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June 1, 2007 

One O'clock P.M. 
Reggie Lewis Tracl< and Athletic Center 

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light. 

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight' 

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming. 

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

Francis Scott Key 


'^ee Myfz^ <l2€^. 

yty (yyCytyee yO^/m C^yl.^ 

Lift ev'ry voice and sing 

Till earth and heaven ring. 

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; 

Let our rejoicing rise. High as the list'ning skies. 

Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. 

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. 

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 

Facing the rising sun of our new day begun 

Let us march on 'til victory is won. 

James Weldon Johnson 






The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional for 

students and faculty. 

Music provided by Dr. John Weeks 

Grafton Job Corps Color Guard will post the colors 

Students' Greetings From Around the World 

National Anthem and Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing 
Greetings From the President 

Dr. TerrenceA. Gomes 

Greetings From the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education 

Dr Clantha McCurdy, Vice Chancellor of MA Board of Higher Educaton 

Greetings From the Student Government President 

Mr. Gregory Saint Dick 

Greetings From the Alumni 

Jessica Gonzalez Class of 1988 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Velma Dupont 

Introduction of Community Service Recipient 

Dr. Alane Shanks, Vice President of Administration and Finance 

Community Service Award 

Ms.Sarah-Ann Shaw 

Introduction of the Valedictorian 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Student Address 

James A. Dooher -Valedictorian 

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker 

Ms. Stephanie C. Janey, Vice President of Enrollment Management and 
Student Affairs 

Commencement Address 

Mr. Milton James Little Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of United 
Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Velma Dupont 


Conferring of Degrees and Certificates 

Authorization of the Board of Trustees 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair - Board of Trustees 
Dr Terrence A. Gomes, President 

introduction of Degree and Certificate Candidates 

Presided by Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Candidates for Associate of Arts Degree introduced by Dean Patrick Seyon 

Candidates for Associate of Science Degree introduced by Dean Rita 


Candidates for Certificates with specification introduced by Dean David 


Presentation of Degrees and Certificates to the Students 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair, Board of Trustees 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 

Presided by Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

President's Charge to the Graduating Class of 2007 

Dr Terrence A. Gomes, President 


The audience is requested to remain seated during the recessional and is 
invited immediately after the ceremony to a reception in the Reggie Lewis 
Track and Athletic Center Field House. 


yy(Py//im46^li44/ o^^ 

Terrence A. Gomes 


Today is a landmark in the chosen path for your 
lives. Beyond this landmark, or signpost, awaits 
a world around you that is real and exciting. But this 
is not just the end; think of today as the beginning of 
new opportunities, experiences and growth. 

I would like for you to remember today, not just 
the moment, but the years that have lead to this 
moment. The days spent together in class, the hard work and sacrifices 
endured and the friendships that have been built along the way. 

Education is a frontier for changing how we choose to live, how we 
choose to educate, and how we choose to govern ourselves for future 
generations to come. Please grasp the opportunities when they arise, for 
therein, lies the key to your future and the future of all our communities. 

I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished. Your graduation 
will help pave the way as you travel the road to greater success both in 
college and beyond. You will be the leaders of tomon-ow and with the education 
you now have and will seek further, it will take you to new heights to achieve 
many of your dreams and the dreams of others. 

My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2007. I wish each of you 
the very best and much success in the future. 


Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Milton James Little, Jr. 

President and Chief Executive Officer 

Milton James Little, Jr. is president and chief 
executive officer at United Way of Massachusetts 
Bay and Merrimack Valley, a nonprofit organization that 
unites the collective resources of the community to 
surround kids with everything they need to grow to be 
healthy, productive adults, raising and guiding the 
investment of over $34 million dollars annually in a diverse 
portfolio of community based organizations. 

A prominent national and community leader, Mr. Little's 20-years 
experience in the public and private sectors includes creating workforce and 
education programs, building national partnerships to fund housing and 
developing corporate philanthropy and community involvement strategies. 

Prior to joining United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley 
as its new president and CEO in June 2004, he served as Executive Vice 
President and Chief Operating Officer and Interim President and CEO of the 
National Urban League in New York. In this position, he launched innovative 
partnerships with the US Department of Labor, US Department of Commerce, 
US Department of Housing and Urban Development and corporations like 
Verizon, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AT & T, Enterprise Rent a Car and 

Prior to his tenure at the National Urban League, Mr. Little worked at 
Lucent Technologies, Inc., and its predecessor, AT & T The philanthropic 
programs and strategies he developed during his time at Lucent and AT & T 
are the forerunners of many existing programs that today are reducing 
disparities in employment, income, education and health in communities 
across the United States. 

Mr. Little is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum 
laude from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 with a B.A. in 
Sociology. He also earned an M. A. in Urban Sociology and Social Policy 
from Columbia University in New York in 1978 and pursued additional post- 
graduate studies in Public Administration at New York University. 

Mr. Little's professional and board affiliations have included The Council 
on Foreign Relations, President Clinton and President George W. Bush 
President's Committee on the Employment of People With Disabilities, JP 
Morgan/Chase Housing Advisory Council, the Information Technology 
Association of America Minority Advisory Council, One Economy Corporation, 
Cuban American National Council, Massachusetts Board of Higher 
Education Task Force on Completion Rates in the Community Colleges 
and as a Regional Panelist for the White House Fellowship Program. Mr. 
Little has been recognized for his professional and civic accomplishments 
by, the Federal Communications Commission, LINKS (Los Angeles), National 
Council of Negro Women and the Mayor of the City of Portsmouth, VA. 

He is married to Traci Gibson Little and is the father of two boys, Milton 
and Taylor. 

Sarah-Ann Shaw 

Sarah-Ann Shaw has been an activist 
throughout her personal and professional 

Over the years she has volunteered in many 
organizations dedicated to the fight for human 
and civil rights. She was the first Black woman 
reporter at WBZ-TV, where she worked as a 
general assignment reporter from 1969 until her 
retirement in 2000. During those years, Shaw 
covered a wide range of daily news stories, and 
also developed special reports that highlighted 
positive contributions made by Black, Asian, and Latino residents of 
Massachusetts. In this way she tried to dispel stereotypes held by Whites 
about non-Whites, while providing positive images of urban life, which 
contradicted those most often presented by media outlets. From 1969 to 
2000 her special reports focused on the importance of providing all people 
with the same social, economic, and educational opportunities. 

Shaw serves as a member of several boards; The Boston Neighborhood 
Network, The Boston Coalition of Black Women, Inc., Ford Hall Forum, 
Central Boston Elder Services, Executive Service Corps, Inc., and The League 
of Women for Community Service. 

She is also active with several advisory committees, which were 
specifically established to address problems of hunger, homelessness, 
diversity, and disparities in health care. Although retired, her services are 
frequently sought by community organizations seeking a mistress of 
ceremonies, a moderator, or a speaker for annual meetings, award 
ceremonies, fundraisers, and celebrations. 

In 2007 she and her daughter Klare were awarded an intergenerational 
activist award by "Teen Voices" magazine. In 2006, Shaw was presented, 
The Mona Hull Founders Award for Education For Social Justice by The 
Advent School. She was one of the recipients of The Charles Yancey Literacy 


Award presented by the Harlem Book Fair -Roxbury, in 2005. Shaw was 
presented with a Take A Stand Award by the Boston Women's Fund; in 
2004 she was given a Community Legend Award by Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church; in 2003, an Abigail Adams Award by the Massachusetts Women's 
Political Caucus, and in 2002 Community Service Awards from the Psi Omega 
Chapter of the AKA Sorority and The Women of Courage. Shaw was 
recognized, in 2001 with "A Hero Among Us" award presented by the Boston 
Celtics, and in that same year, duhng the 20*^ Anniversary celebration of 
The Boston Food Bank she was honored for her news reports about the 
persistent problem of hunger in Greater Boston. In 2000 she received two 
major media awards; a Lifetime Achievement Award from Emerson College 
RTNDA (Radio Television News Directors Association), and The Yankee 
Quill Award. Shaw and three other New England Journalists received The 
Quill award from The New England Society of Newspaper Editors. In 1 998 
the National Association of Black Journalists honored her with its Lifetime 
Achievement Award. In 1996 she was honored by the Black Educator's 
Alliance of Massachusetts, and by Mayor Thomas Menino, who chose Shaw 
to receive an African -American Achievement Award for Journalism. The 
NAACP Boston Branch, the Cambridge YWCA, Rosie's Place, the Boston 
Association of Black Journalists, The Irish Immigration Center, Action for 
Boston Community Development, and others have also honored Shaw. 

A native of Roxbury, Shaw still lives in that neighborhood. 

Degrees in Course 

Degrees are presented in the following order. 

Tewosta A. Abraha 
Biological Science 

Kelsha T. Brown 
Liberal Arts 

Sofia H. Abraham 
Biological Science 

Herman Brown 
Liberal Arts 

Liberal Arts 

Louise S. Butner 
Pre-Health Careers 

Aouatif Ansari 
Business Administration 

Barry Carias 

Jane C. Anyanwu 
Social Science 

Latisha A. Athill 
Liberal Arts 

Jessica K. Cook 
Liberal Arts 

Eileen Cotto .X /^\ 
Liberal Arts 

Sadou Ba 

Business Administration 

Dulce Almeida Baptista 
Business Administration 

Vanuza Tatiana Barbosa 
Business Administration 

Harold Dorcius 
Business Administration 

Denise Duvinston i 
Liberal Arts I ^j 

Denise Duvinston I *^^ i 
Pre-Health Careers ^- 

Myrta Clare Barthelemy 
Liberal Arts 

Kiasja Rose Dymond 

Liberal Arts 

Julissa Edith Batres 
Liberal Arts 

Thoyba Sayed Elawad 
Biological Science 

Julissa Edith Batres 
Pre-Health Careers 

Junie Etheart 
Pre-Health Careers 

Minerva A. Bonifacio 
Business Administration 

Antonio R. Francis 
Business Administration 

Henry M. Bonilla 
Business Administration 

Michelle Garcia 
Social Science 

George Irabor Bright 
Business Administration 

Francaisse Gaston 
Biological Science 

Antoinette L. Brothers 
Social Science 

Nicole Gelin 
Liberal Arts 


yi^dd^^e^^i^ y(p^ y^ic^^ 

Marc-Henry Geneste 
Liberal Arts 

Solomon Seun Magbagbeola 
Biological Science 

Missi Marcia Graham 
Pre-Heath Careers 

Dilcia Delisse Martinez 
Liberal Arts 

Shannon Griffm 
Liberal Arts 

Mulu Mekonen 
Pre-Health Careers 

Aisha Nsenga Harris 
Biological Science 

Kethura Melay 
Pre-Health Careers 

Olajumoke Funke Hassan 
Pre-Health Careers 

Fardus A. Hersi 
Business Administration 

Roger Francis Hines 
Liberal Arts 

I / 

Nina A. Ibrahim 
Biological Science 

Osayuwamen James Igbineweka 
Business Administration 

Frenell M. Jean-Georges 
Social Science 


Keisha A. Mercury 
Liberal Arts 

Renee A. Mills 
Business Administration 

Irlando R. Miranda 
Business Administration 

Cedric A. Mitchell 
Business Administration 



Rahel Mogess 
Business Administration 

Swinda T. Monell # 

Pre-Health Careers 


Hanifa Kaddu 
Biological Science 

Hanifa Kaddu 
Pre-Health Careers 

cy S. Moore 
Biological Science 

Rena M. Moore 
Liberal Arts 

Kwasi A. Kwaa 
Business Administration 

Desmond Molulu Ngomba 
Liberal Arts 

David James Lauda 
Liberal Arts 

Jean Frero Bonaventure Noel 
Liberal Arts 

Erica Christina Lewis 
Liberal Arts 

Azeez Olawale Oladejo 
Biological Science 

Jorge Roberto Lima Rivas 

Ahmed Abiola Oladejo 


y^zda^.ye^/2^ yG^ y^i^4^ 

Angela CO 'Neil 
Business Administration 

Jolene Seme 
Liberal Arts 

Onyinye Juliet Onujiogu 
Biological Science 

Ngozi Juliana Onujiogu 
Pre-Health Careers 

Jamal H. Shakur 
Business Administration 

Lorie R. Smith 
Liberal Arts 

Julie I. Onujiogu 
Pre-Health Careers 

Gabriel Sosa 
International Business 

Marie R. Oxidor 
Pre-Health Careers 

Florelle St. Fleur 
Pre-Health Careers 

Tommy Thai Pham 
Business Administration 

Tarik A. Phillip 
Liberal Arts 

Manuel Daluz Pires 

Liberal Arts 

James Rashad Prince 

Liberal Arts 

Shakita J. Stafford 
Business Administration 

Xiomara Suarez 
Biological Science 

Kate M. Tata 
Biological Science 

Robiel T. Tedla 
Biological Science 

Sherrell Michelle Pringle 
Liberal Arts 

Jermaine Reese 
Business Administration 


Stifanos A. Teklehaimanot 
Biological Science 

Stifanos A. Teklehaimanot 
Physical Science 

Angelina Vanity Reyes 
Theater Arts 

Stifanos A. Teklehaimanot 

Pre-Health Careers 

Janitzia E. Rhodes 
Liberal Arts 

Marieta E. Toleva 
Biological Science 

Odmir A. Rodrigues 
Biological Science 

Marie Mona Issa Sampeur 
Pre-Health Careers 

Dalin A. Trivella 
Biological Science 

Mara S. Usmanova 
Liberal Arts 

Suzette C. Sandiford 
Business Administration 

Edmar Mendes Varela 
Business Administration 



Freddie Joel Velez 
Liberal Arts 

Barbara Wantate 
Pre-Health Careers 

Djenaba Tuere Williams 

Business Administration 

Natasha D. Wilson 

Business Administration 

Khare' W. Wilson 
Biological Science 

Mymah C. Wonde 
Liberal Arts 

^ I 

\ '\ / 



y^^cda^yeM>^ M/ <L2€^^e/ise 

Taffere H. Abay 

Dwayne S. Bastien 

Abdikalik A. Abdulahi 
Computer Information Systems 

Norma M. Abdullah 

Anna L. Beaumont 

Early Childhood Education 

Nancy Bien-Aime 

Hoda A. Abichaker 

Early Childhood Education 

Adesanmi O. Adebayo y^/^ 

Radiology Technology (*^ \J 

Festus Olubanjo Alabi 

Suzie Ntenge Alexander 

Nursing \ \^ |^ 

Siera Jennifer Alkee 


Wilson Auguste 
Accounting ,,.^ 

Marcy Benita Ashby 
Early Childhood Education 

Anna Julia Baez 

Early Childhood Education 


Althea A. Browne 

Early Childhood Education 

Nancy J. Byrne 

Hui L. Cai 


Bella Marie Caparanga 

Yalitza M. Casado 
Criminal Justice 

Suzette G. Clarke X. 
Radiology Technology 

Patricia Valerie Cook 
Early Childhood Education 

Sinead Maire Cooney 

Angela Cross 

Early Childhood Education 

William B. Baiden 


Marcel G. Cuffy 
Criminal Justice 

Dania Bakousseva 

Victor O. Banor 

Shirley E. Barbour 
Business Management 

Loretta Rita Cimningham 


Dung M. Dinh 
Radiology Thecnology 

James A. Dooher 



Jude M. Dorcemond 

Nosa Osamede Izevbizua 
Radiology Technology 

Terence F. Ekwi 
Radiology Technology 

Raquel Escudero 

Ralph Jean-Pierre 

Kadijatou J. Jobarteh 


E. Monte Evans 
Criminal Justice 

Theresa John 


Tanya Fenestor 

Beatrix J. FingFing jf' 


Angela Francis 

Early Childhood Education 


Joan Triza Kagendo 

Ann-Marie Khnaizir > 

Alethia M. Knight 

Early Childhood Education 

Jacina L French 

Early Childhood Education 

Kerry-Ann R. Gayle 
Accounting \ 

Kenya D. Gilmore 





Yvette V. Gittens 

Early Childhood Education 

Kimberly L. Hartfield-Tatum 
Radiology Technology 

Lyubov V. Kubatina 


Shadia G. Laurent 

Nursing ^^^^ / 

Katherine Elizabeth Layne 
Business Management 

Toan Thien Le 

Radiology Technology 


Jacques Herold Legros 

Computer Information Systems 

Zhao Wen He 

Jamal Sekou Lucas 

Zakia Cheron Hunter 

Early Childhood Education 

Abigail Lugo 
Criminal Justice 

Mercy Eloho Ibeb 
Human Services 

Frederick Nyah Marton 
Radiology Technology 

Raymond C. Iwuala 

Nadine B. Mbanga 




Sue Xue Yu Mei 

Grace I. Ogbo 

Yuliya Yefimovna Mikhaylova 

Obianuju U. Osuagwu 


Tereta C. Mitchell 

Jean B. Pascal 
Criminal Justice 

Cedric A. Mitchell 
Business Management 

Yumaila Yineidys Pena - Soto 
Early Childhood Education 

Christian M. Monteiro 
Business Management 

Sharice D. Peters 

Early Childhood Education 

Malicka N. Morris 

CarlaB.Pina . ^ ^\ 
CriminalJustice \ ^j\ 

Geoffrey M. Morris 

Anna Poindexter \V. ^\ 
CriminalJustice \t^\ 

Jacinth A. Morson 

Early Childhood Education 

Rhonda M. Prentice 
Early Childhood Education 

Travis L. Mosley 
Radiology Technology 

Sharise Rochelle Quarries 
Business Management 

Alex Mukiibi 

Bernard A. Rabsatt, Jr. 
Business Management 

Rose Mukiibi Nabatanzi 


Kelvin Ramnath 

Samalie Nakigudde 


Yubellis A. Reyes 

Early Childhood Education 

Eleanor L. Ndiwane 

Kevin Rosario 

Eddy Nelson 

Salwa Said 

Jacklyn Nicolas 
Business Management 

Gregory Saint-Dick 
Business Management 

Kulsum H. Nsereko 

Adil Salhi 



r'^^^ig^^^^g^^t^f cZ?^^^^^^^ 

PataA. Sanneh 
Business Management 

Semere Solomon Tekie 


Kimberly Grace Scales 

Myclette Theodule 


Sandra L. Schoepfel 

Johnny Thomas 
Criminal Justice 

Henry Michael Seider 
Radiology Technology 

Nhan L. Tran 

AishaW. Sheriff 

Criminal Justice 


Adanna Uwandu 

Kristin C. Valencia 


Andre Sirkissoon 
Criminal Justice 

Qiyana Note Smith 
Criminal Justice 

Carla K. Smith 

Nursing \ 

Darkis Paola Soto ^ 
Criminal Justice 

Nicole Jihan Valldejuli 
Criminal Justice 




Bridget M. Walsh 

Gayleen L. Warner / 

Early Childhood Education 

Inga M. Spom 


Stacey Renee White 
Early Childhood Education 

Sarah Ssali 

LaShonda P. Williams 
Crim inal Justice 

Rosemargaret Ssemujju 


Djenaba Tuere Williams 
Business Management 

Desiree M. Steele 

Maria Filipa Teixeira 
Criminal Justice 

Delcinaya E. Teixeira 
Early Childhood Education 




Gencivens Achille 
Mental Health Worker 

Rosemary K. Mbabazi 
Practical Nursing 

Catherine Bruce 
Practical Nursing 

Yngrid Ministre 
Mental Health Worker 

Sia Carias 

Mental Health Worker 

Janiene E. Morris 
Practical Nursing 

Kokou O. Dogbe 
Practical Nursing 

George G. Njenga 
Practical Nursing 

Gloria Ejim 

Mental Health Worker 

E. Monte Evans 
Paralegal Studies 

Martin Ayire Forgwe 
Mental Health Worker 

Yvette C. O'Brien 
Parallegal Studies 

Pauline O. Onyemelukwe 

Practical Nursing 

Sardhis B. Ortiz V^^ 
Mental Health Worker \ ^ 

Lauren B. Garcia 
Mental Health Worker 

Lizzet Gonzalez 
Parallegal Studies 

Johnson Igbeneweka 
Mental Health Worker 

Andrea Pena 

Medical Office Specialist 

Anne Rose Pierre / 
Mental Health Worker^ 

Daquiri J. Purifoy 
Paralegal Studies 

Marcellina N. Igboenyesi 
Practical Nursing 

Cadine Aniesa Robinson 
Mental Health Worker 

Fatima Sharif Issac 
Parallegal Studies 

Evelyn B. Sakwe 
Practical Nursing 

Patricia L. James 
Practical Nurisng 

Paralegal Studies 

Rose Marie Janvier 
Mental Health Worker 

Rakiatu Omolara Sesay 
Practical Nursing 

Lydia C. Kuupiel 
Practical Nursing 

William G Smith 

Office Technology Training 

Abigail Lugo 
Parallegal Studies 

Paulette S. Smith 
Practical Nursing 


ytmyC/^ cL^jieet^U^a^HPyf? 

Assuncao Maria Teixeira Joseph A. Ulcena 

Practical Nursing Mental Health Worker 

Stella M. Tibiri 
Practical Nursing 


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Psi Omega Chapter Award 

This award is given to an outstanding multicultural female graduate who is 

transferring to a four-year institution. 


Claudia J. Tucker Award 

This award Is given annually to an outstanding Roxbury Community College 
transfer student in honor of the mother of Roxbury Community College's Pro- 
fessor Royal C. Tucker. 
Ahmed A. Oladejo 

Edith Pistorino Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

This award is made possible by the late Edith Pistorino. A $1 ,000 annual 
scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement by students 
who are enrolled full-time in a degree program which leads to transfer to a 
baccalaureate institution following graduation from Roxbury Community 
College. To qualify for this scholarship students must have achieved a 
grade point average of 3.50 or better for two consecutive semesters and 
not be in their final semester at Roxbury Community College. 
Alvaro Larrama 

Francina E. Copeland Gelzer Endowed Scholarship 

Given in the name of a lifelong resident of the greater Roxbury community 
with a strong commitment to education, this award is presented to a Roxbury 
Community College student on the basis of outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ment. The recipient is an African-American graduate who has maintained a 
grade point average of 3.0 or higher and who has been accepted into a four- 
year college degree program. 
Khare W. Wilson 

International Student Scholarship 

International Student Scholarships are available for full-time students in 
good academic standing who have earned a cumulative grade point 
average of at least 3.00. These are $1 ,000 scholarships. To be eligible to 
receive these scholarships students must provide documentation which 
certifies that the student holds a current student visa. 
Bamba Abdoul 
Felipe Navarrete 

James H. Caesar Endowed Scholarship 

In 1 986, a Roxbury resident established this scholarship to honor the oppor- 
tunities this country and community had given him. In selecting the recipient, 
preference is given to graduating students who have attended the Cooper 
Community Center of Roxbury or the Roxbury Boys and Girls Club. If this 


criterion does not apply, the scholarship may be awarded to a talented Roxbury 
Community College student from the Roxbury community. 

Girl Friends, Inc. Scholarship 

These $1 ,000 scholarships are made possible by the generosity of Girl 
Friends, Inc. The scholarships are to be awarded to African-American 
women who are a single parent, in a transitional housing situation and/or 
a head of household and in good academic standing at the College. 
Homeless African-American single parent women are to be given priority. 
Michelle Fuguarson 
Cleopatra Garrett 
Barbara Owens 
Amanda Schaefer 
Lashauna Walker 
Crystel Wallace 

Haitian Student Scholarship 

The Haitian Student Scholarship is made possible through the generosity 
of Nunotte Zama, Esq., class of 1 991 , and a member of the Roxbury 
Community College Foundation Board of Directors. This scholarship 
award of $250 is awarded to full-time student of Haitian heritage in good 
academic standing who has achieved a cumulative grade point average of 
at least 2.50. 
Ralph Dadaille 

Hiram Grand Lodge Scholarships 

Two $1 ,000 scholarships are awarded annually as a result of the 
generosity of Hiram Grand Lodge, $500 will be awarded in the Fall 2007 
semester, and $500 will be awarded in the Spring 2008 semester. 
Recipients must have achieved and maintain a cumulative grade point 
average of at least 3.00 and have positively contributed to Roxbury 
Community College and/or to the community in which they reside. 
Yosef Gebretemsa 
Gilma Rodriguez 

Letitia Garafalo Endowed Scholarship 

Established by a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, who used her knowledge 
of languages to live and work in communities around the worid, this endowed 
memorial scholarship is presented to a Roxbury Community College gradu- 
ate on the basis of academic merit and financial need. 
Terence F. Ekwi 

Sapers Family Opportunity Awards 

This award is presented to no more than ten Roxbury Community College 
graduates who transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of baccalaureate de- 
grees. This special "50-50" award consists of both a scholarship and a low- 
interest loan. The award is made available through the generosity of the Wil- 
liam R. Sapers family of Boston. 
\/ah\6 Agbortoko 
Olajumoke F. Hassan 
FardeyA. Hersi 
Irlando R. Miranda 
Manuel J. Pires 
Salwa Said 

Theresa Dutile Giles Award 

Given annually by the Giles family in memory of their mother, this award is 
presented to a student who, having mastered a new language in the 
English for Speakers of Other Languages Department, is now graduating 
with an associate degree and has provided service to the Roxbury Commu- 
nity College community. 
Toan T. Le 

RCCF Excellence Scholarship Award 

This award of $1000 is given annually to the graduating student(s) with the 
highest grade point average. The student(s) must have earned at least 50 
credits at Roxbury Community College and have been accepted at a four-year 
college in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. 
James Dooher 

RCCF Nursing Scholarships 

These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury 
Community College Foundation's Board of Directors. These $500 
scholarships are awarded to full-time Nursing students in good academic 
standing who have earned a grade point average of at least 3.00. 
Carline Cenat-Pierre 
Raymond Iwuala 

Urban Workforce Scholarships 

Urban Workforce Scholarships are available for enrollees in the College's 
business and industry short-course and certificate programs and part-time 
students. Part-time students (fewer than 12 credits per semester) will 
receive one-half of their tuition charges up to $500 per semester. 
Leiena Dagne 
Marie Saint Jacques 
Kerry-Ann McLaren 



Liberal Arts 
Jose Garcia 

Business and Technology 
Ruth Louis 

Allied Health 
Anne Nsonwu 
Lilian Nsonwu 

Henry Seider 

The Registrar of Roxbury Community College maintains the official list of all graduates. 
This program is only for ceremonial purposes. 

r'l^ea^^^em^ /x^^^g^^^ 

The caps, gowns and hoods of the academic procession date back to 
the Middle Ages when they were common dress for scholars. In the 
Twelth Century monks and students wore them to keep warm from the 
damp and drafty European castles and halls of learning. 

The Bachelor's gown has a pleated front and long, pointed sleeves. 
The master's gown, which may be worn open, is distinguished by its long 
square sleeves. The doctor's gown is trimmed with velvet panels and has 
three velvet bars on the bell shaped sleeves. 

The hood provides the color, contrast and symbolism of the procession. 
Certain colors became associated with particular areas of knowledge. For 
example, the hood border worn by a doctor of theology was red, a color 
associated with the Catholic Church; a medical doctor wore a green border 
with relates to the healing powers of medicinal herbs. 

In Europe, a uniform color system was never developed. However, in 
the United States, an intercollegiate committee meeting in 1895 decided 
upon uniform color standards, assigning a specific color to each field of 

Departmental Colors of Faculty Members' Hoods & Tassels 



Library Science 


Arts, Humanities 





Silver Gray 










Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 

Fine Arts 



Golden Yellow 



Social Work 







/\y{S/m4^4^ Oy(Pyf/im4C/l^t^ QyGyCl^^ 

Years of dreaming and planning came to life in 1973, when Roxbury 
Community College opened its doors in the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. 
Despite less than perfect surroundings - its location was a former car 
dealership - Roxbury Community College's dedicated faculty, staff, and 
administration served the educational needs of four hundred students. The 
College's mission, as it is now, was to provide higher education to those 
Boston residents who found most other avenues to higher education closed. 

In 1975, growth was the impetus to a move to 424 Dudley Street, a 
former nursing home. This move permitted the expansion and strengthening 
of academic programs and student services. The College continued to grow, 
which precipitated another move in 1982 to the former site of Boston State 
College on Huntington Avenue. As the College continued to shift its service 
base to meet an expanding enrollment, the goal to establish a permanent 
home for Roxbury Community College in the heart of the communities it 
serves remained strong. 

With much anticipation, Roxbury Community College built its new home 
as the cornerstone of the Southwest Corridor in the Spring of 1978. This 
fifteen acre campus includes a state-of-the-art Media Arts Building, Academic 
Building, Administration Building, Student Center, and the Reggie Lewis Track 
and Athletic Center. 

A global village, Roxbury Community College's multicultural and ethnically 
diverse student population has set it apart from other community colleges in 
the Commonwealth. Although most of our students are from Boston and 
suR-ounding communities, many come from all comers of the world including: 
North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle 
East, Europe and the Caribbean. 

With renewed commitment, Roxbury Community College continues its 
legacy of providing educational opportunities for all who enter its doors. 




Board of Trustees 

/Ws. Michele Courton Brown, Chair 

Ms. Anita L. Crawford, Vice Chair 

Mr John R. Jenkins, Treasurer 

Ms. Gillian A. Van Delft, Secretary 

Mr. Lyman Randolph 

Mr. Russell D. Aims 

Mr. Keith Chaney 

Mr. William J. Dorcena 

Dr. Michael J. Hoyle 

Dr. Ivelisse Sanchez 

Mr Theophilus Adjetey, Jr, Student 


Roxbury Community College 

Mr. Robert A. Williams III, 


Mr. William R. Sapers, Vice 


Mr. Thomas M. Simmons, Clerk 

Mr Michael V James Sr, 


Mr. Keith Castle 

Dr. Walter C. Carrington 

Ms. Sonia L. Alleyne Matthews 

Ms. Judith L. Kahalas 

Mr. Richard M. Lee 

Ms. Sylvia A. McDowell 

Ms. Joan Resnikoff 

Dr. Robert I. Sperber 

Mr. Albert Brown 

Ms. Sabrina Williams 

Ms. Mauryanne Remondini 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, ex 

officio member 

Dr Terrence A. Gomes, ex officio 


Executive Staff 

Dr Terrence A. Gomes 


Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes 

Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks 

Vice President, Administration and 


Ms. Stephanie C. Janey 

Vice President, Enrollment 

Management and Student Affairs 

Mr. Walter Geer 

Chief Technology Officer 

Ms. Karen H. Walker 

Executive Officer for Development 

Commencement Committee 

Ms. Carol Bliss-Furr, Co-chair 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark, Co-chair 

Mr. Kenneth Hall 

Mr. A. Keith McDermott 

Professor Justin A. Petty 

Mr. Steven Keyes 

Mr. Milton Samuels 

Ms. Shirley Y. Leslie 

Mr. Raymond O'Rourke 

Ms. Linda Wheeler 

Mr. Thomas Galvin 


Chief College Marshal 

Dr. Angel Amy-Moreno 

College Marshals 

Mr. Mark A. Garth 
Ms. Judith L Kahalas 



0ya^7Z^//ie/i€e//ie/i^ 0^yf^^^f^l^^^^ 

Roxbury Community College 

1 234 Columbus Avenue 

Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 

Tel: (617)427-0060