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Full text of "Roxbury Community College 36th Annual Commencement"

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RoxBURY Community College 

O^SSth Annual 
/ ^Commencement 

Friday, May 20, 2011 
One O'clock P.M. 

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 

The National Anthem 

Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight. 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 
Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

Francis Scott Key 
1779 - 1843 

Lift Every Voice and Sing 

Lift every voice and sing, till earth and heaven ring. 
Ring with the harmonies of liberty; 
Let our rejoicing rise, high as the list'ning skies. 
Let is resound loud as the rolling sea. 
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. 
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun, 
Let us march on till victory is won. 

James Weldon Johnson 

1871 - 1938 



The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional for 
students and faculty. 

Grafton Job Corps Color Guard will post the colors. 

National Anthem 

Ms. Katani Sumner 

Lift Every Voice and Sing 

Led by Mr. Alonzo Harris 

Students' Greetings from Around the World 

Greetings From the President 

Dr. TerrenceA. Gomes 

Special Recognition to William (Bill) Hart, Executive Director ofMCCEO 

Greetings From the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department 
of Higher Education 

Dr. Richard M. Freeland, Commissioner of Massachusetts Department of 
Higher Education 

Greetings From the Alumni 

Ms. Mayra Welsh, President of RCC Alumni 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Katani Sumner 

Introduction of Community Service Recipient 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks, Vice President of Administration and Finance 

Community Service Award 

Dr. Keith D. Crawford 

Introduction of the Valedictorian 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 


Ms. Brooke Tyree Lynch 

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker 

Dr. Stephanie C. Janey, Vice President of Enrollment Management and 
Student Affairs 

Commencement Address 

Andrea J. Cabral, Esq., Suffolk County Sheriff 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Katani Sumner 

Conferring of Degrees and Certificates 


Authorization of the Board of Trustees 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair, Board of Trustees 
Dr. TerrenceA. Gomes, President 

Introduction of Degree and Certificate Candidates 

Presided by Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Dr. Nancy Teel, Dean, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies introduces 
Candidates for Associate of Arts Degree 

Dr. Kyrsis R. Rodriguez, Interim Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering & 
Math introduces Candidates for Associate of Science Degree 

Dr. Gloria Cater, Dean of Health Sciences introduces Candidates for 
Certificates with specification 

Presentation of Degrees and Certificates to the Students 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair, Board of Trustees 

Dr. TerrenceA. Gomes, President 

Presided by Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

President's Charge to the Graduating Class of 2011 

Dr. TerrenceA. Gomes, President 


The audience is requested to remain seated during the recessional and is 
invited immediately after the ceremony to a reception in the Reggie Lewis 
Track and Athletic Center Gymnasium. 


ssage from the President 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Today is a landmark in the chosen path for your Hves. 
Beyond this landmark, or signpost, awaits a world 
around you that is real and exciting. But this is not 
just the end; think of today as the beginning of new 
opportunities, experiences and growth. 

I would like for you to remember today, not just the 
moment, but the years that have led to this moment. 
Remember the days spent together in class, the hard 
work and sacrifices endured, and the friendships that 
have been built along the way. 

Education offers opportunities for changing how we choose to live, how 
we choose to educate, and how we choose to govern ourselves for future 
generations to come. Please grasp the opportunities when they arise, for 
therein, lies the key to your future and the future of all our communities. 

I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. Your graduation will 
help pave the way as you travel the road to greater success, both in college 
and beyond. You will be the leaders of tomorrow and with the education 
you now have and will seek further, you v^ll reach new heights and achieve 
your dreams. 

My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2011. I wish each of you the 
very best and much success in the future. 


Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 


mmencement Speaker 

Suffolk County Sheriff, Andrea J. Cabral, Esq. 

Andrea J. Cabral, Esq. was sworn in on November 29, 
2002 as the 30th Sheriff of Suffolk County, Massachusetts. 
She is the first female sheriff in the Commonwealth's 
history. Originally appointed by former Governor Jane 
Swift, she was elected to a full term in 2004 and re-elected 
in 2010. She brings an extensive legal background and a 
commitment to public safety to her position. 

Sheriff Cabral is responsible for the operation of the House 

of Correction, the Suffolk County Jail and the Civil Process Division. The 
Suffolk County Sheriffs Department is the largest sheriffs department in the 
Northeast and the 30th largest in the United States. It has over 1000 employees, 
including executive managers, corrections officers, investigators, educators, 
health care providers, caseworkers and administrative staff, whose primary 
responsibility is to provide safe care, custody, control and rehabilitative support 
for approximately 2,700 offenders, daily. The average operating budget for the 
Department is $96 million. 

Sheriff Cabral is a member of the Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association. Following 
a two-year term as Vice President, she served as its President from 2008 - 

Sheriff Cabral's career in public service spans 24 years. She began her legal 
career in 1986 as a staff attorney in the Suffolk County Sheriff s Department 
at the Charles Street Jail, preparing and arguing motions for bail reduction in 
the Suffolk Superior Court. Subsequently, she served as an assistant district 
attorney in both the District and Superior Courts in the Middlesex County 
District Attorney's Office from 1987-1991. 

From 1991-1993, Sheriff Cabral was an Assistant Attorney General, where she 
worked in the Torts Division of the Government Bureau and the Civil Rights 
Division of the Public Protection Bureau. Sheriff Cabral then began work at 
the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in 1993 under District Attorney, 
Ralph C. Martin III. From 1993-1994, she was director of the Roxbury District 
Court Family Violence Project. As director, she prosecuted domestic violence 
cases (including the county's first stalking case) and helped to establish new 


administrative policies and procedures for the processing of such cases in the 
Roxbury District Court. In March 1994, Sheriff Cabral became Chief of the 
Domestic Violence Unit where she supervised and trained district and superior 
court staff in the preparation and prosecution of major domestic violence felony 
cases. She also indicted and prosecuted major domestic violence felony cases in 
Suffolk Superior Court. In 1998, Sheriff Cabral was promoted to Chief of District 
Courts and Community Prosecutions. In this position, she developed district 
court policies, staff supervision and evaluation tools, training curricula and case 
management practices in Suffolk County's eight district courts and the Boston 
Municipal Court. Sheriff Cabral also oversaw the staffing and supervision of 
all district court community prosecutions programs, which included the Safe 
Neighborhood Initiatives and Prosecutor in Police Stations (PIPS) Programs. 

Sheriff Cabral's published works include: Obtaining, Enforcing and Defending 
Ch.209A Restraining Orders in Massachusetts and co-authorship of the article, 
Same Gender Domestic Violence: Strategies for Change in Creating Courtroom 

In addition to receiving numerous awards and honors throughout the years, in 
2007, Sheriff Cabral was named an Eisenhower Fellow and traveled to Australia 
for a month-long study of their criminal justice system. She is on the Board of 
the Mass Mentoring Partnership and serves on the National Re-entry Resource 
Center's Advisory Committee. 

In 2010, Sheriff Cabral was one of 18 experts appointed to the Office of Justice 
Programs' Science Advisory Board (SAB) by the United States Attorney General, 
Eric Holder. The SAB was created to bridge the gap between research and 
practice in the criminal justice fields. It provides an extra-agency review of and 
recommendations for Office of Justice Programs' research, statistics, and grant 
programs, and ensures that programs and activities are scientifically sound and 
pertinent to policymakers and practitioners. 

Sheriff Cabral is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law 


mmunity Service Award Recipient 

Keith Dwain Crawford, Ph.D., M.D. 

Dr. Keith Dwain Crawford is a graduate of Prairie 
View A&M University, a Historically Black University in 
Texas. He received his MD from the University of Texas 
(Houston) and Ph.D. from Harvard University. After 
the completion of his post-doctoral training, he joined 
the staff of Brigham and Women's Hospital to pursue a 
research program in Osteoimmunology and Regenerative 
Medicine. In 2007, Dr. Crawford's laboratory discovered 
a new adult stem cell, the "early lineage adult" stem cell 
or ELA cells, which has the ability to differentiate into a wide variety of tissues. 
His latest research focuses on improving our understanding of osteoarthritis in 
the elderly, stress fractures in female athletes, and the development of ELA cell- 
based therapeutics for the acceleration of fracture healing. He is the director of 
the Department of Molecular Orthopedics at Brigham and Women's Hospital. 
His laboratory discovered a novel new stem cell which is capable of regenerating 
injured tissue. His team is actively researching the properties of these cells. 
Recently, a regenerative therapeutic procedure was created to enhance bone 
healing and is presently being used to treat patients. 

In addition to his research career, Dr. Crawford spends time mentoring large 
numbers of students. To increase the number of underrepresented students in 
the Life Sciences, he serves as the Director of the STARS program at Brigham 
and Women's Hospital and scientific advisor to the VRIP and SCRIP Summer 
Programs at Harvard Medical School. 

Dr. Crawford's volunteer work focuses on providing the underserved and 
underprivileged with opportunities that they may not otherwise have, including 
education, employment and social networking. The development of the Life 
Sciences Institute (LSI) at Roxbury Community College is where he is currently 
centering his attention while simultaneously providing internships for Roxbury 
Community College students in his research lab at Brigham and Women's 


/usical Selection 

Katani Sumner 

Katani Sumner did what was expected of a 
young, bright and gifted Brown University graduate; 
she became an executive in a large well-known 
corporation. In fact, she became the first African 
American New England Unit Manager in the history 
of this corporation. Despite her successes, deep 
down inside, Katani felt that her most precious gift 
was the gift of song. Everyone who hears Katani 
experiences her undeniable talents, vitality, confidence 
and intelligence. Even with a Master's degree from 

Harvard, she still yields to the call within to spread the good news. 

Katani's talents and experiences in singing are far reaching, including Gospel, 
Jazz, R&B, and theatrical productions. She has been a featured performer as 
well as a producer, director and vocal arranger. Katani is perhaps best known 
as the "Inspirational MC" for ten years at the Original House of Blues' Sunday 
Gospel Brunch in Harvard Square, where she was also a featured performer. 
Katani was most recently seen as the host of the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the 
new House of Blues in the Fenway, as the lead female vocalist for the Manhattan 
Touch band, singing The National Anthem at a Celtic's game and as featured 
vocalist at Symphony Hall for Gospel Night at the Pops. 


Degrees in Course 

Degrees are presented in the following order. 

^_J^^ociate of Arts 


Biological Science 

Almaz Asfaw 
Health Careers 

Gilbert Celestin 
Health Careers 

Warsame Abdullahi 


Musical Arts 

Manoucheka Charlessaint 
Liberal Arts 

Beatrice B. Achu 
Health Careers 

Fernando Andres Avila** 
Liberal Arts 

Chandrakant P, Chaudhary 

Eliz.\beth Bolanle Adubi 
Mustafa Sotayo 
Health Careers 

KoDJO Agblekpe 
Social Science 

Cynda Aleida 
Liberal Arts 

Feven D. Alemayehu*** 
Biological Science 

Odion H. Aloba 
Health Careers 

Rose J. Altenor 
Health Careers 

Melissa Ivania Alvarez Garclv 
Liberal Arts 

Caroline M. Ambris 
Liberal Arts 

Paule-Flavy Ambroise 
Health Careers 

Joan Natalie Andino 
Health Careers 

Latoya Tamiel Anson 
Social Science 

Diane Appleberry 
Business Administration 

Lashawnta Armstrong 
Business Administration 

Olitvvaseun Asere 
Health Careers 

Simeon Awosan 
Liberal Arts 

Sophia Linda Baptiste 
Liberal Arts 

Philippe G. Basile** 
Biological Science 

Achille T. Bavoua 
Biological Science 

Molene Bolivar 
Health Careers 

Cindy L. Bonilla 
Health Careers 

Beverly Anita Bostic** 
Business Administration 

Sheila Bray 
Social Science 

Christina Brown*** 
Health Careers 

Donald Bryant 
Social Science 

Jesula Cadet 
Health Careers 

Cindy Castillo 
Liberal Arts 

Franchesca Milagros Castro 


Arts and Humanities 

Altagrace Cazeau 
Health Careers 

Wendy Cid 
Liberal Arts 

Ester Lesly Coelho 
Health Careers 

Florence Commock 
Health Careers 

Marlene Constant 
Health Careers 

Niemah S. Cooper 
Liberal Arts 

Alexandre Coriolan 
Biological Science 

Jennifer Kelly De Souza Costa 
B usiness Administra tion 

Tammy R. Daily 
Health Careers 

Hemanuel Billy Damis 
Theater Arts 

Jessica DaRosa 
Health Careers 

Patricia R. De jesus 
Health Careers 

Fabienne Demas 
Health Careers 

Ricardo Depina 
Business Administration 

Elvis-Johnson O. Diblv 
Biological Science 

(*) = Honors Program f **> = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (^***; = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


sociate of Arts 

Gregory Dorce 
Health Careers 

Gregory Dorce 
Biological Science 

Martine Dorlean 
Social Science 

Irlande Dupont 
Health Careers 

Berclyne a. Edouard 
Social Science 

Ralph E. Enayo 
Business Administration 

Marlon Espinal 

Broadcast Medla Technology 

Kelllv M. Estrella-Chan 
Social Science 

Caphna Etienne 
Health Careers 

Alicea Evans 
Liberal Arts 

Rachel A. Evans^^ 
Health Careers 

Francisca Falaise 
Health Careers 

Nadeia Faustin 
Social Science 

Johanne Louise Felt 
Health Careers 

Maurice Antonio Fenton 
Liberal Arts 

Maurice Antonio Fenton 


Health Careers 

Erica P. Johnson-Findlay 
Health Careers 

Kecheler Fleurima 
Biological Science 

LoREN N. Forbes*** 
Liberal Arts 

Evens Louick Francois***'* 
Biological Science 

Evens Louick Francois***'* 
Liberal Arts 

Sean Jose Galvez, Jr.** 
Business Administration 

Gilberte Ganthier 
Health Careers 

Dl\na Garcia** 

MoNiQUE Gauvin*** 
Biological Science 

MoNiQUE Gauvin*** 
Health Careers 

MiREiLLE Charles-Gay** 
Liberal Arts 

Tenealia Ann Gilmore** 
Liberal Arts 

Rhonda Alexis Glenn 
Health Careers 

YoNAS A. Goshu 
Biological Science 

Samartha R. Graham 
Health Careers 

JiMM Sterlay Guerrier 
Business Administration 

Chenae Zakiya Harris 
Liberal Arts 

Chenae Zakiya Harris 
Health Careers 

Elizabeth F. Hester** 
Liberal Arts 

Renee Hogan 
Liberal Arts 

Jesika B. Holmes 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Kevin Howard-Lee 
Liberal Arts 

Subhan Huseynov 
Business Administration 

Chinenye N. Ibiu 
Liberal Arts 

Francesca Uchechi Ihenetu 
Health Careers 

Charity Iriowen 
Biological Science 

Josephine Isidore 
Health Careers 

Kevin Ivey 

Business Administration 

John Herbert Jackson 
Social Science 

Pallas Theresa James 
Health Careers 

Denise Jawando 
Health Careers 

Stephania Jean-Baptiste 
Health Careers 

EvELYNE Jean-Paul 
Liberal Arts 


Liberal Arts 

C") = Honors Program (*^) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


sociate of Arts 

Angela Joachim-Marcelo 
Liberal Arts 

Xavier Miranda 
Arts and Humanities 

Augustine O. Osemwegie 
Health Careers 

VmAN Kargbo 
Health Careers 

NicKSON Lopes Monteiro 
Business Administration 

Mercedes Sada Person 
Health Careers 

Alexandria D. Webb 
Liberal Arts 

LuL Mukhtar 
Health Careers 

Prudent Bernyl Peters 
Biological Science 

Lisa Leary 
Liberal Arts 

Guilain Mukuna 
Liberal Arts 

Aretha Beck Phillip 
Health Careers 

Christopher S. LeaSton 
Liberal Arts 

Ashley D. Murchison 
Liberal Arts 

Geraldine Pimentel 
Social Science 

DoMiNGAS DeBurgo Lima 
Health Careers 

Arthur Lormil 
Business Administration 

MiMOSE Louissaint 
Health Careers 

Raymonde Mallebranche 
Health Careers 

Debbie Marrero 
Health Careers 

AsHANTi J. Martinez 
Health Careers 

KiRRA Nichola McDonald 
Business Administration 

Celia Medina 

B usiness Administra tion 

Jean B. Mercredy 
Biological Science 

Geraldine A. Metogho 
Health Careers 

Regine Michel 
Health Careers 

Sheryll Tanya Michel** 
Health Careers 

Samantha Margaret Francesca 


Liberal Arts 

Rosemary Wambui Ngugi 

Veronica S. Nji 
Health Careers 

Veronica S. Nji 
Liberal Arts 

Martial Sanchez Ocampo** 
Liberal Arts 

Cyprian Odeke 
Liberal Arts 

Esther Abimbola Ogunlade 
Biological Science 

Jennifer Okwemba*** 
Biological Science 

Tiffany Oliver 
Biological Science 

Markysa 0'Loughlin**5* 
B usiness Administration 

Josephine Omoyemwen 
Biological Science 

Jennifer Plummer 
Health Careers 

Aracelis Puello** 
Health Careers 

Aracelis Puello** 
Liberal Arts 


Biological Science 


Health Careers 

Frances Salina Rachel 
Liberal Arts 

Alpha Bethanla Recio** 
Liberal Arts 

RusHELL A. Reid 
Liberal Arts 

RusHELL A. Reid 
Health Careers 

Labake Riley Adamolekun*** 
Health Careers 

Charles Lamar Robinson 
Liberal Arts 

Engels Rodriguez 
International Business 

(*) = Honors Program (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


sociate of Arts 

Gale A. Rodriguez 
Health Careers 

Jose F. Rojas, Jr. 
Business Administration 

Hermitao Soares Rosa 
B usiNESS Administration 

Ryan Rosario*** 

IzELiA Rosembert-Francisque 
Health Careers 

Waderthon Saint Loth 
Health Careers 

RosNY Saint Louis 
Health Careers 

Alexander K. Sanders 
Social Science 

Brandi Jahyda Santiago 
Health Careers 

Malyun SharifIbrahim 
Social Science 

LaRonda M. Shedd 
Business Administration 

Rahel Tamiru Shawaafere 
Health Careers 

Daisy Silva 
Liberal Arts 

Christine Slaney 
Health Careers 

Jenese J. Smith 
Health Careers 

LaMarr Smith 
Liberal Arts 

Sharece R. Soto 
Liberal Arts 

Daniqua Arielle Springer 
Business Administration 

Cassandre St. Louis 
Liberal Arts 

Deliclv D. Stephens 
Liberal Arts 

Oluwatoyin Akinola Stevenson 
Health Careers 

Faisal Issa Suleiman** 
Biological Science 

Desmond L. Sumrall 
Business Administration 

Rebekah Tirfe Tassew 
Biological Science 

Lethl\ LaBonne Tyesha Tate 

Madeligne Tena 
Liberal Arts 

Haymanot Tesfaye 
Business Administration 

Belayneh Tesfaye 

Gertrude Onyinye Ugwudike 
Business Administration 

Delores D. Vann 
Health Careers 

International Business 

Rhode Mirma Viuean 
B USINESS Administration 

RucHAMA Viuean 
Biological Science 

Maryse Vilme 
Health Careers 

Nebiyu M. Waka 
Biological Science 

LaShauna Nicole Walker 
Health Careers 

LaShauna Nicole Walker 
Business Administration 

Megan Wallace-Andrade** 
Liberal Arts 

Ayana C. Walters 
Biological Science 

Margaret Shanta Warren 
Health Careers 

Karen Marie Watson** 
Biological Science 

Meshell L. Whyte** 
Health Careers 

Jennifer Alveranga- Williamson 
Health Careers 

Monica Marie Wilson 
Health Careers 

Morgan Wright, Jr. 
Business Administration 

Rebecca Zaehring 
Liberal Arts 

Rebecca Zaehring 
Business Administration 

Emmanuella Zama 
Liberal Arts 

Ledia J. Zapata 
Health Careers 

(*) = Honors Program (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord {***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


sociate of Science 

Edith O. Agbonghagbonse** 

Freshes A. Alexander 
Criminal Justice 

Shaquita Iesha Alexander 

Reginald Alleyne*** 
Radiologic Technology 

Deunilce Scares Alves 
Early Childhood Education 

Messay T. Araya** 

Karleny Pergentino Aronson 

Alice P. Barros 
Criminal Justice 

Sherly Elisabeth Bazile** 
Early childhood Education 

Fabl\n J. Belgrave 
Criminal Justice 

Shakela a, Belton 
Criminal Justice 

Musie a. Beyene 

Sean H. Booker 

Erica N. Boyd 

Natalie Marcia Braithwaite 
Business Management 

SoNiA D. Brewster** 
Radiologic Technology 

Jessie A. Brito 
Business Management 

Damika S. Browne 

Early Childhood Education 

Rosy Brunot 

Sandra D. Burdette 
Early Childhood Education 

Rachel Allison Caesar 

Joshua F. Callanan** 
Radiologic Technology 

LouRDY Candio 

LoDuviNA Teixeira Carvalho 

Christopher Caulfield 

Linda C. Cirino 

Early childhood Education 

Patrice K. Cort 
Criminal Justice 

Latasha M. Darget 
Criminal Justice 

Katherine De la Cruz 
Business Management 

Teresita L. Dominguez 
Criminal Justice 

Chukwuemeka Duru** 
Radiologic Technology 

Benedicta Usinode Eigbokhan 

Marcl\ Eisner** 
Radiologic Technology 

Esombe E. Elad 

Information Systems Technology 

Felix Mbengu Elad 

Robin Aliese Elam-Miller 
Criminal Justice 

Billy X. Etienne 
Criminal Justice 

Kaleem R. Fountain 
Criminal Justice 

Rene Franks 

Early Childhood Education 

Jean Roody Frejuste 
Network Administration 

Frisnel Joseph 
Criminal Justice 

RoMARio Gelin 

Information Systems Technology 

Rachel Georges 

Shieda R. Gilles 

Quantresa R. Goods 
Criminal Justice 

Roland Allen Rillo Gutay 

Karla Tatlvna Guzman** 
Criminal Justice 

Pahada E. Hanscom 

(*) = Honors Program (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


sociate of Science 

Samia a. Hicks 
Criminal Justice 

Rebekah Sharon Hill 

Spiarmecka Horton 

Ifrah Ibrahim 

Early Childhood Education 

Shynna Jackson 
Criminal Justice 

Lanise C. Jacobs 
Criminal Justice 

Jensine Hilton Jean-Pierre 
Criminal Justice 

Kimberly Avis Johnson 
Criminal Justice 

YuDELKA Julian 
Criminal Justice 

Kadl^^ Kelly Knight 
Early Childhood Education 

Sofia Kernizan 

Philip Musela Khakali 


Chatoya Lawson 

Early Childhood Education 

Lanee Altonese Leggett 
Network Administration 

Durell Lamont Lewis 
Microcomputer Applications 

Angel Lipinski 

Roosevelt Liriano 

Rasheed Lodge 
Criminal Justice 

Brooke Tyree Lynch*** 
Information Systems Technology 

Patrick Ryan Lynch 

EddahN, Magua 

Melissa Mahiouz** 

Sherry L. McCullough 
Criminal Justice 

Denise Lorraine McDonald 
Early Childhood Education 

Maureen Mitchell 
Information Systems Technology 


Criminal Justice 

Derlyn Moronta 
Criminal Justice 

Francis Muiruri 

Florence Marsha Namuyimbwa 

Lee Mwaura Njeri 

Magali Velazquez Noriega 

Ngozi Cecillv Nwosu 

Onyebuchi C, Ogbo** 

Michaela Olivier 


Shayla-Sharee Parkes 
Criminal Justice 

Myriam Paul 


Computer Information Systems 

Alyson Marie Moher 
Early Childhood Education 

Joseph Harry Montuna** 

Jaime Vladimir Melara 
Information Systems Technology 

Eric K. Omari 

Erika L. Mercado 

Early Childhood Education 

lorean e. oviedo 
Criminal Justice 

LuDGY Michel 


ViOLAiNE A. Michel 

Khalid Marquise 
Criminal Justice 

(*) = Honors Program C^*) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord i'***; = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


^^j^^ociate of Science 

Andrea Paynter 

Joy R. Singletary 
Business Management 

Manuel Vasquez 

Information Systems Technology 

Wendy Elizabeth Pequero 
Early Childhood Education 

Nate Smith 
Criminal Justice 

Myetia Ann Vaughan 
Criminal Justice 

Cynthl\ Perdomo 

Early Childhood Education 

Charlotte Akoto Somlah** 
Criminal Justice 

Barbara Voljvlar 

Vicente Pinto 
Network Administration 

Sharece R. Soto 
Criminal Justice 

Ashley Ren'ee Washington 
Early Childhood Education 

Tina Pone 

Daniqua Arielle Springer 
Business Management 

Joshua D. Wenglin 

Larraine Pope** 
Criminal Justice 

Meaghan p. Sullivan** 
Radiologic Technology 

Janelle T. Williams 
Early Childhood Education 

Eric Powell** 
Criminal Justice 

SoNYA Marie Sutton Naomi Willl^vis 

Information Systems Technology Nursing 

Alexander Raymond 
Radiologic Technology 

MoNiQUE R. Tolbert 
Criminal Justice 

Terrence T. Witherspoon*** 
Business Management 

Gaile D. Registe 

Agnes Tshitenge 
Office Administration 

Gar-Y Chun Wong*** 
Information Systems Technology 

Kadian Robinson 

Brittany La' Raye Turner 
Early Childhood Education 

Morgan Wright, Jr. 

Mandy Payne-Russ 

Obl^geli L. Ukatu 

Deborah Jacqueline Sealy 

Frank Utomi 

n = Honors Program (**) = High Hoiwrs - Black & Gold Cord (***)= Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


rtificates with Specification 

Ranges Derline Alcide 

Samia a. Hicks 

Seonseray a. Gates'^* 

LilLhNbhU rKALilLAL 1\ UKbllsLr 

xAKALhijAL OI UDihb 


Jennifer Baez 

Maria Margarita Jourdain Tejeda 

Sende Gliveira 

1\/T T7T\Tr^A T (l'CT7Tr^'C ^DtT/^T A T TCT" 

IVlhlJlCAL KyrrlLh Ori^ClAJbllDl 


SoNiA F. Barros 


Sardhis B. Ortiz 

J^lChJyoJtLJJ iKALI iCA±. 1\ UKoIi\Lr 

/ r/~»z7 A roc 7"^ T> A z""*^! A T ^Tttz>ot\t/^ 
LtiLhNbhU rKACilLAL 1\ UKblNLr 

LilLENbtU rHALiiLAL 1\ UKbiNG 

SsALi S. Babumba 

Lanee Altonese Leggett 

Davide Marla Palumbo 

A V A T T7r^ A T TT\ TT7C 

Troy A. Byner 

Chandelea Nichelle Mack 

Samantha M. Parks 


T T/^T7\TQT7r\ T> A i^^'^T A T '^Tt IT) QT\T/^ 


Adwoa M. Mantey 

Kamala Xavier Perez 

T r/^cAT'cm J^zf Ar^Tr'AT \Tttt>qt\t/^ 

ToYiN 0. Covan 

Paul Morgan 

Volne Pluvoise 


T Tr'TTATQTrr^ J^T?Ar^nr'AT iKfTiVQTAir' 

Valmeda Dickson 

Derek Ng 

Ann-Marie Roberts"^"^ 

Broadcast Media Technology 

Medical Office Specialist 

Broadcast Media Technology 

Rafael A. Figuereo, Jr. 

Lynotte Nicolas 

Margaret A. Ukpokpo 

Broadcast Media Technology 

Licensed Practical Nursing 

Licensed Practical Nursing 

Roland Allen Rillo Gutay 

Veronica S. Nji 


Licensed Practical Nursing 

(The Registrar of Roxbury Community College maintains the official list of all graduates 
and honor designations. This program is only for ceremonial purposes, 

^^j^nors Program 

Students who have fulfilled the Honors Program have maintained a minimum GPA 0/3.3 
and have completed three or more Honors courses. RCC is proud of them. 

^^^gh Honors 

GPA 3.50 - 3.75 

^y^ghest Honors 

GPA 3.76 - 4.00 

(*) = Honors Pmgram (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 


^holarships, Awards, and Honors 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Psi Omega Chapter Award 

This award is given to an outstanding multicultural female graduate who is transferring to a 
four-year institution. 
Brooke Tyree Lynch 

Claudia J. Tucker Award 

This award is given annually to an outstanding Roxbury Community College transfer student 
in honor of the mother of Roxbury Community College's Professor, Royal C. Tucker. 
Josephine Omoruyi 

Edith Pistorino Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

This award is made possible by the late Edith Pistorino. A $1,000 annual scholarship recog- 
nizes outstanding academic achievement by students who are enrolled full-time in a degree 
program which leads to transfer to a baccalaureate institution following graduation from 
Roxbury Community College. To qualify for this scholarship, students must have achieved a 
grade point average of 3.50 or better for two consecutive semesters and not be in their final 
semester at Roxbury Community College. 
Helen AcHWEi 

Francina E. Copland Getzer Endowed Award 

This $250 award is made to an African American student who achieved at least a 3.00 grade 
point average at Roxbury Community College, has been accepted at a four-year college and 
will be pursuing a baccalaureate degree. 
Melissa Alvarez 

International Student Scholarship 

International Student Scholarships are available for full-time students in good academic 
standing and have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00. These are $1,000 
scholarships. To be eligible to receive these scholarships, students must provide documenta- 
tion which certifies that the student holds a current student visa. 

Adedayo Shelika 

Haitian Student Scholarship 

The Haitian Student Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Nunotte Zama, 
Esq., class of 1991, and a member of the Roxbury Community College Foundation Board of Di- 
rectors. This scholarship award of $250 is awarded to a full-time student of Haitian heritage in 
good academic standing who has achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50. 
Olga Jean-Michel 

James H* Caesar Endowed Scholarship 

In 1986, a Roxbury resident established this scholarship to honor the opportunities this country 
and community had given him. In selecting the recipient, preference is given to graduating 
students who have attended the Cooper Community Center of Roxbury or the Roxbury Boys 
and Girls Club. If this criterion does not apply, the scholarship may be awarded to a talented 
Roxbury Community College student from the Roxbury community. 
Esther Ogunlade 


uholarships, Awards, and Honors 

Joan and Howard Resnikoff Endowed Scholarship 

This award is made possible through the generosity of Joan and Howard Resnikoff. Ms. 
Resnikoff is an artist, who served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Roxbury Com- 
munity College Foundation. From earnings on this endowed fund, an annual scholarship of 
$250 will be awarded to a full-time student majoring in Arts & Humanities, Broadcast Media 
Technology, Musical Arts, and Theatre/ Visual Arts. The student must be a full-time student 
and have attained a 3.0 or higher grade point average. 
Paul Morgan 

Julia Woods Brown Scholarship 

This is a $500.00 scholarship in memory of Julia Woods Brown. The scholarship is made 
possible through the Emeny Family Foundation. To be eligible, students need to have made 
significant contributions to their communities and/or Roxbury Community College through 
volunteer, in-service or extracurricular activities. First year students must have graduated 
with honors from high school, second year students must have attained a cumulative grade 
point average of 3.25 or higher at Roxbury Community College. Students may have financial 
need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. 
Daniel Alfaro 

Karen Hodges Walker Graduation Award 

To commemorate the life of the late Executive Director of Development at the College, Karen 
Hodges Walker, the RCC Foundation will award $1000 to a graduating student who meets the 
following criteria: a female African American majoring in business whose GPAis 3.5 or higher; 
accepted into a four-year college or university that grants Bachelor's Degrees; two letters of 
recommendation; and a short biographical statement that outlines personal and professional 
goals while demonstrating leadership skills and community service. 
Seonseray Oates 

Karron Harris Memorial Scholarship: 

This scholarship of $500 memorializes the life and service of long-time RCC employee Kar- 
ron Harris. It is awarded to a student whose major is Business Administration or Business 
Management and has a 3.0 college GPA. 
Rachel Gomes 

Letitia Garafalo Endowed Award 

The Letitia Garafalo Endowed Award is made possible by a memorial contribution in her name. 
A native of Quincy, Massachusetts, Ms. Garafalo used her knowledge of languages to live and 
work in communities around the world. This $500 award is made to a graduating African 
American student who has demonstrated academic merit at Roxbury Community College and 
who received need-based assistance while a student at the College. 
Samantha Graham 

Martin Luther King Scholarship 

The Martin Luther King Scholarship was created by the Roxbury Community College Founda- 
tion to commemorate the life of Dr. King. One or two $500 scholarships are given to full-time 
students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 who excel in Social Sciences 
and have contributed to the Roxbury Community College community and/ or the community 
in which they reside. 
MiRNA Lemy 


molarships, Awards, and Honors 

Patricia Ann Raynor Endowed Scholarship 

This scholarship is made by the generosity of Roxbury Action Program, Inc., in memory of 
Patricia Ann Raynor, the former Chairperson of the Roxbury Action Program. This $1,000 
scholarship is awarded to a single parent of African descent who lives in Roxbury and is 
involved with community service. The scholarship will be awarded in segments of $500 for 
the fall semester and $500 for the spring semester. The awardee must maintain a 3.00 grade 
point average to continue to receive the award. 
Tyler Kimball 

Phi Beta Sigma/RCC-Northeastern University Summer Enrichment 
Program Scholarship 

This scholarship requires that the student meet the following criteria: 1) African American, 
Latino (a), Native American or Pacific Islander heritage; 2) resident of Roxbury or one of the 
surrounding communities served by RCC; 3) GPA of 2.8 or higher; 4) cleared for graduation 
through audit and fulfilled all requirements of major; 6) demonstrated leadership and com- 
munity service experience; 7) accepted and submitted proof of acceptance into a four-year 
institution to complete undergraduate studies. 
Markysa O'Loughlin 

Pratibha Bushan Scholarship: 

The Hertzig family (Prof. Manju Hertzig retired as a full-time professor of ESOL at the Col- 
lege) has endowed this award to honor her late mother. One $500 award will be given to a 
full-time student who has completed ESOL classes at the College, has a GPA of at least 3.0 
and is enrolled in a degree program at RCC. 
Ramon Recio 

RCCF Co-Curriculum Scholarship Award (New) 

These $500 scholarships are awarded to full-time students (at least 12 college-level credit 
hours) who have significantly contributed to the College through their participation in co- 
curriculum activity such as student government, athletics and have earned at least a 3.0 grade 
average as a full-time student. 
Gregory Miller 
Saleh Abbas 

RCCF Nursing Scholarships 

These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury Community College 
Foundation's Board of Directors. These $500 scholarships are awarded to full-time Nursing 
students in good academic standing who have earned a grade point average of at least 3.00. 
Edwige David 
Brian Heath 

Sapers Family Opportunity Awards 

This award is presented to no more than ten Roxbury Community College graduates who 

transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of baccalaureate degrees. This special "50-50" award 

consists of both a scholarship and a low-interest loan. The award is made available through 

the generosity of the William R. Sapers family of Boston. 

MoHAMED Abdullahi Brooke Tyree Lynch Ruchama Viuean 

Fernando A vila Aracelis Puello Alpha Recio 

Evens Francois Rhode Viuean 


molarships, Awards, and Honors 

Second Semester Scholarship 

These $500 scholarships are awarded to two full-time students (at least 12 college-level credit 
hours) entering their second semester at Roxbury Community College and earned at least a 
3.0 grade average as a full-time student, as defined above, their first semester at RCC. 

Therese Dutile Giles Award 

The Therese Dutile Giles Award was created and funded by her family (including Sterling Giles, 
faculty member at Roxbury Community College) to honor her memory. This is a $500 award 
given to the graduating student who mastered English as a Second Language and provided 
exemplary service to the College and/or community. 
Gregory DoRCE 

Transitional Housing Situation Scholarship 

These $1,000 scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury Community 

College Foundation. These scholarships are to be awarded to women who are a single parent, 

in a transitional housing situation and/or head of household and in good academic standing 

at the College. Homeless single parent women are to be given priority. 

NOTE: To be eligible to receive this scholarship a student must provide authentic 

documentation, which certifies that the student meets these criteria. 

Tabitha Johnson 

These $500 scholarships are awarded each semester to recognize outstanding 
academic achievement. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time in a 
degree program, and on the Dean's or President's List. 

Helene Gaudette 
Juliana Okon 
RozANNA Riley 


ademic Regalia 

The caps, gowns and hoods of the academic procession date back to the Middle 
Ages when they were common dress for scholars. In the Twelfth Century, monks 
and students wore them to keep warm from the damp and drafty European castles 
and halls of learning. 

The Bachelor's gown has a pleated front and long, pointed sleeves. The Master's 
gown, which may be worn open, is distinguished by its long square sleeves. The 
Doctor's gown is trimmed with velvet panels and has three velvet bars on the bell 
shaped sleeves. 

The hood provides the color, contrast and S3niibolism of the procession. Certain 
colors became associated with particular areas of knowledge. For example, the hood 
border worn by a doctor of theology was red, a color associated with the Catholic 
Church; a medical doctor wore a green border, which relates to the healing powers 
of medicinal herbs. 

In Europe, a uniform color system was never developed. However, in the United 
States, an intercollegiate committee meeting in 1895, decided upon uniform color 
standards, assigning a specific color to each field of study. 

Departmental Colors of Faculty Members' Hoods & Tassels 



Library Science 


Arts, Humanities 





Silver Gray 










Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 

Fine Arts 



Golden Yellow 



Social Work 







Community College 

Years of dreaming and planning came to life in 1973, when Roxbury Community 
College opened its doors in the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. Despite less than ideal 
surroundings - its location was a former car dealership - Roxbury Community 
College's dedicated faculty, staff, and administration served the educational needs 
of four hundred students. The College's mission, then, as it is now, was to provide 
higher education to those Boston residents who found most other avenues to higher 
education closed. 

In 1975, growth was the impetus for a move to 424 Dudley Street, a former nursing 
home. This move permitted the expansion and strengthening of academic programs 
and student services. The College continued to grow, which precipitated another 
move in 1982 to the former site of Boston State College on Huntington Avenue. As 
the College continued to shift its service base to meet an expanding enrollment, the 
goal to establish a permanent home for Roxbury Community College in the heart of 
the communities it served, remained strong. 

With much anticipation, Roxbury Community College built its new home as the 
cornerstone of the Southwest Corridor in the Spring of 1988. This fifteen-acre 
campus includes a state-of-the-art Media Arts Building, Academic Building, 
Administration Building, Student Center, and the Reggie Lewis Track and 
Athletic Center. 

A global village, Roxbury Community College's multicultural and ethnically 
diverse student population has set it apart from other community colleges 
in the Commonwealth. Although most of our students are from Boston and 
surrounding communities, many come from all over the world: North America, 
Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the 

With renewed commitment, Roxbury Community College continues its legacy 
of providing educational opportunities for all who enter its doors. 


verning Boards and Officers 

Board of Trustees 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, Chair 

Ms. Anita L. Crawford, Vice Chair 

Ms. Gillian Van Delft, Secretary /Clerk 

Ms. Roslyn Marshall, Treasurer 

Mr. Russell D. Aims 

Mr. Keith Chaney 

Ms. Janet Palmer Owens 

Mr. Steven Tompkins 

Mr. John B. Cruz, III 

Ms. Yolanda Morales, Student Trustee 

Executive Staff 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes 

Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Alane K. Shanks 

Vice President, Administration and 


Dr. Stephanie C. Janey 
Vice President, Enrollment 
Management and Student Affairs 

Mr. Patrick Jean-Louis 

Chief Information Technology Officer 


Chief College Marshal 

Dr. Barbara Melnick 

College Marshals 

Dr. Barbara Savage 
Ms. Terry Fordham 
Ms. Theresa Russ 

RoxBURY Community College 

Ms. Sonia L. Alleyne, President 
Ms. Elizabeth Clark, Vice President 
Ms. Dawn Perry, Esquire, Treasurer 
Ms. Judith Kahalas, Secretaty /Clerk 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown, 

Ex officio member 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, 
Ex officio member 


Dr. Nancy Teel 

Dean of Liberal Arts and Professional 

Dr. Kyrsis R. Rodriguez 

Interim Dean of Science, Technology, 

Engineering &Math (2010-2011) 

Dr. Gloria Cater 

Dean of Health Sciences 

Mr. Mark Garth 

Dean of Student Success 

Mr. Michael Walker 

Dean of Institutional Research and 


Ms. Jenene Cook 

Dean of Academic Technology 

Walter Clark, JD 

Dean of Enrollment Management and 
Student Judicial Affairs 



^^/pecial Thanks to the 
Commencement Committee & Ushers 

Commencement Committee 

Ms. Carol Biiss-Furr, Co-chair 
Ms. Elizabeth Clark, Co-chair 
Mr. Thomas Galvln 
Ms. Shonda D. Green 
Mr. Kenneth Hall 
Mr. Steven Keyes 
Ms. Shirley Y. Leslie 
Mr. Keith McDermott 
Ms. Nicole McKoy 
Prof. Justin A. Petty 
Mr. Gib Pomkittichotcharoen 
Dr. Milton L. Samuels 
Dr. Barbara J. Savage 
Mr. Phuong Tang 


Gloria Castro 
Callie Daniels 
Crystal Goncalves 
Jessica Gonzalez 
Angela O'Neil 
Sophia Sanon 
Sherrel Stephens 
Darlene Thorpe 
Wanda Young 

RoxBURY Community College 

1234 Columbus Avenue 
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 
Tel: (617) 427-0060