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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

nineteen fifty-seven 




published by Student Publications, Inc. • Kansas State College . Manhattan, Kansas 




Gaye Fryer, Editor Gary Haynes, Business Mgr. 

Ron Bryant, Sally Carney, Gene O'Connor, Becky Culpepper, Jack Hindman and Sue Downer pause on the landing at the 
K-State Union. They represent the hundreds of couples who attended formals during the year in the grand ballroom. 



A college education is forever. Not only 
does it earn your daily bread; it is something 
to be remembered for all the years of your 
life. Besides being a center of learning, it is a 
place where lasting friendships are made and 
where everyday events add to practical ex- 

A college yearbook should be forever too. 
It should record the school year as completely 
and accurately as possible. It should bring 
college memories back into clear focus when 
picked up years from now. We hope we have 
fulfilled our obligation to you in this way. 

This 19 57 Royal Purple presents to you 
some of Kansas State College's many new 
buildings. The long-awaited K-State Union 
fills the opening pages with the many activ- 
ities and recreations it offers students. Our 
famous educators, and the buildings that bear 
their names fill our division pages. The dedi- 
cation excerpts accompanying them are indic- 
ative of the high esteem in which these men 
were held while active on campus. 

This is our effort toward a yearbook that 
is forever. We hope you think our efforts 
were successful. 

Gaye Fryhr 


BOOK 1 administration page 1 1 

BOOK 2 organizations page 55 

BOOK 3 activities page 1 27 

BOOK 4 sports page 195 

BOOK 5 housing page 253 

BOOK 6 classes page 313 

The liveliest place in the K-State Union is the black and red dive, where 
students can dance to jukebox music during the week and where they 
enjoy semi-formal dances with special entertainment on weekends. 

p v E M If H I 

President James A. McCain is completing his seventh year at Kansas State 
College this year. He is kept constantly busy with speeches, official visi- 
tors, and the administrative duties of the College. During the last seven 
years, he has added more buildings to the campus than any other president. 
President McCain holds four degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of 
Laws from Wofford College in South Carolina; Master of Arts from 
Duke University in North Carolina; and Doctor of Education from Stan- 
ford University in California. 

mccains tour europe 

President James A. McCain was selected during 
his seventh year at K-State to travel and study 
abroad for six months under the Eisenhower Ex- 
change Fellowship. The McCain family left in 
April to visit 13 European countries and will re- 
turn in late October. During Dr. McCain's leave of 
absence A. D. Weber, Dean of Agriculture, is act- 
ing President. The President's most important 
single responsibility is to maintain the strongest 
faculty possible and he has spent much time and 
effort to improve salaries and conditions at K- 

Dr. McCain meets frequently with faculty 
members and student groups and visits college 
activities off the campus. During the year he gave 
about 125 talks throughout the state. A great 
deal of the President's time is spent in guiding the 
college through its academic program, research, ex- 
tension, off-campus services, building program, 
and in securing the necessary financial support 
for these activities. 

Dr. and Mrs. McCain listen to the music of their daughter. 
Sheila, who is quite an artist after four years of training. 

Grace Lindquisr, President McCain's secretary, is reception- 
ist and handles his correspondence and appointments. 

Looking over the Christmas tree presented to them at the 
Union Christmas party is K-State's First Family. The original 

ornaments were made for them by the various organized 

regents set policy 

Governor George Docking broke the twenty 
year Democratic gubernatorial drought in Kansas 
when he was inaugurated January 14, 19 57. The 
Lawrence banker and native Kansan is the first 
Democrat to hold the office since 1936. Among 
his many duties, it is his responsibility to fill va- 
cancies on the nine-member non-political Board 
of Regents. 

The Board of Regents is the policy-making body 
that supervises the activities of the five Kansas in- 
stitutions of higher learning, the School for the 
Deaf, and the School for the Blind. One of their 
principal duties is to appoint the heads of these in- 
stitutions. The Board meets once a month to pre- 
pare school budgets, approve curricula changes, 
and authorize leaves of absence, retirement pro- 
grams, and construction of new buildings. The 
members of the Board are A. W. Hershberger, 
Wichita, chairman; Hubert Brighton, Topeka, sec- 
retary; Claude Bradney, Columbus; Harry Valen- 
tine, Clay Center; Clement H. Hall, Coffeyville; 
Lawrence Morgan, Goodland; Oscar S. Stauffer, 
Topeka; McDill Boyd, Phillipsburg; Ray Evans, 
Kansas City; and Mrs. Leo Haughey, Concordia. 

Governor George Docking, Lawrence banker and native Kan- 
san, first Democrat to sit in the governor's chair in 20 years. 

BOARD OF REGENTS— TOP ROW: Clement H. Hall, Coffeyville; Lawrence 
Morgan, Goodland; A. W. Hershberger, Wichita; McDill Boyd, Phillipsburg; Ray 

Evans, Kansas City. BOTTOM ROW: Lester McCoy, Garden City; Hubert 
Brighton, Topeka; Oscar S. Stauffer, Topeka; James A. McCain, president of 
K-State; Walter S Fees, loia 




ROY A. SEATON joined the Kansas State staff 
in 1904 and was Dean of the School of Engi- 
neering and Architecture from 1 920 until 1 949. 
At the dedication of Seaton Hall, May 5, 1955, 
a citation was read: "Because of Dean Seaton's 
long, distinguished and fruitful career, par- 
ticularly in the field of engineering education 
and largely on this campus, it is peculiarly ap- 
propriate that the College's principal engi- 
neering building should bear his name." 


** M 


During the ten minute break between classes, K-Staters find time for short 
gab sessions about classes, current campus events and plans for the weekend. 


senate, milbourn have big jobs on campus 

A new title was placed on the door of Max 
Milbourn's office October 1. Milbourn is now of- 
ficially Assistant to the President. He assists 
President McCain with administrative duties, and 
coordinates the public services of the college in the 
community and throughout the state. Milbourn 
is chairman of the public relations council and 
the general scholarship, civil defense, and radio 
and TV policy committees. He also serves on var- 
ious other College committees which include the 
catalog, calendar activities, student loan fund and 
continuing education committees. As the Presi- 
dent's assistant, he works closely with the press and 
the legislative body in the State House in Topeka. 

Senate Has Charge of Curriculum Changes 

How to keep the faculty participating in the 
establishment of policies involving academic, fac- 
ulty, student and certain all-College affairs is the 
primary problem of the Faculty Senate. Members 
are chosen according to representation by the 
schools. The Senate sets up committees which 
study problems before they are put before the vot- 
ing body. Voting is done when curriculum 
changes are in order or a new curriculum is needed. 

Max Milbourn, former public service director, now answers 
to a new title — that of Assistant to the President. 

Each graduate must have the Senate's approval, as 
must persons who wish to graduate in absentia. 
The group also approves persons for honorary de- 
grees and approves departments which may grant 
the Ph.D. degree. Senate executive committee 
members include C. Peairs Wilson, Grayce Goertz, 
Boris Leaf, J. W. Lumb, Harold E. Stover and 
Gustave E. Fairbanks, chairman of the Senate. 

Faculty representatives of the six schools gather to discuss 
and plan the faculty's part in establishing policies which will 

affect them in any relationship with the administration or stu- 
dents. Gustave E. Fairbanks headed the group. 


administrative officials guide college operation 

Important decisions and the details that accom- 
pany them are charged to the President's adminis- 
trative staff. Faculty rank, salary, and retirement 
plans are only part of the responsibility of A. L. 
Pugsley, dean of academic administration. To his 
office come the problems of fellowships, student 
and research grants, and many similar issues. Pugs- 
ley serves on more than 25 College committees. 

More than 200,000 books plus thousands of other 
publications keep head librarian William F. Baehr 
and his staff busy. A complete history of the 

Books and writing take up time for both these men — William Committee meetings, plus his other responsibilities, keep A. L. 

F. Baehr, librarian and C. M. Correll, College historian. Pugsley, dean of academic administration, a busy man. . 

College housing standards are stressed by housing director Most grads meet alumni secretary Kenney Ford; most stu- 

A. Thornton Edwards. President emeritus is F. D. Farrell. dents meet registrar E. M. Gerritz when checking on hours. 


College is kept by historian C. M. Correll in An- 
derson hall. Keeping a place for everyone and 
everyone in his College-approved place is the job 
of A. Thornton Edwards, housing director. Added 
to his load this year were the married students' 
housing units. President of K-State from 192 5 to 
1943, F. D. Farrell now serves as president emeri- 
tus. Keeping in touch with K-State graduates is 
the task of Kenney Ford, alumni secretary, plus 
speaking tours and helping with The K-Stater, 
alumni publication. Records and files in the reg- 
istrar's office are charged to E. M. Gerritz, director 
of admissions and registrar. Mr. Gerritz transfers 
credits and keeps complete records on each stu- 
dent's scholastic rank. 

College Buildings Are His Job 

Keeping College buildings in shape for their 
heavy loads is the responsibility of R. F. Gingrich, 
superintendent of maintenance. Ex-servicemen at- 
tending K-State keep Wendell Kerr, veterans' ad- 
ministrator, busy answering questions about the 
GI Bill. The general health of the student body is 
the great concern of Dr. Benjamin Lafene, direc- 
tor of the health service, while students who won- 
der about their choice of a major subject may take 
their problems to Sumner Morris, counseling bu- 
reau head. Government checks are presented by 
Ralph Perry, veterans' comptroller. The right job 
for the right man is the goal of Chester Peters, 
placement bureau director. 

Sumner Morris, director of the counseling center, helps a 
K-Stater with personal or vocational problems. 

Student services have these heads — Dr. Benjamin Lafene 
directs the health center, Sumner Morris the counseling bureau. 

College buildings are maintained by R. F. Gingrich and 
staff while Wendell Kerr keeps the ex-GI happy at K-State. 

Checks for the GI Bill come from the office of Ralph Perry, 
Chester Peters finds students the best jobs available. 


leans aim is service 

Now in their second year at Kansas State Col- 
lege, Herbert J. Wunderlich, dean of students, 
and Charles A. Jacot, assistant dean of students, 
are well indoctrinated into the ways and means 
of K-Staters. The two men serve as a link between 
the student, his superiors and his activities outside 
the classroom. They remove and straighten many 
curves which develop daily to hinder smooth col- 
lege operation. Across Dean Wunderlich's desk 
must go plans and policies concerning all the agen- 
cies which touch the student's campus life. These 
include the placement bureau, student health serv- 
ice, housing program, counseling bureau, Union 
activities, campus religious program, and others. 

Responsibility for all the student service agencies is the main 
job of Herbert J. Wunderlich, dean of students. 

Dean Helps on Committees 

Committees and boards which claim Dean Wun- 
derlich's attentions are the Student Council, Resi- 
dence Halls Committee, Athletic Council, Appor- 
tionment Board, and the Council on Student Af- 
fairs. The most headway during the past year 

Assistant Dean of Students is Charles A. Jacot who helps the 
international student develop a satisfied college career. 

was made in the areas of a College religious pro- 
gram and an academic honor program. The Inter- 
Fraternity Council also is revising its standards and 
making gains in self-government for fraternities. 
In addition to his position on the Tribunal, Dean 
Jacot has the responsibility of advising the more 
than 120 international students on the campus. 
He is secretary of the General Scholarship Com- 
mittee and helps in various ways with financial aid 
for students. 

When students arrive at a dance in the Ballroom, they are 
likely to be greeted by Dean Wunderlich or Dean jacot. 

Responsible for the general welfare of women students at 
Kansas State is Dean of Women Helen Moore. 

Dormitory directors Gibson, Prier, Grace, Siemers, Summers 
and Smith meet with Dean Moore in the dean's office. 

dean counsels coeds 

Dean Helen Moore is completing her 16th year 
at Kansas State. As dean of women, she is respon- 
sible for the general welfare of all women students, 
including the social, vocational and educational 
programs of residence living, counseling programs, 
social and extra-curricular activities. 

Problems of Associated Women Students, Wom- 
en's Panhellenic, and other women's campus or- 
ganizations are taken to the office of the dean of 
women for counsel. And Dean Moore is kept busy 
with numerous appearances at campus teas, din- 
ners, conferences, conventions and dances. Exten- 
sion of closing hours before vacations and after 
winning football and basketball games is only one 
of the many situations which require the approval 
of the office of the dean of women. 

Dormitory directors have scheduled meetings 
with Dean Moore to talk over the dormitory prob- 
lems. The directors supervise the dormitory offi- 
cers and dorm tribunals which are set up to enforce 
rules and regulations. Dean Moore works very 
closely with the directors to keep an excellent 
dormitory system working. She is particularly con- 
cerned with a program for all freshmen women in 
the dorms. 

Financial affairs of Kansas State College are 
placed in the capable hands of Daniel D. Beatty, 

who holds the title of business manager for KSC. 
He is responsible to President McCain for the prep- 
aration of the annual budget of the college and 
appropriation requests. Another job that is his re- 
sponsibility is the financial operation of all auxil- 
iary enterprises. His office is in Anderson Hall 
near the President's office, and over his desk goes 
everything concerned with the business manage- 
ment of the college and its subdivisions. 

Official business manager Daniel D. Beatty handles financial 
matters and business problems of the College. 


Senior officers were Sandra Mueller, treasurer; Marilyn Smith, secre- Student body president Pat Wilkerson found his job 
tary; Gilmore Dahl, president; and Sharon Diamond, vice president. fitted well with his training as a business major. 

wilkerson heads student governing association 

Spring time is election time at Kansas State. In 
the spring of 19 5 6, after all the posters had been 
taken down and all the ballots tabulated, Integrity 
candidate Pat Wilkerson was announced new pres- 
ident of the Student Governing Association. In 

Exuberant Kansas Staters line up at a Friday night pep rally 
to show the team the spirit that will back them Saturday. 

this position Wilkerson also heads the Apportion- 
ment Board and is an ex officio member of the 
Student Council. Serving as vice-president was 
Ron Bryant, who is chairman of the Student Coun- 
cil. Wilkerson heads the executive part of student 
government. He and his cabinet handle all incom- 
ing and outgoing correspondence for the student 
body, and pass and interpret bills which will affect 
the entire enrollment. 

Senior class officers are also chosen at spring 
elections and represent the senior class in various 
honorary positions. Gilmore Dahl was president; 
Sharon Diamond, vice-president; Marilyn Smith, 
secretary; and Sandra Mueller, treasurer. Gilmore 
and Sandra were candidates of the Integrity party 
and Marilyn and Sharon of the Progressive party, 
a reorganized part of the All-College party. These 
four officers plan the gift the seniors will leave the 
school and arrange matters pertinent to graduation. 


Loren V. Kotrner, director of the K-State Union, 
oversees all of its activities, from social to financial. 

Students relax on some of the new fui 

the Union overlooking the south terrace. 

iture in the main lobby of 

big job for union team 

Administrative officials of the K-State Union 
plan the operation of the building for the many 
students who enjoy its facilities each day. Loren 
V. Kottner, director of the Union and its activities, 
is responsible for planning and managing its op- 
eration. The Union personnel work directly under 
Kottner with offices in the Union building. In 
charge of Union activities is Program Director 

Robert Alexander. Under Building Engineer Clar- 
ence Shandy the Union has had no big maintenance 
troubles during its year of operation. 

Business Manager Verlyn Richards, manager of 
the temporary union from 195 3 to '5 6, is in charge 
of the financial affairs and the information desk. 
Severt Anderson is both a K-State student and 
Union Games Director, handling bowling, billiards, 
table tennis, and table games. Jack Lockett, Food 
Service Director, aims to please students with well 
balanced menus and good food. He also runs the 
catering service for group banquets, giving aid 
when needed in planning banquet menus. 

Shandy, building engineer; Verlyn 
Richards, business manager; Robert 
Alexander, program director; Severt 
Anderson, games manager; Jack 
Lockett, food service director. 

Union Governing Board members include Raymond North, 
Leon Armantrout, Margaret Raffington, Keith Swenson, 

Sharon Diamond, Ray Sis, Loren Kottner, Lee Ruggels, Laura 
Lyon, Stuart Whitcomb, Gary Rumsey, and John Watt. 

boards shape policy 

During the first full year of Union operation, 
the Union Governing Board was a big factor in its 
smooth functioning. The Board reviews finances 
of the Union, plans future use of the building, 
makes committee appointments, and generally over- 
sees Union operation. Made up of three faculty 
members, ten students, and alumni representative 

Ward Keller Jr., Union Director Loren Kottner 
says the Board demonstrates how vitally interested 
students are in the success of the Union. Members 
not pictured are Mary Lu Compton, Thomas Keim, 
Dean Herbert Wunderlich and Keller. 

Dividing the activity fees keeps the Apportion- 
ment Board busy. The group reviews requests of 
student organizations asking for funds and makes 
final allocation decisions. Of each activity fee, the 
Board handles $11.50, which is distributed to judg- 
ing teams, band, debate teams, athletics, and 12 other 
groups. The 19 5 6 allocation totaled $137,980.00. 

Who gets what is up to the Apportionment Board and mak- Ricklefs, John Watt, and Jim Graves. Standing are Dean 
ing the decisions are Pat Wilkerson, Katherine Geyer, Margery Wunderlich and H. H. Haymaker. 

K-Srate's judicial branch includes Kirsten Peterson and Keith 
Swenson, seated; and William Kimel, Philip Warnken, Shirley 

Sarvis, Esther Cormany, James Shane, William Wisecup, and 
Leo Fritschen. Dean Jacot is a member ex officio. 

A greatly improved Union parking lot was the result of joint 
efforts of several campus groups including Student Tribunal. 

tribunal defines code 

The judicial branch of the Student Governing 
Association is a nine-member group called the Tri- 
bunal. The Tribunal considers disciplinary cases 
concerning violation of the K-State Honor Code. 
Decisions are recommended to the Dean of Stu- 
dents Herbert Wunderlich for further action after 
being approved by the President. The College 
Honor Code seeks to define areas of moral conduct 
and personal behavior which are in keeping with 
standards of character and citizenship of K-State 

Keirh Swenson, fourth year architecture major, guided eight 
justices on the Tribunal to student discipline decisions. 

students. The Code includes actions regarding Col- 
lege rules and regulations, dishonesty, immorality, 
destructiveness, violation of other students' rights, 
and deceit. 

Keith Swenson was chancellor of the Tribunal, 
Kirsten Peterson was clerk, and James Shane was 
attorney general. Membership is based on nom- 
inations from each school council with approval of 
President McCain. 


STUDENT COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Verlene Sobke, Dick Peterson, Newton An- 
derson, Jerry Holliday, Gary Haynes, Karen Milner, Marilyn Smith, Bill Patton, 
Dean Herbert Wunderlich, Jack VanHorn, Darold Barb, Ray Zimmerman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Becky Culpepper, Gilmore Dahl, Elin McCandless, Barbara 
Brown, Ron Bryant, Pat Wilkerson, Mary Lu Compton, Neil Scott. Not pic- 
tured are Nancy Howard, G. B. Marion and Ann Soelter. 

councils set policy 

Student Council, legislative branch of the stu- 
dent government, works with the administration 
in making general laws for students. Members are 
elected through their respective schools. Associated 
Women Students Council was officially organized 
at K-State this year. Members, selected by the 
organized houses, promote the educational and 
recreational facilities for women students. 

Student Council members answer questions from the audi 
ence during an open meeting in the auditorium. 

Billy Bevelhymer, Jean Williamson, Eleanor Olson, Judy Fisher, Monne Wills, 
Jo Edwards, Mary Beth McCoy, Billie Scott, Ann Manion. BOTTOM ROW: 

Ruth O'Hara, Carol Wilmore, Sue Costley, Pat Hunter, Jean Koerner, 
Darlene Larkin, Rosalyn Rowell, Patsy McClenahan, Janet Kugler, Marilyn 
Clark, Virginia Smith, Dean Helen Moore. 


Selecting Royal Purple, Collegian and Student Directory 
editors is the main business of this meeting of the Board of 

Student Publications. Members: Lowell Brandner, Fritz Moore, 
Darrell Miller, Ralph Lashbrook, Ray Lippe, Larry McGhee. 

board awards k-keys 

Three students and three faculty members work 
together on the Board of Student Publications. 
They meet on call several times a year to approve 
policies for the business management of the Royal 
Purple, Collegian, and Student Directory. They 
also employ the graduate manager of Student Pub- 
lications and award contracts for the printing and 
engraving of the yearbook. Journalists doing out- 
standing work on student publications are selected 
by the Board to receive K-Key awards at the spring 

High school students register at the annua 
ference held on the K-State campus. 

journalism con- 

awards banquet. The student body elects student 
members and President McCain appoints the fac- 
ulty members. Ralph Lashbrook, head of the 
journalism department, is chairman. 

Ballots are cast in a student body election for the Board of 

Student Publications and Student Council members. 

Interviews with company representatives, such as this one 
with DuPont, are often set up for students by the faculty. 

bowling rates with profs 

Bowling seems to have become popular with 
professors, whose week-night bowling league gives 
them not only a chance for recreation, but also 
an opportunity to become better acquainted with 
each other. Faculty members and their wives or 
husbands enjoy a square dance club and at both 
basketball and football games can purchase tick- 
ets in a separate faculty section. 

Faculty wives are relieved of cooking the noon meal when 
professors take advantage of Union cafeteria service. 

The K-State Union has given the staff an op- 
portunity to become better acquainted with the 
students in their classes. For what better recom- 
mendation can a student make for a professor 
than "he took us to the Union for coffee." The 
Union cafeteria has become quite a popular place 
for professors to eat, as it is close to all faculty 
offices and offers a menu not too different from 
the one at home. The Union Snack Bar is con- 
venient for the instructor who is too busy to take 
time to eat during the regular lunch hour. 

One of the many new buildings on the campus is the Animal 
Industries building, located in the rapidly expanding north 

part of the campus. The new building will house the entire 
department of animal husbandry, its classes and staff offices. 


Students stream out of an all-college assembly in the College many notables visited the campus, spoke at assemblies, then 

Auditorium and hurry to their classes. Throughout the year answered students' questions in question-answer sessions. 

During the ten-minute break between classes, students pass to At the right, across the street from Holton, is Dickens Hall, 

and from Holton Hall, home of the Education Department. scene of biology and botany classes. 



.. \» 

. <* 



Fall dresses up the North Quadrangle as 
a welcome to returning students. Waters 
Hall is to the right Willard to the left. 

Veterinary Hall houses the depart- 
ment of bacteriology. Veterinary 
classes in anatomy are taught here. 

Memorial Stadium is filled on 
this crisp fall afternoon as a Band 
Day crowd sees the 'Cats in action. 

Kedzie Hall, journalism building 
houses the Royal Purple, Kanseu 
Stale Collegian, and College Press 


-^ ■'pff 




:> »--? 


i « 
* 1 



ag leaders go abroad 

Kansas State's agricultural program continued 
to receive national and international recognition 
through its leaders during 19 5 6-57. Several of the 
agricultural leaders were invited abroad during the 
year for their special knowledge and abilities. Dean 
A. D. Weber went to London to judge the champ- 
ionship classes at the Smithfield Livestock and 
Machinery Show. Dr. John A. Shellenberger was 
called to Europe twice for his technical knowledge 
in milling and cereal chemistry, and Dr. George 
Montgomery was a consultant on agricultural eco- 
nomics in Finland. Dr. George Filinger headed a 
staff of nine K-State agricultural specialists to In- 
dia on a $700,000 educational mission for the In- 
ternational Cooperation Administration and the 
government of India. National honors continued 
to be heaped on A. D. (Dad) Weber, administra- 
tive head of the total agricultural program of re- 
search and extension education in Kansas and the 

Directors of the three phases of Agriculture are C. Peairs 
<-Arthur D. (Dad) Weber, Dean of Agriculture, receives Wi i son5 Harold E. Jones and Glenn H. Beck. 
award after award for distinguished service in his field. 

Clyde W. Mullen, assistant director in the School of Agricul- 

kA . , , , ,1,1 ,. u j i. ture, helps students with scheduling and school-work problems. 

Meats laboratory, where students learn to cut and wrap meat, r & r 

gives experience useful in both home and profession. 

3 5 

AG COUNCIL— STANDING: Estel Schultis, Dean C. W. Mullen, Jim Flanders, 
Terry Fanning. SEATED: Bud Lewis, David Mugler, Ancel Armstrong, Bob 

Bozworth, Jack VanHorn, Gilmore Dahl, Virgil Norton, Ray Zimmerman, Paul 
Faidley, Gary Neilan, Bob Gies, Carlyle Thompson, Clinton Peirce. 

K-State School of Agriculture. The National 
Builder of Men award from Farm House fraternity 
went to Weber in September. In October he was 
chosen by the Kansas State Grange for its Dis- 
tinguished Service award and, in November, the 
American Agricultural Editors Association pre- 
sented him an award for the most distinguished 
service to agriculture. 

Husbandry; Thomas B. Avery, Poultry Husbandry; Rufus F. Cox, Animal Hus- 
bandry. SECOND ROW: Herbert Knutson, Entomology; George Montgomery, 
Agricultural Economics; Raymond V. Olson, Agronomy. BOTTOM ROW: William 
F. Pickett, Horticulture; John A. Shellenberger, Flour anJ Feed Milling 

Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United 
States, praised Dr. Weber's long-range recommen- 
dations for the high plains area. Weber headed a 
committee to make the recommendations when 
the President visited Kansas in January. Also in 
January the State Board of Regents appointed Dr. 
Weber acting Kansas State president from April 
through October, 1957. Directors of the three 
phases of agriculture, research, extension, and ed- 
ucation, continued to adapt programs to changing 
conditions. Working directly under Dean Weber 
were Directors Glenn H. Beck, Kansas Agricul- 
tural Experiment Station; Harold E. Jones, Kansas 
Extension Service; and C. Peairs Wilson, the School 
of Agriculture. 

Willard Martin, a top authority in dairy manufacturing, in- 
structs a class in ice cream making. 


Adapting curriculums to prepare students to 
work in business and industry allied to agriculture 
was given serious consideration and action by the 
220 members of the School of Agriculture faculty. 
There are eight departments in this School, which 
is one of the most widely known of its kind in the 
world. K-State became the only school in the world 
to offer a degree in theory and fundamentals in 
the production of formula feeds when the feed 
technology building was completed last year. Work 
is now being done on a new animal industries build- 
ing. Partly responsible for setting policies for the 
School of Agriculture is the Ag Council. Revising 
Ag Week was a project of the council last fall. A 
new feature was a display made up of exhibits 
from each student departmental club. A good 
response was received and Ag Week was declared 
successful. Walt Martin was president of the 

Kansas Ag Research Done Here 

Conservation of water, adapting land to its best 
use and economic size under changing conditions 
and irrigation were among research problems 
stressed by the 400 Kansas researchers. K-State has 
the entire responsibility for agricultural research 
in Kansas, with staff members in all counties. There 
are 18 departments of the experiment station on 
the campus and 20 branch experimental stations 

Dr. Roscoe Ellis Jr. teaches graduate students the whys and 
hows of soil-testing in a classroom laboratory. 

located off campus. The Kansas extension organi- 
zation was realigned during the year to make pos- 
sible more effective service to rural people. The 
400 extension staff members have the teaching and 
development of both farm and non-farm rural 
people as their basic goal. The realignment makes 
the extension program more flexible, thus serving 
all rural people better. 

Extension Specialist; Harry C. Baird, Northwest District Agent; Mae Baird, 
Home Economics Extension Specialist; Frank 0. Blecha, Southeast District 
Agent; John M. Ferguson, Engineering Extension; Paul W. Griffith, Associate 

Director of Extension. BOTTOM ROW: Frank A. Hagans, Central District 
Agent; A. L. Hjort, Administration Assistant; J. Harold Johnson, 4-H Club 
Leader; L. L. Longsdorf, Extension Information; E. H. Teagarden, Program 
Analyst; Kenneth E. Thomas, Radio Extension. Not pictured is Roman J. 
Verhallen, Acting Head of Continuing Education. 







. .' 



. ..._, . ,-g .(^iliffJlMMj 

r Jff: 

ISI IP^BWfl^^ 

honors program added 

The establishment of an honors program was a 
highlight in the School of Arts and Sciences this 
year. Thirty-five to forty students were given in- 
dividual counseling, took advanced classes, and 
attended special seminars. This program was set 
up to enrich the college experiences of these stu- 
dents. Freshmen were selected on the basis of tests 
along with upperclassmen who showed unusual in- 
telligence. Since much enthusiasm was shown the 
school hopes to increase the size of the honors pro- 
gram and its effectiveness. 

Under the leadership of John C. Weaver, Dean 
of the School of Arts and Sciences, a complete re- 
vision of classes took place and plans were made 
for a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Board of Re- 
gents granted the right to award the degree and a 
complex study was made to set up requirements. 
Dean Weaver has resigned effective June 1 after 
contributing much to K-State during his two years 
as head of the Arts and Sciences School. He will 
become dean of the graduate college and research 
administrator at the University of Nebraska. His 
duties have consisted of policy, faculty and budget 
matters. Most of his time has been spent with mat- 
ters in relation to the other schools, administration, 
staffing and general academic activities and their 

Paul Young is associate dean; James Scriven, academic 
visor; and Orval Ebberts, assistant dean. 

Working closely with the Dean to coordinate the 
entire program as it affects the College was Paul 
Young, new associate dean. A big part of his time 
is spent on financial matters pertaining to the 
School. Dean Young is also director of summer 
school at K-State and works on two college com- 
mittees. Assistant dean Orval Ebberts and aca- 
demic advisor James Scriven divide responsibilities 

Zoology; Arthur H. Brayfield, Psychology; Joseph R. Chelikowsky, Geology and 
Geography; Earle R. Davis, English; Earl E. Edgar, General Studies; Thomas 

M. Evans, Physical Education for Men. BOTTOM ROW— Percey L. Gainey, 
Bacteriology; Katherine Geyer, Physical Education for Women; Finis M. Green, 
Education; William W. Harvey Jr., Military Science; S. Thomas Keim Jr., 
Business Administration; John W. Keltner, Speech. 


brook, Technical Journalism; Luther 0. Leavengood, Music; Horace B. (Bebe) 
Lee, Intercollegiate Athletics; George Montgomery, Economics and Sociology; 
Fritz Moore, Modern Languages; Thomas D. O'Brien, Chemistry. BOTTOM 

ROW: Stuart M. Pady, Botany and Plant Pathology; Fred L. Parrish, History, 
Government, and Philosophy; Ralph G. Sanger, Mathematics; Roman J. 
Verhaalen, Continuing Education; Stuart E. Whitcomb, Physics; Charles H. 
Wi I kins, Air Science. 

dealing with the general supervision of student af- 
fairs. Dean Ebberts handles all correspondence for 
prospective students, checks students for gradua- 
tion requirements and handles grade reports. Along 
with his other duties, he is coordinator of Arts and 
Sciences Day and a member of five major commit- 
tees including assignments and scheduling and the 
student loan fund. 

Mr. Scrivens advises students from all depart- 
ments, along with their appointed advisors, regard- 
ing their selection of courses. He clears people for 

graduation, takes care of attendance and evaluation 
of advanced credit. He is also on the scholastic 
eligibility committee. 

The Arts and Sciences School is the largest on 
campus with 23 departments. Enrollment for the 
fall semester reached 2,410, the highest in the post- 
war period. The business administration depart- 
ment heads the School with 409 students majoring 
in business. There were 301 majors in the elemen- 
tary education department, 185 in pre-veterinary 
medicine and 169 in geology courses. 

Sketches in charcoal are being completed by students in 
life drawing class while a model poses for them. 

Sgt. Charles Boerner instructs cadet James Hotchkiss in the 
Link trainer. 

Students hunt for early American Indian relics on a cultural 
anthropology field trip. 

Organizing an Arts and Sciences Day and re- 
writing the constitution for the School of Arts and 
Sciences were major projects of the Arts and Sci- 
ences Council. The first Arts and Sciences Day, 
which is to become an annual event, was held in 
the spring. Over 500 top high school students in 
such activities as debate, music and student gov- 
ernment and KU - K-State scholarship winners at- 
tended. They viewed displays and programs from 
the 23 departments. 

Robert H use her examines a negative while James Crabb 
makes prints in a news photography laboratory. 

The Council is part of the system of student 
government developing policies of the Arts and 
Sciences School. Members are elected in the all- 
school general election. Each department is 
represented according to its enrollment. Chuck 
Wingert was president of the group and Dean 
John C. Weaver was faculty advisor. 

ARTS AND SCIENCES COUNCIL: Pat Lutz, Frank Chrisbens, Royanne Graham, Graham, Chuck Wingert, Judy Fisher, Pat Craven, Peggy Daniels, Larry Bean, 

Marcia Hesler, Kirsten Peterson, Jim Graves, Janis Broman, Phil Wright, Joyce Carol Miller, Carolyn Eby. 


* ■ HtBE 











^■■r* "• 

. H 

¥■ 1- -%J 

• 4 4 4J 



:< 'Hi 4 *4 

1 -. 4 4* 

W 4~4fifl 



-- *■■-* 



ish i & 

engineers enrollment up 

An ever-increasing enrollment and another suc- 
cessful Engineers' Open House were highlights of 
the year for the School of Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. During the fall semester, the enrollment 
in Engineering was ten percent above estimates, 
while enrollment in other schools of the College 
fell below their expected enrollment increases. 
Business firms throughout the nation continued to 
offer more and more engineering scholarships, thus 
increasing students' opportunities. 

This year Kansas State College received approval 
from the State Board of Regents to offer work 
leading to the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engi- 
neering. This brings to 1 5 the number of areas in 
which K-State has been authorized to grant Ph.D. 
degrees. A Master of Science degree is offered in 
all fields of the School of Engineering and Archi- 
tecture and last year the first Doctor of Philosophy 
degree in applied mechanics in K-State's history 
was conferred. 

All research of the School of Engineering and 
Architecture is handled by the Engineering Experi- 
ment Station, which was established to carry on 
tests and research work of engineering and man- 
ufacturing value to the state of Kansas and to col- 
lect technical information. Now in its 45 th year 

-<-M. A. Durlond, Dean of Engineering and Architecture, 
heads a school offering a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. 

Associate Dean of the School of Engineering and Architec- 
ture Richard C. Potter helps students with curriculum problems. 

of operation, the experiment station is financed 
by state appropriation and by commercial and gov- 
ernment grants. 

All curriculums in K-State's Engineering School 
have been accredited by the Engineers' Council for 
Professional Development, an organization of na- 
tional engineering societies, which inspects and 
accredits engineering schools. Two new depart- 
ment heads were named this year in the School of 
Engineering and Architecture. Dr. George H. Lar- 

Fischer, Architecture and Al- 
lied Arts; Linn Helander, Me- 
chanical Engineering; Leland 
S. Hobson, Experiment Sta- 
tion; Russell M. Kerchner, 
Electrical Engineering; George 
H. Larson, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. BOTTOM ROW: Reed 
F. Morse, Civil Engineering; 
Milton Raville, Applied Me- 
chanics; Gabe A. Sellers, In- 
dustrial Engineering and In- 
dustrial Arts; Henry T. Ward, 
Chemical Engineering. 


Deep concentration, plus a great deal of patience and pre- the help of an instructor and the encouragement of classmates, 
cision, are necessary for success in this sculpturing class. With this student will soon complete a satisfactory piece. 

son, a member of the Kansas State staff since 1946, 
was named head of the Department of Agricul- 
tural Engineering. Selected as head of the Depart- 
ment of Applied Mechanics was Dr. Milton Raville, 
who has been on the Kansas State staff since 1947. 
One of two K-Stater's to be cited this year as 
outstanding members of the faculty was Charles E. 
Scholer, nationally-known authority on concrete 
and former head of the Kansas State Department 

of Applied Mechanics. All students in the School 
of Engineering and Architecture are members of 
the Engineering Association. The executive gov- 
erning body of the Engineering Association is the 
Engineering Council. Engineering Council mem- 
bers are elected by the members of the Engineering 
Association. Faculty adviser for the Council is 
Dean M. A. Durland. This year's council was led 
by Larry Rash, president; Ron Bryant, vice- 

ENGINEERING COUNCIL: Charles Hight, Melvin Schwartz, Paul Turnquist, 
Don Swartz, Eldon Hammeke, Charles Weidler, Darold Barb, Dick Peterson, 

Nor Sutton, Rich Weidler, Dean Nehrig, Darrell Brown, Larry Rash, Ron 
Bryant, Tom Creech, Ken Fetrow, Jerry Holliday, Louis Burmeister. 


Electrical engineers work and experiment with electronic 
testing equipment in this electrical laboratory. 

president; Louis Burmeister, secretary; Darrel 
Brown, treasurer; Tom Creech, Open House chair- 
man; Richard Weidler, junior representative; and 
John Harri, freshman representative. 

Some of the items that come before the Engineer- 
ing Council in its monthly meetings are the main- 
tenance of the K on K-Hill, the filling of vacancies 
in Engineering Association offices, class representa- 
tives, engineering representatives on the Student 
Council, and the keeping of official files and rec- 
ords for Engineers' Open House. An annual project 
of the Engineering Council is the presentation of 
a freshman engineering lecture in which Council 

A microphone is tested in a sound-proof room, one of the 
engineering projects constructed by engineering students. 

members explain the various engineering organiza- 
tions and the engineering honorary societies. 

Official publication of the Engineering Associa- 
tion is the Kansas State Engineer, whose editor and 
business manager are members of the Engineering 
Council. A monthly publication, the Engineer 
chooses for each issue two outstanding students of 
the School of Engineering and Architecture to be 
presented as Engineers of the Month. 

An instructor supervises and advises engineers in this photog- 
rametry class. In this class, aerial photographs are interpreted 

to make topographical maps. As in most engineering courses, 
concentration and patience are the key to success. 

building plans complete 

Students and faculty of the School of Home 
Economics will remember 19 5 6-57 as completion 
time for plans for the new Home Economics build- 
ing. Many hours of conference between faculty 
members and architects were needed to insure plans 
that would incorporate modern facilities for teach- 
ing and research programs in keeping with stand- 
ards for superior home economics programs. Work 
on the building is scheduled to begin in the spring 
of 1957. New courses offered in the school this 
year included a course for non-majors entitled 
Homemaking for Moderns. Others were silver- 
smithing and tailoring for students especially in- 
terested in those phases of home economics. 

One of the high spots of the year came when 
two fellowships of $3,000 each were established by 
the General Foods Fund. The fellowships are given 
to graduate students for study in certain fields of 
home economics. For the first time in the history 
of the College, faculty in the Department of Insti- 
tutional Management are members of the Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station staff. This opens 
channels for research on problems connected with 
food production in large quantities. Now faculty 
from five departments in the School of Home 

■^-Enthusiastic about plans for a new building, Dean 
Doretta Hoffman shares this interest with all home ec girls. 

Assistant Dean of Home Economics Martha M. Kramer 
gives much of her time to counseling and advising girls. 

Economics are associated with the Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Department heads named 
were Mrs. Leone Kell, acting head of the Depart- 
ment of Child and Family Development, and Mrs. 

Snack time at the College nursery school laboratory gives ing and fun are combined in the hours each child guidance 
both children and home ec students a chance to relax. Learn- student spends observing and helping at the school. 

11 W-- i 


Girls at one of the three home management houses make a 
study of counter heights in relation to work habits. 

Art; Dorothy Harrison, Foods and Nutrition; Leone Kell, Child and Family 
Development. BOTTOM ROW: Alpha Latzke, Clothing and Textiles; Richard 
L. D. Morse, Family Economics; Grace Shugart, Institutional Management. 

Grace Shugart, acting head of the Department of 
Institutional Management. Another change was 
re-naming the home economics extension major 
from home demonstration agent to home econom- 
ics agent. 

Members of the Home Economics Council are 
presidents of the eight Home Economics division 
clubs plus the chairmen of radio, Snowball, Hos- 
pitality Day, interest award, and foreign fellow- 

ship committees. The council also has Student 
Council delegates. Gavona Michaels was president, 
Margaret E. Raffington was faculty adviser. Ac- 
tivities of the eight clubs are co-ordinated by the 
Council as were all such Home Economics events 
as Hospitality Day and the Snowball. Gary Rum- 
sey was crowned F.M.O.C. at the Snowball last fall, 
with Larry Youngdoff, Gary Haynes, Dave Epp 
and Ron Bryant as his attendants. 

HOME ECONOMICS COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Darlene Larkin, Margaret Raffing- 
ton, Mary Lou Ficke, Marcia Sowers, Sally DeForest. BOTTOM ROW: Gavona 

Michaels, Betty Sellers, Wilma Ludwig, Ruth Ramsey, Donna Knpche, Marilyn 
McNelis, Verlene Sobke, Jan Madsen, Sylvia Gaddie. Not pictured are Elin 
McCandless and Sandra Arnold. 


These organization and management students "dish 
it out" (lunch, that is) to girls in Van Zile Hall. 

Modeling their handiwork are eight girls in the pattern study themselves during the semester. In tailoring class girls made 
and garment construction class. Students made dresses for suits or coats and skirts for their semester projects. 



^ ~ 




;l' i ^'»'*W.-., 

•- ^>. 

vet hall remodeled 

Veterinary medicine students moved into the re- 
modeled Veterinary Science Hall during the sec- 
ond semester of the '5 6-' 5 7 school year. Although 
not yet finished, the building contains two lecture 
rooms, six offices, and eight student and graduate 
research assistant laboratories. Plans call for the 
remodeling to be completed in 195 8. When com- 
pleted, the remodeled building will house a physi- 
ology and pharmacology laboratory on the first 
floor. The second floor will contain a pathology 
research room, general lab, instrument equipment 
lab, and a bacteriological culture room. 

Tiled floors, fluorescent lights, outside stairways, 
new ceilings, and almost a complete job of re- 
plastering were included in the remodeling. 

Vet Science Hall became available for classrooms 
after the new Dykstra Veterinary Hospital was 
put into full operation. Named for Ralph R. 
Dykstra, dean emeritus of the Vet School, the 
hospital was first used in February, 195 5, and was 
officially dedicated in June during the 5 0th anni- 
versary of the founding of the school at K-State. 

Hospital Handles 40,000 Cases 

Students gain valuable practical experience from 
the hours spent in Dykstra Veterinary Hospital. 
The hospital handles about 38-40,000 cases a year. 
Many of the animals are College-owned or brought 
from farms in the Manhattan area, however, un- 
usual cases sometimes arrive at the doors for treat- 
ment. This varied experience has proven its value, 

-<-As Dean of Veterinary Medicine E. E. Leasure heads a 
nationally recognized school. 

Just what happened to this pig will soon b< 
these vets perform an autopsy on the animal. 

discovered as 

for K-State veterinary graduates have found them- 
selves in all fields of the profession on all parts 
of the globe. This year the School of Veterinary 
Medicine had about 265 students enrolled. It is 
the only six-year curriculum offered at K-State. 
A two-year pre-vet course is followed by four 
years of professional training which earns the stu- 
dent a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. 

HEADS — Edwin J. Frick, Surgery and Medi- 
cine; William M. McLeod, Anatomy; Marvin J. 
Twiehaus, Pathology; and Gravers L. Under- 
bjerg, Physiology. 



Q ^K^ jSffH* 7 - 

, '*' "<:-,' ',"■ " ''A 

^^ '.'.' Ijn^< >H 

. ■■¥:. *• ?%< • v ja»- ^ g ' iju 

1 155 

yM^r^ mT"> fr hit "* n 'Tr'TffT^ 


ft ft 




grad degrees increase 

An upward trend in the K-State Graduate School 
is marked by two things — a 12 per cent increase in 
the number of students enrolled and an increase of 
three fields in which Doctor of Philosophy degrees 
may be granted. To further prove the increase, the 
Graduate School conferred more advanced degrees 
in the last 11 years than in the previous 75 years, 
beginning in 1871 when the first Master's degree 
was granted. 

Ph.D. in Three New Fields 

Now graduate students may earn a Ph.D. in the 
areas of animal breeding, mechanical engineering, 
and agricultural economics. This brings the total 
areas for Ph.D. study to 15. There are 64 areas 
available for work for a Master's degree. Students 
can receive preparation for college teaching by at- 
tending two seminars on principles and problems of 
college teaching. Each student can in this way sup- 

-^-Everyrhing has to be just so in the Graduate School, and 
Dean Harold Howe has the task of seeing that this is done. 

Taking a break from the job of getting a Master's or Ph.D. 
degree are these students who found time for a card game. 

plement his preparation in his specialized field and 
gain a much better idea of what is required of a 
college instructor. 

The Graduate Council includes 10 faculty mem- 
bers from various study fields whose aim is to assist 
Harold Howe, dean of the Graduate School, with 
administration problems and decisions. 

In the Council's Faculty Lectureship Program, 
Charles Scholer and A. B. Cardwell were honored 
this year as outstanding graduate faculty members. 

Graduate Council members are Robert Katz, Harold Howe, 
Wilson Tripp, M. E. Noble, J. A. Hodges, W. B. Nelson, 

R. L. D. Morse, Abraham Eisenstark, and D. S. Folse. W. C. 
Hummel is not pictured. Each member serves three years. 


"I feel like cheering," President Eisenhower said after hear- 
ing Dean A. D. Weber's report on the drought situation at a 

conference in Wichita. Weber is chairman of the committee 
for long-range drought relief plans in the Mid-west. 

ike cheers weber report 

Dean of Agriculture A. D. Weber served as 
a direct advisor to President Eisenhower on the 
chief executive's tour through drought states this 
winter. Weber was chairman of the committee 
which studied long-range views of the drought 

There are more than 700 faculty members at K- 
State, and many of them choose to spend some 
of their leisure time in campus-connected activ- 
ities. They sponsor campus honoraries and organ- 
izations and work with student leaders in projects 
such as Engineering Open House, Ag Week and 
Hospitality Day. Although students "get priority, 
faculty members may take part in all Union events 
and activities. They receive special consideration 
in seating arrangements for athletic events. 

"Hope it's a strike," whispers the prof as his ball 
rolls toward the pins on faculty bowling night. 

Faculty members and families watch the action at a basketball game, 
one of the various places outside class where faculty people meet. 




HARRYJ.C. UMBERGER (1881-1951) served 
as Dean of Extension Service at Kansas State 
from 1919 to 1947. At the dedication of Um- 
berger Hall on November 1, 1955, it was said 
of him: "Harry Umberger was truly a man of 
the people, and the extension service he de- 
veloped has always been recognized as a work- 
ing partnership in which the people of Kansas 
cooperate to the fullest with their own land 
grant college and the United States Depart- 
ment of Agriculture." 



Santa Claus Has many helpers around the K-State campus at Christmastime as organized 
groups plan parties for children, carol shut-ins, and send presents to needy individuals. 


Blue Key member Keith Swenson watches as 
Joyce Brower is crowned Homecoming queen. 

Several K-Staters buy the traditional Homecoming mums for their dates from 
Mortar Board members Marylyn McCready and Marilyn Smith. 

honoraries keep busy with school projects 

Kept busy with projects throughout the school 
year were members of Kansas State honoraries 
Chimes (junior women), Mortar Board (senior 
women), and Blue Key (senior men). Blue Key 
members sponsored both the selection of the Home- 
coming queen and the Homecoming dance. This 
year, for the first time, the five Homecoming 
queen finalists were presented to the student body 

at an assembly. 

Mortar Board members were busy at Homecom- 
ing time too. They sold the traditional mums and, 
as an additional project for this year, put on a cam- 
paign to beautify campus lawns. Chimes' members 
promoted K-State friendliness with a card party 
for junior women who transferred to Kansas State 
this year. 

Chimes' members and junior women who transferred to Kan- 
sas State this year play cards at the tea given as a service 

project. Chimes also sponsored a fund raising campaign for 
the school endowment fund and ushered at campus events. 

MORTAR BOARD— BACK ROW: Shirley J. Sarvis, Marjorie Hamon, Ramona S. 
Tucker, Gaye Fryer, Sharon Diamond, Karla Baur, Anita Grimm. FRONT ROW: 
Marylyn McCready, Marilyn C. Smith, Laura Lyon, Margery Ricklefs, Arline 
Gray, Betty Allen. 

BLUE KEY— TOP ROW: Chester Peters, Pat Wilkerson, Keith Swenson, Dar- 

rell Miller, Dave McKnight. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Nesmith, Gilmore Dahl, 
Jay Rush, Ron Bryant, Ray Zimmerman. BOTTOM ROW: John Ricklefs, 
Brent Adair, Arnold Appleby. 

honoraries serve school 

Mortar Board performs a special service to the 
College by sponsoring high school visitations which 
encourage students to come to K-State. The thir- 
teen members sponsor a scholarship dinner honor- 
ing three girls having the highest grades in the 
freshman class. Senior women with high scholar- 
ship and outstanding campus activities are eligible 
for membership. Shirley Sarvis was president and 
faculty sponsors were Martha Garrett, Mrs. John 
Helm and Mrs. Marguerite Umberger. 

Homecoming found the 13 members of Blue 
Key busy sponsoring the Homecoming Queen elec- 

tion, Homecoming game half-time ceremonies and 
the Homecoming Ball. Service projects and the 
awarding of a $200 Blue Key scholarship were the 
main activities of this honorary. Members are se- 
lected on the basis of campus activities and schol- 
arship. Arnold Appleby was president and Dr. 
Chester Peters was faculty sponsor. 

Fourteen outstanding junior women were elected 
to Chimes this year. Members must have high 
scholarship and must have shown qualities of lead- 
ership and service to the College. Chimes members 
entertained junior transfers with a party, assisted 
at the President's convocation and parents' recep- 
tion, and had a candy sale. Lois Cowan was presi- 
dent and Miss Golda Crawford was faculty sponsor. 


, $'\": 

CHIMES— TOP ROW: Beverley Miller, Bunny 
Cowan, Rachel Pickett, Lois Cowan, Donna 
Knoche, Golda Crawford, Becky Culpepper, 
Sylvia Gaddie, Mary Ann Rogler. BOTTOM 
ROW: Mary Lee Durland, Mary Lu Compton, 
Virginia Eaton, Barbara Ericson, Royanne 

upper 10 percent initiated into phi kappa phi 

Thirty-three students were initiated into Phi 
Kappa Phi for the 1956 summer school and fall 
semester. The upper 10 per cent of the seniors in 
each school are selected for membership in the or- 
ganization each semester. The equivalent of Phi 
Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi is K-State's highest 

scholastic honor. 

Established at K-State in 1919, the purpose of 
the scholastic honorary is to encourage scholarship 
in all fields of study. Outstanding freshmen stu- 
dents are awarded certificates of recognition for 
high grades by the organization each year. 


School of Agriculture 





School of Arts and Sciences 










School of Engineering and Architecture 




School of Veterinary Medicine 



School of Graduate Study 




President • PAUL E. SANFORD 

Vice-president • DOROTHY L. HARRISON 

Secretary • EARL E. SITZ 

Treasurer • HELEN I. WROTEN 

Corresponding Secretary • MARY FRANCES WHITE 

Members of Phi Kappa Phi were initiated in January with a 30-minute ceremony. 
They were notified of their selection for membership in December. 

ALPHA ZETA— TOP ROW: Charles B. Wame, Estel J. Schultis, Robert W. 
Bozworth, Paul E. Sanford, G. B. Marion, Earl W. Weiss, Ray A. Zimmerman, 
William H. Brethour, Gary W. Rumsey, Lloyd L. Peckman, Arnold P. Appleby. 
SECOND ROW: Daniel Chajuss, James D. Stamm, James L. Murray, Bruce 
Wren, Richard Frohberg, John E. Ricklefs, Raleigh J. Flanders, J. Brent 

Adair, Don Wainscott, Irvin Schwalm. THIRD ROW: Harold H. Van Horn, 
David E. McKnight, Clyde A. Armstrong, Robert L. Gies, Donald A. Gier, 
William G. Wisecup, H. John Kugler, Joseph F. Coyle, Duane Miksch, Dale 
Miksch, Duane Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Leon A. Sucht, James L. Gammell, 
Donald L. Jenkins, Arthur J. Armbrust, Thomas W. Kirkeminde, Kenneth T. 
Kirton, Richard Bair, Clinton Peirce, Ludwig A. Bezemek, Gilmore Dahl. 

groups honor grades 

Alpha Zeta is the agricultural scholastic hon- 
orary organized at Kansas State in 1934. This year 
there were 66 members of the organization. The 
purpose of Alpha Zeta is to raise the standards of 
its members in their work. Membership is open to 
students who have completed three semesters of 
agriculture or veterinary medicine and are in the 
upper two-fifths of their class scholastically. Ray 
Zimmerman was chancellor. Sponsors were Paul 
Sanford, G. B. Marion, and Walter Smith. 

Twenty-eight men were members of Alpha Mu, 
honorary milling fraternity, during the year. They 
work to promote the profession of milling and its 
related fields, and to develop high standards of 
scholarship, character, leadership, and fellowship. 

Alpha Mu Publishes News Letter 

To be eligible students must be sophomores or 
above and have been enrolled in the department 
of flour and feed industries one semester. Out- 
standing men in the field of milling may be elect- 
ed to honorary membership. Activities of Alpha 
Mu include Christmas Milling, an annual smoker, 
a fall and spring banquet, and the publishing of 
a news letter. Roy D. Cooley was president of Al- 
pha Mu. Faculty sponsor was Royce O. Pence. 

O O 

^? A<*Pn 

ALPHA MU— TOP ROW: Clarence 
R. Creger, James D. Stamm, Daniel 
Lee, Daniel Chajuss, Lerance C. 
Bolte. SECOND ROW: Reinhart B. 
Billiar, Douglas T. Drury, Royce 0. 
Pence, Gerald D. Miller, J. Brent 
Adair, Robert L. Shipp. BOTTOM 
ROW: Eugene M. Maurer, Roy D. 
Cooley, Edward L. Stolfus, Mart H. 
Cooley, Robert L. Gies. 


contest is project 

Delta Sigma Rho, national honorary forensics 
society, sponsors an annual extemporaneous speak- 
ing contest open to everyone on the campus with 
two trophies and four permanent plaques award- 
ed. To be eligible to join, students must have par- 
ticipated in intercollegiate forensics, have two full 
years of credit and be in the upper 3 5 percent of 
their classes in academic standing. Anita Grimm 
was president and Charles Goetzinger, sponsor. 

To reward students for their work in drama is 
the purpose of Pi Epsilon Delta, national dramatics 
honorary society founded at K-State in 1945. 
Membership requirements are based on a point sys- 
tem for work in the field of drama through the 
K-State Players. President was Ann Soelter and 
sponsor was Earl Hoover. 

An interested audience listens to John Keltner read Dickens' 
"Christmas Carol" in a Student Union lounge. 

Charles S. Goetzinger, Howard T. 
Hill, John W. Keltner. SECOND 
ROW: Anita Grimm, Nancy L. Por- 
ter. BOTTOM ROW: Ray E. North, 
Robert P. Reid, Thomas L. Bowman. 

Virginia L. Eaton, LouAnn Ober- 
helman. SECOND ROW: Richard 
E. Mansfield, Dennis L. Darner, 
Terry M. Quinn. BOTTOM ROW: 
Orville D. Hunt, Earl G. Hoover, 
John Robson, Jim Hoi lis. 


award to top junior 

Phi Alpha Mu, Arts and Sciences honorary for 
junior and senior women, presents an award at 
their annual spring tea to the junior woman in Arts 
and Sciences with the highest scholarship at the 
close of the previous school year. The award was 
permanently raised from $2 5 to $30 this year. 
In the spring Phi Alpha Mu also entertains mem- 
bers of the sophomore and junior classes who will 
be scholastically eligible for the honorary. Mem- 
bership is open to junior and senior women in the 
School of Arts and Sciences who have done 30 
hours of college work at Kansas State and are in 
the upper 1 5 per cent of those in the class having 
a B average or above. Arline Gray Cooper was 
president and Golda Crawford was faculty sponsor. 

Alpha Delta Theta, honorary medical technol- 
ogy society, is open to students enrolled in medical 

Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska were represented at a 
banquet held during the Regional Union Conference here. 

technology with a 1.00 minimum grade average 
who have high moral ideals and are active and en- 
thusiastic in their field. During the year they take 
trips to various laboratories, decorate Veterinary 
Hall at Christmas time and have a formal Found- 
er's Day banquet. Members are also helping to 
raise money for a medical technology scholarship 
fund. Pat Lutz was president and John O. Harris 
and Ellen Klover were sponsors. 

™ j#. F4 

bara E. Ericson, Dixie F. Viar, 
Margery R. Ricklefs, Arline Gray, 
Beatrice J. Jones; Barbara J. Jones. 
SECOND ROW: Shirley J. Cameron, 
M. Jeannine Williamson, Beverley J. 
Miller, Rachel A. Pickett, Joann S. 
White, Barbara A. Walker. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Mary Jo Forbes, Janet 
J. Frey, Patricia A. Tucker, Kath- 
leen Kulp, C. Darlene Nelson, Carol 
A. Snodgrass. 

Annette Galyon, Janis McMillen, 
Joline Boehner, Rosemary Groyon, 
Arrilla Fedde, Marcia Hesler. SEC- 
OND ROW: Carol J. Schoenfeldt, 
Pat A. Lutz, Barbara R. McKinnis, 
Kay Thies, Marcia Eggers, Sandra 
Hodgson, Pam Bowman. BOTTOM 
ROW: Shirley Younkin, Jeanette 
Garinger, Lynne V. Joines, Mary 
Lee Durland, Carol J. Kaufman, 
Rhonda R. Johnson, Etta Sanderson. 


$$A n 

PHI EPSILON KAPPA— TOP ROW: Ray A. Wauthier, Bill Blume, Merle 0. 
Nay, Ronald R. Radford, E. Dean Plagge, Ron Young, Roy Dewitz, David 
Yamase, Frank J. Thompson. SECOND ROW: T. M. Evans, Alvin E. Ballou, 
James 0. Berg, Hubert W. Wilson, Edwin R. McKean, Tommy L. Miller, 

Thomas W. Starns, George L. Hooper, Anthony C. Mosa, Ray E. Maddox. 
BOTTOM ROW: William R. Thrall, Clarence L. Keim, Lyle D. Harrell, Karl 
B. Kastens, John W. Carlson, Eugene Miller, Warren F. Polak, Elton E. Green, 
Veryle E. Snyder. 

Phi Lambda Upsilon, chemistry honorary, pre- 
sents certificates of honor based on over-all grade 
point averages to a freshman, sophomore, junior, 
and senior student majoring in chemistry. Certifi- 
cates and cash awards are given to two graduate 
members. Students with a minimum of 20 hours 
in chemistry and a 2.00 grade average are eligible 
for membership in Alpha Epsilon chapter, which 
was installed at K-State in 1931. The object of 
the society is the promotion of high scholarship 
and original investigation in all branches of pure 
and applied chemistry. Sixty persons were mem- 
bers of Phi Lambda Upsilon this year. Officers 

were Tom Clark, president, and Howard L. Mitch- 
ell, faculty sponsor. 

Phys Ed Honorary Adds 1 1 Members 

"A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" is the motto 
of Phi Epsilon Kappa, physical education honorary. 
A 1.00 grade average is required for membership, 
which increased from 20 to 31 this year. Tommy 
Miller was president, and Veryle Snyder was spon- 
sor. Their activities included intramurals, Found- 
er's Day banquet and the sale of cow bells. They 
also sponsored a city-wide grade school free throw 

PHI LAMBDA UPSILON— TOP ROW: Gerald D. Miller, Clarence R. Dick, Don Setser, F. C. Lanning, Douglas E. Sellers. BOTTOM ROW: Morris P. 

Stanley K. Yasuda, Kenton A. Graber, H. L. Mitchell, Tom J. Clark. SECOND Grotheer, Abram E. Hostetter, W. S. Ruliffsay, D. B. Parrish, M. L. McDow- 

R0W: G. W. Leonard, Robert W. Stromatt, Don Kundiger, Paul M. Duell, ell, Duncan E. Dodds, Gene Lutz. 


groups print calendar 

Sigma Delta Chi, honorary journalism frater- 
nity, and Theta Sigma Phi, journalism honorary 
for women, worked together in publishing the Miss 
Wildcat calendar, a new project. The calendar 
girls were chosen in a school election. They also 
had a joint picnic in the fall and spring and gave 
a Christmas party for the Journalism Department. 
Men who have a good standing scholastically and 
have done efficient work in journalism may be 
elected to Sigma Delta Chi by a three-fourths vote 
of the members. Meetings were held during the 
year with outstanding American journalists such 
as Hodding Carter and Jack Swift. Two banquets 
were held and a Sigma Delta Chi queen was elect- 
ed. Each year they also publish the April Fool 
edition of the Collegian. Darrel Miller was presi- 
dent and C. J. Medlin was faculty sponsor. 

Junior and senior women in journalism or radio 
and television who have done outstanding work in 
their field, and who have a B average in journalism 
or radio and television and a C general average, 

Ralph Lashbrook, head of the Journalism Department, pours 
Charlotte Chastain hot coffee at the fall journalism picnic. 

are eligible for membership in Theta Sigma Phi. 
Anne Hutcherson was president and Helen P. Hos- 
tetter, sponsor. The Matrix dinner is held in the 
spring for members of the organization. Guest 
speaker was Sally Keach, noted author. 

Orval E. Ja,ckson, Lowell E. Brand- 
ner, Roger A. Myers, J. Clayton Her- 
man, Ralph R. Lashbrook. SECOND 
ROW: C.J. Medlin, Gary A. Haynes, 
William L. Ruggels, George R. 
Eaton. BOTTOM ROW: Donald M. 
Marker, Darrel E. Miller, Byron E. 
Ellis, Malcolm W. Coldwell, Elbert 
B. Macy. 


Judy J. Taplin, Anne Hutcherson, 
Helen P. Hostetter, Carol Ward, 
Betty M. Theiss. BOTTOM ROW: 
Jane A. Moore, Marilyn M. Mc- 
Knight, Shirley J. Sarvis, Gaye 
Fryer, M. Royanne McMullen. 


ETA KAPPA NU— TOP ROW: Samuel M. Warren, Merle E. Converse, Larry D. 
Gilchrist, Sutton L. Graham, John E. Hunter. SECOND ROW: Edward A. 
Rose, Emil R. Kouba Jr., Roland D. Rothenberger, Carl R. Swisher, Claude A. 
Jackman, Albert W. Bahr THIRD ROW: Ralph L. Smith, James R. Miller, 

ETA KAPPA NU— TOP ROW: Ralph D. Peck, Glenn Kater, Clive D. Halbirt, 
Charles J. Werp, Richard E. Fixsen, Donald W. Meseke, Donald L. Heaton, Jay 
R. Bohning, Don P. Hutchison. SECOND ROW: Ronald D. Biggs, Gale W. Mc- 
Guffey, Bobby G. Strait, Eddie R. Fowler, Stanley S. Funston, Keith E. Root, 

Jerry E. Goss, Gaylord M. Stunkel, Ray D. Fritzemeyer, Eldon M. Hammeke, 
Irvin E. Olivier. BOTTOM ROW: William C. Hoskinson, Arthur L. Jones, Edgar 
H. Fischer, Foster R. Needels, Kenneth H. Brackney, Garry L. Ogle, George 
R. Jones, Bernard B. Hanson. 

Henry J. Windisch, Roy W. Dody. THIRD ROW: Arnold L. Neil, Francis J. 
Honey, James 0. Moore, Albert A. Kaine, Charles R. Weidler, Robert N. Du- 
Bois, Harold A. Uyeda, Robert P. Duncan, A. Russell Bemis. BOTTOM ROW: 
Carl H Kempin, Daniel L. Baty, R. M. Kerchner, Harry Pallett, Royce Kopf, 
Don Stang, Robert Munson, Dale Lumb. 

club tutors freshmen 

Membership totaled 65 in Eta Kappa Nu, elec- 
trical engineering honorary this year. This is an in- 
crease of 28 over 19 5 5-5 6. Beta Kappa chapter of 
Eta Kappa Nu was founded at Kansas State Col- 
lege on May 6, 1939, and has been active on cam- 
pus since that time. Members are selected on their 
scholastic ability, character, morals and ideals. 
Those in the upper one-third of the senior electrical 
engineering class and those in the upper one-fourth 

of their junior class are eligible scholastically. The 
organization assists its members throughout their 
lives to become better men in their chosen profes- 
sion and to become better citizens. 

Physics tutoring classes are a big project of Eta 
Kappa Nu. The tutoring classes met every Thurs- 
day and Eta Kappa Nu members helped the under- 
classmen to learn the fundamentals of physics 
better. The organization also sponsored slide-rule 
classes and displays at the Engineer's Open House. 
Members contributed information to the national 
magazine. Harrison Pallett served as Eta Kappa 
Nu president. R. M. Kerchner, head of the elec- 
trical engineering department, was the organiza- 
tion's faculty sponsor. 


STEEL RING— TOP ROW: Rodney L. Anderson, Ralph L. Smith, Clyde H. 
Sprague, James H. Watson, Virgil W. Schotte, Jake E. Paulson, Larry A. Peck. 
SECOND ROW: Donald D. Peterson, Richard W. Wilbur, James D. Hotchkiss, 
Eldon M. Hammeke, Ernest M. Johnson, Raymond W. Murphy, Robert J. Nie- 

mann. THIRD ROW: John G. Christopher, Danny N. Burgess, Thomas A. Rum- 
sey, August J. Dornbusch, Leon W. Heidebrecht, Gary E. Galyardt, Don R. 
Gadbery, Patrick Schmiedeler. BOTTOM ROW: Nelson L. Sinderson, Robert 
L. Adams, Jay R. Keeling, William B. Patterson, William C. Schlichter, John 
W. Nuzman, William K. Quarles. 

steel ring gives trophy 

Steel Ring, which is a campus engineering hon- 
orary, had a membership this year of 8 5 juniors 
and seniors. Membership requirements are a 1.00 
minimum grade average and good leadership qual- 
ities. The organization of Steel Ring was estab- 
lished at Kansas State in 1928 when 14 seniors 
recognized the need for an honorary fraternity for 
engineers. The purpose of Steel Ring is to lead in 
political, social and professional activities in the 
School of Engineering and Architecture and to 

encourage underclassmen in participation in activ- 
ities of engineering and architecture. The club 
held two banquets and two picnics during the last 
year. Members of Steel Ring judged open house 
displays and the club presented a trophy for the 
most outstanding exhibit at the Engineer's Open 
House during the spring semester. Another big 
project of Steel Ring is the publication of the In- 
take and Exhaust, a humorous newspaper for the 
School of Engineering and Architecture. It is pub- 
lished once a year. The Engineer's Alloy program 
is another project that Steel Ring sponsors. Faculty 
sponsors were D. A. Nesmith and Reed F. Morse. 
The president of the honorary was James D. 

STEEL RING— TOP ROW: Ivan L. Bengtson, James M. Hall, David L. Kubik, 
George W. Bemis. SECOND ROW: Ronald L. Estes, Gerald D. Grasch, Donald 
G. Lowell, Charles Hight, Bruce G. Burkholder, Leonard J. McKenna. THIRD 
ROW: Karl 0. Mohn, Edwin L. Appleby, Wayne E. Engelhardt, Wilbur A. Pat- 

tison, Kendrick D. Fetrow, Allen N. Olsen, Thomas E. Bowman. BOTTOM 

ROW: Arthur E. Fitzgerald, James L. Gerner, Donald 0., John W. 

Komer Jr., Vern D. Scott, Louis C. Burmeister, Peter E. Wegner, John W. 


SIGMA TAU— TOP ROW: Charles B. Johnson, A. Larry Olson, Stuart M. 
Hutchison, James D. Hotchkiss, Harold D. Laverentz, Dean A. Nehrig, Eldon 
M. Hammeke, Roy W. Dody, Louis C. Burmeister, Albert W. Bahr, Orval L. 
Fouse. SECOND ROW: Patrick A. Schmiedeler, Ralph W. Knox, Arnold G 
Hildebrand, Norman J. Tetlow, Lawrence E. Stover, Gerald D. Ervin, Archie J. 
Cornelius, James R. Merritt, Francis J. Honey, Nor Sutton. THIRD ROW: 
Danny N. Burgess, Ronald C. Bryant, Charles C. Hudson, George L. Strobel, 

Glen D. Bullock, T. Patrick Conlon, Gaylord M. Stunkel, Ray D. Fritzemeyer 
James R. Miller, Cecil D. Davies, Silas J. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Newton R 
Anderson, Richard W. Wilson, Richard G. Johnson, G. Edward Moors, Larry A 
Rash, Kenneth R. Veraska, Darold K. Barb, William C. Hoskinson, Bernard B 
Hanson, Stanley L. Rieb. BOTTOM ROW: Henry J. Windisch, William D 
Fixsen, Billy J. Stalcup, Hekmat Hakimian, Edmond E. Young, Cloyd H. Scott 
Charles J. Werp, G. William Gillett. 

SIGMA TAU— TOP ROW: Richard K. Stalcup, Donald L. Heaton, Donald D. 
Gillmore, Thomas L. Alleg, Gale W. McGuffey, Stanley S. Funston, Donald G. 
Lowell, Jay R. Bohning. SECOND ROW: Thomas E. Bowman, John Cannon, 
Robert P Duncan, Robert N. DuBois, Keith E. Root, Clyde H. Sprague, 
LaVerne M. Lervold, Richard K. Disney, Delbert Roupp. THIRD ROW: Law- 

rence E. Ehlers, Norbert W. Deneke, Donald R. Stang, Laurence A. English, 
Lloyd R. Gaiser, Robert D. Munson, Charles C. Pack, A. Russell Bemis, Jim 
McHugh, Ronald E. Snyder. BOTTOM ROW: Edwin C. Lindly, Fred Suellen- 
trop, Donald E. McDaneld, Mark H. Hooper, Samuel M. Warren, Ghalib Sha- 
hab-Ed-Din, Harry E. Pallett, Bruce G. Burkholder, Charles R. Weidler, James 
0. Moore, Richard D. Weidler. 

Leonard J. McKenna, Charles W. 
Hight, Leon H. Armantrout, Wen- 
dell A. Wright, Lester Kephart, 
Steve D. Kelly. SECOND ROW: Don 
E. Anderson, Wayne E. Engelhardt, 
Bruce G. Burkholder, Maurice Mc- 
Mullen, L. B. Roberts. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert M. Arnone, David M. 
Spiker, Leon L. Fick, Gerald D. 
Ervin, William H. Wilson, William 
H. Johnson. 

o A Q 

a o. 


ft ® ft 


0. May, Carol L. Cotner, Betty W. 
Allen, Mary D. Fickel, Dorothy M. 
Crawford, Norma E. Duell. SECOND 
ROW: Carol Ward, Judy Taplin, 
Sue Hostinsky, Glada Isaacson, 
Marilyn McNelis, Mary Banks. 
THIRD ROW: Anne Hutcherson, 
Jan M. Kraft, Kathy Barton, Char- 
lotte L. Lybarger, Alberta H. John- 
ston, Virginia L. Anderson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Darlene A. Larkin, 
Karla E. Baur, Ramona S. Tucker, 
Shirley J. Sarvis, Lois C. Adams, 
Virginia L. Adamson. 

groups train leaders 

Scholarship, leadership, and research were pro- 
moted by the 26 members of Omicron Nu, hon- 
orary home economics organization. The members, 
selected from the upper scholastic percentages of 
junior and senior home ec classes, helped with Hos- 
pitality Days, honored freshmen girls with a tea, 
and awarded a scholarship. Susie Tucker was pres- 
ident; Miss Jennie Williams, Dr. Grace Goertz, 
and Miss Charlotte Bartels were faculty sponsors. 

Delta Phi Delta, art honorary, furthers its 30 
members' interests in art through scholastic fel- 
lowship. The organization visited art exhibits in 
Kansas City and Nebraska, and exhibited their own 
works in the Union at a spring showing. John 
Ricklefs was president, Prof. J. Cranston Heintzel- 
man is the faculty sponsor. 

An overflow crowd in the little theater of the Student Union 
heard Oxford University and K-State debaters match arguments. 



c\ ' o > 

©-* £> 


H f 


Use M. Reiling, Rosella A. Heibert, 
Patricia L. Churinsky, Jeanne B. 
Harvey, Margaret Mc Knight. SEC- 
OND ROW: Lois E. Graeff, L. Joyce 
Knepper, Thomas H. Swearingen, J. 
Cranston Heintzelman, John B. 
Ricklefs, Sarah M. Merrill. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Don E. Anderson, Vern 
Nelson, Marque Cox, Dan Filby, 
Samuel A. Martinez. 


Harry L. Shank, Jr., Robert L. 
Snyder, Paula E. Craig, Carol A. 
Hudiburg, Catherine Blanford, Mer- 
edith J. Griffiths. SECOND ROW: 
E. H. Allen, John F. Barry, Willis 
F.' Brenner, Jr., Alexander G. Jump, 
Karen K. Chapman, J. Michael 
Smith, Jannene D. Foust. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert P. Huscher, Bill E. 
Cole, Pete R. Charlton, Sterling W. 
Gunter, Donald K. Lancaster, 
George R. Langshaw. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho, honorary radio and televi- 
sion fraternity, was honored with two national 
chapter presidents. It was the first time in 1 5 years 
that the president has been elected from the same 
school two years in a row. Charles Hutchinson 
was president for 195 5-5 6, and Gordon Jump took 
over his duties for 19 5 6-57. The fraternity has 
18 members, and encourages and recognizes out- 
standing talent of radio and television students. 

Chapter Hosts Workshop 

Alpha Epsilon Rho was responsible for the pre- 
sentation of the radio-TV speech seminar program 
in February. The K-State chapter was host to 
Kansas and Nebraska Universities for a television 
production workshop, and problems to be brought 
up at the national convention in Columbus, Ohio, 
were considered. Groundwork for an AER chap- 
ter at Wichita University was laid during the year, 
and public relations projects were started. Among 
these were a picture honor roll of all past members 
who are now in commercial radio or TV, and con- 

struction of a Union billboard publicizing the 
fraternity's work. Harry Shank was president. 
Bob Snyder was faculty advisor. 

Group Sends Music to Japan 

Mu Phi Epsilon, national honorary music soror- 
ity, has grown from 13 to 16 members in the last 
year. Any women vocal or instrumental music 
majors who have a B average are eligible to become 
members of Mu Phi Epsilon. Sending sheet music 
to Japan was the organization's main project of 
the past year. The members collected unused 
music from the College, Manhattan residents, and 
from the member's hometowns for all types of 
instruments and sent it to Japanese schools. A 
Christmas program was given by the group to 
patients at the Ft. Riley hospital. The talents of 
the sorority were displayed at the annual spring 
and fall recitals in which instrumental and vocal 
numbers were presented. Joann White was pres- 
ident of Mu Phi Epsilon. Clarice Painter was the 
faculty advisor. 

Marjorie L. R. Vanderweide, M. 
Jeannine Williamson, Anna M. 
Hines, Joann L. White. SECOND 
ROW: Marilyn K. Moore, Nancy J. 
Irvine, Beverley J. Miller, Jacque- 
line I. Swanson, Hazel E. Hasse- 
broek. BOTTOM ROW: Rachel A. 
Pickett, H. Jane Thompson, Mar- 
garet S. Porter, P. Charlene Cox. 


ALPHA KAPPA PSI— TOP ROW: Raymond H. Beikman, Keith G. Mines, Don- 
ald L. Stephenson, Robert L. Nelson, Miles G. Hartman, Wendell L. Cowan, 
Donald J. Ulibarri. SECOND ROW: Clifford R. Beck, Earl J. Hammond, Ed- 
ward P. Hartig, Gilbert G. Kemnitz, Marion F. Mansfield, Robert H. Lawson, 

Marvin D. Krueger. THIRD ROW: Leroy E. Talbot, Joseph E. Breitenstein, 
Charles M. Stover, Floyd D. Griggs, Gary D. Doupnik, Paul C. Hoover, Hurley 
F. Fellows. BOTTOM ROW: Charles F. Moggie, Paul L. Moberg, Patrick A. 
Wilkerson, Don M. Alspaugh, Howard H. Roach, George S. Koehn, Sammy L. 
Barnes, James A. Walsh. 

club starts internship 

Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business frater- 
nity, assisted with an Industrial Relations Confer- 
ence and worked with the accounting department 
to institute an accounting internship program. 
Alpha Kappa Psi's purpose is to provide an oppor- 
tunity for its members to associate with and assist 
each other in the business world after graduation, 
as well as while attending college. Membership re- 
quirement for the organization was a 1.5 grade 
average in business administration. Faculty spon- 

sor was Norman French, Joe Breitenstein was 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon, honorary geology fra- 
ternity, sponsored a field trip for local Boy Scouts, 
had a fall and spring banquet and dance for geolo- 
gy students and sponsored their annual spring field 
trip for geologists. Its purpose is the scholastic, sci- 
entific, and social advancement of its members. 
Requirements for membership are a 1.2 over-all 
grade average, with a 1.8 average in earth science 
courses. Members must have a major in geology, 
mining, metallurgy, ceramics, petroleum engineer- 
ing, or a branch of the earth sciences. Jim Stewart 
was president and faculty sponsor was Dr. Henry 
V. Beck. 

SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Louis Riseman, Robert A. Graber, 
James E. Burnette, Arthur B. Sperry, James Stewart, Kenneth N. Watkins, 
Dean Pilkington, Donald D. Geil, Joseph R. Chelikowsky. SECOND ROW: John 
G. Kiddoo, John L Hood, R. Jack Merryman, Henry V. Beck, Paul C. Clark, 
William A. Crawford, Sam H. Peppiatt, Gerald J. Ferguson. THIRD ROW: 

William J. Barrett, Francis W. Hansen, Charles C. Hudson, Dolan K. McDaniel, 
Ben M. Mayfield, Larry Petersilie, Gary Sandlin, William K. Clark. BOTTOM 
ROW: Jim R. Miller, Elden E. Leasure II, Glenn T. Beshears, William R. Bry- 
son, Donald L. Butcher, Al F. Steunenberg, Jimmie G. Knoche, Jerry P. Metz, 
Charles P. Walters. 


DEBATERS— STANDING: John Pacilio, Fred Rogers, Chuck Goetzinger, Nancy 
Porter, Warren Keegan, Kay Eplee, Pat Lloyd, Howard Finklestein, Patricia 

Goings, Virginia Eaton, Cal Adams, Ray North, Caroline Drummond. SEATED: 
Barbara Huff, Patty Trent, Tom Bowman, Jim Shane, Dave Nuttle, Sharon 
Nuttle, Bob Paulson. Not pictured: Anita Grimm, Dan Hahn. 

Kansas State debaters took part in about 3 50 
division debates this year, and were hosts to the 
Missouri Valley Forensic League debate on its 2 5 th 
anniversary. Oxford University debaters visited 
the campus to debate "NATO Has Outlived Its 
Usefulness" against K-Staters Bunny Cowan and 
Anita Grimm. Tom Bowman and Ray North de- 
bated for K-State in the annual debate with KU 
preceding the K-State-KU football game. Coach- 
ing the debaters this year were Caroline Drum- 
mond, Fred Rogers, and Charles Goetzinger. 

Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering honorary, 
has as its purpose the encouragement and recog- 
nition of outstanding scholastic achievement of 
mechanical engineering undergraduates. Pi Tau 
Sigma gave an award to the outstanding mechan- 
ical engineering freshman, and participated with a 
special project in Engineers' Open House. One of 
the main goals of the organization is cooperation 
between mechanical engineering faculty and stu- 
dents. Ed Henke was president and Professor Rob- 
ert Crank was faculty sponsor. 

PI TAU SIGMA— TOP ROW: Norbert W. Deneke, Fred J. Sullentrop, Robert 
W. Raffety, Richard D. Weidler, Kay L. Cornelius, Melvin H. Schwartz, Louis 
C. Burmeister, Leroy M. Stayton, Ecwin J. Henke, Robert E. Crank. SECOND 
ROW: Gene W. Geil, Roger E. Alexander, Archie R. Graham, Keith L. Smali, 
George L. Strobel, Donald L. Parks, James D. Elliott, Homer A. Bullard, Orval 
L. Fouse, Jim McHugh. THIRD ROW: Gene B. Martin, Nor Sutton, Ronald C. 

Bryant, Charles Callahan, Patrick Schmiedeler, Sydney L. Rinard, Ralph W. 
Knox, Glen D. Bullock, Larry Olson, Arnold Hildebrand. FOURTH ROW: Paul 
L. Miller, Don Knucsen, Edward Moors, Jules Newman, Larry A. Rash, Philip 
C. Gregory, Kenneth R. Veraska, Newton Anderson, Thomas Hindman, Archie 
Cornelius. BOTTOM ROW: Roland N. McDaniel, Richard L. Peterson, Henry L. 
Shove, Robert J. Thomas, LaVerne M. Lervold, Donald D. Gillmore, Leon P. 


Members of Westminster Fellowship eat dinner at the West- 
minster House before their weekly Sunday evening meeting. 

The Rev. Roy Turner, Canterbury Club director, delivers a 
sermon from the pulpit of the Danforth Chapel auditorium. 

religious leader hired 

An important step was taken in religious ac- 
tivities with the hiring of William C. Tremmel as 
first director of student religious activities. He 
coordinates and promotes the denominationally 
sponsored religious activities and counsels students 
in their personal religious problems. 


Twenty-two organized religious groups were on 
campus this year. Two representatives from each 
organization formed the Religious Coordinating 
Council which is responsible for the various reli- 
gious activities here atK-State. RCC has been active 
at the College for nine years. "Life Beyond the Ivy 
Tower" was the title of the fall program planned 
by the Council. Festival of Faiths was the theme of 
Religious Emphasis Week. Rabbi Louis Binstock 
of Temple Sholom, Chicago, was guest speaker at 
the opening assembly and various seminars and dis- 
cussion sessions were held throughout the week 
with seven guest clergymen. The Council also 
sponsored Easter and Passover week activities and 
the Easter assembly, "Every Man." 

Joyce Knepper was RCC president. John Noon- 
an was faculty sponsor and the Rev. Walter Able, 

RELIGIOUS COORDINATING COUNCIL: Bob Elliott, Jerry Holliday, Winifred 
Fields, Ken Brackney, Frank Rodman, Bernie Schleicher, Barbara LaBarre, 
Joyce Knepper, Warren Lynn, Hubert Guest, John Luthman, Richard Bartel, 
Mary Rogers, Lyle Clum, Ted Johnson. 

religious advisor, 

Dr. Tremmel was also Counci 

Philosophy of Religion was offered for the first 
time this year with a full class attending and a 
long waiting list. Dr. Tremmel taught the class 
for which three hours of credit were given. 

College Baptist Student Fellowship had a mem- 
bership of 3 5 this year. To exalt Jesus Christ as 
Lord and Savior to all persons is the organization's 
motto. Members of the fellowship helped to sup- 
port the Arthur Weims, missionaries to Italy and 
went Christmas caroling during the year. Sonny 
Rundell was president and the Rev. John Ironside 
was sponsor. 

Fields, Joyce C. Simpson, Louise R. 
Ottaway, Norma E. Duel I, Lois M. 
Ottaway. SECOND ROW: James R. 
Hughbanks, Galen G. Hughbanks, 
Carlyle A. Thompson, Joan Carter, 
Joyce Rhodes, Mary K. Rundell. 
BOTTOM ROW: Jack L. Hillman, 
Gordon W. Harper, I. B. Rundell, 
Gary L. Cromwell, Bruce J. San- 

7 5 

NEWMAN CLUB— TOP ROW: Sharon E. Evert, Helen C. Lillig, Ruth A. Tighe, 
Nancy J. Irvine, Nancy J. McKeniff, Jane A. Thomas, Georgia L. Wertzberger, 
Joan Berrigan, Joan Goddard, Emily Ann Douthit, Sandy J. Drown. SECOND 
ROW: Illene M. Rizek, M. S. Klotzbach, W. C. Gagnon, D. J. Hines, Charles J. 
Werp, Marv C. Grosdidier, Yvonne E. Warner, Shirley M. McMahon, Elaine 
Tearney, Phyllis Morris, Phyllis Pratt. THIRD ROW: Wilma R. Ludwig, James 

D. Murray, Ricnard E. Ruda, Fred C. Ross Jr., Edmund J. Peterson, Francis 
A. Gri I lot, William P. Haas, Maurice A. Korbe, Joe Dowrey, Wayne Haas. 
BOTTOM ROW: Patrick H. Myers, Tom E. Quint, Mike T. Esterl, Tom J. 
Nolan, Kenneth H. Brackney, P. Keith Billinger, Dan J. Farrell, Hubert Caspar, 
Don R. Carlson, Robert H. Annan, Eldon M. Hammeke. 

club has 485 members 

Newman Club, whose membership is open to 
all Catholic students, is the largest religious organ- 
ization on campus. Four hundred and eight-five 
members keep their motto "Heart speak to heart" 
in mind by participating in activities designed to 
foster religious, educational and social life. New- 
man Club meets on the first and third Sundays of 
each month. Activities include mixers once a 
month, a float in the Homecoming parade, an 

annual retreat, corporate communion Sundays, in- 
tramurals participation and discussion groups on 
"Courtship and Marriage." The K-State Newman 
Club sponsored the Kansas Regional meeting of 
Newman clubs. An annual banquet was held in 
the spring to celebrate Cardinal Newman Day. 
The Newman Club is a Catholic club of Catholic 
culture and fellowship that fosters the spiritual, 
intellectual and social interests of the Catholic stu- 
dents of Kansas State College. The purpose is to 
weld these interests into a common union and to 
assist Kansas State College and its students when- 
ever possible. Ralph Johnson was president of the 
group and Prof. J. P. Callahan was faculty spon- 
sor. The Rev. E. J. Weisenberg served as director. 

NEWMAN CLUB— TCP ROW: Maud W. Massie, Imelda M. Wasinger, Jolene 
J. Book, Nancy Whitney, Patricia J. Murphy, Bernadine F. Frigon, Sandra 
Tenorio, Maryanne Keller, Mary Patzell, Ruth Rohrer. SECOND ROW: Leon 
L. Spacil, James 0. Pugh, Joseph K. Haegelin, Nicholas Schroeder, Vacil Sul- 
lens, Billy J. Youngers, Ralph T. Johnson Jr., Bernard 0. Zecha, Barbara Hol- 
bert, Pat Gagnon, Mary D. Fickel. THIRD ROW: Dimond A. Pete, Robert E. 

Rippe, Robert Hlavacek, Robert Derusseau, Gaylord Chizek, Darrell D. Behrend, 
Karl B. Kastens, Jim Vader, Jerry Macfee, Marcy Gronis. FOURTH ROW: 
Harlan J. Tatge, Max C. Falk, Dick W. Worcester, Walter Pfanenstiel, Law- 
rence J. Peterson, Joe Vader, Richard Connell, Bob Parker, Michael Lillis, 
Robert Doebele, John Erbert. BOTTOM ROW: Claudine B. Macfee, Marjorie 
D. Roeckers, Charlene M. Strah, Nancy C. Ballweg, Charlotte A. Strah, Dot 
L. Wahle. 

A A @ A 

L J 


NEWMAN CLUB — TOP ROW: Jerome J. Ewald, P. Charlene Cox, Judie Evert, 
Sharon Hutchison, Pat McHugh, Marilyn Levett, Phyllis Dolecek, Joan Kordus, 
Rosie Cushing. SECOND ROW: David H. Lobmeyer, Richard A. Erbert, Dale 
W. Steffes, Leon F. Schmidt, Tom E. O'Brien, Leon L. Roth, Ronald L. Hor- 
nung, Jack Niernberger, Bernie White, Peter Wimsatt. THIRD ROW: Ronald 
H. Pflumm, Albert B. Podon Jr., Richard B. Heigele, Mike Maggard, Roger 0. 

Day, John Peters, Steve Beffort, Dick Irvine, John Erickson, Rodney C. Huer- 
ter. FOURTH ROW: James R. Kerr, Joseph J. Gardner, Glen O'Brien, Nolan 
Kennedy, Conrad J. Nelke, Robert Sexton, Richard J. Hornung, Thomas R. 
Kippenberger, Ruy Watterbach, Art Tangeman, Lawrence M. Zidek. BOTTOM 
ROW: Connie Blair, Catharine L. Raleigh, Janice Orten, Teresa Gatz, Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Jan Jackson. 

NEWMAN CLUB— TOP ROW: Daniel M. Burbach, Jerry V. Schuetz, John S. 
Koss, Francis N. Carroll, Larry L. Desilet, Beth Ann Dowling, Susanne Wild- 
gen, Ann Wiegers, Marlene B. Mattas, Loretta K. Splichal. SECOND ROW: 
Abraham L. Brown, Herb Pfannenstiel, Edward P. Duren, Lizabeth A. Sambol, 
Rhea A. Lake, Darlene Turner, Pat McDermott, Barbara Pivonka, Sandra 
White, Sandra K. Chapin. THIRD ROW: Ronald P. Mentgen, Joseph Panzitta, 

Ralph Grosdidier, William E. Ketter, Mark H. Hooper, Robert Riedmiller, Fred 
J. Suellentrop, John C. Poelma, Richard L. Pieschl, James Keating. FOURTH 
ROW: Gary M. Karnopp, Joseph E. Breitenstein, Maurice J. Farrell, J. P. 
Callahan, Clarence E. Schmidt, Jim Lyle, Omer Zeller, Frank Rodman, Gerald 
Miller, Harlan Meade, Robert W. Wempe. BOTTOM ROW: Jackie J. Commer- 
ford, Darlene Skillman, Theresa Wittek, Johncie L. Eder, John Rodriguez, 
Patricia Carroll, Patricia Noll, Betty Neises. 

ris E. Sweat, Robert T. Burns, Pat- 
rick Henry, Bernard Budenbender, 
Robert Heise, Patrick A. Schmied- 
eler, Robert J. Foster, Leo R. Wie- 
derholt. BOTTOM ROW: Donald E. 
Seibel, Donald D. Korbe, Herman F. 
Jasper, Raymond J. Haack, Ronald 
E. Leiker, Paul E. Bocquin, Don H. 


service is club motto 

"Service" is the watchword of Kappa Beta, 
religious sorority for university women of the 
Disciples of Christ church. Service projects in- 
cluded helping with Saturday play activities at 
Douglas Center and making toy monkeys for or- 
phanages. Mary Louise Ficke was president. Co- 
sponsors were Miss Gwendolyn Tinklin and Miss 
Lois Turner. 

The Evangelical United Brethren Student Fel- 
lowship, organized at K-State in October, 195 5, 
now has 40 members. Worship services were held 
on Sunday evenings. Warren Nichols was presi- 
dent, and Gerald Zachariah was the faculty sponsor. 

Sigma Theta Epsilon, Methodist men's organi- 
zation, formed basketball teams at Douglas Center 

and helped Wesley Foundation prepare for church 
services. Warren Lynn was president. Paul Duell 
was the faculty advisor. 

Fellowship Works in Colorado 

The Kansas State Christian Fellowship is a chap- 
ter of the interdenominational Inter-Varsity Chris- 
tian Fellowship. Activities included picnics and 
conferences for International students, and weekly 
prayer meetings. Members worked during the 
summer at Bear Trap Ranch, Colo., where Chris- 
tian living is taught. James Hughbanks was pres- 
ident, Lois Ottaway was the faculty advisor. 

The Christian Science organization, which had 
22 members, held weekly meetings in Danforth 
chapel to further the fellowship of interested stu- 
dents. The president of the group was Keith 
Landis, and Miss Rosamond Kedzie was the faculty 



I ) " 




TION—TOP ROW: Sharon R. Keif, 
Suzanne Fleetwood, Rosamond Ked- 
zie, Mary Ann Rogler. BOTTOM 
ROW: Joanne Lilly, Robert P. 
Huscher, Harold G. Morris, Keith 
R. Landis, Beverly A. Bergeson. 

J. Dempsey, Galen G. Hughbanks, Beverly E. Ringey, Lois A. Fields, Louise 
R. Ottaway, Norma E. Duell. SECOND ROW: Donna M. Wahl, Margaret R. 
Allison, Alice M. Eldridge, Etta M. Sanderson, Mary Katherine Rundell, Martha 
L. Hutcheson, Marllys K. Rudman. THIRD ROW: Joyce E. Rhodes, Esther 

L. Dahl, I. B. Rundell, Jack L. Hillman, Ronald L. Tarnstrom, James R. Hugh- 
banks, Joyce C. Simpson, Barbara McKinnis. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce J. San- 
derson, Robert T. McElroy, Harold L. Cordry, David J. Mugler, Robert E. 
Gramzow, Norman N. Duell, Gary L. Cromwell, Robert E. Durbin. 

i til-L 



Ray E. Hightower, Stan J. Hightower, Naomi G. Nichols, Sally Anduss, N. Eu- 
gene Lundgrin, Harlan E. Forslund, Larry D. Bacon. SECOND ROW: Arrah Sue 
Goodin, Varena L. Blattner, Marjorie Hamon, Gloria Bistline, Patricia Doug- 

lass, Karen Vathauer, Dorothy A. Byler, Dorothy F. Crotinger. THIRD ROW: 
Delmar L. Rieger, Elson F. Seitz, Charles Hamon, Lynn E. Anduss, Loren F. 
Ray, Robert L. Baer, Warren Nichols, Gerald Zachariah. BOTTOM ROW: 
Clyde C. Berg, Raymond L. Schweitzer, Stanley D. Bistline, Don Miller, Lee 
Wright, Dwight Jackson, R. NaDon Lindburg, Ben E. Brent. 

ex ©a 

SIGMA THETA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Howard B. Barbur, Gerald W. Hundley, 
Doyle Brown, Jerry D. Poage, Harlan E. Ross, Larry E. Hall, B. A. Rogers, 
A. Russell Bemis. SECOND ROW: Harold E. Kubik, John R. Milton, Herbert 
Wenger, Jimmie Beauchamp, Carl W. Poston, Donald L. Cooper, Hubert Guest, 

Don C. Spitze. THIRD ROW: Cecil Vining, Ronald R. Schultz, Jim Loucks, 
Bill Gamble, Darrell Lowe, Warren Lynn, Sylvester Nyhart, Ray Ganoung. 
BOTTOM ROW: James C. Windsor, John E. Alden, Jim Windle, Richard W. 
Wilson, Martin Meyer, Donald F. Jarchow, Kent Pridey, Gaylord Stanton. 

KAPPA BETA— TOP ROW: Pearl L. Dooley, Patricia J. Cary, Eldora Z. Mc- 
Reynolds, Fredys L. Wasson, Mary L. Murry, Joan G. Taylor, Joyce R. Taylor. 
SECOND ROW: Leta M. Lawson, Carol A. Shideler, Joan R. Brockman, Lois 

G. Stewart, Judith A. Stover, Velma C. Finkenbinder, D. Patricia Newell, 
Donna J. Knoche. BOTTOM ROW: Varena L. Blattner, K. Joan King, Mary 
Louise Ficke, Gwendolyn L. Tinklin, Lois Turner, Mary Rogers, Ila F. Lawson. 



'Msr J[V 



\w <m 

!■ ^f 


^-^ n. "i 


m ~ !■ 

m i 

L l r 

r fi 

1 : t 


Stuckey, Ronald L. Estes, Leeman D. Lazarus, Don W, Holloway, Marlene 
Schaben. SECOND ROW: Marcia P. Donavan, Alice M. Nagel, Lydia F. 
Chambers, Betty Willis, Rosemary Newcom, Charleen Selby. THIRD ROW: 

Bruce C. Barrow, Kenneth R. McCormic, Ronald L. Greenfield, Ronald D. But- 
ler, Palmer R. Haynes, James C. Zahnley, Fritz J. Urbanek. BOTTOM ROW: 
■ Richard L. Goudy, Lyle E. Clum, Donald R. Wester, Terry L. Antenen, Arnold 
G. Hildebrand, Ray D. Fritzemeyer, Jack Van Horn. 

service is their goal 

Roger Williams Fellowship, founded at Kansas 
State in 1951 for Baptist students, has grown from 
a small local group to a group of 150 active mem- 
bers. This year Miss Betty Willis was installed as 
permanent student director. Ron Butler, president 
of the Fellowship, was elected president of the 
Kansas Baptist Student Movement at their annual 
conference. Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Young were 
faculty advisors. Among group activities were a 
welcome party for new students, international 

student banquet, work day, and a spring retreat in 

Serving on gospel teams in Kansas churches pro- 
vided leadership experience for the 175 members 
of the Disciples Student Fellowship. Their purpose 
is to provide a fellowship to encourage the total 
Christian growth of young men and women. Other 
activities of the group included evening fellow- 
ship, study groups, leadership training programs, 
and informal recreation. Edwin Dillinger was 
president and Fred Lawson and Walter Abel were 
faculty sponsors. The organization began about 
2 5 years ago on the campus and in 1947 a full-time 
worker and a building were acquired. 

Taylor, Mary L. Murry, Eldora Z. McReynolds, Carol A. Shideler, Patricia J. 
Cary, Joanne Taylor, Leta M. Lawson, Kathleen M. Harden, Joan K. Peters. 
SECOND ROW: Maren L. Paynter, D. Patricia Newell, Joan R. Brockman, 
Beverely J. Devolld, L. Joyce Knepper, Shirley J. Sapp, Anita L. Hoge, Ila 

F. Lawson, Fredys L. Wasson, Donna J. Knoche. THIRD ROW: Donald R. 
Sumner, Jerry R. Robertson, Wendell L. Cole, Phillip C. Ferguson, W. A. 
Crawford, Mary Estella Rogers, Theresa Ross, Mary Louise Ficke, Judith A. 
Stover, Velma Finkenbinder. BOTTOM ROW: Gerald L. Winkelman, Walter 
H. Abel, Edwin T. Dillinger, E. Dale Knepper, Raymond A. Cornett, Law- 
rence R. Wasson, Frederick J. Ross, Gary Peterson, K. Joan King. 



TOP ROW: Esther G. Valdes, John 
S. Painter, Barbara A. Johnson. 
BOTTOM ROW: Van F. Sparks, J. 
Courtney Venables, Roy S. Turner, 
Frederick A. Williams. 

Canterbury House, student center for 130 mem- 
bers of the Canterbury Association of the Epis- 
copal church, was completely redecorated this past 
summer and fall by the members. The center was 
purchased in recent years and a full-time chaplain 
was brought in. Corporate worship, study and 
fellowship are some of their activities. Chaplain 
was the Rev. Mr. Roy S. Turner, president was 
John Painter, and Floyd Atkeson served as faculty 

"Her candle goeth not out by night" is the 
motto of Sigma Eta Chi, national Congregational 

Christian church sorority. Members work for the 
advancement of spiritual development in harmony 
with education. Judith O'Hara was president of 
the group. Helen Hostetter was faculty advisor 
and Mrs. Don Wilbur and Mrs. Ray Weese were 

Hillel Foundation is an organization for Jewish 
students and was founded at Kansas State 1 1 years 
ago. Their activities included a chicken barbecue, 
Hanukah party, and talks on religion. Joseph B. 
Schleicher was president and Dr. Max Milner was 
faculty sponsor. 

sanne L. Walters, Winifred M. 
Fields, Nancy Jo Chaffee, Judith E. 
O'Hara, Helen Hostetter. SECOND 
ROW: Nancy L. Roofe, Rosemary 
Dague, Elisabeth D. Nonamaker, 
Diana Mellor, Marjorie L. Ginter. 
BOTTOM ROW: Sally P. Powers, 
Mary J. Brown, Marilyn K. Dean, 
Marilyn S. Santner, Joyce N. 

Joseph B. Schleicher, Daniel Cha- 
juss, Gordon Grosh, Sam Hakimian. 
BOTTOM ROW: Gad Shefiet, Peter 
Newman, Max Milner, Stuart Rose. 

^ & ft d 

x. < . . ji BIS 3i^ ' ' IH 

mOWusa Kf 'J tL - 

W#\ ,u«3.< 


!D 1..,^ 


n J? , - ^ ^ o a ^ 

Rivera, Rosalia Hanken, Donna L. Lothman, Eva Cheung. SECOND ROW: 
Jeanette A. Garinger, Karen J. Gottfrid, Berneta L. Owen, Duane R. Young- 
quist, Louis Westman, Helen Hobbie. THIRD ROW: Verne S. Sweedlun, C. 

Darlene Nelson, Ivan Bengtson, Paul K. Turnquist, John G. Christopher, David 
Bengtson, John Lothman. BOTTOM ROW: Inez V. Ekdahl, Wendell A. Nel- 
son, Harold R. Albrecht, Jim Carlstedt, Donald D. Peterson, Erwin Rasmusson, 
Duane Johnson, Roger W. Hayford. 

lutherans boost chapel 

The Lutheran Student Association, headed by 
John Lothman, president, boasted a membership 
increase of 20 over last year, bringing the mem- 
bership to 190. Besides Sunday evening meetings, 
Bible study groups, a backwards party, the annual 
cherry pie baking contest, Christmas smorgasbord 
and the "Inquiry Unlimited" meetings, the LSA 
sponsored a weekly chapel service in Danforth 
Chapel, entirely student planned and executed. Dr. 
George Larson, Dr. Verne Sweedlun, and Miss Inez 
Ekdahl were faculty sponsors. 

Gamma Delta, a national organization of Luth- 
eran students, endeavors to provide Christian fel- 
lowship to its 60 members through religious and 
social gatherings. President of K-State's Mu chap- 
ter was Richard Wagner and Dr. Arlin Feyerherm 
acted as faculty advisor. One of Gamma Delta's 
main projects was the raising and contributing of 
funds to the national project of a medical mis- 
sionary scholarship and to furnish a student chapel 
at Toronto, Canada. Gamma Delta is an interna- 
tional association of Lutheran students. Organized 
in 1934, it now has 12 5 chapters and 10 regions. 
Its program is based on Christian knowledge and 

GAMMA DELTA— TOP ROW: Jean E. Rippe, Betty J. Mai, Eleanor A. Olson, 
Lillian C. Brandt, Kathryn A. Schmid, Gail A. Meyer, Janet K. Hill, Gelane 
Moritz, Phyllis Burdorf. SECOND ROW: Lois L. Nelson, Martha A. Smith, 
Charles K. Krueger, Larry K. Wangerin, Eva Jean Schroedel, Lu Etta Ber- 
schauer, Marilyn Froetschner, Joleen VonFange. THIRD ROW: Henry E. 

Kramer, Edward C. Reinemann, Virgil Bahr, DeLoyd B. Larsen, Donald K. 
Brinkman, Richard L. Wagner, Neal Meitler, Nancy Baehr, Lillian Suelter. 
BOTTOM ROW: Larry R. Edwards, Norman L. Sawyer, Vernon 0. Meinert, 
Richard A. Wheat, Gerald D. Manchester, Floyd W. Meyer, Raymond E. 
Meyer, Lester W. Wurm. 


€>- §£ ^/'fiO/^i f£> 



— TOP ROW: Glenn Kater, Larry M. 
Yost, Rosanne L. Walters, Elisabeth 
D. Nonamaker, Darlene Christiansen, 
Janet Markley. SECOND ROW: 
Winifred M. Fields, Earl J. Ham- 
mond, Marilyn K. Dean, Patricia A. 
Tucker, Ronald C. Christiansen, Vir- 
ginia Vahle. BOTTOM ROW: Rev. 
William F. Keeney, Donald E. Elson, 
Clinton F. Peirce, Vash A. Rumph, 
Thomas A. Gibson, Richard L. Van- 

The local United Student Fellowship helped or- 
ganize a state USF and helped in writing the state 
constitution. This group meets to provide intel- 
lectual, social, and spiritual fellowship for college 
students. It is a Congregational, Christian and 
Evangelical Reformed religious organization. Ac- 
tivities of the USF include a Christmas party for 
underprivileged children, attending the state 
conference, hayrack rides, picnics, movies and re- 
ligious discussions. They participated in the Con- 
gregational church's Every Member Canvass and 
the Christmas work shop to make gifts for needy 
people. Clinton Peirce, Don Elson and Vash Rumph 
represented the group at the national conference 
in Colorado. The group meets at the Congrega- 
tional Church and at their cabin on top of Stag 
Hill. Clinton Pierce was president first semester, 
and Don Elson presided during second semester. 

Westminster Fellowship, a Presbyterian organi- 
zation, is open to any interested student of K-State. 
The program for the year was centered around 
"What Kind of People Are We?" and was followed 
in the Sunday evening program and in the Presby- 
Weds, the young married students' group, West- 
minster Men and the graduate students' programs. 
Westminster members participated in contributions 
to the Hungarian Relief, and twice during the year 
presented a play, "Tomorrow for the Taking," in 
the college auditorium. The purpose of the fellow- 
ship is to "further the Christian education, experi- 
ence, and commitment and to unite with Christians 
who so desire." First semester president was Jim 
Elliott and second semester president was Jack 
Kersting. Faculty sponsor both semesters was Dr. 
Paul Sanford. Dr. Emerson I. Abendroth is the 
college pastor. 

WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP— TOP ROW: Marilyn L. Summers, Jane Seitz, 
Patricia Darg, Barbara Fleischer, Alice Austin, Emerson I. Abendroth, Hazel 
Hassebroek, Mary Ann Havel, Phyllis Shook, Dia H. Bolton. SECOND ROW: 
Beverly J. Ryman, H. Jane Thompson, Nancy L. Howard, Lynne Martin, Har- 
riet Tedrow, Marguerite G. Jahnke, Lois A. Elliott, Barbara R. McKinnis, Jane 

Forsberg. THIRD ROW: Stanley W. Cowan, Robert P. Thudin, Gerald E. 
Thierstein, Dale I. Smith, James W. Taylor, John W. Forsberg, John W. John- 
son, Robert H. Lawson, Robert R. Miller, Wallace E. Shultz. BOTTOM ROW: 
Richard D. Haines, Donald A. Gier, Harold G. Severance, Douglas Erbeck, Jack 
F. Kersting, Richard D. Bair, Don Rosebrook, Marion Lee Cook, Robert 
Rhodes, James D. Elliott, Bruce Fleischer. 


YWCA— TOP ROW: Phyllis J. Bur- 
dorf, Ruth M. Hammer, Carol A. 
Shideler, Anne Pederson, Nancy J. 
McLeod, Mary Rogler. SECOND 
ROW: M. Royanne McMullen, Mar- 
tha F. Finney, Helen A. Bocker, 
Margaret Wonder, Dixie F. Viar. 
BOTTOM ROW: Patricia A. Tucker, 
Marilyn C. Smith, Joyce E. John- 
ston, Marilyn M. McKnight, Shirley 
J. Younkin, Rosalyn E. Rowell. 

The Young Women's Christian Association, one 
of the oldest K-State organizations, sponsors the 
Y-Mart, Y-Knot Frolic, coffee at enrollment and 
the lighted Christmas Tree. It tries to help mem- 
bers realize full and creative life through a grow- 
ing knowledge of God. President was Mary Ann 
Rogler and faculty sponsor was Helen Bocker. 

The YMCA, with 5 members, sponsors the an- 
nual Y-Orpheum, marriage seminars, a trip to the 
United Nations and foreign student picnics. Or- 

ganized in 1885, the organization works to develop 
Christian faith, provide Christian fellowship and 
set Christian examples. Harold Stauf fer was presi- 
dent and Prof. Howard T. Hill was faculty sponsor. 
The 108 members of Kappa Phi, national Meth- 
odist sorority, unite for the purpose of making ev- 
ery Methodist woman in college today a leader in 
the church of tomorrow. Betty Allen was presi- 
dent and Mrs. B. A. Rogers was faculty sponsor. 

old K. Stauffer, Richard E. Mans- 
field, George L. Hooper, Arvin W. 
Hofmann, Keith R. Landis. SECOND 
ROW: Ted Varney, Howard T. Hill, 
Ralph Rogers, Edgar S. Bagley,, 
Dale I. Smith, Jay R. Tennant. 
BOTTOM ROW: Dick Mondy, Buddy 
D. Frye, LeRoy M. Stayton, Richard 
J. Gayek, Darrell T. Rosenow. 

Ousdahl, Dolores J. Wilken, Ruth 
M. Hammer, Carol A. Doran, Patri- 
cia A. Todd, Shirley I. Hundley, 
Meredith J. Griffiths. SECOND 
ROW: Greta L. Julian, Patricia E. 
DeLange, Judy J. Ross, Marilyn B. 
Crist, Marilyn R. Meyer, Pat Clary. 
THIRD ROW: Mary F. Woolley, 
Lois M. Springsted, Darlene Larkin, 
.Carolee Fox, Betty W. Allen, Eve- 
anna Clutter, Mary A. Jordan. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Joan K. Skupa, Bever- 
ley J. Miller, Peggy A. Tillotson, 
Gavona J. Michaels, Jo Ellen 
Cooley, Alice A. McCandless. 


KAPPA PHI— TOP ROW: Carolyn L. Humburg, 
Joan E. Kirk, Rosalyn E. Rowell, Virginia L. 
Eaton, Ruth Moline, Jeanelle F. Hendricks, 
Arvilla Kruger, Shirley McAdams. SECOND 
ROW: Phyllis A. Sayler, Gwen K. Bourquin, 
Barbara J. Wenger, Leda Vernon, Carolee 
Alexander, Christine J. Bergstrom, Pat A. Lutz, 
Valeta R. Purcell, Rosa Lee Nelson. THIRD 
ROW: Dorothy J. Kubik, Ruthann A. Hill, Ellen 
L. Wilson, Linda L. Bair, Marge L. Penrod, 
Donna L. Reeves, Mynie L. Mundhenke, Karen 
K. Bmns. BOTTOM ROW: Virginia Taylor, 
Muriel Ward, Ilene Nauerth, Orva L. Richard- 
son, Patsy McClenahan, Fayeann Sandstrum, 
Betty K. Emery, Livonia York, Maxine Olson. 

L. Eaton, Rosalyn E. Rowell, Dorothy J. Daugh- 
erty, Fayeann Sandstrum, Lois C. Adams, Mu- 
riel Ward, Barbara J. Wenger, Gwen K. Bour- 
quin, Carolyn L. Humburg, Janet Philips, Irene 
A. Hollingsworth. SECOND ROW: Peggy A. 
Tilllotson, Ilene J. Nauerth, Penny Stafford, 
Barbara Alt, Winnie Fellers, Patsy McClenahan, 
Marque Cox, W. Jeannie Hays, Christine J. 
Bergstrom, Rogene J. Davis, Marilyn Tindall. 
THIRD ROW: Donald E. Egbert. A. Russell 
Bemis, Ronald R. Schultz, Leland W. Elliott, 
Ray Schooley, Reuben D. Shepek, Darrell Lowe, 
Jim Windle, Martin Shetlar, Bill Gamble, Ray 
Ganoung. FOURTH ROW: John E. Alden, Har- 
old Dean Knewtson, James C. Windsor, Robert 
McFall, Martin Meyer, Cecil Vining, Richard 
Streets, Richard W. Wilson, Ronald E. Wilson, 
John R. Milton. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn R. 
Christ, Marcella J. Albright, Meredith J. Grif- 
fiths, Patricia A. Todd, Ruth M. Hammpr, 
Carol A. Doran, Connie Clary, Dolores J. Wil- 
ken, Betty Allen. 

Fox, Eveanna Clutter, Pat Clary, Linda Bair, 
Gavona Michaels, Rosa Lee Nelson, Marie 
Helmle, Leda Vernon, Arnita Otte, Mary Wool- 
ley. SECOND ROW: Darlene Larkin, Howard 
Barbur, Gerald Hundley, Harlan Ross, Herbert 
Wenger, Jerry Poage, Doyle Brown, Joan 
Skupa, Beverley Miller, Greta Julian, Ruth Mo- 
line. THIRD ROW: Clinton Hinman, Don 
Spitze, Earl Arnold, Warren Lynn, Hubert 
Guest, Jim Loucks, Larry Hall, Darrell Dutton, 
Chester Good, Jimmie Beauchamp. BOTTOM 
ROW: Donald Cooper, Harold Kubik, Sylvester 
Nyhart, Francis Holmes, Al Unruh, Larry Kep- 
ley, Kent Pridey, Donald Jarchow, Gaylord 
Stanton, Carl Poston, C. E. Lewis. 

Ousdahl, Diane Grey, Judy J. Ross, Maureen 
McRae, Pearl Arnold, Shirley I. Hundley, Alice 
A. McCandless, Rubyellen McDonald. SECOND 
ROW: B. A. Rogers, LeAnne C. Olson, Janice 
M. Lilly, Jeanelle F. Hendricks, Beverly E. 
Ringey, Carol B. Larson, Janice A. Billings, 
Carol A. Korinek, Jo Ellen Cooley. BOTTOM 
ROW: Joan E. Kirk, Ruthann A. Hill, Ellen L. 
Wilson, Eula M. Geist, Dorothy J. Kubik, Lois 
M. Springsted, Phyllis E. Hoyt, Mary A. Jor- 
dan, Carolee A. Alexander. 

.© &c,§o,'~ 

9 O -£ 


Joyce and Doug Dechairo, a sister-and-brother team, perform 
an adagio routine. This was part of the program at the Feast 

of Nations banquet sponsored by the K-State Cosmopolitan 
Club last November. 

new union gives student activities a boost 

Enthusiastic cheerleader, Dixie Warnick, leads students 
yell during a Wildcat basketball game. 


■■'... 1 - •;. 








^^r i 

Kansas State College provides nearly 165 activ- 
ity organizations for the many interests a student 
might have. Some are direct extensions of curric- 
ulum programs, and others are for such interests 
as horseback riding and square dancing. The K- 
State Union provides a place for meetings and an 
activities center with full time professional help 
available. Over 100,000 people have attended 
nearly 2,000 student scheduled events in the Union 
alone since its opening in March, 195 6. Student 
Activities Board members work closely with the 
Union program director who acts as executive 
secretary, to approve organizations and keep a 
record of all campus activities. They coordinate 
the activities of these organizations and assist them 
in every way possible. 

Dwight Bennett was chairman of the Board, 
Joyce Graham secretary, and Bob Alexander exec- 
utive secretary. Other student and faculty mem- 
bers were Midge Mulkey, Pat McDermott, Lance 
Gilmore, Peggy Daniels, Bob Blackwelder, Golda 

Larry E. North, Wally Brown, Bob 
Baldwin, Julius R. Swearingen, Wil- 
liam F. Shepard. BOTTOM ROW: 
Lyle E. Clum, Edward L. Stolfus, 
Bill L. Gamble, Roger L. McFillen, 
Evret C. Newman. 

Crawford and Charles Goetzinger. Non-voting 
members were Charles Jacot, Bob Alexander and 
Loren Kottner. Jack Van Horn reported the meet- 
ings to the Student Council, which appoints the 
board members. Among the newest activities are 
those at the K-State Union, center of activity on 
the campus. The Union provides activity pro- 
grams to satisfy the cultural, social, educational 
and recreational needs of the College community. 
Seven Student Union committees were formed in 
the fall of 19 5 5, and eleven are now in operation. 
Alpha Phi Omega, national scouting fraternity, 
renders services to the College and community. 
Their activities have included conducting tours 
around the College, donating magazines to Student 
Health and caring for the College mascot. They 
also aid in community services and assist Boy Scout 

troops in activities and meetings. Candidates for 
membership must have previous scout training, a 
desire to render service to help others, and a sat- 
isfactory scholastic standing. Wallace Brown was 
president, William Shepard scouting advisor, and 
Ralph Nevins faculty sponsor. 

"The door to success is labeled push" is the motto 
of the Agricultural Economics Club for students 
majoring in Agricultural Economics. The organ- 
ization furthers the professional and social interests 
of its members and fosters a closer relationship 
between them and the Department of Agricultural 
Economics faculty. Members helped to plan a re- 
gional meeting of Agricultural Economics clubs at 
St. Joseph, Mo., with Nebraska University, Iowa 
State and Missouri University. DeWayne Hamil- 
ton was president and J. A. Hodges was sponsor. 

AG ECON CLUB— TOP ROW: Alan A. Linnebur, Carroll E. Lew.s, Jack A. ROW: Larry E. Womacks, Hosea S. Harkness, J. A. Hodges, Wilfred H. Pine, 

Maupin, Phillip L. Doctor, Ensley J. Sisk, DeWayne E. Hamilton. SECOND Duane Johnson, Vernon Bartlett. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Goering, Larry M. 

Boone, John R. Helm, Shirley E. Strnad, Ross M. Nelson. 


t. , j « 

C2 %jr 

AG EDUCATION CLUB— TOP ROW: Harold K. Stauffer, Donald R. Sumner, 
Thomas J. Cockerill, Charles M. Copple, Billy R. Fuller, Donnie E. Cunning- 
ham, Larry R. Kepley, Ralph F. Kenworthy. SECOND ROW: Robert E. Lovin, 
Max E. Fogleman, Gaylord D. Stanton, Clinton Russell, Lowell D. Satterlee, 

AG EDUCATION CLUB— TOP ROW: Glenn L. Heideman, William L. Green- 
wood, Neal J. Coyle, David E. Witty, Mervyn R. Stuckey, Nicholas P. Schroed- 
er, Glen 0. Taplin, Arnold P. Appleby. SECOND ROW: Darrell E. Craghead, 
Dean Ebel, Maurice J. Farrell, E. L. Van Meter, Gary Sullivan, Jerry Greene, 

Gerald D. Blazek, Frederick T. Charles. THIRD ROW: Delmar L. Rieger, 
Willard G. Corns, Earl E. Baugher, Richard C. Frohberg, Harold G. Severance, 
Kenneth N. Weatherd, John G. Akers. BOTTOM ROW: Leslie A. Olsen, John 
W. Weseloh, C. 0. Jacobs, Ronald W. McKinnie, David J. Mugler, Jack E. 
Kersting, Marvin A. Shoemaker. 

Herbert Wenger, Larry M. Yost. THIRD ROW: Carl F. Borth, Larry D. Riat, 
Donald R. Canfield, Charles W. Allen, Richard R. Street, Howard Bradley, 
Terry D. Fanning, Dale P. Disberger. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald J. Sweat, Har- 
old A. Berends, Donald L. Stuteville, Loren D. Isaacson, Richard M. Cranston, 
Virgil J. Norton, Jay M. Disberger, Galen W. Rapp. 

club assists ffa 

The purpose of the Agriculture Education Club 
is to strengthen the confidence of the members in 
both their work and themselves while preparing 
to be instructors of vocational agriculture. The 
8 5 members make up the second largest club in 
the School of Agriculture. Members strive for 
two goals; to give assistance to the Future Farmers 
of America and to provide educational enlight- 
enment in the field of agriculture. To become a 
member of the Agriculture Education Club, the 
future member must be enrolled in the curricu- 
lum of Agriculture Education. The club sponsors 
school square dances, watermelon feeds, a co-ed 

banquet, and serves box lunches and banquets dur- 
ing the annual Future Farmers of America contest 
in the spring. 

Supervise FFA Contests 

Besides supervising the state Future Farmers of 
America contests and conducting model FFA 
meetings to gain proper training for their future 
teaching techniques, the club sponsors an all- 
college farm mechanics skills contest. The club 
dates back to 1947 and since that time the mem- 
bers have had the opportunity to listen to many 
outstanding and successful teachers of vocational 
agriculture discuss the problems that the student 
teachers can expect to encounter in teaching. 
Heading the Ag Education Club this year were 
Virgil Norton, president, and Howard R. Bradley, 
faculty advisor. 

The Block and Bridle Club is the largest de- 
partmental club in the School of Agriculture. 
Any student who is taking courses in animal hus- 
bandry may join. It was organized as the Jay- 
hawker Saddle and Sirloin Club in 1914 but later 
joined with similar clubs to form the National 
Block and Bridle Club. Two of the objectives of 
the Block and Bridle Club are to promote a higher 
scholastic average among students of animal hus- 
bandry and to promote animal husbandry in col- 
leges and universities. The 110 members co-sponsor 
the Little American Royal and the wool and 
livestock judging contests. The club also partici- 
pates in the state Future Farmers of America 
contest, Feeders Day, and the Formula Feed Con- 
ference. A special project of the club this year 
was the construction of a polished walnut judging 
plaque to honor the winners of the annual Block 
and Bridle livestock judging contest. Walter Mar- 
tin was president and David L. Mackintosh was 
faculty advisor. 



"Swing your partner" is 
K-Staters join in frontier 

the cry 

of a square dance caller as 

BLOCK AND BRIDLE— TOP ROW: Leonard L. Drumright, Loren D. Henry, 
Paul S. Faidley, Charles B. Warne, Richard L. Fankhauser, Donald L. Schick, 
Vernon W Bartlett, Robert I. Glanville, Roger L. Douglass. SECOND ROW: 
Ben E. Brent, James D. Wittum, Leon A. Sucht, Harold Garner, Phillip G. 
Schmidt, Herschel L. Staats, Don M. Springer, John E. Anderson, Gary Cum- 

BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB— TOP ROW: Dale E. Dickson, Alfred E. Baker, 
Larry J. Greene, Frank G. Bell, Billy S. Bevelhymer, Janice Lee Gaddis, Mil- 
ton T. Shirley, William H. Brethour, Robert E. Quanz. SECOND ROW: L. 
Eldon Gideon, Allan L. Henry, Darrell E. Keener, Harry D. Peter, Lynn L. 
Perkins, Darwin R. Francis, Gary W. Peterson, Loris Lyle Luginsland. THIRD 

mings THIRD ROW: Bill L. Schultz, James L. Gammell, Charles D. Miksch, 
Larry M. Boone, Rae C. Luginsland, Floyd W. Meyer, Bill E. Perkins, Tony 
Renollet, Melvin Hubbell. BOTTOM ROW: Ray W. Ely, Bob L. Doyle, David 
H. Dettke, Marion R. Fedde, Burke C. Rogers, Arthur J. Armbrust, Mike 
Murphey, Gilmore Dahl, Thomas E. Appleby. 

ROW: William C. Root, Ben H. Handlin, Dale R. Schilling, Ronald R. Schultz, 
Raleigh J. Flanders, Don G. Perkins, James 0. Pugh, Paul T. Hendrickson, 
Alfred D. Broddle. BOTTOM ROW: Joe R. Haggard, Gerald E. Brune. Charles 
R. Hall, John S. Lips, H. L. Todd, Bryan B. Barr, Loy Reinhardt, William H. 
Sears, 0. Kent Cornett. 


O Q $• A Q 9 „ p _~ 

club helps with garden 

The purpose of the 18 members of the K-State 
Horticulture Club is the promotion of good fel- 
lowship among members and the advancement of 
interest in horticulture. Any student or faculty 
member is eligible for membership if he is in good 
standing with the College, of good moral character 
and if he is interested in some phase of horticul- 
ture. Helping with the construction of the court 
garden behind Waters Hall has been the most recent 
project of the club. Since the Horticulture Club 
was organized in 1920, it has been active each 
semester. Two meetings are held each month. The 
club sponsors shows that are held in Dickens Hall, 

Denizens of the north end of campus take an afternoon break 
at the dairy bar, where College dairy products are sold. 

L. R. Quinlan, R. W. Campbell, 
Larry I. Greene, Theo Chellappa, 
Sisir Kamal Dutta. SECOND ROW: 
Het Ram Kalia, Barbara A. Stough- 
ton, Alice M. Eldridge, William L. 
Beale, Harlan E. Forslund. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Charles J. Hall, David 
H. George, Martin Meyer, John F. 
Hendrickson, Robert J. Foster, Surin- 
derS. Attri. 

DAIRY CLUB — TOP ROW: Robert W. Bozworth, Darrell D. Westervelt, F. C. 
Fountaine, G. B. Marion, L. H. Odgers, Edwin C. Cotner, T. J. Claydon, Har- 
lan E. Ross, Dick Dunham, E. P. Duren. SECOND ROW: Chester Peterson, 
Gene Allen, Tom Townsend, D. E. Glenn, F. L. Young, James Doig, Albert 
Smith, Ravon Thaemert, G. W. Atkeson. THIRD ROW: Erie E. Bartley, Walter 

B. Burling, Keith Huston, Dolan Leverton, John R. Milton, Richard E. Orr, 
Melvin Martinek, Jack Van Horn, Ray Schooley, L. C. Garrison Jr. BOTTOM 
ROW: Gary L. Brinkman, George M. Ward, Edward W. Hart, Donald E. Harris, 
Kenneth T. Kirton, Jack Van Tilburg, Ray England, Richard Haddock, Donald 
Finical, Jim Swiercinsky. 


MILLING ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Don W. Peterson, Larry L. Johnson, 
Ross E Schallehn, Gary C. Runnalls, Harry C. Bennetts, Dean Faidley, Alfred 
D. Broddle, Armando Monroy, Ernest T. Arriaga. SECOND ROW: John W. 
Callison, James R. Keating, Clarence R. Creger, Douglas J. Drury, James D. 
Stamm, Keith L. Hall, Walter D. Eustace, Gad Shefet Billy D. Bower, Rich- 
ard W. Hotz. THIRD ROW: Peter Newman, Ray McCullough, Donald E. Mor- 

rison, Ronald L. Chilcoat, Donald P. Adee, John E. Downing, LaRue B. 
Kabance, Roger N. Anderson, J. Brent Adair, Clarence E. Crowl, Royce 0. 
Pence. FOURTH ROW: Roger D. Wolfe, Eugene M. Maurer, Edward L. Stol- 
fus, Lee R. Young, James S. West, Gary L. Cooper, Keith E. Taylor, James 
A. Brown, James A. Mulder, Charles J. Studnicka. BOTTOM ROW: Carl A. 
Stevens, Daniel Chajuss, Gerald D. Miller, Jim Booth, Gary L. Swenson, 
Yee S. Kim. 

judging contests, and athletic activities. John 
Hendrickson was president and Charles V. Hail 
was faculty sponsor. 

Co-sponsoring the Little American Royal was 
a special project of the Kansas State Dairy Club. 
In addition, they helped feed visitors at the 
KABSU annual open house and the Formula Feed 
conference. When not engaged in these activities, 
the 41 students, 4 graduate students and 17 faculty 
members who belonged to the Dairy Club spent 
their time putting out the Dairy Student which 
the club published. Taking time out from their 
work every fall and spring, the club has a steak 
fry followed by a square dance. The purpose of 
the club is to be of service to the College and the 

dairy department whenever possible and to pro- 
vide information on topics of general interest to 
its members. It also provides fellowship for the 
students and faculty members who are interested 
in dairying. 

The Milling Association has gained 40 members 
since last year and now boasts a membership of 
120. To be eligible for membership, one must be 
enrolled in Flour and Feed Milling curriculum. The 
purpose of the club is to bring members of the 
Flour and Feed Milling department into close con- 
tact and fellowship with each other. The club 
sponsors monthly seminars, and an annual spring 
picnic. Brent Adair was president and John John- 
son was the faculty advisor. 

MILLING ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Ralph J. Piccola, Herbert H. Hischke, 
Jerry L. Kintigh, Frank A. Bossi, Robert L. Mall, James E. Didelot, Reinhart 
B. Billiar, Charles M. Schroeder, Daniel Lee, Joseph C. Northern. SECOND 
ROW: Edward C. Reinemann, George T. Tollefson, Charles W. Colson, Lavern 
R. Stigge, Richard L. Stamm, Martyn L. Apley, Ronald L. Boucek, Robert L. 

Shipp, Charles K. Meyer, John H. Sudduth, Lerance C. Bolte. THIRD ROW: 
Charles E. Waknitz, Robert D. Alley, Willis E. Easter, Linn M. Riggert, John 
D. Buser, Arthur H. Fromm, Donald A. Kesinger, Robert C. Washington, Denis 
C. Jackson, Clyde H. Yost. BOTTOM ROW: Kent B. Burns, Kenneth W. Riley, 
Roy D. Cooley, Robert B. Lawrence, Burdell Nolte, Mart H. Cooley, Robert L. 
Gies, Gary L. Resseguie, Daniel H. Dudek, Steve Bressler. 

ft, _ft jA 

,i ( ||#I^ 


T k 


POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB— TOP ROW: Therean L. Towns, Jose E. Muriente, 
Manuel A. Soler, Larry D. Bacon, Pedro J. Olivencia, Paul Cordial, Kenneth 
0. Harris, Bill Brethour, Robert J. Dempsey. SECOND ROW: Paul E. Sanford, 
James V. Craig, Clinton Russell, Loyd R. Vernon, Ray Morrison, Eddie Slo- 

combe, Franklin E. Cunningham, John Willey. THIRD ROW: A. M. Guhl, Dale 
D. Disberger, Dale Tindell, Joseph Horton, Ray C. Amet, John Berry, Floyd 
Meyer, Jerald Bokelman, Charles H. Jacobson. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Doer- 
ing, Harry D. Muller, Armin Grosse, Loy D. Reinhardt, Tom Avery, David J. 
Mugler, Gilbert F. Selsor, P. B. Siegel, G. R. McDaniel. 

club prepares barbecues 

Poultry Science Club, a nationwide organiza- 
tion, creates and furthers interest in poultry 
husbandry and promotes closer friendship and co- 
operation among the students and faculty. The 
club is open to any college student or faculty mem- 
ber interested in poultry. This year the club spon- 
sored a collegiate poultry judging contest, and as- 
sisted in feeding participants of the Formula Feed 
Conference and in financing a field trip to visit a 
broiling area and several large poultry farms in 
Arkansas. Fall and spring barbecues and an awards 
banquet were held. The club also prepared chicken 
barbecues for other organizations. An increase of 

13 brought the membership to 48 this year. Bill 
Brethour was president and Ray Morrison was ad- 

Installation of a telescope on the roof of Willard 
Hall was a project of the Kansas State College 
student section of the American Institute of 
Physics, open to students enrolled in the field of 
physics. The organization was founded on the K- 
State campus in 19 50. The advancement and dif- 
fusion of knowledge of the science of physics and 
its application to human welfare is the purpose of 
the organization. Twenty students were members. 
Basil Curnutte was faculty sponsor and Raimo 
Bakis was president. Members participate in the 
annual High School Science Conference, take a 
yearly field trip, and send a newsletter to the 
alumni of the physics department. 

ICS—TOP ROW: Joseph S. Wells, 
John D. Spangler, Ralph T. Johnson, 
Laura Schmidtlein. BOTTOM ROW: 
Raimo Bakis, Bill Spencer, Jim 
Swain, Stanley L. Bradley. 


KLOD AND KERNEL KLUB— TOP ROW: Philip F. Warnken, Francis E. 
Holmes, Harlan L. Hunter, Harry W. Penland. SECOND ROW: Jimmie L. Beau- 
champ, James D. Pettyjohn, Alice M. Eldridge, Roger B.Carlson. THIRD ROW: 

Elson F. Seitz, Dwayne M. Dahl, James E. Matson, Carlyle A. Thompson, 
Ernest L. Mader. BOTTOM ROW Max A. Urich, Clinton F. Peirce, Dwight N. 
Jackson, Arthur J. Armbrust, Kent V. Pridey, Lud A. Bezemek. 

Klod and Kernel Klub, agronomy department 
organization, holds a local essay contest each year 
to select three papers for participation in a na- 
tional agronomy contest. Their other activities 
include participation in the activities jamboree, an 
Ag Week display, fall steak fry for membership 
promotion and a spring picnic. K-State delegates 
attended the National Student Section of the 
American Society of Agronomy meetings in Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Judging samples were also sent to 
various high schools for instructional purposes. 
Students and faculty members of K-State with an 
interest in agronomy are eligible for membership. 
The club tries to develop a spirit of good fellow- 

ship in the agronomy department. Carlyle Thomp- 
son was president and Ernest L. Mader was sponsor. 
Club Cervantes, K-State Spanish club, promotes 
the study of Spanish and Latin-American culture 
and encourages familiarity with the Spanish lan- 
guage. Students currently enrolled at Kansas State 
who have had six semester hours of Spanish, or 
who know how to speak Spanish, are eligible for 
active membership. Those interested in the activ- 
ities of the organization may be associate members. 
Forty members participated during the year in 
activities such as observance of Columbus Day and 
a Pan-American Day dinner. Kathleen Kulp was 
president. Faculty sponsors were Manuel D. Ram- 
irez and Thirza Mossman. 

CLUB CERVANTES—TOP ROW: Mrs. Betty Sanger, Chiara Bini, J. Antonia 
Sifuentes, Kathleen Kulp, Jo Carstens, Esther G. Valdes. SECOND ROW: Jose 
Manual Correa, Jose Salcedo, Jose E. Muriente, Juan Angel Moncadahi, Juan 

Salazar, Malcolm Gehrke, Carlos A. Olivella. BOTTOM ROW: Harold L. Payne, 
Warren A. Sanger, Jorge E. Haeussler, Mary M. Drantman, James C. Carey 
Charles J. Coughlin. 


CONSERVATION CLUB— TOP ROW: James B. Elder, Dale I. Smith, Jimmie 
1_. Frazier, Fred L. Henley, Clayton W. Stephens. SECOND ROW: Joseph E. 

Frazier, Dale R. Hill, Richard D. Barton, Russell S. Adams Jr., Jerry L. Steg- 
man, Thomas A. Eddy. BOTTOM ROW: Dale L. Taylor, Virgil D. Luedders, 
Larry L. Hahn, George A. Berg, Keith W. Jeffers. 

phems sponsor play day 

The Kansas State Conservation Club has as its 
purpose the promotion of the principles of conser- 
vation. Jerry Stegman was president and Dr. James 
B. Elder was faculty sponsor. 

PHEMS, Women's Physical Education Majors' 
Club, sponsored an annual Play Day for high school 
students. Dolores Hess was president. 

The Chancery Club's purpose is to give better 
preparation for law students. Larry Bean was pres- 
ident and Prof. A. D. Miller was faculty sponsor. 

Extension Club members are interested primar- 
ily in acquainting themselves with extension work 
and meeting extension personnel. Phillip Parker 
was president this year. 

Entomology Club members host the Kansas En- 
tomological Society on its visits to Kansas State. 
President this year was Robert Simpson. 

ENTOMOLOGY CLUB— TOP ROW: Thomas M. Gray, W. Keith Whitney, M. D. 
Pathak, Juan A. Sifuentes, Dip Raj Sharma, Robert G. Simpson, Spiro J. Lou- 
loudes. SECOND ROW: Jack L. Bishop, Fred W. Knapp, Roger C. Smith, Wil- 
liam W. Gibson, Salah E. Rashad, Rodolfo Quintana, Donald A. Wilbur. 

THIRD ROW: Woodrow W. Franklin, Eldon E. Ortman, Harry W. Somsen, 
Herbert Knutson, R. H. Painter, Robert W. Howe, Fred A. Lawson'. FOURTH 
ROW: Wayne L. Berndt, Dave L. Matthew, Don C. Peters, Chris Burkhardt, 
Albert E. O'Donnell, Gregory B. Mulkern, Philip B. Morgan. BOTTOM ROW: 
Salome del Rosarir, Erlinda R. Quiaoit. 


f) A A ® © r-> <"» 

PHEMS— TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, Nancy Gale, Diane Gentry, Myrna Wil- 
liamson, Emma Douglass, Charlotte Wipf, Illene Rizek, Gayle Coppoc, Susan 
Schober, Annette Tighe. SECOND ROW: Marjorie VanCamp, Dorinda Mears, 
Karen Binns, Kathy Horridge, Katherine Aye, Linda Felton, Marilyn Hanna, 
Donna Geis, Doris Geis, Cicely Bennett, Norma Eversole. THIRD ROW: Le- 

Royce Maddux, Mary Barger, Mary Moak, Janice Wolverton, Barbara Burnes, 
Vicki Brodbeck, Clareen Dodds, Alice Becker, MaryAnn VanMeter, Doris Wilson. 
BOTTOM ROW: Joann Hotchkiss, Pat Smith, Dolores Hess, Ilene Nauerth, 
Jeanette Hamilton, Sharon Ericson, Ruth Bybee, Eva Lyman, Francile Aron- 
halt, Martha Aly, Carol Morford. 

Gerald K. Smith, A. D. Miller, 
Mary Jo Forbes, Larry L. Andres, 
Mai Skinner. SECOND ROW: 
David L. Smith, Fran Meegan, 
Sharon L. Nuttle, Mikel L. Stout. 
BOTTOM ROW: Robert 0. Mc- 
Dowell, Charles A. Chartier, Dan 
J. Farrell, Larry Bean, Jay Ryan. 

EXTENSION CLUB— TOP ROW: Janice J. Fauss, Lois C. Adams, Carrol D. 
Spencer, Phillip L. Doctor, Norma L. Brown, Eula M. Geist. SECOND ROW: 
George McCallum, Don C. Spitze, I. B. Rundell, Leon A. Sucht, Larry Kepley. 

BOTTOM ROW: Philip E. Parker, Kent W. Pridey, James E. Osborn, Lud A. 
Bezemek, Ross M. Nelson, Jerry L. Karr. 


AIA — TOP ROW: Florence M. Paris, Ruth A. Collins, Wendell A. Wright, 
Theodore A. Chadwick, Wladimir de Acosta, Emil C. Fischer, Yvonne E. War- 
ner, J. D. Whistler, Phyllis Shook, Linnea Brown. SECOND ROW: Ronald P. 
Mentgen, Leonard J. McKenna, Charles W. Hight, Max K. Roberts, Tom John- 
son, Kenneth Heidebrecht, Patrick J. Donnellan, Lester Kephart, Maurice 

McMullen. THIRD ROW: Bob C. Sommers, Wayne E. Engelhardt, Leon H. 
Armantrout, Walter 0. Herndon, L. B. Roberts, Steve D. Kelly, Walter B. 
Kerr, Allan J. Hastings, Gerald D. Ervin. BOTTOM ROW: Leon L. Fick, 
Joe H. Vanderweide, William H. Wilson, Keith S. Chrisman, Duane R. Engle, 
Keith L. Fillmore, Richard J. Hornung, Jere L. Johnson, William H. Monroe, 
William H. Johnson, 

engineers write papers 

Through the student chapter of the American 
Institute of Architects, architecture and architec- 
tural engineering students became more closely 
associated with their profession. Charles Hight 
was president of the AIA and T. A. Chadwick was 
the faculty sponsor. 

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
is the student chapter of the national society. The 
organization gives chemical and nuclear engineers 
an insight into the problems they may meet in 

their work. Dean Nehrig was president and H. T. 
Ward was the faculty advisor. 

The members of the American Institute of Elec- 
trical Engineers became acquainted with their 
chosen profession through meeting with practicing 
engineers and by writing professional papers. 
Charles Weidler was the president. Joe Ward was 
the faculty advisor. 

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 
a student branch of the national society whose pur- 
pose is to advance ag engineering, is looking for- 
ward to moving into the new ag engineering wing 
which was started this spring. Paul Turnquist was 
president of ASAE, and Prof. J. W. Funk was the 
faculty advisor. 

AICHE— TOP ROW: Howard B. Barbur, Raymond L. Vaughn, Roger D. Allen, 
Richard D. Franz, Robert A. Chandler, William L. Harrison, W. Alan Buller- 
diek, Terry L. Bruce, Thomas H. Cour, Theresa Ross. SECOND ROW: J. 0. 
Mingle, Donald D. Hackler, David H. Lobmeyer, Dae M. Chung, Dennis L. Rip- 
ley, Maurice L. Sproul, Charles J. Swartz, Myron J. Zeller, Bill D. Mollohan, 

Larry R. Foulke. THIRD ROW: Donald J. Lank, Frank E. Butler, Lawrence 
E. Stover, Darold K. Barb, Robert E. Dejmal, Duane L. Renberger, Frederick 
J. Ross, Dean A. Nehrig, Waldo H. Gerards, Gerald Mase. BOTTOM ROW: 
James C. Mailen, Harley E. May, Thomas J. Nolan, Dale V. Aikens, V. Wayne 
Gustafson, Darrel W. Smith, Harold D. Riechers, Richard H. Bartel, Harold 
Reimer, Richard Dreasher. 

a n en 


Nicholson, Clinton R. Johnson, Paul D. Nelson, John W. Reh, Francis S. 
Hoopes, Patrick Henry, Clyde H. Sprague, R. L. Bonham. SECOND ROW: Allen 
D. Ti I ley, Fred Carra, Victor J. Thompson, Walter L. Moden Jr., James H. 

Watson, Donald C. Signor, Harold E. Kubik, Carl W. Poston. THIRD ROW: 
Richard L. Lyell, Charles B. Johnson, Nelson L. Sinderson, Ragnar N. Lind- 
burg, Jerry Dickerson, Robert Heise, William R. Gordon, Steven K. Eddy. 
BOTTOM ROW: Mike W. Cornett, Kirby Lee, Charles Dorgan, Larry Orme, 
Bill Patterson, Dick Folsche, Stanley Bistline, Lyman Goetsch. 

R. Allen, Leon R. Blass, Herman C. Gorton, Gerald D. Grasch, James D. 
Arnold, Don F. Wagner, Ralph J. McGinty, C. Wayne Dunn, Larry Moser. 
SECOND ROW: Gerald E. Thierstein, Eldon D. Woodward, Louis L. Studer, Keith 
M. Donelson, Raymond D. Stratton, Carrol G. Glanville, John M. Andrews, 

James C. Walker. THIRD ROW: Paul K. Turnquist, John G. Christopher, 
Danny N. Burgess, J. W. Funk, K. A. Robertson, Cecil D. Davies, James L. 
Southern, Delmer Hayes, Dennis A. Weixelman. BOTTOM ROW: Tom M. Al- 
bright, Robert L. McFall, August J. Dornbusch, Richard L. Schoof, Elmer E. 
Jones Jr., Lee Wright, Laurence Schaper, Joseph A. Johnson. 

Windisch, Donald L. Raphael, Donald W. Meseke, Jack D. Jaro, George Y. 
Ouye, Charles R. Weidler, Gerald K. Wiles, Robert N. DuBois, James E. Lin- 
nell, Charles J. Werp, Gale W. McGuffey. SECOND ROW: Richard E. Fixsen, 
Joe E. Ward Jr., Tommy L. Stalcup, Ivan L. Bengtson, Glenn D. Selvy, Rod- 
ney L. Anderson, George M. Dannenfelser, Larry J. Maurer, Royce Kopf, David 

W. Stone. THIRD ROW: Dwain C. Saxton, Jack E. Brown, Ronald L. Estes, 
James R. Merritt, Donald E. Egbert, Richard E. Kirkland, Gordon Carlson, 
Kenneth E. Roehrman, Earl D. Neff, Thomas A. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Don P. Hutchison, James R. Miller, Lyle E. Clum, Donald D. Peterson, Jerold 
Hahn, Foster R. Needels, Garry L. Ogle, Robert H. Updike, Eldon M. Ham- 
meke, Duane B. Feldmann. 

Q a. a 

.'iyv^ 1 * ^ 


engineers face future 

which is held each spring. President of the group 
was K. D. Fetrow. Dr. J. G. McEntyre was faculty 

Helping civil engineering students become more 
familiar with the engineering profession and ac- 
quainting them with the functions of their organ- 
ization are the purposes of the American Society 
of Civil Engineers. The group has a total enroll- 
ment of 100, a 2") percent increase over last year's 
membership. In order to become a member of the 
ASCE, a student must be enrolled in Civil Engi- 
neering and have junior or senior standing. The 
group participates in Engineering Open House 

Interest Is Technical Information 

Students studying for a degree in a technical 
field such as engineering, chemistry or physics 
make up the membership of the Institute of Aero- 
nautical Sciences. The purpose of the group, or- 
ganized at K-State in 19 50, is to advance and to 
make known information on the theory and prac- 
tice of the aeronautical sciences. President of the 
group was Keith L. Small and faculty sponsor was 
Prof. Frank J. McCormick. 

Cole, Delbert Roupp, James McCallister, Melvin Mitchell, Darrell Nelson, Joe 
Daniels, John McEntyre. SECOND ROW: Gerald Winkelman, Laurence English, 
Edward Polasky, Lloyd Gaiser, John Cannon, John Hellmer, Jerry Wooten, 
Bobbie McCoy, Frank Jones. THIRD ROW: Donald Stafford, Robert Hein, 
Dale Martinitz, Howard McPhail, Richard Barrett, Joseph Haegelin, Leon 

Heidebrecht, Melvin Burdorf, Stan Rieb, Larry Kroeker. FOURTH ROW: Rob- 
ert Scott, Herb Haas, Harry Hutton, Bill Stanley, Marvin Wehrman, Hubert 
Caspar, Gerald Manchester, Jon Dutton, Stan Batterton, David Melroy. BOT- 
TOM ROW: William Fixsen, Richard Stalcup, Billy Stalcup, Mutazz Bilbisi, 
Edmond Young, Cloyd Scott, Duane Cooley, Arthur Rhodes. 
ASCE— TOP ROW: Val Lindquist, Robert Burns, Ronald Sibbitt, Wendell 

ASCE— TOP ROW: Frank Green, Wilbur Pattison, Dean Schuster, Jay Black, 
Fritz Urbanek, Kurtz Paulson, John Boring, Duane VanHaverbeke, Gerry 
Brickell, Franklin Howell, Donald Cahoone. SECOND ROW: Mike Olivier, 
Ghalib Shahab-Ed-Din, James Marsh, Vernon Rosebraugh, Herbert Webb, 
Cyrus Young, Lloyd Phillips, Larry Peck, Ray Hijazi, Robert Self. THIRD 

ROW: Donald Fritts, Thomas Allen, Milo Kratochvil, Stuart Hutchison, Clint 
Hanna, Jerry Evans, Keith Bell, Robert Williams, Gordon Marts, Lowell Bell, 
Vernon Strahm. FOURTH ROW: Robert Bassett, Jack Drury, William Baren- 
berg, Willard Brann, James VanLoenen, Donald Durr, William Schlichter, 
Clyde Anthem, Carroll Hamon, Ernest Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: George Bemis, 
Edward Cook, Allen Olsen, Loyal Huddleston. 


ASME— TOP ROW: John W. Komer Jr., LaVerne M. Lervold, John A. Lothman, 
G. William Gillett, Max Mechsner, Don B. Porter Jr., Don McCosh. SECOND 
ROW: Donald F. Swartz, Fred J. Suellentrop, Richard L. Peterson, Richard 
D. Weidler, Don E. Croy, Kay L. Cornelius, Donald L. Parks. THIRD ROW: 

Keith L. Small, Henry E. Kramer, Glen D. Bullock, Gerald G. Nixon, LeRoy 
M. Stayton, Archie J. Cornelius, Harry D. McNary. BOTTOM ROW: Elmer R. 
Nelson, Thomas A. Rumsey, Jules Newman, Larry A. Rash, Nor Sutton, Ar- 
nold Hildebrand, Gordon Piatt, Patrick Schmiedeler. 

The organization of the Mock Political Conven- 
tion held on campus last spring had its beginning 
with the Political Science Club, which was estab- 
lished in 1954. Members may be majors in govern- 
ment or have an interest in public affairs. The 

group's purpose is to acquaint students with op- 
portunities for public service careers and to discuss 
topics of current importance. Activities of the 
group include guest speakers and visits to the 

t~ *J, 


McCormick, Larry L. Smith, Don B. 
Porter Jr., Donald McCosh. SEC- 
OND ROW: Fred A. Suellentrop, 
Richard L. Peterson, Donald F. 
Swartz, Keith L. Small, Richard D. 
Weidler. BOTTOM ROW: Elmer R. 
Nelson, Nor Sutton, LeRoy M. Stay- 
ton, Max Mechsner. 


ROW: Jo Ransdell, M. Jo Forbes, 
Zakon Ekwebelem, R. Sue Goss, 
Fran Meegan. BOTTOM ROW: 
Johnny R. Snider, Conrad C. Smith, 
Whitney Hicks, Keith R. Landis. 


Constructing a bridge is a problem of vast complexity, even 
under model conditions, as these students are discovering. 

Membership in the K-State branch of the Insti- 
tute of Radio Engineers was the largest last year 
that it has ever been. One of 77 student branches, 
the group has as its aim to make known theory and 
practice of electronics, communications and other 
related fields of engineering and science. Further- 
ing the professional development of the student is 
another aim. Any student enrolled in electrical 
engineering may become a member. Activities in- 
cluded helping with Engineers Open House and an 
annual smoker and picnic. Eldon M. Hammeke 
was chairman and Kermit Reister was faculty 
sponsor for the group. 

The Industrial Education Association tries to 
foster fellowship among industrial education ma- 
jors. They meet once a month. President was John 
Heitman and the faculty advisor was Earl Darby. 


Preston H. Goodwin, Robert R. Mil- 
ler, I\l. Eugene Lundgrin, Roland L. 
Carl. SECOND ROW: Loren E. Rib- 
lett, John D. White Jr., Duane L. 
Ginter, Jerry D. Noakes. BOTTOM 
ROW: Earl G. Darby, Lee A. Weyh, 
John Heitmann, John R. Jacobs, 
Marion A. Symington Jr. 

S. Omiya, Ivan L. Bengtson, John M. Miller, A. Russell Bemis, Charles R. 
Weidler, Stanley S. Funston, Gerald K. Wiles, Jay R. Bohning, Dale R. Lumb, 
Charles J. Werp. SECOND ROW: Russell C. Case, Kenneth E. Roehrman, Dale 
L. Harris, Richard E. Kir!<land, Leland F. McCall, Roland D. Rothenberger, 
Samuel M. Warren, Larry J. Maurer, Jerry D. Neal, Jerome A. Moore. THIRD 
ROW: Donald E. Egbert, Donald D. Peterson, Lyle E. Clum, Larry D. Maley, 

Jimie G. Maley, Eldon M. Hammeke, Roger L. Flint, Daniel L. Jilka, James 
R. Merritt, James R. Miller, Jack E. Brown. FOURTH ROW: Verold Hahn, 
George R. Jones, William D. Bloxom, William G. Lamb, Robert L. Adams, 
Kenneth H. Brackney, Foster R. Needels, Jay R. Keeling, Loren D. Tregellas, 
George A. Yocum. BOTTOM ROW: Jack D. Jaro, Charles D. Nichols, Tommy 
L. Stalcup, Ronald L. Estes, Don P. Hutchison, Dale E. Kaufman, Howard E. 
Young, Richard E. Fixsen, Donald L. Raphael, Clarence I. Omiya. 


clubs sponsor workshop 

Home ec girls are grouped into eight depart- 
mental clubs which are members of the Margaret 
Justin Home Economics Club. The girls coor- 
dinate their efforts on activities like Hospitality 
Day and the Workshop sponsored by the Home 
Economics Council. The girls find friends and 
fellowship by sharing their mutual interest. 

The 2 5 members of the Art Club design and 
sell cards during the Christmas season, have an 
exhibit of their members' work in the spring, and 
sponsor a radio program. For the less serious oc- 
casions they have a chili supper at the home of 

their adviser, Dorothy Barfoot and an outdoor 
sketching party and picnic. President in Ruth 

Hard work and co-operation make the Sim- 
plicity Fashion Show sponsored in March by the 
Clothing-Retailing Club a success. Club members 
served as models, stage hands and generally ran the 
show. The club has 30 members who are advised 
by Alpha Latzke. President is Marcia Sowers. One 
of the main purposes of these home ec clubs is to 
give the girls a chance to learn about job oppor- 
tunities in their field. The Clothing-Retailing girls 
listened to Caroline Boyer of the Viscose Corpora- 
tion tell about home economics girls in the business 
field and Marcia Rothrock told them about run- 
ning a small clothing shop. Miss Boyer's visit was 
especially interesting since she is a graduate of the 
K-State School of Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: Janice J. Orten, Joyce 
J. Gager, Frances L. Russell, 
Dorothy Barfoot, Marilyn J. Ka- 
lous, Carol V. Cooper, Janet L. 
McCroskey. SECOND ROW: Glen- 
da K. Wancura, Virginia I. Garri- 
son, Carolyn Pults, Jean E. Rippe, 
Mary F. Frazier, Carolee V. Fox. 
BOTTOM ROW: Linda L. Bair, 
Ruth M. Ramsey, Shirley J. Wil- 
liams, Greta K. Anderson, Suzanne 
Cliborn, Marcia Donavan, Rosa 
Lee Nelson. 

Cady, Judy H. Hopp, Faye J. Flora, Donna Stewart. SECOND ROW: Maryanne 
Keller, Susanne D. Wildgen, Janell Farrell, Lorene Ritts, Cibyl Teichman, Ila 
Lawson. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth A. Higgins, Arlene L. Richardson, Harriet C. 

Tedrow, Rose M. Martin, Shirley F. Aiken, Joan K. Skupa, Sylvia G. Gaddie. 
BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie J. Hafford, Alberta M. Timm, Linda E. Paulson 
Marcia C. Sowers, Rhea A. Lake, Ann L. Anset, Dorothy Minear, Mary Jo 


clubs help with dance 

Members of the Child and Family Development 
home economics club receive practical training by 
working with children on Saturday mornings in 
cooperation with the Manhattan recreation com- 
mission. The club, established in 19 50, furthers in- 
terest in this field. Club activities for the year in- 
cluded making folders for the nursery school chil- 
dren's art projects and helping with arrangements 
for the Snow Ball dance. President of the club was 
Donna Knoche. Mrs. Louise Langford and Mrs. 
Coral Aldous were the faculty sponsors. 

The Dietetics and Commercial Demonstration 
club draws its members from students in dietetics, 

institutional management, restaurant management 
and foods demonstration. Two of the club's activi- 
ties were a foreign dinner prepared by students and 
staff and a tour through Topeka restaurants. Since 
home ec students are not always girls, seven men 
were members of the club. Sally DeForest was 
president, Mrs. Grace Shugart was faculty sponsor. 

Club Has Chili Supper, Cookie Sale 

Radio programs over KSAC, a chili supper and 
cookie sales in Waters Hall were the activities of 
the home economics Extension Club. Twenty girls 
who were interested in becoming home demonstra- 
tion agents composed its membership. Other proj- 
ects included helping with the Snow Ball and Hos- 
pitality Day. Betty Sellers was president, Miss 
Margaret Koenig was faculty sponsor. 

The Home Economics and Nursing Club, which 

Childs, Juanita F. Clark, Betty C. 
Frogley, Donna J. Knoche. SECOND 
ROW: Beverly J. Sims, Sue Hostin- 
sky, Marleen L. Barthuly. BOTTOM 
ROW: Dorothy B. Fox, Catherine 
Cain, Mary Louise Ficke, Mary 

J. Buchenau, Alice A. McCandless, Loretta J. Jewett, Marilyn M. McNelis, 
Shelby J. Reaugh, Mary E. Garner. SECOND ROW: Sally A. DeForest, Phyl- 
lis B. Nichols, Mary D. Fickel, Judith A. May, Dorothy A. Newton, Nancy L. 

Tredway. THIRD ROW: Janet C. Foltz, Barbara A. Starnes, Pat Kilpatrick, 
Dale Holmgren, Sandra G. Radotinsky, Karen J. Gottfrid, Phyllis A. Viergever. 
BOTTOM ROW: Melva J. Huseman, Charlotte L. Lybarger, N. Penny Stafford, 
Wendell L. Guest, Closky J. Dittemore Jr., Virginia L. Adamson, Marilyn J. 
Anderson, Jean A. Koerner. 


J m •*■ Q 

11 ^ ■ V s*\ 

1 v^ 3 '"" 


M 5 ~ 1 

"a "wm 

I" 1 '* w 


CLUB— TOP ROW: Gelane Moritz, 
Gloria J. Ousdahl, Norma E. Duell, 
Mary A. Jordan, Geraldine Fritz, 
Eldora Z. McReynolds, Marjorie 
Roeckers. SECOND ROW: Ann Ek- 
lund, Nancy Meriwether, Alice M. 
Nagel, Kay E. Hurtt, Shirley Mc- 
Adams, Margaret Edwards, Ilene 
Davey. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Kir- 
ton, Patricia Douglass, E. Norene 
Clayton, Elin K. McCandless, Mar- 
jorie Hamon, LeAnne Dawson, Betty 

Al- O & 3 . & & Q 

K. Ruppelius, Verlene V. Frick, Dee A. Baker, Sally A. Clary, Catharine L. 
Raleigh, Sally J. Newman. SECOND ROW: Martha L. Hutcheson, Sandra 
D. Arnold, Janet S. Macy, Carol L. Smith, Kathy J. Martin, E. Diane Grey, 

Barbara A. Turney. THIRD ROW: Connie L. Benjamin, Irene A. Hollingsworth, 
Maxine R. Olson, Ila JoAnn Schild, Janet E. Chrisman, Barbara Herzog, Anna 
Belle Chilcott. BOTTOM ROW: Claudia J. Applebaugh, Donna M. Wahl, Mar- 
gean E. Westerhouse, Vera Wierenga, Carolyn Chappell, Mary L. Skinner, 
Marlene R. Van Schooneveld. 

has 40 members, provides an opportunity for stu- 
dents interested in nursing to become better ac- 
quainted with the field. Registered nurses and 
directors from the KU Medical Center spoke to the 
club, and one of the main activities of the year was 

a tour through the Medical Center. President of 
the group was Sandy Arnold. Jennie Williams was 
faculty advisor. 

Better insight into the demands of the journalism 
profession is the goal of the Home Economics and 

CLUB— TOP ROW: Mary T. Wie- 
land, Carol Ward, Judy J. Taplin, 
Helen P. Hostetter, Betty Theiss. 
SECOND ROW: Janet L. Madsen, 
Jan M. Kraft, M. Sue Hiebert, Jo- 
Ann Krizan, Karen L. Dusenbury, 
Jane A. Franz. BOTTOM ROW: 
Janice L. Bates, Sally P. Powers, 
Carol A. Sitz, Kathy Schultis, 
Christine J. Bergstrom. 





wft ^V 

■~ iT 

iH w^te** 

^Hi JlH 


F. Baxter, Ann L. Folsche, Janice M. Humble, Dorothy J. Daugherty, Judith 
A. Stover, Marilyn E. Brooks. SECOND ROW: Ann C. Swanson, Shirley J. 
Sapp, Velma C. Finkenbinder, Carol L. Ernst, Sharon L. Hansbearry, Edith A. 

Lancaster, Mary J. Harri, Arvilla G. Kruger. THIRD ROW: Doris A. Geisler, 
Janet L. Davis, Norma L. Bollinger, Carolee A. Alexander, Carol M. Kellogg, 
Margaret A. Seeliger, S. Sue Costley. BOTTOM ROW: W. Jeannie Hays, Kay 
Y. Wadsworth, Janet L. Easson, Martha Kay Friedel, Barbara A. Johnson, 
Leanna R. Boline, Martha S. Stark, Phyllis B. Morris. 

Journalism Club. Twenty home economics and 
journalism students, an increase of three over last 
year's membership, belong to the club. Their major 
activity of the year was conducting a workshop 
for the regional home ec workshop held at K-State 
last fall. They also handled publicity for the Snow 
Ball. During the year the club invited well-known 
women in the field of journalism to tell members 
of some of the problems and situations they will 
encounter as working journalists. Jan Madsen was 
president, Miss Helen Hostetter was the faculty 

Teaching Club Is Largest 

The Home Economics and Teaching Club is the 
largest of the eight Margaret Justin Home Eco- 
nomics clubs with 80 members. The club provides 
an opportunity for fellowship among the home ec 
teaching students on the campus as well as giving 
them insight into the teaching profession. The 
club, along with its seven fellow organizations, 
presents the Snow Ball, Hospitality Day, and a 
Christmas tea for home ec students. Wilma Lud- 
wig was president of the club, Mrs. Lucille Rust 
and Mrs. Laura Baxter were the faculty sponsors. 

guerite E. Hoon, Marilyn E. Hoon, Pat J. Doyle, Marilyn R. Moyer, Sherry K. 
Henderson, Judy J. Ross. SECOND ROW: Eleanor A. Olson, Nancy L. Smith, 
Ruth M. Kohr, Paula H. Behrmann, Joy D. Allen, Barbara J. Light, Pat A. 

Todd, Janie A. Nelson. THIRD ROW: Gavona J. Michaels, Verlene E. Sobke, 
Ellen L. Wilson, Wilma R. Ludwig, Carol L. Wilkins, Thayla W. Adams, Carol 
L. Cotner. BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis R. Love, Mynie L. Mundhenke, Mary J. 
Brown, Karla H. Oppliger, Johncie L. Eder, Elouise J. Postier, Janice R. Groh, 
Margaret Herr. 

ft a @ (S © o 


)m*t W«*l U*.l 

JUNIOR AVMA SENIORS— TOP ROW: William J. Murray, Brian C. Cummings, 
Robert V. VanCamp, Richard V. Bennett, Thomas F. Burton, James E. Boyd, 
Leland D. Kendall. SECOND ROW: Perry W. Page, Philip D. Moorhead, James 
A. Laughlin, T. Douglas Heath, Franklin J. Heim, Gerald J. Miller, Robert D. 

Lewis, William L. Tilgner. THIRD ROW: Theron A. Haufler, Fred S. Idtse Jr., 
Olen R. Stauffer, David E. McKnight, William G. Wisecup, Alvin E. Melcher, 
Joseph F. Coyle. BOTTOM ROW: John G. Ravnikar, Wayne E. Bailie, Galen 
L. Heritage, L. Keith Huff, Larry A. Jackson, James L. Kastens, Jay D. Rush, 
Richard W. Kohlschreiber. 

avma provides common meeting ground for vets 

Kansas State's chapter of the American Veter- 
inary Medical Association provides an interesting 
and valuable agenda for its members. This is the 
only organization on the campus which furnishes 
a common meeting ground for vet students. From 
freshmen to seniors, all veterinary students are 
members of the Kansas State student chapter. Two 
hundred and fifty members or 100 per cent of 
the Veterinary School enrollment is active in the 
AVMA, as it is more commonly called by the 

members, who participate in all meetings. 

The student chapter of AVMA was established 
October 20, 1906, by a student in veterinary med- 
icine. It became affiliated with the American 
Veterinary Medical Association in 1939 and was 
granted its charter. There are twenty-two charter 
members. Upon completion of four years as a 
member of good standing, all persons are given a 
"sheepskin" which serves as an aid to being recog- 
nized by other members of the profession. 

JUNIOR AVMA SENIORS— TOP ROW: Phillip F. Eckhart, Dean A. Price, 
Ralph L. Ebers, Robert C. Asmus, Charles S. Sackett, Gerhard A. Malm, Louis 
E. Schindler. SECOND ROW: Harry A. Hopson, Harold C. Brecheisen, Bob F. 
Frank, Donald L. Wainscott, Jerry L. Schrader, Ray F. Sis, Irvin M. Schwalm. 

THIRD ROW: Jay M. Humburg, John R. Markley, Wayne M. Frerichs, Clarence 
G. Heath, Wayne G. Gaulke, Richard J. Bergin, Thomas E. Roberts. BOTTOM 
ROW: Max H. Zahner, Jay A. Peterson, Glenn E. Hoskinson, Thomas W. 
Kirkeminde, Robert E. Kind, Duane Miksch, Keith Van Steenbergh, Paul 0. 

Z. A M 

O 9 


• 1 



vets hear professionals 

Honorary members include all faculty members 
and all graduates of the School of Veterinary Med- 
icine at K-State. Other members may be elected 
to membership by the chapter. The purpose of the 
organization is to further technical development 
in the field of veterinary medicine together with 
such literary and social training as may accompany 
it. Living up to this purpose, the Jr. AVMA plans 

a varied and detailed agenda each year. The or- 
ganization believes that information concerning 
actual experience of veterinarians is invaluable. 
Two regular meetings are held each month at 
which outstanding men in the profession are guest 
speakers. These meetings provide students with 
opportunities to discuss problems with practicing 
veterinarians. A senior-alumni day is sponsored for 
this same purpose. The members of the graduating 
class and K-State veterinary alumni have confer- 
ences together in order to strengthen ties between 
alumni and students and to provide information 
for the new doctors of veterinary medicine. An- 
nual visits are held with the Oklahoma A&M 
chapter. Students exchange ideas while becoming 
acquainted with other people in their profession. 

JUNIOR AVMA JUNIORS— TOP ROW: Gerald D. Rousseau, James L. Murray, 
William H. Bales Jr., Norman M. Held, Patricia A. Cole, Richard A. Arnold, 
Delvin D. Duntz, Keith R. Rhoades. SECOND ROW: Edward H. Strevell, Dar- 
rell D. Sharp, J. W. Johnson, Keith B. Beeman, George P. Looby, Raymond 

L. Ganoung, Earl E. Tobler. THIRD ROW: William E. Ketter, William E. 
Birtell, Max L. Sutton, James B. Shields, W. William Ogborn, Robert H. Pier- 
son, Don W. Fitzgerald, William E. Schaulis. BOTTOM ROW: John M. Woods, 
J. Howard Sherrod, F. R. Robinson, Donald F. Jarchow, Hal R. Sinclair, John 
W. Judy Jr., D. L. Bokelman. 

JUNIOR AVMA JUNIORS— TOP ROW: Elton L. Chatfield, Don Pohlman, Rob- 
ert M. Hodgson, Calvin E. Sevy, George W. Olson, George A. Roggendorff, Al- 
bert E. Wesley. SECOND ROW: John R. Osterheld, Otis G. Post, Ivan Z. Slob- 
insky, Wilbur A. Schleifer, Ralph Grosdidier, Everett M. Coon, Larry D. Kester. 

THIRD ROW: John K. Kugler, Kenneth D. Weide, James D. Smith, Richard D. 
Johansen, Nickolas J. Sojka, David L. Madden, Philip R. Randall. BOTTOM 
ROW: W. Bruce Wren, Keith C. Sherman, Richard B. Talbot, Robert Sand, 
James V. Krone, Ivan F. Rodman, Harold E. Brune, Robert Cleveland. 


Combined meetings are often held with the 
AVMA Auxiliary, which is composed of the wives 
of the veterinary medicine students. This gives the 
women an opportunity to become more familiar 
with their husbands' future profession. Life is not 
all just work for Jr. AVMA members. On the fun 
side of the ledger, this organization planned parties 
and formals. Two formal dances were held, and 
a spring dance which included a banquet was given 
in honor of the graduating seniors. Each class in 
the organization has organized social functions for 
its own members. Chicken barbecues and picnics 
are only a few of the events by which classes enter- 
tain. A smoker is held each fall for the freshman 
veterinary students in order to orient and acquaint 

Dr. Mosier of the Vet hospital investigates the ills of Mitzi, 
who belongs to David Glenn, son of a vet medicine freshman. 

Royse, Robert E. Schuster, Richard W. Voelker, Jr., Gary E. Troutman, Jerry 
J. Schafer, Paul M. Daniels. SECOND ROW: Samuel E. Strahm, Billy K. 
Walker, Bradley P. Neer, William W. Neer, Samuel M. Tyson, Clem L. Hack- 

Henry, John C. Breithaupt, Ernest A. Money, Andrew J. Stewart, Edward S. 
John, Louis A. Lumpkin, John E. Gruber, Harry J. Jefferson, Samuel L. 
Graham. SECOND ROW: Bernard C. Zecha, James H. Smart, Ron J. Woitale- 
wicz, Lloyd M. Wright, Donald E. Wittum, Don Impson, Norman R. Morrow, 

ler, Charles L. Wilson, John C. Yatsook. THIRD ROW: Duane L. Mach, James 
W Carlson, Dale R. Hodgson, David L. Carnahan, Jim F. Rusher, Ronald N. 
Dale, David E. McClun. BOTTOM ROW: David F. Erwin, Edward T. McKenna, 
Gary N. Pottorff, John R. Matson, Bill P. Patton, Howard H. Erickson, Lowell 
Cornwell, William E. Tyschurch. 

D. D. Albert, Robert W. Disney, Boyd C. Martin. THIRD ROW: Curtis L. Mc- 
Cauley, Earle D. Binford, Bill Kelsey, John W. Forsberg, Hiram A. Amundaray, 
Joe M. Brennan, Ronald C. Poppy, John T. Gangel, Elmer R. Reich. BOTTOM 
ROW: Roy M. Craig, Alvin J. Edwards, Paul A. Kiger, Ray E. Steinbach, Alvin 
A. Lidolph, John P. Gibson, Franklin A. Ahrens, Roy Nielsen Jr., Clement C. 
Darrow Jr. 


JUNIOR AVMA FRESHMEN— TOP ROW: Jean E. Swengel, George E. Ross, 
Robert L. Evans, Donald E. Seibel, John J. Smiley, Bruce C. Champlin, Stan- 
ley G. Harris, Paul E. Brassfield, Aura McConnell. SECOND ROW: Robert N. 
Swanson, Arthur W. Gillum, Lonnie S. Oichfield, Earl W. Weiss, Glenn T. 
Hartke, Karl Hansen, Larry Mosier, Bob Heide, Gill Wright. THIRD ROW: Roy 

B. Hand, Stanley D. Johnson, Bill L. Mengeling, Jesse J. Unruh, Martin E. 
Nodurfth, Albert E. New, James W. Stratton, Bert R. Lewis, Frank James. 
BOTTOM ROW: Jerome K. Regier, David M. Carlson, Walter J. Pitzer, W. 
Arthur Godfrey, Lowell L. Novy, M. L. McCreary, James A. Will, John 0. Sny- 
der, Don B. Witcher. 

them with the AVMA and all of its members. The 
members of the Jr. AVMA take a very active part 
in campus intramurals. For the second year in a 
row, the Jr. AVMA's topped all other independent 
teams in both intramural football and intramural 
golf to win the independent crown. They also par- 
ticipate actively in other intramural contests such 
as basketball, volleyball, track, softball, table ten- 
nis, tennis and horseshoes. As a special project the 
Jr. AVMA entered a float in the Homecoming 

These veterinary medicine students work hard 

on their studies. They are required to put in long 
hours of work from 2 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day 
during the week, and they are also responsible for 
work during the weekend. But as he works, the 
student is learning more and more practical infor- 
mation about his profession. During the veterinary 
medicine student's senior year he is required to live 
two weeks or more at the veterinary medicine hos- 
pital. This is one more step in his practical experi- 
ence of his profession. Calvin E. Sevy served as 
president of the AVMA and Dr. J. E. Mosier and 
Dr. F. H. Oberst were faculty sponsors. 

JUNIOR AVMA FRESHMEN— TOP ROW: Robert D. Harting, Edward J. Bick- 
nell, Howard V. Sieler, William C. Bogenschultz, Charles E. Eck, Jose A. 
Simonet, Phil D. Lukert. SECOND ROW: James R. Brighton, William J. Ran- 
kin, Ralph W. Mitchell, Roy C. Russell, Clyde L. Ward, Gene Dressier, Walter 

R. Weatherford. THIRD ROW: Hugh A. Schantz, Wayne W. Randall, Dan C. 
King, J. B. Jones, Tracy L. Clark, Calvin D. Glenn, Gene Berghaus, Jerry 
Stillabower. BOTTOM ROW: Leighton L. Linn, Donald C. VanPiper, Douglas 
H. Erbeck, Carl L. Zink, Alfred E. Davis, Mark P. Elliott, Bruce C. Detter Jr., 
James K. Isom, Robert V. Gocdweiler. 

o p 


JR. AVMA AUXILIARY— TOP ROW: Evelyn J. Schafer, Nancy J. Pierson, 
Gloria C. Randall, Twyla M. Nevitt, Vera Page, Evelyn Craig, Marjorie Kel- 
sey, Bonnie Lou Wright, Shirley Bogenschultz, Maxine McCauley. SECOND 
ROW: Jerry S. Schrader, Ann Ravnikar, Rose Ann Haufler, Rena Wainscott, 
Dolores Sand, Dolores Weiss, Donna Cornwell, Beth Wisecup, Donna Price, 

Shirley Ebers. THIRD ROW: Deloris J. Sherrod, Joan F. Fitzgerald, Jane E. 
Forsberg, Sylvia J. Darrow, Bobby A. Schantz, Twila J. Bailie, Mary Fran 
Huff, Marjorie E. Morrow, Ann Burton, Neva Linn. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce 
Wilson, Martha McCreary, Cleota Steinbach, Mary Gibson, JoAnn Pottorff, 
Virleen Mach, Jane Talbot, Eleanor Hoskinson, Jo Ann Sackett, Naomi Nichols. 

JR. AVMA AUXILIARY— TOP ROW: Marilyn Chatfield, Rosemary Sherman, 
Shirley Judy, Betty Walker, Dorothy Eck, Anita Russell, Marilyn Heath, Char- 
lene Glenn, Jane Lumpkin, Janice Sis, Jean Daniels. SECOND ROW: Kay 
Berghaus, Delaine D. Jones, Marjorie A. Eckhart, Elizabeth A. Erwin, Donna 
E. Russum, Alyce L. Jefferson, Jean Johnson, Barbara Stillahower, Martha 
M. Neer, Margaret Harting, Karen Heide, Jeannine -Neer. THIRD ROW: Stella 

L. Sharp, Kay E. Clark, Billie Jo Smart, Lois A. Cawahan, Twyla J. Lidolph, 
Jo Gillum, Lorna S. Will Janice Osterheld, Donna Weatherford, Cleta Schwalm, 
Gwen Pohlman, Eunice Evans, Peggy Rush. BOTTOM ROW: Gloria M. Bald- 
win, Joann Mosier, Marjorie Ogborn, Janet Beeman, Lois Cleveland, Carma 
V. Edwards, Georgene B. Davis, Velda L. Tilgner, Marilyn Crichfield, George- 
ann Matson, Nancy Brecheisen, Ann N. Sery. 

vet wives learn trade 

The Jr. AVMA Auxiliary is a social and educa- 
tional organization composed of wives of veterinary 
medicine students. Organized in 1939 at Kansas 
State College, it was the first student AVMA 
Auxiliary to be formed in the country. A talent 
show given in November and a family Christmas 
party in December were two of the important 
events of the year. In May, senior wives had their 
own "commencement" which has become an an- 
nual event. Diplomas were presented to the wives 

of graduating vet medicine students for the as- 
sistance they had given their husbands. 

The club had several special interest groups in- 
cluding the Practitioners' Wives, who learn the 
more technical aspects of their husbands' work. 
Doctors from the School of Veterinary Medicine, 
practicing veterinarians, and professional speakers 
contributed to the education of club members. Be- 
ginning and advanced bridge groups added to the 
social activities of the organization. The chapter 
is composed of 160 members, an increase of 20 over 
last year. Peggy Rush was president of the Jr. 
AVMA Auxiliary. Mrs. Fayne Oberst and Mrs. 
Marvin Twiehaus were advisors. 


€>%»$?$=$ 9-1®$ 

*&T a_** ]£$ «* ■. 

CHAPARAJOS CLUB— TOP ROW: Arrah Sue Goodin, Aura McConnell, Gelane 
Moritz, Phyllis Love, Dottie Craft, Carolyn Moore, Suzanna Long, Sandra 
Hodgson. SECOND ROW: Jean E. Swengel, Yvonne E. Warner, Buddy Shep- 
ler, Robert Wilson, Lloyd W. Boone, Dave Boucher, Bill Mercer, Charleen Selby. 

-» m - 


m m. 

THIRD ROW: Karen D. Alstrom, Karen Howell, Phil Welch, Robert Hodgson, 
T. A. Stolfus, C. B. Wilson, Sue Gaston, Ellen Dickens. BOTTOM ROW: Dave 
J. French, James W. Carlson, Dale Hodgson, Jim Sherman, Jim Coffman, 
John R. Gaither, Charles C. Hardenburger, Paul Attwater. 

chaps sponsor rodeo 

Chaparajos Club, rodeo and riding club, spon- 
sors a collegiate rodeo each spring. The group was 
organized at K-State in 1948 to promote greater 
interest in horsemanship, rodeos, and ranch prob- 
lems in relation to light horses. Any interested 
student or faculty member may join. This year 
there were 48 members. Joe Coyle was president 
and Carl Menzies was faculty sponsor. 

Christmas decorations are a project in Prof. W. W. Willis's 
floral arrangement class in the horticulture department. 

The Kansas State Amateur Radio Club provides 
specific recreation for interested amateurs in ham 
radio operation. Members have an occasion to con- 
verse with people of many countries and organize 
recreation along the line of ham radio for licensed 
amateurs and other interested people. President 
was Robert W. Johnson and sponsor was Charles 
M. Hughes. 

Organizing an Angel's Flight and sponsoring the 
first annual Air Force Ball were projects of Arnold 
Air Society. Members also visited various Air Force 
bases and sent delegates to the national conclave. 
A 1.5 over-all grade average and a 2.00 grade av- 
erage in Air Force ROTC are requirements for 
membership in Arnold Air Society for cadet offi- 
cers of Air Force ROTC. Capt. C. M. Smith was 
sponsor and Sam Peppiatt was commander. 

AMATEUR RADIO CLUB— TOP ROW: Louis Klusmeyer, John Garrett. SEC- 
OND ROW: John Penner, Robert W. Johnson. 

sal' •■■■» ** **" Mm 



* * ■ *v 

^H V» -its- ^H USsHA. ^Hf 

Mm 1 

«"""■ 1 

pflflNif — ^^Q PMwjk 

v "* ""■ ^Bf 

. mafiKvlF *» • 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY— TOP ROW: Charles M. Copple, Wesley D. Hedden, 
Capt. Carlton M. Smith, Estel J. Schultis, James M. Hall. SECOND ROW: 
Arlie L. Mustoe Jr., Winston J. Barr, Keith L. Small, Allen E. Fort, Donald 

0. Smith, Sam H. Peppiatt. THIRD ROW: Ray E. Maddux, Richard L. Rud- 
man, Gaylord M. Stunkel, Gene O'Connor, J. Brent Adair. BOTTOM ROW: 
Buddy D. Frye, Robert R. Paschal, Robert B. Lawrence, Burke C. Rogers, 
Richard W. Wilbur, Phillip F. Weaver. 

The American Guild of Organists received its 
charter at K-State from national headquarters in 
1946. Members must be students, former students, 
or supervisors of student groups. Members are 
available as substitute organists in Manhattan 
churches. Robert W. Hays was sponsor and Jane 
Thompson was president. 

Cadet officers of Army ROTC who show out- 
standing leadership qualities are eligible for mem- 
bership in Scabbard and Blade. Capt. Donald L. 
Jenkins headed the group and sponsor was Major 
Ziggi S. Grzywnowicz. Arnold Air Society mem- 
bers are outstanding Air Force ROTC students. 
Bill Stolzer was presiding officer, and C. M. Smith 
was sponsor. 

Taylor, Marilyn K. Moore, Donna J. Turner. SECOND ROW: Marguerite G. 
Jahnke, Edith A. Lancaster, Joyce E. Graham, Hazel E. Hassebroek, Beverly 
A. Bergeson. BOTTOM ROW: Robert W. Hays, Ramona S. Tucker, Virginia 
L. English, H. Jane Thompson. 

SCABBARD AND BLADE— TOP ROW: Gary W. Rumsey, Calvin K. Adams, 
Wendell A. Wright, William C. Wilderson, Eldon N. Wancura, William A. 
Crawford, John A. Lothman, Paul H. Hatfield, John D. Spangler. SECOND 
ROW: Larry E. Youngdoff, Tristan T. Kuhl, Jerry D. Neeley, Craig L. Fischer, 
Warren J. Keegan, Stanley E. Wingate, John H. Bircher, Carl S. Bulger, Wil- 

liam H. Brethour. THIRD ROW: John R. Milton, Ronald C. Bryant, Nelson L. 
Sinderson, Charles D. Callahan, Donald L. Jenkins, William K. Patterson, John 
W. Callison, Jim C. Kulp, Gerald D. Mase, Bob Doremus. BOTTOM ROW: 
Don Knudsen, George Ismert, Al F. Steunenberg, Larry Fischer, Jon Dutton, 
Ron McKinnie, James McCrea, Larry E. Lowe, Dean K. Parrack. 

V*rf^ ..^ 

n r\ 

COSMOPOLITAN CLUB— TOP ROW: Jamil J. Qasim, Dip Raj Sharma, Bibiano 
B. Arzadon, Colin M. Ovenstone, Chiara Bini, Sohan Lai Issar, Hazel E. 
Hassebroek, Joan Goddard, Erlinda R. Quiaoit, Narinder S. Atteo, Leona S. 
Dobson. SECOND ROW: Jose E. Muriento, Surinder S. Attn, Heinz V. Thimm, 
Charles A. Jacot, Tae Won Kim, Pierre L. Caminade, Thomas M. Gray, Fran- 
cine Rodgers, H. R. Kalia, G. G. Hughbanks, Ruth Nelson, Salome Del Rosario. 

THIRD ROW: Antonio L. Ordoveza, Ghalib Shahab-Ed-Din, Dae Hyun Chung, 
Bill A. Stevenson, M. D. Pathak, U. K. Misra, S. B. Lai, C. E. Bess, Theo 
Chellappa, Mohammed Nasim, Esther G. Valdes, Sisir K. Dutta. BOTTOM 
ROW: Shawkat M. Mashal, Samih A. Hasayen, Mahmoud M. Hamad, Charles 
H. Schreiber, Patricia A. Tucker, James C. Carey, John M. Rhodes, Lynne V. 
Joines, Hashim A. Dabbas, Dale I. Smith, Hariram A. Shivnani. 

4-h is largest club 

Collegiate 4-H is the largest co-ed organization 
on the campus with 5 00 active members. A student 
must have completed one year of 4-H work to 
secure membership. The 4-H club was formed in 
1927 with the help of F. D. Farrell, president 
emeritus of the college. It helps with the 4-H 
Round-up, sponsors a weekly 4-H radio program, 
publishes "Who's Whoot," and donates to the In- 

ternational Farm Youth Exchange program. Leon 
Sucht was president this past year and J. Harold 
Johnson was faculty advisor. 

World Understanding Is Goal 
Cosmopolitan Club is a campus organization 
open to students who are interested in becoming 
better acquainted with the various cultures and 
people in the world. The 115 members of the club 
strive to live up to their motto, "Above all nations 
is humanity." The two big events of the club are 
the Feast of Nations in the fall and the interna- 
tional weekend in the spring. George Plange was 
president and Cecil Miller served as faculty sponsor. 

COLLEGIATE 4-H— TOP ROW: Judy J. Ross, Joyce A. Otte, Mary Jo Kidd, 
Karen Dusenbury, Marcella Albright, Carol Larson, Carolyn Pickens, Bonnie 
Bryan, Lillian C. Brandt, Barbara Flinn, Mary Anna McKinney. SECOND ROW: 
Janice A. Billings, Maureen McRae, Carol L. McCosh, Cynthia M. Ziegler, 
Gelane Moritz, Arnita Otte, Barbara David, Patty Tuma, Rogene Davis, Gloria 

J. Ousdahl, Janet Chrisman. THIRD ROW: Judy M. Fisher, Virginia A. De- 
Werff, Maria B. Simmons, Vera Wierenga, Helen Burgess, Joan Evans, Millie 
A. Heiken, Colleen Martin, Beverly A. Richardson, Cibyl Teichman. BOTTOM 
ROW: Barbara E. Alt, Lou Ann Meyer, Charles H. Grimmett, Charles W. 
Johnson, Jack 0. Carver, Loy D. Reinhardt, Duane A. Unger, Jerry P. Macfee, 
Chester Peterson Jr., Fred L. Clemence, Phyllis Myers. 

® Q 


Neva Monday, Pat Clary, Jeanette 
Garinger, Barbara Wenger, Ray 
Hightower, Jerry Melia, Ann Ek- 
lund, Phyllis Viergever, Martha Zim- 
merman, Connie Clary. SECOND 
ROW: D. L. Rieger, D. D. Parcel, 
L. L. Laverentz, D. E. Keener, J. A. 
Westbrook, B. R. Fuller, L. R. Kep- 
ley, A. L. Henry, E. J. Schultis, 
L. D. Henry, G. L. Karr. THIRD 
ROW: M. L. Hubbell, G. W. Peter- 
son J. R. 'Brink, R. L. Gardner, 
J. R. Milton, R. W. Ely, R. N. 
Lindburg, C. E. Hamon, Ray Schooley, 
Ben Brent. BOTTOM ROW: A. S. 
Bauman, D. E. McClure, G. E. 
Brune, G. W. Berthot, R. L. McFall, 
D. E. Harris, G. P. McCune, D. K. 
Parrack, B. E. Parkins, H. L. Todd, 
W. L. Schultz. 

N. Towns, Elisabeth Nonamaker, 
Carolyn Pults, R. W. Bozworth, E. .P 
Duren, Carol Kellogg, Jeannie Hays, 
Rosanne Walters, Emma Douglass, 
Joyce Pearson, Janice Casey. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jane Mills, Marilyn 
Pence, Clair Campbell, Betty Sellers, 
Jerry Ross, M. R. Stuckey, A. J. 
Jasim, Edith Lancaster, Shirley Su- 
derman, Virginia Devinish, Joy Allen. 
THIRD ROW: R. L. Vanderlip, J. C. 
Poelma, Carol Poston, H. C. Ben- 
netts, R. R. Circle, J. E. Anderson, 
D. R. Francis, J. L. Beauchamp, 
G. D. Blazek, D. A. Finical, Char- 
lotte Wipf. BOTTOM ROW: K. E. 
Peirce, Jack VanHorn, C. E. Vining, 
H. G. Severance, D. N. Jackson, 
B. C. Rogers, J. R. Perkins, C. J. 
Michaels, S. E. Strahm, W. H. 
Lewis, D. G. Perkins. 

Claudine Macfee, Shirley Hundley, 
Eleanor Olson, Nancy Smith, Pa- 
tricia Cary, Betty Childs, Jean Flora, 
Beverly Sims, Emily Douthit, Ardis 
Ellis, Dolores Wilken. SECOND 
ROW: Eula Geist, Phyllis Hoyt, 
Johncie Eder, Varena Blattner, 
Linda Bair, Alice Whitney, Deanna 
Chase, Barbara Johnson, Patricia 
Doyle, Betty Neises. THIRD ROW: 
M. E. Sweat, Lois Adams, J. C. 
Balthrop, W. C. Root, Paul Fiedler, 
Marguerite Jahnke, Virginia Herzog, 
Janet Elliott, Janice Fauss, Jeanie 
Campbell, Lu Berschauer. BOTTOM 
ROW: T. H. Swearingen, S. 0. Ny- 
hart, D. M. Springer, L. E. Clum, 
N. H. Staats, L. F. Schuknecht, 
C. F. Peirce, L. F. Sucht, Tom 
Beach, Jim Windle, Jim Flanders. 

Leta Lawson, Marilyn McNelis, Pa- 
tricia DeLange, Dorothy Fox, Doris 
McClenny, Betty Johnson, Marjorie 
Roeckers, Patricia Schnelle, Geral- 
dine Fritz, Eldora McReynolds, Ilene 
Davey. SECOND ROW: Patricia 
Todd, G. W. Hundley, J. L. Hund- 
ley, G. D. Hanneman, K. R. Krizek, 
Sue Costley, Glennis Unruh, Barbara 
DeLange, Norma Bollinger, Kathleen 
Higer, Velma Finkenbinder, Leda 
Vernon. THIRD ROW: Elin McCand- 
less, James L. Gammell, Walt Ru- 
dolph, C. R. Hall, A. E. Benson, B. 
B. Ba'rr, H. F. DeLange, L. R. Kar- 
len, C. 0. Pretz, Kay Wadsworth, 
Margaret Seeliger, Darrell Wester- 
velt. FOURTH ROW: Billy Clark, 
Harold Garner, Dale Miksch, Jim 
Wittum, J. A. Brown, D. E. Elson, 
K. W. Pridey, Jim Goering, L. D. 
Zavesky, L. E. Womacks, C. L. 
Schweitzer. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy 
Pile, F. E. Holmes, W. G. Tilzey, 
D. D. Miller, L. L. McGhee, L. L. 
Perkins, Mary Jordan, Rae Dressier, 
D. W. Humboldt. 


UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL: Sandra G. Mueller, Norman V. Keyse, Dixie L. 
Brown, Phillip Wright, Kay E. Chappell, Karen Skiver, Gary W. Rumsey, Mary 

L. Compton, Edwin C. Noyce, William J. Ryan, 
ander, Lowell L. Ncvy. 

Sruce L. Wilson, Bob Ale> 

council guides activity 

The Union Program Council coordinates all the 
Union activities and sets committee policies and 
procedures. It is composed of 3 officers and 11 
committee chairmen. The committees under the 
council are: publicity, dance, games, movies, hos- 
pitality, fine arts, night club, coffee hours, har- 

monizers, entertainment and Y-Orpheum. Gary 
Rumsey was chairman, and Bob Alexander was the 
Union program director. 

Wives of students or married women students 
registered at K-State are eligible for membership 
in the Dames Club. Their purpose is to promote a 
spirit of friendliness and to stimulate general cul- 
ture among members. Membership totaled 336 this 
year. Two yearly functions of the club are a style 
show and at least one party for husbands and 
wives. Pat Montgomery was president. 

DAMES CLUB— TOP ROW: Janie L. Kametz, Bonnie J. Zigmund, Patricia 
M. Bertnolli, Bonnie L. Wright, Pat A. Collins, Elaine Entrikin, Jill Granzow, 
Connie Webster. SECOND ROW: Hazel R. Sinclair, Hazel L. Nelson, Dorothy 
A. Buller, Norma L. Gardner, Betty J. Mohn, Jan J. Mohrman, Jeannette 

Jackman, Sondra Jackson, Alice Burkholder. THIRD ROW: Arlene F. Garri- 
son, Beverly A. Miller, Darlene A. Grewell, Jan L. Sellers, Marcia Charlton, 
Rosalie Wright, Peggy Linnell, Leah Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: Diana 
McClun, Katie Parker, Betty Hamon, Corrine Stephens, Olinda Jump, Joann 
Kastner, Jane Lumpkin, Phyllis Parker, Mary A. Schofield. 

^ ® a $& a © ^ 

m .=- c( _^ ^ 

-*} J^7 


jf~- jT — m - -Lfc.3 M - ''W J M ■XL "" " Ln^rfflw^^VvSflofl^^ltf 


DAMES CLUB— TOP ROW: Arlene Mulder, Christeen L. Satterlee, Joyce A. 
Sullivan, Joan Harrington, Helen Schlichter, Marcella McDaneld, Norma Feld- 
mann, Jane McGuffey, Charlene Bierly, Patricia Montgomery, Carolyn Gilmore, 
Donna Fakler. SECOND ROW: Virginia L. Hight, Ann McCoy, Edna Grant, 
Betty Funston, Susan Sutton, Marna Ekart, Marlene Kelley, Ruthe H. Pattison, 
Patricia Kerr, Bonnie Mines, Pat Schallehn, Jane Getz. THIRD ROW: Vikkie 

Sink, Darlene Hutchinson, Janet Krause, Helen Marnix, Donna Colson, Gloria 
Shepler, Beverly Stinson, LaDon Lucas, Anne Watkins, Ruth Brees, Lucile 
Robison, Carleen Dekat, Mary Ann Bohning. BOTTOM ROW: Jody Monroe, 
Eva Komer, Suzie Clifford, Mickey Updike, Dena Johnson, Dorothy McMullen, 
Eleanor Podschun, Marjorie Moore, Louise Overbey, Virginia Bronson, Joyce 
Vanhaverbeke, Jeannene Powers, Carolee Mitchell. 

DAMES CLUB — TOP ROW: Antoinette M. Roznowski, Darlene E. Neff, Frances 
H. Muggli, Wilma C. Johnson, Shirley A. Beardslee, Wilma J. Vaughn, JoAnna 
I. Cornelius, Donna G. Morris, Beverly J. Hawk, Nancy Upchurch, Carol Allen. 
SECOND ROW: Charlene M. McPheeters, Ona E. Stonsel, Twila J. Hoffman, 
Dixie E. Toelkes, Nancy A. Cornelius, Betty L. Honn, Georgia L. Austen, Betty 
L. Harris, Margie L. Pallett, Dottie J. Neil, Merrilee J. Becker. THIRD ROW: 

Jo A. Gangel, Charlotte M. Himes, Marjorie D. Robertson, Miriam G. Holcomb, 
Marilyn L. Newman, Pauli M. Hansen, Barbara Wilkison, Anna Curfman, 
Kathryn Baugher, Delores Pence, Charlotte Noe, Erma L. Tindell. BOTTOM 
ROW: Patricia J. Wheat, Rosemary Sayre, Myrtle M. Jones, Darlene Talbot, 
Rosalie Gies, Dolores Roehr, Frances Robohn, Patricia Berends, Lois Elliott, 
Carol Stalcup, Helen Selsor. 

DAMES CLUB— TOP ROW: Helen R. Rasplicka, Betty J. Duryea, LaVona J. 
Maley, Marilyn J. Webb, Nancy L. Keeling, Doris L. Ford, Jane C. Runge, 
Joyce J. Runge, Grace Parker, Elizabeth D. Meyer. SECOND ROW: Vivian M. 
Roupp, Leora M. Raid, Charlene R. Martin, Bernice Ramshatton, Anne Re- 
quette, Marves Kevill, Lois Strait, Peggy Rhodes, Carolyn Van Pelt. THIRD 

ROW: Neva L. Vanous, Betty L. Harrison, Wilma J. Lathrop, Beverly J. 
Strahm, Pat McKenna, Gera Matson, Ilene Conley, Ina 

liggs, Mary A. Martin, 

Dixie L. Mings. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Frack, Carol Seacat, Ann Tregellas, 
Barbara Pilkington, Joan Bandy, Francis Hood, Twila Bowyer, Ramona Griffin, 
Ilaree Specht, Anita Pannell, Deniece Roth. 

A Cb £> 


O & & Q f, ft ft a es 


fta orients teachers 

The 439 members of the Future Teachers of 
America made the K-State club the largest chapter 
in the United States. Monthly meetings were held 
to orientate the future teachers to the problems 
that are often encountered in the profession. The 
highlight of the year was the spring banquet in 
April. Janice Humble was president. Dr. John 
W. DeMand is the faculty sponsor. 

The Frog Club provides recreation and physi- 
cal conditioning for its 60 members, who are se- 
lected for their swimming ability. The club's 
project each year is the production of a synchro- 
nized water show. Trudie Foltz was president. Mrs. 
Van Meter was the faculty sponsor. 

Trudie Foltz, Frog Club president, tests the members on 
various kicks and strokes as they prepare for their water show. 

FROG CLUB— TOP ROW: Anna Belle Chilcott, Jean Low, Mary Moak, Janice 
Wolverton, Dorinda Mears, Sheila Dicken, Pat Hefner, Loralee Terbovich, 
Denise Kendall. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Van Meter, Mary Schmedemann, 
Sharon Ericson, Gayle Smith, Nancy Roofe, Sharon Townsend, Elizabeth 

Bridges, Pat Biasing, Barbara Herzog, Trudie Foltz. THIRD ROW: Marijoe 
Bestgen, Sue Pruitt, Pam Bowman, Martha Kay Friedel, Marc Asher, Ted R. 
Bare, Helen Habernigg, Corrine Wright, Nancy Gale. BOTTOM ROW: Gerald 
Winkelman, Darrell Ford, Russell Hughes, Ron Odell, Bob Sanders, Bob 
Reinhardt, Louis Klusmeyer, Earl Tobler, Judie Batton. 

Nelson, Billie D. Scott, Rosella A. Hiebert, Marilyn J. Rogers, Shirley F. 
McClelland, Sandra K. Chapin, Kathleen M. Harden. SECOND ROW: Mary 
L. Deewall, Eleanor A. Olson, Anita G. Heikes, Barbara A. Duncan, Dorothy 

K. Dickerhoof, Barbara A. Wilson, Carol L. Wilkins, Eveanna M. Clutter. 
BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy A. Byler, Pansy J. Haecker, Gayle R. Smith, Ralph 
K. Grisham, Barbara A. Johnson, K. Joan King, Gavona J. Michaels, Dorothy 
A. Craft. 

F. Scherling, Patricia Darg, Phyllis J. Burdorf, Lois J. Schick, Marie Helmle, 
Darlene Skillman, Claudine Macfee, Marilyn Crist, Dixie Viar. SECOND ROW: 
Patricia A. Hunter, Nancy J. McKeniff, Marleen L. Barthuly, Katie L. Miller, 
Ann Weelborg, Carol Kellogg, Suzanne Wallerstedt, Patricia Schnelle, Marilyn 
Hoon, Marguerite Hoon, Donna Stewart. THIRD ROW: Phyllis A. Sayler, P. 

ter, Dorothy J. Daugherty, Jane Chalmers, Ellen Grimsley, Sharon S. Hays, 
Rosanne L. Walters, Caroline Buchanan, Alice Austin, Donna J. Knoche, Jaque- 
line I. Swanson. SECOND ROW: Glennis M. Unruh, Mary L. Olson, Kenneth 
V. Cardwell, N. Eugene Lundgrin, S. Sue Costley, Rosalyn Rowell, W. Jeannie 
Hays, Dorothy J. Kubik, Johncie L. Eder, Varena L. Blattner. THIRD ROW: 

Smith, Barbara A. Kethcart, Donald E. Hauptli, Harold K. Stauffer, Jack C. 
Catt, Joan Goddard, Peggy A. Coonrod, Virginia Roenbaugh, Mary A. Aeschli- 
man, Phyllis E. Hoyt, Loyce E. Cheatham, Ruth M. Hammer. SECOND ROW: 
Karen G. Herthel, Betty K. Emery, Janice C. Frick, Mynie L. Mundhenke, 
Wilma R. Ludwig, Ann L. Folsche, John S. Koss, Duane L. Ginter, Loren E. 
Riblett, Joleen Von Fange, Janice M. Humble, Jane A. Thomas, Janice R. 

Charlene Cox, Nancy J. Chaffee, Laura L. Langford, Phyllis Pratt, Anne Hild- 
ing, Shirley A. Suderman, Ruth A. Woellhof, Mary Ann Havel, Ruth Moline, 
Janie Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Helen M. Moon, Winifred L. Fellers, Dee A. 
Oberg, Janis L. Jensen, Marcia L. Rinkel, Patricia J. Zajic, Beverly J. Ryman, 
Anita J. Yost, Shirley J. Cameron, Denice King, Mel Eaton. BOTTOM ROW: 
Shirley R. Oveson, Sandra K. Swanson, Carol R. Anderson, Frances A. Frantz, 
Sara Sauceman, Diane Whitley, Kay Henning. 

Karla H. Oppliger, Virginia L. Hurtig, Robert D. Bierly, Marjorie J. Hamon, 
Diane Watson, Martha F. Finney, Ann L. Hall, Sue C. Johnson, Leanna R. 
Boline, Martha K. Friedel, Virginia Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Norman H. Bird, 
Wallace T. Glanville, H. Bruce Quantic, John D. White Jr., Gerald Bennett, 
Donald K. Brinkman, Marvin A. Shoemaker, Wilbur J. Dunavan, Dean F. Hyde, 
Mary J. Brown, Kay Y. Wadsworth. 

Groh. THIRD ROW: Elouise J. Postier, Patricia M. Rouse, Janice E. Loeckle, 
Edith A. Lancaster, Rex R. Boatman, Kay E. Chamness, Eva J. Schroedel, 
Mary E. Rose, Nancy R. Hill, Kay L. Reboul, Joyce C. Simpson, Joan K. 
Skupa, Joan Berrigan, Janet Markley. BOTTOM ROW: Carol M. Stout, Jane 
Mills, Marcia L. Petracek, Gailynn C. Krey, C. Darlene Nelson, LeRoy E. 
Morton, LeRoy A. Weyh, Dean K. Parrack, Nancy L. Barragree, Sheila Morton, 
Eula M. Geist, Janet J. Frey, Denretta L. Joy. 


a ft a* Pi ^ 

i*> - o a © £u- 


C. Malicky, Berneta L. Owen, Patricia E. Sawyer, Robert J. Dempsey, Richard 

D. Horning, Kenneth E. Urban, Mohammed Nasim, Thomas M. Gray, Bander 
El-Rawi, Elizabeth Hurley. SECOND ROW: Wayne E. Stitt, Edward A. Nelson, 
Sohan Lai Issar, Om P. Malhotra, Hariram A. Shivanani, Theo Chellappa, 
Frederick A. Williams, R. Glenn Bellah, Frank Bronson, M. D. Pathak, J. An- 
tonio Sifuentes. THIRD ROW: Douglas J. Weseli, Thomas L. Hamilton, Gary S. 

Sandiin, Garth L. Walker, Scott S. Chandler, William G. Amstein Jr., Deane 
Weber, Ellsworth Mayer, Carl F. Dixon, Hashim A. Dabbas, U. K. Misra, 
Sardar B. Lai. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth E. Visser, Gerald C. Kempthorne, 
William S. Overbey, Robert D. Lynch, Ken L. Perrin, George F. Runge Jr., 
Gene Lutz, C. J. Terhaar, Jim Carstedt, Elson Ortman, Andy Bonchonsky. 
BOTTOM ROW: Martha A. Garrett, Marilyn L. Bunyan, Marjorie M. Nelson, 
Rosemary Visser, Surinda S. Attri, Imelda Wasinger, Sisir Kamal Dutta, 
Dip Raj Sharma. 

top players given oscars 

Graduate Students' Association gave graduate 
school students an opportunity for social and cul- 
tural contacts. Ken Urban was president during 
the fall semester, and Scott Chandler was the spring 
semester president. Dean Harold Howe was faculty 

"Oscars" were awarded to outstanding K-State 
Players last May at their annual banquet. Ann 
Soelter was selected as the leading actress and Baird 
Miller was named leading actor. The 140 members 

of K-State Players produced five three-act plays 
and two series of one-act plays during the year. 
President was LouAnn Oberhelman. Earl G. 
Hoover was faculty advisor. 

Drill teams and study groups were maintained 
by the K-State Masonic Club to help their 71 mem- 
bers obtain degrees. Christmas and Thanksgiving 
baskets of food were donated to the needy as their 
project of the year. Bob Caraveau was president. 
Dr. Charles Haughey and Henry Beck were faculty 

The membership of the Astronomy club, which 
now totals 20, has doubled since its organization a 
year ago. The members heard programs on astron- 

K-STATE PLAYERS— TOP ROW: Clenece L. Roberts, Sherry A. Reed, Sharon 
C. Wagner, Virginia L. Eaton, Marilyn Tindall, Carolyn L. Cochran, Marty A. 
Smith, Lilly Snow, Georgia Brown, Linda Stout. SECOND ROW: Rachel A. 
Pickett, Harold K. Stauffer, H. Landon Friesen, Sally A. Geistfeld, Judith A. 
Hall, Sharon Townsend, James L. Johnson, LouAnn Oberhelman, Nancy L. 

Porter. THIRD ROW: Linda Merritt, Jim Hollis, Richard E. Mansfield, William 
L. Alley, Tom D. Bowen, Darwin K. Klein, Orville D. Hunt, George L. Hooper, 
James E. Tullis, LaDonna B. Keller. BOTTOM ROW: Earl G. Hoover, Dan F. 
Hahn, Terry M. Quinn, Richard R. Streets, Mae Gross, Ken L. Keefer, Wayne 
D. Stewart, Ken Q. Nakari, Dennis L. Darner, John Robson. 

o.a * 






MASONIC CLUB— TOP ROW: LeRoy E. Morton, Carl B. Knapp, Larry M. 
Yost, Glenn R. Garrison, George W. Jeffers, John E. Boring, Arthur J. Rhodes, 
John M. Andrews. SECOND ROW: Donald H. Bastian, Robert E. Caraveau, 
Donald L. Fritts, John H. Bircher, Leo T. Hook, Henry V. Beck, Keith M. 

Donelson. THIRD ROW: Gene B. Martin, Harry E. Frommer, I, B. Rundell, 
Ray C. Amet, Charles F. Haughey, Victor J. Thompson, Keith A. Robertson, 
Billy D. Bower. BOTTOM ROW: George M. Smidt, Roy E. Hood, Vash A. 
Rumph, Ralph B. Handlin, Gilbert F. Selsor, Claude D. Roswurm, Ben L. 

omy and observed the skies through the telescope Association convention was held on the K-State 

on top of Willard Hall. President was Francis 
Hansen. Jack Robinson and Walter Houston were 
faculty advisors. 

The ninth annual state Independent Students 

campus in December. ISA chapters from six Kansas 
schools were represented. Don Lancaster was presi- 
dent of the K-State chapter, while Charles Jacot 
and William Koch were faculty sponsors. 

0. Boyd Mathias, C. E. Lewis, M. 
Pat West, John G. McPheeters, 
B. Franklin Hawk. BOTTOM ROW: 
J. Courtney Venables, Calvin B. 
Keeton, Clinton F. Peirce, Jack 
Robinson, Larry J. Holman. 

ISA— TOP ROW: Carol L. Wil- 
kins, Joan Kordus, Feme I. Kin- 
dall, Larry L. Smith, Rosie Cush- 
ing, Sherry K. Henderson. SEC- 
OND ROW: James D. Kastner, 
David H. Hohlfeld, Leo R. Wie- 
derholt Jr., Max K. Roberts, Rob- 
ert H. Lawson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Dale I. Smith, Dolan D. Leverton, 
Donald K. Lancaster, Charles W. 
Demoret, Richard K. Russell, Le- 
Roy W. Covert. 


<v> _r» 



—TOP ROW: Lloyd A. Gorton, Paul 
L. Clark, Max F. Shull. SECOND 
ROW: Gerald E. Peterson, Rannells 
King, Robert H. Lawson, John R. 
Hokanson. BOTTOM ROW: Henry C. 
Renollet, Wilbert F. Dreiling, Her- 
nias D. Kraushaar. 

Johnson, John C. Hassler, Shirley J. Smith, M. Kay Miller, Sally S. Shellhaas, 
Sharon Stewart, Princewill Kanu, Carol A. Hughes. SECOND ROW: Oliver W. 
King, James C. Zahnley, Donald W. Thayer, Harold R. Albrecht, Wayne R. 
Mowrer, Don C. Wilson, Ronald G. Rowland, Janis Broman. THIRD ROW: 

Stanley W. Cowan, Martin D. Shetlar, John W. Schaubach, Joseph S. Jones, 
Wesley D. Hedden, Charles C. Brockett, Bobbie J. Ramey, Robert K. Thorn, 
Joe H. Doyle. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald D. Butler, Charles E. Johnson, Ralph 0. 
Willard, James L. Lisher, A. C. Andrews, Charles D. Storrs, Donald A. Bafus, 
Charles C. Hardenburger, William J. Spangler, Floyd H. Bayer. 

a &-S 


K-FRATERNITY— TOP ROW: Tony G. Addeo, Dolan K. McDaniel, Kerry Clif- 
ford, Roy Dewitz, Jack Parr, Hayden Abbott, Dean Plagge, Larry Fischer. 
SECOND ROW. Gary E. Darter, Gary L. Haller, Dick Allen, Gene O'Connor, 

Jon Walker, Jesse Unruh, Karl Lindenmuth, Dale Blume. THIRD ROW: Jerry 
Hayes, Allen Olsen, Rudy Bletscher, Wally Carlson, Lawrence Brady, Bobby R. 
Jones, Terry Turner, Arlan Stackley. BOTTOM ROW: Fritz G. Knorr, Eddie 
Wallace, Bill Sinderson, Bob Boyd, Jack Kiddoo, Kenny Nesmith. 


ORCHESIS— TOP ROW: Linnea A. Brown, Carol L. Bliss, Sondra M. Cool, 
Peggy J. Farrar, Margaret A. Hill, Charlotte A. Strah, Judy Hopp. SECOND 
ROW: Katherine Horridge, Katherine E. Aye, Elsie Johnston, Joyce G. Rust, 

Nancy McVay, Margery Ricklefs. BOTTOM ROW: Kirsten A. Peterson, 
Charlotte L. Chastain, Kay E. Chamness, Miss Francile Aronhalt, Mary M. 
Collins, Sharon L. Skupa, Beverly A. Bergeson. 

"Touring the U.S.A." and "Doll Shop" were the 
themes of the annual Orchesis modern dance recital 
last spring. The colorfully - costumed dancers 
enacted historical scenes throughout the U. S. and 
dancing dolls came to life in a toy shop. The 25 
members furthered their enjoyment and profi- 
ciency of modern dance through associations found 
in Orchesis. 

In addition to their annual dance recital, Orche- 

sis members performed at K-State home economics 
Hospitality Day, physical education Playdays and 
clubs on and off campus. Members for the dance 
honorary are selected on qualifications set by active 
members. A student is first chosen to be a junior 
member and is initiated into the senior organiza- 
tion after she has successfully filled all require- 
ments. Joyce Rust was president. Francile Aron- 
halt was faculty advisor. 

Orchesis members, in black leotards, rehearse a dance pose 
at their weekly meeting. Orchesis, a modern dance honorary, 

presented its annual recital in February. The show was built 
around two themes, "Touring the U.S.A." and "Doll Shop." 


rifles win second in meet 

Pershing Rifles, Army and Air Force ROTC 
cadet drill team, placed second among 12 teams 
at the regimental Pershing Rifles meet at Stillwater, 
Okla., in March. Pershing Rifles members are 
chosen on drilling ability, general military knowl- 
edge and a 2.00 ROTC grade average. Drill and 
building military proficiency are the basic goals of 
the 45 members, and the group maintains a rifle 

The organization drilled at basketball games, 
served as honor guard for a visiting Ft. Riley gen- 
eral and was the saber guard at Army and Air 
Force ROTC dances. Jim Myers was Pershing Ri- 
fles captain. Captain Robert Blair was faculty 

Geology Gems was formed by a group of wives 
of geology majors in March, 195 6. During their 
first year, the 20 members furthered their interest 
and acquaintance with the profession. Faculty and 

Students attended booths in the Union and Anderson hall to 
receive contributions for the campus-wide United Fund drive. 

students spoke to the group twice a month and the 
members viewed slides from geology field trips. 

The Gems' projects for the year were a bake 
sale, sale of dusters and a box supper and square 
dance to raise money for a specimen showcase for 
the geology department. 

Gerald W. Crabtree, LeRoy J. Ber- 
ens, John F. Turner, James A. 
Myers. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. 
Rudman, Frank R. Weinhold, Donald 
C. Potter, Norman E. Jackson, Wil- 
liam K. Woelk. 



& e 


Ty i 

ft rf^ 

>mjM~ mm 


1 i > ** S ^K ■ - & 


iT^M" M 

wL ■ Wm m 

^H **" ** ■ 

• B ■■ 


M. Hood, Dorothy P. Richardson 
Louise Barrett, Marlene Faulkender 
Karla Owings, Imogene Butcher 
SECOND ROW: Mary R. Vincent, 
Mrs. J. R. Chelikowsky, Mrs. C. P 
Walters, Adalene M. Briggeman, 
LaVona Rand, Glenna Clark, Ruth 
Hansen. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lou 
Farmer, Sylvia D. Leasure, Donna 
L. Merryman, Margaret P. Boege, 
Marya R. Ferguson, Betty J. Seth- 


WILLISTON GEOLOGY CLUB— TOP ROW: John L. Hood, Lawrence E. Brown, 
Willis S. Jacobs, Robert E. Amos, Paul C. Clark, Robert P. Bridwell, Robert C. 
Braden, Ben M. Mayfield. SECOND ROW: Curtis W. Rust, Robert D. Yenzer, 
Max G. Richardson, Elden E. Leasure, II., Helmut C. Muehlhauser, Robert G. 

Masterson, James C. Windsor. THIRD ROW: Donald R. Wester, Jim R. Miller, 
Gary K. Hylton, Jerry P. Metz, Norman C. Owings, C. P. Walters. BOTTOM 
ROW: Glenn T. Beshears, William R. Bryson, Sam L. Farmer, Al F. Steunen- 
berg, Larry E. Lowe, Jimmie G. Knoche, Donald L. Butcher. 

Picnics and informal parties were given by the 
Gems for their families. Sylvia Leasure was pres- 
ident and Mrs. Joseph Chelikowsky was faculty 

A five-day geology field trip was the highlight 
of the year for Williston Geology Club members. 
The Bad Lands and Black Hills were visited last 
spring by 5 of the 200 members of the club. The 
trip is planned for some region of the country 
which is geologically different from local areas. 
During past years, members have explored the 
Rocky Mountains, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 

Monthly seminar programs were planned by the 
Williston Club to give geology and geography stu- 
dents insight into the various fields of their major. 
General geologic and geographical fields covered by 
speakers were petroleum, economic geology, fossils, 
structural geology, general geologic processes and 
the physical and human aspects of geography. The 
seminars help underclassmen select their major 
field, and give students with a common interest a 
chance to get acquainted. Jim Stewart was presi- 
dent. Henry Beck was faculty advisor. 

WILLISTON GEOLOGY CLUB— TOP ROW: Robert A. Graber, Jim C. Stewart, 
Charles F. Twell, John G. Kiddoo, Donald D. Geil, DeWayne J. Faulkender, 
Melvin E. Shultz, Harold D. Pilkington. SECOND ROW: Louis Riseman, John 
W. Chepil, James E. Burnette, R. Jack Merryman, William H. Shepherd, Wil- 
liam A. Crawford, Richard H. Gibb, Marion L. Maderak, Joseph R. Chelikow- 

sky. THIRD ROW: Marion A. Sundberg, Gerald J. Ferguson, Arthur B. Sperry, 
Charles C. Hudson, William K. Clark, Lawrence Petersilie, Sam H. Peppiatt, 
Larry L. Knoche. BOTTOM ROW: James E. Carrico, Gary Sandlin, Henry V. 
Beck, William J. Barrett, Francis W. Hansen, Dolan K. McDaniell, Lawrence 
L. Brady, Kenneth N. Watkins. 


pep clubs boost team 

Purple Pepsters, the Kansas State chapter of Phi 
Sigma Chi, national pep organization, is made up 
of 108 upperclass women who have maintained a 
1.0 grade average or better. Activities this year in- 
cluded a national convention of Phi Sigma Chi in 
October with several member schools attending, 
selling pom-poms at football games, and planning 
the pep rallies and the Homecoming parade with 

the other pep clubs. Phyllis Loseke led the pep 
group as president. 

Freshman girls showed their enthusiasm for a 
college pep club by having 224 members to rely 
upon when noise was needed. Whi-purs displayed 
their newly-acquired loyalty at football and basket- 
ball games, pep rallies and the Homecoming festiv- 
ities. The Whi-purs assisted the Purple Pepsters in 
forming the flash-card "K" in their section at the 
football games. Janet Newcomer served as presi- 
dent of the six-year-old organization. Whi-purs 
also made an out-of-town trip to one game, and 
had a banquet at the close of the season. 

PURPLE PEPSTERS— TOP ROW: Cathy A. Blanford, Glennis M. Unruh, 
Nancy L. Porter, Billie D. Scott, Dorothy F. Crotinger, Emmalea Magruder, 
LouAnn Oberhelman, Dorothy A. Craft, Carol J. Kaufman, Roberta J. Wray. 
SECOND ROW: Darlene Larkin, Cicely Bennett, Joyce Graham, Carrilee Shipps, 
Ann L. Cook, Jean Regier, Jane Franz, Connie Benjamin, Jan Kraft, Joan 

PURPLE PEPSTERS— TOP ROW: Patricia E. Darg, Sandra D. Arnold, Patri- 
cia J. Schneile, Carole Greer, Joline Boehner, Frances L. Russell, Linnea 
Brown, Twyla Holle, Mary Lou Vogelman, Sybil Foster, Louise Fager. SECOND 
ROW: Marcia A. Hesler, Pat Craven, June A. Peacock, Rosella A. Hiebert, 
Nancy L. Molter, Beverley J. Devolld, Emma L. Douglass, Diane Gentry, Pat 
Lutz, Carol Wilkins, Helen C. Lillig. THIRD ROW: Norma E. Eversole, Kay 
Berg, Darlene A. Beeman, Dixie L. Warnick, Carol L. King, Kay E. Broman, 

Berrigan. THIRD ROW: Susan Schober, Virginia Herzog, Kay Y. Wadsworth, 
Judie A. Cain, Sara A. Smith, Natalie Harwood, Marguerite G. Jahnke, Gailynn 
C Krey, Nancy S. Hayes, Barbara D. Ericson. BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy A. 
Byler, Marcia V. Eggers, Eleanor I. Zohner, Sharon Townsend, Mary Lee Dur- 
land, Pat M. Tramel, Alberta M. Timm, Yvonne E. Warner, Marcia R. Eddy, 
Betty Artley. 

Lenora A. Eklund, Barbara A. Walker, Ruth Kirtland, Velma Finkenbinder, 
Evelyn M. Lindley. FOURTH ROW: Donna L. Sargent, Janet J. Frey, Kay E. 
Chappell, Judy C. Pringle, Francile Aronhalt, Phyllis J. Loseke, Janet A. Kug- 
ler, Karen Skiver, Carol J. Schoenfeldt, Ruth A. Woellhof, Wanda J. Facklam, 
Phyllis R. Love. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth M. Hammer, Martha E. Smith, Norma 
E. Duell, Pat A. Todd, Jackie J. Commerford, Marguerite F. Scherling, Ilene 
M. Davey, Sandra K. Chapin, Ruth A. Tighe, Diane Whitley. 

n 9 © ? j ajt^f 


^ ^p 


r ^ Y y t~ 


£H f^% Cf 

^ ^ 


a ® 




^ ^ ^7 ^ V 

^ ^ ^ 


WHI-PURS— TOP ROW: Carol A. Doran, Mina 
E. Jones, Rosalie A. Austin, Mary L. Brant, 
Betty J. Larkin, Paula H. Behrmann, Diane E. 
Grey, Gelane Moritz, Sally S. Shellhaas, Elaine 
L. Danielson, Catharine L. Raleigh, Sherry K. 
Henderson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Gale, De 
Anne Davies, Carolyn Harp, Jo Edwards, Judie 
Evert, Judy Turton, Jan Viar, Barbara Halbert, 
Deanna J. White, Carolyn Huber, Marilyn Tay- 
lor. THIRD ROW: Barbara E. Herzog, Nora J. 
Crocker, LaDonna B. Keller, Sharon S. Linville, 
Carol L. Hurt, Marilyn Hanna, Colene Henson, 
Pat Vopat, Sharon Skupa, Mary Jo Moriconi, 
Barbara David, Sharon L. Nuttle. BOTTOM 
ROW: Karen G. Herthel, Judy Mann, Barbara 
A. Burnes, Lynne Martin, Caroline R. Davidson, 
Anne C. Detert, Ann M. Steiner, Cherie La 
Fromboise, Marilyn Tindall, Pat Zajic, Shirley 

WHI-PURS— TOP ROW: Cynthia M. Ziegler, 
Judith A. Quinlisk, Pat R. Shannon, Ruth Hei- 
serman, Ellen Grimsley, Rubyellen McDonald, 
Linda Felton, Irene Carter, Carolyn Humburg, 
Carolyn Pickens, Doris Wilson, Carole Joffray. 
SECOND ROW: Jo Ellen Cosby, Judy Simmons, 
Winifred Fields, Harriet Tedrow, Peggy Shan- 
non, Gene Chatman, Vicki Brodbeck, Eleanor 
Hansen, Joan Kirk, Alice Whitney, Patricia 
Cochran. THIRD ROW: Mary L. Beisecker, 
Ruthann A. Hill, Joanna Prochazka, Virginia 
Taylor, Carmen L. Paul, Diane Watson, Orva 
L. Richardson, Irene Mangelsdorf, Barbara 
Huff, Janet S. Elliott, Carol Engle, Rochelle 
Denk. BOTTOM ROW: Ada R. Craig, Linda L. 
Wagoner, Adrienne C. Rieck, Sharon C. Wag- 
ner, Sue N. Pruitt, Sherrill A. Arnold, Janice 
L. Bates, E. Jeannette Wells, Janice E. Collins, 
Patricia Myers, Monne Kay Wills. 

WHI-PURS — TOP ROW: Shirley R. Oveson, 
Karen Dickson, Loralee Terbovich, Judy Bing- 
ham, Teresa Gatz, Elizabeth Hamilton, Pat 
McHugh, Judy Beach, Karen Faye Larson, San- 
dra Swanson, Joanne Taylor, Jaclyn Mall. SEC- 
OND ROW: Harriet Harwick, Connie Merritt, 
Pat West, Jane Chalmers, Judy Farrand, Mar- 
cella Albright, Donnice Adamek, Janice Lilly, 
Bonnie Bryan, Glenda Wancura, Reatha Rob- 
erts, Sondra Sluyter. THIRD ROW: Beverly 
Brown, Sally Clary, Karen Swanson, Nancy Mc- 
Vay, Linda Stout, Janet Schafer, Helen Foltz, 
Betty Jean Poteet, Gwen K. Bourquin, Maren 
Paynter, Pat Trent, Kathryn Schmid, Berna- 
dine Frigon. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Weigel, 
Beverly Reinhardt, Nancy Johnson, Lee Lutz, 
Virginia Vahle, Janie Rumsey, Sharon Ericson, 
Sue Mechesney, Sandie Keil, Wendy Helstrom, 
Regina Snyder, Barbara Groothuis, Barbara 

WHI-PURS— TOP ROW: Claudia J. Applebaugh, 
Mary E. Warders, Sharon L. Anthony, Sharon 
S. Hays, Nancy I. Mills, Margaret Richards, 
Lois A. Fields, Beverly K. Bass, Joyce A. Ker- 
ber, Lynn M. Moxley, Marilyn Lee Summers, 
Linda Merritt. SECOND ROW: Maryanne Kel- 
ler, Sandra J. Tenorio, Judith C. Frye, A. Sue 
Higdon, Joanne Jacobs, Ginny Caldwell, Deanna 
Jo Chase, Emily K. Mohri, J. Ann Hamilton, 
Karolyn Wiens, Joyce Gager, Deanna Rae 
White. THIRD ROW: Kathy M. Pile, Sharon R. 
Keif, Kathy M. Hueftle, Margean E. Wester- 
house, Ann Fox, Jan Davis, Rogene Davis, Vera 
Wierenga, Rosie Cushing, Patricia A. Douglass, 
Marilyn Jo Rodgers, Kathleen L. Hayes, JoAnne 
L. Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Glenda A. Reed, 
Karen A. Vathauer, Marilyn K. Mueller, Martha 
Kay Friedel, Janet Newcomer, Mae L. Berg, 
Sara V. Foster, Fayeann Sandstrum, Carolyn 
Keane, Sara Choplin, Dorothy Minear, Chestine 
Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Pinky Collins, Marlene 
Schaben, Floy Ruppelius, Alice Becker, Kathy 
Martin, Carole Spears, Deanna Frommer. 

lf?L-&. 0> S> # ft ai£> 

* \\ •• I^W' V'*-' ••■,»' v >' > ■ «# l |"#Hr*« 

B {} f% •"«•* a n * **v ffr A" &'' A « €) 

»j mr^ n^i 


raff^ff^ " 


executives talk to club 

K-State's Society for Advancement of Manage- 
ment is one of 9 5 chapters in leading colleges and 
universities. John W. Nuzman was president of 
the 50 -member group. A student must be enrolled 
in Industrial Engineering or Industrial Technology 
to be qualified for membership. The varied 
programs of the individual chapters have been 
developed to further the growth of all students 
regardless of their academic major by stimulating 
their thinking and widening their knowledge. The 
group's program objectives are to bring closer to- 
gether executives in business and students prepar- 
ing to go into business, to serve as an effective 
medium for the exchange and distribution of in- 
formation on the problems, policies and methods 
of industry and management. 

Seminars, clinics, lectures and conferences are 
sponsored to bring closer together business and 
management executives with students preparing 
for these fields. These activities make more realis- 
tic and effective the student's preparation for life 
and impart to them a sound and appreciative atti- 
tude toward industry. Playing an important part 
in the national program for the Society are com- 
mittees on research, performance, awards, mem- 
bership, community projects, chapter relations, 
seminars and industry advising. These committees 
work with the vice-president of the national group 

Both children and adults enjoyed the antics of Pinocchio, as 
interpreted by the Reed Marionettes last December. 

on the formulation and application of policies, 
programs and procedures that make more effective 
the operation of the entire organization and the 
realization of their basic objectives. 

mond K. Y. Chun, James L. Gerner, Robert M. Kissick, Richard J. Meyer, 
Donald G. Lowell, Vasantlal C. Kamdar, Ardis Ellis, Norman L. Moore, Larry 
L. Smith. SECOND ROW: Homer H. Beck, Carl G. Newcomer, K. Dayton 
Koch, Stanley E. Wingate, Donald 0. Smith, Mohinder P. Sabhlok, Thomas 

E. Bowman, Ray A. Dahlman, Peter E. Wegner. THIRD ROW: John F. Wil- 
kinson, Donald L. Sink, Vern D. Scott, James D. Hotchkiss, Arthur E. Fitz- 
gerald, Robert W. Watkins, Dale E. Nichols, John P. Clifton. BOTTOM 
ROW: Bill L. Martin, Richard J. Morgan, Harry F. Pence, James H. Cleary, 
John W. Nuzman, Warren R. Dietrich, George M. Smidt, Ralph B. Handlin, 
Kenneth W. Miller. 





itus, come to Kansas State in 1918 as Dean of 
Agriculture, became the eighth president in 
1925, served to 1943. Farrell Library was dedi- 
cated October 5, 1955, in recognition of his 
"notable contribution to the cause of educa- 
tion and to the youth of Kansas while presi- 
dent, and in order that future generations of 
students and teachers at Kansas State College 
may be reminded of his vision and wisdom." 


• >-T 

l ;*£ 


1 >, 


' 3^ v 








«&/.. i! 



iW-r*** ■ :■ 


i 1* 

-*-*•' *0^ 






A foggy silhouette against a backdrop of a Cell Block Seven sketch is cast by this 
dancing couple. Big name bands such as this are sponsored by the Union committees. 

Royal Purple Queen Mary Ann Chamberlain beams with 
happiness as C. J. Medlin, graduate manager of Student Publi- 

cations, places the crown on her head. At her left are Susan 
Schober and Margaret Walker, attendants. 

hitchcock chooses queen 

The crowning of the 19 57 Royal Purple queen 
climaxed the "Shower of Stars" dance celebrating 
the Union's first birthday. Queen Mary Ann 
Chamberlain, Southeast Hall, was selected from a 
group of 16 candidates by Alfred Hitchcock on 

the basis of photographs submitted to him. Rose- 
mary Derks, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Susan Scho- 
ber, Alpha Delta Pi, and Margaret Walker, Van 
Zile Hall, were the royal attendants. 

The Crewcuts took the spotlight and sang many 
of their hit numbers. More than 5 50 couples 
danced to the music of Jimmy Featherstone's or- 
chestra in the grand ballroom of the Union. 

The Crewcuts sing at the Union birthday dance after appear- 
ing in a forty-five minute concert in the Auditorium. 

Couples dance to the music of Jimmy Featherstone's or- 
chestra in the star-decorated Union ballroom. 



% r 

Attendant Rosemary Derks represented Kappa Kappa 
Gamma sorority. She is a junior majoring in English and 
her home is in Norton. 

Attendant Susan Schober, a sophomore in physical edu- 
cation from Topeka, represented Alpha Delta Pi sorority. 


Attendant Margaret Walker represented Van Zile Hall. 
She is a sophomore in home economics and teaching 
from Gypsum. 

-<-Royal Purple Queen Mary Ann Chamberlain, a Pi 

Beta Phi pledge, represented Southeast Hall. She is 
an education freshman. 

"Sorry. No more of that one . . ." and back to the assign- 
ee to rearrange the schedule that's been arranged and re- 

arranged before. With the new plan of pre-enrollment, this 
card pulling confusion will become only a memory. 

pre-enrollment eases confusion at card rack 

"Lost name first . . . local address 
married? . . . religious preference? . 

phone number . . . 
for card after card. 

Pulling class cards and filling out the endless 
number of IBM cards has in the past been the very 
essence of enrollment and a time looked forward to 
with apprehension and distaste by the upperclass- 
men. Unsuspecting freshmen were introduced to 
this maze of systematic confusion and they soon 
joined the ranks of doubters of this method. 

But with the new plan of pre-enrollment, put 
into effect second semester, at least part of this will 
be a thing of the past. Students still have to fill out 
the cards, but the pain of the rack (the card rack) 
is gone. This is an eternal boon to succeeding gen- 
erations. But if it weren't for some of the still 
existing trials and tribulations of enrollment, those 
of the long lines, closed classes, and writers' cramp, 
it just wouldn't seem like college. K-Staters who 
have failing grades at the nine weeks cannot pre- 
enroll. Transfer students and freshmen who do not 
take advantage of the summer pre-enrollment will 
still have to go through the travail of the card rack. 


A prospective member hears about 
Block and Bridle at Activities Jamboree. 

Members of the Associated Women Students steering committee serve punch and 
cookies to freshmen women at the AWS tea during orientation week. 

New student's crowd around the Cosmopolitan Club booth at and information about their countries. Several showed native 
the Activities Jamboree as club members passed out pamphlets costumes to the students. The Jamboree was held in the Union. 

Chuck Zickefoose shakes a fist to emphasize his "Lyndon 
Johnson for President" oration to a Johnsonite group. 

mpc attracts 2,000 

Kansas State College inaugurated a first in the 
spring of '5 6 with the participation of more than 
2,000 students in a Mock Political Convention. 
Students from sororities, fraternities, and other or- 
ganizations banded together to form delegations 
representing the 48 states and territories of the 
United States. 

Bovinian party was the name selected during the 
preparation for the convention. Estes Kefauver 
came out as party candidate for president on the 
seventh ballot after a long fight. Clare Booth Luce 
took the vice-presidential nomination on the first 
ballot by a nice margin. The convention adopted a 
platform including planks on agriculture, "right to 
work", foreign affairs, trade and civil rights. The 
civil rights plank caused a little trouble when the 
powerful Southern bloc walked out in protest over 
its adoption. A compromise settled the dispute. 

Ahearn Fieldhouse was the scene of the Bovinian party con- 
vention over which Tom Bowman presided. The aisles were 

thronged with delegates during the many demonstrations that 
erupted upon nomination of the various candidates. 




& s 


Northwest' Hall delegates demonstrate for Clare Booth Luce. Their A Dixieland band gives a Clare Booth Luce demon- 

work paid off when she was nominated for veep. stration more punch toward the convention's end. 


A pre-convention parade and rally makes its way through As balloting drags into the night, weary delegates of the 

Aggieville. Best float prizes went to Chi O and Sig Ep. Southern bloc bring out forgotten studies to kill time. 

Enthusiastic delegates from Southeast Hall faithfully sup- bandwagon. As the convention wore on, delegates became more 

ported Stevenson, but eventually switched to the Kefauver and more involved, making this first MPC a smashing success. 


Ag School queen Connie Morgan, Southeast Hall, and her Beta Phi; Lee Lutz, Northwest Hall and Pat Vopat, Northwest 
attendants Karen Hampton, Waltheim Hall; Carol Miller, Pi Hall, reign over Ag Barnwarmer, held in the Union ballroom. 

ag week revised 

K-State's Ag Week began this year with less em- 
phasis on horsetank horseplay and more on con- 
structive projects such as booths displayed in 
Waters Hall. And it ended with the traditional 
Ag Barnwarmer, held in the Student Union ball- 
room. Connie Morgan, Karen Hampton, Carol 
Miller, Lee Lutz and Pat Vopat were chosen as Ag 
queen finalists in an Ag Seminar, where all the 
candidates were asked questions which exposed 
either their ignorance or knowledge of farming. 

Then at Chore Day, the five finalists were re- 
quired to drive a tractor, pitch hay, milk a cow, 
catch chickens and ride and saddle a horse before 
800 onlookers. And a free watermelon feed for all 
followed the "chores." Saturday night the climax 
to Ag Week, the Barnwarmer, was held in the 
Student Union ballroom, where men in jeans, plaid 
shirts and red bandannas, and their dates in full- 
skirted dresses danced to the music of Jimmy Pier- 
son's orchestra. 

Queen Connie performs one of her many Chore Day duties 
— saddling a horse while being watched by 800 K-Staters. 


Swishing skirts and stamping boots characterized the Ag 
Barnwarmer, the dance which ended a new type of Ag Week. 

At intermission, Connie Morgan was crowned 
Ag School queen, with Karen Hampton, Carol 
Miller, Lee Lutz and Pat Vopat as her attendants. 
This honor was not new to Connie's family, as her 
mother was K-State Barnwarmer queen in 1931. 

Finalist Karen Hampton seems to be having a little trouble 
milking the cow — an Aggie looks quite amused at her efforts. 

Queen finalists eat watermelon the primitive way at the 
Chore Day festivities held the evening before the Barnwarmer. 

For the first time during Ag Week, Ag School departmental 
clubs built booths in Waters Hall to display various projects. 



Pi Beta Phi's float took first in the Flush Bowl parade preceding 
the game. Alpha Chi Omega won second place honors with their float. 

Jannene Foust, 1956 Flush Bowl queen, receives a 
bouquet and a kiss from Dean Herbert Wunderlich. 

sae's down phi delts 

The annual Flush Bowl game between Phi Delta 
Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon ended in one more 
touch football victory for the Sig Alphs with a 
43-13 score. Jannene Foust of Chi Omega was 
crowned Flush Bowl queen by Dean Herbert Wun- 
derlich during half-time ceremonies. Katie Miller, 
Delta Delta Delta, and Lee Ann Riggs, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, were Jannene's attendants. The 
girls received roses and gift certificates from Man- 
hattan merchants. 

A lively band made up of Phil Delts and Sig Alphs tries 
to play "When the Saints Come Marching In" between halves. 

The authentic flush bowl for which the Phi Delts and the 

Sig Alphs compete each year is guarded by the Phi Delts. 

The trophy remains with the winning house until the next 
game is played. The SAE's guarded the flush bowl last year. 

The ball is carried over for another touchdown to add points 
to the K-State Kappa Sig victory in city park. 

kappa sigs stomp ku 

Beverly Cloyes, Pi Phi, Queen Barbara Lowe, Tri Delt, and 
Janet Eddy, Alpha Chi Omega, reign over the Pretzel Bowl. 

Kappa Sigma chapter of K-State smothered the 
KU Kappa Sigs 46-2 at the annual Pretzel Bowl 
football game between the two chapters. Barbara 
Lowe was crowned Pretzel Bowl queen by Dean 
Herbert Wunderlich to highlight the game. 

The first Sigma Chi Derby Day at K-State was 
held last fall and will become an annual event here 
since it proved successful. A dance started the 
events with derbies available for everyone. A queen 
contest based on percentage of members present 
was won by Alpha Chi Omega's Jean Campbell. 
"It Pays to Advertise" was the theme of the parade 
which was followed by an afternoon of interesting, 
and sometimes messy contests with 12 trophies 

Finishing touches are added to the dog costume of Sonny 
Laskey, winner of the deck-a-pledge contest on Derby Day. 

Larry McDonald, Derby Day chairman, helps Marilyn Clark 
from an old-time carriage at the Derby dance in Nichols Gym. 

Derby Darling jean Campbell receives her trophy from 
Coach Tex Winter after Alpha Chi won the attendance count. 

Joyce brower is queen 

Kansas State's Homecoming day festivities start- 
ed with a parade which, extended from downtown 
Manhattan through Aggieville. At the afternoon 
football game the Wildcats were victorious over 
Iowa State, and Joyce Brower was named Home- 
coming queen with Dixie Brown, Connie Benja- 
min, Sandra Mueller and Elin McCandless as her 

Homecoming queen Joyce Brower poses with the trophy The five Homecoming queen finalists were presented by Blue 
presented her at the 1956 Homecoming Ball. Key members at a ceremony on the Student Union balcony. 

First place for sorority house decorations went to Alpha Chi 
Omega, whose decorations portrayed a gay-nineties scene with 

background music for the theme, "There'll be a hot time in 
the old town tonight (after we scorch the Cyclones)." 


I f| r i 

Top float in the Homecoming Parade was Lambda Chi Alpha's Roman 
galley, one of the close to 40 floats which predicted a K-State victory. 

The Homecoming Ball climaxed the day's activi- 
ty as Queen Joyce Brower reigned over the dance. 
Seven hundred couples danced to the music of Matt 
Betton and his orchestra in the main ballroom of 
the Union. Tramp Day, the day before Home- 
coming, allowed students to attend class in the 
clothes they wore to work on house decorations. 
Decorations centered around a theme of famous 
proverbs or slogans. 

Keith Swenson looks on as Queen Joyce is presented 
a bouquet by Alumni Association head Walter Pierce. 

The first place trophy for fraternity house decorations was 
presented to Delta Tau Delta, whose model cars traveled 

around the world and through the K-State campus to illustrate 
their theme, "Along the Highway of Happy Memories." 


The second place for sorority house decorations was won by Chi Omega on a 
"We'll Lick 'Em, by Gum" theme depicting lollypops, peppermint candy canes. 


' ! ' pari 


The queen and her escort, Duncan Erick- Sigma Alpha Epsilon's "A Little Rain Stills a Big Wind" won second place, 
son, dance following the coronation. A 12-foot cyclone was wilted by the rain poured from a Wildcat's cloud. 

Homecoming queen finalists and Blue Key escorts are Joyce Benjamin, Pi Beta Phi; Sandra Mueller, Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
Brower, Chi Omega; Dixie Brown, Alpha Delta Pi; Connie Elin McCandless, Alpha Chi Omega. 


"Kappa's Karpet for Kampus Kin" welcomed parents to the campus 
for Parents' Weekend, and won the sorority house decoration trophy. 

Smiling after being presented as K-State's honorary 
parents are Mr. and Mrs. E. D. St. John, Wichita. 

parents honored at game 

Many parents visited the campus October 19th 
and 20th to take part in Parents' Weekend, and to 
see the K-State-Missouri football game. Welcom- 
ing the parents to the campus were decorations on 
fraternity and sorority lawns. The first place 
trophies for decorations went to Kappa Kappa 

Gamma and Delta Sigma Phi. Pi Beta Phi and 
Delta Upsilon were runners-up. 

Presented at the half of the K-State-Missouri 
football game were honorary parents of the day, 
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. St. John, parents of Marilyn 
St. John of Wichita. Parents registered in the 
Union lobby, were taken on tours of the Union by 
student guides and ate at a special "buffeteria" 
served in the Union's main ballroom before at- 
tending the afternoon football game. 

Joe Marnell, Delta Sigma Phi, waits as Parents Day chairman 
George Peters awards the first place trophy in the sorority 

division to Ann Davies, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rosemary 
Derks holds the fraternity trophy to be awarded. 


Couples dance around a huge snowball to the music of Matt 
Betton's orchestra at annual home economics Snow Ball dance. 

rumsey crowned fmoc 

The annual Snow Ball, sponsored by the School 
of Home Economics, was held in the main ballroom 
of the Student Union as 3 50 couples danced in a 
snow scene setting. The 19 56 Favorite Man on 
Campus was chosen from 26 candidates by vote 
of K-State coeds who had viewed the candidates 
through posters and skits presented by the frater- 
nities at the women's organized houses. 

FMOC Gary Rumsey was crowned at intermis- 
sion of the Snow Ball by Gavona Michaels, president 
of the home economics council. Sylvia Gaddie, 
chairman of the Snow Ball, announced the runners- 
up, Ron Bryant, Dave Epp, Gary Haynes and 
Larry Youngdoff. Rumsey was given a knife and 
engraved key chain, and the four runners-up were 
presented key chains on which their names were 

Favorite Man On Campus Gary Rumsey, Delta Tau Delta, is 
congratulated by Gavona Michaels, home ec council head. 

Vocal trio Judy Hopp, Virginia Roenbaugh and Connie Ben- 
jamin set the mood with music before the crowning of FMOC. 

FMOC Rumsey poses with the four runners-up: Ron Bryant, 
Sigma Chi; Day Epp, Lambda Chi Alpha; Gary Haynes, Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon and Larry Youngdoff, Pi Kappa Alpha. Rum- 
sey was chosen by vote of all women students on the campus. 

Queen Mory Helen Eaton and King Joe Gardner reign over 
the IPC Deep Purple dance given by pledges for pledges. 

• OJj... . .. : 

pledges crown royalty 

With the nomination of candidates for king and 
queen of the 19 57 Inter fraternity Pledge Dance, 
the pledge classes of Greek organizations began 
their campaigns in varied and vigorous ways. Cam- 
paign stunts ranged from furnishing taxi service 
for coeds to sending Valentines in the form of 
cookies and candy to the Greek houses. The usual 
array of posters blanketed the campus so that by 
the end of the week everyone was aware of the 
coming event. The winning candidates, Mary 
Helen Eaton and Joe Gardner, represented Gamma 
Phi Beta and Phi Kappa. The theme of the dance, 
Deep Purple, was most appropriate for the royal 
couple's reign. 

Matt Betton and his band playing for street 
dancing plus a give-away of $700 in prizes made 
the 195 6 Aggieville Jamboree a gala affair. The 
purpose of the annual event is to give the Aggie- 
ville businessmen a chance to show their apprecia- 
tion to the students for past and future business 
and to give old and new students an opportunity 
to get acquainted with the Aggieville businessmen. 

Jimmie James and his band played "for the occasion from 
the stage of the main ballroom in the K-State Union. 

Couples make way for royalty as the king and queen make 
their way to the stage to claim their crowns and take throne. 

Aggieville was in an uproar one September evening last fall 
when 2,500 students turned out for the annual Jamboree. 

Making an early-day wheel and creating fire kept these 
mechanical engineers busy while the crowds swarmed past. 

Bridges and towers were only a few of the architectural 
wonders built to show the progress of the architects. 

mechanicals keep trophy 

"Landmarks in Engineering," showing every- 
thing from the first wheel to 1957 atomic wonders, 
were depicted during the 33 rd annual Engineers' 
Open House on St. Pat's week-end. Ten displays 
were the result of many hours of planning and 
preparation by men and women in the School of 
Engineering and Architecture. The mechanical 
engineers won permanent possession of the Steel 
Ring trophy awarded the best individual exhibit by 
earning first spot for the third straight year. The 

mechanics also took second place in the exhibit 
contest. First place display was a space ship scene 
and second place showed the origin of fire and the 
wheel. Taking third place were the civil engineers 
with their community sanitation display. 

Reigning over the engineers' activities were St. 
Pat Jim Moore and St. Patricia Mary Helen Eaton. 
Attendants were Virginia Roenbaugh, Sandra Te- 
norio, John Nuzman and Pat Schmiedeler. Coro- 
nation ceremonies were performed by Dean M. A. 
Durland at the St. Pat's Prom, a dance sponsored 
by Steel Ring which climaxes the annual open 

St. Patricia Mary Helen Eaton adjusts the crown placed on 
her head by Dean Durland at coronation ceremonies while 

St. Pat Jim Moore and their four attendants watch. All are 
chosen by a student vote of the School of Engineering. 

I f 

S**^ id 

Soon the 'KS' on K-Hill will be lighted What makes oil?, where does it come from? and what does it do? were questions 
by Sigma Tau member on his last lap. answered in this display set up by the chemical engineering department. 

Officially starting Open House at 6 p.m. Friday was this trio — Dean Dur- The production and uses of cellophane are 
land, St. Pat Jim Moore and St. Patricia Mel Eaton — who cut the ribbons. shown in its life story on this display. 

A few of the estimated 10,000 visitors attending this year's event ponder 
one of the complexities in the industrial engineers' machine exhibit. 



army queen crowned 

Army ROTC cadets and their dates danced to 
the music of Jimmy Keith's orchestra at the Mili- 
tary Ball sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, na- 
tional army ROTC honorary. Highlighting the 
evening was the announcement, during intermis- 
sion, of Military Ball queen Shari Shellenbarger and 
her attendants — Karen Skiver, Marlene Young, 
Doris Geis and Donna Sargent — who entered the 
Student Union ballroom through an arch of sabers 
formed by members of Pershing Rifles. 

Pershing Rifles members march past couples in the Student 
Union ballroom to begin Military Ball crowning ceremonies. 

Military Ball queen Shari Shellenbarger of Chi Omega and 
Dean A. L. Pugsley start the coronation dance. 

The queen and her escort, Ron McKinnie, enter the .ballroom 
through arch of sabers held by members of Pershing Rifles. 

The queen's attendants, who pose with their Scabbard and 
Blade escorts after the crowning ceremony, are Karen Skiver, 

Pi Beta Phi; Marlene Young, Delta Delta Delta; Doris Geis, 
Van Zile Hall; and Donna Sargent, Waltheim Hall. 

Couples follow the royalty and their cadet escorts in a grand 
march at the AFROTC Ball in the Union ballroom. 

A sterling silver crown, lined with purple velvet, is adjusted 
on the head of "Her Majesty" by the queen's attendants. 

governor crowns queen 

Joyce Brower, Chi Omega, was crowned queen 
by Governor George Docking amid pomp and 
ceremony at the first Air Force Ball. The candi- 
dates, all member of Angel Flight, entered through 
an arch of sabers formed by members of Pershing 
Rifles. Johnny Long's Orchestra provided music 
for the 5 00 couples and prominent guests. 

Air Force Ball Queen, Joyce Brower, is crowned by George 
Docking, governor of Kansas. 

■^-Attendants Charlene Strah, Rosemary Derks, Connie 
Benjamin, Helen Lutz, Jannene Foust and Charlotte Strah 
pose after receiving bouquets of red roses from governor. 

Receiving are Maj. 

Gen. Joe Nickell, Mayor 

and Mrs. 

Charles Arthur, Col. 

and Mrs. Charles Wilkins 

and Gov. 


Arrayed in the fancy togs of ancient Rome, PiKAs, Sig Eps, 
and their dates present a colorful picture as they cheer the 

Wildcats to victory at basketball game during their Olympiad 
festivities. They made a striking contrast with modern dress. 

torch relay opens games 

Torch runners opened the first Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon-Pi Kappa Alpha Olympiad. Contests held be- 
tween the two fraternities included a wheelbarrow 
race and tug of war. Costumed in Roman togas, 
members and their dates attended the Olympiad 
dance in Pottorf Hall which was decorated with 
huge bowls of fruit and floor mats. Sue Downer 
of Alpha Delta Pi was crowned queen, and she 
and her court were entertained by a Roman dancer 
and wrestlers. 

Richard Bach, Bill Carter and Dick Barrett run for the 
ish line to win the greased pig contest for the Sig Eps. 

Dressed in keeping with the Tacky party theme, couples dance to the 
music of the Pastels at a Union dance held last fall. 

Welcoming all students to a Union dance was this 
huge sign, plus a couple of hillbillies. 

N £ L 


The Alpha Omicron Pi bottle band of Kansas University performs 
during the Big Three talent show. 

Miss Nebraska of 1956, Diane Knotek, sings her 
final number accompanied by Jackie Swanson. 

big three give show 

Rodd, Lowell Novy and Larry Ball. Numbers were 
also given by Jim Parker, pianist and Karen Blume, 

Top student performers from Kansas State, 
Kansas University and the University of Nebraska 
were featured in the Big Three Talent Show. The 
program, given before a full house in the K-State 
auditorium, was sponsored by the Union Campus 
Entertainment committee. 

Representing K-State were four acts chosen in 
a preliminary talent contest. Two singing groups 
performing were the "Nightcaps," a mixed-quartet 
composed of Bob Sanders, Janet Holm, Doug Ex- 
line and Jon Weigand and the "Four Delts," a 
barbershop quartet with Larry Foulke, George 

K-Stare's Karen Blume, last year's champion twirler on 
campus, displays her twirling ability. 

Representing Kansas University is Manuel Jackson, who 
began tap dancing at the age of six. 


m m 


II [! 


A grand entry of nearly 200 animals fills Ahearn Fieldhouse 
the night of the Little American Royal. Animals return to 

the show ring later in individual classes for judging. Con- 
testants go only by numbers throughout the contest. 

Two champs share the spotlight at this show — Ancel Arm- 
strong, Dairy; and Roger Carbon, Block and Bridle Division. 

royal has 164 entries 

With all the color and gaiety of its parent event, 
the American Royal, the Little American Royal is 
presented each spring by the Block and Bridle Club 
and the Dairy Club. Any student may enter and 
draw for a College-owned animal which he will 
groom for seven weeks prior to the contest. Judg- 
ing is based on showmanship and amount of im- 
provement on the animal, but not on quality. The 
28 th Little American Royal, held the spring of 1956 
in Ahearn Fieldhouse, had 164 students showing. 
Mark Drake, executive council chairman, was as- 
sisted by student committees, since the entire event 
is planned and staged by Aggies. Parents and high 
school FFA and 4-H members are special guests at 
the Royal. 

Girls have an equal chance at the Little Royal. These co-eds 
proved it by placing high in the quarter horse class. 

The Smith Sisters, a trick rope team from Colorado A&M, 
entertained an enthusiastic crowd during intermission. 

One eye on the hog and the other on the judge seems to be "Let me consider this a while longer,'' says the judge as the 
the best answer in a situation like this. showmen put to use what they've learned in and out of class. 

All eyes focus on the judge who will soon name a winner in A Suffolk sheep made of dyed sawdust on a 12-foot revolv- 
this class. Class winners then vie for division championship. ing platform marks the site for presentation of the champions. 

Spectators close in for a better view as contestants watch for based on showmanship and improvement of the animal from 
the signal to move up or back in the placings. Judging is the contestant's seven weeks' work with it. 

^A^ V ^^^ : 

ft*-'' i£>4 & 

school has open house 

A day-long introduction to the School of Home 
Economics — that's Hospitality Day. This all-school 
open-house followed the political theme of '56 and 
invited high school girls, their teachers and mothers 
to "Cast Your Vote as Home Economics Cam- 
paigns for Better Living." Donkey and elephant 
name badges, banners and streamers, and voting for 
the favorite exhibit put visitors in the 'campaign' 

Nine educational exhibits, planned and prepared 
by home ec girls, showed the type of work done in 
various classes. A general assembly, and tours of 
the campus, exhibits, and women's dormitories were 
topped by a full-scale style show which reviewed 
clothes suitable for college wear. Now a traditional 
event for the School of Home Economics, Hospi- 
tality Day found more than 1,700 persons here for 
the event last spring. General chairman for Hospi- 
tality Day was Delaine Smith. The entire event is 
planned by student committees with faculty as- 

Some of the more than 1,700 visitors arrive at Calvin Hal 
to begin a tour of exhibits set up for Hospitality Day. 

Seated in "state delegations," high school girls are invited 
to "cast their votes" for favorite campus clothes modeled in 

the style show and in some instances made by students. Res- 
idence hall teas followed the show. 



Registration totals found girls from 135 schools at last "Tell the folks what you think about it," says the man with 
spring's Hospitality Day. Visitors registered in the Union. the mike. A box lunch plus lots of fun filled the noon hour. 

Student hostesses explain the whys and hows of each exhibit. 
Student guides led tours of the campus and dorms. 

Even food campaigned for top spot in this contest. The nine 
educational exhibits were coordinated by Gavona Michaels. 

It takes people and pets to make the child development lab 
exhibit a replica of the actual lab used in that course. 


Posters seem to blossom from campus trees announcing can- 
didates for Student Council positions. K-Staters got into the 

swing of campus politics in elections last spring to vote for 
their favorite Integrity or Progressive party candidates. 

Punching activity tickets is part of voting procedure as this 
student casts a ballot in Anderson for a favorite candidate. 


spring brings politics 

Students with an interest in politics had many- 
opportunities to gain experience during the campus- 
wide campaigns last spring. One major event was 
election of Student Council representatives, for 
which members are chosen from each school. Skits 
presented at organized houses and posters covering 
campus trees and bulletin boards announced can- 
didate names and qualifications. Students voted for 
representatives from their school only. 

Students crowd into Kedzie Hall to pick up their 1956 an- 
nuals while Royal Purple staff members check them out. 

new relay record set W-tilfk^ 

Operating on the theory that an inch is as good 
as a mile, Sigma Chi chariot-runners set a new rec- 
ord of 51.9 seconds in one heat and ran off with 
first place in the Lambda Chi Alpha Chariot Relays. 
The Kappa Sigmas claimed the second place trophy. 
Proceeds from the race went to the General Schol- 
arship Fund. 

In April, Kansas State was host to the Interfra- 
ternity Council-Panhellenic Council Big Seven Re- 
gional Conference. Representatives from 12 schools 
attended. Fraternity problems such as rushing, re- 
lations with the campus and scholarship were dis- 
cussed. Representatives attended discussion groups, 
a banquet and luncheons. They were housed at the 
K-State Greek houses. 

As rider of the victorious Sigma Chi chariot, Emily Douthit 
from Southeast Hall eagerly accepts the trophy she has won. 


~ tr- F 

■ llii H* 

Thundering across the finish line as winners of the Chariot 
Relays arc Dave Burton and Stan Drevets, members of the rec- 

ord-breaking Sigma Chi team. They set a record of 51.9 sec- 
onds and edged out the Betas in a first round race. 

Gary Rumsey, president of K-State's IFC, talks over the mat- 
ter of public relations at the Big Seven Conference. 

Representatives to the Panhellenic Big Seven Regional Con- 
ference exchange ideas on that important subject — Rush Week. 

ANGEL FLIGHT— TOP ROW: Richard Rudman, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Irvine, 
Jannene Foust, Joyce Brewer, Helen Lutz, Pat McDermott, Connie Benjamin, 
Marcia Gronis, Carol Holmquist, Carlton M. Smith. SECOND ROW: Rosemary 

Derks, Anita Grimm, Barbara Starnes, Emma Lou Douglas, Lois Nelson, Sondra 
Cool, Betty Childs, Dixie Warnick, Judy Gladish. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn 
Hudiburg, Kay Benjamin, Roberta Wray, Eleanor Saylor, Carol Baker, Patsy 
Stephens, Charlotte Strah, Pat Craven, Charlene Strah. 

arnold air has angels' 

Activities at KSC are many and varied. Newly 
organized this year was the Leadership Training 
School under the direction of Dr. John Keltner, 
head of the speech department. Angel Flight, 
another first, is a girls' drill organization selected 
by the Arnold Air Society on the basis of appear- 
ance, poise, personality, drilling ability, and atti- 
tude. The highest individual honor for a football 
player is the "most inspirational player" award 
given each year. K-State boasted eight cheerleaders 
this year to lead the school in cheers. 

Students in leadership training school listen as a psychology 
department professor lectures on leadership qualities. 

Kenny Nesmith receives the 1957 "most inspirational play- 
er" award which is considered the highest of football awards. 

K-STATE CHEERLEADERS— TOP ROW: Larry Karlen, Jack Hill, Larry Young- 
doff, Ted Denesha. BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Culver, Judy Gladish, Marilyn 
Adams, Adelia Johnson. 

Mortar Board president Shirley Sarvis presents Peggy Daniels a plaque 
for her grades, which were top among freshman women. 

Carole Holmquisr, K-State's candidate, was named 
princess at the Kansas City American Royal. 

activities occupy staters 

All K-State women students were invited to at- 
tend the annual Mortar Board scholarship dinner, 
at which Dean Herbert Wunderlich was guest 
speaker. During Religious Emphasis Week, out- 
standing religious educators and ministers spoke 
on the campus. Following a kick-off assembly, 
ministers visited and spoke at the various fraterni- 
ty and sorority houses and dormitories. 

K-Stater Carole Holmquist was named American 
Royal princess in Kansas City last fall. Many hours 
of practice went into the concert presented in the 
Auditorium by members of Orchesis, modern and 
creative dancing group. 

Francile Aronhalt, Orchesis advisor, is presented a bouquet 
of roses by a student following the spring Orchesis concert. 

Clowns, vendors and special performers share in this circus 
number in the spring concert given by members of Orchesis. 

Members of Delta Tau Delta listen to a Religious Emphasis 
Week speaker. The speakers visited living groups. 

Janenne Faust MCees for the 64,000 Yen Question, winning Bruce Wilson, Y-Orpheum chairman, pauses after presenting 
Chi Omega skit in the sorority division. director Chuck Wingert the winning SAE fraternity trophy. 

y-orpheum has tv theme 

"Channel Chuckles" was the theme of the skits 
presented by seven Greek organizations in the 1957 
Y-Orpheum sponsored by YMCA and the Union. 
Added to this year's show were souvenir programs 
with covers designed by Bill Keane, author of 
"Channel Chuckles" cartoons and the music of 
Matt Betton's orchestra. Bruce Wilson was Y- 
Orpheum chairman. 

"Rickey Rat and His Kremlin Gremlins" won Sergeant Philco discusses a prob i em with a member of his 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon first place in the fraternity company during the second place AGR skit. 

Kremlin Gremlins from Sigma Alpha Epsilon watch apa- The brainwashing attempts didn't prove successful, as Grem- 
thetically as a USSR roving reporter signs in from Budapest. lins wound up the evening by shooting their Soviet "instructor." 

X "M" Ro \Vt fc «* 

I «t7 /j> 


Matt Betton and his orchestra spent much time practicing 
with the skits to make Y-Orpheum a success. 

division. Their skit brought roars from the audi- 
ence as the Gremlins performed in true Russian 

Chi Omegas received the winning sorority tro- 
phy for their presentation of "64,000 Yen" with a 
Chinese-clad cast and contestants. "Behind the 
Scenes with Sergeant Philco" brought the Alpha 
Gamma Rhos the second place fraternity trophy. 
Alpha Tau Omega and Chi Omega skits were se- 
lected to be presented on television. 

"TV or not TV" with colorful costumes and songs is being 
presented by the ATOs. 

4 ' \ 


1 HI ! HO 

Pi Beta Phi members present readin', writin 
their "Ding Dong School." 

, and rhythm in 

A lonely freshman faces the Tribunal for Tears in the Tri- Wally Balloo, weather forecaster, runs into difficulties pre- 
Delt take-off on Mickey Mouse Club, "The Katketeer Klub." dieting a hurricane in "This Far North," Acacia skit. 

% . l, f* n p 


Students and faculty members fill the seats and aisles of the 
K-State auditorium to hear an outstanding speaker talk in an 

all-college assembly. A study of the photograph shows many 
and diverse ways of paying close attention. 

artists entertain crowds 

Well-known United States personalities were 
presented in assemblies during the year when stu- 
dents took time out from classwork for the enter- 
taining and informative programs. Another part 
of the College program throughout the year was 
four performances of the Artist Series featuring 
noted musicans. 

Guest assembly speakers included Hodding Car- 
ter, Louis Untermeyer, Edward Weeks, and Stu- 
art Chase. Dr. Louis Binstock, Jewish Rabbi, op- 
ened the "Festival of Faiths," religious emphasis 
week, by speaking on "The Power of Faith" at an 
all-college assembly and during Engineers' Open 

Constance Bennett, Richard Strauss, and their supporting 
cast presented selected portions of Steinbeck's plays. 

Eva Jesseye, composer and authority on American music, presents her 
concert ensemble of spirituals, "Minstrel Era", and "With the Moderns". 

Stuart Chase, well-known American author, speaks 
on "Guides to Straight Thinking." 

Fighting Southern editor, Hodding Carter, presents his views 
on States Rights and changing patterns in race relations. 

House Charles Luckman, co-owner of the world's 
largest architectural firm, spoke. "Liberal Educa- 
tion in an Industrial Democracy" was the topic 
presented by Mortimer Adler on Home Economics 
Hospitality Day. 

Eva Jesseye's American Concert Ensemble gave 
a musical program, "Minstrelsy, USA," and the 
Maxine Munt-Alfred Brooks Modern Dance Duo 
performed. Several assemblies composed of student 
talent were also part of the year's events. "The Best 
of Steinbeck" was the first of the Artist Series 
featuring Broadway stars Constance Bennett and 
Richard Strauss plus a supporting cast. Other per- 
formances were by Michael Rabin, violinist, the 
Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, and Norman 
Scott, Metropolitan Opera Star. 

"A Creed for Americans" was the topic of a speech given by 
Edward Weeks, editor-in-chief of the Atlantic Monthly. 

Louis Untermeyer discusses his latest book, "Makers of the 
Modern World," recounting lives of cultural leaders. 

Michael Rabin, youngest violinist to appear on the Telephone Hour, Ralph Bunche, Nobel prize winner, was the guest 
and his accompanist, Leon Pommers, after their performance. speaker at the spring Senior Honors assembly. 

TtTTtTi - 


ARMY ROTC RIFLE TEAM— TOP ROW: R. T. Mangus, L. E. Clum, Ronald 
Odell, Thurston Banks, Larry Lowe, Kenneth Veraska, Haywood Walker, J. Dar- 
rell Arnold, Bill Davis, M/Sgt. Everad Horton, Col. William W. Harvey, Capt. 

af team first in nation 

All three Kansas State rifle teams posted im- 
impressive records during the 19 5 6-57 season. The 
Army ROTC team was rated in the top ten of 
the Fifth Army area. The Air Force ROTC team 
placed first in the nation in the Hearst National 
ROTC matches, winning both team and individ- 
ual divisions. And the College rifle team defended 
its Big Seven title at the conference match on the 
K-State campus in March. Sergeant James Hart 
Coached both the College and Air Force ROTC 

Richard Dineley. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Thrisk, Dean Eustace, Jack Daniels, 
Herman Kamerman, Vacil Sullens, Leroy Berens, Paul Shilling, Donald Potter, 
E. P. Regnier, Merrel Mikesell. 

Team members do some "target practice" on the rifle range 
located in the basement of the Military Science Building. 

Defending champions of the Big Seven Conference, the AIR FORCE ROTC RIFLE TEAM— TOP ROW: S/Sgt. James B. Hart, Philip Gregory, 

-, ,. .7. . . ,. . .i.i Floyd Cummins, Col. Charles H. Wilkins. BOTTOM ROW: Karl Schilling, Stanley 

College rifle team here is shown firing a postal match. Bram Thomas Cob | ent z. 

\ "■?£* 

Summer school students dance under the stars on the K-State Union ter- 
race to music provided by various high school bands. 

Charles McCullough, pianist, was one of the 

artists who visited the summer school campus. 

miller is summer queen 

Summer school began in June with close to 
1,700 students enrolled, the highest summer school 
enrollment at K-State since 1949. Supervising the 
session was Summer School Dean Paul M. Young. 
A summer recreation program provided entertain- 
ment for summer school students. On different 
programs were Elizabeth Winslow, soprano and 

Walter Carringer, tenor, the Mitchell-Ruff instru- 
mental duo and Charles McCullough, pianist. 

Eight coeds vied for the title of "Miss Kansas 
State." Carole Miller, Joyce Slaven, Alda Schmutz, 
Rosemary Derks, Marlene Young, Nancy Mc- 
Queen, Peggy Farrar and Grace Rose were pre- 
sented as candidates at the Collegiate Capers water 
show in July. And the K-State Union was a pop- 
ular place for students, who relaxed there between 
classes and attended dances on the terrace. Summer 
school came to a close August 3 when at com- 
mencement exercises President James A. McCain 
conferred degrees upon 200 graduates. 

Rosemary Derks and Marlene Young look on as Carole 
Miller is crowned "Miss Kansas State" by Frank Anneberg, 

director of the Manhattan Recreation Commission. The crown- 
ing took place at the Collegiate capers water show in July. 

*> v 

r 1 

These Kansas State students receive the long-awaited diploma 
they have worked toward through the previous four years. 

Spring graduation exercises were held in the Ahearn Field 
House, and a throng of parents and relatives filled the gym. 

With modestly bowed head, Representative Clifford Hope 
receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Agriculture. 

seniors reach finale 

The donning of mortar boards and black robes 
signified the grand finale to college days for more 
than 800 seniors last spring. Commencement ex- 
ercises were held in the Ahearn Field House. Pres- 
ident McCain delivered a charge to the class, Gov. 
Fred Hall extended greetings and Lester McCoy, 
chairman of the Board of Regents, brought a 
message from the Board. The climax of the exer- 
cises came when the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Agriculture was conferred upon Representative 
Clifford Hope. 

After lining up in schools and by names, more than 800 
spring graduates slowly walk across the Kansas State campus 

to their graduation exercises. With their black robes and mor- 
tar boards they present quite a picture to interested relatives. 


i ypm 

Mixed emotions are portrayed by these graduates as they 
think over their dreams and plans for future years. 


After receiving their diplomas these ROTC men 

w: -..# 

Diploma in hand, this graduate leaves Kansas State College 

take the oath for a second lieutenant commission in the service. and school days behind to find his place in the world. 

"The C's are over here" and "the W's go over there" are alphabetically in front of Anderson Hall in preparation for 
phrases heard as the 1956 candidates for degrees line up the grand march to the Fieldhouse for graduation exercises. 


An important part of speech and drama at K-State is played 
by interpretive reading groups. Here Tony Alley, Mary Jean 

Thomas, Dan Hahn, Ann Soelter and Gordon Jump participate 
in one of the groups, which were directed by John Robson. 

rehearsals, curtain calls, mark dramatics 

Rehearsal after rehearsal, night after night, a 
forgotten line, a bad dress rehearsal before an out- 
standing first night performance, then a well- 
deserved curtain call — all were characteristic of 
the many fine plays presented by K-State actresses 
and actors throughout the year. 

Directing the plays and advising student direc- 
tors were faculty members John Robson, Don 
Hermes and Earl Hoover, long-time director of 
K-State dramatic presentations. The first major 
production of the year was "Six Characters in 
Search of an Author," directed by Don Hermes. 
Presented in November, the play starred Jerry Ha- 
ger, John Miller, Bobbi Baumann, Nancy Westney 
and Lou Ann Oberhelman. All dressed in black, 
the six characters had in their minds the theme 
and action for a play, and were in search of some- 
one to write the play for them. 

In December, "Solid Gold Cadillac" was pre- 
sented with Earl Hoover directing. In the lead role 
was Lou Ann Oberhelman as Mrs. Laura Partridge, 
a little old lady who, as a small stockholder in a 
large New York corporation, attended a board of 
directors' meeting, found foul play among the di- 
rectors and eventually took over the entire cor- 

poration as a representative of all the corporation's 
small stockholders. Fashioned after the Broadway 
production, "Solid Gold Cadillac" also had in its 
cast Jan Lowderman, Darwin Klein, Gordon Jump, 
Jerry Hager, Charley Peak and Ken Nakari. 

Poker and a bottle occupy four of the unsavory characters that 
abounded in "Streetcar Named Desire," presented in February. 


Speech and drama continue throughout the year, as evi- school plays. This play, presented during the summer school 
denced by the number of students who try out for summer session, gave experience to summer speech and drama students. 

Linda Merritt played the role of the sister-in-law, 
Blanche, in "Streetcar Named Desire," directed by 
John Robson. Given in February, "Streetcar" 
starred Len LeGault as the husband, Ann Soelter 
as the wife whose eccentric sister-in-law disrupted 
her "home." Ken Nakari played the part of 
Blanche's boyfriend. Sharon Townsend was stu- 
dent director for the play. 

"Merry Wives of Windsor," a Shakespearean 
play, was given in April and directed by Earl 

Hoover. Gordon Jump starred as Falstaff, and 
other members of the cast were Wendy Helstrom, 
Bobbi Baumann, Glenn Rhea, Richard Mansfield 
and Gene Olander. Student director for "Merry 
Wives of Windsor" was Betsey Thomasson. The 
two plots of the play were: first, the devilry 
played on Falstaff and second, the love life of Ann 
Page (Wendy Helstrom). 

The last major production of the school year 
was "Everyman," directed by Don Hermes. A re- 

Sraged in a train car, "Pullman Car Hiawatha" starred Floyd man Car Hiawatha" was one of the one-act plays presented 
Stumbo, Jan Lowderman and Jerry Hager (front stage). "Pull- first semester as a Player's Studio Production. 


1 ' |r 1 1 

r mi A 

1 " JLt-- 


Jerry Hager, John Miller, Bobbi Baumann, Nancy Westney, 
Lou Ann Oberhelman act in "Six Characters in Search of an 

ligious play, "Everyman" was presented in con- 
junction with the College May Fine Arts Festival 
and the annual all-College Easter Assembly. 

Students who were interested in drama and 
drama production were given an opportunity to 
participate and direct in two series of one act plays 
which were presented during the year. Faculty 
director for both series of one act plays was Dr. 
John Robson. In the first semester series, Floyd 

Jan Lowderman listens as Darwin Klein pleads with Mrs. 
Laura Partridge (Lou Ann Oberhelman) in "Solid Gold Cadil- 

The "Man With His Heart in the Highlands" was a one-act 
play starring Mai Skinner, George Langshaw and Jim Tullis. 

Stumbo, Jan Lowderman and Jerry Hager acted 
in "Pullman Car Hiawatha," in which all action 
was staged on a train car. 

Other plays presented in the first series were 
"Man With His Heart in the Highlands," and 
"Marty," which was adapted for stage from the 
television show. Marty was played by Charley 
Peak, and the play was directed by Lou Ann Ober- 

lac." Directed by Earl Hoover, the cast also included Gordon 
Jump, Jerry Hager, Charley Peak and Ken Nakari. 


"Marty," (Charley Peak) talks on the phone as Jim Johnson 
thumbs through a magazine and Darwin Klein, Bill Simic, Dan 

Hahn and Tony Alley set the scene for this one-act play, pre- 
sented in the first semester series of one-act plays. 

Second semester's series of plays featured "The 
Potboiler," "Crime in the Streets" and "The Un- 
satisfactory Supper." Both series of plays were 
Player's Studio Productions. A reading quartet 
and other reading groups gave interpretive readings 
during the year. Participating in one of the groups 
were Tony Alley, Mary Jean Thomas, Dan Hahn, 

Ann Soelter, Gordon Jump and faculty adviser 
John Robson. 

Kansas State College instructors and Manhat- 
tan townspeople took part in Manhattan Civic 
Theater productions. "The Cocktail Party," di- 
rected by William Fischer of the K-State music 
department, was one of the several plays present- 
ed throughout the year by the civic group. 

"The Cocktail Party," directed by William Fischer, was 
presented in the fall as one of the productions of the Manhat- 

tan Civic Theater. Kansas State College instructors and Man- 
hattan residents take part in Civic Theater productions. 


Shoppers look over the merchandise at the annual YWCA- 
sponsored Y-Mart. Held in Rec Center, Anderson Hall, the 

Y-Mart offered students an opportunity to buy things made in 
other countries both for Christmas gifts and for themselves. 

y sells foreign variety 

The Y-Mart, annual project of the K-State 
YWCA, was held again this year in Rec Center. 
Featured at this December Y-Mart were articles 
made in countries all over the world. Articles sold 
included all types of jewelry made in foreign coun- 
tries such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 

Foreign candies, toys and Christmas bells were 
attractions, in addition to metal plates and dishes 
in different shapes and colors. Coffee and dough- 
nuts were served by YWCA members along with 
brownies, cookies, cakes and pies made by YWCA 
members and friends. The project was an inter- 
esting one for Y members, who studied the foreign 
articles they were to sell in order to be able to ex- 
plain their significance and use to customers. Y- 
Mart was educational to buyers, too, who not only 
bought the articles for gifts, but were given an 
opportunity to see the type of "knickknacks" that 
appear in homes outside the United States. 

Teaching K-State students new dance steps was 
one of the projects of the K-State Union Dance 
committee this year. Bob Heidemann of Fort Riley, 
a graduate of Arthur Murray's training school and 
former instructor in a Murray dance studio, was 
hired to instruct the classes, which met for an hour 
on week nights in the Union dive. For a reason- 
able fee, students learned to do a variety of dances, 
including the marnbo, sambo, bolero, chacha, fox- 
trot, tango, American waltz, jitterbug and Ca- 




YWCA members arrange the foreign articles on tables 'in 
Rec Center to prepare for the constant line of shoppers. 

These students take advantage of the dancing lessons spon- 
sored by the Union Dance Committee. 

A CAPPELLA CHOIR— TOP ROW: Jack Hartle, Dave Larson, Ken McCormic, 
Bill Motes, Bob Cullins, Ken Peirce, Larry Lesh, Charles Peak, Norman Stock- 
ham, Frank Meegan, Al Unruh, Larry Foulke, DeLoyd Larson, Jim Burton. 
SECOND ROW: Bob Sanders, Marvin Shoemaker, Don Lonker, Darrel Boston, 
John Wright, Carlyle Thompson, Larry McGhee, Bob Sanford, Ed Noyce, Nor- 
man Ames, Bill Atherly, Clayton Buck, Dick Renz, Lee Hildebrecht, Gary 
Lafferty, Leland Reitz, Rhea Serpan. THIRD ROW: Patsy McClenahan, Geor- 
giana Rundle, Judy Hall, Cay Carrel, Beverly Miller, Meredith Brink, Caroline 

Williamson, Carol Bliss, Judy Stark, Pat Noll, Louise Ottaway, Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Karen Dusenbury, Sue Kenison, Sharon Ericson, Rachel Pickett, 
Sandra Preston, Marian Teare, Sue Tucker, Kay Chappell, Janet Kugler. 
BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Hemphill, Judy Kroell, Jeanne Williamson, Ruth 
Woellhof, Barbara Lewis, Marilyn Doran, Judy Horn, Carol Korinek, Marjorie 
Vanderweide, Virginia Roenbaugh, Janice Casey, Sharon Toburen, Celia Dixon, 
Kay Henning, Charlene Taylor, Betty Hassebroek, Jackie Swanson, Charlene 
Cox, Darlene Nelson, Jane Thompson. 

a cappella choir tours kansas, iowa, missouri 

Outstanding K-State vocalists make up the 
membership of the A Cappella Choir. Membership 
of the Choir is determined by ability to sight-read, 
range quality, pitch ability, and over-all vocal 
quality. William R. Fischer directed the group of 

69 members. Highlight of the year for the Choir 
was their annual tour, which this year covered 
three states. Concerts were given in Marysville; 
Harlan, Boone and Des Moines, Iowa; Sedalia and 
Kansas City, Missouri; and Topeka. Soloists on the 

The K- State A Cappella Choir, directed by William R. 
Fischer, sings at the Christmas Vespers in one of its many 

appearances during the school year. Highlight of the year was 
the Choir tour, which took four days and covered three states. 


K-STATE BAND— TOP ROW: Joyce Rust, Dean Ebel, William Warner, John 
Atkinson Clyde Bolin, Larry Blake, Donald Dailey, Mary Moak, Caroline Mc- 
Cain, Gail Meyer, Delmar Reiger, Stan Cowan, Dean Fogle, Ron Brookshire, 
Tom Baucke. SECOND ROW: James Walker, Tom Albright, Clinton Pierce, 
Bruce Quantic, Anita Meckfessel, Roger Smith, Gary Albright, Sharon Frick, 
LaRue Fikan, Larry Thirsk, Dixie Tessman, Joyce Simpson, George McCune, 
Robert DeCou. THIRD ROW: Ellis Meeks, Bill Gamble, Connie Clary, Carol 

Larson, Maxine Olson, Eugene Just, Gerry Balzer, Charles Stillwell, Betty Mai, 
Joan Skonberg, William Lieber, Ron Erhart. FOURTH ROW: David Clark, John 
Furrer, Kay Reboul, Gary Vacin, Claudine MacFee, Marilyn Kufahl, Janice 
Wolverton, Joan Harper, Marilyn Moore, Billy Jones, Bill Chapman, Jim 
Lawson. BOTTOM ROW: Dale Lumb, Neal Porter, Don Gier, Mynie Munde- 
henke, Karen Binns, Donna Turner, Dia Bolton, Sonia Brown, Arlene Richard- 
son, Carolyn Lilly. 

tour were Virginia Roenbaugh, Georgiana Rundle, 
Carlyle Thompson and Clayton Buck. The tour 
program consisted of religious and secular music. 
One of the group's most effective numbers was 
"By the Waters of Babylon," composed by William 
Fischer, the Choir's director. 

The A Cappella Choir appeared at various pro- 

grams throughout the school year. The Choir sang 
at Christmas Vespers, and at the annual presenta- 
tion of the Christmas Messiah with the College 
Chorus, College Civic Orchestra and the newly- 
organized Women's Glee Club. Soloists for the 
Messiah were Virginia Roenbaugh, soprano; Eliza- 
beth Hamilton, contralto; John Forsberg, tenor 

The College Chorus took part in the annual presentation of 
the Christmas Messiah, presented in an all-school assembly. 

The Chorus is composed of students who have no extensive 
vocal training and was directed by Miss Hilda Grossman. 

®'f-#' # . 

9 t t. 


TOP ROW: Keith Landis, Jim Lonker, Director Jean Hedlund, Joel Janzen, Mary Jordan, 
Jacqueline Tiller, Richard Adelson, John Collingwood, Norma Bollinger, John Hassler. SECOND 
ROW: Glen Lewallen, Carolee Weisser, Susan McMillan, Ralph Scott, Hermas Kraushaar, Bill 
Mills, Sam Peppiatt, Edmund Biggs, Thaine Carpenter, Robert Brown, Wendell Cowan. THIRD 
ROW: Margaret Shannon, Benny Brent, Joyce Rector, Dale Garver, William Crawford, Gretchen 
Larson, Herman Jasper, Dale Norris. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Harden, Verlene Frick, Mary 
Drantman, Loretta Splichal, Carl Stevens, Kay Under, Pearl Arnold. BOTTOM ROW: Carol 
Faulconer, Pat McShane, Nancy Howard. 

and Jack Hartle, bass. Soloists for the Christmas Vespers were 
Pat Noll, Marjorie Vanderweide, and Carol Korinek, sopranos; 
Georgiana Rundle, Charlene Taylor, and Janice Casey, mezzo 
sopranos; Robert Sanders, baritone and Jack Hartle, bass. 

A Cappella Choir officers this year were Bill Motes, presi- 
dent; Leland Reitz, vice-president; Patricia Noll, secretary- 
treasurer; Robert Cullins, social chairman; and Albert Unruh, 

librarian. Not one but three bands pro- 
vide music for Kansas State functions. 
The Concert Band gives public concerts 
and provides music for various campus 
events. The Varsity Band provides the 
music at basketball games and for pep 

The Football Band presented enter- 
tainment during the halftime periods at 
football games. At Homecoming, the 
Band provided a setting suitable for the 
crowning of the Homecoming queen. 
At Parents' Day, they saluted Mom and 
Dad, and at Band Day led the parade of 
visiting high school bands plus serving 
as host to the many visiting high school 
band members. Led by the Football 
Band, the high school bands gathered 
on the football field at gametime to play 
the National Anthem. Jean Hedlund 
directed all three bands. The Football 
Band chose as its away-from-home- 
game this year the K-State-Oklahoma 
University game at Norman, where it 
gave a halftime marching performance. 
Two concerts were given by the 
bands, and a television appearance over 
KCMO-TV was a highlight this year. 

WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB— TOP ROW: Director Luther Leavengood, Frances 
Frantz, Carol Doran, Yvonne Hodges, Patsy Stevens, Paula Beason, Joan 
Taylor, Pat Craven. SECOND ROW: Joan Goddard, Reatha Roberts, Marjorie 
Nelson, Carolyn Humburg, Martha Evans, Lorene Ritts, Kathy Dodd. THIRD 

ROW: Jo Ellen Cooley, Nancy Chaffee, Nancy Irvine, Margy Cox, Suzanne 
Wallerstedt, Betty Artley, Lynn Moxley, Mary Carol Brown. BOTTOM ROW: 
Sharon Skupa, Anna Belle Chilcott, Joyce Rhodes, Mary Ficke, Patsy Meyers, 
Elizabeth Higgms, Beverly Ryman. 



© *? #_£> 

XV f » 

f { i f t:-t f 


The K-State Band was invited to play at the 
Big Seven Indoor Track Meet in Kansas City in 
March. The Band also made recordings which 
will be played in the Union next year. Nancy 
Howard was the Band's drum major. Twirlers 
were Joyce Brower, Karen Blume, Connie Mor- 
gan and Lynn Mechesney. Neal Porter was the 
Band's student director. 

Robert Brown was president of the Band and 
Keith Landis was vice-president. Robert De- 
Cou was student manager, and Band Council 
members were Kay Reboul, Thaine Carpenter, 
Don Haun and Susan McMillan. The Women's 
Glee Club, a new music organization this year, 
was directed by Luther Leavengood. The 
Women's Glee Club sang with the A Cappella 
Choir and College Chorus at the Christmas 
Messiah Assembly in December. 

The College Civic Orchestra, directed by 
Luther Leavengood, has as its members K-State 
students, high school students, faculty mem- 
bers, townspeople and Fort Riley personnel. 
The orchestra gave a concert in December 
which was sponsored by the Friends of Music. 

ORCHESTRA— TOP ROW: William Warner, Walter Anslinger, Ralph Nevin, Barbara 
Bumbaugh. SECOND ROW: Janice Gassman, Margaret Herr, Joyce Simpson. THIRD 
ROW: Homer Dodge Caine, Leland Reitz, John Harri, Ellen Grimsley, Sue Johnson. 
BOTTOM ROW: George Leedham, Carol Block. 

The annual Christmas Messiah was presented this year at an 
all-College assembly in the Auditorium. Members of A Cappella 

choir, College chorus, Women's Glee Club and the College- 
Civic orchestra participated in selections from the Messiah. 


TOP ROW: Robert DeCou, Clark Gassman, Donald Nodtvedt, Robert Brown, 
Thaine Carpenter, Robert George, David Frey, Terry Bullock, Frances Marvin, 
Warren Walker. SECOND ROW: David Clark, John Furrer, Neal Porter, 
Beatrice Jones, Joan Harper. THIRD ROW: Phillip Kirmser, Betty Hassebroek, 

Barbara Jones, Donna Turner, Norman Hostetler, Norman Ames, Nancy McVay, 
Nancy Arnold, Judy Farrand, Carol Baker. BOTTOM ROW: Beverly Miller, 
Joanna Prochazka, Director Luther Leavengood, Clyde Jusilla, Martha Evans, 
Patsy McClenahan. 

The Orchestra accompanied the A Cappella 
Choir, College Chorus and Women's Glee Club for 
the Christmas Messiah, and also took part in the 
Christmas Vespers. The Orchestra's spring concert 
was given April 14. Carol Block, violinist, was 
soloist with the orchestra, playing Mendenssohn's 
Violin Concerto. In May, the Orchestra partici- 
pated in the Fine Arts Festival. 

In 1948, the Kansas State College Orchestra was 
reorganized into a civic orchestra, and is now a 
member of the American Orchestra League. The 
College Chorus, made up of students who "just like 
to sing," was directed by Miss Milda Grossmann. 
The Chorus sang with the A Cappella Choir and 
Women's Glee Club at the Christmas Messiah As- 
sembly. A relatively new singing group on the K- 
State campus, and perhaps the most widely-known 
group, is the K-State Singers, organized and di- 
rected by William R. Fischer. 

This group of twelve has made numerous ap- 
pearances in and out of Manhattan, singing at con- 

ferences and conventions, giving concerts, and 
making television appearances. The K-State Sing- 
ers entertained at meetings of K-State campus 
organizations, at the Homecoming Ball and at the 
Air Force R.OTC Ball. The Singers accompanied 
the A Cappella Choir on its tour, and previous to 
the tour gave a concert to raise money for the trip. 
In contrast to the more serious selections of the 
Choir, the Singers added spice to the tour with 
their selections from Broadway shows, Rogers and 
Hart numbers, and "Manhattan Tower." Most of 
the Singers' numbers were arranged by their direc- 
tor, William Fischer. 

This year's K-State Singers were Virginia Roen- 
baugh, Georgiana Rundle, Marilyn Doran, Betsey 
Thomasson, Celia Dixon, Sue Kenison, Don Wil- 
bur, Dave Larson, Duncan Erickson, Charlie 
Hastings, Clayton Buck and Jim Dodson. Jackie 
Swanson was accompanist for the group. K-State 
Singers' officers were Charlie Hastings, president; 
Betsey Thomasson, secretary-treasurer; and Don 
Wilbur, social-publicity chairman. 


Members of the staff of the award-winning Agricultural 
Student Magazine are David Templeton, Walter Lewis, Dale 

Dickson, Donald Miller, Joe Horton, Roe Borsdorf, Clayton 
Herman, Larry McGhee, Phillip Young, and Carol Ward. 

ag mag wins award 

Training students in agricultural journalism is 
one of the purposes of the Kansas State Agricul- 
tural Student Magazine. Another purpose is to 
publish technical articles and news stories of inter- 
est to college students in agriculture and to Kansas 
high school vocational agriculture groups. The cir- 
culation is 2,000 copies. The magazine is published 
twice in the fall semester and four times in the 

spring. Ag Mag was the only magazine in the na- 
tion to place in four divisions judged at the Agri- 
cultural College Magazine Association conference 
in Chicago last November. Awards were received 
for second place for general excellence, presentation 
of technical material, and best cover. A fourth 
place award was received for articles of interest to 

A column is written for each publication by 
Clyde Mullen, assistant dean of the school of agri- 
culture. Faculty advisor is Lowell Brandner. 
Editor for the year of 1956 was Clayton Herman 
and Phillip Young was business manager. 

Editor of the 1956 Agricultural Student which placed in all 
divisions of a national contest, was Clayton Herman. 

The staffer chiefly concerned with financial stability for 
the magazine was Philip Young, business manager. 

Melvin Schwartz's job as business manager is to provide 
enough advertising to keep the Engineer financially sound. 

Dick Peterson, editor of the K-State Engineer, checks over 
the monthly sources of information for KSC engineers. 

engineer wins award 

An important event for the K-State Engineer 
was an award won in competition for the "best sin- 
gle editorial" at the national convention of the 
Engineering College Magazines Association at the 
University of Arkansas last November. The edito- 
rial, "A Full-Time Job," appeared in the May, 
195 6 Engineer, and was written by Richard L. 
Peterson, editor of the magazine. 

The Engineer has wide distribution, reaching 
about 2,000 students and faculty members, 300 
advertisers, several hundred Kansas high schools and 
many alumni. It appears once a month from Oc- 
tober through May. The total circulation is ap- 
proximately 2,800 which is about 600 copies per 
issue over last year. The Engineer is unusual in that 
its sole support comes from advertising, and it is 
distributed without charge to its readers. Engineer's 
Open House is usually featured in the March 
issue of the Engineer. The advisors for the Engineer 
are Associate Dean Richard C. Potter and Professor 
L. F. Hobson. 

Schaper, Larry Smith, Loren Johnson, Fred Suellentrop, Gary Montre, Melvin 
Schwartz, Jim Lewelling, Allen Hjemfelt, Larry Collins, Max Roberts, Victor 

Thompson, Jim McHugh, John Kennedy, Bill Johnson, Gordon Teal, Bill 
Gamble, Bruce Prentice, Dick Peterson. SEATED: Al Wright. Phyllis Shook, 
George Strobel, Keith Small, Yvonne Warner, Jerry Holliday, Linnea Brown, 
Ruth Collins, Nor Sutton, Bob Baldwin, Larry Johnson, Tom Schicktanz. 

Collecting advertising from firms and student assistants kept 
Lynn Perkins, Who's Whoot business manager, a busy man. 

4-h publishes yearbook 

Members of Collegiate 4-H Club this year pub- 
lished the 30th Who's Whoot as a service to 4-H mem- 
.v. bers of Kansas. Counties are represented by pictures 

% and stories of events, activities and honor members. 

MH^BH \ ■ i \ \ v91fll About 15 students work on the yearbook, which is 

Elin McCondless directed the staff of Collegiate 4-H advised by J. Harold Johnson. Elin McCandless was 
members who published the Who's Whoot, 4-H yearbook. editor and Lynn Perkins business manager. 

WHO'S WHOOT STAFF— TOP ROW: Allen Tilley, Jim Flanders, Ben Handlin, BOTTOM ROW: Marguerite Jahnke, Pat Clary, Edith Lancaster, Emily Douthit, 

Dale Reeves, Jarvis Brink, Tommy Swearingen, Don Miller, Leda Vernon. Geraldine Fritz. 



Ken Thomas, head of the Radio and Television Extension 
Department, brings news to the audiences of the K-State sports 


network and radio station KSAC. He also produces news clips 
and full length feature films for television stations. 

news is their business 

Television services have been expanded and a film 
unit added to the Radio and Television Extension De- 
partment headed by Ken Thomas. Radio station KSAC 
and the K-State sports network are under his direction. 
Over 2,500 individual stories, many with pictures, 
were released during the year by Carl Rochat, director 
of the News Bureau. He sends out news of campus 
events and maintains a large news and picture file. 

Carl Rochat has completed his fourth year as the first full-time 
director of the K-State News Bureau. 

Helen Hostetter edits the K-Sfafer, which was 
selected last year as the best-looking alumni 
magazine entered in competition with other 
college publications. 

Helen Hostetter, editor, selects pictures for the K-Stater, 
which keeps alumni informed of campus activities. 


Advisor to the production of Kansas State student publications 
is graduate manager of Student Publications C. J. Medlin. 

Student Publications' secretary Charlene Glenn keeps all 
records for the Kansas State Collegian and the Royal Purple. 

medlin pilots publishers 

The job of graduate manager of student publi- 
cations keeps C. J. (Chief) Medlin busy through- 
out the year. He makes sure that each publication 
is on an even keel. Assisting Chief is Student Pub- 
lications' secretary Charlene Glenn who keeps the 

business office staff on their toes and who keeps 
records for the Collegian and the Royal Purple. 
The Student Directory includes names, addresses, 
and telephone numbers of all K-Staters, faculty 
members, and College workers plus the Student 
Governing Association constitution and campus 
organizational presidents. The K-Book is an infor- 
mational booklet sent to freshmen and prospective 

As editor of the Student Directory, Royanne Graham had the task of 
assembling the names and addresses of all students and faculty members. 

K-Book editor Lee Ruggels answered the ques- 
tions of bewildered freshmen and transfer students. 


heat doesn't stop news 

Summer school and summer temperatures don't 
mean the end of news on the campus. The Kansas 
State Collegian, changed to a weekly during the sum- 
mer, appeared seven times during the term. But try- 
ing to keep comfortably cool in Kedzie Hall was the 
biggest problem of the staff. To help combat the 
summer's heat, stories and photographs stressed rec- 
reational facilities and activities available. 

Headlines told of the joy of the first summer 
school since the Union opened, while in the back- 
ground the old barrack-type Union was moved out 
to make a larger parking lot. An especially large is- 
sue was the one which contained the summer school 
directory. Other features were the political cam- 
paign, ROTC camps, pre-enrollment activities, and 
campus construction. Editor George Vohs, who also 
headed the fall Collegian, supervised a staff of 10 
reporters. Ann Gallion was page editor, and Harold 
Kessinger was business manager. 

Editor of the summer school Collegian, George Vohs, also 
was head man on the 1956 fall semester paper. 

In charge of the summer Collegian business staff 
was Howard Kessinger, journalism senior. 

Tillotson, Bruce Ellis. BOTTOM ROW: Harold Kessinger, Ann Gallion, George Vohs, Ann 
Chishom, Don Maples. Not in the picture are Gary Neilan, Bill Whistler and Robert Lathrop. 


—TOP ROW: Orval Jack- 
son, Bev Ringey, Roger 
Myers, Judy Taplin, Ann 
Gallion, Joan Lobmeyer, 
Mary Beckmeyer, Darrel 
Miller, Lance Gilmore, 
Carol Ward, Bruce Ellis, 
Marilyn McKnight, Sue 
Doug Tedrow, Malcolm 
Coldwell, Gary Haynes, 
George Vohs, Don Mark- 
er, Jane Moore, Jan 
Kraft, Lou Sable. 

paper offers experience 

A good opportunity for pre-job experience is 
offered by the Kansas State Collegian. With a stu- 
dent staff, student reporters and no faculty super- 
vision, students are given the same experience they 
would receive on a daily newspaper. 

The majority of news stories for the Collegian 
are written by the members of Reporting II class. 
Articles on the editorial page are written by mem- 
bers of the editorial staff. In charge of an edition 
of the paper one day a week are day editors, who 
supervise the content and layout of the paper. The 
business staff takes care of advertising sales in 
town, plus the layout of each issue's advertising. 
The number of pages in each day's Collegian is de- 
cided by the number of ads to be run. 

Handling financial and business problems of the fall Collegian 
was business manager Lou Sable. 

Members of fall business staff were Bob Conover, Day editors of the fall Collegian were Lou Sable, Malcolm Coldwell, 
Mary Beckmeyer, Sue Higdon, Sue Goss, Don Boyd. Orval Jackson, Ann Gallion and Darrel Miller. 

SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF— TOP ROW: Judy Ross, Jim Bell, Keith Kemper, Marcia 
Boyd, Shari Shellenberger, Gary Haynes, Carol Sitz, Pat Gibson, Daryl Heikes, Gary Settle. 
BOTTOM ROW: Roger Myers, Jane Moore, Don Marker, Marilyn McKnight, Orval Jackson, 
Paul Jones. 

meyer, Sharon Totten, Don Boyd, Hal Mitchell. BOTTOM ROW: 
Sue Goss, Howard Kessinger, Waldean Kretzmeier. 

Editor of the Collegian for the fall semester was 
George Vohs. Business manager was Lou Sable. 
Orvan Jackson, Ann Gallion, Darrel Miller, Lou 
Sable and Malcolm Coldwell supervised the sep- 
arate issues as day editors. The biggest issue of the 
fall Collegian was a 24-page Homecoming edition. 

Jane Moore served as editor of the spring Colleg- 
ian and Howard Kessinger was business manager. 
Day editors were Roger Myers, Don Marker, Mari- 
lyn McKnight, Paul Jones and Orval Jackson. 
Special editions of the spring Collegian were put 
out for Engineer's Open House, Home Economics 
Hospitality Day and the Little American Royal. 
Students who worked two consecutive semesters 
on the Collegian were eligible for the gold K-Key 
awards, presented at the annual spring publications 

One of the few women editors in the K-State Collegian's 
history, Jane Moore was editor of the spring Collegian. 

Day editors for the spring Collegian were Roger Myers, Don Marker, 
Marilyn McKnight, Paul Jones and Orval Jackson. 

Serving as business manager for the spring Collegian 
was Howard Kessinger. 

annual is all-year job 

Winner of the Ail-American college yearbook 
award for 2 1 consecutive years, the Royal Purple 
owes much of its success to C. J. (Chief) Medlin, 
graduate manager of Student Publications. Chief 
has been at K-State 22 years. The exceptional year 
when no award was won was his first here, when 
the editor and staff had been chosen prior to his 

Beginning last spring and working continuously through the 
school year was 1957 Royal Purple editor Gaye Fryer. 

Bones, Charlotte Chastain, Patsy A. Clary. SECOND ROW: Terry L. Knowles, 
Donald Marker, Nancy L. Molter, Beverly Ringey. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Seitz, 
Shari Shellenberger, Charlene Strah, Peggy A. Tillotson. 

Laura Lyon, class section editor; Royanne Graham and Marcia 
Boyd, associate editors, helped keep the book on an even keel. 

Work on the yearbook begins each spring, con- 
tinues throughout the summer and the school year 
and is terminated after the final deadline is met 
the following spring. All parts of putting out a 
yearbook are the ever-pressing deadlines, hundreds 
of pages of copy which must be written and edited, 
the sale of advertising and the acquisition of indi- 
vidual and group pictures. More working hours 
are spent on organization and the inevitable busi- 
ness matters that need attention. 

The 19 5 6-57 editorial staff consisted of 17 stu- 
dents who wrote the reams of copy needed to fill 
the 496 pages of the Royal Purple. Editor Gaye 
Fryer and her assistants edited all copy in addition 
to cracking the whip as deadlines drew near and 
arranged the photographs of all individuals and 
groups. Royanne Graham handled the copy side of 
the annual, while Marcia Boyd scheduled the pho- 
tographs of events and activities on the campus. 
Laura Lyon took care of arranging photo times 
for individual shots at the Studio Royal. 

It takes money to put out a yearbook, and be- 
sides the funds from the activity fee, income came 
from advertising sales which were solicited by the 
four members of the advertising staff headed by 
business manager of the Royal Purple, Gary 
Haynes. These salesmen trudged many blocks in 
search of merchants who wished to advertise in 
the annual. The tremendous job of selling receipts, 
indexing, typing and all the "little things" so nec- 
essary in the production of a good yearbook was 

Fp^PplP '3Sl||pS| 

Austin, Judy C. Beach, Lu Ann Burnette, Virginia A. Caldwell, Nora Crocker, 
Sylvia J. Darrow, Ann Detert, Esther E. Edwards, Suzanne Fleetwood. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jane Franz, Janice E. Graham, Sue Hiebert, Jan Kraft, Julie 

done by the 29 girls on the business staff. Headed 
by Mrs. Calvin Glenn, secretary of Student Publi- 
cations, students working on the staff received an 
hour of credit per semester for three hours of work 
a week. 

Taylor, Dick Haines. SEATED: Marcia Sowers. 

Betty Theiss, Jane 

tX r — 

MacDonald, Janet L. Madsen, Irene Mangelsdorf, Judy Mann, Lynn Martin, 
Linda E. Paulson. BOTTOM ROW: Alberta Plummer, Judith A. Ross, Sharon 
L. Skupa, Jane H. Taylor, Joanne Taylor, Virginia Taylor, Alberta M. Timm, 
Marilyn Tindall, Marline R. Van Schooneveld. 

After all is said and done, no one will ever quite 
forget the many long, hard hours spent working 
on the Royal Purple. After the final deadline 
has been met the whole job seems worthwhile, es- 
pecially after the books have been handed out to 
the seemingly endless lines of students in Kedzie 
Hall who seem to appreciate the K-State Royal 

Often filling in as photographer, the official title of Gary 
Haynes was business manager, since he handled advertising. 

"Having a boll" while working a special events broadcast of 
the Snowball, a dance sponsored by the Home Economics 

Council, are Pete Charlton, speech senior, wearing earphones, 
and Ted McCoy, speech junior, at the microphone. 

student station offers k-state sports coverage 

KSDB-FM is the student training station at K- 
State and definitely fits its description as shown 
by the number of students who gain experience 
through participation in program production. The 
station, programmed and managed entirely by 
students, is on the air an average of 38 hours a 
week, six days a week. 

A large variety of programs was handled by 
the station. Daily news coverage of international, 
national and local events was presented along with 
music and special events. KSDB-FM offers cover- 
age of national sports and broadcasts K-State foot- 
ball, baseball and basketball, including the fresh- 
man game before each varsity game. As a special 
project they broadcast Manhattan high school 

Mulling over a sports event are analysts Don Blanding, 
speech senior, Jim Kastner, speech senior, and Ted McCoy. 

Big promoters of KSDB-FM, fall semester, were "Rhythm in Blues" is the theme of the night-time radio program of 
Sterling Gunter, manager and Dale Griffith, publicity. disc jockey Ernie Allen, speech junior. 

Television dramatic techniques are learned by the members of Barbara Baumann and Jim Kastner. Kenneth Blase is the 
"The Window" cast. Reading scripts in the production are cameraman and Karen Chapman oversees the production. 

A television workshop provides students with an 
opportunity to originate their own programs and 
employ the dramatic techniques designed for di- 
rection in television. Members of the radio-TV 
production class present the various kinds of pro- 
grams used on local television shows, such as news, 
commercials and interviews. During the spring 

semester the 3 8 students worked on a special speech 
problem concerning music on TV. Programs can 
be televised directly from the workshop into the 
two TV classrooms in Nichols gym. There is no 
specific staff or scheduling of programs. All of 
the television productions originate as individual 

Wayne Thomas, spring station manager, gains experience in operation 
of the switcher-fader, a device controlling the cameras. 

Karen Chapman, speech senior, is music librarian 
and picks discs for the station's programs. 

Marshall Truchon and George Halazon, both members of the KSAC 
staff, work industriously in their job of editing the "buffalo" film. 

teams high on honors list 

K-State's senior livestock judging team brought 
honors home from the American Royal Livestock 
Judging Contest at Kansas City and the Interna- 
tional Livestock Exposition at Chicago. At Kansas 
City, K-State's team, coached by Don Good, placed 
second out of 21 teams. They ranked second in 
the sheep judging division, third in horses, fourth 
in beef cattle and sixth in hogs. 

At the International Livestock Exposition in 
Chicago, the judges ranked fourth out of 39 
teams. Second place was awarded to the team in 
both sheep and beef cattle judging divisions. Gil- 
more Dahl was third high individual in all classes 
and high man in beef cattle judging. 

Poultry judgers placed fifth out of 17 teams in 
their single meet at the Intercollegiate Judging 
Contest at Chicago this year. The team was award- 
ed second place trophy in production judging and 
took sixth in breed selection and eighth in the 
market division. Marilyn Pence was tenth high in- 
dividual in all-around poultry judging and she 
placed sixth in production judging. Ray Morrison 
was coach. 

K-State's dairy products judging team, coached 
by W. H. Martin, placed eighth out of 33 teams 
at the Collegiate Students International Contest at 
Atlantic City last fall. The team ranked seventh 
in cheese judging, tenth in ice cream, thirteenth in 

SENIOR LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM— Raleigh Flanders, William Root Charles 
Miksch, Ray Zimmerman, Robert Carswell, Coach Don Good, Gilmore Dahl. 

milk and fifteenth in butter. Thomas Quint was 
fourth high individual in all products and high in- 
dividual in cheese judging. Members of the Atlantic 
City team were Jack Vantilburg, Thomas Quint, 
Edwin Cotner and Paul Ridenour, alternate. 

The team placed eighth out of eleven at the 
Intercollegiate Dairy Products Judging Contest at 
Chicago. In the various divisions they placed 
fourth in cheese judging, eighth in milk, ninth in 
ice cream and tenth in butter. Richard Haddock 
placed second in butter judging. Members of the 
Chicago team were John Milton, Richard Had- 
dock, Robert Vernon and Paul Ridenour, alter- 

DAIRY PRODUCTS JUDGING TEAM— Thomas Quint, Edwin Cotner, Paul Ride- POULTRY JUDGING TEAM— David Mugler, Marilyn Pence, Loyd Vernon, 

nour, Jack Vantilburg, Coach W. H. Martin. 

Coach Ray Morrison, Marion Fedde. 


P t 


\ ) 





SENIOR DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING TEAM— Ancel Armstrong, Kenneth Kirton, 
Donald Harris, L. C. Garrison, Coach G. B. Marion. 

WOOL JUDGING TEAM — Coach T. Donald Bell, Milton Shirley, Duane John- 
son, Leon Sucht, Gilmore Dahl, Allan Henry. 

First and fifth places were won by the senior 
dairy cattle judging team in intercollegiate com- 
petition this year. Judgers took first at the Inter- 
collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at the 
Hutchinson State Fair. K-State's team, coached 
by G. B. Marion, won first in Aryshires, Jerseys 
and Milking Shorthorns, second in Brown Swiss, 
third in Holsteins and sixth in Guernseys. Kenneth 
Kirton ranked second and Ancel Armstrong ranked 
third in judging all breeds. 

Judgers placed fifth in the National Intercollegi- 
ate Judging Contest at Waterloo, Iowa, among 
the 3 3 teams entered. The team won first in judg- 
ing Brown Swiss, fifth in Holsteins, ninth in Jer- 
seys, and ninth in Ayrshires. Kenneth Kirton rank- 
ed eighth in the entire contest. 

K-State's senior meats judging team placed ninth 
out of sixteen teams at the American Royal Live- 
stock Exposition at Kansas City last fall. The team 
ranked eleventh of twenty-four teams at the Inter- 
national Livestock Exposition at Chicago, and they 
tied for third in lamb carcass grading. Dwain Pil- 
kington was fourth high individual in lamb car- 
cass grading. They were high team in beef judg- 
ing and Lynn Perkins was high individual. Ken 
Boughton was coach. 

K-State's wool judging team, coached by T. 
Donald Bell, took third place among 1 1 teams at 
the National Western Livestock show in Denver. 

Members of the team were Gilmore Dahl, Allan 
Henry, Dale Schilling, Robert Quanz and Charles 
Warne. Warne was fifth high individual in the en- 
tire contest. The team placed fifth among seven 
teams at the American Royal Intercollegiate Wool 
Judging contest at Kansas City last fall. First place 
was won in fleece grading and Leon Sucht was high 
individual in the division. 

MEATS JUDGING TEAM— Bill Brethour, Allan Henry, Coach Kenneth Bough- 
ton, Dwain Pilkington, Lynn Perkins. 

1 i 

MUM »• •* 

CROPS JUDGING TEAM— Ludwig Bezemek, Harry Granzow, Coach E. L. 
Mader, Richard Frohberg, Ralph Kenworthy. 

DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING TEAM— Charles Michaels, Jack VanHorn, Darrell 
Keener, L. C. Garrison, Coach G. B. Marion, Jack Snyder, member of the 
Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit. 

The crops judging team brought its share of 
honors to K-State by placing second at the Inter- 
national Collegiate Crops Judging Contest at Chi- 
cago and third at the National Collegiate Grain 
Judging Contest at Kansas City. At Chicago the 
team won first in the commercial grading of grains, 
fourth in seed judging and second in identification. 

JUNIOR LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM— Coach Don Good, Allan Henry, Harlan 
Ross, Paul Hatfield, Phillip Schmidt, John Balthrop, Lynn Perkins, Darwin Francis. 

Richard Frohberg placed second in commercial 
grading and seed judging, tied for first in identi- 
fication of grains and placed second in all-around 
judging. Ludwig Bezemek tied for first in grain 
identifications. Judgers ranked third out of 1 1 
teams at Kansas City. Harry Granzow won first 
in the commercial grading of grains and placed 
fourth in the entire contest. 

The junior livestock judging team placed high 
in all divisions under the coaching of Don Good. 
At the Southwestern Exposition, Fort Worth, 
Texas, the team ranked sixth out of 18, winning 
first place in hog judging. Harold VanHorn was 
high individual in swine and ninth in all classes of 
livestock judging. At the National Western Live- 
stock Show inter-collegiate livestock judging con- 
test, at Denver, K-State's judgers placed third in 
the carload judging division out of 14 teams and 
second in carload judging of bulls. They finished 
tenth in livestock judging division and fifth in cat- 
tle judging. Allan Henry was second high individ- 
ual and John Balthrop was fourth high individual 
in carload judging. 

Members of the Ft. Worth team were John Bal- 
throp, Darwin Francis, Paul Hatfield, Allan Henry, 
Lynn Perkins, Harlan Ross and Phillip Schmidt. 
Members of the Denver team were Bryce David- 
son, Ben Handlin, Darrell Keener, Lloyd Peckman, 
Dean Peter, Therean Towns and Harold Van Horn. 





(1878-1948) was a part of Kansas State ath- 
letics for forty-three years, in which time he 
served as coach, as member of the College 
athletics board, and as director of athletics. In 
Ahearn Fieldhouse, dedicated February 12, 
1955, hangs a bronze plaque upon which is 
inscribed, "His geniality, fair play and sports- 
manship live forever in the minds and the 
hearts of thousands of Kansas State students 
and friends." 




T? 3 

«. ■.« ~. 

■" ... : :.,.■ . . .u- 

■^m-^r' J! ^^SimAs '-• ?W 

-,, , M 



The snappy fall air is filled with football chants, whistles, band music, and the bang of helmets 
as K-Staters and alumni fill Memorial Stadium to watch the Wildcat gridiron team in action. 


lee is new director 

Starting his second year as K-State's director of 
athletics is H. B. (Bebe) Lee. Lee, who assumed 
his new duties April 1, 1956, started the K-State 
job with the conviction that "the coaches' and 
players' attitude toward college life, their loyalty 
to the college, the loyalty and mutual respect they 
show to each other and their attitude toward the 
game are all part and parcel of the spirit their team 
will show." Lee coached the Colorado basketball 
team for six years prior to his K-State job. He 
brought the Buffs from a seventh place finish the 
first year to a Big Seven championship in his third 
year as coach. 

Knorr Handles Two Jobs 

Fritz Knorr, assistant director of athletics, has 
other duties too. He has been K-State wrestling 
coach for six years and last January was named 
fifth district representative on the NCAA wrest- 
ling rules committee. Paul DeWeese handles the 
practically year-round job of publicizing K-State 
athletics. DeWeese covers every sports competition 
K-State enters. Frank Mosier is K-State ticket 
manager. Approximately 100,000 ticket requests 
are processed in his office each year. The Athletic 
Council is the chief athletic policy-making body 
on the campus. 

In his first year as director of K-State athletics is Bebe Lee, 
former basketball coach at Colorado University. 

Frank Mosier and Paul DeWeese are essential to K-State 
athletics as ticket manager and sports publicity director. 

Assistant Director of Ath- 
letics is Fritz Knorr. 

ATHLETICS COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Merle Nay, R. E. Regnier, H. B. (Bebe) Lee, John C. Weaver. BOTTOM ROW: 
M. A. Durland, Gene O'Connor, Walter Pierce, R. I. Throckmorton. Not pictured are N. D. Harwood and Herbert 

gridders tie for 5th in conference; win 3, lose 7 

Traveling to the high altitude city of Boulder, 
Colo., for their conference opener, the Cats suf- 
fered a let-down and returned to the low altitudes 
of Kansas smarting from a 34-0 Buffalo-adminis- 
tered defeat. It was the first conference game for 
both teams and the sixth straight time K-State had 
fallen to the Buffs at Boulder. 

The Cats' second conference game and third of 
the season was against the mighty Oklahoma Soon- 
ers. OU topped K-State quite convincingly 66-0 
for its thirty-second consecutive win and a new 
modern-day record. Rebounding from this one- 
sided defeat by the nation's number one team, the 
Purple and White scored a 10-7 road win over the 
Nebraska Cornhuskers. The winning three-point 
margin came on a 3 5 -yard field goal by halfback 
Ben Grosse. 

1956 Football Results 





7 Okla. A&M 















10 Nebraska 



Iowa State 


6 Missouri 



Michigan State 


Oklahoma finished first in Big Seven play followed by Colorado, 
Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas State and Kansas (tie) and Iowa State. 

Co-captains of the 1956 grid squad, Kenny Nesmith and 
Ellis Rainsberger, take time out from the football wars. 

Keith Wilson rushes in to put a crushing tackle on KU's Jim 
Letcavits and break up a pass play. The Wildcats fought a 

determined battle before going down to defeat at the hands of 
their intrastate rivals, 20-15. 

Tony Addeo meets plenty of resistance to his ground gaining the stopper put to him by an unidentified KU player as Jay- 
efforts in the KU encounter at Manhattan. Addeo is having hawk Bob Marshall is moving in to assist. 

"Now this is the way it should be done," theorizes head Anxiety and tension register on the faces of these K-State 
football Coach Bus Mertes during a chalk talk. gridders during the Colorado game at Boulder. 


Backfield and line power are represented by 
halfback Tony Addeo, guard Rudy Bletscher. 

Assisted by several Missouri players, Tony Addeo takes to the wrong side of 
the boundary markers. MU won the Big Seven tilt, 20-6. 

Powerful running by Bill Carrington and sharp 
passing byDickCorbin were 1956 grid features. 

Wolly Carlson and Kerry Clifford represented 
'Cat strength at guard and center positions. 

Grosse made three field goals during the '5 6 season. He tied 
with Kramer of Idaho for the second in the nation in 19 5 6. 

The up and then down Wildcats suffered their fourth loss 
in five games and their third conference loss against one win 
when they fell to the Missouri Tigers at Manhattan, 20-6. 
The game started out as if it was to be all K-State. Quarter- 
back Keith Wilson got the only K-State touchdown when he 
sprinted 18 yards on the second play of the game. Ralph 
Pfeifer led the Cats in the ground gaining category, picking 
up 49 yards on 10 carries, but Keith Wilson wasn't far be- 
hind. He gained 40 yards while carrying the ball 1 5 times. 
Corbin gained 39 yards while carrying the ball six times. The 
game also put several Wildcats out of commission. Tackle 
Rainsberger and guard Bletcher, both top hands, were taken 
to the hospital for X-rays of leg injuries. 

Wyoming Tromps Staters 

The next game found the Wildcats journeying to the far 
country of Wyoming, only to absorb a 27-15 tromping under 
the big boots of the Cowboys. A fast charging K-State line 
and new-found speed in the Cat backfield sparked the Cats 
to a 9-6 half time lead. Both teams were scoreless in the third 
quarter. But the final period was just about all Wyoming, the 
only bright spot for the K-State cause being a 62-yard touch- 
down run by Gene Keady. Meanwhile, the Cowboys were to- 
taling 21 fourth period points and burying the Wildcats. Ralph 
Pfeifer scored the first period touchdown for the Cats and Ben 
Grosse kicked a second period field goal to account for all the 
K-State scoring. Keady led the Staters in ground gaining as 
he traveled 84 yards in four tries. 

K-State went down to arch rival Kansas university, 20-15, 
in a bitterly-fought game at Manhattan. This was the Cat's 
fifth loss against one win. 


The Wildcats struck for two quick touchdowns 
in the second quarter and left the field at halftime 
the owners of a 13-6 lead. The Jayhawks came out 
for the second half evidently more determined than 
when they started the game, and scored seven 
points -in each of the last two quarters while all the 
Staters could manage was a two-point safety gained 
when Gene Meier blocked a KU punt in the end 
zone. But K-State never gave up and, when the 
final whistle blew, had the Jayhawks with their 
backs to the wall on the 14-yard line in KU 

Corbin Trovels 55 Yards 

Second unit quarterback Dick Corbin turned in 
his best game of the year at the signal-calling spot 
and rambled for 5 5 yards in 1 5 carries to lead the 
Cats in rushing yardage. Fullback Ralph Pfeifer 
gave a stalwart performance as he accounted for 
47 of the total 173 yards gained by K-State on the 
ground. Corbin and Gene Keady scored the Wild- 
cat touchdowns and Kenny Nesmith kicked the 
one K-State extra point. 

1956 K-STATE FOOTBALL SQUAD— TOP ROW: Coach Pat Naughton, coach 
Herb Cormack, head coach Bus Mertes, head trainer Porky Morgan, equipment 
supervisor Jim McKinley, coach Steve Sucic, manager Bob Willibey, manager 
Bob Morgan. SECOND ROW: Keith Wilson, Bob Potoski, George Laddish, Jack 
Keelan, Tito Cordelli, Bill Lindsey, Len LeGault, Bill Brown, Leslie Krull. 
THIRD ROW: Jim Luzinski, Gerry Sand, Howard Hodge, Ralph Pfeifer, Kenny 


A futile attempt to block a KU extra point is made by Wally 
Carlson as he leaps into the air. 


Nesmith, Gene Keady, Dan O'Brien, Ben Grosse. FOURTH ROW: Ray Glaze, 
Valdon Holland, Dick Boyd, Dean Skaer, Jon Walker, Robert Schmidt, Jaydee 
Stinson, Kerry Clifford, Tony Addeo. FIFTH ROW: John Carlson, Andy Stewart, 
Rudy Bletscher, Chuck Sprinkle, Ellis Rainsberger, Gene Meier, Don Martin, 
Don Zadnik, Bill Pulford. BOTTOM ROW: Craig Jones, Jerry Hayes, Bob 
Krizan, Bill Carrington, Terry Lee, Dick Allen, Oree Banks, Arlan Dettmer, 
Chuck Norris. 

^33^0^W*34^32;:44;, 72^22^23* 



"Gel - in there and fight!" might be the sentiments of these 
Wildcat gridders as they watch their teammates absorb a 34-0 

defeat under the hooves of the Colorado Buffaloes. This was 
the Cats' second straight loss of the 1956 grid season. 

Sparked by halfback Gene Keady, who rambled 
for 113 yards, the Cats bounced back from the 
disheartening KU defeat to soundly trounce the 
Marquette Warriors, 41-14. It was the second win 
against six losses for the Staters and was the game 
in which Keady really came into his own. He 
scored the first K-State touchdown near the end 
of the first quarter when he snared a 16-yard pass 
from quarterback Keith Wilson to cap a 69 -yard 
Wildcat march. Second unit quarterback Dick 
Corbin was to be feared for his passing prowess. 
Corbin threw a 73 -yard second period touchdown 

pass to end Don Zadnik to give the Purple a 14-7 
halftime lead. 

It took the Wildcats only 47 seconds of the 
second half to score another counter. K-State re- 
covered a Marquette fumble on the Warrior's one- 
yard line and Corbin carried the ball over for the 
score. Keady got loose in the third quarter for a 
3 5 -yard touchdown run to bring the score to 28-7. 
In the fourth period Corbin passed to Zadnik for 
another K-State score. Zadnik was the Cats' lead- 
ing pass receiver in the game as he grabbed three 
passes good for 101 yards. 

"That's as far as you go," says end Don Zadnik as he crashes 
into a Colorado ball carrier. Wally Carlson is about to lend his 

215 pounds to the effort of stopping the Buff ball carrier 
before he makes too much yardage. 




Tito Cordelli and Arlan Dettmer each saw action for the 
1956 Purple and White squad. 

Ray Glaze and Ben Grosse aided the Wildcat cause in the 
backfield. Grosse also kicked points-after-touchdown. 

K-State won its second straight game and cele- 
brated Homecoming in a big way when the Wild- 
cats clawed their way to a 32-6 victory over Iowa 
State. The win was a nice present for Homecoming 
Queen Joyce Brower and an even better present 
for Coach Bus Mertes and his players. It was the 
second conference win for the Cats, and a win that 
eventually enabled them to tie KU for fifth spot 
in the league. This win also assured the Staters of 
finishing no worse than sixth and ensconced Iowa 
State in the Big Seven cellar. Gene Keady was the 

Chuck Sprinkle is about to make Missourian George Boucher 
wish he had never caught that pass. 

Seal-back Jerry Hayes and power runner Craig Jones helped 
the K-State cause in a big way in the 1956 football clashes. 


Band Day found Kansas high school bands watching the opening 
game of the 1956 grid season. KS lost to Oklahoma A&M, 7-27. 

Set to shoot is Wildcat 
stalwart Gene Keady. 

Digging for that extra yardage and getting the last touch- this the Wildcats had put the pressure on and scored four 

down against Iowa State is fullback Bill Carrington. Prior to counters making the final score 32-6. 

Ralph Pfeifer and Don Martin team up in a bit of good de- bounds. A few seconds later, Marshall plowed into the camera- 

fensive work to knock KU halfback Bob Marshall out of men on the sidelines. "He's no light-weight, " one lensman said. 

^ v -W^-'- 

A pair of big tackles, Jack Keelan and Len LeGault, aided the 
Wildcat cause in a big way with outstanding line jobs. 

George Laddish and Jim Luzinski played end for K-State last 
season. Luzinski caught 3 passes, good for 62 yards. 

spark that set the Cats on fire. He gained only 29 
yards rushing, but caught 3 passes good for 105 
yards. The Wildcat passing attack was really click- 
ing in this game as Nesmith, Wilson, and Jim 
Luzinski accounted for 69 passing yards with their 
receptions. Not depending exclusively on passing, 
K-State also racked up 167 yards rushing. Six 
Wildcats besides Keady had rushing totals in dou- 
ble figures. Kenny Nesmith, Ralph Pfeifer, Keith 
Wilson, Jerry Hayes, Ray Glaze, and Bill Carring- 
ton all gained at least 10 yards against the blown- 
out Cyclones. Keady and Nesmith each scored two 
of the Cat touchdowns, and Bill Carrington scored 
the final counter on a one-yard plunge. 

Cats Down Cyclones 

The Cyclones scored first, with 7:40 left in the 
first period, but K-State came back to score three 
touchdowns in the second quarter and earn a 19-6 
halftime lead. The final score in the second quarter 
came with only 3 5 seconds left when Keady caught 
a 2 2 -yard pass from Dick Corbin. The second half 
was routine. K-State continued to control the 
game and added two more touchdowns before the 
clock stopped for the last time. 

The Wildcats took their 3-6 record to East 
Lansing, Mich., for their last game of the 19 56 
season. Although the final score read 3 8-17 in 
favor of Michigan State, the Cats had nothing to 
be ashamed of since they were playing one of the 
top teams in America. At that, the Cats did put 
a scare into mighty Michigan State when Ben 
Grosse accounted for the first points in the game 

with a 30-yard field goal early in the second quar- 
ter. Michigan State scored a touchdown with six 
minutes left in the half and held a 6-3 lead at half- 
time. Too much Spartan power wilted the Staters 
in the second half, but they still managed to score 
two more counters. 

Outscoring the KU frosh in one game, 36-13, 
and then dropping a hard fought 15-7 decision to 
Nebraska, the K-State freshman grid team showed 
promise of good things to come in the Wildcat 
football future. George Whitney and Kent Mc- 

A three-yard gain for K-State is registered against the Okla- 
homa A&M Cowpokes. Gene Meier is No. 77. 


Bill Carringron does a little bulldogging against the Colo- 
rado Buffaloes. The Buff didn't go far. 

A king-sized bell operated by Sigma Chi's helped out the 
commonly-used cow bells at K-State home games last season. 

Connell shared the brunt of the Cat scoring in the 
KU tilt, each accounting for a pair of touchdowns. 
John Solmos and Gerald Griffin scored the other 
two Wildcat touchdowns. K-State gained 252 
yards rushing and 66 yards passing to completely 
dominate the statistical department as well as the 

Frosh Lose to Nebraska 

The young Cats tasted their first college defeat 
when they fell to the Nebraska frosh, 15-7. John 
Whitney scored K-State's touchdown on a two- 
yard smash. Quarterback John Solmos engineered 
the 63 -yard drive that brought the ball to the 
Nebraska two. Whitney took it from there. Half- 
back Mickey Martarano registered the longest sin- 
gle Wildcat gain of the day when he took off on a 
21 -yard end run. Jim Goodmiller, 19 5 -pound 
K-State tackle, recovered four of five Cornhusker 

With the good showing made last season by the 
K-State freshmen and the fact that only one regu- 
lar on the varsity will be lost through graduation, 
it looks like 19 57 might be a big football year at 

The K-State football schedule for 1957 contains 
two new opponents for the Wildcats. The grid- 
ders will play Brigham Young university at Man- 
hattan, September 28, in the second game of the 
K-State season. The Cats play College of the 
Pacific at Stockton, California, October 12. Okla- 
homa A&M and Marquette university have been 
dropped from the schedule. 

No, the long arm of the law isn't reaching out for you. It's Coaches Pat Naughton, Ed Cavanaugh, Herb Cormak, Paul 
just a few officers taking a break to watch the game. Kampf, Bus Mertes, and Steve Sucic guide football Wildcats. 


- '"\r? 

Sophomore Don Martin was a second-unit guard, Gene Meier backfield, while Dan O'Brien gave needed depth. Ralph 
was second unit right tackle. Chuck Norris added speed to the Pfeifer used his bull-dozing power at the fullback slot. 

^r^i » . jr 

f Jf i.9f--4! +73-J5..96-.B0* 11* •«»'«■ 

$3^**74^7r s 61^85^8P $5**7? '3C-.60-42- - 

2 Mil #, V ' v.r-#.^v"^, v > ^ fy£ 

?S^ 111 9^tl 

1956 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD— TOP ROW: Coach Ed Pence, Ronald Charles Chartier, Russell Williams, Joe Vader, John Solmos, Ralph Peluso, 

McCune, Norman Pfeifer, James Meckling, Jack Wilson, Russell Gaston, Kent Mickey Martarano, George Whitney, coach Doug Roether. BOTTOM ROW: 

McConnell, Jack Hazlett, John Frence, Ralph Lambing, Delos Holle, Matthew Steve Lester, Roger Petrino, Leo Picard, Jim Goodmiller, Ronnie Sowed, Gerry 

Jackowiak, Larry Dunham, Harry Lehew, trainer Merle Ney. SECOND ROW: Griffin, Roger Ludlum, Gilbert Wiggains, Mike Lillis, Dick Scott, Don Miles, 

Head coach Ed Cavanaugh, Jim McCoy, Dale Gaddert, Jim Dent, Fred Carrell, Wallace Naegle. 

Jerry Sand and Chuck Sprinkle were two of the centers on season's close. Keith Wilson was starting quarterback most of 
last year's team. Jaydee Stinson was a starting guard at the the season, and Don Zadnik played end. 

cats finish second in tough big seven conference 

The 19 57 K-State basketball team started off 
the season with a flame of greatness showing. In 
mid-season the spark died to a glowing ember. 
The last twelve games found the ember ignited into 
a full-fledged blaze only to be extinguished by fire- 
men from Iowa State and Kansas. 

The Wildcast went into their last two games — 
against Iowa State and Kansas University — with 

a chance to tie for the Big Seven title, but an over- 
time 67-69 loss to the Cyclones at Ames, Iowa, and 
a 57-64 defeat under the talons of the KU Jay- 
hawks in the last two games of the season extin- 
guished K-State's title chances. As a result, Coach 
Tex Winter's charges finished second in the tough 
Big Seven conference. 

The Cats started the season with wins over 

An anxious moment for Coach Tex Winter, 
but K-State went on to beat Indiana 84-77. 

'Must be an octopus," thinks Gary Reimers of Nebraska as he tries to figure 
way to get a shot between the out-stretched arms of Jack Parr and Bob Boozer. 


"Hi yo Silver!" says Roy DeWitz as Worried looks on the faces of the K-State team during the Iowa State game reflect 
he gets free lift from Larry Bradshaw. the tense situation that prevailed throughout the overtime contest. 

Things look confused as Bob Merten and Dean "Go Cars go," yell K-State fans after making the long trip to Ames 
Plagge try to steal the ball from an Oklahoma player. to watch the Wildcats play Iowa State. 

H / f V - Jk 




Down go Roy DeWitz and Indiana's Archie Dees as they 
battle for loose ball. Bob Boozer and Hayden Abbott look on. 

So close, yet so far, might be what a Missouri player and Roy 
DeWitz are thinking as they try to grab the basketball. 

Houston University, Texas Tech, Drake Univer- 
sity, and Indiana University. Then came road 
defeats by Minnesota University and Iowa Uni- 
versity. In the Big Seven tourney at Kansas City, 
Cat cagers, minus the services of ailing Jack Parr, 
finished in sixth place. K-State suffered losses to 
Oklahoma University and Iowa State before beat- 
ing Missouri, 79-75, to rate the sixth-place finish. 

K-State's first conference game and first loss 
was against Oklahoma. The Cats lost a close one to 
the Sooners, 67-69, even though Jack Parr and Bob 
Boozer racked up 33 points between them. 

In the KU game at Lawrence both Parr and 
Boozer fouled out in the last five minutes, leaving 
K-State short on scoring punch and rebounding. 
The Wildcats led most of the way, but with 2:18 
left Wilt Chamberlain hit a field goal and John 
Parker made two free tosses to ice the game for 
KU. This was the second straight conference loss 
for K-State and left the Cats with a 5-6 record 
for all games played. Boozer had 14 points and 
Parr 12 to lead the K-State team in the scoring 

The Cats brought their Big Seven record to 2-1 
when they beat the Missouri Tigers on the Ahearn 
Fieldhouse planks, 59-5 5. Jack Parr had one of his 
better nights as he racked up 27 points and hauled 
16 rebounds off the boards. Kansas State took the 

"Where is it?", asks Larry Fischer as he tries to get hold of 
the ball. Jack Parr knows where it is and gets set to grab. 


Familiar sight to K-State fans are Hayden Abbott, Bob 
Boozer, Roy DeWitz, and Larry Fischer. Boozer and DeWitz 

were regulars for the Cats all season. Abbott and Fischer, 
while not starters, added depth and poise to K-State efforts. 

lead mid-way through the first half and was never 
headed. Eddie Wallace and Jack Kiddoo each cashed 
in on free throws in the last minutes of the game 
to put the triumph on ice for the Wildcats. 

K-State exhibited a balanced scoring attack in 
its next game — a 61-49 conference win at Boulder, 
Colo., against the Colorado University Buffaloes. 
Boozer collected 20 points to set the scoring pace 
for the Wildcats, and Parr chipped in with 13, 
Roy DeWitz 10, Eddie Wallace 9, Don Matuzak 
6 and Hayden Abbott 3. 

Although the next game against the University 
of Arkansas was a break from conference action, 
the Cats didn't take a rest from scoring and 


1957 Basketball Results 

Opponent K-State 









Texas Tech 





















Okla. City 












Iowa State 












Iowa State 








Kansas University placed first in the Big Seven followed by Kansas 
State, Iowa State, Colorado and Nebraska (tie), Missouri and 

Cheating just a little bit are spectators at the Iowa State 
game in Manhattan. Seems they have crib sheets now even 

for the K-State Alma Mater. Pity the poor guys in the middle 
who got left out and didn't get a song card. 


Players are all over as Don Matuzak battles to get the basket- 
ball away from Colorado's Jim Cadle. Don Walker (No. 30) 

lends moral support to Cadle as Roy DeWitz pulls for Matuzak. 
Bob Boozer, Jack Kiddoo head that way but can't help much. 

chalked up a 70-5 6 win. K-State started fast and 
led all the way, but couldn't break the Razorback's 
backs until midway through the second half. A 
layup by Matuzak, two free throws each by Booz- 
er and DeWitz and then a field goal by DeWitz 
took the Cats out of reach of the Razorbacks. De- 
Witz topped scoring with 23 points. Boozer added 
IS, Wallace 14, and Parr and Matuzak 8 each. 

"I got it!" yells an excited fan as he gets set to take an 
unintentional pass from a Nebraska player. 

Getting back in the swing of league competition 
proved to be fairly easy for the Cats. Behind Bob 
Boozer's 36-point scoring barrage, K-State coasted 
to a 73-60 win over Colorado at Manhattan. It 
was really Boozer's night as he added 23 rebounds 
to his big point harvest. K-State held a* 36-26 
lead at halftime. This win was the Cats' third 
against two losses in Big Seven play. K-State was 
in third place in loop standings at this stage of 
the season. 

K-State notched its fifth straight win and 
climbed into second place in conference standings 
by beating Nebraska University 89-5 3 at Manhat- 
tan. It was a close game for the first seven minutes 
of play, but the Cats slowly pulled to a 41-30 lead 
at the half. In the first six minutes of the second 
half, K-State built to a 5 5-34 lead, one that proved 
to be insurmountable for the Huskers. Jack Parr 
notched 27 points, Eddie Wallace 20, Boozer 14 
and DeWitz 12. The win put the Cats in second 
place in the Big Seven with a 4-2 record. K-State 
hit 46.1 per cent of its field goal attempts during 
the game. 

K-State opened the second half with a 21 -point 
scoring barage while holding OCU to only four. 

The Cats won their sixth game in a row — and a 
sweet one it was — by beating Oklahoma for the 
first time in the 1957 campaign by a lop-sided 74- 
45 score at Manhattan. After Oklahoma jumped 
to a 10-4 lead in the first six minutes K-State out- 
scored the Sooners 29-8 in the next 12 minutes and 
left the court at half time with 13 -point, 37-24, 
lead. With Parr, Boozer and Hayden Abbott lead- 
ing the way in the opening minutes of the second 
half, K-State increased its lead to 61-28, a gigantic 
3 3 -point spread. The largest Cat lead was a 3 5- 
pointer at 69-34 with about eight minutes left on 
the clock. Coach Tex Winter singled out Jack Parr 

for special praise. Parr netted 21 points and hauled 
down 10 rebounds in the Cat's winning effort. 
Boozer hit 16 and Abbott 12 to be the other top 
K-State scorers. This win left K-State in the Big 
Seven's second spot with a 4-2 record. It was the 
Cats' eleventh win of the season against six losses. 
Another Oklahoma team felt the fury of an 
aroused Wildcat when K-State beat Oklahoma City 
University, 100-82, in a non-conference win that 
placed the Cats nineteenth in national rankings. 
Both teams played razzle-dazzle ball in a first half 
that ended with a 51-51 tie. 

Jim Holwerda was a sparkling sophomore and Jack Kiddoo a 
reserve stalwart on the '56-' 57 Wildcat squad. 

"Quit - shovin'/' says Dudley Doebele of Nebraska University 
as Hayden Abbott out-maneuvers him to pull down a rebound. 

Don Matuzok and Eddie Wallace spearheaded the Cats' 
winning streak during the last half of the season. 





W jtf 



"Got 'cho," says Eddie Wallace as he 
tackles Oklahoma's Don Schwall. 

Evidently even the referee has to take 
a break once in a while. 

Happy Wildcats Don Richards, Don Matuzak, Larry Fischer and Bob Jedwabny let 
emotion carry them away after their 84-77 overtime win against Indiana at Manhattan. 

"Get that ball," Bob Boozer advises Dean Plagge and Hayden Abbott, but neither 
of the Cats was in a position to steal the ball from the Oklahoma player. 


Hot on the trail of a 
Matuzak. Leon Griffin 

loose ball go Roy DeWitz and Don 
(No. 11) can't get stopped. 

That took the score to 72-5 5, and the Cats weren't 
in danger the rest of the way. 

The Cats kept alive their chances for a share of 
the Big Seven title with an 81-56 road win against 
Nebraska. This win elevated the Cats to 17th rank- 
ing nationally and was their eighth straight win. 
Parr hit 2 5 points, Boozer 23, and DeWitz 14 to 
lead K-State scoring. 

"How is he" Coach Tex Winter asks Porky Morgan as Eddie 
Wallace recuperates from a hard knock in the Iowa State game. 

Sophomore Bob Merten and junior stalwart Jack Parr get in 
a little practice. Parr averaged 20.6 points per game. 

non, Bob Graham, Glen Long, Lowell Hill, Wally Frank, Jerry Johnson, Steve 
Douglas, Steve French, Assistant Freshman Coach Ernie Barrett. SECOND 
ROW: Sonny Ballard, Dee Woodward, Don Bigham, Carroll Stephens, Al 
Hamilton, Jack McKain. BOTTOM ROW: Head Coach Tex Winter, Darrell 
Reitzel, Dennis Duel I, Duane Shaw, Bill Guthridge, Jerry Kaufman, Manager 
John Stone. 


"Waif a minute," says Hayden Abbott as he tries to figure 
some way to keep from hitting the deck. John Crawford (No. 

40) shoves and starts for the ball at the same time. Chuck 
Vogt (No. 41), Bob Boozer and Jack Parr follow the action. 

Ballet lesson? No, just Jack Parr blocking an attempt at two 
points by Cyclone ace Gary Thompson. 

Coupling an 86-77 overtime win against Iowa 
State with a 78-71 victory over Missouri, the 
Cats firmly entrenched themselves in the Big Seven 
second place and set the stage for a crucial road 
contest with the Cyclones in K-State's next-to-last 
game of the season. 

But the Cats dropped this one, another overtime 
contest, to the Iowans, 69-67, and were virtually 
eliminated from having any chance for the hoped- 
for Big Seven title tie. It was a case of a good 
team having a good night and a better team having 
a poor night. The Cats didn't play the caliber of 
ball against Iowa State that they did in winning 
their eight previous games. Parr got 23 points, 
Boozer 17, and Wallace and Don Matuzak 10 each 
to lead K-State scoring. 

The 1957 season came to an anti-climactic end 
when the Wildcats fell to a power-laden KU team 
57-64 on the Cats' home court. The final game 


Way up in fhe air go Dean Plagge and Don Richards as 
they sharpen up their shooting eyes practicing jump shots. 

loss left K-State with an 8-4 conference record, 
good for second place behind Kansas University's 
Big Seven champions. The over-all season record 
was 15-8. K-State led 10-9 with eleven minutes 
remaining in the first half, but from then on the 

game was all KU. Taking advantage of the Wild- 
cats' misses from the field and their inability to 
cash in on free throws, KU pulled away from the 
Cats in the second half. Bob Boozer hit 22 points 
and Roy DeWitz scored 14 for K-State. 

Jack Parr and Bob Boozer received considerable 
acclaim for their efforts during the season. Both 
were all-Big Seven selections on the United Press 
and Associated Press all-star teams and each held a 
berth on Drake University's all-opponent team. 
They also received honorable mention on the Unit- 
ed Press area team. Parr was awarded honorable 
mention on both the International News Service 
and Associated Press all-American listings. Roy 
DeWitz gained honorable mention on both the AP 
and UP all-Big Seven teams. 

The Cats were tied for 17th spot in the final 
International News Service ranking of teams in 
United States colleges. K-State finished the sea- 
son with a 75.2 points-per-game average and held 
opposition to an average of 66 points per game. 
Parr finished the season with a 20.6 scoring average 
and Boozer averaged 19.6. 

VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD— TOP ROW: Leon Smith, Bob McDonald, Larry Fischer, Chuck Hollinger, Head Coach Tex Winter. BOTTOM ROW: 

Howard Rice, Jack Parr, Bob Boozer, Bob Jedwabny. SECOND ROW: Assistant Manager Bob Boyd, Don Matuzak, Bob DeNoon, Paul Bader, Eddie Wallace, 

Coach Howie Shannon, Hayden Abbott, Bob Merten, Roy DeWitz, Dean Plagge, Don Richards, Jim Holwerda, Jack Kiddoo. 

^ q ^ H Z A ^ 



Even three Cats couldn't do anything with this Jayhawk. The 'Stilt' (No. 13) stands still and so does the action as 

Chamberlain goes high as Parr, Boozer and Matuzak watch. K-State goes into a stall against the Hawks at Manhattan. 

K-State lost this one to the Jayhawks at Manhattan, and even really wasn't as bad as these girls seem to think. The Cats 

the peppiest girls in the pep clubs had to give up. The score almost pulled an upset, but finally lost to KU, 51-45. 




Outside there was snow, inside there was gloom. K-Staters choice seats for the K-State-KU game, but the Wildcats came 

waited in line for as long as eight and one-half hours to get out on the short end of a 64-57 score. 

Complete! Bob Boozer hauls in a long pass from a K-State Kansas University's Ron Loneski arm-wrestles Roy DeWitz 

team mate as Maurice King of KU tries to break it up. for possession of the ball during crucial moment in the game. 


ft o 9 f 9 a o n 

*•*•«• *»»<»*' f » erf; 

r^ '— i ' k~\ U4 Q 

«JL«w II » *.*s * a r«fc 

1956-1957 WRESTLING SQUAD— TOP ROW: Jim Dietrich, Robert Schmidt, 
Dale Blume, Danny Noe, Fred Carrell, Don Martin, Gary Haller, Coach Fritz 
Knorr. SECOND ROW: Jim Booth, Glenn Brandon, Leon Ernest, Gary Criss, 

Wendell McHenry, Jim Roberts, Pat Doyle, Perry Brinlee. THIRD ROW: Kyle 
Mines, Jim Hurtt, Jim Hostetter, Pete Everist, Murray Fudim, Tom King, Jim 
Caster. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Darter, Bill Kastner, Ken Shaw, Billy Youngers, 
Darrell Huggins, Riley Miller, Cal Schwalbe. 

matmen grab 4 dual wins 

The 1956-1957 K-State wrestling team grap- 
pled its way to a 4-7 dual season record against 
some of the nation's best wrestling teams. On the 
Wildcats' schedule this season were four conference 
championship teams and national champion Okla- 

Pat Doyle, sophomore wrestler from Douglas, 
was high point man for the dual meet season with 
27 points and won first place in the 157-pound 
class at the Big Seven conference meet in Norman, 
Okla. Riley Miller, Ellis Rainsberger, team cap- 
tain Gary Haller and Jim Roberts also had double- 
figure season point totals for the Cats. 

The best performance in terms of quality came 
in the Cats' second match of the year against the 
Mankato Minnesota Teachers, whom K-State beat 
14-13. Miller, Roberts, Doyle and Haller all scored 

A single leg ride as applied by K-State's Gary Haller was the 
beginning of the end for Gary Gienger of Iowa Teachers. 


About- to slip out of an attempted takedown by Oklahoma 
A&M's Jerry Billings is Billy Youngers of K-State. Youngers 

decisioned Billings, 6-4. Referee Dale Duncan is keeping an 
eye on things just to make sure the proceedings stay legal. 

wins in this match and Rainsberger wrestled to a 
draw. One of the biggest K-State win margins was 
against the Colorado School of Mines. The Cats 
won, 24-8, with Billy Youngers, Doyle and Miller 
winning by decision and Rainsberger and Jim 
Dietrich winning by falls. 

The Cats' first meet of the season got them off 

on the right foot as they took the measure of a 
Cornell College of Iowa team by a 21-8 score. K- 
State won five of the eight matches and drew one. 
In a meet with Minnesota University at Minneap- 
olis, K-State notched two wins and a draw, but the 
Big Ten conference champions beat the Cats, 21- 
10. Haller and Pete Everist won and Miller drew 

A Big Seven Championship and Attempting a switch from referee's position is Cat Pete Everist. Everist lost to OU's 
seven dual meet wins are Pat Doyle's. Paul Aubry by an 0-5 score. 


"You won," says the ref after Ellis Rains- Gary Holler won third place in the Big Seven 167-pound class. Riley Miller 
berger beat Iowa Teachers' Terry Ohm, 2-0. won third in the 123-pound class. Ellis Rainsberger had a 6-2-1 record. 

in this meet. Kansas State dropped its second meet 
in a row when the Cats fell to the Iowa State 
Teachers, 17-15, in a meet in Ahearn Fieldhouse. 
The Cats had three wins and two draws, but the 
team from Iowa had too much power for the 

The Cats' most humiliating defeat came at the 
hands of the Big Seven and NCAA champion Ok- 
lahoma University. Pat Doyle was the only K- 
Stater to win his match and the Cats went down 

to a 27-3 defeat. The wrestlers got back on the 
win trail when they traveled to Lincoln, Neb., and 
beat the University of Nebraska, 24-8. The Cats 
didn't lose a match in downing the Cornhuskers. 
K-State won three matches and drew five to com- 
pletely swamp Nebraska. After losing 8-21 to Col- 
orado State and 10-21 to Colorado University, the 
Cats came up with their 24-8 thumping of the 
Colorado School of Mines. 

K-State was defeated in a February home meet 

A take-down is placed on K-State's Jim Roberts by Claude 
Wright of Oklahoma A&M. Wright won the decision, 9-3. 

Although Roberts lost this match, he had season wins over 
opponents from Cornell, Mankato, Nebraska and Colorado. 



*% » >$*** 

Muscles bulge and joints strain as Wildcat Jim Roberts ap- 
plies a hip lock in an attempted escape from A&M's Claude 

by the perennially powerful Oklahoma Aggies. The 
Aggies topped the Cats, 20-6. 

Another home meet found the Cats going down 
to defeat as second-place Big Seven Iowa State 
out-grappled the Staters, 18-11. Doyle, Haller and 
Rainsberger won by decision and Youngers wrest- 
led to a draw. The Wildcats finished fourth in the 
Big Seven meet. Doyle was the only Stater to win 
a championship. Youngers, Everist, Haller, Miller 
and Dietrich all won preliminary or consolation 
matches, but failed in bids for top Big Seven spots. 

Gary Haller was the only Stater to go far in the 

One of the two K-State wins against the Aggies was chalked 
up by Jim Dietrich in the 177-pound class. Dietrich got a near- 

Wright. Roberts was one of six K-State wrestlers sent down 
to defeat as the Oklahoma Aggies out-wrestled the Cats 20-6. 

NCAA wrestling tourney as he gained four points 
for K-State before being defeated in the consola- 
tion semi-finals. 

Coach Fritz Knorr, in his fifth year as wrestling 
mentor, named nine men who earned letters. Let- 
ter winners this season are Pat Doyle, Riley Miller, 
Ellis Rainsberger, Gary Haller, Jim Roberts, Billy 
Youngers, Jim Dietrich, Pete Everist, and Calvin 
Schwalbe. All of the lettermen will be back for 
duty on next year's team. With all lettermen back 
and a predicted good crop of sophomores, the K- 
State wrestling outlook is definitely bright. 

fall on Jim Harding, went on to win the match, 11-8. He 
picked up three of his team's total of six points in this meet. 


Dave Dicken and Jim Nolen (in lanes one and two) take off Nolen won first place and Dicken placed third. Pribble and 
in the 200-yard butterfly event of the Colorado dual meet. Mills are the Colorado entries in this event. 

A winning performance is turned in by Marion Towns in the 
diving event of the dual meet with Emporia State College. 

swimmers now varsity 

The 195 6-1957 K-State swimming team under 
Coach Bill Thrall had a 6-4 record in its first year 
of varsity status for the sport since 1948. K-State 
beat Fort Hays State and Emporia State twice each 
and notched other wins over Colorado and Kansas 
University. Losses were to Kansas University, Ne- 
braska twice and Oklahoma. 

Lettermen this year are Dave Dicken, Jim Mari- 
ner, Gordon Harper, Tom Onuma, Tom Coblentz, 
Marion Towns, Jim Nolen, Buzz Newman and 
Don Matsuoka. The swimmers started the season 
with a road dual meet against Nebraska University. 
The Cats came out on the short end of a 56-2 5 
score in this meet. The story was about the same 
when K-State met the Cornhuskers at Manhattan. 
K-State dropped this one 38-47. 

The Cats struck the win trail in the third meet 
of the season when they defeated Fort Hays State, 
5 2-34. K-State dropped a 44-42 decision to Kan- 
sas University at Lawrence in its fourth taste of 
competition. They then started on a three-meet 
win streak which saw the Cats top Colorado, 47- 
39; Emporia State, 57-28; and Kansas University, 


A strong Oklahoma University team completely 
doused K-State, 69-17, to break the Cats' winning 
streak and leave the K-State season record at 4-4. 
The Wildcats came back strong, though, beating 
Emporia State 66-20 and Fort Hays State, 5 8-28, 
to finish the dual meet season with their respectable 
6-4 mark after a long lay-off from swimming 

The Big Seven swimming meet at Norman, 
Okla., found the powerful Sooners more than dou- 
bling the point total of the second-place Iowa State 
Cyclones by chalking up 161 points. Iowa State 
had 80 points for its second-place ranking. K- 
State finished in a tie for fifth place with Kansas 
University. The Cats and Jayhawks each had 27 
points. Jim Nolen placed second for K-State in 
the 200-yard butterfly and fifth in the 200-yard 
breast stroke. Gordon Harper got sixth in the 50- 
yard free style, Jim Mariner took fifth in the 200- 
yard back stroke and sixth in the 100-yard back 
stroke, and Dave Dicken swam to second place in 
the 100-yard butterfly to account for K-State indi- 
vidual points. The K-State 400-yard free style relay 
team took fifth place and the 440-yard medley 

. A 

''■'1 ■ A 

Third-place finisher Don Matsuoka is about to be helped 
from the pool after completion of a race against Colorado. 

relay team splashed its way to a third place finish. 
Jim Nolen set two new varsity records this year. 
He won the 200-yard butterfly stroke in the Em- 
poria State meet with a record time of 2:38.8 and 
the 200-yard breast stroke in 2:41.3. 

Members of the 1956-57 swimming team were Coach Bill Gordon Harper, Tom Onuma, Tom Coblentz, Marion Towns, 
Thrall, Dick Walsh, Dave Dicken, John Nickel, Jim Mariner, Jim Nolen and Buzz Newman. 

) if- i 

k TitJf' 














1956-1957 GYMNASTICS SQUAD— TOP ROW: Coach Frank Thompson, Wil- 
liam Walters, Ross Miracle, J. J. Jones, Ronald Wells, Harold Loomis, Roger 

Peterson, Manager Charles Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Bare, Jerome John- 
son, Ray Berkley, Merle Schneck, Thomas Starnes, Ron Leslie, Richard Rood, 
David Saffry, Ralph Prewett, Allen Olsen. 

Performing a hand stand at a gymnastics exhibition during 
basketball half-time activities is letterman Richard Rood. 

gymnasts win 3 duals 

At the half-way mark in this year's gymnastics 
season the K-State gymnastics team had won three 
dual meets and placed high in some major larger 
meets. Last year's teams had a 14-8 season record. 
The Wildcat gymnasts have posted dual meet wins 
over Fort Hays State, Colorado University and 
Southern Illinois. Hays fell before the Cats, 50-44, 
Colorado 65-40 and Southern Illinois 70-65. 

Traveling to Western Illinois to participate in a 
six-way meet, the Cats finished a respectable third 
against outstanding gymnastic competition. Host- 
ing a quadrangular meet early in the season, K- 
State took second place. The Nebraska Cornhusk- 
ers, in K-State's second meet, beat the Cats, 68-38, 
at Lincoln, Nebraska. In an eight-way meet at 
Manhattan, the Staters placed sixth. Some of the 
best gymnastics teams in the mid-west participated 
in this meet. 


Besides having a full schedule of meets, the gym- 
nastics team displayed its merits at exhibitions put 
on at halftime of several home basketball games. 
These exhibitions included tumbling, trampoline 
and parallel bar techniques. Lettermen this year 
are Richard Rood, Robert Gramzow, Wendell 
Minckley, Merle Schneck and Allen Olsen. Minck- 
ley is the only graduating senior. Returning let- 
termen next year, plus a good crop of freshmen 
should bolster Coach Frank Thompson's team. 

Rood was high point man on this year's team. 
Following him were free exhibitionists Olsen, 
Minckley and Schneck. Still on the agenda for Cat 
gymnasts are an Invitational meet at Macomb, Il- 
linois and the Southwestern A.A.U. meet at Fort 
Worth, Texas. The 1956-1957 team was led by 
Wendell Holt, who notched scoring honors for the 
year. Besides Holt, Minckley, Robert Eshelbrenner, 
Albert Bumpus, Olsen and Gramzow won letters 
in the sport. The Cats closed the season with wins 
over Colorado University, Minnesota State, Colo- 
rado A&M, Baylor University, Texas University, 
and Houston University. They placed second in 

Upside-down is just as normal to some guys as right-side-up. 
Allen Olsen supports Merle Schneck and Richard Rood. 

the Southwest A.A.U. meet at Fort Worth, Texas 
and finished fourth in a nine-team field at the all- 
college invitational meet at Boulder, Colorado. 

Perfect symmetry is displayed by members of the gymnastics 
team at a half-time exhibition. Robert Gramzow, Tom Starnes, 

Richard Rood, Roger Petersen and Ross Miracle performed for 
K-State fans several times during basketball season. 


cats set four records 

A dual meet win over Omaha University and a 
triangular meet win over Chicago University and 
Western Michigan were highlights of the 195 6-57 
indoor track season at K-State. The Wildcats also 
pulled a surprise fourth-place finish in the Big 
Seven conference indoor meet at Kansas City, Mo. 

K-State athletes figured in setting four new rec- 
ords in the dual against Omaha University as the 
Cats totaled 73 points and took eight of twelve 
events. Emporia State placed second and host 
Omaha took third. Tom Rodda set a new meet 
record in the two-mile run as he posted a 9:54 
clocking. Karl Lindenmuth set a new standard in 
the pole vault by clearing 13 feet, 3 % inches. Soph- 
omore Deloss Dodds set a new meet mark in the 
440-yard dash with a 51.6 time. The mile relay 
team of Dave Burton, Jim Vader, Dodds and Gene 
O'Connor finished in 3:30.7 for the final K-State 
record-breaking performance. 

K-State traveled to Chicago for its next meet 
against Western Michigan and Chicago University 
and used the services of veteran Gene O'Connor 
and rookie Tom Rodda to run away from the field. 

Track brass Head Coach Ward Haylett and Assistant Coach 
Herman Wilson talk over wins and losses of indoor track season. 

Rodda, only a sophomore, broke a 2 5 -year K-State 
standard when he ran the mile in 4:19. Rodda also 
won the half mile with a time of 1:58.3. 

O'Connor won both the high and low hurdles 
and was on the winning mile relay team with 
Henry Renollet, Jim Vader and Dave Burton. Bur- 
ton won the 440-yard dash and Deloss Dodds got 
second place in that event. Ralph Willard won 
first in the shotput and Ben Grosse second, Jesse 
Unruh second in the 880 and third in the mile, 
Karl Lindenmuth was first in the pole vault, Ray 

"Now, you do it this way, fellows," says Coach Ward Haylett to Larry French, "Old reliable" in high and low hurdle 
Deloss Dodds, Dave Burton and Gene O'Connor, four K-State track standouts, events is Wildcat trackman Gene O'Connor. 


. """^^i 


Middle distance runner Lawrence Brady and pole vaulter Karl 
Lindenmuth are both juniors and should give K-State a big 

Elliott fourth in the two-mile and Ray Beikman 
second in the broad jump to round out K-State 

Kansas State, predicted to do no better than 
sixth in the Big Seven conference meet, pulled a 
surprise out of the hat and ended up in fourth 
place in indoor league standings. Gene O'Connor 
sparked the Cats as he won the 60-yard low hur- 
dles, finished third in the high hurdles, and along 
with Renollet, Vader and Burton won the mile 
relay. Karl Lindemuth tied for third in the pole 
vault as he cleared 1 3 feet, 9 inches. 

The Cats suffered dual meet losses to Nebraska 
and Missouri. MU topped the Staters 66-37 in their 
meet at Columbia, Mo. K-State won two events 
against the Tigers. Deloss Dodds took first place 
in the 440-yard dash and the mile relay team of 
Burton, Dodds, Vader and O'Connor won that 
event. Other K-State placements were Rodda, sec- 
ond in the mile and two-mile; Jesse Unruh, third 
in the mile; Craig Jones, third in the 60-yard dash; 
Dave Burton, second in the 440-yard dash; Gene 
O'Connor, second in both the high and low hur- 
dles; Roland Elliott and Arlen Stackley, second and 
third in the two-mile run; Karl Lindenmuth, third 
in the pole vault; Wes Wilkison, second in the 
high jump and third in the broad jump; and Ralph 
Willard, third in the shot put. 

In the Nebraska meet, K-State scored five wins, 
though losing 62-42 to the Cornhuskers. Tom 
Rodda, Dave Burton, Ralph Willard, Karl Linden- 
muth and the mile relay team took first places for 
the Cats. No scoring was kept in the Michigan 
State Relays or the six-team Kansas State Invita- 
tional Relays. The only K-State wins in the Invita- 

boost in track. Henry Renollet is a member of the Cat sprint 
corps and sophomore Tom Rodda is a standout distance man. 

tional meet were posted by O'Connor, and the 
sprint medley and mile relay teams. Highest plac- 
ings for the Cats at Michigan State were by Jesse 
Unruh, who finished second in the 1,000-yard 
run, Gene O'Connor, who got second in the high 
and third in the intermediate hurdles and the sprint 
medley relay team, which finished second. 

The distance medley relay team of Jesse Unruh, Deloss 
Dodds, Hubert Guest, Tom Rodda turned in good performances. 



Javelin thrower Joe Powell and hurdler Gene O'Connor Not much farther to go for Gene O'Connor as he nears the 
were Wildcat mainstays in the 1956 outdoor track campaign. finish line in the Big Seven 220-yard low hurdles. 

even split in duals 

In spite of outstanding individual performances, 
an over-all lack of team strength handicapped the 
19 5 6 outdoor track team. The K-State thinclads 
split even in dual meets, topping Nebraska, 71/2- 
59/ 2 , and losing to Iowa State, 71% -51%. Gene 
O'Connor was the Wildcat pacesetter against Iowa 

State as he notched wins in the 440-yard dash and 
the 220-yard low hurdles. 

There were three double winners against Ne- 
braska. O'Connor won the 120-yard high hurdles 
and the 220-yard lows, Dolan McDaniel won the 
100- and 220-yard dashes, and Joe Powell won the 
high jump and javelin events. Other winners against 
the Huskers were Marvin Chiles in the 440-yard 
dash, Karl Lindenmuth in the pole vault, and Kenny 
Nesmith in the broad jump. 

1, m . *4i|£4i^SP ! 


It's a second place finish for 
Marvin Chiles in a preliminary 
heat of the Big Seven 100-yard 
dash. Larry Grace of Colorado 
won this heat. 


■' ' ■ 

Timber toppers Gary Doupnik and Ray Russell were part Raymond Beikman was an outstanding Cat broad jumper, and 
of an outstanding corps of hurdlers during the 1956 season. Karl Lindemuth was one of the Wildcats' top pole vaulters. 


Several top performances were turned in by 
Wildcat tracksters in the Oklahoma Aggie Relays. 
Besides O'Connor's win in the 400-meter hurdles 
and his second place finish in the high hurdles, 
Dolan McDaniel earned second place in the 100- 
yard dash. The 440-yard relay team took third 
place behind the Oklahoma Aggie team. 

1956 Dual Track Season 

K-State Opponent 

59V 3 Iowa State 71 2 / 3 

71 1/2 Nebraska 59 >/ 2 

Kansas finished first in Big Seven play followed by Oklahoma, 

Colorado, Kansas State and Missouri (tie), Iowa State, and Practice makes perfect. It enabled Paul Miller to set the 

Nebraska. ' 

varsity indoor pole vault record of 14 feet, 2^4 inches. 


OUTDOOR TRACK SQUAD— TOP ROW: Coach Ward Haylett, Jesse Unruh, SECOND ROW: Gene O'Connor, Ray Fritzemeyer, Ralph Willard, Kenny Nesmith, 

Jerry Sartorius, Joe Powell, Marvin Chiles, Gary Doupnik, Henry Renollet. Dolan McDaniel, Lawrence Brady. BOTTOM ROW: Ray Beikman, Hubert Guest, 

Terry Turner, Glenn Taplin, Bobby Jones, Karl Lindemuth. 


The 880 relay team of Marvin Chiles, Jerry Sartorius, Bob 
Jones and Dolan McDaniel plan race strategy. 

Hubert Guest runs the mid- 
dle distances for K-State. 

It's a long race for two-miler 
Terry Turner. 

Wildcat thinclads reaped a meager point harvest 
at the Texas Relays. Other than O'Connor's record 
setting performance in the 400-meter hurdles, K- 
State scored in only two events. Ray Russell won 
fourth place in the 400-meter hurdles and the mile 
relay team took fourth place. 

The cindermen fared better in the Southwest 
Louisiana Relays as six Cat entries finished in the 
money. O'Connor scored his third major relays 
win in the 400-meter hurdles and fellow hurdler 
Gary Doupnik won fourth place in the 110-yard 
highs. Joe Powell salvaged fourth place honors in 
the javelin and Dolan McDaniel added another 
fourth in the 100-yard dash. The distance and mile 
relay teams each finished fifth to wind up K-State 

O'Connor Takes First at KU 

O'Connor again won his 400-meter hurdle speci- 
alty at the KU Relays. The only other K-State 
placement was a fourth place finish by the 880- 
yard relay team. The end of the Colorado Relays 
found the K-State delegation tied for third place 
with Wyoming and Texas Christian university. 

Joe Powell set the lone collegiate record at Colo- 
rado with a toss of 221 feet, 11 inches in the jav- 
elin event. Marvin Chiles tied for second place in 
the 100-yard dash. The medley relay team of 
Henry Renollett, Hubert Guest, Glen Taplin, and 
Jesse Unruh won third. The 880-yard relay team 
also placed third. The 880-yard relay team con- 
sisted of Marvin Chiles, Jerry Sartorius, Bob Jones 
and Dolan McDaniel. 

Gene O'Connor was the only double winner for 
the Cats in the Big Seven conference meet. He 
won both the 220-yard low hurdles and the 110- 

Into the stretch goes Lawrence Brady as he leads Kenny Nesmith won the broad Quarter-miler Henry Rennolette 
the 880 field in the K-State-Nebraska dual. jump in the Nebraska dual. takes to the starting blocks. 


' jft w'^^4^''^. 

Chalk up a first place finish for Dolan McDaniel in a preliminary heat of the Big Ralph Willard won fourth in the 
Seven 220-yard dash. Larry Chace of Colorado won second place. javelin at the Colorado relays. 

yard high hurdles. O'Connor was followed to the 
tape in the highs by Ray Russell and Gary Doup- 
nik, who placed fourth and fifth respectively. 
Russell also won fifth place in the lows. 

Dolan McDaniel raced to second place and Mar- 
vin Chiles placed third in the 100-yard dash. Mc- 
Daniel gained another second place in the 220-yard 
dash and Chiles finished sixth in this event. Joe 
Powell garnered third place in the javelin throw. 

Coach Haylett's charges tied with Missouri for 
fourth in the conference meet as Kansas university 
more than doubled the score on second-place Okla- 
homa. Colorado university was third, Iowa State 
was sixth, and Nebraska was at the bottom of the 
Big Seven pile. 

It's a good baton exchange between Jerry Sartorius and 
Marvin Chiles, but K-State didn't win the Big Seven mile relay. 

All even here, but Gene O'Connor forged ahead to win the and Gary Doupnik were the other Wildcat competitors in the 
110-yard high hurdles in the Big Seven meet. Mike Cornett hurdles event. 

*fc»!,.i ' t ■•'''&li¥P'- 



Hi . 

4 i" 


&> .---■ 


Paul Clark, Wildcat third baseman, receives the throw too late to tag the sliding 
Missouri catcher. Cat shortstop Jim Raffety is in the background. 

Coach Ray Wauthier and LaVerne 
Billinger study the pre-game tosses. 

wildcat nine beat champs but finish in cellar 

K-State's 1956 baseball team finished in the Big 
Seven cellar despite standout performances against 
Oklahoma, the conference champs, Kansas and Ne- 
braska. Lacking experience and depth, Coach Ray 
Wauthier's Wildcats showed flashes of brilliance 
and determination in posting an over-all 5 won, 10 
lost mark for the season, with a 3-9 record for con- 
ference play. 

K-State won over Wichita, 12-4, and Memphis 
Naval Air Station, 10-2, in non-conference play. 
Big Seven victories came at the expense of Okla- 
homa, 4-3, Kansas, 2-1, and Nebraska, 19-9. After 
splitting a two-game series with Wichita, 3-9, and 
12-4, the Wildcats went south to trounce Memphis 
Naval Air Station, 10-2, behind the four-hit pitch- 
ing of Bill Blume, Cat southpaw. Rain cancelled 

Standout regulars in the 1956 Wildcat outfield were Eldon 
Zeller, Bob Boyd and Marvin Taylor. Zeller, right field, 

posted a .419 batting average, second best for the Cats, and he 
tied Wally Carlson, in the RBI department with a record of 18. 



1956 BASEBALL SQUAD— TOP ROW: Assistant Coach Sax Stone, Coach Ray Kerry Clifford, Marvin Taylor, Eldon Zeller, Hugh Nethercutt, Dick Renfro. 

Wauthier, Richard Disney, Wally Carlson. SECOND ROW: Robert Boyd, Bill BOTTOM ROW: Bill Sincierson, Paul Clark, Larry Sturgeon, Jim Raffety, 

Blume, Jim Berg, Rick Hackler, Ron Bergren. THIRD ROW: Ken Weathered, Dick Stone, LaVerne Billinger. 

1956 Baseball Results 


te Opponent 

K-State OpF 



Wichita U. 


1 Missouri U. 



Wichita U. 


4 Oklahoma U. 




7 Colorado U. 




13 Colorado U. 


Nebraska U. 


8 Nebraska U. 



Nebraska U. 


19 Nebraska U. 



Kansas U. 


2 Iowa State 



Kansas U. 


4 Iowa State 


Oklahoma finished first in Big Seven play followed by Nebraska, 
Kansas, Missouri, Iowa State, Colorado and Kansas State. 


Wally Carlson, Cat first-baseman, hustles safely back to third 
in game against the Missouri Tigers. Missouri won, 8-1. 

Setting a Wildcat record of ten double-plays were these four 
inficlders: Paul Clark, third base; Jim Raffety, shortstop; 

Hugh Nethercutt, second base, and Wally Carlson, first base. 
Clark led the Wildcat hitters with .423, and had 13 RBI's. 


Poor crowds continued to watch the Wildcat home games 
despite the squad's best showing since the season of 1951. The 

highlight of the 1956 home stand was a 4-3 victory over Okla- 
homa Sooners, conference champs, in a 13 -inning thriller. 

Tense moment- finds the Wildcat right fielder, Marvin Tay- 
lor, at bat against Missouri U. The Cats lost the game, 8-1. 

two other contests scheduled against the Hellcats. 
The Wildcats opened conference play at Lincoln los- 
ing two straight to the Cornhuskers, 0-4, and 6-15. 

First Conference Win 

KU at Lawrence was the next conference foe. 
The Cats picked up their first conference victory 
by surprising the Jayhawks, 2-1, behind the three- 
hit pitching of Dick Stone. Stone, star basketball 
player, compiled a 2-1 record to lead the teams' 
pitching staff and finished ninth in the conference 
standings. The Hawks retaliated to take the second 
contest, 19-1. 

Comprising the Wildcat pitching staff were Ed Disney, Bill 
Blume, Bill Sinderson, Ron Bergren, Dick Renfro and Dick 

Stone. Stone, Wildcat basketball star, compiled a 2-1 record 
to lead the pitching in over-all game average. 


The K-State nine returned to Manhattan with 
one win against three losses in Big Seven play only 
to be handcuffed by Missouri's Norm Stewart. The 
Tigers won, 8-1, as the righthander allowed only 
five hits. 

Defeats were forgotten as Coach Wauthier guid- 
ed his young Wildcats to a 4-3 marathon victory 
over Oklahoma in 13 innings. Tallying three runs 
in the first, the Wildcats saw Oklahoma tie the 
game in the sixth with two singles and a home run. 
Stone, Cat hurler, led off the 13 th with a double, 
advanced to third on a wild pitch, and scored the 
deciding run when the Sooner catcher over-threw 
third in an attempted pick-off. 




Cats Clobber Nebraska 

The victory was short-lived as the Cats lost a 
pair to Colorado at Boulder, 7-9, and 13-14. The 
second contest saw the Cats one-run margin disap- 
pear in the bottom of the ninth when the Buffs 
tallied three runs off Bergren to win 14-13. 
K-State out-hit the Buffs in a two-game series, 
31-19. The Wildcats returned to Manhattan to 
beat Nebraska, 19-1, behind the seven-hit pitching 
of Bill Sinderson. Jim Raffety, Bob Boyd, and La- 
Verne Billinger hit home runs for K-State to lead 
the assault. Nebraska's four-run outburst in the 
ninth defeated the Cats in the finale, 11-8. 

The Wildcats closed out the season losing a pair 
to Iowa State at Ames, 2-12, and 4-5. The Cy- 
clones combined a double and single to tie the score 
after two were out in the bottom of the ninth. Bill 
Sinderson was the Wildcat starter and loser. 

K-State squad rallies to congratulate LaVerne Billinger after 
his home run fuels a 19-1 Wildcat win over the Nebraska 



Bill Blume, Wildcat southpaw pitcher, fires a fast ball by the 
Missouri shortstop, Stair, to catcher Billinger's waiting glove. 

Cornhuskers. The Cornhuskers had previously won three 
games from the Wildcats and placed second in the Big Seven. 


A I 


arge number of tennis enthusiasts were on hand to wit- 
the Big Seven Tournament, held on the K-State courts. 

Karl Finney marks a score for K-State during the league 
meet. He completed his second year as head tennis coach. 

The five members of 1956 tennis squad are Dick Circle, 
Keith Andler, Don Wainscott, Bob Hansen and John Deam. 

netmen win eight 

Kansas State's tennis team failed to display its 
true ability in the Big Seven tennis tournament but 
finished the season with a fine record. The netmen 
compiled an 8-3-1 record. Coach Karl Finney's 
forces had their best season in 195 6, improving 
upon last year's 6-6 mark. The Wildcats defeated 
four Big Seven teams while losing only to Colorado 
and Oklahoma. Colorado won the conference title. 

Bob Hansen, playing in the number one position 
for the second straight year, won only four match- 
es, but the ace was faced with tough competition 
during the season. Hansen was one of two seniors 
on the 195 6 squad. 

John Deam posted the best individual mark with 
a record of 6-2 while Keith Andler won 8 of his 
12 matches. The doubles teams of Hansen-Andler 
and Circle-Deam were consistent point winners as 
they combined to win 13 contests while losing only 
3. Coach Finney lettered six players. They were 
Hansen, Dick Circle, Deam, Andler, Don Wain- 
scott and Bob Alley. 

Karl Finney was coach of the squad which compiled an 8-3-1 
record for the season. This improved upon last year's 6-6 mark. 


golfers third in meet 

Coach Mickey Evans' golf team enjoyed its 
finest season as they placed third in the Big Seven 
meet while posting a 9-6-1 record. Kansas State's 
linksmen showed great improvement over last 
year's mark when they finished in the league cellar. 
Oklahoma won the league title with a total of 890 
strokes. Kansas University took second. Dave 
Smith was the Cat's top scorer and number one 
man. He finished third in the Big Seven individual 
honors competition. Smith, who had an 11-3-2 
record for the season, has two more years of eligi- 

Hayes Walker was the only squad member lost 
through the graduation route. Walker has lettered 
three years in varsity golf. Seniors Ron Young and 
Dave Pfuetze and juniors Dave Smith and Jerry 
Smith complete the team roster. These four re- 
turning lettermen should give K-State a strong 
entry in the 1957 league meet. Evans has now 
completed his eighth year as head mentor of the 
Kansas State golf team. Evans is also head of the 
physical education department. 


«» °^ 

Finding that a close miss 
doesn't count is Dave Smith. 


Driving practice takes time 
for 'Cat golfer Jerry Smith. 

Puffing finesse is shown by 
linksman Hayes Walker. 

Puffing practice 
Ron Young. 


A third place finish in the Big Seven meet was registered Ron Young, Jerry Smith, Dave Smith, Dave Pfuetze, and 
by the 1956 golf team under the tutelage of Mickey Evans. Hayes Walker compiled a 9-6-1 record. 


second win for agr 

Fred Wingert once again led Alpha Gamma Rho 
to a fraternity Softball championship as he threw 
a perfect no-hit, no-run game giving AGR a 4-0 
win over Beta Theta Pi and its second softball title 
in as many years. 

Jr. AVMA's softball unit meanwhile captured 
the independent league title with a 13-3 win over 
the Jones Boys. The victors advanced to the finals 
by virtue of a win over the Hillbillys while the 
Jones Boys drew a bye. In the semi-finals of the 
fraternity division AGR defeated Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon 4-2 to qualify for the finals. The Betas won 
over Phi Kappa, 5-2, for the other final berth. 

Track Draws 425 Staters 

Some 42 5 K-Staters competed in the 195 6 men's 
intramural track meet as Delta Tau Delta captured 
the fraternity division while the Hillbillys won the 
independent crown. 

The Delts scored 64 5/6 points to edge Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon with 5 6% and Beta Theta Pi with 
5 1/ 3 . The Hillbilly's netted 91/ 2 tallies while 
West Stadium collected 54 1 /? points and the O. K. 
House 34%. 

The Hillbillys had little trouble as they won five 
first place medals including two relays. West Sta- 

The "grand old man" of the intramural program is Frank 
Myers, who has been active in K-State athletics for 31 years. 

dium had two first place awards but offered no 
real threat. 

In the fraternity division, the Betas dominated 
the first place winners but lacked depth. The Betas 
picked off three first positions while Phi Delta 
Theta, the Sig Alphs and Delts each had two gold 
medal winners. 

Don Griffith takes a healthy cut at the ball in the finals of 
fraternity softball playoffs. Alpha Gamma Rho won the title. 

Winner of the independent league softball crown was the Jr. 
AVMA. The title game was a 13-3 victory over the Jones Boys. 



— TOP ROW: Joe Steinkirchner, 
Melvin Huser, George Rood. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Tom King, Pat Doyle, 
David Kilbourne, Dwight Bennett, 
Joe Kashner. 

TEAM— TOP ROW: Bill Root, Dar- 
rell Keener, Sam Strahm, Jerome 
Regier, Gerald Draney, Bill Bower, 
Jack VanHorn. BOTTOM ROW: Allen 
Henry, J. C. Breitaupt, Fred Win- 
gert, Mark Drake, Don Griffith. 

Independent- champions were Charles Bob Moloney was badminton singles 

Hudson and Bob Eshelbremer. champion in the fraternity league. 

Howard Rice and Don Upson, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, won the fraternity doubles. 


eps win pigskin crown 

Sigma Phi Epsilon displayed a potent scoring at- 
tack as they overpowered Sigma Alpha Epsilon to 
win the fraternity division touch football cham- 
pionship. It was the second straight year that the 
Sig Ep's have won the title. The victorious Sig Ep's 
finished the year with an undefeated record of 6-0. 
The runners-up compiled a 5-1 record. 

Jr. AVMA captured the independent football 
crown by defeating the Jones Boys 13-12 in an 
exciting overtime contest. Spectators went wild as 
the game progressed into the overtime. This also 
marked the second year in a row that Jr. AVMA 
has won the title. Paul Clark was one of the stand- 
outs for the Sig Ep's as the shifty tailback passed 
for several touchdowns while also picking up yard- 
age on the ground. A total of 677 men competed 
in both leagues and 429 represented by the frater- 
nities. An average of 18 men per team participated 
in the program. Much enthusiasm was displayed by 
the various fraternities and organizations in the 
program as game attendance showed. Colorful 
cheerleaders sparked both team cheering sections 
during the finals. 

A large enthusiastic crowd witnessed the touch football 
championship finals as Sigma Phi Epsilon tromped the SAE's. 

Paul Clark, Sig Ep tailback, gets a pass away as teammate 
Marvin Chiles watches Bill Sinderson, SAE, take a spill. 

JR. AVMA FOOTBALL SQUAD—TOP ROW: Jim Isom, Ralph M. Grosdidier, 
Gary Pottorff, Hugh Schantz, Phil Randall. BOTTOM ROW: Walt Weatherford, 
Bruce Wren, Jim Smith, Harry Hopson, Irv Schwalm. 

Baker, Gary Millunbruch, Murray Farr, John McComb, Sam Brookover. BOTTOM 
ROW: Jerry Kerbs, Harold Grubb, Larry Sturgeon, Paul Clark, Marvin Chiles. 

Talking golf is the championship Sigma Alpha Epsilon team, 
Charles Hostetler, Jim McCormick, Stan Knowles, Joe Downey. 

The top golf team in the independent division includes John 
Forsberg, Jay Rush, Calvin Glenn and Irvin Schwalm. 

For the third straight year Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
won the fraternity golf title with a record-break- 
ing total of 3 1 1 for four men. This broke the old 
record of 312 set by Beta Theta Pi by just one 
point. The Sigma Chi's finished second in golf 
intramurals with a grand total of 328. Top individ- 
ual honors went to Jerry Hendricks of Sigma Chi 
who captured the tourney's medal with a total of 
74 strokes. The record is 67 and was set by Frank 
Hooper of SAE in 1949. 

In the independent golf intramurals Jr. AVMA 
won the championship title as their golf team of 
four finished with 348. The Vets won over second 
place K-State Veterans Organization who compiled 
370 strokes. Sparked by swimmer Dick Walsh, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured the swimming title 
by pushing ahead of Pi Kappa Alpha by a score of 
60-49. Walsh was the only fraternity two-time 
winner as he won the 100-yard free style and the 
80-yard individual medley race. 

Top honors in the independent swimming di- 
vision went to the Hui O Makules squad who 
walked off with 72 points. The O. K. House won 
second place but was only able to make 14 counters 
in the meet. The crack Hui O Makules team won 
each event including all of the relays. This was 
quite an achievement for any team whether inde- 
pendent or fraternity. Jim Nolan of the Hui O 
Makules was a two-time winner for the victors. 
He won top honors in both the breast stroke and 
the 80-yard individual medley race. 


Unruh, Allen Meyers. BOTTOM ROW: Dave Dicken, Dick Walsh. 

Hui O Makules swimming team members are Don Matsuoka, 
John Nickols and Gordon Harper. They won every event. 

Sig Alph cheerleaders fire up loyal followers during the fra- 
ternity basketball playoffs against Delta Tau Delta. Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon won the championship by downing the Delts. 
Unorthodox costumes added to the antics of the cheerleaders. 

sae, stadium win titles 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and West Stadium provided 
interested intramural followers with a top-notch 
brand of basketball as both teams won their re- 
spective divisions. The two clubs won over their 
rivals in a twin bill in Ahearn Field House. In the 
opener West Stadium proved to be too much for 
the House of Williams five by defeating the latter 
39-32 in a thrilling contest. The victor's over- 
powering height was the deciding factor in the tilt. 
John Solmos was high point man for West Stadium, 
while Gary Wing racked up 16 points for the 
House of Williams. 

The Sig Alphs climaxed the fraternity basket- 
ball season by edging Delta Tau Delta in the finals 
37-3 3. This marked the second straight year that 
SAE has downed the Delts in the finals. John Cos- 
tello and James Allen led the scoring for Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon with 10 points apiece. Jerry Metcalf 
paced the Delts with 10 points. 

West Stadium compiled a 6-1 record for the 
season when they won the independent title. SAE 
enjoyed an undefeated season as they won seven 
straight games. Division winners in the fraternity 
division were Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Delta Tau 
Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In the semifinals 
Delta Tau Delta edged out Kappa Sigma by a score 
of 2 5-24, one of the most exciting games of the 


TOP ROW: Jim Murray, 
Terry Knowles, John Cos- 
tello, Arnie Drodge, Bill Sin- 
derson, Paul Bader, Loren 
Swenson, Joe Downey. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Gary Albright, 
Jerry Pettle, Jim McCor- 
mick, Jim Allen, Dave Smith. 


A Delt goes high in the air for two points in the basketball finals. 
Sig Alphs won the game and title by 37-33. 

The In contrast' to intramurals is the Wildcat varsity. 
Bob Boozer jumps high to prevent a Drake score. 

year. Sigma Alpha Epsilon beat Sigma Chi 3 3-25. 
Although the score shows a difference of 8 points, 
the Sig Alphs had to keep on their toes to beat the 
stubborn Sigma Chi five. 

Division winners in the independent basketball 
intramurals included the YMCA, Rebels, West 
Stadium, Speedsters, House of Williams and Old 
Timers. Semifinal play-offs matched West Sta- 
dium against the YMCA and House of Williams 
against the Speedsters. Rebels and Old Timers lost 
previously in games to these four. West Stadium 

topped the YMCA 29-24 while the House of Wil- 
liams won over the Speedsters by a score of 3 5-26. 
No all-school championship game was played. 

There was a large turnout for basketball intra- 
murals. Fifty-three organizations participated and 
136 games were played. In the fraternity division 
23 fraternities entered teams with a total roster of 
355 players. In the independent division 30 organ- 
ized groups entered the competition. These 30 
groups included 399 players. All in all 754 men 
participated in basketball intramurals. 

Coach Joe Vizza, Ralph 
Pfeifer, John Solmos, Nor- 
man Pfeifer, Gene McCurdy, 
Lee Young, Clarence W. 
Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: 
Bob Willowbey, Rod Whit- 
ney, Gene Martin, Jerry 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the free-throw championship for 
the second straight year. Team members were Joe Downey, 

Jim Allen, Bill Sinderson and Jim McCormick. Sigma Chi was 
runner-up, losing by only one point. 

tough battle for champs 

Although they dropped 17 free throws from last 
year's total, Sigma Alpha Epsilon still won the free 
throw championship this year. It is their second 
win. Sigma Chi was giving the SAE's tough corn- 

Championship horseshoe honors went to Wayne Hasemyer 
of the Hui O Makules and Robert Cole of Delta Sig. 

petition to the last basket. The final statistics 
showed that the SAE's only won by one basket; 
they made 150 baskets out of 200 attempts while 
Sigma Chi made 149 baskets in the 200 attempts. 

The independent free-throw championship went 
to the Speedsters. They made five more baskets 
than the second place Jr. AVMA free-throw team. 
The Speedsters connected with 136 baskets in 200 
attempts while the Jr. AVMA's connected with 
131 baskets in the 200 attempts. An individual 
contest was held for championship free thrower 
in both the fraternity and independent divisions. 
Darrell Rosenow claimed the independent crown 
as he edged out the other entries by making 41 
out of 50 attempts. In the fraternity division top 
honors went to Bob Turley of Sigma Nu. He made 
45 out of 50 attempts. The individual record that 
was set in previous years is 47 baskets out of 50 

Horse shoes is another individual contest. It is 
different from many of the other intramural con- 
tests in that it is not as well recognized a sport. 
Division winners were determined for both fra- 
ternity and independent entries. Robert Cole rep- 
resenting Delta Sigma Phi fraternity captured the 
fraternity horse shoe title. He edged out Gene O. 
Smith of Sigma Phi Epsilon. In the independent 
contest high individual was Wayne Hasemyer rep- 
resenting the Hui O Makules. Hasemyer finished 
ahead of Ronald Leiker, second place winner rep- 
resenting the Hillbillys. 


John Bird of Pi Kappa Alpha won the 
tennis fraternity championship. 

Second place fraternity tennis winner Dwighv Newbecker of the Hillbillys 
was Sig Ep Harold Grubb. won the top independent tennis title. 

Horseshoe semifinals in the fraternity division 
matched Jim Brass of Sigma Phi Epsilon against 
Robert Cole, and Allen Wiechert of Alpha Kappa 
Lambda against Gene Smith. In the independent 
division Wayne Hasemyer played Earl Weiss of Jr. 
AVMA and Ronald Leiker played Boyd Martin of 
Jr. AVMA. Twenty-three fraternities participated 
with a total of 91 men. Thirteen independent 
groups entered with a total of 42 men. 

John Bird of Pi Kappa Alpha topped all other 
fraternity entries to win the tennis intramurals. 
He defeated second-place Harold Grubb of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. Semi-final contests matched Grubb 
against Larry McDonald of Sigma Chi and Bird 
against Jim Schilds of Sigma Chi. In the independ- 
ent division tennis singles playoffs Dwight New- 
becker of the Hillbillys was the top racketeer. 
Newbecker defeated Charles Hudson of the Jones 
Boys in the finals. Semifinal contests saw New- 
becker beat Darrell Webber of the O.K. House. 
Hudson beat Bill Shepherd who played independ- 
ently. Frank Myers, intramurals director, said that 
Shepherd was the first person in several years to 
play independently. Twenty-two fraternities with 
84 men participated in the tennis intramurals while 
8 independent organizations sponsored 26 men. 

The handball fraternity and independent cham- 
pionship titles went to Chad Sims, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon and Richard Allen of the Hillbillys. Chad 
Sims finished ahead of Stan Knowles, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, to win the championship. Semifinal con- 

tests pitted Sonny Ballard of Beta Theta Pi against 
Stan Knowles. Chad Sims played against Jim Good 
of Sigma Nu. Richard Allen won the independent 
title by edging Jay Black in the finals. Both final- 
ists picked up valuable points for the Hillbillys. In 
the semi-final contests Jay Black played against 
Don Knudson of the Rho Alphs. Richard Allen 
was matched against Joe Coyle of Jr. AVMA. 
Eighteen fraternities with 65 men entered the con- 
test while 6 independent organizations competed 
with 15 men. 

Chad Sims, left, won the fraternity handball title for the 
SAE's. Richard Allen, right, was independent champion. 


five sports offered 

The women's intramural program of Kansas 
State College provides the various Greek houses 
and independent dormitories an opportunity to 
compete with one another in selected sports. Dur- 
ing the '5 6-' 5 7 season five sports were included in 
the intramural program: volleyball, swimming, 
table tennis, basketball and softball. 

Initiated at K-State in 1930, the women's intra- 
mural program is sponsored by the Women's Ath- 
letic Association which decides each year which 
sports will be included in the activities for the 
coming year. Among those which have been of- 
fered in past years are tenecoit (deck tennis), bad- 
minton, horseshoe pitching, track, posture con- 
tests and modern dance. The latter was divided 
into two parts — technique and original composi- 
tions — which were judged mainly on the basis of 
choreography and costuming. 

Most popular of any sport introduced in the 
program is volley ball, which has been carried for 
33 straight years. This sport gets the intramural 
season off to a good start each year. A round- 

Miss Katherine Geyer, head of women's physical education, 
has sponsored intramurals for nineteen years here at K-State. 

robin tournament is played, which means that or- 
ganizations within their respective groups play one 
another for the championship of the group before 
the group winners play one another in the semi- 

VAN ZILE VOLLEYBALL TEAM— TOP ROW: Marge Gigot, Joann Hotchkiss, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: BiJ lie Scott, Illene Rizek, Donna Geis, Jean Swengle, 

LeRoyce Maddux, Evie Warner, Phyllis Loseke, Janet Miner, John Gibson, Gayle Coppoc, Marcia Donavan, Doris Geis. 


finals and finals. Winner of the 19 5 6 tournament 
were members of Van Zile Hall who beat the Blitz 
Babes in the finals. A total of 13 teams partici- 
pated in the tournament. 

Swimming followed the volleyball season and 
matches were held between Thanksgiving and 
Christmas vacations by only two teams. The win- 
ner of the match was the team from Waltheim 
Hall. A plan is under consideration to start the 
season with swimming instead of volleyball so that 
teams will come out for swimming during the 
warm season which might not enter later in the 
year because of cool weather. 

Twelve teams went out for basketball which was 
played in a round-robin tournament of three 
groups with four teams in each group. Table ten- 
nis matches were played by the elimination method 
and a total of 21 girls played in matches. Two 
representatives from Southeast Hall, one from Chi 
Omega, and one from Pi Beta Phi played in the 
semi-finals, and Pi Beta Phi's representative Kathy 
Horridge beat Chi Omega's in the finals. 

Tennis matches, although usually included in 
the season, were not completed in either spring 
or fall tournament play due to "uncooperative" 
weather conditions. This is often the case in these 

Members of the championship swimming team from Waltheim 
Hall were Mary Barger, Eleanor Olson and Sharon Townsend. 

semi-final matches which are played by elimina- 
tion. A constant effort is made by both the faculty 
and student club sponsors of the Women's intra- 
mural program to enlarge and improve it. With 
enthusiastic support from participating organized 
houses and dormitories the program has been and 
will continue to be successful. 

Kathy Horridge has been the winner of the table A typical Softball game in the women's intramural program. Softball 
tennis matches for two years straight. is one of several sports included. 


waltheim wins crown 

Basketball and softball are two of the most 
popular sports in the women's intramural program. 
Honors in the 1956 basketball tournament were 
won by Waltheim Hall with an undefeated record. 
The softball crown also went to a skilled team from 
Waltheim Hall. In the semifinals of the basketball 
playoffs, runner-up Northwest Hall defeated 
Southeast Hall before losing to Waltheim in the 
finals. In the softball division, Van Zile Hall was 

It's close — but the umpire yells "Out!" Waltheim went on 
to win this game and several more, making them the champs. 


Ruth Collins, Linda Bair, Rita Pet- 
ticord, Donna Ottman, Joan Smith, 
Maxine Utt. 


TOP ROW: Marcia Donovan, Le- 
Royce Maddux, Jean Regier, Mrs. 
Gibson, Mr. Gibson, Joann Hotch- 
kiss, Marge Gigot. BOTTOM ROW: 
Yvonne Warner, Jean Swengel, Gayle 
Coppoc, Martha Nordquist, Billie 





RALPH R. DYKSTRA come to Kansas State 
College as a staff member in 1911, and was 
Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine 
from 1919 to 1948, when he became Dean 
Emeritus of the school. In the words of a 
testimonial presented on that occasion, Dean 
Dykstra is known throughout the nation as 
"Mr. Veterinarian," and "is considered to be 
the man responsible for the growth of the 
School of Veterinary Medicine at K-State." 



The long-promised and much-needed married students' housing units were a welcome sight to the 
campus. Ninety-six apartments were finished in January and ninety-six more were done by March. 


Congratulations are in order for song leaders Sue Kenison, 
Rachel Pickett, J. M. Theis, Jerry Bray, and Duncan Erickson. 

L n 

One last deep breath and the curtains open on the Tri Delts 
who captured first with "Tri Delt Blues" and "Tri Delta True." 

sigs win it again 

Tense moments followed the final musical num- 
ber of the 1956 Interfraternity Sing. Finally the 
scoring was complete, and the Sigma Chi's were 
announced winners of the fraternity division for 
the third consecutive year. Delta Delta Delta won 
first place in the sorority division. Beta Theta Pi 
and Phi Delta Theta were fraternity second and 
third place winners, while Alpha Delta Pi captured 
the sorority second place. 


WW '■ ^H 

Wmfi m 

Dff i 

H w 

Broad smiles cover the Tri Delts' faces as Rachael Pickett 
displays the first place sorority trophy for their inspection. 

They're champs again. Hours of practice pay off as the 

Sigma Chi's harmonize on "March of the Sigs" and "The 

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." J. M. Theis led the 60-voice chorus 
for a third consecutive winning performance. 


The climax of sorority rush week is reached as wildly ex- 
cited rushees dash toward the sorority houses they have chosen 

for their own. Curious fraternity men turn out to watch the 
fun as they entertain their own rushees. 

it's rushing time! 

Rush week brought many hours of suspense, 
hard work, and excitement as 300 rushees were 
entertained the week before school began. The 
sorority houses were decorated each day in themes 
ranging from Sherwood Forest and the Belgian 
Congo to Blue Heaven and Anchors Aweigh. Dur- 
ing the first two days the rushees attended open 
houses and teas at every sorority house. Then the 
sororities narrowed the lists of girls they wished to 

Rushees "get behind the eight-ball" as they relax after a long 
day of smiling and chatter at the sororities. 

Those bothersome but most important name tags which are 
worn throughout rush week are picked up during registration. 

The great outdoors provides a pleasant atmosphere for an 
open house tea at the Alpha Chi Omega house. 

The basement of Northwest Hall is a popular gathering 
place as rushees get acquainted while waiting for date cards. 

Lunch time with the Kappas in their best Swiss attire fine 
the rushees eager for food and punch on a hot afternoon. 

ask back and gave additional dates for the next 
two days. After the big climax Thursday evening, 
the rushees spent an anxious night before filling 
out their preference cards Friday morning. The 
suspense mounted as they waited for their bids. 
The bids came, and with happy smiles they rushed 
to their new sororities for pledging ceremonies. 

Each day ended for the rushees after the last 
party, but the sorority girls had long hours of 
clean-up, skit practices, and new decorations ahead 
of them for the next day, and meetings lasted far 
into the night. But each girl felt it was well worth 
while when the new pledges came — bringing new 
friendships and good times. 

All don formats for the final parties of rush week. Here the 
Alpha Delta Pis say good night by a candle-lighted walk. 

Lunch must have been quite tasty at the Tri Delt house 
Wednesday judging from the expressions on these girls' faces. 

Thursday afternoon finds these Alpha Xi Deltas deep in 
friendly chat with rushees following presentation of a skit. 


ALPHA CHI OMEGA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Paul Jones, Joy D. Allen, Marilyn J, An- 
derson, Marleen Barthuly, Jeannie Bartley, Jacquelyn Bauer, Barbara V. Baumann, 
Marijoe Bestgen, Joline B. Boehner, Noema R. Braman, Meredith D. Brink. SEC- 
OND ROW: Marilyn E. Brooks, Mary C. Brown, Jeanie E. Campbell, Janice M. 
Casey, Carolyn J. Chappell, Sara L. Choplin, Juanita Clark, Sally Clary, Carol L. 
Cotner, Corrine Crumbaker, Wilma Deitcher. THIRD ROW: Emma L. Douglass, 
Emily A. Douthit, Janet M. Eddy, Marcia Eggers, Sharon E. Evert, Pamela C. 
Given, Ellen Grimsley, Mary C. Grosdidier, R. Joanne Guilfoyle, Helen Habernigg, 

Sharon Hansbearry. FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Hauge, Ruth Heiserman, Katherine 
M. Hueftle, Patricia A. Hunter, Marilyn J. Jenkins, Patricia Kilpatrick, Barbara 
Knight, Roberta Kraus, Gailynn C. Krey, Judie Kroell, Edith Lancaster. FIFTH 
ROW: Emmalea Magruder, Elin K. McCandless, Nancy J. McKeniff, Jane Mills, 
Madelon Neff, Patricia Noll, Ruth O'Hara, Marilyn Pence, Marcia Petracek, Al- 
berta Plummer, Sandra Radotinsky, Arlene L. Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: Bobby 
A. Schantz, Gayle R. Smith, Shirley J. Smith, Beverly A. Stetina, Carol Stout, 
Patricia Todd, Ramona S. Tucker, Patty Tuma, Sharon Wagner, Margean Wester- 
house, Vera Wierenga, Janice Wolverton. 

alpha chi omega 

Alpha Chi Omega was founded by seven music majors at De- 
Pauw University in Indiana. The local chapter began March, 1947. 


Trophies were the pride of the Alpha Chi's this 
year as they received first place for Homecoming 
decorations and in the Sigma Chi Derby Day. Their 
Flush Bowl float won a second-place trophy. They 
sold Christmas cards and worked at the Student Un- 
ion for special projects. On the social side, they had 
hour dances, exchange functions, a Christmas party, 
faculty tea, holiday dinners and a spring formal. 
Alpha Chi's claimed Derby Day Darling, Homecom- 
ing attendant, Pretzel Bowl attendant, Who's Whoot 
editor, two dorm officers, 4-H secretaries, and mem- 
bers in Angel Flight, Chimes and Mortar Board. 
Presiding over Alpha Chi activities was Jane Mills. 
Alpha Chi's participated in tennis and volleyball in- 
tramurals. Their membership showed an increase of 
1 3 over last year. 


alpha delta pi 

With a take-off on the opera, Carmen, the Alpha 
Delta Pi's swept through their performance during 
Y-Orpheum to take first place. Individual honors 
such as princess of the American Royal, Calendar 
Queen, and editor of the Royal Purple were be- 
stowed on members. A dinner honoring the foreign 
students on the campus, Christmas caroling at Fort 
Riley and for Alpha Delta Pi alumnae, and contrib- 
uting to a crippled children's fund were special proj- 
ects of the sorority. Under president Janet Foltz 
other activities such as the Faculty Tea and Founder's 
Day were held. 

Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for college women, was 
founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. 

ALPHA DELTA PI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Luna Campbell, Charlotte A. Akers, Karen 
D. Alstrom, Alice Austin, Carole L. Backman, Judy C. Beach, Cicely A. Bennett, 
Elizabeth A. Bridges, Dixie L Brown, Caroline Buchanan, Mary Ann Chance, Carol 
J. Cilek. SECOND ROW: Claudia S. Cliborn, Patricia L. Cochran, Sheila K. Crom- 
well, Ellen Dickens, Carolyn S. Downer, Barbara D. Ericson, Martha Evans, Louise 
Fager, Carol I. Faulconer, Patricia L. Fobes, Helen H. Foltz, Janet C. Foltz. 
THIRD ROW: Mary Jo Forbes, Carol Frohn, Gaye Fryer, Ann W. Gallion, Janet 
S. Gaston, Carole D. Gentry, Marcia G. Grokett, Ann L. Hall, Elizabeth A. Hamil- 
ton, Caroline A. Harkins, Margaret A. Hill, Sandra L. Hodgson. FOURTH ROW: 
Carole A. Holmquist, Carol A. Hudiburg, Marvel L. Jacobson, Sue C. Johnson, 


Mina E. Jones, Sandra M. Keil, Danette S. Kenison, Barbara A. Kethcart, Jane 
E. Knight, Shirley A. Lambert, Laura L. Langford, Suzanna L. Long. FIFTH 
ROW: Sherry L. Meitler, Diana J. MeMor, Carolyn P. Moore, Dorothy A. Newton, 
Sharon L. Nuttle, Barbara F. Parret, Mary F. Patzell, Nancy J. Paulsen, Kathleen 
M. Pile, Carolyn K. Pults, Valeta R. Purcell. SIXTH ROW: Joann Ransdell, Shelby 
J. Reaugh, Ruth L. Regnier, Charlotte S. Riley, Susan Schober, Jeanne S. Shade, 
Virginia L. Shade, Joyce A. Shankland, Margaret B. Shannon, Patricia R. Shan- 
non, Phyllis C. Shook. BOTTOM ROW: Verlene E. Sobke, Penny Stafford, Barbara 
A. Starnes, Cyrena M. Starr, Nancy E. Tredway, Judy A. Turton, Joleen M. Von 
Fange, Diane Ward, Mary D. Watson, Mary Jean Williamson, Carol A. Woods. 


ElE feftH 

■§ f 9 f $ # % 

% % ♦ If t 

#■ *i 

• i #'t # 

ALPHA XI DELTA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Viletta Walter, Ann L. Anset, Janice 
Arnold, Elaine V. Arnote, Nancy Baehr, Twila J. Bailie, Paula Beason, Frances 
Branham, Leann J. Brenner, Phyllis J. Burdorf, Mary Calvert. SECOND ROW: 
Anna Belle Chilcott, Marilyn Coleman, Diana Cramer, Patricia H. Criss, Sharon L. 
Davis, Sheila Dicken, Mary Lee Dierdorff, Celia I. Dixon, Kathleen Dodd, Judith 
Ann Farrand, Frances Frantz. THIRD ROW: Dee French, Geraldine Gray, Marcia 
Gronis, Barbara E. Herzog, Virginia Herzog, Janet Hill, Jackie A. Hubbard, 
Carolyn Humburg, Marilyn Irwine, Marguerite G. Jahnke, Joyce E. Johnston. 

FOURTH ROW: Carol J. Kaufman, Frances M. Keck, Ruth S. Kirtland, Sharon K. 
Know, Rhea Lake, Frances Langshaw, Janet L. Madsen, Sandra H. Mays, Mar- 
garet E. McKnight, Dorinda J. Mears, Joann M. Miller. FIFTH ROW: Sandra E. 
Morissette, Lois Nelson, Naomi Nickelson, Joyce Nixon, Carmen Paul, Judith 
Perine, Sandra Preston, Orva Lee Richardson, Sara J. Sauceman, Marguerite 
Scherling, Joyce M. Slaven. BOTTOM ROW: Judith D. Stark, Lavonne Tawney, 
Jane H. Taylor, Patricia Vopat. Carol W. Ward, Patricia White, Ann Williston, 
Carol Wnmore, Ruth Woellhof, Roberta Jo Wray. 

alpha xi delta 

Excitement reigned this fall as Alpha Xi's re- 
turned to school to find that the second floor of their 
house had been completely remodeled. This made 
their home an even better place to entertain for such 
occasions as the Parents' Day Open House, the Christ- 
mas Formal, and the annual pledge party. One of the 
philanthropic projects undertaken by the members 
was making Christmas gifts for the Girls' Industrial 
School at Beloit, Kansas. Spurred on by president 
Dorinda Mears, Alpha Xi's were active in such col- 
lege organizations as K-State Singers, Purple Pepsters, 
Delta Phi Delta and Orchesis. Members were assistant 
cheerleader, Calendar girl, YWCA secretary, Who's 
W hoot Staff member, President of the Home Eco- 
nomics Journalism Club, and on Home Economics 


The Alpha Xi Delta house has been built since 1922, the date 
on which the local chapter came to the Kansas State campus. 

chi omega 

Queen honors were poured on Chi Omegas this 
year as they accepted the crowns of the following 
events: Homecoming, Pershing Rifles, Military Ball, 
Air Force Ball and Flush Bowl. In addition, one Chi 
O was Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and another was 
Sig Ep Sweetheart. Chi O's entertained underpriv- 
ileged children at a Christmas party and caroled at 
Fort Riley. Members also participated enthusiasti- 
cally in Y-Orpheum and in Homecoming house dec- 
orations by taking second place in each. Individual 
members were president of Young Republicans, pres- 
ident of K-State Players and Collegia// editor. Betsy 
Thomasson was president. 

National Chi Omega was founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, at 
the University of Arkansas, on April 5, 1895. 

CHI OMEGA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Marie Trego, Mary E. Baker, Jane Beach, Joan 
Berrigan, Pamela Bowman, Fostine K. Britt, Joyce Brower, Sonia S. Brown, Bar- 
bara Burnes, Kay Chamness, Loyce Cheatham, Marilyn Clark. SECOND ROW: Jo 
Ellen Cooley, Carol Cooper, Sandra Cox, Margaret Crouch, Janet Easson, Janice 
Edwards, Janet Engwall, Carol Ernst, Judie Evert, Peggy Farrar, Joanne Fran- 
cisco, Mary F. Frazier. THIRD ROW: Martha K. Friedel, Jannene Foust, Gwen 
Gates, Jacquelin Glover, Carolyn Guard, Sonja Hanson, Jean Harreld, Nancy Hayes, 
Ann Hutcherson, Jan Jackson, Carolyn James, Dorothy Kalous. FOURTH ROW: 
Marilyn Kalous, Sharon Keif, LaDonna Keller, Carol King, Connie King, Jan Kraft, 

mm ^ 

Ardith Lehman, Barbara Lewis, Judy Lewis, Julie MacDonald, Glee McAuley, Fran 
Meegan. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Mills, Jane Moore, Genie Munn, Sally Newman, 
Janet Nicholson, Louann Oberhelman, Mary Ek Olson, Maren L. Paynter, Judy 
Pringle, Sue Pruitt, Gwen Reder, Sherry Reed. SIXTH ROW: Reatha Roberts, 
Georgiana Rundle, Shari Shellenberger, Mary J. Sherer, Carol Sitz, Carol Smith, 
Martha Smith, Sue Smith, Ann Steiner, Jane Stivers, Linda Stout, Sandra Swan- 
son. BOTTOM ROW: Joanne Taylor, Elaine Tearney, Sandra Tenorio, Betsey 
Thomasson, Joyce Thompson, Annette Tighe, Elise Williams, Carolyn Williamson, 
Myrna Williamson, Pat Zajic. 

9 £ 1 3 -1 


f Lf S. 

CLOVIA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Homer Johnson, Varena Blattner, Leanna Boline, Inez 
Boyd, Laura Brown, Betty Childs, Shirley Costley, Ilene Davey. SECOND ROW: 
Mary Ficke, Velma Finkenbinder, Dorothy Fox, Geraldine Fritz, Marjorie Hamon, 
Wanda Hays, Kathleen Higer, Carol Kellogg. THIRD ROW: Donna Knoche, Patricia 

McClelland, Marilyn McNelis, Marjean Meyers, Louise Ottaway, Marjorie Roeckers, 
Frances Russell, Patricia Schnelle. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Seeliger, Betty 
Sellers, Shirley Suderman, Glennis Unruh, Leda Vernon, Kay Wadsworth, Karen 
West, Geraldine Woodward, Elsie Livonia York. 


Clovia was first started at Kansas State College in 1931. Seven 
girls were charter members of the 4-H sorority. 

Special weekend activities were planned by Clovia 
members in September to celebrate the 2 5 th anniver- 
sary of the founding of the chapter. In November 
the national meeting was hosted by the K-State 
group. During Farm and Home Week and the Ex- 
tension Conference, the girls were busy giving teas 
for visitors. Active participation in activities by 
Clovia members is evidenced by those who received 
such honors as National Secretary of Chimes and the 
Borden Award for high grades during the senior year. 
Marjorie Hamon was president. Big social events for 
Clovia members were house parties and the Crystal 
Ball formal dance in December. The girls take turn 
cooking their meals and doing the housework. The 
pledges hold special costume dinners for the actives, 
and they each have a pledge project to complete 
before initiation. 


delta delta delta 

Long weeks of rehearsal won the members of Delta 
Delta Delta the first-place trophy in the sorority di- 
vision of the Interfraternity Sing last spring. After 
rush week in the fall, they held the second annual 
"yell-in" f or their new pledges. "Red firebugs" were 
the rage at the annual Firebug party. Other big so- 
cial events were the Christmas formal, Eggnog party, 
Founder's Day celebration, spring formal, and senior 
banquet and picnic. Tri Delts gained three cheer- 
leaders, Pretzel Bowl Queen, and Chimes, Mortar 
Board, and Union governing board members. Pres- 
ident was Sharon Diamond. 

Delta Delta Delta was founded Thanksgiving evening at Boston 
University in 1888. The local chapter, Theta Iota, began in 1915. 

DELTA DELTA DELTA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Vera Huntington, Marilyn Adams, 
Rosalie Austin, Joann Baird, Dee Ann Baker, Suzanne Bates, Judith Bingham, 
P—" I ou Brant, Carolyn Britton, Kay Broman Barbara Brown, Shirley Cameron. 
SECOND ROW: Sally Carney, Nancy Chaffee, Kay Chappell, Bunny Cowan, Paula 
Craig, Sandra Culver, Caroline Davidson, Barbara DeBrunner, Sharon Diamond, 
Cynthia Fisher, Janet Frey, Jane Fulton. THIRD ROW: Judith Gladish, Joan 
Goddard, Lo;s Graeff, Ruth Ann Gress, Linda L. Hamm, Harriet Harwick Hazel 
Hassebroek, Kay Henning, Marcia Hesler, Joanne Jacobs, Janis Jensen, Denretta 
Joy. FOURTH ROW: Maryanne Keller, Margaret Kope, Janet Kugler, Rogena Long, 


**t % § 



Barbara Lowe, Helen Lutz, Charlotte Lybarger, Nancy McVay, Linda Merritt, 
Connie Merritt, Kathryn Miller, Mary K. Miller. FIFTH ROW: Carol J. Morford, 
Mildred Mulkey, Patricia Murphy, Dee A. Oberg, Judith O'Hara, Shirley Oveson, 
Anne Pederson, Judith Peebles, Rachel Pickett, Nancy Porter, Loretta Pound, 
Joyce Rector. SIXTH ROW: Marcia Rinkel, Judith Ross, Mary Sue Schmedemann, 
Kathryn Schmid, Dorothy Serrault, Lou Ann Sheldon, Patricia Smith, Jeanine Kay 
Steinle, Sharon Stiles, Lillian Suelter, Marilyn Summers, Karen Swanson. BOTTOM 
ROW: Harriet Tedrow, Loralee Terbovich, Dixie Viar, Janet Viar, Phyllis Walker, 
Suzanne Wallerstedt, Rachel Weelborg, Carol White, Diane Whitley, Nellie Wulz, 
Sue Wyant, Marlene Young. 


} § f f f 

I f $ A 1 

f w $ 

f #11 


gamma phi beta 

Starting a new sorority on a campus is a big chal- 
lenge for anyone but the 40 new members of Gamma 
Phi Beta accepted the job willingly. Accomplishment 
became their byword. Individuals were president of 
Van Zile, secretary of Student Council, Engineer 
Magazine staff, and in Mortar Board, Theta Sigma 
Phi, Omicron Nu, Angel Flight, and AWS. Queen 
honors as St. Patricia, Pledge Queen, and two Cal- 
endar girls were bestowed on Gamma Phis. 

The year started for Gamma Phis in October when 
the first rush tea was held. Gamma Phis from the 
University of Kansas helped alums, student counsel- 
ors and national officers rush. During the week 
following the tea, each girl who registered was inter- 
viewed. A Crescent Party was held at the end of 
the week followed by the formal pledging. Through- 
out the year all new Gamma Phi pledges worked hard 
to maintain the standards of the sorority and they 
received their charter on March 23. Initiation was 
also held this weekend for the members. The student 
counselors who supervised the chapter during their 
first year were Karla Baur and Pat McDermott. 

Rushees ore entertained at the rush tea of Gamma Phi Beta, the 
newest sorority on campus. They received their charter in March. 

At Christmastime Gamma Phis exchanged toys in- 
stead of gifts and presented all the toys to members 
of a Negro Sunday school in Manhattan. A long 
remembered social event was the Christmas party 
given by the alumnae at the Country Club at which 
the new house plans were presented. The spring 
Crystal Crescent Ball highlighted the spring semester. 
Kathleen Schultis as president directed the activities 
of the new Gamma Phi Beta chapter. 

GAMMA PHI BETA— TOP ROW: Thayla Adams, Janice L. Albers, Carolee Ann 
Alexander, Karen Andrews, Betty Ann Artley, Karla Baur, Mary Lou Beisecker, 
Victoria Brodbeck, Linnea Brown, Marilyn Kay Dean. SECOND ROW: Beth Ann 
Dowling, Mel Eaton, Suzanne Fleetwood, Sybil Foster, Donna Geis, Doris Geis, 

Dixie Good, Janice Humble, Jean Koerner, Nancy Ann Lange. THIRD ROW: Bett) 
Jane Larkin, Kathy Martin, Alice A. McCandless, Aura McConnell, Pat McDer- 
mott, Jane Nelson, Patti Penrod, Lorene Ritts, Norma Salmans. BOTTOM ROW: 
Eleanor Saylor, Kathy Schultis, Jane Seitz, Carol Shideler, Donna Jean Stewart, 
Sharon Stewart, Judy Stover, Cibyl Teichman, Barbara Walker. 

flflflfWI^ I ■ f 

t f- 1 f 

KAPPA DELTA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Edna Kershner, Carol R. Anderson, Kay Ans- 
paugh, Patricia L. Biasing, Edna M. Bourquin, Marylou P. Bowlby, Beverly Brown, 
Judith A. Cain, Catherine A. Carrel, Ann Cook, Sondra Cool. SECOND ROW: 
Peggy Coonrod, Mary H. Cox, Caroline B Davis, Barbara A. Duncan, Esther E. 
Edwards, Norma E. Eversole, Winnie Fellers, Nancy Gale, Teresa Gatz, Sonie S. 
Greene, Anita Grimm. THIRD ROW: Anita G. Heikes, Rosella A. Hiebert, Nancy 

1. i* IP '-A a 
«* ¥* #'* }£*' *5# 

r-- ; ^1 ^ *r' *> 

f 1 ' ' Mm im 
J w W 

R. Hill, Sharon Hutchison, Patricia A. Johnson, Rhonda R. Johnson, Gretchen 
Larson, Bernadine M. Macek, Mary Beth McCoy, Beverly J. Miller. FOURTH ROW: 
Nancy L. Molter, Linda E. Paulson, Nancy Rasher, Kay L. Reboul, Myrna Robson, 
Mary E. Rose, Joyce Rust, Lois J. Schick, Eva Jeane Schroedel, Joan K. Skupa. 
BOTTOM ROW: Sharon L. Skupa, Sara A. Smith, Carole L. Spears, Carol J. 
Stephenson, Ann Swanson, Jucy J. Taplin, Peggy A. Tillotson, Alberta M. Timm 
Marilyn Tindall, Donna J. Turner. 

kappa delta 

Kappa Deltas were in demand for fraternity 
queens as three fraternities — Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
Theta Xi, and Delta Upsilon — selected KD girls to 
reign over fraternity functions. In addition to cam- 
pus acitivities in which Kappa Delts participated, 
they adopted a needy family at Christmas and sup- 
ported the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, which is their national philanthropy. These 
projects plus such social events as the Christmas 
party and the Emerald Ball were under the leadership 
of president Judie Cain. K-Key awards were received 
by two members. One was an International Farm 
Youth Exchange delegate to Brazil. Kappa Delts were 
also in Chimes, Mortar Board, Mu Phi Epsilon, Delta 
Phi Delta, Angel Flight, A Cappclla Choir, Who's 
Whoot Staff and Alpha Delta Theta. 

Sigma Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta was installed at Kansas 
State on December 4, 1920, as one of 93 national chapters. 


A local organization at Kansas State, Lambda Lambda Theta, was 
granted a charter by Kappa Kappa Gamma in the spring of 1916. 

kappa kappa gamma 

Leadership ability by members of Kappa Kappa 
Gamma was evidenced by the fact that the KKG's 
supplied presidents for each of the following organi- 
zations: Associated Women Students, YWCA, Mor- 
tar Board, Chimes, Frog Club and Angel Flight. 
First-place trophies for Parents' Day decorations and 
the Delta Sigma Rho speech contest found a niche in 
the trophy case. One of the biggest social successes 
on the calendar was the Kappa Fathers' Weekend 
early in the spring. Sandra Mueller was president. 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Eura Harding, Norma Amis, Sherrill 
Arnold, Judy Baker, Kathleen A. Barton, Marjory A. Bearg, Mary Beckmeyer, 
Darlene Beeman, Kay Benjamin, Kay Berg, Beverly Bergeson, Catherine Blanford. 
SECOND ROW: G. Karen Burtis, Virginia A. Caldwell, Eugenia L. Chatman, Mary 
L. Compton, Lois M. Cowan, Patricia Craven, Rebecca Culpepper, Peggy Daniels, 
Ann Davies, Janet L. Davis, Mary L. Deewall, Rosemary Derks. THIRD ROW: Ann 
Detert, Carol A. Doran, Marilyn B. Doran, Margaret A. Edwards, Kay Eplee, 
Janell Farrell, Trudie Foltz, Judith C. Frye, Sylvia G. Gaddie, M. Patricia Gagnon, 
Annette Galyon, Virginia Gorman. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Grantham, Natalie 
Harwood, Pat G. Hedden, Wendy L. Helstrom, Karen G. Herthel, Janet L. Holm, 

Judy Horn, Nancy L. Howard, Barbara B. Huff, Virginia L. Hurtig, Sally Ingle, 
Janis Irvine, Adelia Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Keane, Carol A. Klecan, Katie 
J. Klecan, Imogene E. Lamb, Lee Lutz, Laura A. Lyon, Nancy J. McQueen, Lynn 
Mechesney, Susan Mechesney, Mary J. Moriconi, Kaye E. Morgan, Ann Morrisey, 
Sandra G. Mueller. SIXTH ROW: Harriet Myers, Lynne Olson, June Peacock, 
Beverly A. Reinhardt, Leann Riggs, Glenda Robertson, Mary E. Rogers, Mary A. 
Rogler, Pat M. Rouse, Rosalyn Rowell, Janie A. Rumsey, Marilyn E. St. John, 
Shirley J. Sarvis. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Shenk, June Shenk, Barbara Siemers, 
Elenita R. Stapp, Rosalie Stockham, Marian Teare, Jane Warner, Dixie Warnick, 
Mary H. Weigel, Barbara Whitelaw, Jane Wilkinson, Marianne Wilkinson, Shirley 
J. Younkin. 


pi beta phi 

"Readin', writin', 'n 'rithmetic" paid off for 
the members of Pi Beta Phi as both actives and 
pledges took top honors in 1955-56 scholarship. Pi 
Phi's proved that studying didn't take up all their 
time at their annual fall costume party, the Christ- 
mas house party, and the spring formal. Members 
claimed runner-up to national Miss Football, PiKA 
Sweetheart, five campus presidents, and Chimes, Mor- 
tar Board, and Student Council positions. Pi Phi's 
also placed second in the campus speech contest and 
Parents' Day decorations. Marilyn Smith, president, 
directed all phases of chapter life. 

Founded in 1904, Phi Kappa Phi was the first local sorority on 
campus. The chapter was chartered to Pi Beta Phi in 1915. 

PI BETA PHI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Margaret Hollingsworth, Anna Attwater, Sandra 

D. Arnold, Kaye E. Aye, Carol Baker, Nancy Ballweg, Connie L. Benjamin, Carol 
L. Bliss, Marcia Boyd, Janis C. Broman, Mary B. Brooks, Kay Burke. SECOND 
ROW: Lu Ann Burnette, Mary Ann Chamberlain, Charlotte Chastain, Beverly A. 
Cloyes, Judith Crawford, Nora Crocker, Sally A. DeForest, Rochelle Denk, Mary L. 
Durland, Carolyn A. Eby, Constance Eller, Judy A. Fisher. THIRD ROW: Janice 

E. Graham, Joyce E. Graham, Royanne Graham, Colene Henson, Sue Higdon, Julia 
H. Hopp, Katherine Horridge, Sue Hostinsky, Carolyn Huber, Nancy J. Irvine, 
Nancy Johnson, Sarah K. Jolley. FOURTH ROW: Denise Kendall, Winifred Killian, 

'* mL *J33 gS§ £& 


Kathryn Koon, Diane Koon, Jean Low, Patricia A. Lutz, Jo Ann Lydick, Irene 
Mangelsdorf, Anne Manion, Judy Mann, Barbara Marshall. FIFTH ROW: Lynne 
Martin, Judith McCartney, Marylyn McCready, Marilyn M. McKnight, Carol S. Mil- 
ler, Karen L. Milner, Emily Mohri, Lynn Moxley, Patricia Myers, Janet Newcomer, 
Ann E. Nicolay. SIXTH ROW: Kay Nordstrom, Joan Peters, Judy Peterson, Karen 
T. Peterson, Kirsten Peterson, Jolene Prather, Margery Ricklefs, Clenece Roberts, 
Carol Schoenfeldt, Karen Skiver, Margaret Slaughter. BOTTOM ROW: Karen 
Smith, Marilyn C. Smith, Beverly A. Somers, Charlene Strah, Charlotte Strati, 
Constance A Taylor, Mary Theiss, Charlene Thouvenelle, Dorothy L. Wahle, 
Susanne Wildgen, Monne K. Wills. 



o O r: r* ft o .o 

k'^4 M&imi;tokL#A 


INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Daryl A. Becker, Gerald E. Bennett, 
Charles D. Callahan, Myron R. Coryell, Richard G. Davis, Richard K. Disney, Law- 
rence I. Feder, Larry E. French. SECOND ROW: James A. Gates, Jack Harmon, 

Gary G. Karst, Warren J. Keegan, Robert D. Kidd, Ronald P. Mentgen, Jerry P. 
Metz, James D. Murray. BOTTOM ROW: Albert E. New, John M. Park, Jerome 
K. Regier, Gary W. Rumsey, Carlyle A. Thompson, Charles E. Tuttle, Jim D. Whitford. 

ifc, panhellenic sponsor first greek week 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Mary Frances White, Karla Baur, Corrine 
Crumbaker, Becky Culpepper. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Ficke, Gaye Fryer, Ruth 
Ann Gress, Carol Kaufman. BOTTOM ROW: Connie King, Marylyn McCready, Eva 
Jean Schroedel. 

A special event for all Greeks on the campus took 
place in April when the first 'Greek Week' was spon- 
sored by Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils. 
The four-day affair included a banquet, dance, 
workshops and community projects. Ideas gained 
from discussions and workshop sessions were further 
discussed at IFC and Panhellenic meetings. Other 
joint projects of Panhellenic and IFC were a Christ- 
mas party for children and the annual Interfraternity 

For the first time this year IBM cards were us?d 
during sorority rush week to facilitate speed and ac- 
curacy in issuing invitations from the sororities. Pan- 
hellenic sponsors four scholarships per semester which 
go to a student in each of the four classes. Trophies 
awarded for house decorations at Homecoming are 
provided by this group. Much planning by the 
Council is directed at rush week. Gaye Fryer was 
president and Mary Frances White was advisor. 


As Panhellenic Council co-ordinates activities of 
the sororities, Interfraternity Council works to keep 
the fraternities unified. Both groups are made up of 
a junior and senior representative and the president 
of each house. The Councils also bind the fraterni- 
ties and sororities closer to campus activities. 

IFC regulated rushing rules, co-operated with Pan- 
hellenic for joint projects and helped initiate Greek 
Week on the campus. They sponsored a Korean stu- 
dent by paying his college fees and arranging for him 
to live in various fraternity houses. IFC works with 
the Interfraternity Pledge Council on certain pro- 
blems. First semester president was Gary Rumsey 
and second semester president was Jack Harmon. Ad- 
visor was V. D. Foltz. 

This is the third year that the Independent Or- 
ganized House Council has been in operation to regu- 
late and co-ordinate activities of the independent 
men's houses. Seven houses with more than 160 men 
belong to the Council. Their activities included a 
picnic for all members, a float in the Homecoming 
parade, mixers with women's houses, a scholarship 
cup for the house with the highest grades and a 
service project on the campus. 

Purposes of IOHC are to foster friendliness, pro- 
mote the welfare of the college and its independent 
men, and to act as the voice of organized houses. 
James Keating was president, Charles Jacot, advisor. 
Council members are two men from each house. 

Re-organizing the Constitution kept members of 
the Interfraternity Pledge Council busy at meetings 
this year. The Council worked with IFC for the 

* f torn ^ /i 




^\ r 

i m,A 

Frank G. Bell, Robert W. Bozworth, Gerald D. Hargadine. SECOND ROW: Frank 
Jessop, Kenneth W. Johnston, James R. Keating, Ronnie E. Leiker. BOTTOM 
ROW: William B. Patterson, Ernest B. Randel, Duane L. Renberger, Gary L. Swenson. 

first time by helping promote Greek Week and other 
all-Greek activities. Intermission at the IPC dance 
found Joe Gardner and Mel Eaton crowned pledge 
king and queen. Theme for the annual dance, which 
followed several weeks of ardent campaigning, was 
"Deep Purple." Initial plans for establishing a schol- 
arship fund were laid in the spring. David Temple- 
ton was president of the group which has two repre- 
sentatives from each pledge class. Advisor was 
Charles Goetzinger. 

A. Austin, Beverly A. Cloyes, Dwayne S. Daniels, Ilene M. Davey, Carl B. Eisele, 
Edward A. Franker, Joseph J. Gardner, Teresa Gatz, David H. George, Jacquelin 
Glover. SECOND ROW: H. W. Grinstaff, Mary C. Grosdidier, Dave Quinn, Don 

Hampton, James R. Hiner, Robert M. Howell, Dwight Jackson, Mina E. Jones, 
DeLoyd B. Larsen, Chris Lee, David H. Lobmeyer. BOTTOM ROW: John Pacilio, 
Carmen Paul, Rex E. Pearson, Beverly A. Reinhardt, Eleanor Sayler, Jerry Smith, 
Dennis H. Tatge, David E. Templeton, Harry L. Todd, Alan Trachsel, Dan L. 



The Phi Delt dining room is the scene of fraternity rush Out enjoying the warm fall night are these Acacias and their 
activity. Faces glow from good food and lively conversation. rushees as they go through rush week in their new house. 

men pledge 91 per cent 

Fall fraternity rush ended in pledging for over 
91 percent of those entering last fall. Four days 
of rushing activity began for 43 5 rushees Thurs- 
day, September 6, and were climaxed with break- 
fasts for new pledges at the fraternity houses on 
Monday. The K-State fraternities use the pre- 
ferred type of rush, meaning that rushees have 
scheduled times to meet with houses they choose. 
Only three rush dates may be scheduled at any one 

Enthusiasm shows on the faces of these Sig Alphs as they 
entertain one of their rushees in their living room. 

Gleaming trophies lend an impressive background for The quizzical expression on one face seems to ask the ques- 
Sigma Nus as they relax with their rushees during rush week. tion, "Now what was that fellow's name?" 



? JS J 

ACACIA — TOP ROW: Mrs. T. N. Lyles, Tommy B. Amerine, Marshall P. Ballard, 
James D. Basset, James 0. Bell, Stanley W. Braman, Billy R. Cox, Blaine E. 
Criss, Robert L. Derstein, Donald P. Edson, Miles R. Funk. SECOND ROW: Pat 
E. Gibson, Ward L. Ginn, John P. Griebel, Larry F. Harding, Robert W. Hedrick, 
Garold E. Hodges, Larry L. Hodges, Russell E. Hodges, Jay M. Humburg, Larry 
L. Ihrig, John W. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Robert E. Kind, Don W. King, John P. 
Kochner, Aaron J. Lane, Gerald D. Leonard, Donald G. Livingston, John R. 


Proud Acacia members can point to four campus 
buildings that have been named after their alums: 
Seaton Hall, Bushnell Hall, Waters Hall and Willard. 
Another building that they are boasting about is 
their new chapter house, into which they moved this 
year. Acacias were Collegian sports editor, secretary 
and treasurer of sophomore engineers, and members 
of Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Zeta, Engineering Open 
House coordinating committee and 13 other clubs. 
Social events included fall and spring formats, Hay 
Stomp, Christmas party, Indian party, Good Ole 
Times party, Pledge party, Mothers' Day and Found- 
ers' Day. President was Jay Humberg. Acacia pre- 
sented "This Far North" as one of the four fraterni- 
ties selected to present skits in the '5 6-' 5 7 Y-Orpheum. 
They won second place in their group in basketball 
intramurals and participated in all other sports. Phi 

Markley, Carl A. Marquardt, George L. McCormick, Clyde 0. McKenzie Douglas 
W. Moore. FOURTH ROW: John L. Neal Jr., Larry A. Nelson, Vern A. Nelson, 
Albert E. New, Norman A. Newton, George W. Piersol, Donald L. Pohlman, Terry 
L. Poling, Ramon D. Roessler, Dennis R. Rogers, Thomas K. Rogler, Kenneth C. 
Ross. BOTTOM ROW: Henry C. Ruckert, Roger W. Sherman, Peter S. Taylor, 
Jerome H. Thies, Alan J. Trachsel, Albert E. Wesley, Jimmy A. Wier, Richard 
K. Wilson, Eldon E. Yeager, Larry M. Yost, LeMoyne M. Zimmerman, James M. 

Kappa Phi freshman recognition for high scholarship 
was given to four Acacia members. Mrs. T. N. Lyles 
has served as housemother for the Acacia house here 
on the campus for 27 years. 

The K-State Acacia chapter was founded in 1913. Their house- 
mother has been at K-State for 11 of those years. 



▲4. ^ 

ALPHA EPSILON PI— TOP ROW: Max Milner, Stuart I. Dworkin, Lawrence I. 
Feder, Howard Finkelstein, Murray Fudim, Hans J. Goldman, Charles I. S. Hahn. 

BOTTOM ROW: Albert Jankowitz, Herman T. Kamerman, Ira M. Kaminsky, Cal- 
vin Kossover, Peter Newman, Joseph B. Schleicher, Alan R. Viani. 

alpha epsilon pi 

A colony of the national fraternity Alpha Epsilon 
Pi was re-activated in March 19 5 6, when a group 
of interested students started the ball rolling. The 
fraternity had been inactive since October, 195 1. 
The national secretary who visited the men in the fall 
assured them they could go active when their mem- 
bership reaches 2 5. Rebuilding the basement of the 
Jewish Community Center of Manhattan at 910 Lee 
into a chapter meeting room has been the group's 
main project. With a new ceiling, pine paneling, 
lighting, and other improvements the room is ready 
to accommodate a growing fraternity. 

Homecoming decorations kept the men busy in the 
fall but they found time to start an annual football 
contest between the KS and KU chapters on the day 
of the all-school game. In true K-State fashion, the 
Manhattan men won this first contest. The chapter 
made several trips to Kansas City for various events 
there. They had a dinner-dance in both the fall and 
spring semesters, and a Bar-B-Q following a hayrack 

Members are active in B'nai B'rith Hillel Founda- 
tion and claim the president, vice-president, and 
treasurer of that group. Two of their men serve on 
the RCC, and one serves as treasurer. A scholarship 

fund for the man with the highest grade average was 
added this year. His name will be engraved on a 
plaque, and he will receive a cash award. 

Taking an active part in all phases of campus life, 
members worked in the Little American Royal, Poul- 
try Club, K-State Players, Junior Debate team, Klod 
and Kernel, Army Rifle team, freshman wrestling 
team and Greek Week committees. Although the 
smallest fraternity on campus, they have been in the 
upper half in the final standings of nearly every 
intramural athletic contest. Stuart Dworkin was pres- 
ident and Prof. Max Milner was advisor. 

Fixing up the basement of the Jewish Community Center for a 
chapter meeting room provides lots of work and fun for members. 


alpha gamma rho 

The highlight of the year for members of Alpha 
Gamma Rho was moving into their new fraternity 
home at 1919 Piatt. They honored their housemoth- 
er, Mrs. Olive Kipfer, who received national recogni- 
tion at their fraternity's convention for 2 5 years of 
service as AGR housemother. On the campus Alpha 
Gamma Rho's were in Student Council, Blue Key, 
Arnold Air Society and one was president of the Ag- 
ricultural Association and Ag Mag editor. After 
school practice on the softball field won them first 
place in intramural softball. The Pink Rose formal 
and Sister-Sweetheart dance were top social events. 
Billy Bower served as president. 

The local chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho, formed in 1927 at 
Kansas State, was the proud occupant of this new fraternity house. 

ALPHA GAMMA RHO— TOP ROW: Mrs. Olive Kipfer, J. Brent Adair, John E. 
Anderson, Arnold P. Appleby, C. Ancel Armstrong, Robert C. Asmus, Joe J. 
Bailey, Alfred E. Baker Jr., Billy D. Bower, Milton C. Boyle, J ,C. Breithaupt, 
Benny E. Brent. SECOND ROW: John J. Brink, Fred L. Clemence, Red J. Colson, 
Joseph F. Cukjati, Edwin T. Dillinger, Ray W. Ely, Darwin R. Francis, Larry J. 
Greene, Dwight Haddock, Allan L. Henry, Loren D. Henry, Stanley D. Johnson. 
THIRD ROW: Darrell E. Keener, Kenneth T. Kirton, Michael Lair, James A. 
Laughlin, Larry L. Laverentz, Walter H. Lewis, R. NaDon Lindburg, R. Leon Lyell, 
George P. McCune, Larry L. McGhee, Tim E. McKenna, David E. McKnight. 

FOURTH ROW: Charles L. Michaels, Tommy L. Miller, John R. Milton, Warren 
D. Nichols, W. William Ogborn, Bill E. Perkins, Don G. Perkins, James R. Per- 
kins, Lynn L. Perkins, H. Dean Peter, Chester Peterson Jr., Jerome K. Regier. 
FIFTH ROW: Loy D. Reinhardt, Henry A. Renollet, Delmar L. Rieger, Burke C. 
Rogers, William C. Root, John L. Schlesener, Estel J. Schultis, William L. 
Schultz, Gerald L. Schweitzer, Marvin A. Shoemaker, Donald C. Signor, Raymond 
F. Sis. BOTTOM ROW: Carl A. Stevens Jr., Samuel E. Strahm, Gary F. Sullivan, 
Richard B. Talbot, William L. Tilgner, Allen Tilley, Harry Lee Todd, Therean L. 
Towns, Harold H. Van Horn, Ralph B. Waite, Gary G. Yeakley. 

; ,«£ 



WWmf kl* x A ikirttlll Ji Jit 

? - 

Alpha Kappa Lambda is the only national fraternity originat- 
ing on the West Coast. The local chapter started in 1930. 

ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA— TOP ROW: Mrs. W. B. Granger, C. Norman Benzinger, 
Marlon L. Brack, Joboy R. Browning, Daniel Chajuss, Gaylord Chizek, Keith S. 
Chrisman, Thomas H. Cour, Don E. Croy, James H. Curran, Donald M. Ernst. 
SECOND ROW: Larry Fager, Edward A. Frankel, Larry E. French, John Frey, 
Gary E. Galyardt, Ronald K. Garlow, John F. Hall, Eldon Hammeke, Carroll M. 
Hamon, Kenneth Heidebrecht, Leo T. Hook. THIRD ROW: Robert L. Hougland, 

alpha kappa lambda 

Of vital interest to all AKL's and their alumni 
was the construction of the new chapter house and 
its dedication in March. In conjunction with the 
Alpha Kappa Lambda group at Emporia State, the 
K-State chapter staged a variety show, the proceeds 
of which went as a contribution to the Polio Drive. 
Another service was the community project which 
was undertaken just prior to initiation. Another 
evidence of the connection between state chapters of 
AKL was the athletic competition between K-State, 
K.U. and Emporia State chapters, which was fol- 
lowed by an informal dance. Gary Galyardt served 
as president. 

Social events included the Christmas formal, Spring 
Pernet Rose Ball, Mardi Gras party and Founder Day 
activities. AKL's won second in the campus frater- 
nity speech contest. Individuals were on the track 
team, secretary of bowling league and on the debate 

Norman H. Hostetler, Harry L. Hunsley, Henry H. Hyndman, John W. Johnson, 
Robert K. Kiser, Donald D. Korbe, Eldon R. Ladd, Gary J. Lazarus, Larry D. 
Leuthold. FOURTH ROW: Robert D. Miller, Bill D. Mollahan, W. Penn Morton, 
Daniel Y. Motogawa, Ray E. North, Robert B. Perry, Pedro F. Pou-Lines, Earl R. 
Ross, Barry N. Rupard, Gad Shefet. BOTTOM ROW: Charles M. Sheldon, John 
Slade, Conrad C. Smith, Richard R. Steudtner, Gary Trull, Kenneth R. Wells, 
Allen L. Wiechert, Gary E. Williams, Robert H. Williams, Robert L. Wilson. 

-/ t^- . 



alpha fau omega 

An added attraction for members of Alpha Tau 
Omega this fall was moving into a new addition to 
their house. Pleased with their new home, they de- 
cided to help others and painted the Methodist 
Church at Emmett, Kans., for a Help Week Project. 
Orchid leis from Hawaii brought "ohs" and "ahs" 
from dates at the Hawaiian party. The Christmas 
party, house parties, and spring formal filled out the 
social calendar for ATO's. Members were president 
of I.F.C., general director of Y-Orpheum, president 
of Psychology Club, vice-chairman of state Young 
Republicans, Collegian photographer, treasurer of 
Young Republicans and I.P.C. and captain of the 
football team. Wielding the gavel was president 
Gene Randall. ATO's skit was one of four fraternity 
skits to be selected for presentation in the '5 6-' 5 7 

Alpha Tau Omega was chartered at K-State on October 22, 
1920, from the local organization of Alpha Theta Chi. 

Y-Orpheum. The WIBW-TV officials selected their 
skit to be presented over TV. Membership of Alpha 
Tap Omega totaled 5 8 this year, an increase of 5 over 
last year. Mrs. L. E. Keefer was housemother. 

ALPHA TAU OMEGA— TOP ROW: Mrs. L. E. Keefer, La Rue Anderson, James B. 
Angle, Ben Barber, Irvin Dale Blume, John Bremenkamp, John Cersorsky, Walter 
Couch, Gary Cummings, Gary Darter, William C. Dawe. SECOND ROW: Ed Dunlap, 
Ron Edwards, Raleigh Eggers, Leland Fager, Dwight Glenn, Carl Glocker, Gene 
Grabs, Lynn Grafel, Clayton Griffin, Robert Haas, Jack Harmon. THIRD ROW: 
George Hart, Bob Hofmann, Carl Hubbell, Don Hutchison, Bruce Irwin, Jim John- 

son, Dean Joslin, Dennis Kelly, Bob Krizman, Harry Lehew, Warren McBratney. 
FOURTH ROW: Forrest Mendenhall, Gary Minor, Roger Mochamer, Richard Mundy, 
J. C. Northern, Leslie Ogg, Allen Olsen, Gene Randall, Jim Riedinger, Gary Settle, 
Stan Severance, Kenneth Shaw. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Simmons, Jerry Smith, 
Herschel Staats, Norman Staats, Ervin Stahel, Stanley Stokes, Eddy Thompson, 
Phil Upton, Wendell White, Jim Williams, Bruce Wilson, John Yowell. 



wis ! 


Beta Sigma Psi received their national charter on March 4, 
1951. Since then they have purchased their chapter house. 

beta sigma psi 

Although a relatively new fraternity on campus, 
the Beta Sigs have built up their membership to fifty- 
six and have purchased their own chapter house. 
Events rating high on their social calendar are the 
annual Hobo Party, the Gold Rose Formal, the Snow- 
man's Hop at Christmastime and the "House of Blue 
Lights" dance. Beta Sig is represented on the Engi- 
neering Council, Union Program Council, Engi- 
neers' Open House Committee and one member is 
president of the AIChE. They participate in all 
intramural sports and won second in the football di- 
vision. Leading the group in maintaining participa- 
tion in campus groups and in striving toward good 
scholarship was president Bob Raf fety. 

BETA SIGMA PSI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Seaton, Franklin A. Ahrens, Harold 
R. Albrecht, Richard H. Bartel, Gerald E. Bennett, Albert L. Bieber, Kenneth W. 
Blase, Charles Blaser, Delwin L. Bokelman, James E. Boyd, Donald K. Brinkman, 
Gary L. Brinkman. SECOND ROW: Warren H. Brown, Terry L. Bruce, Melvin L. 
Bruenger, Garry D. Chegwidden, Gerald L. Chelson, Larry K. Dannenberg, Walter 
H. Dietz, Larry E. Eckelman, Larry R. Edwards, Howard H. Erickson, Leon L. 
Fick, Richard C. Frohberg. THIRD ROW: Larry D. Gossman, Merle L. Hanson, 
Carl H. Kempin, Bernard D. Klover, Richard W. Kohlschreiber, Henry E. Kramer, 

Arthur H. Kranz, Kenneth R. Kranz, Charles K. Krueger, DeLoyd B. Larsen, Garry 
W. Lassman, Larry H. Luedders. FOURTH ROW: Leroy W. Luedders, Gerald 
Manchester, Max L. Mattson, Thomas McCourt, Vernon 0. Meinert, Neal D. 
Meitler, Noel R. Meyer, Rawleigh H. Meyer, Larry D. Miller, Dean A. Nehrig, 
Leslie A. Olsen, Eugene P. Post. BOTTOM ROW: James W. Raffety, Robert W. 
Raffety, Fred 0. Saenger, Norman L. Sawyer, Robert H. Schumann, Allan L. 
Thaemert, Ravon R. Thaemert, Virgil Walter, Robert L. Watkins, Richard A. 
Wheat, Charles C. Wilson. 



beta theta pi 

Represented on virtually every campus honorary 
for which men are eligible, Beta Theta Pi also boasted 
membership in Young Democrats, many Student Un- 
ion committees, and the new Air Force Association. 
With great expectation the members and their dates 
looked forward to the Beta Pig, held during the 
spring, which is the Beta's outstanding social event 
each year. The Beta Barbecue, the annual house party 
and the Miami Triad were also red-letter events. To 
see that all fraternity activities and business were 
carried out efficiently was the job of Russell Bradley, 

Gamma Epsilon of Beta Theta Pi has been active at K-State 
since 1914 except for a short interval during World War II. 

BETA THETA PI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Merle Bayers, Donald P. Adee, William Am- 
stein Jr., Paul R. Attwater, Larry W Atzenweiler, Dick L. Ayers, Sonny R. B. 
Ballard, Tom E. Banks, George W. Bemis, William C. Bowman, Richard D. Boyd, 
Robert A. Boyd. SECOND ROW: Russell H. Bradley, Leslie P. Brown, David M. 
Carlson, Donald R. Carlson, Scott S. Chandler, John L. Compton, Thomas P. Con- 
Ion, Richard W. Corbin, William D. Critser, Darrel D. Do^ds, Robert J. Elgaard, 
John M. Erickson. THIRD ROW: Buddy D. Frye, James A. Gates, Tim A. Grace, 
Harry D. Haas, James M. Hall, Don C. Hampton, John G. Harri, Robert H. Hay- 
maker, James R. Hellar, Jerry M. Hess, William W. Hicks, James D. Hotchkiss. 
FOURTH ROW: Jack House, Charles J. Johns, Jerry F. Johnson, Jerry J. Jones, 

Larry Jones, Dick H. Irvine, John H. Kugler, Gary L. Lafferty, William E. Larson, 
Larry M. Lesh, James P. Lindsay, Donald W. Lonker. FIFTH ROW: James M. 
Lonker, Gary E. Luck, Daryl B. Mackender, Robert 0. McDowell, Ken B. McNeill, 
James L. Murray, William S. Murray, D. Eugene O'Connor, James H. Parker, John 
M. Parr, David S. Pfuetze, Dean E. Plagge. SIXTH ROW: Kenneth E. Peirce, 
George l\l. Peters, George H. Phipps, Duane K. Ramsey, Lowell E. Renz, John E. 
Ricklefs, William M. Rosenberger, George E. Ross, Paul W. Schilling, George R. 
Serpan, Lon V. Silver, Dean A. Skaer. BOTTOM ROW: James D. Smith, Michael R. 
Smith, Leo W. Stolzer, Howard L. Teaford, L. Scott Turner, John C. Van Aken, 
Kenneth A. VanSickle, Philip F. Weaver, Gene D. Westhusing, Richard W. 
Wilbur, Phillip A. Wright, Jerry B. Wurster. 



. tl I s € °*i f ' § 

% . § f , "' §»; 1L I'- ?v ?*. 





Established on campus in 1925, Alpha Upsilon of Delta Sigma 
Phi has helped found a chapter at Kansas University. 

delta sigma phi 

In two years Delta Sigma Phi has increased its 
membership over one hundred per cent. During this 
rise, members have been prominent as president of 
the Student Body, president of the Apportionment 
Board, and as members of Blue Key, Sigma Tau, 
Scabbard and Blade, Wampus Cats, and A Cappella 
Choir. The social calendar of the Delta Sigs included 
such events as the fall Apache Party which was 
planned by the pledges, the Founder's Day Formal, 
the Sailor's Ball, and the Carnation Formal. Sere- 
nading on Parents' Day and on Mothers' Day was a 
unique project sponsored by the Delta Sigs. Fraternity 
leadership was in the hands of Paul Hatfield, presi- 

DELTA SIGMA PHI— TOP ROW: Mrs. F. Paul Smith, Laurn M. Axlund, John R. 
Balaun, Mark F. Bence, Robert R. Biemer, Gary S. Blum, Arlo G. Bonar, Robert 
L. Cole, James W. Conboy, Wilber A. Copenhafer, David M. Cox. SECOND ROW: 
Jay J. Cress, Richard G. Davis, Fred V. Dellett, Richard L. Evers, Duane L. 
Fruechting. David H. George, Dean E. Gigstad, Chester W. Good, Robert H. 
Goodin, Joe Grimes, Paul H. Hatfield. THIRD ROW: Don H. Haun, David L. 
Haverkamp, Galen L. Heritage, Lee R. Hildebrecht, Quinten L. Hodges, Robert E. 
Hoover, David A. Hotchkiss, Keith J. Jackson, Don P. Jennison, John R. Johnson, 

Joseph A. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Larry R. Karlen, Francis Kay, Gary L. Kay, 
Robert K. Kelley, William Kugelman, John P. Leaf, Jon A. Levin, Noel R. Lippe, 
Larry E. Lowe, Warren Lynn, Robert L. Mall. FIFTH ROW: Joe P. Marnell, 
James R. Miller, Cameron E. Moore, Norman R. Morrow, Wayne R. Mowrer, 
Errol L. Murphy, Galen A. Murphy, Norman L. Nelson, Ralph J. Piccola, Bill L. 
Pierce, Morton D. Plunkett. BOTTOM ROW: Lyle L. Rudy, Thomas E. Ruhlman, 
Philip N. Rush, Louis L. Studer, Larry D. Thirsk, Charles W. Thorp, Loren D. 
Tregallas, Virden L. Turner, Samuel M. Warren, Howard W. West, Patrick A. 
Wilkerson, James L. Windle. 


"... , / 

jsr v7 v** 

\ I *■ I f W 1 


•f- ?* $ § 

Hi a mM^LWtMmk. + wm\ jm - Mm mm 

m\ a v 



delta tau delta 

Activity-minded Delts were well represented all 
over the campus by active members who served as 
I.F.C. president, I.P.C. president, Chairman of the 
Activities Board, Chairman of Program Council, 
Union chairmen, representatives on Student Coun- 
cil and seven honoraries. Ingenuity and hard work 
won the Delts first place in the fraternity Home- 
coming decorations and brought the title of FMOC 
to one of their members. In the athletic field, Delts 
won first in track and tennis doubles. These numerous 
activities were guided by president Will Schleifer. 

Delta Tau Delta, founded at Bethany College in Virginia, in 
1919 chartered the local chapter, Gamma Chi, on K-State campus. 

DELTA TAU DELTA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Fred Coulson, Richard L. Adelson, Douglas 
W. Archer, John C. Arford, Douglas T. Ayers, Larry C. Ball, Winston J. Barr, 
Ronald D. Barragree, Dwight E. Bennett, Larry D. Benton, Donald A. Bowers, 
William H. Brethour, Melvin L. Burdorf. SECOND ROW: James H. Carpenter, 
Wright E. Cochran, John A. Collingwood, David W. Craig, Alan E. Crow, Thomas 
C. Dechairo, Mike Dole, John P. Doyle, John A. Erickson, Michael F. Finney, John 
C. Floyd, Larry R. Foulke, Donald R. Gadbery. THIRD ROW: James L. Green, 
Sterling W. Gunter, James W. Guthrie, Richard D. Haines, Stanley W. Hansen, 
Don F. Hazlett, Douglas T. Heath, Thomas M. Heter, Dean L. Hoar, Dale R. 
Hodgson, Robert M. Hodgson, Russell C. Hoseney, Richard W. Hotz. FOURTH 
ROW: Melvin D. Hutchins, Harold R. Hutchison, Richard M. Jennings, Eldon 

Johnson, Lowell D. Johnson, Joe Kashner, L. D. Kendall, John L. Kennedy, Joel 
R. Kesler, Norman V. Keyse, Tom G. King, Herbert R. Kolb, John W. Landes. 
FIFTH ROW- David L. Larson, David P. Loyd, James L. Mariner, Walter I. May- 
den, Richard M. McElroy, Marvin M. McMillan, Larry L. McWhorter, Devon Mil- 
ler, William H. Monroe, David M. Neal, Gary D. New, Wilbur C. Newman, Lowell 
L. Novy. SIXTH ROW: Tom W. Oehlert, Richard L. Parker, William P. Patton, 
Burl N. Pepper, Robert E. Quanz, Robert L. Redford, Edward P. Regnier, George 
A. Rood, William L. Ruggels, Gary W. Rumsey, William J. Ryan, Laurence T. 
Schaper, Wilbur A. Schleifer. BOTTOM ROW: Harry L. Shank Jr., Ralph E. Shaw, 
William J. Simic, Norman N. Stockham, Karl R. Stutterheim, David E. Templeton, 
Richard A. Thomas, Robert W. Wempe, John W. Willey, David C. Yerkes, Phillip 
A. Young, Curt 0. Zeigler. 


L I 

iSR il&4^ 

kU. jsAJl 

The local chapter of Delta Upsilon was first colonized as the 
"1834 Club" because the fraternity was founded in that year. 

delta upsilon 

November 17, 195 6, was the day for which mem- 
bers of the 1834 Club had been waiting. After suc- 
cessfully completing their period as a colony, the 
organization was installed at Kansas State as Delta 
Upsilon, thus making it the oldest national fraternity 
represented on the campus. In addition to installation 
festivities were DU social functions such as the 
Founder's Day banquet, the Christmas party, the 
annual Spring Formal, and many hayrack rides and 
picnics. Ron Pettit served as the first president of 
Delta Upsilon. Outside the house, members were ac- 
tive in the Integrity Party, Pershing Rifles, Pi Tau 
Sigma, and Sigma Tau. DU's sent Christmas toys to 
the National Guard for distribution. They were run- 
ner-ups in the fraternity division of Parent's Day dec- 
orations and participated in all intramural sports. 

DELTA UPSILON— TOP ROW: Mrs. Grace Ballweg, Calvin K. Adams, Henry L. 
Andrade, J. D. Barber, George E. Beck, Gary M. Boelling, Willard Childres II, 
Bill G. Davis, Daniel J. Farrell. SECOND ROW: Tim Goddard, William R. Gordon, 
Nathan R. Greene, H. W Grinstaff, Herbert H. Hischke, Robert D. Kidd, Jay Dee 

King, Jerry L. Kintigh, Gary Labarre. THIRD ROW: Keith R. Landis, Leroy A. Lang, 
Glen E. Lewallen, John W. Medcraft, Arthur L. Olson, Ronald G. Pettit, James E. 
Price, Dale L. Reeves, Darrel B. Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: David L. Smith, 
Roger E. Smith, Robert J. Smylie, Norman J. Steffy, Marvin F. Swanson, Ronald 
C. Tenne, Gary Updike, Ralph 0. Willard, Jackie D. Williams. 


farm house 

"The midnight oil" is burned at the Farm House 
fraternity as members strive for the top honors in 
fraternity scholarship. They have maintained first 
place in scholarship for the last seven consecutive 
semesters. But Farm House members also excelled in 
leadership, for they serve as president of the senior 
class, president of Alpha Zeta, president of Collegiate 
4-H, president of Klod and Kernel Klub and as Blue 
Key and judging team members. Special projects of 
the members are Homecoming decorations, Christ- 
mas decorations and a party for underprivileged 
children. Each year their social activities include a 
fall picnic, Christmas party, Western party, Star and 
Crescent formal and a faculty tea. Presiding over 
the many activities of Farm House was president 
Ray Zimmerman. 

Farm House fraternity, founded at Missouri in 1905, has 16 
chapters. K-State's chapter was the fourth to be installed. 

FARM HOUSE— TOP ROW: Mrs. E. L. Taylor, Arthur J. Armbrust, Wayne E. 
Bailie, Jimmie L. Beauchamp, Larry M. Boone, James A. Brown, Billy A. Clark, 
Delmar L. Conner, Edwin C. Cotner, Robert B. Cullins. SECOND ROW: Gilmore 
M. Dahl, Leonard L. Drumright, Maurice D. Faidley, Paul S. Faidley, Richard L. 
Fankhauser, Raleigh J. Flanders, William R. Folsche, James L. Gammell, Harold 
E. Garner, Theodore J. Goering. THIRD ROW: Stanley G. Harris, Dwight N. Jack- 

son, Veryl R. James, Orlo K. Jantz, Carroll E. Lewis, Charles D. Miksch, Lewis E. 
Murphy, Gary J. Neilan, Lloyd L. Peckman, Clinton F. Peirce. FOURTH ROW: 
Kent W. Pridey, Harlan E. Ross, Robert E. Sanford, Dale R. Schilling, Phillip G. 
Schmidt, Leonard D. Schwab, Irvin M. Schwalm, Elson F. Seitz, James D. Stamm. 
BOTTOM ROW: Waymer J. Strahm, Leon A. Sucht, Carlyle A. Thompson, Jack 
F. Van Tilburg, Charles B. Warne, Philip F. Warnken, Donald E. Wittum, James 
D. Wittum, Ray A. Zimmerman. 

rJL : :*L r 


Kappa Sigma arose in the southern state of Virginia, in 1869. 
The local chapter was installed on the campus June 7, 1919. 

kappa sigma 

The annual Pretzel Bowl football game between 
the K-State chapter of Kappa Sigma and the chapter 
from Kansas University was one of the exciting 
events of the fall semester. The support of the chap- 
ter was also given to the annual Red Dog party and 
to efforts which won a third-place trophy for Home- 
coming house decorations. Kappa Sig boasted of 
members who were active in Scabbard and Blade, 
Steel Ring, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Alpha Zeta, and Al- 
pha Kappa Psi, as well as of those who lettered in 
varsity football, basketball, and baseball. Presiding 
over fraternity functions was Dick Kaaz, president. 

KAPPA SIGMA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Verne Sibley, Michael Banta, Richard Barrett, 
Edward Begley, James Berg, William Bloxom, Charles Callahan, James Carlson, 
James Coffman, Gary Criss, Donald Dailey, Charles Downing, Jack Downing. SEC- 
OND ROW: Eugene Dressier, Jon Dutton, Carl Eisele, Larry Fischer, Jon Flint, 
Roger Flint, David French, James Goodloe, Russell Henrikson, James Hoi I is. Rex 
Horchem, James H. Horton, Joe Hubert. THIRD ROW: Palmer Hulings, William 
Hunt, Robert Ives, Curtis Jacobs, Robert Jedwabny, Donald Jenkins, Kenneth 
Johnson, Gordon Jump, Richard Kaaz, Ken Keefer, Daniel King, Donald Larson, 

l«fr**-*» "5 

James Lewelling. FOURTH ROW: John Lewis, Lowell Lyons, Philip Marshall, 
Jerry McMurray, Loren McMurray, Edwin Miller, Vaughn Miller, Paul Moberg, 
L. Garry Montre, Jack Moore, Jerome Moore, Norman Moore, Ronald Moore. 
FIFTH ROW: Alan Morris, J. Douglas Morrisey, James Needham, Dale Nichols, 
Duane Osborne, Robert Parker, H. Steve Prouty, William Quarles, Gary Reid, 
L. B. Roberts, John Ross, Jack Scott, John Selfridge. BOTTOM ROW: John 
Snider, Leon Spacil, Wayne Spencer, David Spiker, John W. Stites, Allen Tomp- 
kins, Eldon Wancura, Douglas Ward, Gerald Winkelman, Stephen Wise, James 
Wright, Wendell Wright, Donald Zadnik. 




k-i* ill , t'M-d &imm* 

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Pearl May, Harry Annan, Leon Arman- 
trout, John Atkinson, Robert Bixby, Rex Boatman, J. LeRoy Bosko, Paul Cassetta, 
Ferris Chilcott, Joseph Coyle, Richard Darge. SECOND ROW: David Epp, Harold 
Fagerquist, Darrel Franklin, David Frey, Thomas Gibson, Lance Gilmore, Gerald 
Greene, Gayle Griffith, Robert Haitbrink, Earl Hammond, William Hanna. THIRD 
ROW: James Harris, Donald Hauptli, Gilbert Helling, Freeman Higgason, David 

Horton, Robert Howell, Henry Johnson, Ramon Jones, Robert Lawrence, Gene 
Martin, George Matthews. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Mattingly, Donald Miller, Rich- 
ard Miiler, Edwin Noyce, Robert Oblander, Donald Parrish, Robert Paschal, Her- 
bert Pennington, Vash Rumph, Robert Schrepel, Neil Scott, Robert Scott. BOTTOM 
ROW: Gene Shiner, Kenneth Smith, Norris Smith, James Snyder, John Steele 
Richard Streets, Bobby Suttles, Henry Toevs, Ronald Whitchurch, Jim Whitford, 
Eldon Woodward, Franklin Young. 

lambda chi alpha 

One of the fastest-growing activities both in 
popularity and participation is the annual Chariot 
Relays sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha. The pro- 
ceeds of the relays are given to the General Scholar- 
ship Fund of Kansas State. Lambda Chi's entered 
competition for the Homecoming float prizes with 
big success as they have won first place in four out 
of the last five years. The annual steak fry after the 
Relays, open houses after home basketball games, 
two formals and two house parties each year are addi- 
tional events of interest for Lambda Chi's. Presi- 
dent was Earl Hammond. Lambda Chi's were vice- 
president of Student Council, FMOC attendant, on 
the Collegian staff, Union Governing Board, and in 
Blue Key. They participated in all intramurals and 
were third in bowling. 

The local Lambda Chi chapter was reactivated in 1948 with 2=> 
members. In eight short years membership has increased to 57. 

'&&&.&&■.'■&>■ ^tiftg^EsBiftfi 


■ '^ '3 v" '$ '1 

t f § § f § S«fc f_ i If ' 


PHI DELTA THETA— TOP ROW: Mrs. J. R. Hurley, John R. Anderson, Robert 
Annan, Evert Asjes, James G. Beasley, Ronald Boucek, Richard Brantingham, 
William Bryson, John Callison, Robert Carlson, James Critchfield, George David- 
son. SECOND ROW: Robert Day, Roscoe Earp, Mark Elliott, Duncan Erickson, 
Leon Ernest, Larry Esau, Darrell Feaker, Arthur Fiskin, Brian Flack, Allen Fort, 
Harry Gaffin, John Garrett. THIRD ROW: John Gorman, Fredrick Hart, Charles 
Hastings, Roger Hayford, Joseph Headley, Kent Heintz, Ronnie Holeman, Valdon 
Holland, Nicholas Hudelson, Edward John, Charles Johnson, Harry Jones. FOURTH 
ROW: Robert Jury, Donald Kesinger, Harry Knox, Robert McCully, Marlin Meador, 

Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University in Ohio on 
December 26, 1848. Kansas Gamma was chartered in 1920. 

Charles Moggie, Graham Newcomer, Robert Newlin, Alan Nielson, David Nielson, 
Clarence Norris, Jarrell Nuss. FIFTH ROW: David Nuttle, Gene Olatider, William 
Olsen, Paul Parsons, William Patterson, William Peckham, Loren Pearson, Rex 
Pearson, Richard Pearson, Lloyd Phillips, Palmer Price, Gary Randolph, Richard 
Reed. SIXTH ROW: Phil Reid, John Reynolds, Merle Roberts, Tom Roberts, Robert 
Sanders, William Sartorius, Fred Saunders, Thomas Schicktanz, James Schmitz, 
Ronald Sims, Andrie Sorkie, John Spangler, Chris Stackley. BOTTOM ROW: Guy 
Stanley, Ronald Stansbery, Albert Steunenberg, James Stewart, Bruce Stover, 
John Sudduth, William Taylor, Charles Tuttle, Terry Waugh, George Wilson, Stan- 
ley Wingate, Larry Wise, Harold Woodward. 

phi delta theta 

Two first place trophies were added to the Phi 
Delt collection when they captured top place in Y- 
Orpheum for the second straight year and when they 
won the Delta Sigma Rho men's speech contest. To 
participate in the national Phi Delt community serv- 
ice project, members of Kansas Gamma helped redec- 
orate the basement of a local church. Under the 
leadership of Bob Newlin, such activities as the She 
Delta Theta party, the Tri Phi, and the spring formal 
were big successes. 


■ ■ IM 

,5 ^, 

PHI KAPPA— TOP ROW: Mrs. W. T. Theisen, Steve Beffort, Darrell D. Behrend, 
Le Roy Berens, P. Keith Billinger, Richard J. Connell, Roger 0. Day Jr., Leroy W. 
Delzeit, Robert Derusseau, John L. Dimond, Earl E. Elsrode, John Erbert. SEC- 
OND ROW: Michael J. Esterl, Jerome P. Farrell, Charles Gagnon, Joseph J. 
Gardner, Joseph K. Haegelin, Richard Heigele, Patrick L. Henry, Robert J. Hlav- 
acek, Ralph T. Johnson, James L. Kastens, Karl B. Kastens, Nolan T. Kennedy. 
THIRD ROW: Thomas R. Kippenberger, Martin S. Klotzbach, Thomas M. Lillis, 
Mike J. Maggard, Ronald P. Mentgen, Conrad J. Nelke, Hubert S. Nethercott, 

James 0. Niernberger, Glen J. O'Brien, Thomas E. O'Brian, Albert B. Padon Jr., 
John H. Peters. FOURTH ROW: Edmund J. Peterson, Lawrence J. Peterson, 
Herbert Pfannenstiel, Walter S. Pfanenstiel, Ronald H. Pflumm, Thomas E. Quint, 
Leon L. Roth, Clarence E. Schmidt, Leon F. Schmidt, Robert L. Schmidt, Patrick 
A. Schmiedeler, Robert B. Sexton. BOTTOM ROW: Donald R. Stang, Dale W. 
Steffes, Vacil I. Sullens, Arthur J. Tangeman, William A. Treu, Pachin Vicens 
Raymond E. Wary, R. Dale Weixelman, Bernard G. White, Peter M. Wimsatt, 
Richard W. Worcester. 

phi kappa 

Of paramount interest to all Phi Kappa members 
was the construction of their new house. Both ac- 
tives and pledges provided a share of the labor for 
the project. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was 
the theme of the Christmas party which followed 
hard on the heels of the annual fall formal. In the 
spring, social highlights were the Hard Times Party 
and the annual Fish Formal. In addition to having 
members in such organizations as Arnold Air Society 
and Alpha Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa had one member 
who won the International Cheese-Judging Contest. 
President was Patrick Schmiedeler. 

Phi Kappa won the Softball division championship 
and participated in all intramural sports. They con- 
tributed Christmas toys to underprivileged children. 
Additional campus activities include members in Sig- 
ma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Eta Kappa 
Nu, and Pershing Rifles. 

Phi Kappa, a fraternity for Catholic men, was founded on the 
campus in 1921. The national fraternity was founded in 1889. 



PHI KAPPA TAU— TOP ROW: Mrs. Alice Immings, David Bacon, Charles Baker, 
Frederick Charles, Joseph Duesberg, Jerome Ewald, Kenton Graber, Floyd Griggs, 
John Gruber. SECOND ROW: Mark Hooper, David Huebner, Glen Huebner, Joseph 

Johnson, Keith Kemper, John Koster, David Lobmeyer, Edward McCoy, William 
Mengeling. BOTTOM ROW: Eldon Miller, Kenneth Miller, Harry Muller, John 
Park, Larry Reid, Jerry Schuetz, John Tew, John Toms, Roland Turner, Walter 

phi kappa tau 

An unique feature of Phi Kappa Tau is that their 
membership includes as many married students as 
men living in the chapter house. Their membership 
totals 3 5 which is an increase of 5 members over last 
year. They participated in all fraternity intramural 
sports and captured the second place crown in the 
bowling division. Members claimed the campus po- 
sitions of AFROTC Lieut. Colonel, treasurer of 
Alpha Kappa Psi and member of the debate team. 

Phi Kappa Tau was first chartered on the K-State 
campus in 1925. During the years from 1940 until 
1949 the local chapter was inactive. Then in the 
spring of 1949 they were re-chartered. They have 
lived in their present chapter house since the fall of 
195 5. This chapter had the honor of entertaining the 
Gamma Phi Beta members, new sorority this year, 
at an hour dance which was the sorority's first social 
function. Phi Kappa Taus and their dates enjoyed 
a spring formal and Christmas party, and a big red- 
letter event was the annual Founders Day banquet. 
Phi Kappa Tau members attended the Domain con- 

ference which included fraternity members from 
the University of Kansas, Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, Colorado University, Colorado A&M and 
Oklahoma A&M. 

Making sure that all chapter activities and events 
were running smoothly was the job of Phi Kappa 
Tau's president, Mark Hooper. 

National Phi Kappa Tau was founded in Ohio in 1906. The 
local chapter was chartered in 1925. There are now 72 chapters. 


pi kappa alpha 

House plans were on the minds of all members of 
Pi Kappa Alpha as they had a drive for funds to build 
their new chapter home. They also won second in 
fraternity swimming intramurals and gave a Christ- 
mas party for children. Two members were cheer- 
leaders and others were in Scabbard and Blade, Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon and Sigma Delta Chi. Dates of the 
members were entertained each Saturday evening 
with a hamburger dinner. They joined with the Sig 
Eps for the Duad and held the Dixie Ball in the 
spring. The Cornjigger, Roaring 20's and Beach- 
comber parties added variety to their campus life. 
Connie Taylor was PiKA Sweetheart. Presiding over 
chapter activities was president Jerry Metz. 

National Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of 
Virginia in 1868. The local chapter started in 1913. 

PI KAPPA ALPHA— TOP ROW: Mrs. William Bensing, Alfred G. Aldridge, 
Warren K Andler, Richard L. Barclay, Earl M. Beck, Gary W. Beck, Larry D. 
Beggs, John C Bird, Roger W. Biddison, Dennis B. Blossom, Raymond G. Booth. 
SECOND ROW: Richard F. Boyd, Roger L. Bruton, Malcom D. Casey, Wayne C. 
Chesney, Stanley H. Cornelson, Duane N. Counter, Calvin R. DeRuseau, James J. 
Dodson, Arlen L. Elliott, Gerald K. Faust, Richard H. Frank. THIRD ROW: Larry 
A. Gale, Dean K. Graves, Ronald N. Haney, Richard B. Harman, Ronald J. Hen- 
derson, Jack L. Hill, James R. Hiner, Charles W. Holle, Gary K. Hylton, Art J. 

Johnson. Ralph D. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Joseph S. Jones, Albert A. Kaine, 
Leeman D Lazarus, Julius F. Lincoln, Glen C. Long, Donald M. Marker, Victor 
J. McGrew, Frank L. Meegan, Jerry P. Metz, Lowell F. Miller, William R. Mills. 
FIFTH ROW: Roger A. Myers, Lon E. Nelson, Jackson R. Newby, Stanley M. 
Peterson, Robert E. Pulford, William J. Pulford, Terry R. Price, Kenneth R. 
Riley, Charles P. Roberts, Tom E. Rodda, Donald L. Rosenbrook. BOTTOM ROW: 
Robert E. Roelofsz, Kent H. Russell, Robert L. Shipp, Richard G. Siever, Donald 
L. Slothower, Gary Spencer, Larry L. Vincent, William C. Wilderson, Jack H. 
Wilson, John W. Wright, Larry Youngdoff. 

jg fo fipmb jUk 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the first national fraternity on the 
campus and received its charter on December 28, 1912. 

sigma alpha epsilon 

The traveling intramural trophy was retired this 
year by victorious Sig Alphs, who won it for the 
fourth consecutive year. Another laurel for the SAE 
crown was the second-place trophy for Homecoming 
house decorations. Preliminary plans for a new 
$65,000 wing to be added to the present structure 
constituted a great share of fraternity business. Un- 
der the guidance of Jim Graves, president, members 
entertained alumni for Founder's Day festivities, held 
the Belle Ball and annual costume party and partici- 
pated actively in campus activities. 

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Mrs. Pauline Johnston, Hayden J. Abbott, 
Gary L. Albright, James R. Allen, Robert A. Anderson, Paul J. Bader, James F. 
Benson, William H. Braddock, Steve N. Bressler, Duane G. Brown, Frank C. Chris- 
bens, David B. Cool. SECOND ROW: Tom A. Dana, David Dicken, Robert J. Doe- 
bele, Joseph L. Downey, Jerry B. Emerson, Joe Evans, Darrell L. Ford, Steve J. 
French, Arthur H. Fromm, Jerry E. Goss, James T. Graves, Jim R. Grier. THIRD 
ROW: Darrell B. Grove, Gary Gruendel, Jack Hanks, Jerry D. Harris, Gary Haynes, 
Darwin Hester, Richard R. Hodges, Dale Holmgren, Charles Hostetler, Harry Hut- 
ton, Paul Inman, J. L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Richard G. Johnson, John Jung, 
Dan Kershaw, Clyde Kiddoo, Robert Kissick, Stanley Knowles, Terry L. Knowles, 

Ralph Lamar, Charles Larson, Stephen Lester, Ed Macklin, Robert Maloney. 
FIFTH ROW: Philip Markle, Charles McCabe, James McCormick, Everett McGal- 
liard, Robert Merten, Allen Meyers, Jr., Gilbert Molzen, James Murray, Roger 
Orban, Jerry Pettle, Dick Russell, Fred Salmon. SIXTH ROW: Robert Sanders, 
Charles Schoonover, Marshall Schulke, Engle Scott, Vaughn Shamburg, DeWitt 
Shreve, Chadeayne Sims, William Sinderson, Maurice Skinner, David C. Smith, 
Gerald Smith, Mikel Stout. BOTTOM ROW: Gaylen Sullivan, Loren Swenson, 
John Tangeman, John Theroff, Don Unruh, Jesse Unruh, Richard Walsh, Ralph 
Wareham, William Washington, Jon Weigand, Dan Wesselowski, Charles Wingert, 
Charles Zickefoose. 

tarn mmK 

sigma chi 

Eighty-two strong, the voices of the Sigma Chi's 
sang the way to their third consecutive win in the 
Interfraternity Sing. The Sigs also ran their way 
to a first-place victory in the annual Chariot Relays. 
Egg-smeared, soapy and wet are three words which 
aptly describe K-State coeds who competed in the 
long-awaited first annual Derby Day, a competition 
for women sponsored by Sigma Chi. The Miami 
Triad, the Sweetheart Ball, the annual Pajama Party 
and the Christmas party for underprivileged children 
were among the bright spots of the year. Sigma Chi's 
also captured Student Council, Blue Key, Engineer- 
ing Council, Tribunal Chancellor, and Student Union 
Governing Board positions. Ron Bryant was presi- 

SIGMA CHI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Henry Z. Boss, Ernest H. Allen, Thomas N. 
Allen, Richard D. Allison, Richard Arnold, Robert C. Baldwin, William H. Bales, 
Homer H. Belk, Alan H. Bell, Robert E. Blackwelder, Thomas L. Bowman, Wal- 
lace E. Brown. SECOND ROW: Ronald C. Bryant, Carl S. Bulger, Warren G. 
Bullock, Dwayne S. Daniels, Gary D. Delforge, Charles T. Denesha, William N. 
Denton, Steve A. Douglas, Stanley C. Drevets, David W. Evans, Craig E. Fischer, 
Waldene D. Frank. THIRD ROW: Dean E. Fritzler, Robert H. George, Duane L. 
Ginter, Edwin F. Habiger, Arnold J. Hendricks, George L. Hooper, George G. 
Ismert, Richard L. Johnson, Sidney R. Jones, Richard L. Kail, Warren J. Keegan, 
William G. Koch. FOURTH ROW: James C. Kulp, Charles 0. Las key, Charles E. 
Lingle, Gerald D. Mase, Donald A. McClure, Dolan K. McDaniel, Lawrence D. 

Sigma Chi was founded nationally in 1855. Delta Upsilon 
chapter at Kansas State College was chartered in 1949. 

McDonald, Ronald W. McKinnie, Ronald J. Mihordin, Richard J. Miller, James 
0. Moore, Dale E. Morris. FIFTH ROW: John W. Nuzman, Kirk R. O'Dell, Lau- 
rence R. Plgg, Larry A. Rash, Darrell R. Rawlings, Donald R. Redding, Darrell 
L. Reitzel, Richard L. Rushton, William Schicktanz, Harold R. Seeger, Gary G. 
Servos, Jay B. Seyferth. SIXTH ROW: Byron Shields, James B. Shields, John 
l< Simmons, Keith L. Small, Darrel W. Smith, Gordon H. Smith, Don H. Stand- 
ley, Gaylord M. Stunkel, Charles J. Swartz, Donald F. Swartz, Keith G. Swenson, 
John M Thies. BOTTOM ROW: John A. Towse, Jerry D. Underwood, Neal R. 
VanDoren, William R. Walter, John E. Watt, Richard D. Weidler, Donald A. 
Wilbur, Larry K. Williams, Sheldon C. Williams, Galen Winegardner, Ray Wine- 
garner, Robert L. Young. 

3 ? %2lt 

Kansas State gained its chapter of Sigma Nu in 1913. The 
local chapter is the Beta Kappa chapter of the fraternity. 

sigma nu 

The wide sweeping lawn of Sigma Nu provides 
a beautiful setting for their house. This setting is 
efficiently used each year by the Sigma Nu's to pre- 
sent entertaining Homecoming decorations. Besides 
their hard work on Homecoming decorations, Sigma 
Nu's are active on Student Council, Engineering 
Council, Engineering Open House Coordinating com- 
mittee, Campus Industries, and in Phi Kappa Phi, 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Phi Lambda Up- 
silon, and Phi Eta Sigma honoraries. The White Rose 
Formal, Blackfoot-Whitefoot formal, and the West- 
ern Party are big social events. Presiding over the 
chapter was Frank Butler. Sigma Nu placed second 
in their division in football intramurals and partici- 
pated in almost every other sport. Membership in- 
creased to 52 which is four more than last year. Mrs. 
Alan B. Burch was housemother. 

SIGMA NU— TOP ROW: Mrs. Alan B. Burch, Dennis C. Albright, Alpha H. Ames, 
Darold K. Barb, Howard R. Bixby, Francis W. Blake Jr., James Brown, DonaJd 
A. Butel, Frank E. Butler, Peter R. Charlton, Elton L. Chatfield. SECOND ROW: 
David B. Cogdill, Myron R. Coryell, Bill R. Dondlinger, Richard L. Erickson, James 
E. Good, Leo D. Gray, Dave Gwinn, Dan F. Hahn, Darryl L. Heikes, Fred L. Hen- 
ley, Ronald A. Henry. THIRD ROW: Dennis W. Holm, Alfred D. Jaax, Charles H. 
Jacobson, David D. Junghans, William D. Kastner, Steve D. Kelly, James V. Krone, 

James B. Lansing, Jim Lisher, George D. McCallum, Steven R. McCarl. FOURTH 
ROW: Roland N. McDaniel, Clifford D. McGinnis, James M. Meek, Philip D. 
Moorhead, Larry L. Nafzinger, Jack S. Newby, John E. Newcomer, Chester W. 
Quakenbush, David D. Pearce, Roger P. Reetz, Frank J. Sambol. BOTTOM ROW: 
James D. Sampson, William E. Schaulis, Kermit V. Smith, Owen C. Sutter, John 
D. Swickard, Robert D. Turley, Larry G. Van Pelt, Galen E. Ward, Charles H. 
Wilson, Lonnie K. Wood. 


sigma phi epsilon 

Cars honking through the streets on late fall aft- 
ernoons soon made everyone aware that the Sig Eps 
had won another intramural football game. Their 
enthusiasm paid off, for they won first place in the 
Greek gridiron competition. One Sig Ep athlete was 
the winner of the K-State athletic scholastic honor 
roll award. Giving blood donations to Riley County 
hospital was a special project of the chapter. Another 
worthy service was giving gifts to needy families in 
the community. Ronald Baker wielded the gavel as 
president of the organization. 

The Kansas State chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was a local 
organization called Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon until 1918. 

SIGMA PHI EPSILON— TOP ROW: Mrs. Doris Ericson, Donald L. Argabright, 
Richard L. Bach, Ronald L. Baker, Philip G. Barnes, Richard E. Barrett, Daryl A. 
Becker, James H. Brass, Sam E. Brookover, Charles H. Carl, Robert L. Carson, 
Duane Carter. SECOND ROW: William Carter, Bruce Champlin, Allen Chaplin, 
Marvin W. Chiles, Richard L. Circle, Paul H. Clark, Thomas H. Coblentz, Gary L. 
Cooper, Robert F. Crawford, Roger L. Douglass, Douglas W. Exline, Jerry K. 
Exline. THIRD ROW: Leonard M. Farr, Thomas W. Frisbie, Richard G. Gordon, 
Lewis C. Gray, Harold E. Grubb, Robert E. Harris, John E. Hindman, Stephen P. 
Jeffer, Orville A. Keeler, Jerry K. Kerbs, James H. Kolde, Donald K. Kratzer. 

FOURTH ROW: George P. Laddish, Gary Lawrence, Robert L. Main, John G. 
McComb, Robert McDonald, Joe McFall, Jerry B. McKee, Gary L. Millenbruch, 
Charles I. Moyer, Dan A. Noe, Burdell R. Nolte, Richard A. Payne. FIFTH ROW: 
Gary L. Pickerill, James 0. Pugh, R. Allen Rockwell, Douglas D. Roether, James R. 
Schafer, Robert L. Schober, Jerry Schrader, Richard A. Scrogin, Robert E. Sears, 
William H. Sears, William M. Shilling, Gene 0. Smith. BOTTOM ROW: J. Michael 
Smith, Larry M. Sturgeon, William C. Swinson, H. Dennis Tatge, Douglas E. 
Tedrow, Harvey A. Tedrow, Terry N. Turner, Jerry Van Zant, Allen Webber, 
James R. Weston, Roger D. Wolfe, David W. Zeckser. 

^s^ <*®^ ^y 

:"> z$ ■ ; c r> ^ .7 

... • c* c v o &% o 


In the last" two years, the Tekes have built a new living room, 
dining room and kitchen for their campus home. 

TAU KAPPA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Mrs. Metz Wright, Steve H. Ahrens, Dale V. 
Aikens, Charles L. Albers, Norman D. Armstrong, Carl D. Athens, Mark W. 
Atherly, John Baker, Edward J. Balaban, Vernon W. Bartlett, Thomas C. Baucke, 
Edward P. Becker, Stephen L. Belt. SECOND ROW: William B. Bickford, Robert 
A. Brillhart, D. Thaine Carpenter, Thomas F. Carpenter, Dale M. Cook, Ronald L. 
Cook, Mike W. Cornett, Stanley W. Cowan, Wayne C. Dale, David H. Dettke, 
Robert E. Dodson, Robert A. Dorian, John E. Dorst. THIRD ROW: Bob L. Doyle, 
Joe H. Doyle, Darrel V. Dyer, Lawrence Faler, Richard C. Foster, Harold Ghorm- 
ley, Frank E. Grippy, Jerold W. Hahn, Jack P. Hamilton, Wesley D. Hedden, For- 
rest Henry, Wallace D. Houser, Duane A. Huber. FOURTH ROW: Mark Hueftle, 
Frank E. Johnson, John E. Kadel, Gary G. Karst, Milo Kratochvil, Don R. Kraus, 
Ron D. Leslie, Alan J. Liebler, Robert C. Lincoln, James M. Lygrisse, James D. 

tau kappa epsilon 

With an increase of 32 members over last year, 
the Tekes boast the largest Greek group on campus 
with a membership of 112. Members were Attorney 
General of the Tribunal, President of Scabbard and 
Blade, and on the debate team. Outstanding events 
included the honorary dinner for Homecoming 
Queen candidates, the "Tavern on the Green" house 
party, TKE barbecue, and the touch football victory 
over the Teke chapter at the University of Nebraska. 
Tom Carpenter served as president. 

Marsh, William L. Mason, Edward R. McKean. FIFTH ROW: Jack C. Middleton, 
Charles Moeller, Clarence D. Monroe, Richard G. Monteith, Brian A. Mullen, Bob 
Nelson, Larry R. Nelson, Alfred Niles, Larry North, Norman Ott, John Pacilio Jr., 
Ronald B. Paul, Samuel Peppiatt. SIXTH ROW: Deloit J. Peterson, Maurice R. 
Phillips, Edward N. Porter, James L. Raaf, Al Rader, Nathaniel P. Ralls, Robert 
L. Reinhardt, Richard Rood, Edwin S. Root, David T. Rowe, Johnny F. Salisbury, 
John C. Schartz, Don Schick. SEVENTH ROW: Douglas 0. Schoning, James 
Shane, Lynn R. Shuyler, Nelson L. Sinderson, John J. Smiley, Don 0. Smith, M. 
Viers Smith, John C. Stapp, George Strobel, Robert Sundquist, Lawrence B. 
Swanson, Edward Swiercinsky, Edwin Tajchman. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon D. Teall, 
Roger W. Tucker Gary L. Vacin, Larry R. Vannocker, Robert Vernon, George F. 
Vohs, Ron D. Wells, James W. Williams, James Winzeler, Richard D. Winzeler, 
Duane White, Robert P. Yenzer, Ross L. Yohn. 




f. \9. ' f 

1: J^itlife^ tX^I 

k vfc , i 

THETA XI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Ben Barr, Melvin L. Bareiss, Gary L. Comfort, 
Duane Cooley, John H. Cooley, Dennis L. Darner, Richard K. Disney, Robert Dis- 
ney, Thomas M. Gibson, Donald F. Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Robert E. Harner, 
William T. Harner, Lowell L. Hurtig, Norman E. Jackson, Larry L. Johnson, Wil- 
liam R. Jones, Roger K. Kraus, Frank A. Kreitler, Chris Lee, George Looby. 



It was a celebration year for the 40 members of 
Theta Xi fraternity. After busy preparation and 
hours of planning, the 2 5 th anniversary of the chap- 
ter on the Kansas State campus arrived. Climaxing 
the celebration held November 3 and 4, the Theta 
Xi's held a banquet in the K-State Union. President 
James McCain was the guest speaker and national 
officers were present. Another big event found all 
the characters of the underworld jazzing up an 
evening at the annual Theta Xi Tuffy Strut. The 
Christmas party and Unicorn Ball in the spring kept 
the Theta Xi's and their favorite girls in the social 

In the field of sports Theta Xi's football team 
ended the season with two wins and three losses. They 
also participated in basketball intramurals. To prove 
that Theta Xi's worked hard on campus events, mem- 
bers participated in the following organizations: Steel 
Ring, Sigma Tau, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and 
Blade, Pi Epsilon Delta and Pershing Rifles. One 

THIRD ROW: Donald E. Lundgren, Robert D. Moore, John R. Osterheld, J. Eugene 
Porch, Terry M. Quinn, Willis Razor, Charles L. Reif, Paul E. Ridenour, Ronald R. 
Riggenbach, Allen D. Roberts. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Rolph, Wayne K. Riley, 
Dennis L. Sampson, Paul R. Spaulding, William J. Stanners, Leon S. Stanton, 
Gail H. Taplin, Glen L. Taplin, Archibald Weaver, G. Harold Wells. 

member kept the financial job as treasurer for Inter- 
fraternity Council, while another member kept the 
pep of Kansas State men in fine shape as president of 
the Wampus Cats. 

A goal of the chapter is to work for constant 
progress with a strong feeling toward true fraternal- 
ism. Guiding all the celebrations and activities of the 
Theta Xi's was president Dennis Darner. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y., in 186-4, was 
site of founding of Theta Xi. Alpha Iota was installed in 1931. 


northwest hall 

Northwest Hall, freshman girls' dormitory, sits on 
the northeast corner of the campus along with South- 
east Hall and Van Zile Hall. Two hundred and 
eighteen freshmen women and upper-class counselors 
lived there this year. "Autumn Melody," a fall party, 
was the first of the year's social events for the dorm 
members and "Christmas in Modern" was carried out 
at the Christmas dance. Dorothy Byler was crowned 

For a quiet weekend date, Northwest girls and boy friends may 
choose to play bridge, or dance, or listen to music in Rec room. 

NORTHWEST HALL— TOP ROW: Elizabeth Ade, Marcella Albright, Carolee Alex- 
ander, Barbara Alt, Kay Anspaugh, Claudia Applebaugh, Pearl Arnold, Sherrill 
Arnold, Rosalie Austin, Carolee Baertch, Dee Ann Baker, Donna Baker. SECOND 
ROW: Jane Beach, Mary Lou Beisecker, Linda Bergmann, Luetta Berschauer, 
Janice Billings, Judith Bingham, Norma Bollinger, Lois Bones, Lillian Brandt, 
Fostine Britt, Victoria Brodbeck, Mary Brown. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Bryan, Kay 
Burke, Dorothy Byler, J. Irene Carter, Jane Chalmers, Lydia Chambers, Deanna 
Chase, Eugenia Chatman, Janice Cheatham, Janet Chrisman, Marilyn Clark, Janice 

Collins. FOURTH ROW: Ada Ruth Craig, Dorothy Crotinger, Esther Dahl, Barbara 
David, Janet Davis, Jayne Davis, Rogene Davis, LeAnne Dawson, Patricia 
Douglass, Rae Helen Dressier, Jaqueline Du Mars, Eldora Edgerton. FIFTH ROW: 
Janice Edwards, Janet Elliott, Ardis Ellis, Judith Farrand, Carol Faulconer, 
Orvileine Fergus, Barbara Flinn, Helen Foltz, M. Ann Fox, Jane Franz, Sharon 
Frick, Martha Friedel. BOTTOM ROW: Bernadine Frigon, Deanna Frommer, 
Judith Frye, Teresa Gatz, Marjorie Ginter, Jacquelin Glover, Arrah Sue Goodin, 
Carole Greer, E. Diane Grey, Ellen Grimsley, Helen Habernigg, Elizabeth Hamilton, 
Rosalia Hanken. 


Queen of Hearts at the annual Northwest Hall 
Queen of Hearts Ball in an atmosphere of hearts and 
cupids. A Christmas formal dinner, hour dances, 
Parents' Day and a faculty tea were also held during 
the year. Among the honors received by residents of 
Northwest were two Ag Barnwarmer attendants, St. 
Patricia candidate, National 4-H winner, two girls 
attending National 4-H Congress and a Wildcat Cal- 
endar Girl. 

Patricia Murphy and Barbara David were first and 
second semester presidents of the dorm respectively. 
Virginia Smith was resident hall director and Mrs. 
Harold Summers was her assistant. 

NORTHWEST HALL— TOP ROW: L. Marilyn Hanna, Harriet Harwick, Mary Ann 
Hauge, Sharon Hays, Wendy Helstrom, Colene Henson, Margaret J. Herr, M. Sue 
Hiebert, A. Sue Higdon, Elizabeth Higgins, Janet Hill, Myrna K. Hilliard. SEC- 
OND ROW: Yvonne Hince, Anita L. Hoge, M. Barbara Holbert, K. Sue Holland, 
Janet L. Holm, Carolyn Huber, Katherine Hueftle, Carol L. Hurt, Carole S. Joffray, 
Barbara A. Johnson, Lillian M. Johnson, Nancy E. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Jacque- 
line Jones, Greta Julian, Sharon Keif, Sandra Keil, Maryanne Keller, Jean A. 
Koerner, Roberta L. Kraus, B. Waldean Kretzmeier, Marilyn J. Kufahl, Cherie J. 
La Fromboise, Carol B. Larson, Judith R. Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Lee Lutz, 

Northwest Hall, dormitory for freshmen girls, was first used in 
1951. It is on the north side of Van Zile, and faces Southeast. 

Claudine B. MacFee, Betty J. Mai, Jaclyn G. Mall, Katherine J. Martin, Lynne M. 
Martin, Alice McCandless, Patsy McClenahan, Ruth McConnell, Carol L. McCosh, 
Rubyellen McDonald, Barbara R. McKinnis. FIFTH ROW: E. Maureen McRae, 
Nancy S. McVay, Sherry Meitler, Beverly J. Miller, Dorothy A. Minear, Mary Jo 
Moriconi, Gelane L. Moritz, Marilyn K. Mueller, Patricia J. Murphy, Rosemary 
Newcom, Jo Anne L. Nichols, Ruth E. O'Hara. BOTTOM ROW: Maxine R. Olson, 
Arnita L. Otte, Joyce A. Otte, Shirley R. Oveson, Carmen Paul, Maren Paynter, 
Judith Peterson, Carolyn Pickens, Barbara Powell, Joanna Prochazka, Sue Pruitt, 
Judith A. Quinlisk, Ruena J. Quinn. 


w\ *r\ Mr 

JT- * «*f |**w*^ 



mmm ^mm 


NORTHWEST HALL— TOP ROW. Shelby J. Reaugh, Joyce Rector, Glenda A. 
Reed, Sherry A. Reed, Beverly A. Reinhardt, Orva Lea Richardson, Helen Ritter, 
Lorene E. Ritts, Lydia E. Rivera, Clenece L. Roberts, Myrna L. Robson, Mary Ann 
Rogler. SECOND ROW: Floy K. Ruppelius, Norma L. Salmans, Phyllis A. Sayler, 
L. Marlene Schaben, Kathryn A. Schmid, M. Jane Seitz, Charleen R. Selby, Mar- 
garet Shannon, Patricia Shannon, Sally S. Shellhaas, Sandra J. Shields, Carrilee 
Shipps. THIRD ROW: Judith Simmons, Maria B. Simmons, M. Darlene Skillman, 
Sharon L. Skupa, Sondra S. Sluyter, Chestine A. Smith, Martha A. Smith, Vir- 
ginia Smith, Judith D. Stark, Cyrena M. Starr, Rosalie Stockham, Judith Stover. 

Many times the girls of Northwest may be found grouped 
around the piano, singing old favorites as they relax from classes. 

FOURTH ROW: Kay Straub, Bette Stuber, Karen Swanson, Sandra K. Swanson, 
Joan Taylor, Joanne Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Marilyn Taylor, Virginia Taylor, Harriet 
C. Tedrow, Cibyl Teichman, Sandra J. Tenorio. FIFTH ROW: Loralee Terb.ovich, 
Sandra Thompson, Sharon Totten, Patty C. Tuma, Judith A. Turton, Karen 
Vathauer, Janet Viar, Patricia Vopat, Glenda Wancura, Diane L. Ward, Diane M. 
Watson, Virginia Waugh. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Weigel, Jeannette E. Wells, 
Carol White, Deanna Jean White, Deanna Rae White, Vera Wierenga, Dolores 
Wilken, Corrine Wright, Nellie Wulz, Ardene Young, Susan Young, Patricia Zajic, 
Cynthia Ziegler. 

Intramural sports the dorm participated in were 
volleyball, swimming and basketball. Northwest girls 
took third place in the swimming competition. The 
coeds live in one, two, three and four girl rooms with 
a laundry room located on each floor. Corridor 
meetings are held with the counselors each week first 
semester to discuss problems and current activities. 
During time out from studying the girls enjoy the 
facilities of the recreation room in the basement by 
watching television, playing cards or ping-pong, or 
singing around the piano. On all four floors, there 
are social rooms with kitchenettes to prepare refresh- 
ments for the corridor parties. 



SOUTHEAST HALL— TOP ROW: Donnice Adamek, Sharon L. Anthony, Anna Att- 
water, Dorothy J. Baird, Jodee A. Baird, Beverly K. Bass, Janice L. Bates, Judith 
L. Batton, Judy Beach, Laura L. Beal, Paula Behrmann, Mae L. Berg. SECOND 
ROW: Christine Bergstrom, Billy Sue Bevelhymer, Connie A. Blair, Mary K. Blume, 
Gwendolyn Bourquin, Mary L. Brant, Mary B. Brooks, Beverly Brown, Helen E. 
Burgess, Barbara A. Burnes, Ruth A. Bybee, M. Coleen Cady. THIRD ROW: Vir- 
ginia Caldwell, Mary A. Chamberlain, Sara L. Choplin, Connie Clary, Patsy A. 
Clary, Sally Clary, Patricia L. Cochran, Jo Ann Collins, Jo Ellen Cooley, George- 
anne Courville, Nora J. Crocker, Elaine L. Danielson. FOURTH ROW: Caroline 

southeast hall 

"Fantasy on Ice" was the theme of the Christmas 
Formal for girls of Southeast Hall and their dates. 
Pat Rouse was elected queen to reign over the dance. 
During its sixth year Southeast Hall, freshman girls' 
dormitory which faces its sister dorm, Northwest 
Hall, housed 22 5 girls. New director of the dorm was 
Gladys F. Grace. Assistant director was Mrs. Eleanor 
Siemers. Carol Korinek was first semester president 
and Nora Crocker headed the dorm second semester. 
Upper-class girls acted as counselors. 

Davidson, De Anne M. Davies, Barbara DeBrunner, Rochelle Denk, Anne Detert, 
Virginia Dewerff, Karen Dickson, Gearolyn L. Diehl, Clareen E. Dodds, Jane 
Dodge, Phyllis Dolecek, Carol Doran. FIFTH ROW: Norma E. Duell, Karen L. 
Dusenbury, Marcia R. Eddy, Ann Eklund, Kathleen Endicott, Carol M. Engle, 
Sharon K. Ericson, Vernadean Euhus, Joan Evans, Judie Evert, Sue A. Fank- 
houser, Lois A. Fields, Judith M. Fisher. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Fisk, Sara Foster, 
Joyce A. Gager, Nancy Gaie, Alice M. Gardner, Jeanette Garinger, Doris A. 
Geisler, Priscilla A. Goings, Dixie Good, Karen Gottfrid, Barbara Groothuis, Judith 
Hall, Judith A. Hamilton. 

The newest dormitory tor freshmen girls, Southeast Hall, was 
completed in 1952. It houses 200 freshmen and their counselors. 


Activities included an Open House dance, hour 
dances, the Christmas formal, faculty tea, and house 
parties. Southeast Hall also entered the homecoming 
house decorations contest. A record number of girls 
living at Southeast belonged to Whi-Purs and Purple 
Pepsters. Southeast coeds participated in volleyball, 
swimming, basketball, and table tennis intramurals. 
Their table tennis team went to the finals while two 
girls placed second in the swimming team event. 

The girls are divided into council groups. Each 
council group elects a member to represent them on 
the house council. The executive officers are elected 
in an all-dorm election and the tribunal, the judiciary 
body, is composed of six members selected by the 
House council. 

Judie Mann, dorm social chairman, joyfully places the Southeast 
Sweetheart crown upon the head of smiling Pat Rouse. 

SOUTHEAST HALL— TOP ROW: Eleanor R. Hansen, Carolyn Harp, Kathleen 
Hayes, Mildred Heiken, Donalie J. Heikes, Sherry K. Henderson, Karen G. Herthel, 
Barbara E. Herzog, Ruth A. Hill, Irene Hollingsworth, Jackie A. Hubbard, Barbara 
A. Huff. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Humburg, Margaret A. Hunt, Kay Hurtt, Sharon 
L. Hutchinson, Judith C. Izard, Joanne Jacobs, Mina E. Jones, Mary A. Jordan, 
Carolyn Keane, LaDonna Keller, Joyce A. Kerber, Mary J. Kidd. THIRD ROW: 
Joan Kirk, Katherine L. Kirton, Beverley L. Kite, Katie Klecan, Janie Knight, 
Margaret Kope, Joan Kordus, Carol A. Korinek, Betty J. Larkin, Gretchen A. 
Larson, Karen F. Larson, Joyce A. Leonhard. FOURTH ROW: Barbara J. Light, 

Janice Lilly, Evelyn M. Lindley, Pat Lindsay, Sharon Linville, Mary F. Loftus, 
Julie MacDonald, Janet Macy, H. Irene Mangelsdorf, Judith Mann, C. Colleen 
Martin, Marcella Matzke. FIFTH ROW: Sandra H. Mays, Caroline McCain, 
Patricia A. McClelland, Patty McHugh, Mary A. McKinney, Nancy J. McLeod, 
Susan E. McMillan, Susan Mechesney, Anita C. Meckfessel, Nancy A. Meriwether, 
Connie Merritt, Linda Merritt, Nancy Mills. BOTTOM ROW: Mary L. Moak, 
Emily K. Mohri, Darlene N. Monday, Constance Morgan, Lynn M. Moxley, Patricia 
Myers, Phyllis M. Myers, Alice M. Nagel, Janet Newcomer, Alice K. Nordstrom, 
Sharon Nuttle, Sharon Oberle, Carolee Orme. 

f j^ - SBt jBt SSL' £ 'SSL- 

% W % % W m 


Whi-Purs president, Ag Barnwarmer queen, and 
two members of the junior debate team lived at 
Southeast Hall. On the first floor of the dorm are 
a waiting room and a living room with kitchenette 
for entertaining guests, holding meetings, or just re- 
laxing. The recreation room and dining room in the 
basement open into one large room for parties. The 
switchboard operators are kept constantly busy, ex- 
cept during 8 to 10 p.m. study hours, relaying tele- 
phone messages over the intercom system to the 22 5 
coeds. The reception desk is also crowded twice a 
day during mail call and on weekend nights with 
girls signing out to attend games, parties or dances 
with their favorite men. 

The most popular place in Southeast Hall — the mail boxes — 
attracts these three girls to see if that special letter has arrived. 

SOUTHEAST HALL— TOP ROW: Janice J. Orten, Gloria J. Ousdahl, Barbara B. 
Parry, Joyce E. Pearson, Thelma Perkins, Joan K. Peters, Trella K. Phelps, Janet 
E. Philips, Kathleen M. Pile, Patricia Pletcher, Alberta Plummer, Betty J. 
Poteet. SECOND ROW: Sandra Preston, Glenna S. Price, Catherine Raleigh, Joyce 
E. Rhodes, Margaret Richards, Beverly A. Richardson, Adrienne Rieck, Reatha J. 
Roberts, Sylvia Robertson, Marilyn Rogers, Judith J. Ross, Theresa Ross. THIRD 
ROW: Pat Rouse, Janie A. Rumsey, Mary K. Rundell, Fayeann Sandstrum, Janet 
S. Schafter, Ila Jo Schild, Laura Schmidtlein, Dwanna Schneider, Judith A. 
Shearer, Joyce Simpson, Carin L. Slentz, D. Corrine Smith. FOURTH ROW: 

Shirley J. Smith, Regina G. Snyder, Carole L. Spears, Ann Steiner, Donna J. 
Stewart, Linda Stout, Margaret Strobel, Marilyn L. Summers, Wanda M. Swen- 
son, Jane A. Thomas, Jacqueline Tiller, Marilyn Tindall. FIFTH ROW: Pat 
Tramel, Patty L. Trent, Beverly A. Turnbull, Barbara A. Turney, Virginia Vahle, 
Phi N is Veirgever, Ruth Vest, Linda L. Wagoner, Donna M. Wahl, Muriel Ward, 
Mary E. Warders, Carolee S. Weisser. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara J. Wenger, Linda 
L. Wenrich, Patricia West, Margean Westerhouse, Wanda Weybrew, Karolyn Wiens, 
Carolyn Williamson, Monne K. Wills, Phyllis Wilmoth, Mary E. Wilson, Mary T. 
Wittek, Patricia S. Young, Martha L. Zimmerman. 


If if I £t£f 


van zile hall 

Topping all residence halls in scholarship during 
the 195 5-56 school year was just one of many 
achievements for residents of Van Zile Hall, an up- 
perclass dormitory for girls. Van Zile girls were 
active in 61 campus organizations, and they claimed 
the presidency of twelve clubs: Purple Pepsters, 
Home Economics Council, Theta Epsilon, Club Cer- 
vantes, Mu Phi Epsilon, Clothing-Retailing Club, 
Delta Sigma Rho, Art Club, ¥AA, Phi Alpha Mu, 
Home Ec and Teaching Club and FTA. Doris Geis 
was Army Military Ball attendant, Donna Geis was a 
Calendar Queen attendant, and Mary Helen Eaton 
was pledge queen and a Calendar Queen attendant. 
Anita Grimm won the trophy for first in women's 

Van Zile Hall, an upperclass women's dormitory, is in the 
middle of the three dorms at the northeast corner of the campus. 

oratory at Southwestern Invitational Debate tourna- 
ment, K-State's only such win in several years. But 
Van Zile's girls didn't stop with these activities. 

VAN ZILE HALL— TOP ROW: Mr. John Gibson, Mrs. Mary Gibson, Lois C. 
Adams, Virginia L. Adamson, Mary A. Aeschliman, Janice L. Albers, Karen E. 
Andrews, Barbara M. Aubley, Nancy L. Barragree, Wilma J. Bauman, Karla E. 
Baur, Lenore E. Beamer. SECOND ROW: Emily M. Booth, Donna J. Bowers, 
Linnea A. Brown, Norma L. Brown, Catherine W. Cain, Jo Ann Carstens, Patricia 
J. Cary, Sandra K. Chapin, Karen K. Chapman, E. Norene Clayton, Carolyn L. 
Cochran, Jacqueline J. Commerford. THIRD ROW: M. Gayle Coppoc, Patricia M. 
Corbin, Virginia M. Cowan, Betty A. Crawford, Dorothy Crawford, Patricia E. 

Darg, Barbara M. DeLange, Patricia E. DeLange, Marcia P. Donavan, Patricia J. 
Doyle, Mary M. Drantman, Marilyn J. DuBois. FOURTH ROW: Mary H. Eaton, 
Virginia L. Eaton, Johncie L. Eder, Betty L. Eikmeier, Wanda J. Facklam, Janice 
J. Fauss, Mary D. Fickel, Suzanne Fleetwood, F. Jean Flora, Ann L. Folsche, 
Virginia L. Forbes, Carolee V. Fox. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret A. Frerking, Ver- 
lene V. Frick, Marilyn H. Froetschner, Janice L. Gaddis, Mary E: Garner, Bar- 
bara J. Gearhart, Donna Geis, Doris Geis, Eula M. Geist, Sally A. Geistfeld, 
Annie L. Gish. 

*H Sr w^ ; Mi 


fit # ft 


They claim the regional officer of the Independent 
Students' Association, three cabinet members of the 
YWCA, two officers of Omicron Nil, treasurer of 
Associated Women Students, and 37 officers in other 
campus organizations. In the honorary group, they 
have three Mortar Boards and a Chimes member and 
representatives in Omicron Nu, Phi Alpha Mu, Alpha 
Delta Theta, Theta Sigma Phi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, 
and Delta Sigma Rho. The special project of the res- 
idence hall was the adoption of a family at Christ- 
mastime to whom they gave food and gifts. They 
also set as a goal to win the first place in scholarship 
for both semesters this year. 

It was not all study and campus activity business 
at Van Zile, though, as many social activities filled 
the calendar. Committees worked hard to make the 
dorm's spring formal and "Santa's Toyland" Christ- 
mas party huge successes. A formal dinner honored 
graduating seniors at the end of each semester and 

"Right at home" these Van Zile girls take a break from their 
studies and campus activities to enjoy a TV program. 

VAN ZILE HALL— TOP ROW: Arline L. Gray, Anita Grimm, Janice R. Groh, 
Pansy J. Haecker, Karen A. Hair, Ruth Hammer, Mary J. Harri, Jeanelle F. Hen- 
dricks, Diane Higley, M. Anne Hilding, Mary C. Hilding, Twyla R. Holle. SECOND 
ROW: Marguerite E. Hoon, Marilyn E. Hoon, Joann Hotchkiss, Phyllis E. Hoyt, 
Janice M. Humble, Melva J. Huseman, Barbara A. Johnson, Betty L. Johnson, 
Nancy L. Johnson, Elsie B. Johnston, Lynne V. Joines, Carolyn A. Kihn. THIRD 
ROW: K. Joan King, Ruth Kohr, Arvilla G. Kruger, Dorothy J. Kubik, Kathleen 

K. Kulp, Darlene A. Larkin, H. Doris Lauxman, Ila Lawson, Leta M. Lawson, 
Janice E. Loeckle, Phyllis J. Loseke, Wilma R. Ludwig. FOURTH ROW: LeRoyce 

A. Maddux, Janet S. Markley, Rose Mary Martin, Mariene B. Mattas, Shirley F. 
McClelland, Doris E. McClenny, Janet L. McCroskey, Eldora Z. McReynolds, 
Patricia K. McShane, Edith Melzer, Gail A. Meyer, Gavona J. Michaels. BOTTOM 
ROW: Mary A. Milbourn, Janet S. Miner, Ruth E. Moline, Joan Moody, Phyllis 

B. Morris, Bernice E. Mount, Mary L. Murry, Betty A. Neises, C. Darlene Nelson, 
Barbara A. Niccum, Nancy K. Nicolay. 




VAN ZILE HALL— TOP ROW: Margaret A. IMoonan, Nadine C. Oltjen, Patricia 
M. Owen, Patti Penrod, Sue Percival, Barbara J. Pivonka, Elouise J. Postier, 
Phyllis E. Pratt, Ruth M. Ramsey, Jean M. Regier, Use M. Reiling, Nona Lee 
Reneau. SECOND ROW: Illene M. Rizek, Virginia Roenbaugh, Marilyn J. Rogers, 
Yvonne L. Rohrbaugh, Ruth E. Rohrer, Barbara L. Root, E. Shirley Salter, Eliza- 
beth A. Sambol, Marilyn J. Santner, Shirley J. Sapp, J. Marta Schroer, Bi I lie D. 
Scott. THIRD ROW: Carol A. Shideler, Beverly J. Sims, Mary L. Skinner, Carol 
A. Snodgrass, Marcia C. Sowers, Loretta K. Splichal, Lois M. Springsted, Martha 

S. Stark, Kay G. Steele, Barbara A. Stoughton, Sharon K. Studer, Jaqueline I. 
Swanson. FOURTH ROW: Jean E. Swengel, Janet R. Thompson, Clyda E. Toms, 
Patricia A. Tucker, Darlene M. Turner, Esther G. Valdes, Marline R. Van 
Schooneveld, Estalee Van Sickle, Mary L. Vogelman, Barbara A. Walker, Mar- 
garet L. Walker, Yvonne E. Warner. BOTTOM ROW: Jo Anne Wendland, Joann 
White, Sandra A. White, Mary T. Wieland, Carol L. Wilkins, Shirley J. Williams, 
Louise E. Wilson, Charlotte A. Wipf, Carolyn M. Wymer, Daryl L. Yandell, 
Eleanor Zohner. 

the girls enjoyed special dinners at Christmas, Valen- 
tine's Day, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Variety 
was also found in the annual and long-awaited Swed- 
ish Smorgasbord and Indian Curry dinners. When it 
comes to campus intramurals, Van Zile is always near 
the top. It battles with Waltheim for many of the 
sports titles. Sports-minded Van Zile participated in 
every intramural contest except swimming and table 
tennis singles. Last spring their hard fighting teams 
won first in volleyball and softball. They are coached 
by the dorm directors, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. In the 
intramural contests of this fall, Van Zile walked off 
with the volleyball crown again. 

Living Room Is Redecorated 
One of the highlights of the year was the redecora- 
tion of Van Zile's living room. The girls eagerly 
watched the new developments each day as the room 
was transformed into a place of beauty. The re- 
decoration was begun in January. Van Zile Hall was 

built in 1926. She celebrated her 30th anniversary 
last August. Besides housing upperclass girls, the 
dormitory has a workshop for senior institutional 
management students in the residence hall dining hall. 
These institutional management students live at Van 
Zile for a certain amount of time during a semester 
and help prepare the menus and food for the girls. 
Individual personalities of the girls can be seen in 
their decoration of rooms. Each of the girls supply 
their own bedspreads and drapes. 

House Council Governs Dorm 
The girls are governed by a house council, made 
up of the officers and representatives of each of the 
10 corridors. The tribunal, also composed of corridor 
representatives, is the disciplinary board. President of 
Van Zile was Karen Andrews. A unique Van Zile 
feature is the only "house father" on the Kansas State 
campus — John Gibson, whose wife is the dormitory 


waltheim hall 

Apartment facilities give Waltheim Hall residents 
a little different experience than those gained from 
living in the other three women's residence halls. Girls 
live in' six-girl suites and find it real handy since 
someone is usually in the room to take those import- 
ant phone calls. President of the 84-member hall 
was Ruth Collins. Mrs. Jane Prier was housemother. 

Social activities included hour dances, exchange 
dinners, faculty tea and the inter-dorm sing — all 
leading to the biggest event of the year, the spring 
formal. Queen finalists were abundant in Waltheim 
and included candidates for the Barnwarmer, Mili- 
tary Ball and Miss Wildcat. Three girls were 
members of Angel Flight and the hall also claimed a 
Student Council officer. Active participation in the 
women's intramural sports program is proven with 

WALTHEIM HALL— TOP ROW: Mrs. Jane Prier, Shirley F. Aiken, Betty Artley, 
Linda L. Bair, Mary E. Banks, Mary K. Barger, Karen K. Binns, Dia H. Bolton, 
Jolene F. Book, Barbara J. Bradford, Joan R. Brockman, Mary J. Brown. SECOND 
ROW: Phyllis J. Buchenau, Jane A. Butler, Joyce A. Caldwell, Joan C. Carter, 
Eva S. Cheung, Ruth A. Collins, Dorothy A. Craft, Marilyn B. Crist, Rosemary 
Dague, Beverly J. Devolld, Beth A. Dowling, Linda Drenon. THIRD ROW: Joy 
Elledge, Betty Emery, LaRue Fikan, Martha Finney, Sybil Foster, Janice Frick, 
Radene S. Goss, Bonnie Hafford, Kathy Harden, Mary Ann Havel, Barbara Head, 
Patricia Hefner. FOURTH ROW: Marie Helmle, Patricia Hibbs, Phyllis Houston, 

Upperclass women enjoy the apartment-style living at Waltheim 
Hall, situated off the K-State campus to the south. 

the hall's record of the first place swimming team. 
A special project this year was singing Christmas 
carols at Fort Riley. 

Karen Howell, Shirley Hundley, Martha Hutcheson, Loretta Jewett, Patricia 
Johnson, Barbara Jones, Beatrice Jones, Mary Kimes, Feme Kindall. FIFTH ROW: 
Joyce Knepper, Nancy Lange, Charlene Lillig, Kay Linder, Phyllis Love, Aura 
McConnell, Patricia McDermott, Sheila Morton, Marilyn Moyer, Mynie Mundhenke, 
Darlene Murdock, Dorothy Newell. SIXTH ROW: Catherine Newman, Eleanor 
Olson, LeAnne Olson, Sally Powers, Donna Reeves, Beverly Ringey, Tanya Ross 
Marllys Rudman, Beverly Ryman, Etta Sanderson, Donna Sargent, Eleanor Saylor. 
BOTTOM ROW: Nadine Scott, Katherine Seaton, Nancy Sidener, Joan Skonberg, 
Joan Smith, Nancy Smith, Patsy Stevens, Erma Suchan, Sharon Townsend, Janice 
Voth, Nancy Whitney, Susanne Wildgen. 

apt"- ?*\ /*\ m 


stadium is redecorated 

West Stadium was completely re-decorated this 
year to make living more pleasant for the 150 K- 
State men housed there. The reception room has a 
"new look" due to the fresh paint job, new furnish- 
ings and carpets, while new dressers, mirrors, drapes, 
and Venetian blinds were put in individual rooms. 
Carpets in all halls and on stairways also add spark 
to the "new look" at the stadium. 

Champions of intramural basketball in the inde- 
pendent division for the second straight year, West 
Stadium holds fourth place out of 3 1 in the intra- 
mural independent division. The group also took 
second place in football and track for the '5 6-' 5 7 
seasons respectively. Men who live in West Stadium 
range from freshman to seniors at Kansas State and 

WEST STADIUM— TOP ROW: Mr. C. W. Thomas, Jr., Mrs. C. W. Thomas, Jr., 
Norman Ackerman, Thomas L. Alley, Terry Antenen, Ernesto T. Arriaga, Arwin 
Bauman, Harry C. Bennetts, Alan M. Berggren, Ken Boggs, Lawrence L. Brady, 
Gerry Brickell, William J. Brown. SECOND ROW: Ron Chilcoat, Raymond Ching, 
Joseph T. Clarke, Larry L. Collins, Joe K. Cooper, Phillip Davis, G. Paul Dobson, 
Howard Finkelstein, Marcel Freides, Larry Frey, Murray Fudim, Gerald M. Giffin, 
Hekmit Hakimian. THIRD ROW: Jerry L. Hayes, Jerry W. Hedrick, Charles 
D. Hellen, John R. Helm, Leon Hicks, Duane B. Holman, Ron Jackson, Alonzo 
Jamison, Jack D. Jaro, Paul Johnson, Graig D. Jones, Gary Karnopp, Louis Klus- 
meyer. FOURTH ROW: Dean Knewtson, Norman Kronvall, Terry Lee, Keith 

their curricula range from engineering to veterinary 
medicine. The West Stadium residents have taken 
their share of honors in the scholarship field. Six 
men were recognized during the past year as being 
in the top 15% of the '5 5 -'5 6 freshman class. The 
men elect their own officers and governing body. 
Presiding over the stadium residents this year was 
Bud Baysinger. 

West Stadium was built in 1946 and is a part of 
Memorial Stadium. There is no food service in the 
hall, therefore the men usually arrange to eat their 
meals in Aggieville or at the training table in East 
Stadium which is for athletes only. Many of the resi- 
dents of West Stadium are on athletic scholarships. 
Among the social activities for the groups were num- 
erous hour dances held with the various women's 
dormitories, a Christmas party, a dinner for the 
house council members and a big barbecue in the 

Lindberg, Irwin Liu, Danial W. Lockard, Dave H. Longley, Gene A. Martin, Larry 
Matayoshi, David 0. Miller, Robert Modlin, Armando Monroy, Robert Morgan. 
FIFTH ROW: Melvin L. Muxlow, James Nighswonger, Gary M. Oetinger, James E. 
Osborn, Kenneth Osbourn, Joseph Panzitta, Leon F. Pimple, James Pryor, Hector 
Puig, Donald Raphael, Gary L. Resseguie, Robert K. Salmon, William Saxton. 
SIXTH ROW: John Schaubach, Duane Shaw, Ron Smigielski, Garry Starmer, Jorge 
Michel Torres, Marion L. Towns, Edward Unruh, Gilbert Veconi, Joseph F. Vizza, 
Don Wagner, Wayne Wagner, Charles Waknitz, C. Keith Wanklyn. BOTTOM ROW: 
Robert Washington, Frank R. Weinhold, Rodney J. Whitney, Dwight W. Wicklund, 
Jerry K. Wiles, Leo Williams, Charles R. Wilson, James C. Windsor, William K. 
Woelk, William C. Yee, Howard E. Young, Lee Young, R. Clinton Young, Carl Zink. 


5 n 


,f? rrj »t? .(Q rT!i 


: ; r s ™l fcAk I Jl Iff If/ilt III 

FJM V /. 



^ o: 

-TOP ROW: Mrs. Ethel Stockwell, Chester E. Peters, Carol E. 
bert F. Caspar, Clifford E. Chamney, Charles M. Copple, Glenn Gar- 

rison, Ralph B. Handlin, Charles l\l. Kiddoo. BOTTOM ROW: Fred C. Isch, Jon F. 
Isch, Richard E. Ruda, Robert E. Rippe, George M. Smidt, Dale C. Spencer, 
Lowell E. Starr, Darrell D. Wallingford, William T. Warren. 

independent houses provide fun, fellowship 

Independent students find friends, fellowship, and 
fun at organized houses of various sizes and shapes 
in Manhattan. Houses are operated for both men and 
women students and play a big part in rounding out 
a full college program for each student. Presiding 
at meetings of the Independent Organized House 
Council this year was James Keating. Two repre- 
sentatives from each organized men's house belong 
to the council plus the president, which gives the 
council 1 5 members. Similar in its purpose to the 
Interfraternity Council, the IOHC is designed to 
support student interests, unify the independent 
houses, and foster friendship and fellowship among 
the 163 men who live in the seven houses affiliated 
with the IOHC. 

Mixers, picnics, and hour dances form the nucleus 
of social activities for IOHC members. A scholarship 
award was presented to the house with the highest 
grade average. Winning the trophy was the O. K. 
House. A special project of IOHC in the spring was 
to clean-up the area on both sides of the walls en- 
closing the campus on the south and east, from 
Nichols Gym to the women's residence hall area. The 
men also entered a float in the Homecoming Parade. 

Acropolis increased its membership this year as did 
most houses for independent students. Basketball and 
volleyball are favorites in the intramural program 
for Acropolis members. The 16 men living at the 
house put up decorations for Homecoming. They 
are represented in Sigma Gamma Epsilon, American 
Institute of Architects, American Society of Civil 

Engineers, Ag Ed Club, Masonic Club, Arnold Air 
Society, Future Teachers of America and several re- 
ligious groups. The house was organized in 19 50 with 
Mrs. Ethel Stockwell as housemother. Adviser for 
the house is Chester E. Peters. Ralph Handlin was 

Favorite men's magazine. Playboy, provides amusement before 
"sack time" for these members of Acropolis house. 

~ I £ r5 ^ e ^ 

IJ " ilirtill 

\j ' 1 i 1 i ■ Brfli f I i V .- llfi 

HOUSE OF BREC— TOP ROW: Mrs. Harold Brecheisen, Franklin J. Appl, George 
E. Atwood, Jim 0. Baenisch, Harold C. Brecheisen, Don E. Bryan, Chun-Fei Chueh, 
Stanley A. Combs, John E. Craig, Jim P. Duggan. SECOND ROW: John D. Dug- 
gan, Larry D. Geske, Glenn W. Godding, Richard V. Humes, Ray D. Kennedy, 

Larry R. Kepley, Ronnie E. Leiker, Val A. Lindquist, Randy C. Matson, Robert L. 
McFall. BOTTOM ROW: Howard L. McMillen, Lee R. Miller, John Rodriguez, Jay 
D. Schweitzer, Fred S. Seaton, Ronald E. Shuberg, Bill Stanley, Lyle A. Stenfors, 
Harry T. Woolverton. 

With an increase of two men over last year, House 
of Brec had 30 members, making it one of the larg- 
est organized houses on the campus. President was 
Ronald Leiker, who directed the group's active par- 
ticipation in the IOHC program. House of Brec 
members helped build the IOHC float for Home- 
coming, attended the IOHC picnic and took part in 
other activities sponsored by the council. Members 
are represented in many phases of campus life includ- 
ing Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Varsity Rifle 
team, Chaparajos, Ag Ed Club, ASAE, Extension 
Club, ASCE and several religious groups. Lee Miller 
was FMOC candidate from the House of Brec. 

A high interest in sports keeps participation in the 
intramural athletic program at the top. Both the 
football and basketball teams won two and lost two, 
putting them in the top half of the independent 
brackets for both. Volleyball, tennis and horseshoes 
are other favorite sports. Mrs. Harold Brecheisen is 
housemother. The house was organized in 19 54 and 
has been the source of many friendships formed 
through social events with other houses and 'bull' 
sessions among its members. 

Newest organized house at K-State is Hills' Heights 
which was started in the fall of '5 6 when the need for 
housing for independent students again became acute. 
Thirteen men live at the house at 910 N. Manhattan 
St. President was Richard D. Royse and housemother 

was Mrs. W. H. Hills. The men celebrated holidays 
with special dinners. Members are active in Wesley 
Foundation and Newman Club. Getting settled and 
situated is rough going, but they have found it well 
worth while to develop a really 'organized' house. 

HILLS' HEIGHTS— TOP ROW: Mrs. W. H. Hills, Donald A. Finical, Jerome J. Gun- 
nerson, Lee Hoyt. SECOND ROW: Kenneth R. Ingerly, Jerome J. Johnson, Eugene 
T. Lyons, Hikru Okubo. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald R. Radford, Richard Royse, 
Shimizus Chikao, Robert D. Vatne. 

j rj f*$ o. 


-*~^ -~w jfl^ Aa iiiiMII 

HOUSE OF WILLIAMS— TOP ROW: Mrs. Katherine Williams, George Bennett, 
James Bennett, Marlen B. Cleveland, Roger V. Congleton, Charles Hardenburger, Jr., 
Larry M. Johnson, Loren J. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Kenneth W. Johnston, James 

R. Keating, Edward T. Kocher, Martin J. Loucks, William D. Meyer, Gerald 0. 
Odgers, Donald W. Peterson, Richard L. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. 
Pieschl, Donald A. Schneider, Gary L. Swenson, Keith E. Taylor, Gary W. Wing. 

The House of Williams is headquarters for 2 1 men 
during the school year. Social activities for members 
this year included a hayrack ride, Valentine's house 
party and a formal dinner-dance. They had in their 
membership the president of IOHC, a Student Coun- 
cil member and the chairman of the Parents' Day 
committee. Bill Meyer was the group's FMOC can- 
didate. At Homecoming, the men had openhouse 

"I wonder what this package could be," a House of Williams 
member asks as his friends group around the Christmas tree. 


for alums. Members are active in the Little American 
Royal, Engineers' Open House, Wesley Foundation 
and several other campus organizations. Gary Swen- 
son was president and Mrs. Katherine N. Williams 
was housemother. 

The eight women living at the Graduate Women's 
House had a special Christmas party as their big event 
of the year. They also enjoyed special services during 
Religious Emphasis Week. The co-eds take part in 
various campus clubs. Martha Garrett was president 
and Mrs. Lillian B. Fuller, housemother. 

GRADUATE WOMEN'S HOUSE— TOP ROW: Mrs. Lillian B. Fuller, Martha A. 
Garrett, Joanne C. Malicky, Marjorie M. Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: Berneta L. 
Owen, Georgia D. Sanders, Rosanne L. Walters, Imelda Wasinger. 


<ft ft ft, ft ft ft- rt ft ft o 

30 1 c, r.j ft. ft ft| 

A A hi 

K HOUSE— TOP ROW: Mrs. 0. E. Kientz, Albert L. Alliston, Norman C. An- 
ders, Bruce C. Barrow, William E. Bayless, Frank G. Bell, Clyde C. Berg, Jim R. 
Bradberry, Nathan J. Bolls, Kenneth V. Cardwell, Johnny R. Christiansen. SEC- 
OND ROW: Charles D. Clinkenbeard, Edmond W. Gardiner, Ronald L. Greenfield, 
Maurice H. Hammer, Roy B. Hand, Kenneth L. Houtman, Clayton D. Ijams, Frank 
D. Jessop, Charles 0. Kientz, Wayne S. Kincaid, Tom E. Knappenberger. THIRD 

The O. K. House is the largest independent organ- 
ized house on the campus with 43 members. It was 
started in 19 5 2 and has added an additional house 
this year. The O. K. House belongs to the IOHC and 
supports the projects of this group. Ranking fifth 
in all sports last year in the independent division, the 
O. K. members participated in all intramural sports 
events. They proudly claimed two members of Phi 
Kappa Phi. One of these possessed the highest grade 

There's always time to join in a make-shift jam session at the 
O.K. House, where masters of the toy guitar get together. 

ROW: Marlin E. Kocher, Quinten L. Markley, Richard D. Markley, Ray K. McCul- 
lough, Edward J. Moran, James A. Myers, Daryl L. Organ, Charles T. Prevo, H. 
Bruce Quantic, Harold E. Ruppelius, James E. Scheid. BOTTOM ROW: Donald E. 
Schroeder, Donald E. Setser, Chester D. Shupe, John A. Shultz, Gary S. Spencer, 
Dale R. Stuart, Bill K. Story, Howard J. Wallace, Darrell L. Webber, William 
E. Wolf. 

average of all initiates and was selected to give the 
response for the group being initiated. President was 
Frank Bell. Mrs. Kientz was housemother. 

SIGNA PHI NOTHING— TOP ROW: Mrs. Julia Schimmels, Gene G. Allen, Robert 
W. Bozworth, Kenneth L. Carlat. SECOND ROW: Roy W. Dody, Walter N. Fritz, 
Larry L. Hammer, Donald L. Heaton. BOTTOM ROW: Gary A. Hollinger, John 
R. Jacobs, Barton E. McMaster. 


Signa Phi Nothing is an independent organized 
house that was started in 1946 by World War II vet- 
erans. They now have 15 members. A big social ac- 
tivity is a steakfry each semester. Members earned 
the offices of treasurer of Pi Tau Sigma and chair- 
man of the Little American Royal executive council 
in campus activities. Others were in Ag Council, Y- 
Orpheum executive committee, Alpha Zeta, Sigma 
Tau, Steel Ring and Eta Kappa Nu. The house par- 
ticipated in basketball, football, softball and volley- 
ball intramurals. Robert Bozworth was president, 
and Mrs. Julia Schimmels was housemother. 
La Citadel Wins Bowling Third 

La Citadel was established in 1952. The house 
claims 17 members, all of whom helped build the 
IOHC Homecoming float. In bowling they proudly 
captured the third place trophy and they also par- 
ticipated in basketball intramurals. Hour dances, ex- 
change dinners, and picnics kept their social life busy. 
Members were active in Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, Pi 
Tau Sigma, band, Jr. AVMA, Engineering Coun- 
cil, Block and Bridle, Judging teams, Newman Club, 
Gamma Delta and 4-H. Bill Patterson was president 
and Mrs. Ola Smith was the housemother. 

Organized in 19 54, Kasbah house has 2 annexes, 
29 members, an increase of nine over last year. Kasbah 
members worked together on their special project, a 
new parking lot. They have won the "Most Unique 
Chariot" title the last two years in the Lambda Chi 
Alpha Chariot Relays. 

LA CITADEL— TOP ROW: Mrs. Ola G. Smith, Melvin D. Barton, Melvin A. Best- 
horn, Louis C. Burmeister. SECOND ROW: James L. Clowers, Albert J. Feltz, 
Eldon L. Gideon, Gerald D. Grasch. THIRD ROW: William B. Patterson, Alfred 
Purer, Leonard E. Purer, Duane L. Renberger. BOTTOM ROW: George D. Sancha, 
Melvin H. Schwartz, Bernard C. Zecha. 

KASBAH— TOP ROW: Mrs. Evelyn Rogers, John C. Alstatt, Ronald L. Barker, 
William G. Billings, Kenneth A. Brewer, Ronald L. Brooks, Ralph D. Clark, Alva 
A. Colburn, Charles F. Colburn, Rudolf Dirscherl. SECOND ROW: Jack L. Geb- 
hart, Russell W. Gibson, Ronald G. Haag; Gerald D. Hargadine, Edward M. Heiken 

Paul T. Hendrickson, Arthur E. Horney III, Maurice L. Hubbs, Chester L. Keith, 
N. Eugene Lundgrin. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. McCandless, Michael E. Mc- 
Clure, Ernest B. Randel, Ronald D. Randel, Sydney L. Rinard, Stanley C. Smith, 
Haywood A. Walker, John C. Walter, John F. Wille, Lester W. Wurm. 

31 1 

KATS KOVE — TOP ROW: Mrs. Lyle Mayfield, Steven Ahrens, Alfred G. Aldridge, 
Lonn L. Beedy, Stephen L. Belt, Leon R. Cary, Stan Cowan, Darrel Dunekack, 
Richard H. Frank. SECOND ROW: Gary L. Fulton, Kenneth W. Hylton, Richard T. 

Mangus, Gerald D. Marten, Ben M. Mayfield, Clarence D. Monroe, Joseph A. 
Murphy, Lon E. Nelson, Jackson R. Newby. BOTTOM ROW: Larry D. Orme, 
Dale L. Patterson, Bruce R. Prentice Jr., Fred S. Quincy, Alan Rader, Kenneth R. 
Riley, Dave Rowe, Charles E. Stillwell, Tom F. Watkins, Charles Wintermantel. 

Kasbah members and their dates went "western 
style" for their big hayrack ride. Picnics were nu- 
merous and filled with good times. The Christmas 
party was one of the big social events of the year. 
Kasbah also participated in the Mock Political Con- 
vention last spring and helped build the IOHC float 
for the Homecoming parade this fall. Interest in in- 
tramurals was high among Kasbah members as they 
participated in football, volleyball, basketball, bowl- 
ing and softball. 

Interested in campus activities, Kasbah members 
were active in the following activities: Collegiate 
4-H, Varsity Rifle Team, YMCA, IOHC, AFROTC 
Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, Gamma Delta, EUB 
Student Fellowship, Industrial Education Association, 
Pi Tau Sigma, FTA and ASME. One member re- 
ceived a Cities Service scholarship. The Kasbah 
house also joined in campaigning for their FMOC 
candidate for the Snowball dance. Ernest Randel was 
president, and Mrs. E. E. Rogers was the housemother. 

Kats Kove was an organized house that began first 
semester. Members of the house were both fraternity 
and independent men. It was an overflow house for 
some fraternities. During the second semester Kats 
Kove was discontinued as the men moved back into 
fraternity houses or other lodgings. President of Kats 
Kove was Kenneth Hylton. Mrs. Hazel Mayfield was 
the housemother. 

Independent organized houses are beneficial to the 
K-State campus because they provide fellowship and 
lodging for many male students. Each house elects its 
own officers and decides upon the rules by which the 
house will be governed. The Independent Organized 
House Council is the coordinating organization for all 
the organized house activities. Intramurals for inde- 
pendent organized houses are a major activity for 

Kats Kove members find time to study, read and relax before 
bedtime in their attractive, knotty pine room. 



MILTON S. EISENHOWER served as President 
of Kansas State College for seven especially 
memorable years, from 1943 to 1950. At the 
dedication of Eisenhower Hall on May 10, 
1955, a scroll was presented to Dr. Eisenhower 
which said in part: "Kansas State wishes to 
enshrine permanently in the public memory 
recognition of your accomplishments and your 
distinguished service to country, to state, and 
to community." 





1 tea 

- * Mr 


r ~.::;;* 9*3 










A necessary activity for every K-Stater is study. No place 
is better for this task than the well-lighted Farrell Library. 


class of 1957: ada-arm 

Adair, J. Brent - Burlingame, Milling Technol- 
ogy: Alpha Gamma Rho, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, 
Alpha Mu V-Pres., Arnold Air Soc, Milling Assn. 
Pres. Adams, Lois C. - La Harpe, Home Eco- 
nomics Extension: Omicron Nu, Collegiate 4-H, 
Home Ec Ext. Club, Ext. Club Sec, V-Pres., 
Charles Pfizer Scholarship, Wesley Found. Adams, 
Robert L. - Paola, Electrical Engineering: Steel 
Ring, IRE V-Chmn., Wesley Found., Engineers' 
Open House Chmn. 

Adamson, Virginia L. - Sedgwick, Dietetics and 
Institutional Management: Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Dietetics Club, Band. Aesch- 
liman, Mary A. - McPherson, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Akers, John G. - Lakin, Agriculture 
Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Chaparajos Club. 

Albright, Dennis C. - Augusta, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Allen, Betty D. - Coats, Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching: Van Zile Pres., Chimes, Mortar 
Board Treas., Omicron Nu, Kappa Phi Pres., Wes- 
ley Found., Home Ec Council, Home Ec Teaching 
Club, Clothing-Retailing Club Pres., FTA, Snow- 
ball Dance Chmn. Allen, Ernest H. - Norton, 
Speech: Sigma Chi, Alpha Epsilon Rho. 

Allen, Thomas N. - Topeka, Civil Engineering: 
Sigma Chi, ASCE. Alspaugh, Don M. - Sterling, 
Business Administration Accounting: Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Masonic Club Pres., BSA, Veterans Club. 
Amet, Ray C. - Kansas City, Mo., Poultry Hus- 
bandry: Poultry Science Club V-Pres., Veterans 
Org., Masonic Club. 

Amis, Norma J. - Topeka, Elementary Education. 
Anderson, Greta - Onaga, Home Economics 
Art: Gamma Delta, Art Club, Orchesis, 4-H. An- 
derson, Marilyn J. - Wichita, Home Economics 
Dietetics: Alpha Chi Omega, Dietetics Club, 
Union Hospitality Sub-Chmn., Hospitality Day 
Steering Comm., Whi-Purs, YWCA, Integrity 
Party, Young Republicans. 

Andrews, Karen E. - Ottawa, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Appleby, Arnold P. - Formoso, Agricul- 
ture Education: Alpha Gamma Rho Sec, Blue Key 
Pres., Alpha Zeta, Ag. Ed. Club, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Phi Delta Kappa, Block and Bridle Club Sec, Blue 
Key Scholarship, Borden Award, Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, Alpha Zeta Freshman Award, 
Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. Rec, Apportionment 
Board, Stu. Act. Bd., Intramurals. Armantrout, 
Leon H. - Scott City, Architecture. 

Armbrust, Arthur J. - Ellsworth, Technical 
Agronomy. Armstrong, C. Ancel - Trent, Texas, 
Dairy Husbandry: Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta 
V-Pres., Dairy Club Pres., Treas., V-Pres., Ag. 
Council, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Grand 
Champion Showman Little Amer. Royal. Arm- 
strong, Norman D. - Garden City, Electrical 
Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu. 

Adams, L. 
Adams, R. 




Allen, B. 
Allen, E. 

Allen, T. 


Anderson, G. 
Anderson, M. 


Armstrong, C. 
Armstrong, N. 


class of 1957: ask - ben 

Askew, Dean L. - Hutchinson, Business Admin- 
istration. Asmus, Robert C. - Friend, Nebr., 
Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Gamma Rho, Jr. 
AVMA Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Gamma 
Delta Soph. Rec, Borden Award. Atwood, 
George E. - Elkhart, Animal Husbandry: Col- 
legiate 4-H, Block and Bridle. 

More than 300 mid-term graduates trudged through the snow 
for graduation exercises in the Auditorium on January 26. 





Bailie, T. 
Bailie, W. 
Baker, J. 

Baker, R. 




Atzenweiler, W. Laurence - Kansas City, 
Mo., English: Beta Theta Pi, Young Republicans, 
YMCA, Ag. Econ. Club, Union Publications 
Comm., Freshman Track, Intramurals. Austin, 
Alice J. - Bennington, Elementary Education: 
Alpha Delta Pi, FTA, Westminster Fellow. V- 
Pres., Young Republicans, Whi-Purs. Bahr, Al- 
bert W. - Evansville, 111., Electrical Engineering: 
Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. 

Bailie, Twila J. - Manhattan, Elementary Educa- 
tion: Alpha Xi Delta, FTA, Jr. AVMA Auxiliary, 
AWS. Bailie, Wayne E. - Manhattan, Veterinary 
Medicine: Farm House, Jr. AVMA, FMOC, Phi 
Kappa Phi Freshman Rec. Baker, Judith - Pea- 
body, Home Economics Teaching: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, FTA, Home Ec Club. 

Baker, Ronald L. - Blue Rapids, Zoology: Sigma 
Phi Epsilon Pres., Young Republicans, Conserva- 
tion Club, Intramurals. Balaun, John R. - Ran- 
dolph, Business Administration. Ballou, Alvin 
E. - Delphos, Physical Education. 

Banks, Mary E. - Hutchinson, Dietetics and In- 
stitutional Management. Banta, Michael A. - 
Coffeyville, Geology: Kappa Sigma, Sigma Gamma 
Epsilon. Barb, Darold K. - Augusta, Chemical 
Engineering: Sigma Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma 
Tau Sec, Phi Lambda Upsilon, AIChE, Engineer- 
ing Council, Student Council, Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, Phi Lambda Upsilon Award, 
ROTC Cadet Award, A Cappella Choir, Intra- 


Barton, K. 

Barton, R. 





Bare, Theodore R. - Lake Mills, Wis., Geology: Frog Club, 
Gymnastics. Bareiss, Melvin L. - Holton, Industrial Technol- 
ogy: Theta Xi Pres., Soc. for the Advancement of Mgmt, Steel 
Ring. Barnes, Philip G. - St. George, Electrical Engineering: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. Bartlett, Vernon W. - Stafford, Agri- 
cultural Administration: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ag. Econ. Club, 
Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Ag Mag staff, Plow and Pen 
Club, Intramurals. Barton, Kathleen A. - Wichita, Family 
and Child Development: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Child Welfare 
Club Sec.-Treas., Omicron Nu. 

Beck, Clifford R. - Manhattan, Business Administration. 
Beck, Earl M. - Silver Lake, Business Administration: Pi Kappa 
Alpha Treas. Beckmeyer, Mary - Chapman, Technical Journal- 
ism: Kappa Kappa Gamma, K-Key Award, Collegian Staff, 
Newman Club, K-State Players, Young Democrats, Union Hos- 
pitality Comm., AWS Steering Comm. Beikman, Raymond H. 
- Salina, Business Administration: Alpha Kappa Psi, Track. Belk, 
Homer H. - El Dorado, Industrial Engineering: Sigma Chi, Soc. 
for the Advancement of Mgmt. 

Barton, Richard D. - Wallace, Secondary Education. Bauer, 
Jacquelyn T. - Kansas City, Mo., Homemaking. Baur, Karla 
E. - Van Meter, la., Food Research: Gamma Phi Beta, Theta 
Sigma Phi, Omicron Nu, Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
Panhellenic Council. Bayer, Floyd H. - Chase, Chemistry. 
Bearg, Marjory A. - Hiawatha, Clothing: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma Sec, Kappa Phi, YWCA, Clothing-Retailing Club Pres., 
Home Ec. Council, Whi-Purs, Young Republicans. 

Bell, Keith L. - El Dorado, Civil Engineering: ASCE. Bemis, 
Albert R. - Burlington, Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, 
Sigma Tau, IRE, Wesley Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Boeing 
Scholarship, Westinghouse Achievement Scholarship, Intramurals. 
Bemis, George W. - Great Bend, Civil Engineering: Beta Theta 
Pi, ASCE, Steel Ring Pres., YMCA, Young Republicans, Engi- 
neering Council, Intramurals. Bence, Mark F. - Wichita, 
Zoology. Bengtson, Ivan L. - Lindsborg, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Steel Ring, AIEE Treas., IRE, LSA. 

Beck, C. 
Beck, E. 


Bemis, A. 
Bemis, G. 


Bennett, J. 
Bennett, R. 






Bi gg s 

%•" 1 Blase 

Blume, I. 
Blume, W. 


class of 1957: ben - bra 

Bennett, James - Garnett, /Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Bennett, Richard - Atlantic Highlands, 
N. J., Veterinary Medicine. Benteman, JoAnn - 
Brownell, Home Economics and Teaching: FTA. 

Benzinger, Norman - Coffeyville, Electrical En- 
gineering. Berends, Harold A. - Parsons, Agri- 
cultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club Sec, Veterans 
Club. Bergin, Richard J. - Manhattan, Veter- 
inary Medicine. 

Berrigan, Joan - Solomon, History. Besthorn, 
Melvin A. - Holyrood, Electrical Engineering. 
Bezemek, Ludwig A. - Ellsworth, Technical 
Agronomy: Alpha Zefa, Klod and Kernel Klub V- 
Pres., Extension Club Sec, Masonic Club, Crops 
Judging Team, Stu. Orientation Comm. 

Bierly, Robert D. - Manhattan, History. Biggs, 
Ronald D. - Allen, Electrical Engineering: Eta 
Kappa Nu. Billinger, P. Keith - Junction City, 
Electrical Engineering: Phi Kappa, IRE, AIEE, 
Young Republicans, Newman Club Treas., Engi- 
neers Open House, Intramurals, Electrical Engi- 
neers Bowling Team. 

Bircher, John - Ellsworth, Dairy Manufacturing: 
Dairy Club, Masonic Club, Band, Dairy Products 
Judging Team, Publicity Manager, Little Alner. 
Royal, Carl Raymond Gray Scholarship. Blan- 
chard, Lyle D. - Manhattan, Civil Engineering. 
Blase, Kenneth W. - Sylvan Grove, Speech. 

Bloom, Dean W. - Medicine Lodge, Business 
Administration. Blume, Irvin D. - Atwood, 
Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega, K- 
Frat, Young Republicans, YMCA, Varsity Wrest- 
ling. Blume, William H. - Arlington, Physical 
Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa, Athletic Scholar- 
ship, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals. 

Boatman, Rex R. - Norton, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Bocquin, Paul E. - Howard, Agricultural 
journalism: Newman Club, Plow and Pen Club, 
Band. Boline, Leanna R. - Admire, Home Eco- 
nomics and Teaching: Clovia, FTA, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, Wesley 


Bolte, Lerance C. - Manhattan, Milling Tech- 
nology. Book, Jolene F. - Elmo, Elementary 
Education. Booth, M. Emily - Baldwin, Psychol- 
ogy: Canterbury Assn., Collegiate 4-H Sec, Psy- 
chology Club Treas., Sears Scholarship, Mortar 
Board Scholarship. 

Boring, John E. - Topeka, Civil Engineering. 
Borsdorf, Roe - Burlingame, Dairy Husbandry: 
Dairy Club, Young Democrats, Mock Political 
Convention Chmn., Ag Mag Staff, Dairy Student 
Mag. Editor. Borth, Carl F. - Garnett, Agricul- 
tural Education. 

BOSKO, J. LeRov - East Aurora, N. Y., Architec- 
ture: Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Phi Delta, AIA, 
Air Force Assn., Newman Club, AFROTC Award. 
Boucher, David G. - Indianapolis, Ind., Dairy 
Manufacturing: Dairy Club, Chaparajos Club, Lit- 
tle Amer. Royal, Track. Bower, Billy D. - Hazel- 
ton, Feed Technology: Alpha Gamma Rho, Block 
and Bridle Club, Collegiate 4-H, Masonic Club Sec. 

Bowman, William C. - Indianapolis, Ind., Mill- 
ing Technology. Boyd, Donald L. - Irving, Tech- 
nical Journalism : Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Busi- 
ness Staff. Boyd, Inez M. - Manhattan, Home 
Economics and Teaching. 

Boyd, James E. - Plevna, Veterinary Medicine: 
Beta Sigma Psi Pres., V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Gamma 
Delta, RCC, Jr. AVMA, Ag. Ed. Club, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec. Boyd, Richard F. - Twin 
Falls, Idaho, Secondary Education : Pi Kappa Alpha, 
Scabbard and Blade V-Pres. Boyd, Robert A. - 
Mankato, Technical Journalism: Beta Theta Pi, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Sigma Delta Chi, 
Arnold Air Soc, Arts and Sciences Council, ISO, 
K-Club, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Baseball, 
Varsity Basketball Mgr. 

Bozworth, Robert W. - Leavenworth, Dairy 
Husbandry: Alpha Zeta, Dairy Cattle Judging 
Team, Little Amer. Royal Chmn., Ag. Council, 
Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Club Sec, Intramurals. 
Braddock, William H. - Garden City, Business 
Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals. 
Bradley, Howard R. - Manhattan, Pre-Medical 

Braman, Noema R. - El Dorado, Secondary Edu- 
cation: Alpha Chi Omega, Union Decorations 
Comm., FTA, Collegiate 4-H. Braman, Stanley 
W. - El Dorado, Pre-Medical Option. Brann, 
Willard M. - South Haven, Civil Engineering: 








Boyd, D. 
Boyd, I. 

Boyd, J. 
Boyd, R. F. 
Boyd, R. A. 


Braman, N. 
Braman, S. 

^ J^ PHI 


Brenner, L. 

Brenner, W. 



Brown, D. 
Brown, E. 

Brown, L. 
Brown, N. 



Burton, D. 
Burton, T. 

class of 1957: bra - cha 

Brass, James H. - Wilmore, Agricultural Admin- 
istration. Brecheisen, Harold C. - Lyndon, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Brenner, Leann G. - Arling- 
ton, Home Economics Teaching. 

Brenner, Willis F. Jr. - Culver, Speech: Alpha 
Epsilon Rho, Intramurals Mgr., KSDB-FM Music 
Dir. and Traffic Dir. Brink, John J. - Le Roy, 
Animal Husbandry. Brinkman, Donald K. - 
Humboldt, Agricultural Education. 

Broman, Kay E. - Hutchinson, Elementary Edu- 
cation: Delta Delta Delta, Purple Pepsters, Cloth- 
ing and Retailing Club, YWCA, FTA, Young Re- 
publicans. Brown, Duane G. - Great Bend, Psy- 
chology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Brown, Elbert 
- Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering. 

Brown, Laura J. - Burr Oak, Family Economics: 
Clovia, Collegiate 4-H, Young Republicans, Die- 
tetics and Commercial Demonstration Club, EUB 
Stu. Fellow. Brown, Norma L. - Wakarusa, 
Home Demonstration Agent: Ext. Club Pres., V- 
Pres., Sec, Treas., Young Republicans, Collegiate 
4-H. Bruton, Roger L. - Wellington, Geology. 

Bryant, Ronald C. - Tahlequah, Okla., Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Sigma Chi Pres. Blue Key, Sig- 
ma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Stu. 
Council Chmn., ASME, Engineering Council 
V-Pres., Jr. Mechanical Engineers' V-Pres., Dowell 
Scholarship, St. Pat, FMOC Attendant, Intramurals. 
Bryson, William R. - Manhattan, Geology. 
Bumbaugh, Merrill H. - Ogden, Mechanical 

Burkholder, Bruce G. - McPherson, Architec- 
tural Engineering: Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Tau, 
Tau Sigma Delta, Steel Ring, Campus Industries, 
Inc. Burmeister, Louis C. - Holyrood, Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi, Steel Ring Sec, 
Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, IOHC Pres., Engineering Council 
Sec, Band, Intramurals. Burnette, James E. - 
Asherville, Geology. 

BURTIS, G. Karen - Manhattan, Sociology: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Home Ec Ext. Club, Whi-Purs, 
YWCA, Collegiate 4-H. Burton, Dale S. - 
Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering. BURTON, 
Thomas F. - Falls City, Nebr., Veterinary Medi- 


Butler, Frank E. - Hays, Chemical Engineering: 
Sigma Nu, AIChE. Butler, Jane A. - Topeka, 
Elementary Education. Cain, Catherine W. - 
LaCrosse, Child Development: Kappa Phi Sec, 
Sears Scholarship, Montgomery Ward Scholarship, 
Hospitality Day Exhibit Chmn., Family and Child 
Development Club, Wesley Found., Collegiate 4-H. 

Cain, Judith A. - Wichita, Elementary Education: 
Kappa Delta, Purple Pepsters, FTA, Whi-Purs, 
Young Republicans, Integrity Party, YWCA, Intra- 
murals. CallAhan, Charles D. - Independence, 
Mechanical Engineering: Kappa Sigma, Scabbard 
and Blade, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. Callison, 
John W. - Smithville, Mo., Feed Technology. 

Calvert, Mary - Manhattan, Psychology. Can- 
field, Donald R. - Munden, Agricultural Edu- 
cation: kg. Ed. Club Pres. Caraveau, Robert E. 
Horton, Architectural Engineering: Masonic Club 
Pres., Treas. 

Carpenter, Thomas F. - Brewster, Elementary 
Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres., Sec, Y-Or- 
pheum Council, K-State Players, FTA, Masonic 
Club. Carstens, JoAnn - Norton, Modern Lan- 
guages: Purple Pepsters, ISA, FTA, Club Cervan- 
tes Treas. Carswell, Robert G. - Alton, Animal 

Cary, Leon R. - Brewster, Dairy Manufacturing: 
Intramurals. Chajuss, Danii-l B. - Tel-Aviv, 
Israel, Milling Technology: Alpha Kappa Lambda, 
Alpha Mu, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Phi Omega, B'nai 
B'rith Hillel Found., Cosmopolitan Club, Milling 
Assn. Sec, RCC, SPC, LIFT Week Comm. Chmn., 
YMCA Comm. Chmn., Assn. of Operative Mill- 
ers, Intramurals. Chaplin, ALLEN C. - Arkansas 
City, Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 


The IBM machines situated in the basement of Anderson Hall 
save time during enrollment procedures and grade registration. 

Butler, F. 
Butler, J. 
Cain, C. 

Cain, J. 













Chase, E. 

Chase, T. 



Circle, R. L. 

Cooley, D. 
Cooley, R. 

class of 1957: cha - cum 

Chapman, Karen K. - Oakley, Speech: Alpha 
Epsilon Rho Sec, Kappa Phi, YWCA, Whi-Purs, 
Purple Pepsters, Band. Charles, Frederick T. 
Jetmore, Agricultural Education: Phi Kappa Tau, 
Ag Ed. Club. Chase, Edward M. - El Dorado, 
Animal Husbandry: Canterbury Assn. Pres., V- 
Pres., Block and Bridle, Young Democrats. 

Chase, Thane B. - Towanda, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting: Delta Psi Omega, BSA, In- 
tramurals. Cheatham, Lovce E. - Beloit, Home 
Economics Teaching: Chi Omega, Kappa Phi, 
Whi-Purs, YWCA, FTA, Young Republicans, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club. Chestnut, Sam I. - 
Quinter, Animal Husbandry: Collegiate 4-H. 

Chilcott, Ferris W. - Mankato, Industrial Engi- 
neering: Lambda Chi Alpha, Soc. for Advance- 
ment Mgmt. Chiles, Marvin W. - Zenith, Agri- 
cultural Administration. Chizek, Gaylord J. - 
Ramona, Agricultural Education: Alpha Kappa 
Lambda, Phi Delta Kappa, Newman Club, Col- 
legiate 4-H, Ag. Ed. Club. 

Christiansen, Ronald C. - Hudson, History: 
A Cappella, USF Student Worker, YMCA, Intra- 
murals. Christopher, John G. - McPherson, 
Agricultural Education: Sigma Tau Sec, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Steel Ring, ASAE Pres., Luth- 
eran Stu. Assn., Engineering Open House Exec. 
Comm., Intramurals. Circle, Richard L. - Ar- 
kansas City, Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, K-Frat, Young 
Republicans, Varsity Tennis, Intramurals. 

Circle, Robert R. - Kiowa, Physics: AIP, Col- 
legiate 4-H. Clark, Paul H. - Baxter Springs, 
Business Administration. Cole, Wendell L. - 
Pretty Prairie, Civil Engineering: ASCE. 

Collins, David L. - Piqua, Electrical Engineering. 
Conboy, James W. - Larned, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Cook, Dale M. - Kansas 
City, Chemical Engineering. 

Cooley, Duane W. - Abilene, Civil Engineering. 
Cooley, Roy D. - Alton, Milling Technology: 
Alpha Mu Pres., ISA. Copple, Charles M. - 
Winfield, Agricultural Education: Acropolis, Sears 
Scholarship, Arnold Air Soc, Ag. Ed. Club. V- 
Pres., FTA Sec, Newman Club. 


Cornett, M. 
Cornett. R. 






Cornelius, Kay L. - Vermillion, Mechanical Engineering: Pi 
Tau Sigma, ASME. Cornett, Mike W. - Neodesha, Agricul- 
tural Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, 
Student Council Vice-Chmn., K-Frat, ASAE, Miniwanca Club, 
DSF, Varsity Track, Intramurals. Cornett, Raymond A. - 
Great Bend, Psychology. Corns, Willard G. - Wichita, Agri- 
cultural Education. Coryell, Myron R. - Junction City, Geol- 
ogy: Sigma Nu, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, IFC, Intramurals. 

Coyle, Joseph F. - Kansas City, Veterinary Medicine: Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Newman Club, Chaparajos Club Pres., 
V-Pres., Treas., Jr. AVMA Sec. Coyle, Neal J. - Galena, Agri- 
cultural Education: Phi Kappa Phi, Ag. Ed. Club V-Pres. Crabb, 
James B. - Blue Rapids, Speech. Cramer, Diana F. - Manhat- 
tan, Home Economics and Nursing. Crawford, Dorothy M. - 
Ottawa, Home Economics and 'Leaching: Omicron Nu Sec, Phi 
Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Sigma Eta Chi Treas., FTA, Home 
Ec. Teaching Club. 

Costley, Shirley S. - Carl Junction, Mo., Home Economics and 
Teaching: Clovia, Collegiate 4-H, FTA, Kappa Phi, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. Cotner, Edwin C. - Coffeyville, Dairy Manu- 
facturing. Counter, Duane N. - York, Nebr., Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Cowan, Virginia M. - Natoma, Home Economics and 
Teaching: ISA Pres., Band. Cox, Donald A. - Wamego, Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. 

Crawford, William A. - Bartlesville, Okla., Geophysics: Phi 
Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Scabbard and 
Blade, Williston Geology Club, Band, DSF. Criss, Blaine E. - 
Wellington, Business Administration Accounting: Acacia. Crum- 
baker, Corrine - Manhattan, Elementary Education: Alpha Chi 
Omega, Panhellenic Council, FTA, Whi-Purs. Cullins, Robert 
B. - Overland Park, Agronomy: Farm House, A Cappella, 
FMOC, DMS, Klod and Kernel Pres., V-Pres., Ag. Council, 
Promenaders Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Block and Bridle Club, Intra- 
murals. Cummings, Brian C. - Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. 

Coyle, J. 
Coyle, N. 
Crawford, D. 

Crawford, W. 






Tea time in Northwest Hall for visitors during Home Ec Hos- 
pitality Day. Mrs. Arloa Summers, assistant dorm director, pours. 






I Davies 

Davis, D. 
Davis, R. 







class of 1957: cun - dur 

Cunningham, Franklin E. - Washington, Ind., 
Poultry Husbandry. Veterans Org. V-Pres., Poul- 
try Science Club Sec. Cunningham, Gerald - 
Wheaton, Business Administration Accounting. 
Dahl, Gilmore M. - Everest, Animal Husbandry: 
Farm House, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Council, 
Ag. Assn. Sec, Block and Bridle, Ag. Ed. Club, 
LSA, Senior Class Pres., Student Council, Jr. Live- 
stock Judging Team, Sr. Livestock Judging Team, 
Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Poultry Judging Team, 
Wool Judging Team. 

Daniels, Joe D. - Wichita, Civil Engineering. 
Darner, Dennis L. - Clay Center, Speech Educa- 
tion: Theta Xi Pres., Pi Epsilon Delta, K-State 
Players, Wampus Cats V-Pres., Pershing Rifles, 
FTA, Debate Team. Darveaux, Raymond J. - 
Rulo, Nebr., Electrical Engineering. 

Davies, Cecil D. - Wathena, Agricultural Engi- 
neering: Sigma Tau, ASAE. Davis, Dewey D. - 
Lakin, Agricultural Education. Davis, Richard G. 
- Peabody, Animal Husbandry: Delta Sigma Phi, 
AFROTC Assn., Collegiate 4-H, IFC, Band, In- 

DeForest, Sally A. - Peabody, Dietetics: Pi Beta 
Phi, Dietetics Club Pres., YWCA, Frog Club, 
Home Ec. Council, United Funds Drive Queen. 
Dejmal, Robert E. - Narka, Chemical Engineer- 
ing: AIChE Sec. Delahooke, Larry G. - Roches- 
ter, N. Y., Electrical Engineering. 

Delker, James A. - Chapman, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity 
Track. DeRuseau, Calvin - Clyde, Speech: Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Dettmer, Arlan W. - Randolph, 
Animal Husbandry. 












Diamond, Sharon - Independence, Mo., Sociology: Delta Delta 
Delta Pres., Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Phi Kappa Phi, Senior Class V-Pres., Union 
Program Council, V-Chmn., Union Governing Board, SPC, Soc. 
and Rec. Comm., YWCA, K-State Players, Oral Interpretation 
Club, Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters Sec, Pep Coordinating Council. 
Dicken, Sheila J. - Hutchinson, Biological Science; Alpha Xi 
Delta V-Pres., FTA, Alpha Delta Theta, Young Republicans, 
Frog Club, Whi-Purs. Dickson, Dale E. - Miller, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Dierdorff, Mary L. - Smith Center, Elementary Edu- 
cation: Alpha Xi Delta. Dietz, Walter H. - Galatia, Electrical 
Engineering: Beta Sigma Psi Pres., LSA, Intramurals. 

Dimond, John L. - Seward, Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa. 
Doctor, Phillip L. - Agra, Agricultural Economics: Kg. Econ. 
Club, Ext. Club. Donavan, Marcia P. - Belpre, Home Eco- 
nomics and Art: Art Club, Collegiate 4-H, Roger Williams Fel- 
low., Intramurals, WAA. Donnellan, Patrick - Emporia, 
Architecture. Doran, Marilyn - Wilson, Elementary Education. 

Dorian, Robert - Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, ASME, IAS, Newman Club. Dorst, John E. - 
Olathe, Business Administration. Douglass, Roger L. - Bur- 
lington, Animal Husbandry: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sears and Roe- 
buck Scholarship, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, YMCA, 
Young Republicans, Integrity Party, K-State Forensic Union, Jr. 
Livestock Judging Team, MPC, Little Amer. Royal Showman, 
Intramurals. Downing, John E. - Denver, Colo., Milling Tech- 
nology. DREILING, Wilbert F. - Hays, Business Administration. 

Drury, Douglas J. - Richland Center, Wise, Feed Technology: 
Alpha Mu. DuBois, Robert N. - Topeka, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE. Duncan, Robert P. - 
Pratt, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration: Eta 
Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Newman Club, Engineer's Open House 
Chmn., Intramural Mgr. Dunlap, R. Edwin - Wichita, Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Alpha Tau Omega, ASME. Duren, Edward 
P. - Rising City, Nebr., Dairy Husbandry: Newman Club, Dairy 
Club, Collegiate 4-H, Amer. Dairy Science Assn. 






mm 0* 


WL ~s 













Eddy, J. 
Eddy, T. 













class of 1957: duw - fob 

Duwe, Robert - Wichita, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Dworkin, Stuart I. - Yonkers, N. Y., 
Zoology: Alpha Epsilon Pi Pres., Little Amer. 
Royal, Union Bowling Team, Intramurals. Eagle, 
Fredric - Independence, Electrical Engineering. 

Eberle, Don A. - Anderson, Mo., Architectural 
Engineering. Ebers, Ralph L. - Seward, Nebr., 
Veterinary Medicine. Eckhart, Phillip F. - Clay- 
ton, Veterinary Medicine. 

Eddy, Janet M. - Russell, Sociology. Eddy, 
Thomas A. - Havensville, Agronomy. Eggers, 
Raleigh L. - Brewster, Agricultural Education. 

Eisele, Carl B. - Atchison, Economics: Kappa 
Sigma, IPC. Elgaard, Robert J. - Wichita, Busi- 
ness Administration: Beta Theta Pi, Chancery 
Club, YMCA, Industrial Conference Chmn., In- 
tramurals. Elledge, Joy A. - Trousdale, Home 
Economics Teaching. 

Ellis, Bruce K. - Manhattan, Technical Journal- 
ism: Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Staff. Engel- 
hardt, Wayne E. - Kingman, Architecture. Eng- 
lund, Richel H. - Manhattan, Child Welfare. 

Ernst, Carol L. - Salina, Home Economics 
Teaching: Chi Omega, FTA, Home Ec. and Teach- 
ing Club. Esplund, Arnold - Manhattan, Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Estes, Ronald 
L. - Kanorado, Electrical Engineering: Steel Ring, 
Collegiate 4-H, YMCA, AIEE, IRE. 

Eversole, Norma E. - Mahaska, Physical Educa- 
tion: Kappa Delta, Phems V-Pres., Purple Pep- 
sters, Young Republicans, WAA, Integrity Party. 
Ewald, Jerome J. - Ellenwood, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Ewing, Georganna - Conway Springs, 

Home Economics Teaching. 


Fankhauser, Richard L. - Madison, Animal 

Husbandry. Farm House, Collegiate 4-H, Block Fankhauser 

and Bridle, Rifle Team, Conservation Club, Little Farmer 

Amer. Royal Showman. Farmer, Samuel L. - Farr 

Willard, Mo., Geology. Farr, Leonard M. - 

Eureka, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon, 

Band, Orchestra. 

Farrell, Daniel J. - Manhattan, Pre Law. Fedde, 
Arrilla D. - Edmond, Medical Technology: 
Alpha Delta Theta Treas., YWCA, Band. Fedde, 
Marion R. - Mankato, Animal Husbandry: Alpha 
Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Gamma Sigma 
Delta Sophomore Rec, Block and Bridle Sec, 
Poultry Judging Team, Intramurals. 

Feder, Lawrence I. - West New York, N. J., 
Dairy Manufacturing: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Poultry 
Club, K-State Players, B'nai B'rith Hillel, IFC, 
Intramurals. Feldmann, Duane B. - Osage, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Feltz, Albert J. - Penfield, 
N. Y., Mechanical Engineering. 

Ferguson, Gerald J. - Mulvane, Geology: Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, Williston Geology Club. Fet- 
row, Kendrick D. - Formoso, Civil Engineering. 
Fickel, Mary D. - Chanute, Restaurant Manage- 
ment: Omicron Nu Treas., Dietetics Club, New- 
man Club, YWCA, Restaurant Management Schol- 
arship, Home Ec Council Scholarship. 

Ficken, Bruce E. - Manhattan, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Fiedler, Paul - Manhattan, Architec- 
ture. Fillmore, Barbara - Hill City, Elementary 

Fitzgerald, Arthur E. - Arkansas City, Indus- 
trial Engineering: Steel Ring, Soc for the Ad- 
vancement of Mgmt, Engineers' Open House 
Chmn. Fixsen, Richard E. - Goodland, Electrical 
Engineering. Fixsen, William D. - Goodland, 
Civil Engineering. 

Fedde, A. 
Fedde, R. 








Fixsen, R. 
Fixsen, W. 

Flanders, Raleigh J. - Edson, Animal Husband- 
ry: Farm House, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, 
Gamma Sigma Delta Sophomore Rec, Alpha Zeta, Flinders 

Collegiate 4-H, Block and Bridle V-Pres., Jr. Live- Flint 

stock Judging Team, Sr. Livestock Judging Team, Fobes 

Freshman Orientation, Intramurals. Flint, Roger 
L. - Pratt, Electrical Engineering. Fobes, Patricia 
L. - Beloit, Business Administration'. Alpha Delta 
Pi, YWCA, Young Democrats, Union Games 
Comm., BSA. 



Frazier, J. L. 
Frazier, J. E. 













class of 1957: fol - gie 

Folsche, Ann L. - Troy, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: FTA, Home Ec. Teaching Club Treas., Col- 
legiate 4-H, LSA. Foltz, Janet C. - Wichita, 
Food Demonstration: Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Freshman Rec, Home Ec. Dietetics and Com- 
mercial Demonstration Club, Young Republicans. 
Forbes, Mary Jo - Neodesha, Pre Law: Alpha 
Delta Pi V-Pres., Treas., Phi Kappa Phi Freshman 
Rec, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Mu, Chancery 
Club Pres., Political Science Club. 

Ford, Darrell L. - Hutchinson, Geology. Fos- 
ter, Richard M. - Wauneta, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Frank, Robert F. - Manhattan, Veterinary 

Frazier, Jimmie L. - Garden City, History: Young 
Republicans, FTA, Conservation Club. Frazier, 
Joseph E. - Garden City, Zoology: Conservation 
Club. Frerichs, Wayne M. - Bloomington, 
Nebr., Veterinary Medicine. 

Frey, Janet J. - Manhattan, Elementary Educa- 
tion: Delta Delta Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, FTA, 
Home Ec. Clothing-Retailing Club Sec, Young Re- 
publicans, YWCA, Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters. 
Fritts, Donald L. - Amsterdam, Mo., Civil Engi- 
neering: ASCE Treas., Steel Ring Treas., Masonic 
Club. Fritzemeyer, Ray D. - Stafford, Electrical 
Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE, 

Frogley, Darrell W. - Altamont, Secondary 
Education : Phi Delta Kappa, FTA, ISA, Veteran's 
Org. Frohberg, Richard C. - Waterville, Agri- 
cultural Education: Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Zeta, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Ag. Ed. Club, Crops Judging 
Team, Intramurals. Frohn, Carol J. - Manhat- 
tan, Elementary Education: Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma 
Delta, FTA, Whi-Purs. 

Frommer, Harry E. - Valley Falls, Business Ad- 
ministration : Masonic Club. Fryer, Gaye - Man- 
hattan, Home Economics Journalism: Alpha Delta 
Pi Sec, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Chimes, 
Mortar Board, Omicron Nu, Theta Sigma Phi V- 
Pres., Board of Stu. Pub. Sec, Panhellenic Council 
Pres., Royal Purple Editor, Collegian Staff, Hos- 
pitality Day Pub. Co-Chmn., Home Ec. Journalism 
Club Pres. Funston, Stanley - Holton, Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

Gadbery, Donald R. - Emporia, Architecture: 
Delta Tau Delta, Steel Ring, Delta Phi Delta, 
AIA, Union Planning Comm. Gaffin, Harry O. 
- Cincinnati, Ohio, Electrical Engineering. Gaiser, 
Lloyd R. - Newton, Civil Engineering: ASCE, 
Sigma Tau. 


Gallion, Ann M. - Hutchinson, Home Econom- 
ics journalism: Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Sigma Phi, 
K-Key, Collegian News Editor, Asst. Editor, Staff. 
Galyardt, Gary E. - Russell, Architecture: Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Pres., IFC, Steel Ring, AIA, Persh- 
ing Rifle Drill Team, Collegiate 4-H, Chaparajos, 
LSA, Young Democrats, Union Comm., Intramur- 
als. Gammell, James L. - Cottonwood Falls, Ani- 
mal Husbandry: Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Block 
and Bridle Sec, Jr. Livestock Judging Team, In- 

Students pause to examine possible Christmas gifts made 
foreign countries at the annual YWCA International Y-Mart. 

Garey, James D. - Stafford, Psychology. Gar- 
ner, Harold E. - Piedmont, Animal Husbandry: 
Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Mini- 
wanca Club, Collegiate 4-H, Danforth Fellow., 
Poultry Judging Team, Jr. Livestock Team, Sr. 
Livestock Team, Track, Intramurals. Garner, 
Mary E. - Highland, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management: Dietetics Club. 

Garrison, L. C. - Pratt, Dairy Husbandry. Gates, 
Gwendolyn D. - Kansas City, Child Guidance 
and Family Development: Chi Omega, FTA, 
YWCA, Child Guidance and Family Development 
Club V-Pres., Intramurals. Gaulke, Barbara - 
Manhattan, Elementary Education. 

Gaulke, Wayne G. - Rio Creek, Wise, Veter- 
inary Medicine. Geil, Gene W. - Great Bend, 
Mechanical Engineering. Geist, Eula M. - Plevna, 
Home Economics Teaching: FTA, Ext. Club, Home 
Ec. Ext. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Wesley Found., 

Gideon, Lloyd E. - Topeka, Animal Husbandry: 
LaCitadel, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H. GlER, 
Donald A. - Manhattan, Technical Agronomy. 
Alpha Zeta. GlES, Robert L. - Tecumseh, Mill- 
ing Administration: Alpha Zeta, Alpha Mu Sec, 
Treas., Ag. Council, Freshman Scholarship Award, 
A Cappella Choir, Intramurals. 




Garner, H. 
Garner, M. 

Gaulke, B. 

Gaulke, W. 














Gorton, H. 

Gorton, L. 






Gray, A. 
Gray, L. 

class of 1957: cjil - ham 

Gill, Donald L. - Harper, Agricultural Educa- 
tion: Ag. Ed. Club. Gillam, John N. - Manhat- 
tan, Architecture. GlLLETT, G. William - Kansas 
City, Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASME. 

Ginter, Duane L. - Troy, Industrial Education: 
Sigma Chi, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Scab- 
bard and Blade V-Pres., Phi Delta Kappa, Indus- 
trial Ed. Assn. Sec, Treas., FTA. Glanville, 
Robert I. - Cottonwood Falls, Agronomy: Klod 
and Kernel Klub, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 
4-H. Glocker, Carl L. - Madison, Wise, Tech- 
nical Agronomy: Alpha Tau Omega Sec, Klod 
and Kernel Klub, Ag. Council, Pershing Rifles, 
Newman Club. 

Goddard, Joan - Wichita, English: Delta Delta 
Delta. Goeckler, Donald V. - Manhattan, In- 
dustrial Technology: Scabbard and Blade, Soc Ad- 
vancement of Mgmt., ISA, Collegiate 4-H. Goer- 
ing, Theodore J. - Pretty Prairie, Agricultural 
Administration: Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Ag. 
Econ. Club Sec, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Cosmopol- 
itan Club Pres., Promenaders Club, Mennonite 
Fellow., Collegiate 4-H, Intramurals. 

Goodlow, James - Pratt, Business Administration. 
Goracke, Dwane J. - Hope, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Gorton, Herman C. - Fredonia, Agri- 
cultural Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASAE. 

Gorton, Lloyd A. - Fredonia, Electrical Engi- 
neering: Veteran's Org. Goss, Jerry E. - Wichita, 
Electrical Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eta 
Kappa Nu, AIEE, IRE. Grabs, Eugene F. - 
Zenda, Agricultural Economics. 

Grantham, Margaret - Manhattan, Elementary 
Education. Granzow, Harry A. - Herington, 
Agricultural Education. Grasch, Gerald D. - 
Cawker City, Agricultural Engineering: Steel Ring, 
Gamma Delta, ASAE, IOHC. 

Graves, James T. - Wichita, Business Adminis- 
tration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres. Gray, Ar- 
line L. - Kansas City, Secondary Education. 
Gray, Le.o D. - Salina, Modern Language: Sigma 
Nu, Young Democrats, Newman Club, Wrestling, 







Hahn, C. 

Gress, Ruth Ann - Medicine Lodge, Child Welfare: Delta 
Delta Delta, Child Guidance and Family Development Club, 
FTA, YWCA, Parents Day Comm., United Fund Drive Coram., 
Whi-Purs, Panhellenic Council, Young Democrats. Griggs, 
Floyd D. - Deerfield, Business Administration Accounting: Phi 
Kappa Tau V-Pres., Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi Treas., Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Intramurals. Grillot, Francis A. - Parsons, 
Chemical Engineering. Grimm, Anita - Caldwell, Sociology: 
Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Mu, Delta Sigma Rho, 
Varsity Debate. Groening, Harvey F. - Buhler, Chemical 

Guilfoyle, R. Joanne - Abilene, Elementary Education: Alpha 
Chi Omega Sec, FTA, Young Democrats, Newman Club. Gun- 
ter, Sterling - Manhattan, Speech. Haddock, Richard D. - 
Arkansas City, Dairy Manufacturing: Alpha Gamma Rho, Dairy 
Club Treas., Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Products Judging Team. 
Haesemeyer, Wayne - Sylvan Grove, Business Administration 
Accounting: Gamma Delta, ISA, Intramurals. Hahn, Charles 
I. - Brooklyn, N. Y., Business Administration Accounting: Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, RCC, IFC, B'nai B'rith Hillel Found. 

Hahn, Jerold - Whiting, Electrical Engineering. Haitbrink, 
Robert L. - Salina, Geology: Lambda Chi Alpha, Williston Geol- 
ogy Club, Young Republicans. Hakimian, Hekmat S. - Tehran, 
Iran, Architectural Engineering: B'nai B'rith Hillel Found., Sigma 
Tau. Halbirt, Cuve D. - Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 
Hall, James M. - Salina, Mechanical Engineering. 

Hamilton, Dewayne E. - Mahaska, Agricultural Administra- 
tion: Ag. Econ. Club, Band. Hamilton, Donald F. - Part- 
ridge, Dairy Husbandry: Theta Xi Pres., Dairy Club, A Cappella 
Choir, K-State Singers, Little Amer. Royal Comm., Young Re- 
publicans, Intramurals. Hammeke, Eldon M. - Ellinwood, 
Electrical Engineering: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Eta Kappa Nu, 
Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Newman 
Club, AIEE, IRE Pres., Engineering Council. Hammer, Ruth 
M. - El Dorado, Home Economics Teaching: Home Economics 
and Teaching Club, YWCA Cabinet, Purple Pepsters, Kappa Phi, 
FTA. Hammond, Earl J. - Wakefield, Business Administration 
Accounting: Lambda Chi Alpha Pres., Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, All Faiths Activities Planning 
Council, LISF. 

Hahn, J. 





Hamilton, D. E. 
Hamilton, D. F. 


class of 1957: ham - her 

Hamon, Marjorie J. - Valley Falls, Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching: Clovia Pres., V-Pres., Mortar 
Board Sec, Chimes, Collegiate 4-H, Kappa Phi, 
FTA, Home Ec. Ext. Club, Hospitality Day Comm. 
Chmn., Who's Whoot Staff, EUB Fellow., Home 
Ec. Council. Hanna, William - Dighton, Chem- 
ical Engineering. Hansbearry, Sharon - Topeka, 
Home Economics Teaching. 

Amid crescent 1 symbols of Gamma Phi Beta, hopeful rushees are 
entertained by KU actives and organizers of K-State's chapter. 





Harris, D. L. 
Harris, D. E. 
Hart, E. 

Hart, F. 






Harkness, Hosea - Hays, Agricultural Admin- 
istration: LSA, Ag. Econ. Club Treas. Harmon, 
Jack L. - Meriden, Business Administration: 
Alpha Tau Omega, BSA, Veterans Org., IFC Pres., 
Young Republicans V-Pres., Newman Club, Intra- 
murals, Varsity Gymnastics. Harreld, C. Jean - 
Kansas City, Business Administration: Chi Omega, 
Orchesis, Frog Club, Young Republicans, Whi- 
Purs, Angel Flight. 

Harris, Dale L. - Wellington, Electrical Engi- 
neering: IRE, Intramurals. Harris, Donald E. - 
Ransom, Dairy Husbandry: Dairy Cattle Judging 
Team, Intramurals, Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Club, 
Freshman Football. Hart, Edward W. - St. Jos- 
eph, Mo., Dairy Manufacturing: Pershing Rifles, 
Virginia Dare Award, Jr. and Sr. Dairy Products 
Judging Teams, Dairy Club, Little Amer. Royal 
Showman Comm. Chmn., Freshman Football. 

Hart, Frederick E. - Manhattan, Dairy Manu- 
facturing. Hartig, Edward P. - Marysville, Busi- 
ness Administration: Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity 
Football. Hassebroek, Hazel E. - Riley, Music 
Education: Delta Delta Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, 
Friends of Music Scholarship, Amer. Guild of 
Organists, MENC, College-Civic Orchestra, Band, 
A Cappella Choir, Westminster Fellow., Cosmo- 
politan Club, Intramurals. 

Haufler, Theron - Manhattan, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Haun, Donald H. - Larned, Dairy Hus- 

bandry. Hayes, Jerry 
teal Option. 

El Dorado, Pre-Med- 


Hays, D. 
Hays, M. 
Heath, C. 

Heath, J. 
Heath, T. 
Hedden, P. 
Hedden, W. 

Haymaker, Robert H. - Manhattan, Business Administration: 
Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club, Distinguished 
Military Student, Intramurals. Haynes, Gary A. - Salina, Tech- 
nical Journalism: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa 
Alpha Mu; Bd. of Stu. Pub., Student Council, NSA Delegate, 
MPC Exec. Comm., Engineer Staff, Collegian Staff, Royal 
Purple Staff, Bus. Mgr., K-Key Awards, Homecoming Comm., 
Joel Halperin Award, FMOC Attendant, Intramurals. Hays, 
Duane W. - Garden City, Agronomy and Animal Husbandry: 
Ext. Club. Hays, Mary L. - Parsons, Elementary Education. 
Heath, Clarence - Leoti, Veterinary Medicine. 

Hedstrom, Richard - Marysville, Pre-Law. Heidebrecht, 
Leon W. - Hutchinson, Civil Engineering: Steel Ring, ASCE 
Treas. Heim, Franklin J. Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. 
Hein, Robert D. - Salina, Civil Engineering. Heine, Alan L. 
- Newton, Business Administration. 

Heath, James D. - Rockford, 111., Animal Husbandry. Heath, 
T. Douglas - Peabody, Veterinary Medicine. Hedden, Patricia 
- Mankato, Elementary Education. Hedden, Wesley D. - Wich- 
ita, Chemistry: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, H. H. 
King Scholarship, ACS. Hedrick, Robert - Weslaco, Texas, 
Mechanical Engineering: Acacia. 

Helmle, Jennie M. - Garden City, Elementary Education: FTA, 
Wesley Found., Collegiate 4-H. Helms, Joanne - Manhattan, 
Home Economics Teaching. Henke, Edwin - Osborne, Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Henry, Patrick L. - Shawnee, Agricultural 
Education. Heritage, Galen L. - Ulysses, Veterinary Medicine. 
























Hood, J. 
Hood, R. 
Hoon, M. 

class of 1957: her - hun 

Herman, John C. - Smith Center, Agricultural 
Journalism: Sigma Delta Chi, Sigma Theta Ep- 
silon, Plow and Pen Club Sec-Treas., Wesley 
Found. Herod, Jon G. - Walnut, Agricultural 
Education: Kg. Ed. Club, Ext. Club Pres., V-Pres., 
Treas., Intramurals. Hess, Dolores J. - Topeka, 
Physical Education. 

Hester, Darwin D. - Great Bend, Business Ad- 
ministration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals. 
Hibbs, Patricia A. - Wichita, Home Economics 
and Art. Hicks, William W. - Garden City, 
Government: Beta Theta Pi, Political Science Club 
Sec-Treas., Varsity Track. 

Higgason, Freeman L. - Clayton, Agricultural 
Education: Lambda Chi Alpha. Hight, Charles 
W. Jr. - Joplin, Mo., Architecture: Tau Sigma 
Delta, Steel Ring, Charles W. Shaver Award, En- 
gineering Council, AIA Pres. Hiner, Richard D. 
- Coldwater, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, 

Hlavacek, Robert J. - Salina, Business Admin- 
istration. Hohlfeld, David H. - Greenleaf, 
Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE, Young Repub- 
licans, YMCA, ISA, K-State Amateur Radio Club, 
LSA. Holliday, Jerry D. - Topeka, Architec- 
tural Engineering: Steel Ring, Campus Industries 
Inc. Pres., K-State Engineer Staff, RCC, Engineer- 
ing Council, Student Council, Artist Series Comm. 

Hollis, James A. - Fredonia, Speech: Kappa 
Sigma, K-State Players, Forensic Union, National 
Collegiate Players. Holm, Dennis W. - Pine, 
Business Administration. Holmes, Francis E. - 
Abilene, Agronomy. 

Holmgren, Dale O. - Salina, Restaurant Man- 
agement. Honey, Francis J. - Wichita, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Honn, Harold D. - Harper, 

Agricultural Education. 

Hood, John L. - Junction City, Geology. Hood, 
Roy E. - Topeka, Electrical Engineering: Hoon, 
Marguerite E. - Kansas City, Home Economics 
Teaching: FTA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Whi- 
Purs, Westminster Fellow., YWCA. 


Hoon, Marilyn E. - Kansas City, Home Eco- 
nomics and Teaching: FTA, Home Ec. Teaching 
Club. Hooper, Mark H. - Owl's Head, N. Y., 
Nuclear Engineering: Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Tau, 
AIChE, Varsity Wrestling. Hopson, Harry A. - 
Phillipsburg, Veterinary Medicine. 

Horchem, Rex D. - Ransom, Business Adminis- 
tration. Horton, James H. - Junction City, Psy- 
chology. Horton, Joseph E. - Wichita, Poultry 
Husbandry: Poultry Science Club Treas., DSF. 

Hoseney, Russell C. - Bertrand, Milling Tech- 
nology. Hoskinson, Glenn E. - Stafford, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Hoskinson, William C. - 
Manhattan, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Engineers' Open House Treas. 

Hostinsky, Suzanne - Manhattan, Child Wel- 
fare. Hotchkiss, James D. - Topeka, Industrial 
Engineering. Hubert, Joe D. - Topeka, Zoology: 
Kappa Sigma. 

Huebner, David H. - Bushton, Physics: Phi 
Kappa Tau, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, 
Scabbard and Blade. Huerter, Herbert L. - 
Seneca, Business Administration. Huff, L. Keith 
- Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine: Sigma Nu, IFC, 
Jr. AVMA. 

Hughbanks, Galen G. - Attica, History. Hul- 
ings, Palmer G. - Atchison, Business Adminis- 
tration. Humble, Janice M. - Sawyer, Home 
Economics Teaching: Gamma Phi Beta, FTA Pres., 
Home Ec. Club, Hospitality Day Steering Comm. 

Humburg, Jay M. - La Crosse, Veterinary Medi- 
cine: Acacia Pres., V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Young Republicans, Masonic 
Club Treas., Union Night Club Comm., Intra- 
murals. Huncovsky, Ben L. - Cuba, Special. 
Hundley, James L. - Horton, Agricultural Edu- 
cation: Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 



Horton, J. H. 
Horton, J. E. 













Humble f, t _ - , J 





Hutchison, D. 

Hutchison, S. 



cobson, C. 
icobson, M. 


Jenkins, D. 
Jenkins, M. 

class of 1957: hun - joh 

Hunsley, Harry L. - Great Bend, Civil Engi- 
neering and Business Administration: Alpha 
Kappa Lambda V-Pres., Sec, ASCE, BSA, Veterans 
Org., Young Democrats Sec, Intramurals. Hunt, 
William D. - Mission, Mechanical Engineering. 
Hurtig, Virginia L. - Courtland, Elementary Ed- 
ucation : Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Huseman, Melva J. - Kanopolis, Dietetics and 
Institutional Management: Phi Kappa Phi Fresh- 
man Rec, Gamma Delta, Dietetics Club Sec-Treas., 
AWS Council, YWCA. Hutcherson, C. Anne 
- McPherson, Home Economics and Journalism: 
Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi Pres., Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Omicron Nu, Union Art 
Comm., Home Ec Journalism Club, Sears-Roebuck 
Scholarship. Hutchison, Donald P. - Wichita, 
Electrical Engineering: Alpha Tau Omega, Eta 
Kappa Nu, AIEE, IRE, Engineers' Open House 
Comm., Intramurals. 

Hutchison, Stuart M. - Wakeeney, Civil En- 
gineering. Hyde, Dean F. - Altoona, Art Educa- 
tion: Acacia, FTA, DSF. Hylton, Gary K. - 
Fairway, Geology: Pi Kappa Alpha V-Pres., 
Pershing Rifles, IAS Sec-Treas., Intramurals. 

Idtse, Frederick S. - Beloit, Wise, Veterinary 
Medicine. Isaacson. Glada - Scandia, Home 
Economics Teaching: Omicron Nu, FTA. Ismert, 
George G. - Larned, Geology: Sigma Chi, K-State 
Amateur Radio Club, Scabbard and Blade, Willis- 
ton Geology Club. 

Jackman, Claude A. - Salina, Electrical En- 
gineering. Jackson, Larry A. - Manhattan, 
Veterinary Medicine. Jacobs, Jim L. - Potwin, 


Jacobson, Charles H. - Manhattan, Poultry 
Husbandry: Sigma Nu, Poultry Science Club, In- 
tramurals. Jacobson, Marvel - Manhattan, Busi- 
ness Administration: Alpha Delta Pi, Whi-Purs, 
YWCA. Jaderborg, Frank O. - Manhattan, 
Electrical Engineering. 

Jantz, Orlo K. - Roxbury, Entomology: Farm 
House, Ag. Ed. Club Trcas., Block and Bridle, 
Intramurals. Jenkins, Donald L. - Holton, Animal 
Husbandry: Kappa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade 
Pres., Alpha Zeta. Jenkins, Marilyn J. - Holton, 
Home Economics and Teaching: Alpha Chi Ome- 
ga, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H, 


Jewett, Mildred E. - Conway Springs, Medical 
Technology: Alpha Delta Theta, Theta Epsilon, 
Roger Williams Fellow. Johnson, Art J. - 
Hutchinson, Engineering and Architecture: Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Johnson, Barbara A. - Fredonia, 
Home Economics and Teaching. 

Johnson, Charles E. - Wichita, Chemistry. Phi 
Delta Theta, ACS. Johnson, Clinton R. - 
Belleville, Agricultural Engineering. Johnson, 
Duane A. - Sterling, Agricultural Economics: 
Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, 
Sophomore Honors, Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha 
Zeta, LSA, Ag. Econ. Club Pres., Wool Judging 

Johnson, Dwight W. - Norton, Electrical En- 
gineering. Johnson, Eldon H. - Houston, Busi- 
ness Administration. Johnson, Ernest M. - 
Kansas City, Civil Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, ASCE, Steel Ring, Engineers' Open 
House Exec. Coram. 

Johnson, Frank E. - Kansas City, Mo., Milling 
Technology: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Mu, LSA. 
Johnson, Gerald R. - Fayetteville, N. Y., Busi- 
ness Administration. Johnson, Jeri- L. - Hold- 
rege, Nebr., Architecture: Phi Kappa Tau, AIA 

Johnson, John W. - Chanute, Chemical Engi- 
neering: Alpha Kappa Lambda, AIChE, Steel 
Ring, Orchestra, Student Men's Bowling League 
Sec, Engineers' Open House Comm. Johnson, 
Patricia L. - Topeka, Home Economics and Art. 
Johnson, Ralph D. - Wichita, Mechanical En- 

Buffet time at Westminster House finds these Presbyterian youths 
filling their plates. Meals are served each Sunday evening. 

Johnson, A. 
Johnson, B. 

Johnson, C. E. 
Johnson, C. R. 
D. A. 


E. H. 

E. M. 

Johnson, F. 
Johnson, G. 
Johnson, J. L. 





R. D. 


SU l£ 





Johnson, T. 
Johnson, W. 

Jones, A. 
Jones, F. 

Jones, G. 
Jones, J. J. 
Jones, J. S. 





Kastens, J. 

class of 1957: joh - kim 

Johnson. Ralph T. - Salina, Physics: Phi Kappa, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Arnold Air Society, 
Newman Club; Amer. Institute of Physics. John- 
son. Richard G. - Norton, Business Administra- 
tion. Johnson, Ronald G. - Grenola, Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Johnson, Thomas N. - Iola, Architecture: AIA 
Sec, Pres., Engineering Council, Engineers' Open 
House Comm. Johnson, William H. - Louis- 
ville, Ky., Architecture: Tau Sigma Delta, AIA. 
Johnston. Kenneth W. - Haddam, Mechanical 
Engineering: House of Williams Treas., Steel 
Ring, ASME, Intramurals. 

Jolley, Sarah K. - Princeton, 111., Elementary 
Education. Jones, Alfred P. - Wakefield, Agri- 
cultural Administration. Jones, Frank D. - Man- 
hattan, Civil Engineering. 

Jones, George R. - Goff, Electrical Engineering. 
Jones, Jimmie J. - Arkansas City, Architectural 
Engineering: AIA. Jones, Joseph S. - Manhattan, 

Joslin, Dean F. - Harper, Animal' Husbandry: 
Alpha Tau Omega, Block and Bridle, Young Re- 
publicans, Wampus Cats, Intramurals. Joy. Den- 
retta L. - Overland Park, Elementary Education: 
Delta Delta Delta, FTA, YWCA Cabinet, Forensic 
Union V-Pres., Sec, MPC, All-College Party V- 
Pres., Stu. Council Comm., Union Comm. Jump, 
A. Gordon - Manhattan, Speech. 

Jung, John P. - Hutchinson, Business Adminis- 
tration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Kaaz, Richard L. - Atchison, Business Adminis- 
tration. Kadel, John E. - Hunter, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting: Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
BSA, Young Republicans, Integrity Party. 

Kaine, Albert A. - Wamego, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Kaminsky, Ira M. - Bellaire, N. Y., 
Bacteriology. Kastens, James L. - Anthony, 
Veterinary Medicine: Phi Kappa, IFC Treas., 
Newman Club, Jr. AVMA. 

i 10 

Kastens, K. 





Kelley, B. 
Kelley, T. 

Kastens, Karl B. - Kiowa, Physical Education. Kastner, Den- 
zil D. - Manhattan, Business Administration: BSA, Veterans 
Org. Keating, James R. - Haddam, Feed Technology: House of 
Williams V-Pres., Milling Assn., IOHC Pres., Newman Club, 
Poultry Science Club, Integrity Party, ISA, Leadership School 
Treas., Intramurals. Keegan, Warren J. - Junction City, Eco- 
nomics: Sigma Chi, Order of the Artus, Scabbard and Blade, 
Soc. for the Advancement of Mgmt, Integrity Party Pres., Young 
Republicans V-Pres., MPC Treas., Campus Industries, Inc. Keel- 
ing, Jay R. - Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 

Kemnitz, Gilbert G. - Manhattan, Business Administration Ac- 
counting: Alpha Kappa Psi. Kempin, Carl H. - Atchison, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Kendall, Leland D. - White City, Veteri- 
nary Medicine: Delta Tau Delta, Jr. AVMA Treas., Block and 
Bridle. Kenworthv, Ralph F. - Frankfort, Agricultural Edu- 
cation: Sigma Theta Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club, FTA, Crops Team, 
Berry Scholarship, Intramurals. Kerbs, Gerald K. - Great Bend, 
Zoology: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club, K-Club, Conserva- 
tion Club, Young Republicans, Varsity Baseball. 

Keim, Clarence - Longford, Physical Education. Keith, Cecil 
G. - Birmingham, Ala., History. Kelley, Buster E. - Man- 
hattan, Electrical Engineering. Kelley, Thomas E. - Winfield, 
Architectural Engineering. Kelly, Steve D. - Kansas City, 

Kerley, Melvin E. - Baxter Springs, Electrical Engineering. 
Kessinger, Howard D. - Wellington, Technical Journalism: 
Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Bus. Mgr., Staff. Kiddoo, Clyde H. 
- Coffeyville, Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
K-Club, Intramurals, Varsity Basketball. Kiddoo, John G. - 
Kismet, Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Kim, Yee Sik - Seoul, 
Korea, Milling Technology. 






Kiddoo, C. 
Kiddoo, J. 


class of 1957: kin - Ian 


Kincaid, Wayne S. - Mulvane, Agricultural Ed- 
ucation. Kind, Robert E. - Herington, Veterinary 
Medicine. King, K. Joan - Horton, Secondary 
Education: FTA, DSF Cabinet, Kappa Beta. 

John Stockmyer, a top student in Arts and Sciences, received the 
honor presentation of an alumni Phi Beta Kappa group last spring. 

King, K. 

King, R. 




Knox, H. 

Knox, R. 



King, Rannells - Manhattan, Business Adminis- 
tration. Kirkeminde, Thomas W. - Alta Vista, 
Veterinary Medicine. Kirkland, Richard E. - 
Minneapolis, Electrical Engineering: AIEE V- 
Chmn., IRE, Radio Club. 

Kirton, Kenneth T. - Manhattan, Dairy 
Husbandry: Alpha Gamma Rho, Dairy Club 
Pres., Alpha Zeta, Little Amer. Royal Comm. 
Chmn., Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Cattle Judging 
Team. Klemm, Howard - Manhattan, Electrical 
Engineering. Klover, Bernard D. - Marysville, 
Civil Engineering. 

Klusmeyer, Louis - Galesburg, 111., Electrical 
Engineering. Knoche, Jimmie G. - Hillsdale, 
Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Williston Ge- 
ology Club, Collegiate 4-H, Intramurals. Knox, 
Harry L. - Manhattan, Psychology. 

Knox, Ralph W. - Kansas City, Mechanical En- 
gineering: Sigma Tau Treas., Pi Tau Sigma, 
ASME. Kocher, Edward T. - Aurora, Animal 
Husbandry: House of Williams V-Pres., Collegiate 
4-H, Young Republicans, Plow and Pen Club, 
Integrity Party, ISA, Pershing Rifles, Intramurals. 
Koehn, George S. - Moundridge, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi. 












Kohlschreiber, Richard W. - Topeka, Veterinary Medicine: 
Beta Sigma Psi, Jr. AVMA, IFC, Gamma Delta, SPC, Lift Week 
Coram. Kohr, Ruth M. - Salina, Home Economics and Teach- 
ing: FTA, Young Republicans, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Whi- 
Purs, ISA. Koster, John F. - Kansas City, Mo., Government: 
Phi Kappa Tau, Political Science Club. Kouba, Emil R. - 
Luzerne, Iowa, Electrical Engineering: IRE, Eta Kappa Nu. 
Kramer, Rudolph H. - Salina, Civil Engineering. 

Kretzer, Douglas D. - Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering. 
Kriegh, Caroline J. - Erie, Business Administration. Krizek, 
Kenneth R. - Dresden, Agricultural Administration: ISA, Col- 
legiate 4-H, Horticulture Club, Ag. Econ. Club., Ext. Club. 
Krueger, Marvin D. - Leavenworth, Business Administration 
Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi, BSA., Intramurals. Kruger, Ar- 
villa - Soldier, Home Economics and Teaching: FTA, Wesley 
Found., Home Ec. Teaching Club, ISA, Kappa Phi Treas., Fresh- 
man Dorm Counselor, Hospitality Day Coram. 

Kranz, Arthur H. - Haven, Business Administration: Beta 
Sigma Psi V-Pres., Treas., Gamma Delta Treas., Young Repub- 
licans, Intramurals. Kratochvil, Milo V. - Irving, Civil Engi- 
neering: Tau Kappa Epsilon, ASCE. Kraus, Don R. - Wichita, 
Electrical Engineering. Kraushaar, Hermas D. - Wamego, 
Business Administration: Veterans Org., Band Honor Award. 
Kreitler, Frank A. - Bush City, Pre-Medical Option: Theta 
Xi, Wampus Cats, Clinic Club. 

Kubik, David L. - Caldwell, Mechanical Engineering: Steel 
Ring, ASME, Intramurals. Kubik, Harold E. - Caldwell, Agri- 
cultural Engineering: ASAE, Wesley Found., Sigma Theta Ep- 
silon, KSCF. Kulp, Kathleen K. - Haddam, Modern Lan- 
guages: Club Cervantes Pres., V-Pres., Sec, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi 
Kappa Phi. Lamb, William G. - Wichita, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: IRE, Masonic Club, Hilltop Council Mayor. Lancaster, 
Donald K. - Barnard, Speech: ISA Pres., Alpha Epsilon Rho, 
KSDB-FM Program Director, Homecoming Coram., Photography 
Interest Group. 






Kubik, D. 

Kubik, H. 



Lancaster, Donald K. 

} n 

Lancaster, E. 
Larson, D. L. 
Larson, D. J. 


Leasure, E. 
Leasure, S. 
Lee, D. 

Lee, S. 

Lewis, B. 
Lewis, C. 

Lewis, R. 






class of 1957: Ian - mar 

Lancaster, Edith A. - Sabetha, Home Economics 
and Teaching: Alpha Chi Omega, Who's Whoot 
Editor, Home.Ec. Teaching Club, FTA, Collegi- 
ate 4-H, Amer. Guild of Organists. Larson, 
David L. - Prairie Village, Business Administra- 
tion. Larson. Donald J. - Kansas City, Eco- 

Laughlin. James A. - Goodland, Veterinary Med- 
icine. Laverentz, Harold D. - Horton, Archi- 
tectural Engineering: Sigma Tau, AIA, Wesley 
Found., Intramurals. Leaf, John P. - Garfield, 
Business Administration. 

Leasure, Elden E. - Manhattan, Geology: Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, Williston Geology Club. Lea- 
sure, Sylvia, H. - Manhattan, Home Economics 
and Teaching: Geology Gems Pres., Collegiate 
4-H, Home Ec. Teaching Club. Lee, Daniel - 
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Milling Technology: Alpha Mu, 
YMCA, Collegiate 4-H, Cosmopolitan Club, Intra- 

Lee, S. Young - Korea, English. Leeker, John - 
Gardner, Business Administration Accounting. 
Leverton, Dolan D. - Portis, Dairy Manufac- 
turing: ISA, Dairy Club, Dairy Products Judging 

Levin, Jon A. - Lindsborg, Business 'Administra- 
tion: Delta Sigma Phi, Union Dance Comm., 
Band. Lewis. Barbara J. - Hazelton, Elementary 
Education: Chi Omega, Westminster Fellow., A 
Cappella, Whi-Purs, WAA, FTA, Angel Flight, 
Child Guidance Club, Intramurals. Lewis, Car- 
roll E. - Burr Oak, Agricultural Administration: 
Farm House, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Ag. 
Econ. Club, Ag. Council, AFROTC Assn., As- 
tronomy Club, Intramurals. 

Lewis, Robert D. - Gibbon, Nebr., Veterinary 
Medicine: Jr. AVMA. Lieber, William D. - 
Osage City, Agriculture. Linnell. James E. - 
Goodland, Electrical Engineering. 

Livengood, Dale L. - Clay Center, Speech Edu- 
cation: K-State Players, Wampus Cats, FTA, 
Speech Council, Debate Team. Loo, Walter L. - 
Honolulu, Hawaii, Architecture: AIA. Lobmeyer, 
Joan - Oakley, Technical Journalism: Pi Beta Phi 
Scholarship, Newman Club, Collegiate 4-H, Col- 
legian Staff, Kansas Press Women's Scholarship. 


Lortscher, Kenneth B. - Bern, Electrical En- 
gineering. Loseke, Phyllis J. - Gem, Howe Eco- 
nomics and Teaching: Purple Pepsters Pres., Theta 
Epsilon Pres., Roger Williams Fellow., Union 
Sub.-Comm. Chmn., Hospitality Day, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Homecoming Coram., Carl Ray- 
mond Gray Scholarship. Lothman, John A. - 
Kansas- City, Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, LSA Pres., V-Pres., ASME 
Sec, Scabbard and Blade, RCC. 

Lowe, Larry E. - Topeka, Geology: Delta Sigma 
Phi, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans, K- 
State Rifle Team, Williston Geology Club, En- 
gineers' Open House Chmn., Intramurals. Lucas, 
Donald G. - Dearing, Electrical Engineering. 
Ludwig. Wilma R. - Topeka, Home Economics 
Teaching: Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, New- 
man Club Sec, FTA Sec, Home Ec. Teaching 
Club Pres. 

Luginsland, Loris L. - Dunlap, Animal Hus- 
bandry: Block and Bridle, KSCF, Collegiate 4-H, 
Chaparajos Club, Wool Judging Team, Intramur- 
als. Lybarger, Charlotte - Coffeyville, Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Management: Delta Delta 
Delta, Omicron Nu, Dietetics Club, Kappa Phi, 
Young Republicans, Senior Honors Comm., Hos- 
pitality Day Chmn. Lynn, Warren - Wichita, 
Agronomy: Delta Sigma Phi Sec, Sigma Theta 
Epsilon Treas., Pres., Wesley Found., Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Gamma Sigma Delta Sopho- 
more Rec, Intramurals. 

Lyon, Laura A. - Kansas City, Mo., English: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha 
Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, FTA, Senior Honors Comm., 
Homecoming Parade Comm., A&S Council, Union 
Governing Board, Royal Purple Staff, K-Key 
Award, Frog Club, English Club. Macek, Ber- 
nadine M. - Wilson, Business Administration 
Accounting. Macklin, Ira E. - Hutchinson, Ar- 
chitecture: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AIA, Intra- 

Maley, Larry D. - Hutchinson, Electrical En- 
gineering. Malm. Gerhard A. - Topeka, Veter- 

inary Medicine. Maloney 
Business Administration. 

Robert L. 


Mansfield, Richard E. - Manhattan, Pre- 
Medical Option. Marker, Donald M. - Ells- 
worth, Technical Journalism: Pi Kappa Alpha, 
Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Staff, Royal Purple 
Staff, K-Key. Markley, Janet S. - Augusta, 
Home Economics and Teaching: FTA, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, USF. 

Markley, John R. - Mound City, Veterinary 
Medicine: Acacia, Jr. AVMA. Marsh, James D. - 
Mulvane, Civil Engineering. Martin, Gene B. - 
Burdick, Mechanical Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Boeing Scholarship, ASME, 
Engineers' Open House Chmn., K-State Engineer 










Markley, J. S. 

Markley, J. R. 







May, H. 
May, J. 








McDaniel, D. 
McDaniel, R. 




class of 1957: mas rnik 

Masterson, Robert G. - Newton, Geology: Wil- 
liston Geology Club. Mathews, George H. - 
Lecompton, Horticulture: Lambda Chi Alpha, 
Horticulture Club Treas., Collegiate 4-H, Intra- 
murals. Maupin, Jack A. - King City, Mo., 
Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club, Wesley 

May, Harley E. - Kansas City, Chemical Engi- 
neering: AIChE, Pershing Rifles. May, Judith 
O. - Kansas City, Foods and Nutrition: Omicron 
Nu, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Martha S. Pitt- 
man Scholarship, Home Ec. Commercial Demon- 
stration and Dietetics Club, YWCA. Mayfield, 
Ben M. - Manhattan, Geology: Sigma Gamma 
Epsilon, Williston Geology Club, ISA. 

McCall. Leland F. - Salina, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. McCallister, James L. - Porterville, Calif., 
Civil Engineering: ASCE. McCallum, George 
D. - Elmdale, Agriculture. 

McCartney, Judith K. - Junction City, Elemen- 
tary Education. McClellen, James A. - Atchi- 
son, Zoology. McCrea, James R. - Ottawa, 
Business Administration: Scabbard and Blade, 
BSA, Intramurals. 

McCready, Marylyn A. - Wichita, English: Pi 
Beta Phi, Mortar Board V-Pres., Chimes, Phi 
Sigma Chi Nat'l Corresponding Sec, FTA, Stu. 
Council, A&S Council, Whi-Purs Pres., Purple 
Pepsters Pres., Homecoming Comm., Honors and 
Ethics Comm., AWS Steering Comm., SPC Honor 
Code Chmn., MPC Executive Comm. McCully, 
Robert L. - El Dorado, Animal Husbandry: Phi 
Delta Theta, IPC V-Pres., IFC, Union Comm., 
Homecoming Chmn., Block and Bridle, Collegiate 
4-H. McDaneld, Donald E. - Portis, Mechan- 
ical Engineering. 

McDaniel, Dolan K. 

Daniel, Roland N. ■ 
Engineering. McElroy, 
Pre-Medical Option. 

Norton, Geology. Mc- 
Goodland, Mechanical 
Robert T. - Topeka, 

McGehee,, John A. - Manhattan, Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME, ISA, Collegiate 4-H, Intra- 
murals. McGhee, Larry L. - Centralia, Agricul- 
tural journalism: Alpha Gamma Rho, Plow and 
Pen Club, Collegiate 4-H, ISA, Brd. of Stu. Pub- 
lications, A Cappella, Ag. Student Staff. McHugh, 
James H. - Wichita, Mechanical Engineering. 


McKenna, Leonard J. - Osborne, Architecture: 
Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Steel Ring. McKnight, 
David E. - Eskridge, Veterinary Medicine. Mc- 
Mahon, Shirley M. - Beattie, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. 

McMurray, Loren W. - Newton, Business Ad- 
ministration. McNelis, Marilyn M. - Coffey- 
ville, Food Research: Clovia Sec, Treas., Omicron 
Nu Sec., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Phi Fresh- 
man Rec., Kroger, Pittman and Borden Scholar- 
ships, Home Ec. Council Sec-Treas., Miniwanca 
Club V-Pres., Pres., Dietetics - Commercial Dem- 
onstration Club, Collegiate 4-H, College Chorus. 
McPhail. Howard B. - Strong City, Civil En- 
gineering: ASCE. 

McQueen, Nancy J. - Phillipsburg, Speech. 
Mears, Dorinda J. - Beloit, Physical Education: 
Alpha Xi Delta, FTA, Frog Club Pres., Phems, 
WAA. Melcher, Alvin E. - Ottawa, Veterinary 

Merrill, Sarah M. - Manhattan, Art and Paint- 
ing: Delta Phi Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, FTA. 
Merritt, James R. - Kansas City, Electrical En- 
gineering: Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, IRE. 
Metz, Jerry P. - St. John, Geology: Pi Kappa 
Alpha Sec, V-Pres., Pres., Sigma Gamma Epsilon 
V-Pres., Williston Geology Club. 

Meyer, Charles K. - Kansas City, Mo., Milling 
Technology. Michaels, Gavona J. - Michigan 
Valley, Home Economics Education and Extension: 
Kappa Phi V-Pres., Sears Scholarship, Purple Pep- 
sters, Home Ec Teaching Club, Home Ec. Council 
V-Pres., Pres., Collegiate 4-H Sec, Who's Whoot 
Staff, FTA, Hospitality Day Steering Comm., Ex- 
hibits General Chmn., Wesley Foundation. Miksch, 
Charles D. - Oswego, Animal Husbandry: Farm 
House, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 
4-H, Jr. Livestock Judging Team, Sr. Livestock- 
Judging Team, Intramurals. 

Having a wonderful time are these Jr. AVMA members and 
dates at the dance they have each spring and fall semester. 









Miksch, C. 


Miksch, E. 
Miller, B. 
Miller, C. S. 

Miller, C. R. 
Miller, D. 
Miller, G. 


James R. 
Miller, Jim R. 
Miller, Joann 

Miller, R. C. 
Miller, R. D. 
Miller, R. R. 

Miller, T. 









class of 1957: mik - nea 

Miksch, E. Duane - Oswego, Veterinary Medi- 
cine: Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA. Miller, Beverley 
J. - Twin Falls, Idaho, Music: Kappa Delta, Phi 
Alpha Mu, Chimes, Kappa Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon 
Treas., Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Sophomore 
Honors, Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship Award, 
Wesley Found., Editor of Methodist Student, Col- 
lege-Civic Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Union 
Comm. Sub-chmn., College String Quartet. Mil- 
ler. Carol S. - Wichita, Elementary Education: 
Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, FTA, Whi-Purs, A&S Coun- 
cil, Pershing Rifles Queen Attendant, Pretzel 
Bowl Queen Attendant, Ag. Barnwarmer Queen 

Miller. Charlotte R. - Beloit, History. Miller, 
Darrel E. - Downs, Technical Journalism: Blue 
Key Sec, K-Key, Sigma Delta Chi Pres., Kansas 
City Press Club Scholarship, Journalism Memorial 
Fund Award, Collegian Editor, Staff, Joel Halperin 
Award, Brd. of Stu. Publications. Miller, Ger- 
ald J. - Olpe, Veterinary Medicine. 

Miller, James R. - Topeka, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Kappa Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, 
AIEE Sec, IRE, Veteran's Org. Sec. Miller, 
Jim R. - Sublette, Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsi- 
lon, Williston Geology Club, Intramurals. Mil- 
ler, Joann - Plains, Clothing and Textiles. 

Miller, Richard C - Newton, Agricultural Ad- 
ministration. Miller, Robert D. - Ellsworth, 
Nebr., Mechanical Engineering. Miller, ROBERT 
R. - Irving, Industrial Education. 

Miller, Tommy L. - Oakley, Physical Education: 
Alpha Gamma Rho, Phi Epsilon Kappa Pres., Col- 
legiate 4-H, YMCA, Klod and Kernel Klub, 
Wrestling, Intramurals. Miner, Janet S. - Ver- 
don, Nebr., Clothing and Textiles. Mines, Kyle 
C. - Oberlin, Physical Education: K-Frat, Wrest- 

Mitchell, John R. - White City, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Mohl, Keith L. - Rus- 
sell, Geology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Williston 
Geology Club, Freshman Football. Molzen, Al- 
len R. - Newton, Animal Husbandry: Alpha Tau 
Omega, Block and Bridle, Intramurals. 

Monroe, William H. - Denver, Colo., Architec- 
ture. Montgomery, Gerald G. - Preston, Zool- 
ogy. Monteith, Richard C. - Oxford, Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon. 


Moore, J. B. 
Moore, J. A. 
Moore, W. 






Moore, Jack B. - Iuka, Animal Husbandry: Kappa Sigma, 
Young Democrats. Moore, Jane A. - Scott City, Technical Jour- 
nalism: Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Phi, Collegian 
Staff, Editor, Young Republicans. Moore, Warren E. - Gard- 
ner, History. Moorhead, Philip D. - Pratt, Veterinary Medi- 
cine: Sigma Nu, Jr. AVMA, Masonic Club. Moors, G. Edward 
- McPherson, Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, 
Phi Kappa Phi, ASME Treas. 

Muller, Harry D. - Bellerose, Long Island, N. Y., Poultry 
Husbandry: Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Poultry Science 
Club. Murdie, David H. - Meriden, Agricultural Education : Ag. 
Ed. Club. Murphy, Errol L. - Geneseo, Geology: Delta Sigma 
Phi. Murphy, Galen A. - Maple Hill, Animal Husbandry: 
Delta Sigma Phi. Murphy, Raymond W. - Emporia, Chemical 
Engineering: AIChE, Steel Ring. 

Morris, Phyllis B. - Kansas City, Mo., Home Economics and 
Teaching: Newman Club, Home Ec. Teaching Club, FTA, Amer. 
Assn. of Home Econ. Morrisey, Ann - Topeka, English: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma. Morton, LeRoy E. - Brookville, Elementary 
Education: Stu. Act. Bd., Masonic Club, Veteran's Org., Young 
Democrats, FTA. Moyer, Charles I. - Kansas City, Animal 
Husbandry: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wesley Found., Young Repub- 
licans. Mueller, Sandra G. - Wichita, Clothing and Textiles: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Pres., Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi Fresh- 
man Rec, Sr. Class Treas., Retail Buying Club V-Pres., Union 
Dance Comm. Sec, Union Coffee Hours Chmn., Hospitality Day 
Style Show Chmn., Whi-Purs. 

Murray, William J. - Menlo Park, Calif., Veterinary Medicine. 
Myers, Harriet R. - El Dorado, Mathematics. Myers, James A. 
Mulvane, Agricultural Education. Nay, Merle O. - Wichita, 
Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa, Future Teachers of Kan- 
sas Pres., Athletic Council, Freshman Baseball Coach, Asst. 
Trainer. Neal, David M. - Whitewater, Business Administration. 

Murphy, E. 
Murphy, G. 
Murphy, R. 

Myers, H. 
Myers, J. 



What could have happened now, the members of the KSDB-FM 

crew wonder as they broadcast from the Dive in the Union. 

class of 1957: nee - omi 

Needham, James A. - Thurston, Business Admin- 
istration. Nehrig. Dean - Marysville, Chemical 
Engineering. Neilan, Gary J. - St. Francis, Ag- 
ricultural Journalism . 




Nelson, C. 
Nelson, E. 
Nelson, L. 

Nelson, P. 
Nelson, R. L. 
Nelson, R. M. 

Nelson, C. Darlene - Bridgeport, Elementary 
Education : Phi Alpha Mu, AWS Council, LSA V- 
Pres., Collegiate 4-H, A Cappella Choir. Nelson, 
Elmer R. - Pratt, Mechanical Engineering. IAS 
Sec-Treas., V-Pres., ASME. Nelson, Larry R. - 
Sylvan Grove, Music Education. 

Nelson, Paul D. - Bluemont, Agricultural En- 
gineering. Nelson, Rosa L. - Miltonvale, Home 
Economics Art: Kappa Phi Cabinet, Art Club Sec, 
V-Pres., YWCA, FTA, Wesley Found., Hospital- 
ity Day Comm. Nelson. Ross M. - Holton, Ag- 
ricultural Administration: Ag. Econ. Club, Ext. 
Club Sec. 

Newcomer C Newby, Jack S. - Eureka, Business Administra- 
Newcomer^ J. tion. Newcomer, C. Graham - El Dorado, 
Industrial Engineering. Newcomer, John E. - 
Marion, Business Administration : Sigma Nu. 

Newman, C. 
Newman, J. 

Newlin, Theodore R. - Parsippany, N. J., Me- 
chanical Engineering. NEWMAN, CATHERINE - 
Wichita, Family Economics: Union Movies Comm. 
Newman, Jules - Monticello, N. Y., Mechanical 
Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma Treas., ASME. 


Nichols, D. 
Nichols, P. 






Nichols, Dale E. - Colony, Industrial Engineering: Kappa 
Sigma, Steel Ring, Soc. for Advancement of Mgmt. NiCHOLS, 
Phyllis B. - Arkansas City, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment: Dietetics Club. Nicholson, Janet S. - Ellis, Elementary 
Education. Niemann, Robert J. - Coffeyville, Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Steel Ring. Nixon, Joyce L. - Topeka, Foods and 
Nutrition: Alpha Xi Delta Sec, Whi-Purs, YWCA, Commercial 
Demonstration Club. 

Ogg, Janet M. - Manhattan, Family and Child Development: 
Kappa Phi, Family and Child Development Club. O'Hara, 
William J. - Parsons, Pre-Laiv. Okubo, Hikaru - Piihonna, 
Hilo, Hawaii, Electrical Engineering. Olivier, Irvin E. - Har- 
per, Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE. 
Olsen, Leslie A. - Hardy, Neb., Agricultural Education: Beta 
Sigma Psi, Ag. Ed. Club, YMCA, LSa". 

Noll, Patricia L. - Manhattan, Music Education: Alpha Chi 
Omega, Sec, Amer. Guild of Organists, V-Pres., A Cappella 
Choir Sec, Newman Club Choir Director. Noonan, Margaret 
A. - Kansas City, Mo., History. Norton, Virgil J. - Quinter, 
Agricultural Education: Alpha Zeta, Newman Club, Collegiate 
4-H, FTA, Ag. Ed. Club Pres., Treas., Ag. Assn., Ag. Council 
V-Pres., Ag. Barnwarmer Chmn. Noyce, Edwin C. - Manhat- 
tan, Mathematics: Lambda Chi Alpha. Nuzman, John W. - 
Topeka, Industrial Technology: Sigma- Chi, Steel Ring, Soc. for 
Advancement of Mgmt. Pres., Engineering Council, Kansas State 

Olsen, William O. - Council Grove, Business Administration. 
Olson, Lynn K. - Wichita, English. Olson, Mary L. - 
Dwight, Home Economics Teaching: Chi Omega Sec, Treas., 
Whi-Purs, FTA, Home Ec Teaching Club, SPC, Westminster 
Fellow., Royal Purple Bus. Staff. Oltjen, Nadine C. - 
Leona, Secondary Education: Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, 
Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters, LIFT Week Comm. Chmn., RCC, 
LSA, FTA. Omiya, Clarence I. - Kaneohe, Hawaii, Electrical 
Engineering: IRE, Hawaii Club. 

Olsen, L. 

Olsen, W. 
Olson, L. 
Olson, M. 


class of 1957: orb - put 






Paulson, A. 
Paulson, R. 

Perkins, B. 
Perkins, J. 

Peterson, D. 
Peterson, J. 

Peterson, R. 



Orban, Roger F. 
gineering. Owen 

Manhattan, Architectural En- 
Patricia M. - Goodland, 
Home Economics Teaching: Collegiate 4-H, Home 
Ec. Teaching Club. Page, Perry W. - Pittsburg, 

Veterinary Medicine. 

Pallett, Harrison E. - Manhattan, Electrical 
Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE, 
IRE, Engineers' Open House Executive Comm. 
Parker, Philip E. - Wamego, Agronomy: Ext. 
Club Pres., Veterans Org. Parrack, Dean K. - 
Mahaska, Mathematics: Scabbard and Blade, Col- 
legiate 4-H, FTA, Band. 

Patterson, William - Niotaze, Agricultural En- 
gineering: Steel Ring, ASAE, IOHC, Intramurals. 
Pattison, Wilbur A. - McPherson, Civil Engi- 
neering: Steel Ring, ASCE. Paul, William D. - 
Weskan, Agricultural Education: Phi Delta Kap- 
pa, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley Found., Ag. Ed. 
Club, YMCA, Collegiate 4-H. 

Paulson, Arnold E. - Lindsborg, Nuclear Engi- 
neering: Steel Ring, AIChE, LSA, Promenaders 
Club, Intramurals. Paulson, Robert J. - Kansas 
City, Sociology. Pence, Marilyn - Topeka, Ele- 
mentary Education: Alpha Chi Omega, Chimes 
Treas., Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, FTA, Col- 
legiate 4-H Sec, Who's Whoot Bus. Mgr., Staff, 
Union Sub.-Comm., Poultry Judging Team. 

Peppiatt, Samuel H. - Ellsworth, Geology: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sec, Wil- 
liston Geology Club, Arnold Air Soc Pres., 
AFROTC Assn., Band. Perkins, Bill E. - How- 
ard, Animal Husbandry: Alpha Gamma Rho, 
Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Club Cervantes. 
Perkins, James R. - Howard, Agricultural Ad- 
ministration: Alpha Gamma Rho V-Pres., Alpha 
Zeta, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H Pres., V- 
Pres., Sec, Who's Whoot Editor, Union Night 
Club Comm., Alumni Relations Comm. 

Petersilie, Lawrence M. - Ness City, Petroleum 
Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Collegiate 4-H, 
Kansas State Players, YMCA, Wampus Cats Sec, 
Treas., Williston Geology Club, Wesley Found., 
ISA, Who's Whoot Staff, Homecoming Parade 
Comm. Peterson, Donald D. - Lindsborg, Elec- 
trical Engineering: Steel Ring, LSA, IRE, AIEE, 
Intramurals. Peterson, Jay A. - Manhattan, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Peterson, Richard L. - Burdick, Mechanical En- 
gineering: House of Williams Pres., V-Pres., Pi 
Tau Sigma, ASME, IAS, ISA, IOHC, LSA, Stu- 
dent Council, Integrity Party V-Pres., K-State En- 
gineer Editor. Pettit, Ronald G. - Kanopolis, 
Physics. Pettyjohn, James D. - Toronto, Dairy 
Husbandry: Klod and Kernel Klub. 


Pfuetze, David - Manhattan, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting: Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Distinguished 
Military Student, K-Club, BSA, Union Publicity 
Sub-Comm. Chmn., Frog Club, Varsity Golf, Var- 
sity Swimming. Piccola, Ralph J. - Hacketts- 
town, N. J., Feed Technology. Pilkington, 
Dwaik H. - Pratt, Animal Husbandry. 

Platt, Gordon K. - Great Bend, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Poelma, John C. - Beloit, Animal 
Husbandry: Collegiate 4-H, AFROTC Assn., 
ISA, Newman Club. Polak, Warren F. - Chel- 
tenham, Pa., Physical Education. 

Porch, James E. - Abilene, History. Porter, 
Danny L. - Glen Elder, Civil Engineering: ASCE 
Sec. Porter, G. Neal - Emporia, Music Education. 

Porter, Margaret - Strong City, Elementary 
Education. Poston, Carl W. - Rose Hill, Agri- 
cultural Engineering: Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley 
Found., Collegiate 4-H, ASAE. Pottorff, Jo 
Ann - Wichita, Elementary Education : Chi Omega, 
Sigma Eta Chi, FTA, Young Republicans, Pan- 
hellenic Council, Jr. AVMA Auxiliary. 

Pou Lines, Pedro - Ponce, Puerto Rico, Architec- 
ture. Powers, Darrell E. - Belleville, Landscape 
Design. Pratt, Albert - Atchison, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. 

Pratt, Phyllis E. - Leavenworth, Elementary 
Education: Newman Club, Young Republicans, 
FTA, BSA. Price, Dean A. - Manhattan, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Prince, Rodger P. - Fairfield, 
Iowa, Business Administration Accounting: Young 
Republicans, Camera Club. 

Prouty, H. Stephen, Jr. - Junction City, Psy- 
chology: Kappa Sigma Pres., Psychology Club. 
Ptacek, Ernest H, Jr. - Manhattan, Business 
Administration. Putnam, Raymond J. - Raleigh, 
N. C, Architecture. 





Porter, D. 
Porter, G. 

Porter, M. 



Pou Lines 
Pratt, A. 

Pratt, P. 





p <*) 














Rhodes, A. 
Rhodes, R. 

class of 1957: qua - roo 

Quanz, Robert E. - Glade, Animal Husbandry: 
Delta Tau Delta Treas., Block and Bridle, Chapa- 
rajos Club, Little Amer. Royal Champion Show- 
man. Quinn, Terry M. - Clay Center, Speech. 
Quint, Thomas E. - Bunkerhill, Dairy Manufac- 
turing: Phi Kappa Pres., Sec, Newman Club, 
Dairy Products Judging Team. 

Raberding, Norman L. - Harper, Architectural 
Engineering. Raffety, Robert W. - Newton, 
Mechanical Engineering: Beta Sigma Psi, Pi Tau 
Sigma, Gamma Delta, ASME, Young Republicans, 
Engineers' Open House, Intramurals, Varsity Base- 
ball. Ramsey, Ruth M. - Salina, Home Eco- 
nomics and Art: Delta Kappa Chi, Art Club Pres., 
Home Ec. Council, Van Zile Council, Van Zile 
Tribunal, Hospitality Day. 

Randall, E. Eugene - Ashland, Agricultural Ad- 
ministration. Ransdell, Joann - Independence, 
Mo., Government: Alpha Delta Pi, Political 
Science Club Pres., Whi-Purs, MPC Comm., Intra- 
murals. Rash, Larry A. - Thayer, Mechanical 
Engineering: Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, 
ASME, Distinguished Military Student, Engineer- 
ing Council Pres., Young Republicans, Wesley 
Found., SPC, Traffic Control Board, Intramurals. 

Rasher, Nancy - Abilene, English-Journalism: 
Kappa Delta, Pi Epsilon Delta, Spanish Club, Eng- 
lish Club, K-State Players Sec, YWCA, Collegian 
Staff. Ravnikar, John G. - Manhattan, Veter- 
inary Medicine. Razor, Willis - Washington, 
Business Administration: Theta Xi. 

Regnier, Bobbie J. - Clay Center, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Reid, James A. - Brewster, Industrial Edu- 
cation: Indus. Ed. Assn., FTA, ISA, Intramurals. 
Reida, Byron D. - Zenda, Animal Husbandry. 

Reimer, Rex E. - Wichita, Electrical Engineering. 
Reneau, Nona L. - Argonia, Home Economics 
and Teaching: FTA, Ext. Scholarship. Renollet, 
Henry A. - Sterling, Animal Husbandry: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, 
K-Club, Varsity Track, Intramurals. 

Rhodes, Arthur J. - Wichita, Civil Engineering: 
ASCE, Amer. Soc Photogrammetry, Masonic Club. 
Rhodes, Robert B. - Council Grove, Business Ad- 
ministration. Riblett, Loren E. - Greeley, Indus- 
trial Education: Indus. Ed. Assn. V-Pres., FTA, 
Engineers' Open House Chmn. 


Richardson, Robert J. - Cawker City, Business 
Administration. Ricklefs, John E. - Salina, 
Landscape Design: Beta Theta Pi, Delta Phi Delta 
Pres., Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Arnold Air 
Soc, Blue Key V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Tau Sigma Delta, Sears 
Scholarship, YMCA, Horticulture Club, Young 
Republicans Sec, Union Art Comm. Chmn., SGA 
Campus Beautification. Ricklefs, Margery - El 
Dorado, English: Pi Beta Phi, Chimes, Mortar 
Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Mu V-Pres., 
RCC, K-Key, MPC, Young Republicans, English 
Club, FTA, YWCA Sec, Westminster Fellow., 
Collegian Staff, SGA Artist Series, Ethics and 
Honors Comm., Apportionment Board, Orchesis, 
Union Movies Comm., Union Library Comm. 
Chmn., Fine Arts Sec. 

School spirit was at its best in the Ahearn Fieldhouse as the 
K-State band played the fight song during the KU game. 

Ridenour, Paul E. - Kansas City, Dairy Manu- 
facturing: Theta Xi, Dairy Club, Veterans Org., 
Dairy Products Judging Team. Riley, Wayne K. 
- Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Milling Technology: Theta 
Xi, Arnold Air Soc. Rizek, Mary E. -McPherson, 
Elementary Education: Kappa Delta, FTA. 

Roberts, Leland B. - Topeka, Architecture: 
Kappa Sigma, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Intramurals. 
Roberts, Max K. - Manhattan, Architectural En- 
gineering: AIA, ISA, YMCA, K-State Engineer 
Staff, Engineers' Open House, Intramurals. Rob- 
erts, Thomas E. - Liberal, Veterinary Medicine: 
Phi Delta Theta, Jr. AVMA. 

Rockwell, R. Allen - Frankfort, Pre-Medical 
Option. Roenbaugh, Virginia - Fellsburg, Home 
Economics and Teaching: Delta Gamma, Home 
Ec Teaching Club, FTA, A Cappella Choir. 
K-State Singers, Hospitality Day Steering Comm. 
Roether, Douglas D. - Milford, Physical Edu- 

Rogers, Dennis R. - Mankato, Business Admin- 
istration: Acacia, BSA, Young Republicans, Intra- 
murals. Rogers, Marilyn J. - Topeka, English. 
Root, Barbara L. - Carthage, Mo., Elementary 
Education: FTA, RCC Sec, A Cappella Choir, 
K-State Singers, Canterbury Assn., Music Founda- 
tion Scholarship. 

Ricklefs, J. 
Ricklefs, M. 




Roberts, L. 
Roberts, M. 
Roberts, T. 




Rogers, D. 
Rogers, M. 
Root, B. 


Root, W. 










Russell, F. 
Russell, W. 







class of 1957: roo - sco 

Root, William C. - Medicine Lodge, Animal 
Husbandry. Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Col- 
legiate 4-H, Block and Bridle, Little Amer. Royal 
Chmn., Sr. Livestock Judging Team. Rose, Ed- 
ward A. - Cullison, Electrical Engineering. Rose- 
brook, Donald L. - Dodge City, Bacteriology: 
Pi Kappa Alpha, Young Republicans, YMCA, 
Westminster Fellow. 

Rosenberger, William - Hiawatha, Chemistry. 
Ross, Tanya - Lincoln, Speech. Roth, Leon L. 
Osborne, Business Administration: Phi Kappa, 
Pershing Rifles, Newman Club Treas., BSA, IPC. 

Roupp, Delbert B. - Hesston, Civil Engineering. 
Rov, Wayne - Kiowa, Mechanical Engineering. 
Rudman, Richard L. - Palco, Agricultural Educa- 
tion: Arnold Air Soc, Union Pacific Scholarship, 
Pershing Rifles Commander, Angel Flight Coordi- 
nator, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 

Rumph, Vash A. - Wichita, Animal Husbandry. 
Rundell, I. B. - Bavaria, Agronomy: KSCF, Ma- 
sonic Club, College Baptist Stu. Fellow., Ext. Club. 
Rush, Jay D. - Sioux City, Iowa, Veterinary Medi- 
cine: Blue Key Treas., Phi Kappa Phi Freshman 
Rec, Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA V-Pres., Intramurals. 

Russell, Frances L. - Garden City, Home Eco- 
nomics Art: Clovia, IFYE, Purple Pepsters, DSF 
V-Pres., FTA, Home Ec. Art Club, Collegiate 4-H. 
Russell, Willard D. - Manhattan, Elementary 
Education: ISA, Intramurals. Ryan, Quay, Hutch- 
inson, Mathematics. 

Sabhlok, Mohinder P. - Simla, India, Industrial 
Engineering: ASME, Soc. for Advancement of 
Mgmt, Cosmopolitan Club. Sackett, Charles 
S. - Tonganoxie, Veterinary Medicine. Saenger, 
Fred O. - Sylvan Grove, Agricultural Education. 

Salmon, Frederick L. - Hutchinson, Business 
Adm'mistration Accounting. Salter, E. Shirley 
- Wakefield, Elementary Education. Sapp, Shir- 
ley J. - Hoxie, Home Economics Teaching: Home 
Ec. Teaching Club, FTA, Collegiate 4-H, DSF. 

Sartorius, William G. - Summit, N. J., Business 
Administration. Sarvis, Shirley J. - Norton, 
Home Economics Teaching: Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Chimes Pres., Mortar Board Pres., Omicron Nu 
V-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa 
Phi, Miniwanca Club Pres., Northwest Hall Pres., 
Home Ec Club V-Pres., Pres., Tribunal, YWCA, 
FTA, Young Republicans, Hospitality Day Chmn., 
SGA Freshman Orientation Comm., Intramurals. 
Satterlee, Lowell D. - Macksville, Agricultural 
Education: Ag. Ed. Club. 

Saxton, Dwain C. - Winthrop, Minn., Electrical 
Engineering: AIEE. Schafer, James R. - Vermil- 
lion, Feed Technology: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha 
Mu, Arnold Air Soc, Distinguished Cadet, Dis- 
tinguished Military Student, Dean's Honor Roll, 
Air Force Assn., YMCA, Intramurals. Scherling, 
Marguerite F. - Ottawa, Elementary Education: 
Alpha Xi Delta, FTA, Purple Pepsters, Young 
Republicans, Integrity Party. 

Scheuren, John F. - Monticello, N. Y., Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Schindler, Louis E. - Manhat- 
tan, Veterinary Medicine. Schlichter, William 
- Topeka, Civil Engineering: Steel Ring, ASCE. 

Schmidt, Burton W. - Newton, Geology. 
Schmiedeler, Patrick A. - Shawnee, Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Phi Kappa Pres., Sigma Tau, Pi 
Tau Sigma, ASME, Steel Ring, Intramurals. Scho- 
ber, Robert L. - Great Bend, Business Admin- 
istration: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Air Force Assn., 
BSA, Intramurals. 

Schotte, Virgil W. - Kansas City, Chemical En- 
gineering: Steel Ring. Schrader, Jerry L. - 
Great Bend, Veterinary Medicine. Schrepel, 
Robert E. - Coats, Animal Husbandry: Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Varsity Gymnastic Team. 

Schroedel, Eva J. - Parsons, Elementary Educa- 
tion: Kappa Delta, Gamma Delta, Panhellenic 
Council Sec, Treas., FTA, Young Republicans, 
Integrity Party. Schroeder, Kenneth - Man- 
hattan, Electrical Engineering. Schroeder, Nich- 
olas - Colby, Agricultural Education. 

Schroer, J. Marta - Randolph, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Schulke, Marshall - Lyons, Botany. 
Schultis, Estel J. - Great Bend, Animal Hus- 
bandry: Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Arnold 
Air Soc, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Con- 
servation Club, AFROTC Assn., Ag. Council, Dis- 
tinguished Military Student. 

Schumann, Robert H. - Powhattan, Agricultural 
Administration: Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres., Gamma 
Delta, Ag. Econ. Club, Young Republicans, K. S. 
Flying Club, Intramurals. Schwab, Leonard - 
Madison, Animal Husbandry. SCHWALM, Irvin 
M. - Baldwin, Veterinary Medicine. 

Scott, Edwin L. - Valley Center, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Scott, Frank - Coffcyville, Mathe- 
matics. Scott, Jack D. - Atchison, Mechanical 
Engineering: Kappa Sigma, Steel King, ASMF, 
Veterans Org., Intramurals. 






£**>*> ^^ f"** 




Schroeder, K. 
Schroeder, N. 





Scott, E. 
Scott, F. 
Scott, J. 


»3te m~* i Shank 



^■f ^\ 














class of 1957: scr - spr 

Scriven, Dorothy A. - Abilene, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Seaton, Mary K. - Prairie Village, Ele- 
mentary Education. Shade, Jeanne S. - Hays, 
Family and Child Development: Alpha Delta Pi, 
Young Republicans, FTA, Family and Child De- 
velopment Club. 

Shaffer, Billy E. - Manhattan, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Shank, Harry L., Jr. - Abilene, Speech: 
Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho V-Pres., 
Pres., AFROTC Wing Commander. Shaw, Ken- 
neth A. - Towson, Md., Chemical Engineering: 
Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Young Repub- 
licans, LSA, AIChE, Varsity Wrestling, Intramurals. 

Sheldon, Charles M. - Topeka, Mechanical En- 
gineering: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Steel Ring. 
Sherrer, Kenneth L. - Whiting, Business Ad- 
ministration. Shideler, Carol A. - Girard, Die- 
tetics and Institutional Management: Gamma Phi 
Beta, Kappa Beta, Dietetics Club, YWCA Cabinet, 
DSF, Union Movies Comm., Royal Purple Staff, 
Collegiate 4-H, MPC Chmn. 

Shipp, Robert L. - Manhattan, Milling Technol- 
ogy. Shoemaker, Marvin A. - Narka, Agricul- 
tural Education: Alpha Gamma Rho, Collegiate 
4-H, Ag. Ed. Club, Block and Bridle, Pershing 
Rifles, FTA, A Cappella Choir, Intramurals. 
Shove, Henry L. - Havensville, Mechanical En- 
gineering: Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. 

Shultz, Wallace E. - Hutchinson, History. 
Sidener, Nancy A. - Abilene, Clothing and Re- 
tailing: Alpha Phi. Siebert, Leon A. - West- 
moreland, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club, 
Newman Club, Veterans Org. 

Siemers, Barbara - Manhattan, Elementary Edu- 
cation: Kappa Kappa Gamma, K-State Players, 
Girls Glee Club. Simpson, Joyce C. - Coffey- 
ville, Music Education. Sims, Chadeayne A. - 
Coffeyville, Business Administration: Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, Union Harmonizers, Intramurals. 

Sinderson, William S. - Kansas City, Business 
Administration Accounting: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Varsity Baseball, Intramurals. Sink, Donald L. - 
Wichita, Industrial Technology: Soc. for Advance- 
ment of Mgmt. Sis, Raymond F. - Belleville, 
Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Gamma Rho Pres., 
Blue Key, Block and Bridle V-Pres., Collegiate 4-H, 
Newman Club, K-State Players, Meats, Livestock, 
Dairy Judging Teams, Union Governing Board 
Chmn., Jr. AVMA. 

Skinner, Maurice M. - Great Bend, Psychology. 
Skupa, Joan K. - Haddam, Home Economics 
Teaching: Kappa Delta, Kappa Phi, FTA Sec, 
YWCA Treas., Young Republicans, Purple Pep- 
sters, Clothing and Retailing Club, Hospitality Day 
Steering Comm. Small, Keith L. - Conway 
Springs, Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Chi, Phi 
Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Arnold Air Soc, Pi 
Tau Sigma Sec, ASME, IAS Pres., Westminster 
Fellow., K-State Engineer Staff, Engineers' Open 
House Chmn., Intramurals. 

Smith, Conrad C. - Stafford, History. Smith, 
Dale A. - Gem, Agricultural Administration. 
Smith, Dale I. - Topeka, Statistics and Mathe- 
matics: Phi Alpha, Westminster Fellow., Wesley 
Found., Mathematics Club, Young Republicans, 
Cosmopolitan Club., ISA, YMCA, Conservation 

Smith, Donald O. - Kansas City, Mo., Industrial 
Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon V-Pres., Sigma 
Tau, Steel Ring, Arnold Air Soc, Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, Soc. for Advancement of Mgmt. 
Air Force Assn., Wampus Cats, IPC, Integrity 
Party, K-State Engineer Staff, Engineers' Open 
House Comm., Homecoming Parade Comm. 
Smith, Gene O. - Jetmore, Agricultural Admin- 
istration. Smith, Joan B. - Minneapolis, Family 
and Child Development: FTA, Family and Child 
Development Club, Westminster Fellow., Young 
Republicans, Waltheim V-Pres., Intramurals. 

Smith, Marilyn C. - El Dorado, Sociology: Pi 
Beta Phi Pres., Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Stu. Council, Sr. Class Sec, 
YWCA, CIIC, SGA International Relations 
Comm. Smith, Martha E. - Blue Rapids, Ele- 
mentary Education: Kappa Phi, FTA, Whi-Purs, 
Purple Pepsters. Smith, Norris E. - Newton, 
Civil Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha, Steel Ring, 
ASCE, Intramurals. 

Smith, Ralph L. - Topeka, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Eta Kappa Nu, Steel Ring, Engineers' Open 
House. Snider, David F. - Ottawa, Zoology. 
Snider, Johnny R. - Russell, Psychology: Kappa 
Sigma, Psychology Club, Political Science Club, 
Young Democrats, K-State Players, MPC, Intra- 

Snodgrass, Carol A. - Clay Center, Music Edu- 
cation. Snyder, Ronald E. - Traverse, Mich., 
Chemical Engineering. Sobke, Verlene - Coun- 
cil Grove, Home Economics Teaching: Alpha Delta 
Pi, Home Ec Teaching Club, Stu. Council, FTA, 
Young Republicans, Purple Pepsters, Hospitality 
Day Chmn., Home Ec. Council, Hospitality Day 
Steering Comm. 

Sommers, Robert C. - Ellsworth, Architectural 
Engineering. Spangenberg, Ronald L. - Hud- 
son, Architecture: Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Delta 
Phi Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Sparks, Van F. - 
Kansas City, Mo., Business Administration. 

Spiker, David M. - Manhattan, Architecture. 
Spitze, Donald C. - Kinsley, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics: Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley Found., 
Econ. Club, Ext. Club. Spitzer, Dorothy J. - 
Scott City, Elementary Education : Alpha Chi Omega. 

Springer, Donald M. - Pratt, Animal Husbandry: 
Collegiate 4-H, Block and Bridle. Springer, Roy 
J. - Great Bend, Mechanical Engineering. Sproul, 
Maurice L. - Clay Center, Chemical Engineering: 
AIChE, ISA, Amateur Radio Club. 

Smith, C. 
Smith, D. A. 
Smith, D. I. 

Smith, D. O. 
Smith, G. 
Smith, J. 

Smith, M. C. 
Smith, M. E. 

Smith, N. 

Smith, R. 
Snider, D. 
Snider, J. 









Springer, D. 
Springer, R. 

Stalcup, B. 
Stalcup, T. 

Stanton, G. 
Stanton, L. 


Stauffer, H. 
Stauffer, O. 












class of 1957: sta -ton 

Stalcup, Billy J. - Preston, Civil Engineering: 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, ASCE V-Pres., Engi- 
neers' Open House. Stalcup, Tommy, L. - Pres- 
ton, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE. Stamm, 
James D. - Washington, Feed Technology. 

Stanners, William J. - Oak Park, 111., Business 
Administration: Theta Xi, Scabbard and Blade. 
Stanton, Gaylord D. - Ogallah, Agricultural 
Education: Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Sigma 
Theta Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club V-Pres. Stanton, 
Leon S. - Johnson, Animal Husbandry. 

Starr, Lowell E. - Welda, Geology. Stauffer, 
Harold K. - Hutchinson, Agricultural Education: 
Kg. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H, ISA, FTA, K-State 
Players, YMCA Pres., V-Pres., Wesley Found., 
Intramurals. Stauffer, Olen R. - Madison, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Steavenson, Carl C. - Manhattan, Electrical En- 
gineering. Steffes, Dale W. - Olpe, Mechanical 
Engineering. Steffey, Norman J. - Oskaloosa, 
Business Administration: Delta Upsilon Treas., 
BSA, Young Republicans, YMCA, Veterans Org., 

Stegman, Jerry L. - Lincoln, Zoology: Conser- 
vation Club Pres., V-Pres. Steiner, Lyle E. - 
Sabetha, Pre-Medical Option: Clinic Club, ISA 
V-Pres., YMCA, Collegiate 4-H, Veterans Org. 
Exec. Comm. Steunenberg, Albert F. - Man- 
hattan, Geology: Phi Delta Theta. 

Stewart, James C. - Manhattan, Geology: Phi 
Delta Theta, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Pres., A&S 
Council Pres. Stippich, Neal R. - Sioux Falls, 
S. D., Architectural Engineering. Stolzer, Leo 
W. - Kansas City, Mo., Business Administration 

Stover, Lawrence E. - Arkansas City, Chemical 
Engineering: Sigma Tau, AIChE. Strait, Bobby 
G - Garden City, Electrical Engineering: Eta 
Kappa Nu, IRE. Strong, Richard M. - Medi- 
cine Lodge, Agricultural Education. 

Sturgeon, Larry J. - Dodge City, Agricultural 
Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ag. Econ. 
Club, Young Republicans, Intramurals. Sucht, 
Leon A. - Rozel, Animal Husbandry:- Farm 
House, Alpha Zeta, Sears-Roebuck Scholarship, 
Collegiate 4-H Pres., Block and Bridle, Ext. Club, 
IPC, Jr. Livestock Judging Team, Wool Judging 
Team, Little Amer. Royal Showman, Intramurals. 
Suderman, Shirley A. - Hillsboro, Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching and Extension: Clovia, Kappa 
Phi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H, 
FTA, YWCA, Promenaders Sec.-Treas., Mennon- 
ite Fellow. Sec. 

Suellentrop, Fred J. - Great Bend, Mechanical 
Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, IAS, Newman Club, IRE Pres., 
Sec, ASME, Circle Burners Pres., V-Pres., K-State 
Engineer Staff, Engineers' Open House Chmn., 
Intramurals. Sullivan, James G. - Rochester, 
Minn., Civil Engineering. Sullivant, Paul - 
Waverly, Dairy Manufacturing. 

Summers, Alan T. - Manhattan, Business Ad- 
ministration. Sundberg, Marion A. - Lindsborg, 
Geology. Sutton, Nor - Denver, Colo., Mechan- 
ical Engineering: Sigma Tau Pres., Pi Tau Sigma 
Sec, ASME, IAS, Engineering Council, Engineers' 
Open House Chmn., K-State Engineer Staff. 

Swanson, Ann C. - McPherson, Home Econom- 
ics Teaching: Kappa Delta, FTA, YWCA, Home 
Ec Teaching Club, Whi-Purs, Hospitality Day 
Comm., Intramurals. Swanson, Jaqueline I. - 
Axtell, Music Education: Mu Phi Epsilon Sec, 
FTA, A Cappella, K-State Singers. Swanson, 
Marvin F. - McPherson, History: Delta Upsilon, 
Arnold Air Soc, Distinguished Military Student, 
Political Science Club Pres., FTA, Intramurals. 

Swartz, Donald F. - Everest, Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Sigma Chi, ASME Chmn., Engineering 
Council. Swiercinsky, Edward L. - Belleville, 
Animal Husbandry: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Block 
and Bridle, Wesley Found. Swim, Roland - 
Genoa, Nebr., Business Administration Account- 
ing: Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Swinson, William - Anthony, Business Admin- 
istration. Talbot, LeRoy E. - Greenleaf, Busi- 
ness Administration: Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Delta 
Kappa, First National Bank Scholarship. Tange- 
man, John E. - Wichita, Business Administration. 

Life at the Union information desk is a jumble of telephone 
calls, questions, check cashing, and sale of cigarettes and candy. 





Swanson, A. 
Swanson, J. 
Swanson, M. 








Taylor, C. 
Taylor, D. 

Taylor, J. 
Taylor, K. 




Thomas, P. 
Thomas, R. 

Thompson, C. 
Thompson, H 

Thompson, J. 
Thompson, V. 

Tilgner, V. 
Tilgner, W. 




class of 1957: tap - vog 

Taplin, Glen L. - Waterville, Agricultural Edu- 
cation: Theta Xi, Ag. Ed. Club, K-Club, Varsity 
Track. Taylor, Charlene W. - Winona, Music 
Education. Taylor, Donald M. - Garden City, 
Business Administration. 

Taylor, Jerry L. - Parsons, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: ASME, Engineers' Open House, Intramurals. 
Taylor, Keith E. - Wichita, Feed Technology: 
House of Williams, Milling Students Assn., ISA, 
Dairy Club, Little Amer. Royal Showman. Ter- 
rill, Mary E. - Manhattan, Elementary Education. 

Tetlow, Norman - Downs, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Tew, John T. - Coffeyville, Business Ad- 
ministration. Theiss, Mary E. - Independence, 
Mo., Technical Journalism: Pi Beta Phi, Theta 
Sigma Phi Sec, Treas., Pres., FTA, Home Ec. 
Journalism Club Sec, Treas., Whi-Purs, YWCA, 
Young Republicans, K-State Players, Westminster 
Fellow., Union Publicity Comm., Union Social and 
Rec Comm., Royal Purple Staff, Collegian Busi- 
ness Mgr., MPC Comm., SPC, K-Key Award, Hos- 
pitality Day Comm. 

Thierstein, Gerald - Whitewater, Agricultural 
Education. Thomas, Paul O. - Pleasanton, Vet- 
erinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. Thomas, Robert 
- Canton, Mechanical Engineering. 

Thomasson, Betsey A. - Belleville, Speech Edu- 
cation: Chi Omega Pres., Laverne Noyes Scholar- 
ship, Fine Arts Scholarship, Speech Council, K- 
State Players, A Cappella, K-State Singers, Oral 
Interp. Club, Westminster Fellow., FTA. Thomp- 
son, Charles L. - Michigan Valley, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Thompson, H. Jane - 
Washington, Music Education. 

Thompson, Janet R. - Watertown, S. D., History 
and Psychology: Sigma Eta Chi, Whi-Purs, FTA. 
Thompson, Victor J. - Coldwater, Agricultural 
Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASAE Pres., Masonic 
Club, Collegiate 4-H, Veterans Org., K-State Engi- 
neer Advertising Mgr., Staff. Thornborrow, 
John C. - Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 

Tidwell, Gordon L. - Marysville, Electrical En- 
gineering. Tilgner, Velda L. - Yates Center, 
Home Economics Teaching. Tilgner, William 
L. - Gypsum, Veterinary Medicine. 

Tompkins, Allen K. - Hutchinson, Business Ad- 
ministration. Toms, John S. - Fort Scott, Tech- 
nical Journalism: Phi Kappa Tau, Newman Club, 
Stu. Marketing Institute Rep., Collegian Staff, 
Union Publications Comm., IPC, Intramurals. 
Tovrea, Leonard B. - Brewster, Agronomy. 

Townsend, Sharon L. - Salina, Speech. Tred- 
way, Nancy E. - Wilmot, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management: Alpha Delta Pi, Dietetics Club 
V-Pres., YWCA, Young Republicans, Dames Club. 
Tregellas, Loren D. - Topeka, Electrical Engi- 
neering: Delta Sigma Phi, IRE. 
Trull, Gary E. - Bern, Mechanical Engineering. 
Tucker,' Patricia A. - Emporia, Mathematics: 
Kappa Beta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Alpha Mu, 
Mortar Board Freshman Rec, Sophomore Honors, 
Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, YWCA Treas., 
Mathematics Club Sec, Cosmopolitan Club, USE. 
Tucker, Ramona S. - Moline, Home Economics 
Teaching: Alpha Chi Omega V-Pres., Chimes, 
Mortar Board, Omicron Nu Pres., Danforth Sum- 
mer Fellow., Collegiate 4-H, Miniwanca Club, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Amer. Guild of Organ- 
ists, A Cappella Choir, FTA. 

Tullis, James E. - Great Bend, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Turnquist, Paul K. - Lindsborg, Agri- 
cultural Engineering: Sigma Tau, LSA, ASAE 
Pres., V-Pres. Twell, Charles F. - Studley, 
Geology: Williston Geology Club, Canterbury 

Ulibarri, Donald - Coffeyville, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Unruh, Glennis M. - 
Pawnee Rock, Home Economics Teaching: Clovia 
Treas., FTA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Purple 
Pepsters, Collegiate 4-H, Westminster Fellow. Up- 
dike, Robert H. Jr. - Kansas City, Mo., Elec- 
trical Engineering: AIEE Sec. 
Van Camp, Marjorie - Garden City, Physical 
Education. Van Camp, Robert V. - Riverton, 
Nebr., Veterinary Medicine. Vanderweide, Mar- 
jorie L. - Atchison, Music Education: Mu Phi 
Epsilon Pres., Amer. Guild of Organists, Kappa 
Phi, YWCA, Young Republicans, FTA, A Cap- 
pella Choir. 

Van Loenen, James B. - Prairie View, Civil 
Engineering: ASCE. Van Steenbergh, Keith - 
Sioux Falls, S. D., Veterinary Medicine: Alpha 
Zeta, Jr. AVMA. Van Tilburg, Jack F. - Willis, 
Dairy Manufacturing: Farm House, Dairy Club, 
Little Amer. Royal Comm., Ag. Barnwarmer 
Comra., Intramurals. 

Van Zant, Jerry E. - Arkansas City, Mechanical 
Engineering. Vaughn, Raymond L. - Manhat- 
tan, Chemical Engineering: AIChE Treas., New- 
man Club. Vernon, Robert L. - Danbury, Nebr., 
Dairy Manufacturing: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Dairy 
Club, Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Products Judging 

Viar, Dixie F. - Topeka, Elementary Education: 
Delta Delta Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, Sophomore Honors, FTA, YWCA 
Cabinet, Y-Mart Chmn., Union Games Comm. 
Chmn. Vicens, Juan P. - Gales, Puerto Rico, 
Physical Education. VOGELMAN, Mary L. - Pot- 
win, Dietetics and Institutional Management: 
Kappa Phi, YWCA, Dietetics Club, Purple Pep- 




Tucker, P. 
Tucker, R. 







Van Camp, M. 
Van Camp, R. 

Van Loenen 

Van Tilburg 

Van Zant 












Wallace, H. 
Wallace, P. 

Ward, C. 
Ward, G. 

Warren, D. 
Warren, J. 

Warren, T. 




Wehrman, M. 
Wehrman, R. 




class of 1957: yoh - win 

Vohs, George F. - Manhattan, Technical Jour- 
nalism: Collegian Editor, Sigma Delta Chi Treas. 
Von Fange, Joleen - Clay Center, Art: Alpha 
Delta Pi, Delta Phi Delta Sec, FTA. Wagner, 
Richard L. - Rozel, Business Administration: 
Gamma Delta Pres., BSA, Intramurals. 

Wainscott, Donald L. - Hazelton, Veterinary 
Medicine. Waite, Ralph - Winfield, Animal 
Husbandry. Walker, Haywood A. - Kansas City, 

Business Administration. 

Wallace, Harry E. Jr. - Minneapolis, Mathe- 
matics: K-Club, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Bas- 
ketball, Tennis. Wallace, Paul D. - Macksville, 
Secondary Education. Wallingford, Darrell 
D. - Altamont, Secondary Education: Acropolis, 
FTA, Intramurals. 

Wancura, Eldon N. - Dighton, Secondary Edu- 
cation: Kappa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. Ward, 
Chester E. - Manhattan, Business Administration. 
Ward, Galen E. - McPherson, Geology: Sigma 
Nu, Pershing Rifles, Alpha Phi Omega, Young 
Republicans, Williston Geology Club, Freshman 
Baseball, Intramurals. 

Warne, Charles B. - Mankato, Animal Hus- 
bandry: Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Block and 
Bridle, Ag. Ed. Club, Jr. Livestock Judging Team, 
Wool Judging Team. Warren, Donald J. - 
Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. Warren, 
John N. - Medicine Lodge, Agricultural Admin- 
istration: Ag. Ed. Club, Chaparajos Club, Sears- 
Roebuck Scholarship. 

Warren, Trexel, Ottawa, Business Administra- 
tion. Watkins, Robert W. - Las Cruces, N. M., 
Industrial Technology: Soc. for Advancement of 
Mgmt, Westminster Fellow. Weaver, Archi- 
bald - Falls City, Nebr., Mechanical Engineering. 

Webb, Herbert G - Salina, Civil Engineering. 
Wehrman, Marvin - Highland, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Wehrman, Rosemary - Highland, Home 
Economics Teaching: Miniwanca Club, FTA, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Westminster Fellow., 
Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec. Council. 

Weidler, Charles R. - Minneapolis, Electrical 
Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE 
Pres., IRE, Engineering Council, Canterbury Assn. 
Wells, Clyde H. - Marysville, English. Wend- 
land, Susan J. - Randolph, Elementary Educa- 
tion: FTA. 

Werp, Charles J. - Kansas City, Electrical Engi- 
neering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IRE, AIEE, 
Newman Club. Whistler, J. D. - Topeka, Archi- 
tecture. Whistler, William G. - Topeka, Tech- 
nical Journalism : Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Staff. 

White, Joann L. - Bennington, Music Education: 
Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Band, Orchestra. 
Whitelaw, Mary B. - East Lansing, Mich., His- 
tory: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Whitley, Diane - 
Baldwin City, Home Economics Teaching: Delta 
Delta Delta, FTA, Purple Pepsters, Young Repub- 
licans, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Cheerleader, Ag. 
Barnwarmer Queen Attendant, Olympiad Queen 

Whitney, Nancy - Concordia, Music Education: 
Purple Pepsters, Newman Club, K-State Players, 
Intramurals. Wiederholt, Leo R. - Princeton, 
Animal Husbandry. Wieland, Mary T. - St. 
Marys, Home Economics Journalism: Newman 
Club, Home Ec. Journalism Club. 

Wilderson, William - Oakley, Business Admin- 
istration. Wilkerson, Patrick A. - Kansas City, 
Business Administration: Delta Sigma Phi, Blue 
Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Stu. Body 
Pres., Stu. Council, Big Seven SGA Chmn., Ap- 
portionment Board Chmn., Homecoming Comm. 
Wilkinson, Jane E. - Kansas City, Mo., English. 

Wilmoth, Phyllis M. - Colony, Elementary Edu- 
cation: FTA, Freshman Counselor. Wilson, 
Clark B. - Wheaton, Animal Husbandry. Wil- 
son, Edwin V. - Jetmore, Secondary Education: 

Wilson, George W. - McPherson, Electrical En- 
gineering: Phi Delta Theta, AIEE, Engineering 
Council, K-State Engineer, Soc. and Rec. Wilson, 
Harry L. - Topeka, Electrical Engineering. Wil- 
son, Hubert W. - Manhattan, Physical Education. 

Wilson, Louise - Rush Center, Home Economics 
and Teaching: Collegiate 4-H, Wesley Found., 
Kappa Phi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, FTA, Fresh- 
man Counselor. Wilson, Richard W. - Moline, 
Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, 
Wesley Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Collegiate 
4-H, Soph. Honors. Wilson, Robert L. - To- 
peka, Business Administration Accounting: Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Pres., BSA, Newman Club, MPC, 
Young Democrats. 

Wilson, William H. - Junction City, Architec- 
ture: AIA, Tau Delta Sigma, Engineers' Open 
House Chmn. Wimsatt, Peter M. - Wichita, 
Business Administration: Phi Kappa, Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Newman Club, Veterans Org., K-State Players, 
Alumni Relations Board, K-State Players. Win- 
dle, James L. - Colby, Agricultural Administra- 
tion: Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Theta Epsilon Pres., 
V-Pres., YMCA Cabinet, Collegiate 4-H, V-Pres., 
Who's Whoot Editor, Staff, Wesley Found. V- 
Pres., Council, Alumni Student Relationship 
Comm., Carl Raymond Gray Scholarship, ISA, 
Chaparajos Club, Ag. Econ. Club, Cosmopolitan 
Club, Dairy Club, Young Republicans, Little Amer. 
Royal, MPC, Freshman Track. 

Whistler, J. 
Whistler, W. 








Wilson, C. 
Wilson, E. 

Wilson, G. 
Wilson, H. L. 
H. W. 

Wilson, L. 
R. W. 
Wilson, R. L. 

Wilson, W. 



Wright, J. 








Wright, W. 



Yost, A. 
Yost, L. 
Young, E. 

Young, M. 







class of 1957: win - zim 

Wing, Gary W. - Minneapolis, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics: House of Williams, Econ. Club, Col- 
legiate 4-H, Integrity Party, ISA. Winkelman, 
Gerald L. - Pratt, Civil Engineering. Winzeler, 
Richard D. - Gridley, Business Administration 
Accounting: Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Wipf, Charlotte A. - Plevna, Physical Educa- 
tion: Collegiate 4-H, Phems, Wesley Found., FTA, 
WAA. Wise, Stephen A. - Medicine Lodge, 
Agricultural Administration. Wisecup, William 
G. - Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Jr. AVMA, Tribunal Justice. 

Womacks, Larry E. - Atlanta, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics: Collegiate 4-H, Ag. Econ. Club, Little 
Theatre, Intramurals. Wonder, Margaret R. - 
Manhattan, Child Welfare. Wood, Lorrel L. - 
Downs, History. 

Woodward, Eldon D. - Richland, Agricultural 
Engineering. Wren, Frances R. - Muncie, Home 
Economics Teaching. Wright, John R. - Atwood, 
Secondary Education. 

Wright, Wendell A. - Scott City, Architecture. 
Wynn, William D. - El Dorado, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Yamase, David M. - Waimea, Kauai, 
Hawaii, Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa. 

Yost, Anita J. F. - Beloit, Elementary Education: 
FTA, YWCA, Collegiate 4-H, WAA, Band. 
Yost, Larry M. - Downs, Agricultural Education : 
Acacia, Ag. Ed. Club, Masonic Club, Collegiate 
4-H, USF, Intramurals. Young, Edmond E. - 
Stilwell, Civil Engineering. 

Young, Marlene L. - Manhattan, Elementary 
Education: Delta Delta Delta, Band Drum Major- 
ette, FTA, Panhellenic Council, Homecoming 
Queen, Football Queen Contest Finalist, Miss K- 
State Queen Finalist, Scabbard and Blade Queen 
Finalist. Zahner, Max H. - Shawnee, Veterinary 
Medicine. Zickefoose, Charles - Wichita, 

Zimmerman, Donald D. - Wichita, Electrical 
Engineering. Zimmerman, LeMoyne M. - Olathe, 
Business Administration: Acacia. Zimmerman. 
Ray A. - Olathe, Animal Husbandry: Farm House 
Pres., Alpha Zeta Pres., Blue Key, Block and 
Bridle Sec, Poultry Judging Team, Meats Team, 
Jr. Livestock Team, Sr. Livestock Team, Ag. Barn- 
warmer Asst. Mgr., Ag. Week Mgr., Ag. Council, 
Stu. Council, Intramurals. 

nursing students and second 
semester seniors: bro-wis 

Brown, Donna J. - Atwood, Home Economics 
and Nursing: Home Ec. Nursing Club. Eads, Jo- 
ann H. - Coats, Home Economics and Nursing: 
Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Pre-Nursing Club. El- 
rod, Twila H. - Peabody, Home Economics and 
Nursing; Home Ec. Nursing Club. 
Franklin, Dee L. - Atwood, Home Economics 
and Nursing: Collegiate 4-H, Nursing Club, ISA, 
Wesley Found. Griswold, Mary A. - Newton, 
Home Economics and Nursing: Chi Omega, Nurs- 
ing Club, YWCA. Hebrank, Maurine U. - 
Abilene, Home Economics and Nursing: Phi Kappa 
Phi Freshman Rec, Home Ec. Nursing Club, Omi- 
cron Nu, Wesley Found., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Holloway, Caroline - Kansas City, Mo., Home 
Economics and Nursing: Alpha Xi Delta, Home 
Ec. Nursing Club, YWCA. Johnson, Nancy - 
Oberlin, Home Economics and Nursing: Home Ec. 
and Nursing Club, Collegiate 4-H, Who's Whoot 
Staff, Band, Intramurals. Lippitt, Judy - Topeka, 
Home Economics and Nursing: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Nursing Club, Purple Pepsters, Home Ec. 

Lundgren, Ann - Topeka, Home Economics and 
Nursing: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Purple Pepsters, 
Home Ec. Nursing Club. Mann, Ruth M. - 
Quinter, Home Economics and Nursing: Home 
Ec. and Nursing Club, KSCF, Freshman Counselor, 
Omicron Nu. Marvel, Beverly - Coffeyville, 
Home Economics and Nursing: Home Ec. Nursing 
Club, Purple Pepsters Sec. 

Miller, Bernice - Tribune, Home Economics and 
Nursing: Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters, Home Ec. 
Nursing Club. Miller, Verna - Sublette, Home 
Economics and Nursing: KSCF, Home Ec. and 
Nursing Club, Hospitality Day Co-Chmn., Col- 
legiate 4-H, College Baptist Youth Fellow., RCC, 
Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Rec. Moorhead, Pa- 
tricia W. - Salem, 111., Home Economics and 
Nursing: Alpha Xi Delta, Home Ec. Nursing 
Club, Wesley Found., Kappa Phi, Band, YWCA. 
Morgan, Martha J. - Hutchinson, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing: Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec. 
Nursing Club. Morrow, Beverly A. - Berryton, 
Home Economics and Nursing: Home Ec. Nursing 
Club, ISA, Collegiate 4-H. Schmidtlein, Jessie - 
Battle Ground, Wash., Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing: Pre-nursing Club, Purple Pepsters. 
Schoenfeldt, Gayle - Kansas City, Mo., Home 
Economics and Nursing: Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Eta 
Chi Pres., V. Pres., Home Ec. Nursing Club, 
YWCA. Seidler, Donna - Kansas City, Mo., 
Home Economics and Nursing: Alpha Chi Omega, 
YWCA, Home Ec. Nursing Club, Young Demo- 
crats, Whi-Purs. Stalcup, Wanda - Stafford, 
Home Economics and Nursing: Delta Delta Delta, 
Mortar Board, Chimes Sec, Omicron Nu, Theta 
Epsilon Pres., YWCA Treas., Stu. Act. Bd., Van 
Zile House Council, Tribunal, SPC, Home Ec. 
Nursing Club Sec-Treas., Lift Week Comm. 
Chmn., Hospitality Day Comm. Chmn., Roger 
Williams Fellow. Cabinet, Collegiate 4-H, Who ' s 
Whoot Staff, Purple Pepsters, Danforth Sr. Wom- 
en's Summer Fellow. 

Stover, Rebecca L. - Ransom, Home Economics 
and Nursing: Kappa Beta Sec, DSF, Home Ec. 
Nursing Club, YWCA. Tillotson, Betty - 
Shields, Home Economics and Nursing: Clovia, 
IPC, Wesley Found., Purple Pepsters, Collegiate 
i-H, Home Ec. Nursing Club. Vallentine, 
Carol R. - Ashland, Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing: Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu. 











Miller, V. 









— y ^ 

Van Deventer 






Jackson, D. 
Jackson, O. 


Van Deventer, Sue - Wellington, Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing: Delta Delta Delta V-Pres., Mortor Board Treas., Omicron 
Nu, Purple Pepsters Treas., Home Ec. Council. Weigel, Fleeta 
D. - Collyer, Home Economics and Nursing: Phi Kappa Phi 
Freshman Rec, Omicron Nu. Williamson, Ann - Ft. Leaven- 
worth, Home Economics and Nursing: Chi Omega, Home Ec. 
Nursing Club Treas., Home Ec. Council, College Chorus. Wil- 
son, Linda G. - Kansas City, Mo., Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing: Pi Beta Phi, Home Ec. Nursing Club. Cannon, John - 
Manhattan, Civil Engineering. 

Komer, John - El Dorado, Mechanical Engineering. Mardis, 
Merlin - Preston, Animal Husbandry. Maurer, Eugene - 
Montezuma, Feed Technology. McIntosh, Merlvn - Topeka, 
Business Administration. Melroy. David J. - Norton, Civil En- 

Cox, Charlene - Partridge, Music Education. Hernandez, 
Jorge F. - Puerto Rico, Architectural Engineering. Jackson, 
Derek - Westmoreland, Animal Husbandry. Jackson, Orval 
E. - El Dorado, Technical journalism. Klotzbach. Martin - 
Topeka, Electrical Engineering. 

Melroy, Lee Ann - Russell, Home Economics and Business. 
Reichle, Virgil - Cummings, Business Administration. Rum- 
sey, Thomas - Council Grove, Mechanical Engineering. Voss, 
Julian - Junction City, Sociology. Wisecup, Beth'- Manhattan, 

Elementary Education. 

Melmy, D. 

Melroy, L. 






grad students: ahr-lan 

Ahrens, Curtis L. - Manhattan, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Amos, John M. - Council Grove, Agri- 
cultural Economics. Amstein, William G. - Man- 
hattan, Animal Husbandry. Attri, Narinder S. 
- Patiala, India, Mechanical Engineering. 

Bellah, Robert G. - Nocona, Texas, Zoology. 
Bonchonsky, Andrew - Manhattan, Geology. 
Bullock, Warren G. - Norton, Geology. Can- 
trell, Joseph S. - Paola, Chemistry. 

Chandler, Scott S. - Overland Park, Animal 
Husbandry. Chang, James C. - China, Bacteri- 
ology. Chellappa, Theophilus - Hyderabad, In- 
dia, Horticulture. Chu, I. Cheng - China, Chem- 
ical Engineering. 

Chueh, Chun F. - China, Chemical Engineering. 
Dempsey, Robert J. - Ft. Scott, Poultry Hus- 
bandry. Duryea, Ladd L. - Leonardville, Psy- 
chology. Evans, David W. - Lebo, Agricultural 

Garrett, Martha A. - Fruitland Park, Fla., 
Child Welfare. Geil, Donald D. - Great Bend, 
Geology. Graber, Kenton A. - Pretty Prairie, 
Chemistry. Gray, Thomas M. - Chanute, Ento- 

Greve, Robert W. - Freeport, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Henry, Patricia A. - Lyons, Zoology. 
Herman, Charles W. - Lincoln, Geology. Hop- 
son, James D. - Phillipsburg, Agricultural Edu- 

Hwang, Cheng C. - China, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Jackson, Ronald E. - Chicago, 111., Psy- 
chology. Kalia, Het R. - Kangra, India, Horti- 
culture. Kastens, William H. - Manhattan, 


Kempthorne, Gerald C. - Dodgeville, Wise, 
Zoology. Lai, Chi-Sen - China, Civil Engineering. 
Lai, Sing-Ping - China, Milling Industry. Lang- 
shaw, George R. - Salina, Speech. 











Lai, C. 
Lai, S. 


til L:4*a 




grad students: law fib 

Lawrence, Layle D. - Nashville, Farm Mechan- 
ics. Lee, Tsiun L. - China, Electrical Engineering. 
Lindner, Norman G. - Garden City, Industrial 
Education. Lyons, Eugene T. - Yankton, S. D., 

Malicky, Joanne C. - Barneston, Nebr., Home 
Economics Art. Markley, Quinten L. - Au- 
gusta, Agronomy. McDonald, Donald G. - 
Oakley, Physics. McKee, Vernon C. - Asherville, 

Agricultural Education. 




Nelson, D. 

Nelson, E. 
Nelson, G. 
Nelson, M. 



Merryman, Raleigh J. - Manhattan, Geology. 
Milindhaboon, Malali - Dhonbini, Thailand, 
Home Economics. Mings, Jack L. - Burlingame, 
Agronomy. Misra, Uma K. - Lacknow, India, 


Moore, McDonald - Cordele, Ga., Chemistry. 
Mosa, Joseph J. - Lancaster, Mass., Physical Edu- 
cation. Motes, William C. - Scottsville, Agri- 
cultural Economics. Mulkern, Gregory B. - 
Manhattan, Entomology. 

Muriente, Jose E. - Puerto Rico, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Nasim, Mohammed - Pakistan, Physics. 
Nee, Jac Ken - China, Horticulture. Nelson, 
Donald O. - Whiting, Psyc, 

Nelson, Edward A. - Cedar City, Utah, Genet- 
ics. Nelson, George A. - Merriam, Civil Engi- 
neering. Nelson, Marjorie M. - Clifton, Foods 
and Nutrition. Olivencia, Pedro J. - Puerto Rico, 
Animal Husbandry. 

Ordoveza, Antonio L. - Manila, Philippines, 
Animal Husbandry. Overbey, William S. - 
Creighton, Mo., Physical Education. Owen, Ber- 
NETA L. - Wichita, Psychology. Pathak, Mano 
D. - India, Entomology. 

Rashad, Salah E. - Egypt, Entomology. Rey- 
nolds, Warren D. - Manhattan, Chemistry. 
Rizek, Robert - Belleville, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. RUGGELS, W. Lee - Beverly, Agricultural Eco- 


Runge, George F. - Manhattan, Horticulture. 
Sanders, Georgia D. - Winnsboro, La., Home 
Economics. Schleicher, Joseph - Nanticoke, 
Pa., Bacteriology. Setser, Donald W. - Hudson, 



Sharma, Dip Raj - Nepal, Entomology. Shiv- Sharma 

Nani, Hariram A. - India, Pathology. Shultz, Shivnani 

John A. - Casper, Wyo., Child Welfare. Soler, Shultz 
Manuel A. - Puerto Rico, Animal Husbandry. 

Spencer, Carrol D. - Blue Mound, Agricultural 
Economics. Suyama, Yoshitaka - Japan, Agron- 
omy. Tindell, Lloyd D. - Burlingame, Poultry 
Husbandry. Tsunewaki, Koichiro - Japan, 


Turner, Virden - Tongonoxie, Industrial Edu- 
cation. Urban, Kenneth E. - Abilene, Animal 
Husbandry. Vatne, Robert D. - Sioux Falls, 
S. D., Zoology. Villarosa, Josefina - Manila, 
Philippines, Architecture. 

Visser, Kenneth E. - Riley, Animal Husbandry. 
Visser, Rosemary Y. - Baldwin, Foods and Nu- 
trition. Walters, Rosanne L. - Milford, Ele- 
mentary Education. Wasinger, Imelda M. - 
Hays, Mathematics. 

Willis, Paul M. - Independence, Zoology. Wil- 
son, Bruce L. - Manhattan, History. Wu, Chang 
Lo - China, Chemical Engineering. Dickson, 
James D. - Topeka, English. 

Erkut, Ayse - Ankara, Turkey, foods and Nutri- 
tion. Issar, Sohan Ial - New Delhi, India, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. KoLLMAN, PATRICIA A. - 
Woodston, Economics. OLIVELLA, Carlos A. - 
Puerto Rico, Animal Husbandry. 

Tibbetts, Benton - Densmore, Geology. 




Visser, K. 
Visser, R. 






A**aLA* k 

Adams, C. 

Adams, M. 
Adams, R. 
Adams, T. 
Adams, W. 

Addington, P. 

Agnew, A. 
Agnew, J. 
Ahrens, F. 

Ahrens, S. 

Albers, C. 
Albers, J. 
G. L. 

G. L. 

Albright, M. 
Albright, T. 

Allen, C. 
Allen, D. 
Allen, G. 

Allen, J. R. 
Allen, J. D. 
Allen, R. D. 
Allen, R. R. 

underclassmen: abb-ann 

Abbott, J. Hayden - Olathe, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Ackerman, Norman W. - Muncie, 01 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Adamek, Donnice 
M. - Holyrood, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Adams, Calvin K. - Simpson, Junior in Arts and 

Adams, Marilyn S. - Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Adams, Russell S. - LaHarpe, Junior in 
Agriculture. Adams, Thayla K. - Barnard, Junior 
in Home Economics. Adams, Wayne L. - Kincaid, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Addington, Charles E. - Salina, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Addington, Paul H. - 
Salina, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Ade, Elizabeth A. - Gypsum, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Adee, Donald P. - Phillipsburg, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Adelson, Richard L. - Wichita, 01 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Agnew, Alfred E. - Weskan, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Agnew, James W. - Wes- 
kan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Ahrens, 
Franklin A. - Clarkson, Nebr., Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Ahrens, Stephen H. - Mankato, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Aiken, Shirley F. - Havana, Junior in 
Home Economics. Aikens, Dale V. - Emporia, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. Akers, Char- 
lotte A. - Coffeyville, Sophomore in Arts and 

Albers, Charles L. - Kansas City, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Albers, Janice L. - Ben- 
dena, Sophomore in Home Economics. Albrecht, 
Harold R. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Albright, Gary L. - Pretty Prairie, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Albright, Gary L. - Delia, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Albright, Marcella J. - Duguoin, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Albright, Thomas M. - Colby, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Ald- 
ridge, Alfred G. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and 

Alexander, Carolee A. - Burlington, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Allen, Charles W. - Coats, 
Junior in Agriculture. Allen, Dick K. - Wichita, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Allen, 
Gene G. - Silver Lake, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

ALLEN, JAMES R. - Newton, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Allen, Joy D. - Centralia, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Allen, Roger D. - Baxter 
Springs, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Allen, Ronald R. - Preston, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 


Allerheiligen, James H. - Hanover, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Alley, Thomas L. - Oxford, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Allison, Richard D. 
- Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Allis- 
ton, Albert L. - Havana, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Alstatt, John D. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Alstrom, Karen D. - 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Alt, Bar- 
bara E. - Carrollton, Mo., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Al-Tikriti, Ahmed S. - Iraq, Junior in 

Amerine, Tommy B. - Goodland, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Ames, Alpha H. - To- 
peka, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Amundaray, Hiram A. - Puerto Rico, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Amundaray, Jose - Puerto 
Rico, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Anders, Norman C. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Anderson, Carol R. - Hazelton, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. Anderson, Jay A. - Para- 
dise, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Anderson, 
John E. - Jamestown, Junior in Agriculture. 

Anderson, John R. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Anderson, Larue L. - Osage City, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Anderson, 
Robert A. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Anderson, Rodney L. - Windom, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Andler, Warren K. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Andrade, Henry L. - Liberal, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Andres, Larry L. 
- Alta Vista, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. An- 
drews, John M. - St. John, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Anduss, Lynn E. - Manhattan, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Angle, James B. - Manhattan, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Annan, Harry J. - 
Beloit, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Annan, Robert 
H. - Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and 








Anderson, C. 

J. A. 



Anderson, L. 

R. A. 

R. L. 


Annan, H. 
Annan, R. 

Pumpkins and hay surround Jimmy Pierson and his orches- 
tra as they play for Ag Barnwarmer, climax to Ag Week. 










Applebaugh Appleby 



D. D. 

D. L. 

Arnold, E. 

Arnold, J. 

Arnold, P. 

Arnold, R. Arnold, S 


underclassmen: ann-ban 

Annis, James W. - Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Anset, Ann L. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Anspaugh, Kay L. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Antenen, Terrance L. - Bazine, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Anthony, Sharon L. - Smith Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Apley, Martyn L. - Washington, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Appl, Franklin J. - Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Applebaugh, Claudia - Olathe, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Appleby, Thomas E. - Cedar 
Vale, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Archer, Douglas W. - Ottawa, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Arford, John C. - Almena, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Argabright, Don D. - Atwood, Junior in Agriculture. 
Argabright, Don L. - Robinson, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Arnold, Earl R. - Johnson, Freshman in Agriculture. Arnold, 
Janice E. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Economics. Ar- 
nold, Pearl M. - Johnson, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Arnold, Richard A. - Manhattan, Junior in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Arnold, Sandra D. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 

Arnold, Sherrill A. - McPherson, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Arnote, Elaine V. - Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Arriaga, Ernesto T. - Durango, Mexico, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Artley, Betty A. - Mount Hope, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Asjes, Evert - Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Athens, Carl D. - Wichita, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Atherly, Mark W. - Burling- 
ton, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. Atkinson, John W. 
- Jewell, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. Attebery, Ben 
A. - Paola, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Attwater, Anna C. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Attwater, Paul R. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Aubley, Barbara M. - Nashville, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Auchard, Lawrence W. - Council Grove, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Austin, Rosalie A. - Salina, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Axlund, Laurn Ml - Wathena, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Aye, Katherine E. - Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Ayers, Douglas T. - 
Webster Grove, Mo., 02 in Engineering and Architecture, ayers, 
Richard L. - Centralia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Arnold, S. A. Arnote Arriaga Artley Asjes Athens Atherly Atkinson Attebery 

Attwater, A. Attwater, P. Aubley Auchard Austin Axlund Aye Ayers, D. Ayers, R. 


Bach, Richard L. - Salina, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Backman, Carole L. - Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Bacon, David 
L. - Lexington, Nebr., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bader, Paul J. - Kansas City, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Baehr, Nancy M. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Baenisch, James O. - Wichita, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Baer, Robert L. - 
Chapman, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Baertch, 
Carolee - Soldier, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Bafus, Donald A. - Newton, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bahr, Virgil - Evansville, 111., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Bailey, Joseph J. - Garnett, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Bair, Linda L. - 
Minneola, Junior in Home Economics. 

Bair, Richard D. - Mission, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Baird, Dorothy J. - Brewster, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Baird, JoAnn - Minneapolis, 
Minn., Freshman in Home Economics. Baker, Al- 
fred E. - Piper, Junior in Agriculture. 

Baker, Carol - Peabody, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Baker, Carole A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Baker, Charles W. - Russell, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Baker, Dee 
Ann - Haven, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Baker, Donna J. - Peck, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Baker, Jesse E. - Manhattan, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Baker, John R. - 
Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Baker, Larry L. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Baker, Mary E. - Holton, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Balaban, Edward J. - Caldwell, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Balch, Donald G. - 
Barnes, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Balch, Lawrence W. - Barnes, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Baldwin, Robert C. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Bales, William H. - 
Marshall, Mo., Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Ball, 
Larry C. - Lost Springs, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Ballard, Marshall P. - Delphos, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Ballard, Ross B. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. BALLWEG, Nancy C. - 
Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Balthrop, John C. - Wichita, Junior in Agriculture. 
Banks, Thurston E. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 




ir, L. 

Bair, R. 
Baird, D. 
Baird, J. 
Baker, A. 

Baker, C. 
Baker, C. 
Baker, C. 
Baker, D. 

Baker, D. J. 
Baker, J. E. 
Baker, J. R. 
Baker, L. 

Baker, M. 
Balch, D. 
Balch, L. 

Ballard, M. 

Ballard, R. 


r^ #^ i^"K 

Barber, B. 
Barber, J. 

Barr, B. 
Barr, W. 

Barragree, N. 
Barragree, R. 
Barrett, R. A. 
Barrett, R. E. 


Bassett, J. 

Bassett, R. 
Bates, J. 
Bates, S. 


Bauman, A. 
Bauman, W. 
Baumann, B. 
Baumann, D. 

Beach, J. L. 
Beach, J.C 

underclassmen: barber 

Barber, Benjamin W. - Beloit, 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Barber, James D. - St. John, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. Barbur, How- 
ard B. - Douglass, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Barclay, Richard L. - Topeka, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Barger, Mary K. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Barker, Ronald L. - Burden, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Barr, 
Bryan B. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Barr, Winston J. - Larned, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Barragree, Nancy L. - McPherson, junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Barragree, Ronald D. - McPherson, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Barrett, Richard 
A. - Oberlin, junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Barrett, Richard E. - Topeka, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Barrington, Don F. - Wichita, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Barrow, Bruce C. - 
Springfield, 111., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Bartel, Richard H. - Albert, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Barthuly, Marleen L. - Topeka, 
Junior in Home Economics. 

Bartley, I. Jeane - Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Barton, Melvin D. - Oberlin, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Bass, Beverly K. 

- Joplin, Mo., Freshman in Home Economics. Bas- 
sett, James D. - Silver Lake, Sophomore in Agri- 

Bassett, Robert L. - Osage, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Bastin, Harold E. - Elmdale, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Bates, 
Janice L. - Augusta, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Bates, Suzanne M. - Wilmette, 111., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Batton, Judith L. - Bucyrus, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Baty, Daniel L. - Manhattan, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Baucke, Thomas C. 

- Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Bauer, Jerry L. - Green, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Bauman, Arwin S. - Sabetha, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Bauman, Wilma J. - Salina, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Baumann, Barbara V. - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Baumann, Dennis 
L. - Arrington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Bayless, William E. - Blue Mound, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Beach, Jane L. - 
Kansas City, Freshman in Home Economics. Beach, 
Judy C. - Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Bhal, Laura L. - Iola, Freshman in Home Economics. 


Beamer, Lenora E. - Oakley, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Beardslee, Carroll L. - Lebanon, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Beasley, James G. 
- Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Beason, 
Paula F. - Smith Center, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Beauchamp, Jimmy L. - Pomona, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Beck, Gary W. - Centralia, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Beck, George E. - Republic, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Beckenhauer, James - 
Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Becker, Daryl A. - Meriden, junior in Agriculture. 
Becker, Edward A. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Becker, Edward P. - 
Kansas City, Mo., 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 
Beedy, Lonn L. - Goodland, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Beeman, Darlene A. - Topeka, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Beffort, Steven R. - Salina, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Beggs, Larry D. - 
Emporia, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. Beg- 
ley, Edward F. - Atchison, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Behrend, Darrell D. - Salina, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Behrmann, Paula H. - Bluff City, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Beisecker, Mary L. - 
Colby, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Bell, Frank 
G - Medicine Lodge, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Bell, H. Allan - Randolph, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Bell, James O. - Kansas City, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Belt, Stephen L. - Salina, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Benjamin, Con- 
nie L. - Wichita, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Benjamin, E. Kay - Wichita, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bennett, Cicely A. - Topeka, junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Bennett, Dwight E. - Sterling, 
02 in Engineering and Architecture. BENNETT, 
George W. - Garnett, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Bennett, Gerald E. - Greenleaf, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bennetts, Harry C. - Kansas City, Mo., 
junior in Agriculture. Benson, Arthur E. - Clay 
Center, Sophomore in Agriculture. Benson, James 
F. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Benton, Larry D. - Kansas City, Mo., junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. BERENS, LeRoy - 
Bison, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Berg, C. Kay - Topeka, junior in Arts a/id Sciences. 
Berg, Clyde C. - Meriden, Junior in Agriculture. 


Beck, G. W. 
Beck, G. E. 

Becker, D. 
Becker, E. A. 
Becker, E. P. 



Bell, F. 

Bell, H. 
Bell, J. 
Benjamin, C. 

Benjamin, E. 
Bennett, C. 
Bennett, D. 
G. W. 

Bennett, G. E. 
Benson, A. 
Benson, J. 

Berg, C. K. 
Berg, C. C. 

y-yr> tm^v 7 


underclassmen: ber-bow 

Berg, James O. - Jamestown, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Berg, Mae L. - Meriden, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Bergeson, Beverly A. - Mer- 
riam, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Berggren, Alan 
M. - Clifton, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Touchdown IV, beloved mascot of Kansas State, has her 
own bodyguards on duty as she circles the football field. 

Berg, J. 
Berg, M. 



Biggs, A. 

Biggs, E. 
Biggs, W. 
Billings, J. 
Billings, W. 

Bird, J. 
Bird, N. 

Bixby, H. 
Bixby, R. 

Bergmann, Linda L. - Axtell, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Bergstrom, Christine - Salina, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Berkley, Ray - Marys- 
ville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Berschauer, 
Luetta - Penokee, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Bestgen, Marijoe - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Betsworth, Ronald K. - Hugoton, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Bevelhy- 
mer, Billy S. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bickford, William B. - El Dorado, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Biddison, Roger W. - Holton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Bieber, Albert L. - Bazine, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Biemer, Robert R. - 
Hamburg, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Biggs, Arthur D. - Allen, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Biggs, Edmund L. - Holton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Biggs, W. Gale - Holton, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Billings, Janice A. - Kensing- 
ton, Freshman in Home Economics. Billings, Wil- 
liam G. - Jetmore, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Bingham, Judith A. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Binns, Karen K. - Lewis, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Bird, John C. - Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Bird, Nor- 
man H. - Lincoln, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Bitler, Gary L. - Tescott, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Bixby, H. Robert - Rossville, Sopho- 
more hi Arts and Sciences. Bixby, Robert L. - 
Larned, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Black, Jay 
I. - New York, N. Y., Junior in Engineering and 




















Blackwelder, Robert E. - Montezuma, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Blair, Connie A. - Louisburg, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Blake, Francis W. - Kansas City, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Blanford, Catherine 
- Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Blaser, Charles 
L. - Waterville, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
BLASING, Patricia - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Blattner, Varena L. - Esbon, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Blazek, Gerald D. - Cuba, Sophomore in Agriculture. Bliss, 
Carol L. - Denver, Colo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Bokelman, Delwin L. - Greenleaf, Junior in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Bokelman, Gerald L. - Linn, Junior in Agriculture. 
Bollinger, Norma L. - Quinter, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Bolls, Nathan J. - Onaga, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bolton, Dia H. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bonar, Arlo G. - Morrowville, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Bones, Lois M. - Princeton, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Boone, Larry M. - Toronto, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Booth, Raymond G. - Osage City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Blossom, Dennis K. - Holton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Bloxom, William D. - Pratt, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Blum, Gary S. - Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Blume, Mary K. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bock, Ralph S. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Boehner, Joline B. - Coffeyville, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Boelling, Gary. M. - Belleville, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Boggs, Kenneth N. - Buffalo, N. Y., 01 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Bohenblust, Kenneth - Leon- 
ardville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Boozer, Robert L. - Omaha, Nebr., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bormet, Robert L. - Cuba, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bosseau, Donald L. - Pittsburg, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Bossi, Frank A. - Arkansas City, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Boucek, Ronald L. - Ottawa, Junior in 
Agriculture. Bourquin, Edna M. - Colby, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Bourquin, Gwendolyn - Colby, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Bowe, James E. - Garden City, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Bowen, Rodney M. - Chase, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Bokelman, D. 

Bokelman, G. Bollinger 




Bormet Bosseau 



Bonar Bones Boone Booth 

Bourquin, E. Bourquin, G. Bowe Bowen, R. 



hd . - J*. 

Bowen, T. 
Bowers, D. A. 
Bowers, D. J. 

Bowman, P. 
Bowman, T. 
Boyd, M. 

Boyd, R. 






Brink, J. 

Brink, M. 

underclassmen: bow-bro 

Bowen, Thomas D. - Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bowers, Donald A. - Joplin, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Bowers, Donna J. - Sterling, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Bowlby, Marylou 
P. - Mulvane, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Bowman, Pamela J. - Concordia, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Bowman, Thomas L. - Great 
Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Bowser, Larry 
C. - Larkinburg, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Boyd, Marcia M. - Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Boyd, Richard D. - Mankato, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Boyle, Milton C. - Burrton, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Brack, Marlon L. - Hoising- 
ton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Bradberry, James 
R. - Mulvane, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Braden, Robert C. - Springhill, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Bradford, Barbara J. - Elsmore, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Brady, Lawrence L. - Topeka, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Brandt, Lillian C. - 
Olathe, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Branham, Frances E. - Holyrood, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Brant, Mary L. - El Dorado, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Brantingham, 
Richard - Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Bratton, William D. - Council Grove, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Breitenstein, Joseph - Paxico, Junior in Arts and 
Science. Breithaupt, John C. - Baldwin, Sopho- 
more in Veterinary Medicine. Bremenkamp, John 
P. - Colby, Freshman in Agriculture. Brenner, 
Harold D. - Bazine, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Brent, Benny E. - Gaylord, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Bressler, N. Steve - Wamego, Junior in 
Agriculture. Brethour, William H. - Maple Hill, 
Junior in Agriculture. Brewer, Kenneth A. - 
Winfield, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Brickell, Gerald L. - Emporia, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Bridges, Elizabeth A. - Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Brillhart, 
Robert A. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Brink, Jarvis R. - Leroy, Freshman in 

Brink, Meredith D. - Leroy, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Brinkman, Gary L. - Ottawa, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Britt, Fostine K. - Phillipsburg, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Britton, Carolyn 
E. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


Brockman, Joan R. - Holton, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Brodbeck, Victoria J. - Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Broman, Janis C. - 
Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Bronaugh, 
Carol E. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Brookover, Sam E. - Scott City, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Brooks, Marilyn E. - Topeka, Junior in 
Home Economics. Brooks, Mary B. - Concordia, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Brooks, Ronald L. 
- Holyrood, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Brouhard, Clayton E. - Hope, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Brower, Joyce E. - El Dorado, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Brown, Barbara L. - 
Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Brown, 
Beverly - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Brown, Dixie L. - Mission, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Brown, Doyle B. - Jennings, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Brown, Jack E. - Ft. Scott, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Brown, JaMES A. 
- Agra, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Brown, James H. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. BROWN, KENNETH L. - 
Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Brown, Lawrence E. - Marquette, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Brown, Leslie P. - Man- 
hattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Brown, Linnea A. - Hoisington, 03 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Brown, Mary C. - Oakley, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Brown, Mary J. - Hutch- 
inson, Junior in Home Economics. Brown, Sonia S. 
- Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Brown, Wallace E. - Kansas City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Brown, Warren H. - New Cambria, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Brown, William J. 
- Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Brown inc., R. Joboy - Great Bend, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 


Brooks, M. E. 
Brooks, M. B. 
Brooks, R. 

Brown, B. L. 
Brown, B. 

Brown, D. L. 
Brown, D. B. 
Brown, J. E. 
Brown, J. A. 

Brown, J. H. 
Brown, K. 
Brown, L. E. 
Brown, L.P. 

Brown, L. A. 
Brown, M. C. 
Brown, M. J. 
Brown, S. 

Brown, W. E. 
Brown, W. H. 
Brown, W. J. 

The 329 January graduates listened to President McCain 
speak at their graduation exercises in College Auditorium. 




Bruenger Brummer 

Brune, G. 

Brune, H. 

Bryan, B. 

Bryan, D. 


Budenbender Bulger 




Burdorf, M 

Buchanan, C. Buchanan, R. 
Burdorf, P. Burgess 

underclassmen: bru-cha 

Bruce, Terry L. - Tampa, junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Bruenger, Melvin L. - Humboldt, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Brummer, Virgil N. - Beloit, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Brune, Gerald E. - Lawrence, Junior 
in Agriculture. Brune, Harold E. - Bethel, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Bryan, Bonnie J. - White Cloud, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Bryan, Donald E. - Erie, Special Student in 
Engineering and Architecture. Buchanan, Caroline A. - Mis- 
sion, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Buchanan, Ronny L. - To- 
peka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Burke, James R. - Eureka, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Burke, Kay G. - McPherson, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Burling, Walter B. - Partridge, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Burnes, Barbara A. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Burnette, Lu Ann - Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Burns, Kent B. - Pomona, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. Burton, James W. - Summerfield, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Burton, Owen D. - Garden City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Butel, Donald A. - Overbrook, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Buchenau, Phyllis J. - Delavan, Junior in Home Economics. 
Budenbender, Bernard - Bigelow, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Bulger, Carl S. - East Orange, N. J., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Bullard, Homer A. - Garden City, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Buller, Orlan H. - Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore in Agriculture. Bullerdiek, W. Alan - El 
Dorado, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Burdorf, Mel- 
vin L. - Peabody, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Bur- 
dorf, Phyllis J. - Mount Hope, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Burgess, Helen E. - Pratt, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Butler, Ronald D. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Butner, Dennis K. - Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Bybee, Ruth A. - Pratt, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Byler, Dorothy A. - Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Cady, M. Colleen - Bronson, Junior in Home Economics. 
Caldwell, Joyce A. - DeSoto, Sophomore in Home 1 Economics. 
Caldwell, Virginia A. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Cameron, Shirley J. - Winfield, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Campbell, Alan B. - Independence, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Burke, J. 

Burke, K. 




Caldwell, J. 

Burton, J. 
Caldwell, V. 

Burton, O. 

Campbell, A. 


Campbell, Cordelia C. - Meriden, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Campbell, Jean E. - Bethel, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Campbell, Verlin 
G. - Conway Springs, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Cardwell, Kenneth V. - Scandia, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Carl, Charles H. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Carlat, Kenneth L. - Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Carlin, James 
I. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Carlson, C. Franklin - Lindsborg, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Carlson, Carl L. - St. Marys, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Carlson, David M. - Manhattan, Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. Carlson, Donald R. - 
Manhattan, Sophomore in Agriculture. Carlson, 
Gordon E. - McPherson, Junior in Engineering and 

Carlson, James W. - Garden City, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Carlson, John W. - Vermil- 
lion, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Carlson, Robert 
E. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Car- 
ney, Sally M. - Pratt, Sophomore in Arts and 

Carpenter, D. Thaine - Pawnee Rock, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Carpenter, James H. - 
Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Agriculture. Carrel, 
Catherine A. - Sedalia, Mo., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Carrico, James E. - Beloit, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Carson, Robert L. - El Dorado, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. Carter, Duane L. - McPherson, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Carter, Irene J. 
— Oxford, Freshman in Home Economics. Carter, 
Joan C. - Parsons, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Carter, William W. - Alden, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Carver, O. Jack - Ober- 
lin, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Cary, Patricia 
J. - Coldwater, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Case, Russell C. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Casey, Janice M. - Havensville, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Casey, Malcolm D. - Council Grove, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Caspar, Hubert F. - 
Junction City, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Cassetta, Paul N. - New York, N. Y., 
Freshman in Agriculture. 

Caster, Jimmie J. - Douglas, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Casterline, John E. - White City, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Cersorsky, John 
G - Colby, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Chaffee, Nancy J. - Hutchinson, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Campbell, C. 
Campbell, J. 
Campbell, V. 

Carlson, C. F. 

Carlson, C. L. 
Carlson, D.M. 
Carlson, D. R. 
Carlson, G. 

Carlson, John 
Carlson, R. 

Carpenter, D. 
Carpenter, J. 

Carter, D. 
Carter, I. 
Carter, J. 

Carter, W. 

Casey, J. 
Casey, M. 






L. R. 

L. F. 

Chance, J. 

Chance, M. 

Chappell, C. 
Chappell, K. 





Chrisman, J. 

underclassmen: cha-col 

Chalmers, Jane K. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Chamberlain, Mary A. - Riley, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Chambers, Lionel R. - Wich- 
ita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Chambers, 
Lydia F. - El Dorado, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Chamness, Kay E. - Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Chamney, Clifford E. - Lawrence, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Champlin, Bruce C. - 
Jamestown, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 
Chance, James E. - Topeka, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Chance, Mary A. - Yates Center, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Chandler, Robert A. - Sabetha, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Chapin, 
Sandra K. - Glasco, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Chapman, Walter N. - Kansas City, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

Chappell, Carolyn J. - Mission, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Chappell, Kay E. - Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Charlton, Peter R. - 
Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Chartier, 
Charles A. - Clyde, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Chase, Deanna J. - Holdrege, Nebr., Freshman in 
Home Economics. Chastain, Charlotte - Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Chat- 
field, Elton L. - Goodland, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Chatman, Eugenia L. - Western Springs, 
111., Freshman in Home Economics. 

Cheatham, Janice E. - Beloit, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Chegwidden, Garry D. - Lucas, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Chel- 
son, Gerald L. - Topeka, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Chepil, John - Manhattan, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Chesney, Wayne L. - Topeka, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Cheung, Eva Shuk Sam - Hong Kong, 
China, Junior in Home Economics. Chilcoat, Ron- 
ald L. - Seneca, Freshman in Agriculture. Childres, 
Willard - Junction City, Sophomore in Arts and 

Childs, Betty L. - Belleville, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Chillcott, Anna B. - Hugoton, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Chin, Hslang Hsin - 
China, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Ching, Raymond, H. - Hawaii, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Chipley, Robert L. - Kansas City, Mo., 01 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Choplin, Sara L. - Mis- 
sion, Freshman in Home Economics. Chrisbens, 
Frank C - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Chrisman, Janet E. - Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 


Chrisman, Keith S. - Hutchinson, 04 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Christiansen, Johnny - 
Ulysses, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Chung, 
Dae - Korea, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Churiwsky, Patricia - Junction City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Cilek, Carol - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Clark, Billy A. - Barnard, junior in Agri- 
culture. Clark, Juanita F. - Hardy, Nebr., Junior 
in Home Economics. Clark, Marilyn I. - Man- 
chester, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Clark, Marilyn J. - Barnes, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Clark, Ralph D. - Hardy, Nebr., Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Clarke, Jos- 
eph T. - Winfield, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Clary, Connie L. - St. George, Freshman in Home 

Clary, Patsy A. - St. George, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Clary, Sally A. - Merriam, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Classen, Ernest G. - Great 
Bend, Junior in Agriculture. Clayton, E. Norene 
- Murdock, Junior in Home Economics. 

Clemence, Frederick - Abilene, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Cleveland, Marlen B. - Rice, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Cliborn, Claudia S. - Mission, Jun- 
ior in Home Economics. Clingenpeel, Walter - 
Columbus, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Clinkenbeard, Charles - Holton, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Clowers, James L. - Larned, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Cloyes, Beverly A. - 
El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Clum, 
Dwight M. - Mayfield, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Clum, Lyle E. - Humboldt, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Clutter, Eveanna M. - Hol- 
comb, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Coblentz, 
Thomas H. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Cochran, Carolyn L. - Topeka, Junior in Home 

Cochran, Patricia L. - Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Cochran, Wright E. - Topeka, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Coff- 
man, James R. - Lyndon, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. COGDILL, David B. - Menlo, Sophomore in 

Colburn, A. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Colburn, CHARLES F. - 
Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Cole, Robert L. - Arlington, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Coleman, Marilyn - Norton, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Chrisman, K. 

Clark, B. 
Clark, J. 
Clark, M. I. 

Clark, M. J. 
Clark, R. 
Clary, C. 

Clary, P. 
Clary, S. 


Clum, D. 

Clum, L. 
Cochran, C. 

Cochran, P. 
Cochran, W. 

Colburn, A. 
Colburn, C. 


-mS mmmtm^ /¥* An 


"Every man a Wildcat, rock 'em, sock 'em" is heard as the 
eight K-State cheerleaders lead the student body in a cheer. 

; Irk 



Collins, J. E. 
Collins, J. A. 
Collins, L. 

Collins, M. 
Collins, N. 
Collins, R. 
Colson, F. 

Colson, T. J. 
Colson, T. C. 
Combs, E. 
Combs, S. 

Compton, J. 
Compton, M. 


Cook, A. 
Cook, E. 
Cook, R. 

Cool, D. 
Cool, S. 
Cooley, J. E. 
Cooley, J. H. 

underclassmen, col-cra 

Collingwood, John A. - Johnson, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Collins, Janice E. - Overbrook, Fresh- 
man in Arts and- Sciences. Collins, Jo Ann - Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Freshman in Home Economics. Col- 
lins, Larry L. - Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Collins, Mary M. - Junction City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Collins, Norman D. - Con- 
cordia, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Collins, Ruth A. - Junction City, 03 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Colson, Fred M. - Hillsdale, 
01 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Colson, Theodore J. - Hillsdale, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Colson, Thomas C. - Hillsdale, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Combs, Edward 
W. - Langdon, Junior in Agriculture. Combs, Stan- 
ley A. - Independence, Junior in Engineering and 

Comfort, Gary L. - Russell, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Commerford, Jacqueline - 
Tampa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Compton, 
John L. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Compton, Mary L. - Wichita, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Congleton, Roger V. - Haddam, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Conlon, Thomas P. 
- Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Connell, Richard J. - Tremont, 111., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Conner, Delmar L. - Lyons, 
Junior in Agriculture. 

Converse, Merle E. - Eskridge, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Cook, Ann L. - El Dorado, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Cook, Edward E. 
- St. Francis, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Cook, Ronald L. - Kansas City, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Cool, David B. - Glasco, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Cool, Sondra M. - Glasco, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Cooley, Jo Ellen - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Cooley, John H. - 
Abilene, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 


Coonrod Cooper, C. Cooper, D. Cooper, G. Cooper, J. Copeland Copenhafer Coppoc Corbin, P. 

Corbin, R. W. Corbin, R. L. Cornelsen Cotner Couch Cour Courville Covert Cowan, B. 

Coonrod, Peggy A. - Emporia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Cooper, Carol V. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Cooper, Donald - Oshkosh, Nebr., Junior in Agri- 
culture. Cooper, Gary L. - Sterling, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Cooper, Joe K. - Langdon, Junior in Agriculture. Copeland, 
Gale C - Turon, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Copen- 
hafer, Wilber A. - Troy, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Coppoc, M. Gayle - Belpre, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Corbin, Patricia M. - Hill City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Cowan, Lois M. - Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Cowan, 
Stanley W. - Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Cowan, 
Wendell L. - Natoma, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Cox, 
Billy R. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Cox, David 
M. - Ottawa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Cox, Larry C - 
Sharon Springs, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Cox, 
Mary H. - Shawnee, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Cox, 
Sandra E. - Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. Crabtree, 
Gerald W. - Manhattan, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Corbin, Richard W. - Stafford, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Corbin, Robert L. - Stafford, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Cornelsen, Stanley L. - Wellington, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Cotner, Carol L. - Independence, Junior in 
Home Economics. Couch, C. Walter - Kingsdown, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Cour, Thomas H. - El Dorado, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Courville, Georgeann - Junc- 
tion City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Covert, LeRoy W. - 
Rapid City, S. D., Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Cowan, Bunny K. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Craft, Dorothy A. - Kinsley, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Craghead, Darrell E. - Jetmore, Junior in Agriculture. Craig, 
Ada R. - Eureka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Craig, David 
W. - Peabody, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Craig, John E. - Erie, Special Student in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Craig, Paula E. - Arkansas City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Craven, L. Patricia - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Crawford, Betty A. - Ottawa, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Crawford, Judith - Stafford, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Cowan, L. Cowan, S. Cowan, W. Cox, B. Cox, D. Cox, L. Cox, M. Cox, S. Crabtree 

Craft Craghead Craig, A. Craig, D. Craig, J. Craig, P. Craven Crawford, B. Crawford, J. 


Crawford, R. 
Criss, G. 
Criss, P. 


CT s m Crocker 

Cromwell, G. 
Cromwell, S. 




Dahl, D. 
Dahl, E. 

— — Dailey 

Daniels, D. 

Daniels, P. 
Daniels, R. 


underclassmen: cra-deb 

Crawford, Robert F. - Dodge City, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Cress, Jay J. - Arcadia, Calif., Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Criss, Gary G - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Criss, H. Patricia - Winona, Junior in Arts and 

Crist, Marilyn B. - Brewster, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Critchfield, James L. - Council Grove, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Critser, William 
D. - Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Crocker, Nora J. - Kansas City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Cromwell, Gary L. - Salina, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Cromwell, Sheila K. - Lincoln, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Cross, Doran M. - Cedar Point, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Crotinger, 
Dorothy - McCracken, Sophomore in Arts and 

Crouch, Margaret R. - Mission, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Crow, Alan E. - Mission, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Crowl, 
Frankie D. - Coffeyville, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Croy, Don E. - Cottonwood Falls, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Cukjati, Joe F. - Franklin, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Culbertson, Gary R. - Burrton, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Culpepper E. 
Rebecca - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Culver, Sandra S. - Kansas City, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Cummings, Gary K. - Kingsdown, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Cunningham, Gordon R. - Webber, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Curran, James A. - Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Cushing, J. Rosanne - Chicago, 111., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Dague, Rosemary - Washington, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Dahl, Dwayne M. - Republic, Junior in 
Agriculture. Dahl, Esther L. - Hillsboro, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Dailey, Donald E. - 
Junction City, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 

Daily, Georc;e W. - Ashland, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Dale, Wayne C. - Coldwater, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Dana, Tom 
A. - Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Daniels, Dwayne S. - Parsons, 
02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Daniels, Peggy C. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Daniels, Richard E. - Iola, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DANIELSON, Elaine 
L. - Clyde, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Dan- 
nenberg, Larry K. - Gaylord, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 


Darg, Patricia E. - Bennington, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Darge, Richard I. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Darrow, Clement C. - Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. Dar- 
row, Sylvia J. - Marysville, Sophomore in Home 

Darter, Gary E. - Augusta, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Datin, Thomas E. - El Dorado, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Daugherty, Dorothy - Repub- 
lic, Junior in Home Economics. Davey, Ilene M. - 
Stockton, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

David, Barbara J. - Winfield, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Davidson, Bryce E. - Americus, Junior 
in Agriculture. Davidson, Caroline R. - Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. David- 
son, George J. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Davies, A. Ann - Marion, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Davies, Deanne M. - Kingman, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Davis, Billy G. - Liberal, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Davis, 
Caroline B. - Ferguson, Mo., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Davis, Janet L. - Wichita, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Davis, Jayne E. - Topeka, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Davis, John H. - Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Davis, Phillip 
L. - Harper, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 

Davis, Rogene J. - Harper, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Davis, Sharon L. - Highland, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Dawe, William C. - Bethel, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Dawson, Leanne 
L. - Clearwater, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Day, Robert A. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Arch/lecture. Day, ROGER O. Jr. - 
Glasco, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Dean, 
Marilyn K. - Partridge, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DeBrunner, Barbara D. - Kansas City, 
Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Darrow, C. 

Darrow, S. 



Davidson, B. 
Davidson, C. 
Davidson, G. 

Davies, A. 
Davies, D. 
Davis, B. 
Davis, C. 

Davis, J. L. 
Davis, J. E. 
Davis, J. H. 
Davis, P. 

Davis, R. 
Davis, S. 


Day, R. A. 
Day, R. O. 

It's a mad scramble at 1 p.m. as students try to pick up 
daily issue of Collegian in its delivery stalls in Anderson. 





DeLange, B. DeLange, P. Delforge 
Denton Derks Derr 



underclassmen: dec-dre 

Dechairo, Thomas C. - Westmoreland, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Deewall, Mary L. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Deitcher, Wilma M. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. DeLange, Barbara M. - Girard, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. DeLange, Patricia E. - Girard, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Delforge, Gary D. - Ames, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Delker, Theodore A. - Chapman, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Dellett, Fred V. - Pretty Prairie, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Delzeit, LeRoy 
W. - Oakley, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Denesha, Charles T. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Denk, Rochelle - Mission, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Dennis, Clayton J. - Plevna, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Denton, William >J. - Bushton, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Derks, Rosemary - 
Norton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Derr, Donald D. - Hutch- 
inson, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Derstein, 
Robert L. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DeRusseau, 
Robert R. - Concordia, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Detert, Anne C. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Home 

Dettke, David H. - Marysville, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
DeVolld. Beverly J. - Garden City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DeWerff, Virginia A. - Ellinwood, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Dicken, T. David - Hutchinson, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Dickens, Ellen - Manhattan, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Dickson, Karen A. - Derby, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Diehl, Gearolyn L. - Liberal, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Dietrich, James E. - Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Dietrich, Warren R. 
- Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Dillinger, Edwin T. - Brewster, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Dillman, Jimmy E. - Hesston, Freshman in Agriculture. DlR- 
scherl, Rudolf - Bunkerhill, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Disberger, Dale D. - Council Grove, Junior in 
Agriculture. Disney, Richard K. - Ellis, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Disney, Robert W. - Ellis, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Dittemore, Closky J. - Troy, Junior in 
Home Economics. Dixon, Celia I. - Partridge, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Dobson, George P. - Moweaqua, 111., Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Dettke DeVolld DeWerff 

Dillinger Dillman Dirscherl 

Dicken Dickens Dickson Diehl Dietrich, J. Dietrich, W. 

Disberger Disney, R. K. Disney, R. W. Dittemore Dixon Dobson 


Dodd, Kathleen A. - Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Dodd, Richard H. - Great Bend, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Dodds, 
Darrell D. - Riley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Dodds, E. Clareen - Riley, Freshman in Arts and 

Dodge, R. Jane - Great Bend, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Dodson, James J. - Hiawatha, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Dodson, Robert E. - Ells- 
worth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Dody, Roy W. - 
Fort Scott, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Doebele, Robert J. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Doig, James K. - Delhi, N. Y., 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Dole, R. Michael - 
Norton, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Dolecek, Phyllis J. - Ellsworth, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Dondlinger, Billy R. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Donley, Donald D. 

- Rock, Sophomore in Agriculture. Doornbos, Jer- 
ald A. - El Dorado, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Doran, Carol A. - Wilson, Freshman in Arts and 

Dorgan, Charles E. - Cullison, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Dorgan, Lawrence L. - 
Cullison, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Dornbusch, August J. - Wamego, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Douglas, Stephen A. - 
Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Douglass, Emma L. - Burlington, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Douclass, Patricia A. - Mullinville, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Douthit, Emily A. 

- St. Francis, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Dowl- 
ing, Beth A. - Leavenworth, Junior in Arts and 

Downer, Carolyn S. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Home Economics. Downey, Joseph L. - Manhat- 
tan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Down- 
ing, Charles J. - Denver, Colo., Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Downing, Donald D. - Fowler, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Doyle, Bob L. - Belle Plaine, Junior in Agriculture. 
Doyle, Joe H. - Leonardville, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Doyle, John P. - Douglass, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Doyle, Patricia J. - Belle Plaine, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Drantman, Mary M. - Clay Center, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. DREASHER, Richard I. - Madison, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. DRENON, 
Linda D. - Junction City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DRESSLER, EUGENE E. - Claflin, Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. 

Dodd, K. 
Dodd, R. 
Dodds, D. 
Dodds, E. 

Dodson, J. 
Dodson, R. 



Dorgan, C. 
Dorgan, L. 

Douglass, E. 
Douglass, P. 

Downing, C. 
Downing, D. 

Doyle, B. 
Doyle, J. H. 
Doyle, J. P. 
Doyle, P. 

Dressier, E. 


V I 


4 '^i 




f -J 

jg£;. $>"* 0mk ^ 

Dressier, R. 

Duell, D. 
Duell, N. E. 

Duell, N. N. 
Duggan, J. P. 

Duggan, J. D. 



Dutton, D. 
Dutton, J. 


Eaton, M. 
Eaton, V. 

underclassmen: dre-erb 

Dressler, Rae H. - Lyons, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Drevets, Stanley C. - Salina, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Drown, Sandra J. - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Drumright, 
Leonard - Harper, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Drury, Jack M. - Manhattan, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Dubois, Marilyn J. - Agra, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Duell, Dennis C. 
- Ruleton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Duell, 
Norma E. - Ruleton, Junior in Home Economics. 

Duell, Norman N. - Ruleton, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Duer, Owen E. - Alton, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Duesberg, Joseph D. - 
Selden, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Dug- 
GAN, James P. - Niles, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Duggan, John D. - Tampa, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. DuMars, Jacqueline K. - 
Silver Springs, Md., Junior in Home Economics. 
Dunavan, Wilbur J. - Almena, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. Duncan, Barbara A. - Westmoreland, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Dunekack, W. Darrel - Great Bend, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Dunham, James R. - Walnut, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Dunlop, Raymond E. - Parker, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Dunn, 
Clarence W. - Seneca, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Duntz, Delvin D. - Smith Center, Junior in Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Durland, Mary L.' - Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Durnil, Arby L. - 
Long Island, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Dusenbury, Karen L. - Corbin, Freshman in Home 

Dutton, Darrell L. - Belpre, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Dutton, Jon A. - Mission, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. Dyer, Darrel 
V. - Clearwater, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Earp, 
Roscoe B. - El Dorado, Junior in Engineering and 

Eason, Sandra T. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Easson, Janet L. - Carthage, Mo., 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Eaton, Mary H. - 
Harper, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. EATON, 
Virginia L. - Randolph, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Ebel, Dean L. - Wamego, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Eby, Carolyn A. - Wichita, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Eckhlman, Larry E. - Sylvan 
Grove, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Edde, How- 
ard J. - Horton, Sophomore in Engineering and 


Eddy, Marcia R. - Havensville, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Eder, Johncie L. - Leoti, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Edgerton, Eldora L. - Over- 
land Park, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Edson, 
Donald P. - Topeka, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Edwards, Esther E. - Goodland, Junior in Home 
Economics. Edwards, Janice J. - Lyons, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Edwards, Larry R. - Kansas 
City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Edwards, Mar- 
garet A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Edwards, Ronald K. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Egbert, Donald E. - Cimarron, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. Eggers, Marcia 
V. - Brewster, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Eik- 
meier, Betty L. - Garfield, Sophomore in Home 

Eisenbarth, William - Corning, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Eklund, Lenora A. - 
Goodland, Junior in Home Economics. Eller, Con- 
stance M. - Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Eller, Rodney E. - Glasco, Sophomore in Arts and 

Elliott, Arlen L. - Merriam, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Elliott, Janet S. - Wil- 
mot, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Elliott, Le- 
land W. - Oswego, Junior in Agriculture. Elliott, 
Mark. P. - Sublette, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 

Ellis, Ardis L. - Lyons, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Elson, Donald E. - Kinsley, Jun- 
ior in Agriculture. Elsrode, Earl E. - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Ely, 
Ray W. - Webster Groves, Mo., Freshman in Agri- 

Emerson, Gerald B. - Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Emery, Betty K. - Little Rock, 
Ark., Sophomore in Home Economics. Endicott, 
KATHLEEN - Murdock, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. Enegren, Floyd D. - Conway Springs, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

Enegren, John H. - Conway Springs, Junior in Ag- 
riculture. Engle, Carol M. - Ellsworth, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Engle, Duane R. - Abilene, 
03 in Engineering and Architecture. English, Laur- 
ence A. - Bonner Springs, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Engwall, Janet W. - Courtland, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Eplee, S. Kay - Fredonia, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Epp, A. David - Calgary, 
Canada, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Erbeck, Douglas H. - Depere, Wise, Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. 


Edwards, E. 
Edwards, J. 
Edwards, L. 
Edwards, M. 

Edwards, R. 

Eller, C. 
Eller, R. 

Elliott, A. 
Elliott, J. 
Elliott, L. 
Elliott, M. 


Enegren, F. 

Enegren, J. 
Engle, C. 
Engle, D. 



Favorite pastime of most K-Staters is to sit in the Union 
state room, sip a coke, gab with friends, let the studies slide. 

9 9 & ^ 

Erbert, J. 
Erbert, R. 
Erickson, D. 

Erickson, H. 
Erickson, J. A. 
Erickson,}. M. 
Erickson, R.L. 

Erickson, R.K. 
Ericson, B. 

Ericson, S. 


Eustace, C. 
Eustace, D. 

Evans, D. 
Evans, J. R. 
Evans, J. D. 
Evans, J. W. 

Evans, M. 

underclassmen: erb-fan 

Erbert, John R. - Zurich, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Erbert, Richard A. - Zurich, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Erhart, Ronnie G. - 
Garden City, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Erickson, Duncan M. - St. Louis, Mo., 03 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Erickson, Howard H. - Wahoo, Nebr., Sophomore 
in Veterinary Medicine. Erickson, John A. - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Erickson, John M. - Topeka, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Erickson, Richard L. - 
Assaria, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Erickson, Russell K. - Garden City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Ericson, Barbara D. - Mar- 
quette, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Ericson, Sharon 
K. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Ernest, Leon C. - Stockton, Freshman in Arts and 

Ernst, Donald M. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Errett, Charles L. - Elmdale, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Esau, Larry R. - 
McPherson, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Esterl, Michael J. - Salina, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Estes, Jesse R. - Manhattan, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Euhus, Vernadean - Oberlin, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Eustace, Charles D. - Topeka, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Eustace, Dale - 
Topeka, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Evans, David D. - Arkansas City, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Evans, Jerry R. - Wel- 
lington, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Evans, Joan D. - Wellington, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Evans, Joe W. - Larned, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Evans, Martha A. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Ever ist, Marvin P. - Oberlin, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Evers, Richard L. 
- Onaga, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Everson, 
Jerald M. - Mankato, Freshman in Engineering and 



Evert, J. Evert, S. Ewing Exline, D. Exline, J. Fabricius Facklam Fager, C. Fager, H. 

Fager, L. L. Fager, L. E. Fagerquist Faidley, M. Faidley, P. Fakler Faler Fankhouser Fanning 

Evert, Judith A. - Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Evert, Sharon E. - Dodge City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Ewing, Donald A. - Conway Springs, Junior in Agriculture. 
Exline, Douglas W. - Salina, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Exline, Jerry K. - Salina, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Fabricius, Edward P. - Hill City, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Facklam, Wanda J. - Junction 
City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Fager, Charles J. - Osage 
City, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. Fager, H. Louise - 
Topeka, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Farrand, Judith - Asherville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Farrar, Peggy - Topeka, Junior in Home Economics. Farrell, 
M. Janell - Manhattan, Junior in Home Economics. Farrell, 
Jerome P. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Faulconer, Carol I. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Fauss, Janice J. - Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. Faust, 
Gerald K. - Holton, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Feaker, Darrell L. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Fellers, Winifred L. - Hays, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Fager, Larry L. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Fager, Leland E. - Osage City, 03 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Fagerquist, Harold M. - Dighton, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Faidley, Maurice D. - Clay Center, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Faidley, Paul S. - Clay Center, Junior in 
Agriculture. Fakler, Lyle - Marysville, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Faler, Lawrence - Adden, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Fankhouser, Sue - Haviland, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Fanning, Terry - Richmond, Junior in 

Felton, Linda L. - Mount Vernon, 111., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Fergus, Chloe O. - Garfield, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Fick, Leon L. - Rock Island, 111., 04 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Ficke, Mary L. - Manhattan, Junior in Home 
Economics. Fields, Lois A. - Stilwell, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Fields, Winifred H. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Figgs, Larry L. - Valley Falls, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Fikan, La Rue M. - Atwood, 
Junior in Home Economics. Finical, Donald A. - Leroy, 
Freshman in Agriculture. 



Farrell, M. 

Farrell, J. 

Fields, L. 

Fields, W. 





^ iss-P, Finkenbinder 



Fischer, C. 
Fischer, L. 
Fisher, C. 
t~2q Fisher, J. A. 

Fisher, J. M. 




Foltz, H. 
Foltz, T. 


Foster, D. 
Foster, R. L. 
Foster, R. C. 
Foster, R. J. 

Foster, S. V. 
Foster, S.M. 

underclassmen: fin-fri 

Finkelstein, Howard - Brooklyn, N. Y., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Finkenbinder, Velma - Syra- 
cuse, Junior in Home Economics. Finney, Martha 
F. - Chanute, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Finney, 
Michael F. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Fischer, Craig E. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Fischer, Larry L. - Pratt, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Fisher, Cynthia A. - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Fisher, Judith A. 

- Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Fisher, Judith M. - Virgil, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Fisk, Patricia L. - Abilene, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Fiskin, Arthur M. - Stockton, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Flack, 
Brian M. - Topeka, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 

Fleetwood, Suzanne - Prairie Village, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Fleischer, Bruce Y. - Kan- 
sas City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Flinn, Barbara R. - Wamego, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Flint, Jon I. - Paola, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Flora, F. Jeanette - Lyons, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Flory, F. Roland - Lawrence, Junior in 
Agriculture. Floyd, John C. - Sedan, Junior in Ag- 
riculture. Fogo, Rodney D. - Burr Oak, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Folkerts, Leon J. - Timken, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Folsche, William R. - 
Troy, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Foltz, Helen - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Foltz, Trudie - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Forbes, Virginia L. - Lyndon, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Forrest, John C. - Larned, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Forslund, Harlan E. - Randolph, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Fort, Allen E. - Ulysses, 
Junior in Agriculture. 

Foster, Donald E. - Penalosa, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Foster, Raymond L. - Osborne, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Foster, Richard C. - Topeka, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Foster, Robert J. 

- Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. 

Foster, Sara V. - Stanley, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Foster, Sybil M. - LaCrosse, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Foulke, Larry R. - Kiowa, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Fouse, 
Orval L. - Manchester, Junior in Engineering and 


Foust, Jannene D. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Fox, Carolee B. - Rozel, Junior 
in Home Economics. Fox, Dorothy B. - Burden, 
Junior in Home Economics. Fox, M. Ann - Salina, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Francis, Darwin R. - Harper, Junior in Agriculture. 
Francis, Ronald J. - Wilsey, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Francisco, JoAnne - Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore in Home Economics. Frank, Rich- 
ard H. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Frank, Waldene D. - Norton, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Frankel, Edward A. - Jersey City, 
N. J., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Franklin, 
Darrel D. - Lewis, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Frantz, Frances R. - Alamota, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Franz, Jane - Soldier, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Franz, Richard D. - Buhler, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Frazee, James W. - 
Spring Hill, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Frazee, 
Sammy G. - Spring Hill, Sophomore in Arts and 

Frazier, Mary F. - Topeka, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Freides, Marcel - Chicago, 111., 02 in 
Engineering and Architecture. French, John D. - 
Wichita, Freshman in Agriculture. French, Deanna 
D. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

French, Larry E. - Hugoton, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. French, Steve J. - Pretty Prairie, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. FRERKING, 
Margaret - Potwin, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Frey, David L. - Riley, Junior m Arts and Sciences. 

Frey, John - Bern, Frt tkman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FREY, LAWRENCE W. - Abilene, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. FRICK, JaNK i 
C. - Durham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. FRK k, 
Sharon L. - Durham, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Fox, C. 
Fox, D. 
Fox, M. 

Francis, D. 
Francis, R. 
Frank, R. 

Frank, W. 

Franz, J. 
Franz, R. 
Frazee, J. 
Frazee, S. 

French, J. 
French, D. 

French, L. 
French, S. 
Frey, D. 

Frey, L. 
Frick, J. 
Frick, S. 

Learning to use all types of farm equipment occupies the 
time of these boys enrolled in the farm machinery class. 





Frick, V. 





Fritz, G. 

Fritz, R. 

Fritz, W. 








Frye, B. 

Frye, J. 


underclassmen: fri-gil 

Frick, Verlene V. - Wheeler, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Friedel, Martha K. - Kansas City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Friesen, Herbert L. - Inman, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Frigon, Bernadine F. - Clay Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Frisbie, Thomas W. - Topeka, Junior in 
Agriculture. Fritz, Geraldine L. - Grantville, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Fritz, Rudolph A. - Irving, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Fritz, Walter N. - Silver Lake, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Fritzler, Dean E. - Russell, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Froetschner, Marilyn - Offerle, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Fromm, Arthur H. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Fromme, James H. - Plains, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Frommer, Deanna L. - Valley Falls, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Fruechting, Duane L. - Plains, Junior in 
Agriculture. Fruechting, Gloria A. - Plains, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Frye, Buddy D. - Centralia, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Frye, Judith C. - Olathe, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Fudim, Murray - Westbury, N. Y., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Fuller, Billy R. - Wells, Freshman in Agriculture. Fulton, 
Gary L. - Oakley, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Fulton, Jane F. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Funk, Miles R. - Delphos, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Furrer, John R. - Clay Center, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Gaddie, Sylvia G - Bazaar, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Gaddis, Janice L. - Wichita, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Gager, Joyce A. - Woodston, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Gagnon, Charles - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Fuller Fulton, G. Fulton, J. 

Gagnon, M. Gaitner Gale, L. 

Funk Furrer 

Gale, N. Galyon 

Gagnon, Mary P. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Gaitner, John R. - Columbus, Freshman in Agriculture. Gale, 
Lawrence A. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Gale, Nancy - Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Galyon, Annette R. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Gamble, William L. - Dodge City, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Gantenbein, Harry W. - Min- 
neapolis, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Gardenhire, Roy F. - 
Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Gardiner, 
Edmond W. - Oxford, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Gaddie Gaddis Gager Gagnon, C. 

Gamble Gantenbein Gardenhire Gardiner, E. 


Gardner, Alice M. - Staten Island, N. Y., Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. Gardner, Joseph J. - Shawnee, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Gard- 
ner, Robert L. - Louisburg, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Garinger, Jeanette A. - Salina, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Garlow, Ronald K. - Wichita, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Garrett, John I. Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Garrison, Glenn R. - Ellis, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Garrison, Virginia I. - 
Pratt, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Garvin, Lawrence M. - Hutchinson, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Gaston, Janet S. - Wich- 
ita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Gaston, Rus- 
sell M. - Junction City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Gates, James A. - Wichita, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Gatz, Teresa M. - Newton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Gearhart, Barbara J. - Cimarron, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Gebhart, Jack L. - Salina, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Gels, Donna F. - Dur- 
ham, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Geis, Doris K. - Durham, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Geisler, Doris A. - Alma, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Geistfeld, Sally A. - Washing- 
ton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Gentry, Carole 
D. - Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Gentry, Lawrence N. - Waverly, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. George, Alvin L. - 
Concordia, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
George, David H. - Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. George, Robert H. - Washington, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Geske, Larry D. - Abilene, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GHORMLEY, HAROLD E. - 
Partridge, Junior in Agriculture. Gibson, Pat E. - 
Prairie Village, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 
Gibson, Russell W. - Chase, Freshman in Arts and 

Gibson, Thomas A. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Gibson, Thomas 
M. - Overland Park, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Giffin, Gerald M. - Sedgwick, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Gigstad, Dean E. - Nor- 
tonville, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Gilbert, Wayne E. - Simpson, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Gilchrist, Larry D. - Kingman, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. GlLLILAND, Phil D. - 
Abilene, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Gillmore, Donald D. - Neodesha, fun/or in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Gardner, A. 
Gardner, J. 
Gardner, R. 

Garrison, G. 

Gaston, J. 
Gaston, R. 

Geis, D. F. 

Geis, D. K. 
Gentry, C. 

Gentry, L. 
George, A. 
George, D. 
George, R. 

Gibson, P. 
Gibson, R. 

Gibson, T. 
Gibson, T. 





W| .firm 


MWf Ihh^t J 

Gilmore, F. 
Gilmore, L. R. 
Gilmore, L. D. 



Goetsch, G. 
Goetsch, L. 

Good, C. 
Good, D. 

Good, J. 
Goodin, A. 
Goodin, R. 

Gordon, R. 
Gordon, W. 
Gorman, J. 
Gorman, V. 



underclassmen: gil-gru 

Gilmore, Forrest E. - Independence, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Gilmore, Lance R. 

- Lewis, junior in Arts and Sciences. Gilmore, 
Lloyd D. - Independence, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Ginn, Ward L. - Concordia, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Ginter, Marjorie L. - Topeka, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Gish, Annie L. - Palco, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Given, Pamela C. - Manhattan, 
Freshman in Home Economics: Gladish, Judith J. 

- Overland Park, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Gladow, Dean E. - Alma, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Glanville, Wallace T. - Ot- 
tawa, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Glenn, Dwight 
E. - Topeka, Sophomore in Agriculture. Glover, 
Jacquelin - Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Goddard, Tim L. - Liberal, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Godding, Glenn W. - Atchison, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Goet- 
sch, Gary G. - Brewster, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Goetsch, Lyman L. - Brewster, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Goings, Priscilla A. - Ruleton, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Goldman, Hans J. - Monongahel, Pa., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Good, 
Chester W. - Perry, Junior in Agriculture. Good, 
Dixie L. - Topeka, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Good, James E. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Goodin, Arrah S. - Derby, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Goodin', Robert H. - 
Springfield, Mo., 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 
Goodrich, Malcolm C. - Columbus, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Gordon, Richard G. - Ulysses, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Gordon, William R. - 
Highland, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Gorman, John W. - Chapman, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Gorman, Virginia K. - Chapman, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Goss, R. Sue - Larned, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Gossman, Larry D. - Salina, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Gottfrid, Karen J. 

- Assaria, Sophomore in Home Economics. Goudy, 
Richard L. - Sharon Springs, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Gouldie, James M. - Lebanon, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Grace, Tim A. - Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Graeff, Lois 
E. - Scott City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Grafel, 
Lynn H. - Council Grove, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Graham, Janice E. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Graham, Joyce E. - El Dorado, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Graham, M. Royanne - Phillips- 
burg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Gramzow, Rob- 
ert E. - Almena, Junior in Agriculture. 

Graves, Dean K. - Oxford, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Gray, Geraldine L. - Salina, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Gray, Lewis C. - Salina, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Green, Athol A. - 
Anthony, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Green, Frank E. - Manhattan, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architect/ire. Green, James L. - Ottawa, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Greene, 
Gearld L. - Jewell, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Greene, Larry J. - Beverly, Junior in Agriculture. 

Greene, R. Nathan - Lincoln, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Greene, Sonie S. - Lincoln, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Greenfield, Ronald L. - 
Springfield, 111., Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Greer, Carole A. - Altamont, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

Grey, E. Diane - Lebanon, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Griebel, John P. - Stockton, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Grier, James R. - Wichita, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Griffin, Clayton 
L. - Liberal, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 

Griffith, Gayle B. - Norton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Griffiths, Meredith - Augusta, Ark., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Grimes, Joseph H. - 
Augusta, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Grimmett, Charles H. - Council Grove, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Grimsley, B. Ellen - Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Grinstaff, Harold W. - Liberal, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Grippy, 
Bob L. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Grippy, Frank E. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 

Groh, Janice R. - Wathena, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Grokett, Marcia G. - Neodesha, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Gronis, Marcia A. - Leaven- 
worth, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Groothuis, 
Barbara L. - Greenleaf, Freshman in Arts and 

Grosdidier, Mary C. - Kansas City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Grove, Darrlll B. - Newton, (>3 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Groyan, Rose M. - 
Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. GRUBB, 
Harold E. - Ellsworth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 





Gray, G. 
Gray, L. 
Green, A. 

Green, F. 
Green, J. 
Greene, G. 
Greene, L. 

Greene, R. 
Greene, S. 



Grippy, B. 
Grippy, F. 



k AaC^A 

~' no 

A ffi fa 





Students waited in line nine hours in freezing cold to get 
their choice of seats for the KU basketball game. 




Haas, H. D. 
Haas, H. G. 
Haas, R. 




Hall, A. 
Hall, C. 

underclassmen: gru-har 

Gruber, John E. - Lexington, Nebr., Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Gruendel, Gary G. - Kansas 
City, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Gruver, Clifford N. - Scott City, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Guard, M. Carolyn - Asherville, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Guenther, David L. - Yates Center, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Guest, Hubert E. - 
Coffeyville, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 
Gunnerson, Jerome C. - Salina, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Gustafson, V. Wayne - 
Independence, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 

Guthridge, William W. - Parsons, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Guthrie, James W. - Peabody, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Gwinn, 
David B. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Haag, Ronald G. - Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

Haas, Harry D. - Wamego, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Haas, Herbert G. - Plevna, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Haas, Robert H. - 
Riley, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HABERNIGG, 
Helen J. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Habiger, Edwin F. - Bushton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hackler, Donald D. - Great Bend, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. Haecker, 
Pansy J. - Blue Rapids, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Haegelin, Joseph K. - Atchison, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Hafford, Bonnie J. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Home Economics. Hager, Jerry A. - Ford, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Hahn, Daniel F. - Blooming- 
ton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Haines, Rich- 
ard D. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Hair, Karen A. - Ness City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Hale, Thomas B. - Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Hall, Ann 
L. - Lindsborg, Junior in Home Economics. Hall, 
Charles R. - Medicine Lodge, Sophomore in Agri- 




Hall, J. D. Hall, J. F. Hall, J. A. Hall, L. Haller Hamilton, E. Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamm 

Hammer, L. Hammer, M. Hamon, C. M. Hamon, C. E. Hampton Hand J. P. J. A. Haney 

Handlin, B. Handlin, R. 

Hall, Jerry D. - Fredonia, Freshman in Agriculture. Hall, 
John F. - Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Hall, Judith A. - Belleville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hall, 
Larry E. - Eureka, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Haller, Gary L. - Colby, Junior in Agriculture. Hamilton, 
Elizabeth - Norton, Freshman in Home Economics. Hamil- 
ton, Jack P. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Hamilton, Judith A. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Home 
Economics. Hamm, Linda L. - Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Hanken, Rosalia A. - Albert, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Hanks, Jack G. - Pittsburg, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Hanna, L. Marilyn - Dighton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hanneman, Gerald D. - Peabody, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Hansen, Eleanor R. - Staten Island, N. Y. 

- Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Hansen, Stanley W. - Pea- 
body, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. Hanson, Bernard B. 

- Wamego, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Hanson, 
Darrell L. - Marysville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Han- 
son, Merle L. - Bath, S. D., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences.. 

Hammer, Larry L. - Scandia, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Hammer, Maurice H. - Scandia, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Hamon, Carroll M. - Valley Falls, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Hamon, Charles E. - Valley 
Falls, Freshman in Agriculture. Hampton, Don C. - Junction 
City, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Hand, Roy B. 

- Mulvane, Freshman in V eterinary Medicine. Handlin, Ben H. 

- Geneseo, Junior in Agriculture. Handlin, Ralph B. - Geneseo, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Haney, Ronald N. • 
Colby, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Hanson, Sonja M. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Harden, Kathleen M. - Jamestown, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Hardenburger, Charles - Haddam, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Hardesty, Victor E. - Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Harding, Larry F. - Goodland, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Hargadine, Gerald D. - Kins- 
ley, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Harkins, Caroline 
A. - Liberal, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Harman, Rich- 
ard B. - Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Harner, 
Robert E. - York, Penn., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Hanken Hanks Hanna Hanneman Hansen, E. Hansen, S. Hanson, B. Hanson, D. Hanson, M. 

Hanson, S. Harden Hardenburger Hardesty Harding Hargadine Harkins Harman Harner, R. 


Harner, W. 
Harri, J. 
Harri, M. 

Harris, James 
Harris, Jerry 
Harris, R. 
Harris, S. 


Hastings, A. 
Hastings, C. 

Hawk, B. 

Hawk, F. 
Hayes, D. 
Hayes, K. 
Hayes, N. 

Hays, S. 
Hays, W. 
Hazlett, D. 

Hazlett, J. 


underclassmen: har-hen 

Harner, William T. - York, Pa., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Harp, Carolyn A. - Liberal, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Harri, John G. - 
Brookville, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Harri, Mary J. - Brookville, Junior in Home 

Harris, James D. - Eudora, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Harris, Jerry D. - Great Bend, Junior in 
Agriculture. Harris, Robert E. - Great Bend, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Harris, Stanley G. - 
Rose Hill, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Harrison, William L. - Stafford, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Hart, George W. - 
Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Har- 
wick, Harriet J. - Columbus, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Harwood, Natalie - Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Hastings, Allan J. - Council Grove, 04 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Hastings, Charles R. - 
Jetmore, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hatfield, 
Paul H. - Valley Falls, Junior in Agriculture. 
Hauge, Mary A. - Mission, Freshman in Arts and 

Hauptli, Donald E. - Glen Elder, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Havel, Mary A. - Cuba, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Haverkamp, David L. - 
Seneca, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Hawk, B. Franklin - Merriam, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Hawk, Frederick E. - Norton, Junior in Agriculture. 
Hayes, Delmar D. - Iola, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Hayes, Kathleen L. - Superior, Nebr., 
Freshman in Home Economics. Hayes, Nancy S. - 
Hutchinson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Hayford, Roger W. - Lincoln, Nebr., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Hays, Sharon S. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Hays, Wanda J. - 
Garden City, Sophomore in Home Economics. Haz- 
lett, Don F. - Sterling, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Hazlett, Jack L. - Minneapolis, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Head, Barbara L. - Arkansas City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Headley, Joseph E. - 
Lebanin, Ind., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Heaston, Ferris E. - Lebanon, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Heaton, Donald L. - Norton, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HECHT, William - Alton, 02 
in Engineering and Architecture. Hecker, Virgil J. 

- Oakley, Junior in Agriculture. Hedrick, Jerry W. 

- Wellington, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 


Hefner, Patricia A. - Sublette, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Heide, Robert K. - Smith Center, 
Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Heide, W. Karen 
- Smith Center, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Heide- 
brecht, Kenneth - Wichita, 02 in Engineering and 

Heideman, Glenn L. - Manhattan, junior in Agri- 
culture. Heigele, Richard B. - Salina, 02 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Heiken, Edward M. - 
Bushton, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Heiken, Mildred A. - Bushton, Freshman in Home 

Heikes, Anita G. - Riley, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Heikes, Darryl L. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Heikes, Donalie J. - Riley, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Heintz, Kent G. - Quincy, 111., 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Heise, Robert P. - Scranton, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Heiser, Herbert D. - 
Lincoln, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Heiserman, Ruth A. - Leon, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hellar, James R. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Hellen, Charles D. - Olpe, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Helling, Gilbert D. - 
Dighton, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. Helm, 
John R. - Perryville, Ky., Junior in Agriculture. 
Helmke, Norman R. - Pratt, 02 in Engineering and 

Helstrom, Wendy L. - Salina, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Hemphill, Dorothy A. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Henderson, 
Dwain A. - Junction City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Henderson, Gerald E. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

HENDERSON, R. JAMES - Arkansas City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Henderson, Sherry K. - An- 
thony, Freshman in Home Economics. HENDRICKS, 
Arnold J. - Norton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Hhndricks, Jeanelle - Bird City, Junior in Home 

Hefner, P. 
Heide, R. 
Heide, W. 

Heiken, E. 
Heiken, M. 

Heikes, A. 
Heikes, D. L. 
Heikes, D. J. 






Henderson, R. 
Henderson, S. 
Hendricks, A. 
Hendricks, J. 

Hurried glances through the lists and deep sighs of relief 
tell us these K-Staters passed the English Proficiency exam. 


ndrickson Henley 



Henry, A. 

Henry, B. 

Henry, F. 

Henry, L. 

Henry, R 

nsley Henson 




Herzog, B. 

Herzog, V. 



underclassmen: hen-hol 

Hendrickson, Paul T. - Eureka, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Henley, Frederick L. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Henning, Katharine A. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Henriksen, Russell L. - Courtland, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Henry, Allan L. - Colby, Junior in Agriculture. 
Henry, Benjamin G. - Neosho Falls, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Henry, Forrest M. - Marysville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Henry, Loren D. - Colby, Sophomore in Agriculture. Henry, 
Ronald A. - Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Heter, Thomas M. - Sterling, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Heyer, Elbert D. - Stafford, 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Hicks, Leon N. - Kansas City, Mo., Fresh 
man in Arts and Sciences. Hiebert, M. Sue - Topeka, Fresh 
man in Home Economics. Hiebert, Rosella A. - McPherson 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hiefner, Donald G. - Topeka 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Higdon, A. Sue 
Cottage Grove, Ore., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Higer 
Kathleen V. - Penokee, Freshman in Home Economics. Hig 
gins, Elizabeth A. - Tribune, Freshman in Home Economics 

Hensley, James E. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Henson, Colene K. - Topeka, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Herr, Margaret J. - Topeka, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Herring, Thomas B. - Benkelman, Nebr., Junior 
in Agriculture. Herthel, Karen G. - Hoisington, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Herzog, Barbara - Ellsworth, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Herzog, Virginia R. - Ellsworth, Junior in 
Home Economics. Hesler, Marcia A. - Kansas City, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Hess, Jerry M. - Scott City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Hightower, Ray E. - Bern, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Hightower, Stanley J. - Bern, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Higley, Diane - Atwood, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Hildebrecht, Lee R. - Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Hilding, Mary C. - 
Osage City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Hilding, MYRTLE 
A. - Osage City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hill, Jack L. - 
Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Hill, 
Janet K. - Merriam, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Hill, 
Margaret A. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Heter Heyer Hicks Hiebert, M. Hiebert, R. Hiefner Higdon Higer Higgins 

Hightower, R. Hightower, S. Higley Hildebrecht Hilding, M.C. Hilding, M. A. Hill, J. L. Hill, J. K. Hill, M. 


Hill, Nancy R. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Hill, Ruthann A. - Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Freshman in Home Economics. Hil- 
liard, Myrna K. - Wamego, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Hillman, Jack L. - Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Hince, Yvonne M. - Seal Beach, Calif., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Hindman, John E. - Haven, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Hiner, 
James R. - Dodge City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hinkle, J. Joe - Culver, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Hischke, Herbert - Osborne, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Hitchcock, Charles T. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Hjelm- 
felt, Allen T. - Shawnee, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Hoar, Dean L. - Idana, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

Hodges, Garold E. - Reading, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Hodges, Larry L. - Good- 
land, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Hodges, Quinten L. - Monument, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Hodges, Richard R. - Salina, 01 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Hodges, Russell E. - Reading, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Hodgson, Dale R. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. Hodgson, Rob- 
ert M. - Manhattan, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Hodgson, Sandra L. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Hofmann, Arvin W. - Clay Center, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Hofmann, Robert J. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Hoge, 
Anita L. - Great Bend, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hokanson, John R. - Marquette, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

Holbert, M. Barbara - St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman 
in Home Economics. Holeman, Ronnie G. - Her- 
ington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Holland, 
K. Sue - Olathe, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Holland, Valdon L. - Liberal, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Holle, Charles W. - Topeka, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Holle, L. LaVerne - 
Ludell, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Holle, Twyla 
R. - Marysville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HOL- 
linger, Gary A. - Norton, Junior in Arts and 

HoLLINGSWORTH, Irene - Eureka, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Hollingsworth, John - Hutch- 
inson, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Holly, Eugene D. - Narka, Junior in Agriculture. 
Holm, Janht L. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 

Hill, N. 
Hill, R. 



Hodges, G. 
Hodges, L. 
Hodges, Q. 
Hodges, R. R. 

Hodges, R. E. 
Hodgson, D. 
Hodgson, R. 
Hodgson, S. 

Hofmann, A. 
Hofmann, R. 

Holland, K. 
Holland, V. 

Holle, C 
Holle, L. 
Holle, T. 

worth, I, 

worth, J. 



i "**n^ ^ssik &$\ 


Holman, D. 
Holman, L. 


Hoover, J. 
Hoover, R. 
Hoover, T. 


Hostetler, C. 

Hostetler, N. 

Hotchkiss, D. 
Hotchkiss, J. 


Houghland, R. 

Howell, K. 
Howell, R. 

Hoyt, O. 
Hoyt, P. 

underclassmen: hol-inm 

Holman, Duane B. - Topeka, Special in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Holman, Larry J. - Winfield, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Holmquist, Carole 
- Norton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Holt, I. Le- 
Rov - Russell, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Holwerda, James R. - Lindsborg, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Hook, Leo T. - Kansas City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hooper, George L. - 
Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Hoopes, 
Francis S. - Anthony, Junior in Engineering and 

Hoover, Jay W. - Salina, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Hoover, Robert E. - Pleasanton, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Hoover, 
Thomas J. - Junction City, Junior in Agriculture. 
Hopp, Julia H. - McPherson, Sophomore in Home 

Hopson, Ivona L. - Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Horn, Judith A. - Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Horney, Arthur E. - 
Kinsley, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Horridge, Katherine - Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Horton, David L. - Wichita, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Hosler, Darrell M. - Beloit, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. HOSTETLER, 
Charles H. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hostetler, Norman H. - Hillsboro, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Hotchkiss, David A. - Shelbyville, Ind., Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. Hotchkiss, Jo- 
Ann - Schenectady, N. Y., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Hotz, Richard W. - Almena, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Houghland, Mary F. - Great Bend, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Houghland, Robert L. - Great Bend, 04 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. House, Jack - Olathe, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Houser, Wallace D. - 
Columbus, Sophomore in Agriculture. Houston, 
Phyllis M. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Houtman, Kenneth E. - Kansas City, 02 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Howard, Nancy L. - 
Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Howell, 
Karen J. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Howell, Robert M. - Croft, Sophomore in Agri- 

Howes, Terry G. - Whiting, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Hoyt, O. Lee - Blue Rapids, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Hoyt, 
Phyllis E. - Brewster, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Hubbard, Jacqueline - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 


Hubbell, Carl L. - Bellefont, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Hubbs, Maurice L. - Dorrance, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Huber, Carolyn - Junction 
City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Huber, Duane 
A. - El Dorado, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Hudelson, Nicholas V. - Pomona, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Hudiburg, Carol A. - Independence, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Huebner, Glen 
A. - Bushton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HuEF- 
tle, Katherine M. - Oakley, Freshman in Arts and 

Hueftle, Mark E. - Oakley, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Huff, Barbara A. - Toronto, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Hughbanks, James R. - Attica, 
Junior in Agriculture. Hughes, Carol A. - Lyons, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Hughes, Gary E. - Lyons, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Humbert, Donald W. - Wel- 
lington, Sophomore in Agriculture. Humburg, 
Carolyn L. - LaCrosse, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Humes, Richard V. - Independence, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Hundley, Gerald W. - Horton, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Hundley, Shirley I. - 
Horton, Junior in Home Economics. Hunt, Mar- 
garet A. - Riley, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Hunter, Harlan L. - Labette, Junior in Agriculture. 

Hunter, Patricia A. - Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Hurt, Carol L. - Hays, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Hurtig, Lowell L. 
- Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Hurtt, 
Kay E. - McDonald, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Hutcheson, Martha L. - Olathe, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Hutchins, Melvin D. - Scott 
City, Junior in Agriculture. Hutchison, Harrold 
- Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Hutchison, Sharon L. - Everest, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Hutton, Harry A. - Kansas City, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Hylton, Kenneth W. - 
Overbrook, Sophomore in Agriculture. HYNDMAN, 
Henry H. - Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Ihrig, Larry L. - Goodland, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Ijams, Clayton D. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. INGERLY, Kenneth R. - 
Irvine, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Ingle, Sara F. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Inman, Paul F. - Salina, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Huber, C 
Huber, D. 

Hueftle, K. 

Hueftle, M. 

Hughes, C 

Hughes, G. 

Hundley, G. 
Hundley, S. 
Hunter, H. 

Hunter, P. 

Hutchison, H. 
Hutchison, S. 


O f.1\ Ci 




These two skunks thrive in the small animal collection 
the old Veterinary building. They are treated as pets. 


Irvine, J. 
Irvine, N. 
Irvine, R. 

Irwin, B. 
Irwin, M. 
Irwin, R. 

Isch, F. 
Isch, J. 


Jackson, D. C. 
Jackson, D. N. 
Jackson, K. 

Jackson, N. 
Jackson, S. 
Jacobs, C. 

Jacobs, J. R. 
James C. 
James, V. 


underclassmen: int-joh 

Intermill, Ronald W. - Mankato, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Irvine, Janis J. - Stafford, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Irvine, Nancy J. - Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Irvine, 
Richard R. - Manhattan, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Irwin, Bruce B. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Irwin, Marilyn J. - St. 
Louis, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Irwin, 
Robert D. - Fairview, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Isaacson, Loren D. - Scandia, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

Isch, Fred C. - Gridley, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Isch, Jon F. - Morrill, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Ives, Robert M. - Topeka, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Izard, Judith C. - Dallas, 
Texas, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Jaax, Alfred D. - Conway Springs, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Jackson, Denis C. - Holton, 111., 
Junior in Agriculture. Jackson, Dwight N. - Rose, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Jackson, Keith J. - 
Valley Falls, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Jackson, Norman E. - Palco, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Jackson, S. Jan - Newton, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Jacobs, Curtis L. 
- Potwin, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Jacobs, JoAnne - Kansas City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Jacobs, John R. - Emporia, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Jahnke, Marguerite G. - 
Junction City, junior in Arts and Sciences. James, 
Carolyn J. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. James, Veryl R. - Clay Center, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. 

Jamison, Alonzo E. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Jankowitz, Albert - Ness City, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Janne, 
Jack E. - Great Bend, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Janzen, Joel D. - Hillsboro, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 


S «=.-! 

^ lAt 


Jedwabny Jeffers 
Jilka Joffray 


Johnson, A. 

Jarchow, Donald F. - Oshkosh, Nebr., Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Jaro, Jack D. - Fort Scott, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Jasim, Abdul J. - Iraq, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. Jasper, Herman F. - Cawker City, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Jedwabny, Robert L. - Menasha, Wise, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Jeffers, Keith W. - Lincoln, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Jefferv, Stephen R. - Cleveland, 
Ohio, Freshman in Agriculture. Jennings, Richard M. - Wich- 
ita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Jennison, Don- 
ald P. - LaCrosse, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Jensen, Janis L. - Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Jessop, Frank D. - Lyndon, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Jester, 
Jan E. - Webb City, Mo., Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Jewett, Loretta J. - Halstead, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Jilka, Daniel L. - Delphos, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Joffray, Carole S. - Junction City, Freshman 
in Home Economics. John, Edward S. - Kansas City, Sopho- 
more in Veterinary Medicine. Johns, Charles J. - St. George, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Johnson, Adelia A. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Johnson, Barbara A. - Belleville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Johnson, Betty L. - Viola, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Johnson, Charles B. - Concordia, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Johnson, Charles W. - Oberlin, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Johnson, COLLEEN R. - St. Louis, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Johnson, Dennis R. - McPherson, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Johnson, Gene W. - Erie, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Johnson, Henry 
W. - Leavenworth, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. John- 
son, James L. - O'Neill, Nebr., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Johnson, Jerold F. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Johnson, Jerome J. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Johnson, John L. - Prairie Village, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Johnson, John R. - Oakley, Junior 
in Agriculture. Johnson, John W. - Cleburne, Junior in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. JOHNSON, Joseph A. - Hutchinson, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Johnson, Joseph P. - Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Johnson, Karl L. - 
Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Johnson, Kenneth 
D. - Atchison, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Johnson, B. A. Johnson, B. L. Johnson, C. B. C. W. Johnson, C. R. Johnson, D. Johnson, G. Johnson, H. Johnson, J. 

Johnson, J. F. Johnson, J. J. Johnson, J. L. Johnson, J. R. Johnson, J. W. Johnson, J. A. Johnson, J. P. Johnson, K.L. Johnson, K.D. 

■^ C*g f*\ ^i ;*m c* 

41 I 

Johnson, L. L. 

Larry M. 

Lillian M. 
Johnson, L. E. 

Johnson, L. J. 
Johnson, L.D. 
Johnson, M.E. 
Johnson, N.E. 

Johnson, N. L. 
Johnson, P. A. 
Johnson, P.N. 
Johnson, R.R. 


Richard L. 

Robert L. 
Johnson, S.D. 
Johnson, S.C. 

Johnson, T. 
Johnston, E. 
Johnston, J. 
Johnston, T. 


Barbara J. 

Beatrice J. 
Jones, D. 

Jones, H. 
Jones, J. L. 
Jones, J. J. 
Jones, L. 

Jones, M. 
Jones, Ralph 
Jones, R. W. 
Jones, R. A. 

Jones, S. 
Jones, W. 

underclassmen: joh-kei 

Johnson, Larry L. - Bridgeport, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. Johnson, Larry M. - Burdick, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Johnson, Lillian 
M. - Clearwater^ Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Johnson, Linda E. - Waterville, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Johnson, Loren J. - Burdick, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Johnson, Lowell D. - 
Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Johnson, Marvin E. - Lindsborg, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Johnson, Nancy E. - Dodge City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Johnson, Nancy L. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Johnson, Patricia A. - Falls City, 
Nebr., Junior in Home Economics. Johnson, Paul 
N. - Chanute, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. John- 
son, Rhonda R. - Larned, Junior in Arts and 

Johnson, Richard L. - Norton, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Johnson, Robert L. - Ballston, N. Y., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. John- 
son, Stanley D. - South Haven, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Johnson, Sue C. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Johnson, Thomas A. - Osage City, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Johnston, Elsie B. - 
Dighton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. JOHNSTON, 
Joyce E. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Johnston, Tom G. - Kansas City, Junior in Agri- 

Joines, Lynne V. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Jones, Barbara J. - Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Jones, Beatrice J. - Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Jones, D. Craig - 
Larned, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Jones, Harry D. - Salina, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Jones, Jacqueline L. - Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Jones, Jerry 
J. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Jones, Larry L. - Hutchinson, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Jones, Mina E. - Ft. Scott, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Jones, Ralph - Mission, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Jones, Ramon W. - 
Leavenworth, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Jones, Richard A. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Jones, Sidney R. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Jones, William R. - Washington, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Jordan, 
Mary A. - Altamont, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Julian, Greta L. - Johnson, Freshman in Arts and 


Junghans, David D. - Junction City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Jurenka, Frank D. - Holyrood, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Jury, 
Robert S. - Topeka, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Just, Delbert E. - Marion, Freshman in Arts and 

Kail, Richard L. - St. Francis, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Kalm, Raymond H. - Garland, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Kalous, Dorothy A. 
- Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Kal- 
ous, Marilyn J. - Manhattan, Junior in Home Eco- 

Kamerman, Herman T. - Brooklyn, N. Y., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Kanawyer, Richard M. 
- Milford, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Karlen, 
Larry R. - Columbia, S. D., Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Karnopp, Gary M. - Utica, Nebr., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Karr, Gerald L. - Emporia, Junior in Agriculture. 
Karst, Gary G. - Great Bend, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Kashner, Joe - Lebanon, Ind., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Kastner, Wil- 
liam D. - Salina, Freshman in Engineering and 

Kaufman, Carol J. - Moundridge, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Kaufman, Dale E. - Gridley, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Kay, Francis 
G. - Wells, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kay, 
Gary L. - Wells, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Keane, Carolyn - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Keck, Frances M. - Prairie Village, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Keefer, Kenneth 
L. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Keeler, Orville A. - Ellinwood, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Keener, Darrell E. - Olmitz, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Keif, Sharon R. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Keil, Sandra M. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. KEITH, CHESTER L. 
- Iola, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 


Kalous, D. 
Kalous, M. 



Kaufman, C. 
Kaufman, D. 
Kay, F. 
Kay, G. 



Steady now, take your time. It's a crucial moment during 
a billiard game in the games area of the K-State Union. 


C: ^ 


£■ ": 


Keller, L. Keller, M. Kelley, D. Kelley, R. K. Kelley, R. W. Kellogg Kemper Kendall Kenison 

Kennedy, J. Kennedy, N. Kennedy, R. Kepley Kerber Kershaw Kesinger Kesler Kethcart 

underclassmen: kel-koh 

Keller, La Donna B. - Ellis, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Keller, Maryanne - Garden City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Kelley, Dennis R. - Chapman, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Kelley, Robert K. - Belleville, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Kelley, Robert W. - Hoyt, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Kellogg, Carol M. - Stockton, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Kemper, Keith D. - Alliance, Nebr., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Kendall, Denise D. - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kenison, Danette S. - 
Salina, junior in Home Economics. 

Kennedy, John L. - Iola, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Kennedy, Nolan T. - Beloit, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Kennedy, Ray D. - Oberlin, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Kepley, Larry R. - Ulysses, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Kerber, Joyce A. - Minneapolis, Minn., Freshman 
in Home Economics. Kershaw, J. Dan - Manhattan, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Kesinger, Donald A. - White Hall, 111., 
Freshman in Agriculture. Kesler, Joel R. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Kethcart, Barbara 
A. - Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Ketter, William E. - Osborne, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Keyse, Norman V. - Scott City, Junior in Agriculture. Kidd, 
Mary J. - Fredonia, Freshman in Home Economics. Kidd, Rob- 
ert D. - Liberal, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Kiddoo, Charles N. - Kismet, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Kientz, Charles O. - Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Kihn, Carolyn A. - Ellsworth, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Kilian, Larry D. - Russell, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Killian, Winifred A. - Junction City, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Kilpatrick, Patricia - Ellinwood, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Kimberlin, Richard R. - Clay Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Kimes, Mary L. - Dodge City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Kindall, Ferne I. - Norton, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. King, Carol L. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. King, Connie S. - Wichita, Junior in Home , Eco- 
nomics. King, Daniel C. - Salina, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. King, Don W. - Glasco, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. King, Emily D. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 

Ketter Keyse Kidd, M. Kidd, R. Kiddoo Kientz Kihn Kilian Killian 

Kilpatrick Kimberlin Kimes Kindall King, C. L. King, C. S. King, D. C. King, D. W. King, E. 

p, Cj n a 


King, Gary W. - Holton, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
King, Jay D. - McPherson, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. King, Tommy G. - Douglass, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Kin- 
tigh, Jerry L. - Norton, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Kippenberger, Thomas - Dighton, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Kipple, Frank P. - Long Island, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Kirk, Joan 
E. - Eureka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kirt- 
land, Ruth S. - Hays, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Kirton, Katherine L. - LaHarpe, Junior in Home 
Economics. Kiser, Robert K. - Delphos, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Kissick, Robert M. - Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Kitching, Richard S. - Newton, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Kite, Beverley L. - Bird City, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Kitterman, John H. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Klecan, Carol A. 
- Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Klecan, Kathryn J. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Klein, Darwin K. - Lucas, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Kling, Kay A. - Council Grove, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Klusmeyer, Louis F. - 
Galesburg, 111., Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Knappenberger, Tom E. - Olathe, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Knepper, Elmer D. - Kansas City, Mo., 04 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Knepper, Louella J. - 
Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Knewtson, Harold D. - Altamont, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Knight, Barbara F. - Manhattan, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. 

Knight, Jane E. - Sedalia, Mo., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Knoche, Donna J. - Stafford, Junior 
in Home Economics. Knoche, Larry L. - Hillsdale, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Knowles, Stan- 
ley W. - Great Bend, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Knowles, Terry L. - Great Bend, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Knox, Sharon K. - Leon, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Koch, Keith D. - 
Mitchell, S. D., Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Koch, William G. - Haven, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

KOCHER, Marlin E. - Onaga, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. KOCHNER, John P. - Fairview, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Koerner, Jean A. - Evans- 
ville, Ind., Sophomore in Home Economics. Koh- 
man, Fred H. - Hope, Freshman in Engineering and 

King, G. 
King, J. 
King, T. 




Klecan, C. 
Klecan, K. 


Knepper, E. 
Knepper, L. 
Knight, B. 

Knight, J. 
Knoche, D. 
Knoche, L. 
Knowles, S. 

Knowles, T. 
Koch, K. 
Koch, W. 




HI *"*""* *i 

h e \». 

m k 




Koon, K. 

Koon, S. 
Kopf, M. 
Kopf, R. 



Kraus, R. L. 
Kraus, R. K. 



Kugler, H. 
Kugler, J. 


underclassmen: kol-law 

Kolb, Herbert R. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Kolde, James H. - Wichita, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Konzem, 
Robert R. - Beloit, Freshman in Agriculture. Koon, 
Kathryn E. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Koon, S. Diane - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Kope, Margaret E. - Great Bend, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kopf, Melvin L. - 
Beverly, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Kopf, Rovce D. - Beverly, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Korbe, Donald D. - Hays, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Kordus, Joan - Milwaukee, Wis., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Korinek, Carol A. 
- Ellsworth, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Koss, 
John S. - Cimarron, Junior in Engineering and 

Kossover, Calvin - Salem, Mass., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Kraft, Janice M. - Overland Park, 
Junior in Home Economics. Kramer, Henry E. - 
Nashville, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Kranz, Kenneth R. - Overland Park, Freshman in 

Kratzer, Donald K. - Geneseo, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Kraus, Roberta L. - Garden City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kraus, Roger K. - 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Kretz- 
meier, Betty W. - Prairie Village, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Krey, Gailynn C. - Montezuma, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Krizman, Robert E. - Kansas City, Sdpho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Kroell, Judie L. - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Krone, 
James V. - Delphos, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 

Kronvall, Norman H. - Winona, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Kruckenberg, Larry - Great 
Bend, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Krueger, 
Charles K. - Leavenworth, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Kubik, Dorothy J. - Caldwell, Junior in Arts and 

Kufahl, Marilyn J. - Onaga, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Kugelman, William B. - Hackettstown, 
N. J., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Kugler, Har- 
old J. - Manhattan, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Kugler, Janet A. - Manhattan, Junior in Home 

Kulp, James C. - Beloit, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Labarre, Gary C. - Ottumwa, Iowa, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Ladd, Eldon R. - Chanute, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Laddish, George 
P. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


Lafferty, Gary L. - McPherson, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. LaFromboise, Cherie - Silver Lake, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Lair, J. Michael - 
Piqua, Junior in Agriculture. Laird, Constance A. 
- Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Lake, Rhea A. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Lamar, Ralph D. - Salina, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Lamb, Imogene E. - Manhattan, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Lambert, Shirley 
A. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Landes, John W. - Salina, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Landis, Kiuth R. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Lane, Aaron J. - Belleville, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Lang, LeRoy A. - 
Norton, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Lange, Nancy A. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Langford, Laura L. - Manhat- 
tan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Langshaw, Fran- 
ces L. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Lank, Donald J. - Lorraine, Sophomore in Agri- 

Lansing, James B. - Chase, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Larkin, Betty J. - Admire, 
Freshman m Arts and Sciences. Larkin, Darlene 
A. - Ottawa, Junior in Home Economics. Larsen, 
DeLoyd B. - Hebron, Nebr., Sophomore in Arts and 

Larson, Carol B. - Athol, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Larson, Charles W. - Princeton, 111., Jun- 
ior in Agriculture. Larson, Ernest W. - Clay Cen- 
ter, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Larson, 
Gretchen A. - Concordia, Freshman in Arts and 

Larson, Karen F. - Holton, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. LaRue, Joe N. - Alma, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. Laskey, O. 
Charles - Garden City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Lassman, Garry W. - Humboldt, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Lauxman, Hf.len D. - Gypsum, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Laverentz, Larry L. - Bendena, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Lawrence, Gary D. - 
Topeka, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. LAW- 
RENCE, Robert B. - Luray, Junior in Agriculture. 

Lawson, Ila F. - Norton, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Lawson, Jimmy D. - Sylvan Grove, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Lawson, Lhta M. - Norton, 
Junior in Home Economics. Lawson, Robp.rt H. - 
Sylvan Grove, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


La Fromboise 






Larkin, B. 
Larkin, D. 

Larson, C. B. 
Larson, C. W. 
Larson, E. 
Larson, G. 

Larson, K. 

Lawrence, G. 
Lawrence, R. 

Lawson, I. 
Lawson, J. 
Lawson, L. 
Lawson, R. 


Student Health employees were busier than ever when flu 
epidemic hit campus the last of February and early March. 


Lazarus, G. 
Lazarus, L. 
Lee, B. 
Lee, J. 

Lee, T. 



Lewis, J. M. 
Lewis, J. R. 
Lewis, S. 
Lewis, W. 



Lincoln, J. 
Lincoln, R. 

underclassmen: laz-low 

Lazarus, Gary J. - Norwich, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Lazarus, Leeman D. - El 
Dorado, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Lee, Ber- 
nard A. - Dunlap, Freshman in Agriculture. Lee, 
J. Chris - Salinas, Calif., 01 in Engineering and 

Lee, Terry E. - Olathe, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Lehew, Harry D. - Hiawatha, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Lehman, Ardith A. - 
Topeka, Sophomore in Home Economics. Leiker, 
Ronald - Ness City, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Leonard, Gerald D. - Manhattan, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Leonhard, Joyce A. - 
Lawrence, Sophomore in Home Economics. Lesh, 
Larry M. - Superior, Nebr., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Leslie, Ron D. - Wichita, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Lester, Stephen K. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Leuthold, Larry D. - Bern, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Lewallen, Glen E. - Cawker 
City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. LEWELLING, 
James D. - Delia, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Lewis, John M. - Concordia, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Lewis, Judith R. - Wich- 
ita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Lewis, Stanley 
E. - Wakefield, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Lewis, Walter H. - Rock, Junior in Agri- 

Liebler, Alan J. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Light, Barbara J. - Liberal, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Lillig, Helen C. - Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Lillis, 
Thomas M. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Lilly, Janice M. - Mentor, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Lincoln, Julius F. - Topeka, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Lincoln, Robert C. - Port 
Washington, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Lindberg, Keith A. - Salina, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 


Lindbloom Lindburg Linder Lindley 

Linville Lippe, D. Lippe, N. Lisher 

Lindquist Lindsay, J. Lindsay, P. Lingle Linnebur 

Liu Livingston, D. Livingston, R. Lobmeyer Lockard 

Lindbloom, Richard C. - Osage City, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Lindburg, R. Nadon - Lucas, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Linder, Kay K. - Junction City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Lindley, Evelyn M. - Hill City, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Lindquist, Val V. - Erie, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Lindsay, James P. - Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Lindsay, Patricia R. - Chase, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Lingle, Charles E. - Caney, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Linnebur, Alan A. - Cherry- 
vale, Junior in Agriculture. 

Loeckle, Janice E. - McPherson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Loftus, Mary F. - Olathe, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Londene, Carl E. - Chapman, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Long, Glen C. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Long, Rogena J. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Long, Suzanna L. - Liberal, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Longley, Dave H. - Garden City, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Lonker, Donald W. - Medicine Lodge, Junior in Agriculture. 
Lonker, James M. - Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Linville, Sharon S. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Lippe, Dwight E. - Miltonvale, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Lippe, Noel R. - Morganville, Junior 
in Agriculture. Lisher, Jimmy L. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Liu, Irwin K. - Hawaii, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Livingston, Donald G. - Marysville, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Livingston, Richard - Marys- 
ville, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Lobmeyer, David 
H. - Garden City, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Lock- 
ard, Daniel W. - Salina, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Looby, George P. - Middletown, Conn., Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Loomis, Harold I. - Fredonia, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Loseke, Fred W. - Gem, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Loucks, Earl D. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Loucks, Martin J. - Neodesha, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Love, Phyllis R. - Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. Low, 
Cynthia J. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Lowderman, Jan - Alhambra, Calif., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Lowe, Barbara J. - Winfield, Junior in Home Economics. 

Loeckle Loftus 

Looby Loomis 

Londene Long, G. Long, R. Long, S. Longley 

Loseke Loucks, E. Loucks, M. Love Low 

Lonker, D. Lonker, J. 
Lowderman Lowe, B. 


Lowe, D. 





D. E. 



Lutz, H. 
Lutz, L. 
Lutz, P. 





MacFee, C. 

MacFee, G. 




underclassmen: low-mar 

Lowe, Darrell A. - Garden City, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Lowell, R. Dean - Con- 
cordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Loyd, David 
P. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Luck, 
Gary E. - Fort Scott, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Luedders, Larry H. - Ludell, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Luedders, LeRoy W. - Ludell, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Luginsland, Rae C. - Dunlap, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Lumb, Dale R. - Man- 
hattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Lundgren, Daniel H. - Topeka, 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Lundgren, Donald E. - Colby, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Lundgrin, Nel- 
son E. - Lucas, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Luthi, Arvid D. - Wakefield, Ereshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Lutz, Helen D. - Sharon Springs, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Lutz, Laura L. - Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Lutz, Patricia A. - 
Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Lydick, Jo 
Ann - Overland Park, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Lyell, Richard L. - Fulton, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Lygrisse, James M. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Lyle, James W. - 
Shawnee, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Lyons, Lowell J. - Overbrook, Junior in Arts and 

Lysell, John E. - McPherson, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. MacDonald, Julie - 
Prairie Village, Freshman in Home Econotnics. 
Macek, LeRoy H. - Wilson, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. MacFee, Claudine B. - Lebanon, 
Nebr., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

MacFee, Gerald P. - Oberlin, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Macke, L. M. - Baileyville, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Mackender, Daryl 
B. - Riley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Macy, 
Janet S. - Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Maddux, LeRoyce A. - Deerfield, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Madsen, Janet L. - Salina, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Maggard, Michael J. - 
Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Magruder, Emmalea - Mission, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Mah, Jimmy - Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Mahanna, Gordon K. - Hoxie, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Mai, 
Betty J. - Garden City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Maier, John E. - Hill City, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 


Mailen, James C. - Wichita, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Main, Robert L. - Dodge 
City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Maley, Jimie G. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Malir, Kenneth C. - 
Wilson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Mall, Jaclvn G. - Clay Center, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Mall, Robert L. - Clay Center, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Malone, George M. - 
Chase, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Man- 
chester, Gerald D. - Salina, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Mangelsdorf, H. Irene - Kansas City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Mangus, Richard T. - Good- 
land, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Manion, Anne L. - Palco, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Mann, Judith L. - Prairie Village, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Mar, Homer Y. - Junction City, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Marcuson, Ralph C. - 
Oberlin, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Margheim, Laurice M. - Ness City, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Mariner, James L. - Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Markle, Philip W. - Lyons, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Marklev, Richard - Benn- 
ington, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Marnell, Joseph P. - Jetmore, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Marquardt, Carl A. - Normal, 111., Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. 

Marshall, Barbara - Denver, Colo., junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Marshall, Lloyd C. - Cogville, Ore., 
junior in Agriculture. Marshall, Philip H. - Spring 
Hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Martell, 
Frederick N. - Montpelier, Vt., 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Martin, C. Colleen - Columbus, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Marten, GERALD D. - Alma, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Martin, Gene A. - 
Spring Hill, Sophomore m Arts and Sciences. Mar- 
tin, Kathtrini: J. - Opolis, Freshman in Home 

Wintry days made K-Staters don heavy coats and gloves, 
but the cold still made them shiver as they trudged to class. 


Mall, J. 
Mall, R. 





Marshall, B. 
Marshall, L. 
Marshall, P. 

Martin, C. 
Martin, G. 
Martin, K. 


Martin, M. Martin, R. W. Martin, R. M. Mase Mason 

Mattingly Mattson Matzke Maurath Mayden 

Matayoshi Mathis Matson Mattas 

Mayne Mays McAdams McAuley 

underclassmen: mar-mck 

Martin, M. Lynne - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Martin, Robert W. - McPherson, freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Martin, Rose Mary - Topeka, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Mase, Gerald D. - St. John, Junior in Engi 
neering and Architecture. Mason, William L. - Moline, 111. 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Matayoshi, Larry N. 
Hawaii, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Mathis 
Charles L. - Coffeyville, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi 
tecture. Matson, Randolph C. - Wichita, Freshman in Engi 
neering and Architecture. Mattas, Marlene B. - Wilson 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Mattingly, Ralph D. - Wichita, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Mattson, Max L. - Windom, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Matzke, Marcella L. - Wheaton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Maurath, Clement J. - Oakley, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Mayden, Walter I. - Abilene, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Mayne, Anton W. - Severy, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Mays, Sandra H. - Smith 
Center, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. McAdams, Shirley L. 
- Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. McAuley, Miriam 
G. - Shawnee, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

McBratney, Warren S. - Centralia, Freshman in Agriculture. 
McBratney, William F. - Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McCabe, Charles A. - Cottonwood Falls, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. McCain, Caroline M. - McDonald, Freshman in 
Home Economics. McCandless, Alice A. - Stafford, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. McCandless, Elin K. - Cottonwood 
Falls, Junior in Home Economics. McCandless, Richard - 
Hutchinson, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Mc- 
Carl, Steven R. - Junction City, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. McCauley, Curtis L. - Emporia, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

McClelland, Patricia - Colby, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McClelland, Shirley - Colby, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McClenahan, Patsy N. - Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McClenny, Doris E. - Valley Falls, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. McClure, David E. - Moline, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. McClure, Donald A. - Welling- 
ton, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. McClure, Mich- 
ael E. - Republic, Freshman in Agriculture. McComb, John G. 
- Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. McConnell, Aura 
E. - Coffeyville, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

McBratney, McBratney, 

W .S. W. F. 

McClelland, McClelland, 

McCandless, McCandless, 



McClenahan McClenny 








R. McCarl 

McClure, M. McComb 



McConnell, Winifred R. - Clay Center, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. McCormick, George L. - 
Bavaria, Sophomore in Agriculture. McCormick, 
James E. - Girard, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. McCosh, Carol L. - Abilene, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

McCourt, Thomas C. - Atchison, Fresh/nan in En- 
gineering and Architecture. McCoy, Edward A. - 
Sabetha, Junior in Arts and Sciences. McCoy, Ken- 
neth E. - Wellington, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. McCoy, Mary E. - Hiawatha, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

McCroskey, Janet L. - Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. McCullough, K. Ray - 
Paola, Freshman in Agriculture. McCune, George 
P. - Chanute, Freshman in Agriculture. McCune, 
Ronald W. - Beloit, Freshman in Agriculture. 

McDaniel, JOHN B. - Abilene, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. McDermott, Patricia - Richland, Wash., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. McDonald, Lawrence 
D. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McDonald, Robert E. - Larned, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

McDonald, Ruby E. - Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics. McDowell, Robert O. - Wichita, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. McElroy, Richard M. - 
Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
McFall, Joseph L. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 

McFall, Robert L. - Preston, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. McFillen, Roger L. - Belleville, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. McGal- 
liard, Everett - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. McGinnis, Clifford D. - 
Peoria, 111., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

McGrath, Robert J. - Beloit, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. McGrew, Victor - Merriam, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. McHugh, Patricia J. - Os- 
borne, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MclNTYRE, 
Charles P. - Herington, Freshman in Arts and 

McKean, Edwin R. - Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. McKee, Jerry B. - Blue Rapids, 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. McKeniff, Nancy 
J. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Mc- 
Kenna, Tim E. - Kingman, Sophomore in Veterinary 

McKenzie, Clyde O. - Willard, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Arch/lecture. McKlNNEY, Mary A. - 
Ulysses, Sophomore in Home Economics. McKlNNlE, 
Ronald W. - Glen Elder, Junior in Agriculture. Mo 
Kinnis, Barbara R. - Boulder, Colo., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 





McCoy, E. 
McCoy, K. 
McCoy, M. 

McCune, G. 
McCune, R. 

McDonald, L. 


McFall, J. 

McFall, R. 






M. E. 

M. M. 

McMillan, M. 
McMillan, S. 
McMillen, H. 

McMillen, J. 



Mechesney, F. 
Mechesney, S. 

Meegan, F. L. 
Meegan, F. R. 


Meitler, N. 
Meitler, S. 

underclassmen: mck-mil 

McKnight, Margaret E. - Alma, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. McKnight, Marilyn M. - El Dorado, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. McLaughlin, Frank - 
Fort Smith, Ark., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
McLeod, Nancy J. - Marysville, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

McMaster, Barton E. - Topeka, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. McMillan, Marvin M. - 
Stafford, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
McMillan, Susan E. - Formoso, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. McMillen, Howard L. - Ellsworth, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

McMillen, Janis K. - El Dorado, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. McMurry, Jerry N. - Larned, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Mc- 
Neill, Ken B. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. McQueen, Nancy J. - Phillipsburg, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. 

McRae, E. Maureen - Penokee, Freshman in Home 
Economics. McReynolds, Eldora Z. - Scott City, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. McShane, Patricia 
K. - Haviland, Sophomore in Home Economics. Mc- 
Vay, Nancy S. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 

McWhorter, Larry L. - Wichita, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Meade, Harlan E. - Palco, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Meador, Marlin R. - 
Parsons, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Mears, James R. - Abilene, Freshman in Arts and 

Mechesney, Flora E. - Shawnee, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Mechesney, Susan E. - Shaw- 
nee, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Mechsner, 
Richard M. - Mankato, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Meckfessel, Anita C. - Rozel, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Medcraft, John W. - Lincoln, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Meegan, Frances L. - 
Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Meegan, 
Frank R. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Meek, James M. - Hiawatha, 02 in Engineering and 

Meeks, Ellis M. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Meier, Paul R. - Spring- 
hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Meinert, Ver- 
non O. - Easton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Meisinger, Charles W. - Marion, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Meitler, Neal D. - Lucas, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Meitler, Sherry L. - Salina, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Melia, Jerry L. - 
Coldwater, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Mel- 
lor, Diana J. - Hutchinson, Junior in Arts and 


Melzer, Edith - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Mendenhall, Forrest - Fowler, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Mengeling, 
William L. - Reeseville, Wise, Freshman in Veter- 
inary Medicine. Mentgen, Ronald P. - Salina, 04 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Mercer, William J. - Matfield Green, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Meriwether, Nancy A. - Columbus, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Merrill, Robert 
G. - Colby, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Merritt, Connie - Haven, Freshman in Arts and 

Merritt, Linda - Haven, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Merten, Robert L. - Pratt, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Meseke, Donald W. - Great Bend, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Meyer, 
Floyd W. - Palmer, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Meyer, Gail A. - Leigh, Nebr., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Meyer, Lawrence E. - Burlington, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. Meyer, Lou A. 
- Wamego, Freshman in Home Economics. Meyer, 
Martin M. - Wichita, Junior in Agriculture. 

Meyer, Noel R. - Leigh, Nebr., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Meyer, Rawleigh H. - Sylvan Grove, 
Junior in Agriculture. Meyer, Raymond E. - Girard, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Meyer, William D. - 
Washington, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Meyers, Allen - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Meyers, Marjean A. - Hiawatha, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Michaels, Charles L. - 
Michigan Valley, Junior in Agriculture. Michaels, 
Robert D. - Scranton, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Michel, Donald L. - Garden City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Michel, William H. - Garden City, 
Junior in Engineering and Architect/ire. Middleton, 
Jack C. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Mihordin, Ronald J. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Milbourn, Mary A. - El Dorado, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Millenbruch, Gary L. - Frank- 
fort, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Miller, David 
O. - Omaha, Nebr., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Miller, Devon - Lebanon, Ind., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Miller, Donald D. - Hoisington, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Miller, Donald G. - Everest, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Miller, Donald R. - Wichita, Junior 
in Agriculture. MILLER, Edwin O. - Junction City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 


Merritt, C. 

Merritt, L. 
Meyer, F. 

Meyer, G. 
Meyer, L. E. 
Meyer, L. A. 
Meyer, M. 

Meyer, N. 
Meyer, R. H. 
Meyer, R. E. 
Meyer, W. 

Meyers, A. 
Meyers, M. 
Michaels, C. 
Michaels, R. 

Michel, D. 
Michel, W. 

Miller, D. O. 
Miller, D. 

Miller, D. D. 
Miller, D. G. 
Miller, D. R. 
Miller, E. O. 


underclassmen: mil-mor 

Miller, Eldon - Colby, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Miller, Eugene - Blue Rapids, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Miller, James R. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Miller, Kather- 
ine L. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and 

The ever-populor food service of the Union goes around 
with snacks to sell at the fraternity houses and dorms. 



Miller, J. 
Miller, K 





Miller, M. J. 
Miller, M. K. 
Miller, R. 
Miller, V. 

Mills, J. 
Mills, N. 
Mills, W. C. 
Mills, W. R. 


Mitchell, E. 
Mitchell, H. 
Mitchell, J. 

Mitchell, K. 
Mitchell, M. 

Miller, Kenneth K. - Circleville, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Miller, Larry L. - Agra, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Miller, Lee Roy - Osawatomie, 01 
in Engineering and Architecture. Miller, Lowell 
F. - Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. 

Miller, Marvin J. - Rantoul, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Miller, Mary K. - Maple 
Hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Miller, 
Richard J. - Kansas City, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Miller, Vaughn E. - Oberlin, 02 in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Mills, Jane - St. Francis, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Mills, Nancy I. - Olathe, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Mills, William C. - Lake City, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Mills, William R. - Olathe, Junior 

in Agriculture. 

Milner, Karen L. - Belleville, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Milton, John R. - Ottawa, Junior in Ag- 
riculture. Minear, Dorothy A. - Downs, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Minneman, John A. - Salina, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Minor, Gary K. - Hutchinson, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Mitchell, Everette H. - Wellington, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Mitchell, Henry 
J. - Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Mitchell, James P. - Wellington, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Mitchell, Kenneth M. - Ford, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Mitchell, Melvin L. - Ford, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Moak, Mary L. - 
Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Mo- 
berg, Paul L. - Alta Vista, Sophomore in Arts and 














Mollohan Molter Molzen 

Moon Moore, C. E. Moore, C. P. 

Mochamer, Roger J. - Osage City, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Modlin, A. Robert - Rich Square, N. C, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Moeller, Charles A. - Marys- 
ville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Moggie, Charles F. - 
Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Mohri, Emily K. - 
Silver Springs, Md., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Moline, 
Ruth E. - Randolph, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Mol- 
lohan, Bill D. - El Dorado, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Molter, Nancy L. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Molzen, Gilbert J. - Newton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Moore, Douglas W. - Pittsburg, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Moore, James O. - Elk City, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Moore, Jerome A. - Potwin, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Moore, Norman K. - Muscotah, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Moore, Robert D. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Moore, Robert W. - Indepen- 
dence, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Moore, Ronald 
V. - Whiting, Freshman in Agriculture. Morain, James H. - 
Meade, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Moran, Edward J. - 
Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Monday, N. Darlene - Fredonia, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Mondy, Richard D. - New Orleans, La., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Monroe, Clarence D. - Hoisington, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Monroy, Ar- 
mando - Mexico, Freshman in Agriculture. Montre, Louis G. 
- Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Moody, 
Joan - Overland Park, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Moon, 
Helen M. - Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Moore, 
Cameron E. - Hiawatha, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Moore, Carolyn P. - Mission, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Morford, Carol J. - Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Morgan, Constance K. - Goodland, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Morgan, John V. - Atwood, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Morgan, Kaye E. - Hugoton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Morgan, Maurice G. - Herington, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Morgan, Robert L. - Kansas City, 03 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Moriconi, Mary J. - Wichita, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Morissette, Sandra - Beloit, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Moritz, Gelane L. - Manhattan, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Moore, D. Moore, J. O. Moore, J. A. Moore, N. Moore, R. D. Moore, R. W. Moore, R. V. Morain Moran 

Morford Morgan, C. Morgan, J. Morgan, K. Morgan, M. Morgan, R. Moriconi Morissette Moritz, G. 



Moritz, J. 
Morris, C. 
Morris, H. 

Morton, M. 
Morton, S. 
Morton, W. 

Mosier, D. 
Mosier, G. 




Murphy, J. 
Murphy, L. 
Murphy, P. 

Murray, J. D. 
Murray, J. L. 

Myers, M. 
Myers, P. 
Myers, R. F. 

underclassmen: mor-nie 

Moritz, Jerome R. - Beloit, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Morris, C. Alan - Dighton, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Morris, Harold 
G. - Independence, Mo., junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Morrisey, J. Douglas - Beloit, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Morrow, Norman R. - Garfield, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Morton, Melvin L. - Wa- 
mego, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Morton, 
Sheila L. - Minneapolis, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Morton, Walter P. - Topeka, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Mosbarger, Gary W. - Goodland, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Mosier, Donald L. - Hoxie, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Mosier, Gary L. - Crestline, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Motogawa, 
Daniel Y. - Hawaii, 02 in Engineering and Archi- 

Mount, Bernice E. - Goddard, Junior in Home 
Economics. Mowrer, Wayne R. - Liberal, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Moxley, Lynn M. - Council 
Grove, Freshman in Home Economics. Moyer, 
Marilyn R. - Topeka, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Muckenthaler, Marvin C. - St. Marys, Junior in 
Agriculture. Mugler, David J. - Oak Hill, Junior 
in Agriculture. Mulkey, Mildred C. - Topeka, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Mullen, Brian 
A. - Stockton, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Mundhenke, Mynie L. - Lewis, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Mueller, Marilyn K. - Han- 
over, Freshman in Home Economics. Munn, Fay G. 
- Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Munson, 
Robert D. - Clay Center, Junior in Engineering and 

Murdock, Darlene M. - Pratt, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Murphy, Joseph A. - Great Bend, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Murphy, Lewis E. - Pro- 
tection, Sophomore in Agriculture. Murphy, Pa- 
tricia J. - Arlington, Va., Freshman in Arts and 

Murray, James D. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Murray, James L. - Menlo Park, Calif., 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Murry, Mary Lou - 
Clearwater, Junior in Home Economics. Mustoe, 
Arlie L. - Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. 

Muxlow, Melvin L. - Sterling, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Myers, M. Patricia - 
Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Myers, Phyllis M. - Fredonia, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Myers, Richard F. - Wakefield, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 


Myers, Roger A. - Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Nafzinger, Larry L. - Hutchinson, Jun- 
ior in Agriculture. Nagel, Alice M. - Valley Cen- 
ter, Freshman in Home Economics. Nakari, Ken- 
neth W. - Cook, Minn., Sophomore in Arts and 

Nanninga, Donnard - Barnes, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Nauerth, Ilene J. - Olsburg, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Neal, John L. - Concordia, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Needels, Foster 
R. - Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Neff, Madelon - Spring Hill, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Neises, Betty A. - Belle Plaine, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Nelke, Conrad J. - Oakley, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Nel- 
son, Bobby J. - Fredonia, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Nelson, Darrell D. - Culver, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Nelson, Jane A. - Lawrence, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Nelson, Larry A. 
- Ruleton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Nelson, 
Lois L. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Nelson, Lon E. - Burlington, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Nelson, Norman L. - Long Island, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Nelson, Vern A. - James- 
town, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. Nelson, 
Wendell A. - Bridgeport, 01 in Engineering and 

Nethercot, Hubert S. - Hutchinson, 04 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Netson, Robert L. - Cle- 
burne, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Neurmayer, 
Robert H. - Madison, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. New, Albert E. -Stilwell, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. 

Nf.w, Gary D. - Russell, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Newby, Jackson R. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Newcom, Rosemary - 
Benton, Freshman in Home Economics. Ni;wcomer, 
Jani-t - El Dorado, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Myers, R. A. 


Nelson, B. 

Nelson, D. 
Nelson, J. 
Nelson, L. A. 
Nelson, L. L. 

Nelson, L. E 
Nelson, N. 
Nelson, V. 
Nelson, W. 

New, A. 

New, G. 

Various emotions are expressed on these students' faces 
as they play in the annual contract bridge tournament 

.£3 ^Plpi 


rfr* / ' 

Newell Newman, E. Newman, P. Newman, S. Newman, W. Newton, D. Newton, N. Niccum Nichols, J. 

Nichols, W. Nicholson Nickelson Nicolay, A. Nicolay, N. Nielson, C. Nielson, J. Niernberger Nies 

underclassmen: new-osb 

Newell, Dorothy P. - Valley Falls, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Newman, Evret C. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Newman, Peter - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Agriculture. Newman, Sally J. - Holton, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Newman, Wilbur C. - Wichita, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Newton, Dorothy A. - Spring 
Hill, Sophomore in Home Economics, Newton, Norman A. - 
Wheat Ridge, Colo., Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Niccum, Barbara A. - Oxford, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Nichols, JoAnne - Auburn, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Nichols, Warren D. - Alton, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Nicholson, Ivan R. - Hardin, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Nickelson, Naomi A. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Nicolay, Ann E. - Abilene, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Nicolay, Nancy K. - Abilene, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Nielson, Clifford - Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Nielson, J. David - Wichita, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Niernberger, James E. - Ellis, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Nies, David W. - Wamego, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Nighswonger, James J. - Blunt, S. D., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Niles, Alfred E. - Smith Center, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Nirschl, James R. - Wellington, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Noe, Dan A. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Nolan, Thomas J. - Junction City, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Nolte, Burdell 
R. - Hiawatha, Junior in Agriculture. Nordstrom, A. Kay - 
McPherson, Freshman in Home Economics. Nordstrom, Dale 
H. - Bushton, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Nor- 
ris, Clarence W. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in Arts and 

Norris, Dale E. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
North, Larry E. - Bonner Springs, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. North, Raymond E. - Coffeyville, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Nothern, Joseph - Salina, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Novy, Lowell L. - Friend, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Nus, Alvin E. - Arlington, Iowa, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Nuss, Jarre ll D. - Jetmore, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Nuttle, David A. - 
El Dorado, Junior in Agriculture. Nuttle, Sharon L. - El 
Dorado, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Nighswonger Niles Nirschl Noe Nolan Nolte 

Norris, D. North, L. North, R. Nothern Novy Nus 

Nordstrom, Nordstrom, 

A. D. Norris, C. 

Nuss Nuttle, D. Nuttle, S. 


Nyhart, Sylvester O. - Atchison, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Oberg, Dee A. - St. John, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Oberhelman, Louann - To- 
peka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Oberle, Sharon 
B. - Carbondale, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Oblander; Robert L. - Liberal, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. O'Brien, Glen J. - St. 
Francis, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
O'Brien, Thomas E. - Chicago, 111., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. O'Connor, Dale E. - Hoising- 
ton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

O'Dell, Kirk R. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Odgers, Gerald C. - Haddam, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Oehl- 
ert, Thomas W. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Oetinger, Gary M. - Morganville, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Ogborn, W. William - Manhattan, Junior in Veter- 
inary Medicine. Ogg, Leslie L. - Ottawa, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Ogle, Garry L. - Albert, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Ogle, Ron- 
ald L. - Albert, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

O'Hara, Judith E. - Partridge, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. O'Hara, Ruth E. - Mankato, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Olander, Gene M. - 
Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Olsen, Allen N. - Council Grove, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Olson, Arthur L. - Lindsborg, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Olson, Eleanor A. - Eureka, 
Junior in Home Economics. Olson, George W. - 
Dwight, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Olson, Le- 
anne C. - Everest, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Olson, Maxine R. - Oberlin, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Oppliger, Gerald T. - Hutchinson, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Op- 
pliger, Karla F. - Hutchinson, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Organ, Daryl L. - Oakley, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Orme, Carolee - Murdock, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Orme, Larry D. - Murdock, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Orr, Richard E. - 
Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. Ortel, Kay - Downs, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Orten, Janice J. - McDonald, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Osborn, James E. - Columbus, Junior in 
Agriculture. Osborne, Duane A. - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Osbourn, Kenneth 
V. - Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 


O'Brien, G. 
O'Brien, T. 



Ogle, G. 
Ogle, R. 

O'Hara, J. 
O'Hara, R. 

Olson, A. 
Olson, E. 
Olson, G. 
Olson, L. 

Olson, M. 
Oppliger, G. 
Oppliger, K. 

Orme, C. 
Orme, L. 



F ^ f^l ^ * ^B 

Ostmeyer, D. 
Ostmeyer, K. 
Ott, B. 

Ott, N. 
Ott, T. 
Otte, A. 

Otte, J. 




Parker, G. 
Parker, J. 
Parker, R. L. 

Parker, R. V. 
Parrish, D. 

Parrish, T. 

Patterson, D. 
Patterson, R. 
Patterson, W. 

underclassmen: ost-pet 

Osterheld, John R. - Matawan, N. J., Junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. Ostmeyer, Dale J. - Oakley, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Ostmeyer, Ken- 
neth F. - Oakley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Ott, Bob H. - El Dorado, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Ott, Norman D. - Gridley, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Ott, Tommy C. - El Dorado, 02 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Ottaway, Louise R. - 
Viola, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Otte, Ar- 
nita L. - Great Bend, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Otte, Joyce A. - Great Bend, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Ousdahl, Gloria J. - Lawrence, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Ouye, George Y. - 
Hawaii, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Oveson, Shirley R. - Salina, Freshman in Arts and 

Owen, Donald E. - Independence, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Pabst, Gerald G. - 
Colby, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Pacilio, 
John - Patterson, N. J., 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Pack, Charles C. - Manhattan, junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Paddleford, Donald F. - Manhattan, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Padon, Albert B. - 
Prairie Village, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Panzitta, Joseph - Newark, N. J., Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Parcel, Don 
D. - Protection, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Park, John M. - Clifton, N. J., 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Parker, Gary H. '- Greensburg, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Parker, 
James H. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Parker, Richard L. - Kiowa, Freshman in 

Parker, Robert V. - Junction City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Parr, John M. - Richmond, Va., 
junior in Arts and Sciences. Parret, Barbara F. - 
Neodesha, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Parrish, 
Donald A. - Kansas City, 03 in Engineering and 

Parrish, Thomas E. - St. Augustine, Fla., Junior in 
Agriculture. Parry, Barbara B. - Marysville, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Parsons, Paul C. - Kan- 
sas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Paschal, Rob- 
ert R. - Luray, Junior in Agriculture. 

Patterson, Dale L. - Kansas City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Patterson, Robert 
L. - El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Patter- 
son, William - Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Patton, Billy P. - Scott City, Sophomore in Veter- 
inary Medicine. 


Patzell, Mary F. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Paul, Carmen L. - Augusta, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Paul, Ronald B. - Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. Paulsen, 
Nancy J. - Fredonia, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Paulson, -Linda E. - Charleston, S. C, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. Paulson, Robert E. - Linds- 
borg, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Payne, Richard A. - Hudson, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Paynter, Maren L. - Topeka, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Peacock, June A. - Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Pearce, David D. - Hutchinson, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. Pearson, 
David W. - Clyde, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Pearson, Joyce E. - Marienthal, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Pearson, Loren D. - Ottawa, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Pearson, Rex E. - Ot- 
tawa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Pearson, 
Richard D. - Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Peck, Lawrence A. - Concordia, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Peckham, William D. - Memphis, Tenn., 03 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Peckman, Lloyd L. 
- Paola, Junior in Agriculture. Pederson, Anne - 
Idana, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Peebles, 
Judith N. - Stockton, Sophomore in Arts and 

Peery, Clifton R. - Booker, Tex., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Peirce, Clinton F. - Hutchin- 
son, Junior in Agriculture. Peirce, Kenneth E. - 
Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Peltier, Gary V. - Concordia, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Pennington, Herbert - Coats, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Penrod, Margery L. - 
Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Penrod, 
Patricia G. - Junction City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Pepper, Burl N. - Abilene, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Percival, L. Sue - Tescott, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Perine, Judith C. - Topeka, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Perkins, Don G. - Howard, 
Junior in Agriculture. Perkins, Lynn L. - Howard, 
junior in Agriculture. 

Perkins, Thelma M. - Hanover, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Perry, Robert B. - Chanute, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Peter, H. Dean 
- Brewster, Junior in Agriculture. Peters, George 
N. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Paul, C. 
Paul, R. 

Paulson, L. 
Paulson, R. 

Pearson, D. 
Pearson, J. 

Pearson, L. 
Pearson, R. E. 
Pearson, R. D. 


Peirce, C. 
Peirce, K. 

Penrod, M. 
Penrod, P. 

Perkins, D. 
Perkins, L. 

Perkins, T. 
Peters, G. 

■ f^jm£?&- 

^i4 k 

,*T> "~ -> 



." .4 /J 

Carpentry students work on their displays for the annual 
Farm Mechanics Contest sponsored by Kg Education Club. 

Peters, J. K. 
Peters, J. H. 
Peterson, C. 
Peterson, D. J. 


D. W. 
Peterson, E. 
Peterson, J. 



Peterson, L. 
Peterson, S. 



Phelps, E. 
Phelps, T. 
Phelps, J. 

Phillips, L. 
Phillips, M. 

Pickett, R. A. 
Pickett, R.J. 

underclassmen: per-pri 

Peters. Joan K. - Edson, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Peters, John H. - Topeka, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Peterson, Chester 
N. - Falum, Sophomore in Agriculture. Peterson, 
Deloit J. - Ludell, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Peterson, Donald W. - Burdick, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Peterson, Edmund J. - Atwood, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Peterson, Judith A. - 
Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Peterson, 
Karen T. - Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Peterson, Kirsten A. - Newton, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Peterson, Lawrence J. - Mc- 
Donald, Sophomore in Engineering and Achitecture. 
Peterson, Stanley M. - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Petracek, Marcia L. - Jennings, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. 

Pettle, Jerry R. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Pfannenstiel, Herbert - Salina, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Pfan- 
enstiel, Walter - Salina, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Pflumm, Ronald H. - Shawnee, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Phelps, E. Wayne - Lamar, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Phelps, Trella K. - Olathe, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Phelps, James R. - Lamar, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Philips, Janet E. - 
Eureka, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Phillips, Lloyd C. - Great Bend, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Phillips, Maurice R. - 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Phipps, 
George H. - Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Pickens, Carolyn F. - Nortonville, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Pickerill, Gary L. - Great Bend, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Pickett, Rachel A. - Topeka, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Pickett, Robert J. - Nevada, 
Mo., Sophomore in Agriculture. Pierce, Bill L. - 
Hutchinson, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 


Pieschl Piersol Pigg Pike Pile 

Plank, A. C. Plank, A. V. Pletcher Plummer Plunkett 

Pimple Piper Pivonka Plagge 

Pohlman Poling Porter, D. Porter, E. 

Pieschl, Richard L. - Minneapolis, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Piersol, George W. - Wichita, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Pigg, Laurence R. - Merriam, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Pike, Ross E. - Wichita, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Pile, Kathleen M. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Home Economics. Pimple, Leon F. - Olpe, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. Piper, Marian M. - 
Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. Pivonka, Barbara 
J. - Timken, Sophomore in Home Economics. Plagge, Ernest 
D. - Belle Plaine, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Porter, Nancy L. - Mt. Hope, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Post, Eugene R. - Junction City, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Post, Otis G. - Independence, Junior in Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Postier, Elouise J. - Inman, Junior in Home 
Economics. Poteet, Betty J. - Kingman, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Pound, Loretta L. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Powell, Barbara A. - Mission, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Powers, Sally P. - Junction City, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Prather, Jolene K. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Plank, Arnold C. - Hope, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Plank, Arvid V. - Hope, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Pletcher, Patricia - Axtell, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Plummer, Alberta L. - Leawood, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Plunkett, Morton D. - Minneapolis, 02 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Pohlman, Donald L. - Ellinwood, 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Poling,. Terry L. - Goodland, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Porter, Don B. - Earlton, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Porter, Edward N. - Wichita, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Prentice, Bruce R. - Schenectady, N. Y., Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Preston, Sandra S. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Prestwood. Tillman - Wich- 
ita, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Prevo, Charles 
T. - McPherson, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
PRICE, Glenna S. - Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Price, James E. - Leona, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Price, Palmer D. - Salina, Junior in Agriculture. Price, 
Terry, R. - Reading, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Pridey, Kent W. - Webber, Junior in Agriculture. 

Porter, N. Post, E. Post, O. Postier 

Prentice Preston Prestwood Prevo 

Price, G. 

Price, J. 

Price, P 




Pulford, R. 

Pulford, W. 
Purer, A. 

Purer, L. 


Quinn, A. 
Quinn, R. 


Ramey, B. 
Ramey, G. 

Randel, E. 
Randel, R. 

underclassmen: pri-rey 

Pringle, Judith C. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Pritchard, H. LeRoy - Dun- 
lap, Freshman in Agriculture. Prochazka, JoAnna 
L. - Highland Park, Mich., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Pruitt, Norma S. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Pryor, James - Nebraska City, Nebr., 01 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. PuGH, James O. - Eureka, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Puig, Hector - Puerto 
Rico, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Pulford, Robert E. - Topeka, Freshman in Agri- 

Pulford, William J. - Topeka, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. Pults, Carolyn K. - Horton, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Purcell, Valeta R. - Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Purer, Alfred - 
Liberal, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Purer, Leonard E. - Liberal, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Purvis, Teddy E. - Arkansas 
City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Quakenbush, Chester - Emporia, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Quantic, H. Bruce 

- Scandia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Quarles, William K. - Parsons, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Quevedo, Nestor, J. - Vene- 
zuela, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Quincy, Fred S. - Paola, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Quinlisk, Judith A. - Wichita, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Quinn, Arthur J. - Bennington, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Quinn, Ruena J. - Oakley, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Raaf, James L. - Gridley, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Rader, 
Allan L. - Caldwell, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Radford, Ronald R. - Blue Rapids, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Radotinsky, Sandra G. - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Raffety, James 
W. - Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Raleigh, 
Catharine L. - Clyde, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Ralls, Nathaniel P. - Winfield, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Ramey, Bobbie J. - Scammon, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Ramey, Gary L. - 
Spring Hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Ram- 
sey, Duane K. - Scott City, Sophomore in Agri- 

Rand, Jack - Goodland, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Randel, Ernest B. - Grecnsburg, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Randel, Ronald D. 

- Redwood City, Calif., Freshman in Agriculture. 
Randolph, Gary L. - McPherson, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 


Raphael, Donald L. - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Ratcliffe, Stanley 
D. - Arlington, Va., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Rawlings, Albert J. - Danville, 111., Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Rawlings, Darrel 
R. - Haven, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Ray, Loren F. - Wakefield, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Reaugh, Shelby J. - Topeka, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Reboul, Kay L. - Green, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Rector, Joyce - Topeka, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Redding, Donald R. - Caney, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architect/ire. Reder, Gwenith - Wich- 
ita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Redford, Bob L. - 
Burden, Freshman in Agriculture. Reed, Glenda A. 
- Lyons, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Reed, Lynn Q. - Belleville, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Reed, Richard C. - Topeka, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Reed, Sharon A. - To- 
peka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Reetz, Roger 
P. - Augusta, Special in Engineering and Architecture. 

Reeves, Dale L. - Almena, Junior in Agriculture. 
Reeves, Donna L. - Almena, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Regier, Jean M. - Moundridge, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Regier, Jerome K. - Mound- 
ridge, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Regnier, Edward P. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Regnier, Ruth L. - Man- 
hattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Reid, Gary L. - 
Smith Center, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Reid, 
Larry E. - Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 

Reid, Robert P. - West Mineral, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Reif, Charles L. - Os- 
borne, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Reiling, Ilse M. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Ri-inhardt, Beverly A. - Salina, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Reinhardt, Loy D. - Erie, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Reinhardt, Robert L. - Salina, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. REITZEL, Darrkll L. - Russell, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. RENBERGER, Duane L. - 
LaCrosse, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Renollet, Henry C. - Bison, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. RENZ, LOWELL E. - Riley, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. RESSE- 
GUIE, Gary L. - Lockport, N. Y., Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. Reynolds, John H. - Junction City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Rawlings, A. 
Rawlings, D. 



Reed, G. 

Reed, L. 
Reed, R. 
Reed, S. 

Reeves, Dale 

Regier, J. M. 
Regier, J. K. 

Regnier, E. 
Regnier, R. 
Reid, G. 
Reid, L. 

Reid, R. 
Reinhardt, B. 

Reinhardt, L. 
Reinhardt, R. 


f -, -., frj #~h.| \ \ 


Rhodes, J. M. Rhodes, J. E. Rice Richards, M. Richards, V. Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, 

Richardson, Riechers Rieck, A. Rieck, G. Riedinger A. B. D. B. D. C. 

O. Rieger Riggenbach Riggert Riggs 

underclassmen: rho-ros 

Rhodes, John M. - Hope, Sophomore in Engineering and Arch- 
itecture. Rhodes, Joyce E. - Hope, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Rice, Mary E. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Richards, Margaret - Arlington, Va., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Richards. Venita L. - Mt. Vernon, 111., 
Freshman in Home Economics. Richardson, Arlene L. - Em- 
poria, Sophomore in Home Economics. Richardson, Beverly - 
Howard, Freshman in Home Economics. Richardson, Darrel 
B. - Belleville, Sophomore in Engineering and Achitecture. Rich- 
ardson, Dorothy C. - Belleville, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 

Riley, Charles E. - Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. Riley, 
Charlotte S. - Winfield, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Riley, John R. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Riley, Kenneth R. - Holton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Rinard, Sydney L. - Salina, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Ringey, Beverly E. - McFarland, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Rinkel, Marcia L. - Cheney, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Rippe, E. Jean - Marysville, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Rippe, Robert E. - Ludell, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Richardson, Orva L. - Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics 
Riechers, Harold D. - Clay Center, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Rieck, Adrienne C. - Kansas City, Mo., Fresh 
man in Arts and Sciences. Rieck, Gary L. - Burlingame, Fresh 
man in Agriculture. Riedinger. James A. - Mandan, N. D. 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Rieger, Delmar L. - Hia 
watha, Junior in Agriculture. RlGGENBACH, Ronald J. - Mah 
wah, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Riggert, Linnea 
M. - Preston, Junior in Agriculture. Riggs, B. Leann - Kansas 
City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Ritter, Helen L. - Chapman, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Ritts, Lorene E. - Stafford, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Rivera, Lydia - Puerto Rico, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Rizek, Illene M. - Munden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Roach. Howard A. - Phillipsburg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Roberts, Allen D. - Newton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Roberts, Charles P. - Holton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Roberts, Clenece L. - Great Bend, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Roberts, James D. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 

Riley, C E. Riley, C S. Riley, J. Riley, K. Rinard Ringey Rinkel Rippe, E. Rippe, R. 

Ritter Ritts Rivera Rizek Roach Roberts, A. Roberts, C P. Roberts, C L. Roberts, J. 


Roberts, Merle D. - Liberal, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Roberts, Reatha J. - Centralia, 
Fresh/nan in Arts and Sciences. Robertson, Gle nda 
L. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Robertson, Keith A. - Athol, junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Robertson, Sylvia A. - Junction City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Robson, Myrna L. - Wichita, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Rodda, Tom E. - 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Rodgers, 
Donald H. - Aurora, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Rodman, Ivan F. - Kansas City, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Rodriguez, John - Ellsworth, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Roeckers, Marjorie D. - 
Richmond, Sophomore in Home Economics. Roehr- 
man, Kenneth E. - Liberty, Mo., Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Roelfs, Alan P. - Stockton, Junior in Agriculture. 
Roelfs, Norman L. - Stockton, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Roelofsz, Robert E. - 
Springfield, Mo., Special in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Roessler, Ramon D. - Winfield, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

Rogers, Burke C. - Garnett, Junior in Agriculture. 
Rogers, Marilyn J. - Carthage, Mo., Freshman in 
Home Economics. Rogers, Mary E. - Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Roggendorff, David - 
Manhattan, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 

Roggendorff, George - Manhattan, Junior in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Rogler, Mary A. - Matfield 
Green, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Rogler, Thomas 
K. - Kincaid, Sophomore in Agriculture. Rohlf, 
Richard L. - Hanover, Junior in Agriculture. 

Rohrbaugh, Yvonne L. - Great Bend, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Rohrer, Ruth E. - Junction 
City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Rollet, Lavern 
D. - Kanopolis, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Rolph, Richard D. - Delphos, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. 

Rood, George A. - Peabody, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Rood, Richard L. - Russell, 02 
in Engineering and Architecture. Roofe, Nancy L. 
- Lawrence, Special in Arts and Sciences. Root, Ed- 
win S. - Radium, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Rose, Mary E. - (day Center, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. RosENOW, DARREL T. - (Jay Center, 
Junior in Agriculture. RosENOw", GARY A. - ("lay 
Center, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Ross, EARL 
R. - Meade, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Roberts, M. 
Roberts, R. 
Robertson, G. 
Robertson, K. 

Robertson, S. 


Roelfs, A. 
Roelfs, N. 
Roessler, R. 

Rogers, B. 
Rogers, M. J. 
Rogers, M. E. 


Rogler, M. 
Rogler, T. 
Rohlf, R. 


Rood, G. 
Rood, R. 


Rosenow, D. 
Rosenow, G. 
Ross, Earl 


Ross, Edward 
Ross, F. 
Ross, G. 
Ross, H. 

Ross, J. A. 
Ross, J. R. 
Ross, J. A. 
Ross, J. J. 

Ross, K. 
Ross, T. 



Rumsey, G. 

Rumsey, J. 
Rundell, G. 
Rundell, M. 

Ruppelius, F. 

Ruppelius, H. 
Russell, G 

underclassmen: ros-rus 

Ross, Edward J. - Mayfield, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Ross, Fred J. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Ross, George E. - 
Merriam, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Ross, 
Harlan E. - Hardy, Nebr., Junior in Agriculture. 

Ross, John A. - Sabetha, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Ross, John R. - Lovewell, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Ross, Judith A. - Wellington, 
Junior in Home Economics. Ross, Judith J. - May- 
field, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Ross, Kenneth C. - Selma, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Ross, Theresa M. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Ros- 
wurm, Claude D. - Council Grove, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Rothenberger, Roland - Osborne, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Rouse, Patricia M. - Great Bend, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Rowe, David T. - Great Bend, Soph- 
omore in Agriculture. Rowell, Rosalyn E. - Valley 
Center, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Rowland, Ron- 
ald G. - Minneola, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Royse, Richard D. - Wichita, Sophomore in Veter- 
inary Medicine. Rucas, Maurice D. - Wichita, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. Ruckert, Henry C. - El 
Dorado, Sophomore in Agriculture. Ruda, Richard 
E. - Atwood, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Rudman, Marllys K. - Palco, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Rudy, Lyle L. - Holton,' Sophon,iore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Ruhlman, Thomas 
E. - Atchison, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Rumsey, Gary W. - Almena, Junior in 
A or/culture. 

Rumsey, Jane A. - Kansas City, Fresh/nan in Arts 
and Sciences. Rundell, Gary L. - Pierceville, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Rundell, Mary K. - Bavaria, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Rundle, Georgiana 
- Axtell, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Runge, Richard E. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Runnalls, Gary C. - Bennington, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Rupard, Barry N. - 
Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Rup- 
pelius, Floy K. - Olathe, Freshman in Home Eco- 

Ruppelius, Harold F. - Olathe, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Rush, Philip N. -- Havi- 
hnd, Junior in Agriculture. Rushton, Richard L. - 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Russell, 
Clyde R. - Glasco, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 


Russell, Kent J. - Bucyrus, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Russell, Richard B. - Manhattan, 01 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Russell, Richard K. - 
St. John, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Russum, 
Robert W. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Veterinary 

Rust, Curtis W. - Ruleton, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Rust, David L. - Ruleton, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Rust, Joyce G. - Topeka, Junior in 
Home Economics. Ryan, William J. - Norton, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Ryman, Beverly J. - Cuba, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Saffry, David - Dodge City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Salisbury, Johnny 
F. - Lecompton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Salmans, Norma L. - Cimarron, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Salmon, Robert - Ft. Scott, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Sambol, Elizabeth A. - 
Bethel, Junior in Home Economics. Sambol, Frank 
J. - Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Sampson, Dennis L. - Salina, 02 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Sampson, James D. - Salina, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Samuelson, John D. - Ols- 
burg, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Sancha, 
George D. - Fremont, Nebr., Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Sanders, Robert D. - Salina, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Sanders, Robert E. - Wichita, 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Sanderson, Bbuce J. - Marys- 
ville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Sanderson, 
Etta M. - Marysville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Sandstrum, Fayeann - Rock, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

San ford, Robert E. - Coffeyville, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Sanger, Warren A. - Quinter, Junior in 
Agriculture. Santer, Marilyn J. - Manhattan, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Sargent, Donna L. - 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Sauceman, Sara J. - McPherson, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Saunders, Frederic - Baxter Springs, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Saw- 
yer, Norman L. - Conway Springs, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Saxton, William E. - Rapid City, S. D., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Sayler, Eleanor J. - Dodge City, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Sayler, Phyllis A. - Albert, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. Schaben, L. Marlene - 
Bazine, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Schafer, 
Janet S. - Vermillion, 'Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Russell, K. 
Russell, R. B. 
Russell, R. K. 

Rust, C. 
Rust, D. 
Rust, J. 





Sambol, E. 
Sambol, F. 
Sampson, D. 

Sampson, J. 
Sanders, R. D. 

Sanders, R. E. 
Sanderson, B. 
Sanderson, E. 



Sayler, E. 
Sayler, P. 


& e, rs & 

fi :!> t>, 

> ^^ ,'*s^ .*"*^ 

4,1 . **m 


Members listen intently to platform plans at a meeting of 
United Staters, campus political party organized this spring. 


■rife-' 1 r S* - 

Schantz, B. 
Schantz, H. 

Schaulis, C. 

Schaulis, W. 
Schick, D. 
Schick, L. 

Schicktanz, R. 

Schilling, D. 

Schilling, K. 
Schilling, P. 

Schmidt, A. 
Schmidt, C. 

Schmidt, L. 
Schmidt, P. 
Schmidt, R. 

underclassmen: sch-scr 

Schainost, Duane F. - Colony, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Schallehn, Ross E. - Emporia, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Schantz, Bobby A. - Dodge 
City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Schantz, Hugh 
A. - Winfield, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Schaper, Laurence T. - Glasco, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Schartz, John C. - Ellin- 
wood, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Schaubach, 
John W. - Hasbrouck, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Schaulis, Carroll E. - Wakefield, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

Schaulis, William E. - Wakefield, Junior in Veter- 
inary Medicine. Scheid, James E. - Denton, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Schick, Donald 
L. - Gridley, Sophomore in Agriculture. Schick, 
Lois J. - Gridley, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Schicktanz, Robert T. - Junction City, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Schicktanz, Wil- 
liam - Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Schild, Ila J. - Herington, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Schilling, Dale R. - Havensville, Junior in 

Schilling, Karl D. - Hoyt, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Schilling, Paul W. - Independence, Mo., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Schleifer, Wilbur 
A. - Kansas City, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Schlesener, John L. - Herington, Sophomore in 

Schmedemann, Mary S. - Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Schmid, Kathryn A. - Topeka, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Schmidt, Anthony 
F. - Hays, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Schmidt, Clarence E. - Corbin, Junior in Agricul- 

Schmidt, Lhon F. - Hartford, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Schmidt, Phillip G. - Freeport, Junior in 
Agriculture. Schmidt, Robert L. - Corbin, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Schmidt- 
lein, Laura - Battleground, Wash., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 


19 PS 






D. A. 





Schober Schoenfeldt Schofield, C. Schofield, R. Schoning 

Schroeder, D. Schroeder, E. Schroth Schuetz, J. Schuetz, R. 

Schmitz, James A. - Ft. Scott, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Schneider, Donald A. - Logan, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Schneider, Dwanna J. - Oketo, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Schnelle, Patricia - Mahaska, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Schober, Susan - Topeka, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Schoenfeldt, Carol - Kansas City, Mo., Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Schofield, Charles F. - Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Schofield, 
Robert J. - Kansas City, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Schoning, Douglas O. - Morganville, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Schuknecht, Louis F. - Paola, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Schultis, Kathleen - McPherson, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Schultz, Donald F. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Schultz, Ronald 
R. - Trousdale, Sophomore in Agriculture. Schultz, William 
L. - Chanute, Sophomore in Agriculture. Schuster, Dean E. - 
Ulysses, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Schwartz, 
Melvin H. - Pretty Prairie, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Schweitzer, Gerald L. - Princeton, Junior in Agriculture. 
Schweitzer, Jay D. - Milford, Freshman in Engineering and 

Schoof, Richard L. - Council Grove, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Achitecture. Schooley, Ray R. - Stark, Junior in Ag- 
riculture. Schoonover, Charles - Garden City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Schreiber, Charles - Larned, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Schroeder, Donald E. - Grinnell, Special in 
Engineering and Architecture. Schroeder, Edward C. - Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Schroth, Fred D. - 
Concordia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Schuetz, Jerry 
V. - Mercier, Junior in Agriculture. Schuetz, Robert L. - 
Horton, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Schweitzer, Raymond - Osborne, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Schwinn, Gene B. - Leavenworth, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Scott, Billie D. - Claflin, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Scott, Engle W. - Great Bend, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Scott, M. Nadine - Piedmont, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. Scott, Neil R. - Rozel, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Scott, Ralph R. - Ft. Scott, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Scott, Robert D. - Kansas City, 
Mo., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Scrogin, Rich- 
ard A. - St. John, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Schuknecht Schultis Schultz, D. Schultz, R. Schultz, W. Schuster Schwartz Schweitzer, G. Schweitzer, J. 

Schweitzer, R. Schwinn Scott, B. Scott, E. Scott, M. Scott, N. Scott, R. R. Scott, R. D. Scrogin 

j** , *ir 

z* 5 0S^ 

:fr*2 : , *' A 




^4 : ^ 

tin r4 

Sears, G. 
Sears, R. 
Sears, W. 


Seitz, E. 
Seitz, M. 


Severance, H. 

Severance, S. 

Shannon, M. 

Shannon, P. 
Sharp, H. 
Sharp, W. 
Shaw, A. 

Shaw, R. 

underclassmen: sea-sin 

Seacat, John P. - Ashland, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Sears, Gilbert O. - Cedar, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Sears, Robert E. - 
Eureka, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. Sears, 
William H. - Eureka, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Seaton, Fred S. - Chapman, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Seeger, Harold R. - McPherson, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Seeliger, Margaret - 
Winfield, Junior in Home Economics. Seibel, Don- 
ald E. - Ellis, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Seitz, Elson F. - Hutchinson, Junior in Agriculture 
Seitz, M. Jane - Junction City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Selby, Charleen R. - Parryton, Texas, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Self, Robert L. - 
Pittsburg, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Selfridge, O. John - Wichita, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Sellers, Betty A. - Flor- 
ence, Junior in Home Economics. Selvy, Glenn D. 
- Independence, Sophoftwre in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Serpan, George R. - La Crosse, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Serrault, Dorothy L. - Salina, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Servos, Gary G. - Kansas City, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Settle, Gary N. - Hutch- 
inson, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. Sever- 
ance, HAROLD G. - Beloit, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Severance, Stanford - Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Sexton, Robert B. - 
Abilene, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Seyferth, Jay B. - Ulysses, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Shade, Virginia L. - Hays, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 

Shamburg, Vaughn L. - Beloit, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. Shane, James F. - San Bernadino, 
Calif., Junior in Arts and Sciences. Shankland, 
Joyce A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Shannon, Margaret B. - Iola, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Shannon, Patricia R. - Iola, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Sharp, H. Ray - Hutchinson, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Sharp, Wayne E. - 
Riley, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Shaw, A. 
DuANE - Pomona, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Shaw, Ralph E. - McPherson, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Shearer, Judith A. - Eureka, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Shefet, Gad - Israel, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Shehi, Donald B. - 
Wamego, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Sheldon, Lou A. - Caney, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Shellenberger, Sharon - Ransom, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. Shellhaas, Sally S. - 
Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Shenk, 
Jean - Merriam, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Shenk, June - Merriam, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Shepherd, William H. - Langdon, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Shepek, Reuben D. - Salina, 
Special Student in Engineering and Architecture. 
Sherer, Mary J. - Mullinville, Junior in Home 

Sherman, Roger W. - Silver Springs, Md., Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. Shetlar, Martin D. - Conway 
Springs, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Shields, 
Byron - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Shields, James B. - Falls City, Nebr., Jun- 
ior in Veterinary Medicine. 

Shields, Sandra J. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Shilling, William M. - Salina, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. SHIMIZU, 
Chikao - Hawaii, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Shiner, George E. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Shipps, Carrilee - Ottawa, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Shook, Phyllis G. - Chanute, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Shreve, DeWitt C. - 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Shu- 
berg, Ronald E. - Salina, Junior in Engineering and 

Shupe, Chester D. - Ashland, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Shuyler, Lynn R. - 
Alden, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Sides, Dean L. - Almena, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Siever, Richard G. - Parsons, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Signor, Donald C. - Effingham, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Silver, Lon V. - Morganville, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Simic, Wil- 
liam J. - Beatrice, Nebr., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Simmons, John K. - Barnard, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Simmons, Judith - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Simmons, Marla B. - Strong City, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Simmons, Robert R. - 
Ashland, Freshman in Agriculture. Simonet, Jose 
A. - Puerto Rico, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Simpson, Wesley D. - Everest, 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. SlMS, Beverly J. - Oakley, Soph- 
omore in Home Economics. Sims, Ronald E. - Rich- 
mond, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Sinderson, 
Nelson L. - Downers Grove, 111., Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Shenk, Jean 

Shenk, June 

Shields, B. 
Shields, J. 

Shields, S. 




Simmons, M. 
Simmons, R. 

Sims, B. 
Sims, R. 

,'■*! /r? rrv fs 


/****' J*B^ 




Sink Sitz Skaer Skaggs 

Slade, J. Slade, L. Slaughter Slaven 

Skillman Skinner Skiver Skonberg Skupa 

Slentz Slocombe Slothower Sluyter Smidt 

underclassmen: sin-sta 

Sink, Roger A. - Esbon, junior in Arts and Sciences. Sitz, 
Carol A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Economics. Skaer, 
Dean A. - Augusta, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Skaggs, Robert G. - Attica, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Skillman, M. Darlene - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Skinner, Mary L. - Fairview, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Skiver, Karen - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Skonberg, Joan C. - Osage City, Junior in Home 
Economics. Skupa, Sharon L. - Haddam, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Slade, John C. - Stafford, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Slade, LeClair F. - Stafford, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. Slaughter, Margaret - Salina, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Slaven, Joyce M. - Glen Elder, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Slentz, Carin L. - Lewis, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Slocombe, Edmond N. - Peabody, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Slothower, Donald L. - Wellington, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Sluyter, Sondra S. - Jewell, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Smidt, George M. - Blue Rapids, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Smigielski, Ronald - Chicago, 111., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Smiley, John J. - Manhattan, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Smith, Carnie E. - Silver Lake, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Smith, Carol J. - Manhattan, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Smith, C. Sue - Lyons, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Smith, Chestine A. 
Economics. Smith, D. Corinne 
Economics. Smith, Darrel W. 
neering and Architecture. Smith, 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Russell, Freshman in Home 

- Bethel, Sophomore in Home 

- Great Bend, Junior in Engi- 
David G - Manhattan, Junior 

Smith, David L. - Lyons, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Smith, Gayle R. - Leroy, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Smith, 
Gerald K. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Smith, 
Gorden H. - Courtland, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Smith, Hinnie G. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Smith, James D. - Hutchinson, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Smith, Jerry L. - Falls Church, Va., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Smith, J. Michael - Arkansas City, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Smith, Karen - Amarillo, Texas, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Smigielski Smiley Smith, C. E. Smith, C. J. Smith, C. S. Smith, C. A. Smith, D. C. Smith, D. W. Smith, D. C. 

Smith, D. L. Smith, G. R. Smith, G. K. Smith, G. H. Smith, H. G. Smith, J. D. Smith, J. L. Smith, J. M. Smith, K. 


Smith, Kenneth L. - Hutchinson, Freshman tn 
Engineering and Architecture. Smith, Kermit V. - 
Newton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Smith, 
Larry L. - Minneola, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Smith, Leon E. - Larned, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Smith, M. Viers - Colby, Freshman in Engineering 
,and Architecture. Smith, Martha A. - Haven, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Smith, Michael R. 

- Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Smith, Nancy L. - Bonner Springs, junior in Home 

Smith, Pat A. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Smith, Robert H. - Wichita, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Smith, Robert S. 

- Hoxie, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Smith, Roger E. - Belle Plaine, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Smith, Sara A. - Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Smith, Shirley J. - Norton, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Smith, Siles J. - Lincoln, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Smith, Stanley C. 

- Latham, Junior in Agriculture. 

Smith, Virginia M. - Minneapolis, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Smylie, Robert J. - McPherson, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Snyder, 
James M. - Leawood, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Snyder, Regina G. - Sabetha, Freshman in Arts and 

Socolofsky, James L. - Ramona, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Somers, Beverly A. - 
Norton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Sorkin, 
Andreis - Olathe, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Southern, James L. - Chase, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

Sowers, Marcia C. - Topeka, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Spacil, Leon L. - Ellinwood, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. Spangler, John 
D. - Atwater, Minn., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Spanier, William J. - Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Spaulding, Paul R. - Falls City, Nebr., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Spears, Carole L. - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Spencer, Dale C. - 
Welda, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Spencer, Gary S. - Oxford, Freshman in Arts and 

Spencer, Wayne E. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Splichal, LORETTA K - Mundcn, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Springsted, Lois 
M. - Woodbine, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Staats, Herschel L. - Sylvia, Junior in Agriculture. 

Smith, K. L. 
Smith, K. V. 
Smith, L. L. 
Smith, L. E. 

Smith, M. V. 
Smith, M. A. 
Smith, M. R. 
Smith, N. L. 

Smith, P. A. 
Smith, R. H. 
Smith, R. S. 
Smith, R. E. 

Smith, S. A. 
Smith, S. J. 
Smith, S. J. 
Smith, S. C. 

Smith, V. 
Snyder, J. 
Snyder, R. 



Spencer, D. 
Spencer, G. 

Spencer, W. 
Staats, H. 

* k ,*4 


r: n 

Staats, N. 

Stanley, B. 

Stanley, G. 

Stapp, E. 
Stapp, J. 

Stark, J. 
~ jp Stark, M. 

Steele, J. 

Steele, K. 
Steele, R. 
Steiner, A. 
Steiner, N. 


Stevens, C. 

Stevens, K. 
Stevens, M. 

M Stevens, P. 

Stewart, D. 

underclassmen: sta-ste 

Staats, Norman H. - Sylvia, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Stackley, Chris A. - El Dorado, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Stafford, N. Penny - Leon- 
ardville, Sophomore in Home Economics. Stahel, 
Ervin D. - Overbrook, Junior in Agriculture. 

Stamm, Richard L. - Washington, Freshman in Ag- 
riculture. Standley, Don H. - Haven, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Stang, Donald R. - Hays, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Stanley, Billy L. 
- Erie, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Stanley, Guy E. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Stansbery, Ronald L. - Salina, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. Stapp, 
Elenita M. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Stapp, John C. - Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Stark, Judith D. - Junction City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Stark, Martha S. - Bonner Springs, 
Junior in Home Economics. Starmer, Garry R. - 
Mound Valley, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Starnes, Barbara A. - Coffeyville, Junior in Home 

Starns, Thomas W. - Brewster, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Starr, Cyrena M. - Phillipsburg, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Stayton, LeRoy M. - 
Falls City, Nebr., Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Steele, John E. - Scott City, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Steele, Kay - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Steele, Robert H. - Junction City, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Steiner, Ann M. - Hutchin- 
son, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Steiner, Nor- 
man F. - Sabetha, Sophomore in Engineering and 

Steinle, J. Kay - Russell, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Stenfors, Lyle A. - Bennington, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Stenzel, Howard K. - 
Marion, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Stephens, Clayton W. - Ozawkie, Junior in Agri- 

Stephenson, Carol J. - Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Stetina, Beverly A. - 
Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Steudt- 
ner, Richard R. - Wichita, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Stevens, Carl A. - Alton, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Stevens, Karl K. - Dover, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Stevens, Mary - Topson, 
Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Stevens, 
Patsy L. - Junction City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Stewart, Donna J. - Davenport, Iowa, 

Sophomore in Home Economics. 


Stewart, Sharon A. - St. Francis, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Stewart, Wayne D. - Hutchin- 
son, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Stiles, 
Sharon K. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Stillwell, Charles E. - Rahway, N. J., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Stinemetz, Delbert C. - Garden City, junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. St. John, Marilyn - 
Wichita, junior in Arts and Sciences. Stites, John 
W. - Prairie Village, junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Stivers, Jane E. - Pratt, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Stockham, Norman N. - Conway Springs, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Stockham, V. Rosalie - 
Lyons, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Stokes, Stan- 
ley L. - Mission, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Stone, David W. - Albert, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Stone, John E. - Winfield, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Storck, Kenneth R. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Storey, William 
K. - Mulvane, Freshman in Agriculture. Stoughton, 
Barbara A. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 

Stout, Carol M. - Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Stout, M. Linda - Raytown, 
Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Stout, Mikel 
L. - Bazaar, Junior in Agriculture. Stover, Bruce 
L. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Stover, Judith A. - Ransom, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Strah, Charlene M. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Strah, Charlotte 
A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Strahm, Samuel E. - Fairview, Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Strahm, Waymer J. - Sabetha, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Stratton, Raymond D. - Louisville, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Straub, 
E. Kay - Gashland, Mo., Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Streets, Richard R. - Altoona, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. 

Strobel, George L. - Pratt, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Strobel, Margaret L. - Pratt, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Stuart, Dale R. - 
Downs, Freshman in Agriculture. Stuber, Bette D. 
- Wichita, Freshman in Home "Economics. 

STUCKEY, Mervyn R. - Harper, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. STUDER, Louis L. - Wathena, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. STUDER, Sharon K. - 
Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. StuNKEL, 
Gaylord M. - Belle Plain, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Stewart, S. 
Stewart, W. 

St. John 

Stockham, N. 
Stockham, V. 
Stone, D. 

Stone, J. 

Stout, C 
Stout, M. 
Stout, M. 
Stover, B. 

Stover, J. 
Strah, C M. 
Strah, C A. 
Strahm, S. 

Strahm, W. 

Strobel, G. 
Strobel, M. 

Studer, L. 
Studer, S. 


§ 'ft 1 § .* 

if Mil I] 

3F ~ " *-»* 

During the storm that brought a blizzard to western Kansas, 
K-Staters found that even March snow made snowballs. 

^Ph ^+\. 

Suelter, H. 

Suelter, L. 
Sullivan, G.R. 
Sullivan, G. F. 



Swanson, K. 
Swanson, L. 
Swanson, S. 

Swartz, C. 
Swartz, D. 
Sweat, M. 

Sweat, R. 
Swenson, G. 
Swenson, K. 

underclassmen: sru-rer 

Stutterheim, Karl R. - Phillipsburg, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Suchan, Erma M. - 
Leigh, Neb., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Sud- 
duth, John H. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Suelter, Harold A. - Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Suelter, Lillian E. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Sullens, Vacil I. - Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Sullivan, 
Gaylen R. - Great Bend, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Sullivan, Gary F. - Yates Center, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Summers, Marilyn L. - Clay Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Sundquist, Robert K. - Kansas 
City, Mo., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Suter, Billie A. - Oakley, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Sutter, Owen C. - Wichita, Freshman in 

Suttles, Bobby D. - Emmett, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Swain, James E. - Hutchinson, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Swanlund, Charles E. 
- Brewster, Freshman in Agriculture. Swank, Jim - 
Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Swanson, Karen K. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Swanson, Lawrence R. - Gypsum, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. SWANSON, 
Sandra K. - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Swart, Oura L. - Oakley, 03 in Engineering and 

Swartz, Charles J. - Topeka, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Swartz, David M. - Peru, Ind., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Swearingen, Julius 
R. - Coffeyville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Sweat, 
Morris E. - Smith Center, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Sweat, Ronald J. - Cedar, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Swengel, Jean E. - Highlands, Tex., Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. Swenson, Gary L. - 
Ames, Junior in Agriculture. Swenson, Keith G. - 
Morganville, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 


Swenson, L. Swenson, W. Swickard Symington Tajchman Talbot Tangeman Taplin, G. Taplin, J. 

Tarnstrom Tatge Tawney Taylor, C. Taylor, D. Taylor, J. W. Taylor, J. H. Taylor, J. G. Taylor, J. 

Swenson, Loren A. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Swenson, Wanda M. - Council Grove, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Swickard, John D. - Newton, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Symington, Marion A. - Manhat- 
tan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Tajchman, Edwin 
J. - Tampa, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. Tal- 
bot, Richard B. - Marysville, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
Tangeman, Arthur J. - Seneca, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Taplin, Gail H. - Waterville, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Taplin, Judy J. - Hutchinson, Junior in Home 

Taylor, Joyce R. - Atchison, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Taylor, Katherine K. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Taylor, Marilyn - Junction City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Taylor, Peter S. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Taylor, Virginia I. - Salina, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Taylor, William A. - Topeka, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Teaford, Howard 
L. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Teall, Gor- 
don D. - Hiawatha, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Teare, Marian - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Tarnstrom, Ronald L. - Lindsborg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Tatge, Harlan D. - Herington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Tawney, LaVonne K. - Ogallah, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Taylor, Constance A. - Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Taylor, Dale L. - Hoxie, Junior in Agriculture. Tay- 
lor, James W. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Agriculture. Tay- 
lor, Jane H. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Taylor, Joan G. - Atchison, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Taylor, JoAnne - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 

Tearney, Elaine R. - Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Tedrow, Douglas E. - Mullinville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Tedrow, Harriet G. - Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Tedrow, Harvey A. - Greensburg, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Teichman, Cibyl C. - Stafford, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Templeton, David E. - Burns, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Tennant, Jay R. - Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Tenorio, Sandra J. - Wichita, 01 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Terbovich, Loralee - Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Taylor, J. R. Taylor, K. Taylor, M. Taylor, P. Taylor, V. Taylor, W. Teaford 

Tearney Tedrow, D. Tedrow, H. C. Tedrow, H. A. Teichman Templeton Tennant 

Teall Teare 

Tenorio Terbovich 


mam ^mmm* mm I V«l 

d C (*\ 

f^ (*) H ^ 

Thaemert, A. 
Thaemert, R. 

Thiel, M. 
Thiel, T. 
Thies, J. H. 
Thies, J. M. 

Thies, K. 
Thomas, G. 
Thomas, J. 

Thomas, R. 
Thompson, C. 
Thompson, E. 
Thompson, J. 

Thompson, R. 
Thompson, S. 

Tiller, J. 
Tiller, W. 


Todd, C. 

Todd, H. 
Todd, P. 

underclassmen: rer-ung 

Terrell, Conlev M. - Valley Center, Junior in 
Agriculture. Thaemert, Allan L. - Sylvan Grove, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Thaemert, Ravon R. - 
Sylvan Grove, Junior in Agriculture. Theroff, John 
J. - Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Thiel, Marthane L. - Gypsum, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Thiel, Thurston T. - Gypsum, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Thies, Jerome H. - Mission, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Thies, John M. - Great Bend, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Thies, Kay D. - Hutchinson, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Thirsk, Larry D. - Augusta, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Thomas, Gerald E. - Dunlap, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Thomas, Jane A. - 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Thomas, Richard A. - Newton, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Thompson, Carlyle A. - Shawnee, Junior 
in Agriculture. Thompson, Edward L. - Liberal, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Thompson, Joyce 
M. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Thompson, Ronald R. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. Thompson, Sandra 
M. - Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Thorp, Charles W. - Valley Falls, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Thouvenelle, Charlene - Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Thudin, Robert P. - Newton, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Tighe, R. Annette - El 
Dorado, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Tiller, 
Jacqueline D. - Summerfield, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Tiller, Wayne L. - Summerfield, 01 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Tilley, Allen D. - Frankfort, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Tillotson, Peggy A. - 
Shields, Junior in Home Economics. Tilzey, Win- 
ston G. - Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Timm, Alberta M. - Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Tincknell, Larry K. - Neodesha, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Tindall, Marilyn - 
Bartlesville, Okla., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Toburen, Gerald. P. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Todd, Chester R. - Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

Todd, Harry L. - Rexford, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Todd, Patricia A. - Altamont, Junior in Home 
Economics. TOEVS, Henry B. - Newton, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Tointon, ROGER W. - Almena, Jun- 
ior in Agriculture. 


Tombaugh, Donald C. - Lampasas, Texas, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Toms, Clyda 
E. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Tonne, Ronald C. - Lincoln, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architect/ire. Toplikar, Fred C. 
- Olathe, Junior in Agriculture. 

Torres, Jorge - Mexico, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Totten, Sharon L. - Winifred, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Tovrea, Lorna G. - Goodland, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. Towns, Marion L. - 
Chase, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Towns, Therean L. - Palco, Junior in Agriculture. 
Townsend, Thomas W. - Phillipsburg, Junior in 
Agriculture. Towse, John A. - Kansas City, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. TRACHSEL, 
Alan J. - Goodland, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Tramel, Pat M. - Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Trent, Patty L. - Osborne, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Treu, William - 
Alma, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Trickle, Ken- 
neth - Lamar, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Tripp, John S. - Salina, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Troutman, Gary E. - Winside, 
Nebr., Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. True, 
Frederick H. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
True, James V. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Tucker, Roger W. - Smith Center, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Tuma, Patty C. - 
Narka, Freshman in Home Economics. Turley, Bob 
D. - Goodland, Sophomore in Arts and- Sciences. 
Turnbull, Beverly A. - Summerfield, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Turner, Darlene M. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Turner, Donna J. - Valley Center, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Turner, Lee - 
Wichita, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. Turn- 
er, Rolland D. - Ottawa, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Turner, Terry - Waterville, Junior in Agriculture. 
Turney, Barbara A. - Belle Plaine, Freshman in 
Home Economics. TuRNEY, Forest G. - Belle Plaine, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. TuRTON, Judith A. - 
Overland Park, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Tuttle, Charles E. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Uhler, H. Rex - Conway Springs, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. UNDERWOOD, 
Jerry D. - Norton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Unger, DlJANE A. - Oberlin, Freshman in Agriculture. 


Towns, M. 

Towns, T. 


True, F. 
True, J. 


Turner, D. M. 
Turner, D. J. 
Turner, L. 
Turner, R. 

Turner, T. 
Turney, B. 
Turney, F. 





Unruh, A. Unruh, E. Unruh, H. Unruh, J. Updike Upton Urich 

Valdes Vanaken Vanderweide VanDoren VanHorn VanNocker VanPelt 

Vacin Vahle 

VanSchoone- VanSickle, E. 

underclassmen: unr-war 

Unruh, Albert W. - Cassoday, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Unruh, Edward - Cassoday, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Unruh, Harold D. - Wichita, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Unruh, Jesse V. - Pretty Prairie, 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Updike, Gary J. - Turon, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Upton, John P. - St. Francis, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Urich, Max A. - 
Carbondale, Junior in Agriculture. Vacin, Gary L. - Colby, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Vahle, Virginia L. 
- Stanton, Nebr., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Valdes, Esther G. - Santa Fe, N. M., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Vanaken, John C. - Bartlesville, Okla., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Vanderweide, Joseph - Atchison, 03 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Van Doren, Neal R. - Manhat- 
tan, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. Van Horn, Harold 
H. - Pomona, Junior in Agriculture. Van Nocker, Larry R. - 
Gridley, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Van Pelt, 
Larry G. - Beloit, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
Van Schooneveld, Marline - Denver, Colo., Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Van Sickle, Estalee - Manhattan, Junior 
in Home Economics. 

Van Sickle, Kenneth A. - Emporia, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Vathauer, Karen A. - Greenleaf, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. Veconi, Gilbert J. - Kenosha, Wise, 02 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Veraska, Kenneth R. - Mission, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Vernon, Leda F. - 
Admire, Junior in Home Economics. Vest, Ruth A. - Grand- 
view, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Viani, Alan R. - 
New York City, N. Y., Junior in Agriculture. Viar, Janet A. - 
Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Viergever, Phyllis A. 
- Topeka, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Vincent, Derald D. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Vincent, Larry L. - Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Vincent, Ray O. - Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. Vining, Cecil E. - Richmond, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. Visser, Albion D. - Riley, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
ViZZA, Joseph F. - Chicago, 111., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Vopat, Patricia A. - Luray, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Voth, Janice M. - Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Wadsworth, Kay Y. - Carbondale, Sophomore in Home 

VanSickle, K. Vathauer Veconi Veraska Vernon Vest 

Vincent, D. Vincent, L. Vincent, R. Vining Visser Vizza 



m # t? 


Wagner, Don - Coffeyville, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Wagner, Gary L. - King- 
man, Freshman in Agriculture. Wagner, Sharon C. 
- Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. Wag- 
ner, Wayne A. - Topeka, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Wagoner, Linda L. - LaGrange, 111., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Wahl, Donna M. - Wheaton, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Wahle, Dorothy 
L. - Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Waknitz, Charles E. - Bazine, Freshman in Agri- 

Walker, Barbara A. - Merriam, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Walker, James C. - Concordia, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. Walker, Jon 
L. - Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Walker, Margaret L. - Gypsum, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Walker, Phyllis D. - Goodland, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Wallace, J. Howard - Murdock, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Wallerstedt, Suzanne 

- Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Walsh, 
Richard F. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and 

Walter, John C. - Jetmore, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Walter, Virgil P. - Lincoln, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Walter, William 
R. - St. Francis, Junior in Agriculture. Walter- 
bach, Francis - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Walters, William P. - Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Wancura, Glenda K. - Dighton, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Wanklyn, C. Keith 

- "Winifred, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Ward, Carol - Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Home Economics. 

Ward, Douglas F. - Norcatur, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. "Ward, Lloyd A. - Oswebo, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Ward, L. Diane - 
Norton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Ward, Mur- 
iel A. - Eureka, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Warders, Donald F. - Manhattan, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Warders, Mary E. - Blue 
Rapids, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Warders, 
Norman H. - Blue Rapids, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Wareham, Ralph I. - Manhattan, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. 

Warner, Theodore E. - Whiting, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. WARNER, V. Jane: - 
Dodge City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Warner, 
William R. - Larned, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. WARNER, Yvonne: E. - Kansas City, 
03 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Wagner, D. 
Wagner, G. 
Wagner, S. 
Wagner, W. 


Walker, B. 
Walker, J. C. 
Walker, J. L. 
Walker, M. 

tf* J 



Walker, P. 


Walter, J. 
Walter, V. 
Walter, W. 

Ward, C. 

Ward, D. 
Ward, L. 
Ward, L. D. 
Ward, M. 

Warders, D. 
Warders, M. 
Warders, N. 

Warner, T. 
Warner, V. 
Warner, W. 
Warner, Y. 


Warren, S. 
Warren, W. 



Watkins, R. 

Watkins, T. 
Waugh, T. 


Waugh, V. 




Webber, A. 


4 ;i 


Webber, D. 
Webber, L. 

Jf* ""Wr 

¥ '"' * '' 





■ i J 

w 1 


»' a» *^ 

If - *f 


- - 

0k* ' 


/^- ^** Z 185 *. 


Wells, E. 

Wells, K. 
Wells, R. 

underclassmen: war-wic 

Warnick, Dixie L. - Kansas City, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Warnken, Philip F. - Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Warren, Samuel M. - Troy, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Warren, 
William T - Chanute, 02 in Engineering and Archi- 

Wary, Raymond E. - Salina, Junior in Agriculture. 
Washington, Robert C. - Dallas, Texas, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Washington, William - Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Agriculture. WATKINS, Robert 
R. - Alma, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Watkins, Thomas F. - Alma, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Watson, Mary D. - Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Watt, John E. - Kansas City, 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. Waugh, Terry L. - 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 

Waugh, Virginia K. - Wellington, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Weatherd, Thomas D. - Tescott, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Weaver, Philip 
F. - Salina, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
Webber, Allen - Ulysses, Sophomore in Arts and 

Webber, Darrell L. - Winfield, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Webber, Lynne - Ulysses, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Weeks, Calvin G. - Lawrence, 
Junior in Agriculture. Weelborg, Ann - Salina, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Weickert, William - La Cygne, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Weidler, Richard D. - Minneapolis, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. Weigand, Jon - 
LaCrosse, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Weigel, Mary H. - Dodge City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Weinhold, Frank R. - Salina, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Weir, Theodore J. - 
Spring Hill, Freshman in Agriculture. Weirich, Le- 
Roy D. - Council Grove, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Weiser, Donald P. - Harlan, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. 

Weisser, Carolee S. - Paxico, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Weixelman, Robert D. - Manhattan, 01 
in Engineering and Architecture. Welch, John P. - 
Saffordville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Wells, Elizabeth J. - Salina, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Wells, Kenneth R. - Russell, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. Wells, Ronald D. - El Do- 
rado, Ark., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Wempe, 
Robert W. - Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Wendland, Alvin O. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 


Wendt, Laird L. - Abilene, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. Wenger, Barbara J. - Powhattan, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Wenger, Herbert 
L. - Powhattan, Sophomore in Agriculture. Wen- 
rich, Linda L. - Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Home 

Weseloh, John W. - Neosho Falls, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Wesley, Albert E. - Ada, junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. Wesner, Ronald M. - Boon- 
ville, Ind., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Wes- 
selowski, Daniel - Beloit, 01 in Engineering and 

West, Howard W. - Yates Center, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. West, Karen J. - Nekoma, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. West, Mary P. - Derby, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Westbrook, Jerry A. - 
- Kirwin, Special in Engineering and Architecture. 

Wester, Donald - Edna, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Westerhouse, Margean - Eudora, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Westhusing, Gene O. - 
Plainville, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Westman, Louis - Lindsborg, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Westney, Nancy A. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts, 
and Sciences. Weston, James R. - Arkansas City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. Weybrew, Wanda J. - 
Wamego, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Wheat, 
Richard A. - Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Whipple, Gerald B. - Jetmore, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Whipple, Ray W. - Beeler, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Whitchurch, Ronald L. - 
Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. White, 
Bernard G. - Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

White, Carol - Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. White, Deanna J. - Canton, Freshman in 
Home Economics. White, Deanna R. - Ada, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. White, Matthew T. - 
Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

White, Patricia J. - El Dorado, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. White, Paul W. - Kingsdown, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. WHITE, R. DUANE - Caldwell, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. White, Sandra A. - 
Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and Science s. 

White, Wendell - Goodland, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Whitford, Jim D. - Norton, Junior in Arl\ 
and Sciences. WHITNEY, Rodney J. - Hays, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. WlCKLAND, DwiGHT W. 
- Woodbine, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Wenger, B. 
Wenger, H. 


West, H. 
West, K. 
West, M. 




Whipple, G. 
Whipple, R. 
White, B. 

White, C. 
White, D. J. 
White, D. R. 
White, M. 

White, P. J. 
White, P. W. 
White, R. 
White, S. 

White, W. 
Wick land 


Thirty-five high school bands participated in Band Day 
activities when the Wildcats met Oklahoma A&M. 


Wilbur, D. 
Wilbur, R. 


Williams, A. 

Williams, G. 
Williams, H. 






L. O. 
Williams, R. 






underclassmen: wie-wol 

Wiechert, Allen L. - Independence, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Wiechmann, El- 
dred H. - Barnes, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. Wiens, Karolyn - Belo Horizontal, 
Brazil, Freshman in Home Economics. Wier, Jimmie 
A. - Bluemound, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Wierenga, Vera M. - Cawker City, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Wilbur, Donald A. - Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Wilbur, Rich- 
ard W. - Salina, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Wildgen, Susanne O. - Larned, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Wiles, Jerry K. - Wichita, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Wilken, Dolores J. - Leoti, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Wilkins, Carol L. 
- Walnut, Junior in Home Economics. Wilkinson, 
Marianne - Kansas City, Mo., 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Willard, Ralph O. - Fort Scott, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Wille, John F. - Piqua, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Willey, John W. - Solomon, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. Williams, A. Elise - Wichita, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Williams, Gary E. - Wichita, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Williams, Herbert R. - 
Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. Wil- 
liams. Jackie D. - Callao, Mo., Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Williams, James H. - 
Lebo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Williams, James W. - Fredonia, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. Williams, Larry K. - 
Bentley, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Williams, 
Leo O. - Lyndon, Freshman in Agriculture. Wil- 
liams, ROBERT H. - Irving, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

Williams, Sheldon C. - McPherson, 03 in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Williams, Shirley J. - 
Kansas City, Junior in Home Economics. William- 
son, Carolyn - Abilene, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. Williamson, Mary J. - Minneapolis, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 


Williamson, Williston 

M. S. Wilson, G. 

Wilson, E. 

Wills Wilmore Wilson, B. 

Wilson, J. H. Wilson, J. F. Wilson, M. 

Wilson, C. C. Wilson, C. H. Wilson, C. R. Wilson, D. 
Wilson, R. K. Wilson, R. D. Wilson, S. Wiltfong 

Williamson, Myrna S. - Wichita, junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Williston, Ann A. - Independence, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Wills, Monne K. - Concordia, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Wilmore, Carol - Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Wilson, Barbara A. - Pretty Prairie, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Wilson, Charles C. - Glasco, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Wilson, Charles H. - Council Grove, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Wilson, Charles R. - Emporia, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Wilson, Doris P. - Birming- 
ham, Ala., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Wilson, Eugene A. - Jetmore, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. Wilson, Gary C. - Emporia, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Wilson, Jack H. - Pomona, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Wilson, Jerry F. - Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Wilson, Mary E. - Elk City, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Wilson, Richard K. - El Dorado, Junior in 
Agriculture. Wilson, Robert D. - Wheaton, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Wilson, Sandra A. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Wiltfong, Richard D. - Norton, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Windsor, James C. - Laurel, Del., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Winegarner, Francis R. - Alaska, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Winegardner, Galen E. - Kansas City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Wineinger, Earl D. - Norwich, 
Freshman in Agriculture. Wineteer, Michael T. - Elmo, 02 in 
Engineering and Architecture. Wingate, Stanley E. - Pretty 
Prairie, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. WlNGERT, 
Charles J. - Mobile, Ala., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Wintermantel, Charles - Baldwin, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Winzeler, James E. - Madison, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

Wise, Lawrence E. - Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Wittek, Mary T. - Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Wittum, Donald E. - Caldwell, Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. Wittum, James D. - Caldwell, Junior in Agriculture. 
Witty, David E. - Parma, Idaho, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Woelk, William K. - Valley Center, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. Woellhof, Ruth A. - Clay Center, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Wolf, William E. - Abilene, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. Wolfe, Roger D. - 
Hiawatha, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Windsor Winegarner Winegardner Wineinger Wineteer Wingate Wingert Wintermantel Winzeler 

Wise Wittek Wittum, D. Wittum, J. Witty Woelk Woellhof Wolf Wolfe 

"~> UK* j0Hk 4**\ #^ - ^ 


/ £ftft ^glk ^\ ££& 






Wright, A. 
Wright, C. 
Wright, J. C. 
Wright, J. W. 

Wright, P. 
Wright, M. 




Young, A. 
Young, R. 

underclassmen: wol-eva 

Wolverton, Janice M. - Barnes, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Wood, Lonnie K. - Augusta, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. Wood- 
all, Walter T. - Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Woodard, Claude R. - Garden City, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Woods, Carol A. - Parsons, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Woodward, Geraldine K. - Downs, Jun- 
ior in Home Economics. Woodward, Harold D. - 
Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Woolley, Mary F. - Osborne, Junior in Home 

Woolverton, Harry T. - Detroit, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Worcester, Dick 
W. - Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Workman, Jay E. - Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Wray, Roberta J. - Norton, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Wright, Allen I. - Blue Mound, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Wright, Corrine L. - 
Abilene, Sophomore in Home Economics. Wright, 
James C. - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
Wright, John W. - Topeka, Junior in Arts and 

Wright, Phillip A. - Lyons, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences WRIGHT, Merrill L. - St. John, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. Wulz, Nellie J. - 
Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics. Wurm, 
Lester W. - Hernson, Freshman in Engineering and 

Wurster, Jerry B. - Smith Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Wyant, Sue - Prairie Village, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. Wymer, 
Carolyn M. - Lawrence, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. Yancey, Charles B. - Bucyrus, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Yandell, Daryl L. - Union, N. J., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Yatsook, John C - Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. Yeager, Eldon 
E. - Mission, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Yeakley, Gary G. - Hoisington, Junior in 

Yee, William W. - Hawaii, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Yenzer, Robert D. - Leaven- 
worth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. Yerkes, David 
C. - Canal Zone, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. 
Yocum, George A. - St. Marys, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Yohn, Ross L. - Wichita, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. York, Elsie L. - Garden City, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Young, Ardene E. - 
Washington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. Young, 
R. Clinton - Hampton, Conn., Freshman in Agri- 


Young, Franklin L. - Kingman, Junior in Agri- 
culture. Young, James L. - Stilwell, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. Young, Howard E. 

- Gridley, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Young, Lee - Morganville, Freshman in Agri- 

Young, Patricia S. - Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. Young, Phillip A. - Dellvale, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Young, Robert L. - 
Clay Center, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Young, Susan M. - Morganville, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Youngdoff, Lawrence - Topeka, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. Youngquist, Duane R. - Linds- 
borg, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
Younkin, Shirley J. - Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. Yowell, John C. - Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

Zadnik, Donald E. - Cleveland, Ohio. Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Zajic, Patricia J. - Glasco, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. Zaveskv, Larry D. - Ells- 
worth, Junior in Agriculture. Zecha, Bernard C. - 
St. John, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 

Zeckser, David W. - Holton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Zeigler, Curtis O. - Abilene, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. Zeller, Myron J. 

- Kansas City, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Zeigler, Cynthia M. - Junction City, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Zimmerman, Martha L. - Olathe, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. ZlNK, Carl L. - Scott City, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. ZiNN, James M. - 
Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. Zohner, Eleanor I. 

- Penokee, Junior in Home Economics. 

second semester 



Zongker, Jay L. - Plevna, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. Barnes, Howard - Osawatomie, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. BEFFORT, 
Stanley - Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
Champlin, Gary W. - Jamestown, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Cooley, Mart H. - Alton, Junior in Agriculture. 
Corke, Lois - Studley, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. Cram, Leo L. - Bloomfield, Nebr., Junior in 
Agriculture. DlDELOT, JAMES E. - Floyds Knobs, 
Ind., Junior in Agriculture. 

Didelot, Robert C. - Floyds Knobs, Ind., Freshman 

in Engineering ami Architecture. DOLEZAL, LOREN 
L. - Cuba, Sophomore in Arts ami Sciences. Carl, 
David I!. - Aha, Okla., Freshman in Engineering 
and Arch/lecture. I'Vans, Richard - Waluta, Fresh- 
man in Engineering ami Architecture. 

Young, F. 
Young, J. 
Young, H. 
Young, L. 

Young, P. S. 
Young, P. A. 
Young, R. 
Young, S. 






Didelot, J. 

Didelot, R. 




F 1 ! i 1PH 

jflt**>- dt*± J^S^ :/' JT^ 




Houck . 



Rogers, T. 



Farrow, Patricia A. - Leavenworth, Fresh man in 
Arts and Sciences. Flanagan, Franklin F. - Con- 
cordia, Freshman in Agriculture. Foresman, John 
- Pittsburg, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. Gaulke, Pearl - Rio Creek, Wise, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Gillmore, Ralph - Wichita, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Gladfelter, Janet - Topeka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. Graber, Curtis - Pretty Prairie, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. Hayes, Alfred - Fort 
Scott, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Hess, Harry L. - Clay Center, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Houck, Shirley S. - Topeka, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Lala, Carol - Kirwin, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Lawton, Ellen - Mc- 
Pherson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Lewis, Bert - Hutchinson, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Mann, Amba - Parsons, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. Mayer, Leo - Clyde, Jun- 
ior in Agriculture. Mayers, Robert - Clifton, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

McAlister, Jay - Atchison, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. Ottman, Donna - Onaga, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. Pabst, Don - Colby, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. Redding, Jovita A. - 
Altamont, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Regnier, Ruth - Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. Rogers, Dean - Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. Rogers, Terrence - Canaan, 
N. Y., Junior in Arts and Sciences. Scheibler, 
Richard - Bennington, Junior in Agriculture. 

Shiner, Kay - Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. Simpson, Janice - Coffeyville, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. Spaniol, Lyle - Flanagan, 111., 
01 in Engineering and Architecture. Walz, Melvin 
- St. Francis, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Weythman, Vincent - Van Nuys, Calif., Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. White, Willis - Abilene, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 





PI ? 

advertising and index 


For the past 35 Years, 
The Stevenson s Label 
Has been worn by 
Kansas State's 
Best Dressed 
Men and Women 

"Mass hypnotism?" No, just a 
loose ball during the Colorado game 
here. Kansas State won, 73-60. 

Dress Right . . . 

...You Can't Afford Not to 


Host To The Campus . . . 

. . . The K-State Union 



Everyone wants the ball! Kansas State's Roy Dewitz grabs for a wild bounce during game with Missouri in Ahearn Field House. 

^Jne (^Lumber (companies of / 1/ lankattan 

S^ervina the J-^eople 


Phone PR 8-3170 
231 Pierre 


Phone PR 8-3024 
112 N. 2nd 


Phone PR 8-4477 
3rd & Humboldt 


Phone PR 8-391 I 
131 Houston 



New and Used 

20,000 Sq. Ft. Devoted to Furniture Display 

1118-20-22 MORO 

Phone 8-5353 Res. Phone 8-2560 


H. H. Langford 

DIAL 8-2323 1219 MORO 



The Home of Fine Foods 

City Typewriter & Office Supply Co. 

Corner 4th and Houston 

Hunter & Lundberg 

General Contractors 

Manhattan, Kansas 

Builders of Better Buildings 



303 POYNTZ PHONE 8-5490 

We Feature Select 
Men's Apparel 

Custom Tailoring 











1205 Moro Phone 8-2993 


Waters Hardware & Appliance 

Frigidaire Magnavox 

,PR 8-4337 406 POYNTZ 


Quality and Service 

431 South Fifth Dial 8-5313 

Manhattan, Kansas 


417 Poyntz Avenue 

Home of General Electric Merchandise 

DIAL 6-9229 



1125 MORO PHONE 8-4325 



The Place to Go, for 
The Names You Know 

328 Poyntz Ave. 

Phone PR 68836 

Shop Saturday Night 'til 9:00 


Newest and Most Complete 

Department Store 


4th and Houston 


^Til S^ckool (jStooks 


a J^upplied 

K-State cheerleaders whoop it up during a pep rally at the Union. Man) 
of these pepsters worked at the College Book Store. 


Your Friendly Book Store Nearest the College 



Music & Musical Merchandise 
Hobby Shop Supplies 

429 Poynti Phone 8-3432 


"The Jewel Box of Treasured Gifts" 


in Aggieville 


Main Store 

123 S. 4th 

1208 Moro 


1030 Poyntz 

Phone 6-9961 

For the Finest in 


go to the 



PHONE 8-4217 


I'm a busy little atom 

I split myself in two, 

I multiply as many times 

As I have jobs to do. 

In summer, winter, spring 

or fall 
I'm ready every hour; 
Just push a switch and watch 

me zip 
With . . . light ... or heat 

... or power. 


midwest landmarks- 
Kansas State's Anderson Ha 1 1 
Tower and the . . . 




"The Best Place in Town for Candies" 
301 POYNTZ PR 8-2454 



Chinese and American Dishes 




Catering to 

Hotels . . . Restaurants . . . Institutions 

"We Specialize in Portion Control" 



Across from the Campus 



Phone PR 8-2005 

313 So. Fourth 


"Showplace of Manhattan" 



DIAL 8-2233 


Leo "Chapie" Chapman 

PHONE 8-2222 1112 MORO 


Lockers — Cold Storage — Ice 

209 Yuma 

Phone 8-4465 

Good with food 


Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 



201 Colorado Phone 8-4166 



Meals Homemade Pies 


if sfllMOjCm, 

Official Royal Purple Photographers 



Lawrence W. B laker 

1200 Moro 

Dial 8-3434 



Across from the Stadium 

Don fi Jcitu 


The friendly store for men 


Specialists on Ladies' Apparel 

E. B. (Pete) PETERSON 

l206'/ 2 MORO PHONE 8-3273 





Aggieville Since 1924 



Two Big Floors 
of Friendly Service 



Phone 8-3551 


Tke Friendly Mid-West Bank 

Is An Organization Built Through 

* Service Since 1 889 
it Honesty 

it Integrity 

it Experience 

it Leadership 

Your Future As Is Ours 
Is Based On These Five Words 



Deposits Insured By FDIC 

Vice President and Cashier 

Chairman of Board 

47 1 

This summer, the Animal Industries building will be com- 
pleted, representing a larger investment than Ahearn Field House. 
The building will be the future home of the Little American 

Royal, and will make possible the integration of research, pro- 
duction, processing, and instruction with large animals. 

Another beautiful structure added to K-State's campus by 

The Martin K. Eby Construction Co., Inc 


Employing 19 former K-Stoters in engineering and management 






Topeka, Kansas 

Losses paid promptly for over thirty-six years 

Continuous Shows Every Day 




. . . theaters 


Diamonds -:- Watches -:- Jewelry 

f\eeu unci C^tiioUy iewelers 


RegUtered Jeweler* % American Gem Society 

Wareham Theater Bldg. 


619 North 12th 

Phone 6-9894 


Phone 8-2370 1216 Moro 

Dry Cleaning Shirts Laundered 


1201 MORO 

PR 6-9965 


Distributors of Fresh and Frozen 


The Year Around 

PR 84446 Manhattan, Kansas 












212 SOUTH 4TH PHONE 8-2518 

Since 1925 


5th & Poyntz 8-3882 

Reliable Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. 

Since 1908 
Move wifh Care Everywhere 

Manhattan, Kansas 
Remember .... 


I 1 08 Moro • Route 3 • Across the Viaduct 



l€ . . . is what our chef says 

when he tastes before we serve. 

You'll agree. Come in to dine in the finest 

Manhattan Orchestra Service 

Music for All Occasions 



Phone 8-5470 


Progressive College 

A bird's-eye view of the campus pre- 
M sents a pleasing sight as students inside 
the familiar buildings study books they 
purchased at the Campus Book Store. 

Demands a Progressive Book Store 





Home Office, MANHATTAN 




Established 1918 

The Style Center 

Latest Campus Fashions 



9 - 5:30 Daily Thursday Till 9 

Courtesy Parking 

• Office equipment and supply headquarters 

• Olympia typewriter agency 

• Free delivery 

Manhattan Typewriter Co 

State Theater Building 
119 South 4th PR 8-4147 

Compliments of 

Manhattan New Car Dealers 






Cadillac - Chevrolet 


Studebaker - Packard 
DeSoto - Plymouth 


Chrysler - Plymouth 


Thanks, everyone! 


"Boy Photographer" for 
Student Publications '53-'57 


" U. /'monahan 
anhattan Civet, 

62/ north Manhattan GLvenu* 

Boosting . . . 



Building a Wall of Security 

around the Kansas 

farm family. 

S^ervice (— i 

ervice Companies 



Insurance Companies 

You'll like Manhattan's 


Air Conditioned 
Guest Rooms and Dining Room 

Five pretty Barnwarmer queen candidates 
stop for refreshment at the Union. From left, 
Pat Vopat, Lee Lutz, Karen Hampton, Carol 
Miller, and Connie Morgan. 

Also Operated by Boone Hotel Co. 

Hotel El Dorado .... 

Hotel Vinita ..... 

El Dorado, Kansas 
Vinita, Oklahoma 


Hoyden Abbott (21), is tangled up as he comes off the ard Anderson ( 50). Jack Parr (33), and Jim Holwerda (24), 

boards with a rebound, stolen from Joe King (32), and Rich- are also shown. The Wildcats swamped OU, 74-45 

N MANHATTAN as in 55 other Kansas communities 

for your everyday needs and school supplies 


320-22-24 Poyntz Ave. 

619 N.Manhattan 


Serving 67 Communities in Katisas <£ Colorado 


When in Manhattan 

meet your friends at the 


Operated by Wareham Brothers 
Kansas State Alumni 

Air Conditioned 


Banquet and Party 


Eddie B otter man, Manager 




P E 

A - T A - A 

All K-State, from President to humblest* freshman, can 
take personal pride in the Royal Purple's nationally 
famed All-Time, All-American record; because it is the 
College as a whole which provides the conditions, the 
solid support, the devoted staffs of superior ability - 
year after year- without which such sustained excellence 
and national repute would not be possible. Congratula- 
tions, K-State! You have something pretty terrific in 
your yearbook. Keep it UP. 

Admittedly, we're prejudiced — we put more than paper and ink 
into the printing of the book. But also we know whereof we speak. 

Burd & Fletcher &>?n/zci*h€^ 


If there ore any freshmen like that, nowadays! 



Home of 



Color Center in Manhattan 

305 POYNTZ 8-2313 


1321 Anderson 

Dial 8-2522 

We invite you 

to make our bank 

your banking 


while you are living 

in Manhattan. 

The first* group of students rushes from 
Anderson Hall into the spring sunshine just 
as the class bell rings. 

Try the "FIRST" first 

■ '■** 

The First National Bank 


Member Federal 
Reserve System 

Index of Advertisers 

Aggie Hardware and Electric. 466 

Betton's 468 

Blaker Studio Royal 470 

Bootery 466 

Bottger's 469 

Bradstreet Jewelers 468 

Brewer Motor Co 475 

Brownie's 474 

Burger-Baird Engraving Co 479 

Campbell's Gift Shop 474 

Campus Beauty Shop 481 

Campus Book Store 474 

Campus Cleaners 466 

Campus Theater 473 

Campus Pastries 473 

City Dairy 469 

City Typewriter 466 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co 469 

Co-ed Theater 473 

Cofield Lumber Co 467 

Cole's 471 

College Book Store 467 

College Cleaners & Shirt Salon 473 

College Drug . 476 

Corcoran Standard Service 471 

Dairy Ann 469 

Dawsons Conoco 468 

Dixie Carmel Corn Shop 469 

Dodd's Inc 467 

Dolly's K-Lunch 469 

Don and Jerry's 471 

Duckwalls 477 

Eby Construction Co 472 

Farm Bureau 476 

First National Bank 481 

Gary Haynes 476 

Gillett Hotel 476 

Goetsch-Irvine Motor Co 475 

Golden Belt Lumber Co. 465 

Golden Krust Baking Co 469 

Griffith Coal and Lumber Co. 465 
Hunter & Lundberg Gen. Cont. 466 

Ideal Cleaners 471 

K-State Union 464 

Kansas City Life Insurance Co. 468 

Kansas Power and Light 468 

Kansas State Fair 473 

Kite's 473 

Lambert Lumber Co 465 

Manhattan Motors, Inc 475 

Manhattan New Car Dealers ... 475 
Manhattan Ice & Cold Storage 469 
Manhattan Mutual Insur. Co... 475 
Manhattan Orchestra Service.. 474 

Manhattan Typewriter Co 475 

Manhattan Wholesale Meat Co. 469 

Mar Cafe 469 

Meade Insurance Co 473 

Patrick's Cafe 466 

Paul Dooley Jewelry 471 

Peterson's 466 

Ramey Bros. Lumber & Coal ... 465 
Reed and Elliott Jewelers 473 

Reliable Transfer and Storage 474 

Roberts Furniture 466 

Rothrocks 475 

Rogers Paint Products 481 

Sam Saroff & Co 473 

Sears 467 

Skagg's Motors, Inc 475 

Smart Shop 468 

State Theater 473 

Stevenson's 464 

Tap Room 469 

Tri-Country Motor Co 475 

Union National Bank 471 

Van's Auto Shop 467 

Walters Sand & Coal. ... 474 

Ward Kellers ... 467 

Wareham Hotel ... 478 

Wareham Theater 469 

Warren Cafe ... 474 

Waters Hardware 467 

Woody's 466 


general index 

Abbott, J Hayden 120,212,213,215,216, 

Abe!, Walter H. 80 
Abendroth, Emerson I. 83 
Acacia 273 

A Cappella Choir 175 
Ackerman, Norman W. 306,372 
Acosta, Wladimin 96 
Acropolis 307 
Activities 127 

Adair. J. Brent 60,62,91.111,275.317 
Adamek, Donnice M. 125,299,372 
Adams, Calvin K. 73,111,282,372 
Adams, Lois C. 70,85.95,113.302.317 
Adams, Marilyn S. 160,265,372 
Adams. Robert L. 68,100,317 
Adams, Russell S. 94,372 
Adams, Thayla K. 104,266,372 
Adams, Wayne L. 372 
Adamson, Virginia L. 70,102,302,317 
Addeo, Anthony G. 120,201,202,203 
Addington, Charles E. 372 
Addington, Paul H. 372 
Ade, Elizabeth A. 82,296.372 
Adee. Donald P. 91,279,372 
Adelson, Richard L. 177,281,372 
Administration 11 
Aeschliman. Mary A. 117,302,317 
AFROTC Military Ball 151 
Ag Barn warmer Dance 138-139 
Aggieville Jamboree 147 
Ag Council 36 
Ag Magazine 180 
Agnew, Alfred E. 372 
Agnew, James W. 372 
Agricultural Economics Club 87 
Agricultural Education Club 88 
Ahearn, Michael F. 196 
Ahrens, Curtis I.. 369 
Ahrens, Franklin A. 107,278,372 
Ahrens. Stephen H. 294,312.372 
Aiken, Shirley F. 101.305,372 
Aikens. Dale V. 96,294,372 
Akers, Charlotte A. 261,372 
Akers, John G. 88,317 
Albers, Charles L. 294.372 
Albers, Janice L. 1 i, 266, 302, 372 
Albert. Dwyer D. 107 
Albrecht. Harold R. 82.120.278,372 
Albright. Dennis C. 292,317 
Albright, Gary L. 372 
Albright, Gary L. 176,2 16,290,372 
Albright, Marcella J. 85,112,125,296,372 
Albright, Thomas M. 97,176,372 
Alden. John E. 79,85 
Aldridge, Alfred G. 289,312,372 
Alexander, Carolee A. 85.104,266,296,372 
Alexander, Robert 21.114 
Alexander. Roger E. 61.73 
Allen. Betty D. 60,70,84,85,317 

Allen. Carol 115 

Allen, Charles W. 88,372 
Allen, Ernest H. 71.190,291,317 

Allen, Gene G. 90,310,372 

Allen, James R. 246,248,290,372 

Allen, Joy D. 104,113,260,372 

Allen, Richard D. 120 

Allen. Richard K. 203,249,372 

Allen, Roger D. 96,372 

Allen, Ronald R. 97,372 

Allen, Thomas N. 98,291,317 

Allerheiligen. James 373 

Alley. Robert D. 91 

Alley. Thomas L. 69,173,180,306,373 

Alley, William L. 118 

Allison, Margaret R. 78 

Allison. Richard D. 291.373 

Alliston. Albert L. 310,373 

Alpha Chi Omega 260 

Alpha Delta Pi 261 

Alpha Delta Theta 64 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 274 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 71 

Alpha Gamma Rho 275 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 276 

Alpha Kappa Psi 72 

Alpha Mu 62 

Alpha Phi Omega 87 

Alpha Tau Omega 277 

Alpha Xi Delta 262 

Alpha Zeta 62 

Alspaugh, Don M. 72,317 

Altsatt, John D. 311,373 

Alstrom. Karen D. 110,261,373 

Alt, Barbara E. 85,112.296,373 

Altikriti, Ahmed S. 373 

Aly, Martha 95 

Amateur Radio Club 110 

Ameel, Donald J. 39 

American Chemical Society 120 

American Guild of Organists 111 

American Institute of Architects 96 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers 96 
American Institute of Electrical 

Engineers 97 
American Institute of Physics 92 
American Society of Agricultural 

Engineers 97 
American Society of Civil Engineers 98 
American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 99 
Amenne, Tommy B. 273.373 
Ames, Alpha H. 292,373 
Ames, Norman 175,179 
Amet. Ray C. 92,119,317 
Amis, Norma J. 268,317 
Amos, John M. 369 
Amos, Robert E. 123 
Amstein, W. G. 37 
Amstein, William G. 118,279.369 
Amundaray, Hiram A. 107,373 
Amundaray, Jose 373 
Anders, Norman C. 310,373 
Anderson, Carol R. 117,267,373 
Anderson, Don E. 69,70 
Anderson, Greta 101,317 
Anderson, Jay A. 373 
Anderson. John E. 89.11.3,275,373 
Anderson, John R. 286,373 
Anderson, Larue L. 277,373 
Anderson. Marilyn J. 102,260,317 
Anderson, Newton R. 24,69.73 
Anderson, Robert A. 290,373 
Anderson. Rodney L. 68,97,373 
Anderson, Roger N. 91 
Anderson, Severt E. 21 
Anderson, Virginia L. 70 
Andler, Warren K. 210,289,373 
Andrade. Henry L. 282,373 

Andres, Larry L. 95,373 

Andrews, A. C. 120 

Andrews, John M. 97,119,373 

Andrews, Karen E. 266,302,317 

Anduss, Sally 79 

Anduss, Lynn E. 79,373 

Angel Flight 160 

Angle, James B. 277,373 

Annan. Harry J. 285,377 

Annan, Robert H. 76,286,373 

Anneberg, Frank 167 

Annis, James W. 374 

Anset, Ann L. 101,262,374 

Anslinger, Walter 178 

Anspaugh, Kay L. 189,267.296,374 

Antenen, Terrance L. 80,306,374 

Anthem, Clyde W. 98 

Anthony, Sharon L. 125,299,374 

Apley. Martyn L. 91,374 

Appl. Franklin J. 271,308,374 

Applebaugh, Claudia 103.125,296,374 

Appleby, Arnold P. 60,88,96,275,317,374 

Appleby, Edwin L. 68 

Appleby, Thomas E. 89 

Apportionment Board 22 

Archer, Douglas W. 281,374 

Arford, John C. 281,374 

Argabright, Don D. 374 

Argabright. Don L. 293,374 

Armantrout, Leon H. 22,69,96,285,317 

Armbrust, Arthur J. 62,89,93,283,317 

Armstrong. Clyde A. 62,136,154,193, 

Armstrong, Norman D. 294,317 
Arnold Air Society 111 
Arnold, Earl R. 85,374 
Arnold, J. Darrell 97 
Arnold. Janice E. 262,374 
Arnold, Nancy J. 179 
Arnold, Pearl M. 85,177,296,374 
Arnold, Richard A. 107,291,374 
Arnold, Sandra D. 103,124,269,374 
Arnold, Sherrill A. 125,265,296,374 
Arnone. Robert M. 69 
Arnote, Elaine V. 262,374 
Aronhalt, Francile 95,121,124,161 
Arriaga. Ernesto T. 91,306,374 
Artley. Betty A 124,177.266.305,374 
Arts and Sciences Council 41 
Arzadon, Bibiano B. 112 
Asjes, Evert 286.374 
Askew, Dean L. 318 
Asmus, Robert C. 61,106,275,318 
Assemblies 164,165 
Associated Women Students 24 
Astronomy Club 119 
Athens, Carl D. 294,374 
Atherly, Mark W. 175,294,374 
Athletics Council 199 
Atkeson, F. W. 36,90 
Atkinson, John W. 176,285,374 
Attebery. Ben A. 374 
Attn. Narinder S. 90,112,369 
Attn, Surinder S. 118 
Attwater, Anna C. 269,299,374 
Attwater, Paul R. 110.279,374 
Atwood, George E. 308.318 
Atzenweiler, Walter 279.318 
Aubley, Barbara M. 302,374 
Aubry. Paul 223 
Auchard, Lawrence W. 374 
Austen, Georgia L. 115 
Austin. Alice J. 83,117.261.318 
Austin, Rosalie A. 125,189,265,271, 

Avery, Thomas B. 36,92 
Axlund, Laurn M. 280,374 

Aye, Katherine E. 95,121,269,374 
Ayers, Douglas T. 281,374 
Ayers, Richard L. 279,374 

Bach, Richard L. 152,293,375 

Backman, Carole L. 261,375 

Bacon, David L. 288,375 

Bacon, Larry D. 79,92 

Bader, Paul J. 219,246,290,375 

Baehr, Nancy M. 82,262,375 

Baehr. William F. 16 

Baenisch. James O. 308,375 

Baer. Robert L. 79,375 

Baertch. Carolee 296,375 ' 

Bafus, Donald A. 120,375 

Bagley, Edgar S. 84 

Bahr, Albert W. 67,69,318 

Bahr, Virgil 82.375 

Bailey, Joseph J. 275,375 

Bailie, Twila J. 109,262,318 

Bailie, Wayne E. 105,283,318 

Bair, Linda L. 85,101,113,252,305,375 

Bair, Richard D. 62,83.375 

Baird. Dorothy J. 299,375 

Baird. Joann 265,299,375 

Baird, Mae 37 

Baird, Harry C. 37 

Baker, Alfred E. 89,275.375 

Baker. Carol 160,179,269,375 

Baker. Carole A. 375 

Baker. Charles W. 288.375 

Baker, Dee A. 103,265.296,375 

Baker, Donna J. 296,375 

Baker, Jesse E. 375 

Baker, John R. 294,375 

Baker, Judith J. 268,318 

Baker. Larry L. 375 

Baker, Mary E. 117,263.375 

Baker, Ronald L. 244,293,318 

Bakis, Raimo 92 

Balaban, Edward J. 294.375 

Balaun. John R. 280,318 

Balch, Donald G. 375 

Balch, Lawrence W. 375 

Baldwin, Gloria M. 109 

Baldwin. Robert C. 87.181,291,375 

Bales, William H. 106,291,375 

Ball, Larry C. 281,375 

Ballard, Marshall P. 273.375 

Ballard, Ross B. 217.279,375 

Ballou, Alvin E. 65.318 

Ballweg, Mrs. Grace 282 

Ballweg. Nancy C. 76,269.375 

Balthrop. John C. 113,194.375 

Balzer, Gerry C. 176 

Band 176 

Bandy, Joan 115 

Banks, Mary E. 70.305,318 

Banks, Oree 203 

Banks, Thurston E. 279.375 

Banta, Michael A. 284,318 

Barb. Darold K. 21.44,61,69.96,292,318 

Barber, Benjamin W. 277.376 


Barber, James D. 282,376 

Barbur, Howard B. 79,85,96,376 

Barclay, Richard L. 289,376 

Bare, Theodore R. 228,319 

Bareiss, Melvin L. 295,319 

Barenberg, William 98 

Barfoot, Dorothy 48,101 

Barger, Mary K. 95,251,305,376 

Barker, Ronald L. 311,376 

Barnes, Howard 461 

Barnes, Philip G. 293,319 

Barnes, Sammy L. 72 

Barr, Mrs. Ben 295 

Barr, Bryan'B. 89,113,376 

Barr, Winston J. 111,281,376 

Barragree, Nancy L. 117,302,376 

Barragree, Ronald D. 281,376 

Barrett, Ernie 217 

Barrett, Louise 122 

Barrett. Richard A. 98.152,284,376 

Barrett, Richard E. 293,376 

Barrett, William J. 72,123 

Barrington, Don F. 376 

Barrow, Bruce C. 80,310,376 

Barry, John F. 71 

Bartel, Richard H. 75,96.278,376 

Barthuly, Marleen L. 102,110,117,376 

Bartlett, Vernon W. 87,89,294,319 

Bartley, Gary E. 90 

Bartley, Iva J. 260,376 

Barton, Kathleen A. 70,268,319 

Barton, Melvin D. 311,376 

Barton, Richard D. 94,319 

Baseball 236-239 

Basketball 210-221 

Bass, Beverly K. 125,299,376 

Bassett, James D. 273,376 

Bassett, Robert L. 98,376 

Bastian, Donald H. 119 

Bastin, Harold E. 376 

Bates, Janice L. 103.125.299,376 

Bates, Suzanne M. 265.376 

Batterton, Stanley B. 98 

Batton, Judith L. 299,376 

Baty, Daniel L. 67,376 

Baucke, Thomas C. 176,294,376 

Bauer, Jacquelyn T. 110,319,376 

Bauer, Jerry L. 376 

Baugher, Earl E. 88 

Baugher, Kathryn 115 

Bauman, Arwin S. 113,306,376 

Bauman, Wilma J. 302,376 

Baumann, Barbara V. 173,191,260,376 

Baumann, Dennis L. 376 

Baur, Karla E. 60.70,266,270,302,319 

Baxter, Laura F. 104 

Bayer, Floyd H. 120,319 

Bayers, Mrs. Merle 279 

Bayless. William E. 310,376 

Beach, Jane L. 263.296,376 

Beach, Judy C. 125,189,261,299,376 

Beach, Thomas A. 113 

Beal, Laura L. 299,376 

Beale, William L. 90 

Beamer, Lenora E. 302,377 

Bean, Larry L. 41,95 

Beardslee, Carroll L. 377 

Beardslee, Shirley A. 115 

Bearg, Marjory A. 268.319 

Beasley, James G. 286,377 

Beason, Paula F. 177,262,377 

Beatty, Daniel D. 19 

Beauchamp, Jimmy L. 79,85,93,113, 

Beck, Clifford R. 72,319 
Beck, Earl M. 289,319 
Beck, Gary W. 289.377 
Beck, George E. 282,377 
Beck, Glenn H. 35 
Beck, Henry V. 72.119,123 
Beckenhauer, James 377 
Becker, Alice 95,12 5 
Becker. Daryl A. 270,293,377 
Becker, Edward A. 377 
Becker, Edward P. 294,377 
Becker, Merrilee J. 115 
Beckmeyer, Mary E. 186,187,188,268,319 
Beedy, Lonn L. 312,377 
Beeman, Darlene A. 124,268,377 
Beeman, Janet 109 
Beeman, Keith B. 106 
Beffort, Stanley 461 
Beffort, Steven R. 77,287,377 
Beggs, Larry D. 204,289,377 
Begley, Edward F. 284,377 
Behrend, Darrell D. 76,287,377 
Behrmann, Paula H. 104,125,299,377 
Beikman, Raymond H. 72,233,319 
Beisecker. Mary L. 125,266.296,377 
Belk, Homer H. 126,291,319 
Bell, Frank G. 89,271,310,377 
Bell, H. Alan 291,377 
Bell, James O. 187.273,377 
Bell. Keith L. 98,319 
Bell, Lowell R. 98 
Bell. T. Donald 193 
Bellah, Robert G. 118,369 
Belt, Stephen L. 294.312,377 
Bemis, Albert R. 67,69,79.85,100,319 
Bemis, George W. 68,98,279,319 
B-nce, Mark F. 280,319 
Bengtson, David M. 82 
Bengtson, Ivan L. 68,82,97,100,319 
Benjamin, Connie L. 103,124,144,146, 

Benjamin. Evelyn K. 160,268,377 
Bennett, Cicely A. 95,124,261,377 
Bennett, Constance 165 
Bennett, Dwight E. 249.281,377 
Bennett, George W. 181,309,377 
Bennett, Gerald E. 117,270,278,377 
Bennett, James L. 309,320 
Bennett, Richard V. 150,320 
Bennetts, Harry C. 91,113.306,377 

Bensing, Mrs. William 289 

Benson, Arthur E. 113,377 

Benson, James F. 290,377 

Benteman, Jo Ann 320 

Benton, Larry D. 281,377 

Benzinger, C. Norman 276,320 

Berends, Harold A. 88,320 

Berends, Patricia 115 

Berens, Leroy 122,287,377 

Berg, Carolyn K. 124,268,377 

Berg, Clyde C. 79,310,377 

Berg, George A. 94 

Berg, James O. 65,237,284,378 

Berg, Mae L. 125.299,378 

Bergeson, Beverly A. 78,111,121,268,378 

Berggren, Alan M. 306.378 

Ber.ghaus, Gene 108 

Berghaus, M. Kay 109 

Bergin. Richard J. 105,320 

Bergmann, Linda L. 296,378 

Bergren, Ron 237,238 

Bergstrom, Christine 85,103,299,378 

Berkley, Raymond F. 228,378 

Berndt, Wayne L. 94 

Berrigan, Joan 76,117,124,263,320 

Berry, John E. 92 

Berschauer, Luetta 82,113,296,378 

Berthot, Gary W. 113 

Bertnolli, Patricia 114 

Beshears, Glenn T. 72,123 

Beshk, Ron J. 207 

Bess, C. E. 112 

Bestgen, Marijoe 206,378 

Besthorn, Melvin A. 311,320 

Beta Sigma Psi 278 

Beta Theta Pi 279 

Betsworth, Ronald K. 378 

Betton, Matt 163 

Bevelhymer, Billy S. 24,89,299,378 

Bezemek, Ludwig A. 62,93,95,191.320 

Bicknell, Edward J. 108 

Bickford, William B. 294,378 

Biddison, Roger W. 289,378 

Bieber, Albert L. 278,378 

Biemer, Robert R. 280.378 

Bierly, Charlene 115 

Bierly Robert D. 117,320 

Biggs. Arthur D. 378 

Biggs, Edmund L. 177,378 

Biggs. Fna 115 

Biggs, Ronald D. 67,320 

Biggs. Walter G. 378 

Bigham, Donald C. 217 

Bilbisi, Mutazz A. 98 

Billiar, Reinhart B. 62,91 

Billinger. Keith P. 76,287,320 

Billinger, Laverne J. 236,237,239 

Billings, Janice A. 85,112,296,378 

Billings, Jerry 223 

Billings, William G. 311,378 

Binford, Earle D. 107 

Bingham, Judith A. 125,265,296,378 

Bini, Chiara 93,112 

Binns, Karen K. 85,95,176.305,378 

Bircher. John H. 111,119,320 

Bird, John C. 117,249,289.378 

Bird. Norman H. 378 

Birtell. William E. 106 

Bishop, Jack L. 94 

Bistline, Gloria 79 

Bistline, Stanley D. 79,99 

Bitler, Gary L. 378 

Bixby, Howard R. 292,378 

Bixby. Robert L. 285,378 

Black, Jay I. 98,378 

Blackwelder. Robert E. 291,379 

Blair, Connie A. 77.299,379 

Blake, Francis W. 292,379 

Blake. Laurence E. 176 

Blanchard, Lyle D. 320 

Blanding, Donald G. 190 

Blanford, Catherine 71,124,268,379 

Blase, Kenneth W. 191,278,320 

Blaser, Charles L. 278,379 

Biasing, Patricia L. 267,379 

Blass, Leon R. 97 

Blattner, Varena L. 79,113,117,264,379 

Blazek, Gerald D. 88,113,379 

Blecha. Frank O. 37 

Bletscher, Rudolph W. 120,202,203 

Bliss, Carol L. 121,175,269,379 

Block and Bridle Club 89 

Block, Carol 178 

Bloom, Dean W. 320 

Blossom. Dennis K. 289.379 

Bloxom. William D. 100,284,379 

Blue Key 60 

Blum, Gary S. 280.379 

Blume, Irvin D. 120,222,277,320 

Blume, Mary K. 153,299,379 

Blume, William H. 65,237,2.38.239,320 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 81 

Board of Regents 10 

Boatman, Rex R. 117,285,320 

Board of Student Publications 25 

Bock, Ralph S. 379 

Bocker. Helen A. 84 

Bocquin, Paul E. 77,320 

Boege, Margaret P. 122 

Boehner, Joline B. 64,110,124,379 

Boelling, Gary M. 282,379 

Boerner, Charles 40 

Bogenschultz, Shirley 109 

Bogenschultz. William 108 

Boggs, Kenneth N. 306,379 

Bohnenblust. Kenneth 379 

Bohning. Jay R. 67.69,100 

Bohning, Mary A. 115 

Bokelman, Delwin L. 106.278.379 

Bokclman, Gerald L. 92,379 

Bolin, Clyde L. 176 

Boline. Leanna R. 104.117,264,320 

Bollinger, Norma L. lot. 1 1 3,177,296,379 

Bolls, Nathan J. 310,379 

Bolte, Lerance C. 62,91,321 

Bolton, Dia H. 83,176,305,379 

Bonar, Arlo G. 280,379 

Bonchonsky, Andrew 118,369 

Bones, Lois M. 188,296,379 

Bonham, Richard L. 97 

Book. Jolene F. 76,305,321 

Boone, Larry M. 87,89,283,379 

Boone, Lloyd W. 110 

Booth, James H. 91,222 

Booth, Mary E. 302,321 

Booth, Raymond G. 289,379 

Boozer, Robert L. 210,212,213,214,216, 

Boring, John E. 98,119,321 
Bormet, Robert L. 379 
Borsdorf, Roe E. 180,321 
Borth, Carl F. 88,321 
Bosko, J. Leroy 285,321 
Boss. Mrs. Henry 291 
Bosseau, Donald L. 379 
Bossi, Frank A. 91,379 
Boston, Darrel 175 
Boucek, Ronald L. 91,286,379 
Boucher, David G. 110,205,321 
Boughton, Kenneth 193 
Bourquin, Edna M. 267,379 
Bourquin, Gwendolyn 85,125,299,379 
Bowe, James E. 379 
Bowen, Rodney M. 379 
Bowen, Thomas D. 118,380 
Bower, Billy D. 91,119,249,275,321 
Bowers, Donald A. 281,380 
Bowers, Donna J. 302,380 
Bowlby, Marylou P. 267,380 
Bowman, Pamela J. 64,263,380 
Bowman, Thomas E. 64, 68, 126 
Bowman, Thomas L. 63,73,136,291,380 
Bowman, William C. 279,321 

Bowser, Larry C. 380 

Bowyer, Twila 115 

Boyd, Donald L. 186,187,32 

Boyd, M. Marcia 187. 188, 269, 380 

Boyd, Inez M. 264, 321 

Boyd. James E. 150, 278,321 

Boyd, McDill 10 

Boyd, Richard D. 203,279,289,380 

Bovd. Richard F. 321 

Boyd, Robert A. 120,219,236,237, 

Bovle, Milton C. 275.380 
Bozworth, Robert W. 62,90,113,136, 

Brack. Marlon L. 276,380 
Brackney, Kenneth H. 67,75,76,100 
Bradberry, James R. 310,380 
Braddock. William H. 290, 321 
Braden, Robert C. 123,380 
Bradford. Barbara J. 305,380 
Bradley, Howard R. 61,88.279.321 
Bradley, Stanley L. 260 
Bradshaw, Larry 211 
Brady, Lawrence L. 120,123,231,233, 

Braman, Noema R. 110,321 
Braman, Stanley W. 273,321 
Brandner, Lowell 25,66 
Brandon, Glenn S. 222 
Brandt. Lillian C. 82,112,296.380 
Branham. Frances E. 262,380 
Brann, Willard M. 98,321 
Brant, Mary L. 125,265.299,380 
Brantingham. Richard 286,380 
Brass. James H. 293,322 
Brassfield. Paul E. 108 
Bratton. William D. 380 
Bray, Jerry 257 
Brayfield, Arthur H. 39 
Brecheisen, Harold C. 105.308.322 
Brecheisen, Mrs. Nancy 109,308 
Brees, Ruth 115 
Breitenstein, Joseph 72,77,380 
Breithaupt, John C. 107,249,275,380 
Bremenkamp, John P. 277,380 
Brennan, Joseph M. 107 
Brenner, Leann G. 262,322 
Brenner, Harold D. 380 
Brenner, Willis F. 71,322 
Brent. Benny E. 79,89.113,177.275,380 
Bressler, Norman S. 91.290.380 
Brethour. William H. 89,92.96.111, 

Brewer, Kenneth A. 311,380 
Brickell, Gerald L. 98.306,380 
Bridges. Elizabeth A. 261,380 
Bridwell. Robert P. 123 
Briggeman. Adalene M. 122 
Brighton. Hubert 10 
Brighton, James R. 108 
Brillhart. Robert A. 29-1.380 
Brink. Jarvis R. 113,182,380 
Brink. John J. 275,322 
Brink, Meredith D. 175.260,380 
Brinkman, Donald K. 82.117.278,322 
Brinkman, Gary L. 90,278.380 
Brinlee, Perry R. 222 
Britt. Fostine K. 263.296,380 
Britton. Carolyn E. 265,380 
Brockett. Charles C. 120 
Brockman, Joan R. 79,80,101,305,381 
Brodbeck, Victoria J. 95,125,266,296,381 
Broddle. Alfred D. 89, 91 

Brodrick, Joyce 61 

Broman. lanis C. 41,120,269,381 Kav E. 12 1.265,322 

Bronaugh, Carol E. 307,381 
Bronson, Franklin H. lis 
Bronson, Virginia lis 
Brookover, Sam E. 203,381 
Brooks, Marilyn E. 104.1 10,381 
Brooks. Mary B. 269,299,381 
Brooks, Ronald L. 511,381 
Brookshire, Ronald J. 176 
Brouhard, Clayton E. 381 

Brower, Joyce E. 142,144,151,160,263,381 

Brown, Barbara L. 24,265,381 

Brown, Beverly 125,267,299,381 

Brown, Billy I. 203 

Brown, Darrell E. 44 

Brown, Dixie L. 114,144,261,381 

Brown, Donna J. 367 

Brown, Doyle B. 79,85,381 

Brown, Elbert 322 

Brown, Gary D. 290, 322 

Brown, Jackie E. 97,100,381 

Brown, James A. 91,113,283,381 

Brown, James H. 292,381 

Brown, Kenneth L. 381 

Brown, Laura J. 264,322 

Brown, Lawience E. 123,381 

Brown, Leslie P. 279,381 

Brown, Linnea A. 96,121,124,181, 

Brown, Mary C. 110,177,296,381 
Brown, Mary J. 81,104,117,305,381 
Brown, Norma L. 95,302,322 
Brown, Robert W. 177,179 
Brown, Sonia S. 176,263,381 
Brown, Wallace E. 87,291,381 
Brown, Warren H. 278,381 
Brown, William J. 306,381 
Browning, JoBoy 276,381 
Bruce, Terry L. 96,278,382 
Bruenger, Melvin L. 278,382 
Brummer, Virgil N. 382 
Brune, Gerald E. 113.382 
Brune, Harold E. 89.106,382 
Bruton, Roger L. 289,322 
Bryan, Bonnie J. 112.125,296,382 
Bryan, Donald E. 308,382 
Bryant, Ronald C. 4,24,44,60,69, 

Bryson, William R. 72,123,286,322 
Buchanan, Caroline A. 117,261,382 
Buchanan. Ronny L. 382 
Buchenau. Phyllis J. 102.305,382 
Buck, Clayton A. 175 
Budenbender, Bernard 77,382 
Bulger, Carl S. 111.291.382 
Bullard, Homer A. 73,382 
Buller, Dorothy 114 
Buller. Orlan H. 382 
Bullerdiek, Wendell 96,382 
Bullock, Glen D. 69.73,99 
Bullock, Warren G. 291,369 
Bumbaugh, Barbara 178 
Bumbaugh, Merrill H. 322 
Bunche, Ralph 165 
Bunyan, Marilyn L. 118 
Burbach. Daniel M. 77 
Burch. Mrs. Alan 292 
Burdorf, Melvin L. 98,281,382 
Burdorf, Phyllis J. 82,84,117,262,382 
Burgess. Danny N. 68,69,97 
Burgess. Helen E. 112,299,382 
Burke. James R. 382 
Burke. Kay G. 269,296,382 
Burkhardt. Christian 94 
Burkholder, Alice 114 
Burkholder, Bruce G. 68,69.322 
Burling, Walter B. 90. 382 
Burmeister. Louis C. 44,61.68,69, 

Burnes, Barbara A. 95.125.263,382 
Burnette. James E. 72,123,322 
Burnette, I.u Ann 
Burns, Kent B. 91,382 
Burns. Robert T. 77,98 
Burtis. G. Karen 268.322 
Burton, Dale S. 322 
Burton. George D. 159,230 
Burton, James W. 175,382 
Burton, Owen D. 382 
Burton, Thomas F. 150,322 
Buser, John D. 91 
Butcher, Donald L. 72,123 
Butcher, Imogene 122 
Butel, Donald A. 292,382 
Butler. Frank E. 96.292,323 
Butler, Jane A. 305.323 
Butler, Ronald D. 80,120,382 
Butner. Dennis K. 382 
Bvbte. Ruth A. 95.299.382 
Byler, Dorothy A. 79,116.124,296,382 

Cadle, dm 214 

Cadv. MarjorieC. 101,299,382 
loone, Donald L. 98 
ii ( atherine W. 102,302,323 
n, Judith A. 124,267,323 
Tomer D. 


A. 125,189.268, 
)') 382 

Callahan, (harks D. 73,111,270,2 

aldwell, foyce A. 
aldwell, Virginia 


Callahan, J. P. 77 

Callison, John W. 91,111,286,323 

Calvert, Mary E. 262,323 

Cameron, Shirley J. 64,117,265,382 

Caminade, Pierre L. 112 

Campbell, Alan B. 382 

Campbell, Clair 1 1 3 

Campbell. Cordelia C. 383 

Campbell. Jean E. 1 13. 141. 260. 383 

Campbell. Mrs. Luna 261 

Campbell. R. W. 90 

Campbell, Verlin G. 383 

Canfield, Donald R. 88.323 

Cannon, John 69,98,368 

Canterbury Association 81 

Cantrell, Joseph S. 369 

Caraveau, Robert E. 119,323 

Carbon. Roger 154 

Cardwell. Kenneth V. 117.310.383 

Carev. James C. 93,112 

Carl.' Charles H. 293,383 

Carl, Roland L. 100 

Carlat, Kenneth L. 310,383 

Carlin, James I. 383 

Carlson, Carl F. 383 

Carlson, Carl L. 383 

Carlson, David M. 108,279,383 

Carlson, Don R. 76,279,383 

Carlson. Gordon E. 97,383 

Carlson, James W. 107,110,284,383 

Carlson, John W. 65,120,202,203, 

Carlson, Robert E. 286,383 
Carlson, Roger B. 93 
Carlstedt, James L. 82.118 
Carnahan, David L. 107 
Carnahan. Lois A. 109 
Carney. Sally M. 4,265.383 
Carpenter, D. Thaine 177,179,294,383 
Carpenter, James H. 281,383 
Carpenter, Thomas F. 294,323 
Carra. Emil F. 97 
Carrel. Catherine A. 175,267,383 
Carrell, Fred A. 97,209.222 
Carrico, James E. 123,383 
Carrington, William 202,203,206,208 
Carroll, Patricia 77 
Carson, Robert L. 293.383 
Carstens, Joann 302,323 
Carswell, Robert G. 192.323 
Carter, Duane L. 293,383 
Carter, Hodding 165 
Carter, Joan C. 75,305,383 
Carter, Joyce I. 125.296,383 
Carter, William W. 152,293.383 
Carver, Oscar J. 112,383 
Cary, Leon R. 312,323 
Cary, Patricia J. 79.80,113,302,383 
Case. Russell C. 100. 383 
Casey, Janice M. 110,113,175,383 
Casey, Malcolm D. 289,383 
Caspar, Hubert F. 76.98.307,383 
Cassetta. Paul N. 285,383 
Caster, Jimmie J. 222,383 
Casterline, John E. 383 
Catt, Jack C. 117 
Cavanaugh, Ed 208,209 
Cersorsky, John G. 277,383 
Chace, Larry 232,235 
Chadwick, Theodore A. 96 
Chaffee, Nancy J. 81,117,177,265,383 
Chajuss, Daniel B. 62,81,91,96,276,323 
Chalmers, Jane K. 117,125,296,384 
Chamberlain, Mary A. 131,132, 

Chamberlain. Wilt 220 
Chambers, Lionel R. 384 
Chambers, Lydia F. 80,296,384 
Chamness, Kay E. 117.121,263,384 
Chamney. Clifford E. 307,384 
Champlin, Bruce C. 108,293,384 
Champlin, Gary W. 461 
Chance, James E. 384 
Chance, Mary A. 261,384 
Chancery Club 95 
Chandler, Robert A. 96,384 
Chandler, Scott S. 118,279,369 
Chang, James C. 369 
Chaparajos Club 110 
Chapin, Sandra K. 77,116.124,302,384 
Chaplin, Allen C. 293,323 
Chapman, Karen K. 71,191,302,324 
Chapman, Walter N. 384 
Chapman, William R. 176 
Chappell, Carolyn J. 103.110,384 
Chappell, Kay E. 114,124,175,265,384 
Chariot Relay 1 59 
Charles. Frederick T. 88,288,324 
Charlton, Peter R. 71,190,292,384 
Chartier. Charles A. 95,209,384 
Chase, Deanna J. 113.125,296,384 
Chase, Edward M. 324 
Chase, Stuart 165 
Chase, Thane B. 324 
Chastain, Charlotte 66,121,188,269,384 
Chatfield, Elton L. 106,292,384 
Chatfield, Marilyn 109 
Chatman, Eugenia L. 125.268,296,384 
Cheatham. Janice E. 296,384 
(.heatham. I.oyce E. 117,263,324 
Cheerleaders 160 
Cheewidden, Garry D. 278,384 
Chelikowsky, Joseph R. 39.72,123 
Chelikowsky, Mrs. J. R. 122 
Chellappa, Theophilu 90, 112. 118,369 
Chelson, Gerald L. 278,384 
Chen, Hsi M. 61 
' hepil, John 123.384 
Chesney, Wavne L. 289.^8 1 
' hestnut, Sam I. 324 
Cheung, Eva S. 82,305,384 
Chi Omega 263 
Chikao, Shimizus 308 
Chilcoat, Ronald L. 91,306,384 

Chilcott. Anna B. 103,177,262,384 

Chilcott, Ferris W. 285,324 

Ch.ldres, Willard 282.384 

Childs, Betty L. 102,113,160,264,384 

Childs, Mary E. 61 

Chiles, Marvin W. 2.32,233,234,235, 

Chimes 60 
Chin, Hslang H. 384 
Ching, Raymond H. 306,384 
Chipley. Robert L. 384 
Chishom. Ann 185 
Chizek. Gaylord J. 76,276,324 
Choplin, Sara L. 125,260,299,384 
Chrisbens, Frank C. 41,290,384 
Chrisman, Janet E. 103,112,296,384 
Chrisman, Keith S. 96,276,385 
Christian Science Organization 78 
Christiansen, Darlene 83 
Christiansen, Johnny 310,385 
Christiansen, Ronald 83.324 
Christopher, John G. 68.82,97,324 
Chu I. Cheng 369 
Chueh, Chun F. 61,308,369 
Chun. Raymond K. 126 
Chung. Dae H. 96,112,385 
Churiwsky, Patricia 70,385 
Cilek. Carol J. 261,385 
Circle, Richard L. 240,293,324 
Circle, Robert R. 113,324 
Clark, Billy A. 113.283,385 
Clark, David T. 176,179 
Clark, Glenna 122 
Clark, Juanita F. 102,260,385 
Clark, Kay E. 109 
Clark. Marilyn I. 24,296,385 
Clark, Marilyn J. 141,263,385 
Clark, Paul C. 72,123 
Clark. Paul H. 236,237,244,293,324 
Clark, Paul L. 120.237 
Clark, Ralph D. 311,385 
Clark, Thomas J. 6 s 
Clark, Tracy L. 108 
Clark, William K. 72,123 
Clarke, Joseph T. 306,385 
Clary, Connie L. 85,113,176,299,385 
Clary. Patsy A. 84.85,113,182.188,299,385 
Clary, Sally A. 103,125,260,299,385 
Classen, Ernest G. 385 
Class Section 313 
Claydon, T. J. 90 
Clayton, Eunice N. 103,302,385 
Cleary, James H. 126 
Clemence. Frederick 112,275,385 
Cleveland, Lois 109 
Cleveland. Marlen B. 309,385 
Cleveland, Robert L. 106 
Cliborn, Claudia S. 101,261,385 
Clifford. Kerry F. 120,202,203,237 
Clifford, Suzie 115 
Clifton, John P. 126 
Clingenpeel, Walter 385 
Clinkenbeard, Charles 310,385 
Clovia 264 

Clowers, James L. 311,385 
Cloyes, Beverly A. 141,269,271,385 
Club Cervantes 93 
Clum. Dwight M. 385 
Clum, Lyle E. 75,80,87,97,100,113,385 
Clutter, Eveanna M. 84.85,116,385 
Coblentz, Thomas H. 227,293.385 
Cochran, Carolyn L. 118.302,385 
Cochran, Patricia L. 125,261,299,385 
Cochran, Wright E. 281,385 
Cockerill, Thomas J. 88 
Coffman, James R. 110,284,385 
Cogdill, David B. 292,385 
Colburn, Alva A. 311,385 
Colburn, Charles F. 311,385 
Coldwell, Malcolm W. 66,186 
Cole, Patricia 106 
Cole, Robert L. 248,290,385 
Cole, Wendell L. 80,98,324 
Cole. William E. 70 
Coleman, Marilyn J. 262,385 
College Baptist Student Fellowship 75 
College Extension Club 95 
Collegian 185-187 
Collegiate 4-H Club 112,113 
Col lings, Ruth 252 
Collingwood, John A. 177,281,386 
Collins, David L. 324 
Collins, Janice E. 125,296,386 
Collins, Jo Ann 125,299,386 
Collins, Larry L. 181,306,386 
Collins, Mary M. 121,386 
Collins, Norman D. 386 
Collins, Pat 114 

Collins, Ruth Ann 96,181,305,386 
Colson. Charles W. 91 
Colson, Donna 115 
Colson, Fred M. 386 
Colson, Theodore J. 275,386 
Colson, Thomas C. 386 
Combs, Edward W. 386 
Combs, Stanley A. 308,386 
Comfort, Gary L. 295,386 
Commencement 168- 169 
Commerford. Jacqueline 77,12 1,302,386 
Compton, John L. 279.386 
Compton. Mary L. 2 i, 60, 1 14,268, 386 
Conboy, James W. 280, 324 
Congleton, Roger V. 309,386 
Conley, Ilene 1 1 5 
Con Ion, Thomas P. 69,279,386 
Connell, Richard J. 76,287,386 
Conner, Delmar L. 283,386 
Conover, Robert W. 186.187 
Conservation Club 94 
Converse, Merle E. 67,386 
Cook. Ann L. 124,267,386 
Cook, Dale M. 294.324 
Cook, Edward E. 98,386 
Cook, Marion L. 83 

Cook, Ronald L. 294,386 

Cool, David B. 290,386 

Cool, Sondra M. 121,160,267.386 

Cooley, Duane W. 98,295.324,386 

Cooley, Jo E. 84,85,177,263,299,386 

Cooley, John H. 295,386 

Cooley, Mart H. 62,91,461 

Cooley. Roy D. 62,91,324 

Coon, Everett M. 106 

Coonrod, Peggy A. 117,267,387 

Cooper, Arline G. 64 

Cooper, Carol V. 101,263,387 

Cooper, Donald L. 79,85,387 

Cooper, Gary L. 91,293,387 

Cooper, Joe K. 306,387 

Copeland, Gale C. 387 

Copenhafer, Wilber A. 280, 387 

Copple, Charles M. 88.111,307,324 

Coppoc. Mary G. 95,250,252,302,387 

Corbin, Patricia M. 302,387 

Corbin, Richard W. 202,279,387 

Corbin, Robert L. 387 

Cordelli, Tito M. 203,205 

Cordial, Paul 92 

Cordry, Harold L. 78 

Corke, Lois 461 

Cormak. Herb 203,208 

Cormany, Esther 23 

Cornelius, Archie J. 69,73,99 

Cornelius, Joanna I. 115 

Cornelius, Kay L. 73,99.324 

Cornelius. Nancy A. 115 

Cornelsen, Stanley L. 289,387 

Cornett, Mike W. 97,235,294,324 

Cornett, O. Kent 89 

Cornett, Raymond A. 80, 324 

Corns, Willard G. 88,324 

Cornwell. Donna 109 

Cornwell, Lowell D. 107 

Correa, Jose M. 93 

Correll, C. M. 16 

Corstens, Jo 93 

Coryell, Myron R. 970,292,324 

Cosby, Jo Ellen 125 

Cosmopolitian Club 112 

Costello, John 246 

Costley, Shirley S. 104,113,117,264,324 

Cotner, Carol L. 70,104,260,387 

Cotner, Edwin C. 90,192,283,324 

Couch, Charles W. 277,387 

Coughlin, Charles J. 93 

Coulson, Mrs. Fred 281 

Counter, Duane N. 289,324 

Cour, Thomas H. 96,276,387 

Courville, Georgeann 299,387 

Covert, Leroy W. 119,387 

Cowan, Bunny K. 60,265.387 

Cowan, Lois M. 60,268,387 

Cowan, Stanley W. 83,120,176, 

Cowan, Virginia M. 302,324 

Cowan. Wendell L. 91,177,387 

Cox, Billy R. 273,387 

Cox, David M. 280,387 

Cox, Donald A. 324 
Cox, Larry C. 387 
Cox, Margy 177 

Cox, Mary H. 70,85,387 

Cox, Peggy C. 71,77,117,175,368 

Cox, Rufus F. 36 

Cox. Sandra E. 263,387 

Coyle, Joseph F. 62,105,285,325 

Coyle. Neal J. 61,88,325 

Crabb, James B. 41,325 

Crabtree, Gerald W. 122,387 

Craft, Dorothy A. 110,116,124,305,387 

Craghead, Darrell E. 88,387 

Craig, Ada R. 125,296,387 

Craig, David W. 281,387 

Craig, Evelyn 109 

Craig, James V. 92 

Craig, John E. 308,387 

Craig, Paula E. 71, 265, 387 

Craig, Roy M. 107 

Cram, Leo L. 461 

Cramer, Diana F. 262,325 

Crank, Robert E. 73 

Cranston, Richard M. 88 

Craven, Patricia 41,124,160,177,268,387 

Crawford, Betty A. 302,387 

Crawford, Dorothy M. 70,302,325 

Crawford, Judith 60,269,387 

Crawford. Robert F. 293.388 

Crawford, William A. 72,80,111,123, 

Creech, Thomas F. 44 
Creger, Clarence R. 62,91 
Cress, Jay J. 280,388 
Crichfield, Lonnie 108 
Crichfield, Marilyn 109 
Criss. Blaine E. 273,325 
Criss, Gary G. 222.284.388 
Criss, H. Patricia 262,388 
Crist, Marilyn B. 84,85,117,184,305,388 
Critchfield, James L. 286,388 
Critser, William D. 279,388 
Crocker, Nora J. 125.189,269.299,388 
Cromwell, Gary L. 75,78,388 
Cromwell, Shiela K. 261,388 
Cross, Doran M. 388 
Crotinger, Dorothy 79,124,296,388 
Crouch, Margaret R. 263.388 
Crow, Alan E. 281,388 
Crowl, Clarence E. 91 
Crowl, Frankie D. 388 
Croy, Don E. 99,276,388 
Crumbaker, Corrine 260,270,325 
Cukjati, Joe F. 275,388 
Culbertson, Gary R. 388 
Cullins, Robert B. 175,283,325 
Culpepper, Ella R. 4,60,64,268,270,388 
Culver, Sandra S. 160,265,388 
Cummings, Brian C. 61,105,325 
Cummings, Gary K. 89,277,388 

Cunningham, Donnie E. 88 
Cunningham, Franklin 92,326 
Cunningham, Gerald 326 
Cunningham, Gordon R. 388 
Curfman, Anna 115 
Curran, James A. 276,388 
Cushing, Julia R. 77,119.125,3 

Dabbas, Hashim A. 112,118 

Dague, Rosemary 81,305,388 

Dahl, Esther L. 78,296,388 

Dahl, Gilmore M. 20,24,60,62,89, 

Dahl, Wayne M. 93.388 

Dahlman, Ray A. 126 

Dailey, Donald E. 176,284,388 

Daily, George W. 388 

Dairy Club 90 

Dale, Ronald N. 107 

Dale, Wayne C. 294,388 

Dames Club 114,115 

Dana, Tom A. 290,388 

Daniels. Dwayne S. 260,271,291,388 

Daniels, Jean 109 

Daniels, Joe D. 98,326 

Daniels, Paul M. 107 

Daniels, Peggy C. 41.161,268,388 

Daniels, Richard E. 388 

Danielson, Elaine L. 125,299,388 

Dannenberg, Larry K. 278,388 

Dannenfelser, George 97 

Darby, Earl G. 100 

Darg, Patricia E. 83,117,124,302,388 

Darge, Richard I. 285,288 

Darner, Dennis L. 63,118,295,326 

Darrow, Clement C. 107,388 

Darrow, Sylvia J. 109,189,388 

Darter, Gary E. 120,222,277,388 

Darveaux, Raymond J. 326 

Datin, Thomas E. 388 

LJaugherty, Dorothy 85,104,117,388 

Davey, Ilene M. 103,113,124,264,271,388 

David, Barbara J. 112.125,296,388 

Davidson, Bryce E. 388 

Davidson, Caroline R. 125.265,299,388 

Davidson, George J. 286,388 

Davies, Audrey A. 145,268,388 

Davies, Cecil D. 69,97,326 

Davies, Deanne M. 125,299.388 

Davis, Alfred E. 108 

Davis, Billy G. 282,388 

Davis, Caroline B. 267,388 

Davis, Dewey D. 326 

Davis, Earle R. 39 

Davis, Georgene B. 109 

Davis, Janet L. 104,125,268,296,388 

Davis, Jayne E. 296,388 

Davis, John H. 388 

Davis, Phillip L. 306,388 

Davis, Richard G. 270,280,326 

Davis, Rogene J. 85,112,125,296,389 

Davis, Sharon L. 262,389 

Dawe, William C. 277 

Dawson, Leanne L. 103.296,389 

Day, Robert A. 286.389 

Day, Roger O. 77,287,389 

Deam, John 140 

Dean, Marilyn K. 81,83,266,389 

Dean of Agriculture 34 

Dean of Arts and Sciences 38 

Dean of Engineering and Architecture 42 

Dean of Graduate School 52 

Dean of Home Economics 46 

Dean of Students 18 

Dean of Veterinary Medicine 50 

Dean of Women 19 

Debate Team 73 

DeBrunner, Barbara D. 265,2.99,389 

Dechairo, Doug 86 

Dechairo, Joyce 86 

Dechairo, Thomas C. 281,390 

De Cou, Robert D. 176,179 

Dees Archie 212 

Deewall, Mary L. 116,268,390 

DeForest, Sally A. 

Deitcher, Wilma M. 260,390 

Dejmal, Robert E. 96,326 

Dekat, Carleen 115 

Delahooke, Larry G. 326 

DeLange, Barbara M. 113,390 

DeLange, Howard F. 113 

DeLange, Patricia E. 84,113,302,390 

Del forge. Gary D. 291.390 

Delker, James A. 326,390 

Dellett. Fred V. 280,390 

Delta Delta Delta 265 

Delta Phi Delta 70 

Delta Sigma Phi 280 

Delta Sigma Rho 63 

Delta Tau Delta 281 

Delta Upsilon 282 

Delzeit, Leroy W. 287,390 

Demopet, Charles W. 119 

Dempsey, Robert J. 78,92,118,369 

Deneke, Norbert W. 69,73 

Denesha, Charles T. 160.291,390 

Denk. Rochelle 125,269,299,390 

Dennis, Clayton J. 390 

DeNoon. George R. 219 


Dent. James L. 209 

Denton, William N. 291,390 

Derby Day 141 

Derks, Rosemary 131,133,145,151,160, 

Derr, Donald D. 390 
Derstein, Robert L. 273,390 
DeRusseau, Calvin R. 289,326 
DeRusseau, Robert R. 76,287,390 
Desilet, Larry 77 

Detert, Anne C. 125,189,268,299,390 
Detter, Bruce C. 108 
Dettke. David H. 89,294,390 
Dettmer, Arlan W. 203,205,326 
Devinish, Virginia L. 113 
DeVolld, Beverely J. 80,124,305,390 
DeWeese, Paul 199 
DeWerff, Virginia A. 112,299,390 
DeWitz, Roy A. 65,120,211,212,213, 

Diamond. Sharon E. 20,22,60,61,265,327 
Dick, Clarence R. 65 
Dicken. Sheila J. 262,327 
Dicken, T. David 226,227,245,290,390 
Dickens, Ellen 110,261,390 
Dickerhoof, Dorothy 116 
Dickerson. Jerry D. 97 
Dickson, Dale E. 89,180.327 
Dickson, Karen A. 125,299,390 
Didelot, James E. 91,461 
Didelot, Robert C. 461 
Diehl, Gearolyn L. 299,390 
Dierdorff, Mary L. 262,327 
Dietrich, James E. 222,225,390 
Dietrich. Warren R. 126,390 
Dietz, Walter H. 278,327 
Dillinger, Edwin T. 80,275,390 
Dillman, Jimmy E. 390 
Dimond, John L. 287,327 
Dimond, A. Pete 76 
Dineley, Richard 166 
Dirscherl, Rudolf 311,390 
Disberger, Dale D. 88,92,390 
Disherger, Jay M. 88 
Disciple Student Fellowship 80 
Disney, Ed 238 

Disney, Richard K. 69,237,270.295,390 
Disney, Robert W. 107,295,390 
Dittemore, Closky J. 102,390 
Dixon, Carl F. 118 
Dixon, Celia I. 175,262,390 
Dobson, George P. 306,390 
Dobson. Leona S. 112 
Docking, Governor George 10,151 
Doctor, Phillip L. 87,95.327 
Dodd. Kathleen A. 177,262,391 
Dodd, Richard H. 391 
Dodds, Darrell D. 230,231,279,391 
Dodds. Duncan E. 65 
Dodds. E. Clareen 24,95,299,391 
Dodge, Roberta J. 299,391 
Dodson. James J. 289,391 
Dodson, Robert E. 294.391 
Dody, RoyW. 67,69,310,391 
Doebbeling, Robert D. 76 
Doebele, Dudley 215 
Doebele, Robert J. 290,391 
Doering, James L. 92 
Doig, James K. 90,391 
Dole, R. Michael 281,391 
Dolecek, Phyllis J. 77,299,391 
Dolezal, Loren L. 461 
Donavan. Marcia P. 101,250,252,302,327 
Dondlinger, Billv R. 292,391 
Donelson. Keith M. 97,119 
Donley, Donald D. 391 
Donnellan, Patrick J. 96,327 
Dooley. Pearl L. 79 
Doornbos, Jerald A. 391 
Doran, Carol A. 84,85,125,177,268, 

Doran, Marilyn B. 175.268,327 
Doremos, Robert H. Ill 
Dorgan, Charles E. 97,391 
Dorgan, Lawrence L. 391 
Dorian, Robert A. 294,327 
Dornbusch, August J. 68,97,391 
Dorst, John E. 294,327 
Douglas, Stephen A. 217,291.391 
Douglass. Emma L. 95.113,124,160. 

Douglass, Patricia A. 79.103,125,296,391 
Douglass. Roger L. 293.327 
Doupnik. Gary D. 72,233.235 
Douthit, Emily A. 76,113,159,182,260,391 
Dowling, Beth A. 77,266,305,391 
Downer, Carolyn S. 4,261,391 
Downey, Joseph L. 245,246,248,290,391 
Downing, Charles J. 281,391 
Downing, Donald D. 391 
Downing, John E. 91.284,327 
Downrey, Joe 76 
Doyle. Bob L. 89,294,391 
Doyle, Joe H. 120,294,391 
Doyle, John P. 222,223,249.281.391 
Doyle, Patricia J. 104,113.302,391 
Drake. Mark 249 
Dramatics 170,171,172,173 
Draney, Gerald 249 
Drantman. Mary M. 93.177,302,391 
Dreasher, Richard I. 96,391 
Dreiling. Wilbert F. 120,327 
Drenon, Linda D. 305, 391 
Dressier. Eugene E. 108.281,391 
Dressier. Rae H. 113,296,392 
Drevets, Stanely C. 159,291,392 
Drodge. Arnie 216 
Drown, Sandra J. 76,392 
Drummond, Caroline 73 
Drumright, Leonard 89.283,392 
Drury, Douglas J. 62,91,327 
Drury, Jack M. 98,392 
DuBois, Marilyn J. 302,327,392 
DuBois, Robert N. 67,69,97 

Dubek, Daniel H. 91 
Duderman, Shirley A. 113 
Duell, Dennis C. 217,392 
Duell, Norma E. 70,75,78,103,124, 

Duell, Norman N. 78,392 
Duell, Paul M. 65 
Duer, Owen E. 392 
Duesberg. Joseph D. 288,392 
Duggan, James P. 308,392 
Duggan, John D. 308,392 
DuMars, Jacqueline K. 296,392 
Dunavan, Wilbur J. 117,392 
Duncan, Barabara A. 116,267,392 
Duncan, Dale 223 
Duncan, Robert P. 67,69,327 
Dunekack, Wilbur D. 312,392 
Dunham, James R. 90,392 
Dunham, Larry L. 209 
Dunlap. Robert E. 277,327 
Dunlop, Raymond E. 392 
Dunn, Clarence W. 97,392 
Duntz. Delvin D. 106,392 
Durbin. Robert E. 78 
Duren, Edward P. 77,90,113,327 
Durland, Dean M. A. 42,148,149 
Durland, Mary L. 60,64,124,269,392 
Durnil, Arby L. 392 
Durr, Donald L. 98 
Duryea, Betty J. 115 
Duryea. Ladd L. 369 

Dusenbury, Karen L. 103,112,175,299,392 
Dutta, Sisir K. 90,112,118 
Dutton, Darrell L. 85,392 
Dutton, Jon A. 98,111,284,392 
Duwe, Robert C. 328 
Dworkin, Stuart I. 274,328 
Dyer, Darrel V. 294,392 
Dykstra. Ralph R. 254 

Eads, Joann H. 367 

Eagle, Fredric E. 328 

Earl, David E. 461 

Earp. Roscoe B. 286,392 

Eason, Sandra T. 392 

Easson, Janet L. 104,263,392 

Easter, Willis E. 91 

Eaton, George R. 66 

Eaton, Mary H. 117,147,148,149,266, 

Eaton, Virginia L. 60,63,73.85,118. 

Ebberts, Orval 39 
Ebel. Dean L. 88,176,392 
Eberle, Don A. 328 
Ehers, Ralph L. 106,328 
Ebers, Shirley 109 
Eby. Carolyn A. 41,269,392 
Eck. Charles E. 108 
Eck, Dorothy 109 
Eckelman, Larry E. 278,392 
Eckhart, Marjorie A. 109 
Eckhart. Phillip F. 106,328 
Edde, Howard J. 392 
Eddy, Janet M. 141,260,328 
Eddy. Marcia R. 124,299,393 
Eddy. Steven K. 97 
Eddy. Thomas A. 94,328 
Eder, Johncie L. 77,104,113,117,302,393 
Edgar, Earl E. 39 
Edgerton, Eldora L. 296,393 
Edson, Donald P. 273,393 
Edwards, Alvin J. 107 
Edwards, Thornton 16 
Edwards, Carma V. 1(W 
Edwards. Esther E. 189,267,393 
Edwards, Janice J. 24,125,263,296.393 
Edwards, Larry R. 82.278,393 
Edwards, Margaret A. 103,268,393 
Edwards, Ronald K. 277,393 
Egbert, Donald E. 85,97,100,393 
Egbert, Robert F. 61 
Eggers. Marcia 64,124,260,393 
Eggers, Raleigh 277,328 
Ehlers, Lawrence 69 
Eikmeier, Betty L. 502,393 
Eisele, Carl 271,284,328 
Eisenbarth, William 393 
Eisenhower, Dwight D. 54 
Eisenhower, Milton S. 404 
Eisenstark, Abraham 53 
Ekart, Mama lis 
Ekdahl. Inez 82 

Eklund. Leonra A. 103,113,12 (.299,393 
Ekwebelem. /..uchacus 99 
Elder, James B. 94 
Eldridge, Alice M. 78,90,93 
Eleaard, Robert J. 279,328 
Elledge, Joy Ann 505,328 
Ellcr. Constance M. 269,393 
Eller. Rodney 593 

Elliott, Arlen L. 389,393 

Elliott, James D. 73,83 

Elliott, Janet S. 113,125,296,393 

Elliott, Leland W. 85,393 

Elliott, Lois 83 

Elliott, Mark P. 108,286,393 

Elliott, Robert L. 75 

Ellis, Ardis L. 113,126,296,393 

Ellis, Bruce K. 185,186,323 

Ellis, Byron E. 66 

Ellis, Roscoe 37 

El-rawi. Bander M. 118 

Elrod, Twila H. 367 

Elson, Donald E. 83,113,393 

Elsrode, Earl E. 393 

Ely, Ray W. 89,113,275,393 

Emerson, Gerald B. 290,393 

Emery, Betty K. 85,117,305,393 

Endicott, Kathleen 299,393 

Enegren, Floyd D. 393 

Enegren, John H. 393 

Engelhardt, Wayne E. 68,69,96,328 

Engineering Council 44 

Engineers' Open House 148,149 

England, Ray D. 90 

Engle, Carol M. 125,299,393 

Engle. Duane 90,393 

English, Laurence A. 69,98,393 

English, Virginia 111 

Englund, Richel H. 328 

Engwall, Janet W. 263,393 

Entomology Club 94 

Entrikin, Elaine 114 

Eplee, S. Kay 73,268,393 

Epp, Abraham D. 146,285,393 

Erbeck, Douglas H. 

Erbert, John R. 76,287,394 

Erbert. Richard A. 77,394 

Erhart, Ronnie G. 176,394 

Erickson, Doris 293 

Erickson, Duncan M. 144,257,286,394 

Erickson, Howard H. 107,278,394 

Erickson, John A. 77,281,394 

Erickson, John M. 279,394 

Erickson, Richard L. 292,394 

Erickson, Russell K. 394 

Ericson, Barbara 60,64,124,261,394 

Ericson, Sharon K. 95,125,175,299,394 

Erkut, Ayse 371 

Ernest, Leon G. 222,286,394 

Ernst, Carol L. 104,263,328 

Ernst, Donald M. 276,394 

Errett, Charles L. 394 

Ervin, Gerald D. 69,96 

Erwin, David F. 107 

Erwin. Elizabeth A. 109 

Esau, Larry R. 286,394 

Eshelbremer, Bob 249 

Esplund, Arnold C. 328 

Ester, Mike T. 76 

Esterl. Michael J. 287,394 

Estes, Jesse R. 394 

Estes, Ronald L. 68,80.97,100,328 

Eta Kappa Nu 67 

Euhus, Vernadean 299,394 

Eustace. Charles D. 394 

Eustace, D. Dale 91.394 

Evangelical United Brethren 79 

Evans, David D. 394 

Evans, David W. 291,369 

Evans, Eunice 109 

Evans. Jerry R. 98,394 

Evans, Joan D. 112,299,394 

Evans, Joe W. 290,394 

Evans, Martha A. 177,179,261,394 

Evans, Mickey 241 

Evans, Ray 10 

Evans. Richard 461 

Evans. Robert L. 108 

Evans. Thomas M. 39,65 

Everist, Marvin P. 222,223,394 

Evers. Richard L. 280,394 

Eversole, Norma E. 95,124,267,328 

Everson, Jerald M. 394 

Evert, Judith 77,125,263.299,395 

Evert. Sharon E. 76.260,395 

Ewald, Jerome J. 77.288,328 

Ewidler, Richard D. 69 

Ewing, Donald A. 395 

Ewing, Georganna S. 328 

Exline, Douglas W. 293,395 

Exline, Jerry K. 293.395 

Fabricius, Edward P. 395 
I'.ukl.ini. Wanda J. 12 I.302.39S 
Faculty Senate 15 
Fager, Charles J. 395 
Fager, Larry L. 276,395 
Fager, Leland E. 277.395 
Fager. Louise 12 1.261.395 
Fagerquist, Harold M. 285.395 

Faidley, Maurice D. 91,283,395 

Faidley, Paul S. 36,89,283,395 

Fairbanks, Gustave E. 15 

Fakler, Donna 115 

Fakler, Lyle D. 395 

Faler, Lawrence A. 294,395 

Falk, Max C. 76 

Fankhauser, Richard 89,283,329 

Fankhouser, Sue A. 299,395 

Fanning. Terry D. 81,88,395 

Farm House 283 

Farmer, Mary L. 122 

Farmer, Samuel L. 123,329 

Farr, Leonard M. 244,293,329 

Farrand, Judith A. 125,179,262,296,395 

Farrar, Peggy J. 121,263,395 

Farrell, Daniel J. 76,95,282,329 

Farrell, F. D. 16,128 

Farrell, Jerome P. 287,395 

Farrell, Mary J. 101,268,395 

Farrell, Maurice J. 77,88 

Farrow, Patricia A. 462 

Faulconer, Carol I. 177,261,296,395 

Faulkender, Dewayne 123 

Faulkender, Marlene 122 

Fauss, Janice 95,113,302,395 

Faust, Gerald K. 289,395 

Feaker, Darrell L. 286,396 

Fedde, Arrilla D. 64,329 

Fedde, Marion R. 89,192,329 

Feder, Lawrence I. 270,274,329 

Fees, Walter S. 10 

Feldmann, Duane B. 97,329 

Feldmann, Norma 115 

Fellers, Winifred L. 85,117,267,395 

Fellows, Hurley 72 

Felton, Linda L. 95,125,395 

Feltz, Albert J. 311,329 

Fergus, Chloe O. 296,395 

Ferguson, Gerald J. 72,123,329 

Ferguson, John M. 37 

Ferguson, Marva R. 122 

Ferguson, Phillip C. 80 

Fetrow, Kendrick D. 44,68,329 

Fick, Leon L. 69,96,278,395 

Ficke, Mary L. 48,78,80,102,177,270,395 

Fickel, Mary 70,76,102,302,329 

Ficken, Bruce E. 329 

Fiedler, Paul B. 113,329 

Fields, Lois A. 75,78,125,299,395 

Fields, Winifred M. 75,80,125,183,395 

Figgs, Larry L. 395 

Fikan, La Rue 176,305,395 

Filby, Donald A. 70 

Fillmore, Barbara 329 

Fillmore, Keith L. 96 

Finical, Donald A. 90,113,308,395 

Finkelstein, Howard 73,274,306,396 

Finkenbinder. Velma 79,80.104,113,124, 

Finney, Karl 240 

Finney, Martha F. 84,117,305,396 
Finney. Michael 281,396 
Fischer, Emil C. 43,96 
Fischer, Craig E. 111,291,396 
Fischer, Edgar H. 67 
Fischer, Larry L. 111,120,212,213,216, 

Fischer, William 173 
Fiscus. Keith 118 
Fisher, Cynthia A. 265,396 
Fisher, Judith A. 41,269,396 
Fisher, Judith M. 24,112,299,396 
Fisk, Patricia R. 299,396 
Fiskin, Arthur 286,396 
Fitzgerald. Arthur E. 68,126,329 
Fitzgerald, Donald 106 
Fitzgerald, Joan 109 
Fixsen, Richard E. 67,97,100,327 
Fixsen, William D. 69.98,329 
Flack. Brian M. 286,396 
Flanagan. Franklin F. 462 
Flanders, Jim 36,113,182 
Flanders, Raleigh 62.89,192,283,329 
Fleetwood, Suzanne 49,78,189,266.302.396 
Fleischer. Barbara 83 
Fleischer, Bruce Y. 83,396 
Flinn, Barbara R. 112,296,396 
Flint, Jon I. 284.396 
Flint. Roger L. 100,284.329 
Flora, Faye J. 101,113,302,396 
Flory, J. Roland 396 
Flovd, John C. 281.396 
Flush Bowl Game 140 
Fobes, Patricia L. 261.329 
Fogle. Harold 88.176 
Fogo. Rodney D. 396 
Folkerts, Leon J. 396 
Folsche, Ann L. 104,117,302,330,396 
Folsche, William R. 97,283 
Folse. D. S. 53 

Foltz, Helen H. 125,261,296,396 
Foltz, Janet C. 102,261,330 
Foltz. Trudie G. 1 16 !68 596 
Football 200-209 
Forbes, Mary J. 61,95,99,261,330 
Forbes. Virginia 1 . 64.302,396 
F,..d. Darrell I.. 290.330 
Ford. Dons L. lis 
Ford. Kenm lo 

Foncst. |ohn C. 396 
Forsberg, Line E. 83,109,2 15 
Forsberg, John \\ 83,107 
Forslund, Harlan I 79.90,396 

Fort, Allen E. 111,286,396 
Foster. Donald I 596 
Foster, Raymond I „ 596 
Foster, Richard C. !94, 596 
Foster, Richard M. 330,396 
Foster, Robert I. 77,90.396 
Foster, Sara 125,299, 596 
Foster. Sybil M, 12 i, 266,305, 396 
Foulke, Larrj K. 96,175,281,396 


Fountaine, F. C. 90 

Fouse. Orval L. 69.73,396 

Foust. Jannene D. 71,140,151, 160, 162, 

Fowler. Eddie R. 67 
Fox, Carolee V. 84,85,101,302.397 
Fox, Dorothy B. 102,113,264,397 
Fox. Mary A. 125,296,397 
Frack, Elaine 115 

Francis, Darwin R. 89,113,194,275,397 
Francis, Ronald J. 397 
Francisco. Joanne 263,397 
Frank. Richard H. 289,312,397 
Frank. Robert F. 106,330 
Frank, Waldene D. 217,291,397 
Frankel, Edward A. 276,397 
Franker, Edward A. 271 
Franklin, Darrel D. 285,397 
Franklin. Dee L. 367 
Franklin, Woodrow W. 94 
Frantz, Frances A. 117,177,262,397 
Franz, Jane A. 103.124.189,296,397 
Franz. Richard D. 96,397 
Frazee, James W. 397 
Frazee. Sammy G. 397 
Frazier, Jimmie L. 94,330 
Frazier, Joseph E. 94,330 
Frazier, Mary F. 101,263,397 
Freides, Marcel 306,397 
French, Deanna D. 262,397 
French, John D. 110,284,397 
French, John R. 209 
French, Larry E. 230,270,276,397 
French, Steve J. 217,290,397 
Frerichs. Wayne M. 106,330 
Frerking. Margaret 302.397 
Frey, David L. 179.285.397 
Frey. Janet J. 64,117,124,265,330 
Frey, John E. 276,397 
Frey, Lawrence N. 306.397 
Frick, Edwin J. 51 
Frick. Janice C. 117.305,397 
Frick, Sharon L. 176,296,397 
Frick, Verlene V. 103,177,302.398 
Friedel, Martha K. 104,117,125,263, 

Friesen, Herbert L. 118.398 
Frigon, Bernadine F. 76,125,296,398 
Frisbie. Thomas W. 293,398 
Fritschen, Leo J. 23 
Fritts. Donald L. 98,119.330 
Fritz, Geraldine L. 103,113,182,264,398 
Fritz, Rudolph A. 398 
Fritz. Walter N. 310,398 
Fritzler. Dean E. 291,398 
Fritzemeyer, Ray D. 67.69,80,233,330 
Froetschner, Marilyn 82,302,398 
Frog Club 116 
Frogley, Betty C. 102 
Frogley, Darrell W. 330 
Frohberg, Richard C. 61.88.194,278,330 
Frohn, Carol J. 261,330 
Fromm, Arthur H. 91,290,398 
Fromme, James H. 398 
Frommer, Deanna L. 125,296.398 
Frommer. Harry E. 119.330 
Fruechting. Gloria A. 398 
Fruechting, Duane L. 280,398 
Frye, Buddy D. 84.111,279,398 
Frye, Judith C. 125,268,296.398 
Fryer, Gaye 60,66.188,261.270,330 
Fudim, Murray F. 222,274,306,398 
Fuller, Billy R. 88.113,398 
Fuller, Mrs. Lillian B. 309 
Fulton, Gary L. 312,398 
Fulton, Jane F. 265,398 
Funk. J. W. 97 
Funk, Miles R. 273,398 
Funston, Betty 115 
Funston. Stanley S. 67,69,100,330 
Furrer. John R. 176,179,398 
Future Teachers of America 116,117 

Gadbery, Donald R. 68,281,330 

Gaddie. Sylvia G. 48,60,101,268,398 

Gaddis. Janice L. 89.302,398 

Gaeddert, Dale A. 209 

Gaffin, Harry O. 286,330 

Gager, Joyce A. 101,125,299.398 

Gagnon, Mary P. 76,268,398 

Gagnon, W. Charles 76,287,398 

Gainey. Percey L. 39 

Gaiser, Lloyd R. 69.98.330 

Gaitner. John R. 110,398 

Gale, Lawrence A. 289.398 

Gale, Nancy 95,125.267,299,398 

Gallion, Ann M. 185,186.261,331 

Galyardt, Gary E. 68.276.331 

Galyon, Annette R. 64.268,398 

Gamble, William L. 79,87,95,176,181,398 

Gamma Delta 82 

Gamma Phi Beta 266 

Gammell, James L. 62,89,283,331 

Gangel, Jo A. 115 

Gangel, John T. 107 

Ganoung, Raymond L. 79.85,106 

Gantenbein. Harry W. 398 

Gardenhire, Roy F. 398 

Gardiner, Edmond W. 310.398 

Gardner, Alice M. 299,399 

Gardner, Joseph J. 77,147,271,287,399 

Gardner. Norma 114 

Gardner, Robert L. 113,399 

Garey, James D. 331 

G.innger. Jeanette A. 64,82,113,299,399 

Garlow, Ronald K. 276.399 

Garner, Harold E. 89,113,283,331 

Garner, Mary E. 102,302,331 

Garrett, John I. 110,286,399 

Garrett, Martha A. 118,309,369 

Garrison, Arlene F. 114 

Garrison, L. C. 90,193,194 

Garrison, Glenn R. 119,307,399 

Garrison, Virginia I. 101,331,399 

Garver, Dale K. 177 

Garvin, Lawrence M. 399 

Gassman, Clark 179 

Gassman, Janice 178 

Gaston, Janet S. 110,261,399 

Gaston. Russell M. 209,399 

Gates, Gwendolyn B. 263,331 

Gates, James A. 270,279,399 

Gatz, Teresa M. 77,125,267,271,296,399 

Gaulke, Barbara M. 331 

Gaulke, Pearl 462 

Gaulke. Wayne G. 105,331 

Gayek, Richard J. 84 

Gearhart, Barbara J. 302,399 

Gebhart, Jack L. 311,399 

Gehrke, Malcolm R. 93 

Geil. Donald D. 72,123,369 

Geil. Gene W. 73,331 

Geis, Doris K. 95.150.250,266,302,399 

Geis. Donna F. 95,250,266,302,399 

Geisler, Doris A. 104,299,399 

Geist. Eula M. 85,95,113,117,302,331 

Geistfeld. Sally A. 118,302,399 

Gentry, Carole D. 95,124,261,399 

Gentry, Lawrence N. 399 

Geology Gems 122 

George, Alvin L. 399 

George, David H. 90,271,280,399 

George, Robert H. 179.291,399 

Gerards, Waldo H. 96 

Gerner, James L. 68,126 

Gerritz, E. M. 16 

Geske, Larry D. 308,399 

Getz, Jane 115 

Geyer, Katherine 22,39,95,250 

Ghormley, Harold E. 294,399 

Gibb, Richard H. 123 

Gibson, John P. 107,250,252,302 

Gibson, Mary 109,252,302 

Gibson, Pat E. 187,273,399 

Gibson, Russell W. 311,399 

Gibson, Thomas A. 83.399 

Gibson, Thomas M. 285,295,399 

Gibson, William W. 94 

Gideon, Charles R. 311 

Gideon, Lloyd E. 117,331 

Gienger, Gary 222 

Gier, Donald A. 62.83,176,331 

Gies, Robert L. 62,91,136,331 

Gies, Rosalie 115 

Giffin, Gerald M. 306,399 

Gigot, Marjorie A. 252 

Gigstad, Dean E. 280,399 

Gilbert, Wayne E. 399 

Gilchrist, Larry D. 67,399 

Gill, Donald L. 332 

Gillam, John N. 332 

Gillett, George W. 69,99,332 

Gilliland, Phil D. 399 

Gillmore. Donald D. 69,73,399 

Gillmore. Ralph 462 

Gillum, Arthur W. 108 

Gillum, Jo 109 

Gilmore, Forrest E. 400 

Gilmore, Carolyn 115 

Gilmore, Lance R. 186,285,400 

Gilmore. Lloyd D. 400 

Gingrich, R. F. 17 

Gmn, Ward L. 273,400 

Ginter, Duane L. 100,117,291,332 

Ginter, Marjorie L. 81,296,400 

Girls Glee Club 177 

Gish, Annie L. 302,400 

Given, Pamela C. 260,400 

Gladfelter, Janet 462 

Gladish, Judith J. 160,265,400 

Gladow, Dean E. 400 

Glanville, Carrol G. 97 

Glanville, Robert I. 89,332 

Glanville, Wallace T. 117,400 

Glaze. Raymond C. 201.203,205 

Glenn, Calvin D. 108,245 

Glenn. Charlene 109,184 

Glenn, David 107 

Glenn. Dwight E. 90,277,400 

Glocker. Carl L. 277,332 

Glover, Jacquelin 263,271,296,400 

Goddard, Joan 76.112.117,177,265,332 

Goddard, Tim L. 282, 100 

Godding, Glenn W. 308,400 

Godfrey, Warren A. 108 

Goeckler. Donald V. 332 

Goering, Theodore J. 87,113,283,332 

Goertz, Grayce 15 

Goetsch, Gary G. 400 

Goetsch, Lyman L. 97,400 

Goetzinger. Charles S. 63,73.271 

Goings. Priscilla A. 73.299.400 

Goldman, Hans J. 274,400 

Golf 241 

Good, Chester W. 85,280,400 

Good, Dixie L. 266,299,400 

Good, Don 192,194 

Good. James E. 292,400 

Goodin, Arrah S. 79.110,296,400 

Goodin, Robert H. 280,400 

Goodlow, James 284,332 

Goodmiller, Jimmie L. 209 

Goodrich. Malcolm C. 400 

Goodweiler, Robert V. 108 

Goodwin, Preston H. 100 

Goracke, Dwane J. 332 

Gordon. Richard G. 293,400 

Gordon, William R. 97,282,400 

Gorman, John W. 286.400 

Gorman, Virginia K. 268,400 

Gorton, Herman C. 97,332 

Gorton, Lloyd A. 120,332 

Goss, Jerry E. 67,290,332 

Goss, R. Sue 99.185,186,187,305,400 

Gossman, Larry D. 278,400 

Gottfrid, Karen J. 82,102,299,400 

Goudy, Richard L. 80,400 

Gouldie. James M. 400 

Graber, Curtis 462 

Graber, Kenton A. 65,288,369 

Graber, Robert A. 72,123 

Grabs. Eugene F. 277,332 

Grace, Gladys 19 

Grace, Tim A. 279,400 

Graduate Council 53 

Graduate Students 369-371 

Graduate Students Association 118 

Graduate Women's House 309 

Graeff, Lois E. 70,117,265,400 

Grafel, Lynn H. 277,400 

Graham, Archie R. 73 

Graham, Janice E. 189,269.401 

Graham, Joyce E. 41,111,124,269,401 

Graham, M. Royanne 41,60,66,84,184, 

Graham, Robert K. 217 
Graham, Samuel L. 107 
Graham, Sutton L. 67 
Gramzow, Robert E. 78,229,401 
Granger, Mrs. W. B. 276 
Grant. Edna 115 
Grantham. Margaret J. 268.332 
Granzow, Harry A. 194,332 
Granzow, Jill 114 

Grasch, Gerald D. 68.97,311,332,401 
Graves, Dean K. 289.401 
Graves, James T. 22.41,290,332 
Gray, Arline L. 60,61,303,332 
Gray, Geraldine L. 262,401 
Gray, Leo D. 292,332 
Gray, Lewis C. 293,401 
Gray. Thomas M. 94,112,118,369 
Green, Athol A. 401 
Green, Elton E. 65 
Green, Frank E. 98,401 
Green, James L. 281,401 
Greene, Gearld L. 88.285,401 
Greene, Larry J. 89,90,275,401 
Greene, R. Nathan 282,401 
Greene, Sonie S. 267,401 
Greenfield, Ronald L. 80,310,401 
Greenwood, William L. 88 
Greer, Carole A. 124,296,401 
Gregory. Philip C. 73 
Gress, Ruth A. 265.270,333 
Greve, Robert W. 369 
Grewell, Darlene 114 
Grey. Edith D. 85.103.125,296,401 
Griebel, John P. 273,401 
Grier, James R. 290,401 
Griffin, Clayton L. 277,401 
Griffin, Gerry 209 
Griffin, Leon 217 
Griffin. Ramona 115 
Griffith, Don 248,249 
Griffith. Gayle B. 190,285,401 
Griffiths, Meredith 71.84,85,401 
Griws. Floyd D. 72,288,333 
Grillot, Francis A. 76,333 
Grimes, Joseph H. 280,401 
Grimm, Anita 6(1,63.73.160,267,303,333 
Grimmett, Charles H. 112,401 
Gnmsley, B. Ellen 117,125,178,260, 

Grinstaff, Harold W. 271,282,401 
Grippy, Bob 401 
Grippy. Frank E. 294.401 
Grisham. Ralph K. 116 
Griswold, Mary A. 367 
Groening, Harvey F. 333 
Groh, Janice R. 104,117,303,401 
Grokett. Marcia G. 261,401 
Gronis, Marcia A. 76,160,262,401 
Groothuis. Barbara L. 125,299,401 
Grosdidier, Mary C. 76.260.271,401 
Grosdidier, Ralph M. 77,106,249 
Grosh, Gordon 81 
Gross, Mae 1 18 
Grosse, Armin E. 92 
Grosse, Ben E. 201,203,205 
Grossman, Alfred 61 
Grotheer, Morris P. 65 
Grove. Darrell B. 290,401 
Groyon, Rose M. 64,401 
Grubb, Harold E. 244,249.293,401 
Gruber. John E. 107,288,402 
Gruende). Gary G. 290.402 
Gruver, Clifford N. 402 
Guard. Mary C. 263,402 
Guenther, DaviT! L. 402 
Guest. Hubert E. 79,85, 231, 233, 234,402 
Guest, Wendell L. 102 
Guhl, A. M. 92 
Guilfoylc, Rebecca J. 260.333 
Gunnerson, Jerome C. 308,402 
Gunter, Sterling W. 71.190,281,333 
Gustafson, Virgil W. 96,402 

Guthridge, William W. 217,402 
Guthrie, James W. 281,402 
Gwinn, David B. 292,402 
Gymnastics 228,229 

Haack, Raymond J. 77 

Haag, Ronald G. 311,402 

Haas, Harry D. 279,402 

Haas, Herbert G. 98,402 

Haas, Robert H. 277,402 

Haas, Wayne T. 76 

Haas, William P. 76 

Habernigg, Helen J. 260,296,402 

Habiger, Edwin F. 291,402 

Hackler, Clem L. 107 

Hackler, Donald D. 96,402 

Hackler, Richard L. 237 

Haddock, Richard D. 90,275.333 

Haecker, Pansy J. 116,303,402 

Haegelin, Joseph K. 76,98,287,402 

Haesemeyer, Wayne L. 333 

Haeussler, Jorge E. 93 

Hafford. Bonnie J. 101,305,402 

Hager, Jerry A. 171,402 

Haggard, Joe R. 89 

Hahn, Charles 274,333 

Hahn, Daniel F. 73,118,170,173,292,402 

Hahn, Jerold 97.100,294.333 

Hahn, Larry L. 94 

Haines, Richard D. 83.189,281,402 

Hair, Karen A. 303,402 

Haitbrink, Robert L. 285,333 

Hakimian, Hakmat 69,81,306,333 

Halazon, George 191 

Halbert, Barbara 125 

Halbirt, CliveD. 67,333 

Hale, Thomas B. 402 

Hall, Ann L. 117,261,402 

Hall, Charles R. 90,113,402 

Hall, Charles V. 89 

Hall, Clement H. 10 

Hall, James M. 68,111,279,333 

Hall, Jerry D. 403 

Hall. John F. 276,403 

Hall, Judith A. 118,175,299,403 

Hall, Keith L. 91 

Hall, Larry E. 79,85,403 

Haller, Gary L. 120,222,224,403 

Hamad, Mahmoud M. 112 

Hamilton, Albert A. 217 

Hamilton, Dewayne E. 87,333 

Hamilton, Donald F. 295,333 

Hamilton, Elizabeth 77,125,175,261, 

Hamilton, Jack P. 294,403 
Hamilton, Jeanette F. 95 
Hamilton, Judith A. 125,299,403 
Hamilton, Thomas L. 118 
Hamm, Linda L. 265,403 
Hammeke, Eldon M. 44,67.68,69,76,97, 

Hammer, Larry L. 310,403 
Hammer, Maurice H. 310,403 
Hammer, Ruth M. 84,85,117,124,303,333 
Hammond, Earl J. 72,83,285,333 
Hamon, Betty 114 
Hamon. Carroll M. 98,276,403 
Hamon, Charles E. 79,113',403 
Hamon, Marjorie J. 60,79,103,117,264,334 
Hampton, Don C. 271,279,403 
Hampton, Karen K. 138,139 
Hand. Roy B. 108,310,403 
Handlin, Ben H. 89,182,403 
Handlin. Ralph B. 119,126.307,403 
Haney, Ronald N. 289.403 
Hanken, Rosalia A. 82,296,403 
Hanks, Jack G. 290,403 
Hanna, Lola M. 95,125,297,403 
Hanna, William C. 98,285,334 
Hanneman, Gerald D. 113,403 
Hansbearry. Sharon 104,260,334 
Hansen, Bob 240 
Hansen, Eleanor R. 125,300,403 
Hansen. Francis W. 72,123 
Hansen, Karl R. 108 
Hansen, Pauli M. 115 
Hansen, Ruth 122 
Hansen, Stanley W. 281.403 
Hanson, Bernard B. 67,69 
Hanson, Darrell L. 403 
Hanson, Merle L. 278,403 
Hanson, Sonja M. 263,403 
Harden, Kathleen M. 80,116,177,305,403 
Hardenburger, Charles 110.120,309,403 
Hardesty, Victor E. 403 
Harding, Mrs. Eura 268 
Harding, Jim 225 
Hardine, Larry F. 273,403 
Hardv.'Glen W. 61 
Hargadine. Gerald D. 271.311.403 
Harkins. Caroline A. 261,403 
Harkness, Hosea S. 87,334 
Harman, Richard B. 289,403 
Harmon, Jack L. 270,277,334 
Harner, Robert E. 295,403 
Harner, William T. 295,404 
Harp, Carolyn A. 125,300,404 
Harper, Gordon W. 75,227,245 
Harper, Joan 176,179 
Harreld. Carolyn J. 263,334 
Harrell, Lyle D. 65 
Harri, John G. 178.279,403 
Harri, Mary J. 104, 303,404 
Harrington, Joan 1 1 5 
Harris, Betty L. 1 1 5 
Harris, Dale L. 100,334 
Harris, Donald E. 90,113,193,334 


Harris. James D. 285,404 

Harris, Jerry D. 290,404 

Harris, Kenneth O. 92 

Harris, Robert E. 293,404 

Harris, Stanley G. 108,283,404 

Harrison, Dorothy 48 

Harrison, William L. 96,404 

Hart, Edward W. 90,334 

Hart, Fredrick E. 286,334 

Hart, George W. 277,404 

Hartig, Edward P. 72,334 

Harting, Margaret 109 

Harting, Robert D. 108 

Hartke, Glenn T. 108 

Hartle, Jack A. 175 

Hartman, Miles G- 72 

Harvey. William W. 39 

Harvey, Jeanne B. 70 

Harwick, Harriet J. 125,265.297,404 

Harwood, Natalie 125,268,404 

Hassebroek, Hazel E. 71,83,111,112,175, 

Hasayen, Samih A. 112 
Hasemyer, Wayne 248 
Hassler, John C. 120,177 
Hastings, Allan J. 96.404 
Hastings, Charles R. 286,404 
Hatfield, Paul H. 111,194,280,404 
Haufler, Rose N. 109 
Haufler, Theron A. 105,334 
Hauge, Mary A. 260,297,404 
Haughey, Charles F. 119 
Haun. Donald H. 280,334 
Hauptli, Donald E. 117,285,404 
Havel, Mary A. 83,117,305,404 
Haverkamp, David L. 280,404 
Hawk. B. Franklin 119,404 
Hawk, Beverly J. 115 
Hawk, Frederick E. 404 
Hayes, Alfred 462 
Hayes, Delmer D. 97,404 
Hayes, Jerry L. 120,203,205,306,334 
Hayes, Kathleen L. 125,300,404 
Haves, Nancy S. 124,263,404 
Hayford, Roger W. 82,286,404 
Haylett. Ward 230,233 
Haymaker, H. H. 22 
Haymaker, Robert H. 279,335 
Haynes, Gary A. 24,64,66,146,186,187, 

Hays, Duane W. 335 
Hays, Mary L. 335 
Hays, Robert W. Ill 
Hays, Sharon S. 117,125,297,404 
Hays, Wanda J. 85,104,113,117,264,404 
Hazlett. Don F. 281,404 
Hazlett, Jack L. 209,404 
Head, Barbara L. 305,404 
Headley. Joseph E. 286,404 
Heaston, Ferris E. 404 
Heath, Clarence G. 106,335 
Heath, James D. 335 
Heath. Marilyn 109 
Heath, Theodore D. 105,281,335 
Heaton, Donald L. 67,69,310,404 
Hebrank, Maurine U. 367 
Hecht, William 404 
Hecker, Virgil J. 404 
Hedden. Patricia G. 268,335 
Hedden, Wesley D. 111,120,294,335 
Hedlund, Jean 177 
Hednck, Jerry W. 247,306.404 
Hedrick, Robert W. 273,335 
Hedstrom, Richard L. 335 
Hefner, Patricia A. 305,405 
Heide, Robert K. 108,405 
Heide. W. Karen 109,405 
Heidebrecht, Kenneth 96,276,405 
Heidebrecht, Leon W. 68.98,335 
Heideman, Glenn L. 88,405 
Heigele. Richard B. 77,287,405 
Heiken. Edward M. 311,405 
Heiken, Mildred A. 112,300,405 
Heikes, Anita G. 116,267,405 
Heikes, Darryl L. 187,292,405 
Heikes. Donalie J. 300,405 
Heim, Franklin J. 105,335 
Hein, Robert D. 98,335 
Heine, Alan L. 335 
Heintz, Kent G. 286,405 
Heintzelman, J. Cranston 70 
Heise, Robert P. 77,97.405 
Heiser, Herbert D. 405 
Heiserman. Ruth A. 125, 260, 405 
Heitmann, John S. 100 
Helander, Linn 43 
Held. Norman M. 106 
Hellar. James R. 279.405 
Hellen, Charles D. 306.405 
Helling, Gilbert D. 285.405 
Hellmer, John E. 98 
Helm. John R. 87,306.405 
Helmke, Norman R. 405 
Helmlc, Jennie L. 85,117,305,335 
Helms, JoAnne 335 
Helstrom, Wendy L. 125,268,297,405 
Hemphill, Dorothy A. 175,405 
Henderson, Dwain A. 405 
Henderson. Gerald E. 485 
Henderson, R. James 289,405 
Henderson, Sherry K. 104,119,125, 

Hendricks, Arnold J. 291, 105 
Hendricks, Jeanelle 85,303,405 
Hendrickson, John E. 90 
Hendrickson, Paul T. 89,311.406 
Henke. Edwin 73,335, 
Henley. Frederick L. 94,292,406 
Henning. Katherine A. 117.175,265,406 
Henriksen, Russell L. 284, 106 
Henry, Allan L. 89, 1 1 3.193, 199.2 19. 

Henry, Benjamin G. 406 
Henry, Forrest M. 294,406 

Henry, George B. 107 

Henry, Loren D. 89,113.275,406 

Henry, Patrick L. 287,335,369 

Henry, Ronald A. 292,406 

Hensley, James E. 406 

Henson. Colene K. 125,269,297,406 

Heritage, Galen L. 105,280,335 

Herman, Charles W. 369 

Herman, John C. 66,180,336 

Hernandez. Jorge F. 368 

Herndon, Walter O. 96 

Herod, Jon G. 336 

Herr, Margaret J. 104,178,297,406 

Herring, Thomas B. 406 

Hershberger, A. W. 10 

Herthel, Karen G. 117,125,268,300,406 

Herzog, Barbara E. 103,125,262,300, 106 

Herzog. Virginia R. 113.124,262.406 

Hesler, Marcia A. 41,64,124,265,406 

Hess, Dolores J. 95,336 

Hess, Harry L. 462 

Hess, Jerry M. 279,406 

Hester. Darwin D. 290,336 

Hetep, Thomas M. 281,406 

Heyer, Elbert D. 406 

Hibbs, Patricia A. 305,336 

Hicks, Leon N. 306,406 

Hicks, William W. 99,279,336 

Hiebert, Mary Sue 103,189,297,406 

Hiebert. Rosella A. 70,116,124,267,406 

Hiefner, Donald G. 406 

Higdon, A. Sue 125,186,269,297,406 

Higer, Kathleen V. 113,264,406 

Higgason, Freeman L. 285,336 

Higgins, Elizabeth A. 101,177,297, (06 

Hight, Charles W. 6,44,69,80,96,336 

Hight. Virginia L. 115 

Miditower, Ray E. 79,113,406 

Hightower, Stanley J. 79,406 

Higley. Diane 303,406 

Hijazi, Reyad S. 98 

Hildebrand, Arnold G. 69,73,80,99 

Hildebracht, Lee R. 175,280,406 

Hilding. Mary C. 303,406 

Hilding, Myrtle A. 1 1730s, 406 

Hill, DaleR. 94 

Hill, Howard T. 63,84 

Hill, Jack L. 160,289,406 

Hill, Janet K. 82,262,297,406 

Hill, Lowell L. 217 

Hill, Margaret A. 121,261,406 

Hill. Nancy R. 117,267,407 

Hill. Ruthann A. 300,407 

Hilliard, Myrna K. 297,407 

Hillman, Jack L. 75,78,407 

Hills Heights 308 

Hills, Mrs. W. H. 308 

Himes, Charlotte M. 115 

Hince, Yvonne M. 297,407 

Hindman, John E. 4,293,407 

Hindman, Thomas E. 73 

Hiner, James R. 271,289,407 

Hiner, Richard D. 336 

Hines, Anna M. 71 

Hines, Daniel J. 76 

Hinkle. Jere J. 407 

Hinman, Clinton R. 85 

Hischke, Herbert H. 91,282,407 

Hitchcock, Charles T. 407 

Hielmfelt. Allen T. 181,407 

Hjort, A. L. 37 

Hlavacek, Robert J. 76,287,336 

Hoar, Dean L. 281,407 

Hobbie, Helen M. 82 

Hobson, Leland S. 43 

Hodge, Howard E. 203 

Hodges, Garold E. 273,407 

Hodues, J. A. 53,87 

Hodges, Larry L. 273,407 

Hodges, Quinten L. 280,407 

Hodges, Richard R. 290,407 

Hodges Russell E. 273,407 

Hodges, Yvonne S. 177 

Hodgson, DaleR. 107,110,281,407 

Hodgson, Robert M. 106,281,407 

Hodgson, Sandra L. 64,110,261,407 

Hoffman, Dean Doretta 46 

Hoffman, Twila J. 115 

Hofmann, Arvin W. 84,407 

Hofmann, Robert J. 277,407 

Hoge, Anita L. 80,297,407 

Hohlfeld, David J. 119,336 

Hokanson, John R. 120,407 

Holbert, Mary B. 76,297,407 

Holcomb, Miriam G. 115 

Holeman. Ronnie G. 286,407 

Holland, James W. 120 

Holland, Katherine 297, 107 

Holland, Valdon L. 203.286,407 

Holle, Charles W. 289.407 

Holle, Delos D. 209 

Holle, Louis L. 407 

Holle, Twyla R. 124,303,407 

Holliday, Jerry D. 24,44,75,181,336 

Hollinger, Charles M. 219 

Hollinger, Gary A. 310.107 

Hollingsworth, Irene 85.103.300,407 

Hollingsworth, John 407 

Hollingsworth, Mrs. Margaret 269 

Hollis, James A. 63,118.284,336 

Holloway. Caroline 367 

Holloway. Don W. 80 

Holly. Eugene D. 107 

Holm, Dennis W. 292,336 

Holm, Janet L. 268,297.407 

Holman, Duane B. 306,408 

Holman. Larry J. 119,408 

Holmes, Francis E. 85,93.113,336 

Holmgren, Dale O. 102,290,336 

Holmquist. Carole A, 160,161,261, 108 

Holt, Ivan L. 408 

Holwerda, James R. 211,215,219.108 

Homecoming 142,143.144 

Home Economics Art Club 101 
Home Economics Child Development 

Club 102 
Home Economics Council 48 
Home-Economics Dietetics and Com- 
mercial Demonstration Club 102 

Home Economics Clothing- 
Retailing Club 101 

HomeEconomics Extension Club 103 

Home Economics Journalism Club 103 

Home Economics Nursing Club 103 

Home Economics Teaching Club 104 

Honey, Francis J. 67,69,336 

Honn, Betty L. 115 

Honn. Harold D. 336 

Hood, Francis 115 

Hood, John L. 72,123,336 

Hood, Lilia M. 122 

Hood, Roy E. 119,336 

Hook, Leo T. 119.276,408 

Hoon. Marguerite E. 104,117.303,336 

Hoon. Marilyn E. 104,117,303,337 

Hooper, George L. 65,77,84,118,291,408 

Hooper, Mark H. 69,288.337 

Hoopes, Francis S. 97,408 

Hoover, Carl G. 118 

Hoover, Earl G. 63 

Hoover, Jay W. 408 

Hoover, Paul C. 72 

Hoover, Robert E. 280.408 

Hoover, Thomas J. 408 

Hope, Clifford 168. 

Hopp, Julia H. 101,121.146,269,408 

Hopson, Harry A. 106,244,337 

Hopson, Ivona L. 408 

Hopson, James D. 369 

Horchem, Rex D. 284,337 

Horn, Judith A. 175,268,408 

Horney, Arthur E. 311,408 

Horning, Richard D. 118 

Hornung, Richard J. 77,96 

Hornung, Ronald L. 77 

Horndge. Katherine 95.121,251.269,408 

Horticulture Club 90 

Horton, David L. 285.408 

Horton, James H. 284,337 

Horton, Joseph E. 92,180,337 

Hoseney, Russell C. 281,337 

Hoskinson, Eleanor 109 

Hoskinson, Glenn E. 105,337 

Hoskinson. William 67,69,337 

Hosier. Darrell M. 408 

Hospitality Day 156,157 

Hostetler. Charles H. 245.290,408 

Hostetler, Norman H. 179,276,408 

Hostetter, Abram E. 65 

Hostetter, Helen 66,81.103,183 

Hostetter, James R. 222 

Hostinsky, Suzanne 70,102,269,337 

Hotchkiss, David A. 280,408 

Hotchkiss, James D. 40,68,69,126,279,337 

Hotchkiss, Joann 95,250,252,303,408 

Hotz. Riciiard W. 91,281,408 

Houck, Shirley S. 462 

Houyland, Mary F. 408 

Houyland, Robert L. 276.408 

House, Jack 279,408 

House of Breck 308 

House of Williams 309 

Houser, Wallace D. 294,408 

Housing 253 

Houston, Phyllis M. 305,408 

Houtman, Kenneth E. 310,408 

Howard, Nancy L. 83,177,268,408 

Howe. Harold 52 

Howe. Robert W. 94 

Howell, Franklin D. 98 

Howell. Karen J. 110,305,408 

Howell. Robert M. 271,285,408 

Howes, Terry G. 408 

Hoyt, O. Lee 308.408 

Hoyt. Phyllis E. 85,113.117,303 

Hubbard, Jacqueline 262,300,408 

Hubbell. Carl L. 277,409 

Hubbell, Melvin L. 89,11.3 

Hubbs, Maurice L. 311,409 

Huber, Carolyn 125,269,297,409 

Huber, Duane A. 294,409 

Hubert. Joe D. 284,337 

Huddleston, Loyal J. 98 

Hudelson, Nicholas V. 286,409 

Hudiburg, Carol A. 71. 160.261 .409 

Hudson, Charles C. 69.72, 123.249 

Huebner, David H. 288,337 

Huebner, Glen A. 288.409 

Hueftle, Katherine N. 125,260,297,409 

Hueftle, Mark E. 294,409 

Huerter, Herbert L. 337 

Hueiter, Rodney C. 77 

Huff, Barbara A. 73,125,268,300,409 

Huff. Leon K. 105.337 

Huff. Mary F. 109 

Huggins, Darrell F. 222 

Hughbanks, Galen G. 75,78,112,337 

Hudihanks. James R. 75,78,409 

Hughes, Carol A. 120,409 

Hughes, Gary E. 409 

Huiinys. Palmer G. 284.337 

Humbert, Donald W. 109 

Humble, Janice M.,337 

Humboldt. Donald W. lis 

Humhuru. Carolyn L. 85,125,177.262, 
500, id') 

Humburg, Jay M. 106,273. 337 

Humes, Richard V. SOS. 100 

Huncovsky, Ben L. 1 19.337 

Hundley, Gerald W. ^>.hs.m3. 100 

Hundley, lames I., Hi, 337 

Hundley, Shu lev I. 84,85,1 13.305,409 

Hunslev, Harrv L. 276. 3 sS 

Hunt. Margaret A. J00. [09 

Hunt. Orville D. 63,1 18 

Hunt. William D. 284.338 

Hunter, Harlan L. 93,409 

Hunter, John E. 67 

Hunter, Patricia A. 117,260,409 

Huntington, Mrs. Veva 265 

Hurley, Elizabeth A. 118 

Hurley, Mrs. J. R. 286 

Hurt. Carol L. 125,297.409 

Hurtig, Lowell L. 295,409 

Hurtig, Virginia L. 117.268,338 

Hurtt, James F. 222 

Hurtt, Kay E. 103,300,409 

Huscher, Robert P. 41,71,78 

Huseman, Melva J. 102,303,338 

Huser, Melvin 249 

Huston, Keith 90 

Hutcherson, Clema A. 66,70,263,338 

Hutcheson, Martha L. 78,103,305,409 

Hutchins, Melvin D. 281,409 

Hutchinson, Darlene 115 

Hutchinson, Donald P. 67,97,100,277,338 

Hutchison, Harrold 281,409 

Hutchison, Sharon L. 77,267,300,409 

Hutchison, Stuart M. 69,98,338 

Hutton, Harry A. 98,290,409 

Hwang, Cheng C. 369 

Hyde. Dean F. 117,338 

Hylton, Gary K. 123,289,338 

Hylton, Kenneth W. 312,409 

Hyndman, Henry H. 276,409 

Idtse, Frederick S. 105,338 
Ihrig, Larry L. 273,409 
Ijams, Clayton D. 310.409 
Immings, Mrs. Alice 288 
Impson, Donald R. 107 
Indoor Track 230,231 
Independent Organized House 

Council 271 
Independent Students Association 119 
Industrial Education Association 100 
Ingerly, Kenneth R. 308,409 
Ingle, Kenneth E. 409 
Ingle. Sara F. 268.409 
Inman, Paul F. 290,409 
Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 99 
Institute of Radio Engineers 100 
Interfraternity Sing 257 
Intermill, Ronald W. 410 
Intramurals 242-252 
Interfraternity Council 270 
Interfraternity Pledge Council 271 
Interfraternity Pledge Council Dance 147 
Irvine, Janis J. 268.410 
Irvine, Nancy J. 71,76,160,177,269,410 
Irvine. Richard R. 77,279,410 
Irwin. Bruce C. 277,410 
Irwin, Marilyn J. 262,410 
Irwin, Robert D. 410 
Isaacson, Glada 70,338 
Isaacson, Loren D. 88,410 
Isch. Fred C. 307,410 
Isch, Jon F. 307.4 10 
Ismert. George G. 111.291,338 
Isom, James K. 108,249 
Issar, Sohan L. 112.118.371 
Ives. Robert M. 284,410 
Izard, Judith C. 300.410 

l.i.ix. Al D. 292, 110 

Jackman, Claude A. 67,338 

Jackowiak, Matthew I. 209 

Jackson, Dennis C . 91.410 

Jackson. Derek soS 

Jackson, Dwight \. 79.93,113,271.283, 

Jackson, Keith J. 280,410 


Jackson, Larry A. 105,338 

Jackson. Manuel 153 

Jackson, Norman E. 122,295,410 

Jackson, Orval E. 66.186,187,368 

Jackson, Ronald E. 306,369 

Jackson, Sondra 114 

Jacobs. C. O. 88 

Jacobs, Curtis L. 284,410 

Jacobs. Jim L. 338 

Jacobs. Joanne 125,265,300,410 

Jacobs. John R. 100.310,410 

Jacobs, Willis S. 123 

Jacobson, Charles H. 92,292,338 

Jacobson, Marvel L. 261,338 

Jacot. Charles A. 18.23.112 

Jaderborg. Frank O. 338 

Jahnke. Marguerite G. 83,111,113,124, 

James, Carolyn J. 263,410 
James, Frank B. 108 
James. Vervl R. 283,410 
Jamison, A'lonzo E. 306,410 
Jankowitz, Albert 274.410 
Janne, Jack E. 410 
Jantz, Orlo K. 283.338 
Janzen, Joel D. 177,410 
Jarchow, Donald F. 79,85.106,411 
Jaro, Jack D. 97,100,306,411 
Jasim, Abdul J. 113,411 
Jasper. Herman F. 77,177,411 
Jedwabny, Robert L. 216,219,284,411 
Jeffers, George W. 119 
Jeffers, Keith W. 94,411 
Jefferson, Alyce L. 109 
Jefferson, Harry J. 107 
Jeffery, Stephen R. 293,411 
Jenkins. Donald L. 62,111,284,338 
Jenkins. Marilyn J. 260.338 
Jennings. Richard M. 281,411 
Jennison, Donald P. 280,411 
Jensen, Janis L. 117,265,411 
Jessop. Frank D. 271,310,411 
Jester, Jan E. 411 
Jesseye, Eva 165 
Jewett. Loretta J. 102.305,411 
Jewett. Mildred R. 339 
Jilka, Daniel L. 100,411 
Joffray, Carole S. 125,297,411 
Johansen. Richard D. 106 
John, Edward S. 107.286,411 
Johns, Charles J. 279,411 
Johnson. Adelia A. 104,160,268,411 
Johnson. Arthur J. 289,339 
Tohnson. Barbara A. 81,104,113,116,411 
Johnson, Barbara A. 297.303,339 
Johnson, Betty L. 113.303.411 
Johnson, Charles B. 69.97,228.411 
Johnson, Charles E. 120,286.339 
Johnson, Charles W. 112,411 
Johnson, Clinton R. 97,339 
Johnson, Colleen R. 411 
Johnson, Dena 115 
Johnson, Dennis R. 411 
Johnson, Duane A. 61,62.82,87,193,339 
Johnson, Dwight W. 339 
Johnson, Eldon H. 281,339 
Johnson, Ernest M. 68,98.339 
Johnson, Frank E. 294,339 
Johnson, Gene W. 411 
Johnson, Gerald R. 339 
Johnson. Henry W. 285.411 
Johnson, Mrs. Hamer 264 
Johnson, James L. 118,173,277,411 
Johnson, Jean 109 
Johnson, Jere L. 96,339 
Johnson, Jerold F. 217.279,411 
Johnson, Jerome J. 228,308,411 
Johnson. John L. 290,411 
Johnson, John R. 280,411 
Johnson. John \V. 68.83,276,339 
Johnson, John W. 106,273,411 
Johnson, Joseph A. 97,280,411 
Johnson, Joseph P 288,411 
Johnson, Karl L. 120,411 
Johnson, Kenneth D. 284,411 
Johnson, I.arrv L. 91.295,412 
Johnson, J.arry M. 181,309,412 
Johnson, Lillian M. 297,412 
Johnson, Linda E. 412 
Johnson, Loren J. 181,309,412 
Johnson, Lowell D. 281,412 
Johnson, Marvin E. 412 
Johnson. Nancy 367 
Johnson. Nancy E. 125,297,412 
Johnson. Nancy L. 303,412 
Johnson, Patricia A. 267,412 
Johnson. Patricia L. 305,339 
Johnson, Paul N. 306.412 
Johnson, Ralph D. 76,289,339 
Johnson, Ralph T. 75,92,287,340 
Johnson, Rhonda R. 64,267,412 
Johnson, Richard G. 69,290,340 
Johnson, Richard L. 291,412 
Johnson, Robert L. 412 
Johnson, Robert W. 110 
Johnson, Ronald J. 340 
Johnson. Stanley D. 108,275,412 
Johnson, Sue C. 117,178.261,412 
Johnson, Thomas A. 97,412 
Johnson, Thomas N. 96,340 
Johnson, William H. 69.96,181,340 
Johnson. Wilma C. L15 
Johnston, Alberta H. 70 
Johnston. Elsie B. 121,303,412 
Johnston. Joyce E. 84,262.412 
Johnston, Kenneth W. 271,309,340 
Johnston, Mrs. Pauline 290 
Johnston, Tom G. 412 
Joines, Lynne V. 64,112,303,412 
Jolley, Sarah K. 269,340 
Jones, Alfred P. 340 
Jones, Arthur L. 67 
Jones, Barbara J. 64,179,305,412 

Jones, Beatrice J. 64,179,305,412 

Jones, Billy J. 176 

Jones. Bobby R. 120,233,234 

Jones, Daniel C. 203,205,306,412 

Jones, Delaine D. 109 

Jones, Elmer E. 97 

Jones, Frank D. 98,340 

Jones, George R. 67,100,340 

Jones, Harold E. 35 

Jones, Harry D. 286,412 

Jones, Jacqueline L. 297,412 

Jones, Jerry J. 279,412 

Jones, Jimmie J. 228,340 

Jones, John B. 108 

Jones, Joseph S. 120,289,340 

Jones, Larry L. 412 

Jones, Mina E. 125,261,271,300,412 

Jones, Myrtle M. 115 

Jones. Mrs. Paul 260 

Jones, P. J. 187 

Jones, Ralph 412 

Jones, Ramon W. 285,412 

Jones, Richard A. 412 

Jones. Sidney R. 291.412 

Jones, William R. 295,412 

Jordan, Mary A. 84,85,103,113,177, 

Joslin. Dean F. 277,340 
Joy, Denretta L. 117,265,340 
Judging Teams 192,193,194 
Judy, John W. 106 
Judy. Shirley 109 
Julian, Greta L. 84,85,297,412 
Jump, Alexander G. 71,284,340 
Jump, Olinda 114 
Jung, John P. 290,340 
[unghans, David D. 292,413 
Jr. AVMA 105-108 
Jr. AVMA Auxiliary 109 
Jurenka, Frank D. 413 
Jury, Robert S. 286,413 
Jusilla. Clyde 179 
Just. Delbert E. 176,413 

K-Fraternity 120 

K-State Christian Fellowship 78 

KSC Veterans Organization 120 

K-State Players 118 

Kaaz, Richard L. 284.340 

Kabance. Larue B. 91 

Kadel, John E. 294,340 

Kail, Richard L. 291,413 

Kaine, Albert A. 67,289,340 

Kalia. Het R. 90,112,369 

Kalm, Raymond H. 413 

Kalous. Dorothy A. 263,413 

Kalous, Marilyn J. 101,263,413 

Kamdar, Vasantlal C. 126 

Kamerman, Herman T. 274,413 

Kamctz. Janie L. 114 

Kaminsky, Ira M. 274,340 

Kamphf. Paul 208 

Kanawyer, Richard M. 413 

Kanu, Princewill 120 

Kappa Beta 79 

Kappa Delta 267 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 268 

Kappa Phi 84,85 

Kappa Sigma 284 

Karlen, Larry R. 113,160,280,413 

Karnopp, Gary M. 77,306,413 

Karr. Gerald f.. 95,113.413 

Karst, Gary G. 270,294,413 

Kasbah 311 

Kashner, Joe 249,281,413 

Kastens, James L. 105,287,340 

Kastens, Karl B. 65,76,287,341 

Kastens, William H. 369 

Kastner, Denzil D. 341 

Kastner, James D. 119,191 

Kastner, Joann 114 

Kastner. William D. 222,292,413 

Kater, Glenn E. 67,83 

Kats' Kove 312 

Katz. Robert 53 

Kaufman, Carol J. 64,124,262,270,413 

Kaufman, Dale E. 100,413 

Kaufman, Jerome B. 217 

Kay, Francis G. 280.413 

Kay. Gary L. 280,413 

Keady, Lloyd E. 203.206 

Keane, Carolyn 125,268.300,413 

Keating. James R. 77.91,271,309,341 

Keck, Frances M. 262,413 

Kedzie, Rosamond 78 

Reefer, Kenneth L. 118,284,413 

Keefer, Mrs. L. E. 277 

Kcegan, Warren J. 73,111,270,291,341 

Keelan, John E. 203,207 

Keeler. Orville A. 293,413 

Keeling, Jay R. 68,100,341 

Keeling, Nancy L. 115 
Keener, Darrell E. 89,113,194, 

Keeney, William K. 83 
Keeton, Calvin B. 119 
Keif, Sharon R. 78,125,263,297,413 
Keil, Sandra M. 125,261,297,413 
Keim, Clarence L. 65,341 
Keim. S. Thomas 39 
Keintz, Mrs. O. E. 310 
Keith, Cecil G. 341 
Keith, Chester L. 311,413 
Kell, Leone 48 

Keller, Ladonna B. 118,125,263,300,414 
Keller, Maryanne 76,101,125,265,297,414 
Kelley Buster E. 341 
Kelley. Dennis R. 277,414 
Kelley, Marlene 115 
Kelley, Robert K. 280,414 
Kelley, Thomas E. 341 
Kellogg, Carol M. 104,113,117,264,414 
Kelly. Steve D. 69,96,292,341 
Kelsey, Marjorie 109 
Kelsey, William F. 107 
Keltner, John W. 39,63 
Kemnitz, Gilbert G. 72,341 
Kemper, Keith D. 187,288,414 
Kempin, Carl H. 67,278,341 
Kempthorne, Gerald C. 118,369 
Kendall, Denise D. 269,414 
Kendall, Leland D. 150,281,341 
Kenison, Danette S. 175,257.261,414 
Kennedy. John L. 181,281,414 
Kennedy, Nolan T. 77.287,414 
Kennedy, Ray D. 308.414 
Kenworthy, Ralph F. 88,194,341 
Kephart. Lester E. 69,96 
Kepley, Larry R. 85,88,113,308,414 
Kerber, Joyce A. 125,300,414 
Kerbs, Gerald K. 244,293,341 
Kerchner, R. M. 43,67 
Kerley, Melvin E. 341 
Kerr, Patricia 115 
Kerr. James R. 77 
Kerr, Walter B. 96 
Kerr, Wendell 17 
Kershaw, Jarvis D. 245,290,414 
Kershner, Edna 267 
Kersting, Jack F. 83,88 
Kesinger, Donald A. 91,286,414 
Kesler. Joel R. 281,414 
Kessinger. Howard D. 185,187,341 
Kester, Larry D. 106 
Kethcart, Barbara A. 117,261,414 
Ketter, William E. 77,106,414 
Kevill, Marves 115 
Keyse, Norman V. 114,281,414 
Kidd, Mary J. 112,300,414 
Kidd, Robert D. 270,282,414 
Kiddo, Charles N. 307,414 
Kiddoo. Clyde H. 120,211,214,215, 

Kiddoo, John G. 72,123,341 
Kientz, Charles O. 310,414 
Kientz, Mrs. O.E. 310 
Kiger, Paul A. 107 
Kihn, Carolyn A. 303,414 
Kilbourne, David 249 
Kilian, Larry D. 414 
Killian, Winifred A. 269,414 
Kilpatrick, Patricia 102,260,414 
Kim, Tae W. 112 
Kim, Yee S. 91,341 
Kiniherlin, Richard R. 414 
Kimes. Mary L. 305,414 
Kimel, William 23 
Kincaid, Wayne S. 310,342 
Kind, Robert E. 105,273,342 
Kindall, Feme I. 119,305,414 
King. Carol L. 124. 263.414 
King, Connie S. 263.270,414 
King, Daniel C. 108,284,414 
King, Don W. 273,414 
King, Emily D. 117,414 
King, Gary W. 415 
King. Jay D. 282,415 
King, Kathlyn J. 79,80,116,303,342 
King, Oliver W. 102 
King, Rannells 120,342 
King. Tommy G. 222,249,281,415 
Kmtigh, Jerry L. 91,282,415 
Kipfer, Mrs. Olive 275 
Kippenberger. Thomas 77,287,415 
Kipple, Frank P. 415 
Kirk. Joan E. 85,125,300,415 
Kirkeminde, Thomas W. 62,105,342 
Kirkland, Richard E. 97,100,342 
Kirmser, Phillip 179 
Kirtland, Ruth S. 124,262,415 
Kirton, Katherine L. 103.300,415 
Kirton, Kenneth T. 62,90,193,275,342 
Kiser, Robert K. 276,415 
Kissick, Robert M. 126,290,415 
Kitching, Richard S. 415 
Kite, Beverley L. 300,415 
Kitterman, John H. 415 
Klecan, Carol A. 268.415 
Klecan. Kathryn J. 268,300,415 
Klein, Darwin K. 118,172,173,415 
Klemm. Howard L. 342 
Kling, Kay A. 415 
Klod and Kernel Klub 93 
Klotzbach. Martin S. 76.287,368 
Klover, Bernard D. 278,342 
Klusmeyer, Louis F. 110,306,342,415 
Knapp, Carl B. 119 
Knapp, Fred W. 94 
Knappenbergcr, Tom E. 310,415 
Knepper, Elmer D. 80,415 
Knepper, Louella J. 70.75,80,305,415 
Knewtson, Harold D. 85,306,415 
Knight. Barbara F. 260,415 
Knight, Jane E. 261,300,415 

Knoche, Donna J. 48,60,79,80,102, 

Knoche, Jimmie G. 72,123,342 

Knoche, Larry L. 123,415 

Knorr, Fritz G. 120,199,222 

Knotek, Diane 153 

Know, Sharon K. 262 

Knowles, Barbara 185 

Knowles, Stanley W. 245,290,415 

Knowles, Terry L. 188,246,290,415 

Knox, Harry L. 286,342 

Knox, Ralph W. 69,73,342 

Knox, Sharon K. 415 

Knudsen, Donald D. 61,73,111 

Knutson, Herbert 36,94 

Koch. Keith D. 126,415 

Koch, William G. 291,415 

Kocher, Edward T. 309,342 

Kocher, Marlin E. 310,415 

Kochner, John P. 273,415 

Koehn, George S. 72,342 

Koerner, Jean A. 102,266,297,415 

Kohlschreiber, Richard 105,278,343 

Kohman, Fred H. 415 

Kohr. Ruth M. 104.303.343 

Kolb. Herbert R. 281,416 

Kolde, James H. 293,416 

Kollman, Patricia A. 371 

Komer, Eva 115 

Komer, John W. 68.99,368 

Konzem, Robert R. 416 

Koon, Kathryn E. 269.416 

Koon, Sara D. 269,416 

Kope, Margaret E. 265,300,416 

Kopf. Melvin L. 416 

Kopf, Royce D. 67,97,416 

Korbe. Donald D. 77,276,416 

Korbe, Maurice A. 76 

Kordus, Joan 77,119,300,416 

Korinek, Carol A. 85,175,300,416 

Koss, John S. 77,100,117,416 

Kossover, Calvin 274,416 

Koster, John F. 288,343 

Kottner, Loren 21,22 

Kouba, Emil R. 67,343 

Kraft, Janice M. 70,103,124,189,263,416 

Kramer, Henry E. 82,99,278,416 

Kramer, Martha 47 

Kramer, Rudolph H. 343 

Kranz, Arthur H. 278,343 

Kranz, Kenneth R. 278,416 

Kratochvil, Milo V. 98,294,343 

Kratzer, Donald K. 293,416 

Kraus, Don R. 294,343 

Kraus, Roberta L. 260,297,416 

Kraus, Roger K. 295,416 

Krause, Janet 115 

Kraushaar. Hermas D. 120,177,343 

Kreitler, Frank A. 295,343 

Kretzer, Douglas D. 343 

Kretzmeier, Betty W. 187,297,416 

Krey, Gailynn C. 117,124,260,416 

Kriegh, Caroline J. 343 

Krizan, Jo Ann 103 

Krizan, Robert L. 203,277.416 

Krizek, Kenneth R. 113.343 

Kroeker. Larry L. 98 

Kroell, Judie L. 175,260,416 

Krone, James V. 106,292,416 

Kronvall, Norman H. 306,416 

Kruckenberg, Larry 416 

Krueger, Charles K. 82,278,416 

Krueger, Marvin D. 72,343 

Kruger, Arvilla G. 85,104,303,343 

Krull, Leslie E. 203 

KSDB-FM 190.191 

K-State Engineer 181 

Kubik, David L. 68,343 

Kubik, Dorothy J. 85,117,303,416 

Kubik. Harold E. 79,85,97,343 

Kudinger, Don 65 

Kufahl, Marilyn J. 176,297,416 

Kugelman, William B. 280,416 

Kugler, Harold J. 62,106,279,416 

Kugler. Janet A. 24.124,175,265,416 

Kuhl. Tristan T. Ill 

Kulp, James C. 111,291,416 

Kulp, Kathleen K. 61.64,93,303,343 

LaBarre, Barbara 75 

LaBarre, Gary C. 416 

La Citadel 311 

Ladd, Eldon R. 276,416 

Laddish, George P. 203,207,293,416 

Lafene, Dr. Benjamin 17 

Lafferty, Gary L. 175,279,417 

Lafferty, Jim 2 37 

LaFromboise, Cherie 125,297,417 

Lai, Chi Sen 369 

Lai, Sing Ping 369 

Lair. John M. 275,417 

Laird, Constance A. 417 

Lake, Rhea A. 77,101,262,417 


Lai, Sardar B. 112,118 
Lala, Carol 462 
Lamar, Ralph D. 290,417 
Lamb, Imogene E. 268,417 
Lamb, William G. 100,343 
Lambda Chi Alpha 285 
Lambert, Shirley A. 261,417 
Lambing, Ralph M. 209 
Lancaster, Donald K. 71,119,343 
Lancaster, Edith A. 60,104,111,113, 

Landes, John W. 281,417 
Landis, Keith R. 78,84,99,177, 

'282,417 ' 
Lane, Aaron J. 273,417 
Lang, Leroy A. 282,417 
Lange, Nancy A. 266,305,417 
Langford, Laura L. 117,261,417 
Langshaw, Frances L. 262,417 
Langshaw. George 71,172,369 
Lank, Donald J. 96,417 
Lanning, F. C. 65 
Lansing, James B. 292,417 
Larkin, Betty J. 125,266.300,417 
Larkin, Darlene A. 24,48,70,84,85, 

Larsen, DeLoyd B. 82,175,271,278.417 
Larson, Carol B. 85,112,176,297,417 
Larson, Charles W. 290,417 
Larson, David L. 175,281,344 
Larson, Donald J. 284,344 
Larson, Ernest W. 279.417 
Larson. George H. 43 
Larson, Gretchen A. 177,267,300,417 
Larson, Karen F. 125,300,417 
LaRue, Joe N. 417 
Lashbrook, Ralph 25,40,66 
Laskey, Octavius C. 141,291,417 
Lassman, Garry W. 278,417 
Lathrop. Robert R. 185 
Lathrop, Wilma J. 115 
Latzke. Alpha 48 
Laughlin, James A. 105,275,344 
Lauxman, Helen D. 303,417 
Laverentz, Harold D. 69,344 
Laverentz, Larry L. 113,275,417 
Lawrence, Gary D. 293,417 
Lawrence, Layle D. 370 
Lawrence, Robert B. 91.111,285,417 
Lawson, Fred A. 94 
Lawson, Ha F. 79,80,101,303,417 
Lawson, Jimmy D. 176,417 
Lawson, Kathleen M. 80 
Lawson, Leta M. 79,80,113,303.417 
Lawson, Robert H. 72,119,120,417 
Lawton, Ellen 462 
Lazarus, Gary J. 276,418 
Lazarus, Leeman D. 81,289,418 
Leaf, Boris 15 
Leaf, John P. 280,344 
Leasure. E. E. 50 
Leasure. Elden E. 72.123,344 
Leasure, Sylvia D. 122,344 
Leavengood, Luther 40,177,179 
Lecavitts, Jim 200 
Lee, Bernard A. 418 
Lee. Daniel 62.91,344 
Lee, H. B. 40,199 
Lee, J. C. 271,295,418 
Lee, James K. 97 
Lee, Terry E. 203,418 
Lee, Tsiun L. 370 
Lee, Young S. 344 
Leedham, George 178 
LeGault. Leonard A. 203,207 
Lehew, Harry D. 209,277,418 
Lehman. Ardith A. 263.418 
Lieker, Ronald 77,271,308,418 
Leonard. Gerald D. 65,273.418 
Leonhard, Joyce A. 300,418 
Lervold, Laverne M. 73,69,99 
Lesh, Larry M. 201,279,418 
Leslie, Ron D. 228.294,418 
Lester. Stephen K. 209,290,418 
Leuthold, Larry D. 276.418 
Leverton, Dolan D. 90,119,344 
Levett, Marilyn K. 77 
Levin, Jon A. 280,344 
Lewallen, Glen E. 177.282,418 
Lewelling, James D. 181,284,418 
Lewis, Barbara J. 160,175,263,344 
Lewis, Bert R. 46,108 
Lewis, Carroll E. 36,85,87,119, 

Lewis, John M. 284.418 
Lewis, Judith R. 263,297,418 
Lewis, Robert D. 105,344 
Lewis, Stanley E. 418 
Lewis, Walter H. 113,180,275,418 
I.idolph, Alvin A. 107 
Lidolph, Twyla J. 109 
Lieber. William D. 176,344 
Liebler, Alan J. 294,418 
Light, Barbara J. 104,300,418 
Lillig, Helen C. 76,124.305.418 
Lillis, Thomas M. 76.209,287,418 
Lilly, Carolyn M. 176 
Lilly, Janice M. 85,125,300,418 
Lilly, Joanne 78 
Lincoln, Julius F. 289,418 
Lincoln. Robert C. 294.418 
Lindberg. Keith A. 306,418 
Lindbloom, Richard C. 419 
Lindburg, Ragnar N. 79,97,113,275,419 
Lindenmuth, Karl E. 120,231.233 
Linder, Kay K. 177,305,419 
Lindley, Evelyn M. 124,300,419 
Lindner, Norman G. 370 
Lindquist, Grace 9 
Lindquist, Val A. 98,308,419 
Lindsay. James P. 279,419 
Lindsay, Patricia R. 300,119 
Lindsey, Billy E. 203 
Lingle, Charles E. 291.419 

Linn, Leighton L. 108 

Linn, Neva 109 

Linnebur, Alan A. 87,419 

Linnell, James E. 97,344 

Linnell, Peggy 114 

Linville, Sharon S. 125,300,419 

Lippe, Dwight E. 419 

Lippe, Noel R. 25,280,419 

Lips, John S. 89 

Lisher, Jimmy L. 120,292,419 

Little American Royal 154-155 

Liu. Irwin K. 306,419 

Livengood, Dale L. 344 

Livingston, Donald G. 273,419 

Livingston, Richard 119 

Lloyd, Pat 73 

Lobmeyer. David H. 77,96,271, 

Lobmeyer, Joann 186,344 
Lockard, Daniel W. 306,419 
Lockett, Jack 21 
Loeckle, Janice E. 117,303,419 
Loftus, Mary F. 300,419 
Londene, Carl E. 419 
Long, Glen C. 217,289,419 
Long. Rogena J. 265,419 
Long, Suzanna L. 110,261,419 
Longley, Dave H. 306,419 
Longsdorf, L. L. 37 
Lonker, Donald W. 175,279,419 
Lonker, James M. 177,279,419 
Loo, Walter L. 344 
Looby, George P. 106,275,419 
Loomis, Harold I. 228,419 
Lortscher, Kenneth 345 
Loseke. Fred W. 419 
Loseke, Phyllis f. 124,250,303,345 
Lothman, Donna L. 82 
Lothman, John A. 82,99,111,345 
Loucks, Earl D. 419 
Loucks, Martin J. 79,85,309,419 
Louloudes, Spiro J. 94 
Love, Phyllis R. 104,110,124,305,419 
Lovin, Robert E. 88 
Low, Cynthia J. 269,419 
Lowderman, Jan 171,172 
Lowe, Barbara J. 141,265,419 
Lowe, Darrell A. 79,85,420 
Lowe, Larry E. 123,280,345 
Lowell, Donald G. 68,69,126 
Lowell, Russell D. 420 
Loyd, David P. 281,420 
Lucas, Donald G. 345 
Luck, Gary E. 279,420 
Luckman, Charles 165 
Ludwig, Wilma R. 48,76,104,117,303,325 
Luedders, Larry H. 278,420 
Luedders, Leroy W. 278,420 
Luedders, Virgil D. 94 
Luginsland, Loris L. 89 
Luginsland Rae C. 89,345,420 
Lukert, Phil D. 108 
Lumb. J. W. 15 
Lumb, Dale R. 67,100,176,420 
Lumpkin, Jane 109 
Lumpkin, Louis A. 107 
Lundgren, Daniel H. 420 
Lundgren, Donald E. 295,420 
Lundgrin, Nelson E. 79,100,117.311,420 
Lutheran Students Association 82 
Luthi, Arvid D. 420 
Lutz. Eugene F. 65,118 
Lutz. Helen D. 151,160,265,420 
Lutz, Laura L. 125,138,139,268,297,420 
Lutz, Patricia A. 41,64,85,124,269,420 
Luzinski, James P. 203,207 
Lybarger, Charlotte 70.102,265,345 
Lydick, Jo Ann 269.420 
Lyell. Richard L. 97,275.420 
Lygrisse, James M. 294,420 
Lyle, James W. Jr. 77,420 
Lyles, Mrs. T. M. 273 
Lyman, Eva 95 
Lynch, Robert D. 118 
Lynn, Warren 79,85.280,345 
Lyon, Laura A. 22,60,61,188,268.345 
Lyons, Eugene T. 308,370 
I yons, Lowell J. 284.420 
Lysell, John E. 420 


MacDonald, Julie 189,263,300,420 
Macek, Bemadine M. 267,345 
Macek, Leroy H. 420 
MacFee, Claudine B. 76,113,117,176, 

MacFee, Gerald P. 76,112,420 
Mach, Duane L. 107 
Mach. Virleen 109 
Macke, Lillis M. 420 
Mackender, Daryl 13. 279,420 
Macklin. Ira E. 290,345 
Macy, Elbert B. 66 

Macy, JanetS. 103,300,420 

Madden, David L. 106 

Maddux, Leroyce A. 95,250,252,303,420 

Maddux, Ray E. 65,111 

Maderak, Marion L. 123 

Mader, Ernest L. 93,194 

Madsen, Janet L. 48,103,189.262,420 

Maggard, Michael J. 77„287,420 

Magruder, Emmalea 124,260,420 

Man, Jimmy 420 

Mahanna, Gordon K. 420 

Mai. Betty J. 82,176,297,420 

Maier. John E. 420 

Mailen, James C. 96,421 

Main, Robert L. 293,421 

Maley, Jimie G. 100,421 

Maley, Larry D. 100,345 

Maley, LaVona J. 115 

Malh'otra. Om P. 118 

Malicky, Joanne C. 118,309,370 

Malir, Kenneth C. 421 

Mall, Jaclyn G. 125,297.421 

Mall, Robert L. 91,280,421 

Malm, Gerhard A. 106,345 

Malone, George M. 421 

Maloney, Robert L. 249,290,345 

Manchester, Gerald D. 82,98.278,421 

Mangelsdorf. H. Irene 125,189,269, 

M.ingus, Richard T. 312,421 
Manion, Anne L. 24,269,421 
Mann, Amba 462 

Mann, Judith L. 125.189.269,300,421 
Mann, Ruth M. 367 
Mansfield. Marion F. 72 
Mansfield, Richard E. 63,84,118,345 
Maples, Don 185 
Mar, Homer Y. 421 
Marcuson, Ralph C. 421 
Mardis, Merlin 368 
Margheim, Laurice M. 421 
Mariner, James L. 227,281,421 
Marion, G. B. 62,90.193 
Marker, Donald M. 66,186,187, 

Markle, Philip W. 290,421 
Markley, JanetS. 83,117,303,345 
Markley, John R. 105,273,345 
Markley, Quinten L. 310,370 
Markley, Richard D. 310,421 
Marneli, Joseph P. 145,280.421 
Marnix, Helen 115 
Marquardt, Carl A. 273,421 
Marsh, James D. 99,294,345 
Marshall, Barbara 269,421 
Marshall. Bob 201,206 
Marshall. Lloyd C. 421 
Marshall. Philip H. 284,421 
Martell, Frederick N. 421 
Marten, Gerald D. 312,421 
Martin, Billy L. 126 
Martin, Boyd C. 107 
Martin, Carroll C. 112,300,421 
Martin, Charlene R. 115 
Martin, Don A. 203.206,209,222 
Martin, Gene A. 73,247,306, 12 I 
Martin, Gene B. 119,285,345 
Martin, Katherine J. 103,125,266,297,421 
Martin, Lynne 83,125,189,269,297,422 
Martin, Mary A. 115 
Martin, Robert W. 422 
Martin, Rose M. 101,303,422 
Martin, Willard 36,192 
Martinek, Melvin V. 90 
Martinez. Samuel 70 
Martinitz, Dale L. 98 
Marts, Gordon A. 98 
Marvel, Beverly 367 
Marvin, Frances 179 
Mase, Gerald D. 96,111,291,422 
Mashal, Shawkat M. 112 
Mason, William L. 294,422 
Masonic Club 119 
Massie, Maud W. 76 
Masterson, Robert G. 123,346 
Matayoshi. Larry N. 306,422 
Mathews, George H. 285,346 
Mathias, Oral B. 119 
Mathis. Charles L. 422 
Matson, Georgearn 109,280 
Matson, Gera 115 
Matson. James E. 93 
Matson, John R. 107 
Matson, Randolph C. 308,422 
Matsuoka, Donald S. 227,245 
Mattas. Marlene B. 77,303,422 
Matthew, Dave L. 94 
Mattmglv, Ralph D. 285,422 
Mattson, Max L. 278.422 
Matuszak. Donald J. 214,215,216, 

Matzke. Ma reel la L. 300,422 
Maupin, Jack A. 87,346 
Maurath. Clement J. 422 
Maurer Eugene M. 62,91,368 
Maurer, Larry J. 97,100 
May. Harley E. 96.346 
May. Judith O. 70.102.346 
May, Mrs. Pearl M. 285 
Mayden, Walter I. 281.122 
Mayer. Ellsworth E. 118 
Maver. Leo 462 
Mayers, Robert 462 
Mayfield. Mrs. Lyle 312 
Mayfield. Ben M. 72.123.312.316 
Mayne. Anton W. 422 
Mays, Sandra H. 202.300.422 
Mi Adams, Shirley I.. 85,103, I ' ' 
McAlister, lav [62 
McAuley, Miriam G. 263, !22 
McBratney, Warren S. 277, I " 
McBratney, William F. (22 
McCabe, < harles A. 290.422 
McCain, Caroline M. 176.300. 122 

McCain, James A. 8,10 
McCain, Mrs. James A. 9 
McCain, Sheila 9 
McCall Leland F. 100,346 
McCallister, James L. 98,346 
McCallum, George D. 95,292,346 
McCandless, Alice A. 84,85,102, 

McCandless, Elin K. 24,48,103,113,144, 

McCandless, Richard 311,422 
McCarl, Steven R. 292,422 
McCartney, Judith K. 269,346 
McCauley, Curtis L. 422 
McCauley, Maxine 109 
McClellen, James A. 346 
McClelland, Patricia 300,422 
McClelland, Shirley 116,264,303,422 
McClenahan, Patsy N. 24,85,175, 

McClenny, Doris E. 113,303,422 
McClun, David E. 107 
McClun, Diana 114 
McClure, David E. 113,422 
McClure, Donald A. 291,422 
McClure, Michael E. 311,422 
McComb, John G. 244.293.422 
McConnell, Aura E. 108,110,266,305,422 
McConnell, Vernon K. 209 
McConnell, Winifred 297,423 
McCormic, Kenneth R. 80,175 
McCormick, Frank J. 99 
McCormick, George L. 273,423 
McCormick. James E. 245.246.248,290,423 
McCosh, Carol L. 112,297,423 
McCosh, Donald K. 99 
McCourt, Thomas C. 278,423 
McCoy, Ann 115 
McCoy, Bobbie R. 98 
McCoy, Edward A. 288,423 
McCoy, Jim 209 
McCoy, Kenneth E. 423 
McCoy, Lester 10 
McCoy, Mary E. 24,267,423 
McCoy, Theodore L. 190 
McCrea, James R. 111,346 
McCready, Marylyn A. 60,270,346 
McCreary, Martha 109 
McCreary, Marvin L. 108 
McCroskey. Janet L. 101,303,423 
McCue, Charlie 201 
McCullough, Charles 167 
McCullough, Ray 91,310,423 
McCully, Robert L. 286,346 
McCune, George P. 113,176.275,423 
McCune. Ronald W. 209,423 
McCurdy, Gene 247 
McDaneld. Marcella in 
McDaneld, Donald E. 69,346 
McDaniel, Dolan K. 72,120,233, 

McDaniel, Gayner R. 92 
McDaniel. John B. 423 
McDaniel, Roland N. 73.292,346 
MiDanieu, Lawrence L. 123 
McDermott, Patricia 77,160,266.305,423 
McDonald, Donald G. 370 
McDonald, Lawrence D. 141,291,423 
McDonald, Robert E. 219,293.423 
McDonald. Rubyellen 85,125,297,423 
McDowell, M. T. 65 
McDowell, Robert O. 95,279.42, 
McElroy, Richard M. 281,346,423 
McElroy, Robert T. 78 
McEntyre. John 98 
McFall. Joseph E. 293.423 
McFall, Robert L. 85.97,113.308,423 
McFillen, Roger L. 423 
McGalliard. Everett 290.423 
McGehee, John 346 ,„„,,« , ,v 

McGhee. Larry L. 25.11.3,175,180,275,346 
McGinnis, Clifford D. 292.423 
McGinty, Ralph J. 97 
McGrath. Robert J. 42 3 
McGrew, Victor J. 289.42 3 
McGuffev. Gale W. 67.69,97,100 
McGuffey, lane in 
McHenry, Wendell D. 222 
McHugh. James H. 69.73,181.346 
McHugh. Patricia J. 77.125,300.423 
Mcintosh. Merlyn 368 
Mclntyre. Charles P. 423 . 
McKean. Edwin R. 65,294,423 
McKee, Jerry B. 423 
McKee. Vernon C. 370 
McKeniff. Nancy J 70.117.26042^ 
McKenna Leonard J. 
McKenna, Pat 115 
NUKenna. Tim E. 107,275.423 
McKenzie, Clyde O. 273.423 
McKinley, Jim 203 
McKinney. Mary A. 112.300,423 
McKinn.e. Ronald W. 88.111.1H1. 

McKinnK Barbara R. 
McKrlight. David E. 60.62,105.275,347 
McKnight, Margaret F. 70.262,424 
McKn.ght. Marilyn N. 66,84,186, 

ilin, Frank 424 
Nancy J. 84.300.424 
William M. M 
,n, Shirley M. 76.347 
■r Barton J10.424 
a, Marvin M. 281.42 
n Susan E. L77.300, 
n, Howard L. J08.42 
McMillen, lams K. 64, 12 I 
McMullen. Dorothy lis 
McMullen, Maurice D. 69.96 
McMurry, Jerry N 284 424 
McMurray, Loren \\ . 284,347 
McNary, Harry P. 99 
McNeill. Ken 13. 2^).i2 1 





McNelis. Marilyn M. 48.70,102 

McPhail, Howard B. 98,3-17 
McPheeters, Charlene M. 115 
McPheeters, John G. 119 
McQueen, Nancy J. 268,347,424 
McRae, Esther M. 85.112.297.-iJ4 
McReynolds. Eldora Z. 79.80,103, 

McShane. Patricia K. 177,303,424 
McVay. Nancy S. 121.12 5,179, 

McWhorter, Larry L. 281,424 
McZillen. Roger L. 87 
Meade. Harlari E. 77,424 
Meador, Marlin 286,424 
Mears. Dorinda J. 95,262,347 
Mears, James R. 424 
Mechesney, Flora E. 268,424 
Mechesney, Susan E. 125,268,300,424 
Mechsner, Richard M. 99,424 
Meckfessel. Anita C. 176,300,424 
Meckling, James 209 
Medcraft, John \V. 282,424 
Medlin, C. J. 66.131.184 
Meegan, Frances L. 95,263,424 
Meegan, Frank 99,175.289,424 
Meek, James M. 292.424 
Meeks. Ellis M. 176,424 
Meier. Gene R. 203,207,209 
Meier, Paul R. 424 
Meinert, Vernon O. 82,278,424 
Meisinger. Charles W. 424 
Meitler, Neal D. 82,278. [2 i 
Meitler. Sherry L. 242.261,297 424 
Melcher, Alvin E. 105,347 
Melia, Jerry L. 113,424 
Mellor, Diana J. 81,261,424 
Melroy. David J. 98,368 
Melroy, Lee Ann 368 
Melzer, Edith 303,425 
Mendenhall, Forrest 277,425 
Mengeling. William L. 108,288.425 
Mentgen. Ronald 77.96,270,287 347 4">5 
Menzies, Carl S. 61 
Mercer. William J. 110.425 
Meriwether, Nancy A. 103,300,425 
Merrill. Robert G. 42 5 
Merriel, Sarah M. 70,347 
Merritt. Connie 125,265,300,425 
Merritt, James R. 69,97,100,347 
Merritt, Linda 118,125,265,300,425 
Merryman, Donna L. 122 
Merryman, Raleigh J. 123,370 
Merten, Robert L. 211,219,290 425 
Mertes, Bus 201,203,208 
Meseke. Donald W. 67,97,425 
Metz, Jerry 72,123,270,289,347 
Meyer, Charles K. 91,347 
Meyer. Elizabeth D. 115 
Meyer, Floyd W. 82,89,92,425 
Meyer, Gail A. 82,176,303',425 
Meyer. Lawrence E. 425 
Meyer, Lou Ann 112,425 
Meyer, Marilyn 84 
Meyer, Martin M. 79,85,90,425 
Meyer, Noel R. 278,425 
Meyer, Rawleigh H. 278,425 
Meyer. Raymond E. 82,425 
Meyer, Richard J. 126 
Meyer. William D. 309,425 
Meyers, Allen J. 245,290,425 
Meyers, Marjean A. 264,42 5 
Meyers, M. Patricia 125,177,269 

Michaels, Charles L. 113,194,275,425 
Michaels. Gavona J. 48,84,85 104 

Michaels, Robert J. 425 
Michel, Donald E. 425 
Michel. William H. 425 
Middle-ton, Jack C. 294,425 
Mihordin, Ronald J. 291,425 
Miksch, Charles D. 62,89,113 

Miksch, Eldon D. 62.105,348 
Milbourn, Mary A. 303,425 
Milbourn, Max 15 
Miles. Donald W. 209 
Milindhaboon, Malali 370 
Millenbruch, Gary L. 244,293,425 
Miller, A. D. 95 
Miller, Bernice 367 
Miller. Beverly 60,64.71,84,85,114, 

Miller, Carol S. 41,138,139,269,348 
Miller, Caroline D. 167 
Miller, Charlotte R. 348 
Miller, Darrel E. 25,60,66,186,348 
Miller, David A. 306,425 
Miller, Devon 281,425 
Miller, Donald David 180 
Miller, Donald Dean 113,182,425 
Miller, Donald G. 425 
Miller, Donald R. 285.425 
Miller, F.dwin O. 284,425 
Miller, Eldon 288,426 
Miller, Eugene 65,426 
Miller, Gerald D. 65,91 
Miller, Gerald J. 62,77.105,348 
Miller, James Riley 67,97,280,348,426 
Miller, James Robert 69,100,348 
Miller, Jim R. 123 
Miller. Joann M. 262,348 
Miller, lohn M. 100,172 
Miller, (Catherine L. 117.265,426 
Miller, Kenneth K. 288,426 
Miller, Kenneth W. 126 
Miller. Larrv L. 278,426 
Miller, Lee R. 308,426 
Miller, Lowell F. 289.426 
Miller, Marvin J. 426 
Miller. Mary K. 120,265,426 
Miller, Paul L. 73,233 

Miller, Richard C. 285,348 
Miller, Richard J. 291,426 
Miller, Riley 222,224 
Miller, Robert D. 276,348 
Miller, Robert R. 83,100,348 
Miller, Tommy L. 65,275,348 
Miller, Vaughn E. 284,426 
Miller, Verna 367 
Millier, Jim R. 72 
Milling Association 91 
Mills. Jane 113,117,260,426 
Mills, Nancy I. 125,263.300,426 
Mills, William C. 177,426 
Mills, William R. 289,426 
Milner. Karen L. 24,269,426 
Milner, Max 81,84,274 
Milton, John R. 79,85,90.111. 

Minear, Dorothy A. 101,125,297,426 
Miner, Janet S. 250,303,348 
Mines, Bonnie 115 
Mines. Keith G. 72,348 
Mines, Kyle 222 
Mingle. John O. 96 
Mings, Dixie L. 115 
Mings, Jack L. 370 
Minneman, John A. 426 
Minor, Gary K. 277,426 
Miracle, Ross 228,229 
Misra, U. K. 112,118,370 
Mitchell. Carolee 115 
Mitchell. Everette 187,426 
Mitchell, Henry J. 65,426 
Mitchell, James P. 426 
Mitchell, John R. 348 
Mitchell, Kenneth M. 426 
Mitchell, Melvin L. 98,426 
Mitchell, Ralph W. 108 
Mixed Chorus 176 
Moak, Mary L. 95,176,300,426 
Moberg, Paul L. 72,284,426 
Mochamer, Roger J. 277,427 
Mock Political Convention 136,137 
Moden, Walter L. 97 
Modlin, Asa R. 306,427 
Moeller, Charles 294,427 
Moggie, Charles F. 72,286,427 
Mohl, Keith L. 348 
Mohn. Betty J. 114 
Mohn, Karl O. 68 
Mohri. Emily K. 125,269,300,427 
Mnhrman, Jan J. 114 
Moline, Ruth E. 85,117,303,427 
Mollohan, Bill D. 96,276,427 
Molter, Nancy L. 124,188,267,427 
Molzen, Allen R. 348 
Molzen. Gilbert J. 290,427 
Moncada. Juan A. 93 
Monday, Neva D. 113.300,427 
Mondy, Richard D. 84,427 
Money, Ernest A. 107 
Monroe, Clarence D. 294,312,427 
Monroe, Jody 115 
Monroe, William H. 96,281,348 
Monroy, Armando 91,306,427 
Monteith, Richard C. 294,348 

Montgomery, Gerald G. 348 
Montgomery. George 36,40 
Montgomery, Patricia 115 
Montre, Louis G. 181,284,427 
Moody, Joan 303.427 

Moon, Helen M. 117,427 

Moore, Cameron E. 280,427 

Moore, Carolyn P. 110,261,427 

Moore, Douglas W. 273,427 

Moore, Fritz 2 5,40 

Moore, Helen 24 

Moore, Jack B. 284,349 

Moore. James O. 67,69.148,149, 

Moore, Jane A. 66,186.187,263,349 

Moore, Jerome A. 100,284,427 

Moore, Marilyn K. 71,111,176 

Moore, Marjorie 115 

Moore, McDonald 370 

Moore, Norman K. 126,427 

Moore, Norman L. 284 

Moore, Robert D. 295,427 

Moore, Robert W. 427 

Moore, Ronald V. 284.427 

Moore, Warren E. 349 

Moorhead, Patricia W. 367 

Moorhead, Philip D. 105,292,348 

Moors, Glen E. 61.69.73,349 

Morain, James H. 427 

Moran. Edward T. 310,427 

Morford, Carol J. 95.265,427 

Morgan, Constance K. 138,139.300,427 

Morgan, Bob 203 

Morgan. Tohn V. 427 

Morgan, Kaye E. 268,427 

Morgan, Lawrence 10 

Morgan, Maurice G. 427 

Morgan, Martha J. 367 

Morgan. Philip B. 94 

Morgan, Porky 203,211.217 

Morgan, Richard J. 126 

Morgan, Robert L. 306,427 

Moriconi. Mary J. 101.125,268,297.427 

Morissette. Sandra 262.427 

Moritz, Gelane L. 82.103,110,112, 

Moritz, Jerome R. 428 

Morris. Claude A. 284.428 

Morris, Donna G. 115 

Morris. Harold G. 78.428 

Morris. Phyllis B. 76,104,303,349 

Morris, Sumner 17 

Morrisey. Ann E. 268.349 

Morrisey, John D. 284,428 

Morrison, Donald E. 91 

Morrison, Ray 92,192 

Morrow, Beverly A. 367 

Morrow, Marjorie E. 109 

Morrow, Norman R. 107,280,428 

Morse, Richard L. 48,53 

Morse, Reed F. 43 

Mortar Board 60 

Morton, Leroy E. 117,119,349 

Morton, Melvin L. 428 

Morton, Sheila L. 117,305,428 

Morton, Walter P. 276,428 

Mosa, Anthony C. 65 

Mosa, Joseph J. 370 

Mosbarger, Gary W. 428 

Moser. Larry N. 97 

Mosier, Donald L. 428 

Mosier, Frank A. 199 

Mosier, Gary L. 428 

Mosier, Joann 109 

Mosier, Larry K. 108 

Motes, William C. 175,370 

Motogawa, Daniel Y. 276,428 

Mount, Bernice E. 303,428 

Mowrer, Wayne R. 120,280,428 

Moxley, Lynn M. 125,177,269,300,428 

Moyer, Charles I. 293,349 

Moyer, Marilyn R. 104,305,428 

Muckenthaler, Marvin 428 

Muehlhauser, Helmut 123 

Mueller, Marilyn K. 125,297.428 

Mueller. Sandra G. 20,114,144,268,349 

Muggli, Francis H. 115 

Muggli, Robert Z. 115 

Muder. David J. 36,78,88,92,192,428 

Mulder, Arlene 115 

Mulder, James A. 91 

Mulkern, Gregory B. 94,370 

Mulkev. Mildred C. 265,428 

Mullen, Brian A. 294,428 

Mullen, Dean C. 35,36 

Muller, Harry D. 92,288,349 

Mundy. Richard 277 

Mundhenke, Mynie L. 85,104,117, 

Munn, Fay G. 263,428 
Munson. Robert D. 67,69,428 
Mu Phi Epsilon 71 
Murdie, David H. 349 
Murdock, Darlene M. 305,428 
Muriente, Jose E. 92.93,112,370 
Murphey, Mike 89 
Murphy, Errol L. 280.349 
Murphy, Galen A. 280,349 
Murphy, Joseph A. 312.428 
Murphy. Lewis E. 283,428 
Murphy, Patricia I. 76,265,297,428 
Murphy, Raymond W. 68,349 
Murray, James D. 76,246,290,428 
Murray, James L. 62,106,279.428 
Murray. William J. 105,279,349 
Murry, Mary L. 79,80,303,428 
Mustoe, Arlie L. 111,428 
Muxlow, Melvin L. 306,428 
Myers, Harriet R. 268.349 
Myers. Tames A. 122.310,349 
Myers, Patrick H. 76 
Myers, Phyllis M. 112,300,428 
Myers, Richard F. 428 
Myers, Roger A. 66,186,187,289 


Naegele. Wallace L. 209 

Nafzinger, Larry L. 292 

Nagel, Alice M. 80,103,300 

Nakari, Kenneth W. 118 

Nasim, Mohammed 112,118,370 

Nauerth, Ilene J. 85,95 

Naughton, Pat 203,208 

Nay. Merle O. 65,199.349 

Neal, David M. 281,349 

Neal, Jerry D. 100 

Neal, John L. 273 

Nee, Jac K. 370 

Needels, Foster R. 67,97.100 

Needels, Orval T. 107 

Needham. James A. 284,3"i0 

Neeley, Gerold D. Ill 

Neer, Bradley P. 107 

Neer, Jeannine 109 

Neer, Martha M. 109 

Neer, William W. 107 

Neff, Darlene E. 115 

Ncff, Earl D. 97 

Neff, Madelon 260 

Nehrig, Dean A. 44,69,96,278,350 

Neil. Arnold L. 67 

Neil, Dottie J. 115 

Neilan, Gary J. 36.185,283,350 

Neises, Betty A. 77.113,303 

Nelke, Conrad J. 77,287 

Nelson, Bobby J. 294 

Nelson, Clara D. 64,82,117,175,303,350 

Nelson, Darrell D. 98 

Nelson, Donald O. 370 

Nelson, Edward A. 118,370 

Nelson, Elmer R. 99,350 

Nelson, George A. 370 

Nelson, Hazel L. 114 

Nelson, Jane A. 104,117,266 

Nelson, Larry A. 273 

Nelson, Larry R. 294,350 

Nelson, Lois L. 82,116,160,262 

Nelson, Lon E. 289,312 

Nelson, Marjorie M. 118,177,309,370 

Nelson, Norman L. 280 

Nelson, Paul D. 97,350 

Nelson, Robert N. 72 

Nelson, Rosa L. 85,101,350 

Nelson, Ross M. 87,95,350 

Nelson, Ruth 112 

Nelson, Vern A. 70,273 

Nelson, Wendell A. 82 

Nelson, W. B. 53 

Nesmith, Kenneth L. 60,120,160, 

Nethercot, Hubert S. 237,287 
Nevins, Ralph 178 
Nevitt, Twyla M. 109 
New, Albert E. 108,273 
New, Gary D. 281 
New, Merle 209 
Newbecker, Dwight 249 
Newby, Jack S. 292,350 
Newby, Jackson R. 289,312 
Newcom, Rosemary 80,297 
Newcomer, Carl G. 126,286,350 
Newcomer. Janet 269.300 
Newcomer, John E. 292,350 
Newell, Dorothy P. 79,80,305 
Newlin, Theodore R. 286,350 
Newman, Catherine 305,350 
Newman Club 76,77 
Newman, Evret C. 87 
Newman, Jules 73,99,350 
Newman, Marilyn L. 115 
Newman, Peter 81,91,274 
Newman, Sally J. 103,263 
Newman, Wilbur C. 227,281 
Newton, Dorothy A. 102,261 
Newton, Norman A. 273 
Niccum, Barbara A. 303 
Nichols, Charles D. 100 
Nichols, Dale E. 126,284.351 
Nichols, Naomi G. 79 
Nichols, Joanne L. 125,297,430 
Nichols, Phyllis B. 102.351 
Nichols, Warren D. 79,275 
Nicholson, Harry L. 97 
Nicholson, Janet S. 263,351 
Nickel, John G. 227,245 
Nickel son, Naomi A. 262 
Nicolay, Ann E. 269 
Nicolay. Nancy K. 103,303 
Nielson, Clifford A. 286 
Nielson, James D. 286 
Niemann, Robert J. 68,351 
Niernberger, James E. 77,287 
Nighswonger, James J. 306 
Niles, Alfred E. 294 
Nixon, Gerald G. 99 
Nixon, Joyce L. 262,351 
Noakes, Jerry D. 100 
Nodtvedt, Donald 179 
Noble. M. E. 53 
Nodurfth. Martin E. 108 
Noe. Charlotte 115 
Noe, Dan A. 222,293 
Nolan, Thomas J. 76,96 
Nolen, Frederick J. 226.227 
Noll. Patricia L. 77,111.175,260,351 
Nolte, Burdell R. 91.293 
Nonamaker, Elisabeth 81,83,113 
Noonan. Margaret A. 303,351 
Nordquist, Martha 252 
Nordstrom Alice K. 269,300 
Norris, Chuck 209 
Norris, Charles L. 203 
Norris, Clarence W. 286 
Norris. Dale E. 177,291 
North, Larry E. 87.294 
North, Raymond E. 22,63,73,276 
Norton, Virgil J. 36.88,351 
Nothern, Joseph C. 91.277 
Northwest Hall 296-298 
Novy, Lowell L. 
Noyce. Edwin C. 114,175,285,351 
Nuss, Jarrell D. 286 
Nuttle, David A. 73,286 
Nuttle. Sharon L. 73.95,125.261.300 
Nuzman, John W. 126.291,351 
Nyhart. Sylvester O. 79,85,113,431 

O. K. House 310 

Oberg, Dee A. 117,265,431 
Oberhelman. Louann 63,118,124,172, 

Oberle, Sharon B. 300.431 
Oblander, Robert L. 285,431 
Obrien, Daniel J. 203,209 
Obrien, Glen J. 77,287,431 
Obrien, Thomas E. 40.77.287,431 
OConner, Dale E. 4,111,120,199,230 



Odell. KirkR. 291,431 

Odgers, Gerald C. 309,431 

Odgers, Lawrence H. 90 

Odonnel, Albert E. 94 

Oehlert, Thomas W. 281,431 

Oetinger, Gary M. 306,431 

Ogborn, Marjorie 109 

Ogborn, Walter W. 275,431 

Ogden, Cliff 216 

Ogg, Janet M. 351 

Ogg, Leslie L. 277,431 

Ogle, Garry L. 67,97,431 

Ogle. Ronald L. 431 

Oglorn, W. William 106 

Ohara, Judith E. 81,265,431 

OHara, Ruth E. 260.297,431 

O'Hara, William J. 351 

Ohm, Terry 224 

Okubo, Hikaru 308,351 

Olander, Gene M. 286,431 

Olivella, Carlos A. 93,371 

Olivencia, Pedro J. 92,370 

Olivier, Irvin E. 67,351 

Olivier, Mike L. 98 

Olsen, Allen N. 68,99,120,228,229, 

Olsen. Leslie A. 88,278.351 
Olsen, William O. 286,351 
Olson, Arthur L. 69,73,282,431 
Olson, Eleanor A. 24,82,104,113,116, 

Olson, George W. 106,4.31 
Olson, Leanne C. 85,305,431 
Olson, Lynne K. 268.351 
Olson, Mary L. 117.263,351 
Olson, Maxine R. 85.103,176,297,431 
Olson, Raymond V. 36 
Oltjen, Nadine C. 303,351 
Olympiad 152 
Omicron Nu 70 
Omiya, Clarence I. 100.351 
Omiya. Ernest S. 100 
Onuma, Tamotsu 227 
Oppliger, Gerald T. 431 
Opphger, Karla F. 104.117.431 
Orban, Roger F. 290,352 
Orchesis 121 
Orchestra 178,179 
Ordoveza, Antonio L. 112,370 
Organ, Daryl L. 310,431 
Organizations 55 
Orme. Carolee 300.431 
Orme, Larry D. 97,312.431 
Orr. Richard E. 90,431 
Ortel. Kay 431 

Orten, Janice J. 77,101,301,431 
Ortman, Eldon E. 118 
Osborn, James E. 95.306,431 
Osborne. Duane A. 284,431 
Osbourn, Kenneth V. 306,431 
Osterheld, Janice 109 
Osterheld, John R. 106,295,432 
Ostmeyer, Dale J. 432 
Ostmeyer, Kenneth F. 432 
Ott, Bob H. 432 
Ott, Norman D. 294,432 
Ott, Tommy C. 432 
Ottaway, Lois M. 75,78 
Ottaway. Ruth L. 75,78,175, 

Otte. Arnita L. 85,112,297,432 
Otte, Joyce A. 112.297,432 
Ottman, Donna 252,462 
Ousdahl. Gloria J. 84,85,103,112, 

Outdoor Track 232,235 
Ouye, George Y. 97,432 
Ovenston, Colin A. 112. 
Overbey. William S. 1 18.370 
Oveson, Shirley R. 117,125,265, 

Owen. Berneta L. 82,118,309,370 
Owen, Donald E. 432 
Owen, Patricia M. 304.352 
Owings, Karla K. 122 
Owings. Norman C. 123 

Pabst, Donald 462 
Pabst. Gerald G. 432 
Pacilio. John 73,271.294,432 
Pack. Charles C. 69,432 
Paddlcford, Donald F. 432 
Padon, Albert B. 287,432 
Pady, Stuart M. 4() 
Page, Perry W. 105,352 
Page, Vera 109 
Painter. John S. 81 
Painter. R. H. 94 
Pallctt. Harrison E. 67,69,352 
Pallett. Margie L. 115 
Panhclienic Council 270 
Pannell. Anita 1 15 

Panzitta, Joseph 77,306,432 

Parcel, Don D. 113,432 

Parents' Day 145 

Paris, Florence M. 96 

Park, John M. 288,432 

Parker, Gary H. 432 

Parker, Grace 115 

Parker, James H. 153,279,432 

Parker, Katie 114 

Parker, Philip E. 95,352 

Parker, Phyllis 114 

Parker. Richard L. 281,432 

Parker, Robert 76 

Parker. Robert V. 284,432 

Parks, Donald L. 73,99 

Parr, John M. 120,210,212,217,218, 

Parrack, Dean K. 111,113,117,352 
Parret, Barbara F. 261,432 
Parrish, D. B. 65 
Parrish, Donald A. 285.432 
Parrish, Fred L. 40 
Parrish, Thomas E. 432 
Parry. Barbara B. 301,432 
Parsons, Paul C. 286,432 
Paschal, Robert R. 111,285,432 
Pathak, Mano D. 94.112,118,370 
Patterson, Dale L. 312.432 
Patterson, Robert L. 432 
Patterson, William 271 
Patterson, William 68,97,111,286, 

Pattison, Rulhe H. 115 
Pattison, Wilbur A. 68,98,352 
Patton. Billy P. 24,107.281,432 
Patzell, Mary F. 76,261,433 
Paul, Carmen L. 125,262,271,297,433 
Paul, Ronald B. 294,433 
Paul, William D. 352 
Paulsen, Nancy J. 261,433 
Paulson, Arnold E. 352 
Paulson, Jake E. 68 
Paulson. Kurtz L. 98 
Paulson, Linda E. 101,189,267,433 
Paulson, Robert E. 73,433 
Paulson, Robert J. 352 
Payne, Harold L. 93 
Payne, Richard A. 293,433 
Paynter, Maren L. 80,125,267,297,433 
Peacock, June A. 124,268,433 
Peak. Charley J. 173,175 
Pearce, David D. 292,433 
Pearson, David W. 433 
Pearson, Joyce E. 113,301,433 
Pearson, Loren D. 286,433 
Pearson, Rex E. 271,286.433 
Pearson, Richard D. 286,433 
Peck, Lawrence A. 68,98,433 
Peck. Ralph D. 67 
Pecklum, William D. 286,433 
Peckman, Lloyd L. 62,283,433 
Peddicord, Rita 252 
Pederson. Anne 84,265,433 
Peebles, Judith N. 265,433 
Peery, Clifton R. *33 
Peirce, Clinton F. 36,62,83,93, 

113, 119,176. 283, 433 
Peirce, Kenneth E. 113,175,279,433 
Peltier, Gary V. 433 
Peluso, Ralph D. 209 
Pence, Delores 115 
Pence, Edward L. 209 
Pence, Harry F. 126 
Pence. Marilyn 113,192,260,322 
Pence. Rovce O. 62,91 
Penland. Harry W. 93 
Penner, John 110 
Pennington, Herbert 285.433 
Penrod, Margery L. 85.433 
Penrod, Patricia G. 266.30i.i33 
Pepper, Burl N. 281,433 
Peppiatt, Sim 111,123,177,294,352 
Percival, Linda S. 304,433 
Perine. Judith C. 262,433 
Perkins, Bill E. 89,113,275,352 
Perkins. Don G. 89,113,275,433 
Perkins, James R. 113,275,352 
Perkins, Lynn L. 89.113,182.192, 

Perkins. Thelma M. 301,433 
Perrin, Kenneth L. 118 
Perry. Ralph 17 
Perrv. Robert B. 276,433 
Pershing Rifles 122 
Peter. Harry D. 89.275,433 
Peters. Chester 17,60.307 
Peters, Don C. 94 
Peters, George N. 145,279,433 
Peters. Toan K. 80.269, 3ol. is i 
Peters. John H. 77,287,434 
Petersilie, Lawrence 72,123.352 
Peterson, Chester N. 90,112,275,434 
Peterson, Deloit J. 294,434 
Peterson, Donald D. 68.82,97.100,352 
Peterson, Donald W. 91.309,434 
Peterson, Edmund J. 76,287,434 
Peterson, Gary W. 80,89,113 
Peterson. Gerald E. 120 
Peterson, Jay A. 105,352 
Peterson. Judith A. 260.297,434 
Peterson, Karen T. 269,434 
Peterson, Kirsten A., isi 
Peterson, Lawrence J. 76,287. 13 i 
Peterson, Richard L. 24,44,73,99, 

Peterson, Roger 228,229,289.4.34 
Peterson. Stanley M. 289.434 
Petracek. Marcia L. 117,260,434 
Petrino. Roger D. 209 
Pettit. Ronald G. 282,352 
Pettle. Jerry R. 246,290.434 
Pettyjohn, James D. 93,352 
Pfannenstiel, Herbert 77.287,434 
Pfanenstiel. Walter 76,287 

Pfeifer, Norman J. 209,247 

Pfeifer, Ralph J. 203.206,209,247 

Pflumm, Ronald H. 77,287,434 

Pfuetze, David 241,279,353 

Phelps, Wayne 434 

Phelps, James R. 434 

Phelps, Trella K. 301,434 

Phems 95 

Phi Alpha Mu 64 

Phi Delta Theta 286 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 65 

Phi Kappa 287 

Phi Kappa Phi 61 

Phi Kappa Tau 288 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 65 

Philips, Janet E. 85,301,434 

Phillips, Lloyd C. 98.286,434 

Phillips, Maurice R. 294,434 

Phipps, George H. 279,434 

Pi Beta Phi 269 

Pi Kpsilon Delta 63 

Pi Kappa Alpha 289 

Pi Tau Sigma 73 

Picard, Leo N. 209 

Piccola, Ralph J. 91.280,353 

Pickens, Carolyn E. 112,125,298,434 

Pickerill, Gary L. 434 

Pickerill, Gerald W. 293 

Pickett. Rachel A. 60,64,77,118,175, 

Pickett. Robert J. 4.34 
Pickett, William E. 36 
Pierce. Bill L. 280,434 
Pierce. Walter 143,199 
Piersol, George W. 273,435 
Pierson, Nancy 109 
Pierson, Robert H. 106 
Pieschl, Richard L. 77.300. (35 
Pigg, Laurence R. 291,435 
Pike. Ross E. 435 

Pile, Kathleen M. 113.125,261,301,435 
Pilkington, Barbara 115 
Pilkington, Dwain H. 123,193,353 
Pimple. Leon F. 306,435 
Pine. Wilfred H. 87 
Piper, Marian M. 435 
Pitzer, Walter J. 108 
Pivonka, Barbara J. 77.303,435 
Plagge, Ernest D. 65.120,211,216, 

Plank. Arnold C. 435 
Plank, Arvid V. 435 
Piatt. Gordon K. 99.353 
Pletcher. Patricia 301.435 
Plummer, Alberta L. 189,260,301,435 
Plunkett. Morton D. 280,435 
Poage, Jerry D. 79,85 
Podschun, Eleanor 115 
Podon, Albert B. 77 
Poelma, John C. 77,113,353 
Pohlman, Donald L. 106.273,435 
Pohlman. Gwen 109 
Polak. Warren F. 65.353 
Polasky, Edward A. 98 
Poling, Terry L. 273,435 
Political Science Club 99 
Pommers, Leon 165 
Poppy, Ronald C. 107 
Porch. James E. 295,353 
Porter. Dannv L. 353 
Porter. Don B. 99,4 35 
Porter, Edward N. 294,435 
Porter, Gilbert N. 35.3 
Porter. Margaret S. 71.353 
Porter. Nancy L. 63,73,118,124,265.435 
Porter. Neal 176,179 
Post, Eugene R. 278,435 
Post, Otis G. 106.435 
Postier. Elouise J. 104.117.304,435 
Poston, Carl W. 79,85,97,113,353 
Poteet, Betty J. 125,301,435 
Potoski. Robert J. 203 
Potter, Donald C. 122 
Potter. Richard C. 43 
Pottorff. Gary N. 107,249 
Pottorff, JoAnn 109,353 
Pou Lines. Pedro 276.353 
Poultry Science Club 92 
Pound, Loretta L. 265,435 
Powell, Barbara A. 297,435 
Powell, Joe 2 32,233 
Powers, Jeannene 115 
Powers, Darrell E. 353 
Powers, Sally P. 81,103.305,435 
Prather, Jolene K. 269, (35 
Pratt. Albert D. 35 3 
Pratt. Phyllis E. 76.117.303.353 
Prentice. Bruce R. 181.312,435 
President 8,9 

Preston, Sandra S. 175,262,301,435 
Prestwood, Tillman 435 
Pretz, Charles O. 113 
Pretzel Bowl Game 141 
Prevo. Charles T. 310,435 
Prewett. Ralph 228 
Price, Dean A. 106,353 
Price. Donna 109 
Price. Glenna S. 301. (35 
Price. James E. 282. 135 
Price, Palmer D. 286,435 
Price. Terry R. 280, i3s 
Prier, Mrs. Jane }05 

Pridey. Kent W. 79,85,93,95,113.283.435 
Prince, Rodger P. 353 
Pringle. Judith C. 124,263,436 
Pritchard, Leroy D. 436 
Prochazka, Joanna I.. 125, 
Proutv. Horace S. 284.353 
Pruitt. Norma S. 125,263,297,436 
Pryor, James 506, (36 

Ptacek, Finest H. 3S3 
Pugh, James O, 76.89,293,436 
Pugsley, A. L. 16,150 
Puig, Hector 306. i3o 

Pulford, Robert E. 203,289,436 
Pulford, William J. 289,436 
Pults, Carolyn K. 101,113,261,436 
Purcell, Valeta R. 85,261,436 
Purer, Alfred 311,436 
Purer, Leonard E. 311,436 
Purple Pepsters 124 
Purvis, Teddy E. 436 
Putnam. Raymond J. 353 

Qasim. Jamel J. 112 
Quakenbush, Chester 292,436 
Quantic. H. Bruce 117.176,310,436 
Quanz, Robert E. 89,281,354 
Quarles. William K. 68,284,436 
Quevedo. Nestor J. 436 
Quiaoit, Erlinda R. 94,112 
Quincy, Fred S. 312,436 
Quinlan, L. R. 90 
Quinlisk, Judith A. 125,297,436 
Quinn, Art J. 436 
Quinn, Ruena J. 297,436 
Quinn. Terry M. 63,118.295.354 
Quint. Thomas E. 76,192,287,354 
Quintana, Rodolfo R. 94 

Raaf, James L. 294,436 

Raberding, Norman L. 354 

Rabin, Michael 165 

Rader, Allan L. 294,312,436 

Radford. Ronald R. 65.308,436 

Radotinsky. Sandra G. 102,260,436 

Raffety, James W. 236,237,278,436 

Raffety, Robert W. 73,278,354 

Raffington, Margaret 22,48 

Raid, Leora M. 115 

Rainsberger Ellis D. 200.203,224 

Raleigh, Catharine L. 77.103,125.301,436 

Ralls". Nathaniel P. 294,4.36 

Ramey. Bobbie J. 120,436 

Ramev, Gary L. 436 

Ramsey, Duane K. 279.436 

Ramsey, Ruth M. 48,101.304,354 

Ramshatton, Bern ice 115 

Rand, Jack 436 

Rand, LaVona 122 

Randall, Eldred E. 277,354 

Randall, Gloria C. 109 

Randall, Philip R. 106,244 

Randall. Wayne W. 108 

R.indel. Ernest B. 271,311.436 

Randel. Ronald D. 311. (36 

Randolph. Gary L. 286.436 

Rankin. William J. 108 

Ransdell, Josephine 99.261.354 

Raphael, Donald L. 97.100,306,437 

Rapp, Galen W. 88 

Rashad. Salah E. 94,370 

Rash. Larry A. 44,69,73,99,291,354 

Rasher. Nancy 267.354 

Rasmusson, Erwin E. 82 

Rasplicka. Helen R. 11 s . 

Ratcliffe, Stanley D. 4.37 

Raville. Milton (3 

Ravnikar. Ann 109 

Ravnikar, John G. 105.354 

Rawlings. Albert J. 4.37 

Rawlings. Darrel R. 291,437 

Ray. Loren F. 79.437 

Razor. Willis L. 295.354 

Reaugh, Shelbv J. 102.261,298,437 

Reboul, Kay L. 117,176,267,437 

Rector. Joyce 177.263,298,437 

Redding. Donald R. 291.4.3' 

Redding. Jomt.i A. 162 

Reder. Gwenith 263,437 

Redford. Boh L. 281,437 

Reed. Glenda A. 125,298,437 

Reed. Lynn Q. 137 

Reed. Richard C. 286,437 

Reed, Sharon A. 1 18,263,298, (37 
Reetz, Roger P. 292,437 
Reeves. Dale L. 182.282, 137 
Reeves, Donna I . 85,305, 137 
Regier, Jean M. 124,252,303, (37 
Regier. Jerome K. 108,249,270,275,437 
Regoier. Bobbie I. $5 i 
Regnier, Edward P. 281,437 
Regnier, R. I 199 
Regnier. Ruth L. 261, (37, (62 

40 1 

Reh. John W. 97 

Reichle. Virgil 368 

Reich, Elmer R. 107 

Reid. Gary L. 284,437 

Reid. James A. 354 

Reid, Larry E. 286,437 

Reid, Robert P. 63.286,437 

Reida, Byron D. 354 

Reif. Charles L. 295,347 

Reiger, Delmar 176 

Reiling. Ilsem 70,304,437 

Reimer, Harold 96 

Reimer. Rex E. 354 

Reimers. Gary 210 

Reinemann, Edward C. 82,91 

Reinhardt, Beverly A. 125,268,271,291,437 

Reinhardt, Loy D. 89,92,112,275,437 

Reinhardt. Robert L. 294,437 

Reitz, Leland C. 175,178 

Reitzel, Darrell L. 217.291,437 

Religious Co-ordinating Council 75 

Renberger, Duane L. 96,271,311,437 

Reneau, Nona L. 303,354 

Renfro, Dick 237,238 

Renollet. Henry A. 89.120,231,233, 

Renollet, Henry C. 234.437 
Renz, Lowell E. 279,437 
Renz. Richard J. 175 
Requette, Anne 115 
Resseguie. Gary L. 91,306,437 
Reynolds, John H. 286.437 
Reynolds, Warren D. 370 
Rhoades. Keith R. 106 
Rhodes, Arthur J. 98.119,354 
Rhodes, John M. 112,438 
Rhodes. Joyce E. 75,78,177,301,438 
Rhodes, Peggy 115 
Rhodes. Robert L. 83 
Rhodes, Robert R. 354 
Riat, Lawrence D. 88 
Riblett, Loren E. 100,117,354 
Rice, Howard T. 219,249 
Rice. Mary E. 438 
Richards, Donald E. 216,219 
Richards, Margaret 125,301,438 
Richards, Venita L. 438 
Richards. Verlyn 21 
Richardson. Arlene L. 101.176,260,438 
Richardson, Beverly 112.301,438 
Richardson, Darrel B. 282,438 
Richardson, Dorothy 438 
Richardson, Dorothy P. 122 
Richardson. Leah 114 
Richardson, Max G. 123 
Richardson, Orva L. 85,125,262,298,438 
Richardson, Robert J. 355 
Ricklefs, John E. 61.62.70,279.355 
Ricklefs. Margery R. 22,60,61,64,121, 

Ridenour. Paul E. 192,295,355 
Rieb. Stanley L. 69,98 
Riechers. Harold D. 96,438 
Rieck, Adrienne C. 125,301,438 
Rieck, Gary L. 438 
Riedinger. James A. 277.438 
Riedmiller. Robert G. 77 
Rieger, Delmar L. 79.88.90,275,438 
Rifle Teams 166 
Riggenbach. Ronald J. 295,438 
Riggert. Linnea M. 91,438 
Riggs, Bettv L. 268.438 
Riley, Charles E. 438 
Riley, Charlotte S. 261,438 
Riley, John R. 438 
Rilev, Kenneth R. 91,289.312,438 
Riley, Wayne K. 295.355 
Rinard, Sydney L. 73,311,438 
Ringev, Beverly E. 78.85.186,188,305,438 
Rinkel, Marcia L. 117,263,438 
Ripley. Dennis L. 96 
Rippe, lean 82.101.438 
Rippe, Robert E. 76,307,438 
Riseman. Louis 72,123 
Ritter, Helen L. 298,4 38 
Ritts, Lorene E. 101,177.266.298,438 
Rivera, Lydia 82,298.438 
Rizek. IlleneM. 76.95,250,438 
Rizek, Mary I. 355,363 
Rizek, Robert L. 370 
Roach, Howard A. 72,438 
Roberts, Allen D. 295,438 
Roberts, Charles P. 289,438 
Roberts. Clenece L. 
Roberts, James D. 222,224,225,438 
Roberts, Leland B. 69,96,284,355 
Roberts, Max K. 96,119.181,355 
Roberts. Merle D. 286.439 
Roberts, Reatha J. 125,177.263,301,439 
Roberts, Thomas E. 105,286,355 
Robertson, Glenda L. 268,439 
Robertson, Jerrv R. 80 
Robertson. Keith A. 97,119,439 
Robertson, Marjorie D. 115 
Robertson, Sylvia A. 301.439 
Robmson, Parrel R. 106 
Robinson, Jack 119 
Robison, Lucille 115 
Robohn, Francis 1 1 5 
Robson, John 63,118 
Robson, Mvrna L. 267,298,439 
Rochat, Carl 183 
Rockwell, Richard A. 293.355 
Rodd. George 153 
Rodda. Tom E. 231,289,439 
Rodgers, Donald H. 77,439 
Rodgers, Francine 112 
Rodman. Frank 75,77 
Rodman h in F. 106.139 
Rodriguez. John 77.308.439 
Roeckers, Marjorie D. 76.103,113.261,439 
Roehr, Dolores 115 
RToehrman. Kenneth E. 100,439 
Roelfs, Alan P. 439 

Roelfs, Norman L. 439 

Roelofsz, Robert E. 289,439 

Roenbaugh. Virginia 117,146,175,304,355 

Roessler, Ramon D. 273,439 

Roether, Douglas D. 209,293,355 

Roger Williams Fellowship 80 

Rogers, B. A. 85 

Rogers, Burke C. 79,89,111,113,275,439 

Rogers, Dean 462 

Rogers, Dennis R. 273,355