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Published by Student Publications, Inc. 

Kansas State University 

Manhattan, Kansas 

Becky Fitzgerald — Editor 

Mark Miller — Business Manager 

Photo by Don Richards 


The images of people, places and things 

Photo by Don Richards 

Colorful chrysanthemums sold by Mortar Board out- 
side of Memorial Stadium mark the day of a game. 

The images are brilliant and sharp, standing 
out in the enveloping haze of experience that is 
college life. They are poignant details etched in 
color on a chalk-dusted slate of memory. 

Images. Trivialities of sight, sound and feeling 
grow and become significant, heavy with meaning, 
a small moment in four years that somehow will 
come to stand out and even symbolize the whole. 
They will linger. 

If you ever smelled the dampness of a dorm 
laundry room, where collars never quite came 
clean, you will remember it always. Or donuts 
and black coffee in the Union before class. 

Experiences merge. A single all-night cram ses- 
sion will be forgotten because there were so 
many of them and the stomach ached in the same 
sour way. Dawns characterized by burning eyes 
and smoke-parched throats blend indistinguish- 
ably into one. 

But a racing second plucked out of the rush 
may have become frozen. The way her hair looked 
caught by the wind. Turf churned into the air 
by football spikes. 

Images. A poem read for you by a sorority 
sister. Your roommate who finally met the right 
girl — four times during his sophomore year. A 
graduate student's study light on a fog-shrouded 
campus. Frothy beers lifted in cheer. 

For each they are different and special. You 
remember it clearly. You even know how the sky 

Images. They can't be recaptured for each ac- 
cording to his own special lights. But your ROYAL 
PURPLE is dedicated to those flashing scenes. The 
images of Kansas State University, 1965. 

Distinctive features of the Union 
are sales of campus groups like 
Delta Phi Delta's Thieves Market. 

Photo by David von Riesen 

Photo by David von Riesen 

Silent moments by a quiet stream remove the tensions 
created in a day of study in the library and classes. 

K S 

I J 

On a chilly Halloween 
eve, the torch bearer 
lights the bonfire for 
the Homecoming rally. 


Book One 

Administration 11 

Book Two 

Organizations 61 

Book Three. 

Features 273 

Book Four 

Classes 389 

Crowds are as typical of college life as Anderson 
Hall which stands as the symbol of the University. 

Color by Don Richards 

As a mark of athletics, the new victory 
bell overlooks the stadium football action. 

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Photo by DaWd von Riesen 

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C. J. "Chief" Medlin 

The 1965 Royal Purple marks the end of an era at Kansas 
State. It is the last book in a series of 31 published under the 
guidance of C. J. "Chief" Medlin, retiring graduate manager of 
student publications. It is dedicated to Chief. 

Known in the academic publishing world for his un-equaled 
record of 29 Ail-American ratings for the Royal Purple, Chief came 
to Kansas from Mexico, following the revolution there. He was 
known as "Mex" in those days and he roamed the country, work- 
ing crops and taking odd jobs. In 1914 he enrolled in the prep 
school at Kansas State and by 1920 he graduated from the college. 
He had been a debate scholar and Royal Purple editor. 

In 1934, after 13 years as head of the college annual depart- 
ment of Burger-Baird Engraving Co., Chief returned to K-State 
as graduate manager of student publications. He then began to 
establish his unwavering record of excellence, gaining a reputa- 
tion as the nation's leading authority on yearbooks. 

But thousands of former K-State students remember him sim- 
ply as the most principled man they ever knew, someone they 
could always trust to sort the right from the wrong and stick to 
his guns no matter what the circumstances. 

Chief has always kept his door open. He sticks to what he 
says in one of his, textbooks: "The advisor should not act as censor. 
If members of the staff are properly trained, they will have too 
much pride in their book and school to print anything that will 
discredit either." He always means what he says. He has always 
been his kind of advisor. 

If Chief had to read every page of a yearbook before it went 
to press, this tribute would not be possible. The 1965 yearbook 
staff joins three decades of staff members in thanking Professor 
C. J. Medlin for his time, energy, trust, and most of all for his 
inspiring example of integrity. We dedicate this, the 1965 Royal 
Purple, to Chief. 

C. J. "Chief" Medlin became year 
book advisor in the fall of 1934. 

Color by Studio Royal 

While attending two national conventions in Miami, Chief 
was part of a TV discussion panel. It was then, 1961, that 

Chief was cited "for outstanding service to his university's 
student publications and to the nation's student press." 

Photo by Bob Hankins 

Photo by Don Richards 

At a vantage point in the mum garden, stu- 
dents overlook a panoramic campus skyline. 


With a helpful mascot, a fraternity team will 
try for the Lambda Chi Chariot Relays trophy. 

K S 

I J 

BOOK ONE 4 1 * * a* 

Ad—ton i4. a Administration 

Colleges and Schools 22-53 

Student Government 54-60 

Photo by David von Riesen 


Complex, with responsibility to handle 
and hard work to do, the administration is 
behind the policies that help to form the 
image of the campus. Whether instructing 
a laboratory class in Willard Hall, working 
in Farrell Library, helping with the routine 
work of enrollment or inspecting the after- 
math of a disastrous fire, instructors, deans, 
administrators, regents and the Governor 
are all involved with the campus. 

Photo by David von Riesen 


sir*. ,^*^ 

• : 


James A. McCain, University president for 15 years, is a 

member of several national advisory committees. During 

the fall McCain was selected to address an annual meeting 
of the American Council on Education in San Francisco. 


Governor William Avery, an advocate of increased state 
educational facilities, is a former national congressman. 

Johnson names McCain 
to Civil Rights committee 

Membership on state and national affairs 
committees reflected an attempt by President 
James A. McCain to involve himself and the 
University in off-campus activities. President 
Lyndon B. Johnson appointed McCain to a 
national citizens' advisory committee on the 
Civil Rights Act. 

In other governmental work, the president 
was reappointed to a third term on a nine- 
man advisory committee of the Export-Import 
Bank. He also tried to help resolve the Kansas 
milling crisis produced by reduced shipping 
rates on unmilled Kansas wheat. 

Kansas Board of Regents action effective 
July 1965 raised student fees from $122 to 
$137 per semester for Kansas residents. Tui- 
tion was jumped from $287 to $337 per semes- 
ter for out-of-state students. The preceding 
semester fee hike by the Regents had become 
effective in 1963. 

After the blaze which destroyed the Audi- 
torium, President McCain asked the Regents 
to request $2,867,800 from the legislature for 
building a new structure. 

William Avery, elected Kansas governor 
in the 1964 general election, succeeded John 
Anderson as chief state administrator. 

Board of Regents-7"op Row. Arthur H. Cromb, Whitley Austin, 
Clement H. Hall, Ray R. Evans, Clyde M. Reed, Max Bickford. Bot- 


torn Row: William F. Danenbarger, Henry A. Bubb, Lawrence D. 
Morgan, Dwight D. Klinger. 

I "8 s **! 


Administrators function 
as President's advisers 

Authority to co-ordinate University activi- 
ties was alloted to President James A. McCain's 
administrative staff. The team also directed 
formation of administrative policies. Next in 
authority to President McCain, Vice-President 
A. L. Pugsley co-ordinated all-campus func- 
tions including University convocations. 
Supervision of research projects and academic 
programs among the six colleges and two 
schools was delegated to William Bevan, 
vice-president for academic affairs. 

University financial operations, prepara- 
tion of the budget and fiscal policy decisions 
were directed by Daniel Beatty, business 
manager. Max Milbourn continued his duties 
as assistant to the President. In the absence 
of President McCain, Milbourn represented 
the executive on general scholarship and 
public relations committees and as a liason 
member to federal agencies. 

Guidance of international affairs was 
headed by Vice-President Emeritus A. D. 
Weber. Working for the Office of Interna- 
tional Activities, Weber supervised selection 
and financing of exchange students. 

Vice-President A. L Pugsley shares the President's respon- 
sibilities and supervises on- and off-campus programs. 

In duties as business manager, Daniel Beatty directs over- 
all fiscal operation and budgeting of University finances. 



Max Milbourn, with 15 years experience in administrative 
positions here, is assistant to President James A. McCain. 

As vice-president for academic affairs, William Bevan over- 
sees academic and research programs of the University. 

With status as vice-president emeritus, A. D. Weber also 
supervises all international activities of the University. 


Student personnel staff 
adds new administrators 

Director of resident hall programs was 
created as a new position in the dean of stu- 
dent's office. The new position was intended 
to provide co-ordination of programming in 
residence halls. In another administrative slot, 
Theodore Heermance assumed duties as new 
assistant dean of students. Dean Heermance 
assisted the director of international activi- 
ties with development of an intercultural 
student exchange program. 

In addition to overseeing all phases of stu- 
dent activities, Dean of Students Chester 
Peters supervised directors of the student 
personnel services. Associate Dean of Stu- 
dents Margaret Lahey directed administra- 
tion of women's living groups. With the help 
of Assistant Dean Caroline Peine, Dean Lahey 
advised Associated Women Students. Ralph 
Prusok, associate dean of students, worked 
with men students and advised Student Sen- 
ate and Interfraternity Council. 

Performing legislative action, Faculty Sen- 
ate approved new bills which lengthened 
women's closing hours. It also ratified a 
higher cumulative grade requirement for 
scholastic honors awarded at graduation. 

Completing his second year, Associate Dean of Students 
Ralph Prusok advises Interfraternity Council members. 

Faculty Senate- Top Row: Curtis Trent, A. Bower Sageser, Howard 
Mitchell, Jack L. Lambert, Frank J. McCormick. Paul E. Sanford, 
James C. Mathews, Marjorie M. Stith, Katherine Geyer. Second 
Row: John W. DeMand. Keith A. Huston, William J. Clark, Joseph E. 
Ward, Alvin E, Mulanax, Roscoe Ellis, Stanley Wearden, Milton L. 
Manuel, R. Kenneth Burkhard. Third Row: Mildred L. Walker. Robert 

W. Kiser, 0. Kenneth O'Fallon, Herbert T. Bates, Merrill A. Durland, 
Chester E. Peters, Lowell Brandner, Roy J. Milleret, R. Dean Drags- 
dorf, John Hannah. Bottom Row: Thomas B. Steunenberg, Ray A. 
Keen, William G. Schrenk, John P. Noonan, Louis Douglas, Edwin J. 
Frick, James C. Carey, Boris Leaf, Theodore A. Chadwick. 

if , J |pl J'M4 


As adviser to AWS and Inter-dorm Council, Dean Margaret Theodore Heermance helps in foreign student orientation, 
Lahey supervises women's activities and living groups. while Caroline Peine directs resident assistant training. 

Besides directing Student Personnel Services of the Uni- 
versity, Dean Chester Peters is chairman of Housing Council 

and the Facultv Council on Student Affairs. He has advised 
members of Blue Key, senior men's honorary, for 10 years. 

t - 

During enrollment, students consult with advisers, complete 
semester schedules, pull course cards and pay state fees. 

Enrolling 3,1 00 new students during fall registration, Admis- 
sions and Records is headed by Ellsworth M. Gerritz. 

Man-woman ratio drops; enrollment figures soar 

For the first time in 20 years, during fall 
enrollment the student ratio of men to women 
was less than two to one. According to statis- 
tics collected by the Office of Admissions and 
Records, total enrollment soared to more than 
9,900, breaking the spring 1964 record of 9,175. 
As well as supervising registration, Admis- 
sions and Records compiled student records 

and corresponded with prospective K-Staters 
and their parents. 

In addition to on-campus duties, Ellsworth 
M. Gerritz, dean of Admissions and Records, 
spent three weeks in West Africa selecting 
future K-Staters. For six weeks Gerritz was 
consultant to the registrar of Andhra Pradesh 
University in Hyderabad, India. 

Administrative Heads- Top Row: A. B. Cardwell, General Research 
Director; C. M. Correll, Historian; D. G. Danskin, Counseling Center 
Director; T. 0. Dodge, Budget Office Director; A. T. Edwards, Director 
of Housing; F. D. Farrell, President Emeritus; R. F. Gingrich, Physi- 
cal Plant Administrator; H. D. Hess, Alumni. Bottom Row: K. M. Hey- 

wood, Endowment and Development Director; H. P. Jubelt, Student 
Health Director; H. W. Kennedy, Aids and Awards; W. R. Kerr, Veter- 
ans Service Center; J. W. Kraus, Library Director; R. H. Perry, Comp- 
troller; R. C. Swaim, Placement Center Director; F. L Whan, Summer 
School Director. 


Through use of simple props, students present a class 
demonstration of science for the elementary school. In 

preparation for teaching, each student develops and pre- 
sents a project for the grade with which he hopes to work. 


Agricultural research, extension and resident instruction 
are supervised by Glenn H. Beck, dean of the College. 

Ag student increase tops 
land-grant enrollments 

Largest numerical enrollment increase in 
any of the 68 land-grant institutions was 
recorded by the College of Agriculture. With 
a 23 per cent enrollment jump, Agriculture 
also made a larger percentage increase than 
any of the other University colleges. Heading 
over-all College administration for the fifth 
year was Dean Glenn Beck. 

Coupled with its expanded enrollment was 
a consolidation of facilities. The departments 
of dairy and poultry science, which had func- 
tioned as individual units for more than half 
a century, were united. Kansas Board of Re- 
gents action placed the former units, both 
housed in new Call Hall, under a single ad- 
ministrative head. 

Agriculture's research activities were mag- 
nified by completion of plans for establish- 
ment of a Water Resources Research Institute 
on campus. The Institute, to be operated by 
K-State and the University of Kansas, would 
study problems of water resources. Included 
in the research would be studies of the hydro- 
logic cycle and of conservation, use and ex- 
pansion of state water supplies. 

To the extension service fell the duty of con- 
ducting a state-wide inventory of forestry 
resources. Research findings revealed poten- 
tial forest crops for state production. 

College of Agriculture Depart- 
ment Heads -Top Row: i homas 
B. Avery, Poultry Science; Rufus 
F. Cox, Animal Husbandry; 
Robert P. Ealy, Horticulture; Her- 
bert C. Knutson, Entomology; 
and Howard L. Mitchell, Bio- 

Bottom Row: John A. Nordin, 
Agricultural Economics; Charles 
L Norton, Dairy Science; Stuart 
M. Pady, Plant Pathology; John 
A. Shellenberger, Flour and Feed 
Milling Industries; Floyd W. 
Smith, Agronomy. 


State-wide extension programs in agriculture, home eco- 
nomics and 4-H club work are directed by Harold E. Jones. 

Duane C. Acker, assistant dean and director of resident in- 
struction, co-ordinates nine Agriculture departments. 

Baked in a commercial oven, loaves of bread are tested for 
doneness. Students analyze the quality of Kansas flours by 

baking in the laboratory used by the world's only four-year 
university curriculum in flour and feed milling technology. 




C. Peairs Wilson, Agriculture Experiment Station director 
until second term, is now a University of Hawaii dean. 

While practicing modern dairy techniques, an agriculture 
student uses an electric milking machine at the Dairy Barn. 

In work as assistant resident instruction director, David 
Mugler advises agriculture students with career plans. 

Extension Department Heads- Top Row: John M. Ferguson, Exten- 
sion Engineering; Paul W. Griffith, Associate Director, John E. 
Kitchens, Continuing Education. Bottom Row: Oscar W. Norby, 
County Extensions Operations; Roger E. Regnier, 4-H and other 
Extension Youth Programs; Wilber E. Ringler, Community and 
Public Affairs; Kenneth Thomas, University Information. 


Assistant to the Dean Robert A. Bohannon and Administra- 
tive Assistant Gilbert R. Dodge look over research plans. 

Grouping campus-grown snapdragons and chrysanthemums, 
floriculture students design a coffee table arrangement. 

Ag college helps develop 
Asian, African schools 

Work of the College of Agriculture was not 
confined to the local campus. Under a con- 
tract to the Agency for International Develop- 
ment, agriculturalists provided technical as- 
sistance to new universities in Asia and 
Africa. Through the program, Agriculture staff 
members were on a team sent to universities 
in India and Nigeria. 

As part of student activities, Ag Barn- 
warmer and Ag Science Day were supported 
by Agricultural Council. Officers of the Col- 
lege's student groups composed the council. 

Agricultural Council -Top Row: Maurice D. Penner, Dale E. Roberts, 
John J. Kern, William M. Middleton. Second Row: John M. Graham, 
John W. Schrader, Lawrence Erpelding, Edward S. Oplinger, Jared 0. 
Hoover, Roland K. Krauss, Jerald A. Riemann, George A. Teagarden, 

i A 


Dean L. Davis, Samuel J. Brungardt, Dean Duane Acker. Bottom 
Row: Ronald W. Hirst, Charles E. Meeks, Rex W. Grothusen, Terry L. 
Biery, Michael E. Dikeman, "Larry J. Beat. 

M flM 


y v 

' <•* #*f 

Architecture considers 
revisions in curriculum 

Options in architectural structures, design 
and environmental technology were proposed 
for a curriculum revision in the College of 
Architecture and Design. Plans under con- 
sideration by the College would divide the 
present architectural curriculum into three 
divisions of study. 

In national ratings, the College of Architec- 
ture and Design was among 21 colleges and 
universities whose regional planning pro- 
grams were recognized by the American In- 
stitute of Planners. An accrediting team recog- 
nized the Landscape Architecture program as 
one of 13 accredited departments in the nation. 

Realization of job experience values was 
shown when the College sent a student to a 
London firm as a summer intern. He was one 
of 20 U.S. students selected to go abroad. 

At an informal discussion session, architect Bruce Goff 
explains philosophies behind the shapes of his structures. 

Two graduate students in regional planning view a master's 
degree thesis. The graduate project shows layout of a small 

Kansas town. With a 35-student enrollment, the graduate 
program of Architecture offers five advanced curriculums. 

Administrative direction of the two-year-old College of 
Architecture and Design rests with Dean Emil C. Fischer. 

Students in basic drawing find that Seaton's halls offer artis- 
tic possibilities for sketching interior building perspectives. 

In basic drawing courses, architectural students learn de- 
sign principles and fundamental drawing techniques. 


Sketching outside near Seaton, a basic drawing student uses 
charcoal to depict the white tower of the power plant. 

Distinguished Professor 
joins Architecture faculty 

Under a program financed by a $50,000 
Board of Regents appropriation, the College 
of Architecture and Design recruited the 
second "Regents Distinguished Professor." 
Henry Wright, a world authority on environ- 
mental technology, joined the College's faculty 
second semester. 

Other nationally recognized architects lec- 
tured on campus through a College-sponsored 
series. Bruce Goff, noted for use of unorthodox 
building materials, and architect-planners 
Howard Fisher and Richard Ahern were 
among architects in the series. 

In regional and national architectural com- 
petition, students won nine prizes. One entry, 
a welded space frame, won top award of $1,750 
in a structural design contest sponsored by 
the James F. Lincoln Foundation. Another 
architectural student placed fourth in the 
same design competition. 

During Architecture's second year as a 
college, the Architecture Council was formed 
to co-ordinate student and faculty activities. 
Members of the student group drew up the 
Architecture Council constitution. 

Composing the new Architecture and Design Council are 
Keith R. Zwick, James A. Calcara, Robert A. Anderson, Steven 

R. Poison, Randolph L Wright, Robyn D. Brooks, Kenneth 
Kallenbach, Thomas C. Helbing and Jack C. Durgan. 

While on campus to examine the facilities and curriculum 
of landscape architecture, accrediting. team members view 

a design problem. The department ranked twelfth in size 
among schools of landscape architecture in the nation. 

Beginning work on a creative sculpture project, a student 
hammers and chisels at a block of native limestone. 

Richard H. Morse, assistant to Dean Emil Fischer, works with 
College records and advises the Architecture student body. 




■4 , # ' . 



J* 4 1 

111 £ * * ' ' 

■PsZt J" * ^ ■ %. 
»* » 


Ik* ■ h 

4y| - 

!f : ' \ 

r *1 

Completing his second year as dean, John Chalmers guides 
the programs of more than 2,900 arts and sciences majors. 


' IB ' HI 

In the backshop of the Purple Masque Experimental Theatre, 
students screen print props for a student production. 

Swiping at insects by lamplight, a student catches specimens 
for an insect collection required in economic entomology. 


Assistant to the Dean John P. Murry and assistant deans 
Marjorie Adams and Orval Ebberts supply student advice. 

Arts and Sciences plans 
added science facilities 

Plans including renovation of Willard Hall 
for $1 million and construction of a chemistry 
instruction building for $1.6 million were 
among building proposals discussed for the 
College of Arts and Sciences. Addition of 
office space in the third floor attic of Eisen- 
hower Hall was a proposed non-science ex- 
pansion. The last major Arts and Sciences 
building completed was the $2.2 million phys- 
ical sciences building finished in 1963. Major 
work on the speech department's Purple 
Masque Experimental Theatre in the east wing 
of the stadium has since been completed. 

In addition to physical plant enlargement, 
curriculum expansions were enacted. New 
departments of political science and sociology 
and anthropology were added, as well as a 
new division in the history and philosophy 
department. To improve the faculty-student 
ratio and meet needs created by increased 
enrollment, 15 new staff positions were filled. 

After completing experiments, students must compute and 
record results in laboratory manuals tor chemistry credit. 


Arts and Sciences Council -Top Row.- William J. Romig, Edwin V. 
Brown, Tahmeroo L. Gaynier, Linda K. Stanley, Mary A. Hornung, 
James M. O'Fallon, Anellen Nyquist, Kathryne L. Gaynier, Diane D. 
DeVoe. Second Row: Carol S. Walker, Dennis T, Myers, Judy L. 

Jacobs, Margaret A. Koepke, Beverly J. Falconer, Karen D. DeGood. 
Bottom Row: Jane Clark, Beverly J. Abmeyer, Diane E. Lee, Linda 
R. Fritz. 

Surrounded by equipment for use in a psychology experi- 
ment, two students prepare apparatus for a rodent study. 

During summer school at the Sorbonne, a branch of the 
University of Paris, students visit a statue of Victor Hugo. 

Students man research 
for Arts and Sciences 

Research conducted by Arts and Sciences 
departments ranged from "A Study in Etoxide- 
Carbonyl Rearrangements" in chemistry to 
"Evolution of Perceptual Frames of Reference" 
in psychology. Zoology researchers studied 
"Biological Control of Parasites in Poultry." 

Through a new Board of Regents plan, the 
College of Arts and Sciences received the 
state's first "Distinguished Professor." The 
professor, Dr. Dudley Williams, joined the 
physics staff for a one-year term. 

Music course scheduling was disrupted 
first semester due to destruction by fire of 
music space in the Auditorium. 

Members of the Arts and Sciences Council 
were hosts for a Homecoming coffee spon- 
sored by the College. The council also helped 
conduct high school visitation programs. 

In modification of their testing programs, some departments 
administer departmental examinations at evening sessions. 

College of Arts and Sciences Department Heads- Top Row: Donald 
J. Ameel, Zoology; Thomas J. Badger, Military Science; Alfred F. 
Borg, Bacteriology; Norma D. Bunton, Speech; Alvin B. Cardwell, 
Physics; Joseph R. Chelikowsky, Geology and Geography; Richard 
C. Clark, Modern Languages; Adrian H. Daane, Chemistry. Second 
Row: Earle R. Davis, English; Louis H. Douglas, Political Science; 
Thomas M. Evans, Physical Education; Holly C. Fryer, Statistics; 

Carl R. Hausman, Philosophy; Randall C. Hill, Sociology and An- 
thropology; Ralph R. Lashbrook, Technical Journalism; Luther 0. 
Leavengood, Music. Bottom Row: Horace B. Lee, Athletics; Merrill 
E. Noble, Psychology; John A. Nordin, Economics; Stuart M. Pady 
Botany and Plant Pathology; S. Thomas Parker, Computing Center; 
Ralph G. Sanger, Mathematics; and Homer E. Socolofsky, History. 



As dean of the School of Education, William H. Coffield is a 
member of the Academic Council and the Graduate Council. 

N?:: : :''- %: W$- 

Third graders at Lee School learn modern mathematics by 
questioning their student instructor about division pro- 

cedures. Student teachers in elementary schools work with 
grade school children half days throughout the semester. 

Arranging cutouts for a bulletin board, student teachers 
prepare an educational project for kindergarten children. 

Floyd H. Price, assistant to Dean William Coffield, works 
in the School of Education's student personnel department. 

Education raises school scholastic requirements 

Completing its second year as a school, the 
School of Education raised admission stand- 
ards to a 2.2 grade point average. Secondary 
education students were required to earn a 
2.5 average in their fields of concentration 
before practice teaching. 

Teacher education encompassed nearly 20 
per cent of the University's total enrollment. 
In the graduate education program, enroll- 

ment increased more than 100 per cent from 
the previous year. Education enlarged its 
faculty size from 18 in 1960 to 28. 

Grants totaling $60,000 were received from 
the National Science Foundation for work in 
elementary mathematics and science. The 
Peace Corps granted $210,000 for training 
Peace Corps volunteers to be stationed in 
Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. 


Commerce curriculums 
expand; enrollment rises 

While expanding its undergraduate train- 
ing program and accommodating a 15 per cent 
enrollment increase, the College of Commerce 
worked in close contact with the business 
community. Six new scholarships were estab- 
lished for accounting and business adminis- 
tration students. Increased curriculum re- 
quirements included additional course work 
in statistics and mathematics. 

Faculty positions in the two-year-old Col- 
lege of Commerce showed an increase from 
16 to 24 in the last five years. Commerce was 
awarded college status in 1963. As dean of the 
College, Clyde Jones was a member of the 
Council of Economic Analysis and the Kansas 
Council for Economic Education. 

The College offered six areas of professional 
specialization. Commerce majors could en- 
roll in curriculums of management, finance, 
marketing, personnel management, general 
business and secretarial practice. 

By governor's appointment, Dean C. Clyde Jones is serving 
a second year on the Kansas Council for Economic Analysis. 

Courses in typing and shorthand prove essential for a commerce student. The Col- 
lege stresses on-the-job experienc'e for students enrolled in its six curriculums. 



r -v ^v^y-'pF*-- 

Work on Student Activities Board consumes time of Associate Dean James B. Hobbs. 
The dean also served on a selection committee for Harlequinade, the new Y-Orpheum. 

With each group representing the Board of Directors for a 
corporation, administration classes plan a business ven- 

ture. Simulating business decisions and mapping action for 
companies allows them a crack at management problems. 

While working in a store to learn more about retailing 
and marketing, a Commerce student examines coat fabrics. 

Commerce college hosts 
business teachers, editor 

In conjunction with the second annual busi- 
ness alumni conference, the College of Com- 
merce hosted a meeting of Kansas college and 
university business teachers. The featured 
speaker was Leonard S. Silk, senior editor 
and economist of Business Week magazine. 
Through an additional program aimed at 
Kansas businessmen, the College published 
"The Management Letter." 

Another College bulletin, "The Commerce 
Student," was initiated by Commerce Coun- 
cil. The student newsletter, distributed four 
times annually, spotlighted commerce events 
on campus and in the business world. Council 
members also conducted a survey to deter- 
mine if students would prefer beginning 
major courses as freshmen. 

Under an accounting internship program, 
seniors received working experience as junior 
members of public accounting firms. The 
selected students, placed with firms from 
New York to California, were salaried for the 
six-week period of internship. 

Commerce Council -Top Row: Allan J. Kvasnicka, Obed M. Fricke, 
Robert W. Crouch, John I. Wassberg, Peter L. Molinari, Larry C. 
Arnett, Arch G. Gothard, Richard L. Thomas. Bottom Row: Mildred 

E. Buzenberg, Elaine C. Smith, Glenda M. Seltridge, Kenneth 
Clintock, Keith A. Stuessi, Zelma R. Cole, Sylvia M. Mills. 


Presentations of analyzed business problems help stu- 
dents in a commerce course determine best business policy 

to follow. Case problems from widely divergent phases of 
corporation financial activity were studied by students. 

During a visit to an insurance company, students inspect 
tapes with coded information on policy numbers and pre- 

mium payment dates. The tour was planned to show applica- 
tion of IBM program equipment to business administration. 


Coordinator for developing an engineering program at 
Egypt's University of Assiut is Associate Dean John Shupe. 

Through a soil compaction test during a soils laboratory 
period, students attempt to find optimum moisture content. 

Participating in an electronics laboratory session, engineers 
examine a diagram of a triode tube. During the semester, 

class members learn characteristics and parameters of 
electron devices and test power supply performance. 

By course work in graphic arts, students learn how to 
use the drafting board. Although advanced graphic skill 

is no longer required, engineers must enroll in introduc- 
tory courses of graphic, oral and written communications. 

Doctoral degrees expand 
Engineering curriculums 

For the first time, the College of Engineer- 
ing offered doctoral programs in nuclear and 
environmental engineering. Doctoral studies 
in mechanical, electrical and chemical engi- 
neering and applied mechanics were also 
open to graduate students. 

Although the College of Engineering honors 
program was only three years old, 90 students 
participated in it. 

Cooperating with the Agency for Interna- 
tional Development, the College had four 
faculty representatives at the University of 
Assiut in Egypt. Three staff members worked 
to improve engineering practices in Brazil 
and Afghanistan. Another three professors 
delivered research papers in Europe. 

As advisory member, Dean Paul Russell serves on a Kansas 
Chamber of Commerce industrial development committee. 

Non-University sources 
allot Engineering grants 

Approximately one-half million dollars were 
invested in more than 83 research projects 
conducted by the Engineering Experiment 
Station. Non-University funds financed 60 
per cent of Engineering research. 

Also largely dependent on outside funds 
was the Environmental Research Laboratory, 
housing projects financed by grants totaling 
$120,000. Under a seven-month, $46,000 pro- 
gram, researchers studied confinement in a 
simulated air raid shelter. Through a study 
entitled "Physiological Response to Hot- 
Humid Environments," more definite stand- 
ards for survival shelter design were deter- 
mined. Environmental research also studied 
optimum temperature for floor surface com- 
fort and evaluated kitchen range ventilation 
hoods'. The College of Engineering worked 
on plans for an addition to the environmental 
laboratory physical plant. 

As co-ordinator of student activities in the 
College, Engineering Council helped super- 
vise departmental exhibits for the renamed 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Studying two types of dynamos during the semester, engi- 
neers apply knowledge in direct current laboratory work. 

Until last year a mechanical engineering assistant pro- 
fessor, Henry Neely is assistant to dean of the College. 


College of Engineering Department Heads- Top Row: Jack B. Black- 
burn, Civil Engineering; Leland S. Hobson, Engineering Experiment 
Station; William H. Honstead, Chemical Engineering; William R. 
Kimel, Nuclear Engineering. Bottom Row: Philip G. Kirmser, Applied 
Mechanics; George H. Larson, Agricultural Engineering; Ralph G. 
Nevins, Mechanical Engineering; George F. Schrader, Industrial 

Using the stump-tailed monkey, research workers conduct 
an experiment on wind avoidance in the Environmental Re- 

search Laboratory. Wind velocities at different tempera- 
tures are blasted at the subject during experimentation. 

Engineering Council -Top Row: Gene P. Rathbun, John W. Reed, 
Dennis J. McCormick, Robert D. Crangle, Robert M. Hamlett, Lonnie 
A. Theye, Robert J. Wiruth, Larry W. Emig. Bottom Row.- Donald M. 

Williams, James R. Jaax, William R. Jacobs, David E. Banks, Charles 
E. Bliss. 


Enrollment figures break 
Home Economics record 

Undergraduate enrollment of 889 students 
during fall semester smashed an all-time rec- 
ord of 841 set in 1940 by the College of Home 
Economics. The largest recorded freshman 
class and an increased number of graduate 
students also combined to boost total enroll- 
ment to the College's largest since it was 
founded in 1873. 

Home Economics awarded almost 150 bach- 
elor's degrees. In addition, following a de- 
mand for more graduate home economists, 
the Home Economics Master's Degree Project 
was launched spring semester 1964. Top- 
ranking home economics students in the 
upper 10 per cent of each class were invited 
to participate in the accelerated study project. 
Students in the program selected electives 
which would permit them to move directly 
into master's degree work following gradua- 
tion. A member of the graduate faculty was 
appointed to advise each of the 33 participants. 

• *?A • **&)k $g£ • >0 > &•.;• v# W« ( 


Coeds inspect earthenware pots baked in the ceramics 
kiln which a graduate student built behind Justin Hall. 

After using the College's newly-installed etching press, 
home economics women pull a finished design off the flat 

bed printing surface. In creating etched illustrations, 
the home ec art department uses copper and zinc plates. 


f •■: •<*'-''' «''^">' v . "" 

n <** 



V V 

. ^ 

v ■ . .' •» ■ * 


Aided by a meat thermometer apparatus, a graduate stu- 
dent conducts research on cooking time required for pork. 

High schools, universities, home economics conferences and 
alumnae groups invite Dean Doretta S. Hoffman to lecture. 

College of Home Economics Department Heads- Top Row: John 
Hannah, acting head, Art; Richard L. D. Morse, Family Economics; 
Grace M. Shugart, Institutional Management. Bottom Row: Marjorie 
M. Stith, Family and Child Development; Gwendolyn L. Tinklin, 
acting head, Foods and Nutrition; Jessie A. Warden, Clothing and 


If 1 1 

i I 

i i 

At Merrill Palmer Institute in Detroit, Mich., Dean Ruth Hoeflin 
continues with her second semester post doctoral studies. 

Coeds conduct research for development of a specially 
designed food preparation center for handicapped women. 

Research plays top role 
in home ec curriculums 

Research played an integral part in the 
six curriculums of the College of Home Eco- 
nomics. Foods and nutrition research focused 
on dietary habits of underprivileged, pre- 
school children in Riley County. The depart- 
ment also conducted a National Livestock and 
Meat Board test about pork cookery. 

A family economics project utilized a 
kitchen with a motorized chair designed to 
help semi-invalids manage homes. 

In testing resistance of fabric to weath- 
ering and light, clothing and textiles used a 
weatherometer. The research machine simu- 
lated humidity, temperature and rainfall con- 
ditions. Another device, a scott tester, studied 
chemical and physical effects of radiation ex- 
posure to cotton fabric. 


Food mixing for large scale meal preparation constitutes 
part of class work in institutional management laboratory. 

Through class instruction, home economics students gain 
sewing skill by making blouses in a pattern study course. 

Home Economics Council — Top Row: Mary L. Carr, Mary E. Kloster- 
meier, Edith E. Warrington, Patricia A. Patton, Olga E. Schwartzkope, 
Patricia A. Sughrue, Diana K. Pringle, Betty S. Arnold, Beth M. Pann- 
backer, Mary A. Lambert, Diana K. Goertz, Barbara J. Symns, Sherry 

K. Brush, Jean E. Reehling. Bottom Row: Ruth E. Whitten, Carolyn J. 
Cox, Linda E. Porter, Mary R. Steinbrink, Patricia A. Leopold, Mar- 
garet H. Sughrue, Valerie B. Hoover, Mary A. Bishop. 





Graduate Council- Top Row.- Harry B. Pfost, Theodore A. Chadwick, Holly C. Fryer. Bottom Row: William L Stamey, Joe W. Kraus, Grayce 

Merle E. Gugler, James C. Carey, R. Dean Dragsdorf. Second Row: E. Goertz, Dorothy L Harrison, Cecil H. Best. 

William H. Coffield, Erie E. Bartley, Roscoe Ellis, Edgar S. Bagley, 

While fulfilling requirements for a graduate degree, a student 
uses quail as experimental animals in biochemistry 

research. Injections of carotenoid solution determine the 
substance's possible use as a supplement for vitamin A. 


_*. & 

Graduate School names 
space researcher dean 

Replacing Acting Dean William Stamey, 
John Lott Brown assumed duties as dean of 
Graduate School early second semester. Dean 
Brown, who has been a director of graduate 
study at the University of Pennsylvania's 
medical school, succeeded Dean Harold Howe. 
The former administrator left K-State to be 
head of the graduate school at St. Louis Uni- 
versity. In past research work, Dean Brown 
had been involved in study of sensory and per- 
ceptual problems of space flight. He received 
his doctorate from Columbia University. 

In addition to administrative changes, the 
school expanded Graduate Council by eight 
members. Fuller Council representation of 
graduate study areas, coordination of grad- 
uate work among schools and colleges and 
support of research by grants were points 
included in the reorganization. The School's 
Research Coordinating Council allocated more 
than $32,000 in research study grants. 



ty0M000&* m * !> 

<% ' 

To outline graduate programs fitted to individual needs is 
the duty of Graduate School's Acting DeanWilliam L.Stamey. 

As members of Research Co-ordinating Council, Leland S. Hobson, William L. Stamey, 
C. Peairs Wilson and Alvin B. Cardwell allocate funds for graduate research. 



^H ^-'^»?>i§3ii?i 

Investigating x-ray slides of a joint, fifth and sixth year veter- gain experience in x-ray methods. Fractures, tumors and 

inary medicine students work in the interpretation room to embedded foreign bodies can be detected from the slides. 

As assistant dean, Lee T. Railsback works with students and 
supervises programing of veterinary medicine courses. 

Among 287 students studying to be veterinarians, only 12 
women are enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Kitchell assumes duties 
as new veterinary dean 

As new dean of the College of Veterinary 
Medicine, Ralph L. Kitchell, assumed admin- 
istrative duties during the summer school 
session. Dean Kitchell replaced former head 
Elden E. Leasure who retired to do veterinary 
teaching and research. The new administra- 
tor held degrees in veterinary medicine and 
human anatomy from Iowa State University 
and the University of Minnesota. 

In projected programs of the College, Dean 
Kitchell focused plans on increasing activities 
in research, professional training and service 
to practicing veterinarians in Kansas. Pro- 
grams supervised by the administrator re- 
flected what he foresaw as a future need for 
increased cooperation between the veterinary 
and medical professions. 

Supervising student activities of the Col- 
lege, Veterinary Medicine Executive Council 
organized the eighth annual Veterinary Medi- 
cine Open House. With one representative 
from each class and five elected members, the 
veterinary council acted as governing organi- 
zation of the student chapter of the American 
Veterinary Medical Association. 

Ralph L Kitchell, dean of Veterinary Medicine, cites need for 
increased veterinary and medical profession cooperation. 

Veterinary Medicine Executive Council- Top Row: Tom M. Tribolet, 
Paul A. Ryding, Tony L. Kirk, Paul T. Purinton, William C. Bergin, 

Robert K. Treptow. Bottom Row: Glenn T. Hartke, Jack E. Catlin, 
Wayne M. Grover, Harry F. Moberly, Charles A. Helwig. 

Working in a pathology laboratory, a student prepares an 
animal blood count for use by a veterinary clinician. 

College of Veterinary Medicine Department Heads- E H. Coles, 
Pathology; J. E. Mosier, Surgery and Medicine; D. M. Trotter, Anatomy. 


Vet stipend encourages 
study of nervous system 

Granted $84,511 by a branch of the National 
Institute of Health, the College of Veterinary 
Medicine initiated a three-year study of en- 
cephalitic problems in cattle. Investigation 
of nervous system disorders common in feed- 
lot areas was the main problem subsidized. 
Work was to be aimed at methods of diagnosis, 
treatment and prevention. 

Among 30 studies conducted by the College 
was research on vaccine to reduce the 10 to 
50 per cent mortality usually resulting from 
pinkeye in cattle. Work was also done on a 
test to shorten time required in identification 
of shipping fever complex. 

Dietary deficiencies and skin warts in cat- 
tle, as well as baby pig anemia and gastric 
ulcers in swine, were studied in other veteri- 
nary research. More than 5,000 mice were 
used in rabies diagnostic services provided 
by the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Students study functions of the bovine anatomy by perform- 
ing a careful dissection of a specimen in anatomy lab. 

Fifth and sixth year veterinary students examine a cat to amination, students follow diagnostic procedures used 
determine respiratory trouble. While conducting the ex- when admitting animals to Dykstra Veterinary Hospital. 

As part of preliminary steps used in treatment of external tion to training veterinarians, Dykstra Hospital provides an 
parasites, a dog is sheared by veterinary students. In addi- animal diagnosis and treatment center for community use. 

■ ' - 

torn * 

Mag h- *~ i, .s^* r 

Senate increases power 
to check apportionments 

Through a major constitutional revision 
enacted by Student Senate, the governing 
body delegated itself more power in review- 
ing apportionments to campus organizations. 
In expansion of its organization, Senate 
created four new committees: student opinion 
sampling, cultural affairs, anti-discrimination 
and political union. 

As student representatives, members hosted 
the Conference on Higher Education in Kan- 
sas. The group also joined the Associated 
Student Governments of the United States. 
Delegates were sent to the Big Eight and 
National Student Government conferences 
and the President's Youth Leadership Con- 
ference in Washington. 

With President Ron Hysom, Student Gov- 
erning Association was one of three student 
groups to inaugurate a 'Cats for Curtains 
campaign. It aimed to provide stage drapes for 
the auditorium planned to replace the struc- 
ture gutted in a winter fire. 

Heralding the arrival of winter, the season's first snowfall 
slows between-class traffic on the busy campus sidewalks. 

Ron Hysom, as Student Governing Association president, 
serves as chairman of the activity fee Apportionment Board. 

Student Senate- Top Row: Erma J. Karr, Beryl A. Shaw, Mary L. Hay- 
maker, Ruth E. Whitten, Sharon J. Carlson, Pamela A. Howard, Har- 
riet J. Meals, Janice I, McCord, Karen L Chitwood. Second Row: 
James R. Calcara, Kent H. Freeland, Robert D. Crangle, Pamela J. 
Henry, Judith F. Werner, Sandra J. Beck, Charles E. Bliss, Gary M. 

Thomas. Third Row: Syed A. Quadri, John I. Wassberg, Larry R. An- 
derson, George D. Wilcoxon, Donald R. Ferguson, Joseph H. Stout, 
Ralph E. Stegner. Bottom Row: Richard M. Anderson, Robert M. 
Hamlett, Ronald R. Hysom, Richard F. Gillum, Robert J. Nijweide, 
Ralph E. Prusok. 



Board of Student Publications awards K-Keys to outstanding 
journalists working on University publications. Members 

are Mark L Miller, Ralph R. Lashbrook, Judith A. Davidson, 
Fritz Moore, John A. Krider and Byron E. Ellis. 

Journalism board allots 
student publishing fees 

Board alters structure; 
opens membership post 

Royal Purple, Collegian and Student Direc- 
tory finances were directed by the Board of 
Student Publications. The Board awarded con- 
tracts for photographic services, printing and 
yearbook work. Among duties for the three 
student and three faculty members was guid- 
ance of Collegian editorial policies. 

With reorganization of Apportionment 
Board, one student was added to the previous 
three-student, three-faculty member board. 
Ronald Hysom, student body president, was 
board chairman. Almost $300,000 from student 
activity funds was apportioned by the board 
to more than 35 campus organizations. 

Allotting funds to campus organizations are Apportionment 
Board members Stephen D. Nelson, Shelia R. Pilger, Dean 

Chester E. Peters, Melvin E. Thompson, Donald M. Williams, 
Ann McCaslin, Karl Stacey and Ronald H. Hysom. 

Tribunal members Don A. Trumbo, James W. Thiesing, Joe 
L. Mauderly, Patricia J. Callen, Herbert E. Kaiser, Ralph Up- 

per, Janet M. Francis, Betty S. Arnold and David A. Richard- 
son meet in the Union to hear honor code cases. 

Chancellor James Thiesing, serving his second year on 
Tribunal, presides over meetings of the judicial group. 

Judicial branch judges 
student discipline cases 

Because of its status as student govern- 
ment's judicial branch, Tribunal was charged 
with maintenance and enforcement of the 
K-State honor code. The body made recom- 
mendations on action to be taken in student 
disciplinary cases. Tribunal also held hearings 
on reinstatement petitions for students dis- 
missed from the University. 

After cases were heard by Tribunal, recom- 
mendations were referred for action to the 
dean of students. Tribunal's attorney general 
reviewed cases with the dean. Students were 
allowed to appeal Tribunal decisions to the 
Board of Appeals. Board members hearing 
student petitions were Faculty Senate presi- 
dent, student body president and the dean of 
each violator's college. 

To represent the undergraduate college 
councils, five student justices were appointed 
by the student body president. Each Tribu- 
nal justice was authorized to serve a three- 
year term. Also appointed to terms on the 
judicial body were four faculty justices. James 
Thiesing acted as chancellor of Tribunal. 


Coeds volunteer their help at the Student Health Center 
through an AWS service committee. During free hours the 

volunteers assist registered nurses by sterilizing instru- 
ments, carrying trays and acting as untrained nurses aids. 

AWS bills pass Senate, form new coed policy 

Eight bills drafted by Associated Women 
Students concerning rule changes for under- 
graduate women were passed by Faculty Sen- 
ate. The policies included increasing upper- 
class women's closing hours to 11 p.m. on 
week nights and 12 p.m. on Sundays. 

Helping begin a library at a Nigerian uni- 
versity, AWS collected books from campus 

organizations. The group also initiated a 
tradition of donating books to Farrell Library 
in the name of a woman professor nominated 
by University women as favorite instructor. 
AWS donated $200 worth of books on behalf 
of its first winner, Ivalee McCord, a member 
of the home economics faculty. Associate 
Dean Margaret Lahey advised AWS. 

Associated Women Students- Top Row: Leetta L. Wood, Barbara S. 
Mitchell, Barbara H. Charles, Barbara K. Hollis, Mozellar L. Davis, 
Sally A. Sutton, Judith A. Davidson, Margaret E. Tanner, Carolyn A. 
Cotter, Cheryl S. Schroeppel. Second Row: Joyce A. Burris, Linda C. 
Barton, Margaret IN. Lahey, Barbara K. Filbert, Carolyn G. Bartho- 
lomew, Katherine E. Clark, Joyce I. Freeman, Sharon A. Hotujac, 
Margaret A. Gomez, Sharon K. Benton, Marilyn L Lafferty. Third 

Row: Mary A. Bishop, Ruth A. Wilson, Judith A. Rowe, Virginia R. 
Green, Lois K. Lewis, Sally J. Maichel, Carol A. Gilchrist, Martha A. 
Wilson, Carolyn M. Collins, Susanne F. Little. Bottom Row: Mary E. 
Wanklyn, Linda R. Lambright, Patricia A. Seitz, Julona C. Powell, 
Natalie J. Parker, Demis K. Cloe, Margery A. Braunschweiger, Ann 
McCaslin, Mary L Burk, Louise S. Keucher. 

Union food service, an operation under Director Richard 
Blackburn, serves nearly three million persons each year. 

Areas like the Union Main Lounge and Browsing Library pro- 
vide a relaxed atmosphere for study or newspaper reading. 

Students, professionals 
utilize Union facilities 

Fulfilling its role as "the living room of the 
campus community," the Union provided 
facilities for more than 3,000 meetings of 
student and professional groups. 

Remodeling the upper level recreation desk 
resulted in installation of the Cats' Pause. 
The combined bookstore and ticket booth was 
named in a campus-wide contest. 

New Orleans, the New York World's Fair, 
Colorado ski slopes and Europe were destina- 
tions of Union-sponsored trips and tours. 
Campus entertainment scheduled by the 10 
Union committees included Johnny Mathis 
and the Modern Folk Quartet. To use the Dive 
more effectively, the Union sponsored hoote- 
nannies and combos for Friday night dances. 


Student Activities Board- fop Row: Mary A. Pryor, Karin F. Burns, 
Marcia L. Porter, William H. Smith, Caroline F. Peine, Kenneth D. 

Buchele. Bottom Row: Vicky J. Kimbell, Kathleen Newell, Keith A. 
Stuessi, Sharon A. Morris, Lyman G. Hughes, Robert A. Briggs. 

Union Governing Board- Top Row: Richard D. Blackburn, John E. 
Norberg, Barbara P. Loebeck, James N. Rowland, Mary J. Riddle, 
Joseph Julian, Richard C. Clark, Terry A. Welden. Bottom Row: 

Frederick Williams, Sandra J. Beck, William H. Smith, Catherine 
Gerritz, Mary A. Hornung. 

Union Program Council -fop Row: Richard E. Fagerberg, Gordon E. Marsha K. Greene, C. Kathrine Barker, Gloria W. Rumsey. Bottom 

Snyder, William H. Smith, Frank B. Bartow, Bruce W. Heckman. Row: Barbara L. Brooks, Cynthia Lammers, Barbara P. Loebeck, 

Second Row: Harry H. Hoesli, Sarah A. Potter, Pamela A. Howard, Frederick L. Williams, Kathryn L. Holecek. 

K S 

I J 


Honor Societies 65-86 

General Clubs 87-135 

Religious Groups 136-145 

Greek Housing 146-219 

Independent Housing 220-267 

Married Student Housing 268-272 


Photo by David von Riesen 


Organizations are made up of people, and 
people retain memories of campus life as seen 
through the groups. They sponsor contests 
like the Ag Barnwarmer and Derby Day, but all 
work is not alone. Many groups work together 
on joint events like the Homecoming rally. 

Photo by Don Richards 

Seat of campus life is the Union. With 
the Activities Center and meeting rooms, 
the Union provides a center at which many 
organizations can base their work. But 
the Union means much more than work. It 
is a campus living room. Whether dancing 
to a combo in the Dive or just having a 
coke in the State Room, a student always 
has a place to relax after a day of classes. 


Blue Key- Top Row: Jerry L. Munson, Douglas K. Dusenbury, Wayne 
M. Grover, Chester E. Peters, Terry L. Patterson, George L Zabel, 
Jerry D. Metz. Bottom Row: Kent H. Freeland, Richard E. Webber, 

Robert D. Crangle, Harvey D. Hensley, Stephen D. Nelson, Donald 
M. Williams, David A. Richardson. 

Greek pledges and actives move to the music of Rodney and 
the Blazers at the Interfraternity Pledge Council dance. 

Blue Key seniors plan 
'Haunting Memories 7 

Presentation of a traditional white cape 
to Homecoming Queen Deanna McCracken 
was only one facet Blue Key members arranged 
in planning Homecoming. Following the 
theme, "Haunting Memories/' the seniors also 
organized the skits, parade, dance, bonfire 
and football game ceremonies. 

Painting "Beat KU" signs on merchants' 
windows was a project which added $600 to 
the Blue Key treasury. The honorary contrib- 
uted to the 'Cats for Curtains campaign and to 
a memorial fund for a student killed in a car 
accident. Blue Key presented its annual 
scholarship to a sophomore man. 

Advised by Chester Peters, dean of stu- 
dents, the senior men's honorary selected a 
traditional 13 members on the basis of their 
leadership and scholarship records. The men 
boasted a 3.2 cumulative grade average. Blue 
Key elected Harvey Hensley president. 

Deanna McCracken squeals with delight as Blue Key presi- 
dent names her Homecoming Queen in front of Seaton Hall. 


Mortar Board -Top Row: Catherine M. Gerritz, Dorothy J. Barrons, 
Diane E. Lee, Margaret Raftington, Kathleen D. Nelson, Janice I. 
McCord, Harriet J. Meals, Karen J. Carey, Golda M. Crawford, Suzanne 

M. Behrens, Rita D. Mundhenke. Bottom Row: Barbara J. Symns, 
Sharon J. Carlson, Judith A. Wolf, Judith F. Werner, Phyllis J. Kaff, 
Mary J. Riddle. 

Mortar Board sponsors 
meeting at Rock Springs 

Mortar Board members from five schools 
attended a section conference which the Uni- 
versity's chapter hosted at Rock Springs 
Ranch. The senior women's scholastic and 
leadership honorary sold chrysanthemums at 
several home football games. Instead of pre- 
senting its annual scholarship, Mortar Board 
brought Robert Hazard of Virginia to campus 
for a convocation in which he reviewed the 
World's Fair in New York City. 

1 1 IS )H j| 


***f-*. ,.. ._* - * ' ^»">> -r--* 

At the Parents' Day game, President McCain escorts honor- 
ary parents, Dr. and Mrs. John Cortner, to press box seats. 

Chimes women hostess Mortar Board Scholarship Banquet. 
Mortar Board awarded certificates for high freshman grades. 

Juniors hike grade point 
for Chimes membership 

Grade point average required for Chimes 
membership was changed from a 2.8 to a 3.0 

by the junior women's honorary. The women 
sponsored annual Parents' Day activities and 
served a tea for women transfer students. 

Halloween Day the juniors rode in the 
Homecoming Parade and at Christmas, they 
visited a private nursing home. In the spring, 
Chimes tapped sophomores based on their 
records of scholarship and leadership. 

Chimes- Top Row: Jean M. 
Miller, Dorothy B. Pettis, 
Vicky J. Cotner, Pamela J. 
Henry, Jane Clark, Marilyn 
K. Spainhour, Sandra J. Beck, 
Ann McCaslin, Carole J. Fry, 
Linda K. Niedenthal, Janet M. 
Francis. Bottom Row.- Pamela 
A. Howard, Karen R. McMil- 
lin, Beverly J. Falconer, Mary 
A. Bishop, Carol S. Walker, 
Beverly J. Abmeyer, Karen L. 
Chitwood, Erma J. Karr. 

Phi Kappa Phi chooses 
student, faculty scholars 

One hundred and four students were elected 
to Phi Kappa Phi during spring and fall tap- 
pings. The national scholastic honorary tapped 
undergraduate and graduate students and 
faculty members. Initiates, including six 
graduate faculty members, were honored at 
a spring banquet and a fall tea. 


Huffman, Herbert E. Oplinger, Edward 5. 

Lemon, Janet M. Stoecker, Arthur L. 

Munson, Charles E. 

Cochran, Robert A. 


Bonebrake, Veronica Lee, Diane E. 

Bowie, Rogga J. Lewis, John L. 

Brady, Anita I. Riddle, Mary J. 

Dallas, Jean E. Rittenoure, Robert L. 

Freeland, Kent H. Surtees, Carol 

Gladfelter, Marv E. Templer, Patricia A. 
Hollis, Carolyn J. 

Fncke, Obed M. Minsch, Jean A. 

McClintock, Kenneth Mundhenke, Rita D. 

Bender, Janet J. Nelson, Annette K. 

Carlyon, Rose E. Nelson, Kathleen D. 

Lyne, Jean E. Pettey, Lynda L. 

Delfosse, Lyle E. Neville, George O. 

Donaldson, Richard L. Park, Richard N. 

Hensley, Harvey D. Tackette, Howard M. 

Krehbiel, Lyle D. 


Darter, Janet K. Symns, Barbara J. 

Kleymann, Bonnie J. Watters, Mary A. 

Meeks, Suzanne J. Winter, Esta A. 

Tom V. David 

Beekley, Cynthia X. Morse, Richard H. 

DeGracie, James S. Rhoades, John D. 

Gill, Piara S. Richter, Charles E. 

Justice, William L. Shortt, James C. 

Lutz, Daniel B. 


Alpha Lambda Delta -Top Row: Judith M. Graham, Kathryne L. 
Gaynier, Gwendolyn F. Graham, Sheryl B. Etling, Rama J. Risley, 
Mary R. Steinbrink, Charlotte A. Lawless, Judith A. Melvin. Second 
Row: Cynthia L. Sperry, Susanna M. Wright, Patsy C. Meek, Helen C. 

Bauder, Nancy E. Fair, Diane Hodgson, Linda A. Claydon. Bottom 
Row: Mary K. Fowler, Jane Clark, Sharon A. Mount, Judith K. Nulty, 
Rita K. Lilak, Jannette S. Robinson. 

Phi Eta Sigma -Top Row: 
Merwin L. Brown, Rodney T. 
Nash, Donald F. Hansen, 
John R. Friley, John D. Loop. 
Second Row: Stephen J. 
Aberle, Donald G. Shivers, 
William W. Everett, David S. 
Tucker, Don A. Johnson 
Michael D. Janke. Bottom 
Row: Alwyn H. Gentry, Gary 
E. Clark, John W. Toney, 
David J. Langford, John V. 

Freshman honoraries decorate Homecoming ball 

Decorations for the Homecoming Dance 
were designed and constructed by members 
of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. 
Following a fall theme, the honoraries used 
pumpkins, leaves and candles on tables. 

Distributing posters publicizing University 
Convocation speakers was a new task of Alpha 
Lambda Delta. Members of the 35-woman 
freshman honorary assisted with freshmen 
and transfer student orientation. Led by Presi- 
dent Diane Hodgson, the organization also 


conducted a dormitory scholarship program 
for freshmen women. 

"How To Study" pamphlets were given to 
entering students by members of Phi Eta 
Sigma, freshmen men's honorary. The scholas- 
tic group also held a joint banquet with Alpha 
Lambda Delta to honor new members. With 
a membership of 30, the group was directed 
by David Tucker. Members in both honoraries 
maintained a 3.5 grade point average for work 
done during their freshman years. 

Phi Alpha Mu — Top Row: 
Beryl A. Shaw, Karen R. Mc- 
Millin, Jean E. Dallas, Mar- 
garet R. Roebke, Catherine 
M. Gerritz. Second Row: 
Gwendolyn F.Graham, Judith 
A. Winkler, Kathleen D. Nel- 
son, Diane E. Lee, Carolyn J. 
Hollis, Julia R. Crowley. Third 
Row: Sally A. Holliday, Anita 
I. Brady, Karin F. Burns, Bar- 
bara L. Brooks, Carole J. Fry. 
Bottom Row: Judy J. Trussell, 
Jane Clark, Sandra J. Beck, 
Margaret A. Koepke, Joyce 
E. Guy. 

Scholarship earns coeds 
Phi Alpha Mu citations 

Putnam Scholars review 
political campaign tactics 

To acknowledge scholastic achievement, 
Phi Alpha Mu recognized Sharon Carlson and 
Jeryn Faddis as the junior women with the 
highest grade averages in Arts and Sciences. 
Based on grades of their first two years, both 
women held 4.0 grade averages. The arts and 
sciences honorary also invited all sophomore 
women in the College who had earned at 
least 3.0 averages to a scholarship tea. 

Implications of the political campaigns were 
discussed at a pre-election meeting of the 
Putnam Scholars Association. President Mc- 
Cain spoke at the group's annual banquet. 
Other activities included a watermelon feed, 
Christmas party and spring picnic. Putnam 
scholarships, established in 1954, were the 
first grants in the University's program of 
general scholarships. 

Putnam Scholars Association -Top Row: Ann W. Smull, Beryl A. 
Shaw, Carolyn S. Lemon, Gail A. Klick, Judith P. Houdyshell, Linda 
K. Niedenthal, Carol A. Starns, Linda D. Gentry, Sheryl B. Etling, 
Karen A. Griffith, Lynn K. Parsons. Second Row: Carole J. Fry, Joel 
D. Ohlsen, David A. Richardson, Mark K. Torluemke, Jean E. Saindon, 
Merwin L. Brown, Delbert G. Ruckle, Martha M. Fly, Susan J. McCoy, 
Marilyn S. Myers, Karyl S. Nelson, David E. Carlson. Third Row: 

Joe E. Ward, Diana K. Loetel, Virginia M. Munson, Joyce E. Guy, 
Sharon J. Carlson, Margaret A. Koepke, Janet E. True, Rose M. 
Potenski, James R. Lee, Robert E. Kirk, Ronald D. Lyberger. Bottom 
Row.- Willits A. Smull, Joel W. Athey, Alwyn H. Gentry, Thomas W. 
Hinz, Donald R. Ferguson, Luanne H. Waters, Paul J. Jacob, Richard 
F. Gillum, Robert S. Shelor, Robert J. Wuthnow. 


Sigma Delta Ch\-Top Row: Mark L. Miller, Lowell Brandner, Jack 
E. Backer, David H. Mickey, Kent H. Freeland, Ralph R. Lashbrook. 
Second Row: Max M. Fitzwater, Douglas G. Groesbeck, Charles T. 

Powers, James L. Garver, C. J. Medlin, George R. Eaton, Carl R. 
Rochat. Bottom Row: William H. Morris, Fred M. Parris, Craig A. 
McNeal, Byron E. Ellis, Michael K. Charles, Elbert B. Macy. 

Theta Sigma Phi -Top Row: 
Roberta G. Applegate, Judi S. 
Halbleib, Susanne Miller, 
Roberta L. Hughes, Glenna L. 
Wilson, Jeanette H. Johnson. 
Second Row: Mary L. Burk, 
Ann E. Friesen, Rebecca L. 
Fitzgerald, Carole J. Fry, 
Diane E. Lee, Betty S. Arnold. 
Bottom Row: Judith A. Cow- 
drey, Judith A. Miller, Kath- 
leen A. Dickey, Sharon E. 
Stauffer, Lois A. Hudgins. 

Societies honor journalist, celebrate anniversary 

Outstanding Kansas woman journalist was 
elected by Theta Sigma Phi and honored at 
its annual Matrix Table Banquet. The women's 
honorary planned a get-acquainted party for 
women journalism students and members 
sold coffee to Kedzie Hall journalists. 

Forensic Union-7op Row: Clair L. Swann, Paul R. Firling, David A. 
Krueger, Jack V. Lewis. Second Row: Carolyn L. Carr, Kevin B. Far- 
rell, Vince S. DiSalvo, Janice D. Kepley. Bottom Row: Ted J. Barnes, 
George H. Johnston, Donald G. Dressier, John V. Heitman. 

Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of 
its local chapter, Sigma Delta Chi invited 
Kansas journalists to the anniversary K-Key 
Banquet. Nine members of the men's profes- 
sional journalism society attended national 
Sigma Delta Chi convention in Kansas City. 

Debate group sponsors 
Midwest novice tourney 

Hosted by Forensic Union, the seventeenth 
K-State Novice Debate Tournament attracted 
more than 70 debate teams. Twenty-seven 
schools were represented in the novice con- 
test, the oldest and one of the largest in the 
Midwest. Members traveled more than 12,000 
miles to compete in 12 tournaments. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron- 7op Row: Donna B. Bilderback, Patricia A. 
Patton, Janet K. Darter, Sonja L. Newcomer, Dorothy J. Barrons, 
Rose A. Bradbury, Sharon A. Hase, Nancy E. Halverstadt. Second 
Row: Anna M. Luker, Signe L. Burk, Mary A. Watters, Mary R. Stein- 
brink, Rama J. Risley, Jeanette H. Johnson, Judith E. Brown, Marilyn 

B. Trotter. Third Row: Sharon Y. Nickols, Jannette S. Robinson, Suz- 
anne A. Meeks, Doris M. Finch, Vivian S. Sisk, Mary A. Bishop, Janet 
L. Moore, Barbara J. Symns. Bottom Row: Ruth A. Cobb, Nancy C. 
Grey, Sara L. Kuhn, Linda P. Sanders, Carol L. Smith, Edith E. War- 
rington, Margaret H. Sughrue, Shelia R. Pilger. 

Home economics honoraries promote profession 

"Responsibilities of Women in Tomorrow's 
World" served as unifying theme behind pro- 
grams of Phi Upsilon Omicron. In collegiate 
work to advance professional home economics, 
members acted as guides for visitors touring 
Justin Hall. The honorary planned a spring 
Founders' Day ceremony. 

Seniors in the honorary aided the home 
economics faculty by serving as assistant 
freshmen advisers. Phi Upsilon Omicron 
awarded a traveling plaque to the home eco- 
nomics student it judged most outstanding 
for leadership and scholarship as a freshman. 

Through a program promoting research in 
home economics, Omicron Nu members 
studied investigations undertaken by faculty 
women. The professional group entertained 
international women and sophomores with 
eligible grades at a spring dessert. The society 
also planned a freshman tea. Barbara Symns 
was elected president. 

Doretta Hoffman, dean of the College of 
Home Economics, showed slides of her Rus- 
sian trip to women in the honorary. Omicron 
Nu pledges were required to have earned a 
junior standing and a 3.0 grade average. 

Omicron Nu — Top Row: Mary E. Woolsey, Donna B. Bilderback, Rama 
J. Risley, Nancy E. Halverstadt, Phyllis L. Edwards, Patricia A. Leo- 
pold, Julita E. Umali, John T. Pence, Margaret V. Clark. Second Row: 
Janet K. Darter, Mary R. Steinbrink, Marilyn B. Trotter, Gretchen L. 
Bonnewell, Karolyn K. Ely, Mary A. Watters, Faith R. Roach, Patricia 



J. Rogers. Third Row: Suzanne M. Behrens, Stella K. Mason, Jeanette 
H. Johnson, Charlotte I. Pengilly, Vivian S. Sisk, Suzanne A. Meeks, 
Esta A. Winter, Carolyn L. Brock. Bottom Row.- Katherine C. Barker, 
Barbara J. Symns, Anita K. Wilson, Edith E. Warrington, Sara L. 
Kuhn, Sharon Y. Nickols, Rose A. Bradbury. 

f^§$»S t - s! "' 

1 ' ...J ' "» I I JJIIIJJJBUJ.. .,: . 

Steel Ring — Top Row: Thomas D. Jacob, Thomas C. Helbing, Nor- 
bert R. Malik, George M. Powell, John D. Markel. Second Row: Kerry 
F. Williams, Donald M. Williams, James L. Goering, William B. Living- 

ston, Johnny L. Granquist. Bottom Row: Steven J. VanHole, William 
E. Richard, Raymond D. Caughron, Gary D. Bouchey, Robert L. 

University alumni attend 
Steel Ring open house 

Commerce majors visit 
metropolitan businesses 

Returning engineering and architecture 
alumni attended a Homecoming open house 
in Seaton Hall sponsored by Steel Ring. The 
engineering and architecture honorary pre- 
sented a $100 scholarship to a major in one 
of the two fields. As steering committee, 
Steel Ring planned programming of Engi- 
neers' and Architects' Open House. 

On professional tours, Alpha Kappa Psi 
visited major businesses in Wichita, Topeka 
and Kansas City. The nation's oldest business 
administration fraternity hosted Commerce 
alumni during Homecoming and co-spon- 
sored College of Commerce Day. With Leland 
Schick as president, Alpha Kappa Psi elected 
Oscar Stauffer an honorary member. 

Alpha Kappa Psi-7~op Row: Richard F. Urban, Robert M. Deaver, 
Brian G. Trennepohl, Peter L. Molinari, Robert E. Davies, Billy G. 
Fellers, Leroy R. Broxterman. Second Row: Charles W. Guthrie, 
Dennis J. Ayotte, Roland E. Sperry, Urban G. Wise, Barry G. Olsen, 
Kevin B. Farrell, William D. Tuxbury. Third Row: Allan J. Kvasnicka, 

Leland R. Schick, Donald M. Wilson, Donald R. Zahnley, Kenneth L. 
Francis, William C. Barker, Phillip D. Lange, Wayne E. Setchell. Bot- 
tom Row: Lee R. Martin, Dennis A. Kaump, Charles R. Heidrick, 
Douglas D. Gardner, Gary L. Poage, Danny J. Ogle, John P. Cable. 

Alpha Zeta project aids city policeman's widow 

Widow of a Manhattan policeman killed 
during the fall received help from a project 
sponsored by Alpha Zeta. The agricultural 
honorary conducted a smoker and an initi- 
ation, banquet program each semester. Ed- 

ward Oplinger was president of the honorary 
which noted more than a 20-member increase. 
Upperclass agriculture and veterinary medi- 
cine majors qualified for Alpha Zeta member- 
ship with a 2.8 grade average. 

Alpha Zeta-Top Row: Hyde S. Jacobs, Patrick I. Coyne, Melvin C. 
Hunt, Osmundo S. Castilla, Donald L. Steanson, Carrol W. Campbell, 
John C. Durling, Harold D. Engle, Philip V. Mathews. Second Row: 
Melvin V. Splitter, Frank R. Solomon, Bill D. Emch, Terry J. Kern, 
Charles E. Meeks, Richard W. Morehouse, Jack L. Anderson, Steve 

R. Mosier. Third Row: Raymon A. Anderson, Roland K. Krauss, Wayne 
M. Grover, Maurice D. Penner, George L. Zabel, James L. Yager. 
Bottom Row: Stuart J. Burns, Harry C. Mussman, John J. Kern, 
Charles E. Munson, Gary E. Thomas, Terry L. Biery, Carl W. Johnson, 
Dale E. Roberts. 

Alpha Zeta-7~op Row: James L. Barnhart, Edward P. Miller, Richard 
E. Webber, Charles L. Stoehr, Montford L. Carpenter, David P. Kaiser, 
John W. Schrader, Darrell M. Riftel, Paul T. Purinton. Second Row: 
Richard Bassette, Melvin E. Thompson, Terry N. Turner, Edward S. 
Oplinger, Robert E. Baker, Theodore T. Evans, Donald G. Hefty, 

Richard L. Gillaspie. Third Row.- Steven D. Schultz, John E. Rice, 
Charles A. Helwig, Peter P. Preheim, Donald W. Butts, Max R. Moss, 
LaVerne R. Myers. Bottom Row.- Ronald B. Keene, William J. Wel- 
lenstein, Robert M. Brown, Dennis L. Dechert, Norman B. Jernigan, 
Bruce W. Little, Roy E. Friesen, Merle G. Eversmeyer. 


Sigma Alpha Eta-fop Row: Carol A. Hinnergardt, Virginia P. Mason, 
Carol L. Dillman, Margaret J. Hansen. Second Row: Judie K. Hunt, 
Marsha K. Greene, Marjorie K. Tylke. Bottom Row: Bertram C. 
Thome, Marcy L. Schmidler, Maureen K. Manuel. 

Gamma Theta Upsilon- Top Row: Vera A. Bates, Alan L. Mashak, 
Mildred F. Bryant. Second Row: Robert G. Madziya, Nicholas M. 
Nyamfukudza. Bottom Row: George E. Taplin, Charles W. Robertson, 
Donald R. Loar. 

Mu Phi Epsilon-fop Row: Judith C. Poppe, Mary R. Brethour, Mari- 
lyn J. Back, Janiece D. Fair. Second Row.- Margie E. Vathauer, Eliz- 
abeth A. Dick, Virginia B. Kenyon, Rita L. Pearce. Bottom Row.- Mari- 
lyn R. Kuhn, Joyce E. Guy, Rachel R. Unruh, Irene S. Skonberg. 

Speech, hearing majors 
learn therapy techniques 

While working in the Veteran's Adminis- 
tration hospital and Capper Foundation in 
Topeka, the 12 members of Sigma Alpha Eta 
employed speech and hearing therapy tech- 
niques. Student member Marjorie Tylke was 
chosen by the speech pathology society as the 
college's outstanding pathologist of the year. 
Members attended Kansas speech and hearing 
conventions in Topeka and Kansas City. 

Gamma Theta Upsilon 
drafts program lecturers 

Geography speakers were awarded major 
spots in Gamma Theta Upsilon programs. One 
lecturer showed films of his Grecian tour 
while another described his Russian trip. 
The geography group planned a spring field 
trip with geology students. Upperclass rank- 
ing in addition to 2.5 over-all and 2.8 cur- 
riculum grade averages were required for 
membership in the geography honorary. 

Mu Phi Epsilon sends 
instruments to children 

Underprivileged children at Gad's Hill 
Center in Chicago received a saxophone and 
cornet sent by women of Mu Phi Epsilon. 
Recognizing scholarship and musical ability 
of upperclass women music students, Mu Phi 
Epsilon presented an interpretative lecture 
recital. As other projects, the women's honor- 
ary planned a program of American music and 
helped sponsor the Feast of Carols. 

Sigma Tau whitewashes 
'KS' monument on K-Hill 

As part of Sigma Tau's initiation require- 
ment, the engineering honorary's pledges 
whitewashed the concrete "KS" on K-Hill. 
The "K" was built by engineers in 1921 while 
the "S" was completed by Sigma Tau in 1930. 
Another pledge project was painting the 
Sigma Tau pyramid northwest of the Union. 

In addition to conducting opening cere- 
monies for Engineers' Open House, Sigma 
Tau supervised selection of St. Pat and St. 
Patricia. Paul Russell, Engineering dean, was 
chosen an honorary member. The engineers 
held spring and fall initiation banquets. 

-L &&. 

Sigma Tau pledges once more slop paint on K-Hill. They 
have performed the requirement for initiation since 1921. 

Sigma Tau — Top Row: Ted R. King, Gary L. Augustine, Thomas C. 
Helbing, Arch H. Williams, Claude T. Crawshaw, Charles E. Cook, 
Douglas D. McGregor, Don R. Opdycke, Dwane E. Hemphill. Second 
Row: Thomas W. Eagles, George F. Marble, Robert D. Crangle, Rich- 
ard L. Donaldson, Harlan D. Stauffer, Jim L. DeMars, Francis G. 

Christian, Edward L. Kostjal. Third Row: Phillip D. Enegren, Marvin 
R. Rogers, James L. Finney, John W. Reed, Donald L. Kiser, Allen D. 
McCown, Robert D. Lillich. Bottom Row: Wayne L. Pritz, Glen H. 
Fountain, Robert M. Hamlett, Wayne M. Goering, Michael T. Chap- 
man, Lowell G. Moore. 

Sigma law-Top Row: Merwin L. Brown, Kent L Marmet, Floyd E. 
Haskin, Robert L. Appel, James K. Koelliker.Lyle D. Krehbiel, Arnold 
Y. Leg, Gary D. Bohn. Second Row: Donald R. Ferguson, Frank L. 
Shorney, George 0. Neville, John L. Atkisson, Samuel W. Knecht, 

Harvey D. Hensley, John R. Goering. Bottom Row: James W. Thiesing, 
Francis C. Dennis, Randall L. Harmison, Pat D. Corman, Donald J. 
Bell, David E. Banks. 

Alpha fAu -Top Row: Monte 
L. Carpenter, Fritz Norbury, 
Robert E. Baker, Stephen B. 
Zeigler, Fred R. Anstaett. 
Second Row: Leroy V. Skoch, 
Bill D. Emch, Royal G. Den- 
ning, Maurice D. Penner. Bot- 
tom Row: Dale E. Roberts, 
Cecil R. Wilcoxon, Lawrence 
J. Roberts. 

High grades win student 
praise of milling group 

Scouting service chapter 
notes 35th anniversary 

Outstanding scholarship won Craig Hel- 
wig an award from Alpha Mu for the highest 
freshman grades earned in the milling tech- 
nology program. Only chapter of Alpha Mu 
in the nation, the milling honorary held fall 
and spring banquets at which new members 
were initiated. Alpha Mu members also par- 
ticipated in Ag Science Day activities. 

As one of the nation's oldest continuously 
active chapters, Alpha Phi Omega celebrated 
its 35th anniversary. Members sponsored a 
Boy Scout den chief training day and con- 
ducted scouting discussion groups. As serv- 
ice work, Alpha Phi Omega organized the 
Homecoming Parade, built the Homecoming 
bonfire and operated a student book exchange. 

Alpha Phi Omega -Top Row: Douglas R. Noller, Thomas W. Rhodes, 
Bernard A. Hugo, Merle D. Jantz, Desmond Waturuocha, Larry W. 
Hays, John B. Corwin, Clement P. DeCristofaro. Second Row: Marc 
A. Laxer, Charles W. Hively, Charles R. Weldon, Howard P. Killough, 
Daniel J. Landon, Warren B. Wylie, William H. Honstead, Steven W. 

Hall. Third Row: Edward C. Odell, Dennis J. Ayotte, Alwyn H. Gentry, 
John H. Baldwin, Richard H. O'Leary, Douglas G. Simms, Boyd E. 
Masten, Michael L Gamble. Bottom Row: Dewey A. Cortner, Steven 
R. Wilson, Richard L. Janousek, Brian T. Haupt, Royce M. King, Dale 
E. Peterson, Robert H. Miller, Edwin J. Frick. 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia — Top 

Row: Eugene H. Copeland, 
Cecil W. Pearce, Ronald W. 
Bryan, William K. Beckman. 
Second Row: Keith E. Mere- 
dith, Marcus L. Knight, Larry 
D. Sayler, Myron F. Hanke, 
Joel E. Buller. Bottom Row.- 
Wayne A. Pearson, Paul E. 
Lundgren, Michael K. Ireland, 
Clifford I. Ochampaugh. 

Music program ushers 
belong to Phi Mu Alpha 

Wildcat victories signal 
Phi Epsilon Kappa bell 

Ushers for music department concerts were 
provided by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a music 
honorary. As co-sponsors of the Feast of 
Carols, the men staged a boar's head proces- 
sion and sang Christmas carols with Mu Phi 
Epsilon. Phi Mu Alpha planned the spring 
Sweetheart Ball for which members chose a 
Phi Mu sweetheart to reign at the dance. 

Overlooking Memorial Stadium, a 300- 
pound bell was erected by Phi Epsilon Kappa. 
The physical education fraternity specified 
that the bell be rung after Wildcat victories. 
Manhattan fifth and sixth graders partici- 
pated in a free throw contest the honorary 
sponsored. Members printed newsletters and 
sent gifts to a children's hospital. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa -Top Row: Jerome H. Cheynet, Clair C Hill, 
Gerald E. Leonard, Edwin G. Kauffman, Daryle D. Smalley, Dennis 
L Erkenbrack, David E. Bowers. Second Row: Robert E. Schmoekel, 
William L. Congleton, Mark P. Bolick, Michael D. Penrod, Stanley E. 
Lauer, Jerry Shaw. Third Row: Veryle E. Snyder, James A. Beard, 

Robert C Nelson, Thomas C Train, Rodney D. Petersen, Kenneth J. 
Russell, Frank G. Kavanaugh. Bottom Row.- Robert C Hines, William 
A. Floerke, Raydon H. Robel, Jeffrey C Simons, Michael E. Michaud, 
Galen K. Campbell, Bobby L Gibson. 


Kappa Delta Pi -Top Row: 
Kathleen D. Nelson, Carolyn 
A. Cotter, Joan E. Lyne, Janet 
L. Hendricks, Janet J. Bender. 
Second Row: Joe H. Loeb, 
Judith K. Allee, Ralph E. 
Stegner, Karen L. Hosley, 
Franco A. Hammel. Bottom 
Row: Joyce E. Bocock, Ellen 
E. Sheedy, Judith F. Werner, 
Doris M. Schierling, Karen J. 

Tau Sigma Delta-7~op Row: Darrell E. Beach, Roy T. Miyaji, Dorothy 
A. Kandle, Mary C. Miller, Karen S. Billinghan, Douglas J. Denny, 
Jerry A. Ogburn, David N. Hoi lis. Second Row: Paul A. Friesen, 
Thomas D. Jacob, Harold D. Bock, James R. Calcara, Dennis B. 
Maercklein, Stephen B. Holloway, John C. Williams, John H. Thies- 

sen, Homer D. Blossom. Bottom Row: Kenneth L. Kallenbach. Wil- 
liam B. Livingston, Robert A. Cochran. Thomas A. Thompson, Terry 
L. Patterson, Joe B. Hollingsworth, Thomas R. Gossen, James J. 

Future educators hear 
about job interviewing 

Seminars ready students 
for architecture exams 

"Interviewing the Prospective Teacher" 
provided a lecture topic at one meeting of 
Kappa Delta Pi. C. Fred Colvin, from the 
Wichita school system, presented the talk on 
teaching interviews. For another guest edu- 
cator, Kappa Delta Pi invited a professor to 
discuss teaching opportunities. 

Kathleen Nelson acted as president of the 
education honorary. Joe Loeb was Kappa 
Delta Pi adviser. The 70 juniors and seniors 
ranked in the upper fifth of their classes. 


Seminars were scheduled by Tau Sigma 
Delta to help architects prepare for state board 
examinations. Through the project, students 
readied themselves for the tests they would 
take to become licensed architects after three- 
year apprenticeships. 

Camel-green blazers bearing the Tau Sigma 
Delta crest were worn by members. The hon- 
orary tapped students in architecture and the 
allied arts with 3.0 grade averages or in the 
upper 20 per cent of their classes. 

Interning medical technologists from St. Joseph's Hospital 
in Wichita explain different phases of their on-the-job train- 

ing to Alpha Delta Theta members. The interns showed 
slides depicting a typical day of work at the hospital. 

Dorms hire medical technologists to shine shoes 

Shining shoes in the men's dormitories, 
members of Alpha Delta Theta earned money 
for the Carl Dorf Memorial Scholarship, a 
$100 scholarship given to a medical technol- 

ogy student. Speakers for the medical technol- 
ogy honorary included former students in the 
three-year curriculum now serving internship 
periods in area hospitals. 

Alpha Delta Theta -Top Row: 
Sharon A. Llewellyn, Sharry 
R. Kraff, Mary E. Guthrie, 
Sharon K. Blasdel, Susan J. 
McCoy. Second Row: Judith 
L. Stumpff, Mary L. Esau, 
Jilinda A. Smith, Mary J. 
Pflughoeft, Claudette A. Lank. 
Third Row: Ruby K. Brower, 
Mary B. Stephens, Kathryn E. 
Urbanek, Lois A. Wiley, Linda 
K. Shambaugh. Bottom Row: 
Almira S. Snodgrass, Ingrid 
E. Nesmith, Judith A. Wolf, 
Mary Z. Furney, Carolyn S. 



4f^ '<pf%* 

^ps»w. k™i& JtfHbk i^jr - .^^H# ,^^3Pk irwtP^ 


■ ■liji ■ 

A 1 -r~ JB 

^B 99 ^^b -^s^- ■■ 

i| jH B* <n^ | fl Rffi^| 1 BS fP'iB 

M|j| ■ JX ■■Vl fl BlifiM^ jjiflE fl Bti'- &lfl < 

■■ -'-' ■■■ I B B "*** "* iBS B B 9m B 
BE fla BUifli B "™ «fflJ flm *■" fla 

Eta Kappa Nu-7~op Row: Gary D. Bohn, Don R. Opdycke, Arnold Y. 
Lee, Russell C. Eberhart, Jimmie L. Blakely, Ronald L. Starr, Herbert 
F. Zabel, Dwane E. Hemphill. Second Row: Allen D. McCown, Calvin 
W. Deines, David L. Hawks, Joe E. Ward, Dennis J. McCormick, Kent 
L. Marmet, Jim L DeMars, Dale R. Bentrup. Third Row: Vernon M. 

Wegerer, Gerald R. Haworth, John W. Reed, Richard F. Bell, Lyle D. 
Krehbiel, Clair R. Jones, George 0. Neville, James C. Duston. Bot- 
tom Row: Peter D. Humbarger, Samuel W. Knecht, Randall L. Harmi- 
son, Pat D. Corman.Glen H. Fountain, John R. Goering, Donald J. Bell. 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon-7"op 

Row: Louis Riseman, John L. 
Russell, Joseph R. Chelikow- 
sky, Douglas G. Brookins. 
Second Row: Claude W. 
Shenkel, Jerry P. Smith, 
Henry V. Beck. William J. 
G i 1 1 i land. Third Row: Law- 
rence E. Brown, Michael W. 
Kazmaier, Warren D. Wiman, 
John L. Webb, Paul S. Win- 
gard. Bottom Row: Kenneth 
M. Warren, Galen E. King, 
Charles P. Walters, Page C. 
Twiss, Charles E. Bussing. 

Eta Kappa Nu recruits 
more student engineers 

Geology majors attend 
earth science seminars 

Recruiting students for the College of Engi- 
neering, Eta Kappa Nu members talked to 
high school students and prospective engi- 
neering majors at Engineers' and Architects' 
Open House. The scholastic honorary also set 
up a booth explaining the electrical engineer- 
ing curriculum. Eta Kappa Nu also scheduled 
an initiation banquet for new actives. 


Six seminars, co-sponsored by Sigma Gam- 
ma Epsilon and a geography group, attracted 
both geology and geography students. The 
national geology honorary elected John Rus- 
sell its president. Faculty adviser Henry 
Beck helped the group plan a five-day field 
trip to Carlsbad, N. M. to study geologic for- 
mations present in the southwest region. 

Theater honorary stages 
two one-act productions 

Omicron Delta Epsilon 
studies economic issues 

"No Exit" and "Phoenix Too Frequent" 
were two one-act dramas produced by Pi 
Epsilon Delta during the spring. David Sad- 
kin directed activities of the dramatics honor- 
ary in promoting theatrical interest on campus. 
An undergraduate received the annual schol- 
arship of Pi Epsilon Delta, awarded in multi- 
ples of $50. Wallace Dace advised Pi Epsilon 
Delta in planning theatrical projects. 

Economic development keynoted the speech 
of George Montgomery, an economics profes- 
sor, at a fall meeting of Omicron Delta Epsilon. 
President William Champney helped plan the 
four professional meetings and two business 
sessions which the economics honorary con- 
ducted. The economists met in the Union for 
two luncheon meetings. Jarvin Emerson 
served as adviser for Omicron Delta Epsilon. 

Pi Epsilon Delta — Top Row: 
Letitia S. Dace, Elizabeth E. 
Cary, David Sadkin, Barbara 
A. Sadkin. Bottom Row: Clay- 
ton E. Hawes, Wallace Dace, 
Frederick L. Williams. 

Omicron Delta Epsilon- Top Row: Robert E. Schrepel, Petres M. 
Yiassemides, Lenore A. Hartman, Calvin C. Hausman, Donald F. De- 
Cou, Saraswati P. Singh. Second Row: William N. Ross, Frederick C. 
Lamphear, Robert J. Letourneau, Carl T. Fredrickson, Vernon V. 

Geissler, Dinkerrai R. Desai. Bottom Row: M. Jarvin Emerson, 
Stephen W. Fuller, Muhammad Afzal, Richard L. Epard, William 0. 
Champney, Edgar S. Bagley. 


Tuttle picnic greets chemistry graduate students 

To welcome new chemistry graduate stu- 
dents, Phi Lambda Upsilon held a picnic at 
Tuttle Creek. In professional activities, the 
chemical society also recognized outstanding 
scholarship and research. 

Through its awards, four certificates of 
honor were given to highest ranked members 
of the undergraduate classes of chemistry. 

The honorary engraved the senior recipient's 
name on its senior plaque. Certificates and 
cash were awarded to two winners of graduate 
scholarship and research divisions. The re- 
search winner presented study findings at 
the society's banquet. The chemists elected 
Charles Reineke president. James Copeland 
advised the honorary in planning activities. 

Chi Epsilon-7"op Row: Fara- 
marz Pourlak, Edwin L. Ryser, 
Gary D. Owen. Second Row: 
John T. Nebgen, Harlan D. 
Stauffer, Ralph L. Fanson, 
Frederick R. Bader, Howard 
R. Steeley. Bottom Row: Ed- 
ward R. Wehling, Francis C. 
Dennis, Frank L. Shorney, 
Robert L Nevil. 

Engineers build Open House curriculum displays 

Courses needed to receive a civil engineer- 
ing degree were explained at the booth spon- 
sored by Chi Epsilon at Engineers' Open 
House. Members of the civil engineering 
honorary also served coffee at a Kansas high- 
way conference during semester break. 

"Indicator Card," a mechanical engineering 
newsletter, was published by Pi Tau Sigma. 
The honorary conducted professional engi- 
neering test reviews and built a departmental 
bulletin board. Members constructed a dis- 
play for Engineers' Open House. 

Pi Tau Sigma -Top Row: 
Thomas W. Eagles, Danny D. 
Mishler, John L. Atkisson, 
Daryl D. Bender, Jay C. 
Schlegel. Second Row: Don- 
ald R. Dicken, Spencer B. 
Graves, James L. Finney, 
Marvin R. Rogers. Bottom 
Row: Ray L. Martin, David E. 
Banks, James R. Jaax, Wayne 
L. Pritz, James E. Geringer. 


Phi Lambda Upsilon-7"op 

Row: Yuan C. Chiang, Theo- 
dore E. Tabor, Suresh D. 
Devaasirvatham, Charles E. 
Reineke, Alfred S. Burchett. 
Second Row: James L. Cope- 
land, Jorge C. Olguin, Dennis 
G. Gillen, Jerrel C. Anderson. 
Bottom Row: Clifton E. Me- 
loan, Lewis A. Shadoff, 
Charles A. Smith, David A. 
Bak, Dean L. Sinclair. 

National Spanish society 
establishes new chapter 

With its organization as a chapter, Sigma 
Delta Pi added another unit to the national 
Spanish honorary's 100-chapter complex. To 
encourage Spanish study, the newly estab- 
lished group sponsored meetings featuring 
lectures and readings of literary papers on 
Hispanic culture. 

Group membership was limited to students 
having taken the equivalent of three years of 
college Spanish, including a third year litera- 
ture course. Members were required to have 
earned a 3.0 grade average in Spanish work 
and a 2.5 over-all grade average. 

Sigma Delta Pi -Top Row: Erma J. Karr, Jean E. Dallas, Christine M. 
Anderson, Carolyn J. Hollis. Second Row: Victor F. Diaz, Marilyn G. 
Roepke, Barbara P. Noble, Vera A. Bates. Bottom Row: Judy L. 
Meerpohl, Patricia K. Ingersoll, Rogga J. Bowie, Margaret E. Beeson. 

Delta Phi Delta -Top Row: Mary C. Miller, Karen S. Billingham, Rita 
L. Pearce. Second Row: Harry H. Hoesli, Colleen K. Salter, Jeanne A. 
Heintzelman, Dennis B. Maercklein. Bottom Row: Lois K. Wells, 
J. Cranston Heintzelman. 

Delta Phi Delta draws 
football end zone letters 

At home football games, Delta Phi Delta 
assisted the athletic department by lettering 
end zones. As well as sponsoring its annual 
Thieves Market, the national art honorary 
designed art exhibitions for display in the 
Union. In art-oriented programs, group mem- 
bers viewed slides on Danish weaving and 
heard a psychologist lecture on the relation- 
ship between art and psychology. 


Angel Flight- Top Row: Kathleen H. Deweese, Karen S. Ward, Linda 
L. Lehman, Judith F. Werner, Mary L. Haymaker, Pamela A. Merri- 
man, Jean E. Lyne. Second Row: Pamela J. Brandenberger, Sylvia M. 
Mills, Linda L. Simpson, Phyllis L. Howell, Gloria J. Delich, Nancy E. 

Angel Flight 7"op Row: Franco A. Hammel, Judith Allen, Kay E. 
Bain, Gail E. Tawney, Nancy S. Waite, Sheryl J. Fraser, Kathryn A. 
Boxberger, Beverly J. Falconer. Second Row: Valerie B. Hoover, 
Bette L. Edwards, Donna J. Hover, Elizabeth A. Wandt, Diana K. Fred- 

Fair, Betty A. Randall, Anellen Nyquist. Bottom Row: Judith A. David- 
son, Cynthia Lammers, Diane S. Kempke, Linda K. Turney, Patty S. 
Drake, Susan M. Oke, Jan C. Buenning, Marykaye Bleakley. 

erick, Pamela K. Smith, Nancy K. Lee, Patricia J. Callen, Margie A. 
Bryan. Bottom Row.- Diane D. DeVoe, Nancy M. Young, Patricia A. 
Sughrue, Patricia L. Peterson, Helen F. Bosche, Carole S. McKay, 
Carol E. Sloan, Carolyn S. Kuhn. 

To finance a trip to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras, Angel 
Flight members sell chocolates to a men's living group. 

. , ... . . ,'A 

Angel Flight entertains 
at children's yule party 

For Christmas, Angel Flight, an honorary 
precision marching team, gave a party for 
underprivileged children. The women also 
marched at a basketball game. Selling candy, 
the group earned $460 for their spring trip to 
the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, La. While at 
the Mardi Gras, an Angel Flight team marched 
at the Krewe of Carrollton Ball. 

Pershing Rifles -Top Row: David A. Martin, Jean E. Lyne, Mary L. 
Haymaker, Richard R.Gordon, Patricia L. Peterson, Bette L. Edwards, 
Gregory E. Grandison. Second Row: Lenord L. Roberson, William S. 
Wehr, Guy M. Akob, David H. Prosser, Marc A. Laxer, John H. Brand, 

Eldon L. Clark. Bottom Row: David R. Collins, Thomas D. Sharp, 
Arthur C. Streeter, Richard L. Janousek, Tom W. Walsh, David J. 
Levett, Bradley F. Glasco. 

Pershing Rifles guards Auditorium's stone shell 

After a fire destroying the Auditorium, 
Pershing Rifles guarded the area day and 
night until a fence was erected around the 
stone shell. The military honorary defended 
its championship title in drill competition at 
the University of Kansas and entered a five- 
state meet at Oklahoma State University. 

Pershing Rifles formed the Arch of Sabers 
at the Military Ball and marched as color guard 
at the spring and fall ROTC reviews. The team 
presented drill exhibitions for the KU basket- 
ball game and Kansas high schools. Pershing 
Rifles selected members from men enrolled in 
the ROTC training program. 

Pershing Rifles- Top Row: John W. Cameron, Joseph D. Sours, Nancy 
K. Lee, Diane D. DeVoe, Ronald J. Forkenbrock, Patrick S. O'Neill, 
Kathryn A. Boxberger. Second Row: Robert A. Steinberg, Robert F. 
Brown, Fred C Boger, Steven W. Hall, Marvin W. Sharp, Fred L. 

Peterson, Marvin J. Rodriguez, Doyle R. Caudle. Bottom Row: William 
F. Shaw, Wayne A. Kellner, Kenneth R. Wyatt, Thomas R. Dent, David 
W. Bryan, John C Klein, Joseph R. Beasley. 


Arnold Air Society- Top Row: Gary D. Bohn, Don R. Opdycke, Ronald 

D. Jefferies, Ronald H. Smith, Jon T. Graves, Eldon L Mickelson, 
James W. Yust, John L. Emigh. Second Row: Walter I, Shaw, Harold 

E. Socolofsky, John P. Kilian, James E. Geringer, Gary H. Burton, 

Rex L. Klaurens, Gary L. Poage, Mode A. Johnson. Bottom Row: 
John F. Whitman, Larry M. Evans, Robert R. Maas, Robert A. Shep- 
pard, Steve R. Smith, John P. Cable, Arlen E. Diamond, Harold 
M. Cochran. 

Scabbard and Blade -Top Row: Thomas B. Sanders, Kenneth Mc- 
Clintock, William M. Bolnick, Michael L. Roy, Philip A. Livingston, 
Timothy P. Trubey, Kenneth R. Mann, Edward H. Dissinger. Second 
Row: John D. Harrison, Phillip D. Lange, Douglas W. Williams, Mark 
L. Miller, Curtis R. Fay, Joe E. Ward, Michael J. Danaher, Karl Farris. 
Third Row: Richard E. Fagerberg, Kenneth U. Benjamin, William M. 

Middleton, Richard L. Gillaspie, Roger B. Brewer, James M. Haley, 
Bruce A. McGehe, John P. Woolf, Frederick A. Catrell. Bottom Row: 
Ross L. Lamp, Peter Cullen, Mark A. Chapman, Francis C. Dennis, 
Robert M. Melichar, Thomas R. Gossen, Donald J. Keating, Raymond 
D. Caughron. 

Future Air Force men 
tour Ohio base facilities 

Cadet receives stipend 
of Scabbard and Blade 

While visiting Wright-Patterson Air Force 
Base in Dayton, Ohio, Arnold Air Society 
members inspected the Systems Command 
Center. The ROTC honorary presented drill 
exhibitions with Angel Flight at high school 
basketball games. The men also provided a 
color guard for Air Force functions. 

Using proceeds from the Military Ball and 
a concession stand at the Turkey Shoot, Scab- 
bard and Blade presented a scholarship to an 
outstanding military science cadet. 

Directed by President Curtis Fay and Col. 
Charles Nelson, the honorary society pub- 
lished a military science newsletter. 


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- Top Row: Chiman 
P. Patel, Richard C. Carter, David L. Hawks, Dwayne L. Harts, Norman 
R. Carver. Second Row: John W. Reed, Raymond B. Brackett, Terry 
L. Corr, Sam R. Daruvalla, Jay A. Wiechert. Third Row: George 0. 

Neville, William P. Bryant, Samuel W. Knecht, Robert H. Larson. 
Bottom Row.- Vernon M. Wegerer, John E. Keearns, Marvin J. Paige, 
Ernest V. Heina, Thomas A. Boyer. 

IEEE programs outline jobs, new developments 

Job opportunities and developments in 
theory and practices of electrical engineering 
provided program topics for the student 
branch of the Institute of Electrical and Elec- 
tronics Engineers. Industrial speakers at IEEE 

meetings included representatives from plate 
glass and aircraft companies. The electrical 
engineers prepared a curriculum display for 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House. Terry 
Corr was elected IEEE chairman. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -Top Row: Gary D. 
Bohn, Arnold Y. Lee, Joe E. Ward, Dennis J. McCormick, Russell C. 
Eberhart, Jesse A. Sisk. Second Row: Samuel W. Knecht, Richard F. 

Bell, Lyle D. Krehbiel, Clair R. Jones, James C Duston. Bottom Row: 
Peter D. Humbarger, Glen H. Fountain, Randall L. Harmison, Pat D. 
Corman, John R. Goering, Donald J. Bell. 


Engineers go to meeting 
at Arkansas University 

Science, universe supply 
physics lecture subjects 

At the University of Arkansas, members of 
the American Institute of Industrial Engineers 
participated in an AIIE student conference. 
The engineers also attended senior chapter 
meetings in Wichita and Kansas City. Speak- 
ers from Kansas industries were invited to 
AIIE meetings. The group scheduled two 
picnics and a banquet honoring seniors and 
participated in the Homecoming Parade. 

Molecular physics, "Good and Bad Science" 
and "The Universe — Its Creation" provided 
lecture topics at meetings of the American 
Institute of Physics. At one program, Vladi- 
mer Synecek told members about physics in 
Czechoslovakia. The group also heard its 
sponsor, John McKinley, discuss "How to 
Acquire Fake Experimental Data." The physics 
majors attended spring and fall picnics. 

American Institute of Industrial Engineers — Top Row: William F. 
Gubing, Robert G. Parker, Douglas L. Bump, Vincent L. Carlson, 
Fakhru A. Kaka, Daran P. Sutaria, Vishesh C. Wadhwa, Syed I. 
Hashmy, Gary L. Johnston. Second Row: Jagdishchandra M. Panchal, 
Steven C. Borell, Nathan D. Granger, James D. Viergever, Charles 
N. Ingrim, Bruce A. Adams, James E. Siemens, Ajitkumar C. Kapadia. 

Third Row: George L. Dickey, Grant G. Alexander, John M. Washburn, 
Douglas A. Lloyd, Mithoo M. Ramchandani, David E. McDougal, 
Jehangir P. Darukhanavala, David E. Anderson, Jerry W. Whitt. Bot- 
tom Row: Clair S. Schultis, Jorge H. Gonzalez, Neal B. Spence, 
Steven J. VanHole, Terry J. Hinnen, William G. Cooper, Richard N. 
Day, Malcolm D. Rodenberg. 

American Institute of Physics 

-Top Row: Donald L. Wal- 
ters, Richard M. Hunt, War- 
ren B. Wylie. Second Row: 
Mark J. Dreiling, Gary E. 
Clark, Ramaswa Subraman- 
ian, Gary P. Agin. Bottom 
Row: Billy H. Bailey, James 
L Gray. 


Nuclear society visits 
atomic power producer 

Visiting a nuclear power station in Nebraska 
enabled the American Nuclear Society to 
study the current status of experimental re- 
actors. At meetings members saw technical 
films from the Atomic Energy Commission. 
President Leon Frick scheduled lectures em- 
phasizing a need for better communication 
among engineers, scientists and citizens. 

American Nuclear Society- Top Row: Lawrence N. Frey, Kenneth B. 
Hughes, Carlo R. Glotzbach, Robert A. Nuttelman. Second Row: 
Gene P. Rathbun, Gilbert J. Heinen, Paul A. Zielie, Dale L. Schruben. 
Bottom Row: Jack D. Rose, James L. Brown, John C. Nye, Robert F. 
Pauly, David J. Langford. 

American Nuclear Society- Top Row: John J. Ryan, James A. Ka- 
pitzke, Howard M. Tackett, Carl J. Schra, Stephen J. Coulson, Ronald 
D. Wolf, Raymond L. Petri, John C. Irwin, Merwin L. Brown, Leland 
W. Raney. Second Row: Charles E. Ramsey, Norman E. Feather- 
ston, John K. Seavers, James A. Huggans, Clarence L. Anderson, 
Leon F. Frick, Adell W. Brecheisen, Edward R. Kane, John Mendoza. 

Third Row: Jerry L. Cassidy, Charles H. Deming, Jack E. Baber, Robert 
D. Crangle, Norman H. Anderson, Harold E. Socolofsky, Dale W. 
Shosa, Donald R. Ferguson, Roger L. Moore, Richard E. Faw. Bot- 
tom Row: Quaisar M. Hanif, John A. Cunningham, Donald F. Butzin, 
John E. Dobson, David E. Saven, Joseph H. McCleskey, Fred D. Lang, 
James W. Thiesing, Floyd E. Haskin. 

Loading a substance for irradiation in the Triga Mark II nu- A tour at Engineers' and Architects' Open House displayed 

clear reactor is demonstrated by a technician from Greece. peaceful uses of nuclear energy in research and industry. 

American Society of Civil Engineers- Top Row: James E. Touslee, 
Jerry L. May, Richard L Henning, Jacob F. Redlinger, Van Chang, 
Jerry A. Holloway. Second Row: Phillip L. Conine, Robert D. Bowers, 
Harlan D. Stauffer, Howard R. Steeley, Anoushiruan Gharavi, Den- 
nis E. Allacher, Robert L. Nevil. Third Row: Gregory L Miller, John 

T. Nebgen, Richard E. Srna, Joe W. Barnes, Robert R. Reynolds, 
Francisco Fernandez, Edward R. Wehling. Bottom Row: James M. 
Hillman, Larry L. Thompson, William R. Hardgrave, Wesley N. 
Moore, Chriss B. McDittett, Vernon H. Rosebraugh. 

Civil engineers sponsor Mid-Continent conference 

Representatives from eight universities at- 
tended the Mid-Continent Civil Engineering 
Conference hosted by the American Society of 
Civil Engineers. The chapter's members spon- 
sored a session with professional Kansas 
civil engineers and civil engineering majors 

from the University of Kansas. The engineers 
attended a similar meeting in Lawrence dur- 
ing the spring. At eight meetings each 
semester, members heard prominent civil en- 
gineers from Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. 
Members entered independent intramurals. 

American Society of Civil Engineers — Top Row: Faramarz Pourlak, 
Edwin L Ryser, Rodney G. Maag, William G. McKinley, Gary D. Owen, 
Don B. Clark, Chayant Svastisalee, Nanabhai B. Daroowala, Vitoon 
Suthiprasert. Second Row: Darwin E. Cline, Edward L Kostjal, Rich- 
ard K. Boyd, Richard G. Adams, Zuheir S. Dada, Ralph S. Bock, Nor- 
vell L. Washburn, Ralph L. Fanson, Michael L. Gamble, Mashal A. 

Mousa. Third Row: John B. Hamilton, Michael A. McAulifte, Robert 
J. Wiruth, Ivan L. Welty, Larry W. Emig, Richard L Riley, James L 
Goering, William R. Bird, Jon C Sneath. Bottom Row: Stanley W. 
Knowles, Richard D. Elliott, Larry M. Evans, James D. Jones, Charles 
K. Eby, Ronald D. Slaven, Frank L. Shorney. 


American Institute of Architects -Top Row: Thomas M. Kuntz, Den- 
nis A. Drumm, Merle D. Jantz, Charles W. Hively, Donald G. Booth, 
Ronald H. Nagata, Theodore I. Oyama, Sharon L. Stone, Ronald G. 
Miller. Second Row: John C. Mann, Jeffrey L. Krehbiel, J. Michael 
Vieux, William R. Bonner, Bernard L. Nothhouse, Dale E. West, Rich- 
ard E. Johnson, John S. Frey. Third Row: A. Edwin Riemann, Joseph 

J. Malloy, John C. Williams, George P. Harriman, Carmen L. Bieker, 
Robert A. Cochran, James H. Reeves, Julian F. Sayers, John A. 
Krider. Bottom Row: James A. MacDonald, Richard A. Brown, 
Thomas A. Thompson, Stephen L. Reece, Robert M. Borberg, Larry 
W. Schwann, John P. Duffendack, Douglas G. VanWickler. 

American Institute of Architects -Top Row: Douglas R. Noller, Dar- 
rell E. Beach, Arley D. Lanman, Rodger A. Brooks, Lyle F. Maninger, 
Jerry A. Ogburn, Robert L. Tripp, I. Eugene Thorson, Ronald W. 
Smith, Wing K. Kwok. Second Row: Rodney E. Callies, Robert H. 
Wilier, Ted R. Locke, Paul A. Friesen, Stephen F. Sauer, Stephen J. 
Winslow, Alvin M. Yoshimori, Thomas D. Jacob, Clark T. Heglar, 
Ralph K. Bieberly. Third Row: Gale L. Hatcher, Daniel C. Krepinevich, 

Barry W. Greis, Ralph E. Hibler, Paul R. Mayne, James L. Bottorff, 
Wayne P. Bower, William B. Livingston, Michael E. Shelor, Stephen 
B. Holloway, Thomas J. Lawrence. Bottom Row: James J. Adams, 
Randolph L. Wright, Daniel A. Kingman, Paul M. Kronberg, Terry L. 
Patterson, Michael H. Lessenden, Donald A. Dyer, Michael J.Crubel, 
Paul A. Otto, David C. Adams. 

Architects back Goff lecture, environment talks 

"Architecture as an Art," a lecture by archi- 
tect Bruce Goff, was sponsored by the student 
chapter of the American Institute of Archi- 
tects. Goff, a Kansas City architect, was noted 
for his use of unusual structural design. 
"Architecture as an Art," his film which won 
a Cannes Film Festival award, was shown to 
the professional group. 

While on an architectural tour of Wichita, 
the architects visited a Frank Lloyd Wright 

building at Wichita State University and 
inspected the largest building in Kansas. 
In promoting the year's theme, "Environ- 
ment 65," the student chapter sponsored talks 
on Asian architecture and the role of the archi- 
tect and city planner in American society. 
Other lectures and discussions also con- 
cerned space planning, church design and 
sculpture. President Thomas Lawrence di- 
rected activities of the 180 architects. 


Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects- 
fop Row: Ray F. Hill, Dean F. Harper, Susanne F. Little, Neil D. Rogers, 
William M. Youngman, Thomas T. Kodama, Wayne K. Iwamoto, Her- 
rick H. Smith. Second Row: Ronald D. Bahm, John A. Tuomey, 
Tommy R. Thompson, Harlow K. Schmidt, Gary L. Smith, Marvin L 

Shaw. Third Row: Daniel McGhee, Homer D. Blossom, Keith R. Zwick, 
Gary D. Vogt, Terrell A. Fitzgerald, Robert C. McClenahan. Bottom 
Row: Richard S. Hubbell, Herbert M. Rosenthal, David E. Lovelace, 
Duane H. Lyon, Donald D. Fleming, Clyde L. Allen, Richard A. 

Society of American Military Engineers- Top Row: Douglas W. Wil- 
liams, David A. Blasiar, Rodger K. Wilson, Ralph L. Fanson, Joe E. 
Ward, Gary A. Stewart. Second Row: John B. Jones, John T. Nebgen, 
David R. Collins, Robert R. Yeager, John H. Baldwin, Joel W. Bryant. 

Bottom Row: Patrick H. Riedl, Francis C. Dennis, Raymond D. 
Caughron, Randy B. Patterson, Charles W. Kuhn, William R. 

Chapter wins approval 
of landscape architects 

Colorado military posts 
draw engineering group 

With accreditation from a professional 
landscape architects' group, the Student Soci- 
ety of Landscape Architects changed its name 
to the K-State Chapter of the American 
Society of Landscape Architects. The group 
inspected housing developments and regional 
planning and recreational centers in Albu- 
querque, N. M. and St. Louis, Mo. 


Tours of Fort Carson and the Air Force 
Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo, headed 
activities of the Society of American Mili- 
tary Engineers. The men also made field trips 
to Fort Riley. At a joint meeting with the 
society's University of Kansas chapter, a 
scholarship award was presented to the out- 
standing cadet of each university. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers -Top Row: Ronald A 
Mclntire, Raymond L. Hamblin, Jon R. McLeod, Daryl D. Bender, 
Gerald V. Auchard, Danny D. Mishler, Don L. Cobb, Lyle W. Wies- 
camp, Robert E. Olmstead. Second Row: Lyle L. Scharenberg, Fran 
cis R. Bollig, Clyde H. Sprague, Wayne R. Weide, Thomas E. Foster, 
Ronald D. Pankratz, Clark D. Ringel, John W. Stewart. Third Row: 

David P. Fairbanks, Ray L. Martin, David E. Banks, James H. Wesch, 
John P. Kilian, Jim A. McKinnis, John Hintz. Bottom Row: Linn T. 
Leeburg, Weldon K. Gimbel, Robert B. Wilcox, James E. Geringer, 
Lonnie A. Theye, Paul F. Mennemeyer, Duane E. Wegerer, Richard 
A. Shriver. 

Midwest, regional meets 
draw student engineers 

Engineering students from colleges through- 
out the Midwest attended the American So- 
ciety of Mechanical Engineers, student 
conference hosted by the University's ASME 
chapter. Major industries provided speakers 

for ASME programs. The society also planned 
a picnic for mechanical engineering students 
and faculty members. 

Regional conferences of the American In- 
stitute of Chemical Engineers at Washington 
University in St. Louis, Mo. and at the Uni- 
versity of Kansas were attended by the Uni- 
versity's chapter. The chemical engineers 
selected St. Pat and St. Patricia candidates. 
Members also planned a curriculum exhibit 
for Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers- Top Row: Thomas W. 
Scott, Ronald E. Feldkamp, William H. Honstead, David E. Wain- 
wright, Tom D. Huecker. Second Row.- George F. Marble, Martin D. 
List, Larry L. Hummer, Donald L. Kiser, Richard D. Billings, Loren D. 

Nickoley. Bottom Row: Robert D. Smith, Robert D. Lillich, Charles C. 
Nielson, Jay D. Detter, William E. Richard, Johnny L. Granquist, 
Robert L. Appel. 


University's planetarium 
attracts chemical society 

Ag engineering honorary 
builds Homecoming float 

Touring the new University planetarium 
supplemented professional activities of the 
American Chemical Society. The chemists 
heard talks on infrared spectrocipy at two 
meetings. President of the group which pre- 
pared chemistry exhibits for Willard Hall 
display windows was Arthur Goodsel. 

"Let's Plow Under KU" was theme of a 
Homecoming float constructed by the student 
branch of the American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers. At Ag Engineering Field Day,- 
members sold concessions to finance two 
annual picnics. Representatives from four 
ASAE chapters met here for a section 

American Chemical Society- 
fop Row: Linda A. Claydon, 
Arthur W. Williamson, Bar- 
bara R. Green. Second Row: 
Arthur J. Goodsel, Marvin L. 
Burfield, Diana G. Cope, Vir- 
ginia M. Johnsmeyer. Bot- 
tom Row: Robert S. Frye, 
Larry B. Fullerton, Donald 
W. Setser. 

American Society of Agricultural Engineers- Top Row: Walter A. 
Harrison, Kenneth L. Umholtz, Loren L. Alderson, George M. Powell, 
John W. Schletzbaum, Claude T. Crawshaw, Grover C. Rundell, 
Charles E. Cook, James A. Armbruster, Gary L. Creager. Second Row: 
Thomas D. Dick, Douglas W. Williams, Wayne H. Anschutz, Garold L. 
McPeak, Wayne R. Albertson, Ronald H. Loomis, Donald C. Grif- 

fiths, Stanley R. Clark, Charles G. Baker. Third Row: Larry D. Frank, 
Larry N. Carey, Alan M. Mitchell, James K. Koelliker, Donald W. 
Steeples, Frank W. Howard, Douglas C. Seibel, John M. Harrison. 
Bottom Row: Roger H. Ailshie, Jarold L. Zimmerman, Donald W. 
Kaiser, Albert H. Strecker, Donald J. Keating, Gustave E. Fairbanks, 
James P. Murphy, George W. Hightower, Merle R. Albright. 


Phems- Top Row: Joan E. Lyne, Sharon K. Benton, Barbara P. Loe- 
beck, Alana K. Wamhoff, Gay K. Danler, Sandra M. Sandlin, Bobbie 
J. Shaw, Jane E. Dannefer. Second Row.- Gwen D. Woodard, Caroline 
J. Greer, Martha E. Wood, Patsy C. Meek, Marjorie J. Wright, Jean A. 
Lancaster, Dee A. Stephens, Judith E. Lamborn. Third Row: Tahmeroo 

L. Gaynier, Virginia G. Cardwell, Janet E. Higley, Sandra K. Busch, 
Marsha A. Thornton, Karen E. Blomberg, Judith L. Burgess, Frances 
E. Johnston. Bottom Row: Linda J. Rosenkranz, Patricia R. Chris- 
tensen, Judith J. Olson, Pam J. Guinn, Eva C. Lyman, Sandra R. 
Hick, Martha R. Kellstrom. 

Phems- Top Row: Lucinda L. Cooley, Barbara J. Harris, Carolyn K. 
Wagner, Nancy A. Eilrich, Marjorie L. Britting, Mozellar L. Davis, 
Joan Farmer, Faith A. Ott, Kathryn A. Claybaugh. Second Row: Phyl- 
lis M. Louk, Katherine M. McCarthy, Jean A. Sheik, R. Roslyn Rice, 
Joyce K. Kuhns, Karen C. Hughbanks, Mary E. Carson, Susan J. 

Martindale. Third Row: Nina M. Felbush, Barbara J. Socolofsky, 
Judy A. Akers, Gail M. Buenning, Jerre L. Lewis, Barbara K. Whealy, 
Constance L. Hall, Karen B. Joines. Bottom Row: Cheryl K. Hender- 
son, Janet Thomson, Carolyn R. Cox, Katherine Geyer, Katheryn A. 
McKinney, Marjorie C. Annis, Ruth V. Stevenson. 

High schoolers enter Phems 7 sports competition 

High school students from across Kansas 
attended the sports day sponsored by Phems 
and the women's physical education depart- 
ment. Phems, an organization to which all 
women physical education majors must be- 
long, also planned a junior high play day. 
Competitive sports events and a campus tour 
were scheduled as part of both programs. 

Through the year guest speakers were in- 
vited to lecture at meetings about new ideas 
and concepts in methods of teaching physical 
education. Demonstration in free exercise, 
modern dance and trampoline methods were 
among program topics. Phems elected Joyce 
Kuhns its president. Katheryn McKinney ad- 
vised the physical education group. 


Pte-KTCUB i 


— — j* 

Manning a Veterinary Medicine Open House booth, a club 
member shows geographic dispersal of veterinary students. 

Pre-vet students sponsor 
Winter Festival dance 

More than 200 couples attended the Winter 
Festival semiformal dance of Pre-Veterinary 
Medical Club. The group applied profits from 
the dance and other money-making events to 
the scholarship it sponsored for a student 
entering the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Besides attending a spring steak fry, mem- 
bers manned a Veterinary Open House booth. 
Senior veterinary students counseled Pre- 
Veterinary Medical Club members. President 
Russell Hagan presided over meetings. 

Prospective doctors, dentists tour medical school 

On a field trip to the University of Kansas 
Medical Center, Clinic Club members 
watched diagnostic work. The tests, made by 
medical students, used tissue and x-rays of 
experimental cadavers. Professors and stu- 
dents from the medical center visited the 
group to explain requirements for admission 

to the KU medical school. Other doctors talked 
to the pre-professional group about their 
medical experiences. Members also viewed 
an open heart surgery film. 

Composed of pre-medical and pre-dental 
students, Clinic Club attempted to dispel 
public misconceptions about medicine. 

Clinic Club -Top Row: John L. Pannier, Michael M. Morrissette, 
Terry L. Wilson, RaeDene Schmidt, Richard C. Dickson, Burk Jubelt, 
Duane A, lies. Second Row: Larry K. Kuhlman, Samuel D. Caughron, 

Eddie J. Gray, Gene M. Scott, Frederick G. Anschutz, Joel T. Weig- 
and. Bottom Row: Alvin D. Johnson, Harold R. Harrison, Ronald J. 
Finley, Olin T. Sandlin, Robert M. Melichar. 


Pre-Veterinary Medical Club - Top Row: Jane M. Albin, Sylvia E. Huff, 
Thomas A. Williams, Ronald L. Schindler, Richard L. Robinson, Alan 
C. Miller, William N. Bendure, Lee S. Leichtling, Sherri D. Spitsnogle, 
Kay A. Magby. Second Row: Bruce E. Bryant, Stephen V. Hartman, 
David L. Browder, Craig L. Carmichael, Lonnie D. Willis, Roy L. Smith, 
Dale A. Wardlaw, Laverne R. Bernard, Orlan R. Land, John B. Witt. 

Third Row: Victor E. Anspaugh, Larry W. Hartke, Richard W. Lewis, 
James F. Wadsack, Daniel I. Saror, Larry J. Cooper, Robert J. Gump, 
Dennis W. Smith, Richard M. Reid. Bottom Row.- Thomas R. Hagan, 
William G. Winter, Kenneth L. McFadden, Fred E. Lowrey, G. Roger 
James, Thomas F. Gillaspie, Thomas G. Ksiazek, F. Lynn Willard, 
Mark A. Grummert, Vernon D. Maxwell. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club 

-Top Row: Ross E. Bradford, 
Frederick L. Helm, John W. 
Dutton, George W. Atkinson, 
Richard N. Bruce. Second 
Row: Thomas E. Ashton, Rob- 
ert B. Fry, Robert E. Stach, 
Walter W. Kurth, Gabriel 0. 
Ankeli. Bottom Row: Verne 
E. Claussen, Larry J. Oliver, 
Lawrence E. Cheatum, Kelly 
D. Johnson, Gary R. Christian. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club-7"op Row: Christopher I. Nwokedi, 
Thomas H. Cure, Celestine 0. Njoku, Philip C. Bott, William P. Tid- 
ball, Joseph G. lyorver, Harry P. Hauschild. Second Row: Nancy L. 
Sullivan, Tommy L. Jacobitz, Cecil W. Wiley, Michael L. Gambiani, 
John R. Rule, Bruce R. Flipse, Jack H. Konitz, David A. Swerczek, 
Marc A. Laxer. Third Row: Steven H. Slusher, Jerry B. Fickel, Richard 

K. Norton, John A. Linder, Gary A. Splitter, Warren E. Boomer, Jerry 
R. Cordill, John E. Holste, Kenneth F. Norton. Bottom Row: Ralph E. 
Sievers, James M. Osborn, Ronald A. Engelken, William W. Buisch, 
Coy C. Mickey, Larry D. Stuckey, Kenneth R. Reynolds, Ronald G. 
Mason, Charles T. Bronzan, Jerry F. Porter. 



f*» m. 

C4 O O 


Student Chapter AVMA Seniors- Top Row: Loren F. Ray, Robert F. 
Hoops, Gary N. Edmonds, David P. Kaiser, Richard E. Webber, 
Kenneth L. Thompson. Second Row: Robert W. Bull, Kenneth E. 
Acre, Darrell L. Salsbury, Darrell M. Riffel, Dennis E. Dettmer, 
Herschel D. Lewis, Virgil J. Capron, Frank R. Solomon. Third Row: 



C3| f^nr 






Harry F. Moberly, Donald J. Jensen, Terry J. Kern, James J. Klaudt, 
Lowell J. Lyons, Donald G. Hefty, Kenneth M. Capron. Bottom Row: 
Los V. Holland, Raymon A. Anderson, Raymond D. Askey, Orville 
L Lagasse, Frank E. Moeller, Steven F. Swaim, Norman B. Jernigan, 
Nedrick L. Price. 

AVMA students donate blood for rabies serum 

Rabies immune blood for a serum bank at 
the Federal Communicable Diseases Center 
in Atlanta, Ga., was donated by the AVMA 
student chapter. Students were allowed to 
give blood for serum because they had all 
received rabies vaccinations. 

Depicting the theme "Modern Veterinary 
Medicine," the student chapter of the Ameri- 
can Veterinary Medical Association sponsored 
Veterinary Medicine Open House. Group 

members also participated in an exchange 
program with the AVMA student chapter at 
the University of Oklahoma. 

For the third consecutive year, member- 
ship accounted for 100 per cent of the student 
body of the College of Veterinary Medicine. 
Directed by Wayne Grover, the organization 
acted as an advisory body for Pre-Veterinary 
Medical Club. Jack E. Catlin and Glenn T. 
Hartke were faculty sponsors. 

Student Chapter AVMA Seniors- Top Row: Doyle W. Frank, William 
G. McConnell, Tom V. David, Anne W. Dahling, Paul T. Purinton, 
George S. Jensen, Bert Rosenquit. Second Row: Bruce E. McLaury, 
Edwin C. Derks, Keith A. Wolf, Peter P. Preheim, Michael A. Koligian, 
Jack L. Anderson, Martin R. Connell. Third Row: Robert L. Winters, 


J ■ 




Paul A. Ryding, Tom M. Tribolet, George D. Thye, William J. Schapfel, 
Wayne M. Grover, Randall E. Pedersen. Bottom Row: James B. 
Hersh, Charles W. Johnston, Royce N. Snook, Bruce W. Little, Gary 
E. Thomas, Carl W. Dahling, Ronald B. Keene, John R. Baker. 





"* i: ^^H**!* ■ 

•^9t?? Hl'iwl 



Student Chapter AVMA Juniors- Top Row: William R. Kuhn, Richard 
W. Morehouse, Gary D. Marr, Joseph Leiber, Osmundo S. Castilla, 
Kenneth L. Jeffery, John C. Durling. Second'Row: William C. Randle, 
Robert K. Treptow, Gary D. Harmon, Harold E. Wasinger, Gerald L. 

Kerns, Theodore T. Evans, Terry N. Turner, James J. Ketzner. Bottom 
Row: Max R. Moss, John A. Crouch, William J. Machart, Stuart J. 
Burns, Donald W. Butts, Leo G. Staley, David B. Browne, Stephen 

Student Chapter AVMA Juniors- Top Row: Ronald P. Gentzler, Don- 
ald L Harris, Edward P. Miller, Wallace W. Wolt, Martha L Dunn, 
Gailyn L. Dees, Orlin H. Helbing, Charles L. Stoehr, Tony D. David, 
Ivan R. Schrock. Second Row: Gerald D. Schrater, Daniel W. Rose, 
David J. Lodge, James L. Busby, Bernard A. Friesen, Thomas G. 
Kuhn, Malcolm D. McCracken, William H. Brethour, Dennis D. Huck, 

Manuel A. Thomas. Third Row: Herschel A. Stacey, Larry S. Oldham, 
Charles A. Helwig, William R. Rapp, Kenneth G. Huggins, Thomas 
A. Martin, Dennis L. Larson, John T. Hyde, Hubert E. Jefters, Gerald 
L : Keeffe. Bottom Row: Robert W. Minter, Robert E. Wingert, Victor 
C. Hurtig, Charles A. Dake, Carl S. O'Neil, Roger L. Lukens, Richard 
Blankenship, Roy Friesen, Robert M. Brown, Steven R. Mosier. 

Student Chapter AVMA Sophomores -Top Row: Cesar Gonzalez, 
Robert J. Bury, Jerald A. Peterson, Benjamin B. Dow, Joe K. Baber, 
Joy L. Decker, Dallas D. Caster, LeRoy P. Schild, Delvin D. Randolph, 
Curtis D. Lewis, Judy A. Cox, Catherine L. Hyde. Second Row: James 
A. Case, Allen A. Cesafsky, Joseph H. Mattare, James E. Dale, Darrell 
L. Haeker, Christopher E. Nance, George D. O'Neill, Lyle E. Zitek, 
Earl B. Hauck, Eldon L Misak, Ned E. Eib. Third Row: Joe L Mauderly, 

Charles E. Knudsen, Howard A. Kinzer, Robin R. Domer, Andrew J. 
Bozarth, Edward E. Barben, Jack S. Dunham, Edward J. Jezbera, 
Fineas G. Hughbanks, Robert A. Swerczek, Roy A. Braum. Bottom 
Row: Marlin D. Jefters, Clint S. Hardy, Jacob M. Sherwood, Timothy 
P. Cheney, Ronny L. Pemberton, Leonard A. Sigdestad, Neill R. 
Walker, Robert L. Kerns, Daniel A. DeNoon, James F. Hicks. 


Student Chapter AVMA Sophomores -Top Row: Nilean Nou, William 
C. Bergin, Robert A. Anderson, Iris L. Wagner, Jon M. Day, Medina 
R. Crespo, Michael A. Lanning, Jerry L. Hummel. Second Row: Leon 
A. Thiessen, Jerry M. Middleswart, Edward J. Plocharski, Dan E. 

Cram, Larry K. Dresher, Robert E. Cartee, David T. Lane. Bottom Row: 
Harold D. Bauman, James L. Corlis, Walter E. Colon, Lloyd W. Rogers, 
Richard J. Cortesi, James I. Miller, Dennis T. Nelson. 

Student Chapter AVMA Freshmen- Top Row: Gary M. Hutton, John 
C. Farhy, Walter L. Sidwell, Jack D. Henry, Deborah F. Kerr, Gordon 
R. Cunningham, Max L. Hacker, Marvin J. Farr, Larry K. McKim, 
Thomas D. Vincent. Second Row: Dean J. Alpert, Veryl B. Sibley, 
Patrick L. Mclnteer, Johnny J. Emery, William S. Hales, Loren G. 
Tucker, Gary E. Voelker, Michael K. Moore, Donald M. Long. Third 

Row: Robert J. Shay, Jerold E. McDowell, James H. Myers, Lewis H. 
Brogan, Richard D. Knewtson, Richard L Branson, Garth L. Peterson, 
Robert A. MacArthur. Bottom Row: Keith H. Eubank, Rodney E. 
Moyer, Robert W. Cannon, Edward N. Childs, Sherman J. Swanson, 
Michael A. Gangel, Alexander J. Marshall. 

Student Chapter AVMA Freshmen -Top Row: Larry L. Williams, 
George L. Wiley, Larry R. Meisegeier, Arnold G. Nagely, Joan E. 
Warner, Richard A. Barta, Dean R. Bader, Tony L. Kirk, Evelyn A. 
Bock, Desmond Waturuocha, Linda L. Delaplain. Second Row: Rob- 
ert L. Mitchell, Dennis A. Rohan, Norman R. Schneider, Ernest J. 
Finocchio, Jerry B. Burkey, Dean P. Fankhauser, Andrew C. Hutter, 
Kenneth N. Onyia, Randy D. Risley, Eugene R. Clothier, William M. 

Bryant. Third Row: Robert G. Rohrbaugh, Dennis R. Skalka, David S. 
Hodgson, Edward L. Kniffen, Jerry D. Weil, Frank G. Bieberly, Wallace 
E. Kraft, Sherwood L. Svarvan, Roger S. Fix, William M. Agresta. 
Bottom Row: James P. Nelson, Bernard J. Kroeze, Larry E. Rutter, C. 
Dean Bertholf, Andre A. Darrigrand, M. Keith Kingsley, Marvin E. 
Turner, Harry A. Stienfort, David N. Bisbee, Stephen R. Frack, 
Laurence L. Cooper. 


Student AVMA Auxiliary- Top Row: Linda M. Schild, Carol A. Dow, 
Sandra J. Agresta, Iris I. McKim, Leann G. Jernigan, Carol M. Capron, 
Eltriede W. Jensen, Barbara R. Keene, Joan A. Moeller. Karen K. 
Vincent, Lois C. Kaiser. Second Row: Joyce M. Long, Shirley J. Nance, 
Lois S. Lanning, Mavis L. Kingsley, Gail E. Eubank, Beverly J. Capron, 
Barbara A. Branson, Sandra L. Kerns, LaVelle M. McLaury, Gwen 

Johnston. Third Row: Redetta A. Bury, Mary E. Bauman, Sheila J. 
Cunningham, Shirley E. Lagasse, Marjorie L. Holland, Carol W. Frank, 
Doris F. O'Keeffe. Bottom Row: Nikki R. Misak, Nancy A. Pedersen, 
Margaret S. Thomas, Carol T. Cartee, Vera P. Rogers, Patricia C. 
Bergin, Barbara J. Case, Joan M. Anderson. 

Veterinary auxiliary operates concession sales 

Concession sales were operated by the Stu- 
dent American Veterinary Medical Association 
Auxiliary at Veterinary Medicine Open House. 
The women also entertained freshman wives 
and brides of veterinary medicine students at 
a welcoming tea. Two dances and a Christmas 
party for members' children were planned by 
the auxiliary group. 

At the group's junior-senior banquet and 
senior wives commencement program, wives 
of graduating seniors received DVM-MRS 
degrees. Other programs were planned to in- 
form members about the future veterinary 
careers of their husbands. Founded in 1941, 
the chapter was the first women's auxiliary 
of the national veterinary organization. 

Student AVMA Auxiliary- Top Row: Linda L. Haeker, Carole J. Hug- 
gins, Jacquelyn S. Solomon, Darlene L. Eib, Lynne L. Turner, Judy 
L. Edmonds, May A. Williams, Shirley K. Huck, Jean Kirk, Carol Peter- 
son, Carol I. Hicks. Second Row: Terry M. Colon, Mary E. Weil, Pat A. 
Anderson, Lynette F. Preheim, Judy L. Turner, Gail J. Hales, Ada M. 
Blankenship, Joyce J. Fix, Charlene J. Jefters, Kay A. Riffel. Third 

Row: Judy Schrater, Marylin S. Hefty, Carolyn R. Jezbera, Ginger 
Bailey, Joyce E. Gonzalez, Twilla L. David, Nancy M. Little, Clare J. 
Askey, Evelyn C. Thompson, Kathryn L. Link, Beverly P. Hobbs. Bot- 
tom Row: Diane R. Baxa, Cornelia J. Hardy, Donna C. Swanson, 
Patricia A. Lukens, Phyllis M. Friesen, Joyce L. Helwig, Wanda L. 
Bryant, Kay M. Hutton, Carol D. O'Neil. 


Wildlife Society members inspect a pheasant and duck to be 
exhibited in an upland game bird display in Fairchild Hall. 

State game commission 
enlists wildlife club's aid 

Organized in spring 1964, Wildlife Society 
student chaper helped the Kansas Forestry, 
Fish and Game Commission maintain prairie 
chicken and pheasant check stations. The stu- 
dents prepared a publication on fish and 
fishing in the Tuttle Creek area. 

Wildlife displays about waterfowl identifi- 
cation and ageing and sexing of upland game 
birds were exhibited by Wildlife Society. 
Donald Dick was elected president of the 
group whose members aided Manhattan Boy 
Scouts in work toward wildlife merit badges. 

Student Chapter of Wildlife Society- Top Row: Harold J. Smith, Jim 
L Choate, William A. Bertrand, Marc A. Laxer, Donald J. Dick, Allen 
H. Wood, Charles E. Viers, Marvin P. Thompson. Second Row: Dar- 
rell J. Montei, Carlin C. Cook, Ronald G. Horejsi, Larry W. Robinson, 

Ronald D. Klataske, Norman A. Slade, David L. Dowlin, Donald E. 
Zimmerman. Bottom Row: Jerome J. Cebula, Robert J. Robel, Victor 
C. Suppes, Jerry B. Leonard, Thomas M. Hanlon, Burt E. Eustace, 
John C. Long, Joseph M. Schwartz. 

Student Chapter of Music Educators National Conference -Top Row: 
Kathleen L. Haberbosch, James R. Hershberger, Marilyn R. Monts. 
Second Row: Robert M. Moews, Joyce E. Guy, Elizabeth D. Smith, 
Paul E. Lundgren. Bottom Row: Michael K. Ireland, Irene S. Skon- 
berg, Larry D. Sayler. 

Educators lead panels, 
discuss music teaching 

Panel discussions by former music grad- 
uates on common problems encountered in 
teaching headed programs of the Music Edu- 
cators National Conference. Area music teach- 
ers also spoke about philosophies of music 
education at luncheon meetings. James Hersh- 
berger advised the future music educators. 

Williston Club- Top Row: Louis Riseman, Michael J. Woods, John F. 
Cutler, John L. Russell, Douglas C. Brookins, Karl Stacey, Joseph R. 
Chelikowsky. Second Row: Richard R. Hageman, Claude W. Shenkel, 
Jerry P. Smith, Edward T. Hurley, Henry V. Beck, Stephen L. Stover, 
William J. Gilliland, Charles W. Robertson. Third Row: Nicholas M. 
Nyamfukudka, Lawrence E. Brown, Vincent J. McDermott, Michael 

W. Kazmaier, Warren D. Wiman, John L. Webb, Paul S. Wingard, 
John L. Gregory, William R. Siddall. Bottom Row: Heribert Stindl, 
Kenneth M. Warren, Galen E. King, Charles P. Walters, Thomas H. 
Brettschneider, Page C. Twiss, Charles E. Bussing, Erwin Suess, 
Donald R. Loar. 

Williston Club sponsors 
earth science programs 

Sociology students visit 
Kansas mental hospital 

Six seminars in geology and geography 
were sponsored by Williston Club. Through 
other lectures, the geology and geography 
honorary studied geophysics, geochronology 
and the earth sciences. Henry Beck was ad- 
viser for the 85 faculty and student members. 
Elected president by the earth scientists, 
John Russell planned Williston Club programs. 

Sociology majors visited a state mental 
hospital when studying Kansas social services. 
Kappa Iota Sigma also sponsored a banquet 
honoring graduating seniors and members re- 
ceiving high grades. The sociologists planned 
a pizza party and a picnic at Tuttle Creek. 
Group membership increased 40 per cent over 
that of the previous year. 

Kappa lota Sigma -Top Row: Milton G. Lau, Sharon K. Lewis, Mary 
J. Hottenstein, Toka J. Snyder, Rebecca A. Loucks, Elizabeth H. 
Parker, Malinda R. Crispin, Sharon A. Head rick. Second Row: Linda 
K. Niedenthal, Patricia A. Duffin, Ross A. Gilchrist, Charles C. Lang- 

ford, Paula J. Evans, Barclay J. Mayhew, Barbara H. Lanning. Bot- 
tom Row: Terry R. Carlson, Joseph Julian, Melvin M. Fuelling, Ralph 
E. Lanning, Arthur P. Ruth, David T. Crews, James D. Thompson, 
Vernon F. Norris. 


Soil Conservation Society - 

Top Row: James W. Scott, 
Ronald L. Ibbetson, Thomas 
W. Badger. Second Row: 
Robert E. Keen, Richard P. 
Houdyshell, Roland K. 
Krauss, John W. Funk. Bot- 
tom Row.- Gerald L. Lefmann, 
Larry L. Henry, Lloyd D. 

Conservationist lectures 
on Soviet soil excursion 

Ag economists recognize 
scholastic improvement 

Lecturing on aspects of conservation, Or- 
ville Bidwell told members of the Soil Con- 
servation Society of America about his soil 
tour of the Soviet Union. The chapter also 
helped Manhattan Boy Scouts in work on 
soil and water conservation merit badges. 

Scholarship earned four agricultural eco- 
nomics majors recognition from Agricultural 
Economics Club. The freshman, sophomore, 
junior and senior me'n with most improved 
grades were cited at a recognition banquet. 
The club sponsored a fall steak fry. 

Agricultural Economics Club-7"op Row: Losson G. Pike, Danny R 
Emig, Robert H. Stover, Stephen L Reedy, Michael W. Woolverton. 
Second Row: Jared 0. Hoover, William D. Ryan, Terry W. Odle, 
Richard L. Gillaspie, Gary D. Bruning, Charles M. Kellogg, Darrell 
K. Cockrum, John M. Graham, Harold D. Engle. Third Row; James L. 

Shank, David D. Knight, Alan E. States, Neil T. Satterlee, Ross A. 
Olson, Gary S. Overley, John E. Rice, David W. Cutter. Bottom Row: 
Daniel B. Artmann, Dennis L. Dechert, Raymond W. Gieseman, 
Robert L. Hagerman, Charles E. Munson, Phillip S. Shrack, Philip 
W. Smith, Gary H. Bowman, Steven L. Schmitt. 


Horticulture Club — Top Row: William R. Williams, William L. Shoe- 
maker, Janis E. Hodson, Sandra C. Moore, Glenn H. Sullivan, Gary 
M. Burris, Linda A. Poell. Second Row: Craig L. Miller, Francis B. 
Hoadley, Lesta N. Freeman, Gerald D. Heckes, Thomas J. Gottlick, 

Stanley H. Beidmann. Bottom Row: James K. Greig, Larry A. Rieck, 
Wilbur E. Thompson, John F. Edwards, William B. Eyman, Claude W. 
Derting, Robert P. Ealy. 

Entomology Club- Top Row: Suheyla Gul, Stanley R. Husted, Ronald 
L. Tittel,.Reynaud G. Granados, Rodney A. Stevens, John H. Williams 
Stanley R. Rachesky, Lewis R. Taylor, John P. Calhoun, Julia m! 
Hite, Nellie E. Price, Gabriel C. Diaz. Second Row: Larry L Murdock, 
I. A. Mohamed, Darrell E. Bay, Stephen M. Valder, Hugh E. Thompson, 
Carlos J. Rossetto, Zafar A. Qureshi, Leland W. Raney, Elvis A. Hein- 
richs, Lynn S. Benton, Donald A. Wilbur, Roger C. Smith, Muazzez 
Kalkan, Leland E. Dorchester. Third Row: Ronald E. Keys, John J. 

Ameel, Norman L. Marston, Darol L. Kautmann, Norbert M. Kauffeld, 
Carl W. Rettenmeyer, John G. Thomas, Mir A. Khan, James A. Web- 
ster, Elmer T. Jones, Stanley D. Carlson, Merlyn A. Brusven. Bottom 
Row: Robert B. Miller, Reginald H. Painter, Herbert Knutson, Charles 
W. Pitts, Richard J. Elzinga, Leroy H. Brooks. Theodore L. Hopkins, 
Hayward G. Spangler, Billy R. Wiseman, Benjamin F. McLaurin 
Harry W. Somsen, John B. Campbell. 

Horticulture Club shows 
travel slides of Holland 

FFA chapters purchase 
group's insect specimens 

Scenic slides of Kansas and Holland were 
shown at several meetings of Horticulture 
Club. Members attended picnics at Tuttle 
Creek and Pottowatomie State Lake. The club 
prepared an Ag Science Day display, an 
Activities Carnival booth and a Homecoming 

Insect collections were sold to high school 
chapters of Future Farmers of America by 
Entomology Club. The group hosted meetings 
of the Kansas Entomological Society and in an 
Ag Science Day exhibit, members emphasized 
physiology, morphology and taxonomy in 






J©! A 


,!•»«*-. ♦ 

AHM a ^| Bk 

\fl G 


1 Jwi • 

■ ilL_'***" r J^B ■ ^1 1b 


Klod and Kernel Klub- Top Row.- Robert V. Vodraska, Patrick I. Coyne, 
John W. Schrader, Hyde S. Jacobs, Stephen W. Stucky, Leo J. Ham- 
merbacher, Galen R. Niedenthal, Terrence S. Rice. Second Row: 
Wallace M. Craig, John E. Radke, Eldon W. Schwant, Edward S. 

Oplinger, Melvin V. Splitter, Ronnie G. Lunsford, Norman W. Koester. 
Bottom Row: Ronald G. Cunningham, Roland K. Krauss, Larry L. 
Henry, Carl W. Johnson, Merle G. Eversmeyer, Robert H. Miller, 
John J. Kern. 

Kansas schools receive 
agronomy seed samples 

Dairy science students 
build prize winning float 

High school agriculture classes received 
seed samples prepared by Klod and Kernel 
Klub. Members also compiled agronomy cir- 
culars. The group participated in a national 
agronomy convention and sponsored speech, 
essay and crop judging contests. 

Winning second in single-entry division 
of the Homecoming Parade, Dairy Science 
Club's float carried, the Kansas Dairy Princess. 
The group helped ready stock for the state 
FFA dairy judging contest. Members also at- 
tended a steak fry and chili feeds. 

Dairy Science Club-7"op Row: Marilyn J. Wagner, Roger B. Marion, 
Edward E. Jackson, Earl L. Farmer, Thomas J. Claydon, Danny K. 
Barnett, Jerry J. Eggleston, Rashmikant, B. Patel, Rosa L. Thomas. 
Second Row: Lloyd E. Lynn, Ronald D. Coltrane, Kenneth K. Chesney, 
Jose M. Buono, James R. Studnicka, Richard A. Ibbetson, Richard 
A. Nixon, Roger E. Heikes, Richard Bassette, Erie E. Bartley. Third 

Row.- Carrol W. Campbell, Gerald T. Young, Jerald A. Kopp, William 
B. McNeill, Donald F. Darling, Lawrence E. Carter, Lyle G. Helmer, 
Ronald L. Ibbetson, Ranee K. Headley. Bottom Row: Ross Mickel- 
sen, James H. Roeder, Howard W. Wilson, Robert C. Dobson, John 
W. Toney, Jannette S. Robinson, Leland M. Anderson, LaVerne R. 
Myers, Brian A. Wicks, Harold A. Roberts. 


Milling Association -Top Row: Muneharu Makishi, Philip H. McGrath, 
Gary L. Dettmer, Fred R. Anstaett, Larry E. Dirksen, James B. Bunney, 
Lewis G. Killebrew, Bill D. Emch. Second Row: Louis A. Stambaugh, 
Harold J. Depenbusch, jimmie L. Gay, Tommy D. Dameron, Leroy V. 

Skoch, Michael J. Farmer, Royal G. Denning. Bottom Row: Ronnie G. 
Lunsford; James A. Skinner, Frederick G. Lange, Carmen R. Klein, 
John W. Ragland, Gaylord D. Anderson. 

Milling technologists lecture to agriculture majors 

Automation in the milling and baking in- 
dustries and "The Romance of Starch" were 
subjects covered at Milling Association lec- 
tures. Professional millers were invited to 
speak at the group's monthly meetings. 

Helping to recruit University students, 
members talked with high school friends 
during vacations to interest prospective stu- 

dents, in the three milling technology cur- 
riculums. The 150-member group also spon- 
sored a milling open house during Ag Science 
Day. During the annual event, Milling As- 
sociation constructed displays and conducted 
student tours of milling facilities. Cecil Wil- 
coxon served as president of Milling Associ- 
ation and John L. Johnson was faculty adviser. 

Milling Association — Top Row: Fritz Norbury, Monte L. Carpenter, 
Mark S. Walters, Graham H. Shaw, Ronnie G. Giersch, Robert E. 
Baker, Steven C Burke, Robert V. Schanefelt, Ray D. Stautfer. Sec- 
ond Row.- Roy L. Robinson, Maurice D. Penner, Ronald J. Seytert, 

Charles D. Fulhage, William C Barr, Arnold J. Reichuber, Michael G. 
Niemann, Dale E. Roberts, Gary D. Genschorck. Bottom Row: Robert 
B. Taphorn, Donald E. Poelma, Robert N. Kershner, Cecil R. Wil- 
coxon, David L. Hammond, Gerald A. Sellers, Lawrence J. Roberts. 


Block and Bridle Club -Top Row. Diane L. Jones, Richard L Tea- 
garden, Steven A. Mueller, Norman C. Triemer, Richard L. Theurer, 
Lloyd A. Davidson, Paul M. Marshall. Second Row: James M. Veatch, 
Bruce D. Miller, Lynn H.Geffert, Orville M. Peterson, Jim C. Brinkman, 

Lawrence M. Chain, George A. Teagarden. Bottom Row: Gary L. Scott, 
T. Oneil Sullivant, Ronald W. Hirst, Hugh H. Wheelock, John D. 
Holliday, Edward S. Hodgson, Dean K. Johnson. 

Weber Hall lobby uses Block, Bridle furnishings 

New furniture for the lobby of Weber Hall 
was donated by Block and Bridle Club. The 
purchase was financed by a $6,000 fund which 
the 100-member organization had accumulated. 
George Zabel received the club's $125 scholar- 
ship, awarded annually to a member with 
junior ranking enrolled in animal husbandry. 

Block and Bridle Ckib elected George Tea- 
garden president. The agricultural group hon- 
ored two outstanding Kansas livestock men, 
one deceased and one living, and portraits of 
the two agriculturists were placed in the lobby 
of Weber Hall. David Mackintosh, an animal 
husbandry professor, was adviser. 

Block and Bridle Club -Top Row: Sylvia E. Huff, Mary J. Koons, Kay A. 
Magby, Sherri D. Spitsnogle, Barbara J. Socolofsky, Mary K. Fowler, 
Cheryl K. Huseman, Patricia George. Second Row: Ronald E. Jones, 
Martha J. Scott, Sally J. Lydick, Dean L. Davis, Robert D. Hattrup, 
Franklin L. Eberhart, Charles R. Rayl, Gale W. Hamilton. Third Row: 

Michael E. Dikeman, Ronald D. Welsh, Alan K. Pflughoeft, Phillip C. 
Light, Everett G. Aldndge, Philip V. Mathews, Darrell D. Gottlob. 
Bottom Row: Glenn A. Newcomer, John R. Diehl, Willard E. Kindig, 
Leigh W. St. Clair, George L. Zabel, Thomas D. Benortham. 


Business concerns host 
Industrial EducationClub 

While visiting area industries, members of 
Industrial Education Club toured an auto- 
motive assembly plant, a gypsum company, a 
lumber yard and an aluminum brass company. 
Through a project of volunteer repair work, 
members earned $100 for the organization. 

Industrial Education Club-Top Row: Ronald D. Schmalzried, Gordon 
E. Smith, James L. Kelley, Russell C. Brown. Second Row: Gary G. 
Tobias, David A. Spitzli, Charles E. Timmons, Jerold W. Kinnamon, 
Jerry L. Dobbin. Bottom Row: Melvin L. Patee, Gary S. Bradley, 
Johnny R. Krob, Howard D. Smethers. 

Agriculture majors plan 
student exchange project 

Conducting a student exchange program 
with Oklahoma State University highlighted 

activities of Agricultural Education Club. As a 
community service project to encourage safe 
driving, the 80-member organization prepared 
a safety booth in the Union before Christmas. 
Lawrence Erpelding was president of Agricul- 
tural Education Club, which also sponsored a 
fall watermelon feed. 

Agricultural Education Club-fop Row: Gerald A. Ninemire, Jerry L. 
Hahn, Larry J. Beat, Elton G. Murrow, Michael B. Yocam, Glenn R. 
Gottlob, Dasharathrai N. Pandya, James R. Miller, Ross D. Crane, 
Henry Van Laarhoven. Second Row: Eldon D. Lawless, Lawrence H. 
Erpelding, Jerold D. Penka, Lyle H. Chadwell, Marvin W. Creager, 
Larry D. Funk, Roger L. Baker, Russell L. Ballentine, Larry D. Ehrlich. 

Third Row: George W. Kuchenthal, Theodore L. Hanchett, Larry H. 
Coltrane, David K. Lightner, Carl V. Wahlmeier, Vernon E. Lohmann, 
Jerry F. Donahy, John W. Kroenlein. Bottom Row: Harlan D. House, 
Kenneth R. Alexander, Marvin W. Mann, James E. Zwonitzer, Allen V. 
Baldwin, James D. Patry, Elmer D. Grauerholz, Dale E. Limn, Dean 
M. Quillm. 

Agrucultural Education Club-Top Row: Vernon L. Hibbard, Charles E. 
Meeks, Harold E. Mai, Larry C. Epley, John D. Fabrizius, Larry W. 
Kendall, Alvin R. Conner. Second Row: Dale 0. Twaddell, Floyd J. 
Barkman, Larry E. Schmidt, Merle A. Soeken, Gerald H. Schmitt, 
Farrell D. Maichel, Richard W. Potter. Third Row: Marvin D. Parrack, 

Jerry L. Armbruster, Ralph G. Herrs, Lloyd D. Huggins, Lar.ry E. Kater, 
John R. Agan. Bottom Row: David L. Bothwell, Kent D. Shuyler, 
Donald K. Emery, Gary D. Francis, Rudolph D. Claassen, Leon D. 
Sowers, Leslie B. Allison. 

■*v~ .Jjftfht. ^ ; ^ii 7**^ 

Student Education Association- Top Row: Susan G. Carstens, Judith 
E. Lamborn, Janet L. Chatfield, Barbara I. Rinkel, Nancy K. Hatfield, 
Helen D. Groyon, Karen M. Lutz, Cheryl V. Clevenger, Janet M. Weg- 
man. Second Row: Martha A. Burgess, Anne M. Kramer, Jean A. 
Lancaster, Martha A. Wilson, Karen J. Strahm, Marilyn J. McCabe, 
Patricia S. Skaptason, Lois A. Kohl, Brenda K. Suran, Nancy E. Hal- 
verstadt. Third Row: Mary A. Coyne, Elaine F. Strahm, Deanna M. 

McCracken, Judy J. Trussell, Janice E. McNeal, Doris M. Schierling, 
Barbara G. Hochuli, Sharon A. Gigstad, Suzanne Stbne, Cuma L. 
Whiteside, Carolyn E. DeVault. Bottom Row: Marilyn J. Anderson, 
Louise R. Giefer, Bruce D. Kliewer, Joseph D. Sours, Melvin L. Patee, 
Linda P. Sanders, Judith K. Nulty, Judith J. Olson, Karen J. Carey, 
Marva L Morrison. 

SEA rates award, hosts high school convention 

Ranked first in the state in over-all ratings, 
the Student Education Association chapter 
featured programs patterned to widen the 
educational scope of future teachers. At one 
meeting a class from the School of the Deaf 
at Olathe demonstrated methods used in 
teaching students with hearing defects. Other 
S.E.A. programs included a mock teaching job 
interview and a talk on teaching in large city 
primary and secondary school systems. 

Members of the education organization 
hosted the Kansas high school convention of 
Future Teachers of America. In conjunction 
with Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa and 
Delta Kappa Gamma, education honorary 
organizations, the group sponsored an annual 
student recognition banquet. To familiarize 
freshmen and transfer students with facilities 
of the School of Education, S.E.A. conducted a 
fall orientation program for education majors. 

Student Education Association -Top Row: Linda K. Morrissette, 
Mary B. Blakeslee, Pamela S. Gallemore, Karen D. DeGood, Janice 
J. Miles, Pamela L. Holt, Sally A. Sutton, Martha A. Mustoe, Sharron 
L. Stephens, Nancy S. Dean. Second Row: Jean E. Lyne, Janice E. 
Baker, Pamela A. Merriman, Bonnie B. Bonewitz, Sherrill J. Fletcher, 
Susan R. Applebaugh, Lavina J. Zook, Judith R. Freed, Reba S. 
Brazle, Carol S. Amos. Third Row: Karen A. Holmes, Evelyn L. Barber, 

Pamela J. Dudley, Nancy A. Baker, Barbara P. Noble, Judy E. Nebgen, 
Mary A. Voet, Nancy C. Bortz, Mama G. Jenkins, Patricia A. Fass- 
nacht, Marilyn K. Boles. Bottom Row: Nancy L. Rundell, Janice J. 
Morrow, Evelyn E. Moody, Marlyse K. Milburn, Carolyn J. Franey, 
Marjorie C. Annis, Marvella R. Dyck, Penny R. Eberhart, Lorna E. 
House, Suzanne K. Hawkins. 


Student Education Association -Top Row: Patricia A. Patton, Diana 
K. Goertz, Alice I. Barnhart, Mary L Hall, Lenora K. Gabel, Karen L 
Runnion, Harriet G. Christensen, Anellen Nyquist, Margaret E. 
Tanner, Jean E. Dettmer, Mary A. Watters. Second Row: Janet A. 
Rotman, Patricia L. Wenger, Janet K. Griffith, Virginia S. Ford, 
Renita K. Pohl, Carol S. Tiffany, Natalie J. Cowan, Jane A. Suor, 
Mary L. Haymakar, Judith A. Winkler, Deanna L. Sainer. Third Row: 

Vickie J. Overley, Margaret K. Craig, Nancy E. Fair, Virginia Brighten- 
burg, Iva L. Schupp, Mary E. Wanklyn, Mary E. Houdyshell, Anne A. 
Tuggle, Carol A. Brent, Marilyn E. Smith, Judith Allen. Bottom Row: 
Shirley F. Theis, Sharon A. White, Connie K. Miles, Jeanene S. 
Penner, Julia A. Cinder, Carol A. Loomis, Mary K. Kaump, Barbara L. 
Brooks, Elizabeth A. Wilson, Patricia L. Peterson, Franco A. Hammel. 

Student Education Association -Top Row: Louise A. Juvenal, Beryl 
A. Shaw, Beverly J. Falconer, Jacqualine S. Byers, Karen P. Walk- 
meyer, Ann E. Nelson, Judith A. Rowan, Linda M. Lantis, Imogene J. 
Ross, Marcia J. Morton. Second Row: Mary A. Hornung, Nancy K. 
Wallace, Roberta R. Siegle, Ruthann Guthrie, Nancy C. Reeves, 
Judith E. Linden, Jane C. Benedick, Bonnie J. Kleymann, Lucille L. 
Jewett, Janet K. Mapes. Third Row.- Patricia A. Hatch, Carolyn K. 

Graham, Ann McCaslin, Jean A. Loughmiller, Cheryl A. Power, Linda 
M. Morgan, Leslie D. Sutphen, Helen E. Lawless, Rita K. Lilak, Sharon 
K. Radford. Bottom Row: Pamela K. Griffee, Colleen K. Salter, Eldora 
S. Kauffman, Edwin G. Kauffman, James N. Marker, Ronald D. 
Clifton, Dennis R. Chambers, Gerald A. Bird, Rosemary A. Wolfe, 
Susan Merrill, Cheryl M. Kuiken. 

Student Education Association -Top Row: Edna M. Becker, Kristina 
L. Kunz, Luanne R. Shank, Edith M. Dickinson, Rose N. Detter, Jane 
E. Dannefer, Carolyn A. Cotter, Mary J. Swaffar. Second Row: Shirley 
Levendofsky, Wilma J. Cales, Jo M. Bell, Gloria J. Jones, Laurel B. 
Warren, Mary J. Fisher, Sharon A. Hotujac, Martha J. Cox, Linda S. 
Huber, John W. DeMand. Third Row.- Ralph E. Stegner, Kathryne L 

Gaynier, Martha A. Crane, 
Vera S. Hunziker, Barbara 
K. Bell, Diana J. Williams. 
Maureen K. Manuel, Joan 

Sheedy, Gretchen A. Pomerenke, Judith 
Mary V. Mitchell, Gary G. Tobias. 

Betty J. Gracey, Tahmeroo L. Gaynier, 

A. Jetland, Dorothy L. Sullivan, Marilea 

Bottom Row: Ronald D. Schmalzried, 

R. Inskeep, Donna A. Dodge, Ellen E. 

K. Allee, Nancy J. Exline, 


Home Ec Teaching Club -Top Row: Linda S. Hauptli, Reba S. Brazle, 
Gloria D. Wanager, Beverly A. Jackson, Judith E. Brown, Barbara E. 
Diehl, Janet M. Wegman, Mary R. Steinbrink, Imogene J. Ross, 
Bonnie B. Bonewitz. Second Row: Donna B. Bilderback, Sherry L. 
Simpson, Sherril J. Myers, Pamalee G. Carson, Annette J. Beyer, 
Sandra D. Tollefson, Peggy I. Beninga, Judith F. Klassen, Iva L 
Schupp, Joyce I. Freeman, Jacqueline Kubat. Third Row: Arietta Y. 

Visser, Loretta E. Reeh, Janet A. Rotman, Carolee Cram, Lois K. 
Lewis, Cheryl A. Power, Carol A. Brent, Judy K. McClure, Suzanne K. 
Hawkins, Deanna M. McCracken. Bottom Row: Barbara J. Symns, 
Barbara K. Richard, Gretchen M. Brandt, Connie E. Rogers, Linda 
P. Sanders, Edith E. Warrington, Janet S. Meyer, Nancy J. Scott, 
Sylvia M. Barth, Marlyse K. Milburn, Patricia A. Miller. 

Home Ec Teaching Club -Top 
Row: Pauletta J. Winderlin, 
Cheryl K. Jarvis, Cora J. Eg- 
gleston, Deanna L. Sainer, 
Lynda K. Miller. Second Row: 
Nancy E. Halverstadt, Kath- 
leen K. Klein, Judith A. Dey, 
Beverly A. Schneider. Bottom 
Row: Marilyn J. Allen, Carla 
S. Ericson, Rosemary A. 
Wolfe, Sandra L. Kerns. 

Home ec clubs sell apples, inspect communications 

During final week, the members of Home 
Economics Teaching Club sold more than 
1,600 apples to students in living groups as a 

Home Economics Journalism Club -Top Row: Roberta G. Applegate, 
Lora M. Smith, Norma B. Perry, Patricia George. Bottom Row: Mary 
J. Pretzer, Lynda K. Doramus, Carolyn R. Howard, Mary L. Burk. 

money-raising project. The club, one of eight 
components of the Kansas division of the 
American Home Economics Association, had 
124 members. The home economics women 
made Thanksgiving favors for residents of 
Manhattan rest homes. 

In order to give members a first-hand view 
of professional journalists at work, Home 
Economics Journalism Club planned field 
trips to Topeka and Kansas City. In Topeka, 
the women visited Stauffer Publications and 
WIBW radio-TV and toured the Menninger 
Foundation. The group planned programs 
centered on job opportunities for women 
in home economics and journalism fields. 

ft jt J* *Mm@m 

Clothing and Textiles Club-7"op Row: Lelah F. Hennmg, Barbara A. 
Atkinson, Marilyn A. Peiter, Sherri D. Hughes, Eva M. Ayres, Barbara 
K. Hollis, Rena L. Watts, Joyce A. Burris, Barbara A. Ashton, Barbara 
L. Reed, Mary L. Woftord, Sandra L. Olson. Second Row: Sandra L. 
McElwain, Gracie R. Barbour, Constance J. Bowers, Bonnie L. Mc- 
Dougal, Olga E. Schwartzkopt, Mary E. Windels, Geraldine F. Regehr, 
Peggy J. Wise, Susan R. McCullar, Patricia S. Walker, Sandra L. 
Bradley, Cheryl J. McKay. Third Row: Marie L Cone, Sally C. Dyer, 

Carolyn L. Duncan, Gloria L. Lewerenz, Judith K. Williams, Mary J. 
Cooper, Judy K. Worthington, Joan K. Reusser, Nancy S. Caldwell, 
Shelia R. Pilger, Kaye L. Atherton, Marilyn S. Lee. Bottom Row: Ann 
C. Galbraith, Trudy M. Mazaika, Elaine S. Shugar, Dianne S. Nydell, 
Sharon L. Van Vleet, Sarah A. Shaw, C. Katherine Barker, Gwen I. 
Leece, Sara L. Kuhn, Virginia M. Munson, Marilyn L. Woolley, 
Lola J. Peters. 

Groups sponsor Peace Corps work, child census 

Through the Peace Corps, Home Economics 
Clothing and Textiles Club sent sewing equip- 
ment to El Salvador. In another group project, 
members also worked with Glamour maga- 
zine in sponsoring the Best Dressed Girl 
contest. The home economics organization 
noted a membership increase of nearly 100 
per cent over the previous year. 

Taking a census of exceptional children in 
Manhattan, Home Economics Family and 
Child Development Club worked with the 
Riley County Federation for Handicapped 

children. Members also addressed envelopes 
for the organization. In practical experience 
with children, the group provided babysitting 
services and assisted in the University's Child 
Development laboratory. 

Programs on summer and international 
jobs, private and public nursery schools and 
handicapped children were sponsored by the 
club. Other topics concerned careers in social 
work and counseling. On a field trip to 
Topeka, members toured the Menninger 
Foundation and Kansas Neurological Institute. 

Family and Child Development Club-7"op Row: Dianne Darling, Bev- 
erly J. Larsen, Victoria L Gaster, Janet M. Seim, Diana K. Pringle, 
Janice A. Glazier, Kathleen A. McNeal, Wilma J. Hansen, Linda S. 
Huber, Barbara M. Wells, Nancy M. Good. Second Row: Marjorie C. 
Allen, Karen K. Ewy, Janet S. Henry, Betty J. Francisco, Pamela 
M. Baker, Mary K. Rains, Donna L. Olivier, Carolyn J. Hoover, Kath- 

leen M. Sughrue. Third Row: Vicki A. Bloom, Shirley J. Reid, Carole 
J. Francis, Jean A. Griffin, Jeanette M. Golitko, Beverly K. Fortmeyer, 
Ardes M. Baker, Phyllis L. Edwards. Bottom Row: Adene E. Winter, 
Patricia A. Leeper, Kay L. Schmitt, Sue E. Hemphill, Ellen L Taylor, 
Beverly K. Lewey, Barbara R. Caldwell. 

American Institute of Interior Design Student Affiliates- Top Row: 
Marilyn K. Bird, Diana L. Hentzler, Judy K. Anderson, Sheryl A, Stod- 
dard, Maureen C. Williams, Mary L. Carr. Second Row; Sally R. Mc- 
Williams, Mary L. Edmundson, Bertha D. Harding, Delia J. Flack, 

Roanne L. Jefferies, Gail E. Tawney. Bottom Row: Opal B. Hill, Linda 
E. Porter, Sally E. Sheppard, Jayne E. Darling, Lucinka V. Fanning, 
Carol E. Sloan. 

Designers start chapter, 
tour art gallery, studios 

Medical facilities interest 
future registered nurses 

Touring the Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln, 
Neb. highlighted the first year of the Ameri- 
can Institute of Interior Designers as a campus 
organization. The student affiliates also visited 
furniture marts and design studios in Dallas, 
Tex. Led by President Roanne Jefferies, the 22 
members planned a sale of decor accessories. 
Opal Hill was faculty sponsor. 

Studying professional medicine, Home Eco- 
nomics Nursing Club made two field trips, 
touring the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita 
and the University of Kansas Medical Center 
in Kansas City. Dr. Hilbert P. Jubelt, the 
University's Student Health director, spoke 
to the women at a Home Economics Nursing 
Club meeting in the fall. 

Home Economics Nursing Club-7"op Row: Mary C. Brookens, Char- 
lotte A. Lawless, Ruth E. Applegate, Cheryl K. Kuhn, Vicki L. North. 
Second Row: Anna M. Luker, Nancy K. Hatfield, Susan C. Souther- 
land, Effie M. Breeden, Beverly J. Stone, Roberta L. Bailey. Third 

Row: Diane F. Williams, Donna L. Martindale, Janice L. Frank, Evelyn 
P. Smith, Carol A. Laverentz, Margaret E. Raffington. Bottom Row: 
Shirley E. VanMeter, Colleen M. Ramsour, Maria R. Dahlsten, Pamela 
J. Lembright, Phyllis E. Opocensky, Linda L. Lamkin. 

Artists examine slides, 
learn caning techniques 

Slides on art work of India and a demon- 
stration on caning chairs comprised several 
Home Economics Art Club programs. At the 
Aggieville Thieves Market, members sold silk- 
screened Christmas and note cards. To finance 
activities, the club also sold ceramics, material 
samples and caramel and cinnamon apples. 

Home Economics Art Club-7"op Row: Elizabeth A. Kimmi, Amelia A. 
Detwiler, Sheryl A. Stoddard, Mary L. Carr. Second Row: Lynette K. 
Geffert, Marilyn K. Bird, Karen A. Folk. Third Row: Mary L. Edmund- 
son, Linda K. Pettijohn, Bertha D. Harding, Linda L. Rexroat. Bottom 
Row: Frances A. Newby, Diana K. Whittlesey, Kathleen A. Allen, 
June F. Fritz. 

Home Economics Extension Club-7"op Row: Rosalie I. Brisky, Cheri 
L. Avery, Grace I. Nease. Second Row: Nyla J. Gnadt, Lorna E. House. 
Bottom Row: Rosslyn A. Johnson, Mary E. Schweitzer, Louise 
A. Bosch. 

Extension club sessions 
outline career openings 

Opportunities in fields of extension work 
were outlined through programs of both the 
Home Economics Extension Club and the 
University Extension Club. The clubs spon- 
sored a joint picnic in the spring. 

Work on Home Economics Hospitality Day 
and the Favorite Man on Campus contest was 
done by Home Economics Extension Club. 
Following a tour of Umberger Hall extension 
facilities, the club planned a tea. 

Entering Homecoming Parade competition, 
the University Extension Club built a float. 
Members of the club also manned booths at 
the Activities Carnival and Ag Science Day. 

Extension Club- Top Row: Dasharathrai N. Pandya, Myrtle F. Booth, 
Diana K. Goertz, Janet L. Patton, Donna B. Bilderback, Larry J. Beat, 
Rose A. Bradbury. Second ftow.-Kathryn E. Sughruejudy K. Schrunk, 
Jeanne L. Muret, Mehaboob, Gene C. Whaples, Myron L. Graybill, 


Farrell D. Maichel. Bottom Row: Curtis Trent, Donna G. Feaster, 
Karen S. Peterson, William C. Hundley, Carolyn E. Barnes, John J. 
Kern, Gerald H. Schmitt. 


Accompanied by the steady beat of a drum, Indian students 
perform a native harvest time folk song and Punjabi dance 

at World Community Day. More than 400 persons watched 
foreign performers at the international program in the Union. 

Co-ordinating body displays international fashions 

Native costumes were modeled by foreign 
students at a fashion show produced by Inter- 
national Co-ordinating Council. The show 
highlighted International Week festivities. 

Led by President Intesar Zaidi, the organi- 
zation worked for establishment of an inter- 
national students' association. Assistant Dean 
Theodore Heermance was adviser. 

International Co-ordinating 
Council — Top Row: Peter W. 
Garretson, Thomas B. Lee, 
Intesar H. Zaidi. Second Row: 
Robert G. Madziya, Donald F. 
Peterson, Theodore W. Heer- 
mance, Mohammed I. Sha- 
alan. Bottom Row: Syed A. 
Quadri, Carlyle W. Warner, 
Karamjit S. Sidhu. 


Cosmopolitan Clut- Top Row: 
Mohammad Tariq, Orlando 
M. Hernando, Peter W. Gar- 
retson, Abbas Mirakhor. Bot- 
tom Row: Jean A. Minsch, 
Michel Bady, Charles B. 
Daniels, Jeanne A. Heintzel- 

People-to-People Executive Committee -Top Row.- Annette L. Buck- 
land, Victoria L Clegg, Judith A. Wolf, Navin K. Sanghvi, Vesta L. 
Dauber. Second Row: David T. Crews, Judith A. Miller, Ghulam S. 

Jatoi, Zafar A. Qureshi. Bottom Row: Donald F. Peterson, Charles B. 
Lockhart, John J. Buzenberg. 

Cosmopolitan program 
features foreign cuisine 

People-to-People plans 
international home visits 

Using "Above All Nations Is Humanity" 
as theme, Cosmopolitan Club featured foods 
of the world and an international variety show 
at the annual Feast of Nations. 

The club sponsored a talk by Senator Frank 
Carlson, forums on foreign affairs and re- 
views of contemporary novels. 

Arrangements for foreign students to stay 
with Kansas families during vacations were 
made by People-to-People. The international 
group also helped with fall orientation of 
foreign students. At Friday night functions, 
members learned about other cultures through 
forums, speakers and panel discussions. 


Diwali Festival program 
spotlights Indian cuisine 

International club notes 
African heritage, growth 

Western-style Indian dishes were served at 
India Association's Diwali Festival in the fall. 
During India Week and Republic Day of India 
celebrations, the group scheduled talks con- 
cerning Indian unity and economic develop- 
ment. The students also sponsored Indian 
films and welcomed visiting Indian digni- 
taries. Members helped new international stu- 
dents adjust to campus life. 

African Unity Day was observed by the 
African Students Association. Through the 
celebration, members presented a program on 
the history and economic, political and social 
progress of independent African nations. The 
year-old group scheduled speakers and docu- 
mentary films. President Robert Madziya led 
discussions on cultural and social adjustment 
of international students. 

h>*m mml 

India Association — Top Row: George A. Filinger, Rao S. Prakash, 
J. P. Nautiyal, Sandhu Sarbjit, Ramanbhai S. Patel, Vajinder P. Singh, 
Ameen A. Gaffar, Matrti Mahander, Bhim S. Hans. Second Row: 
Awadh N. Singh, Vinubhai K. Patel, Palanisamy Nagerajan, Vinu F. 

Patel, Sheshagin R. Nadgir, Anirudh K. Sanghi, Gambhir Singh, 
Kesar S. Lamba, Daran P. Sutaria. Bottom Row: Awadh S. Singh, 
Shyam S.Varma, Awadh R.Singh, Kartar S. Yaday, Sundar M. Raman, 
Harsharan J. Singh, Murthy S. Vadrevu, Nawin C. Sinha, Akbar A. Khan. 

India Association — Top Row: Esther Filinger, Fakhru A. Kaka, Jasmer 
S. Saini, Pradeep B. Vasa, Suresh S. Patel, Sadiq A. Shariff, Ram N. 
Rathi, Chandru J. Bhojwani, Dasharath N. Pandya, Jagdish M. Pan- 
chal, Arunkumar K. Gholkar. Second Row: Gul H. Advani, Hemendra 
J. Bhuta, Vishesh C. Wadhwa, Prabhakar N. Jagtap, Anumula S. Raj, 
Mehaboob Mulla, Shamaldas L. Suthar, Kanu H. Patel, Nariman N. 

Karanjia, Chiman P. Patel, Shree N. Mate, Edalji J. Baria. Bottom 
Row: Mithoo M. Ramchandani, Sirjang L Tandon, Thettu R. Reddy, 
Moravapalle V. Reddi, Karamjit S. Sidhu, Ramgopal Battu, Sultan 
M. Zia, Hiriy V. Chandrashekar, Sam R. Daruvalla, Dinkerrai R. Desai, 
Vasunati Desai. 

African Students Association -Top Row: Jeaneth C. Madziya, Joseph 
G. lyorver, Desmond A. Waturuocha, Moses M. Mukolwe, Xtopher'K. 
Nwokedi, Amos Adepoju, Titus Kiragu, Nicholas M. Nyamfukudza, 
Celton A. Njoku. Second Row' Jeseph Kapela, Gabriel 0. Amosun, 
Ato W. Kurabatchew, Thomas F. Buamah, Philip C. Bott, Onyema E. 
Uzomaka, Nnakarame A. Nwosu. Third Row: Jesse 0. Akinokun, 

Desire A. Assa, Wilson B. Ipinmidun, Mustafa B. Bashier, Manasseh 
Wasike, Christopher Ogunkoya, Daniel I. Saror, Joseph J. Alade. 
Bottom Row: Robert G. Madziya, Richard L Morse, Jibade 0. Oyekan, 
Chizu Okudo, Folorunso A. Fayinka, Kenneth N. Onyia, Gabriel 
0. Ankeli. 

Iranian Students Association 

-Top Row: Manuchehr Sadr, 
Arsalan Razani, Samuel Taf- 
tian, Cyrus Eilian, Faramarz 
Pourlak. Second Row: An- 
oushirvan Gharavi, Manou- 
chehr Dibai-Esfahani, Mo- 
hammad Koutchek, Susan 
Koutchek. Bottom Row: Es- 
mail S. Darbandi, Manou- 
chehr M. Borookhim, Beh- 
rouz B. Hakimian, Harold 
W. Kennedy. 

Area communities host 
Iranian student visitors 

Trips to small Kansas communities ac- 
quainted Iranian students with American 
agricultural and rural life. The Iranian Stu- 
dents Association attended the Manhattan 
United Nations Day celebration as a cultural 
project. In sports competition, the group's 
members participated in campus volleyball 
and soccer team contests. 

Established in 1963, the organization was 
organized to improve scholastic and social 
opportunities available to foreign' students. 
Activities were planned to enable the students 
to meet off-campus Americans. 

Participating in the Feast of Nations, international students 
perform the High Life, popular dance of West Africa. 

t ? 

>W jsm£ Oust- A 

' > 



Arab American Club- Top 

Row: Sami M. AlHasani, 
Sonja L. Mansour, Mousa A. 
Mashal, Latif H. Ali, Leona 
Dobson. Second Row: Fuad 
K. Mansour, Leo F. Engler, 
Adnan A. Muhtasib, Abduli- 
lah A. Kanawi. Bottom Row: 
Mohammed I. Shaalan, Shaw- 
kat M.Mashal.HragJ.Tilkian. 

Chinese Student Association- Top Row: Theresa C. Lee, Jane S. 
Shaw, Bun-Wah Nip, Rita P. Fan, Amy Hu, Lilian C. Kao, Arnold Y. 
Lee. Second Row: Chin Li, Ru-Hsin Mo, Shu-Hon Yu, Elton C. Lee, 
Kuo-Kaung Hu, Hsieh-Tien Sun, Yi-Tien Sun. Third Row: Colette W. 

Chang, Kuo-Chuan Lee, Han-Chou Wang, Thomas B. Lee, Tsun Lee, 
Patrick H. Wong, Leo S. Lee, Eddie L. Hwang. Bottom Row: William 
H. Ho, Christopher C. Hsu, K. H. Yuan, Colin T. Ho, Leslie L. Ho, 
Ben-Yuh Jai, Yuan-Chang Chiang. 

Arab-Americans display 
Middle East handicrafts 

Oriental potluck supper 
hails Chinese New Year 

Displaying Arab handicrafts at the Activi- 
ties Carnival and United Nations Day, Arab- 
American Club participated in University 
international programs. 

At Manhattan Community Day, members 
performed an Arabic ring dance. Mohammed 
Shaalan was president of the group which 
showed pictures of the Holy Land at its an- 
nual Arabic dinner. With Leo Engler as ad- 
viser, the club planned a picnic. 


Welcoming the Chinese New Year, the 120 
members of the Chinese Student Association 
celebrated with a potluck supper of oriental 
dishes and specialties. 

Weekly gatherings provided recreational 
activities including volleyball and basketball 
games and swimming. Under the guidance of 
President Thomas Lee, the Chinese Student 
Association presented an evening program 
of amateur international musical talent. 

Moslem students publish 
international newsletter 

Pakistani festivals mark 
association's first year 

Through publishing a bi-monthly newslet- 
ter, Islamic Association members helped 
acquaint themselves with Moslem students 
attending other universities. Syed A. Quadri 
was president of the association which ob- 
served religious services on Fridays. The 
international group also celebrated Moslem 
festivals. Seventy-five Moslem students from 
16 countries attended the University. 

Celebration of Pakistan Day and Quide-e- 
Azam Day marked first year activities of Paki- 
stan Association. For World Community Day, 
members staged a mock Pakistani wedding. 
The international group showed films, spon- 
sored lectures and presented displays for 
students and townspeople. Pakistan Associ- 
ation also participated in the Activities Car- 
nival and United Nations Day. 

Islamic Association — Top Row: Mohammed F. Masood, Ahmed S. 
Al-Tikriti, Intesar H. Zaidi, Sadiq A. Shariff, Abdul H. Shnain, Muay- 
yad A. Younis, Ibrahim A. Mohamed, Muazzez Kalkan. Second Row: 
Ahmed A. Mirza, Ghulam S. Jatoi, Zafar A. Qureshi, Ahmet Kalkan, 

Syed A. Quadri, Sultan M. Zia, Syed Sayeeduddin. Bottom Row: 
George A. Filinger, Mohammad Afzal, Mohammad K. Chaudhri, 
Abdel S. Kansouh, Maher H. Khan, Mir A. Khan. 

Pakistan Association- Top 

Row: Intesar H. Zaidi, Mo- 
hammad Tariq, Aban Rus- 
tomji, Purvez Rustomji. Sec- 
ond Row: Shafqat S. Chaud- 
hry, Muhammad S. Chaud- 
hry, Rubina Chaudhry, Maher 
H. Khan, Farooq Haider, 
Ghulam S. Jatoi. Bottom Row: 
Zafar A. Qureshi, Mohammad 
K. Chaudhri, Mohammad 
Afzal, Richard C. Clark. 


Statesmen cheer squads 
at home athletic contests 

Concert musician directs 
campus organ workshop 

Sitting in a special cheering section at home 
football and basketball games, Statesmen 
selected three members from each men's 
living group. President Terry Biery directed 
activities of the year-old organization. States- 
men supported projects of Pep Co-ordinating 
Council. Morris Hayes was adviser for the 
men who greeted visiting athletic squads 
upon their arrival in Manhattan. 

Manipulation of the organ for chorus and 
solo effects was demonstrated by Marilyn 
Mason at a workshop for organ students. The 
American Guild of Organists also sponsored 
a program by the concert organist. At meet- 
ings directed by President Clifford Ocham- 
paugh, members studied organ construction 
and the history of religious, classical, Baroque 
and modern areas of organ literature. 

Statesmen — Top Row: James M. Gfeller, Steven C. Borell, Larry L. 
Landgren, Dennis R. Siefkes, Lawrence N. Frey, Michael A. Hen- 
dricks, Vernon L. Hibbard, Thomas E. Marshall, Alan D. Mills. Second 
Row: Darryl E. Janzen, Austin L. Widener, David C. Kolars, Jerry L. 
Wilson, Gale E. Gotti, Dale 0. Twaddell, Bruce A. Adams, Richard L. 

Calcara. Third Row: Dennis T. Nelson, Ralph E. Stegner, Douglas M. 
Kubin, Harry M. Scott, Walter J. Smith, Vinson L. Burch, Spencer B. 
Graves, Glen A. O'Dell. Bottom Row: Gary D. Seibert, Donald F. 
Hansen, Charles W. Guthrie, Terry L. Biery, Wayne H. MacKirdy, 
Edward L. Dent, John D. Stegner. 

American Guild of Organists- 
Top Row: Rebecca J. Smutz, 

Margaret R. Roebke, Kath- 
leen Haberbosch. Bottom 
Row.- Clifford I. Ochampaugh, 
Mayme L. Kauffeld, Carolyn 
S. Behan, Robert W. Hays. 


Ham operators practice 
transmitting Morse code 

Organizing classes in Morse code and radio 
theory, Amateur Radio Club members learned 
to operate the group's Collins 75A2 receiver 
and Navy TCM-2 transmitter. 

Led by President Kenneth Knudson, Ama- 
teur Radio Club inspected the military radio 
unit of the Manhattan Armed Forces Reserve 
Center. Peter Dyer was adviser of the club 
which prepared exhibits of ham radio oper- 
ation for the Activities Carnival and for 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Working in the radio shack, Amateur Radio Club members, 
all licensed ham operators, check transmission equipment. 

Amateur Radio Club-7"op Row: Peter M. Dyer, Grant E. Ackerman, 
John P. Long, Edward C. Odell, Jerry D. Balls, Dale J. Perry, Barbara 
P. Noble. Second Row: Jon M. Pollock, Roger S. Dildine, Robert F. 

Grochowsky, Larry R. Condit, Eldon E. Peterson, Kenneth D. Knud- 
son. Bottom Row: Jerry L. Hamilton, Robert C. Hyde, Robert N. 
Kershner, Robert W. Euler, William C. Coupland. 

Pilots own aircraft stock 
for Flying Club planes 

Having piloted K-State Flying Club planes 
over most of the nation, members owned 
shares of- stock in the organization. Flying 
Club owned three planes, Cessna models 
"120," "170," and "172." Members piloted the 
aircraft to out-of-state ballgames and job 
interviews and on personal trips. 

K-State Flying Club- Top Row: E. M. Pyle, Robert A. MacArthur, 
Jerry W. Garlett. Second Row: Larry C. Sampson, Wayne H. Anschutz, 
Billy F. Williams. Bottom Row: Lawrence R. York, Paul W. Hayse, 
Daryl W. Loeppke. 

Chaparajos riders win 
team contention at rodeo 

Dancing enthusiasts 
join Hoedowners group 

Competing against 10 midwestern schools, 
Chaparajos Club members won the team 
trophy at the University's 1964 Intercollegiate 
Rodeo. Winners of the bull riding, calf roping, 
ribbon roping, bulldogging and women's 
barrel racing events were members. Chapa- 
rajos riders entered seven spring rodeos. The 
club sponsored Chaparajos Queen competi- 
tion during which contestants from women's 
living groups vied for the title in riding events. 

Techniques of western and modern square 
and round dancing were taught at weekly 
meetings of the Hoedowners Square Dance 
Club. During its first year, the club had a 
membership of 45. Members included stu- 
dents, faculty and staff of the University. In 
addition to weekly dances for members, the 
club sponsored dances which were open to 
the public. Thomas Lord and Paul Stevenson 
were callers for the club's square dances. 

Chaparajos Club-7bp Row: Virginia A. Carlson, Lois M. Long, Barbara 
J. Socolofsky, Richard L. Teagarden, Patricia George, Nancy J. 
Hedges. Second Row: Joan E. Warner, Virginia A. O'Connell, John D. 

Todd, Thomas A. Williams, Edith A. Keenan. Bottom Row: Richard K. 
Norton, Ronald W. Norton, Melvin M. Fuelling, Altred Janssen, 
Linda K. Shambaugh. 

Hoedowners Square Dance Club-7bp Row: Mary K. Jelinek, Susan G. 
Carstens, Sharon L. Ladenburger, Patricia L. Rogers, Lauren E. 
Celeste, Margaret R. Hooper, Julia I. Fearing, Jean A. Griffin, Nancy 
M. Shuyler. Second Row: Marilyn K. Herriman, Sharon L. Stone, 
Sharon K. Madden, Robert V. Vodraska, Robert S. Griffin, Nancy L. 
Spangler, Mary L. Hall, Catherine L. Turner. Third Row: Gary L. Sapp, 

Ronnie L. Herriman, Frank A. Rogers, Max H. Dewey, Richard L. 
Sutcliffe, William J. Gilliland, Thomas H. Lord, Carol D. Latschar. 
Bottom Row: Ted A. Broers, Gene E. Windier, Kent D. Shuyler, Harry 
B. Perry, Leslie C. Longberg, Bradley F. Glasco, Rodney M. Bates, 
George W. Roenne. 

Frog Club-7bp Row. Claudia J. Mayfield, Mary A. Southard, Beverly 
S. Fowler, Sharon L. Hageman, Jean A. Sheik, Kathryn M. McCarthy, 
Rose M. Potenski, Marjone J. Wright. Second Row: Joan E. Lyne, 
Brenda J. Welliever, Sharon L. Percival, Karen J. Lockett, Lauren E. 
Schmidt, Nona G. Reynolds. Jo J. Dean, Constance L. Hall. Third Row: 

Mary E. Peterson, Barbara J. Harris, Elizabeth D. Smith, Patricia A. 
McCabe, Dennis D. Hughes, Gary L. Benton, Eugene L. Smith, 
Elizabeth Railsback. Bottom Row: Sandra R. Moore, Judith I. Hysom, 
Sharilyn K. Beach, Victoria L. Parkinson, Danny D. Sheneman, Jerry 
T. Huff, Dexter A. Vergin. 

Water talent performs in Frog Club swim show 

Preparing for the Frog Club water show 
members practiced 15 to 20 hours on each 
synchronized swimming number. After com- 
pletion of choreography, the swimmers prac- 
ticed land drills before moving to the water. 

Frog Club members attended a workshop to 
learn new water stunts and routines. Fall try- 
outs tested the swimming form of prospective 
members in the front and back crawl, side and 
breast strokes and surface diving. 

To be judged on horsemanship and personality, finalists 
in a queen contest sponsored by Chaparajos Club prepare 

for a competitive ride in the Weber Hall arena. Judges 
also questioned the contestants about rodeos and horses. 

Water Sports Club -Top Row: 
Michael W. Linn, Martin C. 
Hurt, Martha A. Schumacher, 
John M. Flannery. Second 
Row: Robert E. Buchan, 
Thomas F. Bird, Walter S. 
Finch, Gary L. Benton. Bot- 
tom Row: Dale A. Clark, Eliza- 
beth D. Smith, Rowland H, 

Marine club investigates 
use of Tuttle Creek pier 

7 My Fair Lady 7 brings 
4,000 to Players 7 drama 

Use of a pier at Tuttle Creek was investi- 
gated by Water Sports Club. At meetings the 
organization's divisions, powerboating, skiing 
and sailing, reported on boating excursions. 
Movies on sailing and trick skiing were also 
shown. The commodore of the Tuttle Creek 
Boat Club spoke at one meeting. Water Sports 
Club owned a catamaran sailboat. 

"My Fair Lady," the K-State Players big- 
gest production, drew 4,000 persons. The stu- 
dent actors also staged "Marriage Go Round," 
"Winnie the Pooh," "The West Wind Rises," 
The Visit" and two one-act plays. Through 
earning points by participation in theatrical 
productions, student actors won eligibility 
for membership in the Players. 

K-State Players- Top Row: Jeanette K. Mack, Carol S. Walker, Mar- 
garet E. Tanner, Mary L. White, Elaine S. Biggs, Georgia G. Loyd, 
Karen J. West, Barbara A. Sadkin, Michele J. Clark, Carol L. Pearson, 
Nancy R. Stone, Sharon K. Madden, Kama K. Counter, Elizabeth M. 
Wary. Second Row: John W. Dillon, Charles W. Boles, Annette L. 
Buckland, Mary K. Adams, Sandra L. Skaptason, Janet E. Higley, 
David Sadkin, Patricia A. Seitz, John T. Monger, Judith E. Fleming, 
Sharla J. Jorgensen, Judith A. Hunter, Manlynn J. Peck. Third Row: 

Thomas C. Owens, Mary A. Lowe, Larry J. Hovey, Lucinda L. Neis, 
Robert A. Burnett, Patsy A. Slusser, Genevieve C. Darter, Dorothy D. 
Miller, Kathy M. Schroeder, Mary M. Berg, Patricia A. Schmidt, 
Harriett J. Stutzman, Elizabeth E. Cary, Joseph P. Pena. Bottom Row: 
Clayton E. Hawes, Gary A. Stewart, Joseph D. Sours, Larry G. Corn- 
well, Glenda A. Apt, Boyd E. Masten, William R. Benedict, C. Kath- 
erine Barker, Frederick L. Williams, Karen M. Holeman, Fred L. 
Curry, Carl M. Hinrichs. 


Soccer Club-fop Row: Celestine 0. Njoku, Amos Adepoju, Philip 
C. Bott. Second Row: Joseph I. Alade, Jibade 0. Oyekan, Wilson B. 
Ipinmidun, Moses M. Mukolwe, Gabriel 0. Ankeli. Bottom Row: Erwin 

Suess, Chukwuzubelu Okudo, Joseph Kapela, Folorunso A. Fayinka, 
Herman A. Pitter, Jesse 0. Akinokun. 

Soccer squad members 
represent 15 countries 

Students from 15 countries, including two 
Americans and twelve Nigerians, combined 
to provide the University with a team for 
soccer, the national sport of many nations. 
International members of Soccer Club played 
a fall slate of five games and scheduled five 
more for late spring. 

During the fall, the squad scored wins over 
the University of Kansas and the University 
of Oklahoma. However, the team suffered a 
loss to Rockhurst College. Soccer Club also 
tied two Kansas City teams — Park College and 
the Kansas City Athletics. 

Financial support for the team came from 
Apportionment Board and club dues. The 
three fall home games were played on the east 
campus intramural field. An early spring 
game against Ft. Riley for International Week 
was scheduled for Memorial Stadium but was 
switched to the east campus field because of 
wet turf. Herman Pitter was president of 
Soccer Club. A Nigerian, Celestine Njoku, 
served as team captain. 

Maneuvering to protect the ball, international students play 
soccer, the national sport of more than 100 countries. 



As part of a whirlwind tour, Mike Goldwater, son of the Re- 
publican presidential nominee, leads a pre-election rally. 

National, state elections 
spark University politics 

Election year activities highlighted the 
efforts of both Collegiate Young Democrats 
and Collegiate Young Republicans. 

CYD conducted monthly meetings to build 
enthusiasm for national, state and local cam- 
paigns. Traveling as a car caravan, students 
met Hubert Humphrey, candidate for vice- 
president, in Topeka and John Montgomery, 
candidate for Congress, in Junction City. 
Members worked in voter registration drives, 
sponsored candidates for state offices at 
political convocations on campus, entertained 
candidates and their families and worked for 
a "two-party state in Kansas." 

With over 500 members, CYR played an 
active role in Republican campaigns for state 
and national offices. CYR sponsored a visit 
on campus by Mike Goldwater, son of the 
Republican presidential candidate. Car cara- 
vans traveled to Wichita and Topeka to hear 
Republican candidates Barry Goldwater and 
William Miller speak. Kitty Barker spent the 
summer working as a Congressional intern 
for Kansas Congressman Joe Skubitz. Doug 
Groesbeck, president of the political group, 
served as publicity co-chairman for the Mid- 
west Federation CYR executive board. 

Collegiate Young Democrats- Top Row: Russell C. Eberhart, Sharon 
L. Van Vleet, Verlee E. Chegwidden, Diane F.Williams, John M. Taylor, 
Sarah B. Dallas, Rose M. Potenski, Martha J. Lonergan, Karen D. 
DeGood, Barbara A. Beals, Patricia George. Second Row: Keith L. 
Hoffman, John W. Kroenlein, John M. Barba, Samuel W. Knecht, 

Mary A. Lowe, Jean A. Minsch, William N. Ross, Gary L. Hauptli, 
Thomas H. Cure. Bottom Row: Franklin W. Scott, Joel S. Brummel, 
Thomas A. Thompson, Larry E. Jones, Glen H. Fountain, Jerry G. 
Larson, Gary E. Clark, Frederick C. Meek, Danny L. Smith. 


Collegiate Young Republicans- Top Row.- Sherril J. Myers, Jeanne M. 
Walker, Sharon L. Froelich, Karen S. Ward, Carolee Cram, Patricia A. 
Palmer, Pamela S. Engle, Catherine L. Hyde, Marjorie L. Gordon, 
Margaret A. Griffith, Marilyn K. Boles, Elizabeth A. Clark. Second 
Row: Gilbert H. Philips, Ross A. Gilchrist, Suzanne I. Beach, Jo J. 
Dean, Nancy J. Butler, Jean A. Kelley, Mary J. Cooper, Wilda L. 
Loeppke, Robert M. Deaver, Mark K. Torluemke. Third Row: Lynn R. 

Johnson, Larry W. Emig, Sandra K. Froelich, James L. Gray, William 
L. Henderson, William W. Middleton, Philip K. Kline, Clark T. Heglar, 
Sue E. Hemphill, Mary A. Schlagel, Gary L. Urbanek. Bottom Row: 
Kenneth A. Winzeler, Paul W. Hayse, Leslie C. Longberg, Jon D. 
Soder, Craig W. Ridenour, John P. Ludwig, Ronald R. Worley, Wil- 
liam A. Weaver. 

Collegiate Young Republicans- Top Row.- Judith S. Strait, Judith A. 
Harden, Kenneth W. McClintock, Janet L. Kannard, Patricia L. Ju- 
venal, Barbara A. Kevan, Kathleen K. Kiewit, Catherine A. Murry, 
Jay F. Thompson, Cheryl V. Clevenger. Second Row: Herbert D. 
Primrose, Beverly K. Lewey, Harriet J. Stutzman, Janet E. Higley, 
Lois A. Wiley, Anne A. Tuggle, Barbara A. Tussey, Sue J. Kaufman, 

Sandra G. Korb. Third Row: Douglas S. Brunson, Kenneth K. Ches- 
ney, John T. Meyer, Gary D. Tice, Terry L. Wilson, Linda J. Rosen- 
kranz, Paul C. Scotti, Glen W. Froelich, George E. Metz. Bottom Row: 
Richard H. McVay, Donald G. Dressier, Judith K. Baird, Raymond W. 
Johnson, Edward L. Adams, Steven R. Livengood, Charles R. Howell, 
Phillip F. Unruh, Robert D. Lillich, John A. Springer. 

Collegiate Young Republicans -Top Row: Donald P. Gross, Deanna G. 
Stewart, Faye L. Taplin, Lawrence N. Frey, Susan L. Rosenkranz, 
Peter J. Barrett, Mary C. Sand, Richard W. George, Soren K. Simon- 
sen, John R. Rule. Second Row: David R. Gross, Ross A. Gilchrist, 
Kenneth A. Dekat, Kent L. Marmet, Ross J. Wilchman, Wilfred L. 
Farnham, Eugene W. Kovar, Art Groesbeck, Burl D. Jay. Third Row: 

Thomas G. Brown, Owen K. Nordvig, Clark T. Heglar, Marc W. Zim- 
merman, George H. Johnston, David A. Gerber, Larry E. Converse, 
Tom W. Walsh. Bottom Row: C. Katherine Barker, Douglas G. Groes- 
beck, Chester L. Mize, Mrs. Chester L. Mize, Paul L. Roth, Robert H. 
Miller, Gregory P. Hanson. 

Modern dancers present 
films, Orchesis concert 

Student political chapter 
issues election material 

"A Time to Dance" was among films shown 
by Orchesis, a dance organization. Each se- 
mester the group showed one film on modern 
dance as its fund raising project. Under direc- 
tion of Martha Kellstrom, faculty adviser, 
Orchesis featured group and solo dance num- 
bers at its annual concert. Members also 
decorated a car for Homecoming. The group 
elected Kathleen Allen Orchesis president. 

Distribution of election campaign material 
and organization of a chapter at the University 
of Kansas were projects of Young Americans 
for Freedom. Members also published the 
monthly Young American. Congressman-elect 
Chester Mize talked at one meeting. Since 
organization in 1960, the 60,000-member 
group has grown into one of the largest Amer- 
ican political youth groups. 

Orchesis — Top Row: Joyce A. Burris, Lynn K. Parsons, Joan Farmer, 
Barbara K. Hollis, Karen A. Falk, Elaine S. Biggs, Martha R. Kellstrom. 
Second Row: Bette L. Edwards, Bonnie L. McDougal, Beverly S. Old, 

Bernadette R. Hawkes, Susan Stevenson, Barbara A. Sadkin. Bottom 
Row: Janet S. Rupp, Jeanne A. Heintzelman, Patricia K. Ingersoll, 
William R. Benedict, Genevieve C. Darter, Kathleen A. Allen. 

Young Americans for Freedom- Top Row: James R. Moore, Allan P. 
McCobb, Harriet J. Stutzman, Terry L. Wilson, Gary D. Tice, Soren K. 
Simonsen, Clark T. Heglar. Second Row: Lynn R. Johnson, Kenneth 

A. Dekat, Douglas G. Groesbeck, William W. Middleton, Philip K. 
Kline, Paul D. Enos, Jon H. Peterson. Bottom Row: Ross J. Wichman, 
James L. Gray, Robert C. Littrell, Deanna G. Stewart, Gary L. Doolittle. 

Student Chapter of American Institute of Architects Auxiliary- Top 

Row: Marcia G. Livingston, Grace M. Dyer, Beth L. Dittemore, E. 
Janel Harriman, Diana A. Otto, Virginia A. Holmes. Second Row: 
Barbara H. Bock, Glenda J. Shockley, Susan H. Reynolds, Terri Flem- 

ing, Mary L. Gist, Judilee G. Jantz, Verda L. Lewis. Bottom Row: Sandy 
McCullough, Sandra M. Smith, Virginia Brightenburg, Adelia M. 
Davidson, Pat J. McKee, Rosa M. Almack. 

Thieves Market features 
auxiliary's food products 

Off-campus group builds 
float with fraternity men 

Selling baked goods at the annual Aggie- 
ville Thieves Market was a project of the Amer- 
ican Institute of Architects Auxiliary. Mem- 
bers also constructed food tray favors for 
patients in a Manhattan rest home and visited 
a ceramics studio. 

Talks by professional architects and tours 
of architectural facilities were scheduled to 
acquaint the women with their husbands' cur- 
rent curricular activities and future profes- 
sions. Group social activities included a dance 
party and a spring picnic. 

In Homecoming activities Off-Campus 
Women built a float with Tau Kappa Epsilon. 
The 40-member organization nominated can- 
didates for Homecoming Queen, Royal Purple 
Queen, Barnwarmer Queen and Military Ball 
Queen. Off-Campus Women also caroled at 
Christmas and attended exchange dinners 
with men's residence halls. 

As president, Rita Pearce directed interest 
group programs for swimming, singing, 
knitting and bridge. Caroline F. Peine, as- 
sistant dean of students, was sponsor. 

Off Campus Women- Top Row: Mary K. Jelinek, Susan C. Carstens, 
Lana K. Shelby, Jean L. Bigbee, Marilyn L. Bassett, Bonnie J. Camp- 
bell, Carolyn G. Foland, Mary K. Lipper. Second Row: Effie M. Bree- 
den, Rita L. Pearce, Joyce K. Kuhns, Karen S. Renz, Jo J. Dean, Judy 
M. Brammer, Mary E. Whitney, Barbara I. Rinkel, Joyce A. Burris. 

Third Row: Melinda D. Grigsby, Marcia S. Monahan, Judy J. Trussell, 
Nona G. Reynolds, Mary E. Wanklyn, Judy E. Linden, Karen S. Gil- 
more, Phyllis M. Louk. Bottom Row: Carolyn R. Cox, Connie K. Miles, 
Shirley E. VanMeter, Kathleen L. Toews, Eva A. Moore, Kathleen K. 
Toburen, Dorothy J. Miller, Janice E. McNeal. 

4-H organization sends 
Emporia club gavel, flag 

Helping organize a 4-H group for college 
students in Emporia, Collegiate 4-H Club pre- 
sented a gavel and flag set to the new group. 
Members of Collegiate 4-H served as judges 
at county 4-H days across Kansas. 

Publication of Kansas 4-H in Review and 
sale of refreshments at the state fair in Hutch- 
inson were other 4-H projects. Members con- 
ducted a clean-up weekend at Rock Springs 
Ranch and attended the Collegiate 4-H Mixer. 

Spirits undampened by rain, new students square dance at 
the Collegiate 4-H Mixer, an evening Orientation activity. 

FFA chapter promotes campus safety campaign 

Films on safety were shown in the Union 
by Collegiate Future Farmers of America to 
promote a campus safety drive. The men also 
met with the Manhattan High School chapter 
to discuss advantages of attending an agricul- 

tural college. Club members assisted state 
FFA officers with initiation and banquets and 
served as speakers at high school meetings. 
The collegiate group provided housing for 
delegates at the state FFA convention. 

Future Farmers of America -Top Row: Jerry L. Hahn, Joseph B. 
Detrixhe, Stephen W. Stucky. Michael E. Jones, John P. Benfer, 
Gordon K. McNitt, Larry C. Epley, Eldon R. Trost, Richard L. Harner, 
George W. Warren. David F. Martin. Second Row: Richard A. Ibbet- 
son, Terry W. Odle, Larry E. Kater, Larry E. Schmidt, Dale 0. Twad- 
dell, Larry D. Ehrlich. Vincent A. Miller, Jerry D. Morgan, Gary L. 

Creager, Roger L. Baker. Third Row: Vernon L. Hibbard, Marvin D. 
Parrack, Larry H. Coltrane, Jettie F. Condray, Donald K. Emery, 
Douglas K. Peters, Garry L. Frazee, John E. Holste, Leon D. Sowers. 
Bottom Row: Ross D. Crane, Jerry L. Condray, James E. Zwonitzer, 
Paul N. Stevenson, Michael E. Dikeman, Dale M. Richardson, 
Alvin R. Conner. 


§*•>§: -j£> 

Collegiate 4-H Club- Top Row: Sherri D. Hughes, Barbara A. Atkin- 
son, Janet L Patton, Patricia A. Patton, Mary K. Munson, Judy L. 
Kitch, Diana K. Goertz, Renita K. Pohl, Phyllis E. Babbitt, Anne M. 
Kramer, Arlene R. Dahm. Second Row: Jerrie J. McAhren, Linda L. 
Lamborn, Elizabeth A. Frazee, Virginia M. Munson, Virginia A. 
Carlson, Deanna K. Wallace, Jeanne L. Muret, Marcia L. Lowther, 
Deanna M. McCracken, Elaine F. Strahm, Grace I. Nease. Third Row: 

Collegiate 4-H Club -Top Row: Sandra F. Sturdevant, Claudia J. 
Jones, Carol L. Helmke, Karen D. DeGood, Kathleen S. Scott, Lois J. 
Bender, Carol A. Hinnergardt, Linda E. Bugbee, Janet M. Wegman, 
Reba S. Brazle, Janet J. Beer, Mary E. Windels, Sandra D. Tollefson, 
Vivian R. Becker. Second Row: Stanley R. Husted, Marie J. Morton, 
Geraldine F. Regehr, Janet K. Mapes, Loretta E. Reeh, Louise A. 
Bosch, Rita K. Lilak, Carol S. Tiffany, Dorothy L. Mayhill, Shirley J. 
Van Fleet, Patricia S. Barger, Rosslyn A. Johnson. Third Row: Pa- 

Ben W. Wood, Johri E. Holste, Stanly C. Widau, Larry E. Cline, Lynn 
D. Romberger, Ted D. Edmondson, Dwight R. Westervelt, Rodney 
K. Blount, David M. Bozone, Thomas C. Smith. Bottom Row: Ralph 
C. Richardson, Larry D. Frazee, John W. Toney, James E. Zwonitzer, 
Ronald A. Engelken, Richard D. Kruse, Terry L. Biery, Charles E. 
Munson, Leslie C. Longberg. 

tricia A. Dumler, Marjorie L. Machin, Maria R. Dahlsten, George W. 
Kuchenthal, Ellen L. Taylor, Marvin W. Mann, Ross A. Olson, Ronald 
E. Jones, Edward S. Ryan, Roger R. McCollough, Richard L. McCol- 
lough. Bottom Row: Annette L. Buckland, Carla J. Garrison, Walter 
E. McFadden, Gene M. Scott, Jerry L. Armbruster, Richard L. Harner, 
Frederick L. Williams, Rodger J. Romberger, Harold J. Topliff, Teresa 
K. Graham, Wilma M. Hazen. 

Collegiate 4-H Club-7"op Row: Cora J. Eggleston, Rebecca L. John- 
ston, Lora M. Smith, Lenore K. Brim, Wilda L. Loeppke, Faith A. Ott, 
Pamela S. Engle, LeAnne Biggart, Betty R. Ashida, Linda D. Gentry, 
Linda L. Stevens, Nancy K. Hatfield. Second Row: Maxine K. Warner, 
Harold D. Engle, Mary E. Ryan, Dorothy J. Schrader, Melinda R. 
Hrabe, Luann K. Nelson, Janice E. Hoecker, Margaret R. Hooper, 
Marlyse K. Milburn, Kenneth E. Theel, Paul A. McLenon. Third Row: 

David J. Harding, James R. Ploger, Larry L. Landgren, William J. 
G il I i land, John W. Kroenlein, Lyle H. Chadwell, Stephen L. Chadwell, 
Jerry L. Wilson, George L Zabel, Stephen R. Morris. Bottom Row: 
James R. Dobbins, Leon L. Dunn, Larry R. Heyka, Ronald C. Lund- 
quist, Arlen W. Etling, Craig W. Ridenour, Patrick F. Ervin, George 
W. Roenne, Glenn A. Newcomer. 


Wives entertain faculty 
of College of Agriculture 

At a fall faculty-student function, Agricul- 
tural Education Wives Club members and 
their husbands entertained College of Agricul- 
ture faculty and wives. Howard Bradley, a 
professor of agriculture, spoke to the women 
about "The Role of a Wife of an Ag Ed 
Teacher." Demonstrations on crewel embroi- 
dery and ceramics work comprised other pro- 
grams. The club elected Dorothy Huffman 
president. Members planned a potluck picnic 
at a city park for their families. 

As well as business and refreshment sessions, Dames Club 
sponsors ceramics, painting, knitting and bridge groups. 

Agricultural Education Wives 
Club- Top Row: Mrs. Ray- 
mond Agan, Janice A. Glazier, 
Geneva K. Rogers, Charlotte 
A. Gottlob. Second Row: Car- 
men M. Sowers, Esta A. Win- 
ter, Phyllis I. Ladner, Mary E. 
Siebert. Bottom Row: Judith 
A. Penka, Dorothy L. Huff- 
man, Mary E. Emery. 

Coeds sell concessions 
for YWCA at enrollment 

During enrollment, Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association sponsored a concession stand 
for the faculty. Members met each week at the 
Baptist Center for discussion sessions. Topics 
ranged from segregation to sex ethics. The 
women listened to records and tapes and read 
plays and speeches for group discussions. 


Young Women's Christian Association -Top Row: Mrs. Joe N. Wood, 
Sharon A. Gigstad, Carolyn J. Cox. Bottom Row.- Susan Faulconer, 
Jane B. Martin, Judith A. Miller. 

Dames Club-7"op Row: Terri- 
lyn A. O'Brien, Kay E. Vice, 
Graciela S. Marangoni, Made- 
leine M. Kelles, Patricia K. 
Bickerton. Second Row: De- 
loris E. Atkisson, Judy K. Dick, 
Flora J. Bell, Becky J. Hoover, 
Gwen R. Vice. Bottom Row: 
Carmen M. Sowers, Karen S. 
Somers, Nancy L. Sis, Ann H. 

Dames Club women help handicapped youngsters 

Three mornings each week, members of 
Dames Club worked with mentally handi- 
capped children of Manhattan. As part of the 
project, Dames Club bought educational toys 
for the children with $250 which members 
earned by selling candy. 

Members' children attended a Christmas 
party the women planned. Dames Club also 
scheduled a chili supper and a spring banquet 
in honor of newly elected officers. Married 

women attending the University and wives of 
students belonged to Dames Club. 

For work the wives had done in helping 
their husbands through school, Dames Club 
honored women whose husbands were grad- 
uating at a spring graduation ceremony. Each 
married woman received a Dames Club di- 
ploma for a PHT or Pushing Hubby Through 

Dames Club-7"op Row: Grace M. Dyer, Loma L. Wegerer, Jan K. 
Pauls, Margaret Mann, Jeanette Nelson, Connie L. Blankenship, 
Nancy K. McDonald, Charleen Cook, Beverly Hrubesky, Carole 
Paige, Glenda Serrault, Jean A. Wiman. Second Row: Donna J. 
Lewellen, Joan M. Harmer, Beverly K. Fiser, Patricia A. May, Luella 
M. Auchard, Billie R. Piatt, Sheryl Wetzel, Angelia Hanchett, Karole 
K. Keeler, Krita J. Thompson, Carolyn J. Opperman. Third Row: Patty 

Baker, Amy A. Breiner, Jean Schanefelt, Margaret Light, Lois Boyer, 
Rita R. Carthrae, Lovella Mullen, Sandy Marsden, Lila Courtney, 
Gail Eubank, Martha Shosa, Jeanne Pollock. Bottom Row: Bette I. 
Brackett, Sharon K. Scharenberg, Shelia G. Wiechert, Nancy C. 
Shepherd, Shirley Bryant, Gloria J. McPeak, Jean E. Miller, Nancy 
LaRow, Arlene J. Letourneau, Haroldine Carver, Twila Fairbanks, 
Claudia Keearns, Mary L. Lundblade. 


Students pause by All-Faith Chapel on a snowy evening. 
Many denominations use the chapel for student services. 


Religious meeting covers 
religion, state, education 

"Religion, the State and Education" was 
the theme for a conference on church-state 
relations sponsored by Religious Co-ordinat- 
ing Council. Kansas school superintendents, 
protestant clergymen and several state offi- 
cials participated in the conference. 

Among Council presentations was a Catho- 
lic, Protestant and Jewish dialogue series. 
Subject of another Council program was 
"Christian Faith and Contemporary Drama." 

In its duty as campus religious co-ordinator, 
the group supervised religious activities of 
students, faculty and public. Serving on the 
Religious Council were presidents Of Univer- 
sity religious foundations for students. 

Chinese religious group 
commemorates holidays 

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter were 
observed at special holiday meetings by mem- 
bers of the Chinese Christian Fellowship. 
The Chinese students met weekly for Bible 
study. Membership in the religious group, 
organized in 1961 by three students, was open 
to Chinese students and faculty. Che F. Foo 
was Chinese Christian Fellowship president. 

Chinese Christian Fellowship — Top Row: Siu W. Sae, Ru-Hsin Mo, 
Lilian C. Kao. Second Row: Shu-Hon Yu, Elton C. Lee. Bottom Row: 
Fang-Ming Lin, Eddie L. Hwang, Che F. Foo. 

Religious Co-ordinating Council — Top Row: Sandra F. Sturdevant, 
Patricia A. Patton, Diana K. Goertz, Mary A. Hornung, Rita L. Vod- 
raska, Dennis D. Hughes, Carolyn S. Lemon, Joan P. Colbert. Second 
Row: Jerold W. Harrison, David A. Richardson, Frances G. Thawley, 
Candace L. Rogers, Donald L. Harris, Lee S. Leichtling, Gary L. 

Urbanek. Third Row: John C. Bottenberg, Randall L. Rich, Sandra 
L. Roark, Irvin D. Thiele, William D. Edwardson, Merle A. Soeken, 
Merlan T. Almquist. Bottom Row: Bruce A. Boggs, Frank W. Lambert, 
Lonnie A. Theye, Harry K. Lightner, Larry D. Stuckey, Thomas 
E. Lowman. 

Baptist members schedule discussions, services 

As religious discussion monitors, members 
of Grace Baptist Student Fellowship led the 
group's Sunday evening meetings. Occasion- 
ally, the Baptist student group was responsi- 
ble for presentation of church services. In 
other activities, the religious organization 
went Christmas caroling and planned pro- 
grams of inspirational singing. 

The newly built Grace Baptist church west 
of the men's dormitory provided a meeting 

place for the religious group. The fellowship 
moved into new quarters at the church during 
Thanksgiving vacation. As a social activity 
members planned a progressive supper party. 
At meetings of the group, members studied 
application of Christian teachings to the lives 
of University students. Executive planner for 
Grace Baptist Student Fellowship was Presi- 
dent Randall Rich. Herbert C. Moser was 
faculty sponsor for the organization. 

Grace Baptist Student Fellowship -Top Row: Kathleen M. Schulz, 
Margaret E. Rundell, Patsy 0. Anderson, Patricia A. Hatch, Suzanne 
M. Heller, Virginia P. Mason, Saundra L. McGraw. Second Row: 
Alma L. Schweitzer, Jere L. Compton, Darryl E. Matter, Tom Tucker, 

David H. Cromwell, Fred H. Davis, Norla M. Stephens, Elaine F. 
Lemon. Bottom Row: Randall L. Rich, James F. Wadsack, Larry B. 
Massey, Leland M. Anderson, Harry K. Lightner, David K. Lightner, 
Douglas J. McGraw. 


Liahona Top Row.- Myron L. Graybill, Judy K. Schrunk, Sally J.Cook. 
Second Row: Cecil G. Willis, Donald R. Loar, Verlyn W. Ebert, Lloyd 
E. Barnett. Bottom Row: Ted R. Locke, David R. Newman, Royce E. 

Foreign students borrow 
Wesley exchange coats 

Foreign students who found themselves 
unprepared for the windy Kansas winter wel- 
comed the Wesley Foundation overcoat ex- 
change. Conducted throughout the year, the 
exchange loaned coats to students during 
their residence at the University. 

Centered around Wesley Foundation were 
activities for men and women of Methodist 
preference. Students of the religious organ- 
ization attended a weekend work camp in 
Topeka. While at the camp, the students 
painted a church and assisted in a neighbor- 
hood clean-up campaign. Wesley Foundation 
also sponsored a Japanese work camp and 
travel seminar during the summer. 

Financial aid for a Christian student publi- 
cation in Ceylon was provided by Sigma Theta 
Epsilon. Warren Remple advised the Metho- 
dist men's group. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Warren Rempel, 
women of Kappa Phi sponsored a bake sale. 
At meetings the group discussed teachings 
of Christ with respect to modern living. 

Actors of the Wesley Players enact one of four perform- 
ances of "Santa Claus," a satirical play by E. E. Cummings. 

Church official discusses 
Zion at Liahona meeting 

High point of fall programs of Liahona 
Fellowship was a talk on Zion by R. Edwin 
Browne, a church official and University of 
Kansas professor. Danforth Chapel provided 
a center for Sunday morning and Wednesday 
evening church services of the Reorganized 
Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints 
of Manhattan. Liahona Fellowship conducted 
discussions under the guidance of Cecil Mil- 
ler, an elder in the church. 

Sigma Theta Epsilon -Top Row: James W. Scott, Terry W. Odle, Larry 
N. Carey, Dennis G. Jury, Wallace M. Craig, David M. Bosahka, 
Charles R. Weldon, Jerry L. Cassidy. Second Row: Robert A. Sparks, 
Stanley W. Grecian, Leslie B. Allison, John P. Honstead, Victor J. 

Olson, Robert G. Cooper, Floyd J. Barkman, James H. Chilcott. 
Bottom Row: Donald G. Booth, Ross A. Olson, Gerald A. Bird, David 
C. Gillespie, Dennis R. Chambers, James K. Koelliker, Gary S. Over- 
ley, Thomas A. Bryan. 

Kappa Phi-Top Row: Patricia L. Groves, Imogene J. Ross, Reita B. 
Wilson, Regena K. Alexander, Diana K. Pringle, Julia I. Fearing, 
Mary A. Bishop, Sheryl K. Jordan, Chloellen E. Bartoo. Second Row: 
Janice D. Kepley, Sharon A. Mendenhall, Marietta Martin, Dee A. 

Crossen, Kathryn E. Heyne, Mary J. Allison, Karen M. Wylie, Marsha 
L. Stevens. Bottom Row: Janet L. Janssen, Irene S. Skonberg, Mrs. 
Warren Rempel, Marjorie C. Annis, Donna A. Dodge, Mary B. Ste- 
phens, Margaret A.' Dixon. 

Wesley Foundation -Top Row: Deanna L. Sainer, Julia I. Fearing, 
Edith M. Dickinson, Margaret A. Dixon, Marie L. Cone, Patty L 
Groves, Diana K. Pringle, Jeanette H. Johnson, Carol D. Latschar, 
Janice D. Kepley. Second Row: Sharon A. Mendenhall, Sherryl L. 
Diller, Janet L. Janssen, Marietta Martin, Glenda A. Apt, Charles R. 
Weldon, Steven W. Hall, Michael L. Gamble, Ray D. Stauffer, Larry 

G.Campbell. Third Row: Mary J. Pretzer, Kenneth J. Locke, Thaddeus 
W. Osgood, Kenneth W. Seibel, Michael C. Tarry, David J. Clapp, 
Harlan D. Stauffer, Roger L. Moore, Melvin V. Splitter, Ronald G. 
Chase. Bottom Row: James L. Brown, Wallace M. Craig, Robert A. 
Sparks, Boyd E. Masten, Merle G. Eversmeyer, Leslie B. Allison, 
Jerry L. Cassidy, Max H. Dewey. 

Mennonite Fellowship-Top 

Row: Robert R. Reimer, Har- 
low K. Schmidt, Robert I. 
Ediger. Second Row: David 
J. Holsinger, Leon E. Thies- 
sen, Willard G. Ebersole, Mer- 
rill K. Schmidt. Third Row: 
John H. Thiessen, Suzanne 
S. Thiessen, Willa F. Sidebot- 
tom, Joyce B. Schrock, Ivan 
R. Schrock. Bottom Row: 
Peter P. Preheim, Lynette 
Preheim, Kathleen J. Goer- 
ing, John R. Goering. 

Lutheran Students Association -Top Row: Susan P. Klema, Maria 
R. Dahlsten, Shari K. Kuns, James A. Armbruster, Gary L. Bender, 
Gay L. Dybwad, Edna M. Becker, Carolyn L Carr, Rosslyn A. Johnson, 
Carla S. Ericson. Second Row: Lois J. Bender, Marilyn J. Wagner, 
Eugene E. Stoppel, Steven D. Schultz, Steven C. Borell, Robert A. 
Becker, Karmon D. Almquist, Shelby L. Bailey, Larry L. Landgren, 

Sherry S. Seamon. Third Row: Krista D. Toll, Jerry L. Armbruster, 
William D. Edwardson, David A. Topham, Eldon E. Peterson, Larry L. 
Johnson, Neil T. Satterlee, Merlan T. Almquist, Samuel K. Beckman. 
Bottom Row: Patricia A. Dumler, Marvin W. Mann, Frank W. Lambert, 
Carl W. Johnson, Daryll D. Jamvold, Ronald C. Lundquist, David A. 
Bak, Rev. Eckhard R. Knolle. 

Mennonite group plans 
entertainment programs 

Lutherans host meeting, 
paint association's center 

As part of an active entertainment pro- 
gram, members of Mennonite Fellowship met 
weekly for recreation sessions at Nichols 
Gymnasium. Organized on campus for seven 
years, the fellowship conducted bi-weekly 
religious meetings in Danforth Chapel. Suz- 
anne Theissen co-ordinated activities of the 
30 members through her work as group presi- 
dent. Gerald Schrag was adviser. 

As hosts for a student conference of the 
Lutheran Student Association of America, 
local members entertained church delegates 
from a four-state area. Both the exterior and 
interior of Luther House, the Lutheran student 
center, were painted. Membership of the 
Lutheran Student Association increased 30 
per cent more than that of the previous year. 
Rev. Eckhard Knolle advised the group. 


Baptist Student Union — Top Row: Marjorie J. Wright, Annie M. Pet- 
tyjohn, Rosanne M. Parker, Faye P. Dunn, Bettie L. Payne. Second 
Row: Connie E. Rogers, Timothy J. Fields, Che F. Foo, Lawrence L. 

Dunn, Carol A. Starns. Bottom Row: Rev. Fred S. Hollomon, William 
R. Hardgrave, Stephen M. Burns, Ronald E. Dungey. 

Baptist Union presents 
traveling religious play 

Student fellowship sends 
members to conference 

"Conquest of Burma," a traveling religious 
drama, was presented throughout the year by 
Baptist Student Union. Members attended an 
international student retreat at Y-Ranch in 
Arlington with BSU members from other Kan- 
sas colleges. As a service project, the Baptist 
group sponsored five Kansas students sent 
as foreign missionaries. Campus forums were 
also scheduled by the religious group. 

K-State Christian Fellowship members 
traveled to Urbana, 111. to the seventh Inter- 
varsity Missionary Conference. The group 
also continued an annual exchange with the 
KU chapter.,, Members attended daily devo- 
tional sessions in Danforth Chapel and group 
meetings in the Union. The K-State Christian 
Fellowship elected Harry Lightner president. 
Herbert Moser advised the group. 

K-State Christian Fellowship -Top Row: Joseph G. lyorver, Karen C 
Hughbanks, Sharon A. Gigstad, Patricia A. Hatch, Fred H. Davis, 
Stanley W. Grecian, Patsy 0. Anderson, Kathleen M. Schulz, Elaine 
F. Lemon, Margaret E. Rundell. Second Row: Suzanne M. Heller, Wil- 
liam D. Mauck, Wilfred L. Farnham, Jannette S. Robinson, Brenda 

G. Brown, Thomas R. Tucker, Thaddeus W. Osgood, Alma L. 
Schweitzer, Norla M. Stephens, Ralph E. Stegner. Bottom Row: 
David K. Lightner, Lindley J. Reimer, Lonnie A. Theye, Joseph S. 
Miller, Leland M. Anderson, Loren G. Kisby, Harry K. Lightner, 
Robert D. Kirkwood, Leslie B. Allison. 


After his review of the controversial book, Candy, Profes- 
sor Robert Clarke answers questions for Newman Club mem- 

bers. When a Union committee cancelled the book review, 
Newman Club co-sponsored it with the Cosmopolitan Club. 

Catholic Newman Club 
performs community aid 

"Social action" was the goal of Newman 
Club activity planning. The Catholic student 
group helped with Negro voting registration 
and provided Thanksgiving dinner for two 

underprivileged families. Newmanites also 
drove elderly persons and new international 
students to downtown Manhattan. 

Communion breakfasts and Sunday evening 
discussions were scheduled by the group. 
Newman Club social activities included a fall 
mixer, formal, Christmas tree trimming party, 
caroling and a spring picnic. Newmanites 
attended Mass and religious study classes 
at the Catholic St. Isodore's Chapel. 

Newman Club- Top Row: William R. Keating, Pauletta Winderlin, 
Karen L. O'Connor, Mary S. Brandner, Alice M. Schmidt, Evelyn P. 
Smith, Barbara J. Schmidt. Second Row: James J. Lackett, Elaine A. 
Rusch, Sharon L. Percival, Mary A. Voet, Jeanne A. Johnson, Laura 
L. Ludes, Mary A. Hoff, John J. Goldrick, Thomas H. Cure. Third Row: 

Patric J. Folwell, Philip J. Steen, Henry S. Kitzke, Jacqueline M. 
Resley, Mary L. Miller, Cheryl J. Miller, Lawrence H. Erpelding, Marie 
E. Thiel, William G. Came. Bottom Row: James C. Goldsmith, Gregory 
L. Miller, Thomas D. Perrier, Richard N. Day, Eugene A. Riedel, Ed- 
ward D. Barenberg, Kelly D. Johnson, Donald F. Schrick. 


fen -mJ ft ^^^ft * Mf" ' 1 

i Tfll • - * OBM^} 

V-* . . J 

7 \; ■ ■■■. Mil ■ : - ■ -■ 

M9* "w A i%\ f^ 

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! I jg , 

Newman ClBb- Top Row: Barbara Byrne, June F. Sweat, Elaine S. 
Biggs, Jean L. Dillon, Rita K. Lilak, Sharon A. Peltier, Anne M. Kramer, 
Paula J. DeWeese, Rita L. Vodraska. Second Row: Rae M. Dodge, 
Mary J. Riddle, David A. Swerczek, Michael Verschelden, Gary L. 
Urbanek, Norman R. Schneider, James E. Schwing, E. J. Weisen- 
berg, Donna M. Spachek, Margaret K. Grogger. Third Row: Michael 

M. Morrissette, Ronald D. Robben, James L. Shank, William D. Ryan, 
Edward F. Shank, Gary E. Clark, Robert D. Hattrup, Robert A. Swer- 
czek, Daniel R. Galassini. Bottom Row: Jim A. McKinnis, Sherman F. 
Ogle, Pat C. Carrico, Robert L. Hirt, Edward W. Bange, John C. Peter- 
son, Charles R. Heidrick, Kenneth R. Reynolds, Ronald A. Engel- 
ken, John F. Dillon. 

Newman Club- Top Row: Kathryn M. McCarthy, Sharlene K. Mitchell, 
Barbara S. Wurtz, Cheryl A. Schimpf, Kathryn E. Moore, Michele A. 
Abbott, Jean A. Sheik, Susan E. Garland, Kathleen E. Moehlman. 
Second Row: Laural D. McCandless, Salvador Hernandez, Carl 
Kramer, William J. Schrandt, Jerry B. Fickel, Richard J. Ferris, Wil- 
lard A. Miller, Donald L Harris, Larry J. Beat, Elaine C. Smith. Third 

Row: Douglas C. Seibel, Robert M. Moews, Louis A. Stallbaumer, 
Gregory L. Broeckelman, Joel T. Weigand, Michael P. Martin, Bruce 
A. Adams, Larry J. Dedonder, Ross J. Wichman. Bottom Row.- Robert 
J. Albers, Norman G. Anschutz, Michael J. Crubel, Dale E. Roberts, 
Gary D. Metzinger, Stephen E. Reiter, Dexter A. Vergin, Joel S. Brum- 
mel, John Hintz, James A. Bender. 

Newman Club -Top Row: Mary A. Rossillon, Lenora K. Gabel, Loretta 
A. Jones, Margaret L. McCauley, Patricia L. Moehlman, Eileen M. 
Matson, Janet M. Wegman, Dona C. Gerber, Marguerite A. Habiger. 
Second Row: Deanna K. Klenda, Lyllis A. Ling, Mary L. Haymaker, 
Cheryl A. Boucher, Victor F. Shalkoski, Philip H. McGrath, Barbara 
K. Richard, Patricia A. Schmidt, Bonnie J. Kleymann, Marilyn E. 

Lange. Third Row: Shirley F. Theis, Joan R. Geraghty, Joyce K. Hirt, 
Charles T. Badrick, Leo J ^ammerbacher, Sam J. Brungardt, James 
R. Studnicka, Patricia A. Seitz, Susan C. Japuntich. Bottom Row: 
William 0. Caspar, Jerry F. Donahy, John J. Kern, Robert E. Cody, 
James E. Dale, James C. Schoenfelder, Dan R. Schreck, James N. 
Wieland, Bob J. Letourneau, Gary E. Voelker. 


Roger Williams Fellowship- 
fop Row: Francis M. Dob- 
bels, Ann R. Limes, Carolyn 
S. Lemon. Second Row: 
Karen J. West, Deanne M. 
Rieke, Gary D. Owen, Joyce 
E. Back, Carol J. Shafer. Third 
Row: Rolland D. Turner, Don 
R. Warren, Sharon K. Lewis, 
Allan L. Fedosky, Gary R. 
Yotter, Steven M. Dent. Bot- 
tom Row: Marcia S. Mona- 
han, OliverW. Holmes, Ralph 
C. Richardson, Mary K. 
Fowler, Charles W. Hively. 

Roger Williams Fellowship- Top Row: Virginia S. Ford, Janet M 
Lemon, Anna Copson, Mary K. Munson, Alice F. Seybert, Effie M 
Breeden, Janet K. Mapes, Rose A. Bradbury. Second Row: Jean M 
Fair, Vesta L. Dauber, David A. Richardson, Earl D. Weak, Mary L 
Esau, Sue A. Eslinger, Shirley E. Van Meter. Third Row: Roger R 

McKee, Gerald R. Smith, Austin L. Widener, Donald R. Zahnley, 
Richard L. Gillaspie, Melvin D. Robinson, Jerold W. Harrison, James 
L. Gray. Bottom Row: Thomas F. Gillaspie, Folorunso A. Fayinka, Dan 
R. Bonine, Randall L. Harmison, Dwight R. Thompson, James W. 
Hicklin, James D. Thompson. 

Roger Williams members labor for work projects 

At three work days, members of Roger 
Williams Fellowship earned money for service 
projects. The religious group raised $100 for 
the World Student Christian Federation and 
$120 to finance a scholarship. 

Members attended the Kansas Baptist Stu- 
dent Movement Conference in Pittsburg. The 
meeting dealt with the ecumenical movement 

and international relations. Over semester 
break, 36 members of Roger Williams Fellow- 
ship skiied near Colorado Springs, Colo, on 
a trip the group sponsored. 

Baptist students of the University group 
were vice president and secretary at the state 
level and representative and vice president 
at the group's national level. 


Gamma Delta-7"op Row: 
Dianne K. Daugherty, Carol 
L. Helmke, Kathleen A. Guen- 
ther, Harriet A. Hartenber- 
ger. Second Row: Kenneth E. 
Theel, Nadene M. McGuire, 
June F. Fritz, Janice E. Frohn. 
Bottom Row: Robert K. Hess, 
Merle A. Soeken, Donn L. 
Kaiser, Irvin D. Thiele. 

Lutherans host retreat 
at Rock Springs Ranch 

Stoneybrook Farm site 
becomes student project 

Hosts for a regional religious retreat at Rock 
Springs Ranch were provided by Gamma 
Delta, a Lutheran student organization. Eighty 
students from nine schools in Kansas, Ne- 
braska and Oklahoma attended the spring 
retreat. At Sunday night meetings, the Luthe- 
ran students sponsored discussion sessions 
and studied other religious denominations. 

Stoneybrook Farm was repaired and cleaned 
during the fall as a work project of Canter- 
bury Association. During the spring, the 
Episcopal student organization met at the 
farm they had restored as a religious retreat. 
Student evangelism and a book, "The Sun 
and the Umbrella," provided discussion topics 
for Canterbury Association meetings. 

Canterbury Association -Top 
Row: Ellen E. Eppard, Marilyn 
J. Allen, Van Chang. Second 
Row: Charles R. Phillips, Ber- 
nice E. Kelly, Lois A. Wiley, 
John M. Littrell. Bottom Row: 
Roland K. Krauss, William M. 
MacMillan, John C. Williams. 


Following the hectic turmoil of rushing, fraternity members 
assemble outside a residence hall to congratulate pledges. 

Staying in Goodnow Hall, the fraternity rushees were per- 
mitted to visit 10 houses during the five-day rush period. 


Senior Panhellenic Council -Top Row: Beverly J. Abmeyer, Mary F. 
White, Linda D. Orrell, Kay E. Bain, Ingrid E. Nesmith, Olga E. 
Schwartzkopf, Dorris A. Seymour, Patricia A. Sughrue. Second Row: 
Karen D. DeGood, Carol L. Robbins, Catherine M. Gerritz, Margaret 

A. Evans, Sally E. Sheppard, Gwen D. Woodard, Shirley Levendofsky, 
Jeanne L. Gebhart, Nancy J. Exline. Bottom Row: Mary J. McAdow, 
Kathryn L. Holecek, Susan K. Cosby, Susan M. Oke. 

Panhellenic conference 
brings Big Eight women 

Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council rep- 
resentatives from the Big Eight schools at- 
tended a conference which the University's 
two groups sponsored. Senior Panhellenic 
Council also sponsored Greek Week with IFC. 

Senior Panhellenic Council projects in- 
cluded revision of rush rules and recognition 
of outstanding sorority women at All Women's 
Day. Eleven member sororities also prepared 
for the colonization of Delta Gamma. The 
sorority women sponsored a canvass and 
census of the Manhattan area for the Feder- 
ation of Handicapped Children. Junior Pan- 
hellenic Council members were elected from 
pledge classes while Senior Panhellenic rep- 
resentatives were active chapter members. 

Junior Panhellenic Council- Top Row: Janet M. Wegman, Jolene 
Evans, Leslie S. Innis, Gloria J. Delicti, Suzanne Turner, Katherine E. 
Clark, Lois A. Kohl. Second Row: Becky M. Slothower, Adelia M. 

Haun, Rebecca L. Fair, Mildred L. Dickey, Susan E. Parke, Mary J. 
McAdow. Bottom Row: Nancy L. Sullivan, Kathleen A. Sloan, Susan 
L. Schutte, Jayne E. Darling, Sally E. Sheppard, Janice L. McKinlev. 

Interfraternity Council — Top Row: Norman T. Shawver, Duane P. 
Bozarth, Harold J. Bales, Darwin E. Cline, David L. Dewhirst, Douglas 
J. Eveleth, Ralph K. Bieberly. Second Row: Thomas M. Nelson, Wil- 
liam R. Jacobs, James R. Albertson, Stephen L. Carson, Donald R. 
Johnson, Terry B. Farabi, Jerome P. Yorke, William 0. Caspar. Third 

Row.- Robert D. Steiger, Philip D. Gettig, Ralph M. Parker, James E. 
Schoenbeck, Duane P. Schneider, Richard C. Basore, Alan J. Scott, 
Charles R. Fortmeyer. Bottom Row: Steven R. Poison, Carl B. Price, 
John D. Breitenbach, Robert L. Edwardson, Loren M. Anderson, John 
P. Duffendack, James D. Walker, Frank L. Woofter. 

Greeks conduct census 
of handicapped children 

As a Greek Week project, Interfraternity 
Council directed a census to determine where 
services of the Manhattan Federation for 
Handicapped Children were needed. 

Plans were drafted for a Greek honorary 
to acknowledge service by Greeks to the fra- 

ternity system and the University. The group 
also worked to establish an annual scholar- 
ship in honor of V. D. "Tiny" Foltz, former 
Interfraternity Council adviser. 

Big Eight IFC-Panhellenic Conference held 
at the University was hosted by the men. 
Interfraternity Council also arranged housing 
in fraternities for International Farm Youth Ex- 
change delegates. 

Interfraternity Pledge Council directed a 
door-to-door Heart Fund Drive and crowned 
a king and queen at its annual IPC Dance. 

At Sigma Chi Derby Day, a contestant slithers under a limbo 
stick. Earning points for their living groups, sorority and 

independent women entered events like a. potato sack race 
and the Derby Darling and deck-the-pledge contests. 



Before snake dancing to parties at four fraternity houses, 
students attend the Greek Week bonfire on the ROTC field. 

While scuffling during a fraternity division, touch football 
game, Greeks compete in one of the 15 intramural sports. 

Interfraternity Pledge Council -Top Row: Sheryl J. Fraser, Janet A. 
Rotman, Judith I. Hysom, Evelyn L. Barber, Gloria L. Lewerenz, Signe 
L. Burk, Sue A. Button, Kathryn A. McGoogan. Second Row: John A. 
Holecek, Gary L. Benton, Randall L. Rich, Douglas W. Wyatt, James G. 
Schulthess, Mervin E. Buchenau, Philip L. Sell, Linda M. Shannon. 

Third Row: Larry E. Pfeifer, Thomas G. Kilroy, Richard L. Bishop, 
Carol Christensen, Roger A. Eshelman, Michael E. Jackson, Vernon 
A. Solbach. Bottom Row: Larry K. Berlin, Gerald H. Ogden, Gary L. 
Estes, William P. Conway, Larry L. Kettelhut, Edward E. Blanken- 
hagen, Patrick F. Ervm. 


Greeks set rush record; 
pledge total reaches 745 

At the close of Panhellenic rush week, a 
record 336 coeds pledged 11 sororities. The 
previous high had been 290, set in 1961. To 
relieve chaos and congestion after distribu- 
tion of bids, each sorority pledge group met 
in a predetermined area inside the dormi- 
tories. Before returning to sorority yell-ins 
in previous years, all sororities and pledges 
had organized in groups in front of the 
women's dormitories. 

Under a fraternity rush policy change, the 
number of rush dates was increased to five 
per day. Rushees were allowed to visit 10 
houses during the five-day rush period. Rapid 
processing of the preference lists submitted by 
rushees and fraternities permitted bids to be 
issued in less than one hour. The 23 fraterni- 
ties rushing pledged 409 men, 92 per cent of 
448 rushees. Delta Chi and Triangle, which 
had previously been fraternity colonies, 
rushed for the first time as official chapters. 

To depict rush party themes, sorority members present a 
skit. Each sorority gave five rush skits during the week. 

Hugs and screams of joy greet new pledges arriving at a As a diversion in the rush week activities, fraternity men 
sorority house after they received invitations to pledge. bring rushees to sorority yell-ins to inspect new pledges. 


Slightly lost in the hustle of rush changes, men 
move from the dormitory to fraternity houses. 

At one of five dates each rushee could accept 
daily, prospective pledges eat with Greek men. 

During one of the last rush parties before the signing of preference 
selection cards, sorority members entertain rushees with a formal tea. 


Alpha Chi Omega -Top Row: 
Mrs. Agnes Knowles, Julia J. 
Almack, Nancy L. Armstrong, 
Joyce E. Back, Barbara A. 
Bagby, Carol A. Bartley, Bar- 
bara L. Beck, Marilea K. Bell. 

Second Row: Annette J. 
Beyer, Bonnie B. Bonewitz, 
Nancy C. Bortz, Helen F. 
Bosche, Roberta J. Boughton, 
Gretchen M. Brandt, Mary C. 
Brookens, Barbara J. Bull. 

Third Row: Nancy J. Butler, 
Sue A. Button, Barbara A. 
Call, Nancy A. Carroll, Judith 
A. Chapin, Janet L Chatfield, 
Patricia R. Chirstensen, San- 
dra L. Daugharthy. 

Bottom Row: Karen D. De- 
Good, Kathleen A. Dickey, 
Mildred L. Dickey, Rebecca 
L. Fair, Susan K. Farha, Pa- 
tricia A. Ferguson, Sandra 
A. Garlich, Marilyn S. Good- 

Donning jeans and cowboy garb, Alpha Chis and dates dress 
western for a fall house party featuring local folksingers. 

Ninety-nine chapters. 
Founded DePauw Univer- 
sity 1885. Gamma Zeta chap- 
ter established 1947. Presi- 
dent: Roberta L. Hughes. 

Paint, furniture refurbish 
Alpha Chi Omega house 

Preceding rush week, the two-story, stone 
and stucco Alpha Chi Omega house received 
a new exterior coat of paint. Alpha Chis also 
added new desk chairs and pole lamps in 
each study room. 

As a service project, members volunteered 
to work at the Lee School Annex for Handi- 
capped Children. Inter-sorority functions of 
the Alpha Chis included the DePauw Duo 
with Kappa Alpha Theta and the Todd Road 
Triad with Pi Beta Phi and Gamma Phi Beta. 

Members included president of the Student 
Kansas State Teachers' Association and editors 
of the Collegian and Student Directory. 









Mrs. Agnes Knowles, new housemother of Alpha Chi Omega, 
supervises the living group managementat 1835 Todd Road. 

Alpha Chi social functions include pledge and faculty teas, 
the Christmas and spring formals and special weekends. 

Alpha Chi Omega -Top Row: 
Patricia J. Gunther, Judi S. 
Halbleib, Janet S. Harten- 
bower, Susan L. Hendrix, Re- 
becca R. Hitchcock, Roberta 
L. Hughes, Linda M. Hume, 
Judie K. Hunt. 

Second Row: Janet L. Jans- 
sen, Mama G. Jenkins, De- 
lores J. Johnson, Patricia L. 
Juvenal, Lynn A. Kirk, Linda 
A. Kraus, Linda M. Lantis, 
Diane E. Lee. 

Third Row: Shirley A. Leven- 
dofsky, Lois K. Lewis, Martha 
J. Lonergan, Jeanette K. 
Mack, Carole S. McKay, Mar- 
cia A. McNeely, Maria J. Mes- 
sersmith, Carolyn K. Mohr- 

Fourth Row: Susan D. Mont- 
gomery, Maryanne Murphy, 
Leslie J. Neal, Suzanne E. 
Nelson, Anellen Nyquist, 
Karen L. O'Connor, Myrna M. 
Otte, Eileen Peirce. 

Fifth Row; Cheryl A. Power, 
Sally R. Preheim, Nancy C. 
Reeves, Connie E. Rogers, 
Imogene J. Ross, Barbara J. 
Ruediger, Luanne R. Shank, 
Ann M. Shier. 

Bottom Row: Carol E. Sloan, 
Carol J. Stevens, Sandra F. 
Sturdevant, Linda L. Sum- 
mers, Katherine L. Turner, 
Laurel B. Warren, Mary L. 
White, Iris M. Williams. 


To introduce their Homecoming Queen candidate and earn 
contest points, Alpha Delta Pis present "Beyond a Dream." 

One hundred six chapters. 
Founded Macon, Georgia 
1851. Alpha Eta chapter 
established 1915. President: 
Sylvia M. Mills. 

Alpha Delta Pis produce 
prize Homecoming float 

Cooperative efforts of Alpha Delta Pi and 
Alpha Tau Omega produced the first place 
Homecoming float. Following the Homecom- 
ing theme "Haunting Memories," the float 
was entitled "Memories of the Flaw in the 
Kaw — Or Up a Crooked River." The sorority 
also took first in 1963 float competition. 

In connection with their founding at Wes- 
leyan Female College in 1851, ADPis con- 
ducted the "1851 Philanthropies" as their 
scholarship fund raising campaign. 

Miss Manhattan-K-State, Barnwarmer 
Queen, Kansas Dairy Princess and a Home- 
coming attendant were members. ADPis were 
elected to Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta and K-State Singers. Other members 
were officers of Angel Flight. 

Alpha Delta Pi - Top Row: M rs. 
Dorothy Peterson, Brenda G. 
Adrian, Fredricka S. Alford, 
Paula G. Antenen, Lonna S. 
Baldwin, Janet V. Bernhardt, 
Marilyn K. Boles, Susan E. 

Second Row: Gail M. Buen- 
ning, Jan C. Buenning, Peggy 
C. Burnett, Sharon R. Burton, 
Cheryl L. Carleton, Carolyn S. 
Colaw, Joan P. Colbert, Zel- 
ma R. Cole. 

Third Row: Marquita M. Con- 
don, Janet S. Cowan, Natalie 
J. Cowan, Jayne E. Darling, 
Nancy S. Dean, Judith A. 
Dey, Alice N. Dresser, Nancy 
J. Dukelow. 

Fourth Row: Maxine E. Du- 
puy, Patricia A. Emrich, Janet 
K. Faddis, Jeryn S. Faddis, 
Beverly K. Fortmeyer, Lana 
M. Fox, Sheryl J. Fraser, Ethel 
J. Hatch. 

Bottom Row: Nancy J. 
Hedges, Harriet J. Henry, 
Linda G. Henry, Sandra A. 
Hloucal, Carolyn J. Hoover, 
Mary A. Hornung, Catherine 
L. Hyde, Lynda L. Johnson. 


Alpha Delta P\-Top Row: Lo- 
retta A. Jones, Kathleen K. 
Klein, Jacquel ine Kubat, 
Vicki L. Lewman, Sandra K. 
Lindgren, Karen J. Lockett, 
Pamela A. Merriman, Sylvia 
M. Mills. 

Second Row: Roberta I. Min- 
nis, Evelyn L Moats, Johnnie 
L. Morgan, Linda K. Morris- 
sette, Sharon Y. Nickols, Di- 
anne S. Nydell, Donna L. 
Olivier, Elizabeth A. Osborn. 

Third Row: Natalie J. Parker, 
Sherian K. Peters, Constance 
A. Powell, Patricia J. Reed, 
Raena L. Reiss, R. Roslyn 
Rice, Mary P. Richter, Sandra 
L. Roark. 

Fourth Row: Marilyn S. Rob- 
bins, Jannette S. Robinson, 
Sally E. Sheppard, Jane A. 
Sherer, Linda L. Simpson, 
Constance A. Sturgis, An- 
drea A. Skradski, Margaret 
H. Sughrue. 

Fifth Row: Patricia A. Sugh- 
rue, Linda J. Surtees, Leslie 
D. Sutphen, Janet A. Symns, 
Susan A. Taylor, Frances G. 
Thawley, Joyce M. Timmons, 
Nancy J. Ukena, Sandra S. 

Bottom Row: Karen P. Walk- 
meyer, Charlene D. Walser, 
Shirley A. Wanklyn, Lynette K. 
Warner, Anne C. Waters, 
Linda J. Watkins, Alice K. 
Welborn, Helen A. Wilson, 
Rosemary A. Wolfe. 

Alpha Delta Pis, who planned the Black Diamond Ball and 
an informal fireside Christmas party, live at 518 Sunset. 

In pledge activities, sorority members attended a picnic 
on pledging night, the Paddle Party and a chili supper. 


Alpha Xi Delta- Top Row: Mrs. 

Ernest 0. Casey, Sharon L. 
Adair, Christine M. Ander- 
son, Mary S. Attwood, Eva M. 
Ayres, Gratia L. Baehr, Kay 
E. Bain, Linda C. Barton. 

Second Row: Carolyn S. Be- 
han, Donna B. Bilderback, 
Phyllis J. Blasdel, Barbara D. 
Boyer, Pamela Branden- 
berger, Lenore K. Brim, 
Diane K. Burtschi, Harriet 
G. Christensen. 

777//-c//T > oiv:Katherine E.Clark, 
Karen M. Comerford, Carol S. 
Cross, Dee A. Davis, Charlotte 
R. Deters, Carol J. Deubler, 
Jacqueline S. Dietrich, Com 
nie M. Dukelow. 

Fourth Row: Judith A. Dunn, 
Barbara J. Elliott, Mary J. 
Fritz, Janice M. Fromme, 
Susan K. Goold, Margaret A. 
Griffith, Helen D. Groyon, 
Adelia M. Haun. 

Bottom Row: Sue E. Hemp- 
hill, Cheryl K. Henderson, 
Janet L Hendricks, Elizabeth 
A. Henshaw, Bonnie K. Her- 
genreter, Laurie S. Hoyt, 
Diana K. Hyames, Carol A. 

Ninety-seven chapters. 
Founded Lombard College 
1893. Alpha Kappa chapter 
established 1922. President: 
Janice M. Fromme. 

Alpha Xi Delta initiates 
new Fort Hays chapter 

During the Christmas party at the Alpha Xi house, 601 Fair- 
child Terrace, the members select a coed as "Al Fuzzy." 

in if 

Pledges of a new Alpha Xi Delta chapter 
founded at Fort Hays State College were in- 
itiated by Alpha Kappa chapter Alpha Xis. 
Members conducted the fall initiation cere- 
monies in Manhattan. 

In honor of their new pledges, Alpha Xis 
gave a tea for fraternity pledge classes after 
rush week. Members entered the Homecoming 
float contest with Phi Delta Theta and com- 
peted in Interfraternity Sing. 

As campus leaders, Alpha Xis were chosen 
AWS and Alpha Delta Theta presidents. Mem- 
bers belonged to Mortar Board, Angel Flight, 
Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron and Mu Phi Epsilon. Phi Kappa 
Theta, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Kappa 
Lambda elected Alpha Xis royalty. 


As a work project for the annual Greek Week, Alpha Xis help 
with a community census of exceptional children. In making 

the study, members of Greek groups also solicited dona- 
tions for the local Federation for Handicapped Children. 

Alpha Xi Delta -Top Row: Vir- 
ginia Johnsmeyer, Lora L. 
Johnson, Lyla M. Karl, Vir- 
ginia B. Kenyon, Leatrice A. 
Kiener, Dianne Knox, Jean A. 
Lancaster, Wilda L. Loeppke. 

Second Row: Nancy C. Lu- 
kins, Marjorie I. Mabry, Mari- 
lyn J. McCabe, Diane S. Mc- 
Murray, Karen L. Mitchell, 
Janet A. Naylor, Patricia G. 
Nicholson, Linda D. Orrell. 

Third Row.- Janice M. Orth, 
Beth M. Pannbacker, Joan E. 
Pool, Chloe E. Rexroad, Cath- 
erine A. Rice, Janet K. Rice, 
Mary A. Schlagel, Linda M. 
Shannon, Sharon M. Shue. 

Bottom Row: Lucinda Smiley, 
Sandra L. Spangler, Janice L. 
Sramek, Suzanne Stone, 
Eileen J. Unruh, Barbara M. 
Wells, Roslyn D. Wentz, Kath- 
leen R. Williams, Judy A. Wolf. 


Through serenade songs, Chi Omegas celebrate their part- 
nership in Harlequinades with men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Before Harlequinades replaced Y-Orpheum, Chi Omegas had 
teamed with Sig Eps to win second in 1962 Y-0 competition. 

Angel Flight participation 
wins trophy for Chi Os 

Flight Award for outstanding work. 

Chi Omegas were elected Military Ball and 
Drake Relays queens. Other members served 
Tribunal and Student Senate terms. 

Best Sorority in Angel Flight Award was 
presented to Chi Omega. After earning the 
award for three consecutive years, Chi Omegas 
retired the traveling trophy. Angel Flight also 
honored a Chi O with the Best Girl in Angel 


One hundred forty-two 
chapters. Founded Univer- 
sity of Arkansas 1895. Kappa 
Alpha chapter established 
1915. President: Constance 

Chi Omega -Top Row: Mrs. 
Harold Page, Carol S. Amos, 
Betty S. Arnold, Sara M. Bay- 
less, Mary A. Bishop, Sandra 
L.Bradley, NancyS. Caldwell, 
Judith L. Chandler. 

Second Row: Betty J. Cloud, 
Polly A. Coombs, Martha J. 
Cox, Mary L. Crowley, Diane 
D. DeVoe, Mary J. Dice, Cath- 
erine J. Dickinson, Sue A. 

Third Row: Donna A. Dodge, 
Pamela J. Dudley, Nancy K. 
Dyke, Sue A. Eslinger, Nancy 
L. Evans, Beverly J. Falconer, 
Beth K. Fleischman, Luella 
J. Fosmire. 

Bottom Row: Linda R. Fritz, 
Sandra K. Froelich, Sharon L. 
Froelich, Kathleen C. Gan- 
son, Cheryl S. Gilmore, Pa- 
tricia S. Gladfelter, Helen L. 
Gordon, Carolyn K. Graham. 


Chi Omega -Top Row: Joyce 
M. Granquist, Gretchen Hil- 
gendorf, Cynthia L. Hincz, 
Janet L. Horchem, Sharon A. 
Hotujac, Pamela A. Howard, 
Mary A. Hughes, Judy A. 

Second Row: Diane L. Keller, 
Eugenia D. Kersting, Jane D. 
Klover, Donna L. Knoell, 
Karen S. Kraus, Carolyn S. 
Kuhn, Ardith J. Lathrop, Sam- 
mye S. Manning. 

Third Row: Kathryn M. Mc- 
Carthy, Susan J. McCoy, 
Kathryn A. McGoogan, Mari- 
lyn A. McMillan, Susan Mer- 
rill, Janice J. Miles, Faith P. 
Miller, Janet L. Miller. 

Fourth Row: Judith A. Miller, 
Maurine L. Murphree, Ann 
E. Nelson, Nanci S. Nelson, 
Valerie A. Nixon, Susan M. 
Oke, Annette Pallesen, Pa- 
tricia A. Palmer. 

Fifth Row: Elizabeth H. 
Parker, Suzan C. Ranz, Pattie 
D. Rickenbacher, Sal lie K. 
Roach, Candace L. Rogers, 
Linda J. Rosenkranz, Judith 
A. Rowan, Sidney F. Rowland. 

Sixth Row: Constance J. 
Schleicher, Patricia A. Seitz, 
Dorris A. Seymour, Linda K. 
Stanley, Karen S. Stephen, 
Janice L. Stuessi, Catherine 
J. Thompson, Leslie A. 

Bottom Row: Rachel R. Un- 
ruh, Nancy S. Waite, Carol S. 
Walker, Victoria L Weidle, 
Candace A. Wheatley, Nancy 
S. Wilcox, Shiela A. Winters, 
Martha E. Wood. 

Before Christmas Chi Omegas, 1516 McCain Lane, celebrate 
St. Lucia Day, a Swedish custom. According to tradition, a 

member of the sophomore class awakens Chi Omegas early 
St. Lucia morning for a special Scandinavian breakfast. 

Delta Delta Delta -Top Row: 
Mrs. Dorothy Jones, Judith 
Allen, Carolyn G. Bartholo- 
mew, Sharilyn K. Beach, 
Lynda C. Bennett, Kathrine A. 
Boxberger, Mary S. Brandner, 
Barbara A. Bratton. 

Second Row: Carol A. Brent, 
Margery L. Brent, Elizabeth 
A. Brinkoeter, Rae J. Brink- 
oeter, Jane M. Britton, Sherry 
K. Brush, Karin F. Burns, Bar- 
bara Byrne. 

Third Row: Virginia G. Card- 
well, Sherilyn Carl, Jean M. 
Casper, Jane Clark, Lynda L. 
Clyne, Nancy J. Condell, Sus- 
an K. Dillman, Vicki L. Ditch. 

Fourth Row: Patty S. Drake, 
Martha L. Dryer, Nancy B. 
Dumler, Jolene Evans, Nancy 
J. Exline, Rebecca J. Fink, 
Susan A. Florence, Janet L. 

Bottom Row: Carole J. Fry, 
Jeanne L. Gebhart, Mary E. 
George, Connie L. Hager, 
Franco A. Hammel, Ann M. 
Harding, Mary L. Haymaker, 
Kathryn E. Heyne. 

One hundred nine chapters. 
Founded Boston University 
1888. Theta Iota chapter 
established 1915. President: 
Franco A. Hammel. 

Alums hire Tri Deltas 
for scholarship project 

Sorority alumnae and their husbands attend an annual 
holiday coffee-dessert at the Tri Delta house, 1834 Laramie. 


In a scholarship fund raising project, Tri 
Deltas worked in alumnae's homes and shined 
shoes at fraternity houses. Members also sent 
Christmas toys to a home for mentally re- 
tarded children in Beatrice, Nebr. 

Singing "Pansy and Pearl" and "Oh, What 
a Beautiful Morning," Delta Delta Delta won 
second place in the sorority division of Inter- 
fraternity Sing during Greek Week. 

Four of the women served as officers of SEA 
and AWS. Chimes tapped four Tri Deltas, 
while the student body elected another two 
members to Student Senate terms. K-State 
American Royal Queen, a Military Ball 
finalist, a Flush Bowl attendant and three 
fraternity sweethearts were Tri Deltas. 


Amidst a flurry of excitement after gift exchanges at a Christ- 
mas party, Tri Deltas compare their presents. Before send- 

ing Christmas gifts to a retarded children's home, the 
Tri Deltas exchanged the children's toys among themselves. 

Delta Delta Delta -Top Row: 
Carol A. Hinnergardt, Mary S. 
Hutton, Sylvia M. Johnson, 
Deanna K. Klenda, Sharry R. 
Kraff, Karen A. Kroutil, Jean- 
ette E. Lange, Mary B. 

Second Row: Karen A. Leister, 
Pamela J. Lembright, Karen 
B. Linck, Hollace L. Long, 
Jean A. Longabach, Ann Mc- 
Caslin, Susan R. McCullar, 
Jean A. Mclntyre. 

Third Row: Kathleen A. Mc- 
Neal, Mary F. Mann, Jean A. 
Maynard, Carol E. Miller, 
Jennifer L. New, Janice K. 
Nixon, Linda S. Otte, Carolyn 
G. Otto. 

Fourth Row: Linda S. Oveson, 
Patricia L. Peterson, Shirley 
A. Pmkerton, Linda A. Poell, 
Sarah A. Potter, Marguerite 
Ralston, Julie K. Ramsey, 
Cheryl G. Retter. 

Fifth Row: Jamie K. Roth- 
berger, Janet A. Rotman, 
Elaine A. Rusch, Betty A. 
Schmelzel, Nancy J. Schroe- 
der, Nancy J. Scott, Katherine 
E. Shelton, Marilyn L. Singer. 

Bottom Row: Suzanne M. 
Smalley, Marilyn K. Spain- 
hour, Ellen L. Taylor, Susan 
K. Wade, Janet M. Wegman, 
Phyllis B. Wilson, Ruth A. 
Wilson, PaUla A. Woolley, 
Margaret E. Yessick. 


Reorganized on campus in 1963, Delta Zeta completed its 
second year at 1803 Laramie. The sorority, which uses the 

former Chi Omega house, first colonized its local chapter in 
1915, however, it disbanded during years of the Depression. 

Delta Zeta captures first 
in IF Sing competition 

Singing "Jan Waselu" and "Delta Zeta De- 
votional," Delta Zeta won first place among 10 
sororities entered in the Interfraternity Sing. 
Delta Zetas also gave toys to Manhattan chil- 
dren and took Easter favors to area hospitals 
and to rest home patients. 

In campus activities, Delta Zetas belonged 
to Mortar Board, Angel Flight, K-Steppers and 
five honoraries. A Kansas Wheat Queen con- 

One hundred fifty-eight 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1902. Lambda 
chapter established 1963. 
President: Carol Reed. 

test, finalist and a Ford Foundation Scholar- 
ship recipient were also members. 

Sorority social functions included thejoyeux 
Noel Christmas Formal and the Rose Formal. 
Other Delta Zeta events were an annual 
pledge-sponsored Halloween party for actives 
mothers' and fathers' weekends, pinning and 
engagement serenades, and Greek functions. 

Delta Zeta -Top Row: Mrs. 
Fern Hosley, Elaine K. Adams, 
Mary K. Adams, Lorraine A. 
Adamson, Judith K. Allee, 
Bonnee B. Badger, Murilynne 
M. Bailey, Marian Barnes. 

Second Row: Barbara A. 
Beals, Jean K. Bodwell, Elaine 
K. Brensing, Karen J. Carey, 
Jean E. Dallas, Sarah B. Dal- 
las, Linda J. Estey, Nancy 
E. Fair. 

Bottom Row: Carol J. Fisher, 
Barbara J. Fleming, Carole J. 
Francis, Carol A. Gilchrist, 
Marjorie Gordon, Carol L. 
Hamby, Linda Huber, Helen 
K. Johansen. 


Delta Zeta-7"op Row: Gail 
Klick, Marcia A. Lemon, Julia 
A. Linder, Diana K. Loetel, 
Karen M. Lutz, Janice J. Mor- 
row, Ingrid E. Nesmith, Mari- 
lyn K. Pankratz. 

Second Row: Susan E. Parke, 
Shelia R. Pilger, Cecilia M. 
Raymer, Carol S. Reed, Sue 
Russell, Deanna L Sainer, 
Virginia S. Schneider, Iva 
L. Schupp. 

Third Row: Olga E. Schwartz- 
kopf, Kathryn A. Scott, Martie 
R. Shaffer, Sarah A. Shaw, 
Susan J. Sheldon, Sue A. 
Shelton, Kathleen A. Sloan, 
Janice E. Smith. 

Bottom Row: Nancy L. Spang- 
ler, Diane K. Starbuck, Gail 
E. tawney, Judith L. Van Blar- 
cum, Elizabeth M. Wary, 
Sharon A. White, Marian L. 
Whitmore, Wilma L Woolsey. 

With spirits not squelched by a rainy evening, Delta Zetas 
squeal congratulations to each other after winning the thirty- 

first annual Interfraternity Sing. Entered in the sorority divi- 
sion, Delta Zetas competed against 10 women's ensembles. 


Gamma Phi Beta -Top Row: 
Mrs. Stella Cox, Charleen A. 
Achenbach, Lynda K. Adams, 
Karen L. Barndt, Mary L. 
Brainerd, Gale M. Brandt, 
Gail S. Breidenthal, Pamela 
R. Buetzer. 

Second Row: Patricia J. Cal- 
len, Connie L. Carr, Mary F. 
Childres, Jane R. Choplin, 
Linda A. Claydon, Victoria 
L. Clegg, Ruth E. Coburn, 
Shirley C. Crail. 

Bottom Row: Gloria J. De- 
lich, Martha M. Fly, Mary Z. 
Furney, Catherine M. Ger- 
ritz, Janice M. Gillmore, Jean 
C. Gillmore, Sonia J. Green, 
Marsha K. Greene. 

Gamma Phis take third in Homecoming, IF Sing 

Among 20 double entry floats entered in 
the Homecoming Parade, the Gamma Phi 
Beta-Pi Kappa Alpha float won third place. 
In other all-campus competition, Gamma Phi 
Beta took third in Interfraternity Sing. Mem- 
bers sang "Nocturne" and "Gamma Phis are 
Hummin'." The group earned second in 
sorority scholarship rankings for spring 1964. 

As a house function, Gamma Phis planned 
a tea honoring their new housemother and a 

visiting sorority province director. The 
women also sponsored the Todd Road Break- 
fast with Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Chi Omega. 

Ninety chapters. Founded 
Syracuse University 1874. 
Beta Upsilon chapter estab- 
lished 1957. President: Ruth 
E. Whitten. 

To encourage language proficiency, Gamma Phi Betas con- 
verse in foreign languages with French, German and Spanish 

instructors at the Language Dinner. Gamma Phis also held 
a Christmas party for children of the sorority's alumnae. 

^^ jfc, mm if am- • ^* 

- . ■ ■ ; ~ • . , , - . , . ?, 

Five Little Sisters of Minerva for Sigma Alpha Epsilon and 
six members of Angel Flight reside at 1807 Todd Road. 

The modern-styled stone house of Gamma Phi Beta is the 
only campus sorority house having a drive-through car port. 


Gamma Phi Beta -Top Ro 

Kathleen L. Haas, Ann B 

Harper, Nancy L. Higgins 

Lynda S. Hoff, Kathryn L 



K. Jarvis 

Ardis E. Horsch, 

. Hostetter, Cheryl 

Second Row.- Karen E. John- 
ston, Joan K. Kammerer, 
Gloria L. Lewerenz, Elaine V. 
Lowe, Linda L. Ludden, Judith 
K. Lybarger, Sally J. Maichel, 
Sandra S. Mall. 

Third Row: Maureen K. Man- 
uel, Mary J. McAdow, Robin 
R. McClean, Judith E.McGee, 
Janice L. McKinley, Sally R. 
McWilliams, MaryC. Meehan, 
Judith A. Melvin. 

Fourth Row; Patricia A. Mil- 
ler, Jan M. Myers, Kathryn I. 
Norberg, Nancy J. Olson, Lon- 
nie J. Peck, Norma B. Perry, 
Sheryl R. Raglow, Virginia 
A. Ramey. 

Fifth Row: Betty A. Randall, 
Diane L. Rasmussen, Karen 
S. Repp, Gertrude F. Rippey, 
Linda S. Rively, Susan L. Ros- 
enkranz, Colleen K. Salter, 
Lauren E. Schmidt. 

Bottom Row: Patricia L. 
Shane, Cynthia S. Shupe, Lee 
A. Skaggs, Rita M. Spits- 
naugle, Jane A. Suor, Linda 
K. Turney, Norma J. Watson, 
Ruth E. Whitten, Sue A. 


Grades, script, oratory 
win trophies for Thetas 

Panhellenic Scholarship Award for best 
grades during the preceding year was won by 
Kappa Alpha Theta. Thetas tied for second 
place in 1964 Y-Orpheum with "It's All in the 
Brew." Winning the Delta Sigma Rho speech 
contest for the third year, Theta contestants 
retired the trophy for the house. 

As a chapter project, members visited 
Theta's national philanthropy, the Institute 
of Logopedics in Wichita. 

Six fraternity sweethearts, Derby Darling 
and a Barnwarmer Queen finalist were Thetas. 
Four Angel Flight members and two student 
senators also belonged to Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Elected King Kite, a Theta escort wears his crown at the 
Kappa Alpha Theta Christmas party held in Junction City. 

Ninety chapters. Founded 
DePauw University 1870. 
Delta Eta chapter established 
1961. President: Ellen E. 

Kappa Alpha Theta - Top Row: 
Mrs. Jeanette Simonson, 
Carol S. Angwin, Barbara A. 
Ashton, Marilyn J. Back, C. 
Katherine Barker, Mary L. 
Barley, Rilla S. Barnhart, Suz- 
anne M. Behrens. 

Second Row: Sara S. Bentley, 
Anita I. Brady, Judith Bry- 
ant, Signe L. Burk, Karen L. 
Chitwood, Nancy Coberly, 
Claudette K. Cook, Dianne E. 

Third Row.- Judith A. David- 
son, Marvella R. Dyck, Ja- 
niece D. Fair, Jean M. Fair, 
Marcia A. Farrell, Diane K. 
Frederick, Louise R. Giefer, 
Sharon A. Gigstad. 

Bottom Row.- Caroline J. 
Greer, Nancy C. Grey, Har- 
riet A. Heasty, Helen R. 
Heath, Vicki D. Hesler, Ann J. 
Howell, Kay L. Howell, Judith 
I. Hysom. 

*^ Wf ^f 


Kappa Alpha Theta - Top Row: 
Barbara A. Jetland, Janet I. 
Kaelson, Toni M. Kaufman, 
Carolyn S. Kendall, Louise S. 
Keucher, Marcia J. Koch, Lois 
A. Kohl, Marlynn R. Landreth. 

Second Row: Janice I. Mc- 
Cord, Nancy L. McMurry, 
Judy L. Meerpohl, Jean M. 
Miller, Mary C. Miller, Sharyl 
A. Nelson, Nancy L Niles, 
Janice M. Olsson. 

Third Row.- Janet S. Osborne, 
Janice L. Parks, Mary E. 
Peterson, Gretchen A. Po- 
merenke, Virginia A. Power, 
Ann L. Query, Jo L. Reay, 
Sandra J. Sageser. 

Fourth Row: Susan L. 
Schutte, Glenda M. Self- 
ridge, Ellen E. Sheedy, Kath- 
ryn M. Shimer, Karen K. 
Shuldajilinda A. Smith, Sally 
A. Sutton, Janice L. Travis. 

Bottom Row: Valorie A. 
Travis, Kathryn E. Urbanek, 
Elizabeth A. Wandt, Elizabeth 
G. Wartman, Christine Wheat- 
ley, Cheryl E. Williams, Mary 
L. Wofford, Nancy A. Young. 

Special weekends for mothers, fathers and legacies are on 
the social calendar for Kappa Alpha Theta, 1517 McCain 

Lane. Additional sorority activities include a spring kite 
flying party and the DePauw Duo with Alpha Chi Omega. 


Derby Day points give Kappa Delta top honors 

House parties and the Emerald Ball highlight social activ- 
ities tor Kappa Deltas who live at 1220 Centennial Drive. 

One hundred four chapters. 
Founded Longwood College 
1897. Sigma Gamma Chapter 
established 1920. President: 
Janet K. Darter. 

After earning more points than any sorority 
at fall Derby Day, Kappa Delta was named 
winner of the Sigma Chi event. With the float 
"Cooking Up Something New for KU," KDs 
and Lambda Chi Alpha won second in Home- 
coming float competition. 

Philanthropic projects of Kappa Delta in- 
cluded contributing to the national KD fund 
for children's centers in Anchorage, Alaska 
and Richmond, Va. Members also saved 
clothes for an underprivileged Manhattan 
family. The sorority sold magazines for its 
sorority house fund. 

Flush Bowl Queen, a K-State Singer, Angel 
Flight women and a K-Stepper belonged to 
Kappa Delta. The sorority's members held 
memberships in six campus scholastic honor- 
aries. Active in sports competition, KDs 
entered all the women's intramural events. 

Kappa Delta -Top Row: Mrs. 
Blanche Shinkle, Sheryl K. 
Albright, Judy K. Anderson, 
Frances M. Angell, Evelyn L. 
Barber, Alice I. Barnhart, 
Pamela J. Berkey, Judith L. 

Second Row: Susan M. 
Bohrer, Constance J. Bowers, 
Terry L. Brickner, Madeline 
L Bruton, Judith A. Calliham, 
Carlene E. Carlson, Nancy A. 
Charles, Mary J. Cooper. 

Third Row: Marilen A. Cor- 
win, Carolyn J. Cox, Dianne 
Darling, Janet K. Darter, Bar- 
bara J. Eastham, Jacquelyn 
E. English, Margaret A. Evans, 
Gail W. Filbert. 

Fourth Row: Judith E. Flem- 
ing, Victoria L. Gaster, Judith 
F. Glenn, Nancy J. Glover, 
Barbara R. Green, Virginia R. 
Green, Kathleen Haberbosch, 
Barbara Harclerode. 

Bottom Row: Judy L. Heck, 
Linda A. Hemphill, Pamela 
L. Holt, Donna J. Hover, Leslie 
S. Innis, Janice E. James, 
Jeanne A. Johnson, Phyllis 
M. Johnson. 


Kappa Delta - Top Row: Janet 
L. Kannard, Linda L. Kaul, 
Jean A. Kelley, Sharon J. Ker- 
sten, Barbara A. Kevan, Kath- 
leen K. Kiewit, Nancy J. Kirch- 
hoff, Margaret A. Koepke. 

Second Row: Marilyn R. 
Kuhn, Sara L. Kuhn, Cheryl 
M. Kuiken, Linda L. Lange, 
Beverly J. Larsen, Carolyn K. 
Leeper, Rebecca S. Lehman, 
Linda L. Lehman. 

Third Row: Alma A. Limes, 
Ann Martin, Sharon L. Max- 
well, Marlene K. McBride, 
Kay D. Mortimer, Catherine 
A. Murry, Martha A. Mustoe, 
Margaret E. Nichols. 

Fourth Row.- Judy A. Oleen, 
Sue L. Partch, Sandra L. 
Reeve, Jacqueline M. Resley, 
Joan M. Richards, Linda A. 
Richel, Carol L. Robbins, 
Karen J. Sanborn. 

Fifth Row: Diane K. Schecher, 
Joan R. Schneikart, Gretchen 
C. Schwarz, Joan E. Scott, 
Beryl A. Shaw, Bobbie J. 
Shaw, Jean A. Sheik, Sharon 
L. Slocum. 

Bottom Row: Jacqueline D. 
Spears, Carol A. Suckart, 
Linda L. Thompson, Jeanne 
M. Walker, Karen S. Ward, 
Luanne H. Waters, Mary A. 
Watters, Marilyn L. Wooley. 

Late into the night before judging, KDs and Lambda Chis shred and stuff newspapers for 
their second place Homecoming Parade entry, "Cooking Up Something New for KU." 


Pledge program earns 
Kappa convention award 

Kappa Kappa Gamma's pledge training pro- 
gram received national recognition at the 
sorority's convention. Given every two years, 
the award was based on reports and national 
officers' visits. Kappas and Sigma Chis also 
won first in 1964 Y-Orpheum with their skit 
"Quit Horsin' Helen." 

Participating in campus activities, members 
worked as presidents of Mortar Board, Angel 
Flight and Chimes, head cheerleader and Stu- 
dent Senate chairman. Kappas were chosen 
Miss Kansas, Arnold Air Society and Pershing 
Rifles queens, Homecoming finalist and Barn- 
warmer and Flushbowl attendants. 

As dead week begins, Kappas retreat to the kitchen to pop 
corn and find a secluded place to prepare for final exams. 

Ninety-three chapters. 
Founded Monmouth College 
1870. Gamma Alpha chapter 
established 1916. President: 
Kathleen D. Nelson. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma -Top 
Row: Mrs. Helen T. Swank, 
Marilyn J. Anderson, Nancy 
A. Baker, Carolyn J. Bearg, 
Sandra J. Beck, Susan M. 
Beckerle, Ann L. Beckwith, 
Jane C. Benedick. 

Second Row: Gail M. Berry, 
MaryKaye Bleakley, Chalise 
A. Bourque, Mary D. Breit- 
weiser, Mary R. Brethour, 
Margie A. Bryan, Judith L. 
Burgess, Martha A. Burgess. 

Third Row.- Linda J. Carlson, 
Sharon J. Carlson, Linda S. 
Chasey, Michele J. Clark, Car- 
olyn A. Cotter, Donna K. Daily, 
Susan E. Dart, Karen J. Eckert. 

Bottom Row: Sharon Edgar, 
Bette L. Edwards, Carolyn K. 
Elliott, Susan K. Flett, Janet 
M. Francis, Joyce L. Francis, 
Judith C. Fulkerson, Marcia 
L. Gadberry. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma- Top 

Row: Eileen D. Gard, Carol A. 
Gaston, Kathryne L. Gaynier, 
Tahmeroo L. Gaynier, Sharon 
K. Gravino, Pamela K. Grif- 
fee, Jacquelyn H. Haines, 
Rebecca A. Hargrove. 

Second Row: Judith L. Harry, 
Pamela J. Henry, Kathleen 
Hess, Rebecca J. Hesser, 
Teri A. Hoover, Valerie B. 
Hoover, Patricia S. Hopper, 
Judy L. Jacobs. 

Third Row: Judith L. Jones, 
Sue J. Kaufman, Diane S. 
Kempke, Jean A. Kinsey, 
Nancy A. Klag, Carla A. Kreh- 
biel, Kristina L. Kunz, Nancy 
K. Lee. 

Fourth Row: Patricia A. Leo- 
pold, Nancy J. Lockhart, Bar- 
bara P. Loebeck, Karen R. 
McMillin, Jacqueline McQuil- 
lan, Margo J. Miller, Susan 
M. Mobley, Linda M. Morgan. 

Fifth Row: Kathleen D. Nel- 
son, Jane E. Pease, Lynda L. 
Pettey, Judith L. Prideaux, 
Mary A. Pryor, Karen L. Rob- 
inson, Nancy L. Rundell, Mar- 
tha A. Schumacher, Margaret 
J. Shannon. 

Sixth Row: Martha J. Sloo, 
Becky M. Slothower, Diane L. 
Small, Susan J. Small, Susan 
B. Snider, Cynthia L. Sperry, 
Sheryl A. Stoddard, Nancy R. 
Stone, Cheryl R. Stuckey. 

Bottom Row: Nancy L. Sulli- 
van, Barbara J. Thompson, 
Margaret F. Thompson, Pa- 
tricia E. Tweed, Margaret E. 
Weigel, Judith F. Werner, Eliz- 
abeth A. Wilson, Joan F. 
Wood, Gwen D. Woodard. 

Recognizing outstanding character and sorority service, Kap- one of its members each semester. The award key, almost 

pa Kappa Gamma, 517 Fairchild Terrace, awards a key to 50 years old, was discovered near the campus tennis courts. 


Pi Beta Phi-7op Row: Bev- 
erly J. Abmeyer, Cathryn L. 
Addy, Ashley Allison, Kath- 
leen M. Anderson, Melinda 
M. Anderson, Diana L. Ash- 
ton, Margret C. Barney, Linda 
A. Beaty. 

Second Row: Betty J. B il lin- 
ger, Leslie A. Blake, Mary E. 
Blakeslee, Rogga J. Bowie, 
Susan J. Bowman, Barbara 
M. Brodine, Barbara L. 
Brooks, Mary L. Burk. 

Third Row.- Pamela A. Can- 
field, Pamela S. Carlson, Sue 
E. Carson, Carol Christensen, 
Peggy A. Clark, Susan K. 
Cosby, Kristine M. Counter, 
Martha A. Crane. 

Fourth Row: Susan P. Davis, 
Paula J. DeWeese, Jean M. 
Dunkel, Kathleen A. Eng- 
strom, Mary F. Evans, Sharon 
Fairbank, Patricia A. Fass- 
nacht, Susan Faulconer. 

Bottom Row: Sara M. Fiser, 
Rebecca L. Fitzgerald, Pam- 
ela S. Gallemore, Betty J. 
Gracey, Sheila A. Graham, 
Patricia G. Haggard, Con- 
stance L. Hall, Nancy L. 

Pi Phi chapter captures national sorority awards 

One hundred nine chapters. 
Founded Monmouth College 
1867. Kansas Beta chapter 
established 1915. President: 
Rita D. Mundhenke. 

Each semester Pi Beta Phi schedules a retreat for officers' 
training at its French Provincial house, 1819 Todd Road. 

Ranking as one of the top ten chapters in 
the nation for contributions to the Pi Beta Phi 
settlement school in Tennessee was Kansas 
Beta chapter. At convention the sorority won 
three national awards. In one of the citations, 
the Amy Burnham Onken Award, a member 
was named outstanding Pi Phi in the nation. 

In scholarship competition against ten other 
sororities, women of Pi Beta Phi won first 
place for spring 1964. 

Title holders of Miss Wool of America and 
Circle K Queen were Pi Phis. Another member 
was chosen Homecoming attendant. In 
campus organizations, sorority women di- 
rected activities of SEA and YWCA as presi- 
dents. Pi Beta Phi also claimed two Mortar 
Board members, two Chimes members, a 
Student Senate delegate, two Wildcat cheer- 
leaders and the Royal Purple editor. 

Representatives of Pi Beta Phi clash with men of Sigma Chi 
in semi-finals of Big Eight Quiz Bowl competition. After 

defeating the Pi Phi contestants in the third round of the 
eliminations, Sigma Chis moved into the Quiz Bowl finals. 

Pi Beta Phi-Top Row: Mar- 
garet E. Harvey, Daria E. 
Hickman, Mary E. Houdy- 
shell, Lorna E. House, Phyllis 
L. Howell, Judith A. Hunter, 
J. Sue Ingersoll, Patricia K. 

Second Row: Nancy J. Itz, 
Roberta M. Jarvis, Sara L. 
Kirk, Emma J. Lambert, Judith 
A. Lamme, Cynthia Lammers, 
Linda Lashbrook, Vicki Lee. 

Third Row.- Susanne F. Little, 
Jane B. Martin, Harriet J. 
Meals, Mary V. Mitchell, Mona 
L. Mitchell, Rita D. Mund- 
henke, Carol A. Noble, Nancy 

Fourth Row: Marcia L. Porter, 

Shirley J. Reid, I 
nolds, Ruth A. 
Mary J. Riddle, 
ser, Patricia A. 
S. Rupp. 

/lartha J. Rey- 


Linda D. Ris- 

Roach, Janet 

Fifth Row: Lana S. Ruthstrom, 
Dorothy J. Slaughter, Pamela 
K. Smith, Judith S. Strait, 
Anne D. Struss, Brenda K. 
Suran, Mary J. Swaffar, Susan 
A. Swan. 

Bottom Row: Donna J. Taylor, 
Patricia A. Templer, Anne A. 
Tuggle, Suzanne Turner, Bar- 
bara A. Tussey, Camille K. 
VanSickel, Jane A. Waddle, 
Diana J. Williams, Nancy M. 


While singing popular songs, Clovia women practice "Oh, 
Clovia," a new song written for them by a member's mother. 

Clovia plans construction 
of 50-woman residence 

Construction of a new 50-woman Clovia 
house was slated to begin in September, 1965. 
Coeds with 4-H backgrounds lived in Clovia. 
The women have won county, state and na- 
tional awards for their work in 4-H. During 
the spring, the chapter sponsored a national 
Clovia meeting in Iowa. 

Clovia alumnae honored collegiate members 
who had earned a 3.0 grade average or above 
at a scholarship dinner. Campus activities 
of Clovia women included Omicron Nu, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Council, 
the K-State Players and Collegiate 4-H. 

Candlelight ceremonies bid rushees good-by before the fu- 
ture pledges sign preference cards for sorority membership. 

Clovia -Top Row: Mrs. Sybil 
Lawlis, Phyllis E. Babbitt, 
Patricia A. Barr, Sharon K, 
Benton, Judith E. Brown, 
Carol S. Clark. 

Second Row: Arlene R. 
Dahm, Nina M. Felbush, Lin- 
da K. Gaskill, Diana K. Goertz, 
Bonnie J. Kleymann, Cheryl 
L Lloyd. 

Third Row: Marcia L. Lowther, 
Sharon K. Madden, Judy K. 
McClure, Marlyse K. Milburn, 
Marva L. Morrison, Jeanne L. 

Bottom Row: Janet L. Patton, 
Patricia A. Patton, Renita K. 
Pohl, Jean E. Rees, Dorothy J. 
Robertson, Maxine K.Warner. 




Phi Kappa Jau -Top Row: 
Mrs. Ruth Moate, Donald G. 
Dressier, Patrick F. Ervin, 
James D. Gates, Gary L. 
Hauptli, Tom D. Huecker. 

■?: ,- : '■' 

Bottom Row: Larry L. Hum- 
mer, George H. Johnston, 
Larry E. Jones, Dennis A. 
Kaump, John W. Kroenlein, 
Lawrence J. Kubert. 


Spraying a sign for a vote wagon, Phi Kappa Taus prepare 

to drive Manhattan residents to the polls at election time. 

Eighty-two chapters. 
Founded Miami University 
1906. Alpha Epsilon chapter 
established 1925. President: 
George H. Johnston. 

Phi Kappa Taus discuss 
proposed building plans 

Plans for a new Phi Kappa Tau chapter 
house were discussed when the Phi Tau na- 
tional secretary visited Alpha Epsilon chapter. 
Phi Taus considered a building site, proposed 
house size and finances. 

For part of the fraternity's social program, 
members attended the annual Cannon Ball 
at which the Cannonball Queen was crowned. 
Phi Taus and Cannonball Queen candidates 
fired the victory cannon after each Wildcat 
touchdown at home football games. 

Posters which Phi Taus erected on campus 
directed new students to buildings. The men 
entertained at a rest home at Christmas. The 
president of Chancery Club and vice-presi- 
dent of Alpha Kappa Psi were members. Phi 
Taus belonged to the debate squad, Arnold 
Air Society and Collegiate Young Republicans. 


Fraternity council cites 
Sigma Nu grade boost 

Interfraternity Council awarded Sigma Nu 
a trophy for the greatest fraternity improve- 
ment in grades for spring 1964. In compli- 
ance with a University request, the chapter 
was granted a waiver from a national fraternity 
law forbidding pledging Negro men. 

Sigma Nu housed one of the tallest men in 
the nation, Nick Pino, a seven-foot basketball 
player from New Mexico. Other members 
were Putnam and Ford Foundation scholars. 
Phi Eta Sigma and Scabbard and Blade tapped 
Sigma Nus. The fraternity scheduled a Christ- 
mas dance, the White Rose Formal, the Mon- 
ster Party and the Snake Pit Dance. 

Instead of having seated service before the University of 
Kansas basketball game, Sigma Nus prepare sack lunches. 

One hundred thirty -five 
chapters. Founded Virginia 
Military Institute 1869. Beta 
Kappa chapter established 
1913. President: Robert M. 

i^S ^\ && f^ ^\ ^\ f^\ 

(Ti r"^ i^^t ^l ^^ 

▲ C 4 Z ^ k£>Z ~~* M^r^k' 01 « A 


Sigma Nu-7"op /?ow.- Bertha 
M. Scott, Joel W. Athey, Carl 
J. Carlson, Randall C. Dalke, 
Michael C. Daugherty, Ed- 
ward L. Dent, David L. Dew- 
hirst, James B. Farrell. 

Second Row.- Stephen W. 
Ficke, Richard H. Floersch, 
William Grimshaw, Robert E. 
Harmon, Donald J. Head, Wil- 
liam W. Hill, Stephen S. Hor- 
ton, John H. Jensen. 

Third Row: Chris E. Johns, 
Alvin D. Johnson, John A. 
Linder, Wayne H. MacKirdy, 
Robert M. Melichar, Dennis 
L. Miner, Gordon E. Myers, 
Tudor M. Nellor, Thomas M. 

Bottom Row: Throck M. Os- 
born, Nick Pino, Larry W. Rol- 
lins, Norman E. Ruediger, 
Richard D.Swickard, Thomas 
G. Towner, Thomas R. Uehl- 
ing, Donald C. Utterback, 
Phillip G. Watt. 


Theta Xi housemother, Mrs. Rex Lawrence, matches wits with Xis accompany their housemother to shows, football and 

her "sons" in a bridge game. Throughout the year Theta basketball games, campus functions and church services. 

"Cats for Curtains gets 
Theta Xi pancake profits 

Eighty-six chapters. 
Founded Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Institute 1864. Alpha 
Iota chapter established 1931. 
President: Robert R. Maas. 

Proceeds from the annual Theta Xi spring 
pancake feed were donated to the 'Cats for 
Curtains campaign. In fraternity intramural 
contention, Theta Xis entered football, basket- 
ball, softball, volleyball and bowling competi- 

tion. Fraternity members belonged to Pi Tau 
Sigma and Sigma Theta Epsilon. Among Theta 
Xi social events were the Tuffy Strut Party, 
the Unicorn Ball, the Oddball Party and house 

Theta X\-Top Row: Mrs. Rex 
Lawrence, Edward L. Adams, 
Larry L. Chase, Phillip E. 
Cummis, Roger W. Daniels, 
Douglas E. Dempsey, Richard 
L. Epard. 

Second Row: Walter L. Fisher, 
Thomas E. Foster, Ronnie G. 
Giersch, Russell S. Hannigan, 
William R. Hardgrave, Rich- 
ard G. Heikes, Lorrin E. Lowe. 

Bottom Row: Robert R. Maas, 
Lon E. Maggart, James C. 
Naufel, Willis I. Peterson, 
Delbert G. Ruckle, John R. 
Shirley, William F. Stephans, 
William R. Turner. 


A ^ ^ 

£•» J3 

ifli ■ Hk ii mm'/ ' \tt- m\ t V.i 

I w iwig La-dA 


Triangle- Top Row: Mrs. W. 
G. Granger, James J. Adams, 
Gary L. Benton, David A. 
Blasiar, Richard K. Boyd, 
Duane P. Bozarth, Gary S. 

Second Row: Michael T. 
Chapman, Dale A. Clark, Don 
L. Cobb, Kenton L. Cox, 
Robert D. Crangle, Alan D. 
Culver, Fred L Curry. 

Third Row.- Richard L. Don- 
aldson, Charles K. Eby, Phil- 
lip D. Enegren, John J. Fitz- 
gerald, James E. Gennger, 
Robert M. Hamlett, Donald 
F. Hansen. 

Fourth Row: Charles L Hett, 
Keith L Hoffman, William R. 
Jacobs, Darryl E. Janzen, 
Ronald D. Jefferies, Robert D. 
Lillich, George F. Marble, 
Larry R. Martin. 

Bottom Row: Theodore S. 
Mauck, Dennis J. McCormick, 
Terry K. Michie, John W. 
Reed, Neil D. Rogers, Eugene 
L. Smith, Lonnie A. Theye, 
James L. Wi 1 1 its. 

Twenty-four chapters. 
Founded University of Illi- 
nois 1907. K-State chapter 
established 1964. President: 
William R. Jacobs. 

Representing their chapter, members put an engineering 
pin on the Triangle Rattle, a trophy passed to young chapters. 

Triangle earns charter, 
purchases chapter house 

Moving into the former Beta Sigma Psi 
house, 221 N. Delaware, Triangle began its 
first year as a fraternity chapter. Triangle 
pledged men with a minimum 2.2 grade aver- 
age in engineering, architecture or physical 
science. For Engineering Week, members 
sponsored an open house for high school 
students. A Student Senate member and the 
Engineering Council president belonged 
to Triangle. 

."*" *1> 

if -*w* 

S* . * S Lm «. -«hc '»-. ^» " 

Scene for the annual Night on the Nile is set at 2005 Hunt- 
ing. Manyot the 47 Acacia chapters sponsor similar Egyptian 

parties. Other Acacia social functions included the Play- 
boy Party, a Christmas tormal and the mothers' weekend. 

Intramural victories give Acacia sports success 

Intramurals brought success to Acacia as 
the men won the fraternity softball trophy 
and placed second in football. In other sports 
competition. Acacias participated in basket- 
ball and swimming. 

Acacias were active in Varsity Glee Club, 
Scabbard and Blade, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi and the Honors Pro- 
gram. One Acacia toured Europe with the K- 

State Singers. As a service project, members 
gave Christmas gifts to an orphanage. 

Forty-seven chapters. 
Founded University of Mich- 
igan 1904. K-State chapter 
established 1913. President: 
Thomas R. Twombly. 

Acacia -fop Row: Lorette H. 
Cornwell, Darrel W. Andrist, 
Arthur C. Barney, Alan K. 
Beckman, Patrick J. Berger, 
John H. Blackwell. 

Second Row: Edward E. 
Blankenhagen, Terry A. Borg- 
mann, David A. Braswell, 
Norman P. Byers, Mark A. 
Chapman, Robert M. Childs. 

Bottom Row: Garry L. Deines, 
Harold F. Dillenback, Charles 

D. Emel, Charles R. Fort- 
meyer, Gary A. Garrett, Larry 

E. Greene. 




- ff 'ft 

Acacia Top Row: Larry L. 
Hapgood, David M. Heck, 
William L. Henderson, Donald 
R. Hite, Harlan D. House, 
Lynn R. Johnson. 

Second Row: Philip K. Kline, 
Allan J. Kvasnicka, Fred P. 
Lechner, RoPert C. Lim- 
bocker, Stephen L. Linden- 
baum, John P. Ludwig. 

Third Row: Terry L. Mack, 
Allan P. McCobb, James R. 
Moore, Royce L. Morris, 
Roger L. Mulanax, Gary G. 

Fourth Row: Cecil W. Pearce, 
Gerald M. Plummer, Clark L. 
Ritchey, Paul A. Stewart, 
Harvey D. Thompson, 
Thomas D. Tolle. 

Bottom Row: James E. Tous- 
lee, Thomas R. Twombly, 
Kenneth A. Winzeler, Frank 
L. Woofter, John B. Wright, 
Louis R. Zirkle. 

Fans keep close watch at an Acacia intramural basketball 
game. Defeated by Beta Theta Pi, Acacia placed second in 

its fraternity division. Also outscored by Betas in foot- 
ball, Acacia won second in the race for fraternity crown. 

Exterior styling of the AGR house, 1919 Piatt, complements 
the split level interior. The house was completed in 1956. 

Forty-one chapters. 
Founded University of Illi- 
nois 1908. Alpha Zeta chapter 
established 1927. President: 
Mark E. Wright. 

AGR Homecoming float 
wins single entry honors 

"K-State Reigns" was the theme of the 
Alpha Gamma Rho Homecoming float which 
won first place in the single entry division. 
The float featured a pumpkin coach pulled by 
University of Kansas football players and 
driven by a Wildcat squad member. 

During the summer, the AGR kitchen was 
remodeled and new equipment added. The 
fraternity also installed a trophy case in 
memory of a former housemother. 

Manager of Ag Science Day and all elected 
officers of Block and Bridle Club belonged to 
Alpha Gamma Rho. Other AGRs were mem- 
bers of wool, livestock and meats judging 
teams. Active in campus affairs, the fraternity 
men worked in such honoraries as Alpha Zeta, 
Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. 

Alpha Gamma Rho -Top Row: 
Martha Andrews, Robert Y. 
Alexander, Robert D. Ames, 
John H. Anderson, Richard A. 
Barta, Keith C. Behnke, Ken- 
neth D. Buchele, Carrol 

Second Row.- Edward N. 
Childs, Eldon L. Clawson, 
Kenneth M. Cox, Robert R. 
Cudney, Stephen A. Dunbar, 
John R. Evans, Douglas J. 
Eveleth, Larry L. Geil. 

Third Row: Gary L. Gilbert, 
Rex W. Grothusen, Michael 
A. Hanchett, Theodore L. 
Hanchett, Ronald W. Hirst, 
Francis B. Hoadley, Frank J. 
Hopkins, Richard P. Houdy- 

Fourth Row: Gary L. Hucke, 
Virgil R. Huseman, W. Roger 
Johnson, Larry E. Kohl, Jer- 
ald A. Kopp, Gene W. Lave- 
rentz, John M. Lefton, Guy W. 

Bottom Row: Jerry W. Maran- 
ville, Johnny E. Meetz, Lary 
R. Meisegeier, Orville M. 
Peterson, John E. Radke, 
George E. Raymond, Wil- 
liam W. Reed, Stephen L. 


- « 


M Ail ! Wk f 1 ! Hk«9l 

Alpha Gamma Rho -Top Row: 
Loren J. Rickard, Jerald A. 
Riemann, Gary L. Scott, 
Jacob M. Sherwood, Steven 
H. Slusher, Gary D. Spiker, 
Melvin V. Splitter, Charles 
L. Stoehr. 

Second Row: Larry D. 
Stuckey, Glenn H. Sullivan, 
George A. Teagarden, John R. 
Teagarden, Richard L. Tea- 
garden, Richard L. Theurer, 
Howard R. Vacek, John R. 

Bottom Row: Stanley C. 
Widau, Douglas W. Williams, 
Robert E. Wingert, Wallace 
W. Wolf, Steve C. Woodson 
Mark E. Wright, Jerome P. 

Men of Alpha Gamma Rho relax in front of their living room 
fireplace to read newspapers, study for tests or just talk 

over the day. Entered in the Homecoming Parade, AGRs won 
first place in the single entry class with "K-State Reigns." 


Alpha Kappa Lambda- Top 

Row: Mrs. Florence Hughes, 
Larry A. Anderson, Glenn R. 
Clingenpeel, Charles W. Coff- 
man, David W. Duff, Larry R. 

Second Row: Samuel M. Eis- 
mont, Royce E. Fowler, Oran 
G. Gillmore, Roger A. Griffin, 
Richard D. Hagerman, Terry 
M. Haggard. 

Third Row: John B. Hamilton, 
Ronald D. Hellwig, James M. 
Hillman, Gerold D. Jilka, 
Robert L. Jones, David A. 

Bottom Row.- Jim E. Loomis, 
Daniel R. McConachie, David 
E. McCune, Richard J. Mc- 
Dougal, Steven G. Mclntyre, 
Ronald V. McKinzie. 


il ** 

J -m A 

****&* *J* 

Forty chapters. Founded 
University of California 1914. 
Iota chapter established 1930. 
President: John B. Hamilton. 

National conclave gives 
AKLs fraternity citation 

League basketball champions live at 1919 Hunting. AKLs 
also ranked second and third in league football and bowling. 

, **pr^ 


At a national Alpha Kappa Lambda con- 
clave, Iota chapter won the fraternity's Na- 
tional Achievement Award for outstanding 
contribution to the ideals of the fraternity. 
One member also won the AKL Athlete of the 
Year Award. In campus competition, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda won the spring 1964 award for 
campus fraternity chapter with the most im- 
proved scholastic average. 

As a pledge class project, Alpha Kappa 
Lambda pledges reseeded the front lawn of 
the fraternity's chapter house. 

Intramural honors came to Alpha Kappa 
Lambda as members took first place in their 
basketball league and ranked second in foot- 
ball. Fraternity teams also participated in 
swimming, golf and bowling intramurals. 


Admiring their 50-pound Dalmatian mascot are three Alpha 
Kappa Lambda members. Appropriately named Domino, the 

black and white mascot lives in a doghouse behind the AKL 
house. The fraternity acquired Domino during fall semester. 

,W m% 



Alpha Kappa Lambda- Top 

Row: Jerry G. Meyer, Jerry L. 
O'Donnell, Mark A. Poell, 
Philip C. Ray, Charles L.Rich, 
Richard L. Robinson, David 
L Rollins. 

Second Row.- Duane P. 
Schneider, Jesse R.Scoggins, 
Kenneth M. Scott, Larry L. 
Seger, Willits A. Smull, Daryl 
K. Swanwick, Gary D. Tice. 

Bottom Row: Steven G. Trax- 
son, Stephen E. Utterback, 
Wilton S. Webb, Robert A. 
Woods, John T. Wulfmeyer, 
M William Wyckoff. 


Carrying a Jayhawk in its mouth, a whale pulls the Home- 
coming Parade float of Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Delta 

Pi. The ATO float, "Memories of the Flaw in the Kaw- Or Up a 
Crooked River," won first place in double entry contention. 

Men enter housemother 
in national ATO contest 

As part of the national fraternity's centen- 
nial celebration, Alpha Tau Omega prepared 
a scrapbook to enter its housemother in the 
Housemother of the Century Contest. Among 
other centennial activities were a national 
convention in the Bahamas and a nation- 
wide Go-to-Church Sunday. 

Entered with Alpha Delta Pi, ATOs won 
first with a Homecoming float, "Memories of 
the Flaw in the Kaw — Or Up a Crooked River." 
The float later was burned by vandals and 
suffered an estimated $1,400 in damages. 

One hundred twenty-six 
chapters. Founded Virginia 
Military Institute 1865. Delta 
Theta chapter established 
1920. President: Harry H. 

Alpha Tau Omega -Top Row: 
Mrs. L. E. Keefer, Peter J. Bar- 
rett, Monty M. Bednosek, 
Richard A. Beets, Roland J. 
Bonneau, Gerald C. Brees, 
Ralph G. Bruce, George K. 
Brummer, Jack E. Calentine. 

Bottom Row: Kenneth K. 
Chesney, Thomas B. Cream- 
er, Noel E. Cullison, Robert C. 
Dobson, Mark J. Dreiling, 
Michael S. Duncan, Larry W. 
Emig, Stuart A. Erbentraut, 
Stephen B. Evans. 



* I 



Alpha Tau Omega -Top Row. 
Richard E. Fagerberg, Harry 
R. Foster, Mitchell L Foster, 
John S. Frank, Alwyn H. 
Gentry, Johnny L. Granquist, 
Robert E. Graves, Leo L. 

Second Row.- Bruce W. Heck- 
man, Robert G. Heft, Harry 
H. Hoesli, Samuel R. Hogue, 
Richard W. Jacobson, Cecil 
W. Johnson, Raymond W. 
Johnson, Dudley G. Loomis. 

Third Row: James R. Mad- 
den, Alan L. Mashak, John 
R. McCarty, John 0. McCon- 
nell, Robert P. McWhorter, 
John T. Meyer, Michael T. 
Mills, Steven C. Newton. 

Fourth Row: Charles E. Ohl, 
Don R. Opdycke, William F. 
Overman, Rodney D. Peter- 
sen, James N. Reardon, Wil- 
liam F. Rock, Ronald H. 
Roesler, James D. Shultz. 

Bottom Row: Man R. Smith, 
Richard H. Spingler, James 
V. Swanson, George E. Taplin, 
William S. Taylor, Frederick 
C. Weckel, Dennis C. Wheat- 
ley, Larry R. Young. 

Located at 1408 Denison, Alpha Tau Omega is only one 
block north of the campus. As one of four finalists in the first 

production of Harlequinade, formerly Y-Orpheum, the fra- 
ternity presented "Malice with Alice" with Alpha Xi Delta. 

Beta Sigma Psi- Top Row: 
Mrs. Allen Burch, Dean R. 
Bader, Darrell E. Bay, Joel G. 
Bieber, Roger A. Bitter, David 
E. Bowers, Warren T. Brady, 
Wayne E. Clendening. 

Second Row: Arlen E. Dia- 
mond, Roger A. Diekmann, 
Robert J. Duffield, Robert L. 
Edwardson, William D. Ed- 
wardson, Escal L. Eskridge, 
James D. Folkerts, Lowell 
D. Gordon. 

I turd Row: Ronald N. Hager- 
man, Richard T. Haller, Her- 
bert E. Harrod, Arthur S. 
Harvey, John J. Healzer, 
Joseph S. Hennchs, Richard 
L. Holzhausen, Ronald R. 

Bottom Row: David D. Jack- 
son, Michael E. Jackson, 
Daryll D. Jamvold, Gary D. 
Janke, Larry J. Janke, Larry L. 
Johnson. Donald W. Kaiser, 
Lawrence D. Kinsey. 

■ ■■ ~Zf a^M ^V3f "=^#w 

mm ^\ p-*m #^% ^m p»\ 


House dedication brings Beta Sig national officer 

Dedication of their new $280,000 home with 
a luncheon and party attended by the national 
vice-president of Beta Sigma Psi highlighted 
the year for Beta Sigs. The men also received 
the national fraternity's Outstanding Chapter 
Award for the fifth time in 10 years. 

With Reformation Day ceremonies, Beta 
Sigs celebrated Martin Luther's separation 
from the Catholic church. Beta Sigs won the 
football game with Phi Kappa Theta, a Cath- 
olic fraternity. Karen Repp reigned as queen of 
the annual function. 

Student body president and presidents of 
four campus organizations were members. 
Beta Sigma Psi ranked first in spring 1964 
volleyball for the second consecutive year. 

Ten chapters. Founded Uni- 
versity of Illinois 1925. Zeta 
chapter established 1951. 
President: James D. Folkerts. 

Black furniture, white stone room dividers, a bright blue 
rug and wooden ceiling beams accent the living room of the 

new Beta Sig house. The dwelling, 1200 Centennial Drive, 
is newest house in the northeast campus development. 


I* ' 

V»* ». v WS SV«« * - • 


it ' «, 


*''*., : a I/. V '«- 

,A ., 

4t **"' 

s» ■ vt< <* 


During half time at an annual Protestant-Catholic football 
contest, Bega Sig president crowns Reformation Day Queen. 

Beta Sigma Psi, a Lutheran fraternity, co-sponsors the event 
to mark Martin Luther's separation from Catholicism. 

■.ir* 7 

ai r^ *^ ft ^% ^% ^i 



-, ^ 


*•» Ml 

f^m^ s-^it jfSk. ^*^ 


Beta Sigma Psi -Top Row. 
Terrel E. Kinsey, Douglas B. 
Knop, Richard D. Krug, Wil- 
liam R. Kuhn, Gary A. Lang- 
ner, Wilfred H. Lehmann, 
Robert L. Lippoldt, Harold 
E. Mai. 

Second Row: David R. Miller, 
Laurence F. Miller, Norman 
P. Nuss, Douglas K. Peters, 
Raymond P. Pullmann, Gary 
D. Raffety. Ronald R. Ricker, 
Kenneth P. Schmanke. 

Third Row: James E. Schoen- 
beck, Terry R. Schoenthaler, 
Donald W. Schott, Milton F. 
Schrepel, Steven D. Schultz, 
Clair A. Schwerdtfeger, Roger 
L. Setzkorn, Glen L. Shank. 

Fourth Row.- William J. Sie- 
bert, Gene R. Smallwood, 
Garry L. Smith, Merle A. 
Soeken, Scott M. Stern, David 
A. Strohm, Howard S. Svaty. 

Bottom Row: Irvin D. Thiele. 
James C. Tollefson, Mark K. 
Torluemke, Steven R. Wiech- 
man, Timothy R. Windier, 
John E. Wisniewski, Robert 
E. Zibell. 


Placing second in the fraternity division of the thirty-first 
annual Interfraternity Sing, Betas sing "The Loving Cup" and 

"Sons of the Dragon." Betas, who competed against six 
fraternities, previously had won the trophy 25 times. 

Charters members attend 
Beta golden anniversary 

With 11 founding members and 450 persons 
in attendance, Gamma Epsilon chapter of Beta 
Theta Pi celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. 
The national president of the fraternity spoke 
at the anniversary banquet. 

Senior class president, varsity athletes and 
members of Blue Key, Apportionment Board 

and Student Activities Board were Betas. 
Other fraternity members included captain of 
the Quiz Bowl team which competed in New 
York City and an exchange student to Justus 
Liebig University in Germany. 

One hundred one chap- 
ters. Founded Miami Uni- 
versity 1839. Gamma Epsilon 
chapter extablished 1914. 
President: Kenneth U. Ben- 

Beta Theta Pi- Top Row: Mrs. 
Grover Clingan, Timothy A. 
Atchison, John H. Banks, 
Kenneth U. Benjamin, Allen 
G. Bigsby, Emmett N. Breen, 
Robert A. Briggs, Lewis H. 

Second Row: Lawrence A. 
Cohan, Lawrence E. Condit, 
Robert W. Crouch, Roger K. 
Dickerson, Douglas K. Dusen- 
bury, Kenneth A. Eckhardt, 
Terry B. Farabi, Karl Farris. 

Bottom Row: Donald D. 
Ficken, John M. Florell, Larry 
R. Gibson, Arch G. Gothard, 
Roland M. Gunn, Phillip L. 
Guthrie, James M. Guy, Dean 
F. Harper. 

.V)«» **W 



k*\ MA tfe Aife^ik t 




k i Jfcit^t 

Beth Theta Pi -fop Row 
James C. Harrison, John D. 
Harrison, Thomas H. Haas, 
James N. Haymaker, Thomas 
W. Hinz, Ronald K. Holm, 
Robert H. Ihde, Fred A. 

Second Row: Richard Jenk- 
ins, Larry D. Johnston, Jan 
Jorgenson, Howard A. Kinzer, 
Kenneth D. Knapp, Charles D. 
Kugler, Gary B. Lee, Donald 
A. Lehman. 

Third Row.- Peter G. Loriaux, 
Kenneth R. Mann, Ralph W. 
McFillen, Rodney D. Mc- 
Mullen, Donald H. Merten, 
James L. Mertz, Richard E. 
Morgan, Stephen D. Nelson. 

Fourth Row: Larry M. Nichol- 
son, Conrad K. Nightingale, 
Kent E. Otte, Stephen W. 
Peirce, Stephen R. Pickard, 
Stanly W. Pine, Paul T. Purin- 
ton, Joseph R. Reppert. 

Fifth Row: Steven L. Rogers, 
James M. Royer, Robert D. 
Sandell, James K. Shrack, 
Rich E. Skaer, William C. 
Skaer, Norman E. Smith, Dale 
L. Somers, John 0. Somers. 

Sixth Row: Stephen K. Sproul, 
Warren R. Staley, Ronald P. 
Sumner, Paul B. Swartz, 
David L. Tuggle, Robert L. 
Van Allen, James D. Walker, 
James Wallerstedt, John I. 

Bottom Row: Laren J. Wendel- 
burg, John H. White, Jerry W. 
Whitt, Billy F. Williams, Kerry 
F. Williams, Lane D. Yoder, 
Alexander M. Young, Charles 
D. Younkin, Timothy D. 

Interior changes at the Beta house, 500 Sunset, show ef- 
fects of approximately $20,000 in redecorating. Setting 

a new record of 1,161 points, Beta Theta Pi won fraternity 
intramural competition for the fifth time in seven years. 

Delta Chi-7op Row: Mrs. W. 
P. Dunagan, Michael Abshire, 
Dan W. Adams, Paul F. Antes, 
Thomas Z. Beery, Ronald L. 
Boyer, Terry F. Chancy. 

Second Row: Darwin E. Cline, 
Darrell Cockrum, Robert E. 
Davies, Michael E. Estes, 
Ronald Forkenbrock, Wil- 
liam E. Gamble, Thomas E. 

Third Row: Stephen L. Guth- 
rie, Steven W. Hall, Floyd E. 
Haskin, Douglas D. Kelly, 
Gary L. Kildow, James N. 
Marker, Tom J. McCorkie. 

Bottom Row: Clair L McFad- 
den, Gordon K. McNitt, Rich- 
ard B. Nelson, Robert W. 
Phillips, John M. Quiring, 
Chester V. Rhoads, Herbert 
A. Roes. 

^ ' «v A JL^ ^3?W ^#A Jrh ^rQf 


Scores record the wager Delta Chis won from a Delta Chi 
chapter in Oklahoma when Wildcats defeated the Cowboys. 

Forty-nine chapters. 
Founded Cornell Univer- 
sity 1890. Kansas State chap- 
ter established 1964. Presi- 
dent: David W. Simmonds. 

Delta Chi colony earns 
national chapter status 

At an installation banquet during October, 
Delta Chi advanced from colony to fraternity 
status. The event coincided with the fra- 
ternity's national Founders' Day. Claude Cay- 
field, national president of Delta Chi, attended 
the banquet. Before installation as a fraternity 
chapter, Delta Chi had completed two semes- 
ters as a Greek colony and one semester as an 
independent living group. 

Delta Chis of 1716 Fairchild work in Sigma Tau, Pershing Rifles and Arnold Air Society. 
The men elected to help a Manhattan hospital as a spring service and work project. 

*iA rfiM 


Delta Chi-7~op Row: Stanley 
A. Salisbury, Thomas B. 
Sanders, Doyal A. Schroeder, 
Lyle D. Sechrist, Terry L. Seip, 
Philip L. Sell, Marvin W. 

Second Row- Phillip C. Shehi, 
Michael E. Shelor, Craig R. 
Shove, David W. Simmonds, 
James G. Smith, Richard B. 

Bottom Row: Douglas M. 
Terry, Kenneth R. Turnbull, 
Larry K. Turnbull, Terry L. 
White, Charles R. Woodard, 
Kenneth R. Wyatt. 


Men of Delta Sigma Phi make their home at 1100 Fremont. 
The structure has served as a hospital and a local YMCA. 

One hundred five chapters. 
Founded City College of 
New York 1899. Alpha Up- 
silon chapter established 
1925. President: Lyle W. 

Delta Sigma Phi swells 
"Cats for Curtains fund 

To collect money for the 'Cats for Curtains 
campaign, Delta Sigma Phi kidnapped sorority 
housemothers. The housemothers were ran- 
somed for $10 each. Delta Sigs specified that 
upon submitting the ransoms each sorority 
present a serenade to the fraternity. 

Recognizing her 16 years as fraternity house- 
mother, Alpha Upsilon chapter of Delta Sigma 
Phi planned a tea for Mrs. Paul Smith when 
she retired in spring 1964. 

Members of Delta Sigma Phi belonged to 
Phi Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Eta 
Sigma. Delta Sigs acted as president of Uni- 
versity Party and assistant editor of Touch- 
stone. In a traditional football game, the men 
boasted their ninth win over the fraternity's 
University of Kansas chapter. 

Delta Sigma Phi -Top Row: 
Mrs. Effie C. Newton, Thomas 
D. Adcock, John D. Breiten- 
bach, James R. Brookshire, 
William W. Brookshire, Paul 
W. Burch. 

Second Row: Elmer C. Burk, 
George M. Carlson, Vernon L. 
Desbien, Harvey A. Disen- 
house, James C. Dunn, Glen 
W. Froelich. 

Third Row: Don F. Hunziker, 
Steven B. Isaacson, David T. 
Lane, Philip A. Livingston, 
Joseph J. Malloy, Robert R. 

Bottom Row: Hal T. McDon- 
ald, Vernon L. McPheeters, 
Fred R. Miller, Ralph M. 
Parker, Frankie R. Reida, 
John D. Scott. 



l&m A — " ^ w 


ii lift till* 


tMtih i 

Delta Sigma Phi -Top Row: 
Richard V. Sheehan, James 
C. Skach, Douglas C. Smith, 
Leon D. Sowers, Andrew F. 
Stewart, Gary D. Stewart. 

Second Row: Philip J. Stoehr, 
Thomas A. Stubbs, Theodore 
W. Sutherland, Karl J. Svaty, 
Irvin D. Vice, Don R. Warren. 

Bottom Row: Duane E. Weg- 
erer, Ray L. Wells, Darrel P. 
Wentz, Lyle W. Wiescamp, 
Gale R. Yarrow. 

Heavy snow does not prevent Delta Sigs from shoveling 
their front walk during a lunch break. The fraternity house, 

remodeled two years ago, features a basketball court 
built as the project of a Delta Sigma Phi pledge class. 


Delta Tau Delta -Top Row: 
Norbert J. Andrews, Kenney 
H. Barb, Ronald T. Beach, 
James A. Beard, Dennis L. 
Berkholtz, James N. Black, 
Charles F. Bourbina, Michael 
L. Bowman. 

Second Row: Edwin L. Butter- 
field, Jon J. Coleman, Dickie 
J. Grill, Richard J. Crist, Den- 
nis R. Croman, Larry D. Dal- 
len, Douglas P. Drew, Ken- 
neth D. Embers. 

Third Row: John L Emigh, 
Charles W. Engel, John S. 
Fagan, Kerry L. Fairchild, 
Max M. Fitzwater, Lon K. 
Floyd, Ronald A. Gerster, Jon 
T. Graves. 

Fourth Row: John R. Green, 
Richard C. Green, Gary N. 
Hadsell, Sammy W. Harding, 
Stephen R. Herbel, Charles 
T, Herman, John A. Holecek, 
James D. Hopper. 

Bottom Row.- Robert J. How- 
ard, Alan R. Hug, Lester H. 
Ideker, James S. Jordan, 
Robert L. Kearney, Robert W. 
Kelly, Anthony L. Kimmi, Jack 
H. Konitz. 

Eighty-nine chapters. 
Founded Bethany College 
1858. Gamma Chi chapter 
established 1919. President: 
Vance A. Logan. 

Varsity athletics attract 
Delta Tau Delta players 

Fraternity athletes represented Delta Tau 
Delta on varsity sports teams. Delts partici- 
pated in varsity football, baseball, basketball 
and track competition. Members entered all 
intramural sports. 

As campus leaders Delts were tapped by 
Blue Key, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Arnold Air 
Society, Sigma Delta Chi, Steel Ring and 
Sigma Tau. Two Putnam scholars, business 
manager of the Royal Purple and president of 
Commerce Council were Delts. Working with 
Union affairs, fraternity men served on Union 
Governing Board and Student Activities Board. 

Fraternity men and dates attend Sunday night buffet meals 
at the contemporary Delta Tau Delta house, 1001 Sunset. 


Shouts of excitement arise from Delta Tau Delta rooters 
as they watch the Delt team defeat Alpha Kappa Lambda, 

cinching a league championship in intramural basketball. 
Delts later won second place in the fraternity division. 

fciliktfck tto mA^M€ 

Delta Tau Delta -Top Row.- 
Michael G. Lamone, Kent A. 
Lauer, Vance A. Logan, Ter- 
ence W. Mangan, Bruce A. 
McGehe, Frank W. Mclntyre, 
Gary R. Mehl, Mark D. Merica. 

Second Row: Jerry D. Metz, 
Mark L. Miller, Douglas J. 
Morgenson, John E. Norberg, 
Keith L. Olson, James C. 
Perry, Larry M. Peterson, Joel 
D. Piatt. 

Third Row: Steven R. Poison, 
Lou L. Poma, Donald L. Reed, 
Keith L. Roberts, Eugene J. 
Ronsick, James N. Rowland, 
Bryon R. Schlosser, Frederick 
J. Schmidt. 

Fourth Row: William J. 
Schmitt, Lowell G. Sharbutt, 
Dennis R. Sherraden, Ronald 
L. Sitts, Robert D. Snider, Ger- 
son H. Stearns, Robert D. 
Steiger, Keith A. Stuessi. 

Bottom Row: Richard L. 
Thomas, George D. Thye, 
Steve W. Train, Larry H. 
Wachtman, Mason C. Whit- 
ney, Robert D. Williams, Dan 
E. Wilson, David S. Wilson, 
Keith R.Zwick. 


Entrance portico alters 
DU house architecture 

Two new features were added to the Delta 
Upsilon house. The fraternity built a portico 
in front of the house and laid a new carpet in 
the living room. 

As participants in sports, DUs won fra- 
ternity basketball crown, intramural swim- 
ming meet and 1964 tennis doubles. They 
placed third in football. Delta Upsilon sup- 
plied athletes for varsity track, baseball, bowl- 
ing, football and wrestling. 

Presidents of Social Co-ordinating Council 
and Political Union and recipients of two 
scholarships to Justus Liebig University in 
Giessen, Germany were Delta Upsilons. 

Eighty-five chapters. 
Founded Williams College 
1834. K-State chapter estab- 
lished 1956. President: Mel- 
vin E. Thompson. 

At a joint Delta Upsilon party with FarmHouse, fraternity 
men and their dates scramble over hay at the Dairy Barn. 

Delta Upsilon -Top Row: Mrs. 
Lucille Sponable, Kenneth N. 
Aikin, David F. Anderson, 
Paul L. Ash, Ronald A. Baker, 
Roger D. Bender, William 

Second Row: Blaine W. 
Bickel, Lawrence 0. Bryant, 
Charles E. Cardwell, Robert 
M. Clegg, William P. Conway, 
John M. Cook, Clyde H. Cun- 

Third Row: Jack D. Davis, 
Lynn A. Dean, David L. Defeo, 
Douglas D. Donley, Michael 
D. Dumford, Terry L. Dyke, 
Douglas E. Eisenhour. 

Bottom Row: Steven M. 
Evans, Arlyn R. Fagen, Ross 
L. Fapp, Gary L. Haden, Neil 
F. Hirsch, Stephen B. Hol- 
loway, Donald E. Hyde, 
Stephen L. James. 


.jBt sm^ .^m^ ^tk 
r i j i r^« r^n 

ft, r\ flk f% 

f^\ f m \ f^S 

m mmm JH. Jl 


; ■ 

A lit it A:k*i£ Mf 

L Hk # ■■ I A.# mln a m ■*■_.! 

Delta Upsilon-7"op/?ow.-Burk 
Jubelt, James M. Kendall, 
Larry W. Kendall, Lawrence 
M. Kendall, Henry C. Kirch- 
hoff, Wallace E. Kraft, James 
H. Lane, Dennis J. Lee. 

Second Row: John M. Lit- 
trell, Charles B. Lockhart, H. 
Stewart Mann, Robert L. 
Marrs, Michael L Maxwell, 
William K. Maxwell, Galen R. 
McDonald, George E. Metz. 

Third Row: Stephen R. Mor- 
ris, Dennis T. Myers, Ralph 
M. Neighbor, Merle F. Nel- 
son, Larry E. Nitzsche, 
Michael A. Novak, Robert D. 
Nuss, Donald D. O'Connor. 

Fourth Row.- James M. O'Fal- 
lon, Gary E. O'Hara, Donald F. 
Peterson, Harold C. Peter- 
son, Nelson K. Reinhardt, 
Craig W. Ridenour, Wil- 
liam J. Romig, Robert E. 

Fifth Row: Clair S. Schultis, 
Max M. Stearns, Lane V. Sun- 
derland, Donald R. Svaty, 
John G. Svaty, Thomas G. 
Teichgraeber, Melvin E. 
Thompson, John F. Tisdel. 

Bottom Row.- Stephen G. 
Trembley, Gary L. Urbanek, 
Robert E. Venard, Joseph E. 
Ward, Howard S. Warren, 
Stephen H. Wible, James M. 
Wilkerson, Craig M. Wood- 

Delta Upsilons, who decorated a Manhattan old folks home 
for Christmas and gave toys to underprivileged children, 

live at 1425 University Drive. The fraternity was repre- 
sented in Varsity Glee Club and on Apportionment Board. 

Ilili!€fli >^k. 



FarmHouse -7op Row: Mrs. 
Hazel A. Hawbecker, Jack L. 
Anderson, Larry R. Ander- 
son, Thomas B. Avery, Gary L. 
Base, Terry L. Biery, Merwin 
L. Brown, James H. Chilcott. 

Second Row: Verne E. Claus- 
sen, Larry E. Cline, Harold M. 
Cochran, Keith L. Cramer, 
David H. Cromwell, Paul L. 
Deets, Michael E. Dikeman, 
Gerald L. Dohm. 

Third Row: Leon L. Dunn, 
Harold D. Engle, Lawrence H. 
Erpelding, Arlen W. Etling, 
Donald R. Ferguson, Darrell 
W. Garner, Stanley W. Gre- 
cian, Wayne M. Grover. 

Fourth Row: Randall K. Hahn, 
Calvin C. Hausman, Duane M. 
Henrikson, Melvin C. Hunt, 
Ronald L. Ibbetson, Tommy 
L. Jacobitz, Ronald E. Jones, 
Kenneth L. Kallenbach. 

Bottom Row: John J. Kern, 
James K. Koelliker, Richard 
D. Kruse, Harry K. Lightner, 
Daryl W. Loeppke, Ronnie G. 
Lunsford, Robert A. Mac- 
Arthur, Marvin W. Mann. 

Nineteen chapters. Founded 
University of Missouri 1905. 
Kansas State chapter estab- 
lished 1921. President: Rob- 
ert J. Wiruth. 

FarmHouse wins trophy 
for fraternity scholarship 

Game parking presents no problem for FarmHouse, only one- 
half block from Ahearn Field House, at 1820 College Heights. 

Scholastic efforts paid off for FarmHouse 
as it again captured the fraternity scholarship 
trophy with a 2.933 house average for spring 
1964. The win made the fifth consecutive 
semester that FarmHouse had earned the 
award. Since 1937, the fraternity has won first 
place forty times and second place eight times. 
The chapter also took home the Summa Cum 
Laude Award from the FarmHouse national 
fraternity conclave. 

In Interfraternity Sing, FarmHouse won 
third place. Members sang "Builders of Men" 
and "Fair FarmHouse." FarmHouse was rep- 
resented by two men in Blue Key, two on 
Student Senate and four in Phi Kappa Phi. 
One member was national president of the 
student American Agronomy Club. 


At a practice session in Ahearn Field House, the FarmHouse tion for opening intramural action. FarmHouse competed 
volleyball team bats its ball from side to side in prepara- with other fraternitites in basketball, football and tennis. 




lltidtt Zk JkJktk 

FarmHouse- Top Row: Philip 
V. Mathews, Douglas J. Mc- 
Graw, Charles E. Meeks, 
Boyd M. Mundhenke, Den- 
nis T. Nelson, Roger A. Nord- 
stedt, Ross A. Olson, Edward 
S. Oplinger. 

Second Row: Vern E. Otte, 
Garth L. Peterson, Randall L 
Rich, Larry E. Schmidt, Nor- 
man R. Schneider, John W. 
Schrader, Kenneth A. Spang- 
enberg, Gary A. Splitter. 

Bottom Row: John W. Toney, 
Thomas R. Tucker, Joel T. 
Weigand, George L. Wiley, 
Stephen L Winn, Robert J. 
Wiruth, George L. Zabel, 
James E. Zwonitzer. 


Kappa Sigma -Top Row: Mrs. 
Charles Duncan, Robert L. 
Aidnik, Loren M. Anderson, 
John P. Armstrong, Jon D. 
Barton, Kenneth C. Baur, Wil- 
liam K. Benham, Thomas F. 
Bird, Gunnar W. Blanke. 

Bottom Row: Larry D. Bley- 
thing, Ronald L. Boyer, 
Thomas G. Brown, Gary D. 
Bruning, Robert E. Buchan, 
Robert C. Burnett, Charles E. 
Bush, Gary L. Camblin, Galen 
K. Campbell. 

Wide spectrum of activities interest Kappa Sigs 

Interest in a wide spectrum of campus 
activities was exhibited by Kappa Sigma 
memberships in Blue Key, Steel Ring and 
Scabbard and Blade. The men also belonged to 
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Sigma Tau, Apollo 
Glee Club, Phi Eta Kappa, Cosmopolitan Club 
and Eta Kappa Nu. 

President of Agricultural Economics Club, 
the editor of the K-State Engineer and a Stu- 
dent Senate member were Kappa Sigs. A team 
representing the chapter participated in a 

Kappa Sigma basketball tournament at Baker 
University. The fraternity also entered a float 
in the Homecoming Parade. 

One hundred thirty -two 
chapters. Founded Univer- 
sity of Virginia 1869. Gam- 
ma Chi chapter established 
1919. President: Caleb D. 

Testing performance of their equipment, Kappa Sigs find 
stereo tape recording a popular hobby after study hours. 

The contemporary chapter house contains 24 three-man 
rooms as bedrooms and living suites for fraternity members. 


J&/ *mm -'J^i 

At 1930 College Heights, the men of Kappa Sigma live in a 
70-man house. The fraternity initiated plans to expand 

recreational facilities in the five-year-old house. The con- 
struction will add a recreation area to the present basement. 

a A /"» 

Kappa Sigma -7"op flow.- Ste- 
phen J. Coulson, Caleb D. 
Dagg, Michael J. Danaher, 
Fred J. Diehn, Eugene R. 
Dillender, Ricky J. Eichor, 
Charles W. Farrar, John M. 

Second Row: Philip D. Get- 
tig, John M. Graham, Allen 
W. Guisinger, Gary R. Hardi- 
son, Richard L. Hirsch, 
Michael M. Hogan, James W. 
Horn, Martin C. Hurt. 

Third Row: Lawrence P. Ire- 
land, Donald P. Jensen, Le- 
land R. Johnson, Morgan R. 
Kelly, Alan R. Kempster, 
David W. Kershaw, George A. 
Lewis, James L. McConnell. 

Fourth Row: Jacob E. Mertz, 
Lowell G. Moore, David A. 
Mott, Duane F. Nickel, 
Charles L. Page, Barry L. 
Rafter, Charles P. Schafer, 
Frank G. Schembs. 

Bottom Row: James G. 
Schulthess, Robert C. Selby, 
Charles R. Shellenberger, 
Cletus E. Shultz, William J. 
Stewart, Keith R. Waters, 
Ward V. Wells, Frederick J. 


Living accommodations for more than 50 men are provided 
at the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter house, 505 Denison. Func- 

tions at the house included a Valentine's Day pledge party 
featuring Eric and the Norsemen, KU's Lambda Chi band. 

Lambda Chis draft plan for housemother's rooms 

Enlargement of housemother's living quar- 
ters to be completed during the summer was 
planned by Lambda Chi Alpha. "Cooking Up 
Something New for KU," the Lambda Chi- 
Kappa Delta Homecoming float, won second 
place in double-entry competition. 

President of the American Institute of 
Architects student chapter and Greek Week 
chairman were fraternity members. Other 

Lambda Chis belonged to Phi Eta Sigma, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau and Eta Kappa Nu. 

One hundred fifty-four 
chapters. Founded Boston 
University 1909. Gamma Xi 
chapter established 1924. 
President: Kenneth K. 

Lambda Chi Alpha -Top Row.- 
Mrs. Ada B. Estes, Kenneth R. 
Alexander, George F. An- 
drews, Claud K. Bell, William 
D. Betz, Roderick R. Brown, 
Richard N. Bruce. 

Second Row: Joel R. Butts, 
Leslie J. Chyba, John D. Dal- 
bom, Thomas E. Darnell, 
Robert C. Davis, John W. Dut- 
ton, Michael S. Ermey. 

Third Row: Charles R. Heid- 
rick, Nicholas M. Jones, 
Douglas 0. Kitchen, Kenneth 
L. Lathrop, James R. Lee, 
Donald R. Light, John C. 

Bottom Row: Lawrence M. 
Manning, Thomas W. McCor- 
mick, Allen D. McCown, Tim- 
othy W. Mitchell, Lloyd D. 
Moden, Peter L. Molinari, 
Carl F. Moulin. 


ifll Btll M ' ii I ,i J ^A, 

f^l ^% 4^k 






Lambda Chi Alpha -7op Row. 
Gerald H. Ogden, Kenneth K. 
Opdycke, Billy R. Owen, 
Harold A. Petsch, Richard E. 
Pfanenstiel, Dennis L. Powell. 

Bottom Row: Larry D. Reser, 
Alan J. Shields, Robert A. 
Shivers, David J. Solomon, 
Robert E. Stach, Herbert E. 

In a desperate attempt to avoid a muddy failure, Lambda 
Chis strain to pull free of the puddle between them and the 

Kappa Delta team. KDs, who challenged the men to a tug 
of war in a lot near the sorority house, won the contest. 

<H§\i l a "7''-liS . 




Phi Delta Theta- Top Row: 
Mrs. John H. Reece, Stanly 
D. Adams, Richard M. Ander- 
son, William R. Anthony, Max 
Q. Arens, Ronald E. Aupperle, 
Harold J. Bales, Jon R. 

Second Row: John C. Billin- 
ger, Max W. Billinger, Richard 
L. Bishop, Mark P. Bolick, 
Richard E. Boyce, Adell W. 
Brecheisen, Robert K. Breck- 
bill, Marvin V. Brewer. 

Bottom Row: Jerry V. Brew- 
ster, Larry R. Brown, George 
N. Cook, J. David Crum, 
Roger D. Dalrymple, Robert 
M. Deaver, Richard C. Dick- 
son, Donald C. Fassnacht. 

L. ^89- To. 

Jl^lt HI mXm 

One hundred twenty-eight 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1848. Kansas 
Gamma chapter established 
1920. President: George M. 

Phi Delts sponsor party 
for handicapped children 

Handicapped children from Lee Elementary 
School were entertained by Phi Delta Theta 
in a project conducted for the Phi Delts' na- 
tional community service day. 

In sports competition, fraternity members 
won tennis singles. Phi Delts worked in Stu- 
dent Senate, Union Governing Board, Alpha 
Epsilon Rho, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Eta 
Sigma and Steel Ring. 

Fraternity activities included the Miami 
Triad, a founders' day event with Beta Theta 
Pi and Sigma Chi. Phi Delts hosted the Flush 
Bowl game with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. At the 
She-Delt Party, Phi Delt dates participated 
in a mock initiation ceremony. 

At the annual Phi Delta Theta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Flush 
Bowl game, pledges cheer fraternity squad members. 


Housing at 508 Sunset features balconies both in the front and back. Phi Delt plans 
are to pave part of the parking lot during the summer for a recreation area. 

'M ' la 

.J r •*" ■« -<p #>" _> 



Phi Delta Theta -Top Row: 
David B. George, Richard L. 
Grant, Warren D. Griffith, 
David R. Gross, Donald P. 
Gross, Philip N. Haas, William 
S. Hales, Gregory P. Hanson, 
Douglas W. Hilton. 

Second Row: James N. Hoff- 
mann, Gary G. Holland, Gary 
W. Hopkins, Ronald K. Hull, 
Leland K. Johnson, John R. 
Kegley, Curtis D. Lamprecht, 
Franklin E. Lynch, Lyle F. 

Third Row: Edward S. Mat- 
thews, Danny H. Millis, 
Randy V. Mills, Ronald E. 
Montgomery, Rodney E. 
Moyer, Fritz Norbury, John 
C. Nye, Larry D. O'Dell, Mich- 
ael D. Penrod. 

Fourth Row.- Alan J. Pink- 
staff, Jon M. Pollock, James 
W. Pope, Douglas E. Powell, 
George M. Powell, Dale L. 
Preston, Carl B. Price, Billy 
D. Ratliff, Don L Riedl. 

Fifth Row: Craig S. Rowlen, 
John W. Sanders, Douglas F. 
Savoy, William D. Seaman, 
Graham H. Shaw, Kelsey J. 
Smith, Keith L. Stanley, Jack 
M. Stewart, Ralph B. Taylor. 

Bottom Row: Richard S. 
Troell, Loren G. Tucker, Nick 
L.Weidle, James A. Whittaker, 
Allan G. Williams, David L. 
Wilson, Kenneth D. Winters, 
Joseph N. Wood, Marc W. 


Phi Kappa Theta- Top Row: 
Mrs. E. E. Tagader, Robert A. 
Anderson, Raymond W. 
Baker, Michael J. Bartkoski, 
Ralph K. Bieberly, John F. 
Borgerding, LeRoy R. Brox- 
terman, Samuel J. Brungardt. 

Second Row: William T. Car- 
son, William 0. Caspar, 
Thomas H. Cure, James E. 
Dale, Richard N. Day, Walter 
J. Duff, Michael K. Farrell, 
Jerry B. Fickel. 

Third Row: Donald J. Gagnon, 
Michael J. Gagnon, Gerald L. 
Gerstberger, James M. Gfel- 
ler, Thomas J. Gillgannon, 
John J. Goldnck, James C. 
Goldsmith, James F. Gregory. 

Bottom Row: Michael J. 
Hines, Steven D. Holke, Wil- 
liam G. Hughes, James H. 
Jones, William R. Keating, 
Daniel A. Kingman, Henry J. 
Kitzke, Charles F. Klesath. 

•ar-flfc "^ '? 


ps*">Ba, t 



Sixty-one chapters. Founded 
Brown University 1889. Kan- 
sas Iota chapter established 
1921. President: Donald E. 

Phi Kappa Theta adds 
renovations to basement 

Complete with patio, the Phi Kappa Theta house, 1965 Col- 
lege Heights, is the product of an alumni member's design. 

Remodeling of the Phi Kappa Theta base- 
ment was completed during the summer. 
Renovations included new floor covering and 
a fresh paint job for walls and ceiling. Curtains 
for the recreation room were furnished by the 
Phi Kap Mothers' Club. 

As service projects, Phi Kaps donated blood 
to St. Mary's Hospital and helped with the 
Red Cross Bloodmobile. Toys were given to 
an Indian orphanage at Christmas. Reforma- 
tion Day with Beta Sigma Psi, which marked 
Martin Luther's separation from Catholicism, 
featured a football game, dinner and election 
of a queen. 

Phi Kaps were officers in Pre-Veterinary 
Medical Club, Newman Club, Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Extension Club, Architecture and De- 
sign Council and IFC. The men won badmin- 
ton and horseshoe intramurals. 


Following the contemporary design of the Phi Kappa Theta 
house, a brick fireplace sets the mood for fraternity song 

sessions. The house is site of an annual Christmas toy ex- 
change as a service project for orphanages in Manhattan. 


* AiildiAliUi 


Phi Kappa Theta -Top Row: 
Thomas F. Kongs, James J. 
Lackett, Gerard H. Marcotte, 
Robert J. Marx, Gregory L. 
Miller, Robert F. Miller, Larry 
E. Pfeifer, Donald E. Reimer. 

Second Row: Donald L. Rie- 
mann, Stephen F. Sauer, 
Eugene E. Schinstock, Leon 
B. Schmidt, James C. Scho- 
enfelder, Victor F. Shalkoski, 
Philip J. Steen. 

Bottom Row: John M. Suel- 
lentrop, Michael Verschel- 
den, Gary E. Voelker, Wil- 
liam J. Wellenstein, William 
S. Wietharn, Michael R. Wise, 
Urban G. Wise. 


Builders of third place Homecoming float, following the 
theme "Haunting Memories," live at 2021 College View. 

One hundred twenty-nine 
chapters. Founded Univer- 
sity of Virginia 1868. Alpha 
Omega chapter established 
1913. President: John D. 

Fraternity officials attend 
Pi Kappa Alpha session 

Hosting a district fraternity convention, 
Pi Kappa Alpha entertained members of five 
Kansas and Missouri chapters. More than 150 
persons, including PiKA national president, 
attended. In Homecoming Parade competi- 
tion, the PiKA float won third. 

Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, 
Eta Kappa Nu and Blue Key tapped PiKAs for 
membership. Other fraternity members served 
on Student Senate, Union Program Council 
and Union Governing Board. 

Fraternity social events included an annual 
formal with Phi Kappa Theta and a spring 
formal, the Dixie Ball. Also on the social 
calendar were the Corn Jigger, a barn party, 
and the Roaring Twenties Party. 

Pi Kappa Alpha -Top Row: 
Mrs. Frances Hoch, Larry E. 
Allen, Samuel E. Alsop, Larry 
G. Arnold, Frank M. Beaver, 
Ronald E. Biddison, James L. 
Bottorff, Gary D. Bouchey. 

Second Row: Denny Bran- 
denburger, Arthur L. Brown, 
Douglas S. Brunson, Stefan 
M. Carlgren, Thomas E. Car- 
lin, Vincent L. Carlson, Rich- 
ard D. Chowins, Robert L. 

Third Row: Larry E. Converse, 
Terry T. Cross, James L. 
Crotinger, William T. Davies, 
Richard T. Demoss, Ronald 
W. Derusseau, Donald R. 
Dicken, Dennis A. Drumm. 

Fourth Row: William R. Duni, 
Richard D. Elliott, James D. 
Elliott, Steven W. Ellison, 
Roger A. Eshelman, Ivor J. 
Evans, Phillip D. Fletcher, 
John H. Ferguson. 

Bottom Row: David A. Ger- 
ber, Merrill K.Gordon, Steven 
M. Hale, Larry C. Hammack, 
Warren S. Hartley, David T. 
Havley, Thomas C. Helbing, 
Harvey D. Hensley. 

r A* M 


During the fraternity's district conference, PiKAs show the 
chapter crest to the national president and the national 

adviser. As part of the conference, PiKAs from four Kansas 
and Missouri colleges toured the campus on a fire engine. 

Pi Kappa Alpha -Top Row 
Robert D. Herman, Gerald W 
Hill, Newton C. Hinson 
Richard E. Hoober, Alan R 
Jaax, Burl D. Jay, William B 
Johnson, Gary L. Johnston 

Second Row: Ted E. Kelley, 
Donald V. Klenke, Robert E. 
Lawson, Patrick P. Maes, 
George W. Maichel, John D. 
Markel, Fredrick L. Mattox, 
Michael Montgomery. 

Third Row: Larry D. Nolte, 
Steven R. Nudson, Robert L. 
Offutt, Olin K. Olmstead, Ray 
Ottenburg, William H. Per- 
kins, Edward C. Ranz, Robert 
D. Rippetoe. 

Fourth Row.- Randy D. Risley, 
Robert G. Rohrbaugh, Roy L. 
Smith, Darryl D. Smutz, 
Charles G. Steele, Robert J. 
Stout, James E. Strauss. 

Bottom Row: Jerry H. Stump, 
Jay F. Thompson, Larry L. 
Tousignant, Phillip F. Unruh, 
Vance E. Van Pelt, Thomas 
H. Warta, Steven R. Wenrich. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Top 

Row: Donald E. Addy, Thomas 
L. Bach, Edwin 0. Baumgar- 
ten, Lawrence P. Becker, 
William P. Beezley, Charles 
E. Bliss, Joseph F. Born- 

Second Row: Michael D. 
Card, Robert M. Cooper, 
Charles F. Cottle, Thomas D. 
Dale, Thomas D. Dick, Rich- 
ard G. Dow, Harvey C. Eplee. 

Bottom Row: Daniel E. Fank- 
hauser, Ernest J. Finocchio, 
William R. Glenn, Darrel D. 
Jones, Robert G. Jones, 
Robert E. Judd, James L. 


One hundred sixty-three 
chapters. Founded Univer- 
sity of Alabama 1856. Kan- 
sas Beta chapter established 
1913. James L. Kettelhut 

SAE claims engineers, 
varsity squad members 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was represented in 
student government, varsity sports and en- 
gineering honoraries. Tribunal Chancellor 
Jim Thiesing and two student senators were 
SAEs. The men were also members of five var- 
sity teams, Sigma Tau and Steel Ring. 

Social events included the Belle Ball, 
a Christmas party and a spring formal. The 
province president spoke at the spring Found- 
ers' Day banquet. Sig Alphs also won the 
spring 1964 title for fraternity intramural 
golf. The men observed the Christmas season 
by planning a party for children and giving 
food baskets to underprivileged families. 

With a quick pass, a Sig Alph thwarts a Phi Delt at the 
Flush Bowl. Sig Alphs won the traveling trophy, a stool. 


Built in 1935, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house sits in a 
shaded site at 1015 Denison. Sig Alphs often use the lawn 

for practice before intramural sports contests. The men 
ranked first in spring 1964 golf and second in swimming. 

life ' 4sifJ4J 

fllffllAIH IB^lJ/ I m II ! Iki 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon-7bp 

Row: Larry L. Kettelhut, John 
R. Masseion, James D. 
McElfresh, David H. Mickey, 
Brian N. Minturn, Thomas E. 
Mistier, Billy R. Morris, 
Charles R. Myers. 

Second Row: Robert B. 
Nichols, Rodney D. Nichol- 
son, Roy H. Nickum, Jerry D. 
Prather, Norman K. Ross, 
Daniel W. Schoolcraft, Stuart 
L. Schrader, Alan J. Scott. 

Third Row: William L. Selbe, 
Norman T. Shawver, Joe W. 
Sheehan, Allen R. Stevens, 
Joseph H. Stout, James W. 
Thiesing, Michael J. Todd. 

Bottom Row: Kenneth H. Un- 
derwood, James D. Vietti, 
Darrell W. Volz, Clifford M. 
Warner, Larry N. Weigel, 
Daniel F.Woodward, Richard 
K. Zielke. 


Sigma Chi men, who celebrated the chapter's fifteenth an- 
niversary on campus, live next to a park at 1224 Fremont. 

One hundred thirty-seven 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1855. Delta Upsi- 
lon chapter established 1949. 
President: Walter I. Shaw. 

Sigma Chi wins trophies 
in IF Sing, Y-Orpheum 

After a six-year absence, the Interfra- 
ternity Sing trophy returned to Sigma Chi. 
Entered in Y-Orpheum with Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Sigma Chi won first place with the 
joint skit, "Quit Horsin' Helen." The house 
received the national Sigma Chi Public Rela- 
tions Award and won second place in campus 
Quiz Bowl competition. Sigma Chi cele- 
brated its fifteenth anniversary as a Uni- 
versity fraternity. 

Derby Day, the Miami Triad and the Sweet- 
heart Ball highlighted social activities. Sigma 
Chis sponsored a Christmas party for under- 
privileged children and an Orientation dance 
for new students. Members participated in 
several varsity sports, student government 
activities and honorary societies. 

Sigma Chi-7~op Row-. Mrs. 
Henry T. Boss, Milton E. 
Ahlerich, James R. Albertson, 
Martin W. Aubuchon, John H. 
Baldwin, Randall H. Baldwin, 
Philip M. Ballantyne, Richard 
C. Basore, Larry K. Berlin. 

Second Row: Larry P. Blank- 
enship, Roger M. Boethin, 
Rodger A. Brooks, Bruce E. 
Bryant, Patrick H. Burch, 
James L. Bush, James R. 
Calcara, Richard L. Calcara, 
Ronald D. Carr. 

Third Row.- Dennis L. Dechert, 
David M. Depping, Thomas R. 
DeRosear, Larry D. Evert, 
Michael H. Foss, Donald E. 
Gabriel, Clifton M. Geis, Wil- 
liam C. Gettler, James J. 

Fourth Row: John R. Graham, 
Wayne C. Groth, James A. 
Harders, Gary D. Harr, Robert 
K. Hauber, Ernest V. Heina, 
William A. Hemphill, Barry L. 
Hoofer, Keith L. Hooper. 

Bottom Row: Frank W. 
Hoover, Richard D. Hunt, 
James C. Jarrett, Peter A. 
Jiran, Mode A. Johnson, Pat- 
rick A. Johnson, Phillip C. 
Johnson, Michael M. Kelly, 
Terry J. Kern. 


1.1 1 Ik .V k I- i* L U AmMik 

} -w^4 * *&w f^ff I mm.** iu^f^ ^Hr *+~A 

1 -» A \Z. JL 'WiJI le» *=ft tm J, 

i™ ■■■» < lai i^^M m mt MB m Mtm KB* /v MB BBfl . wBBB %;< i a iH BBBr 

' <~M J* **% r ^>f4 

a A f** (^ f^k /*^ ^\ ^\ 

&■& if ,v 



if* Ja. 





«?'*?.»** ■ 

, **% • " • 

L r S 

f , ; 'f.. 




- fjK> 





Derby Darling candidates line up for judging which was 
based on figure alone. Sigma Chi awarded a trophy to the 



winner and Derby Day points to her living group. Eighteen 
women's units entered the fraternity's annual Derby Day. 

^^ f^l f 1 ^ f*l f^l ^\ ^\ 

I I 1 # * 1 # A iiP - a 

/**, &\ &% f+\ *\ ^\ **% 

-^ ««. j^,, *y 


Sigma Chi — fop /?ow.- Samuel 
W. Knecht, Marcus L. Knight, 
James Q. Kohler, Robert H. 
Larson, James N. Lewis, Fred 
E. Lowrey, Stephen H. Ma- 
gill, Marvin D. Manlove, Jack 
H. Marker. 

Second Row: Frederick C. 
Marschel, Daniel W. Masters, 
John L. Mitcha, Philip F. 
Moore, Jerry L. Munson, 
Peter G. Nash, Eugene R. 
Nedwed, John M. Novosel, 
Robert A. Nuttelman. 

Third Row: Glen A. O'Dell, 
Stephen E. Ours, Larry G. 
Palmer, Edward M. Printz, 
Terrence E. Reard, Charles 
W. Ruggles, William H. Rush- 
ton, Paul A. Ryding, Glenn 
D. Schiffner. 

Fourth Row: Ronald L. Shaf- 
fer, Walter I. Shaw, Stephen 
A. Shryock, Robert D. Sjogren, 
Andrew M. Skow, Gordon E. 
Snyder, Jerry L. Soldner, 
Robert L. Thurn, David A. 

Bottom Row: Timothy P. 
Trubey, Edward L. Turner, 
David J. Unruh, James D. 
Wilson, Lewis B. Wilson, Al- 
bert N. Yenkey, William P. 
Young, Richard E. Zell, Rich- 
ard M. Zimmer. 


Sigma Phi EpsWon -Top Row: 
Cora L. Shupe, Roger C. Ap- 
plegate, Patrick D. Bachtell, 
Phillip T. Baehr, Bradley D. 
Barrows, Michael D. Black, 
Donald L. Bozarth, Wray 
E. Bradley. 

Second Row: James G. Carl, 
Warren E. Carpenter, Jerry R. 
Carson, James E. Cramer, 
Thomas S. Dawson, James V. 
Doran, John P. Duffendack, 
David W. Duncan. 

Third Row: William T. Elliot, 
Jack E. Ellithope, Gary E. 
Ervin, Kenneth K. Eshelman, 
Michael A. Farnsworth, John 
P. Flournoy, Clarence S. 
Fowler, Bill W. Fugit. 

Fourth Row: Robert J. Gal- 
lant, William P. Gallant, Jerry 
W. Garlett, Rex E. Garrelts, 
Kenneth C. Goreham, Jay D. 
Hanna, Gale L. Hatcher, John 
M. Hemphill. 

Bottom Row: Dennis G. Hen- 
ning, Lyman G. Hughes, Jack 
H. Jackson, Donald R. John- 
son, James R. Jones, Thomas 
G. Kilroy, James P. Knoch, 
John A. Krider. 


r I 5 a* f* I 

ilk. iLJfUib 

One hundred sixty chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Richmond 1901. Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1918. 
President: Ronald W. 

Finalists for the last four years in Y-Orpheum, now renamed 
Harlequinade, Sig Eps maintain a house at 1015 Sunset. 

Redecorating project hits 
Sig Ep living quarters 

During summer renovations, carpeting, 
draperies and wood paneling were added to 
the Sigma Phi Epsilon living room and dining 
room. Redecoration of the rooms for the men 
cost approximately $5,000. 

New fraternity officers of Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon were announced at the Golden Heart 
Ball. Besides a formal, Sig Eps attended the 
Hawaiian Party, a Founders' Day dinner, a 
Christmas party and sorority functions. The 
men helped with a Heart Fund drive and 
planned mothers' and fathers' weekends. 

In campus activities, Sig Eps were members 
of Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Steel Ring, and Eta Kappa Nu. Several 
men played on varsity athletic teams. 


In cooperation with the Riley County Heart Fund drive, mem- 
bers of Sigma Phi Epsilon prepare the Heart Fund cans they 

distributed to all dormitories and living groups. Helping 
with the Heart Fund drive is an annual Sig Ep service project. 


h .\ 


,1 G» 0Si 

^ s ' ^> fli ^ 


Sigma Phi Epsilon — Top Row: 
John P. Larson, Steve E. 
Larson, James D. Latham, 
Stephen C. Latta, Jack V. 
Lewis, Robert J. Mathews, 
Staley B. McDermet, Gerald 
R. Means, Arden P. Miller. 

Second Row: John H. Murray, 
James P. Nelson, Jimmy F. 
New, Ronald W. Overly, John 
W. Perrier, Thomas D. Per- 
rier, Frederick L. Peterson, 
Jack Piepenbring, Joseph 
M. Ray. 

Third Row: Terry L. Ray, 
Darell R. Reichel, David R. 
Reynolds, George A. Rockers, 
Thomas M. Roode, Patrick D. 
Scanlan, William F. Sheahan, 
David E. Sloan, Paul D. Ste- 

Bottom Row: Charles M. 
Stites, John H. Strube, Rich- 
ard L. Swenson, Norris M. 
Taylor, Charles E. Wilson, 
John S. Wittenborn, Steve J. 
Wood, Dennis D. Woofter, 
Cary C. Wyatt. 


TKEs purchase option, 
plan house construction 

With plans for construction of a new house, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon purchased an option on a 
building site. Following the Auditorium fire, 
TKEs helped the music department move 
office equipment from Nichols Gymnasium 
to East Stadium, and in a community clean-up 
project, TKEs washed walls and floors at Riley 
County Memorial Hospital. 

One fraternity member on Agriculture 
Council was named outstanding senior in 
farm cropping. Other TKEs belonged to Alpha 
Zeta, Tau Sigma Delta, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa 
Nu and Epsilon Pi Tau. 

Featuring a barbecue at a ranch, the Corral 
Party highlighted TKE social functions. The 
fraternity also planned the Red Lion Inn 
Christmas Party and the Red Carnation Ball. 

Two hundred ten chapters. 
Founded Illinois Wesleyan 
University 1899. Alpha 
Lambda chapter established 
1931. President: Gerald M. 

Early Saturday morning TKEs scrub walls and floors for 
an annual community service project at Memorial Hospital. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon -Top Row: 
Mrs. James P. Jackson, Ger- 
ald M. Albright, Denis A. 
Bekaert, Gary L. Bender, 
Dennis Bitner, Gary J. Blu- 
baugh, Thomas J. Brady. 

Bottom Row: George F. Burg, 
Robert A. Cochran, Darold D. 
Davis, Robert B. Elliott, Ter- 
rell A. Fitzgerald, Peter W. 
Garretson, Ronnie L. Harger. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon- Top flow 
Randall L. Harmison, Paul W. 
Hayse, Gary L. Hibbs, Jerry 
P. Howell, Ray D. Hurt, 
Stanley R. Husted. 

Second Row: Carl W. John- 
son, Claude A. Keithley, Ron- 
ald A. Kosse, Stephen L. 
Maddy, Leon R. May, Daniel 

Third Row: Richard L. Mid- 
dleton, Craig L. Miller, Mel- 
vin B. Miller, Paul E. Mueh- 
ring, Michael J. O'Neill, 
Michael G. Pharo. 

Fourth Row: Glenn M. Pick- 
nick, James F. Reynolds, 
George L. Sherer, William E. 
Soldner, Steven F. Swaim, 
John A. Viets. 

Bottom Row: Giles L. Wade, 
Ira M. Walman, Richard L. 
Weatherholt, Terry L. Wilson, 
Frederick J. Wisegarver, 
Richard A. Wisegarver, Doug- 
las W. Wyatt. 

With a stereo sound system, TKEs pipe music into their din- 
ing room during meals and into the recreation room for in- 

formal, after-game parties. Tau Kappa Epsilon, at 1606 Fair- 
child, observed the chapter's thirty-fourth anniversary. 

Smurthwaite House- Top 

Row: Lisbeth Patton, Susan 
R. Applebaugh, Cheri L. 
Avery, Pamela M. Baker, 
Helen C. Bauder, Bonita F. 
Biery, LeAnne Biggart, Evelyn 
A. Bock. 

Second Row: Annette L. 
Buckland, Mary j. Buresh, 
Judith A. Cowdrey, Margaret 
K. Craig, Vesta L. Dauber, 
Rae M. Dodge, Cora J. Eggle- 
ston, Nancy A. Eilrich. 

Third Row: Carla S. Ericson, 
Mary L. Esau, Kathleen M. 
Farney, Mary F. Flentie, Ann 
E. Friesen, Teresa K. Graham, 
Robyn L. Granger, Corrina J. 

Bottom Row.- Bernadine L. 
Hale, Nancy K. Hatfield, 
Wilma M. Hazen, Marilee R. 
Henrikson, Barbara G. 
Hochuli, Janice E. Hoecker, 
Sharleen A. Hulsebusch, 
Jeanette H. Johnson. 

As she begins her reign, Smurthwaite women hear announce- 
ment of scholarship house resident as Homecoming Queen. 

Homecoming Queen lives 
at Smurthwaite House 

Smurthwaite, the University's only women's 
scholarship house, housed the Homecoming 
Queen and second runner-up to 1964 Miss K- 
State-Manhattan. Other members were win- 
ner of Phi Upsilon Omicron's Freshman of 
the Year Plaque and a K-Stepper. 

Georgiana Smurthwaite Scholarship House 
boasted the Delta Upsilon sweetheart and 
presidents of Phi Upsilon Omicron and Omi- 
cron Nu. Members belonged to Phi Kappa Phi, 
six honorary fraternities, the Putnam Schol- 
ars Association, Chimes, Mortar Board, Angel 
Flight and Student Senate. 

Among house social events were a Leap 
Year Party, Christmas and caroling parties 
and a spring banquet and formal. The women 
entertained men from a University of Kansas 
scholarship hall at an exchange function. 


Sixty-five independent women live at Smurthwaite Scholar- 
ship House, 1500 N. Manhattan. Spring initiation tor 23 

initiates was held at the cooperative living unit. The house 
was established by Kansas Home Demonstration Council. 

Smurthwaite Scholarship 
House- Top Row: Rosslyn A. 
Johnson, Louise A. Juvenal, 
Phyllis J. Kaff, Erma J. Karr, 
Kay Kaster, Shirley M. Kastle, 
Constance Krehbiel, Sharon 
L. Ladenburger. 

Second Row: Rita K. Lilak, 
Janet K. Mapes, Deanna M. 
McCracken, Evelyn E. Moody, 
Luann K. Nelson, Linda K. 
Niedenthal, Barbara P. 
Noble, Judith K. Nulty. 

Third Row: Elaine L. Pearson, 
Lynne J. Peterson, Rama J. 
Risley, Cecelia M. Schaich, 
RaeDene Schmidt, Dorothy 
J. Schrader, Ruth E. Schroe- 
der, Alice F. Seybert, Sherry 
L. Simpson. 

Bottom Row.- Carol A. Starns, 
Mary R. Steinbrink, Diana 
K. Stephenson, Elaine F. 
Strahm, Barbara J. Symns, 
Carol S. Tiffany, Glenna D. 
Walter, Pearl I. Wehrman, 
Karen E. Whitehead. 


Smith Scholarship House- 
fop Row: Mrs. Helen King, 
Duane F. Alwin, Larry C. 
Arnett, William M. Butler, 
Harold W. Chapman, John S. 
Dillon, John J. Emery, James 
L. Finney. 

Second Row: Richard R. 
Hageman, Timothy B. Har- 
ris, Thomas R. Hill, James R. 
Holeman, John D. Holliday, 
Larry G. Horning, Paul J. 
Jacob. Dwight D. Jewett. 

Third Row: Richard D. Knewt- 
son, Lyle D. Krehbiel, Charles 
R. Kuntz, Robert L. Latta, 
Arnold Y. Lee, John D. Loop, 
Ronald D. Lyberger, Gary D. 

Fourth Row: Kenneth McClin- 
tock, Robert L. Morrow, Rod- 
ney T. Nash, Joel D. Ohlsen, 
Wayne A. Pearson, Thomas 
M. Rawson, Roger U. Rea, 
Marvin R. Rogers. 

Fifth Row.- Franklin H. Ross, 
Jerry W. Rothfuss, Jean E. 
Saindon, James D. Schefter, 
Don M. Seyfert, C. Joseph 
Stallbaumer, Jerald L. 

Bottom Row: Keller F. Suber- 
kropp, William J. Sweet, Ken- 
neth W. Switzer, Dennis R. 
Trisler, David S. Tucker, 
Lionel R. Whitmer, Robert 
C. Zabel. 

I* *~ M 

*wp «»^J| '^op '^n| ^^t 

rs f 1 P^^ i piiJ l w^i 

Near Maitland E. Smith Scholarship House, 331 N. 17th St., 
Smith residents help push a car from an icy parking berth. 

Smith outpaces houses 
for top scholastic rank 

With a house grade average of 2.963, Mait- 
land E. Smith Scholarship House earned the 
highest scholastic average of all campus liv- 
ing groups for spring 1964. Special work proj- 
ects of Smith were helping clear land for the 
University Park golf course near Tuttle 
Creek and giving toys to underprivileged 
children at Christmas. 

Honoring their new housemother, Smith 
men gave a tea to introduce Mrs. Helen King 
to the campus. Smith also serenaded the 
Homecoming Queen at Smurthwaite and 
planned the Great Pumpkin Patch Party for 


Faculty guests headline 
Straube cultural series 

Faculty guests spoke on Wednesday nights 
at the Oscar E. Straube Scholarship House as 
part of a house cultural program. 

In order to maintain residency in the 
house, the students were required to keep a 
2.5 minimum grade average. Straube men 
were represented in honorary organizations 
including Alpha Mu, Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, 
Phi Tau Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Eta Kappa Nu 
and Arnold Air Society. 

As social activities, Straube residents sched- 
uled exchange dances with women's living 
groups, hayrack rides and a spring formal. 

Preparing for a Christmas formal, men of Straube Scholar- 
ship House, 1221 Thurston, stencil tumblers for favors. 

I s» gS * ** ?**1 

i« Jltkl L 



m.imiWkxt^ dim Ml m 

rs iii r% 

*~.<4 ^# W*H? 

^Jl '■ ~'JL sS *^ "^' ! "v^ 

Straube Scholarship House- 
fop Row; Mrs. Ila H. Wells, 
Dean J. Alpert, Gaylord D. 
Anderson, Fred R. Anstaett, 
Robert E. Baker, Richard D. 
Billings, Steven C. Burke, 
Montford L. Carpenter. 

Second Row: Jarvis W. Co- 
burn, Lawrence E. Cox, Tom 

D. Dameron, Harold J. Depen- 
busch, Jay D. Detter, Larry 

E. Dirksen, Gary L. Doolittle, 
Michael J. Farmer. 

Third Row: Charles D. Fulh- 
age, Norman R. Galle, Rich- 
ard L. Gettings, Spencer B. 
Graves, Ray K. Haresnape, 
Gerald R. Haworth, James R. 
Jaax, Lewis G. Killebrew. 

Fourth Row: Carmen R. 
Klein, Steven A. Larson, Joe L. 
Mauderly, John H. Moore, 
Loren D. Nickoley, Jerry A. 
Ogburn, Gene P. Rathbun, 
Walter J. Reichert. 

Fifth Row.- William E. Richard, 
Roy L. Robinson, Ronald J. 
Seyfert, Leroy V. Skoch, Louis 
G. St. Peter, Louis A. Stam- 
baugh, Arthur L. Stoecker. 

Bottom Row.- Bernard C. 
Taylor, Burton K. Tribble, 
Robert L. Weaver, Frederick 
W. Wicker, Cecil R. Wilcoxon, 
Herbert F. Zabel, Stephen 
B. Zeigler. 


Fall housing shortages force freshmen women to room in 
dormitory social lounges. Some coeds moved to sororities. 

Dormitory construction 
increases coed housing 

In expansion of women's housing facilities, 
the University began construction of a nine- 
story, 600-woman dormitory. Plans specified 
opening of the new dormitory, near West Hall 
northeast of the campus, for fall 1965. A two- 
story food service building, to feed students 
in the projected four-hall complex, neared 
completion in the spring. 

Operating Boyd, Putnam, Van Zile, Waltheim 
and West halls as well as Smurthwaite Schol- 
arship House and Jardine Y and Q, the Uni- 
versity provided housing for more than 1,200 
freshmen and upperclass women. Housing 
officials decided to close Waltheim Hall as an 
upperclass women's dorm in the fall of 1965. 

Evening entertainment at a women's residence hall includes 
a skit given to introduce a candidate in the Favorite Man 

on Campus competition. Encouraging the dormitory women 
to vote, a men's living group presents its FMOC candidate. 


Women living in residence halls must sign out when leav- 
ing after 7:30 p.m. While new rules give upperclass women 

1 1:00 closing hours, freshmen must be in by 10:30 on week 
nights. All coeds have 1:00 hours Fridays and Saturdays. 

Women's Resident Assistants -Top Row: Linda S. Hauptli, Margaret 
E. Tanner, Karen L. Runnion, Linda L. Simmons, Linda A. Richel, 
Lynn K. Parsons, Mary H. Symes, Joyce I. Freeman, Kathleen A. 
Guenther, Marilyn L. Lafferty. Second Row: Leuita M. Gugler, Carol 
A. Baldwin, Karen E. Hensleigh, Diane F. Williams, Margaret A. 
Gomez, Mary L. Hall, Janet K. Griffith, Marilyn E. Lange, Jean L. 

Dillon. Third Row: Barbara K. Richard, Nyla J. Gnadt, Lois A. Wiley, 
Carolee Cram, Patricia L. Wenger, Mary A. Southard, Mary E. Ryan, 
Nicoletta Saines, Virginia P. Mason. Bottom Row: Bernadine L. Hale, 
Jean A. Loughmiller, Sally J. Lydick, Janet S. Meyer, Cheryl A. 
Boucher, Janet Thomson, Evelyn R. Jilka. 


Boyd Hall co-ordinates 
student-faculty program 

By sponsoring a Faculty Associate Pro- 
gram, Boyd Hall worked to further student- 
faculty relations. Through the project, faculty 
members visited the dormitory weekly to talk 
informally with the women. During final 
week, instructors conducted study sessions in 
the residence hall. 

Language dinners were planned during 
second semester. While dining, with the 
women, language instructors and interna- 
tional students spoke the languages of the 
countries they represented. 

As a Christmas service project, Boyd Hall 
collected money for a Manhattan family. The 
family was invited to a Christmas party at the 
dormitory. Boyd Hall was one of four dormi- 
tories in the University's residence hall pro- 
gram for freshmen women. 

One of four freshman dormitories, Boyd Hall provides din- 
ing facilities for its own residents and West Hall women. 

Boyd Hall — Top Row: Doris J. 
Woodruff, Burrton G. Wood- 
ruff, Mrs. Norman Gast, Lyllis 
Ling, Robert E. Moulton, 
Steven K. Reynolds, Michele 
A. Abbott, Lynda K. Adams. 

Second Row: Nancy L. Alli- 
son, Doris L. Auld, Came S. 
Bagley, Carol A. Baldwin, 
Sylvia M. Barth, Sharilyn K. 
Beach, Patricia A. Beattie, 
Barbara L. Beck. 

Third Row: Peggy I. Beninga, 
Gail M. Berry, Mary A. Ber- 
tram, Paula J. Bloomer, Carol 
J. Bodenhamer, Constance J. 
Bowers, Barbara A. Bratton, 
Jane E. Brenneman. 

Bottom Row: Julia A. Brown, 
Judith Bryant, Barbara J. 
Bull, Susan E. Burge, Nancy 
J. Butler, Jacqualine S. Byers, 
Margaret N. Carlson, Pamela 
S. Carlson, Carolyn L. Carr. 


Boyd Hall -Top Row: Connie 
L Carr, Jean M. Casper, Carol 
Christensen, Janet K. Cole, 
Carolyn M. Collins, Joyce M. 
Collins, Sue A. Coolidge, 
Vlary J. Cooper. 

Second Row: Judy K. Corneli- 
son, Janet S. Cowan, Cathryn 
Craig, Carolee Cram, Carol S. 
Cross, Mary L. Crowley, Cyn- 
thia D. Curtis, Brenda L. 

Third Row: Jane E. Dannefer, 
Susan E. Dart, Genevieve C. 
Darter, Paula J. Degnan, Sue 
A. Diller, Vicki L. Ditch, Mar- 
tha L, Dryer, Maxine E. Dupuy. 

Fourth Row: Diana L. Dutton, 
Dorothy A. Ehrlich, Trudy A. 
Endore, Pamela S. Engle, 
Kathleen A. Engstrom, Nancy 
A. Evans, Paula J. Evans, 
Sharon Fairbank. 

Fifth Row: Cynthia A. Fi linger, 
Luella J. Fosmire, Janice L. 
Frank, June F. Fritz, Mary J. 
Fritz, Marcia A. Gaines, Mar- 
cia A. Gaston, Patricia S. 

Sixth Row: Jeanette M. 
Golitko, Margaret A. Gomez, 
Corinne D. Greene, Margaret 
A. Griffith, Leuita M. Gugler, 
Nancy C. Hageman, Sharon 
L. Hageman, Rebecca L. 

Seventh Row: Patricia G. 
Haggard, Constance L. Hall, 
Barbara J. Harris, Patricia L. 
Harris, Patricia A. Hatch, 
Linda S. Hauptli, Sharon A. 
Headrick, Cheryl K. Hen- 

Eighth Row: Harriet J. Henry, 
Elizabeth A. Henshaw, Karen 
E. Hensleigh, Kathleen Hess, 
Elizabeth S. Hibler, Gretchen 
L Hildebrand, Sharon M. 
Hilding, Rebecca R. Hitch- 

Bottom Row.- Sandra A. 
Hloucal, Mary A. Hoff, Bar- 
bara K. Hoi I is, Linda L. 
Hoopes, Karen A. Horinka, 
Carolyn R. Howard, Kay L. 
Howell, Mary P. Hudgens. 


Boyd Hall-7"op Row: Sherri 
D. Hughes, Cynthia L. Hylton, 
Judith I. Hysom, J. Sue In- 
gersoll, Peggy L. Jerrit, Pa- 
tricia A. Johannes, Jeanne A. 
Johnson, Jill M. Johnson. 

Second Row: Linda J. John- 
son, Phyllis M. Johnson, 
Loretta A. Jones, Mary J. 
Jones, Sharla J. Jorgensen, 
Helene J. Kalb, Frances M. 
Kelly, Carolyn S. Kendall. 

Third Row: Louise S. Keucher, 
Judith L Kitch, Georgia S. 
Lacen, Sharon K. Lamprecht, 
Jean A. Lancaster, Carolyn R. 
Lang, Linda L. Lange, Linda 
M. Lantis. 

Fourth Row.- Ardith J. La- 
throp, Sara A. Lavender, Carol 
A. Laverentz, Margaret J. 
Leming, Karen B. Linck, 
Janice K. Littlejohn, Karen J. 
Lockett, Nancy J. Lockhart. 

Fifth Row: Hollace L. Long, 
Jean A. Longabach, Patricia 
A. Luckeroth, Laura L. Ludes, 
Anna M. Luker, Barbara L. 
Markley, Jacqueline K. Mar- 
teney, Trudine M. Mazaika. 

Sixth Row: Melissa J. Mc- 
Cord, Bonnie L. McDougal, 
Sherry K. McNeill, Dorothy L 
Meyer, Janet S. Meyer, Pa- 
tricia A. Miller, Suzanne Mil- 
ler, Sharlene K. Mitchell. 

Seventh Row: Beryl J. Moline, 
Sandra R. Moore, Carla S. 
Morgan, Marie J. Morton, 
Virginia M. Munson, Sherril 
J. Myers, Dianne F. Nehring, 
Karyl S. Nelson. 

Eighth Row.- Suzanne E. Nel- 
son, Jennifer L. New, Patricia 
G. Nicholson, Janice K. Nix- 
on, Dianne S. Nydell, Karen L. 
O'Connor, Beverly S. Old, 
Judith J. Olson. 

Bottom Row: Lavonda J. 
Overstreet, Elizabeth H. 
Parker, Natalie J. Parker, 
Carol L. Pearson, Marilynn J. 
Peck, Sharon L. Percival, 
Marlene K. Pottroff, Virginia 
A. Ramey. 


Boyd Hall — Top Row: Diane L. 
Rasmussen, Virginia R. Reid, 
Pamela J. Reiter, Jacqueline 
M. Resley, Margaret E. 
Rhodes, Barbara K. Richard, 
Denise G. Ring, Patricia A. 

Second Row: Patricia A. Rob- 
inson, Catherine A. Roebke, 
Sara J. Rose, Vickie K. Row- 
land, Margaret E. Rundell, 
Karen L. Runnion, Cheryl A. 
Schimpf, Barbara J. Schmidt. 

Third Row: Joan R. Schnei- 
kart, Constance A. Schrag, 
Janet L. Schultz, Mary E. 
Schweitzer, Kathleen S. Scott, 
Sherry S. Seaman, Linda J. 
Sebesta, Dorothy J. Shields. 

Fourth Row: Elaine S. Shu- 
gar, Andree J. Sieverin, Su- 
zanne M. Smalley, Elizabeth 
A. Smith, Evelyn P. Smith, 
Janet G. Smith, Linda S. 
Smith, Rebecca J. Smutz. 

Fifth Row: Karen S. Snyder, 
JoAnn Spencer, Linda K. Staf- 
ford, Barbara J. Stanley, 
Judith A. Stindt, Linda J. Sur- 
tees, Suzette G. Taylor, Marie 
E. Thiel. 

Sixth Row.- Jane L. Townsend, 
Janet E. True, Suzanne Turn- 
er, Nancy J. Ukena, Diana K. 
Vessey, Judith L. Vick, Eliz- 
abeth H. Voelker, Mary A. 

Seventh Row: Diane K. Volk- 
mer, Carolyn K. Wagner, 
Cathy J. Waldo, Elizabeth G. 
Wallace, Gloria D. Wanager, 
Laurel B. Warren, Judith A. 
Warta, Marilyn K. Wasmund. 

Eighth Row: Janice K. Weber, 
Jacquelyn M. Weisser, Mari- 
lyn K. Weisser, Brenda J. 
Welliever, Patricia L. Wenger, 
Rosalyn A. West, Connie S. 
Whitton, Diane F. Williams. 

Bottom Row: Helen A. Wil- 
son, Pauletta J. Winderlin, 
Peggy J. Wise, Susanna M. 
Wright, Pamela S. Wurz- 
bacher, Beverly Wykoff, Mary 
J. Zibell, Lavina J. Zook. 


Nearly 300 women live in Putnam Hall. Among coeds living 
in the freshman residence hall was a student from Ghana. 

Putnam Hall residents 
win Derby Day rankings 

Second runner-up for Derby Darling and 
two finalists for Best Dressed Girl on Campus 
lived in Putnam Hall. The freshman residence 
hall won second place among women's groups 
at Sigma Chi Derby Day. For the first time, a 
freshman woman from Ghana, Africa lived at 
Putnam Hall. 

Caroling at Fort Riley and collecting cloth- 
ing for a Manhattan family were projects the 
women undertook. The dormitory scheduled 
Christmas and Halloween parties, hoote- 
nannies, hour dances, holiday dinners and 
corridor picnics and gift exchanges. Fantasy 
in Frost, the dormitory Christmas formal, 
highlighted Putnam social functions. 

Before starting to study, coeds receive calls on several of 
the four phones on each Putnam Hall floor. Putnam main- 

tains seven incoming lines for its 16 phones. Students are 
hired as switchboard operators for the residence halls. 

Putnam Hall -Top Row: Mrs. 
Mabel Strong, Mrs. Janel Har- 
riman, Terrill J. Adams, Mel- 
ody C. Aker, Sheryl K. Al- 
bright, Susan J. Alderman, 
Barbara J. Anderson, Delores 
K. Anderson. 

Second Row: Carol S. Ang- 
win, Kaye L. Atherton, Ro- 
berta L. Bailey, Margret C. 
Barney, Suzanne I. Beach, 
Lois J. Bender, Sandra K. Bil- 
yeu, Jacquelyn A. Bledsoe. 

Third Row: Sharon S. Borger, 
Melodie L. Bowsher, Janet L. 
Braden, Cynthia A. Brannam, 
Margery L. Brent, Terry L. 
Brickner, Rae J. Brinkoeter, 
Karen L. Brodbeck. 

Fourth Row: Rebecca A. Bur- 
gat, Judith L. Burgess, San- 
dra K. Busch, Sue A. Button, 
Elaine E. Carlson, Ann A. Car- 
rington, Nancy M. Castle, 
Martha E. Caughron. 

Fifth Row: Lauren E. Celeste, 
Elva J. Chilcott, Kathleen M. 
Clark, Peggy A. Clark, Lynda 
L. Clyne, Catherine A. Col- 
leran, Marcia A. Compton, 
Barbara J. Cook. 

Sixth Row.- Lucinda L. Cooley, 
Sheryl J. Cooper, Mary E. Cor- 
rell, Marilen A. Corwin, 
Sherry L. Curtis, Shirley J. 
Dale, Kathleen F. Dalton, 
Betty L. Davis. 

Seventh Row: Sondra J. De- 
graffenreid, Mildred L. 
Dickey, Frances M. Dobbels, 
Brenda E. Dold, Judith K. 
Drouillard, Judith A. Dunn, 
Sally C. Dyer, Sharon Edgar. 

Eighth Row.- Carolyn K. El- 
liott, Jerrilyn J. Ellsaesser, 
Joyce M. Eyerly, Joanne C. 
Fajen, Nina M. Felbush, Char- 
lotte A. Ferrell, Barbara K. 
Filbert, Susan A. Florence. 

Ninth Row: Beverly S. Fowler, 
Joyce L. Francis, Mary K. 
Francis, Joyce I. Freeman, 
Janice E. Frohn, Marcia L. 
Gadberry, Ann C. Galbraith, 
Linda D. Gentry. 

Bottom Row.- I la M. Gerdes, 
Janice K. Gillespie, Jackie L. 
Gomer, Sharon K. Gravino, 
Treasha L. Green, Janice G. 
Greenwood, Margaret K. 
Grogger, and Kathleen A. 


Putnam Hall -Top Row: Nor- 
ma K. Guhn, Mary L. Hall, Re- 
becca A. Hargrove, Dorothy 
K. Harper, Marilyn E. Harris, 
Pamela S. Harris, Sandra L. 
Harris, Carol J. Heinen. 

Second Row: Sally J. Helton, 
Barbara A. Hertlein, Janet E. 
Higley, Judith A. Hilderbrand, 
Nancy E. Hill, Penny L. Hoag, 
Janis E. Hodson, Donna Hol- 

Third Row: Judith L. Holmes, 
Shari K. Hooker, Margaret R. 
Hooper, Janet L. Horn, Lou- 
ella Horton, Mary A. Hughes, 
Nancy J. Hunter, Barbara 
S. Hurt. 

Fourth Row.- Ruth A. Jackson, 
Lois A. Jantz, Marsha L. Jar- 
vill, Carol A. Jensen, Evelyn R. 
Jilka, Helen K.Johansen, Win- 
ifred L. Johnson, Diane L. 

Fifth Row: Janet L. Kannard, 
Jane H. Kimble, Linda D. 
King, Jean A. Kinsey, Susan 
P. Klema, Karen A. Kroutil, 
Judy K. Kummer, Shari K. 

Sixth Row: Patricia A. Lahr, 
Patti J. Lampe, Marilyn E. 
Lange, Lynne Laurie, Susan 
K. Lawrence, Dixie C. Leut- 
hold, Ann R. Limes, Elaine 
V. Lowe. 

Seventh Row: Marjorie L. Ma- 
chin, Marian F. MacKenzie, 
Elizabeth I. Mangum, Carol L. 
Marsh, Carol A. Martin, Louise 
M. Mattox, Elona M. Maul, 
Claudia J. Mayfield. 

Eighth Row: Patricia McCabe, 
Kathryn M. McCarthy, Janice 
F. McClaren, Sandra L. Mc- 
Elwain, LeAnna McGettrick, 
Janice D. McKnight, Jackie 
McQuillan, Cynthia A. 

Bottom Row: Faith P. Miller, 
Mary K. Moyle, Leslie J. Neal, 
Lucinda L. Neis, Carol A. 
Noble, Kathryn I. Norberg, 
Karen D. Norris, Evon L 


Putnam Hall - Top Row: Carol 
A. Ochs, Kathey L. Oeser, 
Donna D. Ortmann, Linda S. 
Otte, Eileen Peirce, Diane G. 
Pepper, Jean E. Peterson, 
Linda A. Poell. 

Second Row: Linda K. Prevo, 
Ann J. Price, Mary K. Rains, 
Peggy A. Ralston, Julie K. 
Ramsey, Suzan C. Ranz, Jean 
E. Rees, Sandra L. Reeve. 

Third Row: Sharon F. Rice, 
Linda A. Richel, Deanne M. 
Rieke, Linda M. Rust, Mary 
E. Ryan. Mary A. Ryser, San- 
dra M. Sandlin, Paula K. 

Fourth Row.- Pamela J. Sea- 
man, Susan L. Schutte, Janet 
K. Sexton, Jean A. Sheik, San- 
dra L. Sherer, Marilyn A. 
Simpson, Lee A. Skaggs, An- 
drea A. Skradski. 

Fifth Row: Diane L. Small, 
Lora M. Smith, Susan J. 
Smith, Martha J. Spangler, 
Constance J. Souder, Mary A. 
Southard, Donna M. Sparks, 
Linda N. Sparks. 

Sixth Row: Karen A. Staple- 
ton, Albertina M. Stegman, 
Norla M. Stephens, Margene 
S. Stolberg, Marion K. Swain, 
Helen Szamotula, Margaret E. 
Tanner, Faye L. Taplin. 

Seventh Row: Katherine R. 
Taylor, Rosetta Tetebo, Linda 
R. Thompson, Janet Thom- 
son Marcia A. Thornton, Con- 
ibeth Tillmon, Susan K. Tink- 
ham, Dixie L. Turner. 

Eighth Row: Sharon S. Va- 
lenti, Camille K. Van Sickel, 
Karen J. Verhage, Jeanne M. 
Walker, Maxine K. Warner, 
Elizabeth G. Wartman, Janet 
M. Whitehill, Barbara E. 

Bottom Row: Cheryl LWilch, 
Laura L. Williams, Cynthia A. 
Wilson, Lennita A. Winter, 
Judy K. Worthington, Mar- 
garet E. Yessick, Kathryn A. 
York, Joan C. Zimmers. 


Before eating dinner, Jardine Q residents complete final 
meal preparations. Each of the four- and five-woman apart- 

ments provides cooking facilities. Living quarters in Jar- 
dine Terrace housed upperclass coeds for the second year. 

Coeds finish residence in Jardine apartments 

Spring semester ended the residence of 
upperclass women in the Jardine Terrace 
apartment complex. Women were first housed 
in Jardine during fall 1963. With completion 
of a nine-story women's dormitory, to open 

in fall 1965, pressure on women's housing 
facilities will be relieved. 

Residents of Jardine Q entertained at in- 
formal parties in the apartments and partici- 
pated in women's intramural athletics. 

Jardine d-Top Row: Doris L. 
O'Keeffe, Margaret A. Bal- 
lard, Lauren A. Barnard, Dea 
J. Brown, Margaret L. Brown, 
Susan E. Carroll, Suzanne L. 

Bottom Row: Cynthia C. 
Compton, Mary K. Crotinger, 
Diane C. Dau, Karen E. Dil- 
lenbeck, Carolyn K. Donner, 
Jo L. Drost, Joan Farmer. 


Jardine Q-Top Row: Joanne 
L. Foggs, Joan M. Fox, Betty 
J. Francisco, Diana L. Fritts, 
Lenora K. Gabel, Amy L. Gad- 
die, Cheryl Gaines, Lynette 
K. Geftert. 

Second Row: Nancy M. Good, 
Margaret E. Halloran, Judith 
A. Harden, Ladeana J. Har- 
mon, Dorothy A. Hemel, 
Sharon K. Ingraham, Carolyn 
A. Jones, Lela F. Kalbach. 

Third Row: Virginia K. Koger, 
Kathleen M. Kruckenberg, 
Barbara A. Krueger, Lovene 
S. Larson, Beverly K. Lewey, 
Lois M. Long, Nancy J. 
Makalous, Janet D. Marshall. 

Fourth Row: Barclay J. May- 
hew, Sandra K. Neaderhiser, 
Sonja L. Newcomer, Sharon 
L. Newton, Janis V. Nixon, 
Stana J. Nyswonger, Joline 
F. Oberhelman, Jennifer J. 

Fifth Row: Linda K. Pettijohn, 
Judith A. Rowe, Judith A. 
Scanland, Karin I. Schild, 
Sharyn L. Slentz, Nancy C. 
Speers, Carol A. Standley, 
Ramona J. Starkey. 

Sixth Row: Jeanne H. Stick- 
ney, Harriett J. Stutzman, 
Donna J. Taylor, Shirley F. 
Theis, Jonnie S. Thompson, 
Patricia A. Urban, Verna J. 

Bottom Row.- Lorna J. Web- 
ster, Susan M. Wester, Bar- 
bara A. Whitlock, Maureen C. 
Williams, Mary F. Wilson, 
Gloria D. Wolff, Linda L. 

Occupied by coeds for the first time, Jardine Q is one of two Jardine Terrace com- 
plexes used for upperclass women's housing. Each unit houses four or five women. 


Jardine Y- Top Row: Mrs. Ada 
M. Blankenship, May A. Wil- 
liams, Patricia A. Abersold, 
Alice M. Adams, Judy A. 
Akers, Mary J. Allison, Janice 
E. Baker, Mary E. Bjurstrom. 

Reba S. 
Janet L. 

Row: Linda M 
Martha J. Brass 

Brazle, Rosalie I 
Linda E. Bugbee 

Byer, Barbara L 

Cable, Pamalee G. Carson. 

Bottom Row: Dianna L. 
Casida, Elizabeth J. Cobb, 
Dana D. Covert, Darlene 
Dietrich, Jan Dining, Janice 
K. Eberle, Arlene K. Fishburn. 

Five campus honoraries 
tap Jardine Y residents 

Outstanding residents of Jardine Terrace 
Y included members of five University hon- 
oraries. Several graduate students, night edi- 

tor of the Collegian and a Royal Purple Queen 
finalist also lived in the apartments. 

Jardine Y women competed in intramural 
kickball, volleyball, basketball, bowling, ten- 
nis, softball and badminton. Social functions 
the independent students attended were a 
pizza party and a picnic. 

At a plasticware party, Jardine Y women select storage con- 
tainers for use in their apartment kitchens. Other parties 

the coeds hostessed included a pizza party and spring 
picnic. The women planned snack spreads for final week. 

Jardine Y-7op Row: Carol F. 
Fittell, Sherrill J. Fletcher, 
Carolyn R. Funston, Susan C. 
Garver, Sharon M. George, 
Judith M. Graham, Helen C. 

Second Row: Judith A. Har- 
ris, Leslie J. Harrison, Janet 
S. Henry, Dee A. Holzer, 
Wanda L. Jenkins, Sharon L. 
Johnson, Sherrill J. Johnson. 

Third Row: Martha J. John- 
ston, Ronda J. Kesller, Mary 
J. Koons, Linda R. Lambright, 
Elaine F. Lemon, Jerre L. 
Lewis, Evelyn E. Lindsay. 

Fourth Row: Jane R. Lyttle, 
Linda R. Mann, Stella K. 
Mason, Linda L. McCosh, 
Kathleen F. Meier, Lynda K. 
Miller, Susanne Miller. 

Fifth Row: Barbara L. Muel- 
ler, Connie V. Nichols, Su- 
zanne Parker, Lynda L. Pritch- 
ett, Loretta R. Raile, Cheryl 
L. Rattle, Dixie J. Reece. 

Sixth Row: Loretta E. Reeh, 
Judith A. Reiz, Nina S. Ren- 
senhouse, Vicki A. Resley, 
Carolyn E. Rice, Rita M. Rob- 
inson, Mary C. Sand. 

Seventh Row: Mary E. Schles- 
singer, Cheryl S. Schroeppel, 
Kathleen M. Schulz, Carol J. 
Shafer, Alice J. Sheik, Irene 
S. Skonberg, Sheila J. Small. 

Eighth Row: Susan C. South- 
erland, Ruth V. Stevenson, 
Mildred A. Stewart, Joann 
Stover, Judith L. Stumpff, 
Linda G. Taylor, Leah G. 

Bottom Row: Joyce M. Vilan- 
der, Marilyn J. Wagner, Alana 
K. Wamhoff, Saundra G. West, 
Barbara K. Whealy, Pamela 
G. Wilson, Cheryl J. Woody. 


Sunset Apartments- Top 

Row: Eulala L. Anderson, 
Milton R. Anderson, Regena 
K. Alexander, Marjorie C. Al- 
len, Barbara S. Antrim, Mary 
M. Berg, Vicki A. Bloom, 
Carol L. Brandenburg. 

Second Row: VerLee E. Cheg- 
widden, Helen C. Davis, Caro- 
lyn E. DeVault, Sondra S. 
Dodds, Diane L. Elk, Mary J. 
Fleek, Catherine C. Fockele, 
Carolyn J. Franey. 

Third Row: Ellen C. Herm- 
esch, Leila F. Jones, Mary 
K. Kaump, Sandra K. Linte- 
cum, Judith A. Marolf, Ronda 
E. McCoy, Sharon A. Mount, 
Jeanene S. Penner. 

Bottom Row.- Bonnie R. 
Ruhnke, Linda F. Shoemaker, 
Carol J. Simpson, Nancy K. 
Smutny, Sharron L. Ste- 
phens, Marcia G. Trummel, 
Judith A. Winkler. 

University praises Sunset for grade achievement 

Receiving University housing recognition 
for outstanding grades, Sunset Apartment 
residents served as Union committee chairmen 
and were active in A Cappella Choir, Kappa 

Phi, Kappa Delta Pi and the K-State Players. 
Housed in three-woman apartments, the 
coeds donated Christmas trees to needy fami- 
lies and participated in Penny-a-Minute Night. 

Before going home for Christmas vacation, residents of 
Sunset Apartments clean their living suites. New furniture 

was added to a few of the apartments in which women 
resided at the privately operated complex, 1026 Sunset. 


Snow drifts, frosted windows and a sidewalk cafe deco- 
rated with red and white awnings set the scene for Van 

Zile's Christmas formal. The oldest of four women's dormi- 
tories, Van Zile houses freshmen and upperclass students. 

Van Zile tallies women 
in each University class 

For the first time in four years, the residents 
of Van Zile Hall included women from each 
University class. In previous years, the dormi- 
tory had been designated as either a residence 

hall for freshmen or upperclass coeds instead 
of housing both groups. 

Supervised by a new residence hall director, 
Joan Priefert, Van Zile women honored faculty 
and parents at two open houses. Coeds enter- 
tained their parents at mothers' and fathers' 
weekends spring semester. Van Zile Hall was 
represented in Angel Flight, the K-State 
Singers and Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Van Zile Hall - Top Row: Joan 
E. Priefert, Kathleen A. Allen, 
Ruth E. Applegate, Mary L. 
Atkinson, Sandra L. Augus- 
tine, Judy A. Baehler, Judith 
K. Baird, Patricia S. Barger. 

Second Row: Ruth C. Barnes, 
Andrea R. Bass, Linda C. 
Baum, Vivian R. Becker, Jo 
M. Bell, Kathleen S. Bergman, 
Sharon K. Blasdel, Elizabeth 
A. Bobek. 

Third Row: Louise A. Bosch, 
Cheryl A. Boucher, Dorothy A. 
Branton, Margery A. Braun- 
schweiger, Beverly J. Brees, 
Vic ki L. Brown, Del i la J. 

Bottom Row.- Wilma J. Cales, 
Pamela S. Carr, Janet L. 
Chapman, Elizabeth A. Clark, 
Cheryl V. Clevenger, Diana G. 
Cope, Jean L. Court. 


Van Zile Hall -Top Row: Dee 
A. Crossen, Bonnie L. Dahl, 
Patty L. Daugherty, Cheryl A. 
Daves, Gayla J. Davis, Sandra 
L. Davis, Barbara A. Derrick. 

Second Row.- Kathleen H. De- 
Weese, Sherryl L. Diller, 
Judith K. Ditgen,. Margaret A. 
Dixon, Lynda K. Doramus, 
Nancy J. Dukelow, Lucinda 
R. Erbes. 

Third Row: Martha E. Ewing, 
Karen K. Ewy, Doris M. Finch, 
Dianna L. Fiskin, Virginia M. 
Gardner, Danna L. Garten, 
Janet R. Gebhart. 

Fourth Row.- Jacqueline R. 
Gilkison, Nyla J. Gnadt, Mar- 
sha R. Golden, Mary E. Guth- 
rie, Marguerite A. Habiger, 
Sandra S. Hagerman, Caro- 
lyn H. Hamlin. 

Fifth Row.- Shirley R. Heit- 
man, Sygni D. Heller, Lelah F. 
Henning, Vicky J. Hesser, 
Mary J. Hirsch, Joyce K. Hirt, 
Nancy A. Hoag. 

Sixth Row.- Diane Hodgson, 
Lynda S. Hott, Susie C. Hol- 
lingsworth, Carol L. Hoover, 
Cheryl N. Howell, Virginia A. 
Hull, Ann Hund. 

Seventh Row: Patricia Hund, 
Mary J. Hurley, Cheryl K. 
Huseman, Susan C. Japun- 
tich, Evelyn L. Jensen, Bar- 
bara J. Jones, Claudia J. 

Eighth Row: Catherine L. 
Karl, Carolyn J. Kauffman, 
Sandra L. Keister, Mary E. 
Klostermeier, Lois L. Koci, 
Linda F. Lane, Carol D. 

Bottom Row: Gwen I. Leece, 
Claudia K. Lett, Rose M. Lie- 
benau, Eileen F. Lindley, 
Paulette M. Looney, Margaret 
J. Luce, Joan A. Lundgren. 


Van Zile Hall-7"op Row: Ver- 
lene J. Makalous, Virginia L. 
Mansholt, Donna L. Martin- 
dale, Eileen M. Matson, Jacki 
G. Matthews, Dorothy L. 
Mayhill, Margaret L. Mc- 

Second Row: Aloha W. Mc- 
Fadden, Zenah S. Mebed, 
Patsy C. Meek, Melinda G. 
Menhusen, Barbara S. Mitch- 
ell, Ann E. Moody, Alice P. 

Third Row: Sherry L. Murray, 
Cecilia J. Myers, Marilyn S. 
Myers, Kathajean Nations, 
Sharon L. Nelson, Elaine R. 
Neufeldt, Judith A. Nichols. 

Fourth Row: Kim S. Nicklas, 
Bonnie E. Niemoller, Ros- 
anna M. Parker, Nancy C. 
Parthemer, Mary J. Pflug- 
hoeft, Kay M. Rader, Kath- 
erine M. Regier. 

Fifth Row: Claudette K. Ren- 
ning, Joan K. Reusser, Sandra 
K. Richards, Roberta F. 
Robisan, Deanna K. Roes- 
ener, Beatrice J. Root, Karen 
I. Sampson. 

Sixth Row: Sharon K. Sauder, 
Patty J. Schasteen, Jane A. 
Schlickau, Patricia A. 
Schmidt, Kathy M. Schroeder, 
Judy A. Simek, Patricia A. 

Seventh Row: Sandra L. 
Skaptason, Barbara L. Smith, 
Elaine C. Smith, Glenda M. 
Smith, Barbara J. Socolofo- 
sky, Linda J. Solberg, Karen 
E. Thorsen. 

Eighth Row: Wilma R. Tuni- 
son, Sandra M. Underwood, 
Shirley J. VanVleet, Carolyn 
S. Wagoner, Marilyn A. 
Wagoner, Patricia S. Walker, 
Kathenna C. Warders. 

Bottom Row: Joan E. Warner, 
Elizabeth M. Wary, Sharon K. 
Wheeler, Barbara J. White, 
Carolyn L. Wilson, Linda K. 
Wogan, Rose A. Wright. 


Residents of Waltheim Hall help measure a friend's hem, 
completing a shift for a class or for a special occasion. 

Waltheim grade average 
outranks residence halls 

Trophy for the highest over-all grade aver- 
age earned by a women's residence hall was 
received by the women of Waltheim Hall for 
spring 1964. Waltheim also acquired a new 
housemother, Mrs. Mabel Johnson. 

Caroling, construction of a Homecoming 
float, a Christmas formal and an informal 
spring party were among activities planned by 
the independent women. 

With a 22-resident increase, Waltheim Hall's 
12 apartments were filled to a 90-woman 
capacity. Each apartment contained one large 
and one small bedroom, a kitchenette, bath- 
room and study room. Women in the hall ate 
in a cafeteria maintained at Waltheim. 

Only one block from Aggieville, Waltheim Hall provides living 
suites for upoerclass women. The former apartment build- 

ing at 1436 Laramie houses nearly 90 women and features 
apartment living with the meals prepared in a cafeteria. 


Waltheim Hall- Top Row. 
Jane M. Albin, Virginia S. Al- 
lemang, Barbara A. Atkinson, 
Penelope J. Ball, Marcia A. 
Beck, Edna M. Becker, Ro- 
berta L. Bell, Dons E. Blum. 

&^ Aft 

Second Row: Wilma J. Brig- 
geman, Beverly J. Brown, 
Vicki R. Buchman, Lucretia 
A. Butts, Patricia M. Camp- 
bell, Virginia A. Carlson, Mary 
E. Carson, Barbara H. 

Third Row: Jeanette E. Coul- 
ter, Judith A. Davis, Rose N. 
Detter, Edith M. Dickinson, 
Phyllis L. Edwards, Darlene 
R. Eitel, Sheryl B. Etling, Sue 
A. Failor. 

Fourth Row.- Mary J. Fisher, 
Gwen I. Garrett, Nancy S. 
Gemmill, Susan S. Goble, 
Kathryn E. Grant, Ruthann 
Guthrie, Louetta L. Harda- 
way, Suzanne K. Hawkins. 

Fifth Row: Sylvia E. Huff, 
Carol A. Imhof, Joan R. Ins- 
keep, Beverly A. Jackson, 
Joy S. Jacobs, Martha J. Jel- 
lison, Edith A. Keenan, Pa- 
tricia E. Kohlmeyer. 

Sixth Row: Linda L. Lamborn, 
Linda L. Lamkm, Mary G. 
Lashmett, Charlotte A. Law- 
less, Barbara K. Loy, Susan J. 
Martindale, Carolyn J. 
Mathias, Jerrie J. McAhren. 

Seventh Row: Martha J. Med- 
craft, Phyllis L. Munger, 
Grace I. Nease, Martha A. 
Newby, Karel S. Ramsey, 
Sharon P. Roberson, Linda J. 
Schleicher, Rose M. Schoen. 

Eighth Row: Phyllis E. Schra- 
der, Willa F. Sidebottom, Ro- 
berta R. Siegle, Nancy J. 
Sloan, Deanna G. Stewart, 
Beverly J. Stone, Sharon L. 
Stone, Marilynn K. Suderman. 

Bottom Row: Dorothy L. Sul- 
livan, Sherry A. Veteto, Bar- 
bara L. Wahlen, Deanna K. 
Wallace, Nancy K. Wallace, 
Harleen M. Watson, Judith C. 
Wieland, Sandra F. Yokouchi. 


First in a planned four-dormitory complex, West Hall is 
located on the northeast corner of campus. The five-story 

dormitory was named for Bessie B. West, a home economist. 
Opened in 1962, it is a freshman women's residence hall. 

Returning from vacation, West Hall women load luggage in 
an elevator on the way to rooms on five dormitory floors. 

West coeds judge cattle, 
win wool sewing contest 

Miss Make-It-Yourself-With-Wool of Kansas 
and a member of the dairy judging team were 
residents of West Hall. Through scholarship 
achievement, West Hall women earned mem- 
berships in Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha 
Eta and Alpha Delta Theta. Holders of Put- 
nam, Panhellenic and music scholarships 
lived in the dormitory. 

A temporary inconvenience was caused for 
West Hall residents when a bulldozer mis- 
calculated an excavation site and severed 
dormitory phone communication. 

Fantasy in Red, a semiformal dance before 
Valentine's Day, teas and corridor, parties 
were dormitory social activities. West Hall 
planned an open house and informal dances 
with fraternities and men's living groups. 

West Hall- Top Row: Wilma 
M. Thompson, Charleen A. 
Achenbach, Kathryn E. 
Adams, Marilyn J. Allen, Suzie 
L. Allen, Diana L. Amerine, 
Marjorie C. Annis, Nancy L. 

Second Row: Betty R. Ashida, 
Diana L. Ashton, Mary S. 
Attwood, Eileen E. Bailey, 
Ardes M. Baker, Rosemary 
M. Balzer, Sharon A. Barnes, 
Dorothy A. Barnhart. 

Third Row: Chloellen E. Bar- 
too, Dianne L. Bass, Susan 
M. Beckerle, Cynthia X. 
Beekley, Janet J. Beer, Les- 
lie A. Bender, Lynda C. Ben- 
nett, Betty J. Billinger. 

Fourth Row: Phyllis J. Bias- 
del, Carol S. Blotkamp, Diane 
K. Bohn, Janet K. Bohnstedt, 
Roberta J. Boughton, Linda 
M. Braunsdorf, Mary D. Breit- 
weiser, Mary C. Brookens. 

Fifth Row: Lyn M. Buffo, Bar- 
bara Byrne, Virginia G. Card- 
well, Sheryl L.Cassidy, Judith 
A. Chapin, Janet L. Chatfield, 
Harriett J. Clark, Janet L 

Sixth Row.- Cecil C. Clinger, 
Demis K. Cloe, Janice M. 
Cochran, Nancy J. Condell, 
Claudette K. Cook, Sally J. 
Cook, Marilee J. Costello, 
Kristine M. Counter. 

Seventh Row: Sydney A. 
Covert, Deanna K. Cowan, 
Carolyn M. Culver, Maria R. 
Dahlsten, Sandra L. Daugh- 
arthy, Dianne K. Daugherty, 
Sandra A. Davidson, Anna C. 

Eighth Row: Cynthia S. Demp- 
sey, Jean L. Dillon, Alice N. 
Dresser, Patricia A. Duffin, 
Patricia A. Dumler, Carolyn 
L. Duncan, Nancy K. Dyke, 
Barbara J. Eastham. 

Bottom Row: Lenette E. 
Eaton, Jeannette G. Ed- 
monds, Trudy A. Eller, Ellen 
E. Eppard, Alice L. Eubanks, 
Nancy L. Evans, Janet K. 
Faddis, Karen A. Falk. 


West Hall -Top Row: Mar- 
sha R. Farewell, Barbara L. 
Ferguson, Cynthia L Finney, 
Susan J. Fisher, Beth K. 
Fleischmann, Judith E. Flem- 
ing, Marceta A. Fleming, 
Lana M. Fox. 

Second Row: Linda S. Frank- 
lin, Judith A. Frashier, Lesta 
N. Freeman, Michele D. 
Frickey, Eileen D. Gard, Su- 
san E. Garland, Carla J. Gar- 
rison, Karen S. Gaskill. 

Third Row: Carol A. Gaston, 
Tracy A. Gaughan, Patricia 
George, Louvae L. Gibson, 
Marilyn S. Goodgion, Sally A. 
Goodyear, Helen L. Gordon, 
Linda M. Grant. 

Fourth Row: Janet K. Grif- 
fith, Pam J. Guinn, Henrietta 
J. Gumescheimer, Rachael E. 
Hall, Carol L. Haney, Joyce E. 
Haney, Barbara J. Harcle- 
rode, Ann M. Harding. 

Fifth Row: Harriet A. Harten- 
berger, Janet L. Hastings, 
Maureen K. Helmer, Susan L. 
Hendrix, Elizabeth J. Henry, 
Dianna L. Henry, Janet K. 
Herbin, Toni G. Hesler. 

Sixth Row: Vicki D. Hesler, 
Gretchen K. Hilgendork, Rita 
S. Hiltabidle, Sondra S. 
Hinkle, Lana J. Holder, Me- 
linda R. Hrabe, Linda M. 
Hume, Judith A. Hunter. 

Seventh Row: Ann S. Hyde, 
Roberta M. Jarvis, Carlene S. 
Johnson, Delores J. Johnson, 
Rebecca L.Johnston, Patricia 
L. Jones, Susan L. Kennedy, 
Sharon J. Kersten. 

Eighth Row: Eugenia D. Ker- 
sting, Barbara J. Kinch, Su- 
zanne M. King, Karen S. 
Kraus, Cheryl K. Kuhn, Mari- 
lyn L. Lafferty, Judith E. 
Lamborn, Marita M. Lamp. 

Bottom Row: Janet M. La- 
tham, Jean A. Layton, Marilyn 
S. Lee, Rebecca S. Lehman, 
Carolyn S. Lemon, Gloria L. 
Lewerenz, Stanley B. Lewis, 
Alma A. Limes. 


West Hall -Top Row.- Su- 
sanne F. Little, Diana K. 
Loetel, Pamela C. Long, Jean 
A. Loughmiller, Georgia G. 
Loyd, Sally J. Lydick, Kay A. 
Magby, Sandra S. Mall. 

Second Row: Susan L. Mar- 
latt, Virginia P. Mason, Lo- 
retta A. Mauler, Sharon L. 
Maxwell, Brenda C. Mc- 
Daniel, Peggy A. McDonald, 
Carolyn L. McFarland, Na- 
dene M. McGuire. 

Third Row: Cheryl J. McKay, 
Robin R. McLean, Josephine 
B. Mehring, Carolyn M. Mike- 
sell, Marlyse K. Milburn, 
Janet L Miller, Linda M. Mil- 
ler, Margo J. Miller. 

Fourth Row: Mona L Mitchell, 
Evelyn L. Moats, Susan D. 
Montgomery, Mary J. Moody, 
Miriam A. Moore, Julia J. 
Moyer, Barbara A. Murphy, 
Jean A. Murphy. 

Fifth Row: Jan M. Myers, Jeri 
R. Myers, Janet A. Naylor, 
Candace A. Nelson, Sandra 
S. Nelson, Sharyl A. Nelson, 
Marilyn S. Nixon, Vicki L 

Sixth Row.- Sandra L. Olson, 
Janice M. Olsson, Phyllis E. 
Opocensky, Janet S. Osborne, 
Faith A. Ott, Annette Pallesen, 
Nancy J. Palmer, Susan E. 

Seventh Row: Patricia A. Pat- 
ton, Patsy S. Paulsen, Carol 
S. Pearson, Norma B. Perry, 
Karen S. Peters, Lola J. 
Peters, Marilyn J. Plett, Sherry 
L. Powers. 

Eighth Row: Marilyn K. Pret- 
zer, Mary J. Pretzer, Patricia 
L. Prochaska, Judy E. Raitt, 
Nancy J. Ransom, Barbara L. 
Reed, Geraldine F. Regehr, 
Carolyn A. Reichard. 

Bottom Row: Jean D. Reilly, 
Chloe E. Rexroad, Linda L. 
Rexroat, Martha J. Reynolds, 
Karen J. Richardson, Mary P. 
Richter, Linda D. Risser, Sal- 
lie K. Roach. 


West Hall -Top Row: Phyl- 
lis M. Robinson, Nicoletta 
Saines, Lauren E. Schmidt, 
Beverly A. Schneider, Diane 
L. Schneider, Carol S. Scholz, 
Sheryl K. Schroder, Martha A. 

Second Row-: Cheryl E. Scoby, 
Kathryn A. Scott, Martha J. 
Scott, Patricia A. Seitz, Pa- 
tricia N. Shafer, Linda M. 
Shannon, Margaret J. Shan- 
non, Linda L. Simmons. 

Third Row: Becky M. Slot- 
hower, Joyce M. Smith, 
Sherry D. Smith, Donna M. 
Spachek, Jacqueline D. 
Spears, Margie J. Spiers, 
Sherri D. Spitsnogle, Pa- 
tricia D. Stark. 

Fourth Row: Rosemary P. 
Steele, Carol J. Stevens, 
Linda L. Stevens, Marsha L. 
Stevens, Jeanette L. Stock, 
Karen I. Starrer, Janice L. 
Stuessi, Sandra F. Stur- 

Fifth Row: Carol A. Suchart, 
June F. Sweat, Mary H. 
Symes, Theresa A. Ten 
Broeck, Nancy K. Thomas, 
Linda L. Thompson, Nancy 
C. Tjaden, Sandra D. Tol- 

Sixth Row: Bobbie J. Tor- 
rence, Sheryl K. Tucker, Pa- 
tricia S. Valla, Sharon L. Van 
Vleet, Arietta Y. Visser, Rita 
L. Vodraska, Susan K. Wade, 
Charlene D. Walser. 

Seventh Row: Anne C. Waters, 
Linda J. Watkins, Rena L. 
Watts, Roxanne Weaver, Alice 
K. Welborn, Linda J. Wesche, 
Karen J. West, Karmen M. 

Eighth Row: Dana L. Whitmer, 
Diana K. Whittlesey, Janet K. 
Wilbeck, Lois A. Wiley, Judith 
K. Williams, Linda M. Wilson, 
Martha A. Wilson, Reita B. 

Bottom Row: Mary E. Win- 
dels, Shiela A. Winters, Mary 
L Wofford, LeEtta L. Wood, 
Marilyn L. Woolley, Nancy A. 
Young, Margaret L. Zackert. 


Petticoat Penthouse -Top 
Row: Mrs. Nadene Ritter, 
Kathryn A. Claybaugh, 
Carolyn R.Cox, Peggy J. Erick- 
son, Dona C. Gerber, Carol A. 

Bottom Row: Elizabeth A. 
Hohn, Karen M. Holeman, 
Dianna J. Montford, Beverly 
S. Schroeder, Deanna D. Sip- 
pie, Eileen M. Suchsland. 
Janet A. Walker. 

Thespians, swimmer live 
at Petticoat Penthouse 

International coeds claim 
prevalence at Rice Hall 

Two K-State Players and a member of Frog 
Club were among the eight coeds who lived 
at Petticoat Penthouse spring semester. Seven 
of the eight residents were sophomores while 
one was a junior. 

When the house was organized for inde- 
pendent women in fall 1963, the women 
dubbed it Petticoat Penthouse. The privately 
owned residence hall formerly had served as 
an annex to a sorority house next door. 

Two suppers in the fall and informal parties 
in the spring were planned by the independ- 
ent women. The upperclass residence hall 
was located at 615 Fairchild Terrace. 

Internationally claimed a prominent spot 
in Rice Hall with 10 of the 18 residents claim- 
ing China, Mexico, Turkey and India as home. 
Fifteen of the women were graduate students, 
and two of them studied at the University on 
government grants. 

Music, art, math and biological science 
majors were among curriculums in which Rice 
Hall women were enrolled. Maria Nava of 
Mexico acted as the women's president. 

Formerly a nurses' home for St. Mary's 
Hospital, the two-story, frame structure at 
314 N. 11th St. was converted into a residence 
hall for independent women in 1961. 

Rice Hall-7"op Row: Mrs. 
Julia Schimmels, Jane H. 
Beilke, Susan G. Carstens, 
Margaret S. Chie, Virginia A. 

Bottom Row: Jeanette M. 
Isakson, Linda K. Kessinger, 
Hee J. Pi, Betty J. Sandlin, 
Mary B. Sawyer. 


Providing quarters for men, Marlatt and Goodnow halls 
house 600 students each. Marlatt, completed in time for 

fall semester, utilizes the Goodnow floor plan. Dormitory 
residents eat at a cafeteria built between the dormitories. 

Men's Residence Hall Assistants- Top Row: Gale E. Britton, Eldon L 
Mickelson, Ralph E. Stegner, Jerry L. Wilson, William J. Schrandt, 
Don E. Zimmerman, Lawrence R. Brenn, Irene B. Meyers, sponsor. 
Second Row: Max L. Allison, Dennis W. Ruckert, Robert 0. Avery, 

John P. Cable, Edward L. Rork, Roy W. Masters, John D. Stegner. 
Bottom Row: Donald B. Roof, Robert A. Sheppard, Thomas R. Gos- 
sen, Terry L Patterson, Aldan S. Olsen, Dale E. Brownlee. 


Residence hall cafeteria 
expands service capacity 

Opening a second line increased the food 
service capacity of the men's residence hall 
cafeteria from 750 to 1,350 per meal. After 
five years operation, the cafeteria was named 
Kramer Food Center. 

More than 1,300 men lived in three dormi- 
tories— Goodnow Hall, Marlatt Hall and West 
Stadium. East Stadium had housed men first 
semester until vacated for use by the music 
department after the Auditorium fire. 

Marlatt Hall, built on the same floor plan 
as Goodnow Hall, opened first semester for 
600 men. Parking facilities for the two dormi- 
tories were increased during the fall from an 
original 80 spaces for Goodnow to 400 spots 
for men of both dormitories. 

Emergency living quarters are set up in the basement of 
Goodnow hall due to a record-breaking fall enrollment of 

9,450 students. Similar makeshift housing was present 
in the other dormitories during the first months of school. 


Goodnow Hall remodels 
dorm recreation facilities 

Goodnow Hall remodeling provided exer- 
cise and wrestling rooms, television lounges 
and a photography darkroom. Participating 
by floors in intramural sports, Tonkawa, Co- 
manche, Seneca, Arapaho, Shoshoni and Paw- 
nee also planned separate social functions. 

Represented in nearly every campus or- 
ganization, the 600 residents of Goodnow Hall 
formed one of the University's two largest 
living groups. Varsity football player with 
highest grades among Big Eight Conference 
squad members lived in Goodnow. Another 
man was Putnam Scholars Association presi- 

Charlie Brown and "Peanuts" characters welcome visitors to 
Goodnow's open house after the Parents' Day football game. 

Goodnow Residence Hall- 
Top Row: Everett G. Aldridge, 
David R. Alexander, Billy D. 
Allen, Max L. Allison, Karmon 
D. Almquist, Francisco L. 
Araneta, John S. Armbrust, 
Robert 0. Avery. 

Second Row: Gary M. Axe, 
Jerry N. Banaka, David E. 
Banks, Edward D. Barenberg, 
Lynn S. Benton, Chester L. 
Berger, Dennis L. Berkholtz, 
Gordon F. Bieberle. 

Third Row: Roderick K. Block- 
some, Ernest D. Boehner, 
Gary D. Bohn, Joseph M. 
Bohnen, William M. Bolnick, 
Steven C. Borell, Wayne P. 
Bower, Arden J. Bradshaw. 

Fourth Row: John H. Brand, 
Douglas M. Brant, Gary E. 
Bruning, Bruce W. Bryant, 
Roger L. Burham, John P. 
Cable, John W. Cameron, 
Richard A. Campbell. 

Bottom Row: Kenneth G. 
Carothers, Lawrence E. 
Cheatum, Robert G. Chilcott, 
John L. Christensen, David J. 
Clapp, Kenneth W.CIaycamp, 
Eugene R. Clothier, James E. 



4/ -4^ 

"%. *PSS* 

■ ; «*> «<*j* * us? jfr c' N TO fij § r *^w Wf?nF ^ *® 
Imk mtk Hk l m) A mm Ikik. mm 1^ . 






,. Jl ft <4 

Goodnow Residence Hall- 
fop Row: Anthony T. Coon, 
Larry J. Cooper, John B. Cor- 
win, Chester J. Crosetto, 
Robert T. Curry, Paul R. 
Daniels, Arthor D. Davis, 
Gerald E. Davis. 

Second Row: Donald P. De- 
Cinque, Stephan R. Decker, 
Larry J. DeDonder, Wilson L. 
Denton, David K. Dewey, 
Roger S. Dildine, Charles M. 
Dillon, James R. Dobbins. 

Third Row: Robert D. Dryden, 
Charles W. Dyer, Keith L. 
Eberhart, William W. Edds, 
Michael J. Erickson, Michael 
E. Eslinger, Gale E. Ethridge, 
William W. Everett. 

Fourth Row: Wilfred L. 
Farnham, William J. Fmnerty, 
John E. Fisher, John H. Fittell, 
Lloyd G. Forester, Kenneth L. 
Francis, Garry L. Frazee, Joe 
D. Freeman. 

Fifth Row.- Donald R. Frikken, 
John R. Friley, Robert B. Fry, 
Robert S. Frye, Edward L. 
Funk, Warren K. Funk, James 
A. Gallon, Michael L Gam- 

Sixth Row: Donald G. Gaud- 
reau, James E. Geringer, Max 
L. Gildner, Kenneth W. Gilles- 
pie, Richard F. Gillum, Brad- 
ley F. Glasco, Thomas W. 
Gooch, Charles M. Graves. 

Seventh Row: William B. 
Greve, Eugene L. Gross, Jon 
M. Gulley, Stephen A. Gulley, 
David L. Hammond, Edward 
P. Hannah, C. Keith Hanne- 
man, Noel S. Hanson. 

Eighth Row: Kenneth D. Har- 
wood, Brian T. Haupt, George 
W. Hawks, Larry W. Hays, 
Larry L. Heath, Gary A. Helle- 
bust, Henry F. Helmke, Craig 
P. Helwig. 

Bottom Row: Larry G. Hess, 
James W. Hicklin, Ray F. Hill, 
Richard B. Hillman, Robert 
L Hirt, Michael L. Hodge, 
John P. Honstead, Frank W. 


Goodnow Residence Hall- 
Top Row: Robert W. Howell, 
James M. Hughes, Richard D. 
Ice, Dan L. Imler, Carl E. 
Jeans, George S. Jensen, 
Roger B. Johnson, Ronald E. 

Second Row: Larry D. Kamp- 
schroeder, Donald J. Keating, 
Melford R. Keeler, Myron C. 
Kellogg, Fred L. Kesinger, 
Spencer W. King, Robert D. 
Kirkwood, Warren D. Klawiter. 

Third Row: Norman W. Koe- 
ster, Michael A. Koligian, Eu- 
gene W. Kovar, Richard B. 
Kraybill, Sherman L. Lahaie, 
John E. Lake, Larry L. Land- 
gren, David J. Langford. 

Fourth Row: Daniel J. Lankas, 
John A. Lansden, Arthur D. 
L'auritzen, Marc A. Laxer, 
Dennis D. Lee, Michael W. 
Linn, Floyd T. Lorentz, Wil- 
liam D. Lorenz. 

Fifth Row: Forrest E. Louder- 
back, Ronald C. Lundquist, 
Jon W. Lyman, Kent L. Mar- 
met, David A. Martin, Max T. 
Martin, Ray L. Martin, Richard 
J. Massieon. 

Sixth Row: Kenneth Massin- 
gill, Craydon D. McDonald, 
Donald C. McEwen, Walter E. 
McFadden, Michael J. Mc- 
Grath, Gene A. Mcintosh, Carl 
E. McKee, Joel L. Mead. 

Seventh Row: Bernard J. 
Meirowsky, Eldon L. Mickel- 
son, Bruce D. Miller, Dallas 
E. Miller, Jerry L. Morgen- 
stern, Jerry L. Morris, Michael 
M. Morrissette, Donald L. 

Eighth Row: Richard L. Nivi- 
son, John W. Olson, Price W. 
Oman, James M. Osborn, 
Robert G. Parker, Roger E. 
Parks, Randy B. Patterson, 
Thomas C. Pearson. 

Ninth Row: Michael B. Peck, 
Richard L. Penner, Robert P. 
Penner, Dennis R. Peters, 
George E. Petersen, Dale E. 
Peterson, Eldon E. Peterson, 
Ronald L. Peterson. 

Bottom Row: Ronald N. Peter- 
son, Alan K. Pflughoeft, Terry 
I. Phillips, Michael R. Pimple, 
James R. Ploger, David C. 
Powell, Kimble P. Randel, 
Richard M. Reid. 



~> # , L 

J— ^ * « '-rr-r^jjil - WL 4* JB — * r MP j "-y m 

m^*.m iTil't k J» a JtMat mmlm* 

ML \ \ I I I V ▼ 

mMim m MStm d: M £ M 


JHH mam I amsmam JmaWSm 

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«•>**• F l/»ni 

m\ jf ' mwm ' Jkm, mm / 

MM am M 

^" r mm a •** s 

fJk^t^w m A 

AaXL latwm 


'mM*. kiam 

Goodnow Residence Hall — 

Top Row: Stephen E. Reiter, 
Thomas W. Rhodes, Gaylord 
L. Rice, Terrence S. Rice, 
Eugene D. Rider, Robert L. 
Riedl, Collin J. Rivers, Ron- 
ald D. Robben. 

Second Row: Jackie J. Ribin- 
son, Richard L. Robinson, 
Michael D. Rogers, Rodger J. 
Romberger, Dennis E. Rork, 
John R. Rowland, Jon R. 
Rowlison, Grover C. Rundell. 

Third Row.- Charles A. Ryser, 
Mark G. Samuelson, Michael 
L. Sandberg, Richard R. 
Sankey, Daniel I. Saror, Daryl 
R. Scheatfer, David E. 
Schmidt, Harlow K. Schmidt. 

Fourth Row: Merrill K. 
Schmidt, Joseph M. Schwart, 
Gene M. Scott, Douglas C. 
Seibel, Gary D. Seibert, Free- 
man G. Seward, Randal E. 
Sheldon, James R. Shetlar. 

Fifth Row: Donald G. Shivers, 
Larry R. Shubert, Ronald D. 
Slaven, Gary L. Smith, Harold 
J. Smith, John C. Smith, 
Thomas C. Smith, Jon D. 

Sixth Row.- Joel S. Spector, 
Laurence W. Spencer, An- 
drew G. Spotts, Michael T. 
Sprague, Donald W. Steeples, 
Ralph E. Stegner, Alan R. 
Stephens, Johnny E. Stoll. 

Seventh Row: Gary J. Strick- 
lin, Stephan A. Strysower, 
James G. Stuart, Odo M. Sud- 
beck, Richard D. Suenram, 
Steven M. Thompson, Joe E. 
Thurston, Hrag J. Tilkian. 

Eighth Row: Eldon R. Trost, 
Donald C. Utz, Steven J. Van- 
Hole, James V. VanSickel, 
James F. Wadsack, Dennis A. 
Wanklyn, Charles R. Weldon, 
Ronald L. Welker. 

Ninth Row: Wendell R. Wells, 
Dennis C. Westphal, Steven J. 
Weybrew, Ross J. Wichman, 
William H. Wieland, F. Lynn 
Willard, Arthur W. William- 
son, Jerry L. Wilson. 

Bottom Row: John B. Wilt, 
William G. Winter, John W. 
Woodburn, Michael W. Wool- 
verton, William L. Worming- 
ton, Kendal M. Wright, James 
L. Yager, Steven W. Yust. 


At weekly floor meetings, Marlatt Hall men discuss dormi- 
tory policies, plan social activities and organize intra- 

mural teams. A Marlatt Hall squad won first place trophy 
in the men's residence hall division of intramural swimming. 

Marlatt Hall becomes second 600-man dormitory 

Completed in time for fall residency, Mar- 
latt Hall became the newest men's residence 
hall. The six-story structure, built on a plan 
similar to Goodnow Hall, housed approxi- 
mately 600 men. Like Goodnow, each of the 

six floors elected its own government. The hall 
was named for Washington Marlatt, who was 
instrumental in persuading Kansas to accept 
the Morrill Act, establishing the state's land- 
grant college at Manhattan. 

Keeping informed on current affairs, Marlatt Hall men read 
news media before eating in the cafeteria they share with 

Goodnow Hall. Each of the hall's six floors has a lounge 
where the men may have dances with women's livinggroups. 


K J V If If ¥ I ! H f IB 

*y t"!% f^ 

J .581 Jrt 


■*J! Alk 4M 

tit m Jk'^Avk &:M MMmkmik 

Marlatt Hall -Top Row.- Don- 
ald B. Roof, Neil M. Abel, 
Douglas R. Aberle, David C. 
Adams, James P. Adams, Jon 
M. Ahrens, Clyde C. Albright, 
Albert J. Alexander. 

Second Row: Kenneth R. 
Alexander, James N. Allee, 
Glenn P. Alpert, Ronald L. 
Altendorf, David E. Anderson, 
William K. Applebaugh, Jerry 
L. Armbruster, Ralph E. 

Third Row.- Larry A. Ashley, 
Bruce J. Auman, William J. 
Axe, John P. Ayres, Roger L. 
Baker, Mark W. Baldwin, Rus- 
sell S. Ballou, Edward W. 

Fourth Row.- Jon R. Barbee, 
Charles L. Beach, George H. 
Bellairs, William M. Bellairs, 
Gerald E. Bennett, Lee M. 
Benson, Dwight C. Betten- 
brock, Robert D. Bishop. 

Fifth Row: Richard L Black, 
William A. Blauvelt, Robert J. 
Bliss, James D. Blocher, Don- 
ald I. Blumeier, Fred C. Boger, 
Edwin D. Bowen, Harry J. 

Sixth Row.- Dale D. Boyle, 
Brian J. Brack, Michael S. 
Brannan, Alfred L. Breiten- 
stein, Lawrence R. Brenn, 
Steven R. Brenner, Warren L. 
Briggeman, Donald R. 

Seventh Row: Gale E. Britton, 
Edwin S. Broadwell, Ted A. 
Broers, James R. Brookshire, 
James L. Brown, Richard N. 
Brown, Robert F. Brown, Dale 
E. Brown lee. 

Eighth Row: John R. Brunk, 
David W. Bryan, Vinson L. 
Burch, Stephen M. Burns, 
Stephen Cadman, Rodney E. 
Callies, Bruce D. Carey, Lyle 
K. Carmichael. 

Bottom Row: Tommy R. Carr, 
Patrick C. Carrico, Douglas F. 
Caster, Michael D. Caulfield, 
Bruce N. Christensen, Gary 
R. Christian, John R. Clark, 
William E. Clark. 


Marlatt Hall -Top Row: Dar- 
rell K. Cockrum.RossW. Cole, 
Larry H. Coltrane, Jere L. 
Compton, Larry R. Condit, 
Craig Cooper, David B. Corby, 
Jerry H. Cox. 

Second Row: Stephen M. 
Craft, Michael J. Crater, 
Michael A. Crossley, Gerald 
P. Crow, John M. Crow, David 
W. Cutter, Stephen A. Daniel, 
Stephen K. Danielson. 

Third Row: Donald F. Darling, 
David J. Davis, James R. 
Davis, John M. Davison, 
Michael A. Dekat, James G. 
Delfs, Tony M. Delp, John 
E. Denning. 

Fourth Row: Dennis L. Desch- 
ner, Jerry A. Dickinson, 
Thomas J. Dieker, Robert N. 
Dietrich, William L. Dillon, 
Harvey A. Disenhouse, Ernest 
M. Diviney, Stanley R. Downs. 

Fifth Row: Michael J. Dumiak, 
Richard B. Eager, David D. 
Eck, Lyle F. Edelman, James 
H. Edminster, Rodney D. Eg- 
gert, Larry D. Ehrlich, Larry 
E. Elder. 

Sixth Row: Dennis R. Elliott, 
James P. Elliott, Hazen J. 
Ellis, Jerry W. Engler, Larry 

C. Epley, Donald M. Essmil- 
ler, Robert W. Euler, Kenneth 

D. Everett. 

Seventh Row: Wayne L. Ewert, 
William B. Eyman, John D. 
Fabrizius, Glenn A. Fager, 
Marvin M. Fairbank, John C. 
Farhy, Larry L. Fausett, Clif- 
ford E. Fesmire. 

Eighth Row: Timothy J. Fields, 
Calvin L. Flaharty, Ronald C. 
Fletcher, Patric J. Folwell, 
Lawrence N. Frey, Marvin 
Futrell, Daniel R. Galassini, 
Harold J. Garten. 

Ninth Row: Daniel G. Gasche, 
Walter J. Gaumer, Grant E. 
Glad, Dennis C. Glaser, Nich- 
olas Godun, Bruce W. Goetze, 
Thomas R. Gossen, Gary M. 

Bottom Row: Gregory E. 
Grandison, Thayne C. Green, 
Joseph F. Greenwood, Barry 
W. Greis, David A. Grider, 
Ronnie J. Griffin, Gary E. 
Grimes, Ronald E. Gruen. 


*•? "3» || f*<w*p! 

i^ ^^ ^% 

■ M zA JikQlL 

Am wa\ 4*2! Bks. ''•S&.k Am Ik. ^P^ mmWmk. 

• * 1 

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<^ ^ *3 f^ o 

* 72 J^JI w«" uT^ 

W *t -J k -a^^ 


L ^i^iii 1 

* ««&• yP ^| MR) M «ja»r<«H^- 



Marlatt Hall-7op /?ow.- Wil- 
liam F. Gubing, Charles W. 
Guthrie, Allen D. Hadorn, 
Ronald D. Hadsall, Neil E. 
Hahn, Charles S. Hann, David 
J. Harding, Richard L. Harner. 

Second Row: Stephen V. 
Hartman, Donald C. Haver- 
kamp, Thomas M. Heaton, 
Gilbert J. Heinen, Arthur D. 
Heitschmidt, David T. Hellen, 
John T. Hendricks, Michael 
A. Hendricks. 

Third Row. Wayne L. Henning, 
Monte S. Hicks, Bruce A. 
Hiebert, Lynnford H. Higley, 
Ronald D. Hoagland, John S. 
Hofer, John W. Hofmann 
Dwelle A. Hogan. 

Fourth Row: David J. Hol- 
singer, Glen M. Honeman, 
Robert H. Hossfeld, Daniel S. 
Huffman, Dennis D. Hughes, 
Kenneth B. Hughes, Bernard 
H. Hund, Charles W. Hurst. 

Fifth Row: Frederick E. Hut- 
tie, Billy D. Ihrig, Timothy M. 
Ireland, Willard A. Iverson, 
Samuel R. Jahnke, Donald L. 
Jameson, Martin E. Janczak, 
Richard L. Janousek. 

Sixth Row: Daniel E. Jantzen, 
James L. Jaske, Robert C. 
Jehlik, Douglas K. Jernigan, 
James N. Jobst, Charles R. 
Johnson, Don A. Johnson, 
Kelly D. Johnson. 

Seventh Row: Roland W. 
Johnston, Charles T. Jones, 
Douglas L. Kaiser, Marvin D. 
Kallenbach, Robert M. Kap- 
lan, Jerry D. Kazmaier, Max 
S. Keith, Don E. Kelpe. 

Eighth Row.- Ronald E. Keys, 
Mickey R. Killgore, Michael 
F. Kingman, Don F. Kissinger, 
William R. Klassen, Patrick F. 
Klenda, David C. Kline, David 
D. Knight. 

Ninth Row: Loren H. Koch, 
Thomas T. Kodama, Kenneth 
K. Koenig, David C. Kolars, 
Daniel C. Krepinevich, 
Thomas G. Ksiazek, Leslie W. 
Kuczynski, Royce D. Kuhl- 

Bottom Row: Dennis R. Kuhn, 
Clifford T. Kumamoto, Wing 
Kee Kwok, John L. Lackey, 
Wilbur L. Lala, Orlan R. Land, 
Daniel J. Landon, Arley D. 


Marlatt Hall -Top Row: Jerry 
G. Larson, Merle D. Larson, 
Milton G. Lau, Eldon D. Law- 
less, Duane R. Lee, Lonnie L. 
Lemon, Larry M. Lenhert, 
Michael Lichtenberger. 

Second Row: David K. Light- 
ner, Herbert M. Lindner, 
Dale E. Linin, Dwight E. Lively, 
Roger C. Locher, Richard I. 
Lorch, John L. Louderback, 
J. A. Lundquist. 

Third Row: Larry L. Lybarger, 
Jeffrey L. Lyon, Robert W. 
Mai, Gary E. Maier, Thomas 
E, Marshall, Albert G. Mar- 
ten, Lee A. Martin, Stephen 
L. Martin. 

Fourth Row: Larry B. Massey, 
Kenneth E. Mathias, William 
D. Mauck, Gary D. McCargar, 
Randy J. McDonald, Rex C. 
McGugin, William J. McKaig, 
Jim A. McKinnis. 

Fifth Row: Clifford S. Mc- 
Knight, Donald W. McLaugh- 
lin, Robert P. Mease, Robert 
D. Meats, Gary D. Metzinger, 
Christopher C. Micheals, 
James R. Miller, John R. 

Sixth Row: Marshall F. Miller, 
John R. Mitchem, Phillip E. 
Moore, William T. Moore, 
Jerry D. Morgan, Lyn J. Mor- 
gan, Danny L. Morris, William 
W. Morris. 

Seventh Row.- Bruce D. Mor- 
timer, Ronald E. Morton, 
James P. Murphy, Elton G. 
Murrow, Frank D. Murry, 
Keith D. Neaderhiser, Wil- 
liam L. Negrini, Vaughn L. 

Eighth Row: Larry G. Neu- 
schafer, Michael P. New- 
comer, Galen R. Niedenthal, 
Nicholas Nikolenko, Larry J. 
Nixon, Richard A. Nixon, 
Owen K. Nordvig, Terry W. 

Bottom Row: Dwight W. 
Oman, Kenneth A. Oring, 
Thomas L. Oursler, Jerry W. 
Overton, Richard S. Pad- 
dock, Thane R. Palmberg, 
William C. Pels, Donald E. 


d i*i* tit 

-*8 *f Tf 

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±m* f dA MiAdk tm dA 

ith*Jfcfct,MiJ AdA; 

^S^ fwm 0^. ./"^S 

\m -^W X^y^ 'T-=w ft 5 m m 

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->» W 



•<. «r IIP r * -**> *i 


dAtiA k 

jggg^^ ^g|^ <M9^k. 

1 r ^ 


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•Sf ^ «" '^^C? 


feLlfc i AM 


t» -^ « 

•!• *1 J^^ 1 r^r^ 

/w * •*•* J 

*^« r i 

";\ — ' A ~* k 

m A. M^. 

- M »■ J| ^ jjPP' 

tMe AM 

*^ .»» ,£» 

I ^ 


Marlatt Hall -7op Row: Dale 
J. Perry, Lance A. Peterson, 
Daniel D. Petr, Ralph L. 
Pierce, Richard M. Pierson, 
Joseph S. Pintar, Ross D. 
Piper, Eugene L. Powell. 

Second Row.- Kent R. Praeger, 
Donald W. Prather, David H. 
Prosser, John M. Quiring, 
John W. Ragland, Carl C. 
Ramsey, Lane C. Ramsey, 
Paul H. Rawlings. 

Third Row: Ralph L. Reed, 
Steven M. Reed, William H. 
Reissig, Max D. Remley, Wil- 
liam L. Reynolds, Barry L. 
Rhine, Eugene A. Riedel, 
Randall B. Riley. 

Fourth Row: Richard L. 
Riley, James M. Robinson, 
David R. Rockhold, Lynn D. 
Romberger, Edward L. Rork, 
Harvey I. Rosen, Ronald R. 
Rosenkranz, Herbert M. 

Fifth Row: Richard D. Ross, 
William R. Ross, Dale L. 
Royer, Dennis W. Ruckert, 
Roger A. Russ, Mark S. Rus- 
sak, James J. Ryan, John J. 

Sixth Row: William D. Ryan, 
Kenneth A. Sanders, Gen- 
naro Sansone, John D. 
Sauble, Perry 0. Scheuer- 
man, Wolfgang P. Schmidt, 
John S. Schofield, Harry M. 

Seventh Row: Daniel J. Sed- 
lak, George S. Shank, Mark 
P. Shapiro, Larry G. Shell, 
Michael E. Shelor, Robert S. 
Shelor, Danny D. Sheneman, 
Robert A. Sheppard. 

Eighth Row: Dennis R. 
Siefkes, John L. Siemens, 
Mark L. Sigg, Douglas G. 
Simms, John L. Singleterry, 
Danny L. Smith, Gary L. 
Smith, Paul D. Smith. 

Bottom Row: Philip W. Smith, 
Ronald W. Smith, Spencer L. 
Smith, Stanley W. Smith, 
Thomas W. Smith, Walter J. 
Smith, Dallas F. Snyder, 
Phillip F. Spain. 


Marlatt Hall - Top Row: Stuart 
A. Spaulding, Graydon D. 
Springer, John A. Springer, 
Paul S. Springsted, Alan E. 
States, John D. Stegner, Ken- 
neth W. Stein, Merle J. 

Second Row: Kenneth K. 
Sterne, Andrew F. Stewart, 
Fred S. Stivers, Kenneth L. 
Stoner, Melvin J. Stout, John 
W. Stude, Ralph E. Stude- 
baker, Clair L. Swann. 

Third Row: Roger R. Swart, 
Donald L. Sweat, Homer L. 
Taber, John C. Taylor, Wil- 
liam A. Taylor, Jay S. Tedford, 
Stephen M. Thieler, Douglas 

Fourth Row: Donald R. 
Thomas, Jon F. Thomas, Lin- 
don C. Thomas, Ronald L. 
Tittel, Harold J. Topliff, Ran- 
dall M. Trembly, James C. 
Trybom, Terry F. Ungeheuer. 

Fifth Row: Jerry L. Unzicker, 
James D. Vance, Garry R. Van 
de Riet, Henry W. VanLaar- 
hoven, Roger E. Vanover, 
Terry E. Waldren, George S. 
Wamhoft, George W. Warren. 

Sixth Row: Jimmy D. Warren, 
Gary L. Washburn, Carl E. 
Watterson, Montgomery D. 
Webster, Howard M. Wehr- 
man, Stephen B. Weiner, 
Paul H. Weisman, Darrel 
P. Wentz. 

Seventh Row: Richard D. 
West, Richard W. Westhoff, 
Hugh H. Wheelock, Douglas 
G. Whetstine, Terry L. White, 
Austin L. Widener, Robert H. 
Wilier, Mark D. Williams, 
Robert A. Williams. 

Eighth Row: Ronnie C. Wil- 
liams, Richard H. Willits, 
Kenneth C. Wiltse, Marvin J. 
Winkley, Wayne R. Winner, 
Ben W. Wood, Franklin C. 
Woods, Steve C. Woodson, 
Randolph L. Wright. 

Bottom Row: Robert J. Wuth- 
now, Jed E. Yaney, Thomas 
C. Zavesky, Steve M. Zeide, 
Richard M. Zimmer, Donald 
E. Zimmerman, Gary L Zim- 
merman, Frank E. Zitnik, 
Daryl J. Zumbrunn. 

C ~zm m m 

I We^ 

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~\ ;^ m % *^% 0fk n 


jH^ jaw*. ja**± 

WTL F»J f»J 

fc* fc* fc* fc»fc*fci «Aife 

3* /MS*' Pi <J»i 

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j/At ^k ^Mfc j| •^ rr ^L $AffijKA± 


International Hall — Top Row: 
Mrs. Jean Lymore, Cyril 0. 
Anazia, Michel Bady, Michael 
S. Chen, Clorse Dale. 

Bottom Row: Cyrus Eilian, 
Joseph Kapela, Fred Metzler, 
Moses M. Mukolwe, Richard 
L. Page. 

La Citadel -Top Row: Mrs. L. 
T. Smith, Danny R. Emig, 
George V. Glines, David N. 
Hollis, Tara Kishen, Fred- 
erick C. Meek. 

Bottom Row: Philip S. Nel- 
son, Douglas M. Rohloff, 
Harlan D. Stauffer, Ray D. 
Stauffer, Gale R. Sullivan, 
Harlan T. Wells. 

International Hall houses 
students of 15 countries 

Cosmopolitan influences 
accent life at La Citadel 

Organized in the fall as a residence for 
foreign students, International Hall was home 
for students from 15 countries. Among the 
residents were students from Persia, India, 
Africa and France. One International Hall 
man, enrolled at the University as a special 
student, was an associate professor of agri- 
culture from the University of Bucharest 
in Romania. 

Although the organization was new, Inter- 
national Hall men planned several parties. 
Mrs. Jean Lymore was housemother and an 
organizer of International Hall. Clorse Dale 
was elected president of the 21 residents. 

Interest in international students and life 
in foreign lands accented the life of La Citadel 
men. Included among the 11 men were seven 
students from India, Turkey and Formosa. 
Christopher Polycarpon, a student from 
Cyprus, spoke to the men about the island's 
political situation from his viewpoint as a 
Greek Cypriot. 

Harlan Wells was elected president while 
Mrs. L. T. Smith was housemother for La 
Citadel. The living group, which planned a 
spring hayrack ride, completed its eleventh 
year on campus. Tau Sigma Delta and Sigma 
Tau selected La Citadel men for membership. 


Kasbah-Mrs. Evelyn E. 
Rogers, Claude T. Crawshaw, 
Charles R. Fail, John G. 
Hayes, Gerald L. Lefmann, 
Michael Qui II in, Robert P. 
Renner, John L. Sheets. 


Kasbcih athletes compete in five intramural sports 

Five intramural sports were entered by 
Kasbah men. The house participated in inde- 
pendent division competition including 
basketball, horseshoes and badminton. Top- 
ping social events planned by Kasbah was a 

spring formal. Active in campus organiza- 
tions, men in the independent living group 
belonged to Soil Conservation Society of 
America, Klod and Kernel Klub and the Amer- 
ican Society of Agricultural Engineers. 

OK House- Mrs. Stuart Wal- 
ter, James L. Abendroth, 
Larry D. Groves, Robert B. 
Keigley, Donald L. Kiser, Den- 
nis C. Patterson, Robert W. 


OK House feels brunt 
of housing construction 

Pressure of competition from new Marlatt 
Hall and apartment complexes near campus 
was felt by OK House. In one year size 

dropped from 20 men to four residents spring 
semester. OK House was organized in 1953 
as a boarding house and has housed as many 
as 48 men. However, during 1964-65 meals 
were discontinued, and the group ceased to 
function as an organized living group. 

During fall semester the men participated 
in intramurals. The OK House team placed 
third in the independent division of football. 

Writing a composition, students complete the English pro- before graduation. Of the 1,194 juniors and seniors taking 

ficiency test. By University ruling, the test must be passed the test during fall semester, 16 per cent failed. 

Calculating the distance between two points on a map, three 
Parsons Hall men work together to complete homework for 

an Army ROTC map reading course. Approximately three- 
fourths of the men at Parsons Hall are enrolled in ROTC. 

Parsons Hall undertakes yard beautification work 

Leveling the yard and planting grass, men 
of Parsons Hall worked on a grounds beauti- 
fication project for their housing unit. Mr. and 
Mrs. Stanley Parsons served as house parents 
for the independent men's hall, 1334 Fremont. 

Second place, over-all standing in inde- 
pendent intramurals competition was won by 
Parsons Hall. As social activities, Parsons Hall 
residents planned a steak fry and a hayrack 
ride and wiener roast at Tuttle Creek. 

Parsons Hall -Top Row: Mrs. 
R. Stanley Parsons, James H. 
Anderson, James D. Ball, 
Thomas C. Burns, Thomas S. 
Church, Jerry L. Covert, Mar- 
tin H. Crumrine. 

Second Row: Robert E. 
Foster, Richard W. George, 
Gale W. Hamilton, Randy D. 
Hassler, Larry S. Hefty, Ed- 
ward R. Heinen, John J. 

Bottom Row: Richard E. 
Heuertz, Kay M. Kimball, 
Earl W. Lyddane, James A. 
McClelland, William W. 
Smith, Damon P. Swain, Ron- 
ald D. Welsh, Roger K. White- 


Stadium plans erection 
of Wildcat victory torch 

West Stadium built a victory fire before the 
Homecoming game and made plans for a 
permanent, gas-fed victory torch. Plans speci- 
fied that the torch be placed at the north end 
of Memorial Stadium to burn for all Wildcat 
athletic events. 

Residents entertained at a spring formal, a 
Christmas party and exchange dances with 
women's dormitories. The senior class treas- 
urer and the captain of the varsity swimming 
team were among the 30 residents of West 
Stadium. The men donated baskets of food to 
Manhattan families at Thanksgiving. 

Putting astronomy knowledge to use, a West Stadium resident 
explains how he assembled a three-inch reflector telescope. 

West Stadium -Top Row: Mrs. 
Irene Meyer, Thomas Meyer, 
Arthur A. Adams, Robert J. 
Albers, Greg L. Broeckelman, 
William W. Buisch. 

Second Row: Jettie F. Con- 
dray, Donald D. Craig, David 
F. Denning, John F. Dillon, 
Robert T. Duenkel, William 
D. Eisele. 

Third Row.- Francis L. Eisen- 
barth, Ronald A. Engelken, 
Robert N. Garrison, Thomas 
M. Hanlon, Frank D. Harrison, 
Larry L. Henry. 

Bottom Row: Gary F. Hevel, 
Allan J. Hunziker, Dennis G. 
Jury, Vincent F. Knopp, 
Steven L. Leuthold, Mune- 
haru Makishi. 




I* «m r? 



m **-* 

i yii 


West Stadium -Top Row: 
Michael P. Martin, Ronald G. 
Miller, Masanori Minei, Rod- 
ney L. Moore, Wayne J. Mul- 
lally, Michael J. Murray. 

Second Row: Ikuo Oka, Terry 
L. Patterson, Gary L. Sapp, 
William J. Schrandt, James E. 
Schwing, Larry W. Seim. 

Bottom Row: Daniel J. Shiel, 
Carl B. Sivage, Donald L. 
Soupiset, Louis A. Stall- 
baumer, Michael B. Stevens, 
Lewis R. Taylor, Dexter A. 

Men living in West Stadium live closer to the campus than 
residents of any of the other men's or women's dormitories. 

Students have only a three-minute walk from their rooms, 
built in the west half of Memorial Stadium, to the Union. 


Often preparing daily class work, married women in Jar- 
dine Terrace must also care for their homes and families. 

Jardine Terrace Mayors-William B. Pollock, William C. Randle, 
James I. Miller, A. Thornton Edwards. 

Allotted the grocery shopping, a married student unloads 
ingredients which his wife will need for a week of meals. 

Jardine Terrace units 
house married students 

Jardine Terrace apartments provided homes 
for 534 student families spring semester. 
Twenty-two of the 24 buildings and part of 
another were used for married housing. Sin- 
gle, upperclass women lived in the remaining 
University-operated apartments. 

For political organization, the complex was 
divided into five blocks. An elected council, 
composed of a mayor and two councilmen 
from each building, governed each block. 
Jardine did not conduct an organized intra- 
mural program as it had in former years. 



Evening get-togethers with other couples to play cards or 
just talk add a touch of relaxation for married students. 

Enjoying a warm day, one of the families living at Jardine 
Terrace barbecues steaks on a grill outside the unit. 

First traces of spring encourage car washers to use a hos- 
ing down site provided for Jardine Terrace residents. The 

complex of furnished apartments includes volleyball and 
basketball courts and coin-operated laundry facilities. 


Studying often proves difficult for the married men living 
with their families in the University-operated Jardine Ter- 

race. Many wives who live in the northwest campus apart- 
ment complex are also enrolled in course work for degrees. 

Married students use washers and dryers in laundry facili- 
ties provided at Jardine Terrace for their weekly washing. 

"Not more than $150 damage, I'm sure," think young road- 
sters using a sidewalk which connects Jardine apartments. 

u fc at m: 

Rising nine stories high, the new women's dormitory over- 
looks work on the foundation of a food service building. 

Construction begins on a $3,406,000 hall, which will 
house 627 women. It is scheduled to open Sept. 1, 1965. 

Combining with West Hall, the new dormitory and food serv- complex. The dormitory, the fourth residence hall built 
ice center complete part of a proposed four-dormitory in five years, makes possible the closing of Waltheim Hall. 


41 whsf* 

"l»rp:: v 

A 'Ami? 

^ s ;.?^. 

- ... 


- -V-. 



t A m 

I T 


Varsity Sports 277-313 

Intramural Sports 314-319 

All-Campus Events 320-361 

Extra Curricular Activities 362-388 


College memories are made of many things — 
the images of people, places and things. Years 
after graduation, college days will bring back 
memories of plays, heated athletic contests, mem- 
berships in music groups and on judging teams 
and publications staffs. These extracurricular 
activities reflect an image of one segment of the 
well-rounded student's University years. Al- 
though events and organizations must fit the in- 
terests of more than 9,000 individuals, each student 
can be sure there will be activities through which 
he can express his own personality. 

Distinctive of college life is a culturally 
flavored atmosphere. In attending programs 
ranging from Johnny Mathis to the Chamber 
Music Series to John Ciardi, students mirror 
cultural interests. Book reviews, plays, the 
Artist Series, lectures and political activities 
all provide a foundation on which the 
student may base a cultural outlook. 

Photo by Don Richards 

Photo by Don Richards 




Sports Publicity Director Paul DeWeese and his assistant, 
Bernie Gilmer, relay athletics information to news media. 

Athletics Director H. B. Lee examines a drawing of a pro- 
posed, compacted earth design stadium for the University. 

Athletics Council studies 
proposed stadium plans 

Plans for a proposed football stadium north- 
west of the campus were considered by 
Athletics Council. Memorial Stadium, used 

for football games for 40 years, was built for 
$500,000. Contributions had financed con- 
struction of the stadium. 

As its primary function, Athletics Council 
administered policies of the intercollegiate 
sports program through Athletics Director 
Horace B. Lee. Merrill A. Durland, a member 
of the council for 20 years, presided at meet- 
ings of the 12-member board. 

Athletics Council-Top Row: Gary M. Thomas, William J. Clark, 
Charles Socolofsky, John Chalmers, John C. Frazier. Bottom Row: 

Donald R. Ferguson, William G. Schrenk, H. B. Lee, Merrill A. 
Durland, Dan W. Upson. 

Chosen K-State's "Most Inspirational Player," John Chris- 
tensen outruns a Tiger defender to gain valuable yardage. 

With a game in progress, defensive line coach John Kadlec 
and Coach Doug Weaver issue instructions to the players. 

Quarterback Ed Danieley launches an aerial against Ne- 
braska, Big Eight Conference kingpin, in a contest at Lincoln 

which the Wildcats lost 47-0. During the gridiron season, 
Danieley completed 36 tosses for 358 yards and one score. 

Weaver's grid team ties 
for Big Eight's fifth spot 

Finishing the season with a rush by win- 
ning two of the final three games, the Wild- 
cats earned a 3-7 record. Coached by Doug 
Weaver, the team tied for fifth place in the 
Big Eight. Three wins were the most for a 
Cat team since 1955. 

In the season's first action the Purple and 
White battled Wisconsin to the wire before 
being dropped 17-7. The Wildcats rebounded 
against the University of Colorado by cuffing 
the Buffaloes 16-14. Salting away their first 
win, the 'Cats survived a Buff surge in the 
second half of the game. 

Opening home action showed University 
fans what was in store during the season. 
The team's defense smothered Missouri's 
offensive thrusts several times before the 
Tigers edged in to score, winning 7-0. 

Wildcat defenders Larry Anderson, Dan Woodward, Charlie 
Cottle and Bob Mitts smash into Tiger fullback Carl Reese. 



fr % 



^^^ m ^ 


Ranked third in the nation for punting with a 43.4 yard aver- 
age, Doug Dusenbury foots a ball against the Jayhawkers. 

Wildcats rope Cowboys, 
pacify Iowa's Cyclones 

Nebraska Cornhuskers tacked a 47-0 loss 
on the Wildcat record in a rugged match at 
Lincoln. On a trip into Soonerland, Weaver's 
squad ran into pre-season title favorite Okla- 
homa and fell 44-0. 

University of Kansas had its hands full with 
the Wildcats before Jayhawker All-American 
Gail Sayers broke for a 77-yard scoring jaunt. 
His run shackled the 'Cats with a 7-0 loss. The 
team also suffered a 21-10 defeat at the hands 
of Arizona State. 

Although Iowa State visited Memorial Sta- 
dium with hopes of picking up its first victory 
of the season, the Wildcats turned back a two- 
point conversion for a 7-6 decision. Against 
Oklahoma State, the 'Cats used a blocked kick 
score to win the home game 17-14. 

Jayhawker Ron Oelschlager is piled up by 'Cat defenders 
Mike Beffa, Dan Woodward and Bill Matan after a short dart 

up the 'Cat middle. Although Kansas won 7-0, the Wildcat 
defensive unit stood out for the entire Homecoming contest. 

Sealing off an opening on KU All-American Gail Sayers, 
defense players Dan Woodward, Bob Mitts, Denby Blackwell 

and Bill Matan move in to swamp Sayers. The All-American 
was held to six yards on six carries for the first half of play. 

Halfback Jerry Condit flares out into a void left by Iowa State leading Wildcat rusher, picking up 450 yards during the 

players to catch a pass from Ed Danieley. Condit was the season. The halfback was also the third place receiver. 


• -iSSgfe^*s? 


,l?PBPir «s 


During final minutes with Iowa State, defensive end Bill Matan 
expresses delight over the Cyclone's missed field goal. 

Matan, a junior, and Bob Mitts, a senior defensive line- 
backer, were named to the All-Big Eight defensive team. 

As Max Martin, Bob Mitts and Bob Sjogren gang tackle Iowa 
State's Ron Halda, linebacker Charlie Cottle falls on a 

Cyclone fumble. The play demonstrates that the key re- 
sponsible for Wildcat football fortunes was defensive action. 

In the Oklahoma State game, Bob Sjogren and Larry Ander- 
son collapse on Cowboy Jeff Williams. Defensive action 

held Cowboys to 131 ground yards. After winning 17-14, the 
'Cats won a fifth place Big Eight tie with Oklahoma State. 

Lobos edge past "Cats 
with lengthy field goals 

In the season's finale, the Wildcats out- 
classed but didn't outscore the Lobos of the 
University of New Mexico. The 'Cats domi- 
nated the contest statistically but three field 
goals, one a record breaking 51 -yard boot 
by Lobo guard Jack Abendschan, turned 
the game into a 9-7 loss for Weaver's team. 

1964 Football Squad- Top Row: Gary F. Pankratz, Max T. Martin, 
John H. Anderson, Lavere J. Hackbarth, Donald C. Ford, Richard K. 
Wilkinson, Richard L. Kochera, Edward L. Danieley, Mark P. Bolick, 
Larry R. Anderson, Douglas R. Nutter, Edward H. Dissinger, Michael 
N. Beffa, Harry L. Taylor, Donald E. Gabriel, Roy L. Smith. Second 
Row: Kenneth W. Pearce, Philip A. King, Pat V. Patton, John M. Novo- 
sel, James W. Grechus, Ronald L. Barlow, Carl E. Branson, Richard S. 
Gilkison, Willie L. Jones, John F. Cairl, David J. Langford, William D. 
Matan. Third Row: Robert L. Hailey, Donald J. Lawrence, Daniel F. 
Woodward, Martin W. Aubuchon, Steve P. Overton, Warren D. Kla- 






Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 



Kansas State 



Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Arizona State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 


New Mexico 


Nebraska won the 1964 Big Eight Conference 
football race. Oklahoma finished second; Kansas 
was third; and Missouri took fourth. K-State and 
Oklahoma State tied for fifth; Colorado placed 
seventh; and Iowa State claimed eighth. 

witer, Matthew F. Sinisi, James C. Perry, Rodney D. Nicholson, David 
L. Alexander, William C. Wilson, Henry'S. Howard, Joseph M. Mur- 
ray, Charles F. Cottle, Robert B. Nichols, Jerry L. Cook, Kenneth D. 
LaRue, Richard E. Towers. Bottom Row: Laurence Morgan, John A. 
Kadlec, Richard L. Branson, Richard A. Riggs, Robert L. Mitts, Robert 
H. Becker, Denby L. Blackwelk Lawrence E. Condit, Douglas W. 
Weaver, Douglas K. Dusenbury, Robert D. Sjogren, John L. Christen- 
sen, Michael D. Penrod, Carl J. Brown, Edward R. Dissinger, and 
Edward Blankenhagen. 

gmi^k ' ~* 


1.78L7 3.176: S5'. 

'Cat frosh team suffers 
NU, KU gridiron losses 

Under first-year Coach Ken LaRue, the 
Wildcat freshman squad continued its losing 
tendencies. However, marked improvement 
was noted at each game. Against the Nebraska 
crew, the yearlings fought gamely, but finally 
fell 0-7 before a hard-rushing Husker attack. 
Although the frosh rushing attack faltered, 
LaRue's team applied a potent passing assault 
which netted 100 yards. 

In its only home game, the frosh squad bat- 
tled a tough Kansas team and was upended 
13-6. Wildcats again used the airways to stay 
in the game, amassing 185 aerial yards. Quar- 
terback Mike White picked up 86 yards in a 
single pass to Lodis Rhodes. 


Kansas State Nebraska 

Kansas State 6 Kansas 


Up in the air, freshman Art Strozier attempts to spear one 
of the 39 aerials thrown by the frosh squad quarterbacks. 

Freshman flame-thrower, Mike White, flings an aerial in bined with end Lodis Rhodes for an 86-yard scoring pass in 
the annual game against Jayhawker yearlings. White com- the final minutes of play against KU. The 'Cat frosh lost 13-6. 

f !■&$&*£& 


Off for a short sprint is Jim Wallace, top ground gainer for 
the freshman team. In the Nebraska tilt, Wallace led the 

* - '*-\«*m :vw*& 

team with 54 yards. Using the air lanes, the rookie players 
picked up a season's total passing distance of 285 yards. 

1964 Freshman Football Squad- Top Row: John J. Bortka, Jimmy E. 
Wilson, Richard K. Balducci, Richard A. Noll, John R. Darling, Ben- 
jamin G. Hammond, John R. Phillip, Robert A. Senn, William R, Bell, 
Billy D. Ihrig, Timothy J. Knolla, Leonard Schuckman, James M. Dun- 
can, David R. Becraft, John L. Vrooman, Roger E. Shoemaker. Sec- 
ond Row: William F. Overman, John C. Morgan, Richard M. Goyne, 
Arthur A. Atrozier, Marvin M. Fairbanks, Charles E. Wretling, John E. 
McClure, Lonnie R. Fomby, Gregory J. Vahle, William B. Greve, Dean 
T. Hokanson, Marshall E. White, Stephen B. Weiner, Michael J. Mc- 
Grath, Richard J. Massieon. Third Row: Kenneth W. Albers, Robert 

* * - " •■ "" " jr 



-• I 

W. Stull, Richard Richardson, James E. Wallace, Lodis Rhodes, 
James R. Etherton, Raymond S. Driver, Daniel J. Lankas, Osmond 
Cain, Kenneth L. Chrane, Milan J. Borota, Ronald L. Bowen, Theodore 
R. Arndt, Andrew G. Spotts. Fourth Row: Glenn E. Boyd, Charles L. 
Jarrett, Darrell D. Althide, Michael D. White, James A. Rapp, Leo W. 
Salat, Melvin R. Avery, Thomas A. Gerencher, Jerold L. Heck, Frank 
A. Brown, Joseph A. Spurgeon, Gary D. Balmer, Larry L.Clark, Michael 
D. O'Rourke, Tom H. Corr, Vernon A. Kraft. Bottom Row: Daniel 
Scheneman, Ronald K. Holm, Dennis R. Winfrey, Kenneth D. LaRue, 
James K. Cooper, Ralph W. McFillen, Gene D. Larson. 

"Tlss »l 





77 ' 01 

41 6U 



Jeff Simons and Gary Williams fight double trouble, 
Indiana's Van Arsdale twins, for a rebound during the 

tilt with Indiana. Simons and Williams combined to 
score 31 points, but the Hoosiers won the 74-70 game. 

As a Mizzou guard towers over Roy 0. Smith, Dennis Berkholtz, a sophomore guard 
who netted 17 points in the loss to Missouri, moves in to help the fallen 'Cat giant. 

^W|| : / 


Basketball team swoops 
to Big Eight sixth place 

Although Wildcat basketball players picked 
up Coach Tex Winter's 213th win, the team 
finished with a 12-13 season record. The squad 
placed sixth in the Big Eight. 























































Southern Illinois 


Loyola (Chicago) 


Penn State 






















Iowa State 


Iowa State 




Oklahoma State 








Oklahoma State 






Forward Jim Hoffmann fires a jump shot against 
Nebraska during a 62-57 Wildcat loss to Huskers. 

Oklahoma State won the Big Eight champion- 
ship; Kansas finished second; Missouri and Colo- 
rado tied for third; Iowa State was fifth; K-State 
and Nebraska tied for sixth; and Oklahoma 
was eighth. 

Surrounded by reporters, Coach Tex Winter discusses the 
'Cat victory over KU with Jayhawk mentor Ted Owens. 

Leading Wildcat scorer, Ron Paradis, drives up for a buck- 
et as sophomore Roscoe Jackson flexes for a rebound shot. 

Senior Jeff Simons, who scored 20 points in the first half 
against Loyola, readies the ball for another two pointer. 

Junior scoring sensation, Ron Paradis, looks for a 'Cat to 
pass to during the team's 82-71 conquest over Iowa State. 

Paradis led Wildcat scorers during the season campaign 
by hitting 294 counters for a 12.3 average during 24 games. 

Wildcats meet Creighton 
in opening home combat 

Opening play of the basketball season 
found the Wildcats meeting Creighton in 
Ahearn Field House. The 'Cats defeated the 
Bluejays 96-82 to run up their season's highest 
game score. When Indiana played in Ahearn, 
its VanArsdale twins shot 44 points for a 
Hoosier victory of 74-70. Eighteen points by 
Jeff Simons topped the 'Cat offensive effort 
against Indiana. Roy Smith recorded 17 points. 

In the Wildcat's first basketball meeting 
with Southern Illinois, the team snapped out 
of a first half slump to batter the Salukis 61-48. 
At the Sunflower Doubleheader, the Wildcats 
ripped Loyola of Chicago 77-67 as 10 'Cats 
shared in scoring. In KU's Allen Field House 
for the second half of the doubleheader, Penn 
State surprised players by outscoring them 
60-59. Simons again led scoring with 33 points. 

On the team's west coast swing, the 'Cat's 
found play in their favor when they defeated 
Washington 73-66. However, the men lost to 
Washington the following night. Wildcats 
romped to a 92-58 win over Oregon, their 
biggest winning margin of the campaign. 

Ron Paradis dodges into position for a play in the Southern 
Illinois game. The visitors fell 61-48 to the 'Cats. 

Senior forward Lou Poma fights off three Kansas players to 
nab a rebound in the team's 71-63 win over the Jayhawks. 

Two Penn State squad members entangle themselves with 6- 
foot, 10-inch Roy Smith at the Sunflower Doubleheader. 


Senior Lou Poma, who signed a contract to play profes- 
sional football, blocks a shot loosed by a Creighton player. 

Roy Smith, 6-foot, 10-inch pivot, receives the worst end of 
a play after he is knocked down during the game with OU. 

After setting up a play with a delicate pass, Jeff Simons 
(21) moves in to fight for the rebound from a shot taken 

by Jim Hoffmann against Missouri. The Tigers ended the 
'Cat's eight-game, home winning streak with a 67-58 victory. 

In the game against Loyola of Chicago during the Sunflower 
Doubleheader, Dick Barnard chases a loose ball. The Wild- 

cats defeated the Ramblers 77-67 in the first meeting of the 
two schools since 1936 when Loyola upended the Wildcats. 

As Jim Hoffmann goes for a rebound, Ron Paradis arches a 
shot over the out-stretched hand of a Penn State player. 

"Cats win two, place third 
in pre-season tourney 

In the pre-season Big Eight Tournament in 
Kansas City, the 'Cats downed Oklahoma 
75-65 in the first game but were edged out by 
Kansas 54-52 in the second contest. While the 
team finished third by defeating Missouri 
90-62, Kansas players were the eventual cham- 
pions. Later, on a last second tip-in by Roy 
Smith, the squad won a game with Oklahoma 
in the opening conference game. 

On the road, the Wildcats met Colorado and 
Missouri. The Buffaloes scored an 80-77 win 
despite a 22-point performance by Ron 
Paradis. Missouri ripped the team 80-68 in an 
afternoon, televised game. With Roy Smith 
hitting 25 points, the Wildcats defeated Kansas 
71-63. Iowa State dropped the men 91-76, but 
the 'Cats overcame the loss with an 82-71 win 
in a return game. 

With a 62-57 upset, Nebraska started a four- 
game 'Cat losing streak. Big Eight winner, 
Oklahoma State, defeated the 'Cats 52-49. 


Basketball players cluster around Roy Smith after they 
scored a two-point win over OU. Smith, named to the Big 

Eight All-Academic first team, recorded a goal as the gun 
sounded to hand the Wildcats a 71-69 victory over Oklahoma. 

"Cats fight losing skein, 
win finale at Nebraska 

Oklahoma kept the Wildcat losing skein 
alive with an 80-65 victory in the third season 
game between the two teams. Ron Paradis 
triggered 'Cat scoring by netting 15 points. 
To avenge an early season loss, KU jumped 
into an early game lead of 11-2 and pinned the 
team 86-22. 

Wildcats broke the losing streak with a 
65-50 win over Colorado. Smith led the 'Cat 
assault with 14 points. In a return match with 
Oklahoma State, the players lost 69-60 to the 

In the final home encounter, the men sus- 
tained a 67-58 defeat by Missouri. For the 
season's finale at Lincoln, the Wildcats stormed 
over the Cornhuskers 79-67. Sophomore 
Dennis Berkholtz recorded 19 points. 


From a basket's-eye view, Larry Weigel makes a steal from 
Colorado's Bob Bauers in the 65-50 'Cat basketball victory. 

Fierce competition between Roy Smith and a KU player spurs Grabbing a rebound over Missouri's Ned Monsees, Sammy 
Smith to complete his best season game, netting 25 points. Robinson adds to 111 baskets he scored during the season. 

1965 Basketball Squad -Top Row: Assistant Coach Roy DeWitz, 
Jeffrey C. Simons, James N. Hoffmann, John W. Olson, Nick Pino, 
Roy 0. Smith, Gary W. Williams, Louis L Poma. Second Row.- Assis- 
tant Coach William W. Guthridge, Robert E. George, Sammy J. 
Robinson, Ronald E. Paradis, Dennis L. Berkholtz, Dick L Barnard, 

James R. McConnell, Coach Tex Winter. Bottom Row: Lawrence N. 
Weigel, Lawrence A. Cohan, Gerald E. Janovetz, Chester L Berger, 
William R. Jackson, Richard V. Linnell, John S. McCormick, Student 
Manager Jerry D. Kazmaier. 

Sophomore Dennis Berkholtz fakes a shot over seven-foot Nick 
Pino in varsity-freshman play won by the varsity men 72-49. 

Spearing a rebound against Nebraska, Earl Seyfert shows 
the form that helped him lead the frosh team in rebounding. 

1965 Freshman Basketball Squad-7bp Row: Tommie J. Harvey, 
Robert D. Herman, Michael H. Williams, Earl H. Seyfert, Neddie K. 
Goss, Leo D. Hawkins, Walter J. Viney. Second Row: Coach Roy 
DeWitz, Assistant Coach William W. Guthridge, Roy K. Teas, Alan J. 
Robinson, Daniel E. Gaskin, Thomas K. Rogge, Joseph S. Henrichs, 

Steven F. Honeycutt, Student Assistant Thomas C. Train, Coach 
Morice F. Winter. Bottom Row: Student Manager Jimmie W. Smith, 
Rodney D. McMullen, Roger K. Dickerson, Stephen A. Webb, Eugene 
D. Rider, Mark T. Milbourn, John W. Shupe, Student Manager 
Robert D. Meats. 

Freshman cage season 
closes with 4-4 record 

After four early season victories, the fresh- 
man basketball team slumped to a 4-4 over-all 
mark. With three high school All-American 
recruits, the yearlings opened with an 86-59 
win over Chanute Junior College. On the road 
against Nebraska, the squad whipped the 
Cornhuskers 73-71. 

Meeting University of Kansas freshmen 
twice, the 'Cats recorded losing scores both 
times. The freshmen ended the season de- 
feated by Parsons Junior College, KU and 
Missouri in a final three-game home stand. 


Kansas State 


Chanute Junior College 


Kansas State 


Dodge City Junior College 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Parsons Junior College 


Kansas State 




Kansas. State 




Mike Williams, who led freshmen in scoring and finished 
second in rebounding, grabs a rebound during the KU game. 

Putting a stop to a drive by Dodge City's Reggie Green is 
'Cat Roy Teas. Former high school All-Americans, Mike 

Williams and Earl Seyfert, move to assist Teas. With an 
average 18.4 points per game, Williams was top frosh scorer. 

■L ~M. mm 

Moving in for the kill, senior Dick DeMoss attempts to 
turn a Fort Hays wrestler to set him in position for a pin. 

Four Wildcat Wrestlers 
place in Big Eight meet 

Wildcat wrestlers placed fifth in the Big 
Eight, boosted by a third place finish by 
Richard DeMoss in the 157-pound class. Martin 
Little, 123; Gary Watson, 177; and Ron Baker, 
heavyweight, placed fourth in their classes at 
the conference meet. 

Oklahoma State finished first, followed by 
Iowa State, Oklahoma, Colorado, K-State, 
Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. 

Kansas State 


South Dakota State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Wisconsin State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Fort Hays State 


Kansas State 


Mankato State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 

Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 

Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Air Force Academy 


Kansas State 




1965 Wrestling Squad -Top Row: Coach Fritz G. Knorr, Thomas V. 
Ruttino, John R. Mitchem, Mark E. Sharp, Jerome H. Cheynet, 
Russell Lay, William A. Williams, James R. Horning, Martin L. Little, 
Freshman Coach Rosalio Garcia. Second Row: Gene R. Morford, 
William P. Atkinson, James G. Kent, Joel R. Kriss, Kenneth C. Gore- 
ham, Leslie A. Schreiner, Dennis D. Wootter, Robert J. Bliss, Wolfgang 

P. Schmidt. Third Row: Larry E. Elder, Larry S. James, Daniel D. 
Dunham, Ira L Dale, John S. Schofield, David M. Greene, Ray 
Ottenberg, Richard T. DeMoss, Richard G. Howell. Bottom Row: 
Martin D. List, Raymond E. Smith, David K. Lightner, William R. 
Hegberg, Ronald A. Baker, Gary E. Watson, Michael L. Moser, William 
L. Brown, Larry J. Urban, Floyd A. Jones. 








In a 167-pound match, Joel Kriss strains during his escape 
from a Nebraska foe. Kriss, a sophomore, was out of action 

for the last two weeks of the mat season, missing the 
Big Eight wrestling tourney and a dual with Oklahoma. 

Head wrestling coach for the fourteenth season, Fritz Knorr 
directs the fortunes of Wildcat grapplers from the bench. 

Working a reversal, William R. Williams moves to the ad- 
vantage before losing to a University of Oklahoma wrestler. 

Churning to a varsity record in the 200-yard butterfly, 
Allan Fedosky nears a turn in the meet Emporia State won. 

Four swimmers earn 
All-Conference berths 

Four Wildcat swimmers were named to the 
All-Conference team. The squad posted a 
5-4 dual record. Paced by sophomore Bob 
Duenkel, who won two events, the swimmers 
placed fifth in the Big Eight meet. Ranked 
twelfth in NCAA contention, Duenkel became 
the first Wildcat ever to place in a national 



Kansas State 


Washington of St. Louis 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Pittsburg State 


Kansas State 


Emporia State 


Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Oklahoma captured the Big Eight swimming meet 
followed by Iowa State, Kansas, Nebraska, Kansas 
State, Colorado, Oklahoma State and Missouri. 

1965 Swimming Squad -Top Row: Coach Edward J. Fedosky, Billy D. 
Ratliff, David R. Reynolds, Robert T. Duenkel, Terry L. Biery, Patrick 
K. Harrold, Thomas M. Hanlon, Donald E. Hyde. Second Row: Craig 
A. McNeal, Terry L. Mack, Norman T. Shawver, Gerald M. Plummer, 

Robert J. Turner, Frederick Erickson, Matthew L Butler, Allen L 
Fedosky. Bottom Row: Dennis D. Hughes, John R. Kegley, Herbert 
R. Hopper, Craig W. Ridenour, Michael D. Dumford, James D. 
Latham, Thomas L Oursler, Dexter A. Vergin. 


'^w ( 

1965 Gymnastics Squad -Coach Frank J. Thompson, Wilson L. 
Denton, James L. Bottorff, Fred L. Peterson, Stanley R. Husted, Clair 

C. Hill, Robert K. Breckbill, Donald C. Griffiths. 

Gymnasts set records, 
earn fifth in conference 

Ending the season with a 5-5 dual record, 
the gymnastics team finished fifth in the Big 
Eight Conference meet. Lee Denton and Stan 
Husted paced the squad in a record setting 
season. Denton set a Wildcat record for most 
points scored by recording 210 points. Husted 
also established a mark in the side horse with 
53 points, including eight first place finishes 
in 10 gymnastic meets. 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Central Missouri State 


Kansas State 


Wichita State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Central Missouri State 


Kansas State 


Fort Hays State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Wichita State 


Kansas State 


Northwest Okla. State 


Iowa State won the Big Eight meet, followed by 
Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Kansas State. 
Missouri, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State did 
not compete. 

Captain Lee Denton springs through a movement on the long 
horse, an event added this season to all-around competition. 


Distance runners race 
to fourth in conference 

Finishing fourth in the Big Eight high- 
lighted the cross-country season for distance 
runners, with DeLoss Dodds coaching the 
team for the second year. Conrad Nightingale, 
who finished fourth in the Big Eight meet, 
paced Wildcat runners to cross-country wins 
over Wichita State, Missouri and Nebraska. 

Kansas State 
Kansas State 
Kansas State 

Kansas State 


20 Missouri 38 

26 Nebraska 29 

34 Drake 27 

Wichita State 65 

66 Kansas 33 

Fort Hays State 52 

Emporia State 63 

Low score wins. Kansas won the Big Eight title, 
followed by Oklahoma State, Colorado, Kansas 
State, Nebraska, Iowa State, Missouri and 

Jubilant Coach DeLoss Dodds grabs Conrad Nightingale after 
the runner placed fourth in the Big Eight cross-country meet. 

1964 Cross-Country Squad -Coach DeLoss Dodds, Conrad Night- 
ingale, Michael E. Michaud, Richard L. Gillaspie, Albert N. Yenkey, 

Kenneth L. Francis, Charles Y. Harper, Wilfred H. Lehmann. 


1965 Indoor Track Team -Top Row.- William L.Congleton, Michael E. 
Michaud, Donald E. Payne, Lon K. Floyd, Kenneth H. Underwood, 
Robert E. Schmoekel, Roland M. Gunn, Don L. Riedl, Steven L. 
Rogers, Asst. Coach Robert L. Baker. Second Row: Manager Ray L. 
Salyer, Wilfred H. Lehmann, Charles Y. Harper, A. Norman Yenkey, 

Conrad Nightingate, David C. Tuggle, Robert C. Hines, William A. 
Floerke, Ronald K. Holm, Coach DeLoss D. Dodds. Bottom Row: 
James A. Beard, Harry L. Kitchener, John H. Ferguson, Michael A. 
Novak, William L. Selbe, Harold R. Harrison, Arthur S. Harvey, 
Spencer W. King, Richard L. Gillaspie. 

"Cats top second division 
in Big Eight indoor meet 

Tying for fifth place in the Big Eight indoor 
meet highlighted the season for Wildcat track 
men. Donald Payne and Bill Selbe topped the 
'Cat performances. Payne finished first in the 
400-yard dash to give the team its first indi- 

vidual winner since 1961. Selbe placed second 
in the 600-yard run. 


46 Nebraska 89 

Drake 16 

31 Kansas 91 

91 Wichita State 22 

Kansas State 

Kansas State 
Kansas State 

In the Big Eight Indoor Track Meet, Missouri 
finished first followed by Kansas, Nebraska, 
Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Oklahoma (tie), 
Colorado and Iowa State. 

Gliding over the timbers in a preliminary heat of the 60-yard 
high hurdles at the K-State Indoor Relays, Ron Holm, in 

second place, tests first place hurdler Darrell Green of 
Iowa State. Wildcat runners placed second in the Relays. 



High-flying Steve Rogers heaves himself into the sand pit 
during broad jump competition at the Missouri meet. 

'Cats pull out of cellar 
in conference rankings 

Coach DeLoss Dodds, in his first season at 
the helm of the Wildcat trackmen, guided K- 
State thinclads out of the Big Eight cellar into 
seventh place. Despite injuries to key person- 
nel, Dodds' squad posted a one-win, three- 
loss dual record for the conference meets. 

Injuries to valuable individual performers 
was a problem for the Wildcats. Bill Floerke, 
top javelin launcher; Don Payne, quartermiler 
for the K-State club and dashman Dale Alex- 
ander were hampered throughout spring track 
season with major injuries. 

Bob Hines, junior broad jumper, headed 
Wildcat action with most points earned dur- 
ing the season. Hines scored in each of K- 
State's duals and in the Arkansas, Texas and 
Colorado relays. Only meet in which the 
jumper failed to score was the Kansas Relays. 

During first season as head track coach, DeLoss Dodds times 
a practice run around the Memorial Stadium cinder track. 


jg -■ •■■ ■ p 

In decathlon competition, trackster Steve Rogers glides over a pole vault bar. Rogers 
earned fourth place in the ten grueling decathlon events during the Kansas Relays. 

Wildcat hurdlers Tony Beard, Jack Hooker and Don Bouchey 
leg it down to the wire against Missouri, but only Beard 

placed for the 'Cats. He finished with second in the dual 
and also took third in high hurdles at the Colorado contest. 


Strained expressions cover the faces of Wildcat and Missouri 
sprinters as they explode from starting blocks in the Mis- 

?:M*~ - . ki"& 

souri dual. 'Cat trackmen scored, but not enough to ward 
off a 8OV2 to 64V2 loss suffered at the hands of the Tigers. 

1964 Outdoor Track Squad -Top Row: Gerald L. Condit, Michael A. 
Novak, David C. Tuggle, K. Jack Hooker, Steve L. Rogers, Kenneth D. 
Winters, Donald E. Payne, Spencer W. King, Robert C. Mines, William 
A. Floerke. Second Row: John P. McNeal, Lawrence E. Condit, Robert 
E. Schmoekel, William L. Selbe, Jerold W. Kinnamon, Arthur S. Har- 

vey, Richard L. Gillaspie, William W. Dutton, James A. Beard, Ray 
L Salyer, Coach D. DeLoss Dodds. Bottom Row: Gerald E. Darnall, 
Paul B. Swartz, Albert N. Yenkey, Bruce A. McGehe, Virgil B. Roper, 
Gary D. Bouchey, Dixon R. Doll, John H. Ferguson, William 
L. Congleton. 


Ace runner, Bill Selbe, breaks the finish tape ahead of Mis- 
souri tracksters for first place in the 440-yard dash. 

Wildcats score points 
in relays, single action 

With most scores earned by the team in any 
of the relays, Wildcats placed in seven events 
at the Arkansas Relays. At Stillwater five men 
ranked in Big Eight action while in the sea- 
son's only triangular action, Wildcat trackmen 
compiled 56 points to overtake Texas Tech's 
32 counters. Oklahoma led scoring at the meet 

with 88 points. During the Stillwater meet 
Dale Alexander, the squad's top sprinter, 
placed in the 100- and 220-yard dashes. 

Claiming a 266.4-foot toss, javelin bomber 
Bill Floerke was ranked first in the nation early 
in the year. He finished the season fourth 
among national javelin launchers. In final 
American Olympic trials, the K-Stater placed 
fifth. Although injured later in the season, 
Floerke snared top honors at the first spring 
meet with a 251.7-foot toss. 


Kansas finished first at the Big Eight meet, 
followed by Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Okla- 
homa State, Colorado, K-State and Iowa State. 

In the mile relay, Bill Selbe races to the finish line to secure 
first place for the 'Cat track squad at the Missouri dual. 


Late peg from the Colorado outfield allows Wildcat Sam 
Somerhalder to score a run in the last home game. 

Somerhalder, 'Cat outfielder, had the fourth highest 
batting average and was second in runs on the team. 

Wauthier's "Cats finish 
in Big Eight basement 

Because of frequent fielding lapses and the 
lack of timely hitting, Coach Ray Wauthier's 
Wildcat baseball squad finished in the Big 
Eight Conference cellar, sporting a 5 win 
and 18 loss record. A stout defense, one of 
Wauthier's trademarks in the past, was miss- 
ing from the games. Numerous errors were 
made, leading to 45 unearned runs. 

Coach Wauthier, in his final year at the 
helm of the Wildcat baseball team, experi- 
mented with the line-up, hoping to get the 
team to snap out of a season-long batting 
slump. The team average was .168; their oppo- 
nents batted the Wildcat pitching staff for a 
.272 average. The leading hitter on the squad 
was Joe Beck with a .244 average. 

Coach Ray Wauthier helps Wildcat baseballers Charley 
Farmer and Joseph Beck develop their batting eyes. 



Kansas State 


Memphis State 


Kansas State 


Memphis State 


Kansas State 


Delta State 


Kansas State 


Arkansas State 


Kansas State 


Arkansas State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Missouri finished first in the Big Eight, followed 
by Oklahoma, Iowa State, Kansas, Colorado, 
Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. 

Digging for home is Wildcat first baseman Ed Avery for 
an important score in the series with Nebraska University. 

1964 Baseball Squad-7op Row: Daniel F. Woodward, William D. 
Matan, Galen K. Campbell, Robert E. Stauth, Raydon H. Robel, 
Kenneth N. Aikin. Second Row: Joseph L Beck, James H. Wesch, 
Gerald D. Soderstrom, Eddie L Avery, Jerry W. Fraser, Carrold D. 

Howard, Frederick R. Cottrell, Raymond A. Wauthier. Bottom Row: 
Douglas K. Backman, Jerry R. Carson, Gunter Ekis, Charles J. 
Farmer, Keith L. Cramer, Ronald L. Wilson, Sammy R. Somerhalder. 





;«Y'&i:^K,1in. ■•■ 

Coldness engulfs the crowd at a Nebraska game but the Wildcat fastballer Galen Campbell fires a pitch to Raydon 
steady action on the playing field keeps their attention. Robel, 'Cat catcher, during the Oklahoma Sooner game. 

Hard slide by Wildcat shortstop Fred Cottrell wins him 
a place on third base in the Colorado game. The 'Cats 

dropped three straight to the Buffaloes and finished in the 
basement of the Big Eight for the second straight year. 

:*s . 


Taking a healthy swing, Ed Avery meets a ball. Avery con- 
nected enough times to drive in 11 runs for the Wildcats. 

Hustling umpire gets out of Bill Matan's way as the big 
Wildcat catcher goes into first base for an easy single. 

Five game road series 
opens play for baseball 

The Wildcats opened seasonal play with a 
five game non-conference road trip, begin- 
ning with Memphis State. The 'Cats posted a 
two win, three loss slate on the trip. The 
opening conference opponents, Kansas, gave 
the Wildcats a rough welcome by winning 
two of three and establishing a season losing 
trend for Wauthier's batmen. 

Close games played an important part in 
the Wildcats' 18 losses during the season. The 
squad played ten games in which the margin 
of victory or defeat was two runs or less. They 
lost seven of them. The Wildcats ended the 
season with three games against Colorado and 
hopes of climbing out of the Big Eight base- 
ment. They lost all three to the Buffaloes. 


Golfers pull sixth spot 
in Big Eight tournament 

Under rookie coarch Bill Guthridge, the 
varsity golf squad finished with sixth place 
berth in the Big Eight tournament. In his first 
year, Guthridge led the 'Cats to a 10-11 record. 
Top Wildcat linkster was James Colbert who 
placed second in the NCAA golf meet. 

1964 GOLF 

Kansas State 

Kansas State 9 

Kansas State 3Vi 

Kansas State 9 

Kansas State 3 Vi 

Kansas State 5Vi 

Kansas State 1 

Kansas State 8 

Kansas State 4 

Kansas State 

Kansas State 1 

Kansas State 8V2 

Kansas State 10V2 

Kansas State 8 V2 

Kansas State IOV2 

Kansas State 12 

Kansas State 12 

Kansas State 3 ¥2 

Kansas State 6 

Kansas State 10 

Kansas State 7 

Tulsa 16 
Iowa State 6 

Oklahoma State 11 Vz 

Iowa State 6 

Oklahoma IIV2 
Washburn 9Vi 

Washburn 14 
Missouri 7 

Wichita 11 

Oklahoma 15 

Kansas 14 
Kansas 6V2 

Nebraska 4V2 

Wichita 6V2 

Iowa State 4V2 

Missouri 3 

Nebraska 3 

Kansas 1 1 V2 
Missouri 9 

Nebraska 5 

Kansas 8 

Oklahoma State won the Big Eight golf tourney 
followed by Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Mis- 
souri, K-State, Iowa State and Nebraska. 

As Doug Dusenbury tends the pin, linkster Jerry Shaw lines 
up a practice putt on the Manhattan Country Club course. 

Golfmen Jerry Shaw, Doug Dusenbury, Don Breit, James Col- 
bert and Joel Athey meet new link coach, Bill Guthridge. 

Under Guthridge, the squad picked up a six-game winning 
streak late in the season to finish with a 10-11 record. 


Head tennis mentor, Karl Finney, calls the tennis squad 
together following a 7-0 win in the opening match against 

Creighton University. The tennis team includes members 
Don Fassnacht, Bill Bork, Roger Dalrymple and Alan Smith. 

K-State netter, Roger Dalrymple, swings around for a re- 
turn lob in the Wildcats' 7-0 sweep against Washburn. 

Tennis team takes eighth 
in Big Eight contention 

After moving over five of their first seven 
opponents, the '64 Wildcat tennis team settled 
for a 7-7 over-all record. The team took eighth 
place in the Big Eight meet. Top Wildcat 
singles performer was Alan Smith who com- 
piled a 9-4 individual scoring slate. 

1964 TENNIS 

Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Emporia State 


Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Oklahoma Baptist 

Kansas State 


Oklahoma City 


Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 

Air Force 


Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Kansas won the Big Eight tennis crown, followed 
by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Iowa State. 
Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri tied for fifth; 
K-State finished eighth. 


1965 Rowing Team -Top Row: William H. Dobson, Forrest Louder- 
back, Jerry L. Henry, Jettie F. Condray, Rowland H. Anthony, Eric W. 
Kohls, Stephan J. Minter, William E. Gamble, Mervin E. Buchenau, 

Donald L. Rose. Bottom Row.- John H. Yust, Michael J. Crubel, Donald 
R. Root, Royce D. Kuhlman, Gary D. Francis, William E. Buzenberg, 
Richard E. Graner, Dwayne D. Gier, Fredric Wisegarver. 

Rowing team organizes, 
opens season with win 

Rowing, the University's newest sport, 
claimed title as the oldest intercollegiate team 
sport. Coach Don Rose recruited 25 men for 
the Wildcat rowing squad which completed 

its first season on Tuttle Creek. 

In their first race, the 'Cat oarsmen pro- 
pelled their shell to a first place finish in an 
intercollegiate race on the Mississippi River. 
While the Wildcat team edged out St. Thomas 
College, Minnesota pulled into third. In their 
second start, a triangular at Lafayette, Ind., the 
oarsmen fell to third place. With Purdue plac- 
ing first, Michigan State nipped out the 'Cat 

Skimming across Tuttle Creek reservoir, men on the year-old 
Wildcat rowing team demonstrate their prowess at pro- 

pelling the sleek, 40-foot shell to meet-winning speeds. 
The eight-man crew is directed by a coxswain in the rear. 


Squad members of the rifle team, ranked third nationally, 
practice target shooting on the military science range. 

Gunnery squad finishes 
third in national rankings 

Led by Ail-Americans Robert Dorian and 
Margaret Thompson, the rifle team captured 
the Big Eight crown for the fifth time in six 
years. The squad ranked third in the nation 
for the season. 

Out of the 13 teams competing at a Uni- 
versity of Nebraska invitational meet, the 
riflemen finished first. The squad earned first 
place trophy in the K-State Invitational Turkey 
Shoot, in which 50 teams entered. With a 
10-team increase in competitors, the turkey 
shoot became the largest rifle tournament 
in the nation. 

At a National Rifle Association section tour- 
ney at the University of Missouri, the Wildcat 
team also placed first. Against 15 teams in the 
NRA meet, 'Cat gunners carted off three of 
the five individual trophies. 

1965 Rifle Team -Top Row: James L. Flory, Virgil F. Mel nty re, Spencer 
A. Linderman, Michael L. Wentz, James K. Leipper, Robert H. Dorian. 

Bottom Row: Michael F. Kingman, Margaret L. Thompson, Roanne 
L. Jefferies, Larry G. Hess. 


In a coed title game, a player for Off-Campus Women, the 
volleyball champion, returns a volley from Van Zile Hall. 

Co-ordinating the coed sports program for the second year, 
Sandra Hick organizes the agenda for women's intramurals. 

Boyd Hall Kickball Team Top 

Row: Patricia A. Hatch, Judith 
A. Stindt, Joan R. Schneikart, 
Genevieve C. Darter. Bottom 
Row: Judith I. Hysom, Linda 
J. Sebesta, Barbara J. Harris. 


Off-Campus Women Volleyball Team -Fop Row: Carolyn J. Cox, Sharon 
J. Grubb, Judith E. Linden, Rebecca I. Long, Phyllis M. Louk. Bottom 

Row: Michael S. Anderson, Dee A. Stephens, Kathryn A. Claybaugh, 
Marilyn C. Morris. 

Sports participation wins 
crown for Kappa women 

Although Kappa Kappa Gamma placed 
first in only one sports event, the sorority 
earned enough participation points in other 
sports to win 1964 women's intramurals. In 
their one championship sport, Kappas cap- 
tured the swimming title for the second 
consecutive year. The Women's Athletic Asso- 
ciation presented a trophy to Kappas for first 
place in over-all rankings. 

Off-Campus Women won the volleyball 
crown for the second consecutive year by out- 
scoring Van Zile Hall in two games. Boyd 
Hall overpowered Alpha Delta Pi 10-6 to win 
the intramural kickball championship. With 
an undefeated slate, Judith Burgess of Putnam 
Hall won the tennis singles title for her 
women's residence hall. 

Sandra Hick, women's intramural director, 
co-ordinated the eight sport coed schedule for 
the second year. Along with fields near Aggie- 
ville, the women's intramural program used 
facilities in Nichols Gymnasium. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma Swimming Team-7bp Row: Carla A. Krehbiel, 
Barbara P. Loebeck, Nancy A. Baker. Bottom Row: Cheryl R. Stuckey, 
Susan M. Mobley. 






For the first season, dormitory men enter a separate intra- 
mural division added by Elton Green, intramural director. 

Betas, Junior AVMA 
capture intramural titles 

With a record 1,161 points, Beta Theta Pi 
ranked first in 1964 fraternity intramurals. 
Veterinary students on the Junior AVMA team 
won independent play. 

Betas and Junior AVMA teams captured the 
baseball crowns. Veterinary students also won 
independent volleyball. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
earned the golf title, while Sig Alph Bob 
McConnell won Greek handball competition. 
Newman Club's Francis Chyr was first in the 
independent handball tournament. 

Junior AVMA Softball Team -Top Row: Russell A. Frey, Vernon D. 
Johnson, Robert W. Minter, Roy Friesen, Elmer G. Davis, Richard 
Blankenship, Gerald L. O'Keeffe, Bernard A. Friesen. Bottom Row: 

Ivan R. Schrock, Thomas A. Martin, Robert J Beattie, Frederick T. 
Hanson, Gail D. Anspaugh, Richard E. Webber. 

Acacia Softball Team -Top Row: Harold F. Dillenback, Raymond C. 
Schaffer, Donald W. Dawes, Max R. Moss, Gerald M. Church, Robert 
M.Childs, Frank L.Woofter. Bottom Row: Michael Frangkiser, Stanley 

E. Christiansen, Dwayne Deitz, David J. Unruh, Bryan L. Query, Darrel 
W. Andrist. 

Junior AVMA Volleyball Team 

-Top Row: Harry F. Moberly, 
Jerald T. Waite, John R. Rule. 
Bottom Row: Robert J. Beattie, 
Garland E. Hinkle, Gail D. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's James R. McConnell and Newman 
Club's Francis Chyr, division winners, meet at handball. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf Team- Daniel E. Fankhauser, James P. 
Latimer, Stanley W. Knowles, Laurence N. Rively. 




-C . 


Beta Theta Pi Touch Football Team-7bp Row: John 0. Somers, 
Kenneth D. Knapp, Thomas H. Haas, Fred A. Isernhagen, James 
B. Wallerstedt, John H. Banks, Terry B. Farabi. Bottom Row: Paul B. 

L^ i IK**^ 

i • 

Swartz, Norman E. Smith, Byron R. Stephenson, Kenneth R. Mann, 
Larry D. Johnston, John D. Harrison, Howard A. Kinzer. 

Pawnee Touch Football Team 

— Top Row: Carl E. McKee, 
Stephen J. Daniels, F. Lynn 
Willard, Douglas A. Tietjen, 
Terance M. Young, Donald C. 
Utz. Bottom Row: Donald G. 
Shivers, John L. Pannier, 
Shaun O'Rourke, Michael W. 
Linn, Sherman L. Lahaie, 
Richard W. Lewis. 

Driller Touch Football Team-7"op Row: Ronald D. Folk, Raydon H. 
Robel, Douglas M. Ade, William L. Congleton, Jon S. Wiggins, Billy 
R. Sanford. Bottom Row: Michael J. Robinson, Jerold W. Kinnamon. 

Richard L. Spear, Kenneth J. Russell, Prudencio Calderon, William 
J. Shaffer, Robert L Lampert. 

Pawnee Basketball Team -Top 

Row: G. Roger James, Dwayne 
D. Gier, Douglas A. Tietjen. 
Bottom Row: John L. Pannier, 
F. Lynn Willard, James L. 


Drillers Basketball Team -Top Row: William L Congleton, Jon S. 
Wiggins, Barry D. Wentworth, Joseph L Beck, Richard L Spear. 

Bottom Row: Fredrick R. Cottrell, William J. Shaffer, Charles B. 
Ballard, Billy R. Sanford, Ronald D. Folk. 

Delta Upsilon Basketball Team 

-Top Row: Michael L. Max- 
well. Lvnn A. Dean, Harold C. 
Peterson, Robert M. Clegg, 
Steven M. Evans, Galen R. 
McDonald. Bottom Row :f\r\yn 
R. Fagen, Melvin E. Thomp- 
son, Raymond L Daniels, 
Craig M. Woodard, Nelson K. 

Jerome Hantman, dormitory tennis champion, moves to 
the net to slam a return shot during the intramural contest. 

r w 

Dormitory division joins 
men's intramural roster 

Pawnee floor of Goodnow Hall captured the 
first team championship in the newly formed 
dormitory division. The men were undefeated 
in touch football and basketball. Goodnow 
Hall's Jerome Hantman of Seneca floor won 
dormitory tennis singles. 

Dominating the independent division, the 
undefeated Drillers captured the intramural 
sports titles in football and basketball action. 
In fraternity play, Beta Theta Pi won the touch 
football crown. A Delta Upsilon squad com- 
pleted a perfect season to earn the Greek bas- 
ketball championship. 


Enrollment sets 
summer record 

Setting an enrollment record, 
3,448 students registered for 
the summer session. Ninety 
Peace Corps trainees attended 
campus classes. 

Workshop sessions spon- 
sored by the music, speech 
and journalism departments 
brought more than 800 high 
school students to campus for 
short term study. 

Summer entertainment in- 
cluded the Beers Family who 
gave a folk singing program. 
The Kaleidoscope Players pre- 
sented the "World of Carl 
Sandburg/' and summer dram- 
atists produced the comedy, 

In the K-State Players' sophisticated comedy, "Marriage-Go-Round," a dean of 
women and her middle-aged, professor husband discuss their marital problems. 

During her physical examination at summer pre-enrollment, 
a new student has her blood pressure taken. In addition 

to student care, Student Health and Manhattan Health Serv- 
ice workers inspect sanitary conditions in living groups. 



Kansas Governor John Anderson and President James A. Mc- 
Cain lead the march of nearly 1,800 graduating students 

to ceremonies in Ahearn Field House. The governor spoke 
shortly to the degree candidates in June, 1964 exercises. 

For June graduates the last requirement for a degree is attendance at commence- 
ment. Included in the degrees conferred were 484 graduate level certificates. 

President grants 
college degrees 

President James A. McCain 
conferred degrees to nearly 
1,800 students at June, 1964 
commencement exercises. 
More than 1,000 students, who 
had graduated in August and 
January, were invited to par- 
ticipate in the exercises. 

George Beadle, president of 
the University of Chicago, 
addressed the students. Beadle 
was awarded an honorary 
Doctor of Science degree by 
Vice-President William Bevan. 


After the Wildcat Warmup and Watermelon Feed students 
dance to music of a fraternity combo on the tennis courts. 

Approval of the master IBM card marks the end of preliminary steps in enroll- 
ment. Next step is to pull class cards before sections reach maximum capacity. 


At the annual Fall Activities Carnival, students join organizations and com- 
mittees. Sixty-six interest groups were represented by booths at the Carnival. 

Purchasing essentials for dormitory 
ing faces students each September. 


In the Freshman Talent Show, cast 
members sing, dance and perform. 

Orientation activity slate welcomes 
frosh enrollees, transfer students 

Orientation introduced al- 
most 2,700 freshmen and many 
transfer students to intellectual 
and extracurricular opportuni- 
ties at K-State. 

Curriculum meetings, a new 
part of Orientation, were con- 
ducted by each of the Univer- 
sity's colleges. They acquainted 
new students with administra- 
tors, faculty members and col- 
lege facilities. Student or- 
ganizations in several colleges 
helped conduct tours. 

Used experimentally this 
year were discussion groups 
on the book, "The Adventure 
of Learning in College." Copies 
of the book had been available 
to students during Pre-Enroll- 
ment for summer reading. 

Campus tours, lecture ses- 
sions and the AWS All-Fresh- 
men Conference, along with 
the Wildcat Warmup and 
Watermelon Feed, several 
dances and the Freshman Tal- 
ent Show finished the week. 


Mythology wins 
Y-O competition 

"Let's Quit Horsin', Helen" 
won 1964 Y-Orpheum for 
Kappa Kappa Gamma and 
Sigma Chi. The skit was a 
satire on the plight of Helen 
after her capture by the Tro- 
jans. Action explained why 
Athenians took so long to 
rescue Helen. 

Judges awarded a second 
place tie to two skits. "Oper- 
ation Deepfreeze," presented 
by a Delta Delta Delta-Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon team, and "It's 
All in the Brew," by Kappa Al- 
pha Theta and Acacia, won 
second place honors. 

In action taken by the Y- 
Orpheum committee, the 1965 
production was renamed Har- 
lequinade. H-Q represented a 
masked, Shakespearian figure. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Chi stage "Let's Quit Horsin', Helen." Heroine 
of the satire based on ancient mythology was Helen, who is shown holding a stein. 

While guarding Santa's workshop at the North Pole, Tri Delta 
elves confuse Sig Alph gangsters by singing "Now Listen, 

Mr. Gangster." In the production which tied for second, 
the gangsters ponder the worth of overtaking the shop. 

■ V*. * -I::!.:- '«. iP. ■*" ■ "' ::: -' ' ',,', ,,,,:.:::, W- MM. ■ IIS:,: &*?'. *' 

: - 'J if 

Keeping the show moving, Y-0 master of 
ceremonies pantomimes, introduces acts. 

Weird cackles fill the Auditorium as Kappa Alpha Theta and Acacia perform 
"It's All in the Brew," the skit which won for them a second place tie. 

As judges announce Y-0 winners, bedlam breaks loose among members of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Chi, who took first with their satirical skit. 


Coeds in hillbilly attire wave campaign posters while boost- 
ing their favorite Bovinian party candidate in the pre-con- 

vention parade. Students in each Mock Political Convention 
delegation wore costumes to depict a state's native flavor. 

Bovinians select Lodge, Johnson, 
don costumes for campaign tactics 

Weary campaigners await conven- 
tion ballot results in Ahearn. 

Bovinian party forces were 
split as Henry Cabot Lodge 
was nominated for President 
in the 1964 bi-partisan Mock 
Political Convention. President 
Lyndon B. Johnson was chosen 
vice-presidential candidate for 
the Bovinian party slate. 

High-spirited students 
donned native costumes of a 
state to represent its delega- 


tion in the campaign. A parade, 
demonstrations and authentic 
campaign tactics added con- 
vention flavor. 

Aims of the two major polit- 
ical parties were presented to 
campaigners by Nebraska's 
Governor Frank Morrison and 
Arizona's representative John 
Rhodes on the opening day of 
the three-day convention. 

With action packed jumping, bareback bronc riding is a favorite rodeo event. 
Performance of the horse as well as horsemanship of the cowboy is judged. 

As well as providing comedy between rodeo events, a professional clown acts 
as a bullfighter to screen the escape of bucked riders from the contest ring. 

Rodeo rankings 
go to K-Staters 

More than 100 students from 
10 schools in a four-state area 
competed in K-State's third 
Intercollegiate Rodeo. 

In both men's and women's 
team events, K-Staters placed 
second. Top honors in calf 
roping, steer wrestling and 
ribbon roping were won by 
MaxWorthington while trophy 
for best fraternity steer riding 
team went to FarmHouse. 
Rodeo Queen Linda Sham- 
baugh reigned over festivities. 

Three K-Staters were sent to 
National Intercollegiate Rodeo 
Association finals in Douglas, 
Wyo. Arden Vernon repre- 
sented the area as regional 
champion bull rider. Fran- 
chone DeArmond earned run- 
ner up position to All-Around 
Cowgirl of the World. 

Before biting the dust, Brahma bull con- 
testants must stay aboard eight seconds. 



Explaining the importance of good soil nutrition to plant 
growth, agriculture students demonstrate methods of soil 


testing. Ag Science Day displays and demonstrations were 
visited by several thousand Kansas high school students. 

Ag Science Day 
stresses college 

"Education in Agri- 
culture Means Mobility," 
theme of 1964 Ag Science 
Day, stressed the value of 
university education and 
contributions made by the 
College of Agriculture to 
research. Janet Janssen, 
Barn warmer Queen, 
reigned over Ag Science 
Day activities. 

Displays aimed at high 
school students empha- 
sized the job mobility 
opened by education in 
agricultural careers. 

Block and Bridle Club 
placed first in the agri- 
cultural display competi- 
tion. Its display depicted 
10 areas of animal hus- 
bandry studv. 

Visitors at Ag Science Day see how 
plant substances are extracted. 

Hereford steers remain calm while stroked with showing sticks during a beef 
division judging period. The Little American Royal climaxed Ag Science Day. 

Showmen enter 
Royal contest 

Showing 13 classes of Uni- 
versity-owned animals, stu- 
dents competed in the 1964 
Little American Royal. Judges 
named John Nagel grand 
champion showman and 
George Raymond reserve 
champion showman. 

In the dairy classes, Carrol 
Campbell was chosen cham- 
pion dairy showman. Reserve 
champion was Nancy Tjaden. 

Sponsored by Block and 
Bridle Club and Dairy Club, 
the Royal was dedicated to W. 
H. Warren, a retired professor. 

Livestock showmen assemble before opening ceremonies of 
the thirty-sixth annual Little American Royal in Weber 

Hall. Working with University-owned livestock, student 
competitors were judged on their stock showing techniques. 

Hospitality Day guests inspect a display 
made by institutional management. 

Hospitality Day 
uses 26 exhibits 

With a backdrop of 26 ex- 
hibits, "A Bright New World 
of Home Economics" was pre- 
sented as 1964 Hospitality Day. 
Nearly 3,000 high school girls 
and teachers attended the an- 
nual home economics program 
in Justin Hall. 

Classwork of the six College 
of Home Economics depart- 
ments was portrayed in the 
exhibits. Each display stressed 
advancements made in profes- 
sional home economics. 

At the Hospitality Day style show, a student models church attire. The model 
sewed her outfit in a Home Economics clothing construction course. 


Standing in the warm fall sun, a part of the more than 7,000 persons attending 
Open House wait to view student displays in Dykstra Veterinary Hospital. 

Accustomed to spectators' stares, a cat remains aloof to viewers. Five cat and 
eighty dog breeds were represented in the Open House animal show. 

Visitors inspect 
Vet Open House 

More than 7,000 persons in- 
spected veterinary facilities at 
Veterinary Medicine Open 
House. The 287 students in 
veterinary medicine prepared 
displays spaced through the 
laboratories and animal hous- 
ing areas of Dykstra Hospital. 
Eighth annual Open House 
was proclaimed climax to Kan- 
sas Veterinary Medicine Week 
by Gov. John Anderson. 

Among Open House ex- 
hibits were displays concern- 
ing small and large animal 
medicine, clinical pathology, 
bacteriology, anatomy and 
public health. In other animal- 
oriented features, the student 
veterinarians planned a dog 
and cat show, exhibitions of 
horse jumping and a Special 
Open House presentation by 
the Army Veterinary Corps. 

Amidst a clamor of yapping dogs, young 
visitors examine a dog show entrant. 


Hound Dog, the Arnold Air Society Open House exhibit, is territory and clear a path for its carrying bomber. The 
an air-to-surface missile to destroy targets deep in enemy weapon, designed for nuclear use, has a 600-mile range. 

Visitors study the routing schedules for Open House. The 
tour started in Seaton Hall, one of four buildings involved. 

Distillation processing, a chemical engineering display, 
is explained to a coed who wears an Open House button. 


As they reign over Engineers' and Architects' Open House, Mary Lynn Haymaker, St. 
Patricia, and Ted Kelley, St. Pat, take an inspection tour of the curriculum exhibits. 

Colleges rename annual weekend 
Engineers 7 , Architects' Open House 

Renaming Engineers' Open 
House as Engineers' and Ar- 
chitects' Open House widened 
the scope of the annual two- 
day event in March. An esti- 
mated 10,000 persons viewed 
the exhibits, which included 
a turbine-powered car. Also 
displayed was an air defense 
nuclear weapon, the USAF 
AGM-28A Hound Dog missile. 

Agricultural Engineering 
won first place in Engineers' 

and Architects' Open House 
competition. The departments 
of civil and mechanical engi- 
neering were second and third 
place winners. With his elec- 
trocardiogram machine, John 
Bridwell won the best individ- 
ual project division. 

Displays were judged on 
five points: originality, 
arrangement and attraction, 
continuity of theme, effort re- 
quired and interest value. 


Friends of Terry Biery congratulate him after he was named 
Favorite Man on Campus atthe Sadie Hawkins FMOC Dance. 

More than 1,200 coeds voted following a campaign in which 
10 candidates visited sororities and women's dormitories. 

Election reveals 
women's favorite 

After watching the skits of 
10 FMOC candidates, coeds 
elected Terry Biery Favorite 
Man on Campus. Biery, repre- 
senting FarmHouse, was 
crowned at the FMOC Dance. 

More than 1,200 women 
voted in the Home Economics 
Council contest. Lawrence 
Weigel, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
and John Christensen, Good- 
now Hall were elected as first 
and second runners-up. 

Blast jackets and jeans serve as casual dress at the Sadie Hawkins style Favor- 
ite Man on Campus Dance. The Jerms played for the dance on the Union B-Deck. 


Richard Massieon and Nancy Lee, king and queen at the IPC Dance, receive their 
crowns. Nancy represented Kappa Kappa Gamma, Richard Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Pledges choose 
IPC royal court 

Richard Massieon, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, and Nancy Lee, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, were 
chosen IPC King and Queen 
by Greek pledges. Proceeds 
from the annual IPC Dance, 
sponsored by Interfraternity 
Pledge Council, went to a 
scholarship fund. Rodney and 
the Blazers played at the Dance. 

Interfraternity Pledge Coun- 
cil became the first Greek 
pledge group in the nation to 
solicit money for the Heart 
Fund. Pledges collected more 
than $1,600. The council also 
sold Greek Week concessions 
at sororities and fraternities. 

At the Interfraternity Pledge Council Dance, the crowd joins 
the IPC King and Queen for the opening dance after 

crowning. Rodney and the Blazers played for the annual 
Greek dance sponsored by fraternity and sorority pledges. 


Musicians stage 
series concerts 

Featuring internationally fa- 
mous music talent, the Man- 
hattan Artist Series and Cham- 
ber Music Series sponsored 
nine concerts on a combined 
budget of $14,000. 

In its twenty-second season, 
the Artist Series expanded 
from four to five concerts. 
Music groups booked by the 
Artist Series included the St. 
Louis Symphony Orchestra, 
Solisti Di Zagreb and opera 
singer Mary Curtis-Verna. 

Four professional groups 
were hired by the Chamber 
Music Series. The Danzi 
Woodwind Quartet and the 
Paganini Quartet presented 
two of the concerts. 

Appearing for the third time in the United States, the 75-voice National Swedish 
Chorus opens the Artist Series. The all male chorus was organized in 1888. 

After the first Chamber Music concert, the Alfred Deller Consort discusses musi- 
cal techniques. The vocalists record music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. 


..»i » <*■■;■ 'V ft 


f r #>. ^E^l^ KWM^u-% 

American pianist and first prize winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Com- 
petition in 1962, Ralph Votapek performs during the second Artist Series program. 

Following a presentation of Beethoven selections, the Alma Trio accepts applause. 
The chamber music ensemble of piano, violin and cello was organized 18 years ago. 


Union schedules 
big name talent 

Harry James and his band 
appeared as the first big name 
entertainment of the season. 
Nina Simone, a blues singer, 
performed with the James band 
for Parents' Day. 

Largest attendance was re- 
corded at the Johnny Mathis 
concert. Mathis, on tour with 
the high school and college age 
Young Americans, performed 
for almost three hours. 

A folk song concert was also 
given by the Modern Folk 
Quartet. The Union Campus 
Entertainment Committee, 
which scheduled big name 
talent, booked folk singer Josh 
White, but cancelled him after 
the auditorium fire. 

Trumpeter Harry James and his band perform for 1,500 persons at a Parents' 
Day concert. The appearance was part of a tour, James' first in many years. 

Before 3,000 persons, Johnny Mathis 
sings a medley of his greatest hits. 

Blues singer Nina Simone plays the piano while she sings during the Harry James 
concert. Drummer Buddy Rich and comedian John Byner were also featured. 

Appearing with Johnny Mathis in costumes of patriotic colors, 
the Young Americans sing both folk and popular songs. 

Modern Folk Quartet members, who met and began singing 
together in Hawaii, specialize in up-to-date folk music. 





1964 Homecoming Queen Decmnct McCracken Smurthwaite Scholarship House 

First K-State Collegian announcing her reign and the Homecoming Queen's 
traditional white cape are presented to Deanna McCracken, Smurthwaite House. 


First non-Greek in more 
than 20 years to be crowned 
Homecoming Queen, Deanna 
McCracken represented the 
Smurthwaite House 

Deanna was elected by a 
student body vote, while be- 
fore the election, a faculty- 
student committee narrowed 
19 candidates to five finalists. 
Henry Bubb of the Kansas 
Board of Regents presented the 
queen at the KU football game. 

Crowned by Blue Key, Queen Deanna 
McCracken is introduced at the Home- 
coming Ball. 

Carol Walker 

Chi Omega 

Rita Mundhenke 

Pi Beta Phi 

if^f m. 

Gwen Woodard 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Margaret Sughrue 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Her name spelled in flashcards, Homecoming Queen Deanna McCracken is 
introduced during half time ceremonies of the football bout with KU. 

Under guidance of a Wildcat slave driver, Jayhawk oarsmen 
row the Alpha Delta Pi-Alpha Tau Omega float, "Memories of 

the Flaw in the Kaw-Or Up a Crooked River." Vandals later 
burned the first place float, inflicting $1,400 in damages. 

Queen Deanna usually marches at 
football games as a K-Stepper. 

'My Fair Lady 7 production, game 
kick off Homecoming festivities 

Homecoming was spiced by 
presentation of "My Fair 
Lady/' by a cast of 40, and a 
near victory over the Univer- 
sity of Kansas football squad. 
Vandals failed in an attempt to 
ruin the weekend although 
they burned five Homecoming 
floats after the parade. The 
winning entry of Alpha Tau 
Omega-Alpha Delta Pi suffered 
damages of nearly $1,400. 

Excitement ran high as 
Queen Deanna McCracken and 
her court presided over a 
Homecoming eve bonfire and 
pep rally. A parade of 42 entries 
preceded the afternoon grid- 
iron game in which KU scored 
a 7-0 victory. The Warren 
Durrett Orchestra played for 
"Haunting Memories," the 
Homecoming Ball which com- 
pleted festivities. 



In the open class, a victory fire provides the theme of West Stadium's winning float. 
Forty-two units, including 26 floats, participated in the Homecoming parade. 

With its winning float in single entry competition, Alpha 
Gamma Rho forecasts a Wildcat victory over the KU Jay- 

hawks. A near-capacity crowd, largest of the season, attended 
the game which coincided with the annual KU gridiron battle. 

' ' 

Gene Botsford, who selected Royal Purple Queen finalists from among 24 candi- 
dates, lectures for programs of state and regional photography conventions. 

Royal Purple Queen Candidates- Top Row: Diane S. Kempke, Phyllis L. Howell, Margaret J. 
Shannon, Gloria J. Delich, Sandra S. Mall. Second Row: Karen P. Walkmeyer, Gretchen C. 
Schwarz, Arlene K. Fishburn, Judy A. McCarty, Suzanne Turner, Diane L. Small. Third Row: 
Karen J. Carey, Sharon A. Whitley, Linda K. Gaskill, Virginia A. Carlson, Diana K. Frederick, 
Carolyn S. Kuhn, Joan E. Pool, Julia J. Almack. Bottom Row: Mary R. Steinbrink, Susan R. 
McCullar, Polly A. O'Neal, Cheryl A. Daves, Ardith J. Lathrop. 

Judge chooses 
yearbook queen 

From a bevy of 24 campus 
beauties, Gene Botsford, an 
outstanding figure in the world 
of professional photography, 
selected the 1965 Royal Purple 
Queen and four attendants. 
Nominated by campus living 
groups, the candidates were 
judged by Botsford on photo- 
genic beauty alone. 

Botsford, who has taught 
portraiture at Winona School 
of Professional Photography, 
earned the degree of Master of 
Photography. He was chosen 
to photograph Jacque Mercer 
in her 1950 reign as Miss Amer- 
ica. For distinguished service 
to the profession, the Portrait 
Division of Professional Pho- 
tographers awarded a citation 
to the judge. After operating a 
portrait studio in Phoenix, 
Ariz., Botsford joined Eastman 
Kodak Company. 

Students check the Collegian the day Royal Purple Queen 
finalists were announced. For the second consecutive year 

the Royal Purple Queen was announced in the yearPook. 
Formerly, the queen was announced at a Royal Purple Dance. 

1965 Royal Purple Queen DIANE KEMPKE Kappa Kappa Gamma 

First Attendant 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Photos by Blaker's Studio Royal 

Second Attendant 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Third Attendant 

Boyd Hall 

Fourth Attendant 

Jardine Y 

Queens possess 
varied attributes 

Scheduled throughout the 
year, queen contests varied 
both in type of competition 
and requirements for candi- 
dacy. Titles ranged from 
Homecoming, Barnwarmer, 
Cannonball and Circle K 
queens to fraternity sweet- 
hearts and dream girls. 

Eligibility for many titles 
required more than beauty. 
Campus activities, high grades 
and a skit helped earn the 
Homecoming title. 

Many queens earned points 
toward crowns in interviews 
with judges. Scholarship was 
also important since major 
contests required a 2.2 grade 
average. Rodeo and farm 
knowledge, as well as poise, 
was demanded of Barnwarmer 
and Chaparajos queens. 

Judging methods differed 
with each contest. While stu- 
dents voted for Homecoming 
Queen, a professional photog- 
rapher selected RP Queen. 

After being named 1964 Miss K-State-Manhattan, Jan Buenning accepts the con- 
gratulations of friends. Miss K-State-Manhattan represented Alpha Delta Pi. 

Miss K-State-Manhattan contestants assemble after becom- 
ing finalists in the preliminary to Miss Kansas competi- 

tion. The contestants, judged on their talent, poise, per- 
sonality and beauty, modeled formal attire and swim wear. 

Sigma Chi Derby Darling and runners-up pose after unmask- 
ing. Queen is Cheryl Williams, center, Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Chi Omega's Susan Oke, 1964 Military Ball Queen, is es- 
corted by a military cadet at the Scabbard and Blade dance. 

Chosen to reign over Flush Bowl activities, Jan James 
accepts the crown from Dean Chester Peters. Kappa Delta, 

Miss James' sorority, received a trophy for the annual Phi 
Delta Theta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon event at the Flush Bowl. 

Ag queen reigns at Barnwarmer; 
Chore Night tests agriculture skills 

Crowning Jannette Robinson 
1964 Ag Barnwarmer Queen at 
the annual Barnwarmer Dance 
climaxed a week planned by 
agriculture students. 

Attired in cowboy boots and 
western jeans, the five finalists 
performed farm chores during 
Chore Night, which preceded 
the dance. The contestants 
drove tractors, milked goats, 
herded sheep, competed in 
a goat-tying contest and 

answered questions that con- 
cerned agriculture. 

Approximately 500 persons 
attended the Barnwarmer 
Dance in the Union Ballroom. 
Klod and Kernel Klub won the 
award for selling the most 
dance tickets per member. 

Miss Robinson represented 
Alpha Delta Pi. The other final- 
ists were candidates from Put- 
nam Hall, Kappa Alpha Theta 
and Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Goats and coeds match wits in the 
goat-tying contest at Chore Night. 

Barnwarmer Queen Finalists -Top Row: Patricia S. 
Hopper, Patricia J. Reed. Bottom Row: Diane L. Jones, 
Jannette S. Robinson, Jilinda A. Smith. 

Chore Night remains the last remnant of spirited activities of former 
Ag Weeks, during which many non-Aggies were pitched in a horse tank. 


Forming a victory "V" on the football field, the women's Pep Club awaits the 
entrance of the team. Freshmen and sophomores comprise the bulk of the club. 

Stimulating school spirit and arousing the enthusiasm of students, Willie the 
Wildcat, whose identity is secret, appears at each game with the cheerleaders. 

Pepsters design cheering uniforms 

Sporting uniforms which 
they designed, the cheerlead- 
ers led yells at football and 
basketball games. The squad 
used only two traditional 
cheers during the season. 
Gwen Woodard was head 
cheerleader for the group. 

Pep Co-ordinating Council 
directed selection of the eight 
cheerleaders. Applications 
were accepted only from 
women who had belonged to 
Pep Club. The 150 women in 
Pep Club purchased new 
purple and white uniforms. 

Weary football players pound off 
the field as Wildcat fans cheer. 

Cheerleaders Ruth Coburn, Kathryne Gaynier, Mary Swaffer, 
Carolyn Cotter, Gwen Woodard, Patricia Templer, Tahmeroo 

Gaynier and Cheryl Jarvis join Willie Wildcat in a cheer 
while the basketball squad takes a time out in game action. 

I *> U 1 

Twirlers for the Marching Band, freshmen Polly O'Neal and 
Richard Middleton perform at all home football games. Both 

freshmen twirled with the band in Lincoln, Nebr., and Dick 
performed at the televised basketball game with Missouri. 

Orchestra — Back Row.- George E. Leedham, Homer D. Caine, Danny 
J. Keller, Wayne Allerheiligen, Beverly S. Old, Joel E. Buller, Ruth E. 
Schroeder, Karen A. Holmes, William K. Beckman, Paul E. Lundgren, 
Harry E. Blow, Gary L. Hood, Dennis L. Miner, Luther 0. Leavengood, 
Warren V. Walker, Marcus L Knight, Victor A. Davis, Elizabeth A. 
Dick. Second Row: Mary R. Brethour, Mrs. Richard Blackburn, 
Eugene H. Copeland, James E. Dilley, Joyce E. Back, Judith P. 
Houdyshell, Carolyn L. McFarland, John Hertman, Joseph P. Kon- 

zem. Third Row: Anne L. Bowman, Margie E. Vathauer, Brock Dale, 
Susan E. O'Bryan, Judith C. Poppe, Kathryn E. Adams, Marilyn J. 
Back, Myron F. Hanke, Carolyn I. Campbell, Martha E. Caughron, 
Mrs. Cecil Miller, Linnetta A. Johnson, Catherine A. Roebke. Front 
Row: Larry D. Sayler, Margaret R. Roebke, Michael K. Ireland, 
Sharon K. McDougal, William F. Shaw, Mary K. Fowler, Martha M. 
Fly, Marilyn R. Monts. 


Guided by the all male Wildcat Marching Band, 74 high 
school bands, 75 drum majors and 375 twirlers line up from 

goal line to goal line to make the formation PEACE. The 
ceremony saluted People-to-People, an international group. 

Directed by Eugene Holdsworth, Pep Band performs at all home basketball games. 
The group acted as host band at the regional tournament for the NCAA crown. 

Band Day cites 

In a Salute to Peace, Band 
Day honored People-to-People, 
an international group. A 
morning parade through Man- 
hattan to the city park began 
the thirtieth annual day. 

Seventy-four high school 
bands attended Band Day. 
During half time of the Iowa 
State game, the bands spelled 
PEACE while spectators sang 
"You'll Never Walk Alone." 
Paul Shull directed the 3,700 
high school students in "Get- 
ting to Know You." 

Standing from goal line to 
goal line, 375 twirlers per- 
formed "Hands Across the 
Sea." Marching Band members 
were guides for the high 
school band performers. 


Concert Band-7op Row. Danny J. Keller, Eugene L. Smith. David J. 
Davis, Wayne M. Allerheiligen. Second Row: Jacqueline D. Spears, 
Kathleen L. Haberbosch, Thomas M. Nelson. Third Row: Eugene H. 
Copeland, Madelyn C. Dixon, Richard A. Broadhurst, Keith E. 
Meredith, Irene S. Skonberg, David D. Jackson, Kay L. Howell, 

Beverly S. Old, Ruth E. Schroeder. Fourth Row: Constance A. Schrag, 
Mary E. Windels, Sara S. Bentley, Judith A. Frashier, Mary L. Esau, 
Peggy A. Brown, Lonnie L. Morris, Susanne F. Little. Bottom Row.- 
Robert E. Keen, Norman E. Ruediger, Martha J. Betton, Rita 
J. McDonald. 

Marching band men take a break before resuming practice of the 
precision numbers they performed at all home football contests. 

While playing "Wildcat Victory" at the Iowa State 
game, the all-male marching band forms a "KS" figure. 

-«,.. t 


Concert Band-fop Row: Eugene I. Holdsworth, Paul Shull. Second 
Row: Robert W. Crouch, Marcus L. Knight, Sandra D. Tollefson, John 
V. Heitman, William L. Shoemaker, George N. Cook, Carolyn L. Mc- 
Farland. Third Row.- Carolyn S. Lemon, Joel E. Buller, William K. 
Beckman, Gene R, Smallwood, Thomas G. Teichgraeber, Arlene R. 

Dahm, Paul E. Lundgren, James Q. Kohler. Fourth Row: Joyce E. 
Back, Judith P. Houdyshell. Gary L. Hood, Wayne C. Faulkner, Harry 
E. Blow, Rena L. Watts. Bottom Row: Nola M. Rosenow, Myron F. 
Hanke, Samdra A. Davidson, Marilyn J. Back. 

Band performs 
for Nebraskans 

Cornhuskers at the Wildcat 
gridiron contest with the Uni- 
versity of Nebraska watched 
the 105-member marching 
band perform in Lincoln. At 
two home games, the band 
hosted the University of Kan- 
sas and the Oklahoma State 
University bands. Headed by 
twelve K-Steppers and two 
twirlers, the marching band 
appeared at all home football 

Members of the concert 
band played for a spring con- 
cert of contemporary American 
band music and at a com- 
mencement program. Follow- 
ing a winter musical in Feb- 
ruary, the 56-member concert 
band toured nine North- 
western Kansas cities. 

Performing a Charleston number to "Hello Dolly," the 12 K-Steppers twirl at 
a home game. Freshmen Dick Middleton and Polly O'Neal were featured twirlers. 

'-•iW^JSr * ■'" ..*„ 


Varsity Men's Glee Club -Top Row: Dennis E. Rork, Larry D. Nolte, 
Paul D. Stephenson, James R. Madden, Carl D. Heaton, Terry L. Dyke, 
Vernon L. McPheeters, Randall L Harmison, John F. Dillon, Larry 
E. Greene, Richard E. Fagerberg, Richard G. Dow, Dwight D. Jewett, 
Harold M. Cochran, Charles Y. Harper. Second Row: Robert D. 
Steiger, Robert D. Dryden, Wayne H. MacKirdy, Donnie D. Schrag, 
Keith W. Hooper, Robert E. Buchan, Robert L Marrs, Clifford Ocham- 
paugh, David A. Warner, Timothy B. Harris, Paul A. Stewart, Thomas 
L. Sykes, Craig P. Helwig, Lee E. Franklin, Michael K. Charles. Third 
Row: Rodney D. Petersen, Stephen R. Pickard, Douglas W. Williams, 

Apollo Men's Glee Club-7op Row: Andrew G. Spotts, Roger W. 
Herren, Donald L. Day, Larry B. Massey, Gary E. Bruning, Dewey A. 
Cortner, Richard C. Basore, Steven R. Wiechman, John H. Banks, 
Frank W. Hoover, Michael M. Kelly, James M. Kauffeld, John S. 
Wittenborn, Kenneth D. Buchele, James E. Touslee, Randy D. 
Hassler, Vernon E. Krause, John C. Hassler, Glen S. Kelly, Alfred P. 
Schmidt, John P. Armstrong. Second Row: Tommy R. Carr, James R. 
Williams, Daniel R. Galassini, Bernard W. VanDorn, Dale G. Litton, 
Mark W. Baldwin, Charles M. Dillon, Daryll D. Jamvold, Dexter A. 
Vergin, Jacob E. Mertz, Gregory Broeckelman, Jerry F. Donahy, 
Keith C. Behnke, Darryl D. Smutz, Harold G. Jensen, Stephen W. 
Peirce, Larry N. Carey, Lawrence J. Kubert, Raymond L Higgins. 

Stephen W. Stucky, Irvin D. Thiele, Kenneth L. Mulanax, Cecil W. 
Pearce, Merlan T. Almquist, Edward L. Rork, Larry D. Groves, Clark 
L. Ritchey, Frank L. Woofter, Robert L Lippoldt, David J. Unruh, 
Stephen J. Aberle. Bottom Row: James Hershberger, director; 
James H. Chilcott, Allan L. Fedosky, Stephen L. Guthrie, Melvin E. 
Thompson, Gary E. O'Hara, Karmon D. Almquist, Vaughn L. Flora, 
Denis C. Englisby, Charles G. Baker, Thomas Z. Beery, Rodney K. 
Blont, Gary L. Base, Stuart T. McCready, David T. Havley, Wayne C. 
Groth, Bette L. Edwards, Joyce E. Guy. 

Third Row-. Harvey D. Thompson, Steve E. Larson, Charles R. Kuntz, 
R. Dwight Westervelt, Gail I. Post, Robert F. Pauly, Gene W. Laverentz, 
Layton M. Perry, Timothy R. Windier, Kent E. Otte, Charles R. Heid- 
rick, Leslie C. Longberg, Rex G. McGugin, Robert K. Breckbill, 
Thomas Teichgraeber, Donald M. Essmiller, James S. Jordan, Robert 
J. Stout. Bottom Row: Gary D. Owen, William Stonecipher, William 
H. Perkins, Gaylon J. Nettles, Edwin H. Streit, Glenn A. Raines, 
Michael H. Thome, Norman P. Byers, Gary D. Seibert, Eugene E. 
Scninstock, Carl E. McKee, Garry L. Deines, Kenneth B. Hughes, 
James A. McClelland, Edwin B. Brockway, Fred E. Schurle, Douglas 
E. Eisenhour, Dennis D. Hughes, James Hershberger, director, 
Louise S. Keucher, accompanist. 


Blending voices with those of the Oratorio Chorus, A Cappella Choir members 
present Handel's "Messiah" at Christmas under the direction of William Fischer. 

Singers appear 
last in Auditorium 

Last concert to be presented 
in the Auditorium, the Winter 
Concert of the Varsity Men's 
Glee Club was produced Jan. 
11, four days before the struc- 
ture burned. The men also pre- 
sented a spring concert. 

In a joint appearance with 
the Academy Glee Club, the 
varsity singers performed at 
the Air Force Academy, Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo. The men 
also sang on a four-day tour of 
Kansas and Denver, Colo. 

Varsity Men's Glee Club's 
78 members and Apollo Glee 
Club's 56 members represented 
the University's six colleges. 
Only six members were music 
education majors. James 
Hershberger directed the men. 
Bette Edwards and Sherri 
Keucher were accompanists. 

Jazz Workshop Ensemble -Top Row: Gene Holdsworth, director, 
Danny J. Keller, Wayne M. Allerheiligen. Second Row: Eugene H. 
Copeland, Richard A. Broadhurst, Keith E. Meredith, Martha J. 

Betton, David D. Jackson, Paul E. Lundgren, Harry E. Blow, Gene R. 
Smallwood, Arlene R. Dahm. Bottom Row: John V. Heitman, Carolyn 
L. McFarland, William L Shoemaker, Joseph P. Konzem. 


After the Auditorium fire destroyed headquarters ot the 
music department, the band moved to a makeshift practice 

room in the military science garage. Directed by Paul 
Shull, band presented a spring concert in All-Faith Chapel. 

Women's Glee Club-7bp Row: Nancy L.Sullivan, Regena K.Alexander, 
Sandra A. Davidson, Gloria J. Delich, Mayme L. Kauffeld, Sharon M. 
George, Connie L. Hager, Anne D. Struss, Nancy A. Young, Betty J. 
Billinger, Carolyn K. Graham, Patricia L. Peterson, Vickie J. Overley, 
Marilyn E. Lange, Jeanene Sue Penner, Phyllis L. Munger. Second 
Row: Carolyn R. Lang, Cynthia A. Brannam, Virginia S. Allemang, 
Karin F. Burns, Frances E. Johnston, Shari K. Kuns, Lucinda L. Neis, 
Irene S. Skonberg, Alice J. Sheik, Elaine F. Strahm, Patricia B. Burke, 
Carlene E. Carlson, Virginia B. Kenyon, Kathleen Haberbosch, Dianne 
F. Nehring, Mary A. Voet, Georgia B. Roelof. Third Row: Suzanne 

Parker, Janet I. Kaelson, Carol J. Stevens, Danna L. Garten, Myrna 
M. Otte, Cheryl A. Ackerman, Shirley L. Bourquin, Pat A. Patton, 
Linda J. Johnson, Diane L. Rasmussen, Carolyn Bartholomew, Jane 
D. Klover, Nancy C. Reeves, Jennifer J. Peterman, Diane Hodgson, 
Rita L. Pearce. Bottom Row: Deanna L. Sainer, Ruth E. Coburn, 
Patricia A. Casey, Joan M. Fox, Marilyn J. Back, Helen C. Hamilton, 
Pamela S. Engle, Gail W. Filbert, Rebecca A. Hargrove, Joyce A. 
Burris, Mary K. Moyle, Ann J. Price, Martha J. Jellison, Helen R. 
Heath, Janet L. Clark, Louis L. Sherman, conductor. Accompanists- 
Clifford Ochampaugh and Cynthia C. Compton. 

^^Uf ^^ 


P» ^^ ^r ^^ 

►/ f 


'W -# 

&f <0 

A Cappella Choir-7bp Row.- Robert D. Nevins, Robert L. Marrs, Joseph 
P. Pena, Jon F. Thomas, Craydon D. McDonald, James A. Harders, 
John T. Monger, Paul B. Prietert, John R. Clark, Vaughn L. Nelson, 
Robert K. Atwood, Robert L. Collins, Richard H. McVay, Douglas C. 
Seibel, Samuel D. Caughron, Gary R. Cave, Rodney M. Bates, Leslie 
C. Longberg. Second Row: Stephen M. Burns, Richard L. Enfield, 
Edward L. Dent, Wayne A. Pearson, Lawrence R. Brenn, Richard D. 
Chowins, Philip M. Ballantyne, Robert A. Burnett, Ann J. Price, 
Myrna M. Otte, James L. Atkinson, Barry E. Stimpert, Jack H. Marker, 
Larry N. Carey, Fredrick Williams, Robyn D. Brooks, David D. Smith, 

Danny L. Robinson. Third Row: Joyce E. Guy, Joline F. Oberhelman, 
Jane Clark, Elizabeth D. Smith, Carolyn S. Kuhn, Martha C. Sanders, 
Sally J. Cook, Sharon L. Slocum, Lorraine A. Adamson, Regena K. 
Alexander, Catherine C. Fockele, Nancy E. Fair, Rebecca I. Long, 
Lorna J. Webster, Linda J. Johnson, Sharon E. Powers, Sandra L. 
Spangler. Bottom Row: Linda A. Kirk, Marilyn R. Kuhn, Carolyn S. 
Nevins, Margie E. Vathauer, Susan K. Goold, Carol J. Stevens, Danna 
L. Garten, Polly A. Coombs, Marilyn L. Hall, Dorothy A. Barnhart, 
Mary K. Moyle, Kay S. McManis, Joyce E. Back, Louise S. Keucher, 
Jacqueline Matthews, Jean M. Fair, William R. Fisher, director. 

With a song and a smile, the Sweet Adeline Quartet performs in All-Faith Chapel. 
As one of three ensembles, the quartet appears with Women's Glee Club. 

Musicians sing 
in vocal concerts 

Appearing in the Christmas 
Vespers and the "Messiah/' A 
Cappella Choir also performed 
at 16 high schools on fall tour. 
Conducted by William Fischer, 
Schubert's "Mass in G Major" 
was a feature number at a 
campus concert. 

Fifty-five appearances were 
made by Women's Glee Club, 
directed by Louis Sherman. 
Alumni associations and high 
schools sponsored concerts on 
a nine-city, April tour. 

Glee club ensembles in- 
cluded the Ensemble Eight, 
which specialized in classics 
and show tunes, and the 
Coeds, who featured popular 
numbers. The Sweet Adelines 
sang as a barbershop quartet. 

Oratorio Chorus joined A 
Cappella Choir and Women's 
Glee Club in Music Week 
concerts and shows. 


Campus committees and clubs recruit members from among 
freshmen and new students at the fall Activities Carnival. 

Friday afternoons bring folk singers and popular music 
combos to the Union to entertain students after classes. 

Concentration is a necessity for the students who use the 
Main Lounge of the Union to study between weekday classes. 

Chess draws much deliberation from a player before he determines his move. 
Campus tournament winners can advance to regional and national contests. 

Wildcat bowlers host visiting team at the 
Union's Tri-State Bowling Conference. 

Union provides 
recreation center 

As recreation center of the 
University, the Union hosted 
regional game tournaments for 
Midwest schools. Open at 6:30 
each morning, the Union was 
completed in 1956. 

Card players and coffee 
drinkers made the State Room 
popular for study breaks. The 
Art Lounge, Main Lounge and 
Browsing Library provided 
areas for study, reading papers 
or listening to music. 

Downstairs, the Union 
maintained 16 bowling alleys 
and billiard, pool, ping-pong 
and snooker tables. Friday 
night combos and folk singers 
increased use of the Dive. 

■ ":; 

Wool squad wins 
American Royal 

Competing against other 
Midwest teams, the wool judg- 
ing team won the Intercolleg- 
iate Wool Judging Contest at 
the 1964 American Royal in 
Kansas City. Suzanne Beck, 
the national Miss Wool, pre- 
sented an award to the team. 

In judging at the National 
Western Livestock Show in 
Denver, Colo., the junior team 
placed first. 

Wool judging consisted of 
two phases. Team members 
were required both to grade 
characteristics which affected 
the value of wool samples and 
to defend their decisions orally. 

Wool Judging Team -Ronald W. Hirst, Joseph H. Stout, Leon L. Dunn, Coach Carl S. Menzies. 

Soil Judging Team-Coach Orville W. Bidwell, James D. Lambley, Roland K. Krauss, Lloyd 
D. Moden, Carl W. Johnson. 

Soil competition 
attracts judges 

Only team to enter each Na- 
tional Intercollegiate Soil Judg- 
ing Contest since contention 
began in 1961, the soil judging 
team competed again at the 
University of Wisconsin. At 
the 10-school intercollegiate 
meet, the men placed fifth. The 
judgers and a team from the 
University of Minnesota repre- 
sented the western region of 
the north-central states in the 

During contests, team mem- 
bers judged soil depth, struc- 
ture, texture, horizon, slope, 
water level, topography and 
presence of free carbonates. 


Men rate grains 
in crop contests 

Ranking sixth at both con- 
tests, the crops judging team 
competed at an international 
collegiate meet in Chicago, 111. 
and a national contest in 
Kansas City, Mo. The men 
rated fifth in identification and 
seed analysis and sixth in com- 
mercial grading in Kansas City. 
The Chicago meet was con- 
nected with the International 
Livestock Exposition. 

Selection of the three-man 
team was based on scholastic 
standings and knowledge of 
grain quality. The team judged 
in three crop phases: seed 
analysis, grain grading and 
identification of crop varieties, 
wheats and diseases. Ernest L. 
Mader coached the squad. 

Crops Judging Team-William M. Middleton, Donald L. Steanson, Charles E. Meeks, Coach 
Ernest L. Mader. 

Dairy Cattle Judging Team -Coach G. 
Nancy C. Tjaden, Carrol Campbell. 

B. Marion, Roger E. Heikes, Leland M. Anderson, 

Feminine judge 
joins dairy team 

For the first year, the dairy 
cattle judging team had a coed 
member. At the Hutchinson 
State Fair, the students ranked 
first against 12 regional judg- 
ing squads. 

Traveling to Iowa, the team 
earned eighteenth place among 
33 teams at the World Dairy 
Cattle Congress. The coed team 
member, Nancy Tjaden, was 
fifth in Guernsey judging. In 
an international livestock ex- 
position, the judges won ninth 
place among 17 entrants. 


Meats Judging Team-Coach Don Krofp, Garry L Keeler, Philip V. Mathews, Harold D. 
Engle, Micheal E. Dikeman, Ronald E. Jones, Willard E. Kindig. 

Meat men enter 
American Royal 

At the American Royal in 
Kansas City, the meats judging 
team ranked second out of 19 
teams. The students earned 
first in pork judging and sec- 
ond in lamb judging. The team 
also entered meats judging 
contention at meets in Fort 
Worth, Tex. and Madison, Wis. 

Dairy men meet 
collegiate judges 

Placing in five divisions, 
the dairy products judging 
team ranked fifteenth in an 
international contest in Chi- 
cago, 111. Entrants from 22 
colleges in the U.S. and Canada 
judged dairy products on tex- 
ture, flavor and body. While 
in Chicago, the team attended 
the annual meeting of the 
Milk Industry Foundation. 

Dairy Products Judging Team-Coach Ross Mickelsen, Donald F. Darling, Dennis P. Bor- 
land, Kenneth K. Chesney, LaVerne R. Myers. 

Livestock Judging Team -Coach Don L. Good, John C. Rogers, David S. Hodgson, Lloyd A. 
Davidson, Glenn A. Newcomer, Melvin C. Hunt, Arthur L. Stoecker, Charles R. Rayl, Eldon 
L. Clawson, Herdsman Miles McKee: 

Livestock team 
finishes 64 years 

Livestock judgers served on 
one of the top teams in the 
squad's 64-year history. As 
juniors, the men compiled a 
3-0 record. While seniors, the 
judgers won eleventh at the 
American Royal in Kansas City 
and third at a livestock ex- 
position in Chicago, 111. 


Advanced ROTC 
recruits officers 

With 86 juniors as recruits, 
the advanced Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps enrolled its 
largest volunteer group since 
the Korean War. The Kansas 
Legislature considered con- 
verting the required two years 
to voluntary status. 

Three two-year scholarships 
were awarded to distinguished 
sophomore men entering 
advanced ROTC. 

Official military courtesy requires ROTC cadets to stand at attention for offi- 
cers' inspection. Traditionally, military students walk to the left of officers. 

Warm weather prevails as cadets practice for the spring and sophomore men, the state legislature may make it 
ROTC drill. Although ROTC is compulsory to all freshman voluntary. ROTC offers both Air Force and Army divisions. 


Examining issues of the Ag Student Magazine are members 
of the spring semester staff: Robert H. Miller, Dean L. 

Davis and Gary L. Scott. In stories compiled by a student 
staff, the publication covers College of Agriculture news. 

Ag Student wins 
national citation 

Entering its issues in com- 
petition, the Ag Student Mag- 
azine won national recognition 
from Agricultural College Mag- 
azines Associated. The publi- 
cation, a laboratory project for 
agriculture students, was one 
of two magazines placing in 
all four categories. 

Issues edited by Thayne 
Cozart were consistent win- 
ners in divisions for layout, 
design and popular presenta- 
tion of technical material. 


Lowell Brandner serves as adviser for the Ag Student Magazine for the twelfth 
year. The agricultural publication is a laboratory project edited by students. 

!« m I ! "i ! «J ! K ; |» 

Editor John Wulfmeyer meets deadlines for the K-State Engineer, printed from 
October to May. Engineering and architecture students edit the publication. 

Engineer earns 
editorial award 

Receiving a first place, na- 
tional award for Best Editorials 
in All Issues, the K-State Engi- 
neer topped 51 schools for the 
second year. 

Editor for first semester, 
Donald Williams, attended a 
convention of the Engineering 
College Magazine Association 
where the award was an- 
nounced. John Wulfmeyer 
edited the magazine second 

With a circulation of 3,000, 
the monthly publication car- 
ried articles on the technical 
and non-technical sides of 
engineering and reports on 
current engineering trends. 

K-State Engineer Staff— Top Row: John M. Flannery, Robert L. Van- 
Allen, Larry D. Bleything, Thomas D. Jacob, Charles W. Coffman. 
Second Row: Kerry F. Williams, Dennis B. Maercklein, William K. 

Benham, Lowell G. Moore. Bottom Row: Michael H. Foss, Charles C. 
Nielson, Barry L. Rafter, John T. Wulfmeyer. 

KSDB-FM- Top Row: Linda L. Lehman, Geraldine M. McManis, Linda 
G. Rowland, Wright E. Harris, William D. Moore, Edward M. Printz, 
James L. Bush, J. Sue Ingersoll. Second Row: Patric J. Folwell, Gary 
R. Kopp, Gary D. Tice, Courtney M. Coover, Larry J. Lichtenegger, 
Dale J. Perry, Donald P. DeCinque, Philip K. Kline. Third Row: Brian 

J. Beck, Gerald C. Brees, Dick E. Fagerberg, Harold S. Joy, Terry L. 
Dyke, Gary R. Cave, Benjamin J. Eichem, Paul J. Dugas. Bottom Row: 
Donald R. Hite, Bruce A. Boggs, Arlen E. Diamond, Gerald H. Ogden, 
Don W. Clark, Terry M. Haggard, John M. Suellentrop. 

Touchstone Staff- Frederic Eickelberg, editor; Lillian M. Williams; Diane Dufva; Edward 
Hoffmans; Nancy Saunders; Judith A. Cowdrey, business manager; John M. Hayden. 

Staffs broadcast, 
edit magazine 

Extended radio program- 
ming for KSDB-FM was ini- 
tiated by broadcasting from 
8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Saturdays. 
Operated by 36 radio and tele- 
vision majors, KSDB-FM was 
directed by the speech depart- 
ment. Facilities in Nichols 
Gymnasium included radio 
turntables and recorders. 

As student literary maga- 
zine, Touchstone was submit- 
ted to a student writing con- 
test sponsored by the U. S. 
National Student Association 
and Saturday Review. Pub- 
lished twice annually for the 
sixth year, Touchstone con- 
tained short stories, poetry, 
essays and student art. Staff 
members conducted mail 
drives to English teachers. 


With the help of Jeanette Johnson, Richard Wilson and Vir- 
ginia Mansfield, Director Carl Rochat transmits campus 

news to the mass media. The office of University News relays 
campus press releases to most newspapers across Kansas. 

As editor of the K-Stater, Dean Kenny compiles feature articles about Univer- 
sity activities for the alumni magazine which has been published since 1951. 

Editors, offices 
distribute news 

Circulation of the K-Stater 
reached 11,000, and advertis- 
ing was added for the first 
time. Dean Kenny replaced 
Helen Hostetter, who retired 
as alumni magazine editor. 

Assisting Carl Rochat in re- 
laying news to Kansas papers 
were a secretary, a graduate 
assistant and five journalism 
students. The Office of Uni- 
versity News published a 
twice-monthly newsletter for 
the faculty. 

Kenneth Thomas headed the 
Division of University Infor- 
mation which directed the 
Office of University News, the 
Office of Photographic Services 
and the K-Stater magazine. 


Yearbook scores 
top rating again 

Under the guidance of C. J. 
(Chief) Medlin, graduate man- 
ager of Student Publications 
since 1934, the 1964 Royal Pur- 
ple won another Ail-American 
rating. The Associated Col- 
legiate Press has named the 
yearbook All-American every 
year since 1935. 

Retiring after spring semes- 
ter, Chief has written two 
textbooks widely used by 
journalism classes and year- 
book staffs. 

Also judged by the Associ- 
ated Collegiate Press, the 
Collegian received a first class 
rating for the spring semester. 
Jack Backer advised the news- 
paper staff. 

After activity fee allotments, 
Student Publications faced a 
$21,600 cut in the apportion- 
ment it had asked for. As a 
result, each Royal Purple cost 
students three dollars. Copies 
of the Student Directory were 
sold for one dollar. 

Honored by Sigma Delta Chi for more than 25 years service to the chapter, 
Chief Medlin serves as adviser to the men's professional journalism society. 


Printing 3,000 copies an hour from a continuous web, Kedzie Hall prints 8,000 Collegians a day. The press is 

the Goss Cox-o-Type newspaper press in the basement of also capable of printing spot color for special editions. 

Gretchen Nilson, 1964 Royal Purple editor, and C. J. Medlin, faculty adviser, inspect 
the yearbook which won the twenty-ninth consecutive All-American rating. 


As Royal Purple assistant editor, Carole Fry directs work of Royal Purple writers. 
The staff worked in an enlarged office to which six desks were added. 



Becky Fitzgerald edits the Royal Purple, 
ranked All-American 29 straight times. 

Yearbook tries 
Offset printing 

Producing the first Royal 
Purple printed on an offset 
press, Editor Becky Fitzgerald 
added eight color pages. She 
selected pictures, planned lay- 
outs, approved copy and di- 
rected the printing. 

Assistant Editor Carole Fry 
assigned and edited copy and 
scheduled pictures. 

While Jane Waddle handled 
pages for campus organiza- 
tions, Jane Clover produced 
the Greek section. Responsi- 
bility for the features section 
fell to Mike Charles. The un- 
derclass section was compiled 
by Elaine Rusch. Linda Hume 
edited the senior pages, and 
Mike Robinson covered sports. 

Because of a $21,000 cut in 
the Publication apportion- 
ment, the cost was not entirely 
covered by the student activity 
fee. For the first time since 
1936, students paid three dol- 
lars for each book. 

Jane Clover 
Greek Editor 

Royal Purple staffers chose pictures for which to write outlines from a new 
batch of photographs. Writers received weekly copy and outline assignments. 

Jane Waddle 
Organizations Editor 

Mike Robinson 
Sports Editor 

Elaine Rusch 
Underclass Editor 

Linda Hume 
Senior Class Editor 

Mike Charles 
Features Editor 

Susan Farha 
Fall Features Fditor 

Mike Robinson 
Spring Sports Fditor 

Jan Jernigan 
Spring Fditorial Page Fditor 



Lois Hudgins 
Spring Features Fditor 

Fred Williams 

Fall Fditorial Page Fditor 

Spring News Fditor 

Susie Miller 

Fall News Fditor 

Spring Night Fditor 

Mark Meseke 
Fall Sports Fditor 




Journalists rank 
second nationally 

News articles entered in the 
fifth annual William Randolph 
Hearst writing contest placed 
the department of journalism 
second among national jour- 
nalism schools. Former Col- 
legian editor, Chuck Powers, 
tied with a University of Ten- 
nessee student for first place 
individual honors. 

Remodeling of Collegian 
editorial space featured sev- 
eral new bulletin boards and 
desks, repainted walls and a 
room partitioned off for the 
features staff. Collegian librar- 
ian, Sherryl Diller, instituted 
a new filing system. 

Editors David D. Miller and Judith Halbleib supervise editorial policies. Miss 
Halbleib edited fall semester Collegians, while Miller edited spring issues. 

Collegian assistants help staff members prepare copy for 
daily publication in the University's paper, established 

in 1895. Assistants are Sherryl Diller, Leland K. Johnson, 
Janice Millenbruch, Joan Hayes, Jon Lowe and JoAnn Dodd. 

Collegian staffers edit the paper for 
distribution at eight campus points. 

Each summer, the Collegian staff publishes a weekly paper. Thomas Poole, James 
Sheetz, editor, Joan Hayes and Jan Jernigan produced seven Collegian issues. 

Summer Business Manager Wayne Perk and assist- 
ant Warren Funk lay out ads for weekly Collegians. 

Seven salesmen, directed by business manager Judith Cowdrey, 
Wayne Perk and Charles Fairman, solicit advertising for Collegians. 



Serving as Royal Purple business assistants, Doug Morgenson and 
Margo Miller sell and collect advertising for the book's last section. 

Utilizing facilities in the Collegian office, enlarged and 
painted during the summer, reporters and editors meet 

daily deadlines required to distribute the paper at noon. 
Seventeen editors and photographers compile the daily. 

Collegian prints 
special editions 

Increased advertising sales 
enabled the Collegian to pub- 
lish a 32-page Homecoming 
edition. The business staff also 
sold advertising for a four- 
page shopping section in a 
pre-Christmas paper. 

Under Business Manager 
Judith Cowdrey, the staff was 
expanded to nine members. 
Wayne Perk was summer busi- 
ness manager and later con- 
tinued as assistant with War- 
ren Funk and Charles Fairman. 

Collegian staffers remade an 
eight-page issue when flames 
gutted the Auditorium. A doz- 
en journalists produced the 
extra, with photos, between 
2 and 7:30 a.m. despite a power 
failure and press breakdown. 

Working 2 to 7:30 a.m., Collegian staffers check type on the Auditorium fire 
story before rolling the scoop, morning issue off the press four hours early. 

Journalists levy 
publications fees 

Students paid for the Royal 
Purple and the Student Direc- 
tory because of a cut in the 
1964-1965 Student Publications 
apportionment. The charge 
marked the first year since 
1935 that activity fees had not 
covered the Royal Purple cost 
and the first time the directory 
was not free. 

Mark Miller, Royal Purple 
business manager, and Kath- 
leen Dickey, Student Directory 
editor, collected three dollars 
for yearbooks and one dollar 
for University phone books. 

Rick Solberg and David von 
Riesen shot Royal Purple activ- 
ity pictures. Other photogra- 
phers were Don Richards, Tim 
Fields, Paul Burch and Bob 
Hankins. Studio Royal took 
individual pictures for the 
housing and class sections. 

Royal Purple photographer Rick Solberg 
covers athletics and campus programs. 

Student Publications Business Staff- Top Row: Bonnie B. Bone 
witz, Mary S. Brandner, Edwin L Butterfield, Lynda L Clyne, Larry 
D. Dallen, Vesta L Dauber, Charles E. Fairman. Bottom Row: Linda 

A. Kirk, Connie K. Miles, Julie K. Ramsey, Victor F. Shalkoski, Robert 
D. Snider, Linda J. Solberg, David S. Wilson. 


Kathleen Dickey, who compiled student government infor- tions, is Student Directory editor. The journalist conducted 
mation and lists of University officials and campus organiza- the sales campaign forthe IBM-processed Student Directory. 

Student Publications secretary Anita Johnson co-ordinates 
proofreaders and typists on the Royal Purple business staff. 

Distributing Royal Purples, selling advertising and making 
ad page layouts are duties of Business Manager Mark Miller. 


Varsity members, who placed third in a triangular meet with Purdue University and 
Michigan State University, race the freshman crew during practice at Tuttle Creek. 

Rowing debuts 
as campus sport 

Starting during spring 1964, 
rowing became the Univer- 
sity's newest sport with nearby 
waters of Tuttle Creek pro- 
viding facilities for the sport. 
Don Rose, night manager of 
the Union and former Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin coxswain, 
put together the nine-man 
rowing crew. 

For equipment, Purdue Uni- 
versity donated a 30-year-old 
rowing shell and another rac- 
ing shell was purchased by the 
team from a Canadian rowing 
club. Aggieville merchants 
furnished team uniforms for 
the new athletic squad. 

Practice started during the 
fall for the rowing season to 
begin in March. The only Big 
Eight school to compete in the 
sport, the University joined 
eight other teams to establish 
the Mid-America Collegiate 
Rowing Association. 

Sporting new purple and white, K-emblazoned team uniforms, the University 
rowing squad totes its shell to Tuttle Creek for a mid-winter rowing practice. 

Although trees remain barren and the waters of the lake 
cove are still icy, men of the rowing team must still keep 

at it. The squad prepares to launch the 400-pound shell, 
which was a gift from the rowing team at Purdue University. 

Rowers, who solicited $20 subscriptions from 150 persons 
for a boat to be named The 150, launch their racing shell. 

Gently lowering their rowing shell into lake waters, racing 
enthusiasts complete launching of the 30-year-old boat. 

Perfecting the form which took winning trophy in their first race with St. Thomas 
College and the University of Minnesota, rowers work out many hours on the water. 


After the husband leaves the country, detectives search 
his apartment in "The Consul," a three-act musical drama. 

Before leaving tor another country, the husband in "The 
Consul" bids a parting farewell to his wife, aunt and baby. 

Slowly, the expressions in mirrors change as actors assume 
the faces of the characters they portray. Almost any age 

or personality type may evolve through the use of 
grease paint, hair sprays and other make-up aids. 


Students present 
spring theatricals 

Presented as the highlight 
of the spring 1964 Fine Arts 
Festival was "The Consul." A 
three-act musical drama, the 
play was presented by the de- 
partments of music, art and 
speech and the K-State Players. 

"All in a Polyethelene Bag," 
a satirical review of society, 
appeared in the Union Little 
Theater. Playing to sell-out 
crowds, the production sati- 
rized celebrities from Barry 
Goldwater and southern sena- 
tors to Romeo and Juliet and 
Julius Caesar. 

In observance of the 400th 
anniversary of William Shake- 
speare's birth, the department 
of speech and the K-State 
Players presented "Readings 
from Shakespeare." 

"Waiting for Godot," a con- 
troversial drama in two acts, 
was the last presentation of 
the 1964 spring season. 

Gogo and Didi await Godot in "Waiting 
for Godot," acted by graduate students. 

In "The Consul" a magician hypnotizes the characters and 
makes them dance around the consul's office. Presented 

as part of the eighth biennial Fine Arts Festival, "The 
Consul" was first produced by actors in Philadelphia, Pa. 


Professor Deville's wife in "Marriage-Go-Round" learns of the rela- 
tionship of Katrine and her husband on returning from a lecture. 

While at a horse race in "My Fair Lady," Eliza 
Doolittle breaks a convention by swearing. 

At Mrs. Higgins' tea, Eliza Doolittle gets her first chance produce "My Fair Lady," longest running Broadway play in 
to use the new speech taught her by Henry Higgins. To American theatrical history, $1,500 in costumes were rented. 

Releasing Winnie the Pooh from the entrance to Rabbit's 
house requires the efforts of Piglet, Skunk, Mouse and Rab- 

bit. "Winnie the Pooh," a Children's Theatre play, was 
shown in Junction City and at six schools in Manhattan. 

Actors produce 
'My Fair Lady 7 

Nearly three and one-half 
months were spent preparing 
for "My Fair Lady," "Winnie 
the Pooh" and "Marriage-Go- 
Round." More than 6,000 per- 
sons attended the three plays. 
Production of "My Fair Lady" 
during Homecoming required 
150 Edwardian costumes and 
145 cast members. 

"Winnie the Pooh/' the Chil- 
dren's Theatre production, 
toured area schools. More than 
2,000 grade school children 
viewed the play. 

"Marriage-Go-Round" was 
a hold-over hit from summer 
school. A four-member cast 
dramatized the Broadway 
comedy in the Purple Masque 
Theatre in East Stadium. 

Katrine, a Swedish girl in "Marriage-Go-Round," comes to America to have an 
ideal child by the man she thinks is one of the most intelligent in the world. 

Performers read 
narrative poem 

"A West Wind Rises/' a nar- 
rative poem by Bruce Cutler, 
was the first Readers' Theatre 
production. Six readers un- 
folded episodes of 1858 in his- 
torical sequence. The poem's 
author attended the opening 
night performance. 

Two experimental one-act 
plays were presented at the 
Purple Masque Theatre in the 
spring. "No Exit," by Jean- 
Paul Sartre, dramatized the 
suffering of three persons in 
hell after death. 

"A Phoenix Too Frequent," 
by Christopher Fry, presented 
a satirical view of heroic, ideal- 
istic love and outdated styles 
of writing plays and poetry. 

Toasting to life and death, the servant 
girl Doto salutes Tegeus-Chromis. 

Trapped in a private hell, student actors in "No Exit" describe the personal 
torments of sharing one small room with the perfect torturers-other people. 

Actors appear in "A West Wind Rises," the first Readers' Theatre production. 
Readers' Theatre uses uncostumed actors to read drama, poetry and literature. 

Cast members of "A West Wind Rises" line up to get Bruce Cutler's autograph. Cut- 
ler, author of the poem, taught on campus before going to Wichita State University. 

Actresses rehearse for No Exit, 
staged in the Purple Masque. 

Dynamene, Tegeus-Chromis and Doto examine an urn in the 
experimental play, "A Phoenix Too Frequent." Although at 

first dying for the love of her dead husband, Dynamene 
falls in love with Tegeus-Chromis in the one-act drama. 

Night blaze destroys Auditorium, 
devours music department facilities 

Photo by LeRoy Kepley 

Flames spew out of the Auditorium 
as the roof caves in at 1:57 a.m. 

"Burn the Barn," a long- 
heard slogan, became a reality 
early Friday morning, Jan. 15, 
in a blaze that gutted the Audi- 
torium. Campus firemen lost 
control of the fire, spotted 
by a watchman at 1:20 a.m., 
after flames reached the stage 
fly area. 

Many music instruments, 
original compositions and 
scores were destroyed. The fire 
consumed 11 pianos, including 
a $7,000 grand piano, and more 
than 200 student instruments. 

For 60 years the Auditorium 
was site of concerts, plays and 
convocations. The structure 

housed music department 
offices and classrooms. After 
the fire, music offices were set 
up in East Stadium. 

Two students, arrested on 
charges of starting the Audi- 
torium blaze, stood trial in 
Manhattan during February. 

To raze the structure and re- 
place equipment, the Kansas 
Legislature appropriated 
$252,849. The Board of Regents 
recommended an apportion- 
ment of almost $2.9 million for 
a new auditorium and music 
wing. Students set $10,000 as 
goal in a "Cats for Curtains" 
campaign for new curtains. 

Smoldering bricks and charred timber remain as somber 
evidence of the early morning Auditorium fire. The interior 

of the fortress reveals a three-story cavern. Dedicated in 
1904, the Auditorium seated about 2,000 persons. 

Photo by David von Riesen 




* J 





Seniors 393-437 

Graduates 438-443 

Underclassmen 444-572 

Advertising 573-592 

Index 593-608 


■ '.- : ■:. ■'■■;: ■' ■'■■ ' •-.•: <.MW 

P/70/o by Dawd von Riesen 


A university is people — administrators, 
instructors and office workers — but most 
important, a university is students. They are 
the backbone of the University, youth seek- 
ing knowledge in the classroom, the labora- 
tory or a midnight discussion. They are the 
University's past and future. Standing as 
the only campus statue, the solemn bust of 
William Alexander Harris symbolizes the 
role the more than 9,000 students may also 
play in the nation's future. 

Photo by David von Riesen 



■ -■ *J- , 

I 1 i'^ 

t y 



Senior officers Terry Patterson, treasurer, Douglas Dusen- 
bury, president, Patricia Templer, secretary, and Constance 

Schleicher, vice-president, promote project sales for the 
senior class during home football and basketball contests. 

Seniors buy 'TGIS' pins, 
derby hats from officers 

Identification cards entitled seniors to 
"Thank Goodness I'm a Senior" buttons and 
traditional purple and white senior derbies. 
Seniors sat in special sections at football and 
basketball games. The class officers were 
elected on a University Party slate. 

Anderson Hall, with freshly painted halls and new ground 
level floor covering, stands as a symbol of the University. 

Abbreviations for Activities: ACS — American Chemical Society; 
Act. — Activities; Adm. — Administration; Ad. — Advertising; Ag. — 
Agriculture; Ag. Mag. — Agricultural Magazine; AFROTC — Air Force 
Reserve Officers Training Corps; A.G.O. — American Guild of Organ- 
ists; AHEA — American Home Economics Association; AIA — Ameri- 
can Institute of Architects; AIAA — American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics; AIChE — American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers; A. I. D. — American Institute of Interior Designers; AIIE — 
American Institute of Industrial Engineers; AIP— American Institute 
of Physics; Am. — American; ANS — American Nuclear Society; ASA — 
American Society of Agronomy; ASAE — American Society of Agri- 
cultural Engineers; ASCE — American Society of Civil Engineers; 
ASL A — American Society of Landscape Architects; ASME — American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers; A&S — Arts and Sciences; Asst. — 
Assistant; Assn. —Association; Assoc. — Associated; AVA — American 
Vocational Association; AVM A — Student Chapter of American Veter- 
inary Medical Association; AWS — Associated Women Students; 
Aux. — Auxiliary. 

Bd. — Board; BSA — Business Students Association; Bus. — Business; 
BSU — Baptist Student Union; Capt. — Captain; Chap. — Chapter; 
Chem. — Chemical, Chemistry; Chm. — Chairman; Comm. — Commit- 
tee, Commission; Conf. — Conference; Corres. — Corresponding; 
Coun. — Council; CYD — Collegiate Young Democrats; CYR — Col- 
legiate Young Republicans; Dept. — Department; Dir. — Director; 
DMS — Distinguished Military Student; Ec. — Economics; Ed. — Edu- 
cation, Editor, Editorial; Engr. — Engineering, Engineers; EUB — 
Evangelical United Brethren; Exec. — Executive; Ext. — Extension; 
Fellow. — Fellowship; FFA — Future Farmers of America; FMOC — 
Favorite Man on Campus; Found. — Foundation; Fr. — Freshman; 
FTA — Future Teachers of America. 

Govt. — Government; Hort. — Horticulture; Hosp. — Hospitality; IAS 

— Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; IEEE — Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers; IFC — Interfraternity Council; IFYE — Inter- 
national Farm Youth Exchange; Ind. — Independent; Intl. — Interna- 
tional; IOHC — Independent Organized House Council; IPC — Inter- 
fraternity Pledge Council; ISA — Independent Students Association; 
Jr. —Junior; KSCF— Kansas State Christian Fellowship; K-State Engr. 

— K-State Engineers' Magazine; LSA — Lutheran Students Associa- 
tion; MC — Model Congress; M.E. — Mechanical Engineering; MENC — 
Music Educators National Conference; Mgr. — Manager; MMUN — 
Midwest Model United Nations; MPC-Mock Political Convention; 
MUN — Model United Nations; NEA — Nuclear Engineering Associa- 
tion; NVATA — National Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association; 
OCW — Off-Campus Women's Association; Org. — Organization. 

Panhel. — Panhellenic; PTP- People- to-People; Pres.- President; 
Pol. Sci. — Political Science; Pub. — Publicity, Publications; Pub. Rel. — 
Public Relations; RA — Resident Assistant; RCC — Religious Coordi- 
nating Council; Rec. — Recording; Rep. — Representative; RWF — 
Roger Williams Fellowship; SAB — Student Activities Board; S.A.M.E. 

— Society of American Military Engineers; SCC — Social Coordinating 
Council; SCF — Student Christian Fellowship; Schs. — Scholarship; 
SCSA — Soil Conservation Society of America; S.E.A. — Student Edu- 
cation Association; Sec — Secretary; Sec. Gen. — Secretary General; 
SG A — Student Governing Association; Soc — Social, Society; Soph. — 
Sophomore; Sr. — Senior; Stu. — Student. 

Tech.— Technical; Treas. — Treasurer; UCCF — United Campus 
Christian Fellowship; UGB — Union Governing Board; UMOC — 
Ugly Man on Campus; Union — Student Union; Univ. — University; 
UPC — Union Program Council; USCC- United Student Christian 
Council; Vet. — Veterinary; Vet. Med. — Veterinary Medicine; V-Pres. — 
Vice-president; WAA— Women's Athletic Association; Y-O — 
Y-Orpheum; YWCA— Young Women's Christian Association. 





Adams, E. 


-Albright, Gr 


Adams, M. 
Albright, M. 



Seniors: Ada— Bar 


Anderson, J. L. 
Anderson, M. J. 

Anderson, A. 
Anderson, J. K. 
Anderson, M. S. 


Anderson, C. 
Anderson, L. 
Anderson, N. 

Adago, John; New York, N.Y., Political Science. Adair, Sharon L; 
Selden, Dietietics and Institutional Management. Adams, Elaine K; 
Dodge City, English. Adams, James J; Nevada, Mo., Architecture. 
Adams, Mary K; Larned, English. Adamson, Lorraine A; Salina, 
English. Adcock, Thomas D; Superior, Neb., Business Administra- 

Addy, Donald E; Wichita, Business Administration. Aikin, Kenneth 
N; Kansas City, Mo., General. Ailshie, Roger H; Kingsdown, Agri- 
cultural Engineering, ASAE. Albright, Gerald M; Hoyt, Animal 
Husbandry. Albright, Merle R; Colby, Agricultural Engineering, 
ASAE Sec, V-Pres., 4-H. Aldridge, Everett G; Kansas City, Animal 
Husbandry, Block and Bridle, 4-H, UCCF. Alexander, Karol K; 
Overland Park, Secondary Education. 

Alford, Fredricka S; Concordia, Elementary Education. Allacher, 
Dennis E; Herndon, Civil Engineering, ASCE. Allee, Judith K; 

Arkansas City, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta Rec. Sec, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A., CYR, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Allen, Kathleen A; Wichita, Home Economics and Art, S.E.A., 
Orchesis, Art Club. Anderson, Agnes F; Agenda, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Anderson, Christine M; Sharon Springs, Modern Languages. 

Anderson, Jack L; Sutton, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, 
Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Anderson, Judy K; Shawnee, Home 
Economics and Art. Anderson, Leland M; Smolan, Dairy Production, 
Dairy Science Club Pres., Little Americal Royal Assn. Pres., V-Pres, 
Dairy Cattle Judging Team, KSCF, Grace Baptist Stu. Fellow. V-Pres. 

Anderson, Marilyn J; Peru, Home Economics Teaching, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma V-Pres., Standards Chm., House Mgr., Pledge Class 
Pub. Rel. Chm. Forensic Union, S.E.A., Newman Club, Intramurals. 
Anderson, Michael S; Kansas City, Mo., Physical Education, Ander- 
son, Nancy S; Wichita, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 



Anderson, R. 











Avery, R. 

Anderson, Raymond A; Alloion, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Intramurals, Schs. Antenen, Paula G; Ness 
City, Secondary Education. Anthony, Rowland H; Kansas City, Mo., 
Music Education, Appel, Robert L; Garfield, Chemical Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, AIChE, Intramurals, Schs. Archer, Michael J; Hutchinson, 
Business Administration. Ardon, Menachem T; Israel, Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE, Men's Glee, B'nai B'rith Hillel, Schs. 

Arnold, Betty S; Wichita, Home Economics and Journalism, Chi 
Omega Sec, Theta Sigma Phi Pres., Chimes, Home Ec. Coun. Sec, 
Pub. Chm., Tribunal Justice, Home Ec. Journalism Club, Clothing 
and Textiles Club, PTP. Askey, Raymond D; Leoti, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Atkisson, John L; Wichita, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau 
Sigma Sec, Sigma Tau, ASME, Engr. Coun. Rep., Schs. Auchard, 
Gerald V; Council Grove, Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Augus- 
tine, Sandra L; Hutchinson, Textiles and Clothing, Clothing and 
Textile Club Sec. Avery, Robert O; Wichita, Civil Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade Treas., ASCE, Base- 
ball, Schs. 

Avery, Thomas B; Manhattan, Animal Husbandry. Baber, Jack E; 
Cunningham, Nuclear Engineering. Back, Marilyn J; Mt. Hope, 
Music Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Song Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon 
V-Pres., A & S Coun., S.E.A., MENC, Band, Orchestra, Women's 
Glee Club, Univ. Chorus, RWF, Schs. 

Badger, Thomas W; Scranton, Agricultural Education. Baehr, Phillip 
T; Emporia, Electrical Engineering. Bahm, Ronald D; Dighton, Land- 
scape Architecture, Stu. Chap. ASLA Sec. 

Baird, Judith K; Prairie Village, Secondary Education, S.E.A., CYR, 
PTP, AWS, MPC. Baker, Pamela M; Eskridge, Family and Child 
Development, Schs. Baker, Robert E; Parsons, Feed Technology, 
Alpha Mu Sec Treas., Alpha Zeta, Milling Assn., Intramurals, Schs. 

Baldwin, Lonna S; Houston, Tex., Elementary Education. Banks, 
David E; Turon, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma Sec, Sigma 
Tau, ASME Pres., AIA, Engr. Coun. Sec. Barba, John M; Concordia, 
Radio and Television, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Newman Club. 

Barker, C. Kathrine; Oswego, Home Economics and Art, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Stewardess, Omicron Nu, National Collegiate Players, 
Clothing & Textiles Club V-Pres., CYR V-Chm., K-State Players, 
Union Program Coun. Art Chm. Barker, William C; Prairie View, 
Secondary Education. Barndt, Karen L; Overland Park, Mathematics, 
Gamma Phi Beta Schs. Chm., Standards Chm., PTP, CYR. 

Avery, T. 
Barker, C. 

Baker, P. 
Barker, W. 

Baker, R. 


Seniors: Bar-Bol 

Barnes, Carolyn E; Kansas City, Home Economics and Extension, 
Univ. Ext. Club. Barnes, Marian K; McCracken, Home Economics 
Teaching. Barnett, Lloyd E; Muscotah, Animal Husbandry, Block & 
Bridle, 4-H, Laihona Fellow., Intramurals. Barnhart, Rilla S; Wichita, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Historian, Marshall, Jr. 
Panhell. Rep., Stu. Chap. NEA, CYD, Stu. Orientation Leader, MC. 
Barrett, Peter J; Salina, Physical Education. Barrons, Dorothy J; 
Salina, Home Economics Teaching. 

Bean, Donald L; Anthony, Zoology. Beard, James A; Minneola, 
Physical Education. Bearg, Carolyn J; Hiawatha, Bacteriology, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Corres. Sec, Act. Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, A&S 
Coun., IPC Sec, Pep Club, Union Coram., Schs. Beck, Joseph L; 
Junction City, Secondary Education, S.E.A., K-Club, Baseball, Schs. 
Becker, Doris R; Inman, Home Economics Teaching, American Voca- 
tional Assn., Stu. Chap. N.E.A., Home Ec Teaching Club, 4-H. 
Becker, Gary L; Great Bend, Business Administration Accounting, 

During the national and state elections on November 3, 
students vote at a polling station in Lee Grade School. 

Becker, Robert H; White City, Secondary Education. Begnoche, 
Gloria T; Linn, Elementary Education. Behan, Carolyn S; Oakley, 
Music Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon Treas., A.G.O. 
Sec. Treas., MENC, Univ. Chorus, Women's Glee Club, Madrigals, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. Behrens, Suzanne M; Shawnee Mission, 
Foods and Nutrition, Kappa Alpha Theta V-Pres., Rec Sec, Mortar 
Bd. Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron Rec. Sec, Omicron 
Nu Corres. Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Clothing & Textiles Club, 
Schs. Bekaert, Denis A; Manhattan, Zoology. Bell, Donald J; Elms- 
ford, N.Y., Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IEEE. 

Barnes, C. 

Barnes, M. 






Becker, D. 
Becker, G. 

Becker, R. 





Bell, D. 



Bell, M. 

Bell, R. 











Bell, Marilea K; Merriam, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, 
Treas., Schs. Chm., Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. V-Pres., AVVS Comm. Chm. 
Bell, Roberta L; McPherson, Elementary Education, Belt, Rebecca L; 
Arkansas City, Secondary Education. Bender, Charles A; Manhattan, 
Mathematics, Wesley Found. Pres. Benedick, Jane C; Wichita, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A., MPC, Inter-Dorm 
Coun. Benjamin, Kenneth U; Wichita, Social Sciences, Beta Theta 
Pi Pres., Scabbard & Blade V-Pres., K-State Flying Club. 

Benortham, Thomas D; Harveyville, Animal Husbandry, Block & 
Bridle, CYR, Wesley Found., Intramurals, Schs. Bertrand, Conrad E; 
Aurora, Secondary Education, S.E.A., Stu. Chap. N.E.A., Newman 
Club. Beyer, Annette J; Gridley, Home Economics Teaching, Alpha 
Chi Omega Sec. V-Pres., Pledge Trainer, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
YWCA, S.E.A. Bickel, Blaine W; Topeka, Agricultural Economics. 
Bieber, Joel G; Bazine, Physical Education. Bieberle, Gordon F; 
Ellinwood, Technical Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Newman Club. 

Biery, Terry L; Eskridge, Entomology, FarmHouse Pledge Master, 
Alpha Zeta, Ag. Assn. Pres., 4-H Pres., Statesmen Pres., Entomology 
Club, K-Club, Swimming, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. Billinger, Max 
W; Wichita, Business Administration. Billingham, Karen S; Man- 
hattan, Art, Delta Phi Delta Pres., Tau Sigma Delta, Frog Club, 
PTP, ISA, Schs. 

Bird, Robert E; Haysville, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha. Blakely, 
Jimmie L; Beeler, Electrical Engineering. Blasdel, Sharon K; Sylvia, 
Medical Technology. 

Blasiar, David A; Newton, Architectural Engineering, Triangle 
Pledge Trainer, Pershing Rifles, AIA, ASME, ASCE, CYR. Blass, 
Constance H; Arkansas City, Technical journalism, S.E.A., Newman 
Club. Bloom, Vicki A; Hutchinson, Family and Child Development. 

Blossom, Homer D; Parsons, Landscape Architecture, Tau Sigma 
Delta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, ASLA Pres., Treas., CYR, 
Schs. Bohrer, Susan M; Douglass, Home Economics and Liberal 
Arts, Kappa Delta Ed., Women's Recreational Assn. Treas. Boles, 
David C; Abilene, History, Straube Schs. House Song Leader, Band, 
Men's Glee Club, CYD, S.E.A., MC, MPC, 4-H, Newman Club, 
Intramurals, Schs. 

Bolick, Mark P; Tonkawa, Okla., Physical Education. Bollig, Fran- 
cis R; Victoria, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, AIAA Treas., Judo 
Club, Newman Club. Bolnick, William M; Topeka, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. 

























Bowman, G. 
Bowman, M. 

Seniors: Bon-Car 

Bonewitz, Bonnie B; Manhattan, Home Economics Teaching, Alpha 
Chi Omega Warden, Standards Bd., IPC Rep., Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Comm. Chm., Membership Chm., S.E.A., AWS Comm., CYR, 
Royal Purple Bus. Staff, YWCA, K-Key. Boone, Kenneth D; Dighton, 
Statistics. Borgerding, John F; Marysville, Secondary Education. 
Borland, Dennis P; Clay Center, Agricultural Economics. Born- 
heimer, Joseph F; Prairie Village, Pre-Medicine. Bothwell, David L; 
Hardy, Nebr., Agricultural Education. 

Bottorff, James L; Winfield, Architecture. Bouchey, Gary D; Palco, 
Nuclear Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, 
Sigma Tau, Steel Ring Sec, ANS, PTP, Union Comm., Newman 
Club, Track. Bowers, David E; Herington, Physical Education. 
Bowie, Rogga J; Oakley, Modern Languages. Bowman, Gary H; 
Garfield, Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. Club. Bowman, Michael L; 
Overland Park, History. 

Boyd, Barbara J; Densmore, Home Economics Teaching. Brackett, 
Raymond B; Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. Bradbury, Rose A; 

Clay Center, Home Economics and Extension. 

Brady, Anita I; Albert, Mathematics, Kappa Alpha Theta Standards 
Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, S.E.A., A & S Honors Program, Schs. Branson, Bruce R; 
Stanford, Conn., Electrical Engineering. Brees, Beverly J; Salina, 
Home Economics Teaching, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Pep Club. 

Bremer, Larry W; Oberlin, Mechanical Engineering, AIAA. Brethour, 
Mary R; Maple Hill, Music Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Song 
Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon, S.E.A., MENC, CYR, PTP. Brewer, Roger B; 
St. George, Psychology, Scabbard & Blade, DMS Award. 

Brewster, Jerry V; Salina, Landscape Architecture. Britt, Timothy J; 

North Platte, Neb., Wildlife Conservation, SCSA, Wildlife Soc, 
Zoology Club, Newman Club. Britting, Dean E; Wichita, Geology. 

Brookshire, William W; Kansas City, Electrical Engineering, Delta 
Sigma Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, MUN, PTP, MPC, MC, Pol. Union, 
CYD, Schs. Brower, Ruby K; Benton, Medical Technology, Alpha 
Delta Theta. Brown, Edwin V; Gorham, Mathematics. 











Brown, E. 


Brown, J. 






Burk, E. 
Burk, M. 








Campbell, G. 

Campbell, R 

Capron, K. 

Capron, V. 





Brown, Judith E; Wilmore, Home Economics Teaching, Clovia Bus. 
Mgr., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., 4-H, 
Sens. Broxterman, Leroy R; Baileyville, Business Administration. 
Bruce, Ralph G; Ottawa, Mathematics, Alpha Tau Omega Treas., 
Pub. Rel. Chm., Union Comm. Bryant, William P; Garden City, 
Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Buenning, Jan C; Atchison, Home 
Economics and Nursing. Bull, Robert W; Salina, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Men's Glee Club. 

Buono, Jose J; Puerto Rico, Dairy Production, Dairy Club, Schs. 
Burch, Vinson L; Burrton, Secondary Education. Burfield, Marvin 
L; Otis, Chemistry, ACS, German Club, PTP, Schs. Burgin, Gary S; 
Pittsburg, Mechanical Engineering. Burk, Elmer C; McDonald, Agri- 
cultural Economics. Burk, Mary L; Leavenworth, Home Economics 
and Journalism. 

Burroughs, Courtney; Hillcrest Heights, Md., Physics. Buzenberg, 
John J; Manhattan, Business Administration. Calderon, Prudencio; 

Mexico, Milling Technology. 

Caldwell, Barbara R; Broughton, Family and Child Development, 
Family & Child Development Club, Univ. Ext. Club, 4-H. Calen- 
tine, Jack E; Hutchinson, Chemistry. Call, Barbara A; Halstead, 
Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega Soc. Chm., S.E.A., CYR, 
Royal Purple Bus. Staff, K-Key. 

Calliham, Judith A; Colby, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Chaplain, S.E.A. Campbell, Galen K; Dover, Physical Education. 
Campbell, Robert T; Shawnee Mission, Electrical Engineering. 

Capron, Kenneth M; Columbus, Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. 
AVMA, Flying Club. Capron, Virgil J; Columbus, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Mu, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Carey, 
Karen J; Valley Center, Home Economics Teaching, Delta Zeta 
Standards Chm., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Mortar Bd., Chimes, AWS Comm., Home Ec. Teaching 
Interest Group, S.E.A., Schs. 

Carl, Sharon K; Wilsey, Art. Carleton, Cheryl L; Burtonsville, Md., 
Flome Economics and Art. Carlgren, Stefan M; Concordia, Pre-Law. 



Seniors: Car-Cou 

Carlson, George M; Chanute, Architecture. Carlson, Sharon J; Man- 
hattan, Psychology. Carpenter, Montford L; Sabetha, Feed Tech- 
nology, Straube Schs. House Pres., V-Pres., Alpha Zeta Sec, Alpha 
Mu V-Pres., Corres. Sec, Milling Assn. Sec, Ag. Coun. Rep., Dean's 
Honor Roll, Schs. Carr, Mary L; Prairie Village, Home Economics and 
Art, A.I.D. V-Pres., Home Ec Art Club Pres., Home Ec Coun., Union 
Comm. Carroll, Susan E; Shawnee Mission, Home Economics and 
Art. Carson, Mary E; Springfield, Mo., Physical Education. 

Carson, Sue E; Hays, Elementary Education. Carstens, Susan G; 
Ackley, Iowa, Elementary Education. Carver, Norman R; Neodesha, 
Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Cary, Elizabeth E; Manhattan, English, 
Pi Epsilon Delta Sec-Treas., K-State Players V-Pres., Schs. Casey, 
Patricia A; Havensville, Textiles and Clothing. Cassidy, Jerry L; 
Salina, Nuclear Engineering, ANS, AFROTC, Pershing Rifles, CYR, 
Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley Found. 

Chadwell, Lyle H; Fairview, Agricultural Education, NVATA, Ag. 
Ed. Club, 4-H. Chapman, Mark A; Broughton, History, Acacia Schs. 
Chm., Phi Alpha Theta, Scabbard & Blade Sec, MA-3 Program, Chan- 
cery Club, Fr. Football, Fr. Track, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. Chapman, 
Michael T; Broughton, Chemical Engineering. Charles, Barbara H; 
Topeka, Home Economics and Journalism. Charles, Michael K; 
Republic, Technical Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi Treas., S.E.A., 
Royal Purple Feature Ed., Men's Glee Club, Madrigal Singers, K-Key. 
Chase, Larry L; Colby, Sociology. 

John Cia'rdi, peotry editor of Saturday Review, answers 
questions at discussion period following his Convocation. 

Carlson, G. 
Carlson, S. 
Carson, M. 

Carson, S. 






Chapman, M. A. 
Chapman, M. T. 
Charles, B. 
Charles, M. 


Chasey, Linda S; Wichita, Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, SGA Comm., S.E.A., Union Comm. Chilcott, James H; 
Hugoton, Business Administration, FarmHouse Hist., Treas., Air 
Force ROTC, Completed Cadet Lt. Col., DMS, Men's Glee Club, 
Sigma Theta Epsilon Pres., National V-Pres., Wesley Found. Coun., 
State MSM Coun., Schs. Chowins, Richard D; Kansas City, Mo., 
Business Administration. 

Christensen, John L; Marion, Secondary Education, Phi Alpha 
Theta, K-Club Pres., S.E.A., Christian Athletes Fellow., Football, 
1965 Most Inspirational Player, Hon. Mention All-Big-8 Academic 
Football, Dean's Honor Roll. Christensen, Patricia R; Leawood, 
Physical Education, Alpha Chi Omega V-Pres., S.E.A., P.H.E.M.S., 
YWCA. Christian, Theodore, Newark, N.J., Electrical Engineering. 

Cicmanec, John L; Ord, Neb., Veterinary Medicine. Clawson, 
Eldon L; Linwood, Animal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Rho V-Pres., 
Block and Bridle, Wool and Livestock Judging Teams, Schs. Clegg, 
Victoria L; Manhattan, Elementary Education. 

Cloud, Betty J; Overland Park, English. Cobb, Don L; Liberal, 
Mechanical Engineering. Cochran, Harold M; Oberlin, Mathematics. 
Cohan, Lawrence A; Bonner Springs, Business Administration. 
Colbert, Joan P; Prairie Village, Pre-Medicine. Cole, Zelma R; 

Salina, Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi Treas., Commerce 
Coun., S.E.A., Univ. Chorus, Colleg. Coun. of UN, CYR, Lutheran 
Stu. Assoc. 

Compton, Jere L; Altamont, Electrical Engineering. Conaway, 
Gary L; Winona, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE. Condit, Law- 
rence E; Great Bend, Psychology. Connet, Gwendolyn; Manhattan, 
Technical Journalism. Connolly, Terrence M; Indianapolis, Ind., 
Business Administration. Cook, Charles E; Meriden, Agricultural 
Engineering, Sigma Tau, ASAE Pres. 

Cook, Leland B; Burlingame, Business Administration, ASAE, Sigma 
Theta Epsilon. Cope, Diana G; Wichita, Chemistry, ACS, Orchesis. 
Corman, Pat D; Tescott, Electrical Engineering. Cotter, Carolyn A; 
Hutchinson, Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A. Pub. Chm., AWS Rep., Cheerleader, Schs. Cottrell, 
Fredric R; Liberal, Speech. Coulson, Stephen J; Greene, NY., 
Nuclear Engineering. 




Christensen, J. 

Christensen, P. 















•»wv ,,. 

-*#^ r 


Cook, C. 

Cook, L. 







Cowan, M. 
Cowan, N. 
Cowan, O. 







Seniors: Cou— Don 

Coulter, Jeanette E; Shawnee, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Home Ec. Nursing Club V-Pres., S.E.A., CYR. Cowan, Marion C; 
Clyde, Chemistry. Cowan, Natalie J; Junction City, Elementary 
Education, Alpha Delta Pi Reporter, Historian, S.E.A., AWS Comm. 
Chm., Sec, Union Comm. Sec. Cowan, Ora A; Mission, Foods and 
Nutrition. Cox, Kenton L; Wichita, Architectural Engineering. 
Crangle, Robert D; Mankato, Nuclear Engineering, Triangle Rush 
Chm., Blue Key V-Pres., Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, 
Tau Kappa Alpha, A.N.S., Stu. Senate, Engr. Coun., Debate, Forensic 
Union Pres., CYR, Campus Planning and Dev. Comm., MC, MPC, 
UCCF, Westminster Coun., Dean's Honor Roll. 

Crawshaw, Claude T; Altoona, Agricultural Engineering, Sigma 
Tau, ASAE Sec.-Treas., Schs. Creamer, Thomas B; Spring Hill, Sec- 
ondary Education, Alpha Tau Omega Soc. Chm., Pershing Rifles, 
S.E.A., Union Comm. Chm., Newman Club. Crews, David T; Clear- 
water, Sociology. Crill, Dickie J; Walsh, Colo., Zoology. Crispin, 
Malinda R; Webber, Sociology, Kappa Iota Sigma Exec. V-Chm., 
Sec, Treas., Kappa Phi. Crow, Gerald P; Prairie Village, Chemistry. 

Cullen, Peter; Topeka, History, Scabbard & Blade Soc. Chm., Phi 
Alpha Theta, Cosmopolitan Club, Newman Club, Dean's Honor Roll, 
D.M.S. Cummis, Phillip E; Junction City, Business Administration 
Accounting. Cunningham, Ronald G; Caldwell, Agronomy, Klod and 
Kernel Klub, 4-H, UCCF. 

Dagg, Caleb D; Topeka, Secondary Education. Dallas, Jean E; Man- 
hattan, English, Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, 
Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, A & S Honors Program, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Schs. Dallen, Larry D; Minneapolis, Statistics. 

Dalrymple, Roger D; Tulsa, Okla., Architecture. Darbandi, Esmail S; 

Iran, Architectural Engineering, Iranian Assn. Pres. Darling, Donald F; 
Iola, Dairy Manufacturing. 

Darter, Janet K; Douglass, Home Economics Teaching, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa 
Phi, S.E. A., Home Ec Coun. David, Tom V; Burden, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Schs. Davidson, 
Michael W; Manhattan, Architecture. 

Davies, Robert E; Manhattan, Business Administration. Davis, 
Dee A; Kansas City, Home Economics Teaching. Davis, Gayla J; 

Long Island, Dietetics and Institutional Management, Professional 
Foods Club, Band. 














Davis, D. 

Davis, G. 


Davis, H. 

Davis, J. 













DeWeese, K 

DeWeese, P. 












Davis, Helen C; Elmdale, Home Economics Teaching, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, S.E.A., 4-H, 4-H in Review Staff. Davis, Jack D; 
Bonner Springs, Business Administration, Delta Upsilon, Union 
Comm. CYR. Day, Richard N; Junction City, Industrial Engineering, 
Phi Kappa Theta, AIIE, K-State Engr. Staff, German Club Treas., 
Union Comm., Newman Club. DeArmond, Fanchone; Arkansas City, 
Elementary Education. Deaver, Robert M; Sabetha, Economics. 
Deets, Paul L; Oxford, Agricultural Education, FarmHouse Pledge 
Master, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Assn. and Coun. Pres., 
V-Pres., Ag. Ed. Club Sec, Treas., V-Pres., S.E.A., NVATA, Klod and 
Kernel Klub, FFA, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. 

DeMoss, Richard T; Wellington, Physical Education. Dempsey, 
Douglas E; Jewell, Mechanical Engineering. Denning, Royal G; 

Jonesville, Mich., Milling Technology, Alpha Mu, Milling Assn., Schs. 
Derks, Edwin; Norton, Veterinary Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
IPC Rep., Stu. Chap. AVMA, Men's Glee Club. Desai, Vasu K; India, 
Home Economics. Detter, Rose N; Nickerson, Elementary Education. 

Dettmer, Dennis E; Waterville, Veterinary Medicine. Detwiler, 
Wesley R; Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering, ASME. DeWeese, 
Kathleen; Topeka, Elementary Education. 

DeWeese, Paula J; Manhattan, Modern Languages, Pi Beta Phi His- 
torian, Exec. Coun., Delta Sigma Rho, Causerie Universitaire V-Pres., 
K-State Players, CYD, Newman Club, A&S Honors Program. 
Diamond, Arlen E; Pierre, S.D., Radio-TV Speech, Beta Sigma Psi, 
Alpha Epsilon Rho, Arnold Air Soc, Tribunal, CYR, Lutheran Student 
Assn. Dicken, Donald R; Shawnee Mission, Mechanical Engineering. 

Dickerson, David L; Prairie Village, Business Administration, Men's 
Glee Club, RA. Dickey, Kathleen A; Newton, Secondary Education, 
Alpha Chi Omega Rush Rec. Chm., Theta Sigma Phi, S.E.A., Royal 
Purple and Collegian Staffs, Home Ec. Journalism Club, AWS Comm. 
Diehn, Frederick J; Leawood, Business Administration. 

Dikeman, Michael E; Fort Scott, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse 
Rush Chm., Alpha Zeta, Judging Teams, Ag. College Treas., Block 
and Bridle, FFA Pres., PTP Exec Comm., Schs. Dobbin, Jerry L; 
Wichita, Secondary Education. Dodge, Rae M; Medicine Lodge, 

Dohm, Gerald L; Grinnell, Chemistry. Donaldson, Richard L; 

Nevada, Mo., Electrical Engineering. Donham, Richard S; Wichita, 


Seniors: Dow— Fan 

Dow, Richard G; Mt. Hope, Music Education. Drake, Patty S; Abi- 
lene, Modern Languages. Duff, Walter J; Metuchen, N.J., Zoology. 

Duffin, Patricia A; Kingman, Sociology, Kappa Iota Sigma, Newman 
Club. Duncan, David W; Wichita, Business Administration. Duncan, 
Edward L; Arkansas City, Art. 

Dunn, James C; Ottawa, Restaurant Management. Dunn, Larry R; 

Oswego, Architecture. Dunn, Leon L; St. John, Animal Husbandry, 
FarmHouse Bus. Mgr., Judging Teams, 4-H Pres., V-Pres., Block & 
Bridle, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. 

Dusenbury, Douglas K; Anthony, Psychology, Beta Theta Pi, Blue 
Key, Sr. Class Pres., Football, Tennis, Golf. Duston, James C; Gay- 
lord, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu Sec, Sigma Tau, IEEE. 
Dyke, Terry L; Shawnee Mission, Speech. 

Ebert, Verlyn W; Lamed, Wildlife Conservation. Edmonds, Gary 

N; Oskaloosa, Veterinary Medicine, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, 
Stu. Chap. AVMA. Emundson, Mary L; Carson City, Nev, Home 
Economics and Art, AID, AHEA, RWF. 

Edwards, Phyllis L; Coffeyville, Family and Child Development. 
Edwardson, Robert L; Everest, Agricultural Engineering, Beta Sigma 
Psi Schs. Chm., Steel Ring Pres., ASAE Pres., State V-Pres., IFC 
Pres., LSA Treas., Men's Glee Club, Intramurals. Eggleston, Jerry J; 
Louisburg, Dairy Production, Dairy Science Club, 4-H, Bowling. 
Eichor, Ricky J; Anthony, Secondary Education. Eilrich, Nancy A; 
Ellsworth, Physical Education, P.H.E.M.S., S.E.A., CYR, 4-H, Schs. 
Eitzen, Kathleen A; Hillsboro, Home Economics Teaching. 

Ellington, Larry L; Garden City, Business Administration. Elliott, 
Richard D; Conway Springs, Civil Engineering. Elliott, William H; 
Bird City, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Ellison, Steven W; Shawnee 
Mission, Business Administration. Elsasser, Karen M; Abilene, 
Elementary Education, S.E.A., A Cappella Choir, EUB Stu. Fellow. 
Ely, Karolyn K; Plevna, Foods and Nutrition, Omicron Nu, Schs. 














Duncan, D. 

Duncan, E. 

Dunn, J. 

Dunn, L. R. 

Dunn, L. L. 







Elliott, R. 
Elliott, W. 


Eyes rivet on the basketball court during half time ceremonies as the 
Angel Flight drill team, which marched in the Mardi Gras, forms a wheel. 

Emig, Larry W; Solomon, Civil Engineering. Emigh, John L; Selden, 
Business Administration. Enegren, Phillip D; Wichita, Mechanical 
Engineering, Triangle Pres., Pi Tau Sigma V-Pres, Sigma Tau, 
ASME, Intramurals, Schs. 

Ernzen, Shirley K; Atchison, Secondary Education, S.E.A., Newman 
Club. Erpelding, Lawrence H; Atchison, Agricultural Education, 
FarmHouse, Alpha Tau Alpha, NVATA, Poultry Judging Team, 
S.E.A., Ag. Coun., Ag. Ed. Club Pres., V-Pres., Sentinel, FFA V-Pres., 
4-H, Newman Club, Univ. Ext. Club, Men's Glee Club, Schs. Esk- 
ridge, Escal L; Chanute, Pre-Medicine. 

Evans, Ivor J; Indianapolis, Ind., Electrical Engineering. Evans, 
Larry M; Wichita, Civil Engineering. Evans, Margaret A; Plainville, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Sec, S.E.A., Union Comm. Sub- 
Chm., Panhel. Coun. Sec. 

Evans, Mary F; Topeka, Elementary Education. Exline, Nancy J; 

Salina, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta Rec. Sec, S.E.A., 
Union Comm. Faddis, Jeryn S; Shawnee Mission, Secondary Educa- 
tion, Alpha Delta Pi Sec. V-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha 
Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, AWS Exec. Bd., College Quiz 
Bowl Chm., Schs. 

Fair, Janiece D; Alden, Music Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Song 
Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon Chaplain, A&S Coun., A Cappella Choir, 
K-State Singers, Union Comm., RWF. Fairman, Charles E; Man- 
hattan, Technical Journalism, CYR, PTP, Marching Band, Collegian 
Bus., Canterbury Club, SCF Treas. Fanning, Lucinka V; Annapolis, 
Md., Art, AID, Art Club. 







Evans, I. 

Evans, L. 

Evans, M. A 

Evans, M. F. 











Farrell, K. 

Farrell, M 




Finch, D. 

Finch, M. 


Fitzgerald, R. 

Fitzgerald, T. 









wf "^ jpijr 

fgs & 


1 L* 

Seniors: Fan— Gin 

Fanson, Ralph L; Salina, Civil Engineering, ASME, ASCE, Chi 
Epsilon. Farabi, Terry B; Pittsburg, Chemical Engineering, Beta 
Theta Pi Pres., Steel Ring, Sigma Tau Pres., IFC Pres., Putnam Schs. 
Farmer, Joan, Pratt, Physical Education. 

Farnham, Wilfred L; Abilene, Electrical Engineering, CYR, KSCF, 
Swimming Captain. Farrell, Kevin B; Chicago, 111., Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Farrell, Marcia A; Manhattan, Secondary 

Fassnacht, Donald C; Salina, Landscape Architecture. Faulconer, 
Susan; Augusta, Humanities, Pi Beta Phi Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class 
Pres., Honor Pledge, CYR, YWCA Pres. Fenton, Ladean J; Bonner 
Springs, Secondary Education. 

Finch, Doris M; Parsons, Home Economics Teaching. Finch, Mary 
A; Manhattan, Chemistry. Fisher, Walter L; Wilmington, Del., 

Fitzgerald, Rebecca; Jewell, Technical Journalism, Pi Beta Phi, Royal 
Purple Ed., Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, K-Key. Fitzgerald, Terrell; 
Ellis, Landscape Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fitzwater, Max M; 
Abilene, Technical Journalism, Delta Tau Delta Pub. Chm., Rainbow 
Corres., Sigma Delta Chi Pres., V-Pres., Collegian Staff, K-Key, Schs. 

Fleek, Mary J; Leavenworth, English, Alpha Lambda Delta, S.E.A., 
AWS Coun., Interdorm Coun., Hall Coun., CYR, K-State Players, 
Schs. Flentie, Mary F; Centralia, Home Economics Teaching, Smurth- 
waite V-Pres., S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Interest Group, Home Ec. 
Ext. Club, CYR, 4-H, UCCF, Schs. Florell, John M; Manhattan, Archi- 
tectural Engineering. Folk, Ronald D; Holyrood, Physical Education. 
Fosmire, Robert P; Shawnee Mission, Electrical Engineering. Foster, 
Mitchell L; Sedan, Secondary Education. 

Fowler, Clarence S; Kansas City, Business Administration Account- 
ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon Comptroller, Alpha Kappa Psi. Frazee, 
Elizabeth A; Spring Hill, Home Economics Teaching. Frazee, Larry D; 
Columbus, Agricultural Mechanization. Freed, Judith R; Scandia, 
Elementary Education. Freeland, Kent H; Topeka, Technical Jour- 
nalism, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Stu. Senate 
V-Pres., Collegian News Ed., Wire Ed., Columnist, Royal Purple 
Staff, A&S Honors Program, Schs. Frick, Leon F; Camden, N.J., 
Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Tau, ANS Pres. 

I & <J 

Frazee, E. 
Frazee, L. 
Frick -^ 


Friesen, Ann E; Inman, Technical Journalism, Smurthwaite Pres., 
Theta Sigma Phi Treas., Home Ec. Journalism Club Pres., Residence 
Hall Assn. Sec. -Treas., PTP, Collegian Ed. Asst., RA, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Schs. Friesen, Connie L; Hutchinson, Business Administration. 
Friesen, Paul A; Hillsboro, Architecture, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Schs. 

Fromme, Janice M; Hoxie, Home Economics and Liberal Arts, Alpha 
Xi Delta Pres., Family & Child Development Club. Fulkerson, 
Judith C; Liberty, Mo., Home Economics and Liberal Arts, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Clothing & Textiles Club, Union Comm., CYR. 
Gagnon, Donald J; Grainfield, Secondary Education, Phi Kappa 
Theta V-Pres., Sec, Arnold Air Soc. Comm., Newman Club Treas. 

Gagnon, Michael J; Manhattan, Business Administration Account- 
ing. Gamble, William E; Chanute, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ganson, 
Kathleen C; Concordia, English, Chi Omega, S.E.A., K-State Players. 

Gardner, Wanetta K; Partridge, English. Garretson, Peter W; Heidel- 
burg, Germany, Political Science. Gay, Jim L; Plevna, Feed Tech- 
nology, Gamma Delta. 

Geery, William R; Carlisle, Pa., Zoology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Zoology Club, Pre-Dentistry Club, Fr. Baseball. Geis, Clifton M; 
Circleville, History. Genschorck, Gary D; Hanover, Feed Technology. 

George, Mary E; Wichita, History, Delta Delta Delta Soc. Chm., 
Corres. Sec, Phi Alpha Theta, NEA, S.E.A., Union Comm., SGA 
Comm., AWS Comm. Gerkens, Harold F; Palmyra, N.J., Botany. 
Gerritz, Catherine M; Manhattan, Elementary Education. Giefer, 
Louise R; Wellington, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta 
Corres. Sec, S.E.A., AWS, Newman Club. Gilchrist, Carol A; Wichita, 
Business Administration Accounting. Gilchrist, Ross A; Kingman, 
Sociology, Kappa Iota Sigma Sec-Treas., Exec. Chm., CYR Pres., 
V-Pres., MPC, Sports Car Club. 

Gillam, Dwayne D; Garden City, Business Administration. Gillam, 
Marilyn K; Garden City, Home Economics Teaching. Gillaspie, 
Richard L; Council Grove, Agricultural Economics, Scabbard & 
Blade, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Ec. Club Pres., FFA Reporter, RWF, Christian 
Athletes Fellow., Track, Cross Country, DMS, Schs. Gillmore, 
Oran G; Neodesha, Business Administration Accounting, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda, Intramurals. Gimbel, Weldon K; Dodge City, 
Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Ginsburg, Bernard E; Brooklyn, 
N.Y., Zoology, Zoology Club, Marching Band, B'nai B'rith Hillel, 
Judo Club, Intramurals. 

Friesen, A. 

Friesen, C. 

Friesen, P. 



Gagnon, D. 

Gagnon, M. 










1 S3! 3%* 1 .' , 




/«-•., mm 

c*cr «f 



Gillam, D. 

Gillam, M. 






mi ^im 



Goering, J, 

Goering, W. 


Gordon, L 

Gordon, R. 




Graham, A. 

Graham, J. 




Seniors: Gla— Han 

Glazier, Glenn D; West Brookfield, Mass., Agricultural Education, 
Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Wesleyan Found., Intramurals. 
Goble, Dallas O; Lake City, Animal Husbandry, Chaparajos Club, 
Rodeo Team. Goering, James L; Ames, Civil Engineering, Chi Ep- 
silon V-Pres., Steel Ring, ASCE, Engr. Open House Chm., Intra- 

Goering, Wayne M; Moundridge, Electrical Engineering. Gooch, 
Thomas W; Topeka, Animal Husbandry. Gordon, Lowell D; Wichita, 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Gordon, Richard R; Wichita, Business Administration. Gottlob, 
Darrell D; Arkansas City, Agricultural Economics. Graber, Ronald 
K; Pretty Prairie, Dairy Science. 

Gracey, Betty J; Ford, Elementary Education. Graham, Ann H; El 
Dorado, Elementary Education. Graham, John M; Council Grove, 
Agricultural Economics. 

Granquist, Johnny L; Shawnee Mission, Chemical Engineering, 
Alpha Tau Omega Pledge Trainer, Steel Ring Treas., Engr. Coun. 
Rep., AIChE Treas., Statesmen Schs. Comm., Newman Club, Intra- 
murals. Grant, Richard L; Wichita, Psychology. Green, Barbara R; 
Concordia, Chemistry, Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Theta, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, ACS, Schs. 

Following his speech on "Successes and Failures of U.S. Foreign Aid," 
U.S. Senator Frank Carlson meets President McCain and a faculty member. 

Ji § ■ / iH i • ) I i 






Grubb, S. J 

Grubb, S. L. 



Guthrie, C. 

Guthrie, R. 





Griffin, Jean A; Minneapolis, Family and Child Development. 
Grigsby, Melinda D; Attica, Business Administration. Groth, Wayne 
C; Bushton, Chemical Engineering. 

Grothusen, Rex W; Scott City, Agricultural Education, Alpha Gamma 
Rho, Ag. Coun. V-Pres., Ag. Ed. Club Treas., CYR, Sports Car Club. 
Grover, Wayne M; Stockton, Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse Pres., 
Blue Key Sec, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Ag. 
Coun. Barnwarmer Chm., Block & Bridle, 4-H, Wesley Found., Schs. 
Grubb, Sharon J; Anthony, Zoology. 

Grubb, Stephen L; Abilene, Feed Technology. Grybowski, Richard 

A; Kinsley, Secondary Education, PTP Comm., Judo Club, Fr. Track. 
Guisinger, Allen W; Prairie Village, Zoology. 

Guthrie, Charles W; Wichita, Business Administration Accounting, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Statesmen, Intramurals. Guthrie, Ruthann; Walton, 
Secondary Education, S.E.A., Wesley Found. Haas, Thomas H; 
Independence, Mo., Business Administration. 

Habiger, Cyril W; Salina, Mechanical Engineering. Hadley, Leo L; 
Manhattan, Political Science. Hadsell, Gary N; Hugoton, Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Hager, Connie L; Norton, Secondary Education, Delta Delta Delta 
Rec. Sec, S.E.A., AWS Comm., Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, Whi- 
Purs, Women's Glee Club, Intramurals. Hagerman, Robert L; Rozel, 
Agricultural Economics. Haines, George E; Leawood, Mathematics. 
Hakimian, Ebrahim; Iran, Business Administration, Iranian Stu. 
Assn., B'nai B'rith Hillel. Halbleib, Judith S; Brownell, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Haller, Richard T. Franklin Square, N.Y., 
Business Administration. 

Hamby, Carol L; Dodge City, Secondary Education, Delta Zeta, 
S.E.A., CYD, Newman Club. Hamilton, John B; Emporia, Civil En- 
gineering. Hamlett, Robert M; Wichita, Chemical Engineering, 
Triangle Pres., Sigma Tau V-Pres., AIChE Sec, Engr. Coun., Stu. 
Senate, Union Comm., Chancery Club, Intramurals, Schs. Hamlin, 
Carolyn H; Lawrence, Elementary Education. Hammel, Franco A; 
Clay Center, Secondary Education, Delta Delta Delta Pres., Kappa 
Delta Pi, Angel Flight, Military Ball Queen Finalist, Sigma Chi 
Sweetheart, Union Comm., SGA Comm., Schs. Hanchett, Theodore 
L; Norton, Agricultural Education, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Ed. Club. 














Seniors: Han— Hon 

Hanif, Quaisar M; India, Nuclear Engineering. Hanna, Jay D; Lyons, 
Psychology, Sigma Phi Epsilon V-Pres., CYD, Newman Club. Hans, 
Bhim S; India, Mechanical Engineering. 

Harding, Bertha D; Cheney, Home Economics and Art, A.I.D., Home 
Ec. Art Club. Hardison, Gary R; Overland Park, Business Adminis- 
tration. Harger, Ronnie L; Arkansas City, Business Administration. 

Harmison, Randall L; Newton, Electrical Engineering, Tau Kappa 
Epsilon Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Circle K Club V-Pres., 
Madrigal Singers, Men's Glee Club, RWF, Schs. Harper, William R; 
Vermillion, Wildlife Conservation, Schs. Harrison, John D; Marys- 
ville, Secondary Education. 

Harry, Judith L; Emporia, Family and Child Development, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Union Comm., Family & Child Development Club, 
CYR, Women's Glee Club, Intramurals. Hartenbower, Janet S; 
Prairie Village, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, S.E.A., 
CYR. Harts, Dwayne L; Walnut, Electrical Engineering. 

Hatcher, Gale L; Russell, Architecture. Havley, David T; Centralia, 
Pre-Medicine. Hawkes, Bernadette R; Kirkwood, Mo., Physical 

Hawks, David L; Goodland, Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Schs. Hayes, John G; Great Bend, Sociology. 
Haymaker, Mary L; Minneapolis, Minn., Elementary Education. 
Heath, Larry L; Burns, Electrical Engineering. Hefty, Donald G; 
Valley Falls, Veterinary Medicine, Acacia, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. 
AVMA, Schs. Heidrick, Charles R; Beloit, Business Administration 
Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha Song Leader, Alpha Kappa Psi, 
PTP, CYR, Apollo Glee Club, Newman Club. 

Heina, Ernest V; Belleville, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi Corres. 
Sec, IEEE, Engr. Open House. Heiser, Patricia A; Atchison, Elemen- 
tary Education, S.E.A., CYR. Helbing, Thomas C; Shawnee Mission, 
Architectural Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Steel Ring, Sigma Tau. 
Heller, Suzanne M; Vesper, Home Economics and Extension. Hemel, 
Dorothy A; Ness, Secondary Education. Hemphill, Dwane E; Byers, 
Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu V-Pres. 












Hemphill, D. 



















Hemphill, L. 

Hemphill, S. 






Hill, T. 










Holloway, J. 

Holloway, S. 


Holmes, K. 

Holmes, O. 






Hemphill, Linda A; Lawrence, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Asst. Schs. Chm., House Coun., Chaplain, Ed. Chm., N.E.A., Home 
Ec. Ext. Club Pres., Treas., IFYE, Intramurals, Schs. Hemphill, Sue E; 
Manhattan, Family and Child Development. Hendricks, Janet L; 
WaKeeney, Elementary Education. Henning, Lelah F; Athol, Textiles 
and Clothing, Clothing & Textiles Club. Henry, Larry L; Broughton, 
Agronomy, SCSA, Klod & Kernel Klub, Schs. Hensley, Harvey D; 
Wichita, Chemical Engineering. 

Hicklin, James W; Drexel, Mo., Biological Science. Hill, Ray F; 
Burlington, Landscape Architecture. Hill, Thomas R; Kansas City, 
Nuclear Engineering. Hinnergardt, Eva L; Clay Center, Elementary 
Education. Hirt, Joyce K; Lucas, Home Economics Teaching, NEA, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, 4-H, Newman Club. Hixson, Jean A; St. John, 
Home Economics Teaching, Gamma Phi Beta House Mgr., Profes- 
sional Foods Club, Stu. Senate, AWS V-Pres., Home Ec. Coun. Comm. 
Chm., Schs. 

Hodges, Marilyn R; Lebo, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Block & 
Bridle. Hodgson, Edward S; Little River, Animal Husbandry. Hoesli, 
Harry H; Delphos, Secondary Education, Alpha Tau Omega Pres., 
House Mgr., Delta Phi Delta, UPC, Newman Club, Intramurals. 

Hoffhines, Robert R; Delphos, Business Administration, AIA, ISA. 
Hoffman, Keith L; Preston, Physical Sciences, Triangle, Union 
Comm., CYD. Hohn, Marilyn J; Marysville, Modern Languages. 

Holland, Los V; Pittsburg, Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA. 
Hollar, Donald L; Emporia, Electrical Engineering. Holliday, Ralph O; 

Liberty, Animal Husbandry. 

Holloway, Jerry A; Hutchinson, Civil Engineering. Holloway, 
Stephen B; McPherson, Architecture, Delta Upsilon V-Pres., Tau 
Sigma Delta, AIA., Union Comm., Schs. Holm, Ronald K; Salina, 
Secondary Education. 

Holmes, Karen A; Duluth, Minn., Secondary Education, S.E.A., Schs. 
Holmes, Oliver W; Abilene, Electrical Engineering. Honeman, Glen 

M; Pratt, Agronomy. 


Seniors: Hoo— Jon 

Hoofer, Barry L; Ashland, History. Hooper, Keith L; Manhattan, 

Business Administration. Hoops, Robert F; Republic, Veterinary 
Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Alpha Zeta, LSA. Hopkins, Frankie 
J; Benton, Animal Husbandry. Horchem, Janet L; Ranson, Business 
Administration, Chi Omega. House, Harlan D; Goodland, Agricul- 
tural Education, Acacia Sr. Steward, Ag. Ed. Club, 4-H Chancery 

Hoyt, Laurie S; Kansas City, Home Economics Teaching. Hu, Frank 
T; China, Electrical Engineering, PTP, Cosmopolitan Club. Huber, 
Linda S; Wichita, Family and Child Development and Elementary 
Education, Delta Zeta, S.E.A., Family and Child Development Club, 
RWF. Hucke, Gary L; Parsons, Animal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma 
Rho, Block & Bridle. Hughes, Roberta L; Garnett, Home Economics 
and Journalism, Alpha Chi Omega Pres., Theta Sigma Phi Sec, Home 
Ec. Journalism Club V-Pres., Collegian Soc. Ed., CYD. Hunt, Melvin 
C; Tribune, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse Sec, Bd. Member, Alpha 
Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Miniwanca Club, Ag. Coun., FFA V-Pres., 
Judging Teams, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Students brouse in The Cat's Pause, a Union concession 
added during the fall to sell paperbacks and magazines. 

Hunt, Richard D; Salina, Business Administration Accounting. 
Hunziker, Don F; Senden, Mathematics. Hysom, Ronald R; Wichita, 
Physics, Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres., Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma V-Pres., 
Alumni Assn. Bd. of Dir., Stu. Senate, Stu. Body Pres., American 
Institute of Physics Treas., UPC, Union Comm., German Club, Men's 
Glee Club Pres., LSA, Intramurals, Schs. Ingersoll, Patricia; Michi- 
gan Valley, Modern Languages. Ireland, Lawrence P; Holton, Geog- 
raphy. Itz, Nancy J; Carlisle Barracks, Pa., Home Economics, Pi Beta 
Phi Standards Chm., Clothing & Textiles Club, YWCA. 










Hunt, M. 

Hunt, R. 







Jaax, J. R. 

Jaax, J. A. 





Jefferies, R. L. 
Jefferies, R. D. 
Jensen, D. 
Jensen, G. 

Jaax, James R; Wichita, Mechanical Engineering, Straube Schs. 
House Pres., Steel Ring, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., ASME, Scabbard & 
Blade, Stu. Senate, Engr. Open House Chm., Engr. Coun., Union 
Comm., CYR, 4-H, MUN, MC, Newman Club, Intramurals, DMS, 
Schs. Jaax, Judy A; Wichita, Home Economics Teaching, Chi Omega 
V-Pres., S.E.A., AHEA, AVA, RCC, Union Comm., Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club, 4-H, Newman Club Pres., Dean's Honor Roll. Jacob, 
Thomas D; Wichita, Architecture, Steel Ring, Tau Sigma Delta Pres., 
AIA Treas., Intramurals, Schs. Jacobs, William R; Holton, Nuclear 
Engineering. Jahnke, Carol A; Junction City, Elementary Education. 
Janke, Larry J; Alexander, Animal Husbandry, Beta Sigma Psi Sec, 

Jefferies, Roanne L; Wichita, Home Economics and Art, A.I.D., 
Interdorm Coun., Art Club, FMOC Comm., Rifle Team. Jefferies, 
Ronald D; Wichita, Nuclear Engineering, Triangle Steward, ANS 
Sec, Arnold Air Soc V-Pres., Alpha Phi Omega, Band, AFROTC, 
Intramurals. Jelinek, Judith A; Manhattan, Pre-Medicine. Jensen, 
Donald J; Lostant, 111., Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Dean's Honor Roll. Jensen, George S; Goodland, Veteri- 
nary Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Jernigan, Norman B; Wakarusa, 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA. 

Jetland, Barbara A; Arlington, Va., Elementary Education, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Marshal, S.E.A. Ed., Professional Foods Club, Royal 
Purple Queen Finalist, Angel Flight, Union Comm., CYR. Jewett, 
Lucille I; Manhattan, Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta, NEA, 
Wesley Found., A&S Honors Program, Schs. Jilka, Evelyn 
R; Delphos, Elementary Education. 

Johnsmeyer, Virginia; Mt. Hope, Chemistry. Johnson, Carl W; 

Mound Valley, Agronomy, Tau Kappa Epsilon Schs. Chm., Alpha 
Zeta, Ag. Coun. Rep., Klod & Kernel Klub, LSA, Dean's Honor Roll, 
Schs. Johnson, Donald R; Colby, Business Administration, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon Pledge Trainer, Alpha Kappa Psi, IFC, Intramurals. 

Johnson, Jeanette H; Wilsey, Home Economics and Journalism, 
Smurthwaite Alumni Chm., Phi Upsilon Omicron Pres., Omicron 
Nu Reporter, Theta Sigma Phi, Wesley Found., SCFC. Johnson, 
Lora L; Ft. Dodge, Home Economics and Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta. 
Johnson, Mode A; El Dorado, Business Administration. 

Johnson, Phillip C; Norton, Pre-Law. Johnson, Richard E; Salina, 
Architecture, AIA V-Pres., Intramurals. Johnson, William B; Spring- 
field, Mo., Architectural Engineering. 

Joines, Karen B; Kansas City, Physical Education, S.E.A., PHEMS, 
Intramurals. Jones, Gloria J; Beach, N.D., English. Jones, Judy D; 

Dighton, Elementary Education. 

Johnson, J. 
Johnson, P. 

Johnson, C. 
Johnson, L. 
Johnson, R. 
Jones, G. 


Johnson, D. 
Johnson, M. 
Johnson, W. 
Jones, D. 


Seniors: Jon— Kva 

Jones, Lyle D; Dighton, Secondary Education. Jones, Merle E; Shady 
Bend, Agricultural Economics, Plow & Pen Club, Ag. Ec. Club, ISA, 
Ag. Coun. Jones, Robert L; Holcomb, Animal Husbandry. 

Jones, Ronald E; Louisburg, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse 
Sergeant-at-Arms, 4-H, Block & Bridle, Schs. Juvenal, Louise A; 
Kansas City, Home Economics Teaching. Kaff, Phyllis J; Carbondale, 
Modern Languages, Mortar Board V-Pres., Chimes, A&S Honors 
Program, Schs. 

Kaiser, David P; Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Stu. 
Chap. AVMA. Kauffeld, Mayme L; Manhattan, Music Education. 
Kauffman, Carolyn J; Lawrence, Business Administration. 

Kaump, Dennis A; Waterville, Business Administration Accounting. 
Keearns, John E; Manhattan, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Keen, 
Margaret A; Manhattan, Textiles and Clothing. 

Keen, Robert E; Manhattan, Zoology, SCS Sec, Concert Band, Schs. 
Keene, Ronald B; Little Rock, Ark., Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, 
Stu. Chap. AVMA, Vet. Med. Open House Chm. Keithley, Claude A; 

Kansas City, Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pledge Trainer, Tau 
Sigma Delta, AIA. 

Keller, Diane L; Ellis, Elementary Education, Chi Omega, S.E.A., 
CYR. Kelley, Ted E; Centralia, Electrical Engineering, Pi Kappa 
Alpha Soc. Chm., IFC Rep., Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, CYR. Kellner, 
Wayne A; Kanorado, Animal Husbandry, Pershing Rifles. Kempster, 
Alan R; Kansas City, Electrical Engineering and Business Adminis- 
tration. Kendall, Gregory D; Old Greenwich, Conn., Speech. Kendall, 
Larry W; Herington, Agricultural Education, Delta Upsilon Pledge 
Trainer, Alpha Tau Alpha V-Pres., NEA, NVATA, Ag. Ed. Club Treas. 

Kenyon, Virginia B; Bogue, Music Education. Kepley, Leroy F; 

Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Sports Car Club, Newman Club, 
Rifle Team. Kern, John J; Leavenworth, Agronomy, FarmHouse, 
Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, ASA, SCSA, Ext. Club, Klod & Kernel 
Klub, Newman Club, Schs. Kern, Terry J; Leavenworth; Veterinary 
Medicine, Sigma Chi IFC Rep., Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Dean's Honor 
Roll. Kershner, Craig D; Manhattan, Pre-Law. Kesinger, Fred L; 
Haviland, Mathematics. 

Jones, L. 

Jones, M. 

Jones, R. L. 

Jones, R. 









Keen, M. 

Keen, R. 



Kendall, G. 
Kendall, L. 

Kern, J. 
Kern, T. 


King, A. 
King, S. 







Kettelhut, James L; Alliance, Neb., Speech. Killgore, Mickey R; 

Iola, Nuclear Engineering. King, Alice L; Olsburg, Secondary Educa- 
tion, S.E.A., Chaparajos. King, Spencer W; Iola, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Kirchhoff, Nancy J; Shawnee Mission, Secondary Education, 
Kappa Delta Membership Chm., Phi Alpha Theta, A&S Coun., 
S.E.A., AWS Pub. Comm., Union Comm., Intramurals. Kisby, Loren 
G; Clifton, Secondary Education. 

Kiser, Donald L; Almena, Chemical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Kappa 
Mu Epsilon, AIChE. Kishen, Tara; India, Architectural Engineering. 
Klaurens, Rex L; Menlo, Statistics. Klesath, Charles F; Topeka, Pre- 
Dental. Kleymann, Bonnie J; Tribune, Home Economics and Exten- 
sion, Clovia Schs. Chm., Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, AVA, S.E.A., Ext. Club, Newman Club, 
Schs. Knecht, Samuel W; Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi, 
Eta Kappa Nu Treas., IEEE Treas., College Quiz Bowl Comm., Union 
Comm., CYR, CYD. 

Knox, Dianne; Leon, Zoology. Kobrin, Donald B; Middle Village, 
N.Y., Zoology. Koligian, Michael A; Manhattan, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Stu. Chap. AVMA. 

Kopriva, Thomas G; McDonald, Business Administration. Koster, 
Duane E; Garden City, Business Administration. Kramer, Terry L; 

Ottawa, Business Administration. 

Kraus, Linda A; Arlington, Va., Elementary Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega House Mgr., S.E.A., Clothing & Retailing Club, Univ. Chorus, 
Royal Purple Bus. Staff. Krauss, Roland K; Atwood, Agronomy, 
Alpha Zeta, SCSA, Klod & Kernel Klub, Schs. Krehbiel, Lyle D; 
Abilene, Electrical Engineering, Smith Schs. House Sec, Soc. Chm., 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau V-Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 

Krier, Jerry L; Claremont, Calif., Zoology. Kruse, Richard D; Little 
River, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse, Block & Bridle, Ext. Club, 
4-H, FFA, Judging Teams, Wesley Found. Kuhlmeier, Thomas D; 

Arkansas City, Electrical Engineering. 

Kuhn, Sara L; Bonner Springs, Textiles and Clothing, Kappa Delta 
Ed. Chm., Phi Upsilon Omicron Ed., Omicron Nu Treas., Clothing 
and Textiles Club Treas., PTP, CYR, Home Ec. Honors Program. 
Kuhns, Joyce K; Wichita, Physical Education, PHEMS, CYR, S.E.A., 
OCW, Intramurals. Kvasnicka, Allan J; Haddam, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. 
























ee, A. 

Lee, D. 



Lehman, D. 

Lehman, L. 

Lehman, W 

Seniors: Lac— Mar 



Letourneau, ] 

Letourneau, R. 




Lewis, J. 

Lewis, K. L. 

Lewis, K. J. 



Lackett, James J; Freehold, N.J., Zoology, Phi Kappa Theta Exec. 
Coun., Zoology Club, Newman Club. Lagasse, Orville L; Concordia, 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Lamprect, 
Curtis D; Ellinwood, Landscape Architecture. Larson, Robert H; 
Green, Electrical Engineering. Lashbrook, Linda; Manhattan, Elemen- 
tary Education. Lau, Milton G; Honolulu, Hawaii, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Lauer, Kent A; Elmo, Business Administration. 

Lee, Arnold Y; China, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa 
Nu, IEEE, Dean's Honor Roll. Lee, Diane E; Shawnee Mission, 
Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega Rec. Sec, Schs. Chm., Alpha Lambda 
Delta V-Pres., Theta Sigma Phi Historian, Phi Alpha Mu V-Pres., 
Phi Kappa Phi, Chimes Historian, Mortar Board Rep., SGA Comm., 
AWS Comm., Royal Purple Staff, K-Key, A&S Coun., Dean's Honor 
Roll. Leel, Woodruff G; Suffield, Conn., Geology. Leeper, Carolyn K; 
Holton, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta V-Pres., Pledge Trainer, 
S.E.A., AWS Comm. Lehman, Donald A; Topeka, Chemistry. Lehman, 
Linda L; Bonner Springs, Textiles and Clothing, Kappa Delta, 
Angel Flight, Clothing & Textiles Club. Lehman, Wilfred H; Leroy, 

Lenhart, Leanna M; Goddard, Home Economics and Art, K-State 
Players, Wesley Found. Leopold, Patricia A; Garden City, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management, Kappa Kappa GammaTreas.,Omicron 
Nu V-Pres. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun. Pres. Letourneau, 
James L; Aurora, Economics. 

Letourneau, Robert J; Aurora, Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon, 
Newman Club Athletics Dir. Lett, Claudia K; Kansas City, Mo., 
Elementary Education. Levendofsky, Shirley A; Belleville, Elemen- 
tary Education, Alpha Chi Omega Soc. Chm., S.E.A. Historian, 
Dorm Soc. Chm., Newman Club Sec, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Lewey, Beverly K; Topeka, Family and Child Development, Family 
& Child Development Club, CYR. Lewis, James N; Concordia, Archi- 
tecture. Lewis, Kay L; Arkansas City, Government. 

Lewis, Kit J; Hanston, Mathematics. Lewman, Vicki L; Kansas City, 
Elementary Education. Lichtenegger, Larry; Kansas City, Speech. 











Lyne, Jean 

Lyne, Joan 





Lightner, Harry K; Garden City, Agricultural Economics. Lillibridge, 
Charles; Wichita, Business Administration. Lillich, Robert D; St. 

Francis, Chemical Engineering, Triangle, Sigma Tau Historian, AIChE 
Sec, CYR, LSA, Intramurals, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. 

Linden, Judith E; Republic, Elementary Education, S.E.A., AWS 
Rep., OCW Pres., CYR, Intramurals, Dean's Honor Roll. Linder, 
Julia A; Sharon Springs, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta IPC Rep., 
S.E.A., CYR. Little, Bruce W; Winchester, 111., Veterinary Medicine, 
Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA Class Rep., Schs. 

Logan, Vance A; Prairie Village, Pre-Law. Loomis, Dudley G; 

Emporia, Mathematics. Lowe, Lorrin E; Garden City, Mechanical 

Lyne, Jean E; Westmoreland, Elementary Education. Lyne, Joan E; 
Westmoreland, Physical Education. Lyons, Lowell J; Overbrook, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Maag, Rodney G; Salina, Civil Engineering. Macklin, Dennis D; 

Wichita, Electrical Engineering. Madison, Charles D; Kingman, 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Maes, Patrick P; Bushton, Business Administration. Magoffin, 
Carole J; Sterling, Family and Child Development. Mallean, William 
R; Hanover, Secondary Education, Judo Club. Mann, Daniel G; 
Topeka, Electrical Engineering. Mann, Kenneth R; Dodge City, 
Physical Education. Mann, Marvin W; Athol, Agricultural Education. 

Marble, George F; Kansas City, Chemical Engineering, Triangle 
House Mgr., Sigma Tau Sec, Goodnow Bov. Bd., AIChE, Pershing 
Rifles, CYR, MPC, MC, USF, Intramurals, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Marcellus, Leila M; Denison, Secondary Education, Delta Phi Delta, 
S.E.A., Art Club. Marcotte, Gerard H; Natoma, Psychology. Markel, 
John D; Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha Pres., Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE V-Chm., Steel Ring, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Martin, Jane B; Salina, Elementary Education. Martin, Lee R; 
Abilene, Business Administration Accounting. 

Mann, D. 
Mann, K. 
Mann, M. 

Martin, J. 
Martin, L. 


Seniors: Mar— Mil 

Martin, Ray L; Baxter Springs, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau 
Sigma, ASME. Mashak, Alan L; Wichita, Secondary Education, 
Alpha Tau Omega, S.E.A., Geography Club. Mauck, Theodore S; 
Goddard, Chemical Engineering. Maxwell, Michael L; Dodge City, 
Business Administration. McAhren, Jerrie J; Byers, Elementary Ed- 
ucation, S.E.A., 4-H. McBride, Marlene K; Nortonville, Home Eco- 
nomics and Extension, Kappa Delta Asst. House Mgr., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Ext. Club, 4-H, Intramurals, Schs. 

McCarty, Ernest P; Turon, Agricultural Education, Ag. Ed. Club, 
Dean's Honor Roll. McCarty, Linda K; Greensburg, Elementary 
Education, S.E.A. McClenahan, Robert C; Clay Center, Landscape 
Architecture, ASLA V-Pres. McClintock, Kenneth; Council Grove, 
Business Administration, Smith Schs. House Soc. Chm., Pres., Phi 
Kappa Phi, Scabbard & Blade, Commerce Coun. V-Pres., Chancery 
Club Treas., Union Comm., CYR, MPC, MC, K-State Players, College 
Bowl, Intramurals, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. McClure, Judy K; 
Richmond, Home Economics Teaching. McCord, Janice I; Man- 
hattan, Modern Languages. 

McCormick, Dennis J; Manhattan, Electrical Engineering, Triangle 
Formal Soc. Chm., Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Engr. Coun., Engr. Open 
House Comm., Engr. Honors Program, Deans Honor Roll. McCown, 
Allen D; Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering. McCracken, Deanna 
M; Lyndon, Home Economics Teaching, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Homecoming Queen, 4-H, AWS Comm. K-Steppers, Schs. 
McDougal, Richard J; Emporia, Business Administration. McFadden, 
Clair L; Hanston, Secondary Education, Delta Chi V-Pres., S.E.A., 
SGA, Apollo Glee Club, RWF. McGrath, Philip H; Waverly, Milling 

During enrollment students watch apprehensively the line 
numbers going up, indicating which courses are filled. 

Martin, R. 






McCarty, E. 

McCarty, L. 

















McLeod, B. 

McLeod, J. 








Metz, G. 

Metz, J. 




Miller, D. 

Miller, F. 

Miller, G. 

Miller, J. 

Miller, M. L. 

Miller, M. 


Miller, M. C. 

Miller, P. 

McGraw, Douglas J; Garden City, Agricultural Economics. Mcln- 
tyre, Jean A; Willis, Home Economics and Art. McKinley, William 
G; Overland Park, Civil Engineering, ASCE Mid-Continent Conf. 
Pres., Intramurals. McKinzie, Ronald V; McCune, Agricultural Ed- 
ucation, Alpha Kappa Lambda V-Pres., Gamma Sigma Delta, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Assn. Sec, Ag. Coun. Sec, Ag. Ed. Club 
Pres., Schs. McLaury, Bruce E; Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. 
McLeod, Billie J; Marysville, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta, 
S.E. A., AWS, Univ. Chorus, Band, Family & Child Development Club. 

McLeod, Jon R; Marysville, Mechanical Engineering. McManis, 
Geraldine M; Manhattan, Home Economics Teaching, Home Ec 
Teaching Club. McMillan, Marilyn A; Wichita, Elementary Educa- 
tion. McPheeters, Vernon L; Kingman, Business Administration, 
Delta Sigma Phi Songleader, CYR, Men's Glee Club, A Cappella 
Choir. Meals, Harriet J; Shawnee Mission, English, Pi Beta Phi Soc 
Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta V-Pres., Phi Alpha Mu Censor, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Stu. Senate, Chimes, Mortar B. Soc. Chm., Stu. Act. Bd. 
Sec, Chm., Angel Flight Sec, A Cappella Choir Sec-Treas., A&S 
Honors Program, Putnam Schs. Assn., Schs. Medcraft, Martha J; 
Lincoln, English, S.E. A., Intramurals. 

Meeks, Suzanne J; Junction City, Home Economics Teaching, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu. 
Sec, S.E. A. Mendenhall, Sharon A; Manhattan, Elementary Educa- 
tion, S.E. A., OCW, Kappa Phi, Schs. Metz, George E; Kansas City, 
Business Administration, Delta Upsilon House Mgr., Chancery Club, 
CYR Pres., MC, MPC Steering Comm. 

Metz, Jerry D; Arkansas City, Mathematics, Delta Tau Delta Schs. 
Chm., Blue Key, MPC, MC, MMUN, PTP, Forensic Union, Univ. 
Party V-Pres., Wrestling, Schs. Meyer, Barbara A; Basehor, Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Management, Professional Foods Club, 4-H. 
Mickelson, Eldon L; Lyndon, Electrical Engineering. 

Middleton, William M; Oxford, Agronomy, ASA, Ag. Coun., Sigma 
Theta Epsilon, Intramurals, Schs. Miller, David D; Esbon, Technical 
Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian Ed., EUB Stu. Fellow., K-Key. 
Miller, Fred R; Wichita, Veterinary Medicine. 

Miller, Gary W; Milford, Milling Technology. Miller, Judith A; 

Wamego, Technical Journalism, Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, PTP 
Comm. Chm., Collegian Ed. Asst., YWCA. Miller, Mark L; Belle- 
ville, Technical Journalism, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Delta Chi Sec, 
Scabbard & Blade Ed., Stu. Pub. Bd., Royal Purple Bus. Mgr., Ad. Mgr. 

Miller, Martha V; Belton, Mo., Secondary Education. Miller, Mary 

C; Winfield, Art, Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Phi Delta Sec, Tau 
Epsilon Delta, PTP, Dean's Honor Roll. Miller, Paul D; Broughton, 


Miller, R. 

Moberly, S. 

Mills, R. 

Mills, S. 




Moberly, H 



Moore, R. 

Moore, W. 

Seniors: Mil— Nic 

Miller, Ronald A; Quenemo, Animal Husbandry, Apollo Glee Club, 
Univ. Chorus, EUB Stu. Fellow., UCCF, Intramurals, Schs. Mills, 
Randy V; Salina, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta Pres. Mills, 
Sylvia M; Pratt, Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi Pres., 
Angel Flight, UGB, Commerce Coun., Union Program Coun. 

Minnis, Marsha L; Newton, Bacteriology, PTP, CYR, Pep Club. 
Minsch, Jean A; Westmoreland, Business Administration Account- 
ing. Mitchell, Timothy W; Bonner Springs, Social Sciences. 

Mitts, Robert L; Carthage, Mo., Animal Husbandry. Miyaji, Roy T; 
Pepeeked, Hawaii, Architecture. Moberly, Harry F; Kansas City, 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA V-Pres., Schs. 

Moberly, Stanley A; Oberlin, Wildlife Conservation. Moden, Lloyd 

D; Junction City, Agronomy, Lambda Chi Alpha Treas., Schs. Chm., 
SCSA, 4-H, A&S Honors Program. Moeller, Frank E; Richland, 
Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA. 

Moody, Evelyn E; Riley, Secondary Education, S.E.A., 4-H, Religious 
Coun. SCF, UCCF, Schs. Moore, Roger L; Elkhart, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Moore, Wesley N; Winfield, Civil Engineering. 

Morgan, Kenneth E; Salina, Secondary Education. Morris, Marilyn C; 
Salina, Elementary Education. Morrison, Eva P; Manhattan, English. 
Morrison, Marva L; Wichita, Home Economics Teaching, S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, 4-H, A. CO., Band. Motes, James E; Scotts- 
ville, Horticulture, Horticulture Club Ag. Coun. Rep. Mukolwe, 
Moses M; Nairobi, Kenya, Animal Husbandry. 

Mundhenke, Boyd M; Lewis, Secondary Education. Mundhenke, 
Rita D; Ainsworth, Neb., Business Administration Accounting, Pi 
Beta Phi Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Chimes Treas., 
Mortar Bd. Treas., Angel Flight Pres., Commerce Coun., SAB, Schs. 
Munson, Charles E; Junction City, Agricultural Economics, Alpha 
Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Ag. Ec. Club, 4-H, Schs. Munson, Jerry L; 
Belleville, Electrical Engineering. Murphree, Maurine L; Newton, 
Elementary Education, Chi Omega, S.E.A., CYR Exec. Sec. Musil, 
Jerry L; Marysville, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Dames Club. 

Morrison, E. 
Morrison, M. 

Mundhenke, B. 
Mundhenke, R. 
Munson, C. 
Munson, J. 








Nelson, A. 
Nelson, C. 
Nelson, K. 
Nelson, N. 
Nelson, S. 
Nelson, T. 

Nevins, C. 

Nevins, R. 





Nagata, Ronald H; Hawaii, Architecture. Nakamoto, Ralph; Lanai 
City, Hawaii, Zoology, CYR. Nash, Peter G; Aurora, 111, Business 
Administration. Naufel, James C; Wichita, Business Administra- 
tion Accounting. Neal, Samroeun; Cambodia, Animal Husbandry. 
Nedwed, Eugene R; Manhattan, Business Administration. 

In one of the classes to become the department of art in 
Arts and Sciences, students practice sculpture technique. 

Nelson, Annette K; Hanover, Secondary Education, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., AWS Comm., Dean's Honor Roll. Nelson, 
Carl W; Culver, History. Nelson, Kathleen D; Oxford, Secondary 
Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Pres., Schs. Chm., Recording Sec, 
Pledge Comm., Pledge Class Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda 
Delta Sec, Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa Delta Pi Pres., Chimes Pres., 
V-Pres., Mortar Board, Freshman Dorm. Sec, S.E.A., AWS Comm., 
Union Comm., Union Program Coun. Sec, A&S Honors Program. 
Nelson, Nanci S; Leawood, Elementary Education. Nelson, Stephen 
D; Garden City, Psychology, Beta Theta Pi V-Pres., Alumni Sec, 
Songleader, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, College Bowl 
Comm. Chm., Apportionment Bd., A&S Honors Program, Schs. 
Nelson, Thomas M; Marysville, Sociology. 

Nevins, Carolyn S; Dodge City, Humanities, A Cappella Choir, 
German Club. Nevins, Robert D; Dodge City, Business Administra- 
tion, A Cappella Choir. Nevius, Larry D; Paola, Business Adminis- 
tration. Nichols, Judith A; Manchester, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A., Newman Club, Schs. Nicholson, Larry D; Washing- 
ton, Chemical Engineering. Nickols, Sharon Y; Rossville, Home 
Economics Teaching, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron 
Nu, Home Ec Teaching Club, Schs. 


Nixon, R. 
Nixon, V. 
Noble, B. 
Noble, N. 

Olson, K. 
Olson, R. 

Seniors: Nix— Por 

Nixon, Richard A; Eureka, Dairy Production. Nixon, Valerie A; Belle 
Plaine, Elementary Education, Chi Omega. Noble, Barbara P; Holy- 
rood, Secondary Education, Sigma Delta Pi, S.E.A., Amateur Radio 
Club Sec.-Treas., Schs. Noble, Nancy S; Wichita, Speech, Pi Beta Phi. 
O'Bryan, Susan E; Clay Center, Home Economics and Liberal Arts, 
Delta Delta Delta, Angel Flight, Orchestra. Oeser, Sheila M; Claflin, 
Elementary Education, Boyd Song Leader, S.E.A., A Cappella Choir, 
Newman Club. 

Ogburn, Jerry A; Garden City, Architecture. Olmstead, Olin K; 

Arkansas City, Mathematics. Olsen, Barry G; Marion, Business 
Administration Accounting. Olson, Keith L; Salina, Business Ad- 
ministration. Olson, Ross A; Dwight, Agricultural Economics, Farm- 
House, Sigma Theta Epsilon Pres., V-Pres., Nat. V-Pres., Ag. Ec. Club 
Pres., V-Pres., Sec, Ag. Coun., 4-H, Wesley Foundation Cabinet Off., 
Comm. Chm. Oman, Price W; Leonardville, Mathematics. 

Opdycke, Don R; Salina, Electrical Engineering. Opdycke, Kenneth 
K; Hutchinson, Architectural Engineering. Oplinger, Edward S; 

Jewell, Agronomy, FarmHouse Sgt. of Arms, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha 
Zeta Chancellor, Ag. Coun. Treas., Klod and Kernel Klub, 4-H, Schs. 

Osborn, Paul D; Scandia, Business Administration. Osborne, Larry 

A; Council Grove, Business Administration Accounting. Osbourn, 
Marjory L; Manhattan, Elementary Education. 

Otto, Carolyn G; Manhattan, Government. Overley, Ronald W; 

Wichita, Pre-Law, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres. Oveson, Linda S; Salina, 
Secondary Education, Delta Delta Delta. 

Owen, Billy R; Valley Center, Pre-Medicine, Lambda Chi Alpha 
V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Clinic Club, Union Comm. 
Sub-Chm., MMUN, Schs. Page, Richard L; Abilene, Feed Tech- 
nology. Paige, Marvin J; Topeka, Electrical Engineering. 

Pankratz, Ronald D; Wichita, Mechanical Engineering, AIAA, ASME. 
Patee, Melvin L; Haviland, Secondary Education, S.E.A., Industrial 
Ed. Club Program Chm. Patterson, Terry; Bethel, Architecture. 

Opdycke, D. 

Opdycke, K. 









Page ^ 






Pearce, C. 
Pearce, R. 



Peterson, D. 
Peterson, F. 

Peterson, K. 












Pope, J. 

Pope, P. 



Pauls, Loren D; Inman, Technical Journalism. Pearce, Cecil W; 
Wallace, Music Education. Pearce, Rita L; Wallace, Art, Delta Phi 
Delta Treas., Mu Phi Epsilon Chorister, OCW Pres., Dean's Honor 
Roll. Peck, Michael B; Oakley, Business Administration Accounting. 
Pedersen, Randall E; Boelus, Neb., Veterinary Medicine. Penner, 
Maurice D; Newton, Feed Technology, Straube Schs. House Soc. 
Chm., Alpha Mu Pres., Alpha Zeta, Ag. Coun., Fr. Orientation 
Leader, Schs. 

Penrod, Michael D; St. Louis, Mo., Physical Education, Phi Delta 
Theta Warden, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football, Schs. Perk, Wayne L; 
Clarendon Hills, 111., Technical Journalism. Perry, Harry B; Carbon- 
dale, Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle Club, Sq. Dance Club 
Pres., 4-H, Band. Peters, Sherian K; Garden City, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Peterson, Donald F; Wichita, Entomology. Peterson, Frederick 
L; Marquette, Pre-Medicine, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clinic Club. 

Peterson, Karen S; Council Grove, Home Economics and Extension. 
Peterson, Willis I; Lost Springs, Milling Technology. Pettey, Lynda L; 

Salina, Secondary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge Trainer, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Fr. Dorm. Sec, S.E.A., CYR, German Club, Union Comm., A&S 
Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Pettijohn, Linda K; Solomon, Home Economics and Art, A.I.D. 
Philips, Gilbert H; Great Bend, Modern Languages. Phillips, Gary D; 

Marysville, Business Administration, Scabbard & Blade. 

Poage, Gary L; Almena, Business Administration Accounting, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Soc. Poell, Mark A; St. Marys, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Poelma, Donald E; Beloit, Milling Technology. 

Pomerenke, Gretchen A; Kansas City, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Rush Chm., Song leader, S.E.A. Cabinet, CYR, A 
Cappella Choir. Pool, Joan E; Kansas City, Sociology. Pope, Janice C; 

Jennings, Home Economics Teaching, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Hospitality Day Chm., Schs. 

Pope, Phyllis A; Wichita, Dietetics and Institutional Management, 
Inter-Dorm. Coun., Professional Foods Club, Schs. Poppe, Judith C; 
Norton, Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon Pres., Treas., MENC 
Sec. -Treas., Gamma Delta, RWF, Schs. Porter, Linda E; Manhattan, 
Home Economics and Art, Home Ec. Coun. Sec, Art Club, A.I.D. 
Sec, Wesley Found., Kappa Phi. 






Powell, D. 

Powell, G 

Powell, J. 













m H 


* m 


■ ^ s^H 


Ray, P. 

^K ^«— ^H ■'■■ 

3 ^^*r'"'v-:- 

Ray, T. 






Seniors: Pot-Ric 

Potenski, Rose M; Clay Center, Mathematics. Potter, Richard W; 
Alta Vista, Agricultural Education. Potts, Georgiana L; Barnes, Home 
Economics Teaching, S.E.A., AVA, Home Ec. Teaching Club. 

Pourlak, Faramarz; Iran/ Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, 
Iranian Assn. Powell, Dennis L; Salt Lake City, Utah, History. 
Powell, George M; Abilene, Agricultural Engineering, Phi Delta 
Theta Pres., House Mgr., Steel Ring, Engr. Open House Exec. Comm., 

Powell, James D; Kansas City, Mo., Broadcast Speech, Alpha Epsilon 
Rho. Power, Cheryl A; Manhattan, Home Economics Teaching, 
Alpha Chi Omega Rush Chm., Corres. Sec, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club, Frog Club, AWS Comm., Stu. Orientation Leader, Wesley 
Found. Preheim, Peter P; Marion, S. D., Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Mennonite Fellow. Pres. 

Primrose, Herbert D; Clay Center, Art, CYR, Judo Club. Pringle, 
Diana K; Yates Center, Family and Child Development, Family and 
Child Development Club Pres., Kappa Phi. Pros, Larry N; Alamota, 
Electrical Engineering. 

Purinton, Paul T; Merriam, Veterinary Medicine, Beta Theta Pi Song 
Leader, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA Treas. Radford, Sharon K; 
Lenexa, Home Economics Teaching, NEA, S.E.A., AHEA, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. Radke, John E; Russell, Agronomy. 

Ramsey, Karel S; Russell, Speech. Randall, Betty A; Wichita, Modern 
Languages. Ranz, Edward C; Chanute, Sociology. Ratliff, Billy D; 
Wichita, Physical Education. Rawson, Thomas M; Concordia, Sec- 
ondary Education, Schs. House Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, CYD, PTP, 
LSA, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. Ray, Philip C; Wichita, Zoology. 

Ray, Terry L; Kansas City, Feed Technology. Rayl, Charles R; Em- 
poria, Animal Husbandry, Scabbard & Blade, Block & Bridle, 4-H, 
Judging Teams, Dean's Honor Roll. Raymond, George E; Garnett, 
Animal Husbandry. Reard, Terrence E; Omaha, Neb., Electrical Engi- 
neering, Sigma Chi Corres. Sec, IEEE, Engr. Open House, Union 
Comm. Reardon, James N; Beloit, Secondary Education. Redlinger, 
Jacob F; Mission, Civil Engineering. 

M ^kJi 



Reed, C. 

Reed, D. 

Reed, J. 






Reynolds, D. 

Reynolds, S. 

Rice, J. 

Rice, R. 



Richardson, D 


Championing the West, international politician Charles Malik answers 
questions following his University convocation, "Struggle for Peace." 

Reed, Carol S; Belleville, Modern Languages, Delta Zeta Pres., S.E.A., 
French Club, Reed, Donald L; Hutchinson, Mathematics. Reed, 
John W; Liberal, Electrical Engineering, Triangle V-Pres., Phi Kappa 
Phi, Eta Kappa Nu Sec, Sigma Tau Pres., IEEE, Arnold Air Soc, 
Union Comm., Goodnow Hall Governing Bd. Sec, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Reichel, Darrell R; LaCrosse, Business Administration, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, AIChE. Reichuber, Arnold J; Bushton, Milling Technology, 
Assn. of Operative Millers, Milling Assn., Newman Club. Renner, 
Robert P; Panama Canal Zone, Chemistry. 

Reppert, Joseph R; Anna, 111., Technical Journalism. Retter, Cheryl G; 

Manhattan, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, S.E.A., PTP, 
Cosmopolitan Club, CYR, Newman Club. Reynolds, David R; 

Topeka, Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Trainer, 
Swimming, Schs. 

Reynolds, Steven K; Fredonia, Agricultural Education. Rice, John E; 

Emporia, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Ec. Club. Rice, R. 
Roslyn, Wichita, Physical Education, Alpha Delta Pi Social Chm., 
Alpha Lambda Nu, WRA Pub. Mgr., PHEMS, SCC Sec, Orchesis, 
Intramurals Mgr. 

Richard, William E; Emporia, Chemical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma 
V-Pres., Sigma Tau Treas., Steel Ring, AIChE Pres., Engr. Coun., 
Schs. Richards, Joan M; Winfield, Elementary Education. Richard- 
son, David A; Manhattan, Psychology, Phi Eta Sigma Pres., Phi 
Kappa Phi, Blue Key Treas., Tribunal Atty. Gen., Clinic Club Pres., 
Debate, RWF Pres., SCF Treas., Putnam Schs. 

Richardson, R. 






Robel, B. 
Robel, R. 
Roberts, D. 
Roberts, L. 

Rogers, C. 
Rogers, F. 
Rogers, S. 

West German public relations expert, Dieter Schaefer, 
explains his country's system of mass communications. 

Seniors: Ric-Sch 

Richardson, Ruth A; Stafford, Textiles and Clothing. Riddle, Mary J; 
Salina, English, Pi Beta Phi Exec. Court., Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Mortar Bd., Chimes Sec, UGB Sec, S.E.A., PTP, Newman Club, 
A&S Honors Program, Schs. Rieman, Donald L; Edmond, Mechanical 
Engineering. Riffel, Darrell M; Marion, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Riley, Richard L; Neodesha, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Ritchey, Clark L; Wichita, Economics, Acacia Rush Chm. 

Rittenoure, Robert L; Wichita, Economics, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron 
Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, A&S Honors Program, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Schs. Rively, Linda S; Kansas City, Elementary Education. 
Robel, Barbara K; Valley Center, English, Delta Zeta Pres., S.E.A., 
Interdorm Coun., A Cappella Choir. Robel, Raydon H; Great Bend, 
Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa Pres., S.E.A., Baseball. 
Roberts, Dale E; Yates Center, Feed Technology. Roberts, Lawrence 
J; Plevna, Feed Technology. 

Robinson, Karen L; La Habra, Calif., Medical Technology. Rodwell, 
Dean E; Spencerport, N.Y., Animal Husbandry, Acacia. Roesener, 
Deanna K; Dodge City, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Pep Club. 
Rogers, Connie E; Wichita, Home Economics Teaching, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., BSU. Rogers, Frank A; 
Rose Hill, Civil Engineering. Rogers, Steven L; Scott City, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Root, Beatrice J; Baxter Springs, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Pi, S.E.A. Rosenkranz, Linda J; Pratt, Physical Education, Chi 
Omega, P.H.E.M.S. Pub. Chin., CYR Women's Chm., Intramurals. 
Rosenquit, Bert; Brooklyn, N.Y., Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. 

Ross, Imogene J; Centerville, Home Economics Teaching, Alpha Chi 
Omega Asst. Schs. Chm., Phi Upsilon Omicron, S.E.A. , Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Miss K-State-Manhattan Finalist, Kappa Phi, Dean's 
Honor Roll. Rowland, Linda G; Manhattan, Speech, Alpha Epsilon 
Rho, PTP, Collegian, Univ. Chorus. Rowland, Sidney F; Topeka, 
Textiles and Clothing. 

Roy, Michael L; Newton, Chemistry. Ruckert, Dennis W; Chase, 
Electrical Engineering. Rudell, Marilynn K; Kansas City, Psychology. 

Rundell, Grover C; Stafford, Agricultural Engineering. Rundle, 
Darrell E; Winfield, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, CYR. Runkle, 
Larry C; Redfield, Business Administration. 

Rust, Morris D; Argonia, Mechanical Engineering, ASME Treas., 
CYR. Ryan, Edward S; Leavenworth, Agricultural Education, Ag. 
Ed. Club, 4-H. Ryding, Paul A; Falun, Veterinary Medicine, Sigma 
Chi Pledge Trainer, Alpha Zeta, Stu. Chap. AVMA, LSA. 

Ryland, Lonnie G; Greenleaf, Nuclear Engineering. Sainer, Deanna 

L; Independence, Home Economics Teaching, Delta Zeta, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, S.E.A., Univ. Choir, Women's Glee Club, Wesley 
Found. Salsbury, Darrell L; Lawrence, Veterinary Medicine. Salter, 
Colleen K; Wakefield, Art. Sanders, John W; Manhattan, Speech, Phi 
Delta Theta V-Pres., Alpha Epsilon Rho Treas., Sec, Basketball, 
Baseball, Golf. Sandlin, Olin T; Greenleaf, Pre-Medicine, Clinic 
Club Pres., Men's Glee Club, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Sanford, Billy R; Lyons, Zoology. Satterlee, Neil T; Assaria, Agri- 
cultural Economics, Ag. Ec. Club, LSA. Sauer, Stephen F; Shawnee 
Mission, Architecture, Phi Kappa Theta Rush Chm., AIA, Union 
Comm., Men's Glee Club, Newman Club, Schs. Schaffer, Walter- 
Philadelphia, Pa., Botany, UCCF, A&S Honors Program, Schs. 
Schanefelt, Robert V; Abilene, Milling Technology. Scharenberg, 
Lyle L; Burns, Mechanical Engineering, AIP, ASME. 





Rowland, L. 

Rowland, S. 





























Schmitt, G. 

Schmitt, S. 





Schroeder, D. 
Scott, J. D. 

Schroeder, N. 
Scott, G. 
Scott, K. 

Scott, J. W. 
Scott, M. 

Seniors: Sch-She 

Schierling, Doris M; Inman, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Pi, S.E.A., 4-H, Dean's Honor Roll. Schiff, William T; Medicine 
Lodge, Secondary Education. Schleicher, Constance J; Chanute, 
Elementary Education, Chi Omega Pres., S.E.A., Sr. Class V-Pres., 
AWS Sec, A&S Coun. Sec, SGA Comm., Newman Club. Schletz- 
baum, John W; Nortonville, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE, Schs. 
Schlickau, Jane A; Argonia, Bacteriology, 4-H. Schmalzried, Ronald 
D; Dighton, Secondary Education, Industrial Ed. Club, S.E.A. 

Schmitt, Gerald H; Kinsley, Agricultural Education, Ag. Ed. Club, 
Univ. Ext. Club, 4-H, Newman Club, Intramurals. Schmitt, Steven L; 
Scott City, Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. Club Treas. Schmoekel, 
Robert E; Ellsworth, Physical Education. Schneider, Duane P; Ba- 
zine, Animal Husbandry, Alpha Kappa Lambda V-Pres., IFC Rep., 
Block & Bridle, 4-H, CYR, Intramurals, Schs. Schnell, James C; 
Beloit, Speech, Alpha Epsilon Rho, CYD. Schrepel, Milton F; Chaf- 
lin, Business Administration Accounting. 

Schroeder, Doyal A; Hutchinson, Zoology. Schroeder, Nancy J; 

Newton, History. Schrum, Ruth A; Manhattan, Pre-Law, S.E.A. , 
Pol. Sci. Club, Chancery Club, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Schultz, Steven D; Lucas, Animal Husbandry, Beta Sigma Psi 
V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, LSA, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Schulz, Kathleen M; Lincoln, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Inter- 
Varsity, Christian Fellow., Grace Baptist Stu. Fellow. Schweitzer, 
Alma L; Derby, Household Equipment, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Gen. Home Ec. Club, KSCF, Grace Baptist Fellow. 

Schwerdtfeger, Clair; Ellsworth, Mechanical Engineering. Scott, 
Gary L; Council Grove, Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle, 4-H, 
Little American Royal V-Pres. Scott, James W; Winfield, Agronomy, 
SCSA, Sigma Theta Epsilon. 

Scott, Jon D; Brewster, Agricultural Economics, Delta Sigma Phi 
Soc Chm., Dean's Honor Roll. Scott, Kenneth M; Kalvesta, Geog- 
raphy, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Williston Club, Judo Club, Wrestling, 
Schs. Scott, Mel R; Manhattan, Business Administration. 

Seibel, Douglas C; Oakley, Agricultural Engineering. Seibert, Gale 

R; Macksville, Agricultural Education, Ag. Ed. Club, FFA, Men's Glee 
Club. Seim, Janet M; Kansas City, Mo., Family and Child Develop- 
ment, Family & Child Development Club. 


Selby, Robert C; Richland, Nuclear Engineering. Selfridge, Glenda 

M; Dighton, Business Administration Accounting, Kappa Alpha 
Theta Treas., Commerce Coun. Sec, Y-O Bus. Mgr. Sellers, Gerald A; 
Harlingen, Tex., Bakery Management, Milling Assn. 

Setchell, Wayne E; Wakefield, Business Administration, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Dean's Honor Roll. Seymour, Dorris A; Newton, Elemen- 
tary Education. Shafer, Patricia N; Wichita, Government. 

Shaffer, Ronald L; Manhattan, Business Administration, Sigma Chi 
Rush Chm., Pub. Rel. Chm., AFROTC, Statesmen Pres., Track. Shank, 
Edward F; New Cambria, Statistics, CYR, Newman Club. Shank, 
Robert G; Greensburg, Pre-Medicine, Clinic Club, Judo Club, 

Shaw, Sarah A; Wexford, Pa., Clothing Retailing, Delta Zeta His- 
torian, Clothing & Textiles Club Mem. Chm., RWF, Intramurals. 
Shaw, Walter I; Wichita, Pre-Law, Sigma Chi Pres., V-Pres., Arnold 
Air Soc, Chancery Club, SCC Pres. Sheedy, Ellen E; Yates Center, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Pres., House Mgr., Kappa 
Delta Pi V-Pres., S.E.A., Dorm Soc. Chm., Home Ec. Foods Club, 

Sheehan, Richard V; Baldwin, NY, Geology. Shehi, Phillip C; 

Wichita, Business Administration, Delta Chi Pres., Pershing Rifles 
Comm. Off. Sheppard, Sally E; Omaha, Neb., Art, Alpha Delta Pi 
Panhel. Coun. Rep., Alpha Lambda Nu, A.I.D. V-Pres., Panhel. Coun. 
V-Pres., Stu. Orientation Steering Comm., Union Comm., PTP, 

Music department faculty members play in the Resident String Quartet. 
The quartet, formed 16 years ago, uses two violins, a viola and a cello. 


trso Mt/s/c 








Shank, E. 

Shank, R. 

Shaw, S. 

Shaw, W. 





i m 

Seniors: She-Sul 

Sherer, George L; Mullinville, Landscape Architecture. Shrack, 
Phillip S; Pratt, Agricultural Economics. Shriver, Richard A; Welling- 
ton, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Stu. Chap. ASME. 

Shupe, Cynthia S; McPherson, Elementary Education. Siddens, 
James M; St. Cloud, Minn., English. Simek, Judy A; Cuba, Home 
Economics Teaching, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A. 

Simmons, Linda L; Coffeyville, Elementary Education, S.E.A., CYR 
Corres. Sec, Sec. V-Pres., PTP, UCCF, RA, Stu. Ambassador. Simp- 
son, Linda L; Pratt, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi Soc. Chm., 
S.E.A., Angel Flight, Panhel. Coun. Union Comm. Simpson, Wesley 
D; Everest, Art. 

Sitts, Ronald L; Conway, Geography. Sjogren, Robert D, Concordia, 
Business Administration Accounting, Sigma Chi Pres., V-Pres., K- 
Club, Fellow, of Christian Athletes, Football Co-Captain. Skaer, 
Richard E; Augusta, Secondary Education. 

Slagle, Bruce E; Beeler, Feed Technology, Milling Assn. Slaughter, 
Dorothy J; Salina, English. Sloan, Carol E; Salina, Home Economics 
and Art, Alpha Chi Omega Rush Chm., Home Ec. Club, Interior 
Decoration Club, Angel Flight, CYR. 

Smaha, Diana L; Alliance, Neb., Secondary Education, Kappa Delta 
Pi, Schs. Smiley, Lucinda; Junction City, Secondary Education. 
Smith, Alan R; Topeka, Botany. Smith, Carol L; Kansas City, Mo., 
Business Administration. Smith, Elaine C; Leavenworth, Business 
Administration Accounting, Comm. Coun., CYR, Pep Club, Newman 
Club Captain's Chm. Smith, Marilyn E; Manhattan, Elementary 

Smith, Patricia K; Tecumseh, Elementary Education. Smith, Rodney 
C; Turon, Business Administration Accounting. Smith, Stephen R; 
Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering. Smith, William W; Holyrood, 
Physical Education. Smull, Willits A; St. Francis, Technical Journal- 
ism. Snider, Susan B; Bay Village, Ohio, Speech, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma Sec. V-Pres. 








Simpson, L. 

Simpson, W 







Smith, A. 
Smith, C. 
Smith, E. 
Smith, M 

Smith, P. 
Smith, R. 
Smith, S. 
Smith, W. 














Snodgrass, Almira S; Towanda, Medical Technology, Alpha Delta 
Theta. Snyder, Toka J; Holton, Sociology, Kappa Iota Sigma V-Pres., 
UCCF, SCF Sec. Soeken, Merle A; Claflin, Agricultural Education, 
Beta Sigma Psi Sec, Alpha Tau Alpha Sec, RCC Pres., Ag. Ed. Club, 
Gamma Delta Pres., Intramurals. 

Solomon, Frank R; Wichita, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Gamma 
Rho Stu. Chap. AVMA, Alpha Zeta V-Pres., Schs. Somers, John O; 
Norton, Pre-Law. Sondergard, Lyle N; Manhattan, Business 

Spear, Richard L; Lincoln, Business Administration, Intramurals. 
Spence, Neal B; Leavenworth, Industrial Engineering. Sperry, Ro- 
land E; Blue Rapids, Business Administration Accounting. 

Splitter, Melvin V; Lorraine, Agronomy, Alpha Gamma Rho Chap- 
lain, Alpha Zeta, Klod & Kernel Klub V-Pres., Intervarsity Christian 
Fellow., Wesley Found., Intramurals, Schs. Springer, John A; Ray- 
town, Mo., Business Administration. Sramek, Janice L; Scott City, 
Government, Alpha Xi Delta, Pol. Sci. Club Pres., MPC Comm., 
Union Comm., PTP, Newman Club. 

Stam, Gale M; Norwich, English. Starr, Ronald L; Towanda, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Stayton, Walter L; Palmyra, 111., General, Stu. 
Chap. AVMA, Phi Eta Sigma, 4-H, Pre-Vet. Club, Honors Program, 
Dean's Honor Roll. 

Steeley, Howard R; Arma, Civil Engineering, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, 
Intramurals. Stegner, Ralph E; Belvue, Secondary Education. Ste- 
phens, Dee A; Menlo, Physical Education. Stephenson, Diana K; 
Hutchinson, Textiles and Clothing, Smurthwaite Standards Chm., 
Clothing & Retailing Club. Stoecker, Arthur L; Spearville, Agricul- 
tural Education, Straube V-Pres., Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, 
Ag. Coun., Ag. Ed. Club Sec, Judging Team. Stoskopf, Myrna A; 
Canada, Wildlife Conservation. 

Strahm, Karen J; Sabetha, Elementary Education. Struss, Anne D; 
WaKeeney, Elementary Education. Suberkropp, Keller F; Holton, 
Botany. Suderman, Marilynn K; Marion, Elementary Education. 
Sughrue, Margaret H; Manhattan, Home Economics and Extension, 
Alpha Delta Pi Rush Chm., Pi Upsilon Omicron, Angel Flight Pro- 
gram Chm., Sec, Home Ec Coun. V-Pres., Union Comm., CYD, 
Newman Club. Sullivant, Evelyn A; Dodge City, Pathology. 














Svaty, D. 
Svaty, H. 
Symns, B. 

Symns, J. 
Taylor, L. 
Taylor, S. 

Seniors: Sup-Weg 

Suppes, Duane A; Bison, Electrical Engineering. Svaty, Donald R; 

Ellsworth, Social Sciences. Svaty, Howard S; Ellsworth, Secondary 
Education. Swaim, Steven; Kansas City, Veterinary Medicine. 
Swartz, Paul B; Hiawatha, Electrical Engineering. Symns, Bar- 
bara J; Atchison, Home Economics Teaching, Smurthwaite Pres., 
Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Mortar Bd., Chimes, Stu. Senate, S.E.A., Home Ec. Coun. Comm., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club Sec, UCCF, Schs. 

Symns, Janet A; Hutchinson, Sociology. Taplin, George E; Abilene, 
Secondary Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Rho V-Pres., 
S.E.A. Tatro, Richard A; Joliet, 111., Mathematics. Taylor, Linda G; 
Minneapolis, Home Economics Teaching. Taylor, Susan A; Leawood, 
Elementary Education. Templer, Patricia A; Leoti, Modern Lan- 
guages, Pi Beta Phi V-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, S.E.A., French Club, SGA Comm. Chm., Union 
Comm., Cheerleader, A&S Honors Program, Schs. 

Theye, Lonnie A; Fairbury, Neb., Mechanical Engineering, Triangle 
House Mgr., Phi Theta Kappa, Delta Psi Omega Pres., ASME V-Pres., 
Engr. Coun., Stud. Coun., RCC. Thiessen, Leon A; Hillsboro, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Thomas, Gary E; Lennox, S.D., Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Alpha Zeta. 

Thomas, Gary M; Manhattan, Mathematics, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu 
Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Stu. Senate, Intramurals, Golf, A&S Honors 
Program, Dean's Honor Roll. Thomas, Jeanette M; Wellington, Math- 
ematics, S.E.A. , AWS Rep., 4-H. Thompson, Catherine J; Chanute, 
English, Chi Omega, Angel Flight. 

Thompson, James D; Shawnee, Sociology, Phi Eta Sigma Treas., 
Kappa Iota Sigma Pres., AIA Pres., RWF V-Pres., Schs. Thompson, 
Margaret F, Caldwell, Home Economics Teaching. Thye, George D; 

McPherson, Veterinary Medicine, Delta Tau Delta, Stu. Chap. 
AVMA, Intramurals. 

Timmons, Joyce M; Hugoton, Elementary Education. Tipling, 
Roger N; Arrington, Secondary Education, S.E.A., Men's Glee Club. 
Tollefson, James C; Willis, Business Administration. 

Travis, Valorie A; Wichita, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha 
Theta Act. Chm., S.E.A., Family & Child Development Club, MPC, 
Y-O, Union Comm. Sec, Intramurals. Trembley, Stephen G; Arling- 
ton, Animal Husbandry. Trew, Marsha A; Wichita, Economics, 
Delta Sigma Rho, Tau Kappa Alpha, Apportionment Bd., Forensic 
Union, Debate. 



Thomas, G. E 

Thomas, G. M. 

Thomas, J. 

Thompson, C 

Thompson, J. 

Thompson, M. 




















Von Lehe 




Triemer, Norman C; Council Grove, Animal Husbandry, Block & 
Bridle, 4"-H, Chaparajos Club, Schs. Tudor, William A; Shawnee 
Mission, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Union Comm. CYR. Tug- 
gle, David C; Atchison, Business Administration. 

Turner, William R; Rochester, N.Y., Animal Husbandry, Theta Xi, 
Pershing Rifles. Urban, Richard F; Brookville, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Utterback, Donald C; Leawood, Ani- 
mal Husbandry. 

Venis, John E; Lyons, Business Administration Accounting. Vice, 
Donald A; Greensburg, Electrical Engineering. Viergever, James D; 

Wichita, Industrial Engineering. 

Viets, John C; Brazilton, Electrical Engineering. Vodraska, Robert V; 

Ellsworth, Agronomy, Klod & Kernel Klub, Chaparajos Club, FFA, 
4-H, Schs. Von Lehe, Judith E; Linn, Business Administration 

Wachtman, Larry H; McPherson, Business Administration. Walk- 
meyer, Karen P; Traverse City, Mich., Elementary Education, 
Alpha Delta Pi Songleader, S.E.A. Advisory Bd. Walters, Riley G; 

Cassoday, Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle. 

Warden, Eldon O; Ft. Dodge, Pre-Law, Delta Psi Omega, Law Club, 
Philosophy Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Warders, Katherina C; Blue 
Rapids, Elementary Education, S.E.A., RA. Warner, Joan E; Cof- 
feyville, Veterinary Medicine. Warrington, Edith E; Winfield, Home 
Economics Teaching, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club Pres., Home Ec. Coun., 
Union Comm., KSCF, Grace Baptist Stu. Fellow. Washburn, John M; 
Topeka, Industrial Engineering, AIIE, Arnold Air Soc, Cyr. Watters, 
Mary A; Blue Rapids, Home Economics Teaching, Kappa Delta Ed. 
Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron Chaplain, Omi- 
cron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 4-H, New- 
man Club, Home Ec. Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. 

Weathers, James D; Kansas City, Business Administration. Webb, 
John L; Salina, Geology. Webber, Richard E; Arlington, Veterinary 
Medicine, Delta Upsilon V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Blue Key, Stu. Chap. 
AVMA. Weckel, Frederic C; Motts Cove, N.Y., Architecture. Wegerer, 
Duane E; Cunningham, Electrical Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi 
House Mgr., ASME, Newman Club. Wegerer, Vernon M; Cunning- 
ham, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 







Wegerer, D. 
Wegerer, V. 






Wellenstein — 




White, J. 

White, V. 

Whitehead • 





Seniors: Wei-Woo 

Weickert, William C; Overland Park, Agricultural Mechanization. 
Weidle, Victoria L; Russell, Elementary Education, Chi Omega Soc. 
Chm., S.E.A., PTP, SCC Sec. Weigel, Margaret E; Dodge City, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A., Newman Club. 

Weldon, Charles R; Kansas City, Business Administration, Alpha 
Phi Omega Treas., CYD, Sigma Theta Epsilon. Wellenstein, William; 
Ponca, Neb., Animal Husbandry, Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Corres., 
Alpha Zeta, Chaparajos Club, CYD, Newman Club. Wells, Ray L; 
Thayer, Business Administration. 

Werner, Judith F; Kansas City, Mo., Elementary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Schs. Chm., Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Bd. Pres., Chimes, 
Angel Flight, Stu. Senate, S.E.A., Union Comm., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Westeman, Doris M; Syracuse, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment, Professional Foods Club. White, James W; Manhattan, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

White, Vera T; Topeka, Home Economics Teaching, Clothing & 
Textiles Club, Frog Club, UCCF Pub. Chm., Adm. Coun. White- 
head, Karen E; Burlington, Chemistry. Whiteside, Cuma L; Ben- 
ton, Elementary Education. 

Whitten, Ruth E; Olathe, Home Economics Teaching, Gamma Phi 
Beta Pres., AHEA, S.E.A., Angel Flight, Home Ec. Coun., Stu. Sen- 
ate, UCCF. Wiechert, Jay A; Brazilton, Electrical Engineering. Wie- 
land, William H; Clay Center, Secondary Education, S.E.A. 

At the Union Casino Party, students gamble Las Vegas-style. Everyone was 
given phoney currency with which to gamble during the evening. 

Aft A 








Williams, A. 
Williams, B. 
Williams, D. 
Williams, J. 
Williams, K. F. 
Williams, K. E. 

Wiescamp, Lyle W; Independence, Mechanical Engineering, Delta 
Sigma Phi Pres., ASME, UCCF. Wietharn, William S; Baileyville, 
Business Administration Accounting, Phi Kappa Theta, Newman 
Club, Intramurals. Wilbeck, Jerry L; South Hutchinson, Electrical 
Engineering. Wilber, James A; Kansas City, Electrical Engineering. 
Wilcoxon, Cecil R; Villisca, Iowa, Milling Technology, Straube 
Schs. House V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Alpha Mu, Milling Assn. Pres., 
Schs. Wilken, Fred D; Modoc, Mechanical Engineering. 

Williams, Allan G; Salina, Architecture. Williams, Billy F; Monte- 
zuma, Agricultural Economics. Williams, Diana J; Salina, Elemen- 
tary Education, Pi Beta Phi V-Pres., S.E.A. Pres., Van Zile Hall 
Pres. Williams, John C; Prairie View, Tex., Architecture. Williams, 
Kerry F; Hutchinson, Nuclear Engineering. Williams, Kyle E; 
Vermillion, Physical Education. 

Williamson, Arthur W; New Strawn, Chemistry, ACS Pres., 4-H, 
Schs. Williamson, John M; Manhattan, Business Administration. 
Wilson, Elizabeth A; Wichita, Elementary Education. 

Wilson, Jerry L; Alta Vista, Animal Husbandry. Wilson, Mary F; 
Herington, Technical Journalism, CYD, Newman Club, Dean's Honor 
Roll. Windier, Gene E; Paola, Agronomy, Klod & Kernel Klub, 
Chaparajos Club, Dean's Honor Roll. 

Winfrey, Phyllis J; Neodesha, Elementary Education. Winter, Den- 
nis P; Clifton, Agricultural Education, Ag. Ed. Club V-Pres. Winter, 
Esta A; Clifton, Family and Child Development, Omicron Nu, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Home Ec. Masters Degree Program, Family & Child De- 
velopment Club, Ag. Ed. Wives Club Pres., Lutheran Young Married 
Couples' Fellow. 

Winter, Thomas L; Flash, Animal Husbandry, Newman Club, Schs. 
Wiruth, Robert J; WaKeeney, Civil Engineering, FarmHouse Pres., 
Rush Chm., Chi Epsilon Sec, ASCE Pres., Engr. Coun., UCCF. 
Wogan, Linda K; Fort Scott, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Wolf, Judith A; Lindsborg, Medical Technology. Wolf, Keith A; 
Grenola, Veterinary Medicine, Stu. Chap. AVMA. Wood, Joseph N; 
Manhattan, Architecture. 

Williamson, A. 
Wilson, J. 
Winter, T. 
Wolf, J. 

Williamson, J. 
Wilson, M. 
Winter, D. 
Wolf, K. 

Wilson, E. 
Winter, E. 

~3r »k ~-rr~ , w 


Seniors: Woo— Zwo 

Woodard, Gwen D; Wichita, Physical Education, Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma, Sr. Panhel. Rep., Kappa Delta Pi, Cheerleader, P.H.E.M.S., Frog 
Club, Intramurals. Woods, Robert A; Hutchinson, Industrial Engi- 
neering. Woofter, Dennis D; Colby, Secondary Education. 

Woolf, John P; Wichita, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, Scabbard & Blade, DMG, Baseball. Woolley, Paula A; 
Topeka, Home Economics and Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta His- 
torian, Clothing and Textiles Club, Newman Club, Royal Purple 
Queen, Dean's Honor Roll. Woolverton, Michael W; Abilene, Agri- 
cultural Economics. 

Wright, Mark E; Sublette, Pre-Law. Wyatt, Cary C; Hutchinson, In- 
dustrial Engineering. Wylie, Karen M; Wichita, Dietetics and Insti- 
tutional Management, Professional Foods Club, Kappa Phi. 

Wyss, Clifford D; Burns, Business Administration Accounting, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals. Yojcouchi, Sandra F; Wailuku, 
Hawaii, Elementary Education. York, Lawrence R; Garden City, 
Poultry Science, Poultry Club, K-State Flying Club, Chaparajos Club, 
judging Team, 4-H, UCCF, Schs. 

Yoshimori, Alvin M; Wailuku, Hawaii, Architecture. Young, James 
E; Winfield, General. Younkin, Timothy D; Chase, Political Science. 

Zabel, George L; Hooker, Okla., Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse 
Sec, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta Sergeant-at-Arms, Judging Teams, Ag. 
Coun. Sec, CYR, Block & Bridle, Cosmopolitan Club, Pre-Vet Club, 
FFA, 4-H Pres., RCC Pub. Chm., Marching Band, Intramurals, Agri- 
cultural Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, Schs. Zwick, Keith R; 
Nickerson, Landscape Architecture. Zwonitzer, James E; Horton, 
Agricultural Education, FarmHouse, Alpha Tau Alpha V-Pres., 
NVATA, Judging Teams, Ag. Ed. Club, 4-H, Univ. Ext. Club, FFA 

Second Semester Seniors 

Bender, Daryl D; WaKeeney, Mechanical Engineering, Acacia Rush 
Chm., Schs. Chm., Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. Bender, Janet J; WaKeeney, 
Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta Rec Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Kappa Delta Pi Historian, S.E.A., AGO. Bridwell, John D; Topeka, 
Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Schs. 

Butzin, Donald F; Leavenworth, Nuclear Engineering. Clark, Mar- 
garet V; Greenwich, Conn., Home Economics and Liberal Arts, Omi- 
cron Nu. Connell, Martin R; Kansas City, Mo., Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Kappa Sigma, Stu. Chap. AVMA, Men's Glee Club. Courtney, 
Leila J; Wichita, Elementary Education. Daniel, Wayne L; Alexander, 
Business Administration Accounting. Duncan, Franklin D; Arkansas 
City, Nuclear Engineering. 
















Bender, D. 
Bender, J. 






















Flack, Delia J; Shawnee, Interior Design, Delta Zeta, A.I.D., SGA 
Comm., Union Comm., Flush Bowl Queen Attendant, Miss Kansas 
Finalist, CYD, Engr. & Architecture Open House, Univ. Choir. 
Gigstad, Charlotte A; Nortonville, Family and Child Development, 
Family & Child Development Club. Groesbeck, Douglas G; Man- 
hattan, Technical Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, PTP Stu. Ambas- 
sador, CYR, Royal Purple Sports Ed. Hickert, Paul N; New Almelo, 
Milling Technology and Business Administration, Milling Assn., 
Newman Club. Hlavacek, John D; Salina, Business Administration 
Accounting, Newman Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Humbarger, Peter 
D; Solomon, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Engr. Open 
House, Newman Club. 

Regardless of weather, students change classes during a 
10-minute break. Classes are scheduled 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Ladner, Charles W; Onaga, Agriculture Education. Lemon, Janet M; 

Viola, Horticulture, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, SCF, RWF, 
Schs. Meeks, John B; Fulton, Business Administration. Montgomery, 
Gary L; Holyrood, Mechanical Engineering. Munson, Mary K; Junc- 
tion City, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., 4-H, RWF. 
Schwartz, Gordon D; Fredonia, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa 
Nu, Sigma Tau, Scabbard & Blade, BSU Pres., Missions Chm., Schs. 

Shah, Niranjan C; Bombay, India, Mechanical Engineering, Intra- 
murals. Soeken, Howard L; Claflin, Business Administration. 
Taylor, John M; Norton, Government, CYD V-Pres., State Chm. 
Thomas, Peter B; Rockford, 111., Nuclear Engineering. Winters, 
Robert L; Westfield, N.J., Veterinary Medicine. 








* v t 


Graduate Students: All— Gar 

Allee, James N; Arkansas City, Business Administration. Allison, 
Max L; Charleston, 111., Horticulture. Bady, Michel; France, Electrical 

Bay, Darrell E; Russell, Entomology. Beekley, Cynthia X; Manhat- 
tan, Education. Bock, Harold D; Trenton, Mo., Regional Planning. 

Bonneau, Roland J; Salina, Geography. Britton, Gale E; Lewis, Geol- 
ogy. Burton, Donald E; Kansas City, Mo., Physics. 

Carlson, Elaine E; Horton, Clothing and Textiles. Carnahan, Sara S; 
Wamego, Home Economics, Education. Chaudhri, Mohammad K; 

W. Parkistan, Horticulture. 

Chen, Michael S; China, Chemical Engineering. Chie, Margaret S; 
Japan, Clothing and Textiles. Daniels, Roger W; Falls Church, Va., 
Industrial Engineering. 

Daruvalla, Sam R; India, Electrical Engineering. Davidson, Adelia 
M; Manhattan, Bacteriology. Davis; Gerald E; St. Joseph, Mo., Chem- 
istry. Desai, Dinkerrai R; India, Agricultural Economics. Diaz, 
Gabriel; Mexico, Entomology. Dreiling, Mark J; Topeka, Physics. 

Eklund, Darrel L; Miltonvale, Statistics. Epard, Richard L; Colby, 
Agricultural Economics. Erbes, Lawrence E; Lacrosse, Agronomy. 
Fail, Patricia A; Earlton, Zoology. Gaffar, Ameen A; India, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Garner, Darrel W; St. John, Agricultural Economics. 

Czechoslovakian Guest Scholar Peter Beckman discusses his book with 
the students during his visit that was sponsored by the Graduate School. 

















1 T | | 








v- i 
























Graduate Students: Ger— Mus 

Garvin, Virginia A; Neodesha, Statistics. Geil, Larry L; Great 
Bend, Agricultural Economics. Gonzalez, Jorge H; Laredo, Tex., 
Industrial Engineering. 

Granados, Reynaud G; Mexico, Entomology. Haupt, Brian T; 

Wichita, Electrical Engineering. Hausman, Calvin C; Eudora, 
Agricultural Economics. 

Helms, Patricia I; WaKeeney, Family and Child Development. 
Hevel, Gary F; Oswego, Entomology. Hinnergardt, Larry C; 

Ransom, Animal Husbandry. 

Hite, Julia M; Prairie Grove, Ark., Entomology. Hoadley, 
Francis B; Wallingford, Vt., Horticulture. Holke, Steven D; 

Salina, Business Administration. 

Hollingsworth, Joe B; Manhattan, Regional Planning. Holmes, 
Zoe A; Pittsburg, Foods and Nutrition. Ibbetson, Ronald L; 

Yates Center, Agronomy. 

Eliseo Vivas, a guest lecturer for the M A-3 Program, visits with students who, 
through participation in the project, will begin graduate study as seniors. 

4i 1 


fjf, Ai 














Ihde, Robert H; Kansas City, Mo., Nuclear Engineering. 
Isakson, Jeanette M; Sioux Falls, S.D., English. Jeans, Carl 
E; Independence, Mo., Industrial Engineering. Jenkins, Richard 
A; Kansas City, Business Administration. Jones, Milam T; 
Longton, Horticulture. Jorgensen, Jan; Manhattan, Chemistry. 

Kaff, Wayne L; Carbondale, Agricultural Economics. Kapela, 
Joseph; E. Africa, Agronomy. Khare, Gyaneshwar P; India, 
Veterinary Medicine. Krupadanam, Pramila; India, Foods and 
Nutrition. Lee, Eun S; Korea, Applied Music. Lewis, Larry A; 

Manhattan, Civil Engineering. 

Ling, Lyllis A; Liberal, Foods and Nutrition. Loeppke, Daryl W; 
Lakin, Animal Husbandry. Mahander, Mateti; India, Pathology. 

Makishi, Muneharu; Okinawa, Milling Industry. Manzo, David 
J; Lackawanna, N.Y., Chemistry. Maranville, Jerry W; Matheson, 
Colo., Agronomy. 

Mason, Gary E; Mission, Civil Engineering. Matter, Darryl E; 
Portis, Special. McFillen, Ralph W; Kansas City, Education. 

Mertz, James L; Wamego, Biochemistry. Metzler, Fred; Fort Lee, 
N.J., Zoology. Miller, Laurence F; Sylvia, Nuclear Engineering. 

Mistier, Thomas E; Topeka, Nuclear Engineering. Murthy, 
Vadrevu S; India, Agronomy. Musil, Samuel A; Home, 

















Graduate Students: Nic— Zai 

Nicholson, Larry M; Hoisington, Biochemistry. Norstedt, 
Roger A; Sedgwick, Feed Technology. Otte, Vern Eugene; Great 
Bend, Secondary Education. 

Pence, John T; W. Lafayette, Ind., Institutional Management. 
Pi, Chris H; Korea, Political Science. Quadri, Syed A; India, 
Architectural Engineering. 

Qureshi, Zafar A; Pakistan, Entomology. Rao, Puppala S; India, 
Dairy Science. Rathi, Ram N; India, Mechanical Engineering. 

Reddi, Moravapalle V; India, Agronomy. Reese, Glen P; 

Kremlin, Mont., Physics. Ricklefs, John L; Severance, Dairy 

Roof, Donald B; Manhattan, History. Root, David A; Wichita, 
Art. Root, Marie M; Medicine Lodge, Clothing and Textiles. 

Rossillon, Mary A; Gridley, Family Economics. Rowland, James 
W; Rockford, 111., Nuclear Engineering. Royer, James M; 
Mission, Nuclear Engineering. Sawyer, Mary B; Topeka, 
English. Schierling, John H; Inman, Education. Shandy, Jack J; 

Manhattan, Accounting. 

Siagian, Rondang; Indonesia, Biochemistry. Sims, Richard E; 
Bunker Hill, Mathematics. Smith, Norman E; Parsons, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Staley, Warren R; Springfield, 111., Electrical 
Engineering. Stewart, William G; Ozark, Ark., Art. Stolzen- 
berg, Gary E; Riverhead, N.Y., Biochemistry. 














Root, D. 

Root, M 














Stoskopf, Lawrence E; Hoisington, Agronomy. Sullivan, Glenn 
H; Millstadt, 111., Horticulture. Tariq, Mohammad; W. Pakistan, 
Agricultural Engineering. Teagarden, John R; Lacygne, Animal 
Husbandry. Terrell, Rebecca L; Eudora, Foods and Nutrition. 
Thomas, Lindon C; Tulsa, Okla., Mechanical Engineering. 

Wadhwa, Vishesh C; India, Industrial Engineering. Warren, 
Don R; Kansas City, Mo., Zoology. Whitt, Jerry W; Wichita, 
Industrial Engineering. Wilson, Charles E; Abilene, Mechanical 
Engineering. Wise, Urban G; St. Joseph, Mo., Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Woodruff, Burrton G; Hutchinson, Psy- 
chology. Zaidi, Intesar H; Pakistan, Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Semester Graduate Students 

Biles, Bertram R; Hutchinson, Technical Journalism. Briones, 
Magdalena L; Philippine, Plant Pathology. Manzanilla, Elvira 
B; Philippine, Biochemistry. Peiter, Marilyn A; Marionville, 
Mo., Clothing and Textiles. Rosa, Felipe; Caracas, Venezuela, 

Following a sympathy walk for Selma, Ala., students, 
faculty, and townspeople join in prayer at the courthouse. 

Mm m\ M 























i* 1 • *; 


» a/ /. 




M± i 












"i- . 

: i 

Cheerleaders run the football squad on the field at the 
game with the University of Missouri. As well as cheering 

at home games, the eight women traveled with the Wildcats 
to four out-of-state contests in new uniforms they designed. 

Underclassmen possess 
wide cultural viewpoint 

Students came to the University from 
throughout the world, with 66 nations repre- 
sented on campus. Undergraduates included 
students from China, Southern Rhodesia, 
Lebanon, Syria and Korea. 

But undergraduates came from the 50 states 
of the Union, too. From many backgrounds 
they came to study and prepare for careers 
they would undertake on graduation. Here 
they grew intellectually and socially. 

A record freshman class of 2,691 joined the 
ranks of 6,420 underclassmen during the fall. 
While the sophomore class numbered 2,029, 
the junior total dropped to 1,700. 

Another school day ends and students amble home for din- 
ner at sororities and apartments northwest of the campus. 

Wildcat athletics attract students, Manhattanites and out- 
of-town visitors to the Field House and Memorial Stadium. 

Underclassmen: Abb-And 

Top Row: Abbott, Michele A; Salina, Freshman in Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Abel, Neil M; Clay Center, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Abendroth, James L; Gridley, 02 in Architecture. Aberle, 
Douglas R; Sabetha, Freshman in General. 

Second Row: Aberle, Stephen J; Sabetha, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Abersold, Patricia A; Ottawa, Sophomore in Foods and 
Nutrition. Abmeyer, Beverly J; Topeka, Junior in Humanities. 
Abshire, Michael; Manhattan, Freshman in Electrical 

Third Row: Achenbach, Charleen; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Ackerman, Cheryl A; Edson, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Ackerman, Grant E; Leaven- 
worth, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Adams, Alice M; 
Elk Falls, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Fourth Row: Adams, Arthur A; Maple Hill, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Adams, Dan W; Kansas City, Junior in Social 
Sciences. Adams, David C; Milwaukee, Wis., 03 in Architec- 
ture. Adams, Edward L; Lenora, Junior in Psychology. 

Fifth Row: Adams, James P; Medicine Lodge, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Adams, Kathryn E; Maple Hill, Freshman in 
Music Education. Adams, Lynda K; Salina, Freshman in Mod- 
ern Languages. Adams, Stanley D; Augusta, Junior in Indus- 
trial Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Adams, Terrill J; Topeka, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Addy, Cathryn L; Wichita, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Adrian, Brenda G; Moundridge, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Ahlerich, Milton E; Winfield, Sophomore 
in General. 

Seventh Row: Ahrens, Jon M; Wichita, Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Aidnik, Robert L; Independence, Mo., Freshman 
in Psychology. Aker, Melody C; Satanta, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Akers, Judy A; Bennington, Sophomore in Physical 

Eighth Row: Albers, Robert J; Oakley, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Albertson, James R; Wichita, 03 in Architecture. 
Albertson, Wayne R; Robinson, Junior in Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Albin, Jane M; Dallas, Tex., Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row; Albright, Clyde C; Fort Scott, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Albright, Sheryl K; Delia, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Alderman, Susan J; Ottawa, Junior in Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Alexander, Albert J; Burlington, Freshman in 
Nuclear Engineering. 


Top Row: Alexander, David R; Topeka, Sophomore in Physics. 
Alexander, James L; Overland Park, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Alexander, Kenneth R; Brookfield, Mo., Freshman 
in Agricultural Education. Alexander, Regena K; Harper, Soph- 
omore in Applied Music. 

Second Row: Alexander, Robert Y; Wichita, Junior in Business 
Administration. Alexander, Roger B; Topeka, Sophomore in 
Architectural Engineering. Allemang, Virginia S; Lyndon, 
Sophomore in Applied Music. Allen, Billy D; La Cygne, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Allen, Judith; Wichita, Junior in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Allen, Larry E; Hugoton, Junior in General. Allen, Marilyn 
J; Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 
Allen, Marjorie C; Abilene, Junior in Family and Child 

Fourth Row: Allen, Suzie L; Liberty, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Extension. Allison, Ashley; Wichita, Sophomore 
in Modern Languages. Allison, Mary J; Kingman, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Allison, Nancy L; Independence, Mo., 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Fifth Row: Almack, Julia J; Wellington, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Almquist, Karmon D; Assaria, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. Almquist, Merlan T; Assaria, 03 in 
Architecture. Alpert, Dean J; Paola, Freshman in Veterinary 

Sixth Row: Alpert, Glenn P; Paola, Freshman in Agricultural 
Engineering. Alsop, Samuel E; Garden City, Freshman in Polit- 
ical Science. Altendorf, Ronald L; Independence, Sophomore 
in Animal Husbandry. Alwin, Duane F; Beatrice, Neb., Junior 
in Sociology. 

Seventh Row: Amen, James B; Lebanon, Junior in Business 
Administration. Amerine, Diana L; Belle Plaine, Freshman in 
Foods and Nutrition. Ames, Robert D; Chanute, Junior in 
Agricultural Mechanization. Amos, Carol S; Colby, Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. 

Eighth Row: Anazia, Cyril O; Africa, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Anderson, Barbara J; Lawrence, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Anderson, Dave F; Sharon 
Springs, Junior in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Anderson, David E; 
Courtland, Freshman in Industrial Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Anderson, Delores K; Burlington, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Anderson, Gaylord D; Scran- 
ton, Sophomore in Feed Technology. Anderson, James H; Val- 
ley Falls, Junior in Milling Technology. Anderson, John H; 
Agenda, Junior in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: And-Bag 

Top Row: Anderson, Kathleen M; McPherson, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Anderson, Larry A; Axtell, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. Anderson, Larry R; Williams- 
burg, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. Anderson, Loren M; 
Omaha, Neb., Junior in Psychology. 

Second Row: Anderson, Melinda M; McPherson, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Anderson, Richard M; Bethel, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration Accounting. Anderson, 
Robert A; Leavenworth, 02 in Architecture. Andrews, George F; 

Shawnee Mission, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Third Row: Andrews, Norbert J; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Andrist, Darrel W; Goodland, Junior 
in Architectural Engineering. Angell, Frances M; Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. Angwin, Carol S; Pittsburg, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 

Fourth Row: Annis, Marjorie C; Oakley, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Annis, Maurice A; Oakley, Junior in Mathematics. 
Annis, Ruth E; Oakley, Junior in Special. Anschutz, Fredrick G; 

Lakin, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. 

Fifth Row: Anspaugh, Bruce A; Luray, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Anspaugh, Victor E; Luray, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Anstaett, Fred R; Lyndon, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Antes, Paul F; Effingham, Sophomore in Electrical 

Sixth Row: Antes, Robert L; Effingham, Junior in Business 
Administration. Anthony, William R; Kansas City, Mo., Junior 
in Architectural Engineering. Antrim, Barbara S; Kingman, 
Junior in Zoology. Applebaugh, Susan R; Salina, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Applebaugh, William; Coffeyville, Junior in 
Mathematics. Applegate, Roger C; Bird City, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Applegate, Ruth E; Luray, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics and Nursing. Apt, Glenda A; 

Southampton, N.Y., Junior in Speech. 

Eighth Row: Araneta, Francisco L; Peru, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Area, Merla K; St. George, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Arens, Max Q; South Bend, Ind., Sophomore 
in Chemistry. Armbrust, John S; Ellsworth, Freshman in 

Bottom Row: Armbruster, James A; Wakeeney, Sophomore in 
Agricultural Engineering. Armbruster, Jerry L; Ellis, Freshman 
in Agricultural Education. Armstrong, John P; Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Armstrong, Nancy L; 

Prairie Village, Freshman in Technical Journalism. 


Top Row: Arnett, Larry C; Edwardsville, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Arnold, Larry G; Hillsboro, Junior 
in Business Administration. Arnott, Ralph E; Blue Rapids, 
Freshman in General. Ash, Paul L; Wetmore, Junior in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Ashida, Betty R; Johnson, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Ashley, Larry A; Selden, Freshman in Mathematics. 
Ashlock, Thomas F; Dighton, Freshman in Agriculture. Ash- 
ton, Barbara A; Salina, Sophomore in Homemaking. 

Ml >#- ^M^^Mti 

Third Row: Ashton, Diana L; Salina, Freshman in Humanities. 
Atchison, Timothy A; Leavenworth, Freshman in Physics. 
Atherton, Kaye L; Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Athey, Joel W; Junction City, Junior in Mathematics. 

Fourth Row: Atkinson, Barbara A; Udall, Sophomore in Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Atkinson, Mary L; Jewell, Junior in Physical 
Therapy. Attwood, Mary S; Silver Lake, Freshman in General. 
Aubuchon, Martin W; St. Louis, Mo., Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. 

Fifth Roiv: Augustine, Gary L; Ellis, Junior in Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Auld, Doris L; Concordia, Sophomore in Psychology. 
Auman, Bruce J; Topeka, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 
Aupperle, Ronald E; Hutchinson, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Avery, Cheri L; Riley, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Journalism. Avery, Eddie L; Wichita, Junior in Wildlife 
Conservation. Axe, Gary M; Leavenworth, Sophomore in Gen- 
eral. Axe, William J; Wetmore, Freshman in Government. 

Seventh Row: Ayres, Eva M; Russell, Sophomore in Textiles and 
Clothing. Ayres, John P; Prairie Village, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Babbitt, Phyllis E; Lawrence, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Bachtell, Patrick D; Pratt, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Bach, Thomas L; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Back, Joyce E; Mt. Hope, Sophomore 
in Music Education. Bader, Dean R; Palmer, Neb., Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. Badger, Bonnee B; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Baehler, Judy A; Sharon Springs, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Extension. Baehr, Gratia L; Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. Bagby, Barbara A; Great 
Bend, Junior in Elementary Education. Bagley, Carne S; Re- 
public, Freshman in General. 


Underclassmen: Bai-Bea 

Top Row: Bailey, Eileen E; Garnett, Freshman in Medical Tech- 
nology. Bailey, Murilynne M; Topeka, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Bailey, Pete L; Genesco, Sophomore in 
Civil Engineering. Bailey, Roberta L; Overland Park, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Second Row: Bain, Kay E; Macomb, 111., Junior in General. 
Baker, Ardes M; Longford, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Baker, Harold R; Wilmore, Freshman in Pre-Medicine. Baker, 
Janice E; Lakin, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Third Row: Baker, Nancy A; Kansas City, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Baker, Raymond W; Manhattan, Junior in 
Economics. Baker, Roger L; Eskridge, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Education. Baker, Ronald A; Garden City, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Baldwin, Allen V; McPherson, Sophomore in 
Agricultural Education. Baldwin, Carol A; Omaha, Neb., 
Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. Baldwin, John H; 
Kansas City, 04 in Architecture. Baldwin, Mark W; Goodland, 
Freshman in Architectural Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Baldwin, Randall H; Wichita, 01 in Architecture. 
Bales, Harold J; Wichita, 03 in Architecture. Ball, James D; 
Hutchinson, Junior in Agronomy. Ball, Penelope J; Iola, Junior 
in Home Economics Teaching. 

Sixth Roiv: Ballantyne, Philip M; Mission, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Ballard, Margaret A; Ellinwood, Junior in 
Retail Floriculture. Ballou, Russell S; Salina, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Balzer, Rosemary M; Wichita, Freshman 
in English. 

Seventh Row: Banaka, Jerry N; Blue Rapids, Sophomore in 
General. Bange, Edward W; Hoxie, Freshman in General. 
Banker, Terry G; Liberal, Junior in Business Administration. 
Banks, John H; El Dorado, Sophomore in General. 

Eighth Row: Banks, Paul J; Effingham, Sophomore in Agron- 
omy. Barb, Kenny H; Ashland, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Barbee, Jon R; Great Bend, Freshman in 
History. Barber, Evelyn L; Kansas City, Junior in Elementary 

Bottom Row: Barenberg, Edward D; Herndon, Sophomore in 
Civil Engineering. Barger, Patricia S; WaKeeney, Freshman in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Baria, Edalji J; India, 
Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. Barker, Linda L; Beloit, 
Sophomore in Biological Science. 



dkT fc idL 

Top Roio: Barkman, Floyd J; Burden, Sophomore in Agricul- 
tural Education. Barley, Mary L; Kincheloe A.F.B., Mich., 
Sophomore in Home Economics and Art. Barnard, Hugh D; 
Anthony, Junior in Architectural Engineering. Barnard, Lauren 
A; Prairie Village, Sophomore in General. 

Second Row: Barnes, Ruth C; Kansas City, Freshman in General. 
Barnes, Sharon A; Junction City, Freshman in General. Barney, 
Arthur C; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. Barney, Mar- 
gret C; Rapid City, S.D., Freshman in Home Economics with 
Radio and Television. 

Third Row: Barnhart, Alice I; Coldwater, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Barnhart, Dorothy A; Coldwater, Freshman in 
Mathematics. Barr, Patricia A; Whiting, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Barr, William C; Kansas City, Mo., Junior 
in Feed Technology. 

Fourth Row: Barrows, Bradley D; Ness City, Sophomore in 
Political Science. Barta, Richard A; Red Cloud, Neb., Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. Barth, Sylvia M; Olathe, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Art. Bartholomew, Carolyn; Alton, 
Sophomore in Music Education. 

Fifth Row: Bartkoski, Michael J; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Bartley, Carol A; Hiawatha, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Bartley, Glenn E; Esbon, Junior in 
Business Administration. Barton, Jon D; Topeka, Junior in 
Chemical Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Barton, Larry D; Hutchinson, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Barton, Linda C; Wichita, Junior in Human- 
ities. Bartoo, Chloellen; Great Bend, Freshman in Social 
Sciences. Base, Gary L; Sedgwick, Junior in Agricultural 

Seventh Row: Basore, Richard C; Bentley, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Bass, Andrea R; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. Bass, Dianne L; Salina, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Bassett, Marilyn L; Wichita, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

Eighth Row: Bauder, Helen C; Howard, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Baum, Linda C; Wichita, Freshman in Foods and 
Nutrition. Baumgarten, Edwin O; Buhler, Freshman in Me- 
chanical Engineering. Baur, Kenneth C; Junction City, 01 
in Architecture. 

Bottom Row: Bayless, Sara M; Wichita, Freshman in General. 
Beach, Charles L; Barnes, Sophomore in Technical Journalism. 
Beach, Ronald T; Scott City, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Beach, Sharilyn K; Scott City, Freshman in Mathe- 


Underclassmen: Bea-Ber 

Top Row: Beach, Suzanne I; Abilene, Freshman in Psychology. 
Beals, Barbara A; Dodge City, Junior in Psychology. Beard, 
Charles L; Pittsburg, Junior in Electrical Engineering. Beasley, 
Joseph R; Albuquerque, N.M., Sophomore in General. 

Second Row: Beat, Larry J; Wellington, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Beattie, Patricia A; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Humanities. Beaty, Linda A; Manhattan, Sophomore in Eng- 
lish. Beaver, Frank M; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Pre- 

Third Row: Beck, Barbara L; Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Freshman 
in Secondary Education. Beck, Marcia A; Belleville, Sophomore 
in Medical Technology. Beck, Robert A; Elnora, N.Y., Junior 
in Agricultural Economics. Beck, Sandra J; Manhattan, Junior 
in Secondary Education. 

Fourth Row: Becker, Edna M; Lebo, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Becker, Gregory W; Abilene, Freshman in Wild- 
life Conservation. Becker, Lawrence P; Muncie, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Becker, Robert L; Tipton, Sophomore 
in Agricultural Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Becker, Vivian R; Inman, Sophomore in Foods and 
Nutrition. Beckerle, Susan M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Beckman, Alan K; Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in Architectural Engineering. Beckman, Samuel K; Atchi- 
son, Junior in Mathematics. 

Sixth Row: Beckwith, Ann L; Downs, Junior in Sociology. 
Becraft, David R; Manhattan, Freshman in Civil Engineering. 
Becraft, Nancy D; Manhattan, Junior in English. Bednosek, 
Monty M; WaKeeney, Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Beeman, William L; Topeka, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Beer, Janet J; Larned, Freshman in 
History. Beery, Thomas Z; Wichita, Junior in Pre-Medicine. 
Beets, Richard A; Spring Hill, Freshman in Mechanical 

Eightli Row: Beezley, William P; Girard, Freshman in Bio- 
chemistry. Behnke, Keith C; Kinsley, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Beilke, Jane H; Germantown, Wis., 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Belden, Guy N; 
Alamota, Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: Bell, Claud K; Manlius, N.Y., Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Bell, Jo M; Lyons, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Bellairs, George H; Independence, Sopho- 
more in History. Bellairs, William M; Independence, Freshman 
in Civil Engineering. 


Top Row: Bender, Gary L; WaKeeney, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Bender, Leslie A; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Bender, Lois J; Russell, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Bender, Roger D; Ellsworth, 03 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Benfer, John P; Longford, Sophomore in Agron- 
omy. Benham, William K; Enterprise, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Beninga, Peggy I; Riley, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Bennett, Gerald E; Holyrood, Freshman 
in Bacteriology. 

Third Row: Bennett, Lynda C; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Benson, Lee M; Burlingame, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Bentley, Sara S; Dighton, Sophomore in 
Humanities. Benton, Gary L; Salina, Freshman in Electrical 

Fourth Row: Benton, Lynn S; Lebo, Freshman in Agronomy. 
Benton, Sharon K; Olathe, Junior in Physical Education. 
Berends, Jay D; Manhattan, Sophomore in General. Berg, 
Mary M; Charleston, W. Va., Junior in Mathematics. 

Bottom Row: Berger, Chester L; Jetmore, Junior in Physical 
Education. Berger, Patrick J; Dodge City, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Bergman, Kathleen S; Riley, Freshman 
in Humanities. Berkey, Pamela J; Rossville, Sophomore in 
Technical Journalism. 

On a sunny winter day, students wait for Ahearn Field House doors 
to open. Before basketball games, some wait as long as two hours. 

Underclassmen: Ber-Boh 

Top Row: Berkholtz, Dennis L; Milwaukee, Wis., Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Berlin, Larry K; Manhattan, 01 in 
Architecture. Bernard, Laverne R; Shoshone, Idaho, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Berndt, E. Gary; Scott City, 
Junior in Business Administration Accounting. 

Second Row: Bernhardt, Janet V; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Medical Technology. Berry, Gail M; Topeka, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Bertram, Mary A; Chanute, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Bertrand, William A; Clay Center, Sophomore in 
Wildlife Conservation. 

Third Row: Bettenbrock, Dwight; Lincoln, Freshman in Civil 
Engineering. Betz, William D; Junction City, Junior in Geology. 
Bevan, William; Manhattan, Sophomore in Pre-Law. Biddison, 
Ronald E; Holton, Junior in Mechancial Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Bieberly, Ralph K; Salina, 02 in Architecture. 

Bieker, Carmen L; Hays, 03 in Architecture. Biery, Bonita F; 

Eskridge, Sophomore in Home Economics. Bigbee, Jean L; 

Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Fifth Row: Biggart, Le A; Circleville, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Biggs, Elaine S; Manhattan, Freshman in Philosophy. 
Biggs, Michael W; Barnard, Freshman in General. Bigsby, 
Allen G; Manhattan, Freshman in Geology. 

Sixth Row: Bilderback, Donna B; Valley Falls, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Billinger, Betty J; Wichita, Freshman in 
Modern Languages. Billinger, John C; Wichita, 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Billings, Richard D; Alton, Freshman in Chemical 

Seventh Row: Bilyeu, Sandra K; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Art. Bird, Gerald A; Larned, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Bird, Marilyn K; Wichita, Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Bird, Thomas F; Atchison, Freshman in 
Business Administration. 

Eighth Row: Bishop, Mary A; Manhattan, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Bishop, Richard L; Great Bend, 01 in 
Architecture. Bishop, Robert D; Emporia, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Bitner, Dennis; Pittsburg, Freshman 
in Horticulture. 

Bottom Row: Bitter, Roger A; Hoisington, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Bjurstrom, Mary E; Leoti, Sophomore in History. 
Black, James N; McPherson, Junior in Pre-Dentistry. Black, 
Marvin E; Meade, Freshman in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Black, Michael D; Kansas City, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Black, Richard L; Kiowa, Freshman in Agricultural 
Economics. Blackwell, John H; Larned, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Blades, Linda M; Topeka, Sophomore in Business 

Second Row: Blake, Leslie A; Wichita, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Blakeslee, Mary E; Independence, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Blanke, Gunnar W; Fort Smith, Ark., 01 
in Architecture. Blankenhagen, Edward; Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Third Row: Blankenship, Gary D; Udall, Junior in Wildlife Con- 
servation. Blankenship, Larry P; Great Bend, Sophomore in 
General. Blankenship, Richard; Udall, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Blasdel, Phyllis J; Sylvia, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Fourth Row: Blauvelt, William A; Superior, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Bleakley, Marykaye; Leavenworth, Sopho- 
more in English. Bledsoe, Jacquelyn A; Kansas City, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Bleything, Larry D; Raytown, 
Mo., Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. 

Fifth Row; Bleything, Richard R; Raytown, Mo., Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. Bliss, Charles E; Denver, Colo., Sopho- 
more in Nuclear Engineering. Bliss, Robert J; Atwood, Fresh- 
man in Wildlife Conservation. Blocher, James D; Leavenworth, 
Freshman in Secondary Education. 

Sixth Rozv: Blocksome, Roderick; Ransom, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Bloomer, Paula J; Wichita, Freshman in 
English. Blotkamp, Carol S; Olathe, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Blubaugh, Gary J; McPherson, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. 

Seventh Row: Blum, Doris E; Mobile, Ala., Junior in English. 
Blumeier, Donald I; Louisville, Ky., Junior in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Bobek, Elizabeth A; Caldwell, Junior in Business 
Administration. Bock, Evelyn A; Dodge City, Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Rozv: Bodenhamer, Carol J; Drexel, Mo., Sophomore in 
General. Bodwell, Jean K; Pratt, Sophomore in Modern Lan- 
guages. Boeding, Thomas L; Manhattan, Freshman in Pre- 
Dentistry. Boehner, Ernest D; Glenelder, Freshman in General. 

Bottom Row: Boethin, Roger M; Stockton, Junior in Architec- 
tural Engineering. Boger, Fred C; Great Bend, Freshman in 
Industrial Engineering. Boggs, Carole L; Auburn, Junior in 
Modern Languages. Bohn, Diane K; Eskridge, Freshmen in 
Clothing Retailing. 


Underclassmen: Boh-Bre 

Top Row: Bohn, Gary D; Halstead, Junior in Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Bohnen, Joseph M; Dorrance, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Bohnstedt, Janet K; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Mathematics. Boles, Charles W; Abilene, Junior in Secondary 

Second Row: Boles, Marilyn K; Bartlesville, Okla., Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. Bolline, Michael P; Salina, Junior in 
Geography. Bond, James E; Garnett, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Boomer, Larren G; Portis, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. 

Third Row: Boomer, Warren E; Portis, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Booth, Donald G; Coldwater, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Borell, Steven C; Lindsborg, Sophomore in Industrial 
Engineering. Borger, Sharon S; Cawker City, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. 

Fourth Roiv: Bornkessel, Janice K; Mission, Sophomore in 
Mathematics. Bortz, Nancy C; Claflin, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Bosanko, David M; Bonner Springs, Sophomore 
in General. Bosch, Louise A; Gorham, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. 

Fifth Row: Bosche, Helen F; Burlington, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Boucher, Cheryl A; Glasco, Sophomore 
in Home Economics Teaching. Boughton, Roberta J; Leaven- 
worth, Freshman in Secondary Education. Bourbina, Charles 
F; Abilene, Sophomore in Architectural Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Bourque, Chalise A; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
English. Bowen, Edwin D; Piedmont, Freshman in Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Bower, Wayne P; Marysville, 03 in Architecture. 
Bowers, Constance J; Overland Park, Freshman in Home 

Seventh Row: Bowman, Clay L; Sedan, Sophomore in Dairy 
Production. Bowman, Gena S; Cedar Vale, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Bowsher, Melodie L; Derby, 
Freshman in Technical Journalism. Boxberger, Kathryn A; 

Russell, Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. 

Eighth Row: Boyce, Richard E; Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Boyd, Richard K; Iola, Junior in Civil 
Engineering. Boyer, Barbara D; Overland Park, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Boyer, Gary D; Salina, Junior in Nuclear 

Bottom Row: Boyer, Harry J; Kansas City, Freshman in Chem- 
istry. Boyer, Ronald L; Fredonia, Junior in Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Boyer, Ronald L; Coffeyville, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Boyle, Dale D; Belle Plaine, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 


Top Row: Boyle, Steven R; Spivey, Sophomore in Feed Tech- 
nology. Bozarth, Donald L; Alexandria, Va., Freshman in 
Chemistry. Bozarth, Duane P; Liberal, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Brack, Brian J; Otis, Freshman in Agricultural 

Second Roto: Braden, Janet L; Wakefield, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Bradford, Ross E; Kinsley, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Bradley, Sandra L; Prairie Village, 
Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. Bradley, Wray E; Columbus, 
Ga., 02 in Architecture. 

Third Row: Bradshaw, Arden J; Wichita, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Brady, Thomas J; Blue Rapids, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. Brady, Warren T; Albert, Freshman in 
Agricultural Engineering. Brainerd, Mary L; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics and Art. 


Fourth Row: Brammer, Judy M; Randolph, Sophomore in 
Biological Science. Brand, John H; Wichita, Freshman in 
Physics. Bradenberger, Pamela; Mt. Hope, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Brandenburg, Carol L; Seattle, Wash., 
Junior in Clothing Retailing. 

Fifth Row: Brandenburger, Denny; Scott City, Freshman in 
General. Brandner, Mary S; Manhattan, Freshman in General. 
Brandt, Gale M; Shawnee Mission, Junior in English. Brandt, 
Gretchen M; Kansas City, Junior in Home Economics Teaching. 

Sixth Row: Brannam, Cynthia A; Larned, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Brannan, Michael S; Meade, Freshman in Physics. 
Brant, Douglas M; Lucas, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. 
Branton, Dorothy A; Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman in Secondary 

Seventh Row: Brass, Martha J; Coldwater, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Braswell, David A; St. Louis, Mo., 02 
in Architecture. Bratton, Barbara A; Council Grove, Freshman 
in General. Braunschweiger, Margery A; Teaneck, N.J., Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Braunsdorf, Linda M; Topeka, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Brazle, Reba S; Cambridge, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Brecheisen, Adell W; Garnett, 
Junior in Nuclear Engineering. Breckbill, Robert K; Wichita, 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Bottom Roiv: Breeden, Effie M; Hoxie, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Breen, Emmett N; El Dorado, Sopho- 
more in General. Brees, Gerald C; Salina, Freshman in General. 
Breidenthal, Gail S; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. 


Underclassmen: Bre-Bue 

Top Row: Breitenbach, John D; Haven, Junior in Architectural 
Engineering. Breitenstein, Alfred; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Zoology. Breitweiser, Mary D; Topeka, Freshman in Sociology. 
Brenn, Lawrence R; Levant, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Second Row: Brenneman, Jane E; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Brenner, Steven R; Blue Rapids, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. Brensing, Elaine K; Hudson, Junior in 
Home Economics Teaching. Brent, Carol A; Alton, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Third Row: Brent, Margery L; Gaylord, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Brewer, Marvin V; Jasper, Fla., Junior 
in Bakery Management. Brickner, Terry L; Prairie Village, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. Briggeman, Warren L; 
Iuka, Junior in Dairy Production. 

Fourth Row: Briggeman, Wilma J; Preston, 03 in Architecture. 
Briggs, Robert A; Topeka, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Brim, Lenore K; Hudson, Sophomore in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Brining, Donald R; Great Bend, Freshman in Secondary 

Fifth Row: Brinkoeter, Elizabeth A; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Business Education. Brinkoeter, Rae J; Wichita, Freshman in 
Art. Brisky, Rosalie I; Bucyrus, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Extension. Britt, Kathee R; North Platte, Neb., Junior 
in General. 

Sixth Row: Britting, Marjorie L; Wichita, Junior in Physical 
Education. Britton, Jane M; Kinsley, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Broadwell, Edwin S; Wyckoff, N.J., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Brodbeck, Karen L; Ft. Riley, Freshman in English. 

Seventh Row: Brodine, Barbara M; Salina, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Broeckelman, Gregory; Oakley, Freshman in Ani- 
mal Husbandry. Broers, Ted A; Eudora, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Brogan, Lewis H; Great Bend, Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Bronaugh, Robert A; Frankfort, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Brookens, Mary C; Westmoreland, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Nursing. Brooks, Barbara L; 
Olathe, Junior in English. Brooks, Nova A; Pine Bluff, Ark., 
Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Brooks, Rodger A; Wichita, 02 in Architecture. 
Brookshire, James R; Kansas City, Freshman in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Brower, Garry R; Wichita, Sophomore in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Brown, Arthur L; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 


Top Row: Brown, Beverly J; Wichita, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Brown, Dea J; Abilene, Sophomore in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Brown, Jack M; Wichita, Freshman in Political Science. 
Brown, James L; Dodge City, Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. 

Second Row: Brown, Julia A; Oberlin, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Brown, Larry R; Hutchinson, 02 in Architec- 
ture. Brown, Margaret L; Hutchinson, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Brown, Merwin L; Wichita, Junior in Nuclear 

Third Row: Brown, Richard N; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Pre-Dentistry. Brown, Robert F; Rockaway Point, N.Y., Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. Brown, Roderick R; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Civil Engineering. Brown, Thomas G; Manhattan, 
Freshman in General. 

Fourth Rozv: Brown, Vicki L; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
English. Brown, Viriginia E; Topeka, Sophomore in Modern 
Languages. Brown, William L; Oberlin, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Brownlee, Dale E; Burdett, Junior in Industrial 

Fifth Row: Bruce, Richard N; Orchard, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Brummer, George K; Cawker City, 
Junior in Physical Sciences and Mathematics. Brungardt, 
Samuel J; Gorham, Sophomore in Agriculture. Bruning, 
Gary D; Robinson, Junior in Agricultural Economics. 

Sixth Row: Bruning, Gary E; Everest, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Brunk, John R; Lyons, Freshman in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Brunson, Douglas S; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Law. Brush, Sherry K; Downs, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. 

Seventh Roiv: Bruton, Madeline L; Mission, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Bryan, David W; Maiden, Mass., Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Bryan, Margie A; Topeka, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Bryant, Bruce E; Mount Tremper, N.Y., 
Junior in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Bryant, Bruce W; Lacrosse, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Bryant, Judith; Overland Park, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Bryant, Lawrence O; Herington, Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Buchan, Robert E; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Bottom Row: Buchele, Kenneth D; Cedar Vale, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Buchman, Vicki R; Alta Vista, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Buckland, Annette L; Woodston, Sopho- 
more in History. Buenning, Gail M; Atchison, Sophomore in 
Physical Education. 


Underclassmen: Bue-Cam 

Top Row: Buetzer, Pamela R; Seneca, Junior in Clothing Re- 
tailing. Buffo, Lyn M; Leavenworth, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Bugbee, Linda E; Emporia, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Buhler, Linda L; Abilene, Sopho- 
more in Physical Therapy. 

Second Row: Buisch, William W; Rochester, N.Y., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Bull, Barbara J; Salina, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Bunney, James B; Garden City, 
Sophomore in Feed Technology. Burch, Patrick H; Kansas 
City, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Third Row: Burch, Paul W; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Tech- 
nical Journalism. Buresh, Mary J; Caldwell, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Burg, George F; Prairie Village 
Freshman in General. Burgat, Rebecca A; Hoisington, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Fourth Row: Burge, Susan E; Greenwood, Neb., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Burgess, Judith L; Wichita, Freshman 
in Physical Education. Burgess, Martha A; Wichita, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Burk, Signe L; Wichita, Junior in Cloth- 
ing Retailing. 

Fifth Row: Burke, Steven C; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Bakery Management. Burnett, Cecil W; Mullinville, Sophomore 
in Secondary Education. Burnett, Peggy C; Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in General. Burnett, Robert C; Manhattan, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. 

Sixth Row: Burnham, Roger L; St. Joseph, Mo., Sophomore in 
Architectural Engineering. Burns, Karin F; Great Bend, Junior 
in Secondary Education. Burns, Stephen M; Salina, Freshman, 
in General. Burns, Thomas C; Valley Falls, Freshman in General. 

Seventh Row: Burrell, Delila J; Wamego, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Burris, Joyce A; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Clothing Retailing. Burton, Sharon R; Kansas City, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Burtschi, Diane K; Derby, Junior in 
Home Economics and Art. 

Eighth Row: Busch, Sandra K; Olathe, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Bush, Charles E; Atchison, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Bush, James L; Wichita, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Bush, Terry M; Douglass, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Butler, Nancy J; Hays, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Butler, William M; Coffeyville, Freshman in Chem- 
ical Engineering. Butterfield, Edwin L; Clay Center, Freshman 
in Technical Journalsim. Button, Sue A; Copeland, Freshman in 
Clothing Retailing. 


On the registration floor, students meet with advisers to review 
class line schedules, insuring fulfillment of course requirements. 

Top Row: Butts, Joel R; Junction City, Junior in Mathematics. 
Butts, Lucretia A; Leon, Sophomore in Elementary Education. 
Byer, Janet L; Stafford, Sophomore in Business Administration 
Accounting. Byers, Jacqualine S; Burr Oak, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. 

Second Row: Byers, Norman P; Manhattan, Freshman in Sec- 
ondary Education. Byrne, Barbara; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Cable, Barbara L; Leoti, Sophomore in Medical 
Technology. Cable, John P; Leoti, Junior in Business Adminis- 

Third Row: Cadman, J. Stephen; St. John, Freshman in Me- 
chanical Engineering. Cahill, William E; Salina, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Calcara, James R; Great Bend, 04 in 
Architecture. Calcara, Richard L; Great Bend, Junior in General. 

Fourth Row: Caldwell, Nancy S; Raytown, Mo., Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. Cales, Wilma J; Pratt, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Callen, Patricia J; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Callies, Rodney E; St. Louis, Mo., 01 
in Architecture. 

Bottom Row: Camblin, Gary L; Robinson, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Came, William G; Salina, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Camerlinck, Robert J; Desoto, Junior in Animal Husbandry. 
Cameron, John W; Auburn, N.Y., Freshman in Bakery Man- 


Underclassmen: Cam-Chi 

Top Row: Campbell, Carrol W; Winfield, Sophomore in Dairy 
Production. Campbell, Larry G; Hill City, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Campbell, Patricia M; St. Louis, Mo., Junior in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Campbell, Richard A; 

South Hamilton, Mass., Freshman in Pre-Medicine. 

Second Row: Campbell, Richard W; Concordia, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Canfield, Pamela A; Leawood, Sophomore in Humanities. 
Capron, Evan D; Columbus, Junior in Physics. Card, Michael 

D; Tulsa, Okla., 03 in Architecture. 

Third Roio: Cardwell, Charles E; Manhattan, Junior in Philos- 
ophy and Physics. Cardwell, Virginia G; Wichita, Freshman in 
Physical Education. Carey, Bruce D; Sterling, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Carey, Larry N; Valley Center, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Carl, James G; Abilene, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Carl, Sherilyn; Abilene, Sophomore in General. Car- 
lin, Thomas E; Pittsburg, Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. 
Carlson, Carl J; Manhattan, Freshman in Art. 

Fifth Row: Carlson, Carlene E; Kackley, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Carlson, David E; Manhattan, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Carlson, Gary K; Topeka, 03 
in Architecture. Carlson, Linda J; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Sixth Row: Carlson, Margaret N; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Nursing. Carlson, Pamela S; Topeka, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. Carlson, Vincent L; Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Industrial Engineering. Carlson, Vir- 
ginia A; Bavaria, Sophomore in Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Carmichael, Craig L; Plainville, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Carmichael, Lyle K; Garden City, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Carothers, Kenneth G; 
Lewis, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Carpenter, 
Warren E; Kansas City, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Rozv: Carr, Carolyn L; Atchison, Freshman in Humani- 
ties. Carr, Connie L; Anthony, Freshman in General. Carr, 
Pamela S; Prairie Village, Sophomore in Sociology. Carr, Ron- 
ald D; Great Bend, Junior in Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: Carr, Tommy R; Medicine Lodge, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Carrico, Patrick C; Beloit, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Carrington, Annie A; Junction 
City, Freshman in Elementary Education. Carroll, Nancy A; 

Overland Park, Freshman in Home Economics. 


Top Row: Carson, Jerry R; Kansas City, Junior in Physical Edu- 
cation. Carson, Pamalee G; Oxford, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. Carson, William T; Springfield, Mo., 01 in 
Architecture. Carter, Brian E; Garnett, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Second Row: Carthrae, Ralph E; Coldwater, Sophomre in Civil 
Engineering. Casida, Dianna L; Burns, Sophomore in Retail 
Floriculture. Caspar, William O; Junction City, Sophomore in 
Economics. Casper, Jean M; Wichita, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. 

Third Row: Cassidy, Sheryl L; Salina, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Caster, Dallas D; Hampton, Neb., Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Caster, Douglas F; Fulton, N.Y., Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Castilla, Osmundo S; Nicaragua, 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Castle, Nancy M; Holton, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Caughron, Martha E; Dodge City, Freshman in 
Technical Journalism. Caulfield, Michael D; Coffeyville, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Cecil, Carolyn D; Leon, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Fifth Row: Celeste, Lauren E; Salina, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. Cengiz, Beyhan; Topeka, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Chadwell, Stephen L; Fairview, Freshman 
in General. Chambers, Dennis R; Bonner Springs, Junior in 
Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Chancy, Terry F; Delphos, Freshman in Agronomy. 
Chandler, Judith L; Chanute, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Chapin, Judith A; Washington, Freshman in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Chapman, Harold R; Easton, Freshman in Social 

Seventh Row: Chapman, Janet L; Beloit, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Chapman, Randolph B; Syosset, NY., Junior in 
Zoology. Charles, Nancy A; Republic, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Chatfield, Janet L; Goodland, Freshman in Second- 
ary Education. 

Eighth Row: Cheatum, Lawrence E; Miami, Fla., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Cheavens, Marcia K; Manhattan, 
Junior in Elementary Education. Chegwidden, Verlee E; 
Sylvan Grove, Sophomore in Elementary Education. Cheney, 
Timothy P; Grainfield, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Chesney, Kenneth K; Olathe, Junior in Dairy 
Manufacturing. Cheynet, Jerome H; Wichita, Junior in Physical 
Education. Chiang, Yung A; China, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Chilcott, Elva J; Hugoton, Freshman in 


Underclassmen: Chi-Con 

Top Row: Chilcott, Robert G; Mankato, Freshman in Pre-Law. 
Childres, Mary F; Junction City, 02 in Architecture. Childs, 
Edward N; Belleville, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 
Childs, Robert M; Phillipsburg, Junior in Business Adminis- 

Second Row: Chiles, Laurn P; Lorraine, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Chitwood, Karen L; Wichita, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Choplin, Jane R; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Christensen, Bruce N; McHenry, 111., Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Christensen, Carol; Salina, Freshman in Political 
Science. Christensen, Harriet; Mt. Hope, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Christian, Francis G; Girard, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. Christian, Gary R; Fargo, N.D., Junior 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Church, Thomas S; Kincaid, Freshman in Animal 

Husbandry. Chyba, Leslie J; Western, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Claassen, Rudolph D; Newton, Fresh- 
man in Agricultural Education. Claassen, Stanley L; Newton, 
Junior in Agricultural Education. 

Fifth Row: Clapp, David J; Kalamazoo, Mich., Junior in Agri- 
culture. Clark, Carol S; Hapelton, Junior in Clothing Retailing. 
Clark, Dale A; Mission, 02 in Architecture; Clark, Elizabeth A; 

Alta Vista, Freshman in Political Science. 

Sixth Row: Clark, Harriett J; Desoto, Freshman in Clothing Re- 
tailing. Clark, Jane; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Clark, Janet L; Lewiston, Neb., Freshman in Home Economics 
Teaching. Clark, John R; Paola, Freshman in History. 

Seventh Row: Clark, Katherine E; Denver, Colo., Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. Clark, Kathleen M; Beloit, Freshman in 
Physical Therapy- Clark, Michele J; El Dorado, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Clark, Peggy A; Concordia, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Eighth Roio: Clark, Suzanne L; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Clark, William E; Concord, N.H., Freshman 
in Pre-Dental. Claussen, Verne E; Alma, Junior in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Claybaugh, Kathryn A; Independence, Mo., 
Sophomore in Physical Education. 

Bottom Row: Claycamp, Kenneth W; Rice, Freshman in Second- 
ary Education. Claydon, Linda A; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Chemistry. Clegg, Robert M; Manhattan, Sophomore in Chem- 
ical Engineering. Clendening, Wayne E; Salina, 04 in Archi- 


Top Row: Clevenger, Cheryl V; Kingsdown, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Clifton, Ronald D; Jetmore, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Cline, Darwin E; Wichita, Junior in Civil 
Engineering. Cline, Larry E; Fredonia, Junior in Animal 

Second Row: Clingenpeel, Glenn R; Atchison, Sophomore in 
Mathematics, dinger, Cecil C; Rose Hill, Sophomore in 
Horticulture. Cloe, Demis K; Atwood, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Clothier, Eugene R; Florence, Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Clutter, Michael L; Larned, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Clyne, Lynda L; Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in General. Cobb, Elizabeth J; Culver, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Coberly, Nancy; Hutchinson, 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Coburn, Jaruis W; Houston, Tex., Freshman in 
Bakery Management. Coburn, Ruth E; Overland Park, Sopho- 
more in Secondary Education. Cochran, Janice M; Oberlin, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. Cochran, Robert A; In- 
dependence, Mo., 04 in Architecture. 

Fifth Row: Cockrum, Darrell K; Johnson, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics. Coffman, Charles W; Las Vegas, Nev., 02 
in Architecture. Cohan, Phillip L; Bonner Springs, Freshman 
in General. Colaw, Carolyn S; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Cole, Janet K; Salina, Freshman in Music. Cole, 
Ross W; Jetmore, Freshman in Agriculture. Coleman, Jon J; 
Clay Center, Freshman in General. Colleran, Catherine; Shaw- 
nee Mission, Freshman in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Seventii Row: Collins, Carolyn M; Bethel, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Collins, Joyce M; Seneca, Freshman in 
General. Collins, Robert L; Winfield, 03 in Architecture. 
Coltrane, Larry H; McCune, Junior in Agricultural Education. 

Eighth Row: Comerford, Karen M; Chicago, 111., Sophomore in 
Bacteriology. Compton, Cynthia C; Winfield, Sophomore in 
History. Compton, Marcia A; Lakin, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Condell, Nancy J; Eldorado, Freshman in Speech. 

Bottom Row: Condit, Larry R; Abilene, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Condon, Marquita M; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Condray, Jettie F; Wells, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Cone, Marie L; St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. 


Underclassmen: Con-Cro 

Top Row: Congrove, Robert L; Effingham, Junior in Agronomy. 
Converse, Larry E; Manhattan, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Economics. Conway, William P; Haysville, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Cook, Barbara J; Fredonia, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Second Row: Cook, Claudette K; Dighton, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Cook, George N; Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Mechanical Engineering. Cook, James E; Meriden, 
Freshman in Agricultural Engineering. Cook, Jerry L; Fredonia, 
Junior in Physical Education. 

Third Row: Cook, John M; Clifton, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Cook, Judith L; WaKeeney, Sophomore in Foods 
and Nutrition. Cook, Sally J; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Music Education. Cooley, Lucinda L; Douglas, Freshman in 
Physical Education. 

Fourth Row: Cooley, Marvin D; Abilene, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Coolidge, Sue A; Lead, S.D., Freshman in Psychology. 
Coombs, Polly A; Sedgwick, Sophomore in Applied Music. 
Coon, Anthony T; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Business 

Fifth Row: Cooper, Craig; Brentwood, N.Y., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Cooper, Larry J; Goodland, Junior in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Cooper, Mary J; Colby, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Cooper, Robert G; Coldwater, Sophomore 
in General. 

Sixth Row: Cooper, Robert M; McPherson, Junior in Chemical 
Engineering. Cooper, Sheryl J; St. John, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Cooper, William G; Preston, Junior in Industrial 
Engineering. Corby, David B; Topeka, Freshman in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Seventh Row: Cordill, Jerry R; Woodston, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Corn, Roger P; Bushton, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Cornelison, Judy K; Douglass, Freshman in Tech- 
nical Journalism. Cornwell, Larry G; Ellsworth, Freshman 
in General. 

Eighth Row: Correll, Mary E; Santanta, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Corwin, John B; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Corwin, Marilen A; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Cothing Retailing. Cosby, Susan K; Arkansas City, Junior in 
Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Costello, Marilee J; Marysville, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Cottle, Charles F; Columbia, Mo., Junior 
in Business Administration Accounting. Counter, Kristine M; 
Ft. Lupton, Colo., Freshman in Psychology. Court, Jean L; 

Leawood, Junior in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Covert, Dana D; Eldorado, Junior in Technical Jour- 
nalism. Covert, Jerry L; Hutchinson, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Covert, Sydney A; Eldorado, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Art. Cowan, Deanna K; Salina, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. 

Second Row: Cowan, Janet S; Junction City, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Cowdrey, Judith A; Wichita, Junior in Home Economics 
and Journalism. Cox, Carolyn J; Manhattan, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Cox, Carolyn R; Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Physical Education. 

Third Row: Cox, Jerry H; Hugoton, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Cox, Kenneth M; Sublette, Sophomore in Agriculture. Cox, 
Lawrence E; Salina, Junior in Chemistry. Cox, Martha J; Clear- 
water, Junior in Home Economics Teaching. 

Fourth Row: Coyne, Mary A; Cheney, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Coyne, Patrick I; Cheney, Junior in Agronomy. 
Craft, Stephen M; Topeka, Freshman in Architectural Engi- 
neering. Craig, Cathryn; Wichita, Freshman in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. 

Fifth Row: Craig, Donald D; Manchester, Freshman in Humani- 
ties. Craig, Margaret K; Concordia, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Crail, Shirley C; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Medical Technology. Cram, Carolee; Alliance, Neb., Sophomore 
in Home Economics Teaching. 

Sixth Row: Cram, Dan E; Portis, Sophomore in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Cramer, James E; Bellevue, Neb., Freshman in Physical 
Therapy. Cramer, Joe D; Healy, Junior in Biological Science. 
Cramer, Keith L; Healy, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Seventh Roiv: Crane, Martha A; Wichita, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Crane, Ross D; Severy, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Education. Crater, Michael J; Topeka, Freshman in 
General. Creager, Gary L; Pleasanton, Sophomore in Agricul- 
tural Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Creager, Marvin W; Pleasanton, Sophomore in 
Agricultural Education. Crews, Joyce L; Clearwater, Junior in 
Foods and Nutrition. Crist, Richard J; Scott City, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Croman, Dennis R; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 


Bottom Row: Cromwell, David H; Salina, Junior in Mathematics. 
Crosetto, Chester J; Coffeyville, Junior in Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Cross, Carol S; Syracuse, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Art. Cross, Terry T; Syracuse, Sophomore in Political 


Underclassmen: Cro-Dav 

Topi Row: Crossen, Dee A; lola, Sophomore in Psychology. 
Crossley, Michael A; Kansas City, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Crotinger, James L; Garden City, Freshman in Politi- 
cal Science. Crotinger, Mary K; Garden City, Sophomore in 
Clothmg Retailing. 

Second Row: Crouch, Robert W; Mission, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Crow, John M; Prairie Vil- 
lage, Freshman in Business Administration. Crowley, Mary L; 
Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Home Economics and Art. 
Crum, J. David; Eureka, Sophomore in General. 

Third Row: Crumrine, Martin H; Shawnee, Junior in Bacteri- 
ology. Cudney, Robert R; Belpre, Junior in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Cullison, Noel E; Cisco, 111., Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Culver, Alan D; Madison, 02 in Architecture. 

Fourth Row: Culver, Carolyn M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Cunningham, Clyde H; Man- 
hattan, Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. 
Cure, Thomas H; Hanston, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Curry, Fred L; Wichita, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Curry, Robert T; Madison, Junior in Physics. Curtjs, 
Cynthia D; Stafford, Freshman in Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Curtis, Sherry L; Wamego, Freshman in Art. Cutter, 
David W; Hugoton, Sophomore in Agricultural Economics. 

Sixth Row: Dahl, Bonnie L; Formoso, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Dahlquist, Lars J; Big Bow, Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Dahlsten, Maria R; Lindsborg, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Dahm, Arlene R; Palmer, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. 

Seventh Row: Daily, Donna K; Ashland, junior in Pre-Medicine. 
Dalbom, John D; Clearwater, Junior in Feed Technology. Dale, 
Clorse; Kansas City, Junior in Electrical Engineering. Dale, 
James E; St. John, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Dale, Shirley J; Florence, Freshman in General. 
Dale, Thomas D; Garden City, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Dalke, Randall C; Moundridge, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Dallas, Sarah B; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Humanities. 

Bottom Row: Dalton, Kathleen F; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Dameron, Tommy D; Beloit, Freshman in 
Bakery Management. Danaher, Michael J; Atchison, Junior in 
Business Administration. Danford, Dianne E; Hutchinson, 
Junior in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Daniel, Brenda L; McKinney, Tex., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Daniel, Stephen A; Jacksonville, 
111., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Daniels, Paul R; 
Baxter Springs, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. Daniel- 
son, Stephen K; Salina, Sophomore in Business Administra- 
tion Accounting. 

Second Row: Dannefer, Jane E; Basehor, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Darling, Dianne; Wichita, Sophomore in Family 
and Child Development. Darling, Jayne E; Hutchinson, Junior 
in Home Economics and Art. Darnell, Thomas E; Minneapolis, 
03 in Architecture. 

Third Row: Darnell, Thomas J; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Wildlife Conservation. Darrigrand, Andre; Junction City, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. Dart, Susan E; Belleville, Fresh- 
man in Humanities. Darter, Genevieve C; Douglass, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Dau, Diane C; Amityville, N.Y., Sophomore in 
Physical Therapy. Dauber, Vesta L; Sterling, Sophomore in 
Technical Journalism. Daugharthy, Sandra L; Ottawa, Fresh- 
man in Elementary Education. Daugherty, Dianne K; Culver, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 

Bottom Row: Daugherty, Michael C; Overland Park, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Daugherty, Patty L; Dodge City, 
Junior in Elementary Education. Daves, Cheryl A; Wichita, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Davidson, Judith A; Wichita, 
Sophomore in English. 

For Chirstmas, Union Art Committee members design a mosaic of 
an angel in flight to decorate windows of the main Union entrance. 

Underclassmen: Dav-Die 

Top Row: Davidson, Sandra A; Sterling, Freshman in Foods and 
Nutrition. Davies, William T; Liberal, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Davis, Anna C; New Orleans, La., Freshman in 
Biochemistry. Davis, Arthur D; Mullinville, Freshman in Agri- 

Second Row: Davis, Betty L; Lakin, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Davis, Darold D; Greensburg, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Davis, David J; Garden City, Sophomore in Me- 
chanical Engineering. Davis, James R; Gardner, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Third Row: Davis, Judith A; Elkhart, Sophomore in Medical 
Technology. Davis, Robert C; Bonner Springs, Freshman in 
Industrial Engineering. Davis, Sandra L; Arlington, Va., 
Freshman in Psychology. Davis, Susan P; Overland Park, 
Sophomore in Home Economics and Art. 

Fourth Row: Davison, John M; Valley Center, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Dawson, Thomas S; Russell, Freshman in 
Wildlife Conservation. Day, Donald L; Council Grove, Junior 
in Animal Husbandry. Dean, Jo J; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Fifth Row: Dean, Lynn A; Scott City, Junior in Mathematics. 
Dean, Nancy S; Independence, Junior in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Dearborn, Robert H; Manhattan, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Dechairo, Margaret J; Westmoreland, Sophomore 
in Medical Technology. 

Sixth Row: Dechert, Dennis L; Colby, Junior in Agriculture 
Economics. Decinque, Donald P; Haddonfield, N.J., Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Decker, Stephen R; Lee's Summitt, 
Mo., Freshman in Animal Husbandry. Dedonder, Larry J; 

Reading, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Seventh Row: Defeo, David L; Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Degnan, Paula J; Garden City, Freshman 
in General. Degood, Karen D; St. Francis, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Degraffenreid, Sondra; Greensburg, Fresh- 
man in Psychology. 

Eighth Row: Deines, Calvin W; Lincolnville, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Deines, Garry L; WaKeeney, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Dekat, Michael A; Wamego, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Delfs, James G; Alma, 
Freshman in Business Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Delich, Gloria J; Kansas City, Sophomore in Gen- 
eral. Delp, Tony M; St. John, Freshman in Architectural Engi- 
neering. Demars, Jim L; Miltonvale, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Dempsey, Cynthia S; Winfield, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 


Top Row: Denning, David F; Salina, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Denning John E; Russell, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Denoon, Daniel A; Meadville, 
Pa., Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. Dent, Edward L; Har- 
per, Junior in Technical Journalism. 

Second Row: Dent, Michael W; El Dorado, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Dent, Steven M; El Dorado, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Denton, Wilson L; Independence, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. Depenbusch, Haorld J; Zenda, Junior 
in Feed Technology. 

Third Row: Depping, Dave M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Derosear, Thomas R; Stockton, Junior 
in Mechanical Engineering. Derrick, Barbara A; Oklahoma 
City, Okla., Junior in Elementary Education. Derusseau, Ron- 
ald W; Concordia, 04 in Architecture. 

Fourth Row; Desbien, Vernon L; Bogue, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Deschner, Dennis L; Beloit, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Deters, Charlotte R; Mankato, Sophomore in Modern 
Languages. Detter, Jay D; Nickerson, Sophomore in Chemi- 
cal Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Dettmer, Gary L; Kensington, Junior in Feed Tech- 
nology. Detwiler, Amelia A; Manhattan, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics and Art. Deubler, Carol J; Wichita, Junior in Technical 
Journalism. Devault, Carolyn E; Frankfort, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. 

Sixth Row: Devoe, Diane D; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Dewey, David K; Belleville, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Dewhirst, David L; Wichita, Junior in 
Business Administration. Dey, Judith A; Newton, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Seventh Row: Dial, Patricia N; Manhattan, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Dice, Mary J; El Dorado, Junior in Clothing Retailing. 
Dick, Thomas D; Buhler, Sophomore in Agriculture Engineer- 
ing. Dickerson, Roger K; Prairie Village, Freshman in General. 

Eighth Row: Dickey, Mildred L; Newton, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Dickinson, Catherine; Coffeyville, Junior in History. 
Dickinson, Edith M; Whiting, Junior in Elementary Education. 
Dickinson, Jerry A; Whiting, Freshman in General. 

Bottom Row: Dickson, Richard C; Topeka, Freshman in Pre- 
Medicine. Dieker, Thomas J; Emporia, Freshman in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Diekmann, Roger A; White City, Junior in 
Pre-Medicine. Dietrich, Darlene; Atchison, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Die-Eag 

Top Row: Dietrich, Jacqueline; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
General. Dietrich, Robert N; Willis, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Dildine, Roger S; Los Alamos, N.M., Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Dillenback, Harold F; Troy, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Second Row: Dillenbeck, Karen E; Pt. Lookout, N.Y., Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Dillender, Eugene R; Prairie 
Village, Junior in Business Administration. Diller, Sherryl L; 
Morrowville, Junior in Home Economics and Journalism. Dil- 
ler, Sue A; Belleville, Freshman in General. 

Third Row: Dillman, Susan K; Newton, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Dillon, Charles M; Glasco, Freshman in General. 
Dillon, Jean L; Glasco, Sophomore in Home Economics and 
Art. Dillon, John F; Glasco, Sophomore in Secondary Edu- 

Fourth Row: Dillon, John S; Topeka, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Dillon, William L; Burr Oak, Freshman in Pre- 
Medicine. Dinning, Jan; Wichita, Sophomore in General 
Dirksen, Larry E; Moundridge, Sophomore in Feed Technology. 

Fifth Row: Disenhouse, Harvey A; Peekskill, N.Y., Freshman 
in Psychology. Ditch, Vicki L; Liberal, Freshman in Biological 
Science. Ditgen, Judith K; Hutchinson, Junior in Clothing Re- 
tailing. Diviney, Ernest M; Elkhart, Freshman in Electrical 

Sixth Row: Dixon, Madelyn C; Manhattan, Freshman in Music. 
Dixon, Margaret A; Leon, Sophomore in English. Doan, Rod- 
ney E; Preston, Junior in Business Administration. Dobbels, 
Frances M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Elementary Edu- 

Seventh Row: Dobbins, James R; Goff, Junior in Agriculture. 
Dobson, Robert C; Manhattan, Sophomore in Dairy Manu- 
facturing. Dodds, Sondfa S; Riley, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Dodge, Donna A; Manhattan, Junior in Elementary 

Eighth Row: Dohrman, Yvonne L; Bushton, Sophomore in 
Modern Languages. Dold, Brenda E; Emporia, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Donley, Douglas D; Ellsworth, 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Donner, Carolyn K; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Doolittle, Gary L; Soldier, Freshman in Bio- 
chemistry. Doramus, Lynda K; Fort Worth, Tex., Freshman in 
Home Economics and Journalism. Doran, James V; Macksville, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Downs, Stanley R; 
Great Bend, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 


Top Row: Dresser, Alice N; Wichita, Freshman in General. 
Dressier, Donald G; Lyons, Sophomore in Political Science. 
Drew, Douglas P; Omaha, Neb., Sophomore in Business Ad- 
ministration. Droge, Joann L; Seneca, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. 

Second Row: Drost, Jo L; Topeka, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics and Art. Drouillard, Judith K; Augusta, Freshman in 
General. Drumm, Dennis A; St. Louis, Mo., 02 in Architecture. 
Dryden, Robert D; Larned, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Third Row: Dryer, Martha L; Liberal, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Dudley, Pamela J; Cawker City, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Duenkel, Robert T; West 
Orange, N.J., Sophomore in Secondary Education. Duff, David 
W; Scott City, Junior in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Duffendack, John P; Kansas City, Mo., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Duffield, Robert J; Salina, Junior in Art. Dukelow, 
Connie M; Kansas City, Sophomore in General. Dukelow, 
Nancy J; Clay Center, Freshman in Biological Science. 

Fifth Row: Dumford, Michael D; Wichita, Freshman in General. 
Dumiak, Michael J; Queens Village, N.Y., Junior in History. 
Dumler, Nancy B; Russell, Sophomore in Art. Dumler, Patricia 

A; Russell, Freshman in Mathematics. 

Sixth Row: Dunbar, Stephen A; Richmond, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Duncan, Carolyn L; Kensington, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Duncan, Michael S; Manhattan, 02 in Archi- 
tecture. Duni, William R; Suffield, Conn., Junior in Biological 

Seventh Row: Dunkel, Jean M; Wichita, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. Dunn, Judith A; Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Secondary Education. Dupuy, Maxine E; Kansas City, 
Freshman in General. Duston, Arlene S; Gaylord, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

Eighth Row: Dutton, Diana L; Dwight, Freshman in Technical 
Journalism. Dutton, John W; St. James, N.Y., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Dyck, Marvella R; Salina, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Dyer, Charles W; Longton, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. 

Bottom Row: Dyer, Sally C; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Dyke, Nancy K; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in General. Eager, Richard B; Brooklyn, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Eagles, Thomas W; Manhattan, Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Eas-Erb 

Top Row: Eastham, Barbara J; El Dorado, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Eaton, Lenette E; McPherson, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Eberhart, Franklin L; Deerfield, Junior in 
Agriculture. Eberhart, Keith L; Deerfield, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Eberhart, Penny R; Lakin, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Eberle, Janice K; Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Eby, Charles K; Wichita, Junior in 
Civil Engineering. Eck, David D; Harper, Freshman in Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

Third Row: Eck, Diane L; Harper, Sophomore in Art. Eckel, 
Gene E; Broughton, Junior in Electrical Engineering. Eckert, 
Karen J; Manhattan, Sophomore in Secondary Education. 
Eckhardt, Kenneth A; Coffeyville, Junior in Economics. 

Fourth Row: Edds, William W; Lyons, Freshman in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Eddy, Curtis W; Marysville, Freshman in 
General. Edelman, Lyle F; Sabetha, Freshman in Agricultural 
Engineering. Edgar, Sharon; Dallas, Tex., Freshman in General. 

Fifth Row: Edminster, James H; Junction City, Sophomore in 
English. Edmonds, Jeannette G; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Edmondson, Ted D; Columbus, Fresh- 
man in Nuclear Engineering. Edwards, Bette L; Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Modern Languages. 

Sixth Row: Edwards, Rose M; Topeka, Junior in Medical Tech- 
nology. Edwards, William C; Topeka, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Edwardson, William D; Everest, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Eggert, Rodney D; Norwich, 
01 in Architecture. 

Scventli Row: Eggleston, Cora J; Louisburg, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Ehrlich, Dorothy A; Russell, Fresh- 
man in Business Administration Accounting. Ehrlich, Larry D; 
Russell, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. Eichenauer, Casey; 
Scott City, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Eilian, Cyrus; Iran, 03 in Architecture. Eisele, Wil- 
liam D; Eudora, Sophomore in Secondary Education. Eisen- 
barth, Francis; Goff, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 
Eisenbrandt, David L; Leawood, Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Eisenhour, Douglas E; Wichita, Freshman in 
General. Eismont, Samuel M; Kansas City, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Eitel, Darlene R; Scott City, Sophomore in Gen- 
eral. Elder, Larry E; Salina, Freshman in Secondary Education. 


Top Row: Elk, Diane L; Harper, Sophomore in Art. Eller, Trudy 
A; Salina, Freshman in Elementary Education. Elliott, Bar- 
bara J; Clay Center, Freshman in Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Elliott, Carolyn K; Concordia, Freshman in General. 

Second Row: Elliott, Dennis R; Hudson, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Elliott, James D; Waterville, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Elliott, James P; Camp Hill, Pa., 
Junior in Architectural Engineering. Elliott, Robert B; Prairie 
Village, Freshman in Business Administration. 

Third Row: Elliott, William T; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Restaurant Management. Ellis, Hazen J; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Ellithorpe, Jack E; El Dorado, Junior in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ellsaesser, Jerrilyn; Sublette, Fresh- 
man in Business Administration Accounting. 

Fourth Row: Eltiste, Melvin L; Phillipsburg, Junior in Business 
Administration. Embers, Kenneth D; McPherson, Junior in 
Sociology. Emch, Bill D; Madison, Junior in Feed Technology. 
Emel, Charles D; Brewster, Sophomore in Business Adminis- 

Fifth Row: Emery, Johnny J; Nebraska City, Neb., Junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. Emig, Danny R; Solomon, Freshman in 
Agricultural Economics. Emrich, Patricia A; Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. Endorf, Trudy A; Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Sixth Roiv: Enfield, Richard L; Haviland, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Engel, Charles W; Abilene, Freshman in Physical 
Sciences. Engelken, Ronald A; Goff, Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Engle, Bruce K; Ellsworth, Junior in Mathe- 

Seventh Row: Engle, Harold D; Madison, Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Engle, Pamela S; Madison, Freshman in General. 
Engler, Jerry W; Topeka, Freshman in Agriculture. Englisby, 
Denis C; Hempstead, N.Y., Junior in Secondary Education. 

Eighth Row: English, Jacquelyn E; Falls Church, Va., Sophomore 
in History. Engstrom, Kathleen A; Salina, Freshman in General. 
Enich, Peter Y; Atchison, Freshman in Technical Journalism. 
Enos, Paul D; White City, Junior in Zoology. 

Bottom Row: Eplee, Harvey C; Fredonia, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Epley, Larry C; Kingman, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Education. Eppard, Ellen E; Duncan, Okla., Freshman in 
Sociology. Erbentraut, Stuart A; East Williston, N.Y., Sopho- 
more in Electrical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Erb— Fai 

Top Row: Erbes, Lucinda R; LaCrosse, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Erickson, Michael J; Lakin, Sophomore in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Erickson, Peggy J; Scandia, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Ericson, Carla S; Assaria, 
Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. 

Second Row: Erkenbrack, Dennis L; Republic, Junior in Physical 
Education. Erker, Leroy E; Garden Plain, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Ermey, Michael S; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Ervin, Gary E; Junction City, Sophomore 
in Civil Engineering. 

Third Row: Ervin, Patrick F; Horton, Freshman in Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Esau, Mary L; Inman, Junior in Bacteriology. Eshbaugh, 
Gerald C; Hope, Junior in Secondary Education. Eshelman, 
Kenneth K; Sedgwick, Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Eshelman, Roger A; Sedgwick, Sophomore in 
English. Eslinger, Michael E; Kinsley, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Eslinger, Sue A; Topeka, Junior in Home 
Economics. Essmiller, Donald M; Great Bend, Freshman in 

Fifth Row: Estes, Gary L; Larned, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Estes, Michael E; Great Bend, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Estey, Linda J; Richmond, Ind., Junior in 
Modern Languages. Ethridge, Gale E; Glasco, Junior in Botany. 

Sixth Row: Etling* Arlen W; Ensign, Junior in Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Etling, Sheryl B; Garden City, Sophomore in Mathe- 
matics. Eubanks, Alice L; Maize, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. Euler, Robert W; Leavenworth, Freshman in Electrical 

Seventh Row: Evans, Beverly E; Manhattan, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Evans, John R; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. Evans, Jolene; Meade, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Evans, Nancy A; Russell, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Eighth Row: Evans, Nancy L; Hutchinson, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Evans, Paula J; Wayne, Pa., Freshman in General. 
Evans, Stephen B; Juneau, Alaska, Junior in Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Evans, Steven M; Iola, Junior in Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: Eveleth, Douglas J; Sioux City, Neb., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Everett, Kenneth D; Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Civil Engineering. Everett, William W; Shawnee, 
Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Everhart, Eldon R; 
Kansas City, Junior in Horticulture. 


Each semester students purchase books for a discounted rate at 
the exchange of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity for Scouts. 

Top Row: Evers, Richard L; Abilene, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. Eversmeyer, Merle G; Ottawa, 
Junior in Agronomy. Evert, Larry D; Holyrood, Junior in 
Bacteriology. Ewert, Wayne L; Marion, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Second Row: Ewing, Martha E; Hiawatha, Junior in Physical 
Education. Ewy, Karen K; Arlington, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Eyerly, Joyce M; Lyons, Freshman in 
Clothing Retailing. Eyestone, Carolyn S; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Third Row: Eyman, William B; Emporia, Freshman in General. 
Fabrizius, John D; WaKeeney, Freshman in Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Faddis, Janet K; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Sec- 
ondary Education. Fagan, John S; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Fagen, Arlyn R; Larned, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Fager, Glenn A; Osage City, Freshman in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Fagerberg, Richard E; Prairie Village, Junior 
in Speech. Fail, Charles R; Altoona, Sophomore in Electrical 

Bottom Row: Failor, Sue A; Lyndon, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Fair, Jean M; Raymond, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Fair, Nancy E; Raymond, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Fair, Rebecca L; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Fai— Fie 

Topi Row: Fairbank, Marvin M; Topeka, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Fairbank, Sharon; Hays, Freshman in Humanities. 
Fairchild, Kerry L; Salina, Sophomore in Business Administra- 
tion. Faith, Robert V; Grand junction, Colo., 01 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Fajen, Joanne C; Abilene, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Falconer, Beverly J; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Falk, Karen A; Topeka, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Art. Fangman, James R; Seneca, Sopho- 
more in Mechanical Engineering. 

Third Row: Fankhauser, Daniel E; Garden City, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Fanning, James M; Ithaca, N.Y., Junior in General. Fapp, 
Ross L; Salina, Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Farewell, 
Marsha R; Norton, Freshman in Music Education. 

Fourth Row: Farha, Susan K; Wichita, Junior in Home Econom- 
ics and Journalism. Farhy, John C; Bound Brook, N.J., Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. Farmer, Linda L; Valley Falls, Sophomore 
in General. Farmer, Michael J; England, Freshman in Feed 

Fifth Row: Farney, Kathleen M; Kiowa, junior in Dietetics and 
Institutional Management. Farnsworth, Michael; Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman in Industrial Engineering. Farr, Marvin J; 
Modoc, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Farrar, Charles W; 

Topeka, 01 in Architecture. 

Sixth Roiv: Farrell, Michael K; Manhattan, Freshman in Sec- 
ondary Education. Farris, Karl; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Fassnacht, Patricia; Salina, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Fausett, Larry L; Wichita, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 

Seventh Row: Feaster, Donna G; Winfield, Junior in Home 
Economics and Extension. Felbush, Nina M; Abilene, Freshman 
in Physical Education. Fenton, Frank R; Bonner Springs, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. Ferguson, Barbara L; Kansas City, 
Mo., Freshman in English. 

Eighth Row: Ferguson, Donald R; Kensington, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Ferguson, John H; Saginaw, Mich., Junior in Pre- 
Dentistry. Ferguson, Patricia A; Wichita, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Art. Ferrell, Charlotte A; Kansas City, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Bottom Row: Fesmire, Clifford E; Edgerton, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Ficke, Stephen W; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Fickel, Jerry B; Riley, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Ficken, Donald D; Bison, Junior in Mechanical 


Top Rozv: Fiebach, Gary R; Wichita, Junior in General. Fields, 
Timothy J; Salina, Freshman in Technical Journalism. Filbert, 
Barbara K; Wilmington, Del., Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Art. Filbert, Gail W; Wilmington, Del., Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. 

Second Row: Filinger, Cynthia A; Cuba, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Filippi, Bruce H; Lansing, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Finch, Walter S; Manhattan, Junior in Psychology. 
Findeiss, Joan E; Wichita, Junior in Home Economics and Art. 

Third Row: Fink, Rebecca J; Manhattan, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Finnerty, Willian J; Ogden, Freshman in General. 
Finney, Cynthia L; Salina, Freshman in Home Economics 
Teaching. Finney, James L; Hutchinson, Junior in Mechanical 

Fourth Row: Finocchio, Ernest J; Cranston, R.I., Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. Firling, Paul R; Overland Park, Junior in 
Government. Fischer, Loren D; Lincoln, Sophomore in Modern 
Languages. Fiser, Sara M; Manhattan, Freshman in Elementary 

Fifth Row: Fishburn, Arlene K; Medicine Lodge, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. Fisher, Carol J; Lancaster, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Fisher, John E; Larned, 01 in Architecture. 
Fisher, Mary J; Lewis, Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. 

Sixth Row: Fisher, Susan J; Prairie Village, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Fiskin, Dianna L; Anaheim, Calif., Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Fittell, Carol F; Olathe, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Fittell, John H; Olathe, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Seventh Row: Fitzgerald, John J; Concordia, Junior in Chemical 
Engineering. Flaharty, Calvin L; McCune, Junior in Agronomy. 
Flannery, John M; Amityville, N.Y., Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Flaxman, Stuart A; New York, N.Y., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Fleischmann, Beth K; Wichita, Freshman in Physical 
Therapy. Fleming, Barbara J; Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Mathematics. Fleming, Judith E; Gardner, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Fleming, Marceta A; Topeka, Freshman in 

Bottom Row: Fletcher, Phillip D; Holton, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Fletcher, Ronald C; Syracuse, N.Y, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Fletcher, Sherrill J; Lakin, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Flett, Susan K; Spring Hill, 
Junior in Clothing Retailing. 


Underclassmen: Flo— Fun 

Topi Row: Floersch, Richard H; Galesburg, 111., Freshman in 
Nuclear Engineering. Florence, Susan A; Wichita, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Flournoy, John P; Kansas City, Mo., 02 in 
Architecture. Floyd, Lon K; Kinsley, Sophomore in Physical 

Second Row: Fly, Martha M;Topeka, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Fockele, Catherine C; Frankfort, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Foggs, Joanne L; Kansas City, Junior in General. 
Fogo, Glenn C; Esbon, Junior in Pre-Law. 

Third Row: Foland, Carolyn G; Almena, Junior in Technical 
Journalism. Folkerts, James D; Timken, Junior in Feed Tech- 
nology. Foltz, William C; Abilene, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Folwell, Patric J; Oil City, Pa., Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Fourth Row: Ford, Virginia S; Wetmore, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Forester, Lloyd G; Edwardsville, Junior in Pre- 
Dentistry. Forkenbrock, Ronald; Junction City, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Fortmeyer, Beverly K; Good- 
land, Sophomore in Home Economics and Journalism. 

Fifth Row: Fortmeyer, Charles; Goodland, Junior in Business 
Administration. Fosmire, Luella J; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in Secondary Education. Foss, Michael H; Wichita, 03 in 
Architecture. Foster, Harry R; Sterling, Junior in Physics. 

Sixth Row: Foster, Robert E; Kincaid, Junior in Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Foster, Thomas E; Great Bend, Sophomore 
in Mechanical Engineering. Fowler, Beverly S; Kansas City, 
Mo., Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Fowler, Royce E; Inde- 
pendence, Mo., 03 in Architecture. 

Seventh Row: Fox, Joan M; Dodge City, Sophomore in Phi- 
losophy. Fox, Lana M; Plains, Freshman in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Fox, Melvin G; Severy, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Fox, Vernon E; St. John, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. 

Eighth Row: Francis, Carole J; Mission, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Francis, Janet M; Leawood, Junior in 
Sociology. Francis, Joyce L; Leawood, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Francis, Kenneth L; Wilsey, Junior in Business Administration 

Bottom Row: Francis, Mary K; Salina, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Francisco, Betty J; Leawood, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Franey, Carolyn J; Tulsa, Okla., Junior in 
Elementary Education. Frank, Janice L; Wichita, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. 


Top Row: Frank, John S; Wichita, Freshman in Music Education. 
Frank, Larry D; Westmoreland, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Engineering. Franklin, Lee E; Oberlin, Sophomore in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Franklin, Linda S; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. 

Second Row: Fraser, Sheryl J; Gardner, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Frashier, Judith A; Mission, Freshman in 
General. Frazee, Garry L; Columbus, Freshman in Agricultural 
Mechanization. Frederick, Diana K; Hutchinson, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Third Row: Freeman, Joe D; Kingman, 01 in Architecture. 
Freeman, Joyce I; Phillipsburg, Junior in Home Economics. 
Freeman, Lesta N; Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Retail Flori- 
culture. French, Janet L; Pretty Prairie, Junior in Elementary 

Fourth Row: Frey, John S; Red Bluff, Calif., 03 in Architecture. 
Frey, Lawrence N; Abilene, Sophomore in Nuclear Engineering. 
Frickey, Michele D; Oberlin, Freshman in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Frikken, Donald R; Mulvane, Freshman in Chemical 

Fifth Row: Friley, John R; Mission, Sophomore in Mechanical 
Engineering. Frisbie, Kurt M; McDonald, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Fritts, Diana L; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
History. Fritz, June F; Clay Center, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics and Art. 

Sixth Row: Fritz, Linda R; Kansas City, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Fritz, Mary J; Kansas City, Freshman in General. 
Froelich, Glen W; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Business 
Administration. Froelich, Sandra K; Solomon, Sophomore in 

Seventh Row: Froelich, Sharon L; Solomon, Sophomore in 
Modern Languages. Frohn, Janice E; Pitcairn, Pa., Freshman in 
Mathematics. Fry, Carole J; Wichita, Junior in Technical Jour- 
nalism. Fry, Robert B; Helenville, Wis., Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Frye, Robert S; Cheney, Junior in Chemistry. Fugit, 
Bill W; Overland Park, Junior in Business Administration. 
Fugit, Eloise D; Wichita, Junior in Speech. Fulhage, Charles D; 

Yates Center, Freshman in Milling Technology. 

Bottom Row: Funk, Edward L; Valley Falls, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Funk, Larry D; Waldo, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Education. Funk, Warren K; Minneapolis, Junior in Technical 
Journalism. Funston, Carolyn R; Abilene, Junior in Clothing 


Underclassmen: Fur— Gib 

Top Row: Furney, Mary Z; Manhattan, Sophomore in Bacteri- 
ology. Futrell, Marvin; Norfolk, Va., Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Gabel, Lenora K; Hutchinson, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Gabriel, Donald E; Tucson, Ariz., Sophomore in 

Second Row: Gadberry, Marcia L; Wichita, Freshman in History. 
Gaddie, Amy L; Bazaar, Junior in Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Gagnon, Thomas A; Manhattan, Sophomore in General. 
Gaines, Cheryl; Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in Business 

Third Row: Gaines, Marcia A; Peabody, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Galassini, Daniel R; Corrales, N.M., 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Galbraith, Ann C; 
Madison, Freshman in Home Economics and Art. Gallant, 
Robert J; Overland Park, Freshman in Business Administration. 

Fourth Row: Gallant, William P; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Galle, Norman R; Moundridge, Fresh- 
man in Animal Husbandry. Gallemore, Pamela S; Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore in Secondary Education. Gallon, James A; 
Fredonia, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Fifth Row: Gambiani, Michael L; Spring Valley, 111., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Garcia, Carlos M; Puerto Rico, 01 
in Architecture. Garcia, Miguel A; Nicaragua, Freshman in 
Animal Husbandry. Gard, Eileen D; Wichita, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Gardner, Douglas D; Smith Center, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. Gardner, Virginia M; 
Arlington, Freshman in Elementary Education. Garland, Susan 
E; Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman in Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Garlett, Jerry W; Kansas City, Junior in Mechanical 

Seventh Row: Garlich, Sandra A; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Physical Therapy. Garrelts, Rex E; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Garrett, Gary A; Colby, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. Garrett, Gwen I; Colby, Sophomore in 
Foods and Nutrition. 

Eighth Row: Garrison, Carla J; Salina, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Garrison, Robert N; Pratt, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Garten, Danna L; Effingham, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Garten, Harold J; Medicine Lodge, 
Freshman in Physics. 

Bottom Row: Garver, Susan C; Severy, Sophomore in General. 
Garwood, Gary J; Hutchinson, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 
Gasche, Daniel G; Hartford, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Gaskill, Karen S; Beloit, Freshman in Secondary 


Top Row: Gaskill, Linda K; Abilene, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Gaster, Victoria L; Bethel, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Gaston, Carol A; Wichita, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Gaston, Marcia A; Bethel, Freshman in 

Second Row: Gates, James D; Glen Elder, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics. Gaudreau, Donald G; Lewistown, Pa., 
Sophomore in Bakery Management. Gaughan, Tracy A; Lincoln, 
Neb., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gaumer, Walter J; 
Jennings, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. 

Third Row: Gaynier, Kathryne L; Dallas, Tex., Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Gaynier, Tahmeroo L; Dallas, Tex., 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. Gebhart, Janet R; Sedg- 
wick, Sophomore in Family and Child Development. Gebhart, 
Jeanne L; Salina, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Geffert, Lynette K; Haven, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Art. Gemmill, Nancy S; Elliott, Iowa, Sopho- 
more in Psychology. Gentry, Alwyn H; Ellinwood, Sophomore 
in Biological Science. Gentry, Linda D; Ellinwood, Freshman 
in General. 

Fifth Row: Gentzler, Ronald P; Burwell, Neb., Junior in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. George, David B; Wichita, Junior in Business 
Administration. George, Patricia; Topeka, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. George, Richard W; England, Soph- 
omore in Milling Technology. 

Sixth Row: George, Sharon M; Colby, Sophomore in Music 
Education. Geraghty, Joan R; Manhattan, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Gerber, David A; Fowler, Junior in 
Physical Education. Gerber, Dona C; Concordia, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Seventh Row: Gerdes, Ila M; Bremen, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Geringer, James E; Wheatland, Wyo., Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. Gerstberger, Gerald; Marienthal, 
Junior in Business Administration Accounting. Gerster, Ronald 
A; Norwalk, Conn., Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Gettig, Philip D; Atchison, Sophomore in General. 
Gettings, Richard L; Wichita, Freshman in Medical Technology. 
Gettler, William C; Ulysses, Junior in Business Administration 
Accounting. Gfeller, Edward S; Junction City, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Gfeller, James M; Sharon Springs, Junior in 
General. Gibbs, Paul H; Overland Park, Sophomore in Bio- 
chemistry. Gibson, Larry R; Wichita, Junior in Civil Engineer- 
ing. Gibson, Louvae L; Salina, Sophomore in Elementary 


Underclassmen: Gie— Gra 

Top Row: Giersch, Ronnie G; Bacyrus, Junior in Milling Tech- 
nology. Gigstad, Sharon A; Everest, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Gilbert, Gary L; Green, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Gildner, Max L; Topeka, Sophomore in Electrical 

Second Row: Gilkison, Jacqueline; Horton, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Gillaspie, Thomas F; Council Grove, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gillespie, David C; 
Oswego, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. Gillespie, Janice K; 

Burlingame, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Third Row: Gillespie, Kenneth W; Oswego, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Gillgannon, Thomas J; Topeka, Junior 
in Statistics. Gillmore, Janice M; Hutchinson, Junior in History. 
Gillmore, Jean C; Hutchinson, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Gillum, Richard F; Kansas City, Junior in General. 
Gilmore, Cheryl S; Clay Center, Sophomore in Modern 
Languages. Glad, Grant E; Atwood,. Freshman in Business 
Administration. Gladfelter, Patricia; Topeka, Freshman in 

Fifth Row: Glasco, Bradley F; Dodge City, Junior in Physics. 
Glaser, Dennis C; Ulysses, Sophomore in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Glenn, Judith F; Prairie Village, Junior in 
Home Economics Teaching. Glenn, William R; Powell, Junior 
in Agronomy. 

Sixth Roiv: Glines, George V; Independence, Junior in Bio- 
logical Science. Glotzbach, Carlo R; Tallahassee, Fla., Sophomore 
in Nuclear Engineering. Glover, Nancy J; Newton, Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. Gnadt, Nyla J; Alma, Junior in Home 
Economics and Extension. 

Seventh Row: Goble, Susan J; Topeka, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Godun, Nicholas; Rochester, N.Y., 01 in Architec- 
ture. Goedel, George D; Mattawan, N.J., Junior in General. 
Goertz, Diana K; Marion, Junior in Home Economics and 

Eighth Row: Goetze, Bruce W; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Golden, Marsha R; Mission, Fresh- 
man in General. Goldrick, John J; Kansas City, Freshman in 
General. Goldsmith, James C; Wyckoff, N.J., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Golitko, Jeanette M; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in Home Economics. Gomer, Jackie L; Kansas City, Freshman 
in General. Gomez, Margaret A; Lincoln, Neb., Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Good, Nancy M; Barnard, Junior 
in Family and Child Development. 


Top Row: Goodgion, Marilyn S; Wichita, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Goodyear, Sally A; Wichita, Freshman in Foods and 
Nutrition. Goold, Susan K; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Gordon, Glenn L; Gardner, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Second Row: Gordon, Helen L; Winfield, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Gordon, Marjorie L; Highland, Sophomore 
in Business Administration Accounting. Gordon, Merrill K; 
Winfield, 03 in Architecture. Goreham, Kenneth C; Junction 
City, Sophomore in General. 

Third Row: Gossen, Thomas R; Wheatland, Wyo., Junior in 
Architectural Engineering. Gossett, John E; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in General. Gothard, Arch G; Cedar Vale, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. Graham, Billy I; Colby, 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Graham, Carolyn K; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore 
in Home Economics Teaching. Graham, Gary M; St. John, 
Freshman in Pre-Medicine. Graham, James J; Great Bend, 
Sophomore in Business Administration. Graham, John R; 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Graham, Judith M; Bloom, Sophomore in English. 
Graham, Teresa K; Mankato, Freshman in Modern Languages. 
Grandison, Gregory E; Longmeadow, Mass., Freshman in 
Architectural Engineering. Granger, Robyn L; Lyons, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. 

During a break in her studies, a coed watches an afternoon pep rally 
in front of the Union from a sunny perch in a Seaton Hall window. 


Underclassmen: Gra— Hac 

Top Row: Granquist, Joyce M; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Grant, Kathryn E; Overland Park, Soph- 
omore in Mathematics. Grant, Linda M; Overland Park, Fresh- 
man in Elementary Education. Grauerholz, Corrina; Smith 
Center, Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. 

Second Row: Graves, Charles M; St. Francis, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Graves, Jon T; Mt. Hope, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Graves, Robert E; Wichita, Sophomore in Tech- 
nical Journalism.- Graves, Spencer B; St. Francis, Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Third Row: Gravino, Sharon K; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Gray, Eddie J; Salina, Sophomore in Pre- 
Dentistry. Gray, James L; Waverly, Junior in Physics. Grecian, 
Stanley W; Palco, Junior in Animal Husbandry. 

Tonrth Row: Green, John R; Leoti, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Green, Richard C; Concordia, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. Green, Sonia J; Oxford, Sophomore in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Green, Thayne C; 

Bedford, Mass., Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. 

Fifth Roiv: Green, Treasha L; Salina, Freshman in Music Edu- 
cation. Green, Virginia R; Gardner, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Greene, Corinne D; Amarillo, Tex., Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Greene, Larry E; Goddard, Sophomore 
in Chemical Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Greene, Marsha K; Manhattan, Junior in Speech. 
Greene, Thomas E; Mt. Prospect, 111., 04 in Architecture. Green- 
wood, Janice G; Cherryvale, Freshman in Home Economics and 
Nursing. Greenwood, Joseph F; Junction City, 01 in Architecture. 

Seventh Row: Greer, Caroline J; Topeka, Junior in Physical 
Education. Gregory, James F; Russell, Junior in Political Science. 
Greis, Barry W; St. Louis, Mo., 01 in Architecture. Greve, 
William B; Larned, Freshman in Wildlife Conservation. 

Eighth Row: Grey, Nancy C; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Grider, David A; Topeka, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Grieshaber, Marcia A; Belvue, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Grieshaber, Thomas C; St. Marys, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture Education. 

Bottom Row: Griffee, Pamela K; Oketo, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Griffin, Robert S; Minneapolis, Junior in 
Business Administration. Griffin, Roger A; Lyons, Sophomore 
in General. Griffin, Ronnie J; Turner, 01 in Architecture. 


Top Row: Griffith, Janet K; Scott City, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Griffith, Margaret A; Osawatomie, Freshman in 
General. Griffith, Warren D; Lincoln, Neb., 01 in Architecture. 
Griffiths, Donald C; Topeka, Sophomore in Agricultural 

Second Row: Grimes, Gary E; Pratt, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Grimshaw, William; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
History. Grogger, Margaret K; Solomon, Freshman in Govern- 
ment. Gronau, Theresa A; Newton, Sophomore in Elementary 

Third Row: Gross, David R; Manhattan, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Gross, Donald P; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Gross, Eugene L; Friend, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. Groves, Larry D; Topeka, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Fourth Row: Groyon, Helen D; Junction City, Junior in Sec- 
ondary Education. Gruen, Ronald E; Abilene, Freshman in 
Dairy Production. Grummert, Mark A; Jansen, Neb., Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gubing, William F; Lynbrook, 
N.Y., Junior in Industrial Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Guenther, Kathleen A; Linn, Sophomore in English. 
Gugler, Leuita M; Chapman, Sophomore in Family and Child 
Development. Gugler, Lyle H; Chapman, 03 in Architecture. 
Guhn, Norma K; Tipton, Freshman in Sociology. 

Sixth Row: Guinn, Pam J; Oberlin, Freshman in Physical Edu- 
cation. Gulley, Jon M; Kansas City, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Gulley, Stephen A; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gumescheimer, Henrietta; Bazine, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 

Seventh Row: Gunn, Roland M; Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Gunther, Patricia J; Independence, 
Junior in Business Administration. Guthrie, Mary E; Kiowa, 
Junior in Medical Technology. Guthrie, Philip L; Stafford, 
Sophomore in General. 

Eighth Row: Guthrie, Stephen L; Wichita, Junior in Music 
Education. Guy, James M; Topeka, Freshman in Government. 
Guy, Joyce E; Talmage, Junior in Music Education. Haas, 
Kathleen L; Independence, Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Nursing. 

Bottom Row: Haas, Philip N; Howe, Ind., Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Haberbosch, Kathleen; St. Francis, Junior 
in Music Education. Habiger, Marguerite; Bushton, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Hackbarth, Lavere J; Fairbury, Neb., 
Junior in Civil Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Had— Har 

Top Row: Haden, Gary L; Kanopolis, Junior in Technical Jour- 
nalism. Hadorn, Allen D; Beattie, Freshman in Agricultural 
Engineering. Hadsall, Ronald D; Harper, Freshman in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Hageman, Nancy C; White Cloud, Freshman 
in Speech. 

Second Roiv: Hageman, Richard R; Leavenworth, Junior in 
Geology. Hageman, Sharon L; Kansas City, Freshman in Music 
Education. Hagerman, Rebecca L; Rozel, Freshman in Sec- 
ondary Education. Hagerman, Richard D; Timken, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Third Row: Hagerman, Ronald N; Nekoma, Sophomore in 
Political Science. Hagerman, Sandra S; Timken, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Haggard, Patricia G; Kinsley, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. Haggard, Terry M; Kansas 
City, Sophomore in General. 

Fourth Row: Hahn, Jerry L; Leoti, Junior in Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Hahn, Neil E; Whiting, Freshman in Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Hahn, Randy K; St. John, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. 
Haines, Jacquelyn H; Haven, Junior in Sociology. 

Fifth Row: Hale, Bernadine L; Girard, Junior in Physics. Hale, 
Steven M; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre-Law. Hales, William S; 
Wichita, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Hall, Constance L; 

Topeka, Freshman in Physical Education. 

Sixth Roiv: Hall, Mary L; Casper, Wyo., Junior in Home Econom- 
ics Teaching. Hall, Rachael E; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Hall, Steven W; Plainville, Sophomore in 
Animal Husbandry. Halloran, Margaret E; Walnut Creek, 
Junior in Psychology. 

Seventh Row: Halverstadt, Nancy E; Derby, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Hamilton, Gale W; Strong City, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. Hamilton, Helen C; Partridge, Junior in 
Business Administration. Hamilton, Jerry L; Wellington, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Hamilton, Philip M; Emporia, Freshman in Civil 
Engineering. Hammack, Larry C; Falls Church, Va., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hammond, David L; Abilene, 
Sophomore in Milling Technology. Hammons, Janice E; Maple- 
ton, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Bottom Row: Hanchett, Michael A; Norton, Junior in Agricul- 
tural Economics. Haney, Carol L; Argentia, Newfoundland, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Haney, Joyce E; Salina, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. Hanlon, Thomas M; 
Wauwatosa, Wis., Junior in Wildlife Conservation. 


Top Row: Hann, Charles S; Overland Park, Freshman in Pre- 
Dentistry. Hannah, Edward P; Kansas City, 02 in Architecture. 
Hanneman, C. Keith; Burns, Sophomore in Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Hannigan, Russell S; Great Bend, Sophomore in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. 

Second Row: Hansen, Donald F; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Hansen, Wilma J; Medicine Lodge, 
Junior in Family and Child Development. Hanson, Gregory P; 
Salina, Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. Hanson, Noel S; 
Jamestown, Freshman in Civil Engineering. 

Third Row: Hapgood, Larry L; McPherson, Junior in Govern- 
ment. Harbaugh, Dennis A; Belleville, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Harclerode, Barbara; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Hardaway, Louetta L; 
Copeland, Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Fourth Row: Harden, Judith A; Ashland, Sophomore in Sec- 
ondary Education. Harders, James A; Great Bend, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Hardgrave, William R; Wichita, Junior 
in Civil Engineering. Harding, Ann M; Liberal, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Fifth Row: Harding, David J; Stockton, Sophomore in Pre- 
Medicine. Harding, Sammy W; Concordia, 02 in Architecture. 
Haresnape, Raymond K; Smith Center, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Hargrove, Rebecca A; Mulvane, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Sixth Row: Harlan, Robert D; Madison, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Harmon, Ladeana, J; Penalosa, Junior in English. 
Harmon, Robert E; Hutchinson, Junior in Secondary Educa- 
tion. Harner, Richard L; Oldwick, N.J., Freshman in Animal 

Seventh Row: Harper, Ann B; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Harper, Dean F; Scott City, Junior in Landscape 
Architecture. Harper, Dorothy K; Frankfort, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Harr, Gerald D; Wichita, 01 in Architecture. 

Eighth Row: Harris, Barbara J; Goodland, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Harris, Judith A; Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Harris, Marilyn E; Kansas City, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Harris, Pamela S; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

Bottom Row: Harris, Patricia L; Chanute, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Harris, Sandra L; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Harris, Timothy B; Coffeyville, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Harrison, Frank D; Salina, 
03 in Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Har-Hen 

First Row: Harrison, Harold R; Wakefield, Junior in Pre-Medi- 
cine. Harrison, James C; Beloit, Junior in Government. Har- 
rison, Jerold W; Raymond, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 
Harrison, John M; Nickerson, Sophomore in Agricultural 

Second Row: Harrison, Leslie J; Wichita, Sophomore in Physi- 
cal Therapy. Harrison, Walter A; Wakefield, Junior in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. Harrod, Herbert E; Leavenworth, Sopho- 
more in Electrical Engineering. Hartenberger, Harriet; Wichita, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Third Row: Hartke, Larry W; Lincolnville, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Hartley, Warren S; Belle Plaine, Freshman 
in General. Hartman, Stephen V; Silver Spring, Md., Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hartsell, Carol A; Stafford, Junior 
in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Harvey, Arthur S; Kansas City, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Harvey, Margaret E; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Harwood, Kenneth D; Humboldt, Junior 
in Civil Engineering. Hase, Sharon A; Carbondale, Junior in 
Foods and Nutrition. 

Fifth Row: Haskin, Floyd E; Wichita, Junior in Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Hassler, Randy D; Abilene, Sophomore in Zoology. 
Hastings, Janet L; Olathe, Freshman in Elementary Education. 
Hatch, Ethel J; Lenexa, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Sixth Row: Hatch, Patricia A; McDonald, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Hatfield, Nancy K; Lawrence, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Hattrup, Robert D; Offerle, 
Junior in Animal Husbandry. Hauber, Robert K; Winfield, 
Junior in Business Administration Accounting. 

Seventh Row: Haun, Adelia M; Jetmore, Sophomore in Mathe- 
matics. Hauptli, Gary L; Glen Elder, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Hauptli, Linda S; Glen Elder, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Haverkamp, Donald C; Effingham, Soph- 
more in Business Administration Accounting. 

Eighth Row: Hawkins, Suzanne K; Dexter, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Hawks, George W; Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Chemistry. Haworth, Gerald R; Wichita, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. Hayden, Lawrence J; Plains, Junior 
in Economics. 

Bottom Row: Haymaker, James N; Minneapolis, Minn., Fresh- 
man in Pre-Law. Haynes, Gerald E; Douglass, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Hays, Larry W; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Mathematics. Hayse, Linda L; Mullinville, Sophomore in Sec- 
ondary Education. 



Top Row: Hayse, Paul W; Mullinville, Junior in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Hazen, Wilma M; Stockton, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Head, Donald J; Wichita, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Headrick, Sharon A; McDonald, Freshman 
in Sociology. 

Second Row: Healzer, John J; Ness City, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Heape, Michael L; Satanta, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Heasty, Harriet A; Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Wildlife Conservation. Heath, Helen R; Emporia, 
Junior in Music Education. 

Third Row: Heaton, Thomas M; Norton, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Heck, David M; Atchison, Freshman in Wild- 
life Conservation. Heck, Judy L; Atchison, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Heckman, Bruce W; WaKeeney, 02 in Architecture. 

Fourth Row; Hedges, Nancy J; Salina, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Heft, Robert G; Junction City, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Hefty, Larry S; Valley Falls, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Economics. Heglar, Clark T; Salina, 03 in Architecture, 

Fifth Row: Heikes, Richard G; Norton, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Heinen, Carol J; Prairie Village, Freshman in Chem- 
istry. Heinen, Edward R; Valley Falls, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Heinen, Gilbert J; Huron, Sophomore in Nuclear 

Sixth Row: Heitman, Shirley R; Linn, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Heitschmidt, Arthur; Bushton, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Hellebust, Gary A; St. Marys, Freshman in Agricultural 
Economics. Hellen, David T; Olpe, Sophomore in Civil Engi- 

Seventh Row: Heller, Sygni D; Beloit, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Hellwig, Ronald D; Oswego, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Helmer, Maureen K; Lyons, Freshman in 
Bacteriology. Helmke, Henry F; Preston, Junior in Agriculture. 

Eight Row: Helton, Sally J; Emporia, Freshman in Sociology. 
Helwig, Craig P; Macksville, Sophomore in Feed Technology. 
Hemphill, John M; Manhattan, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Hemphill, William A; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary 

Bottom Row: Henderson, Cheryl K; Topeka, Freshman in Physi- 
cal Education. Henderson, William L; Buffalo, N.Y., 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Hendricks, John T; Bird City, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Mechanization. Hendricks, Michael A; Great Bend, Soph- 
omore in General. 


Underclassmen: Hen-Hil 

Top Row: Hendrickson, Dale E; Winfield, Freshman in General. 
Hendrix, Susan L; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Henning, Dennis G; Manhattan, Junior in English. 
Henning, Wayne L; Athol, Freshman in Secondary Education. 

Second Row: Henrichs, Joseph S; Humboldt, Freshman in Math- 
ematics. Henricks, Dean E; Herington, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Henrikson, Duane M; Emporia, Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Henrikson, Marilee R; Emporia, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. 

Third Row: Henry, Dianna L; Mission, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Henry, Elizabeth J; Atchison, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Henry, Eloise A; Clay Center, Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Henry, Harriet J; Dodge City, Freshman 
in Home Economics Teaching. 

Fourth Roio: Henry, Janet S; Atchison, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Henry, Larry A; Minneapolis, Junior in History. 
Henry, Linda G; Dodge City, Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Henry, Pamela J; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Henshaw, Elizabeth A; Mission, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Hensleigh, Karen E; Kinsley, Junior in Home Economics 
Teaching. Hensley, James I; Burrton, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Herbel, Stephen R; Hugoton, Junior in Mechanical 

Sixth Row: Herbin, Janet K; Jamestown, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Hergenreter, Bonnie; Alma, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics and Extension. Herman, Charles T; Talmage, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Herman, Robert D; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Social Sciences. 

Seventh Row: Hermesch, Ellen C; Wetmore, Junior in Business 
Administration. Hermreck, Lawrence A; Ellsworth, Sophomore 
in Psychology. Herrs, Ralph G; Linn, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Hertlein, Barbara A; Pratt, Freshman in General. 

Eighth Row: Herynk, John J; Kincaid, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Hesler, Toni G; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Physical Therapy. Hesler, Vicki D; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Hess, Kathleen; Topeka, Freshman 
in Physical Sciences. 

Bottom Row: Hess, Larry G; Waverly, Sophomore in Agricul- 
tural Engineering. Hesser, Rebecca J; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Pre-Dentistry. Hesser, Vicky J; Fredonia, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Hett, Charles L; Garden City, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. 



Before Parents' Day, a woman enters her mother and father in the 
Chimes drawing for honorary parents. Chimes received 700 entries. 

Top Row: Heuertz, Richard E; Valley Falls, Sophomore in 
Physical Education. Heyne, Kathryn E; Manhattan, Freshman 
in General. Hibbard, Larry P; Toronto, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Hibbs, Gary L; Chanute, 04 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Hibler, Elizabeth S; Atchison, Freshman in Secon- 
dary Education. Hibler, Ralph E; Atchison, 03 in Architec- 
ture. Hickman, Daria E; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Hicks, Monte S; Burlingame, Freshman 
in Agricultural Education. 

Third Row: Hiebert, Bruce A; Erie, Freshman in Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Higgins, Nancy L; El Dorado, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Higley, Janet E; Wichita, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Higley, Lynnford H; Lawrence, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Hilderbrand, Gretchen; Stafford, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. Hilderbrand, Judith; Mulvane, 
Freshman in Technical Journalism. Hilgendorf, Gretchen; Great 
Bend, Freshman in Technical Journalism. Hilgenfeld, Dennis L; 
Holton, 02 in Architecture. 

Bottom Row: Hilding, Sharon M; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Hill, Garry L; Clarinda, Iowa, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Hill, Gerald W; Plains, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Hill, Nancy E; Atwood, Freshman in Secondary Education. 


Underclassmen: Hil-Hop 

Top Row: Hill, William W; Council Grove, Junior in Business 
Administration. Hiller, John T; Topeka, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Hillman, James M; Essex, Iowa, Sophomore in 
Civil Engineering. Hillman, Richard B; Wichita, Junior in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Hiltabidle, Rita S; Brownell, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Hilton, Douglas W; Salina, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Hincz, Cynthia L; Wichita, Sophomore in History. 
Hines, Michael J; Salina, Junior in Pre-Law. 

Third Row: Hinkle, Sondra S; Salina, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Hinnergardt, Carol A; Ransom, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Hinson, Newton C; Ashland, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Hinz, Thomas W; Abilene, Sophomore in Physics. 

Fourth Row: Hirsch, Mary J; Ellinwood, Sophomore in Technical 
Journalism. Hirsch, Neil F; Callaway, Neb., Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Hirsch, Richard L; Roxana, 111., 04 in 
Architecture. Hirst, Ronald W; Hutchinson, Junior in Agri- 
cultural Education. 

Fifth Row: Hirt, Robert L; Lucas, Freshman in Industrial Engi- 
neering. Hitchcock, Rebecca R; Cherryvale, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Hite, Donald R; Stilwell, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Hively, Charles W; Charleston, 
W. Va., 04 in Architecture. 

Sixth Row: Hloucal, Sandra A; Baton Rouge, La., 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Hoag, Nancy A; Pleasanton, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Hoag, Penny L; Pleasanton, Freshman in General. 
Hoagland, Ronald D; Elkhart, Freshman in Civil Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Hochuli, Barbara G; Holton, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Hodge, Michael L; Seattle, Wash., Fresh- 
man in Elementary Education. Hodges, Dennis D; Lebo, Junior 
in Animal Husbandry. Hodgson, David S; Little River, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Hodgson, Diane; Little River, Sophomore in 
English. Hodson, Janis E; Burdick, Freshman in Horticulture. 
Hodson, Lester L; Herington, Sophomore in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Hoecker, Janice E; Atchison, Freshman in Technical 

Bottom Row: Hofer, J. Stephen; Cedar, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Hoff, Lynda S; Leawood, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Hoff, Mary A; Claflin, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Hoffmann, James N; Wichita, Junior in 
Business Administration. 


Top Row: Hofmann, John W; Green, Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Hofstra, Jack R; Leavenworth, Junior in Zoology. 
Hogan, Dwelle A; Holyrood, Freshman in Bacteriology. Hogan, 
Michael M; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Pre-Law. 

Second Row: Hogue, Samuel R; Gardner, Junior in Landscape 
Architecture. Hohn, Elizabeth A; Marysville, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Holder, Lana J; Salina, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Art. Holecek, John A; McPherson, Fresh- 
man in English. 

Third Rozv: Holecek, Kathryn L; McPherson, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Holeman, James R; Wellington, Junior in Math- 
ematics. Holeman, Karen M; Lenora, Sophomore in Psychology. 
Holland, Gary G; Wichita, Freshman in Pre-Dentistry. 

Fourth Row: Holliday, John; Liberty, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Hollingsworth, Susie; Eureka, Sophomore in 
Family and Child Development. Hollis, Barbara K; Silver 
Spring, Md., Freshman in Home Economics. Hollis, David N; 
Wichita, 04 in Architecture. 

Fifth Row: Holloway, Donna; Kansas City, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Holm, Connie L; White City, Junior in Home Economics 
Teaching. Holmes, Judith L; Freeport, Grand Bahama, Fresh- 
man in General. Holsinger, David J; Hesston, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Holt, Pamela L; Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Holzer, Dee A; Atlanta, Ga., Junior in 
Art. Holzhausen, Richard; Abilene, Freshman in Milling Tech- 
nology. Honstead, John P; Pierre, S.D., Freshman in Chemical 

Seventh Row: Hoober, Richard E; Manhattan, Junior in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Hood, Marquerite A; Paola, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Hooker, Shari K; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Hooper, Keith W; Smith Center, Junior in 

Eighth Row: Hooper, Margaret R; Hiawatha, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Hoopes, Linda L; Leawood, Freshman 
in Family and Child Development. Hoover, Carol L; Baldwin, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Hoover, Carolyn J; Junction 
City, Junior in Family and Child Development. 

Bottom Row: Hoover, Frank W; Wichita, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Hoover, Teri A; Wichita, Junior in Business 
Administration. Hoover, Valerie B; McPherson, Junior in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Hopkins, Gary W; Independence, 
Sophomore in History. 


Underclassmen: Hop— Hut 

Top Row: Hopper, James D; Russell, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Hopper, Patricia S; Emporia, Sophomore in 
Psychology. Horejsi, Ronald G; Holyrood, Freshman in Wild- 
life Conservation. Horinka, Karen A; Scotia, N.Y., Freshman 
in Psychology. 

Second Row: Horn, James W; McPherson, Junior in Business 
Administration. Horn, Janet L; Olathe, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Horning, Larry G; Almena, 01 in Architecture. 
Hornung, Mary A; Wichita, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Third Row: Horsch, Ardis E; Yates Center, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Horton, Louella; Wichita, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Hoss, Herbert E; Hays, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Hossfeld, Robert H; Clay Center, Sophomore in 
Bakery Management. 

Fourth Row: Hostetter, Dorothy M; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Biological Science. Hotujac, Sharon A; Muncie, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Houdyshell, Mary E; Ellsworth, Junior 
in Home Economics and Teaching. Houdyshell, Richard; 
Wilson, Sophomore in Agronomy. 

Fifth Row: House, Lorna E; Goodland, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Hover, Donna J; Leawood, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Howard, Carolyn R; Oakley, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Journalism. Howard, Frank. 
W; Oakley, Junior in Agricultural Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Howard, Pamela A; Mission, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Howard, Robert J; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Howell, Ann J; Marysville, Junior in 
Modern Languages. Howell, Charles R; Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in General. 

Seventh Row: Howell, Cheryl N; Lincoln, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Howell, Jerry P; Oskaloosa, Freshman in Restaurant 
Management. Howell, Kay L; Marysville, Freshman in Music 
Education. Howell, Phyllis L; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Medical Technology. 

Eighth Row: Howell, Robert W; Topeka, Freshman in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Hrabe, Melinda R; Kensington, Freshman in 
General. Huddleston, Robert E; Lebo, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Hudgens, Mary P; Kansas City, Freshman in 

Bottom Row: Huecker, Tommy D; Salina, Junior in Chemical 
Engineering. Huff, Sylvia E; Winfield, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Huffman, Daniel S; Burdett, Freshman in 
Chemical Engineering. Hug, Alan R; Holton, Sophomore in 
Biological Science. 


Top Roiv: Huggins, Lloyd D; Council Grove, Sophomore in 
Agricultural Education. Hughbanks, Karen C; Attica, Sopho- 
more in Physical Education. Hughes, Dennis D; Lyons, Sopho- 
more in Modern Languages. Hughes, James M; Overland Park, 
01 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Hughes, Kenneth B; Lyons, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Hughes, Lyman G; Dallas, Tex., Sophomore in 
Humanities. Hughes, Mary A; Kansas City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Hughes, Sherri D; Anthony, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Third Row: Hughes, William G; Topeka, 04 in Architecture. 
Hugo, Bernard A; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Hull, Ronald K; Wichita, Junior in Pre- 
Medicine. Hull, Virginia A; Towanda, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Nursing. 

Fourth Row: Hulsebusch, Sharleen; Chase, Freshman in Med- 
ical Technology. Hume, Linda M; Manter, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Hummer, Larry L; Chanute, Sopho- 
more in Chemical Engineering. Hund, Ann; Paxico, Junior in 
Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Hund, Bernard H; Easton, Freshman in General. 
Hund, Patricia; Paxico, Sophomore in Home Economics Teach- 
ing. Hunt, Judie K; Topeka, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Hunt, Richard M; Georgetown, Mass., Junior in Physics. 

Sixth Row: Hunter, Judith A; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Philosophy. Hunter, Nancy J; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Hunziker, Allan J; Selden, Freshman in 
Nuclear Engineering. Hurley, Mary J; Kansas City, Mo., Junior 
in Secondary Education. 

Seventh Row: Hurst, Charles W; Mission, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Hurt, Barbara S; Drexel, Mo., Freshman 
in Home Economics. Hurt, Martin C; Topeka, Freshman in 
Animal Husbandry. Hurt, Ray D; Ellis, Freshman in Wildlife 

Eighth Row: Hurtig, Victor C; Courtland, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Huseman, Cheryl K; Scott City, Sophomore in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Huseman, Virgil R; 
Ellsworth, Sophomore in Animal Husbandry. Huslig, Jerome 
E; Penalosa, Junior in Business Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Husted, Stanley R; Lawrence, Sophomore in Ento- 
mology. Huston, Larry G; Abilene, Freshman in General. 
Huttie, Frederick E; Prairie Village, Sophomore in Chemical 
Engineering. Hutton, Mary S; Lake Quivira, Sophomore in 


Underclassmen: Hya— Jer 

Top Roiv: Hyames, Diana K; Dighton, Junior in Technical Jour- 
nalism. Hyde, Ann S; Leavenworth, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Hyde, Catherine L; Augusta, Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Hyde, Donald E; Wichita, Sophomore in 

Second Row: Hylton, Cynthia L; Mission, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Hynes, Thomas E; Lake Swannanoa, N.J., 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hysom, Judith I; Wichita, Freshman 
in General. Ibbetson, Richard A; Yates Center, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Ice, Richard D; Lawrence, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Ideker, Lester H; Rozel, Sophomore in Sociology. 
Ihrig, Billy D; Parkville, Mo., Freshman in Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Imhof, Carol A; Brewster, Sophomore in Secondary 

Fourth Row: Imler, Dan L; Kansas City, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Ingersoll, J. Sue; Michigan Valley, Freshman 
in Agricultural Journalism. Ingraham, Sharon K; Lewis, Sopho- 
more in General. Ingrim, Charles N; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Industrial Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Innis, Leslie S; Mission, Sophomore in Physical 
Therapy. Inskeep, Joan R; Cawker City, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Ireland, Timothy M; Muscotah, Sophomore in 
Economics. Isaacson, Steven B; Long Beach, N.Y., Junior in 
Business Administration. 

Sixth Row: Isernhagen, Fred A; St. Francis, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Iverson, Willard A; Topeka, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering Iyorver, Joseph G; N. Nigeria, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jaax, Alan R; Wichita, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Jack, Barbara G; Manhattan, Special. Jack, Russell 
P; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. 
Jackson, Beverly A; McCune, Sophomore in Home Economics 
Teaching. Jackson, David D; Topeka, Freshman in Horticulture. 

Eighth Row: Jackson, Gary L; Hutchinson, Junior in Business 
Administration. Jackson, Jack H; Omaha, Neb., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Jackson, Jeanne R; Osage City, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Jackson, Michael E; Independence, Freshman in 
Nuclear Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Jackson, Ruth A; Belleville, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Jacob, Paul J; Kansas City, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Jacobitz, Tommy L; Stella, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jacobs, Joy S; Towanda, Sophomore 
in Medical Technology. 


Top Row: Jacobs, Judy L; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Bacte- 
riology. Jacobson, Richard W; Leavenworth, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Jahnke, Samuel R; Junction City, Freshman in 
Agriculture. James, Janice E; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Nursing. 

Second Row: James, Stephen L; Herington, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Jameson, Donald L; Holton, Freshman in 
Agronomy. Jamvold, Daryll D; Everest, Freshman in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. Janczak, Martin E; St. Joseph, Mo., Fresh- 
man in General. 

Third Row: Janke, Gary D; Brownell, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Janousek, Richard L; McPherson, Fresh- 
man in Mechanical Engineering. Janssen, Alfred; Scott City, 
Junior in Agriculture. Janssen, Janet L; Geneseo, Junior in 

Fourth Row: Jantz, Lois A; Moundridge, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Jantz, Merle D; Moundridge, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Jantzen, Daniel E; Newton, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Janzen, Darryl E; Newton, Junior in Electrical 

Fifth Row: Japuntich, Susan; DeKalb, 111., Freshman in Home 
Economics. Jarrett, James C; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Pre-Law. Jarrett, Ronald D; Salina, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Jarville, Marsha L; Wichita, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. 

Sixth Row: Jarvis, Cheryl K; Bethel, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Jarvis, Roberta M; Winfield, Freshman in 
Family and Child Development. Jaske, James L; Holyrood, 
Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. Jay, Burl D; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Psychology. 

Seventh Row: Jeffery, Kenneth L; Horton, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Jehlik, Robert C; Topeka, Sophomore in Mechanical 
Engineering. Jelinek, Mary K; Manhattan, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Jellison, Martha J; Wilson, Sophomore in 
Music Education. 

Eighth Row: Jenkins, Donald L; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Jenkins, Marna G; Belvue, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Jenkins, Wanda L; Kansas City, 
Sophomore in General. Jensen, Carol A; Lakin, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Bottom Row: Jensen, Donald P; Atchison, Freshman in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. Jensen, Evelyn L; Gem, Sophomore in 
Psychology. Jensen, John H; Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Jernigan, Douglas K; 
Council Grove, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Jer— Jon 

Top Row: Jerrit, Peggy L; Leavenworth, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Jewett, Dwight D; Concordia, Sophomore in 
General. Jilka, Gerold D; Salina, Freshman in Pre-Law. Jiran, 
Peter A; Clark, N.J., Junior in Business Administration. 

Second Row: Jobst, James N; Leavenworth, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Johannes, Patricia A; Bethel, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Johansen, Helen K; Chicago, 111., Fresh- 
man in Dietetics and Institutional Management. Johns, Chris E; 
Granada Hills, Calif., Freshman in Chemical Engineering. 

Third Row: Johnson, Alvin D; Junction City, Junior in Pre- 
Medicine. Johnson, Carlene S; McPherson, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Johnson, Cecil W; Salina, Sophomore in Business Ad- 
ministration. Johnson, Charles R; Burr Oak, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Tourth Row: Johnson, Dean K; Burrton, Junior in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Johnson, Delores J; Burrton, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Johnson, Don A; Oketo, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Johnson, Jeanne A; Edgewood Arsenal, Md., Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Johnson, Jill M; Clinton, Wis., Freshman in General. 
Johnson, Kelly D; Topeka, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Johnson, Larry L; Assaria, Freshman in Chemistry. John- 
son, Leland K; Clay Center, Sophomore in Technical Journalism. 

Sixth Row: Johnson, Leland R; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Psychology. Johnson, Linda J; Wamego, Freshman in Music 
Education. Johnson, Linnetta A; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Music Education. Johnson, Lynda L; Pratt, Junior in Business 

Seventh Row: Johnson, Lynn R; Oberlin, Sophomore in Mathe- 
matics. Johnson, Patrick A; Erie, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Economics. Johnson, Phyllis M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Johnson, Raymond W; Hutchinson, 
Freshman in Political Science. 

Eighth Row: Johnson, Roger B; Leawood, Sophomore in Pre- 
Medicine. Johnson, Rosslyn A; Salina, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Johnson, Sharon L; Junction City, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Johnson, Sherrill J; McPherson, Junior 
in Home Economics Teaching. 

Bottom Row: Johnson, Sylvia M; Mission, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Johnson, W. Roger; Salina, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Johnson, Winifred L; Concordia, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Johnston, Franklin E, Wakefield, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. 


Top Row: Johnston, Gary L; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Industrial Engineering. Johnston, George H; Hutchinson, 
Junior in Pre-Law. Johnston, Karen E; Leawood, Sophomore in 
English. Johnston, Larry D; El Dorado, 02 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Johnston, Martha J; Holyrood, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Johnston, Rebecca L; Leawood, Freshman in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Johnston, Roland W; 
Stockton, 01 in Architecture. Jones, Barbara J; Frankfort, Soph- 
omore in General. 

Third Row: Jones, Carolyn A; Holcomb, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Jones, Charles T; Cottonwood Falls, Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jones, Claudia J; Colby, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Jones, Darrel D; Mulvane, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Tourth Row: Jones, Diane L; Reading, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Jones, James H; Junction City, Freshman 
in Civil Engineering. Jones, James R; Omaha, Neb., Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jones, Judith L; Pratt, Sophomore 
in Sociology. 

Bottom Row: Jones, Larry E; Hutchinson, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Jones, Leila F; Plainville, Junior in Mathematics. 
Jones, Loretta A; Overland Park, Freshman in Psychology. 
Jones, Mary J; Bendena, Freshman in Business Administration. 

Workers complete final touches to welcome engineering and archi- 
tecture alumni to an open house in Seaton Hall during Homecoming. 

Underclassmen: Jon-— Kes 

Top Row: Jones, Michael E; Riley, Freshman in Agricultural 
Economics. Jones, Nicholas M; Augusta, 01 in Architecture. 
Jones, Patricia L; Topeka, Freshman in General. Jones, Robert 

G; McPherson, 03 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Jordan, James S; Abilene, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Jordan, Ronald E; Beloit, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jordan, Sheryl K; Beloit, Junior in 
Home Economics Teaching. Jorgensen, Sharla J; Marysville, 
Freshman in Art. 

Third Row: Jubelt, Burk; Manhattan, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Judd, Robert E; Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in Wildlife 
Conservation. Jury, Dennis G; Abilene, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Juvenal, Patricia L; Kansas City, Sophomore in 

Fourth Row: Kaelson, Janet I; Wichita, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Kaiser, Donald W; Bison, Junior in Agricultural 
Engineering. Kaiser, Douglas L; Otis, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Kalb, Helene J; Salina, Freshman in Medical Technology. 

Fifth Row: Kalbach, Lela F; Leoti, Sophomore in General. 
Kallenbach, Kenneth; Valley Center, 04 in Architecture. 
Kallenbach, Marvin D; Valley Center, Freshman in General. 
Kammerer, Joan K; Leawood, Sophomore in Business 

Sixth Rozv: Kampschroeder, Larry; Lawrence, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kannard, Janet L; Wichita, Freshman 
in Business Administration Accounting. Kaplan, Robert M; 
Baltimore, Md., 01 in Architecture. Karl, Catherine L; Kansas 
City, Junior in Family and Child Development. 

Seventh Row: Karl, Lyla M; Kansas City, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Karr, Erma J; Emporia, Junior in Modern Languages. 
Kaster, Kay; Cunningham, Freshman in Biological Science. 
Kastle, Shirley M; Cedar, Freshman in Secondary Education. 

Eighth Row: Kater, Larry E; Newton, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Kaufman, Seth; Bronx, N.Y., Junior in Government. 
Kaufman, Sue J; Wichita, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Kaufman, Toni M; Hutchinson, Sophomore in Elementary 

Bottom Row: Kaul, Linda L; Wichita, Sophomore in Physical 
Therapy. Kaump, Mary K; Riley, Junior in Secondary Educa- 
tion. Kazrnaier, Jerry D; Eudora, Sophomore in Geology. Kear- 
ney, Robert L; Salina, Freshman in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Keating, William R; Marysville, Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Keating, Donald J; Liberal, Junior in Agricultural 
Engineering. Keeler, Melford R; Assaria, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Keenan, Edith A; Ottawa, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. 

Second Row: Kegley, John R; Wichita, 01 in Architecture. 
Keigley, Robert B; Topeka, Freshman in Pre-Law. Keister, 
Sandra L; Shawnee, Sophomore in Secondary Education. 
Keith, Max S; Morland, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Keller, John F; Topeka, Junior in Milling Technology. 
Kelley, Jean A; Centralia, Sophomore in Home Economics and 
Nursing. Kelley, Kenneth W; Columbus, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Kellogg, Myron C; Jamestown, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics. 

Fourth Row: Kelly, Douglas D; Great Bend, 01 in Architecture. 
Kelly, Frances M; Munden, Freshman in Medical Technology. 
Kelly, Michael M; Prairie Village, Freshman in Business Ad- 
ministration. Kelly, Morgan R; Prairie Village, Sophomore 
in Pre-Law. 

Fifth Row: Kelly, Robert W; McPherson, Freshman in General. 
Kelpe, Don E; Leawood, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 
Kelsey, Gaylord D; Silver Lake, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
Kempke, Diane S; Ellsworth, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Sixth Row: Kendall, Carolyn S; Herington, Freshman in Sec- 
ondary Education. Kendall, James M; Herington, Junior in 
Nuclear Engineering. Kendall, Lawrence M; Council Grove, 01 
in Architecture. Kennedy, Susan L; Newton, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Extension. 

Seventh Row: Kepley, Janice D; Ulysses, Sophomore in Sec- 
ondary Education. Kepley, Kenneth D; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Nuclear Engineering. Kern, Larry G; Salina, Junior in Agri- 
cultural Economics. Kerns, Robert L; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Kerr, Marcia L; Wellington, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Kersbergen, David N; Wichita, Junior in 
Business Administration. Kershaw, David W; Manhattan, 
Freshman in General. Kershner, Robert N; Rush Center, Junior 
in Feed Technology. 

Bottom Row: Kersten, Sharon J; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Kersting, Eugenia D; Ft. Leavenworth, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Journalism. Kessinger, Linda K; 
Bendena, Junior in English. Kessler, Ronda J; Kensington, 
Junior in Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Ket— Koh 

Top Row: Kettelhut, Larry L; Alliance, Neb., Freshman in 
Bacteriology. Keucher, Louise S; Topeka, Freshman in General. 
Kevan, Barbara A; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Physical Ther- 
apy. Keys, Ronald E; Council Grove, Sophomore in Entomology. 

Second Row. Khan, Maher H; Pakistan, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Kiener, Leatrice A; Glen Elder, Junior in Sec- 
ondary Education. Kiewit, Kathleen K; Independence, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration. Kildow, Gary L; Wichita, 
Sophomore in Business Administration and Accounting. 

Third Row: Killebrew, Lewis G; Neodesha, Junior in Feed Tech- 
nology. Kilroy, Thomas G; Prairie Village, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Kimball, Kay M; Scott City, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Kimble, Jane H; Burlingame, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

Fourtit Row: Kimmi, Anthony L; Leonardville, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Kinch, Barbara J; Nickerson, Freshman in Physical 
Education. King, Linda D; Olathe, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. King, Suzanne M; Leawood, Freshman in Home 

Fifth Row: Kingman, Daniel A; Topeka, Freshman in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. Kingman, Michael F; Wichita, Sophomore 
in Chemical Engineering. Kinsey,Jean A; Dallas, Tex., Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Kinsey, Lawrence D; Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Kinsey, Terrel E; Kansas City, Sophomore in Art. 
Kinzer, Howard A; Charleston, W.Va., Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. Kirchhoff, Henry C; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Bakery Management. Kirk, Linda A; Overland Park, Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Kirkwood, Robert D; Garfield, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Kissinger, Don F; Mankato, Sophomore in Political 
Science. Kitch, Judith L; Winfield, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. Kitchen, Brent A; Maple Hill, Sophomore in Animal 

Eighth Row: Kitchen, Douglas O; Maple Hill, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Kitchener, Harry L; Oakhill, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Kitzke, Henry J; Densmore, Freshman in Pre-Dental. 
Klag, Nancy A; Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. 

Bottom Row: Klassen, William R; Hillsboro, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Klawiter, Warren D; St. Louis, Mo., Junior in 
Physical Education. Klein, Carmen R; Green, Freshman in Feed 
Technology. Klein, John C; Leavenworth, Sophomore in 
Bakery Management. 


Top Row: Klein, Kathleen K; Marion, Junior in Home Economics 
Teaching. Klema, Susan P; Wilson, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Klenda, Deanna K; Marion, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Klenda, Patrick F; Marion, Freshman in 
Business Administration. 

Second Row: Klenke, Donald V; Spearville, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Klick, Gail A; Toronto, Sophomore in 
Mathematics. Kliem, Lewis W; Salina, Freshman in Psychology. 
Kliewer, Bruce D; Galva, Junior in Elementary Education. 


Third Row: Kline, David C; Elmdale, Freshman in Industrial 
Engineering. Kline, Philip K; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Political Science. Klostermeier, Mary E; Topeka, Junior in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Klotz, Jack R; Emporia, 
Sophomore in Animal Husbandry. 

Fourth Row: Klover, Jane D; Solomon, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Knapp, Kenneth D; Rockford, 
Mich., Junior in Electrical Engineering. Knewtson, Richard D; 
Altamont, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Knight, David D; 

Stockton, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Fifth Roiv: Knight, Diana S; Ottawa, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Knight, Marcus L; Smith Center, Junior in Music 
Education. Knoch, James P; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Knoell, Donna L; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 

Sixth Row: Knop, Douglas B; Isabel, 01 in Architecture. Knopp, 
Vincent F; Selden, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. Knud- 
son, Kenneth D; Gem, Junior in Electrical Engineering. Koch, 
Loren H; Clay Center, Freshman in Mathematics. 

Seventh Row: Koch, Marcia J; Manhattan, Sophomore in Art. 
Koci, Lois L; LaCrosse, Junior in English. Kodama, Thomas T; 
Hawaii, Junior in Landscape Architecture. Koelliker, James K; 

White Cloud, Junior in Agricultural Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Koenig, Joan E; Manhattan, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Koenig, Kenneth K; St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman in 
Dairy Manufacturing. Koepke, Margaret A; Herington, Junior 
in Modern Languages. Koester, Norman W; Hoisington, Fresh- 
man in Agronomy. 

Bottom Row: Koger, Virginia K; McPherson, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Kohl, Larry E; Maize, Freshman in Animal 
Husbandry. Kohl, Lois A; Wichita, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Extension. Kohler, James Q; Prairie Village, 
Sophomore in Business Administration. 


Underclassmen: Koh— Lam 

Top Row. Kohlmeyer, Patricia; Marysville, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Art. Kohls, Eric W; Herington, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. Kolars, David C; Haddam, Sophomore in 
Geology. Kongs, Thomas F; Marysville, 02 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Konitz, Jack H; Overland Park, Junior in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Koons, Mary J; Shirley, 111., Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Extension. Kopp, Jerald A; Fairview, 
Junior in Dairy Manufacturing. Kosse, Ronald A; Manhattan, 
Freshman in Pre-Law. 

Third Row. Koster, Kathleen A; Garden City, Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. Kovar, Eugene W; Rossville, Junior in Bio- 
chemistry. Kraff, Sharon R; Wichita, Junior in Medical Tech- 
nology. Kraff, Wallace E; Salina, Freshman in Veterinary 

Fourth Row. Kramer, Anne M; Junction City, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Kratz, Daniel S; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kratzer, Gary G; Geneseo, Fresh- 
man in Business Administration Accounting. Kraus, Karen S; 
Great Bend, Freshman in General. 

Fifth Row. Krause, Vernon E; Plainview, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Krauter, Kenneth M; Hutchinson, 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kraybill, Richard B; 
Abilene, 02 in Architecture. Krehbiel, Carla A; Wichita, Junior 
in Technical Journalism. 

Sixth Row. Krehbiel, Constance; McPherson, Sophomore in 
General. Krepinevich, Daniel C; Buffalo, N.Y., 01 in Architecture. 
Krider, John A; Manhattan, 02 in Architecture. Krob, Johnny R; 

Cuba, Sophomore in Secondary Education. 

Seventh Row. Kroenlein, John W; Lincoln, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Kronberg, Paul M; Appleton, Wis., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Kroutil, Karen A; Marquette, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Kruckenberg, Kathleen; Great Bend, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. 

Eighth Row. Krueger, Barbara A; Leawood, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Krueger, David A; Pratt, Junior in 
Business Administration. Krug, Richard D; Russell, Freshman 
in Feed Technology. Kruse, Michael B; Wichita, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Ksiazek, Thomas G; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kubat, Jacqueline; Arkansas City, 
Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. Kubert, Lawrence J; 
Lincoln, Neb., Junior in Elementary Education. Kuchenthal, 
George W; Bonner Springs, Junior in Agricultural Education. 

Bl i^fel Wk ft 1 Ink 


U ^ 1 ' v ^ HIP I* ^ * 

Top Koif : Kuczynski, Leslie W; Narka, Sophomore in Chemical 
Engineering. Kugler, Charles D; Abiline, Junior in Political 
Science. Kuhlman, Larry K; Linn, Junior in Pre-Dental. Kuhl- 
man, Royce D; Bird City, Freshman in Business Administra- 
tion Accounting. 

Second Row: Kuhn, Carolyn S; Wichita, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Kuhn, Charles W; Hope, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Kuhn, Cheryl K; Hope, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Kuhn, Dennis R; Wichita, Freshman 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Third Row: Kuhn, Marilyn R; Bonner Springs, Junior in Music 
Education; Kuhn, Robert J; Ellis, Freshman in Business Admin- 
istration. Kuhn, William R; Gypsum, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Kuiken, Cheryl M; Mankato, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. 

Fourth Row: Kumamoto, Clifford T; Honolulu, Hawaii, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kummer, Judy K; Chapman, 
Freshman in Secondary Education. Kuns, Shari K; Logansport, 
Ind., Freshman in Music Education. Kuntz, Charles R; Harvey - 
ville, Freshman in Agricultural Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Kunz, Kristina L; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. Kurth, Walter W; Offerle, Sophomore in 
Nuclear Engineering. Kwok, Wing K; Hong Kong, 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Lacen, Georgia S; Baxter Springs, Freshman in Home 

Sixth Row: Lackey, John L; Penalosa, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Ladenburger, Sharon; Kansas City, Freshman in 
General. Lafferty, Marilyn L; Osage City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Lafollette, Dalene; Wamego, Sophomore 
in General. 

Seventh Row: Lahaie, Sherman L; Lewiston, Maine, Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lahr, Patricia A; Abilene, Freshman 
in Modern Languages. Lake, John E; Kansas City, Mo., Junior 
in Mathematics. Lala, Wilbur L; Kirwin, Freshman in Nuclear 

Eighth Row: Lambert, Emmajean; Leoti, Sophomore in Social 
Sciences. Lamborn, Judith E; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Physical Education. Lamborn, Linda L; Leavenworth, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Lambright, Linda R; Leawood, 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Lamkin, Linda L; Wellington, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Lammers, Cynthia; Leawood, Junior 
in Humanities. Lamone, Michael G; Salina, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Lamp, Marita M; Goddard, Freshman 
in General. 


Underclassmen: Lam— Lay 

Top Row: Lampe, Patti J; Hanover, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. Lampert, Robert L; Beloit, Junior in Business 
Administration. Lamprecht, Sharon K; Ellinwood, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Lancaster, Jean A; Topeka, Freshman in 
Physical Education. 

Second Row: Land, Orlan R; Severy, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Landgren, Larry L; Lindsborg, Sophomore in Mathe- 
matics. Landon, Daniel J; Topeka, Freshman in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Landreth, Marlynn R; Haysville, Freshman in Medical 

Third Row: Lane, David T; Wichita, Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. Lane, James H; Olathe, Freshman in Wildlife Con- 
servation. Lane, Linda F; Bucklin, Sophomore in Medical 
Technology. Lang, Carolyn R; Green, Freshman in General. 

Fourth Row: Lang, Jeanette E; Norton, Junior in Medical Tech- 
nology. Lange, Linda L; Bonner Springs, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Lange, Margaret J; Linn, Sophomore in Technical 
Journalism. Lange, Marilyn E; Conway Springs, Sophomore in 
Medical Technology. 

Fifth Row: Lange, Phillip D; Linn, Junior in Economics. Lang- 
ford, David J; Tempe, Ariz., Sophomore in Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Langner, Gary A; Wichita, Sophomore in Mathematics. 
Lank, Claudette A; Wichita, Junior in Medical Technology. 

Sixth Row: Lankas, Daniel J; Atwood, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Lanman, Arley D; Colorado Springs, Col., 01 in 
Architecture. Lansden, John A; Enterprise, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Lantis, Linda M; Kingman, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. 

Seventh Row: Larson, Beverly J; Great Bend, Junior in Family 
and Child Development. Larson, Gene D; Peabody, Sophomore 
in Pre-Medicine. Larson, Jerry G; Brownell, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Larson, John P; Marquette, Freshman 
in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Larson, Lovene S; Enterprise, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Larson, Merle D; Lindsborg, 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Larson, Steven A; Smolan, Freshman in Dairy Science. 
Larson, Steve E; Topeka, Junior in Pre-Law. 

Bottom Row: Lashmett, Mary G; Winchester, 111., Junior in 
Clothing Retailing. Latham, James D; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in Wildlife Conservation. Latham, Janet M; Wetmore, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. Lathrop, Ardith J; Con- 
cordia, Freshman in Elementary Education. 




* > 


— "• *■ 



1 ■** 


■0 ,,*? ' i* 



" f • u , ^T^f^^ES 

- '• » »V ." * 

r 'r f ■ fry v.. ' • h 

I - 1 


ft « 3 

jB, f^» *** 


• ■ y' > y 

Basketball fever strikes the campus each year and takes its toll 
in overflowing crowds like these for games at Ahearn Field House. 

Top Row: Lathrop, Kenneth L; Albuquerque, N.M., Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. Latschar, Carol D; Camden, S.C., 
Freshman in Home Economics. Latta, Robert L; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Political Science. Latta, Stephen C; Horton, Junior in 

Second Row: Laughlin, Norman C; Solomon, Freshman in 
General. Laurie, Lynne; Atchison, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Lauritzen, Arthur D; Hardy, Neb., Freshman in 
Mathematics. Lavender, Sara A; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Third Row: Laverentz, Carol A; Bendena, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing; Leverentz, Gene W; Bendena, Sopho- 
more in Animal Husbandry. Lawhon, Mary B; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. Lawless, Charlotte A; Belle Plaine, 
Sophomore in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Fourth Row: Lawless, Eldon D; Belle Plaine, Freshman in Agri- 
cultural Education. Lawless, Helen E; Kansas City, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Lawrence, Susan K; Great Bend, Fresh 
man in Elementary Education. Lawrence, Thomas J; Wichita, 
04 in Architecture. 

Bottom Row: Lawrence, William V; Scott City, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Lawson, Robert E; 
Milford, Sophomore in Business Administration. Laxer, Marc A; 
New York, N.Y., Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Layton, 
Jean A; Ulysses, Freshman in Speech. 

1^ m * • 



Underclassmen: Lee— Loc 

Top Row: Lechner, Fred P; Harper, 01 in Architecture. Lee, 
Dennis D; Burlingame, Sophomore in Civil Engineering. Lee, 
Dennis J; Mission, Sophomore in Business Administration. Lee, 
Duane R; Kansas City, Freshman in Business Administration. 

Second Row: Lee, Gary B; Manhattan, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Lee, James R; Downs, Freshman in Industrial 
Engineering. Lee, Marilyn S; Dwight, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Lee, Nancy K; Mission, Sophomore in Secondary 

Third Row: Lee, Vicki; Manhattan, Junior in Elementary Educa- 
tion; Leece, Gwen I; Webber, Junior in Clothing Retailing. 
Lefmann, Gerald L; Eudora, Junior in Agronomy. Lefton, John 

M; Prairie Village, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Lehman, Rebecca S; Newton, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Lehman, Robert E; Towanda, 03 in Architecture. 
Leister, Karen A; Salina, Sophomore in General. Lembright, 
Pamela J; Dodge City, Sophomore in Home Economics and 

Fifth Row: Leming, Margaret J; Wichita, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Lemon, Carolyn S; Viola, Freshman in Music Educa- 
tion. Lemon, Elaine F; Lenora, Junior in Psychology. Lemon, 
Lonnie L; Phillipsburg, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Sixth Row: Lemon, Marcia A; Bethel, Junior in Sociology. 
Lenhert, Larry M; Navarre, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 
Leonard, Jerry B; Arkansas City, Junior in Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Lessenden, Michael H; Abilene, 04 in Architecture. 

Seventh Row: Letourneon, Arlene J; Aurora, Special in Home 
Economics. Leuthold, Dixie C; Circleville, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Leuthold, Steven L; Circleville, 03 
in Architecture. Levett, David J; Junction City, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. 

Eighth Row: Lewerenz, Gloria L; Lincolnville, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Lewis, Ardis A; Manhattan, Junior in 
Physical Therapy. Lewis, George A; Cheyenne, Wyo., Freshman 
in General. Lewis, Jack V; Russell, Sophomore in Speech. 

Botiom Row: Lewis, Jerre L; Burr Oak, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Lewis, Lois K; Rago, Sophomore in Home Economics 
Teaching. Lewis, Sharon K; Concordia, Junior in Sociology. 
Lewis, Stanley B; Prairie Village, Freshman in General. 


Top Row: Lichtenberger, Michael; Newton, Freshman in Agri- 
cultural Education. Liebenau, Rose M; Stockton, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Light, Donald R; Lacygne, Sophomore in 
General. Light, Phillip C; Liberal, Junior in Animal Husbandry. 

Second Roiv: Lightner, David K; Garden City, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Ligon, Thomas H; Columbus, Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Lilak, Rita K; Wilson, Sophomore in Home Economics 
Teaching. Limbocker, Robert C; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Business Administration. 

Third Row: Limes, Alma A; Leavenworth, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Limes, Ann R; Prairie Village, Freshman in Chem- 
istry. Linck, Karen B; Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Lindenbaum, Stephen; Salina, Junior in Mathematics. 

Fourth Row: Linder, Herbert M; Rariton, N.J., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lindgren, Sandra K; Manhattan, 
Freshman in General. Lindley, Eileen F; Hill City, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Lindsay, Evelyn E; Salina, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 

Fifth Row: Linin, Dale E; Bird City, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Linn, Michael W; Monterey, Calif., Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Lintecum, Sandra K; Mayfield, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Lipper, Mary K; Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Sixth Row: Lippoldt, Robert L; Kinsley, Junior in Physical 
Education. Litfin, Richard A; Scotia, N.Y., Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Little, Martin L; Douglass, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Little, Susanne F; Overland Park, Fresh- 
man in Landscape Architecture. 

Seventh Row: Littlejohn, Janice K; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Art; Litton, Dale G; Nickerson, Sophomore in Art. Littrell, 
John M; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary Education. Lively, 
Dwight E; Salina, Freshman in Chemistry. 

Eighth Row: Livengood, Steven R; Salina, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Livingston, Phillip A; Yonkers, N.Y., Junior in 
Geography. Lloyd, Cheryl L; Green, Junior in Clothing Retail- 
ing. Loar, Donald R; Mapleton, Junior in Geography. 

Bottom Row: Locher, Roger C; Sabetha, Freshman in Feed 
Technology- Locke, Ted R; Loveland, Colo., 03 in Architecture. 
Lockett, Karen J; Winfield, Freshman in Medical Technology. 
Lockhart, Charles B; Manhattan, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. 



Underclassmen: Loc-Mai 

Top Row: Lockhart, Nancy J; Topeka, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Loebeck, Barbara P; Bartlesville, Okla., Junior in 
Physical Education. Loeppke, Wilda L; Kendall, Junior in Home 
Economics with Radio and Television. Loetel, Diana K; Over- 
land Park, Freshman in Mathematics. 

Second Row: Logan, Dennis L; Lakin, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Logbeck, James C; McPherson, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. Lohmann, Vernon E; Lincoln, Junior 
in Agricultural Education. Lonergan, Martha J; Leavenworth, 
Sophomore in Modern Languages. 

Third Row: Long, Hollace L; Wichita, Freshman in Medical 
Technology. Long, John P; Lebanon, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Long, Lois M; Hope, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Long, Pamela C; Cherryvale, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Fourth Row: Long, Rebecca I; Garnett, Freshman in Applied 
Music. Longabach, Jean A; Berryton, Freshman in General. 
Longberg, Leslie C; Belleville, Freshman in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Loomis, Jim E; Marion, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. 

Fifth Row: Looney, Paulette M; Wichita, Sophomore in Foods 
and Nutrition. Loop, John D; Concordia, Sophomore in Physics. 
Lorch, Richard I; Prairie Village, Freshman in Business Admin- 
istration. Lorentz, Floyd T; Wellington, Freshman in 

Sixth Row: Lorenz, William D; Plainview, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Loriaux, Peter G; Kansas City, Fresh- 
man in General. Louderback, Forrest E; Elkton, Va., Sophomore 
in Milling Technology. Louderback, John L; Hemet, Calif., 
Sophomore in Humanities. 

Seventh Row: Loughmiller, Jean A; Topeka, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Louk, Phyllis M; Garnett, Freshman in 
Physical Education. Lowe, Elaine V; Mahaska, Freshman in 
Medical Technology. Lowe, Mary A; Fort Worth, Tex., Junior 
in English. 

Eighth Row: Lower, Guy W; Sublette, Sophomore in Agricul- 
tural Economics. Lowrey, Fred E; Larned, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Lowther, Marcia L; Lawrence, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Journalism. Loy, Barbara K; Valley 
Falls, Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. 

Bottom Row: Loyd, Georgia G; Denver, Colo., Freshman in 
Humanities. Luce, Margaret J; Atchison, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Luckeroth, Patricia; Marysville, Freshman in 
Mathematics. Ludden, Linda L; Manhattan, Freshman in Art. 


Top Row: Ludes, Laura L; Salina, Freshman in Physical Therapy. 
Ludwig, John P; Montvale, N.J., Freshman in Civil Engineer- 
ing. Luker, Anna M; Kensington, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Lukins, Nancy C; Glen Ellyn, 111., Junior 
in Psychology. 

Second Row: Lundgren, Joan A; Osage City, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Lundquist, J. A; Gypsum, Sophomore in 
Civil Engineering. Lundquist, Ronald C; Lindsborg, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. Lunsford, Ronnie; Ashland, Sophomore 
in Feed Technology. 

Third Row: Lutz, Karen M; Leawood, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Lybarger, Judith K; Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore in Medical Technology. Lybarger, Larry L; Elk- 
hart, Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. Lyberger, Ronald 
D; Coffeyville, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Lyddane, Earl W; Admire, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics. Lydick, Sally J; Hamlin, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. Lyman, Jon W; Medicine Lodge, 
Freshman in History. Lynch, Franklin E; Topeka, Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Lynn, Gary D; Herrin, 111., 02 in Architecture. Lyon, 
Jeffrey L; Greensburg, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 
Lyttle, Jane R; Wichita, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
Mass, Robert R; Council Grove, Junior in Nuclear Engineering. 

Sixth Rozo: Mabry, Marjorie I; Overland Park, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. MacArthur, Robert A; Topeka, Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. Machin, Marjorie L; Russell, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Mack, Jeanette K; Linn, Freshman in 
Modern Languages. 

Seventh Row: Mack, Terry L; Bloomington, 111., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. MacKenzie, Marian F; Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Freshman in Elementary Education. MacKirdy, Wayne H; 
Pomona, Calif., Junior in Pre-Law. Macy, Ted L; Longford, 
Junior in Pre-Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Madden, James R; Liberal, Junior in Business 
Administration. Madden, Sharon K; Carbondale, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Extension. Maddy, Stephen L; Abi- 
lene, Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. Mader, James W; 

Jennings, Freshman in Agricultural Journalism. 

Bottom Row: Magby, Kay A; Topeka, Freshman in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Maggart, Lon E; Manhattan, Junior in Pre- 
Law. Magill, Stephen H; Leawood, Freshman in Biological 
Science. Mai, Harold E; Garden City, Junior in Agricultural 


Underclassmen: Mai-Mat 

Top Row: Mai, Robert W; Russell, Freshman in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Maichel, Farrell D; Overbrook, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Maichel, George W; Overbrook, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Maichel, Sally J; Overbrook, Junior in 
Secondary Education. 

Second Row: Maier, Gary E; St. Louis, Mo., 01 in Architecture. 
Mailen, Gary A; Clay Center, Sophomore in Electrical Engi- 
neering; Makalous, Nancy J; Belleville, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Makalous, Verlene J; Cuba, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Third Row: Mall, Sandra S; Kingman, Freshman in Technical 
Journalism. Malloy, Joseph J; Trenton, N.J., 04 in Architecture. 
Malson, Ken R; Chanute, Freshman in Business Administra- 
tion. Mangan, Terence W; Omaha, Neb., Junior in General. 

Fourth Row: Mangum, Elizabeth I; Ottawa, Freshman in 
General. Maninger, Lyle F; Anthony, 03 in Architecture. Man- 
love, Marvin D; Wichita, 03 in Architecture. Mann, Gary P; 

Waterville, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. 

Fifth Row: Mann, H. Stewart; Newton, 01 in Architecture. 
Mann, James I; Topeka, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 
Mann, John C; Fredonia, 03 in Architecture. Mann, Linda R; 
Kansas City, Junior in Clothing Retailing. 

Sixth Row: Mann, Mary F; Dodge City, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Manning, Lawrence M; Leawood, Sophomore in 
General. Manning, Sammye S; Norton, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Mansholt, Virginia L; Lebanon, Freshman in 
Home Economics Teaching. 

Seventh Row: Manuel, Maureen K; Manhattan, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Manweiler, Steven R; Hoisington, Junior 
in Architectural Engineering. Mapes, Janet K; Netawaka, Soph- 
omore in Home Economics and Extension. Marcotte, Robert P; 
Salina, Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Eighth Row: Marker, Jack H; Blue Springs, Mo., Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. Marker, James N; Yates Center, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Markley, Barbara L; Salina, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Marlatt, Susan L; Atchi- 
son, Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Bottom Row: Marmet, Kent L; Sabetha, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Marolf, Judith A; Bellevue, Neb., Junior in Elementary 
Education. Marquis, Dennis W; Tonganoxie, Sophomore in 
Wildlife Conservation. Marr, Gary D; Webber, Junior in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 


Top Row: Marrs, Robert L; Howard, Sophomore in General. 
Marschel, Frederick; Prairie Village, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Marsh, Carol L; Prairie Village, Junior in Secon- 
dary Education. Marsh, James T; Sun City, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Marsh, Ross C; Los Angeles, Junior in Business 
Administration. Marshall, Janet D; Ft. Scott, Sophomore in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Marshall, Merilyn J; 
Manhattan, Junior in Home Economics and Nursing. Marshall, 
Thomas E; Minneola, Freshman in General. 

Third Row: Marten, Albert G; Clay Center, Freshman in Tech- 
nical Journalism. Marten, Ruth E; Onaga, Freshman in General. 
Marteney, Jacqueline; Buhler, Freshman in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Martin, Ann; Overland Park, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Fourth Row: Martin, Carol A; Topeka, Freshman in Physical 
Therapy. Martin, David A; Kansas City, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Martin, Larry R; Matfield Green, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Martin, Lee A; Salina, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Martin, Max T; Clay Center, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Martin, Michael P; Milwaukee, Wis., Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Martin, Stephen L; Belleville, 
Freshman in General. Martindale, Donna L; Burlington, 
Sophomore in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Sixth Row: Martindale, Susan J; Onaga, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Marx, Robert J; Omaha, Neb., 02 in Architecture. 
Mason, Stella K; Morrowville, Junior in Home Economics 
Teaching. Mason, Virginia P; Salina, Junior in Speech. 

Seventh Row: Massey, Larry B; St. John, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Massieon, Richard J; Wamego, Freshman in Pre- 
Law. Massingill, Kenneth; Atchison, Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Masters, Daniel W; Kansas City, 01 in 

Eighth Row: Mathews, Philip V; Lyons, Junior in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Mathews, Robert J; Kansas City, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Mathias, Albert R; Burlington, Junior in 
Wildlife Conservation. Mathias, Carolyn J; Leroy, Junior in 
Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: Mathias, Kenneth E; McCook, Neb., Sophomore 
in Mechanical Engineering. Matson, Eileen M; Clifton, Junior 
in Secondary Education. Matthews, Edward S; Eldorado, Fresh- 
man in Chemical Engineering. Matthews, Jacqueline; Clear- 
water, Junior in Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Mat— McD 

Top Row: Matthews, Robert R; Cedar Vale, Freshman in Tech- 
nical Journalism. Mattox, Fredrick L; Piper, Sophomore in 
Civil Engineering. Mattox, Louise M; Piper, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Mau, Mary S; Topeka, Junior in Elementary 

Second Row: Mauck, William D; Goddard, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Mauderly, Joe L; Strong City, Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. Mauk, John V; Douglass, Freshman in General. 
Maul, Elona M; Evergreen, Colo., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Liberal Arts. 

Third Row: Mauler, Loretta A; Olmitz, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Maxwell, Sharon L; Newton, Freshman in 
Social Sciences. Maxwell, Vernon D; Allen, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Maxwell, William K; Mission, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration. 

Fourth Row: May, Leon R; Ellis, 01 in Architecture. Mayfield, 
Claudia J; Delphos, Freshman in Art. Mayhew, Barclay J; 

Wichita, Junior in Business Administration Accounting. 
Mayhill, Dorothy L; Arkansas City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. 

Fifth Row: Mayhill, Robert W; Arkansas City, Sophomore in 
Feed Technology. Maynard, Jean A; Overland Park, Junior in 
English. Mazaika, Trudine M; Moraga, Calif., Freshman in 
Clothing Retailing. McAdow, Mary J; Vassar, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. 

Sixth Row: McCabe, Marilyn J; Overland Park, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. McCabe, Patricia; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. McCargar, Gary D; Salina, 
Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. McCarthy, Kathryn M; 
Great Bend, Freshman in Physical Education. 

Seventh Row: McCarty, John R; McDonald, Pa., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. McCaslin, Ann; Stockton, Junior in 
Elementary Education. McCauley, Margaret L; Valley Falls, 
Freshman in Home Economics. McClaren, Janice F; Lakin, 
Freshman in Medical Technology. 

Eighth Row: McClaskey, George E; Pittsburg, Junior in Elec- 
trical Engineering. McClean, Robin R; Lewis, Freshman in 
Modern Languages. McClelland, James A; Hoxie, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. McCobb, Allan P; Russell, Sopho- 
more in General. 

Bottom Row: McConachie, Daniel R; Wichita, Junior in Me- 
chanical Engineering. McConnell, James L; Dodge City, Junior 
in Business Administration. McConnell, John O; Wichita, 02 
in Architecture. McCord, Melissa J; Washington, D.C., Fresh- 
man in Modern Languages. 

atL 1^1 


Top Row: McCorkle, Thomas J; Wichita, Freshman in Social 
Science. McCormick, John S; Burr Oak, Sophomore in Bio- 
logical Science. McCormick, Michael J; Manhattan, Freshman 
in General. McCormick, Thomas W; junction City, Junior in 

Second Row: McCosh, Linda L; Abilene, Junior in Elementary 
Education. McCoy, Ronda E; Marysville, Junior in Secondary 
Education. McCoy, Susan J; Hiawatha, Junior in Bacteriology. 
McCready, Stuart T; Longford, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. 

Third Row: McCreary, Frederick; Norton, Junior in Technical 
Journalism. McCullar, Susan R; Ft. Rucker, Ala., Junior in Tex- 
tiles and Clothing. McCune, David E; Montezuma, Freshman in 
Physics. McDaniel, Brenda C; Wetmore, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. 

Tourth Row: McDermet, Staley B; Leawood, 03 in Architecture. 
McDonald, Craydon D; Syracuse, Freshman in Business Ad- 
ministration. McDonald, Galen R; Mullinville, Freshman in 
Agriculture. McDonald, Hal T; Leawood, 03 in Architecture. 

Bottom Row: McDonald, Joyce E; Wichita, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. McDonald, Peggy A; Salina, Freshman in 
Home Economics. McDonald, Randy J; Garden City, Freshman 
in Electrical Engineering. McDougal, Bonnie L; Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Textiles and Clothing. 

Explaining an exhibit, an engineer talks to some of the estimated 
10,000 persons who visited Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Underclassmen: McD— Mer 

Top Row: McDougal, David E; Topeka, Junior in Industrial 
Engineering. McElfresh, James D; Satanta, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. McElwain, Sandra L; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. McEwen, Charles; Republic, Sopho- 
more in General. 

Second Row: McFadden, Aloha W; Riley, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. McFadden, Walter E; Stafford, Freshman 
in Animal Husbandry. McFarland, Carolyn L; Norton, Fresh- 
man in Music Education. McGee, Judith E; Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in General. 

Third Row: McGehe, Bruce A; Manhattan, Junior in Zoology. 
McGettrick, Leanna; Chanute, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Nursing. McGhee, Daniel; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Landscape Architecture. McGoogan, Kathryn A; Lincoln, Neb., 
Sophomore in Sociology. 

Tourth Row: McGrath, Michael J; Cleveland, Ohio, Freshman in 
Mathematics. McGregor, Douglas D; Borger, Tex., Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. McGugin, Rex G; Frankfort, Freshman 
in Business Administration Accounting. 

Tifth Row: Mcintosh, Gene A; Courtland, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Mclntyre, Frank W; Rexford, Freshman in Music Educa- 
tion. Mclntyre, Steven G; Jewell, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. McKaig, William J; Gardner, Freshman in Mathe- 

Sixth Row: McKay, Carole S; Bethel, Junior in Elementary Edu- 
cation. McKay, Cheryl J; Dresden, Freshman in Textiles and 
Clothing. McKee, Carl E; Spearville, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Mechanization. McKee, Roger R; Wetmore, Sophomore in 
Agricultural Mechanization. 

Seventh Row: McKenzie, Douglas R; Hebron, Neb., Freshman 
in Architectural Engineering. McKinley, Janice L; St. Louis, 
Mo., Sophomore in Physics. McKinney, Donald E; Junction 
City, Junior in General. McKinnis, Jim A; Lyons, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: McKnight, Clifford S; Greenburg, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. McKnight, Janice D; Eskridge, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. McLaughlin, Donald W; Stockton, 
Freshman in Animal Husbandry. McLenon, Paul A; Effingham, 
Sophomore in General. 

Bottom Row: McManis, Kay J; Manhattan, Sophomore in Family 
and Child Development. McMillin, Karen R; Prairie Village, 
Junior in Bacteriology. McMullen, Rodney D; Phillipsburg, 
Freshman in Business Administration Accounting. McMurray, 
Diane S; Wichita, Junior in Elementary Education. 


Top Row: McMurry, Nancy L; Hutchinson, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. McNeal, Janice E; Waldo, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. McNeal, Kathleen A; Wayzata, Minn., 
Junior in Home Economics. McNeely, Marcia A; Wichita, Junior 
in Medical Technology. 

Second Row: McNeill, Sherry K; Havensville, Freshman in 
General. McNeill, William B; Havensville, Junior in Dairy 
Manufacturing. McNitt, Gordon K; Yates Center, Freshman in 
Horticulture. MacQuillan, Jacqueline; Clearwater, Freshman 
in Mathematics. 

Third Row: McVay, Richard H; Junction City, Freshman in 
Agriculture. McWhorter, Robert P; Junction City, Junior in 
Landscape Architecture. McWilliams, Sally R; Junction City, 
Junior in Home Economics and Art. Mead, Joel L; Dodge City, 
Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Means, Gerald R; Salina, Sophomore in Pre- 
Medicine. Mease, Robert P; Isabel, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Meats, Robert D; Beloit, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Mebed, Susan A; Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Psychology. 

Fifth Row: Meehan, Mary C; Topeka, Junior in English. Meek, 
Frederick C; Herington, Freshman in Pre-Law. Meek, Patsy C; 
Shawnee Mission, Junior in Physical Education. Meeks, 
Charles E; Parsons, Junior in Agricultural Education. 

Sixth Row: Meeks, Ellis M; Hutchinson, Special in Business 
Administration. Meerpohl, Judy L; Manhattan, Junior in 
Modern Languages. Meetz, Johnny E; Newton, Junior in 
Animal Husbandry. Mehl, Gary R; Liberal, Junior in Animal 

Seventh Row: Mehring, Josephine B; Leawood, Freshman in 
Clothing and Retailing. Meier, Kathleen F; Baxter Springs, 
Sophomore in Mathematics. Meirowsky, Bernard J; Florence, 
Junior in Secondary Education. Meisegeier, Larry R; Barron, 
Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Meisenheimer, William; Hiawatha, Junior in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Melichar, Robert M; Caldwell, Junior in 
Pre-Medicine. Mellgren, David J; Manhattan, Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. Mellott, Mitchell P; Edwardsville, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Dentistry. 

Bottom Row: Melvin Judith A; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore 
in Mathematics. Menhusen, Malinda G; Jewell, Sophomore n 
Home Economics Teaching. Mennemeyer, Paul F; Neodesha, 
Junior in Mechanical Engineering. Merica, Mark D; Salina, 01 
in Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Mer— Moa 

Topi Row: Merriam, Joseph G; Lake Forest, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Merrill, Susan; LaCrosse, Junior in Sec- 
ondary Education. Merriman, Pamela A; Atchison, Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. Merten, Donald H; Rapid City, S.D., 
Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. 

Second Row: Mertz, Jacob E; Wamego, Junior in General. 
Messersmith, Maria J; Ellinwood, Sophomore in Physical 
Therapy. Metzger, Ronald C; Scott City, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Metzinger, Gary D; Caldwell, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Third Row: Meyer, Dorothy L; Palmer, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Meyer, Janet S; Wichita, Soph- 
omore in Home Economics Teaching. Meyer, Jerry G; Caney, 
Sophomore in Horticulture. Meyer, John T; Essexville, Mich., 
02 in Architecture. 

Fourth Row: Michael, Cynthia A; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Home Economics Teaching. Micheals, Christopher C; Monrovia, 
Calif., Freshman in Statistics. Michie, Terry K; Pittsburg, 
Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Mickey, David H; Norton, 
Junior in Technical Journalism. 

Fifth Row: Middleton, Richard L; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Mechanical Engineering. Mikesell, Carolyn M; Courtland, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Milbourn, Mark T; Manhattan, 
Freshman in General. Milburn, Marlyse K; Rolla, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Sixth Row: Miles, Connie K; Atchison, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Miles, Janice J; Mt. Hope, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Millenbruch, Janice; Frankfort, Junior in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Miller, Arden P; Salina, Freshman 
in Pre-Law. 

Seventh Row: Miller, Bruce D; Everest, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Miller, Carol E; Newton, Junior in Home Economics Teaching. 
Miller, Cheryl J; Little River, Freshman in Art. Miller, Craig L; 
Overland Park, Junior in Horticulture. 

Eighth Row: Miller, Dallas E; Barberton, Ohio., Junior in Pre- 
Dentistry. Miller, David R; Bazine, Freshman in Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Miller, Dennis L; St. Marys, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Miller, Dorothy D; Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Art. 

Bottom Row: Miller, Edward P; Leawood, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Miller, Faith P; Pittsburg, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Miller, Gregory L; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Miller, Janet L; Wamego, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 


Top Row: Miller, James R; Newton, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Miller, Jean M; Haven, Junior in History. Miller, 
John R; Great Bend, Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. Miller, 
Linda M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Modern Languages. 

Second Row: Miller, Lynda K; Hope, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Miller, Margo J; Belleville, Freshman in 
Technical Journalism. Miller, Marshall F; Mullinville, Junior in 
Feed Technology. Miller, Melvin B; Manhattan, Freshman 
in General. 

Third Row: Miller, Patricia A; Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Miller, Patricia A; Burlington Junction, 
Mo., Home Economics and Nursing. Miller, Robert F; Leaven- 
worth, Sophomore in Biological Science. Miller, Robert H; 

Wellington, Junior in Agronomy. 

Fourth Row: Miller, Roger A; Wichita, Freshman in Architectural 
Engineering. Miller, Ronald G; Liberty, Mo., 02 in Architecture. 
Miller, Suzanne; Princeton, N.J., Junior in Technical Journalism. 
Miller, Suzanne; Effingham, Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Nursing. 

Fifth Row: Miller, Travis L; Dwight, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Miller, Willard A; Garnett, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Milleson, Ronald M; Culver, Junior in Business 
Administration. Millis, Danny H; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Sixth Row: Mills, Michael T; Russell, Sophomore in English. 
Minei, Masanori; Okinawa, Japan, 01 in Architecture. Miner, 
Dennis L; Ness City, Junior in Music Education. Minnis, Ro- 
berta I; Red Oak, Iowa, Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Seventh Row: Minturn, Brian N; Manhattan, Junior in Business 
Administration. Mitcha, John L; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Mitchell, Alan M; McPherson, Sopho- 
more in Agricultural Engineering. Mitchell, Barbara S; Wichita, 
Junior in Elementary Education. 

Eighth Row: Mitchell, Karen L; Manhattan, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Mitchell, Mary V; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Mitchell, Mona L; Wichita, Freshman 
in General. Mitchell, Patricia C; Paola, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Bottom Row: Mitchell, Sharlene K; Summerfield, Freshman in 
Mathematics. Mitchem, John R; Sedgwick, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Mizell, Robert H; Norton, Sophomore 
in Animal Husbandry. Moats, Evelyn L; Kansas City, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Mob— Mul 

Top Row: Mobley, Susan M; Wichita, Sophomore in Speech. 
Moehlman, Patricia L; Manhattan, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Moews, Robert M; Louisburg, Junior in Music 
Education. Mohler, Walter K; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Second Row: Mohrman, Carolyn K; Byron, Neb., Junior in 
Physical Therapy. Molinari, Peter L; Livermore, Calif., Junior 
in Business Administration. Moline, Beryl J; Gypsum, Fresh- 
man in Elementary Education. Monahan, Marcia S; Manhat- 
tan, Junior in Zoology. 

Third Row: Montford, Dianna J; Plevna, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Montgomery, Michael; Sabetha, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Medicine. Montgomery, Ronald E; Hutchinson, 
Sophomore in Architectural Engineering. Montgomery, Susan 
D; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Fourth Row: Moody, Ann E; Olathe, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Moody, Mary J; Erie, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Moore, Eva A; Manhattan, Freshman in Pre- 
Medicine. Moore, James R; Wichita, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Fifth Row: Moore, Janet L; Linn, Junior in Family and Child 
Development. Moore, John H; Atchison, Freshman in Chem- 
istry. Moore, Lowell G; Muscotah, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Moore, Lyle V; Leavenworth, Junior in Government. 

Sixth Row: Moore, Michael K; Jamestown, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Moore, Miriam A; Jamestown, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Moore, Philip F; Wichita, Junior in Pre- 
Law. Moore, Phillip E; Kingman, Freshman in Milling Tech- 

Seventh Row: Moore, Rodney L; Clyde, 02 in Architecture. 
Moore, Sandra C; Munden, Sophomore in Horticulture. Moore, 
Sandra R; Elkhart, Freshman in Medical Technology. Moore, 
William T; Ashland, Junior in Pre-Law. 

Eighth Row: Morehouse, Richard W; Manchester, Junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. Morgan, Alice P; Arkansas City, Junior 
in Mathematics. Morgan, Carla S; Elkhart, Freshman in Secon- 
dary Education. Morgan, Jerry D; Topeka, Freshman in Agri- 

Bottom Row: Morgan, Johnnie L; Garden City, Junior in Die- 
tetics and. Institutional Management. Morgan, Linda M; Hugo- 
ton, Junior in Elementary Education. Morgan, Lyn J; Good- 
land, Freshman in Psychology. Morgan, Richard E; Concordia, 
02 in Architecture. 


Top Row: Morgenson, Jonathon D; Salina, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Morgenstern, Jerry L; Hoisington, Sopho- 
more in Agricultural Engineering. Morris, Billy R; Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore in Pre-Law. Morris, Danny L; Winfield, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Morris, Dennis M; Augusta, Freshman in General. 
Morris, Jerry L; Augusta, Freshman in Psychology. Morris, 
Phillip T; Winfield, Sophomore in Civil Engineering. Mor- 
ris, Royce L; Lyons, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Morris, Stephen R; Hugoton, Freshman in Agri- 
culture Engineering. Morris, William A; Augusta, 04 in Archi- 
tecture. Morris, William W; Wichita, Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Morrison, James W; Manhattan, Freshman in 

Fourth Row: Morrison, Sidney L; Waubay, S.D., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Morrissette, Linda K; Mission, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Morrissette, Michael; Liberal, Freshman 
in Pre-Medicine. Morrow, Janice J; Kansas City, Junior in 
Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Morrow, Robert L; St. Marys, 01 in Architecture. 
Mortimer, Alan J; Gypsum, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 
Mortimer, Bruce D; Salina, Freshman in Business Adminis- 
tration. Mortimer, Kay D; Salina, Sophomore in General. 

Sixth Row: Morton, Marcia J; Oxford, Junior in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Morton, Marie J; Oxford, Freshman in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Morton, Ronald E; Oberlin, Freshman in Pre-Law. 
Motes, Larry R; Scottsville, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Seventh Row: Mott, David A; Kansas City, 04 in Architecture. 
Moulin, Carl F; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Moulton, Robert E; Elmhurst, 111., Junior in 
Business Administration. Mount, Sharon A; Polo, 111., Junior 
in Chemistry. 

Eighth Row: Moyer, Julia J; Prairie Village, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Moyer, Rodney E; Manhattan, 
Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. Moyle, Mary K; Kansas 
City, Freshman in Applied Music. Muehring, Paul E; Downey, 
Calif., Junior in Technical Journalism. 

Bottom Row: Mueller, Barbara L; Hanover, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Mulanax, Kenneth L; Abilene, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Mulanax, Roger L; Manhattan, 02 in 
Architecture. Mullally, Wayne J; Liberty, N.Y., Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Mul— Nel 

Top Row: Mullen, Robert L; Great Bend, Junior in Business 
Administration. Munger, Phyllis L; Dodge City, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Munson, Virginia M; Junction City, 
Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Munz, Gloria D; Union, N.J., 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Second Row: Muret, Jeanne L; Winfield, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics and Extension. Murphy, Barbara A; Liberty, Mo., Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Murphy, James P; Abilene, 
Junior in Agricultural Engineering. Murphy, Jean A; Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman in Physical Education. 

Third Row: Murphy, Maryanne; Sublette, Sophomore in English. 
Murray, John H; Leavenworth, Sophomore in Pre-Forestry. 
Murray, Michael J; Muncie, Freshman in Agriculture. Murray, 
Sherry L; Linn, Junior in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Fourth Row: Murray, Valarie L; Wichita, Home Economics and 
Art. Murrow, Elton G; Blue Mound, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Education. Murry, Catherine A; Kankakee, 111., Sophomore in 
Physical Therapy. Murry, Frank D; Kankakee, 111., Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Fifth Row: Mustoe, Martha A; Rexford, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Myer, Pamela A; Wichita, Sophomore in Psychology. 
Myers, Cecilia J; Hutchinson, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Myers, Charles R; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Architectural 

Sixth Row: Myers, Dennis E; Barnard, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Myers, Dennis T; Mission, Sophomore in Pre- 
Dentistry. Myers, Gordon E; Shawnee Mission, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Myers, Jan M; Topeka, Freshman in Physical Therapy. 

Seventli Row: Myers, Jeri R; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Myers, Laverne R; Abilene, Junior in 
Dairy Production. Myers, Marilyn S; Alma, Junior in History. 
Myers, Sherril J; Wichita, Sophomore in Clothing and Retailing. 

Eighth Row: Nafziger, Gary L; Narka, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Nash, Rodney T; Greensburg, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. Nations, Kathajean; Wichita, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Naylor, Janet A; Burlington, Fresh- 
man in Clothing Retailing. 

Bottom Row: Neaderhiser, Keith D; Longford, Junior in Speech. 
Neaderhiser, Sandra; Longford, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Neal, John A; Menlo, Junior in Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Neal, Leslie J; Arkansas City, Freshman in Bacteriology. 


During campus Peace Corps Week, students inquire about taking 
tests and applying for international work with the Peace Corps. 

Top Row: Nease, Grace I; Hugoton, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Extension. Nebgen, John T; Bern, Junior in Civil 
Engineering. Nebgen, Judy E; Bern, Junior in Secondary Educa- 
tion. Negrini, William L; Norwood, Freshman in Horticulture. 

Second Row: Nehring, Dianne F; Alma, Sophomore in English. 
Neighbor, Ralph M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Neis, Lucinda L; Eudora, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Extension. Nellor, Tudor M; Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Third Row: Nelson, Ann E; Ellis, Sophomore in History. Nelson, 
Candace A; Culver, Freshman in Elementary Education. 
Nelson, Carol A; Manhattan, Sophomore in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Nelson, Dennis T; Salina, Sophomore in Veterinary 

Fourth Row: Nelson, James P; Horton, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Nelson, Karyl S; Garden City, Freshman in General. 
Nelson, Luann K; McPherson, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Nelson, Merle F; Bridgeport, Junior in Agricultural Economics. 

Bottom Row: Nelson, Philip S; Solomon, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. Nelson, Richard B; Great Bend, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Nelson, Robert K; Rockville, Md., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Nelson, Sandra S; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in Secondary Education. 


Underclassmen: Nel— Odl 

Top Row: Nelson, Sharon L; Herington, junior in Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching. Nelson, Sharyl A; Horton, Freshman in 
Physical Therapy. Nelson, Suzanne E; Overland Park, Fresh- 
man in Secondary Education. Nelson, Vaughn L; Clyde, Fresh- 
man in Agricultural Mechanization. 

Second Row: Nepote, Don L; Girard, Freshman in Agriculture 
Education. Nesmith, Ingrid E; Manhattan, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Neufeldt, Elaine R; Inman, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Neuschafer, Larry G; Bushton, Sophomore in 

Third Row: New, Jennifer L; Russell, Freshman in General. 
New, Jimmy F; Russell, Junior in Wildlife Conservation. 
Newby, Martha A; Eureka, Sophomore in Home Economics and 
Journalism. Newcomer, Michael P; Topeka, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Newcomer, Sonja L; Scott City, Junior in Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. Newkirk, Richard L; Olathe, 
Sophomore in Psychology. Newton, Sharon L; Kansas City, 
Junior in Elementary Education. Newton, Steven C; Spring Hill, 
Sophomore in Geography. 

Fifth Row: Nichols, Connie V; Osborne, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Nichols, Margaret E; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Modern Languages. Nichols, Robert B; Dallas, Tex., Junior in 
Economics. Nicholson, Patricia; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Sixth Row: Nicholson, Rodney D; Maize, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Nickel, Duane F; Colby, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Nicklas, Kim S; Leawood, Freshman in Family 
and Child Development. Nickoley, Loren D; Alta Vista, Fresh- 
man in Chemical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Nickum, Roy H; Kansas City, Freshman in Nu- 
clear Engineering. Niedenthal, Galen R; Russell, Freshman in 
Agronomy. Niedenthal, Linda K; Russell, Junior in Sociology. 
Nielson, Charles C; Parsons, Junior in Chemical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Niemoeller, Howard; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Niemoller, Bonnie E; 
Wakefield, Junior in Secondary Education. Nightingale, Con- 
rad; Halstead, Sophomore in Chemical Engineering. Niko- 
lenko, Nicholas; Los Angeles, Calif., Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Niles, Nancy L; Wichita, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education; Nitzsche, Larry E; Turon, Sophomore in Chemistry. 
Nivison, Richard L; Salina, Sophomore in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Nixon, Betty J; Manhattan, Sophomore in Elementary 


Top Row: Nixon, Janice K; Topeka, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Nixon, Janis V; Eureka, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Nixon, Larry J; Wellington, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Nixon, Marilyn S; Belle Plaine, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. 

Second Row: Noble, Carol A; Wichita, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Nolte, Larry D; Hiawatha, Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Norberg, John E; Shawnee Mission, Junior 
in Physics. Norberg, Kathryn I; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in General. 

Third Row: Norbury, Fritz; Prescott, Sophomore in Feed Tech- 
nology. Nordvig, Owen K; Capron, 111., Sophomore in Land- 
scape Architecture. Norman, Reid L; Scott City, Junior in 
Mathematics. Norris, Karen D; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Tourth Row: North, Vicki L; White City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Norton, Kenneth F; Topeka, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Norton, Richard K; Plain- 
field, N. J., Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Novak, 
Michael A; Ellsworth, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Tifth Row: Novosel, John M; Kansas City, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Nudson, Steven R; Meriden, Freshman in General. 
Nulty, Judith R; Jewell, Sophomore in Elementary Education. 
Nuss, Norman P; Russell, Junior in Physical Education. 

Sixth Row: Nuss, Robert D; Newton, Sophomore in Biological 
Science. Nuttelman, Robert A; Independence, Junior in Nu- 
clear Engineering. Nydell, Dianne S; Topeka, Freshman in 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Nye, Gary G; Wichita, 
Freshman in General. 

Seventh Row: Nye, John C; Bluff City, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Nyquist, Anellen; Boulder, Colo., Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Nyswonger, Stana J; Topeka, Sophomore 
in Speech. Oberhelman, Joline F; Independence, Mo., Junior 
in Home Economics. 

Eighth Row: Obermueller, Evon L; Lincoln, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Obermueller, Gary K; Westfall, Sophomore in 
Feed Technology. Ochs, Carol A; Hoisington, Sophomore in 
Home Economics Teaching. O'Connor, Donald D; Herington, 
Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: O'Connor, Karen L; Gardner, Freshman in General. 
O'Dell, Glen A; Ulysses, Junior in Business Administration 
Accounting. O'Dell, Larry D; Sedgwick, Sophomore in Nu- 
clear Engineering. Odle, Terry W; Glade, Freshman in 


Underclassmen: O'D— Par 

Top Row: O'Donnell, Jerry L; Augusta, Sophomore in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Oeser, Kathey L; Claflin, Freshman in 
General. O'Fallon, James M; Manhattan, Junior in Pre-Law. 
Offutt, Robert L; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in General. 

Second Row: Ogden, Gerald H; Leawood, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. O'Hanlon, Patrick D; Washington, Iowa, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. O'Hara, Gary E; Partridge, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. Ohl, Charles E; Great Bend, Sophomore 
in Secondary Education. 

Third Row: Ohlde, Douglas A; Palmer, Sophomore in Feed 
Technology. Ohlsen, Joel D; Wichita, Junior in Pre-Medicine. 
Oka, Ikuo; Japan, Sophomore in Architectural Engineering. 
Oke, Susan M; Kansas City, Junior in General. 

Fourth Row: Old, Beverly S; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Music Education. Oleen, Judy A; Falun, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. Olivier, Donna L; Danville, Junior in Family and 
Child Development. Olson, Gordon R; Alameda, Calif., Fresh- 
man in Pre-Law. 

Fifth Row: Olson, John W; Leonardville, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Olson, Judith J; Leonardville, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Olson, Keith F; Hopkins, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Olson, Nancy J; Manhattan, Junior in Modern 


Sixth Row: Olson, Sandra L; Dwight, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Olson, Victor J; Dwight, Freshman in Agricultural 
Economics. Olsson, Janice M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
General. Oman, Dwight W; Leonardville, Freshman in Secon- 
dary Education. 

Seventh Row: O'Neill, Michael J; Leawood, Freshman in Pre- 
Forestry. Oniki, Steven G; Salina, Junior in Physical Education. 
Opfer, Walter D; Lansing, Junior in Pre-Dentistry. Opocensky, 
Phyllis E; Cuba, Sophomore in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Eiglith Row: Oppenlander, Lysle R; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
General. Oring, Kenneth A; Livingston, N. J., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Orrell, Linda D; Peck, Sophomore in 
Humanities. Orth, Janice M; St. Francis, Junior in Business 

Bottom Row: Ortmann, Donna D; Topeka, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Osborn, Elizabeth A; Topeka, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Osborn, James M; Liberal, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Osborn, Throck M; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Osborne, Janet S; Wichita, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Osborne, Rex D; Council Grove, Junior in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Ott, Faith A; Maize, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Otte, Kent E; Great Bend, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Economics. 

Second Row: Otte, Linda S; Salina, Freshman in Clothing Re- 
tailing. Otte, Myrna M; Great Bend, Junior in Music Education. 
Ottenberg, Ray; Washington, D.C., Freshman in Bakery Man- 
agement. Ours, Stephen E; Salina, Freshman in General. 

Third Row: Oursler, Thomas L; Topeka, Freshman in Civil 
Engineering. Overman, William F; Wichita, Freshman in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. Overstreet, Lavonda; Wichita, Sophomore 
in Family and Child Development. Overton, Jerry W; Elk City, 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Owen, Gary D; Dighton, Junior in Civil Engineer- 
ing. Owens, Sharon L; St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore in Clothing 
Retailing. Paddock, Garry O; Mound City, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Paddock, Richard S; Fort Worth, Tex., Junior in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fifth Row: Page, Charles L; Atchison, Sophomore in General. 
Pallesen, Annette; Topeka, Freshman in General. Palmberg, 
Thane R; Topeka, Freshman in General. Palmer, Larry G; Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Sophomore in Business Administration 

Sixth Row: Palmer, Nancy J; White City, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Palmer, Patricia A; White City, 02 in 
Architecture. Pankratz, Marilyn K; Wichita, Junior in Physical 
Therapy. Pannbacker, Beth M; Washington, Junior in Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. 

Seventh Row: Paquette, Lonnie L; Clay Center, Sophomore in 
Architectural Engineering. Parke, Susan E; Arlington, Va., 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Parker, Elizabeth H; 
Boulder, Colo., Freshman in General. Parker, Natalie J; Clear- 
water, Freshman in General. 

Eighth Row: Parker, Ralph M; Wellington, 04 in Architecture. 
Parker, Robert G; Topeka, Sophomore in Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Parker, Rosanne M; Wichita, Junior in Secondary Educa- 
tion. Parker, Suzanne; Clearwater, Junior in Music Education. 

Bottom Row: Parks, Janice L; Overland Park, Junior in Sociology. 
Parks, Roger E; Hoisington, Freshman in General. Partch, Sue 
L; Bird City, Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. Parthemer, 
Nancy C; Frankfort, Sophomore in General. 


Underclassmen: Pas— Pirn 

Top Row: Paste, Richard C; Atchison, 01 in Architecture. 
Patterson, Dennis C; Topeka, Freshman in Pre-Medicine. Pat- 
terson, Randy B; Bethel, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 
Patton, Janet L; Chase, Junior in Home Economics and 

Second Row: Patton, Patricia A; Blauvelt, N.Y., Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Patton, Patricia A; Riverton, Junior in 
Home Economics Teaching. Paulsen, Patsy S; Wichita, Fresh- 
man in General. Pearson, Carol L; Pryor, Okla., Freshman in 
Technical Journalism. 

Third Row: Pearson, Carol S; Beloit, Freshman in General. 
Pearson, Elaine L; Reading, Sophomore in General. Pearson, 
Thomas C; Concordia, 01 in Architecture. Pearson, Wayne A; 

Concordia, Junior in Music Education. 

Fourth Row: Pease, Jane E; Wichita, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Peck, Lonnie J; Salina, Sophomore in Clothing 
Retailing. Peck, Marilynn J; Junction City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Peirce, Eileen; Hutchinson, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Fifth Row: Peirce, Stephen W; Hutchinson, Junior in Philosophy. 
Pels, William C; Danbury, Conn., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Peltier, Sharon A; Concordia, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Penka, Jerold D; Healy, Junior in Agricultural 

Sixth Roio: Penner, Jeanene S; Hutchinson, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Penner, Richard L; Sedgwick, Sophomore in General. 
Penner, Robert P; Hillsboro, Sophomore in Sociology. Pepper, 
Diane G; Salina, Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Percival, Sharon L; Coffeyville, Freshman in 
Modern Languages. Perkins, D. Eric; Elkhart, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Perkins, William H; Spearville, 
Freshman in Landscape Architecture. Perrier, John W; Dodge 
City, Freshman in Agricultural Economics. 

Eighth Row: Perrier, Thomas D; Eureka, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Perry, Dale J; Waverly, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Perry, Layton M; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Perry, Norma B; Wichita, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Journalism. 

Bottom Row: Peterman, Jennifer- J; Augusta, Sophomore in 
Modern Languages. Peters, Dennis R; Belleville, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Peters, Douglas K; Ellinwood, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Peters, Karen S; Belleville, Freshman in General. 


Top Row: Peters, Lola J; Summerfield, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Petersen, George E; Dighton, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Petersen, Rodney D; Republic, Junior in 
Physical Education. Peterson, Dale E; Morrowville, Sopho- 
more in General. 

Second Row: Peterson, Eldon E; Lindsborg, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Peterson, Fred L; junction City, Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. Peterson, Garth L; Monument, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. Peterson, Harold C; Mankato, 
Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. 

Third Row: Peterson, Jean E; Topeka, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Peterson, Lance A; Lincoln, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Peterson, Larry M; Burdick, Sophomore in Wild- 
life Conservation. Peterson, Lynee J; Inman, Junior in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Fourth Roiv: Peterson, Mary E; Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Peterson, Orville M; Bazaar, Junior in 
Agronomy. Peterson, Patricia L; Topeka, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Peterson, Ronald L; Haddam, Freshman in Animal 

Fifth Row: Peterson, Ronald W; Clyde, Sophomore in Geology. 
Petr, Daniel D; Blue Rapids, Freshman in Civil Engineering. 
Petri, Raymond L; Waverly, Junior in Nuclear Engineering. 
Petsch, Harold A; Kansas City, 03 in Architecture. 

Sixth Row: Peyton, Robert H; Norwich, Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Pfanenstiel, Richard; Salina, Junior in Pre-Law. 
Pfeifer, Larry E; Victoria, Freshman in Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Pflughoeft, Alan K; Ellsworth, Freshman in Animal 

Seventh Row: Pflughoeft, Mary J; Ellsworth, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Pharo, Michael G; Salina, Freshman in Architec- 
tural Engineering. Phillips, Robert W; Maize, Sophomore in 
Chemistry. Phillips, Terry I; Parsons, Sophomore in Electrical 

Eighth Row: Piatt, Joel D; Hutchinson, Junior in Social Sciences. 
Pickard, Stephen R; Concordia, Sophomore in Pre-Law. 
Picknick, Glenn M; Kansas City, Freshman in Wildlife Con- 
servation. Piepenbring, Jack; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Business Administration. 

Bottom Row: Pierce, Ralph L; Horton, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Pierson, Richard M; Overland Park, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Pilger, Shelia R; Sharon Springs, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Pimple, Michael R; Olpe, Junior in Elec- 
trical Engineering. 



Underclassmen: Pin— Qui 

Top Row: Pine, Stanley W; Manhattan, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Pinkerton, Shirley A; Wichita, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Pinkstaff, Alan J; Wichita, 03 in 
Architecture. Pino, Nick; Santa Fe, N.M., Sophomore in 
Business Administration. 

Second Row: Pintar, Joseph S; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Piper, Danny L; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Business Administration. Piper, Ross D; Burlington, 02 in 
Architecture. Pitt, John B; Massapequa, N.Y., 01 in Architecture. 

Third Row: Plett, Marilyn J; Garden City, Freshman in General. 
Plinsky, Robert O; Lincoln, Sophomore in Agronomy. Ploger, 
James R; Kinsley, Junior in Business Administration. Plummer, 
Gerald M; Bloomington, 111., Freshman in Pre-Law. 

Tourth Row: Poell, Linda A; Leavenworth, Freshman in Retail 
Floriculture. Pohl, Renita K; Baldwin, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Pohlman, Randolph A; Salina, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Pollock, Jon M; Mission Hills, Sopho- 
more in General. 

Fifth Row: Poison, Steven R; Kansas City, Mo., 03 in Archi- 
tecture. Poma, Louis L; Pagosa Springs, Colo., Junior in Business 
Administration. Pope, James W; Wichita, 03 in Architecture. 
Porter, Marcia L; Kansas City, Sophomore in History. 

Sixth Row: Post, Gail I; Waterville, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Potter, Sarah A; Wichita, Junior in Physical Therapy. 
Pottroff, Marlene K; Liberal, Freshman in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Powell, Constance A; Liberal, Junior in Elementary 

Seventh Rozu: Powell, Cora S; Partridge, Junior in Geography. 
Powell, David C; Oradell, N.J., Sophomore in Music Educa- 
tion. Powell, Douglas E; Abilene, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Powell, Eugene L; Hanston, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Eighth Row: Power, Virginia A; Mission, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Powers, Sherry L; Great Bend, Freshman in Social 
Sciences. Praeger, Kent R; Claflin, Sophomore in Political 
Science. Prather, Donald W; Topeka, Freshman in Electrical 

Bottom Row: Prather, Jerry D; Topeka, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Preheim, Sally R; Hurley, Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Presnal, Glade C; Goddard, Junior in Gov- 
ernment. Preston, Dale L; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Zoology. 


Topi Row: Pretzer, Marilyn K; Elmdale, Freshman in General. 
Pretzer, Mary J; Elmdale, Sophomore in Home Economics and 
Journalism. Prevo, Linda K; McPherson, Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Price, Ann J; Atwood, Freshman in Music Education. 

Second Row: Price, Carl B; Topeka, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Prideaux, Judith L; Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Elementary Education. Printz, Edward M; Englewood, N.J., 
Junior in Speech. Pritchett, Lynda L; Prairie Village, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics Teaching. 

Third Row: Pritz, Wayne L; Lincolnville, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Prochaska, Patricia; Topeka, Freshman in Medical 
Technology. Prose, Karen K; Dighton, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Prose, Ruby D; Alamota, Junior in Family and Child 

Fourth Row: Prosser, David H; Denver, Colo., Freshman in 
General. Pryor, Mary A; Salina, Sophomore in Sociology. 
Ptacek, Betty J; Manhattan, Sophomore in Psychology. Puig, 
Jorge; Puerto Rico, Sophomore in Business Administration 

Bottom Row: Pullman, Raymond P; Topeka, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Quails, Michael G; Wichita, Freshman 
in Physics. Query, Ann L; Brewster, Junior in English. Quillin, 
Dean M; South Haven, Junior in Agricultural Mechanization. 

At Engineers' and Architects' Open House, visitors inspect the 
Arnold Air Society display showing Air Force "action paintings." 

Underclassmen: Qui— Rey 

Top Row: Quiring, John M; Wichita, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Rader, Kay M; Mount Hope, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Raffety, Gary D; Manhattan, Junior in Landscape 
Architecture. Rafter, Barry L; Leavenworth, Junior in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. 

Second Row: Ragland, John W; Goodland, Mo., Freshman in 
Feed Technology. Raglow, Sheryl R; Bethel, Sophomore in 
Sociology. Raile, Loretta R; St. Francis, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Raines, Glenn A; Louisburg, Junior in Agronomy. 

Third Row: Rains, Mary K; Wichita, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. Raitt, Judy E; Rose Hill, Freshman in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Ralston, Marguerite; Wichita, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Ramey, Virginia A; Abilene, Freshman 
in General. 

Fourth Row: Ramsey, Carl C; Salina, 01 in Architecture. Ramsey, 
Julie K; Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. Ramsey, Lane C; 
Topeka, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. Randel, Kimble P; 

Kansas City, 02 in Architecture. 

Fifth Row: Randolph, Delvin D; Jennings, Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Raney, Leland W; Garnett, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Ransom, Nancy J; Williamsburg, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Ranz, Suzan C; Chanute, Freshman 
in General. 

Sixth Row: Rasmussen, Diane L; Oakley, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Rathbun, Gene P;Tescott, Sophomore in Nu- 
clear Engineering. Ratliff, Terry D; Junction City, Freshman in 
Pre-Law. Rattle, Cheryl L; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Social Sciences. 

Seventh Row: Rawlings, Paul H; Overland Park, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Ray, Joseph M; Kansas City, 02 in Architecture. Raymer, 
Cecilia M; Larned, Junior in Home Economics and Nursing. 
Rea, Roger U; Halstead, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Eighth Row: Reay, Jo L; Wichita, Freshman in General. Reece, 
Dixie J; Mankato, Junior in Psychology. Reed, Barbara L; 
Liberal, Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Reed, Ralph L; Fort 
Scott, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Bottom Row: Reed, Steven M; Topeka, Freshman in General. 
Reed, William W; Benton, Junior in Business Administration. 
Reedy, Stephen L; Hanover, Junior in Agricultural Economics. 
Reeh, Loretta E; Atwood, Sophomore in Home Economics 


Top Row: Rees, Jean E; Topeka, Freshman in Home Economics 
Nursing. Reeve, Sandra L; Garden City, 01 in Architecture. 
Reeves, Nancy C; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Regehr, Geraldine F; Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Extension. 

Second Row: Regier, Katherine M; Newton, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Reichard, Carolyn A; Darien, Conn., 
Freshman in Psychology. Reichert, Walter J; Linden, N.J., 03 in 
Architecture. Reid, Richard M; Howard, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Reid, Shirley J; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home 
Economics. Reid, Virginia R; Bedford, Tex., Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Reida, Frankie R; Rago, Junior in Physical Education. 
Reilly, Jean D; Fresno, Calif., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 

Fourth Row: Reimer, Donald E; Cimarron, Junior in Mechanical 
Engineering. Reimer, Robert R; Goessel, Sophomore in Agron- 
omy. Reinhardt, Nelson K; Council Grove, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Reiss, Raena L; Plains, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. 

Fifth Row: Reissig, William H; St. John, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Reiter, Michael J; Kingman, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Reiter, Pamela J; Mission, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Reiter, Stephen E; Paola, Freshman 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Sixth Roiv: Reiz, Judith A; Wichita, Junior in Business Admin- 
istration. Remley, Max D; Beloit, Sophomore in General. Ren- 
ning, Claudette K; Eagle Grove, Iowa, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Nursing. Rensenhouse, Nina S; Shawnee Mission, 
Junior in Modern Languages. 

Seventh Row: Renz Karen S; Manhattan, Junior in Business 
Administration. Repp, Karen S; Junction City, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Reser, Larry D; Rossville, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Resley, Jacqueline M; Russell, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Art. 

Eighth Row: Resley, Vicki A; Russell, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration, Accounting. Reusser, Joan K; Walton, Junior in 
Home Economics. Rexroad, Chloe E; Downs, Freshman in 
General. Rexroat, Linda L; Downs, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics and Art. 

Bottom Row: Reynolds, Gregory M; Wichita, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Reynolds, James F; Salina, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Reynolds, Martha J; Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Freshman in General. Reynolds, Nona G; Overland Park, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 


Underclassmen: Rey— Roc 

Top Row: Reynolds, William L; Winfield, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Rhea, Arthur T; McPherson, Freshman in Psychology. 
Rhine, Barry L; Haddam, Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. 
Rhoads, Chester V; Great Bend, Sophomore in Horticulture. 

Second Row: Rhodes, Margaret E; Great Bend, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Rhodes, Thomas W; Kansas City, Junior 
in Business Administration Accounting. Riat, Linda R; Wa- 
mego, Junior in Secondary Education. Rice, Carolyn E; Wy- 

more, Neb., Junior in Home Economics Teaching. 

Third Row: Rice, Gaylord L; Paola, Freshman in Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Rice, Janet K; Wichita, Junior in Elementary Education. 
Rice, Robert W; Emporia, Sophomore in Technical Journalism. 
Rice, Sharon F; Ottawa, Freshman in Home Economics 

Fourth Row: Rice, Terrence S; Valley Falls, Sophomore in 
Agronomy. Rich, Charles L; Overbrook, Junior in Animal 
Husbandry. Rich Randall L; St. John, Sophomore in Mechanical 
Engineering. Richard, Barbara K; Miltonvale, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. 

Fifth Row: Richards, Sandra K; Wichita, Sophomore in General. 
Richardson, Dale M; Stafford, Junior in Animal Husbandry. 
Richardson, Karen J; Leawood, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Richardson, Ralph C; Manhattan, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 

Sixth Row: Richel, Linda A; Topeka, Junior in Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Richter, Mary P; Montgomery, Ala., Freshman 
in Mathematics. Rickard, Loren J; Lyons, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Rickenbacher, Pattie; Prairie Village, 
Junior in Family and Child Development. 

Seventh Roiv: Ricker, Ronald R; Raymond, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Ricklefs, Dennis E; Severance, Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Ridenour, Craig W; Council Grove, 01 in 
Architecture. Rider, Eugene D; Hays, Freshman in Business 

Eighth Row: Rieck, Larry A; Manhattan, Sophomore in Pre- 
Forestry. Riedel, Eugene A; Leavenworth, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Riedl, Don L; Cozad, Neb., Junior in Chem- 
ical Engineering. Riedl, Patrick H; Otis, Junior in Electrical 

Bottom Row: Riedl, Robert L; Hoisington, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Rieke, Deanne M; Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Freshman in General. Riemann, A. Edwin; Claflin, 02 in 
Architecture. Riemann, Jerald A; Claflin, Junior in Animal 


Top Row: Hiemann, Melvin L; Claflin, Freshman in Agricul- 
tural Economics. Riley, Randall B; Valley Center, Freshman in 
Chemical Engineering. Ring, Denise G; Conway, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Ringel, Clark D; Alma, Junior in Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

Second Row: Ringel, Larry H; Alma, Sophomore in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Rinkel, Barbara I; Haviland, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Rippetoe, Robert D; Shreveport, La., 
Freshman in General. Rippey, Gertrude F; Wichita, Junior in 
Elementary Education. 

Third Row: Risley, Rama J; Girard, Junior in Foods and Nutri- 
tion. Risley, Randy D; Girard, Freshman in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Risser, Linda D; Leawood, Freshman in General. Rivers, 
Collin J; Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Roach, Patricia A; Anthony, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Roach, Sallie K; Overland Park, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics Teaching. Roark, Sandra L; Shawnee 
Mission, Junior in Home Economics. Robb, David E; Dodge 
City, Junior in Agronomy. 

Fifth Row: Robben, Ronald D; Park, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Robbins, Carol L; Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Sophomore in Modern Languages. Robbins, Marilyn S; 
Newtonia, Mo., Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. Roberson, 
Sharon P; Arkansas City, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Roberts, Keith L; Bonner Springs, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Robertson, Dorothy J; 
Baldwin, Sophomore in Home Economics and Extension. Rob- 
inson, Jackie J; Frankfort, Sophomore in General. Robinson, 
James M; Kansas City, Junior in Sociology. 

Seventh Row: Robinson, Jannette S; Nashville, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Robinson, Larry W; Harveyville, Junior 
Wildlife Conservation. Robinson, Melvin, D; Sabetha, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration Accounting. Robinson, Pa- 
tricia A; Moorestown, N.J., Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Eighth Row: Robinson, Phyllis M; Lenexa, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. Robinson, Richard L; Downs, Junior in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Robinson, Rita M; Hill City, Sopho- 
more in General. Robinson, Roy L; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Milling Technology. 

Bottom Row: Robison, Curtis L; Parsons, Sophomore in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Robison, Roberta F; Liberty, Mo., Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Rock, William F; Muncie, Sophomore 
in Physical Education. Rockers, George A; Hiawatha, Fresh- 
man in Nuclear Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Roc— Rys 

Top Row: Rockholds, David R; Salina, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Roebke, Catherine A; Clay Center, Freshman in 
Music. Roenne, George W; Osborne, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Roes, Herbert A; Mission, Junior in Business 

Second Roiv: Roesler, Ronald H; Junction City, Sophomore in 
Pre-Dentistry. Rogers, Candace L; Lawrence, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Rogers, Marvin Ray; Concordia, Junior 
in Mechanical Engineering. Rogers, Michael D; Carbondale, 
Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. 

Third Row: Rogers, Neil D; Garnett, Sophomore in Landscape 
Architecture. Rogers, Patricia L; Valley Center, Junior in Chem- 
istry. Rohloff, Douglas M; Herington, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Rohrbaugh, Robert G; Cimarron, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Rokey, Garry J; Sabetha, Sophomore in Animal 
Husbandry. Rollins, David L; McLouth, Freshman in Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Rollins, Larry W; Wichita, 01 in Architecture. 
Romberger, Lynn D; Solomon, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Fifth Row: Romberger, Rodger J; Abilene, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Romig, William J; Manhattan, Junior in 
Physiology. Ronsick, Eugene J; Lincolnville, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Roode, Thomas M; Fairbury, Neb., Fresh- 
man in Animal Husbandry. 

Sixth Row: Root, Donald R; Ellsworth, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Root, Jon R; Ellsworth, Junior in English. Rork, 
Dennis E; Mulvane, Freshman in Music Education. Rork, 
Edward L; Mulvane, Junior in Business Administration 

Seventh Row: Rose, Jack D; Tonganoxie, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Rose, Sara J; Ft. Dodge, Freshman in Foods and 
Nutrition. Rosen, Harvey I; Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Rosenblatt, Lewis; Tenafly, N.J., Junior 
in Pre-Medicine. 

Eighth Row: Rosenkranz, Ronald R; Washington, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Rosenkranz, Susan L; Pratt, Junior in 
Technical Journalism. Rosenthal, Herbert M; Kansas City, 
Freshman in Landscape Architecture. Ross, Franklin H; 

Jewell, Junior in Pre-Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Ross, Norman K; Great Bend, Junior in Pre-Medi- 
cine. Ross, Richard D; Osage City, Sophomore in Landscape 
Architecture. Ross, William R; Beloit, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Roth, Lloyd G; Hays, Junior in Architectural 


Top Row: Rothberger, Jamie; Topeka, Sophomore in Art. Roth- 
fuss, Jerry W; Clifton, Freshman in Bakery Management. 
Rotman, Janet A; Downs, Sophomore in Home Economics 
Teaching. Rowan, Judith A; Belle Plaine, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. 

Second Row: Rowe, Judith A; Wichita, Junior in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Rowland, James N; Junction City, Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Rowland, John Robert; Rockford, 111., Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Rowland, Vickie K; Newton, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

Third Roiv: Rowlen, Craig S; Belleville, Freshman in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Rowlison, Jon R; Hoxie, Freshman in General. 
Royer, Dale L; Arrington, Sophomore in Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Ruckle, Delbert G; Wichita, Sophomore in Physical 

Fourth Row: Ruediger, Norman E; Topeka, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Ruggles, Charles W; Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Pre-Medicine. Ruhnke, Bonnie R; Troy, Junior in Clothing 
Retailing. Rule, John R; Norton, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 

Fifth Row: Rundell, Margaret E; Salina, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Rundell, Nancy L; Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Runnion, Karen L; Phillips- 
burg, Sophomore in Home Economics Teaching. Rupp, Janet 
Sue; Manhattan, Freshman in Secondary Education. 

Sixth Roiv: Rusch, Elaine A; Russell, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Rushton, William H; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in General. Rusink, Larry E; Frankfort, Sophomore in Bus- 
iness Administration. Russ, Roger A; Natoma, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Russack, Mark; Paterson, N.J., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Russell, John L; Marion, Junior in 
Geology. Russell, Max R; Courtland, Freshman in Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Russell, Sue E; Leavenworth, Junior in 
Secondary Education. 

Eighth Row: Rust, Linda M; Goodland, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Ruthstrom, Lana S; Manhattan, Soph- 
omore in General. Ryan, James J; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Business Administration. Ryan, John J; Dover, N.J., Sophomore 
in Nuclear Engineering. 

Bottom Roiv: Ryan, Mary E; Leavenworth, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Ryan, William D; Solomon, Freshman in 
Agriculture. Ryser, Charles A; Haddam, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Ryser, Mary A; Haddam, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. 


Underclassmen: Sag— Sch 

Top Row: Sageser, Sandra J; Manhattan, Freshman in General. 
Saindon, Jean E; Concordia, Freshman in Political Science. 
Saines, Nicoletta; Leavenworth, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Salisbury, Stanley A; Wichita, Junior in Psychology. 

Second Roiv: Salter, Moutrie L; Clay Center, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Sampson, Karen I; Salina, Freshman 
in Civil Engineering. Samuelson, Mark G; Augusta, Freshman 
in Government. Sand, Mary C; Riley, Sophomore in Business 

Third Roiv: Sandberg, Michael L; New York, N.Y., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Sandell, Robert D; Manhattan, Junior 
in Physics. Sanders, Kenneth A; Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Sanders, Thomas B; Prairie Village, 
Junior in Horticulture. 

Fourth Roiv: Sandlin, Betty J; Olathe, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Sandlin, Sandra M; Olathe, Freshman in 
Physical Education. Sandy, Paula K; Osborne, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Journalism. Sankey, Richard R; McPher- 
son, Sophomore in Dentistry. 

Fifth Row: Sansone, Gennaro; New York, N.Y, Sophomore in 
Electrical Engineering. Sapp, Gary L; Larned, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Saror, Daniel I; Nigeria, 
Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Sauble, John D; Cedar 
Point, Freshman in Agricultural Economics. 

Sixth Row: Sauder, Sharon K; Madison, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Savoy, Douglas G; Wichita, 01 in Archi- 
tecture. Sayers, Julian F; Independence, 04 in Architecture. 
Scanlan, Patrick D; San Diego, Calif., 01 in Architecture. 

Seventh Row: Scanland, Judith A; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Schafer, Charles P; Princeton, N.J., 
Freshman in General. Schaich, Cecelia M; Topeka, Sophomore 
in Foods and Nutrition. Schanefelt, Dennis D; Abilene, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. 

Eighth Row: Schasteen, Patty J; Mound City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Scheaffer, Daryl R; Abilene, Freshman in 
General. Schecher, Diane K; Wichita, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Scheffer, James D; Salina, Sophomore in 

Bottom Row: Schembs, Frank G; Kansas City, 03 in Architecture. 
Scheuerman, Perry O; Bison, Freshman in Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Schiff, Sue E; Medicine Lodge, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Schiffner, Glenn D; Colby, Junior in Agricultural 


Sunshine and fair temperatures sometimes induce professors to 
conduct small discussion groups or drawing classes out-of-doors. 

Top Row: Schild, Karin I; Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Schimpf, Cheryl A; Marion, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Schinstock, Eugene E; Kinsley, Soph- 
omore in Pre-Medicine. Schlagel, Charles W; Olathe, Junior 
in Government. 

Second Rozu: Schlagel, Mary A; Olathe, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Art. Schleicher, Linda J; Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore in Secondary Education. Schlessiger, Mary E; 
Holyrood, Sophomore in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 
Schlosser, Bryon R; Kansas City, Freshman in Pre-Law. 

Third Roiv: Schmanke, Kenneth P; Alta Vista, Junior in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Schmelzel, Betty A; Topeka, Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. Schmidt, Alfred P; Newton, Sophomore in 
General. Schmidt, Barbara J; Council Grove, Freshman in 

Fourth Row: Schmidt, David E; Syracuse, Freshman in General. 
Schmidt, Frederick J; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in Busi- 
ness Administration. Schmidt, Harlow K; Newton, Sophomore 
in Landscape Architecture. Schmidt, Larry E; Goessel, Sopho- 
more in Agricultural Education. 

Bottom Row: Schmidt, Lauren E; Newton, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Schmidt, Leon B; Caldwell, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. Schmidt, Lorn J; Glasco, Freshman in General. Schmidt, 
Merrill K; Goessel, Freshman in Agricultural Education. 


Underclassmen: Sch-Sei 

Top Row: Schmidt, Patricia A; Salina, Freshman in Psychology. 
Schmidt, Raedene; Syracuse, Junior in Pre-Medicine. Schmidt, 
Wolfgang P; Paola, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. Schmitt, 
Kay L; Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Second Row: Schmitt, William J; Kinsley, Freshman in Chem- 
ical Engineering. Schneider, Beverly A; Summerfield, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Schneider, Diane L; Bazine, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Schneider, Norma R; Dorrance, 
Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Third Row: Schneider, Virginia; Ellsworth, Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Schneikart, Joan R; Kansas City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Schoen, Rose M; Beloit, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Schoenbeck, James E; Junction City, 
Junior in Business Administration. 

Fourth Row: Schoenfelder, James; Bethel, 01 in Architecture. 
Schoenthaler, Terry; Ellis, Freshman in Agricultural Education. 
Schofield, John S; Walnut Creek, Calif., Freshman in Mathe- 
matics. Scholz, Carol S; Atchison, Freshman in General. 

Fifth Row: Schoolcraft, Daniel; Fredonia, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Schott, Donald W; Leavenworth, 
Freshman in General. Schrader, Dorothy J; Lancaster, Freshman 
in Home Economics. Schrader, John W; Lancaster, Junior in 

Sixth Row: Schrader, Phyllis E; Junction City, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Schrader, Stuart L; Kinsley, Freshman 
in Industrial Engineering. Schrag, Constance A; Moundridge, 
Freshman in Applied Music. Schrandt, William J; Glasco, Junior 
in Industrial Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Schreck, Dan R; Marienthal, Sophomore in Chem- 
istry. Schreiner, Leslie A; Douglass, Junior in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Schroder, Sheryl K; Wichita, Freshman in Philosophy. 
Schroeder, Beverly S; Marysville, Sophomore in Elementary 

Eighth Row: Schroeder, Katherine; Moundridge, Junior in 
Speech. Schroeder, Ruth E; Green, Freshman in Music Educa- 
tion. Schroeppel, Cheryl S; Kansas City, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Art. Schruben, Dale L; Manhattan, Junior in 
Nuclear Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Schulthess, James G; Haven, Freshman in Business 
Administration. Schultis, Clair S; McPherson, Junior in Nu- 
clear Engineering. Schultz, Janet L; Trousdale, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Schumacher, Martha A; Great Bend, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 


Topi Row: Schupp, Iva L; Benton, Junior in Home Economics 
Teaching. Schutte, Susan L; Wichita, Freshman in Humanities. 
Schwant, Eldon W; Blaine, junior in Agronomy. Schwarm, 
Larry W; Greensburg, 03 in Architecture. 

Second Row: Schwartz, Joseph M; Basehor, Freshman in Wild- 
life Conservation. Schwartzkopf, Olga E; Ransom, Junior in 
Clothing Retailing. Schwarz, Gretchen C; Wichita, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. Schweiger, John C; 
Richmond, Ind., Junior in General. 

Third Roiv: Schweitzer, Mary E; Penokee, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Extension. Schweitzer, Stephen; Osborne, 
Sophomore in General. Schwing, James E; Trenton, N.J., Soph- 
omore in Civil Engineering. Scoby, Cheryl E; Sabetha, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Fourth Row: Scoggins, Jesse R; Ensign, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Scott, Alan J; Jennings, 02 in Architecture. Scott, 
Gene M; Kinsley, Freshman in Pre-Medicine. Scott, Harry M; 

Wetmore, Freshman in General. 

Fifth Row: Scott, Joan E; Topeka, Junior in Chemistry. Scott, 
Kathleen S; Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics and Ex- 
tension. Scott, Kathryn A; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Social Sciences. Scott, Martha J; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Animal Husbandry. 

Sixth Roiv: Scott, Nancy J; Wichita, Junior in Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Scott, Phyllis I; Brewster, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Scott, Thomas W; Chanute, Junior in Chemical 
Engineering. Seaman, Pamela J; Salina, Freshman in Cloth- 
ing Retailing. 

Seventh Row: Seaman, Sherry S; Chapman, Freshman in 
General. Seaman, William D; Salina, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Seaton, Linda L; Chapman, Sophomore in Phys- 
ical Therapy. Sebesta, Linda J; Wilson, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. 

Eighth Row: Sechrist, Lyle D; Delphos, Freshman in Milling 
Technology. Sedlak, Daniel J; Winchester, Junior in Pre- 
Dentistry. Seeman, James L; Basehor, Freshman in Pre- 
Dentistry. Seger, Larry L; Wichita, Sophomore in Business 

^+* k XkJS^ 

Bottom Row: Seibert, Gary D; Macksville, Sophomore in Ani- 
mal Husbandry. Seim, Larry W; Lisbon, N.D., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Seip, Terry L; Summerfield, Sophomore 
in Chemical Engineering. Seitz, Patricia A; Alexandria, Va., 
Freshman in History. 


Underclassmen: Sel— Shi 

Top Row: Selbe, William L; Kansas City, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Sell, Philip L; Fredonia, Freshman in Horticulture. 
Setzkorn, Roger L; Rock, Freshman in Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Seward, Freeman G; Eureka, Sophomore in General. 

Second Row: Sexton, Janet K; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Seybert, Alice F; Meade, Freshman in 
Art. Seyfert, Don M; Humboldt, 03 in Architecture. Seyfert, 
Ronald J; Hoisington, Freshman in Feed Technology. 

Third Row; Shackelford, Jean A; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
General. Shafer, Carol J; Spring Hill, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Shaffer, Martie R; Overland Park, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Shaffer, William J; Simpson, Junior 
in Government. 

Fourth Roiv: Shalkoski, Victor F; Leavenworth, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Shane, Patricia L; Wich- 
ita, Sophomore in Elementary Education. Shane, Thomas G; 
Junction City, Sophomore in Biological Science. Shank, George 
S; St. John, Freshman in Business Administration Accounting. 

Fifth Row: Shank, Glen L; Herington, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. Shank, James L; New Cambria, 
Sophomore in Agricultural Economics. Shank, Luanne R; 
Wichita, Junior in Home Economics Teaching. Shannon, Linda 
M; Kansas City, Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Sixth Row: Shannon, Margaret J; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Shapiro, Mark P; New York, N.Y., 
Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Sharbutt, Lowell G; 
Overland Park, Junior in Restaurant Management. Sharp, 
Marvin W; Junction City, Junior in Business Administration. 

Seventh Row: Shaw, Beryl A; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Mathematics. Shaw, Bobbie J; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore 
in Physical Education. Shaw, Graham H; Canada, Sophomore 
in Bakery Management. Shawver, Norman T; Wichita, Junior 
in Pre-Law. 

Eighth Row: Sheahan, William F; Topeka, 02 in Architecture. 
Sheehan, Joe W; Le Mars, Iowa, Junior in Pre-Law. Sheets, 
John L; Chapman, Sophomore in Civil Engineering. Sheik, 
Alice J; Bern, Sophomore in General. 

Bottom Row: Sheik, Jean A; Bern, Freshman in Physical Educa- 
tion. Shelby, Lana K; Manhattan, Freshman in Music Educa- 
tion. Sheldon, James E; Independence, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Sheldon, Randall E; Cunningham, Freshman in 


After the last Wildcat touchdown, which led to a 17-14 victory 
over Oklahoma State, frenzied fans toss flashcards into the air. 

Top Row: Sheldon, Susan J; Topeka, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Shell, Larry G; Eureka, Sophomore in General. 
Shellenberger, Charles; Ransom, Sophomore in Business Ad- 
ministration. Shelor, Michael E; Minneola, 01 in Architecture. 

Second Row; Shelor, Robert S; Bucklin, Freshman in Humani- 
ties. Shelton, Katherine E; Topeka, Junior in Family and Child 
Development. Shelton, Sue A; Manhattan, Junior in Mathe- 
matics. Sheneman, Danny D; Weston, Mo., Freshman in 

Third Row: Shenkel, Jeffrey L; Manhattan, Freshman in Special. 
Sheppard, Robert A; Philadelphia, Pa., Junior in Business 
Administration. Sherer, Jane A; Mullinville, Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Sherer, Sandra L; Mullinville, Freshman 
in Physical Therapy. 

Bottom Row: Sherwood, Jacob M; Concordia, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. Shetlar, James F; Conway Springs, Junior 
in Chemistry. Shetlar, James R; Girard, Freshman in Civil 
Engineering. Shideler, Robert W; Topeka, Freshman in General. 


Underclassmen: Shi— Slo 

Top Row: Shiel, Daniel J; Prairie Village, Freshman in Civil 
Engineering. Shields, Alan J; Salina, Sophomore in Art. 
Shields, Dorothy J; Salina, Freshman in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Shier, Ann M; Gypsum, Junior in English. 

Second Row: Shimer, Kathryn M; Topeka, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Shipley, Michael J; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in Business Administration. Shirley, John R; Nor- 
catur, Sophomore in Pre-Dental. Shivers, Donald G; Holton, 
Sophomore in Mathematics. 

Third Row: Shivers, Robert A; Holton, Junior in Mathematics. 
Shoemaker, Linda F; St. Joseph, Mo., 03 in Architecture. 
Shoup, Elizabeth A; Larned, Sophomore in Retail Floriculture. 
Shove, Craig R; Onaga, 01 in Architecture. 

Tourth Row: Shrack, James K; Pratt, Sophomore in Landscape 
Architecture. Shryock, Stephen A; Wichita, 01 in Architecture. 
Shubert, Larry R; Council Grove, Freshman in Biological 
Science. Shue, Sharon M; Hays, Sophomore in Psychology. 

Fifth Row: Shugar, Elaine S; Herington, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Shulda, Karen K; Belleville, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Shultz, Cletus E; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Technical Journalism. Shultz, James D; Lawrence, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Sixth Row: Sidebottom, Willa F; Wichita, Junior in Foods and 
Nutrition. Siebert, William J; Hillsboro, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Siefkes, Dennis R; Hudson, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Siegle, Roberta R; Westmoreland, 
Sophomore in Secondary Education. 

Seventh Row: Siemens, John L; Liberal, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Sieverin, Andree J; Clay Center, Freshman in 
Home Economics Teaching. Sigg, Mark L; Soldier, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Sim, James R; Lakin, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Simmonds, David W; Wichita, Junior in Political 
Science. Simmons, Patricia A; Clyde, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Simms, Douglas G; Republic, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Simms, Roger K; Republic, Junior in Business 

Bottom Row: Simpson, Carol J; Milton, Junior in Psychology. 
Simpson, Marilyn A; Junction City, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Simpson, Sherry L; Dodge City, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Sims, Michael E; Hutchinson, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. 


Top Row: Singer, Leland O; Holton, Freshman in Physical 
Sciences. Singer, Marilyn L; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Singleterry, John L; Holdrege, Neb., 
Freshman in Economics. Sipple, Deanna D; Marysville, Soph- 
omore in Secondary Education. 

Second Row: Sivage, Carl B; Cody, Wyo., Junior in Pre-Medicine. 
Skach, James C; Wichita, Freshman in Nuclear Engineering. 
Skaer, William C; Augusta, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Skaggs, Lee A; Phillipsburg, Freshman in Secondary 

Third Row: Skaptason, Sandra L; Stilwell, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Skinner, James A; Manhattan, Junior in 
Feed Technology. Skoch, Leroy V; Powhattan, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Skonberg, Irene S; Randolph, Junior in Music 

Fourth Row: Skow, Andy M; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Skradski, Andrea A; Kansas City, 
Freshman in Modern Languages. Slaven, Ronald D; Arkansas 
City, Junior in Civil Engineering. Slentz, Sharyn L; Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman in Home Economics and Art. 

Bottom Row: Sloan, David E; Kingman, 03 in Architecture. 
Sloan, Kathleen A; Hiawatha, Junior in Modern Languages. 
Sloan, Nancy J; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Slocum, Sharon L; Seneca, Junior in 
Music Education. 

Joy and disappointment among students appear in striking contrast 
as student government election returns are posted on a blackboard. 


Underclassmen: Slo— Soc 

Top Row: Slothower, Becky M; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Journalism. Slusher, Steven H; Wichita, Soph- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Small, Diane L; Wichita, 
Freshman in Secondary Education. Small, Sheila J; Horton, 
Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. 

Second Roiv: Small, Susan J; Wichita, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Smalley, Suzanne M; Wichita, Freshman in Medical 
Technology. Smallwood, Gene R; Dodge City, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Smith, Barbara L; Olathe, Sophomore in General. 

Third Row: Smith, Barry D; Kansas City, Junior in Business 
Administration. Smith, Danny L; Milton, Freshman in Electri- 
cal Engineering. Smith, David D; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Dennis W; Eureka, Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Tourth Row: Smith, Douglas C; Othello, Wash., Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Smith, Elizabeth A; Topeka, 
Freshman in General. Smith, Elizabeth D; Wichita, Sophomore 
in Applied Music. Smith, Eugene L; Lakewood, Ohio, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Smith, Evelyn P; Miltonvale, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Smith, Garry L; Waterville, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration Accounting. Smith, Gary L; 
Overland Park, Sophomore in Landscape Architecture. Smith, 
Gary L; Shawnee, Freshman in Bacteriology. 

Sixth Row: Smith, Glenda M; Elkhart, Freshman in Technical 
Journalism. Smith, Harold J; Hutchinson, Junior in Biological 
Science. Smith, James G; Kansas City, Junior in Physical Educa- 
tion. Smith, Janet G; Norwich, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Seventh Row: Smith, Janice E; Bethel, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Smith, Jilinda A; Larned, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Smith, John C; Larkinburg, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Jo S; Topeka, Freshman in Home 

Eighth Row: Smith, Joyce M; Almena, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Smith, Kelsey J; Junction City, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Law. Smith, Linda S. Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Art. Smith, Lora M; Larned, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Journalism. 

Bottom Row: Smith, Pamela K; Liberal, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Smith, Paul D; Kansas City, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Smith, Philip W; Copeland, Fresh- 
man in Agricultural Economics. Smith, Ronald W; Great Bend, 
01 in Architecture. 


Top Row: Smith, Roy O; Grandview, Mo., Junior in Chem- 
istry. Smith, Sherry D; Phillipsburg, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Smith, Spencer L; Larned, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. Smith, Stanley W; Whiting, Freshman 
in Agriculture. 

Second Row: Smith, Thomas C; Douglass, Sophomore in Ani- 
mal Husbandry. Smith, Thomas W; Lewis, Freshman 
in Secondary Education. Smith Walter J; Quincy, Mass., 01 
in Architecture. Smoot, Allen E; Tulsa, Okla., Sophomore in 
Animal Husbandry. 

Third Row: Smull, Ann W; Independence, Sophomore in Social 
Sciences. Smutny, Nancy K; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. Smutz, Darryl D; Meade, Fresh- 
man in General. Smutz, Rebecca J; Clay Center, Freshman in 

Fourth Row: Sneath, Jon C; Brookville, Junior in Civil Engi- 
neering. Snider, Robert D; Abilene, Junior in General. Snook, 
Duane J; Johnson, Junior in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Snyder, 
Dallas F; Duncannon, Pa., Freshman in Speech. 

Bottom Row: Snyder, David O; El Dorado, Junior in Pre- 
Medicine. Snyder, Gordon E; Sabetha, Junior in Art. Snyder, 
Karen S; Ottawa, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Socolofsky, Barbara; Scott City, Sophomore in Physi- 
cal Education. 

Sponsored by an aircraft corporation, a traveling engineering ex- 
hibit draws student spectators into a truck parked near the Union. 

Underclassmen: Soc— Ste 

Top Row: Socolofsky, Harold E; Ramona, Junior in Nuclear 
Engineering. Soder, Jon D; Wichita, Junior in Economics. 
Solberg, Linda J; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in Technical 
Journalism. Soldner, Jerry L; Salina, Sophomore in Mechanical 

Second Row. Soldner, William E; Salina, Junior in Psychology. 
Solomon, David J; Lenexa, Freshman in Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Somers, Dale L; Norton, Freshman in Pre-Law. Souder, 
Constance J; Augusta, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Third Row: Soupiset, Donald L; Elkhart, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Southard, Mary A; Stockton, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Art. Southerland, Susan C; St. Marys, 
Sophomore in Home Economics and Nursing. Sowell, Linda S; 
Manhattan, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Fourth Row: Sowers, Leon D; Murdock, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Education. Spachek, Donna M; Lincolnville, Freshman 
in Humanities. Spain, Phillip F; Leavenworth, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Spainhour, Marilyn K; 
Shawnee Mission, Junior in Modern Languages. 

Fifth Row: Spangenberg, Kenneth A; Hudson, Sophomore in 
Animal Husbandry. Spangler, M. Jill; Leawood, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Spangler, Nancy L; Atwater, Junior 
in Home Economics Teaching. Spangler, Sandra L; Axtell, Junior 
in Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Sparks, Donna M; Wichita, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Sparks, Linda N; Haysville, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Sparks, Robert A; Augusta, Junior in Wildlife 
Conservation. Spaulding, Stuart A; Cheney, Freshman in Civil 

Seventh Row: Spears, Jacqueline D; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in Physics. Specht, Judith A; Ogden, Freshman in General. 
Spector, Joel S; Brooklyn, N.Y., Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Speers, Nancy C; Wayzata, Minn., Junior in Secon- 
dary Education. 

Eighth Row: Spencer, Joann; Hill City, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Spencer, Laurence W; Faucett, Mo., 
Sophomore in Animal Husbandry. Sperry, Cynthia L; Prairie 
Village, Sophomore in Elementary Education. Spiers, Margie J; 
Oakley, Freshman in Physical Therapy. 

Bottom Row: Spiker, Gary D; Whiting, Sophomore in General. 
Spingler, Richard H; Topeka, Freshman in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Spitsnaugle, Rita M; WaKeeney, Junior in 
Secondary Education. Spitsnogle, Sherri D; Odell, Neb., Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Top Row: Spitzli, David A; Eudora, Junior in Secondary Educa- 
tion. Splitter, Gary A; Silver Spring, Md., Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Spotts,. Andrew G; Sterling, Freshman in 
General. Sprague, Michael T; N. Carlisle, Ind., Junior in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. 

Second Row: Spriggs, David W; Hutchinson, Junior in Business 
Administration. Springer, Graydon D; Elk City, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Springsted, Paul S; Leavenworth, 
Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. Sproul, 
Stephen K; Springfield, Mo., Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 

Third Row: St. Peter, Louis G; Winfield, Junior in Sociology. 
Stach, Robert E; Rossville, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Stafford, Linda K; Great Bend, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Stallbaumer, C. Joseph; Lincoln, Neb., Junior in 
Business Administration. 

Fourth Row: Stallbaumer, Louis A; Kelly, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Stallbaumer, Merlin; Seneca, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Stambaugh, Louis A; 
Prescott, Freshman in Feed Technology. Standley, Carol A; 

Cherryvale, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Stanley, Barbara J; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Stanley, Keith L; Kansas City, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration. Stanley, Linda K; Kansas 
City, Junior in Secondary Education. Stapleton, Karen A; 
Junction City, Freshman in Technical Journalism. 

Sixth Row: Starbuck, Diane K; Bethel, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Stark, Patricia D; Kansas City, Freshman in English. 
Starkey, Ramona J; Strong City, Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Starns, Carol A; Wichita, Junior in English. 

Seventh Row: States, Alan E; Logan, Freshman in Agriculture. 
Stauffer, Harlan D; Nickerson, Junior in Civil Engineering. 
Stauffer, Ray D; Hutchinson, Junior in Milling Technology. 
Steanson, Donald L; Parsons, Junior in Feed Technology. 

Eighth Row: Stearns, Gerson H; Great Bend, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Stearns, Max M; Manhattan, Junior 
in Pre-Medicine. Steele, Charles G; Waterville, Junior in 
Physical Education. Steele, Rosemary P; Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Art. 

Bottom Row: Steen, Philip J; Paola, Freshman in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Steeples, Donald W; Palco, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Engineering. Stegman, Albertina M; Grainfield, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Stegner, John D; Belvue, 
Junior in Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Ste— Str 

Top Row: Steiger, Robert D; Menlo, Sophomore in Govern- 
ment. Stein, Kenneth W; Halstead, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Steinberg, Robert A; Rego Park, N.Y., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Steinbrink, Mary R; Hiawatha, 
Junior in Home Economics Teaching. 

Second Row: Stephans, William F; Wichita, Junior in General. 
Stephen, Karen S; Wichita, Junior in Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Stephens, Alan R; Paola, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Stephens, Norla M; Pierceville, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Nursing. 

Third Row: Stephens, Sharron L; Norwich, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Stephenson, Larry R; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Stephenson, Paul D; 
Cottonwood, Junior in Business Administration. Sterling, 
Merle; Humboldt Junior in Agricultural Economics. 

Fourth Row: Stern, Scott M; Topeka, Freshman in Nuclear 
Engineering. Sterne, Kenneth K; Topeka, Junior in Political 
Science. Stevens, Allan R; Springfield, Neb., Junior in Electri- 
cal Engineering. Stevens, Carol J; Chapman, Freshman in 
Modern Languages. 

Fifth Row: Stevens, Linda L; Salina, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Stevens, Marsha L; Ottawa, Freshman in Art. 
Stevens, Michael B; Canada, Freshman in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Stevenson, Ruth V; Mankato, Sophomore in Physi- 
cal Education. 

Sixth Row: Stevenson, Susan; Great Bend, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Stewart, Andrew F; Kansas City, Freshman in 
Chemistry. Stewart, Connelaine; Bonner Springs, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Stewart, Deanna G; Hutchinson, Junior 
in Government. 

Seventh Row: Stewart, Edwin D; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in General. Stewart, Gary A; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. Stewart, Gary D; Wamego, Freshman 
in Electrical Engineering. Stewart, Jack M; Topeka, Freshman 
in Business Administration Accounting. 

Eighth Row: Stewart, Mildred A; Luray, Sophomore in English. 
Stewart, Paul A; Wichita, Freshman in Music Education. 
Stewart, William J; Haddonfield, N.J., Junior in Secondary 
Education. Stickney, Jeanne H; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore 
in Home Economics and Nursing. 

Bottom Row: Stindt, Judith A; Redwood City, Calif., Freshman 
in Clothing Retailing. Stites, Charles M; Hill City, Junior in 
Agricultural Economics. Stivers, Fred S; Rome, Ga., Junior in 
Milling Technology. Stock, Jeanette L; Summerfield, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 


As future engineers, members of a surveying lab class familiarize 
themselves with the operation of various surveying instruments. 

Top Row: Stoddard, Sheryl A; Miami, Fla., Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Stoecker, Gary Q; Spearville, Sophomore 
in Physics. Stoehr, Charles L; Plattsmouth, Neb., Junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. Stoehr, Phillip J; Murdock, Sophomore 
in Geology. 

Second Row: Stolberg, Margene S; Shawnee Mission, Freshman 
in General. Stoll, Johnny E; Blencoe, Iowa, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Stone, Beverly J; Leonardville, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics and Nursing. Stone, Nancy R; 
Beloit, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Third Ro~w: Stone, Richard E; Wichita, Freshman in Pre-Law. 
Stone, Sharon L; Ada, 02 in Architecture. Stone, Suzanne; 
Ft. Scott, Junior in Physical Education. Stonecipher, William; 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Pre-Law. 

Fourth Row: Stoner, Kenneth L; Garden City, Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. Stoops, Avis A; Hugoton, Sophomore in 
Medical Technology. Stoppel, Eugene E; Ness City, Freshman 
in business Administration. Storrer, Karen I; Madison, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics Teaching. 

Fifth Row: Stout, Joseph H; Bazaar, Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Stout, Melvin J; Paxico, Sophomore in Landscape 
Architecture. Stout, Robert J; Minneapolis, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Stover, Joann; Overland Park, Junior in Modern Languages. 

Bottom Row: Stover, Nancy K; Anthony, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Stover, Robert H; Topeka, Sophomore in Agricul- 
tural Economics. Stover, Roger B; Topeka, Freshman 
in Agricultural Economics. Strahm, Elaine F; Fairview, Junior 
in Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Str— Swe 

Top Row: Strait, Judith S; El Dorado, Junior in Clothing Retail- 
ing. Strauss, James E; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Archi- 
tectural Engineering. Strecker, Albert H; Paradise, Junior in 
Agricultural Engineering. Streeter, Arthur C; Manhattan, Soph- 
omore in Physics. 

Second Row: Streit, Edwin H; Tipton, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Stricklin, Gary J; Liberal, Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. Strohm, David A; Manhattan, Soph- 
omore in Psychology. Strube, John H; Hiwatha, Junior in 
Agricultural Economics. 

Third Row: Strysower, Stephen A; New York, N.Y., Sophomore 
in Chemistry. Stuart, James G; Glenfelde, Freshman in Physical 
Science. Stubbs, Thomas A; Wichita, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Stuckey, Cheryl R; Wichita, Junior in 

Fourth Row: Stuckey, Larry D; Leavenworth, Junior in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Stude, John W; Copeland, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Studebaker, Ralph E; Elkhart, Junior in Agricultural 
Education. Stuessi, Janice L; Prairie Village, Freshman in 

Fifth Row: Stuessi, Keith A; Prairie Village, Junior in Business 
Administration. Stump, Jerry H; Blue Rapids, Freshman in 
General. Stumpff, Judith L; DeSoto, Sophomore in Medical 
Technology. Sturdevant, Sandra F; El Dorado, Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Sturgis, Constance A; Burdick, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Stutzman, Harriet J; Kansas City, Sophomore 
in Modern Languages. Suberkropp, Jerald L; Holton, Freshman 
in Chemistry. Suchart, Carol A; Prairie Village, Freshman 
in General. 

Seventh Row: Suchsland, Eileen M; Norton, Sophomore in 
Physical Therapy. Sudbeck, Odo M; Seneca, Sophomore in 
Pre-Medicine. Suellentrop, John M; Great Bend, Junior in 
Business Administration. Suenram, Richard D; Halstead, Soph- 
omore in Chemistry. 

Eighth Row: Sughrue, Kathleen M; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Family and Child Development. Sughrue, Patricia A; Man- 
hattan, Junior in Home Economics. Sullivan, Dorothy L; 
Junction City, Sophomore in Elementary Education. Sullivan, 
Gale R; Garden City, Junior in Business Administration 

Bottom Row: Sullivan, Nancy L; Milwaukee, Wis., Sophomore 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Sullivant, T. O'neil; Dodge City, 
Sophomore in Animal Husbandry. Summers, Linda L; Wichita, 
Junior in Secondary Education. Summerson, Frank T; Fresh- 
man in Pre-Dentistry. 


Top Row: Sumner, Ronald P; Topeka, Freshman in Industrial 
Engineering. Sunderland, Lane V; Fairview, Sophomore in 
General. Suor, Jane A; Leawood, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Suran, Brenda K; Hays, Junior in Elementary 

Second Row: Surtees, Linda J; Wichita, Freshman in Humani- 
ties. Sutcliffe, Richard L; Russell, Junior in Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Sutherland, Theodore, Scotia, N.Y., 03 in Architecture. 
Sutphen, Leslie D; Overland Park, Sophomore in Elementary 

Third Row: Sutton, Sally A; Elkhart, Junior in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Svaty, John G; Ellsworth, Sophomore in Agricultural 
Economics. Svaty, Karl J; Newton, Freshman in Civil Engineer- 
ing. Swaffar, Mary J; Prairie Village, Junior in Elementary 

Fourth Row: Swain, Damon P; Salina, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Swain, Marion K; Soldier, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Swan, Susan A; Baldwin, Sophomore in General. 
Swann, Clair L; Russell, Sophomore in Chemistry. 

Bottom Row: Swanson, James V; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Business Administration Accounting. Swanwick, Daryl K; 
Oswego, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. Swart, Roger R; 
Wilson, Freshman in Civil Engineering. Sweat, Donald L; 
Cedar, Junior in Pre-Medicine. 

Kite building provides a group project in a design class. The 
men will later test the engineering of the kites by flying them. 

Underclassmen: Swe-Tho 

Top Row: Sweat, June F; Cedar, Freshman in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Sweet, William J; Dodge City, Sophomore in Chem- 
istry. Swenson, Carol R; Alta Vista, Freshman in Chemical 
Engineering. Swenson, Richard L; Wichita, Freshman in Busi- 
ness Administration. 

Second Row: Swickard, Richard D; Newton, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Swint, James L; Emporia, 
Junior in Social Sciences. Switzer, Kenneth W; Concordia, 
Junior in Electrical Engineering. Symes, Mary H; Elmdale, 
Freshman in Physical Therapy. 

Third Row: Szamotula, Helen; Stratford, Conn., Freshman in 
Home Economics Teaching. Taber, Homer L; Murdock, Fresh- 
man in Mechanical Engineering. Tadtman, James L; Winfield, 
Sophomore in Civil Engineering. Tadtman, Marilyn M; Win- 
field, Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Tanner, Margaret E; St. John, Junior in Speech. 
Taphorn, Robert B; Marysville, Junior in Milling Technology. 
Taplin, Faye L; Ogden, Sophomore in Secondary Education. 
Tawney, Gail E; Manhattan, Junior in Home Economics and 
Liberal Arts. 

mX dl ~' fcdk 

a; A* 

Fifth Row: Taylor, Bernard C; Westmoreland, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Taylor, Donna J; McPherson, Sopho- 
more in Animal Husbandry. Taylor, Doris J; Manhattan, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Taylor, Ellen L; Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Sixth Row: Taylor, Herbert; Salina, Freshman in General. Tay- 
lor, John C; Topeka, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Taylor, John H; Junction City, Sophomore in Business Admin- 
istration Accounting. Taylor, Katherine R; Solomon, Freshman 
in General. 

Seventh Row: Taylor, Lewis R; Georgetown, Ky., Freshman in 
Speech. Taylor, Norris M; Great Bend, Junior in Accounting. 
Taylor, Ralph B; Mission, Freshman in Business Administra- 
tion. Taylor, Suzette G; Meade, Freshman in Pre-Dentistry. 

Eighth Row: Taylor, William A; Winfield, Sophomore in Pre- 
Law. Taylor, William S; Abilene, Sophomore in Pre-Medicine. 
Teagarden, George A; La Cygne, Junior in Animal Husbandry. 
Teagarden, Richard L; La Cygne, Sophomore in Animal 

Bottom Row: Tedford, Jay S; Minneola, Freshman in Pre-Law. 
Teeter, Richard B; Wichita, Junior in Business Administration. 
Teichgraeber, Thomas; Chapman, Sophomore in Business Ad- 
ministration. Templer, William W; Leoti, Freshman in Pre- 


Party workers and interested students spend the night of SGA elec- 
tions at the IBM center in Anderson Hall tabulating final results. 

Top Row: Ten Broeck, Theresa; Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Terry, Douglas M; Great Bend, Fresh- 
man in Horticulture. Tetebo, Rosetta; Ghana, Freshman in 
Foods and Nutrition. Thaete, Leland L; Downs, 01 in Archi- 

Second Row: Thawley, Frances G; Wichita, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Theis, Shirley F; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Theurer, Richard L; Wellington, Junior 
in Animal Husbandry. Thiel, Marie E; Easton, Freshman in 
Business Administration 

Third Row: Thiele, Irvin D; Marysville, Sophomore in Philos- 
ophy. Thieler, Stephen M; Norton, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Thiesing, James W; Springfield, Mo., Junior in 
Nuclear Engineering. Thirkell, Douglas J; Salina, Freshman in 
Electrical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Thomas, Dennis E; Dighton, Freshman in Physical 
Education. Thomas, Donald R; Neodesha, Junior in Business 
Administration. Thomas, Jon F; Treynor, Iowa, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Thomas, Nancy K; Turon, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Liberal Arts. 

Bottom Row: Thomas, Richard L; Prairie Village, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Thompson, Barbara J; Wich- 
ita, Junior in Home Economics and Art. Thompson, Edward L; 
Pratt, 03 in Architecture. Thompson, Everett L; Michigan Valley, 
Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Tho— Twe 

Top Row: Thompson, Harvey D; Goodland, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Thompson, Jay F; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Biological 
Science. Thompson, Jonnie S; Wichita, Sophomore in Sociology. 
Thompson, Larry L; Ellinwood, Junior in Civil Engineering. 

Second Row: Thompson, Leslie A; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Modern Languages. Thompson, Linda L; Topeka, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Thompson, Linda R; Johnson, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. Thompson, Melvin E; Medicine 
Lodge, Junior in Agricultural Economics. 

Third Row: Thompson, Steven M; Broadview, 111., Junior in Pre- 
Dentistry. Thompson, Tommy A; Agenda, Junior in Economics. 
Thomson, Janet; Overland Park, Junior in Physical Education. 
Thornton, Marsha A; Ottawa, Junior in Physical Education. 

Fourth Row: Thorsen, Karen E; Northbrook, 111., Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Journalism. Thurn, Robert L; Mission, 
01 in Architecture. Thurston, Joe E; Coffeeville, Junior in Civil 
Engineering. Tice, Gary D; Topeka, Freshman in Speech. 

Fifth Row: Tiffany, Carol S; Lyndon, Sophomore in Elementary 
Education. Tilkian, Hrag J; Chicago, 111., Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Tillmon, Conibeth; Kansas City, Freshman 
in General. Timmons, Charles E; Fredonia, Sophomore in 
Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Tinkham, Susan K; Washington, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Tisdel, John F; Salina, Freshman in 
Pre-Law. Tittel, Ronald L; Bazine, Freshman in Entomology. 
Tjaden, Nancy C; Wichita, Sophomore in Clothing Retailing. 

Seventh Row: Todd, Michael J; Wichita, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Toews, Kathleen L; Atchison, Junior 
in Medical Technology. Toland, Richard E; Salina, Sophomore 
in Business Administration. Tolle, Thomas D; Salina, Sopho- 
more in Milling Technology. 

Eighth Row: Tollefson, Sandra D; Everest, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Extension. Toney, John W; Lancaster, Sopho- 
more in Dairy Manufacturing. Topham, David A; Overland 
Park, Freshman in Mechanical Engineering. Topliff, Harold J; 
Jewell, Freshman in Agricultural Education. 

Bottom Row: Torluemke, Mark K; Oberlin, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Torrence, Bobbie J; Topeka, Freshman in 
Medical Technology. Tousignant, Larry L; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Business Administration Accounting. Touslee, James E; 
St. Francis, Junior in Civil Engineering. 


Top Row: Towner, Thomas G; Wichita, Junior in Biological 
Science. Townsend, Jane L; Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Secondary Education. Trabant, Dennis C; Eudora, Junior 
in Geology. Trabant, Galen D; Eudora, Sophomore in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. 

Second Row: Train, Steve W; Lindsborg, Sophomore in Business 
Administration Accounting. Travis, Janice L; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. Traxson, Steven G; Altamont, 
Freshman in Electrical Engineering. Trembly, Randall M; 

Belen, N.M., Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 

Third Row: Tribble, Burton K; Soldier, Sophomore in Agronomy. 
Trible, Leah G; Leavenworth, Sophomore in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Tripp, Robert L; Salina, 03 in Architecture. Trisler, 
Dennis R; Liberal, Sophomore in Nuclear Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Troell, Richard S; Wichita, Freshman in Civil Engi- 
neering. Trost, Eldon R; Concordia, Freshman in Agricultural 
Education. Trowbridge, David A; Springfield, Mo., 04 in 
Architecture. Trubey, Timothy P; Manhattan, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. 

Fifth Row: True, Janet E; Americus, Freshman in General. 
Trummel, Marcia G; Wichita, Junior in Home Economics Teach- 
ing. Trussell, Judy J; Kackley, Junior in Secondary Education. 
Trybom, James C; Lawrence, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Sixth Row: Tucker, David S; Emporia, Sophomore in Mathe- 
matics. Tucker, Loren G; Hutchinson, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Tucker, Sheryl K; Winfield, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Tucker, Thomas R; Salina, Junior in Mathematics. 

Seventh Row: Tuggle, Anne A; Atchison, Sophomore in Secon- 
dary Education. Tuomey, John A; Abilene, Junior in Landscape 
Architecture. Turnbull, Clifford G; Wakefield, Freshman in 
Chemical Engineering. Turnbull, Kenneth R; Eskridge, Soph- 
omore in Business Administration. 

Eighth Row: Turnbull, Larry K; Summerfield, Junior in Business 
Administration. Turner, Catherine L; Newton, Freshman in 
Animal Husbandry. Turner, Dixie L; Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Nursing. Turner, Edward L; 
Shawnee Mission, Junior in Civil Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Turner, Suzanne; Randolph, Tex., Freshman in 
Clothing Retailing. Turney, Linda K; Wichita, Junior in Modern 
Languages. Tussey, Barbara A; Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Tweed, Patricia E; Norton, Junior in 
Modern Languages. 


Underclassmen: Two— Voe 

Top Row: Twombly, Thomas R; Troy, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Uehling, Thomas R; Ness City, Freshman in General. 
Ukena, Nancy J; Effingham, Freshman in Medical Technology. 
Umholtz, Kenneth L; Newton, Sophomore in Agricultural 

Second Row: Umscheid, Mary J; Manhattan, Sophomore in 
General. Umscheid, Phyllis J; Manhattan, Freshman in General. 
Underwood, Kenneth H; Onaga, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Underwood, Sandra M; San Pedro, Calif., 
Freshman in Architectural Engineering. 

Third Row: Ungeheuer, Terry F; Rossville, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Unruh, David J; Shawnee Mission, Junior in Electrical 
Engineering. Unruh, Eileen J; Pawnee Rock, Junior in Home 
Economics and Art. Unruh, Phillip F; Great Bend, Junior in 

Fourth Row: Unruh, Rachel R; Independence, Junior in Music 
Education. Unzicker, Jerry L; Belpre, Freshman in Electrical 
Engineering. Urban, Patricia A; Hutchinson, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Urbanek, Gary L; Ellsworth, Freshman in 
Civil Engineering. 

Fifth Row: Urbanek, Kathryn E; Salina, Junior in Medical 
Technology. Utterback, Stephen; Sedan, Junior in Chemical 
Engineering. Utz, Donald C; Holton, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Vacek, Howard R; Ellsworth, Freshman 
in Agronomy. 

Sixth Row: Valenti, Sharon S; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Speech. Valla, Patricia S; Amityville, N.Y., Freshman in Home 
Economics and Art. Van Allen, Robert L; Phillipsburg, Fresh- 
man in Electrical Engineering. Van Blarcum, Judy L; Man- 
hattan, Junior in Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Van Meter, Shirley E; Ada, Sophomore in Home 
Economics and Nursing. Van Pelt, Vance E; Scott City, Fresh- 
man in General. Van Sickel, Camille; Jewell, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Van Vleet, Sharon L; Garden City, 
Freshman in Home Economics Teaching. 

Eighth Row: Van Vleet, Shirley J; Lebanon, Neb., Freshman in 
Mathematics. Vance, James D; Salina, Freshman in General. 
Vande Riet, Randy; Downs, Freshman in General. Vanhole, 
Steven J; Topeka, Junior in Industrial Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Vanlaarhoven, Henry; Norwood, Mass., Freshman 
in Agricultural Education. Vanover, Roger E; Clayton, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. VanSickel, James V; Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Political Science. Vathauer, Margie E; Greenleaf, Junior 
in Music Education. 


In a close basketball game, a tense moment holds Wildcat rooters 
breathless for seconds before releasing them to cheers -or sighs. 

Top Row: Venard, Robert E; Olathe, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Vergin, Dexter A; Hammond, 02 in Architecture. 
Verhage, Karen J; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Humanities. 
Verschelden, Michael; St. Marys, Sophomore in Mechanical 

Second Row: Vessey, Diana K; Denver, Colo., Freshman in 
Business Administration Accounting. Veteto, Sherry A; Colony, 
Junior in Dietetics and Institutional Management. Vice, Irvin D; 
Manhattan, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. Vick, Judith In- 
junction City, Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Third Row: Viets, John A; Stilwell, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Vietti, James D; Girard, Freshman in Wildlife Conservation. 
Vieux, J. Michael; Greensburg, 03 in Architecture. Vilander, 
Joyce M; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Bottom Row: Vincent, Thomas D; Lakin, Freshman in Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Visser, Arietta Y; Riley, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Vodraska, Rita L; Wilson, Freshman in 
Business Administration. Voelker, Elizabeth H; Prairie Village, 
Freshman in Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 


Underclassmen: Voe— Wat 

Top Roiv: Voelker, Gary E; Pittsfield, 111., Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. Voet, Mary A; Oketo, Freshman in Secondary Edu- 
cation. Vogt, Gary D; Hillsboro, Junior in Landscape Architec- 
ture. Volkmer, Diane K;Overland Park, Freshman in Humanities. 

Second Row: Volz, Darrell W; Wichita, Junior in Pre-Law. Voth, 
Thomas R; Moundridge, Junior in Business Administration. 
Waddle, Jane A; Junction City, Junior in Elementary Education. 
Wade, Giles L; Abilene, Junior in Political Science. 

Third Row: Wade, Kenneth R; Spearville, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. Wade, Susan K; Mission, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. Wadsack, James F; Derby, Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wagner, Carolyn K; Atchison, Fresh- 
man in Physical Education. 

Fourth Row: Wagner, Marilyn J; Liberty, Sophomore in Dairy 
Manufacturing. Wagoner, Carolyn S; Hiawatha, Junior in 
Physical Therapy. Wagoner, Marilyn A; Hiawatha, Junior in 
Physical Therapy. Wahlen, Barbara L; Wichita, Sophomore 
in English. 

Fifth Row: Wainright, David E; Alta Vista, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. Waite, Nancy S; Prairie Village, Sopho- 
more in Business Administration. Waknitz, Sandra S; Bazine, 
Sophomore in Family and Child Development. Waldo, Cathy J; 
Goddard, Freshman in Sociology. 

Sixtli Row: Waldron, Terry E; Tribune, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Walkenshaw, Sara S; Kansas City, Junior 
in Home Economics Teaching. Walker, Carol S; Eskridge, Junior 
in General. Walker, James D; Wichita, Sophomore in Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Walker, Janet A; Wichita, Sophomore in Home 
Economics Teaching. Walker, Jeanne M; Wichita, Freshman in 
General. Walker, Patricia S; Penalosa, Freshman in Home 
Economics. Wallace, Deanna K; Eureka, Sophomore in Clothing 

Eighth Row: Wallace, Elizabeth G; Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Wallace, Nancy K; Gypsum, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Wallerstedt, James B; St. Joseph, Mo., 
Junior in Wildlife Conservation. Wallingford, John A; Wichita, 
Freshman in Pre-Dentistry. 

Bottom Row: Walman, Ira M; Baltimore, Md., Sophomore in 
Bakery Management. Walser, Charlene D; Waynesville, Mo., 
Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Walsh, Tom W; Leavenworth, 
Freshman in Social Sciences. Walter, Glenna D; Riley, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics Teaching. 


Top Row: Walter, Stanley E; Spearville, Freshman in Mechanical 
Engineering. Walz, Leroy H; Ellis, Junior in Agriculture. Walz, 
Stephen A; Ellis, Freshman in Agriculture. Wamhoff, Alana K; 
Bird City, Junior in Physical Education. 

Second Row: Wamhoff, George S; Holyrood, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering Wanager, Gloria D; De Soto, Sophomore 

in Home Economics Teaching. Wandt, Elizabeth A; Hutchinson, 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. Wanklyn, Dennis A; 

Winifred, Sophomore in Business Administration Accounting. 

Third Row: Wanklyn, Shirley A; Home, Junior in Home Econom- 
ics and Art. Ward, Joe E; Manhattan, Junior in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Ward, Karen S; Wetumpka, Ala., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Wardlaw, Dale A; Pickrell, Neb., Sophomore in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Roiv: Ware, Linda J; Blue Mound, Junior in Clothing 
Retailing. Warner, Clifford M; Wichita, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Warner, Lynette K; Wichita, Junior 
in Elementary Education. Warner, Maxine K; Elkhart, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Extension. 

Fifth Row: Warren, George W; Eskridge, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Warren, Howard L; Grand Island, Neb., Junior in 
Milling Technology. Warren, Jimmy D; Medicine Lodge, Fresh- 
man in Nuclear Engineering. Warren, Laurel B; Minneapolis, 
Freshman in Elementary Education. 

Sixth Row: Warta, Judith A; Ellsworth, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Warta, Thomas H; Ellsworth, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. Wartman, Elizabeth G; Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman in Home Economics and Nursing. Wary, 
Elizabeth M; Salina, Freshman in Speech. 

Seventh Row: Washburn, Gary L; Whiting, Freshman in General. 
Washburn, Norvell L; Whiting, Junior in Civil Engineering. 
Wasmond, Marilyn K; Princeton, Freshman in Home Economics 
Teaching. Wassberg, John I; Manhattan, Junior in Business 
Administration Accounting. 

Eighth Row: Waters, Anne C; Greensburg, Freshman in Gen- 
eral. Waters, Keith R; Colby, 03 in Architecture. Waters, Luanne 
H; Colby, Sophomore in Modern Languages. Watkins, Linda J; 

Anthony, Freshman in Home Economics. 

Bottom Row: Watson, Harleen M; Formoso, Junior in Elemen- 
tary Education. Watson, Norma J; Liberal, Sophomore in 
Mathematics. Watt, Philip G; Manhattan, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Wattenberg, Herbert; Shawnee Mission, Junior 
in Art. 


Underclassmen: Wat— Wes 

Top Row: Watterson, Carl E; Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Physics. Watts, Rena L; Kensington, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. Weak, Earl D; Abilene, Sophomore in Milling Tech- 
nology. Weatherall, Verna J; Kansas City, Junior in Elementary 

Second Row: Weatherholt, Richard; Ellis, Freshman in Pre- 
Forestry. Weaver, David L; Junction City, Freshman in Indus- 
trial Engineering. Weaver, Robert L; Reading, Pa., Freshman in 
Bakery Management. Weaver, Roxanne; Salina, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Third Row: Webb, Wilton S; Mt. Vernon, 111., Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Weber, Janice K; Bethel, 
Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Weber, Sue A; Altoona, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics Teaching. Webster, Lorna J; Stockton, 
Sophomore in Elementary Education. 

Fourth Row: Webster, Montgomery; Macksville, Sophomore in 
Wildlife Conservation. Wegerer, Gary W; Cunningham, Junior 
in Business Administration. Wegman, Janet M; Hoxie, Junior 
in Home Economics Teaching. Wehrman, Howard M; Osborne, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Fifth Row: Wehrman, Pearl I; Osborne, Freshman in Chemistry. 
Weide, Wayne R; Lindsborg, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 
Weidle, Nick L; Russell, Sophomore in Wildlife Conservation. 
Weigand, Joel T; Ottawa, Junior in Pre-Medicine. 

Sixth Row: Weigel, Lawrence N; Hays, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Weiner, Stephen B; Livingston, N.J., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Weisman, Paul H; Howard Beach, 
N.Y., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Weisser, Jacquelyn 
M; Paxico, Freshman in Secondary Education. 

Seventh Row: Weisser, Marilyn K; Paxico, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Welborn, Alice K; Hutchinson, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Art. Welker, Ronald L; Shawnee, Fresh- 
man in Animal Husbandry. Welliever, Brenda J; Holton, Fresh- 
man in General. 

Eighth Row: Wells, Barbara M; Manhattan, Freshman in Family 
and Child Development. Wells, Harlan T; Hutchinson, Junior 
in Mechanical Engineering. Wells, Richard C; Manhattan, 
Junior in Secondary Education. Wells, Ward V; Wichita, 01 in 

Bottom Row: Wells, Wendell R; Independence, Junior in Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Welsh, Ronald D; Kincaid, Freshman 
in Animal Husbandry. Wendelburg, Loren J; Stafford, Junior 
in Pre-Dentistry. Wenger, Michael R; Harper, Sophomore in 
Milling Technology. 

0** f% 

*® m \m •*»* in 


Top Rozv: Wenger, Patricia L; Sabetha, Sophomore in Elemen- 
tary Education. Wenrich, Steven R; Cimarron, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wentz, Darrel P; Wichita, Freshman 
in Agriculture. Wentz, Roslyn D; Concordia, Junior in Art. 

Second Rozv: Wesche, Linda J; Manhattan, Freshman in Home 
Economics and Nursing. West, Dale E; Greensburg, 02 in Archi- 
tecture. West, Karen J; Healy, Freshman in Humanities. West, 
Richard D; Moran, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. 

Third Row: West, Rosalyn A; Lenexa, Freshman in Clothing 
Retailing. West, Saundra G; Leawood, Sophomore in Business 
Administration. Wester, Susan M; Phillipsburg, N.J., Sopho- 
more in Medical Technology. Westerman, John R; Ellsworth, 
Freshman in Agronomy. 

Tourth Row: Westervelt, R. Dwight; McCune, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. Westhoff, Richard W; Bremen, Freshman in Elec- 
trical Engineering. Westover, Dennis R; Junction City, Sopho- 
more in General. Westphal, Dennis C; Kinsley, Freshman in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Students frequently take a break in the Union between classes 
to chat with friends, listen to the jukebox or smoke a cigarette. 


Underclassmen: Wet— Wil 

Top Rozv: Wethington, Stanley D; Anthony, Sophomore in 
Agronomy. Weybrew, Steven J; Wamego, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. Weyer, Judith A; Leavenworth, Junior in 
Medical Technology. Whealy, Barbara K; Anthony, Sophomore 
in Physical Education. 

Second Row: Wheatley, Candance A; Ft. Leavenworth, Junior in 
Elementary Education. Wheatley, Christine; Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in Secondary Education. Wheatley, Dennis C; 
Salina, Freshman in Mathematics. Wheeler, Floyd E; Dodge 
City, Sophomore in Animal Husbandry. 

Third Rozv: Wheeler, Sharon K; Atchison, Sophomore in Gen- 
eral. Wheelock, Hugh H; Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Whetstine, Douglas G; Clay Center, 
Freshman in History. White, Barbara J; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Clothing Retailing. 

Tourth Row: White, Charlotte M; Hoxie, Junior in Elementary 
Education. White, John H; Council Grove, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics White, Mary L; Junction City, Sophomore 
in General. White, Sharon A; Kingsdown, Junior in Elementary 

Fifth Rozv: White, Terry L; Great Bend, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Whitehill, Janet M; Latham, Freshman 
in Medical Technology. Whiteman, Roger K; Scott City, Soph- 
omore in General. Whitley, Sharon A; Manhattan, Freshman 
in Psychology. 

Sixth Row: Whitlock, Barbara A; Kansas City, Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration. Whitlock, Karmen M; Elmdale, Freshman 
in General. Whitman, Barbara E; Merriam, Freshman in Art. 
Whitmer, Dana L; Goodland, Freshman in Mathematics. 

Seventh Row: Whitmer, Lionel R; Dorrance, Sophomore in 
Mechanical Engineering. Whitmore, Marian L; Manhattan, 
Junior in Secondary Education. Whitney, Mary E; Manhattan, 
Freshman in Medical Technology. Whitney, Mason C; Wichita, 
Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Whittaker, James A; Eureka, Freshman in General. 
Whittlesey, Diana K; Lawrence, Freshman in Home Economics 
and Art. Whitton, Connie S; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Social Sciences. Wiard, Howard A; Keats, Junior in Business 

Bottom Row: Wiard, Mary A; Keats, Sophomore in Secondary 
Education. Wibbeler, Richard M; Greensburg, Freshman in 
Mathematics. Wible, Stephen H; Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Nuclear Engineering. Wichman, Carol M; Valley Falls, Sopho- 
more in Elementary Education. 


Top Row: Wichman, Ross J; Seneca, Freshman in History. 
Wicker, Frederick W; Harlingen, Tex., Freshman in Bakery 
Management. Widau, Stanly C; Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Widener, Austin L; Hudson, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Second Row: Wiechman, Steven R; Scott City, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wieland, Judith C; Oakley, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics and Art. Wilbeck, Janet K; Vesper, 
Freshman in Home Economics. Wilch, Cheryl L; Topeka, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

Third Row: Wilcox, Connie J; Manhattan, Freshman in Elemen- 
tary Education. Wilcox, Nancy S; Manhattan, Junior in Speech. 
Wilcox, Ronald; Pratt, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 
Wiley, Cecil W; Harper, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Row: Wiley, George L; Osage City, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Wiley, Lois A; Clay Center, Sophomore in 
Medical Technology. Wilkerson, James M; Council Grove, 
Freshman in Business Administration. Willard, F. Lynn; 
Madison, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Fifth Row: Wilier, Robert H; Shawnee Mission, 01 in Architec- 
ture. Williams, Cheryl E; Hutchinson, Sophomore in Speech. 
Williams, Diane F; Preston, Sophomore in Home Economics 
and Nursing. Williams, Douglas W; Preston, Junior in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. 

Sixth Row: Williams, Frederick L; Manhattan, Junior in Clothing 
Retailing. Williams, Iris M; Overland Park, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Williams, Judith K; Stafford, Freshman in 
Home Economics. Williams, Kathleen R; Caldwell, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. 

Seventh Row: Williams, Laura L; Ft. Riley, Freshman in General. 
Williams, Mark D; Florence, Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Williams, Maureen C; Broadview, 111., Sophomore in 
Home Economics and Art. Williams, Robert A; Philadelphia, 
Pa., 03 in Architecture. 

Eighth Row: Williams, Robert H; Smith Center, Sophomore in 
General. Williams, Robert D; Oregon, Mo., Freshman in Pre- 
Law. Williams, Robert J; Leavenworth, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Williams, Ronnie C; Eudora, 
Freshman in Mathematics. 

Bottom Row: Williams, William R; Topeka, Sophomore in Horti- 
culture. Willis, Lonnie D; Bird City, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Willits, James L; Marysville, Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. Willits, Richard H; Prairie Village, 
Freshman in English. 


Underclassmen: Wil-Woo 

Top Row: Wilson, Carolyn K; McPherson, Junior in Secondary 
Education. Wilson, Carolyn L; Paradise, Junior in Clothing 
Retailing. Wilson, Cynthia A; Lincoln, Freshman in Elementary 
Education. Wilson, Dan E; Wichita, 03 in Architecture. 

Second Row. Wilson, David L; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Landscape Architecture. Wilson, David S; Abilene, Freshman 
in Technical Journalism. Wilson, Edward L; Vliets, Sophomore 
in Civil Engineering. Wilson, Helen A; Rockville Center, N.Y., 
Freshman in Chemical Engineering. 

Third Row: Wilson, James D; Salina, Sophomore in Nuclear 
Engineering. Wilson, Lewis B; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Speech. Wilson, Linda M; Hoisington, Freshman in Sociology. 
Wilson, Loris J; Hutchinson, Junior in Zoology. 

Fourth Row: Wilson, Martha A; Norton, Sophomore in Ele- 
mentary Education. Wilson, Pamela G; Chanute, Sophomore 
in General. Wilson, Phyllis B; Garden City, Junior in General. 
Wilson, Reita B; Rush Center, Junior in Home Economics and 

Fifth Row: Wilson, Rodney E; Beloit, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration. Wilson, Roger K; Madison, Sophomore in Civil 
Engineering. Wilson, Ronald L; McPherson, Junior in Govern- 
ment. Wilson, Ruth A; LaCrosse, Junior in Secondary Education. 

Sixth Row: Wilson, Steven R; Newton, Freshman in Architec- 
tural Engineering. Wilson, Terry Lee; Jetmore, Sophomore in 
Pre-Medicine. Wilt, John B; Rossville, Sophomore in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Wiltse, Kenneth C; Great Bend, Freshman 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Wiltse, Sue A; Paola, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. Windels, Mary E; Meadville, Mo., Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Winderlin, Pauletta; Scott City, Freshman 
in Home Economics and Nursing. Windier, Timothy R; Paola, 
Freshman in Agriculture. 

Eighth Roiv: Wingert, Robert E; Wellsville, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. Winkler, Judith A; Riley, Junior in Elementary Edu- 
cation. Winkley, Marvin J; Marion, Freshman in Secondary 
Education. Winn, Stephen L; Whitewater, Wis., Junior in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Bottom Row: Winner, Wayne R; Yonkers, N.Y., Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Winter, Charles A; Peabody, Junior 
in Electrical Engineering. Winter, Lennita A; Clifton, Freshman 
in Elementary Education. Winter, William G; Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


While making new acquaintances through fall orientation, students 
attend a mixer following the annual Wildcat Watermelon Feed. 

Top Roiv: Winters, Kenneth D; Chanute, Sophomore in Veter- 
inary Medicine. Winters, Shiela A; Mission, Freshman in Ele- 
mentary Education. Winzeler, Kenneth A; Lamont, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. Wirtz, Ronald L; Manhattan, Sophomore in 

Second Row: Wise, Michael R; St. Joseph, Mo., Junior in Busi- 
ness Administration Accounting. Wise, Peggy J; Lawrence, 
Freshman in Clothing Retailing. Wisegarver, Frederic; Prairie 
Village, Freshman in General. Wisegarver, Richard; Prairie Vil- 
lage, Freshman in General 

Third Rozv: Wisniewski, John E; Atchison, 01 in Architecture. 
Wittenborn, John S; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in Pre- 
Medicine. Wofford, Mary L; Shawnee Mission, Freshman in 
Home Economics and Liberal Arts. Wolf, Wallace W; South 
Haven, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 

Fourth Rozv: Wolfe, Rosemary A; Ness City, Junior in Home 
Economics Teaching. Wolff, Gloria D; Wichita, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. Wood, Ben W; Syracuse, Freshman in 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wood, Frederick R; Ottawa, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. 

Fifth Rozv: Wood, Joan F; Arkansas City, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Wood, LeEtta L; Salina, Freshman in Humanities. 
Wood, Martha E; Manhattan, Junior in Physical Education. 
Wood, Steve J; Prairie Village, Freshman in Business Admin- 

Bottom Row: Woodall, Linda L; Netawaka, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. Woodard, Charles R; Maize, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. Woodard, Craig M; Wichita, Freshman in Biological 
Science. Woodburn, John W; Pleasanton, Sophomore in Sec- 
ondary Education. 


Underclassmen: Woo— Zum 

Top Row: Woods, Franklin C; Tribune, Junior in Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. Woodson, Steve C; Kingman, Fresh- 
man in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Woodward, Daniel F; Colum- 
bia, Mo., Junior in Wildlife Conservation. Woody, Cheryl J; 

Minneapolis, Sophomore in Secondary Education. 

Second Row: Woofter, Frank L; Colby, Junior in Agricultural 
Economics. Woolley, Marilyn L; Oxford, Freshman in Home 
Economics Teaching. Woolsey, Wilma L; Wichita, Junior in Ele- 
mentary Education. Worley, Ronald R; Beloit, 01 in Architecture. 

Third Row: Wormington, William L; Independence, Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. Worthington, Judy K; Oskaloosa, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics and Nursing. Wright, John B; Lyons, 
Freshman in General. Wright, Kendall M; Topeka, Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Fourth Row: Wright, Marjorie J; Wichita, Sophomore in Physical 
Education. Wright, Randolph L; Dallas, Tex., 03 in Architecture. 
Wright, Rose A; Marquette, Junior in Home Economics Teach- 
ing. Wright, Susanna M; Shawnee Mission, Sophomore in 
Elementary Education. 

Fifth Row: Wulff, Frederick J; Atchison, Junior in Business 
Administration. Wulfmeyer, John T; Wichita, 04 in Architecture. 
Wurtz, Barbara S; Paxico, Sophomore in Elementary Educa- 
tion. Wurzbacher, Pamela S; Goodland, Freshman in Sociology. 

Sixth Row: Wuthnow, Robert J; Lyons, Freshman in Business 
Administration Accounting. Wyatt, Douglas W; Shawnee 
Mission, 02 in Architecture. Wyatt, Kenneth R; Mulvane, 
Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Wyckoff, M. William; 
Altamont, Freshman in Electrical Engineering. 

Seventh Row: Wykoff, Beverly; Los Alamos, Freshman in 
Sociology. Yager, James L; Scott City, Junior in Agronomy. 
Yaney, Jed E; Newark, N.J., Freshman in Pre-Veterinary. Yarrow, 
Gale R; Clay Center, Junior in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eighth Row: Yenkey, Albert N; Topeka, Junior in Landscape 
Architecture. Yessick, Margaret E; Overland Park, Freshman in 
Home Economics Teaching. Yoder, Lane D; McPherson, Junior 
in Pre-Medicine. York, Kathryn A; Salina, Sophomore in 

Bottom Row: York, Robert L; Garden City, Junior in Feed Tech- 
nology. Yorke, Jerome P; Sedan, Junior in Pre-Veterinary Med- 
icine. Young, Alexander M; Leawood, Sophomore in General. 
Young, Gerald T; Topeka, Junior in Dairy Manufacturing. 


B^^^^t jpPBplM mf^^^^i 
r P 3» J U #= * 5* «f 


ik ik, w 


Top Kozo: Young, Nancy A; Abilene, Freshman in Modern 
Languages. Young, Nancy M; Leawood, Sophomore in Medical 
Technology. Young, R. Kent; Russell, Sophomore in Electrical 
Engineering. Young, William P: Clay Center, Freshman in 

Second Row: Younkin, Charles D; Chase, Sophomore in Gen- 
eral. Yoxall, John E; Alton, Sophomore in Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Yust, Steven W; Sylvia, Freshman in Animal Husbandry. 
Zabel,HerbertF; Westmoreland, Junior in Electrical Engineering. 

Third Row: Zabel, Robert C; Westmoreland, Freshman in Chem- 
ical Engineering. Zackert, Margaret L; Kansas City, Freshman 
in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Zahnley, Donald R; Manhattan, 
Junior in Business Administration. Zavesky, Thomas C; 

Ellsworth, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Fourth Row: Zeide, Steve M; Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Zeigler, Stephen B; Alma, Junior in Feed 
Technology. Zell, Richard E; Prairie Village, Freshman in Agri- 
cultural Engineering. Zibell, Mary J; Holton, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

Fifth Row: Zibell, Robert E; Holton, Junior in Business Adminis- 
tration. Zielke, Richard K; Buhler, Freshman in Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Zimmer, Richard M; Short Hills, N.J., Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. Zimmerman, Donald E; Kansas City, 
Junior in Wildlife Conservation. 

Sixth Row: Zimmerman, Gary L; Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Zoology. Zimmers, Joan C; Powhattan, Freshman in General. 
Zimmerman, Marc W; Sterling, Freshman in Pre-Law. Zirkle, 
Louis R; Berryton, Sophomore in Agricultural Economics. 

Seventh Row: Zitnik, Frank E; Ransom, Freshman in Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Zook, Lavina J; Salina, Freshman in 
Elementary Education. Zumbrunn, Daryl J; Junction City, 
Sophomore in Business Administration. 

Second Semester Underclassmen 

Bailey, Linda R; Manhattan, Sophomore in Technical Journal- 

Eighth Row: Brockelman, Jerald D; Council. Grove, Fresh- 
man in Mechanical Engineering. Byrne, Stanley B; Centralia, 
Junior in Feed Technology. Collins, George F; Piqua, Junior in 
Agriculture. Compton, Charles E; Neosho Falls, Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Bottom Row: Courtney, Robert; Shawnee Mission, Junior in 
Physical Education. Dodd, JoAnn C; San Antonio, Texas, Junior 
in Technical Journalism. Fitzpatrick, Robert A; Merriam, Soph- 
omore in General. George, Sharon K; Uniontown, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. 



«%»*% „-t * 


; ^, 






Coeds welcome spring weather after class in Justin Hall. The three- 
level structure provides for six departments of home economics. 

Second Semester Underclassmen 

Top Row: Hartley, Charles S; Lake City, Junior in Animal Hus- 
bandry. Hightower, Charles H; Canoga Park, Calif., Junior in 
Electrical Engineering. Hunter, Nancy C; Manhattan, Freshman 
in General. Mai, LaDonna J; Garden City, Sophomore in Home 

Second Row: Marine, Duane D; Garden City, Sophomore in 
Chemical Engineering. Masten, Boyd E; Stafford, Junior in 
Speech and Art. McClure, Robert E; Hutchinson, Junior in 
Mechanical Engineering. Mueller, Peggy E; Coffeyville, Sopho- 
more in General. 

Third Row: Munzner, Robert E; Colebrook, Conn., Sophomore 
in Electrical Engineering. Nagel, John C; Valley Center, Junior 
in Animal Husbandry. Nichols, Patty L; Prescott. Freshman in 
Agriculture. Norton, Norena L; Harlem, Mont., Sophomore in 
Psychology. Overley, Gary S; Speed, Junior in Agricultural 

Fourth Row: Overley, Vickie J; Speed, Junior in Elementary 
Education. Pendarvis, James E; Junction City, Freshman in 
History. Redmon, Larry D; Parsons, Junior in Social Sciences. 
Rosenow, Nola M; Clay Center, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Schurle, Fred E; Manhattan, Freshman in Business Admin- 

Bottom Row: Stroberg, Jeanette M; Hutchinson, Sophomore in 
Business Administration Accounting. Williams, Leslie L; 
Prairie Village, Sophomore in General. Wolfram, Edmond T; 
Malverne, N.Y., Junior in Industrial Engineering. Wright, 
James P; Grandview, Mo., Sophomore in Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Zimmerman, Laurel G; Alta Vista, Sophomore in Agri- 
cultural Economics. 


^ V 







. .■.■ 


^B » A' M * I «k 


lis. ' 



. fc 













1 l*S 

.*§* •*» 


IfWt. 1 

J \ HERE r 




T! J 


• • 


r 573. 




^ v vim- - » *-.,,,.i 

Bob Sjogren almost intercepted this Iowa State aerial 
in a thrilling 7 to 6 dual in which K-State came out on 

top. Sjogren received the Colorado game ball and was 
rated honorable mention on the Big Eight defensive team. 


320-22-24 Poyntz Ave. 

619 N. Manhattan 




Complete Insurance Service 

229 POYNTZ AVE. PR 8-3090 


Conde Music & Electric 

Manhattan's Finest and Most Complete 

Record Department 

RCA Victor Television and Stereo Hi-Fidelity 

Wurlitzer Pianos and Organs 

PR 8-2350 407 Poyntz 


Distributors of Fresh and Frozen 


The Year Around 

PR 8-4446 Manhattan, Kansas 

Chef Cafe 

Gillett Catering Service 

111S. 4th 
Phone PR 8-3266 

Congratulations . . . 











Powell Bros., Inc. 

515 S. 8th 

PR 8-3303 



The First National Bank 






Bird Music Co., Inc. 


PR 8-4265 126 POYNTZ 



The friendly store for men 


3 convenient locations 

Try our Semitone cleaning 
Free pickup and delivery 

PR 6-8848 

SINCE 1908 

"Ready Reliable" 

Reliable Transfer and 
Storage Company— PR 8-3559 
Moving with care everywhere 


Now Two Big Stores 
4th & Houston 4th & Pierre 



2020 N. 3rd Ph. 8-5880 

Tasty Food Deliciously Prepared 

Eat out often, but make it 

Geojo's when you do 

Remember Geojo the little man 

that stands for quality 

And at Geojo's quality and service 

go hand in hand 



Always Plenty of 

Free Parking 
Drive-Up Windows 

6th and Humboldt 

Member FDIC 

Richard Riggs (73) can't quite reach two Iowa State 
players as Jerry Condit (46) is tripped up on an end run. 




Subscription Rates For 
Outside Riley County: 

One Year . . . $4.50 
One Semester . . . $3.00 


Live Entertainment 

Bavarian Style 

Dark Beer 
18 Kinds of Pizza 

Open 7 Days A Week 


PR 8-3516 2304 STAGG HILL ROAD 


Throughout the years twin lion- 
esses have stood as symbols of 
strength and protection before 
the columned building that is the 
Home Office of Kansas City Life 
Insurance Company. 

Their bearing is strong and proud 
as though they knew how the 
funds entrusted to us are held to 
provide a security assured for our 
policyowners and their families. 




Home Office - Broadway at Armour 
Kansas City, Missouri 



Phone PR 8-441 1 
431 S. 5th 


Phone PR 6-8846 
West on K-18 


Phone PR 8-3911 
131 Houston 


Phone PR 8-4477 
112 N. 2nd 

Roy Smith (45) and Gary Williams (behind Smith) go high to 
tip a rebound to Jeff Simons (out of the picture to the right). 

^Jhe cJLumber (companies of iv/anhauan 

S^ervina the / eople 



Ready-Mix Concrete 

& Sand Co., Inc. 

Box 668 

PR 6-8811 

Rogers Paint Products 

Everything in Decorating Materials 


Shoes for the Entire Family 
404 Poyntz 


West on old 18 





Topeka, Kansas 

Losses paid promptly for over forty years 





• * :♦ i . „ 


^Jhe ^J~inest 


tf/ovie Center t 




Doug Dusenbury strains to escape the outstretched hand 
of a would-be Oklahoma State tackier on an end sweep. 



-^r^ t ^^^"T'-~^m- '^^--v 

■ liliiili - ^lifWssHFslUIIlHI 

%*/ <N<* «S»f >Mf "*ys *►* 

- . 






Apparel For Gentlemen 
And Their Ladies 



Buzzells Office Equipment 

Corner 4th and Houston 

For a Complete Wardrobe 


Family Music Center 

117 N. 3rd 

Gifts for all Occasions 
5th and Poyntz Phone 8-3882 






Established 1918 




Electric Appliances 

Dutch Boy Paints 

Ovenware and Chinaware 

Cleaning Supplies 

Picture Framing and Molding 

Hand Tools 

Power Tools 

General Household Articles 

Shop Aggie Hardware First 
"/n Your Aggieville Shopping Cenfer" 

1205 Moro 

Phone 8-2993 

Dennis Berkholtz (left) and Roy Smith (45) 
try to stop a downcourt pass by Missouri. 




stereo and tape recorders 


radios and small appliances 

Electrical Supplies 

Lighting Fixtures 

Electronic Repair 





1204 MOPO 

PR 6-9266 




Catering to 
Hotels . . . Restaurants . . . Institutions 

"We Specialize in Portion Control" 




Chinese and American Dishes 

nmm skelly service 

Washing and Greasing Service 
Tires and Accessories 


Phone 6-9814 1101 Moro 




lt<fu<m ^l/aJumcd^^ciMdc 

M A N H A 

Tom Griffith 
Chairman of Board 


J. E. Arnold 
Trust Officer 

W. B. Glenn 



the beauty 
you ore 

striving for 

con be 

found ot 



• -RfcA'S 

i -v. v 

The Travelers Motel 

A Superior Motel 

3 miles east on U. S. 24 



Olson Shoe Service 


PR 8-4273 

1214 Moro 




Open til 8:30 Thursday 

429 Poyntz 



CRAZY TED pays you highest prices for used books 









with the green sidewalks 




Laurence W. Blaker 

1200 Moro 

Dial 8-3434 



A Man 

In Your 




He's Reddy Kilowatt . . . 
ready to offer you a helping 
hand on any job. Actually, 
modern electric living is al- 
ready a reality in our gener- 
ation, yet all of today's elec- 
tric applications will be far 
surpassed by future utiliza- 
tions. KPL pledges an always 
power-full Kansas in order to 
meet this challenge. 



WARD m. Kf LLf H 


The Place to Go, for 
The Names You Know 

328 Poyntz Ave. 

Phone PR 6-8836 

Doebele's IGA Foodliner 

Joe Doebele, prop. 

Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries & Meats 


517 N. 3rd 

Phone 8-4923 


Remember the Good Times' 


PR 8-4485 







120 Poyntz 



Diamond Specialist 

Keep d 'lliott 


Certified Gemofogi'sfs A.G.S. 

Registered Jewelers A.G.S. 

Accredited Gem Testing Lab. 




PR. 8 4122 

complete line of hardware - gifts 



PR 8-4250 


Rolls, Decorated Cakes, and Cookies 

Phone PR 6-9965 and PR 8-2336 


Caddie J (I3e 

\ie J (/J>eautu S^alc 



PR 8-3359 

Romig's Phillips 66 

601 North Manhattan 




• Delivery 

• Dining Room 

• Private Party Facilities 

1121 MORO 


PR 6-9994 


"A Progressive University 

Demands a Progressive Book Store" 



Boosting . . 



Building a 

Wall of Security 

around the 

Kansas family. 


K F B 

Insurance Companies 


'Ding," "Cooney," and "Phil' 
Next Door to Kite's 

State Mdtel 

1 Mile West of University 
2710 Anderson JE 9-2363 

Chartier's Shoes 

Ladies: Capezio's and 
Men's: Johnston & Murphy- 
John C. Roberts — 


We Take Pleasure in Serving You! 

1224 Moro 



New Car 



Gayle Sayers of KU makes a three point landing after being tripped up by 
Phil King (on ground). Denby Blackwell (25) is moving up from his end. 

Stanford-Weese Motors 

Brewer Motor Co. 

Currie Pontiac 
& Oldsmobile 

Warren Poston Motors 
Dodge and Dodge Trucks 

Skaggs Motors, Inc. 

Manhattan Motors, Inc. 

Allingham Motors 

Goetsch-lrvine Motor Co. 


Tri-County Motor Co. 





Homemade Pies 

Kaup Furniture Co. 

Everything for the Home 
304 POYNTZ PHONE 8-3236 

Stickefs Cleaners 

714 N. 12 

Quality Work— Moderate Prices 

Manhattan Typewriter 


Exclusive Dealers of: 

• Remington 

• Underwood-Olivetti 

• Olympic 

PR 8-4241 217 South 4th PR 8-4174 


124 YUMA 

PR 8-5461 

Burnett's APCO 
Service Center 


Boosting K-State and 

Serving Kansas State's 

Best Dressed Men and Women 

Since 1922. 


The tightness of the Iowa State game shows on the faces 
of Line Coach John Kadlec and Head Coach Doug Weaver. 



Home of General Electric, Magnavox & Zenith 


24 Automatic Pinsetters 

Air Conditioned 

18 Highway West Manhattan 


Lockers — Cold Storage — Ice 
209 Yuma Phone 8-4465 


6th and Leavenworth 


You II Enjoy 




PHONE 8-3551 

You'll Like Manhattan's 



with bath 3.50 up 



Doug Dusenbury shot through the line for a six yard gain 
in the Wildcat's 17-14 victory over Oklahoma State. 

Also Operated by 
Boone Hotel Company 

Hotel El Dorado . El Dorado, Kansas 


When in Manhattan 


eet your friends at the 


Operated by Wareham Brothers 

Kansas State Alumni 

Radios in 

Every Room With 

TV Available 

Air Conditioned 


Banquet and Party 


Eddie Botterman, Manager 



Compliments of Frank J. Wright 

American yearbook company 




Abbott, Michele A. 143,226,446 

Abel, Neil M. 257,446 

Abendroth, James L. 264,446 

Aberle, Douglas R. 257,446 

Aberle, Stephen J. 68,356,446 

Abersold, Patricia A. 236,446 

Abmeyer, Beverly J. 32,67,147,172,446 

Abshire, Michael 192,446 

Acacia 180-181 

Achenbach, Charleen 164,245,446 

Acker, Duane C. 23,25 

Ackerman, Cheryl A. 358,446 

Ackerman, Grant E. 123,446 

Acre, Kenneth E. 98 

Adago, John 394 

Adair, Sharon L. 156,394 

Adams, Alice AA. 236,446 

Adams, Arthur A. 266,446 

Adams, Bruce A. 88,122,143 

Adams, Dan W. 192,446 

Adams, David C. 91,257,446 

Adams, Edward L. 129,178,446 

Adams, Elaine. K 162,394 

Adams, James J. 179,394 

Adams, James P. 78,91,446 

Adams, Kathryn E. 245,352,446 

Adams, Lynda K. 164,226,446 

Adams, Marjorie 31 

Adams, Mary K. 126,162,394 

Adams, Richard G. 90 

Adams, Stanley D. 206,446 

Adams, Terrill J. 231,446 

Adamson, Lorraine A. 162,359,394 

Adcock, Thomas D. 195,394 

Addy, Cathryn L. 172,446 

Addy, Donald E. 212,394 

Ade, Douglass M. 318 

Adepoju, Amos 119,127 

Administrators 16-17 

Adrian, Brenda G. 154,446 

Advani, Gul H. 118 

Advertising 573 

Afzal, Mohammad 81,121 

Ag Science Day 328 

Ag Student 366 

Agan, Mrs. Raymond 134 

Agan, John R. 109 

Aggieville Barber Shop 588 

Aggievilie Hardware 581 

Agin, Gary P., 88 

Agresta, Dandra J. 101 

Agresta, William M. 100 

Agriculture Council 25 

Ahlerich, Milton E. 214,446 

Ahrens, Jon M. 257,446 

Aidnik, Robert L. 202,446 

Aikin, Kenneth N. 198,307,394 

Ailshie, Roger H. 94,394 

Aker, Melody C. 231,446 

Akers, Judy A. 95,236,446 

Akinokun, Jesse O. 119,127 

Akob, Guy M. 85 

Al-Tikriti, Ahmed S. 121 

Alade, Joseph I. 119,127 

Albers, Kenneth W. 285 

Albers, Robert J. 143,266,446 

Albertson, James R. 148,214,446 

Albertson, Wayne R. 94,446 

Albin, Jane M. 97,243,446 

Albright Clyde C. 257,446 

Albright, Gerald M. 218,394 

Albright, Merle R. 94,394 

Albright, Sheryl K. 168,231,446 

Alderman, Susan J. 231,446 

Alderson, Loren L. 94 

Aldridge, Everett G. 108,252,394 

Alexander, Albert J. 257,446 

Alexander, David L. 283 

Alexander, David R. 252,447 

Alexander, Grant G. 88 

Alexander, James L. 447 

Alexander, Karol K. 349 

Alexander, Kenneth R. 109,204,257,447 

Alexander, Regena K. 139,238,358,359,447 

Alexander, Robert Y. 182 

Alexander, Roger B. 447 

Alford, Fredricka S. 154,394 

Alhasani, Sami M. 120 

Ali, Latif H. 120 

Allacher, Dennis E. 90,394 

ANee, James N. 257,439 

Allee, Judith K. 78,111,162,394 

Allemang, Virginia S. 243,358,447 

Allen, Billy D. 252,447 

Allen, Clyde L. 92 

Allen, Judith 84,111,160,447 

Allen, Kathleen A. 115,130,239,394 

Allen, Larry E. 447 

Allen, Marilyn J. 112,226,245,447 

Allen, Marjorie C. 113,238,447 

Allen, Suzie L. 245,447 

Allerheiligen, Wayne 352,354,357 

Allingham Motors 588 

Allison, Ashley 172,447 

Allison, Leslie B. 109,139,141 

Allison, Mary J. 139,236,447 

Allison, Max L. 250,252,439 

Allison, Nancy L. 226,447 

Almack, Julia J. 152,345,447 

Almack, Rosa M. 131 

Almquist, Karmon D. 140,252,356,447 

Almquist, Merlan T. 137,140,356,447 

Alpert, Dean J. 100,223,447 

Alpert, Glenn P. 257,447 

Alpha Chi Omega 152 153 

Alpha Delta Pi 154-155 

Alpha Delta Theta 79 

Alpha Gamma Rho 182-183 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 184-185 

Alpha Kappa Psi 72 

Alpha Lambda Delta 68 

Alpha Mu 76 

Alpha Phi Omega 76 

Alpha Tau Omega 186-187 

Alpha Xi Delta 156-157 

Alpha Zeta 73 

Alsop, Samuel E. 447 

Altendorf, Ronald L. 257,447 

Althide, Darrell D. 285 

Alwin, Duane F. 222,447 

Ameel, Donald J. 33 

Ameel, John J. 105 

Amen, James B. 447 

American Chemical Society 94 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers 93 
American Institute of Industrial 

Engineers 88 
American Institute of Physics 88 
American Nuclear Society 89 
American Society of Agricultural 

Engineers 94 
American Society of Civil Engineers 90 
American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 93 
American Society of Military Engineers 92 
American Yearbook Company 592 
Amerine, Diana L. 245,447 
Ames, Robert D. 182,447 
Amox, Carol S. 110,158,447 
Amosun, Gabriel 119 
Anazia, Cyril O. 263,447 
Anderson, Agnes F. 394 
Anderson, Barbara J. 231,447 
Anderson, Christine M. 83,156,394 
Anderson, Clarence L. 89 
Anderson, Dave F. 198,447 
Anderson, David E. 88,257.447 
Anderson, Delores K. 231,447 
Anderson, Eulala L. 238 
Anderson, Gaylord D. 107,223,447 
Anderson, Jack L. 73,98,200,394 
Anderson, James H. 265,447 
Anderson, Jerrel C. 83 
Anderson, Joan M. 101 
Anderson, John H. 182,283,321,447 
Anderson, Judy K. 114,168,394 
Anderson, Kathleen M. 172,448 
Anderson, Larry A. 184,448 
Anderson, Larry R. 55,200,279,283,448 
Anderson, Leland M. 106,137,141,363,394 
Anderson, Loren M. 148,202,448 
Anderson, Marilyn J. 110,170,394 
Anderson, Melinda M. 172,448 
Anderson, Michael S. 315,394 
Anderson, Milton R. 238 
Anderson, Nancy S. 394 
Anderson, Norman H. 89 
Anderson, Pat A. 101 
Anderson, Patsy O. 137,141 
Anderson, Raymond A. 73,98,395 
Anderson, Richard M. 55,206,448 
Anderson, Robert A. 28,100,448 
Andrews, George F. 204,448 
Andrews, Martha 182 
Andrews, Norbert J. 196,448 
Andrist, Darrel W. 180,316,448 
Angel Flight 84 
Angell, Frances M. 168,448 
Angwin, Carol S. 166,231,448 
Ankeli, Gabriel O. 97,119,127 
Annis, Marjorie C. 95,139,245,448 
Annis, Maurice A. 448 
Annis, Ruth E. 448 
Anschutz, Fredrick G. 96,448 
Anschutz, Norman G. 143 
Anschutz, Wayne H. 94,123 
Anspaugh, Bruce A. 448 
Anspaugh, Gail D. 316,317 
Anspaugh, Victor E. 97,448 
Anstaett, Fred R. 76,107,223,448 
Antenen, Paula G. 154,395 
Antes, Paul F. 192,448 
Antes, Robert L. 448 
Anthony, Rowland H. 126,312,395 
Anthony, William R. 206,448 
Antrim, Barbara S. 238,448 
Appel, Robert L. 75,93,395 
Applebaugh, Susan R. 1 10,220,448 
Applebaugh, William 257,448 
Applegate, Roberta G. 70,112 
Applegate, Roger C. 216,448 
Applegate, Ruth E. 114,239,448 
Apportionment Board 56 
Apt, Glenda A. 126,139,448 
Aranefa, Francisco L. 252,448 
Archer, Michael 395 
Architecture Council 28 
Ardon, Menachem T. 395 
Area, Merla K. 448 
Arens, Max Q. 206,448 

Armbrust, John S. 252,448 

Armbruster, James A. 94,140,448 

Armbruster, Jerry L. 109,133,140,257,448 

Armstrong, John P. 202,356,448 

Armstrong, Nancy L. 152,245,448 

Arndt, Theodore R. 285 

Arnett, Larry C. 38,222,449 

Arnold Air Society 86 

Arnold, Betty S. 47,57,70,158,395 

Arnold, Larry G. 449 

Arnott, Ralph E. 257,449 

Artmann, Daniel B. 104 

Arts and Sciences Council 32 

Ash, Paul L. 198,449 

Ashida, Betty R. 133,245,449 

Ashley, Larry A. 257,449 

Ashlock, Thomas F. 449 

Ashton, Barbara A. 113,166,449 

Ashton, Diana L. 172,245,449 

Ashton, Thomas E. 97 

Askey, Clare J. 101 

Askey, Raymond D. 98,395 

Associated Women's Students 58 

Atchison, Timothy A. 449 

Atherton, Kaye L. 113,231,449 

Athey, Joel W. 69,177,310,449 

Athletic Council 277 

Atkinson, Barbara A. 113,137,133,243,449 

Atkinson, George W. 97 

Atkinson, James L. 359 

Atkinson, Mary L. 239,449 

Atkinson, William P. 296 

Atkisson, Deloris E. 135 

Atkisson, John L. 75,82,395 

Atrozier, Arthur 285 

Attwood, Mary S. 156,245,449 

Atwood, Robert K., 359 

Aubuchon, Martin W. 214,283,449 

Auchard, Gerald V. 93,395 

Auchard, Luella M. 135 

Auditorium 388 

Augustine, Gary L. 75,449 

Augustine, Sandra L. 239,395 

Auld, Doris L. 226,449 

Auman, Bruce J. 257,449 

Aupperle, Ronald E. 206,449 

Austin, Whitley 15 

Avery, Cheri L. 115,220,449 

Avery, Eddie L. 307,309,449 

Avery, Melvin R. 285 

Avery, Robert O. 250,252,395 

Avery, Thomas B. 22 

Avery, Thomas B. 200,395 

Avery, William 15 

Axe, Gary M. 252,449 

Axe, William J. 257,449 

Ayotte, Dennis J. 72,76 

Ayres, Eva M. 113,156,449 

Ayres, John P. 257,449 


Babbitt, Phyllis E. 133,137,174,449 

Baber, Jack E. 89,395 

Baber, Joe K. 99 

Bach, Thomas L. 212,449 

Bachtell, Patrick D. 216,449 

Back, Joyce E. 144,152,352,355,359,449 

Back, Marilyn J. 74,166,352,355,358,395 

Backer, Jack E. 70 

Backman, Douglas K. 307 

Bader, Dean R. 100,188,449 

Bader, Frederick R. 82 

Badger, Bonnee B. 162,449 

Badger, Thomas J. 33 

Badger, Thomas W. 104,395 

Badrick, Charles T. 143 

Bady, Michel 117,263,439 

Baehler, Judy A. 239,449 

Baehr, Gratia L. 156,395,449 

Baehr, Phillip T. 216 

Bagby, Barbara A. 152,449 

Bagley, Came S. 226,449 

Bagley, Edgar S. 48,81 

Bahm, Ronald D. 92,395 

Bailey, Billy H. 88 

Bailey, Eileen E. 245,450 

Bailey, Ginger 101 

Bailey, Linda R. 571 

Bailey, Murilynne M. 162,450 

Bailey, Pete L. 449 

Bailey, Roberta L. 114,231,450 

Bailey, Shelby L. 140 

Bain, Kay E. 84,147,156,450 

Baird, Judith K. 129,239,395 

Bak, David A. 83,140 

Baker, ArdesM. 113,245,450 

Baker, Charles G. 94,356 

Baker, Harold T. 450 

Baker, Janice E. 110,236,450 

Baker, John R. 98 

Baker, Nancy A. 110,170,315,450 

Baker, Pamela M. 113,220,395 

Baker, Patty 135 

Baker, Raymond W. 450 

Baker, Robert E. 73,76,107,223,395 

Baker, Robert L. 109,301 

Baker, Roger L. 132,257,450 

Baker, Ronald A. 198,296,450 

Balducci, Richard K. 285 

Baldwin, Allen V. 109,450 

Baldwin, Carol A. 225,450 

Baldwin, John H. 76,92,214,450 

Baldwin, Lonna S. 154,395 

Baldwin, Mark W. 257,356,450 

Baldwin, Randall H. 214,450 

Bales, Harold J. 148,206,450 

Ball, James D. 265,450 

Ball, Penelope J. 243,450 

Ballantyne, Philip M. 214,359,450 

Ballard, Charles R. 319 

Ballard, Margaret A. 234,450 

Ballentine, Russell 109 

Ballou, Russell S. 257,450 

Balls, Jerry D. 123 

Balmer, Gary D. 285 

Balzer, Rosemary M. 245,450 

Banaka, Jerry N. 252,450 

Bange, Edward W. 143,257,450 

Banker, Terry G. 450 

Banks, David E. 43,75,82,93,252,395 

Banks, John H. 318,356,450 

Banks, Paul J. 450 

Baptist Student Union 141 

Barb, Kenny H. 196,450 

Barba, John M. 128,395 

Barbee.JonR. 206,257,450 

Barben, Edward E. 99 

Barber, Evelyn L. 110,147,149,168,450 

Barbour, Gracie R. 113 

Barenberg, Edward D. 142,252,450 

Barger, Patricia S. 133,239,450 

Baria, Edalji J. 118,450 

Barker, C. Kathrine 60,71,113,126,129, 

Barker, Linda L. 450 
Barker, William C. 72,395 
Barkman, Floyd J. 109,139,451 
Barley, Mary L. 451 
Barlow, Ronald L. 283 
Barnard, Dick 291 
Barnard, Hugh D. 451 
Barnard, Lauren A. 234,451 
Barndt, Karen L. 164,395 
Barnes, Carolyn E. 115,396 
Barnes, Joe W. 90 
Barnes, Marian K. 162,396 
Barnes, Ruth C. 239,451 
Barnes, Sharon A. 245,451 
Barnes, Ted J. 70 
Barnett, Danny K. 106 
Barnett, Lloyd E. 138,396 
Barney, Arthur C. 180,451 
Barney, Margret C. 172,231,451 
Barnhart, Alice I. 111,168,451 
Barnhart, Dorothy A. 245,359,451 
Barnhart, James L. 73 
Barnhart, Rilla S. 166,396 
Barnwarmer 350 
Barr, Patricia A. 174,451 
Barr, William C. 107,451 
Barrett, Peter J. 129,186,396 
Barrons, Dorothy J. 66,71,396 
Barrows, Bradley D. 216,451 
Barta, Richard A. 100,182,451 
Barth, Sylvia M. 112,226,451 
Bartholomew, Carolyn 58,160,358,451 
Bartkoski, Michael J. 451 
Bartley, Carol A. 152,451 
Bartley, Erie E. 48,106 
Bartley, Glenn E. 451 
Barton, Jon D. 202,451 
Barton, Larry D. 451 
Barton, Linda C. 58,156,451 
Bartoo, Chloellen 139,245,451 
Bartow, James R. 60 
Barzone, David M. 137 
Base, Gary L. 200,356,451 
Baseball 306-309 
Bashier, Mustafa B. 119 
Basketball 286-295 
Basore, Richard C. 148,214,356,451 
Bass, Andrea R. 239,451 
Bass, Dianne L. 245,451 
Bassett, Marilyn L. 131,451 
Bassette, Richard 73,106 
Bates, Herbert T. 18 
Bates, Rodney M. 124,359 
Bates, Vera A. 74,83 
Battu, Ramgopal 118 
Bauder, Helen C. 68,220,451 
Baum, Linda C. 239,451 
Bauman, Harold D. 100 
Bauman, Mary E. 101 
Baumgarten, Edwin O. 212,451 
Baur, Kenneth C. 202,451 
Baxa, Diane R. 101 
Bay, Darrell E. 105,188,439 
Bayless, Sara M. 158,451 
Beach, Charles L. 257,451 
Beach, Darrell E. 78,91 
Beach, Ronald T. 196,451 
Beach, Sharilyn K. 125,160,226,451 
Beach, Suzanne I. 129,231,452 
Beals, Barbara A. 128,162,452 
Bean, Donald L. 396 
Beard, Charles L. 452 
Beard, James A. 77,196,301,303,304,396 
Bearg, Carolyn J. 170,396 
Beasley, Joseph R. 85,452 
Beat, Larry J. 25,109,115,143,452 
Beattie, Patricia A. 226,452 


Beattie, Robert J. 316,317 

Beatty, Daniel 16 

Beaty, Linda A. 172,452 

Beaver, Frank M. 452 

Beck, Barbara L. 152,226,452 

Beck, Brian J. 368 

Beck, Joseph L. 306,307,319,396 

Beck, Glenn H. 22 

Beck, Henry V. 80,103 

Beck, Marcia A. 243,452 

Beck, Robert A. 452 

Beck, Sandra J. 55,60,67,69,170,452 

Becker, Doris R. 396 

Becker, Edna M. 111,140,243,452 

Becker, Gary L. 396 

Becker, Gregory W. 452 

Becker, Lawrence P. 212,452 

Becker, Robert A. 140 

Becker, Robert H. 283,396 

Becker, Robert L. 452 

Becker, Vivian R. 133,239,452 

Beckerle, Susan M. 170,245,452 

Beckman, Alan K. 180,452 

Beckman, Samuel K. 140,452 

Beckman, William K. 77,352,355 

Beckwith, Ann L. 170,452 

Becraff, David R. 285,452 

Becraft, Nancy D. 452 

Bednosek, Monty M. 186,452 

Beekley, Cynthia X. 245,439 

Beeman, William L. 452 

Beer, Janet J. 133,245,452 

Beery, Thomas Z. 192,356,452 

Beeson, Charles L. 83 

Beets, Richard A. 186,452 

Beezley, William P. 212,452 

Beefa, Michael N. 283 

Begnoche, Gloria T. 396 

Behan, Carolyn S. 122,156,396 

Behnke, Keith C. 182,356,452 

Behrens, Suzanne M. 66,71,166,396 

Beidmann, Stanley H. 105 

Beilke, Jane H. 249,452 

Bekaert, Denis A. 218,396 

Belden, Guy N. 452 

Bell, Claud K. 204,452 

Bell, Donald J. 75,80,87,396 

Bell, Flora J. 135 

Bell, Jo M. 111,239,452 

Bell, Marilea K. 111,152,397 

Bell, Richard F. 80,87 

Bell, Roberta L. 243,397 

Bell, William R. 285 

Bellairs, George H. 257,452 

Bellairs, William M. 257,452 

Belt, Rebecca L. 397 

Bender, Charles A. 397 

Bender, Daryl D. 82,93,436 

Bender, Gary L. 140,218,453 

Bender, Janet J. 78,143,436 

Bender, Leslie A. 245,453 

Bender, Lois J. 133,140,231,453 

Bender, Roger D. 198,453 

Bendure, William N. 97 

Benedick, Jane C. 111,170,397 

Benedict, William R. 126,130 

Benfer, John P. 132,453 

Benham, William K. 202,367,453 

Beninga, Peggy I. 112,226,453 

Benjamin, Kenneth U. 86,397 

Bennett, Gerald E. 257,453 

Bennett, Lynda C. 160,245,453 

Benortham, Thomas D. 108,397 

Benson, Lee M. 257,453 

Bentley, Sara S. 166,354,453 

Benton, Gary L. 125,126,149,179,453 

Benton, Lynn S. 105,252,453 

Benton, Sharon K. 58,95,174,453 

Bentrup, Dale R. 80 

Berends, Jay D. 453 

Berg, Mary M. 126,238,453 

Berger, Chester L. 252,293,453 

Berger, Patrick J. 180,453 

Bergin, Patricia C. 101 

Bergin, William C. 51,100 

Bergman, Kathleen S. 239,453 

Berkey, Pamela J. 168,453 

Berkholtz, Dennis L. 196,252,286,293, 

Berlin, Larry K. 149,214,454 
Bernard, Laverne R. 97,454 
Berndt, E. Gary 454 
Bernhardt, Janet V. 154,454 
Berry, Gail M. 170,226,454 
Berthole, C. Dean 100 
Bertram, Mary A. 226,454 
Bertrand, Conrad E. 397 
Bertrand, William A. 102,454 
Best, Cecil H. 48 
Beta Sigma Psi 188-189 
Beta Theta Pi 190-191 
Bettenbrock, Dwight 257,454 
Betton, Martha J. 354,357 
Betz, Judith L. 168 
Betz, William D. 204,454 
Bevan, William 17 
Bevan, William 198,454 
Beyer, Annette J. 112,152,397 
Bhoiwani, Chandru J. 118 
Bhuta, Hemendra J. 118 
Bickel, Blaine W. 198,397 
Bickerton, Patricia K. 135 
Bickford, Max 15 
Biddison, Ronald E. 454 
Bidwell, Orville W. 362 
Bieber, Joel G. 188,397 
Bieberle, Gordon F. 252,397 
Bieberly, Frank G. 100 
Bieberly, Ralph K. 91,148,454 
Bieker, Carmen L. 91,454 
Biery, Bonita F. 220,454 

Biery, Terry L. 25,73,122,133,137,200 

Bigbee, Jean L. 131,454 
Biggart, Le A. 133,220,454 
Biggs, Elaine S. 126,130,143,454 
Biggs, Michael W. 454 
Bigsby, Allen G. 454 

Bilderback, Donna B. 71,112,115,156,454 
Biles, Bertram R. 440 
Billinger, Betty J. 172,245,358,454 
Billinger, John C. 206,454 
Billinger, Max W. 206,397 
Billingham, Karen S. 78,83,397 
Billings, Richard D. 93,223,454 
Bilyeu, Sandra K. 231,454 
Bird, Gerald A. 111,139,454 
Bird, Marilyn K. 114,115,454 
Bird Music Company 576 
Bird, Robert E. 397 
Bird, Thomas F. 126,202,454 
Bird, William R. 90 
Bisbee, David N. 100 
Bishop, Mary A. 47,58,67,71,139,158,454 
Bishop, Richard L. 149,206,454 
Bishop, Robert D. 257,454 
Bitner, Dennis 218,454 
Bitter, Roger A. 188,454 
Biurstrom, Mary E. 236,454 
Black, James N. 196,454 
Black, Marvin E. 454 
Black, Michael D. 216,455 
Black, Richard L. 257,455 
Blackburn, Jack B. 42 
Blackburn, Mrs. Richard 352 
Blackburn, Richard 59,60 
Blackwell, Denby L. 281 
Blackwell, John H. 180,455 
Blades, Linda M. 236,455 
Blake, Leslie A. 172,455 
Blakely, Jimmie L. 80,397 
Blakeslee, Mary E. 110,172,455 
Blanke, Gunnar W. 202,455 
Blankenhagen, Edward 149,180,283,455 
Blankenship, Ada M. 101,236 
Blankenship, Connie L. 135 
Blankenship, David W. 455 
Blankenship, Gary D. 455 
Blankenship, Larry P. 214,455 
Blankenship, Richard 99,316,455 
Blasdel, Phyllis J. 156,245,455 
Blasdel, Sharon K. 79,239,397 
Blasiar, David A. 92,179,397 
Blass, Constance H. 397 
Blauvelt, William A. 257,455 
Bleakley, Marykaye 84,170,455 
Bledsoe, Jacquelyn A. 231,455 
Bleything, Larry D. 202,367,455 
Bleything, Richard R. 455 
Bliss, Charles E. 43,55,212,455 
Bliss, Robert J. 257,296,455 
Blocher, James D. 257,455 
Blocksome, Roderick 252,455 
Blomberg, Karen E. 95 
Bloom, Vicki A. 113,238,397 
Bloomer, Paula J. 226,455 
Blossom, Homer D. 78,92,397 
Blotkamp, Carol S. 245,455 
Blount, Rodney K. 133,137,356 
Blow, Harry E. 352,355,357 
Blubaugh, Gary J. 218,455 
Blue Key 65 
Blum, Doris E. 243,455 
Blumeier, Donald I. 257,455 
Board of Regents 15 
Board of Student Publications 56 
Bobek, Elizabeth A. 239,455 
Bock, Barbara H. 131 
Bock, Evelyn A. 100,220,455 
Bock, Harold D. 78,439 
Bock, Ralph S. 90 
Bocock, Joyce E. 78 
Bodenhamer, Carol J. 226,455 
Bodwell, Jean K. 162,455 
Boeding, Thomas L. 455 
Boehner, Ernest D. 252,455 
Boethin, Roger M. 214,455 
Boger, Fred C. 85,257,455 
Boggs, Bruce A. 137,368 
Boggs, Carole L. 455 
Bohannon, Robert A. 25 
Bohn, Diane K. 245,455 
Bohn, Gary D. 75,80,86,87,252,456 
Bohnen, Joseph M. 252,456 
Bohnstedt, Janet K. 245,456 
Bohrer, Susan M. 168,397 
Boles, Charles W. 126,456 
Boles, David C. 397 
Boles, Marilyn K. 110,129,154,456 
Bolick, Mark P. 206,283,397 
Bollig, Francis R. 93,397 
Bolline, Michael P. 456 
Bolnick, William M. 86,252,397 
Bond, James E. 456 

Bonewitz, Bonnie B. 110,112,152,378,398 
Bonine, Dan R. 144 
Bonneau, Roland J. 186,439 
Bonner, William R. 91 
Bonnewell, Gretchen 71 
Boomer, Larren G. 456 
Boomer, Warren E. 97,456 
Boone, Kenneth D. 398 
Bootery 579 

Booth, Donald G. 91,139,456 
Booth, Myrtle F. 115 
Borberg, Robert M. 91 
Borell, Steven C. 88,122,140,252,456 
Borg, Alfred F. 33 
Borger, Sharon S. 231,456 
Borgerding, John F. 398 
Borgmann, Terry A. 180 
Bork, William S. 311 

Borland, Dennis P. 398 

Bornheimer, Joseph F. 212,398 

Bornkessel, Janice K. 456 

Borookhim, Manoucheh 119 

Borota, Milan 285 

Bortka, John J. 285 

Bortz, Nancy C. 110,152,456 

Bosanko, David M. 139,456 

Bosch, Louise A. 115,133,239,456 

Bosche, Helen F. 84,152,456 

Boss, Mrs. Henry T. 214 

Bothwell, David L. 109,398 

Botsford, Gene 345 

Bott, Philip C. 97,119,127 

Bottenberg, John C. 137 

Bottger's IGA 584 

Bottorff, James L. 91,299,398 

Boucher, Cheryl A. 143,225,239,456 

Bouchey, Gary D. 72,303,304,398 

Boughton, Roberta J. 152,245,456 

Bourbina, Charles F. 196,456 

Bourque, Chalise A. 170,456 

Bourquin, Shirley L. 358 

Bowen, Edwin D. 257,456 

Bowen, Ronald L. 285 

Bower, Wayne P. 91,252,456 

Bowers, Constance J. 113,168,226,456 

Bowers, David E. 77,188,398 

Bowers, Robert D. 90 

Bowie, Rogga J. 83,172,398 

Bowman, Anne L. 352 

Bowman, Clay L. 456 

Bowman, Gary H. 104,398 

Bowman, Gena S. 456 

Bowman, Michael L. 196,398 

Bowman, Susan J. 172 

Bowsher, Melodie L. 231,456 

Boxberger, Kathryn A. 84,85,160,456 

Boyce, Richard E. 206,456 

Boyd, Barbara J. 398 

Boyd, Glenn E. 285 

Boyd Hall 226-229 

Boyd, Richard K. 90,179,456 

Boyer, Barbara D. 156,456 

Boyer, Gary D. 456 

Boyer, Harry J. 257,456 

Boyer, Lois 135 

Boyer, Ronald L. 192,456 

Boyer, Ronald L. 202,456 

Boyer, Thomas A. 87 

Boyle, Dale D. 257,456 

Boyle, Steven R. 457 

Bozarth, Andrew J. 99 

Bozarth, Donald L. 216,457 

Bozarth, Duane P. 148,179,457 

Bozone, David M. 133 

Brack, Brian J. 257,457 

Bracket, Bette I. 135 

Bracken, Raymond B. 87,398 

Bradbury, Rose A. 71,115,144,398 

Braden, Janet L. 231,457 

Bradford, Ross E. 97,457 

Bradley, Gary S. 109 

Bradley, Sandra L. 113,158,457 

Bradley, Wray E. 216,457 

Bradshaw, Arden J. 252,457 

Brady, Anita I. 69,166,398 

Brady, Thomas J. 218,457 

Brady, Warren T. 188,457 

Brainerd, Mary L. 164,457 

Brammer, Judy M. 131,457 

Brand, John H. 85,252,457 

Brandenberger, Pamela 84,156,457 

Brandenburg, Carol L. 238,457 

Brandenburger, Denny 457 

Brandner, Lowell 18,70,366 

Brandner, Mary S. 142,160,378,457 

Brandt, Gale M. 164,457 

Brandt, Gretchen M. 112,152,457 

Brannam, Cynthia A. 231,358,457 

Brannan, Michael S. 257,457 

Branson, Barbara A. 101 

Branson, Bruce R. 398 

Branson, Carl E. 283 

Branson, Richard L. 100,283 

Brandt, Douglas M. 252,457 

Branton, Dorothy A. 239,457 

Brass, Martha J. 236,457 

Braswell, David A. 180,457 

Bratton, Barbara A. 160,226,457 

Braum, Roy A. 99 

Braunschweiger, Margery A. 58,239,457 

Braunsdorf, Linda M. 245,457 

Brazle, Reba S. 110,112,133,236,457 

Brecheisen, Adell W. 89,206,457 

Breckbill, Robert K. 206,299,356,457 

Breeden, Effie M. 114,131,144,457 

Breen, Emmett N. 457 

Brees, Beverly J. 239,398 

Brees, Gerald C. 186,368,457 

Breidenthal, Gail S. 164,457 

Breiner, Amy A. 135 

Breit, Don 310 

Breitenbach, John D. 148,195,458 

Breitenstein, Alfred 257,457 

Breitweiser, Mary D. 170,245,458 

Bremer, Larry W. 398 

Brenn, Lawrence R. 250,257,359,458 

Brennan's Skelly Service 582 

Brenneman, Jane E. 226,458 

Brenner, Steven R. 257,458 

Brensing, Elaine K. 162,458 

Brent, Carol A. 111,112,160,458 

Brent, Margery L. 160,231,458 

Brethour, Mary R. 74,170,352,398 

Brethour, William H. 99 

Brettschneider, Thomas 103 

Brewer, Marvin V. 206,458 

Brewer Motor Company 588 

Brewer, Roger B. 86,398 

Brewster, Jerry V. 206,398 

Brickner, Terry L. 168,231,458 

Bridwell, John D. 436 

Briggeman, Warren L. 257,458 

Briggeman, Wilma J. 243,458 

Briggs, Robert A. 60,458 

Brightenburg, Virginia 111,131 

Brim, Lenore K. 133,156,458 

Brining, Donald R. 257,458 

Brinkman, Jim C. 108 

Brinkoeter, Elizabeth A. 160,458 

Brinkoeter, Rae J. 160,231,458 

Briones, Magdalena L. 440 

Brisky, Rosalie I. 115,236,458 

Britt, Kathee R. 458 

Britt, Timothy J. 398 

Britting, Dean E. 398 

Britting, Marjorie L. 95,458 

Britton, Gale E. 250,257,439 

Britton, Jane M. 160,458 

Broodhurst, Richard A. 354,357 

Broadwell, Edwin S. 257,458 

Brock, Carolyn L. 71 

Brockelman, Jerald D. 571 

Brockway, Edwin B. 356 

Brodbeck, Karen L. 231,458 

Brodine, Barbara M. 172,458 

Broeckelman, Gregory 143,226,356,458 

Broers, Ted A. 124,257,458 

Brogan, Lewis H. 100,458 

Bronaugh, Robert A. 458 

Bronzan, Charles T. 97 

Brookens, Mary C. 114,152,245,458 

Brookins, Douglas C. 80,103 

Brooks, Barbara L. 60,69,111,172,458 

Brooks, Leroy H. 105 

Brooks, Nova A. 458 

Brooks, Robyn D. 28,359 

Brooks, Rodger A. 91,214,458 

Brooks, Susan E. 154 

Brookshire, James R. 195,257,458 

Brookshire, William W. 195,398 

Browder, David L. 97 

Brower, Garry R. 458 

Brower, Ruby K. 79,398 

Brown, Arthur L. 458 

Brown, Beverly J. 243,459 

Brown, Brenda G. 141 

Brown, Carl J. 283 

Brown, Dea J. 234,459 

Brown, Edwin V. 32,398 

Brown, Frank A. 285 

Brown, Jack M. 459 

Brown, James L. 89,139,257,459 

Brown, Judith E. 71,112,174,399 

Brown, Julia A. 226,459 

Brown, Larry R. 206,459 

Brown, Lawrence E. 80,103 

Brown, Margaret L. 234,459 

Brown, Merwin L. 68,69,75,89,200,459 

Brown, Peggy A. 354 

Brown, Richard A. 91 

Brown, Richard N. 257,459 

Brown, Robert F. 85,257,459 

Brown, Robert M. 73,99 

Brown, Roderick R. 204,459 

Brown, Russell C. 109 

Brown, Thomas G. 129,202,459 

Brown, Vicki L. 239,459 

Brown, Virginia E. 459 

Brown, William L. 296,459 

Browne, David B. 99 

Brownlee, Dale E. 250,257,459 

Broxterman, Leroy R. 72,398 

Bruce, Ralph G. 186,399 

Bruce, Richard N. 97,204,459 

Brummel, Joel S. 128,143 

Brummer, George K. 186,459 

Brungardt, Samuel J. 25,143,459 

Bruning, Gary D. 104,202,252,459 

Bruning, Gary E. 356,459 

Brunk, John R. 257,459 

Brunson, Douglas S. 129,459 

Brush, Sherry K. 47,160,459 

Brusven, Merlyn A. 105 

Bruton, Madeline L. 168,459 

Bryan, David W. 85,257,459 

Bryan, Margie A. 84,170,459 

Bryan, Ronald W. 77 

Bryan, Thomas A. 139 

Bryant, Bruce E. 97,214,459 

Bryant, Bruce W. 252,459 

Bryant, Joel W. 92 

Bryant, Judith 166,226,459 

Bryant, Lawrence O. 198,459 

Bryant, Mildred F. 74 

Bryant, Shirley 135 

Bryant, Wanda L. 101 

Bryant, William M. 100 

Bryant, William P. 87,399 

Buamah, Thomas F. 119 

Bubb, Henry A. 15 

Buchan, Robert E. 126,202,356,459 

Buchele, Kenneth D. 60,182,356,459 

Buchenau, Mervin E. 149,312 

Buchman, Vicki R. 243,459 

Buckland, Annette L. 1 17,126,133,240,459 

Buenning, Gail M. 95,154,459 

Buenning, Jan C. 84,154,340,399 

Buetzer, Pamela R. 164,460 

Buffo, Lyn M. 245,450 

Bugbee, Linda E. 133,236,460 

Buhler, Linda L. 460 

Buisch, William W. 97,266,460 

Bull, Barbara J. 152,266,460 

Bull, Robert W. 98,399 

Buller, Joel E. 77,352,355 

Bump, Douglas L. 88 

Bunney, James B. 107,460 

Bunton, Norma D. 33 

Buono, Jose M. 106,399 


Burch, Mrs. Allen B. 188 

Burch, Patrick H. 214,460 

Burch, Paul W. 195,460 

Burch, Vinson L. 122,257,399 

Burchett, Alfred S. 83 

Buresh, Mary J. 240,460 

Burfield, Marvin L. 94,399 

Burg, George F. 218,460 

Burgat, Rebecca A. 231,460 

Burge, Susan E. 226,460 

Burgess, Judith L. 95,170,231,460 

Burgess, Martha A. 110,170 

Burgin, Gary S. 179,399 

Burk, Elmer C. 195,399 

Burk, Mary L. 58,70,112,172,399 

Burk, Signe L. 71,149,166,460 

Burke, Patricia B. 358 

Burke, Steven C. 107,223,460 

Burkey, Jerry B. 100 

Burkhard, R. Kenneth 18 

Burnett's Apco Service Center 589 

Burnett, Cecil W. 460 

Burnett, Peggy C. 154,460 

Burnett, Robert A. 126,359 

Burnett, Robert C. 202,460 

Burnham, Roger L. 460 

Burns, Karin F. 60,69,160,358,460 

Burns, Stephen M. 144,257,359,460 

Burns, Stuart J. 99 

Burns, Thomas C. 265,460 

Burrell, Delila J. 239,460 

Burris, Joyce A. 58,105,113,130,131, 

Burroughs, Courtney 399 
Burton, Donald E. 439 
Burton, Gary H. 86 
Burton, Sharon R. 154,460 
Burtschi, Diane K. 156,460 
Bury, Redetta A. 101 
Bury, Robert J. 99 
Busby, James L. 99 
Busch, Sandra K. 95,231,460 
Bush, Charles E. 202,460 
Bush, James L. 214,368,460 
Bush, Terry M. 460 
Bussing, Charles E. 80,103 
Butler, Matthew L. 298 
Butler, Nancy J. 129,152,226,460 
Butler, William M. 222,460 
Butterfield, Edwin L. 196,378,460 
Button, Sue A. 149,231,460 
Butts, Donald W. 73,99 
Butts, Joel R. 204,461 
Butts, Lucretia A. 243,461 
Butzin, Donald F. 89,436 
Buzenberg, John J. 399 
Buzenberg, Mildred E. 38 
Buzenberg, William E. 312 
Buzzell's Office Equipment 581 
Byer, Janet L. 236,461 
Byers, Jacqualine S. 111,226,461 
Byers, Norman P. 180,356,461 
Byrne, Barbara 143,160,245 
Byrne, Stanley B. 571 

Cable, Barbara L. 35,236,461 

Cable, John P. 35,72,86,250,252,461 

Cadman,J. Stephen 257,461 

Cahill, William E. 461 

Cain, Osmond 285 

Caine, Homer D. 352 

Cairl, John F. 283 

Calcara, James R. 28,55,78,214,461 

Calcara, Richard L. 122,214,461 

Calderon, Prudencio 318,399 

Caldwell, Barbara R. 113,399 

Caldwell, Nancy S. 113,158,461 

Calentine, Jack E. 186,399 

Cales, Wilma J. 111,239,461 

Calhoun, John P. 105 

Call, Barbara A. 152,399 

Callen, Patricia J. 57,84,164,461 

Callies, Rodney E. 91,257,461 

Calliham, Judith A. 168,399 

Camblin, Gary L. 202,461 

Came, William G. 142,461 

Camerlinck, Robert J. 461 

Cameron, John W. 85,252,461 

Campbell, Bonnie J. 131 

Campbell, Carolyn I. 352 

Campbell, Carrol W. 73,106,363,461 

Campbell, Charles T. 182 

Campbell, Galen K. 77,202,307,308,399 

Campbell's Gift Shop 581 

Campbell, John B. 105 

Campbell, Larry G. 139,461 

Campbell, Patricia M. 243,461 

Campbell, Richard A. 252,461 

Campbell, Richard W. 461 

Campbell, Robert T. 399 

Campus Book Store 587 

Campus Pastries 587 

Campus Theater 579 

Canfield, Pamela A. 172,461 

Cannon, Robert W. 100 

Canterbury Association 145 

Capron, Beverly J. 101 

Capron, Carol M. 101 

Capron, Evan D. 461 

Capron, Kenneth M. 98,399 

Capron, Virgil J. 98,399 

Card, Michael D. 212,461 

Cardwell, Alvin B. 33,49 

Cardwell, Charles E. 198,462 

Cardwell, Virginia G. 95,160,245,462 

Carey, Bruce D. 257,462 

Carey, James C. 18,48 

Carey, Karen J. 66,78,110,162,345,399 

Carey, Larry N. 94,139,356,359,462 

Carl, James G. 216,462 

Carl, Sharon K. 399 

Carl, Sherilyn 160,462 

Carleton, Cheryl L. 154,399 

Carlgren, Stefan M. 399 

Carlin, Thomas E. 462 

Carlson, Carl J. 177,462 

Carlson, Carlene E. 168,358,462 

Carlson, David E. 69,462 

Carlson, Elaine E. 231,439 

Carlson, Frank 408 

Carlson, Gary K. 462 

Carlson, George M. 195,400 

Carlson, Linda J. 170,462 

Carlson, Margaret N. 226,462 

Carlson, Pamela S. 172,226,462 

Carlson, Sharon J. 55,66,69,170,400 

Carlson, Stanley D. 105 

Carlson, Terry R. 103 

Carlson, Vincent L. 88,462 

Carlson, Virginia A. 124,133,137,243, 

Carmichael, Craig L. 97,462 
Carmichael, Lyle K. 257,462 
Carnahan, Sara S. 439 
Carothers, Kenneth G. 252,462 
Carpenter, Montford 73,76,107,223,400 
Carpenter, Warren E. 216,462 
Carr, Carolyn L. 70,140,226,462 
Carr, Connie L. 164,227,462 
Carr, Mary L. 47,114,115,400 
Carr, Pamela S. 239,462 
Carr, Ronald D. 214,462 
Carr, Tommy R. 257,356,462 
Carrico, Patrick C. 143,257,462 
Carrington, Annie A. 231,462 
Carroll, Nancy A. 152,462 
Carroll, Susan E. 234,400 
Carson, Jerry R. 216,307,463 
Carson, Mary E. 95,243,400 
Carson, Pamalee G. 112,236,463 
Carson, Stephen L. 148 
Carson, Sue E. 172,400 
Carson, William T. 463 
Carstens, Susan G. 1 10,124,131,249,400 
Cartee, Carol T. 101 
Cartee, Robert E. 100 
Carter, Brian E. 463 
Carter, Lawrence E. 106 
Carter, Richard C. 87 
Carthrae, Ralph E. 463 
Carver, Haroldine 135 
Carver, Norman R. 87,400 
Cary, Elizabeth E. 81,126,400 
Case, Barbara J. 101 
Case, James A. 99 
Casey, Mrs. Ernest O. 156 
Casey, Patricia A. 358,400 
Casida, Dianna L. 236,463 
Caspar, William O. 143,148,463 
Casper, Jean M. 160,227,463 
Cassidy, Jerry L. 89,139,400 
Cassidy, Sheryl L. 245,463 
Caster, Dallas D. 99,463 
Caster, Douglas F. 257,463 
Castilla, Osmundo S. 73,99,463 
Castle, Nancy M. 231,463 
Cathrae, Rita R. 135 
Catlin, Jack E. 51 
Catrell, Frederick A. 86 
Caudle, Doyle R. 85 
Caughron, Martha E. 231,352,463 
Caughron, Raymond D. 72,92 
Caughron, Samuel D. 86,96,359 
Caulfield, Michael D. 257,463 
Cave, Gary R. 359,368 
Cebula, Jerome J. 102 
Cecil, Carolyn D. 463 
Celeste, Lauren E. 124,231,463 
Cengiz, Beyhan 463 
Cesafsky Allen A. 99 
Chadwell, Lyle H. 109,133,400 
Chadwell, Stephen L. 133,463 
Chadwick, Theodore A. 18,48 
Chain, Lawrence M. 108 
Chalmers, John 30,277 
Chamber Music Series 336-337 
Chambers, Dennis R. 111,139,463 
Champney, William O. 81 
Chancy, Terry F. 192,463 
Chandler, Judith L. 158,463 
Chandrashekar, Hiriy 118 
Chang, Colette W. 120 
Chang, Van 90,226 
Chapin, Judith A. 152,245,463 
Chapman, Harold R. 463 
Chapman, Harold W. 222 
Chapman, Janet L. 239,463 
Chapman, Mark A. 86,180,400 
Chapman, Michael T. 75,179,400 
Chapman, Randolph B. 463 
Charcos 579 

Charles, Barbara H. 58,243,400 
Charles, Michael K. 70,356,373,400 
Charles, Nancy A. 168,463 
Chartiers Shoes 588 
Chase, Larry L. 178,400 
Chase, Ronald G. 139 
Chasey, Linda S. 170,401 
Chatfield, Janet L. 1 10,152,245,463 
Chaudhri, Mohammad K. 121,439 
Chaudhry, Muhammad S. 121 
Chaudhry, Rubina 121 
Chaudhry, Shafqat S. 121 
Cheatum, Lawrence E. 97,252,463 
Cheavens, Marcia K. 463 
Cheerleaders 351 
Chef Cafe 575 
Chegwidden,Verlee E. 128,238,463 

Chelikowsky, Joseph R. 33,80,103 

Chen, Michael S. 263,439 

Cheney, Timothy P. 99,463 

Chesney, Kenneth K. 106,129,186,364,463 

Cheynet, Jerome H. 77,296,463 

Chiang, Yuan-Chang 83,120 

Chiang, Yung A. 463 

Chie, Margaret S. 249,439 

Chi Epsilon 82 

Chilcott, Elva J. 231,463 

Chilcott, James H. 139,200,356,401 

Chilcott, Robert G. 252,464 

Childres, Mary F. 164,464 

Childs, Edward N. 100,182,464 

Childs, Robert M. 180,316,464 

Chiles, Laurn P. 464 

Chimes 67 

Chi Omega 158,159 

Chitwood, Karen L. 55,67,166,464 

Choate, Jim L. 102 

Choplin, Jane R. 164,464 

Chowins, Richard D. 359,401 

Chrane, Kenneth L. 285 

Christensen, Bruce N. 257,464 

Christensen, Carol 149,172,227,464 

Christensen, Harriet 111,156,464 

Christensen, John L. 252,278,283,401 

Christensen, Patricia 95,152,401 

Christian, Francis G. 75,464 

Christian, Gary R. 97,257,464 

Christian, Theodore 401 

Christiansen, Stanley E. 316 

Church, Gerald M. 316 

Church, Thomas S. 265,464 

Chyba, Leslie J. 204,464 

Chyr, Francis 317 

Ciardi, John 400 

Cicmanec, John L. 401 

Citizens State Bank 576 

Claassen, Rudolph D. 109,464 

Claassen, Stanley L. 464 

Clapp, David J. 139,252,464 



Carol S. 174,464 



Dale A. 126,179,464 



Don B. 90 



Don W. 368 



Eldon L. 85 



Elizabeth A. 129,239,464 



Gary E. 68,88,128,143 



Harriett J. 245,464 



Jane 32,67,68,69,160,359,464 



Janet L. 245,358,464 



John R. 257,359,464 



Katherine E. 58,147,156,464 



Kathleen M. 231,464 



Larry L. 285 



Margaret V. 71,436 



Michele J. 126,170,464 



Peggy A. 172,231,464 



Richard C. 33,60,121 



Stanley R. 94 



Suzanne L. 234,464 



William E. 257,464 



William J. 18,277 



, Robert 142 

Claussen, Verne E. 97,200,464 

Clawson, Eldon L. 182,364,401 

Claybaugh, Kathryn A. 95,249,315,464 

Claycamp, Kenneth W. 252,464 

Claydon, Linda A. 68,94,164,464 

Claydon, Thomas J. 106 

Clegg, Robert M. 198,319,464 

Clegg, Victoria L. 117,164,401 

Clendening, Wayne E. 188,464 

Clevenger, Cheryl V. 110,129,239,465 

Clifton, Ronald D. 1 1 1 

Cline, Darwin E. 90,148,192,465 

Cline, Larry E. 133,137,200,465 

Clingan, Mrs. Grover 190 

Clingenpeel, Glenn R. 184,465 

Clinger, Cecil C. 245,465 

Cloe, Demis K. 58,245,465 

Clothier, Eugene R. 100,252,465 

Cloud, Betty J. 158,401 

Clovia 174 

Clutter, Michael L. 465 

Clyne, Lynda L. 160,231,378,465 

Cobb, Don L. 93,179,401 

Cobb, Elizabeth J. 236,465 

Cobb, Ruth A. 71 

Coberly, Nancy 166,465 

Coburn, Jarvis W. 223,465 

Coburn, Ruth E. 164,351,358,465 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company 586 

Cochran, Harold M. 86,200,356,401 

Cochran, Janice M. 245,465 

Cochran, Robert A. 78,91,218,465 

Cockrum, Darrell K. 104,192,258,465 

Cody, Robert E. 143 

Coffield, William H. 34,35,48 

Coffman, Charles W. 184,367,465 

Cohan, Lawrence A. 293,401 

Cohan, Phillip L. 465 

Colaw, Carolyn S. 154,465 

Colbert, James 31C 

Colbert, Joan P. 137,154,401 

Cole, Janet K. 227,465 

Cole, Ross W. 258,465 

Cole, Zelma R. 38,154,401 

Coleman, Jon J. 196,465 

Coles, E. H. 52 

College of Agriculture 22-25 

College of Architecture and Design 

College of Arts and Sciences 30-33 
College of Commerce 36-39 
College of Engineering 40-43 
College of Home Economics 44-47 
College of Veterinary Medicine 50-53 
Colleran, Catherine 231,465 
Collins, Carolyn M. 58,227,465 

Collins, David R. 85,92 

Collins, George F. 571 

Collins, Joyce M. 227,465 

Collins, Robert L. 465 

Collins, Robert L. 359 

Colon, Terry M. 101 

Colon, Walter E. 100 

Coltrane, Larry H. 109,132,258,465 

Coltrane, Ronald D. 106 

Comb, Arthur H. 15 

Comerford, Karen M. 156,465 

Commerce Council 38 

Compfon, Charles E. 571 

Compton, Cynthia C. 234,358,465 

Compton, Jere L. 137,258,401 

Compton, Marcia A. 231,465 

Conaway, Gary L. 401 

Conde Music & Electric 575 

Condell, Nancy J. 160,245,465 

Condit, Gerald L. 281,304 

Condit, Larry R. 123,258,465 

Condit, Lawrence E. 283,304,401 

Condon, Marquita M. 154,465 

Condray, Jerry L. 132 

Condray, Jettie F. 132,266,312,465 

Cone, Marie L. 113,139,465 

Congleton, William L. 77,301,304,318,319 

Congrove, Robert L. 466 

Conine, Phillip L. 90 

Connell, Martin R. 98,436 

Conner, Alvin R. 109,132 

Conner, Gwendolyn 401 

Connolly, Terrence M. 401 

Converse, Larry E. 129,466 

Conway, William P. 149,198,466 

Cook, Barbara J. 231,466 

Cook, Charleen 135 

Cook, Charles E. 75,94,102,401 

Cook, Claudette K. 166,245,466 

Cook, George N. 206,355,466 

Cook, James E. 252 

Cook, James E. 466 

Cook, Jerry L. 283,466 

Cook, John M. 198,466 

Cook, Judith L. 466 

Cook, Leland B. 401 

Cook, Sally J. 138,359,466 

Cooley, Lucinda L. 95,231,466 

Cooley, Marvin D. 466 

Coolidge, Sue A. 227,466 

Coombs, Polly A. 158,359,466 

Coon, Anthony T. 253,466 

Cooper, Craig 258,466 

Cooper, James K. 285 

Cooper, Larry J. 97,253,466 

Cooper, Laurence L. 100 

Cooper, Mary J. 113,129,168,227,466 

Cooper, Robert G. 139,466 

Cooper, Robert M. 212,466 

Cooper, Sheryl J. 231,466 

Cooper, William G. 88,466 

Coover, Courtney M. 368 

Cope, Diana G. 94,239,401 

Copeland, Eugene H. 77,83,352,354,357 

Copson, Anna 144 

Corby, David B. 258,466 

Cordill, Jerry R. 97,466 

Corlis, James L. 100 

Corman, Pat D. 75,80,87,401 

Corn, Roger P. 466 

Cornelison, Judy K. 227,466 

Cornwell, Larry G. 126,466 

Cornwell, Loretta H. 180 

Corr, Terry L. 87 

Corr, Tom H. 285 

Correll, Mary E. 231,466 

Cortesi, Richard J. 100 

Cortner, Dewey A. 76,356 

Cortner, Dr. and Mrs. John 66 

Corwin, John B. 76,253,466 

Corwin, Marilen A. 168,231,466 

Cosby, Susan K. 147,172,466 

Costello, Marilee J. 245,466 

Cotner, Vicky J. 67 

Cotter, Carolyn A. 58,78,1 1 1 ,170,351 ,401 

Cottle, Charles F. 212,279,282,283,466 

Cottrell, Fredric R. 307,308,319,401 

Coulson, Stephen J. 89,203,401 

Coulter, Jeanette E. 243,402 

Counter, Kama K. 126 

Counter, Kristine M. 245,466 

Coupland, William C. 123 

Court, Jean L. 239,466 

Courtney, Leila J. 135,436 

Courtney, Robert G. 571 

Covert, Dana D. 236,467 

Covert, Jerry L. 265,467 

Covert, Sydney A. 245,467 

Cowan, Deanna K. 245,467 

Cowan, Janet S. 154,227,467 

Cowan, Marion C. 402 

Cowan, Natalie J. 111,154,402 

Cowan, Ora A. 402 

Cowdrey, Judith A. 70,220,368,376,467 

Cox, Carolyn J. 95,131,134,168,467 

Cox, Carolyn R. 47,249,315,467 

Cox, Jerry H. 258,467 

Cox, Judy A. 99 

Cox, Kenneth M. 182,467 

Cox, Kenton L. 179,402 

Cox, Lawrence E. 223,467 

Cox, Martha J. 111,158,467 

Cox, Rufus F. 22 

Cox, Stella 164 

Coyne, Mary A 110,467 

Coyne, Patrick I. 73,106,467 

Craft, Stephen M. 258,467 

Craig, Cathryn 227,467 

Craig, Donald D. 266,467 

C-aig, Margaret K. 111,220,467 

Craig, Wallace M. 106,139 


Crail, Shirley C. 79,164,467 

Cram, Carolee 112,129,225,227,467 

Cram, Dan E. 100,467 

Cramer, James E. 216,467 

Cramer, Joe D. 467 

Cramer, Keith L. 200,307,467 

Crane, Martha A. 1 1 1 ,172,467 

Crane, Ross D. 109,132,467 

Crangle, Robert D. 43,55,65,75,89,179,402 

Cranston, J. 117 

Crater, Michael J. 258,467 

Crawford, Dr. Golda M. 66 

Crawshaw, Claude T. 75,94,264,402 

Creager, Gary L. 94,132,467 

Creager, Marvin W. 109,467 

Creamer, Thomas B. 186,402 

Crespo, Medina R. 100 

Crews, David T. 103,117,402 

Crews, Joyce L. 467 

Crill, Dickie J. 196,402 

Crispin, Malinda R. 103,402 

Crist, Richard J. 196,467 

Croman, Dennis R. 196,467 

Cromwell, David H. 137,200,467 

Crosetto, Chester J. 253,467 

Cross, Carol S. 156,227,467 
Cross Country Track 300 
Cross, Terry T. 467 
Crossen, Dee A. 139,240,468 
Crossley, Michael A. 258,468 
Crotinger, James L. 234,468 
Crotinger, Mary K. 468 
Crouch, John A. 99 
Crouch, Robert W. 38,355,468 
Crow, Gerald P. 258,402 
Crow, John M. 258,468 
Crowley, Julia R. 69 
Crowley, Mary L. 158,227,468 
Crubel, Michael J. 91,143,312 
Crum, J. David 206,468 
Crumrine, Martin H. 265,468 
Cudney, Robert R. 182,468 
Cullen, Peter 86,402 
Cullison, Noel E. 186,468 
Culver, Alan D. 179,468 
Culver, Carolyn M. 245,468 
Cummis, Phillip E. 178,402 
Cunningham, Clyde H. 198,468 
Cunningham, Gordon R. 100 
Cunningham, John A. 89 
Cunningham, Ronald G. 106,402 
Cunningham, Sheila J. 101 
Cure, Thomas H. 97,128,142,468 
Currie Pontiac & Oldsmobile 588 
Curry, Fred L. 126,179,468 
Curry, Robert T. 253,468 
Curtis, Cynthia D. 227,468 
Curtis, Sherry L. 231,468 
Cutler, John F. 103 
Cutter, David W. 104,258,468 

Daane, Adrian H. 33 

Dace, Letita S. 81 

Dace, Wallace 81 

Dada, Zuheir S. 90 

Dagg, Caleb D. 203,402 

Dahl, Bonnie L. 240,468 

Dahling, Anne W. 98 

Dahling, Carl W. 98 

Dahlquist, Lars J. 468 

Dahlsten, Maria R. 114,133,140,245,468 

Dahm, Arlene R. 133,137,174,355,357,468 

Daily, Donna K, 170,468 

Dake, Charles A. 99 

Dalbom, John D. 204,468 

Dale, Brock 352 

Dale, Clorse 263,468 

Dale, Ira L. 296 

Dale, James E. 99,143,468 

Dale, Shirley J. 231,468 

Dale, Thomas D. 212,468 

Dalke, Randall C. 177,468 

Dallas, Jean E. 69,83,162,402 

Dallas, Sarah B. 128,162,468 

Dallen, Larry D. 196,378,402 

Dalrymple, Roger D. 206,311,402 

Dalton, Kathleen F. 231,468 

Dameron, Tommy D. 107,223,468 

Danaher, Michael J. 86,203,468 

Danenbarger, William F. 15 

Danford, Dianne E. 166,468 

Daniel, Brenda L. 227,469 

Daniel, Stephen A. 258,469 

Daniel, Wayne L. 436 

Danieley, Edward L. 278,281,283 

Daniels, Charles B. 117 

Daniels, Paul R. 253,469 

Daniels, Raymond L. 319 

Daniels, Roger W. 178,439 

Daniels, Stephen J. 318 

Danielson, Stephen K. 258,469 

Danler, Gay K. 85 

Dannefer, Jane E. 95,111,227,469 

Darbandi, Esmail S. 119,402 

Darling, Dianne 113,168,469 

Darling, Donald F. 106,258,364,402 

Darling, Jayne E. 114,147,154,469 

Darling, John R. 285 

Darnell, Gerald E. 304 

Darnell, Thomas E. 204,469 

Darnell, Thomas J. 469 

Daroowala, Nanabhai 90 

Darrigrand, Andre 100,469 

Dart, Susan E. 170,227,469 

Darter, Genevieve C. 126,130,227,314,469 

Darter, Janet K. 71,168,402 

Darukhanavala, Jehan 88 

Daruvalla, Sam R. 87,118,439 
Dau, Diane C. 234,469 
Dauber, Vesta L. 117,135,220,378,469 
Daugharthy, Sandra L. 152,469 
Daugherty, Dianne K. 145,245,469 
Daugherty, Michael C. 177,469 
Daugherty, Patty L. 240,469 
Daves, Cheryl A. 240,345,469 
David, Tom V. 99,402 
David, Tony D. 99 
David, Twila L. 101 
Davidson, Adelia M. 131,439 
Davidson, Judith A. 56,58,84,166,469 
Davidson, Lloyd A. 108,364 
Davidson, Michael W. 402 

Davidson, Sandra A. 245,355,358,470 

Davies, Robert E. 72,192,402 

Davies, William T. 470 

Davis, Anna C. 245,470 

Davis, Arthur D. 253,470 

Davis, Betty L. 231,470 

Davis, Darold D. 218,470 

Davis, David J. 258,354,470 

Davis, Dean L. 25,108,366 

Davis, Dee A. 156,402 

Davis, Earle R. 33 

Davis, Elmer G. 316 

Davis, Fred H. 137,141 

Davis, Gayla J. 240,402 

Davis, Gerald E. 253,439 

Davis, Helen C. 238,403 

Davis, Jack D. 198,403 

Davis, James R. 258,470 

Davis, Judith A. 243,470 

Davis, Mozellar 58,95 

Davis, Robert C. 204,470 

Davis, Sandra L. 240,470 

Davis, Susan P. 172,470 

Davis, Victor A. 352 

Davison, John M. 258,470 

Dawes, Donald W. 316 

Dawson, Thomas S. 216,470 

Day, Donald L. 356,470 

Day, Jon M. 100 

Day, Richard N. 88,142,403 

Dean, Jo J. 125,129,131,470 

Dean, Lynn A. 198,319,470 

Dean, Nancy S. 110,154,470 

Dean of Admission 20 

Dean of Students Office 18-19 

Dearborn, Robert H. 470 

Dearmond, Fanchone 403 

Deaver, Robert M. 72,129,206,403 

Dechairo, Margaret J. 470 

Dechert, Dennis L. 73,104,214,470 

Decinque, Donald P. 253,368,470 

Decker, Joy L. 99 

Decker, Stephen R. 253,470 

DeCou, Donald F. 81 

Decristofaro, Clemen 76 

Dedonder, Larry J. 143,253,470 

Dees, Gailyn L. 99 

Deets, Paul L. 200,403 

Defeo, David L. 198,470 

Degnan, Paula J. 227,470 

Degood, Karen D. 32,110,128,133,147 

Degraffenreid, Sondra 231,470 

Deines, Calvin W. 80,470 

Deines, Garry L. 180,356,470 

Deitz, Dwayne 316 

Dekat, Kenneth A. 129,130 

Dekat, Michael A. 258,470 

Delaplain, Linda L. 100 

Delfs, James G. 258,470 

Delich, Gloria J. 84,147,164,345,358,470 

Delp, Tony M. 258,470 

Delta Chi 192-193 

Delta Delta Delta 160-161 

Delta Phi Delta 83 

Delta Sigma Phi 194-195 
Delta Tau Delta 196-197 
Delta Upsilon 198-199 
Delta Zeta 162-163 
Demand, John W. 18,111 
Demars, Jim L. 75,80,470 
Deming, Charles H. 89 
Demoss, Richard T. 296,403 
Dempsey, Cynthia S. 245,470 
Dempsey, Douglas E. 178,403 
Denning, David F. 266,471 
Denning, John E. 258,471 
Denning, Royal G. 76,107,403 
Dennis, Francis C. 75,82,86,92 
Denny, Douglas J. 78 
Denoon, Daniel A. 99,471 
Dent, Edward L. 122,177,359,471 
Dent, Michael W. 471 
Dent, Steven M. 144,471 
Dent, Thomas R. 85 
Denton, Wilson L. 253,299,471 
Depenbusch, Harold J. 107,223,471 
Depping, Dave M. 214,471 
Derks, Edwin 98,403 
Derosear, Thomas R. 214,471 
Derrick, Barbara A. 240,471 
Derting, Robert P. 105 , 
Derusseau, Ronald W. 471 
Desai, Mrs. Vasumati 118 
Desai, Dinkerrai R. 118,439 
Desai, Vasu K. 81,403 
Desbien, Vernon L. 195,471 
Deschner, Dennis L. 258,471 
Deters, Charlotte R. 156,471 
Detrixhe, Joseph B. 132 
Detter, Jay D. 93,223,471 
Defter, Rose N. 1 1 1 ,243,403 
Dettmer, Dennis E. 98,403 
Dettmer, Gary L. 107,471 
Dettmer, Jean E. 1 1 1 
Detwiler, Amelia A. 115,471 

Detwiler, Wesley R. 403 

Deubler, Carol J. 156,471 

Devaasirvatham, Sure 82 

Devault, Carolyn E. 110,238,471 

DeVoe, Diane D. 32,84,85,158,471 

DeWeese, Kathleen 84,240,403 

DeWeese, Paul 277 

DeWeese, Paula J. 84,143,172,403 

Dewey, David K. 253,471 

Dewey, Max H. 124,139 

Dewhirst, David L. 148,177,471 

DeWitz, Roy 293,294 

Dey, Judith A. 112,154,471 

Dial, Patricia N. 471 

Diamond, Arlen E. 86,188,368,403 

Diaz, Gabriel 105,439 

Diaz, Victor F. 83 

Dibai, Esfahani M. 119 

Dice, Mary J. 158,471 

Dick, Donald J. 102 

Dick, Elizabeth A. 74,352 

Dick, Judy K. 135 

Dick, Thomas D. 94,212,471 

Dicken, Donald R. 82,403 

Dickerson, David L. 403 

Dickerson, Roger K. 294,471 

Dickey, George L. 88 

Dickey, Kathleen A. 70,152,379,403 

Dickey, Mildred L. 147,152,231,471 

Dickinson, Catherine 158,471 

Dickinson, Edith M. 111,139,243,471 

Dickinson, Jerry A. 258,471 

Dickson, Richard C. 96,206,471 

Diehl, Barbara E. 112 

Diehl, John R. 108 

Diehn, Frederick J. 203,403 

Dieker, Thomas J. 258,471 

Diekmann, Roger A. 188,471 

Dietrich, Darlene 236,471 

Dietrich, Jacqueline 156,472 

Dietrich, Robert N. 258,472 

Dikeman, Michael E. 25,108,132,200, 

Dildine, Roger S. 123,253,472 
Dillenback, Harold F. 180,316,472 
Dillenbeck, Karen E. 234,472 
Dillender, Eugene R. 203,472 
Diller, Sherryl L. 139,240,374,472 
Diller, Sue A. 158,227,472 
Dillman, Carol L. 74 
Dillman, Susan K. 160,472 
Dillon, Charles M. 253,356,472 
Dillon, Jean L. 143,229,245,472 
Dillon, John F. 143,266,356,472 
Dillon, John S. 222,472 
Dillon, John W. 126 
Dillon, William L. 258,472 
Dilly, James E. 352 
Dinning, Jan 236,472 
Dirksen, Larry E. 107,223,472 
Disalvo, Vincent S. 70 
Disenhouse, Harvey A. 195,258,472 
Dissinger, Edward H. 86,283 
Dissinger, Edward R. 283 
Ditch, Vicki L. 160,227,472 
Ditgen, Judith K. 240,472 
Dittemore, Beth L. 131 
Diviney, Ernest M. 258,472 
Dixon, Madelyn C. 354,472 
Dixon, Margaret A. 139,240,472 
Doan, Rodney E. 472 

Dobbels, Frances M. 144,231,472 

Dobbin, Jerry L. 109,403 

Dobbins, James R. 133,253,472 

Dobson, Leona 120 

Dobson, John E. 89 

Dobson, Robert C. 106,186,472 

Dobson, William H. 312 

Dodd's 590 

Dodd, JoAnn C. 374,571 

Dodds, D. Deloss 300,301,302,304 

Dodds, Sondra S. 238,472 

Dodge, Donna A. 111,139,158,472 

Dodge, Gilbert R. 25 

Dodge, Rae 143,220,403 

Doebele's IGA Foodliner 586 

Dohm, Gerald L. 200,403 

Dohrman, Yvonne L. 472 

Dold, Brenda E. 231,472 

Doll, Dixon R. 304 

Dolly's K-Lunch 589 

Domer, Robin R. 99 

Don & Jerry Clothiers 576 

Donahy, Jerry F. 109,143,356 

Donaldson, Richard L. 75,179,403 

Donham, Richard S. 403 

Donley, Douglas D. 198,472 

Donner, Carolyn K. 234,472 

Doolittle, Gary L. 130,223,472 

Doramus, Lynda K. 112,240,472 

Doran, James V. 216,472 

Dorchester, Leland E. 105 

Dorian, Robert H. 313 

Douglas, Louis H. 18,33 

Dow, Benjamin B. 99 

Dow, Carol A. 101 

Dow, Richard G. 212,356,404 

Dowlin, David L. 102 

Downs, Stanley R. 258,472 

Dragsdorf, Dean 18,48 

Drake, Patty S. 84,160,404 

Dreiling, Mark J. 88,186,439 

Dresher, Larry K. 100 

Dresser, Alice N. 154,245,473 

Dressier, Donald G. 70,129,176,473 

Drew, Douglas P. 196,473 

Driver, Raymond S. 285 

Droge, Joanna L. 473 

Drost, Jo L. 234,473 

Drouillard, Judith K. 231,473 

Drumm, Dennis A. 91,473 

Dryden, Robert D. 253,356,473 
Dryer, Martha L. 160,227,473 
Duckwall's 574 

Dudley, Pamela J. 110,158,473 

Duenkel, Robert T. 266,298,473 

Duff, David W. 184,473 

Duff, Walter J. 404 

Duffendack, John P. 91,148,216,473 

Duffield, Robert J. 188,473 

Duffin, Patricia A. 103,245,404 

Dufva, Diane 368 

Dugas, Paul J. 368 

Dukelow, Connie M. 156,473 

Dukelow, Nancy J. 154,240,473 

Dumford, Michael D. 198,298,473 

Dumiak, Michael J. 258,473 

Dumler, Nancy B. 160,473 

Dumler, Patricia A. 140,245,473 

Dunagan, Mrs. W.P. 192 

Dunaway, Patricia A. 133 

Dunbar, Stephen A. 182,473 

Duncan, Carolyn L. 113,245,473 

Duncan, Mrs. Charles 202 

Duncan, David W. 216,404 

Duncan, Edward L. 404 

Duncan, Franklin D. 436 

Duncan, James M. 285 

Duncan, Michael S. 186,473 

Dungey, Ronald E. 141 

Dunham, Daniel D. 

Dunham, Jack S. 99 

Duni, William R. 473 

Dunkel, Jean M. 172,473 

Dunn, Faye P. 141 

Dunn, James C. 195,404 

Dunn, Judith A. 156,231,473 

Dunn, Larry R. 184,404 

Dunn, Lawrence L. 141 

Dunn, Leon L. 133,200,362,404 

Dunn, Martha L. 99 

Dupuy, Maxine E. 154,227,473 

Durgan, Jack C. 28 

Durland, Merrill A. 18,277 

Durling, John C. 73,99 

Dusenbury, Douglas K. 65,280,283,310, 

Duston, Arlene S. 473 
Duston, James C. 80,87,404 
Dutton, Diana L. 227,473 
Dutton, John W. 97,204,473 
Dutton, William W. 304 
Dybwad, Gay L. 140 
Dyck, Marvella R. 110,166,473 
Dyer, Charles W. 253,473 
Dyer, Donald A. 91 
Dyer, Grace M. 131,135 
Dyer, Peter M. 123 
Dyer, Sally C. 113,231,473 
Dyke, Nancy K. 158,245,473 
Dyke, Terry L. 198,356,368,404 

Eager, Richard B. 258,473 

Eagles, Thomas W. 75,82,473 

Ealy, Robert P. 22,105 

Eastham, Barbara J. 168,245,474 

Eaton, George R. 70 

Eaton, Lenette E. 245,474 

Ebberts, Orval 31 

Eberhart, Franklin L. 108,474 

Eberhart, Keith L. 253,474 

Eberhart, Penny R. 1 10,474 

Eberhart, Russell C. 80,87,128 

Eberle, Janice K. 236,474 

Ebersole, Willard G. 140 

Ebert, Verlyn W. 138,404 

Eby, Charles K. 90,179,474 

Eck, David D. 258,474 

Eck, Diane L. 474 

Eckel, Gene E. 474 

Eckert, Karen J. 170,474 

Eckhardt, Kenneth A. 474 

Eddie's Beauty Salon 587 

Edds,William W. 253,474 

Eddy, Curtis W. 474 

Edelman, Lyle F. 258,474 

Edgar, Sharon 170,231,474 

Ediger, Robert I. 140 

Edminster, James H. 258,474 

Edmonds, Gary N. 98,404 

Edmonds, Jeannette G. 245,474 

Edmonds, Judy L. 101 

Edmondson, Ted D. 133,137,474 

Edmundson, Mary L. 114,115,404 

Edwards, Bette L. 84,85,130,170,356,474 

Edwards, John F. 105 

Edwards, Phyllis L. 71,113,243,404 

Edwards, Rose M. 474 

Edwards, William C. 474 

Edwardson, Robert L. 72,148,188,404 

Edwardson, William D. 137,140,188,474 

Eggert, Rodney D. 258,474 

Eggleston, Cora J. 112,133,220,474 

Eggleston, Jerry J. 106,404 

Ehrlich, Dorothy A. 227,474 

Ehrlich, Larry D. 109,132,258,474 

Eib, Darlene L. 101 

Eib, Ned E. 99 

Eichem, Benjamin J. 368 

Eichenauer, Casey 474 

Eichor, Ricky J. 203,403 

Eickelberg, Frederic 368 

Eilian, Cyrus 119,263,474 

Eilrich, Nancy A. 95,220,404 

Eisele, William D. 266,474 

Eisenbarth, Francis 266,474 

Eisenbrandt, David L. 474 

Eisenhour, Douglas E. 198,356,474 


Eismont, Samuel M. 184,474 

Eitel, Darlene R. 243,474 

Eitzen, Kathleen A. 404 

Ekis, Gunter 307 

Eklund, Darrel L. 439 

Elder, Larry E. 258,296,474 

Elizinger, Richard J. 105 

Elk, Diane L. 238,475 

Eller, Trudy A. 245,475 

Ellington, Larry L. 404 

Elliott, Barbara J. 156,475 

Elliott, Carolyn K. 170,231,475 

Elliott, Dennis R. 258,475 

Elliott, James D. 475 

Elliott, James P. 258,475 

Elliott, Richard D. 90,404 

Elliott, Robert B. 218,475 

Elliott, William H. 404 

Elliott, William T. 216,475 

Ellis, Byron E. 56,70 

Ellis, Hazen J. 258,475 

Ellis, Roscoe 18,48 

Ellison, Steven W. 404 

Ellithorpe, Jack E. 216,475 

Ellsaesser, Jerrilyn 231,475 

Elsasser, Karen M. 404 

Eltiste, Melvin L. 475 

Ely, Karolyn K. 71,404 

Embers, Kenneth D. 196,475 

Emch, Bill D. 73,76,107,475 

Emel, Charles D. 180,475 

Emerson, M. Jarvin 81 

Emery, Donald K. 109,132 

Emery, Johnny J. 100,222,475 

Emery, Mary E. 134 

Emig, Danny R. 263,475 

Emig, Larry W. 43,90,129,186,405 

Emigh, John L. 86,196,405 

Emrich, Patricia A. 154,475 

Endore, Trudy A. 227,475 

Enegren, Phillip D. 75,179,405 

Enfield, Richard L. 359,475 

Engel, Charles W. 196,475 

Engelken, Ronald A. 97,133,137,143, 

Engineering Council 43 
Engineers and Architects Open 

House 332-333 
Engle, Bruce K. 475 

Engle, Harold D. 73,104,133,200,364,475 
Engle, Pamela S. 129,133,227,358,475 
Engler, Jerry W. 258,475 
Engler, Leo F. 120 
Englisby, Denis C. 356,475 
English, Jacquelyn E. 168,475 
Engstrom, Kathleen A. 172,227,475 
Enich, Peter Y. 475 
Enos, Paul D. 130,475 
Epard, Richard L. 81,178,439 
Eplee, Harvey C. 212,475 
Epley, Larry C. 109,132,258,475 
Eppard, Ellen E. 226,245,475 
Erbentraut, Stuart A. 186,475 
Erbes, Lawrence E. 439,476 
Erbes, Lucinda R. 240 
Erickson, Frederick 298 
Erickson, Michael J. 253,476 
Erickson, Peggy J. 249,476 
Ericson, Carla S. 112,140,220,476 
Erkenbrack, Dennis L. 77,476 
Erker, LeRoy E. 476 
Ermey, Michael S. 204,476 
Ernzen, Shirley K. 405 
Erpelding, Lawrence H. 25,109,142,200, 

Ervin, Gary E. 149,216,476 
Ervin, Patrick F. 133,149,176,476 
Esau, Mary L. 79,144,220,354,476 
Eshbaugh, Gerald C. 476 
Eshelman, Kenneth K. 216,476 
Eshelman, Roger A. 149,476 
Eskridge, Escal L. 188,405 
Eslinger, Michael E. 253,476 
Eslinger, Sue A. 144,158,476 
Essmiller, Donald M. 258,356,476 
Estes, Ada B. 204 
Estes, Gary L. 149,476 
Estes, Michael E. 192,476 
Estey, Linda J. 162,476 
Eta Kappa Nu 80 
Etherton, James R. 285 
Ethridge, Gale E. 253,476 
Etling, Arlen W. 133,200,476 
Etling, Sheryl B. 68,69,243,476 
Eubank, Gail E. 101,135 
Eubank, Keith H. 100 
Eubanks, Alice L. 245,476 
Euler, Robert W. 123,258,476 
Eustace, Burt E. 102 
Evans, Beverly E. 476 
Evans, Ivor J. 405 
Evans, John R. 182,476 
Evans, Jolene 147,160,476 
Evans, Larry M. 86,90,405 
Evans, Margaret A. 147,168,405 
Evans, Mary F. 172,405 
Evans, Nancy A. 227,476 
Evans, Nancy L. 158,245,476 
Evans, Paula J. 103,227,476 
Evans, Ray R. 15 
Evans, Stephen B. 186,198,476 
Evans, Steven M. 319,476 
Evans, Theodore T. 73,99 
Evans, Thomas M. 33 
Eveleth, Douglas J. 148,182,476 
Everett, Kenneth D. 258,476 
Everett, William W. 68,253,476 
Everhart, Eldon R. 476 
Evers, Richard L. 477 
Eversmeyer, Merle G. 73,106,139,477 

Evert, Larry D. 214,477 
Ewert, Wayne L. 258,477 
Ewing, Martha E. 240,477 
Ewy, Karen K. 113,240,477 
Exline, Nancy J. 111,147,160,405 
Eyerly, Joyce M. 231,477 
Eyestone, Carolyn S. 477 
Eyman, William B. 105,258,477 

Fabrizius, John D. 109,258,477 
Faddis, Janet K. 154,245,477 
Faddis, Jeryn S. 154,405 
Fagan, John S. 196,477 
Fagen, Arlyn R. 198,319,477 
Fager, Glenn A. 258,477 
Fagerberg, Richard E. 60,86,187,356, 

Fail, Charles R. 264,477 
Fail, Patricia A. 439 
Failor, Sue A. 243,477 
Fair, Janiece D. 74,166,405 
Fair, Jean M. 144,166,359,477 
Fair, Nancy E. 68,84,111,162,359,477 
Fair, Rebecca L. 147,152,477 
Fairbank, Marvin M. 258,285,478 
Fairbank, Sharon 172,227,478 
Fairbanks, David F. 93 
Fairbanks, Gustave E. 94 
Fairbanks, Twila 135 
Fairchild, Kerry L. 196,478 
Fairman, Charles E. 376,378,405 
Faith, Robert V. 478 
Fajen, Joanne C. 231,478 
Falconer, Beverly J. 32,67,84,111,158,478 
Falk, Karen A. 130,245,478 
Family Music Center 581 
Fan, Rita P. 120 
Fangman, James R. 478 
Fankhauser, Daniel E. 212,317,478 
Fankhauser, Dean P. 100 
Fanning, James M. 478 
Fanning, Lucinka V. 114,405 
Fanson, Ralph L. 82,90,92,406 
Fapp, Ross L. 198,478 
Farabi, Terry B. 148,318,406 
Farewell, Marsha R. 246,478 
Farha, Susan K. 152,374,375,478 
Farhy, John C. 100,258,478 
Farmer, Charles J. 306,307 
Farmer, Earl L. 106 
Farmer, Joan 95,130,234,406 
Farmer, Linda L. 478 
Farmer, Michael J. 107,223,478 
FarmHouse 200,201 
Farney, Kathleen M. 220,478 
Farnham, Wilfred L. 129,141,253,406 
Farnsworth, Michael 216,478 
Farr, Marvin J. 100,478 
Farrar, Charles W. 203,478 
Farrell, James B. 177 
Farrell, Kevin B. 70,72,406 
Farrell, Marcia A. 166,406 
Farrell, Michael K. 478 
Farris, Karl 86,478 
Fassnacht, Donald C. 206,311,406 
Fassnacht, Patricia 110,172,478 
Faulconer, Susan 134,172,406 
Faulkner, Wayne C. 355 
Fausett, Larry L. 259,478 
Faw, Richard E. 89 
Fay, Curtis R. 86 

Fayinka, Folorunso A. 119,127,144 
Fearing, Julia I. 124,139 
Feaster, Donna G. 115,478 
Featherston, Norman 89 
Fedosky, Allan L. 144,298,356 
Fedosky, Edward J. 298 
Felbush, Nina M. 95,174,231,478 
Feldkamp, Ronald E. 93 
Fellers, Billy G. 72 
Fenton, Frank R. 478 
Fenton, LaDean J. 406 
Ferguson, Barbara L. 246,478 
Ferguson, Donald R. 55,69,75,89,200, 

Ferguson, John H. 301,304,478 
Ferguson, John M. 24 
Ferguson, Patricia A. 152,478 
Fernandez, Francisco 90 
Ferrell, Charlotte A. 231,478 
Ferris, Richard J. 143 
Fesmire, Clifford E. 258,478 

eke, Stephen W. 177,478 

ckel, Jerry B. 97,143,478 

cken, Donald D. 478 

ebach, Gary R. 479 

elds, Timothy J. 141,258,479 

Ibert, Barbara K. 58,231,479 

Ibert, Gail W. 168,358,479 

linger, Cynthia A. 227,479 

linger, Ester 118 

linger, George A. 118,121 

lippi, Bruce H. 479 

nch, Doris M. 71,240,406 

nch, Mary A. 406 

nch, Walter S. 126,479 

ndeiss, Joan E. 479 

nk, Rebecca J. 160,479 

nley, Ronald J. 96 

nnerty, William J. 253,479 

nney, Cynthia L. 246,479 

nney, James L. 75,82,222,479 

nney, Karl 31 1 

nocchio, Ernest J. 100,212,479 

rling, Paul R. 70,479 

rst National Bank 575 

scher, Emil C. 27,29 

Fischer, Loren D. 479 

Fiser, Beverly T. 135 

Fiser, Sara M. 172,479 

Fishburn, Arlene K. 236,345,479 

Fisher, Carol J. 162,479 

Fisher, John E. 253,479 

Fisher, Mary J. 111,243,479 

Fisher, Susan J. 246,479 

Fisher, Walter L. 178,406 

Fisher, William R. 359 

Fiskin, Dianna L. 240,479 

Fittell, Carol F. 237,479 

Fittell, John H. 253,479 

Fitzgerald, John J. 179,479 

Fitzgerald, Rebecca 70,172,372,406 

Fitzgerald, Terrell, 92,218,406 

Fitzpatrick, Robert A. 571 

Fitzwater, Max M. 70,196,406 

Fix, Joyce J. 101 

Fix, Roger S. 100 

Flack, Delia J. 114,437 

Flaharty, Calvin L. 258,479 

Flannery, John M. 126,203,367,479 

Flaxman, Stuart A. 479 

Fleek, Mary J. 238,406 

Fleischmann, Beth K. 158,246,479 

Fleming, Barbara J. 162,479 

Fleming, Donald D. 94 

Fleming, Judith E. 126,168,246,479 

Fleming, Marceta A. 246,479 

Fleming, Terri 131 

Flentie, Mary F. 220,406 

Fletcher, Phillip D. 479 

Fletcher, Ronald C. 258,479 

Fletcher, Sherrill J. 110,237,479 

Flett, Susan K. 170,479 

Flipse, Bruce R. 97 

Floerke, William A. 77,301,304 

Floersch, Richard H. 177,480 

Flora, Vaughn L. 356 

Florell, John M. 406 

Florence, Susan A. 160,231,480 

Flory, James L. 313 

Flournoy, John P. 216,480 

Floyd, Lon K. 196,301,480 

Fly, Martha M. 69,164,352,480 

FMOC 334 

Fockele, Catherine C. 238,359,480 

Foggs, Joanne L. 235,480 

Fogo, Glenn C. 480 

Foland, Carolyn G. 131,480 

Folk, Karen A. 115 

Folk, Ronald D. 318,319,406 

Folkerts, James D. 188,480 

Foltz, William C. 480 

Folwell, Patric J. 142,258,368,480 

Fomby, Lonnie R. 285 

Foo, Che F. 136,141 

Football 278-285 

Ford, Donald C. 283 

Ford, Virginia S.l 1 1 ,144,480 

Forensic Union 70 

Forester, Lloyd G. 253,480 

Forkenbrock, Ronald 85,192,480 

Fortmeyer, Beverly K. 113,154,480 

Fortmeyer, Charles 148,180,480 

Fosmire, Luella J. 158,227,480 

Fosmire, Robert P. 406 

Foss, Michael H. 214,367,480 

Foster, Harry R. 187,480 

Foster, Mitchell L. 187,406 

Foster, Robert E. 265,480 

Foster, Thomas E. 93,178,480 

Fountain, Glen H. 75,80,87,128 

Fowler, Beverly S. 125,231,480 

Fowler, Clarence S. 216,406 

Fowler, Mary K. 68,108,144,352 

Fowler, Royce E. 138,184,480 

Fox, Melvin 480 

Fox, Joan M. 235,358,480 

Fox, Lana M. 154,246,480 

Fox, Vernon E. 480 

Frack, Stephen R. 100 

Francis, Carole J. 113,162,480 

Francis, Gary D. 109,312 

Francis, Janet M. 57,67,170,480 

Francis, Joyce L. 170,231,480 

Francis, Kenneth L. 72,253,300,480 

Francis, Mary K. 231,480 

Francisco, Betty J. 113,235,480 

Franey, Carolyn J. 110,238,480 

Frangkiser, Michael 316 

Frank, Carol W. 101 

Frank, Doyle W. 99 

Frank, Janice L. 114,227,480 

Frank, John S. 187,481 

Frank, Larry D. 94,481 

Franklin, Lee E. 356,481 

Franklin, Linda S. 246,481 

Fraser, Jerry W. 307 

Fraser, Sheryl J. 84,149,154,481 

Frashier, Judith A. 246,354,481 

Frazee, Elizabeth A. 133,137,406 

Frazee, Garry L. 132,253,481 

Frazee, Larry D. 133,137,406 

Frazier, John C. 277 

Frederick, Diana K. 84,166,345,481 

Fredrickson, Carl T. 81 

Freed, Judith R. 110,406 

Freeland, Kent H. 55,65,70,406 

Freeman, Joe D. 253,481 

Freeman, Joyce I. 58,112,225,231,481 

Freeman, Lesta N. 105,246,481 

French, Janet L. 160,481 

Frey, John S. 91,481 

Frey, Lawrence N. 89,122,129,481 

Frey, Russell A. 316 

Frick, Edwin J. 18,76 

Frick, Leon F. 89,406 

Fricke, Obed M. 38 

Frickey, Michele D. 246,481 

Friesen, Ann E. 70,220,407 

Friesen, Bernard A. 99,316 

Friesen, Connie L. 407 

Friesen, Paul A. 78,91,407 

Friesen, Phyllis M. 101 

Friesen, Roy 73,99,316 

Friffin, Jean A. 113 

Frikken, Donald R. 253,481 

Friley, John R. 68,253,481 

Frisbie, Kurt M. 481 

Fritts, Diana L. 235,481 

Fritz, June F. 115,145,227,481 

Fritz, Linda R. 32,158,481 

Fritz, Mary J. 156,227,481 

Froelich, Glen W. 129,195,481 

Froelich, Sandra K. 129,158,481 

Froelich, Sharon L. 129,158,481 

Frohn, Janice E. 145,231,481 

Fromme, Janice M. 156,407 

Fry, Carole J. 67,69,70,160,372,481 

Fry, Robert B. 97,253,481 

Frye, Robert S. 97,253,481 

Fryer, Holly C. 33,48 

Fuelling, Melvin M. 103,124 

Fugit, Bill W. 216,481 

Fugit, Eloise D. 481 

Fulhage, Charles D. 107,223,481 

Fulkerson, Judith C. 170,407 

Fuller, Stephen W. 81 

Fullerton, Larry B. 94 

Funk, Edward L. 253,481 

Funk, John W. 104 

Funk, Larry D. 109,481 

Funk, Warren K. 253,376,481 

Funston, Carolyn R. 237,481 

Furney, Mary Z. 79,164,482 

Futrell, Marv'in 258,482 

Gable, Lenora K. 111,143,235,482 
Gabriel, Donald E. 214,283,482 
Gadberry, Marcia L. 170,231,482 
Gaddie, Amy L. 235,482 
Gaffar, Ameen A. 118,439 
Gagnon, Donald J. 407 
Gagnon, Michael J. 407 
Gagnon, Thomas A. 482 
Gaines, Cheryl 235,482 
Gaines, Marcia A. 227,482 
Galassini, Daniel R. 143,258,356,482 
Galbraith, Ann C. 113,231,482 
Gallant, Robert J. 216,482 
Gallant, William P. 216,482 
Galle, Norman R. 223,482 
Gallemore, Pamela S. 110,172,482 
Gallon, James A. 253,482 
Gambiani, Michael L. 97,253,482 
Gamble, Michael L. 76,98,139 
Gamble, William E. 192,312,407 
Gamma Delta 145 
Gamma Phi Beta 164,165 
Gamma Theta Upsilon 74 
Gangel, Michael A. 100 
Ganson, Kathleen C. 158,407 
Garcia, Carlos M. 482 
Garcia, Miguel A. 482 
Garcia, Rosalio 296 
Gard, Eileen D. 171,246,482 
Gardner, Douglas D. 72,482 
Gardner, Virginia M. 240,482 
Gardner, Wanetta K. 407 
Garland, Susan E. 143,246,482 
Garlett, Jerry W. 125,216,482 
Garlich, Sandra A. 152,482 
Garner, Darrell W. 200,439 
Garrelts, Rex E. 216,482 
Garretson, Peter W. 117,218,407 
Garrett, Gary A. 180,482 
Garrett, Gwen I. 243,482 
Garrison, Carla J. 133,246,482 
Garrison, Robert N. 266,482 
Garten, Danna L. 240,358,359,482 
Garten, Harold J. 258,482 
Garver, James L. 70 
Garver, Susan C. 237,482 
Garvin, Virginia A. 249,440 
Garwood, Gary J. 482 
Gasche, Daniel G. 258,482 
Gaskill, Karen S. 246,482 
Gaskill, Linda K. 174,345,483 
Gaskin, Daniel E. 294 
Gast, Mrs. Norman 226 
Gaster, Victoria L. 113,168,483 
Gaston, Carol A. 171,246,483 
Gaston, Marcia A. 227,483 
Gates, James D. 176,483 
Gaudreau, Donald G. 253,483 
Gaughan, Tracy A. 246,483 
Gaumer, Walter J. 258,483 
Gay, Jimmie L. 107,407 
Gaynier, Kathryne L. 32,68,111,171, 

Gaynier, Tahmeroo L. 32,95,111,171, 

Gebhart, Janet R. 240,483 
Gebhart, Jeanne L. 147,160,483 
Geery, William R. 407 
Geffert, Lynette K. 115,235,483 
Geffert, Lynn H. 108 
Geil, Larry L. 182,440 
Geis, Clifton M. 214,407 
Geissler, Vernon V. 81 
Gemmill, Nancy S. 243,483 
Genschorck, Gary D. 107,407 
Gentry, Alwyn H. 68,69,76,187,483 
Gentry, Linda D. 69,133,231,483 
Gentzler, Ronald P. 99,483 
Geojos 576 


George, David B. 207,483 

George, Mary E. 160,407 

George, Patricia 108,112,124,128,246,483 

George, Richard W. 129,265,483 

George, Robert E. 293 

George, Sharon K. 571 

George, Sharon M. 237,358,483 

Geraghty, Joan R. 143,483 

Gerber, David A. 129,483 

Gerber, Dona C. 143,249,483 

Gerdes, lla M. 231,483 

Gerencher, Thomas A. 285 

Geringer, James E. 82,86,93,179,253,483 

Gerkens, Harold F. 407 

Gerritz, Catherine M. 60,66,69,147,164,407 

Gerritz, Ellsworth M. 20 

Gerstberger, Gerald 483 

Gerster, Ronald A. 196,483 

Gettig, Philip D. 148,203,483 

Gettings, Richard L. 223,483 

Gettler, William C. 214,483 

Geyer, Katherine 18,95 

Gfeller, Edward S. 483 

Gfeller, James M. 122,483 

Gharavi, Anoushirvan 90,119 

Gholkar, Arunkumar K. 118 

Gibbs, Paul H. 483 

Gibson, Bobby L. 77 

Gibson, Larry R. 483 

Gibson, Louvae L. 246,483 

Giefer, Louise R. 110,166,407 

Gier, Dwayne D. 312,318 

Giersch, Ronnie G. 107,178,484 

Gieseman, Robert L. 104 

Gigstad, Charlotte A. 437 

Gigstad, Sharon A. 110,134,141,166,484 

Gilbert, Gary L. 182,484 

Gilchrist, Carol A. 58,162,407 

Gilchrist, Ross A. 103,129,407 

Gildner, Max L. 253,484 

Gilkison, Jacqueline 240,484 

Gilkison, Richard S. 283 

Gillam, Dwayne D. 407 

Gillam, Marilyn K. 407 

Gillaspie, Richard L. 73,86,104,144,300,301, 

Gillaspie, Thomas F. 97,144,484 
Gillen, Dennis G. 83 
Gillespie, David C. 139,484 
Gillespie, Janice K. 231,484 
Gillespie, Kenneth W. 253,484 
Gillett Hotel 590 
Gillgannon, Thomas J. 484 
Gilliland, William J. 80,103,124,133 
Gillmore, Janice M. 164,484 
Gillmore, Jean C. 164,484 
Gillmore, Oran G. 184,407 
Gillum, Richard F. 55,69,253,484 
Gilmer, Bernie 277 
Gilmore, Cheryl S. 158,484 
Gilmore, Karen S. 131 
Gimbel, Weldon K. 93,407 
Ginsburg, Bernard E. 407 
Gist, Mary L. 131 
Glad, Grant E. 258,484 
Gladfelter, Patricia 158,227,484 
Glasco, Bradley F. 85,124,253,484 
Glaser, Dennis C. 258,484 
Glazier, Glenn D. 407 
Glazier, Janice A. 134 
Glazlee, Janice A. 113 
Glenn, Judith F. 168,484 
Glenn, William R. 212,484 
Glines, George V. 263,484 
Glotzbach, Carlo R. 89,484 
Glover, Nancy J. 168,484 
Gnadt, Nyla J. 1 15,225,240,484 
Goble, Dallas O. 407 
Goble, Susan J. 243,484 
Godun, Nicholas 258,484 
Goedel, George D. 484 
Goering, James L. 72,90,407 
Goering, John R. 75,80,87,140 
Goering, Kathleen J. 140 
Goering, Wayne M. 75,407 
Goertz, Diana K. 47,111,115,133,137, 

Goertz, Grayce E. 48 
Goetsch-lrvine Motor Company 588 
Goetze, Bruce W. 258,484 
Goff, Bruce 26 
Golden, Marsha R. 240,484 
Goldrick, John J. 142,484 
Goldsmith, James C. 142,484 
Goldwater, Mike 128 
Golf 310 

Golifko, Jeanette M. 1 13,227,484 
Gomer, Jackie L. 231,484 
Gomez, Margaret A. 58,225,227,484 
Gonzalez, Cesar 99 
Gonzalez, Jorge H. 88,440 
Gonzalez, Joyce E. 101 
Gooch, Thomas W. 253,407 
Good, Don L. 364 
Good, Nancy M. 113,235,484 
Goodgion, Marilyn S. 152,246,485 
Goodnow Hall 252-255 
Goodsel, Arthur J. 94 
Goodyear, Sally A. 246,485 
Goold, Susan K. 156,359,485 
Gordon, Glenn L. 485 
Gordon, Helen L. 158,246,485 
Gordon, Lowell D. 188,408 
Gordon, Marjorie L. 129,162,485 
Gordon, Merrill K. 485 
Gordon, Richard R. 85,408 
Goreham, Kenneth C. 216,296,485 
Goss, Neddie K. 294 
Gossen, Thomas R. 78,86,250,258,485 
Gossett, John E. 485 
Gothard, Arch G. 38,485 

Gotti, Gale E. 122 

Gottlick, Thomas J. 105 

Gottlob, Charlotte A. 134 

Gottlob, Darrell D. 108,408 

Gottlob, Glenn R. 109 

Governor 15 

Goyne, Richard M. 285 

Graber, Ronald K. 408 

Grace Baptist Fellowship 137 

Gracey, Betty J. 111,172,408 

Graduate Council 48 

Graduate Research Council 49 

Graduate School 48,49 

Graduate Students 439 

Graduation 321 

Graham, Ann H. 408 

Graham, Billy I. 485 

Graham, Carolyn K. 111,158,358,485 

Graham, Gary M. 258,485 

Graham, Gwendolyn F. 68,69 

Graham, James J. 214,485 

Graham, John M. 25,104,203,408 

Graham, John R. 214,485 

Graham, Judith M. 68,237,485 

Graham, Sheila A. 172 

Graham, Teresa K. 133,220,485 

Grandison, Gregory E. 85,258,485 

Granados, Reynaud G. 105,440 

Graner, Richard E. 312 

Granger, Nathan D. 88 

Granger, Robyn L. 220,485 

Granger, Mrs. W. B. 179 

Granquist, Johnny L. 72,93,187,408 

Granquist, Joyce M. 158,486 

Grant, Kathryn E. 243,486 

Grant, Linda M. 246,486 

Grant, Richard L. 207,408 

Grauerholz, Corrina 220,486 

Graverholz, Elmer D. 109 

Graves, Charles M. 253,486 

Graves, Jon T. 86,196,486 

Graves, Robert E. 187,486 

Graves, Spencer B. 82,122,223,486 

Gravino, Sharon K. 171,231,486 

Gray, Eddie J. 96,486 

Gray, James L. 88,129,130,144,486 

Graybill, Myron L. 115,138 

Grechus, James W. 283 

Grecian, Stanley W. 139,141,200,486 

Greek Rush 150,151 

Green, Barbara R. 94,168,408 

Green, Elton 316 

Green, John R. 196,486 

Green, Richard C. 196,486 

Green, Sonia J. 164,486 

Green, Thayne C. 258,486 

Green, Treasha L. 231,486 

Green, Virginia R. 58,168,486 

Greene, Corinne D. 227,486 

Greene, David M. 296 

Greene, Larry E. 180,356,486 

Greene, Marsha K. 60,74,164,486 

Greene, Thomas E. 192,486 

Greenwood, Janice G. 231,486 

Greenwood, Joseph F. 258,486 

Greer, Caroline J. 95,166,487 

Gregory, James F. 487 

Gregory, John L. 103 

Greig, James K. 105 

Greis, Barry W. 91,258,487 

Greve, William B. 253,285,487 

Grey, Nancy C. 71,166,487 

Grider, David A. 258,487 

Grieshaber, Marcia A. 487 

Grieshaber, Thomas C. 487 

Griffee, Pamela K. 111,171,487 

Griffin, Jean A. 124,409 

Griffin, Robert S. 124,487 

Griffin, Roger A. 184,487 

Griffin, Ronnie J. 258,487 

Griffith Coal & Lumber Company 578 

Griffith, Janet K. 111,225,246,487 

Griffith, Karen A. 69 

Griffith, Margaret A. 129,156,227,487 

Griffith, Paul W. 24 

Griffith, Warren D. 207,487 

Griffiths, Donald C. 94,299,487 

Grigsby, Melinda D. 131,409 

Grimes, Gary E. 258,487 

Grimshaw, William 177,487 

Grochowsky, Robert F. 123 

Groesbeck, Art 129 

Groesbeck, Douglas G. 70,129,130,437 

Grogger, Margaret K. 143,231,487 

Gronau, Theresa A. 487 

Gross, David R. 129,207,487 

Gross, Donald P. 129,207,487 

Gross, Eugene L. 253,487 

Groth, Wayne C. 214,356,409 

Grothusen, Rex W. 25,182,409 

Grover, Wayne M. 51,65,73,98,200,409 

Groves, Larry D. 264,356,487 

Groves, Patricia L. 139 

Groyon, Helen D. 110,156,487 

Grubb, Sharon J. 315,409 

Grubb, Stephen L. 409 

Gruen, Ronald E. 258,487 

Grummert, Mark A. 97,487 

Grybowski, Richard A. 409 

Gubing, William F. 88,259,487 

Guenther, Kathleen A. 145,225,231,487 

Gugler, Leuita M. 225,227,487 

Gugler, Lyle H. 487 

Gugler, Merle E. 48 

Guhn, Norma K. 232,487 

Guinn, Pam J. 95,246,487 

Guisinger, Allen W. 203,409 

Gul, Suheyla 105 

Gulley, Jon M. 253,487 

Gulley, Stephen A. 253,487 

Gumescheimer, Henrietta 246,487 

Gump, Robert J. 97 
Gunn, Roland M. 301,487 
Gunther, Patricia J. 106,487 
Guthridge, Bill 293,294,310 
Guthrie, Charles W. 72,122,259,409 
Guthrie, Mary E. 79,240,487 
Guthrie, Philip L. 487 
Guthrie, Ruthann 111,243,409 
Guthrie, Stephen L. 192,356,487 
Guy, James M. 487 
Guy, Joyce E. 69,74,102,356,359,487 
Gymnastics 299 


Haas, Kathleen L. 165,487 
Haas, Philip N. 207,487 
Haas, Thomas H. 191,318,409 
Haberbosch, Kathleen 102,122,168,354, 

Habiger, Cyril W. 409 
Habiger, Marguerite 143,240,487 
Hackbarth, Lavere J. 283,487 
Hacker, Max L. 100 
Haden, Gary L. 198,488 
Hadley, Leo L. 187,409 
Hadorn, Allen D. 259,488 
Hadsall, Ronald D. 259,488 
Hadsell, Gary N. 196,409 
Haeker, Darrell L. 99 
Haeker, Linda L. 101 
Hagan, Thomas R. 97 
Hageman, Nancy C. 227,488 
Hageman, Richard R. 103,222,488 
Hageman, Sharon L. 125,227,488 
Hager, Connie L. 160,358,409 
Hagerman, Rebecca L. 227,488 
Hagerman, Richard D. 184,488 
Hagerman, Robert L. 104,409 
Hagerman, Ronald N. 188,488 
Hagerman, Sandra S. 240,488 
Haggard, Patricia G. 172,227,488 
Haggard, Terry M. 184,368,488 
Hahn, Jerry L. 109,132,488 
Hahn, Neil E. 259,488 
Hahn, Randy K. 200,488 
Haider, Farooq 121 
Hailey, Robert L. 283 
Haines, George E. 409 
Haines, Jacquelyn H. 171,488 
Hakimian, Behrouz 119 
Hakimian, Ebrahim 409 
Halbleib, Judith S. 70,153,374,409 
Hale, Bernadine L. 220,225,488 
Hale, Steven M. 488 
Hales, Gail J. 101 
Hales, William S. 100,207,488 
Haley, James M. 86 
Hall, Clement H. 15 
Hall, Constance L. 95,125,172,227,488 
Hall, Marilyn L. 359 
Hall, Mary t. 111,124,225,232,488 
Hall, Rachael E. 246,488 
Hall, Steven W. 76,85,139,192,488 
Haller, Richard T. 188,409 
Halloran, Margaret E. 235,488 
Halverstadt, Nancy E. 71,110,112,172,488 
Hamblin, Raymond L. 93 
Hamby, Carol L. 162,409 
Hamilton, Gale W. 108,265,488 
Hamilton, Helen C. 237,358,488 
Hamilton, Jerry L. 115,488 
Hamilton, John B. 90,184,409 
Hamilton, Philip M. 488 
Hamlett, Robert M. 43,55,75,179,409 
Hamlin, Carolyn H. 240,409 
Hammack, Larry C. 488 
Hammel, Franco A. 78,84,111,160,409 
Hammerbacher, Leo J. 106,143 
Hammond, Benjamin G. 285 
Hammond, David L. 107,253,488 
Hammons, Janice E. 488 
Hauchett, Angelia 135 
Hanchett, Michael A. 182,488 
Hanchett, Theodore L. 109,182,409 
Haney, Carol L. 246,488 
Haney, Joyce E. 246,488 
Hanie, Quaisar M. 89,410 
Hanke, Myron F. 77,352,355 
Hanlon, Thomas M. 102,266,298,488 
Hann, Charles S. 259,489 
Hanna, Jay D. 216,410 
Hannah, Edward P. 253,489 
Hannah, John 18,45 
Hanneman, C. Keith 253,489 
Hannigan, Russell S. 178,489 
Hans, Bhim S. 118,410 
Hansen, Donald F. 68,122,179,489 
Hansen, Margaret E. 74 
Hansen, Wilma J. 113,489 
Hanson, Frederick T. 316 
Hanson, Gregory P. 129,207,489 
Hanson, Noel S. 253,489 
Hantman, Jerome 319 
Hapgood, Larry L. 181,489 
Harbaugh, Dennis A. 489 
Harclerode, Barbara 168,246,489 
Hardaway, Louetta L. 243,489 
Harden, Judith A. 129,235,489 
Harders, James A. 214,359,489 
Hardgrave, William 90,92,141,178,489 
Harding, Ann M. 160,246,489 
Harding, Bertha D. 114,115,410 
Harding, David J. 133,259,489 
Harding, Sammy W. 196,489 
Hardison, Gary R. 203,410 
Hardman Lumber Company 578 
Hardy, Clint S. 99 
Hardy, Cornelia J. 101 

Haresnape, Raymond K. 223,489 

Harger, Ronnie L. 218,410 

Hargrove, Rebecca A. 171,232,358,489 

Harlan, Robert D. 489 

Harmer, Joan M. 135 

Harmison, Randall L. 75,80,87,144,219, 

Harmon, Gary D. 99 
Harmon, Ladeana J. 235,489 
Harmon, Robert E. 177,489 
Harner, Richard L. 132,133,259,489 
Harper, Ann B. 165,489 
Harper, Charles Y. 300,301,356 
Harper, Dean F. 92,489 
Harper, Dorothy K. 232,489 
Harper, William R. 410 
Harr, Gerald D. 214,489 
Harriman, E. Janel 131 
Harriman, George P. 91 
Harris, Barbara J. 95,125,227,314,489 
Harris, Donald L. 99,137,142 
Harris, Judith A. 237,489 
Harris, Marilyn E. 232,489 
Harris, Pamela S. 232,489 
Harris, Patricia L. 227,489 
Harris, Sandra L. 232,489 
Harris, Timothy B. 222,356,489 
Harris, Wright E. 368 
Harrison, Dorothy L. 48 
Harrison, Frank D. 266,489 
Harrison, Harold R. 96,301,490 
Harrison, James C. 191,490 
Harrison, Jerold W. 137,144,490 
Harrison, John D. 86,191,318,410 
Harrison, John M. 94,490 
Harrison, Leslie J. 237,490 
Harrison, Walter A. 94,490 
Harrod, Herbert E. 188,490 
Harrold, Patrick K. 298 
Harry, Judith L. 171,410 
Hartenberger, Harriet 145,246,490 
Hartenbower, Janet S. 153,410 
Hartke, Glenn T. 51 
Hartke, Larry W. 97,490 
Hartley, Charles S. 572 
Hartley, Warren S. 490 
Hartman, Lenore A. 81 
Hartman, Stephen V. 97,259,490 
Harts, Dwayne L. 87,410 
Hartsell, Carol A. 249,490 
Harvey, Arthur S. 188,304,490,301 
Harvey, Margaret E. 173,490 
Harvey, Tommie J. 294 
Harwood, Kenneth D. 253,490 
Hase, Sharon A. 71,490 
Hashmy, Syed I. 88 
Haskin, Floyd E. 75,89,192,490 
Hassler, John C. 356 
Hassler, Randy D. 265,356,490 
Hastings, Janet L. 246,490 
Hatch, Ethel J. 154,490 
Hatch, Patricia A. 1 1 1,137,141,227,314,49C 
Hatcher, Gale L. 91,207,410 
Hatfield, Nancy K. 110,114,133,220,490 
Hattrup, Robert D. 108,143,490 
Hauber, Robert K. 214,490 
Hauck, Earl B. 99 
Haun, Adelia M. 147,156,490 
Haupt, Brian T. 76,253,440 
Hauptli, Gary L. 128,176,490 
Hauptli, Linda S. 112,225,227,490 
Hauschild, Harry P. 97 
Hausman, Calvin C. 81,200,440 
Hausman, Carl R. 33 
Haverkamp, Donald C. 259,490 
Havley, David T. 356,410 
Hawbecker, Hazel A. 200 
Hawes, Clayton E. 81,126 
Hawkes, Bernadette R. 130,410 
Hawkins, Leo D. 294 
Hawkins, Suzanne K. 110,112,243,490 
Hawks, David L. 80,87,410 
Hawks, George W. 259,490 
Haworth, Gerald R. 80,223,490 
Hayden, John M. 368 
Hayden, Lawrence J. 490 
Hayes, Joan E. 374,376 
Hayes, John G. 264,410 
Haymaker, James N. 191,490 
Haymaker, Mary L. 55,84,85,111,143, 

Haynes, Gerald E. 490 
Hays, Larry W. 76,253,490 
Hays, Robert W. 122 
Hayse, Linda L. 490 
Hayse, Paul W. 122,129,219,491 
Hazen, Wilma M. 133,220,491 
Head, Donald J. 177,491 
Headley, Ranee K. 106 
Headrick, Sharon A. 103,227,491 
Healzer, John J. 188,491 
Heape, Michael L. 491 
Heasty, Harriet A. 166,491 
Heath, Helen R. 166,358,491 
Heath, Larry L. 253,410 
Heaton, Carl D. 356 
Heaton, Thomas M. 259,491 
Heck, David M. 181,491 
Heck, Jerold L. 285 
Heck, Judy L. 168,491 
Heckes, Gerald D. 105 
Heckman, Bruce W. 60,187,491 
Hedges, Nancy J. 124,154,491 
Heermance, Theodore 19,116 
Heft, Robert G. 187,491 
Hefty, Donald G. 73,98,410 
Hefty, Larry S. 265,491 
Hefty, Marilyn S. 101 
Hegberg, William R. 296 
Heglar, Clark T. 91,129,130,491 
Heidrick, Charles R. 72,143,204,356,410 


Heikes, Richard G. 106,178,491 
Heikes, Roger E. 363 
Heina, Ernest V. 87,214,410 
Heinen, Carol J. 232,491 
Heinen, Edward R. 265,491 
Heinen, Gilbert J. 89,259,491 
Heinrichs, Elvis A. 114 
Heintzelman, J. Cranston 83 
Heintzelman, Jeanne 83,117,130 
Heiser, Patricia A. 410 
Heitman, John V. 70,355,357 
Heitman, Shirley R. 240,491 
Heitschmidt, Arthur 259,491 
Helbing,Orlin H. 99 
Helbing, Thomas C. 28,72,75,410 
Hellebust, Gary A. 253,491 
Hellen, David T. 259,491 
Heller, Suzanne M. 137,141,410 
Heller, Sygni D. 240,491 
Hellwig, Ronald D. 184,491 
Helm, Frederick L. 97 
Helmer, Lyle G. 106 
Helmer, Maureen K. 246,491 
Helmke, Carol L. 133,145 
Helmke, Henry F. 253,491 
Helms, Patricia I. 440 
Helton, Sally J. 232,491 
Helwig, Charles A. 51,73,99 
Helwig, Craig P. 253,356,439 
Helwig, Joyce L. 101 
Hemel, Dorothy A. 235,410 
Hemphill, Dwayne E. 75,80,410 
Hemphill, John M. 216,491 
Hemphill, Linda A. 168,411 
Hemphill, Sue E. 113,129,158,411 
Hemphill, William A. 214,491 
Henderson, Cheryl K. 95,158,227,491 
Henderson, William L. 129,181,491 
Hendricks, Janet L. 78,158,411 
Hendricks, John T. 259,491 
Hendricks, Michael A. 122,259,491 
Hendrickson, Dale E. 492 
Hendrix, Susan L. 153,246,492 
Henning, Dennis G. 216,492 
Henning, Lelah F. 113,240,411 
Henning, Richard L. 90 
Henning, Wayne L. 259,492 
Henrichs, Joseph S. 188,294,492 
Henricks, Dean E. 492 
Henrikson, Duane M. 200,492 
Henrikson, Marilee R. 220,492 
Henry, Dianna L. 246,492 
Henry, Elizabeth J. 246,492 
Henry, Eloise A. 492 
Henry, Harriet J. 154,227,492 
Henry, Jack D. 100 
Henry, Janet S. 113,237,492 
Henry, Jerry L. 312 
Henry, Larry A. 266 
Henry, Larry L. 104,106,492 
Henry, Larry L. 41 1 
Henry, Linda G. 154,492 
Henry, Pamela J. 55,67,171,492 
Henshaw, Elizabeth A. 158,227,492 
Hensleigh, Karen E. 225,227,492 
Hensley, Harvey D. 65,75,411 
Hensley, James I. 492 
Hentzler, Diana L. 1 14 
Herbel, Stephen R. 196,492 
Herbin, Janet K. 246,492 
Hergenreter, Bonnie 158,492 
Herman, Charles T. 196,492 
Herman, Robert D. 211,294,492 
Hermesch, Ellen C. 238,492 
Hermreck, Lawrence A. 492 
Hernandez, Salvador 142 
Hernando, Orlando M. 117 
Herren, Roger W. 356 
Herriman, Marilyn K. 124 
Herriman, Ronnie L. 124 
Herrs, Ralph G. 109,492 
Hershberger, James R. 102,356 
Hersh, James B. 98 
Hertlein, Barbara A. 232,492 
Hertman, John 352 
Herynk, John J. 265,492 
Hesler, Toni G. 246,492 
Hesler, Vicki D. 166,246,492 
Hess, Kathleen 171,227,492 
Hess, Larry G. 253,313,492 
Hess, Robert K. 145 
Hesser, Rebecca J. 171,492 
Hesser, Vicky J. 240,492 
Hett, Charles L. 179,492 
Heuertz, Richard E. 265,493 
Hevel, Gary F. 266,440 
Heyka, Larry R. 133 
Heyne, Kathryn E. 139,160,493 

bbard, Larry P. 493 

bbard, Vernon L. 109,122,132 

bbs, Gary L. 219,493 

bier, Elizabeth S. 227,493 

bier, Ralph E. 91,493 

ck, Sandra R. 95,314 

ckert, Paul N. 437 

cklin, James W. 144,253,411 

ckman, Daria E. 173,493 

cks, Carol I. 101 

cks, James F. 99 

cks, Monte S. 259,493 

ebert, Bruce A. 259,493 

ggins, Nancy L. 165,493 

ggins, Raymond L. 356 

ghtower, Charles H. 572 

ghtower, George W. 94 

gley, Janet E. 126,129,232,493 

gley, Lynnford H. 259,493 

Iderbrand, Gretchen 227,493 

Iderbrand, Judith 232,493 

Iding, Sharon M. 227 

Igendorf, Gretchen 158,246,493 

Hilgenfeld, Dennis L. 493 

Hilding, Sharon M. 493 

Hill, Clair C. 77,299 

Hill, Garry L. 493 

Hill, Gerald W. 211,493 

Hill, Nancy E. 232,493 

Hill, Opal B. 114 

Hill, Randall C. 33 

Hill, Ray F. 92,253,411 

Hill, Thomas R. 222,411 

Hill, William W. 177,494 

Hiller, John T. 494 

Hillman, James M. 90,184,494 

Hillman, Richard B. 253,494 

Hiltabidle, Rita S. 246,494 

Hilton, Douglas W. 207,494 

Hincz, Cynthia L. 158,494 

Hines, Michael J. 494 

Hines, Robert C. 77,301,304 

Hinkle, Garland E. 317 

Hinkle, Sondra S. 246,494 

Hinnen, Terry J. 88 

Hinnergardt, Carol A. 74,133,161,494 

Hinnergardt, Eva L. 411 

Hinnergardt, Larry C. 440 

Hinrichs, Carl M. 126 

Hinson, Newton C. 211,494 

Hintz, John 93,142 

Hinz, Thomas W. 69,191,494 

Hirsch, Mary J. 240,494 

Hirsch, Neil F. 198,494 

Hirsch, Richard L. 203,494 

Hirst, Ronald W. 25,108,182,362,494 

Hirt, Joyce K. 143,240,411 

Hirt, Robert L. 143,253,494 

Hitchcock, Rebecca R. 153,227,494 

Hite, Donald R. 181,368,494 

Hite, Julia M. 114,440 

Hively, Charles W. 76,91,144,494 

Hixson, Jean A. 41 1 

Hlavacek, John D. 437 

Hloucal, Sandra A. 154,227,494 

Ho, Colin T. 120 

Ho, Leslie L. 120 

Ho, William H. 120 

Hoadley, Francis B. 105,182,440 

Hoag, Nancy A. 240,494 

Hoag, Penny L. 232,494 

Hoagland, Ronald D. 259,494 

Hobbs, Beverly P. 101 

Hobbs, James B. 37 

Hobson, Leland S. 42,49 

Hock, Frances 210 

Hochuli, Barbara G. 110,220,494 

Hodge, Michael L. 253,494 

Hodges, Dennis D. 494 

Hodges, Marilyn R. 41 1 

Hodgson, David S. 100,364,494 

Hodgson, Diane 68,240,358,494 

Hodgson, Edward S. 108,411 

Hodson, Janis E. 105,232,494 

Hodson, Lester L. 494 

Hoecker, Janice E. 133,220,494 

Hoeflin, Ruth 46 

Hoesli, Harry H. 60,83,187,411 

Hofer, John S. 259,494 

Hoff, Lynda S. 165,240,494 

Hoff, Mary A. 142,227,494 

Hoffhines, Robert R. 411 

Hoffman, Doretta S. 45 

Hoffman, Keith L. 128,179,411 

Hoffmann, James N. 207,287,290,291, 

Hoffmans, Edward 368 
Hofmann, John W. 259,495 
Hofstra, Jack R. 495 
Hogan, Dwelle A. 259,495 
Hogan, Michael M. 203,495 
Hogue, Samuel R. 187,495 
Hohn, Elizabeth A. 249,495 
Hohn, Marilyn J. 41 1 
Hokanson, Dean T. 285 
Holder, Lana J. 246,495 
Holdsworth, Eugene I. 355,357 
Holecek, John A. 149,196,495 
Holecek, Kathryn L. 60,147,165,495 
Holeman, James R. 222,495 
Holeman, Karen M. 126,249,495 
Holke, Steven D. 440 
Holland, Gary G. 207,495 
Holland, Los V. 98,411 
Holland, Marjorie L. 101 
Hollar, Donald L. 411 
Holliday, John D. 108,222,495 
Holliday, Ralph O. 411 
Holliday, Sally A. 69 
Hollingsworth, Joe B. 78,440 
Hollingsworth, Susie 240,495 
Mollis, Barbara K. 58,113,130,227,495 
Hollis, Carolyn J. 69,83 
Hollis, David N. 78,263,495 
Holloman, Rev. Fred S. 141 
Holloway, Donna 232,495 
Holloway, Jerry A. 90,411 
Holloway, Stephen B. 78,91,198,411 
Holm, Connie L. 495 
Holm, Ronald K. 191,285,301,411 
Holmes, Judith L. 232,495 
Holmes, Karen A. 110,352,411 
Homes, Oliver W. 144,411 
Holmes, Virginia A. 131 
Holmes, Zoe A. 440 
Holsinger, David J. 140,259,495 
Holste, John E. 97,132,133,137 
Holt, Pamela L. 110,168,495 
Holzer, Dee A. 237,495 
Holzhausen, Richard 188,495 
Home Ec Hospitality Day 330 
Home Economics Council 47 
Homecoming 340-343 

Honeman, Glen M. 259,411 

Honeycutt, Steven F. 294 

Honstead, John P. 139,253,495 

Honstedd, William H. 42,76,93 

Hoober, Richard E. 211,495 

Hood, Gary L. 352,355 

Hood, Marquerite A. 495 

Hoofer, Barry L. 214,412 

Hooker, K. Jack 303,304 

Hooker, Shari K. 232,495 

Hooper, Keith L. 214,412 

Hooper, Keith W. 356,495 

Hooper, Margaret R. 124,133,232,495 

Hoopes, Linda L. 227,495 

Hoops, Robert F. 98,412 

Hoover, Becky J. 135 

Hoover, Carol L. 240,495 

Hoover, Carolyn J. 113,154,495 

Hoover, Frank W. 214,356,495 

Hoover, Jared O. 25,104 

Hoover, Teri A. 171,495 

Hoover, Valerie B. 47,84,171,495 

Hopkins, Frankie J. 182,412 

Hopkins, Gary W. 207,495 

Hopper, Herbert R. 298 

Hopper, James D. 196,496 

Hopper, Patricia S. 171,350,496 

Horchem, Janet L. 158,412 

Horejsi, Ronald G. 102,496 

Horinka, Karen A. 227,496 

Horn, James W. 203,496 

Horn, Janet L. 232,496 

Horning, James R. 296 

Horning, Larry G. 222,496 

Hornung, Mary A. 32,60,111,137,154,496 

Horsch, Ardis E. 165,496 

Horton, Louella 232,496 

Horton, Stephen S. 177 

Hosley, Fern 162 

Hosley, Karen L. 78 

Hoss, Herbert E. 496 

Hossfeld, Robert H. 259,496 

Hostetter, Dorothy M. 165,496 

Hottenstein, Mary J. 103 

Hotuiac, Sharon A. 58,111,158,496 

Houdyshell, Judith P. 69,352,355 

Houdyshell, Mary E. 111,173,496 

Houdyshell, Richard 104,182,496 

House, Harlan D. 109,181,412 

House, Lorna E. 110,115,173,496 

Hover, Donna J. 84,168,496 

Hovey, Larry J. 126 

Howard, Carolyn R. 1 12,227,496 

Howard, Carrold D. 307 

Howard, Frank W. 94,253,496 

Howard, Henry S. 283 

Howard, Pamela A. 55,60,67,158,496 

Howard, Robert J. 196,496 

Howell, Ann J. 166,496 

Howell, Charles R. 129,496 

Howell, Cheryl N. 240,496 

Howell, Jerry P. 219,496 

Howell, Kay L. 166,227,354,496 

Howell, Phyllis L. 84,173,345,496 

Howell, Richard G. 296 

Howell, Robert W. 254,496 

Hoyt, Laurie S. 158,412 

Hrabe, Melinda R. 133,246,496 

Hrubesky, Beverly 135 

Hsu, Christopher C. 120 

Hu, Amy 120 

Hu, Frank T. 412 

Hu, Kuo-Kuang 120 

Hubbell, Richard S. 92 

Huber, Linda S. 111,113,162,412 

Huck, Dennis D. 99 

Huck, Shirley K. 101 

Hucke, Gary L. 182,412 

Huddleston, Robert E. 496 

Hudgens, Mary P. 227,496 

Hudgins, Lois A. 70,374,375 

Huecker, Tommy D. 93,176,496 

Huff, Jerry T. 125 

Huff, Sylvia E. 97,108,243,496 

Huffman, Daniel S. 259,496 

Huffman, Dorothy L. 134 

Hug, Alan R. 196,496 

Huggans, James A. 89 

Huggins, Carole J. 101 

Huggins, Kenneth G. 99 

Huggins, Lloyd D. 109,497 

Hughbanks, Fineas G. 99 

Hughbanks, Karen C. 95,141,497 

Hughes, Dennis D. 125,137,259,298,356,497 

Hughes, Florence 184 

Hughes, James M. 254,497 

Hughes, Kenneth B. 89,259,356,497 

Hughes, Lyman G. 60,216,497 

Hughes, Mary A. 158,232,497 

Hughes, Roberta L. 70,153,412 

Hughes, Sherri D. 113,133,137,228,497 

Hughes, William G. 497 

Hugo, Bernard A. 76,497 

Hull, Ronald K. 207,497 

Hull, Virginia A. 240,497 

Hulsebusch, Sharleen 220,497 

Humbarger, Peter D. 80,87,437 

Hume, Linda M. 153,246,373,497 

Hummel, Jerry L.100 

Hummer, Larry L. 93,176,497 

Hund, Ann 240,497 

Hund, Bernard H. 259,497 

Hund, Patricia 240,497 

Hundley, William C. 114 

Hunt, Clara S. 126 

Hunt, Judie K. 74,153,497 

Hunt, Melvin C. 73,200,364,412 

Hunt, Richard D. 214,412 

Hunt, Richard M. 88,497 

Hunter, Judith A. 126,173,246,497 

Hunter, Nancy C. 572 

Hunter, Nancy J. 232,497 

Hunziker, Allan J. 266,497 

Hunziker, Don F. 195,412 

Hunziker, Vera S. 1 1 1 

Hurley, Edward T. 103 

Hurley, Mary J. 240,497 

Hurst, Charles W. 259,497 

Hurt, Barbara S. 232,497 

Hurt, Martin C. 126,203,497 

Hurt, Ray D. 219,497 

Hurtig, Victor C. 99,497 

Huseman, Cheryl K. 108,240,497 

Huseman, Virgil R. 182,497 

Huslig, Jerome E. 497 

Husted, Stanley R. 105,133,219,299,497 

Huston, Keith A. 18 

Huston, Larry G. 497 

Hutter, Andrew C. 100 

Huttie, Frederick E. 259,497 

Hutton, Gary M. 100 

Hutton, Kay M. 101 

Hutton, Mary S. 161,497 

Hwang, Eddie L. 120,136 

Hyames, Diana K. 158,498 

Hyde, Ann S. 246,498 

Hyde, Catherine L. 99,129,154,498 

Hyde, Donald E. 198,298,498 

Hyde, John T. 99 

Hyde, Robert C. 115 

Hylton, Cynthia L. 228,498 

Hynes, Thomas E. 497 

Hysom, Judith I. 125,149,166,228,314,498 

Hysom, Ronald R. 55,56,188,412 

Ibbetson, Richard A. 106,132,498 

Ibbetson, Ronald L. 104,106,200,440 

Ice, Richard D. 254,498 

Ideker, Lester H. 196,498 

Ihde, Robert H. 191,441 

Ihrig, Billy D. 259,285,498 

lies, Duane A. 96 

Imhof, Carol A. 243,498 

Imler, Dan L. 254,498 

Index 593 

Indoor Track 301 

Ingersoll, J. Sue 173,228,368,498 

Ingersoll, Patricia 83,130,173,412 

Ingraham, Sharon K. 235,498 

Ingrim, Charles N. 88,498 

Innis, Leslie S. 147,168,498 

Inskeep, Joan R. 111,243,498 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic 

Engineers 87 
Interfraternity Council 148 
Interfraternity Pledge Council 149 
International Hall 263 
IPC Dance 335 

Ipinmidun, Wilson B. 119,127 
Ireland, Lawrence P. 203,412 
Ireland, Michael K. 77,102,352 
Ireland, Timothy M. 259,498 
Irwin, John C. 88 
Isaacson, Steven B. 195,498 
Isakson, Jeanette M. 249,441 
Isernhagen, Fred A. 191,318,498 
Itz, Nancy J. 173,412 
Iverson, Willard A. 259,498 
Iwamoto, Wayne K. 92 
lyorver, Joseph G. 97,119,141,498 

Jaax, Alan R. 211,498 

Jaax, James R. 43,82,223,413 

Jaax, Judy A. 158,414 

Jack, Barbara G. 498 

Jack, Russell P. 498 

Jackson, Beverly A. 112,243,498 

Jackson. David D. 188,354,357,498 

Jackson, Edward E. 106 

Jackson, Gary L. 498 

Jackson, Jack H. 216,498 

Jackson, Mrs. James P. 218 

Jackson, Jeanne R. 498 

Jackson, Michael E. 149,188,498 

Jackson, Roscoe 288 

Jackson, Ruth A. 232,498 

Jackson, William R. 293 

Jacob, Paul J. 69,222,498 

Jacob, Thomas D. 72,78,91,367,413 

Jacobitz, Tommy L. 97,200,498 

Jacobs, Hyde S. 73,106 

Jacobs, Joy S. 243,498 

Jacobs, Judy L. 32,171,499 

Jacobs, William R. 43,148,179,413 

Jacobson, Richard W. 105,187 

J. D.'s Pizia Parlor 577 

Jagtap, Prabhakar N. 118 

Jahnke, Carol A. 158,413 

Jahnke, Samuel R. 259,499 

Jai, Ben Y. 120 

James, G. Roger 97 

James, Janice E. 168,341,499 

James, Larry S. 296 

James, Stephen L. 198,499 

Jameson, Donald L. 259,499 

Jamvold, Daryll D. 140,188,356,499 

Janczak, Martin E. 259,499 

Janke, Gary D. 188,499 

Janke, Larry J. 188,413 

Janke, Michael D. 68 

Janousek, Richard L. 76,85,259,499 

Janovetz, Gerald E. 293 

Janssen, Alfred 124,499 

Janssen, Janet L. 139,153,499 


Jantz, Judilee G. 131 

Jantz, Lois A. 232,499 

Jantz, Merle D. 76,91,499 

Jantzen, Daniel E. 259,499 

Janzen, Darryl E. 122,179 

Japuntich, Susan 143,240,499 

Jardine 268-270 

Jardine Q 234-235 

Jardine Y 236-237 

Jarrett, Charles L. 285 

Jarrett, James C. 214,499 

Jarrett, Ronald D. 499 

Jarville, Marsha L. 232,499 

Jarvis, Cheryl K. 112,165,351,499 

Jarvis, Roberta M. 173,246,499 

Jaske, James L. 259,499 

Jatoi, Ghulam S. 117,121 

Jay, Burl D. 129,211,499 

Jean Peterson's 581 

Jeans, Carl E. 254,441 

Jefferies, Roanne L. 114,313,413 

Jefferies, Ronald D. 86,179,413 

Jeffers, Charlene J. 101 

Jeffers, Hubert E. 99 

Jeffers, Marlin D. 99 

Jeffery, Kenneth L. 99,499 

Jehlik, Robert C. 259,499 

Jelinek, Judith A. 413 

Jelinek, Mary K. 131,124,499 

Jellison, Martha J. 243,358,499 

Jenkins, Donald L. 499 

Jenkins, Marna G. 110,153,499 

Jenkins, Richard A. 191,441 

Jenkins, Wanda L. 237,499 

Jensen, Carol A. 232,499 

Jensen, Donald J. 98,413 

Jensen, Donald P. 203,499 

Jensen, Eltriede W. 101 

Jensen, Evelyn L. 240,499 

Jensen, George S. 98,254,413 

Jensen, Harold G. 356 

Jensen, John H. 177,499 

Jernigan, Douglas K. 259,499 

Jernigan, Jan M. 374,375,376 

Jernigan, LeAnn G. 101 

Jernigan, Norman B. 73,98,413 

Jerrit, Peggy L. 228,500 

Jetland, Barbara A. 111,167,413 

Jewett, Dwight D. 222,356,500 

Jewett, Lucille I. 111,413 

Jezbera, Carolyn R. 101 

Jezbera, Edward J. 99 

J ilka, Evelyn R. 225,232,413 

Jilka, Gerold D. 184,500 

Jiran, Peter A. 214,500 

Jobst, James N. 259,500 

Johannes, Patricia A. 228,500 

Johansen, Helen K. 162,232,500 

Johns, Chris E. 177,500 

Johnsmeyer, Virginia 94,157,413 

Johnson, Alvin D. 96,177,500 

Johnson, Anita M. 379 

Johnson, Carl W. 73,106,140,219,362,413 

Johnson, Carlene S. 246,500 

Johnson, Cecil W. 187,500 

Johnson, Charles R. 239,500 

Johnson, Dean K. 108,500 

Johnson, Delores J. 153,246,500 

Johnson, Don A. 68,259,500 

Johnson, Donald R. 148,216,413 

Johnson, Jeanette H. 70,71,139,220,369,413 

Johnson, Jeanne A. 71,142,168,228,500 

Johnson, Jill M. 228,500 

Johnson, Kelly D. 97,142,259,500 

Johnson, Larry L. 140,188,500 

Johnson, Leland K. 207,374,500 

Johnson, Leland R. 203,500 

Johnson, Linda J. 228,358,500 

Johnson, Linnetta A. 352,500 

Johnson, Lora L. 157,413 

Johnson, Lynda L. 154,500 

Johnson, Lynn R. 129,130,181,500 

Johnson, Mode A. 86,214,413 

Johnson, Patrick A. 214,500 

Johnson, Phillip C. 214,413 

Johnson, Phyllis M. 168,228,500 

Johnson, Raymond W. 129,187,500 

Johnson, Richard E. 91,413 

Johnson, Roger B. 254,500 

Johnson, Rosslyn A. 115,133,140,221,500 

Johnson, Sharon L. 237,500 

Johnson, Sherrill J. 237,500 

Johnson, Sylvia M. 161,500 

Johnson, Vernon D. 316 

Johnson, W. Roger 182,500 

Johnson, William B. 211,413 

Johnson, Winifred L. 232,500 

Johnston, Charles W. 98 

Johnston, Frances E. 95,359 

Johnston, Franklin E. 500 

Johnston, Gary L. 88,211,501 

Johnston, George H. 70,129,176,501 

Johnston, Gwen 101 

Johnston, Karen E. 165,501 

Johnston, Larry D. 191,318,501 

Johnston, Martha J. 237,501 

Johnston, Rebecca L. 133,246,501 

Johnston, Roland W. 259,501 

Joines, Karen B. 95,413 

Jones, Barbara J. 240,501 

Jones, Carolyn A. 235,501 

Jones, Charles T. 259,501 

Jones, Clair R. 80,87 

Jones, C. Clyde 36 

Jones, Claudia J. 133,240,501 

Jones, Darrel D. 212,501 

Jones, Diane L. 108,232,350,501 

Jones, Elmer T. 105 

Jones, Floyd A. 296 

Jones, Gloria J. 111,413 

Jones, Harold E. 23 

Jones, James D. 90 

Jones, James H. 501 

Jones, James R. 216 

Jones, John B. 92 

Jones, Judith L. 171,501 

Jones, Judy D. 413 

Jones, Larry E. 128,176,501 

Jones, Leila F. 238,501 

Jones, Loretta A. 143,154,228,501 

Jones, Lyle D. 414 

Jones, Mary J. 228,501 

Jones, Merle E. 414 

Jones, Michael E. 132,502 

Jones, Milam T. 441 

Jones, Nicholas M. 204,502 

Jones, Patricia L. 246,502 

Jones, Mrs. Ray 160 

Jones, Robert G. 212,502 

Jones, Robert L. 184,414 

Jones, Ronald E. 108,133,200,364,414 

Jones, Willie L. 283 

Jordan, James S. 196,356,502 

Jordan, Ronald E. 254,502 

Jordan, Sheryl K. 139,502 

Jorgensen, Jan 126,191,441 

Jorgensen, Sharla J. 228,502 

Joy, Harold S. 368 

Jubelt, Burk 96,199,502 

Judd, Robert E. 212,502 

Judging Teams 362-364 

Julian, Joseph 60,103 

Junior Panhellenic Council 147 

Jury, Dennis G. 139,266,502 

Juvenal, Louise A. 111,221,414 

Juvenal, Patricia L. 129,153,502 


Kadlec, John 278 

Kadled, John A. 283 

Kaelson, Janet I. 167,358,502 

Kaff, Phyllis J. 66,221,414 

Kaff, Wayne L. 441 

Kaiser, David P. 73,98,414 

Kaiser, Donald W. 94,188,502 

Kaiser, Donn L. 145 

Kaiser, Douglas L. 259,502 

Kaiser, Herbert E. 57 

Kaiser, Lois C. 101 

Kaka, Fakhru A. 88,118 

Kalb, Helene J. 228,502 

Kalbach, Lela F. 235,502 

Kalkan, Ahmet 121 

Kalkan, Muazzez 114,121 

Kallenbach, Kenneth 28,78,200,502 

Kallenbach, Marvin D. 259,502 

Kammerer, Joan K. 165,502 

Kampschroeder, Larry 254,502 

Kanawi, Abdulilah A. 120 

Kandle, Dorothy A. 78 

Kane, Edward R. 89 

Kannard, Janet L. 129,168,232,502 

Kansas City Life Insurance Company 577 

Kansas Farm Bureau 588 

Kansas Lumber Company 578 

Kansas Power and Light Company 586 

Kansouh, Abdel S. 121 

Kao, Lilian C. 120,136 

Kapela, Joseph 119,127,263,441 

Kapitzke, James A. 89 

Kaplan, Robert M. 259,502 

Kappa Alpha Theta 166-167 

Kappa Delta 168-169 

Kappa Delta Pi 78