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RoxBURY Community College 




]um 5, 2009 
One O'clock P.M. 

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 

The National Anthem 

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light. 

What so proudly we haded at the twdight's last gleaming? 

Wliose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight' 

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming. 

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 

Francis Scott Key 

1779 - 1843 

Lift Ev\y Voice and Sing 

Lift ev'ry voice and sing 

Till earth and heaven ring, 

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; 

Let our rejoicing rise. High as the list'ning skies, 

Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. 

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. 

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 

Facing the rising sun of our new day begun 

Let us march on 'til victory is won. 

James Weldon Johnson 

1871 ' 1938 




The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional for students and 
faculty. Music provided by Dr. ]ohn Weeks. 
Grafton ]oh Corps Color Guard will post the colors. 

National Anthem and Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing 

Led fry Ms. Kwatice M. Ezell 

Students' Greetings from Around the World 

Greetings From the President 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Greetings From the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of 
Higher Education 

Ms. Aundrea E. Kelley, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education 

Greetings From the Alumni ' 

Ms. Mayra Welsh, President of RCC Alumni 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Elisabeth Withers, Soloist ' 

Introduction of Community Service Recipient 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks, Vice President of Administration and Finance 

Community Service Award 

Ms. Karen Holmes Ward, Director of Public Affairs and Community Services, WCVB-TV, 
Channel 5 . , ' 

Introduction of the Valedictorian 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 


Mr. Gregory Miller 

Introduction of the Salutatorian 

Dr. Jose Alicea, Dean of Business and Technology 


Ms. Patricia Roman 

Introduction of the Comniencement Speaker 

Dr. Stephanie C. Janey, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 

Commencement Address 

Ms. Aundrea E. Kelley, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Elisabeth Withers, Soloist 

Conferring of Degrees and Certificates 

Authorization of the Board of Trustees 

Ms. Anita L. Crawford, Vice-Chair, the Board of Trustees 
Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 

Introduction of Degree and Certificate Candidates 

Presided b}i Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Candidates for Associate of Arts Degree introduced by Dean Nancy Teel 
Candidates for Associate of Science Degree introduced fry Dean Tala Khudairi 
Candidates for Certificates with specification introduced try Dean David Becker 

Presentation of Degrees and Certificates to the Students 

Ms. Anita L. Crawford, Vice-Chair, the Board of Trustees 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 

Presided try Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

President's Charge to the Graduating Class of 2009 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, President 


The audience is requested to remain seated during the recessional and is invited 
immediately after the ceremony to a reception in the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic 
Center, Field House. 

^^ <^r^efi^^ei^e^n^ 

Dr, Terrence A. Gomes 

Today is a landmark in the chosen path for your lives. Beyond 
this landmark, or signpost, awaits a world around you that is 
real and exciting. But this is not just the end; think of today as 
the beginning of new opportunities, experiences and growth. 

I would like for you to remember today, not just the moment, 
but the years that have lead to this moment. Remember the 
days spent together in class, the hard work and sacrifices endured 
and the friendships that have been built along the way. 

Education offers opportunities for changing how we choose to live, how we choose to 
educate, and how we choose to govern ourselves for future generations to come. Please 
grasp the opportunities when they arise, for therein, lies the key to your future and the 
future of all our communities. 

I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. Your graduation will help pave the 
way as you travel the road to greater success, both in college and beyond. You will be 
the leaders of tomorrow and with the education you now have and will seek further, it 
will take you to new heights to achieve many of your dreams. 

My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2009. 1 wish each of you the very best and 
much success in the future. 


Dr. Terrence A. Gomest/ 


Aundrea E. Kelley, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education 

Aundrea E. Kelley is Deputy Commissioner, P-16 Policy 
and Collaborative Initiatives, at the Department of Higher 
Education (DHE). The DHE serves as staff to the Board of 
Higher Education, which is the primary coordinating and 
policy-setting board for the Commonwealth's public 
imiversity, and state and community colleges and the licensure 
agency for independent and out-of-state institutions seeking 
degree authority in Massachusetts. 

As Deputy Commissioner, Aundrea seeks to advance strategic 
Board initiatives through collaboration among the public 
and private higher education sectors, early education and care, elementary and 
secondary education, government, the non-profit sector, and business. She has 
contributed to numerous college readiness and student success initiatives at the national, 
regional and state levels, including ACHIEVE, the American Diploma Project, and 
College Ready New England. She serves on several statewide commissions and task 
forces, including the Commonwealth's Asset Development Commission, Graduation 
and Dropout Prevention and Recovery Commission, Task Force on College and 
Career Readiness and Success, Proficiency Gap Sub-Committee, Adult Basic Education 
Advisory Council, and the Mayor's College Success Initiative. 

In addition to her leadership on student readiness and success policy initiatives, including 
admissions standards, school-to-college alignment, early assessment and dual enrollment, 
Aundrea also oversees large scale reviews intended to foster academic program quality 
in the Commonwealth; veteran's education policy, including the department's work 
for the USVA as the Massachusetts State Approving Agency; and collaborative work 
with senior staff to develop and implement policies and initiatives across a range of 
DHE functional areas. 

Aundrea is well known within the Massachusetts higher education community, having 
worked at the Department of Higher Education (DHE) for 13 years, including during 
the past year as acting Commissioner for Higher Education. During the prior four 
years when she served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Policy, Aundrea and 
her staff shepherded through the Board's approval process several new institutions 
and many new academic programs in both the public and private higher education 
sectors that will ultimately help educate more Massachusetts students and provide 
them with the 2V' century skills and competencies reciuired to work in our knowledge 

economy. In 2005, Aundrea was awarded the Citation for Outstanding Performance 
by Governor Romney. 

Prior to joining the DHE staff in 1996, Aundrea held positions in private industry, the 
non-profit sector and higher education. She is a graduate of Swarthmore College in 
Pennsylvania and holds graduate degrees, including a M.S. in Public Policy and M.B.A., 
from the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she has also done doctoral work in 
public policy. Aundrea is a lifetime member of the National Black MBA Association. 
Along with her 87-year old mother, she resides in Randolph with her husband, Robert. 
They have two adult soris, Ty and Jeremy, daughter-in-law, Regina, and granddaughter, 
Lauren. Aundrea enjoys travel (to warm climates), crafts, reading, sports, music, 
mentoring young adults, and spending time with her family. Aundrea is a member of 
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Brockton and also enjoys visiting the church where she 
was raised and her mother is still a member, the Historic Charles St. AME Church in 

Karen Holmes Ward, Director of Public Affairs and Community Services, 

WCVB'TV, Channel 5 

Karen Holmes Ward is the Director of Public Affairs 
and Community Services as well as host and executive 
producer of CityLine, WCVB-TV's weekly magazine 
program which addresses the problems, concerns, and 
accomplishments of people of color living in Boston and 
its suburbs. Many notables including Oscar winners Louis 
Gossett Jr. and Denzel Washington and Oscar nominees 
Taraji Henson and Oprah Winfrey have been interviewed 
by Holmes Ward for CityLine. CityLine is the recipient 
of the Associated Press Massachusetts/Rhode Island 'Best' 

Public Affairs program for 2008. 

Holmes Ward also oversees WCVB's public service and community outreach efforts 
including the station's work with Habitat for Humanity and Extreme Makeover: My 
Hometown, both raising awareness about the need for affordable housing in the 
Greater Boston area, and WCVB's first-of-its-kind web-based initiative. Commonwealth 
5. This on-line project promotes philanthropy by matching viewer-donors with non- 
profits via the Internet and has become a national model for other Hearst-Argyle 
Television stations. CommonWealth 5 was nominated for a National Emmy Award for 

In 1999, Holmes Ward served as Executive Producer for Return to Glory, a one-hour 
prime-time documentary hosted by Emmy Award-winning actor Andre Braugher 
about the famed Massachusetts 54^ Regiment. Return to Glory was syndicated nationally 
and seen in over 80% of the country. From 1995-1997, Holmes Ward reported and 
produced for Chronicle, WCVB's nightly news magazine. Holmes Ward, who has 
been with Boston's Channel 5 since 1981, has also served as Coordinating Producer 
of WCVB's Black history specials, which have won several regional Emmy Awards and 
a CEBA (Communications Excellence to Black Achievers) Award. 

A graduate of Boston University's School of Public Communications (now COM), 
Holmes Ward has received numerous awards for her work in the community including 
the Boston Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Leaders Award; National Association of 
Black Journalists Region I Journalist of the Year; Big Sister of Greater Boston 
Achievement Award; Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts President's Award; 
Women of Courage and Conviction Award from the Greater Boston Section National 
Council of Negro Women, Inc. Holmes Ward is a Board member of the Roxbury 
Comprehensive Community Health Center and a past Board President. 

tS^f^^d€C6i/ ^S^6ec^u:i^^ 

Elisabeth Withers 

f *'' ^' 

Best known for her Tony Award-nominated portrayal of 
Shug Avery in Oprah Winfrey's Broadway musical version 
of The Color Purple , vocalist Elisabeth Withers is also a 
longtime singer/songwriter with a bent toward neo-soul 
and R&B. Born in Joliet, IL, Withers left home with a 
scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music in 
Boston. After graduating, she moved to New York City to 
attend NYU and graduated with a master's degree in 2000. 

Prior to her appearance on Broadway, Withers sang 
backup for a variety of artists, including Mary J. Blige, 
Eryka Badu, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez. Shortly after, she was asked to be one 
of the three featured background singers at The White House for the 2000 Millennium 
Concert produced by Quincy Jones and Steven Spielberg. From there, she found 
herself in the studio singing on both R. Kelly and Celine Dion's albums. Ms. Withers 
quickly caught the attention and respect of producer, arranger and songwriter Tony 
Moran (Janet Jackson, Beyonce' Knowles & Cher). Moran recruited her to co-write 
two classic dance club tracks, "Rising" and "Emotions" (2002), that reached the top 5 
on the Billboard charts under the alias EUe Patrice. This garnered the attention of 
soul artist Nick Ashford, who directed Withers toward the auditions for the Broadway 
production of The Color Purple. 

Ms. Withers played one of the five "Vowelles" on the PBS children's literacy program 
special "Between The Lions". 

Withers released her debut solo album, "It Can Happen to Anyone", on Blue Note 
Records in 2007. Her single "Be With You" is featured on the GRAND AUTO 
THEFT video game. 

Elisabeth uses her time and success, encouraging students nationwide to stay healthy, 
focused and true to their dreams. She has also developed an organization called TOO 
BEAUTIFUL. The organization focuses on the empowerment of minority women, 
encouraging and enhancing their moral and career building through hands-on 





Degrees in Course 

Degrees are presented in the following order. 

Omar A. Abdullahi 
Busnv/Ess Administration 


Biological Science 


Social Science 

Nasra N. Adan** 
Health Careers 

Liberal Arts 

Theodore Airihenbuwa** 
Business Administration 

Shaquita Iesha Alexander 
Health Careers 

Renee C. Alexis 
Business Administration 

Endris E. Asfan 
Health Careers 

Corliss Atterberry 
Business Administration 

SsALi S. Babumba 
Health Careers 

Grace S. Bailey 
Health Careers 

Abdoul Alpha Bamba** 
Biological Science 

Nicole S. Bannister 
Biological Science 

Mekdim Bantiwalu 
Business Administration 

Rita J. Beckley 
Health Careers 

Nana I. Braham 
Health Careers 

True Brewster 
Business Administration 

Mark A. Bryson 
Business Administration 

Hilario J. Castillo 
Liberal Arts 

Liberal Arts 

Theresa Che 
Health Careers 

Dominique]. Clarke 
Business Administration 

Christopher). Considine** 
Liberal Arts 

Veronica M. Cottle** 
Liberal Arts 

Lelena Dagne 
Health Careers 

Austin B. Deleveaux 
Liberal Arts 

Slande Demorne 
Business Administration 

Ashley Dent 
Business Administration 

Melissa Delia Estrada 
Liberal Arts 

Michelle Tanya Farguarson 
Health Careers 

Adler B. Fedestin** 
Broadcast Medla Technology 

Regino M. Fernandes 
Business Administration 

Bejirond Fesseha 
Biological Science 

Apryl Rebecca Ford 
Social Science 

Aleyda del C. Fuentes 
Business Administration 

Beza Gashaw 
Health Careers 

Felix Gaston 
Liberal Arts 

Felix Gaston 
Social Science 

YosEPH Kassa Gebregziabher* 
Biological Science 

William Gittens 
^mxH^'i Asmm'smKnoH 

Lesmith R. Gonzalez 
Business Administration 

Onna M. Green 
Health Careers 

Shannon R Griffin 
Liberal Arts 

Lecent Denae Griffith 
Business Administration 

Grace Cyan 
Health Careers 

Celana O. Higginbottom 
Business Administration 

Sakle J. Howell 
Social Science 

Michael Obioma Ihenetu 
Biological Science 

Marlama Jalloh 
Health Careers 

Faidherbe Jean-Baptiste 
Liberal Arts 

Nancy Jenkins 
Health Careers 

Talya Jones 

Business Administration 

Angel N. Juanso 
Social Science 

(* *) - High Honors (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


ty^id€:^ca^ €j^tj^^i^ 

Angel N. Juanso 


Health Careers 

Hlfia Kere 
He^th Careers 

Lisa N. King 
Health Careers 

Roshanda R. Leak** 
Business Administration 

Keneed Leger 
Biological Science 

Keneed Leger 
Social Science 

Walquirla E. Leguisamon 
Liberal Arts 

Joan Lesley-Marshall 
Early Childhood Education 

Keisha L . Lewis** 
Liberal Arts 

Tarlana Veronic Little 
Social Science 

Eliezer Lorenzo 
Health Careers 

Pennina Lorthe 
Biological Science 

Para N. Maurice 
Biological Science 

Para N. Maurice 
Liberal Arts 

James M. McGruder 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Daniel D. McLaurin 
Business Administration 

LaFrance J. McLean 
Health Careers 

WiLLL^M Patrick Medlin 
Business Administration 

Gregory Miller*** 
Biological Science 

Biological Science 

Verrita Renee Montgomery 
Health Careers 


Health Careers 

Veronica S. Nji 
Liberal Arts 

Ibelegbu Linda Obl^geri 
Social Science 

YoLENE Odney 
Liberal Arts 

MoNisE CD. Odom 
Health Careers 

Iyore Sandra Okundaye 
Health Careers 

Natasha G. Oliveira 
Biological Science 

Petiya J. Omer*** 
Health Careers 

Wakili Owolabi Oseni 
Health Careers 

Barbara Antoinette Owens** 
Health Careers 

Barbara Antoinette Owens** 
Biological Science 

Elizabeth Tamunoamieyesiy Pepple 
Health Careers 

Esther T. Pepple 
Biological Science 

Shekeirra Deniece Perryman 
Liberal Arts 

Margarita Rocio Pomare 
Business Administration 

pRiTz Gerald Previlon*** 
Physical Science 

Joseph Ramsey 
Business Administration 

NiKLA Roberson 
Health Careers 

Marcus Rogers 
Business Administration 

Patricia A. Roman*** 
Social Science 

Nicole L. Sadberry 
Physical Science 

Rachelle Sainrilus 
Health Careers 

Karleena Ann Savage 
Liberal Arts 

Michael Senecharles 
Health Careers 

Rahel a. Sertse 
Health Careers 

Dauda Sesay 
Health Careers 

LisiA D. Tavares 
Biological Science 

Mullualem a. Tessema 
Health Careers 

Patrick Valdes 
Business Administration 

Shukrana Sequol\ E. Varona 
Biological Science 

Marie-Florence Vilme 
Liberal Arts 

Selamawit Waka 
Biological Science 

(**) = H,«KH,; 

(***) = Hiiihcsl Honors - Bright Ycllou; Sush 


Betelihem Waka 
Biological Science 

ToYA LaShonda Lewis Walker 
Liberal Arts 

Tlwa M. Williams 
Health Careers 

Edward J. Willis*** 
Biological Science 

Stella Winslow 
Health Careers 

Brhane Zewdie 
Health Careers 

f^S^^^Moci€i^ c^^^A^ie 


Marie C. Alexandre 
Criminal Justice 

Elsa Mendes Alves 
Criminal Justice 

Brandi Chambray Artez 
Criminal Justice 

Jacquelyn Donae Ballard 
Early Childhood Education 

Roberto C. Barbosa 

Marl\ G. Beaute 
Office Administration 

Chimere Bell 

Early Childhood Education 


Criminal Justice 

Michelle Tanya A. Blake 
Early Childhood Education 

Stella K. Bracke 

Helen Breyan** 

J. Rameau a. Cadet 

Ivandro M. Cardoso 

Randolph A. Castillo 
Computer Information System 



Dominique J. Clarke 

Dominique]. Clarke 
Business Management 

James J. Clements** 
Radiology Technology 

Ketta R Clodomir 

Corey R Cooper 
Radiology Technology ' 

Marquita M. Coston 
Early Childhood Education 

Bruce Cox 

Computer Jnforamtion System 

Rosanna M. Crispin 
Computer Inforamtion System 

Sandra Cuff 

Early Childhood Education 

Janene Cupid 

Onilda D. Dasilva 

Carlyle T. Deauna 
Computer Information System 

(**) = HigK Wonmi (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sasfi 



Jean-Luc DeBarros 
Network Admjn/stratjon 

Kender R. Desrosiers** 
Criminal Justice 

Mahamane V. Diarra 
Cr;m/nal Justice 

Verzina Dickerson 

Early Ch/ldhood Education 

Gregory Robert Dominique 
Criminal Justice 

Gerson Duvil*** 
Radiology Technology 

Kenisha L. Farris 

Catava Franklin-Mahase 
Criminal Justice 

Jean Lestin Frantz Gary 
Computer Information "it^^iEU 

Katon Elizabeth Gaines-Butler 
Criminal Justice 

Michael F. Galasso 

Rafael A. Garcia 
Radiology Technology 

Francaisse Gaston 
Radiology Technology 

Nicole Gelin 

David S. Gill** 
Business Management 

Jean Baptiste Gilles 
Business Management 

Leonilde Gomes** 

Zenaida Gonzalez 

Early Childhood Education 

Jayne Hamilton 


R'Sha Harris 
Business Management 

Leah N. Hasberry 

Early Childhood Education 

Valencia Hubbart 
Business Management 

Brandon Taylor Hughes 
Criminal Justice 

Chidinma Sandra M. Ihenetu 
Criminal Justice 

Sheila Irby 

Patricia L. James 


JiLLLw K. McCarthy** 
Radiology Technology 

Moshay Levelle McLean 
Criminal Justice 

Soheir Abbas Medani 
Microcomputer Applications 

Malinda Miller 

Irma Millien 
Hospitality Management 

.CynthlaA. Mompremier 

Wilfredo Montes 
Criminal Justice 

Darlene Morris 

Hannah Mpofu 

Early Childhood Education 

Max a. Jeudy 

Gabriel Musk** 

Criminal Justice 


Eric E. Johnson 

LiLLW Oluchukwu Nsonwli 



Nicolle C. Johnson 


Early Childhood Education 


Hebert F. Joseph 

Francisca C. Obodo** 

Criminal Justice 


YvENAL Juste 

Yvette O'Brien 

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice 

Stanley Luis Laforest 

Antonio A. Obsequio 

Computer Information System 


Freau Lamonge 

Uche Obu 

Het^okk Admimstration 


Tatiana Lott-Toussaint 

Obinna Ogundu 

Early Childhood Education 


Brian Scott Luedke 

Josephine Osemwegie 



(* *) - Hifih Honors (***) = Highest Honors - Brii;Kt YAhnv Sash 


Emmanuella Paris 
Criminal Justice 

TiA Taquesta Phillips 
Business Management 

Ermion Pierre 

MaRL\ a. PlRES 


Wendy H. Powers 

Sheika N. Pritchard 
Early Childhood Education 



soiange b. rodrigues 

Wendy Rodriguez 

Early Childhood Education 

ToNETTA Rogers 

Early Childhood Education 

Rodney A. Rosario 
Computer Information System 

Iesha L. Rue 


Evelyn B. Sakwe 

Amanda L. Schaefer 
Criminal Justice 

Ell\na R. Semedo 

Early Childhood Education 

Clairetha Sessoms 

Early Childhood Education 

Jermaine j. Skinner 

Calvin Smalls 

Sherrel D. Stephens 
Office Administration 

Kamill Suarez 
Criminal Justice 

Mamenasha Tesfaye 
Business Management 

Lynder F. Thomas 

Early Childhood Education 

Mary Anitra Thompson 
Radiology Technology 

Ivan Timas 

SoFYA Torres** 

Christy E. Torres** 
Criminal Justice 

Vanessa S. Trent 
Criminal Justice 

Carolina Osorno Valderrama* 
Computer Information System 

Martine Valme 
Criminal Justice 

Roxane p. White 

Mervyn Jade Williams*** 
Radiology Technology 

Shernelle E. Yearwood** 
Radiology Technology 

Yan Zhu 

(* *) = High Honors (***) = Highest Honors ■ Bright YeJloui Sash 


tt^i^^ ^^Miec^&^6^^co^^ 

Maria G. Beaute 
Medical Office Specialist 

Shantee F. Bender 
Office Administration 

Marthine Crispin 
Paralegal Studies 

Raffeya Daniels 
Paralegal Studies 

Jean-Luc DeBarros 
PC Sivno^i Specialist 

Sharon E. Doyle 
Medical Office Specialist 

Eunide-Marie E. Edouarzin 
Medical Office Specialist 

Paulette M. Ford-Gallop 
Medical Office Specialist 

Jean Baptiste Gilles 
Accounting Certificate 

Belinda A. Gilmere 
Medical Office Specialist 

Linda D. Gousby 
Medical Office Specialist 

Esslena Jackson 
Accounting Certificate 

Carol Kirkland-Small 
Medical Office Specialist 

Lydl\ N. Marley 
Medical Office Specialist 

Rasheeda S. Naji 
Medical Office Specialist 

NoREEN Ann Omalley 
Medical Office Specialist 

David A. Palomares 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Tammy J. Pena 

Medical Office Specialist 

Mitchelle a. Rose 
Medical Office Specialist 

Angelica M. Ruiz-Lanzot 
Medical Office Specialist 

Amanda L Schaefer 
Paralegal Studies 

Felisha Thomas 
Medical Office Specialist 

Bemilly Troncoso 
Medical Office Specialist 

Aisha M. Williams 
Medical Office Specialist 

Terron J. Worrell 
Medical Office Specialist 


^S/cAM<ci^i<J^y^Zf^, tJ^^ti^a^i€M^^ 00^4^ ^yu^no^i^ 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Psi Omega Chapter Award ; 

This award is given to an outstanding multicultural female graduate who is transferring 
to a four-year institution. 

g/nnette acevedo 
Amanda L. Schaefer 

Claudia J. Tucker Award 

This award is given annually to an outstanding Roxbury Community College transfer 
student in honor of the mother of Roxbury Community College's Professor Royal C. 

Mar/e C. Alexandre 

Sapers Family Opportunity Awards 

This award is presented to no more than ten Roxbury Community College graduates 
who transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of baccalaureate degrees. This special ''5Qi' 
S'^f^ award consists of both a scholarship and a low-interest loan. The award is made 
available through the generosity of the William R. Sapers family of Boston. 

Lelena Dagne \ 

YosEPH K. Gebregz/abher 

Therese Dutile Giles Award 

Given annually by the Giles family in memory of their mother, this award is presented 
to a student who, having mastered a new language in the English for Speakers of Other 
Languages Department, is now graduating with an associate degree and has provided 
service to the Roxbury Community College community. 

Fr/tz-Gerald Previlon 

RCCF Excellence Scholarship Award 

This award of $1,000 is given annually to the graduating student(s) with the highest 
grade point average. The student(s) must have earned at least 50 credits at Roxbury 
Community College and have been accepted at a four-year college in pursuit of a 
baccalaureate degree. 
Gregory M/LLER 

RCCF Nursing Scholarships 

These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury Community 
College Foundation's Board of Directors. These $500 scholarships are awarded to 
full-time Nursing students in good academic standing who have earned a grade point 
average of at least 3.00. 
Judith Njoku 


i2/)eei^'2^/i2/)^i^z^i^^f'f^^^^^a/ ^S/^ 

These %5Qi'<) scholarships are awarded each semester and recognize 

outstanding academic achievement. To be eligible students must be enrolled 

full-time in a degree program, and on the Dean's or President's List. 

Liberal Arts 

Labake Riley 

All-USA Academic Team Certificate of Nomination 


Katora Gaines 

The Registrar of Roxhury Communiry College maintains the official list of all graduates. Thi 
program is only for ceremonial [uirposes. 


<_J2^i?24^^?^^^^^ S/le^^ClU€l^ 

The caps, gowns and hoods of dnie academic procession date back to the Middle Ages 
when they were common dress for scholars. In the Twelth Century monks and 
students wore them to keep warm from the damp and drafty European castles and 
halls of learning. 

The Bachelor's gown has a pleated front and long, pointed sleeves. The master's 
gown, which may he worn open, is distiiiguished by its long square sleeves. The 
doctor's gown is trimmed with velvet panels and has three velvet bars on the bell 
shaped sleeves. 

The hood provides the color, contrast and symbolism of the procession. Certain 
colors became associated with particular areas of knowledge. For example, the hood 
border worn by a doctor of theology was red, a color associated with the Catholic 
Church; a medical doctor wore a green border with relates to the healing powers of 
medicinal herbs. • 

In Europe, a uniform color system was never developed. However, in the United 
States, an intercollegiate committee meeting in 1895 decided upon uniform color 
standards, assigning a specific color to each field of study. 

Departmental Colors of Faculty Members' Hoods & Tassels 



Library Science 


Arts, Humanities 





Silver Gray 


Pink • 








Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 

Fine Arts 



Golden Yellow 



Social Work 








Years of dreaming and planning came to life in 1973, when Roxbury Community 
College opened its doors in the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. Despite less than perfect 
surroundings - its location was a former car dealership - Roxbury Community College's 
dedicated faculty, staff, and administration served the educational needs of four 
hundred students. The College's mission, as it is now, was to provide higher education 
to those Boston residents who found most other avenues to higher education closed. 

In 1975, growth was the impetus to a move to 424 Dudley Street, a former nursing 
home. This move permitted the expansion and strengthening of academic programs 
and student services. The College continued to grow, which precipitated another move 
in 1982 to the former site of Boston State College on Huntington Avenue. As the 
College continued to shift its service base to meet an expanding enrollment, the goal to 
establish a permanent home for Roxbury Community College in the heart of the 
communities it serves remained strong. 

With much anticipation, Roxbury Community College built its new home as the 
cornerstone of the Southwest Corridor in the Spring of 1978. This fifteen-acre campus 
includes a state-of-the-art Media Arts Building, Academic Building, Administration 
Building, Student Center, and the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center. 

A global village, Roxbury Community College's multicultural and ethnically diverse 
student population has set it apart from other community colleges in the 
Commonwealth. Although most of our students are from Boston and surrounding 
communities, many come from all corners of the world including: North America, 
Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the 

With renewed commitment, Roxbury Community College continues its legacy of 
providing educational opportunities for all who enter its doors. 


w^im^f^ CAJOiz/icM^ a^^^/ (L/A 

Board of Trustees 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair 
Ms. Anita L. Crawford, Vice. Chair 
Mr. John R. Jenkins, T-^tasu-^er 
Ms. Gillian A. Van Delft, Secretar:y 
Mr. Russell D. Aims 
Mr. Keith Chaney 
Dr. Ivelisse Sanchez 
Ms. Roslyn Marshall, Niumm ^tcitA. 
Ms. Amanda Schaefer, Student T'rusiet 

RoxBURY Community College 

Ms. Sabrina Williams, VytsxA-tni 

Ms. Sonia L. Alleyne Matthews, Vice-President 

Mr. Thomas M. Simmons, Tfzasmet 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark 

Mr. Keith Casde 

Ms. Judith L. Kahalas 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, Ex-Officio Member 

Executive Staff 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 


Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes 
Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks 

Vice President, Administration and Finance 

Dr. Stephanie C. Janey 

Vice President, Enrollment Management and 

Student Affairs 

Mr. Patrick Jean-Louis 

Chief Information Technology Officer 

Commencement Committee 

Ms. Carol Bliss-Furr, Co-chair 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark, Co-chair 

Mr. Kenneth Hall 

Mr. Keith McDermott 

Mr. Justin A. Petty, Professor 

Mr. Steven Keyes 

Dr. Milton Samuels 

Mr. Phuong Tang 

Ms. Shirley Y. Leslie 

Ms. Nicole McKoy 

Mr. Thomas Galvin 

Mr. Gib Pomkittichotcharoen 

Ms. Shonda D. Green 


Chief College Marshal 

Dr. Angel Amy-Moreno 

College Marshals 

Ms. Lisa Jenkins 

Ms. Veronica McCormack 

Ms. Judith L Kahalas 




RoxBURY Community College 

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Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 

Tel: (617) 427-0060