^ablc, raal-bJ-aii-Li], 0. tnaifeai>it. 
MalLf Glct mol-laJ-oli ^ maiirtyhtSi 
NiaiJHCticr, mal-^tyai^ mi. frMnkmtiktw^^ 
Mailcttc, molcrt^ / iiifl£ frtrnA. 

Molmeiierr [QAliQriiai, Tr. ci. /j' abustf tftittf. 
MaJotm. <f « maJTch-tiiQ , fr. piti/tiit TvrrA^itJ^ 
MalpvEf^nCn e, milrpayiipyDi, tf. irhabhy^ [uAtsty. 

Mal^jrapr?, mal'ivropr. u. — racnt^ n* sim'trifyt dirty, 
Sttalpjaprcti^, iitahprEJp-pr^tai,yi sltnfeJtiineii., ntf^fintss. 
Mal^n, B, mal-^aiFi, ^^^en , a. UHhmirhjt ; itffit'Aale- 
Idala^ant, c, iBal-si-qji^ — t, fl<. Jtnsefmt^, \_ii>iHe. 

liaJt, inaJt. »c. tftaii. 
HaJtAtc, mal-tobt^ y? £xti^riiait. 

^t^lt^titfr, mal^tuh^ryai. mt. extsrHenrr, Ift'jttre. 

M [(.Etmitef , inH^rtray i^mi, t'. jt. /lt risf lUj ^'FPfii^ ■ a&itje, 
MiilvfiiUanc?, mal-'Vc/'a^si./L tHatrsfeitHcr^ ili--aili. 
!M [iJveillniit, c> nmi-vc/-aNt — [^ u^ wifii^^fniy UU 


iMMjoeUe, ]1UUIl''el, Jl ht-fmi ; tent. fin£:. 

MuneSoo, Buun^otiK vt^ tti/^e ; jkt^. 
Munle, iwi-nic, f- yatfetheurt. 
Hr^nt^^L.r ^. ni.''i A. fu}i-hrf^\tfd. 

Z-i.i il Ti-, Til •■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ .1. trf,jfntni/er<'1tS. 

M<uiiniuuth, uMiiifiiiuut, fM. tttatnttioih. 
Manant, man-axr, *n. p<asant: clown. 

Manche. mansh. m. handle: haft; helvt: —,f. 
Manchette, ina/i-shet, /. rt^ffle. \ch 

Manchon, man-shon. m. tnnff'. 

Manchot. e, ma^i-shoh, —shot. a. maimed; one-handed. 

Mandant. loan-daM, nt. constituent. 

Mandat. ma/i-dah, *n. mandate, writ. 

Mandataire, maM-dat-air, m. mandatary, constituent; 

Mandement. ma^id-maM. m. mandate, order. \.proxy. 

Mander. ma/i-dai, v. a. to send word : send/or, 

Mandibule, nia»-de-bfil, m. mandible,jaw. 

Mandille, man-di/, nt. tnandilion. 

Mandoline, man-dol-in, /. mandoline. 

Mandrin. inaM-drain. m. mandrel: puiuh, mould. 

Manducation. niaM-dd-kah-syoM, /. manducation. 

Man^i^e, man-aihj, m. riding-house ; riding-school. 

M&nes, maun. marus, shades, pi. 

Mangeable. man-niah-bl. a. eatable. 

Mani^eaiUe, man-h|a/,/:y?wrf/ eatables, pi. ; meat. 

Mangeoire, ma^i-hjo-ar, /. manger, crib. 

Manger, mau-hjai, v. a. et n. to eat ; spend, squander 
arvay; saUe 4 — , dining-room; se — , v. r. to be eat- 
able; destroy each other; — , m. eating; food, vic- 

Mangerie, maw-hlrcyC eeUing; extortion. [tuals, pi. 

Mange-tout. niaMhj-too, m. spendthrift. 

Mangeur. sc. niaM-hjur. — z, m. eater, feeder. 

Mangeure, nuui-hjur. f. nibbUng; gnawing. 

Maniable, man-jran-bl. a. tractable, pliable, handy. 

Maniaque. man-^ak. a. maniac, lunatic. 

Manie, man-e. f. mania ; fafuy. [conduct. 

Maniement, man-e-nuuf. m. handling, management, 

Manier, man-e-ai. v. a, to handle ;feel ; manage, rule ; 

au — , by the feel. 
Maniire, man-e-air, f. manner; kind, sort; style; de 

— que, so that; par — d'acquit. carelessly. 
Mani^r^. e. nutn-e-ai-rai, a. affected, quaint. 
Manifestation. nian-e-fes-tah-syo». f. manifestation. 
Manifeste, man-e-fest, a. — ment. ad. manifest; — , m. 

Manifester, man-e-fes-tai, v. a. to manifest. {trigtte. 
Manigance, man-e-gaMS, f. underhand dealing, in- 
Manigancer, man-e-gaM-sal, v. a. to contrive, plot. 
Manipulation, man-e-pfi-lah-syow, f. manipulation. 
Manipuler, man-e-pA-lai, v. a. to manipulate, operate. 
Maniveau, man-e-voh, m.flat basket. 
ManiveUe. man-e-vel.y^ hatuUe ; crank. 
Manne, maun. f. mantui ; basket. 
Mannequin, man-kaiM, m. mannikin, hamper. 
Mannequin^, e, man-kin-ai. a. affected. 
Manoeuvre, tnan-uh-vr, m. mason's man, hodman. 

ManoeuTte, man-uh«Tr./^ rigging; manotuvre, conduct. 

Manoeuvrer. man-uh-vrai. v. n. to work .- manoeievre. 

Manueuvrier. man-uh-vre-ai. m. skilful seaman. 

Manoir. inan-war. m. mansiott. 

Manouvrier. man-«x>>vre-ai, tn. labourer, workman. 

Manque, ma/ik. m. want; — de. ad. for want of. 
. Manquement. inaMk-ma^i, m, failure ; fault, omission. 
4 Manquer. ma^i-kai, v. a. et n. to miss ; slip ; fait; 
^ want; be missing; miscarry; — de tomoer, to be 

Mansarde, ma/f-sard.yC garret. \near falling. 

Mansu^tude. ma/i-sd-ai-tdd./ mansuetude, mildness. 

Mante, maM/. f. mantle. 

Manteau. inaM-toh. m. cloak; mantelpiece; sous le — , 
secretly ; — de nuit. night-gown. 

Mantelet, man-tlay. m. mantelet. 

Mantille, maM-ti/. f tnantilla. 

Manture. man-tOr. /. surge. \manual. 

Manuel, le. mau-fi-el. a. —lenient, ad. manual ; — m. 

Manufacture. man-fi-fak-tfir.yC mam{factory. 

Manufacturer. man-Q-fak-tfl-rai. v. a. to manufacture. 

Manufacturier, man-0-fak-tfl-re-ai, m. tnanuftuturer. 

Manumission, ma-nQ-mis-yo». f. freedom. 

Manuscrit, man-O-skre. m. manuscript. 

Manutention. man-Q-tan-syon. f. management; main- 
tenance; upholding. 

Mappemonde, map-rao»d,X. map of the world, 

Maquereau. mak-roh, m. mackerel. 

Maquignon. mak-in-yo/i. m. horse-dealer , Jockey . 

Maquignonnage, mak-in-yon-ahj, m. horse-dealing, 

Maquignonner, mak-in-yon-at. v. a. ta trim for sale. 

Marabout, mar-ab-oo, m. mareAout ; coffee-pot. 

Maraicher, mar-ay-shai. nt. kitchen gardener. 

Marais. luar-ay, m. marsh, fen ; kitchen garde$i : — 

Marasme, mar-asin. m. marasmus, [salant, salt-pan. 

Marfttre, mar-au-tr,/. step-mother. 

Maraud, mar-oh. m. scoundrel. 

Maraude. mar-ohd. X marauding. 

Marauder, mar-oh-dai, v. n. to go a-maraiiding. 

Maraudeur. nuuT'-oh-dur, m, tnarauder. 

Marbre, mar-br. m. marble. 

Marbrer, mar-brai, v. a. to marble. 

Marbrerie, mar-bri/A-re,/: marble-work, 
^ sleeve; Marbreur, mar-brur, m. marbler. 
channel. Marbrier, mar-bre-ai. m. stonecutter. 

Marbri^re, mar-bre-air,/; marble quarry. 

Marbrure, mar-br Or,/ marbling. [pi. 

Marc, mar, m. mark ; grounds (coffee); skins {grapes), 

Marctissin, mar-kas-aiu. m. young wild boar. 

Marchand, mar-shan , m. merchant ; tradesman ; cus- 
tomer; — de fer. ironmonger; — . e. — d. a. tner- 
chantable; trading. [modes, milliner. 

Marchande. mar-sha^td. f. trading-woman; — de 

Marchander, mar-sluuf-dai. v. a. et n. to cheapen, 
haggle for; hesitate. 

Marchandise. niar-shan-diz,y. merchandise. 

Marche. marsh.^ marsh; motion ; move; step, stair. 
Marche. mar-shai, m. market: bargain; cours du — , 
tnarket-price ; li bon — . cheap. [board. 

Marcbepied, marsh-pyai. tn. steps : foot stool, foot- 
Marcher, mar-shai. v. n. to walk, march ; travel. 
Marcheur, mar-shur, m. — se, — uhz, f. walker; 
Marcotte, mar-kot.y^ ^P^g, layer. [treader. 

Marcotter, mar-kot-ai, v. a. to set layers. 
Mardi, mar-de, m. Tuesday. 
Mare, xaax,f. pool ; trough. 

Mar^cage, mar-ai-kahj, m. bog, fen, swamp, [fenny. 
Mar^cageux. se. mar-ai-kah)-uh. — z, marshy, bogj/y, 
Mar^chal. niar-ai-shal, m. farrier; marshal; — des 

logis, quarter-master. 
Mar^chalerie. mar-ai-shal-rcyCy&rr^ry. [shalsea. 
Mar^chauss^e, mar-ai-shoh-sai, f. horse-police; mar- 
Mar^e, raar-ai./: tide : fresh sta-fish ; haute — , high 

water; basse — , low water. 
MareUe, mar-eL/I hopscotch. 
Marge, marhj, Z margin. 
Margelle. mar-lijel,/: 0rf>«, curb-stone. 
Marginal, e, mar-hje-nal. a. marginal. 
Marginer, mar-hje-nai, v. a. to write marginal notes. 
Margotter, mar-go-tai. v. n. to cry as a quail. 
Margouillis, mar-goo/-e, m. puddle. 
Mai^ave, mar-grav, m. margrwve. 
Margraviat, mar-grav-e-ah. m. margravUtte. 
Marguerite. marg-rit.yC daisy ; pearl. 
MarguiUerie. mar-ghiZ-re./: churchwardenship. 
Mai^iUier, mar-ghiZ-ai, m. churchwarden. 
Man, mar-e, m. husbarul, spouse. 
Mariable, mar-e-ah-bl, a. marriageable. 
Mariage, mar-e-ahj, tn. marriage, weiiding. 
Mari^ mar-e-ai, m. bridegroom. 
Marine. mar-e-ai,y. bricU. 
Marier, mar-e-ai, v. a. et se — , v. r. to marry ; tnatch. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

MAB [ 86 ] 

Marieur. sc, mar-e-ur, — uhz, s. makh-maker. 
Marin, e,-*rnar-ai«, —in, a. marine; —,nt. seaman, 
Marinade, vrnx-c-nSiA, /. pickle. {mariner. 

Marine, xaax-m,/. marine; navy ; officier de — , naval 
Mariner, maif-e-nai, v. a. to marinate, pickle, [officer. 
Maringouin, raar-ai;/-};wai», tn. mttsguito. 
Marinier, inar-in-e-ai, m. bar^reman, lighterman. 
Marionnette, mar-c-on-ett, f. puppet " ' 


show. [httsband and wife. 

Marital, c, mar-e-tal, a. marital; — ement, ad. like 
MaritiniCv niar-e-tlm, a. marititne. 
Maritome, mar-e-tom,y. dirt^ wettch. 
Marivaudai^e, mar-e-voh-dahj, nt. mannerism. 
Marjolaine, mar-hjol-en,y: marjoram. 
ManiiaiUe, xivax-maJ, f. brcUs, pi. 
Marmelade. inann-lad.yC marmeUade, 
Marmite, mar-rait,/! porridge-pot. 
Mariniton, mar-me-to/i, m. scullion, 
Marraotte, mar-mot, y^. marmot. 
Marmotter, mar-mot-ai, v. a. to mutter. 
Marmduset. mar-moo-zay, m. marmoset. 
Mamage, mar-nahj, m. marling. 
Marne, mani,yC marl. 
Marner, mar-nai, v. a. to marl. 
Mameu^^u, mar-nuh, — z, a. marly. 
Mami^re, marn-e-air,yC marl-pit. 
Maroquin, mar-ok-au/, m. morocco leather. 
Maroquinier, mar-ok-in-yai, m. tnorocco leather-dresser. 
Marotte, max-ot, f./oors bauble ; hobby. 
Maroufle, mar-oo-fl, m. scoundrel. 
Marquant, e, mar-kaM, — t, a. conspicuous, remarkable. 
Marque, mark,y? mark; stamp; sign, token ; counter. 
Marquer, markai, v. a. et n. to mark ; stamp. 
Marqueter. mark-tai, v. a. to spot, speckle, 
Marqueterie, niar-ket-re,yl inlaid-work, 
Marquette, mar-ket,y: cake of bees' wax, 
Marqueur, mar-kur, m. marker. 
Marquis, mar-ke, m. marquis. 
Marquisat, mar-ke-zah, m. marguisate. 
Marquise, mar-ki«,yC marchioness. 
Marraine, mah-ren,yC godmother. 
Marron, mah-ron, m. large chestnut; curl; cracker; 

—, ne, — ron, a. runaway ; brown. . 
Marronnier, mah-ron-yai, m, large chestnut-tree. 
Mars, mars, m. Mqrch. 
Mars^che, mar-saish,/". barley. 
Marsouin, mar-soo-ai», m. porpoise. 
Marteau, mar-toh, m. hammer, knocker. 
Martel. mar-tel, m. mettre — en tjSte, to make uneasy. 
Martelage, mart-lahj, m. marking-trees. 
Marteler, mart-lai, v. a. to hammer; trouble, tease. 
Martelet, mart-lay, m. little hammer. 
Martial, e, mar-syal, a. martial ; warlike. 
Martinet, mar-te-nay, »». martinet ; Hat candlestick, 

cat-o'-nine4ails, [stake the double. 

Martingale, mar-tai»-gal,/: martingal; iouer lA-~,to 
Martin-pScheur. mar-taiM-pay-shur.m. kingfisher, 
Martre, mar-tr,y^ marten ; sable. 
Martyr, mar-teer, m. martyr. 
MartyrCi mar-teer, m. martyrdom. 
Martyriser, mar-te-re-zai, v. a. to martyr, torture, 
Martyrologe, mar-te-rol-ohj, m. martyrology. 
Mascarade, mas-kar-ad,yC masquerade. 
Masculin, e, mas-kO-laiM, — lin, a. masculine. 
Masculinity, mas-kd-le-ne-tai, / masculineness. 
Masque, mask, m. mask ; masker. 
Masquer, mas-kai, v. a. to mask ; disguise ; se — , v. r. 

to put a mask on ; disguise one's seif. 
Massacre, mas-ak-kr, m. massacre ; butchery; bungler. 
Massacrer, mas-ak-rai, v. a. to massacre, butcher; 
Massacreur, mas-ak-rur, m. murderer. [spoil. 

Massage, mas-ahj, m. massing. 

Masse, mass, masse; lump; rammer; mace; en — , 
MAsse, mauss, //<?<»/ (at play), [in a body, by the bulk. 
Massepain, mass-pain, m. marchpane, 
Masser, mas-ai, v. a. to mass; set, lay. 
Massier, nias-yai, m. mace-bearer. 
Massif, ive, mas-if, — iv, a. — iveracnt, ad. massive; 

massy ; solid; — , tn. thicket ; masonry-work, dead 
Massue, mas-O,/! club. [wood. 

Mastic, mas-tik, m. mastich ; putty. 
Mastication. mas-te-kah-syo«,/: mastication, 
Masure, mah-zflr,/: ruins of a house, pi. 
Mat, mat, m. mate; dcnner ^chec et — , to checkmate. 
Mat, e, mat, a. unpolished; dim. 
M&t, mah. m.. mast. 
Matamore, mat-am-or, m. bully. 
Matelas, mat-lau. m. mattress. 
Matelasser, mat-las-ai, v. a. to stuff, quiU, 
Matelassier, mat-las-yai, m. mattress-maker. 
Matelot, mat'loh, m. seaman^ sailor; cotisort-ship. 
Matelote, mat-lot,/, matelot, \second. 

Mater, mat-ai, v. a. to checkmate. 

Mater, mau-tai, v. a. to furnish with masts ; set up, 

Matereau, mau-troh, m. small mast. 

Mat^rialiser, mat-ai-ryal-c-zai, v. a. to materialixe. 

Materiality, mat-ai-ryal-e-tai.y: materiality. 

Mat^riaux, mat-ai-ryoh, m. pi. materials, pi. ; stuff". 

Materiel, le, mat-ai-ryel, a. — lement, ad. material; — ^ 

' m. apparatus ; implements, pi. 

Matemel, le, mat-air-nel, a. — lemeot, iid. ffuttemal, 

Maternit^, mat-air-ne-tai,/". maternity. [inotherfy. 

Mathdmaticien, mat-ai-mat-e-sjrain, th. mathemati- 
ciart. [matical; — %, mathematics, pi, 

Math^matiqae, mat-ai-mat-ik, a. — ment, ad. ntathe' 

Mati^re, mat-yair,yC material; tntttter ; reason / en -« 
de, in point of. 

Matin, mat-ain, m. morning ; forenoon ; — , orf. early, 

Mfltin, maut-aiM, m. mastiff. 

Matinal, e, mat-e-nal. a. early, early up, 

M&tineau, mau-te-non, m. little mastiff, '•' 

Matinee, mat-e-nai,yC morning, forenoon, 

Mfltiner, mau-te-nat, v. a. to line, eibuse. 

Matines, mat-in,/: //. matins, pi, 

Matineux, mat-e-nuh, m. early riser. 

Matir, mat-eer, v. a. to give a dim cast. 

Matois, e, mat-wa, — z, a. sly cunning, sharp; — , #«». 
cunning blcule. 

Maf"!""!^-, TTst^waji-re,/ slyness, cunning: trick. 

Ma ■.:... .v;. t<''Ui.,^t, he<at. 

Ma ■../■ ":.:frix,matrice. 

Ma ■ !■ tatriculatioH. 

Mf n-yal, a. matrimonial. 

Ma ■ . ■ : ■ on; midwife. 

Ma: :r ,■!'■, \:k, Jii,iL-ri:ai-iC", — iv, a. maturative. 

Ma!iir.LU...[i, niAt^A-ra]i^>'OM,y^ maturation, ripenings 

Mduin?. EiLamdr,/ malting; masts, pi. 

MaiijrLtii, mat-C^-re-laU/ maturity, ripeness, 

•M jM^L^c, rndti'ijeer, ?r. a. to curse, execrate. 

Maii.jrL^ef, moh'^iraU^i, -u. n. to curse and fwair,fume. 

Ma., ■\-i\iii, m^Yi^tiAsl, rrt. mausoleum. 

Maussade, moh-sad, a. — ment, ad. sulky, dully: 

Maussaderie, moh-sad-re,yC sulkiness. [clumsy. 

Mauvais, e, moh-vay, — z, a. et ad. bad, ill; hot-headed; 
il fait — , U is bad weather; sentir — , io have a bad 
smell; troaver — , to dislike, take amiss. 

Mauve, mohv,y: mallow; sea-gulf. 

Mauviette, Taohv-yct,f. field-lark. 

Maxime, mak-sim,y: maxim. 

Maximum, mak-se-mom, m. maximufn, highest degree. 

Mazette, mah-zet,/*. sorry little horse. 

M^andre, roai-a«-dr, m. ntaxe, winding. 

M^canicien, mai-kan-e-syai», m. mechaniciatt ; ma- 
chinist ; — conducteur. engine-man. 

M^canique, maX-)tajn-Vk,f. tnechanics, fnechanism; — 
a. —ment, ad. mechanical. 

M^canisme. mai-kan-ism, m. mechanism. 

M^cine, mai-sayn, nt. patron. 

M^chammeiit, mai-sham-a», ad. wickedly; maliciously. 

M^chancete, mai-shan-stai, f. wickedness ; naughti- 
ness ; wicked action. 

M^chant, e, mai-shaM, — t, a. wicked, bad, wretched, 
sorry, naughty ; — , m. reprobate. 

Meche, maysh,J^ wick, match; tinder; screw; lock of 

M^cher, may-shai, v. a. to fumigate with brimstone, 

M^compte, mai-kont, m.. mistake ; disappointment. 

se Mtfcompter, mai-kon-tai, v, r. to miscount; mistake, 

M^connfussable, mai-kon-es-ah-bl, a. not to be known 
again, [ungratefulness, 

M^connaissance, mai'kon-es-a»s, f. unUtankfulness, 

M6connaissant, e, mai-kon-es-a», — t, «>. unthankful, 

'M^connaitre. jnai-kon-ay-tr, v. a. not to recogttixe, 

M^connu, mai-kon-A, see Meconnaitre. [disown. 

Mecontent, e, mai-ko»-taM, — t, a. dissati^ed, nutl- 
content. [dissatisfaction. 

M^contentement, mai-ko«-ta«t-ma>«, m. discontent, 

Mdcontenter, mai-ko»-ta»-tai, v. a. to discontent, dis- 

Mecreant, ma!-krcu-a»i, tn. miscreant, it^fidel, 

M^daille, mai-da/,/: medal. 

M^daillier, mai-da/-ai, m.. cabinet of medals. 

M^daillon, xaaX-daJ-on, m.. medallion. 

MMecin, mai-dsain, m. physician, doctor. 

M^decine, mai-dsin,y^ medicine, fhysic. 

M^deciner, mai-dsin-ai, v. a. topnysic. 

Mtfdiat, e, mai-dyah. — t, a. —ement, ad. mediate, 

M^diateur, mai-dyat-ur, m.. mediator. 

Mediation, mai-dvah-syo«,y: mediatioti, intercession, 

M^diatiser, mai-<Wat-e-zai, v. a. to mediatize. 

M^diatrice, mai-dyat-riss,y: mediatrix. 

M^dic^ e,mai-de-kal, a. medical; medicinal, physicaL 

Medicament, mai-de-kam-^^^m. medicament, physic,' 

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r 87] 


M^dicamenter, mai-de-kam-aM-tai, v. a. to give medica- 
ments, physic. 

M^dicamentcux, se, inai-de-kam-a/<-tuh. — z, a. nudica- 
Medicinal, e, mai-de-se-nal. a. -nudicitial. \ntental. 

Mediocre, mai-dyo-kr, a. — ment, cut, mtddling ; iH' 

dijferent : tolerable. 
Mediocrity. niai-dyok-re-tai,y: ttudiocrity, slendemess. 
*M^dire, mai-deer, v. n. to slander, speak ill <if. 
Medisance, mai-de-za^/ss, /. stattdeTt backbiting: 

Medisant, e, mai>dc-za«, — t, a. slanderous : — , tn. 
Medisez. mai-de-sai, see M^dire. \slaKderer. 

M^ditatif. ive, mai-de-tat-if, — iv, a. tneditaKve. 
Meditation, mai-de-tah-syo»,yT meditation. \devise. 
M^diter, niai-de>tai, v. a. et n. to tneditate, ponder; 
Mediterran^e, mai-de-tair-ran-ai, a, ntediterranean : 
MMiuni, mai-dyom, m. medium. [inland. 

Mcfait, mai-fay, m. misdeed. 

Mefiance, mai-fya»iss,y. mistntst, distrust. 

M^fiant, e, mai-fyaH, — t. a. mistrtist/tU, suspicions. 
sc Mdfier, mai-fyai, v. r. to mistrust, suspect. 

Megarde. inai-g;ard, /. inadvertency ; par — , inad- 

M<^g&re. inai-hjair,/". shrew. [vertently, unawares. 

Mej^ie. mai-hje, Mef(\s&ene,msLi-hj\s-re,/'. taivingsiins. 

Mei^ssier, niai-hjis-yai, m. rawer. 

MeiUeur. e, me/-ur, a. better; le — , la — c, the best. 

MelancoUe, inai-lan-kol-e, /^ melancholy. 

MelancoUque, mai-Uui-koI-ik, a. — ment, ad. melan- 
cholic, gloomy. [//. Miscellanies, pi. 

Melange. niai-Ia;{hj, m. mixing, mixture; medley; — s, 

M^lanff er, inai-la/t-njai, v. a. to mix ; blend. 

Melasse. inai-lass.y: molasses. 

M£l^. may-lai,y: coi\flict : Jight, debate. 

Meier, tnay-lai, v. a. to mingle, *nix; entangle; shujffte 
(cards); se — , v. r. to be mixed; meddle ; inter/ere. 

M^leze, mai-layz, m. larch-tree. 

M^isse. mai-liss,yC melissa, balm. 

Meliiftres, mel-le-fair. m. pi. mell\ferotts insects, pi. 

M^lodie, mai-Iod-e,yC vulody. 

M^lodieux, se, niai4od-yuh, ~-z, a. — sement, ad. me- 

M^lodrame, mai-lod-ram, m. melodrama. [lodious. 

M^lomane, mai-loni-an, m. lover 0/ music. 

Melon, wxuhAon, m. melon. 

Melonnidre, m«A-lon-yalr,yC tnelon-ground. 

Meinl}raneux, se, nia/i-bran-uh. — z, a. membranous. 

Membre, maw-br, *n. member, limb ; part. 

Membru. e, inan-brfl, a. large-limbed. 

Membrure, nia«-brOr, /C/raw*. 

Mduie. maym, a. et ad. same, self; even, tUso, very ; 
de — ,just so, likewise ; k — , wWtin reach ; mettre k 
— , to enable. 

Memento, mai-inaiH-to, tn. memorandum. 

M^moire, mai-mwar.y^ memory; remembrcaice ; — , m. 
ntemorial; bill ; — s, //. 

Memorable, mai-mor-ah-bl, a. memorable. 

MemoratUk-ive, mai-nior-at if, — iv, a. remetnberiitg. 

Memorial, mai-mor-ya], m. memorial; day-book. 

Menace; muh-tta&&,/. threat, menace. 

Menacer, niM/r-nas-ai. v. a. to threaten, meneux. 

Manage, mai-nahj, m. household; housekeeping; 
housewifery; economv ; faire bon — , to live well 
together; Xcaix —, to keep house. {conduct. 

Management. mai-nahj-ma>i, nt. caution, discretion; 

Menager. mai-nahj-ai, v. a. to husband; spare; man- 
age; procure ; contrive; se — , v. r. to take care of 
one's self. 

Menager, kxc, mai-nahj-ai, — r, a. thrifty ; frugal. 

Menag^re, inai-nahj-air.y: housekeeper, housewife. 

Menagerie, mai-nahj-re.yT menagery. [mendicant. 

Mendiant, e. nian-dya^i, — "t, a. begging; —, m. beggar. 

Mendicity, ma»*-de-se-tai,y: mendicity, beggary. 

Mendier, inaji-dyai, v. a. to beg. 

Men^e, muh-nai,f. secret practice, intrigue. 

Mener, muh-nai, v. a. to lead, conduct, carry; drive; 

M^nestrel, mai-nes-trel, m. minstrel. [introduce. 

M^n^trier, mai-nai-tre-ai, m. fiddler. 

Meneur. mwA-nur, m. leading-man, ringleader. 

Menotte, mwA-not,y. little hand; —s,pl. handcuffs, pi. 

Mens. maM, su Mentir. 

Mense, mawss,y: income, revenue. 

Mensonge, man-so»hj, m. lie, fiction; illusion. 

Mensonger, ^re. 'ma»-so»-hja\, — r. a, false; deceitful. 

Menstrues, nwui-strfl,/: pi. menses, pi. 

Mensuel, le. ma»-sCi>ell, a. — lement, ad. numthly. 

Mental, e, man-tal, a. — eraent, ad, mental. 

Menterie, maft-trcfjtb, story. 

Menteor, se, man-tur, — tuhz, a. lying, deceitful; —, 

Menthe. ma»t,y: mitU. \m. liar. 

Mention. xtaM-syon,f. mention. 

Mentionner, ma»-syon-ai. u. a, to mefttioft, speak of, 

•Mentir. mafi-tecr, v. n. to lie. Iname. 

Menton, ma»-to», m. chin. 

Mentor, main-tor, m. mentor, guide. 
^enu, e. tauh-nt, a. et ad. slender, smeUl; . 

vulgar; — s plaisirs, /rir> /«rfr / pocket-money; — , 

m. bill of fare ; giblets, pi. 
Menuaille. mMA-niT-aAyC small motuy ; trash. 
Menuet. muA-nQ-ay. m. minuet. 
Meniiiser,mMA-nO-«^zai, v. a. to do Joiner's work. 
Menuiserie, vauh-nH-a-x^f joinery ; joiner's work, 
Menuisier, mMA-nQ-iz-yai, m. joiner. 
Mephitique, mai-fit-ik, a. nuphitical. 
M^plat, mai-plah, m. flat parts, pi. 
*se Mdprendre, mai-praM^lr, v. a. to mistake. [of. 

M^pris, mal-pre, m. cotUempt, scorn ; au — de, in spUe 
Mtfprisable. raai-pre-zah-bl, a, — ment, ad. contemptible, 

M^prisant, e. mai-pre-zaM, — t, a. contemptuous, scorn- 
M^prise, niai-priz,yC mistake, error. [ful. 

M^priser, mai-pre-zai, v. a. to contemn, despise, scorn. 
Mer, mair,/I sea, main; pleine — , high water. 
Mercantile, mair-ka»-til, a. mercantile. 
Mercenaire, mairs-nair, a. mercenary, venal; —, m. 

mercenary, hireling. 
Mercerie. niairs-re,y: mercery, mercers ware, 
Merci. matr-se,/I mercy, pity ; —, m. thanks. 
Mercier. brc, mair-syai. ^r. s. mercer, milliner. 
Mercredi, mair-kr-de, m. fVednesday. 
Mercure, inair-kAr. m. mercury. 

Mercuriale. mair-kfir-yal. f. lecture, rebuke; price <(f 
Mercuriel, le, mair-kdr-yel, a. mercurial, f [grain. 
Mire, mair, f. mother; langue — , npother^ongue ; 

— laine,^'Mx/ wool. 
M^ridien, mai-rid-yain, m. tneridian. 
M^ridienne. mai-nd-yen,^ meridian line; faire la — , 

to take 'a nooning. 
Meridional, e, mai-rid-yon-al, a. fturidionalt southern. 
Merinos, mai-re-nohs, m. merino. 
Merise, mwA-riz,y^ wild cherry. 
Merisier, m»A-riz-yai, m. wild cherry-tree. 
M^ritant, e, mai-re-tan, — t, a. meritorious, worthy. 
M^rite, mai-rit, m. merit, worth ; desert. 
Meriter, mai-re-tai, v. a. et n. to merit, deserve ; be 

worth; procure. 
Meritoire, mai-rit-war, a. meritorious. 
Merlan. mer-laM, m. whiting. 
Merle, mairl, m. blackbird. 
Merlin, mair-laiw. m. pole-axe ; marlitte. 
Merluche, mair-msh,yr stockfish. 
Merrain. mair-aiM, m. stt^ff-wood ; harf shorn. 
Merveille, mair-vay/,/: marvel, wonder; & — , culmir- 

Merveilleux, se, mair-vayAuh, —z, a. — sement, ad. 

marvellous, wonderful; — , m. the marvellous. 
Mesalliance, mai-zal-yans,/: disparttgemerU. 
Mesallier, mai-zal-vai, v. a. to disparage; se — , v. r. to 

degrade oru's seif. 
Mesan^e, mai-za«nj,y: tomtit, titmouse. 
Mesamver, mai-zar>e-vai, v. n. to miscarry, turn out ill. 
Mesaventure, mai-zav-aM-tdr,yi mischance, mishap. 
Mesestime, mai-zes-teem,y. disregard, contempt. 
Mesestimer, mai-zes-te-mai, v. a. to disesteem, under- 

value. [standing. 

Mesintelligencc, mai-zai/i-tel-Ie-hjans, f. misunder- 
Mesinterpreter, mais-ai»-ter>prai-tai, v. a. to misin- 
Mesmdrisme, mes-niai>rism, m. trusrrurism. [tetpret. 
•Mesoffrir, niai-zo£^freer, v. a. to underbid. 
Mesquin. e, mes-kaix, —kin, a. — emeut, ad. stingy, 

niggardly ; shabby. 
Mesquinene, m^s-kin-re,y^ stinginess ; shabbiness. 
Message, mes-ahj, rn. trussage; errand. [carrier. 

Messages mes-ahj-ai, m. messenger; harbinger; 
Messagerie, mes-ahj-re,yr coach-^lfice ; stage-coach. 
Messe, mess,y^ mass. 
Messeance, mes-ad-ajt&,f. unseemliness. 
Mess^ant, e, roes-ai-an, — t, a. unseemly, unbecoming, 
*Messeoir. mes-war. v. n. to be unbecoming. 
Messie, raef-e, m. Messiah. 
Messier, mes-yai, m.. keeper. ^ 

Messieurs,'mes-yuh. m. pi. gentlemen, sirs, pi, 
Messire, mes-eer, m. sir. 
Mesurable, m»A-z(ir-ah-bI, a. measuMfible. 
Mesurage, mM/t-zQr-ahj, m. measuring. 
Mesurc, muh-z^x,f. measure ; compare ; bounds; Jl — - 

que, according to, proportionably. . 
Mesure, e, mi</t-zCtr-ai, a. measured, cautious. 
Mesurer, mMA-zflr-ai, v. a. to meeut4ret, compare; be 

cautious in; se — , v. r. to be measured; compare 

one's self with. -.■♦'- 

Mesu'reur, muA-zAr-ur, m, measurer, meter. 
Mesuser, mai-zd-zai, v. n. to misuse, abuse. 
Metachronisme, mai-tak-ron-ism, m, metachronisfn, 
Metairie, mai-ta.y-re,, 
Metal, mai-tal, m, metal. 

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M^tallique, mai-tal-lik, a. metallic. 
Metallurgie. ma»-taH6r-hjc,y: nutaUitrgy. 
Metamorphose, mai-tam-or-fohz, /. nutamorphosis. • 
Mekainorphoser, mai-taiu-or-foh-zai, v. a. to metamor- 
M^taphure, mai-taf-or.yC metaphor. [phose. 

M^taphonque, xnai-Uu-or>ik, a. — metit. eui. meta- 
/horical. [meta/Myncal. 

Kletaphysiqae. inai-taf«<zik. /". metaphysics ; — , a. 
Metayer, mai - tay • yai. m. fanner; —ire, —air, /. 
Meteil mai-tay/, m. maslin. [farmer's Vfife. 

M^t^ore, mai-tai-or, m. meteor. 
Mcteoriqoe, mai-tai-or-ik, a. tneteoric. 
M^t^orofogie, inai-tai-or-ol-ohj-e,/". meteorology. 
Met^orologique, mai-tai-or-ol-ohj-ik, a. meteorological. 
M^thode. luai-tod.y: method; way. 
M^thodique, inai-tod-ik, a. — ment, ad. methodical. 
M^ticuleux, s«, mai-te-kfll-uh, — z. a. over-timorous, 

MMer. inai-t]rai, m. trade, handicraft, profession, 
M^tis, se, maUtis, a. tnongrel. [busituss ; loom. 

Mitre, may-tr, m. metre. 
M^trique. mai-trik, a. metrical. 

M^tropole. mai-trop-ol.y: metropolis, mother church. 
M^tropoiiuin, e, iiiai-trop-ol-e-taiw, —ten, a. metro- 
Mets, may, m. dish, mess {see Mettre). Ipolilan. 

Meltable, met-ah-bl, a. wearable. 
•Mettre, met-tr, v. a. to put, put on, set, lay; expose; 

— dehors, to dismiss ; — par ^crit, to write down ; se 

— , V. r. to set one's self; get; sit down ; begin ; set 

about ; dress one's self. 
Meublant, e. muh-blan, — t, a. meubles —%,fUrttiture. 
Meuble. niuh«bl, a. movable: light; —, m. piece of 

furniture; —%,pi. household gooeU, fUmiture ; -de 

boule, rococo furniture. 
Meubler, muh-Dlai. v. a. tofitrftish. 
Meule, muhl. y.' millstone; grindstone; rick (Aajr) ; 

stack {straw). 
Meuliire, muh-lyair,y: millstone. 

Meunier, niuh-nyal, m. miller; pollard; —ire, —air,/ 
Meurs, mur, see Mourir. [miller's wife. 

Meurtre, muhr-tr, m. murder. 

Meurtrier, ire. muhr-tre^, —air, a. tnurderotu ; — , m. 
Meurtriire, rauhr-tre^ir,/ loop-hole. [murderer. 

Meurtrir. muhr-treer, v. a. to bruise. 
Meurtrissure. inuhr«tre-sQr,y: bruise. 
Meus, miih, see Mouvoir. 
Meute, ttMht,f. pack of hounds. 
Meuve, muhv, see Mouvoir. 
M^vendre, mai-va»-dr, v. a. to undersell. 
Mtfvente, mai-vawt,/ dead sale. 
Mezzanine. ined-zan>in,y: mezzanine. 
Miasmatique, me-as-mat-ik, a. mtasmatie. 
Miasme. nie-asra. m. miasm. 
Miauleraent, ine-ohl-maM, m. mewing. 
Miauler, tne-oh-lai, v. n. to mew, caterwaul. 
Mica, mik-ah, m. mica. 
Miche, mish,/. Unif. 
Micmac, mik-mak. tn. byplay. 
Microscope, me-kros-kop, m. microscope. 
Microscopique, me-kros-kop-ik. a. microscopical. 
Midi, me-de. m. noon, midday ; meridian ; south. 
Mie, mc, fcrufnb; blister; ma—, my dear, sweetheart. 
Miei. myel, m. honey. 
Miellat, me-ell-ah, m. mildew. 
MieHeux. se. myel-uli, — z, a. honeyed, luscious. 
Mien, ne. rayain, myen,/M. mine, my own ; les — s, my 

friends, my relations. 

tiiette. myet,/: little crumb. frais — , / hcul rather. 
Mieux, my\th, ad. better : rather ; le — , the best ; J'aime- 
Miivre, myay-vr, a. roguish, toaggish. 
Miivrerie, niyay-vr«A-re,yC roguishness, loaggery. 
Mignard, e, min-yar, — d, a. — ement, ad. delicate, sweet, 

Mignarder, m!n-yar-dal, v. a. to cocker. 
Mignardise. ntin-yar>diz,/: delicaty, prettiness ; — s, //. 

fair words, pi. 
Nlignon. ne, min-yon, —on, a. delictUe, pretty ; argent—. 

spare money ; — , m. — ne, f. darling, favourite, 

Mignonnement, mln-yon-ma«, tul. delicaiely,finely. 
Mtgnonnette, min-yon-ett, f. mignonette; ground 
Migraine, me-gren,/: megrim. i^*P^tr. 

Migration, me-grah-syo»,y: migration. 
Milaur^e, mihj-o-rai,/: concdUd creature. 
Mnoter, miitj-ot-ai. v. a. to simmer; fondle^ 
Mil, mil, n. one thousand. 
Mil mil. m. millet. 
Mili^h. miUaw, m. kite. 
Miliaire, mil-y.iir, a. tniliary. 
Milice, mil-is./ mUitia; soldiers, pL 
Milicien, me-lis-yai», m. militiaman. [vfy. 

Milieu, mil->'uh, m. middle; centre; medium, tnean. 

Militaire, niil-«-talr, a. —ment, ad. military ,• —, mb 

Militer, mll-e-tai. v. n. to militate ; oppose. [soldier. 

MiUe, mil, n. a thousand ; — , m. mile. 

Mill^naire, mil-lai-nair, a. millenary; —, m. mitte- 

Miii^ine, mil-lai-zim. m. date (coin). [naritttt. 

Millet, mi/-ay, m. millet. 

Milliaire. mii-yair, a. milliary. 

Milliard, mii-yar, m.. a thousand millions. 

Milliasse, mil-yass,y^ thousands, pi. ; a world. 

Milliime, mil-yem, a. thousandth. 

MilUer, mil-yat, m. thousand-weight. 

Million, mil-yon, m. million. 

Millionnatre, mil-yon-atr, m. a man worth milltonT. 

Milord, mil-or, m. lord, nabob. 

Mime, mim, m. fnime, mimic. 

Mimique, mim4k, a. mimical; —,f. mimic art. 

Minauider, me-noh-dai, v. n. to affect, smirk. 

Minaudeiie. mc-n6h-Are,f. pretty airs jPl. ; smirking. 

Minaudier, ire, me-noh-dyal. — r, a. affected. 

Mince, maiMss, a. thin ; slender, shallow. 

Mine, min, y; look, mien, appearance; countenance; 

mine ; ore; avoir bonne — , to look well; faire la — h. 
Miner, me-nai, v. a. to mine, undermine. [to pout at. 
Mineral, min-ray, m. ore. 
Mineral, e. me-nai-ral, m. mineral. 
Min^ralogie. me-na>-ral-ohJ>e, a. mineralogy. 
Min^ralogique, me-nai-ral>ohj-ik, a. ntineralogical. 
Min^ral<^iste, me-nai-ral-ohj-ist, m. minei^lcgist. 
Minet, te. me-nay, —net, s. puss, kitten. 
Mineur, e, me-nur, a. under age ; lesser; — , m. minor : 
Miniature. min-yat-Or, / miniature. [miner. 

Miniaturiste, mm-yat-d-rist, m. miniature-painter. 
Miniire. min-e-ayr,yC mine, mining. 
Minime, lain-im. a. very small. \pfficr. 

Ministire, min-is-tayr. fn. ministry ; office ; minister's 
Minist^riel, le, min-is-tai-ryel. a. — lement, ad. fninis- 
Ministre, me-nis-tr, m. minister; priest. [terial. 

Minium, min-yom, m. red lead. 
Minon, min-OM, m. puss, kitten. 
Minorite, min-or-e-tai./*. minority. 
Minuit, min-we, m. midnight. 
Minute, min-fit,/: minute ; originaL 
Minuter, me-nfit-ai, v. a. to minute ; contrive. 
Minutie. me-n<i-se,yC mimttia, trifle. 
Minutieuz, se, me-nO-syuh, —z,a. — sement, tut. minute. 
Mi-parti, me-par-te, a. bipartite. [trijUng. 

Mirabelie, me-rab-el,/*. ' small plum. 
Miracle, me-rakl, m. miracle : wonder. 
Miraculeux, se, me • rak • d • luh, — z, a. —sement, ad. 

miraculous, wonderful. 
Mirage, me-rahj, m. looming. 
Mire, meer,y: aim. 
Mirer, me-rai, v. a. to aim at; loom; se — , v. r. to 

behold one's face in a glass. 
Mirifique, me-re-fik. a. wonderful. 
Mirliflore, meer-le-flor, m. dandy, coxcomb. 
Mirmidon. meer-me-don. fn. pigmy, shrimp, 
Miroir, meer-war, m. looking-glass ; mirror. 
Miroite, fe, meer-wat-ai, a. dapple-bay. 
Miroiterie, meer-wat-re.yC looking-glass trade. 
Miroitier, meer-wat-yai, m. looking-ghtss maker. 
Miroton, meer-ot-on, in. miroton. 
Mis, me, see Mettre. 

Misaine, me-zayn,/: mAt de —,foremast. 
Misanthrope, mc-zsut-Xxop, m. *nisanthrope. 
Misanthropie, me-z»i-trop-e.^ misanthropy. 
Misanthropique, me-zaM-trop-ik, a. t "anthropic. 
Miscellanies, ntis-sel-lan-ai, m. pi. miscellanies, pi. 
Miscibilite, mis-se-be-Ie-tai,/*. miscibility. 
Miscible, mis-se-bl. a. miscible. 
Mise, miz. f. stake ; outlay, expense ; dress, fashion ; 

— en liberty, release; — en vente, putting up for 

sale ; monnaie de -l, current coin. 
Miserable, me-zai-rah-bl, a. —ment, ad. miserable; 

wretched ;* — , m. wretch, villain. 
Misire, me-zair, f. misery, distress; wretchedness. 


•iti, me-zai-rai-rai. m. miserere. [ter. 

Mis^ricorde, me-zai-re-kord, f. mercy ; pardon, quar- 
Mistfricordieux, se, me-zai-re-kord-yuh, — z, a. — seuient. 

ad. merciful. 
Missel, me-sel. m. missal, mass-book. 
Mission, me-syo«,y. mission. 
Missionnaire, me-syon-air, on. missionary. 
Missive, mis-si v.y: epistle. 
Mistral, mis-tral. m. north-west wind. 
Mitaine, me-ten.>^ fnitten. 
Mite, mit,f. mite. 

Mitigation, nie-te-gah-syoM,/C mitigation. 
Mitiger, me-te-hjai, v. a. to mitigate. 
Miton. me-ton, m. mitten^, glove. [age ; stew. 

Mitonner, me-ton-ai, v. a. et n, to cocker^ fondle ; mem- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Mitoyen, ne. init>wa-yai», —yen, 0. middU: mor — . 

lArtraxVic,xa»-*nJ,/. grape shot. \ partition-wall. 

Mitrailler, me>tra/-ai. v. a, to shoot with grape shot* 

Mitre, me-tr./T mitre; chimney-top. 

Mitr^, me-trai. a. mitred. 

Mitron. mc'tron, tH.j'oum^man baker. 

Mixte, mikst, a. mixed, mixt. 

Mixtion, miks-tyoM./T tnixtion, tnixture. 

Mixtionner, miks-tyon-ai. v. a. to mix, mittgle* 

Mixture. miks-tOr, /. mixture. 

Mnemouique. ninai>inon-ik,yt tnMemonics. 

Mobile, niob-il, a. movable; unsteady ; quick: — f tn. 
■numer, spring, 

Mobiliaire, mob-il-yair. a. ntovcUrle, personal. 

Mobilier, ire, mob-iUyai, — r, a. movable; — , tn. 
truroables, pi. ; furniture. [service. 

Mobilisation. inob-e-le-zah>syo», /". calling to active 

Mobiliser, mob-e-le-zai, v. a. to call to active service. 

Mobility. mob-e-le-tai.y: tnobility. 

Modality. nio<l-al-e-tai,yr tnoJtUity. 

Mode, mod, y. fashion ; mode, way; — s, //. dresses; 
— , tn. mood : mode. 

Module, mod-ell, m. model, pattern. 

Modeler, inod-lai, v. a. to model. 

Modeleur. mod-lur, m. modeller. 

Mod^rateur. mod-ai-rat-ur, tn. moderator, ruler, [tion. 

Moderation, mod-ai-rah-syon , /*. moderation; mitfga- 

Modere, e, mod-ai-rai, a. — ment, atd. moderate, tem- 

Mod^rer, mod-ai-rai. v. a. to tnoderate, temper; re- 
strain, reduce ; pcunfy ; se — , v. r. to restrain one's 

Modeme. mod-airn, a. modem, recent. [self; abate. 

Moderner, mod-air-nai, v. a. to modemixe. 

Modeste. mod-est, a. — nient. ad. tnodest; moderate. 

Modestie, mod-es-te,^. modesty. 

Modicittf, mod-e-se-tai.y! smallness. 

Modification, mod-e-fe-kah-syoM, f. modification, re- 

Modifier, mod-if-yai, v. a. to tnodi/y, limit, [striction. 

Modique. mod-ik, a. — ^inent. ad. slender, small. 

Modiste, mod-ist. s. milliner, man-milliner. 

Modulation. mod-i^-lah-syo»,/'. modulation. 

Module, mod-fil. m. module, pattern. 

Modnler, mod-fi-Iai, v. a. to modulate. 

Moelle. mo-aX,f. marrorv. 

Moeileux. se, mo-al-uh, — z, a. — sement. ad. marrowy ; 

Moellon, mo-al-o», in. rag-stone, rough stone. \soft. 

Mceurs, xnuhr.yC /.'. manners, morals, pi. 

Moi, mo-ah, pn. I; me : k — \ Julp l help l — m^me, 
/ myself: quant & —,for my part. 

Moignon, nio-ay/<-yoM, »n. stump. [least. 

Moindre, mo-aiH-dr, a. less, lesser; le — , la — , the 

Moine, nio-ahn. w». monk, friar ; warming-pan. 

Mcineau. ino-ahn-oh. m. sparrow. 

Moinerie, nio-ahn-rc.yC tlu monks, pi. 

Moins. nio-ai//, ad. less; except ; but; k — de,y&r less 
than ; h — que, unless, if not ; le — , the least ; au — , 
du — . at leoit. 

Moire. mo-alir.yC watered stuff. 

Moirer, ino-ahr-ai, v. a. to water. 

Mois, mo-all, tn, mottih, [ness, 

Moisi. e, rao-ah-ze, a, mouldy ; — , m., mould, mouldi- 

Moisir, mo-ali-zeer, v, a. et n, to mould ; se — . v. r. to 
grow mouldy. 

Moisissure, mo-ah-ze-sAr.^ tnouldiness ; mould, 

Moissine, ino-ah-sin.yC buttdle ofvine-braticJtes, 

Moisson, mo-ah-so».^ harvest, crop. 

Moissonner, mo-ah-son-ai, v. a, to reap. 

Moissonneur, ino-ab-son-ur. m, reaper, harvest-man ; 
— se. —\A\z,f. harvest-woman, 

Moite, nto-aht. a, tnoist, damp. 

Moiteur. mo-aht-ur.y: moisture, dampness. 

Moitie. mo-aht-yai,^ half, moiety ; k — , par — , half, 
by half, by halves. 

Moka, mole -ah, tn. tnocJut c<iffee, 

Molaire, mol-air, a. dent — , grinder. 

M61e. njahl, tn, mole, pier; —,f. tnole, tnoon-ca{f. 

Molecule. mol-ai-kOI,yC moleaUe, 

Molester, mol-es-tai, v, a, to molest, trouble. 

Molette, raol-et.yC rowel; mullar. 

MoUasse. mol-ass, a. flabby, flimsy. 

Mollement. mol-nui^i, ad. softly; effetninately. 

Mollesse, mol-ess,/^ s<ifttuss ; flabbiness ; effeminacy. 

MoUet, te, mol-ay, — «t, a. a little soft; — , m. calf(qf 
the leg)', fringe. 

Molleton, mo]-to«. m. swanskin. 

MolliAer. niol-lif-yai, v. a. to mollify. 

Mollir, inol-eer, v. tt. to sqftett, slacken. 

MoUtisgue, mol-flsk, tn, tnollusca. 

Molylxttoe, mol-ib-dayn,y: molybdana. 

Moment, mom -an, m. moment; & tout — , every 
moment; en ce — , dans le — , at thif moment^ im- 



Momentan^, e, mom-iui-tan-ai, a. — ment, ad. momen* 

Momerie, niohm-re,y: mutnmery; hypocrisy, [tary, 

Momie. moh-me./^ mummy. 

Mon. moM, ma, mah. pn. my. 

Monacal, e, mon-ak-al. a. monkish ; — ement, ad. liko 

Monachisme. mon<ash'tsm, m. monachism, [a mottk, 

Monade. mon-ad.yC moneid. 

Monarchie, mon-ar-she./^. monarchy. 

Monarchique, mon-ar-sluk, a. monarchiccU. 

Monarque. mon-ark, m. monarch, 

Monastere. mon-as-tair, m. nuniastery, 

Monastique, mon-as-tik, a. monastic. 

Monceau, mow-soh, tn. heap. 

Mondain, e, xaxm-daut, —den. a, —ement, tul. worldly; 

Mondanite, moM-dan-e-tai.yC worldliness. [vain. 

Monde, numd, m, world; people; servants, pi.; le 
beau — , people q/ fashion ; tout le — , e%terybody. 

Monder, mon-dal. v. a. to deanse; peel. 

Mondifier, moM-dif-e-ai, v. a. to tnundtfy, deaitse. 

Mon^taire, roon-ai-tair. a, mottetary, 

Moniteur, mon-e-tur, tn. monitor. 

Monition, mon-e-syon,/: mottition. 

Monitoire, mon-it-war, m. tttonitory. 

Monnate. mon-ay,y^ coin ; money; tnint. 

Monnayage, mou-ay-yahj, m, minting, coining, 

Monnayer, mon-ay-yai, v. a. to stamp mottey, coin, 

Monnaycur, mon-ay-yur, tn. mittter. [tnint. 

Monograinme, mon-o-gram, tn, ttutnogratn, 

MoniMpraphie. nion-o-graf-e,/C manography. 

Monologue, mon-o-log, tn. s^iloqtty. 

Monomane, mon-o-man. tn. monotnaniac, 

Monomanie, mon-o-inan-e,>^ mottonumia. 

Mdnopole, nio-no-pol, tn. ttumopoly. 

Monopoleur, mo-no<pol-ur, m. tnoiutpolist. 

Monosyllabe, mo-no-sil-lab, tn. monosyllable. 

Monotone, mo-no-ton, a. tiumotottous. 

Monotonie. mo-no-ton-e,>^ monototiy. 

Monseigneur, mo/i-sain-yur, tn. my lord. 

Monsieur, ino-syuh, tn, sir ; gentUtnatt. 

Monstre, moM-str, tn. monster. [strous, etutrmous. 

Monstrueux, mow-strQ-uh, — z, a. —sement, ad, ttton- ■ 

Monstruosite, moM-stra-oh-ze-tai,>: tttonstrosity, ttton- 

Mont, moff, tn, tnouttt, moutttain. [strotisttess. 

Montage, moM-tahJ, m. carrying ut. [taitieer. 

Montagnard, mo»-tan-yahr, tn. fiighlattder, moun- 

Montagne, mo»-tan-y«.y^ nuntntain. [hilly. 

Montagneux, se, mon-tanryuh, — z, a. mountainous, 

Montant. e. vckon-tajt, — t, a. rising; hilly; garde — e. 
reliemtig guard ; — . m. beam; atttount, sutn total; 
vin qui a du — , heady witte. 
Monte, mont.y; coverittg. 
Mont^e. mo«-tai,y: ascettt; staircase; step. 
Monter, niOM-tai, v. a. et tt. to go up, get up, etscend ; 
clitnb uP; carry up ; witid up; fttrttish {house); 
command [ship) ; rise ; grow up ; cotne to ; get (on 

horseback); tnoutit {guard); set up {bed); se — , 

V. r. to atttount; be ntade up. 
Monteur, moM-tur, tn. setter. 
MontgolMre, moM-golf-yair./T air-balloott. 
Monticule, mon-te>kQl. tn. hillock. 
Montoir. rao>i-twar, tn. Itorse-block. 
Montre, \\\oti-Xj,f. watch ; sample, show; show-glass ; 

— \ repetition, repeater. 
Montrer, mo»-trai, v. a. to show ; point out, teach; se — , 

V. r. to show one's self; behave. 
Montueux, se, mon-tO-uh, — z, a. mountaittous, hilly. 
Monture, mo«-tflr, y: beast for riding; mountutg ; 

stock {gun) ; spttr-leather. 
Monument, mo»-a-nuM, m. monument. 
se Moquer, mok-ai, v. r. to mock, laugh at; scorn, 
Moquerie, mok-re,/: mockery, scoff. [scoffer. 

Moqueur, se, mok-ur, — uhz. a. mockittg; — , f'oker, 
Morailler, mor-a/-ai, v. a. to draw with pincers. 
Morailles, mo-ra/,yC //. piticers,pl. 
MoraiUon, mor-a/-o/(, tn. iron-flap. 
Moral, e, mor-al, a. —ement, ad, tnoreU. 
Morale, mor-al,/^ tttorality ; moral ; lecture,^ 
Moraliser, mor-al-e-zai. v, a, to moralize. 
Moraliseur, nior-al-e-zur, tn^ tnoralizer. 
Moraliste, mor-al-ist, m. tnoralist. 
Morality, mor-al-e-tai./*. morality ; morals, 
Moratoire, mor-at-war, a, allowing delay. 
Morbide, mor-bid, a. tnorbid, 
Morbifique, mor-be-fik, a. tnovbiflcal. 
Morceau. uior-soh, tn. bit, morsel ; piece ; fragttunt. 
Morceler. mors-lai. v, a, to parcel, parcel ottt. 
Morcellement. mor-sel-man, m. parcelling. 
Mordacite, mor-das-e-tai,y: mordacity. 
Mordant, e, mor-da», — t, a. bUittg; sarcastic ; — , tn. 

size : pointedness. 
Mordicant. e. mor-de-ka», — t, a. acrid; biting; sati- 
^ordicus, mor-de-kfis, cfd. obstinately. [rical, 




Mordffler, mor-diAai. v. a. to nibble, btieat. 
Mordorrf, c, raor-dor-ai, a. o/a reddish brown. 
•Mordre, mor-dr, v. a. et n. to bite, tiibbie at; catch ; 
More, mor, m. negro, blackamoor. [carp at, 

Morfil, mor-fil, m. rough edge, elephants teeth, pi. 
Morfondre, mor-fo«-dr, v. a. to chill; se — , v. r. to 

catch cold; dance attendance. 
Morfondure, mor-fo«-dflr,/: <:o/.fl?. . , „ 
Mor^e. mo«K,/ haughHness, pride ; deadhouse. 
Morguer. morg-ai. v. a. to bresve, dare. ^ 

Monbond, e, mor-e-bow, — d. a. dying; — , tn. dying 

man ; — c, / dying -woman. 
Moricaud. e, mor-e-koh. — d, a. tawny, black. 
Morigdncr, mor-e-hjai-nal, v. a. to school, tutor. 
MoriUe, mot-il,/. morel. ^ . . ^ ^ . 

Morillon, mor.i/-o«, m. fine bktck grape; roitgh 
Morion, mor-e-o«, m. morion. [emeraia. 

Morne. morn, a. gloomy; — , m. bluff. 
Morose, mor-ohz, a. morose, sour. 
Morosit^, mor-oh-ze-tai,/: moroseness, sourness. 
Mors, mor, m. bit. 
Morsure, mor-sCkr.yT bite, biting. 
Mort, mor,y: death; k —, mortally ; —, dead body ; —, 

c, mor, — t, a. dead. -seared; — bois. underwood; — ni, 

stillborn ; eau — e, standing water ; — e saison, dull 

time of the year. 
Mortadelle, mor-Ud-eU.y: italian sausage. 
Mortaise, mor-tayz,/: mortise. 
1Aorta\\\i,mot-taX-tAM,f. mortality. . •■ . 
Mortel, le, mor-tel, a. — lement, ad. mortal; deadly. 
Mortier, mor-tyai, m. mortar. 
Mortiftre, mor-te-fair, a. deadly. , 

Mortification, mor-te-fe-kah-syow,/ mortification. 
Mortifier, mor-tif-yai, v. a. to mortijy. ^.^ . 

Mortuaire, mor-tfl-air, a. funeral; extrait —.certificate 
Morue, mot-(i,f. cod, codfish. [of decease. 

Morve, morv,/ snot; glanders, pi, 
Morveux, se, mor-vuh, — z, a. snotty. 
Mosalque, moz-ah-ik,/: mosaic. 
Mosc«uade. mos-kwad,/: raw sugar. 
Mosqu^e, mos-kai,y: mosque. 
Mot, moh, m. word; saying; motto; — k—, word for 

word ; bon —,jest, witticism. 
Motet, mot-ay, m. motet. 

Moteur, trice, moh-tur, — triss, a. motive; — , m. mover; 
Motif, mot-\{, m. tnotive ; reason. [author. 

Motion, moh-syo«.yC motion. 
Motiver, mot-e-val, v. a. to state the motives. 
Motte, mot,y: clod ; peat; hiUock. 
Motus, moh-tAs. int. hush I not a word I 
Mou, molle, moo, mol, a. soft; nerveUss; effeminate; 
Mouchard, moo-shar, »»<. j:^>. [—, m. lights, pi. 

Mouche, mooA,f.Jly ; patch ; spy. 
Mouchcr, moo^ai, v. a. to blow the nose; snuff 

{candle) ; se — , v. r. to blow one's nose. 
Moucheron, moosh-ro«, m.gnat; snuff. 
Mouchcter, moosh-tai, v. a. to spot; pink. 
Mouchettes, moo-shet,/://. snuffers, pi. 
Moucheture, moosh-tflr,/: pinking. 
Moucheur, moosh-ur, m. snuffer. 
Mouchoir, moosh-war, m. handkerchi^. 
Mouchure, moosh-(ir,y!: snuff. 
•Moudre, moo-dr, v. a. to grind ; mill. 
Moue, raoo,y: mouth ; faire la moue, to pout. 
Mou^e, moo-ai,yC reward. 
Mouette, moo-ct.y: sea-gull. 

Moufle, moo-fl,/: mitUn. . [age. 

Mouillage. mooZ-ahj, m. anchoring-ground ; anchor- 
Mouiller, moo/-yai, v. a. et n. to wet. soak, moisten ; 

soften ; cast anchor; se — , v. r. to get wet. 
Mouillette, moo/-yet,y: Hppet, slice of bread. 
Mouillure, moo/-jrfir,/: wetting; moisture. 
Moulage, moo-lahj, m. moulding; measuring (wood). 
Moulais, moo-lay, see Moudre. 

Moule, mool, m. mould, patUm, model; — ,/. mussel. 
Mouler, moo-lai, v. a. to mould: measure (vwod); roll 
Mouleur, moo-lur. m. moulder; meUr. M^^^H- 

Moulin, moo-lai«, m. mill; — k caft, coffee-miU; —\ 

huile, oil-mill; — k vent, wituimill. 
Moulinage, moo-Ie-nahj, m. milling. 
Moulin^, e, moo-le-nai, a. worm^ateu. 
Mouliner, moo-le-nai, v. a. to mill. 
Moulinet, moo-le-nay, m. little mill; turnstile. 
Moulineur, moo-lin-ur, m. millman. 
Moulu, moo-lfi, see Moudre. 
Moulure, moo-lflr,/". moulding. 
Mourant, e, moo-ra«, — t, a. dying. 
•Mourir, moo-reer, v. n. todie; — de faim, to starve: 

faire — . to put to death ; se—,v.r.tobe dying. 
Mouron, moo-ro», m. chickweed. 
Mourrai, moor-ray, see Mourir. 
Mous(}uet, moos-Kay, m. musket. 

Mousquetade, raoosk-tad,y: musket-shot. 
Mousquetaire, moosk-tair, m. musketeer. 
Mousqucterie, moos-ket-re,/. voUey of musketry. 
Mousse, mooss, f. moss; foam; — de savon. lather: 
Mousseline, moos-lin,/. muslin. [—, m. cMnn^boy. 

Mousser, moo-sai. v. n. to foam, froth. 
Mousseron, moos-ro«, m. small mushroom. 
Mousseux, se, moo-suh, — z. a. foaming; sparkling. 
Moussoir, moos-war, m. chocolate-mill. 
31 ■ ■!!, :,:■ ■ ■. /: '■■ ■ ■ 

All.-^^. ^ ■ • 

Muu^Liicln^j [uuUL.,-lh%;^h,/, !,i:tif.n'Anr. 

Mn^t, niuo, m. muffr 

MnutanJc, tltOO-l."ird,/: mtts/^rtL [#e£ 

■ \id-yaUtiUiitUS£itrn'i«mt; rrtrcitaref' 

teethfr; fmtften; mrimTarj^ 

^lnutFin, mOCh-tOM, 

Mijulnnncf, 1 11 004 on 'Si. i^ a. tt tt. tn ct*rl, JMrwU^ :^ 
hlnuinnmrt. i«, moo-ton^yal, —T. <*, nAfffflite. Ifaafm. 
AI nut LiJ-c, mO(VlfVr. f. grindiftg ; mi/ltr-Jifer. [«■**#. 
Mruvanr* c+ ffirOO-VlK, — tj o, fnm.'iK£ ; iiblE — > ^ainjk^ 
Ihluavemcilt, moov-ma^^, m^ wtatu-tH^ fHCfiftftKtii ^ rmra- 
iutr, time UftKsic)', impuhe ; tie SOii proprfl — , ^ 

iihmvci. mort-vai, P. ff, fiJ tposen^siir up. 

•Mr»uvQtrj mixj-vivahr, v. ^, ft se — , ?'. r. tamai^Fy ftir. 

Mo>en, HE, mwa-ytlln, — ycSi a, fni44te; ffttaa : En 
woycrmc, o*i an avrrfts^i — , t0^ rfi^tutS-, vnty ; Aflp _■ 
a« — dc. iy i^t rniau^ 0/ ; —^ pt. circttms^tmiccs' ; 

Mby^nH'irtr, mwa-jtn-aT?, pr, py jntans <^; — aiw-, pt-v~ 
Mayt Jinew r, mwa-y en-nur, m, mediiMtaw. {^'id&iih'i*£. 

W«4bEy, mO-3ii-tL a. mUfablf, f^^rigeabtt. 

Muclti^neiiiic St, ii]i:)-&E-kiltJ'«-Tiuh# — *, i*- ptMinV«f»^ 

Mucositt, nm-koh-ic-hil,^/; Mtuitfs. {.uottm- 

Mue K nifl, f. resulting ; s^Oi^Jt^ tki^t, 

Mkier, HiQ-nS, Vr «. fu m^n-'t, mtte^ 

M«tc, itf, niQ-ay, — ct, a. dumbt mutt, 

^4Mfl^?, (Hl^-fl, tfu niJiKsIe^ 

Mtiif[rH inD-iOeef, -^k n.tabtilim, roar, 

Mu|f [^emf lit. tna'l:ijiS'nmH, f«. Atl/.tfUtUg' rsartHj^* 

Muj^uct, iiiCi-^al, wi. ffij flfthr volUy. 

MutfLicler, lEiRff-taU v, a. to iv/irt, 

MuStU ma-*, ru. AagsAead. 

ftluiitrt, ma-l^lU'tr, fl», ntalattp. 

Mul^, mi'ilyf ^ht-mule.- slipper; —s^pi. kiitf,^ 

MiiierK niCl-W, tH, ittu/t; mitftet. 

IrtuiiElcr, hjfil'tyili, ifir tntiietfer. 

MuLoiIh mfl-loti, m.jf^t heapihay^SftU). 

MliLoXh Jiill-lah, r^,jfI^M'tft^ntst, 

MLilcirortrtCK mat-^eTnrm, a. intdtifarHt. 

MullipllaLlc, iisGL^fl ple-^hnbi, a. M«tf^jFffM>. 

MiilciplicaElDn, tiifll te-plc-kah-mrari,/ tmrHipitrntrett. 
MiitdplicEc*. mfll-leutB'^c.taiH/r rmtltiplitity. 
MuScipllcr^ mfll-te-rre'fl^if e- a. *f sc — h h. r. ^ imtiiip(y^ 

Miil'jtude. ta<\l-ti<M,fr muimwdr. 
MunicipalK infl-rte-'!«?.-pal, a. municipal. 
Mtinicipatit*, jnfl^^ie-ifrp^'"*^'^^-^ tnitvicipftJitsf- 
Mu]5ificcnc:t^ ma-li^'re-saJtHn/T rMHUtfirtnfr. 
ftEu^ilJicnt, c, ]nCi-nira'HU.f, — tn a, wtwjfi^iVfl/, fideml. 
Ml ..L.J*. Aifi tir^Mtf stare, {^f^visiffnr^ j*J» 

- ':yDii, J. #nf fnufi itii>n ; — 4ie tiOucne, 

fn L.I.,, tn. n^nvAiu-i^Aocr ^ 

stores, contractor. 
Muqueux, se, mCik-uh, — z, a. mucous. 
Mur, mur, fn. wall. 

MOr, e, mflr, a. — ement, ad. ripe; mature. 
Muraille, md-ra/,/ wall, 
MQre, va.^xj'. mulberry. 
Murine, milr-ayn,y^ murana. 
Murer, mQr-ai, v. a. to wall, wall up. 
MQrier, rofir-yai, m. mulberry-tree. 
MQrir, mflr-eer, v. a. et n. to ripen ; matttre ; grow ripe. 
Miurmure, mOr-mflr, m. murmur. 
Murmurer, mdr-mflr-cu, v. n. to murmur; whisper. 
Musaraigne, mfl-zar-ayn-y*,/ shrewmouse. 
Musard. e, mfl-zar, —d, a. loitering; — , m. loiterer. 
Muse, mftsk, m. musk. [lounger. 

Muscade, mfis-kad./. nutmeg; fleiir de —, mace. 
Muscadier, mAs-kad-e-ai, m. nutmeg-tree. 
Muscadin, mfis-kad-ai«, m. musk-pastil; sparky dandy, 
Muscat, mAs-kah. a. muscadine. 
Muscle, mfis-kl, m. muscle. 
MuscI^, e, mOs-klai, a. musculous. 
Musculeux, se, nlAs-ku-luh, —z, a. muscuioHS^ 
Muse, ratiz,/. muse. 
Museau, md-zoh, m. snout ; muxMle. t 
Mus^e, md-zai, m. museutn. }C)Q\C 

" ' — • *^o 

Museler, mOz-lai, v, a. tg muMMit, 


MoseUfcre, mAz-Iyair,/ muxxle. 

Muser, mA-sai, v. n. to loUtr, trifte* 

Muserolle, infiz-rol.>^ nose-band. 

Musette, vcA.-z^X,/. bagpipe. 

Museum, mO-zai-om, tn. museum. 

Musical, e, mfi-ze-ksd, a. — ement. ad. musieaU 

Musicien, mA-ze'Syaui, m. musiciaH. 

Musique, mfi-zik,yC music. 

Musquer, mAs-kai, v. a. to perfume with musk; 

paroles VDsisfv^its.flatUring words, pi. 
Musulman, e, md-ziU-niaM, ^man, a. mussu/man. 
MutabiUt^ ma-tab-e-le-tai,/: mutability. 
Mutation, ni(ih-tah-syoM./ mutation, changi. 
Mutilation. mO-te-lah-syoM,/. mutiUUion. 
Mutiler, mO-te-lai, v. a. to mutilate. [mutineer. 

Mutin, e, md-tai», —tin, a. mutinous, riotous ; — , m. 
se Mutiner, mA-te-nai, v. r. to mutiny ; be stubborn. 
Mutinerie, m(i-tin-re,yC mutiny, riot; stubbornness. 
Mutisme, md-tism, m. dumbness. 
Mutuality, m(^-ta-al-e-tai,/: mutuality. 
Mutuel, le. mA-tA-el, a. — lement, ad. muttuU. 
Myologie, me-ol-ohj-e,yC myotoey. 
Myope, me-op, a. short.sightea. 
Myopie, me-op-e,/ myopy. 
Mynade, meer-e-adt/Tm^ruMf. 
Myrobolan, me-rob-ol-a», m. myrobolan. 
Myrrhe, ineer,y: myrrh. 
Myrte. meert, m. myrtle. 
Mystire. mis-tair, m. mvstery. 

Myst^rieuz, se, mis-tal-ryun, — z, a. — sement, ad. 
Mysticisme. mis^te-sism, m. mysticism. [mysterious. 
Mystificateur, mis-tc-fe-kat-iur, m. hoaxer. 
Mystification, mis-te-fe-kah-syo»,>^ hoaxing; hoax. 
Mystifier, mis-tif-yai, v. a. to hoax. 
Mystique, mis-tile, a. -^nent, ad, mystic; n^ystical. 
Mythe, mit, tn. fable. 
Mythologie, mit-ol-ohj-e.y^ mythology. 
Mythok^que, mit-ol-obj-ik, a. mythological, 

Nabab, nab-ab^ m. ttabob. 

Nabot. nab-oh, m. shrimp, dwarf. 

Nacarat, nak>ar-ah, m. bright orange red. 

Nacelle, nas-el,/: small boat; car. 

Nacre, na)a,/. mother of pearl. 

Nacrtf, e, nak-rai, a. pearly. 

Naffe, naf.y: eau de — , orange-flerwer-water. 

Nage, nahj, /. swimming: 4 la — , in or by swim- 

tning ; 6tre en — , to be cM in a sweat. 
Nagde, nahj-ai.y^ stroke in swimming. 
Nageoire, nah;-war,y:>f«. 
Nager, nahi-ai, v. n. to swim ; row. 
Nageur, nanj-ur, m. swimmer ; rower. 
Naeudre, Naguires, nag-air, ad. but lately. 
Naiade, nah-yad,/: natad. [genuous; simple. 

Nair, ive, nah-if, — iv, a. — Tvement, ad. artless, in- 
Nain, e. nain ; nen, a. dwarfish ; —, tn. dwarf. 
Naissance, nay-sa«ss,yC birUt ; extraction. 
Naissant, e, nay-sa;/, — t, a. newly bom; rising: 
Naissait, nay-say, see Naltre. [growing. 

•Naltre, nay-tr. v. n. to be bom ; arise. 
Naivete, nah-iv-tai, f artlessttess ; ingenousness ; 
Nanan, nan-a;i, tn. goodies, dainties, pi. [simplicily. 
Nankin, nan-kai», m. nankeen. 
Nantir. na>i-teer, v. a. to give a pledge ; se— , v. r. to 

provide one's se^fwith. 
Nantissenient, naw-tis-maft , m, pledge, security. 
Naphte, naft, m. ttaphtha. 

Nappe, nap,/. table<loth ; sheetof water ; harfs-skin. 
Napperon, nap-ro;i, m. small table<loth. 
Naquis, nah-ke. see Naltre. 
Narcisse, nar-ciss, m. daffodil. 
Narcotique, nar-kot-ik, a. narcotic. 
Nard, nar, tn, spikenard. 
Nargue, narg,/ — de, a fig for. 
Narguer, nar-gai, v. a. to scorn. 
Nanne. nar^in,/ ttostril. 

Narquois, nark-wa, m. cunning blade; parler — , to 
Narrateur, nar-rat-ur. m. narrator. [talk slang. 

Narrafif, ive, nar-rat-if, — ir, a. narrative. 
Narration, nar-rah-syow, / Narr^, nar-rai, m. narra- 
Narrer, nar-rai. v. a. to narrate, relate, [tion, relation. 
Narval, nar-val, tn. narwhal. 
Nasal, e, nah-zal, a. — ement, ad. nasal. 
Nasalitfi, nah-zal-e-tai./ nasal sound. 
Nasarde, nah-zaard,f. fillip. 
Nasarder, nah-zar-oai. v. a. to fillip. 
Naseau, nah-zoh, tn. nostril. 

Kasillard, e, nah-zi/-ar, — d, a. snuffling; — , tn. —cf. 
HasUler, nab-zi/-94i v. n- to snuffle, [snufiler. 



Nasilleur, nah-ziZ-nr, m. — se, —vihz,f. snuffttr. 

Nasse, nas&,f. weel. 

Natal, e, nat-al. a. natal, native. 

Natation, nat-ah-syoM,yC swimming. 

Natif. ive, nat-if, — iv, a. ttative, bortt. 

Nation, nah-syon,/*. nation. 

National, e, nah-syon-al, a. —ement, ad. national 

Nationaliser, nah-syon-ai-e-sai, v. a. to natiotutlixe. 

Nationality, nah-syon-al-e-tai./ nationality. 

Nativity, nat-e-ve-tai.yC ttativity. 

Natron, nah-troM, m. ttatron. 

Natte, nat,/: tnat ; braid. 

Natter, nat-tai, v. a. to tnat. 

Nattier, nat-yal, m. mtttttutker. 

Naturalisation, nat-d-ral-e-zah-syoM./. tutturalisation. 

Naturaliser, nat-d-ral-e-zai, v. a. to tuxturalixe. \ism. 

Naturalisme. nat-fi-ral-ism, m, naturaltuss ; natural- 

Naturaliste, nat-d-ral-ist, m. tuUuralist. 

Naturalittf, nat-A-ral-e-ta!,/ beittg a tuMve. [in kittd. 

Nature, nat-Ar. f. tuzture ; constitution ; sort : en — , 

Naturel, le, nat-Q-rel, a. — lement, ad. natural; in- 

gettuous; plain; illegitimaU; — , m. ttature; 

constitution ; disposition; au — , to the life. 
Naufrage, no-fral\j, m. shipwreck. 
Naufrag^, e, no-firai^-ai, a. shipwrecked. 
Naulage. noh-lal^, m. freight. 

Nauseabond, e, noh-zai-ab-on,{— d, a 'ttauseous, tttawk- 
Naus^e, noh-zai, /: nausea. ' [ish. 

Nautique, noh-tik, a. nautical. 
Naval, e, nav-al, a. naval; combat — , seafight. 
Nav^e, nav-ai,/ barge-load: 
Navet, nav-ay, m. turnip. 
Navette, nav-et,yC rape-seed; shuttle. 
Navigable, nav-e-gah-bl, a. tuevigable, 
Navigateur, nav•e•ga^ur, m. ttavigator, sailor. 
Navigation, nav-e-^ah-syo»,y: navigation, voyage. 
Navitnier, nav>e-gai, v. n. to navigate, sail, 
Naville. na-vi/,/: canal. 
Navire, nav-eer, m. ship, vessel. 
Navrant, e, nah-vraM, — t, a. heart-rending. 
N&'- : Lir,^ iiLih-iTJit, ^, j7, ts vfQUHd ; rcudihg Atart- 
Ntn tiiiAt iu fiC; noi. 
Hi. c, nai, prt. ft a, iifrn: bten — , tf ggod bittJt ; 

7i-ili.diif&st4 ; mart — , jtill'&flrM. 
N^.inmolns, UAt-aN'm^voiM. ad, nrverfheleis: 
Nf .^[U, FVul-AJt, A*. fiotAing^ rti?s^ht, 
N^limlHJ*, M, nal-bll-tah, — i. a. neirtififiis^ clpudy, 
N^ufumlre, n^iI-ccs-iiSr, «. ^nicnt, W. tttctisary; re- 

fniJ-iTr^- — , m. rJfHHtenty ; bHjy&<?dj>. 
N?tt-ss]t<J, nai-ct^§'«'UJ, f. neceiiity; rtad, T^afil; —St 

fL ftftfsiwriij, pi. 
N^.. i.i,siteiH Etui^H-e^itJ, tf. st, ts umsxiiau. 
Hi ■ ■ . p I .K , ic, nai-ccu-e-ttih, — ^ a. Tfft'rj'JTftf Ji J, ntedy, 
W ■ . niii-krol-ohL w. register qf deaths^ 
N^ ' . ' <: , Hoi^lcTor-cthj-ikp '■■ tifcryJ^i^gvitii 

Ner, csef^yI n,Tve; vert^I. 
Nd Fast?, Iuij-ra4t, a. unltidty* 

NAUc, llrt.y-fl,y. msti/ar^ 

N^rliiir, Itai-t^f-iai, m. tofif/nr'trice. 

Ndijiilif^ tvc, hai-Ejnt-if, —W^ a. — ErCfutnt, fid. nrgatitfe, 
Ndjjiitiolif niii-truH-ifVLiw, /; neifat^n ; refusal. 
Nik^litjeH rinL-i^'lt:-liJji, m. tfiiitrejr. [litsly, 

N^filih"t';i'!rn.'iiu iLji-^lc-hJam-aJt, rtrf, niff-lieetttly, can- 
Ni^hfTijii. f:, II ii ;.-.l'.-lijoj*.ifl,/, it-fg!lyptm<, ntnless*im^ 
N^L,Hit;'.M^!.. u. 1. ^l■L:l'."■l^||iu^ — tn tf. uegii^tat, t^rfless^^ 
NjJ^hjjj'T. luL-^l'.'-hiJii, V. a. iis fftf^iici; disfrgani. 
Niv.j..:\ II -. !-:.:■ ■■-■■;, i/i, /fff*/f, tra^c. 
Hi'n :■■.■.'. Ik', II 1 1 -fj ' s-yilh-bl, a. fupvrtiablc. " 
Ni;^' L i-mt, ]l■^i■^f■l^l;-yi])l, jn. traderf fKcrtftattf. 
NijjcLiJktturi [H]i-i;rj-!i^yat-urf j«, ntgoiiaiar, 
N^^uciationi isiLi-^Q^-yiah-syqN,^ He^^fii^ti^ft^ 
N^gdcicti ilBhgDBryaip v, a. £i n, i& ntgoli^te ; tfitde, 
Nii^ri:^ naynjTT^ m , fiegrv. t^/ai'k, {fiiit4, 

Niyrcrlc, nai-t^rKA-re, /I fugrsf.y*ird.. 

N^^rilEpiii nai^^TvAo^. fu^ yoititg ftegro. 

^ r iiFiyWii/ wHSTtf .- pelote do — , mowtail, 
Nei ^i-T, iiay-hj4.1h v, n. ti* ^*um'. 
Nei.^yeui. ic, Jiay-hjiih, —Xf u, -imvn'y. 
Neiiiii, nnn-e, 4af^r ttujt ty tw meatn. 
H6{Aogi^mc, nal^ol^iJij-isn, Iff. ftnf/pj^ism. 

Ndophyte, nal^l-tu tn. nt^f^tc. 

N^liotSsmCn QAi-poE-i^nt *n. fupatiitn. 

Nerf, nalrf, ra. ttfrve; siarai, 

Nervisuxr se, naif-VEihr — *, *?► ntrvpas .' vigofsn 

Net, tc, wjiA, —It ff. ft rirrf. — temenc* a<^ clHtn; 

fair; fitaiMi. 

eftet^, Qet-t>^^-tai,y: ^leq^ness; cftanu 






Nettolement, net-wa-maM, Nettoyage, net-wa-yahj. m. 

cUanin^ : cUarinf, \to clean OfWs self. 

Nettoyer, net-wa-yal, v. a. to clean, clear; se — , v. r. 
Neuf, ve, nuhC — v, a. new; raw : fresh ; k — , 

anew: de — , new: —, n. nine; ninth. 
Neutralement. nuh-tral-ma^i. ad. neiUrally. 
Neutraliser, nuh-tral-e-zai. v. a. to netttraliM, fnodify. 
Neutrality, nuh-tral-e-tai.yC neutrality. 
Neutre, nuh-tr. a. tuuter ; neutral. 
Neuviime. nuh-vyein, a. — ment, cut. ninth : — , tn. 
Neveu, oMA-vuh. m. nephew. [ninth part, ninth. 

N^vritique, nai-vre-tik,/: tuurotie. 
Nez, nai, nt. nose. 
Ni, ne, ad. neither, nor. 

Niable. ne-ah-bl, a. deniable. \tn. simpleton, ninny. 
Niais, e. ne-ay, —z, a. — cment, ad. silly, simple ; — , 
Niaiser. ne-ay-zai. v. n. to play the fool, /addle. 
Niaiserie. ne-ayz-rcy: silliness, simplicity: foolery. 
Niche, nish,/! niche : trick. 
Nich^e, nish-ai,y: wlu>le nest. 
Nicher, nish-ai. v. n. to nestle. 
Nichet. nish-ay, in. tust-egz. 
Nichoir, nish-war, m. breeding-cage. 
Nicodime, nik-od-aym. m. simpleton, 
Nid. ne, tn. nest: hiding-place. 
Niice, nyess,/ niece: petite —, grand-niece. 
NieUe, nyel,/ mildew, blight. 
Nieller. nyel-ai, v. a. to mildew, blight. 
Nier, nyai, v. a. to deny, disown. 
Nigaud. e, nisr-oh, — d, a. silly./oolish : — , m. boot^. 
Ni^uder, ne-goh>dai, v. n. to stand trifling. 
Ntgauderie, ne-goh-dre.y: silliness, foolery. 
Nimbe, nai«b, m. nimbus. 

' ' ' ut. ..^ 

: apparel. [tfone. 

. , .. , , „ ^., to scorn one, make ganu 

Nitouche, ne-toosh, m. sainte — , demure hypocrite ; 

faire la sainte — . to look demure. 
Nitre, ne-tr, m. nitre. 
Nitreux, se, ne-truh, — z, a. nitrous. 
Niveau, ne-voh, m. level: au— , de —1 Uvel, on a level. 
Niveler, niv-Iai, v. a. to level. 
Niveleur. niv-lnr, m. leveller. 
NiveOement, ne-vel-ma/i, m, levelling. 
Noble, no-bl, a. — ment, ad. noble : — , m. nobleman. 
Noblesse, nob-less, yC nobilitv, nobleness. 
Noce, f. Noces. noss, f. pi. nuptials, pi. wedding: 
Nocher, nosh-aL m. pilot, [marriage. 

Noctambule, nok-taM-bfll, «n. noctambule. 
Noctambulisme, nok-ta/f-bd-lisiu, m. noctambulism. 
Nocturne, nok-tQrn, a. nocturnal, nightly, 
Nocuit^, nok-fi-e-tai,y? nocuousness. 
Nodus, nod-Os, m. node. 
Noel, no-ell, m. Christmas, Christmas carol, 
Noeud, nuh, tn. knot: tie, joint ; intrigue. 
Noir, e, nwar, a. black ; gloomy ; foul ; brown (bread); 

base, wicked: — , m. black : negro, 
Noirfttre, nwar-au-tr. a. blackish. . [woman. 

Noiraud, nwar-oh, tn. black man : — e, — oha,f. black 
Noirceur, nwar-sur, yC blackness; basettess, heinous- 

tuss. [grow black. 

Noircir, nwar-seer, v. a. et n. to blacken : se — , v. r. to 
Noircisseur, no-ahr-siss-ur, m. dyer tn black, 
Noircissure, nwar-se-s(ir,y: black spot. 
Noire, nwar./I crotchet. 
Noise, nwaz,/I quarrel, strife, dispute, 
Noisetier, nwaz-tyai, tn. hazel-tree. 
Noisette, nwaz-et,y^ haxel-nut. 
Noix, nwa, /I nut, walnut. 
Noiis. noh-le, tn. freight. 
Noliser, noh-le-zai, v. a. to freight. 
Nolissement, noh-lis-nuuf, tn. freight. 

Nipper, nip-ai, v. a. to fit out, rig out, 
Nippes, nip,/, fl. clothes, pi. ; t ^ ' 
Nique, nik, f. faire la — li q., '' 

'dc, in the 

Noin, non. ttt. name; reputation, 

name qf; — de guerre, tjicknattu. 
Nomade, nom-ad, a. nomaaic; — , m, 
Nombre, noM-br, tn. number. 
Nombrer, noM-brai, v. a. to number. 
Norabreux, se, now-bruh. — z, a. nutturous. 
Nombril. noM-bre, m. navel. 
Nomenclature, noni-a>i-klat-Ar,/C nomenclature. 
Nominal, e, nom-e-nal, a. nominal, 
Nominateur, nom-e-nat-ur, m. advowee. 
Nominatif, nom-e-nat-if, tn. ttominative. 
Nomination, nom-e-nah-syow,/ nomination. 
Nominativement, nom-«-nat-iv-ma», ad. by ttame. 
Nomm<iment, nom-ai>maM, ad. nattuly. 
Nommer, nom-ai, v. a. to name; appoint; k point 

nomme, in the nick qftitne; se — , v. r. to be cculed. 
Non, now, ad. no, not; ni moi — plus, nor /either. 
Nonag^naire, non-ahj-ai-nair, a. nittety years of agi, 
Nonag^sime. non-ahj-ai-zim, a. ttonttgesimcff, 
Nonante, non-ant, n. ninety, 

Noncbul^mmcDt, Adrt-lliitl^Dl-oif, Ad- cavelessly, su- 
NLitiiTllEiidJicft ncuf-iliaJKLuiai, f. twel^ssMjiss, srt-pine- 

Nonchkibftit, e, tmrf-^al-aN,— l,a, earei^ss, supine. 

Non'CoufiiinijLstCf liuM-kO'l-rur-JUtsl;, tn, uanconfomtist, 
N otic, tion, f i%/t<rH^n pfaytrs* pi- ^dissenter. 

Non-joyis&aiicc, iioni ^l\j DO-c-uuvaa^ /^ tn'tt-tnjoyntetit. 

Noilriellc, lloB^rt^y: J'flWWjT «««- 

Nullt>bdAnt, iKHL'ub^siajirK /"n Fua-ayiihitattding. 

NfHifiaTtlil, iff, hujp-|>ar-ay^>ff,J*iiti!iiW>jJ, iMcatnpafable. 

Non-jMyii^mcttt, uoM-psiy yf-itui/j, at, Han^pnyment. 

Non-stftis, nijEt'sn'r^, »<, nemtttrt. 

Nois-us^i:?, nxin-{j-EAhJ^ tn. dimit, 

Nthli-viiltur, aop^-vill-llr,/ HfiprvdttCtivtm^Si 

Nop^fit, nop-alil, in.4>Hriiff^. 

NujicTh iliO[;-iiiF f. ir. tsburi. 

HaviX. Wat. tn. ni'rtA ; nerlA ll'ftid. 

NuFEiiitl, e, ntir-iiiiki, a. /tcrrHal. 

NnralibJijicK nu&-Enl-]iJe,y: htfiHe-liiAfieifJ. 

N lEi. inn all, ttt. tiote. [pi. 

N ■? ..i ilkci, tlat'O.U-belt-iuS.f, pi. rtwumk^ble persons, 

V'l'l'h:, isut-ah-bl, a. — lEiettt, ad, re"i^*r*able ; con- 

N 1 < re, Uvt-air^ wt, tistfarj>, aii^frufy [siderab/e. 

N ■: I ictit, noE^iitsiin^ ad.p^triiiiiMHyi especially. 

N'^ firji-iir-ya]], m. mHitrfi f^et,, 
S'Mr in, llol^l-syyH^/: uvt&lii^H. 
N-^i'.'. nure, / we*/ Amnfisttiim. 
N ii ■ r. itin-^l, f. (*. fiote. mtwrk ,' brattd. 
N-- ■.:'.'.T, nm-ur, jw, C£'pter pftftU^rtC. 
S->',\-.^. tiul-ist,/: actittfUf. 

,^ioii, liot-K-ft-ksih^yon^f, rtptiffi'atiaH, 

N iifi^-r, iiD[-lir-ydi.i, f. a. ra ttitfifj, gipe H^ftiee qf. 

Nil -I, n^jls-iyoiff/r n^fiatu iitett. 

N ■! ifp.', ntrt-war, 0. — iMelil* A^, mif&rt'eiiS. manifest. 

Nolrtn h.>Tr,/*i. 6ttr. flttfr rtlatiPHS z 9ur friends. 

N/^tre, llph-tr, pn. cHrs ; U — , attr oVH ; les ndtrcs, 
NuUe, nao.fpati^il^, 

Noucr, rtuo^tC V. a. it n. f0 tie, tni£^ u — , V. r. to 
Nijuttn llo(J-ay^ tn. ra^ut. iktiii ; grow rickety. 

N'niicLii, se. nuo-uti, —t, a. kttefiy. 
Nuiitct, niKk-liiy, tn, gutter. 
N-:rr.iiii, iioD-mJn, m. yoHttgJ¥y. 
N ■ 1.1 c r I L- L-H a'tMj-riiS, f M ftrJfe, [Ji^ter-/itther. 

N' iirii.;',er, tre, lioOr-tS&jili, — r, a. nutritive, — , tn. 
N- fir, ntKj-recr, 1?. a, et n. to ttouriiJi ; feed ; tnain- 
{.3 1 rr ; ^rifig Up : tfitfrtiisn; Jlc — , V. r. tit live, feed 
^,"..irri-. ^}jj-, nour-tStiil]j, ML rearing. [upon. 

S.-i^r.^^iki, c, noot-c-iajt, —t, a, tt^HrishtHg, 
^ r'iLrrl.S.vfLir, itoor-c-SUrK pw. cv^keeper. 
NoUfrllitOtW ncAr-c!-U>TlH OT. tfUwSliHg. 
N^umiufe, n<H>r-4!-tflr,/: nOHriJhtHetti,/^i>d; livelihood. 
KiHi*, t\.t^y pti. -tifr, Hs, T9 tit ; — iu£iu», ttHrseives. 

N £ii»v&i( Ut (io*j-voH. ft. et ad. Hrw ifrrsh ,■ rfu^ern; de — , 

a^jifi, afresh; — ni, td^y ; — veiiu^ m. t\ew<ottter, 

Kritiveautc, tiOD-voli-tfll. /. nnmusii n^-etty ; — s, >/. 

-icsiieiit, otf. uras {ste Nouveau) ; 

fiUhittiaitlt drtrttS ; rirW *t*r*tf, pL 
KouifcK le, nrW'Vf I, a. — Icsneiit, ad. m 

le — jiii, tftt Krwyi^r-. 
Nnuv«ile, nc*-vtl,/ news, fidingf, pi. ; nnvl, 
^iiuys^Mstc, fnw-ifcl-lit, »i. trrwttHPttger. 
NyVuEcur, ItOV^HT-Lir, r/i. iimei/ittitr. 
NuvsELun, ncjv-ali-tyufifK/ imtevatiePt. 
NovtHibrt, tiuv-iH-br, m. N\nmnbey. [beginner. 

Novitt, nov-lss, 0. fitttxp^ifUi^ ; tiew;—, m. ttovice ; 
Novk-tEit, fliiV'Js-yiib, m^ nfftniaie. 
N(.vyiik, na^h-yaJ,/ sait^i<itH, l&re; heart. 

PJoyau. n4>ah-yah, m- st^ae ifruif^ % ttev^t {staircase) ; 
Nciyer, iiEi-atv-yaJn ^u wstiuut-trte. [drowned, 

t^ayat, iiD-«Ii-ydi, v. o. to dnni'U ; 5e — , v. r. to be 
Nu, e, na, a, ttakM, bare; ik — , na^J, inArt; — tetc^ 

tiiitit.headed ; — , t*U Tta^Ai part. 
KiLage, nfl-O-lU, "* rtftifd, 
Nuagem^ se, nQ^ahf-tlh, —ft, a, Cieudy, 
Nuance, ^t-Ti^syf thade, 
NuoiiCCf, ni-ow-WiU V. a. & iHade^ biend, 
NuhUc, na^jiU. d ^tutrriagrtf^it. 
J^ubiliji^, nCl-T-ie-kiai, y nuf'iiify, puberty. 
Nudity, nQ^5[?-rmt,y; naJtedntij^ nudity^ 
'Hue, qi,/ du'uJ. 

Nute, nO-A?,/ tlifud; r»>arm /^stat 
Kuu-t, nO^eef, i>. «. t0hufi\. tn/fifv 
Nnistlile; na-e-^e-EiJ, a. Aurffuh infuriouf. 
Nuit, nfi-tiT; uii-hJ ,■ d« — , in the nji^f, iy night, 
Nuitammcnt. nil-C'tam-rlpip, ad.^by nur/kt. tiightly. 

in^ if -*„i>^.^-/^':.,- Hi£hfs labour. 

^,- fuiUepart, <?</. 

^^^^ [nowhere, 

Ntfilrie, nfi-t-tiii,y, ftt^rJUsljii 
NuUft. ftOl,/. riUlftized by > 

NUIa [93] 

Huttement. nAI-maM, ati. not ai all, iy no mean*. 
Nullit^. nAl-le-tai,/; nullity : cipher. 
NQment, nQ-maM. ad. nakedly : plainly. 
Kuni^raire. nfi-inai-rair, a. numerary ; legal; — , m. 

cash, specie. 
Numeral, e, nfi-mai-ral, a. numeroL 
Nuni<^rateur, nfi-mai-rat-ur, m. numerator. 
Numeration, nA-inai-rah>syo»,/^ uutneration. 
Nura^rique. nA-mat-rik, a. — ment, ad. numerica/. 
Num^o, nA-mai-roh. m. number. 
Nunitfrotage, nfi-inai>rot-ahJ, m. numbering: 
Nutndroter. nu-mai-rot-ai, v. a. to nutnber. 


Numtsmatique, nu-mis-tnat-ilr,yC numismatics, pi. 
^' ' ' * it-if. -iv, 


Nuncupatif, ive, no«-kQ-pat- . 

Nuptial, e, nQp-syal. a. nuptial. 

Nuque. nAk.y; nape. 

Nutritif, ivc, na-tre-tit, — Iv, a. nutritive^ nutritious. 

Nutrition, nfl-tre-syon,/: nutrition. 

Nymphe, nainf,/. nymph,/airy. 

Oil, inf. Of oh? h^} 
Oasist 0-Ah-z\%,/'. oasis. 

Ot>cdJt:!iitid, le, &L*'ai-dya^'ayeV, a. ifbrdtStifiaL 

gb^ir, ab^i^Cf, t^. a, /P if^y / yj€id. 

Otx^lsSBHtn ^ ob-sJ'C-sari, — t, a. ifbfdient. 

Oberefj pb-aUrai* v. a. tit rttn m iiei>i^ iiipulvf iu debt, 

Obkt. ohHtt ™- ifffit.J^fi^riii obsnfitifs, 

ObjcclCTj ob'hjck-taii w a. te^jecf. {^lass. 

O lij c ctJC iwcj b'hjck^tirt — iv, a. oi/sfive ,- — , m. ^if/ect' 

i-HjccdoTi. ob.i!jcK-iiyo/r|,yC sbjafion, 

UlijiCtn ob'hjay, w. effject : article, fnaitar : taetsvir 

Ubi ui^ationp ob-bjflr-jfaJi-syDW,^ sbfurpiti^iu 

UblatiapL^ ob4aii'S jo'j K / oblaturti^ q^riM^. 

ObligalioD, ub^c-gah-iiy uai, y; oftii^alian ■ duty, bottd, 

ObbgatHirc, 0b-lc-[;4iL-vrar, ci. ubii^^ary^ bif^dlfig^. 

Oblige^ afa-te-hjili, m. ifbli^piw ! indenlttrey birnd^ 

Oblijjccajnmeni, cb-lc-hjank-a^f, ad. iMigiti^Iy, 

OLtlieraiiEie, ob-k-Ujaj^ss, /: aMiMn£tttss. 

Obtic^cant, Ch ui.i'le'-liJLiJV, —I, a. obliging^ csurtt^us^kind. 

Qbli^CTt ob-k-lijaii, f. *. /tf sbiige ; bind ; n?m/vJ ; s'— , 

ir. r, to abli/^r aue's Sti/, be birund. 
ObtiqoCi ob'lik, a. — ^ttocni, ad. ^iiqtte ; indirfcr, 
Obtiqniti^ ab-Uk-e4ai, /. ^li^Hiiy, ^U^iteHess, 
Qblif«VtK9n« Db^te-Lat-rah-!iyuM,y^ obliieratiaK. 
OttUtl^ier* cbJc-LiHi-ai, i^. a. f& ebOteratr ,- s'— , i?, f. to 
Oblail£> iie+ Db-Io«* — ijh, /I. vbiifHgi {dtsapptar. 

Cili(reptlc?i» ob-rcp-lisa, a tntnt. fl<^, obreptitiOHf. 

Obre^tioD. ot^rcp-syaw,/; ebntptietty 
LlblCcne^ {^b^sayn, a. cbscetw^ indfcuit, 
^IblC^nSU, ob-Boi-nctai ,/: sbiceniiy. 
ObfCUr, K, obs-kCr, a. ftfucurt ; da rk. 
Ob&CUraT4i obs-ltflr-scc r, *'. a. to obscur^^ da rJtnt ; s— , 
V^ r^t»br obscitrfii ; ffrsrUfdiin. [i/ttyJ^ufss. 

uGscurcissenscn r, tiba - kilt - st&s - msiff , j«, ffijr j* ring ; 
Obscttrl^4 ftbfi-kiir-c-tnit/; ifbscHrity .- darAfttJS. 
ObWciatton^ ol>-Ml-kraJi-vyD«»y^ ^5^^+ «i/)Hj(ir. 
Obs^dcr, Db^sai^ain x'. a. jf^r ^jr^/, intfiarttiHi, 

Ob&^qaicur, Se, ob^aai-kwe-tih, — jt, n, — settieut, ad. 
Otnervablci obi.sair.vab.blp n. ffbstrvfttle, 
ObiervsilCC, ob-sair^va^rss,/ tfiJj**TW/(tr, riV/, 
Otwcr»3tcTir, nb^sair-val-ur, tit. stfft^.tr, 
Obirri'rtlion, ob^sair-vah-syuirj, j'Vijij/»T.«!/j:>« ^j {jtjj-crpt 

attce; Meeping. 
Observatoire, ol>-sair-vat-war, m. bbse*vatory. 
Observer, ob-sair-vai, v. a. to observe; watch; s'— » v. r. 

to be cautious ; watch each other. 
Obsession. ob-ses-yo«,y. besetting. 
Obstacle, obs-tah-kl, m. obstacle. [ness. 

Obstination, obs-te-nah-syo», /l obstination, stubborn- 
Obstin^, e, obs-te-nai, a, — nient, ad, obstinate. 
Obstiner, obs-te^nai, v. a. to make obstinate ; s'— , v. r. 

to be obstinate, tftsist on. 
Obstruction, obs*trfik>syoM./C obstrtiction. 
Obstruer, obs-tr(^-ai, v. a. to obstruct; hinder. 
Obteinp^er, ob-taM-pai«rai, v. n, to obey. 
*Obtenir, obt^neer, v. a. to obtain ; prevail upon, 
Obtention, ob>ta>f-S]ro/i,/^ obtaining. 
Obturation, ob-tA-rah-syoM./i obturation, 
Obtus, ob-tO, — s, a. obtuse ; dull. 
Obtusanjrie, ob-tA-zan-gl, a. obtusangular, 
Obus. ob-dz, m. shell. 
Obusier, ob-d-zyai, m. howitter. 
pbvier, ob-vyai, v. n, to obviate, prevent. 

Occasion, ok-ah-zyoM,/. occasion, opportunity ; chance: 
d'— , accidentally, second'hand. \sioHaU 

Occasionnel, le, ok-ah-zyon-el. a. — lement, ad. occa- 

Occasionner, ok-ah-zyon-ai, v. a. to occasion, cause. 

Occident, ok-se-daM, m. Occident, west. 

Occidental, e, ok-se-da/i-tal. a. occidental, western. 

Occulte, ok-kOlt. a. ocatU. 

Occupant, ok-kfi-paM. m. ocaipant, occupier. 

Occupation, ok-kQ>pah-syoM. /. occupation. 

Occuper. ok-kd-pai. v. a. et n. to occupy ; hold; employ; 
s'— , V. r. to employ oiu's self in, be busy. 

0(-.-.-r..„.-.-. , L I ■ - r.y.ri;^/. oamrretwe. 

0( . ~l, i[. ^curnttt, 

0( ....... ., .-, ■... . rv. 

Ot.rc', nkf.y. iJi/iP-r', 

OcrcuK, M. ak-fuln —2. rt. ^krUftiS, 

Oi.taidre, ok-tall-ay-dr, m, octahtdrfttt 

Octavtn, ok-tav-aiji, «?, xtixtv.JlHtt. 
Oclobre, ak-io-brn tti. Ocesfbef. 
Octo^^natre, ok^iohj-aUnair, ji, ^tagenariurt, 
OctfOI, Ok-Uwa, m. grant,- (i/y-t^ff, 
Octroyer, ok-trfra-yaa^ p, a+ fio ffwttt. 
Octuple, Ok-tfl-p], a. octuple, eigA^/itlff. 

ti^Dtoui — , ^ye-Tt'iHiuft. 

Oculaire, ak-n-lair^ a. ocular: 
Oculisle, ok-Vl-lisCp ut. ocufint. 
Ode, odpj^ (Jirff. [scfnfs^.pl. 

0<k«r, Odur, / AiOitr^^ stKfl/, jvetit,- —%, pi, JK*£«i 
Odwux, *e» "tl-yuH, —i, a. —svmcm, ad. sKfiOtu, 
OdoinAlMp o<J-d-niay-lrp trt. octeMnr.'fr. 
OdDfini, ftp Oil-or-an, — T, a. Aiori/ervus^ fragrant^ 
OdotaLp odMJf-nal^ m. smetiittg; sm^li, 
OdorcTp od-Or-aip v. a. te perweiveby smeHifig, 
Odarifi^rant, e, od-or-r-faL-raifp — U a, o^ttrijfr&iss^ /rm^ 
Uicum^niquc, uli-kLl-iiiaJ-nik, a, a,;tuHe>tKA/. [t'^tit* 
(.Rdtmci uh'dAy]]iK ttt. ix,iima, 

Oiilp u\iI{pL y«ui* yiib)^, m, tye,- tytsi^hi; bud; glass 
(o/a siit^i ; coup il'— , pf Aspect,- t^iamt; \ VHC d'— , 
Qiiltad^j uli/'ad^^ egliitg. J!!antv. {-ttijiblyt 

OiLiltrct uh/-air. /T tye^ap. b/ttt^er; dent — » eye-tMih, 
CHillct, uhA-iVi fn.piitjt,- tyflit, 
dilEf ton„ ub AtoHp m. yt^ti tig sufJker. 
CEsophagc, ub-zof-ahji w, txs^phagus.^ 

QlUf, Uhr,, ML tgg, 

CE u-vi, utk-vaip a, hard-rsi^d. {the philOMpker^t j/iWC. 
Oiuvfc uh.vr,/; •aiart; d^<d,- —, i^.trnw*; Ic i^Tand— , 
OffcEis.^ilt, Ci of-an-saw, -l, fl. ^jftusit^r, iumUifig. 
Offense, oraft&s. /, offence, injury, ajfr^nt. 
OffeEiMr, o^aH^iii. i^, a, /j ojfend ^ hnri; V—, V. r. fl> 
OfllciiscurH ofraw-suT, r«. offender. \be offemUd tit. 

Offcnsif, ivc, of-aM-siff — iVp a. — iveffltnt^ ad. oj^en%ivei 
Offensive, o^nHTsiv, JL assaiUt, atituk : yr^m\x^ T— , tt 

ait offetunfly, atfofk^ 
Oflicrtp, uf-airtpj^ OlfertoirCp of-aii-twarf mi, effeiHary, 
Office, of.isSp *«, office, /MHction ; servicet charge ; —, 

X fiaftiry^ t&nf^tioNary. 
Officiat, Qf,e-5yalp m, o_^cial. 
Officiant, Qf-e-^yaip m. o^eiafing priesf. 
Oflnckl, Itj qfe-syel, a,— lenient, ad. q^iciaf^ 
Officier, or-e^K-Ayp v, n, ta ^fficiAie. 
Officier, □f'^.syaip t*t. officer. 

Officieux, se, of"C.*vub, — ^, a. — ^emcntp ad, oJfciflHs, 
OfKcinal, or-^^c^nav a. efftciiiitf. \ttiid, 

Offichifp D^e-sin, jC iabonjtory. 
01frand«, ftUr^tid, /. offering, obfati^n^ 
Oftrant, of,raii« m. bidder: ie plus — ^ the highesfbirMir, 
Offrc, af4i,/. offer. [■». r. te offer orpreitui one's irf/. 
•Orfrir. ol-TCCTt i/, a. fo Offer, ttHiter; bid .- prfsent; s"— ^ 
OifuaquerK of-ufi-kiii, *'. a. to darieu ; tiitH ; bliUtf; Hurt. 

OgrfK D-HTp ">- ogre. 
Ofi I oh r int. oki 

Oie. waj/; gotm : — d'.TEitomncp stubbU^goott ,- petite—, 

Oignanf an-yoH, wj, anion. \gii>lets^ pL, 

Oiifi)oniire» on-yon- yair,/: oni^n-bed. 

Oilte, o/,/ olio. 

•OLndre, wabi-dr. v. a. i^ art^i/tt. 

OiiiiiT. wai«, »i. hogfji^rease. 

OLseaUi, wa-soli» m, birtt,- fiaw^ ; Aixf; i vol d'— , in m 

direct line : lirer nujt — x» t&fimf. 
Oisoler, wM-lair v. n. foeateh birds; bring up birds, 
Oiselcur, wa*.|ur> mr/i>v/er^ bird-iot^her, 
OLs«3ier. wa£-lyai, m. bird-sefier. 
OUe^llene, wsi-M^ne,/", bird^rade, 
Otscsux. se, iva-zul}« —t, *, itf/f, /a.o'- 
Oistf, ive, wa-iifp — Iv, a. — Ivenient, ad, idU; MseUfs; 
OliiUwi, waz-i/-ciM, m^ young bird, [— , fji|, idler^ 

Okivete+ wa-ziv-la^y: idkness. 
Oisrtn, wa-zon, wi. gosling. 

Ole^iglneujc, Kp ol-ai<iliJ-c-nuhK — i^ j. oTeaginoiHt *i(y* 
01f,<ctir, ive, 0l4ak tir, — Iv, a. nffuciory, 
Oliban, 6\-^-^n,m.^aHAinn:nse. 
OIl£,ircb[«, ol-C'Sar-she, /: oliganhy. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Oli^rarchique. ol-e^ar-shik, a. olig^archical, 

Olim, oh-lun, tn./on>urly, olim. 

Olivaire, ol-e-vair, a. olive-like. 

Olivaison, ol-e-vay-ro«,yr olive-season. 

Oliv&tre, ol-e-vau-tr, a. olive-coloured. 

Olive, ol-iv,/ olive. 

Olivier, ol-iv-yad, m. olive-tree, olive. 

Olympe, oI-ai»p, tn. olympus. 

Oiympien, ne, ol-ai«-pyai«, — pyen, a. olympian. 

Ouibelle, o»-bel,y: umbel. 

Ombellif&re, on-beUle-fair, a. umbelliferous. 

Ombrage, on-brahi, nt. shade: umbragt ; suspicion, 

Ombrager, on-brahj-ai, v. a. to shade, shadow. 

Ombrageux, se, on-brahj-uh, — z. a. suspicious ; skittish. 

Ombre, o»-br, f. shade, shadow ; pretence; ghost; — , 

Ombrelle, o«-brel,/: parasol. [m. umber. 

Ombrer, on-brai, v. a, to shade. 

Ombreux, se, o^i-bruh, — z, a. shady, shadowy. 

Omelette, om-lett,y. omelet. 

•Oraettre, o-met-tr, v. a. to omit, leave out. 

Omission, o-m\s-yon,/. omission. 

Omnibus, om-ne-oQs, m. omnibus. 

Omnipotence, om-ne-pot-a>iss,y^ omnipotent. 

Omniscience, om<ne-sya>iss,^ omniscience. 

Omoplate, om-o-plat, f. shoulder-blade. 

On, on, pn. one, people, man, men ; — dit, it is said. 

Onagre, on-ah-gr, m. wild ass. 

Once, onss,/". ounce. 

Onde, on-ki, m. uncle. 

Onction, onk-syo«,y^ unction. 

Onctueux. se, onk-tu-uh, — z, a. unctuous; pathetic. 

Onctuositci, onk-tQ-ofe-ze-tai.y. unctuousness. 

Onde, o«d,yC wave, billow; —&,pl. sea. 

Ond^e, on-daX,/: shower. 

Onder, o»-dai, v. a. to water, tabby. 

On dit, o»-de, nt. hearsay. 

Ondoicment, on-dwa-ma», tn. private baptism. 

Ondoyer, o»-dwa-yai, v. a. et n. to christen privately ; 

Ondulation, on-dfl-lah-syo«,yC undulation ; waving: 
Ondulatoire, on-dd-lat-war, a. undulatory. 
Onduler, on-dQ-lai, v. n. to undulate; wave. 
Onduleux, on-dii-luh, — z, a. undulating ; flowing. 
On^raire, on-ai-rair, a. onerary ; in trust. 
On^reux, se, on-ai-ruh, — z, a. burdensome, heavy. 
Ongle, o«-gl, m. nail; claw; hoof. 
Ongi^e, o«-gIai,y^ nutnbness at theflnger's ends. 
Ongiet, on-glay, m. guard; small graver ; mitre. 
Onguent, on-gan, m. ointment. 
Ongultf, e, o»-gfi-lai, a. hoo/ed. 
Onomatop^e, on-o-mat-op-ai,y^ onomatopoeia. 
Ont, on, see Avoir. 
Ontologie, o«-tol-ohj-e,y. ontology. 
Onyx, on-iks, m. onyx. 
Onze, onz, a. n. eleven ; eleventh. 
Onzi^rae, o»-zyem, a. eleventh; —, tn. eleventh pm^. 
Opacity, op-as-e-tai,y7 opacity. 
Opale, op-al,y! opal. 
Opaque, op-ak, a. opaqtte, 
Opdra, op-ai-rah, in. opera. 
Opdrateur, op-ai-rat-ur, tn. operator. 
Operation, o^sx-x^-srson,/. operation. 
Opirer, op-ai-rat, v. a. et «. to operate, work, effect; 

se faire — , to undergo att operation. 
Opes, op, scaffolding holes, pi. 
Ophite, of-it, m. ophites. 
Ophthalmia, of-tal-me,y: ophthalmy. 
Ophthalmique, of-tal-mik, a. ophthalmic. 
Opiat, op-yah, tn. opiate. 
Opilatif, ive, op-e-lat-if, — iv, a. obstructive. 
Opilation, op-e-lah-syo«,/". obstructton. 
Opiler, o-pe-!ai, v. a. to ^struct. 
Opinant, op-e-na», m., one who gives his opiniott. 
Opiner, op-e-nai, v. tt. to give one's opiniott, vote, [bortt. 
Opinidtre, op-in-yau-tr, a. -nfment, ad. obstitiate, stub- 
Opiniatrer, op-in-yau-trai, v. a. etn. to rettder obstinate ; 

be stiff; s* — , v. r. to persevere stubbornly. 
Opinidtret^, op-in-yau-tr-tai,/: obstitutcy, stubbornness. 
Opinion, op-in-yo«,y? opinion ; vote. [pertinaty. 

Opium, op-yom, m. opium. 

Opportun, e, op-por-tu«, — tfln, a. opporiutte, seasonable. 
Opportunite, op-or-tO-ne-tai,/ opportunity. 
Opposant, e, op-oh-za«, — t, a. opposing; — , m. op- 
Oppos^, e, op-on-zai, a. opposite, contraty. [pottent. 
Opposer, op-oh-zai, v. a. to oppose, resist; s'— , v. r. to 

oppose ; except against. 
Opposite, op-oh-zit, a. opposite; Ji X—, over against. 
Opposition, op<oh-se-syof/, /. opposition; protestation, 
Oppresser, op-pres-ai, v. a. to oppress. [exceptiott. 

Oppresseur, op-pres-sur, m. oppressor. 
Oppressif, ive, op-pres-sif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. op- 
Oppression, op-pres-syo;i,y: oppression, [prtssive. 

Opprimer, op-pre-mai, v. a. to oppress. 
Opprobre, op-pro<br, m. itifatny, disgrace, 
Opter, optai, v. n. to choose. 
Opticien, op-te-syai/<, ttt. opticiatt. 
Optiraisme, op-te-mism, tn. optitnistn. 
Optimiste, op-te-mist, tn. optimist. 
Option, op-syo«,y: option, choice. 
Optique, op-tik, a. opticcU ; — ,f. optics. 
Opulemment, o-pd-lam-an, ad. opuletttly. 
Opulence, op-(l-la«ss,/: opuUttce, opuUncy, wealth. 
Opulent, e, op-d-law, — t, a. opulent, wealthy. 
Opuscule, opt-Qs-kQl, tn. opuscule, small treatise. 
Or, or, tn. gold : —, c. but tune; — <^, well ttow. 
Oracle, or-ah-kl, m. oracle. 
Orage, or-ahj, in. storm. 
Orageux, se, or-ahj-uh, — z, a. stormy. 
Oraison, or-ay-zon,/". prayer, speech. 
Oral, or-al, a. oral, verbal. 
Oramge, or-anhj.y^ orange. 
Orang^, e. o^an-hiai, a. orange-coloured. 
Orangeade, or-a«-njad,y^ orange-sherbet. 
Orangeat, or-a«-hjah, tn. candid orange-peel. 
Granger, or-aM-hjai, m. orange-tree. 
Orangerie, or-a^/-h^-re,yC orangery. 
Orangiste, or-a»-hjist. m. cultivator qf orange-trees. 
Orateur, or-at-ur, tn. orator, speaker. 
Oratoire, or-at-war, a. — ment, ad. oratorical ; — , tn. 
Oratorio, or-at-or-e-oh, tn. oratorio. [oratory. 

Orbe, orb, tn. orb. 

Orbiculaire, or-be-kA-lair, a. orbicular. 
Orbite, or-bit, /: orbit. 

Orchestre, or-kes-tr, tn. orchestre, orchestrm. 
Ordalie, or-dal-e,yr ordeal. 

Ordinaire, or-de-nair, a. —ment, ad. ordituiry, common, 
usual; — , daily fare; custom; orditutry, tnail ; 

Or. '_____., ...: .i_i_^-, .^. .-. ':-:.._■_ 

OrdLiLint, or-clc-naw, wi. <ir.iaifi.iHg bishap. 
OrdmiiELnn, of -fJc-nah-sj'DN.y^ orittHaiian, 

paritiutt. ,' offlityiiutHEt ; prfscripiiait ; liiib^ A' — , 

regimeni&ls, pi. [/WJrtrrfer. 

OrdoniL5n.ccr, oT-<lnn'Ji«'Sa3, w- vr. ta ffivi an s^rdcr^ 
Orfionnaiettr, w-don-at-urf ttt. ffr-derer, dit^ct^r. 
OrElfjrincr, or-don^L, xr^ a. ei tu to erd^r ; C&mtnaHi£; 

diTpffj^ i dtcrff. 
Ordr^, or-dr, tHy onder ; cemtrtattd ; dispMition / £aii5 

— , disot'd^rly ; en JHJua *— , subardiiiaff. 
OiL^rc, nT-d^r^JlflffA,- dttsi; iwff/tiit^s, pt. 
Ot I L < : L i c r. ^f Cr nr-ddr'yHEt ^r^ a. smuTiy, otS£ene, 
Oi-i'. '..u ;L, e, or^y^-at, ^df a, lap-earedr 
OicilJ-, ot'Xyi.y'. ear ,< straps, 
OreiPcf^ or-ayr-ai, tti. pilliyat^ 
Orfivrc, OF^fJiy^vf, fw, ^QMstttifh ; Hlverrtftith, 
Orfriwfene, or-fiiy-vrafA-re, J^k goidimiih^radt, H^vrr- 
Orfraie, ot-itny.,/-. ^jfirry, lrtjtifik-tra4&, 

Otffane, OT'^g'an, nt. at^att ; t^Ar, 
Oi^aneaLi, ot'|fan<i]i, m. ring ianc^rl. 
Oi^fini^^Lie, Dt'gaO'Ek, a. or^im. 
OrkjyiiiiiitiiJiii, or^pjan-e-wili-iyt^JJTy^ or^tmisiaii&iu 
Or^;jiii:::-t:T^ or-^'aii-e'ZaE, tf. a. fa^tv^ti^e. 
Ox\^:^\v:\\vu or-£an4siir *'*. ^rg'*ntittH. 
Oi^-ii[^i;!, nr-g^itl-SstK 4M. or^mmt. 
Orf:iirititi, ut-|^^d'f-b£ii», m. or^'^*i*in4. 
Orjje, orlljH A i^i^rky ; — {i^lU,p<ayl ittP/fy^. 
Orj.-'eat, or-hiiili, rrt. ^r^eaL 
Ori^eletK orhj-biy, m. pimple en the tyelid.^ 
Or'i^ksn osthji^y/lpl. tffgiiJ, rtfrets^fL 
Oriiue, or^fn m. ar^un. 
Ort(ti{:il, Olr-i;uhA vn. pride. 

Orj^'ueiliirux^ st^ of-i^hif-iih^ —I, a. — BCfnent, art.prm^^ 
Orifuc!^ ai'^t/.pL or;^aji ; portaiHisi {im^ighty^ 

Oncntn ur-c-a«j wi^ east. 
OrientuL, c, ar-c^aN-TaJi a. ifrieiitat, 
Oii'.iU:klist?| or-c-aH-taUist, m. eri^nfafisti 
Oi i l: it i'^y, or-c-aM-tai, v, a, ^ set i«nvardj thf f^st ; trim 

fj\,- .-.lils : arrawsv ; a'—, *, r, A? cBtisidtT lirh^e Brvg 
Ot'.j\<.\--, r>r-q-fi5Si ttf. orijiir. [£t, 

OrLgiTmine, or-c-hjc-naar, a, ^-^cnti Off. ptijiinary^ 

indigfnoufi -Hatieey 
OngLFiat, c< or'C', «- ^^ment, a4, oiigiaai; — ^ 

tHr srigin&i ; stran^/ellpw. 
Orjgtnalitir or-c-hjcrnnl-e-tsl,^ erfeittalify^ 
Online, ore-luin,yi origin ; dansT—, &rigina/fy^ 
OHcpnel, Ic, t^r.plsje-nelr ff. -dement, ad. ar^fmf^ 
Orill.:;!!, OT.'J-0'.>.. iyi- .iri'l^H^ fitjU'Vi'. iprimiHvt^ 

Orin, or-ai/f, m. buoy-rope. 
Oripeau, or-e-poh, m. tinsel; tinselwork. 
Orme, orm, tn. elttu 
Ormeau, or-moh, m. young elm. 
Ormillo, ox-nal,/. small elm. 
Oraxoic,ona-vrai,/: eltn-grove. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


6me, om, m. Toild ash-tree. 
^ Omement, orn-ma«, m. ornafftiut. 

' Omer, or-nai, v. a. to adorn. 

Ornifere, or-nyair,y. rut ; routine. 

Ornithologie, or-ne-tol-ohl-e^/; ornitftolo£y. 

Uro^aphie, or-o-graf-e, / orography. 

Orographique. or-o^al-ik, a. orographical. 

Orpailleur, or-pa/-ur, m. gold-searcher. 

Orphelin. orf-laiM, tn. — e, — lin,/". orphan, 

Orpiment, or-pe-maM, tn. orpiment. 

Orpin. or-pai», tn. orpine, 

Ort. or, a. gross weight. 

Orteil, or-tay/, tn. toe; great toe. 

Orthodoxe, or-tod-oks, a. orthodox. 

Orthodoxle, or-to-dok-se.y: orthodoxy. 

Orthographe, ot-Xog-ni,/. orthography, spelling, 
V Orthographic, or-tog-raf-e,/^ orthography. 

' Orthographier, or-tog-raf-e-al, v. a. to spell right, 

Orthographjque, or-tog-raf-ik.y: orthographical. 



Orthop^aie, or-to-pai-de, X orthopoedia. 

Orthop^dique, or-to-pai-dik, a. orthopoedic. 

Ortie, or-te,/: nettle. 

Ortolan, or-tol-aM, tn. ortolati. 

Orvi^tan, or-vyai-taM, m. orvietan; marchand d'— , 

Os, ohs, in. bone. [mountebank. 

Oscillation, os-sil-lah-syow,/. oscillation, 

Osciller, os-sil-lai, v, n. to oscillate. 

Os^, oh-zal, a. bold, daring. 

Oscille. oh-zay/,y. sorrel. 

Oscr, oh-zai, v. n. to dare, venture. 

Oseraie, ohz-xay,/: osier-plot. 

Osier, oh-zyai, tn. osier, 

Ossclet, oss-lay, tn. small bone. 

Ossements, oss-nia«, m.pi. bones, pi. 

Osseux, se, os-suh, — z, a. osseous, bony. 

Ossifier, os-sif-e-ai, v. a. to ossify. 

Ossuaire, os-sQ-air, tn. ossitary. 

Ostensible. os-ta«-se-bl, a. — raent, ad. ostensible. 

Ostensoir, os-ta«-swar, tn. retnottstrattce, pyx. 

Ostentation, os-taw-tah-syo;!,/. ostentation. 

Otage, ot-alij, tn. hostage. 

Oter, oh-tai, v. a. to take away, take off: pull off; 

carry off, retttove; s'— , v. r. to get away, get out. 
Ou, 00, c. or, either. 
Oil, 00, ad. where : whither : to which / d'— > /rotn 

whence: how : par—, which way. 
Ouaiche, vresh,/: track of a ship. 
Ouaille, wa/,/, sheep, flock. 
Ouais, way, int. hey-day I 
Ouate, wat./^ wadding. 
Ouater, wat-ai, v. a. to stuff with wadding, 
Oubli. oo-ble, tn.forgetfutness: mettre en — , to forget. 
Oublie, oo-ble, y: wctfer. 
Oublier, oo-ble-ai, v. a. to forget : leave out, omit ; 

s* — , V. r. to forget otte's self. 
Oubliettes, oo-ble-et,yC//. dungeon. 
Oublieur, oo-ble-ur, in. wafer-maker. 
Oublieux, se, oo-ble-uh, — z, a.forgetfutt 
Oucst, west, in. west. 
Ouf, oof, itU.phol 
Oui, we, eui. yes, ay. 
OuT-dire, we-deer, m. hearsay. 
Oule, we,/, hearing. 
Ouies, we./ pi. gills, pi. 
Ouir, weer, v. a. to hear. 
Ouragan, oo-rag-a«, in. hurricane. 
Ourdir, oor-deer, v. a. to warp / plot, hatch. 
Ourdissage, oor-de-sahj, in. warping; warp. 
Ourdissolr, oor-de-swar, in. beam, 
Ourler, oor-lai, v. a. to hem. 
Ourlet, oor-lay, tn. hem. 

Ours, oorss, in. bear. Curse, oorss,/ she-bear. 
Oursm, oor-sai«, tn. sea-urchin, 
Ourson, oor-son, m. bear's cub, 
Outarde. oo-tard,/. bustard. 
Outardeau, oo-tar-doh, m. young bustard, 
Outil, oo-te, in. tool, implenunt. 
Outiller, oo-ti/-ai, v. a. to furnish with tools. 
Outrage, 00-trahj, in. outrage. 

Outrageant, e, 00-trahj-a/i, — t, a. outrageous, abusive, 
Outrager, 00-trahj -ai, v. a. to outrage, abuse. 
Outrageux, se, 00-trahj-uh, — z, — 
Outrance, oo-trawss,/ extrenu: & — , to the utmost. 
Otitre. 00-tr,/ leather bottle : — , a. etad.furtJur: be- 

yotut, above ; d*— en — , quite through ; en — , besides, 

moreover; — que, besides ; passer — , logo on. 
Outr^, e, 00-trai, a. — ment, aa. extxssive. 
Outremer, oo-tr-mair, m. ultratttaritte. 
Outre-passe, oo-tr-pass,f. trespass. 
Outre-passer, oo-tr-pah-sai, v. a. logo beyond, exceed. 
Outrer, oo-trali v, a, to overwork, overstrain; overdo; 


Ouvert, e, oo-vair, —t, a. — ement, ad. open; epeti 

hearted, candid ; k livre — , at sight. 
Ouverture, oo-vair-tflr,/^<y>^«i>/^,' overture ; openness; 

— de coeur, sincerity. " 
Ouvrable, o«-vrah-bl, a. working: jour — , workday. 
Ouvrage, oo-vrahj, m. work ; workmanship. 
Ouvragi, e, oo-vrahj-ai, a. wrought. 
Ouvrant, e. oo-vraw, — t, a. k portes — es, at the epating' 

Ouvr6, e, oo-vrai, a. wrought; diapered. 
Ouvrer, oo-vrai, v. a. to work; coin. 
Ouvreur, oo-vrur, tn. — se, — vruhz,/ box-keeper. 
Ouvrier, oo-vre-ai, in. workman; labourer ; jour — » 

workday : —ire, —air,/ workwoman. 
•Ouvrir, 00-vreer, v. a. etti. to open; break open; s'— » 

V. r. to open ; make way ; open one's mind. 
Ouvroir, oo-vro-ar, tn. loork-room. 
Ovaire, ov-air,/ ovary. 
Ovale, oh-val, a. oval. 
Ovation, ov-ah-syo«,/ ovation. 
Ovipare, ov-e-par, a. oviparotts. 
Oxydation, ok-se-dah-syoM,/ oxydation. 
Oxyde, ok-sid, m. oxyd. 
Oxyder, ok-se-dai. v. a. to oxydate. 
Oxyg^ner, ok-se-hjai-nai, v. a. to oxygenate. 
Oxymel, ok-se-mel, m. oxyttul. 

Pji': ■ .:■?■, fiak-aJij, rft. pitj-inre : pasiHre^twrnd. 

P< . i-'cTk ^jHk^iiij-aJ, If. a, ti^pii-itttrf, g^i-ze. 

Pa ' I . I iAsh-.Tb, itt. pacha. 

Pa ' I n . ;l tcuTk pii^c^^-kat^UT, ynu pac^iTiiort p^ici^trw 

Pa-. ii% itiiii]!, iKx^ti^ic'kRh^yon^f-piifi/^cmfiffv^ 

Pa . hLTK |jd>f-ri<^i, 1', a. ttiprtfi/y, appmst. 

Pa -J 1 1. ■'.](?, p*M:-fi((, jj, — flienl, ita^ pmijf*% pmitful. 

Pa. iiiiitn ijrik-oC-li/,/ small ittA'k; seaman's iTfi,%--agv,' 

Pa. I.C, imkt, M.pac-i, Ciftt>jattt. {trUmptry toartt 

Pa-.'.i I'.T, psik-tiT^xai, V. n. fa cfi^tttAttt, patter. 

Pc-. I- ■■.■,. |j:^tl-crf:i, my hffJfthnMft ril^den. 

Pt .; i:.. V lJau-ay,_/; pa.M^, J/*4jii, 

Pa^ L :i-.m4;. p4g4n,4^[ll, m. pa^anismt itemtftt^imt^ 

PaL^ ,■. :'ahj./>rtji'f ,' — , m. fagr^ 

Pa ^ : 1 1 1 1 ion, pjthj -e'liall-iyOff k/ paj^iitg^^ 

Pa^n-, p:iii.jfr,/ wttim drvtvcrs. 

Pa.; ^ \-iy paj^Kid,/ /ff/t'^iMf. 

Pa .jiriiLiE, j« ^nyemciiii. 

Pa.v":!, nc, pah-^A^f/t —yen, (t.p€tgtm^ At^tketh, 

Parlunen pa/rjiH,/ Stm-R} matirtss : — > m. cIuiBtu 

Pa.i' L-ionK piii-A5'Off, tn. stf^mf mm; layer t^'^tnrv. 

Pa ■ 1-.', I i.i/k/ rffj nf ; Jt^^n^, 

PailU T, p^i-aiy fn,f(irHiya-rd, dUM^Ai/L 

Pa . 1 1 ■. r , ] J-nAiiy, a , /mle i wittey.;:.-. pai-^;tt,/ tpaaglt ; — \ pLg^ldiattd,. 

Ps . '.'■ ir, \i^l-^xt, t7t. fiCaier in xtrniv. 

Pailli iijf. 5fl, pa/'^ull, -^z, a.JTaWy. 

Pa.i,;in. p^l-OJt, tTt, It'tiJt. 

Pa . 1 1 . J 1 ii (« , m. Arcadi i^ntf^ livaii^tood / cake {smp\ ; 

— h g;tch^-l?r, TiMi/fw; — d'^pkes, gingertread ; avoir 

du — cuit, to have a competency. 
Pair, e, pair, a. —ement, ad, equal; even ; level; — » nt, 

mate; companion ; peer, 
Paire, pair,/ pair, brace, couple, 
Pairesse, pair-ess,/ /^^rerx. 
Pairie, pair-e./ peerage, peerdoitt. 
Paisible, pay-ze-bl, a. —ment, ad. peaceable, Peeurefut, 
Paissait, pay-say, see Paltre. \gentle, quiet, 

Paissant, pay-sa», see Pattre. 
Paisson, pay-so^/, in. pasture: stretcher, 
•Paitre, pay-tr, v. a. etn. to graze, pasture; feed upon { 

se — , V. r. to feed upon. 

Pa ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ :\ff,jfillfltJj. 

Pa JtJUj'hL 

Pa , , .„ .ij , .:: . J ^. .1, e V c^trf ; palate, 

Pai-.i!, [<.ii.Ait,, iH. :a*:itle^ 

Pal iiii£iii3. pal-fXHkyf. patank^. 

Pa i. L 1 1 ■ , ij i 1 1 , (LJiU::i jj-ka J pr, nt. palau^utnt litter. 

Pal.L- .■:::?. fi.i5-f!i-tr, rtt, plate. 

Pa^.L^.L', f, ]iriL.iil^, a.palatat. 

Pal . . I i I ■ , 11 , ] I • I L-;tl-iiJ H, —in, a, pa Mfrie ; — , t/t. palatine, , 

Pal -:iii.!.t, |>jt]-aT^r-tial], wt, pamtiNOtrt 

Pal . 1 i 1 1 1 , |ial-at-iti, / iippei. 

Pal;:, \..^l/,ffa(id-Jratf, Hadf jftTf*. 

PA) .-. |i,niJ, H. patt,paU\d. 

Fa^r'c. ivitnl!,/ rvw if^stakts. 

Palcrtciiiijer, fikl-tntA-nysi, iti, eit/er, groom. 

Pal :lr.jt, paL'fro-ii^ m^palfrty. 

PalcrOll, pAl-riiTt, rfK sftotiMtr-^Ltdr. 

PaL4:t, iKiE-Fii, ?Jf r ^iijit. 

PaktLjt, pal-tati. m. palett/i, piSat^oat ; mackintosh, 

Paktttf pal-ct,/ l>>ut/(dtjre ; paltet, 

Digitized by VjOOQ-IC 

PAL [9<5] 

PAleur, pa.u-\MT,y. /a/eMfss : wanttess. 
Palier. |>al-e-aj, m. landins-place. 
Palification, pal-«-fe-kah-syoM. f. palification, 

V\\\r.. ; .M-:-.'r. -■ ". 2-^ .■•:; /i>^ 

Pj,]ji. [jjJ ■>:. Ml!- ;*lE ■?, il^kt. 
Pttll^sade. p^-c.MiU /, pittuadx: pair, 

IVli^inifi;^ IHtl-Q^&^ji, m» fali/i^ up, 
i^ttmlU. Ivt. ipaMe-At4r, — iv, a. fla/.i.i/Kw. 
I'ntitniii, ixil^yom, m, p^it^ 

tUlni{l«, piil-ir.ii. tttr palntiifs. 
IWnmbe^ pal-o^K>; /u/wmi^w^ 

r.i.i. ,11 n ! ■■ f . :■ -^1 -tirt'^ril r *J* ► jffrins^tt< b^r. 

1' ■■■■•; ■ ! .11, — I. a.piiUsit. 

I ■ : I ..itt-bl, II. —meat, rtJ. pa ipabit { p^& /ft. 

l^ncr^ plU'iaAf, *^ *i. tt bc — f TT. r. ^o rm^i-nir, /aini 
PliuioLsanH pauni-wa-»nii./'. nvoPK./aiHHfij^-/it. ^ntpoy. 
ViMiypWct, pojV'Aay, ^i. f^tm/^hlei. 
l^ainphlfrairc, piT'i-ftni-tJiir, iv.pampkltttrr. 

p!.\mplEinaL£SHC pa«-p]-LTtCii,l>,/f ^lil W tf rj ITi'J. 

I'ainprcH paw-pr, m. Itii/j Utne^mtKA. 

Vnny pOuTj, m.J^ap, tap/y^ / Jhftii./att : part qf a- ^vaU. 

f9inac:h£r, ]ian4^>9-;Lt, f% tp. *f *e — , t, r./ir ^rr/ii rW/* 

Parmiftr pan-.ih}, W. /qu^*vif. 
l^n^M, pan-ay, *rtr/.iJ^r*»ii. 
Paiurdr PA-HAT, n. frm^M^ 

I'annrte, paM-kart,/:*j:.7/ffrffrfirjr/ ; fitil-tabit^ Hunj^My 
]'aiislectc&» pa?i'«!lirk; . A pi. pa ndtrfs, pi. [frtwi. 

i'iintKyriquic, pan-,'! I -llJc-rLIc, wl ;^(!*«r4,-jirfr-_ 

1':inrr, fkan^ai, v. a. ia cm t^i/i^ dtt (fver vtiiJt crumbs <if 
I'jtrnrrtrt, pap'rei+y: httrtttfuh \krtad. 

FiHnsi3cte, j wa -ly*ir, X Jh^p^rdTs jerfp. 

I'anku] e, ixin-e^k iil,/r pa nit it, 

I'flitTJ^r, tuut-yii, t*i. a^rt^t- Itdtietfiii. 

I'iin Ifi cVElon, ] lon-c-fC'tah-sy DM,y: /a ti^cafi^H. 

I'.iiiiijiji;, \a.n\k:, A. panic. 

r.siicii:, pan,jK: ihit^, p/ffjA. 

I'lnnuau, pon-cih, trt.fiaucl; J¥iafr, trap, 

I'lincveLnircn pnu -dJl L-ai , f. FT. t^^ei rtiatvT, *• 

I'.inr.etLtn, piin-li^'E, ut. kry-bit. 

I'll! I in ma, ivut-^r'iun-ah, in. fiavprft7tia.y 

1 "i m h.jji; c, tia?j-sn]ij, ni. drts^sing \hiJise\, rHtiftf^, 

fjinaii, e, pairi-siQ, a.paumh^rUitit. 

I'dn^alonniidf, ptUr-EAl-tin^ddK/: *^4i5fLK*^l*r>. 
T'-iniclcr, paiiMaip i\ rl. iff pant. 

1 ^n fLC lit iiicnc, j;.^ 'j -t ;*i ■\^\ 1 1, j/ i . ptiittMflsm^ 
I'.i; ■ ■.:.■,,. , .inl.ii-Mii. ?)i. r.r>;!HtiftU 

I'antii^re, pa>i-tair,y; panther. 
I'antiire, pa^i^tyair./. draw-net. 
I'antin, pa»-taui, m. dancin^-jaek. 
]'untO);raphe. pa/(-tO{;-raf, tn. pantograph. 
I'antoiuime. pa/i-tom-im, /. pitntontitnet dumb show: 

— , m. pantomitHt. 
Pantoufle. pa«-too-fl,/. slipper; en—, slipshod, 
Paon, pa», m. peacock. 
Paonne, paxi, f. peahen. 
Paonneau, pan-oh, m. yotme peacock. 
Papa, pap-ah, vt. papa, daddy. 
Papal, e, pap^I. a. fqpal. 
Papaut^, ^pohAsA,/. papacy, popedom, 
Papayer, pap-ay-yai, m. papatv. 
Pape. pap.^. 
Papegai. pap-gaC m. popinjay. 
Papeuird, pap-lar, m. hypocrite. 

Paperasse. pap-rasn,/ Vfostepaper. l/*/"'. 

Paperasser. pap-ras-ai. v. n. to rummage papers : waste 
Paperassier, pap-ras-yai. m.vtho vmstts paper; scribbler. 

Papeterie. pap-tre.y: paper-trade; paper-n.Ul / ^€t^gP, 

Papetier, pap-tjrai. m. paper-maker : statiotur. 
Papier, pap-yai. m. paper; — fort, dra-wingr.papci^ : 

— & lettre^ post-paper. 
Papillon. pap-i/-07/. m. btttterjty. 
Papillonner. pap-i/-on-ai. v. n. to flutter about / ^irt. 
PapiUota](e. pap-i/-ot-alij. m. hair in papers; twtJtJt/tttjr 

of the eyes. 
PapUIote. pap-iZ-ot,/". mrl-paper; sitgar-piutn. 
Papilloter. pap-i/-ot-ai, v. a. et n. to paper the hair ; 
Papisme. pap-ism, m, popery. [twinkle / fflare. 

Papiste, pap-ist. tn. paput. 

n _i- _... ^~ '■'te^nsHes^. 

fleuries. Palm 

Paquage, pak-ahj. m. packing {fishes). 
Pflque, pauk. yi Passover; Raster; — s 

SHHody ; — s closes. Low Sunday. 
Paquebc^ pak-boh. m. packet-boat; — & vapeur, steatrt' 
PAquerette, pauk-ret,/. Easter daisy. lpac/:ee, 

Paquet. pak-ay. m. bttndie ; parcel ; packet. 
Paqueter. pak-tai. v. a. to pack, buntue. 
Par. par, pr. by, through ; abotU ; out of; de — 1e roi, 
Parabole. par-ab-ol.y. parable. [»'« the King's name. 
Parabotique. par-ab-ol-ik, a. parabolic. 
Parachever, par-ash- vai, v. a. to finish. 
Parachronisnie. par-ak-ron-istn, m. parachronism. 
Parachute, par-ash-dt, m. parachttte. 
Parade. pa.x-dA,/. parade, show. 
Parader, par-ad-ai, v. u. to show a horse. 
Paradifjin. par-ad-igm. m. paradigm. 
Paradis, par-ad-e. tn. paradise ; top gallery. 
Paradoxal, e, par-ad-ok-sal. a. paradoxical, 
Paradoxe, par-ad-oks, m. paradox. 
Parafe. par-af, m. flourish. 
Parafer. par-af-ai. v. a. to put one' s flourish. 
Parag^e, par-ahj. m. part of the sea. 
Para^aphe, par-a^-raf, m. paragraph. 
Paratsonnier, par-ai-son-yai. m. glassblo7oer. 
Paraissait, par-ay-say, see Paraitre. 
•Parattre, par-ay -tr, v. n. to appear; seem ; come out : 

tnake a show ; faire — » to sltow, publish. 
Parallde. par-al-lel, a. — ment. ad. parallel; — , fi, 

parallel line. 
Parall^lisme, par-al-lai-Iism, m. parallelism. 
Paralof^^isme. par-al-ohj-ism, m. paralogism. 
Paralyser, par-al-e-zai, v. a. to paralyse; weaken, 
Paralysie, ^r-al-e-tc,/'. Paralysis, palsy. Ideaden. 

Paralytique, par-al-e-tik, a. paratytical. 
Parangon, par-an-goM, m. paragon. 
Parangonner, par-aw-gon-ai, v. n. to compare ; Justify. 
Parapet, par-ap-ay, m.. parapet. 
Paraphe. see Parafe. 

Paraphemaux, par-af-air-noh, m. pi. paraphernalia, pi. 
Paraphrase, paf-af-rahz,/: paraphrcue. 
Paraphraser, par-af-rah-zai, v. a. to paraphrase ; am- 
Paraphraste, par-af-rast, tn. parafihrast. \.Pl\fy, 

Parapluie, par-ap-lA-e, m. umbrella. 
Parasite, par-az-it, m. parasite. 
Parasol, par-as-ol, m. parasol. 
Paratonnerre, par-at-on-air, m. lightfiing-conductor, 
Paravent, par-av-a», ttt. screen. 
Parbleu, par-bluh, int. faith t /orsooth I 
Pare, park, m. park; /old, oyster-bed. 
Parcaere, par-kahj, m,fi>lding. 
Parcelle, par-sel,/. furticU, portion. 
Parceller. par-seU-ai, v. a. to partition. 
Parce que, pars-kuA, c. because. 
Parchemin, parsh-maiM, tn. parchmettt. 
Parcheminerie, parsh-min-re, fi. parchment-making; 

Parcheminier, pnrsh-min-yai, m. parchment-maker. 
Parcimonie. par-se-nion-e, fi pa rsimony. [ous. 

Parcimonieux, se, par-se-mon-e-uh, — z, a. parsitnoni- 
•Parcourir, par-koo-reer, v. a. to travel all over; run 

over; peruse; survey. 
Parcours, par-koor,yC running over ; rigJU of common. 
Pardi, par-de, int. truly I 
Pardon. par-do», m. pardon ; mercy. 
Pardonnable, par-don-ah-bl, a. pardonable. 
Pardonner, par-don-ai, v. a. to pardon, /orgrtre, exatse. 
Pareil, le, pas-ayl, a. like, alike, equal; — le.yC the like; 

rendre la — , to give like /or like; — lement, ad. 

likewise, too. 
Parement, par-man, tn. ornatnent : /acing ; ciiff. 
Parent, par-a«, m. relation, kinsman ; — e, — t,/. kins- 

Tuoman ; — s, //. parents ; parentage. 
Parenth^se, par-aM-tayz,y: parenthesis. 
Parer, par-af. v. a. et n. to adorn, deck; parry, lutp off; 

cttrry (leather) \ pare; se — , v. r. to deck one's ttl/: 

boast of; ward ojf, guard against. 
Parire, par-air, m. advice. 
Paresse, par-ess, y: laxituss, sloth. 
Parefser, par-es-ai, v. u, to loiter. 

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Faresseux. se, par-es-uh, —z, a. lazy: sMf^fitli — , m, 
slugfrard^ lazy fellow. 

*Part'aire, t>ar-fair, v. a. to perfect ^ complete. 

Parfait. e, par>fai, — fet. a. — enient, a. perfect; com- 
plete : — , m. preterite. 

Pariiler, par-fe-lai« v. a. topttrfle. 

Parfois, par-fwa, ad. sometinus, now and then, 

Parfum, par-fu/i, m. perfume, scent. 

P irfumer. par-fO-mai, v. a. topetfutne, 

Parfumeur, par-fEi-inur, tn. perfumer, 

ParMlie, par-ai-Ie, m. parhelion. 

Pari, par-e, m. bet, wager, 

Pariade, ^^ax-^-^dLJ". pairing-time : couple (ifpartrids**' 

Parier, par-e-ai. v. a. to bet, lay a wager. 

Parieur, par-e-ur, m. bettef: 

ParisyQabique. jpar>e-sU-lab-ik. a. parisytlabie, 

Parite, par-e-tai f parity : resemblance. 

Paijure, par-hjflr, a. per/ured, forsivom : -—, m. per- 
jurer ; perjury. 

se Parjurcr, par-hjQ-rai, v. r. to Perjure, f>rswear otu's 

Pariade. par-lahj, m. chatter, babble. {self. 

Parlement, parl-nia^i, m. parliament. 

Parleiiientaire, parl-maM-tair, a. parliamentary; — , 
*n. bearer of a flag of truce. 

Parleiuenter, parl-iua/i-tai, v. «. to parley. 

Parlcr, par-lai. z>. a. et n. to speak, talk ; se — , v. r. to 
converse: bespoken ; — , tn. speech, utterance, 

Parieur, par-lur. m. talker. 

Parloir. par-lo-ahr, m. parlour. 

Panuesan, parm-sa;i, m. parmesan. 

Pamii. par-me, pr. among, amatigst, 

Parodie, par-o-de.y'./rtrwO'. 

Parodier, par<od-yai. v. a. to parody. 

Parol, i)SLX'Va.,f. partition. 

Paroir. par- war, m.parer; scraPer, 

Paroisse. par-wass,/". parish. 

Paroissiale, e, par-wass-yal, a. parochial. Parish. 

Paroissien, ne, par-wass-yai», —yen, s. parishioner. 

Parole, par-ol,/: word; speech, language ; saying ; sur 
ma — , upon my word; couper \di — it,q.,to interrupt 
one ; donner sa — , to pass one's word; prendre la — , 
to begin a speech. 

Paroli. par-d-e, m. paroti; faire — , to double the stake. 

Paroxysnie, par-ok-sism, nt. paroxysm. 

Parque, park.y: destiny. 

Parquer, par-kai, v. a. to fold; lodge (artillery). 

Parquet, par-kay. m. bar; inlaid floor ; orchestra, 

Parquetage. park-tahj, m. inlaid work. 

Parqueter, park-tai. v. a. to confabulate, inlay. 

Parqueterie, park-tre.y: itUaid flooring. 

Parqueteur, park-tur, m. he that tnakes inlaidfloors, 

Parrain. par-ain, m. gotf/hther, sponsor. 

Parricide, par-re-sid, m. parricide; — , a. parricidal. 

Pars, paur, see Partir. 

Parseiner. par-suA-mai. v. a. to strew. 

Part, paur, f. share, portion ; place ; k — , aside; de ma 
— , front me; de — et d'autre, on both sides ; quelque 
— , somewhere ; nulle — , nonohere ; avoir — k, to be 
concerned in : prendre — k, to participate. 

Partai^e, par-tahj, m. ditfision ; share, portion. 

Parta^eable. par-tahj-ah-bl, a. partible, divisible. 

Parta^eant, par-tahj-aw, tn. sharer. 

Partaker, par-tahj-ai, v. a. et n. to part, share, divide ; 
participate; have a share ; se — , v. r. to share ; be 

Parlance, par-ta^jss./: sailing, departure. [divided. 

Partant, par-ta». ad. ther^ore, consequently. 

Partenaire. part-nair. m. partner. 

Parterre, psir-tair, m. parterre ; pit. 

Parti, par-te. tn. partly; way, means; resolution; 
tnatch ; prendre le — de q., to side with one ; tirer — 
de. to ntake use of 

Partial, e. par->syal, a. — ement. ad. partial. 

Partialite, par-syal-e-tai.yC partiality. 

Participant, par-te-se-pan , m. partaker, accomplice. 

Participation, par-te-se-pah-syo/i.y: participation. 

Participe. par-te-sip. m. participle. [share in. 

Participer. par-te-se-pai. v. n. to participate, have a 

Particulariser. par-te-kQ-lar-e-zai, v. a. to partiatlarize. 

Particularity par-te-ka-lar-e-tai./. /arfirM/ar. [specify. 

Particule. par-te-kai./". partiaile. 
Particulier. ^re, par-te-k{U-yai, ~r, a. -^reraent, ad. 
partiatlar; private ; en — , especially ; privately ; 
— . m. private person ; individual. 

Partie, par-te.y: /ar/, portion; game; match, client; 

en — , partly, 
Partiel, le. par-syel^ a. — lement, eul. partial. 
•Partir, par-teer, v. a. et n. to part, divide ; set out, 
depart; dart; proceed, flow ; k — d'aujourd'hui, 

from to-day ; — d'un rfclat de rirfe, to burst out into a 

flt of laughter. 
Partisan. par-te-za«, m. partisan : adherent, 
Panitif; ive, par-ti-tif. — iv, a. partitive. 

197 J 


Partition, ^ZiX-it-%yon,f. partition, 

Fartout, par-too, ad. everywhere, 

Paru, par-0, see Parattre. [set (diamonds), 

Parute. par-Ar. y: dress, attire; omamettt; paring; 

♦Parvpn?r, p«!r-v»»»»r ••. •? f^ ^rrrtf ; reach t obtatn. 


.'J-T irf i.vj f f ji^ff" 'tf. 
II, [jar-vafl, fw. vfitart, 
\.i'iT-vty fH. perch : 4^mM rr. 

.i^ iH. pa£w ; ffotrfe^^ stmity dejfle; ^— de derc, 
tiftttder ; ^ i — 1 ffep by iifp, s!oT»iy .■ [Ie ce — » ii*t- 
tHcdiately ; alter ban — , iff •amIJk prt-ftyfiTsi ,- avDir tv 
— , to have the prrctiien^ ; ^-, ad. H*f« Hft, 
Pas'j^y, 1 1 pa^kaJi a , pttsthitC 
Pa^quEnailffH 'pas.^i.e'ta.fl^f petsyitiHitde. 
Pa-3^4iLilc, pah-&ah-bt, d. ^n4eiii, aJ-p^vs^Alf^ A^/j^i^bfe. 
PaibiiJe, pa.h-ss<\,f pojsiitjf^ tMfVU±'A ; shitt-t fto^y. 
Paiiajfc^ pah-Mtij. iH.pas^iog^; thvnutghfitre. 
Pa^i^k^cr, tzt.\ p:ih-^^}.M, — r, a. — ireiucur, od. pats- 

itsi'-,- trtttisifu/^- — , tn, —ttt^f^'asstHltt^. 
Pa^>>aat, Ch pah'SaH, — f, a. cheUUEh — . t7u'r\^Ui*h/jrt ; 

— , nt. pcusenger, passer-by. 
Passation, ^dAi-sa.-syon,f. passing. 
Passavant, pah-sav-aji, m. pass, permit ; gangway. 
Passe, paiiss, f. pcus ; thrust; chantul ; stake ; front 
^bonnet) ; dtre en — . to be in a fair way. 
Pass^ e, pah-sal. a. past, gone, over; out of fashion: 

— . nt. time past ; things past. 
Passe-carreau, pahss-kah-roh, m. sleeve-board. 
Passe-debout. pahss-du/i-boo, m. pass, permit. 
Passe-droit, pahss-dro-ah, m.favottr; wrong. 
Pass^e, ^9h-sai,f. passage ; flight of woodcocks in the 
Passement, pass-ma/x, nt. lace; trimming, [evening, 
Passementer, pass-ma/i-tai, v. a. to lace, trim. 
Passementerie. pass-nuu/-tre, f. lace-making; lace- 
Passeiftentier. pa^mau-tyai, m. Icuemaker. [trade, 
Passe-m^eil, pahss-mai-tay/. m. wheat and rye. 
Passe-parole, pahss-par-ol, m. password. 
Passe-partout, pahss-par-too, m. master-key. 
Passe-pas$e. pahss-pahss,y: tour de — , legerdemain. 
Passe poll, pahss-po-al, m. edging. 
Passe-port, paliss-por, nt. passport. 
Passer, pa-sai, v. a. et n. to pass,- go over; surpass, 
exceed: leave Out ; cease ; disappear; expire ; passe 
pour cela, let it be so ; cela me passe, that is above 
my comprehension ; — chez, to call on ; — un contrat, 
to draw a deed; faire — , to put off: en — par. to 
submit to ; — de la farine. to sift meal; — un rasoir 
sur la pierre, to set a razor; — sous silence, to omit 
fnentiotiing ; se — , v. r. to run away ; fade away, 
decay ; fall out ; dispense with. 
Pa'iiicrcan, pahas-mh, tn. sparrv^f. 
Pa^iii^rcUCk paliss-rtliyi tiarrew bridge, 
Pa:-i^i:-tcn]p^ pahss-lB». mi. pasiime. 
Pasbcur^ pah-sur^ t/t.JtrtytnaH, 

Vai-im-vuaM, fah^\'^n^ its,, shatn s:oldier : itftrtn^eTi 
Pa^bibtlit^p pa^^-he-3c-ta3,_^ pASJihi'lity, linbiiiiy,. 
Paii'iibLc, pa3-$c.bE, a, pff^s-iM, liable. 
Patbif, Ivc, pa$-sEr, —W, rt, — ivMQent, ad.parsiw. 
Pa>.s.Jcjii, ^h-syQH,f, ptJSiifH. [tagtr^foftd. 

Pa-,i.itj]iiu!t *»H pah-gyon'ai, a. — ment, drf, p^sfiauait, 
Pa-.5ioniicT^ pali'^&yon-aj, v. a^ A? impi^ti^n ; h — < v, r. 

ftf ^ itnpatrinfi/d ; fly inia a passii^ttr 
Pa^ujir, pRh^waT,f caHfitiier, ^trainer, 
Pa^lrtl. pa^tclii *n, crayon, 
PastiquCj pasTtek^X Tt/aier-mel&n* 
Pa^tcur^ pa^tur^ m. shepherd, pastar, 
Pa^tidid, pas-tish^ m. itfiitati've. fiicture or cofnp^sition^ 
PastiEEc pavtt/»j^ pasii/. 

Pastoml, pas-tor-aL^ a. ^ — cmcnt^ ad, partomt. 
Pa -it ctfHlc, pa5-lQr-aI,_/r fiastoral, 
Pa^taurcau, pasrin^D-rati, tn. y&u n^ sfifphtnt^ 
Pa'^taurcUCr ^%-XQi>-r^X,f. youttg sliapkerdijf, 
Pat, |i5i, jw, staifftmre. 
Pacjiche, pat-ash, y^ teil-f^t; siage-coach, 
Paciifajfe, pat-ar-inif,/: -tcraiel, 
Pa[.itc, pai-3.lyf ppfnfo. 

Pai-itraSi pai'ji.t-rati, iji/.^ rnatJ^^ ^Hrnp. [fellifw. 

PaeaMd, pat'Qh^ m. thick ft/tned yottitg do^; clumsy 
Pai;riiU);er, pat'^'l^L v.^dkli: be trHiiarrassid. 
Pdce, ^^/eiiifpasttt. dough; bcmUfl — dlliOmt&e, ^opd* 

tiiiitfrtd fftatt. 
Pflit.;, pcm^taE, tfi.pie: pasty; blot; pies, 
Pfltc'e, \i^\\-lii.\,f paste. 
Pali! Lin, pat-liitN, m. itfheedlfr, (ht^t. 
PaK^lfllEkif?, paE-ic-nahJi w. •siht^dling,. 
Pact^Utiif r, p^l-tc-nai, v, a. io •etihetdU, gtill, foax". 
Palelltle^u^H pacnk-nui, m. itikttdier, chtat^ 
Paitrt«K pinayu,/: patiue, , 

Patcii^ren par-noh^ir,/; Lard's Pntytr,- prayers, pi. 
PattfliCf e, patraA, — t^ a. fittfiffit, mam/tir. 
Parttitfr, pAi-a-Tit, f patent , iticfuve. 
Patent!?, e, pai-au-iil, s* Itcettjed, 

yluenMii^ /"^ T 

Digitized by VjOOQLC 




Paierc, pat.ait,./: fu^i ciirtitm-k^iifi-^ 
?atcmct Ic, ]>at-air-nel, ^. — lemerrt, md. Jfitttrna!, 

Patcui, 5tf, pau-Enb, — e, «- Ajj^Aj," rflammjf. 

I'aTholojtic. pal-oi-ollj-e, j; faifm/twy 
11lttIlotu^i(lLltr^ IMit Ol-Olljik, (i. futheie^iiat. 
I^ilhos, pat-OS, M,/athitf. rant. 
PatlbutaETC, paE-e-Dn-lfUJ, <i,TiHne— . hans^in^ixk. 
l^lEf [nnicnt, pas-y!ltn-»Jr, a.t. ptififtitly. 

Palicnt, c, pas-^aJI, —I, a, fatifnf ; — , iw. /a/u-Ki; 

P^icnter pa^y:i^i-lfiiK Tn w. /tf Aaw fafirnt^. 

fat in, [j^t-ain, t^. f^tfl/^,' fatiitt. 

Pzilinci, pat-Ln^j^ vtr^i's^fvir 

J*atL[ier* pat-c-naE, Tr.«. ?/ «. t<} fiaie./itmHe ; skaft. 

Patnscur, patH£-nur, m. /tijii^tr : siaOrr. 

PAtir, pau.lecr, i/. rj. ^ff jJtjtfi-^; ^ distrsss^. 

VMIr, jtaLi-Tc. m. pastttrf. 

PAlUscn pau-tC'Sat, i^. m. J't* HM*f /tiJ/j^/, 

Pifiiscriij, pau-tis-re,^ pmfry. 

f AElHsitr, paii-tlii-jai, m. pastry -foot. 

PatiiSioire, p:iu.tiii-War, / pitsfryJ^aa rci^ 

Patoiji, j^Jt-wa, ?n. i'r*?A'7tF, j^&eeritli. 

Patraquc. pat-rak,/: rfrnr, ^d Jtitff:. 

Patre, pau-iT, liM- Arrrfj-.pwraii^ shtfiitfrd. 

l^trLajc.!!, c, paC-rc-ar-kal^ a.fiafriarffufl. 

PatrlarcaT, palt'ic-ar-fcah, *«. /wrt-MtA-Artftr pairtaf-df 

Patriarche, pat-re-arsh, m. patriarcH. Ish^. 

Kitriqc, pot-fi'^^ w- pafrinan, 

Patricuit, paE'rLs-vah k 7t. pafrkiati, 

PktriciciiH nc, paT-re-«]rsiN, — syrn, a. /fl/rii-iJM. 

PalTicpat-rc,/ wflftW {■(3K"J'»:i' ; ceurttry, fiom€. 

P^irlmoin^K pat-Fe-mu-an, m. falrirnorty. 

PAtrimontal, e, pal-re'mon.yaU a. fafrimpfiuif. 

Patfiot&K |>ilMC-ot, wf . ^ttiri0i, [a patriot, 

PiltriQtlqu«, pat-re-ot-tL, a. --niirat, ad. patriotic; like 

FatfiQtivn«, jjal-rg-ot-liifs, m, pairii^tiim, 

Patrocioer, p^Mos-c-nair v. tu io sn^tte. 

Ptklron, ne, pat-roij* — ron, «i, ^a/flrr«./flif™M, def<F>',4er: 

Patiwiage, pat-ren-ahj, »i, pa/ranaj^^, [ trmiftt'. 

Patrooai, e, pat-f on-aJ, n. pamrMni, 

FatroTuie, pat-r<m,/r/tf/f4fj(*rj. 

PatTonn«r, pat-ron-ai, v- a. t^patitm^ 

PatroulUe, \i^vrw:iiy/. pair^ ,• fairc ia ^^ i^fi&ttvf. 

Parrotiillrr, pat-roo/-a3,t/. u.tttp^rvi; paMU^fitmhle. 

Palroui]]^;. pat-rtid/-e. -m. puddft. 

I^ttc, pa-U/i pattt : fo&i ; Jfiip {Ci}at\ i Jtuki ; ^ qiiatre 

Pattc^pcLu. p3t.p«A-lCL> in. AjfpAritt. [— S, PK aU-jf^nrs. 

PaClLii, e, pat-il, a. iar;^-/\?ottd 

Paturafc. pau CilHTahi. wf. pasturi. pa^unt£rmiit^. 

I'aturcj paLJ-t^l^^y^>aJfc«■,/&M/^ »?«srA 

Paturcr, pau-t<i-^a^^'F» «. tifpaifure,_ffed 

Piturcur pau-tCl-rtir, m. ^irf ^Aj/ Itit^s Juarses ft? grais. 

Patuton, |wl-fl-roji(,^ftrn. 

Pawme, [wlim,y:/flJwr, flfwwfjr, 

Paumier, poh-myal, »i, kitptrafa tennis^cottri. 

P«up<f risiiff, poo-iwi-rtsm. m. pauperism. 

Plupiire, pon-pyair,y; ey€iid, 

Pkuse, pcfii.y, /dJfJA j^/f*/. ' 

Piuvre, pHsh-vr, a. — ment, 

PauvresK, poli-VMSs^y^/^r' fyp»*rtM, 

Pauvrcl, ptrti-viarH w*. — te, ~^,f. p&^r littU <rt»ti<rt^ 

PauvrcE^, pdh-v j.lai,/: pirutriy, 

Fav^agc, pav-alij, »ir, pa-vift£. 

Kc favancr pav-an^i, i'. n iextrnt. [-', l^Hfi>;-er, 

Pavd, iiAv^in tn.pavJiig'SieHf : pa^fmfttt; bit Lc lit dc 

Pa vcn]«nt, pav-ma», »». paz'iii£- : paz'einrnf. 

PivciK pav-ajf r'. a. lopirzv. 

PtivHiade, p^v-sad,/ TirttiHg-satls, pi. 

Pavic, pav-e,/ nwrfartWf f/rjirA). 

PuviUonn IKlV-iZ-Ort, m. paViii6» ; J?aff ; f^nt-lvti. 

J^vuLsh pav-o-ah, w, i>mrMfr; tpaisitlotA. 

PavoUcr, pav-Onah-^fai, v. a, i^ ttreis itHih^a£3. 

Pavot, pavHith, m,p^ppy. 

flyablc, pay-yah-bS, rt. ^dJwWA 

Payant, pay-ya«, rrt.paytr. 

Payci pay-yr /I >oj > payrnnstrr. 

Paycment, piiy-yc-mafr, jb. payiHeitt, 

I'aycn, jcr raicd. [ in 6nt s debt!! : £ft ofie's t/tfttfy. 

Payer, pay-yai, V. a. ie pay *■ a^guit : 5c J'aiFC ^, to mil 

Paycur* id pay^ur — yuh^, s. payer- paymaster. 

Pays, paJ'Ci mJh'^ ceuniry.' fCHnfrymaH ,■ — c, ---1^^ ^ 

Pay&age^ pay-c-jAJijH w- iandseApe. \A^itiitry^'&miin. 

Paysa^fiste. iiay-f-iahj-isl;- »*- landscape- fsiftnr. 

Paj-aan, pay^.i^.!*, m. (auniryman , — ns+ — ann, /. 

P«aije, pai^khj, m. f'^if. tcli^rrianfy ; iM^Oih. 

P^afTET, iiai-alij-at, tn faii'X'aiktrer. 

fcau, poltiy. sMihi hidt! pi<I ; fiitii' : pelt. 

[— „ myp^rstiiiH, Ivi^^ar. 
■a. poor, ifid^eui; bArmti 

Peausserie, poh-sre,./! s-kinner^s ware. 

Peaussier, poh'Syai, w. skinny, fellmongeK, 

Pec, pek, a. harens; — , pickled herring. 

Peccable, pek-kah-bl, a. peccable. 

Peccadille, pek-adi/./; peccadillo, petty /aull. 

Peccavi, pek-av-c. fn. repentance, 

Pichc, ^y^,/. peach : fishing : —Si la ll|^e. angling. 

P^ch^, pat shai, tn. sin ; trespass. 

P^cher, pai-shai,'t/. n. to sin ; trespass; be defective. 

P4cher, pay-shai. fn. peach-trui — , v. a. et n. to fish ; 

— ^ la ligne, to angle, 
P^cheres$e, ^•s\vcts&,/./emaU sinner. 
PAcherie, pay^h-rc/.Jishery. 
P^cheur. pai-shur, tn. sinner. 
P^cheur, pay-shur, tn. fisher; — ^lalig^e, attgler. 
Picore, pai-kor,/: beast; blockhead. 
Pectoral, e. pek-tor-al, a. pectoral ; — , tn. pectoral; 
Ptfculat. pal-kO-lah. tn, peculation, \^reast-piate. 

P^culateur. pai-kA-lah-tur, tn. peculator. 
P^c\Ue, pai-k(U. tn. peculiutn. 
P^cuniaire. pai-kfln-yair, a. pecuniary. 
P^cunieux, se. pal-kdn-yuh, — z, a, tnotteyed. 
P^dasrogie, pal-dae-ohj-e. //V <;£(i^^. 
P^da^o^que, pai-dafi^-ohj-ik, a. pedagogical. 
P^dagog^ue, pai>dag-oe. tn. pedagogue. 
Ptidafe. paiXl,/: /frfS/. -^ * * 
Pedant, e, pai-daw, — t, a. pedantic; — . tn. pedant. 
P^danter. pai-dan-tai. v. tt, to lecture like a pedant. 
P^danterie, ^ai-d^n-Xxe,/, pedatttry, 
P^dantesque, pai-daM-tesk, a. — rnent, ad, pedantic, 
P^dantisme. pai-d2n-tism. tn. pedantry, {pedanticul. 
Prfdestre, pai-des-tr, a. — ment, ad. pedestrxati ; ottfoot. 
P^diculaire, pai-de-1cAl-air. a. pedicular. 
P^dicule, pai-de-kOl, tn. pedicle. 
Pedicure, pai-de-kOk-. tn. pedtatre, corn-attter, 
PMUuye, pai-de-lAv, m. foot-bath. 
Prfdpn, pai>doM, tn. runner, 
Pegase. pai-frahz, tn. Pegttsus. 
Peignage, pain-yahj, tn. cotnbing oftuool. 
Peigne, pam-y«, tn. cotnb .- cards, brake, hatchet; raJie. 
Peigner, pain>yai, v. a. to cotnb, hatchel; se — , v. r. to 
Peignier, pain<yai, m. cotnbtt$aker. [comb one's head. 
Peignoir, pain-ywar, tn, cotnbing-doth ; bathing-gomn. 
Pet^ures, pain-yAr.yTj^/l hair cotnbed off . 
•Peindro, paiM«<ir, v. a. to paittt; describe ; fait \ — , 

very handsottu ; se — , v. r. to paittt on^s seff; be 

Peine, pain./C /tftVi, puttishtruut, petuttty; sorrow ; 

trouble, distress; labour; k— , hardly; k grande 

^ nifh fH-!'Ch ado ; itif cn.—,t0 be auximts^ &e ion- 

n-ffi-ii . ic doiinerdc la — < Iff tnke psitts^, 
Peiiif. K, pai-nai, a. elaherate, stiff. 
Pein*!-, pay-nai, -u. a. ft n. it? pain; fmtli^le ; Teeaty ; 

wt/rl' Aard, ti»I : se — . v. n i& trrubte 0He\r Self 
Pcint, e, pain< —1; s^ee PcindrCn 
Peintff ,, wr, painter. 
Petntutaj^c, pai«-tllr-ah.j. nt-paiuiitsg, 
Petniure, -pa^fi-ldTyf paiatitig ; piiiure. 
PeUiSurcr, paiw-ttif-ai. if. a. la p^int vfith eitt toloitr. 
Pel.i^e. pwA-iahji. #n, ny/aur (Aair). 
Pilc-EEieftK pay]-maylf ad, pe/l-tfiell ; (Sis/usedly. 
PeLt.■^^ pwA-laij f, a, io >ftake bald, patf; pe//; Sr/i.'d; 

St — , I', f . to pfel sff^ 
Prflerin, pail-raiH, tn, pilgrim ; cumting/etl^vn. 
"■' ' ■ dj, n - ■ 


, m.. pilgritnagf. 

- ..iKc. paU-ri; nil,,, , _ 

PAI en:.. L', pail' rin, f. female pilgrim ; peleriitt* 

V&.,,:i, lA'i^ f. pelisse. 

Pel'/j. pel, f sfunftl; blade <OArl 

Pell I, pcl-ai, Pcllet^e, peMak, / sk^velfkl. 

Pelkt'-ric, peltre,^ skinner' s trade ; furs. 

Pello^LCT, pil-tyal. m. sl'inner. 

Pel I i .. 1 1 1 c. p«].]e.ka], f. /el/ide. 

Pel .[: . i<]Qi. f pitt^usAiitrt ; pel&t; stWTvball. 

Pel 1. 1 1. r. ptof-ai, tf. a, to bang: beat. {tlitsfer. 

Pcli;-;!, \i\^-OH. m. bcttam; iitw ef thread ; platMn, 

PeliJtotLEiier, p1.ot-on-aE, v. a. tv b^>ttottt; Tvindi sc — , 

«■. r. to gather int^ ditsterS. 
Pelflufit, plooj, / liitvny greensward, 
Pelti, e, pKA4a, a. hairy, Wooiiy. 
PcluLli-e, pKi*i]], /Iplitsh, shag 
PeIin.^nL% e, |>ID!ih-ai, a.plits/ied^ hairy. 
Pell i-hvLTy pmSih-aL If. n. to groiv sAangy* 
PeUiTd, jiuAAi\T, f. paring, pef I. 
Pen^illon, puh-TX^l^tfy ill. rag; tfsfin^. 
P^tiiil, Ch pat-naln a. fienal. 
Pitiiilitc, pai-nal-e-tat, y; pinaity^ 
V€\\Mcii paE-:laT, tn. pi. household gods., pi. 
Peii',-,^!^ Ci pui^-noh. — d, a. abashed ,- fviish. 
Per. :.'iit, e, pa^E-&haH, — t, a, slopit^^- declifiittg^^-^ «.^ : 

tr: : -fpi' : int-iinatioii, ptvprnSity. 
Peutiiciiieutj paffi^hitiiiivj w^st^p, ^uL 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Pencher. pa«'5ha!.*^ 1'. <i. ft ti. to inrlint: i^n: iia^; 

be iH^/iHiii: sc — ^ Vr r, to sleep, ben^. 
Pcudiible, pa^i.dah W, «, hati^in^. 
Peaddis^, pajJ dajf iOM. f. han^ni^ 
rmdatit, e. pa//-daM, — t, a. ptniifnt, hittt^ine ! —./»'. 

during^ / — que, UfAn'^^Tt ■utMilxti — , P*. fettdatti ,- mr- 

FcddclOttue, p3^H^],0'k,/rpinda7U ; drofi- 

Pcndiller, pa/i-diJ'-at v. n>. io dan^^U, rurinj^. 

Fcndre, pa«-dr. i^. ff, f^ m. j'ff ^aiig. JmtiEup: se — , 

TT. r. it h iits ^'^^ ^'^f' , , 
Pcndu, paif'dPi, in. tffrf -mhs ts hanj^id. 

I'icnc, payll, *fl/Ai^. , , ^ ^.,., 

PfndtriiUiHL^ naj-naS^trab-e'lc lai. f. pcTt^tm^titiv^ 
P<>iiiftrabte, pai-nai-t ira.h-bJ, «- /f Jatf/ra*/f . [rtfT*i#. 

lYniitranl, e, pai-nai-trart, — t^. a. ptne^^^ive, sharp : 
l^cnctTaJion, pai-Dai-irah-«ya«» ^ peneiratmfn ; acMiV- . 

PcncErer. pai-nai-lraj, 'V. a. it n. ta pfftt^ntif J tmnre ; 

dirg: se — . Vr r. tajije in fuf's mind. 
Peiiible, pai-ne-bl, «. — ment, ad.paifift*:. iaif^rutsts.. 

Pt^nin&ule^ pai-n^iw-sul. f.peiiinsMia. 
Piinitcncc, jjai-np-tajf fiS, /.^niirnce, p*fmm:(. 
PtRitencicr, pai nc tara■^ya^ «».>>«ifirfHft4>;>'. 
P^ntt^it. Ck pat nc-law,— t, a. penitsni, n^fHatt^ 
Penttcntiiiir«. pai iiai-la/* syaLr, m. ptnUtntt^ry. 
P^nitfntict le, paj-nc-la«-syc!]< ffi. pf>iittnluii. 
Fennage, ptn-nahj, hi., piuma^. 
Fennc. p«-ii, / ifaM^yts^A*^, 

FenoD, pifc* noti, s«, dosvafH. . . * j 

F^ns^e, paj(-sai, jC tknii^hti mttid, sketch, d^sig^n: 

Ptenser, pajf-sa3, v. a. et n. t^ ihitti^, belirVt, tcn^der: 
itv^ (JTf^^ ^*^ "A' — ^ i<f '**«^ ^^ reffU/n&er; 
— tombcT, fiji iSif iiffit'/al^iHg. 

Pctiseurn paw^r, /M. /*t^j*f r. 

PtiuiC iTC* pawsit -Hv. a. tv/t^VA ihifitsrht/nl. 

Pcnsloib p»M-*yo«t/ &aardiTt£-Hi}iiSf:, daardin£-KAiHti ; 
ptttHsnr , . J ^ 

Ptn&|<timait«, paw-syad -air, m. Aaat^er: ttftstntttr. 

Pfeiu^owtr. partsyoii-aS, -e. s. {^iri-i^ aptntiiU. 

Pertflini, paiB-som, w. /aj^i: 

Penlacof dc, paw(-Eak ard. »*. pintiwrkord. 

Pcflle* pajrt, / <U€!raJiy, i^^pfi ptfperiiitjf 

PfealCCfitc. pantkAtiE, /; Jyha Smuiay. 

Pcnturic, paw-tOr, / imnitniTk. 

P^DUtti^ne, pld-nSlt-J^ciii. J. ptHuItimati. 

P(5tiari*, pai-tidre, /.ptnury. te»»f. 

Priplftpai-pe, /./»>. 

P^piert paip-yal, -y. w, fo rJiii^. 

Pepin, pwA-paLri, m-Jterfsti; gro^-st^i. 

Pifpinlire, pai-piii'Vair, / jiurs^ty. 

r!<l>tiu£riste, pai'pfn.yainst, *H. h« rjfj'jwjff rt. 

reriinibulation, paJr^i^bll-Eall-sy ow.y. peramifUlah^H. 

FerCiittf, palr-kAJ, />«* cfl^*f A . . , 

Pcrtr^tni, Cr pailiaw, —I, a.fiu!raii£'. shar^. aoi^. 

PcTde, pajrss, / nuaitrc en — , tff iftvacA. 

Vctct'hoa, plirs-bwa. m. HgHipitdn. 

Pcrcife, paJT-sal,y; jf/^^, J"?*!**. ^ 

Pf^rtemen^ pairs-maji. m. pu!r<tfijr- 

Pcrccneiei!, paira-liayhj, w. jwa^tfrcyf, 

Perce-oreii]c. paiR-o^rc^, ti*. r4^«iJjA- 

FcTcCpttur puir-cep'lur^ iW. reiIin.ior^ tajC'^fhtrtr, 

FcrccpE ilsilil^, pair-MJp le-ba le tai./: pfrfrpfiiHtm. 

FiTccptsblCf pM cep-tisbl, a, p^ceptibU. t&Ur^Hfifr 

Perception, palr-cep-syoa,/ /•fjv^^i'w?* ;/fi;4if^j^, 

Fcrcer. paiT-ftaL, V, a. it n to pierci ; b&n / *j^iMr:A , 

itreftJt thr^H^h, Jbrt^' smb. dive tfritf.- trattspin / 

— L'ivcnir, tit/itrfsa tht/itiMre. 
Pcrctlir, pair-smr, m. Aortr. 

•PercevOiJp paifS-i-war, t^. a, gather : Jurciwe, 
Perclte, pairsh. y: /»r#if A, ^sj'tf, , . ^ 

pcTtlier, pair ihaj. I'. «. rfse-< ^. r ffs/frtA, «fdJA 
PcJx^hU, pail-she, m./ena^ 
Perehoir* pair-shwir, bi. t'sw/. 
PertlttS, e, pa,ir^lcEa, — z. 4*. dtTabled^ tmpoftnf. 
Per^oil, piir-swax. m. pUrctr, 
Per^U, pajx-SJi, JTtf Ptrctv&lT, 

PcrciUf^iin, psiir-ltl"is-\OM, / /i'wrzirjttj^i / IUSjI ft — , ^(T*"- 
Perdabk'^ pair-rtah-bl, a. i^^Uiv Imision-^m. 

I'crdatHf pair-d;tut w- *^rt^. 
I'cfdltion, pairi^e-sycin, f.ptrdition. 
Pcrdre, pair-dr, f. ff to i^i i rtUn, undo : se — h v. r. w 

£pjt ^H^i ^f^X' rambiti ruin c«*'j stif; bf Jirsi ; dis- 

PerdriuQn, pairdfc-goH, wji. pftdti^on 
Perdrijt^ pair-drc. / j^rfrid^. 


Ferdu.e, pair-dfl, ^r^. ^f * ^^. ntintd^ i^^crfps -^ 

hsatU^n^; h coup — , tf^ fta j^i/i?flt ; feetULncttc-T-ej orf- 

Ptre, paJt, ff*,/flJA<rr. ^ 

P«5rcjjri.nal»n, pai-riai-iJre'Tiah-syoJa.y^ ^rV^iMfl-'iffw^ 
PereijrinJre, pJi-raS-ErG-ue'lai, ^ btin^ a f^rti^ittr. 
Pc:reiti]>[l(>[V, pai-raii-p^iyOK,^ ptrempiWH. 
PcireEiiplolre, paj.ra«p-twar,ia.— aieiU, ad, ptrettt^Qry, 

Pcreiuie, pal rcim, a. /f^^rrtiflA 
PcrfcctiLiiTit<i. p;iir.tck-le-J>e'k-taiH f. ptr/tfUbil^y. 
Perfectible, paLr-fck-le-bL n. ptr/tctibk. [wimA 

Perfection, p^ir-fck syo^. / petfictwn ; aaompluh. 
PerfecliQllneiUint, pau feic iyonniaJi ■ tn.tmpyavitnenS, 
Pcrfectiotmer. perfek^yOn-^l, v. a, et <it — . v. r. Jo im^ 

Perfide, pair fid. «. —mcnt, ad.pir^diowt, t^^et^rvm. 



P«rfiilie, pair-re-d«, Jl p^rjdy, trfittJuraiiSHess. 
Pe rf orationn pair-f or^n-sy o/i. / p^/'^' " 
Ptrfoier, pair-rcu'OJ, V. tf, to pft/*frtfie. 


P^ricHtcr, paUrc-kle-tai, V, h. ^b ** ii disfi^er, 

Piirij^^ee, pat-re-Iijai, wi- pfrijrutm. 

Periliclie, pai-rc-iii-k, W, ptrihehjim. 

PerJ], pai-nl, j?i. j*tfr*/; li^awirtfj'. 

PciflileuT^ se, pat'1 t/'Uli. — r, J^ — semeflE, ■ 

P^irlLiitr, pai-rt-a>ui, f, ", ^fl ktfaU. 

P^rlmttrcH pal-re-ftiay-tr, m. /cri^itfUr. iactnt, 

PiJriodc, pat-rywl, jC /f"mS r/.^A,- — ^ wi. fMJ^Hjn*^, 

F^rloiiique, pai-f yad-ik, ii. —mem, drf. perbidieai. 

Pcrlp^tic, pa(-Te-lKiL-se,y; sudden {han^e. 

P^tlpb&rie. pai-r«'fi4J re. f. ptwiphtf^y. 

Piiri phrase,£,/>-^i/A^diiJ^ ^ 

Pdn phraser, pai-tefraliiai, s^. n.taperiphrasi.ujiecvr^ 

iumi^Hiiifus. _ 

Peripncuiiioule. pai-re-pnuh-iuoa-e./ /(fJ'i^wif'rtdwiB, 
Prirlr, paireer. v. n. t^ptnsh, he ^t; /ait in ruins. 
Perlii^ble. pai-re-siah-bl, iirfierisha&k. 
Fririityk, pai-ris^til. m. pensiyle. 
Perle, pairl, f. peari, ^fad ,■ The bfif. 
Tctlc, li.iHiir-^^.a.fieafifd.-^ar^. 
Peniumence, palr-macl-aJfSStT: permamfiO'. d7traU<m. 
P«:rLtiantMlt, e, palr-iuati-a « , —lya.permanevi, £btndiH£^ 
FernicAbiliCt^, pair-mai-ab-e-lc-tai, ^ >f f-^NM^j/iO'. 
?c^ru)ectbk:, pair-mal-ah-bl, <s, perntcaMt, 
•Ptrinelire, pair-nici-ti, v. a, toptnittt, ailimf,- iftdui^; 

se — , V. r. io fake libtriies- 
Femiis, e, pair-mci —t. prt, tl a. afl^Wtd i la-^ifni; 

^, wj, permit Usance, 
Pemtssion, ^\i^^-^-SQn,f.ptrmitiiaft, Itfve: licence, 
Perinutanr, pair-mCl taM, m. pervtuftr. exchanger. 
Fcifi nutation, pair-m^-tah-^yow, /: ^trmutali^n, ex. 

P«nt»uicr, pair niQlat, V.a.ei n. ft^pfrtnnfe, exchatt£e, 
Pertvicieuif se, puir-lte-syuh^ —i, a. — Sflmtnl, ad^^r. 

P<irui:V(!, pai-POn-ait m, shiH^^it, 

P^f ronaison, pai-ror-ay-zow, J, ptronttioH. 

Pcroret, pai-rar-ai, -a, n. te h^rAH^tie, 

PcrOreur, pal-!M>r-iir, m. haransitfe. [perpttrdieidar, 

pE^rpeudkuJaire, pair-pa,»B-d<.'-kC-lair, a. — incnt, ad, 

PertJendiCii1ariit^t pair-part-dt-kGl-ar-c-Eai, J. perpert- 

PerpcEratii^n, pair.pai-trall-iyo«, /, perpttratiort. 
Pcrpctrcr, paar.pai.lrai, v. ». to petpeiratr, cttrnmit. 
PeTpclU,1UOn, pair-pai-liS'ah-E.yQ/i,/ /^''jif/Wif/j^^*. 
Perpi^tuel, Ic. pair-pai-lfi-el, a. -^lecnent, ad. ptrpe/nal^ 

rueriustin£. ^ 

Peru^tuer, paJr-paL-ta-ai, v, a. to pii^pitunte, 
PerL=emil#, pair-pal-t Q etai^ / ptrpeluity, A ^, far 
I 't-rtil«sc. pair pteks, ft, perplexed. \fvtn/0r H/f. 

IVrplexile, pair-pltsk 6e-tai,/; perpieXfdmsS. 
Perquisition, pair-kc-M-syoil ,>! /f fT7Ki>*f ii'ir, StArcIt. 
Perron, pair-D«. m.Ak'^t tf/sieps : perrpn, 
Perroniuei, pair-ak-ay^ fH.pArrQi .- ujat de — , tepmAit i 

voilt de ^, tvpfaii, 
PciTuche, ^\f-li^\i,f.parO?Uft; she-parrot. 
Perruque, ^iut-(iKf. periti/ig- 
Pcrniquiet. paJl-ek-yai. m. p<ruke-fnaket\ 
I'enit e» pair^ — 5S, a. HuisH j^rtfn . 

?crse^ pairss,J^ chitits. limporinne. troabh, 

Pcrsiiculer, paSf-sai-JtiHai, v. a. io persecute : haunt: 
?crscciileur, pair-sai-ha^uT, m^ persecutor, 
pCTsccucioriH pair-sai^ktl'.ayow,^ persecittion. 
PcTslvlTs.mia6nt. pair^sai-vai-ram-aw, ad. perse^erin^iv, 
PerFi^v(*raneft, ^^'^\-^Va-t^n%&,/.ptrS€Verafi£e, steadi* 

"^^^- ... ^ . 

Per&everant^ e, pair-sai-vai-iaw, —I, a. persevtr^ng-t 
Per&iverer, pair-sai-vsil-rai, v. n. to perJltvere. [Sita^, 
Pcrsicaire, paif-ae-kasr,^ arsewtarL 
Persiennes pi*ir-*,yen,/: Venetian hHud^ 
PHjrsiflape, pair-se-flahj, m- raU^try, banter. 
Persiflcr, pair S«^ Ha I, ». a, fir tetnterffniz. 



Perdl, pair-s«, m, parsley. 

Persill^. e, pair-siZ-ai. «. srrten {ckees^ 

Persisuncc pair-sis-tawss,/. /^rxir/'^io' / obsHuaty, 

Persister. pair-sis-tai. v. h toftrsist, persevere. 

Personnaee, pair-sbn-ahj. m.persona^ : character. 

Personnafit^, pair-son-al-etai. /. persouaitty, personal 

abuse. ianyont. 

Personne. pair-son.y: person ; en — , personally ; — , pn^ 
Personnel, le, pair-son-ell. «. — lement, ad. personal: 

— , m. personal. 
Personnification. pair-son-e-fe-kah-syo«, /. personifi- 
Personnifier. pair-son-if-yai. v. a. to personify, [cation, 
"Perspectif. ive. pair-spelc-tif, -iv, a. perspective ; — , 

y. perspective : prospect. 
Perspicace. pair-spe-kass, a. perspicacious. 
Perspicacity, pair-spe-kas-c-tal,y:/*rf/i;fafi/y. 
Perspicuity, pair-spe-ka-c-tai./; perspicuity, clearness. 
Perspiration. pair-spe-rah-syo«,y: perspiraHou. 
Persuader, pair-sfi-ad-ai. v. a. to persuade ; advise ; 

prevail upon ; se — . v. r. to thini ; be convinced. 
Persuasif. ive. pair-sfl-ah-zif, — iv, a. persuasive. 
Persuasion. patr-sQ-ah-zyoM.y: persuasion. 
Perte. pairt./. loss; ruin ; — de temps, waste ^ timer 

h. — , with loss; en pure — , /* no purpose; i — de 

yuc,/urther than one can see. 
Pertinenunent. pair-te-nam-a^, ad. pertinently, to the 
Pertinence, pair-te-na«ss.y: pertinency. [purpose. 

Pertinent, e. pair-te-naw, — t, a. pertinent. 
Pertuis. pair-twe, m. narrow pass : channel. 
Pertuisane, pair-twre-ran, /. partisan. 
Perturbateur, pair-tfir-bat-ur, m.perturbator, disturber^ 
Perturbation, pair-tQr-bah-syow. /. perturbation, dis- 
Pervenche. pair-va^ish,/. periwinkle. [turbance:, 

Pervers, e, pair-vair, — ss. a. perverse, wicked :/roward. 
Perversion, pair-vair-syow, / perversion, wickedness. 
Perversity pair-vair-se-Ui, /. perversity, perverseness^ 

frqrwardness [grvw perverse. 

Pervertir, pair-vair-teer, v. a. to pervert; se — , v. r. t9 
Pesade. puh-xa.A,/. pesade. 

Pesamment, pMA-zam-a>i, ad. heavily, [stupid; slow. 
Pesant. e, puA-zan, — t, a. heavy ; weighty : dull, 
Pesanteur. pMA-zan-tur,/: weight; heaviness, dulness. 
Pes6e. puh-isA,/. weighing. 

Pfrse-liqueur. payz-lik-ar, m. hydrometer, areometer. 
Peser, p^A-zai, ,v. a. et n. to weigh; ponder; lie 
Peson, puh-zon, m. steelyard. [heavy ; dwell upon, 
Pessim&te, pes-se-mist, m. pessimist. 
Peste, pest,yC plague, pestHence ; — , i«/. bless me I 
Pester, pes-tai, v. n. to fret, storm ; be mad, 
Pestiffcre, pes-te-fayr, a pestiferous. 
Pesti£6r^. e. pes-te-fai-rai. a. infected with the plague. 
Pestilence, pes-te-lanss,/*. pestilence. 
Pestilent, e. pes-te-lan, — t, a. pestiUnt. [gious. 

Pestilentiel. le, pes-te-lan-syeu. a. pestilential, conta* 
P^tsrd, pai-tar, m. petard. 

P^tardler, pai-urd-vai, m. petardeer. [assemhly^ 

P^taudi&re, pai-toh-dyair, f. Dovercourt, disorderly 
Pit«ichles. pattai-she,/: //. petechia* spots, pi. 
Pet-en-lair, pet-an-lair, m. jacket. 
P^ter, pet-ai. v. n. to crack; burst. 
P^tillement. pai-tiZ-man, m. crackling; sparkling. 
Petiller, pai-ti/-ai, v. n. to crackle; sparkle. 
Petiole, pai-syol, m. stalk. 
Petit, e, pMA-te, —tit, a. — ement. ad. little, small; petty; 

tripling; mean ; poor; — 4 — , *r degrees; — deui], 

m. haj/ mourning ; — fils, m. grandson; — e fillc, 

f. grand-daughter; — cris. m.. minever; — lait, tn. 

whey: — mattre, m. dandy; — neveu, m. grand. 

nephew; — peuple, m. populace ;—e \ir<Ac,f. small- 
pox ; — , m. young one, little fellow ; whelp. 
Petitesse, p«A-te-tess, /. littleness, smallness ; mean^ 
Petition, ^-tc-iyon,/. petition. [ness, lowness^ 

PMtionnaire, pai-te-syow-air, m. petitioner. 
P^titoire, pai-te-twar, a. petitory, petitionary. 
Peton, p»A-toH, m. little foot. 
Petrel, pai-trel, m. petrel. 

Petrification. pai-tre-fe-kah-syo». f. petrification, 
PStrifier. pai-trif-e-ai, v. a. to petrify; se — , v. r. ^ 

petrify, become stone. 
Petrin, pai-traiM, m. ktuading-trough. 
P^trir, pai-treer, v. a. to knead. 
Petrissage, pai-tre-sahj. m. kneading. 
P^trisseur. pai-tre-sur, m. kneader. 
P^trole, pai-trol, m. petrol. 
P^tulamment, pai-tA-lam-aM, ad. petulantly. 
Petulance, pai-tO-kurss,/: petulance, pertnesx. 
P^ulent, e, pai-tA-la», — t, a. petulant, pert. 
Peu, puh, ad. littU,few : —, i —, by lUtle and littU : i 

— pr^ almost ; dans — , in a short time ; pour — 

que, if ever so little. 

-iuplade. DMA-plad, / colony, plantation ; horde; 
pie, p»^-pl, m. people ; fry, [spawn. 

fiool PIB 

Peupkr* pH^-v^^in i'. a. tt n. i^p^ple: rmi&if^yi 

SAvii; Sf — , ifr r, tif ^vtitjf pit/itlifMf, 
PflipMer. paA-p3c-ai. m./aplnr. 
Fe«F, y^y^j.f/tar.friiht; ^Je — M.fBrJ^ar tf; dc -* 

(;lk. Itii; asfou ^ de, iif ^ afrafd qf 
PeuTiux. se, piih-nih» — *, a.Ji^tfttJ, timrr^n, 

Pfeui -*ir«. p4ih-rQy'tii ad. ptrA^r. 
l^etiTpriT, PBv, VeuTi^ [juHh I ft I'yti'rmr. 
PlT-anflLin, fjhn^Hoir, m. pA^rr^Pit. 
V^i^itvujr fi^ijyn,/: ftij^'Af l^MifrrfTy. 
rhdlr4riitH fUtr-ih-OH. nj. ^Aani tjarftf}. 
FJure. far, tn. Hgkih^ux. 
PhArLtliiiHie, r«r-ft'JtaK-Jlc, a-phariraital, 

J'iijniii.NLJ*-, far-itiaft^.y /AuriifrtLy ; apoihtcarfs ih<^ 

J-' 4vn, r,fkt>Muu>^v,^4Jf, Jf r a/vfkeatry. 

I ^ ,.L r : ^.. , , ■ Ji ide, (iir-mrtlt-up-ai,y^ pharmanapaia, 

^H.. -■. UihJ., tei, phai'f, 

Plit^^rtyJiiirtt. Tai-nQm^lj^n, at, fhtmsmeHon. 
PhilAnlhrapc, re-lA N-irU'p, »«, f^kita nth rapist., 
PhlLiFiChrOpie, fcJaM-tncip-e,^ phiianihropjf. 
PMlanthmpiquCi fe-lnJ<-[|0|j.ll{» a , fiki£itnthr0pifaL 
FJnthcKcnc. iilclliyn, m. philhtlfeniit. 

Pit 11 n1 i-u-n ■. hi i-.h nka M ^ A Jl aV-A/rf lVU 


PJiilnlutfiCi til-ol-phj-rKj'C philaffSja', 

Pl5i] tl-riil-op. m. pHiltylngiJff. 

Pllilnyntthe. fc-loz-oC, m. phslosapiier. 

hJiJ[pB']plicr, lt:4u2-or-^l, v. M. ia phi/aippkixe. 

Philntnphic. teAai-u£-c,/. phr^^pAy. 

Philn50[jhif|uc, fe-loz-Qf-ik^ a. — niieni, (td, phi/At fi/Mic, 

fhiltrf, ftl-tr, m.phiilrr. [pnili ' 

I^hlebcjtaiiie, fbi'lnQt-DizL, wn.^fattt, 

PhlcliotQmi<<, HRwhatrom-Cyf phMotatmy. 

r*]i]Dj^«lJi]uc„ fliri'tijL^Liki wi. phlagilictl. 

Pfa<i4;ue, fnU, Ml. pAo^a, 

J^'}^l>]Lrtre, fa^for, tft^pJiai'pAfrrut. 

Phi]^l<tirjrii:|iier fcis-rrpr-ik^ a. pkosfA^r^. 

PVi- iJ'jr.L|>he, f-utCfc-^riiTf ja.iAtiJt'^rapAtw'.. 

d ' ' . . ..: T I jihie, fo-in-jjraf-c^ fhtifngTa^ky. 

£':, = <:<'.., r.]|,ihM:)tic, fo^Tn-jcraJCik, a^pAoAfgruphiatl^ 

Fhr-A^,v. hAht^f fihrase. 

P!it,T,>fl'ilrigte, frah-iaj-f'l-nlijrfl,^ /AfWjnj/iiKy^ 

Ptti'OS^ui', ^ab-2.iir, Plinaicri riah-zyaj, tn. 

HhlhlsEe, ds-^cf. fihfhiiis, ritfiiittnptii^H. [iL-rilfri 

Phliv^iflki^ fm-ti'k, ^ pJifAisica/^ cp'isw tHptvre. 

yi\yiiC\^n, Te^'i-yjiui, tn. natural phUasapher.. 

Pliysi'ili^^le, fe-^e j]l'OhJrC,y: pAj/iif^gy^ 

Ph^'itiitiPj^i^tCi fc-^-EC^-Dl-flhj-bit^ t/t^ phySialasgLst. 
P(]y5iinfniin«i fe-zcKm-qin-CH f^ physivgn^my, fJTHftl^ 

Pliysiiifiomifte, fc-z^-onrDixi-L-it, nu p^sit^^omist^ 
Phyiiij^nC ft*-iM, 4*. physiaal; —, /. pftysks : — , m. 
tt it/U mJ (^ ttJ-i ■■ tatioi K 

Phyto-lauie, fe-tti.|-t»lij-e, f fkytalogy. 
Pi«ri;r, pymf^v^ v, n. ta parm - promt. 
PuiiUffr pf^'^.i, Vr Hr ta baiui; irtft'd. 
PLvlierie, tiy-i^-r?, f Aa-a-limf ; smJdmgr 
PLviileur, vij-aAur, Jut, tawier^ 
PuniUff, pya^S'tij;, tn, pianist 
PiaBtir pyin-uJa, tn. piiitn}-./orte^r 
PMvtre, pyu4r, u*. piastre, 
Puul^f [1, pyotl'laJ, m, ■BihiHer. 
Pniuler, i»valt[-l4it w^ t%, fit Ttfftitie. 
I-ii-K pikn «^. fiisk-etxt^peai^-fti^^i 
1'ica, ptit-ah, wu, iffttguig, ptAH, 

VuZ^ftty p1S')ti'\f'9^,/. pickMt^tig. 

l'H:rircrH i>e-hfif':ii, U. H. fit gfHt-ptt^erring.,. 

PK-LTCurn ittf-btftr-ur. ttt, triaraMder. 

f'fiiM, pc-HoK. in,fiut't; tiitU knoK 

PiC'OttfliteilE. |U'-ttB€.ma«. w, frieJtiag, 

failure r, }.iif-Jti>t'ii. TJ. a. tBpfiik: petit; Aiaie,. 

ViKnli^r-iVt [le-kin Ji^iJ^ tiiiemigy ttas'iHjr., 

3'iCinUi, tiff-krjt.iiui, tn.^fieeJi. 

PiC'i \nt,f, iHH^pi* : — I *L fit-baid : tJiari^aS/fj J^foUf. 

Vii.Q^. pyeVfy /. pietx; pi^^- paivei; r^Mmt ; pjti:h: 
titrin ug - trifk ," -^ i — ■ ^y d^^rees : fijw ■^, cHm ritM^ 
biade ; — tie canon, gu tt : -^ qc vin^ buff ofuvinft 

P]ed, ^yM, tM.Jitati k '-. enfuat: oil — de la Mtre, 
ti/tftifly: (ur le — dffi al tJte tfnte if; de -^ eft C^p,fr»*.t 
fafi fn iff ; de — rcrm ^, rtjatuftly ; coup 44 '^, ktdt ; 
(fcns de — , fbot'SoIditrs ; — ^ temc. r^tt'tt^^piace : 

Pi^eEtal, pyaJ-dts-Ealn »j, pedesml. [— bot, fiub-f&at. 

PLidcmcHe, pyal-doo^h. */«, brttcket pedCftaL 

Pi^^t, pyaihj, t»,giftt sftftnt, 

PLefraule, pys.iT'^.fpebit/es,*!. 

Pj*^r«, pyALT, y^r jr^iw / — a' utteme, txthiftg ; ^^ff* 
id'^ff ^ tls tflJUc./nstr/Hwtf ; — de [uudic!^ AUccA-n^'HA 

PitJ-rcc, pyaif-ili.y. jrrtrtf^rtSL«. 

PLerrcrl«, (jyair^ruA-rcy; *0'™«£r,jtt « 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— H prrpeHfUntfrnrty^ 


Kerrot, pyair-oh, m. sparrow; clown, 

Pi^te, pyai-tai, X piety. 

Filter, pyat-tai, v. n. to foot the mark : sd ; se — , v. 

to stand oat against. 
Pi^tineinent, pyai-tin-maM, *n. stamping. 
Pi^tiner, pyai-te-nai, stamp ; kick. 
Pi^tisiue, pyai-tism, m. pietism. 
Pietiste, pyai-tist, s. pietist. 
Pieton, pyaUtoM, tn./oot'Watker. 
Pifetre, pyay-tr, a. — ment, ad. shabiy, paltry. 
Pieu, pyub, tn. stake, pile. 

Pieux, se, pyuh, — z, a. — sement, ad. pious; devottt. 
Pigeon, pe-njo/(. m. pigeon, 
PiiT^mnnfiiUj pfr-hJK)ii4Hi^ fn. yeuns:^ pigten. 
i'it:^'Mii"iitr. ^le-hjon-yaJ, trt. ^ix''^i?ii /itftf^f. 
Pi^;n[*?cLirer, pin^yoiih-ai, v. k. to mitm&if^ 
Pi^fnciTU pin-yoHn tn. gable : pinion. 
Ft^orEtlif, ivc, [Jijf-nDr-^t-ir, — ivi a. pignflraiu.i€, 
PiK^UDTatinn, ptB;-nor-ali-5j'[i(j',_/ ptgnemiipti^ pittigt^ 
FipniDrcr, pii^-no-rai, ^>'. a. to ifnpiedge^ 
PilkftTic^ p4^-las-tr^ m. pilaifer. 
FilaUt pc-loh, wn. tffumi rice. 
PilCi ^i\t/l pii€i heap: msrlar^ 
PUcr, pc-lai, f . a. to ponnd ; bruiic, 
Pilcur, pc^lur, tn. he it'Ite p^tiuiis, 
VWvcTt pit-^i, iH. piS/ar, part. 

t ZOI ] PIlA 

Pire, peer, a. worst; le — . tke worst, 
e. pc-Tog./: pin^ 
pe>rol, tn, wUtter-, 

Pill^ijfc, pi/-ah L tn. piiiagc, phimtev^ 

PillET, pi/^i^ -Vt Oy to piita^e, p/nsiiter. 

pHlcriCi pi/-«AnrCtj^ roAiiery ; ex£oriieitt 

Pilleeif 1 pi/'Ur^ tn^ plnniterer, 

Pflciii, pc-kijj, tn. peitle ; drtitft'S/ick, 

PSIfjri. pc-lor-e, wj, piilory. 

POorierr pC'lor-y-ii, v. a. t9 pillory^ 

PiVot, pe-ln- «t, heap ofsair, 

PUote, pelot* m.piM, 

Flloter, |>e>lot-Jii, v. a. fa pilot,- drive piUs in^ 

FUotfn, l^e-lot-alM, ffi. pilot-^y. 


FilDtis. pe-k»t'e, m,pUts^pL 

Pilule. ^^A^f.pal 

Piiabflcne, i^^n-\xt^,f. ptrt minx. 

Pimento pe^ruaN, rn. pttHentu. 

Pimpaiit, t, pairi-paji, —I, a. sprHct, ^^itiidy, stn^rt. 

Pimpreii«Ue, paui'pi-iicl,/: /j'mt/f jthW. 

Pin* plLn, ?**■ pinCi pinr-tt^e^ 

Fmncle, p[ll14U(.l, m. pinnacie. 

Fihassc, pe-nAii^ >^ pinnace. 

Pinastrc, pc-tias^Fj f™. "Svisit pitif-Jree. 

Pinctt painSSk ^ pitiE^rs, nipperst pi. ,- handspike ; 

gripe; toe (J/^a horse's Jiffli: — ^ pt. JbreteetJn eiates^pl. 
Ptncd^ e, paur-sai, a. ajffcitd. 
Pinccaii, pAUr-sott, M. pencil ; l>ritslt. 
Pin cifTp pai.v-£aiF X pinch^ 
Pincclicn pdirii^lyai, in. rmttsh-pof. 
pine c-mailEc, pain^'Uiai^t wt. piuchpenny. 
Fij;c cr, pai/E^sai, v. a. f f ft, ta pinch ; nip ; h^ld fast, 

c&tck ; piay \harp\. 
PinccltcsH paui-scln /I _^/, fongs : nippers, pL 
Y\j\^aa, paiN-SDiJ , ff i . pitich. 

FiiUCLiTiscr, pain-da-rc-zai, ir. ». to Tt/rite i^^ct&Hy, 
f^n^QuiOb paiN>^[>o-aiji t iti. penguin^ 
Fnique, paijik, /I pink. 
Pinw>nT paLHnSQfl4 m. gneenfisicAt 
Ftntade* paiH-tad,y:^iVjW(j, 
Pintfft ft^int^Apitif. 
Pkiche, pyo5n,/I wra^ffifi'. 

Fk>cli*rj py'rish-ai, ^j. a. /lj dig Ttfiih «z mutt^k. 
Fiuchoii, piosli-Ojii, jw. tieibili. 
Pion. pyo/i, m. pawn (chess) ; ma/f (draughts), 
Pionner, pyon-ai. v. m. to take pawns, 
Ptonnier, pyon-yai, tn. pioneer. 
Pipe, pip,^ pipe ; tuine-ctuk. 

Pipeau, pe-pion, m^. pipe ; bird'Call. \(dice). 

Piper, pe-pai. v. a. to catch wUh a bird<aU; cheat, cog 
Piperie, pe-pre,yC cheat, trick. 
Pipeur, pe-pur. m. cheat, sharper. 
Piquant, e. pe-kax, — t, a. prickly, biting, sharp; 

smart ; —, m. prickle, [siette, m. sponger. 

Pique, ^Wc,/. pike, lance; pique : —, m. spades;— as* 
Pique-nique. pik-nik, m. picnic, clubbing, 
Piquer, pe-kal. v. a. et n. to prick, sting ; quilt; pink; 

spur; excite; stink; se — , v. r. to be angry ^ be 

offended : be worm-eaten ; pride on^s self in. 
Piquet, pe-kay, m. picket ; stake. 
Piquette, ipc-Vet,/. paltry wine. 
Piqueur. pe-kur, m. pricker; larder; overseer, 
Piquier, pik-yat, m. pikeman. 
PiqOre, pc'\il«,/. prick ; puncture ; wor*n-hoU* 
Pirate, pe-rat, »i./trafe. 
Pirater. pe-rat-al, v. n. to pirate, 
BraXcriCfPe-tat-Tt,/. piracy. 

Piroffue, pe-ng,/: pirogue, canoe. 
Pirole, pe-rol, m, wi$tter-green. 
Pirouette, peer-wet,/, whirligig. 

Pirouetter, peer-vet-ai, v. n. to turn upon one kg. 
Pis, pe. m. dug, teat. 

Pis, pe, ad. worse ; le — , the worst; de — en — , worse 
and worse ; — aller, m. last shift; au — aller, when 
Piscine, pis-sin, f.fool, pond; lover, [all comes to all, 
Fisi, pe-zai, m. clay. 
Pissat, pe-sah, m. piss. 
Pi&^cikliti pe-biaH'Lc, ttt, d^ndfli^n^ 
PiimJUdFe, ^jc-.iMi.yiiiir, / dritbiiifg sp&Ut. 
Piitat-hc* pis.tish4/! pijiathia. 
Pi^T^chbcr, pi$-ta^hi.e>!ii. m. pistachio^rtt. 
PisE c, pist, fr trai^k, tnuit. 
Pui tU pi^itil, tn, pistil. 

Pisiolctn pi^-lo-Uy, tttr pistol ; coup Ac —, pixiolskoi. 
Pbton, pis-tQH, ttt.pififfn; sncker : fusLl k — . per 
Pitancc, \v^-\A*%^,/, piU9t\^^ alitneattce^ [sion-j^ 

. percus- 

Pitc^ux, sc pc-tull. — i, m. — stmtrUK oii. piti/ui, -meful. 
PiliCn -^^^If^x,/, pity, ccfifempt; lairc — ^ to ex€ite pity, 
Piton, pc-LoFi, Mf, screwring. l/i^f. tfnithed. 

Pitoyaljlr, pil.waFya>l-t4, d. —ment, ad. piJi/uiy tnerci' 
Piltorcsquc, pit-tor-^ik, a. — meill, ad. pictiiresfue; in 

ft picturesiftie tnaa (j^r, 
Pituitc, p'it-viiit. f. pi/itite, pA/e^m. 
Pituitcux, Hc, pit^wc-tulx — I, 4. pitHitous. 
Pivcrti pi^^vair^ we, •woodpecker. 
PivouiCj pcvwan, /; /^Jiji ; —, ttt, gimt-Snttppert 
Pivot, pc-vohn tn. pivot,- ttiaiit-tprittg. 
Pivtitcr, pc.vot'aijV, «. fopii'i^t, tap, 
PlacajfCi ^■>k].k.nhj,m.vefieefitig. 
Placard, plak-^kr, tn, pittcurd, Itifft, fAHntL 
Placarifcr, | >U)! -ar-dai, V. *t. to post np, liteL 
Place, pl(i!v^.y; pia&; r^m; Statid/ffr hatktiey.coaches; 

Oj^ce, (Ondifinn ; rxrhtrtngf ; — dafiiics, faraele. 
PlaucmcniT pl<l6!^nil», m. ptttting out money ; bureau 

Placer, plaa^jiii, v. a. fo place, pnt ; rattk :^ put out ; 

lodge V M — , V. r. ttf seat one's se/f; get a place, 
Pbfoncl, plaf-Dif , m. reifirig.-^our (skipi. 
Plalonnage, plar-oti-ahj, wi. ceiling, 
PUIonner, pkr-un-ai, v. a. ta ceiL 
Flutonsmm, plaf-^n-ur, m. ceiiifig-Tnaker, 
Placet piahj,/. shpre; regien. 
Plnj^iaire, pLit^rft-afr, tn. plaf^iary. 
Pla^At, plal^^-Ahn tn, p^iarism. 
Plaid, play, m. /Aw, 
PlaLdaiiT:^ «, pkd^a/J, — t, rt. litigant. 
Plaider, plea-aE, V. a. et h. fc plead, liiigaie. 
Plaid eur, p]ed-uf, wi. litigattt 
Plaid oirie, | j]ed-wa-re,yr pleading. 
Plaifluyer, pled-w^'-yai, m. latvyet^s address iff itftirt, 
Plaie, play,/, wennd; plague. 
PlitigTUIIt, f)lam.^vt.n,tit, pfaintiff 
Plain, e, plaiu. pkn, a, plain, eveti ; —, nt. titne-fiif. 
•Plaindre, plain ^dfi v. a. topi^ ,- grudge; se — , v. r. to 
Plaiue. pJaui, >: pl^a itt, Jield^ Icomplain . 

Plmcite. plaint, ./I compltritit : grmtt. idateful. 

Plaint If, IVC, pEaiH-tir, ^-iv, a._ -^iTeiiienr, ad. plaintive, 
•PlaJre, plair, -u. n. to pieaie : be pttatant ; pLAt ^ Dieu, 

WOUiato God ; h. Dicu, nc plai^, G^ /orbid : se — , 

V.r.tobe pleased^ deiighi in, [crously. 

Plaisamiinent, pliiy-zam-aN, ad. Aittnorously ; tuai- 
Pl«lisa.tLi;e, play-zan^s, f, pleasure ; ILcu dc — , can ntry- 

Sf^i. (merry; — > m. jester. 

PlaJ&ailt, e, play-sarij — t, a. pleasant^. ludicrous, 
Platsantetn play-zaji-Uii, -v. a. et rt. tojest^ banter.. 
Plai^literic, p1ay-ia«-tTC,_/. piea lantry, jest, joke. 
Plaisir, pLal-zccr^ tn. pleasure ; xport : courtesy : k — , 

car^fnily ; par — .for sp^rt, for pastime i menus — s. 
Plait, play, see PlairCi { pin-tnoney. 

Pla]], e, plaiii, pUin, a.plmn ; ^, rtt. plantt plan^ 
PlamrhcK piawfth, /: pi&n^, fis^trd^ plate. 
Planch^^icr, pl^H-shiU-yai, v. a. to^o^r. 
Planchcr. |lLnJl■s^»i, tn./toor; ceUMg. 
Plamziactter pla«-sIvet,/J /tf /(iV-ftAJ «^ ,- ciratmftrentor. 
Pkin^on, pUfi 'FMiif t, tn, set, tvn^. 
Plane, p].in,y^ pMne-tfif ; kmA. 
Planer^ plan^ii, v. a. et ti. (o plane ; Smeeih ; hewer. 
Planctairc^ pla.n,-iLi^lf^ir, Ji. planetary; —, m. plane- 
gantte. plan-ct,/, //fl»«/, [tarium. 

Flaneur, plan-ur, tn.piatiisher. 
PlanijTiciric, pian~e.maUEn!,ji^ planimetry, 
Pla]]t, plajf, tn. plant ; set; tw^. 
Plantaj^e^ plan-tahj, vt. pUtntatioit^ 
PlanLaLion. pla«.tan-syOft,>^ platUatvfjt, 
Plantc, pla.tit,f. plant; sole ifooi)^ 

Planter, plan-tai^ v. a. to plant ,- place ; flv ; — Ik, tO 
Planrcur, piaH-tur, tn. planter, yeave,Jorsake. 

Flantoir^ pLan-tTtroTf nty di&bit, /-^ T 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 



FLantureu}!, se, plaH-tll-ruh, — z, &. — !!«mentd rfJ. pUi%lv- 

Plaquer. plak-jii, w, u. toJilaU; %tNcer-^. 

riaqucttc, pUik-tEfy:^!!^/*!^^, 

PUqueur, plak'Ur, jw. plater ,- tr rjwwfv 

PtaStiqu^j plas-tikK a.fiasiM, 

Fla£tron<pJlt&itfdj*,-fR. trettsupiete : buii. 

Pkt^ e, plflh, — t^rt. — cmcnt, ati.Jlat: duli; \ —.JtaUj: 
— 1 w(. r/iM; scale : J^at H4t i iriadeiaar\. 

Plaranc, pJat^riK m. piane-tnt. 

PlaL-bord, p[ah-trt>n jm. snnnU. 

Plateau, pfai-ulij m.piaf/artn,' i^a-d^it\f, 

PJatc-bande, plat-baud, y: ^f^er^ 

Flatce. plat-aLr. disA/iil 

Platc^forme, pl^t-fomi.f^ ^Mr/erm; turnraiL 

Platint, pUhan,/: //flrtf ; ^urt-fpci pMle j.- ituk/iean : ^, 
*7t. plan/fir. 

latitude, p]t!it-&-liid,/:_^ti/tifs^ : jTai tAift£- ; duhiei^ : 

mtraj^e, pla u Irahj, »t, piasier-w^Jt. im4(tn,iess. 

FiAirds. piAu-triaihi wi. fu&^u^h. 

Flaircp pbu-tr. m.filasitt ,■ easiin piaif^r. 

ratrcr^ ptau^trai, b^. a, f&piaster; piasieFOttr: paint: 

^trcuT, 5*, plau imh, -i, «. fW^,, ipaiiiate. 

YliXncT, pl,tu-Erc-ai. m.p/efjterrr, 

T\tti\tic, plau-^rc^irn / fUsier^itarry. 

Plausibility^. ploli-zcbe-lctiLyT plansihiWy, pfauiibU^ 

^jHTisimc, pluh-zc-bl. a. — mrnt^ a.d. piAtttiirit. {tteis. 

Plebcien, iw, plai^bat-yaii'l, —yen, *. piibeiuru 

Plebiscite, plai-fais-siE, m, piebiscitum^ 

PUiades, \AA\-y^\\,/. pL pltwtdfs, pi. 

PleariH e, plaiw, pten. a. etii4. — «ment, Ad./uli; iibifuttd^ 
<n^ wWA ; t^mpittt : ei) ^ Jour^ tJi *^icWflf da^ii^ht: 
X — «: mains, pUni\fiiUy, iibtraiiy ; «ji ^e mcr,, iJt 
thf&pen J<?*; — , m.fuK.spaa:; iftfy jm?^? . 

Fl^lJitrc, plAirv-yair, a. p/e*Hrry. 

Pl^nipnEcxitulir^, pliiii-nc-pot^rf-sirair, «i. pUttipoiffi^ 

Pl*iii:udc, p]ai-neHjd»/;/^fft[/^t^*;j.yi^^wif. {tiary. 

FleO}]asm$r plai-tin-asm, wf , pl^rtastn, 

PlclliOTC, piai-tW./jf^tfrJiifj'B. 

Pjtttrcr^ pluhrai. p. a. tt n. So fr^, ww/, iatHmt; 

lleurcsLe, pLuli-rlL ;f, /: pliurisy. { grifd^e. 

PlfrUretique, pluh-rai-^tit, a. pUttrUU. 

PleuTcur, pluftrrar, wi, — se, ^mhz,^ "Wtffitr. 

Pleurniclier, t». it. ta snivtl, tekiinpsr^ 

Plcurnicheur. pluhr-niah-ur, wi, sniviUtr, 

FJciirs, plullt, ™. //, tt&ti,pL 

Plcun pluJj, j« Pleuvoir. 

•PteuvoltK piuh'Vwar, v. imp^ ft? raiVt 

ri^vre, play-vr,j^//(?h™, 

Plflycm^ plai-yi?u, w. i5tfirf', twie. 

Fli, pie, fn.pletU^/otd; wrinkli,' aouB cc— , en€hse4. 

PUabIc, pEc-ah-b], a. phabie.jtfxibU. 


{etfmpiy iviih. 

gjage, plc-ahj. m./itldtHg^ .■ y;,/{^, 

Pai4!W, e, pic-aw. — t, A._piiatityjffxi&it' — . m,/^Mi _ 

Plier, ple-aa, ar. a. €in. tof&i^; bmd; ^<tTp; yitid: 
submtii — h,tg;ige,t^decafftp; se^. V. r. Iq Ivnd; 

Plieur, plc'ur, M, y"cj/isfif r. ' -'■■ - '* 

PlJntlie, pkiHE^j^ piinih. 
PU<3n>, plc-oh -w, *H./0/ditt^-stkk^ 
PJique, plik,yr //fhi. 
Plitt^incnr, pis&s-tna/ir, m./bMuig^, 
FHhocr^ ptis-al, v. a. io pi&ifyjbld. 
PLissure, pLiss-fir^y: pisi ifiH^, /aiding. 
Piqc. piQK, tn. hair auii tar. 

Flofnb, plo/r. wf. /tad ^ pUtmmrt ; buUti ; tftuck ; \ ^, 
flQntliag«, ploM-bahj, m. ieadifig. \ ptrpmdicuMriy 
Plomb4j^]i«, plo«-bahJ.m,/:jJ^«JM*flify, 
Plombcr, pto^t-bain ir, a. t^ lead i stap \to$th) ; phtmb. 
Plombcur, filoif-Lnir^ jm. hi "tt^ho leads i>r stamps jr^ifis 
Fhinh\.er^ plon^byaip m. p/nm^er. 
Flonnant, e, prraH-hjaWr — *► «^. />i?m abatv, d&vfn- 
PJotlgee, plOi'i-hja!./: jAi/^, ^/af*j. [wLirj^/. 

Ron^eon, plojd-hjoi(, tn, phit^'ecn, diver. 
FloTiger, pfoM-hjai, ?^. a, rfw. taplungt, dip/ dive; £p 
• tf&Wfttvards: ^n — t V. r. f<6 piun^t* 
P1onj?eur, p3oH-h|ur, w^, dii.vr. 
Ploqiier, plok-ac, v. tf, J'fl OvernvifA fisfr aftd tar* 
Ployablc, pLwa.yah'bl, a.pnablr. 
Ployer, plwa-yai^ p, d, t-f ic?td ; /bid ttp ; iif: —, v. r. ft? 

Pluie, plLlc.>^ ratn, ^ 

Plurnlrc, pia^mahj, m. p/ttTfta^e ; JiatAurs, pt. 
PluniajJ^ pli^-m^i Pt^JeafAer^iiVitm. 
Plulnasscau, pi Cl-mas-oh, t?i./eiifAfr-brtWffi; euiii, 
Pjunias&crie. p[al■lllas-Tc^^y^'^■l/rAfV-fr■£¥iit. 
P1umiisFiji;r, pia^uiai-yai, tn.jtafHtr-xetier* 
Pjufn«. p]flm,XXtfa/j^^jH,. ^utU. 
Tluiueau, pia-niehK #^«, drisitr. 

Ptiimer, plfi-maip -j. a. is pluck, piumt. 

Pliunetf ptd-may. tn. pin^ne. 

plumetis. ptam-tc« m. imbmitttvy witM coOon; fwt£h 

PtLjm«ux, Sic, plflrnmh, —z, a. plttm^t^./taihery, {copy 

Fluimtir, pm-mB.tif, »*. miHuie-ba^it, 

Flupart, plil-pax.^ tfunt, j^reaiest p^tt, 

Pluralltif, pm-ral.e-Ul./://«™/£0'. 

FluncJ, pirir-ycl, *», piurai Mum^er. 

Plus, pfa. f*i£ wMrtf ; matt : 1* — , the nwst; au — , tout 

ftEl ^ a^ mBst; de — ', (resides, m^reffver; de en 

*»Mrt ffwrf martf ,- au — \*^, as jopw. as possible • ~ de 

laniies, no tti&re it^rj ^see Pkire). 
PlusiieufTS piflz-yur, a. jnanyt ^eptral, 
Plut, pt(l, j» PleuvoEr 
PlxitOt^ pid-tQli, (Mf, raiher, tttfrv. 
Pltivtal, C( plAv-yat, a. pluvial j rainy * eau — C, mi/t- 

■ttfftter; ^, m. bishop's cape. 
Ptuvicr, pldvyalK tn..piinter. 
FIuvIcujCk se, plQif-yuh, —b, ^, rainy. 
Prt 4 UTTiatif] u e , p n Lifi -m at ^ik , (t , ^ netittt a t/f. 
Pneuraonie, pnuh-inon-Cty; /Jifwrn^jtW. * 

PochadeK postt-ad,/: nfttj^h tAetch. 
Pochcp posh,y!!^^*rf.' ba^; £rop, crsw. 
PothcTH posli-ai. -u. a. tapoacA : bruise/ beat black and 

blue: geiEfs pochs^fi.yrxifrfflfj'j^ 
Pochcter, posFl-taL v. a^ toMckef. 

Pochette, \i<i&h'iA./: smaifpcicket : kit. [in the feet 

Podagn;, pod-ab^. a. p<fda^rj,iai, g^ty ; —,/. gout 
Pye c, ^■hy\/./r^jfitiffpa»; pan- —, nt. Stove; pall, 
PoflcttCp po^y^-felt,/: smmpan, 
PijSIlci, p4>ay-|ydi^ tn. sfovotnaken 
Pot-ton. ppnay-lon, jw. skillet. 
Potloimc*, pci-ay-loii-aii/; skillet/ttl, 
Pd<tmc, p4:i-a^m, w. >of jWk 
Poesir,,J^ jJpe'jj;/ pffitry^ 
Poite, po-ayti *«. pi^t. 
Po^tcTcau, pc-^ii-tf oh, m. pUfliiiler, 
Poi^csstj po-al'tess,/: /wfl*/^. 

Podtique, pnal-tLk. a. ^nwnt, ad, j(Jtfrf&; poetical.- — , 
P<Jtds. poi-^hn w. TiAf^A/,' imper^anar. iy. Poetics 

PoiEnant, e, pon-yan, ^t, a. pei^-ffant. 
Poijfiiard, pon-yai, sm. poniard, dtt^^er. 
Poignardflf, pftfl-yar^dai, t-. a. toptmiard stab, 
Poilfh^e, pon-yai.y; Aat^/td; kattdie \sword). 
PoJtrnet, pon-yay^ m.. wrist ; -^rittband. 
PoJBTi«, pon-yaip see Foindr*. 
Poil, po^, tn. hair; nap/ califurihifrse), 
PoilUp po^-0. a. hairy. 

PoinMn, po^if i-sow, m. bediin ; punch ; Puncheotu 
•Ppndire, pa-aLHKlr^ v. ti. to peep, duFS'ti, 
Vom^, pO'^Lrip wt.Jiji; Coup de — ^ ™/^ 
Point, pcKliN, m.poitit; sHtcA ; marJt; matter; case, 
ictiditHfft .■ <^x J w^rk of a ship; k — , i>( /A* nu>fe «/ 
riwftf ,- de — en -^1 exi^itty: dc toiit — , totally, utterly • 
" 4 appui y support, rest .■ ^ d U Jouf , break <ifday ; — 
dc gloire, ^fv'A^ ^f story ; — dft tuc, Prospect: — . 

Pointa^^e, po-aE«-tahJ, ^h. pointUtg. \ Quibble 

Potnte, po-iiwt,/:/^/*^; *?iffljtT^(feyJ; promontory'; 
FointumcEltK po-aij(t-ma«, tn, peintittg ; tevelling. 
Pointer, po-ain-tai, o. ft. ein, to peitit ; pierce ; prick; 

dot; take aitn : spreui: soar. 
Piointeur, pfi-aiH-tLir, tn.. pointer, pricJter, 
Pointlllaifc, pa.aiK.ti^-iihj\ iw, d^^m^. 
FointUlcr, po'aiU'ti/4[, v. m, ^dot • tiip • cavil. 
Pointilleric, po-aiJi-ti^re,/: bickering f 
PoJnUUeu£„ sff, po^L?*-ti/-uh, — i, b. caPfiotts; puncti- 
PointU, tj pn-aljfaA, d. poinied, sharp* llious. 

PoJn tu re, po-ai ji^'t fir, /! poim, 
Pojre K pwaTt^ pear ; pufutder-kornt 
PoPF^K pwar-aip tn. perry. t 

Pojreauj pwar-gh, W. ireJt, 
PoirtieK, y: -r^'A/Zf beet. 
Poiriif, pwaT-y,ii, tn. pear-trie. 
Pois, pwa, Ml. /^ftL 
Poisoii, pwa-so»f K m. prison. 
Foissarti; e, pwas&-itr, ^d, a. biilin^S^tt. 
Pi^tssardct pwas5-ardf/:yff A-OTtfffMjr, 
Potsser, pwass^l, zr. a. t^pittfu 
Pofsson. pirass-OAt, tn.Jish; ^nartertu 
PoiSsonnaiUe, pifrass^onna/j^y^^. 

Foiisonncrte, |>was5-on-re, yT^'jA^wM j-^r^. [yfjA. 

PoisaooncuK^ se, pisass^pn ub. ^x, a. Ab^nmding ivith 
Poissonniert pwasx - on - yai, »i. Jiihm^tiger ,• —ere, 

— jair, /.jfM itwn^er: Jish-kettle. 
PoJtraJ. pira-tra/, m. breast, chest; breast-leather. 
PonrinairiCi pwa^tre-nairf a. rvnsnmpttvt. 
Poilrinc, pwa-triHK^ bre-Asf; chest, 
Poivradc. pwfi^vrad, /! >^//f r andvwrjrar sauce. 
POLVrc. pwa.vr, m. pepper ; ^ eati^iT, rtWfidpepjtr^ 
rotvccr, pwa-vrai, tJ. at.topeppfr. 
Poivhci^ pwa^viMJ, '"■/M^*A«KrfT/^ 
Digitized by VjOO^ lie 




Pflivriirc, pv/a..vK'A\r,/l jficit-dAie. 

Toil. pT«ra,yC path. 

roLaiTc» pol-air, a-.p^lan (ftoDe —, p&lt-sker. 

l'Dlariiicr» poL^r~c-£ai, t^. ^s toPfiarisr, 

J*6lc, fjonj, tn.poii. 

If" ali^miquc, pol-^i-nltlc, rt . pclrntic : ^1 /. poiiHiins, pi. 
Poli Ch pul-e, a. "Jtietlt, jrf. pitiishtd : paiite : — , w. 
PoEi cc, pol-iiSik, /] poiitCt ptihcy. ipoiisA, j^^i'JS. 

Foliccrt pol-e-!iiiLK i-'l rt. top^iish: civilistn 
rolichliirllr^ [lul-e-ittc-llcl, :»f. fttnch. 
• I'ollmcnt, pul-c-maw, th. pi?lis/finj^ ; p<?ti£h^ 
I'olfLr, poi-tcrj 1'. a . t& fimij^h ,' bu Tn i-th ; civili^et. 
I'oHi^scur^ pol-£-£t]r> tn.p&lishen 
l^oilissoir, pOlne-SWar, ml. p&HtHir. 
PolissoLFit, pol-e-STrdr,y^ ^Aififti^ iru^ht 
Poluson, pol-e'^T, ^. iifiXdiiutrd^ 
F«lis5Dna«r, pol-^-SOn^diK ^. />' ^er play the hlaci:^nitrd 

Poiis!iUi^, pol-e'SOr,/. /tf/tf*r>if . 

Fulitique, pal-e-tik, «. — ment, ttd. ptftifical ; cmtning; 

— , A pQi^tict.pL ; piffi^jf / — H m. poiiticiixit. 
Poilllquer, |jOl-«-te^ka^ ■&. rt. fe iat& pontics. 
Polka, pol-ka,y:/'p;j6aKa^*t^J|. 
Pcjll^ pol. m.pkL 

Ft)lticL:atiott, jpoi-lc-M^iah-syow,/ jiw^/cfiu'Li.'jiJv. 
Fdllucr, pol-la-ai, «. d. topMu/f. 
Follution, pdl-h'i -^yoriy /. pUluti^n . 

Ptiltron, ne, poL-lrarf, — trOIln a. arofiirdiyy itasl^i'iHy; 
Poltronncrie, pol-troH-re, yi fffwitrvticf. [— , «t, ct^ifnyd. 
PolygamcH pOt-c-Uam, m. p^ygamiit. 
Pulyj^amiCi pol-r-jjain-tpy^ P^t^£^ff\y- 
PolyHllottc, pol-c-glot, u. p0iy^li}t, 
I'Dly^i^phcH pol-C'Sfrafj ml tnisceHannms TC'ti^tff. 
Polype, pol-ip> wt. pi?/ypHSi 
Palypeuv, w, painr^-pLih, —z^ a. pi^lyp^nt. 

Pcilysynat>e. pcl-q<5iil-lab, a, p^ly^yllittit'ai : —. rn. 

PoIytecliniqi«, pot-e-telc^nik, dv p^yfichnic. 

Vnlyth^smCx pol-«-tAUi5in, **t phlyfh^iim. 

Pmiiinade, pom^atl,^ /^wj'flj'w»*f. 

Pomniader, pom^d^^, ». dr r<^ ptfrnatum : m —, t\ r. 

P?>mrnef pom.j'^ &ppl*i ^vad. [t^ lurp&r/tafHPt. 

Pomrmif, pom-al, «i. r^^Sff. 

Porninevau, pom-oh, tftrp^mfruli hUi. 

se Pammelef, pom-la), v. r. ie j^rtnir dappleti. 

POTfitncT, poin-ai, 7\ n. f& g-r^Jv i^ a rcand hrad, ftead. 

Pomincrafe, liOm-ray,y^ Qrihard^appic-tms. 

Pcjinmctte^ '^Kx^-fA,/. p^tn-jnti^ kfisb. 

PuiumicT, pora-yal, jn. sppii-trte ; appli-T&asUi-. 

Pompc, po/jp, /. pOtitp ; pitit\p / -^ i Tea, steant-itigute / 
^ rDiilaHlc,/brtTf>ri^'/f(Wt/. 

romper^ pOTi^pa], i/. ff. t^pmnp: sttck. 

PDmpcui, &4, pdN-'puh, -^f^ a. — ^inent, ad. poMipoMS, 

Poinpier pO H -pyain m.Jijnnan ; pamp-mak^r, 

FuiiifJO[i« pD^[-|jO»f , F7f . lep-JtrWi ,' f«/?, 

Pompoimcr, pOH-pon-ai t'. a. to dfck. 

PoiLsnC. pcm^n, iR. -ivest. 

Poucc, paw sS, /^ /H7n ice-if&ne. \iOfi rtd. 

pQUCeau, ptjM-iob, j>H. Ttd'pappy : ctt!veri ; ^, et, Cfim- 

Ponc^r, poK-iait tJl 01 ie rub ■orilh putHtcf'iient, 

Poncife, poM'SCCTj wf . lar^e cftnrit. 

pQfici!i> pofl-M, iw, draTiTifi£ j^Hi/tfd and rti^&fd &ver 

PotictuaLite, poflk-t Cl-al -e-tat, /. piitietmjfityr \j*ig'- 

PongtuatEon, p&»tk-ti-ah-syo;^, y: puHtiHo^n ; peitU- 
' PcmctutlH ICf poi(k-t<l-etl, ((. — kunciit, ad.pHm-tuaJ^ 
Ponclucr, powlt'tfl'al, V. A, t^ punvtnait. 
PontWriblc, po/t'da^rah-bl, s. p^adfraMt, wt^habk. 
Poncl^ratiun, po^iT^ai-rali-syot, TT /£»; j-f . 
Ponderer, pOH-dai-ni, v. a. t^p^isft balance, 
Pondeusr, pt)H-duh^^yT /bjvj^. 
•Pondrc, po«-dfT t*. «. f^ w. ^* lay rgg-s. 
Pont, po'i, w*- itri<i£f, decUl {ship\\ — kvis, dy.rah 

^^idffr .- ^ SLUipendu, cflUiiti^ridgt ,■ ^ volant , /iying' 

bri^t. : — s ct chao&s^es, high^rvads^ 
P&nte, pojit,_^ £ayiN£- ; — , tn. pUHter^ 
Pdflt£« e, poK-tal, di dicJtid. 
Fontfir, po«-tait p^ "■ topunt^ bt the punitr. 
Fonifft, pow-tay, »r* mj^jfrv^'Kiji^. 
Pontlfe, poK^U; m, p^tttijTr [—1 /*t. p^niijtcal. 

Pnntrficai, e, po^Ke-re-kaJ, a. — «!ncni, ad. pffnitjicat / 
Pontificat, po^f'tc-ft-VftJl, *M, /tsJttfyf<-n^. 
Ponton, p0.n-tO/l, m. pertf^Tt ; Jfrry-bi^at : htdk. 
Pontona^e, po^^-ton-ahj , tH. p^itagf. 
■ Pnntonnier, po^j-toTi^yaip m. ponii^geg-aih^rer' : pan- 
Pape» pop, Wl. /«»/f . [/ifjif cr. 

Populace, pop-fl-Iass,/ /tJ/w/ifaic. 
PapuLici«t, i^re; pcp-a4as-y;it, — r, a. vui^f'. 
ihipulaire, pop-Q-lair, a. —ment, ad. pi}pjf!ar. 
PopLiiaHser, pop'G'Uir-e-zaE, T'. a. Ad/f/N/jmx^; -fc —, 

V* Ti iff ffiAxg Sttt^t it^f papula i\ 

Popularity, pop-A-lar-e*tai././tf/M^riify;/#/M/arm<iM> 

Population. pop^dAahsyon./'.populeUion. [turs^pt, 

Populieux, se, pop'Q-luh, — z. a. populous. 

Poraci, e, por-as-^i,' a. porra<eo$*s ; UeA'£^rte*u 

Pore pork, j«. Ak^ / pork, 

Porcdaine, pors-lta,/: porcelain, china. 

Porcelet, pors-Iay, tn. guinea'pig. 

Porc-^pic, pprk-ai-pik, m. porcupine. 

Porchaison. bor-shav-zoM,y: wild boftr season. 

Porche, porsb. m: porck^ portico. 

Porcher, por-sbai, nti swineherd, ht^herd. 

Pore, por, m.porei 

Poreux, se, por-uh. — z, a. porous. 

Porositii, por-oh-ze-tai,y:>vr0xi<y. 

Porphyre, por-feer, m. porphyry. 

Porreau, por-oh, tn. leek. 

Porrdction. por-rtk-syon,/. porretfion. 

Port, por, tn. port, harbour : wharf; tonttage : cars 

riaee ; franc de — , post-paid: — de lettre, postage. 
Portable, por-Uh-bl. a. wearable. 
Portage, por-tahj, tn. ^rriage; portage. 
Portau. por-ta/, ttt. portal. 
Portant. e, por-tan, — t, prt. et a. bearing; bien — , in 

good health ; I'lin — l-^utre, one with the other. 
Portatif, ive. por-tat-if, — iv, a. portable. 
Porte, port, / door; gate; 4 — dose, secretly; — de 

derriere. back-door. 
Porte-aiguille, port-<g-l/^/ ruedle-bearer. 
Porte-assiette. port-ass-yait,/*. statid. 
Porte-baguette, port-bag-et. X loop. 
Porte-baUe, port-bal. tn. pedlar. 
Porte-choux, port-shoo, m. ttag, fob. 
Porte-def, port-klai, tn. turnkey. 
Porte-cochere, port-kosh-air,/I^(M)»;a)f. 
Porte-crayon, port-krav-yon. m. penciUase. 
Porte-croix, port-kro-ah, m. cro^s-bearrr. 
Porte-Dieu, port-dyuh, ttt, priest who carries the host. 
Forte-drapeau, port-drap-oh, tn. ensign. [litter, 

Port^, por-tai./. reach, extetU; ebmpass; line (music) } 
Portc-enseigne, port-a/t-sain-y^, tn. stattdard-bearer. 
Porte-^p^e. por-tai-pai, tn. stoord-belt, 
Porte-^tendard, por-tai-taM-dar. ttt. stattdard-bearer. 
Porte-^triers, por-tai-tre-ai, tn. stirrup-strap. 
Porte-^trivi&res por-tai-triv-yair, tn. square-rings, pi. ' 
Fottc-tux, port-fay, tn. porter. 
Porte-feuille. port-fuh/, tn. portfolio. 
Porte-malheur, poit-mal-ur, tn. hmrbinger (ifill-luck. 
Porte-manteau, port-ma/t-toh, tn. porttnanteau. 
Porte-monnaie, port-mon-ay, tiu purse ; tnottey-bag. 
Porte-montre, port-mon-tr, tn. tuatch-holder. 
Porte-mouchettes, port-moosh-et, tn. pi. snuffers-tray. 
Porter, por-tai, v. a. et n. to bear; cairry ; cotwey t 

; '. ■• .■,• ^ ■■-■■■- :■,-■.■-■■ :-ktu 

jipjn ; — u!ic ikinlL% io j-frfn ii a h<tsiih^ taasi ; ae — , 
•u. f. tc be ; behave : tend^ be tncHntd. 

Porttf-respect; port^rc^^pek, m. bad^. 

Porteuf, por^tuFt tft., porter ; bcArer. 

Porte-vcrKfCj port-vairt||, w. ZVfg-er. 

Portc-vDiJi, port-vwa, wt fpeaki^jf-trump^/. 

Porticr, port^yai, ttt,forfeK doifrwcp^r^ 

Portiire, port-yair, /. ftfstc^^iWr. 

PortLonf -poT-hy mi, /.Jfi^nioH, part; alLywrn^tce. 

Portique, pOf'tik^ at, parUHi, pifTch. 

Portrair(», por-trilir, %\ a. t^ portray. 

Portrait, pctf-tray, m.p^rtt&U ; picture. 

Portraiture, yoit-W^'^'-^At., f. p&rtrailure : (ivre de — » 

Posvffc, poh-«at|J, *fi. laying [draTnini^.b^it. 

Pose, ponz,/ idying ; pasture. 

Poie, e, poh-Jtau a. — men^p ad, itt, staid; tedatr; grait. 

Poicr. puli'-zaip v. a. ct «, io l^y, s*f dunvn, placf, tup* 
post : iic, rest: sit .1 sq —^ V. r. to iifffit,p^r^h. 

Po!ri:ur, poh-rurt m^ layer; bell-hntttgrr. 

Positif, ivc, poh-iKj-tif, — iv, d, — ivement, ad. pUFitire; 
■^-i ffr. positive degree. 

Po^ii t ion. poh ■ zc • sycj 'e, _/! posi-^i^'t, paStut^Cy 

P( ' ;-. !' •■■ :-. '..''■ . ■. .■:!.7 ■'■■tan. 

Pc .• . pjssCis, ett/oy : &e ftuLrtef 

0/ , 'iC — , I- . r. ta iiftnmaad on^S 

Possesseur. pos-ti-sar,^ttt. possessor. \tetnper, 

Possessif, ive, pos-es-if, — iv. a, possessive. 

Possession, poa-es-yon,/. possession. 

Possibility, pos-e-be-le-«ai,/:/(;xjf»(/t/y. 

Possible, pos-se-bl, a, possible; — , tn. possibility ; tout 
son — , ott^s utmost, . 

Postdate, post-dat,/:^A<A(/e. 

Postdater, post-dat-ai, v. a. to post-date. 

Poste, post, m. post, place ; office; —, /. post; post- 
house: post-office; Post-boy; petite — , two-penny 
post; courirla— , to ride post; prendre la—, to take 
^post-chaise. . [a position. 

Poster, posrtai, v, a. to pott; station ; ^—rh r, to tak€ 
Digitized by VjOOQlC 




Poiti5rleurf e,. pas-taj-rc-tir, *. — ement, ffrf, ftaierior; 
P^t£r(oriut» posrtaS-ic-or^rai. / fotbnonijr. I *mA 

PcHlhiUIKt pCB-tflm, a.Jottkitm^H^. 

Poitiche, lM*-ti5h< n. rMfitraiiiUd ; /aijtj ^difious; 

FoU-KliptUinH poat'iltrip-toniH, m.^ifKrfft, 

PoitulviE, p«-t4-Uii< »f ^ suitifr, canAvttsft. 

PocCuiJat pM-tfll-Ial, »■► n, it surfer ^ fitad, 

FioAnret pot-lttr,/; fi-^itur*. 

rat poto, M.^ .- — i fc\i,j^re-fo/. 

PHft&e, pot^h-H *= /ifrtaMt, drinkahlt. \tMnsrs. 

PoUKEi pot-illlj, *M. poOa^f, ffUfi ; jjour EouE — , foraU 

rwaicer, pgt^-af, w». MUj)-ditA : Atf^AfTipanten ; 

FM-dc-vmt poi-duA-viiLif . m. jiiW-wi/A ptr^Hitiit, 
Ptite^ p«, JT, main — , j-jjw/At* Acrw-tf. 

PotKlU, pol^tu ™. /ATA 

Fal^, poL-aiK/: /trf/i*/, 4^i9j-w, 

Potfl^e, e^ pot-lar, A.piump. 

Potcnwt pot-fluKSi,/ sibhtt: crutch: liaHdnrJ. 

Fmemieilc. pat^aji-tjrcU a.poitfttiat iTivrkkouse. 

Poteiic, poi-Tc, /, mrf^iJTWiiiT; P-tfftrj', ^/tr's 
Poterrve^ poi'iEnif^ js^sittit, fiMrJk^wr 
Poller, pot-yql, w, ftj/z^r?- . ^ d'etnm, fr»>ttrtj'^ 
Potlo, pot-alfff «H. oriifit i^rAfi, 

Potion, [wll4yGitt,y; /iJfril?t, dr-AUsM. 
PtrtJton, pflt-^-n^fi, W, >Mm**i>i. 

Pcpu, ptji&i m. ^tJHJi-^ 

FoiiCEr^ Jhji**, rn. thuiHA ,- mrJt. 
PcmctcT, pooi-y&i, Hf. tfinmb-si^it. 

Poll J re, |}ch>£]t, /. fitfvxier ; iffui .— h, csnofi , ^T*''*- 
l^>|ji1rcr, poQiirai. n. ji. f4' fitm/der, \pjwder. 

PoUiJrcttc, poci-dTct,/; dritd ni^Ht'SifiL 
Poudreuxp sc, pao-dinih, — £, ff, f^mvi^ty, ffusfy. 
PpuJiicr, |H»-drc-ai jh. jand'bax ; jtoiatif^ matter, 
Paildritrci [>oo-drc-atrj /. /evxifr-m Hi, SH mi^^^ix. 
PQut pooft int. piitttr/t} fiawef [Jau^Mer. 

Pouffcr^ pofj-fat, Ti. Fi. , ^ dc rjrc, ^^ fiurtr cut Into a 
Poyilles, poo/, .A ^/. ahmivt spteih ; chaater — , to call 
PouHEcux, ^, poD^-uti^ -~x^ a. hitijf, [tiatncr. 

Poulailtcr, poonlif-ai, m, ^Hlifrm heff^itujr ; hett- 
Poulain. pnctalfl,. jh, a3/^,/iNi^, [<V(7>. 

J^oiiE.^ine, pMcto-leti. fr ttit^k^d. 

i'uLilatdc, poo-tvrrt,^ /mJTV/. [— d'lrnle, iitrkfy-hen. 
PueiIf, imoT, J^ A^rt ,' jftiJo^,- stti^r ; — d'&iu, *rJjn(Jr./i^/» ; 
PauliEt, fKJD-Vay, wt. rhfi-kfU! dttriins^ : i^iK-ictiir. 
pQulctEF, pDafflt,/: ^«;/K. 

FauJcvrui, ^fi\-vt^\H, m . fiHtntH£-^&yv\ttr. 
pDuHchc, ptjO-lislt./.J*/,^, 

Pukfhcn pwj]-yai, V. O. /a An^rJ'. 

Puulidrr, (>i>i:i-]iii -iii, ir. « , lit/inil. 

Poulinlire, pno^lin-yair, d.^, j umc^lt --> ^rjJftf-lrtrtlY. 

PiUilH, poo, rH. pulir. 
JNiuniiJEi, poo^raj*f, r.t. tniTffT. flh 
Pcm|i,ir(lf poo-par, vi. ^Ar, (Sn^Vn 
Pi:iU[Virt< poo^pai, m, *(J(.^p/iTfl>* 
Po»|]c, poopri^ fi*'^P' sttm. 
I'oUlTcc, ^lOo-pdf,/". flW^. ptififiet. 

Paopan:, poo-pbn, m, chitbhj-ch^iu^ t>o^ : ■ — He* — pon, 

/. tAJt&ify-tha^d j^rl. 
Puur, pcrar, /r./4J^ / Utitfad iff ; in 0f<der ti' : as for; — 

qur, ihat ; — peu iiue, ifrver Ji? ^* Wtf 3 — ainsi dire, €u 
PourUilre, |M3flr^lJo.Ahr, mn. (^o'v^-fflwru^, lit were. 

PosirteJlu, pMr-^hn, »rt, Hifjtr fiig^ 
Poitrtha-S'jtr, pDDr-iil]45-Jlii *r. it. A?/wrf»f, 

S'cuirfuiUEi-C:, pQQr.f;ii«-Jf , U. a. hJ f /fpHfl-. 

Piiiiriln-irl.rrr i>oor-fk-xr.l:ii, tn. p^rUy. 

J'oiifiMLT, |;iuMir.|jy.iLi, wf. /^rjr^i''f:. 

I'uur|j*]Lii[r V'LJor-ptHlur, pM. do\fbkt, \ple : r^rdinalship. 

Poiirprc, liMr-pf, nu pttrpit; purpies^ pi. : —,/. pur- 

PoHr[lrn5. «, poor-prali, ^. fiurpH; fievTc ^Ph petechial 

Paur^udL p^icir.ltwa* r, ivV v Ccst — , tfi^re/nrr. {/ever, 

Pi3iirmi, p^m^rBjfj jr^sif Pnuvsju-, 

Fdtifrlr* poornicr, ik h. tt ^ ^^ v. r, ta fvi, £yw 

WaoMlissA^a^ poor-c-*ihj, w». stwpiH^. putrid, 

KjorriSQir, popr-c-swiit^ m. niteepini^-it^Uj^h. 

Paatritun, poorM:-tllr,jC riJ/,t«jirjrH 

pQ^suImit^ poor-STre-rdR. r^. candidatt .- tuifcr ; WtfOfr. 
*Poiir£uivrc. ij<j^jr-:^ft'«i-vr, t.v li, r* n. tflpuritif i prosecute^ 

■ ■■■'■ ■■ ■. J. ■ .■ ^f 'j^, ctinriHu f. 

T'-.::^... ■. I-..1 :.L.,.- .-. ; ■ . ^f , hrfl*rt^Jfjj^ 

Pourtour, poor-toor, m. cowpass, 
Pourvoi, poor-vwa, m. appeal. 

•Pounroir, poor-vwar, v. a. et n. to provitU, suP^fy : 
endow ; invest with «■ se — ^ v. r. to provide o$te's se(/i 
enter an appeaL 
Pourvoirie. poor.ywa-re,y: a purveyor's stores, pi, 
Pourvoyeur, poor-vwa-yiir, m. purveyor, vtctuaUer, 

Pourvu, poor-rA, c. provided. 

Pousse, pooss,/: pursiness ; shoot. 

Pouss^e. poo-sai,/: pressure ; shoot. 

Poosser, poo-sai, v. a. et n. to push, thrust / drive .* 
urge; push on, set on ; shoot, sprout; ^ pussy ; — 
dc% C1&, to scream out; —k\aL roM^ to help OH i se — . 
V. r. to make one's way in the world. 

Pous^ette. poo-set,/: push-pin. 

Poussier, poos>yai, m, coal-dust. 

Poussi^re, poos-yair,/*. dust. 

Poussif, Ive, poO'Sif, — iv, a. pursy. 

Poussin, poo^ff, m. youngs chick. 

Poutre, poo-tr,/: heam. 

Poutrelle, poo-ttA,/. small team. 

Pouvolr, poo-vwar, v. n. to be able; can; tnay : je ne 
puis le faire, je ne le puis, / cannot doit;-^m. pimr, 
force : possession. 

Pouzzolane, poo-zol-an,f:pos*olani. 

Pra^^matique, praK-mat-lk, a. prafftnatic 

Prairie. pra.v-T^,f nuadow. 

Praline, prain-Un.y: crisp almond. 

PraUner, prah-lin-ai, v. a. to crisp. ^ 

Puie, pnm. f. flat-bottomed vesseL 

PCiticable, prat-ik-ah-bl, a. practicable, feasible; Pass- 

Pratiden, prat-is-yai«, m. practitioner. [able. 

Pratique. pnt-{V.,f. practice ; habii, custom. ; customer; 
mettre en — , to practise ; — s, //. ceremonies, pi. ; 
intrigue ; — , a. — ment, ad. practical. 

Pratiquer, prat-ik-ai, v. a. etn. to practise; keep company 

Vti, prai, m. meadow. [with ; ptot. 

Pr^Iable, prai-al-ah-hl. a. —ment. ad. previous. 

Pr^ambule, prai-an-bQI. m. preamble. 

Pr6au, prai-oh, m. yard, 

Pr^bende, pra.i-haind.f'. prebend. 

Prtfbendier. prai-baMd-yai, m. prebendary. 

Pr^caire, prai-kair. a. —ment, ad. precarious. 

Pnicaution, prai-koh-syo/t,/: precaution, caution. 

Pr^cautionner. prai-koh-syon-oi, v. a. to caution; se — , 
V. r. to be cautious. 

Prtfctfdenunent, prai-sai-dam-aM, ad. precedently, before. 

Pr^c^dent. e, prai-sai-da/t, — t, a. precedent, preced- 
ing ; — , m. precedent. 

Prtfc^der, prai-sai-dai. v. a. to precede, go before, 

Prrfcepte, prai-sept, m. precept. 

Pr^cepteur, prai-sep-tur. m. tutor. 

Pr^ceptoral. e, prai-sep-tor-al, a. preceptorial. 

Pr^ceptorat, prai-sep-tor-ah, m. tutorship. 

Pr4che, praysh, m. sermon ; meeting-house. 

Pr^cher, pray-shai. v. a. et n. to preach; publish. 

Pr^heur. pray-shur, m. Treacher. 

Prtfcieuse, pral-se-uhz, yC/r«ci» woman. 

Precieux, se, prai-se-uh, —z, a. precious, valuable; 
affected: — sement, ad. car^tUty. 

Prdcipice, prai-se-pi!». >n.//vr(>Mr. [hurriedly. 

Pr^cipttamment, prai-se-pe-tam-aM, ad. precipitately. 

Precipitation, prai-se-pe*tah-syo'f, f. precipitation, 

PrdcEpiUi ft, prai-«e-pt-taEt a. firei.ipt/iife^ hasty. 

Pr^ciljktr, ptA\-ic-pc^tm, v. et. to prKififntt : harry ; 
5ft ^, V. r, ftJ prttcipitifle oaf's self,- ntsh inla. 

Pleilla. t, It, -^11, a. — cmdit, ad^ pneciMe^ mxacr; 

Prt-tlirr, pfat-fta-iaL -v. a. tfl j/afe ptrfirt/y^Jix,. 
Pteziiian, ptai-ic^^yoII^fprf^^£st^iH^. 
Pr«^ci[il!, e, pf^i-st-cai. it, ^^aresaid* 
Prect'cc, |>T^^kth;S5, a. pTrraciftHS, enriy^ 
Pre cucicd, praifc Oi^MaJ,/ pre(VCimsH.'Sll. 
Prccumptef, pnii^iDN-taj, v. a, t»drdtirt, 
PrccOTV^Batton, pnl-knn-c.xali.^oif.y: /rrnfttu»fi'AI, 
Prcccniscr, pral^koD'r-rai^ v. j^ ts prt^niw t' exftd. 
Pr<5cur!icuT, praE-kJ^r-sur, m^fbrtrnHHti^. harbin^ir, 
PreJt^cCdcr, prai-dBiFjMii.daJH v^ ft- It? die first. , 

Prf^dr^ciF^ praj^ai-say. wi, dectAit b^A^rt that ^aH^AtK 
PicelccffMcur, prBiTdA.i-seS'Ur, m. pTYdrCftt^r 
Prt:idcstiuation, |:rai-des-te'nAli-9yt>«f,/ pr^tdtsHttaH^H. 
PrcdcsliDcr^ prEii^dcs-IC-ruaE, V. &. fa prtdestiHOit, 
Pjf dctcnninBtion, prii-dol^talr-ine-nah-AyoN, /. fvfd*. 
tirminatiett. \titittf. 

PrcdetennincT, praS-dsl-talr-me-n^, *. &. i0 fFfdfifr^ 
Frii^dicaiiicnt, prU'dcJctni^ir, m-prtdicame/ti; r^wtt, 
Frcilicantn prai-de-'ka/J , m, pftocher. 
Prcdicatcur, pral.^de'kat-ur, **%, Jf'FeacAfr. 
PrtidhoiLtan. prai-de-kah-fyciN,/: prtaching,. 
Predict Jcn^ pm3-dik^syr] M^/; /I j-^/fffuiH^ 
PrddiliTEtiorL, ymUicAeJt.syoH^f: prtditectton, 
•Pre 1 lire, praWtcr^ t-. a. tejiinatt. 
rn<J^pi>uiitin, \tt^-^^^5«i'ibZf-%^H.j:fredi^f»&imi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Predominant, e, ptai-dom-e-iia//, — ^t, a. predominant, 
prevalent. ^ [prevail. 

Pnsduiniit^r, pfili-doirt-r-tial, -v. fi, f\? pTvdi'ffii}:-zfe, 
Pru-tiiiiRCtice, pr^i^^me-na/rsat/: ftne-emintms. 
Vri^nsmctVU Ci pnii-ai-LLiE-naH. ^t* a.pre-fminenf. 
f^cDiulLati, prai-iUJ -psyoFr+/: fire-^ifipiion. 
Vicctnhlitt pToJ^i-E J oAccrt v. a. /to pre^HAblish. 
Vtin xvAj-ul^ Cf priii-c^-zis-taH, — l^ ti. prr-fxtJtint. 
tiv. c xi^tcn c t , pri.u-c^-zi:i-t3;j>i^ /. pr(.i!x£ii^m's. 

Pr^fccrure^ prai-reTi-tLLT. 

,/. prt/tchtre. 
Ph^fcrablc, pmifilUrah-bl, a. — nicntj a^j^. pr^tmblr. 

Vvet^Ttx, pr.i!-f£u-rm» xf. n. tuprr/tr^ liti belter. 

Pf c feti |]Tai-fAy, wf . prefects 

I'ls^iuiir, prai-fc-ilccr, f. j. to deiermitte. 

IV'fiji. c« [srai-filcst a. se/^ rettitii. 

Pre fixion, (.irai-hksr-yoH.y: pr^JixiPtt. 

Prej udicc. |;iraL-]iJ il -diiis, wi. pre/t/^uf, 

I'r«ju^lii;kaXilc. prajn^hjadL-i-c ah^bl, «, prf Judicial. 

I'Fi^^iitliciel, le^ pTJi-hji-dLs-c-e]], a./?iftrjpHj. 

Ppejudicicr, pr:ii-hjil-ai^.e -jJ. vv'- ta/Tf>uc(uri, ittjiirf. 

rr^jyjf**, prai-lij^lOya^ prejudiff / pttt'Meitt. 

frelmfef^ prai-hj u-hjai, tt, a. £^ pt^jfidicafe. 

*e pKlaSKf, prai-laJ5-sal v. r. ^*t Witik ajftitediy. 

Prelut, pr;ii-lali, wi, prttatt, 


PiPclc, yrajii-j^ h^m-taii. 

Priter, prai'liu^ p, a. rt rw* WeifA horse-taiL 

Pf el*t«iieni;, pnu-^jrv-nta'^, »w. ^rc i'/o« j iiedNctiofi. 

Prd'ki er, prauvai^ tr. a. r'f^ Irvy pmiimtsfy, deduci. 

Pncliiniiuure, pj,i4c-me-TiJitr, 

jiicnl, flrf. prelimi- 
. . \ftary^ previous. 

I'rt^luJer, praJ-ldHtak v. »^ teprtUtde. 
f rciuiilurc e, prdl-mai-{^-rBJ, a. — jncnr, a,{. prefriaiure. 
Frciimlurit^, |>rai-fnat-£i-rt:-iaK/! prematHretiess. 
TrdmcditatiDii. prai-tuaL-dt-tah-syoWj /: /? ?«jrfiVa/ji?iJ. 
PremcditcT* prai-mai-dc-tai, 4^. «. tsprrtNfditate. 
Prt^ ihiccin pTaS-miss,^ pl.Jirst/ruits^ pi. 
Pretin«r, icrc, prirA-inyai, ^r, jt, — iirct^cntt ad, Jirst; 

— 7n,_firyti/irstjfiMir, 
PlFtntilwr, prai-iu ^-accr. v. a. tiffsrriiiani, OJuttffn ,- sc 

— , Vr *"► topfvz'iiie aj^aiitst, 
Prcn^Lblei prwA-nah,b], a. prejrfittHft. 
prcHi^ks, pxMA-nay', jn Prendre, 
Pjrcttant, Ct [jr"A'ni'<h —If (t. ta^ift£-,' carcme — , 

AA?Vtif Juesdiiy, 
•J'remlre, pnut-dr* v. a, <'^ t(, fo iake: cafcH : acf^pt, 

rttti^f i^oa^H/^Ftt f untie ; take rtvt r tl nn: prelid 

speak: — t«rre, Ja /*flrf/ se — , v. *-. At ft* /(t*crt/ 

raitir ,■ €i4rdit .- s'en — i> ft? /ajf the/atUt up^rt : se — 

i. rite, AfX-irt tolmtgh. 
Prciiciir, tirK^-nur, W. taker; lessee^ 
Hrcimep praifK J/f l'reiidr&. 
>*rcn'drmi, pfai'DOn, m. tAnstian name. 
Prcii<H3\, {triKA-QOfr, Prefls, praii^ see Prendre, 
Prcnotidn, ptx\-W>)X'S'g<iH, J\ prensturtt : ntju/fifure. 
Pr^Dccupamn, pral-uk-A-pah-syoji^/ fire^AXiiptattcH. 
Pr^occuper, prai-ok'A^pai< t^. a. to pre^fiivupy ■ pre- 

Jsidier : eft£'rcrsi ; 5C — , w. r. to be prefioiseshtd, 
Pr^i »pmcr+ pral-Qp-F-nain t'. h, ^^j vote^nt^ 
Pr^j>arati^ prai -p:iT-at-if^ jr., l^reparatiQci, prai-par-ah- 

%yQUifr preparatiert, 
Pr*paimtOirc+ prai-par-^twar, Ji. prrparato ty, 
Pri^palfert prai-par^iH z.'. if. iepnpare.Jff ,- i'e — h X'r f-n/o 

pTtpA re otters self. 
Pr^pund^rancCb prai-poji-dairrawg^ f, frtpoiidfrdme, 
l^rcpOiTidtranE. Ci prai'|>c}jj'dai-raie, — t, a,prfp<mdfr<snt: 
TiH^poM, prairpoh-zaj, tn. Gversee*. \<:<t^tins. 

I'rcpfjaer^ pfai^pph^zai, %k a, la set iK*er. 
PrepO^itwn, prai-poh-zc sypjFi,/ /r^/tfj^riifrt. 
I'reroijative, prai-roff^t.iVj/^/Fifrst^iJi'rW, pHvi^f^. 
I'rts, pra/t/*", tf^ a J: near, by, ihtt; Htarly ; ii ;wn — , 
I'rciiaj^e, prji-iahj. »w. preja^e, ^tttfrt. [rttarljF. fUtn^st. 
Yti^^^t, prai-xatij^ai, tj, 4a, t^prtJA^e. 
Presbyi^im, tn |ires-be-E3,i-raI, a.prttstiy. 
PrcaU^tJsre, pres-be-iair, wj, MrtJijr. 
Frcsbyitirkn, m, pres-be-tAJ-Te^aiM, —en, a. pttihy- 
iYcsclmce, pr»i-sya«sa,j^/*Yjrtfw/, [AriiiM. 

I'rcurrlptll:^ pr»-krkp^lC>Ei1, *, prtaripHhtf. 
Fncscnptitm, pf Cfr-ltrip-syoft,/: prtitription. 
•Prcitdnre, prevkreer, v. d. rf «. t^ prt^cribt : j^et by 
Pniscance^ prahsai-AMSS,/ frtad^Hcp. iprlicnpiian. 
Pre&cncc, pfal-iiMflS; /, /^ifinr*. 
Pndacnt, e, prai-utff, — t, a. — *ment, ad. prrrtut: 

ready ; A — , at present ; ^, ^. present, £-ifl ; present 
Preventable, prai-£a»-tah-Ljl, » . prrsenta^ir. itense. 

Pr^scntalcar, prak-fan-tat-ur, TJt. patron. 
Pr^^jientaHcHl, pTab-farj-tah-syon,/^ presentation, 
Pr^^entcr, ptraJ-zari-tal, t'. ci. to present ; pffer, show; 

fC — , *. r* to present OHis sei/^ appear i o^cur^ 

Prtservatif. ive, prai-zair-vaMf. — iv, a. preservativi': 

— , m. preservatwe. 
Preserver, prai-zair-vai. v. a. to preserve, serve: se — » 

V. r. to preserve one's se{f. 
Presidence, prai-ze-da«ss,y^/«jti/^«o' .-presidentship. 
President, prai-ze-da/«. m. president : chairman. 
"■ ' ' " \, J. president's lady. 

■It H'c^i'C'Uc-njc-iHn-iur, m.jnggur. 
n, pres-te-de-hje-tah-syon, /. sleight of 
tihj, m. prestige, charm. \hand. 

!, pres-tuij-yuh, — z, a. bewitching. 

Pr^sidente, prai-ze-da«t, j _ , _,. 

Prtsider, prai-ze-dai. v. a. et n. to preside; govern. 
Prdsidial, prai-zid-yal, m. presidial. 
Pr^somptif. ive. prat-zon-ptif. —It, a. presumptive. 
Presomption, pTAi-zon-tayon,f. presumption, suspicion, 

conjecture. [presumptuous, arrogant. 

Prdsomptueux. se, prai-zon-ptfl-uh, —z, a. — setuent. ad. 
Presque. presk, ad. almost, nearly. 
Presqulle, presk-eel,/. peninsula. 
Presse, pTcs&,f. press ; printing-press ; crowd; hurry; 

— i la vaicaxA(^^Jlying-press. 
Press^, e, preset, a. in haj,te, urgent. 
Prcssentiinent, pres-aM-te-ma/i, m. presentiment. 
Pressentir. prcs^t-teer, v. a. to have a presentimettt ; 

Presscr, pres-ai, v. a. et n. to press : crowd; straiten : 

hasten: hurry ; urge; be urgent: se — , v. r. to 
Pressier. pres-yai, m.//rjxwMrn. [croTvd ; tnaJte haste. 
Pression, prcs-syon, f. pressure. 
Pressis, preve. m. gravy ; juice. 
Pressoir, pres-war, m. press : press-house. 
Pressuraxe, pres-A-rahj, m. pressing. 
Pressurer, pres-fi-rai. v. a. to press, squeeze, 
Pressureur, pres-d-rur, m. presstnan. 
Prestance, pres-ta^/ss./". portliness, air. 
Prestation, pres-tah-syoM,/". — dc serment, taking of an 
Preste, prest, a. — nient, ad. quick, smart. [path. 

Prestcsse. pres-tess,/". quickness, smartness. 
Prestidigitateur, pres-te-de-hje-tah-tur, m. juggler. 

Prestidigitation, — -1- «-! — ». ^ .•_... 

Prestige, pres-tihj 

Prestigieux, se, p ^ , _.., 

Prestolet, pres-tol-ay, m. priestling. 
Presumable. prai-zQin-ah-bl. a. presumable, supposable. 
Pr^sumer, prai-zu-mai, v. a. et n. to presume, imagine. 
Pr^supposer, prai-sOp-oh-zai, v. a. to prefitppose. 
Presupposition, prai-sAp-oh-ze-syon./: presupposition. 
Prdsure. prai-zflr,/: rennet. [advanced pay : pay. 

Pr6t, e, pray, — t, a. ready, disposed; — , m. loan; 
Pretentaine, prMA-ta/t-ten. y: courir la — , to ramble 

about. [candidate, 

Pr(.'!:T-T.'.iTit, prai-t.iM-dajj', ttt. prttrudf*-: ff-*!':irtf, 
Pri'tciidrc, prak-ta/ixdf, %\ a. et n. to pretttid, tlifim; 

ifHend, aspire ; maitftnitt , meatl ; at'm at^ 
Pri.4cndu» e, prai-tAt-da, a. pretended, sham; —, m, 

future A mband ; —e,f./ttjtifre teife. 
Prete-noiQ, prajH-now, m. Ae n/ho /ends his ttattt€. 
Pr^rentk^ix, se, prai-ca^f-syuh, —z, a. assutmng. [fion. 
Pretention, \yta.Vt1Kn-^oH^f. pretensiofi, f/atMn, a/firtao 
Prater, pray-tai. t\ a. et n. to tend. rtre&-h ,- ^ rnrriJk, 

to gitft ear : — scnncnt, to take au oath ; sc — .v. r.tit 
Preterit, pr^-tai nt, m, preterite, {compiy ; submii ttr. 
PreieritiOJl, prai-tai'rLs-j'OM, jK^ prtterittifn. 
Preieur, prai-lur. #«.^j-iz/'jffr, 
Priteur, pray-lnrf tn. leitder^^ 
Prete^Eef priiL-lckst, ttt. pretext^ pretfuce. 
PrcienlHiT, prai-tcks-tal v. a. to pretend. 
PrclintAitle, prnA-i^in-^VAt^f. trimmirtg. 
PretEniaiUcr, ^tnA'iA\n-\Al-A\, f. a. totritn^ Sf^o^ 
PretoHen. ae, prAi^tof-yiiJfr, —yen, a.pratarmtt, 
PrftraiUe, pray tra/./ black coats, pi, 
Pritre, pray-tr, m. priest. 
PrctreMc, vtay-trciiA,f priestess. 
Prttrisc, ptay-tii^^ f priestho^. 
PreE:urCj piasAiiSfj: pnrtfirsAip, 
PreuTTC, prMhr,f proof: evidentr, tria^, 
Prcuxp pnih, a. valiaittf st^ut. 
•PKTftioir^ prai-val-wan V. «, fo prevail: se — , V. r. to 

take advantage of. 
Pr^varicatcur, prai^var^e-kat^ttr, m, prtittxricator. 
Prevarication, prai -var . e - kah ■ ^yQnyf. prevarication^ 

Prevariquer, prui^Tar-c^kai, t'r "- to hetray fine's trust. 
Prevenance^«ss,/I kind attenHon, 
Pr^ienanit, e. praiv-na/i, —U ^, prevtnHng • kind. 
•Prqvcnir, praiv-neer, v,a. to prevent, tOmt be/ore ; air- 

ticipate : prejudice : inform; » — , V. r. to be pye- 
jiuticed, (fentive. 

Prevent ift ive* prai-vajt-rif, —Ir, a. — iTeifient, ad. pre- 
PreifentJoOt prai-*»M^>OJT, //nfUfwfilPw, prrjudic*. 
Prevenu, e, priiv-n{t« a. prntnted, mastd, 
PrevislH>ia, pvz^i.vifxyott,f. prm^iiian, foresight. 
•Prevolr, prai-vwar, v. a. tof&resee, 
PrevAtf praiFVoh. tn. provost. y—^ j 





Privoyant, e, prai-vwa-yan, — t, a.prwiaefU. 

Pri^prc-ai, m.ftrsoH invited^ guest. 

Prie-Dieu, pre-dyuh. tn. prayi$tg-<Usk. 

Prier, pre-ai. v. a. et n. to pray ; beg: invite, 

Pritre, pte-aix,/. prayer : request; entreaty. 

Prieur, pre-ur, tn. prior: —^/.prioress. 

Prieur6, pre-nA-rai, m. priory. 

Primage. pre-maA), m. primage. 

Primaire, pre-mair, a. prinuiry,first, 

Primatj pre-mah, tn. pritttate. 

Primatial, e. pre-mas-yal, a. tnetropolitan. 

Primatie, pre-mas-e. j. pritnacy, pritttateship. 

Primaut^. pr«-tnoh-Ui,y: suprettuuy. 

Prime, pnm, /. prinu : premium, priate : advance- 

tnoney: de — abord, at first sight: de — saut, eUleU 

once. \ place: excel. 

Primer, pre-mai, v. a. et n. to surpass; have thejirst 
Primeur, pre-mur,/". early fruits, pi. 
Primev^e, jaxm'y&lr,/'. primrose. 
Primitif, ive, pre-me-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. primi- 
Primo. pre-mo, ad. firstly. [tive, original. 

Primogeniture, "pt^-mO'tiidX'nt'X^x^f.prinwgeniture. 
Primordial, e, pre-mor-dyal, a. — ement, ad. pritnordial. 
Prince, praiMS, tn. prince. \priginal. 

Princesse, prai«-sess,y: princess. 
Princier, ire» prai»>syai, — r, a. princely. 
Principal, e, prain-se-pal. a. — «ment, ad. principal, 

chief, prim* : —, tn. principal; head-ttuuter ; capital 

Principauttf, ^rwt-sc-pohAaX,f. principality. 
Principe, praiM-sip, m. principle ; ruditncnt. 
Printanier, ire, praiM-tan-yai, — r, a. of the spring, 
Printemps. pral;i-taM, tti. spring. [vernal. 

Priorat, pre-or-ah, tn. friorship. 
Priorite, pre-or-e-tai,//r»<>ri?y. 

Pris, pre, see Prendre. 
Prise, priz, f. taking ; prize : dose : pinch ; en —, ex- 
posed; — de corps, arrest; £tre aux — s, to be fight' 
Pris^e, pre-zai,y. upset price. \.ing. 

Priser. pre-zai, prise, estitnate : take smiff'. 
Priseur, pre-zur, ttu snuff-taker. 
Prismatique, pris-mat-ik. a. pristtuitic. 
Prisme, prism, tn. pristn. 
Prison, yt^-zon,f. prison : imprisonment. 
Prisonmer, pre-zon-y;ai, tn. — 4re, —x,f. prisoner. 
Privatif, ire, pre-vat-if, — iv, a. —ivement, ad. privative. 
Privation, pre-vah-Byo«,/" privation. 
Vt\y&\xt6,^TC-voh-t£i,f. familiarity. 
Priv^, e, pre-vai, a. private, particular; familiar; 

tanu; conseil d'etat — .Privy council; — ,m. privy. 
Priver, pre-vai, v. a. to deprive ; tatne ; se — , v. r. to 

deprive one's self. 
Privilege, pre-ve-laihj, tn. privilege. 
Priviligii, e, pre-ve-laihj-yai, a. privileged. 
Prix, pre. tn. price : value; ward; prize; ^ quelque 

— que ce sort, at any rate. 
Probability, ifXO-hah-tAt'XM,f. probability. 
Probable, prob-ah-bl, a. — ment. ad. probable, likely. 
Probant, e, pro-ban, — t, a. probatory. 
Probatoire, pro-ba-twar, a. serving for trial. 
Probe, prob, a. honest, upright. 
Probiti, proh-e-tai,f.probi/y^ hottesty. 
Probltfmatique, prob-lai-mat-ik, a. —ment, eul. proble- 
Problime. prob-laym. m. problem. [ttuztical. 

Vtocidi, pro-sai-dai, m. proceedit^g, process ; — «, >»/. 

delicate manners, pi. 
Proc^der, pro-sal-dai. v. n. to proceeds issue; behave. 
Procedure. pro-sai-dOr.y: legal procedure, 
Procis, pro-say. m. lawsuit, process ; action ; — verbal, 

tnittutes of transactions, pi. 
Processif, ive, pro-ces-sif, — iv, a. litigious. 
Procession, pro-ces-yo«,/: procession. [cession. 

Processionaellement, pro-ces-yon-ell-man, ad. in pro- 
Prochain, e, prosh-ain. —en, a. next, nearest; —, m. 

tuighbour; —ement, ad. shortly. 
, Proche, prosh, a. ad. et pr. near, next, nigh ; hard by, 

close to ; de — en — , gradually ; — , m. near relation, 

Proclamation, pro-klam-ah-syo»,/: proclatttation, 
Prodamer. pro-klah-mai, v. a. to proclaittu 
Proconsul. pro-k,Off-s(U. m. proconsul. 
Proconsul^ire, pro.J^«-s01-air, a. procottsular. 
Proconsulat, pro-koM-sQ-lah, m. proconsulship. 
Procrastiner. praJcras:te-nai, v, a. to procrastinate. 
PrQcr^tioo, pxO')a9x-m-syon,f. procreation, genera- 
Procrrfer, pro-krat-ai. v. a. to procreate, generate, [tion. 
Procurnteur, pro-ku-rat-ur, m. procurator. 
Procuration. pro-kO-rah-syo«,/: pojver ((feUtomey. 
Procuratrice. pro-k(i-rat-nss,y: procuratress, proxy. 
Procurer. pn>k-0-rai, v. a. tfi procure. 
Procureur. pro-kQ-rur, n^ proctgr^roxy : attorney » 

Prodigalement. pro^e-gal-maM. ad. prodigal^. 
Prodigality. ptO'dt-g:al-^tax,f.prot^gtUity,profusu»i, 
Prodige. pro-dil\j, tti. frodigy. 

Prodigieux. se, pro-dinj-yuh. —z, a. — sement. ad. pro- 
Prodigue, pro-dig, a. prodigal, lavish. {digious. 

Prodiguer. pro-dig-ai, v, a. to waste, lavish. 
Prodrome, pro-drohm. tn. prodrottte. [—, tit. producer. 
Producteur, trice. pro-dAk-tur. — triss, a. generating: 
Productif, ive, pro-dfik-tif. — iv, a. productive. 
Production. pto-^tLk-syon.f. production, produa. 
•Produire. pro-dweer. v. a. to produce; bring; intro- 
duce; cause: se — . v. r. to put otu's selfforruard, 
Produit, pro-dwe, m. product, produce. [start 

Pro^minence, pro-ai-me-nanss, f. prominettce. 
Pro^minent. e, pro-ai-me-nan. — t, a. protninettt. 
Profanateur, pro-fan-at-ur. tn. profatur. 
Profanation, pro-fan-ah-syo».^/>';^;ta/t0». 
Profane, pro-tan,<fane; —, m. profane person. 
Profaner. pro-fan-ai. v. a. toprofatu, vioteUe, 
Prof(6rer, pro-fai-rai, v. a. to utter. 
Professer. pro-fes-ai. v. a. to profess; practise: teach. 
Professeur, pro-fes-ur. tn. prq/essor. 
Profession, pvo-{es-yoti,f. profession, busittess. 
Professorat, pro-fes-or-an, m. prxtfessorship. 
Profil. pro-fil, m. prqfile. 
Profiler, pro-fe-Iai, v. a. toprtffile. 
Profit, pro-fe, m. pnifit ; gain ; — «, fl. perquisiies, pL 
Profitable, pro-fe-tah-bl. a. profitable. 
Pr ■ -r, ! r ■■:■■:..■ I, .■ ■,■ .'. /•■.■,.:.'. itttpfvve. 
Pi ■-ill, ttd, pFVftiuttdt 

Pl...f.'n.iciir, ^Tii.tnH-^^T.frpr^/9HttdHtja. ttrpih ; Tfttpth 
Pr I M^c^iKJtnt, [ifct^fa-fij^i-puuu, ad^ pi-fi/itSt/jr, iavisfu'y. 

Pi i-.f 1 1 s i-i n, pr«v(ti 'W^n,/. prit/UH^tu. 

Tf ■L:r.ittuiieK ]^rt)-^dUL, jw, AHl, list. 

Pi '.-4.1 1'^ pru gtaj', wt, pri^grfis. F progressive. 

Pi 1 i: TCi'ivir, ivck pro-[fTCi^r+ ^v, a, -^iveonriit, ad. 

Pi ; >■! L' ji-ton, pKf'jLJjics-syoff, f prsgr^iio^, 

P|j L-rT^iLittn prO-eTC-T-Sist, ni. pTOffttl-tifK 

Pl-1i<trcrH pro-c-faai^ lu a. ta prsAmt. forb^. 

Pi hiVitlf, LvCh priK^bc-tll* —iv, ti, prt^hUf^ifry. 

Pi i.- 1 : il -i t i Dti. fjrO'C-bc-SyoMj^ pr^tHH&n. 

Pi ■■!.-, [.To^.i1],/:/frjv ifipd^. 

Pi ■ ; c t j . in, prorhj ek syoii // pro/eetiim , esstirtg. 

Pi . y^'c t LI re, |>Tq^hJek^tLl,r, f praJtftHrt. 

Pi'ji^t, i.r^jh-tiliii, m, prvj't^; pltn. 

PiL.-.iL:rt-r, [jn.^hjuAHtal^ v, tf. fv pnifeet, pfan. 

Pi .l-i^-.rriunMr proOai-Kiini-AyTi, m. pl.pruligpmefut.pi. 

Pi. I :.,irc, pro-bi-lnir, m.pyplttari. 

Pi . 1 : 1 .ina.t, yiTo-hi-lAT-y\iK m , pt^ktariat.'w|ue, pm-le-fik, it.pntli^r. 

?.i', iirn.JlTc^, a. — mcPlE, ad. pf^ix^ 

,^-Lie, pfn-EQK, m. priUo£-HC. 
'^^Aiiun, prij-Jo it-y^iU-\i'ynn^f, prwljstigtfl^N^ 

■.■iitltoientn pru^dPTliJ-iTLiD'i, wt ixngt/UHiHg. 

■.']ii;cr, pfd-jdn-hjiu, T^ a. tB prolaisg ; Irtt^thtii cut; 

r. tf fie prufracfrdf. 
i i tiiAdc, prdrh-uaJ, /^ Tiiaiting .- •a.<aa. 
■ .z Etcr, p r^m-nai, v. a, to -b afk ; if ad ab^Mt; %r — , 
r to •n.'aik ; ■aiander; jse — 4 cheviJ, *if takta ride. 
.ciicuff prom^uuT, fw, ^mmiiter ; lotrt^gtr. 
iicnoir^ prom^Divikr, fH, Ttntik, 
:ir.ssc, jJTa-Tua5A,^Viirf; borut. 
Mcrrear, prn-mcl-ui', m, —55, —uhx^fpromi^ei^. 
irtflEixe, prct-mel'lrr t'. a. it n, t^ pntmixr; \s — , 

Pi .in 1 1^, prri-nij^ ift Frcuciertrt, 

{v. r. jfip h^. 

t-uiti, pro rnlsi:.wc-iai,y^ /fWff£KW«j»tri»«fH 

1 1 L-: ^■iQn , pf Ji 'Km.yfitt.f. prtftttiit. 
•■'-i-'ifc^ v:f''i't:^"-'i-t*iu", fH..pfvm*nit*ry. 
, ,f . Lj.-. .T, 1 .1 , . : l; . , . 1 1 1 1, m. pffim0ter. 

:■•■.■-■■- i . 3 1 f ■ ' . ■ H'ow,^ ptitfmftitfH, prtifinftem. 

iiii-nv/iT, ]!.r.j. d-vwaf, V. rt, iff prentatey pr^r. 

• I r. c, pfy/P^ —\, A, — eiMfit, «rf, pFtnnpt, fHick, 
./.p.Ti, /taity. 

if.liLiirJc, JJTOIf-tfl-tad, f projitptiilidi, ojiickmxs; 
Mil. pro-ltiC J<f ProrlKtiiViofi-t yh^iUvita. 

1 1 1 1 1 if^itiQii. pifj-iii l!ll-|^>byarr,^ pram ulgatiffH^ 

I r- , pjohn^ f pr. Siiiid&y armou ; lec±Jirr^ 

.■'It.^ t. a, to fiiuLa ; escfti; prtac^ 

OMif pfoh-iiur, i7t. priKic^rr ; pi^^Hr; ffcfurtr. 

Pri.'5i:ini, pnili-nc-Ji , tn.prvueutt. 

Pr ::■■■;.. ^ n.-J , (\ i']'>ii*,.]:iH:-na1, ,!■ pf^ntiMiifiiil, 

Pr^ .■ ■ : ^ ■ r ■■■. .-■■•■d: 

Prononcer, pro-no/i>s^, v.a.eln. to prottaunu : utter; 

mark ; so — , v. r. to bepronQutued. 
Pron«hciation, pro-no«-syah-syo«. f. pronunciation, 
Pronostic, pfo-nos-tik, m. piygnostic, [uUeranCt, 


Fro|>agBflde, prci-paif rawrf^ j^ ^M?/ni,fw//rfa. 
pop*.^rtt«UT, prtHpajf^t-ur, m. p^rp^^af&f^ {/uitGH. 
rroiJai^iilionj ■pia-pa^'ah.^yQir^ / propagation ,■ difr 
Propaj^er, pro-tjalij-ai, ty. a:, ^^ » '^, v. f, fa firnfo-s'ai^ : 
Prapension, vro-pa-H-sion,/: fifvfign-rify^. ttprfad. 

I'laph^t^, pro-fnyt< jot, /nj#J>rf. 
l'rQpt)<^tess«, pro-rai-tcss, J^ /JT^^Arikfj^H 

Prophet ique, pro-fai-rik:^ ff. — 4ntnt, jrf, frvpHttitat. 
P4^oph^isef > profai't^zaj, 'p, jt. to;pnfpkeiy, pndiir/, 
Proploc, prO-ptsSp a,, firo/itieus. 
Pf t>pj EiaElon » prO'pts.yall-S^^'^On:, jT propitiati&n. 
Fr*>pitatoircH prg>.pLsS'yJlC-1ii^lj, a. prajyiitaiory. 
Ftoportion, prQ-p<>r-syow^/; pn^Hfrnm ; i — , en — , 

propirrtwnablv. {niiiy, 

rte^portloHoalftf, pTO-pOT-syion.gJ-e-taJ , /. proportioti' 
FroportUsiuieli Je, prO'pOr-syon-e]] ^ b. — Icmcnl* fl^^. 

proportienatl^ {portion. 

FropDrtiQiin^nient, pro-porni^fOTV al-maw, ad. in pre^ 
PropDrtioiiner, pro-pOt-iyon-aE, %\ &. i& properiioH^ ad' 

Fropos, prO'poJlf w. fti/*, dis(anrsf, purpose: dp — 

dcljbere, pMrpusr/j' J A — . A3 /Af ^wrjf<7j:f ; jfiWflM. 

air/_y ; k Euut — , at^ frw^ry ^k^m. 
l^oposable^ pino-po-iah-bTta.jl'/ii? bepropvitd. 
Proposant, pno-poh-ESHH w. j/uifril' i>i divinitj>. 
I'roposcr^ prO'poh'f as, t^. ^. itr prafiMf - o£t:r .- jnotimn j 

5c —J v, r, t^purptue^ iii/efid. 
Proposition, pro-pChh'ie-Syon,>:/.^j3{fjtfti?ff ; fnoiinn. 
PrDprCt pfo-pr, a. — nienin ad.prtipfr, ffWn .■ very,-'^f, 

^uaiififd; (/ian / — , j^a. properfj : [ivoir en — , rt? 

(3WM ,- —5, .PL fYfli pr^ypfr/Vv 
Pf opret, te, prO'ptAy, --pret\ a, sprutt. 
Propfctfl, pi0-pr4aii,j<t fdeanness ,- iprtt^neis. 
Propridtaire, pro-pre -ai-tairj j«, f f /! prepn'etay ; /fv- 

prUftXfts Mtmlord, iandlady, 
Propriit^, pro-pre-ai-iajfj^ propeffjy. 
Prora,tai pr^rHh^^li, ad. au^^ T'jf«//-i?/(7ri^ji3'n I'd?. 
FroTOtKatu, ive, pro-rid-|[at-if, — iv, pi-pro^atizv. 

Froitwer, pro-roht-ai, -f. u. ti} ptvft>Etiet prir/fn£: 

Proeaique, pro-zah-ik, <t. pnn<^if. 

Prosattfur, pro-iat-uTn wf. ptv^.qvriiitr. 

Pro&cripteur, prt>:i-krip-ELirf m, pntscri^r^ 

Proscriptioil, pn>S-Ljii>5yo«,y. prvttripfian* 

*Pfo&cnr*, pros^krecr, z'. a, t^ pT&scri&t^ iianish. 

Proscdt, prof'laic, tto. ontiaiP. 

Fruie. pf fthiv/; ^rPJ*. 

ProKi'iyie, pr&-2ai4Lt|. u», proitlyte. 

Pro&^]>;tJSKiCH pr£Hjai.l«-tism, m. prof^Iytism. 

I'rostKlie, p(to-iod-e,_/I prc-tvdjr. 

ProscKliquc, prc>-£Dd-L1c, rf. pr^sodicai^. 

ItospcclusK pros-pck-t(ls, f«. prospectus, 

I'rospirc, pios-p^Lri a. pfPSptiVuF. 

Frosp<5rcr» prds-pai-rai, P, M, /lo prosper, thrive ; faire 

— t /fl refidfrprospenmj. 
f^ospiirit^, pTDE-paE-r«.tai,/^ >wj/iir«7jr. 
Proi>,tcnmt]D]it pro^'tair nab'SyoM^ y., Prosttmc-mcnir, 

pros-^tair-nii A-]3iajd , nin ptostraiiitn , 
se I'rosicTnerp prcMj-tair-nai, t. ?-. io pr&strait one's s^if. 
Fros-titu^ pTM-li'tQ-aJ, v. a. ^prorHfate. 
Pfostitutiont pnme-tfi-iyftK,/ pmslietiti^u. 
Prostration, ppos-trah-syo^f ,/l /rffj/^if/^« . 
Prate, prot, *". «^rj«r,yH?rirww«, 
l^roiecleurp pro-t«l£'nir, m^. preteci^r ; patr&iT. 
l^rdttfCtioci, \>X9-i,^V'%yii$i,/.proicciiiftt,' pairtma^e. 
VroiectotM, pro-iek-ior-ati,^imr-ikip, 
I'roiectiicei pro-tek-ttiss,/ Aa^jfwjfcff. 
Prut^£i(£r «, pn>-tjlt-lljili, n. dfpendaHt. 
I'roufKer, pro-tii-hjEii, ti a. ivpnft^t,pairs}u$e, 
Protc^[ant, e, pro^Lea-iaM', ~e, a. ptvutsittnt. 
I'rotcstiLtlliiilHiE, pfO-L^-taji^Eisorip »(. prvtestaniiitn, 
ProtcsCatiuEli pno-tcsj-Cah'Syo^c, /, prcteHaiiiyn ,' pfaJcS' 
Protester, prO-tP!i-tak, "u. a. et jr. i^i pr&^stt vaie. \siOfi. 
Ff QlCtt piu-tay, wf. prote^i. 
I^olocale* protD-kol, fit. prt?f(nW. 
Pratonotaire, pfO-to-no-tair, nt, pTufemttary. 
Prototype, pro-lo-tip. tN.prats/ypf, 
PfOtntfcr^ncCp pro-tLl.lMi.raJ^5^,y; protKherntice* 
Protutcur, pro^lfi-tcur^ wf, pr^flOr. 
Ftoue, proQ,yi /toTw. j/iuw?, 
Ff oavil&te, ■priCKKv.'Kh.tjip fl. prwAhie.. 
l'rou¥«r, prao-Trai, ^, 0, ffptvrt. heto4xn. 
Fr&V'iditeuj, pr&v^iKJe-tur, «*. provedifer, Mv^'jwr. 
l'roven»Bce, prov-mKss, y; /j^tJi^Wir^tpjjj,//. 
Provetiant, e^ prov-iwuiT — t, a. proetedin^, usuin^^ 
Provcnde, pn>-vaMd,jC/«JWfrffr. 
•Provertir, prO-Vi-^A-MCT, 1^. «. topy&^etd. 
IVQvciije, pitHVaLf b, ii^rt. pttrver^. 
Pfovcrbtal, c, pfO'VaJr-be-aJ, *, — ement,d<^H pt^merHaL 

i 107] 


Provifleilcp,*TS(S,./: pr^videuct. 

PrQvirientI*!, ici prori-e^iJaJj-sye], a, prtrvidenfisL 

Proi4j^ieilietirKpro.viH'y^-liiAJf, m.. pnrvijting-, 

Provigncr, prtk-vlii-^yai, 11. ^. ^#/rtff i«ir. muTiipiy^ 

Provin, pro-¥ai», Wn iaytr e/a vine. 

ProTfince, pro'vaiwfis,/: /rtfnMtf^ 

Provincial, e, prCi^vai«.i>'Al, «, provin^a!; nwtfrj. 

iiAv: — , f7(. i^ttn/ry gt/atemaM ; prvuiftciai. 
PrOviniii«(a^ ptd-vaiji-syai-ah, tn/pr^vinciaiiftip^ 
ProvLnctaUsioe, pro.T:ii#^^ya],tsaiit ut.prm/iHciaUsm, 
ProviiiFUr, pto-vc-aur, wa. A<wrf^wrt^j/m 
IrovisiQ]^ pro-vc-^yoff, /: ptwist^a^ itocJi: ; jeraHt.: 

par — , prp^fisifftfu/Zy. j vifima/. 

Pro wi^ionjifl, Icj prove ,z:ycin.-e]], a. — leiMiitf ad, pro- 
ProM^isoire, pro-ve-zwar, «. — ment, arf. firitvist\friaL 

PtQvisorat, pro-ve-ror-ah, «i. head-,fwisltrskip. 
Provocateur, pro-VOk-al-tir, tn. pt-^vaJtrr. 
Provocatian, pro-vo-kah-iiyojj,y; /rmmiz^ii?j^. 
Provoqucr, pro-vo-kai^ i\ a. to prmioAe. 
ProxLuuti, prcik-5e-tiie-tai,^/raiiVffl!dv. Heamtss. 
Prude, ptild, a, prudish i —./^pritde. 
PrudstFinicnu priS-dam'jiw, ad, prudtntiyt difersit/y 
Prurience, prA-daifss, / pntdert^f. 
Prudeill^ c^ prli^daw, ~tv a.prttdettt 
Pnj^Lerie, praid-re,y;/j»tf4';'j^K dt^nHrtness^^ 
Piftia'Jmmte^ prLl-doni.e,.;; H/njrJkl^Hess. proAtfy^ 
PriLd'llomrne, prl-dorn, r#i. noriest man : /mfee^ 
PnniQ, ptCiih/, p/urn, 
Pruneau, prri-noh^ »i, pntm, dried pium^ 
Prunelai!^, prijnrtay,/: plttm^rchard, 
FruElctlc, prtt-nct,/ j/^itv tyetali. 
PrutieUicrf prd-nd-e-aU J'a sSo^^dret. 
Pruiiicr, prin-yai!, *«. //rtfl*-/jnfflf . 
I'm ril , prkk-r^t «*r prurience^ itcA in^. 
Pialt^nonp p^t-tie-ryOHd m.pimL'ery., 
PsaUmCf psolim, m. psalm. 
Psuuticr psoJi-lyait m. psalm^tiok. 
Pscudonyme, pauh-don-im, a. ptfttdanymaus:, 

I'sycholo^i?, p&c-feoUohjreiy; ^jjrji^/twj^^ 

PtyaLiiim?^ pifr-lt-ism. w«. /tra/iJW*. 

Pu, pfi^ J«>,iitrt, PouToif. 

Puammcnt, pGam-air, ad. tiinAinsriy, 

Puantcur, pM-an-lur,/: stiH^. 

Pubirc, pii-bair, a. puittsftnt. 

Puberty, j>Cl-l>mLr-taipy:j*i(^rj>* 

Pubescent, «. ijfl-bcs saw, — t, a.puhfscfnt, downy. 

Pu b iCh que, pa-bLk> a. — qu^lnciit, ad. piMu: ; -., m. 

PublLcajn, pa-b!e-kairi, m. pttbOcan. {thefiuifiic. 

PubJ]£atton, Pki-ble-kah^syo«, /:>«*/i'atriiyi; 

PuLiUcistej pa-ble-ci5l:, fn,pH$iKist. 

Publicity, pfl-Wc-Sc-lai,/: /rf^^K-ify. 

Publicr^ pn-lclt-aiH -v^. a, /tpuMisA. 

Puce, pfi&s,y:^ft7/ ^, a. puc^-coiannd, 

Pucriaje, pilii-lahj^ W. nmidtnh^sd. 

PuccJIcpQ tel^/; maid, firkin. 

Puccron, pfls-roj'j^ fli.^rulf. 

Pudeur, pO-dur,J^ Mi/(/j(/w wj ,- sAanti. 

Pudjbiond, t, pa.debfl^f,— d, c. ifashfni ; Modest, 

Pudicit^, pa-Jc-sc-lai,y: chastity, pHdHHy 

Fudique, pfl-dik, a. — uieti^ ad, cAaste m^ftt 

Fucr, ^t-OAy 'u. n. to litnk. 

FuitrLli, tf, pfl-ai^rii^ a, — ement, ad.pturile, childish. 

Pu<iri]iti, pfl-al-rc-li;.tai,yV/Hcri7f?>, thildisUnesu 

Fujplat, pa-hjc-lah, jw. pugUistn. 

Pmn^i «, pA-^-ilai, a. y^uitgtt^ ,• stcond, 

Pl1lI> pd-L at/. i'Af'/i, affer7ifards\see PfluvOErf. 

Puisii^e, ptl-e-ialij, tn^dfawinff up waitr. 

l^uisard, pil-e-zar^ wi. dyAi}ii7t£-'weU. 

Ihii^it, pa-c-zai, ^. ff. t& dratir «/. 

I'uisqijc, pil.isk, c, fime i inasmuch. 

Piu^aiUincnt, pa-e-&aui^i, a4.poti'tr/itliy,fyrcibly. 

Puiis&ance, \t^'^-SAK-i-i,f. p&Wfr ,- force ; O^miriion. 

Puiiisant, e, pa-e-sawp — t,, d. pstiterful, migtityi emr. 

Puiiic* pu-ii, ict I'ouvQir. igitic 

Pnitsp pTi^e, m. leeil i iha/t\mine\ 

PLilluLcr,pO]4£14ai, 1^. «, tcpulhd^f: utttUipiy* 

Fulinonajre, pfil-tno-nair, a. puimonaty. 

PuEiiionic, pBl'mciii-e,/: consumption. 

l^ilmEsniqut, pCtii'inon-Ek, a. iinsuniptivt^ 

Pulpc, v^i^./'.pnip. 

Puipcuit SC, pftUpuh, — jz, rt. puipous. 


. _ ...... -, ,^. psiipsus. 

Pulsatioii, pai-Sari-s.^'^OM, / pftisafioft. 
Pulvirin, puJ-VHi-ni]M, m. prim.iftjj^ poTeder; pritttin^ 
Puivi^risaCtQO, p; /w/u^riVB^iflif . 
Pulv-triwr, ptU-vai-rc-wi, V. A. to puli/trixc. 
Pultfcnaent, e, pfjl-vai-raia^r, — t, a. pHtvfrn/tnf, 
Pnraicln, pCl-nif^-^aiM. m. patift-oil. (jriaiie, 

Punais, c pd-nay, — z. a. haVirig a siinAiit^ noit^ 
Punatsc. pil-iiayz,y: bug, 
pLLnchi PCIJJ^, t/UpHHCh* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

pvn tiod] 

pEinir, p^-tiHt, Ti a. ts punish, rhaitiMt. 
IHuiissbltt pA-tit-fah-Uj a.^Hnti^iUtt 

Thjpitrcj, i/f. ^^j1. 

Pur, c» iifij, a, — eracnt, Jj^. pitrt : ^ttitinw ; iieai, 
rieari en — c pcrtCf /d» Hd fiu t-fiasf, in fa i»^ 

Ptmiet par-aJ,y:/£ii.iDi/t/, ttnii^^attf. 

I'urcr, piQ^T3.i, tj. u^ lii j*-j:'wf^ 

ViiT^iW. pAr-eat-Lf^ m. /mr^a/ivf^ 

Pur)!:atiniD, p flf ^ifiLh^sytni, /: /fiif^^ill^rftT /ur£t. 

PuTsaitArc, pAr-]^! -war, w. purgsitu ry. 

yuij^cif pAr-hJai, t". «. tapur)^^ cifAtLiti cUar; $fl -"^ 

If. r. t<itifar9nt*s£fij': iak£ 0hyiic, 
Purificaticjn, pQ-re-rc^Bh-s^c/i, yi /ufn^fa/l^W. 
PuriAcatDire, p^l-^c-fc-kat-wa^^ tft. pur^iratitty. 
I^yjiftrf, pQ-rii-c-ai, v. a^ ipfitiri/y ; ic ^ij i'. f, ia purify 
PurtHnc, p(]-rtbiii, m^ /urij-zn, [iJ/k'j ifl/; ^tviti furt. 
PuriaLe, pi-riit, m. jurist. 
Purtrakil, ptL-rc-taiFif m. pariiitn, 
Purit^nlMnc, pA-rc^tiLa>L5Jii. jm, ^Hri^aftifm, 
Purpurin, o, p if-pfir-aj ((, —in, J, purplish^ 
Psrulcncc, pA-rfl-LajusSr/jHiJ^/ifWiJ'. Jitf//')fj^MB. 
I'urLilrnt, e, jilli'rA'liLMi, — t, *. pi^t^^frf* 


PiisLLb.niinc, pa-til-liJUV-'iav, *, ^ttlcOt, cp/.^MJ^/awCwrflrw, 

PasLUanrnkit^ na-£p-lAn-e-lue ' - ' - —►'^^ - ■' 

PusIuEe^ p^S-mi, jC/njfj*/;^ 

pListulcu-i, M, pOs-till-ul!, — ^ a. finTtalifuj. 

pQEaCkTH ivCt pA^at-if, — iv+ a. jtuAitj/vf, 

FEiLnr^, pO-r*a, m. /laieniL 

Fulriiii\^l\on. |iO-tfii!-fak-ayon,/ puitr/acTisH. 

Pptrefier, pC-trmi-fe-Ai, t. n. t&putrrjy ,- ae — , w. r. ta 

Pnrtnile, pl^trid, a. fiH/ritf. 

"Batri^itti, i^Q-trc-tle^l aS, /: pit£r£Jritss. 

pypucCf pifjr.miilli, m.ptfffny. dwarf. 

Pyrankido), Cr pe-rnm-c-diiJ, j. pyriim.{dai. 

Pyramiilc, pe-ram-id, ^ jtjrflun liJ. 

Pyrile, pc-rit, y. jJj'nfrr. 

PynotisnEite,^ pt-to-tet-nc,/ />nrftfjrA«ji:j, //. 

Pyratechniq Uft, pfi-ra-t cknik, a. pytyinrA/t ten/. [ /rir, 

Pyrrhomcq, ac^ plr-r9n-y,aiiH, —tOy^. fyrrH<^t^n, Hf^ 

QEEidr;iF:^!talrF, Itfrnd-dxaJ-Al-naSr,. &. forty ymrs ^Id, 
Qu^drjlihf t^uiual, e, kiriuJ-idlO-iLL-z^Dial, a. qnadrfti^tHl^ 

Qla^tlrFilunr, kw;krt.r:it.fir,_/; ^jfcr^rtiffiftf ,■ iisfl^Tvcr^. 
QtiaiiFiU^, kaJ-ri/, POT. nf gjMdHffe. [^. m. ^Krtrfrw/ifA 
yu:idnip^d«, k*atl-Til-peiJ, pt^ qw4Tdrtf/>ffd,JffUi^/inyf^j 
Quadruple, k wad-r(l-l>l, t. /eurfff/d .- — , w*, qnadrufile^ 
QuAdrbipiler, lt«ad-rQ filai, t/, a. /fl qitadru^iicatt^ 
^uain kaJ, fti, jj^^v, tiy, tvkarf, 
Ouaichc, kiiys)l..A jtc/rA. 
Quaker, ki^^jilj-kr^ m. quakir. 

Qualifier, kal.e-rt-aii *'. «. t^ ^liafify ,- eaii^^' ie — , TL r. 

QualkC^, kAJ-cwEal, / quality r cAarstfti-r ^' personnea de 
— , ^ftififfolts, {jusqu'i — , Aflw ^n^. 

QuaiuJ, kuHr r. wAjfl ,' if- — mi^lile, thsif^K tVtJt \fi 

Oimnt. }t*^^, 4W, — hS, rtJ /Jj ijy"4?^4 

<JijanLit]Hfl, k;ufr|yt;in, a. Ti^AajT iiijjr {.^ iht Wdr^f^J; 

OuantiE<*H kau-tc^lii}, y: /?(ajrri<|'. [aAsf //arf.. 

I^Liarantaiike, kar.a>i-Teil,j^ f jfdraj^^ijlf, ^ 

Quarantc, kar^aKr^ n.f^riy. 

<}uarajid.amc, kar-^^-tj^fjn , a, f^rtiefh^ 

Quart, kar^ iw. qiMrltr ,- ftarih p<jrt: -watthz —do 

Quart Ant. kar-Eoh^ wf. ^uaHiit-m^k. [ccrqle, iiundrant. 

guartc, kart, /: qnart i ft^HHJu yhundrEii). 

QLtftrtcTon, kar-LriTui, m, \fuaritr \of a fi^utai oi- itfa 

QuiLrdcT, kajTt-yal^ m, jjintri^r: ii'af'd r ^ —. sJ/dt, 
apart: — nkallra, m», ^warfif r^^n Jilrr ^r ^_rAtjap./<r r, 

QLtarFj;, kwHili. m. quarts, 

QuanicllX. Sic, kwan^-kih, — Z, a. ^war/^y, 

Qua<si, kriz-t^j in^. almost : —, $t%./iiifi ^fvtah 

yuaterne, k>itraij-H^ m, qital^rnton. 

Qlih tDFzai ncn kat-Ckr-ze a, f fbrfn^Af. 

OualDrzc, kat-orcn «.y^P**r'ftfw;/piiWiffiirA, 

Quatoffi^nic. k;it-ot-;yeka, it, — mcJit, aJ.fintrff^ifit. 

Qu4rniiTi, katr^kH, mi, ^wafraut. [fattrs-^^ m./intr. 

VUaif*» katr, n. J^nr ; Joitrth ,• 3i— pnttcs, bOSpm a// 

OuaTre^isriTips, kair-ijiit, j^.//. /-^w/cr- /^iy^. 

^uatrc-vlkigts, katr-v^Lv, m. f<j:M^,fattr^tm. 

Qvatrihme, kat-re-em. a. — ment. tul, fourth / — ^ »«. 
fourth^ fourth part, fourth story. 

Quatriennal, e, kkt-re-en-nal. a. quadriennetl. 

Quayag^e, kai-ahj, m. wharfage. 

^ue, \iuh,fn. whom, which; that, what j —. c. that, 
than, if, when: till, until; lest^ simx ; but; as ; 
where; becatise : whether; how, how mtuJt, hazv 
tnany; why, only. 

Quel, le, kel, a. what; tel — , such as it is, indifferent. 

Quelconque, kel-kowk, pn. whatever, whatsoever. 

QueOement. kel-man, ad. teUement — , so so, middling-^ 

Guelque, kel-kwA. a. et md. some ; any ; whatever; 
whcUsoever; however, howsoever; — chose, some- 
thing ; — peu, somewhat. 
fuelquefois, Kel-kM/r-fwa. ad. sometimes, now and then.. 

thing; — peu, somewhat. 
Quelquefois, Kel-kM/r-fwa. ad. . 
Quelqu'un, e. kel-kun, — k&n, a. some, any, somebody, 

anybody ; quelques-uns, some, some people. 
Qu'en-dira-t'on, kaM-de-rat-OM, m. public tath, 
Uuenotte. V.tth-no\.,f.^rst tooth. 
Quenouille, \iuh-nool.f. distaff; bedfost, 
Quenouill^e. kMA.noo/<ai,yC distaff-ful. 
Guerellc, )tuh-T«\,f. quarrel. 
Quereller, k«A-rel-ai, v. a. et n. to quarrel with, scold ^ 

se — , V. r. to quarrel, wrangle. \m. quarrelier. 

8uerelleur, se, Kuh'XcX'nr, — uhz, a. quarrelsome ; — , 
uirir, kai-reer, v. a, to fetch ; aller —,togo and fetch; 
Questeur, kwes-tur, m. questor. [venir — , to come for. 
Question, kes-tyoM,y: question; query; rack; mettre 4 

la — ,to torture; mettre en — , to question. 
Questionnaire, kes>tyon-air, tn. torturer. 
Ouestionner, kes-tyon-ai, v. a. to question. 
Questionneur, kes>tyon>ur, m. questioner, inquirtr. 
Questure, kwes-tflr,y^ questorship. 
Qu^te, kayt, f. quest, search ; rate. 
Qudter, kay-tai, v.a.etn.togo in search of, hunt for ; 
make a collection, beg. [dicant. 

Qu£teur, kay-tur, m. one that makes a collection, men- 
Queue, kuh.y^ tail; stem ; end ; train ; cue ; handie; 

— 4 — , one by one ; feire — , to stand in a line, 
Queuter, kuh-tai, v. n. to cue. 
Queux, kuh, m. cook ; whetstone. 
Qui. ke. //(. who, whom ; which, that; k—,to whotn ; 

whose; — que ce soit, whoever, whosoever. 
Quia, kwe-ah, m. £tre k—, to be at a stand; mettre k 
Quibus, kwe-bOs, m. money. [—, to put to a stand. 

Ouiconque, ke-konk,/». whoever, whosoever. 
Quidam, ke-dan, nt. certain man, urtain person; 
quidane. ke-dan.>^ aertttin wom^-n. 
UiciCcnr, c, kwc.<e^rF£a/j^i — t , et, f b/^kj'. 
^itftudtr^ kc-ai-tkld^/; qHi^ttt4<^qHietHess,ptaet, 
■^liUagc, kk^hj, m. i^is^e. 
lillc, ki/n/ J^i4 piH : jfJti^fe : Jeu d& — s^ nvtepi/ts.^ 
uillcr, kU-aL v. n, to throw fi^r pattHirt. 
tiJUctlc. ki/-ct,/: salloTit^slip. 

uiUkcr, kl/^tl. ffj. squarffor tifufpifts ; ttt^fn^upini. 
uiniiaiUc, kain-ka/,/; Aarxiwnrr, irvnWare; fj^p^rT, 
lliiicaillFnc, kai^.kaAre.j^ Adn/unrz'. [p,\ 

uincaillkcr, kai/i-ka/noJ, pt, Aanlwa/vmaM, irpn^ 
luSne^ kin, m. quittt, {miift^'fr. 

luinrnc, k c-nm^y: ^jvz'if /ht, 

umquaj^exLairc, kwak«f-kwal^4l-lialr, a.^ftyyrars^M. 
umriiickknal. c, kuraif^-kwen-naJH a. t^Hin^ueftniai. 
linqucl, kaiH-kay, m. ^rg^nd-taHtf. 
linr, kiijj. a. tAgJ^A. 
imtaine, Tea'm-tan.f. qitin&tirt. 
Ltal, katit-tal, m. huMdred-tfeight. 
Lte, lc3irJt,y; fuinisJ^A; rrmggot; violent cnugK 
uiQt«SKnce, k<ilv-t»-«aptsd[.y: quinttsitme, 
iint«$Knckr. kai'V-t«al'SslR-i^^^ £;. d, cf ,u. ftp re/fnf- 
lintfftto, kw.iiM-t«t-toh. m. fuinte/ta, [A^ aitt.. 

uint«UT, M, kal^-tull. — i. rt. tuhimjicjMl rtt^^vfy^ 
ukntuple, kw^MI-t^^'pJ., et. qMintjipte^JfvcJbid, 
umtupEer, kwaEff^a-pJai, t^ a. to qnintuple^ 
uJnzHknc, ^t.^\n^^^a.f:fffittH : fortn igkt, frf*j. 

Uinze, }K,iidttx, n,ftpttH.i J^fttxnth; ^^ me, fiffen^h 
uioEJ^EkkCr ba,kH-fyein, a — ^nentn ad^ fifteenth; ^^, j«, 
uipivM]k|i:j, ke-pro-kdh, ^* mMakt. ijtfttfrtth pttrt. 
uijtfince, k«-tanss,j^ qniitnncr. discharge, rtvHpi,. 
"tt ranees ke-tarf-sai, v. *. t& write a receipt, 
ittie, kir, a. quitifrtt; rid; ^k^, titftrriftt; 
tenir — . tt, m-quH, r«i*iLpi^ 

iiltter, ke tAJ, V. a. ii? o»it^ J^ve; £ive «/v tvsrgtt, 
hm, ii\a.K&s,rn,fjit/durhatTT. [^rsaif; drJchatvy, 
loaUECF. kiVA/-Hi, V. M. ict JtAakt the tail, 
!LKJb, kiva,/ji, TihitA. that ipJtich ; vAat^ wkitfyr[?er; 
^ qik'il CJiSOiti ttHas it rHty: — , iftt, what/ A^w 
ldLijc, kwa-kwA, f, tA^m^Jt, aifhamgk, {ft^mt 

LoliEjct. ko]<.|>ay, »i, ^uih^U. jrsT.pHtt,. 
uotf -part, kot-pari /r tf;i'AS», ihare, 
DotkcltcQ, iiH, kot-id^yaLfi, '—yen, a, ( 
uutkent, ko&-yaH, jn, qufttieftt. 

, ^vmian, 4ai^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Rabdchasre, rab-au-shal\j. m. tiresoffu relation, \tiatts. 
KabAcher, rab-au-shai, v. n. to tmtke tiresonu rtpttt- 
kabacherie, rab-aush-re./. tiresotne rtfttUions, pi. 
KabAcheur, rab-aush-ur. m. — sc, — shui,y: otu -who 

maJtes tiresome repetitions. 
Rabais. rab^y, m. abeUenunt ; deduetioH. 


Kabaissement, rab-ay-siua», m. depreciation/ abate- 
Kabaisser. rab-ay-sai, v. a. to lower; deprtciaU i 

huntble. . . 

Rabat, rab-ah, tn. neckband ; tipping: — jole, m. check 
Kabattaf^e. rab-at«talO. »*• deduction, tare. \tojey. 

Kabattre, rab-at-tr, v. a. et n. to beat down ; etbate ; 

turn aside. Parry; humble i — le caquet. /0 check 

one's pretting: se — , v. r. to come down; /all 

upon ; alight ; descant. 
Rabbin, rab-aui, m. rabbi, rabbin. [dull. 

Rdbetir, rab-ay-teer, v. a. et n. to make stupid; grow 
kabte. rah-bl. m. back o/a hart; rake; stirrer; — s, 

// /toor-titnbers, pi. 
Rablu. e, rah-blft. a. strong-backed. 
kabonnir, rab-on«eer, v. a, et n. to itnpreve; become 
kabot.rab-oh. »t.//a/f«. \betUr. 

kaboter. rab-o-Ui, v. a. to plane; polish. 
kaboteur, rab-ot-ur, m. moulding-planer. 
kaboteiix, se, rab^t-tuh. — z, a. uneven, rugged. 
kaboujrrir. rab-roo^reer. v. n. et se — , v. r. to grow 
kaboutUire. rab-ool-air,/. burrow. {stunted. 

kabrouer, rab-roo-ai, v. a. to snub. 

kaca(;e, rak-ahj, m. parrel. 
kacatlle, rak-aA/: r»/ " ^ 

, ,/. rabble; trash. 

kaccoiiunodage, rak-oin-od-ahj. m. mertdiftg, Patching. 
kaccommodement. rak-om-od-ma«. m. reconciliation. 
Kaccoiunioder, rak-oin-od-ai, v. a. to tnend, repair; 

make amends; reconcile. 
Raccommodeur. rak-om-od>ur. m. — se, — uh«, /. 
kaccord, rak-or, m. joining. [mender, patcher. 

kaccordcr. rak-or-dai, v. a. to level, adjust; reconcile. 
kaccourci, rak-oor-see, m. abridgment ; en — , briefly. 
kaccourctr, rak-oor-seer, v. a. et n. to shorten; 

abridge, aNfreviaU. [abridgtnent. 

Raccourdssenient. rak-oor>siss-inajf. m. shortening; 
se kaccoutumer. rak-oo-tu-mai, v. r. to use onis self 
kaccroc. rak-roh, m. lucky hit. [again 

Raccrocher. rak-rosh<ai, v. a. to hook again; rKover 

se — , V. r. to catch at; recover otu's losses. 
Race. rass,y: race; breed. 
Rachat, nsh-ah, m. redemption, recovery. 
Rachetable, rash-tah-bl. a. redeemable. 
Rasheter. rash-tai, v. a. to buy again ; redeem ; se — , 

V. r. to/ree one's se{f; be made up for. 
Rachitique, rash-e-tik. a. rickety. 
Rachitis, rash-e-tis, m. rickets, pi. 
Racine, ravin./: root. 
Rade. ra-kl.y: scraper. 
Racier, ra-klai. v. a. to scrape: clean. 
Racleur. rak-klur. m. scraper, bad fiddler, 
Racloir, rok-lo-ahr, m. scraper. 
Racloire, ra-klo-ahr,/ strickle. 
Raclure, ra-kiar./. scrapings, pi. 
Racolai^e. rak-ol-al^, m. kidnapping, 
Racoler. rak-ol-ai, v. a. to kidnap. 
Racoleur, rak-ol-ur, m. kidnapper. 
Raconter. rak-o» tai, v. a. to relate, tell. 
Raconteur, rak'OM-tur, m. relater, teller. 
Racomir. rak-or-neer, v. a. to make hard; se — , v. r. 

to grow hard. . . [ness. 

Racomisseinent, rak-or*niss-ma>t, m. hardness, tough- 
se Racquitter, rak-e-Ui. v. r, to win back aga$n ; 
Rade. rad,/: road {/or ships). [retrieve a loss. 

Radeau,rad-oh, m. ra//.-y7oa/. . .^ , 

Rader, rad^, v. a. to bring tnto a road; strike (a 
Radeur, rad-or. m. salt-meter. [measure). 

Radiation. rad-e-ah-syon,y: radiation ; erasure, cross. 
Radical, e, rad«e-kal, a. — ement, ad. radicai; —, m. 
Radtcule. xsA-^AdlA,/, radicU. [radical. 

JUi<iter,Tad-yai,v. a. to ^ace. 
Radicux. se, rad-yuh. — *, a. radtattt, shtning, 
Radts. rad-e, nt. turnip-radish, 
Radoire, rad-war,/: x/rMT^*. 
Radotage. rad-o-tahj. m. dotage, tdle talk. 
Radoter. rad-o-tai. v. n. to doU, rave, 
Kadoterie, rad-o-tre,/ idle talk, 
Hadoteur, rad-o4ur. m. detard, 
Kadoab, rad-oob, m. refitting. 
Kadouber, rad-oo-bai. v. a. to r^/it, repair, 
Radoubeur, rad-oo-bur. m. calker. 
Kadoudr, rad*oo-9eer, v. a. to so/ten, ttpfease 
V, r, to sqften, grow mitd^ 

.* se — , 

Radoucissement.rad-oo-siss-ma//. m. softening: miti- 
Rafale, rafal,/! sqttall. [gation. 

Raffermir, raT-air-meer. v. a. to harden ; confirm ; se 

— , v. r. to grow stronger. 
RafTermissement, raf-air-miss^uM. m. strengthening: 
Raffinaife. raf<«>nahj. m. refining. [confimtatxon. 

Ralfin^. e, raf-e-nai« a. refined; clever, skif/UL 
Raflinement. raf-in-nuuf, m. refinement. 
Raffiner, raf-e-nai. v. a. et n. to refine; be critical: se 

•— , V. r. to grow more knowing. 
Raffinerie, raf-in-re,/*. sugar-bcuuhouse. 
RafRneur, raf-e-nur, m. r^ner ; sugar-iaker. 
Raffoler, rafol-ai, v. n. to be passionately fond ^, dote 
Rafle, rah-fl. / grape stalk ; raffle {flice). [on. 

Rafler. rah-flai. v. a. to sweep away. 
Rafraichir. raf-ray-sheer, v. a. et n. to refresh : renew : 

grow cool; se — , v. r. to cool, grow cool; be refreshed. 
Rafralchissonent, raf<ray-shis-niaM, m. r^reshment; 

—s,pl- provisions, pi. 
Rassiulardir, rai;-a/-ar-deer. v. a. to give joy, enliven. 
Raffe, rahj.y: rage, madness. 
Ragot. e, rag-oh. — t, a. dumpy. 

Raj(o6t. rag-oOk m, ragout; incentive. [pleasing. 

Ra^oAtant, e, rag-oo-taM, — t, a. savoury, relishinji, 
RagoAter. ras^-oo-tai, v. a. to revive one's stomach. 
Rai^afer, ra||r.raf-ai, v. a. to clasp again. 
Ra^randir. ra^-ran-deer. v. a. to enlarge oHVin. 
Ragr^er, rag-rai-ai. v. a. to new-front, prttne. 
Ragr^ment, ra|F-rai-nuw, m, nezo-frontiHt'; pruning. 
Raide. red. x» Roide. 
Raie. ray.y: line'; streak-, furrow; skdie. 
Raifort, ray-for, m. horse-radish. 
Railler, nJ-ai, v. a. et n. to banter, jeer, joke : te —, 

V. r. to langh at, mock, joke. ■ {in good earnest. 
RalUerie. ra/-re. f. raillery, matkiry, joke; — 4 part, 
RaiUeur. se, raAur. — z, a. barttiting ; jeering : — . m. 
T^»XrMn,Ta.y-tdkt,f. groove. [hanterer, joker. 

Rfiiponce. rai-poMss.>: rampion. 
Ratre, rair, v. n. to bellow (stag). 
Rais, ray, m. s/oke. 

Raistn. ray-xaiM, m. grape; — sac. raisin. 
Raisin^, ray-ze-nai. m. cotifitction qf grapes. 

Raison, ray-zoM.y^ reason; sense; motive, judgment: 
seUi^acHon ; en — . in a ratio ; en — de, itt profor- 
tion to : comme de — , as it is fit : pour — de quoi. on 

• en — de, in profor- 
, ^/ pour — de quoi.«; 
which account; livre de— , book of accounts; avoir - 

to be in the right; rendre — , to account /or. 
Raisonnable, ray-zon-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad. reasonable, 

just: tolerable. 
Raisonn^, e. ray-zon-ai. a. rational: methodical. 
Raisonnement. ray-zon-nuM, m, reasoning: argument. 
Raisonner, ray-zon-ai, v. n. to reason ; argue, 
Raisonneur, ray-zon-ur, m. reasoner; arguer. 
Rajeunir, rahj-uli-neer, v. a. et n. to make young; grow 

yotmgagam. [again. 

Ri^euntsseinent. rahj-uh-niss-maw, m. growing young 
Rajustement, rabj-&st-ina««, m. adjusttnent ; reconcile- 
Rajuster, rahj-As*tai, v. a. to euijust ; reconcile; se — . 

V. r. to put one's self to rights. [throat. 

Rftie. raul, Rftlement. vtxA-vann, m. rattling in the 
Ralentir, ral-ew-teer. v. a. to abate, slacken; mitigate; 

se — . V. r. to slacken, relent. [lefttiug. 

Ralentissement. ral-«i-riss-ina«. m. slacketting ; re- 
RAIer, rau-lai, v. n. to rattle in the throat. 
Ralingue. ral-ai^ig./. bolt-rope. 

Ralinguer, ral-aiM-cpai. v. a. to fasten bolt-ropes to a satl. 
Ralliement. ral-e-maM,/. rallying. 
RalUer. ral-e-ai, v. st —, v. r. to rally. 
Rallongenient, ral-o«hj-maw, m. lengthening. 
Rallonger, ral-o»-lijai, v. a. to lengthen. 
Rallumer, Fal-O-mai, v. a. to light again, rekindle ; so 

— , V. r. to kindle again. 
Ramage. ram-ahi. m. warbling: prattle. ^ 

Ramager, ram-anj-ai. v. n, to warble, chirp. 
Ramaigfir, ram-ay-greer, v. a. et n. to make lean 

again ; grow lean again. 
Ramas, ram-au, m. heap ; Pack. 
Ramasse. ram-ahss,y: slecQrf' 
Ramass^, e, ram-ah-sai, a. thickset. 
Ramasser, ranwdi-sai. v. a. to pick up; gather; a{J: 

se — . V. r. to assemble. 
Ramasseur, ram-ah-sur, m. sledge-driver. 
Ramassis. ram-ah-se. m. confused collection. 
Rame, ram./: oar; ream; stick, prop. 
Ramd. e. raro-ai. a. rowed; boulet — . bar-shot. 
Rameau, ram-oh. m. bough, branch. [arbour. 

Ramte. ram-ai./: branches with leaves on, pi. ; green 
Ramender, ram-aM-dai, v. a. et n. to mend; lower 

Ramener, ram-nai. v. a. to bring again ; bring back, . 
Ramequin, ram-kaiM, M. wr/xA ra^A;^ 


Digitized by VjOOQL 


Ramcr, ram-ai« v. a. et n. to stick (ftas) ; r^rw, 

Rameur, ram>ur. tm. rower, 

Rameuz, se, ram-uh, — z, a. brmttc/^y, 

Ramiert ram>y«i, m. rimgdave. 

Ramification, mn-e-fe-kah-syoM.y. rami/lcaHoH. 

se Ramificr. ram-e-fyai, v. r. to ramify, oranch out. 

Ramilles, nm-\l,/.pL smaU sticks, pi. 



Ramtngue. ram-^iwgh, a. rtsty. 
Ramoittr. rai 

: se — , ». 

-. ram-wa-teer, v. a. to damp 

grcnu damp. 

RamoUir, ram-olpeer, v. a. to so/ten ; se — , v. r. to grow 
RaraoUissant, c, ram-ol-e-sa/i, — t. a. emollient, [softer. 
Ramonage, ram-o-nahj, m. sweeping. 
Ramoner, ram-o-nai, v. a. to STtieep. 
Ramooeur. rain-o-nur. m. chimney-sweeper. 
Rampe, xsMp,/. batustradt; slope. 
Rampen)ent, ra>ip-maM. m. creeping. 
Ramper, ra»-pai, v. n. to creep, crawl. 
Raiuure, ram-flr,/. branches : horns, pl. 
Raiice. ra»ss, a. rancid, rusty. 
Rancher, ra/t-shai, m. IcuUUr. 
Rancidit^. ra/f-se-de-tai^y^ rancidity. 
Rancir, raM-seer, v. u, to grow rusty. 
Rancissure, ran-cis-Qr,/*. rancidity. 
Ran^on, ran-soM, m. ransom. 

Regonnement, raM-son-maM, m. ransoming: exaction. 
Rangoniier, ran-son-ai, v. a. to ransont, overcharge. 
Ran^onneur, ran-son-ur. m. extortioner. 
Rancune, nn-kdn,/". rancour, spite. 
Rancunier, ire« raM-kan-yai. — r, a. rancorous, spiteful. 
Rang, rax, m. row; rank: rate: mettre au — > to 

rank : se mettre sur les — s, to put in for. 
H'ang^e, ra«4|Jal,y. row, rank:JtU. 
Raniirer, ra^t-hjai. v. a. to range: rank, place: peraonne 

ran^e. orderly person ,• — la c6te, to coast along: se 

— , V. r. to place ones se{f: make room / se — du c6te 
de q., to stde with one, 
Rantmer, ran-e-mai, v. a, to re-animcUe, restore: se — , 
Ranz, rawz, m. ranz {song). [v. r. to recover. 

Rapace, rap-ass. a. rapacious, ravenous. 
Rapacity, rap-as-e-tai,y: rapacity. 
Rapaiser, rap-ay-sal. v. a. to calm. 
Rapatelle, rap-at-el,/: haircloth. 
Rapatriai^e, rap-at-re^hj, tn, reconcilement. 
Rapatrier, rap-at-re-ai. v. a. to reconcile: se — , v. r. to 
Rflpe. rasp : grater. [be reconciled. 

Rftp^, rau-pai. m. rafe-wine ; tabac — , rappee. 
Riper, rau-pa!. v. a. to rasp, grate. 
Rapeusser, rap-tas-a^ v. a. to patch up. 
R^>etisser. rap-te-sai. v. a. to lessen ; — , v. m. «r se — , 

V. r. to grow less, shrink. 
Rapide. rap-id, a, —meat, ad. rapid, sw\fl. 
Rapiditd, rap-id-e-tai,/. rapidity. 
Rapi^cer, rap-yai-sai, v. a. to patch, piece. 
Rapi^cetage, rap-yai-stahj. nt. patching, piecing. 
Rapi^ceter, rap-yai-stai. j-m Rapiecer. 
Rapiire, rap-yair,^ rapier. 
Rapine, rajiKin./. rapine: pillage. 
Rapiner, rap-e-nai, v, a. topHfer, 
Rappareiller, rap-ar-e/sai, v. a. to match again : set 
Rapparier, rap-ar>e-ai, v. a. to pair. [sail again. 

Rappel. rap-el, m. recall; roll<all. 

Rappeler, Fap-lai» v. a. et n. to callback, recall : remind 
qi: beat the call: — ses esprits, to recollect one's self: 
se — , V. r. to remember. 

Rapport,- rap-or, m, produce: report: tale: relation, 
reference ; ratio; affinity, rising (in the stomach) ; 
par — k, with respect to : pi6ces de — , inlaid work : 
avoir — i, to refer to. 

Rapporter, rap-or-tai. v. a. to bring back, fetch: recall: 
relate: cite; refer; yield; derive; se — » v. r. to 
relate; allude to. 

Rapporteur. rap*or-tur, m. reporter ; tell-tale. 

•Rapprendre. rap-ra«-dr, *. a. to learn again^ 

Rapprochement, rap-rosh-man, m. drawing nearer; 

Rapprocher, rap-rosh-ai, v. a. to draw near again; 
bring nearer; compare; se — , v. r. to come tuarer; 
draw towards a reconciliation. 

Rapsodie, rap-sod-e,y^ rhapsody. 

Rapt, rapt, m. rape. 

Ripure. rau-pClr.y: raspings, pi. 

Raquette, r^k-et,/: reuket. 

Raquettier, rak-et-yai, m. rack^-maker. 

Rare, rahr, a. — ment. ad. rare ; thin ; slow {pulse). 

Rar^fier, rah-rai-fyai, v. a. et n. to rarify ; grow thin. 

Rarettf, rahr-tai,-/ rarity : scarcity. 

Rarissime, rah-ria-sim, a. very r^re. 

Ras, e, rah, — z, a. shorn ; smooth ; open {field) \flat; 
level {meeuur^ ; --, m. — de marte, race. 

Rasade, rah-zad.y: bumper, brimmer, 

Rascmen t , rah-zmaM, m, raxing. 

Raser, rah-xai.v. a.toshavt raxe, demolish : g*'axe: 
sc-^ shave one's se(f; keep dose to the ground 

Rasoir.rah-zwar, m. razor. ... 

Rassade, rsLS-ad,f. glass-bead. 

Rassasi^ment, ras-az-&-ma«, m. satiety. 

Rassasier, ras-az-yai. v. a. to satisfy, cloy; se — , v. r. 
to eat one's bellyful; be cloyed with. 

Rassemblement, ras-a»(-bl-maff, m. assembling; meet- 
ing: assembly: crowd. 

Rassembler. ras-aM-bhi, v. a. to reassemble; collect, 
gather ; se — ^ v. -r: to reassemble ; muster. 

*Kas$eoir, ra&-war, v. r. to seat again ; repleux ; fix, 
etdjust; se — , v. r. to sit down again ; be settled. 

Rass^rteer, ras-sa-rai-nai, v. a. to me^ke serene; 
smooth: se — , v. r. to clear up. 

Rassts, e, ras-e, — iz, a. sedate; stale. 

Rassurrer, ras-Q-rai, v.-a. to secure; se — , v. n to re- 
cover one's se(f: settle. 

Rat. rah, m. rat; maggot, whim. 

se RaUtiner. rat-at-e-nai, v. r. to shrink, shrrvel. 

Rate, rat,/: spleen, milt, 

R&teau. rah-toh, m. reUte. 

R&telee. rah-tlai.y: rakeful. 

Rftteler, rah-tlai, v. a. to rake. 

Rflteleur, rah-tlur, tn. raker. 

RAtelier, rah-tlyai. m. rack; set of teeth. 

Rater, ra-tai« v. a. et n. to miss.^ash in the pan, 

Rati^, lat-j-air.y: rat-trap. 

Ratification. rat-e-Te-kah-syon.^ ratification. 

Ratiiier, rat-if-yai. v. a. to ratify, confirm. 

Ratine, rat-in, y: ratteen. 

Ration, rah-syo».>: share nf provisions; rtction. 

Rationalisme, rah-syon-al-ism, m. ratiottalism. 

Rationaliste, rah-s^n-al-ist. m. rationalist. 

Rationnel. le. rah-syon^ell, a. rational. 

Ratissage, rat-e-sahj, m. raking. 

Ratisser, rat-e-sai. v. a. to rake : scrape. 

Ratissoire. rat-is-war.^ iron-scraper. 

Ratissure, taX't-str,f. scrapings, pl. 

Raton, rat-OM, m. small rat; ratoon. 

Rattacher, rat-ash-ai, v. a. to fcuten again ; connect: 
se — . V. r. to be fastened, fasten. 

*Ratteindre, rat^in-dr, v. a. to take again ; overtake. 

Rattendrir, rat-aM-dreer, v. a. to soften again. 

Rattraper, rat-rap-at, v. a. to catch again; overtake; 

Rature, rat-fir,y: erasure, scratch. [recover. 

Raturer, rat>(lr-ai, v. a. to scratch out. 

Raudttf, roh-se-tai./: hoarseness. 

Rauque, rohk, a. hoarse. 

Ravage, rav-aht. m. ravage, havoc; mischief. 

Ravager, rav-ahi-ai, v. a. to ravage; ransack, pillage. 

Ravageur, rav-anj-ur. nt. ravager. [tion ; disgrace. 

Ravafoment, rav-al>ma», tn. rough easting: kumilta- 

Ravaler. rav-al-ai. v. a. to swallow down again ; rough 
cast; debase : se — . v. r. to debase one's self. 

Ravaudage. rav-oh-dahj. m. mending; botching, 

Ravauder, rav-oh-dai, v. a. to mend; botch. 

Ravauderie, rav-oh'-dre,/ idle stuff. 

Ravaudeur, rav-oh-dur, m. — se, — duhz, f. botcher. 

Rave, rav.yC radish. [mender; idle talker. 

Ravigote. niv-e-got.y: ravigot. 

Raviur, rav-e-leer. v. a: to debase, disparage. 

Ravin, rav-aiM, m. -kdllow way. 

Ravine. ny-\n,f.Jlood: hollow way. 

Ravir, rav-eer, v, ei. io ravish, snatch away ; enrap- 
ture; k —, wonderfully. 

se Raviser, ray-e-zai. v, r. to change one's tnind. 

Ravlssant. e. rav-e-sax, — ^t, a. ravenous, rapacious ; 

Ravissement, raY-is-ma». tn. rape ; rapture ; ecstasy. 

Ravisseur, rav>e-sur. m. ravisher. 

Ravitaillement. rav-e-ta/-uia», m. victuatling again. 

Ravitailler. rav-e-ta/-ai. v. a. to victual again. 

Ravlver, rar-e-vai, «».'a. to revive. 

•Ravoir, rav-o-ahr, v. a. to get again; recover. 

Rayer, ray-yai, v. a. to streak; stripe ; erase; rifle. 

Rayon. ray>yo», m. my, beam ; spoke. 

Rayonnement, ray-yon-moM, m. radiation. 

Rayonner, r^y-ypn-^i. a. u. to radiate, beam, shine, 

Rayure. r&y-yflr.y: stripes, pl. ; tifling. 

R6actif, ive, rai-ak-tif, — Kr, a. reacting. 

Ruction. rai-ak-syoM,y. reaction. 

R^agir, rai-ahj<eer, v. n. to react. 

Rdaloumement, rai4hj-oom-ma», tn. re-adjourmnent. 

R^oumer, rai-ahj-oor-nai, v, a, to re-adjourn. 

Rmi, rai-al, tn. real, royal. 

Realisation. rai-al-e-zah-syo^f.yC recUixation, 

R^aliser, rai-al-e-zai, v. a. to realize. 

R^it^ rai-al-e-tai./. reality. 

R^ppaiMon, ral-«p-par-e-syow.y^ reap p ectr an ce, 

R^ppeU rai-ap-el, m. second call. 

Rdappcler, rai-ap>)ai, v, a. to call ever a second tim^ 


r ml 



lUtnner, rai-ar-mai, v. a. to give artns again. 

R^as^gnation. nu-as-sin*^h-syo»,y. new summotts, 

R^assigner, nii-as-sin-yai, v. a. to summon again. 

R^ttder. Tai*at-lai, v. a. to put to again. 

Rebadser, rMA-bay-sai. v. a. to lower again, [again. 

Rebander, tuh-haM-dax, v. a. to bind up again ; cock 

Rebaptiser, rMA-bat-e-zai, v. a. to baptize again. 

R^barbatif, ive, rai«bar-bat-if, — iv. a. peevish, snap- 

ReMdr, r«A-bau-teer, v. ». to rebuild. [pish. 

Rebattre, ruh'hax-tx, v. a. to beat again ; repectt over 
and over again ; wear out. 

Rebelle, rMA-bcl, a. rebellious, refractory t — , in. rebel, 

se Rebeller, rtJi-bel>lai, v. n. to rebel. 

Rebellion, rai-bel*yo»,yr rebellion. 

St Reb^guer. rwA-bai-kai, v. r. to be sawy, be malapert. 

Rebondit e, r»A-boM-de, a. chubby. 

Rebondir, ritA-bOM-deer, v. n. to rebound. 

Rebondissemeat. r»A-boM-diss-nia», m. rebounding. 

Rebord, r«A-bor, m. edge, border : flange. 

se Rebotter, rMA-bot-ai, v. a. toputon onfs boots again. 

Reboucher, rwA-boo-shai, v. a, to stop again; cork 
again ; se — , v. r. to grow' blunt. 

*RebouiHir, rMA-booAeer, boil again. 

Reboulsais^e, r»A-bo(x-zahj, m. cleaning a hcU. 

Rebouiser, rf^A-boo-e-zai. v. a. to clean a hat. 

Rebours, r«A-boor, m. wrong side; contrary, 
au — , wrong; on the contrary. 

Reboutoimer, r«A>boo-ton-ai. v. a. to button again. 

ReUrider, rMA-bre-dai, v. a. to bridle again. 

Rebrocher, rMA<brosh>ai, v. a. to stitch again. 

Rebroder, rMA-brod-ai, v. a. to embroider again. 

Rebrousse. r«A-brooss,/: k — poQ, against the grain. 

Rebrottsser, rMA-broo-sai. v. a. to turn up ; — chemin, 

Rebuliade, T«*-Mif-ad,/. rebuff. [logo back. 

R^bus, rai-bOs, m. rebus ; silly pun. 

Rebut, rMA-bfi. m. tebuff; rtfuse, trash. 

Rebutant, e, ri<A-ba-ta«,— t, a. repulsive ; forbidding. 

Rebuter, rMA-bA-tai, v. a. to repulse: refuse; dis- 
hearten ; disgust; y^ ~, v. r. to bt disheartened; 

Recacheter, r;<A-kash-tai, v. a. to seal up again. 

Recalcitrant, e, rai-kal-se-tra», — t, a. averse; stub- 

R6capitulatioa, rai-kap-e-tfl>Iah-syo»,yC recapitttlation. 

R^capituler, rai-kap-e-tA-lai, v. a. to recapitulate, sum 

Recasser, n^A-lcah-sai, v. a. to break again ; break up. 

Rec^der, rwA-sai-dai, v. a. to restore Imck again. 

Recrement, rMA-sail-man, t/t. . concealment {stolen 

Reedier, r»A-sai-Iai, v. a. to conceal, receive stolen goods. 

Recdleur, rMA-sai-lar, m. receiver of stolen goods. 

Rdcemment. rai-sam-a», ad. recently, newly, lately. 

Recensement. rMA-saff-sma», m. census, statement. 

Recenser, rt<A-sa»>sai, v. a. to make a census. 

Recent, 0» rai-sa», — t, a. recent.fresh. 

Recdpaji^e, rMA-sai-pah|, m. cutting down the top of 

Recdpde. r^A-sai-paLX^*' pa^ of a -wood. [trees. 

Recdper. r»A-sai-pai. v. a. to lop, att enoay^ cut down, 

Rdcdpissd, rai-sai-pis-sal, m. receipt. 

Receptacle, rai-sep-tali-kl, m. receptacle. 

Reception, rai-sep-qron,/: receptwn : receipt. 

Rdceptivite, rai-sep-tiv-c-tai,y: receptivity. 

Recette, n<A-set,^ receiving; receipt ; recipe. 

RecevaUe, rwA-s»A-vah-bI, a. receivable; allowable. 

Receveur, rwA-swA-vur, m. receiver. 

Recevc^. rMA-5MA-vwar, v. a. to receive; allow of; 

Recez, rwA-sav, m. recess. [lotQ^e. 

Rechange, rMA-sha«hj, m. change, spare things. 

Rdchapper.- rai-diap-». v. n. to escape; recover. 

Recharfpe, r»A-sharhj,y^ />wA charge; surcharge. 

Rechargement, rMA-sliarhJ-man, m. reloading. 

Recharger, rMA-shar-hJai, v. a. to load again ; enjoin 

Recliass«r, rMA-sfaas-ai, v. a. to drive back again, 

Rdchaud, rav-shoh, m. chafing-dish. 

Rdchauffd. rai-shoh-fai, m. food warmed again. 

Rdchauffement, raUshohf-ma». m. lining. 

R^chauffer, rai-shoh-fai. v. a. to warm again ; revive; 
new-line ; se — , v. r. to wartn one's self again ; re- 

Rdchauifoir, rai-shoh-fwar, m. plate-warmer, [kindle. 

Rechausser, rwA-shoh-sai, v. a. toputon ott^s shoes or 
stockings; mould up. 

R£che, raysh, a. rough, cocnrse, sour. 

Recherche. rwA-shairsh.^x^afrA/ inquiry ; pursuit ; 
refinemettt ; courtship. [fetched. 

Recherche, e, rwA-shair-shai, a. exquisite; affected,far- 

Rechercher, r»A-shair-shai, v. a. to seek again ; in- 

■ quire into; court, pay on^s addresses to. 

Rechigne, e, rf<A-shin-yai, a. sulky, sour. 

Rechi^er. rMA-shin-^i. v. n. to look sulky, 

~ " ' ' "^tifrclafse. 

RechiRe, ruh-9Mt,f. relapse 

Reddive, rai-se-dhr./: relapse; renewal. 
Reddiver, rai-se-de-vai, v. n. to relapse. 
Kicif, rai-sif, m. reef. 
Redpiendaire, rai-sip-yaw-dair, m. candidate. 

Recipient. rai-sip-yaM. m. recipienL 
Redprodte, rai-se-pros-e-tai,/ reciprocity. ^ 
Rectproque. rai-se-prok, a. — ment, ad. reciprocal; 


Recit, rai-se. m. relation, recital; recitative. 
Redtant, e, rai-se-tan, — t, a. solo. 
Recitatif, rai-se-tat-if. m. recitative. 
, Reciution, rai-se-tah-syo»,y: recitation. 
Redter, rai-se-tal, v. a. to recite; relate. 
Redamateur, rai-klam-ah-tur, m. reclaimer. 
Reclamation. rai-Idam-ah-syon./: claim; complaint. 
Reclame. rai-klahui,y^ catch-word. [claim, protest. 
Redamer, rai-klah-mal, v. a. et n. to caUfort implore ; 
Redouer, nrA-kloo-ai. v. a. io nail again. 
*Reclure, r«A-klQr. v. a. to shut up. 
Reclus, e. r»A-kIfl. — z, a. shut up ; — , m. recluse. 
Redusion. rMA-kl(lz-yon.y: redusion, confltument. 
Reco^ner, r»A-kon-yai. v. a. to knock again. 
Recotffer, rMA-kwaf-ai, v. a. to dress the hair again. 
Recoin, rwA-kwaiw, m. comer, nook. 
Recolement. rai-kol-man, m. verification, 
Recoler. rai-kol-al, v. a. to verify. 
RecoUet, ral-kol-ay. m. Franciscan friar. 
Recolte. rai-kolt,y;^a/A*ri/^ in ; harvest. 
Recolter. rai-kol-tal. v. a. to gather in. 
Recommandable. rMA-kom-aM-dah-bl, a. commendable. 
Recommandation, r»A-kom-an-dah-syOM.y: recommeu' 

dation; esteem. 
Recommander, rwA-kom-aM-dal. v. a. to recommend ; 

order, charge; declare ; lodge a detainer .against ; 

se — -, v. r. to recommend one's si(f, implore. 
Recommencer, rMA-kom-a»-sai» v. a, to begin again ; 

Recompense; rai-koff-panss.y: reward; compensation. 
Recompenser, rai-kon-pa/i-sai. v. a. to reward; com- 

pensate ; se — . v. r. to make up. 
Recomposer. rMA-koM-poh-zai. v. a. to recompose. 
Recomposition. rMA-koM-poh-ze-cyon,^ recomposition, 
Recompter. rwA-kon -tad. v. a. to count over again. 
Reconciliable. rai-kon-sll-e ah-hl. a. reconcilable. 
Reconciliateur, rai-ko»-sil-e-at-ur. m. reconciler. 
Reconciliation. rai-ko»-sO-e-ah-syon./: reconciliation. 
Recondlier. rai-kow-sU'C-ai, v. a. to reconcile; se — , v. r. 

to be reconciled [home ; wait upon, show cut to. 

*Reconddre, rMA-koM-dweer, v. a. to lead back; see 
Reconduite, rwA-ko»-dwit, f. accompanying; waiting 

Reconforter, rat-kon-for-tai, v. a. to con^fort, cheer up. 
Reconnaissable, ruA-kon-ay-sah-bl, a. ecuy to be known 

Reconnaissance, r»A.kon-ay>sa«ss, f. recognition; 

thaukAtlness, gratitude; recognizance; avoir de !a — , 

to be thankful. [grateful. 

Reconnaissant. e, r«A-kon-ay-sa/(. — t. a. thankfiil, 
*Reconna!tre. r»A-kon-ay-tr. v. a. to recognize, cuknonv- 

ledge; recompense; discover; reconnoitre; se — , v. r. 

to know one's seff again ; recollect one's self; acknow- 
ledge one's fault. 
Reconnu. rMA-kon-Q, see Reconnaltre. [recover. 

*Reconquerir. rwA-kon-kai-reer. v. a. to reconquer; 
Reconstitution. r»A-kow-ste-tfl-syo»./; assignment. 
Reconstruction. rMA-kon-strAk-syoM.y building agaitt. 
Reconstruire; rMA-kon-strO-eer. v. a. to rebuild. 
Reconter, rMA-koM-tai. v. a. to tell again. 
Reconvention. tuh-Vjfin-\^M-^on,f. reconvention. 
Recopier, rMA-cop-yai. v. a. to copy again. [elling. 

Recoqutllement, rwA-kok-i/-ma». m. curling up ; shriv- 
Recoquiller, rwA-kok-i^ai, v, a. to curl up; shrivel up. 
Recorder, r^A-kor-dai, v. a. to record^ con on£s lesson ; 

se — , V. r. to call to mittd. 
Recorriger. r«A-kor-e-hjai, v. a. to correct again, 
Recors. r»A-kor. m. bailiff. 
Recoucher. n/A-koo-shai, v. a. to put to bed again ; se — , 

V. r. to go to bed again. 
*Recoudre. rwA-koo-dr. v. a. to stitch again. 
Recoupe. rwA-koop./: bran; shards ; rubble of stones, 
Recouper. ruA-koo-pai, v. a. to cut again. 
Recoupette, r«A-koo-pet,y: grit, sharps. 
Recourber, rMA-koor-bai, v. a. to bend. [recourse to. 
*Recouhr, ri«A-leoo-reer, v. n. to run again; have 
Recours, rMA-koor. m. recourse , appeal. 
Recousse, rf*A-koos.y^ rescue. 
Reconvert, r«A-koo-vair. see Recouvrir. 
Recouvrable, rwA-koo-vrah-bl a. recoverable. 
Recouvrement, r««A-koo-vr-maM, m. recovery ; gather- 

ing ; debt due. 
Recouvrer. r»A-koo-vrai, v. a. to recover ; goUher, get in. 
*Recouvrir, r«A-koo-vreer. v. a. to cover again ; hidf, 
Recracher, r»A-krash-ai, v. a. to ^PJfMS^^in, t 
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[ xial 


R^cr^ance, rai-kra!-a/iss. /. provisional possession; 

lettres dc — , tetters of recall. 
R^cr^atif. ive, rai-krai-at-if, — iv. m. recreative. 
R^cr^ation, rai-krai-ah-syo;i, /. recreation, diversion, 

R^creer, rai-krai-ai. v. a. to recreate, divert. 
Recrtfpir, r»A-krai-peer. v. a. to replasUr. 
se Rtfcrier, rai-kre-ai, v. r. to exclaim, cry out. 
Recrimination, rai-kre>me-nah-syon,y: recrimination. 
R^riminatoire, rai-kre-me-nat-war. a. recriminatorj^. 
R^crirainer. rai-kre-me-nai. v. u. to recrimituUe. 
*R6crire. rai-kreer, v. a. to write again. 
•RecroJtre, r«A-kro-ah-tr, v. n. to grow again. 
se Recroqueviller. rMA-krok-vi/-ai, v. r, to shrivd. 
Recru, e, r«A-krA, a. weary, tired. 
Recnie, r«A-krfl,/; recruit: recruiting. 
Recrutement. ruMAtxtt-majt, m. recruiting. 
Recruter, rMA-krfit-ai. v. a. to recruit. 
Recruter, rMA-krOt-ur. tn. recruiter. 
Recta, rek-tah, ad, directly. 
Rectan{^Iaire, rek-tai^-gfl-lair, a. rectangular. 
Recteur, rek-tur, nt. rector, parson. 
Rectification. rek-te-fe-kah-syo«,/: rectification. 
Rectifier, rek-tif-e-ai. v, a. to rectify. 
Rectiliinie, rek-t«-Un-yr, a. rectilinear. 
Rectitude. rek-te-tAd.y: rectitude, rigfUness. 
Rectoral. e, rek-tor'«d, a. rectorial. 
Rectorat. rek-tor-ah. m. rectorship. 
Re^u, rMA>sA, m. receipt (see Recevoir). 
Recueil. mA-ku/. m. collection. 

Recueillement, ruA-ku/-nia»i, m. recollection / reflection. 
*RecueiIUr. ruA-kaZ-eer. v. a. to gather, collect; reap; 

receive; se — , v. r. to be gathered; recollect on^s self. 
*Recuire. r«A-kweer, v. n. to cook, boil or bake over 

again ; neal, 
Recul ruA-kai. m. recoil. 
Reculade, ri<A-kO-Iad,y: recoiling: retreat. 
Recultf, e, rf/A-kfl-lai, a. distant, remote. 
Reculement, r>/A-kfll-ma«, nt. drawing bouk; breeching. 
Reculer, rwA-kfl-Iai, v. a. et n. to pull back, put off, 

delay ; fall back, go back ; recoil; faire — , to drive 

backwards ; se — . v. r. to recede, go back. 
Reculons, rMA-kO-lo», k — , ad. backwards; worse and 

R^cup^rer, rai-kfi-pai-rd, v. a. to retrieve ; se — , v. r. to 

retrieve one's losses. 
R<$cusable, rai-kfl-zah-bl, a. exceptionable. 
Recusation. rai-kfl-zah-syo**,y; exception, challenge. 
R^cuser, rai-kQ-zai, v. a. to except against, challenge; 

se — , V. r. to decline Judging. 
R^dacteur. rai-dak-tur. m. editor, writer. [pilation. 
Redaction, tai-dak-syon, /: editorship ; writing; com- 
R^darguer. rai^ar*gu-ai. v. a. to reprove, 
Redditton, red-de-syo«,y: surrender. 
Redemander, r»A-dMA-inan-dai. v. a. to ask back again. 
Rtfderapteur, rai-da«-ptur, m. redeemer. 
Redemption. rai-da«-psyo«,/". redemption. 
Redescendre, rMA-des-a^x-dr, v. n. to go down again ; 

Redevable, rMA*dMA-vah-bI. a. indebted ; —, m. debtor. 
Redevance, rMA-dMA-vaMSS,/I rent, tenure. 
Redevancier, rMA-d»A>van>syai, m. tenant, vassal. 
•Redevenir, r«A-d«Av-neer, v. n. to become again, 
•Redevoir, rMA-dwA-vwar, v. a. to owe still. 
Redhibition, rai-de-be-syo».^ redhibition. 
Redhibitoire, rai-de-bit-war, a. redhibitory. 
Redieer. rai-dihj-ai, v. a. to write; indite. 
se Redimer. rai-de-mai, v. r. to redeem one's seff. 
Reding^ote, rwA-dai^»-got.y; great-coat. 
•Redire, rKA-deer, v. a. to repeat; blab ; trouver & — , to 

flndjattlt with. 
Rediseur, rwA-de-zur, m. tell-tale. 
Redite, r«A-dit,/: repetition. 
Redondance, rai-doM-da>«ss,yC redundancy, 
Redondant, e, rai-don-daM, — ^t, a. redundant, 
Redonder, rai-do/i-dal, v. n. to be redundant, be super- 

fluous. [back ; restore ; fall on again. 

Redonner, rMA-don-ai. v. a. et n. to give again ; give 
Redoublement, rMA-dou-bl-maM, m, redoubling; in- 
Redoubler. rwA'doo-blai. v. a. et n. to redouble, itureetse, 
Redoutable, rMA-doo*tah-bl. a. redoubteMe.. 
Redoute, rwA-doot.yC redoubt ; ridotto. 
Redouter, rwA-doo>tai, v. to dread, fear. 
Redresseraent. rMA-dres5-ma/i, m. straightening again; 

Redresscr. ruA-dres-ai. v. a. to make straight again ; 

put to rights ; reform, tnend ; se — , v. r. to beconu 

straight again ; trick up one's self. 
Redresseur, r»A-dres>ur, tn. avenger. 
Reductible. rai-dflk-te-bl, a. reducible. 
Reduction, rai-dCk-syo/t,/^ reduction. 

*ReduIre. rai-dweer, v. a. to reduce: subdue; lessen f 

se — , v. r. to reduce one's self; be reduced; contt to, 
Reduit. rai-dwe. m. small habitation ; retreat. 
Reedification, rai-ai-de-fe-kah-syoM.y: rebuilding. 
Reedifier. rai-ai-def-e-ai, v. a. to rebuild. 
Keel, le, rai>el. a. — lement, tul. real, true. 
Reelection. rai-ai>lek-syoM.y^ re-election. 
*Reeiire, rai-ai-leer, v. a. to re-elect. 
Reesportation, rai-eks-por*tah-syoM,yC re-expor/alion, 
Reexporter. rsii-eks-por-tai. v. a. to re-export. 
Refa^onner, rMA-fah-son-ai. v. a. to fashion again. 
Refaction. iai-fak>syow,y^ abtUement. 
•Refaire, rMA*fair, v. a. to do again, mend; recover : 

se — , V. r. to recover one's losses. [faire). 

Refait, rMA*fay. m. drawn game ; new horns (see Ke- 
Refaucher. rMA-foh-shai. v. a. to mow again. 
Refection, rai-fek-syo/f./*. repair: repast, meal, 
Refectoire, rai-fek-twar, m. refectory. 
Refend. tuh-tan, m. bois de — . sawed timber ; mur de 

— , partition-wan : pierre de — , comer-stone. 
Refendre. rMA-faM-dr, v. a. to cleave again. 
Refere, rai-fai-rai. m. report, 
Referendaire. rai-fai-raw-dair, m. referendary. 
Referer. rai-fai-rai. v. a. to refer ; report; se — , v. r, 

to hteve a referena, rtfer. 
Refenner. r«A-fair-mai. v. a. to shut again; se —\ 

V. r. to close up again. 
Referrer, ntA-fairrai, v. a. to new-shoe. 
Reflechi. e. rai-flai-she, a. reflecUd ; deliberate. 
Reflechir. rai-flai-sheer, v. a. et n. to reflect ; be reflected. 
Renechissement, rai-flai-shis-ma«. m. r^ection. 
Reflet. ruA-flay. m. reflection, reflex. 
ReOeter. rwA-flai-tai. v. a. to reflect. 
Refleurir. rwA-flu-reer, v. n. to blossom again. 
Reflexion, rai-flek-syow. f. reflection. 
Refluer. rMA-flu-ai, v. n. to flow back. 
R<-!'mv^ tu!- «■■■. '>i, '■-/?•■'; "f'K 

Re fu^ilrc, f J^/i ■ f j« 'dr, v. a^ ti? fndt again : nttO'eoin f 
Rcfrintc, luh'i^ntif. nfT^-mtftittg; {reform. 

Rfrcinnalj(il. wi-ror-nwh-til, *. tnatmay ht reformed. 
Kii<it^\AXJt^a, rAl-fcr-mnt-ur, «. reformer, 
ReriDnndtlnn.^ nU^rof^mah-ftVO^j'; rejermaticn - r^farm. 
R^r4>nne, rai-form, 7^ rtfi^rtn : diiltanding {soldie'rs); 

rtdnefioH ; *!« CM —ifsfieoH h^if'pay ; mcttie i la 

— , ft* dismixi OH htrifipt^y. 
Rtfrtrin^i e, rrNl-r^jr'iiJiki, m. Pr^statit, 
R^fijniicr, raJ-fot-nmEr *. A, to *r/Jr»i,' dishund {sol- 

(iters) ; rtischar£e : ta -^, Tf. r. tit i>e rrjormfd; re- 

form ; mend. 
Rcfiifiiicr, Tuh-%t\t-tatA^ f*. n. tof^rm again, 
RefQulnmuit^ ruh-fuxl-tiUa, m. drti^nji JSwfjfr ,■ ram- 

Rflaurer. rMA-fac-IiiiH f. a. ft H. tn drilV l«r«t,' tnnt 

dfyn'n : tramile : Jail buc^; ih^. 
Rt^rbuloir, ruA-tbol-wiir, hi^ ramffmr. 
Ri^friicitajjc, Tat-frok-talr, a. refradofy ; frbtHSMtt^ 
Rcfnitticiiii rai-fnik-&yofi, ,/; w^ra^itfH. 
RcfruJn, ritA'imii, tn. tifrde-ii {fUrt^iri. [ttgain. 

RefnpiH^r, tii/t'fra.p-al, v. a. to Strike agafh; Stamp 
RcfnJnLir. rjiA'frol-iuJ, v^ a. tP rrfritin, bridle.. 
RelriKiJiTmt. c, rai^fre-'hJai-iBJj,— E, ft. rffrigrrvtit* ; —, 

tH. ^e/rigentiary^ 
Refrus^cracnt, tuh'tTtm-rye-maH y ifi.fmmfHittg; Miflen 
se KcfrDjifnijJH fKA-fcttn-yalt -u, r. ttffrvnm . f/Jfl*. 

RefnuiLlirr luh-frwaMitititt^^.a. ti/sipol; Jlockeffi—.f.n. 

€t &c — r 1% r. tii j^rsrw awl : riack^U. 
RcfrDidLS'iCJJient, ttiJf.tmm-iiisi-mikn, m, evolt'i^ ; nol- 
Refuge, rM^^.rtlhJ^ 7H. refuge ; shttter; prtUm*. \ness. 

se Rijfu^ier. raj-flty-yj ", 

Ri,*ruLte, T uJh-ftirEr, f dtnibiiitg \stag\. 

se Rijfu^ier. rai-rahj-yai, v. r. to fait r^i4£V. 

Refii-i, ru^-fn, m r re/itsal, d£HiaL 

Refus^fr rtih^fi^-im, T^ ii; et ti. to rtfHSf, ditl^ ; Sm nt; 

SrS -", t\ *", to (teity ofte's self; TviiMdtaMii,. 
RrrfuNiEirigi, fsji-ffl-tsh-syan^y: r^/utatifn. 
R-.l'UtT, K^Wi-tat, Vr a, ta refute. 
Ri'v:..|.;in.'r, Mf'^'ifan-yfti, I'ri*, /» regain, rmOFOtr; tr/pin: 
Re K^ ^ 1 : 1 1 , F rtJt-tiMft , tit, ^er**tarh. [rwtarn to. 

Rci'.i". r.'Li^ii], tti.ffttsi, tHtfriatHftKHt. 
'R'if^>.\.\<\Vt rai-tfal-iic!,/. Uljuc i la — ^ tagUlpdinPH. 
'Ri\iA\'ivui^t\X, rai'gal-llUi'l, *«, asjifsrmeftt ; trt*lliiti^. 
RcjiIikJcir, iiii'^aJ-^l, V, Ji-, i^ rntertttin, /rrttt; rmaif an 

iiumufent; feiff; K — ,, i-\ r»^* frail; en/rty ofu's 
Rc'Ki^lJert, i]c, ta^i^al'yaljr, — yen, ^. rrgol. it'if' 

Rctr^ird, rnh--^iVTy -m. i^i : air : fVflMrtj CD —, 9ppo- 
R, .. ^,..... ^../. ...,..,... ... r,.,.|.......... UUe. 

R^„^- ..-_.. .:— „^; -- .;. tt n. .. vvX" sn [,m\,bfkMl; 

consider ; concern, regard; gaxe ; feep ; se —,v. r. 

look at one's self; consider o>u' s self; ft^^ 'ach other, 
Ref^amir, rMA-ear-neer. v. a. to furnish again, 
Regence. rai.hja«ss,y: regemy. 
Rejfenerateur, rai-hjai-nai-rat-ur, m. regenerator. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Tict:*in^re', rai-biai-nal-rai^ v. a. fa rft^intratt ; sc— , 
KtvKjcnt, r:i|-!hj;:iJrr iff, Triftnti frp/mtir. 
>t.t?^ enter, mi-iij^j-Latt, t. h. rattaiht tiamituer, 

He-*jfiiflbeT, FiwA-hJ^lii'lAK w. «. fls Jfii-*. 

Ktiii^une, Fa,i-i\)un, m. rti,Hjnfit ; itvtf, ipntrmrmit; ruU. 

Ks^t^on, rai4v)c-(jffry^ n^t^w, 

Ki^^ir. r:ii liJLtjr^ (r. a, /J fW^f ." mOKOgt. 

J£ t" - i ,-.. LIT, 1 ..i. hjc-sur, m^ m^HA^er, 

|ttri^.-:f.L;:, , ri./ihjwirajr, JJ(, trtfitf s/the njr^ters. 

K^l^lctiKui. r^y-tj^iiUfi, n«i. rt^ulAttam rttlt^ order: 

Rtri£l«iu«iiert lai-i^-nuri-tdl, f , ip, J^ wa^ vrxtf Nations. 
RtiKlcr, rah^i, tf. a. ^^ rwj'j^,- j*f/->. ^sni^n ; sc — , 

Rt^i^let, niE-KS.hy, rfj. rn/f. 

Kcijiicft rajru^^oi, 1^. «. /*» rjrFA-^* ; riiii i firet-aii^ 

ReV'L'niimietiiL, rurA-Kiui-ll^iuiLH, m.-xweiiittg. 
Rtv'oiiAer, rM4-|^ti«i-H.iL zf. n. tt nvtU. 

R*K^1£ c^ » MA'Ktit-uJili, f, H. Af trvtrJfB^- ; af^und. 

REifranerp r^iAi^rdt-iL v. a. ti t*.if jrtntM again; 

R c^raEtvJie, rttA-i(t,\l-it^ /iHfijfFr'j. frttde^ 
Iic|FTDttiiir, rtiA-^r^i-jM, m. Aitcfutm ^le, — r, /l 

Ke)£rcti r»#A-|fray, m. fujcrrf, MfiTifflj/ Ji — , wft* rf- 
X '^ / itrroriiiinj^ty j avulr — A, io A^ t^rry Jor ; — S, 
pi, cawt*!ai'Ht-r,pL 

kcETeEtablc, rwA-irrcL-ali-Lil, a. tif ^ rr^TfUtd, lament- 

Ki-j^rcTJcri rwA-UTiit-iii, tp'. a. ip rf^'PTA r£p(<;t. [able. 

Kfr^kilafisalJua, ral - 1^ i - Lu - e - zili - s,j ,. ■ . . ' [miHng in 
order. [order. 

R^gulariser, rai-gA-lar-e-lai. v. a. to regulate, put in 

R^gularit^, rai-gQ-Iar-c-tai,y: regularity: discipline. 

Rej^Iateur, rai-)fO>lat-ur, m. regulator. 

V.isaWex, ^t rai-^iU-yai, — r, a. — ^reinent, ad. regular. 

Rehabilitation, rai-al>^e-tah-syoM,/I re-establishing. 

K^habiliter, rai-ab-e-le-tai, v. a. to re-establish, rein- 
state, [v. r. to accustom on^s se(f. 

R^habituer, rai-ab-e>tfl-al, v. a. to use again: se — , 

Rehaussetnent, r«A-hoh-sina»(, m. raising. 

Rehausser, rMA-hoh-sai. v. a. to raise : iturease, setoff. 

Rehauts. ruA-hoh, m.pi. brightest parts, pi. 

R^iinporter, rai-ai»-por-tai, v. a. to re-import. 

Reiniposer, rai-ai/t-poh-zai. v. a. to re-assess. 

R^itnposttion. rai-ai^(-poh-ze*syoM./. new eusessment. 

R^iinpression, rai-aiM-pres-yo«,y: reprinting. 

R^imprimer, rai-ai#i-pre-uuu, v. a. to reprint. 

Rein, tain, m. kidney: —s,pl. loi*is,pi. 

Ratne, Kiyn,/1 giteett. 

Ktintttc, T^j-net.y. rrrtffte. 

Kd^idstaltiiniru Tiu-iiht-hitaUjli-synH^J'* re-wtialtAtion, 

kLlnstillcr. rinu^alH-^Ul-ai, t\ it. ta rt-irtSt^L 

^a^tif^aiide, ntl-Attt-iM-i^tAniL, Kiiint^graEbn, nUaiu* 

t-iir^^TiLh-syu jii /\ TtiittigratiiOt . 
K[?intiiBter, tA]^d.\*t'^tUgrzit t-. a,ta rfinff^mte ; rein- 
Kclttmilajj, rai-e-lai-JtiJMiyoifT/ refttrtttinn, [itate. 
liiiirflfcr, rji-e-caE-FiU, v. n, /*> reiur^fe. 
>ELJ:iL[lj#^ r«A4^-Mr,*. rt^t^gti^H t>uf: ttlisuud i be 

kdjdilib&cmtitt, vtth-\\ltJAfr-s^xn, m. gHxhUi^ eut: re- 

^itudiiig : rrJtfi.'twjT.. 
Jftfljet, FtiA-hj^y. "I. frjetfi'itr; frTuniAri yeutig ^Asot. 
kejCtablF, rifA-hin/l-iah-lA, a-, tr> *f rrje\ft:\i, 
Kejeter^ wwA-LiHAAni, if. ii. to tAretv i'iu.k. ^riit hack: 

aprBHt: rtject: r^HSt. 

^RejGindn:, rM^-t^ iroJu-df , V. a. ftf rtji>m.' inxrJaie: 

M ^h If- r. tOjeuv again. 
K^JDUcr, ruh-hya^^, v. a. i^ play agitln. 
Kf^joui, c, Tul-hj JO^E, tt.Jznriai, merry. 
Kejouifi r3i-bjOd^», v. a. to re/'fiite, gladden: cAter: 

M — p If. r. tfi titjfy One's stlf: rvjoter, 
R^jocmsiaAce, fat-bJbo^^&aNsS / Tfjaifitig. [amnitittg. 

RelAche, r»A-laush,^ intermission : relaxation : sus- 
jpension: rest: sans — , incessantly: il y a — (au 
th^Atre), there is no play. 

Relflchtf, e, ri(A-lau-shai, a. loose, remiss. 

Relflcheinent, rMA-Iaush-niaM, tn. relaxation: looseness: 
slackness; abatetnent; weakness. 

Reldcher, rMA-lau-shai, v. a. et n. to slacken, loosen ; 
release ; abate ; weaken ; /all off; se — , v. r. to ifrow 
loose; slacken ; abate; give way. [be at leisure. 

Relais. rMA-lay, m. relay ; fresh horses ; etre de », to 

Relancer, rMA-laM-sai, v. a. to rouse; answer roughly, 

Rdaps, e, rMA-laps, a. relapsed. 

Rtflarj^ir, rai-lar-njeer, v. a. to widen. 

Kelater. r«A4at-ai, v. a. to relate, mention. 

Relatif. ive, rMA-lat-if, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. relative. 

Relation, rMA>lah-syo7(, /, relation ; connection, ao 
fffiarHtaU^; m'j'ryrfttf. 

R«^7l:i)tjuiik[i, rj'i^4,kti-ii]i-SyOH,/ rvlomfntri. 

KvU^tt, rttAAikki^.iK t'. rtr te rrliX; r^nEevu^ 

RtL.i;^i;r, tttA-liiY-yHi, V. a. ei ti. ta rrhtitt; take fresh 

Rt: !.'.■ H:-il U^rir rj*A-Uii-)^iih-s.yiifP,/l reitt;ittma^ [horses. 

Rrl..j;m.T^ vttkAisU^n%, V. at. At rettgaie, tj^nsign, 

Rcliiir^ fnAA^iH, tft, tKnJtifiest. 

Rt Il.i .ii]]c% rnA-lt*h-vAl,f. pi, rAvfthifig f^a woman). 

R( ic;i<«, tvAAuA^vm^ vr^. itatftttfut; tutf. 

Rr k ^ c £!, t kA Ik A-Tfti,/: t^er^nvn. [statement. 

Rt\i\€-msTit, TnA-Ui^v~riiJ.M, ih. riuji'ji rr up again; 

Re I- . - r., ''.-.'. : .J.' up again; 

f., ■ ;■>; replace; 

ji. ii,»,a*, _j.^/,.., _^. .-.a -./--■- . u rdinateto: 

en — , to recover; se — , v. r. to rise again; get up ; 
retrieve a loss. 

Reliage, ruh-ie-ah], m, hooping. 

Relief. rM^-le^f, m. relievo ; set-off; consideration. 

Relier, TuhAc-a\, v. a. to tie again ; bind; hoop. 

Relieur, rMA-le-ur, m. bookbinder. 

Religieux, se, rMA-UhJ-e-uh, — *, a. — sement, ad. reli- 
gious, ^pums; strict; — , nu/riar; — se,/: nun. 

Religion. rMA-lihj-e-o«,y: religion ; worship; ftety. 

Religionnaire, ruA-libj-yon-air, m. Protestant. 

Reliquaire, n<A-lik-air, m. reliquary, 

Reliquat, rMA>le-lcah, m. remainder, remnatUs, pt, 

Reliquataire, rMA-le-kat-air, m. debtor. 

Relique, rMA-lik./. relic. 

Relire, rMA-leer, v. a. to read over again. 

Reliure. rMA-le-fir,y: binding. 

Relocadon, ri«A4ok-ah-syoM,y! underletting, 

Reloaage, rMA>loo*ahJ, m. spawning-Hme. 

Relouer, rMA-loo-ai, v. a. to underlet. 

*Reluire. rMA-Ifl-eer, v. n. to shine, glitter, 

Reluquer, xuh-Xt-loix, v. a. to leer upon. [nate. 

Remdcher. rKA-mau-shai, v. a. to chew again ; rumi- 

Remaniement. rMA-man-e-man, m. handling again ; 

Renianier, riM-man-e-ai, v. a. to handle again ; repair. 

Reiuarier, r»A>n]ar-e-ai, v. a. et sc ", v. r. to tnarry 

Reuiarquable, frf<A>mar>kah-bl, a. — ment, ad. remark- 

Remarque, r»A-inark, /. retnark. [able. 

Remarquer, ruA-niar-kai, v. a. to remark, note; ob» 
serve; sc faire — , to distinguish one's self. 

Remballer, raif«bal-ai, v, pack up agatn. 

Reuibarquement, raM-bark-man, m. re-embarking. 

Rembarquer, raM-bar-kai, v. a. et se — , v. r. to re-em- 

Rembarrer, raM-bah-rai. v. a. to repel. [bark. 

Remblai, raM-blay, m.. filling up; embankment. 

Remblayer. raM-blay-yai, v. a. to fill up with rubbish. 

Remboiteinent, ran-bwat-ma/f, m. putting together 
again ; setting [bone\. 

Rembotter. ran-bwat-ai, v. a. to put together; set {bone). 

Rembourrement, ran-boor-maM. m. stuffing up, 

Rembourrer, nu<-boor-ai, v. a. to stuff. 

Remboursablc. ra/t-boor-sah-bl, a. to be reimbursed. 

Remboursement, raM-boors-man. m. reimbursetnent. 

Rembourser, ra/4-boor-sai, v. a. to reimburse. 

Rembraser, raM-brah-zai. v. a. to kindle again, 

Rembrunir, raM-brfi-neer, v. a. to darken; sc — , v. r, 
to grow darker. 

Rembrunisseroent, ra»-brA*nis-maM, tn. darkening. 

se Rembucher, raM-bfi-shai, v. r. to go back into the lair, 

Remide, r«A-med, m. remedy; physic; clyster, 

Rem^dier, r»/t-maid>^ai, v. n. to remedy, cure ; help. 

Reiniler, rMA*may-lai, v. a. to shuffle again. 

Remener, rwA-niMA-nai, v, a. to take back; carry back. 

Remercier, rMA-mair'-syai. v. a. to thank; discharge. 

Reuicrdmcnt, tuhrxaaxc-sc-xsoM, m. th<uiks,pi, 

tiimi&ti, rai>inai>rai, m. redemption, 

Remesurer, rMA-m»A-sA-rai, v. a. to measure again. 

*Remettre, rwA-met-tr, v. a. to put again, put back, put 
off; delay; restore, reinstate; recover; deliver: de- 
liver up; forgive ; leave; — q., to recognize one ; 
— cn usage, to bring again ittto/fj' ' 

a^ain f'f'^o/f^^ l^se^fZ'. /% 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 




to take one's place again; recover, tneftd : recover 

one's seif: remember; s« — en chemin, to continue 

one's journey. 
Remeubler, rMA-muh-blai, v. a. to/umish again. 
Reminiscence, rai-nie-nis-sa»ss, f. reministxnee. 
Reinise, tuh-rnxz, /. putting off, delay: delivery: re' 

mittance, abatement ; alUrwaiue ; coach-kouse ; feire 

— , to deliver ; remit. 
Remiser, r»A-me-zai, v. a. to/ut in the coeuMtouse. 
Remissible, rai-mis-se-bl, a. remissible. [ment 

Reicission. rai-mis-yo«, /: remission: mercy; abate- 
Remissionnaire, rai-mis-yon-oir, m. he toho has been 

Reminener, raff-m»A-nai, v. a. to take back, 
R^raolade, rai>mol-ad, /. remolade. 
Remonta^e. r«A-mo/r-tahj, m. neio footing. 
Remonte, xuh-xaanK, /. new horses, pi. 
Kemonter, rj<A-mo«-lai, v. a. et n. to go up : set up 

again; remount; nevh^tring; new-foot; wif^up 

{watch) i come up again ; get up again ; ttscend; 

se — , V. r. to get again supplied wUh necessaries. 
Remontrance, r«A-mo»i-tra«ss,y: remonstrance. 
Remontrer. rMA-mo;<-trai, v. a. to demonstrate, warn. 
Remora. rai-mor-ah. m. hindrance. 
Reraordre. rM^'-mor-dr, v. a. et n. to bite again; attaek 
Remords, ruh-xaax, m. remorse. {again. 

Remorque, rMA-mork.y: tozring; tow. 
Remorquer. rMA-mor-kai, v. a. to tow. 
Remorquer, rMA-mor-kur, m. towing-vessel. 
•Reraoudre, r«A-moo-dr, v. a. to grind again. 
Remouleur, r»A-moo-lur, nt. grinderi 
Remous. r»A-moo, m. eddy. 

RempaiUerr ran •pa/«ai, v. a. to new-bottom with straw. 
Rempailleur, ra/»-pa/-ur, m. chair-bottomer. 
se Remparer. ra»-par-ai, v. r. to intrench on^s self. 
Rempart, rat-par, m. rampart, bulwark. 
Rempla^ant. ra»i-plas-a«,"»». st^stitute. [substitute. 
Remplacement, ra«-plas-maf«, m: replacing; getting a 
Remplacer, raM-plas>ai, v. a. to replace; succeed; se 

faire — , to get a substitute. 
Remplag^e. niM-plahJ, m. filling up. 
Rempll, raM-pIe. m. plait, tuck. 
RempUr, raM-pieer. v. a. tof II again ; fill up ; perform ; 

answer; pity back; mend lace; se — , v. r. to fill 

one's self; become fuU. 
Remplissanre, ra>i-ple-sal\j. m, filling up; leakage; 

mending" of lace. 
Remplisseuse, raM-ple-suhz, f. mender of lace. 
Remploi, ra/f -plwa, m. laying out (money). 
Reraployer, ran-plwa-yai, v. a. to empU^ again. 
Remplun^er, ra»-pia-mai, v. a. to new-fetUher; se — , 

*. r. to get new feathers : thrive. 
Rempocher, ran-posh-aiv f. a. to pocket up again. 
Rempoissonnement, ra»-pwasK>n-maM, m. stocking 

again with fish. [withjlsh. 

Rempoissomter, ra>i'pwas-on-ai, v. a. to stock again 
Remporter. ra«-por-tai^ v. a. to carry bcuk, carry away; 

take away ; ootaOt, get. 
Rempotage, raM-pot-anj. m. putting into ancther pot. 
Rempoter, raM-pot-ai, v. a: to put into anther pot. 
Remuage, rMA-mO-ahj, m. stirring. 
Rerauant, e, rwA-mA-a//, — t, a. restless ; factious. 
Remue-menage, r«/(-mfl-niai-nahJ, »». rummage; dis- 

turbance. '{trouble. 

Remuement, r»A-mfi-ma»f, m. stirring: removing: 
Remuer, r»A-mfi-ai, v. a. et n. to stir, move; work up; 

se _. r.. J ■ • '■■■ ■ ' '•- 'sself. 

RetriL . . ■ r^. [warder. 

R ccnurii'r.j icur^ r.iii-Lt:.i"ri.ii':.iLr-..r, m. remunetcUor, re- 
Riintuneraiit^n, rai-Enii-wui-nih.syo/i, /: remuneration, 

Remun^fatolTE, jai-mfl-iwl-rat-war, a. remuneratitfe. 
JLitmmAiCT, ra^mO-tiat ralf v. j. to remunerate, reward. 
RenaJ^Doe, rw*-iiay-tft«!is.y^ renewal; revival. 
<Renaltre. TwA-njiy-lr, v, n, tif be born again ; grow 
R^sdlr e, nl-n&H a. rrtml. [again; revive. 

Rcnard, tuA'nsa, m.Jfir 
Ketkanie, r/^A-tiird, f biifH^i>x ; vixen, 
Ricitard'eaia, tfi /t'n.V'doh^ nt.fux's cub. 
Rcnordifl, ttih-mad-^fai, tn./ivc-catcher. 
ReflATdii^re, nnh'Tara-ynW^f /•ve's earth. 
RencaisuT, naM-kiv-sal,! v. a. Ci' put into a chest again. 
Renchdfijr, TOM-^h&lner.v. a. fin. to raise the price; 

gnrff d/iirrr ; fisre Je nuichiri, to be nice; '—sax, to 

fffl jfyjvft'i. [price. 

RcEiEhen^cnufltt, m.Ft-sJ^iii-h^s man, m. rising of the 
Kt^aainiscL, tajL-kutt-ii,f rt nee i4nter; accident, chance; 

de — , par — , accideniaity. 
Rencontrer, raM>ko»-trai, v. a. et n. to meet, meet with; 

guess; se — , v. r. to meet together, be metvtith. 
Rencourager, ra>t-koo-r4l^-ai. v. a: togivefreshcourage. 
R«ndant, e, nuiklaw, — t, x. oru who gives an ac^uHt, 

Kendez-vous, raM<dal-voo, m. retidesfwus ; appointed 

Rendorrair. raM-dor-meer, v. a. to lull asleep again; 
se — , V. r. to fall asleep again. 

RendouUer. raw-^loo-blai, v. a. to turn in,fbld up. 

Rendre, ra«-dr, v. a. et n. to render; pay back; re- 
tuen, restore: surrender^ deliver; represent; ex. 
press ; — I'imc, to retukr up the ghost; — grdces. 
/* return thanks; — une sentence, topass a sentence; 
-- temoignage, to testify; se —, v. r. to make one's 
self: become ; get; yield, submit, surrender. 

Rendu, e, ra«-dfl, a. oversPent, worn out. 

Rendurdr, ra/t'dOr-seei', v, a. to harden ; se — . v. r. 
to grow harder. 

Rtee, rayn, f. rein. 

Ren^gat, rMA-nai^rah. m. renegade, 

R^nette, rai-net, f. renette^ 

Renfaiter^ ran -fay-tai, v. a^ to new-roof, 

Renferme, raM-fiur-mal, m. fU^y sm^l, tnustiness. 

Renfermer, raM<fair*inai, 9. et. to shut up ; confine ; con* 
tain ; se — , v- r. to shut one's se{fup. 

Renflement, ran-iUmaM, m. swelling ; Protuberance. 

Renfler, raM-flai, v. n. to swell again, [distant prospect. 

Renfbncement, ra/i-fow-sman, m. hollow ; remoteness ; 

Renfoncer. ran-foffsai, v. a. to drive farther in; put 
lower ; indent. 

Renforcement, ra^t-fors-maM, m. strengtftening. 

Renforcer, raM-for-sai. v. a. to strengthen ; reinforce ^ 
se — , V. r. togrcnd stronger. 

Renformis, ran.for-me, m. pargetting. 

Renfort, rat-for, m. reinforcement. 

se Renfrogner, nut^ron-yai, v. r. to frown. 

Rengagement, raM'gahJ 'inaM. tn. re-engagement; 
paivning again. [again. 

^engager, raM-gahj-ai, v. et. to engage again ; penen 

Rengainer, ra»-gay-nai, v. a. to put Up, sheath, [high. 

se Rengorger, ran-gor-hjai, v- r. to- SHdle up, carry it 

Rengratsser, raM^ay-sal, v. tt. a n. to fatten Again; 
grow fat again. 

Rcngreneraent, raM<;grain4BaM, tn. rejoining. 

Rengr^ner, raM-grai-nai, v. a. to re-coin. 

Renhardir. raM-har-deer, v: a. td spirit up again, 

ReniaUc, rwA>ne-ah-bl. a. deniable. 

Reniement, Reniment, rMA-ne-ma», m. denying, 

Renier, rivA-nyai. v. a. to deny, disown. 

Renieur, r«A-ne-nr, m. blasphemer. 

Reniflement, xuh-nK-tL-^aant^m. sntifftiug, 

Renifler, rwA*ne-flai, v. n. to snt^e. 

Renifleur, rwA^e-flur, m. one that sntiffles. 

Renne. rayn. tn. reindeer. ■ 

Renom, rMA-now, m. renown, fitme. 

Renomme, e, n»A«nom-ai, a. renotoned, famous, 

Renomm^e, ruh'XHim'aA,f.fame, renown. 

Renoromer, rMA-nom-ai, v. a. to name again ; renown, 

Renonce, ruh'nonss,f. want if a colour. 

Renoncement, rwA-non-sma/t, tn. reneuneing: — ^ soi» 
meme, sel/-detiial. ■ [£*ve up, 

Renoncer, rMA-non-sai, v. a: et n. to disowk, renoutue, 

Renonciation, r»A-non-syah-syoM,^ renunciation, 

Renoncule. rwA-noM-k(kl, f. ranunculus. 

Renouee. rwA-noo-ai./. bloodwort. 

Renouement, r»A-noo-maM, tn. renewing. 

Renouer. rMA-noo-al; v. a. et n. to tie again ; renew; 

Renoueur,-rwA-noo-ur, m. bone-setter. [resume. 

RenoOment, see Renouement. [se — , v. r. tobe renewed. 

Renouveler, rMA-noo-vMA-lai, v. a. to rettew, revive ; 

Renouvellement, x«A-noo-vei-njA«. m. renewal; re- 

Renovation. rai-noT^ah-syoM,/. renovation. [vival, 

Renseignement, raM-sayn«y«-ma«f, m. information, 

Renseigner. raH-sayn«yai. v. a. to leach again; inform. 

Rente, njtt,f. rent, revenue, itock. 

Renter, ran-tai, v. a. to endow. 

Rentier, ran-tyaJ, tn. annuitant. [cloth. 

Rentoilage. ra/r-twal-ahj, m. garnishing again with 

Rentoiler» ran-twal-ai, v. a. to new-fumish with cloth. 

*Rentraire, rax-trair, v. a.lofine-araw, dam. 

Rentraiture, xa.nAxz.y-ttt,f. fine-drawing, 

Rentrant, e, raM-traM, — t, a. re-entering. 

Rentrayeur, ra><-tray-yur, m.fine-dreewer. 

Rentree, ra»«.trai, f. re-etitrance ; reappearance ; re- 
opening ; receipt. 

Rentrer, raM-trai. v. a.etn. to bring in ; take in ; re- 
enter; return ; reappear; faire — , to drive in. 

Renvelopper, raM-vi^-4op-pai, v. a. to wrap up again. 

Renrerse. n»t-ywKS,f. ila — , backwards. 

Renversement, ran-vairs-maM, tn. overtitmin^; over- 
throw: inversion. 

RenTerser,.tan-vair*sai. v. a. to overthrow: overturn ; 

> ttwert; se — , v. r. to fall down; f«tU back ; be in- 

Renvi, raM>ve. m. revy. [verted. 

Renvier, raM-ve*ai. v. n. to rety. [ment; r^peretue. 

Renvoi, nn-Twu, tn, settdinghti; dismtssett t md/«Hnf' 




ReitToyer. ran-Twa-yai, v. a. to senda^ain : send back; 

return ; dismiss, discharge : r^fer : delay. 
R^ordination. rai-or-de«iiah-syo«,y; re-orditrntion, 
Reordomier, rai-or-don-ai, v. a. to re-ordain. 
Reorganisation, rai-or-gan-c-zah-syo/*, /. reorganixa- 
R^organiser, rai-or-gan<e-zai, v, a. to reorganize, \tion. 
K^ouverture, rai-oo-vair-tOr, f. re-Qj>ening. 
Repaire, n<A-pair. vt. haunt, den., 
•RcpaStrc, rwA-pay-tr, z'. n. to feed, bait ; feast ; 

se — , V. r. tojeed on ; delight in, 
Repandre. rai-pa^t-dr, v. a. to shed, stread, scatter; 
distribute: se — , v. r. to be spread; scatter them- 
selves : se — en, /■<> launch out in. 
R^pandu, rai-pa/i-d<^, m. man 0/ extettsfve acqttaint' 
Reparable^ rai-par-ah-bl, a. reparable. \ance, 

•Reparahrc, r«/r-par-ay-tr, v. n. to appear again. 
R^parateur, rai-par-at-ur, m, restorer; repairer; re- 
Reparation, rai-par-ah-syo«,yC reparation. {dresser. 

Rdparer, rai-par-ai, v. a. to repair ; mend; retrieve, re- 
Reparition, r«A-par-e-syo«,y. re-appearatw ^—~ — 
Reparler, r»A-par-lai, v. n. to speak again. 

Repartie. fKA-par-te, y^ repartee, reply. 
Repartir, r«A-par-teer; v. n. to set out again ; reply. 
Repartir, rai-par-teer, %f. a. to distribute. 
Rdpartiteur, rai-par-te-tur, tn. distributor, assessor. 
Repartition. rai-par-te-syo», /". distribution ; assess- 
Repas, r«A-pas, m. repast, meal. [tnent. 

Repassage, ruA-pah-sahJ, m. ironing; grinding; 

Repasser, r»A-pah-sai. v. a. et n. to repass, pass again; 

dress again ; grind ; repeat; call again. 
Repasseuse, ruh-pah-suhz^/.ironeroyiitun; laundress. 
Repaver, r«A.pav-ai,-z'. a. to new pave. 
Repicher, r»A-pay-shai. v. a. to/tsh up again. 
•Repeindre, rwA-pai^-dr, v. a. to paint again. 
Repenser, rwA-i>aM-sai,' v. n. to thxnk ofa^ain. 
Repentance, rwA-paw-tanss,/ repentature. 
Repentant, e, r/fA-pa/z-taM, — t, a. repentant, [repent. 
Repentir, r»/A-pa«-teer, »«. repentance; sc— 
Repercussion, rai-pair-lcQs-syow.y: re-percussion. 
Repcrcuter, rai-pair-kfl-tai, v. a. tore-Percuss; reflect, 
Reperdre, r«A-pair-dr,.v. a. to lose again. 
Rep&re, rMA-pair, m.. mark. 
Repertoire, rai-pair-twrar, »«. repertory ; list. 
Repetaiiler, rai-pai-ta/-ai, v. a. to repeat in a tiresome 

Repeter, rai-pai-tai. v. a. to repeat; rehearse; claim; 

se — , V. r. to be repeated. 
Repetiteur, rai-pai-te-tur, m. private teacher; repeater. 
Repetition, ral-pai-te-syon, /. repetition ; rehearsal; 

ntontre k — , repeater. 
Repeuplement, n<A-puh-pI-ma/i, m. re-peopling. 
Repeupler, r»A-puh-plai, v. a. to re-people. 
Repit. rai'pe. m. respite, delay. 
Replacer, rwA-plas-ai, v, a. to replace. 
Replaider. rr/A-playd-ai, v. a. to plead again, 
Replanter. rnA-pIan-tai, v. a. to re-plant. [liation. 

ReplAtrage, rMA-plau>trahj, m. plastering again ; pal- 
Replfttrer, r»A-piau-trai, v. a. to. new plaster up ; palli- 
Replet, 6te, rMA-piay, — plet. a. replete; plump Jat. late. 
Repletion, rai-plai-syon./l repletion, surfeit. 
Repli, r«A-ple, m./old ; recess. 
Replier, rwA-ple-ai, v. a. to fold again; wind; twist; 

se — , V. r. to wind one's self; fall back. 
RepKque, rai-plik, /: reply ; rejoinder. 
Repliquer, rai-ple-kai, v. a. to reply, answer. 
Replonger, rMA-ploM-hjai, v. a, et n, to dip again; 

plunge again. 
Repolir, rMA-poI-eer, v. a. to polish again. 
kepondant, rai-poM-da^t, m. respondent ; bail. 
Repondre, rai-po«-dr, v. n. to answer; reply; corre- 

^ond; bail ; be ansioerable ; se— , v. r. to atiswer 

each otfter; correspond. 
Reponse, rai-poi/ss,y^ answer, reply. 
Report, n<A-por, m.. sum carried over, [to go back. 
Reporter, rMA-por-tai,' v. a. to carry back; se — , v. r. 
Repos, r«A-pon, m. repose, rest; sleep; en — , at rest; 

at ease ; lit de — , co$tch ; se tenir en — , to keep 9**iet. 
Reposee, r»A-poh>zai,y. lair, lodge. 
Reposer, rwA-poh-zai, v. a. et n. to repose, rest; relieve; 

ease; be at rest; lie still; sleep ; se — , v. r. to repose 
' on^s self; Utke rest ; settle ; rely upon. 
Reposoir, r»A>poh-zwar, m. altar set up in a street; vcd^ 

settling tub. 
Repoussant, e, rMAtpoo-sa», — t, a. repulsive. 
Repoustement, r»A-poos-maM, m. repelling; recoiling. 
Repousser, rMA-poo-sai, v. a. et n. to repel; drive back; 

reject; rebuff; recoil; shoot again. 
Repoussoir» r«A-poo-swar, tn. driving-bolt ; setting off. 
Reprehensible, rai-prai-an-se-bl, a. reprehensible, cen- 
Repc^henrion, ral-pral-an-syon,/: reprehension, blame. 

•Reprendre, r«A-nra;/-dr: v. a. et n. to take a^in, take 
back ; recover; begin agaim reprove; rebuke, return; 
reply, strike ; close up again ; — haleine, to breathe 
again ; se —-, v. r, to recollect oiu's self; close up 
again. \tion. 

Represailles, r«A-prai-za/./: pi. reprisals, pi. retalia- 

Representant, r<^A-prai-za><-taM, m. representatme. 

Representatif, ive, rMA-prai-za»-tat-if, — iv, a. represen- 
tative, [tion ; production ; exhibition ; liketuss. 

Representation, rMA-prai-zan-tah-syo», X> representa- 

Representer, r»A-prai-zan-tai,'v. a. et n. to represent ; 
produce, describe; put in mind; perform; act; 
maintain one's rank ; se — , v, r. to iresent one's 
self again, appear agaitt ; call to mind. ' 

Repressif, Ive, rai-pres-sif, — iv, a. repressive. 

Repression, rai-pres-syoM, / repression, hindrance. 

Rephmable, rai-pre-mah-lu, a. to be repressed. 

Reprimande, rai-pre-ma^d. /: reprimand, lecture. 

Reprimander, rai-pre-nuut-dai, v. a. to reprimand, re- 

Reprimant, e, rai-pre-man, — t, a. repressive. [buke. 

Reprimer, rai-pre-mai, v. a. to repress, keep down. 

Reprise, ruh-pni,f. retaking; reneiving; repetition ; 
reproduction; darning; £ plusieurs ~s, by flts and 
starts; at diffirent times. 

Reprobateur, trice, rai-prob-at-ur, — riss,^. reproving. 

Reprobation, rai-prob-ah-syoi*,/: reprobation. 

Reprocliable, rMA-prosh-ah-bl, a. reproachable. 

Reproche, r«A-prosh, m. fV/r(?acA; exception; blame; 
sans — , blameless. [object, 

Reprocher, r»A-prosh-ai, v. a. to reproach; upbraid; 

Reproducteur, trice. rMA-pronlQk-tur, — triss, a. repro- 
ductive, [tiki/ity. 

Reproductibilite, rMA-pro-d<ik-te-be-le-ta!, f. reproduc- 

Reproductible, ruA-pro^itUc-te-bl, a. reproducible. 

Reproduction, rwA-pro-duk-syoM,/ reproduction, 

*Reproduire, rMA-pro-dweer. v. a. to reproduce / se —, 
v.r.tobe reproduced ; come again. 

Reprouve, rai-proo-vai, m. reprvbate, cout awi^. 

Reprover, rMA-prov-ai, v. a. to prove again. 

Reproaver, rai-proo-vai, v. a. to reprove; disown. 

Reptile, rep-til, m. reptile. 

Republicain, e, rai-pa-ble-kain, —ken. a. republican. 

Republicanisme, rai-pfl-ble-kan-isra, »». republicanism, 

Republique, rai-pfl-bliko^ republic. [nouncing. 

Repudiation, rai-pQd-yah-syoM, f. repudiation; re- 

Repudier, rai-pfld-yai, v. a. to repudiate ; renounce. 

Repugnance, rai-pfln-yanss,/ repugnance, dislike. 

Repugnant, c, rai-pQn-ya«t, — t, a. repugnant, contrary. 

Reiiugner, rai-pfin-yai, v. n. to be repugnant; inspire 

RtT'-r'tMPrr. r?*^-jrai-!l 0.1.^,1, v. u^ Ig rtputhft^Ut; gri>7v 

Repi.L^Lf, JVC, mj-^Ili^5if^ — IVn a. ne^uljUre^ {again, 

Rtp-^.-jAta, lai^ rtfuLiffft. 

RtitiMtiun. raj^pa.Uli^yUM, /: rtpvtatieii ; fhffFBteen 

Rer LiEL'f, ni^pn mi. p. a. to nputr, reeJhn, f^Mtider. 

RenLLTibLe, ruA-kal^rah-tiL, a. r^uira^U. 

Re iLKr^Qt. Tifh')a.i'tAH, tnu Sititi^r. phrtHtiff. 

•RL-iuerif, f^fA-ksu-tper. Vr a. ft* rwftttst^ retfairt. 

Re ] ud [ g, rtf/( kalt^/; re^ne^t .^juiti- drtna ttd; peiiiutH. 

Rt.lLnjter, rfFA-kay-Cai, i', a, f^ quest again, 

Re'jii:^.'mi riii-k*fe-ctii. m. re^wie*n. 

RtMLLi^t, tuk-)aAfi. «t, sharks 

sei:^'r|iiili<lLieT. riKA-kaME-Vji, V. r. ta trick ane'T xetfup^ 

Re.]iiL-,, rMA-ke^j:« RequerU. 

Rtl^uL^i^il>R. rai-kc-2c-!iyo«,jC re^n^sf ; SUiL 

Rei|ii^'^itt>LrCi rat-kc-ic-twar, jfl, request; sttif, 

ReM:iiiLJi;f, tttS-^Sili^i-cial. tl a, nuancef. 

Rf-ili^i'.'hr ren'sii-yOWn/: res^isiii^Kr 

ReMirijJtiijn, rea-kiip-syo?!,/. aisignme^ttt ordtr. 

Res' rji, fif^-lCM, jw. rticripK 

ReL<-iii, rHt-mh^ m, ftening; tufithfrk. 

RtirrrvatiaJiH rmrzaiT-nh-syuH, /. r^StrValiatf^ 

Reserve, riu-iatrY. ^ tvttrot : cxreptieH; m<ideSfy\' 
sans ^p TiftA^HJt f^fpti^K ; Unrxserced; DietLrti eU 
— . tj lay i'y, 

Re!«crr<fH [ai-zair-Tai, tf, Kjfrttft^ clsse; e^y. 

Rtvi jvt:i, rai4a[i-v<ij. v. a. i& r^strve; lay ty: keep in 
i .'. ■ ? :' ; jc — , V, r. tif rarrve ifni's JtJf; Sc resent. 

R^iLfvulp, rai-KiJr^irwai'p ihl mervifir ; JUAp^-itd. 

Re^iiS-mr, e. r.ii zc-da/n. — t, a,, towelling. 

Rc^iilLince. rsi-£c-daNi5,j^ t%si4t*ice ; rtjtiienfsiiip. 

Re .itJcr.T, mJ-ie-daH^ im, rrscdfftf. 

Re-^^Lclur. rai-£e-dai^ v. n, ia reside, dji,*tll. 

R^^Liliir fftl-ie-dflH m. ntri^hf ; irHfUtinder, 

Re-L(,ni,,iclt, Tai-iiil-yajf , — t, »i, r<vigntr. 

R^'^tHnaElati. rjil-aili-^ah.syow.y: n^tgnatiirn. 

ReiL^jiier. raJ-JUm-yai^ i<. m, io resign, givt up; to— ^ 
V f_ ftj reiigrt fine's- sef/!^ siiSmii. 

Re^LLtL-r, mi-al-yai^. -v, a. tt? anuu/^ iiMttai. 

Rfrvilk-, ral iiy,^ naljbr the hair, 

R*-iiiic, rai-titi^f resin, rus^. 

Re^iucux, se, r^-xe-bv^ ^*, it, wAfMf; t 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

BBS r n6 ] 

R^piscence, rai-se-pts-a/fss. /. rtsi^iscence ; repetU- 

Resistance. rai-zis-taMSS,yC resistance. [/orf, dear. 

Resister. rai-zis-tai, v. n. to resist; wUhstand ; suft- 

Resolti, e, rai-zol-fi, a. — ment, «ul. rtsoluUt d^rminate. 

R^solus, rai-sol-fi. see R^soudre. 

R^scriuDon, rai-zol-fi-syo»(.^ resolution, 

R^solvais, rai^ol-vai. see R^udre. 

R^solvant. rai-soI-vaM, m. rtsotvent. 

R^sonnance, rai-zon-aMSS,/! resonance. 

R^sonnant, e. rai-xon-a». — t, a. resonant; sonorous, 

R^sonnement. rai*con-aiaM, m. resounding: 

R^sonner, rai-zon-ai. v. n. to resound. 

*R^soudre, rai-zoo-dr, v. a. to resoive ; dissolve ; deter- 
fnine; annul; se— . v. r. to be resolved; come to ; 

R^sous, rai-zoo. see R^soudre. [make u/ one's mind. 

Respect, res-pek, m. respect. 

Respectable, res-pek-tah-bl, a. respectable. 

Respecter, res-pek-tai, v. a. to respect, regard: honour. 

Respectif, ive. res-pek-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, tud, respec- 
tive, relative. 

Respectueux, se, res-pek-tfi-uh. —z, a. — sement. ad. 

Respirable, res-pe-rah-bl. a. breathable. \respectful. 

Respiratk>n, res-pe-rah-syo»,^ respiration; breath. 

Respirer, res-pe-raj, v. a. et n. to breathe, respire; 

Resplendir, resp-lan-deer, v. n. to glitter, shine. 

Respleodissement, res-plan-dis-maw, tn. resplendence, 

Responsabilk^. res-pon-sab-e-le-tai./: responsibilUjt. 

Responaable, res'pon-sah-bl, a. responsible, account- 

Ressac, res-ak. nt. surf, [able, 

Ressaiijiier, rMA-sain-yai, v. n. to bleed again. 

Ressatsr, rwA-sai'zeer, v. a. to seixe again / se — de, 
V. r. to seize upon again. 

Ressaut, rwA-soh, tn. projection. 

Ressauter, rMA-soh-tai, v. n. to leap again ; project. 

Ressemblance, r«A-sa>i-tlaMSS, f. resemblance, likeness. 

Ressembler, ruA-sa^i-blai, v. n. to resetnbU, be like; 
se — , V. r. to be edike. 

Ressemelage, rMA-sMA-m»A-Iahj, m. neto-footing. 

Ressenieler, rMA-SMA<mMA-lai, v. a. to nrw-foot. 

Ressentiment, xuh-iajt'tt-mAn, m. resentment, touch. 

Ressentir, rMA-san-teer, v. a. to feel ; se — , v. r. to bt 
affected by ; staffer for. [tion; obstruction. 

Resserreiuent, rMA-sair-man, tn. tightening ; contrac- 

Resserrer, ruA-sair-rai. v. a. to tnake tighter; com- 
press ; restrain, confine ; se — ,v.r.tobe contracted ; 
become tighter; confitu one's self. 

Ressit; res-if. m. re^. [dernier — , "without appeal. 

Ressert, tuh-sot, nt. spring; elasticity; province; en 

Ressortir, r»A-sor-teer, v. n. logo out again ; be in the 
jurisdicHon qf. 

Ressouder, r»A-soo-dai, v. a. to solder again. 

Ressource, rMA-soorss,y^ resource ; means, expedient. 

se Ressouvenir, r»A-sooT-neer, v. r. to recollect, re- 
member; — , m. recollection, memory; touch. 
, Ressuai^e, rMA-sA-ahJ, m. sweating. 

Ressner, rMA.sfi-ai, v. n. to stutat. 

Ressui, res-we, m. lair. [rise from the dead. 

Ressusciter, res-A-se-tai, v. a. et n. to raise; revive; 

Ressuyer, res-we-yai, v. a. to wipe again, 

Restant, e, res-ta//, — t, a. remaining, left; — , m. 
remairtder, resulue. [restorative; eating-house. 

Restaurant, e, res-tor-an, — t, a. restorative; —, m. 

Restaurateur, res-tor-at*ur, m. restorer; eating-house 
Restauration, res-tor«ah-syoff,y: restoration, [keeper. 
Restaurer, res-tor-ai, v. a. to restore; se —, v, r. to 

take r^reshment. 
Reste, rest, m. rest, remainder; leavings, pi. : an — , 

firtaUy; de— , more than enough; du— , besides ; 

itre &A—,tobe behindhand. 
Rester, res-tai, *. n. to remain ; be left; en—, to leave 
Restituable, res-te-tA-ah-bl, a. to be restored. [off. 

Restituer, res-te-tfi-ai, v. a. to restore, give back again. 
Restitution, res-te-tA-syoff,^ restitution. 
*Restreindre, res-trai»-dr, v. a. to bitui, restrain, con- 
fine ; se — , V. r. to restrain on^s self. 
Restrictif, ive, res-trik-tif, — iv, a. restrictive. 
Restriction, res-trik-syon, f. restriction ; — mentale, 

mentett reserveMon. 
R^sultat, rai-zai-tah. m. result. 

Rtf suiter, rai-zul-tai, v. n. to result ; follow. [up all. 
Rtfsum^, rai-zQ-mai, m. recapitulation; en — . to sum 
R^umer, rai-zQ-mat, v. a. to recapUulate, sum up ; se 

— , v.r.tobe suntmed up. 
R^urrection, rai-zQr-ek-syow./: resurrection. 
Retable, rMA-tah«bl, m. altar-piece. 
R^Ublir, rai-tab4eer, V. a, to re-establish, reinstate; 

se — , V. r. to recover. 
R^tablissement, rai-tab-liss-maM. m. re-establishmetit, 
RetaiUe, xuh-*Ml.f. shreds, pi. [recovery. 

Retaper, rNA-tap-ai, v, a, to dress ; co^. 


Retard. r»/i-tar, m. delay; hindrance; ftre cn — > 

to be biukward. 
Retardataire, ruA-tar-dat-air, nu one in arrears. 
Retardation, r«A-tar-dah-syo/i,^ retardation. 
Retardement, rMA>tard-ma/<, nt. delay; stop, stay. 
Retarder, r^A-tar-dai. v. a. et n. to retard, fut (iff; 

put beuk ; delay ; come later. 
*Ketenir, rwAt-neer, v. a. to retain, withhold; deduct; 

keepb€tck; hinder; bespeak; restrain; remember; 

se — , V. r. to contain one's self; be rentembered. 
Retention. Fai-taM-syoi(,y: retention ; reservation. 
Retentir. rwA-taM-teer, v. n. to resound, [report. 

Retentissement. rMA^ta»-tiss-maM. m. resouridinj^ ; 
Retenu, e. rMA-tnO, a. reserved, discreet^ cautious; 

Retenue, rwA-tnfi.yC discr^ion, caittion ; rrtodesty^ 
Reterser, rwA-tair-sai. v. a. to dig a second tinu, 
R^tif, ive. rat-tif. — iv. a. restive. 
Retirade. ruA-te-rad./^ retirade. 
Retirement. r»A-teer-ina». m. shrinking. 
Retlrer. rwA-te-rai. v. a. to draw again ; draw tack ; 

draw out; get back; obtain, rettp ; shelter; shoot 

again; se — . v. r. to retire, withdraw; leave; 

Retomber, r«A-tOM-bai, v. n. to fall again; have a 

Retordement, r»A-tord-nuut, m. twisting. 
Retordre. r«A>tor-dr. v. a. to wring again ; twist, 
R^torquer, rai-tor-kai, v. a. to retort. 
RetorSj e, rMA-tor, — ss, a. twisted ; shrewd. 
Retorsion, rai>tor«syoM,y^ retortion, 
Retorte, rvA-tort,^ retort. 
Retouche, r»A-toush.y^ retouching. 
Retoucher. rMA-too-shai. v. a. to retouch, correct. 

Retour, r«A>toor, m. return; winding ; repayment; 
repentance; sans — » for ever ; 6tre de — , to cotne 
back ; £tre sax Is —, to be on the decline. 

Retoume, r«A-toom,J^ trump. 

Retoutner, rwA-toor-nai, v.airetn. to turn ; return, go 
back; se — , v. r. to turn about ; turn Ofu's self. 

Retracer, rMA-tras-ai, v. a. to draw again; retrace; 
se — , V. r. to recall to mind. 

Retractation, rai>trak-tah-syoff,^ retractation. 

Rdtracter, rai-trak-tai, v. a. et se — , v. r. to retract. 

Retraction. rai-trak-syoM,y: retraction, [recant, 

•Retraire, rwA-trair, v. a. to redeem. 

Retrait, ruA-tray. m. redemption. 

Retraite. ruh-tret,f. retiring; retreat, rtfuge; har- 
bour; shrinking ; recess. 

Retraite, e. ruA-tret-ai. a. retired, on half-pay. 

Retranchement, r»A-tra//-shman, m. retrenchrrunt ; 

Retrancher, rMA-tra»i-shai, v. a. to retrench ; lop off; 
intrench ; se — , v. r. to con/lne one's self; intrench 
on^s self. 

Retr^cir, rai-trai-seer, v. a. to straiten, contract; 
cramp ; se — , v. r. to grow strait; shrink. 

Retrecissement, rai-trai-siss-man, m. narrowing; 
shrinking. [v. r. to be tempered. 

Retremper, rz/A-traM-pai. v. a. to temper again : se — . 

Retribuer, rai-tre-bQ-ai. v. a. to remunerate, retribute. 

Retribution, rai-tre-bd'SyoM,/*. retribution. 

Retroactif, ive, rai-tro-ak-tif, — iv, a. retrocKtive. 

Retroaction, rai-tro-alj^-syo»,y^ retroaction. 

Retroceder, rai-tro-sai-dai, v. a. to make over again. 

Retrocession, ral-tro-ses-yon,y^ retrocession, 

RetrofH'ade. rai-tro-grad, a. retrograde. 

Retrc^ader, rai-tro-f^ad-ai, v. n. to go backward. 

Retroussement, rMA-troos*ma^«, m. tucking up again ; 

Retrousser, r»A-troos-ai, v. a. to tuck up again; cock, 

Retroussis, rKA-troo-se, m, cock ; boot-tops. 

Retrouver, r»A-troo-vai, v. a. to find again ; recover; 
se — , V. r. to find on£s self; fi***^ *«' another. 

Rets, ray, tn. net. 

Reunion, rai-An-yoit.yC reunion : jurution ; meeting. 

Reunir, rai-Qn-eer, v. a. to reunite, join again ; recon- 
cile ; wUect; se— , v. r. to Join again; meet; com- 
bine ; agree. 

Reussir, rai-A-seer, v. n. to succeed; thrive. 

Reussite, rai-A-sit,^ success ; issue. 

*RevaIoir, rwA-val-o-ahr, v. a. et n. to return like for 
like ; be even with. 

Revanche, rMA-va/tsh. f. revenge; turn ; en — , in 
return, l/y way qf retaliation. 

Revancher. rMA-vaM-shal, v. a. to side with ;se~tV. r, 
to be revenged ; return like for like, 

Revasserie, ray-vas-re,yC reverie. 

Rdve. rayv. m. dreant ; idle fancy. 

Rev£che, ruA-vaysh, a. rough, harsh, ercMed, 

Re veil, rai-vay/, m.. atoaking; reveille; eUarm. 

RevffUe-matin, rai-vai/-mat-ai», m, alarm-c(q<(ky 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


R^eiller. ra!-vay/-ai, v. a. to a-wake; rouse; se 

V. r. to atvake ; revive. 
R^veiOon. rai-vayAo«, m. tneal after midnight. 
Rev^lateur, rai-vai-Iat-ur, m. reveaUr, ii\former. 
K^v^lation, rai-vai-]ah-syo».^ revelation, discovery. 
R^v^ler, rai-vai-lai, v. a. to reveal, disclose. 
Kevenant, e, Tuh'vnun, —t, a. pleeuittg ; — , m. ghost; 

— bon, neat profit : emolument. 
Revemleur, rnA-van-dur, tn. hawker. 
Kevendication, mA-vaM-de-kah-syo»,yC claim, 
Kevendiquer, rMA-va#i-de-kai, v. a. to claim, chattettgt. 
Revendre, r»A-van-dr, v. a. to sell again. 
•Revenir, rMA-vneer, v. n. to come back; return; 

recover; come over to; come to, amount; arise; 

result ; suit ; — k soi, to recollect one^s sef/". 
Revente, ruh-ysMt,/. resale. 
Revenu, rMA-mQ, m. revenue, income. 
Revenue, Tuh'vnd,/". young -wood. 
Rever, ray<vai. v. a. an. to dream of; rave; ruminate. 
R^verMration, iai-vair-bai-rah-syoff.y: reverberation, 
R^fverbire, rai-vair-bair. m. reflector. 
Riverb<5rer, rai-vair-bai-rai. v. a. to r^lect. 
Reverdir, r«A«vair-deer, v. n. to b^ome green again, 
R^v^remment, rai-vai-rani<aM, ad. reverently. 
R^v^rence, rai-vai-ranss,/^ reverence; courtesy. 
R^v^rendeux. se, rai«vai<raff-syuh. — z, a. — sement, ad. 

Reverend, e,_ rai>vai-raM, — d, a. reverend. 
Rev^rendissime, rai-vai-ra»-dis-sim, a. tnost reverend. 
Rev^rer, rai>vai-rai, v. a. to revere. 
Reverie, ray-vre,/. reverie; idle fancy. 
Revers, r«A-vair, m. back, reverse ; misfortune. 
Reverser, rMA-vair-sai, v. a. to pour again; tranter. 
Reversible, ray-vair-se-bl, a. revertible. 
Reversion, ray-vair-syo«,yC reversion. 
Rev^tement, rMA-vaj^t-maw, m. covering. 
Rev£tir, rwA-vay-teer, v. a. to clothe; invest ; line; se 

— , V. r. to put on ; assume. [dreamer, dotard. 

Reveur, se, ray-vur, — vuhz, a. thott^htful ; — , m. 
Revirement, rMA-veer-ma», m. tacking about; tranter. 
Revirer, rMA>ve-rai, v. n. to tack about. 
Reviser, r«A-ve-zai, v. a. to revise; correct* 
R^viseur, rai-ve-zur, m. reviser. 
Revision. rai-ve-*yo«,/. revisal; revision. 
R^vivifier, rai-ve-vif-yai, v. a. to revivificate, revive. 
•Kevivre, r«A-vc.vr, v. n. to revive, come to life again. 
Revocable, rai>vok-ah-bl, a. revocable. 
Revocation, rai-vo-kah-syon,y: revocation ; annulling. 
R^vocatoire, rai-vo-kat-war, a. revoking. 
*Revoir, rMA-vo^dir, v. a. to see again; revise; au — , 

till our next meeting. 
Revoler, r«A-voI-ai, v. n. to fly back. 
Revolin. rwA-vol^M, m. sudden gust. 
R^volte, rai-volt,/. revolt, rebellion. 
R^volte, rai-vol-tai, m. rebel. 
Revolter, rai-vol-tai, v. a. to cattse to rtvoU, stir uP; 

shock : se — , v. r. to revolt, rise. 
R^vohi, e, rai-vd-fl, a. revolved; ttccomplished. 
Revolution, rai-vol-(i-syo»,y! revolution. 
Revolutionnaire, rai-vol-A-syon-air, a. revolutionary ; 

— , tn. revolutionist. 
Revolutionner, rai-voi-A-syon-ai, v. a. to revolutioniee. 
Revomir, rwA-^o-meer, v. a. to vomit again. 
Revoquer, rai-vo-kai, v. a. to revoke, recall; — en 
Revu, rnA-vfi, see Revoir. [doute, to question. 

Revue, Tuh-y(i,f. review ; revisal; muster. 
Rez, rai, pr. even with : — de chaussee, m. ground 
Rhabillafi^e, rab-i/-ahj, m. mending. {jtoor. 

Rhabiller, rab-i/-ai, v. a. to dress again ; mend. 
Rh^teur, rai-tur, m. rhetorician. 
Rhetorique. rai-tor-ik,/: rhetoric. 
Rhinoceros, re-no-sai-ros, m. rhinoceros, 
Rhubarbe, rfl-barb,y: rhubarb. 

Khum, roni, m. rum. [a. rheumatic. 

Rhumatique, rQ-mat-ik, Rhumatismal, e, r<i-mat*is-mal, 
Rhuinatisine, rfi-mat-ism, m. rheumatism. 
Rhume. rQm, m. cold. 
Rhythnie, ritm, m. rhythm. 
• Rhythmique, nt-mik, a. rhyihmiast. 
Ri, re, see Rire. 

Riant, e, re-a«, — t, a. laughing: pleasant; cheerfiU. 
Ribambelle, re-ba»i-bel,yT long string. 
Ribordage. re-bor-dalij, m. ifamage done by running 
Ribote, re-bot,y: debauch, revelry. [fotj. 

Ricanenient, re-kan-maM, m. sneering, sneer, 
Ricaner, re-kan-ai, v. n. to sneer, chuckle, 
Ricanerle, re-kan-re,y^ sneering, 
Ricaneur, re-kan-ur, m. sneerer. 
Ric-Ji-ric rik-ah-rik, ad. exactly. 
Richard, re-shar, m. rich man. 
Riche, ririi, a. — ment, ad. rich ; weaWiy ; — , tn. rich 

man ; les — s, rich people. 



Richesse, rt the^s,/, f^Jfcrj; ±<ealTA ; ~i^ pi, hwfM, 
Riciit rc-iiiiM, m. rtdnut. \J^rtit>t^, 

RicucJicff T^^'sh-oi. t: tu {» wwb^Hnd. 
Ricoi-Iict, ^ll;■]ta»h<«J^, m. riefcMtt ; duck ^nd dr^ke. 
Ride, rid.y^ leriitk/f ,' Mnyanf. 

Ridcn^ r?"tjiel,y. 4idt-/ffJiter, side.rnrk* 

Rjder, r«-El4i, tv it. to wriftklt : strttch ; &r — , v. r, ft 

be vriniied ;ff^WH. [widicu/f ; riiltCUlim^HeiS* 

Ridiculrt r«Kle-kdl, ^, — mem, ad', ri^ittf/iruf i ^, m^ 
Riiiiruli»«r, n^de-k&-k^xtkJ, ^f, a, to ridicHit; rendtf 

RiiJijuhiiase, re-tle-kfl-k-tai^y; ridi'TutoMfiits^. 
Riirn, ay.jirt^ m, an^r/Aittg, trijit ^ nt^fimg ; poilT — * 
Rii.ur, t^at, tH. taui^h^r ; ^ttttfftvr. [grtihi. 

Rill ul, le-fldr, rH. r(/tt : jid umArt/la^ 
Ri,^i'lt . tu hjid* a. — nittii, ad^ rt^d, Jti^; Jtriat. 
Ri l; ;■ I ; ^ c; , rc-lHc-dt-Iii , f fij^jditjf, ittjT'feSs. 
Rjk' ■'■■- '*-lfoKyC trrmAt 4rai*t, gutter. 

Rii;. .riiJiK, K-lfO-H&mr m. rii.'or'VMSrtesr. 

Ril^ 'r:-M\ fei^-rtst, (w, rt^orut^pttritan. 

Ri^.. irtiiji, te, re-|(oi»-rQ^, — i, a. — aemeat, uif. nger** 

<. .7:. , jrfett ,■ strict. 
Rici;i-ur, r^-^r.f. riEff}fr; ittftrify; & ta — , rigtrr** 
Ri;:.,i^.;e, tt:-muJ,fr fiality ver-iFt, pi. \i>ks^. 

Riiii.LLLIi^r, tc-inAi^\y w h. h^ m'tkr Pfiltwy vrrsis. 
Riiii.uELtiij, t€'Mj./'UZt m, rAytmattt. 
Ririit, rm^.f. t-kyme. 
Riiiicr. rv'Ji*.!!, t". n. to rhyme, 
hdmittt, fc fin:r, m. rkymtr, rhytrtr^tfer, 
RJEKcoLii rdif-aoh, wu^yjj/irfjr. 
Rincer, rai/r-^uii, v. a, fo nW^F, tt>djAf 
Ritii^lireH r^^n-aAr.f riiuin-Mt pi, 
RilNiul!«. xc.^.fJmHketing. 
Ri|>£, T^Y^,f- sftvper^ 
Riljcin. Tc-paiy V, 0. ft? irm^^ strakh. 
Ripo[;de, re-pe-pjii,y; ntfdi'ey. 

Ripoidc. Te.|iQrf././,iro' andthirHit; rtpiirtte^ f^ffly. 
Ripostcr. Tdhji-t*!, T'. w, inpa^y itTtdtArHsi; reply, 
•Rirc^rccr, v. M. iff laa^h ; imtle,be ffrasatU; jesti 

« — . «'. ''- ftJ lau^'h a{^ ma J^ game ^; — , wi. ^AufA' 

"Wi laifghtef, 
Ri^^itr, ftt. Iiitighfrr; reef: — d« veau, l^ivadoft'd^ 
Riscc, rc-zdi./, lau^k, dtrisiiifn; tajigking-stOek, 
Risiljklcn re-icrl^jl^ a. risib/t, ^jw^A^^^. 
RisLiudble. ils-kAh-bU a. t/tal miiy ie risked. 
Risque, rigJe, m. rt'ik, hazard, 

Riiiquci, ri4-k;iE^ V. a. ttt riskt t^m/hiv ; sie — , T', r. tH 
RissuL^H rt-iolij'; rUsv:ir. \jrisk ^n^s stif 

RissolcT. tc-soI^a!, V, a.ta fvast trfyaiti ; k — > v. r. to 
Rit, kitCK rit, iMr rtte. {gti^m AntTon. 

RkoiimcLlc. re't*»r-ucl,/j?ff»rtrA: tetiiOHj reptfi/ion, 
Rit LI el, rii-wi^], w*, riiual. 
Ri ■ ■ .. iH. share, bank. 

Ri rffni. 

K.' .-r-.-zai^ V, H. i&rizfat^ vie-MdfA, 

Ri ■ . ■i-^-iai^y^ rivali^t rivalry, 

Riht, riv^y; jJjiyre^ battkr 
RJYCi, rfi-1^^ p. a, tif rivet. ctincA. 
Rivemlnr c, nv.iaijf, — reii, a^ beideriftg; — > m. bor- 
Rivet, rc-Tay, wi, riittcA. {drrtrw 

Rivi^R, riv-yair,y: rr^vr; *teckla£r. 
Rijic, tiki,/. icF^f, AraW. 
Rij, fCt ««. riic. 
Kl£\^Tt. Tiz-yMTyf rifffietd, 
Rol», rob, «n. rsb. 
RoS 't, rob, f. rvbe / gfiTt/n ,■ fttijt.. 
Rcibrsj<-E, rt'Si-r-n.-iy. wn, n'.ir, jpvtd. 
R«'l-- ''.r ^ : , .,, ■ .-.i, rtftiist, stout, xttVNg^ 
R« : ■ ■■ ■ •]. 

Rol.i. Ic, n k- ■,.■,/, '■■.■: f-r. .;■. 

RocaiUeur, rok-aAur, m. grotto-maker. 

RocaiUeuz, se, rok-a/-uh, —z.a. rocky,pebbly; rugged. 

Rocambole. rok-a«-bol,y: rocamboU. Irough. 

Roche, rosh.y: rock. 

Rocher, rosh-ai, m. rock. 

Rochet, rosh-ay, m. rocket. 

Rocheux, se, rosh-uh, — *, a. rocky. 

Rococo, ro-ko-ko, a. rococo, old. 

RAder, roh-dai, v. n. to roam, ramble. 

R6deur, roh-dur, m. rambler. 

Rodomont, rod-o-moM, m. bully, blusterer. 

Rodomontade, rod-o-mo«-tad,y: rodomontade. 

R<^tions, rog-ah-syo/i, f. pi. Rogation-days, pL 

Rogaton, rog-ah-tow, m. scraps, waste paper. 
Rogne, TQa-ye,f. satrf; scab. 
Rogner. ron-yai, v. a. to clip; cut; pare; shred. 
Rogneur, ron-yur, m. clipper. 
Rogneux, se, ron-yuh, — z, a. scurvy. 
Rognon, ron-yoM, m. kidney. j 

Rognure. ton.yiLT,f.pafiMgs, clippings^Qh^ 


t xxS 1 


Rogua, rOjf, a. surly^ haughty ; —$,/.//. hard roe. 
Roi, rwa, m. king. 

Roide, rwad, a. iighi : stiff: stubborn; stone-dead. 
Roideur, rwad-uJr, y: tightness i stiffitess; rapidity ; 
Roidillon, rvad-i/-on, m. hillock. [stuMorftness. 

Roidir, rwad-eer, v. a.'it'n. to t^hten : stiffen; se— , 

V, r. to grow stiff : resist. 
Roitelet, nfat-Iay, m. wren. 
R6le, rohl, m. roll; list; part. 
Rdlet, roh-lay, m. lUtle roll. 
Rotnaine, rom-tn,/. steel-yard. 
Roman. Tom-aM,' fM. ro*Hance; no7/el. 
Romance. rom-a»ss,y^ romance. 
Romancier, rom-a/i-syai. tn. novelist. 
Roman^que, rom-an-esk, a. rotnantic. 
Romantique, roro-a/i-tik, a. romantic. 
Romarin, roro-^-ai/i, m. rosemary. [ness. 

Rompement, ronp-ma/t, m.. — de t£te, vexations btisi- 
Rompre, ro>»-pr. v. a. et n. to break; breoA nff; break 

up; interrupt ; fall ota with; se — . v. r. to break, 

be broken. [bfltons — s, by Jits and starts. 

Rompu, e, ron-pd, a. broken; trained up; used; k 
Ronce, ronss,/: briar, bramble. 
Rond, e, roM, — d, a. — ement, ad. round; pUtin, even 

{account) ; britk; — , m. round, circle. 
Ronde, ro«d, y^ round; rounds, pi. ; patrol ; round 
Rondeau, ron-doh. m. rondeau. {hand. 

Rondelet, te, ro»-dlay, —diet, a.plumpish. 
Rondelle, ro»-del, /. rundle. 
Rondeur, ron-6\u,/'. roundness; openness. 
Rondin, roM-dSiin, m, cudgel, 
Rondon, ron-do», m. siboop. 
Ronflant. e, roM-Aa», — t, a. snoring; sonorous. 
Ronflement, ro»-fl-ma», m., snoring; pealing. 
Ronfler, ron-flai, v. n. to inore; snort; peal. 
Ronfleur, ron-fleur, in. snorer. 

Ronger, roM-hiai.t'. a. to gnaw; pick; consume; ruin. 
Rons^eur. ron-hjur, m. gUawer. 
Roquenttn, rok-a^i-tain, m. hunks. 
Roquer, rok-ai. v. n. to castle \chess). 
Roquet, rok-ay, m. cur-dog. 
Roquette, rok-et,/: rocket. 
Rosac^, e, roh-zas-ai, a. rosaceous. 
Rosaire, roh-zair, m. rosary. 
Rosat, roh-zah, a. roseate, o/roses. 
Rosbif, ros>beef, m. roast beef. 
Rose, rohi,/: rose; — des vents, compass<ttrd; — 

croix. m. rosicrucian. 
Ros^, e, roh-zai, a. rosy, roseate. 
Roseau, roh-zoh, »». reed. 
Rosde, roh-zal,/: dew. 

Roseraie. tohz-ta.y,f. ground planted with rose-trees. 
Rosette, rohz-et.yi rose, rosette. 
Rosier, roh-zyai, tn. rose-btish, rose-tree. 
Rosse. ross,f.j'ade. 
Rofiser, ros-ai, v. a. to bang. 
Rossignol, ros-in-yoU m. nightingale. 
Rossignoler. ros-m-yol-ai, v. n. to imitate the song of 

the nightingale. 
Rossinante, ros-e-na«t,yC rossinante,Jade. ' 
Rossolis, ros-o-le. m. rosolis. 
Rot, roh, m. belch eructation. 
R6t, roh, m. roast meat ; second course. 
Rotation. rot-ah-syo».y: rotation. 
Rdti, roh-te, m. roast-meca. 
R6tie, roh-te,yC toast, slice of bread. 
Rotin, xoX-9Xn, m. rattan-cane. 
R6tir, roh-teer, n. to roast; bake, broil; toast 

(bread) ; -- trop. to overdo ; se — , v. r. to be roasted, 
Rotissene, roh-tis-re,/: cook's shop. [scorch. 

R6tisseur, roh-te-sur, m. cook. 
R6tissoire, roh-tis-war,^ roasting-screen. 
Rotoade» rot-o>id, f. rotunda. 
Rotondit^, rot-o«-de-tai,/, roundness; plumpness. 
Rotule, rot-fil.y: knee-pan. 
Roture, toi-^,f. villanage, soccage. 
Roturier, ire. rot-Ar-yai, — r, a. -^rement, «^. <ifmean 
I birth, mean ; —, m. plebeian, commoner, 
Rouas^e, roo^hj, rh. wheel-work. 
Rouan, roo-a», a. roan. 
Rouanner, roo-&n-ai, v. a. to mark. 
Rouche, roosh,y. carcass (of a ship). 
Roucoulement, roo-kool-ma;<, m, cooing. 
Roucouler, roo-koo-lai, v. «. to coo. 
Roue, tQO,f. wheel; ~ de cSble; coil. 
Rou^, roo-ai. m. rake, prqftigeUe. 
Rouelle, roo-efl,/ slice ; Juliet <f veal. 
Rouennerie, roo-an-re, f. printed cottons, pi. 
Rou«r, roo-ai. v. a. to break on the wheel; coil; < 

roui, to be quite Jaded. 
Rouerie, roo-Tt^f. rakish trick. 
Rouet, roo-ay, m. spinning-wheel; cfig^heel. 

Rou£[e. roohj, a. red; — mrge, fn. robin-redbreast/ — 

queue, m. red-tail; —, m. red colour. 
Rou}(e&tre, roo-hjau-tr, a. reddish. 
Rougeaud. e, roo-hjoh, — d, a. ruddy-faced. 
Rous^eole, roo-hjol,/; measles, pL 
Roug'et, roo-hjay, m. roach. 

Rouf^eur, roo-njur,/". redness ; ruddiness ; blush. 
Rouglr, roo-hjeer. v. a. et n. to redden; grow r-ed : 
Rouille, xool,f. rust; mildew. \jblus/i^ 

Rouil^, Cf rooAai, a. rusty. 
Rouiller, roo/-ai, v. a. to rust. 
Rouillure, vool-tr,f. rustiness. 
Rouir, roo-eer, v. a. et n. to soak, steep, 
Rouissdge, roo-e-sahj, m. soaking. 
RouUde. roo-lad,/: rolling ; quaver. 
Roulage, roo-lahj, m. rollxng ; carriage. 
Rouleau, roo-loh, m. roll; roller. 
Roulement, rool-ma/i, m. rolling ; trill. 
Rouler. roo-lai, v. a. et n. to roll; roll up ; turn / 

ramble ; faire — , to set a-going. 
Roulette, rool-et,y: roller; caster; hand<haise ; go* 
Rouleur, rool-ur, m. roller. Icart, 

Roulier, rool-e-ai, m. waggoner, carrier. 
Roulis. roo>le, *». rolling. 
Rouloir, roQl-war. m. rolling-board. 
Roupie, roo-pe.f. snivel. 
Roupiller. roo-pi/-ai; v. n. to doxe. 
Roussdtre, roo-sau-tr, a. reddish. 
Rousseau, roo-soh, m. red-fiaired man. 
Rousselet, roos-lay, m. russelet (pear). 
Rousseur, roo-sur, )^ redness ; freckle. 
Roussi, roo-se, m. burnt smell; russia leather. 
Roussin, roo-sai/i, m. thickset horse. 
Rousstr, roo-seer, v. a. et n. to redden ; to turn red: 

faire — , to brown. 
Routailler, roo-tsl/-ai. v. n. to follow a deer. 
Route, root,/", road, way; track; faire -—, to travel. 
Routier, root-yai, m. road-book; traveller; vieux — , 
Routine, roo-tm,/". roufiue. Practice. [cunning fox. 
Routiner, roo-te-nai. v. a. to accustom. 
Houtinier, roo-tin-e-ai, m. he who acts by routine. 
Routoir, root-war, m. raiting-pool. 
Rouverin, rt)ov-raJ^, a. brittle. 
Rouvieux, roov-yiih, m. mange. . 
Rouvre. roo-vr, m. oak <ifthe hardest kind. 
Rouvrir, roo-vreer, v. a. et se — , v. r. to opett again, 
Roux, sse, roo, —6$, a. red; red-haired. 
Royal, e, rwa-yal, a. — ement, ad. royal; regal. 
Royalisme, rwa-yal-ism, m. royalism. 
Royaliste, rwa-yal-ist, m. royalist. 
'Rov ,»tr.<?K rws"yohm,y: kingdom. 
Rofcniit^, r*a-j-tih-tal,y: royalty, 
Ru. Tf\, frt. cAt^HHel. 
Ru I I ■:: . rfl-Jf J, /. kicking; Jerking. [colour. 

Rulacc. "'• " -' ' ' * - ■ 

RuLrin, I 

RuT-.\rii:nc. rO "Tjan-re./C ribbon-weaving; ribbon trade. 

Rul'.-iTJi^r, rfl-ban^e-ai, tn. ribbon-weaver; ribbon- 

Rul >r rliif rd^n^bd-fe-ai, v. a. to rub(fy. [seller. 

Rul'kan, T^'tie-kaM. a. rubican. 

RuTiMiMid, c, rij-be-koM, — d. a. rubicund. 

Rutiii, *fl-bc, wj. ruby ; red pimple. 

Rul li'iLie. rLl-brik,y. redchcUk; rubric 

RulIm;'. rOiSb./I beehive, hive, 

RucliLir, rfl£li-ii, m. apiary. 

RuJc, Ffld, a, — roent, ad. roughs rugged; harsh; 

hard; sAarp; severe; churlish; rigid. 
Rudcnte, c, rft-tla«.tai, a. cabled. 
RudcrAnrc, nt-ctaw-tCr.y^ cabling. 
Rurtij^se, Tit-Jess, f. roughttess; harshness; hard 
RuiJ i 1 1 i i? rit , r . f ! i -maw, tn, rudifnettt. [words, ^. 

RuJiiyerH r i'. -' bM-yai, V. a. to use harshly. 
Rue, f<).,fiifxii, lane; rue. 
Ruer, rCb«i,/. heap of rubbish. 
RueUe, rft-cU,/. lane; bedside. 
Rueller, rd-el-ai, v. a. to mould the vine, 
Ru^e, rfl-ai; V. n. to kick; Jerk; se — , v. r. to rush 
Rueur, rft-ur, m. kicker. [upon, fall foul. 

Ruiien, rOf-yai«, m. n{ffian. 
Rugir, rfl-hjeer, v. n. to roar. 
Rugissement, rA-hjispnuut. tn. roar. 
Ru^osit^, rfl-goh-ze-tai, X rugosity, roughness. 
Rume, rfl-ln,/. rtiin ; decay. 
Ruiner, rd-e-nai, v. a. to t^tin,; destroy ; undo ; se — f 

V. r. to ruin one's self go to ruin. 
Ruineux, se, rfl-e-nuh, .— z, a. ruinous, 
Ruinure, rd^-hdr.f. grove, notch. 
Ruisseau, rA-e-soh, m. brook, stream, kennel. 
Ruisseler, rA-is-lat. v.'n. to gush out, streatn. 
Rumb, ro«b, m. rumb-line. 
Rumeur, td^mwc./'. rumour, uproar. 
Ruminatioh, rO-tae-nah-sy^,/ rumiiuUiflU 

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c. rfi-ba*!, RXibacelle, rfi-bas-el,/ rtiby of a light 
, H)-biiFi, m. ribbon, riband. 

knminer, rA^mC'iial, v.^n. rb fitminate. 

Kiuop. xtmp^ «. rum^. r '. " ■ 

Kunique, rO-nik, a. runic. 

Rupture, rdp-tiir.y: rupture t breaking; hemiu. 

Rural, e. rA-ral, a, rttroL 

Ruse, riucy! nMmcnv', crVV/ Mini; [man. 

Kus6.-e, i4-Z8i« a, cunningr* crafty, s/y: — , fft, cunning 

Riiser, rA-zai, v. n. to eUngCt shift. [clown. 

Rnstaud. e, rfis-toh. ^—d, a. ctownish / — , 9n. churl, 

Rusttdte. rAs-te-se-Ui,yi dawMiskness, to&rithnest. 

Rustique, riis-tilc, a. •—mtDt,. ad. rural; rustic; rude, 

clownish, churlish. 
Rustiquer, rus-te-kai, v. a.Mtnahe rustic-like. 
Rustre, r(b-tr. a. clownish, boorish s —, tn. clown, boor. 
Rut, rfit, M. rut, rtOiing, 
Rye, ree,/: seorshart. 

Sa. sah. see Son. 

Sabbat, sat>all, m. Sabbath; noise, 

Sabbatique, sab-at-ik, a. sabbatical* 

Sable, sah-bl. m. sand^grrm/el; sable. 

Sabler, sah^blai, v. a. to cever with gravel. 

Sableux, ^e, sah-Uuh, —*^a. sandy. 

Sablier, sah-ble<ai, m. hour-glass. 


3ablon, sah-bloff, tn.fine sttnd. 

Sablonner, sah-bloa-ai. v. a. to smtr with sand. 

Sablonneux. se, sa)i-blon.Mih, — x. a. santly, gravel(y. 

Sablonni^r. «ah>-bloti-e-ai, m. safutman. 

Sabkmni^re, sah-bUw-e-air,^ sajnd-fit, graveUpit. 

Sabord, sah-bor, m. port-hole. 

Sabot, sab-oh, m. wooden shoe ; hors/s hoqf; tof ; 

Saltoter, sja>-«(-«i. v. n. to whip a tt^. [sorry fiddte. 

Sabotier, sab-ot-yai, m. maker qf wooden shoes, 

Sabouler, sab-oo-lai, v. a. to toss abottt, tease. 

Sabre, sah-br. m.,sabre; broadsword. 

Sabrenas. sah-br-nah, m. bungler, botcher. 

Sabrer. sah-braL v. a. iu Sabre; bungle. 

Sabretache, sah-br-tash.y: sabretaehe. 

Sabreur, sah-4}nur. m-Jbie>odthirs(y soldier. 

Saburre, sah-oAr,/: saburra. 

Sac. sak, m, sack; bag;, knapsack. 

Saccade, aak-ad, /. saccade ; Jerk. 

Skccader, sak-ad-ai. v, a, to jerk, twitch, 

SaccafiTCf sak-ahj, m. havoc. 

Saceaf^ement, sak-al\i-ma». m. sacking. 

Saccager, sak^hi^ii. v. a. to sack, pillage. 

Saccaoeur, sak-aii>ut. nt. sacker. ■ 

Sacerdoce, saMtir-doss. m. priesthood. 

Sacer<^ota|. e, sa^-air-dot-al. a. sacerdotal, 

Sachant, sadi-a», Sache. «asb» xk Savoir. 

Sach^e. sash-ai,/ sackful. . « . ^ 

Sachet, sosh-ay, tn. safichet: PerfitmoAag. 

Sacoche, sak-o$h,y: saddie-bag; mon^f^iag. [menial. 

SaoTBineatal, e, sak^cam-aM'tal, a. ~«meiit, ad. sacra^ 

Sacre, sajcr, nuanointing{JtiHg\\ cansecrution \,bishopy, 

Sacr6, e, sak-rai, ou sacred, holy : damned. . 
SsLcrcmtnt,.9akrruh'taatt, m. sacrament; \e saint '-, 

the consecrated host. 
Sacrer« s^^s^ v^a. et n. to anoint; consecrate ; curs* 
Sacret, sak-ray, m. sackeret. [and sioear: 

Sacrificateur, sak-oe-fe-kat-ar, m. saerifieer. 
Sacrificature, sak-re-fc*kat-Ar, / saerificatot's ojffice^ 
Sacrifice, sak-re-fiss, m. sacrifioe, 
Sacrifier, sak-ref-e-ai, sacrifiee. 
SacrU^STCf sak-re-iaihj. m. stufUege; —, et. <>-inent, eul. 
SacristatB. aalc*ris-tai>i. m^ sacristan. [sacrilegious. 
Sacristie, sak-ris-te,y. sacristy » vestry. 
Sacristine, sak-ris-tin,/. vestry^UH. 
Saduc^en, ne, sad-CUsakai/i, --en, a. Sadducee, 
Safiran. Sa-firan, m. st^ffiton. 
Safraoer. saf-ta»«i,.ffL^.^<? dress with saffkon. gluttonous. 
Sagafie. sai^-ASSt a.'sagueiotts, acute.. 
Sagacite, safi-oA^rtaiif. sagacity. 
Sage, sahj, a. — ment,. ad. wise; sensible;- fnodesti 

gentle ; quiet; — . nt. sage,'wise man. 
Sage-femtnt, 8aiy*CHn;«/l-i^wi/t. 
Sogease, sahj-eas^y; wisdom ; skgeness, modesty ; good 
Sasoa,aag-O0»m*.&](ro. [behaviour. 

Sagoum, sag-wy-dAtti nu.sagoin.{e^)\ slovenly man, 
Saqi:naBt,e. sayM>yaM, •-<, a. bleeding, bloocfy 
Salgn6e, Mjm-yldiy: bleeding .-drain. 
Saignea«nt.M9nk-y«-n)a», mi bleeding. 
Saigflfln aayn*^ v.xuetlt, ta.bleed, let blood ; drain ; 

se — , V. r. to bleed one's self: drain one's selfofceuh. 
Saigneur, sayn-yur, ^/f. / ' 
Sai^eux, se; sayn-yulb 

Scullant, e, saZ-yan, 


. . . , \. projectituf. ■ 

SailUc. $a/-e,/ projecture ; tpttrt : flight; sally ; flash 

SaiUir, sa/-ir, v. n. to project, jut out ; gush. [of wit. 

Sain, et sakf, sen, a. ^^ement, ad. sound; healthy. 

Saindoux, saiM-doo, tn. hogs lard. 

Sainfoin, sat»-fo-ai>r, tn. sainfoin. 

Sahit, e, iahi,'->^,a:ritint, holy; blessed; la Saint-Jean, 

Midsmnttier ; ki Saint- Michel, Michaelmas Day. - 
Sainte-barbe, salMt-barb,/^ powder-magazine. 
Saintet^, sain-tMA-tai.yC sanctity, holiness. 
Sals, say, see Savoir. 
Saisie. say-re, y. seisure; distress. 
Saisine, say-zin,y: seisin injhct. 
Saisir, say-zeer, v. a, to seise; lay hold on; distrain; 

se — , V. r. to seise, lav hctd on. [trainable. 

Saisissable, say-ze-sah-bl, a. that tnay be seised, dis- 
Saisissant, e, sai-ze-san , — t, a. that which seiaes; strik- 
Saisissement, sai-ziss-nia», tn. shock, pang. [i*tg- 

Satson, say-zoM,y: season. 
Salt, say, see Savoir. 
Salade, sal-ad, X salad. 
Saladier, sal-ad-yai. m. salad-dish. 
Salage, sal-al\j, m. salting. 
Sataire, sal-air, m, salary, hire, wages, reward. 
Salalson, sal-ay-zoM,^ salting; sait-tneat. 
Salamalec, sal>am-al-ek, m. frofound bow. 
Salamandre, sal-am-aM-dr,y^ salamander. 
Salari^, e, sal-ar-e>ai, a. hired. 
Salarier, sal-ar-e-ai, v.a. to reward, pay. 
Salaud, e, saI«oh, —d, a. slovenly, ftasty. 
Sale, sal, a.-— ment, ad. dirty, neaty, filthy. 

, tn. salt pork. 

Sal^, e, sal-ai, a. salt; shai^; keen ; - 
Salep, sal-ep, m. sttlep. 
Saler. sal-ai, v. a. to salt ; powder. 
Salet^, sal-tai, y: dirtiness ; fSlthiness ; nastiness ; ob- 
Saleur, sal-ur, m, Salter. [sceni^y. 

Salicaire. sal-e-kair,y: salicaria, 
Salicoque. sal-e-koK,y^ prawn. 
Saline, sal-e-air,/. seUt-cellar; salt-box. 
Salii^ud, e, sal-e>Koh, — d, a. nasty, slovenfy. 
Salignon, sal-in-yo», m. hump of salt. 
Salin, e, sahaiM, —in. a. salntoits, briny ; — , m. salt- 
Saline, sal-in,/. salt-pit; salt-meat. [spt^ng : salt. 
Salique, sal-ik, a. salic. [one's self; get dirty. 

Salir, sal-eer, v. a. to dirty, stain ; se — , v. r. to dirty 
Salissant, e. sal-e-sa;i, — t, a. that dirties; that soon 
Salisson, sal-e-son, m. young slut. [soils, 

Salissare. sal^'sdr,/ dirt,/ilth. 
SaUvaire, sal-e-vair, a. salwary. 
Salivation, sal-e-vah-syo^t,/*. salioation, 
Salive, sal-iv,/: saliva, spittle. 
Saliver, sal-e-vai, v. ft. to salivate. 
Salle, sal, f. hall, room ; parlour ; arbour ; — d'aale. 
it\fant'School ; — d'eygosition, — d'industrie, exhi^- 

tion hall, exhibition ofindustry. 
Salm^ondis, sal-me-gon-de, m. hotch-potch. 
Saloir, sal-war, m. salt-tub. [tnan qffeahiotu 

Salon, sal-o». m. saloottt drawing-room ; honunede— » 
Salope, sal-op, a. —ment,- ad. dirty, ttasty. 
Saloperie, sal-op-re,/: nastiness. 
Salpetre, sal-pay-tr, m. saltpetre. 
SalpStrier, saJ-pay-tre-ai, tn. saltpetre-tnaker. 
Salpdtri&re, sal-pay-tre-air,/ saltpetre-house. 
Saltation, sal-tah-syom, /: saltation. 
SaMiftbanoue, sal'taiw-baMk, m. mountebank, 
S^ubre, sal-d-br, a, salttbriotts, wholesome. 
Salubrity, s^-(i-bre*tal,y. setlttbrity, wholesotneness, 
Saluer, sal-fl-al, v. a. to salute, bow, greet, 
Salure< sal-Ony^' i(iA*n«rf . • 
Salut, sal-A. tn, sgi/ety ; salute ; bow; greeiiitg. 
SaKiUUre, ^af-A-talr, a. — ment^ ad. salutary, whole- 

sotnet 'Useful. ■• •- * -*. 

Salutation, sal-A-tah-syo»,/ salutation ; bgrw ; Courtesy. 

Salve. *ilo,f. voO^ rskina {ofapplause^. 

Samedi, sam-de, tn. Saturday. 

Sancir, san-seer, v, n. tp/bunder. 

Santificadon, saiMk-te*fe-Kah-«yoM,y! sanctificaiion. 

Sanctilier, saMl(-tif-e-ai. if. a. to sanctify, keep holy. 

Sanction, saMb-syOM.^ sattction.' . 

Sanctionner, saMk-syon-ai, v. a. to sattction, ratify. 

Sanctuaire, saMk^dMlr, -m. sartetuary. 

Sandal, saw-dal. tn. sattdal-wood; 

Sandale. siLn-ds\,fiitetnddl: lighter. 

Sandaraque, san-dar-ak,/! sandarach. [composure. 

Sang, saw, m. blood ; family; birth ; — froid, coolness, 

Sanglade, saM-gllul,/. lash 

„ 6, sa/(>glan, — t,tf. bloody, reeking. 

Sangle, san-gl. ./C j/rny» ; saddle-girth. ■ 
jSangler, sait-glai, v. a. to girth ; whip. 
jSanglieri«M-gie>ei. m. wild boar ; — demer, sea-hog, 
:Sanglot, sa»-gloh, m. sob, sobbing. 
iSangloter, sa»-glot-ai, v. n. to sob. 

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Sanjfsue, saN-sA,yC leecA ; extortiopur. 

Sansruification, sa/i-gwe-fe-kah-syoH, /l sau£ru\ficatioH. 

San^in, e, sa//^ain, — ghin, a. sanjr>*iHe ; blood-red, 

Sani^inaire, san-ghe-nair. a. blood-thirsty. 

Sanguine, sait-g^hin.y^ bloodstone ; red-lead, 

Sanfi^inolent, e, sa«^he-nol-aM, — t, a. bloody. 

Sanide, san-«-kl, m. seuticle. 

Sanie, san-e,>^ sanies. 

Sanieux, se. san-yuh, — z. a. saniotts. 

Sanitaire, san-«-tair, a. sanitary. 

Sans, saM, pr. without : — am\s,/rieHd/€sr, . 

Sanscrit, san-skre, m. Sanscrit. 

Sansonnet, san-son-ay, tn. starling'. 

Santal, sa«-tal, m. sanders. 

Sant^, s^i-tauy. health ; maison de — , private hospital. 

Sapajou, sap^J-oo, tn. motthey, martnoset, 

Sape, sap,^ sapping: 

Saper, sap^i. v. a. to sap, uttdermine. 

Sapeur, sap-ur, m. sapp^-r. 

Saphir, saf-eer, m. saphire, 

Sapide, sap<id, a. sapid. 

Sapience, sap-ya/iss,/*. wisdotn. 

Sapientiaux, sap-ya»>syoh, nupt., livres— . books of 

Sapin, sap^M, tn. fir-tree, fir. \v/isdom, pi. 

Sapini^re, saip-va-ya.\T,/./brest o/fir trees, 

Saponaire, sap^n-air.V. soap-wort. 

Saporifique, sap-or-e-hk, a. sapor\fic. 

Sapotier, sap-ot-yai, tn. sapota-tree. 

Sarbacane, sar-bak-an./: long tube. 

Sarbotiire, sar-bot>yair,yC ice-cream tnoidd, 

Sorcasme, sar-kasni, tn. sarcasm. 

bnrcastique, sar-kas-tik, a. sarcastic 

SaxccUcsar-sel,/: teal (bird). 

Sarclage, sar-klahj, m. weeding. 

Sarder, sar-klai, v. a. to weed. 

Sarcleur, sarklur, m. weeder. 

Sarcloir, sar-kio^hr, tn. weediug-hook, 

Sarclure. sar-kIQr,y! weedings, pi. 

Sarcocile, sar-ko-sel, nt. sarcocele. 

Sarcome, sar-kohm, m. sarcoma. 

Sarcophag^e, sar-ko-&hi. a. fiesh-tating : — , tn. sarco- 

Sardine, sar-din,/. pilchard. [ phagus. 

Sardoine. sar-do^n./C sardonyx. 

Sardonique, sar-don-ik, a. sardonic^ satiriceU. 

Sari^e, sar-iff,/". didelphis. 

Sarment, sar-inaT* m. vine-branch, 

Sarinenteux. se, sai-ina^i-tuh, — z, a. branchy. 

Snrrasin, sar-az-ain, tn. buckivheat. 

Sarrassine, sax-SiZ-iTi,/. poricullv , 

Sarrau, sar-oh, m. groom's /rock. 

Sarrette, sar-ct,y: saw-wort. 

Sas, sah, tn. sieve. 

Sasse, sahss,/: scoop. 

Sasser, sah-sai. v. a. to sift, bolt, 

Sasset, sass-ay, tn. little sieve, 

Satan, sat-aM, tn. satan. 

Satanique, sat<an-ik, a. satanic. 

Satellite, sat-d-lit, m. satellite. 

Sati^ttf, sas-yai-tai,/ satiety. 

Satin, sat-aiM, m. satin. 

Satinade, sat*e-nad,yC satinet. 

Satina^e, sat-e-nahj, m. hot-pressing. 

Satinaire, sat-e-nair, tn. sattn-weaver. 

Satiner, sat-e-nai, v. a. to make satinlike : hot-press. 

Satire, sat-eer,y: satire, lampoon. 

Satirique, sat-e-rik, a. — nient. ad. satiric; satirical i 

Satiriser, sat-e-re-zat, v. a. to satirize. [— , m. satirist. 

Satisfaction, sat-is-fak-syoi/, f. satis/action i gratifica- 
tion, atotiemettt. 

*Satisfaire. sat-is-fair, v. a. et n. to satis fi^, pletue : in- 
dulge ; obey ; se — , v. r. to seUisfy ones seff, itululge 
one s self. 

Satisfaisant, e, sat-is*fay-za», ~t, a. sati^actory, 

Satrape, sat-rap. m. satrap. 

Satrapie, sat-rap-e,/. satrapy. 

Saturation. sat-a*rah-syo».X saturation, 

Saturer, satt-fi-rai. v. a. to saturate. 

Satumales. saX-dr-ToX.f. pi. saturtuils,pl, 

Satyre, sat-eer, m. satyr. 

Satyrique, sat-e-rik, a. saiyric, obscene. 

Sauce, sohss./l s auce. ' 

Saucer, soh-sai, v. a. to dtp in sauce. 

Sauciire, soh-syair.y: sawe-boat. 

Saucisse, soh>siss,/! sausage 

Saucisson, soh-se-soM, m. thick sausage. 

Sauf, ve, sohf, sohv. a. safe , — conduit, ttt. safk-coH- 
duct, pass: — . pr. saving, saw, except. 

Saufire, sohj,^ sage, salvia. 

Snutprenu, e, soh>er-nQ, a. impertinent^ ahsurd, 

Sauie. sohl, tn. willow. 

Saumitre. soh-mau-tr. a. brackish. 

Suumon, soh*mo;i, tn. salmon ; pig. 

Saumon^ e, soh-mon-ai. a. truite —e,f. saltnOH-troui. 

Sauinure, soh-niflr./C brine, souse. 

Saunage. soh-nahj, m. salt-treuU. 

Sauner, soh-nai. v. n. to tnake salt. 

Saunerie. sohn-re./. seUtem ; salt-house. 

Saunier. soh-ne-ai, tn. sctU-malUr; Salter: salt-seller. 

Sauniire. soh-ne-air,/: salt-box. \_sprtnfclK. 

Saupoudrer, soh-pou-drai, v. a. to powder ; streio, 

Saur, sohr, a. smoke-dried ; hareng — , red-herrittg . 

Saurai, soh-ray, see Savoir. 

Saure. sor. a. red; sorrel. 

Saurer. sor-ai. v. a. to smoke. 

Sauret. sor>ay. see Saur. 

Saurissage. sor-is-ahj, tn. curing Jierritigs. 

Saurisseur, sor>is-sur. tn. herring-curer. 

Saussaie. soh>say./I wUlow-plot. 

Saut. soh. rtt. leap, tump, bound; waterfall ; feire un 

Saute, soht./. sudden peering. [— . to take a lea/>. 

Saut^. e, soh-tai, a. dressed, done. 

Sautelle. soh-tel.y: vine-branch with its root. 

Sauter. soh-tai. v. leap over, jump, skip, hop .• 

Sautereau, soh-troh, m.Jack. \rush ; otnit. 

Sauterdle, soh-trel,y; locust; sliding t^tle. [vaulter. 

Sauteur. soh>tur. tn. — se, — uhz, f Jumper, tutnbler; 

Sautillement, soh-ti/>nia«. tn. skipping; hop. 

Sautiller. soh-ti/-ai, v. n. to skip, hop. 

Sautoir, soh-twar, m., en — , crosswise. 

Sauvage, soh-vahj, a. savage, wild; uttsociable ; — , ttt. 

Sauvageon, soh-vahJ<on, m. wild stock. [saxfoge. 

Sauvi^erie, soh-vahj-re,^ witdttess. 

Sauvagin, soh-vahi-aiw, a. rammish; — , tn. rammish 

Sauvagine, 9oh-vaiij-in,y^ wildfowl. [taste. 

Sauve. see Sauf. 

Sauvegarde, sohvijard,^ saji-gtmrd. 

Sauver. soh-vai. v. a. to save ; spare; cottceal; se — » 
V. r. to tnake one's escape, steal away. 

Sauvetage. sohv-tahj, tn. salvage. 

Sauveur, soh*viu-, tn. sazfer, deliverer. 

Savais, sav-ay, see Savoir. 

Savamment, sav-am-an, ad. learnedly. 

Savane, sa.v-an,f. savanttah. 

Savant, e, sav-an, — t, a. leartted ; skilful; practised; 
—, m. scholar. 

Savantasse, sav-aM>tass, tn. pedantic scholar. 

Savate, sav-at,^ old shoe ; carrier. • 

Saveter, sav-tai. v. a. to cobble, bungle. 

Savetier, sav-tyai, tn. cobbler, bungler. 

Saveur, sav-ur,y: savour, fiavour. 

*Savoir, sav-war, v. a. et n. to know, tmderstand ; be 
able, can ; have by heart ; k —, to wit, that is to say; 
feire — , to let know; give intelligence; — , tn. learn- 
ing, intelltgence, erudition: — faire, tn. skill, wits; 
— vivre. ttt. breeding, tnanners, pi. 

Savonner, sav-cn^l, v. a, r^ tifttsh i^itJi s^p ; lather; 

Savoanerie, »if von-rc, f fonp-ttnuse. [lecture. 

Sawcmnttle, ^Y^n-*it.f. v^iA-bulI; joap-ball. 

Savutineu^, »e, 6;iv-on-Mli, — t, a. untpy^ 

Sairunnier, uv-cm-e^ni, m. saafi-fiotUr. 

Savaurer, wiv-oo-fai, v. a. tii iAiHrnr. trlish, 

Savuur«t, sav-tw-riiiy, tu. tttat-ttmt-ttant. 

SavQureux, ae, sav^xf-riJi, ^x, a. -^-Kmcnt, ad. sa- 

SaxatiLe, saks-Al-n. a. sttxaHk. [voury. 

Satlf^o^f, salu-e-fnihj, f, jaxtfrej;^^ 

SblM, tlrfer, m. sfiit-rit^ 

SotbtElnn, skatMz^-lDfv, m. pfdtst^tl^ 

Scabituu, %>Lail>yM}u, f Jtabi't/tu. 

Sc*\i\suXr se, tkab-yvh, — «, «, ^m*^- 

Scabf eux, k.>ruti, — *, 4, sftbfvitr, rough ; tick- 

Sca,li}«i, JikiU-pei, m. smlptl. [lish. 

Scalper, ?d(Jil-(iai» v^ n, to scalps 

Scjxtnnkunt^e, sJcam^no-nai, f. gmmnt^ttjv, 

SciLul.ilc, &k.-iLH-<l»l, m. ^natu/ni^ [^iti\>us. shatnrful. 

ScM»Uis\i%, M, ikJM*-riftl-ith, — ^ ff. —^'Uiant, ad. scan- 

Sci\u*i-Ahvil, skafr-rkE^mi, Vr fl. 11? jr^niittlixe ; se — . 

Scanner, ukawilai, v. jt. to jyak, I»r r ft ** iUfinded, 

Sc^tt>li>ui4Jre, t^afaw-flr, «*, tor&.jackei. 

Sci4pktlaEre, *Juip-0-l.%tr, m. srapHlar* 

Sc-irsLierH ^kdr^b-ni, ta. beetle. 

Sc^iTiimwuchc, 'Ht^t-^m-i^ih, m. fpur^mfmcA. 

Scriritii LMcur, stoj-e-rc.tai.ur, m. rcarifii miitr, scarifier. 

Sc%riiK'n.iion, ^kaj-c-fe-tab-jytj^, ^ sairi/lcatiou. 

Sc^-irifurf r skar-ir.<!-aiH v. a, to icar^y. 

Sc^rl^Aiioe, skarJjt-in^ a, sc&riet, [OHc's seat. 

Sctma, iotiit Sccl. sd m. itui : mettrv \e *ceatt &. to*set 

Sct^lerat, e, ^ai-lnJ^rnhi — rat. n^fiitf^itiiriiSy wicked ; — , 

SceltlraTf ai>c, sai-Lai-raErcafi^ /, vitlmty, {m, villain, 

Scettt^n bd-rii, Tfi. sral. 

Sccllcnient, schmfitt. m. Sffnting. 

ScvWiity ^l-ai, V. a. foseatt seminp^ 

Scelleur, sd-ur, m. sealer, . 

ttt. seater, ^-^ t 


SOfi i Tar I 

Scene, sayn, f. scene, siaee. 

Scenique. sai-n!k, a. scenic, theatrical. 

Scenographie, sai-nog-raf-e, /. scettography. 

Sicepticisme, sep-te-cisiii, m. scepticism, 

Sceptique. sep-tik, m. sceptic. 

Sceptre, sep-tr, tn. sceptre. 

Scbabraque, shab-rak. /. shabrack, saddle-cloth. 

Schall. shal, m. shawl. 

Shelling, shel-lai/i, nt. shilling. 

Schisniatique. shis-niat>ik. a. schismatical ; ^, tn. schis- 

Schisme, snism, m. schism. {matic. 

Schiste, shist. m. schist. 

Schisteux. se. shis-tuh, — z, a. schistous. 

Schlich, snlik« tn. schlich. 

Sciaj^e, syahj, m. sawing. 

Sciatique. syat-ik, a. sciatical: —,f. sciatica. 

Sde. se,/: sttw ; trait de — , saw cut. 

Scieniinent. syam-an. ad. knowingly; wittingly. 

Science. sysLUS,/'. science: knowledge; learning. 

Scientifique, sya»-te-fik, a. — ment, ad. scientific, scien- 

Scier, se-ai, v. a. et n. to saw ; hot-water. {t\/ical. 

Scierie, se-re, f- sawing-mill. 

Scieur, se-ur, tn. sawer; sawyer; — de long, wood- 

Scille, siA f. squilL {sawyer. 

Scintillation, saiM-til*lah-syo»,yT scintillation, 

Scintiller, sai^/-til-bii, v. n. to scintillate. 

Scion, syoM. mi. scion, small twig. 

Sciote, se-ot, f. smaU saw. 

Sctssilc, sis-su. a. scissite, scissible. 

Scission, sis-syoM, /. division. 

Scissionnaire. sis-syon-air, a. seceding. 

Scissure, sis-sQr, j.scissure. 

Sciure, syflr, /C saw-dust. 

Scolaire, skoi-air, a. scholaslic, school. 

Scolarit^, skol-ar-e-tai, f. scholarity. 

Scolastic skol-as-tik, a. — ment, ad. scholastic: — ,/. 

Scoliaste. skol*e-ast, m. scholiast, [scholastic divinity. 

Scolte, skol-e, /". scholium. 

Scolopendre, skol-O'pan-dr,/! scholopendra. 

Scorbut. skor-bQ, m. scurvy. 

Scorbatique, skor>bA-tik, a. scoriutic. 

Scorie, skor-e, 71 scoria, dross. 

Scorification, skor-e-fe-kaIi-syo». /. scorificatiotu 

Scorifier, skor-if-e-al, v. a. to reduce to dross. 

Scorpion, skor-pyo/i, m. scorpion. 

Scorson&re, skor-so-nair, /. vipers grass. 

Scribe, skrib, m. scribe. 

Scrofules, skro-fAl,/ scrofula, king's evil, 

Scrofuleux. se, skro-fO-luh, — z, a. scrofulous, 

Scrupule. ^rd-pAl. m. scruple; scrupttlosity, doubt. 

Scrupuleux, se, skrA-pO-luh, — z, a. — senient, ad. scrupu- 
lous, Mtce. 

Scrutateur, skrO-tat-ur, tn. searcher; scrutator. 

Scruter, skrO-tai. v. a. to search .- scruti»i»e. 

Scruttn, skrO'tain, m. scrutiny, ballot. 

Sculpter. skdl-tai, v. a. to sculpture. 

Sculpteur. skAl-tur, m, sculptor; carver. 

Sculpture, sktil-tfir, /". sculpture : carving. 

Se. sith, pn. one's self; himself; herself: itself ; them- 
selves ; each other, one another. 

Stance, sal-a/iss,y^ seat ; sitting, session, 

S<iant. e. sai-an, — t, a. sitting: seemly, becoming; — , 
«w. sitting posture ; sur son — , sitting upright, 

Seau, soh, m. pail ; bucket. 

S^beste, sai-best. m. sebesten. 

Sebestier, sai>best-yai. m. sebesten-tree, 

Sebtle. sai>bil, f. wooden bowL 

Sec, s^che, sek, s^h. «. dry; safless ; meagre ; — 
argent, ready tnottey ; —, ad. dryly; boire — , to 
drink hard; etre k— , A» bepennyless; mettre k —, 

S<5cante, sai-ka»t,/l secant, [to drain; — » tn. drytuss. 

S^che. sesh, f ctiUle-fiih {see Sec). 

Sicbeinent, sesh*mu«, ad. dryly ; in a dry style. 

Secher, sesh-ai, v. a. etn. to dry ; wither, grow dry; 
pine away. 

Secheresse, sesh-ress, >! dryness; rmtghness ; bald- 

Sechoir, sesh>war, tn. clothes-horse. [ness. 

Second, e, s»A-ko», — d, a. — einent, ad. secotul; — , m. 
second: assistant ; secotuifloor. 

Secondaire. suA-ko/i-dair, a. — ment, ctd. seamdary. 

Seconde, uth-Von^ f. second. 

Seconder, s»A-kon-dai, v. a. to second, support, help. 

Secouement, S«<A-koo-nuM(, m. shaking: shake. 

Secouer. SMA-koo-ai, v. a. to shake; shake off ; se— , 

SecoQment, see Secouement \v. r. to shake one's se{f. 

Secourablt, s«A-koo-rah-bl, a. helpful, helping. 

•Secourir, s»A-koa-reer, v. a. to succour, assist, help, 

Secours, SMA>koor, m. succour, assistance, help : an — 1 

Secousse, s«iA-kooss, /. shake, shock. [help I help I 

Secret, £te, «<A-kray, — kret, a. — itement, orf. secret ; 
hidden; dose, privy; escalier — , back stairs, pi. ; 
— , jw. s^ret, secrecy ; en — , secretly, privately ^ 

Secretaire. suA-krai-tair, m. secretary ; escritoiri. 

Secrrftairerie, Sf<A-krai-tair-re.y: secretary's office. 

Secretariat. SMA-krai-tar-e-ah, tn. secretaryship. 

Secrete, SMA-kret, f. secret prayer. 

Secrtfter, sai-krai-Ui. v. a. to secrete. 

secretion, sai-krai-syoM. f. secretion. 

Sectaire, sek-tair, m. sectary, sectarian, 

Sectateur, sek-tat<ur. tn. follower. 

Secte, sekt, f. sect, dan. 

Secteur, sek-tur, m. sedor. 

Section, sek-svoM. f. section. 

Seculaire. sai-kQ-latr, a, secular. 

secularisation. sai-kA-lar^-zar-syow,/ secutarixoHon. 

Seculariser, sai-kQ-lar*e-sai, v. a. to secularixe. 

Secularite. sai-kfl-lar-e-tai, f. secularity. 

Seculier, *re, sai-kfll-e-ai, — r, a. — irenient, ad. secular^ 

worldly; —, m. layman, seailar. 
Securite, sai-kfi-re-tai. /. security. 
Sedan, surA-daw, m. Sedan doth. 
Sedatif. ive. sai-dat-if, — iv, a. sedcOive. 
Sedentaire, sai-da«-tair. a. — ment, ad. sedentary: in 

a sedentary mantter. [pt. 

sediment, sai-de-maw. m. sediment ; grounds, sdtlitix's, 
Seditieux. se. sai-de^yuh, — z, a. — semeot, ad, sedi- 
tious, riototts; — , m. rioter. 
sedition, sai-de-syow.y: sedition, riot. 
Seducteur. sai-dfik-tur, m, seducer, misUader ; —trice, 

— trlss, a. seducing. [allurement. 

seduction, sal - dflk - syo«, f, seduction : seducement, 
•Seduire, sai-dweer. v. a. to seduce; bribe; bewitch. 
Seduisant, e, sai-dwe-zan. — t, a. seducing. 
Segment, seg'maM, m. segtnettt. 
Segrais, sai-^y, m, separate wood. 
Segrayer, sai-gray-ai, m. verdetvr. 
S^egation. sai-grai-gah-syoM,/: segregation, 
Seigle. say-f^ m. rye. 
Seigneur, sayn-yur, tn. lord. 
Se^euriage, sayn-yur-yah), tn. se^ot^age. 
Seigneurial, e. Myn-yur-yal. a. seigtuurial. 
Seigneurie. sayn-yur-e. / seigniory, lordship, 
Seime, saym, f. seym. 
Sein, sai«, m, breast, bosom ; wotttb. 
Seine, sayn, f, seine. 
Seing, saiM, tn. sign manual, signature. 
Seize, sayz, «. sixteen ; sixteenth ; un in>seize, a hook 

in sixteens. [sixteenth part. 

Setziime, sayz-yem, a. —ment. cut. sixteenth; — , tn. 
Se|our, sai-hjoor, tn. stay ; abode, dwelling. 
Selonmer, sai-hjoor-nai. v. n. tosojourtt, abide: stand. 
Sei, sel, tn. salt : wit, poignatwy. 
Seienographie. sai-iai-nog-rar*e. selenography. 
Selle, sel./: saddle: stool ; — de femme, sidesaddle. 
Seller^ sel-ai, v, a, to saddle ; se — . v, r. to sink. 
Sellene. st\-rc,f. saddle-room ; saddler's business. 
Sellette. sel-et./ stool; shoeblack's box. 
Sellier, sel-e-ai, m. saddler. 
Selon, suh-lon, pr. accordittg to. 
Semailles, suh-raal,f. pi. seed; sowing-seeuon. 
Semaine., f. week; week's work; d'icl 4 une 

— , this day semiight. 
Semainier, xnA-men-yal, m. who is on duty for a week. 
semaphore, sai-niaf-or, tn. telegraph. 
Semblable, san-blah-bl, a, like, alike, similar; —ment, 

ad. likewise, also, too; —, m. ttuUch, fellow-creature. 

...L. ^ ,-._ ranee; show, pretence ; 

Semblant, sa/i-bla/t, tn. appmn 

faire — , to feign, pretend. 
Sembler, san-uai, v. *i. to seetn 

seem, appear; il semble, * 
SctatWs,\,f. sole ; foot. [seems, tndhinks. 

Semence, suA-maMss,/. seed; seeds, pi. 
Semer, s»A>mai, v, a. to sow; sccUter. 
Semestral, e, SMA-mes-tral, a. during six trtonths. 
Semestre, suA-mes-tr, a. that continues six months; 

— •, tn. space of six tnonths. 
Semeur, SMA-mur, m. sower; spreader. 
Semi, SMA>me, a. setni, half. 

Semillant, e, sai-mi/-a», — t. a. brisk, lively, sptigh'ty, 
Seminaire, sai>me-nair. m. seminary; nursery, 
serainariste. sai-me>nar-Lst. m. seminarist. 
Semis, swAvne, m. seed-bed. 
Semoir, SMA-mwar, m. seed-bag; dtilt. 
Semonce, Si<A-moMss,/: ledure, rebuke, 
Semoncer. SMA-mo»-sai, v. a. to lecture. 
Sempitemel, le, saiM*pe-tair-nel. a. etertial. 
Senat, sai-nah. m. senate ; senate-house. 
Seiiateur, sai-nat-ur, m, setiator. 
Senatorerie, sai-nat-or-rMA-re./: settatorship. 
senatorial, e. sai-nat-or-e^l, a. senatorial. 
Senatorien, ne, sai-nat<or-e-aiM, —en, a. senatorian. 
Senatrice, sai-nat-riss,/ senator's lady. 
Senatus-consulte, sai-na-tQs-koM-sAlt, m. senatus-cott- 
Senau. swA-noh. m. snow toessel), (^ r\r\t^r^***'- 
Sene. sai-nai. »f. sentta. gitized by VJivJVJv Iv^ 




S^nc^cbal, sai-nai-shal. tn. seneschal. 

Senechaussie, sai-nai-shoh-sai, >: senechaVs Jurisdic 

S^nev^, sain-vat, nt. senvy. [tion. 

Senile, sai-nil, a. senile. 

Senne, sayn.y: seine. 

Sens, sa«, m. sense; mind; tHeaninj^ ; reasan ; en 

tous — , every ptay ; — dessus dessous, upside down ; 

— devant derVi&re, kind be/tre. 
Sensation, san<sah-sybn,yC sensation. 
Sens^, san-sai, a, — ment, ad. sensible, wise. 
Sensibility, saii-se-be-le-tai.yC sensibility, feeling: 
Sensible, sa^i-se-bi, a. — inent, ad. sensible; tender; 

obzfioHS ; pait{ful. 
Sensiblerie, sa«-se-bl-re,/. setitimentalism. 
Sensitif, ive, saM-«e-tif, — iv, 4, sensitive. 
Sensuality, sa>i-sd-al-e-tai,y: sensuality. 
Scnsuel, saw-sA-ell, a. — lement, ad. sensual. 
Sente, iAnX., f. footpath. 
Sentence, san-tai;ss./: sentence, decree, doom, 
Sentencier, sa»-ta»-syai, v. a. fo sentence. 
Sentencieux, se, sa«-ta»*-syuh, — z, a. ->senient. ad. 


Senteur, sa«-tur,yC odour, perfume. 

Sentier, sa»-tyai« m. path, pathway. '. [perveptioft. 

tentiment, sa;<-te-nia;i, m. sentiment ; feelxng ; mind, 
entimental, e, sa»-te-niaff-tal, a. sentimental, ajffec- 
Sentine. sa»-tin,y: j-t>/>&. \tionaU. 

Sentinellc, sa«-te-nel, y. sentinel, sentry ; 6tre en—, 

faire — , to stand sentry. 
•Sentir. sa»-teer, v. a. et n. to feel; smell, scent; have 

a taste of ; perceive; stink, smell strong; se — , v. r. 

to feel one's self; know ones self ; feel still. 
•Seoir, swar, v. n. to sit; fit well, become. 
Separable, sai-par-ah-bU a. separable. 
Separation, sai-par-ah-syo/f,^ separation. 
S^par^, e» sai-par-ai, a.*r-ment, cul. separate, distinct. 
S^parer, 'sai-par-ai, v. a. to separate ; divide, part; se 

— , V. r. to part with, leave, break up. 
S^pia, sai-pyah,y^ sepia. 
Seps, seps, m. seps. 
Sept, sett, m. seven ; seventh. 
Septante, sep-ta«t, n. seventy. 
Septembre, sep-ta»-br, tn. September, 
Sept^naire, sep-tai-nair, a. septenary. 
Septennal, e, sep-ten-al, a. septennial, 
Septentrion, sep-ta/t-tre-on, m. north. 
Septentrional, e, sep-ta»-tre-on-al, a. northern, north. 
Septiime, set-yem, a. — roent, ad. seventh; —, m. 
Septiqiie, sep-tik, a. septical. [seventh part. 

Septuag^naire, sej^-tQ-ahj-ai-nair, a. sewnty years old. 
Septuae^sime, sep-td-ahj^i-zim.y: septuagesima. 
Septuple. sep-tQ-pl, a. sevenfold. 
S^ulcral, e, sai-pAl-kral, a. sepulchral. 
S^pulcre, sai-pQl-kr, m.. sepulchre. 
Seipulture, sai-pfll-tGr, /: sepulture, burial; burying- 
S^qiielle, sai-kel,y^ ^a»^, crew, party. [vault. 

Sequence, sai-ka»ss,yC sequence. 
Sequestration,- sai-kes-trah-syo»,/: sequestration. 
Sdquestre, sai-kes-tr,y^_ sequestration ; sequestreUor. 
Sequestrer. sai-kes-trai, v. a. to sequestrate, sequester. 
Sequin, s»A-kai», m.. sequin, zechin. 
S^rail, sai-ra/,(m. seraglio. 
Serai, sray, see Etre. 
S^ran, sat-ra», m. hatchel,flax<otnh. 
Serancer, sai-ran-sai, v. a, to hatchel. 
S^rancier, sai-rax-syait m. hatcheller. 
Sdraphin, sai-raf-ai», m. seraph. 
S^raphique, sai-raf-ik, a. j^ra/Au-. 
Serein, e, SK/j-rai/i, — ren, a. serene, clear; — , m. 

night-dew, night-damp. 
serenade, sai-rai-nad,/. serenade. 
Serenissime, sai-rai-nis-sim, a. most serene. 
Serenite, sai-rai-ne-tai, y: sereni^, sereneness ; cheer- 
Sereux, se, sai-ruh. — z, a. serous. [fulness. 

Serf, sairf, tn. sleeve, bondman, 
Serfouette, sair-foo-et,y: hoe. 

Serfouetter, sair-foo-ett-ai, Serfouir, sair-foo-eer, zf. a. 
Serfouissaee, sair-foo-e-sahj, m. hoeing, [to hoe. 

Serf^e, sairlij,/: serge. 

Sergrent, sau--hja^/, m. sergeant; bailiff"; holdfast; 
Sergrenter, sair-hja»/-tai, v. a. to urge. [cramp. 

Sergfer, sair-hjai, tn. serge-tnaker. 
Sergrerie, sair-hjre,y: serge-tnannfactory. 
Server, sair^hjyai, see Sereer. 
Sene, sai-re,'y? series, train, rattge. 
Serieux, se, sai-re-uh, — z, a. — seraent, ad. serious, 

earttest; grave ; — , tn. seriousness, gravity; au — , 
Serin, s«A-rain, tn. canary-bird. [in earttest. 

Serinette, s«A-re-net,/: bird-organ. 
^Serinj^t, &uh-n.\n-gah, m. pipe-tree. 
Seriufirue,\i,f\ syringe. 
Seringuer, s»/t-rau/-g^i, v. a. to syringe. 
Sehnent, sair-ma«, m.oath ; prater —,to take an oath. 

S^nnonnatre, sair-^iioiKiir, m. ra/ledifif cf i^micfu s 

ffenre — , pnipitstyfe, 
ScrtnonTluf, Sajj-ii]ort.^i, %k a. t^prim-h^ te£titre. 
Sumsrumeiir, sair-man^ur, sn, pfiHt^fr, /ecturvr. 
S«rnitt4 saE-roh-zc-iaj,>^ seresi^y. 
Scrpe, sajfp^/. biHAo^k* 
Serpent, ^it-pAii, t^^serpeftt. 
Serp^jiite, saLr-pa»t,/: silvfr^paper. 
S«rp«ijteuii, aaif -pajw^toh ^ tit, ypn ng sftaJ^e. 
Serpenter, salr-par *\a\t zk «, fls jtteaitder, ivind about. 
EtJi'tJentiflftH iralr-ixi^ivtiii,./; serptnHnt-stonet 
Ser pe"t. saEr-pet, f prun ing.^Hi/e. 
Se Ifpitli*!*^ salr-piZ-air^y: pa^t-ilffth . 
Strr [jOliet, Bcr-puE^yH tn TtfUti thyTtu. 
Serrc, 'ialvuf gnrett.hitiki ■ /alun, diim; gt^pe; tmall 

prfjr ; — Sic. m. bringer up; — papicTi «f, A6£tier; 

/>prfb/io : ^ titc, Pi, Aeml-^ri^irtm. 
Serri:, c, sair-ai. a, et sd. — tfleilt, ad. cfese ; tight ;/s*t ; 

h<ird, niggandiy; roundly; Staittfy^. 
SiiTremcnt, sair-maJ^ m.sqUftAing; tightness^ -de 

cccur he{trt.trfitkt»g. ^ 

Scrr»:r. saiF-ai^ t. a. tc squfree, UgAfert; bind elme, 

i-/ap clAig; i-£aJ:pr ff^i^, lay by /— Ic ccEUT, ta grifVf 

the heart,- — le poil^j?, fo cUhcA the^st ; — rie pete, 

/rt pursue elate ; — le vent^ ft? ply to wittdward; se 

— , I', r. to sf^ttd (l^se^ siiclMe; sArink, 
Scrron, ^r^fi, m. h&x. . 

Scrrktrc, satr-^r,/ lock. 
iierriirerie; sair-flr-ife, j^ l&cksmiih's trade, 
Serf uriflT, sair-i^r-e^aL ™. lockimtlA. 
Sqt^ ScTl, sayr, see Strvir. 
i^ertir. sair-Eeer, v. a. to sciasfi>ne^ 
tJeTtJ^swre, sair te-Bar»/: setiin^ {in a bejsil). 
Surt'-jge, satr-valij, m. befida^^f^ 
S<;rvar, sair-vaU wt f^yfvjxi, 

SQriimt. SJJr-vait, a. in TuatHnji ; fri:« — , lay-brv/Aff ; 
Servante, ssitr-vaw^/: maid-sarvofit. [—^ tx. -ofailer. 
Serviable, sair-vc^-bl, a, obliging. 
Ser vJcc, sair-i.'iss, tn, service ,'" Tvorship ; t^ce, employ. 

mrtii; duty: ftse; m^rsi ; itttf dishes ; clrc AVk — , 

/;' Ac in the army- Stre de — , t& bi Upaa duty^ 

:^sT-.i:.'ttc^ sair-vyct,y; fmp^fn. 

:-:■ r'. ;:..:, arair-vilj a. — ineat, (td. Jfrviln^ slavish, 

i.rv.liLc, saEr-vclc-tai,/; jf« i;t'lity. 

•icLvir, sair^ycer, 'v. tf. et n. to serrf, ■omit itfoH, 

aiteNd; hefp , morship ; bt a s€rt?ani ; Sf a s&Mier ; 

bring in dinner; be ^ Use; c&ndttoe ; -^ de, tti be 

instead ef; — de rien, t^bt^fio hs£ ; 5C — > t^ r. to 

use, Tfmke lite qf; hefp OMe's self. 
Scrvitcur, ^air-ve-tUf, m. servant. 

Servitude, s^ir-Vfl-tdd,/ StrVttnde, bondage; slitvtry. 
Scst say^ see Son. 
Sc&anic, 53J-iani, m. sesa»ttt7/i, 
Scs^uialt^re, seb-kf^r^-al-tair, a. se^^uutHer&l. 
Scs^on^ ses-yo^^T^ session, sitting. 
Setace, e, sat-tah-Srili, a. srtareeNS. 
Sctier, aaJt-ly^l, m. wwnsure o/fwelvn buSh^S^ 
3eu>n^ fai-tOJ^ fwt. Jtcteti. 

Seui], suli^ m. fJtreshold, {pn(y. but, ^trly. 

Scul. «, &UII1I, a. alone, lonely ; telf; ^^memt, ad. solely, 
SguI«I;, Te, ii4lh-l^y, — h-t, a, a fane, loitefy. 
S4ve , say v,/. Jer/, jtticf. {r^oroifj. 

-Severe, ^iiii-Vuh, a. — jnent, ad, stzvri,. Sierrtt Jtuslertt 
S;:\,rii4.% sal-vat-fc-taiH^ severity; Strrfsnes^^ 
>-:\ '. -Ill Je, liiiJ-va^rDjjd ^f f^TW q/ff Aouse^ 

S ij y i Ti ^i^v^er, x*. », to use ha rd. 

ScvrLiye, SKA-vmhjf ij>ii^ im&ning. 

Sevref, !iJ«A-vrai. v. a, A? "tt^aru 

Scvrcusc,\^iz,f dry-Uurse. 

Scxaiiji^nairc, i>c^z-ahj-ai'nalr, 

Sexas:dsiinc, w:j^TzahJ-ai■zimt/ J 

iSt'it, scks, in, sex. 

Sextant, :HckA,t.i|it, in, sfXtant. 

SL-stc. sckst,y; st^tc ; sixfA hour, 

SextLl, Ci Mki-ti], ff, stjctilf. 

ScKtuplt 5ek3-lA-pl, a. sixfold. 

ScxuqI, le, seks-fj-cU, a, sexual. 

ScyiiT^ sai-yawrt Scoir. 

Slirapnc-L^ 5lirA]>-nc]]H m. sftnipttef.ffieJl. 

Si JVC, c. et ari, if, to/tether; unfess ; SO; yes; — bien 

^ iLiyJ Ic, !u;.bil. f sifiyl. iquf , so that , — t^iu >«. 

tiibylEin, Uf sse-bil-Juuf^ —hn, a, st^ylliue. 

Sicairc sc-katr, m. hired imtttfertr. 

^\zts.ixt ive, sik-kat-ir, — iv^ a, iikcAtiix. 

Siccite, sik^c-tai,^. sicciiy,diyHess. 

SLcle, su-kin m. shekel. 

SLri^raL e, iCKlai.raU a. sideral. 

|iLli^rographcH scdaifoe raf, *h, sidercgmpher. 

5iiJcro^r9p lie. se^ai-rOijCjra»fe^ tid^fvgffEphy. 

{years eld. 
sexagenttty, sixlj 

diss ti2s} 

Si^e, syay-felr m. cttOnry ,- age. 

Sied, syay, Si^e, syai, see Seoir. 

Si^ge. syaihj, nu-tetUj chair; box, bench: court: see: 

Si^er, syai-hjai. v. n. to Moid a see; sit. lt*<sre. 

Sien. ne, syain, syen, a. his, her, its : — . m. his own, 

her own, one's ewn: les siens, his relations: faire 
Si^ra. syai-rah. see Seoir. (des siennes, topiay tricks. 
Sieste, syest./: sie^a. 
Sieur, syur, «w. sir, master. 
Sifflable, se-flah-bl, «. that deserves to be hissed. 
Sifflement, se-fl-nia», nt. hissing, whistling. 
Siffler, sc-flalf' hiss: whistle, aamn. 
Sifflet. se-flay, nt. whistle : cal<all : windpipe. 
Stfllenr, se, se-flur, — ^uhz, s. whistler, hisser. 
Sq^n^t c> se-hjU-lai, a. terre — e. terra sigilUUa, 
Sif^Me, se-hlis-bai, m. cicisbeo. 
Signal. stn^al.'»<. ^signeU, sign. 

Stgnalement, sin-yal-iiia», m. deseriHion. {able. 

Signal^, e, sin-yai>ai, a. signalized: signal: remark- 
Signaler, sin-yal-ai, v. a. to signalise: describe: point 

out : give signals ; se — , v. r. to signalize on^s se^f. 
SignaUare, siu-yat-iair, m, signer. 
Signature, sin-xat-fir,/. signature: sign-manual. 
Signe, sin-y«, m. sigft: — de t8te, nod: — des yeux. 
Signer, sin-yai, v. a. to sign:, stamp. {wink. 

Signet, se-nay, m. tasiHi mark. ^expressive. 

Signtficatif, ive, sin-yif-e-kat-it — 4r, a. significative, 
SignificatkKD, sin-jif-e-kah-syoM.y! significaHon, mean- 

Signifier. sin-yif-e-ai, v. a. to signi^, mean: betoken. 
Silence, se-la»ss, m, silence : pause: sous -^siltntfy. 
Silendeaz, se, se4a;(-syiih, --^t, a. silent. 
Silex. se-leks. m. flint. 
Silhouette, stl-wet,/: sUhoiuUe. 
Silhouetter, sil-wet-ai, v, a. to make a silhouette. 
Silice. se-liss,/ jtf'Mr. 
Siliceux, se, se4e-sah, r-2. a. silicious. 
SiKcttle, se-le-kfll,/. sUicU. 
SiHculetix, se, se-Te-kfi-luh, ^x, a; silieulous. 
Sillage, siZ-ahjk m, track, course ((fa skip. 
SiDer. si/-ay, v. a. et n. to steer. 
Sillet, st/-ay, tn. button {violin). 
Sillon, sU-on, m. furrow / ridge. 
SiT!- iLiier, :,!,'- (^n-;il. v a, tf^/unfOV. 
5:- ■ ■ . -.v- 

^\.:..i^:.'l^ -■-■: t^ •■A . /; j^Wj^fffiTC / —^^ pi. afishUiSS. 
SiiEJ^rT£, -MJ-iiUir, /. iitHdtf, 
Sfniiiiiirr, &c-m«^]air, ». similar. 
Siniilitudc, M-me-Ifrt^id,/. iimiiitudf: tvjetndlawe. 
•Sunilor, ac-mfrlAr, m. simtl^r, piwli^tck. 
Simoniaque:, s^moavaJt, a, Htrtorthual : — + w, ji'j*»m. 
SLmDnic^ si-mon-e,/: sim&Pt:y. Ijj^r. 

Simple, ^t-py, ff. — iB*nt, ad. simple: single: <*»«■ 

irtait, tittre^- ptain ,- h&rmUis : si&y: —.m.simfii^ 
Slinples$Cf saii*r-pleiri,/C fund&u*'. 
Si^npLtcitif, saln'plf-«-taii, /. ttrnpfici^jfi plainm^s, 

^eafidoMr: niUrtess, 
SimpMcation, saJH-pIe're-kah-sj'OM.y; n'mpl^^aiimu 
SimpldSirr, saiH-pJif-e-aL, v. tt. i» timpfify^ 
Staiulacrc. sc-md-Uih-kr, wi im^gt : phati4<}m : — dc 

comUaE, moci^jfk/. 
Simulaticm, se-mfi4alt-fiyo^t/^ Hmuiati^i, disguitt^ 
^\m\Ai, c^ sc-mQ-la^, fi,flniii<f!it,fei^(tfi, 
Simttler^ se-mft-lai, v. ^. io ftign^ prttmd. 
5>imulta£i^. e, M^^tnOI-tan^ip a, —mem, i*rf, ^imuttaHt^u^^ 
SimultaiK^Et^. se-mai-Un-ai-C'taiiy^ simuiiAm&Htmss. 
SUiapispia. s^-oap-um, tn. Hn&pitm. 
Since^rCi safj^salr, *. — ment, ad. sitietre. mgmu^ust 
SLcvc^rit4i 53111 -&a^T«-tiii,/: sinctrity. iirut. 

Sinciput, 5Hin-se-p^, m. sinciput. 
Sindon, RaiK^on, m. siud^H. 
Gln^eure, sc-nai-kOr,/ j-iutiuir. 

Sin^c, sai«JiJ*wi^ jrtiW*<;y, apt : fiAHtflgraph ; let'.Hif'aSs: 
Sinifcr, saiM-tijai, f. a. J'* 3^^ Jwi^fK". 
Sinjicri«, saijfnj-rcj^ apiSA ttlf^. 
Sin^Lilariser, sairi-^-lar-r-faU v. it. t<r ringutarise : &e 

— i f . ^r i^fl a^fcrf singuiari^. 
SLnsiiiarit^, sauJ^'jr^lflJ-C-tai,/! tiffgu/arity: tfddnes-f, 
SLn^lier, enci 5a.[«-(fiil'yai, — t, f¥. si/iguiar, especial; 

stni fti^e : — , nt- singMiar riKifther. {damage^ lass, 
SiinislTCT se^nis-lT, rt. sittister, inaitspictet/s- : ^, nc^ 
^oHh iC-OQM, ^d, (Isc, or ttse, if not ; ^- que. sfxve otily^ 

^inucuX, se, sin-fl-uh^ — z< a. jiuusU^, teinding. 
Siiiuos3(t^i H^nflHoh-ie-toi^/. jijfifojKti': ■oriHdiftgT^ pi. 

Siphon, K-foiJ, .»r+ sip Aon: spTg^: spONt, 
Sin?, S*er., »f, rfF*^ 
Sir^f, se^rayn, A «>«r. 
SircCO, M-rok-nht wi. ^irtxra, 

Sirocer, Se-raMtli v. n. t^ rip, iip^ie. 


^irupcux, se, M^rii-piiJi, —2, d. sirnpy. 

Sis. s«. J« S<oif . 

Site, sat, tn, sUt, situtttioru 

Situation), se-tfi4h-syoq,/. sitHOiiOft ,- pMition ; siatt^ 

^■luer, s«-tdi-Jlt, X'. a. i& riJtftafc, Siat 

Si^, sis, t>. six: stxih 

SJKaini, sir-VA, m, stanwa ofta tvf^ti. 

SixL^me, sii-vem, a. — iHcnt, ad^ sixth; —, w, jZi^* 

Sists, &Lkst./jMq?A {mjai£\y {parL 

BEoop, &1;ix>p, ffi. \lGCp. 

Smaragdin, c, smar-ajfti-daJJii — Itv* *t $Hmragdim. 
SmiUe, smi/.yt Aft-£f, 
Srailler, &mU-aj, v, d, f<r i^iW^r. 

Sobfiquefc, sa-br«-kay, («. uitknAT^^ 

Sociability ^os-yali-e^frlalT^ s^iabiliiy, sixiahiencst. 
Socialiiei isos-y^Ji-bl, d. — ment. W. jw^ra^,^^ 

5<»ciii]]iiiiic, sos-yA]-isn3, m* iocinlisfH. 

SociisJiitt. so^yEil'isit, Mif. sATiafisf. 

Kinjiitlisitlquc, sc]S-y;i]-L-vt4k, d, jp, (ff/tf/ferf/. 

P i>uiielairc , fcos-yai-tair,, m^ p,irfitev. 

tji>i;;jdt^^ soji-jai-tai, /; ji^-firf> ,■ parfncrj^^ : fltt^. 

St>cle, it>fc], wi. SAxie. 

Soda, <»>-dah,y: ^ada ; he^ttifitifft. 

S^xuz, aulir,/: stsffr; — dc iiai!,yM.?«^J*>l'fr+ 

Sofa^ so-fah. m, jg^, 

Soffitc sofnt, wi, j^/, ceiiittg. 

Soi, swa, /Dh ^jw^> j*^ AhvUi^ Merse^t itAt^, fhem- 
stiTXi : de ™, 0/itj^^,' — dbfcTllt, a.prrtiHded, tt^^Hid 

Soic^ swfl.y^ jiV:^ ; brittle. [**■ 

Sulcnt, jwaii JM Etnt. 

Soitrie, 5W3i-re,y; silkstn^: iilk trtxdc, 

SoLf* swaCJI ihirsi: a^dT — . /^ Ajr i/uVj/y, 

Soipid, e, Sw^an-^i, a. £lat^ral£, 

Soijin^f , swajt-yai, x'. a. j'*? ^i« cart qf^ uttend : se — . 
V. r. t» takt tart qf one's sflf. [attfuti-vt. 

Saij^eux, se, swan^j'uh, — x, n. — scmcnt, ad. caf^/nt, 

Snin, swaK pi^ cart: diligence: avoir — de, io take 

Soir. so-flhf , TH. m'fTiingy night. [caFe of. 

Seiii^e, soaIi-raJ,j< rtttiing : avnifig party. 

Soit, swa, i-. ci ffd. tHher, er: tehtif^er, Itt it bi s& {ite 

SoiEantaine, swa-sa^i'ttn^/ Ji^tv, threfsc^rt, [Etfe|. 
^oxKante, swa-safir, n.sixfjy: — etdix, stvent^. 
Soixanti^me* swa-^Jt-tyem, «, tixtifth: — , *«. j£if- 

So], sol, *M, jfi^il, ground,' sol {see Sou^ [toifA/arir. 

SolaLre, sol air, *. jt^ar. 

Sqlandre, &at-<iH-dr,/ tolaitders, pi. 

S-olbatU, e, »ol bat-A, a.fmndtrrd. 

SoltKtture. &o]-t>at-ar, /./bttndti ing. 

Sc?kkir, soE-d&h, r«. sitMier., 

SoldjitesCiue, AolHlat'e^b. a. stildier^iJft : '^,f Midiery. 

Solde» soJd^i^/iay,' glance i pour— f ift/uih 

Solder, sol-dai, f. a t fo (last an tKcsHnt. 

Sok^ SO!,y; sole .- flat toifam. 

SoWcisant. sol-ai-cijHn, wi. so/tCfSftt. 

Soteil, sol-c^, »f. sun : il fait ^^ {At inn shines, 

Solentiel, Jc, ^S-an-cl, a. dement, ad. soitmn, 

SoleiinisatiDn, Bo\.-3.n^-za.\i-s-stin^/. sotcmfiixaiiOn. 

SDlennijfir, MJl-nan-e-fai, v. a. t& rsltmnixey aeltb rate. 

Solennii^, Sdl-au-c^ai,/ soiimnity. ctrrmoTty. 

Solfier, sol-fe-af, v^ a. to ioi/a. 

SolidaEre, Sdl-^-dair, a. ^micnt, ad. b&und/oj' iht Zehale, 

aUogeiher and i*nt/or all, in selidum. 
Solidaritift SQl'C-dar^e'iai,>; ^ing tmnud/hr the -ufhole. 
Solide, soMd, a. — ment. (rat, w/wf : rubsinNiiai ;Jirtn^ 
Sillidiicrt sal-c-dif-C'iii, v, d. ftJ rttidtr solid. 
Solidity, »i^de-tal,y. solidify. 
SoliJaqmf, so-lt-lok, Wf, folUo^uy. 
Solipfedc, sd-e^p«d, o. s^iptd. 
Sobtaire, sol-c-talr, *. — nteni:, a J, satifary, lontly : vfrr 

— ^ tisTfiia: —^m. hermit: loliiaiiv^ 
Solitude^ s(»l-e-tad,jrC solitude. 
SQlive,sol4v,/>tfMr, r^A^r. 

SoliveaiL sd-e-TOh, f«. irna/ljoist. [prtnecvtioH. 

Sollicttatitn, «oMe-se-^li-!.yuiiv/: soltt^itati^^H : rntifitty: 
Solliat^r, SOl-lc-^-tai, v. a. to solicit ; wtstigate, Mfgt^ 
SollicLteur, sol-lc-se tur rn. joliciior^. [proseeutet 

Sollidteuse, U>l-lc-&c tl^u, A soiicitress, 
SoFIicitude, adAti'^e-ta^/, saHcitudet cart. f 

S^olo, soh^oli, m. so/if. 
Solstice. soLs-tEss, m, ^olsftct. 
Solubility, s£)I.Cibele-taJ,^ selui>ifit*. 
Soluble, sol-fl-tl, *. s^lultft ,- sffivattit, 
Soliititm, 5ol.fl-syoj(,y; solution, 
SaJrabi;itd, wl-vals-ehio^b^. sgh/miju 
Solvable, sol'?»hrW, «. J(simftL '^ 

'*' Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Sombrft, son-br, a. gloomy^ dark, duit, 

Sombrer, soM-brai. v. n. to sink. 

Souimaire. som-mair, a. — nient. <n/. summary, torn- 
pendioMS : — . m. summary, annpendium. 

Sommation. som-iiiah^syoM./. summoning: summons: 
interpeUation. [— , m. sleep, slumber. 

Somme, wm,/. sum : burden ; en — , in short, Jinaily ; 

Sommeil. som-^yA ut, sleep; sleepiness; avoir — , to be 

Somnieiner. som-ayAai, v. n. to sleep, slumber. 

Somtneller. som-HAZ-ai, m. butler. 

Sommellerie. som-d-re, / butler's office ; pantry. 

Sommer, som-ai, v. a. to summon ; sum up. 

Sommes, som. seeEtre. 

SommeC som^y. m. summit, tap, ridge. 

Sommier, som-e-ai, m. sun^ter-horse, hair-quilt. 

SominM, som-me-Ui,/. summit, top. 

Somnambule. som-naM-bAl, m. a/, somnambulist. 

SonmanibuUsme. soin-na«(>biU-isin, m. somnambulism. 

Somniftr«, som-ne-fair, a. somniferous, soporific 

Somnolence, som-no>IaMss,y! somnoleney. 

Somnolent, e, som-no-laM, — t. a. somnolent. 

Somptoaire, so«-ptA-alr, a. sumptuary. [tuous, 

Soniptueux, se, soM-pta-uh, —x, a. — sement. «rf. sump- 

Somptuostt<(, soM-ptu-oh-ze-tai, /. sumptuousness, cos^ 
lituss: splendour, [bran ; sound; voice: beat {drum). 

Son. sa, son, sah {pi. ses, sai), pn. his, her, its; "^m. 

Sonate, so-nat, /I sonata. 

Sondaf^, son-aah}, m. sounding. 

Sonde, sond,/. sounding-line; probe, 

Sonder, son-dai, v. a. to sound, probe. 

Sondeur, soM*dur, tn. one who sounds. 

Soni^e, soMhj, m. dream ; — creux, m. dreamer. 

Sonf^er, soM^lai, v. a. et n. to dream ; /amy, muse; 

Son? eur, son-hjur, m. dreamer. [thinJt. 

Sonica. son-ik-ah, ad. in the nick iiftime. 

Sonnaille, son-a/,/^ bell. [beast that bears the bell. 

SonnaQler, son-a/-ai, v. n. to ring bells qfien ; — , m. 

Sonner. son-ai, v. a. et n. to ring: sound ; blow{hom); 
— le boute-selle, to sound to horse ; ne — mot. to say 

Sonnerie, son-re,/, ring of bells ; dockwork. [nothing. 

Sonnet, son-ay, nt. sonnet. 

Sonnette, son-et.y: little bell. 

Sonneur, son-ur, m. ringer ; bell-ringer, 

Sonnez, son-al, nt. two sixes. 

Sonore, son-or. a. sonorous. 

Sonority, son-or-e-tai,/. sonorousness. 

Sont, sow, see Etre. 

Sopha, so-fah, m. sofa. 

Sophisnie, sof-ism. m. sophism. 

Sophiste, sof-ist. m. sophist. 

Sophistique, sof-is-tik, a. sophistical. 

Sophistiquer, sof-is-te-kai, v. n. to sophisticate, adt 

Sophistiquerie, sof-is-tik-re,/: sophistry ; adulteration. 

Sophistiqueur, soMs-te-kur, m. sophisticator, adul- 
terator, [cotic. 

Soporatif, ive, sop-or-at-lf. — Iv, a. sopor(/irous, nar- 

Soporiftre, sop-or-e-fair, a, sopori/erous, soporific. 

Soprano, sop-rah-nnh, m. soprano. 

Sorbe, sorb, m. sorb-apple. 

Sorbet, sor-bay, m. sherbet. 

Sorbier. sor-byai, m. sorb-tree, service-tree. 

Sorboniste, sor-bon-ist, m. doctor qf divinity. 

Sorcellerie, sor-sel-re,/: sorcery, rvitehcra/t. 

Sorcier, sor-syai. m. sorcerer: — *re, —x,/, sorceress, 

Sordide. sor-did, a. — ment, ad. sordid. Iwitch. 

Sordldit6, sor-de-de-tai.y^ sordidness. 

Somette, sor-net,y: idle talk, nonsense. 

Sororiant. e, sor-or-e-aM. — t, ad. rwelling, 

Sororicide, sor-or-e-seed, m. sororicide. 

Sort, sor, m.fate ; lot {see Sortir). 

Sortable, sor-tah-bl, a. suitable. 

Sortant, sor-ta»i, see Sortir. fqoe, en — que, so that. 

Sorte. sort,/: sort, kind; way ; de la — , thus ; de — 

Sortie, sor-te,/ xWmp' ottt; sally; out-gate ; exportation. 

Sortil^e, sor-te-Iaihj, nt. sorcery. 

•Sortir, sor-teer, v. a. et n. to go out ; get out; issue; 
spring: bring otU ; au — de, at the time of one's get- 
ting out of; at the end of. [simpleton, blockhead. 

Sot. te, soh, sot, a. — tement, ad. silly, foolish; — , m. 

Sot-l'y-laisse, soh>le*layss, nt. titbit, 

Sottise, sot-lz./: silliness, folly. 

Sou. soo, m. halfpenny, sou. 

Soubassement. soo-bah-sniaM, m. basement, patten, 

Soubresaut, soo-br-soh, nt. start. Jolt, shock, 

Soubrette, soo-bret./: abigaU. 

Souche. soosh./: stump ; stock. 

Souchet, soo-shay. m. Cyprus. 

Souci, soo-se, nt. marigold: care, trouble, uneasiness. 

se Soucier, soo-syai, v. r. to care. 

Soucieux, se, soo-syuh, — z. a. asr^ful, cloudy, 

Soucoupe, soo-koop./. saucer; server. 


Soudain. e. soo-dai«, --den, a. etad. — ement. ad. sud^ 

den : on a sudden, forthwith. 
Soudainet^, aooKlen-tv./: suddenness. 
Soudan, soo-dan, m. sultan. 
Soudard. soo-dar. nt. old soldier. 
Soude. sood,/ soda, kali. 

Souder, soo<lai. v. a. to solder; make up (occoBiHt), 
Soodoir. sood-war, m. soldering-iron. 
Soudoyer, sood<wa-vai, v. a. to keep in pay. 
Soudure, woo-Att,/. soldering ; solder. 
Souflert. soof-ayr. see Souffrir. 
SouflUge, soo-flahj, m, blowing: new flanking. 


Souffle, soo-fl, m. blast, brutth ; whi^. 

Souffler. soo-flai. v. a. et n. to blow, breathe 
sound ; pronubt ; deprive. 

Soufflerie, soo-HMA-re.y^ bellows. 

Soufflet, soo-flav, nt. bellows ; box on the ear. [/bee. 

Souffleter. sooJluh-tai, v. a. to box, cttffl slap on the 

Souffleur, soo-flur, m. — euse, — uhz^/C blower; prompter, 

Soufflure, soo-H(ir,f.yiaw, bttbble. 

SouflTrance, suo-frafiss,>: stiffiring. 

Souffrant. e, soo-fray/. — t, a. sujffering ; patient, 

Souflfre-douleur. soo^r-doo-lur, m. drudge. 

Souffreteux, se, soo>fr-tuh, — z, a. distressed; miserable. 

^Souffrir, sou-freer, v. a. et n. to suffer, endure; tole- 
rate ; admit of; feel a pain ; give leave ; indulge. 

Soufre. soo-fr, nt. brimstone. 

Soufrer, soo-frai, v. a. to impr^gttate with brimstone. 

Soufri&re, soo-fre-ayr,/! sulphur-mitu. 

Souhait, soo4iy, m. wish, desire. 

Souhaitable. soo-ay-tah-bl. a. desirttble. 

Souhaiter. soo-ay-tei, v. a. to wish, wish for; long for. 

Souille. soo/./: bog; soil. 

Souiller, soo/-ai.v. a. to dirty; sulfy, soil; blemish : 

Souillon, SOO/-OM, s. young slut. [pr^ane. 

Souillure, sooAOr.y: stain, spot. 

Soai, e. soo, —1, a. full; drunk ; surfeited; — . m. one's 
belly fuU. 

Soulaf^ement. soo.lahJ-maM. m. reli^, comfort; helf. 

Soula^er, soo>lahj-ai, v. a. to ease; alleviate, comfort; 
assist : se — , v. r. to get relieved; assist one artother. 

Sofiler, soo-iai, v. a. to glut, cloy ; fuddle; sc—, 

Soulear, sooAur.f, sudden fright. [jget drunk. 

Soulivenient, soo- layv-maM, m. rising; swelling 
{waves) ; commotion ; insurrectioti. 

Soulever. sool-vai, v. a. etn. to raise: heente up ; pro- 
voke ; disgust ; se — , v. r. to rise up ; revolt. 

Soulier, sool-yai, m. shoe. 

SouUi^er, soo-lin-yai, v. a. to underline. 

*Soumettre, soo>met-tr. v. a. to subdue, submit; se — , 
V. r. to submit, yield. 

Soumis, e, soo-me, — miz, a. submissive. 

Soumission, soo-me-syo». f. submissiott ; submissit'e- 
ness; recognisance. [tender ; shareholder. 

Soumissionnaire, soo-ine-syon-air, nt. one who makes a 

Soumissionner, soo-me-syon-ai. v. a. to make a tender. 

Soupape, soo-pap,y: vaive ; bung ; — de sArete, safety- 
valve, [ticle. 

SoupQon, soop-soM. m. suspicion ; hint; small par^ 

SoupQonner, soop-son-al. v. a. to suspect, surmise. 

SoupQonneuz, se, soop-son-uh, —x, a. suspicious, sur- 

Soupe. soop./. soup ; pottage, porridge. [mising. 

Soupente. soo-pa>it,y! mainbrates; Iq/l. 

Souper, soo-pai, v. n. to sup, take supper ; — , m. supper. 

Soupeser, soo-p«A*zai, v. a. to weigh by the hutul, poise. 

Soupeur, soo-pur, tru one who likes supper. 

Soupi&re, soop-yalr.y: soup-tureen. 

Soupir, soo-peer, m. sigh ; dernier — ^ one's last, 

Soupirail, soo-pe-ra/. nt, vent, air-hole. 

Soupirant. soo-pe-rq/f, m. admirer, lover. 

Soupirer, soo-pe-rai, v. n. to sigh ; — apris, to pant 

Souple, soo-pf, a. —ment, ad. supple, pliant. [^er. 

Souplement, soo-pl-man, ad. submissivefy. 

Souplesse, soo-pless, f. suppleness, pliantness ; flexi- 
bility ; tour de — , cunning trick. 

SouqueniUe, sook-ni/,^ smock-frock. 

Source, soorss,y: source, fountain. 

Sourcier, soor-syai, nt. source-finder, 

Sourcil, soor-se, m. eyebrow, brow. 

Sourdller, soor-si/-ai, v. n. to knit the brews ; gttsh out. 

Sourcilleuz, se, soor-siZ-uh, — z, emoffy. 

Sourd. e, soor, — d, a. — ement, ok. deaf; hoUow: 
dark ; underhand; — , nt, — e, f. dee^f man ; deaf 
Sourdine, soor-din, f. sordine ; ii la — , secretly, by 

•Sourdre, soor-dr, v. n. to spring, gush. [stealth. 

Souriceau. soo-re-soh, nt. little mouse. 

Souriciire, soo-ris-yair,/: motise-trap. 

•Sourire, soo-reer.v. n. to smile, simper ; — , nt. smile, 

Souris, soo-re. m. smUe ; — . f mouse. [simpering' 

Soumois, e, soor-nwa, -j^ a. goomy; suUen, suiJfy, 

0'^' gitized byXjiOOgie ^ 


f "Si 


Sttos, soo./r. utukr : beneath, below ; — bande. under- 1 S|Ject4tc^^. s^eltaiur. ikh -iHcc, — 1/ist ^ jfJnrAiJ^n 
A««rf . — m«.n ««A^A^„V ,i.-w/ Spcctf c sjjefc ir. w. sfierltr, ^fuuf. \i^rr^,i\ 

Wc:u]i;r, i|di-ki^-ldi. tl j. et h, /j sfts^uiatt ,- p^Ain^, 

Spencer, 3i}>akM-saEr, m. ififttcfr, 
Sper^iili;, y^a.\r-^ii\^/. s^r^via, 
Spirraaceti, s|iaLr-TrkaJ.Hi-lif , m. iffrwtaetti, 
Speniia||iLjii«, s[>jir-inAt-jlc, jTh sfifrm^in:^. 

SpKiLC^Le. vTiu-eL wt sfAarehis, 

^[]li^ri^|iu«, sfai-rik, a. — nteat» a4, ^f^htr-H&f. 
£[ii]]Lnx. sEkinJt^ iw. sf^hitix. 
SpiCJ^iiik, 111*. j/U^. 

S[jiiiiil, ^, tpe-liAt, a. i^ittj/. 

Si'Tn], c, SjJC-ral. 41. — cjiicnt, ft/. j/#'™/» 
J^I'irrJc, suMf-raU/: Spiral Iin^, 

Sptrc, spew,/ i/irtt jr/j™//iJiA 

Spirituiiliser, ipenftO^il-cvjaL t., rt, ^<t f/A^huriVcc^ 
tlptritLi^iistiie, t|>«-rC'ta-i]J-ism., mr, r/i>i7N^FJ'uj«^. 
SnirituiLrrj, spe-re-lfl-al-c-taljf: j/nrifjwa/i^fv. 
SpLrituQi. te, »pc-te>ta-i;ll, u. — t^Mnenr, ir4. f^iritUaf- 
iHt^'rumiii, Kilti^i deWiH; — , jh. i^rilMoI wititerM, 

SplntucuK, K, sp«-re td^lih* — *► a. xfirifttitUf. 
Sptendtinr, spl.^^J^3Ll^ /; spi^nd^ur ; pAmp : Hwagni- 

f SpLendlktidti, ^ptai.nai rtk. n. t^ienffit. {trns. 

Spali^teur. Sltot-rat'U^ m, ^IttHd^rtr, roii^r, 

|pol4<:r, SE>ol-«-.ii. t. ff. /tf j^o/intr, /funJer, 

S[ian<1<ie, 9p4Jr-(laE, lun, s^uiier, 
SpoTulyk, spoNHdcck wf- tp^Ufi^tfts. 

i^pan^JEi^tl^, apOi'j-hje.ciB.c.t.Tii,/: J/^ll^(^wJJ:, 
Sptinlacv*, fipOJMati-iiJ, a, $fi*}tlafftaits. 
bpontAn^it^T, SFfto^E-ta-nai-c-t^i./: j/,?«f/aiirT'itr, S/fiH/aKi^ 
Sp<}rqri,1Jqiie, i]>or-€ul-iic, Ah jfamdUaf, {ittfififss^ 

^L|u^tJiirneLit, &«, slcvitm-miih.