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June 6, 2008 

One O'clock P.M. 

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 

1350 Tremont Street 
RoxBURY, MA 02120 

The National Anthem 

Oh, say, can you see, hy the dawn's early Ught, 

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight' 

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming. 

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

Francis Scott Key 

1779 - 1843 

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing 

Lift ev'ry voice and sing 

Till earth and heaven ring. 

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; 

Let our rejoicing rise. High as the list'ning skies. 

Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. 

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. 

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 

Facing the rising sun of our new day begun 

Let us march on 'til \ictory is won. 

James Weldon Johnson 

1871 - 1938 




The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional for students and 
faculty. Music provided by Dr. John Weeks. 
Grafton Job Corps Color Guard will post the colors. 

National Anthem and Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing 

Led by Ms. Tia Myers Class of 08 

Students' Greetings from Around the World 

Greetings From the President 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Greetings From the Governor of Massachusetts 

The Honorable Governor Deval Patrick 

Greetings From the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of 
Higher Education 

Dr. Patricia Plummer 

Greetings From the Alumni 

Ms. Toya Scott Class of 98 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Velma Dupont 

Introduction of Community Service Recipient 

Dr. Alane Shanks, Vice President of Administration and Finance 

Community Service Award 

Ms. Brandy K. Cruthird . ' 

Introduction of the Valedictorian 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 


Mr. Girma Tsegaye Endale 

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker 

Ms. Stephanie C. Janey, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student 

Commencement Address 

Ms. Beverly A. Morgan- Welch, Executive Director of Museum of African American 

Musical Selection 

Ms. VeJma Dupont 

Conferring of Degrees and Certificates 

Authorization of the Board of Trustees 

Ms. Michele Courton Broum, Chair, Board of Trustees 
Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 

Introduction of Degree and Certificate Candidates 

Presided b^i Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Candidates for Associate of Arts degree introduced b}i Dean Nancy Teel 
Candidates for Associate of Science degree introduced hy Dean Tala Khudairi 
Candidates for Certificates with specification introduced b}i Dean David Becker 

Presentation of Degrees and Certificates to the Students 

Mr. Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair, Board of Trustees' 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 

Presided by Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

President's Charge to the Graduating Class of 2008 
Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 


The audience is requested to remain seated during the recessional and is invited 
immediately after the ceremony to a reception in the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic 
Center Field House. 

Terrence A. Gomes 


Today is a landmark in die chosen padi for your lives. Beyond diis 
landmark, or signpost, awaits a world around you that is real and 
exciting. But this is not just the end; think of today as the beginning of new 
opportunities, experiences and growth. 

I would like for you to remember today, not just the moment, but the 
years that have lead to this moment. The days spent together in class, the 
hard work and sacrifices endured and the friendships that have been built 
along the way. 

Education is a frontier for changing how we choose to live, how we 
choose to educate, and how we choose to govern ourselves for future 
generations to come. Please grasp the opportunities when they arise, for 
therein, lies the key to your future and the future of all our communities. 

I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished. Your 
graduation will help pave the way as you travel the road to greater success 
both in college and beyond. You will be the leaders of tomorrow and with 
the education you now have and will seek further, it will take you to new 
heights to achieve many of your dreams and the dreams of others. 

My heartiest congratulations to the Class ot 2008. 1 wish each of you 
the very best and much success in the future. 




Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 


Commencement Speaker 

Beverly A. Morgan-Welch 

Executive Director 

Museum of African American History 

Beverly A. Morgan-Welch serves as the chief executive 
of the oldest and most visible African American 
history museum in New England located on Boston's 
Beacon Hill and on Nantucket. With four historic 
sites and collections that preserve the powerful past of 
African Americans, the museum provides Black Heritage Trail® tours, exhibits 
and education programs that illuminate a liberating American History. 

Under her leadership, the Museum of African American History has become a 
nationally recognized institution increasing scholarship and collections. In 
2006, Beverly launched a 200th Anniversary Campaign to restore and celebrate 
the African Meeting House in Boston during its bicentennial and to raise funds 
for other capital projects including the purchase of the Seneca Boston-Florence 
Higginbotham House (c 1774) on Nantucket and a building to create an 
Education and Technology Center in Boston. 

Beverly has served as the Executive Director of the Greater Hartford Arts 
Council, Director of Development at the Wadsworth Atheneum, and Assistant 
Dean of Admission at Amherst College. She was also the Manager of 
Community Relations at Raytheon, a member of the Board of Directors of the 
Bank of Hartford, and Secretary of the Connecticut Mutual Life Foundation 
serving the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Department. Beverly was 
Co-Chairperson of the Inauguration of Governor Deval Patrick and raised 
funds for the Bishop Desmond Tutu Southern African Refugee Scholarship 

Currently she is a member ot the Board of Directors of the Boston History and 
Innovation Collaborative, and a Member of the Antiquarian Society, the 
Colonial Society of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

A graduate of Smith College with a major in Theatre and Speech, Beverly 
Morgan-Welch resides in Andover, Massachusetts with her daughter, 

Community Service Award Recipient 

Brandy K. Cruthird 


Body By Brandy Fitness Studio 

Brandy K. Cruthird is the founder and owner of Body 
By Brandy Fitness Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. A 
former marketing representative for Reebok, IntL, 
Brandy is a certified aerobic instructor with over 10 years experience in the fitness 
industry. She has conducted numerous fitness demonstrations nationally and locally 
including the YWCA's Breast Cancer Awareness Day, the African American Women on 
Tour Convention and the Dimock Health Center's Body & Soul Wellness Connection. 
Brandy's signature community event, the "Everybody Walk Your Body Fitness Walk and 
Health Fair", was launched in 1997, in collaboration with Mayor Thomas M. Menino and 
the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. This annual event has inspired thousands 
of people to become physically fit. Her commitment to her community is also exemplified 
in her articles on exercise and nutrition for and 

Brandy has been on a 10-year mission to make the community she loves a healthier one. 
A native of Dorchester who grew up in the Orchard Park projects, Brandy parlayed her 
athleticism into a Division I basketball scholarship to James Madison University in 
Virginia. While still a student. Brandy spent her summers working for Canton-based 
Reebok where she moved from Field Services Coordinator to Marketing Representative 
responsible for over 200 accounts in the Boston area. While at Reebok, Brandy saw 
there were no fitness centers in her community, so she opened her very own fitness 
studio part-time, financing her venture with Reebok stock and tapping her retirement 
fund. From humble beginnings-two studio apartments in Duciley Square-Body By Brandy 
Fitness Studio has grown and recently expanded to a newly renovated facility at 2181 
Washington Street. 

The newly developed parent organization of the fitness club. My Bociy My Business Inc., 
pointedly addresses prevailing notions about fitness through education, nutrition 
consultation and empowerment strategies. Family health and fitness has become a major 
focus for Brandy, and her studio provides fitness, nutrition and healthy alternatives for 
adults and a fitness and health awareness program for children. In March 2006, Brandy 
launched Body By Brandy Fit Kidz, a non-profit designed to help combat childhood 
obesity. The first kids gym in the community, Body By Brandy 4 Kidz has been made 
possible by the generous support of its partners the Children's Hospital of Boston, 
United Way of Boston, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Good Sport. BBB Fit Kidz features a 
rock climbing wall, dance revolution, games bikes, boxing ring, cardiovascular and 
strength training equipment for kids and much more. Brandy plans to utilize everything 
she has learned to educate kids about the benefits of recreational and competitive sports 

Brandy K. Crudiird.. 

Brandy has always believed that healthy living is a family affair and in May 2005 she 
released "The House is Getting Fit©" Video, the first in a series of family fitness videos 
designed to get families up and moving at home together! Brandy says, "When parents 
become role models and instill the importance of exercise and diet in their children at 
an early age, they develop healthy habits! Most importantly, there is no better way to 
bond with your family." 

Brandy has been featured in Essence Magazine, the Boston Globe and Heart & Soul 

Magazine. She has also amassed numerous awards for her leadership including a 1998 
Roxbury Chamber of Commerce "Outstanding Achievement Award." The Girl Scouts' 
2001 "Leading Women Award," the 2002 Harvard School of Public Health "Rebecca 
Lee Award," and Body By Brandy Fitness Center was voted "The Best of the New 2005" 
by the Boston Globe, and received the Boston Business Journal Top 40 under 40 "Up 
&- Coming Award." Brandy was also Voted Dudley "Business of the Year" 2006 by Main 
Streets. Ford Motors also recognized her accomplishments as a pioneer with the 2006 
Fusion "Life In Drive Award". In adciition Brandy was the recipient of the Boston 
Center for Community and Justice "Voices of Inclusion-Innovator Award" in 2006, as 
well as a Massachusetts State Lottery "Friends of the Fairway Award", for positive 
contributioiis to her community through golf and sport. The Makers of Pine Sol 
Cleaners saluted Brandy in their "She's Got the Power" contest for leading the charge 
in childhood obesity. Direct TV recognized her as a "Home Town" hero for giving back 
to her community. 

Amidst these extraordinary accomplishments, Brandy was most notably featured on 
NBC Nightly News "MAKING A DIFFERENCE" and CNN News "Places To Play" for 
creating the First Kids Gym in the country that accepts prescriptions from participating 
health care providers for obese kids enabling them to workout at BBB Fit Kidz for 

Recently, Jake Steinfeld, founder of ExerciseTV, the first comprehensive on-demand 
network dedicated to fitness, sports training and motivational programming, named 
Branciy Cruthird the winner of the network's inaugural nationwide coritest for 
"America's Next Fitness Star." As the contest winner, Brandy will receive a one-year 
paid contract with ExerciseTV that includes appearing in an original fitness series on 
the network and hosting a monthly blog on, as well as a year's worth of 
New Balance footwear and apparel. Brandy's programming will premiere on ExerciseTV 
this summer. 

THE Governor of Massachusetts 

Governor Deval Patrick 

Governor Deval Patrick was elected in November of 
2006. He brings to the Governor's office a broad range 
ot leadership experience at the top levels of business, 
go\-ernment, and non-profits. From an early age, he has 
built his life on hope, and traced a trajectory from the 
South Side of Chicago to the U.S. Justice Department, 
Fortune 500 boardrooms, and now the Massachusetts 

Patrick came to the Commonwealth at the age of 14. 
An excellent student despite the difficult circumstances 
of under-funded and often violent Chicago schools, he 
was awarded a scholarship to Milton Acaciemy through 
A Better Chance, a Boston-based organization. 

After graduatiiig from Milton, Patrick went on to Harvard, the first in his family to 
attend college. He received his ciegree, with honc:>rs, in 1978 and spent a post-graduate 
year working on a United Nations youth training project in the Darfur region of Sudan. 
He returned to Cambridge to attend Harvard Law School in the fall of 1979. 

Following law school, Patrick served as a law clerk to a federal appellate judge before 
joining the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. In 1986, he joined the Boston 
law firm of Hill & Barlow and was named partner in 1990, at the age of 34. 

In 1994, President Clinton appointed Patrick Assistant Attorney General for Civil 
Rights, the nation's top civil rights post. At the justice Department, Patrick worked c^n a 
wide range of issues, including prosecution of hate crimes and abortion clinic violence, 
employment discrimination, and enforcement of fair lending laws and the Americans 
with Disabilities Act. 

During his tenure, Patrick led the largest criminal investigation prior to September 11*, 
coordinating state, local and federal agencies to investigate church burnings throughout 
the South in the mid-1990s. 

Patrick returned to private practice in 1997 with the Boston firm of Day, Berry & 
Howard. That same year, he was appointed by a federal district court to serve as the first 
chairperson of Texaco's Eciuality and Fairness Task Force. Working with employees at all 
levels, Patrick and his Task Force examined and reformed Texaco's complex corporate 
employment culture, and created a model for fostering an equitable workplace. Patrick 
was hired by Texaco in 1999 to serve as Vice President and General Counsel leading the 
company's global legal affairs. 

Deval Patrick.. 

In 2001, Patrick joined The Coca-Cola Company as Executive Vice Presicient and 
General Counsel. He was elected to the additional role of Corporate Secretary in 2002, 
and served as part of the company's senior leadership team as a member of the Executive 

Governor Patrick has served on numerous charitable and corporate boards, as well as the 
Federal Election Reform Commission under Presidents Carter and Ford, and as Vice 
Chair of the Massachusetts Judicial Nominating Council by appointment of Governor 

The Commonwealth's first African-American Governor, Deval Patrick came into office 
with a grassroots message of hope, community and hard work. By focusing on 
transparency and inclusion, he hopes to increase accessibility to government and 
encourage the civic engagement so crucial to shared progress in educatioii, health care, 
economic development and other issues. 

Diane and Deval Patrick have been marriecl for over two decades and have two college- 
age daughters, Sarah and Katherine. The Patrick family has lived in Milton, in a house 
on Deval's high school paper route, for the last 17 years. 


Degrees in Course 

Degrees are presented in the folk 

swing order. 

Associate of Arts 

HoDA A. Abichaker 
Liberal Arts 

Frances B. Coleman 
Pre-Health Career 

Tauna Necole Good 
Liberal Arts 

HoDA A. Abichaker 
Social Science 

Charlene C. Comma 
Liberal Arts 

Nolisha Trenese Greer 
Liberal Arts 


Pre-Health Career 

Jessica K. Cook 
General Concentration 

Dorcas Bethsaida Griffith 
Liberal Arts 

Oluwafemi John Adebayo 
Social Science 

RoMONA Luvern Cropper 
Liberal Arts 

Saran C. Haidara 
Pre-Health Career 

Marino Antonio Almonte 
Pre-Health Career 

Latasha Denise Dobson 
Biological Science 

Edell Milton Howard 
Liberal Art^- 

Stacey K. Anderson 
B usiNEss Adminstration 

Marthe U. Doirin 
Health Careers 

Akeno Anthony Hutchinson 
Physical Science 

Kesta Andre 
Biological Science 

LinaM. Dolph*** 
Business Adminstration 

Akeno Anthony Hutchinson 

Dieudonne Jerome Auxilius 
Business Administration 

Jacqueline Dorvilmar 

Norenegbe Ik4ASUEN** 
Pre-Health Career 

Yewhoalashet Bedlu Aytenfisu 
Pre-Health Career 

Ekaterina Doubko 
Liberal Arts 

Sahro M. Jama 
Pre-Health Career 

Adenike Mobolaji Bakre 
Pre-Health Career 

Ekaterina Doubko 
Health Career 

Liberal Arts 

Cynthl^ Ifeoma Banor 
Biological Science 

Chad Telford Drigo 
Biological Science 

Biological Science 

Mekdim Ashesir Bantiwalu 
Blisiness Administration 

GirmaTsegaye Endale*** 
Biological Science 

Jamie A. Jones 
Business Administration 

Yaambo(Bakari) Jibri Barrett 
Liberal Arts 

Danny Leoardo Estrada 
Biological Science 

Priscilla \. Jones 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Candy G. Batista** 
Biological Science 

Alicea Evans 
Social Science 

Cynthia S.Kebreau 
Pre-Health Careers 

Charisse Baxter 
Business Adminstration 

Daphney Excellent** 
Biological Science 

kwasi a. kwaa 
Business Administration 

Carine Belizaire 
Pre-Health Career 

Daphney Excellent** 
Pre-Health Career 

Alvaro Omar Larr.^ma** 
Business Adminstration 

Jennifer Altagracia Bencosme 
Liberal Arts 

Wallace J. Fashaw** 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Yves Z. Lebron 

Martine C. Casimir 
Liberal Arts 

Inca M. Freire** 
Social Science 


Business Administration 

Widlyne Cetoute 
Pre-Health Career 

Felix Gaston, Jr. 
Liberal Artn 

Flore Lubin 
Pre-Health Career 

Georges G. Chick*** 
Liberal Ar'in 

Olritgii Gi;rmain 

/Jroaik :ast Mei )IA Ti;( ;hnol( )Gy 

Fi ore Ll'bin 
Lini-RAi. Ari>; 


LEL^N L^'NCH*** 

Oluwafemi O. Oparinde 

Xiomara Suarez . -• ■ 

Business Adminstration 

Business Administration 

Biological Science - - 

Jessica-Lynn M. Maloney** 

Judith Paige 

MiTzi A. Sweeney 

Biological Science 

Pre-Health Career 

Biological Science 


Bernadei IE Pierre 

Erimal Taraj 


Liberal Arts 

Business Administration 


Luz A. Mancebo 

Cruz Pizarro 

Mamenasha Oshena Tesfaye 

Business Adm!nstrat/on 

Liberal Arts 

Business Administration 


PuRO Martinez 

Jacqueline Elizabeth Reeves 

Karen Denise Thomas 


Liberal Arts 


Biological Science 


NoLisHA Greer Mcmillan 

Ulrick Rene 

Karen Denise Thomas 


Pre-Health Career 


Liberal Arts 


Marty McPhail 

Dean St. Paul Robinson** 

Chinwe K. Uchendu 

Business Admimstrat/on, 

Business Administration 

Broadcast Media Technology 

YvROSE Lynn Michel** 

Tat^'ana K. Rudnitskaya 


Pre-Health Career 

Pre-Health Career 

Business Administration 

Umar Abdullah Muhammed 

Nicole L. Sadberry** 

Solomon M. Waka 

Liberal Arts 

Physical Science 

Biological Science 

TiA L. Myers 

Marie J . Saint Jacques 

Jessica Walker 

Musical Arts 

Biological Science 

Liberal Arts 

Myrlene Myrtil 

Judith Saintcyr 

Ayana Cameisha Walters 


Business Adminstration 

Pre-Health Career 

Biological Science 

Felipe A. Navarrete** 

Betsy Ann Santana 

Ruth Wilcox*** 

Liberal Arts 

Broadcast Media Technology 

Liberal Arts 

Keitha Taquana Nicholas 

Amanata Sesay 

Deanna Jeanne 1 1 h Williams 

Pre-Health Career 

Pre-Health Career 

Liberal Arts 

Annei IE Nicholson 

Alvaro S. Silva 


Liberal Arts 

International Business 

Business Administration 

Jean Frero B. Noel 

Carlos Jorge Silva 

Amani M. Yousif*** . 

Liberal Arts 


Business Administration 


Oluchi Lilian Nsonwu 

Kyle R. Sims 


Biological Science 

B usiNESs Administration 

(**)= High Honors (***)= Highest 

Honors ■ Bright Yellow Sash 


AssociAiH OF Science 


EuDOSL\ Cosme 

Samuel Kofi Hammond 

Reg/stered Nurse 


Radiologic Technology 

Theophilus NuAdjei Adjetey 

Ludmila Costiv 


Radiologic Technology 

Registered Nurse 

Registered Nurse 


Phyllis Ann Coulter 

Marl\ Lopes Hubbard 


Early Childhood Education 

Business Management 

Cecilia Renee Alkins 

Tiffany S. Cross 

Nathanaelle BredinaJeudy 

Criminal jLfSTicE 

Early Childhood Education 

Early Childhood Education 

Sean L.C. Ambris 

Leana Deiaj^ey 

Marie Joceline Joseph 

Computer /nformation Systems 


Practical Nursing 

Lyzete Akwi Anjeh-Talla 

Tathiane S. Delima 

Marlon M. Juba 

ADN Nursing 

ADN Nursing 

Criminal Justice 

Dolapo L. Ayanbeku 



Early CHfLDHOOD Education 

ADN Nursing 

Registered Nurse 

EucLiDES F. Barbosa 

Lyrna Desravines 

MutazM. Khir 


ADN Nursing 

Computer Jnforamtion Systems 

Charisse Baxter 

]eannl\ M. Dotel 

LouiSANA King 

Business Management 

Early Childhood Education 

Practical Nursing 

Adelina Berberi*** 

TriclaT. Ducheine 

Margalie Lacombe 

Radiologic Technology 

Criminal Justice 

Business Management 

Etheart Bertrand 

Alicea Evans 

Alvaro Omar Larrama** 

Radiologic Technology 

Liberal Arts 

Business Management 

Vanessa C. Bowen-Newton 

Robin Anne Feetham*** 

DL^NE Levine 

ADN Nursing 

Radiologic Technology 

Criminal Justice 

Michaelle E. Breneville 


Zakia Chene Lilly 

Criminal Justice 


ADN Nursing 

Sadiya Burdette 

Linda Forestale 

Dana T. Long 

Early Childhood Education 

Early Childhood Education 

Computer Information Systems 

Lisa Ann Marie Busby 

JoseM. Fuentes 

Murielle Louis 

Registered Nurse 

Network Administration 

ADN Nursing 

Hui Ling Cai 

Jose R. Garcl\ 

Clarisse F. Madjeu 

Business Management 

Criminal Justice 

Practical Nursing 

Carline Cenat-Pierre 

Gautam Gautam*** 

Thewodros Demie Mamo** 

Registered Nurse 

Computer Information Systems 


Tracy Ann Clements 

JiiAN E. Griffiths 

Magalie Mathieu 

Radiologic Technology 

ADN Nursing 

Radiologic Technidlogy 

Geraldine Conille 

Shelley B. Gumbs 

Daphne Aretha Matti iews 

ADN NuRsiNc; 

Registered Nurse 

ADN NuRsiNc; 

Kathleen A. Conners 

TovA Marii: 1 Iai.l 

Lyoia C. M(.:Guire*** 

ADN Nursing 

Early C^H/L/)/K)o/) Education 

Criminal Justic;e 



Justin Ortiz 

Marilyn Tamaklo 


Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice 

Erin A. Melchiorri 


Kanei Taylor 

jRadjolog/c Technology 

Radiologic Technology 

Early Childhood Education ^ ' 

Ernand Menard 

Phillip Perez 

NejatTewolde k 

Business Management 

Criminal Justice 


QiN Shao Meng** 

Roxann Antoinette Perez 

Darlene C. Thorpe 

ADN Nursing . 

Health Career 

Business Management 

Sandy Merejo 

Rotchana Petchdee 

Nhan Le Tran 

Early Ch/ldhood Educatjon 

ADN Nursing 

Business Management 

Karline Michel 

Cynthia Ann Marie Plummer 

Matthew Umudi '^ 

ADN Nursing 

Criminal Justice 

ADN Nursing 

Yvonne Rene Miles 

DaquiriJ,\cquel Purifoy 


Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice 

ADN Nursing 


Wendy R. Quashie-John 

M'l'ETLA Ann Vaughan 

ADN Nursing 

ADN Nursing 

Early Childhood Education 

Patricl\ Ann Murray** 

Carmen M. Reyes 

SonyVilbon 1 

ADN Nursing 

Early Childhood Education 

Business A^anagement 1 

Lucy W. Mwaura 

Manuel D. Ron-l^n 

Rudolph Anthony Vinton*** 

ADN Nursing 

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice 

Loi T. Nguyen 

Mohamed Mukhtar Saidi 

GiGjA Hlin Wesneski** 


Computer Information Systems 

Radiologic Technology l 

Loi T. Nguyen 


Chantelle S. Willlams 

Business Management 

Early Childhood Education 

Business Management 

Jacklyn NicoiAS 

Karleena a. Savage** 

Nadesha S. Wint** 

Business Management 

Office Administration Degree 

Criminal Justice 

George G. Njenga 

Zenaida Eshaah Serra 


Registered Nurse 

Criminal Justice 

Business A4anagement 

Chinenye Anne Nsonwu** 

Shaquana Nakesha Small 

Queen E. Woghiren * 

ADN Nursing 

Early Childhood Education 

ADN Nursing 

YvETTE C. O'Brien 

Krishawna Marie Smith 

YusufM. YusuF 

Criminal Justice 

Early Childhood Education 


Benson E. Omoregbe 

Alexis Denise Smith 

ADN Nursing 

Criminal Justice 

Pauline O. Onyemelukwe 

Michelle A .Tackie-Hogwood 

Registered Nurse 

ADN Nursing 

(* *)= Higfi Honors (***)= Highest 

Honors ■ Bright Yellow Sash 


Certificates with 


ViviANE Alexis** 

Roshanda Renee Leak 

Medical Office Specialist 

Medical Office Specialist 

Alexander O. Esteban 

Uche K. Obu 

Practical Nursing 

Practical Nursing 

Vicky Fan 

Yanick Petion** 


Medical Office Specialist 

GuERLiNE Francis 

Stella Ratner** 

Practical Nursing 

Medical Office Specialist 

Almaz K. Gebremicheal 

Valmy Saint Louis** 

Medical Office Specialist 

Network Administration 


Michelle R. Spencer 

Microcomputer Applications 

Pratical Nursing 

Alain Jean-Louis 
Practical Nursing 

Andre Suber 
Office Technology 

Rica R.Jimenez 
Paralegal Studies 

Bath-Sheba Joseph 
Practical Nursing 

Eugenie Ocilie Laurent 

David O. Ugwu 
Practical Nursing 

Lucretia C. Washington 
Practical Nursing 

Medical Office Specialist Honors (***)■ 11 ii;hcst 1 Umors Ihii'lu YMowSash 


Scholarships, Awards, and Honors 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Psi Omega Chapter Award 

This award is given to an outstanding multicultural female graduate who is transferring 
to a four-year institution. 

Betsy' Santana 

Claudia J. Tucker Award 

This award is given annually to an outstanding Roxbur\' Community College transfer 
student in honor of the mother of Roxbury Community College's Professor Royal C. 

Bernadette Pierre 

Edith Pistorino Memorial Endowed Scholarship — — 

This award is made possible by the late Edith Pistorino. A $ 1 ,000 annual scholarship 
recognizes outstanding academic achievement by students who are enrolled full-time in 
a degree program which leads to transfer to a baccalaureate institution following 
graduation from Roxbury Community College. To qualify for this scholarship students 
must have achieved a grade point average of 3.50 or better for two consecutive semesters 
and not be in their final semester at Roxbury Community College. 
Gregory Miller 

Francina E. Copeland Gelzer Endowed Scholarship 

Given in the name of a lifelong resident of the greater Roxbury community with a strong 
commitment to education, this award is presented to a Roxbury Community College 
student on the basis of outstanding scholastic achievement. The recipient is an African- 
American graduate who has maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and who 
has been accepted into a four-year college degree program. 
Ruth Wilcox 

International Student Scholarship 

International Student Scholarships are available for full-time students in good academic 
standing who have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00. These are 
$ 1,000 scholarships. To be eligible to receive these scholarships students must provide 
documentation which certifies that the student holds a current student visa. 

Fritz Prev/lon 
Ga/le Registe 

James H. Caesar Endowed Scholarship 

In 1986, a Roxbury resident established this scholarship to honor the opportunities 
this country and community had given him. In selecting the recipient, preference is given 
to graduating students who have attended the Cooper Community Center of Roxbury 
or the Roxbury Boys and Girls Club. If this criterion cioes not apply, the scholarship 
may be awarded to a talented Roxbury Community College student from the Roxbury 
Danny Estrada 


Girl Friends, Inc. Scholarship 

These $1,000 scholarships are made possible by the generosity of Girl Friends, Inc. 
The scholarships are to be awarded to African-American women who are a single 
parent, in a transitional housing situation and/or a head of household and in good 
academic standing at the College. Homeless African-American single parent women 
are to be given priority. 
Tracy Clements 
Latasha Dobson 
TiA Myers 
Amanda Schaefer 

Hiram Grand Lodge Scholarships 

Two $ 1,000 scholarships are awarded annually as a result of the generosity of Hiram 
Grand Lodge; $500 will be awarded in the Fall 2007 semester, and $500 will be 
awarded in the Spring 2008 semester. Recipients must have achieved and maintain a 
cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 and have positively contributed to 
Roxbury Community College and/or to the community in which they reside. 
GiLLMA. ]. Rodriguez 
Shawn]. Reed 

Letitia Garafalo Endowed Scholarship 

Established by a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, who used her knowledge of languages 
to live and work in communities around the world, this endowed memorial scholarship 
is presented to a Roxbury Community College graduate on the basis of academic merit 
and financial need. 


Sapers Family Opportunity Awards 

This award is presented to no more than ten Roxbury Community College graduates 
who transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of baccalaureate degrees. This special "SO- 
SO" award consists of both a scholarship and a low-interest loan. The award is made 
available through the generosity of the William R. Sapers family of Boston. 
Georges Chick 
Latasha Dobson 
Daphney Excellent 
YosEF Gebretensay 
Saran Haidara 
Marie Saint Jacques 

Therese Dutile Giles Award 

Given annually by the Giles family in memory of their mother, this award is presented 
to a student wbo, having mastered a new language in the English tor Speakers of Other 
Languages Department, is nt)w grackiating with an associate degree and has proxidcil 
service to the Roxbury Community Conege community. 
Feui'e Nazarretit: 


Scholarships, Awards, and Honors 

RCCF Excellence Scholarship Award 

This award ot $1,000 is given annually to die graduating student(s) with the highest 
grade point average. The student(s) must have earned at least 50 credits at Roxbury 
Community College and have been accepted at a four-year college in pursuit of a 


RCCF Nursing Scholarships 

These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury Community 
College Foundation's Board of Directors. These $500 scholarships are awarded to 
full-time Nursing students in good academic standing who have earned a grade point 
average of at least 3.00. 
Jayne Hamilton 


Urban Workforce Scholarships 

Urban Workforce Scholarships are available tor enroUees in the College's business 
and industry short-course and certificate programs and part-time students. Part-time 
students (fewer than 12 credits per semester) will receive one-half of their tuition 
charges up to $500 per semester. 

Dorcas Griffith 


Marie St. Jacques 


Deans/Departmental Scholarships 

These $500 scholarships are awarded each semester and recognize 

outstanding academic achievement. To be eUgible students must be enrolled 

full-time in a degree program, and on the Dean's or President's List. 


YosEPH Gebregziabhe 

Khad/ja Khatib 
Edith AgbonghAgb 

Tlic lU'^isfrar oi lloxiniry C ^uinniuiiiry C'i)ilo,ui.' m;iini;iins tiu' oliai:il list ol nil .t^riKkiatcs. This 
program is only lor t'iTi.'miini,il purposes. 


Academic Regalia 

The caps, gowns and hoods ot the academic procession date back to the Middle 
Ages when they were common dress for scholars. In the Twelth Centviry monks 
and students wore them to keep warm from the damp and cirafty European castles 
and halls of learning. 

The Bachelor's gown has a pleated front and long, pointed sleeves. The master's 
gown, which may be worn open, is distinguished by its long square sleeves. The 
doctor's gown is trimmed with velvet panels and has three velvet bars on the bell 
shaped sleeves. . 

The hood provides the color, contrast and symbolism of the procession. Certain 
colors became associated with particular areas of knowledge. For example, the hood 
border worn by a doctor of theology was red, a color associated with the Catholic 
Church; a medical doctor wore a green border with relates to the healing powers of 
medicinal herbs. 

In Europe, a uniform color system was never developed. However, in the United 
States, an intercollegiate committee meeting in 1895 decided upon uniform color 
standards, assigning a specific color to each field of study. 

Departmental Colors of Faculty Members' Hoods & Tassels 



Library Science 


Arts, Humanities 





Silver Gray 










Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 

Fine Arts 



Golden Yellow 



Social Work 







RoxBURY Community College 

Years of dreaming and planning came to life in 1973, when Roxbury 
Community College opened its doors in the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. 
Despite less than perfect surroundings - its location was a former car dealership - 
Roxbury Community College's dedicated faculty, staff, and administration served 
the educational needs of four hundred students. The College's mission, as it is now, 
was to provide higher education to those Boston residents who found most other 
avenues to higher education closed. 

hi 1975, growth was the impetus to a move to 424 Dudley Street, a former 
nursing home. This move permitted the expansion and strengthening of academic 
programs and student services. The College continued to grow, which precipitated 
another move in 1982 to the former site of Boston State College on Huntington 
Avenue. As the College continued to shift its service base to meet an expanding 
enrollment, the goal to establish a permanent home for Roxbury Community 
College in the heart of the communities it serves remained strong. 

With much anticipation, Roxbury Community College built its new home as 
the cornerstone of the Southwest Corridor in the Spring of 1978. This fifteen acre 
campus includes a state-of-the-art Media Arts Building, Academic Building, 
Administration Builciing, Student Center, and the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic 

A global village, Roxbury Community College's multicultural and ethnically 
diverse student population has set it apart from other community colleges in the 
Commonwealth. Although most c^f our students are from Bosttin and suiTounding 
communities, many come from all corners of the world including: North America, 
Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the 

With renewed commitment, Roxbury Community College continues its legacy 
of providing educaticmal opportunities for all who enter its doors. 

Governing Boards and Officers 

Board of Trustees 

Executive Staff 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 



Ms. Anita L. Crawford 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes 

Vice Chair 

Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Mr. John R. Jenkins 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks ' ' 


Vice President, Administration and Finance 

Ms. Gillian A. Van Delft 

Ms. Stephanie C. Janey 


Vice President, Enrollment Management and 

Mr. Lyman Randolph 

Student Affairs 

Mr. Russell D. Aims 

Mr. Patrick Jean-Louis 

Mr. Keith Chaney 

Interim Chief Technology Officer 

Ms. Karen H. Walker 

Mr. William J. Dorcena 

Executive Officer for Development 

Dr. Michael J. Hoyle 

Dr. Ivelisse Sanchez 

Mr. Theophikis Adjetey, Jr. 

Commencement Committee 

Student Trustee 

Ms. Carol Bliss-Furr, 


RoxBURY Community College 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark, 



Mr. Kenneth Hall 

Mr. Robert A. Williams, III 

Mr. A. Keith McDermott 


■ Mr. Justin A. Petty, Professor 

Mr. Michael James, Sr. 


Mr. Steven Keyes 

Mr. Thomas M. Simmons 

Mr. Milton Samuels 


Ms. Shirley Y. Leslie 

Ms. Sonia AUeyne-Matthews 

Ms. Nicole McKoy 

Mr. Keith Castle 

Mr. Thomas Galvin 

Mr. Robert Harris 

Mr. Gib Pomkittichotcharoen 

Ms. Judith L. Kahalas 

Ms. Shonda D. Green 

Ms. Sylvia A. McDowell 


Ms. Mauryanne Remondini 

Chief College Marshal 

Ms. Joan Resnikoff 

Dr. Angel Amy-Moreno 

Ms. Monalisa Smith 

College Marshals 

Ms. Eve Strother 

Ms. Sabrina Williams 

Ms. Lisa Jenkins 

Ms. Veronica McCormack 

Ms. Judith L. Kahalas 


special Thanks to the 
Commencement Committee 

RoxBLiRY Community College 

12M Colunilnis A\'enue 

Roxluiry Crossin*.', MA 02 1 20 

Tel: (617) 427-0060