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gQ(|]GQg ©tf Yb(b 


Published by — 
Student Publications, Inc. 
Kansas State University 
Manhattan, Kansas 
Carole Fry — Editor 
Robert Snider — Bus. Mgr. 


Photo by Don Richards 



Features 14 

Academics. . .82 

Groups 130 

Housing 226 

Sports 356 

Classes 402 

Color photos by Don Richards 


SIMPLE road sign may point the traveler 
to Manhattan and through the maze of traffic to 
the football stadium. Once here, though, the 
traveler sees other signs, more subtle in their di- 
rections. These signs still tell him, "This is Kansas 
State University, its campus and its students." 


— Signs, obvious or 
subtle, bring memories 
of '66 to life 

J.N memory, at least, students' lives 
at K-State are marked by signs, dimly 
outlining the time spent here as a series 
of coherent incidents. 

Some of the signs are obvious and 
easy to remember, as the first roommate. 
Others are more subtle, requiring an as- 
sociation to bring back the memories. 
Together they are the experiences that 
make University life here unique. 

From the tranquility of Anderson's 
carillon to the harshness of Vietnam's 
Iron Triangle, from discussions of aca- 
demic freedom to re-evaluation of in- 
dividual rights — these contrasts are signs 
that students are becoming involved 
more with the world and the world with 
them. Our world grows smaller. 

A few long weekends, their passing 
marked by sour stomachs and burning 
eyes, may melt into 100 just alike. How- 
ever, a walk past the concrete that marks 
the burned auditorium won't diminish 
the memory of the auditorium. That 
memory is too unique to fade quickly. 

This 1966 Royal Purple emphasizes 
signs — both those that say clearly, "This 
is Kansas State University 1966" and 
those that say more subtly, "This 
campus is a part of us and we of it." 

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PTI ■ H 

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Photo by David von Rll 


gOGlDDS (£ 



T a time which 
places prize on individu- 
ality of thinking, students 
have little in common ex- 
cept a desire to think as 
individuals. Whether it's 
the quiet kind of thought 
while alone in the chapel 
or the more frenzied kind 
while searching for a 
needed book in the library 
stacks, students show signs 
of thought — both as per- 
sons and as members of 
the University. 


Photo by Don Richarc 

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Photo by James G 

consider a warm spring 
day the perfect excuse for 
a picnic at Tuttle Creek 
or the Indian summer 
afternoon "just right" to 
announce a pledging. 
However, it really isn't 
the time or the place that 
brings students together. 
It's the friends and the 
fun encountered with 
them — signs, perhaps, 
that the vastness of life 
means something, after 
all. They will endure. 

Photo by Don Richards 



must keep abreast of the 
world they serve. They 
must grow inwardly as 
well as outwardly. At 
K-State, signs of growth 
are evident — from the 
pounding construction of 
a new residence hall 
to the quiet contempla- 
tion of a student. Some 
changes are marked, new 
buildings beside old, but 
many are not as obvious. 
Students 1 unseen growth 
of thought is subtle. 


i\ WHITE cape, the sign 
of a queen — she screams, and 
her friends surround her. She 
has not just won a contest 
though. Activities like this 
make a university more than 
classrooms and lectures. A 
campus is the world in a nut- 
shell. Elections, performances, 
publications — all will* help 
students become more than 
just faces in the crowd. 

Homecoming Queen announcement 

Photos by James Garver 

»? j 4P" 

S** > 






• ****** 


4 ji 

Motorcycle enthusiasts en|oy weekend rides on Manhattan 
streets and Riley county roads, especially those leading to 

Tuttle Creek. Many students use the gas saving vehicles, which 
have shown a gain in popularity, as transportation to campus. 

University life continues 
amidst tension, routine 

Starting with a cup of coffee in the morning, 
a student's day is 24 hours of tension. It is the 
1:30 class that runs for an hour and a half to 
eliminate a Saturday class or the 30 precious 
minutes extended to freshmen women for closing 
hours. Routine envelops the students who rush 
to catch the bus leaving each half hour while 
others stay in the library to finish a research pa- 
per or to read an assigned book. Afterwards, it is 
back to the living group with its set time for 
meals. Then comes a publication deadline, a de- 
sign to be completed, fatigue and finally sleep. 

Many men still participate in the once mandatory ROTC pro- 
gram although the governor approved a bill abolishing it. 

As anticipated relaxation, Unionizing with friends between 
classes or during study breaks is welcome relief for students. 

Styles for coeds range from the traditional look to modern 
ensembles as long hair again returns to popularity in 1966. 

Students pause before entering the basement of Farrell library 
to share campus experiences or perhaps discuss career plans. 

Photo by Don Richards 

Trudging back and forth from car to dormitory door, women 
carry loads of belongings into Moore hall the first day of Ori- 

entation. After registration at the main desk, women saw for 
the first time their homes in the new nine-story building. 

University enrolls 10,681, 
sets record registration 

Enrollment soared to a record high of 10,681 
students, an increase of almost 9 per cent over 
registration figures from fall 1964. The biggest 
increase was tallied in the freshman class. The 
University enrolled 600 more freshmen than dur- 
ing the previous year, a 25 per cent increase. Of 
the total enrollment more than 10,510 students 
attended full-time day classes while 162 were 
considered part-time students. Men students still 
outnumbered women in a two to one ratio. 

Stressing academic achievement, President 
James A. McCain welcomed new students to the 
University at the President's Convocation in 
Memorial Stadium. At a reception in the Union 
following the address, students and parents met 
the president, administrators, deans and faculty 
members. Afterwards, many new students and 
their parents attended buffet suppers provided 
by the religious foundation of their preference. 

Dean Clyde Jones talks with new commerce students during the 
College of Commerce coffee hour the third day of Orientation. 




New students attend the Wildcat Warm-up and Watermelon 
Feed during Orientation. The activities, sponsored by Student 

Governing Association and the Manhattan Chamber of Com- 
merce, included introduction of football players and a mixer. 

After the Wildcat Warm-up and Watermelon Feed, a mixer on 
the tennis courts gives students the chance to meet fellow 'Cats. 

Orientation introduces 
new students to campus 

Providing an introduction to the University, 
Orientation acquainted new students with intel- 
lectual and extra-curricular opportunities avail- 
able on campus. Developed by the Orientation 
steering committee, most of the program pre- 
ceded enrollment of transfers and freshmen. 

Sessions for testing, library tours and group dis- 
cussions were offered during Orientation Week. 
"What Makes College Students Run," "I Wish 
I Had Known That Before I Went to College" 
and "How to Study" were among topics dis- 
cussed. Freshman and transfer students also met 
with deans and counselors in academic major 
groups in the University's eight colleges. 

Evening activities included living group orien- 
tation meetings, the All-Freshman Conference, 
four mixers and the Wildcat Warm-up and 
Watermelon Feed. The Freshman Talent Show 
and the Union Kick-Off completed Orientation. 

Introducing campus styles to new students, 
upperclassmen model collegiate wear. 

With the strumming of a bass, twirling of a baton or playing of a piano, new 
students feature entertainment specialties in the annual Freshman Talent Show. 

Advantages of joining Pre-Veterinary Club are emphasized in The group, which participated in freshman Orientation, plans 

an informal meeting conducted by Ralph Richardson, president. monthly programs featuring demonstrations, speakers and films. 

Thoughts of the past, present and future wander through the minds of graduating 
seniors as they line up for the traditional walk from Anderson to the Field House. 


Pulling marionette strings during his sum- 
mer performance is puppeteer Jim Llord. 


Photo by David von Riesen 

Bright, sunny days bring students in Drawing I outside to 
sketch campus scenes for one of many courses offered by the 

art department. The department, formerly in the College of 
Home Economics, is under Arts and Sciences for the first year. 

Colleges confer degrees, enroll 3,500 for summer 

Commencement, held only during June, was 
participated in by more than 1,000 students. 
Eight hundred students who had completed their 
schooling in January or July of the two previous 
semesters were invited to attend the June 6 cere- 
mony in Ahearn Field House. Among these 
1,800 students, there were 56 Doctor of Philos- 
ophy degrees, 62 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
degrees and 300 master degrees presented. Com- 
mencement speaker was Henry Heald. Heald 
was head of the Ford Foundation, the world's 
largest philanthropic organization. He spoke 

about the importance of the modern university 
in maintaining international cooperation. 

With less than a one week vacation, more than 
3,500 students returned to campus to attend the 
summer session. The short semester was directed 
by Forest Whan. Internationally known musicians 
appeared in five summer concerts. The Cats for 
Curtains campaign benefited when students paid 
a nickel a vote in the Collegian Campus Cutie 
contest. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," by 
Edward Albee, was the summer production at 
the Purple Masque Theatre. 


Chosen on the basis of appearance in a Greek toga, Joe Kra- 
sinski and Susan Small reign as Greek Week king and queen. 

Candidates were allowed to spend a maximum of 50 cents on 
costumes for the contest, which was new to Greek Week. 

Greek Week queen joins 
list of campus beauties 

Queen contests were part of campus life. Nu- 
merous organizations sponsored competitions — 
many to draw interest to a project. New on cam- 
pus was selection of Greek Week royalty, chosen 
at the beginning of the activities. 

All major queen contests, including Homecom- 
ing, Royal Purple, Miss K-State-Manhattan and 
Military Ball, required candidates to meet re- 
quirements set up by an AWS queen's committee. 
All women's living groups were allowed to sub- 
mit nominations for these queens. Major queen 
candidates were required to have 2.2 over-all 
grade averages. Barnwarmer queen, St. Patricia, 
and fraternity sweethearts were among other 
campus royalty titles for which coeds competed. 

Military Ball Queen Nancy Lee, who will be Scabbard and 
Blade's official hostess during the coming year, is crowned. 



Wis I 

Sharon Volenti, 1965 Miss K-State-Manhat- 
tan, greets spectators after her crowning. 

Talent competition provides the basis for first eliminations for Miss K- State- 
Manhattan. Finalists advance to evening gown and bathing suit divisions. 

Engineers meet Tammy Gaynier, one of three finalists for St. 
Patricia, at a tea given by Engineering Council. Finalists were 

chosen from candidates sponsored by the engineering de- 
partments and elected by voting of all engineering students. 




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Ell 9 vf 

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Photo by Studio Royal 


1966 Royal Purple Queen Candidates 




ft' /, 

Royal Purple Queen Candidates: Sharon L. Kirkbride, Mary B. Lawhon, Jacque- 
line B. Taylor, Coral A. Osborne, Cheryl L. Lloyd, Carolyn A. Love, Nancy A. 
Hodgson, Janet L. Shade, Nancy K. Lee, Olga E. Schwartzkopf, Judith A. Lamme, 

Luanne R. Shank, Jonalyn Cruickshank, Diana K. Hyames, Linda R. Fritz, Diane 
L. Small, Pamela A. Merriman, Jean G. Heermance, Kathleen DeWeese, Kath- 
leen Rosencrantz, Elizabeth Smiley, Bonnie J. Hamilton, Susan D. Kirby. 


UPI photo head selects 
yearbook's royal court 

Beauty captured by the click of the camera was 
the basis for selecting the 1966 Royal Purple 
queen. Judging on formal portraits only, Gary 
Haynes, head of the UPI Photographic Bureau 
in Los Angeles, chose six finalists from among 25 
candidates nominated by organized living groups. 

Escorted by men of Blue Key, the six queen 
finalists were presented during half-time cere- 
monies of the Iowa State basketball game. Tradi- 
tionally announced in the Royal Purple, the 
queen was introduced at this time by President 
McCain so that she might receive added recogni- 
tion. The ceremony was the first time the queen 
had been announced at a game. 

Selecting the 1966 Royal Purple queen from among 25 candi- 
dates, Gary Haynes has photographed Miss America contests. 


Jonalyn Cruikshank 

Boyd hall 

w w. 

Janet Shade 

Sharon Kirkbride 

Diane Sma 

West hall 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Putnam hall 

Pam Merriman 

Kathy DeWeese 

Alpha Delta Pi 




Diane Small 

1966 Royal Purple Queen 

Mixing bright smiles with an armload of books, Queen Diane 
waits in front of a campus building until time for her next class. 

Perky pigtails accent Diane's enthusiastic and versatile per- 
sonality. Her older sister Susan was 1965 Greek Week queen. 





Experiencing her first duties as a yearbook queen, Diane an- 
swers important questions for a Collegian news photographer. 

Vivacious queen enjoys 
swimming, water skiing 

Glitter from a royal tiara added sparkle to 
Diane Small, 1966 Royal Purple queen. Planning 
a career in elementary teaching, the blond-haired 
sophomore coed lived at Putnam hall and was a 
member of Student Education Association. Diane 
enjoyed swimming and water skiing as hobbies. 
She was the thirty-sixth Royal Purple queen to 
be chosen by a judge from formal portraits. 
Earlier Royal Purple queens were selected by 
votes from the student body. 


Smurthwaite coed reigns at Homecoming festivities 

From eighteen candidates, judges at Home- 
coming Previews selected five finalists for Home- 
coming queen. Following a week of campaigning 
by the finalists' living groups, members of Blue 
Key announced the election of Erma Jean Karr 
of Smurthwaite Scholarship House and crowned 
her on the steps of Seaton hall. Miss Karr and 
her four attendants reigned at all Homecoming 
activities, including the parade, game and ball. 

Speaking at the Oklahoma game, Erma Jean Karr, the second 
independent queen in two years, thanks the student body. 

Wearing the white cape of Homecoming queen, Erma Jean 
Karr pauses before continuing her Homecoming schedule. 

Attendants to the 1965 Homecoming queen are Donna Hover, 
Kappa Delta; Patricia Peterson, Delta Delta Delta; Judith 

Davidson, Kappa Alpha Theta; and Janet Francis, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma. A student body vote named the queen. 


Avery presents Homecoming queen at halftime 

Traditional bonfire and pep rally ceremonies 
opened Homecoming activities for the campus 
with Queen Erma Jean Karr lighting the blaze 
Friday evening. Alumni converged upon Man- 
hattan for the three-day weekend, and students 
were dismissed from Saturday morning classes. 
The '"Sooner or Later" Homecoming theme was 

depicted by many of the 45 entries in the annual 
Homecoming parade, with first place in the two 
divisions going to floats built by Chi Omega- 
Sigma Chi and Smith Scholarship House. 

Miss Karr and her four attendants were pre- 
sented during halftime ceremonies by Gov. Wil- 
liam Avery, attending from Topeka. 

8 9BHIHBIP wmW' ' 

Mixed emotions reflect on the faces of students when Erma 
Jean Karr of Smurthwaite Scholarship House is announced 1965 

Homecoming queen. Her crowning climaxed a week of cam- 
paigns by Smurthwaite and the four other finalists' living groups. 

Adding special color to University festivities, Mortar Board 
sells traditional mums at Parents' Day and Homecoming games. 

With an antique car for transportation, cheerleaders join the 
Homecoming parade through downtown and Aggieville. 

Students and their families enjoy the meal at the annual 
buffeteria served at the Union before the Homecoming game. 

Admiring their first place Homecoming float, Chi Omegas and 
Sigma Chis in the audience remember the many hours of work. 


During Chore Night, candidates for Barnwarmer Queen line up 
sheep for showing. Candidates were nominated by each wom- 

en's living group. Judges chose five finalists on the basis of per- 
formance of farm chores and answers to technical questions. 

Agriculture majors plan 
Barnwarmer, open house 

Selected 1966 Barnwarmer Queen, Sue Engle 
reigned at the Ag Barnwarmer Dance attended 
by more than 300 persons. Before the dance, 
candidates had performed farm chores and an- 
swered agricultural questions at the annual 
Chore Night eliminations. 

"Animal Husbandry Today — Midway U.S.A." 
took first place honors among Ag Science Day 
exhibits, giving Block and Bridle Club its second 
consecutive winning trophy. Twelve other exhibits 
were displayed at the spring 1965 open house. 
Approximately 2,200 visitors, including 4-H and 
Future Farmers of America members, inspected 
the exhibits. Students set up the open house in 
Call hall and the Animal Industries building. 

Twinkling eyes, a big smile and a sigh of elation reflect the 
feelings of Sue Engle as she is crowned Barnwarmer Queen. 


Ag queen candidate Sue Engle displays her talent of driving Ag Science Day visitors observe the growth variation of seed 

a tractor in preparation for the final selection on Chore Night. crops which have been subjected to different environments. 

Drawing visitors during the annual Ag Science Day is a production by selective breeding. Displays and exhibits were 

poultry science display depicting a method of increasing egg designed by students in each of the agriculture departments. 


Ag entrants calm their beef steers with showing sticks while 
the judges rate the cattle. Individuals were |udged not only 

for showmanship of the animals, but also for grooming of the 
livestock. The Little American Royal climaxed Ag Science Day. 

Students show livestock, 
enter rodeo competition 

One hundred eleven students exhibited ani- 
mals during the 37th annual Little American 
Royal in beef cattle, quarter horse, swine, sheep 
and dairy divisions. Grand champion showman 
honors went to George Teagarden in the Block 
and Bridle division and John Toney in the dairy 
division. The Royal was dedicated to David 
Mackintosh, professor of animal husbandry. He 
was faculty adviser to the Little American Royal 
for 30 years, retiring in 1964. 

K-State students captured first place in five of 
eight events in the sixth annual rodeo held here. 
Eleven universities participated in the event 
sponsored by the Rodeo Club and the National 
Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. One hundred 
fifty persons participated in the contests in 
Ahearn Field House where Max Worthington 
was named All-Around Cowboy. 


Jannette Robinson, 1965 Barnwarmer queen, awards George 
Teagarden a Little American Royal showmanship award. 

With just a few seconds left, Dallas Goble spurs on his saddled 
bronc to take first in K-State's annual Intercollegiate Rodeo. 

Throwing a steer and tying three of its legs, a steer wrestling 
contestant fights against both the clock and the animal to win. 

Saddling a 700-pound steer which has never been ridden and 
riding the animal to the winner's circle of the arena is the goal 

of the three-man fraternity teams. Delta Upsilon won a travel- 
ing trophy in the event sponsored by Chaparaios Club. 

Wildcat pepsters boost 
school spirit for games 

From football to basketball and track to intra- 
murals, Wildcat spirit gained momentum through 
the support and influence of the cheerleaders, the 
pep band, pep club and the students. It was evi- 
dent in the pep rallies and Homecoming bonfire, 
the banner headlines in the Collegian preceding 
a game and the scramble for tickets before scar- 
city raised the prices. Aggieville merchants joined 
the crusade of spirit with colorful window depic- 
tions of football and basketball foes. 

Arousing the enthusiasm of students, Willie the Wildcat, whose 
identity is unknown to students, converses with a fellow worker. 

Not only hats but also voice volume make a senior section 
obvious. One football and basketball game honors seniors. 

Cheerleaders— TOP ROW: Tammy Gaynier, Kathy Gaynier, Betty Wortman, 
Sharon Edgar. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Coburn, Tom Jacobitz, Cheryl Jarvis, Sue 

Enthusiastic approval is evident in the action of a K-State 
supporter as the scoreboard lights register two more points. 

K-Steppers, a marching and twirling corps of six girls, accom- 
pany band members onto the field at all home football games. 

Visitors take a look into the world of microbiology, just 
one area of clinical study for veterinary medicine students. 

Vets, home economists 
host college open houses 

Nearly 3,500 visitors acquainted themselves 
with career possibilities while attending "Hallway 
to Opportunities," the 1965 Home Economics 
Hospitality Day. Featured in the exhibits repre- 
senting 1 1 fields were food demonstrations, a 
model kitchen for the handicapped, fashion 
sketches of visitors and a nursery school labora- 
tory. Activities for the day included a luncheon, 
tours of freshman women's dormitories and a 
fashion show of the latest collegiate wear. 

Exhibits in surgery, radiology and feline pedi- 
atrics attracted more than 9,000 visitors to Veter- 
inary Medicine Open House on Parents' Day. 
Featured attractions included a display about 
animal cancer and its relation to humans, an 
obedience trial dog show, a cutting horse demon- 
stration and an exhibit of bacteria grown to de- 
pict a sunflower. Nebraska University's pre-veter- 
inary medicine club exhibited pathogen-free hogs 
developed by the University's veterinarians. 

Horse and rider maneuver with speed and agility in the cattle 
cutting demonstration at Veterinary Medicine Open House. 


I I 

Brightly lighted, a dog's skeleton from the anatomy department 
is among the many displays at Veterinary Medicine Open 

House. The skeleton, used also for class purposes, is displayed 
in Dykstra Hospital, which is the hub of open house activities. 

K-State Singers, wearing red dinner |ackets and blue beaded 
dresses, perform a medley of show tunes on Hospitality Day. 

> * 



k> i,;';" 1 Nvi. 

For the fashion show at the Hospitality Day program, a coed 
models an outfit made in a tailoring or pattern study course. 

A torch bearer starts Open House by setting his torch on the 
front steps of Seaton after the traditional marathon from K-Hill. 

Weighing between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds and equipped 
with a nuclear warhead, the Minuteman missile is displayed. 

Engineers, architects vie 
for Open House prizes 

More than 7,000 persons visited the forty- 
second annual Engineers' and Architects' Open 
House. "Developing the Space Age" was the 
theme for Open House. Growth effect caused by 
misting plants with carbon dioxide was the win- 
ning departmental exhibit displayed by agricul- 
tural engineering. Civil engineering placed sec- 
ond, while the College of Architecture and De- 
sign won third. 

In one exhibit, guides explained operation of 
the Triga II nuclear reactor. The American So- 
ciety of Military Engineers displayed a Nike- 
Hercules guided missile and a six-story high Air 
Force Minuteman. Steel Ring, engineering hon- 
orary, programmed the Open House activities 
and presented awards. 

^ f— 

_ ;JJ~1fc- ~ ■ - 

w e i Com i 

i *** 

%mA 'T 

St. Pat and St. Patricia, Tom Eagles and Jean Kinsey, view a 
robot on their tour of Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Placed in front of the Union, the Nike-Hercules is a surface- 
to-air missile with a range of more than 75 nautical miles. 

Winning first place honors for the second consecutive year, 
agricultural engineering's exhibit demonstrates irrigation. 

Senate minority leader, Everett M. Dirksen, 
speaks before the largest convocation crowd. 

Senator Wayne Morse conducts a question 
and answer period about Viet Nam policy. 


David Schoenbrun, former CBS Paris correspondent, speaks at the first fall con- 
vocation. The topic of his review was "French Policy and Charles de Gaulle." 

Art Buchwald reviews "At Large With Buchwald," his nation- 
ally syndicated column, during a discussion with journalists. 

Students seek the autograph of Eric Sevareid, CBS news com- 
mentator, following his speech on national and world situations. 

Convocation lectures stir 
students' views, opinions 

Well-known individuals, including a Supreme 
Court justice, a syndicated columnist and a tele- 
vision news commentator, addressed student con- 
vocations conducted in Ahearn Field House. Each 
convocation was followed by a question and an- 
swer period in the Union lounge. Several speak- 
ers, whose schedules allowed, visited appropriate 
afternoon classes for discussions. 

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas 
spoke on "The Supreme Court and American 
History. " The syndicated columnist and presi- 
dent of Random House and Modern Library, 
Bennett Cerf, reviewed "What Movies and TV 
are Doing to Literature Today." C. Northcote 
Parkinson presented a humorous analysis of the 
'laws' of business operation, based on his best 
selling book, "Parkinson's Law." 


Parent's Day entertainment was climaxed by the Back Porch 
Majority, featuring the group with "down home" sounds. 

Back Porch Majority, a folk group formerly understudies of the 
New Christy Minstrels, entertain 1,700 in Ahearn Field House. 

Righteous Brothers head 
campus entertainment list 

Concerts by the Righteous Brothers, the Back 
Porch Majority and the Bluemont Singers headed 
the list of big name talent entertaining at Uni- 
versity performances. Students completed ques- 
tionnaires at the Activities Carnival about their 
entertainment preferences. The Union's 40-mem- 
ber campus entertainment committee used the 
results in choosing performers. Combined attend- 
ance at the Righteous Brothers and the Back 
Porch Majority concerts totaled almost 5,000. 

The Bluemont Singers, formerly a local folk 
singing group, returned to campus in the spring 
to present a program. Other vocal and instru- 
mental combos, including Spider and the Crabs, 
were secured for after-game dances in the Union. 

Backstage after a 90-minute concert, a Collegian reporter in- 
terviews the Righteous Brothers, Bob Hatfield and Bill Medley. 

Combining spirituals and the blues with rock 'n roll, the Right- 
eous Brothers produce a sound which brought them success. 

Typical of the many bands which appeared on campus during for a Union dance after the KU game. Other dance bands 

the year are Spider and the Crabs, the group which played were the Jerms, the Thieves, the Red Dogs and the Flippers. 


Called the Brahms Piano Quartet because the piano leads, the 
group plays Brahms and Mozart in the Chapel Auditorium. 

Cultural series presents 
play, classical musicians 

Manhattan Artist Series and Chamber Music 
Series sponsored eight concerts featuring interna- 
tionally renowned music talent. The two series 
worked with a budget of more than $13,000. 

Professional groups hired by the Chamber 
Music Series presented four concerts for audiences 
composed of general public and students admit- 
ted at reduced prices. Performances were given 
by the Brahms Piano Quartet of Italy, the Vienna 
Trio and the Prague Quartet of Austria and the 
Renaissance Quartet. Manhattan Artists Series 
presented a variety of entertainment with a play, 
"The Subject was Roses," a baritone soloist, duo 
pianists and the Minneapolis Symphony. 

Baritone Eugene Holmes and his accompanist perform songs 
that range from Beethoven and Handel to Negro spirituals. 


Featuring two violins, a viola and a cello, the Netherlands 
String Quartet plays selections from Beethoven and Schubert. 

Chamber Music Series group, the Renaissance Quartet, visits 
backstage with Luther Leavengood, music department head. 

Head harem girl, a Kappa Alpha Theta, threatens a "stand-up" 
strike unless the Sigma Chi sheik raises his wives' wages. 

Harry Hero holds a pose of horror in one of the freezes when Poor shoe sales, indicated by the graph, spur salesman Har- 

all action stopped momentarily in the Tri Delta-Phi Delt skit. ley Davidson to action in the Chi Omega-Sigma Phi Epsilon skit. 

Five months work culminates in backstage excitement after Del- 
ta Delta Delta and Phi Delta Theta won first in Harlequinade. 

As the Alpha Tau Omega March hare in "Malice with Alice" winds his clock, 
an Alpha Xi Delta completes make-up application before Harlequinade begins. 

Tri Delta-Phi Delt melodrama wins Harlequinade 

"Mississippi Mishap," a take-off on a show- 
boat melodrama, earned Delta Delta Delta and 
Phi Delta Theta first place in Harlequinade. 
Theme of the forty-ninth production was "From 
Where I Stand." From 15 minutes in previous 
years, the length of skit performance was in- 
creased to 20 minutes. The number of skits was 
decreased from six to four. Along with these 
changes came the name Harlequinade, first 
named Aggie Pops and later Y-Orpheum. An 
audience of almost 2,000 attended the two-night 
performance at the Manhattan Municipal Audi- 
torium. Two drama critics judged the skits each 
night before awarding trophies Saturday evening. 

Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon won sec- 
ond place with their skit, "Back in the Saddles 
Again." The skit portrayed a saddle oxford fac- 
tory approaching financial ruin after the Board 
of Regents banned saddle shoes from campus. 
The problem was solved when the factory won a 
contract to sell saddle shoes to the ROTC depart- 
ment. " Whereistan with Love," by Kappa Alpha 
Theta and Sigma Chi, revolved around a brain- 
less ruler whose harem rose in revolt. To end the 
program Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Tau Omega 
produced a version of the fairy tale, "Alice in 
Wonderland." The cast dubbed the skit "Malice 
with Alice" for the Greek competition. 


Prior to the opening session, students representing Communist 
nations picket in front of the Union for admission of Red China. 

Communist China issue 
sparks MUN discussion 

Clapping, shoe-pounding and a walk-out of the 
U.S. delegation highlighted Model United Na- 
tions discussion on the admission of Red China. 
During the three-day session, student delegates 
reviewed disarmament and problems in Rhodesia 
and the Union of South Africa. More than 100 
seven-man delegations heard a Yugoslav official 
keynote the first day's session. Sponsored by K- 
State for the third time, MUN activities closed 
with a delegates' banquet and a debate between 
British and University students on the feasibility 
of continuing the United Nations. 

Members of the Cuban delegation prepare a 10-minute posi- 
tion statement to deliver at the opening General Assembly. 

r >4 

Steven Lorson, who later attended the Radio station KSDB-FM interviews a 

Midwest MUN, is head U. S. delegate. delegate to the General Assembly. 

John Stoessinger, a guest professor, 
discusses the U.N. seating of Red China. 

Questions concerning new countries of Africa are reviewed 
by delegates representing African nations. During the three-day 

session, visiting high school students also heard delegates table 
the disarmament question and review problems in Rhodesia. 


** w v 3\ 

Reading an excerpt from one of the scenes in "Streetcar 
Named Desire," students tryout for parts. Presented in May, 

the play was the last production of the year by the K-State 
Players. Tryouts, observed by the director, were open to all. 

r ,*, 

Bursting into a rage, General Saint Pe chokes his wife when 
she reveals her betrayal in "The Waltz of the Toreadors." 

K-State Players produce 
Purple Masque stagings 

Staging five dramatic productions in the 
Purple Masque Theatre, K-State Players opened 
the season with "Who's Afraid of Virginia 
Woolf ?" The comedy, written by Edward Albee, 
was a satire involving two Midwest college pro- 
fessors and their wives. Wallace Dace was director. 

Because royalty rights for original music to 
"The Waltz of the Toreadors" would have 
prohibited presentation here, faculty member 
Thomas Steunenberg wrote new music. Betty 
Norris directed the play. 

The dramatized version of the Grimm's broth- 
ers fairy tale, "Rumplestiltskin," was presented 
before Christmas for Manhattan and Chapman 
school children. In order that all third through 
sixth grade students could see the production, 
actors staged it 10 times. The tale, by Charlotte 
Shortpenning, was directed by Betty Cleary. 

After jumping from a window in a suicide attempt, Mademoi- 
selle Euverte is saved during "The Waltz of the Toreadors." 

Actors produce 'Luther' 
before sell-out audience 

Staged before a sell-out crowd, "Luther" por- 
trayed the life of the Reformation leader Martin 
Luther. The play dramatized the ambiguities of 
men's motives, intentions and accomplishments. 
Director of the three-act drama set during medi- 
eval times was Dennis Denning. 

From the point of loneliness, a strange bond 
between a Negro cook and a white child was re- 
vealed in the classic drama, "The Member of the 
Wedding," produced by Betty Cary. The last pro- 
duction staged was "A Streetcar Named Desire." 

Backstage workers construct props for "Luther," according to 
specifications provided by research of the Reformation period. 


After passing out from too much brandy, Honey feels better 
and takes another drink in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" 




Flying into a rage about his son Luther entering the monastery, 
Luther's father denounces the church to friends of the family. 

Arguing with the guards, the miller and his wife struggle to 
uncover the name given to the baby princess by Rumplestiltskin. 

"I have the power to forgive sins," says John Tentzel, selling 
indulgences in an oration which sparks Luther into revolt. 


During semester break, the 59 voices in Varsity Men's Glee 
Club harmonize in Monterrey at one of four concert appear- 

ances they made while in Mexico. They appeared on television 
twice, adding Spanish songs to their medley of American tunes. 


Varsity Men's Glee Club— TOP ROW: David R. Yeo, Randall L. Harmison, Larry 
E. Greene, John F. Dillon, Donnie D. Schrag, Dennis E. Rork, Paul D. Stephenson, 
Lee E. Franklin. SECOND ROW: Darryl D. Smutz, Wayne H. MacKirdy, Clifford 
Ochampaugh, Robert D. Steiger, James R. Madden, Jon F. Thomas, Richard E. 
Fagerberg, Stephen R. Pickard. THIRD ROW: Keith W. Hooper, Thomas Z. Beery, 
David J. Unruh, Frank L. Woofter, Paul E. Lundgren, Daniel W. Young, Layton 
M. Perry. FOURTH ROW: Craig P. Helwig, Tom L. Sykes, Joe E. Farrar, Dennis 
C. Englisby, Marcus L. Knight, Marc W. Zimmerman, Robert F. Pauly. FIFTH 
ROW: Lindley J. Reimer, Robert E. Buchan, Chester V. Rhoads, Paul A. Stewart, 

Mark W. Baldwin, Larry B. Massey, Larry G. Cornwell. SIXTH ROW: David A. 
Warner, Richard G. Sanders, Gary E. O'Hara, Kenneth L. Mulanax, John S. 
Wittenborn, Don A. Hill, Karmon D. Almquist. SEVENTH ROW: Webster H. Sill, 
Melvin E. Thompson, Thomas W. Hunter, Randy D. Hassler, Dennis D. Combrink, 
Cecil W. Pearce, Gaylon J. Nettles, Rodney D. Petersen. EIGHTH ROW: Thomas 
A. Feldkamp, Allan L. Fedosky, Roger M. Thorp, Douglas W. Williams, Edwin B. 
Brockway, Stephen L. Guthrie, Robert L. Marrs. BOTTOM ROW: Louise S. 
Keucher, Morris D. Hayes, Joyce E. McCready. 

Receiving a personal welcome home, a wandering musician 
returns from the Varsity Men's Glee Club trip to Mexico City. 

Men's glee club travels, 
gives Mexican concerts 

Traveling to Mexico to give six performances 
was the highlight of the year for the Varsity 
Men's Glee Club. The Binational Center, an or- 
ganization promoting cultural exchange pro- 
grams, arranged for the glee club's trip and the 
concerts in Mexican cities. 

During the year, the glee club gave 27 off-cam- 
pus performances and a concert in the Field 
House. The National Choral Director's Conven- 
tion in Kansas City gave the group the only 
standing ovation of the convention after its 
program of Baroque and Romantic numbers. 
More than 1,000 representatives from every 
major university heard this performance. Mem- 
bers of the glee club in the past three years have 
included three student body presidents and a 
Favorite Man on Campus. More than 500 men 
auditioned for the 58 available positions. 


Kansas State University Concert Choir— TOP ROW: Keith E. Watkins, Edward 
L. Adams, Maurice D. Penner, Paul L. Sternberger, Thomas C. Roberts, Paul A. 
Stewart, Stephen M. Burns, Craydon D. McDonald, Stephen M. Leete, John H. 
Galloway, Roberto F. Reyes, Daniel W. Young, Jack H. Marker, Richard H. Mc- 
Vay, Anthony R. Mason, Samuel D. Caughron, Gary R. Cave, John S. Thomason, 
Terry L. Meyers. SECOND ROW: Wayne A. Pearson, Cecil W. Pearce, James A. 
Harders, Daniel D. McAteer, Dennis D. Combrink, Philip M. Ballantyne, James 
L. Bush, Sharon L. Slocum, Susan M. Yarnall, Diane M. Smith, Miriam L. Lans- 
downe, Jacqueline G. Matthews, Robert A. Burnett, Vaughn L. Nelson, John R. 
Clark, Raymond D. Runkel, Robyn D Brooks, Douglas A. Ohlde, Larry N. Carey, 

Rodney M. Bates, Leslie C. Longberg. THIRD ROW: Carol M. Biby, Marilyn R. 
Kuhn, Marilyn P. Baird, Rebecca S. Marold, Joyce D. Cooper, Susan K. Goold, 
Danna L. Garten, Polly A. Coombs, Myrna M. Otte, Nancy A. Theobald, Barbara 
A. Chase, Sue A. Diller, Marguerite Habiger, Jacqueline K. Marteney, Janet K. 
Groene, Diana K. Loetel, Martha C. Sanders, Rebecca J. Smutz. BOTTOM ROW: 
William R. Fischer, Joline F. Oberhelman, Marilyn S. Robbins, Joyce E. Mc- 
Cready, Margie E. Vathauer, Alice L. Pearson, Janis K. Burkholder, Carol J. 
Stevens, Mary K. Moyle, Arlene S. Fair, Pam L. Harrington, Jo A. Spencer, Re- 
becca I. Long, Margaret K. Craig, Judith A. Lukins, Elizabeth H. Voelker, 
Margaret C. Cain, Nancy D. Tarrant, Colleen M. Ramsour, Shame A. Snell. 

Apollo Men's Glee Club-TOP ROW: Bernard W. Vandorn, Kenton M. Grigg, 
Michael Verschelden, Tommy R. Carr, Don A. Hill, Dale L. Somers, John H. Banks, 
Robert M. Socolofsky, Steven R. Livengood, Douglas A. Droge, Dexter A. Vergin, 
Dale G. Litton, Frank W. Hoover, Mark D. Schrock, Craig S. Rowlen, Michael 
M. Kelly, James M. KaufFeld, Jerry F. Donahy, Raymond D. Runkel. SECOND 
ROW: Steven R. Wiechman, Richard L. Newkirk, Dean A. Darnell, Douglas K. 
Peters, Lanny R. Hall, Roger W. Herren, Donald R. Frikken, Jacob E. Mertz, 
Stephen W. Peirce, David P. Tollefson, James S. Jordan, Stephen W. Ficke, Al- 
bert J. Unch, William B. Smith, Dennis D. Hughes. THIRD ROW: Donald L. Bo- 

zarth, Wendell F. Cowan, George K. Brummer, Carl E. McKee, Timothy R 
Windier, Steven A. Larson, Leslie C. Longberg, Rex C. McGugin, Kenneth K 
Eshelman, Robert J. Gallant, Charles R. Kuntz, Fred Schurle, William H. Miller, 
BOTTOM ROW: Morris D. Hayes, Robert J. Stout, Steven L. Frickey, Jerry D. 
Kazmaier, Glenn A. Raines, Lowell R. Finley, John M. Englisby, Kenneth W. Kruse, 
James S. Broers, Kent E. Otte, Garry L. Deines, Carl B. Sivage, Douglas E. Eisen 
hour, Randall L. Rich, George A. Gerritz, Harvey D. Thompson, Thomas Teich 
graeber, Daniel S. Huffman, Martin E. Ben|amin, David C. Powell, Joseph W 
Dye, Janice Goodrich, Gail I. Post. 

Choir, glee clubs present combined performance 

Climaxing Fine Arts Week, the Kansas State 
University Concert Choir, Apollo Men's Glee 
Club and Women's Glee Club presented a com- 
bined concert conducted by Margaret Hillis, di- 
rector of the Chicago Symphony Chorus. Spon- 
sored by the Organization of Choral Union, 

more than 600 vocalists performed in the presen- 
tation of Mendelssohn's Elijah. Concert Choir, 
under the direction of William R. Fischer, at- 
tended the National Conference of American 
Choral Directors Association. The choir also 
presented the twenty-first Christmas Vespers. 

■ i-<p*i 








■■I t * 








~3+ | 

* 1 
» f ■ 1 

Women's Glee Club— TOP ROW: Patricia A. Krauter, Sandra L. Olson, Paula 
L. Sanford, Vickie L. Nuss, Carolyn R. McManamon, Carolyn G. Bartholomew, 
Dianne F. Nehring, Kathleen L. Haberbosch, Linda J. Chapman, Loretta J. Huber, 
Palle M. Nebgen. SECOND ROW: Martha J. Jellison, Rosalind J. Ridgway, Chris- 
tine E. Pray, Carol M. Wichman, Barbara K. Richard, Geraldine S. Troiovsky, 
Jacquelyn M. Weisser, Melinda Bigbee, Jean A. Hoppas, Natalie J. Parker, Karen 
E. Linscheid, Sally J. Hinchman. THIRD ROW: Mary E. Glenn, Karen J. Sanborn, 

Sharon M. George, Ruth E. Annis, Beverly A. Dearing, Judith K. Nulty, Carolyn 
E. Brass, Betty J. Billinger, Lana J. Gfeller, Alice J. Sheik, Wilma M. Hazen, Bar- 
bara G. Hochuli. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara L. Reed, Margaret J. Marsh, Peggy J. 
Erickson, Donna R. Simmons, Suzanne Parker, Marilyn K. Weisser, Cheryl L. 
Gfeller, Nancy A. Young, Irene S. Skonberg, Jeanne A. Johnson, Kristie K. 
Jacobson, Merry J. Kanawyer. 

Under the direction of Jean Sloop, members of the predomi- 
nantly freshman and sophomore Women's Glee Club rehearse 

for their performance of the Magnificat. Members, who meet 
twice weekly for hour practices, are selected in auditions. 


Madrigal Singers-TOP ROW: 
Richard H. McVay, Jerry D. Kaz- 
maier, Craydon D. McDonald, Al- 
bert J. Urich. SECOND ROW: 
Douglas E. Eisenhour, Karmon D. 
Almquist, Randall L. Harmison, 
Paul A. Stewart, Delencey A. 
Smith. THIRD ROW: Regena K. 
Alexander, Myrna S. Rains, Gloria 
J. Delich, Martha J. Seitz, Melinda 
Bigbee. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn 
S. Lemon, Martha E. Caughron, 
Martha M. Fly, Nancy A. Young, 
Norla M. Stephens, Marcia S. 

K-State Singers request U.S.O. tour to Far East 

K-State Singers requested their fourth U.S.O. 
tour, a trip to the Far East. With five new mem- 
bers, they arranged a new show idea in which all 
seven men played instruments while the women 
accompanied in solo medleys. Proceeds from 
more than 50 performances provided 15 music 
scholarships. Extra shows were scheduled to 
raise money for the Margene Savage Memorial. 
Miss Savage was the reigning Miss Kansas and a 

member of the group at the time of her death in 
an automobile accident in May, 1965. 

Specializing in music of the Baroque and Ren- 
aissance, the Madrigal Singers made an interna- 
tional tour to Monterrey, Mexico to participate 
in four concerts and two television shows. Di- 
rected by George Leedham, the Civic Orchestra 
presented the Christmas concert and accom- 
panied the Chorus for the "Elijah" performance. 

Civic Orchestra— TOP ROW: Mary M. McManis, Jamie S. McKay, Danny J. Kel- 
ler, George Leedham, Richard G. Sanders, Warren Walker, Elizabeth A. Dick. 
SECOND ROW: Carolyn L. Barney, Mar|one A. Wallace, Patricia S. Wallace, 
Karen S. Jones, Shame A. Snell, Janean L. Miller, Monica Flinner, William Beck- 
man, Joe E. Farrar, Beverly S. Old, Steven R. Beck, Ruth E. Schroeder, Thomas 
A. Feldkamp, William C. Brussow, Gary L. Hood, Jacqueline M. Smith, Carolyn 
L. McFarland, John V. Heitman, Joseph P. Konzem, Dennis W. Minter, Ann L. 

Cravens, Frances R. Mullinix. THIRD ROW: Dennis V. Under|erg, Patricia A. An- 
derson, Bee Epstein, Helen E. Packard, Sidonie A. Schafer, James H. Regehr, 
Masanabu Ikemiya, Eugene H. Copeland, Nola M. Rosenow, Judith P. Houdy- 
shell, Michael M. Trollman, Martha Corhan, Martha J. Betton, Linnetta A. John- 
son, William H. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Michael K. Ireland, Winona W. Black- 
burn, Jacques C. Voois (pianist), Linda C. Shaw, Linda K. Woellhof, Linda L. 
Williams, Kaye A. Clinesmith, Martha M. Fly, Carolyn J. Rippe. 


K-State Singers— Carol A. Gaston, Robyn D. Brooks, William R. Fischer, director, Hall, Patrick H. Burch, Polly A. Coombs, Wayne A. Pearson, Susan K. Goold, 

Judith I. Hysom, James A. Harders, Sharon L. Slocum, James L. Bush, Marilyn L Samuel D. Caughron, Martha C. Sanders, Gary R. Cave. 

K-State Singers present a variety entertainment program dur- 
ing intermission at the Homecoming dance. Composed of 14 

students, the group filmed two numbers for a campus talent 
television show to raise money for their Margene Savage fund. 


Watching intensely from the sidelines, the Wildcat all-male 
marching band awaits its turn on the field. The band performs 

it parades, all home football games and several out-of-town 
james. Twirling K-steppers lead the men in their routines. 

Concert Band— TOP ROW: William L. Schubert, Mary M. McManis, Jamie S. 
McKay, Connie M. McClure, Danny J. Keller, Thomas M. Nelson, Dennis L. Miner, 
Marcus L. Knight. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline D. Spears, Paul L. Spainhour, Te- 
mar K. Long, Carol A. Kratina, Irene S. Skonberg, Joseph F. Keel, Kay L. Howell, 

David D. Jackson, Beverly J. Salter, Mary C. Brookens. THIRD ROW: Margaret 
A. Ewing, Madelyn C. Dixon, Eugene H. Copeland, Mary L. Esau, Peggy A. 
Brown, Nancy L. Winter, Susanne F. Little. BOTTOM ROW: Norman E. Ruediger, 
Martha J. Betton, Mary E. Windels, Constance A. Schrag, William A. Stoskopf. 

IJr&ill fife Ji 



Concert Band presents 
concerts, tours Kansas 

With the majority of its members non-music 
majors, the Concert Band presented two campus 
concerts in addition to a three-day tour to Kansas 
high schools. Conducted by Paul Shull, the band 
completed the year by playing at commencement. 
The Pep Band, directed by Eugene Holdsworth, 
performed at all home basketball games. Other 
bands included the Varsity Band, Wildcat March- 
ing Band, Jazz Workshop Ensemble and Jazz 
Laboratory Ensemble. 

Band Day brings many state high school bands to campus to 
perform at half-time break under Paul Shull, band director. 

Featured twirlers Jan Miller and Dick Middleton display their 
talent with batons at football games and a basketball half-time. 

Concert Band-TOP ROW: Gary T. Lawlis, Billy V. Anton, John V. Heitman, 
Eugene I. Holdsworth, Paul Shull, Bradford G. Blaker, William L. Shoemaker, 
Quinton R. Kidd, Gary J. Garwood, Gary L. Smith, Carolyn L. McFarland. SEC- 
OND ROW: Joe E. Farrar, Ruth E. Schroeder, Steven R. Beck, Arthur S. Harris, 
Arlene R. Dahm, Wayne C Faulconer, William C Brussow, Harry E. Blow, Paul E. 

ft) *Pl 

Lundgren, James Q. Kohler. THIRD ROW: Gary L. Lewis, Thomas A. Feldkamp, 
Sandra A. Davidson, Roberta A. Moore, Paula L. Sanford, Shirley A. Garrett. 
BOTTOM ROW: Nola M. Rosenow, Judith P. Houdyshell, Carol L. Frazier, Helen 
E. Packard. 


JS \o 



^^^EX fl 


7 F 

Copy pencil and pica gauge in hand, the Colleg,an features 
editor takes her turn "in the slot." Editing students sit around 

the semi-circle to correct copy and write headlines as the editor 
makes the page layout, assigns head sizes and approves copy. 

Board approves $60,000 
for Collegian offset press 

Appropriations for $60,000 were passed by the 
Board of Student Publications to purchase an 
off-set press for the Collegian. The new press will 
be capable of producing 24-page papers as well 
as printing in color. Published for the first time 
this year was the 1 12-page University Edition of 
the Collegian, which was distributed by mail to 
all new freshmen. The number of pages printed 
by the Collegian totaled 350 more than last year, 
and the average size of the daily paper increased 
to 12 pages. Mushrooming advertising outdated 
the former eight-page average. 

Director of Student Publications, Jack Backer guides Royal 
Purple, Collegian and Student Directory staffs and personnel. 

Leroy Towns and Connie Miles use a pica ruler to determine 
correct type sizes they plan to use for Collegian headlines. 

Type for the Collegian is set by a linotype machine, operated 
like a typewriter. Each line of type is cast in hot lead. 

Fall and Spring Collegian Editorial Staffs-TOP ROW: Sherryl L. Diller, fall 
librarian, spring news editor; Judith A. Cowdrey, fall features editor; Margaret 
J. Lange, fall news editor, spring assistant managing editor; Timothy J. Fields, 
fall photo editor; Lora M. Smith, spring librarian; Marna D. Hart, fall staff 
writer. SECOND ROW: Bruce C. Coonrod, fall night editor, spring assistant spe- 
cial sections editor,- Susan L. Rosenkrantz, fall inside page editor, spring day edi- 
tor; Vernon D. Parker, fall and spring staff writer; Diana K. Hyames, spring edi- 
torial editor; Mary J. Pretzer, fall features assistant editor, spring features editor. 

In planning for the next day's Collegian, staff members use 
copy pencils, glue and a working knowledge of editing marks. 

THIRD ROW: Charles L. Beach, fall assistant sports editor; Dana C. Wethington, 
fall wire editor, spring day editor; James F. Warren, spring assistant sports edi- 
tor; Edward L. Dent, fall assistant sports editor, spring sports editor. BOTTOM 
ROW: James L. Garver, spring photo editor; Leland K. Johnson, fall sports edi- 
tor; Edgar A. Chamness, spring assistant news editor; Robert W. Rice, spring as- 
sistant editorial page editor; Jon M. Lowe, fall editorial editor, spring night 

Journalism field trips 
polish writing techniques 

Field trips to Minneapolis and Garden City 
gave journalism students an opportunity to im- 
prove writing skills under the guidance of an ex- 
perienced newspaper staff. Using remodeled and 
expanded newsroom facilities, the Collegian staff 
introduced human-interest columns, student 
health and church news and special sections fo- 
cusing on University problems and improvements. 
During the spring semester, the Collegian was 
distributed for the first time in the Student Union. 

In competition through March, news and fea- 
tures entered in the sixth annual William Ran- 
dolph Hearst writing contest earned the depart- 
ment a second-place standing among national 
journalism schools. Chuck Powers, former Col- 
legian editor, won first prize for a story on his 
first parachute jump. In the fall, the department 
invited 300 Kansas editors for an Editors' Day 
session and was selected as a center for the na- 
tional Journalism Education Association. 


Susie Miller, fall Collegian editor, and Leroy Towns, spring 
Collegian editor, complete a front page layout for the paper. 

While on a field trip to Garden City, journalism students write 
stories under the guidance of professional newspapermen. 

When working on Collegian story assignments, reporting stu- 
dents find the telephone an indispensable tool for interviews. 

Summer Collegian Staff— Editor William H. Morns, Advertising Manager Judith 
A. Cowdrey, Marna D. Hart, Margaret J. Lange, James L. Garver, Robert Smith, 

Jibade O. Oyekan, Vernon D. Parker, Susan L. Rosenkranz, Douglas G. Groes- 
beck, Jon M. Lowe, Edgar A. Chamness. 

Summer journalists publish 112-page newspaper 

Publishing eight weekly newspapers and the 
first University Edition were responsibilities of 
summer journalism students. Designed to inform 
new students of life at K-State, the University 
Edition contained 112 pages in sections on gen- 
eral information, sports, housing, activities, cul- 
ture, academics and politics. 

Listings of students, faculty and staff appeared 
in the Student Directory, edited by Sherryl Diller. 
Coverage included organizations and regulations 

and policies followed by University students. 

Under the direction of Wayne Perk and Tom 
Haas, Collegian fall and spring advertising man- 
agers, advertising sales doubled over the previous 
year's. Approximately 25 students comprised the 
staff which serviced accounts in the Manhattan 
area. Salesmen received commissions. 

Royal Purple and Collegian head photographer 
Jim Garver took pictures of campus activities and 
sports events and supervised the darkroom. 

Compiling information and directing distribution 
are tasks of Sherryl Diller, Student Directory editor. 

University Edition Staff— TOP ROW: Mary J. Pretzer, Wayne L. Perk, Douglas G. Groesbeck, 
James L. Garver, Charles T. Powers. SECOND ROW: Bertram R. Biles, Marna D. Hart, Bart 
Everett. BOTTOM ROW: Judith A. Cowdrey, Jon M. Lowe, Jan M. Jernigan, Margaret J. Lange. 

Collegian Advertising Staff— TOP 
ROW: Victor F. Shalkoski, Charles 
J. Farmer, Ronald P. Rachesky, 
Linda E. Bugbee. SECOND ROW: 
Ross A. Gilchrist, Dana D. Covert, 
Eugene E. Schmstock. BOTTOM 
ROW: Frederick McCreary, Wayne 
L. Perk, Larry E. Cline, Thomas H. 

Photography editor Jim Garver covers cam- 
pus activities for the Collegian and R. P. 

Photographers Paul Burch, Robert Graves, Rachel Scott, John Lietzen and John 
Springer complete picture assignments for both the Collegian and Royal Purple. 

Tom Haas and Wayne Perk, Collegian advertising managers, and Bert Biles, Uni- 
versity Edition business manager, discuss their publications' financial status. 

After standing in line for hours, juggling class schedules, and 
meeting with advisers, students near the end of the line at fall 

registration in Ahearn Field House. Here they write checks for 
the 1966 Royal Purple. Nearly 7,000 yearbooks were sold. 

Royal Purple sales rise, yearbook adds 40 pages 

Royal Purple sales showed an increase of 800 
books over last year's total of 6,200. During the 
first three days of enrollment, 5,800 individual 
picture receipts were sold, bringing in a revenue 
of almost $15,000. By the time the final deadline 
was met, 7,000 books had been sold for $28,000. 

For the first time, senior pictures were produced 
in color. Increased University enrollment placed 
the yearbook in a new Associated Collegiate Press 
judging category for schools with enrollments of 
more than 10,000. The yearbook has been rated 
Ail-American by ACP for 30 consecutive years. 

Co-assistant editors, Sue Brandner and Linda Solberg schedule all pictures and 
assign and edit copy and cutlines. Both coeds work closely with the R. P. editor. 

Editor Carole Fry plans layouts, approves 
pictures and checks final work of her staff. 

Carla Krehbiel— Senior Class Editor 


Karen Thorsen 

Features Editor 

Mark Meseke 

Sports Editor 

Connie Miles— Organizations Editor 

Kathryn Heyne— Greek Editor 

JoAnn Dodd— Underclass Editor 

Royal Purple Editorial and Advertising Assistants— TOP ROW: Mary A. Covalt, JoAnn 
Goetz, Gerald R. Means, Mark D. Merica, Margo J. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Jonathon D. 
Morgenson, Richard P. Overall, Ronald P. Rachesky, Martha A. Schumacher, Dennis R. Sher- 
raden, Kent D. Taylor. 

Bob Snider, Royal Purple business manager, com- 
putes advertising inches with an editorial staff writer. 

Student Publications secretaries Jan Hedrick and Ruth Foster compile the Royal Purple 
index and assign the business staff to typing, proofreading and selling RP receipts. 




Student Publications Business Staff— TOP ROW: 
Elizabeth A. Andersen, Diana K. Barton, Janet L. 
Boyer. SECOND ROW: Lynda L. Clyne, Mildred 
L. Dickey, JoAnn Goetz. BOTTOM ROW: Sue J. 
Kaufman, Linda A. Kirk, Karen A. Kroutil. 

Yearbook introduces first senior section in color 

For the first time in the 75-year history of the 
Royal Purple, senior pictures were reproduced in 
color. The Royal Purple became one of the first 
yearbooks in the nation to picture a student sec- 

Former adviser C. J. Medlin and 1965 editor Becky Fitzgerald 
add another top-rated yearbook to 29 previous All-Americans. 

tion in color. Receiving 30 consecutive Ail-Ameri- 
can awards since 1936, the record of the Royal 
Purple was unequaled by any other university 
yearbook. The winning tradition was established 
under adviser C.J. "Chief" Medlin, who retired 
as manager of Student Publications in 1965. 

Kansas State Engineer Staff— 

TOP ROW: Larry R. Larsen, Lee E. 
Franklin, Charles C. Nielson, 
Barry L. Rafter, Michael H. Foss. 
SECOND ROW: David N. Ar- 
noldy, Lowell G. Moore, Douglas 
A. Robinson, Ralph E. Hibler. BOT- 
TOM ROW: John M. Flannery, 
Larry D. Bleything, Greg T. Rock- 

Touchstone Staff — TOP ROW: 
Robin R. McLean, Mary L. Booth, 
Judith A. Phillips. SECOND ROW: 
Linda J. Surtees, Kay A. Magby, 
Judith A. Cowdrey, David Sadkin. 
BOTTOM ROW: Thomas A. Kon- 
dik, William R. Pate, David B. 

Engineers send magazine 
to Kansas high schools 

Issues of the K-State Engineer magazine 
reached more than 2,000 engineering students 
and almost 300 Kansas high schools. Aimed at 
reporting news of the engineering field, the mag- 
azine was published monthly with articles on 
both technical and non-technical subjects. Editor 
Lowell Moore directed news and feature staffs 
and also entered the magazine in a national con- 
test sponsored by a college magazine association. 

Touchstone staff reduces 
frequency of publication 

Touchstone staff members began work early 
first semester and sold nearly 1,000 copies when 
the magazine was completed in April. The liter- 
ary magazine formerly was published on a semes- 
ter basis. Work chosen for special recognition in 
Touchstone featured short biographies of submit- 
ting authors. Sponsored by the English depart- 
ment to encourage creative talents, the inter-arts 
publication included poetry and short stories. 


KSDB-FM radio station broadens news coverage 

To bring more complete campus news coverage 
to students, KSDB-FM radio revamped station 
policy and added more broadcast hours. Campus 
activities, including Harlequinade and the Miss 
K-State-Manhattan pageant, were carried live 
by the station. Managed by students of the de- 
partment of radio and television, KSDB-FM set 

up equipment in Weber arena to broadcast from 
Model United Nations. 

All varsity basketball games, both home and 
out-of-town, home freshman basketball games 
and baseball games were also covered by the 
station. Dr. Alvin Workman was adviser for the 
student radio announcers. 

KSDB-FM Staff— TOP ROW: William F. Spadafora, William P. McAndrew, Pam- 
ela J. Berkey, Bonnie J. Hamilton, Nancy K. Waddle, Elizabeth A. Hohn, Linda 
L. Morgan, Stanley R. Kalishman, Larry W. Jackson. SECOND ROW: Geoffrey 
L. McPartlin, Steven D. Roesler, Patric J. Folwell, Joseph F. Caron, William D. 
Moore, Mary A. Lowe, Melmda R. Hrabe, William H. Shumard. THIRD ROW: 

Richard P. Overall, Donald R. Hite, Thomas W. Flannigan, Gary R. Kopp, Dale 
O. Twaddell, Dale J. Perry, A. L. Workman, Linda A. Richel. BOTTOM ROW: 
Lewis B. Wilson, Gerald H. Ogden, Don W. Clark, Terry M. Haggard, Bruce A. 
Boggs, Wright E. Harris. 

As part of its extended coverage of campus activities, KSDB- 
FM broadcasts live from the Activities Carnival in the Union. 

Play by play action of a home basketball game is reported to 
listeners by radio and television majors working for KSDB-FM. 

Crops Judging Team — Arlen W. 
Etling, James L. Yager, Terrence 
S. Rice, John W. Schroder, Coach 
Ernest L. Mader. 

Hay and Silage Judging Team- 
Wilfred H. Lehman, Coach Ernest 
L. Mader, Terrence S. Rice, Paul J. 
Banks, James L. Yager, Carl L. 

Judging teams rank high 
in collegiate competition 

Hay and silage, crops and soil judging teams 
were successful throughout the year in national 
competition. Participating for the first time in 
the North American collegiate contest at Colum- 
bia, Tenn., the hay and silage judging team took 
top honors. The competition was conducted in 
connection with a national grassland field day 
and conference. 

Placing second in an intercollegiate contest 
which was part of the International Livestock 
Exposition in Chicago, 111., was the crops judging 
team. The team rated high in seed analysis and 
ranked fourth in commercial grading and identi- 
fication. The soils team, following a first place 
victory at the regional contest at Iowa State 
University, joined the Iowa State team in repre- 
senting this region at the national contest at New 
Mexico State University in May. 

Orville Bidwell, Gerald Lefmann, Orville Peterson and Lloyd 
Moden discuss a sample before their next soils judging meet. 

Dairy Cattle Judging Team— 

LaVerne R. Myers, Carrol Camp- 
bell, Johnny E. Meetz, Larry J. 
Beat, Ranee K. Headley, Coach 
G. B. Marion. 


Livestock Judging Team— Gayl 
W. Shepard, Coach Don L. Good, 
Jerald A. Riemann, Dean L. Davis, 
Edward S. Hodgson, Michael E. 
Dikeman, John O. Scheele, John 
R. Teagarden, Howard T. Henry. 

Judges capture awards in intercollegiate contests 

Representing K-State in national and inter- 
national contests were the six judging teams of 
dairy products, meats, dairy cattle, poultry, wool 
and livestock. The teams traveled more than 
3,000 miles. All teams consistently placed in the 
upper half among other contestants. 

Evaluating products ranging from ice cream to 
cheddar cheese, the dairy products judging team 
placed sixth at a regional contest in Chicago. 
Ranking second in pork judging and high in beef 

grading, the meats team placed fifth in interna- 
tional competition in Madison, Wise. 

At the International Livestock Exposition in 
Chicago, 111., the dairy cattle judging team 
finished behind four other teams in competition 
with eighteen squads. Poultry judges also brought 
home awards from the American Royal, while 
the livestock team captured top honors there. 
The wool judging team placed fifth in the Amer- 
ican Royal intercollegiate contest. 




I jp-J^ 


; i « 


Dairy Products Judging Team- 
Coach Ross Mickelsen, Kenneth K. 
Chesney, Paul E. Flagg, Jerald A. 
Kopp, John W. Toney. 

Poultry Judging Team— John W. Davis, Terry L. Biery, George L Zabel, 
Nnakarame A. Nwosa, Coach Amos Kahrs. 

Wool Judging Team — John R. Evans, Orville M. Peterson, Jerald A. Riemann, 
Johnny E. Meetz, Coach Carl S. Menzies. 

Meats Judging Team — Coach 

Donald H. Kropf, Samuel C. Nel- 
son, Kenneth Spangenburg, Stanley 
W. Grecian, Thomas D. Perrier, 
Johnny E. Meetz. 




^wt *& 

» '^3%.- W&EjiaBii&k 

isl^ .# 7 i i^s 

% ■ 


ry&r ' 

*~-^l P^^ 

r tl ' k fl 

vlft (ill 

^^ * if P" * *S1 

>WL) fl( 

• mn _. * ^^^^^^^ ^^^ 

-I' 1 uH 


OTANDING as the proud 
and vibrant symbol of a rap- 
idly expanding university, 
Anderson hall is a sign of 
Kansas State University 1966. 
However, the campus land- 
mark is more than a sign of 
the present. Anderson also 
symbolizes the tradition and 
memories which have marked 
the 103-year past of the na- 
tion's first land-grant univer- 
sity. It was built in 1879. 

Anderson hall 

Photo by Don Richards 





4 : 


University's role includes 
research, extension work 

As the first land-grant institution, the Univer- 
sity conducted research and extension programs 
and maintained agricultural experiment stations 
in addition to educating more than 10,000 stu- 
dents. Within the eight colleges and one school, 
there were 67 departments. At the graduate 
level, the master's degree was offered in 73 de- 
partments and the Doctor of Philosophy degree 
in 26 fields. A professional staff of 1,360 instruc- 
tors worked with students. 

Outstanding academic achievements included 
the Environmental Research Laboratory used 
for national research, the most extensive study 
program on wheat and cereal grains in the world 
and the first and only accredited nuclear engi- 
neering undergraduate program in the U.S. 

Participating in the undergraduate research program, a student 
receives a $100 grant each semester for her work on a pro|ect. 

General zoology students concentrate to remember details of 
microscopic animals in preparation for a practical examination. 

As the semester comes to a close, students find it necessary 
to devote more hours in the library to prepare for finals. 





', -.56 



1 !-** 







; • ' ; \ *'3fv-. ;;■• 

- ar,\± 

Photo by David von Riesen 

Pausing for a moment in front of the native stone home of 
President McCain and his wife, students relax between classes. 

Students frequently pass the mansion constructed 43 years ago 
on their way to and from Justin hall and Dickens hall. 

At a tea following the opening Orientation Week convocation, 
a freshman student and his parents talk with President McCain. 

President seeks speakers 
to discuss controversies 

Encouraging students to voice political views, 
President James A. McCain appointed a six- 
member committee to invite speakers to discuss 
controversial issues so that students could base 
their convictions on information and understand- 
ing. The first speaker was L. Brent Bozell, 
author, lecturer and attorney. He had won na- 
tional attention for his best selling book, "Mc- 
Carthy and His Enemies." 

Efforts to establish better communication be- 
tween students and administration were empha- 
sized by a series of Union coffee hours with 
President McCain. Students were urged to par- 
ticipate and evoke questions concerning current 
campus issues. This program expressed Ameri- 
canism. It was the democratic way in action. 

James A. McCain, president of the University since 1950, is 
chairman of the Mid-America State Universities Association. 

Pholo by Studio Royal 


Co-ordinating K-State functions concerning state finance and 
public relations affairs is William Avery, governor of Kansas. 

Board of Regents— TOP ROW: Whitley Austin, Dwight D. Klinger, Henry A. 
Bubb, Eldon Sloan, Max Bickford. BOTTOM ROW: Clement H. Hall, Lawrence 
D. Morgan, Authur H. Cromb, John Eberhardt, Ray R. Evans. 

Board of Regents moves 
to prohibit discrimination 

In a move to prohibit discrimination by frater- 
nal groups and campus organizations on the 
basis of race, religion or national origin, the 
Board of Regents required each group to sign an 
anti-discrimination pledge. The Regents also de- 
feated a motion to rescind the two-year campus 
cigarette sales ban. Working to improve educa- 
tion in the state, Gov. William Avery proposed a 
commission to develop Kansas' cultural arts. 

By Student Senate request, Faculty Senate ini- 
tiated a measure requiring all departments to post 
before registration periods lists of instructors and 
the courses they teach. After Faculty Senate ap- 
proval, the University accepted a revised and less 
restrictive alcoholic beverage code. 

Fall enrollment for transfer students and entering freshmen in- 
cludes a complete physical examination and a tuberculosis test. 

Administrative Heads— TOP 
ROW: Alvin B. Cardwell, general 
research; Charles M. Correll, his 
torian; David G. Danskin, counsel 
ing center; Theodore O. Dodge 
budget office; George R. Eaton 
press; A. Thornton Edwards, hous 
ing. SECOND ROW: Francis D. 
Farrell, president emeritus; Ran 
dolph F. Gingrich, physical plant, 
H. Dean Hess, alumni; Kenneth M. 
Heywood, endowment and de- 
velopment; Hilbert P. Jubelt, stu- 
dent health; Harold W. Kennedy, 
aids and awards. BOTTOM ROW: 
Wendell R. Kerr, veterans service; 
Joe W. Kraus, library; S. Thomas 
Parker, computing center; Ralph 
H. Perry, comptroller; Roland C. 
Swaim, placement center; Forest 
L. Whan, summer school. 

Faculty Senate— TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, George Montgomery, Harlan J. 
Trennepohl, Carroll E. Kennedy, Elden E. Leasure, George R. Eaton, Milton L. 
Manuel, James C. Mathews. SECOND ROW: Paul S. Wingard, James E. Miller, 
Eugene J. Laughlin, Roscoe Ellis, Lowell Brandner, Alvin E. Mulanax, Charles L. 
Norton, Arvin L. Workman. THIRD ROW: Charles M. Peccolo, Thomas B. Steu- 

nenberg, Jordan Y. Miller, Laureston V. Withee, Robert W. Kiser, John Hannah, 
Richard A. Consigli, William G. Schrenk. BOTTOM ROW: Edwin J. Fnck, David 
L. Carnahan, Norman V. Whitehair, Gustave E. Fairbanks, Walter D. Fisher, 
Louis H. Douglas, Theodore A. Chadwick, John P. Noonan. 







Brown leaves deanship, 
becomes vice-president 

Filling a position left vacant by William Bevan, 
John Lott Brown became vice-president for aca- 
demic affairs. Bevan, who had been on a year 
leave of absence, accepted the post of vice-presi- 
dent of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, 
Md. Brown had served both as acting vice-presi- 
dent and dean of graduate school after coming 
to K-State in July, 1965. A. D. Weber, director 
of the Office of International Activities, was also 
on special assignment to Andhra Pradesh Agri- 
culture University in Hyderabad, India. Replac- 
ing him was Joseph Hajda, who had just com- 
pleted a year as adviser to former Secretary of 
State Christian Herter. 

A. L. Pugsley, administrative vice-president, 
served on a two-year chairmanship of the North 
Central Association of Colleges and Secondary 
Schools. Max Milbourn continued as presidential 
public relations assistant. Daniel Beatty super- 
vised a budget of more than $35 million while 
E. M. Gerritz directed enrollment. 

Serving as chairman of the Public Relations Council, Max Mil- 
bourn assists the president in University policy activities. 

As vice-president, A. L. Pugsley shares the president's admin- 
istrative duties and welcomes visiting dignitaries to campus. 

Joseph Hajda, acting director of international activities, heads 
the planning programs for University exchange students. 

Handling registration and compiling student records are |obs 
in the hands of E. M. Gerritz, dean of admissions and records. 

Preparing the annual budget and interpreting the University's 
fiscal policy are directed to Daniel Beatty, business manager. 

Students stroll in front of Nichols gymnasium which houses 
physical education and student operated radio and television 

Photo by David vi 

stations. Built in 1910, the gymnasium was named for E. R. 
Nichols, former Kansas State Agriculture College president. 

University Information 
consolidates news offices 

Under the direction of Kenneth Thomas, 
University Information consolidated in one ad- 
ministrative unit all existing campus information 
offices to use personnel and facilities more effi- 
ciently. The extension radio and television divi- 
sion received a federal grant of S3 7,500 to pro- 
duce a 60-second, filmed, spot announcement. 
The film, concerning the safe, effective use of 
pesticides, was distributed nationally. 

Heads of the different services within Univer- 
sity Information were David von Riesen, photo- 
graphic services; Dean Kenny, University publi- 
cations; Carl Rochat, University news; Paul 
DeWeese, sports information; Jack Burke, radio 
and television; and E. D. Warner, extension. 

Taking campus pictures for University publications and depart- 
ments is David von Riesen, director of photographic services. 

As University sports publicity director, Paul DeWeese doubles 
as a radio announcer for sports events both at home and away. 



University Information— Paul DeWeese, sports publicity director; Jack M. Burke, 
radio station KSAC manager; Dean Kenny, University publications; Carl Rochat, 
University news director; David von Riesen, photo services director; E. D. Warner, 
extension information editor; Kenneth Thomas, University information director. 

Explaining University research activities are students manning 
a public relations booth at the Kansas State Fair at Hutchinson. 


As head of Student Personnel Services, Dean Chester Peters 
oversees the work of five deans, who along with him work with 

student activities and problems. Dean Peters is also adviser to 
Blue Key and chairman of Faculty Council on Student Affairs. 

Dean of students adds Friesen, Frith to staff 

In filling the position vacated during the sum- 
mer by Ralph Prusok, Walter Friesen worked as 
associate dean of men. He supervised both fra- 
ternity and Orientation activities. Assistant Dean 
Thomas Frith filled a new job created to coordi- 
nate residence hall social and educational pro- 
grams. Directing the over-all program of student 
affairs was Chester Peters, dean of students. Mar- 

garet Lahey, associate dean of women, studied 
innovations in personnel and higher education 
in New York during a spring semester sabbatical 
leave. Dean Lahey's duties were assumed by 
Assistant Dean Caroline Peine. Assistant Dean 
Theodore Heermance advised 500 foreign stu- 
dents from 57 countries. Operation of the entire 
division was centered in Holtz hall. 

Rarely ever closing during the day, the library keeps its doors 
open during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. Library 
hours were extended 12 hours per week, opening at 7:45 a.m. 

and closing at 1 1 p.m. to provide additional study time for 
students. This program is beneficial for employed students and 
those remaining on campus during housing vacation. 

Davd von Riese 

Checking ACT test scores, Margaret Lahey and Caroline Peine 
handle achievement records of incoming freshman women. 

Supervising organizations as Associated Women Students and 
Off-Campus Women is also a part of the deans' responsibilities. 

Walter Friesen advises Interfraternity Council, while Thomas 
Frith oversees residence hall programs for the University. 

Orienting foreign students and helping them find housing for 
their stay in Manhattan is handled by Theodore Heermance. 


Chemistry graduate students work on a preliminary problem 
in mercury photosentization in preparation for their semester 

research project. Using a high vacume technique aids in un- 
derstanding processes by which energy is transferred in gases. 


Graduate dean becomes 
academic vice-president 

Serving his first full year as dean of Graduate 
School, John Lott Brown was appointed vice- 
president of academic affairs for the University 
in February. Dean Brown served on a committee 
of the National Aeronautics and Space Admin- 
istration while maintaining a research program in 
sensory perception, an area in which he has re- 
ceived international recognition. 

Cooperation of the faculty in planning grad- 
uate curriculums led to the development of pro- 
grams embracing more than one department. 
Doctoral programs in food science, probability 
and statistics and mathematics were authorized 
by the Board of Regents. Masters' Degree pro- 
grams introduced were in fields of linguistics, 
modern and classical languages, sociology and 
anthropology, and political science. 

R. Dean Dragsdorf, a physics professor here since 1948, now 
fills the position of associate dean of Graduate School. 

Dean John Lott Brown of Graduate School travels extensively 
in efforts to promote the University's image in foreign countries. 


Examining a plant to see if he has succeeded in a plant breed- 
ing experiment, a horticulture major participates in one of 

many experiments the department conducts in areas such as 
plant adaptability to climate change and the control of insects. 


In a research study of genetics, blood of an adult chicken is 
transferred to the veins of a chick embryo of same blood type. 

As agriculture experiment station director, Floyd Smith is in 
charge of experimental research conducted throughout Kansas. 

Ag college, KU join to study water conservation 

Established by Congress, the Kansas Water 
Resources Research Institute studied conserva- 
tion, expansion of state water supplies, and the 
hydrologic cycle. Allocations for the joint project 
of the College of Agriculture and the University 
of Kansas reached $142,000 for the first year of 

research. Future college plans included courses 
for training in water engineering. Another project 
was the establishment of a charcoal brickette 
plant in Shepotpa. It was hoped that the plant 
would improve state use of the one million trees 
annually distributed by extension service. 

College of Agriculture and Extension Department Heads— TOP ROW: Rufus F. 
Cox, animal husbandry; Robert P. Ealy, horticulture; John M. Ferguson, extension 
engineering; Paul W. Griffith, associate extension director; John E. Kitchens, con- 
tinuing education; Herbert C. Knutson, entomology; Howard L. Mitchell, bio- 
chemistry; Oscar W. Norby, county extension operations. BOTTOM ROW: John 

A. Nordin, agricultural economics; Charles L. Norton, dairy and poultry science, 
Raymond V. Olson, agronomy; Stuart M. Pady, plant pathology; Roger E. Regnier, 
4-H and other extension youth programs; Wilbur E. Ringler, assistant extension 
director; John A. Shellenberger, flour and feed milling industries; Norman V. 
Whitehair, community and public affairs. 

Working with the College of Agriculture is 
Harold E. Jones, director of extension work. 


■pi 8 i 



It hi 

|f ' f^pt 


m l - Vi : 

xtf* * 

** \£± 


?» 5 V?^" 

■f «r 

\ < 

Maturity of meat, fat between the ribs and marbling are among the qualities 
which students in the College of Agriculture look for when they inspect meat. 

Agriculture students study the relationship 
of insects to man, his crops and his stock. 

Director of resident instruction in agriculture, Duane Acker 
transferred to South Dakota State University in February. 

Glenn H. Beck, dean of the College of Agriculture, supervises 
farm-centered activities within the 10 agriculture departments. 

Agriculture adds bakery, food science curriculums 

Allocations from the baking industry helped 
establish a bakery curriculum in the College of 
Agriculture, as staff facilities were moved from 
Florida State University. K-State's was the only 
bakery institute in the United States. Food sci- 
ence, a research course, was offered for the first 

year to students in home economics, veterinary 
medicine, chemical engineering and agriculture. 
Completing his sixth year as dean, Glenn Beck 
headed the administration in resident instruction, 
extension and research. He also helped supervise 
work at Ahmadu-Bello University in Nigeria. 

Agriculture Council— TOP ROW: Stanley R. Husted, Samuel J. Brungardt, David 
D. Jackson, Ira M. Walman, Leroy V. Skoch, Philip V. Mathews, Harold D. Engle, 
Johnny E. Meetz, Dean L. Davis, Graham H. Shaw. SECOND ROW: Michael J. 
Farmer, Dale M. Richardson, William L. Shoemaker, Maurice D. Penner, William 

A. Blauvelt, Robert C. Dobson, George L. Zabel, James L. Shank, Eugene W. 
Kovar, Larry D. Ehrlich, Stephen B. Zeigler, Terrence S. Rice. BOTTOM ROW: 
David F. Martin, Michael E. Dikeman, Gene W. Laverentz, John R. Evans, Larry 
H. Coltrane, Carrol Campbell, James D. Ball, Thomas D. Perrier, James L. Yager. 


Surrounded by drawing instruments, an architecture student 
works on a project for one of six design courses he must com- 

plete before graduation. He then serves a three-year appren- 
ticeship and takes a four-day exam before being licensed. 


Architecture college adds 
construction curriculum 

Boasting the largest increase in freshman en- 
rollment, the College of Architecture and Design 
added a four-year curriculum in building con- 
struction. The new curriculum, introduced at the 
first building construction seminar, was incor- 
porated because of an increasing demand for 
trained building specialists. It included courses 
in structure, drafting and business. 

Completion of a "heliodon" for experimental 
research enabled architecture students to test the 
effects of lighting on buildings at any latitude. 
Students also worked with a design problem in- 
volving a dock and enclosure at Tuttle Creek for 
maintenance of the rowing team's shells. 

Advising students and working with records are among re- 
sponsibilities of Richard Morse, assistant dean of architecture. 

With all necessary equipment in hand, an architecture student 
climbs Seaton stairs to prepare plans for a new class project. 


Regional planning earns 
architects recognition 

As one of the country's largest accredited 
schools, the College of Architecture and Design 
had the only graduate program in regional plan- 
ning between the Mississippi and the Rocky 
Mountains. In intercollegiate competition, two 
students placed first and fourth in the Lincoln 
Arc Welding contest. 

Participating in a student exchange program 
sponsored by the Association of Collegiate Schools 
of Architecture, James Calcara was selected from 
the University as one of 27 students sent to Eng- 
land from the U.S. Calcara, chosen on the basis 
of scholastic record and activities, spent the sum- 
mer working in an architect's office in Maidstone, 
a town outside London. 

Dean of Architecture for a decade, Emil 
Fischer helped design Broadway sets before com- 
ing to the University. Working with the dean, 
Architecture Council took charge of Architecture 
assembly, required for all majors, and helped 
sponsor Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Architecture students study several hours weekly 
hall's library, utilizing specialized curriculum r 

in Sea ton 

Students spend class time with graduate instructors, discus- 
sing methods of displaying landscape architecture problems. 

HHnSP llk^ :> 

^^^^^^Bct IB 



MBf^f^ "•'-;■; 

^^^^HiS tn^v 1 

HOggr ' 1 m& 

Mk.v|v HB 


y&i$*? / '^ j * -/^ 

■' *£$®^ 




Bs& |g' : "^S : ^jw^ 

Offering five advanced graduate curriculums, the College of 
Architecture and Design is directed by Dean Emil Fischer. 

Architecture Council— Eugene Wendt, Rodger A. Brooks, Walter J. Smith, Dennis 
A. Drumm, Ralph E. Hibler, Wayne P. Bower, Mary F. Childres, Gary D. Lynn, 
Robert L. Morrow. 


Molding clay on the pottery wheel, a student works on one of 
about 15 pottery assignments required for ceramics laboratory. 

Formation of the articles, glazing and decorating are done by 
students of the classes which are open to both men and women. 

Arts and Sciences plan 
multi-purpose auditorium 

Plans were completed in the College of Arts 
and Sciences for a multi-purpose auditorium with 
a music wing and facilities for lectures, demon- 
strations, drama and music activities. The struc- 
ture, to be financed by a $2,800,000 state 
appropriation, will replace the auditorium which 
burned in spring 1965. Also proposed is a bio- 
logical science building to have one unit for 
instruction and one unit for research. 

Other college construction included a music 
listening room installed in Eisenhower hall for 
students in music, English and humanities. It was 
equipped with earphones and facilities providing 
four programs at the same time. 

Professor Gordon Lark, a biophysicist, won the 
national Eli Lilly award for outstanding work in 
microbiology and immunology. In late fall visit- 
ing Distinguished Professor Edouard Kellenber- 
ger, Swiss molecular biologist and biophysicist, 
joined the Arts and Sciences faculty with mem- 
bers of his research team from Geneva. 

Associate Dean William Stamey, who was acting dean of 
Graduate School, is Academic Affairs Committee chairman. 

College Of Arts and Sciences Department Heads— TOP ROW: Donald J. Ameel, 
zoology; Alfred F. Borg, bacteriology; William Boyer, political science; Robert P. 
Browder, history and philosophy; Norma D. Bunton, speech; Alvin B. Cardwell, 
physics; Joseph R. Chelikowsky, geology and geography; Richard C. Clark, mod- 
ern languages. SECOND ROW: Adrian H. Daane, chemistry; Earl R. Davis, 
English; Thomas M. Evans, physical education; Eugene A. Friedmann, sociology 

and anthropology; Holly C. Fryer, statistics,- John Hannah, art; Ralph R. Lash- 
brook, technical |ournalism; Luther O. Leavengood, music. BOTTOM ROW: Hor- 
ace B. Lee, athletics; Merrill E. Noble, psychology; John A. Nordin, economics; 
Stuart M. Pady, botany; Bertram L. Ruggles, aerospace studies; Ralph G. Sanger, 
mathematics, Ralph Wright, military science. 

mQ W- 


Assistant deans John P. Murry and Marjorie Adams work with 
Orval G. Ebberts on the honors program and student personnel. 

Arts and Sciences adds 
core curriculum advisers 

During John Chalmer's third year as dean of 
the College of Arts and Sciences, advisers were 
added to the dean's office staff to provide ad- 
vising for students in the general curriculum. The 
advisers helped students plan study programs for 
the first two years of college. A National Science 
Foundation grant in chemistry allowed the col- 
lege to expand remodeling of Willard hall and 
to plan for a laboratory annex to the building. 

Arts and Sciences Council members sponsored 
a high school senior leadership day on campus 
and worked with student orientation programs. 
A 1965 graduate of the College was selected for 
Woodrow Wilson and Fulbright scholarships. 

As Arts and Sciences dean, John Chalmers directs academic 
affairs of the 23 departments of the University's largest college. 

Beginning with one of the simplest forms of animal life, the 
Paramecium, and ending with the pig, students in a zoology 

lab observe and dissect animals from the seven phyla. A num- 
ber of professors and specialists conduct class lecture sessions. 

Training in crawling with a bayonet is only one part of the 
six-week reserve officer training summer camp at Ft. Riley. 

Arts and Sciences Council— TOP ROW: Elizabeth H. Parker, Jeanne M. Walker, 
Martha J. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Douglas E. Eisenhour, Carolyn K. Mohr- 
man, Jan L. Miller. THIRD ROW: Martha A. Crane, Lee A. Skaggs, Carol L. Rob- 
bins. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara L Brooks, Burk Jubelt, John L. Singleterry, Rae- 
Dene Schmidt. 

Analysis of markets and the factors involved with marketing 
are studied in a College of Commerce class for seniors and 

graduate students. Marketing problems studied range from 
tires to the complex areas of group health insurance programs. 

While acting as administrator, Associate Dean James B. 
Hobbs teaches business classes and publishes research material. 

Commerce offers classes 
to businessmen, public 

Programs of specialized instruction were of- 
fered to students and the public by the College of 
Commerce, in addition to its regular University 
course offerings. Conferences and seminars were 
conducted to up-date the education of Kansas 
businessmen. Courses in small business tax plan- 
ning and management met weekly. At other con- 
ferences, electronic data processing and the uni- 
form commercial code were discussed. 

More than 800 students were enrolled in busi- 
ness administration, accounting and secretarial 
practice classes taught by 28 faculty members 
and graduate students of the college. In an effort 
to encourage higher scholarship among its stu- 
dents and because of increased enrollment, the 
College of Commerce awarded four scholarships 
in addition to those presented by Aids and 
Awards. Emphasis was placed upon scholastic 
attainment rather than upon need in selecting 
recipients for these scholarships. 

Pre-enrolling in Calvin hall, College of Commerce students are 
among 3,200 University freshmen and transfer students who 

travel to the campus during the summer months to plan class 
schedules. Each day of pre-enrollment, 200 students register. 

Assistant to the dean, Mildred Buzenberg, and director of 
management service, Rhae Swisher, discuss college studies. 

Comparing the operations of company "C" to others, a com- 
merce student lectures about economic failure to a class. 

U.S. economic official visits commerce college 

Undersecretary of Commerce Alan Boyd was 
keynote speaker at the Transportation and Eco- 
nomic Development Conference sponsored by the 
College of Commerce. Under the direction of 
Rhae Swisher, the college also conducted a small 
business seminar which met once weekly for pro- 

fessional businessmen in the Manhattan area. 
Plans were made to sponsor an eight-week sum- 
mer institute in economics for secondary school 
teachers. Dean Clyde Jones served as president of 
the Kansas Council for Economic Education and 
chairman of the Athletics Council. 

Commerce Council— TOP ROW: Mildred E. Buzenberg, Larry A. Anderson, Ken- 
neth H. Underwood, Larry C. Arnett, Brian N. Minturn, James W. Yust, Jim E. 
Loomis, Eugene J. Laughlin. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth L. Francis, Joan K. Kam- 

merer, Peter L. Molinari, Roger S. Gloyd, Douglas E. Powell, Lynda S. Hoff, 
Richard M. Anderson. 


Since 1962, when the College of Commerce was established, 
C. Clyde Jones has served as dean. He |oined the staff in 1960 

as head of business administration. Jones is co-author of "Amer- 
ican Economic History" and former editor of a national journal. 


Playground supervision is part of the training for 160 seniors 
in elementary education who student teach in Manhattan 

Junction City, Chapman, Wamego and Riley. Student teachers 
in elementary schools spend only half the day teaching. 

Practicing use of various visual aid devices, secondary educa- 
tion students learn techniques to improve classroom lectures. 

Floyd H. Price, assistant to the dean, coordinates activities of 
student teachers in the newly established College of Education. 

Education becomes college, begins entrance policy 

Completing the first year after its transition 
from a school to a college, the College of Educa- 
tion raised its requirements, initiating a program 
in which students must apply and be accepted 
for admission to the College. Applicants must have 
a 2.2 cumulative grade average, have completed 
two years of pre-education courses and be ap- 
proved by the admissions committee. Students in 

secondary education must also have a 2.5 grade 
average in their field of concentration. 

Cameras in the classroom and a new video- 
tape system enabled student teachers to view their 
own teaching performances. The College pur- 
chased $20,000 worth of basic equipment for the 
new program. The system also helped faculty 
members better evaluate student teachers. 

Education Council— TOP ROW: Floyd H. Price, MaryAnne Murphy, Donna L. 
Knoell, Michael A. Novak, Cynthia L. Sperry, Pamela S. Gallemore. BOTTOM 

ROW: Martha M. Fly, Rachel R. Unruh, Mary E. Blakeslee, Mary V. Furney, Kay 
D. Mortimer. 

Encouraging the creativity of two young artists, a student 
teacher finds one of the many rewards of teaching experience. 

Action games or songs with motions help the student teacher 
to keep the attention of her class for a longer period of time. 

Education receives grant for vocational research 

Boasting the third largest Student Education 
Association in the United States, the University's 
teacher education program encompassed approx- 
imately 21 per cent of the University's enroll- 
ment. This total gave Education more than twice 
as many students as the second largest profes- 
sional group, engineering. 

Grants totaling more than $309,000 were 
received. A research problem was carried on in 
the Paola school system with money from a 
$179,000 grant from the U.S. Office of Education 
under a 1963 vocational act. The two-year grant 

supported a work-study project for the students 
in a vocational course. Conducted by a Univer- 
sity trainee, the project involved an inter-disci- 
plinary approach to vocational education. Pro- 
fessor Raymond Agan directed the program. 

Money received for summer institutes for 
Kansas elementary and secondary teachers 
amounted to approximately $130,000. Cooper- 
ating with the department of continuing educa- 
tion, the college offered summer short courses in 
the vocational teaching of agriculture and home 
economics to high school students. 

During a heart-to-heart talk with one of her first pupils, a stu- 
dent teacher gets practical experience in her profession. 

Devising means to entertain children when bad weather pre- 
vents outdoor play is the teacher's job as this student learns. 

Responsible for the graduation of several hundred skilled 
teachers yearly, William H. Coffield is dean of Education. 


a, JSsSr r 


? * 

■■■■ " : 

Concentrating intently, an industrial engineering student finds 
that turning a square block of aluminum into a cylinder is not 

as easy as the lecturer said. During lab, students use automated 
production equipment and machine ability instrumentations. 

NASA hires engineers 
for work-study program 

Twenty-six students from seven engineering 
curriculums participated in the National Aero- 
nautical and Space Administration cooperative 
program. In the five-year project, students alter- 
nated semesters between study and work at one 
of four NASA bases. The program was set up as 
a joint effort between government agencies and 
private industry. 

Chemical engineering students, under the di- 
rection of Dr. L. T. Fan, experimented with con- 
verting salt water to fresh water. The Office of 
Salene Water of the Department of Interior pro- 
vided $85,000 for the project. 

Through a study entitled "Human Physiologi- 
cal Responses to Survival Shelter Environments," 
the effects of emergency shelter confinement were 
studied. A grant of $96,000 from the Office of 
Civil Defense permitted Dr. Ralph Nivens, Dr. 
Fred Rohles and mechanical engineering students 
to conduct the research project. 

Recording data at a NASA base, an engineering student par- 
ticipates in the cooperative program begun three years ago. 

Completing his first year as assistant dean of engineering, 
Kenneth Gowdy is adviser for the NASA work-study pro|ect. 

Engineering Department Heads— TOP ROW: Jack B. Blackburn, civil engineering; 
Leland S. Hobson, engineering experiment station; William H. Honstead, chemi- 
cal engineering; William R. Kimel, nuclear engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Philip 
G. Kirmser, applied mechanics; George H. Larson, agricultural engineering; 
Ralph G. Nevins, mechanical engineering; George F. Schroder, industrial engi- 



Mechanical engineering students inspect their new aerospace 
laboratory, formerly an Atlas missile site, near Wamego. 

Grants near million mark 
in engineering college 

Due to increased government and private 
agency grants, graduate enrollment in the Col- 
lege of Engineering increased. The grants, total- 
ing only $268,000 in 1963, reached approximately 
one million dollars. This revenue increase helped 
boost the number of students working for doctoral 
degrees to almost one-third more than last year. 
Undergraduates benefited from the grants 
through a better research program and staff. The 
percentage of faculty Ph.D's more than doubled 
since 1963 when there were 25 instructors with 
that degree in the college. 

Kenneth Gowdy, who received B.S. and M.S. 
degrees here and a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics from 
Oklahoma State University, replaced Henry 
Neely as assistant dean. The College's Engineer- 
ing Council helped supervise Engineers' and 
Architects' Open House. 


New equipment for the electrical engineering department in- 
cludes this machine which takes pictures through use of radar. 



^B' *^ 


i*f/ •*? '■ \^5 .'•■ ' : i^.'< •'.• „• .'■' •'•'■' 

iMfcfl " :;*£' 


Engineering Council— TOP ROW: Gary D. Bohn, Douglas W. Williams, Larry 
R. Martin, Thomas W. Eagles, Walter A. Harrison. SECOND ROW: Dale W. 
Shosa, John T. Wulfmeyer, James K. Koelliker, Fred L. Curry, Larry W. Emig. 
BOTTOM ROW: Charles K. Eby, Robert D. Lillich, Frances C. Dennis, Charles C 
Nielson, James E. Geringer, Harlan D. Stauffer. 

Paul Russell, dean of the College of Engineering, serves as 
president of Tri Valley chapter of Kansas Engineering Society. 

Justin hall's lounge provides a quiet study area, reading room 
or entertainment facility for the College of Home Economics. 

For the first time, ROTC and other predominantly male classes 
were held in the building formerly reserved for Home Economics. 


Draping material over a class-made manikin consisting of mus- 
lin over cotton padding, a clothing coed proceeds with fitting. 

Acting as assistant dean of the College of Home Economics, 
Ruth Hoeflin completes her fifth year since her appointment. 

Home Economics creates 12-hour core curriculum 

Students enrolling in the College of Home Eco- 
nomics found a change in requirements as the 
College instituted a basic 12-hour core curricu- 
lum in all departments within the college. The 
change allowed the student more hours of unre- 
stricted electives. In her fifth year as dean, Dor- 
etta Hoffman assumed additional duties as an 
assistant director of the Agricultural Experiment 

Station. Textbooks collected by the student chap- 
ter of the American Home Economics Associa- 
tion were sent to Andhra Pradesh University in 
Hyderabad, India. The volumes were given to 
help the Indian home science student organiza- 
tion improve reading materials available in class- 
rooms. Professional Foods Club also prepared 
box lunches for Hospitality Day. 

College of Home Economics De- 
partment Heads— Richard L. D. 
Morse, family economics; Grace 
M. Shugart, institutional manage- 
ment; Mar|one M. Stith, family 
and child development; Gwendo- 
lyn L. Tinklin, foods and nutrition; 
Jessie A. Warden, clothing and 


Home economics dean 
visits Indian university 

Serving as the only woman member of a joint 
federal-state committee, Dean Doretta Hoffman 
of the College of Home Economics helped to 
make a long range study of research needs in 
state agricultural experiment stations. In January, 
Dean Hoffman visited India to evaluate home 
economics programs at Andrah Pradesh Univer- 
sity in Hyderabad. 

Undergraduate enrollment in the College more 
than doubled figures recorded in 1959, the first 
year classes were held in Justin hall. More than 
400 freshmen entered the college fall semester. 

Nutrition students keep an accurate record of experiments 
with rats. The results will be used later for human diet studies. 

Under the direction of Dean Doretta Hoffman, a complete re- 
vision of curriculum setup was drafted in home economics. 


Supplied with a plan and specific requirements, an Interior De- 
sign III coed works on an American Institute of Design pro|ect. 

Watching from a one-way window, family and child develop- 
ment majors observe habits and emotions of a young child. 

Home Economics Council— TOP ROW: Carole S. Schulze, Cheri L. Avery, Sherryl 
L. Diller, Lorna E. House, Mary A. Bishop, Carolyn K. Graham, Valorie B. 
Hoover, Jean Reehling. SECOND ROW: Elaine A. Rusch, Janet A. Rotman, Vir- 
ginia R. Green, Cheryl K. Jarvis, Jane A. Sherer, Patricia A. Sughrue, Rita K. 

Lilak, Sandra L. Bradley, Mary E. Klostmeier. BOTTOM ROW: Sheryl A. Stod- 
dard, Karen A. Folk, Mary K. Lipper, Rebecca A. Hargrove, Sonia J. Green, 
Kathleen M. Sughrue. 


Students in veterinary medicine perform heart surgery during 
an afternoon clinic at Dykstra Veterinary Hospital. With the 

supervision of department instructors, juniors and seniors 
care for almost 1 4,000 animals admitted to the clinic each year. 


Unaware of the diagnostic conversation going on behind his 
back, a contented beagle enjoys the attention afforded him 

by the veterinarians. He is only one of more than 14,000 ani- 
mals treated annually at the Dysktra Veterinary Hospital. 

Assistant Dean Lee T. Railsback supervises programming of 
veterinary medicine courses and is his fraternity's adviser. 


Veterinary college grant 
finances respiration study 

Awarded to the College of Veterinary Medicine 
was a five-year research grant from the National 
Institute of Health. The grant of $30,000 per 
year is used to study the nervous control of respi- 
ration. A special herd of cattle with an abnor- 
mally high incidence of leukemia also was pur- 
chased by the University. The closed herd is 
propagated by artificial insemination to keep the 
disease within the group so that factors causing 
the high rate of leukemia may be studied. 

Comparative anatomy work was started as a 
pilot project. The college began the program so, 
in case of a national emergency, veterinarians will 
be prepared to help doctors care for the injured 
with the background given by this study. 


Veterinary dean resigns, 
accepts Iowa State post 

Administration personnel announced that 
Charles Cornelius of the University of California 
would succeed Ralph Kitchell as dean of the 
College of Veterinary Medicine, effective July 1. 
Kitchell left in January to become dean at Iowa 
State University. 

One of 18 veterinary schools in the United 
States, the college required applicants to have 
completed 68 hours of pre-veterinary courses. 
Members of the Veterinary Medicine Council 
were elected from each class in the college. 

College of Veterinary Medicine Department Heads— Embert H. Coles, pathol- 
ogy; Russell A. Frey, physiology; Jacob E. Mosier, surgery and medicine; Donald 
M. Trotter, anatomy. 

Ten minute breaks in veterinary medicine laboratory classes 
give the men time to investigate live specimens on campus. 

% '- 

Studying in office space given to them, senior veterinary stu- 
dents must often be on call at Dykstra Veterinary Hospital. 






Ralph Kitchell, dean of Veterinary Medicine since 1964, led 
efforts for departmental expansion during first semester. 

Executive Council of Student Chapter American Veterinary Medical Associa- 
tion-TOP ROW: Roy J. Milleret, Steven R. Moshier, Clint S. Hardy, Harry A. 

Stemfort, Russell A. Frey. BOTTOM ROW: William R. Kuhn, Larry K. Dresher 
Robert J. Bury, Tommy L. Jacobitz, Bernard A. Friesen. 

I 29 



for people with special talents 
and interests. Membership in 
clubs and honoraries is a sign 
of achievement or a willing- 
ness to work for something. 
Some students are just joiners. 
They say, "See me. I belong." 
They don't work though. 
Those who do work, however, 
make their lives and the lives 
of others worthwhile. 




* y . ♦ l ■ 





Soliciting members, 68 campus organizations acquaint inquir- 
ing students with each group's goals, purposes and programs 

at display booths during the Activities Carnival. In connection 
with the affair, a street dance was held in front of the Union. 

As Student Governing Association president, James Thiesing 
coordinates Student Senate action with the administration. 

Chairman Donald Ferguson presides at Student Senate meet- 
ings and works with Student Governing Association president. 

Senate submits cigarette resolution to Regents 

Plans for a resolution about the ban on campus 
cigarette sales were drawn up by Student Senate 
and sent to the Kansas Board of Regents. Senate 
was supported by the University of Kansas and 
Wichita State University. 

A newly formed senate committee, Association 
of Married Students, conducted a survey which 
showed that married students were in favor of a 

student health insurance plan offering maternity 
benefits to them. Student Governing Association 
also presented to the administration a survey re- 
port revealing desirability of a Lake Union at 
Tuttle Creek. A committee was formed to accum- 
ulate current facts on the proposed football 
stadium. Tribunal, the student judicial body, 
reviewed its authority and procedures. 

Student Senate— TOP ROW: Rena L. Watts, Margaret E. Tanner, Susan M. 
Moore, Donna J. Hover, Tahmeroo L. Gaynier, Susan J. McCoy, Thomas W. 
Eagles, Sandra J. Beck. SECOND ROW: Robert L. Morrow, Signe L. Burk, An- 
nette L. Buckland, Harold D. Engle, Johnny E. Meetz, Linda D. Orrell, Larry D. 
Ehrlich, Rita K. Lilak, Thomas B. Lee. THIRD ROW: Gary D. Lynn, Philip F. Moore, 

James A. Harders, George H. Johnston, Samuel W. Knecht, Bertram R. Biles, 
Garth L. Peterson, Lowell G. Moore. BOTTOM ROW: Walter S. Fnesen, Donald 
R. Ferguson, Larry A. Anderson, James E. Gennger, Carol Christensen, Garry L. 
Smith, James R. Jaax, George D. Wilcoxon. 


Students on the annual summer trip to Kansas City, sponsored as a Union sum- 
ler school program, receive tickets to the "Music Man" at the Starlight Theater. 

Feature, international classics, art and News and Views films 
planned by the Union program department are presented in the 

Little Theatre. "Charade," "War and Peace," "The V.I.P.'s," 
and "La Dolce Vita" were included in the current film series. 




Ht^h JiXteSs 



J > *--^?^> 



some stopping 

10,000 students pass through the Union daily, 
in the State Room with friends after class. 

Before the Union was constructed a decade ago, students 
turned to an old army barracks for campus social activities. 

Cigarette sale ban brings 
slump in Union revenue 

Due to the Board of Regents ban on cigarette 
sales, Union net revenue took a sharp decrease of 
$8,000. With an annual budget of $15.00 per stu- 
dent for the building fund in addition to $93,600 
from Apportionment Board for Union operations, 
plans were made to expand food service and rec- 
reational areas to meet enrollment increases. 

Center of campus activities, the K-State Stu- 
dent Union served an average of 10,000 students 
daily with its food service, meeting rooms and 
recreational facilities. More than 4,000 meetings, 
involving about 258,000 persons in student and 
professional groups, were scheduled. The Union 
Personnel and Research Committee conducted a 
survey to determine the number of students using 
the facilities, the busiest hours and traffic patterns. 


Student committees plan 
Union activity program 

Union activities were kept in working order 
through 10 committees comprised of more than 
300 students. Hospitality, the Union's official 
host, organized a celebration for the Union's 
tenth anniversary. Trips and Tours arranged a 
ski trip and a cruise to Nassau. Personnel and 
Research handled application forms and inter- 
views for committee positions, as well as compil- 
ing Union research. One survey studied the effect 
of the cigarette sales ban on the Union. The 
committee also published the Unionaire, a weekly 
brochure of activities. Movies, Sports and Recrea- 
tion, News and Views, Dance, Campus Enter- 
tainment, Art and Harlequinade committees 
supervised other Union programming. 

Union Governing Board and Union Program 
Council both acted as executive coordinating 
committees. Board of Student Organizations, al- 
though not connected with the Union, regulated 
procedures for all campus organizations. 

Trips and Tours committee, which sponsored a ski trip and a 
cruise to Nassau, recruits members at the Activities Carnival. 

Students dance at the Union after home games. Sometimes on 
Friday afternoons, combos play for dancing in the basement. 

H flfi (|fl (^ 


■ Ik \ 

Union Program Council— TOP ROW: Mason C. Whitney, Ashley Allison, Martha 
A. Crane, Carol L. Robbins, Mary M. Berg, Donna L. Knoell, Mary V. Furney, 
Jane A. Waddle, Alwyn H. Gentry. BOTTOM ROW: Diane P. Wilp, Catheryn 

L. Addy, Barbara L. Brooks, Barbara P. Loebeck, Marsha K. Greene, Gloria W. 

Board of Student Organizations— Caroline F. Peine, Carol A. Hinnergardt, Ly- 
man G. Hughes, William H. Smith, Robert D. Steiger, William P. Gallant, Jack 
H. Jackson, Patricia L. Shane. 

Union Governing Board— TOP ROW: John E. Norberg, Carol A. Gaston, Rich- 
ard D. Blackburn, William H. Smith, Richard H. Morse, Barbara P. Loebeck, Terry 

A. Welden, Jim Rhien. BOTTOM ROW: James T. Rowan, Karen D. DeGood, 
Barbara L. Brooks, Cynthia L. Sperry, Marsha K. Greene, Bruce W. Heckman. 


Union provides facilities 
for student recreation 

The Union was the students' building. It might 
have looked different, depending on the season, 
but it always opened each morning at 7:00 and 
closed well into the night. It was a place to avoid 
school by listening to rationalizations used for 
cutting class. It was the one spot in town that 
showed movies students could attend when nearly 
broke. A constant undertone of voices and a juke 
box lent to the Union's atmosphere. 

Members of Chimes, junior women's honorary, entertain more 
than 100 women transfers at a fall get-acquainted party. 

Returning to classes after a relaxing study break with friends or new acquaint- 
ances, students stream from the Union at the southwest corner of the campus. 

Director Richard Blackburn completes plans 
for the Union's tenth anniversary celebration. 

Freshmen gyrate to music at a dance for new students given 
by all Women Students during Orientation week. While the 

Union sponsored dances many Friday afternoons and after 
games, other organizations also used the Union for dances. 


AWS directs symposium 
to discuss women's role 

Extending week night closing hours for fresh- 
man women from 10:30 to 11:00 was an action 
taken by AWS. Sororities and women's dormi- 
tories participated in a fall All-Women's Day by 
inviting outstanding career women from the 
Manhattan area to speak. 

"Tomorrow's Woman Today," a spring sym- 
posium for all campus women, was presented by 
Associated Women Students in April. The pro- 
gram featured several women speakers who ana- 
lyzed the role of women in the society of tomor- 
row. The symposium also used discussion sessions. 

James O'Fallon discusses his views on student government after 
a forum. O'Fallon was chosen the year's top student senator. 

Associated Women Students-TOP ROW: Elizabeth H. Parker, Cecelia M. 
Schaich, June F. Sweat, Janis K. Brattin, Jeanne M. Walker, Lynda C. Bennett, 
Carole A. Meisenheimer, Cecilia J. Myers, Arlene R. Dahm, Loretta J. Huber, 
Diana K. Barton. SECOND ROW: Margaret E. Tanner, Virginia L. Ward, Pamela 
C. Long, Virginia R. Green, Manlynn Gump, Marilyn K. Pankratz, Judy M. Bram- 
mer, Carolyn Bartholomew, Janet K. Groene, Patricia A. Payne. THIRD ROW: 

Nancy K. Dyke, Claudia E. Newman, Judith A. Dunn, Roe J. Hunt, Eleanor R. 
Shier, Judith A. Lukins, Louise S. Keucher, Cathryn L. Addy, Roberta I. Minnis, 
Lynne Laurie. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara L. Martens, Marna G. Jenkins, Karlyn K. 
Emel, Susan L. Schutte, Carol Christensen, Marcia C. McLain, Rachel R. Unruh, 
Mary E. Schweitzer, Dorothy J. Shields. 

Directing newspaper and yearbook finances, the Board of 
Student Publications honors outstanding journalists with K-Key 

awards. Board members are Ross A. Gilchrist, Ralph R. Lash- 
brook, Frederick Williams, Lynn K. Parsons and Fritz Moore. 

Tribunal— TOP ROW: Barry D. Smith, Jo A. Starkweather, Patricia J. Callen, 
Robert A. Cochran. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis L. Dechert, John W. Schroder, Her- 

bert E. Kaiser, Janet M. Francis, Ralph Lipper. 

Jim Geringer, United Student Party presidential candidate, 
solicits votes at a campaign rally-dance in front of the women's 

dormitories. After four weeks campaigning, Geringer was 
elected student body president by an overwhelming landslide. 


Honorary parents, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Burgess, receive roses 
from a Chimes member during halftime ceremonies of the Ne- 

braska football game. Held annually, Parents' Day activities 
included open houses and the Back Porch Majority concert. 


* « LL'S 

After halftime ceremonies, a Blue Key mem- 
ber escorts a Homecoming queen attendant. 

Passing through downtown Manhattan, a third place float sponsored by Horticul- 
ture Club portrays the theme "A Sooner in the Hand is Worth 10 in the Bush." 

Blue Key— TOP ROW: John W. Schroder, Steve R. Smith, Roy Friesen, Donald R. 
Ferguson, James R. Calcara, James E. Geringer, Keith A. Stuessi, Melvin E. 

Thompson, James W. Thiesing. BOTTOM ROW: John C. Williams, Charles L. 
Stoehr, Terry L. Biery, Max R. Moss, Randy B. Patterson, Chester E. Peters. 

Blue Key members coordinate Homecoming plans 

Activities for Homecoming were coordinated 
by members of Blue Key, senior men's honorary. 
Selecting "Sooner or Later" as the weekend 
theme, the organization accepted 18 nominations 
for Homecoming queen and sponsored the Home- 
coming Previews. Queen Erma Jean Karr was 
presented at a noon ceremony in front of Seaton 
hall and later crowned at the Homecoming dance. 
Members of Blue Key also organized the halftime 

show for the football game and escorted the queen 
and her attendants during the bonfire and parade 
activities preceding the game. 

Chosen on the basis of leadership and scholas- 
tic standing, the 13 members of Blue Key estab- 
lished a scholarship fund and painted victory 
signs for the Kansas University basketball game 
on windows in Aggieville and downtown Man- 
hattan. Dean Chester Peters was adviser. 


Mortar Board chooses 
AWS symposium speaker 

Newspaper writer and columnist Norma Lee 
Browning was invited by members of Mortar 
Board, senior women's honorary, to speak at the 
AWS spring symposium. Cultural activities for 
the group included a tour of the Nelson Art Gal- 
lery in Kansas City, Mo. and a visit with members 
of the Kansas University Mortar Board chapter. 
In the fall members sponsored a scholarship ban- 
quet where four sophomore women who earned 
high grade averages as freshmen were honored. 

With money raised from the sale of mums at 
several home football games, Mortar Board fi- 
nanced a University service project. Tapped for 
membership in the spring, members sponsored a 
breakfast with Blue Key and heard a member of 
the Peace Corps review her work in Guatemala. 

Junior honorary hosts 
underprivileged children 

Manhattan underprivileged children attended 
a Christmas party arranged by Chimes, junior 
women's honorary. Members were tapped in the 
spring of their sophomore year. They planned 
Parents' Day activities and ushered at the Presi- 
dent's Convocation and at Engineers' and Archi- 
tects' Open House. Chimes sponsored a breakfast 
for women in Mortar Board and helped Mortar 
Board with mum sales and a banquet. 

The group served refreshments at the Home- 
coming dance and rode in the Homecoming 
parade. Transfer women were introduced to the 
University and to members of Chimes at a fall 
coke party arranged in their honor. Two contro- 
versial books also were reviewed for Chimes by 
a graduate student in the English department. 

Mortar Board— TOP ROW: Wmnifred Pederson, Erma J. Karr, Beryl A. Shaw, 
Carole J. Fry, Signe L. Burk, Barbara L. Brooks, Linda K. Niedenthal, Mary A. 
Bishop, Patricia Ann Patton (Galena), Golda M. Crawford, Mrs. Hilbert P. Jubelt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Veronica Bonebrake, Ann McCaslin, Jane Clark, Sandra J. Beck, 
Margaret A. Koepke, Janet M. Francis, Vicky J. Kimbell, Beverly J. Abmeyer. 


f f ?-? 

Chimes-TOP ROW: Linda A. 
Claydon, Sara S. Bentley, Tahm- 
eroo L. Gaynier, Linda J. Solberg, 
Glenna D. Walter, Rita K. Lilak, 
Nancy E. Fair, Ashley Allison, 
Soma J. Green. BOTTOM ROW: 
Elaine A. Rusch, Michele J. Clark, 
Kathryne L. Gaynier, Mary A. 
Pryor, Gloria D. Wolff, Martha M. 
Fly, Carolyn Bartholomew. 


' A, 


v. £V ft <* 

Sparks— TOP ROW: Helen A. Wilson, Elva J. Chilcott, Susan E. Garland, Linda 
C. Barton, Rebecca A. Hargrove, Marcia L. Gadberry, Martha J. Reynolds. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jean E. Rees, Trudine M. Mazaika, Karyl S. Nelson, Gloria L. 

Lewerenz, Helene J. Kalb, Lora M. Smith, Barbara M. 
Kay A. Magby, Judith A. Dunn, Bonnee B. Badger, Patric 
D. Spears, Hollace L. Long, Becky M. Slothower. 

a A. Dumler, Jacqueline 

# J5 Ji ft 

Sparks-TOP ROW: Charleen A. 
Achenbach, Ann M. Harding, San- 
dra K. Lindgren, Charlotte A. Fer- 
rell, Susan E. Brooks, Suzanne Tur- 
ner, Chen L. Avery. SECOND 
ROW: Constance L. Hall, Kathleen 
A. Engstrom, Virginia M. Munson, 
Kathryn E. Heyne, Shirley M. 
Kastle, Mary S. Brandner. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Jean M. Casper, 
Lynda L. Clyne, Sharon L. Van 
Vleet, Carol Christensen, Peggy C. 
Burnett, Wilma M. Hazen, Linda 
J. Carlson. 

Joining 49 other happy members on stage, a newly tapped 
Sparks member is introduced at AWS All-Women's Night. 

Sparks women usher, 
assist with Orientation 

Ushering at convocations and helping with 
Orientation, members of Sparks, women's service 
honorary, completed their first year as a recog- 
nized organization. The 50 sophomore coeds were 
selected by an AWS committee the previous 
spring and were tapped for membership at the 
AWS All-Women's Night. A 2.5 grade average 
was required for membership. Formed primarily 
as a service organization, members helped wom- 
en move clothing and books into freshmen dor- 
mitories and sponsored a fund-raising drive dur- 
ing the Christmas season to purchase selections 
for the carillon. Sparks also adopted a Manhat- 
tan rest home for the year. 



<i* #~© © _© 

Phi Kappa Phi— TOP ROW: Lecon Woo, Joyce E. McCready, Margie E. Va- 
thauer, Susan J. McCoy, Signe L. Burk, Betty L. Norris. SECOND ROW: Shelia 
R. Pilger, Pamela J. Poison, Vickie J. Overley, Janice J. Morrow, Ann McCaslin, 
Janet M. Francis, Vicky J. Kimbell. THIRD ROW: Penny R. Emerson, Donna A. 

Dodge, Robert J. Bury, Rachel R. Unruh, Judy J. Moore, Linda P. Sanders. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Donald R. Ferguson, Thomas G. Towner, Max R. Moss, Rodney L. 
Link, James W. Thiesing. 



| f 'f #f#f *| i *' 

Phi Kappa Phi— TOP ROW: Barbara M. Brodine, John B. Corwm, Patsy C. Meek, 
Marcelene C. Moberly, Helen C. Bauder, Merwin L. Brown, John R. Fnley, Carole 
J. Fry. SECOND ROW: Gary D. Bohn, Patrick I. Coyne, John W. Schroder, Con- 
nie D. Stamets, Linda J. Lawrence, Karl Farris, Joe E. Ward, Arden J. Bradshaw, 

Phi Kappa Phi members 
include national officer 

Douglas W. Williams. THIRD ROW: Barry D. Smith, Keith A. Stuessi, Jack L 
Perry, Marilyn S. Myers, Carol A. Starns, Edward B. Vogt, James L. Gray, Melvin 
E. Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: John V. Lambert, Michael A. Novak, C. Joseph 
Stallbaumer, Charles E. Mordy, Wayne L. Pritz, Kenneth D. Knapp, Robert S. Frye. 

Business students tour 
firms, meet executives 

National president of Phi Kappa Phi was a 
member of the local all-university scholastic hon- 
orary. Ranking in the upper 10 per cent of their 
class, initiates included one honorary member, 
Dr. L. Irene Putnam, and six graduate faculty 
members. Initiates were honored at a fall tea and 
spring banquet. The group tapped each term. 

Technical meetings with business executives 
were part of a tour sponsored by Alpha Kappa 
Psi, business administration fraternity. Members 
visited a brokerage house, a Federal Reserve 
bank and an automobile manufacturing plant. 
An outstanding business senior was honored in 
the spring by the College of Commerce group. 


Hospital personnel speak 
about technology work 

Special radio broadcast 
accents Christmas spirit 

Personnel from Kansas hospitals told members 
of Alpha Delta Theta, medical technology hon- 
orary, what to expect in their future work. The 
group toured the KU Medical Center in Kansas 
City and shined shoes at fraternity houses to earn 
money for the Carl Dorf Memorial scholarship. 

"Christmas- Around-the-World," a special 
radio program on KSDB-FM, was presented by 
Alpha Epsilon Rho, radio and television hon- 
orary. Members of the club also produced news 
commentaries for KSDB and heard a represent- 
ative of the Federal Communications Commission. 

Alpha Delta Theta— TOP ROW: Sandra A. Davidson, Helene J. Kalb, Barbara 
L. Cable, Mary L. Esau. SECOND ROW: Hollace L. Long, Janice F. McClaren, 
Susan J. McCoy, Linda F. McKinley. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn E. Lange, Kathleen 
L. Toews, Mary B. Stephens. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho— TOP ROW: Edward M. Printz, Keith D. Neaderhiser, Richard 
B. Ridgway. SECOND ROW: Gary D. Tice, Wilda L. Loeppke. BOTTOM ROW: 
Arvin L. Workman, Clarence F. Shook, Richard E. Fagerberg. 

Alpha Kappa Psi— TOP ROW: Kay M. Kimball, Jim E. Loomis, Jorge Puig, 
James W. Yust, Russell P. Jack, Russell Lay, Verlyn D. Richards. SECOND ROW: 
Roger S. Gloyd, Larren G. Boomer, Barry D. Smith, Larry A. Anderson, John R. 
Markley, Keith A. Stuessi, Robert L. Kearney, John H. Miers. THIRD ROW: Donald 

C. Haverkamp, Ralph B. Taylor, Robert A. Cochran, John H. Taylor, John P. 
Cable, Kenneth L. Francis, Gerald U. Doebele. BOTTOM ROW: James E. Mc- 
Court, Gaylen R. Sprecker, Douglas D. Gardner, John W. Stude, Jerry G. Larson, 
Leslie C. Longberg. 

9~ ©^ Q a Q <-% Q « P 

Alpha Lambda Delta helps freshman women study 

As a tutoring project, members of Alpha 
Lambda Delta each adopted a corridor in the 
freshman women's dormitories. Working with Phi 
Eta Sigma, freshman men's honorary, members 
decorated for the Homecoming dance, "Sooner 
or Later." Both groups sponsored a joint initia- 
tion banquet in the spring. A list of books con- 
cerning women in contemporary American so- 

ciety was compiled by Alpha Lambda Delta for 
the Associated Women Students symposium. 
Members also distributed campus posters publi- 
cizing University Convocation speakers. Tapping 
both fall and spring semesters, the freshman 
women's honor society added members who were 
required to have earned grade averages of at 
least 3.5 for their first year's work. 

. & V 

Alpha Lambda Delta— TOP ROW: Jean A. Kmsey, Candace A. Nelson, Carolyn 
S. Lemon, Mary S. Brandner, Janet S. Osborne, Marcia L. Gadberry. SECOND 
ROW: Mary D. Breitweiser, Trudine M. Mazaika, Robin R. McLean, Martha M. 
Fly, Sandra J. Sageser, Michele A. Abbott. THIRD ROW: Marilyn J. Plett, Karyl 

Alpha Mu newsletters 
report milling research 

Monthly newsletters were published byAlpha 
Mu to keep members informed of current re- 
search in milling. Along with other agriculture 
departments and organizations, Alpha Mu built 
a display for Ag Science Day. Requiring a grade 
point average of 2.9 for all sophomore initiates, 
Alpha Mu tapped milling students who showed 
potential ability in the grain industry. Member- 
ship also was open to outstanding persons now 
employed in the milling industry. New student 
and professional members were initiated at the 
annual Alpha Mu banquet. 

S. Nelson, Virginia M. Munson, Lora M. Smith, Patricia A. Hatch. BOTTOM ROW: 
Patricia A. Dumler, Kay A. Magby, Sharon E. Powers, Maria R. Dahlsten, Judith 
P. Houdyshell, Ellen J. Vonderschmidt. 

Alpha Mu-TOP ROW: Ma|el M. MacMasters, Fritz Norbury. SECOND ROW: 
Larry E. Dirksen, Donald L. Steanson, Fred R. Anstaett. THIRD ROW: Gerald D. 
Miller, Stephen B. Zeigler, Leroy V. Skoch, John A. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: 
William C. Barr, Frederick G. Lange, James A. Skinner. 


Alpha Phi Omega— TOP ROW: John P. Calhoun, Owen M. Mamura, Cecil Braz- 
zell, Larry W. Hays, Wing K. Kwok, Thomas W. Rhodes, Clement P. DeCristo- 
faro. SECOND ROW: Douglas K. Weckman, Daniel J. London, Douglas Noller, 
John M. Kolacny, Steven W. Hall, John B. Corwin. THIRD ROW: Steven C. 

Borell, Michael L. Gamble, Robert L. Humphrey, Steven E. Hermes, Karl A. 
Pesaresi, Daniel W. Young, Ronald L. Easter. BOTTOM ROW: Richard W. Evans, 
Louis A. DiGregono, William H. Hammel, Robert H. Miller, Thayne C. Green, 
Perrin K. Symns, James A. Prock, Alvin L. Seefeldt. 


O Q 

Alpha Tau Alpha— TOP ROW: Larry J. Beat, Ernest P. McCarty, Rodney G. 
Bracelin, Ralph E. Studebaker, Stephen L. Reedy, Alvin R. Conner. SECOND ROW: 
Harold E. Mai, Merle A. Soeken, Ronald W. Schultz, Theodore L. Hanchett, Ken- 
neth W. Kelley, Larry E. Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Marvin D. Parrack, Vernon E. 

Lohmann, Lloyd E. Barnett, Lyle H. Chadwell, Howard R. Bradley. BOTTOM 
ROW: Kent D. Shuyler, Donald K. Emery, Allen V. Baldwin, Marvin W. Mann, 
Larry H. Coltrane, David L. Yates. 

Scout fraternity performs 
Homecoming services 

Ag honorary's adviser 
becomes national officer 

As a national service fraternity, Alpha Phi 
Omega organized the Homecoming parade and 
built the Homecoming bonfire. The former Boy 
Scouts operated coat checks at the Christmas 
Smorgasbord and other Union activities, main- 
tained campus bulletin boards and continued the 
Alpha Phi Omega semester book exchange. 
Members worked with Boy Scout training, con- 
ducting scout discussion groups. 

Elected to a four-year term as national secre- 
tary-treasurer of Alpha Tau Alpha was Dr. Ray- 
mond Agan, sponsor of the local chapter. Activi- 
ties of the honorary society for agriculture stu- 
dents included a work day and a fall car wash 
conducted by pledges. Alpha Tau Alpha mem- 
bers also attended the honorary's spring banquet. 
Vernon Lohmann served as president of the 
agriculture group. 


Alpha Zeta— TOP ROW: Harold D. Engle, Patrick I. Coyne, John W. Schroder, 
Michael E. Dikeman, Bill D. Emch, Donald L. Steanson, John C. Durling, Charles 
L. Stoehr, Richard W. Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Robert J. Bury, Jerald A. 
Peterson, Robert A. Anderson, George D. O'Neill, Theodore T. Evans, Samuel J. 
Brungardt, Gary D. Marr, Ned E. Eib. THIRD ROW: William C. Bergin, Earl B. 

Hauck, Duane M. Henrikson, Larry R. Anderson, Larry D. Funk, Steven R. Mosier, 
Charles A. Helwig, Donald W. Butts. BOTTOM ROW: Maurice D. Penner, Clint 
S. Hardy, John W. Toney, Terry L. Biery, Arlen W. Etling, George L. Zabel, 
Robert M. Brown, Rodney L. Link. 

Alpha Zeta— TOP ROW: Osmundo S. Castillo, Fritz Norbury, Carrol W. Camp- 
bell, Harold E. Mai, Philip V. Mathews, Stanley R. Husted. SECOND ROW: 
Melvin E. Thompson, Bernard A. Friesen, Jesse O. Akinokun, Charles E. Meeks, 
Dennis D. Huck. THIRD ROW: Harold D. Bauman, Burton K. Tribble, James L 

Yager, Craig P. Helwig, Leroy V. Skoch, James E. Dale. BOTTOM ROW: Larry 
H. Coltrane, James D. Ball, Merle G. Eversmeyer, LaVerne R. Myers, Leonard A. 
Sigdestad, Ronald E. Keys. 

Alpha Zeta contributes to 'Cats for Curtains 5 fund 

Beginning the academic year with a smoker, 
Alpha Zeta later recognized new members at a 
spring and a fall banquet to which dates and 
faculty were invited. Members contributed $25 to 
the "Cats for Curtains" fund and were ushers 
at the annual Little American Royal in April. An 
active program of monthly meetings strengthened 

member participation in Alpha Zeta, an honor- 
ary for upperclass students in agriculture and 
veterinary medicine. Vera Rogers spoke to the 
group about the "Conditioning Response for 
Taste in Dogs." Other faculty speakers for Alpha 
Zeta were Dan Upson, instructor of physiology, 
and Ralph Kitchell, dean of veterinary medicine. 


Angel Flight drill team 
earns national affiliation 

Arnold Air Force cadets 
journey to Ohio, Texas 

Receiving national affiliation this year was 
Angel Flight, an honorary drill team and of- 
ficial hostess group for Arnold Air Society. Dur- 
ing spring break, members attended the national 
conclave in Dallas, Tex. They earned money to 
finance the trip by selling candy during the 
Christmas season and running a concession stand. 

Precision maneuvers performed during a bas- 
ketball game half-time and in the Homecoming 
parade were under the direction of Patty Peter- 
son, president, and Capt. Charles Tolley, group 
sponsor. Angel Flight members were volunteer 
workers for the Circle K bloodmobile drive. 

Arnold Air Society cadets journeyed to Dayton, 
Ohio in the fall to tour the Air Force Museum 
and Institute of Technology. Spring semester 
was highlighted by a trip to the national con- 
clave in Dallas, Tex. 

Sponsoring and working closely with Angel 
Flight, the society honored new personnel of the 
Air Force ROTC detachment at an annual fall 
tea. The military students constructed displays 
indicating new Air Force trends for the Activities 
Carnival and Engineers' and Architects' Open 
House. Activities were culminated by the annual 
spring Candlelight Ball for cadets and their dates. 

Angel Flight— TOP ROW: Karen S. Ward, Linda A. Baldridge, Nancy S. Waite, 
Nancy E. Fair, Diane Hodgson, Pamela A. Merriman, Norma B. Perry, Kathryn 
A. Boxberger. SECOND ROW: Joyce L. Francis, Margaret J. Shannon, Janice L. 
Stuessi, Ashley Allison, Donna J. Hover, Sherilyn Carl, Nancy K. Lee, Gail E. 
Tawney, Janet S. Osborne, Elizabeth A. Wandt. THIRD ROW: Nancy M. Young, 

Mary D. Breitweiser, Cynthia L. Finney, Beverly J. Falconer, Linda K. Turney, 
Sharon Fairbank, Pamela J. Seaman, Susan E. Brooks, Janice M. Olsson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Pamela S. Carlson, Patricia A. Seitz, Diane D. DeVoe, Carolyn S. 
Kuhn, Gloria J. Delich, Patricia J. Callen, Lynda L. Clyne, Patricia L. Peterson 

Arnold Air Society— TOP ROW: Roger R. McCollough, George W. Hawks, 
Carol R. Swenson, Gary D. Owen, Roger E. Parks, Gerald L. Homewood, George 
K. Hollingworth. SECOND ROW: Larry D. Funk, Gary L. Urbanek, Charles W. 
CofFman, Kenneth A. Dekat, Gerald T. Young, Leland O. Singer. THIRD ROW: 

Jerry R. Duncan, Harold E. Socolofsky, John P. Cable, Clair S. Schultis, John V. 
Lambert, Ronald E. Keys, Gary Eldon Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Arthur C. Streeter, 
Don L. Riedl, Richard D. Ross, Jerry G Larson, Charles K. Kniffin, Donald R. 
Frikken, Kenneth L. Murphy. 

® 9 Q 9 © @ p. 

r wv-' f * WW- -W^l 

*;i '-'*V ;"'t ^:'V '--V'-v ■^■\ : .-m 

Adding finishing touches to an oil painting, a coed prepares 
to submit her art work to Delta Phi Delta's Thieves' Market. 

Chi Epsilon— TOP ROW: Gary D. Owen, Edwin L. Ryser, Ralph L. Fanson, Wil- 
liam R. Klassen. SECOND ROW: Richard K. Boyd, Harlan D. Stauffer, Dennis E. 
Myers. BOTTOM ROW: John T. Nebgen, James L. Goering, James M. Hillman, 
Roderick R. Brown. 

Engineers serve coffee 
at state highway meeting 

For a campus project, members of Chi Epsilon, 
civil engineering honorary, served coffee and do- 
nuts at a Kansas Highway Department confer- 
ence. Initiation banquets at the beginning of each 
semester introduced new students to the activities 
of the organization. During second semester, 
members of Chi Epsilon worked on an exhibit 
for Engineers'" and Architects' Open House. 

Delta Phi Delta hopefuls 
submit original art work 

Students in the top 30 per cent of their class 
were invited to submit original art work as a basis 
for evaluating them as prospective members of 
Delta Phi Delta, art honorary. The group spon- 
sored the annual Thieves' Market and gave a 
scholarship to an outstanding art student. Pro- 
moting University art interest, members exhibited 
work in the Union art lounge. 

Delta Phi Delta— TOP ROW: Coral A. Osborne, Annie T. Lowrey, Marilyn K. 
Bird, Doris D. Schimmels, Joan M. Campbell, Alice F. Seybert, Dorthy A. Randle. 
SECOND ROW: Ruth E. Anderson, Shirley A. Wanklyn, Margaret J. Leming, 

Roslyn D. Wentz, Sheryl A. Stoddard, Diana L. Hentzler, Linda C Barton. BOT 
TOM ROW: Barbara J. Thompson, Sue A. Eslinger, Gordon E. Snyder, Donnie D. 
Schrag, Susan J. Sheldon, Ann B. Harper. 

Engineers 5 society sends 
man to national contest 

For the first time in the organization's history, 
Eta Kappa Nu sent a member to the Los Angeles, 
Calif, chapter for competition in the "Outstand- 
ing Electrical Engineer of the Year" contest dur- 
ing second semester. As a service to its depart- 
ment, the electrical engineering honorary com- 
piled a composite photograph of all graduating 
seniors in the technical field. 

Eta Kappa Nu members designed and con- 
structed an electric welcoming sign for Engineers' 
and Architects' Open House. They also worked 
at the open house information booth distributing 
information to high school students and the public. 

Eta Kappa Nu— TOP ROW: Gary D. Bohn, James C. Duston, Dale R. Bentrup, 
Calvin W. Demes. SECOND ROW: Richard F. Bell, Donald E. Baker, Jim L. 
DeMars, Thomas R. Twombly. THIRD ROW: George O. Neville, Edward B. Vogt, 
Clair R. Jones, Rodney D. Nicholson. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Goering, Randall 
L. Harmison, Jay C. Mayberry. 

Kappa Delta Pi— TOP ROW: Kann F. Burns, Beverly J. Falconer, Mary J. Hurley, 
Rosanne M. Parker, Janice E. Baker, Judith A. Olson. SECOND ROW: Jeanne L. 
Pohlman, Sue J. Kaufman, Margaret K. Craig, Anne M. Kramer, Vickie J. Over- 
ley, Mary J. Brogan. THIRD ROW: Sandra J. Beck, Sherrill J. Johnson, Jane Clark, 

Janice J. Morrow, Karen A. Bragg, Penn- 
Loeb, Barbara L. Brooks, John D. Stegner, 

■ R. Emerson. BOTTOM ROW: Joe H. 
Roger U. Rea, Mary K. Kaump, Rachel 

School recruiters discuss teacher qualifications 

Recruiters from Kansas schools reviewed the 
qualifications of a good teacher for members of 
Kappa Delta Pi, education honorary. With an 
aim toward promoting a closer bond among stu- 
dents in the College of Education, the organiza- 
tion worked closely with Student Education 
Association and helped sponsor an annual spring 

recognition banquet. Advised by Joe Loeb, several 
members of the group also participated one night 
each week in a tutoring program for underprivi- 
leged children sponsored by the First Congrega- 
tional Church. During second semester, the group 
discussed articles in the Kappa Delta Pi Record 
and the Educational Forum. 


Music honorary women 
help replace fire losses 

Working with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a men's 
music honorary, members of Mu Phi Epsilon 
contributed to a fund which helped two music 
professors replace losses from the 1965 auditorium 
fire. The women's music honorary ushered at. 
University concerts and served refreshments at 
the Manhattan Artist and Chamber Music Series. 
With the men's group, Mu Phi converted a part 
of Nichols gymnasium to a student lounge for 
music majors. The women also co-sponsored the 
Feast of Carols and performed at recitals. 

Economics students hear 
about business problems 

To inform members about events in their sub- 
ject field, Omicron Delta Epsilon, an economics 
honorary, invited representatives of the Federal 
Reserve system to speak on current economic 
problems. With the leadership of President Mer- 
lin Hackbart, the group also invited M. Jarvin 
Emerson, a leading Kansas economist, to discuss 
"The Office of Economics Analysis." At a Union 
luncheon meeting, members heard Walter Fisher, 
economics professor, review "The Econometric 
Society." The group was advised by Lamar Jones. 


Mu Phi Epsilon— TOP ROW: Polly A. Coombs, Jean C. Sloop, Joanne D. Tanner, 
Carolyn G. Bartholomew. SECOND ROW: Joyce E. McCready, Sharon M. 
George, Elizabeth A. Dick, Marilyn R. Kuhn. BOTTOM ROW: Irene S. Skonberg, 
Rachel R. Unruh, Veronica A. Bonebrake, Margie E. Vathauer. 

Omicron Delta Epsilon— TOP ROW: G. V. L. Narasimham, Donald F. DeCou, 
Palanisamy Nagara|an. SECOND ROW: Merlin M. Hackbart, John A. Nordin, 
Lenore A. Hartman. BOTTOM ROW: Charles E. Mordy, George Montgomery. 

Omicron Nu— TOP ROW: Martha 
L. Lmd, Son|a L. Swain, Rama J 
Adams, Betsy C Moberly, Mary 
R. Steinbrink. SECOND ROW: Pa 
tricia Ann Patton, Galena, Ks. 
Olga E. Schwartzkopf, Ruth L 
Worthington, Robin M. Brown 
BOTTOM ROW:Lmda P. Sanders, 
Darryl E. Matter, Nancy J. Fasse. 





Pershing Rifles— TOP ROW: David A. Martin, Keith T. Fujimura, Claude L. Rob- 
bins, Peter J. Cordel, William E. Vigneron, George A. Brelig, Ronald E. Robson, 
Charles E. Gordon. SECOND ROW: Wayne B. Smith, William W. Wells, Robert 
W. Howell, Diane D. DeVoe, Nancy E. Fair, Lynda L. Clyne, Michael N. Biggs, 

Jonathan P. Small. BOTTOM ROW: George D. Schneickert, Chester D. Nielson, 
Richard A. Nemechek, David H. McNabb, Wayne A. Kellner, Daniel H. Markley, 
Douglas S. Clark, Walter R. Minnick. 

Pershing Rifles— TOP ROW: Marc A. Laxer, John H. Brand, Fred C Boger, Joel 
M. Shreenan, Richard R. Gordon, Ronald J. Forkenbrock, Robert F. Brown. SEC- 
OND ROW: Fred L. Peterson, Melvin P. Augustine, Ashley Allison, Pamela S. 

Carlson, Diane Hodgson, Gregory E. Grandison, Terry L. Harbert, Joel S. Schultz. 
BOTTOM ROW: Garry M. Dalby, Steven M. Schorling, David W. Bryan, Robert 
J. Williams, David R. Collins, William S. Wehr, Tommy G. Rayburn. 

Home economists invite 
freshmen to Easter tea 

Pershing Rifles compete 
in Big Eight drill meets 

Freshmen students in home economics were in- 
vited to an Easter tea by members of Omicron 
Nu, home economics honorary. The group also 
sponsored a spring tea for international students 
and for sophomores with outstanding academic 
records in the College. 

Ruth Hoeflin, associate dean of home econom- 
ics, told members of her work in family and child 
development at the Merrill Palmer Institute in 
Detroit and also described highlights of her trip 
to Nigeria. At the national convention, delegates 
discussed leadership and reviewed nutrition's role 
in preventing heart disease. 

Drill meets at Oklahoma State University and 
Kansas University included entries from Pershing 
Rifles, military honorary. Closely associated with 
the Air Force, Army and Navy, the group di- 
rected traffic at basketball and football games 
and marched in the nationally televised Loyalty- 
Day parade in Gushing, Okla. Members of the 
tri-military organization also raised the flag at 
football games and formed the Arch of Sabers at 
the Military Ball. Advised by Lt. Col. Wayne 
Smith, Pershing Rifles marched as a unit in the 
fall and spring ROTC reviews and as color guard 
in the Homecoming parade. 


Phi Alpha Mu-TOP ROW: Use 
M. Reiling, Beryl A. Shaw, Karm 
F. Burns, Judith M. Graham, Lynn 
K. Parsons. SECOND ROW: Carol 
A. Starns, Gwendolyn F. Graham 
Judith A. Melvm, Linda A. Clay 
don, Diane Hodgson, Barbara L 
Cable. THIRD ROW: Carolyn K 
Wilson, Joyce E. McCready, Mar 
gie E. Vathauer, Janice L. Mc- 
Kinley, Patsy C. Meek. BOTTOM 
ROW: Sandra J. Beck, Jane Clark, 
Carol P. Smith, Margaret A. 
Koepke, Barbara L. Brooks, Carole 
J. Fry. 

Phi Alpha Mu narrows 
selection of membership 

History honorary sends 
delegates to state meet 

Membership in Phi Alpha Mu, arts and sci- 
ences honorary, was limited for the first time to 
women students enrolled in the College of Arts 
and Sciences. Formerly, students in the College 
of Education were also eligible. To qualify for 
membership a student had to rank in the upper 
15 per cent of junior or senior students. Beryl 
Ann Shaw received the honorary's annual Mar- 
garet Russell award for the highest junior 
woman's grade average. 

Sponsoring a series of guest lecturers and send- 
ing a delegation to the state Phi Alpha Theta 
conference at Fort Hays State College were two 
special projects of the history honorary. Other 
Phi Alpha Theta activities included an annual 
spring banquet and initiation for new members. 
Organized in 1953 to encourage the study of his- 
tory, Phi Alpha Theta required members to be of 
junior or senior standing, with at least 12 hours 
of history, and have a 3.0 grade average. 

Phi Alpha Theta-TOP ROW: A. Bower Sageser, Vera E. Pletcher, Ada G. Bil- 
lings, Mary C. Meehan, George D. Carter. SECOND ROW: George D. Wil- 
coxon, Robert D. Linder, M. Eilleen Roberts, Lois Turner, Inez Alsop. THIRD ROW: 
Donald B. Roof, Paul G. Johnson, Fred L. Parnsh, George Christakes, Kenneth 

A. Dekat, Larry D. Redmon. BOTTOM ROW: Charles M. Terwilliger, James C. 
Carey, Dennis A. Harbaugh, Paul C. Piatt, John M. Novosel, Homer E. Socolof- 
sky, William F. Baehr. 



F* *'*WV# 

1 r ,t, 

r \ 


<ms o O 

LjA !•»•!• JW 

Phi Epsilon Kappa-TOP ROW: Veryle E. Snyder, Jerome H. Cheynet, Herbert 
H. Dallis, Dennis L. Erkenbrack, William W. Smith, Jerry L. Cook, James M. 
Johnson. SECOND ROW: Lon K. Floyd, Keith L. Cramer, Harry L. Kitchener, Max 
T. Martin, Donald E. Hyde, Charles G. Steele, Richard E. Heuertz, Robert E. 
Schmoekel. THIRD ROW: Mark P. Bolick, Edwin G. Kauffman, Max E. Skelton, 

William L. Congleton, Robert W. Jaymes, John W. Swearngin, Kenneth J. Russell. 
BOTTOM ROW: Rodney D. Petersen, Odo M. Sudbeck, Frednc R. Cottrell, Mi- 
cheal E. Michaud, William F. Rock, Warren D. Klawiter, Gary E. Watson, 
Norman P. Nuss. 

Physical education group 
wins efficiency citation 

Phi Eta Sigma provides 
course tutoring service 

For the seventh time in eight years, Phi Epsi- 
lon Kappa was presented with the annual na- 
tional award for chapter efficiency. The men's 
physical education professional fraternity spon- 
sored a free throw contest between fifth and sixth 
graders during halftime at a Field House game. 
Other projects included donating Christmas gifts 
to the Children's Orthopedic Hospital and selling 
K-Caps for athletic functions. Phi Epsilon Kappa 
required members to have a 2.0 average. 

Men's living groups were provided with a tu- 
toring service by Phi Eta Sigma. Comprised of 
men who had earned 3.5 grade averages as fresh- 
men, the organization toured the planetarium and 
were shown how glass laboratory equipment is 
made for the physics department. The honorary 
decorated for the Homecoming dance and dis- 
tributed posters announcing convocations. Mem- 
bers tapped each semester were initiated before 
a joint banquet with Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Phi Eta Sigma— TOP ROW: Jean E. Saindon, Gary L. Urbanek, William D. 
Crank, John M. Flannery, Steve M. Zeide, Donald M. Essmiller, Ben W. Wood, 
Donald W. Prather, Raymond L. Higgins, David F. Martin, Ronald D. Lyberger. 
SECOND ROW: Gary E. OHara, Charles E. Cardwell, Charles R. Kuntz, Frank 
E. Zitnik, Dennis L. Deschner, Daniel S. Huffman, Loren D. Nickoley, Mark E. 

Sharp, Thomas D. Hawk, Van L. Rose. THIRD ROW: Leland O. Singer, Lane V. 
Sunderland, Jimmy D. Warren, Timothy A. Atchison, Daniel J. Shiel, Thomas K. 
Plant, John E. Holste, Larry R. Larsen, David J. Holsinger. BOTTOM ROW: John 
C. Nye, Stephen A. Daniel, Alan E. States, John W. Harvey, Thomas K. Rogge, 
Leslie C. Longberg, Thomas F. Gillaspie, Michael B. Stevens. 


Chemists receive awards 
at spring honors banquet 

Sponsoring an awards banquet in the spring, 
members of Phi Lambda Upsilon honored out- 
standing students majoring in chemistry. Under- 
graduate certificates of honor were presented by 
the chemistry society to the students with the 
highest over-all grade average in each class. 
Graduate honors included a scholastic award to 
a student with the highest grade average and to 
a student for outstanding research work. Directed 
by President Jerrel Anderson, members of Phi 
Lambda Upsilon also sponsored a picnic to ac- 
quaint new graduate students with the honorary. 

Phi Mu collects money 
to reimburse fire losses 

Writing letters to other national chapters, 
members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a men's 
music honorary, solicited funds to repay several 
members of the music faculty for equipment and 
music lost in the 1965 auditorium fire. Approxi- 
mately $300 was collected. 

Phi Mu also set up a combination lounge and 
listening library in Nichols gymnasium for music 
majors. Music department faculty spoke at the 
bi-monthly meetings where members also per- 
formed musical numbers. The group ushered at 
the Artist Series and Chamber Music Series. 

Phi Lambda Upsilon— TOP ROW: Shogo Nukina, David J. Manzo, Piara S. Gill, 
Gary E. Stolzenberg, Marcus W. Haseltine, Alfred S. Burchett, Lou H. Hall, Yuan 
C. Chiang. SECOND ROW: Jerrel C. Anderson, Thomas G. Bunting, James L. 
Copeland, Donald L. Dugger, Wayne K. Stuckey, Dennis J. Gaede, John G. 

Dillard. BOTTOM ROW: Maarten Van Swaay, Dean L. Sinclair, Clyde W. Frank, 
Donald W. Setser, Lewis A. Shadoff, R. Kenneth Burkhard, Richard L. Motley, 
Wendell D. Burch. 

Procession of the boar's head commences the Feast of Carols 
given by Mu Phi Epsilon and Phi Mu Alpha music honoraries. 

Phi Mu Alpha— TOP ROW: Robert M. Moews, David D. Jackson, Marcus L. 
Knight, Eugene H. Copeland. SECOND ROW: Craydon D. McDonald, Michael 
K. Ireland, Paul E. Lundgren, Myron F. Hanke. BOTTOM ROW: John V. Heitman, 
Clifford I. Ochampaugh, Cecil W. Pearce, Samuel D. Caughron. 

Pi Tau Sigma— TOP ROW: John R. Friley, Daryl D. Bender, Thomas W. Eagles, 
Danny D. Mishler, Douglas D. McGregor. SECOND ROW: Randall L. Rich, 
Donald F. Hansen, Rodney T. Nash, Douglas A. Robinson, Marvin R. Rogers, 
James L. Finney. THIRD ROW: Lionel R. Whitmer, Jerry R. Duncan, David E. 

Klotz, Robert L. Oswald, Kenneth D. Lewis, Donald D. Ficken. BOTTOM ROW: 
Ralph G. Nevins, Randy B. Patterson, Arthur C. Streeter, Wayne L. Pritz, Ray- 
mond D. Caughron. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron— TOP ROW: Soma J. Green, Martha L. Lind, Cora J. 
Eggleston, Gloria D. Wanager, Cecelia M. Schaich, Sherry L. Simpson, Sharon A. 
Hase. SECOND ROW: Mary R. Stembrink, Judith K. Swaney, Donna B. Bilder- 
back, Patricia Ann Patton (Galena), Sandra L. Kerns, Stella K. Mason. THIRD 

ROW: Janet A. Rotman, Ruth A. Cobb, Helen C. Bauder, Diane F. Hoffman, Ol- 
ga E. Schwartzkopf, Rama R. Adams, Corrma J. Haresnape. BOTTOM ROW: 
Carol E. Miller, Sherrill J. Johnson, Carlo S. Ericson, Glenna D. Walter, Rita K. 
Lilak, Judith L. Cook. 

Engineers attend reviews 
for national examination 

Home economics women 
survey communications 

Review sessions for a national test giving engi- 
neers a license to practice in their profession was 
conducted by Pi Tau Sigma, engineering honor- 
ary. Ralph Nevins, head of the mechanical engi- 
neering department, spoke about his world trip 
at the group's initiation banquet. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron programs centered 
around the topic "Mediums of Communication" 
included a milling department tour and a talk 
about communications through art. Members of 
the home economics honorary advised new stu- 
dents before registration. 


Pi Epsilon Delta sells 
film tickets to build fund 

Selling tickets to the International Film Fes- 
tival helped Pi Epsilon Delta maintain an annual 
$50 scholarship awarded to financially help an 
undergraduate interested in theater work. Nancy 
Stone received a gold medallion presented annu- 
ally to the Outstanding Player of the Year. With 
the aid of Wallace Dace, sponsor, Elizabeth Cary 
directed the activities of the honorary in promot- 
ing theatrical interest on campus. 

Pi Epsilon Delta-TOP ROW: Letitia S. Dace, David Sadkin, Barbara A. Sadkin. 
BOTTOM ROW: Frederick Williams, Franklin B. Siegle, Elizabeth E. Cary, Wallace 

Speech group furnishes 
word games for children 

Children attending the speech clinic in Eisen- 
hower hall played with games furnished by Sigma 
Alpha Eta. The speech pathology and hearing 
honorary provided word games to keep the chil- 
dren interested and to stimulate their speech. 
Membership was limited to majors in speech 
pathology who had grade averages of 2.5. The 
speech pathologists gave a Christmas caroling 
party for the advisers, heard state and local 
speakers at meetings and sponsored a banquet at 
which new members were initiated. 

Using a device which helps deaf children to hear, a speech 
therapist teaches the child to speak and respond to pictures. 

Sigma Alpha Eta-TOP ROW: Kay J. McManis, Carol L. Dillman, Cheryl W. 
Heft, Virginia P. Cromwell. SECOND ROW: Judie K. Hunt, Robert S. Brooks, 
Carol A. Hinnergardt. BOTTOM ROW: Maureen K. Manuel, Marcia K. Diekman, 
Diane R. Baxa, Marsha K. Greene. 

Scabbard and Blade— TOP ROW: Louis G. St. Peter, Robert C. Littrell, Steven 
R. Brenner, Don A. Johnson, William J. Romig. SECOND ROW: John T. Nebgen, 
Douglas E. Powell, Phillip D. Lange, James H. Anderson, Howard M. Wehrman, 
Douglas W. Williams. THIRD ROW: David Lionel Parker, Kenneth L. Lathrop, 

John C. Nye, David R. Collins, Henry H. Marsden. BOTTOM ROW: Steven J. 
Van Hole, Robert M. Melichar, Allen V. Baldwin, Richard M. Anderson, Robert 
C. Dobson, Frederick A. Catrell. 


Sigma Delta Pi— TOP ROW: Erma J. Karr, Martha J. Lonergan, Carolyn J. Mollis, 
Beverly J. Abmeyer, Judith M. Graham, Barbara M. Brodine. SECOND ROW: 
Barbara L. Brooks, Ann L. Johnson, Katie A. Stephenson, Ann J. Kallenback, Sara 

S. Bentley. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret A. Koepke, Judy L. Meerpohl, Darrell P. 
Schmidt, Dwight D. Jewett, Marilyn K. Spainhour, Margaret E. Beeson. 

Military cadets plan ball, 
operate concession stand 

Spanish honorary works 
in Model United Nations 

Company "L" 1st Regiment of the National 
Society of Scabbard and Blade operated a con- 
cession stand at the Turkey Shoot. The men 
sponsored the Military Ball for which military 
science students selected a queen. Scabbard and 
Blade also presented a scholarship to an out- 
standing military cadet. 

Requirements for membership included junior 
standing in Army, Navy or Air Force ROTC, a 
2.4 over-all grade average and a 3.0 average in 
ROTC. Selection was handled by members 
headed by Lt. Col. Frederick A. Catrell and 
president Henry H. Marsden. 

Participation in Model United Nations was a 
spring activity of Sigma Delta Pi. The Spanish 
honorary, one of 100 chapters in the nation, in- 
vited new members to an initiation banquet. 

Knowledge of the Hispanic culture, a goal of 
Sigma Delta Pi, was realized as lecturers from 
Spanish speaking countries were invited to meet- 
ings to acquaint'the group with the history and 
customs of their homes. In addition to having a 
2.5 over-all grade average, members must have 
earned a 3.0 average in 18 hours of Spanish. 
As president, Margaret Koepke helped plan 
activities of the Spanish honorary. 


Engineers, architects share in open house work 

Wearing railroad irons around their necks on 
blue and white ribbons, pledges of Sigma Tau 
fulfilled an initiation requirement. Sigma Tau, 
an engineering and architecture honorary, super- 
vised the selection of St. Patrick and St. Patricia 
for Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Steel Ring operated as executive planning 
committee for Engineers' and Architects' Open 

House. As an engineering and architecture hon- 
orary, Steel Ring presented a $100 scholarship 
to a junior or senior in one of the two curriculums. 
Tau Sigma Delta also awarded a scholarship, 
a $100 stipend to a promising freshman archi- 
tecture student. Preparation for the state board 
examinations given to architects upon graduation 
was discussed at seminars. 

Sigma Tau— TOP ROW: Gary D. Bohn, Ted R. King, Thomas W. Eagles, Steven 
M. Dent, Robert A. Burnett, Daryl D. Bender, Donald F. Hansen, Merwin L. 
Brown, Calvin W. Demes, Leland W. Raney, Douglas D. McGregor. SECOND 
ROW- Larry R. Martin, Douglas W. Williams, Darrell E. Mowry, Marvin R. 
Rogers, David N. Arnoldy, Rodney T. Nash, Jim L. DeMars, James A. Snook, Dale 
L. Schruben, Mark K. Torluemke. THIRD ROW: James K. Koelliker, James L. 

Finney, Michael T. Chapman, Frank W. Howard, James C. Duston, John T. 
Nebgen, Charles H. Hightower, Clair R. Jones, Harlan D. Stauffer, Larry E. 
Greene, David E. Klotz. BOTTOM ROW: Donald R. Ferguson, James R. Jaax, 
Charles K. Eby, Randall L. Harmison, John R. Goering, Dale W. Shosa, Jay C. 
Mayberry, John C. Nye, David J. Langford, Randy B. Patterson. 

Steel Ring— TOP ROW: Nathan D. Granger, Douglas W. Williams, David A. 
Warner, Robert A. Nuttelman, Harlan D. Stauffer, Thomas W. Eagles. SECOND 
ROW: Larry R. Gibson, Kenneth D. Knapp, James W. Thiesing, Robert D. 

Bowers, Norbert R. Malik. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth P. Schmanke, James K. 
Koelliker, Randy B. Patterson, Allan P. Goodman, Francis C. Dennis, Richard E. 


Tau Sigma Delta-TOP ROW: 
Edwin S. Broadwell, Jack H. Jack- 
son, Theodore W. Sutherland, 
John S. Frey, Wing K. Kwok. SEC- 
OND ROW: Julian F. Sayers, 
Kenneth L. Kallenbach, Walter J. 
Reichert, Ralph E. Hibler, David 
N. Holhs. BOTTOM ROW: Robert 
A. Cochran, Don M. Seyfert, 
Thomas R. Gossen, James H. 
Reeves, Jerome D. Hawkins, 
Michael E. Shelor. 

Theta Sigma Phi-TOP ROW: 
Susanne Miller, Margaret J. Lange, 
Susan K. Farha, Carole J. Fry. 
SECOND ROW: Roberta G. Ap- 
plegate, Elaine A. Rusch, Carol J. 
Deubler. THIRD ROW: Judith A. 
Cowdrey, Mary J. Pretzer, Susan 
L Rosenkranz, Sherryl L. Diller. 
BOTTOM ROW: Connie K. Miles, 
Diana K. Hyames, Linda J. Solberg. 

Journalism delegates visit Los Angeles, St. Louis 

Representatives of Sigma Delta Chi, men's 
professional journalism society, attended the 
group's national convention in Los Angeles, Calif. 
The society sponsored a "Meet the Press" pro- 
gram at a weekly journalism lecture. 

Theta Sigma Phi sent its faculty adviser and 
a student delegate to its national convention in 

St. Louis, Mo. Selected by Theta Sigma Phi, an 
outstanding Kansas woman journalist and a 
Manhattan civic leader were honored at the 
group's annual Matrix Table banquet. The fall 
Collegian editor and the Royal Purple editor 
both belonged to the professional society for 
women planning journalism careers. 

Sigma Delta Chi— TOP ROW: Ralph R. Lashbrook, P. Delbert Brinkman, Donald 
L. Towns, Michael J. Robinson, Joseph R. Reppert. SECOND ROW: Will its A. 
Smull, Vernon D. Parker, Charles J. Farmer, Bruce C. Coonrod. THIRD ROW: Carl 

R. Rochat, Charles T. Powers, James L. Garver, Jack E. Backer, Lowell Brandner. 
BOTTOM ROW: Elbert B. Macy, Fred M. Parns, Byron E. Ellis, Leland K. John- 
son, Wayne L. Perk, Stephen H. Ahrens. 

Pinning a seam here and there, costume workers transform 
one of the characters in the three-act play, "Luther," into a 

friar during a fitting session. Students sewed half of the cos- 
tume after others were ordered from a New York company. 


African Students Association— TOP ROW: Joseph G. lyorver, Charles M. Ragu, 
Nicholas M. Nyamfukudza, David O Adejunmobi. SECOND ROW: Kenneth A. 
Onyia, Celestme O. N|oku, Chukwuzubelu G. Okudo, Joseph M. Kapela, Em- 
manuel S. Aidoo, Nnakarame A. Nwosu, Gabriel O. Ankeli, Amos Adepo|u. 
THIRD ROW: Shibberu WoldeMariam, Zenage B. WoldeMariam, Jesse O. 

Akinokun, Jibade O Oyekan, Joseph I. Alade, Olusegun A. Rotimi, Desmond 
Waturuocha, Rosetta Tetebo, Richard L. Morse. BOTTOM ROW: Mohammed B. 
Ahmed, Henry B. Lubega, Ayemou D. Assa, Mustafa B. Bashier, Daniel I. Saror, 
Folorunso A. Fayinka, Yakobo M. Ochola, Wilson B. Ipinmidun. 

Africans display samples 
of native arts, handwork 

Displays arranged by members of African Stu- 
dents Association showed carved gourds, leather 
work, wood and bronze carving and examples of 
the national African dress. Displays were made 
for the Activities Carnival and in honor of Afri- 
can Unity Day and the United Nations Day. 

Nine countries were represented in the African 
Students Association. Contemporary African 
problems and methods of integrating the African 
immigrant to the American culture were discussed. 
A film series showed areas in Africa and types of 
modern African literature. Africans also played 
on the campus soccer team. 

Ag economists turn chefs 
to finance Topeka visit 

Lunch was planned and served in Weber hall 
at Ag Science Day for the second year by Agri- 
cultural Economics Club. Money from the proj- 
ect was used to finance a spring recognition 
banquet and a trip to Topeka to tour agricultural 
businesses. Top scholars and an outstanding 
senior were honored at the recognition banquet. 

Members also built a booth to show job oppor- 
tunities available to agricultural economics grad- 
uates. Fall and spring picnics acquainted new 
members with activities, officers and veteran 
members of the group. The annual steak fry for 
agricultural economics majors was planned. 

Agricultural Economics Club— TOP ROW: Ronald G. Trostle, Stanley D. Buss, 
James D. Gates, Kenneth L. Stielow, Gary D. Bruning, Myron C Kellogg, Ronald 
W. Allen, Danny R. Emig, Don A. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Harold D. Engle, 
Glenn D. Schiffner, Terry W. Odle, Gary S. Overley, Victor H. Rippe, Roger L. 
Barr, William D, Ryan, Dale E. Naiman, Darrell K. Cockrum. THIRD ROW: 

Merton L. Otto, Dennis L. Deschner, Robert H. Miller, Victor J. Olson, Alan E. 
States, David W. Cutter, James L. Shank, Burton K. Tribble. BOTTOM ROW: 
Stephen R. Morris, Phillip S. Shrack, John F. Anderzhon, William H. Batchelder, 
Robert H. Peyton, Patrick A. Johnson, Philip W. Smith. 

W f 9 



t *<~ t 

m v m . 

Agricultural Education Club— TOP ROW: Ross D. Crane, Glenn R. Gottlob, Rob- 
ert J. Mainquist, Larry D. Ehrlich, Russell L. Ballentine, Larry C. Epley, John D. 
Fabrizius, Richard D. Wilson, Terry R. Schoenthaler, Loren D. Richard. SECOND 
ROW: Kenneth W. Kelley, Mark W. Houseweart, Raymond J. Agan, Jerry L. 
Armbruster, Lyle H. Chadwell, Larry E. Kater, Gregory A. Armbruster, Donald 
C. Herbers, Robert A. Herlocker, Larry E. Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Eugene E. Al- 

grim, Ralph G. Herrs, Dale E. Linin, Donald M. Coleman, Leslie B. Allison, Elmer 
D. Grauerholz, Duane H. McClure, Phillip E. Moore, Ronald W. Schultz, Kenneth 
D. Sullivan. BOTTOM ROW: Kent D. Shuyler, Larry H. Coltrane, Harold J. Top- 
liff, Donald K. Emery, Allen V. Baldwin, Carmen R. Klein, Leon B. Schmidt, 
Donald D. Grauerholz, Darrell D. Gottlob. 

Agricultural Education Club— TOP ROW: Edward J. Shelton, Rodney P. Shipman, 
Keith A. Johnson, James R. Miller, Elton G. Murrow, Gerald A. Ninemire, Far- 
rell D. Maichel, Marvin W. Creager, Alvm R. Conner. SECOND ROW: John R. 
Gates, Gordon W. Colip, Eldon D. Lawless, Jerry L. Morgenstern, Ernest P. Mc- 
Carty, Lloyd E. Barnett, Thomas W. Badger, Harold E. Mai, Rodney G. Bracelin, 

Dale O. Twaddell. THIRD ROW: Larry D. Funk, George W. Kuchenthal, Jerry F. 
Donahy, Jack R. Klotz, Larry E. Goenng, Carl V. Wahlmeier, Bruce R. Flipse, 
Lloyd D. Huggins, James J. Marstall. BOTTOM ROW: Victor L. Osborn, Charles 
W. Ladner, Arlen W. Etling, Rudolph D. Claassen, Gary D. Francis, James D. 
Patry, Harvey D. Fasse, Leon D. Sowers. 

Supplementing his talk with slides, a student from Chile tells 
members of Agricultural Education Club about his country. 

Senior delegates attend 
national AEC conference 

Twenty-four seniors in Agricultural Education 
Club attended the organization's national con- 
ference in Kansas City. Of the more than 170 
representatives, Kansas had the largest delegation 
at the two-day session sponsored in conjunction 
with the Future Farmers of America. Members 
of the club also organized an exchange trip with 
a sister club at Oklahoma State and planned a 
spring banquet to honor professor Lawrence Hall 
who retired after 40 years service. 

Agriculture wives present 
Christmas card ideas 

Farm mechanizationists 
study job opportunities 

Ideas for making Christmas cards from waxed 
paper and kleenex were presented at a monthly 
meeting of the Agricultural Education Wives 
Club. Members brought other hobbies to show 
to the group and also learned to decorate Christ- 
mas plates. As part of their social activities, 
members invited their husbands to a barn dance 
and sponsored a Valentine's party and a spring 
picnic. Membership in the club was open to any 
whose husband was in agricultural education. 

Completing its first year as an organization, 
the Agricultural Mechanization Club geared its 
programs toward possible job opportunities. 
Members of the club were invited to the annual 
machine show in Manhattan's Municipal Audi- 
torium and built a booth to explain the differ- 
ences between Ag Engineering Club and AMC. 
During the year, representatives of different in- 
dustries spoke to the group on job openings for 
students who graduate in ag mechanization. 

Agricultural Education Wives 
Club-TOP ROW: Linda L. Col- 
trane, Claudia J. Patry, Bonnie R. 
Flipse, Charlotte A. Gottlob, Mrs. 
Raymond Agan. SECOND ROW: 
Janice A. Glazier, Linda S. Schultz, 
Christi G. DeLano, Carmen M. 
Sowers. BOTTOM ROW: Virginia 
K. Baldwin, Phyllis I, Ladner, Col- 
leen L. Mainquist, Mary E. Chad- 
well, Nancy J. Fasse. 

Agricultural Mechanization Club— TOP ROW: Larry R. Frusher, Gerald W. 
Stucky, John J. Johnson, Dennis R. Siefkes. SECOND ROW: Floyd J. Barkman, 
Curtis R. Jacobs, Alan M. Mitchell, Larry E. Dahlsten, Carl E. McKee, Robert D. 
Ames, John W. Funk, Earl Q. Adams. THIRD ROW: Roger R. McKee, Charles D. 

Dunbar, Lyle F.Edelman, Frederick D. Riedel, Roger A. Russ, Larry P. Heidnck, 
Charles A. Ryser. BOTTOM ROW: Ross W. Cole, Galen R. McDonald, Larry D. 
Frazee, William C. Weickert, John T. Hendricks, Robert D. Kirkwood, Lee E. 
Gibbens, Garry L. Frazee. 


All Women's Pep Club-TOP 

ROW: Frances Mullmix, Mary J. 
Seyler, Sharon A. Elsweiler, Phoe- 
be J. Jones, Marguerite A. Ha- 
biger. SECOND ROW: Manta M. 
Lamp, Michele D. Frickey, Sandra 
K. Busch, Lenore K. Brim, Janet L. 
Chatfield, Faith A. Ott. THIRD 
ROW: Barbara J. Mattix, Palle M. 
Nebgen, Margaret E. Hassig, Col- 
leen M. Ostmeyer, Diane L. Ras- 
mussen, Jean A. Sheik, Carole D. 
Hancock. BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca 
A. Hargrove, Alice J. Sheik, Joyce 
E. Furney, Jane A. Bigler, Betty K. 
Oleen, Elizabeth E. MacGowan. 

All Women's Pep Club-TOP ROW: Cheryl A. Greenall, Cynthia R. Yorke, Joyce 
A. Burns, Jams K. Brattm, Mary E. Eye, Kathryn A. Crostarosa, Cheryl L. Law- 
rence, Susan E. Carlson. SECOND ROW: Anne C. Snider, Sidonie A. Schafer, 
Kathleen L. Kennedy, Barbara K. Benton, Roberta K. Jarman, Rosalind J. Ridg- 
way, Dana M. Bayer. THIRD ROW: Janean L. Miller, Tamara D. Armstrong, 

Barbara S. Christensen, Mary K. Wood, Patricia K. Keltner, Marcella M. Morris, 
Kathleen M. Caviness, Susanne F. Little. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy K. Waddle, 
Claudia A. Garrett, Diane K. Youngers, Jane A. Sheetz, Glennis A. Schroeder, 
Suzanne W. Rodenbeek, Jonnie S. Thompson. 

All Women's Pep Club-TOP ROW: Merry Jane Kanawyer, Rena L. Watts, 
Arlene S. Fair, LaDonna L. Douglass, Terry L. Shull, Joan D. Hall, Martha J. 
Seitz. SECOND ROW: Jane E. Hightower, Jennifer B. Rotman, Karen G. Hollis, 
Sherril A. Gracey, Jo A. Starkweather, Jana L. Cole, Mary L. Funston. THIRD 

ROW: Constance L. Hall, June A. Woodard, Pamela S. Carlson, Mona L. Mitch- 
ell, Susan M. Fullington, Judith A. Bulger, Barbara A. Wehr. BOTTOM ROW: 
Carol A. Wickham, Linda M. Irwin, Karen K. Charbonneau, E'Lynn S. Wright, 
Marcia K. Diekman, Judy A. Flett. 


u &:& 

If, 8 

With hands up and spirits high, members of All-Women's Pep 
Club boost the morale of Wildcat players. Directed by mas- 

cot Willie the Wildcat, the cheering coeds form a purple block 
at basketball games and add excitement to Ahearn Field House. 

Pep club buys emblems, 
supports athletic spirit 

Purple and white KSU emblems added color 
to uniforms worn by All-Women's Pep Club. 
Members promoted good sportsmanship and sup- 
port for the athletic program by filling a block 
of seats at every home basketball and football 
game. With profits from a candy sale, the club 
purchased additional uniforms and adopted a 
needy family for Christmas. 

Distant radio operators 
pick up student messages 

"CQ CQ to anyone from WOQQQ" was a 
message picked up by radio operators as distant 
as Canada or Germany. The call came from the 
Military Science building where licensed mem- 
bers of the Amateur Radio Club set up equip- 
ment ranging from $3000 radios to homemade 
devices built with spare parts. President Larry 
Condit directed the club. 


1 ■* V £ jf • V 

Amateur Radio Club— TOP ROW: 
Peter M. Dyer, Kenneth D. Knud- 
son, Richard C. Carter, Jerry D. 
Balls. SECOND ROW: John P. 
Long, Larry R. Condit, James F. 
Smith, Dale J. Perry, Jon M. Pol- 
lock. BOTTOM ROW: William E. 
Cahill, Jerry L. Hamilton, Alan R. 
Stephens, Robert W. Euler, Roger 
S. Dildine, William C. Coupland. 


American Chemical Society— TOP 

ROW: Linda A. Claydon, Harry J. 
Boyer, Gary R. Nelson, Richard 
D. Suenram, Eilene L. Finch. SEC 
OND ROW: Arthur J. Goodsel, 
Burk Jubelt, George W. Hawks, 
Carolyn K. Fair. BOTTOM ROW: 
Robert S. Frye, Jack E. McCracken, 
Gary L. Bafus, Stephen M. Um- 
scheid, Richard N. McDonald. 

Organists' guild furnishes 
musicians to play carillon 

After the purchase of the University's carillon, 
members of the American Guild of Organists 
accepted partial responsibility for the manually- 
played music. At weekly meetings, members 
played organ pieces and heard others in the group 
evaluate their performances. 

Trips to Kansas City and Topeka gave the 
guild an opportunity to hear outstanding organ- 
ists. Directed by President Clifford Ochampaugh, 
members gave one public recital each semester 
and were advised by Robert Hays. 

American Guild of Organists— TOP ROW: Martha J. Middleton, Martha C 
Sanders, Rebecca I. Long. SECOND ROW: Dona S. Sidorfsky, Elizabeth A. Wilk- 
erson, Wynn M. Cockrum, Rebecca J. Smutz. BOTTOM ROW: Robert W. Hays, 
Clifford I. Ochampaugh, Laurence G. Larson. 

Architects 5 wives study 
topics in husbands 5 field 

Furniture design, psychology of art, landscap- 
ing and city planning were topics discussed at 
monthly meetings of the American Institute of 
Architects Auxiliary. Hoping to better prepare 
the student wife for the demands of her husband's 
profession, the auxiliary sponsored a white ele- 
phant sale, toured homes designed by local archi- 
tects and arranged several bridge socials. Special 
projects for the group included sending used 
nylon hose to Japanese women and participating 
in the Aggieville Thieves' Market. 

American Institute of Architects Auxiliary— TOP ROW: E. Janel Harriman, 
Margaret F. Lay, Verda L. Lewis, Marjorie Musil. SECOND ROW: Jimmie L. 
Benedict, Sandra M. Smith, Rosa M. Almack. BOTTOM ROW: Judilee G. Jantz, 
Sherry S. Almquist, Carole S. Minor, Jane Hawkins. 


Society members review 
advanced chemistry films 

Architects declare battle, 
fight community ugliness 

Movies related to chemistry but more advanced 
than textbook topics were shown at meetings of 
the American Chemical Society. As an organiza- 
tion for students in chemistry, biochemistry and 
chemical engineering, the ACS sponsored picnics 
in the fall and spring to introduce new members 
to the activities of the club. Members also pre- 
pared a list of chemistry films and made them 
available through the chemistry department. 

"War on Community Ugliness" was the theme 
of programs for the American Institute of Archi- 
tects. Members visited two large architecture 
firms in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebr. and then 
viewed areas where architecture plans had been 
carried out. The group also toured the Sheldon 
Art Gallery to see works of Phillip Johnson and 
heard Herb Greene, national lecturer and edu- 
cator, talk about "Fantasy Organic Architecture." 

American Institute of Architects — TOP ROW: Larry G. Horning, Edwin S. Broad- 
well, Robert M. Kaplan, Ronald W. Smith, Richard W. Campbell, Michael J. 
Vieux, Linda F. Shoemaker, Douglas Noller, Wing K. Kwok, Ryan R. Rader. SEC- 
OND ROW: Rolland P. Grote, Rodney E. Callies, Virgil A. Musil, Edward L 
Thompson, William R. Bonner, Frank D. Harrison, Behrouz Hakimian, Robert L. 
Morrow, Arley D. Lanman, Jack H. Jackson, Sidney A. Lane. THIRD ROW: Julian 

F. Sayers, Robert A. Cochran, William T. Noll, Carmen L. Bieker, James H. 
Reeves, Steve E. Potter, Michael E. Shelor, Victor A. Borra, John S. Frey, Bernard 
L. Nothhouse. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel C. Krepinevich, Barry W. Greis, Thomas 
C. Pearson, Randolph L. Wright, David C. Adams, Howard G. Webb, Alvin L. 
Seefeldt, Wayne P. Bower, Ralph E. Hibler. 

American Institute of Architects-TOP ROW: Charles W. Hively, David N. 
Hoi lis, Mary J. Seyler, Juamta M. SutclifFe, Mary F. Childres, Donald G. Booth, 
William E. Potenski. SECOND ROW: Richard B. Kraybill, Charles E. Almack, 
Dean W. Holt, Robert W. Augustine, Theodore J. Stimach, Roger D. Bender, 
Gary R. Gegen, Eugene I. Thorson. THIRD ROW: Robert L. Tripp, Robert W. 

Burk, Victor A. Regnier, Ted R. Locke, Jeffrey L. Krehbiel, Edward A. Holloway, 
Timothy M. Cissna, Robert W. Brewster. BOTTOM ROW: Philip L. Anderson, 

Kenneth L. Kallenbach, Paul R. Mayr 
David J. Dussair, Walter J. Smith. 

;, Thomas R. Gossen, Robert J. Giacomell 

<?_ e» © <? 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers— TOP ROW: Thomas W. Scott, John 
W. Hofmann, John M. Flannery, David E. Wainwright, Forrest C. Noah, Ronald 
G. Odom, Wayne C. Groth, Ronald E. Feldkamp. SECOND ROW: Theodore 
S. Mauck, Ronald M. Kruse, Howard R. Brown, Loren D. Nickoley, Stephen E. 
Utterback, Ronald F. Bartel, Michael P. Newcomer. THIRD ROW: Larry S. Par- 

rett, Rex E. Garrelts, Robert D. Lillich, Lawrence R. McCoy, Henry J. Johnson, 
Lawrence A. Schulte. BOTTOM ROW: Richard G. Akins, John J. Fitzgerald, 
Charles C. Nielson, Don L. Riedl, John D. Driskill, William E. Richard, John P. 

American Institute of Interior De- 

sign-TOP ROW: Sally R. Pre- 
heim, Susan T. Read, Merilyn J. 
Marshall, Gloria D. Wika, Karen 
A. Folk. SECOND ROW: Sheryl 
A. Stoddard, Marilyn K. Bird, 
Linda C. Barton, Maureen C. 
Williams, Barbara K. Filbert, 
Diana L. Hentzler. BOTTOM 
ROW: Opal B. Hill, Sue A. Es- 
linger, Gordon E. Snyder, Dale 
G. Litton, Barbara J. Thompson. 

Company speakers offer 
chemical career ideas 

Discussing the role of the chemical engineer 
in industry, speakers offered ideas for professional 
work to the American Institute of Chemical En- 
gineers. Companies represented by speakers were 
Procter and Gamble, Munsanto and Celanese. 
In addition to monthly meetings, the men were 
responsible for a curriculum exhibit at Engineers' 
and Architects' Open House and attended a 
regional meeting at the University of Nebraska. 
The group also sponsored a picnic. 

Designers' trip includes 
White House decor talk 

During a field trip to Kansas City, members 
of the American Institute of Interior Design heard 
a representative of a fabric concern discuss "White 
House Fabrics and Decor." With proceeds from 
a rummage sale, members traveled to Chicago, 
111., for an annual field trip which included tours 
of a merchandise mart and art institute. The 
group also made posters advertising a program of 
the Kansas City chapter and heard interior de- 
signers discuss opportunities in designing. 


American Institute of Industrial Engineers— TOP ROW: William F. Gubing, 
Gary L. Johnston, Douglas L. Bump, Vincent L. Carlson, Richard F. Shrader, Keith 
E. Guthrie, David H. Hou. SECOND ROW: David E. McDougal, John R. Heath, 
Edmond T. Wolfram, Nathan D. Granger, Joseph A. Trotta, Ronald E. Rezac, 
James E. Siemens, William J. Schrandt. THIRD ROW: George L. Dickey, Glenn 

Larson, Yalamanchi J. Prasad, Steven J. VanHole, David C. Kline, Victor M. Mor- 
ales, James D. Heath, Harold M. Eisenbarth, Dick L. Burkepile. BOTTOM ROW: 
William G. Cooper, Steven H. Reed, Robert R. Maas, Richard N. Day, David E. 
Anderson, William E. Braun, Dale E. Brownlee, Malcolm D. Rodenberg. 

Industrial engineers sponsor four-state meeting 

Students from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and 
Arkansas attended a regional conference spon- 
sored by the American Institute of Industrial En- 
gineers. At monthly meetings, members heard 
employees from a radio and an aircraft company 
discuss the role of industrial engineers. The group 

also designed a booth for Engineers' and Archi- 
tects' Open House and toured industries in Kan- 
sas City and Wichita to find prospective places for 
work. Directed by President Malcolm Roden- 
berg, members sponsored a fall picnic and hon- 
ored industrial engineering students at a banquet. 

Items donated for a rummage sale are carefully arranged by 
members of the American Institute of Interior Designers. With 

funds from the sale of clothing and ceramics and contributions 
of the art department, the club financed a field trip to Chicago. 

Physics majors observe 
sound waves 5 movement 

Using a vibrating wire and weighted vibrating 
strings, members of the American Institute of 
Physics observed the action of sound waves as 
their research project. "The History of Physics" 
and "Scientific Report Writing" were lectures 
given by local professors. Speakers from indus- 
tries demonstrated new laboratory equipment and 
showed technical films. Under the direction of 
Richard Hunt and John McKinley, picnics in the 
fall and spring for physics department faculty, 
family and students highlighted the year. 

American Institute of Physics— TOP ROW: David R. Alexander, Bernadine L. 
Hale, Richard M. Hunt. BOTTOM ROW: William J. Plant, James L. Gray, Jon B. 

ifijk Q 



v* y * \'*v # v 



a O 


f v . f ■ v r f f- f Tf 

American Nuclear Society— TOP ROW: Ronald D. Wolf, William A. Wright, 
Billy J. Foreman, William J. Dempsey, Clarence L. Anderson, Edward R. Kane, 
Leland W. Raney, David E. Bainum, Merwin L. Brown, John C. Irwin, Raymond 
L. Petri. SECOND ROW: Quaisar M. Hanif, Jack D. Rose, Roger L. Moore, Robert 
D. Crangle, Norman E. Featherston, James A. Huggans, Dennis R. Trisler, Michael 
P. Horrell, William L. Selbe, Gary D. Boyer. THIRD ROW: Jerry W. Stauder, 

Gilbert J. Heinen, Donald R. Ferguson, Dale W. Shosa, Jon R. Greiner, Fred D. 
Lang, James M. Rafferty, Charles E. Bliss, Robert F. Pauly, Robert A. Nuttelman, 
Gene P. Rathbun. BOTTOM ROW: Paul A. Zielie, John G. Koen, James W. 
Thiesing, David E. Saven, Franklin D. Duncan, Larry B. Massey, Joseph H. Mc- 
Cleskey, Robert D. Bishop, Patrick F. Ervm, Floyd E. Haskin, James C. Skach. 

Speakers, films introduce Civil engineering chapter 
nuclear engineering areas earns national recognition 

Lectures by local and national speakers along 
with semi-technical films introduced members of 
the American Nuclear Society to the field of nu- 
clear engineering outside the classroom. As a de- 
partmental organization, the group participated 
in Engineers' and Architects' Open House and 
sent delegates to the national student conference 
of the American Nuclear Society. In the spring, 
members provided a farewell banquet for seniors. 

For the eighth consecutive year, members of 
the American Society of Civil Engineers received 
a certificate of commendation for excellence in 
conduct of chapter affairs. The award is made 
annually by the national society. Delegates from 
the club attended the national convention of 
civil engineers in Kansas City and told the group 
of chapter programs and activities. A banquet 
and formal were among spring functions. 


American Society of Civil Engineers— TOP ROW: James E. Touslee, Thorton A. 
Moore, Gary D. Owen, Van Chang, Jerry A. Holloway, Richard A. McKown. 
SECOND ROW: Albertus F. Wiesedeppe, Jerry L. May, Ralph L. Fanson, Richard 
G. Adams, Jacob F. Redlinger, James L. Tadtman, Michael L. Gamble. THIRD 

ROW: Harlan D. Stauffer, Richard E. Srna, John T. Nebgen, Larry W. Emig, 
Robert D. Bowers, Dennis E. Myers. BOTTOM ROW: Gregory L. Miller, Thomas 
E. Neal, Larry M. Evans, Robert R. Reynolds, Francis C. Dennis, Roderick R. 
Brown, James M. Hillman. 

American Society of Civil Engineers— TOP ROW: Jasbir S. Arora, Robert L. Fox, 
Edward L. Wilson, Bruce K. McCallum, Arjan M. Mansukhani, William R. Klassen. 
SECOND ROW: Clifton V. Hostetler, Fredrick L. Mattox, Norvell L. Washburn, 
Dennis D. Lee, Richard L. Henning, Surinder K. Kapur, Hasan Kamil. THIRD 

ROW: Benny D. Neaderhiser, Ralph E. Carthrae, Kenneth D. Harwood, Jon C. 
Sneath, Jerry S. Murphy, Bruce V. Collins. BOTTOM ROW: Edward D. Barenberg, 
James M. Haag, Pete L. Bailey, John T. Reeves, Larry L. Thompson, Lloyd W. 
Rogers, Vernon H. Rosebraugh. 

American Society of Civil Engineers— TOP ROW: Gale R. Brown, Ronald D. 
Hoagland, Daniel D. Petr, William M. Bellairs, John P. Cashatt. SECOND ROW: 
Terry D. Stall, Roger R. Swart, William F. Overman, Gary L. Urbanek, James W. 

Fitzwater, Charles M. Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: Gail A. Lard, Robert L. Hirt, -Rob- 
ben A. Bowers, Karl J. Svaty, Larry R. Larsen. BOTTOM ROW: Kinney R. Baxter, 
Thomas W. Logan, Kenneth D. Everett, Benjamin F. Spencer, Robert J. De May. 

es q A 

^h^ w,- ^^h ^Bv_y hH ■■■ silt. J He a 

1 1 I&MaJ til 

: J 

1 MiBW 

American Society of Agricultural Engineers— TOP ROW: Walter A. Harrison, 
Carl L. Schuler, Douglas W. Williams, Gene E. Eckel, Alan D. McMillan, Charles 
G. Baker, James A. Armbruster, Robert P. Mease, Charles R. Ankenman. SEC- 
OND ROW: Charles R. Fail, Ronald H. Loomis, Glenn P. Alpert, Charles R. Kunfz, 
David F. Fairbanks, John M. Harrison, Ronald D. Graber, Robert L. Clydesdale. 

THIRD ROW: Garold L. McPeak, Stanley R. Clark, Larry N. Carey, Frank W. 
Howard, Steven J. Weybrew, James K. Koelliker, Douglas C. Seibel, Grover C. 
Rundell, Thomas D. Dick. BOTTOM ROW: Richard E. McMillen, Jarold L. Zim- 
merman, Donald W. Kaiser, Daryll D. Jamvold, Donald J. Keating, James P. 
Murphy, Albert H. Strecker, John C. Nye, Stephen J. Daniels. 

Ag engineers win award for Open House exhibits 

Exhibits arranged by members of the American 
Society of Agricultural Engineers earned a first 
place department award at the Engineers' and 
Architects' Open House. 

During the spring semester, members of the 
club traveled to St. Joseph, Mo., for an area con- 

ference attended by agricultural engineers from 
four other Midwest colleges. With the direction 
of President Albert Strecker, society members 
planned annual picnics in the fall and spring. 
The men invited industrial representatives to 
speak at meetings on career opportunities. 

With sanding and cutting tools, agricultural engineers carve 
a model farm, terraces and waterways from a huge block of 

styrofoam. The finished display was used at Engineers' and 
Architects' Open House to demonstrate conservation techniques. 







American Society of Landscape Architects— TOP ROW: Herrick H. Smith, 
Thomas T. Kodama, Ronald R. Darner, Susanne F. Little, Neil D. Rogers, Ray F. 
Hill. SECOND ROW: Keith R. Zwick, Richard A. McClanathan, Gary D. Vogt, 
Gary Lee Smith, Tommy R. Thompson, Wayne K. Iwamoto. THIRD ROW: George 

L. Sherer, John A. Tuomey, Terrell A. Fitzgerald, Roger C. Larson, Melvin J. Stout, 
Fredrick C. Bliss. BOTTOM ROW: Donald D. Fleming, Duane H. Lyon, John R. 
Ritter, Daniel McGhee, Ernest H. Ungnade, John N. Bryan, Clyde L. Allen. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers— TOP ROW: Daryl D. Bender, Don- 
ald H. Merten, Leroy W. Kippes, Rodney T. Nash, Donald E. Reimer, Jon R. Mc- 
Leod, Don L. Cobb. SECOND ROW: David N. Arnoldy, Raymond L. Hamblin, 
James L. Finney, Robert E. Olmstead, Clark D. Ringel, Wayne E. Springer. THIRD 

ROW: Larry D. Swartley, Lionel R. Whitmer, Randall L. Rich, Kenneth E. Mathias, 
David L. Isaacson, James I. Mann, Thomas O. Schimke. BOTTOM ROW: Jim A. 
McKinnis, Michael R. Lewis, Richard M. Boldin, Keith F. Olson, John Hintz, Don- 
ald D. Ficken, David C. Gillespie. 

Architects study design, 
hear landscape problems 

At a monthly meeting, the American Society of 
Landscape Architects heard a representative of 
a Kansas City firm review fountain design and 
garden lighting. A landscape architect from the 
U. S. Forest Service also discussed a landscape 
problem before criticising student solutions to it. 
The club arranged a display of student work for 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House. 

Students present papers 
at engineering meeting 

Representatives from area universities attended 
a regional conference sponsored by the American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers. Student papers 
on technical subjects were presented at the con- 
ference and winning ones considered at the na- 
tional session. At the club's monthly meetings, 
speakers discussed the opportunities of mechan- 
ical engineers in petroleum and utility concerns. 


. a o a q Q fi Q 




American Veterinary Medical Association Seniors— TOP ROW: Tony D. David, 
Martha L. Dunn, Edward P. Miller, James L. Busby, Wallace W. Wolf, Manuel 
A. Thomas, Malcolm D. McCracken, Charles L. Stoehr, Ivan R. Schrock, Osmundo 
5. Castillo, Donald L. Harris. SECOND ROW: David J. Lodge, Gerald L. Kerns, 
Herschel A. Stacey, Bernard A. Friesen, William H. Brethour, Gerald L. O Keeffe, 
Harold E. Wasinger, Orlin H. Helbing, John C. Durling, Richard W. Morehouse. 

THIRD ROW: Robert Leroy Collins, Thomas G. Kuhn, William R. Rapp, Hubert 
E. Jeffers, Larry S. Oldham, Max R. Moss, Thomas A. Martin, Charles A. Helwig, 
Dennis L. Larson. BOTTOM ROW: Robert K. Treptow, Robert W. Mmter, Charles 
A. Dake, Victor C. Hurtig, Robert E. Wingert, Carl S. O'Neil, Billy G. Thornton, 
Roy E. Friesen, Richard E. Blankenship, Robert M. Brown. 

AVMA students establish Dean Leasure award 

Encouraging more active group participation, 
the American Veterinary Medical Association 
student chapter established the Dean Leasure 
Award. The award, named for Eldon Leasure, 
former dean of the College of Veterinary Medi- 
cine, was given to the class with the highest per- 
centage attendance at the bi-weekly meetings. 
Featured at the meetings were lecturers including 
Dr. Don Spangler, current national president of 
the professional organization. 

Two delegates were chosen to represent the 
chapter at the national AVMA convention in 

Portland, Ore. Two others were sent to a public 
relations convention in Urbana, 111. Fall and 
spring dances attracted more than 450 students, 
wives and faculty. During the Christmas season, 
students and wives gave a party for their children. 
Membership accounted for 100 per cent of the 
student body of the college with more than 80 
per cent attending the regularly scheduled meet- 
ings. The student chapter sponsored Veterinary 
Medicine Open House. Theme of the event was 
''Veterinary Service through Education and 
Research." Open house was Parents' Day. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Seniors— TOP ROW: William C. Ed- 
wards, Robert G. Baxa, Ronald P. Gentzler, Kenneth L. Jeffery, Theodore T. 
Evans, Nathaniel A. Ade|unmobi, Gary D. Marr, Gailyn L. Holland. SECOND 
ROW: Steven R. Mosier, Terry N. Turner, William C. Randle, Lawrence Kosmin, 
Cecil V. Everett, Gary D. Harmon, Dennis D. Huck, John T. Hyde. THIRD ROW: 

Roger H. Bailey, R. William Kuhn, James J. Ketzner, James M. Holland, Kenneth 
G. Huggins, Donald W. Butts, Stephen L. Winn, Rodney L. Link, Ian B. Hobbs. 
BOTTOM ROW: William J. Machart, Stuart J. Burns, John A. Crouch, David B. 
Browne, Roger L. Lukens, Vernon D. Johnson, Leo G. Staley, Paul L. Huff. 







Cs. Ok O P 

^S d j*k 


o O- c 

* I ® " 


I l r 

jf r 

( \m 


American Veterinary Medical Association Juniors— TOP ROW: Iris L. Wagner, 
Benjamin B. Dow, Robert J. Bury, Robert Alvin Anderson, Cesar Gonzalez, Mi- 
chael A. Lanning, Jerry L. Hummel, Jon M. Day, LeRoy P. Schild, Joy L. Decker, 
Jerald A. Peterson, Catherine L. Hyde. SECOND ROW: Eldon L. Misak, Andrew 
J. Bozarth, Larry R. Anderson, Lyle E. Zitek, Dennis T. Nelson, Allen A. Cesaf- 
sky, Daniel A. DeNoon, Dan E. Cram, Edward J. Plocharski, James A. Case, Ned 

E. Eib. THIRD ROW: William C. Bergin, Jerry M. Middleswart, Robert E. Cartee, 
Earl B. Hauck, Duane M. Henrikson, Jack S. Dunham, Robert A. Swerczek, How- 
ard A. Kinzer, Roy A. Braum, Marlin D. Jeffers, Byron L. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Jacob M. Sherwood, Ronny L. Pemberton, Neill R. Walker, Harold D. Bauman, 
Clint S. Hardy, Robin R. Domer, Leonard A. Sigdestad, Walter E. Colon, James 
E. Dale, James F. Hicks, Edward J. Jezbera. 

American Veterinary Medical As- 
sociation Juniors — TOP ROW: 
Dallas D. Caster, Delvm D. Ran- 
dolph, Leon E. Thiessen, Joe L. 
Mauderly, Larry K. Dresher. SEC 
OND ROW: James I. Miller, Fin 
eas G. Hughbanks, Joe K. Baber 
David T. Lane, Darrell L. Haeker 
BOTTOM ROW: James L. Corhs 
Richard J. Cortesi, Timothy P 
Cheney, Charles E. Knudsen 
Robert L. Kerns. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Sophomores— TOP ROW: Nilean 
Nou, Joan E. Warner, Deborah F. Enchsen, Evelyn A. Bock, Judy A. Cox, Linda 
L. Delaplain, Jerry B. Burkey. SECOND ROW: Michael K. Moore, William M. 
Bryant, Dennis R. Skalka, Edward L. Kniffen, Norman R. Schneider, Frank G. 
Bieberly, Jerold E. McDowell, Marvin J. Far:. THIRD ROW: M. Keith Kingsley, 

Robert J. Shay, Sherwood L. Svarvari, James H. Myers, Arthur L. Carpenter, 
Stephen R. Frock, William M. Agresta. BOTTOM ROW: C. Dean Bertholf, Keith 
H. Eubank, James P. Nelson, Sherman J. Swanson, Harry A. Steinfort, Alexander 
J. Marshall. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Sophomores— TOP ROW: Dean R. 
Bader, Larry L. Williams, Max L. Hacker, Dean P. Fankhauser, Desmond A. 
Waturuocha, Dennis A. Rohan, Richard A. Barta, John C. Farhy, Thomas D. Vin- 
cent, Larry K. McKim, Jack D. Henry. SECOND ROW: Arnold G. Nagely, 
George L. Wiley, Randy D. Risley, Jerry D. Weil, Gary E. Voelker, Gordon R. 
Cunningham, Veryl B. Sibley, Kenneth N. Onyia, William S. Hales, Larry R. 

Meisegeier. THIRD ROW: Eugene R. Clothier, Robert G. Rohrbaugh, Wallace E. 
Kraft, Johnny J. Emery, Wendell R. Witter, Michael A. Gangel, Loren G. Tucker, 
Richard D. Knewtson, Dean J. Alpert, Tony L. Kirk, Robert L. Mitchell. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert A. MacArthur, Andre A. Darngrand, Laurence L. Cooper, David 
S. Hodgson, Edward N. Childs, Marvin E. Turner, David N. Bisbee, Dean E. 
Henncks, Garth L. Peterson, Roger S. Fix. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Freshmen— TOP ROW: Frederick L. 
Helm, Thomas A. Williams, Kenneth M. Krauter, William P. Tidball, Mary L. 
Liljestrand, Richard L. Robinson (Downs, Ks.), Philip D. Burford, William E. Lam- 
mers, Kenneth H. Rockwood, Ronald E. Jordan, Susan J. Alderman. SECOND 
ROW: Harold W. Richardson, Craig L. Carmichael, James E. Kimbrough, Lonnie 
D. Willis, Jack H. Konitz, Donald J. Kmoch, Jerome P. Yorke, Jane M. Albm, 

William P. Gallant, Melvin G. Fox. THIRD ROW: Dennis William Smith, John L 
Smith, James R. McCoy, Terryl K. Schmitt, Ronald T. Beach, Curtis L. Ish, Victor 
E. Anspaugh, Larry H. David, Robert R. Cudney, Gary A. Splitter, David A. 
Swerczek. BOTTOM ROW: Stephen J. Aberle, Edward T. Doyle, Norbert J. 
Zander, Larry D. Stuckey, James F. Wadsack, David L. Eisenbrandt, James M. 
Osborn, Ronald A. Engelken, Loren J. Rickard, Gerald L. Richardson. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Freshmen— TOP ROW: Celestine O 
N|oku, Michael L. Gambiani, James T. Marsh, Ronald L. Schindler, Ronald E. 
Sanko, Brenda G. Adrian, Richard N. Bruce, Tommy L. Jacobitz, Stephen K. 
Sproul. SECOND ROW: Warren E. Boomer, Henry R. Ewert, Larry H. Ringel, 
Marlin R. Grosz, Mark D. Williams, John L. Lenz, George W. Dunbar, William 

C. Skaer. THIRD ROW: Larry J. Oliver, Joseph G. Merriam, Denis A. Bekaert, 
Coy C. Mickey, Dallas O. Goble, Gerald F. Slonka, Robert E. Stach, Roger L. 
Becker, Robert J. Gump. BOTTOM ROW: Vernon D. Maxwell, Ralph E. Sievers, 
Fred E. Lowrey, Robert A. Briggs, Steven L. Rogers, Lynn F. Willard, Robert G. 
Brodenck, Robert C. Hartley. 


0*> C^\ 


^fflur ,^^"*^B BP vs 3^^ ^^Bf» ^1B 


American Veterinary Medical As 
sociation Auxiliary-TOP ROW 

Cheryl Mauderly, Connie V. Boom 
er, Linda L. Haeker, Jean Dresner, 
Peggy Ketzner, Linda M. Schild 
SECOND ROW: Judy A. Brown 
Ada M. Blankenship, Diane R 
Baxa, Marilyn|K.\Kimbrough, Bev 
erly P. Hobbs, Sandra L. Kerns 
Doris F. OKeeffe, Glenda K. Ans 
paugh, Joyce C. Schrock. THIRD 
ROW: Demesne G. Jeffery, Beth 
L. Bisbee, Carol D. O'Neil, Zo- 
anne R. Mickey, Sylvia G. Bret- 
hour, Ruth L. Stacey, Karen K. 
Ringel, Joyce J. Kmoch. BOTTOM 
ROW: Judy J. Moore, Margee A. 
Minter, Patricia A. Lukens, Karen 
Y. Domer, Vera R. Rogers, Donna 
J. Willard, Marione H. Dunham, 
Ginger Bailey. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary— TOP ROW: Patricia A. 
Krauter, Georgia I. Crouch, Carole J. Huggins, Carol I. Hicks, Carol Peterson, 
Penny A. Moss, Mary A. Ewert, Robyn Fankhauser, Jean E. Emery, Jean Kirk, 
Inge Collins. SECOND ROW: Gaylene H. McDowell, Gail E. Eubank, Barbara 
A. Branson, Joyce B. Ish, Judy A. Nagely, Janice S. David, Carolyn R. Jezbera, 
Redetta A. Bury, Judy C. Farhy, Patricia S. Willis. THIRD ROW: Judy Schrater, 

Judith E. Huff, Barbara J. Case, Judy L. Turner, Mavis Kingsley, Connie Winters, 
Arlene Goble, Neily Hardy, Sandra Agresta, Carolyn K. Eisenbrandt. BOTTOM 
ROW: Wanda L. Bryant, Phyllis M. Fnesen, Joyce L. Helwig, Mary E. Bauman, 
Donna C. Swanson, Pat E. Bertholf, Lois S. Lanning, Lois L. Oliver, Peggy L. 
Middleswart, Yvonne A. Brodenck. 

Visitors at Veterinary Medicine Open House see Dykstra oper- 
ntin^ facilities and hear firsthand reports of medical equipment. 


Auxiliary aids loan fund, 
donates hospital curtains 

As a service project, members of AVMA Aux- 
iliary contributed to a loan fund for students, in 
veterinary medicine. With the leadership of Pres- 
ident Carol D. O'Neil, the wives' organization 
also raised money to purchase curtains for Dyk- 
stra Veterinary Hospital and donated food to an 
underprivileged family in Manhattan. In the fall 
and spring, members attended dances sponsored 
by AVMA and arranged a Christmas party for 
children of auxiliary members. The group also 
invited husbands to four dances during the year 
and carried on the tradition as the first women's 
auxiliary of the national organization. 


Cosmopolitan meal fosters Livestock judges attend 
Arab-American accord Block and Bridle school 

As part of its program to improve relations be- 
tween Arab students and the citizens and mer- 
chants of Manhattan, Arab-American Club spon- 
sored a dinner at a local hotel. More than 300 
students and Manhattan residents attended. 

Advised by Leo Engler, members of Arab- 
American Club worked with other foreign stu- 
dent groups to promote better communication 
between foreign and American students. The 
club operated on a personal basis, requiring each 
member to bring a friend of another nationality 
to business meetings. With Mousa Mashal as 
president, the students from the Middle East 
helped with International Week. 

At work in the field of agriculture, Block and 
Bridle Club organized a training school in live- 
stock judging for Midwest college and 4-H judg- 
ing teams. In cooperation with Dairy Science 
Club, members helped plan the annual Little 
American Royal. Advised by Miles McKee, the 
group sponsored steak fries in the fall and spring. 

Block and Bridle Club members judged live- 
stock contests and participated in Sheep Breeders' 
and Feeders' Day activities. Dean Davis was 
president of the group which sponsored a spring 
banquet where awards were given to the club's 
most outstanding member and to junior scholar- 
ship winners among the agriculture majors. 

Arab-American Club-TOP ROW: 
Leona S. Dobson, Salma H. 
Saadeh, Hisham K. Saadeh, Najih 
M. Shubber, Suad Shubber, Jame- 
sma A. Boudreau. SECOND ROW: 
Khalid A. Saab, Ayad E. Al-Sal- 
man, Amel J. Al-Hilly, Sami M. 
Al-Hasam, Mohamed E. Tawflk. 
BOTTOM ROW: Adnan M. Muhta- 
sib, Mustafa B. Bashier, Zuheir S. 
Dada, Abdel S. Kansouh, Richard 
Lillibridge, Martha E. Caughron. 

Bakery Management Club — TOP ROW: Mark S. Walters, Graham H. Shaw, 
Donald R. Pond, Ira M. Walman, Tommy D. Dameron. SECOND ROW: Marvin 
V. Brewer, William F. Vertolli, John C. Klein, Steve A. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Larry Y. Norman, Fred W. Suggs, Marvin G. Heebe, Robert H. Hossfeld, John 
A. Johnson. 

Commercial baking club 
visits Kansas industries 

Sponsoring two field trips to Kansas bakeries, 
the Bakery Management Club gave members a 
better understanding of baking and allied indus- 
tries. Trips included visits to commercial bakeries 
in the Hutchinson and Kansas City areas. 

Jim Kirkpatrick, chairman of the bakery man- 
agement recruitment program in Kansas City, 
was one of several lecturers from the baking in- 
dustry who spoke at monthly seminars sponsored 
by the organization. Having Graham Shaw as 
president, members of Bakery Management Club 
also participated in activities of Ag Science Day. 


Block and Bridle Club-TOP ROW: Jerry L. Hahn, Garry L. Keeler, Patricia A 
Abersold, Patricia I, Coons, Sylvia A. Lydick, Mary J. Koons, Judith A. Balthazor 
Kay A. Magby, Barbara J. Socolofsky, Nancy J. Makalous, Ronald L. Wells 
SECOND ROW: Tom J. Moxley, Gordon R. Christiansen, Timothy J. Rowe, Rich 
ard L. Theurer, Johnny E. Meetz, Larry E. Kohl, Steven W. Yust, Richard K. Rob 
ertson, Patrick M. Staats, Gordon K. McNitt. THIRD ROW: Melvin N. Metzen 

Cheryl K. Huseman, Wesley P. Holmes, Garry L. Peterson, Sally J. Lydick, Arthur 
A. Adams, Joe K. Eshelman, Howard M. Wehrman, George F. Collins. BOTTOM 
ROW: Keith E. Tollefson, Stephen A. Sherlock, Ronald Lee Peterson, Eugene L. 
Gross, Darrell L. Johnson, Forrest E. Stegelin, Brent A. Kitchen, Thomas O. 
Sullivant, Gerald A. Greathouse, James R. Dobbins. 

Block and Bridle-TOP ROW: 
Gordon P. Dettmer, Robert A. 
Ebert, Danny R. Peterson, Richard 
M. McKee, George A. Teagarden. 
SECOND ROW: Homer L. Higdon, 
Dean L. Davis, Lawrence M. Chain, 
Tom E. Fey. THIRD ROW: Rodney 
R. Arbuthnot, Garry O Paddock, 
Dean K. Johnson, John C. Nagel, 
Leigh W. St. Clair. BOTTOM 
ROW: Eugene O. Peters, Melvin 
M. Fuelling, Charles R. White, 
William D. Oswalt, Edward S. 

Block and Bridle— TOP ROW: Charles S. Hartley, Ronald U. Lindquist, Charles 
L. Rich, Stana M. Asmussen, Mildred J. Scribner, Ann J. Brunner, Ronald O 
Odell, Samuel C. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Willard E. Kindig, James M. Veatch, 
William K. Dyer, Philip V. Mathews, Michael E. Dikeman, James A. Hoobler, 
Franklin L. Eberhart. THIRD ROW: Phillip C. Light, Ronald D. Welsh, Stephen 

A. Dunbar, Ronald W. Hirst, Thomas D. Perrier, Lloyd H. Willard, Richard J. 
Proehl, Everett G. Aldndge. BOTTOM ROW: Robert C Carlgren, Gene W. Lav- 
erentz, John R. Evans, William R. Gross, Virgil R. Huseman, Raymond K. 
Haresnape, James C. Forshee. 

O A 


Chaparajos— TOP ROW: Nancy 
J. Hedges, Stana M. Asmussen, 
Patricia J. Drake, Marcia L. Stout, 
Mildred J. Scnbner. SECOND 
ROW: John D. Todd, Candice S. 
Case, Newton C. Hinson, Tamara 
D. Armstrong, Sharon W. Bush, 
Janice M. Schlagel. THIRD ROW 
Gary L. Beach, Richard J. Proehl 
Thomas H. Wessels, Tracy A 
Gaughan, Dennis L. Wells. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Frederick D. Riedel 
James H. Batton, Charles R. White, 
Richard K. Norton. 

Chaparajos— TOP ROW: Barbara A. Nelson, Lynda S. Harris, Linda L. Kaul, 
Leslie S. Innis, Ruth L. Worthington, Martha E. Ewing, Marilyn S. Myers, Sheryl 
K.Jordan. SECOND ROW: Mary J. Underwood, Judith J. Olson, Cheryl M. 
Kuiken, Mary J. Cooper, Catherine A. Murry, Ganile A. Myers, Pamalee G. Car- 

son. THIRD ROW: Joel K. Brubaker, Max L. Worthington, Nancy A. Charles, Judy 
L. Heck, Norla M. Stephens, Mary S. Attwood, Linda K. Shambaugh. BOTTOM 
ROW: Jerre K. Rorick, John D. Tarman, Ronald A. Miller, Charles W. Burger, 
Steven A. Mueller, David Chad Hall. 

Chaparajos— TOP ROW: Jean A. Lancaster, ianora A. Sigley, Jill M. Johnson, 
Judith A. Balthazor, Barbara A. O'Donnell, Patricia K. Miller, Susan L. Kendall. 
SECOND ROW: Don L. Kueck, Charles L. Rich, Anthony T. Coon, Lester D. Mar- 
tin, Linda J. Schleicher, Barbara J. Socolofsky. THIRD ROW: Paul M. Marshall, 

Howard A. Kinzer, Richard M. Reid, Gary A. Garrett, Richard J. Crist, Cheryl K. 
Huseman. BOTTOM ROW: Owen K. Nordvig, Ronald W. Norton, Ronald D. 
Pappan, Danny R. Wells, Harold J. Topliff, Charles K. Tillson. 


Chinese Student Association— TOP ROW: Susie S. Young, Grace K. Lee, Yi T. 
Sun, Ke C. Tuan, Dee Wang, Eddie L. Hwang, Thomas Lee, Steve K. Lee. SEC- 
OND ROW: George Y. Yeh, Peter Y. Pee, Dick T. Lee, Arnold K. Ng, Pao-Lm 

Yin, Yuan-Shin Yang, Harvey S. Leou, Joseph C. Ohao, Michael K. Yvan. BOT- 
TOM ROW: John Y. Ho, Pei-Kao Hsueh, Leslie L. Ho, David D. Lue, Peter P. 
Chen, Lawrence W. Chiang, Yuan C. Chiang, Punley H. Yang. 

Chosen for horsemanship and personality, one candidate for 
Rodeo queen receives help from members of Chaparajos Club. 

Chaparajos rodeo teams 
defend Great Plains title 

Defending their Great Plains championship, 
members of Chaparajos Club competed in five 
spring rodeos. The club also sponsored an over- 
night trail ride near Tuttle Creek and organized 
the University's Intercollegiate Rodeo for the 
eleventh year. During the fall semester, members 
attended a steak fry and heard a veterinarian 
discuss animal diseases. With John Todd as club 
president, the rodeo group planned a queen con- 
test and a spring picnic, and invited speakers to 
discuss horsemanship and rodeo activities. 

Chinese extend welcome, 
sponsor sports program 

To welcome new Chinese students to the cam- 
pus, members of Chinese Student Association 
planned a reception each semester in the Wesley 
Foundation center. Under the direction of Presi- 
dent David Lue, the club participated in intra- 
mural basketball and also provided table tennis, 
dancing, badminton and other games at weekly 
gatherings. During the year, members presented 
several Chinese movies in the Union Little Thea- 
ter and planned parties and picnics. 


Circle K recruits donors 
in record blood drive 

Recruiting more than 550 blood donors first 
semester, members of Circle K sponsored the most 
successful blood drive at any Kansas college or 
university. Establishment of the blood bank re- 
quired about 1,000 man hours each semester. 
Members visited living groups and presented a 
film and talk about the Red Cross program. 

Donating blood first semester, volunteers recruited by Circle 
K give more pints than any other Kansas college or university. 

Future doctors, dentists 
tour area medical school 

While attending Pre-Med Day, members of 
Clinic Club toured the Kansas University Medi- 
cal School and heard talks on professional school 
curriculums. The group viewed movies on medi- 
cal education and spoke with persons in the 
medical and dentistry fields. Hoping to inform 
younger students about career possibilities, mem- 
bers invited men from area schools to discuss 
medical and dental programs. Clinic Club cele- 
brated its twenty-fifth anniversary. 

Circle K— TOP ROW: Arland D. Stephens, Daryl O. Stone, George A. Gerritz, 
Kenneth E. Stout. SECOND ROW: Gary J. Hanna, Ronald W. Taylor, James D. 
Viergever. BOTTOM ROW: Keith F. Olson, Daniel R. McConachie, Terry M. 
Haggard, Chester E. Peters. 

Clinic Club-TOP ROW: Edward J. Wimmer, Lynnea S. Newbury, Alice L. 
Boyles, Tern A. DaMetz. SECOND ROW: William L. Dillon, Donald M. Essmiller, 
William D. Butler, Franklin H. Ross, Donald L. Sweat. THIRD ROW: Howard P. 

Killough, Eddie J. Gray, Max M. Stearns, David L. VanWinkle, Burk Jubelt, Joel 
T. Weigand. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis Rosenblatt, Roger B. Johnson, Kendall M. 
Wright, Robert M. Melichar, James F. Shetlar. 


*|a.© c© 



P*f P^F 

Clothing and Textiles Club— TOP ROW: Linda L. Tresennter, Sherri D. Hughes, 
Barbara J. Klick, Shirley A. Lewis, Frances M. Angell, Janice E. Ackors, Rena L. 
Watts, Linda J. Ware, Mary E. Windels. SECOND ROW: Mary J. Dice, Margaret 
J. Marsh, Jane R. Choplin, Regina G. Young, Carolyn K. McKmley, Sandra L. 
Bradley, Rosalyn A. West, Patricia J. Heyer, Marie L. Cone. THIRD ROW: Linda 

K. Pelkey, Virginia R. Green, Carolyn R. Milleson, Janis L. Bergman, Marie E. 
Thiel, Beverly A. Norton, Barbara A. Harrison, Janice L. Selby, Joan K. Reusser, 
Karen E. Gorman. BOTTOM ROW: Pamela R. Buetzer, Dorothy Dean Miller, 
Diane K. Youngers, Kathleen J. Warner, Judith A. Stindt, Gwen I, Springer, Bon- 
nie R. Ruhnke, Nancy L. Evans, Evon L. Obermueller. 

Collegiate Future Farmers of America— TOP ROW: Leon C. Perry, Robert W. 
Gilbert, Floyd L. Lotker, Ross D. Crane, Jerry L. Hahn, Kenneth W. Kelley, Larry 
C. Epley, Alvin R. Conner, Delbert L. Rule. SECOND ROW: Eldon R. Trost, 
Stephen W. Stucky, Jerry D. Morgan, Rex A. Stewart, David F. Martin, Dale M. 
Richardson, Harold J. ToplifF, Garry L. Frazee, Lyle H. Chadwell, Robert J. Main- 

quist. THIRD ROW: Jettie F. Condray, Douglas K. Peters, Larry E. Kater, Joseph 
B. Detrixhe, Arlen W. Etlmg, Ronald L. Ibbetson, Gordon K. McNitt, Richard A. 
Ibbetson, Norman R. Galle. BOTTOM ROW: John P. Benfer, John E. Holste, 
Gaylord D. Kelsey, Jerry L. Condray, Paul N. Stevenson, David K. Lightner, 
Leon D. Sowers, Thomas F. Gillaspie, Roger L. Baker. 

Students donate mittens 
to Justin Christmas tree 

Setting up a mitten tree in Justin hall was a 
service project of the Clothing and Textiles Club. 
Mittens contributed by students were hung on the 
tree and distributed to needy children at Christ- 
mas. Members also sponsored the Best Dressed 
Girl contest, visited with the manager of a local 
retail clothing business and learned of job oppor- 
tunities from talks by people in the field. 

FFA sponsors banquet, 
works at state meeting 

In addition to sponsoring a banquet to honor 
new and retiring state officers, Collegiate Future 
Farmers of America supervised high school groups 
during the state FFA convention. Awards pro- 
vided by the club went to winners of the state 
public speaking contest. One member, Joseph 
Detrixhe, was elected national student secretary, 
fourth national FFA office holder from Kansas. 


Collegiate 4-H Club— TOP ROW: Rita M. Hollinger, Jeanette M. Golitko, Eliza- 
beth P. Gilmore, Pamela S. Engle, Karen D. DeGood, Helen E. Packard, Louise 
M. Haslouer, Anna M. Luker, Nancy A. Theobald. SECOND ROW: Rodney P. 
Shipman, Richard D. Wilson, Dorothy J. Schroder, Ben W. Wood, Marlene F. 

McKaughan, Carol M. Biby, Wilma M. Hazen, Luann K. Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Dennis R. Siefkes, Richard P. Waldren, John W. Toney,Arlen W. Etlmg, William 
H. Reissig, Ralph C. Richardson, Ann J. Brunner. 

Collegiate 4-H members judge County Club Days 

Judges for 4-H County Club Days came from 
the membership of Collegiate 4-H Club. For the 
fourth consecutive year, the club operated a food 
booth at the Hutchinson State Fair and used the 
proceeds to sponsor an all-campus mixer. Di- 

rected by President Ronald Jones, the club pub- 
lished the magazine, "4-H in Review," and pre- 
sented a monthly radio program which described 
highlights of area 4-H work. Members also helped 
at the 4-H Round-Up in Manhattan. 

In cooperation with the Kansas 4-H Foundation, members of 
Collegiate 4-H prepare a magazine summarizing the year's 4-H 

activities. More than 100 students sell advertising, write 
articles and do editing work on the annual fall publication. 

© R 

Collegiate 4-H— TOP ROW: Patricia Ann Patton, Marcia L. Lowther, Jackie L 
Miller, Wilda L. Loeppke, Phyllis J. Blasdel, Sheryl D. Kushner, Viva L. Weese, 
Joyce E. Blecha, Cynthia K. Ramey, Saundra K. Masten. SECOND ROW: Mar- 
garet J. Marsh, Judith L. Kitch, Marie J. Morton, Reba S. Brazle, Loretta E. Reeh, 
Sharon F. Rice, Barbara J. Anderson, Patricia A. Wiens, Cynthia A. Wilson, 
Jeanne L. Muret. THIRD ROW: Harvey I. Rosen, Frank K. Brazle, Roderick K. 

Blocksome, Gale R. Brown, William J. Gilliland, George W. Kuchenthal, Richard 
M. Reid, Franklin L. Eberhart, Danny R. Peterson, Phylis L. Van Dyke. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert D. Evans, Kenneth W. Kelley, Ted D. Edmondson, Kenneth R. Jarre, 
Gary L. Armstrong, Glenn W. Shields, Glenn W. Riggs, George L. Zabel, Ste- 
phen R. Morris, David W. Cutter, Alan F. Kessler. 

Collegiate 4-H— TOP ROW: Linda D. Gentry, Virginia A. Meyer, Jacqualine S. 
Byers, Marilyn K. Wasmund, Vivian R. Becker, Paula L. Sanford, Cheri L. Avery, 
Sandra D. Tollefson, Jerry W. Sleichter. SECOND ROW: Fred W. Handlin, W. 
Robert Kramer, Stephen V. Davis, Gregory A. Armbruster, Jerry L. Armbruster, 
Gary J. Hanna, Ruth E. Schroeder, Arietta Y. Visser, Lynn D. Romberger, Walter 
B. Patton. THIRD ROW: John E. Holste, Stephen R. Birkbeck, Steve C. Woodson, 

Larry J. DeDonder, Sharon L. Millenbruch, Dolores A. Hoffman, Frederick D. Rie- 
del, Jo A. Becker, Annette L. Buckland, Rita K. Lilak. BOTTOM ROW: Charles D. 
Dunbar, Norman W. Koester, Garry L. Frazee, Dan L. Hoffman, Leslie C. Long- 
berg, Forrest E. Stegelin, Terry L. Biery, Perrin K. Symns, Gordon L. Farmer, 
James R. Ploger. 

Collegiate 4-H— TOP ROW: William F. Blackwell, Gerald M. Donovan, Leon 
C. Perry, Edward J. Shelton, Connie J. Glunt, Linda L. Harrison, Elizabeth B. 
Teten, Rita A. Muret, Barbara A. Atkinson, Alvin R. Conner. SECOND ROW: 
Carol F. Hendershot, Joline A. Fredrickson, Judith A. Hornberger, Virginia M. 
Munson, Margaret K. Craig, Dorothy J. Ziegler, Carol S. Tiffany, Rosalie R. 
Sweat, Nancy J. Atkinson, Cheryl K. Walters. THIRD ROW: Monte W. Harden, 

Stephen L. Chadwell, Ronald E. Jones, Frank R. Douthit, Terry R. Schoenthaler, 
Larry G. Kern, Doris J. Bosse, Teresa K. Graham, Ellen L. Taylor, Richard L. Mc- 
Collough. BOTTOM ROW: Larry E. Kohl, Ralph I. Phillips, Eugene L. Gross, 
Charles T. Bronzan, Ronnie G. Lunsford, Larry E. Goering, Harold J. Topliff, 
Daniel R. Tice, Roger R. McCollough, Lyle H. Chadwell. 


Collegiate Young Republicans— TOP ROW: Melinda L. Dobson, Susan G. 
Carstens, Sharon M. George, Linda M. Miller, Nancy J. Ukena, Karen A. Nic- 
olai, Judith E. Helmke. SECOND ROW: Rodney C. Eaton, Richard S. Bordwell, 
Chene E. Miller, Joel R. Kriss, Donald L.Jameson, Robert C. Littrell. THIRD ROW: 

Paul A. Stewart, Philip K. Kline, Philip F. Moore, Gregory D. Muselman, Daniel 
W. Young, Douglas G. Groesbeck, Douglas S. Brunson. BOTTOM ROW: Cray- 
don D. McDonald, Steve E. Potter, Stephen E. Seltzer, Raymond W. Johnson, 
Samuel W. Knecht, Leslie C. Longberg. 

Collegiate Young Republicans— TOP ROW: Ronald E. Jordan, Richard W. 
George, Linda J. Braun, Nancy J. Butler, Marie L. Cone, Judy M. Brammer, 
Deanna George. SECOND ROW: Glen W. Froelich, Kent L. Marmet, Robert M. 
Deaver, Marilyn S. Kelsey, Charles R. Howell, Richard E. Zell. THIRD ROW: Le- 

land O. Singer, James L. Gray, Dennis E. Myers, Philip K. Kline, Patrick J. Berger, 
David M. Deppmg. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald R. Worley, Robert H. Miller, William 
T. Davies, Jon D. Soder, Thane R. Palmberg, Donald G. Dressier. 

Congressmen, candidates speak at CYR meetings 

Chester Mize and Robert Dole were two of 
several Kansas congressmen to speak at meetings 
of Collegiate Young Republicans. Mize reported 
on the work of the Eighty-Ninth Congress, and 
Dole spoke of the need for reorganization within 
the Republican party. Students in the political 
organization also heard talks by candidates cam- 
paigning for state office. A trip to the state house 
in Topeka gave CYR members an opportunity 

to hear congressional debate on state reappor- 
tionment of voting districts. 

Two all-University dances were sponsored 
during the year by Collegiate Young Republicans, 
the first after the Colorado football game in 
October and the second in February. As CYR 
queen, Anne Tuggle welcomed Sen. Everett 
Dirksen for a lecture address and represented the 
club at a state convention. 


Variety show proceeds 
go to United Fund drive 

Proceeds from an international variety show 
were donated by members of Cosmopolitan Club 
to the Manhattan United Fund drive. Featuring 
a variety of American and foreign dance numbers, 
an international dance show was attended by 
more than 500 persons. The oldest organization 
of its kind at the University, Cosmopolitan Club 
also presented a coin and stamp show with dis- 
plays of coins and stamps from many countries. 
President Intesar Zaidi directed the Feast of 
Nations which featured foreign cuisine. 

Dairy group participates 
in Little American Royal 

Little American Royal activities were planned 
by Dairy Science Club in cooperation with Block 
and Bridle Club. With the leadership of Presi- 
dent Carroll Campbell, the group also built a 
booth for Ag Science Day and participated in 
activities during Homecoming week. Members of 
the organization sponsored a steak fry in the fall 
and a chili feed during second semester. Advised 
by Harold Roberts and James Morrill, the club 
raised money by serving food at the state meeting 
of the Holstein Fresian Association. 

Cosmopolitan Club— TOP ROW: Rebecca A. Loucks, Magdalena L Briones, 
Pramila A. Krupadanam, Joyce A. Duesing, Kathleen M. Farney, Lynn E. Boylan, 
Miguel A. Figueroa. SECOND ROW: Beth L. Martin, Intesar H. Zaidi, Awadh N. 
Singh, Kenneth A. Onyia, Mohammad Tanq, Prabhakar N. Jagtap, Patti J. 
Lampe, Arunkumar K. Gholkar. THIRD ROW: Mir N. Khan, Jesse O. Akinokun, 

Narendra M. Mistry, Syed A. Quadn, Kathleen M. Clark, Patricia A. Smith, Con- 
stance L. Bates, Cecil Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Zafar A. Qureshi, Awadh R. Singh, 
Sayeed U. Syed, Dennis A. Harbaugh, Quaisar M. Hanif, Mazhar A. Khan, 
Maher H. Khan. 

Dairy Science Club —TOP ROW: Roger B. Marion, James R. Studnicka, Donald 
F. Darling, Gary D. Myers, Lloyd E. Lynn, Ronald K. Graber. SECOND ROW: 
Carrol W. Campbell, Richard L. Harner, Lawrence E. Carter, Ronald D. Coltrane, 
Lyle G. Helmer, Richard Bassette. THIRD ROW: Roger E. Forsberg, James H. 

Goff, Ranee K. Headley, William B. McNeill, Steven A. Larson, Harold A. Rob- 
erts. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Morrill, Donald C. Utz, Robert C. Dobson, Howard 
W. Wilson, Laverne R. Myers, Ted L. Schmid. 


W 9 ^© 

Dames Club— TOP ROW: Connie L. Blankenship, Donna E. McCallum, Linda L 
Hayse, Rita R. Cathrae, Andrea D. McDermott, Sandy S. DeMand, Audrey A 
Bell, Bonnie R. Flipse, Donna J. Jensen. SECOND ROW: Pamela J. Faulconer 
Diana S. Sprecker, Genell Jack, Doris J. Pitman, Patricia A. May, Vivian M. Cot 
trell, Susan S. Mann, Jeanette S. Nelson, Arlene J. Letourneau, Beverly A. An 

derzhon. THIRD ROW: Jean A. Wiman, Marylou Reiter, Jean Schanefelt, Mary- 
lou Lundblade, Mary Weickert, Kreta Thompson, Jacquelin K. Corlis, Barbara J. 
Capron, Diana Schiffner, Dottie Prater, Delight Vogt. BOTTOM ROW: Gaylene 
H. McDowell, Betty Horigan, Joan Isaacson, Gloria J. McPeak, Jean E. Miller, 
Kathy Marker, Sarabeth Tuomey, Mary E. York, Edith M. Mathes, Donna K. Arp. 

Dames Club— TOP ROW: Mary J. Ungnade, Barbara H. McDougal, Suzanne R. 
Seidel, Sandy A. Marsden, Charleen Cook, Judith Steppel, Karen Anderson. SEC- 
OND ROW: Judy K. Johnson, Lovella L. Mullen, Lynda M. Janne, lola L. Corbin, 
Beverly K. Fiser, Marcella M. Durst. THIRD ROW: Patricia J. Baker, Cecilia M. 

Boehlke, Karen A. Barnes, Barbara J. Beutler, Mary A. Ewert, Helen F. Jones, 
Darlene F. Smika. BOTTOM ROW: Janice I. Green, Erna J. Wright, Jane L. Leip- 
per, Linda R. Bailey, Jams M. Reilly, Mary K. Ferell, Carol A. Kelpin, Rayne E. 

Dames discuss problems, sponsor needy family 

"Preparing Your Child for School," "Cancer 
and Women" and "Psychological Problems of 
Young Marrieds" were topics discussed at 
monthly meetings of Dames Club. Founded in 
1954 for married women students and wives of 
students, the organization also sponsored a needy 
family at Christmas and sent service workers to 

the Wharton Manor. A reception was given by 
the group for wives of University deans. 

Spring social functions included a dance and 
a pizza party for members and their husbands. 
In May, a banquet and honorary graduation ex- 
ercises were given by Dames Club for wives of 
men who were receiving degrees. 


Entomology contributions provide educational fund 

Contributions from members of Entomology 
Club were added to proceeds from a rummage 
sale to provide an educational trust fund for the 
son of a graduate student who died of cancer. 

On a field trip to the fossil beds near Elmo, 
members of Entomology Club excavated layers 
of limestone for later inspection in University 

facilities. The organization also sponsored a 
Christmas party and spring and fall picnics for 
members and their families. Members helped co- 
ordinate plans for entomology seminars. During 
the fall semester, a representative of a national 
museum in Washington, D.C. talked to students 
about taxonomy of insects and butterflies. 

Entomology Club— TOP ROW: James K. Quinlan, Elbert L. Eshbaugh, Roger C. 
Smith, Robert B. Mills, Gailen D. White, Dean F. Davis. SECOND ROW: Charles 
L. Storey, Elmer T. Jones, Hugh E. Thompson, John H. Schesser, H. Derrick 
Blocker, Donald A. Wilbur. THIRD ROW: John G. Thomas, Harrison E. Mc- 

Gregor, Herbert Knutson, Richard J. Elizinga, Delmon W. LaHue, Carl W. Ret- 
tenmeyer, Norbert M. Kauffeld. BOTTOM ROW: Hayward G. Spongier, Charles 
W. Pitts, Dell E. Gates, Theodore L. Hopkins, Norman Marston, Billy R. Wiseman. 

Entomology Club— TOP ROW: Suheyla Gul, Emiliana N. Bernardo, Julia M. Hite, 
Dallas E. Miller, Darrell E. Bay, James D. Lambley, Luis A. Elias, Reynaud G. 
Granados, Marna D. Hart, Magdalena L. Briones, Emelita V. Demeterio. SEC- 
OND ROW: Stanley R. Rachesky, Rodney A. Stevens, Billy D. Hilbert, H. R. 
Gundu Rao, Zafar A. Qureshi, John H. Williams, Gary F. Hevel, Ralph E. Berry, 
Richard K. Lindquist, Gabriel Diaz, Leland W. Raney. THIRD ROW: John P. 


Spencer, Elvis A. Heinrichs, Kermit O. Bell, Forrest L. Oliveria, Carlos J. Ros- 
setto, Randall W. Koudele, Lee A. Halgren, James A. Webster, Patrick A. Walters, 
Stephen M. Voider, Mir A. Khan, Stanley R. Husted. BOTTOM ROW: Larry L. 
Murdock, Thomas A. Eddy, Michael L. Shuman, Bruce B. Hostetler, Bill F. Jones, 
Terry L. Biery, John B. Campbell, Ronald E. Keys, Abdel S. Kansouh, Roderic D. 
Simpson, Bruce W. Baugh. 

A A D A 


Family and Child Development Club— TOP ROW: Pamela C. Mullen, Pattie D. 
Rickenbacher, Rebecca L. Johnston, Dianne Darling, Beverly J. Larsen, Bonita A. 
Rice, Nancy M. Macfee, Catherine L. Karl, Patricia S. Willis. SECOND ROW: 
Patricia J. Edmonds, Kathleen M. Sughrue, Kathryn A. Martin, Jeri L. Farmer, 
Wilma J. Hansen, Kathleen A. McNeal, Nancy J. Makalous, Betty J. Francisco, 

Karen E. Linscheid, Cynthia A. Bergerhouse. THIRD ROW: Deanna K. Klenda, 
Donna L. Olivier, Helen M. Ryan, Diane F. HofFman, Eunice M. Hoover, Donna 
R. Simmons, Shirley J. Reid, Helen A. Langley, Carol A. Laverentz. BOTTOM 
ROW: Mary P. Hudgens, Judith A. Hornberger, Nancy L Robertson, Juanito C. 
Reyes, Jeanne A. Guy, Diana C. Sewart, Harriet E. Hapai, Patricia A. Schmidt. 

Flying Club— TOP ROW: Leslie A. Lovett, Manuel A. Thomas, Orlin H. Helbing, 
Duke B. Reiber, Gary L. Turner, Robert E. Smith. SECOND ROW: Stephen K. 
Raney, Wayne H. Anschutz, Dwayne L. Harts, Jere L. Compton, Timothy J. Breen, 
Howard P. Killough, Jr. THIRD ROW: E. M. Pyle, Ross C. Marsh, Lawrence R. 

York, Harold D. Bauman, Malcolm D. Rodenberg, Kenneth Ohm, Karmon D. 
Almquist. BOTTOM ROW: Douglas K. Peters, Galen R. McDonald, William J. 
Schmitt, Paul W. Hayse, Richard Lillibridge, John R. Evans. 

Home economics group 
offers day care service 

Student pilots purchase 
Cessna instruction planes 

Day care service for Manhattan families was 
provided by members of the Family and Child 
Development Club. One of nine interest groups 
of the Home Economics Council, the club volun- 
teered service at a nursery for handicapped 
children, directed weekly tutoring sessions and 
participated in council projects. 

Purchasing two new airplanes, members of 
Flying Club traveled to Oklahoma for a u fly-in" 
with other Big Eight schools. At monthly meet- 
ings which adviser Clyde Wassom helped plan, 
the 36 student pilots discussed the club's new 
Cessna 150 Trainer and Cessna 182 Skylane. 
Members also reviewed safety programs. 


Forensic Union competes 
in out-of-state tourneys 

Swimmers execute skills, 
give annual water show 

Forensic Union debaters journeyed to tourn- 
aments at the University of Chicago, the Uni- 
versity of Redlands in California, Iowa State 
University and Emporia State Teachers College. 
Activities of Forensic Union, organized as a group 
in 1956, were open to students interested in de- 
bate and forensics competition. 

Led by President Sheryl Etling and faculty 
sponsor Ted Barnes, members entertained de- 
baters from Great Britain and the University of 
Kansas on campus for inter-squad competition. 

Demonstrating their ability in synchronized 
swimming, members of Frog Club were chosen 
at fall try-outs judged by a Frog Club executive 
committee. Under the direction of club president 
Eugene Smith, committee members ranked ap- 
plicants on their skills in the front, back, side and 
breast strokes and the porpoise and dolphin 
strokes. At their spring synchronized swimming 
production, the swimmers performed solos, duets 
and triplets. The program climaxed 15-20 hours 
of practice on each number. 

Forensic Union-TOP ROW: Chloe 
E. Rexroad, Dennis Walter Smith, 
Sandra S. Paramore, Roger D. 
Dennis, Sheryl B. Etling. SECOND 
ROW: Vincent S. DiSalvo, Janice 
D. Keply, Paul R. Firling, Gayle 
K. Foster, Jack V. Lewis. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert M. Smith, William 
J. Seiler, Russell L. Muse, Ted J. 

Frog Club— TOP ROW: Phyllis L. Wheeler, Mary E. Peterson, Janel S. Wilson, 
Merry J. Kanawyer, Virginia G. Cardwell, Thelma J. Kirk, Mary J. Vanderlip, 
Kathryn M. McCarthy. SECOND ROW: Susan K. Young, Nancy L. Durham, Pa- 
tricia A. Payne, Judith A. James, Shirley A. Pinkerton, Susan K. Wade, Carolyn 
K. McKinley, Nancy J. Renbarger. THIRD ROW: Carol A. Martin, Sara L. Kirk, 

John A. Haas, Michael D. Kemper, Jean A. Sheik, Linda A. Kuhn, Jo Janet Dean, 
Nona G. Reynolds. BOTTOM ROW: Bonita K. Moren, Gail A. Martinson, Laura 
L. Scott, Janice K. Nixon, Dexter A. Vergin, Eugene L. Smith, Jane A. Sheetz, 
Constance L. Hall, Janet L. McAninch. 


Language students gain insight of tradition, culture 

Group discussion, films and slides introduced 
members of French Club to the French culture 
and people. Completing its second year as a rec- 
ognized organization, the group planned a Christ- 
mas party and picnic. 

Members of German Club welcomed German 
exchange students to American college life by in- 
viting them into their homes and planning trips 

to points of interest in Kansas. A Christmas 
party featured traditional carols, an Advent 
wreath, St. Nikolaus and German Christmas 
cookies. Movies from Germany, a spring mas- 
querade party with folk songs and dances and a 
spring picnic acquainted club members with 
German culture and provided them an oppor- 
tunity to improve language proficiency. 

French Club — TOP ROW: Helen 
D. Groyon, Nancy J. Olson, Sharyl 
L. Cassidy, Gretl Fitch, Janice K. 
Graber. SECOND ROW: Jody 
Stover, Sally J. Maichel, Madelyn 
C. Dixon, Katherine E. Shelton, 
Betty R. McGraw. BOTTOM ROW: 
Tad W. Guzie, Michael J. Mc- 
Cormick, Virginia E. Brown, Mar- 
jorie A. Wallace, Patricia A. 

German Club— TOP ROW: Linda 
D. Gentry, Doris Loffler, Heide- 
marie Zehelein, Polly A. Coombs, 
Use M. Reilmg. SECOND ROW: 
Garry J. Rokey, Donald M. Ess- 
miller, Sarah C. Harper, Veronica 
A. Bonebrake, Sharon A. Hase. 
THIRD ROW: Helga M. Lisec, Joan 
R. Schneikart, Sheryl L. Alloway, 
Christa F. Schafer, Linda J. Sol- 
berg. BOTTOM ROW: Roger B. 
Johnson, David Lionel Parker, 
Dwight D. Jewett, Stephen Alan 
Smith, Frank M. Atkinson. 


Home Economics Journalism Club 

— TOP ROW: Chen L. Avery, 
Sharon K. Salvino, Sherryl L. Dil- 
ler, Bonita A. Miller, Linda E. 
Bugbee. SECOND ROW: Mary K. 
Prochaska, Becky M. Slothower, 
Barbara H. Asfahl, Pamela K. 
Weckman. BOTTOM ROW: Mary 
J. Pretzer, Elaine A. Rusch, Lora 
M. Smith, Patricia W. Cheney, 
Carolyn R. Howard. 


^LdiP ^ 

Horticulture Club— TOP ROW: Jacqueline A. Rogers, Sandra C. Moore, Mary 
A. Covalt, Linda A. Poell, William L. Shoemaker, Robert H. Stover. SECOND 
ROW: Gary M. Burris, Jimmie R. Mathes, James E. Motes, Samuel J. Brungardt, 

David D. Jackson, Sylvester O. Nyhart. BOTTOM ROW: James K. Greig, Gay- 
lord D. Kelsey, Raymond L. Kline, Bruce R. Lester, Leroy G. Hannebaum, Winston 
J. Edwards. 

Home Economics Teaching Club— TOP ROW: Gloria D. Wanager, Ruth A. 
Bartholomew, Pauletta J. Winderlin, Gloria R. Adams. SECOND ROW: Ruth A. 
Cobb, Mary K. Wood, Jeanette M. Golitko, Marguerite A. Habiger. BOTTOM 
ROW: Barbara K. Richard, Sharon L. Barrow, Virginia L. Mansholt, Sherry K. 

Horticulture majors build 
third place parade float 

With money raised from the sale of bedding 
plants, Horticulture Club financed a third place 
entry for the Homecoming parade. The float was 
made of greenery and carried the theme, "A 
Sooner in the Hand is Worth Ten in the Bush." 

Members also sold pecans before Christmas and 
prepared a newsletter telling about club activities. 
During second semester the horticulture majors 
improved the reading room in Waters hall and 
built a booth for Ag Science Day. Members and 
dates attended the annual spring and fall picnics. 

Home economics clubs publish bulletin, sell apples 

"The Justin Mirror," a newsletter sent to 2,000 
Kansas educators, was published for the first 
time by Home Economics Journalism Club. The 
club sponsored a lecture by newspaper woman 
Kathleen Humphries, baked cookies for soldiers 
in Viet Nam and prepared centerpieces for local 

shut-ins. Home Economics Teaching Club sup- 
ported the national "Meals for Millions" project 
with funds raised through the sale of caramel 
apples. The women also made tray favors for 
elderly persons in Manhattan and illustrated 
community communications at Hospitality Day. 

Home Economics Teaching Club— TOP ROW:Lmda S. Hauptli, Andree J. Siev- 
erin, Cora J. Eggleston, Martha L. Lind, Linda J. Sebesta, Rebecca A. Hargrove, 
Beverly A. Jackson, Judith A. Dey, Sheryl K. Jordan, Sherry D. Smith. SECOND 
ROW: Anna M. Luker, Mary J. Myers, Nancy J. Atkinson, Joyce I. Freeman, 
Dana L. Dial, Reba S. Brazle, Marlyse K. Milburn, Janet L. Moore, Penelope J. 

Ball, Carolyn E. Adams. THIRD ROW: Francene H. Maurath, Margaret A. Gomez, 
Loretta E. Reeh, Karr L. Wilson, Cheryl A. Schimpf, Judith H. Hunter, Margaret 
R. Hooper, Lenette E. Eaton, (Catherine M. Regier. BOTTOM ROW: Jean L. Dillon, 
Joline F. Oberhelman, Sherrill J. Johnson, Sally J. Lydick, Olga A. Nowinsky, 
Marcia A. Norby, Karyl I. Higbie, Sharon L. VanVleet, Paula K. Sandy. 

© J5 

India Students Association— TOP ROW: George A. Filinger, Jagdish P. Nauti- 
yal, Kona Ramakrishna, Mateti K. Mahander, Arunkumar K. Gholkar, Mallangi 
C. Reddy, Syed K. Quadri, Narasimham V. Gorti, Puppala S. Rao. SECOND 
ROW: Awadh N. Singh, Niran|an C. Shah, Mahendrakumar K. Punatar, Nagesh 
M. Nayak, Edal|i J. Bona, Jasbir S. Arora, Mohammed Ahmedullah, Balbir S. 

Sandhu, Prabhakar N. Jagtap. THIRD ROW: Shafiuddin A. Asadi, Mir N. Khan, 
Vasant M. Pandav, Anil T. Patel, Tara S. Gill, Va|inder P. Singh, Jarnail Singh, 
Mafatlal N. Patel. BOTTOM ROW: Cuddalore T. Das, Rao H. Gundu, Awadh R. 
Singh, Sayeeduddin Syed, Hitiy V. Chandrashekar, Ramesh N. Hichkad, Yala- 
manchi J. Prasad, Mir A. Khan, Kanaiyalal G. Shah. 

Indian students mourn 
prime minister's death 

Industrial education men 
construct display boards 

Members of India Students Association sent a 
letter of condolence to the Indian government 
after the death of Prime Minister Shastri. Motion 
pictures from India were shown monthly by the 
association as part of a program to improve 
Indian-American understanding. Club members 
also sponsored exchanges with campus living 
groups and explained their culture through lec- 
tures, discussions and native art demonstrations. 

Making display boards for the Union was a 
campus service project for Industrial Education 
Club. Field trips to Kansas City, Enterprise, Blue 
Rapids, Gypsum and Wichita acquainted mem- 
bers with woodworking factories and businesses. 
Advised by Howard Smethers, the prospective 
industrial arts teachers also sponsored guest lec- 
turers and honored outstanding industrial edu- 
cation students at a spring banquet. 

Industrial Education Club— TOP 

ROW: Gregg R. Tolin, Gordon E. 
Smith, William J. Watt, Gary C 
Gebhart. SECOND ROW: Jerold 
W. Kinnamon, David A. Spitzli, 
Charles E. Ohl, James L. Kelley, 
Stephen M. Murphy. THIRD ROW: 
Charles W. Dannenberg, Robert 
C White, Charles N. Ingnm, 
Howard G. Smethers. BOTTOM 
ROW: John H. Banks, Richard S. 
Furbeck, John W. Olson, Charles 
E. Timmons, Johnny R. Krob. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers— TOP ROW: Gary D. Bohn, Cal- 
vin W. Deines, Gerald L. Finlay, Edward B. Vogt, Dale R. Bentrup, Jim L DeMars, 
Karmon D. Almquist, Sam K. Ng, James D. Gordon. SECOND ROW: Lawrence 
N. Frey, Gary J. Fairchild, Donald E. Baker, Clair R. Jones, John W. Hongan, 
Kenneth D. Knudson, John C. Viets, Jerry D. Balls. THIRD ROW: Richard F. Bell, 

James C. Duston, George O. Neville, Larry G. Stehno, Dallas L. Worrell, James 
C. Logbeck, Dennis R. Peters. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel G. Mann, Thomas A. Boyer, 
John R. Goering, Randall L. Harmison, Bruce R. Branson, Jay C. Mayberry, Gary 
J. Garwood, William G Coupland. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers— TOP ROW: Ted R. King, Max 
A. Ferrell, Jerry D. Anderson, Raymond W. Adams, Dennis D. Macklin, George 
E. McClaskey, Michael R. Pimple, Richard C. Carter. SECOND ROW: James R. 
Sim, Albert D. Clem, Dorrel R. Silvy, C. Keith Hanneman, Lester R. Young, Jay A. 

Wiechert, John R. Bich. THIRD ROW: Larry N. Levick, Roderick K. Blocksome, 
Robert E. Smith, William L. Wormington, Austin L. Widener, Melvin C. Cottom. 
BOTTOM ROW: Willard W. Dahl, Charles H. Hightower, Larry R. Condit, Alan 
R. Stephens, Stephen A. Jones, Robert E. Phillips, Kenneth W. Gillespie. 

Institute mails brochures 
to Kansas high schools 

Engineering guidance brochures were distrib- 
uted throughout the state by members of the 
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 
The brochures described K-State engineering de- 
partments and programs and were mailed to 
every high school in Kansas. Under the direction 
of President Richard Carter, the group also spon- 
sored a smoker to introduce new students to the 
activities of the organization. Participation in 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House high- 
lighted projects of the institute. 

In one phase of laboratory work, IEEE members study the volt- 
age of electrical waves with the aid of an oscilloscope. 

Interior Design Club-TOP ROW: 
Merry Jane Kanawyer, Carol J. 
Manley, Jeanne A. Ingersoll, Karen 
A. Folk, Corlie E. Mollenkamp. 
SECOND ROW: Janice E. Maisch, 
Cynthia M. Tucker, Cheryl S. 
Heide, Nora R. Massey. BOTTOM 
ROW: Alice K. Welborn, Jams L. 
Higley, Frances A. Newby, Marcia 
C. McLain, Kimberly E. Williams. 

Design majors sell cards 
to finance area field trip 

Through the sale of silk-screened Christmas 
and note cards, Interior Design Club financed a 
trip to Kansas City for the "Parade of Homes" 
show. Meetings during the year illustrated the 
methods of antiquing, tiling and metal working. 
Members also visited art galleries, design studios 
and furniture marts in the Manhattan area. 

Moslem students prepare 
Ramadan fast schedule 

Schedules for Ramadan, the month of fasting, 
were prepared and distributed to Moslem stu- 
dents by members of Islamic Association. The 
group also published two articles on Islam, pre- 
pared a directory of Moslem students and spon- 
sored programs to acquaint students and Man- 
hattan citizens with the Moslem traditions. 

Islamic Association— TOP ROW: 
George A. Filinger, Mohammad 
Tariq, Intesar H. Zaidi, Rebecca A. 
Loucks, Farhad Shahrokhi. SEC- 
OND ROW: Shafiuddin A. Asadi, 
Abdul H. Halim, Ah R. Naqvi, 
Khanmd M. Husain. BOTTOM 
ROW: Maher H. Khan, Mir A. 
Khan, Shafi A. Balbale. 

Kappa Alpha Mu-TOP ROW: 
Jean E. Saindon, Donald L. Towns, 
Timothy J. Fields. SECOND ROW: 
Elbert B. Macy, Bruce C. Coonrod, 
Vernon D. Parker, Robert E. 
Graves. BOTTOM ROW: John H. 
Lietzen, John A. Springer, William 
A. Blauvelt. 


K-State Players-TOP ROW: Carolyn K. Wilson, Michele J. Clark, Margaret E. 
Tanner, Diane K. Schecher, Elizabeth M. Wary, Nancy R. Stone, Elizabeth L. 
Teare, Jean A. Shackelford. SECOND ROW: Susan M. Moore, Treasha L. Green, 
William F. Blackwell, Virginia R. Green, Sandra S. Paramore, Dennis G. Jury, 

K-State Players— TOP ROW: Sherry S. Almquist, Carolyn J. Lee, Susan A. 
Schwab, Carolyn L. Payne, Angela D. Swanson, Arlene S. Fair. SECOND ROW: 
Joni Johnson, John R. Clark, Elaine S. Biggs, Vera L. Hook, Ellen L. Krehbiel, 
Mary E. Neil. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth E. Cary, Alice J. Sheik, Adelia M. Haun, 

News photographers visit 
Topeka Capital-Journal 

With an interest in publications photography, 
members of Kappa Alpha Mu visited the dark- 
room facilities of the Topeka Capital-Journal. 
Reorganized after a three-year inactive period, 
the club also sponsored a joint initiation with a 
chapter at Kansas University and attended a 
meeting of the Kansas Press Photographers. 

Genevieve C. Darter, Leanna M. Lenhart. THIRD ROW: Jane E. Gamba, Mary 
M. Berg, Katherine Ensz, William E. Kammer, Thomas C. Owens, Charles W. 
Boles, Glenda A. Apt. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Denning, Franklin B. Siegle, Joseph 
P. Pena, Owen K. Nordvig, Boyd E. Masten, Frederick Williams. 

Karen M. Comerford, Dallas F. Snyder, John W. Dillon, Melinda R. Hrabe. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Louvae L. Gibson, Cherie E. Miller, Gloria A. Wassenberg, Thomas 
S. Gillen, Ronald J. Burkhardt, Rodney M. Wilson. 

Theater group performs 
'Rumplestiltskin,' 'Luther' 

Representing the nucleus for all drama produc- 
tions, members of K-State Players gave 10 per- 
formances of "Rumplestiltskin" and were largely 
responsible for the success of the International 
Film Festival. The 200-student organization also 
presented "Luther," "Streetcar Named Desire, " 
and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? 1 ' 


Latin American Association— TOP ROW: Francisco L. Araneta, Carlos M. 
Garcia, Boris Suster, Felipe Rosa. SECOND ROW: Luis A. Porrata, Victor M. 
Morales, Rolf W. Lange. BOTTOM ROW: Luis E. Laguna, Nello T. Rosania, 
Manuel J. Carva|al, Miguel A. Figueroa. 

Latin American Association members entertain Mexican 

Olympic basketball players before the team was defeated. EJ^L, 




I J 








k ^fe 

«» «-. i 


'n^ -S.IB 

j a 



B. f ■Hi**** ■ 

* fl^i^l 

Milling Association— TOP ROW: Ma|el M. MacMasters, Fritz Norbury, Larry E 
Dirksen, Donald L. Steanson, Fred R. Anstaett, Stephen B. Zeigler, Roy L. Robin 
son, Gary L. Dettmer, Gerald T. Evans. SECOND ROW: Mark S. Walters, Mar 
shall F. Miller, Dwight E. Miller, James H. Anderson, Michael R. Kraus, John O 
Wilkerson, Tommy D. Dameron, Gordon L. McCosh. THIRD ROW: Gerald D 

Miller, Robert L. York, Michael J. Farmer, William C. Barr, Charles D. Fulhage, 
Douglas J. Duston, Duane L. Keller, John W. Ragland, James B. Bunney. BOT- 
TOM ROW: John A. Johnson, James A. Skinner, Frederick G. Lange, Robert N. 
Kershner, James D. Folkerts, Darrel L. Johnson, David L. Hammond, Leroy V. 

Latin Americans greet 
Mexican Olympic team 

Milling delegates attend 
Chicago bakery meeting 

Members of the Mexican Olympic basketball 
team were hosted at a meal by Latin American 
Association before playing the Wildcats in Ahearn 
Field House. Completing its first full year as a 
recognized organization, the group for students 
from Spanish speaking countries sponsored radio 
programs about the culture of Latin America. 

Students representing Milling Association went 
to Chicago in March for a national convention of 
the American Society of Bakery Engineers. Ad- 
vised by John A. Johnson, members of the asso- 
ciation also participated in the twenty-first an- 
nual Formula Feed Conference in January and 
worked on displays for an Ag Science Day exhibit. 


Music educators sponsor 
concert, Christmas party 

Future nurses volunteer 
Student Health service 

Sponsoring a benefit concert in the fall, mem- 
bers of the Music Educators National Conference 
raised money for the Varsity Glee Club's trip to 
Mexico. During first semester the group heard 
lectures about different areas of the music educa- 
tion program and arranged a Christmas party 
for music students and faculty. Directed by Presi- 
dent Martha Sanders and Morris Hayes, the 
music education majors attended a five-day 
national convention in Kansas City to highlight 
activities second semester. 

Twenty workers from the Nursing Club volun- 
teered their time at Student Health and also pro- 
vided a magazine subscription for use by patients. 
With activities planned by President Mary Lip- 
per, the women toured the University of Kansas 
Medical Center in November and in the spring 
visited the Capper Foundation, an institution for 
handicapped children in Topeka. Martha Pitel, 
chairman of nursing education, spoke to the 
prospective registered nurses about new curricu- 
lum revisions in the nursing school program. 

Music Educators National Con- 

ference-TOP ROW: Virginia S. 
Allemang, Carolyn G. Bartholo- 
mew, Judith R. North, Dona S. 
Sidorfsky, Linda K. Woellhof. 
SECOND ROW: Carol A. Kratma, 
Marilyn S. Robbins, Martha C. 
Sanders, Sharon M. George. 
THIRD ROW: Eugene H.Copeland, 
Stephen L. Guthrie, Irene S. Skon- 
berg, John V. Heitman, Gary T. 
Lawlis. BOTTOM ROW: Craydon 
D. McDonald, Richard H. McVay, 
Wayne A. Pearson, David C. 
Powell, Morris D. Hayes. 

Nursing Club— TOP ROW: Judith C. Armsworthy, Carol F. McKee, Myra L. 
McLeod, Cheryl K. Kuhn, Carol L. Helmke, JoAnn Spencer, Mary C. Brookens, 
Virginia L. Ward, Cynthia K. Smith. SECOND ROW: Harriet A. Hartenberger, 
Donna L. Kukuk, Carolyn M. Robinson, Adelma J. Cook, Lynne J. Peterson, 
Patricia Ann Miller (Tarkio, Mo.), Patricia J. Sullivan, Elizabeth B. Teten, Martha 
J. Sloo. THIRD ROW: Ruth A. Dannenberg, Judy A. Hester, Judith A. Lukins, Ellen 

J. Vonderschmidt, Virginia L. Brunson, Mary T. Sweat, Paula J. demons, Connie 
S. Rathbun, Barbara J. Farris, Mary K. Lipper. BOTTOM ROW: Mary A. Ryser, 
Geraldine S. Tro|ovsky, Maria R. Dahlsten, Joan R. Bower, Eleanor R. Whitney, 
Mary K. Leick, Marietta R. Jones, Eileen Peirce, Janet M. Sterbenz, Margery L. 


Off-Campus Women-TOP ROW: 
Connie J. Wilcox, Nancy A. Theo- 
bald, Lana K. Shelby, Susan E. 
Campbell. SECOND ROW: Janice 
L. Selby, Judy M. Brammer, Shirley 
A. Ford, Nancy J. Reed, Cynthia 
A. Bergerhouse. THIRD ROW: 
Jean G. Heermance, Sharon A. 
Whitley, Jo Janet Dean, Nona G. 
Reynolds, Janice E. Fredrickson, 
Pamela J. Osbourn. BOTTOM 
ROW: Eva A. Moore, Kathleen K. 
Toburen, Connie K. Miles, Kath- 
leen L. Toews, Patricia S. Price. 


Orchesis— TOP ROW: Martha R. 
Kellstrom, Elaine S. Biggs, Gayle 
G. Loughmiller, Terry L. Shull, Pa- 
tricia L. Matterson, Barbara A. 
Chase. SECOND ROW: Kathryn 
A. Crostarosa, Bernadette R. 
Hawkes, Mary C. Evans, Susan S. 
Mann, Jamie L. Aiken. THIRD 
ROW: Genevieve C. Darter, Car- 
olyn L. Young, Karen A. Nicolai, 
June A. Woodard, Joyce A. Burns, 
BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen K. To- 
buren, Patricia K. Ingersol I, Wil- 
liam R. Benedict, Beverly S. Old, 
Janet S. Rupp. 

Off-campus coeds finish 
high in quiz competition 

Five members of Off-Campus Women advanced 
to the semi-final rounds of fall Quiz Bowl compe- 
tition. Under the sponsorship of Caroline Peine, 
assistant dean of students, the 30-member organi- 
zation took part in the Activities Carnival, caroled 
at local rest homes during the Christmas season 
and planned a Valentines' Day formal. Sharon 
Whitley, a member of Off-Campus Women, was 
chosen Miss Navy by the local Naval Reserve. 
Requiring a 2.2 grade average for the member- 
ship of single undergraduate women living off- 
campus, the organization teamed with the Naval 
Reserve to build a Homecoming float. 

Orchesis earns tuition 
by showing dance films 

Providing a member's tuition fee to a summer 
dance school was a major project of Orchesis, a 
modern dance club. The group raised money for 
the project by showing modern dance films to 
students and Manhattan residents. 

President Susan Mann directed dances at local 
civic clubs and solo and group numbers at the 
annual modern dance concert in February. 
Members attended a Kansas University dance 
concert, decorated a car for the Homecoming 
parade and maintained a club booth at the 
Activities Carnival. Established in 1920, the 
group was sponsored by Martha Kellstrom. 


Pakistan, Iran provide 
foreign program topics 

Presenting the Pakistan Festival, hosting friend- 
ship parties and participating in United Nations 
Day, World Community Day, Feast of Nations 
and Model United Nations were Pakistan Asso- 
ciation projects. Persian Association sponsored 
talks about current affairs in Iran, education in 
Iran as compared to that in American and re- 
ligions that originated in Iran. Members cele- 
brated at the Iranian New Year's Eve Party. 

Student ambassadors see 
Europe on summer tour 

Three K-State students traveled abroad during 
the summer on the national People-to-People 
Student Abroad program. The 500 participants 
were tagged "student ambassadors" and stayed 
with European families. The organization also 
encouraged its members to invite foreign students 
to their homes to spend vacations. People-to- 
People sponsored field trips to Topeka, the art 
colony in Lindsborg and the Eisenhower museum. 

Pakistan Association— TOP ROW: Zafar A. Qureshi, Maher H. Khan, William 
W. Boyer, Ghulam S. Jatoi. SECOND ROW: Sardar S. Khan, Mohammad Tariq, 
Intesar H. Zaidi. BOTTOM ROW: Muhammad S. Chaudhry, Shafqat Chaudhry, 
Rubeena Chaudhry, Edna A. Khan, All R. Naqvi. 

Persian Association— TOP ROW: Arsalan Razani, Iraj Ghahramani, Mohammad 
Noorayi. SECOND ROW: Farhad Shahrokhi, Manuchehr Sadr, Cyrus Eihan, 
Parviz Kiankhooy-Fard. BOTTOM ROW: Esfahani M. Dibai, Zia-Eddin M. Rafii, 
Nasser Chafieian. 

People-to-People— TOP ROW: Intesar H. Zaidi, Sardar S. Khan, Christine E. 
Pray, Cheryl S. Heide, Linda D. Gentry, Joan K. Reusser, Karen A. Folk, Sharron 
L. Stephens, Chen L. Avery. SECOND ROW: Amos Adepoiu, Veronica A. Bone- 
brake, Vesta L. Dauber, Martha E. Caughron, Rintk Schrale, Margaret K. Craig, 
Annette L. Buckland, Joyce L. Crews, Desmond A. Waturuocha, Charlotte A. Fer- 

© Q 

rell. THIRD ROW: Thomas A. Taylor, Joseph I. Alade, Kenneth A. Onyia, Punley 
H. Yang, Gary R. Nelson, Sheryl L. Alloway, Marcia L. Van Gundy, Brian E. 
Carter, Sarah C. Harper, Marie L. Cone. BOTTOM ROW: Richard P. Overall, 
David T. Crews, David Lionel Parker, Arthur P. Ruth, Jon D. Soder, D. Fred 
Peterson, Daniel I. Saror, Quaisar M. Hanif, Joann L. Droge. 

f.,£ J& 

Phems— TOP ROW: Janice A. Dougherty, Bobbie J. Shaw, Sharon K. Benton, 
Mary H. Symes, Caroline J. Greer, Sharon K. Hadley, Janice K. Gillespie, Sheryl 
D. Westover, Phyllis L. Wheeler, Martha R. Kellstrom, Brenda S. Erkenbrack. 
SECOND ROW: Judith E. Lamborn, Faith A. Ott, Elizabeth D. Merrill, Kathryn 
L Stewart, Frances E. Johnston, Cathy J. Wicks, Alana K. Wamhoff, Susan J. 

Martmdale, Sandra K. Busch, Nancy J. Rowe. THIRD ROW: Patricia J. Drake, 
Marsha L. Boxberger, Patsy S. Paulsen, Carole D. Hancock, Barbara K. Whealy, 
Nina M. Felbush, Martha E. Ewing, Mary L. Ault, Margaret Knorr. BOTTOM 
ROW: Patricia L. Cline, Cheryl K. Henderson, Janice E. Pomperien, Barbara J. 
Socolofsky, Marione C. Annis, Jean A. Sheik, Karen B. Joines, Ellen F. Speer. 

Phems— TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, Katheryn A. McKinney, Sandra R. Hick, 
Julie M. Murrow, Jean A. Lancaster, Mar|orie L. Seltman, Kathryn A. Claybaugh. 
SECOND ROW: Marsha A. Briggs, Mary E. Holke, Barbara P. Loebeck, Marlene 
F. McKaughan, Patsy C. Meek, Linda Z. Habiger, Loretta J. Schulden, Constance 

Stockham. THIRD ROW: Martha E. Wood, Elizabeth E. MacGowan, Constance 
L. Hall, Jerre L. Lewis, Kathryn M. McCarthy, Janet L. McAninch, Miriam Poole. 
BOTTOM ROW: Eva Lyman, Genevieve C. Darter, Irene M. Wilson, Ruth V. 
Stevenson, Janet Switzer, Judith J. Olson, Judy A. Akers. 

Plow and Pen conducts 
FFA newswriting contest 

Reorganized in spring 1965, Plow and Pen 
Club sponsored a Future Farmers of America 
newswriting contest. During fall semester Duane 
Acker, director of resident instruction for agri- 
culture, spoke to the journalists about curriculum 
requirements. Lowell Brandner, K-State agri- 
cultural editor, discussed opportunities in agri- 
cultural journalism. 

Directed by President Alfred Janssen, Plow 
and Pen Club also heard talks by George Smith, 
associate editor of the Kansas Farmer magazine, 
and Ralph Lashbrook, head of the department of 
technical journalism. In the spring members built 
a booth for Ag Science Day. 

Plow and Pen Club-TOP ROW: Jibade O. Oyekan, Gerald M. Donovan. SEC- 


OND ROW: Elbert B. 

Macy, John J. Gerstner 

Monte W. Harden, Mary Ann 

Covalt. THIRD ROW: 

Jerry W 

. Engler, Robert 

J. Stallbaumer, Jr., James A. 


: William 

A. Blauvelt, Fra 

nklin E. Wilson, John H. Lietzen, 

Alfred Janssen. 



t «* ***, 

k^. a%t ( 

j fl 



1 ' 

^^ m m *^B 

• 1 " 





Phems women sponsor 
physical education mixer 

Agriculture alums visit 
Homecoming barbecue 

Men physical education majors were enter- 
tained by Phems for a fall physical education 
mixer. The mixer has been an annual project 
sponsored alternately by women physical educa- 
tion majors in Phems and the men. Directed by 
President Patsy Meek, the 70-woman organiza- 
tion also sponsored a fall picnic to acquaint 
freshmen and transfer students with physical 
education activities. Members attended a party 
in December and heard Tex Winter, basketball 
coach, speak at a spring meeting. For the senior 
banquet, Phems presented a senior will and 
prophecy and installed new officers. 

Agriculture graduates attended a chicken bar- 
becue planned by members of Poultry Science 
Club during Homecoming weekend. The Home- 
coming barbecue was one of several sponsored by 
the club to raise money for a three-day trip to 
poultry industries in Arkansas. At meetings 
Kansas poultryman Eustis Combs discussed the 
poultry business and Duane Acker, director of 
resident instruction for agriculture, reviewed the 
importance of club membership in preparing for 
employment. Inactive since 1962, Poultry Science 
Club was reorganized this year with a member- 
ship of 35 agriculture majors. 

Poultry Science Club— TOP ROW: Hisham K. Saadeh, Larry D. Bacon, Spurgeon 
M. Talley, Nnakarame A. Nwosu, Roger D. Minter, Puppala S. Rao. SECOND 
ROW: Paul E. Sanford, Doodi Subbarayudu, Eugene W. Kovar, Bairang S. Rath- 
ore, Albert W. Adams, William P. Gallant. THIRD ROW: Loyal F. Payne, Charles 

L. Norton, Steven C. Draheim, Roger S. Fix, Stuart T. McCready, Sherwood L. 
Svarvan, Robert J. Gallant. BOTTOM ROW: Gary V. Hartman, Marion R. Fedde, 
David J. Mugler, John W. Davis, Lawrence R. York, Robbin L. Alder. 

Foreign cuisine dinner 
features German dishes 

Professional Foods Club— TOP ROW: Sonia J. Green, Cecelia M. Schaich, Rita 
I. Mathews, Sara J. Rose, Carol A. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Nancy R. Aikman, 
Kathleen M. Farney, Marilyn L. Lafferty, Sandra E. Freelain. THIRD ROW: Janet 
K. Lewis, Gail E. Spellman, Sarah C. Barnes, Ann L. Cravens, Mary A. Woolcott. 
BOTTOM ROW: E. Beth Alsup, Jo K. Lepej, Glennis A. Schroeder, Karen K. 
Charbonneau, Mary E. Klostermeier, Faith R. Roach. 

Sponsoring a foreign foods dinner, members of 
Professional Foods Club served German cuisine 
to more than 100 persons. Members also heard 
extension specialist Mildred Walker and restau- 
rant manager Rick Harmon. During spring 
semester, the club planned senior recognition 
and invited graduate students to discuss research 
projects conducted in home economics. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Joseph A. Orseno, Arthur E. Peach, 
Harvey I. Rosen, Kay A. Magby, Robert E. Spalding, David L. Browder, Thomas 
H. Barrett, William J. Hamlin, Douglas K. Jernigan, Shern D. Spitsnogle, Eugene 
N. Francis, Frederick J. Wisegarver. SECOND ROW: Richard A. Rindt, Steven H. 
Slusher, David W. Bircher, Jerry B. Fickel, Steven R. Welty, Stephen B. Weiner, 
Kenneth A. Oring, Richard M. Reid, Ben W. Wood, Lawrence P. O'Brien, Thomas 

L. Cropper. THIRD ROW: James L. Coleman, Terry C Farnsworth, William M. 
Morland, James R. McClellan, Hugh H. Wheelock, Kenneth R. Jaffe, Gary L. 
Rader, Joseph M. Bohnen, Herbert A. Sparks, Lionel L. Reilly, Kenneth A. Watts. 
BOTTOM ROW: Gary L. Armstrong, Irvin B. Laird, Billy J. Robinson, David R. 
Franz, Douglas L. Berndt, John W. Harvey, Charles T. Bronzan, Richard W. 
Lewis, Thomas F. Boley, John C. Smith, Lyle K. Carmichael. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Gary L. Westphal, Clement P. De 
Cnstofaro, Clifford E. Underwood, Harold E. Kline, Roy L. Smith, Wesley D 
Wright, John H. Hartman, Ronald L. Gammon, Richard L. Harrington, Garry J 
Rokey, Gabriel O. Ankeli. SECOND ROW: Robert C. Just, Dennis E. Hausmann 
John A. Fry, Richard A. Ibbetson, Allan W. Elliott, Ronald E. Helten, Steven V 
Frusher, David Charles Hall, Roger W. Swanson, Frank E. Zitnik, Steve C. Wood 

son. THIRD ROW: Dwight R. Valentine, Stephen H. Magill, Bernard C. Taylor, 
Robert B. Fry, James E. Blades, Lannie L. Hanel, Gary R. Sta Mings, Jeffrey C. 
Onink, Charles W. Burger, John E. Holste. BOTTOM ROW: Richard M. Helsel, 
William G. Winter, Michael P. McCoy, Kenneth L. Carlson, Dale D. Boyle, Stanly 
C. Widau, Roger P. McCartney, Richard L. Caulfield, Thomas F. Gillaspie, Glenn 
W. Riggs, Harold J. Barnes. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Barbara A. Nelson, Linda E. Jacob- 
son, Patricia L. Matterson, Richard M. Generson, Michael R. Dalrymple, Barbara 
C. Hrebec, Connie J. Glunt, Judy I. Gerharter, Linda L. Harrison, Linnea A. 
White. SECOND ROW: Charlotte S. Harwood, Patricia A. Payne, Edwin B. Brock- 
way, David M. Bozone, Cecil W. Wiley, Dennis W. Graham, Jonathan B. Goetze, 
William N. Bendure, Charles G. Jewell. THIRD ROW: Lowell D. Loesch, Rob R. 

Roth, Nicholas P. Schroeder, Merle L. Raida, Donald D. Ahlench, George W. 
Atkinson, Richard L. Geisinger, Frank R. Douthit, James D. Wendland, Suzanne 
Weakley. BOTTOM ROW: Leonard L. Tucker, Michael S. Ermey, Russell S. 
Gerard, John W. Minor, William H. Fuhrman, Donald L. Jackson, John M. Lefton, 
Sondra L. Grumbein, John R. Rule. 




$ a @ 

Q r & 


Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Janice M. Schlagel, Tracy A. Gaughan, 
Steve M. Zeide, William H. Meyer, James R. Louthan, Francis M. Reedy, Larry 
N. Clarkson, Mark H. Vine, Richard D. Fish, Barbara A. Wehr. SECOND ROW: 
Phylis L. Van Dyke, Dorothy J. Ziegler, John G. Ostermann, James E. Bobinmyer, 
James H. Fountaine, Walter C. Cash, Carol L. Haney, Geraldme A. Smith, Jerry 
D. Leroux, Roger L. Cowan. THIRD ROW: Robert L. Frisbie, William W. Burdett, 

Phillip C. Meyer, John E. Weatherford, Daniel I. Saror, James P. Grossardt, Jerre 
K. Rorick, Richard P. Miller, Roger C. Harvey, Ralph E. Cadwallader. BOTTOM 
ROW: Arthur G. Stotlemeyer, Walter T. Dixon, William S. Swan, Conrad K. 
Nightingale, Joseph C. Zodrow, Douglas A. Tiet|en, Ralph C. Richardson, Dennis 
E. McClary, Robert L. Stark, Steven L. Alberts. 

Club considers freshmen 
for veterinary scholarship 

First year veterinary medicine students were 
considered for a $100 scholarship offered by 
members of Pre-Veterinary Medical Club. With 
more than 300 members, the organization spon- 
sored a booth for the Veterinary Medicine Open 
House in conjunction with a sister club at 
Nebraska University. 

The group scheduled a winter dance featuring 
D' Tree Toads and heard Miles McKee, assistant 
professor of animal husbandry, discuss the history 
of shorthorn cattle. Jacob Mosier, head of surgery 
and medicine, reviewed career opportunities in 
veterinary medicine, and Edwin Frick, former 
head of surgery and medicine, discussed the 
handling of small animals. Members of the club 
also saw a film discussing the history of hoof and 
mouth disease in livestock. 

Foreigners, Americans 
team for soccer contests 

In its fourth year as a recognized organization, 
Soccer Club had a membership of seven Ameri- 
can and twenty-nine foreign students. Captained 
by Jesse Akinokun, the soccer squad played three 
games in the fall and scheduled several games for 
spring semester. 

In the fall Park College handed the squad a 
4-2 loss, and Kansas University downed the team 
6-2. A game with the Kansas City Internationals 
ended in a 2-2 tie. With Howard Fox as president 
and Laureston Withee as adviser, members 
planned a four-team invitational tournament for 
the spring and asked the athletic department to 
recognize soccer as a minor University sport. 

Begun by a group of foreign students, Soccer 
Club was open to all male students. Members 
provided training for interested persons. 


— , 



* ¥.1 »■ 

boccer Club-TOP ROW: Joseph 
G. lyorver, Delbert L. Rule, Celes- 
tine O. N|oku. SECOND ROW: 
Laureston V. Withee, Jesse O. 
Akinokun, Amos Adepo|u, Joseph 
I. Alade, Howard D. Fox. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Ayemou D. Assa, 
Daniel I. Saror, Folorunso A. 
Fayinka, Gabriel O. Ankeli. 


Lectures, tours highlight 
military engineers 5 year 

Students learn skydiving, 
canopy handling method 

Created to form an association between pro- 
fessional military engineering officers and their 
civilian counterparts, the Society of American 
Military Engineers programmed activities includ- 
ing lectures by prominent engineers in both civil 
and military areas. Members also toured engi- 
neering facilities and met with the greater Kansas 
City and Kansas University chapters. 

Interest in skydiving prompted several stu- 
dents to organize the Sport Parachute Club, 
which completed its first year as an organization. 
Training and practice in the techniques of free- 
falling and canopy handling were group activities 
under the leadership of club president, John 
Klein, and faculty sponsor, Capt. Burton Eddy. 
Plans included meets with other universities. 

Society of American Military 
Engineers-TOP ROW: Joe E. 
Ward, James D. Stewart, Douglas 
W. Williams, Ralph L. Fanson, 
James L. Tadtman. SECOND ROW: 
Patrick H. Riedl, John T. Nebgen, 
Dennis E. Myers, David R. Collins. 
BOTTOM ROW: Randy B. Patter- 
son, Donald J. Keating, William 
R. Hardgrave, Robert L. Terry. 

Sport Parachute Club— TOP ROW: Linda L. Morgan, Joel M. Shreenan, Ken- 
neth M. Wolma, Sharon A. Whitley, Theresa A. Oswald. SECOND ROW: Rich- 
ard R. Gordon, Carl J. Carlson, Carol J. Nelson, Patty J. Schasteen, Carl W. 
Woelfer, Patrick S. O'Neill. THIRD ROW: Burton A. Eddy, John C. Klein, Timo- 

thy J. Brady, Robert J. Kuhn, Kelley F. Wagner. BOTTOM ROW: Craig N. 
Lardent, Melvin J. Reitzel, Gary D. Peterson, James D. Heath, Malcolm D. 
Rodenberg, Thomas D. Stauffer. 

a ~& 



Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Julia J. Scott, Susan M. Oke, Linda 
R. Fritz, Nancy E. Fair, Karen D. Degood, Jacqueline K. Marteney, Harriet G. 
Christensen. SECOND ROW: Cynthia L. Sperry, Mary A. Bishop, Beverly K. Jones, 
Martha M. Fly, Laurel B. Warren, Kathryne L. Gaynier. THIRD ROW: Pamela 

K. GrifFee, Sue J. Kaufman, Diane D. DeVoe, Nancy C. Reeves, Marcia K. Scott, 
Tonita P. Coons, Linda C. Wiehe. BOTTOM ROW: Michael A. Novak, Barbara 
L.Brooks, Donna A. Dodge, Rachel R. Unruh, Linda K. Stanley, John W. DeMand. 

SEA enlists record number of future teachers 

With the largest enrollment of its history, Stu- 
dent Education Association sponsored programs 
to review the problems of future teachers. In the 
fall members invited new students to an orienta- 
tion meeting and heard Judge Malcolm G. Cope- 
land discuss delinquency in the community. A 

demonstration class on teaching blind children 
was presented by the Kansas School of the Blind, 
and Dr. Lester Kirkendall of Oregon State Uni- 
versity reviewed the teacher's role in sex educa- 
tion. SEA also sponsored the annual Kansas high 
school Future Teachers of America convention. 

Completing 1 1 hours of ground instruction, a member of 
Sports Parachute Club qualifies for a real "try in the sky." 

The jumper must land in a special way, using a fall tech- 
nique that absorbs the shock on the fleshy parts of the body. 

i&u&i* , i¥*V^ :£ ^ ^ *±>^*^-* 

Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Linda S. Hauptli, Sharon A. Els- 
weiler, Pamela A. Merriman, Mary E. Blakeslee, Joyce I. Freeman, Jo M. Bell, 
Cheryl Mauderly, Carol A. Bartley, Phyllis J. Blasdel, Barbara J. King, LeAnne 
Biggart. SECOND ROW: Treasha L. Green, Marilyn S. Nixon, Susan S. Mann, 
Janice E. Baker, Carolyn J. Cox, Judith R. North, Carolyn M. Mikesell, Donna 
M. Spachek, Barbara K. Hefty, Nancy J. Ukena, Delores J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: 

Carole A. Meisenheimer, Barbara L. Mueller, JoAnn Schafer, Carol L. Marsh, 
Glenna D. Walter, Cheryl M. Kuiken, Elaine F. Strahm, Margaret K. Craig, Carol 
S. Tiffany, Jean L. Dillon. BOTTOM ROW: Jean A. Kelley, Mary E. Schweitzer, 
E'Lynn S. Wright, Melinda R. Hrabe, Connelaine Stewart, Mary E. Wanklyn, 
Mary A. Voet, Paula K. Sandy, Carolyn M. Collins, Gretchen M. Brandt. 

Student Education Association — TOP ROW: June F. Sweat, Janet L. Chatfield, 
Shirley A. Ford, Deborah M. DeMand, Sharon R. Burton, Constance M. Anstaett, 
Helen D. Groyon, Carolyn K. Eisenbrandt, Robyn L Fankhauser, Sally J. Hinctv 
man, Sheryl K. Albright. SECOND ROW: Carolyn L. Wilson, Christine E. Pray, 
Linda M. Lantis, Constance A. Sturgis, Linda L. Lamborn, Janet L. Braden, Re- 
becca S. Lehman, Phyllis M. Johnson, Judith A. Olson, Katherine M. Regier. 

THIRD ROW: Sandra K. Lintecum, Janet K. Griffith, Dianne F. Nehring, Lynette 
K. Warner, Nancy K. Wallace, Elizabeth A. Osborn, Linda M. Morgan, Patricia 
A. Hatch, Jacqueline S. Dietrich, Jean M. Fair, Mary J. Myers. BOTTOM ROW: 
Marna G. Jenkins, Nancy A. Young, Jeanette R. Morgan, Nancy L. Allison, Jo- 
line F. Oberhelman, Sondra L. Koestel, Judith A. Dunn, Nancy A. Charles, 
Marilyn L. Woolley, Penny R. Emerson. 

Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Anna M. Luker, Linda D. Risser, 
Janice J. Morrow, VerLee E. Chegwidden, Charlotte M. White, Maryalys Meyers. 
SECOND ROW: Diana L. Endorf, Miriam A. Moore, Susan J. Sheldon, Barbara 

D. Boyer, Deborah J. Russ, Mary K. Kaump. BOTTOM ROW: John D. Stegner, 
Gail I. Post, Larry E. Converse, Carol Christensen, Dennis R. Chambers, Edward 
R. Heinen, Jack H. Marker. 

Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Jolene Evans, Lenore D. Green, 
Katherine A. Kirk, LeEtta L. Wood, Ethel J. Hatch, Shirley A. Garrett, Patty L. 
Dougherty, Frances M. Dobbels, Myrna S. Rains, Nancy J. Hunter, Mary E. 
Windels. SECOND ROW: Linda L. McCosh, Anne M. Kramer, Wilma J. Lunt, 
Marjory L. McLeavy, Elizabeth Armstrong, Sandra J. Francis, Mary K. Francis, 
Kathleen H. DeWeese, Emily A. Eitmann, Sherrill J. Fletcher. THIRD ROW: Cathy 

E. Lindstrom, Karen J. Beck, Carol A. Brent, Karen A. Bragg, Claudia A. Garrett, 
Susan L. Womer, Janet L. Hastings, Mary A. Wiard, Olga E. Schwartzkopf, 
Diana K. Goertz, Linda K. Otney. BOTTOM ROW: Carol R. Swenson, Ellen L. 
Taylor, Louvae L. Gibson, Donald R. Root, Stephen L. James, Linda R. Lambnght, 
Ann Hund, Joann L. Droge, Cynthia A. Wilson, Jennifer K. Sullivan. 

Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Janet L. Schultz, Patricia A. Heiser, 
Penelope J. Ball, Joyce M. Granquist, Joan L. Booth, Beryl J. Moline, Judy G. 
Jackson, Cathryn Craig, Marilee R. Henrikson, Judith E. Lamborn, Linda K. Mor- 
rissette. SECOND ROW: Loretta R. Touslee, Elizabeth A. Sinn, Roberta I. Minnis, 
Mary C. Evans, Barbara A. Stiles, Donna L. Knoell, Arietta Y. Visser, Jean A. 
Lancaster, Martha A. Wilson, Anna C. Hayer, Barbara I. Rinkel. THIRD ROW: 

Jeanne A. Johnson, Sharon A. Gigstad, Cynthia K. Fleming, Barbara K. Richard, 
Barbara G Hochuli, Carolyn E. DeVault, Vickie J. Overley, Sara B. Walker, 
Sandra S. Paramore, Lorna E. House. BOTTOM ROW: Lucille K. Ochampaugh, 
Jacquelyn M. Weisser, Marilyn K. Weisser, Elvera A. Plummer, Judith J. Olson, 
Judith K. Nulty, Julia A. Linder, Betty J. Francisco, Constance L. Hall, Sondra S. 
Bracelin, Karen E. Lmscheid. 

Student Education Association— TOP ROW: Susan G. Carstens, Andree J. Siev- 
erin, Phoebe J. Jones, Sheila J. Tipling, Martha L. Lind, Mary J. Hurley, Michele 
J. Clark, Margaret A. Griffith, Linda S. Garrison, Reba S. Brazle, Martha A. 
Mustoe, Kay D. Mortimer. SECOND ROW: Lenore K. Brim, Rita K. Lilak, Joan 
E. Hallauer, Margaret L. McCauley, Louise M. Haslouer, Judith E. McGee, 
Patricia Ann Patton (Galena, Kans.), Ingrid M. Johnson, Loretta E. Reeh, Cheryl 
L. Beasley, Janet L. Moore. THIRD ROW: Judy E. Nebgen, Nicole VonBergen, 

Vicky M. Nolte, Pamela J. Dudley, Cheryl K. Henderson, Suzanne W. Rodenbeek 
Margaret R. Hooper, Nancy A. Baker, Marlene K. Moyer, Marcia A. Norby 
Kathleen R. Williams, Jonnie S. Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Roseann D. Heilman 
Shan A. Fry, Edith M. Dahlsten, Carol D. Latschar, M. Jill Spongier, Judy J 
Moore, Janice E. Strecker, Shirley F. Theis, Teresa A. Comer, Virginia A. Carlson 
Nancy C. Bortz. 

2 1 3 

University Extension Club— TOP ROW: Awadh N. Singh, Marilyn K. Rafler, 
Reita B. Wilson, Leuita M. Gugler, Janet L, Patton, Diana K. Goertz. SECOND 
ROW: Dennis R. Siefkes, Judith A. Spessard, James A. Hoobler, Judy K. Schrunk, 

Marcia A. Norby. BOTTOM ROW: Robert L. Johnson, Samuel J. Brungardt, 
Jeanne L. Muret, Arlmdo B. Oliveira, Manellen Jones. 

Radio programs describe 
extension opportunities 

Presenting two radio programs for campus 
station KSDB-FM, members of University Ex- 
tension Club acquainted persons with the oppor- 
tunities in extension work. Under the direction 
of President Samuel Brungardt, the group also 
set up an extension display as part of Ag Science 
Day activities and had a joint picnic with mem- 
bers of the Home Economics Extension Club. 
Hyde Jacobs was adviser for the organization. 

Vocational teachers use 
agronomy seed samples 

Seed samples prepared by Wheat State Agron- 
omy Club were sent to high schools for vocational 
agricultural instruction. After winning the local 
speech contest sponsored by the Wheat State 
Agronomy Club, David Martin placed second 
in a national speech contest in Columbus, Ohio. 
President John Schrader directed plans for a stu- 
dent and faculty mixer in the fall, a club display 
for Ag Science Day and a spring softball game. 

Wheat State Agronomy Club-TOP ROW: Steven G. Mclntyre, Donald L. 
Jameson, Leroy H. Walz, Patrick I. Coyne, Charles R. Love, John P. Benfer, David 
F. Martin. SECOND ROW: Gale L. Belden, Robert E. Schornick, Roger L. Baker, 
Glenn A. Raines, Larry L. Hayden, David J. Reisicg, Thomas C Zavesky, Eldon W. 
Schwanr. THIRD ROW: Hyde S. Jacobs, James L. Yager, Richard P. Waldren, 

Ralph I. Phillips, Gerald L. Lefmann, Gary D. Janke, Gary W. Marshall, Terrence 
S. Rice, Calvin L. Flaharty. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Houdyshell, Lloyd D. Moden, 
Merle G. Eversmeyer, James D. Ball, Patrick J. Gallagher, Steven J. Simmons, 
Arlin E. Colborg, Richard E. Graner. 


Young Americans for Freedom— TOP ROW: Deanna G. Stewart, Muriel J. 
Mowder, Judith E. Helmke, Linda J. Braun, Robert C. Littrell. SECOND ROW: 
Wayne E. Spellman, Ross J. Wichman, Melvin L. Carlson, James L. Gray, George 

E. Metz. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce E. Peters, Edward L. Adams, Patrick J. Berger, 
Philip K. Kline, Larry E. Nitzsche. 

Young Americans start 
seminar on communism 

Films and discussion groups were projects for 
Young Americans for Freedom during a nine-part 
seminar on communism. Members received books 
on communism to accompany a series of lectures 
and were advised by Robert Croll. Primarily an 
anti-communist, pro-conservative organization, 
the Young Americans for Freedom initiated pro- 
grams to instruct members on campaigning 
techniques for the 1966 elections. 

Wildlife group maintains 
displays in Fairchild hall 

Maintenance of wildlife displays in Fairchild 
hall was the responsibility of Wildlife Society. 
Under the direction of President Ronald Klataske, 
the group sent representatives to the international 
conference at Pittsburg and devoted time to re- 
ports on wildlife summer jobs. "Problems in 
Fisheries' Management and Research" was the 
topic of speaker Roy Scoonover of the Kansas 
Forestry, Fish and Game Commission. 

Wildlife Society-TOP ROW: Dennis W. Marquis, Richard A. Smith, Jim L 
Choate, Larry W. Robinson, Harold J. Smith, Kenneth A. Schroeder, Russell E. 
McCauley, Charles E. Viers. SECOND ROW: George V. Glines, Ronald D. Kla- 
taske, Ronald G. Horejsi, Robert A. Sparks, David L. Dowlin, Donald E. Zimmer- 

man, Gary L. Rader, Gary C Tharp. THIRD ROW: Keith E. Hoss, Gerald L 
Miller, Wayne K. Steinle, Wilbur L. Mauck, Nova J. Silvy, Alan K. Montei, Kent 
H. Sherrod. BOTTOM ROW: Burt E. Eustace, Barry L. Berts, Stephen W. Forsythe, 
Max O. Johnson, John C Long, Spencer A. Linderman. 

CI o fi 



® *& 

Baptist Student Union— TOP ROW: Rosanne M. Parker, Judith C. Armsworthy, 
Alice S. Lucus, Myrtle A. Bruce, Cheryl K. Johnson, Patricia J. Holstegge, Paula 
J. Everett. SECOND ROW: Sharon L. Terwilliger, Ronald G. Miller, Timothy J. 
Fields, William J. Fields, Carol A. Starns, Christopher C. Rhinehart, Jerry M. 

Peterson. THIRD ROW: Charles Raymond Cole, Jonell Exley, John W. Herman, 
Jay E. Alloway, Lmdon C. Thomas, Sheryl L. Alloway. BOTTOM ROW: Fred S. 
Hollomon, Richard G. Akins, Stephen M. Burns, William R. Hardgrave, Leonard 
K. Gould, Chuck E. Wretling, William A. Blauvelt. 

Baptist students sponsor international party, retreat 

As part of first semester activities, members of 
Baptist Student Union sponsored an international 
student party and a two-day retreat at Rock 
Springs Ranch. In addition to vesper services 
each Thursday, members also participated in 
noon devotional services three times per week. 

Under the sponsorship of the Kansas Convention 
of Southern Baptist, members of Baptist Student 
Union conducted a spiritual enrichment week 
early in the second semester. The group, founded 
locally in 1957, was supervised by pastor Fred 
Holloman, who also served as state adviser. 

Missionaries tell group 
of conditions in Ecuador 

Speaking to members of Covenant Youth 
Group, visiting missionaries told about problems 
of missionaries and natives in Ecuador. Members 
also sponsored a pizza party and hayride to com- 
plete first year of the religious organization. 

Administered daily at Catholic communion, unleavened bread 
from a gold ciborium depicts the Last Supper of Christ. 

Covenant Youth Group— TOP ROW: LaVonne A. Anderson, Sheryl D. Kushner, 
Patricia A. Simmons. SECOND ROW: Ruthann Firling, Fred W. Handlm, Alice L. 
Pearson, Vaughn L. Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: Kevin J. Larson, Roger B. Johnson, 
Roger C. Larson. 

Gamma Delta discusses 
contemporary literature 

Group discussions gave members of Gamma 
Delta a look at contemporary literature and 
"The New Morality." As an organization project, 
the Lutheran student group reviewed the motion 
pictures "The Blackboard Jungle" and "Edge of 
the City," both about metropolitan life. 

Gamma Delta— TOP ROW: Pamela C. Long, Janice E. Frohn, Kathleen A. 
Guenther. SECOND ROW: Nadene M. McGuire, Eunice E. Bach. BOTTOM ROW: 
Glenn W. Shields, Ralph Wright, Albert J. Urich. 



B'nai B'rith Hillel Chancellorship— TOP ROW: Harvey I. Rosen, Mark H. Vine, 
Michael L. Sandberg, Sandra G. Helfand, Linda E. Jacobson. SECOND ROW: 
Elayne J. Krakower, Yesha|ahu Pomeranz, Andrew D. Becker, Kenneth A. Oring, 

Paul M. Gold, Stephen D. Saroff. BOTTOM ROW: Steven M. Bruck, Stephen 
Weiner, Edward B. Geller, Seth Kaufman, Kenneth R. Jaffe. 


Grace Baptist Student Fellowship— TOP ROW: Suzanne M. Heller, Kathleen M. 
Schulz, Elaine F. Lemon, Patricia A. Wiens, Gail A. Loofbourrow. SECOND ROW: 
John A. Haas, Alma S. Baker, Barton E. Larson, Norla M. Stephens, Nancy M. 

Schweitzer, Fred H. Davis. BOTTOM ROW: Robert D. Kirkwood, Larry L. Baker, 
Lindley J. Reimer, Howard M. Wehrman, Fred E. Schurle. 

Discussions, panels, films 
review Jewish history 

Baptist students consider 
'Person of Jesus Christ' 

Discussions, panel groups, lectures and motion 
pictures reviewed the history of Judaism for 
members of B'nai B'rith Hillel Chancellorship. 
The Jewish student organization also worked with 
the Religious Co-ordinating Council and Council 
of Religious Advisers to promote understanding 
among students of different religious beliefs. 

Beginning their first full year in a newly built 
church, members of Grace Baptist Student Fel- 
lowship heard a panel discussion on the "Person 
of Jesus Christ." Sunday evening meetings in- 
cluded group participation programs, a progres- 
sive supper party and an evening worship service 
for the adult fellowship. 

21 8 

Before beginning a new week, Grace Baptist Fellowship mem- 
bers meet during a Sunday night program for group singing. 

Mission project provides 
fellowship worker's car 

As part of a state-wide mission project, K-State 
Christian Fellowship joined other colleges to pur- 
chase a car for an area staff worker. In the fall, 
members sponsored a party for international stu- 
dents and invited new members to a steak fry. 
Lectures during first semester reviewed Bible 
exposition and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Members of the fellowship attended a week- 
end evangelism conference in Topeka and traveled 
to Colorado Springs, Colo, for ski recreation and 
discussions on personal Christianity. Directed by 
President Fred Davis, the club also invited inter- 
national students to a party in Colorado for 
foreign students across the country. 

K-State Christian Fellowship— TOP ROW: Suzanne M. Heller, Gail E. Spellman, 
Mary L. Ault, LaVonne A. Anderson, Gail A. Loofbourrow, Carolyn M. Robinson, 
Ruthann Firling, Patricia A. Wiens. SECOND ROW: Kathleen M. Schulz, Elaine 
F. Lemon, Tima S. Heusner, Norla M. Stephens, Nancy M. Schweitzer, Alma S. 

Baker, Fred H. Davis. THIRD ROW: John A. Haas, Howard M. Wehrman, Fred 
E. Schurle, Barton E. Larson, Eugene W. Kovar, James R. Davis. BOTTOM ROW: 
Roger B. Johnson, Robert D. Kirkwood, Larry L. Baker, Lindley J. Reimer, William 
D. Mauck, David K. Lightner. 

Protestant groups discuss 
race, academic freedom 

Representing Protestant groups in the National 
Council of Churches, Student Christian Federa- 
tion sponsored discussion groups on race relations 
and academic freedom. Members participated in 
weekend conferences and work camps and also 
discussed international relations with the guid- 
ance of President Charles Hook. 

Student Christian Federation— TOP ROW: Mary L. Esau, Sharon K. Lewis, Rich- 
ard C. Wells. SECOND ROW: Gay L. Dybwad, R. Bruce Woods, Van Chang, 
Donald Gaymon. BOTTOM ROW: Leslie B. Allison, Warren D. Toedman, Charles 
R. Phillips. 

Kappa Phi— TOP ROW: Vicki L. Wenger, Chloellen E. Bartoo, Diana L. Amerme, 
Patricia L. Groves, Marsha L. Stevens, Sheryl K. Jordan, Linda S. Garrison. SEC- 
OND ROW: Judith M. Graham, Regena K. Alexander, Virginia S. Allemang, 
Janet L. Schultz, Donna L. Kukuk, Ruth A. Dannenberg, Grace I. Nease. THIRD 

ROW: Glenna D. Walter, Mary J. Allison, Janet L. Janssen, Janice F. McClaren, 
Mary E. Chadwell, Sharon E. Powers, Vickie J. Overley. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. 
Warren Rempel, Margaret A. Dixon, Irene S. Skonberg, Judith K. Nulty, Donna 
A. Dodge, Janis C. Lundin. 

Methodist coeds celebrate Liahona religious group 
Kappa Phi's 50th year improves church grounds 

"Building on our Golden Heritage" was the 
theme for Kappa Phi's 50th anniversary celebra- 
tion. Raising money to support Kappa Phi mis- 
sionaries in Korea, the Methodist women sold 
bakery goods, calendars and Christmas cards. 
Four Manhattan rest homes had Sunday worship 
services provided by members of Kappa Phi. 

Working for the Reorganized Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints, members of Liahona 
Fellowship painted, remodeled buildings and 
cleaned church camp grounds. The 15-member 
group also planned evening church activities, 
caroled at Manhattan hospitals and organized a 
November Hawaiian luau. 

Liahona Fellowship— TOP ROW: 
Charles A. Nelson, Verlee E. Cheg- 
widden, Harriet E. Hapai, Judy 
K. Schrunk, Lloyd E. Barnett. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Ted R. Locke, Judith 
A. Spessard, Daniel W. Young, 
Donald R. Loar. 

'J 20 

Lutherans find clothing 
for Vietnamese refugees 

Professors outline history 
of Mennonite church 

Clothing collected by members of the Lutheran 
Student Association went to refugees in Viet Nam. 
At evening meetings, the group reviewed the 
philosophy of life represented in folk singing and 
discussed differences in doctrine between the 
Lutheran and Catholic religions. 

Directed by President Frank Lambert, the 
Lutheran Student Association also viewed slides 
on Viet Nam and participated in the installation 
of the group's first full-time campus minister. 
Three members traveled to Houston, Tex. for a 
regional church conference. 

Speaking to members of Mennonite Fellowship, 
three professors reviewed the history of the 
branches of the Mennonite religion. Four mem- 
bers of the fellowship group also presented a panel 
discussion to Baptist students explaining the 
Mennonite position on military service. 

At monthly meetings, members heard talks by 
Kansas ministers and participated in dramatic 
and musical programs. President Willard Eber- 
sole planned fall and spring picnics, two recrea- 
tion nights, a Christmas banquet and a com- 
munity Easter sunrise service. 


Lutheran Student Association— TOP ROW: Karen L. Johnson, Martha J. Middle- 
ton, Jeanne K. Dunn, Margaret L. VanDorn, Edna M. Becker, Linda I. Boschowit- 
zki, Susan P. Klema. SECOND ROW: Robert A. Becker, Mary A. Thorson, Ingrid 
M. Johnson, Maria R. Dahlsten, Patricia A. Dumler, Norma K. Guhn, Susan A. 

Beckman. THIRD ROW: Douglas L. Kaiser, Karmon D. Almquist, Donald D. 
Snethen, Larry L. Johnson, Gay L. Dybwad, James A. Armbruster. BOTTOM 
ROW: Ronald G. Propp, Robert N. Dietrich, Frank W. Lambert, Marvin W. 
Mann, Donald J. Fallon, Alvin L. Young, Samuel K. Beckman. 

Mennonite Fellowship— TOP ROW: Larry E. Dirksen, Ronald J. Berger, Stephen 
W. Stucky, David L. Brown, Gerald W. Stucky, Rodney H. Wiens, Karen K. 
Wiens, Kathenne M. Regier, Willa F. Sidebottom. SECOND ROW: Robert I. 
Ediger, Gary L. Stucky, Merrill K. Schmidt, Barbara A. Schmidt, DuMont K. 

Schmidt, Gerald C. Schrag, Kathleen J. Goering, John R. Goering, Thomas D. 
Dick. BOTTOM ROW: Clifton V. Hostetler, David J. Holsinger, Kenneth R. Holde- 
man, Rudolph D. Claassen, David R. Franz, Donnie D. Schrag, Larry E. Goering, 
Maurice D. Penner, Willard G. Ebersole. 



©-.i^a^S-H-© © 

Newman Club— TOP ROW: Marguerite A. Habiger, Sandra K. Bieker, Cheryln J. 
Burk, June F. Sweat, Lenora K. Gabel, Janet K. Groene, Jams K. Burkholder, 
Jeanette Brooke, Janell K. Groene, Pamela M. Kelly, Jacqueline L. Wemgart. 
SECOND ROW: Margaret A. Thiel, Carolyn J. Rippe, Margaret K. Grogger, 
Mary J. Underwood, MaryAnn E. Burgess, Thomasine L. Wemgart, Geraldine A. 
Smith, Jean L. Dillon, Marilyn E. Lange, JoAnn Schafer. THIRD ROW: Joseph M. 

Bohnen, Robert E. Spalding, William R. Ross, Frank R. Douthit, Shirley F. Theis, 
George P. LaBarge, Michael P. Gillgannon, W. Robert Kramer, Thomas J. Phillips, 
Joseph M. Schwartz. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel J. Lankas, Robert L, Hirt, Gregory 
L. Broeckelman, Robert J. Albers, Albert W. Vinduska, Edward W. Bange, Kelly 
D. Johnson, James C Trybom, Jim C. Bnnkman, Gary L. Thull. 

Newman Club— TOP ROW: Arlene Oberle, Mary J. Hurley, Pamela C. Mullen, 
Mary C. Huerter, Louise M. Haslouer, Sandra K. Richards, Catherine A. Roebke, 
Delila K. Erl, Michele A. Abbott, Patricia S. Pacey. SECOND ROW: Linda A. 
Harris, Virginia A. Meyer, Joseph A. Orseno, Joseph Daniels, Loretta E. Reeh, 
Lynnea S. Newbury, Linda Z. Habiger, Kathleen J. Hlaus, Rosalie R. Sweat, 
Pamela J. Richards, Sharlene K. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Joan R. Geraghty, Kath- 

leen A. Schmidt, Margaret L. McCauley, Alton D. Masters, Janice M. Schlagel, 
James L. Shank, Betsy A. Ruda, Mary K. Prochaska, Jo Ann Becker, Mary T. 
Sweat. BOTTOM ROW: Denis J. Moeder, Douglas J. Mull, Norman W. Koester, 
Joel S. Brummel, Gary D. Metzinger, Kenneth R. Brady, William J. Axe, Robert 
A. Weber, Robert W. Robl. 

As a city service project for children, Newman Club members 
assist churches in providing weekend tutoring and recreation. 

Catholic students sponsor 
regional Newman meet 

Sponsoring a regional convention, members of 
Newman Club had the opportunity to meet 
Catholic students attending school in other parts 
of Kansas. President Charles Badrick was elected 
president of the national organization and was 
honored by the local club at a dance and ban- 
quet. Badrick traveled to the Caribbean Islands 
for the World Assembly of Youth. 

Members participated in discussions with the 
Wesley Foundation and the Lutheran Student 
Association and also sponsored birthday parties 
for old folks at Wharton and Parkview Manors. 
Sunday meetings, members studied Catholicism. 


Newman Club— TOP ROW: Patrick J. Sedlacek, Francis M. Reedy, Daniel A. 
Fickel, Nancy C. Martin, Teresa J. Wurtz, Barbara S. Wurtz, Phyllis J. Johnson. 
SECOND ROW: John A. Gordon, Gary E. Melton, Samuel J. Brungardt, Thomas 

J. Skeuse, Carole L. Tanner, Lenna D. Skates, Sharon A. Peltier. BOTTOM ROW: 
Carl A. Kramer, Jerry B. Fickel, William M. McGreevy, Charles F. Klesath, Ste- 
phen W. Kongs, Jerry F. Honahy, Bernard K. Geraghty. 

Newman Club— TOP ROW: Barbara A. Nelson, Nancy J. Mangelsdorf, Mary S. 
Brandner, Dorothy A. Hokr, Barbara K. Richard, Don A. Johnson, Dennis A. 
Rohan, Elaine A. Rusch, Deanna K. Klenda, Barbara Byrne, Pauletta J. Winderlin. 
SECOND ROW: John J. Gerstner, Melvin N. Metzen, Mary E. Carroll, James W. 
Mader, Thomas A. Burger, Thomas H. Cure, Roy T. Ferguson, James R. Studnicka, 
Norman R. Schneider, Gabriel O. Ankeli. THIRD ROW: Robert E. Cody, Robert 

J. Stallbaumer, Jim A. McKmnis, Bruce A. Adams, Robert A. Swerczek, Joseph 
G. Merriam, Charles H. Fellman, Francis L. Eisenbarth, Michael Verschelden, 
Gary E. Voelker, David A. Swerczek. BOTTOM ROW: Larry J. DeDonder, Wil- 
liam O. Caspar, James E. Dale, Gary A. Hellebust, Robert L. Schrandt, James H. 
Roeder, Leon B. Schmidt, Michael A. Gangel, John M. Suellentrop, Edward D. 
Barenberg, Eugene A. Riedel. 

Newman Club— TOP ROW: Karen L. O'Connor, Rita L. Vodraska, Joan L. Booth, 
Gail M. Farmer, James E. Schwing, Ronald A. Winter, Janie I. Rhyne, Sandra M. 
Dalrymple, Linda A. Lickteig, Mary J. Cooper, Cheryl A. Schimpf. SECOND 
ROW: Thomas J. Drees, Henry J. Kitzke, Victor F. Shalkoski, Daniel J. Carroll, 
Howard E. Meier, Cynthia K. Fleming, Marylyn E. Verhaalen, Patricia A. Evans, 
Marikay P. Desch, Jeanne A. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Virgil F. Mclntire, Cheryl A. 

Boucher, Robert D. Hattrup, Michael P. Martin, Gary L. Urbanek, John K. Hall, 
Gerald M. Koppes, Edward R. Heinen, Richard E. Heuertz, Jean M. Groner, 
Marie E. Thiel. BOTTOM ROW: Richard P. Waldren, Charles W. Duethman, 
Larry G. Cornwell, Sherman F. Ogle, Gerald L. Schnittker, Samuel F. Chetta, 
Paul J. Lambert, Daryl L. Wichman, John Hintz, Gerald U. Doebele, Douglas C 


Roger Williams Fellowship— TOP ROW: Jerold W. Harrison, Donald L. Bridges, 
Keith E. Tollefson, Larry D. Redmon. SECOND ROW: Joyce E. Blecha, Alice L 
Boyles, Ruth A. Bartholomew, Jean M. Fair, Mary L. Esau. BOTTOM ROW: 
Masako Toyoshima, Peggy E. Shafer, Alice F. Seybert, Erma J. Karr. 

Baptist freshmen discuss 
problems of college life 

As members of Roger Williams Fellowship, 
Baptist freshmen met weekly to discuss the prob- 
lems of college life. Several members attended a 
regional ecumenical conference at Kansas City 
and a state ecumenical conference at Rock 
Spring 4-H Ranch. 

During semester break, 25 students partici- 
pated in a Chicago, 111. study group to discuss 
social and religious problems of the big city. 
Members of the fellowship also heard Deans 
Chester Peters, Thomas Frith and Walter Friesen 
review communication problems between the 
University and its students. 

^^6 3 

Roger Williams Fellowship— TOP ROW: Saundra K. Masten, Carol J. Owen, 
Steven M. Dent, Janean L. Miller, Marcia S. Monahan, Gary R. Yotter, Deanne 
M. Rieke, Donna R. Simmons, Sharon K. Lewis, Carolyn S. Lemon. SECOND 
ROW: Effie M. Breeden, Carol A. Church, Martha E. Toothaker, Virginia S. Ford, 
Judy A. Hester, Jack L. Decker, Sue A. Eslinger, Barbara E. Whitman, Sandra M. 
Underwood, Janet E. Higley, Jean E. Peterson. THIRD ROW: Margaret A. 

Breeden, Carol A. Toothaker, Harry W. McDaniel, Jerry D. Morgan, Sharon L. 
Barrow, William H. Maxwell, R. Bruce Woods, Mary K. Fowler, Elizabeth A. 
Wilkerson, Kathleen J. Warner, Beverly A. Dearing, Nancy M. Manning. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Gary D. Owen, Roger R. McKee, Harold E. Socolofsky, Darnell F. 
Hawkins, Russell L. Muse, Randall L. Harmison, Ralph C Richardson, Folorunso 
A. Fayinka, Austin L. Widener, James L. Gray, Allan L. Fedosky. 

Methodist dance group prepares for European trip 

During Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter 
vacations, members of Wesley Foundation Litur- 
gical Dance Choir gave performances in Kansas 
towns. The Methodist interpretative dancers also 
made weekend trips in the Kansas area as part 
of the ground work for a European peace mission 
scheduled for the summer of 1967. Twelve dancers 
are expected to make the trip. 

Several members of Wesley Foundation at- 
tended a United Nations seminar in New York 
City, N.Y. during spring break. The group heard 

delegates discuss the United States foreign policy 
in Southeast Asia and also visited Washington, 
D.C. Under the direction of President Richard 
Brown, Wesley Foundation sponsored Sunday 
evening speakers and arranged weekend retreats. 
As part of its education program, Sigma Theta 
Epsilon studied the book, "Acts, Then and Now." 
The Methodist men met for monthly supper 
meetings at the Methodist student center and also 
helped the Wesley Foundation by doing yard- 
work near the student center. 

Ck Qk 

Sigma Theta Epsilon— TOP ROW: Donald G. Booth, James W. Scott, Roger L. 
Baker, Larry G. Campbell, Richard C. Wells, Donald L. Gaymon. SECOND ROW: 
Floyd J. Barkman, Robert A. Sparks, James L. Brown, Gary S. Overley, Eric W. 

Dagenhardt, Gerald A. Bird. BOTTOM ROW: James K. Koelliker, Warren F. 
Rempel, David C. Gillespie, Victor J. Olson, John P. Honstead, Leslie B. Allison. 

Wesley Foundation— TOP ROW: Vicki L. Wenger, Judith M. Graham, Marsha 
L. Stevens, Patricia L. Groves, Linda L. Seaton, Peggy J. Enckson, Linda S. Gar- 
rison, Honey F. Shelton. SECOND ROW: Mary A. Ryser, Dianna J. Montford, 
Ruth A. Dannenberg, Mary J. Pretzer, Judith A. Cowdrey, Willard A. Iverson, 

Richard C. Wells. THIRD ROW: Jeanette E. Allsbury, Irene S. Skonberg, Mar- 
garet A. Dixon, Robert A. Sparks, Gerald A. Bird, Eric W. Dagenhardt. BOT- 
TOM ROW: James L. Brown, Leslie B. Allison, Victor J. Olson, David C. Gillespie, 
Merle G. Eversmeyer. 

Wesley Foundation— TOP ROW: Geraldine S. Troiovsky, Carolyn M. Collins, 
Anna M. Luker, Sherryl L. Diller, Karen S. Brown, Sheryl K. Jordan. SECOND 
ROW: Kenneth J. Locke, Mrs. Warren Rempel, Mary E. Schweitzer, Ruth Q. 

Schroeder, Sharon E. Powers, Donald L. Gaymon. BOTTOM ROW: Larry G. 
Campbell, Warren Rempel, Richard A. Brown, Charles A. Ryser, Harlan D. 
Stauffer, Roger L. Baker. 

P3 Q 

r ffln 






ONTINUING construc- 
tion of new dormitories and 
apartment buildings empha- 
sizes the rising campus popula- 
tion, but the multi-storied 
stone and steel structures can- 
not say "Here is home" quite 
the way Putnam, Boyd and 
Van Zile do. Neither can they 
beckon with a special person- 
ality the way a fraternity 
house or a leaky basement 
room can recall memories. 

Photo by Don Richards 

v^--- ; # 


*<m ' 



St* VvKN 

3 **», 




-:--«'.— -^ 

Racing around obstacles and gulping down pie, pudding or what messy for Greek Week contestants. A sorority and fra- 

a coke without dismounting at each stop proves to be some- ternity member made up each team entered in the contest. 


Sigma Chi's song leader, who directed the men to first place at 
the thirty-second annual Interfraternity Sing, accepts a trophy. 

Fraternities, sororities 
host Greek Week games 

Dress-up day replaced the annual sweatshirt 
day during Greek Week as Interfraternity and 
Panhellenic Councils made major revisions in the 
week's activities. Also included during the week 
were exchange dinners, the traditional banquet 
and four open house parties at fraternities with 
transportation there by hayrack. Susan Small 
and Joe Krasinski were crowned Greek Week 
queen and king in ceremonies preceding the 
Greek games in front of Anderson hall. 

Racial and religious discrimination in living 
groups on state college and university campuses 
was prohibited by a resolution passed by the 
Board of Regents. Greek houses were asked to 
sign a pledge supporting the decision. 

Interfraternity Council-TOP ROW: John F. Tisdel, Robert L. Collins, Philip L. 
Sell, Chester V. Rhoads, Ronald D. Hadsall, Duane M. Hennkson, Joel W. Athey, 
Jim E. Loomis, Gary L. Bender, Charles L. Page. SECOND ROW: Merle A. Soek- 
en, William D. Edwardson, William O. Caspar, Edward M. Printz, Mark T. Mil- 
bourn, Michael Montgomery, Lowell G. Moore, John O. McConnell, John N. 
Miller, Darwin E. Cline. THIRD ROW: Walter S. Friesen, Stephen A. Dunbar, 

Garth L. Peterson, Joseph H. Stout, William T. Carson, Donald G. Dressier, Pat- 
rick Ervin, Edward E. Blankenhagen, Timothy A. Atchison, Terry B. Farabi. BOT- 
TOM ROW: William M. Wyckoff, Daryll D. Jamvold, Harold C. Peterson, Rich- 
ard S. Troell, Douglas O. Kitchen, Franklin D. Duncan, Arlen W. Etling, Randall 
L. Harmison, Dennis L. Powell, Kenneth D. Knapp. 

Senior Panhellenic Council— TOP ROW: Susan K. Cosby, Nancy C. Bortz, Lauren 
E. Schmidt, Marilyn L. Woolley, Mary L. Holmquist, Betty J. Billmger, Pamela J. 
Dudley, Diana K. Loetel, Sara S. Bentley, Janice L. Travis, Margaret N. Lahey. 
SECOND ROW: Mary J. McAdow, Patricia L. Peterson, Margaret A. Koepke, 

Patricia A. Sughrue, Karen L. Mitchell, Mary A. Pryor, Margaret A. Griffith, Carol 
J. Fisher. BOTTOM ROW: Linda G. Henry, Mary J. Dice, Joyce L. Francis, 
Jeanette K. Mack, Janet A. Rotman. 

ft" * Mi 

-* *jWH ^0^fck ~ -| MI 

> £j'--i^ § ^|\ s -k fci;isi* M m%\ 

r * -ji 

lft? UOI8 

! +-.T III 


Photo by David vi 

Tension and excitement mount as freshmen and upperclass 
women attend their first open house party during formal rush. 

Fraternities pledge men 
during new summer rush 

Rushing during the summer months and the 
five days of Rush Week, fraternities pledged an 
all-time high of 461 men. Sororities, which rushed 
only during Rush Week, pledged 333 women. 
The total was three fewer than last year, even 
though 25 more women went through rush. Sizes 
of the 1 1 sorority pledge classes ranged from 24 
to 38. Among 24 fraternities the largest pledge 
class contained 28 men. 

This was the first year men could officially 
pledge Greek organizations between July 1 and 
August 23. Summer rush filled 300 house va- 
cancies. Sororities did not conduct a summer 
rush program. Freshman women could pledge 
only during Rush Week and had to rank in the 
upper 50 per cent of their high school graduating 
classes. During five days of formal rush, sororities 
presented skits dramatizing the values and goals 
considered important by each women's group. 

Signing up dates with the eight houses rushees were allowed 
to visit and rearranging conflicting dates begins formal rush. 

Five days of house skits, tours and rush parties culminate on the sixth after- 
noon of formal Rush Week when hopeful rushees receive invitations to pledge. 

Amidst tears and shouts, Chi Omega actives embrace new pledges arriving after 
receiving bids. Many sororities introduce pledges to fraternity men at yell-ins. 

Photo by David von Riesen 

* I * r 

Rushees concentrate on filling out invitation 
cards while choosing which sororities to visit. 


A ^ ? Q 


Junior Panhellenic Council— TOP ROW: Sharon A. Elsweiler, Dianna S. Heath, 
Margaret K. Grogger, Pamela J. Seaman, Judith A. Bulger, Trudine M. Mazaika, 
Mary A. Woolcott, Heike Goedecke, Jeanne A. Guy, Sandra S. Paramore. BOT- 

TOM ROW: Carolyn K. McKinley, Cheryl A. Daves, Joan M. Kleysteuber, Kim- 
berly E. Williams, Pamela S. Backhaus, Marcia K. Diekman, Genevieve C. Darter, 
Patricia Schneider, Regina G. Young. 

Helped onto the Homecoming Previews stage, the Gamma Phi 
Beta candidate vies to become a Homecoming queen finalist. 

After a full week of rush, Kappa actives treat new pledges to 
an informal picnic followed by entertainment at Sunset Park. 

Greek councils promote 
scholarship, activities 

Acting as coordinating bodies for fraternal 
activities, Junior Panhellenic Council along with 
Interfraternity Pledge Council exchanged ideas 
and promoted University scholarship and activity 
interest among the Greeks. Both fraternal organi- 
zations, whose members were selected from 
Greek pledge classes, helped with the American 
Heart Fund Drive. 


Swinging their partners around again, Gamma Phis and their 
dates break the ordinary party routine with a square dance. 

Selected from among 11 sorority candidates on her appear- 
ance in a Greek toga, Susan Small is first Greek Week queen. 

Interfraternity Pledge Council — TOP ROW: Joyce A. Burris, Carolyn L. McFar 
land, June A. Woodard, Marcia K. Scott, Nancy A. Netson, Rosalind J. Ridgway, 
Deanna K. Parry, Mildred A. Goreham. SECOND ROW: Edward L. Keating, 
Ronald E. Field, Steven L. Morgan, Gary F. Guesnier, Haskell S. Wright, Thomas 
E. Tweed, Elva J. Chilcott. THIRD ROW: John E. Markley, Robert M. Hudson, 

Lindsey D. Tweedy, Robert J. Juranick, Dave M. Depping, Thomas C. Roberts, 
Robert I. Latta, Kenton M. Grigg. BOTTOM ROW: Vern A. Solbach, David R. 
Schmidt, Terry K. Boggs, Max M. Heidrick, David K. Lightner, Robert S. Kay, Phil 
S. Goss. 



1 ■ ' £3 


■ v'i 





Photo by David von Riesen 

After running down the walk with other members of Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, cheerleaders greet women at a rush party. 

Before signing a preference card to join a sorority, each 
rushee attends parties presented during a five-day period. 


ft£ IP- ft 

0& 9 ££* 


Clovia-TOP ROW: Mrs. Sybil 
La whs, Suzie L. Allen, Sharon K. 
Benton, Carol S. Clark, Arlene R. 
Dahm, Sharon K. George. 

SECOND ROW: Diana K. Goertz, 
Margaret R. Hooper, Carol L. 
Hoover, Judith H. Hunter, Karolyn 
K. Kellog, Beverly J. Kreider. 

THIRD ROW: Cheryl L. Lloyd, 
Marcia L. Lowther, Sharon K. 
Madden, Dorothy L. Mayhill, Con- 
nie M. McClure, Marlyse K. Mil- 

FOURTH ROW: Janet L. Moore, 
Jeanne L. Muret, Carolyn D. Ol- 
son, Janet L. Patton, Patricia A. 
Patton, Renita K. Pohl. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jean E. Rees, 
Norla M. Stephens, Elizabeth R. 
Sutcliffe, Elizabeth B. Tefen, Val- 
erie J. Thiessen, Patricia A. Wiens, 
Cynthia A. Wilson. 

Clovia women use their cooking talents as they make pizza for 
a snack. Many of Clovia's members are home economics maiors. 

Clovia member receives 
national 4-H recognition 

As a national 4-H winner in foods and nutri- 
tion, Clovia member Karolyn Kellogg was 
awarded a trip to the national 4-H Congress in 
Chicago, 111. and a semester scholarship. Five 
members were recipients of national Union Pa- 
cific 4-H scholarships. The women, all members 
of Collegiate 4-H, participated in Omicron Nu, 
SEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Home Economics 
Council, the Honors Program, Kappa Delta Pi 
and Phi Upsilon Omicron. 

Delay in construction of a new house slated to 
begin in September 1965 allowed for expansion 
of plans from accommodations for 50 women to 
room for 62 women. Construction is planned to 
begin in September 1966. 

Clovia members served as hostesses for high 
school students at Home Economics Hospitality 
Day. The 20 women also participated in women's 
intramural sports. Clovia alumnae honored mem- 
bers who had earned a 3.0 grade point average or 
above at a scholarship dinner. 

Alpha Chi Omega earns 
trophy for article writing 

Contributing outstanding articles and informa- 
tion to Lyre, its national magazine, won the Lyre 
trophy for Alpha Chi Omega. Alpha Chis cap- 
tured the DePauw Duo relay trophy for the third 
consecutive year against Kappa Alpha Theta. 
The pledge class made placemats for patients' 
trays at Memorial hospital and sang for an area 
rest home as service projects. 

Members were represented in Student Senate, 
Angel Flight, Mu Phi Epsilon, Theta Sigma Phi, 
Omicron Nu and Kappa Phi. President of Sigma 
Alpha Eta and Student Governing Association 
were Alpha Chis. Social activities included a fall 
western party, a pledge Christmas formal, a 
spring Shipwreck Party and the annual Golden 
Lyre Ball. Members, together with Lambda Chi 
Alpha, were model United Nations delegates. 


One hundred two chapters. 
Founded DePauw University 
1885. Gamma Zeta chapter 
established 1947. President: 
Judie K. Hunt. 

Always a happy and unexpected occasion, pinnings at the 
Alpha Chi Omega house usually are Wednesday night. 

Alpha Chi Omega-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Harold P. Lowe, Mary E. 
Abson, Regena K. Alexander, 
Barbara A. Bagby, Carol A. Bart- 
ley, Barbara L. Beck, Sherrilyn K. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy C. Bortz, 
Helen F. Bosche, Roberta J. 
Boughton, Gretchen M. Brandt, 
Mary C. Brookens, Martha J. 
Budke, Nancy J. Butler. 

THIRD ROW: Virginia A. Carlson, 
Janet L. Chatfield, Patricia M. 
Cockrell, Sandra L. Daugharthy, 
Karen D. DeGood, Mildred L 
Dickey, Jean L. Dillon. 

BOTTOM ROW: Trudy C. Drapel, 
Emily A. Eitmann, Susan K. Far- 
ha, Patricia A. Ferguson, Pamela 
K. Fortun, Sandra A. Garlich, 
Shirley A. Garrett. 





















■ * ^i» 










P^ f -J 










Alpha Chi Omega-TOP ROW: 
Theresa M. Garlett, Marilyn S. 
Goodgion, Margaret K. Grogger, 
Carolyn S. Guetzko, Sarah C. 
Harper, Susan L. Hendrix, Rebecca 
R. Hitchcock, Judie K. Hunt. 

SECOND ROW: Janet L. Janssen, 
Marna G Jenkins, Delores J. 
Johnson, Paula S. Johnson, Pamela 
A. Jones, Patricia L. Jones, Linda 
A. Kirk, Marilyn E. Lange. 

THIRD ROW: Linda M. Lantis, Lois 
K. Lewis, Martha J. Lonergan, 
Jeanette K. Mack, Barbara J. 
Mattix, Linda A. Mayer, Carolyn 
L. McFarland, Maria J. Messer- 

FOURTH ROW: Janean L. Miller, 
Valerie J. Millis, Carolyn K. Mohr- 
man, Maryanne Murphy, Suzanne 
E. Nelson, Karen L. O'Connor, 
Betty K. Oleen, Myrna M. Otte. 

FIFTH ROW: Carolyn S. Pearson, 
Eileen Peirce, Sally R. Preheim, 
Jean M. Pyles, Nancy C. Reeves, 
Gayla L. Richards, Barbara J. 
Ruediger, Luanne R. Shank. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ann M. Shier, 
Geraldine A. Smith, Sharrie A. 
Snell, Sherri D. Spitsnogle, Linda 
L. Summers, Carol S. Thorpe, 
Laurel B. Warren, Mary A. Wool- 

Located at 1 835 Todd Road, the Mediterranean-modern 
house of Alpha Chi Omega features a fireplace which extends 

from the inside to an outside patio. Built in 1959, the house 
has a coat-of-arms which was handmade in England. 

Alpha Delta Pi-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Eva F. Acker, Brenda G. Adrian, 
Judy D. Baker, Diana K. Barton, 
Carol S. Beach, Marilyn K. Boles, 
Julie C. Bottenberg, Susan E. 

SECOND ROW: Cheryl C. Bruce, 
Shirley A. Bulger, Peggy C. Bur- 
nett, Carol A. Burton, Sharon R. 
Burton, Kathleen M. Caviness, 
Carolyn S. Colaw, Marquita M. 

THIRD ROW: Janet S. Cowan, 
Cheryl A. Daves, Deborah M. 
DeMand, Judith A. Dey, Nancy J. 
Dukelow, Patricia A. Emrich, Janet 
K. Faddis, Mary K. Foltz. 

FOURTH ROW: Mary K. Francis, 
Sheryl J. Fraser, Cormne D. 
Greene, Ethel J. Hatch, Nancy J. 
Hedges, Linda G. Henry, Mary L. 
Holmquist, Catherine L. Hyde. 

FIFTH ROW: Carolyn A. Jones, 
Pamela M. Kelly, Kathleen K. 
Klein, Joan M. Kleysteuber, Jac- 
queline Kubat, Linda K. Lamp, 
Sandra K. Lindgren, Gayle G. 


BOTTOM ROW: Patricia L. Mc- 
Coy, Karen J. Mcllroy, Judith K. 
McMillan, Constance A. Mehl, 
Pamela A. Memman, Roberta I. 
Mmnis, Evelyn L. Moats, Johnnie 
L. Morgan. 



One hundred ten chapters. 
Founded Macon, Georgia 
1 851. Alpha Eta chapter 
established 1915. President: 
Sharon R. Burton. 

Active ADPis meet and entertain rushees during the Snow White 
and Dwarf skit presented at an invitational Rush Week party. 

Alpha Delta Pi initiates 
1000th chapter member 

Three hundred alumnae were guests of Alpha 
Delta Pi during its fiftieth anniversary celebra- 
tion Oct. 30. Four national officers and five 
charter members were among those present when 
the 1000th member was initiated. 

Christmas caroling with Lambda Chi Alpha 
at an area rest home and representing Denmark 
and Israel in the Model United Nations were two 
sorority projects. The ADPis also received the 
second place trophy for their Homecoming float 
built in conjunction with Pi Kappa Alpha. 

In campus activities, ADPis were members of 
Angel Flight, Sparks, Kappa Delta Pi, Student 
Senate and Union Governing Board. 

*«• ^ 


* j0£ • •• 


I . 

Housing 50 sorority members, the Alpha Delta Pi house at 
518 Sunset was built in the fall of 1929. Improvements to the 





English style building were completed in 1962, adding a chap- 
ter room, dining room and living quarters to the north section. 

Alpha Delta Pi — TOP ROW: 
Ru Ann Moore, Linda K. Morris- 
sette, Dianne S. Nydell, Donna L. 
Olivier, Cecelia M. Osborn, Eliza- 
beth A. Osborn, Colleen M. 
Ostmeyer, Faith A. Ott. 

SECOND ROW: Natalie J. Parker, 
Susan K. Pike, Patricia J. Reed, 
Mary P. Richter, Rosalind J. Ridg- 
way, Sandra L. Roark, Marilyn S. 
Robbins, Carolyn M. Robinson. 

THIRD ROW: Janette S. Robinson, 
Vicki L. Schultz, Susan A. Schwab, 
Jane A. Sherer, Andrea A. Skrad- 
ski, Constance A. Sturgis, Patricia 
A. Sughrue, Linda J. Surtees. 

FOURTH ROW: Barbara E. Tay- 
lor, Jean E. Taylor, Mary A. 
Thorson, Linda L. Tresennter, 
Nancy J. Ukena, Charlene D. 
Walser, Margaret A. Walsh, 
Shirley A. Wanklyn. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lynette K. Warn- 
er, Anne C. Waters, Linda J. Wat- 
kins, Rena L. Watts, Alice K. 
Welborn, Helen A. Wilson, Regina 
F. Wolfe, Rosemary A. Wolfe, 
Diane K. Younqers. 


Highlighting social activities of Alpha Xi Delta, 601 Fairchild, 
are the spring Pink Rose Formal and a pledge-active party. 

Alpha Xis host chapters 
for province convention 

Hosting chapters from Missouri and Kansas 
at the Alpha Xi Delta province convention in 
April was a special project of the Greek women. 
Sorority sisters also sponsored a slave day to 
raise funds for Project Headstart, a nursery school 
for the underprivileged. 

Alpha Xi members participated in Sparks, 
Delta Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi and Theta 
Sigma Phi honoraries. President Linda Barton 
received the Keuchenmeister award which was 
presented at the sorority's national convention for 
loyalty and service to the chapter. Alpha Xis 
also participated in women's intramurals. 

One hundred six chapters. 
Founded Lombard College 
1893. Alpha Kappa chapter 
established 1922. President: 
Linda C. Barton. 

Alpha Xi Delta-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Ernest Casey, Mary S. Attwood, 
Eva M. Ayres, Gratia L. Baehr, 
Cheryl K. Bailey, Cheryl L. Bain, 
Kay E. Bain, Linda C. Barton. 

SECOND ROW: Karen J. Beck, 
Mary A. Bigelow, Donna B. Bild- 
erback, Phyllis J. Blasdel, Barbara 
D. Boyer, Linda J. Braun, Lenore 
K. Brim, Pamalee G. Carson. 

THIRD ROW: Harriet G. Chnsten- 
sen, Carolyn M. Collins, Karen M. 
Comerford, Charlotte R. Deters, 
Carol J. Deubler, Jacqueline 
Dietrich, Judith A. Dunn, Sharon 
A. Elsweiler. 

FOURTH ROW: Diana L. Endorf, 
Mary J. Fritz, Georgeanne Glea- 
son, Susan K. Goold, Janet K. 
Griffith, Margaret A. Griffith, 
Helen D. Groyon, Julie A. Hackett. 

BOTTOM ROW: Adelia M. Haun, 
Dianna S. Heath, Judith E. Helmke, 
Cheryl K. Henderson, Bonnie 
Hergenreter, Diana K. Hyames, 
Jeanne A. Ingersoll, Judy G. 

I , ^ 

k£l ^ ^ 

lip - s -■• 

Alpha Xi Delta-TOP ROW: 
Patricia L. Johnson, Penny J. Klein, 
Kay E. Kotapish, Kathenne Y. 
Kracht, Jean A. Lancaster, Wini- 
fred B. Lathrop, Evelyn J. Lewis, 
Wild-a L. Loeppke. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy C. Lukins, 
Connie S. Lutes, Mar|one I. Mabry, 
Diane S. McMurray, Karen L. 
Mitchell, Janet A. Naylor, Karen 
R. Newton, Patricia Nicholson. 

THIRD ROW: Linda D. Orrell, 
Janice M. Orth, Beth M. Pann- 
backer, Judith A. Phillips, Chloe 
E. Rexroad, Bonnie A. Rice, Linda 
M. Shannon. 

BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Stone, 
Sandra K. Swenson, Barbara M. 
Wells, Roslyn D. Wentz, Elisabeth 
A. Wentz, Lois A. Wiley, Kathleen 
R. Williams. 

Alpha Xis entertain their dates at the annual pledge-active 
party sponsored by the pledge class. A Shipwreck Party was 

the theme chosen for the event held at the house. Costumes 
depicting pirates and stranded, helpless vacationers were worn. 


False doors, two stories high, and an entrance-way chandelier 
are two distinguishing features of the modern Chi Omega house. 

One hundred forty-one chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Arkansas 1895. Kappa Al- 
pha chapter established 
1915. President: Pamela A. 

Chi O alumnae attend 
open house, tea, banquet 

Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Chi Omega 
hosted an open house, afternoon tea and banquet 
for more than 200 alumnae. Also present was 
Elizabeth Dyer, national president. Portraying 
the Homecoming parade theme, "Sooner or 
Later," Chi Omega and Sigma Chi produced 
first place results in float competition. 

Chi Os were chosen Military Ball queen, Pi 
Kappa Alpha and Acacia Dream Girls, Delta 
Upsilon sweetheart, National Drake Relays 
queen, honorary Pershing Rifles commander and 
Alpha Delta Theta president. Members also par- 
ticipated in intramural volleyball and kickball 
games and were active in Kappa Alpha Phi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon, and Mortar Board. 

Christmas activities included a stocking party 
and caroling at a Manhattan rest home. A party 
given by the Chi Omega pledge class envisioned 
its idea of "Heaven and Hell." The sorority's 
annual White Carnation Ball was in the spring. 

Chi Omego-TOP ROW: Mrs. L 
E. Keefer, Carol S. Amos, Sara M. 
Bayless, Shelley Bergerhouse, 
Mary A. Bishop, Sandra L. Brad- 
ley, Pamela K. Carr, Judith L. 

SECOND ROW: Linda J. Chap- 
man, Polly A. Coombs, Martha J. 
Cox, Mary L. Crowley, Diane D. 
DeVoe, Mary J. Dice, Catherine 
J. Dickinson, Marcia K. Diekman. 

THIRD ROW: Sue A. Diller, Donna 
A. Dodge, Marilyn L. Dragush, 
Pamela J. Dudley, Nancy K. Dyke, 
Sue A. Eslinger, Nancy L. Evans, 
Beverly J. Falconer. 

FOURTH ROW: Beth K. Fleisch- 
mann, Luella J. Fosmire, Linda R. 
Fritz, Sandra K. Froelich, Sharon 
L. Froelich, Jane E. Gamba, 
Cheryl S. Gilmore, Janice Good- 

BOTTOM ROW: Helen L. Gordon, 
Carolyn K. Graham, Joyce M. 
Granquist, Gretchen K. Hilgen- 
dorf, Barbara J. Hoch, Sharon A. 
Hotujac, Pamela A. Howard, Mary 
A. Hughes. 

W tf> 






















2 VI 

•• ^ G £g ($ 

ii <jm 

^.A •5 1 

(^ f$ # 



Chi Omega-TOP ROW: Ellen J. 
Kelchak, Eugenia D. Kersting, 
Patricia A. Kildow, Jane D. Klover, 
Donna L. Knoell, Carolyn S. Kuhn, 
Connie F. Lathrop, Elizabeth A. 

SECOND ROW: Sammye S. Man- 
ning, Barbara L. Martens, Johnette 
C. Massey, Kathryn M. McCarthy, 
Susan J. McCoy, Kathryn A. Mc- 
Googan, Sharon R. Meisner, Janet 
L. Merchant. 

THIRD ROW: Susan Merrill, Janice 
J. Miles, Janet L. Miller, Lynne S. 
Miller, Marcia L. Morris, Marlene 
K. Moyer, Anne E. Nelson, Karen 
S. Nelson. 

FOURTH ROW: Nancy A. Netson, 
Doreen Ochsner, Susan M. Oke, 
Annette Pallesen, Nancy J. Palmer, 
Patricia A. Palmer, Elizabeth H. 
Parker, Sharon L. Percival. 

FIFTH ROW: Suzan C. Ranz, Pattie 
D. Rickenbacher, Sallie K. Roach, 
Candace L. Rogers, Patricia A. 
Ruggles, Diane J. Schwmdt, Pa- 
tricia A. Seitz. 

SIXTH ROW: Kathleen J. Sewell, 
Janora A. Sigley, Donna L. Silver, 
Linda K. Stanley, Janice L. Stuessi, 
Leslie A. Thompson, Carol A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rachel R. Unruh, 
Nancy S. Waite, Candace A. 
Wheatley, Nancy S. Wilcox, 
Martha E. Wood, Jolanna B. 
Wright, Susan K. Young. 

Chi Os entertain their mothers at a spaghetti supper held 
during their annual fall Mothers' Weekend. Approximately 

50 mothers were treated to an Italian weekend, which in- 
cluded special evening activities planned by their daughters. 

Tri Delta alumnae meet 
for anniversary festivities 

Tri Deltas and nearly 200 alumnae celebrated 
their fiftieth anniversary. Scrapbooks and letters 
from alumnae supplemented the festivities. At 
Christmas, members sent clothing to an orphan- 
age in Viet Nam. By selling candy, they earned 
SI 50 for a scholarship. 

In campus activities, Tri Deltas belonged to 
Sparks, Chimes, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi. They 
headed Home Economics Council and Angel 
Flight and acted as Board of Student Organiza- 
tions secretary and Royal Purple editor. Two 
fraternity sweethearts, Cannonball queen and a 
Homecoming finalist were Tri Delta members. 

One hundred eight chapters. 
Founded Boston University 
1888. Theta lota chapter 
established 1915. President: 
Ann McCaslin 

Houseboys judge Tri Delta pledges' poems and homemade 
hats modeled initiation weekend at the Purple Hat Luncheon. 

Delta Delta Delta-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Ray Jones, Susan L. Alldritt, 
Judith Allen, Elizabeth Andersen, 
Carolyn Bartholomew, Lynda C. 
Bennett, Nancy M. Boyer, Mary 
S. Brandner. 

SECOND ROW: Barbara A. Brat- 
ton, Carol A. Brent, Margery L. 
Brent, Elizabeth A. Brinkoeter, 
Jane M. Britton, Sherry K. Brush, 
Karin F. Burns, Barbara Byrne. 

THIRD ROW: Virginia G. Card- 
well, Jean M. Casper, Karen K. 
Charbonneau, Jane Clark, Lynda 
L. Clyne, Barbara D. Coffey, 
Nancy J. Condell, Susan K. Dill- 

FOURTH ROW: Vicki L. Ditch, 
LaDonna L. Douglass, Martha L. 
Dryer, Jolene Evans, Rebecca J. 
Fink, Susan A. Florence, Janet L. 
French, Carole J. Fry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Heike Goedecke, 
Cynthia J. Goll, Marilynn Gump, 
Jeanne A. Guy, Marilyn L. Hall, 
Chrystal Hantla, Ann M. Harding, 
Kathryn E. Heyne. 





Delta Delta Delta-TOP ROW: 
Carol A. Hinnergardt, Merry J. 
Kanawyer, Deanna K. Klenda, 
Sharon R. Kraff, Karen A. Kroutil, 
Lynne M. Larsen, Mary B. Lawhon, 
Karen A. Leister. 

SECOND ROW: Karen B. Lmck, 
Hollace L. Long, Jean A. Longa- 
bach, Mary F. Mann, Sharon K. 
Mason, Janice L. Mathena, Jean 
A. Maynard, Ann McCaslin. 

THIRD ROW: Kathleen A. McNeal, 
Carol E. Miller, Janice S. Miller, 
Jane M. Myers, Joy A. Newell, 
Janice K. Nixon, Kathryn Noellsch, 
Janet S. OConnell. 

FOURTH ROW: Patricia L. Peter- 
son, Pamela S. Pierpoint, Shirley 
A. Pinkerton, Linda A. Poell, 
Marguerite Ralston, Carmre J. 
Rose, Jamie Rothberger, Janet A. 

FIFTH ROW: Elaine A. Rusch, 
Martha C. Sanders, Marcia K. 
Scott, Nancy J. Scott, Kathenne 
E. Shelton, Marilyn L. Singer, 
Suzanne M. Smalley, Marilyn K. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carol J. Staab, 
Ellen L. Taylor, Susan K. Wade, 
Janet M. Wegman, Janel S. Wil- 
son, Ruth A. Wilson, Linda L. Witt, 
Margaret E. Yessick. 

Fraternities gather on the back patio of the Tri Delta house, 
1834 Laramie, to serenade sorority members on the two-level 

Spanish Mediterranean balcony. Warm weather converts the 
balcony into a sundeck while the house itself is air-conditioned. 



Delta Zeta-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Dorothy F. Hosley, Marilyn J. 
Allen, Bonnee B. Badger, Carolyn 
L. Barney, Gloria E. Baxter, Bar- 
bara A. Beals, Patricia Bell, Jean 
K. Bodwell. 

SECOND ROW: Elaine K. Brens- 
ing, Elva J. Chilcott, Sarah B. 
Dallas, Patti E. Drake, Patricia A. 
Evans, Nancy E. Fair, Carol J. 
Fisher, Barbara J. Fleming. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gayle K. Foster, 
Carole J. Francis, Louvae L. Gib- 
son, Mary E. Glenn, Jackie L. 
Gomer, Mar|0ne L. Gordon, 
Mary J. Hauber, Anna C. Hayer. 

DZs place in IF Sing, make house improvements 

Singing "Delta Zeta Devotional" and "So's I 
Can Write My Name/' DZs placed third in In- 
terfraternity Sing. With the colors blue, green 
and gold, Delta Zeta refurnished and carpeted 
the lounge and carpeted the upstairs of the chap- 
ter house. At Christmas, DZ women adopted a 

One hundred fifty-eight 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1902. Lambda 
chapter established 1915; 
reactivated 1963. President: 
Virginia S. Schneider. 

family and gave toys, clothing and food. Pledges 
polished shoes at fraternities for a money-making 
project. Other activities included the pledge party 
with a "007" theme, the Joyeux Noel Christmas 
Formal and the spring Pink Rose Formal. 

Members of Delta Zeta were represented in 
Angel Flight, Kappa Delta Pi, Chimes and 
Sparks. The chairmen of the Student Governing 
Association opinion sampling and health com- 
mittees belonged to the sorority. 

Earning third place in Interfraternity Sing, DZs practice 
nightly. Thirteen houses participated, each singing two songs. 

Two new air-conditioners and a completely redecorated sec- 
ond floor lounge provide improved house facilities for Delta 

Zeta. Having reorganized as a Manhattan sorority in 1963, 
the DZ chapter terminated its third year at 1803 Laramie. 

.<P f) £1 

& i $ \ 

<^rt © 


Delta Zeta-TOP ROW: Cheryl S. 
Heide, Melinda R. Hrabe, Patricia 
K. Keltner, Gail A. Klick, Sally L. 
Kroger, Marilyn L. Lafferty, Linda 
J. Lawrence. 

SECOND ROW: Jane A. Lee, 
Marcia A. Lemon, Julia A. Linder, 
Diana K. Loetel, Mary A. Lowe, 
Karen M. Lutz, Linda R. Mann. 

THIRD ROW: Joyce E. McDonald, 
Sandra L. McElwain, Janice J. 
Morrow, Elaine E. Nicolay, Jana 
S. Niles, Diana L. O'Dell, Marilyn 
K. Pankratz. 

FOURTH ROW: Sandra S. Para- 
more, Shelia R. Pilger, Patricia 
Schneider, Virginia S. Schneider, 
Iva L. Schupp, Olga E. Schwartz- 
kopf, Kathryn A. Scott. 

FIFTH ROW: Martie R. Shaffer, 
Susan J. Sheldon, Kathleen A. 
Sloan, Janice E. Smith, Diane K. 
Starbuck, Gail E. Tawney, Judy 
L. Van Blarcum. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patricia S. Wal- 
lace, Elizabeth M. Wary, Marian 
L. Whitmore, Eleanor R. Whitney, 
Martha A. Wilson, E'Lynn S. 
Wright, Nancy L. Zimmerman. 


Built during th 

house serves r 

e summer, a 

he members 

wing addition to the Gamma Phi 
with study and recreation room. 

Ninety chapters. Founded 
Syracuse University 1 874. 
Beta Upsilon chapter estab- 
lished 1957. President: Gail 
S. Breidenthal. 

Gamma Phis take first 
in IF Sing, scholarship 

Singing "Guided by Stars" and "I Talked to 
the Trees," Gamma Phi Beta placed first among 
sororities competing in Interfraternity Sing. 
Members also placed first in sorority scholarship 
rankings for spring 1965, receiving the province 
scholarship award. A new wing containing study 
rooms and a combination chapter and recreation 
room were completed. 

Little American Royal queen and Military 
Ball queen were Gamma Phis. Six members were 
active in Angel Flight, three in Sparks and four 
in Chimes. At Christmas members donated toys 
to a camp for underprivileged children in Colo- 
rado. For one dance, a square dance caller pro- 
vided atmosphere for a barn party. 

Gamma Phi Beta— TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Charles Cox, Charleen A. 
Achenbach, Lynda K. Adams, Janet 
L. Alexander, Mary L. Brainerd, 
Gale M. Brandt, Gail S. Breiden- 
thal, Pamela R. Buetzer. 

SECOND ROW: Patricia J. Callen, 
Connie L. Carr, Ann L. Charlton, 
Mary F. Childres, Jane R. Choplin, 
Linda A. Claydon, Ruth E. Coburn, 
Shirley C. Crail. 

THIRD ROW: Donna E. Craven, 
Jonalyn Cruickshank, Countess K. 
Culberfson, Susan L. Currie, Gloria 
J. Delich, Mollye A. Eddy, Martha 
M. Fly, Joyce E. Furney. 

FOURTH ROW: Mary Z. Furney, 
Janice M. Gillmore, Jean C. Gill- 
more, Mildred A. Goreham, Soma 
J. Green, Marsha K. Greene, Ann 
B. Harper, Nancy L. Higgins. 

FIFTH ROW: Diane Hodgson, 
Lynda S. Hoff, Ardis E. Horsch, 
Dorothy M. Hostetter, Audrey G. 
Hulse, Cheryl K. Jarvis, Joan K. 
Kammerer, Sharon L. Kirkbride. 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda A. Kuhn, 
Gloria L. Lewerenz, Donna J. Lil- 
lich, Cheryl A. Linn, Carolyn A. 
Love, Elaine V. Lowe, Linda L. 
Ludden, Judith K. Lybarger. 


: : ■•' A'$ 


Gamma Phi Beta— TOP ROW: 
Sally J. Maichel, Sandra S. Mall, 
Maureen K. Manuel, Mary J. Mc- 
Adow, Judith E. McGee, Carolyn 
K. McKinley, Janice L. McKinley. 

SECOND ROW: Robin McLean, 
Mary C. Meehan, Judith A. Melvin, 
Patricia A. Miller, Vikki K. Miller, 
Jan M. Myers, Lonnie J. Peck. 

THIRD ROW: Norma B. Perry, 
Sheryl R. Raglow, Virginia A. 
Ramey, Diane L. Rasmussen, Ger- 
trude F. Rippey, Theresa K. Rose, 
Susan L. Rosenkranz. 

FOURTH ROW: Margaret J. Ryan, 
Lauren E. Schmidt, Martha J. Seitz, 
Patricia L. Shane, Linda K. Shehi, 
Lee A. Skaggs, Jo Anne Stark- 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Turney, 
Sharon S. Volenti, Norma J. Wat- 
son, Sue A. Wiltse, Kim Wood- 
ard, Regina G. Young, Gloria D. 

Screams and squeals pour forth from the Gamma Phi Beta 
section as the announcement of their first place in the thirty- 

second annual Interfraternity Sing comes over the microphone. 
Thirteen houses each presented two numbers in the contest. 

Kappa Alpha Theta-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. John K. Schmit, Jo E. Abbott, 
Rhonda J. Adams, Carol S. Ang- 
win, Mary J. Ashton, Sally J. Baril, 
Mary L. Barley, Sara S. Bentley. 

SECOND ROW: Jeanette Brooke, 
Judith Bryant, Judy A. Bulger, 
Judith G. Burgess, Signe L. Burk, 
Nancy Coberly, Barbara K. Comp- 
ton, Patricia D. Crofoot. 

THIRD ROW: Dianne E. Danford, 
Judith A. Davidson, Marvella R. 
Dyck, Arlene S. Fair, Jean M. Fair, 
Sharon A. Gigstad, Susan J. 
Goble, Marsha L. Green. 

FOURTH ROW: Caroline J. Greer, 
Nancy C. Grey, Barbara J. Hays, 
Helen R. Heath, Kay L. Howell, 
Marva L. Hull, Judith I. Hysom, 
Jan B. Jager. 

BOTTOM ROW: Janet I. Kaelson, 
Helene J. Kalb, Tom M. Kaufman, 
Carolyn S. Kendall, Louise S. 
Keucher, Judith K. Kingery, Mar- 
garet Knorr, Lois A. Kohl. 

Ninety chapters. Founded 
DePauw University 1870. 
Delta Eta chapter established 
1961. President: Jean M. 

Rectangular wood blocks are painted by Thetas annually and 
given with toys to the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita. 

Kappa Alpha Theta wins 
chapter excellence award 

For outstanding advancement of its chapter 
in efficiency, University activities and scholar- 
ship, Kappa Alpha Theta received the national 
achievement award for its district at the annual 
convention. As a service project, the sorority made 
toys for the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita, 
the Theta's national philanthropy. 

Kappa Alpha Thetas served in Student Senate, 
earned scholarship recognition at the Greek 
Week and Mortar Board banquets and were 
represented in Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, 
Chimes and Angel Flight. Social activities in- 
cluded the DePauw Duo with Alpha Chi Omega 
and the Twin Star Formal. 


With 1 2 four-person rooms on second floor and the presi- 
dent's room on first, Thetas complete their fourth year in the 

three-level contemporary stone house. The Southern exposure 
balcony adds convenience to the sorority, 1517 McCain Lane. 

' 10 &g £ 

Kappa Alpha Theta-TOP ROW: 
Mary J. Londeen, Kay J. McManis, 
Mary M. McManis, Nancy L. Mc- 
Murry, Judy L. Meerpohl, Frances 
R. Mullmix, Mary E. Neil, Sharyl 
A. Nelson. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy L Niles, 
Marcia A. Norby, Janice M. Ols- 
son, Coral A. Osborne, Janet S. 
Osborne, Janice L. Parks, Deanna 
K. Parry, Ann C. Pattison. 

THIRD ROW: Lola J. Peters, Mary 
E. Peterson, Patricia A. Pierce, 
Janice E. Pomperien, Virginia A. 
Power, Jo L. Reay, Sandra J. 
Sageser, Susan L. Schutte. 

FOURTH ROW: Linda C. Shaw, 
Karen K. Shulda, Margaret E. 
Tanner, Shirley F. Theis, Linda S. 
Tillotson, Janice L. Travis, Anfonia 
L. Wandt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth A. 
Wandt, Elizabeth G. Wartman, 
Christine Wheatley, Mary L. Wof- 
ford, Susanna M. Wright, Lois E. 
Yelenik, Nancy A. Young. 


IT li 

Kappa Delta's buff brick house at 1220 Centennial Drive, the 
first sorority house constructed northeast of campus, is the 


ii rui 

home of the 1965 intramural trophy winners. House activities 
include mothers' and fathers' weekends and the Emerald Ball. 

Kappa Delta receives intramural, relays trophies 

For scoring the most points and for participat- 
ing in every intramural sport, Kappa Deltas won 
the 1965 intramural trophy. They also won a 
trophy for the Lambda Chi Alpha Chariot Re- 

One hundred two chapters. 
Founded Longwood College 
1897. Sigma Gamma Chap- 
ter established 1920. Presi- 
dent: Beryl A. Shaw. 

Kappa Delta-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Blanche Shmkle, Vicky L. Adams, 
Sheryl K. Albright, Frances M. 
Angell, Pamela S. Backhaus, Susan 
L. Benbow, Pamela J. Berkey, 
Judith L. Betz. 

SECOND ROW: Marcia M. Bran- 
num, Carlene E. Carlson, Nancy 
A. Charles, Mary J. Cooper, Caro- 
line B. Copenmg, Marilen A. Cor- 
win, Carolyn J. Cox, Dianne 

THIRD ROW: Genevieve C. Darter, 
Mary L. Dellere, Janice A. Dough- 
erty, Mary C. Evans, Margaret A. 
Ewing, Barbara K. Filbert, Gail W. 
Filbert, Michele D. Frickey. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nancy A. Gallo- 
way, Susan E. Garland, Joan R. 
Geraghty, Lana J. Gfeller, Nancy 
J. Glover, Virginia R. Green, 
Janice G. Greenwood, Kathleen 

lays. Turning from sports activities to a more 
leisurely life, KD pledges changed the house into 
a "Hobo Heaven, 1 ' complete with a sliding train 
tunnel into the recreation room. In a contest 
there, the costumed hobo with the best corsage 
was declared winner. 

Reformation Day queen, a Homecoming queen 
finalist and the sweethearts of Beta Sigma Psi, 
Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Tau 
Omega were KDs. Members also were repre- 
sented in Student Senate and Mortar Board. 


pr ^ 


■fi ('I :% ** ff> ft & 

Kappa Delta— TOP ROW: Bonnie 
J. Hamilton, Barbara J. Harcler- 
ode, Judy L. Heck, Sally J. Hinch- 
man, Pamela L Holt, Donna J. 
Hover, Leslie S. Innis, Judith A. 

SECOND ROW: Jeanne A. John- 
son, Phyllis M. Johnson, Janet L. 
Kannard, Linda L. Kaul, Jean A. 
Kelley, Barbara J. King, Margaret 
A. Koepke, Marilyn R. Kuhn. 

THIRD ROW: Cheryl M. Kuiken, 
Marita M. Lamp, Beverly J. Larsen, 
Rebecca S. Lehman, Shirley A. 
Lewis, Sally A. Liston, Laura L. 
Ludes, Sharon L. Maxwell. 

FOURTH ROW: Kay D. Mortimer, 
Catherine A. Murry, Martha A. 
Mustoe, Margaret E. Nichols, 
Judith R. North, Sue L. Partch, 
Patricia A. Payne, Mary L. Pratt. 

FIFTH ROW: Linda A. Richel, 
Carol L. Robbins, Karen J. San- 
born, Diane K. Schecher, Joan R. 
Schneikart, Gretchen C. Schwarz, 
Joan E. Scott, Janice L. Settles. 

SIXTH ROW: Beryl A. Shaw, Bob- 
bie J. Shaw, Jeann A. Sheik, 
Sharon L. Slocum, Jacqueline D. 
Spears, Barbara A. Stiles, Carol 
A. Suchart. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rita D. Terry, 
Paula B. Tibbetts, Jeanne M. 
Walker, Karen S. Ward, Carol L. 
Whitfield, Marilyn L. Woolley, 
Susan M. Yarnall. 

Instead of attending a pledge meeting, three Kappa Delta 
pledges steal an active as part of a KD pledge sneak. The 

31-member pledge class gave food and presents to an area 
needy family and participated in a multiple sclerosis drive. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma— TOP 

ROW: Mrs. Helen Swank, Eliza- 
beth Armstrong, Nancy A. Baker, 
Rebecca A. Barbe, Patricia A. Base, 
Sandra J. Beck, Susan M. Beck- 
erle, Gail M. Berry. 

SECOND ROW: Joan L. Booth, 
Chalise A. Bourque, Mary D. 
Breitweiser, Judith L. Burgess, 
Martha A. Burgess, Stephanie M. 
Carlson, Michele J. Clark, Donna 
K. Daily. 

THIRD ROW: Susan E. Dart, Lu- 
cille E. Dick, JoAnn C. Dodd, 
Brenda E. Dold, Nancy L. Durham, 
Karen J. Eckert, Sharon Edgar, 
Carolyn K. Elliott. 

FOURTH ROW: Pamela S. Engle, 
Carolyn S. Eyestone, Cynthia L. 
Finney, Susan K. Flett, Janet M. 
Francis, Joyce L. Francis, Janet E. 
Fulkerson, Susan M. Fullington. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marcia L. Gad- 
berry, Eileen D. Gard, Carol A. 
Gaston, Kathryne L. Gaynier, 
Tahmeroo L. Gaynier, Sharon K. 
Gravino, Pamela K. Griffee, Susan 
L. Griffee. 



k*' '1 ■ 

Stepping out onto their colonial front porch, Kappas listen to 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity songs during a serenade. 

Kappas refinish rooms, 
rank high in scholarship 

Studying in a remodeled, wood panelled recre- 
ation room, Kappa Kappa Gamma members 
ranked second in sorority scholarship for spring 
1965. The informal date room was redecorated 
in Old English taproom furnishings, with a color 
television donated by the fathers' club. 

Celebrating their founding on the same campus 
with Pi Beta Phi, Kappas attended the annual 
Monmouth Duo. In other campus activities, 
Kappas placed first in swimming and ranked in 
kickball, volleyball and basketball. Barnwarmer 
and Greek Week queens and a Homecoming 
queen attendant were Kappas. 

Ninety-two chapters. Found- 
ed Monmouth College 1 870. 
Gamma Alpha chapter 
established 1916. President: 
Janet M. Francis. 

At their home, 517 Fairchi Id Terrace, Kappas climb down the 
fire escape to the left-wing sun deck to absorb the sun's rays 

before the arrival of cool weather. The side porch provides a 
study and lounge area for the sorority women and their dates. 

# & & ® 5> 

l ft 

■t. ^ t 


Kappa Kappa Gamma— TOP 
ROW: Dianne K. Gugler, Marga- 
ret E. Hassig, Jacquelyn H. Haines, 
Rebecca A. Hargrove, Kathleen 
Hess, Valerie B. Hoover, Karen L. 

SECOND ROW: Pat S. Hopper, 
Judy L. Jacobs, Sue J. Kaufman, 
Kathleen L. Kennedy, Jean A. Kin- 
sey, Nancy A. Klag, Carla A. 

THIRD ROW: Ellen L. Krehbiel, 
Krishna L. Kunz, Nancy K. Lee, 
Nancy J. Lockhart, Barbara P. 
Loebeck, Trudine M. Mazaika, 
Jacki McQuillan. 

FOURTH ROW: Margo J. Miller, 
Linda M. Morgan, Marcella Mor- 
ris, Nancy J. Norvell, Julona C. 
Powell, Linda K. Prevo, Judith L. 

FIFTH ROW: Mary A. Pryor, 
Sidonie A. Schafer, Martha A. 
Schumacher, Laura L. Scott, Rachel 
A. Scott, Mary J. Seyler, Janet 

SIXTH ROW: Margaret J Shan- 
non, Martha J. Sloo, Becky M. 
Slothower, Susan J. Small, Anne 
C. Snider, Cynthia L. Sperry, Susan 
B. Steinke, Sheryl A. Stoddard. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nancy R. Stone, 
Martha A. Stonehocker, Barbara J. 
Thompson, Kimberly E. Williams, 
Elizabeth A. Wilson, Joan F. 
Wood, June A. Woodard, Cynthia 
R. Yotke. 

Miss Collegiate Young Republican and a Barnwarmer queen 
finalist represent the women of Pi Beta Phi, 1819 Todd Road. 

One hundred fifteen chap- 
ters. Founded Monmouth 
College 1 867. Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1915. 
President: Beverly J. Ab- 


Pi Phis herald founding, 
receive national awards 

Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Pi Beta Phi 
won two national convention awards. One award 
honored the women for ranking among the top 
10 chapters in the nation for 10 consecutive years. 
The other was for ranking third for 1965. 

Pi Phis won second in Interfraternity Sing 
as they sang "Follow the Arrow" and "Charlotte- 
town." In scholarship competition, they ranked 
fourth among 11 sororities for spring 1965. 

Members served as AWS vice-president, ju- 
dicial board chairman and treasurer, SEA vice- 
president, SGA and Union committee chairmen, 
student senator and cheerleader. Pi Phis were 
tapped by Sparks, Chimes and Mortar Board. 

Pi Beta Phi-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Marian Bugbee, Beverly J. Ab- 
meyer, Ashley Allison, Melinda 
M. Anderson, Nancy J. Andrews, 
Tamara D. Armstrong, Diana L. 
Ashton, Linda A. Baldndge. 

SECOND ROW: Margret C. Barn- 
ey, Constance L. Bates, Dana M. 
Bayer, Sally Ben|amin, Betty J. 
Billinger, Bobbie M. Blake, Mary 
E. Blakeslee, Susan J. Bowman. 

THIRD ROW: Barbara M. Brodine, 
Barbara L. Brooks, Barbara A. 
Brown, Joyce A. Burns, Pamela A. 
Canfield, Pamela S. Carlson, Kath- 
ryn A. Cavin, Carol Christensen. 

FOURTH ROW; Peggy A. Clark, 
Martha A. Crane, Mary A. Dally, 
Margaret J. Davis, Susan P. Davis, 
Madelyn C. Dixon, Kathleen A. 
Engstrom, Sharon Fairbank. 

FIFTH ROW: Sara M. Fiser, Pamela 
S. Gallemore, Claudia A. Garrett, 
Patricia G. Haggard, Constance 
L. Hall, Joan D. Hall, Margaret E. 
Harvey, Dana E. Hickman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Diann E. Hick- 
man, Nancy A. Hodgson, Mary E. 
Houdyshell, Lorna E. House, Jan- 
ice A. Hunter, Judith A. Hunter, 
Linda M. Irwin, Roberta M. Jarvis. 

t) pi& 5 q 



'V fef ":; ; r"ii 

Pi Beta Phi-TOP ROW: Patricia 
J. Jordan, Kathryn Judd, Kathenne 
A. Kirk, Sara L. Kirk, Andrea M. 
Lackie, Emma J. Lambert, Judith 
A. Lamme, Cynthia Lammers. 

SECOND ROW: Susanne F. Little, 
Janet L. McAninch, Marjory L. 
McLeavy, Mary V. Mitchell, Mono 
L. Mitchell, Julie M. Murrow, 
Carol A. Noble, Shirley J. Reid. 

THIRD ROW: Linda M. Rembleske, 
Martha J. Reynolds, Janet K. Rif- 
fey, Patricia A. Roach, Linda D. 
Risser, Karen J. Robinson, Janet S. 
Rupp, Ann E. Sanders. 

FOURTH ROW: Pamela J. Sea- 
man, Jane A. Sheetz, Suzanne H. 
Smith, Judy S. Strait, Dons J. Tay- 
lor, Anne A. Tuggle, Suzanne 
Turner, Barbara A. Tussey. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mary L. Tussey, 
Catherine L. Ulrich, Jane A. Wad- 
dle, Nancy K. Waddle, Brenda K. 
Weigel, LeEtta L. Wood, Nancy 
M. Young. 

Pi Beta Phi presents its version of "Cindyfella" as part of the 
four-minute skits at the Homecoming Previews. The Pi Phi en- 

trant, Cynthia Lammers, was one of 18 vying to reign in the 
week-long festivities honoring the queen and her attendants. 

Smurthwaite Scholarship House— 
TOP ROW: Mrs. Betsy Moberly, 
Sheryl L. Allowoy, Judith C. Arms- 
worthy, Barbara S. Asher, Cheri 
L. Avery, Ruth A. Bartholomew, 
Helen C. Bauder, LeAnne Biggart. 

SECOND ROW: Evelyn A. Bock, 
Marsha A. Bouchey, Juanita K. 
Brinkmeyer, Peggy A. Brown, 
Annette L. Buckland, Linda K. 
Buresh, Margaret K. Craig, Vesta 
L. Dauber. 

THIRD ROW: Peggy J. Denton, 
Alvena L. Dodge, Cora J. Ec 
ston, Carlo S. Ericson, Mary L. 
Esau, Teresa K. Graham, Berna 
dine L. Hale, Nancy K. Hatfield 

BOTTOM ROW: Wilma M. Hazen, 
Marilee R. Hennkson, Barbara G. 
Hochuli, Janice E. Hoecker, Ann 
S. Hyde, Rosslyn A. Johnson, Gale 
A. Justice, Erma J. Karr. 

Smurthwaite women reign as campus, state queens 

For the second consecutive year, a coed from 
Smurthwaite Scholarship House reigned as 
Homecoming queen. Other campus and state 
queen titles held by Smurthwaite members were 
Alpha Gamma Rho sweetheart, Kansas angus 

At 1500 N. Manhattan, Georgianna Smurthwaite Scholarship 
House was built by support from home demonstration units. 

queen and Kansas dairy princess. The president 
of Mortar Board and members of Chimes, Sparks 
and Phi Kappa Phi lived in the cooperative 
scholarship house. 

Among social activities in which the coeds par- 
ticipated were building a Homecoming float, in- 
troducing their new housemother at a spring tea, 
and hostessing the Scroll and Quill ball. 


Taking a break from their studies on a winter evening, Smurth- 
waite coeds gather around the fireplace to toast marshmallows. 

Scholarship house activities included a "Twas the Night" Christ- 
mas dance, fathers' weekend and participation in intramurals. 

Smurthwaite Scholarship House — 
TOP ROW: Kay Kaster, Shirley M. 
Kastie, Sharon Ladenburger, Dixie 
C. Leuthold, Rita K. Lilak, Anna 
M. Luker, Janet K. Mapes, Marlene 
F. McKaughan. 

SECOND ROW: Luann K. Nelson, 
Linda K. Niedenthal, Judith K. 
Nulty, Helen E. Packard, Elaine L. 
Pearson, Janell A. Plattner, Chris- 
tine E. Pray, Connie S. Rathbun. 

THIRD ROW: Beverly J. Salter 
Linda K. Sanford, Cecelia M 
Schaich, RaeDene Schmidt, Dor 
othy J. Schroder, Ruth E. Schroeder 
Linda G. Schwilling, Alice F. Sey 
bert, Sherry L. Simpson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carol A. Starns, 
Mary R. Stembrink, Cheryl L. 
Stewart, Darlene S. Strahm, Mar- 
ion K. Swain, Carol S. Tiffany, 
Marcia L. VanGundy, Glenna D. 
Walter, Cheryl K. Walters. 


PiKAs and their dates celebrate festivities during the Christ- 
mas season. Emphasizing social activities, fraternities sponsor 

numerous parties including after-the-game get-togethers, hour 
functions, rush parties, pledge-active parties and formals. 


fk f£ 

Sigma Nu trophies are proudly and conspicuously displayed 
for rushees to inspect while attending rush parties or smokers. 

Delta Tau Delta entertains sorority women with folk songs about 
Dennis Berkholtz, its candidate for Favorite Man on Campus. 

Fraternity life expands 
men's campus activities 

Classes and tests during the day, meetings and 
studies at night — but somehow fraternities found 
time to squeeze in informal house parties, sere- 
nades, functions with women's living groups, pic- 
nics, formals and practices for Interfraternity 
Sing and Harlequinade. While stressing scholar- 
ship and requiring study hall for those below 
specific grade averages, fraternities took time to 
participate -in service projects and to compete in 
men's intramurals. Members of the 23 campus 
fraternities attended weekly meetings. 



Phi Kappa Tau-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Ruth Moate, Michael J. Burns, Ro- 
land R. Coover, Donald G. Dres- 
sier, Patrick F. Ervin, James D. 

life . 4iJ tikti* 

SECOND ROW: Dwayne D. Gier, 
Gary L. Hauptli, Tommy D. 
Huecker, Larry L. Hummer, George 
H. Johnston, Robert E. Kroeker. 

BOTTOM ROW: James C. Richard- 
son, Charles G. Severin, Jeffrey A. 
Springer, Lindsey D. Tweedy, 
Charles R. Vavra, Dale A. Ward- 
law, Paul C. Woods. 

kiknitin <A 

Phi Taus purchase new house, supervise cannon 

Members of Phi Kappa Tau completed during 
the spring their first semester in a new home. The 
house was formerly the Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Eighty-two chapters. Founded 
Miami University 1 906. Al- 
pha Epsilon chapter estab- 
lished 1925. President: Don- 
ald C. Dressier. 

house. Arranging furniture and reorganizing the 
rooms occupied most of the men's time following 
the transfer. During the football season, the men 
supervised the firing of the Phi Tau cannon after 
each touchdown at home games. Linda Witt, a 
Tri Delta, was crowned Gannon Ball queen at 
the annual Cannon Ball Formal. 

Cannon Ball queen candidates, with members of Phi Kappa 
Tau, prepare to fire the cannon after a football touchdown. 

ft ti ~li & ^ ft 

Q & . O ft ft O 

->. « a 3 a ft g 

C <~ ^ a£ ^» 

Tau Kappa Epsilon-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. James P. Jackson, Gary L. 
Bender, Robert A. Cochran, Victor 
A. Davis, Robert B. Elliott, Terrell 
A. Fitzgerald, Randall L. Harmison. 

SECOND ROW: Paul W. Hayse, 
Gary L. Hibbs, Stanley R. Husted, 
Paul R. Janzen, Edward L. Keating, 
Charles M. Keithley, Claude A. 

THIRD ROW: David L. Kolde, Ver- 
non D. Logan, Stephen L. Maddy, 
Richard L. Middleton, Craig L, 
Miller, Paul E. Muehring, Dewey 
D. Mullmgs. 

FOURTH ROW: Steven D. Parsons, 
Michael G. Pharo, William L. 
Pratt, David R. Rockhold, Gerald 
D. Schmidt, Robert L. Schroder. 

BOTTOM ROW: George L. Sherer, 
Soren K. Simonsen, Thomas E. 
Snyder, Jon F. Thomas, George T. 
Warhurst, Douglas W. Wyatt. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon men enjoy a cold weekend afternoon as 
they venture out for some ice skating near their apartments. 

TKEs sell to Phi Taus, 
search for building site 

Selling their former residence to Phi Kappa 
Tau, members of Tau Kappa Epsilon moved into 
private apartments spring semester while looking 
for a suitable site for a new chapter house. TKE 
pledges joined the Alpha Delta Pi pledge class in 
sponsoring a party for a Manhattan elementary 
school class. Joe Krasinski was Greek Week king. 

Two hundred fifteen chap- 
ters. Founded Illinois Wes- 
leyan University 1899. Alpha 
Lambda chapter established 
1931. President: Randall L 


Acacia installs fixtures, 
lighted parking facilities 

Exterior and interior renovations at the Acacia 
house were completed during the academic year. 
Lighting the parking lot was a special project of 
the fraternity's pledge class while lamps and fix- 
tures added to the living room were contributed 
by the Mothers 1 Club. 

Highlighting Acacia's social activities were the 
Playboy Party, Night on the Nile Party and 
naming of a sweetheart at the Christmas formal. 
Members placed first in bowling and second in 
basketball in their league and participated in 
Sigma Tau, Blue Key and Men's Glee Club. 


Fifty chapters. Founded Uni- 
versity of Michigan 1904. 
K-State chapter established 
1913. President: Frank L. 

After fighting their way to finals of a fraternity intramural 
basketball league, the Acacias fell to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Acacia— TOP ROW: Mrs. Jeanette 
Simonson, Darrel W. Andrist, Mark 
W. Baldwin, William R. Barnett, 
Arthur C. Barney, James H. Bed- 
inghaus, Daryl D. Bender. 

SECOND ROW: Edward E. Blank- 
enhagen, David A. Braswell, Robyn 
D. Brooks, Robert M. Childs, John 
R. Clark, Garry L. Deines, Robert 

J. DeMay. 

THIRD ROW: Kenneth D. Dietz, 
Harold F. Dillenback, Jonathan W. 
Eicher, Charles D. Emel, Dale E. 
Esau, Harold N. Girrens, Larry E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry L. Hap- 
good, David M. Heck, Andrew R. 
Heyl, Ronald L. Highland, Donald 
R. Hite, Lynn R. Johnson, Philip R. 

^ a a ^ q 

^ £* p. a a p 43. 
c> ,o jfsi a cy &n ^~ 

Ifcfcko lijJtifcll 


^ £} C* £* ?"> (f>. i*> 

q f , g ft a ^ e 

o a a <^> f*< -^ ^ 

:Tj D ^> ff> o O ^ 

^^ *V«f Wf*| I ^ J- *^" ^jf! 

Acacia-TOP ROW: Phillip L 
Knox, Ross L. Lamp, Gail A. Lard, 
Fred P. Lechner, Steve E. Mauzey, 
Lynn A. McClelland, Allan P. 

SECOND ROW: Robert C. Mc- 
Cobb, Michael C. McKee, Max R. 
Moss, Max G. Mountford, Kenneth 
L. Mulanax, Roger L. Mulanax, 
Richard L. Newkirk. 

THIRD ROW: Ted R. Partch, Cecil 
W. Pearce, Kent R. Praeger, Barry 
L. Rhine, James L. Robison, Gilbert 
E. Rumsey, George L. Saines. 

FOURTH ROW: Harry M. Scott, 
Jim L. Sloan, Gordon N. Stein- 
man, Steven L. Taylor, Steven K. 
Thornbrugh, James E. Touslee, 
Thomas R. Twombly. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy D. War- 
ren, Brian M. Waters, Kenneth A. 
Winzeler, John W. Woodburn, 
Frank L. Woofter, William S. 

Contributions to a crippled children's fund came from Acacia 
men living at 2005 Hunting. During the Christmas holidays, 

the fraternity purchased toys for underprivileged crippled chil- 
dren and sent packages to other members of the families. 



, n 

''JSe #',€§» 

In late October, men of Alpha Gamma Rho cut logs for the 
AGR and Kappa Kappa Gamma fireplaces. As part of their 

social activities, the men annually invite sorority women to the 
log-chopping before an informal party at the AGR house. 

AGR men participate in agricultural activities 

For the second consecutive year, a Homecom- 
ing float built by Alpha Gamma Rho finished 
high in single entry competition. AGRs were 

Forty-three chapters. Found- 
ed University of Illinois 
1908. Alpha Zeta chapter 
established 1927. President: 
Johnny E. Meetz. 

Alpha Gamma Rho— TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Mildred Wogan, Robert D. 
Ames, John H. Anderson, Richard 
A. Barta, Keith C. Behnke, David 
W. Bircher, Kenneth D. Buchele. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carrol Campbell, 
Edward N. Childs, Charles R. 
Cole, Kenneth M. Cox, Robert R. 
Cudney, Keith L. Eberhart, Larry 
D. Ehrlich. 

active in organizing the Little American Royal 
and Ag Science Day and also participated in 
Barnwarmer activities. During the fall semester, 
the men dressed in western clothes for the Roul- 
let Party and chose their chapter sweetheart at 
the Sister Sweetheart Formal. Members partici- 
pated in all intramural sports and were named to 
junior and senior agricultural judging teams. 
AGRs held office in Block and Bridle and the 
College of Agriculture. 


£5 fj ft C) 

f\ O Q a jfi 

qd & a ~j & a ^ 

Q o ff> >'-' *> 4p fi> 

"o p q. p e»oa r: 

O Q, C -C fS C .^ ! '"> 

?* l") O D f\ n O (ft 

^ t (^ o ri ct r* ^ 

a J 4>i4iJfci 

d w 

Alpha Gamma Rho— TOP ROW: 
John R. Evans, Larry L. Geil, Gary 
L Gilbert, Ervin F. Gnadt, Theo- 
dore L. Hanchett, John J. Herynk, 
Ronald W. Hirst, John S. Hofer. 

SECOND ROW: Richard P. Houdy 
shell, Virgil R. Huseman, Michael 
R. Jeannin, Brad J. Kerbs, David 
D. Knight, Jerald A. Kopp, John 
W. Laue, Gene W. Laverentz. 

THIRD ROW: John M. Lefton, Lon- 
nie L Lemon, Jerry W. Maranville, 
Johnny E. Meetz, Larry R. Meise- 
geier, Allan V. Miller, John C. 
Nagel, Terry W. Odle. 

FOURTH ROW: Alan D. Oster- 
mann, Orville M. Peterson, Steve 
J. Price, David J. Reisig, Loren J. 
Rickard, Jerald A. Riemann, Marlin 
J. Riemann, Steven H. Slusher. 

FIFTH ROW: Gary D. Spiker, Mel- 
vin V. Splitter, Charles L. Stoehr, 
Larry D. Stuckey, George A. Tea- 
garden, Richard L. Theurer, Ken- 
neth R. Wade, Ronald D. Welsh. 

BOTTOM ROW: John R. Wester- 
man, Stanly C. Widau, Richard 
W. Wilcke, Douglas W. Williams, 
Robert E. Wingert, Wallace W. 
Wolf, Haskell S. Wright, Jerome 
P. Yorke. 

Fraternity men at the Alpha Gamma Rho house, 1919 Piatt, 
invite dates to the Pink Rose Formal and entertain sisters and 

daughters of AGR alumni. The fraternity is represented in Alpha 
Zeta, Steel Ring, Phi Eta Sigma and Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Alpha Kappa Lambda— TOP 
ROW: Mrs. Harold Hughes, Larry 
A. Anderson, Pete L. Bailey, Terry 
M. Bush, Charles W. Coffman, 
Stanley P. Cyphers, Roger L. 

SECOND ROW: Craig G. Duff, 
David W. Duff, Joe D. Freeman, 
Harold J. Garten, Roger A. Griffin, 
Richard D. Hagerman, Philip M. 

THIRD ROW: Donald E. Halver- 
stadt, James I. Hensley, James M. 
Hillman, James W. Howard, Ger- 
old D. Jilka, Robert L. Jones, Kay 
M. Kimball. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald R. Kline, 
Robert L. Latta, Leslie C. Long- 
berg, Jim E. Loomis, David A. 
Martin, Daniel R. McConachie, 
David E. McCune. 

j a d 'Q 9 o ft 

,tMkt* ditlktikj ': All 

r> o o j@ £| o cs. 

ft &\ o g o o ^> 

4i J^'tfeAlfctthS^mE£l Afl 

AKLs secure award for blood donor percentage 

With a high house percentage of blood donors 
in the Circle K blood drive, Alpha Kappa 
Lambda secured the Golden Drop Award. Ninety 
per cent of the members contributed. Other 
house activities included, as a pledge class project, 
clearing the brush from Bluemont hill. 

In intramural competition the AKLs placed 
second both in horseshoes and their spring bowl- 
ing league. They also participated in basketball 

New rugs and furniture complete the redecoration, at 1919 
Hunting, of the Alpha Kappa Lambda housemother's suite. 

and football. Members were represented in Sig- 
ma Tau, Chi Epsilon and Alpha Epsilon Rho. 
Warden of Alpha Kappa Psi and vice-president 
of Interfraternity Council were AKLs. 


Forty chapters. Founded Uni- 
versity of California 1914. 
lota chapter established 
1930. President: Jim E. 


V: :■.- \a \4/ r 

,. .<,,, , 


, - -■■•■■: ■ «*- 

>^ ' 1 J 

Members of Alpha Kappa Lambda take a positive stand for 
the Apartheid policy as they represent the Union of South 

Africa at MUN. Other activities include a winter and spring 
formal, a beach party at Tuttle Creek and a chicken barbeque. 

ft C\ C fS Cl » c\ 

O f$ cs ^ A 

a « f^> O ri c> 

n o o ^ <•> a 

Alpha Kappa Lambda— TOP 

ROW: James D. McCune, Steven 
G. Mclntyre, Robert P. Mease, 
Jerry G. Meyer, Ronald G. Odom, 
Jerry L. O'Donnell, Charles L 

SECOND ROW: Richard L. Robin- 
son, Gary L. Romine, Kenneth M. 
Scott, Larry L. Seger, George S. 
Shank, John L. Siemens, Gary D. 

THIRD ROW: George Schneickert, 
Fred G. Sprang, Arland D. Ste- 
phens, Ronald W. Taylor, Tommy 
R. Thompson, Steven G. Traxson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Utter- 
back, David L. Weaver, Wilton 
S. Webb, Richard M. Wibbeler, 
M. William Wyckoff, Orlin J. 

Sisters of the Maltese Cross, organized within the last year 
to serve as hostesses for ATO events, help the men fill Hallow- 

een trick-or-treat sacks for children in Manhattan hospitals. 
They also helped the fraternity men construct Easter baskets. 

ATOs, alumni celebrate national, chapter founding 

Homecoming festivities coupled with the 100th 
year celebration of the national founding of Alpha 
Tau Omega brought alumni to the ATO house. 
Members also celebrated the 45th year of the 
chapter's founding by a picnic with the Sisters 
of the Maltese Cross during the fall. Mrs. Maude 
Thuman completed her first year as fraternity 
housemother. Spirited intramural competition 
helped the ATOs place first in football and bas- 

ketball in their division. Other activities included 
rush parties, Christmas and Valentine's Day 
parties and the White Tea Rose Formal. 

One hundred twenty-two 
chapters. Founded Virginia 
Military Institute 1865. Delta 
Theta chapter established 
1920. President: Richard E. 

Alpha Tau Omega— TOP ROW: 
Mrs. C. H. Thuman, David R. Alex- 
ander, Bob H. Balwanz, Monty M. 
Bednosek, Robert D. Bishop, Stan- 
ley R. Boles, Gerald C. Brees. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert W. Brew- 
ster, Ralph G. Bruce, Michael E. 
Bryant, Kenneth K. Chesney, 
Johnny L. Corey, Robert L. Dan- 
lelson, William L Dillon. 

t^r- a r ~ * - -? ^*n4 **lrP *ry& 

n a m £* m ♦* <* 


•^ ^ jS (•• f,n (•» ^ (fl 

q 3 o. £> .a , o ft & 

Alpha Tau Omega— TOP ROW: 
Robert C. Dobson, Larry W. Emig, 
Cady R. Engler, Richard E. Fager- 
berg, Alwyn H. Gentry, James W. 
Gentry, Edward S. Gfeller. 

SECOND ROW: Robert E. Graves, 
William J. Hamlin, Bruce W. 
Heckman, Dennis E. Home, Robert 
M. Hudson, Richard W. Jacobson, 
Cecil W. Johnson. 

THIRD ROW: Raymond W. John- 
son, Steve A. Johnson, Robert L. 
Kirkendall, James R. Madden, 
George F. Mance, John O. Mc- 
Connell, Michael T. Mills, Charles 
E. Ohl. 

FOURTH ROW: William F. Over- 
man, Rodney D. Petersen, Stephen 
L. Reynolds, George T. Richards, 
William F. Rock, Ronald H. Roesler, 
Steven D. Roesler, Richard H. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald L. Strahm, 
James V. Swanson, Terry L. Swish- 
er, William S. Taylor, Michael L. 
Trabert, Frederic C. Weckel, Dale 
E. West, Calvin E. Wineland. 

Men of Alpha Tau Omega, housed at 1408 Denison, partici- 
pate in Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Glee 

Club and the Union Governing Board. ATOs and Alpha Xi 
Delta presented "Malice with Alice,'' in 1965 Harlequinade. 

Beta Sigma Psi-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Allen Burch, Clifford D. Ascher, 
Dean R. Bader, Phillip W. Boesch- 
en, Terry K. Boggs, Warren T. 
Brady, Paul W. Cassella. 

SECOND ROW: Roger A. Diek- 
man, Rolland G. Divin, William 
D. Edwardson, James M. Farrar, 
William F. Farrar, James D. Folk- 
erts, James W. Fox. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald N. Hager- 
man, David R. Hanson, Herbert E. 
Harrod, Art Harvey, Joseph S. 
Henrichs, David L. Herpich, Carl 
F. Jackson. 

A* M 

fy *m *0 

o ft &a Cy ft ci 

ft ft & ^ P ^ ft 

Beta Sigs give blood as community service project 

More than 30 pints of blood were donated to 
a coed cancer patient by volunteers of Beta 
Sigma Psi as a community service project. A 
Lutheran organization, Beta Sigma Psi celebrated 

Ten chapters. Founded Uni- 
versity of Illinois 1925. Zeta 
chapter established 1951. 
President: Merle A. Soeken. 

Reformation Day with a football game against 
Phi Kappa Theta. A queen contest and dance 
followed, commemorating Martin Luther's sepa- 
ration from the Catholic church. 

Highlighting the year was the crowning of the 
Beta Sig sweetheart at the Gold Rose Formal. 
Members and dates competed for door prizes at 
the spring Casino Party. Religious Coordinating 
Council president, a student senator and Inter- 
fraternity Pledge Council president belonged. 

For three consecutive years, members of Beta Sigma Psi, 
1200 Centennial Drive, have won first place in the intramural 

volleyball play-offs. Singing "Beta Sig Sweetheart" and "Stout- 
hearted Men," Beta Sigs also participated in Interfraternity Sing. 

As part of their alumni program, members of Beta Sigma Psi 
hold informal discussion sessions following dinner with those 

living in the Manhattan area. Each semester a scholarship 
dinner also is given to recognize members who excel in grades. 

£* &S ^ f% € 

t« -, r> Ci ^ ^ ^ 
t^hl :»*,*. ! fit} 

Vt^T T.^f i^^jjl ^-^ " - . ,' < -^J 

£> ..*• (^ ^ f* f^ Q Q 

Beta Sigma Psi-TOP ROW: David 
D. Jackson, Michael E. Jackson, 
Curtis R. Jacobs, Daryll D. Jam- 
void, Gary D. Janke, Larry L. 
Johnson, Donald W. Kaiser, Robert 
P. Keist. 

SECOND ROW: Henry O. Kistner, 
Douglas B. Knop, Myron E. Kroeg- 
er, Robert A. Kuhn, William R. 
Kuhn, Gary A. Langner, William 
V. Lawrence, Brent W. Limn. 

THIRD ROW: Dale E. Limn, Rich- 
ard A. Lippoldt, Robert L. Lippoldt, 
Harold E. Mai, Vaughn D. Mi- 
gnot, Norman P. Nuss, John G. 
Ostermann, Douglas K. Peters. 

FOURTH ROW: William D. Pul- 
liam, Alan D. Query, Ronald R. 
Ricker, Donald R. Root, Jon R. 
Root, Kenneth P. Schmanke, James 
E. Schoenbeck, Terry R. Schoen- 

FIFTH ROW: Donald W. Schott, 
Clair Schwerdtfeger, Glen L. 
Shank, William J. Siebert, Gary 
D. Sims, Gene R. Smallwood, 
Garry L. Smith, Merle A. Soeken. 

BOTTOM ROW: David A. Strohm, 
David P. Tollefson, Mark K. Tor- 
luemke, Steven R. Wiechman, 
Timothy R. Windier, John E. Wis- 
niewski, Douglas J. Wolters, Robert 
E. Zibell. 


Representing Beta Theta Pi, 500 Sunset, in campus activities 
are men in Board of Student Organizations and Sigma Tau. 

One hundred three chapters. 
Founded Miami University 
1 839. Gamma Epsilon chap- 
ter established 1914. Presi- 
dent: Kenneth D. Knapp. 

Betas secure first place 
in football, tennis, track 

For the third consecutive year, members of Beta 
Theta Pi won the intramural football champion- 
ship with an undefeated season. The fraternity 
also placed first in intramural tennis singles and 
track, securing the fraternity over-all champion- 
ship in intramurals. Varsity athletes in football, 
basketball and track were Betas. 

Members were active in the honoraries of Blue 
Key, Scabbard and Blade and Steel Ring while 
one member was an exchange student at Justus 
Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. In fra- 
ternity scholarship, the house has ranked either 
first or second for the last 16 years. 

As a community service project, the fraternity 
participated in a church preference drive to de- 
termine the number of residents belonging to 
churches and their denominations. The Betas 
won the Lambda Chi Alpha Chariot Relays for 
the eighth consecutive time and sponsored fall 
and spring house parties and a barbeque. 

Beta Theta Pi — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Grover Clingan, Douglas B. Aiken, 
Vinton K. Arnett, Thomas R. Baker, 
John H. Banks, Thomas K. Barnes, 
Steven R. Beck, Kenneth U. Ben- 

SECOND ROW: Martin E. Ben|a- 
min, Robert M. Bennett, Glenn E. 
Boyd, William J. Boyer, Emmett N. 
Breen, Robert A. Briggs, Michael 
D. Buckles, Michael L. Clutter. 

THIRD ROW: Craig A. Coulter, 
Robert W. Crouch, Roger K. Dick- 
erson, Steven B. Farabi, Terry B. 
Farabi, Donald D. Ficken, Arch 
G. Gothard, Philip L. Guthrie. 

FOURTH ROW: James M. Guy, 
Dean F. Harper, James C. Harri- 
son, James N. Haymaker, Barry 
L. Herron, Thomas W. Hinz, Ron- 
ald K. Holm, Fred A. Isernhagen. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patrick T. Jacobs, 
Larry D. Johnston, Howard A. 
Kinzer, Kenneth D. Knapp, Charles 
D. Kugler, Carl D. Latham, Peter 
G. Lonaux, Harry E. McDonald. 

^% i*^ ^% ^% ^^ <•> (7% 

-~- P •»•»»" W*T' w-^W U-^f ''"^ '•» »» 

r$ r> £* **> e\ 3 cijft 


ft r\ p ft ft pi ft a a 

* ft ft ft ft j! 

a & ft ft c ft {?4 ft ft 

I £ 

Beta Theta Pi— TOP ROW: Rodney 
D. McMullen, Douglas M. McNeal, 
Donald H. Merten, James L. 
Mertz, Richard E. Morgan, Conrad 
Nightingale, Kent E. Otte, Thomas 
C. Palmer, John C. Peck. 

SECOND ROW: William W. Peck, 
Stephen W. Peirce, Layton W. 
Perry, Stanley W. Pine, Leland J. 
Polly, Thomas M. Potter, Joseph 
R. Reppert, George W. Schultz, 
Earl H. Seyfert. 

THIRD ROW: James K. Shrack, 
William C. Skaer, Norman E. 
Smith, Stephen A. Smith, Dale L 
Somers, Stephen K. Sproul, Ron- 
ald P. Sumner, Robert L. VanAI- 
len, James G. Wallerstedt. 

BOTTOM ROW: John I. Wassberg, 
James L. Weaver, Robert D. 
Wehling, Loren J. Wendelburg, 
John H. White, Billy F. Williams, 
Kerry F. Williams, Lane D. Yoder, 
Alexander M. Young. 

Betas gather after dinner and during study breaks to sing and 
join discussions. Having members in Varsity Mens Glee Club, 

Beta Theta Pi placed third in Interfraternity Sing with the 
songs, "The Beta Marseillaise" and "My Lord, What a Mornin'." 



Delta Chi chapters meet 
for anniversary festivities 

Members of Delta Chi celebrated their chap- 
ter's second anniversary by attending a three- 
chapter Founder's Day dinner at a country club 
in Topeka. The event also marked the seventy- 
fifth anniversary of the international Delta Chi 
fraternity. Operating as an independent house 
in 1963, Delta Chi was a colony until granted 
fraternity status in fall 1964. 

Recipient of the most improved scholarship 
award from the Interfraternity Council, Delta 
Chis served as Social Coordinating Council chair- 
man, Interfraternity Council president, Student 
Governing Association personnel director and 
varsity rowing team captain. 

Fifty-three chapters. Founded 
Cornell University 1890. 
Kansas State chapter estab- 
lished 1964. President: Dar- 
win E. Cline. 

Manager of the varsity basketball team and the Delta Zeta 
Darling are among the members of Delta Chi, 1716 Fairchild. 

Delta Chi— TOP ROW: Mrs. W. 
P. Dunagan, Michael Abshire, 
Dan W. Adams, Paul F. Antes, 
Dennis E. Barnes, Thomas Z. 
Beery, Roger L. Bennett, Donald 
R. Bentsen. 

SECOND ROW: Ronald L. Boyer, 
John C. Brandt, Robert J. Brock- 
man, Terry F. Chancy, Robert G. 
Chilcott, Darwin E. Cline, Stanley 
R. Downs, Ronald E. Field. 

THIRD ROW: Ronald J. Forken- 
brock, Leonard R. Frederick, Wil- 
liam E. Gamble, Thomas E. 
Greene, Darrel L. Grossardt, Ste- 
phen L. Guthrie, Robert A. Har- 
wood, Rodney J. Higbee. 

BOTTOM ROW: Harold K. Hitz, 
Dwight W. Horsch, Glen L. Iver- 
sen, Alan R. Jaax, Douglas D. 
Kelly, Gary L. Kildow, John M. 
Koger, Jon M. Larson. 

C- B £1 rv* 

U! ^T krtS* fercy- 

CTj >->v5 

* % 


<* « £} .,'} r> Ct o 

f> H <■* flfc 

21 U 

Ift ^ ^ c* 



^ p e .». © ^ 

O, a a © ^ a n 

Delta Chi-TOP ROW: James N. 
Marker, Gordon K. McNitt, Mi- 
chael M. Nichols, Don G. Parker, 
John M. Quiring, Chester V. 
Rhoads, Herbert A. Roes. 

SECOND ROW: Dennis E. Rork, 
Stanley A. Salisbury, Thomas B. 
Sanders, Lyle D. Sechnst, Terry L. 
Seip, Philip L. Sell, Marvin W. 

THIRD ROW: Craig R. Shove, 
Veryl B. Sibley, Webster H. Sill, 
David W. Simmonds, James G. 
Smith, Elmer L. Sunderland, Rich- 
ard B. Teeter. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry K. Turnbull, 
Stephen G. Wanick, Darrel P. 
Wentz, Terry L. White, Charles 
R. Woodard, Robert L. Wood- 
ward, William P. Young. 

Delta Chi men sponsor an annual recreation day for approx- 
imately 40 underprivileged children while at Christmas they 

adopt a needy family. Social activities include Christmas and 
Halloween parties and the spring White Carnation Ball. 

Boasting a 20 per cent increase over last year's membership, 
Delta Sigma Phi provides a home for 58 men at 1100 Fremont. 

A delegation of Delta Sigs attended the fraternity's national 
convention in Cincinnati, Ohio in the last part of August. 

Delta Sigs win first place in intramural leagues 

Participating in all intramural team sports, the 
men of Delta Sigma Phi captured first place in 
their fraternity league in both softball and foot- 
ball. Members invited dates to three major social 
events of the year, the annual Sailor's Ball, a 
Founder's Day banquet and dance, and the 
Carnation Ball in the spring. 

Campus activities found the men active in Phi 
Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, 

Delta Sigma Phi-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Effie Newton, James R. 
Brookshire, Elmer C. Burk, David 
T. Cassing, Melvin A. Caylor, 
Bruce N. Christensen, William E. 

SECOND ROW: Barry H. Clay, 
Vernon L. Desbien, Harvey A. 
Disenhouse, Gordon H. Dukelow, 
Charles R. Fail, Grant E. Glad, 
John A. Henningsen. 

BOTTOM ROW: James M. Ho- 
jnacki, Billy P. Hovorak, Robert S. 
Kay, John L. Lewis, Philip A. Liv- 
ingston, Graham C. Logan, Richard 
A. Long. 

Model United Nations and varsity track. Work- 
ing with other Greek houses, Delta Sigs helped 
with the Manhattan heart fund drive. 

One hundred five chapters. 
Founded city College of 
New York 1899. Alpha Up- 
silon chapter established 
1925. President: Vernon L 

Z% <^_'0 O <?& f?< O 



fciii fa 

Delta Sigma Phi-TOP ROW: Hal 
T. McDonald, Charles B. McNeil, 
Boyd I. Miller, Larry S. Mills, 
Elton G. Murrow, Benny D. Nead- 

SECOND ROW: Orval F. Papon, 
Robert E. Power, Andrew C. Rob- 
ertson, Richard V. Sheehan, James 
C Skach, David M. Smith. 

BOTTOM ROW: Douglas C. Smith, 
Philip W. Smith, Philip J. Stoehr, 
Karl J. Svaty, Don R. Warren, 
Gale R. Yarrow. 

Taking a break from an organized study hall, Delta Sigs raid 
their kitchen for food. The fraternity honors high scholarship 

at a banquet at which those earning a grade point above 
the all-fraternity average eat steak, those under eat mush. 


Delta Tau Delta-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Wanda Dick-Peddie, Kenny 
H. Barb, Gary L. Beach, Ronald 
T. Beach, Dennis L. Berkholtz, 
James N. Black, Bradford G. 
Blaker, Eldon L. Boisseau. 

SECOND ROW: Charles F. Bour- 
bina, Randolph C. Burnison, Lyle 
P. Carmony, James E. Cheatham, 
Michael B. Conrad, Richard J. 
Crist, Dennis R. Croman, Charles 
W. Engel. 

THIRD ROW: John S. Fagan, Kerry 
L. Fairchild, Lon K. Floyd, Robert 
E. George, Ronald A. Gerster, 
Jon T. Graves, John R. Green, 
Richard C. Green. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary N. Hadsell, 
Jay R. Hedlund, William R. Heg 
berg, Stephen R. Herbel, Charles 
T. Herman, Robert K. Herman, 
James D. Hopper, Melvin L. 

FIFTH ROW: Alan R. Hug, Lester 
H. Ideker, James S. Jordan, Robert 
L. Kearney, Robert W. Kelly, An- 
thony L. Kimmi, Jack H. Konitz, 
Kent A. Lauer. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bruce A. McGehe, 
John E. Markley, Gary R. Mehl, 
Mark D. Merica, Jonathon D. 
Morgenson, Louis D. Nelson, John 
E. Norberg, James C. Perry. 










i ii » 






r- - ^ 







4* A 



















d'M - "■* 


















. 1 , 

a. « a 


Ninety-two chapters. Found- 
ed Bethany College 1858. 
Gamma Chi chapter estab- 
lished 1917. President: John 
E. Norberg. 

At 1001 Sunset, Delta Tau Delta members are represented 
in Student Senate, Arts and Sciences and Commerce councils. 

Campus activities, sports 
interest Delta Tau Delta 

Exhibiting interest in campus activities, Delta 
Tau Delta men included president of the senior 
class, members of Blue Key, Steel Ring, Sigma 
Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Ar- 
nold Air Society and Student Governing Associa- 
tion. The 90-member fraternity also participated 
in Interfraternity Sing, the Bloodmobile Drive 
contest sponsored by Circle K and intramural 
football, basketball, swimming and tennis. 

Included among Delta Tau Delta social activi- 
ties were the Rainbow Spring Formal, the Paddle 
Party, the George Party in recognition of George 
Washington's birthday, a spring barbeque and 
functions with sororities and women's dormitories. 

It may be a dog's life, but what a life Brandy, mascot of Delta 
Tau Delta, leads. The 200-pound St. Bernard, one of six fra- 

ternity mascots, eats approximately 50 pounds of food monthly 
and has free run of the Delta Tau Delta house at his disposal. 

5 q q o ^ 

^^ £^i C~*' t>- 

& Q- © 
B ft.iO t3 Q ift £* ffl! 

Delta Tau Delta-TOP ROW: 
Larry M. Peterson, Louis L. Poma, 
Donald L. Reed, Michael E. Rior- 
dan, Keith L. Roberts, Eugene J. 
Ronsick, James N. Rowland. 

SECOND ROW: Vance D. Schafer, 
Byron R. Schlosser, Frederick J. 
Schmidt, Dennis R. Sherraden, 
Robert D. Snider, Robert D. Steiger, 
Keith A. Stuessi. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kent D. Taylor, 
Richard L. Thomas, Steve W. 
Train, Dale A. Wardlaw, Wesley 
H. Welch, Mason C. Whitney, 
David R. Williams, Keith R. Zwick. 




Whitewash, brooms and buckets provide the necessary equip- 
ment for the Delta Upsilon pledge class project of repainting 


the letters of "Manhattan" on Bluemont hill. DU pledges are 
initiated in the only open initiation ceremony held on campus. 

DU charter president speaks at 10th anniversary 

Celebrating Delta Upsilon's tenth year on cam- 
pus, the fraternity's charter president addressed 
the men at their Founder's Day banquet during 



Eighty-one chapters. Founded 
Williams College 1834. K- 
State chapter established 
1956. President: Michael L 

Homecoming weekend. Returning alumni spon- 
sored a party for the chapter that night. 

Competing in all intramurals, DU swimming 
and basketball teams took first place while the 
fraternity was awarded third place in over-all 
competition. A DU College Bowl team captured 
the campus title, and the men's study efforts were 
rewarded with third place in fraternity scholar- 
ship standings for the spring semester 1965. 

Delta Upsilon — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
John Sponable, Dave F. Anderson, 
Paul L. Ash, Ronald A. Baker, 
Peter A. Bell, Roger D. Bender, 
William Bevan, Laurence W. 

SECOND ROW: Donald R. Brin- 
ing, Lawrence O. Bryant, Charles 
E. Cardwell, Robert M. Clegg, 
William P. Conway, Jay L. Cook, 
James R. Cruce, Greg P. Denk. 

BOTTOM ROW: John J. Devore, 
Steven L. Douglas, Michael D. 
Dumford, Douglas E. Eisenhour, 
Galen E. Ericson, Steven M. Evans, 
Arlyn R. Fagen, Ross L. Fapp. 

toll i 

c* m v3 

** ft 

* % 

^ » r>. n p fs_ % 3 

*?^'l ^"w j£:£iii 

r"> ^ #A ^ £jj f^ 

."> ffli Q Q £% Ift <^ flli 

<•* t*i rs .« © j© ^ 

^ ***\ f*\ . <x i ( '^ 

Delta Upsilon-TOPROW: Charles 
J. Farmer, David B. Fruetel, 
George A. Gerritz, Gary L. Haden, 
Michael R. Hall, Frank R. Hardin, 
Michael A. Hendricks, Don A. Hill. 

SECOND ROW: Neil F. Hirsch, 
Thomas M. Howe, Yancy D. Hud- 
son, Daniel S. Huffman, Thomas 
K. Jacob, Stephen L. James, Doug- 
las K. Jernigan, David R. Jones. 

THIRD ROW: Burk Jubelt, James 
M. Kendall, Lawrence M. Kendall, 
William H. Kennedy, Henry C. 
Kirchhoff, Dennis J. Lee, Richard 
K. Lilly, John M. Littrell. 

FOURTH ROW: H. Stewart Mann, 
Bennie L. Martin, Robert L. Marrs, 
Michael L. Maxwell, William K. 
Maxwell, Galen R. McDonald, 
Paul E. Miller, Steven L. Morgan. 

FIFTH ROW: Stephen R. Morris, 
Dennis T. Myers, Ralph M. Neigh- 
bor, Robert D. Nuss, Donald D. 
O'Connor, Gary E. O'Hara, David 
L. Parker, Harold C. Peterson. 

SIXTH ROW: Richard D. Reid, 
Craig W. Ridenour, Nelson K. 
Reinhardt, Max M. Stearns, Lane 
V. Sunderland, John G. Svary, 
Roy K. Teas, Thomas Teichgraeber, 
Melvin E. Thompson. 

BOTTOM ROW: John F. Tisdel, 
Lawrence E. Townley, Gary L. 
Urbanek, Robert E. Venard, 
Walter J. Viney, Joe E. Ward, 
Howard L. Warren, Stephen H. 
Wible, Craig M. Woodard. 

Presidents of Phi Eta Sigma and People-to-People live at the 
Delta Upsilon house, 1425 University Drive. The fraternity also 

has representatives on Apportionment Board, in Student 
Governing Association and on the Arts and Sciences Council. 



Acquiring pledges only through informal rush, FarmHouse at 
1830 College Heights is one-half block from the edge of campus. 

Twenty-two chapters. Found- 
ed University of Missouri 
1 905. Kansas State chapter 
established 1921. President: 
Duane M. Henrikson. 


FarmHouse places first 
in grades for 41st time 

For the sixth consecutive semester, FarmHouse 
received the first place scholarship trophy for the 
highest fraternity grade average for spring 1965. 
The chapter has earned the award 41 times since 
1937. Members also won for the fifth consecutive 
year the National Interfraternity Council Summa 
Cum Laude Award given to member organiza- 
tions 30 per cent above the all men's average. 

Singing "Green Fields" and "Fair Farm- 
House," members placed second in Interfraternity 
Sing. Preparations for the FarmHouse National 
Conclave to be held on campus in September 
were among major house activities. More than 
400 alumni, actives and pledges will attend. 

FarmHouse members participated in Blue Key, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Steel Ring, Sigma 
Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa and 
Alpha Mu. Social activities included a fall bar- 
beque, Halloween and Christmas parties, the 
Star and Crescent Formal and Sisters' Day. 

FarmHouse — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Hazel Hawbecker, Larry R. Ander- 
son, Gary L. Base, Robert G. 
Baxa, Terry L. Biery, Joseph M. 
Bohnen, Steven R. Boyle, David 
M. Bozone. 

SECOND ROW: Charles T. 
Bronzan, Tommy R. Carr, Keith L. 
Cramer, David H. Cromwell, 
Tony M. Delp, Dennis L. Deschner, 
Michael E. Dikeman, Larry E. 

THIRD ROW: Frank R. Douthit, 
William D. Eisele, Harold D. 
Engle, Arlen W. Etling, Donald R. 
Ferguson, Donald D. Grauerholz, 
Stanley W. Grecian, Randy K. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary D. Harmon, 
John W. Harvey, Duane M. Hen- 
rikson, Tommy L. Jacobitz, Ronald 
E. Jones, Kenneth Kallenbach, 
Jerry D. Kazmaier, James K. Koel- 

BOTTOM ROW: Walter W. Kurth, 
David K. Lightner, Daryl W. 
Loeppke, Ronnie G. Lunsford, 
Robert A. MacArthur, Marvin W. 
Mann, David F. Martin, Larry B. 

Q .o .T5 ■:?! rj p a Q 


Q Q 

** fttofc** ikdtoM 

cs o ^ <-:><•> q r?s a 

a p. o o Qa.o 


^ © £} f!> . O ^ O f"*> 

If J S^t?? ^2^? '~*r *^ ^t3> ^*™ • ' ' *i 

FarmHouse-TOP ROW: Philip V. 
Mathews, Charles E. Meeks, Dennis 
T. Nelson, Ross A. Olson, Vern E. 
Otte, Garth L. Peterson, William 
H. Reissig, Robert W. Rice. 

SECOND ROW: Randall L. Rich 
Larry E. Schmidt, Norman R 
Schneider, John W. Schroder 
Dennis R. Siefkes, Roy L. Smith, 
Kenneth Spangenberg, Gary A 

BOTTOM ROW: John W. Toney, 
Thomas R. Tucker, David A. 
Warner, Joel T. Weigand, George 
L. Wiley, Stephen L. Winn, Ben 
W. Wood, Kendall M. Wright, 
George L. Zabel. 

Dusting and polishing tarnished trophies, FarmHouse men clean 
out the trophy case at the beginning of the new semester. The 

names of the pledge and senior with the highest grade average 
for the semester are engraved on separate scholarship plaques. 


Kappa Sigma men take turns sinking the eight ball on a pre- 
cision surfaced pool table. To add to the contemporary style 

of the chapter house, wood panelled walls enhance the newly 
refurnished recreation room located in the basement section. 

Kappa Sigs place second in football intramurals 

Entering all events in intramural sports, Kappa 
Sigma earned second place in its fraternity foot- 
ball division. The men also participated in Home- 
coming float competition with Moore hall and 
entertained alumni for the weekend activities. 

Diverse interests in campus organizations and 
high scholarship were mirrored by Kappa Sig 
memberships in Student Senate, Eta Kappa Nu, 
Sigma Tau, Engineering Council, Apollo Glee 
Club, Varsity Glee Club and Steel Ring. Kappa 

Sigs were also members of the freshmen football 
team, Phi Epsilon Kappa and Scabbard and 
Blade. Social events included the fall Red Dog 
costume party and the Stardust Formal. 

One hundred thirty-six chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Virginia 1869. Gamma Chi 
chapter established 1919. 
President: Lowell G. Moore. 

Kappa Sigma-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Martha Duncan, Vernon D. Aid- 
rich, Jerry G. Allman, Loren M. 
Anderson, G. Gary Angerman, 
John P. Armstrong, Kenneth C 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas G. Beal, 
William K. Benham, Larry D. Bley- 
thing, Richard R. Bleything, Gary 
D. Bruning, Robert E. Buchan, 
Gary L. Camblin. 

H *a»» tgM 3* *» 


r 4 Qj.O i 

£| {% f^ A *jft jft 


3 r-3 ft £* 

£5 ft, ^> ft 


ft ft 9 ft. fli ft ^ ^ 

ft 9 S £ £*> ~ ** O ■-' 

Kappa Sigma-TOP ROW: Mi- 
chael E. Carlisle, Wendell F. 
Cowan, Michael J. Danaher, Eu- 
gene R. Dillender, Michael Dumiak, 
Durward D. Dupre, Ricky J. Eichor, 
John M. Flannery. 

SECOND ROW: Larry S. Good 
win, John M. Graham, Allen W 
Guisinger, Richard B. Guthrie. 
Daniel Harmes, Richa/d L. Hirsch 
Joe N. Hodgson, Fred W. Hub 

THIRD ROW: Leland R. Johnson, 
Frederick G. Lange, George A. 
Lewis, Robert C. Littrell, Robert R. 
Matthews, James L. McConnell, 
Patrick L. Mclnteer, Jacob E. 

FOURTH ROW: Gerald W. Miller, 
Lowell G. Moore, Charles L. Page, 
David H. Prosser, Richard L. Rob- 
inson, Charles P. Schafer, James 
G. Schulthess, Steve E. Schultz. 

BOTTOM ROW: Michael J. Ship- 
ley, Cletus E. Shultz, Kent S. Stan- 
cliffe, Edwin D. Stewart, Stephen 
J. Tozier, Ward V. Wells, Gregory 
F. Wilhite, Frederick J. Wulff. 

Residing at 1930 College Heights, the men of Kappa Sigma 
entertain dates at several informal house parties after basket- 

ball games during the year. Total chapter membership reached 
a high of 65, which was an increase of 10 over last year. 


Home of Lambda Chi Alpha, which placed third in Homecom- 
ing float competition with Delta Delta Delta, is 505 Denison. 

Entering the skit "A Horse of Course" with Delta Zeta, the fra- 
ternity earned a place among the four Harlequinade finalists. 

Lambda Chis plan 'battle of bands/ chariot relays 

Beginning the annual spring Chariot Relays 
weekend was the Battle of the Bands sponsored 
by members of Lambda Chi Alpha to determine 

One hundred sixty-four 
chapters. Founded Boston 
University 1909. Gamma Xi 
chapter established 1924. 
President: Dennis L. Powell. 

which dance band in the area was most popular 
with students. The profit was given as a scholar- 
ship to a freshman woman. Members also raised 
$192 through a faculty slave auction for a con- 
tribution to Cats for Curtains. 

Lambda Chis served on the hospitality, dance, 
sports and recreation, movie and entertainment 
Union committees. In cooperation with Alpha 
Chi Omega, they represented Japan, Burma and 
Trinidad in the Model United Nations. 

Lambda Chi Alpha— TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Ada Estes, Hugh D. Barnard, 
William D. Betz, Bruce A. Boomer, 
Roderick R. Brown, Richard N. 
Bruce, Stuart E. Buchmann, Joel 
R. Butts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Leslie J. Chyba, 
Robert C. Davis, William R. Dos- 
sett, Peter A. Dutton, Hazen J. 
Ellis, Michael S. Ermey, Russell W. 
Frame, Carlo R. Glotzbach. 


* Mi* 


c*> o s £?> 

»-3 Q. 

q a a ^ an n *?a 

Lambda Chi Alpha-TOP ROW: 
Virgil J. Gross, Max M. Heidnck, 
Richard C. Hochberg, John F. 
Hupe, Cecil W. Johnston, Roland 
W. Johnston, James H. Jones, 
Nicholas M. Jones. 

SECOND ROW: James L. Keating, 
Paul A. Killpack, Larry E. Knedlik, 
Kenneth L. Lathrop, Thomas J. 
Lawrence, Michael R. Lewis, Cray- 
don D. McDonald, Robert D. 

THIRD ROW: Richard H. McVay, 
Mitchell P. Mellott, Timothy W. 
Mitchell, Lloyd D. Moden, Peter 
L. Molinari, Gary R. Nelson, Ken- 
neth K. Opdycke, Richard Pfanen- 

FOURTH ROW: Dennis L. Powell, 
Wayne L. Pntz, Larry D. Reser, 
Bruce H. Robinson, Rob R. Roth, 
Randall P. Seibel, Robert A. Shiv- 
ers, Michael E. Sims. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert E. Stach, 
Gary R. Stallings, Michael B. 
Stevens, Gary A. Stewart, Fred 
W. Suggs, Gilbert D. Taylor, 
Alan K. Tripp, Wesley D. Wright. 

As part of a continuous service project, men of Lambda Chi 
Alpha sing fraternity songs for elderly persons at Parkview 

Manor. The Lambda Chis adopted the Manhattan rest home 
during the year and entertained residents weekly with songs. 


Phi Delt entry captures 
top Harlequinade award 

Combining talents with Delta Delta Delta, Phi 
Delta Theta took first place in Harlequinade 
1965 with an old-fashioned melodrama entitled 
"Mississippi Mishap." The men observed national 
community service day by accompanying a group 
from Wharton Manor to the Eisenhower Museum 
in Abilene. For house improvement, Phi Delt 
pledges paved the fraternity parking lot. The liv- 
ing and recreation rooms also were remodeled. 

Phi Delta Theta recaptured the Flush Bowl 
trophy from Sigma Alpha Epsilon and placed 
fourth in fraternity intramurals. A Phi Delt bad- 
minton team won first in doubles competition. 
Members were sports editor of the Collegian, 
treasurer of the senior class and Student Govern- 
ing Association and chairman and business man- 
ager of Harlequinade. Phi Delts were active in 
Scabbard and Blade and Student Senate. 

Living at the Phi Delta Theta house at 508 Sunset are four var- 
sity football players and a varsity basketball squad member. 

One hundred twenty-eight 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1848. Kansas 
Gamma chapter established 
1920. President: Rodney E. 

Phi Delta Theta-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Mary Webb, Stanley D. Adams, 
Richard M. Anderson, William R. 
Anthony, Ronald E. Aupperle, 
Mark P. Bohck, Richard E. Boyce, 
A. Warren Brecheisen, Charles A. 

SECOND ROW: Alan D. Brown, 
Larry R. Brown, George N. Cook, 
Robert M. Deaver, Richard C. 
Dickson, John H. Galloway, Mi- 
chael L. Gibson, Warren D. Grif- 
fith, Gregory P. Hanson. 

THIRD ROW: Patrick M. Harmon, 
Calvin Harris, Terrence Heasty, 
Douglas W. Hilton, James N. 
Hoffmann, Kenneth A. Hull, Ron K. 
Hull, Bradley D. Johnson, Leland 
K. Johnson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert J. Juramch, 
Richard A. Lester, Franklin E. 
Lynch, Dave R. Maclaskey, Lyle F. 
Maninger, Max T. Martin, Randy 
V. Mills, Ronald E. Montgomery, 
Rodney E. Moyer. 

© fa ft ft t*s o fa fa fa 

fa .(S fa. *;> ft g fa fa fa 

ft fat fa f^QChft fa '- s 

*'Alk -lb it vm \\ Ifc^H Atll ifc 

a.i> o ^ <"" '-"' * *i 

Phi Delta Theta-TOP ROW: Fritz 
Norbury, John C. Nye, James M. 
Osborn, Michael D. Penrod, Alan 
J. Pinkstaff, Jon M. Pollock, Doug- 
las E. Powell, Dale L. Preston. 

SECOND ROW: Carl B. Price, Bill 
D. Rathff, Jerry L. Reppert, Don L 
Riedl, David L. Roskam, Craig S. 
Rowlen, Graham H. Shaw, Keith 
L. Stanley. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jack M. Stewart, 
David D. Swenson, Ralph B. Tay- 
lor, Robert S. Thacker, Richard S. 
Troell, Loren G. Tucker, David L. 
Wilson, Gerald P. Younger. 

Enjoying a newly remodeled recreation room, men of Phi 
Delta Theta relax with a bridge game. The room is also used 

* '• 
3 t« 

for informal house parties and weekend study by the fraternity 
men who invite dates to the spring She Delta Theta Party. 


_H) , 

Phi Kappa Theta-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. E. E. Tagader, Henry J. Allen, 
Robert A. Anderson, Michael J. 
Bartkoski, Roger L. Becker, Ralph 
K. Bieberly, Samuel J. Brungardt, 
Thomas A. Burger. 

SECOND ROW: Darnel J. Carroll, 
William T. Carson, William O. 
Caspar, Samuel F. Chetta, Francis 
N. Chyr, Michael J. Crubel, 
Thomas H. Cure, James E. Dale. 

THIRD ROW: Richard N. Day, 
Donald DeGraeve, Thomas J. 
Drees, Francis Eisenbarth, Ronald 
A. Engelken, Jerry B. Fickel, Roy 
T. Ferguson, Thomas A. Gagnon. 

FOURTH ROW: James M. Gfeller, 
Gerald L. Gerstberger, Patrick M. 
Gillgannon, Thomas J. Gillgannon, 
James C. Goldsmith, John A. 
Gordon, James F. Gregory, Gary 
F. Guesnier. 

BOTTOM ROW: John K. Hall, Dale 
N. Hess, Michael J. Hines, William 
G. Hughes, William R. Keating, 
Charles F. Klesath, Norman W. 
Koester, Steve W. Kongs. 

fa & O O ff* f^> (ft 

^aanf> a, 

ft S . (ft ft ft. (ft c% 


w^ffm ^r6^ \^TVT % ^W **» 4m\ W *»-r '•»*.-" V^ -' 

Fifty-five chapters. Founded 
Brown University 1889. 
Kansas lota chapter estab- 
lished 1921. President: Ger- 
ald Gerstberger. 

Accommodating 55 members, Phi Kappa Theta, 1965 College 
Heights, has a living room refurnished in red and blue hues. 

Phi Kappa Theta gives 
blood for local hospital 

Donating more than 45 pints of blood to the 
St. Mary hospital and providing toys for an In- 
dian orphanage during Christmas were two serv- 
ice projects of Phi Kappa Theta. The annual 
Beta Sigma Psi-Phi Kappa Theta Reformation 
Day celebration marked Martin Luther's separa- 
tion from Catholicism with activities including a 
football game, queen election, dinner and dance. 

Social activities of the Catholic fraternity in- 
cluded the Indian Summer Party with a barbe- 
que and the annual Christmas and spring formals. 
Dates were given favors of small goldfish in 
brandy snifters at the Fish Formal. 

Participating in all intramural sports, Phi Kaps 
placed second in spring 1965 over-all softball 
standings. Holder of the badminton singles 
championship for the last three years was a Phi 
Kap. Other members were officers in Preveteri- 
nary Medical Club and Newman Club. 


Phi Kaps relax, study and play cards while sunbathing on the 
patio of their modern style house built in 1958. The sliding 

glass doors which connect the patio and dining room often are 
left open to the patio for fall and spring parties and barbeques. 

o ftflftft a rs « 

rtiiifelfLirArf fkJ AL >* 

c% a o ^ p ^ c 

Phi Kappa Theta-TOP ROW: 
Thomas F. Kongs, Gerald M. Kop- 
pes, W. Robert Kramer, George P. 
LaBarge, Paul J. Lambert, James 
W. Mader, Ronny D. Mader, 
Robert J. Marx. 

SECOND ROW: William M. Mc- 
Greevy, Gary E. Melton, Gregory 
L. Miller, Thomas O. Morrow, 
Douglas J. Mull, Frank D. Murry, 
Dennis G. Redd, Donald E. Reimer. 

THIRD ROW: Donald L. Riemann, 
Gregory D. Schaller, Eugene E. 
Schinstock, Gerald L. Schnittker, 
James C. Schoenfelder, John C 
Sipes, Thomas J. Skeuse, Philip J. 

BOTTOM ROW: John M. Suellen- 
trop, Roy D. Tangeman, Michael 
Verschelden, Albert W. Vinduska, 
Gary E. Voelker, Ronald A. Winter, 
Eugene F. Woydziak. 


Built in 1958, the PiKA ranch style house has 23 rooms ac- 
commodating 65 men. It is located west of the campus. Repre- 

sentatives from the fraternity's national council visited Pi Kappa 
Alpha, 2021 College View, during Founder's Day activities. 

Joint Homecoming float wins PiKAs second place 

Entered in Homecoming float competition with 
Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha won second 
place for its joint creation. Participating in all 
intramural sports, members placed second in 


One hundred thirty-four 
chapters. Founded University 
of Virginia 1868. Alpha 
Omega chapter established 
1913. President: Gary P. 

touch football in their league and were semi- 
finalists in handball. A varsity basketball player, 
a finalist in the 1965 Favorite Man on Campus 
competition and St. Pat, crowned at 1965 Engi- 
neers' and Architects' Open House were PiKAs. 
Fraternity members were represented in Stu- 
dent Governing Association, Student Senate, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Steel Ring and Sigma Tau. Social 
events included a Christmas party, the Dixie Ball 
and the Roaring Twenties Party. 

Pi Kappa Alpha— TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Frances Hoch, Frank M. Beaver, 
Ronald E. Biddison, Robert E. 
Bloom, Steven D. Bowell, Richard 
D. Bumgarner, David E. Carlson, 
Vincent L. Carlson. 

SECOND ROW: Thomas P. Cav- 
anaugh, Robert L. Collins, Larry 
E. Converse, James L. Crotinger, 
Robert G. Del Popolo, Richard T. 
DeMoss, Dennis A. Drumm, Wil- 
liam R. Duni. 

THIRD ROW: James D. Elliott, 


D. Fletcher, Ronald L. 

Gabnelson, Richard L. Geisinger, 
David A. Gerber, Kenton M. 
Grigg, Jerold L. Heck, Charles A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Duane E. Her- 
man, Robert D. Herman, Paul E. 
Johnson, William B. Johnson, Gary 
L. Johnston, Daniel S. Kratz, Rob- 
ert E. Lawson, Duane R. Lee. 












i > i 






















A i 


''«* <*»*f 








; 11 






fll '3 t^ 

j ml ill k/tjJkSfekfck » 

Pi Kappa Alpha-TOP ROW: 
George W. Maichel, Gary P. 
Mann, Frederick L. Mattox, Mi- 
chael A. Montgomery, Peter D. 
Nauert, Brian B. Nelson, Ray Ot- 
tenberg, Robert W. Perry. 

SECOND ROW: James M. Peters 
James W. Priebe, Victor A. Reg 
nier, Thomas A. Rensenhouse 
Randy D. Risley, Robert G. Roh 
baugh, Raymond E. Smith, Roy O 

BOTTOM ROW: Darryl D. Smutz, 
Charles G. Steele, James E. Strauss, 
Jay F. Thompson, Phillip F. Unruh, 
Vance E. VanPelt, Thomas H. 
Warta, Neal D. Whitaker, John 
H. Wilson. 

Santa Claus, portrayed by a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother, 
distributes an assortment of gifts in personalized stockings to 

PiKA dates at the annual Christmas party. Other PiKA social 
events included Roaring Twenties and Roman Orgy parties. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon— TOP ROW: 
James B. Attebery, Bill R. Barani, 
Edwin O. Baumgarten, David R. 
Becraft, William P. Beezley, 
Charles E. Bliss, Frank H. Burrow, 
Larry A. Bush. 

SECOND ROW: Michael D. Card, 
Gary K. Carlson, Robert M. 
Cooper, David B. Corby, Terry J. 
Crofoot, Thomas D. Dick, William 
C. Dillingham, Lon W. Dillman. 

THIRD ROW: Thomas N. Dough- 
erty, Harvey C. Eplee, Daniel E. 
Fankhauser, John R. Fatzer, Ernest 
J. Finocchio, William R. Glenn, 
William R. Hayden, Tom J. Hogan. 

FOURTH ROW: Darrell D. Jones, 
Robert E. Judd, Larry Kamp 
schroeder, Timothy J. Kennedy 
Larry L. Kettelhut, Robert L. Kim 
sey, James P. Latimer, James C. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mark E. Marling, 
Richard J. Massieon, James R. 
McConnell, David R. McLain, 
Bernie J. Melvin, David H. Mickey, 
Kenneth K. Miles, Brian N. Minturn. 


ffi *\ Q <5| Q £!f (% 

9 a » %> is*m 


Campus activities attract 
Sig Alph participation 

With an increase in membership of 30 men, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon was represented in Blue 
Key, Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, Alpha Zeta, Phi 
Eta Sigma and Sigma Delta Chi. Student body 
president, most inspirational man on the varsity 
football team, an FMOC runner-up, a varsity 
basketball player and track team co-captain were 
members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Candy and presents were given to area children 
at a Christmas party sponsored by the Sig Alphs. 
Social activities included the Belle Ball, a spring 
formal, an island party, a Roman party and the 
nineteenth annual Flush Bowl touch football 
game against Phi Delta Theta. 

Ranked first in handball and horseshoes and 
swimming and golf, Sig Alphs meet a rival 

nfall i 

in football, 

One hundred fifty-two chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Alabama l 856. Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1913. 
President: Joseph H. Stout. 


Residing at 1015 Denison, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
entertain their dates after games and at special functions. Sun- 

decks provide tanning areas in the spring. Fifty-four percent of 
the chapter donated blood to the Red Cross Bloodmobile. 

[£!> O -•"> O f"V ft fi| ft 

fl ft f^ O « ^ ^s ^ 
f 1 3i r 9 P ^ ^ P 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon-TOP ROW: 
James K. Morrow, Charles R. 
Myers, Robert B. Nichols, Rodney 
D. Nicholson, Richard A. Noll, 
Ross D. Piper, Ben|amin L. Porter, 
Steve E. Potter. 

SECOND ROW: Jerry D. Prather, 
Dana L. Rasch, Danny M. Rich, 
Richard K. Rodelander, Carl F. 
Schwab, Alan J. Scott, Michael 
W. Scott, William L. Selbe. 

THIRD ROW: Norman T. Shawver, 
Richard B. Sigwing, William B. 
Smith, William C. Stang, Joseph 
H. Stout, Robert W. Stull, Stanley 
M. Symons, James W. Thiesing 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas E. Tweed, 
Kenneth H. Underwood, Gregory 
J. Vahle, Duane R. Volz, Gregory 
S. Wallace, James J. Wauthier, 
Richard K. Zielke. 


Ranked second against other fraternities in the 1965 Lambda 
Chi Alpha Chariot Relays, Sigma Chis live at 1224 Fremont. 


One hundred thirty-eight 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1855. Delta Up- 
silon chapter established 
1949. President: James R. 

Sigma Chis win citation, 
receive first in IF Sing 

Based on activities and campus publicity, Delta 
Upsilon chapter won the national Sigma Chi 
Public Relations Citation for the second consecu- 
tive year. The men won first in Interfraternity 
Sing for the second year. They sang "The Blue 
and the Gold" and "Sigma Chi Hymn." First 
place in the Homecoming float contest and Quiz 
Bowl finalist positions also were secured. 

Sigma Chis presented a $50 scholarship to a 
student and gave a Christmas party for under- 
privileged children. Interior decoration was com- 
pleted, adding new living room panelling and the 
expansion of kitchen facilities. 

Participating in all intramural sports, Sigma 
Chis had members in varsity football, tennis, 
golf and cross country. Members belonged to 
Blue Key, Student Senate, Tribunal, Apportion- 
ment Board and K-State Singers. Social activi- 
ties included monthly house parties, the annual 
Sewer and Pajama parties and Derby Day. 

Sigma Chi-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Henry Boss, Milton E. Ahlerich, 
Jon M. Ahrens, John H. Baldwin, 
Philip M. Ballantyne, Richard C. 
Basore, Ronald B. Benedick, Larry 
K. Berlin. 

SECOND ROW: John R. Block, 
Richard S. Bordwell, Bruce E. Bry- 
ant, Patrick H. Burch, James L. 
Bush, Richard L. Calcara, Dennis 
L. Dechert, Dave M. Depping. 

THIRD ROW: Thomas R. DeRosear, 
Patrick C. Dondlinger, James M. 
Elson, Bruce V. Foltz, William C. 
Gettler, James J. Graham, John 
R. Graham, Phillip B. Groves. 

FOURTH ROW: Thomas R. Hagan, 
James A. Harders, Gerald D. Harr, 
Robert K. Hauber, William A. 
Hemphill, James C. Jarrett, Peter 
A. Jiran, Mode A. Johnson. 

BOTTOM ROW: James E. Keck, 
Michael M. Kelly, Samuel W. 
Knecht, Marcus L. Knight, James 
Q. Kohler, Richard D. Krause, 
Robert H. Larson, Dale G. Litton. 



<f» tt <rs a q ft 'f> 

m e ft flftfl'ft 

^ ft fll ft ft <•» c °* 





Sigma Chis work at the Tri Delta house to finish writing the 
skit they presented with the sorority as one of four finalist 

groups in Harlequinade. For three consecutive years, Sigma 
Chis have written a skit which reached the final competition. 

f/I? £$f ^! ^jl £ _t CZ? C"f| \^m 

p el q o aaoia 

f*v i - * Oi£5^ f**^ 1 ^^ 

Sigma Chi-TOP ROW: Fred E. 
Lowrey, Stephen H. Magill, Mar- 
ion R. Manlove, Marvin D. Man- 
love, Jack H. Marker, Daniel W. 
Masters, Donald C. Mclntyre, 
William J. McKee, Mark T. Mil- 

SECOND ROW: Don L. Miller, 
John L. Mitcha, Phillip E. Moore, 
William W. Morris, Jerry L. Mun- 
son, John M. Novosel, James L. 
Nugen, Robert A. Nuttelman, 
Stephen E. Ours. 

THIRD ROW: James R. Oxler, 
Larry G. Palmer, Edward M. 
Printz, Roberto F. Reyes, James C. 
Roberts, Thomas C. Roberts, 
Charles W. Ruggles, William H. 
Rushton, Glenn D. Schiffner. 

FOURTH ROW: Stephen E. Seltzer, 
Robert W. Shideler, Michael D. 
Shilling, Robert D. S|ogren, Andy 
M. Skow, Gordon E. Snyder, Jerry 
L. Soldner, Michael C. Tarry, Ray 
I. Throckmorton. 

BOTTOM ROW: David A. Trow- 
bridge, Timothy P. Trubey, Edward 
L. Turner, David J. Unruh, Stephen 
G. Unruh, Gus G. Vedros, Donald 
G. Walker, James D. Wilson, 
Albert M. Yenkey. 


Fraternity membership of Sigma Nu, 513 Sunset, increased by 
15 men bringing the total to 45. Repainting the basement, re- 

covering furniture and purchasing a new carpet for the living 
room were internal improvements completed at the house. 

Sigma Nu pledges conduct piano procession 

To the tune of "Long, Long Trails a Winding," 
Sigma Nu pledges carried their baby grand piano 
23 blocks to be fixed and sold at a downtown 

One hundred thirty-six chap- 
ters. Founded Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute 1869. Beta 
Kappa chapter established 
1913. President: Joel W. 


Manhattan music store. Chapter members in- 
cluded the leading scorers for both varsity and 
freshmen basketball teams. Nick Pino, tallest 
man ever to play in the Big Eight Conference, 
took varsity honors, while 6-foot, 11 -inch Mike 
Barber led freshman scoring. Sigma Nus were 
members of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Scabbard and Blade and Arnold Air Society. 
Social activities included the Snake Pit dance, a 
beatnik party and the White Rose Formal. 

Sigma Nu-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Bertha Scott, Joel W. Athey, Gary 
C. Axton, Ralph E. Baker, Richard 
T. Birch, David E. Carr. 

SECOND ROW: Edward L. Dent, 
Larry R. Dent, Edwin R. Dunstan, 
Stephen W. Ficke, Richard H. 
Floersch, Phillip S. Folck. 

BOTTOM ROW: Steven L. Frickey, 
Donald R. Frikken, David A. Ful- 
ghum, Richard M. Generson, Phil 
S. Goss, Eddie J. Gray. 


Q & Q- O ^ 


a If 
>> «. p 

(*i p <f> *** 

Sigma Nu-TOP ROW: Ronald D. 
Graybeal, Ronald D. Hadsall, 
Robert E. Harmon, Donald J. Head, 
Robert V. Horn, Ronald G. Hugh- 

SECOND ROW: Edward E. Jack- 
son, Larry W. Jackson, Chris E. 
Johns, Alvin D. Johnson, Wayne 
N. MacKirdy, Kevin T. McKeeman. 

THIRD ROW: Robert M. Melichar, 
Dennis L. Miner, Gordon E. Myers, 
Throck M. Osborn, Nick Pino, 
James M. Richardson, Norman E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Daniel J. Shiel, 
George H. Skinner, DelanceyA. 
Smith, Michael L. Thompson, Doug- 
las R. Wagner, George A. Weiss, 
Brian A. Wicks. 

Men of Sigma Nu use their own creativity in planning a 
pleasant, but conducive, room for studying. Members, including 

Putnam and Ford Foundation scholars and a Rhodes scholarship 
interviewee, advanced to final rounds in football competition. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon-TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Cora Shupe, Ronald B. Aikin, 
John P. Ayres, Larry D. Balding, 
Bradley D. Barrows, Richard R. 
Barrows, Robert E. Bennett, Wray 
E. Bradley, George A. Burns. 

SECOND ROW: James G. Carl, 
Warren E. Carpenter, Jerry R. 
Carson, Steve A. Cawby, William 
D. Craig, James E. Cramer, Daniel 
T. Colahan, Harold G. Denton, 
James V. Doran. 

THIRD ROW: John P. Duffendack, 
David W. Duncan, William T. 
Elliott, Jack E. Elhthorpe, Calvin 
L. Emig, Kenneth K. Eshelman, Mi- 
chael A. Farnsworth, John P. 
Flournoy, William P. Gallant. 

FOURTH ROW: Jerry W. Garlett, 
Rex E. Garrelts, Daryl W. Gatza, 
Allen Gerstenberger, Kenneth C. 
Goreham, Ralph E. Grumbein, Jay 
D. Hanna, Arnold E. Hanney, Ste- 
phen M. Harris. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert A. Helms 
Dennis G. Henning, Robert R 
Hilterbrand, Danny W. Hixon 
Stephen C. Hummel, Jack H. Jack 
son, James R. Jones, Thomas G 
Kilroy, Lawrence R. Klein. 

« * ,ci fti ft ft ft Q 

ft ** ^i cc\ fttsf+i r* ni 
3 r. r.» f> c< <» o £* 


One hundred sixty-two 
chapters. Founded Rich- 
mond College 1901. Kansas 
Beta chapter established 
191 8. President: Staley B. 

Sig Eps have a special work week to finish cleaning their new 
rooms and hallways added to the house during the summer. 

Sig Eps receive award 
for chapter participation 

For excellence in all phases of chapter activi- 
ties, members of Sigma Phi Epsilon received one 
of nine Outstanding Chapter awards given at the 
national conclave in New York City. With build- 
ing additions totalling approximately $60,000, the 
fraternity doubled the size of its kitchen, furnished 
six new study rooms and added a basement tele- 
vision room. Other improvements included a new 
parking lot and additional kitchen equipment. 

For social activities, members sponsored a 
western party, the Golden Heart Ball and a 
Founder's Day dinner. The men also entertained 
their fathers for a weekend. 


o ft ft a ft a ft ft 

ft g> f* « ft ft ' - i ~> ft 

ft ft ft ft ft ft 
kiljdl t ~-ji tiki <h •; > 

» ft ft ^ $r< ft ft 

Sigma Phi Epsilon-TOP ROW: 
Gerald F. Korach, John A. Knder, 
John P. Larson, Steve E. Larson, 
James D. Latham, Wayne C. 
Leedy, Jack V. Lewis, Robert J. 
Mathews, Staley B. McDermet. 

SECOND ROW: Gerald R. Means, 
Arden P. Miller, John W. Morsink- 
hoff, James P. Nelson, John W. 
Perrier, Thomas D. Perrier, Nikki 
D. Perngo, Frederick Peterson, 
Jack Piepenbring. 

THIRD ROW: Tom L. Pmkston, 
Warren C. Pray, Joseph M. Ray, 
Terry L. Ray, Ronald M. Roberts, 
Thomas M. Roode, Dovid R. 
Schmidt, Paul E. Schneikart, Doug- 
las Schumacher. 

FOURTH ROW: James C. Shaffer, 
David E. Sloan, Paul D. Stephen- 
son, Charles M. Stites, John H. 
Strube, Roger L. Strube, Richard 
L. Swenson, Norris M. Taylor. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jerome P. Wau- 
thier, Barry L. West, Terry D. 
Whitten, Bruce G. Wilson, Charles 
E. Wilson, James W. Wilson, John 
S. Wittenborn, Steve J. Wood. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1015 Sunset, combined with Gamma Phi 
Beta to represent Russia in Model United Nations. The men also 

sent a Bulgarian delegation. Sig Eps work on Board of Student 
Organizations and Commerce and Agriculture Councils. 


Triangle-TOP ROW: Mrs. Mabel 
Granger, Richard K. Boyd, Ted A. 
Broers, Gary S. Burgin, Don A. 
Caywood, Michael T. Chapman, 
Dale A. Clark. 

SECOND ROW: Don L. Cobb, 
Robert D. Crangle, Alan D. Culver, 
Fred L. Curry, Franklin D. Duncan, 
Charles K. Eby, David F. Fair- 

BOTTOM ROW: John J. Fitzgerald, 
James E. Germger, Donald F. 
Hansen, Clarence Henderson, Ed- 
ward A. Holloway, Darryl E. 
Janzen, Michael D. Kemper. 

A Cy & & o <r» m 

Qi f!) ft ■ & 'Qm — 

*7m C3 ^3 f TVf ,. ■ f _^3 (jj 

Twenty-five chapters. Found- 
ed University of Illinois 
1 907. K-State chapter estab- 
lished 1964. President: 
Franklin D. Duncan. 

Cleaning the fraternity house before fall rush, Triangle men 
labor under their house manager's direction during Work Week. 

Triangle men redecorate, 
host high school students 

Serving as weekend host to high school men at- 
tending Engineers' and Architects' Open House 
was a special project of Triangle fraternity. Ap- 
proximately 35 men were guests of the fraternity 
during the March weekend. Triangle men also 
completely redecorated their front room, adding 
carpet and wood paneling, and repainted and 
refurnished other rooms in the house. 

Participating in all intramural athletics, the 
men captured the free throw championship in the 
fraternity division. The annual Sweetheart For- 
mal highlighted social activities of the year. 
Members attended a banquet and dance in con- 
nection with the fraternity's Founder's Day cele- 
bration in Junction City. Informal parties in- 
cluded an "angel or devil" party and a fall hay- 
rack ride. 

Outstanding members of the fraternity for 
architects, engineers and physical scientists were 
listed in Student Senate, Blue Key and Engineer- 
ing Council. One of the smaller fraternities on 
campus, Triangle housed 35 men in a house 
overlooking Manhattan and the KS hill. 

!»> O ^* fll 

fclfc *A*A 

fc. A^l 

a pooft a. a 
ig n a .\ ^> a © 

Triangle — TOP ROW: Robert D. 
Kinney, Gary K. Lewis, Robert D. 
Lillich, Gary L. McCutcheon, Duane 
D. Marine, Larry R. Martin, Theo- 
dore S. Mauck. 

SECOND ROW: David J. Mell- 
gren, Terry K. Michie, John R. 
Miller, John A. Rider, John W. 
Robson, Neil D. Rogers, Ralph B. 

BOTTOM ROW: Eugene L. Smith, 
Walter J. Smith, Richard L. Surrett, 
Damon P. Swain, Wayne F. West- 
gate, James L. Willits, David B. 

Triangle men must climb 56 steps to reach the front porch of 
their house at 221 N. Delaware from the east. Less hearty 

members can drive to the house's back door. Pledges must earn 
a 2.4 average to be initiated into the engineering fraternity. 


Smith cartons earn toys, 
men tally highest grades 

Milk cartons were collected and exchanged for 
toys by men of Maitland E. Smith Scholarship 
House. The toys were distributed by Manhattan 
firemen to underprivileged children in the area. 
Academically, the house had the highest grade 
average for men's living groups for 1965 and also 
placed second in the annual College Bowl. 

Social activities included exchange parties and 
picnics with other campus living groups, a Christ- 
mas semi-formal dance and a spring formal. 
Smith men participated in football, basketball, 
tennis, bowling and horseshoes intramurals and 
were represented in Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Pi Tau Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma. 

Peddling down main street, Smith men vow "We'll Get There 
Sooner or Later" with an independent Homecoming float. 

Smith Scholarship House— TOP 
ROW: Mrs. Robert King, Gale L. 
Belden, James K. Carlat, Douglas 
M. Chapman, Charles W. Dueth- 
man, Kenneth D. Everett, Jerry A. 
Fabert, Roger B. Finney. 

SECOND ROW: Jay S. Fisher, 
William J. Gates, John A. George, 
Mack W. Hahn, David C. Hall, 
Larry G. Horning, Arlen W. Hug- 
gins, Calvin D. Jaeger. 

THIRD ROW: Dwight D. Jewett, 
Robert D. Jump, Donald L. Ken- 
nedy, Ronald D. Kennedy, Richard 
D. Knewtson, Arley D. Lanman, 
Larry R. Larsen, Larry E. Larson. 

FOURTH ROW: Robert L. Latta, 
Gary L. Lewis, John D. Loop, Ron- 
ald D. Lyberger, Robert L. Morrow, 
Russell L. Muse, Rodney T. Nash, 
Wayne A. Pearson. 

FIFTH ROW: Ryan R. Rader, Ste- 
phen K. Raney, Roger U. Rea, 
Franklin H. Ross, Jean E. Samdon, 
Leland O. Singer, C. Joseph Stall- 

BOTTOM ROW: Jerald L. Suber- 
kropp, William J. Sweet, Lawrence 
K. Thummel, Donald R. Tremain, 
Dennis R. Trisler, David S. Tucker, 
Lionel R. Whitmer. 

V-^f - V '^* r ^3s ^P ■ ~ '^. fSP 

b* ffk an o O 9 £* Qi 

^^J- >fZ J J^> J-. bpM ~~* •" '^*4 &ry^r \^f 

L+Mf CL? t£^ *«rjJ J**- *n^ h^r b^n 
*m»{- 1* -*f WmJ rrrrr- *&&f *"' <*«*"" 

O 9 fll & O O Q 


<? % fryer £-J> 

ft 3 A ■ fll fft ffv O 
.O. O ^ f5 O Q Q 

ft ft Ql O fti £> £* ^ 

Straube Scholarship House— TOP 
ROW: Mrs. II a Wells, Jay E. 
Alloway, Frank M. Atkinson, Rus- 
sell L. Russman, Thomas E. Colvin, 
Jack L. Decker, Douglas J. Dusfon. 

SECOND ROW: Jerry W. Engler, 
Gerald T. Evans, Michael J. Far- 
mer, Samuel J. Feist, Charles D. 
Fulhage, Richard L. Gettings, John 
R. Grafel. 

THIRD ROW: Steven L. Grau, 
Darnell F. Hawkins, Duane L. 
Hood, John A. Jarrett, Darrel L. 
Johnson, Duane L. Keller, Carmen 
R. Klein. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary W. Larison, 
Steven A. Larson, Warren J. Leon- 
ard, John C. Lynch, Anthony R. 
Mason, Gordon L. McCosh, James 
E. McCourt. 

FIFTH ROW: Michael P. McCoy 
Harry W. McDaniel, Ronald D 
O'Neill, David W. Pascal, Mau- 
rice D. Penner, Gene P. Rathbun, 
Roy L. Robinson, Randy Rothen 

BOTTOM ROW: Jeffrey C. Ryman, 
Elliot M. Ser, Ronald J. Seyfert, 
Leroy V. Skoch, Louis A. Stam- 
baugh, James W. Teener, David 
H. Wharton, John O. Wilkerson. 

Straube's refurnishings 
include draperies, carpet 

Redecoration of the living room and an addi- 
tion to the kitchen equipment greeted residents 
of Oscar E. Straube Scholarship House when 
they returned for fall semester. New living room 
accessories included draperies, carpet and chairs. 
A stainless steel unit was added to the kitchen. 
Straube men, who must maintain a 2.5 over-all 
grade average to remain in the house, were repre- 
sented in Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Mu, Alpha 
Zeta, Sigma Tau, K-State Players and Orchesis. 

Straube residents, living east of campus at 1221 Thurston, were 
second in independent division swimming and fourth in golf. 

Freshmen women moving into dormitories for the first time re- 
ceive help from their families and coeds who arrived earlier. 

Conforming to the over-all theme of Homecoming, "Sooner or 
Later," Moore women build a parade float with Kappa Sigma. 

Completion of Moore increases women's housing 

With the completion and opening of Moore 
hall, a shortage of housing for women was re- 
lieved. Nine dormitories and three scholarship 
houses were operated by the University. A new 

Life in residence halls provides an opportunity for students 
to develop new interests and friendships in their spare time. 

food center for the northeast dormitory complex 
began service at the beginning of second semester 
for Moore and West. Increased facilities allowed 
housing officials to place only freshmen women 
in Boyd and West halls. Resident assistants, ap- 
pointed by hall directors and approved by the 
dean of students office, supervised and counseled 
in men's and women's dormitories. 

Women Resident Assistants— TOP ROW: Linda S. Hauptli, Mary H. Symes, Di- 
anna L. Henry, Ellen E. Eppard, Janet J. Beer, Winifred L. Johnson, Betty R. 
Ashida. SECOND ROW: Nicoletta Sames, Sandra A. Davidson, Patricia L 
Wenger, Donna M. Spachek, Sara J. Rose, Sharon M. Hilding, Sharlene K. Mitch- 
ell, Marilyn S. Lee. THIRD ROW: Ellen Vonderschmidt, Patricia L. Prochaska, 

Karen J. Verhage, Barbara E. Whitman, Carolyn R. Howard, Joanne L. Foggs, 
Cathy J. Waldo, Dons Muld. BOTTOM ROW: Virginia M. Munson, Jacqueline 
B. Taylor, Maria R. Dahlsten, Sally J. Lydick, Linda M. Grant, Virginia L. Man- 
sholt, Joyce M. Eyerly. 

v™ Ipl ^^ 




i III I mm 

Si see i a 

Living on Petticoat Lane, Boyd women present a $100 scholar- 
ship and recognize the hall's outstanding freshman and RA. 

Boyd women correspond 
with 'Big Red One 5 men 

Boxing 5,000 cookies to send to a company of 
the first infantry division stationed in Viet Nam 
was part of the correspondence carried on during 
the Christmas season by Boyd hall women. Ap- 
proximately 80 men wrote to the women most of 
the year. The yule season also found the women 
caroling at the Fort Riley hospital. 

As part of a project to improve student-faculty 
relations, the dorm invited faculty members for 
lunch once each week. An old-fashioned Christ- 
mas formal, social functions with men's dormi- 
tories and fraternities and a fathers' weekend 
were part of the social calendar. The hall recog- 
nized all residents earning above a 3.0 for the 
semester at a scholarship dinner. Boyd hall intra- 
mural teams placed second in volleyball and 
third in kickball competition. 

Boyd hall coeds place important announcements and reminders 
on the front bulletin board to inform residents of special events. 


' stolid . ' Jl 




Boyd Hall-TOP ROW : Doris 
Woodruff, Burrton G. Woodruff, 
Dana C. Hughes, Elizabeth An- 
dekian, Michele A. Abbott, Patricia 
A. Abbott, Mary E. Abson, De- 
Anna M. Adams. 

SECOND ROW: Elizabeth A. An- 
dersen, Judith K. Andres, Linda J. 
Arick, Barbara E. Ashford, Betty 
R. Ashida, Cheryl L. Bain, Carol A. 
Baldwin, Valerie L. Barton. 

THIRD ROW: Constance L. Bates, 
Sharron L. Beckenhauer, Janet J. 
Beer, Shelly L. Bergerhouse, Mary 
A. Bigelow, Carolyn S. Bishop, 
Doris J. Bosse, Sheryl L. Bostrom. 

FOURTH ROW: Julie C. Botten- 
berg, Joan R. Bower, Janet L 
Boyer, Marcia M. Brannum, Caro- 
lyn E. Brass, Barbara K. Bright, 
Linda F. Broers, Barbara A. Brown. 

FIFTH ROW: Virginia L. Brunson, 
Patricia L. Carlson, Pamela K. 
Carr, Kathryn A. Covin, Kathleen 
M. Caviness, Linda J. Chapman, 
Barbara A. Chase, Patricia W. 

SIXTH ROW: Harriett J. Clark, 
Kaye A. Clinesmith, Patti M. 
Cockrell, Barbara D. Coffey, Bev- 
erly Craddock, Kathryn A. Crosta- 
rosa, Jonalyn Cruickshank, Judy 
F. Crumrine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Countess K. Cul 
bertson, Linda D. Curtin, Terri A 
DaMetz, Margaret J. Davis, Si 
anne Dimatteo, Trudy C. Drapel 
Trisha J. Dwyer, Karen K. Ehrlich 

EIGHTH ROW: Karlyn K. Emel, 
DeLila K. Erl, Mary C. Evans, 
Jonell Exley, Joyce M. Eyerly, 
Sherry J. Fearing, Sandra J. Fran- 
cis, Joline Frednckson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Theresa M. Gar- 
lett, Linda K. Gaul, Cheryl L. 
Gfeller, Lana J. Gfeller, George- 
anne Gleason, Heike Goedecke, 
Cynthia J. Goll, Linda R. Gooding. 


Boyd Hall-TOP ROW: Patricia L 
Groceman, Janell K. Groene, 
Janet K. Groene, Linda Z. Habiger, 
Donna K. Hagedorn, Patricia A. 
Hall, Joan E. Hallauer, Donna M. 

SECOND ROW: Jane A. Hartman, 
Vicki K. Heasley, Dianna S. Heath, 
Mary F. Heinen, Bonnie F. Heit- 
man, Carol F. Hendershot, Karyl 
I. Higbie, Barbara J. Hoch. 

THIRD ROW: Mary K. Hoppe, 
Judith A. Hornberger, Barbara J. 
Hudson, Cynthia S. Huffman, Janis 
A. Hug, Cheryl R. Immenschuh, 
Patricia A. Intermill, Judy G. 

FOURTH ROW: Ruth A. Jackson, 
Julie A. Jacobson, Roberta K. Jar- 
man, Karin K. Jensen, Phyllis J. 
Johnson, Rita A. Johnson, Winifred 
L. Johnson, Pamela A. Jones. 

FIFTH ROW: Merry J. Kanawyer, 
Judy A. Keeten, Pamela M. Kelly, 
Susan L. Kendall, Barbara J. Kier, 
Kay E. Kotapish, Katherme Y. 
Kracht, Linda J. Kraus. 

SIXTH ROW: Ellen L. Krehbiel, 
Beverly J. Kreider, Phyllis M. 
Kruse, Patricia J. Lagoski, Joan G. 
Langland, Connie F. Lathrop, Jane 
A. Lee, Marilyn S. Lee. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mary K. Leick, 
Carolyn S. Lemon, Trudy E. Lewis, 
Cheryl A. Linn, Sally A. Liston, 
Temar K. Long, Nancy J. Mangels- 
dorf, Elizabeth L. Martin. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sharon K. Mason, 
Patricia A. Massey, Rita I. Math- 
ews, Sandra R. McDiffett, Mary 
J. McKelvey, Eileen A. McPherson, 
Linda L. Mendell, Martha J. Mid- 

BOTTOM ROW: Cherie E. Miller, 
Melody V. Millick, Sharlene K. 
Mitchell, RuAnn Moore, Bonita K. 
Moren, Martha A. Morton, Vir- 
ginia M. Munson, Carolyn M. 

x: «|j§ 



Boyd Hall-TOP ROW: Karyl S. 
Nelson, Joy A. Newell, Karen R. 
Newton, Barbara A. Ohl, Sandra 
L. Olson, Glenna F. Onwiler, 
Cecilia M. Osborn, Virginia S. 

SECOND ROW: Gail D. Owen, 
Carolyn L. Payne, Marilyn J. Peeks, 
Deborah C. Petro, Carol A. Phil- 
lips, Vicky L. Pogue, Martha J. 
Reck, Carolyn J. Rippe. 

THIRD ROW: Janice M. Rittenoure, 
Karen J. Robinson, Catherine A. 
Roebke, Cheryl A. Rogers, Beverly 
J. Romero, Betsy A. Ruda, Deborah 
J. Russ, lola F. Russell. 

FOURTH ROW: Paula K. Sandy, 
Sheryl R. Schnepp, Ann C. Schweit- 
zer, Nancy M. Schweitzer, Diane 
J. Schwindt, Rachel A. Scott, Linda 
V. Selders, Jane A. Sheetz. 

FIFTH ROW: Eleanor R. Shier, 
Linda K. Shehi, Janora A. Sigley, 
Vicki K. Simmons, Elizabeth A. 
Smith, Laura D. Smith, Shame A. 
Snell, Liana S. Soldner. 

SIXTH ROW: Donna M. Spencer, 
Mary A. Standley, Barbara A. 
Stiles, Karen K. Stucky, Angela D. 
Swanson, Donna G. Swart, Linda 
G. Tanner, Barbara E. Taylor. 

SEVENTH ROW: Lois E. Taylor, 
Mary J. Taylor, Julie J. Thompson, 
Janet L. Tozier, Sandra M. Under- 
wood, Mary A. Voet, Janet S. 
Waddell, Cathy J. Waldo. 

EIGHTH ROW: Patricia S. Walker, 
Patricia S. Wallace, Carolyn S. 
Wamhoff, Antonia L. Wandt, 
Gloria A. Wassenberg, Cheryl L. 
Watkms, Sheryl K. Weihe. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jacqueline L 
Weingart, Thomasine L. Weingart, 
Eleanor R. Whitney, Anne C. 
Worster, Carolyn L. Young, Regina 
G. Young, Nancy L. Zimmerman. 


Moore coeds discover that living in a dormitory men will even- 
tually use means they must cope with problems like long beds. 

Located on the northeast corner of campus, Moore hall for 
women is the second dormitory in a four-dormitory complex. 

University opens Moore 
as largest women's hall 

Completing its first year on campus, Moore 
hall distinguished itself from other dormitories 
by its size and capacity. The building stood nine 
stories tall and housed 627 coeds, more than 300 
more than the next largest women's dorm. To 
handle special problems involved in administer- 
ing a unit so large, a hall governing board was 
formed to make all major decisions. The board 
consisted of the president of each floor and an 
executive council of dormitory officers. Informa- 
tion was relayed from meetings of the board by 
the floor president to residents. 

Correspondence with a Navy cruiser stationed 
near the shore of Viet Nam was begun during 
first semester. An open house was held for male 
students, at which the men could inspect the 
hall's rooms and dance in the lobby of each floor. 



Moore Hall-TOP ROW: Alice 
Lucas, Mary N. Symes, Margaret 
E. Wilson, Susan L. Ablett, Janice 
E. Ackors, Gloria R. Adams, Rhon 
da J. Adams, Linda S. Andersen. 

SECOND ROW-. Mary C. Ander- 
son, Pamela G. Anderson, Mary 
J. Ashton, Nancy J. Atkinson, 
Judith K. Auchard, Mary L. Ault, 
Pamela S. Backhaus, Carne S. Bag- 

THIRD ROW: Mary L. Bahr, Penel- 
ope J. Ball, Charlene F. Barker, 
Carlyn K, Bartlett, Janet K. Bass, 
Linda S. Bathurst, Carol S. Beach, 
Cheryl L. Beasley. 

FOURTH ROW: Karen J. Beck, 
Evelyn S. Becker, Sherrilyn K. 
Becker, Susan A. Beckman, Pamela 
A. Beer, Jo M. Bell, Susan L. Ben- 
bow, Marcia M. Berg. 

FIFTH ROW: Jams L. Bergman, 
Carol M. Biby, Sandra K. Bieker, 
Nancy L. Bishop, Raye L. Bishop, 
Mary E. B|urstrom, Karen S. Blake, 
Nancy J. Bolin. 

SIXTH ROW: Susan J. Borngesser, 
Rochelle A. Boster, Cheryl A. 
Boucher, Marsha L. Boxberger, 
Lynn E. Boylan, Sharon L. Bran- 
num, Linda J. Braun, WilmaJ. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jane M. Bnnker, 
Rae J. Brinkoeter, Julie A. Brown, 
Linda K. Brown, Cheryl C. Bruce, 
Myrtle A. Bruce, Ann J. Brunner, 
Joyce A. Bryant. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kathenne F 
Buchan, Sherri L. Buchman, Judith 
A. Bulger, Marietta C. Burford, 
Barbara L. Burgess, Maryann E. 
Burgess, Cheryln J. Burk, Irva K. 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Burns, 
Carol A. Burton, Karen K. Burton, 
Lucretia A. Butts, JacquahneS. 
Byers, Barbara L Cable, Mar- 
garet C. Cain, Gayle A. Carlson. 


Moore Hall-TOP ROW: Carolyn 
L. Carr, Kay E. Carr, Shirley E. 
Carson, Irma J. Carter, Jeannie I. 
Carter, Ann L. Charlton, Linda K. 
Chew, Edith A. Christmann. 

SECOND ROW: Carol A. Church, 
Paula J- demons, Patricia L. Cline, 
Kathleen A. Coit, Michele Collins, 
Patricia I. Coons, Joyce D. Cooper, 
Mary A. Covalt. 

THIRD ROW: Carolyn R. Cox, 
Linda L. Craven, Ann L. Cravens, 
Debora L. Crawford, Patricia D. 
Crofoot, Mary L. Cullen, Sandra 
M. Dalrymple, Sheridan L. Davis. 

FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth A. Daw- 
son, Linda L. Dawson, Sharon A. 
Dean, Janet E. Dearden, Sharon 
K. Denton, Marikay P. Desch, 
Marcia K. Diekman, Patricia R. 

FIFTH ROW: Frances M. Dobbels, 
Mary M. Dobbins, Paulette S. 
Dohrman, Nancy E. Dolen, Janice 
A. Dougherty, LaDonna L. Doug- 
lass, Marilyn L. Dragush, Pattie 
E. Drake. 

SIXTH ROW: Kay A. Duddmg, 
Jennifer G. Dunbar, Carolyn L. 
Duncan, Jeanne K. Dunn, Donna J. 
Dye, Lenette E. Eaton, Carole D. 
Edberg, Gail L. Eddy. 

SEVENTH ROW: Linda F. Edens, 
Leslie S. Edmonds, Dorothy A. 
Ehrlich, Susan T. Elliott, Diana L. 
Endorf, Ellen E. Eppard, Janet K. 
Erickson, Sheryl B. Etlmg. 

EIGHTH ROW: Janice M. Evers, 
Margaret A. Ewing, Sue A. Failor, 
Arlene S. Fair, Carolyn K. Fair, 
Jen L. Farmer, Judith I. Feeny, 
Cynthia A. Filinger. 

NINTH ROW: Eilene L. Finch, 
Judy A. Flett, Linda K. Flynn, Mary 
K. Foltz, Betty D. Ford, Ruth M. 
Ford, Gayle K. Foster, Joan M. 

BOTTOM ROW: Betty J. Francis- 
co, Janice L. Frank, June F. Fritz, 
Shari A. Fry, Mary L. Funston, 
Rebecca S. Furbeck, Nancy A. 
Galloway, Anna M. Gans. 

fiG^^Jjf^ft t| 

* * 


.. Ay • 






. ,.**■» 








Moore Hall— TOP ROW: Carolyn 
S. Gardner, Shirley A. Garrett, 
Carlo J. Garrison, Linda D. Gen- 
try, Vicki A. Gerber, Judy I. Ger- 
harter, Anne Gibson, Sandra J. 

SECOND ROW: Elizabeth P. Gil- 
more, Mary A. Glass, Connie J. 
Glunt, Jeannette M. Golitko, Mar- 
garet A. Gomez, Ardyce E. Good- 
ger, Sally A. Goodyear, Sherril 
A. Gracey. 

THIRD ROW: Judith M. Graham, 
Linda M. Grant, Marilyn K. Green, 
Marsha L. Green, Mary E. Grider, 
Linda S. Gross, Manlynn Gump, 
Julie A. Hackett. 

FOURTH ROW: Rebecca L. Hager- 
man, Sandra S. Hagerman, Karen 
S. Hale, Sandra M. Hamilton, 
Carole D. Hancock, Chrystal 
Hantla, Sarah C. Harper, Barbara 
J. Hart. 

FIFTH ROW: Charlotte S. Har- 
wood, Louise M. Haslouer, Bar- 
bara J. Hays, Carolyn A. Hays, 
Cheryl S. Heide, Patricia A. Heiser, 
Carol L. Helmke, Dianne L. Henry. 

SIXTH ROW: Janet K. Herbin, 
Vicki D. Hesler, Judy A. Hester, 
Virginia M. Hester, Tima S. Heus- 
ner, Patricia J. Heyer, Elizabeth S. 
Hibler, Patricia A. Hickey. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jane E. High- 
tower, Jams L. Higley, Sharon M. 
Hilding, Jane M. Hill, Kathleen J. 
Hlaus, Kathryn A. Hobbs, Karen 
E. Hoeme, Delores M. Hoff. 

EIGHTH ROW: Dolores A. Hoff- 
man, Dorothy A. Hokr, Rita M. 
Hollinger, Barbara K. Mollis, Karen 
G. Mollis, Patricia L. Holstegge, 
Angele Holvorson, Linda S. Hood. 

NINTH ROW: Karen A. Horinka, 
Shern D. Hughes, Judith H. Hunter, 
Jeanne A. Ingersoll, Linda M. 
Irwin, Joy S. Jacobs, Linda E. 
Jacobson, Kathleen M. Jakobe. 

BOTTOM ROW: Judith A. James, 
Diane M. Jeselnik, Patricia L. John- 
son, Rebecca L. Johnson, Rose M. 
Karr, Carol E. Kellett, Karolyn K. 
Kellogg, Candace A. Kelly. 


Moore Holl-TOP ROW: Marilyn 
S. Kelsey, Susan L. Kennedy, Linda 
F. Kenney, Peggy E. Kent, Barbara 
J. Kinch, Becky P. King, Judith K. 
Kingery, Susan D. Kirby. 

SECOND ROW: Jane A. Kissack, 
Judith L. Kitch, Camilla A. Kitt, 
Joan M. Kleysteuber, Susan K. 
Kloepper, Mary A. Koch, Sondra 
L. Koestel, Sheryl R. Kohrs. 

THIRD ROW: Mary K. Korber, 
Judy K. Kummer, Sharon K. Lady, 
Karen J. Lahr, Judith E. Lamborn, 
Linda R. Lambnght, Dorothy K. 
Lansing, Lynne M. Larsen. 

FOURTH ROW: Winifred B. La- 
throp, Nancy A. Laven, Cheryl L. 
Lawrence, Jean A. Layton, Carol 
J. Leatherman, Elaine F. Lemon, 
Jari L. Leshovsky, Carolyn I. Lewis. 

FIFTH ROW: Shirley A. Lewis, 
Linda A. Lickteig, Pamela K. Lind- 
berg, Cathy E. Lindstrom, Joyce 
A. Line, Karen E. Linscheid, Gwen- 
dolyn S. Lohrengel, Mary J. Lon- 

SIXTH ROW: Sharon S. Longhofer, 
Gayle G. Loughmiller, Jean A. 
Loughmiller, Carolyn A. Love, 
Judith A. Lukins, Joan A. Lund- 
gren, Donna L. Lutz, Sally J. 

SEVENTH ROW: Sylvia A. Lydick, 
Elizabeth E. MacGowan, LaDonna 
J. Mai, Janice E. Maisch, Linda L. 
Ma|or, Nancy M. Manning, Vir- 
ginia L. Mansholt, Susan L. Marlatt. 

EIGHTH ROW: Memory D. Mar- 
low, Rebecca S. Marold, Carol L. 
Marsh, Margaret J. Marsh, Mary 
J. Marshall, Jacqueline K. Mar- 
teney, Kathryn A. Martin, Nancy 
C. Martin. 

NINTH ROW: Susan J. Martin- 
dale, Gail A. Martinson, Johnette 
C. Massey, Nora R. Massey, 
Janice L. Mathena, Barbara J. 
Mattix, Linda A. Mayer, Janice L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Noel E. May- 
rath, Patricia McCabe, Annette E. 
McCarty, Connie M. McClure, 
Peggy A. McDonald, Jen J. Mc- 
Dougal, Carol M. Mclntyre, Mary 
J. McKee. 




Moore Hall-TOP ROW: Carolyn 
A. McKinley, Myra L. McLeod, 
Carolyn R. McManamon, Judith 
K. McMillan, Sherry K. McNeill, 
Sheryl A. McNevin, Jeanne D. 
Meinecke, Janet L. Merchant. 

SECOND ROW: Carolyn M. Mike- 
sell, Sharon L. Millenbruch, Bonita 
A. Miller, Jackie L. Miller, Janean 
L. Miller, Janice S. Miller, Janis 
E. Miller, Linda M. Miller. 

THIRD ROW: Lynne S. Miller, 
Patricia A. Miller, Sherry K. Mil- 
ler, Vikki K. Miller, Valerie J. Mil- 
lis, Mary J. Moody, Jams K. 
Moore, Miriam A. Moore. 

FOURTH ROW: Sandra R. Moore, 
Marie J. Morton, Candace M. 
Moser, Julia J. Moyer, Frances R. 
Mullinix, Ganile A. Myers, Palle 
M. Nebgen, Janean L. Needham. 

FIFTH ROW: Candace A. Nelson, 
Carol J. Nelson, Meta K. Newell, 
Elaine E. Nicolay, Jana S. Niles, 
Sarah L. Nolting, Beverly A. Nor- 
ton, Nolo M. Novotny. 

SIXTH ROW: Susan K. Nutting, 
Jolme F. Oberhelman, Doreen 
Ochsner, Janet S. O'Connell, 
Pamela K. Odell, Glenda M. 
Odgers, Judy A. Oleen, Marsha L. 

SEVENTH ROW: Carolyn K. Ou- 
derkirk, Janice A. Overocker, 
Patricia S. Pacey, Pamela J. Para- 
more, Beth M. Parkinson, Pamela 
J. Pastrick, Ann C. Pattison, Patri- 
cia A. Patton. 

EIGHTH ROW: Patricia A. Payne, 
Alice L. Pearson, Carolyn S. Pear- 
son, Lynda K. Pelkey, Shirley E. 
Peter, Nancy L. Petersen, Jane 
Peterson, Lynne J. Peterson.. 

NINTH ROW: Nancy S. Peterson, 
Nancy J. Petrik, Carol A. Petti- 
|ohn, Linda S. Pfister, Linda M. 
Phillips, Susan K. Pike, Janice E. 
Pompenen, Mary L. Pratt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Donna A Pray, 
Ann J. Price, Patricia L. Prochaska, 
Jean M. Pyles, Wendy E. Quirk, 
Cynthia K. Ramey, Janice S. Reed, 
Nancy C. Reeves. 


Moore Hall-TOP ROW: Gerol- 
dine F. Regehr, Janie I. Rhyne, 
Linda M. Richardson, Gail A. 
Ridgway, Deanne M. Rieke, Linda 
K. Riemann, Barbara I. Rinkel, 
Carolyn M. Robinson. 

SECOND ROW: Phyllis M. Robin- 
son, Jacqueline A. Rogers, Joann 
E. Rohla, Joyce J. Rohr, Carmie J. 
Rose, Sara J. Rose, Theresa K. 
Rose, Jennifer B. Rotman. 

THIRD ROW: Vickie K. Rowland, 
Patricia A. Ruggles, Mary A. Rupp, 
Helen M. Ryan, Sharon K. Sal- 
vino, Janice J. Sappington, Janice 
M. Schlagel, Kathleen A. Schmidt. 











FOURTH ROW: Linda E. Schreu 
der, Glennis A. Schroeder, Vick 
L. Schultz, Susan A. Schwab, Mar 
cia K. Scott, Patricia S. Seibel 
Gail R. Sevenno, Kathleen J. 

FIFTH ROW: Peggy E. Shafer, 
Jane A. Shaffer, Carol S. Shan- 
nan, Linda D. Sharp, Linda C. 
Shaw, Julie D. Sherraden, Marilyn 
R. Short, Charolotte A. Shoup. 

SIXTH ROW: Terry L. Shull, An- 
dree J. Sievenn, Rachel G. Slaw- 
son, Cheryl A. Smith, Cynthia K. 
Smith, Elizabeth D. Smith, Evelyn 
P. Smith, Gwendolyn G. Smith. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jacqueline M. 
Smith, Rita A. Smith, Karen S. 
Snyder, Gail E. Spellman, Margie 
J. Spiers, Sherry L. Spillman, Carol 
J. Staab, Karen K. Starkey. 

EIGHTH ROW: Jo A. Starkweather, 
Kathleen M. Steffek, Janet M. 
Sterbenz, Linda J. Steuer. Marsha 
L. Stevens, Barbara C. Steward, 
Constance L. Stockham, Barbara 
J. Stone. 

BOTTOM ROW: Karen I. Storrer, 
Kathleen M. Stremel, Jennifer K. 
Sullivan, Patricia J. Sullivan, Peggy 
A. Summers, Elizabeth R. Sutcliffe, 
June F. Sweat, Mary T. Sweat. 


M ™ ,9 

4,4 M Y % 

Moore Hall-TOP ROW: Lauralea 
Taylor, Rita D. Terry, Linda L. 
Thayer, Margaret A. Thiel, Jonnie 
S. Thompson, Carol S. Thorpe, 
Carol A. Tillery, Sandra D. Tollef- 

SECOND ROW: Carol E. Torkel- 
son, Linda L. Tresennter, Quena- 
dyne G. Ukele, Mary J. Under- 
wood, Patricia S. Valla, Phylis L. 
VanDyke, Patricia Vanlerberg, 
Sharon L. VanVleet. 

THIRD ROW: Roberta F. Varner, 
Marylyn E. Verhaalen, Karen J. 
Verhage, Edith L. Vernon, Judith 
L. Vick, Arietta Y. Visser, Rita L. 
Vodraska, Barbara L. Vogt. 

FOURTH ROW: Arliss J. Walker, 
Karen D. Walker, Linda M. Walk- 
er, Margaret A. Walker, Sara- 
Beth Walker, Nancy K. Wallace, 
Margaret A. Walsh, Sharon K. 

FIFTH ROW: Mary E. Wanklyn, 
Sue A. Ward, Virginia L. Ward, 
Kathleen J. Warner, Barbara A. 
Wehr, Connie S. Wempe, Patricia 
L. Wenger, Ruth D. Werner. 

SIXTH ROW: Karen J. West, 
Rosalyn A. West, Sheryl D. West- 
over, Barbara K. Whealy, Linda 
K. Wheeler, Vicki L. Wheeler, 
Linda A. White, Marilyn V. White. 

SEVENTH ROW: Patricia J. White, 
Carol L. Whitfield, Barbara E. 
Whitman, Carol M. Wichman, 
Linda C. Wiehe, Shirley J. Wiley, 
Leslie L. Williams, Maureen C. 

EIGHTH ROW: Helen M. Willison, 
Cristan L. Wilson, Karr L. Wilson, 
Reita B. Wilson, Pauletta J. Win- 
derlin, Marilyn K. Winfrey, Nancy 
L Winter, Linda K. Woellhof, Con- 
nie L. Wolf. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kim Woodard, 
Mary A. Woolcott, Mary E. 
Wrampe, Teresa J. Wurtz, Beverly 
Wykoff, Lois E. Yelenik, Judith K. 
Young, Diane K. Youngers, Sherry 
L. Zimbelman. 

i» ! "1 

Taking advantage of the change in men's visiting hours, a 
Putnam coed and her date study in the hall's living room. 

Located on Petticoat Lane, Putnam hall was the scene for a 
large sign boosting the Wildcat team during football season. 

Putnam council changes 
dormitory regulations 

Rewriting policies in the hall constitution was 
a major concern for Putnam hall's officers' coun- 
cil. The group was composed of hall officers, cor- 
ridor representatives and residence assistants. 
Changes introduced new hours for male visitors 
and new smoking regulations. The revisions be- 
came effective after approval in hall elections. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Mabel Strong, the 
upperclass dormitory supported a needy family at 
Christmas. Coeds also sent food, clothing and 
letters to servicemen in Viet Nam. The women 
entertained their fathers at a dads' weekend. 
Royal Purple Queen Diane Small and attendant 
Kathy DeWeese represented Putnam in the 
annual yearbook beauty contest. 


Putnam Hall-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Mabel Strong, Mrs. Janel Harri- 
man, Terrill J. Adams, Nancy L. 
Allison, Barbara J. Anderson, De- 
lores K. Anderson, Nancy L. Arm- 

SECOND ROW: Karen K. Asher, 
Kaye L. Atherton, Rosemary M. 
Balzer, Sharon A. Barnes, Sharilyn 
K. Beach, Suzanne I. Beach, Vivian 
R. Becker. 

THIRD ROW: Peggy I. Beninga, 
Jacquelyn A. Bledsoe, Pamella L. 
Bolte, Barbara L. Bower, Con- 
stance J. Bowers, Janet L. Braden, 
Terry L. Brickner. 

FOURTH ROW: Vicki L. Brown, 
Barbara A. Burkhart, Sandra K. 
Busch, Sue A. Button, Carolyn B. 
Campbell, Susan G. Carstens, 
Martha E. Caughron. 

FIFTH ROW: Janet L. Chapman, 
Marcia A. Compton, Sue A. Cool- 
idge, Cathryn Craig, Dee A. Cros- 
sen, Diane M. Crostarosa, Mary 
K. Crotinger. 

SIXTH ROW: Patricia L. Crown- 
hart, Brenda L. Daniel, Patty L 
Dougherty, Betty L. Davis, Beverly 
A. Dearing, Kathleen H. DeWeese, 
Dana L. Dial. 

SEVENTH ROW: Edith M. Dickin- 
son, Sherryl L. Diller, Margaret A. 
Dixon, Joan L. Duggan, Sally C. 
Dyer, Patricia J. Edmonds, Jerrilyn 

EIGHTH ROW: Lucmda R. Erbes, 
Glennis A. Erickson, Martha E. 
Ewing, Karen A. Falk, Julia I. Fear- 
ing, Charlotte A. Ferrell, Sherrill 
J. Fletcher. 

BOTTOM ROW: Beverly S. Fowler, 
Ann C. Galbraith, Janice K. Gil- 
lespie, Marsha R. Golden, Patricia 
L. Grant, Barbara J. Green, 
Treasha L. Green. 


Putnam Hall-TOP ROW: Sondra 
L. Grumbein, Nancy C. Hageman, 
Susan N. Hancock, Dorothy K. 
Harper, Pamela S. Harris, Sharon 
D. Harris, Janet L. Hastings, Pa- 
tricia A. Hatch. 

SECOND ROW: Carol J. Heinen, 
Sally J. Helton, Patricia E. Hen- 
dricks, Karen E. Hensleigh, Janet 
E. Higley, Janet C. Hines, Sondra 
S. Hinkle, Sandra A. Hloucal. 

THIRD ROW: Mary A. HofF, Janet 
L. Horn, Judith P. Houdyshell, 
Mary P. Hudgens, Ann Hund, 
Patricia Hund, Roxanna C. Hund, 
Nancy J. Hunter. 

FOURTH ROW: Cheryl K. Huse- 
man, Carol A. Jensen, Jill M. John- 
son, Barbara L. Jones, Loretta A. 
Jones, Mary J. Jones, Lela F. Kal- 
bach, Phyllis L. Kanning. 

FIFTH ROW: Nell J. Kelsey, Jane 
H. Kimble, Linda D. King, Georgia 
S. Lacen, Linda L. Lamborn, Linda 
L. Lange, Carolyn L. Laskowski, 
Carol D. Latschar. 

SIXTH ROW: Lynne Laurie, Carol 
A. Laverentz, Susan K. Lawrence, 
Margaret J. Leming, Donna J. 
Lillich, Carol A. Maisch, Elizabeth 
I. Mangum, Carol A. Martin. 

SEVENTH ROW: Sherry L. Mat- 
thews, Louise M. Mattox, Patricia 
A. Maynard, Janice F. McClaren, 
Bonnie L. McDougal, LeAnna Mc- 
Gettrick, Janice D. McKnight, 
Patsy C. Meek. 

EIGHTH ROW: Carole A. Meisen 
heimer, Janice R. Meredith, Cyn- 
thia A. Michael, Beryl J. Moline, 
Ann E. Moody, Alice P. Morgan 
Jeanette R. Morgan, Mary K 

BOTTOM ROW: Cecilia J. Myers, 
Marilyn S. Myers, Ann B. Nash, 
Jennifer L. New, Patty L. Nichols, 
Marilyn S. Nixon, Karen D. Nor- 
ris, Evon L. Obermueller. 

Putnam Hall-TOP ROW: Carol 
A. Ochs, Judith J. Olson, Lavonda 
J. Overstreet, Lynn K. Parsons, 
Nancy C. Parthemer, Jean E. 
Peterson, Shirley J. Pianalto, 
Sharon E. Powers. 

SECOND ROW: Myrna S. Rains, 
Judy E. Raitt, Julie K. Ramsey, 
Janice J. Rath, Antoinette E. Ray- 
ford, Sandra L. Reeve, Kathenne 
M. Regier, Virginia R. Reid. 

THIRD ROW: Pamela J. Reiter, 
Jacqueline M. Resley, Joan K. 
Reusser, Sharon F. Rice, Suzanne 
W. Rodenbeek, Nola M. Rosenow, 
Karen L. Runnion, Linda M. Rust. 

FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Ryser, 
JoAnn Schafer, Cheryl A. Schimpf, 
Patricia A. Schmidt, Janet L. 
Schultz, Kathleen S. Scott, Linda 
J. Sebesta, Jeanette K. Seiler. 

FIFTH ROW: Sandra L. Sherer, 
Dorothy J. Shields, Patricia A. 
Simmons, Marilyn A. Simpson, 
Diane L. Small, Glenda M. Smith, 
Joan I. Smith, Joyce M. Smith. 

SIXTH ROW: Linda S. Smith, Lora 
M. Smith, Barbara J. Socolofsky, 
Linda J. Solberg, Constance J. 
Souder, Mary A. Southard, M. Jill 
Spangler, Sharron L. Stephens. 

SEVENTH ROW: Judith A. Stindt, 
Jeanette M. Stroberg, Helen Szam- 
otula, Carole L. Tanner, Rosetta 
Tetebo, Marie E. Thiel, Linda R. 
Thompson, Conibeth Tillmon. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bryn B. Toll, Knsta 
D. Toll, Catherine L. Turner, Nor- 
man J. Turney, Marilyn K. Was- 
mund, Sue A. Weber, Jacquelyn 
M. Weisser, Marilyn K. Weisser. 

BOTTOM ROW: Janet M. White- 
hill, Irene M. Wilson, Sandra L. 
Wilson, Lennita A. Winter, Peggy 
J. Wise, Pamela S. Wurzbacher, 
Linda K. Wuthnow. 


West women awaken mornings to construction sounds from 
work on one unfinished hall in a four-dormitory complex. 

New cafeteria provides 
meals for West, Moore 

For the first year, West hall residents ate meals 
in a new food center situated between West and 
Moore halls. Since the dormitory had been com- 
pleted in fall 1962, the women had eaten in the 
Putnam and Boyd cafeterias. During fall semester, 
the residents participated in all intramural activ- 
ities and won first place in the women's kickball 
tournament. West also built a Homecoming float 
with Goodnow hall, sponsored a Valentine dance 
and adopted an underprivileged family. 

Janet Shade, an attendant to the Royal Purple 
queen, was sponsored by the dormitory. Earning 
a 4.0 average during her freshman year for 38 
credit hours in pre-veterinary medicine, Kay 
Magby was honored by Mortar Board. 

While washing and ironing are college necessities, coeds of- 
ten find the chores a welcome relief from hours of studying. 




West Hall-TOP ROW: Mrs. Wil- 
ma Thompson, Mrs. Maxine Hack- 
bart, Barbara R. Green, Jo E. 
Abbott, Vicky L. Adams, Nancy 
R. Aikman, Janet L. Alexander, 
Susan L. Alldntt. 

SECOND ROW: Diana L. Ame- 
nne, Mar|orie C. Annis, Tamara 
D. Armstrong, Barbara H. Asfahl, 
Patricia A. Atwater, Cheryl K. 
Bailey, Eileen E. Bailey, Judy D. 

THIRD ROW: Rebecca A. Barbe, 
Sarah C. Barnes, Carolyn L. Bar- 
ney, Michelle A. Barr, Sharon L 
Barrow, Diana K. Barton, Chloellen 
E. Bartoo, Patricia A. Base. 

FOURTH ROW: Dianne L. Base, 
Linda K. Bauman, Marcia A. Beck, 
Jo A. Becker, Barbara K. Benton, 
JoAnn Betts, Jane A. Bigler, Bobbie 
M. Blake. 

FIFTH ROW: Vivian R. Bland, 
Joyce E. Blecha, Diane K. Bohn, 
Joan L. Booth, Linda K. Boots, 
Jamesina A. Boudreau, Nancy M. 
Boyer, Alice L. Boyles. 

SIXTH ROW: Rebecca Bradley, 
Janis K. Brattin, Sharon M. Brede- 
meier, Margaret A. Breeden, Judy 
A. Brous, Martha J. Budke, Lyn 
M. Buffo, Barbara J. Bull. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jams K. Burk- 
holder, Connie L. Carbiener, 
Kathryn A. Carlin, Stephanie M. 
Carlson, Susan E. Carlson, Karen 
K. Charbonneau, Barbara S. Chris- 
tensen, Jana L. Cole. 

EIGHTH ROW: Julie A. Collins, 
Teresa A. Comer, Elizabeth J. Con- 
ner, A'Delma J. Cook, Donna E. 
Craven, Janet K. Culver, Maria R. 
Dahlsten, Ruth A. Dannenberg. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sandra A. David- 
son, Connie M. Demmer, Rita M. 
Deyoe, Lucille E. Dick, Karen E. 
Dillenbeck, Melinda L. Dobson, 
Nancy L. Douglas, Patricia J. 


West Holl-TOP ROW: Margaret 
A. Dubrouillet, Mollye A. Eddy, 
Jeannette G. Edmonds, Teresa J. 
Egan, Emily A. Eitmann, Mary E. 
Eye, Gail M. Farmer, Ruthann 

SECOND ROW: Karolynn A. 
Fisher, Cynthia K. Fleming, Joanne 
L Foggs, Janivar Freed, Janice 
Eileen Frohn, Janet E. Fulkerson, 
Jane E. Gamba, Claudia A. Gar- 

THIRD ROW: Linda S. Garrison, 
Tracy A. Gaughan, Mary E. Glenn, 
JoAnn Goetz, Mildred A. Gore- 
ham, Sharon A. Granger, Cheryl 
A. Greenall, Jean M. Groner. 

FOURTH ROW: Carolyn S. Guetz- 
ko, Jeanne A. Guy, Penelope A. 
Hancock, Carol L. Haney, Judith 
A. Harden, Linda A. Harris, Bar- 
bara A. Harrison, Mary J. Hauber. 

FIFTH ROW: Linda S. Hauptli, 
Judith E. Helmke, Tom G. Hesler, 
Diann E. Hickman, Gretchen L. 
Hildebrand, Cheryl A. Hiller, Mer- 
edith A. Holloway, Vera L. Hook. 

SIXTH ROW: Karen L. Hopper, 
Carolyn R. Howard, Audrey G. 
Hulse, Beverly A. Jackson, Gerri 
L. Jaro, Martha J. Jellison, Car- 
lene S. Johnson, Cheryl K. Johnson. 

SEVENTH ROW: Judith K. John- 
son, Karen L. Johnson, Marietta 
R. Jones, Sharon L. Jones, Joanne 
P. Kaff, Frances M. Kelly, Pat K. 
Keltner, Patricia A. Kildow. 

EIGHTH ROW: Thelma J. Kirk, 
Carol J. Kirshe, Carolyn R. Klahr, 
Barbara J. Klick, Elayne J. Kra- 
kower, Cheryl K. Kuhn, Donna L. 
Kukuk, Sheryl D. Kushner. 

BOTTOM ROW: Janice R. Laman, 
Jo K. Lepej, Alma A. Limes, Carol 
S. Lindahl, Linda K. Linn, Pamela 
C. Long, Betty L. Lucas, Mary P. 




fl£| f* Q A A0I& 


* -•'•*( 




West Hall-TOP ROW: Kay A. 
Magby, Saundra K. Masten, Lo- 
retta A. Mauler, Anita L. Maxted, 
Sue A. Mayhew, Nadene M. Mc- 
Guire, Karen J. Mcllroy, Cheryl J. 

SECOND ROW: Jamie S. McKay, 
Carol F. McKee, Marcia C. Mc- 
Lain, Nancy L. McNerny, Cheryl 
A. McVicker, Virginia A. Meyer, 
Carolyn J. Michael, Elizabeth A. 

THIRD ROW: Patricia K. Miller, 
Sharon L. Mil liken, Ann Minturn, 
Corlie E. Mollenkamp, Susan D. 
Montgomery, Patricia J. Morgan, 
Marcella M. Morris, Sandra S. 

FOURTH ROW: Pamela C. Mullen, 
Rita A. Muret, Jean A. Murphy, 
Julie M. Murrow, Jane M. Myers, 
Mary E. Neil, Lynnea S. Newbury, 
Karen A. Nicolai. 

FIFTH ROW: Kathryn Noellsch, 
Judith R. North, Olga A. Nowin- 
sky, Diana L. O'Dell, Betty K. 
Oleen, Linda S. Olomon, Deanna 
K. Parry, Rebecca K. Parsons. 

SIXTH ROW: Linda J. Pavlu, Nancy 
I. Pendarvis, Pamela B. Perry, 
Pamela S. Pierpoint, Marilyn J. 
Plett, Sandra J. Powell, Rebecca 
L. Prater, Linda A. Price. 

SEVENTH ROW: Nellie E. Price, 
Mary K. Prochaska, Marilyn K. 
Rafler, Nancy J. Ransom, Patricia 
G. Ravenscroft, Linda M. Rem- 
bleske, Nancy J. Renbarger, Bonita 
A. Rice. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pamela J. Richards, 
Nancy L. Robertson, Judie H. Ross, 
Sharron J. Rule, Cheryl L. Russell, 
Margaret J. Ryan, Nicoletta 
Saines, Cathy G. Savage. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sidonie A. Schaf- 
er, Peggy J. Schick, Linda J. 
Schleicher, Beverly A. Schneider, 
Patricia L. Schneider, Cheryl S. 
Schroeppel, Nancy K. Schuler, 
Mary E. Schweitzer. 


West Hall-TOP ROW: Martha 
J. Seitz, Janice L. Settles, Diana C. 
Sewart, Janet L. Shade, Diana L. 
Shank, Sherrill L. Shoemaker, 
Nancy L. Shorb. 

SECOND ROW: Willa F. Sidebot- 
tom, Donna L. Silver, Judy E. 
Simpson, Lana S. Sims, Elizabeth 
A. Sinn, Sharyn L. Slentz, Celia A. 

THIRD ROW: Geraldine A. Smith, 
Sherry D. Smith, Anne C. Snider, 
Linda K. Somers, Donna M. Spa- 
chek, Judith A. Spessacd, Barbara 
J. Stanley. 

FOURTH ROW: Sally J. Steel, 
Kathryn L. Stewart, Jeanette L. 
Stock, Carol A. Storrer, Marcia L. 
Stout, Susan E. Sullivan, Jacqueline 
B. Taylor. 

FIFTH ROW: Paula B. Tibbetts, 
Cynthia M. Tucker, Priscilla A. 
Tucker, Mary L. Tussey, Catherine 
L. Ulrich, Margaret L. Van Dorn, 
Mary J. Vanderlip. 

SIXTH ROW: Ruth M. Vodraska, 
Ellen Vonderschmidt, Nancy K. 
Waddle, Martha J. Waters, Pa- 
tricia A. Weatherford, Viva L. 
Weese, Vicki L. Wenger. 

SEVENTH ROW: Elisabeth A. 
Wentz, Constance J. West, Sharon 
K. West, Diana K. Whittlesey, 
Cathy J. Wicks, Arleta K. Wiebke, 
Janet K. Wilbeck. 

EIGHTH ROW: Elizabeth A. Wilk- 
erson, Sherri M. Wilkinson, Judith 
K. Williams, Kimberly E. Williams, 
Mary E. Windels, Fawne L. Winter, 
Regina F. Wolfe. 

BOTTOM ROW: Susan L. Womer, 
Mary K. Wood, Sherry J. Wood, 
Susan M. Yarnall, Cynthea R. 
Yorke, Margaret L. Zackert, Cath- 
leen M. Zarker, Glenna L. Zim- 





Boyd and Putnam, Van Zile hall houses freshman and 
ss coeds. Built in 1926, it was the first women's hall. 

Van Zile commemorates 
hall's 40th anniversary 

Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the con- 
struction of the hall, Van Zile women entertained 
at a spring tea. The hall's social calendar was 
filled with hour dances, an open house for Par- 
ents' Day, fathers' and mothers' weekends and a 
spring formal. A Christmas formal, Evergreen 
Enchantment, highlighted the party season for 
the dormitory's 138 women. 

A popular service project on the campus, send- 
ing food and letters to men stationed in Viet 
Nam, was also adopted by Van Zile coeds. Be- 
sides participating in all women's intramurals, 
individual women from Van Zile were active as 
president of Gamma Delta, vice-president of 
Interdormitory Council, and members of Sparks 
and Union committees. 

Sponsoring a dance for all students on the lawn by Van Zile, 
United Student Party campaigns for its candidates' election. 



Five regular cooks prepare the food served to hungry Van Zile 
coeds. Women from West and Moore halls last year ate in the 

Van Zile cafeteria, but now are served in a food center which 
will provide meals for a proposed four-dormitory complex. 

Van Zile Hall-TOP ROW: Sharon 
Lunn, Edward E. Lunn, Wilma 
Tunison, Rosemary M. Aeils, Pa- 
tricia A. Anderson, Eunice E. Bach, 
Mary E. Belluomo. 

SECOND ROW: Melinda Bigbee, 
Barbara R. Blake, Beverly J. Blank- 
enship, Carolyn L. Bolton, Gloria 
J. Bowman, Suella I. Brack, Mar- 
gery Braunschweiger. 

THIRD ROW: Glenda A. Carter, 
Sheryl L. Cassidy, Elizabeth A. 
Clark, Judy Cornelison, Mary E. 
Correll, Patricia S. Cosgrove, De- 
anna K. Cowan. 

FOURTH ROW: Bonnie L. Dahl, 
Sondra J. Degraffenreid, Patricia 
A. Dumler, Janice E. Duncan, 
Fransiska L. Eccleston, Jan D. Ed- 
monds, Nancy A. Evans. 

FIFTH ROW: Brenda K. Farmer, 
Judith A. Frashier, Carol L. Frazier, 
Danna L. Garten, Patricia A. Gay, 
Marcia L. Gibbs, Virginia L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Janice K. Graber, 
Sally A. Grammer, Kathleen A. 
Guenther, Norma K. Guhn, Mar- 
guerite A. Habiger, Barbara A. 
Hale, Joyce E. Haney. 

JJ0 £* 'rl f^ 




Van Zile Hall-TOP ROW: Lynn 
A. Heglar, Carol J. Heuertz, Pa- 
tricia A. Hofmann, Loretta J. 
Huber, Mary C. Huerter, Mary J. 
Hurley, Marlene J. Jacobs. 

SECOND ROW: Susan E. Johnson, 
Karen S. Jones, Phoebe J. Jones, 
Judith K. Joyce, Gail A. Kopf, 
Constance E. Langland, Patricia A. 

THIRD ROW: Carolyn J. Lee, Jose- 
phine L. Lemon, Katherine A. 
Letts, Judith A. Levering, Raelee 
A. Lyon, Jacqualine L. Maichel, 
Carol J. Manley. 

FOURTH ROW: Jacqualine G. 
Matthews, Mary L. Mattoon, Vera 
J. McAlexander, Margaret L. 
McCauley, Joyce L. Meinershagen, 
Sharon A. Minks, Paulette E. 

FIFTH ROW: Barbara A. Nelson, 
Claudia E. Newman, Kim S. 
Nicklas, Arlene Oberle, Carolyn 
D. Olson, Connie L. Parker, Ros- 
anne M. Parker. 

SIXTH ROW: Patsy S. Paulsen, 
Sharon L. Payne, Janet K. Pool, 
Barbara L. Reed, Suzanne K. Reed, 
Sandra K. Richards, Kathleen K. 

SEVENTH ROW: Elaine C. Savik- 
ko, Mildred J. Scribner, Alice J. 
Sheik, Patricia J. Shirk, Pamela J. 
Sherman, Ellen K. Siemens, M. 
Ellen Sinclair. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lenna D. Skates, 
Elizabeth G. Smiley, Rebecca J. 
Smutz, Linda A. Snyder, Joann 
Spencer, Rosemary P. Steele, 
Nanette L. Stephens, Faye L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nancy E. Thomas, 
Elizabeth H. Voelker, Diana K. 
Volkmer, Marita K. Von Lehe, 
Judith A. Warta, Gloria D. Wika, 
Marione J. Wright, Rose A. 


Reaching high to capture a rebound, dormitory men find the 
basketball court of West Stadium hall an excellent place to 

release tensions after classes. Fall and spring afternoons are 
spent by many men in practicing for intramural sports. 

Men's Resident Assistants— TOP ROW: Gary D. Bohn, Richard L. McCollough, 
Steven L. Leuthold, Eldon L. Mickelson, Ralph E. Studebaker, Warren L. Brigge- 
man, Gale E. Britton, Wing Kee Kwok. SECOND ROW: Dennis W. Ruckert, 
James R. Ploger, John D. Stegner, Richard R. Sankey, Donald E. Zimmerman, 
Gary L. Zimmerman, Robert F. Pauly, Robert T. Curry, Mrs. Thomas D. Meyers. 

THIRD ROW: Mrs. Myrtle Moore, James R. Dobbins, Michael D. Penrod, John P. 
Cable, Donald I. Blumeier, Edward L. Rork, Max L. Allison, Donald B. Roof. BOT- 
TOM ROW: George L. Zabel, James E. Germger, Aldan S. Olsen, Terry L. Biery, 
Thomas R. Gossen, Robert A. Sheppard, Dale E. Brownlee. 

Association of Residence Halls— TOP ROW: Lynn K. Parsons, Cristan L. Wilson, 
Rosalyn A. West, Miriam A. Moore, Elaine L. Pearson, Virginia M. Munson, Mel- 
ody V. Milhck, Frances M. Dobbels, Linda S. Hauptli. SECOND ROW: Carol A. 
Ochs, Gary D. Seibert, Richard L. McCollough, Ralph E. Studebaker, Elizabeth I. 
Mangum, Josephine L. Lemon, Bernard W. Vandorn, William M. Bolnick. THIRD 

ROW: Kenneth L. Stoner, Thomas C. Zavesky, Michael J. Farmer, Gary L. Zim- 
merman, Donald E. Zimmerman, Robert T. Curry, Richard B. Hillman, Eldon L. 
Mickelson, James R. Ploger. BOTTOM ROW: Dwight D. Jewett, Richard R. San 
key, Eldon E. Peterson, William A. Blauvelt, Aldan S. Olsen, Ronald C. Lundquist, 
David W. Cutter, Max L. Allison. 

Residence hall group promotes dormitory week 

Inter-dorm Week, which included a leadership 
day for dormitory officers, open houses in all 
women's halls and an all-dormitory picnic on the 
southeast campus field, was sponsored by the 
Association of Residence Halls. The group also 
promoted Inter-dorm Sing at Christmas and 
hosted the Midwest Association of College and 
University Residence Halls conference. Don 

Steeples, president of the association, was elected 
president of the national association at the annual 
conference at Southern Illinois University. 

Each floor in the men's dormitories was 
assigned one head resident assistant and one 
regular resident assistant who acted as counselors 
to the more than 1,400 residents living in Good- 
now, Marlatt, West Stadium and Waltheim. 


Waltheim Hall-TOP ROW: Harry 
E. Blow, Jeffrey C. Brabec, Wil- 
liam M. Butler, Leonard G. Dagg, 
Larry J. DeDonder, Edmond P. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roger S. Dildine, 
James R. Dobbins, John J. Eger, 
Gorden L. Farmer, Loyd A. Fields, 
Bryce A. Fowles. 

0^ o (^ 



kkHMiM V i 

Coeds move into Waltheim for counseling studies 

Formerly an upperclass women's dormitory, 
Waltheim hall was reorganized during the sum- 
mer months to provide apartment-style living for 
more than 60 men. Participating in social activi- 
ties, Waltheim built a Homecoming float with 
Putnam hall, planned a dinner for the rowing 
team and invited dates to a sewer party. Dona- 
tions to the rowing team's fund to purchase a new 
shell earned the men a certificate in the Square 
Inch Club. During the spring semester, 10 women 

Entertaining a Model United Nations speaker, Waltheim resi- 
dents listen to Dr. John Stoessinger of New York University. 

moved into one section of Waltheim as part of a 
counseling center experiment to assess the effect 
of social interaction in acquiring social skills and 
developing personality. 

Waltheim men participate in regular social functions with the 
coeds from the sociology department living in the dormitory. 


Formerly an all women's dormitory, Waltheim hall, 1436 Lar- 
amie, now houses both men and women. Although it is a Uni- 

versity dormitory, it offers apartment-style living. Each apart- 
ment consists of a living room, bedroom, study area and bath. 

C* C4 Q T% £% C :1 




ffi C O fH .q 
O «* H ^ £* 

Waltheim Hall-TOP ROW: Car- 
los M. Garcia, Kenneth F. Glover, 
David W. Griffiths, Lanny R. Hall, 
Carl L. Johnson, Michael K. Kelt- 
ner, John M. Kolacny. 

SECOND ROW: Richard L Korte, 
Stephen B. Kotler, Orlan R. Land, 
Jackie D. Latham, Larry L. Ly- 
barger, Dennis W. Minter, Joseph 
A. Orseno. 

THIRD ROW: Dwayne L. Parsons, 
Robert F. Plemons, James R. Ploger, 
James L. Randall, Jack L. Rhoades, 
James V. Ritz, Elmer L. Robertson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas K. Rogge, 
Ronald W. Smith, Lawrence R. 
Steele, Michael L. Sweet, Ronald 
G. Trostle, Randall K. Unruh, 
Richard L. Weixelman. 


Goodnow adds ice rink, 
library, sports rooms 

Current magazines, newspapers and novels 
were available to men at Goodnow hall in a com- 
pletely remodeled library. Located in the dor- 
mitory basement, the library was part of a recent 
renovation program that included recreation 
rooms for wrestling and judo. Residents played 
tennis and basketball on newly built courts which 
served as an ice skating rink in the winter. 

Goodnow men were hosts for the area confer- 
ence of college and university residence halls. 
They also planned the largest Christmas window 
decoration on campus. 

With social and intramural programs on a 
floor basis, residents of Goodnow sponsored hour 
dances with women's living groups and also in- 
vited dates to a semi-formal dance. Groups at 
Goodnow heard talks on Viet Nam, participated 
in the Model United Nations meetings and reor- 
ganized radio station KSURH-FM. Outstanding 
men living in Goodnow included members of the 
varsity football and basketball teams and cadet 
commander of Air Force ROTC. 



A ^ 



4 ^4^ 


Promoting academic and social understanding, programs on 
radio KSURH-FM originate in a control room at Goodnow. 

Goodnow Hall — TOP ROW: 
Charles R. Acheson, Steven L. Al- 
berts, David R. Allen, Henry J. 
Allen, Ronald W. Allen, Karmon 
D. Almquist, Darrell D. Althide. 

SECOND ROW: John H. Ander- 
son, John S. Armbrust, Vinton K. 
Arnett, Melvin P. Augustine, Larry 
R. Baer, Harold C. Barrett, Stephen 

THIRD ROW: Charles O. Beer, 
Roger D. Beesley, Michael N. 
Beffa, Wayne D. Beggs, Duane E. 
Beichley, Leon C. Bender, Chester 
L. Berger. 

BOTTOM ROW: Coburn A. Berke- 
ley, Thomas C. Bliss, Lyndon K. 
Blocksome, Donald I. Blumeier, 
Michael C. Bogue, Gary D. Bohn, 
Richard M. Boldin. 

gj o o c% q a to 

*AdMki± , ,«/ lit tit 

Q O .Q Q IJ .O. & O 

£> ^ ft <?l ft u* £l 

ft O a 9 C5 c? c* ai 
aga^ :^> a .q « 

JL* Y AtMi^Mk* 

ft « ,"> A 

41J ;t 

Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW: 
Thomas F. Boley, William M. Bol- 
nick, Steven C. Borell, Douglas A. 
Boyle, Carl E. Branson, Douglas 
M. Brant, James S. Broers, Steven 
L. Brooks. 

SECOND ROW: Gale R. Brown, 
Bruce W. Bryant, William W. 
Burdett, David L. Burns, Theodore 
R. Busenbark, Ralph E. Cadwall- 
ader, Glenn A. Caldwell, Donald 
L. Cammel. 

THIRD ROW: John W. Cannon, 
Steven R. Cardwell, Richard L. 
Caulfield, Lawrence E. Cheatum, 
Gordon R. Christiansen, Roy A. 
Christmann, David J. Clapp, Ken- 
neth W. Claycamp. 

FOURTH ROW: Howard B. Clea- 
vinger, David B. Cleeves, Michael 
E. Colley, Dennis D. Combrink, 
Anthony T. Coon, Michael J. 
Coons, Tom H. Corr, John B. Cor- 

FIFTH ROW: Raymond D. Cos- 
tantini, Kenneth M. Cox, George 
P. Crelly, Steven F. Crofoot, 
Robert A. Curry, Robert T. Curry, 
Garry M. Dalby, Tommy D. 

SIXTH ROW: Dean A. Darnell, 
Stephen V. Davis, Jerry M. Dean, 
Wilson L. Denton, Keith L. Dett- 
mer, David K. Dewey, Keith W. 
Dillinger, Douglas A. Droge. 

SEVENTH ROW: William W. 
Dutton, William K. Dyer, Ronald 
L. Easter, James H. Edminster, 
Francis E. Eirich, Marion K. Eisler, 
William D. Ellis, Frederick K. 

EIGHTH ROW: Michael C. Enck- 
son, Lance R. Ericson, William C. 
Eschmann, Joe K. Eshelman, Gale 
E. Ethndge, William W. Everett, 
Charles H. Fellman, Ronald J, 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry W. Fish, 
Robert D. Flack, Bruce V. Foltz, 
Roger E. Forsberg, Eugene N. 
Francis, Kenneth L. Francis, Garry 
L. Frazee, David E. Freeland. 


Goodnow Hall-TOP ROW: 
Galen G. Frick, John R. Fnley, 
David B. Fruetel, Timothy J. Fruits, 
Theron E. Fry, Stephen A. Fuhr- 
man, Keith T. Fujimura, Richard 
S. Furbeck. 

SECOND ROW: Kenneth L. Fyler, 
Michael L. Gambiani, Richard L. 
Gardner, Michael A. Gettino, 
Richard D. Geyer, James F. God- 
frey, Paul M. Gold, Gary R. 

THIRD ROW: Emray R. Goossen, 
Felix J. Gotner, Gerald A. Great- 
house, William B. Greve, William 
R. Gross, Charles P. Grover, Uwe 
Grund, Chester W. Halbleib. 

FOURTH ROW: John M. Hamman, 
Clinton J. Hammer, Russell S. Han- 
nigan, Bernard L. Hansen, Terry 
L. Herbert, Arthur S. Harris, 
George H. Harsh, Charles E. 

FIFTH ROW: Kenneth D. Harwood, 
Michael L. Hasenstab, Dennis E 
Hausmann, George W. Hawks, 
James B. Hayes, Larry W. Hays, 
Gilbert J. Heinen, Charles O 

SIXTH ROW: Robert E. Henning, 
Wayne L. Henning, Roy E. Henry, 
Robert A. Herlocker, Charles H. 
Hightower, Richard B. Hillman, 
Robert L. Hirt, George A. Hodgson. 

SEVENTH ROW: GeoFFrey B. Hol- 
land, Gordon D. Holland, John 
D. Holliday, Jon R. Holm, John P. 
Honstead, Daryl L. Hopkins, Jona- 
than W. Houghtaling, Richard D. 

EIGHTH ROW: Thomas M. Howe, 
James M. Hughes, Thomas E. 
Hynes, Larry D. Israel, Warren C. 
Ives, Donald L. Jackson, Jimmy A. 
Jackson, William R. Jacobs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Paul R. Janzen, 
Gary L. Johnson, Gene R. John- 
son, Stanley R. Kalishman, Robert 
M. Kaplan, Edward L. Keating, 
Donald E. Kennedy, Robert G. 


ffi. n a 

Q ry a a *"> fTi ft C\ 

;, Q a Q Of Q Q *f| 

a a Oftft^QH 

O a O O a a a a 

a a Q ^ j|| Cl |5 fl 

a a a ^ q a <^ 

flAflflflfl ! &ft 

^ 3* "VA '^4 Mli ^ A ' L -4* V 

c ~ f ^^-fP «L^J* 

CX ~> ^ ^ £> 

'■^n *^f '^3 ' Ue ^ =7 if ^^ 

anflsos ~> r$ Cd 

Q ^» ^ .^j if> .O ;?■> o 

f^ /^^ ^% /^ f^| /^\ ;^ 

Goodnow Hall-TOP ROW: 
Charles R. King, Royce M. King, 
Spencer W. King, Rick E. Kiser, 
Warren D. Klawiter, Charles W. 
Knight, Walter Kwant, Robert H. 

SECOND ROW: Larry D. Lacy, 
John R. Laffoon, John E. Lake, 
Charles D. Lambert, David J. 
Langford, John A. Lansden, Larry 
E. Larson, William L. LaSalle. 

THIRD ROW: Marc A. Laer, James 
E. LeBreton, Joseph W. Leighty, 
Richard W. Lewis, William L. 
Lewis, John R. Ley, John H. Lietzen, 
Michael W. Linn. 

FOURTH ROW: Richard A. Litfin, 
James L. Long, Harry B. Loper, 
Floyd L. Lotker, William T. Love- 
lock, Wallace G. Lucas, James R. 
Lukens, Ron C. Lundquist. 

FIFTH ROW: John C. Lyon, James 
W. Maddock, Owen M. Mamura, 
Raymond L. Mormon, Kenneth F. 
Massi ngill, Alton D. Masters, Rob- 
ert C. Matthews, William G. 

SIXTH ROW: William H. Maxwell, 
Richard L. McCollough, Roger R. 
McCollough, Francis G. McDon- 
ald, Donald C. McEwen, Billy E. 
McGuire, Phillip B. Mclntire, 
Steven J. McMillan. 

SEVENTH ROW: Tracy G. McQuil- 
len, Howard E. Meier, Bernard J. 
Meirowsky, John A. Mertz, David 
G Meschke, Sheldon M. Mettler, 
Terry L. Meyers, Eldon L. Mickei- 

EIGHTH ROW: Kenneth H. Miller, 
Marc E. Miller, Alan D. Mills. 
Richard E. Moody, Lyn J. Morgan, 
William M. Morland, Michael M. 
Morrissette, Charles E. Moyer. 

BOTTOM ROW: David E. Moyer, 
Charles M. Murphy, Eldon M. 
Murray, Robert A. Murry, Dale E. 
Naiman, Leland J. Nelson, Doug- 
las D. Newman, Chester D. Niel- 


Goodnow Holl-TOP ROW: Ray- 
mond L. Noel, Douglas C. Norris, 
Patrick A. Novinger, Douglas R. 
Nutter, Sherman F. Ogle, Francis 
E. Ohmes, Randall R. Olander, 
Jeffrey C. Onink. 

SECOND ROW: Shaun ORourke, 
William D. Oswalt, Ronald E. 
Paradis, Donald E. Payne, James 
D. Payne, Richard L. Penner, John 
W. Penrod, Michael D. Penrod. 

THIRD ROW: Dennis R. Peters, 
George E. Petersen, Eldon E. Peter- 
son, Garry L. Peterson, Jerry M. 
Peterson, Michael W. Peterson, 
Ronald L. Peterson, David N. 

FOURTH ROW: Michael R. Pimple, 
Lewis E. Poggemeyer, Michael E. 
Pottorf, David C. Powell, David 
D. Prather, Stephen B. Price, Wil- 
liam D. Pulliam, Lawrence O. 

Q "<$* & o ft Q & 9 


tTp C*4 Vr? wrf ^m ¥^1 P^i 

Regehr, Victor A. Regnier, Thomas 
W. Rhodes, Loren D. Richard 


FIFTH ROW: Leslie E, Quails, Mi- 
chael P. Quinn, Clifford D. Raile, 
Tommy G. Rayburn, James H. . ' , ^ 

SIXTH ROW: Gerald L. Richard- 
son, Peter L. Richling, Gary L. 
Robben, Claude L. Robbins, Rich 
ard K. Robertson, Jackie J. Robin- 
son, Ronald E. Robson, Malcolm 
D. Rodenberq. 

SEVENTH ROW: Robert J. Roeder, 
Michael D. Rogers, Jerre K. Rorick, 
Van L. Rose, Jon R. Rowlison, Ron- 
ald R. Rucker, Richard R. Sankey, 
Stephen M. Saunders. 

EIGHTH ROW: Daryl R. Scheaf- 
fer, Patrick J. Scheer, Merrill K. 
Schmidt, Richard W. Schmidt, 
Steven M. Schorling, Gerard T. 
Schott, Larry D. Schreck, Ronald 
D. Schulte. 

BOTTOM ROW: George W. 
Schultz, Joel S. Schultz, Joseph 
M. Schwartz, Alan W. Scott, 
Gerald J. Scott, James L. Scott, 
Richard W. Segraves, Gary D. 

f m% *\ fm f*\ *■% 

l^ %^ T7\ z^ h®+ uvf f ~i cri 

q » » b Of e> 5 Q 

1* iMifcfck-??^* ' 


/*j ,ct ir% r~J £3 frij rrj £5* 

£ ^3 %B %$. 



£j Hi . d ^> f!l ^ £ 

ft Q fl ^. ^ O Q 

Goodnow Hall— TOP ROW: Jef 
frey S. Seideman, Ronald L. Shaf 
fer, Robert J. Shaw, Randall E 
Sheldon, Stephen A. Sherlock 
Robert H. Shipman, Roger E 
Shoemaker, Larry R. Shubert. 

SECOND ROW: George E. Shupe, 
John W. Shupe, Steven J. Sim- 
mons, Matthew F. Sinisi, Lawrence 
W. Slupianek, Harold J. Smith, 
Richard A. Smith, Thomas W. 

THIRD ROW: Steven A. Snyder, 
Thomas E. Snyder, Thomas T. 
Souter, Laurence W. Spencer, 
David J. Steeples, Alan R. Ste- 
phens, Donald J. Stephens, Harvey 
A. Stephens. 

FOURTH ROW: Scott M. Stern, 
Kelly E. Stillings, Theodore J. 
Stimach, Randall D. Stoecker, 
William A. Stoskopf, Robert N. 
Strein, James G. Stuart, Mark A. 

FIFTH ROW: Loren C. Swenson, 
John D. Tarman, Michael C. Tarry, 
Don F. Thompson, Steven M. 
Thompson, Jon G. Tilsch, Steven 
B. Tinkler, Sammy K. Train. 

SIXTH ROW: Eldon R. Trost, Leon 
ard L. Tucker, Richard G. Tucker 
Gary L. Turner, Clifford E. Under 
wood, Oren L. Underwood 
Thomas L. Vaughn, Russell M. 

SEVENTH ROW: William E. Vig- 
neron, Mark H. Vine, James F. 
Wadsack, Robert A. Wagner, 
James B. Warner, Merlin P. 
Warnke, James F. Warren, Curt 
L. Watts. 

EIGHTH ROW: Howard G. Webb, 
Stuart W. Weibert, Ronald L. 
Welker, Richard W. Wenger, 
Steven D. Wentz, Robert P. West, 
Steven J. Weybrew, Darryl D. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stanley R. Whit 
worth, Arthur W. Williamson, 
Richard H. Willits, Philip B. Wil- 
son, Randal K. Wyman, Michaiel 
B. Yocam, George L. Zabel. 


Providing accommodations for 600 men, Marlatt hall com- 
pletes its second year. Dormitory residents eat in Kramer Food 

Center located between Goodnow and Marlatt. Members par- 
ticipated in Model UN and designed a hall coat-of-arms. 

Marlatt 'talkathon 5 receives world press coverage 

Participation in a "talkathon" with Moore hall 
gave Marlatt men world wide press coverage as 
residents spent 191 hours and 15 minutes on the 
telephone. Newspapers in New York, London 
and Stockholm published the story. Faculty 

members were invited to dinners and informal 
discussions through the dormitory's faculty asso- 
ciation program. Members used a newly com- 
pleted ice skating rink and a weight lifting room 
for recreation. A library was also added. 

Dormitory library facilities, while small, often save a trip 
across campus for reference materials from Farrell library. 

A Governing Board proposal will permit treasury remaining 
at the close of second semester to be used for more books. 

Student application fees finance the equipment which resi- 
dents of Marlatt hall use. A wrestling pad, table tennis set, 

piano and TV set, in addition to the weights, are included in 
recreation equipment furnished for each men's residence hall. 



















,\ If 














Marlatt Hall-TOP ROW: Donald 
B. Roof, Mohammad A. Abolfazli, 
David C. Adams, James P. Adams, 
Melvm M. Ahlquist, Douglas B. 
Aiken, Albert J. Alexander, Mi- 
chael R. Anderson. 

SECOND ROW: Ronald D. Ander- 
son, Richard K. Balducci, Randall 
A. Bane, Thomas K. Barnes, Wil- 
liam M. Bellairs, Dennis L. Bengt- 
son, Douglas L. Berndt, Stephen R. 

THIRD ROW: William A. Blauvelt, 
Jeffrey D. Bond, Victor A. Borra, 
Frank K. Brazle, Jerome A. Breit- 
enbach, George A. Brelig, Steven 
R. Brenner, Donald L. Bridges. 

FOURTH ROW: Gale E. Britton, 
William G. Britton, Edwin S. 
Broadwell, Thomas R. Bronleewe, 
Stephen C. Brooks, James L. Brown, 
Terrence W. Brown, Dale E. 

FIFTH ROW: Joseph A. Bucklin, 
Roddy Budimlija, Bruce E. Burke, 
Thomas E. Callen, Rodney E. Col- 
lies, Beverly R. Chapin, Carl D. 
Christensen, Douglas S. Clark. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roger K. Cleg- 
horn, Robert J. Coble, Steven J. 
Cohorst, Larry R. Condit, Peter J. 
Cordel, Larry G. Cornwell, Robert 
M. Cory, William D. Craig. 


Marlatt Hall-TOP ROW: John F. 
Crane, Gerald P. Crow, John M. 
Crow, James E. Crowell, John R. 
Curtis, David W. Cutter, Duane 
H. Dahm, Stephen A. Daniel. 

SECOND ROW: Donald F. Dar- 
ling, John M. Davison, James M. 
Dent, Mark W. Dick, Gerald M. 
Donovan, Wayne T. Dreier, Ken- 
neth E. Dreyer, Gary C. Drost. 

THIRD ROW: George W. Duguid, 
Richard B. Eager, Rodney C. Eaton, 
Kenneth A. Eckardt, Thomas D. 
Eddy, Lyle F. Edelman, Allan W. 
Elliot, Lloyd R. Elliott. 

FOURTH ROW: Newell M. Enos, 
Wayne E. Esping, Jon H. Eshel- 
man, Charles M. Estes, Charles E. 
Evans, Richard W. Evans, Erwin L. 
Everett, Glenn A. Fager. 

FIFTH ROW: Steven G. Fellers, 
James J. Ferguson, William J. 
Fields, Robert A. Fix, Calvin L. 
Flaharty, Phillip S. Folck, Patric J. 
Folwell, John A. Fry. 

SIXTH ROW: Steven R. Fuhrken, 
Robert C. Fuller, James E. Gagn- 
on, Bruce K. Garren, Daniel G. 
Gasche, Lloyd L. Gfeller, Nicholas 
R. Gieber, Thomas S. Gillen. 

SEVENTH ROW: Dwight G. Gor- 
rell, Charles E. Gordon, Deane T. 
Gordon, Eric K. Graham, Dennis 
W. Greene, Jon R. Greiner, Barry 
W. Greis, Rolland P. Grote. 

EIGHTH ROW: Stephen A. Gulley, 
John A. Guttery, Allen D. Hadorn, 
Charles S. Hann, Monte W. Hard- 
en, Richard L. Harner, Mac W. 
Harris, Gary V. Hartman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roger C. Harvey, 
Chester G. Haynes, Robert B. 
Hector, Ray L. Helmbold, Richard 
K. Henry, Steven E. Hermes, Dale 
N. Hess, Larry G. Hess. 

Q , ft Q O ,Q f^ Q 

noQft ~\ m a <3 
fcki tit &&h3M 1 1 iM 

,Jf- »*.•>! £""*•▼ ^m ^T •• -* -3 

j^Qtbk _ 5^1lL "*'*'^|^ *#*>5ik 

• , J, v**f „ ^|. hyd 

. f*2 P^| fTJ WTj ^1 ,. *3| £^n 
rvf w ,r*i ^|. *^f 

f!> . «0 ^ £| ,Q iQ „,. 



***"T *T^| -^Sr^ W4 »*F 

Q^.Q^ ^* ^i ^ 

-»«?T ^«rf! ^! I ^J 



'»«T ^^T ■' -=4 ^3* ' =»f, W«l U«-T' «■"—?- 

k .* JfcAkfc&tfct *:A ?'4*wt 

V*l? ^r '"^~*J *^¥ ^T ' £ * v £<^ '-^l 

*.< r a 


ii lf4»4ii7j*iLij4« 

Marlatt Hall-TOP ROW: Ray- 
mond L. Higgins, Stephen J. Hill- 
ner, Gary E. Hines, Mark R. Hjelm- 
felt, Phillip W. Hoffman, David 
W. Holmes, Robert H. Hossfeld, 
Frank J. Humphrey. 

SECOND ROW: James M. Hunt, 
Thomas W. Hunter, Ray D. Imhof, 
Timothy M. Ireland, Larry W. 
Jackson, Donald L. Jameson, 
Charles L. Jasper, Earl E. Jenkins. 

THIRD ROW: Albert W. Jinks, 
Charles R. Johnson, John J. John- 
son, Kelly D. Johnson, Nathaniel 
Johnson, Richard M. Johnson, 
David R. Jones, Dennis R. Jones. 

FOURTH ROW: Marvin D. Kallen- 
bach, Dennis G. Kasselman, Mickey 
R. Killgore, William R. Klassen, 
Charles K. Kmffin, Robert W. 
Kobetich, Fredrick W. Kraus, 
Charles W. Kraut. 

FIFTH ROW: Daniel Krepinevich, 
Thomas G. Ksiazek, Leslie W. 
Kuczynski, Wing K. Kwok, Michael 
D. Kyser, Wilbur L. Lala, Dixon 
H. Landers, Jerry G. Larson. 

SIXTH ROW: Merle D. Larson, 
Richard D. Latas, Dennis D. Lee, 
Larry M. Lenhert, Raymond J. 
Lippman, Rodney D. Livengood, 
Robert H. L|ungstrom, Roger C. 

SEVENTH ROW: Donald L. Long, 
James S. Lorson, William J. 
Luckeroth, Glenn L. Lundquist, 
Jeffrey L. Lyon, Gary W. Mar- 
shall, John R. Martin, Dwight J. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kenneth E. Ma- 
thias, Ronald L. McCabe, James 
R. McClellan, Jerome M. McCon- 
nell, Dick W. McCreight, Harry E. 
McDonald, William J. McKaig, 
David H. McNabb. 

BOTTOM ROW: Albert F. McNeal, 
Richard L. McReynolds, Robert D. 
Meats, Gary D. Metzinger, Wil- 
liam H. Meyer, Arthur D. Miller, 
Denis J. Moeder, Walter K. 


Marlatt Hall-TOP ROW: Gary B. 
Moore, William T. Moore, Jerry 
D. Morgan, Dewey D. Mullings, 
James A. Mulvany, William A. 
Nusz, Gordon R. Olson, Kenneth 
A. Oring. 

SECOND ROW: Thomas L. Our- 
sler, Thane R. Palmberg, Walter 
B. Patton, Arthur E. Peach, David 
E. Peel, Robert P. Pendergast, 
Bruce E. Peters, Danny R. Peterson. 

THIRD ROW: James C. Peterson, 
Daniel D. Petr, Edwin F. Pflieger, 
Ralph I. Phillips, Thomas J. Phil- 
lips, George E. Pinick, Ronald W. 
Plemons, Donald W. Prather. 

FOURTH ROW: James A. Prock, 
Charles B. Quantrell, Merle L. 
Raida, Dennis G. Redd, Ronald J. 
Remeczky, Eugene A. Riedel, David 
C. Rieniets, Glenn W. Riggs. 

FIFTH ROW: Richard A. Rindt, 
Philip F. Riordan, Leonard W. 
Rippetoe, Maurice D. Roberts, 
Lynn M. Rock, Rodney D. Rogers, 
Dale R. Rohr, Lynn D. Romberger. 

SIXTH ROW: Rodger J. Romberger, 
Edward L. Rork, Richard D. Ross, 
William R. Ross, Darrell D. Ruble, 
Dennis W. Ruckert, Frank D. Ruf, 
Fred W. Runquist. 

SEVENTH ROW: Roger A. Russ, 
John J. Ryan, William D. Ryan, 
Robert R. Sawyer, Perry O. Scheu- 
erman, Arthur F. Schmidt, David 
E. Schmidt, Dennis Schmidt. 

EIGHTH ROW: Wolfgang P. 
Schmidt, Paul R. Scholz, Kent K. 
Schriner, Stanley L. Schultz, Steven 
L. Schultz, David L. Scott, Ken W. 
Seaman, Anthony R. Seibel. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry D. Shay, 
John C. Sheetz, Michael E. Shelor, 
Robert S. Shelor, Edward J. Shel- 
ton, Robert A. Sheppard, James A. 
Shurts, David H. Simmons. 

^r ^f ^m ^f ^7 -^ &?* £~t 

a ^ ^| a ^ m ^^ a 

Q 9 ^ ^ a 5 

O £| ft ^ ^ v ^ ^) 

<^ ci o 9 

All^p-'/ < Ilk 

.1? <s n d ^ 3 «i r> 

ff^l '.^ fT5 ,0 -3 ^ .O £| 

.— <4 T^l £J 4^ • - * ~* = 

7*^ ^cf - • -~r 

Life mMm-M 


fTD U«*M ^^t ^* t55^ *^* **>M x^m 

a a ^. ^ a qp 

f^i ,^ ^ Q ^ n 

£^<*S, t^"T ii^^T- '» -' f — J *3Prf^4 l * J 

d&k ^\ <^\ f^s 

t* <r* £* 51 o ^ c 

l^M fTl .j-f f~4 Wct', *3 ^^ 

Marlatt Hall-TOP ROW: Douglas 
G. Simms, John C. Sipes, Jerry W. 
Sleichter, Freddie L. Slough, Den- 
nis W. Smith, James F. Smith, Paul 
D. Smith, Virgil L. Smith. 

SECOND ROW: David R. Solen- 
berger, Charles A. Southcomb, 
Don W. Sowers, Paul L. Spain- 
hour, Stuart A. Spaulding, Wayne 
E. Spellman, Stanley T. Stadelman, 
Alan E. States. 

THIRD ROW: Gary L. States, John 
D. Stegner, Paul L. Sternberger, 
John E. Stevenson, Stanley K. Stoll, 
Lawrence E. Stolz, Ronald J. 
Strong, Ralph E. Studebaker. 

FOURTH ROW: Harold M. Sweet, 
Bill C. Swinney, Perrin K. Symns, 
Stanley R. Tedford, Steven M. 
Thieler, Kenneth L. Thomas, Tim- 
othy M. Thomas, Roger M. Thorp. 

FIFTH ROW: Daniel R. Tice, Har- 
old J. Tophff, John B. Toth, Harry 
E. Totten, James C. Trybom, Jerry 
L. Unzicker, Albert J. Urich, Rich- 
ard L. Waggoner. 

SIXTH ROW: Richard P. Waldren, 
Terry E. Waldren, Larry D. Wal- 
ling, Larry R. Walters, Kenneth J. 
Wasinger, John R. Welch, William 
W. Wells, Robert W. Weseloh. 

SEVENTH ROW: Paul R. West, 
Steven J. West, Jim L. Whitesell, 
Austin L. Widener, Lloyd H. Wil- 
lard, Michael L. Willard, John D. 
Willhite, David R. Williams. 

EIGHTH ROW: Mark D. Williams, 
Dave K. Wilson, Franklin E. Wil- 
son, Kenneth C. Wiltse, Marvin J. 
Winkley, Kent E. Woodley, Wil- 
liam L. Wormington, Eugene F. 

BOTTOM ROW: William M. Wray, 
Leroy I, Young, Thomas C. Za- 
vesky, Steve M. Zeide, Donald E. 
Zimmerman, Gary L. Zimmerman, 
Joseph C. Zodrow, Daryl J. Zum- 



Close to football action on fall days are the men who are 

housed in the west half of Memorial Stadium. Residents must 

walk three blocks to Kramer Food Center before and after 
each meal since a cafeteria is not provided in the dormitory. 

West Stadium nabs first in intramural swimming 

Intramurals played a major role for residents of 
West Stadium hall as their swimming team 
splashed its way to victory in the dormitory divi- 
sion. The hall basketball team also placed second. 
Big Eight swimmer of the year, Bob Duenkel, 
served as president of West Stadium. 

Joining residents of Marlatt and Goodnow 
halls, the men sponsored a spring formal, "The 
Days of Wine and Roses," in Kramer Food 
Center. Working with Boyd hall, the men built 
a "Peanuts" float for Homecoming. They also 
constructed the traditional victory torch float. 

West Stadium Hall-TOP ROW: 
Irene Meyers, Thomas Meyers, 
Donnie E. Albers, Robert J. Albers, 
Darrell B. Blackman, William F. 
Blackwell, James D. Brammer, 
Gregory L. Broeckelman, Michael 
J. Broeckelman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Donald L. Cal- 
houn, Jettie K. Condray, William 
D. Cook, James L. Cox, Paul R. 
Daniels, John F. Dillon, Robert T. 
Duenkel, Charles D. Dunbar, 
Douglas M. Ehrlich. 





§0» <ssr *' 

■» 41. ^5 











7 ** *Rt 









A flit 


■Tt <** 


"•» xj 














* *4 

© * % 





















West Stadium Hall-TOP ROW: 
Miguel A. Figueroa, David G. 
Frerichs, H. Jess Frieze, Michael L. 
Gardner, John J. Gerstner, Robert 
J. Gray, Leslie D. Hadorn, Allan 
R. Harms. 

SECOND ROW; Michael E. Hawk, 
Larry L. Hayden, Gary F. Hevel, 
Dan L. Hoffman, Stephen W. Hos- 
kms, William P. Karl, Arthur 
Loercher, Michael M. Marks. 

THIRD ROW; Michael P. Martin, 
Robert D. McMahan, Melvin N. 
Metzen, Larry Y. Norman, Aldan 
S. Olsen, Robert F. Pauly, Robert 
E. Phillips, Gerald E. Roberts. 

FOURTH ROW: James H. Roeder, 
Gail L. Rust, Thomas R. Salomon, 
Robert L. Schrandt, Kenneth A. 
Schroeder, Alvin L. Seefeldt, Ben- 
jamin A. Shepherd, William H. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas E. Smith, 
Robert E. Spalding, James L. Ste- 
phens, Roger W. Swanson, Ber- 
nard W. Vandorn, Dexter A. 
Vergin, Robert A. Weber, Ronnie 
C Williams. 

Returning the serve for a point, a West Stadium player keeps Basketball-minded West Stadium men practice on the court 

the attention of his audience during an evening study break. south of the hall. The dormitory placed second in basketball. 

With one more day of classes behind him and another to 
come, a student relaxes in his apartment and readies himself 

for a night of study that may go into the early hours of the 
morning. One cigarette after another helps pass away the time. 


Silence prevails as roommates settle down to their studies. 
Many campus apartments follow modernistic style in furnishings. 

Weekends offer a time for enioyment with dates as men pre- 
pare and serve some coeds a tasty treat from bachelor hands. 

Off campus complexes 
offer apartment housing 

Nearly 40 per cent of the University's students, 
mostly men and married students, lived in apart- 
ments. Coeds were required to be 21 before mov- 
ing off campus. A recent apartment building 
boom provided student housing in many modern 
complexes. Although the apartment dweller was 
not restricted by the bonds of an organized living 
group, he did have the responsibility of cooking 
and housekeeping. 

One last check in the oven and then dinner can go on the table. 
Apartment dwelling calls for one roommate with chef talents. 





Many Jardine Terrace wives are either full or part-time stu- 
dents, working to complete their undergraduate studies. 

Jardine, trailer courts 
join for married housing 

Jardine Terrace and Campus Trailer Courts 
united in the fall to act as one unified area for 
married students. Jardine was divided into six 
blocks of 120 families per block. Each block 
selected a mayor and two councilmen. A govern- 
ing board of all mayors elected an executive 
mayor to preside over the entire area. Association 
of Married Students was formed to integrate 
married students into campus activities. Two off- 
campus married students, two student senators, 
the executive mayor and a Dames Club member 
met weekly to discuss the work. 

Families of Jardine residents are provided spacious parking 
lots, laundromats, vending rooms and recreational areas. 


Relaxing in their living room, Jardine residents enjoy such 
apartment conveniences as a carpeted lounge and television. 

Children of Jardine residents play on the jungle jim provided 
in the recreational area behind the married student complex. 

Explicit instructions to his typist transform the assignment of 
a student into a joint project for a husband and wife team. 



<' : 

O TUDENTS at basketball 
games show school loyalty. 
They hang on tensely after 
exerting all their energy on the 
tumultuous roar that accom- 
panies a Wildcat rally. They 
are happy or sad, depending 
on who wins. Athletics perpet- 
uates the name of a university. 
It is a sign of the beauty of 
physical excellence. It is a 
sign of excitement. 

- by Don Richards 

Bulling his way for added yardage, Nebraska's Charlie 
Winters is stopped by Wildcat defensive halfback Mitch Borota 

while tackle Bill Salat (88) and linebacker Steve Overton (60) 
move in with help. The Cornhuskers walloped the Wildcats 43-0. 


Displaying form which gained him second spot in Big Eight Wildcat grid coach Doug Weaver discusses play with giant 

kickoff returns, Ossie Cain finds running room against Colorado. offensive guard John Cairl as the defense prepares for action. 

Wildcats move into cellar after two-year absence 

Wildcat gridders, winless in 10 outings, stum- 
bled back into the Big Eight cellar after a two- 
year absence. Coach Doug Weaver's football 
squad was plagued with 19 fumbles, 25 pass in- 
terceptions and a defense that was hard hit by 
injuries. The 'Cats tallied only five touchdowns, 
being outscored 296-43. 

1965 Football 

Kansas State 7 Indiana 19 

Kansas State 3 Brigham Young 21 

Kansas State Colorado 36 








Iowa State 

Oklahoma State 

Nebraska won the Big Eight football race. Missouri 
finished second; Colorado took third; Iowa State was 
fourth; Oklahoma was fifth; Oklahoma State and Kansas 
tied for sixth; and K-State finished eighth. 

1965 Football Team-TOP ROW: Robert W. Stull, Richard M. Goyne, Richard 
J. Massieon, Michael S. Duncan, Gregory J. Vahle, Arthur A. Strozier, Leo W. 
Salat, John C. Morgan, David J. Langford, Carl E. Branson, John E. McClure, 
William B. Greve, Michael D. White, Steven P. Overton, David L. Alexander. 
SECOND ROW: Edward Dissinger, Kenneth D. LaRue, Douglas W. Weaver, Rich- 
ard E. Towers, Jerold L. Heck, Richard A. Noll, Osmond Cain, Henry S. Howard, 
Richard K. Balducci, Ronald L. Bowen, Gary F. Pankratz, Daniel J. Lankas, Milan 
Borota, Donald W. Steeples, John H. Anderson, Tom H. Corr, Lodis Rhodes, 
Vernon A. Kraft, Richard K. Wilkinson, Raymond S. Driver, John A. Kadlec, Don- 


aid J. Lawrence, Robert L. Hailey. THIRD ROW: David G. Meschke, Darrell D. 
Althide, Melvm R. Avery, Glenn E. Boyd, James A. Rapp, Charles R. Ballard, 
Michael N. BefFa, Charles F. Cottle, Larry R. Anderson, Philip A. King, Matthew 
F. Sinisi, Jerry L. Cook, Victor C. Castillo, John L. Vrooman, Michael J. McGrath, 
Donald E. Gabriel. BOTTOM ROW: Willie L. Jones, William D. Matan, Rodney 
D. Nicholson, Martin W. Aubuchon, James W. Grechus, Robert B. Nichols, John 
M. Novosel, Douglas R. Nutter, Warren D. Klawiter, Max T. Martin, John F. 
Cairl, Edward L. Danieley, Mark P. Bolick, Edward Blankenhagen. 


i( Jf Mmr 



'Cats drop season opener 
in 19-7 loss to Indiana 

Sophomore quarterback Vic Castillo smashed 
six school passing records, including one Big 
Eight mark, but the Wildcats dropped their sea- 
son opener 19-7 to Indiana. Castillo lofted 43 
passes, completing 20 for 248 yards. 

A dropped punt, a fumble and a pass intercep- 
tion enabled Virgil Carter to toss three touch- 
downs for Brigham Young as the 'Cats were 
handed their second loss 21-3. Again the Wild- 
cats fumbled on the first play from scrimmage 
as Colorado spoiled the Big Eight opener 36-0. 

Missouri, winner over Florida in the Sugar 
Bowl, scored 21 second half points to defeat the 
Wildcats 28-6. Rated as high as first in the na- 
tion, Nebraska smacked the 'Cats 41-0. The 
'Huskers lost to Alabama in the Orange Bowl. 

Deep in Colorado territory, second team, all-conference Jim 
Grechus halts the Buff's John Farler during the Cats 36-0 loss. 



Spurring the Wildcats on to a near-victory with a second half 
comeback, Henry Howard almost breaks away from Cincinnati. 

Photo by David von Riesen 

All-conference defender Sam Harris of Eluding Wildcat end Bob Nichols and Colorado defender Charlie Greer, a Vic 

Colorado tests the poise of Vic Castillo. Castillo pass goes incomplete. Castillo gained 29 yards passing against the Buffs. 

Nearly a 70-pound difference in weight doesn't stop Larry 
Anderson from trying to topple Nebraska's Charlie Winters. 

To please a Homecoming crowd of 14,000, Henry Howard 
discovers a wide gap in the Oklahoma Sooners' defense. 

Sooners, Jayhawks down 
'Cats in shutout victories 

Oklahoma fumbled three times, suffered three 
pass interceptions and was penalized 95 yards but 
still shutout the 'Cats 27-0. A third straight shut- 
out came in a 34-0 loss to KU. After fumbling 
on the first play from scrimmage, the 'Cats did 
not pose a serious scoring threat. Five intercep- 
tions and numerous injuries plagued the 'Cats. 

Mike White engineered a second half comeback 
which fell short in a 24-14 loss to Cincinnati. 
With Vic Castillo dropped from his position as 
top Big Eight passer, Iowa State's Tim Van 
Galder replaced him by gaining 344 yards in 
total offense. The Iowa State game ended as a 
38-6 'Cat loss. 

At Stillwater, Okla., the season closed with a 
31-7 defeat in which Oklahoma State won its first 
conference game. Sophomore John Vrooman 
raced 76 yards for the lone Wildcat touchdown. 


Spilling KU quarterback Bill Fenton is tackle Pat Patton, while 
Art Strozier (80) and Bill Matan (84) head for the ball carrier. 

In pushing his way through a giant Nebraska Cornhusker line, 
fullback Charlie Cottle leads 'Cat backs by racking up 74 yards. 


'Cat yearlings tie Iowa, 
lose three gridiron games 

Highlighting the freshman football season was 
a 14-14 tie with Iowa State, marking the closest 
the young 'Cats have come to winning since their 
0-0 tie with KU in 1960. Featuring an expanded 
four-game schedule, the frosh were dumped 38- 
14 in a come-from-behind victory by Nebraska. 
KU intercepted five passes in winning 28-0, and 
Oklahoma opened up the second half with two 
touchdowns to breeze past the frosh 27-7. 

1965 Freshman 











Iowa State 






Defensive back Cornelius Davis wrestles with a Nebraska back 
as Cornhuskers come from behind to spoil the opener 38-14. 

Bobby Harshaw (87), who led Wildcat receivers with 72 yards, 
and Bob McClure put a stop to an Iowa State scoring threat. 

Eluding an Iowa State tackle, quarterback Bob Coble engineers 
a Wildcat scoring drive. Coble threw a 10-yard touchdown 

pass to end Bobby Harshaw and ran four yards for another. 
The Cyclones came from behind to tie the final score 14-14. 

1965 Freshman Football Team-TOP ROW: Verlm E. Humphrey, Michael J. 
Peppard, Steven P. Thurmon, John M. Hamman, Bruce R. Mabrey, Levern Spain, 
Robert L. Scott, Harry E. McDonald, Paul D. Shepherd, Kenneth A. Eckardt. SEC- 
OND ROW: Assistant Ronald K. Holm, Bobby F. Harshaw, Joseph R. Mintner, 
Robert Passalacqua, Arvyd P. Petrus, Daniel P. Roda, William L. Nossek, Wayne 
D. Gent, Michael J. Bruhin, Terry P. Thompson, Dennis L. Baker, Assistant Richard 

A. Riggs. THIRD ROW: Assistant Michael D. Penrod, John W. Brubacher, John 
A. Jarrett, Douglas B. Aiken, Robert J. Coble, Greggory B. Davis, Curtis W. 
Kruse, Robert C. McClure, Wayne E. Winfrey, Kenneth C. Ochs, Assistant Robert 
D. Siogren. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Edward Dissmger, Charles B. Quantrell, 
Douglas W. Ziegler, John W. Watkins, Lon D. Austin, Cornelius G. Davis, David 
R. Jones, Thomas K. Barnes, Richard D. Wall, Gene L. Schimpf, Cedric E. Rice. 






Smacking the ball away from Oklahoma's Willie Rogers, 7- 
foot, 1 -inch Nick Pino aids in an 83-74 victory over the Sooners. 


The win snapped a three-game losing streak. OU later topped 
the Cats 80-77, eliminating them from the conference race. 


~ <*S ^ ^ ^ 

,■ \\j(i^m U 

Fit /( STAT /V/ " 

.> Si "/SM w,#1iiiri.1 1 


1966 Varsity Basketball Squad— TOP ROW: Michael H. W.lliams. Nick Pino, 
Roy O. Smith. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Jimmie W Smith, Galen G. 
Frick, William R. Jackson, Roy K. Teas, Lawrence N, Weigel, Daniel E. Gaskin, 
Assistant Coach Roy DeWitz. THIRD ROW: James N Hoffmann, Earl H. Seyfert, 

John W. Shupe, John W. Olson, Ronald E. Paradis, Coach Te* Winter, BOTTOM 
ROW: Steven F. Honeycutt, L. Barnard, Dennis L. Berkholtz, Sammy J Rob- 
inson, Robert E George, Assistant Cooch William W Guthndge, 

Basketball team secures third place in Big Eight 

Battling back from a sixth place finish in the 
Big Eight last season, the Wildcat basketball club 
climbed to third in the conference. Coach Tex 
Winter's squad compiled a 14-11 record in win- 
ning nine of 14 conference games. Four of the 
team's five league losses came against nationally 
ranked Kansas and Nebraska. The season brought 
Winter's record to 226 games won and 101 lost. 

Coach Tex Winter, winner of seven conference championships 
in 10 seasons, offers instruction to officials as well as players. 

1966 Basketball 











St. John's 












Texas Tech 









<> l > 















Oklahoma State 












Loyola of Chicago 








Oklahoma State 








Iowa State 
























Iowa State 


Kansas won the Big Eight championship; Nebraska 
was second; K-State finished third; Oklahoma took 
fourth; Colorado and Iowa State tied for fifth; Oklahoma 
State placed seventh; Missouri was eighth. 


Earl Seyfert, a member of the Big Eight academic team, snares 
a key rebound in the Cats 50-44 victory over Oklahoma State. 

Crying for help, all-American Walt Wesley finds no one to 
throw to, as Sammy Robinson prevents help from Jo Jo White. 


>*> , 

High-flying, six-foot guard Dennis Berkholtz drives in for a 
goal. He scored 11 points in a 73-65 win over Stanford. 

'Cat team starts slow, 
ranks fifth in tourney 

With one of the tallest teams in collegiate bas- 
ketball, the Wildcats began the season with a 
four-game losing skein. The 'Cats fell victim to 
Creighton and Tulsa, also dropping Sunflower 
Double-header decisions to St. John's and Mary- 
land. Juggling the starting line-up, Tex Winter 
found a combination that blasted Indiana 103-76. 
Nick Pino, 7-foot, 1-inch, 270-pound sophomore, 
tallied 27 points and 23 rebounds. 

The 'Cats took a 3-5 mark in the Big Eight 
tournament, after victories over Texas Tech, 74- 
68, and Stanford, 73-65. Leading 57-55 with six 
minutes left to play, the 'Cats dropped the tourney 
opener to KU 69-63. Two 20-point victories over 
Colorado and Missouri gave them fifth place. 

Guard Bob George displays his defensive abilities while lead- 
ing offense. He scored 19 points in a 70-63 loss to Tulsa. 

Scrambling for the basketball, Roscoe Jackson ties up a Mary- 
land player, as Sammy Robinson seemingly indicates a "touch- 

down." In the 63-56 Cat loss, Tex Winter later found a win- 
ning combination that took seven of the next eight games. 

Most experienced in the conference, the Wildcat bench is oc- 
cupied by eight players who have been starters at some time. 

Wildcats gain early wins, 
bow to favored Nebraska 

Coasting to a 78-59 victory over Missouri and 
a 67-47 win over Oklahoma State, the Wildcats 
ran into title favorite Nebraska. Four Huskers 
scored in double figures to stomp the 'Cats 82-71. 
KU moved to an early 30-11 margin before 
17,000 fans at Lawrence to defeat the 'Cats 69- 
61. In a non-conference battle with fifth ranked 
Loyola of Chicago, the Ramblers overcame a 12- 
point second half deficit to win 76-70. 

Sophomore Earl Seyfert tallied 16 points per 
game in the next six games, five of which were 
home contests, to ignite a six-game winning 
streak. Oklahoma ended the Wildcat surge with 
an 80-77 upset at Norman. Title hopes vanished 
with a 79-69 loss to Nebraska, despite a 20-point 
outburst by guard Dennis Berkholtz. KU clinched 
a tie for the Big Eight title by smacking the 'Cats 
68-55 before a sellout crowd at Ahearn. A 75-73 
win at Iowa State closed the season. 

Hustling down court for an uncontested lay up, forward Jim 
Hoffmann tries to halt the Jayhawk's conquest of the Wildcats. 


All-conference guard Delvy Lewis of KU finds room scarce as 
he is harassed by 6-foot, 10-inch Wildcat center Roy Smith. 

Finding an opening, Galen Frick pops in a 20-foot jumper, 
while Colorado Buffaloes find themselves outwitted in the play. 

Swiping a rebound from the out-stretched hands of an Iowa 
State man, Nick Pino battles conference rebounding leaders. 


Barely clearing the out-stretched arm of a KU defender, Steve 
Unruh scores two points in the frosh 81-69 loss to Jayhawkers. 

Double trouble is ahead for George Shupe as the Cats battle 
back from a 43-26 half-time deficit against the Kansas frosh. 

Freshman team scores 
two wins in cage action 

Salvaging victories over Nebraska and Missouri, 
the Wildcat freshmen settled for a 2-6 seasonal 
mark. George Shupe's 18 points and Nebraska's 
poor shooting accounted for a 67-55 'Cat win 
over the young Huskers. Mike Barber's 21 points, 
Roy Fraction's 14 points and 17 rebounds 
prompted a 77-67 conquest of the Missouri frosh. 

1966 Freshman Basketball 

Kansas State 


Dodge City Junior College 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Parsons Junior College 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Flashy 5-foot, 6-inch George Waters 
fires a pass to set up a frosh play. 

Topping 'Cat scorers in mid-season, 
Roy Fraction is a starting player. 

1966 Freshman Basketball Squad— TOP ROW: Robert D. McMahan, George E. Shupe, Douglas A. 
Tiet|en, Assistant Coach Davis B. Neely. SECOND ROW: Lawrence K. Thummel, Michael Barber, Frank- 
lin E. Wilson, Coach Roy DeWitz. THIRD ROW: Dennis J. Vest, Stephen G. Unruh, Roy W. Fraction, Wil- 
liam R. Long. FOURTH ROW: George W. Schultz, James A. Ikard, Thomas M. Howe, Coach Tex Winter. 
BOTTOM ROW: Dwight W. Oman, George E. Waters, Kenneth K. Miles, Steve R. Swanson. 

1 tV-V/ANS*-^. ■ ' 

Exploding for a 30-point, second half out- 
burst, 6-foot. 11 -inch Mike Barber extends. 

Wrestlers gain two seats 
in NCAA championships 

Placing two wrestlers in the NCAA champion- 
ships, the 'Cats posted an 8-7 season record, in- 
cluding a first in the four-team Ohio State tour- 
ney. Jerry Cheynet earned an ll-3-l mark and 
finished sixth in the 137-pound NCAA class. Bill 
Brown placed sixth nationally in the 152-pound 
contest. The squad was sixth in the conference 
meet. Cheynet ranked third, and Brown and 
Larry Elder fourth. 

1966 Wrestling 

South Dakota State 19 

Nebraska 11 

Oklahoma 34 

Missouri 7 

Kansas 6 

Oklahoma State 31 

Mankato State 13 

Colorado 25 

Indiana State 27 

Central Missouri State 15 

Iowa State 35 

Kansas 5 

Wyoming 24 

Air Force 13 

Oklahoma State won the Big Eight meet, with Okla- 
homa second, Iowa State third, Colorado fourth, Ne- 
braska fifth, K-State sixth, Missouri seventh and Kansas 



























Coach Fritz Knorr, in his fifteenth season, attends to a minor 
injury while his team is hosting the Big Eight wrestling meet. 

Trading a toe hold for an arm lock, Wildcat wrestler Bill 
Brown places fourth in Big Eight 152-pound consolation finals. 

Q Qk @ £ 9 q n 


1S ,«S«»' y« 5 ,i *«£ 



is. ' if- 





1966 Wrestling Team-TOP ROW: William J. Fields, Darryl D. White, Richard 
W. Howard, David C. Rieniets, Bruce E. Wohlers, Lyle S. Cook, Martin L. Little, 
Russell Lay, Jerome H. Cheynet. SECOND ROW: Robert S. Thacker, Dennis L 
Young, Gordon L. McCosh, Michael J. Broeckelman, William R. Glace, Leslie A. 
Schreiner, James K. McDougal, Gerald E. Haynes. THIRD ROW: Dennis J. Mo- 

gusar, William L. Lundy, Larry S. James, Larry E. Elder, Ira L. Dale, John S. 
Schofield, James F. Munson, Jan A. Heermance, Larry D. Shay. BOTTOM ROW: 
Assistant Coach Richard T. DeMoss, Kevin H. Beecroft, Daniel J. Lankas, David 
K. Lightner, Daryl L. Rainer, Gary E. Watson, William L. Brown, Coach Fritz G. 

With wins in seven weight classes, including four pins, 'Cat 
grapplers topple the Jayhawks 29-6 to win a home dual. 

Logging valuable riding time in the 137-pound, semi-finals of 
Big Eight wrestling championships, Jerry Cheynet is third. 



Tank competitors smash 
school, conference marks 

Smashing nine school records, including one 
Big Eight mark, Wildcat swimmers finished fifth 
in the Big Eight swim meet and 6-4 in dual com- 
petition. Bob Duenkel, only 'Cat first place win- 
ner in the meet, bettered the conference 200-yard 
backstroke mark. The tankers captured six of 11 
events to register the first win over Kansas in 
eight years. Tom Hanlon and Duenkel each set 
two school records in a 55-40 victory over Mis- 
souri. Hanlon toppled the NCAA 60-yard free- 
style mark and broke two other school records in 
an 86-28 romp over Oklahoma State. 

1966 Swimming 



















Oklahoma State 




Iowa State 




Central Missouri State 




Southwestern Missouri 














Oklahoma won the Big Eight swimming meet, followed 
by Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa State, K-State, Oklahoma 
State, Colorado and Missouri. 

Named the Big Eight's Most Outstanding Swimmer, Bob 
Duenkel established a record in the 200-yard breaststroke. 


m * 


mm r % 


n **■? 


Id? v ,v ' 

Swimming Coach Ed Fedosky clocks Bob Duenkel in the 200- 
yard breaststroke before his national AAU swim competition. 

Capturing the 200-yard butterfly to better his own school rec- 
ord, Fred Erickson sparks a 48-47 Wildcat victory over Kansas. 







After diving into 60-yard freestyle competition in a dual with second and third. Hanlon established a NCAA dual meet rec- 

Kansas, Wildcat swimmers Tom Hanlon and Don Hyde finished ord in winning the 60-yard freestyle with Oklahoma State. 

1966 Swimming Team— TOP ROW: Coach Edward J. Fedosky, Allan L Fedosky, 
James D. Latham, Gerald M. Plummer, Thomas M. Hanlon, Robert T. Duenkel, 
Michael D. Dumford, Donald E. Hyde, Terry L. Mack. SECOND ROW: John R. 

Kegley, David G. Frerichs, David R. Schmidt, David H. Jackson, Jerome M. Mc- 
Connell, Frederick Erickson, Craig W. Ridenour. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Rivera, 
David B. Fruetel, Michael E. Bryant, Dave R. Maclaskey, Pierre L. Picotte. 


Inexperienced gymnasts 
place high in dual meets 

Despite the absence of experienced gymnasts, 
the Wildcat gymnastics team earned a 7-4 dual 
meet record. Coach Frank Thompson guided the 
team to its thirteenth winning season in the past 
15 years. The only Wildcat losses came against Big 
Eight powers Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska 
and nationally ranked Iowa State, the Big Eight 
gymnastics champion. Allen Talley, participating 
in the six-event, all-around competition, led the 
Wildcat team's scoring. 

1966 Gymnastics 



Fort Hays State 




Northwest Oklahoma State 




Iowa State 








Central Missouri State 




Western Illinois 




Fort Hays State 








Northwest Oklahoma State 










Iowa State won the Big Eight meet, followed by Colo- 
rado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and K-State. Mis- 
souri and Oklahoma State did not compete. 

Retiring after 29 seasons as Wildcat gymnastics coach, Frank 
Thompson will remain as an instructor of physical education. 

Earning the best record since the undefeated team of 1960, 
gymnasts won two duals from Northwest Oklahoma State. 

Captain Stan Husted wins the side horse event, as the Wild- 
cats grab six of seven first places from Northwest Oklahoma. 

1966 Gymnastics Team— TOP ROW: Douglas K. Jernigan, Charles O. Minck- BOTTOM ROW: Coach Frank J. Thompson, Stanley R. Husted, William D. Crank, 

ley, William L. Reynolds, John P. Ayres, Allen G. Talley, Thomas S. Dawson. C. Russell Cox, Clair C. Hill. 

Later finishing second in the event to boost the squad to a home victory over Leading Wildcat scorer Allen Talley performs 

Fort Hays, sophomore Bill Crank executes a difficult maneuver with the rings. a two-armed handstand on the parallel bars. 

Pitcher Ike Evans makes a diving stab at a line drive off an 
Iowa State bat as catcher Bill Matan prepares to take the throw 

at home. Evans compiled a 3-3 mark, top for Wildcat pitchers. 
He had a 3.28 earned run average and struck out 48 batters. 

Baseball climbs from Big Eight cellar to seventh 

New uniforms, a new coach and new players 
at all but three positions put life into the baseball 
squad. The team climbed out of the cellar spot it 
had held four times in five seasons. Wildcats 
finished seventh in the Big Eight- with a 6-13 
mark. A shortage of experienced pitchers and a 
defense which committed 63 errors, giving up 45 
unearned runs, were Wildcat weaknesses. 

In his initial coaching season, Bob Brasher led 
the squad to an 8-18 mark, taking two of three 
games from Iowa State, Kansas and Oklahoma- - 

something the 'Cat team had not done in 12 
years. Experience began to show as the 'Cat of- 
fense averaged almost five runs per game in con- 
ference play. The 'Cats polished off the season by 
winning five of their final seven games. 

First baseman Joe Beck was named to the Dis- 
trict Five and Big Eight all-star squads. He led 
the team with a .361 batting average and was 
third in the conference in home runs. Third base- 
man Stu Steele was fifth in the conference in hits 
and was also named to the all-Big Eight squad. 


1 1 « I « I 

• v fiL *jf *fe 

1965 Baseball Squad-TOP ROW: Robert E. Stauth, Richard P. Rambin, Cecil 
W. Johnson, Joseph M. Murray, Geoffrey McPartlin, William D. Matan, Stuart 
H. Steele, Ivor J. Evans. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Brasher, Charles F.Cottle, 
Keith L. Cramer, Warren D. Richards, James D. Scheffer, Robert E. Andrews, 

Norbert J. Andrews, Joseph L. Beck. BOTTOM ROW: Ernest A. Recob, Ronald 
L. Wilson, Johnny R. Krob, Charles J. Farmer, Gunter Ekis, Charles R. Ballard, 
Dennis Erkenbrack. 

Rounding third, Wildcat second baseman Jim Scheffer receives 
clearance to score during a home series against Iowa State. 

1965 Baseball 

Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 

Delta State 


Kansas State 


Delta State 


Kansas State 


Arkansas State 


Kansas State 

Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 

( ) 


• 2 

Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Missouri finished first in the Big Eight, followed by 
Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Colorado, Kan- 
sas, Kansas State and Oklahoma. 


Coach Bob Brasher looks the situation over before sending in 
right hander Dennis Erkenbrack for pitching relief work. 

Brasher accepts position 
as 'Cat baseball coach 

After five years of scouting for professional 
baseball organizations, 32-year-old Bob Brasher 
took over the helm as Wildcat baseball coach to 
bring the 'Cats up from the Big Eight cellar. 
Brasher replaced Ray Wauthier who resigned 
after 15 seasons as Wildcat baseball coach. 

Entering his club into the conference race, 
Brasher led the 'Cats in taking two of three games 
from Iowa State. However, the club then went 
into an 11 -game losing streak. Oklahoma State, 
Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado topped the 
'Cats during the slump. Not until gaining a split 
in a non-conference double-header with Wash- 
burn did they regain winning form. The team 
moved into seventh place by winning two games 
from Kansas and two from Oklahoma. 

Halting further advance of pitcher Rick Rambin is coach Bob 
Brasher during a two-game series with Washburn. The Wildcats 

split the mid-season double-header with the Ichabods of Topeka, 
running the Cat non-conference record to 2-5 for the season. 


Wildcat pitcher Rick Rambin throws a strike to open a non- 
conference double-header with the Washburn Ichabods. 

Skidding safely to third base is all-Big Eight selection Stu 
Steele during a non-conference double-header with Washburn. 

Taking advantage of a late throw from the outfield, Wildcat 
second baseman Jim Scheffer slides safely to third during 

the conference opener with Iowa State. The 'Cats dropped the 
first game of the series but rebounded to sweep the final two. 

•-*£> v " 


Edging out teammate Conrad Nightingale, Charles Harper 
spurs the Wildcats to a 1-2 finish in the mile run at a meet 

with Air Force Academy. The 74-71 victory marked the first 
time in two seasons the Wildcats had taken a dual meet. 


1965 Outdoor Track Squad— TOP ROW: William L. Congleton, Michael E. 
Michaud, Donald E. Payne, Lon K. Floyd, Kenneth H. Underwood, Robert E. 
Schmoekel, Roland M. Gunn, Don L. Riedl, Steven L. Rogers, assistant coach 
Robert L. Baker. SECOND ROW: Ray L. Salyer, Wilfred H. Lehmann, Charles 
Y. Harper, Albert N. Yenkey, Conrad Nightingale, David C. Tuggle, Robert C. 

Hines, William A. Floerke, Ronald K. Holm, D. DeLoss Dodds. BOTTOM ROW: 
Anthony J. Beard, Harry L. Kitchener, John H. Ferguson, Michael A. Novak, 
William L. Selbe, Harold R. Harrison, Arthur S. Harvey, Spencer W. King, Richard 
L. Gillaspie. 

Gliding into the broad jump sand pits, Bob Hines holds title 
as the team's Most Inspirational Player for the 1964-65 season. 

Track team ranks high in 
individual performance 

Outstanding individual performances highlight- 
ed DeLoss Dodd's second season as Wildcat track 
coach. Javelin ace Bill Floerke launched the spear 
266 feet, 5V2 inches at the Kansas Relays. His 
throw was the best toss in the nation for the year. 
Don Payne hit a peak in the U.S. Track and 
Field Federation meet with a 46.2-second clocking 
in the 440-yard dash. His time surpassed Coach 
Dodd's school record in addition to the West 
Coast meet mark. Wildcat thinclads ranked 1-2 
in dual meets. They suffered losses to Oklahoma 
87-58 and Missouri 91 1 /2-52 1 /2 but topped Air 
Force Academy 74-71. 

Finishing seventh in the Big Eight conference 
meet at Lincoln, Nebr., the trackmen scored 42 
points, 32 of which came in the javelin and 440 
relay events. Floerke took first in the conference 
javelin event, and the 'Cat's Bud Roper was 
third. Payne finished with the second fastest 440 
relay time with Bill Selbe close behind in third. 
The Wildcat 440-yard relay team placed fifth in 
the conference meet. Bob Hines ranked fifth 
in the broad jump, and Norm Yenkey ran fifth 
in the three-mile event. 

Soothing the arm that launched the nation's top javelin throw, 
Bill Floerke has just won the event from the Air Force Academy. 

High flying Steve Rogers clears a crossbar in competition 
with Air Force Academy as Cats placed first in nine events. 

'Cats outscore Cyclones 
in Big Eight track meet 

Wildcat thinclads escaped the cellar position 
in the Big Eight meet with strong finishes in the 
440-yard dash and javelin throw. The 42 'Cat 
points bested only Iowa State, which earned 13. 
Kansas won the meet with 100 points. It was 
followed by Oklahoma, 91; Missouri, 84; Okla- 
homa State, 70; Nebraska, 64; and Colorado 63. 
Only Wildcat first place finisher in the Midwest 
Federation Track and Field Meet was Bill Selbe 
who won the 440-yard dash. 

Racing toward a meet record, co-captain Bill Selbe is clocked 
at 48.0 seconds in the 440-yard dash against Air Force Academy. 

■■&£:".*** ?■ '*V.-* 

Wildcat sprinter Don Payne holds the University mark in the 
quarter-mile, topping the record Coach Dodds set in 1959. 

DeLoss Dodds, who helped establish the school mile relay 
record and who holds the indoor 440 dash mark, is track coach. 

Distance runners sweep Big Eight championship 

Earning the Big Eight title, a seventh place 
finish in the NCAA cross country championships 
and a 3-0 over-all mark highlighted the cross 
country season. 'Cats swept six of the top eight 
positions in both a dual with Missouri and a tri- 
angular with Wichita State and Drake. Runners 
also won the top six places against Nebraska. 
This season was DeLoss Dodds' second as coach. 

Charles Harper led the squad, placing twelfth 
in the NCAA meet and fourth in the Big Eight 
meet. He broke the school record set by Conrad 
Nightingale. Nightingale, who finished fifth in the 

conference meet, also broke his own record to 
establish a course record in the dual meet against 
Missouri. Wildcats took second in the six-team 
State Federation meet, one point behind Kansas 
University of Lawrence. 

1965 Cross 


.nsas State 




.nsas State 




msas State 


Wichita State 




Far in the lead, Conrad Nightingale records a first place finish 
to lead the Wildcats in a victory over Wichita State and Drake. 



K-State won the Big Eight title, followed by Kansas, 
Oklahoma State, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa State, Ne- 
braska and Oklahoma. 

Jim Hayes and Van Rose run ahead of competition from Wich- 
ita State and Drake in the three-mile, non-conference triangular. 

1965 Cross Country Team— TOP ROW: Conrad Nightingale, William W. 
Dutton, Coach DeLoss Dodds. SECOND ROW: Michael C. Tarry, Charles Y. 

Harper, Albert N. Yenkey. BOTTOM ROW: Van L. Rose, Louis L. Ti|erina and 
James J. Hayes. 

Three miles away from another Wildcat victory, 19 runners 
begin a triangular meet with Wichita State and Drake. Wild- 

cat runners Conrad Nightingale and Mike Tarry finished one- 
two. The squad won the track meet for the first time since 1939. 

Nightingale sets record; 
runners win NCAA fifth 

Conrad Nightingale bettered the meet record 
in the mile, and Don Payne tied for first in the 
440-yard dash when the Wildcats placed fifth in 
the NCAA track championships. Paced by Payne, 
the 'Cats finished fourth in the Big Eight meet. 
The sprinter toppled the Big Eight 440 mark and 
anchored the mile relay as the Wildcats tallied 28 
points, highest since 1935. In a triangular at Law- 
rence, Nightingale posted the fastest collegiate 
mile of the indoor season. 'Cat runners outdis- 
tanced defending champion Oklahoma State to 
win the K-State Invitational Indoor Relay. 

1966 Indoor Track 

Kansas State 






Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Oklahoma State 


Kansas won the Big Eight indoor track championships, 
Nebraska placed second, Oklahoma was third, K-State 
earned fourth, Missouri finished fifth, Iowa State and 
Oklahoma State tied for sixth, and Colorado finished 

Roger Shoemaker, holder of the school pole vault record of 
14 feet, 7 inches, clears the crossbar in an indoor triangular. 

High-stepping Ron Harrison takes third in the low hurdles after 
winning the high hurdles in a 66-56 victory over Oklahoma. 

Sprinting to a University record in the 600-yard run, Bill Selbe 
is met by Oil's Al Shields, who set a Field House record. 

Smashing the Field House record set by Coach DeLoss Dodds, 
quarter-miler Don Payne finishes far ahead of his competition. 

1966 Indoor Track Team-TOP ROW: Kenneth D. Winters, Harold T. Wooten, 
David J. Langford, Leo D. Hawkins, Ronald D. Hellwig, Donald L. June, Don L. 
Riedl, Assistant Coach William W. Farvow, Felix J. Gotner. SECOND ROW: 
Arthur S. Harvey, Ronald L. Moody, Harold R. Harrison, Charles Y. Harper, James 
L. Kettlehut, Donald E. Payne, William W. Dutton, Conrad Nightingale, Ronald 

K. Holm, Virgil B. Roper, Coach DeLoss Dodds, Richard E. Heuertz. BOTTOM 
ROW: Andrew Williams, William L. Selbe, James J. Hayes, Larry Fischer, Alan 
R. Hug, Michael C. Tarry, Albert N. Yenkey, Van L. Rose, Harry L. Kitchener, 
Michael M. Kelly, Roger E. Shoemaker, Robert James. 


Listening to last minute instructions from tennis coach Karl 
Finney, Wildcat netters prepare to battle Wisconsin in a non- 

conference encounter. Members of the tennis squad include Mike 
Kraus, Danny Millis, Jim Hastings, Alan Smith and Bob Hauber. 

Mike Kraus smashes a line drive during a non-conference dual 
against Wisconsin. The Badgers defeated the 'Cat netters 6-3. 

Netmen tie for fifth place 
in Big Eight tennis play 

Wildcat netmen completed the 1965 season 
with ten wins and eight losses and finished in a 
four-way tie for fifth in the Big Eight tennis tour- 
nament. The young team, composed of a senior, 
a junior and three sophomores, was led by junior 
Bob Hauber who compiled a 15-3 dual season 
record. Hauber played in the number four posi- 
tion. Top doubles team combination was Hauber 
and Mike Kraus, who ranked 13-5. 

Four of the ten victories were shutouts, in- 
cluding a pair of 7-0 victories over Washburn. 
Wildcats finished with a 3-4 conference dual 
mark. The squad opened the season with three 
losses but defeated its final four Big Eight foes. 

1965 Te 


Kansas State 



Kansas State 




Kansas State 



Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas won the tennis tournament. Oklahoma State 
and Oklahoma tied for second; Colorado placed fourth; 
and Kansas State, Iowa State, Missouri and Nebraska 
tied for fifth. 



'Cats make golf history, 
nab first win from OSU 

Outscoring the Big Eight champions of Okla- 
homa State for the first time in intercollegiate golf 
history, the golf team posted 1 1 wins and 10 losses 
in 1965 dual team competition. At 15 Big Eight 
meets, Bill Guthridge coached the Wildcats to a 
third place finish in the conference with a 9-6 
mark. The squad placed sixth in a field of 19 at 
the Oklahoma Intercollegiate tournament and 
ninth among 17 teams at Pike's Peak tournament. 

1965 Golf 

Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 

Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 



4' 2 

Kansas State 


Oklahoma State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 

9 l A 



Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Lining up a putt is golf ace Ron Schmedemann who, with 12-3 
for the season, represented 'Cats in NCAA championships. 

Oklahoma State won the Big Eight golf tournament, 
followed by Oklahoma, Kansas State, Kansas, Nebraska, 
Iowa State, Colorado and Missouri. 

1965 Golf Team-TOP ROW: Charles Shellenberger, John Wolf, James J. Gra- 
ham, John W. Sanders, Fredrick G Anschutz, Dennis L. Berkholtz, Coach William 


- jt 

W. Guthridge. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Graham, Joel W. Athey, Ron Schmede- 


Athletic Council— TOP ROW: John Chalmers, Charles Socolofsky, Floyd W. 
Smith, William G. Schrenk, James E. Geringer, Chester E. Peters, John C. Frazier. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dan W. Upson, Garth L. Peterson, C. Clyde Jones, Horace I 
Lee, Katherine Geyer. 

Athletic Council begins planning football stadium 

Appointment of F. O. Wolfenbarger, associate 
engineer for the planning and design of a new 
football stadium, was accepted by the Athletic 
Council. The 12-member council, under chair- 
man C. Clyde Jones, appointed a stadium plan- 
ning committee to work with Wolfenbarger. Rec- 

ommendation was made to President McCain for 
the reappointment of football coach Doug Weaver 
and his staff. Regular business of the council in- 
cluded consideration of budget items of the 10- 
sport athletic program and approval of nominees 
to receive athletic letters in each sport. 

Announcement of the hiring of a full-time football recruiter 
was made by the Athletic Council after the Cats finished 0-10. 

Evidence that the Cats may become a national basketball 
power is seen in Nick Pino, leading scorer and rebounder. 

Drillers, Betas, Pawnees 
capture intramural titles 

Earning 1 1 4 3 J /2 points, the Drillers captured 
the 1965 independent intramural title. Brand X 
was runner-up with 781 points. Junior AVMA 
placed third, scoring 715 points. The Drillers won 
independent touch-football, horseshoes, basket- 
ball, free-throw, wrestling and track. 

Beta Theta Pi won its second consecutive fra- 
ternity crown, earning 1036V2 points. Runner-up 
Delta Tau Delta scored 961 points. Delta Upsilon 
scored 926 points for third place. Betas won 
touch-football, handball singles, badminton, 
track and free-throw. They tied for first in horse- 
shoe doubles contention. 

Pawnee walked off with the dormitory title 
with 812 points. Comanche took second with 640 
points, and Marlatt's third floor finished third 
with 620. Pawnee took first in dormitory touch- 
football, basketball, badminton singles and 
doubles and volleyball. 

Al Sheriff, in his first year as director of men's intramurals, 
displays some of the athletic equipment used for the 15 sports. 

High jumping is one of 10 events in intramural track. Compet- 
ing in the independent division, Drillers topped all jumpers 

with a leap of 5 feet, 10 inches. Lambda Chi Alpha and Mar- 
latt's fourth floor won in fraternity and dormitory divisions. 

Waltheim, Junior Vets, 
SAE lead in intramurals 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Waltheim hall and Jun- 
ior AVMA led their respective divisions through 
10 men's intramural sports, beginning 1965-1966 
competition. The Sig Alphs scored 487 points to 
win fraternity basketball, handball and horse- 
shoe crowns. Beta Theta Pi was second ranked 
in the incompleted season, earning 441 points. 
The Betas were fraternity touch-football cham- 
pions. Waltheim tallied 476 points to lead dorm- 
itory entrants with a badminton victory, while 
Goodnow hall's sixth floor was second with 406 
points. Although they captured no champion- 
ships, Junior AVMA players compiled 400 points 
to lead a field of independent teams. 

Fierce competition for the rebound is won by the Alpha Tau 
Omega center in the play-offs for the fraternity basketball title. 

Jubilant members of Beta Sigma Psi celebrate capturing 
1965 fraternity division volleyball crown over Phi Delta Th 



Wrestlers lock in combat as part of nearly 1 40 men in a three- 
day mat tourney. Acacia won the fraternity division and Dril- 

lers the independent-dormitory field. The spring 1965 matches 
were the first time wrestling points were awarded since 1952. 

Slamming a back-handed return, Phi Kappa Tau competes for 
the fraternity volleyball title. Beta Theta Pi won the division. 

Lobbing the birdie, a man competes in badminton intramurals. 
Phi Kaps, Pawnee and Mechanical Engineers won singles. 

Sandra Hick, in her third year as director of women's intra- 
murals, coordinates activities in the eight-sport coed program. 

Off-Campus Women battle for control of the ball during a 16-5 
victory over Kappa Alpha Theta to win the basketball title. 

Kappa Deltas secure women's intramural crown 

Kappa Delta captured during spring 1965 the 
intramural trophy from Women's Athletic Asso- 
ciation. Van Zile and Off-Campus Women were 
runners-up. Off-Campus Women took victories 

Chasing after the loose ball, Off-Campus Women capture the 
intramural basketball crown for the third consecutive year. 

in softball and basketball, Boyd hall in kickball 
and track, Kappa Kappa Gamma in swimming 
and Van Zile in volleyball. During fall play, 
West hall won in kickball and Kappa Kappa 
Gamma repeated in swimming. Alpha Chi Omega 
later captured the volleyball title. Coed gymnasts 
placed second in a quadrangular at Washburn. 

Larry Cornwell's 188 Tri-State Conference average helped earn 
'Cat bowlers a spot in a national intercollegiate tourney. 

1966 Bowling Team— TOP ROW: Donald L. De Graeve, Roddy Budimlija. 'SEC- 
OND ROW: Joseph P. Walter, Steven L. Taylor, Larry G. Cornwell. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert K. Wade, Robert J. Jones. 

Bowlers go to nationals, 
win Tri-State conference 

When clinching the championship in the Tri- 
State Bowling Conference, Wildcat bowlers 
earned the right to compete in the National In- 
tercollegiate Bowling Tournament in Chicago, 
111. The bowlers compiled a mark of 31-17 in 
meets with Kansas, Nebraska, Wichita State and 
Oklahoma State. Harry Bond earned a position 
on the all-star team with a 188 series at the spring 
1965 Big Eight tourney. 

Wildcat women bowlers finished third in the 
Tri-State Conference, behind Oklahoma State 
and Kansas. Nancy Peterson led the team to a 
16-32 season with a 150 average. The 1966 Big 
Eight meet was conducted here in the spring. 


Rowing crew finishes second undefeated season 

Having purchased a new shell, "The 150," and 
a coaching launch, "The Lady K," the Wildcat 
rowing crew finished its second season undefeated 
in 1965 spring dual competition. A second shell, 
"Wildcat I," also arrived for competition. The 
crew outdistanced St. Thomas of Minnesota by 

10 seconds to open home competition, defeated 
Minnesota's oarsmen by 10 lengths and finished 
the season with a three-quarter length win over 
Lincoln Park Boat Club in Chicago. Coach Don 
Rose led the crew to fourth place in the first 
Mid-America Championship Regetta at Purdue. 

1966 Rowing Team — Frederic 
Wisegarver, William E. Gamble, 
William E. Buzenberg, Jettie F. 
Condray, Charles T. Bronzan, Rich- 
ard E. Graner, Jack E. Ellithorpe, 
William W. Middleton, Michael 
J. Crubel. 

Rowers compete in their new eight-oar shell, "The 150." The 
$3000, 60-foot vessel was purchased from 150 $20 contributions. 

First year crew members learn the fundamentals of rowing in 
afternoon practice sessions in the "Northerner" at Tuttle Creek. 

#i f 


Forty-five rifle teams competed in the Turkey Shoot, the na- 
tion's largest National Rifle Association smallbore indoor meet. 

Margaret Thompson, former Wildcat all-American rifler, points 
out features of a smallbore rifle at the annual Turkey Shoot. 

Wildcat rifle team places sixth in Turkey Shoot 

Dethroned as K-State Turkey Shoot cham- 
pions, the Wildcat rifle team placed sixth in com- 
petition. West Virginia, ranked first in the na- 
tion, won the meet in a field of 248 shooters. With 
two all-American nominees, Wildcat shooters 
captured fifth in an 1 1-team field at an intercol- 
legiate sectional meet at Missouri and sixth in a 
24-team field at the Oklahoma State Invitational. 
Wildcat women in their first year of competition 
placed first in meets at Missouri, Oklahoma and 
K-State by rating high in target accuracy. 

1966 Rifle Competition 





K-State's men's teams ranked sixth at the invi- 
tational Turkey Shoot, fifth at the intercollegi- 
ate meet at Missouri, sixth at the Oklahoma 
State Invitational and fifth at Pittsburg. The 
women's team finished first at the Turkey Shoot 
and at Oklahoma State and Missouri. 

K • 3* 


1966 Rifle Team-TOP ROW: 
Judith A. James, Roslyn D. Wentz, 
Linda A. Willars, Eilene L. Finch, 
Barbara J. Anderson. SECOND 
ROW: George L. Saines, Larry G. 
Hess, Robert H. Dorian, Charles 
Pokorny. BOTTOM ROW: Steven 
P. Parker, Warren C. Ives, James 
E. McCourt, Spencer A. Lmderman, 
Kenneth D. Everett. 


£e * 





< « 

*P| EOT • 





'4"* Yi*$*Z?&* : i\ 



■v *"*- 






Mpnl /2 

i'i*>* T 







/\ FAMILIAR face trig- 
gers more memories than any 
other sign of college years. It 
may be the face of one who be- 
came your best friend, or some- 
one whose name you never 
knew. Chain reactions can 
lead from a face to a class to 
what you did after class one 
day. You can recapture mem- 
ories 5, 10, 20 years old from 
just the prodding of a face. 


■J: » 

•r *«%*^ 

/ 4 




Senior class officers Charles Boles, vice-president; Valerie 
Hoover, secretary; Keith Stuessi, president; and Douglas Powell, 

treasurer work to establish a senior scholarship fund with the 
money the class raised from selling senior activity cards. 

Activity card fee finances 
expanded senior program 

Included in senior class social functions were 
a fried chicken picnic and a keg party. Special 
senior sections at the last home football and bas- 
ketball games featured senior male cheerleaders. 
Price of senior activity cards was raised, entitling 
each buyer to a sweatshirt as well as a traditional 
purple derby and senior button. Money from the 
activity cards was used to give a monetary gift 
to the Endowment Association for a senior 
scholarship fund. 

Abbreviations for Activities: ACS- American Chemical Society; Act. -Activities; 
Adm. -Administration; Ad. -Advertising; Adv. -Advanced; Ag. -Agriculture; 
Ag. Mag. -Agricultural Magazine; AFROTC-Air Force Reserve Officers 
Training Corps; A. CO. -American Guild of Organists; Agr. -Agronomy; 
AHEA-American Home Economics Association; AIA-American Institute 
of Architects; AIAA-American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; 
AIChE-American Institute of Chemical Engineers; A. I. D. -American Insti- 
tute of Interior Designers; AIIE-American Institute of Industrial Engi- 
neers; AIP-American Institute of Physics; Am. -American; ANS-Ameri- 
can Nuclear Society; Appt. -Apportionment; ASA-American Society of 
Agronomy; ASAE-American Society of Agricultural Engineers; ASAS- 
American Society of Animal Science; ASCE-American Society of Civil 
Engineers; ASLA-American Society of Landscape Architects; ASME- 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; A&S-Arts and Sciences; 
Asst. -Assistant; Assoc. -Associated, Association; AVA-American Voca- 

At the last home football game with Cincinnati, senior men 
sporting "Hell, Yes, I'm a Senior'' hats serve as cheerleaders. 

tional Association; AVMA-American Veterinary Medical Association; 
AWS-Associated Women Students; Aux. -Auxiliary. 

Bd. -Board; BSA-Business Students Association; Bus. -Business; BSO- 
Board of Student Organizations; BSU-Baptist Student Union; Capt.- 
Captain; Chpt. -Chapter; Chem. -Chemical, Chemistry; Chm. -Chairman; 
Comm. -Committee, Commission; Conf.-Conference; Coor.-Coordinating; 
Corres. -Corresponding; Coun. -Council; CSS-Christian Science Society; 
CYD-Collegiate Young Democrats; CYR-Collegiate Young Republicans; 
Dev. -Development; Dept.- Department; Dir. -Director; DMS-Distin- 
guished Military Student; Ec. -Economics; Ed. -Education, Editor, Edi- 
torial; Engr. -Engineering, Engineers; EUB-Evangelical United Brethren; 
Exec. -Executive; Ext. -Extension; Fam. -Family; FCSA-Faculty Council on 
Student Affairs; Fellow. -Fellowship; FFA-Future Farmers of America; 
FMOC-Favorite Man on Campus; Found. -Foundation; Fr. -Freshman; 
FTA-Future Teachers of America. 

GBF-Grace Baptist Fellowship; Govt. -Government; Hist. -Historian; 
Hort. -Horticulture; Hosp. -Hospitality; IAS-Institute of Aeronautical Sci- 
ences; IAWS-Intercollegiate Associated Women Students; IEEE-Institute 
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; IFC-Interfraternity Council; Intl.- 
International; IPC-Interfraternity Pledge Council; ISA-Independent Stu- 
dents Association; Jr. -Junior; KAHPER-Kansas Association of Health, 
Physical Education and Recreation; KSCF-Kansas State Christian Fel- 
lowship; K-State Engr.-K-State Engineers' Magazine; KSTA-Kansas 
State Teachers Association; LSA-Lutheran Students Association; MC- 
Model Congress; M.E. -Mechanical Engineering; Mech. -Mechanization; 
MENC-Music Educators National Conference; Mgr. -Manager; MMUN- 
Midwest Model United Nations; MPC-Mock Political Convention; MUN- 
Model United Nations; NCTM-National Council of Teachers of Manhat- 
tan; NEA-Nuclear Engineering Association; NVATA-National Voca- 
tional Agriculture Teachers Association; OCW-Off-Campus Women; 
Org. -Organization. 

Panhel.-Panhellenic; Prof- Professional; PTP-People-to- People; Pres.- 
President; Pol. Sci. -Political Science; Pub. -Publicity, Publications; Pub. 
Rel. -Public Relations; RA-Resident Assistant; RCC-Religious Coordina- 
ting Council; Rec. -Recording; Rep. -Representative; RWF-Roger Wil- 
liams Fellowship; SAB-Student Activities Board; S.A.M.E.-Society of 
American Military Engineers; SCC-Social Coordinating Council; SCF- 
Student Christian Fellowship; Schs. -Scholarship; SCSA-Soil Conservation 
Society of America; S.E.A.- Student Education Association; Sec. -Secre- 
tary; SGA-Student Governing Association; Soc. -Social, Society; Soph.- 
Sophomore; Sr. -Senior; Stu. -Student. 

TCB-Traffic Controls Board; Tech. -Technical; Tex. -Textiles; Treas.- 
Treasurer; UCCF-United Campus Christian Fellowship; UGB-Union 
Governing Board; UMOC-Ugly Man on Campus; Univ. -University; 
UPC-Union Program Council; USCC-United Student Christian Council; ' 
Vet. -Veterinary; Vet. Med. -Veterinary Medicine; V-Pres. -Vice-president; 
W A A- Women's Athletic Association; WPWL- World Peace Through 
World Law; YAF- Young Americans for Freedom; YMMIA- Young Men 
Mutual Improvement Association. Y-O-Y-Orpheum; YWCA-Young 
Women's Christian Association. 

Seniors: Abm-And 

TOP ROW: Abmeyer, Beverly J: Topeka, Modern Languages, Pi Beta Phi 
Pres., Mortar Bd., Chimes, S.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi, SGA Comm. Sec. Chm., 
Dorm V-Pres. Ackors, Janice E: Shawnee Mission, Clothing Retailing. Adams, 
Carolyn E: Salina, Home Economics Education, S.E.A., Chapara|os, Home Ec. 
Hosp. Day Chm., Home Ec. Teaching Club. 

SECOND ROW: Adams, Dan W: Kansas City, Physical Science, Delta Chi 
Intramural Chm. Adams, Rama J: Girard, Foods and Nutrition. Adams, 
Raymond W: Hopewell, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Adams, Richard G: Salina, Civil Engineering, CYR, ASCE, Engr. 
Open House Chm. Adamson, Kenneth W: Wichita, Pre-Dentistry. Adejun- 
mobi, Nathaniel: Nigeria, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Akinokun, Jesse O: Nigeria, Animal Husbandry. Aldridge, 
Everett G: Kansas City, Animal Husbandry, ASAS, Block & Bridle, 4-H, UCCF. 
Allacher, David R: Herndon, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: Allen, Cyde L: Larned, Landscape Architecture, ASLA. Allen, 
Judith: Wichita, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta Rush Chm. Schs. 
Chm., Deans Honor Roll, S.E.A. Allen, Leatrice A: Glen Elder, Mathematics, 
Alpha Xi Delta. 

SIXTH ROW: Allen, Marjorie C: Abilene, Family and Child Development, 
RWF, Fam. & Child Dev. Club, 4-H. Allison, Mary J: Kingman, Secondary 
Education, S.E.A., 4-H, Kappa Phi Cabinet Sec, Wesley Found. Alloway, 
Sheryl L: Wichita, Modern Languages, Smurthwaite, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
A&S Honors Program, AIP Pres., German Club V-Pres. Soc. Chm., Putnam Schs. 
Steering Comm. 

SEVENTH ROW: Amen, James B: Lebanon, Business Administration, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Dance Club, 4-H. Ames, Robert D: Chanute, Agricultural Mecha- 
nization. Anderson, James H: Valley Falls, Milling Technology, Parsons Hall 
Pres. V-Pres. Soc. Intramurals Chm., Scabbard & Blade, Varsity Baseball. 

BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, Jerry D: Burlington, Electrical Engineering. 
Anderson, Loren M: Omaha, Neb., Psychology. Andrist, Darrel W: Good- 
land, Architectural Engineering. 

40 6 

Ml**]**:* jA 


Seniors: Ang-Bar 

TOP ROW: Angell, Frances M: Kansas City, Clothing Retailing, 
Kappa Delta, A.I.D., Newman Club, Clothing & Tex. Club. Annis, 
Maurice A: Manhattan, Mathematics. Anschutz, Norman G: Dor- 
rance, Architecture. Anstaett, Fred R: Lyndon, Feed Technology, 
Straube Schs. House Treas. Soc. Chm., Alpha Mu Sec. Treas., Milling 
Assn. V-Pres., Ralston-Purina Schs., CO. Swanson Schs. Antes, 
Robert L: Effingham, Business Administration. Anthony, William R: 
Kansas City, Mo., Architectural Engineering. Apt, Gienda A: South- 
hampton, N.Y., Speech, K-State Players, Touchstone, Wesley Found., 
Wesley Players. 

THIRD ROW: Bachman, Pamela: Mount Hope, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Badger, Thomas W: Scranton, Agricultural Education," NVATA, 
Ag. Ed. Club, SCSA, S.E.A. Bagby, Barbara A: Great Bend, Elemen- 
tary Education. Bain, Kay E: Macomb, III., Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Baker, Charles G: Mayetta, Agricultural Engineering, 
ASAE, Varsity Men's Glee Club, Putnam Schs. Baker, Donald E: 
Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. Baker, Janice E: Lakin, Second- 
ary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. 

SECOND ROW: Araneta, Francisco L: Peru, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Arnett, Larry C: Edwardsville, Accounting. Ash, Paul L: Wet- 
more, Animal Husbandry. Athey, Joel W: Junction City, Mathe- 
matics, Sigma Nu Pres., A & S Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, 
Putnam Club, IFC, Varsity Golf, Putnam Schs., Ford Found. Schs. 
Augustine, Robert: Salina, Architectural Engineering. Baber, Jack 
E: Cunningham, Nuclear Engineering. Bachman, Neil A: Halstead, 

BOTTOM ROW: Baker, Ronald A: Garden City, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Baldwin, John H: Kansas City, Architecture, Sigma Chi 
Ritualist Sgt.-at-Arms, S.A.M.E., Alpha Phi Omega V-Pres., AIA, RWF. 
Baldwin, Virginia K: McPherson, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Ag. 
Ed. Wives Club. Ball, James D: Hutchinson, Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, 
Ag. Coun. Sec, Wheat State Agr. Club, Consumers Coop. Assn. Schs., 
Midwest Ag. Chem. Assoc. Schs., Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. Honor 
Award. Ball, Penelope J: lola, Home Economics Education. Balls, 
Jerry D: Hays, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Amateur Radio Club. 
Barb, Kenny H: Ashland, Secondary Education, Delta Tau Delta 
Treas. IFC Rep., Pub. Chm., Touchstone Bus. Mgr. 

C) O A ^ A j^i 

^Li^* All :^4?w 

<•* o c> es o> 

Seniors: Bar-Ben 

TOP ROW: Barnard, Hugh D: Anthony, Architectural Engineering, 
Lambda Chi Alpha, AIA, CYD. Barr, William C: Kansas City, Feed 
Science and Management. Bartley, Carol A: Hiawatha, Elementary 
Education, Alpha Chi Omega Rush Chm., S.E.A., AWS Service 
Comm., Frog Club. Barton, Linda C: Wichita, Humanities, Alpha Xi 
Delta Pres. Rec. Sec. Act. Chm., AWS Pres. Office Mgr., IAWS Con- 
tact, A.I.D. Pres., Dean's Advisory Comm., SGA App. Bd. Pub. Rel. 
Election Comm., Union Hosp. Art Comm. Base, Gary L: Sedgwick, 
Agricultural Economics, FarmHouse Summer Rush Chm., Pep Coor. 
Coun., Ag. Ec. Club, Varsity Mens Glee Club Sec. Treas., Statesmen 
V-Pres., 4-H. Basore, Richard C: Bentley, Animal Husbandry, Sigma 
Chi Pub. Rel. Chm. Rush Chm., College Quiz Bowl Team Chm. TAB, 
Appt. Bd., Cats for Curtains Comm., Apollo Glee Club, MPC Comm. 
Bassett, Marilyn L: Wichita, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
Textiles Research. 

SECOND ROW: Bassett, William J: Kansas City, Mo., Architecture. 
Batton, James H: Minden, La., Animal Husbandry, Chapara|OS, 
Block & Bridle, Rodeo Team. Baxa, Diane R: Manhattan, Speech, 
AVMA Aux., Sigma Alpha Eta, Newman Club. Baxa, Robert G: 
Hebron, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA, Fr. Football 
Schs., Straube Schs. House. Bay, Ann L: Edson, English. Beals, 


Barbara A: Dodge City, Psychology. Beat, Larry J: Wellington, 
Agricultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha, Extension Club Pres., Editor 
Ag. Ed. Informer. 

THIRD ROW: Beaver, Frank M: Mission, Zoology, Pi Kappa Alpha 
Pres. V-Pres. Sec. Beck, Robert A: Elnora, N.Y., Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Beck, Sandra J: Manhattan, Secondary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Pledge Chm. Membership Chm., Phi Kappa Phi, 
Mortar Bd., Chimes, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Student Senate, UGB, BSO Sec, SGA Pub. Rel. Chm., FCSA, 
Jr. Panhel., Kappa Phi, Elks Youth Leadership Schs., Order of Eastern 
Star Schs., MA-3 Ford Found. Becker, Andrew D: Manhattan, Busi- 
ness Administration. Becker, Edna M: Lebo, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta Pi, AWS, Ways & Means Comm. Chm., S.E.A., LSA Sec. 
Beckman, Samuel K: Atchison, Mathematics. Becraft, Nancy D: 
Manhattan, English. 

BOTTOM ROW-. Beery, Thomas Z: Wichita, Secondary Education. 
Beffa, Michael N: St. Louis, Mo., Accounting. Bender, Daryl D: 

Wakeeney, Mechanical Engineering, Acacia Schs. Rush Chm., ASME, 
AIAA, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma Rec. Sec. Bender, Roger D: Ells- 
worth, Architecture. Benham, William K: Enterprise, Electrical 
Engineering. Benjamin, Kenneth U: Wichita, Government, Beta 
Theta Pi Pres. Treas. Sec, Scabbard & Blade V-Pres., Adv. ROTC, 
K-State Flying Club, DMS Schs., Outstanding Gr. Beta Schs. Benton, 
Sharon K: Olathe, Physical Education, Clovia House Mgr. Social 
Chm. Chaplain, PHEMS, AWS Coun. Judicial Bd., Pep Club. 

thy f?l'" yf 

Seniors: Ben-Bon 

TOP ROW: Bentrup, Dale R: Sylvan Grove, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa 
Nu, IEEE, Gamma Delta. Berg, Mary M: Charleston, W. Va., Mathematics, 
Honors Program, S.E.A., UPC, Pi Epsilon Delta, Dorm Schs. Chm., Dean's 
Honor Roll, K-State Players, Fencing Club, RA, Kappa Phi. Berger, Chester 
L: Jetmore, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Berggren, Bonnie J: Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
Berland, Deloris M: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Bernard, Laverne 

R: Shoshone, Idaho, Bacteriology, A&S Honors Program, Pre-Vet Club, Zool- 
ogy Club, Newman Club. 

THIRD ROW: Berndt, E. Gary: Scott City, Accounting. Bich, John R: Junc- 
tion City, Electrical Engineering. Biddison, Ronald E: Holton, Mechanical 
Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha V-Pres., Varsity Golf. 

FOURTH ROW: Bieker, Carmen L: Hays, Architecture. Biery, Terry L: Esk- 
ridge, Entomology. Bilderback, Donna B: Valley Falls, Home Economics Ed- 
ucation, Alpha Xi Delta, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Union Pacific 
4-H Schs., N.T. Veatch 4-H Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Bird, Marilyn K: Wichita, Interior Design, Delta Zeta Inside 
Guard Hist., A.I.D. Student Affiliate, Peace Corp. Comm., Union Comm. Home 
Ec. Club, Art Club, RWF. Bishop, Mary A: Manhattan, Home Economics Ed- 
ucation, Chi Omega, Mortar Bd., Chimes, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, S.E.A. Officer, AWS 2nd V-Pres., Home 
Ec. Coun. Treas., Hosp. Day Chm. Blankenship, Richard: Udall, Veterinary 
Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, AVMA. 

SIXTH ROW: Blumeier, Donald I: Louisville, Ky., Secondary Education, RA 
Asst. Bohn, Gary D: Halstead, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau Pres., Eta 
Kappa Nu Corres. Sec, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society Exec. Officer, IEEE, 
Lake Union Comm., Boeing Schs., AFROTC Financial Assistance Program. 
Boldin, Richard M: Milwaukee, Wis., Nuclear Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Boles, Charles W: Abilene, Secondary Education, Sr. Class 
V-Pres., K-State Players Pres., S.E.A., H.G. Director, 4-H Corres. Sec, Newman 
Club, Elk's Leadership Schs. Bolick, Mark P: Tonkawa, Okla., Physical Edu- 
cation, Phi Delta Theta V-Pres., Phi Epsilon Kappa Sec, Football Schs. Boll- 
meier, Don H: Manssa, III., Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bolnick, William M: Topeka, Accounting, Scabbard & Blade, 
Dorm Pres. Treas., Assoc. Residence Halls Pub. Dir. Bond, Harry E: Leaven- 
worth, Accounting. Bonebrake, Veronica: Manhattan, Modern Languages, 
Alpha Chi Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon, Mortar Bd., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. 


Seniors: Bon-Bri 

TOP ROW: Bonner, William R: Wichita, Architecture. Booth, Donald G: 

Coldwater, Architecture, AIA, Sigma Theta Epsilon. Booth, Mary L: La Crosse, 
Secondary Education, SNE, Touchstone Staff, Creative Writing Club, Union 

SECOND ROW: Borger, James T: Ness City, Geology. Bower, Wayne P: 

Marysville, Architecture, AIA, Ar. & Design Coun. Bowers, Robert D: Man- 
hattan, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Boyd, Richard K: lola, Civil Engineering. Boyer, Barbara D: 

Overland Park, Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, S.E.A., AWS, Orienta- 
tion, MPC, MUN, PTP, Union Comm., Whi-Purs. Boyer, Gary D: Salina, Nu- 
clear Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Bracelin, Rodney G: St. Francis, Agriculture Education, Ag. 
Ed. Club, Alpha Tau Alpha. Bradshaw, Arden J: Wichita, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Bragg, Karen A: San Mateo, Calif., Elementary Education, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A. 

FIFTH ROW: Brandenburg, Carol L: Seattle, Wash., Interior Design. Brandt, 

Gale M: Shawnee Mission, English, Gamma Phi Beta V-Pres., Pledge Trainer, 
A&S Coun. Treas., University Party Sec, Frog Club, Union Comm., S.E.A., 
AWS Nominating Comm., University Chorus. Brandt, Gretchen M: Kansas 
City, Home Economics and Education, Alpha Chi Omega Chaplain IPC Rep., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Union Chm. 

SIXTH ROW: Branson, Bruce R: Stanford, Conn., Electrical Engineering. 
Braunschweiger, Margery: Teaneck, N.J., Zoology, AWS Rep., Pre-Vet Club, 
SGA Cultural Affairs Comm., Hillel. Breen, Jerry M: Miltonvale, Mathe- 

SEVENTH ROW: Brehm, Merle H: Hope, Elementary Education. Breidenthal, 

Gail S: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Pres. 
Brenn, Lawrence R: Levant, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brensing, Elaine K: Hudson, Home Economics Teaching, 
Delta Zeta Courtesy Chm. Judicial Bd., 4-H, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Home 
Ec. Ext. Club, S.E.A., SGA Comm., University Orchestra. Brethour, William 
H: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA V-Pres. Briggs, Marsha A: Ot- 
tawa, Physical Education, PHEMS Sec. Treas., Chapara|OS, Hoedowners. 


■kJtk * - 

Students living southwest of campus take a familiar route each day 
across the bridge between Memorial Stadium and Ahearn Field House. 

Seniors: Bro-Bur 

TOP ROW: Brodine, Barbara M: Salina, Modern Languages, Pi 
Beta Phi Treas. Efficiency Chm., Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Delta Pi, 
Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. Comm., Union Comm., Whi-Purs. Bronaugh, 
Richard R: Frankfort, Zoology. Brooks, Barbara L: Olathe, English, 
Pi Beta Phi Pledge Class V-Pres., Corres. Sec. Activities Chm. H.Q. 
Dir., Mortar Bd., Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi 
Theta Kappa, S.E.A. V-Pres., A & S Coun., SGA Comm., UGB, Union 
Program Coun. Brown, James L: Dodge, Nuclear Engineering. 
Brown, Lewis P: Hutchinson, Art. Brown, Nancy L: Manhattan, 
Mathematics, German Club, Kappa lota Sigma. Brown, Peggy A: 
Partridge, Secondary Education, Smurthwaite, NEA, Band-Concert, 
Concert Choir, Pep Band, CYD, King Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Brown, Robert M: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, 
Alpha Zeta Sgt.-at-Arms, Phi Kappa Phi, AVMA, Vet Med. Open 
House Chm., Franklin Schs., Ireland-KAHL General Schs., AVMA Re- 
search Found. Grant. Brown, Ronald E: Delphos, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Bruce, Ralph G: Ottawa, Speech. Brummel, Ronald M: 
Wichita, Business Administration. Bruns, David A: Junction City, 
Mathematics. Brush, Sherry K: Downs, Home Economics Education, 
Delta Delta Delta Sponsors Chm., Home Ec. Coun. Pres., S.E.A., 
Home Ec Teaching Club. Bryant, Bruce E: Mt. Tremper, N.Y., Zool- 
ogy, Sigma Chi Corres. Sec, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC. 
BOTTOM ROW: Bryant, William M: Norwich, Veterinary Medicine. 
Buchele, Kenneth D: Cedar Vale, Feed Science and Management, 
Alpha Gamma Rho Chaplain, Ag. Coun., Student Senate, SAB, TCB, 
University Party Pres., IPC Pres., Milling Assoc. Buchman, Vicki R: 
Alta Vista, Secondary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A. Comm. 
Dorm Treas. Council Member, Mathematics Club, Jazz Lab, Oratorio 
Choir, Wesley Singers, Communion Organist, Trembly Memorial 
Schs. Buetzer, Pamela R: Seneca, Clothing Retailing, Fashion De- 
sign, Textiles Research, Gamma Phi Beta Song Leader, Clothing & 
Textiles Club, Frog Club, Union Comm., Pep Club Treas. Burch, Pat- 
rick H: Kansas City, Secondary Education. Burch, Paul W: Mission, 
Technical Journalism. Burgess, Martha A: Wichita, Elementary Ed- 
ucation, Kappa Kappa Gamma Marshall, S.E.A. Comm., Frog Club. 

Seniors: Bur-Car 

-A . A,w 

TOP ROW: Burgin, Gary S: Pittsburg, Mechanical Engineering and Business 
Administration, Triangle Social Chm. Treas., ASME, Adv. ROTC. Burk, Elmer 
C: McDonald, Accounting. Burk, Signe L: Wichita, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Kappa Alpha Theta Panhel. Rep., Phi Up- 
silon, Omicron, Omicron Nu, Mortar Bd., Student Senate V-Pres., Home Ec. 
Coun., Union Comm., SGA Comm., AWS Standards, Dean's Honor Roll. 

SECOND ROW: Burkepile, Dick L: Hoxie, Industrial Engineering. Burkhardt, 
Ronald J: Chapman, Speech. Burnham, Carl T: Junction City, Political 

THIRD ROW: Burns, Karin F: Great Bend, Secondary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta Treas., Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, SAB, S.E.A. 
Comm. Chm., Women's Glee Club Pres. Sec. Treas., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., 
S.G.A. Comm. Sec. Staff, AWS Comm. CYD, Putnam Schs., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Burris, Gary M: Wichita, Horticulture. Burton, Sharon R: Kansas City, Ele- 
mentary Education, Alpha Delta Pi Pres. V-Pres. Corres. Sec, MPC Pub. 
Comm., S.E.A., AWS Pub. Comm., Home Ec. Journalism Club, Lambda Chi 
Alpha Schs. 

FOURTH ROW: Butts, Donald W: Leon, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, 
Pre-Vet Club, AVMA. Calcara, Richard L: Great Bend, Psychology, Sigma Chi 
Sec. Editor, Dean's Honor Roll, Union Comm., SGA Pub. Rel. Comm., Gym- 
nastics. Camerlinck, Robert J: Desoto, Animal Husbandry, Pre-Vet Club, 
Block & Bridle, Newman Club. 

FIFTH ROW: Campbell, Carrol: Winfield, Dairy Production, Alpha Gamma 
Rho House Mgr., Alpha Zeta, Ag. Coun. V-Pres., Little American Royal Treas., 
LAR Sec, Little American Royal Schs. Campbell, Larry G: Riley, Animal Hus- 
bandry, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Union Pacific Schs. Campbell, Patricia M: St. 

Louis, Mo., Restaurant Management, Prof. Foods Club, Frog Club. 

SIXTH ROW: Cardwell, Charles E: Manhattan, Philosophy. Carl, James G: 

Abilene, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Carlgren, Robert C: Nor- 
way, Animal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Carlson, George M: Chanute, Architecture. Carlson, Mar- 
garet J: Atchison, Elementary Education. Caron, Joseph F: Champlain, N.Y., 
Art, CYR, Soccer Club, Newman Club, Fr. Track, Gymnastics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carpenter, Lanny E: Sabetha, Secondary Education, S.E.A., 
French Club. Carpenter, Warren E: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering. 
Carrico, Patrick C: Beloit, Accounting. 

■' **" r5i ^~^ ~ SSf ^Q #^ *■• 1 

Y^ A 

k 4; ft 


- "• £; * M .n f Jf£fi& ^T^* «•"»«*! |r i v^4 

Seniors: Car-Coc 

TOP ROW: Carson, Jerry R: Kansas City, Physical Education, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon Rush Chm., K-Club, Varsity Baseball. Carstens, Susan G: 
Ackley, Iowa, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Hoedowners, CYR, Wes- 
ley Found., Chaparajos. Carter, Richard C: Manhattan, Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE Chm., Dean's Honor Roll, Engr. Open House, Am- 
ateur Radio Club Sec, Engr. Coun., Boeing Aircraft Co. Schs. 
Castillo, Osmundo S: Nicaragua, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Zeta, AVMA, Newman Club. Caughron, Samuel D: Manhattan, 
Pre-Medicine, Phi Mu Alpha, Deans Honor Roll, K-State Singers, 
Clinic Club Sec. Treas., Cosmopolitan Club, A Cappella Choir, Rifle 
Club, PTP, Manhattan Teen Town Lions Club Schs., MA-3 Ford Found. 
Schs., First National Bank Schs. Chadwell, Lyle H: Fairview, Agri- 
cultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, 4-H, NVATA, FFA. 
Chadwell, Mary E: Leavenworth, Home Economics Education, S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, 4-H, Kappa Phi, Union Pacific Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Chalmers, Evelyn R: Manhattan, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Chalmers, Janice J: Manhattan, Home Economics Teaching. 
Chambers, Dennis R: Kansas City, Secondary Education, Pre-Vet 
Club, S.E.A., STE. Chandler, Judith L: Chanute, Secondary Educa- 
tion, Chi Omega Pledge Class V-Pres., SGA Pub. Rel. Comm, S.E.A. 
Chang, Van: China, Civil Engineering, ASCE Treas., SCF Treas. 
Chapman, Janet L: Beloit, Secondary Education. Chapman, 
Michael T: Broughton, Chemical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Chesney, Kenneth K: Olathe, Dairy Foods Processing 
and Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega Schs. So.cial Chm., 
Dairy Products Judging Team, Dairy Science Club, Ag. Coun., 4-H, 
Pre-Vet Club, CYR, RWF, Kansas Cooperative Dairy Products Schs. 
Cheynet, Jerome H: Wichita, Physical Education. Choate, Jim L: 
Fredonia, Wildlife Conservation. Christian, Francis G: Girard, Elec- 
trical Engineering, Sigma Tau. Chyr, Francis N: Manhattan, Sec- 
ondary Education. Clapp, David J: Kalamazoo, Mich., Animal 
Husbandry, Kappa Kappa Psi, Wesley Found. Clark, Carol S: Hazel- 
ton, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Clovia 
Pres. Marshal, Pledge Trainer, Clothing & Tex. Club, 4-H. 

BOTTOM ROW: Clark, Donald R: Leavenworth, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Clark, Jane: Manhattan, Secondary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta V-Pres. Chaplain, Mortar Bd. Sec, Phi Kappa Phi, Chimes V- 
Pres., Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa Delta Pi Treas., Student Senate, A&S 
Coun., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., SGA, Sec. Staff, A Cappella Choir, 
Varsity Band, Pep Band, Student Opinion Sampling Comm., Kappa 
Phi. Clem, Albert D: Leroy, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Cobb, Don 
L: Liberal, Mechanical Engineering, Triangle Pledge Trainer, ASME 
Treas., Campus Entertainment Comm. Cobb, Elizabeth J: Culver, 
Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A. Cobb, 
Ruth A: Wellsvi lie, Home Economics Education, Phi Upsilon Omi- 
cron, Master's Degree Pro|ect Program, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
S.E.A., Wesley Found. Cochran, Robert A: Independence, Mo., Busi- 
ness Administration. 


p^ Jli \^% 


Seniors: Cod-Cro 

TOP ROW: Cody, Robert E: White Plains, N.Y., Animal Husbandry. 
Collins, Robert L: Winfield, AR. Coltrane, Larry H: McCune, Ag 
ricultural Education, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha Sec, Ag. Assoc. 
Pres., Ag. Coun. Pres., Ag. Ed. Club, Ag. Ed. Informer Ed. Comer, 
Teresa A: Manhattan, Elementary Education. Compton, Charles E: 
Neosho Falls, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, GBF. Condray, Jerry 
L: Wells, Agronomy, Wheat State Agr. Club, Amateur Radio Club, 
FFA,Pershmg Rifles, UCCF, Union Pacific Schs. Congleton, William 
L: Haddam, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Conner, Alvin R: Fort Scott, Agricultural Educa- 
tion, Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Sec, 4-H, Ag. Ed. Club. Cook, Royce K: 
St. Francis, Agricultural Economics. Cook, Vicky J: Fredonia, Sec- 
ondary Education. Corn, Roger P: Bushton, Feed Science and 
Management. Corwin, John B: Kansas City, Mo., Mathematics, Pi 
Mu Epsilon, A&S Honors Program, Alpha Phi Omega Rec Sec, 
MA-3 Ford Found. Program. Cottrell, Gary L: Neodesha, Electrical 
Engineering. Courtney, Robert G: Shawnee Mission, Physical Edu- 
cation, S.E.A., KAHPER. 

THIRD ROW: Cowdrey, Judith A: Wichita, Home Economics Jour- 
nalism, Smurthwaite V-Pres., Theta Sigma Phi Treas., Home Ec 
Journalism Club, K-State Players, Collegian Bus. Mgr. Feature Ed., 
Wesley Found. V-Pres., Musser Schs., K-Key Awards, Journalism 
Memorial Award. Cox, Carolyn J: Manhattan, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Kappa Delta Ed. Chm., YWCA, CYR, S.E.A. Cox, Lawrence E: 

Salina, Chemistry. Cox, Martha J: Clearwater, Home Economics 
Education, Chi Omega Pub. Chm., S.E.A. Bd. Comm. Member, Home 
Ec Coun. Special Pro|ects Chm., Fam. & Child Dev. Club, Home Ec 
Teaching Club, Dorm Sec, Hosp. Day Exhibit Chm. Coyne, Mary 
A: Cheney, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Kappa Phi. Coyne, Patrick 
I: Cheney, Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Wheat State Agr. Club, ASA Sec, ASRM, Springer Elks Schs. Craig, 
Margaret K: Concordia, Elementary Education, Smurthwaite House 
Mgr., Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. 4-H, RWF. - 

BOTTOM ROW: Crangle, Robert D: Mankato, Nuclear Engineering, 

Triangle Rush Chm. Pledge Trainer Ed., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, 
Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, ANS, Blue Key V-Pres., WPWLS, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Student Senate, Engineering Coun., Campus 
Planning & Dev. Comm., KSU SGA Constitution Revision Comm., KSU 
Varsity Debate, MPC, MC, BESGA, CHEK, IFC, Forensic Union Pres., 
USP, lntegnty,CYR, Dorm Exec. Bd., UCCF, Westminster Coun., Out- 
standing Student Senator Schs., Outstanding Fr. Debater Schs. Crews, 
David T: Clearwater, Sociology, Kappa lota Sigma, PTP, Cosmopoli- 
tan Club. Crews, Joyce L: Clearwater, Foods and Nutrition Research, 
Foods and Nutrition in Business, 4-H, PTP, Kappa Phi Corres. Sec, 
General Foods Schs. Croman, Dennis R: Shawnee, Pre-Law, Delta 
Tau Delta, University Party, Union Comm. Sub-Chm., Quiz Bowl. 
Cromwell, David H: Salina, Physical Science, FarmHouse Historian, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma Historian, Pi Mu Epsilon, GBF. 
Cromwell, Virginia P: Salina, Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta Program 
Chm., GBF Sec. Treas. Crouch, John A: Topeka, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Pi Kappa Alpha V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, AVMA, AVMA Schs. 

Seniors: Cro-Dei 

TOP ROW: Crow, Gerald P: Prairie Village, Chemistry. Curry, Robert T: 

Madison, Physics. Dahl, Bonnie L: Formoso, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Dahl, Willard W: Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. Dahl- 
quist, Lars J: Big Bow, Agricultural Economics. Dahlquist, Sharon: Kansas 
City, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Dahlsten, Edith MrMoundridge, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
4-H, Women's Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Oratorio Society. Dahlsten, 
Larry E: Marquette, Agricultural Mechanization, Dean's Honor Roll, Ag. Mech. 
Club Pres., 4-H, Apollo Men's Glee Club, Oratorio Society, Union Pacific 
Schs. Daily, Donna K: Ashland, Pre-Medicine, Kappa Kappa Gamma First 
V-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Clinic Club, AWS Office Mgr., Newman Club, 

FOURTH ROW: Dake, Charles A: Galena, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 
Dallis, Herbert H: Tahlequah, Okla., Physical Education. Danaher, Michael 

J: Atchison, Business Administration, Kappa Sigma Pres., Student Senate, 
Scabbard & Blade, CYR, Newman Club, Varsity Baseball, DMS. 

FIFTH ROW: Danford, Dianne E: Hutchinson, Business Administration, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Asst. Treas., Union Comm. Danler, Joseph E: Augusta, Account- 
ing. Darling, Donald F: lola, Dairy Foods Processing, Dorm Treas., Dairy 
Products Judging Team, Dairy Science Club, RWF, Virginia Dare Award, K- 
Medal, Kansas Cooperative Dairy Producers Assoc. Schs. 

SIXTH ROW: Darnell, Joyce M: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Dough- 
erty, Michael D: Kansas City, Economics. David, Tony D: Lenora, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Davis, Dean L: Rossville, Animal Husbandry. Davis, Jerry 
D: Kansas City, Psychology. Day, Richard N: Junction City, Industrial Engi- 
neering, Phi Kappa Theta, AIIE Annual Comm., German Club Treas., Engr. 
Open House Comm., Newman Club, Knights of Columbus. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dean, Lynn A: Scott City, Mathematics. Dean, Sharon A: 

Hutchinson, Home Economics with Liberal Arts, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
YWCA Treas. Deines, Calvin W: Lincolnville, Electrical Engineering, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IEEE. 


Seniors: DeM-DeW 

TOP ROW: DeMars, Jim L: Miltonvale, Electrical Engineering. DeMoss, 
Richard T: Wellington, Physical Education. Dennis, Francis C: Junction City, 
Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon V-Pres., Scabbard & Blade Treas., 
Engr. Coun., Steel Ring Treas., S.A.M.E. V-Pres., ASCE Pres., S.A.M.E Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Dent, Edward L: Harper, Technical Journalism Sigma Nu 
Social Chm., Statesmen Pub. Chm. Denton, Harold G: Atchison, Architecture. 
Denton, Larry R: Atchison, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Denton, Wilson L: Independence, Electrical Engineering, Var- 
sity Gymnastics. Desbien, Vernon L: Bogue, Mathematics, Delta Sigma Phi 
Pres. Dettmer, Gary L: Kensington, Feed Science and Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Dettmer, Gordon P: Kensington, Animal Husbandry. Dett- 
mer, Jean E: Agra, Elementary Education. Deubler, Carol J: Wichita, Tech- 
nical Journalism, Alpha Xi Delta Journal Corres. Pledge Class Sec, Theta 
Sigma Phi, Union Comm. 

BOTTOM ROW: DeVault, Carolyn E: Frankfort, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 
DeVoe, Diane D: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, Chi Omega Rush 
Chm. Activities Chm. A&S Coun., S.E.A. Advisory Bd., Angel Flight, Pershing 
Rifle Honorary, SGA Comm. Chm., Little Sisters of Minerva, Teacher Research 
Comm. Chm. DeWeese, Kathleen: Topeka, Elementary Education. 



Boosting spirit during the home football game with the Big Eight 
champions of Nebraska, a cheerleader tries to stir fans with a hold- 







that-line cheer. The cheerleaders traveled to three out-of-town 
games and planned pep rallies and send-offs to bolster team spirit. 


Seniors: Dic-Dur 

TOP ROW: Dice, Mary J: Eldorado, Clothing Retailing, Fashion De- 
sign, Textiles Research, Chi Omega Sr. Panhel. Rep., Clothing Tex. 
Club, Hosp. Comm. Sports & Recreation Comm. CYR. Dickey, Patsy 
A: Satanta, Secondary Education, S.E.A. Dickinson, Catherine: 
CofTeyville, History, Chi Omega Rush Chm., CYR, SGA Pub. Rel. 
Comm., MPC. Dickinson, Edith M:Whiting, Elementary Education. 
Diekmann, Roger A: White City, Secondary Education. Dikeman, 
Michael E: Fort Scott, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse Rush Chm., 
Alpha Zeta Treas., Student Senate, Block & Bridle, FFA, PTP, Ag. 
College Treas., Jr. Sr. Meats Team, Livestock Team, Ag. Chem. Schs., 
Consumers Cooperative Assoc. Schs. Dillenback, Harold F: Troy, 
Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Dillender, Eugene R: Prairie Village, Business Ad- 
ministration, Kappa Sigma, CYR. Diller, Sherryl L: Morrowville, 
Home Economics Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Home Ec. Journalism 
Club Pres., Clothing & Tex. Club, 4-H, Wesley Found. Collegian 
Librarian University Directory Ed., Home Ec. College Coun. Dillman, 
Carol L: Manhattan, Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta. Dillman, Susan K: 
Newton, Secondary Education. Dodd, JoAnn C: Manhattan, Techni- 
cal Journalism, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Collegian Wire Ed., Royal 
Purple Organizations Ed. Bus. and Ed. Staffs, K-Key Awards. Dodds, 
Sondra S: Riley, Secondary Education. Dodge, Donna A: Manhat- 

tan, Elementary Education, Chi Omega Asst. Pledge Trainer, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., German Club, K-Steppers, Wesley 
Found., Kappa Phi Pres., Prairie District Teachers Assoc. Schs., PTA 

THIRD ROW: Doebele, Gerald U: Hanover, Accounting. Dorian, 
Robert H: Independence, Mo., Secondary Education. Doughty, 
Leon D: Howard, Bacteriology. Dowlin, David L: Concordia, Wild- 
life Conservation. Dowling, Mary M: Norfolk, Va., Elementary 
Education. Dressier, Donald G:Lyons, Government, Phi Kappa Tau 
Pres. Alumni Sec, Chancery Club Assoc. Justice, SGA Dir. of Campus 
Affairs, Political Union, CYR Chm., United Student Party V-Pres., 
Pershing Rifles, 4-H. Droge, Joann L: Seneca, Smurthwaite Home 
Economics Teaching, Ext. Club, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., PTP, 
K-State Players, CYR, MUN, Efficacy, UCCF Adm. Bd., Union Pacific 
Schs., Larry Woods Speech Semi-Finals. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dumiak, Michael J: Queens Village, N.Y., History. 
Duncan, David W: Wichita, Business Administration. Duncan, 
Franklin D: Arkansas City, Nuclear Engineering, Triangle, Pres., 
ANS, General Electric Alumni Corp. Fund Schs. Duni, William R: 
Suffield, Conn., Physical Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, KAPEHR-SNEA, 
Varsity Baseball. Dunn, Martha L: Hoisington, Veterinary Medicine, 
AVMA. Durbin, Harriet E: Kansas City, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 
Durling, John C: Elgin, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, Alpha Zeta. 


Seniors: Dus-Esa 

TOP ROW: Dussair, David: Olathe, Architecture. Duston, Arlene S: Cedar, 
Home Economics Extension, Smurthwaite, 4-H, Ec. Ext., University Ext. Club. 
Duston, James C: Gaylord, Electrical Engineering, Smith Scholarship House, 
Eta Kappa Nu Rec. Sec, Sigma Tau, IEEE. 

SECOND ROW: Dyck, Marvella R: Salina, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Corres. Sec. Archivist, Asst. Social Schs., S.E.A., CYR, Union 
Comm. Eagles, Thomas W: Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma 
Pres., Sigma Tau Sec, Steel Ring, ASME, AIAA, Student Senate, TCB, Engr. 
Coun., K-State Engr. Bus. Mgr., Dean's Honor Roll. Eaton, Philip R: Man- 
hattan, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Eberhart, Franklin L: Deerfield, Animal Husbandry, 4-H, Block 
& Bridle, Amateur Radio Club. Eby, Charles K: Wichita, Civil Engineering, 
Triangle Steward, Sigma Tau, ASCE, Engr. Coun. V-Pres., Civil Engr. Compass 
Ed., Engr. Open House Comm. Chm., Honors Program. Edvy, Peggy M: 

Manhattan, Modern Languages. 

FOURTH ROW: Edwards, John F: Garden City, Mechanical Engineering, CYR, 
Horticulture Club. Edwards, William C: Topeka, Veterinary Medicine. Eichor, 
Ricky J: Anthony, Secondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Ekis, Gunter: New York, N.Y., Animal Husbandry, Varsity Base- 
ball, Baseball Schs. Eltiste, Melvin L: Phillipsburg, Business Administration. 
Emch, Bill D: Madison, Feed Science and Management, Alpha Zeta, Alpha 
Mu Parliamentarian Historian, Milling Assoc, Ralston Purina Schs. 

SIXTH ROW: Emerson, Penny R: Lakm, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Phi, Amateur Radio Club, S.E.A. Emig, Larry W: Solomon, Civil Engineering, 
Alpha Tau Omega V-Pres. Intramurals Chm., ASCE, Engr. Coun. V-Pres., St. 
Pat Finalist, Union Comm. Engle, Bruce K: Ellsworth, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Engle, Harold D: Madison, Agricultural Economics, Farm- 
House Corres. Sec, Bus. Mgr. Summer Rush Chm. Newsletter Ed., Alpha Zeta, 
Deans Honor Roll, IPC, Student Senate, 4-H, Ag. Ec Club, Jr. Sr. Meat Judg- 
ing Teams. Englisby, Denis C: Hempstead, N.Y., Secondary Education, Scab- 
bard & Blade, DMS. Ensz, Katherine M: Moundndge, Speech, K-State 
Players, S.E.A., Mennonite Fellowship. 

BOTTOM ROW: Erbes, Lucinda R: LaCrosse, Business Administration. Erick- 
son, Peggy J: Scandia, Home Economics and Nursing. Esau, Mary L: Inman, 
Bacteriology, Smurthwaite Sec, Alpha Delta Theta Treas., Pep Band, Band, 
SGA Cultural Affairs Comm. Chm., RWF, Larry Woods Speech Finalist, KSU 
Honor Schs. 

^2* ' 

Seniors: Esl-Fin 

TOP ROW: Eslinger, Sue A: Topeka, Interior Design. Etling, Arlen 

W: Ensign, Agricultural Education, FarmHouse Pledge Master, Par- 
liamentarian, IFC Rep., Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Honors 
Program, Ag. Ed. Club, FFA, 4-H, IFC V-Pres., Sears Schs., National 
4-H Schs. Evans, John R: Hutchinson, Animal Husbandry, Alpha 
Gamma Rho Schs. Chm., Ag Week Mgr., Block and Bridle, Wool 
Judging Team, Ag. Coun. Evans, Steven M: lola, Business Admin- 
istration, Delta Upsilon, Soc. Intramurals Act. Chm., ACS, A&S Coun., 
CYR, Fr. Basketball, Maitland E. Smith Schs. Evans, Theodore T: 
Tecumseh, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Newman 
Club. Eversmeyer, Merle G: Ottawa, Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, 
Wheat State Agr. Club Rec. Sec. Corres. Sec. Treas., Wesley Found. 
Ewing, Martha E: Hiawatha, Physical Education, Women's Recrea- 
tion Assoc, PHEMS, Chaparaios, CYR. 

SECOND ROW: Fagerberg, Richard E: Prairie Village, Speech, 
Alpha Tau Omega Pres., Alpha Epsilon Rho Pres., Scabbard & Blade, 
UPC, HQ Producer, Varsity Mens Glee Club Radio and TV Coun. of 
Greater KC Schs. Fair, Jean M: Raymond, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Alpha Theta Pres., S.E.A., A Cappella Choir, Peace Corps 
Comm., Union Comm., RWF. Fairchild, Gary J: Hutchinson, Electri- 
cal Engineering, IEEE. Falconer, Beverly J: Shawnee Mission, Sec- 
ondary Education, Chi Omega Treas., Kappa Delta Pi-V-Pres., Alpha 
Lambda Delta V-Pres., Chimes, Angel Flight, A&S Coun. Sec, S.E.A., 
AWS Judicial Bd., Apport. Bd. Sec. Fanson, Ralph L: Salina, Civil 

Engineering, ASCE Rec. Sec, Chi Epsilon Treas., Civil Engr. Open 
House Co-Chm., S.A.M.E. Farabi, Terry B: Pittsburg, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Farha, Susan K: Wichita, Home Economics Journalism, 
Alpha Chi Omega Chapter Ed., Theta Sigma Phi V-Pres., Home Ec 
Journalism Club Pres., Home Ec. Coun. 

THIRD ROW: Farmer, Charles J: Prairie Village, Technical Journal- 
ism, Delta Upsilon Rush Intramurals Chm., Sigma Delta Chi, CYR, 
Varsity Baseball, K-Club, Baseball Schs. Farney, Kathleen M: Kiowa, 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. Fasse, Harvey D: Hollen- 
berg, Agricultural Education, NVATA, KVATA, Ag. Ed. Club, Uni- 
versity Ext. Club V-Pres., 4-H, EUB, UCCF. Featherston, Norman: 
Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering. Felzien, Joyce E: Wichita, Home 
Economics, S.E.A., Band. Fent, Lee S: Newton, Pre-Medicine. Fergu- 
son, Donald R: Kensington, Nuclear Engineering, FarmHouse Bus. 
Mgr., National Conclave Chm., Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, 
Steel Ring, Phi Eta Sigma Treas., Putnam Schs. Assoc, Student Senate 
Chm., Athletic Coun., Faculty Coun. on Student Affairs, United 
Student Party, Putnam Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ferrell, Max A: Topeka, Electrical Engineering. 
Ficken, Donald D: Bison, Mechanical Engineering. Finch, Mary A: 
Manhattan, Chemistry. Finch, Walter S: Manhattan, Secondary 
Education. Finlay, Gerald L: Carbondale, Electrical Engineering, 
IEEE. Finney, James L: Hutchinson, Mechanical Engineering, Smith 
Schs. House, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. 
Finocchio, Ernest J: Cranston, R.I., Veterinary Medicine, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, AVMA, IPC, IFC Rep. 


ft Q & © f^ 1 

Seniors: Fir-Gab 

TOP ROW: Firling, Paul R: Overland Park, Government. Fisher, 
Carol J: Lancaster, Elementary Education. Fitch, Gretl: Junction 
City, Modern Languages, German Club, French Club Pres. Fitz- 
gerald, John J: Concordia, Chemical Engineering, Triangle Soc. 
Chm., AICE V-Pres., Newman Club. Fitzgerald, Terrell: Ellis, Land- 
scape Architecture. Flaharty, Calvin L: McCune, Agronomy. Flem- 
ing, Donald D: Manhattan, Landscape Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Flett, Susan K: Spring Hill, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Kappa Kappa Gamma Song 
Leader. Foggs, Joanne L: Kansas City, Elementary Education. 
Foland, Carolyn G: Almena, Technical Journalism, A&S Honors 
Program, Quiz Bowl, CYR, Canterbury, KSU General AAUW Schs., 
Boyd Journalism Schs. Folkerts, James D: Timken, Feed Science and 
Management. Foo, Che-Fuk: China, Business Administration. Ford, 
Virginia S: Wetmore, Secondary Education, S.E.A., RWF. Francis, 
Carole J: Mission, Community Service, Pre-School Education, Delta 
Zeta Pub. Chm. House Mgr., Fam. & Child Dev. Club, Union Comm. 

THIRD ROW: Francis, Janet M: Leawood, Sociology, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma Pres. Rush Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes Pres., Mortar 
Bd., Tribunal, Angel Flight Treas., Homecoming Queen Finalist, Boyd 
Hall Schs., John & Hazel Berry Schs., Sara Myers Frisell Schs. Francis, 
Kenneth L: Wilsey, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi, Dorm Treas., 
Commerce Coun. Treas., Accounting Internship. Fancisco, Betty J: 

4 20 

Leawood, Community Service, Preschool Education, Fam. & Child 
Dev. Club, S.E.A., CYR. Frazee, Elizabeth A: Spring Hill, Home 
Economics Extension, Inter Dorm Coun., District Rep. for "4-H in 
Review" Magazine, 4-H, Prof. Foods Club, Home Ec. Ext. Club, Home 
Ec. Teaching Club. Frazee, Larry D: Columbus, Agricultural Mech- 
anization, Dorm Asst. Soc. Gnm., Intramural Chm., 4-H Pres., "4-H 
in Review" Ed. Asst. Ed. County Rep., FFA, ASAE, AMC, Jardine 
Councilmen at Large, Harry Darby Schs., International Harvester 
Schs. Freeman, Joyce I: Phil lipsburg, Home Economics Education, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., 4-H, RA. French, Janet L: Pretty 
Prairie, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Frey, John S: Red Bluff, Calif., Architecture. 
Friesen, Roy: Henderson, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, Blue Key, 
Deans List, AVMA Pres., Alpha Zeta, Evangelical Covenant Sunday 
School Supt., Security Benefit Life Insurance Schs. Fritz, Linda R: 
Kansas City, Elementary Education, Chi Omega Social Activities 
Chm., Kappa Delta Pi, Little Sisters of Minerva, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., 
Cheerleader, A&S Coun., AWS, Queens Comm., Union Comm., SGA 
Pub. Rel. Comm., Engineer Girl of the Month, National Drake Relays 
Queen, Dean's Honor Roll, Best Trouper Award. Fry, Carole J: 
Wichita, Technical Journalism, Delta Delta Delta Pub. Chm., Mortar 
Bd., Chimes, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Royal Purple Ed., Asst. Ed., Greek Ed., Orientation 
Steering Comm., Union Comm., Putnam Schs., Mamie Boyd Schs., 
K-Keys, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart. Frye, Robert S: Cheney, 
Chemistry. Funk, Warren K: Minneapolis, Technical Journalism. 
Gabel, Lenora K: Hutchinson, Secondary Education. 

Seniors: Gam-Gim 

TOP ROW: Gamble, Michael L: Dodge City, Civil Engineering, ASCE, Alpha 
Phi Omega V-Pres. Sgt.-at-Arms, Gamble, William E: Kansas City, Zoology, 
Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega Sgt.-at-Arms, Water Sports Club Rowing Chm., 
Rowing Team Capt. Fr. Coach. Gardner, Douglas D: Smith Center, Account- 
ing, Alpha Kappa Psi Pres. Treas. 

SECOND ROW: Garlett, Jerry W: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Flying Club Sec. Treas. Garlett, Vickey L: Kansas City, 
Family & Child Development, Kappa Delta Press Officer, Fam. & Child Dev. 
Club Sec. Treas. Garlich, Sandra A: Kansas City, Physical Therapy. 

THIRD ROW: Garver, James L: Severy, Secondary Education, Sigma Delta 
Chi, S.E.A., Collegian, Royal Purple Staffs, K-Key. Gegen, Gary R: Colwich, 
Architecture, Acropolis Pres., AIA, Newman Club. Gentzler, Ronald P: Bur- 
well, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 

FOURTH ROW: Gerber, David A: Fowler, Secondary Education. Geringer, 
James E: Wheatland, Wyo., Mechanical Engineering, Triangle Ed., Blue Key, 
Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Arnold Air Society Operations Officer, 
Angel Flight Coordinator, Student Senate, Mech. Engr. Jr. Class Pres., Dorm 
Floor Pres., Engr. Coun., Athletic Coun., Marching Band, Gamma Delta, 
AFROTC Schs. Gerstberger, Gerald: Marienthal, Accounting, Phi Kappa 
Theta Pres. V-Pres., CYR, Newman Club. 

FIFTH ROW: Gerster, Ronald A: Norwalk, Conn., Mechanical Engineering. 
Gettler, William C: Ulysses, Accounting, Sigma Chi V-Pres. Treas., Varsity 
Basketball. Giersch, Ronnie G: Bucyrus, Flour Science and Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Gigstad, Sharon A: Everest, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Rec. Sec, S.E.A., YWCA, AWS, KSCF. Gilchrist, Ross A: King- 
man, Technical Journalism, CYR Administrative Asst., Student Pub. Bd., Kappa 
lota Sigma Pres. V-Pres. Ex. Chm., MPC, MC, MUN, United Student Party. 
Gillam, Dwayne D: Garden City, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Gillespie, David C: Oswego, Mechanical Engineering, 
ASME, Wesley Found. Treas., Sigma Theta Epsilon Sec, Continental Oil Co. 
Schs. Gillgannon, Thomas J: Topeka, Statistics. Gilliland, William J: 

Arkansas City, Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Corres. Sec, Williston Club, 
4-H, Hoedowners V-Pres. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gillmore, Janice M: Hutchinson, Humanities. Gillmore, 

Jean C: Hutchinson, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Alumni Rel. 
Chm.. Rituals Chm., S.E.A., Student Health Comm. Gimbel, Weldon K: Dodge 
City, Mechanical Engineering, ASME. 


In preparation for Homecoming festivities, students place banners 
and posters on campus traffic ways to publicize the weekend events. 

Seniors: Gis-Gra 

TOP ROW: Gist, John D: Manhattan, Architecture. Glazier, Janice 

A: Logan, Community Service, Preschool Education, Smurthwaite, 
Honors Program, Phi Upsilon Omicron, FCD Club, CYR, Ag. Ed. 
Wives Club Pres., Wesley Found., Chemistry Schs. Glenn, William R: 
Powell, Neb., Agronomy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Warden, Alpha Zeta, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Agr. Undergraduate Asst. Schs. Gloyd, Roger S: 
Champaign, III., Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing 
Rifles. Gnadt, Nyla J: Alma, Home Economics Extension. Goedel, 
George D: Matawan, N.J., Sociology, Kappa lota Sigma, CYR Ad- 
ministrative Asst., United Student Party V-Pres., MPC Campaign Chm. 
Goering, John R: McPherson, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Elec. Engr. Treas., Mennonite Fellowship. 

SECOND ROW: Goertz, Diana K: Marion, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Clovia V-Pres. Bus. Mgr., K-State Religions Coun. Sec, 4-H Corres. 
Sec. Reporter, University Ext. Club V-Pres., Home Ec. Ext. Club Pres. 
Sec, S.E.A., UCCF, S. Perry-Hutchinson Schs., Sante Fe Schs. Good- 
sel, Arthur J: Manhattan, Chemistry, ACS Pres. Student Affiliate, 
CYD, Newman Club, Undergraduate NSF Grant Schs. Gordon, 
Glenn L: Gardner, Electrical Engineering. Gordon, James D: Kans- 
as City, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Gordon, Richard R: Wichita, 
Business Administration, Pershing Rifles Commander, ROTC Cadet 
Col., Sport Parachute Club Sec. Treas., TAB, DMS. Gothard, Arch G: 
Cedar Vale, Accounting. Gottlob, Darrell D: Winfield, Agricultural 
Education, Ag. Ed. Club, Block & Bridle. 

BOTTOM ROW: Graber, Ronald D: Kingman, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Graber, Ronald K: Pretty Prairie, Dairy Foods Processing. 
Graham, John M: Council Grove, Business Administration. Gra- 
ham, Judith M: Bloom, English, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta 
Pi Treas., Phi Alpha Mu, Kappa Phi Chaplain. Graner, Richard E: 
Nortonville, Agronomy, Wheat State Agr. Club, Varsity Rowing Team 
Capt. Granger, Nathan D: Manhattan, Industrial Engineering. 
Granquist, Joyce M: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, Chi 
Omega, Sisters of The Maltese Cross Sec. Treas., Jr. Panhel., S.E.A. 

Seniors: Gra-Hai 

4«H^^ ^Hfe ^flfl^^ 
p^y Sp-^f *-^~™ 

TOP ROW: Graves, Jon T: Mount Hope, Mechanical Engineering. Gray, 
James L: Waverly, Physics, Straube Schs. House, MP V-Pres., CYR, YAF Pres. 
V-Pres., PTP, Political Union, MPC, RWF, SCF, MA-3 Program Schs., William 
Osbun Memorial Schs. Grecian, Stanley W: Palco, Animal Husbandry, 
FarmHouse Song Leader, 4-H, Block & Bridle, KSCF, Sigma Theta Epsilon. 

SECOND ROW: Green, Barbara R: Concordia, Chemistry, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Alpha Delta Theta, ACS, King Ch. Schs. Green, Lenore D: Hopewell, 
Va., Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., LDS Student Group. 
Greene, Marsha K: Manhattan, Speech, Gamma Phi Beta Corres. Sec, Sig- 
ma Alpha Eta V-Pres., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., UGB, AWS Ways & Means 
Chm., Kappa Phi Pledge Trainer. 

THIRD ROW: Greene, Thomas E: Mt. Prospect, III., AR. Greer, Caroline J: 

Topeka, Physical Education. Gregory, James F: Salina, Government, Phi 
Kappa Theta Social Chm., CYD, Union Comm., SCC, Newman Club. 

FOURTH ROW: Grey, Nancy C: Mission, Home Economics Education, Kap- 
pa Alpha Theta Soc. Chm. Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, S.E.A., Union Comm., SGA 
Comm. Grieshaber, Alice A: Belvue, Interior Design. Griffin, Jean A: Min- 
neapolis, Community Service, Preschool Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Griffin, Robert S: Minneapolis, Business Administration. Gross, 
Eugene L: Friend, Animal Husbandry, Dean's Honor Roll, Block & Bridle 
Corres. Sec, 4-H, Chapara|os. Groyon, Helen D: Junction City, Secondary 

SIXTH ROW: Grubb, Stephen L: Abilene, Feed Science and Management. 
Gugler, Lyle H: Chapman, Business Administration. Guisinger, Allen W: 

Prairie Village, Zoology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Haag, James M: Kansas City, Civil Engineering. Haber- 
bosch, Kathleen: St. Francis, Music Education, Kappa Delta Chaplain Sgt.- 
at-Arms, A.G.O., MENC, K-State Players Concert Band, Girl's Glee, Oratorio 
Chorus. Haden, Gary L: Ellsworth, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hadsell, Gary N: Hugoton, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta 
House Mgr. Pledge Trainer, Flash Card Design Sub-Comm. Chm. Hahn, Jerry 
L: Leoti, Animal Husbandry, Ag. Ed. Club, FFA, Block & Bridle. Haines, 
George E: Leawood, Business Administration. 

Seniors: Hai-Har 

TOP ROW: Haines, Jacquelyn H: Hutchinson, Sociology, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma. Hale, Bernadine L: Girard, Physics, Smurthwaite, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, S.E.A., AIP, UNESCO Schs., Pi Beta Phi Schs., MA-3 Program Schs., Don- 
ald McGregor Schs., Dean's Honor Roll. Hamblin, Raymond L: Alaska, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hamilton, Bonnie J: Kansas City, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta Schs. Comm. S.E.A., Homecoming Candidate, RP Candidate. 
Hamilton, Helen C: Partridge, Business Administration, Women's Glee Club, 
4-H, Newman Club, Women's Varsity Bowling. Hamilton, Jerry L: Welling- 
ton, Electrical Engineering, Amateur Radio Club. 

THIRD ROW: Hammel, William H: Prairie Village, Accounting. Hanchett, 
Theodore L: Norton, Agricultural Education, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Tau 
Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club. Hanif, Quaisar M: India, Nuclear Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Hanke, Myron F: Falls Church, Va., Secondary Education. 
Hanneman C. Keith: Burns, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Hansen, Wilma J: 

Medicine Lodge, Community Service, Preschool Education, Fam. & Child Dev. 

FIFTH ROW: Harders, James A: Great Bend, Secondary Education, Sigma 
Chi, K-State Singers, A Cappella Choir, Student Senate, Madrigals, Union 
Comm. MPC, Artist Series Comm., Harding Glass Co. Schs. Harmison, Ran- 
dall L: Newton, Electrical Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres., Song Leader, 
Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Epsilon Pi Tau, IEEE, Circle K V-Pres., CYR, RWF, 
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Madrigals, Fred Myers Engr. Schs. Harmon, Gary 
D: Ellsworth, Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA. 

SIXTH ROW: Harmon, Robert E: Hutchinson, Secondary Education. Harper, 
Ann B: Manhattan, Art. Harper, Pamela E: Weskan, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Harriman, George P: Manhattan Architecture. Harris, 

Donald L: Hepler, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, Newman Club. Harrison, 
Frank D: Salma, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Harrison, Harold R: Wakefield, Pre-Medicme. Harrison, 
Jerold W: Raymond, Electrical Engineering, RWF Pres., Religious Coun. 
Comm. Chm. Harrison, Walter A: Wakefield, Agricultural Engineering, 
ASAE Pres., CYR, K-State Players, Engr. Coun. 

* CT** 1 * ^ t v «*¥ 

^ ^ ^ 

Seniors: Har-Her 

TOP ROW: Hartley, Charles S: Lake City, Animal Husbandry. 
Harts, Dwayne L: Walnut, Electrical Engineering. Harvey, Arthur 

S: Kansas City, Secondary Education, Beta Sigma Psi, Campus Relig- 
ious Coun., S.E.A., CYR, Gamma Delta, Varsity Track, Track Schs. 
Harwood, Kenneth D: Humboldt, Civil Engineering, ASCE. Hase, 
Sharon A: Carbondale, Foods and Nutrition Research, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron Corres. Sec, Putnam Schs. Assoc, Dean's Honor Roll, Home 
Ec. Honors Program, German Club, Martha S. Pittman Schs. Haskin, 
Barbara S: Hays, Elementary Education. Haskin, Floyd E: Wichita, 
Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Heath, Helen R: Emporia, Music Education, Kappa 
Alpha Theta, Panhel, Song Leader, S.E.A., Glee Club Pres. Sec, En- 
semble 8, K-State Players, MENC, CYR Glee Club Pres. Sec, Dorm 
Soc Chm, Big Eight Panhel-IFC Conference Co-Chm. Heath, Larry L: 
Burns, Electrical Engineering. Hedges, Nancy J: Salina, Foods and 
Nutrition Research. Heiser, Patricia: Atchison, Elementary Education. 
Heitman, Shirley R: Linn, Home Economics Education, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, S.E.A. Helbing, Orlin H: Cuba City, Wis., Veterinary 
Medicine, AVMA. Heller, Suzanne M: Vesper, PED. 

SECOND ROW: Hauber, Robert K: Winfleld, Accounting. Hauptli, 
Gary L: Glen Elder, Secondary Education, Phi Kappa Tau Sec. Soc. 
Chm., S.E.A. Haverkamp, Marvin V: Seneca, Business Administra- 
tion. Haworth, Gerald R: Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Straube 
Schs. House, Eta Kappa Nu, Newman Club. Hayes, Joan E: Plain- 
ville, Technical Journalism. Hayse, Paul W: Mullinville, Animal 
Husbandry, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Flying Club Pres. Sec. Treas., Moor- 
man Feed Co. Schs. Headley, Ranee K: Ellsworth, Dairy Production 
Dairy Science Club Treas. 

BOTTOM ROW: Helwig, Charles A: Columbus, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Pi Kappa Alpha Sec. V-Pres., AVMA, Alpha Zeta Pres. Hender- 
son, Clarence: Kansas City, Mo., Architecture. Henning, Dennis G: 
Manhattan, Secondary Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Orientation 
Leader, TAB Chm. PTP. Henning, Richard L: Kingman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Hensleigh, Karen: Kinsley, Home Economics Education, 
KSUARH Sec, S.E.A., Home Ec.Teachmg Club RA. Hentzler, Diana 
L: Manhattan, Interior Design, AID Student Affiliate, Home Ec. Art 
Club, Putnam Schs. Herbel, Stephen R: Hugoton, Mechanical En- 


Pr*J f»A ,f 9r?p 

$ ft 

ef e> g> ^ 51 

Seniors: Her-Huc 

TOP ROW: Hergenreter, Bonnie: Alma, Home Economics Exten- 
sion, Alpha Xi Delta Corres. Sec. House Mgr., University Ext. Club, 
4-H, Clothing & Tex. Club, Gamma Delta. Hibbs, Gary L: Chanute, 
Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres. Schs. Chm. Asst. Pledge 
Trainer Hist., AIA, Dean's Honor Roll. Hibier, Ralph E: Atchison, 
Architecture. Hightower, Charles H: Canoga Park, Calif., Electri- 
cal Engineering, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Engr. Honors Program, Dean's 
Honor Roll. Hill, Douglas E: Homer, N.Y., Zoology. Hill, Ray F: 
Burlington, Landscape Architecture, ASLA V-Pres. Hines, Michael J: 
Salina, Pre-Law. 

THIRD ROW: Holloway, Jerry A: Hutchinson, Civil Engineering. 
Holm, Ronald K: Salina, Physical Education, Beta Theta Pi Social 
Chm., Phi Sigma Kappa, Track, Fr. Football Coach. Hooper, Keith 
W: Smith Center, Pre-Medicme, Smith Schs. House, Clinic Club, CYR, 
MPC, Intercollegiate Music Coun., IMC, University Party Pres., Glee 
Club Bus. Mgr. Hoover, Valerie B: McPherson, Home Economics 
Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Pub. Rel. Chm., Angel Flight, Sen- 
ior Class Sec, Ks. Home Ec. College Chapters Chm. Home Ec. Coun. 
Sec, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. Horigan, John W: Frankfort, 
Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Engr. Open House, Berry Memorial Schs. 
Horn, Amelia A: Manhattan, Interior Design. Horn, James W: 
McPherson, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Hirsch, Richard L: East Alton, III., Architecture. 
Hively, Charles W: Charleston, W. Va., Architecture, AIA, Alpha 
Phi Omega Pres., RWF, Weigel Schs, Architecture Second Prize Ks. 
Concrete Masonry Assoc. Competition. Hodgson, Edward S: Little 
River, Animal Husbandry. Hoffman, James N: Wichita, Business Ad- 
ministration, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Basketball. Hofstra, Jack R: 
Leavenworth, Bacteriology. Holeman, James R: Wellington, Mathe- 
matics. Hollen, Leah L: Broughton, Elementary Education. 

4 26 

BOTTOM ROW: Horsch, Ardis E: Yates Center, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Hottenstein, Mary J: San Marina, Calif., Sociology. Hotu- 
jac, Sharon A: Muncie, Elementary Education, Chi Omega Per- 
sonnel Chm., S.E.A., PTP, Fr. Pep Club, SGA Sec. Comm., AWS Coun., 
Dorm Coun. Houdyshell Mary E: Wilson, Home Economics Teach- 
ing. Howard, Frank W: Oakley, Agricultural Engineering, Sigma 
Tau Sec, ASAE Pres., Engr. Coun., Union Pacific Schs. Howard, 
Pamela A: Mission, Secondary Education, Chi Omega Pres. Pledge 
Trainer, Mortar Bd., Chimes, Student Senate, Union Comm., S.E.A. 
Huck, Dennis D: Coldwater, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta 
AVMA, Vet Open House. 

Seniors: Hud-Jan 

TOP ROW: Hudgins, Lois A: Independence, Technical Journalism. Huggans, 
Carol A: Ridgefield, N.J. , Mathematics. Huggans, James A: Manhattan, Nu- 
clear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Huggins, Kenneth G: Council Grove, Veterinary Medicine. 
Hughes, William G: Topeka, Architecture. Hugo, Bernard A: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Accounting, Alpha Phi Omega Pub. Chm. Rec. Sec. Hist., Newman Club. 

THIRD ROW: Hull, Ronald K: Wichita, Pre-Medicine, Phi Delta Theta V-Pres., 
German Club, Clinic Club. Hund, Ann: Paxico, Elementary Education. Hunt, 
Judie K: Topeka, Speech, Alpha Chi Omega Pres., Sigma Alpha Eta Pres. 
V-Pres., S.E.A., PTA Schs. 

FOURTH ROW: Hunt, Richard M: Georgetown, Mass., Physics, A & S Hon- 
ors Program, AIP Pres. Sec, News & Views Comm., Rowing Team, Water 
Sports Club. Hurley, Mary J: Kansas City, Mo., Secondary Education. Hur- 
tig, Victor C: Courtland, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Hyames, Diana K: Dighton, Technical Journalism, Alpha Xi Delta 
Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class Pres. Asst. Pledge Trainer, Theta Sigma Phi Sec, 
Union Comm., Water Sports Club, Jr. Panhel, Flush Bowl Queen Candidate, 
Miss K-State-Manhattan Candidate, RP Queen Candidate. Hyde, John T: 
Augusta, Veterinary Medicine, Phi Eta Sigma, AVMA. Ireland, Michael K: 
Kansas City, Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Pres., Music Ed. Na- 
tional Conference V-Pres., Symphony Orchestra, Marching Band, String Or- 
chestra, Music Dept. Violin Schs., Presser Found. Schs. 

SIXTH ROW: Isernhagen, Fred A: St. Francis, Elementary Education. Iwa- 
moto, Wayne K: Molokai, Hawaii, Landscape Architecture. Jackson, Jack 

H: Omaha, Neb., Architecture,Sigma Phi Epsilon V-Pres. Rec, AIA, MPC Head 
Delegate, Bd. of Student Organizations, Social Coordinating Coun. Liaison 
& Exec. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jacobs, Judy L: Shawnee Mission, Zoology. Jacobson, 
Linda E: Brooklyn, N.Y., Agriculture. Jacobson, Richard W: Ft. Leavenworth, 
Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega Corres. Sec, K-State Players, 
Union Comm. Sub-Chm. 

BOTTOM ROW: Janne, Ronald L: Luray, Accounting. Janssen, Janet L: 

Genesco, Horticulture, Alpha Chi Omega Recommendations Chm., Dean's 
Honor Roll, Horticulture Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, AWS Service 
Comm., Wesley Found. Kappa Phi Pres. Finance Comm. Alumni Chm. Jantz, 
James A: Newton, Architectural Engineering, AIA. 

^ *k mA 


Seniors: Jan-Jon 

TOP ROW: Jantz, Merle D: Moundridge, Architecture, Kappa Sigma Sec, 
AIA, Arch. Dept. Schs. Award, Engr. Open House Ar. Chm., Portland Cement 
Assoc. National Design Award, International Student Playground Design Com- 
petition Winner. Janzen, Darryl E: Newton, Electrical Engineering. Jarvis, 
Gary R: Bethel, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Jeffery, Kenneth L: Horton, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 
Jehlik, Kenneth D: Topeka, Geology. Jiran, Peter A: Clark, N.J., Business 

Administration, Sigma Chi. 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Alvin D: Junction City, Physical Science, Sigma Nu 
Lt. Commander, Treas. Rec, Clinic Club, Putnam Schs. Johnson, Dean K: 
Burrton, Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle. Johnson, Edward L: Downers 
Grove, III., Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Xi Delta, S.E.A. AWS. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Marilyn J: Overland Park, Elementary Education. 
Johnson, Mode A: Eldorado, Business Administration, Sigma Chi Historian, 
Asst. Pledge Trainer, Kappa lota Sigma, Arnold Air Society, 'Cats for Curtains 
Chm., MPC, MUN, Model Congress, Collegian Staff. Johnson, Sherrill J: Mc- 

Pherson, Home Economics Education. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron Candle Ed., Home Ec. Masters Degree Pro|ect, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club Refreshments Chm., Hazel Buck Memorial Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Johnson, Thomas L: Mission, Business Administration, Sports ' 
Car Club. Johnson, William B: Springfield, Mo., Architectural Engineering. 
Johnston, George H: Hutchinson, Pre-Law, Phi Kappa Tau Pres. V-Pres. IFC 
Rep., Chancery Club Pres. Sec. Student Senator Pari., Political Union Liaison, 
Convocations Comm., Forensics Union Pres., CYR, USP, Debate, MUN Comm. 
Chm., MPC Head Delegate. 

SIXTH ROW: Joines, Karen B: Mission, Physical Education. Jones, Clair R: 

Partridge, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau Treas., Electrical Engr. Open 
House Treas., IEEE, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu. Jones, John A: Kansas City, 
Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jones, John B: Topeka, Chemical Engineering. Jones, 
Leila F: Plain vi lie. Mathematics. Jones, Richard B: Kanorado, Animal Hus- 

BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Robert L: Holcomb, Animal Husbandry, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Pres. Sec, Block & Bridle. Jones, Ronald E: Louisburg, Ani- 
mal Husbandry, FarmHouse Sgt.-at-Arms, 4-H, Block & Bridle, Sears & Roebuck 
Schs. Jones, Stephen A: Topeka, Electrical Engineering. 
4 28 

* ii4 

▲1 ** v fi£* *-% 

During the last home football game, a traditional senior day cheer- 
leader boosts team spirit toward a hoped for victory over Cincinnati. 



Seniors: Jor-Kem 

TOP ROW: Jordan, Patricia J: Abilene, Music Education, Pi Beta 
Phi Song Leader, S.E.A., MENC, A.G.O., Apollo Glee Club Accom- 
panist, IFYE Delegate to Netherlands. Jordan, Sheryl K: Beloit, 
Home Economics Education, 4-H, Chaparajos, Student NEA, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Wesley Found. Kappa Phi. Kaiser, Donald W: Bi- 
son, Agricultural Engineering. Kaiser. Donn L: Manhattan, Psychol- 
ogy. Kallenbach, Ann J: Marysville, Modern Languages, Kappa 
Alpha Theta Rec. Sec. Act. Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha 
Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, Union Comm. Sec, SGA Honors 
Comm., MPC, AWS Standards Bd., A & S Honors Program. Kallen- 
bach, Kenneth: Wichita, Architecture, FarmHouse Soc. Chm., Tau 
Sigma Delta Pres., AIA, Dean's List, Ar. Coun., Weigel Schs. Kam- 
mer, William E: Shawnee Mission, History. 

SECOND ROW: Kane, Edward R: Feasterville, Pa., Nuclear En- 
gineering. Karl, Catherine L: Kansas City, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Karr, Erma J: Emporia, Modern Languages, Smurthwaite 
V-Pres. Standards Chm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi V-Pres. 
Sec, Mortar Bd. Pres., Chimes, Student Senate Sec, Homecoming 
Queen, AWS Orientation Chm., Peace Corps Comm., Union Comm., 
RWF. Karr, Rose M: Stockton, Home Economics Education, Home 
Ec. Club, Home Ec. Teaching Club, SEA. Kauffman, Edwin G: To- 
peka, Physical Education. Kaufman, Seth: Bronx 60, N.Y., History, 
CYD Students for Positive Action, Cosmopolitan Club, Efficacy Party, 
Hillel Found. Kaufman, Sue J: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Soc. Act. Y-O Chms., Alpha Lambda Delta. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kaump, Mary K: Riley, Secondary Education. 
Keating, Carolyn J: Tulsa, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Keating, 
Donald J: Liberal, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE V-Pres. Sec, 
S.A.M.E., Scabbard & Blade. Keeler, Garry L: Derby, Animal Hus- 
bandry, Block & Bridle Pres. V-Pres., LSA, Sears Roebuck & Co. Schs. 
Kelley, Jean A: Centralia, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta 
Asst. Pledge Trainer, S.E.A., CYR, AWS Comm., UCCF Coun. Kellner, 
Wayne A: Kanorado, Animal Husbandry, Pershing Rifles Com- 
mander. Kemmerly, Phil R: Eldorado, Secondary Education, S.E.A. 


Seniors: Ken-Kne 

TOP ROW: Kendall, James M: Herington, Nuclear Engineering. Kendall, 
Walter G: Manhattan, Business Administration. Kerns, Gerald L: Manhattan, 
Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 

SECOND ROW: Kerns, Sandra L: Manhattan, Home Economics Education. 
Kersbergen, David N: Wichita, Business Administration. Kershner, Robert 

N: Rush Center, Feed Science and Management, Milling Assoc, Amateur 
Radio Club. 

THIRD ROW: Ketzner, James J: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, 
Newman Club. Killebrew, Lewis G: Neodesha, Feed Science and Manage- 
ment. Killgore, Mickey R: lola, Nuclear Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Kindig, Willard E: Olathe, Animal Husbandry. King, Spen- 
cer W: lola, Secondary Education. King Jr., Ted R: Liberal, Electrical En- 
gineering, Eta Kappa Nu Treas., IEEE, Judo Club, General Electric Corp. 
Alumni Fund Schs., Muchnic Found. Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Kippes, Leroy W: Topeka, Mechanical Engineering. Klag, 
Nancy A: Wichita, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Klataske, Ronald 

D: Greenleaf, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Society Pres. Sec. Treas., Zool- 
ogy Club, Rodeo Club. 

SIXTH ROW: Klawiter, Warren D: St. Louis, Mo., Physical Education. Klein, 
Kathleen K: Marion, Home Economics Education. Klesath, Charles F: Topeka, 
Biological Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kliewer, Bruce D: Galva, Elementary Education. Kline, 
Raymond L: Salma, Agriculture. Klostermeier, Mary E: Topeka, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Klotz, David E: Meade, Mechanical Engineering. Knapp, 
Kenneth D: Rockford, Mich., Electrical Engineering. Knecht, Samuel W: 

Wichita, Electrical Engineering. 

^ato*-*W ' 4*Jji 

4 * ^ Atfc 

Seniors: Kne-Kum 

TOP ROW: Knewtson, Richard D: Altamont, Veterinary Medicine, 
Smith Schs. House, AVMA. Knight, Diana S: Ottawa, Secondary 
Education. Knight, Marcus L: Smith Center, Music Education, Phi 
Mu Alpha Treas., MENC, Union Comm., SGA Comm., Orientation 
Leader, Presser Found. Schs., Dean's Honor Roll. Knudson, Ken- 
neth D: Gem, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Amateur Radio Club. 
Koci, Lois L: LaCrosse, English, S.E.A., Union Comm. Koelliker, 
James K: White Cloud, Agricultural Engineering, FarmHouse Treas., 
Sigma Tau, Engr. Honors Program, Engr. Coun., Steel Ring Pres., 
Honor Roll, ASAE, Sigma Theta Epsilon Pledge Master, Chaplain, 
ASAE Student Honor Award, Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. Award. 
Koenig, Joan E: Junction, Elementary Education. 

City, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club. 
Kraflf, Sharon R: Wichita, Medical Technology, Delta Delta Delta 
Service Pro|ects Chm., Alpha Delta Theta Sec. Krafski, Ku.rt E: Man- 
hattan, Modern Languages. 

THIRD ROW: Krahn, James E: Broadview, III., Accounting, Phi Eta 
Sigma, CYR. Kramer, Anne M: Junction City, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta Pi, 4-H Sec. Treas., Newman Club V-Pres. Krehbiel, 
Carla A: Wichita, Technical Journalism, Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Schs. Chm., Union Comm., Collegian Wire Ed., Royal Purple Sr. Class 
Ed. Business Ed. Staff, K-Key Awards. Krider, John A: Manhattan, 
Architecture. Kruckenberg, Kathleen: Great Bend, Accounting. 
Kruse, Michael B: Wichita, Accounting. Kuchenthal, George W: 
Bonner Springs, Agricultural Education, NVATA, Ag. Ed. Club, 4-H. 

SECOND ROW: Koepke, Margaret A: Henngton, Modern Lan- 
guages, Kappa Delta Treas., Panhel., Alpha Lambda Delta Hist., Phi 
Alpha Mu Treas., Sigma Delta Pi Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Bd. 
Treas., A & S Coun. Pres. V-Pres., S.E.A., Putnam Schs. V-Pres., MA-3 
Program, A & S Honors Program. Koestel, Sondra L: Partridge, 
Elementary Education, S.E.A., Chaparajos. Kondik, Thomas A: 
Garfield Heights, Ohio, Secondary Education, Touchstone Ed. Kopp, 
Jerald A: Fairview, Dairy Foods Processing, Alpha Gamma Rho, 
Dairy Science Club, Little American Royal, Ks. Coop. Dairy Prod. 
Assn. Schs., Dairy Prod. Judging Team. Korach, Gerald F: Kansas 

BOTTOM ROW: Kueck, Don L: Zenith, Animal Husbandry. Kugler, 
Charles D: Abilene, Government. Kuhn, Charles W: Hope, Me- 
chanical Engineering, ASME. Kuhn, Marilyn R: Bonner Springs, 
Music Education, Kappa Delta Song Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon Warden 
Magazine Chm., A Cappella Choir, MENC. Kuhn, R. William: 
Naperville, III., Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. Kuiken, Cheryl M: 
Mankato, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Press Dir., S.E.A., Hosp. 
Comm., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., Chapara|os. Kumamoto, Clifford 
T: Honolulu, Hawaii, Zoology. 

Seniors: Lak-Lil 

TOP ROW: Lake, John E: Kansas City, Mo., Mathematics, CYD, 
Union Comm., Ks. Heart Assoc. Research Grant Schs. Lamborn, 
Linda L: Leavenworth, Elementary Education. Lammers, Cynthia: 

Leawood, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi V-Pres. Asst. Rush Chm. 
Ex. Coun, Standards Comm. Chm., Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., Cam- 
pus Entertainment Comm. Chm., Special Arrangements Sub-Chm., 
Angel Flight Soc. Chm. Lamp, Linda K: Wichita, Secondary Edu- 
cation, Alpha Delta Pi Chaplain, S.E.A., IPC. Lamp, Ross L: Goddard, 
Secondary Education, Acacia Corres. Sec, S.E.A., Scabbard & Blade, 
DMS. Lange, Frederick G: Sedalia, Mo., Feed Science and Manage- 
ment, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Mu, Dean's Honor Roll, Jardine Mayor, 
Milling Assn., UCCF Treas., YMMIA Pres. Lange, Phillip D: Linn, 
Economics, Alpha Kappa Psi Sec, Scabbard & Blade. 

Intramural Chronicler Chms., AIA. Lauer, Kent A: Elmo, Business 
Administration, Delta Tau Delta V-Pres., CYR. Lawrence, Linda J: 

Richmond, Ind., Modern Languages, Delta Zeta Pledge Trainer, Kappa 
Delta Pi, AWS Coun. Fr. Club, Union Comm Sub-Chm. 

THIRD ROW: Lawrence, Thomas J: Wichita, Architecture, Lambda 
Chi Alpha Corres. Sec, AIA Pres., Alpha Phi Omega Hist., Ar Coun. 
Student Adviser, La Citadle, Fr. Wrestling Team, Wrestling Schs., 
Annual AIA Schs. Lay, Charles L: Hutchinson, Agronomy, Wheat 
State Agr. Club. Leeburg, Linn T: Bennington, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Leel, Woodruff G: Suffield, Conn., Geology. Lefmann, 
Gerald L: Eudora, Agronomy, Wheat State Agr. Club, SCSA. Lemon, 
Elaine F: Lenora, Psychology. Levick, Larry N: Wetmore, Electrical 

SECOND ROW: Larsen, Beverly J: Great Bend, Community Ser- 
vice, Preschool Education, Kappa Delta Asst. Membership & Chap- 
lain, Fam. Child Dev. Club V-Pres., Art Club Treas., Women's Glee 
Club, 4-H. Larson, Gene D: Peabody, Pre-Law. Larson, Robert H: 
Green, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi, IEEE V-Pres. Sec, Union 
Comm. Pub. Chm. Larson, Steve E: Topeka, Pre-Law, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon H.Q. Dir., Chancelray Club, Kappa Alpha Mu, Union Comm. 
Latimer, James P: Neosho, Mo., Architecture, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

4 32 

BOTTOM ROW: Lewellen, Rondole L: Appleton City, Mo., Electri- 
cal Engineering. Lewis, Kit J: Hanston, Mathematics & Accounting, 
ANS. Lewis, Sharon K: Concordia, Sociology. Light, Phillip C: 
Liberal, Animal Husbandry. Ligon, Thomas H: Columbus, Mathe- 
matics. Lillibridge, Carolyn J: Junction City, Family and Child De- 
velopment, Alpha Delta Pi, Fam. & Child Dev. Club. Lillibridge, 
Richard: Herkimer, Business Administration, Flying Club, PTP, Sport 
Parachute Club, Judo Club, UCCF. 

Seniors: Lil-Low 

■Q mm £5 

TOP ROW: Lillich, Robert D: St. Francis, Chemical Engineering & Mathe- 
matics, Triangle, Sigma Tau Hist., AICE Sec, Dean's Honor Roll, Engr. Coun. 
Treas., CYR, LSA, Sparks Found. Award Schs., Boeing Schs. Lind, Martha L: 
Manhattan, Home Economics Education, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
S.E.A., Home Economics Teaching Club. Lindenbaum, Stephen: Salina, 

SECOND ROW: Linder, Julia A: Sharon Springs, Elementary Education, 
Delta Zeta Parliamentarian, S.E.A., CYR, Cantenbery Club, SCA. Linscheid, 
Karen E: Arlington, Family and Child Development, Dorm Coun., S.E.A., Fam. 
& Child Dev. Club. Lintecum, Sandra K: Mayfield, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Lippoldt, Robert L: Kinsley, Physical Education. Little, Martin 
L: Douglass, Elementary Education. Littrell, John M: Manhattan, Secondary 

FOURTH ROW: Livingston, Philip A: Yonkers, N .Y., Geography, Delta 
Sigma Phi Sec. Schs, Chm., Gamma Theta Upsilon, Scabbard & Blade, CYR, 
Geography Club. Lloyd, Cheryl L: Green, Clothing Retailing, Fashion De- 
sign, Textiles Research. Lloyd, Douglas A: Oak Hill, Industrial Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Loar, Donald R: Mapleton, Secondary Education, LIAHONA 
Pres., Geography Club Treas., S.E.A. Loebeck, Barbara P: Bartlesville, Okla., 
Physical Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma House Chm. Act. Chm., Dean's 
Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi, UGB, UPC Chm., PHEMS V-Pres., S.E.A- Loeppke, 
Wilda L: Kendall, Radio and Television and Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta 
Soc. Chm. Song Leader, 4-H Sec. Corres. Sec. Reporter, CYR, University Ext. 
Club, Home Ec. Ext. Club, Soc. Coor. Coun. Wesley Found. 

SIXTH ROW: Logbeck, James C: McPherson, Electrical Engineering, Dean's 
Honor Roll, IEEE. Lohmann, Vernon E: Lincoln, Agricultural Education, Alpha 
Tau Alpha Pres. Treas., Ag. Ed. Club Reporter, Ag. Assoc, Marching Band. 
Loomis, Carol A: lola, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A. 

SEVENTH ROW: Loomis, Jim E: Marion, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Treas. Rush Chm., Alpha Kappa Psi Pledge Trainer, Commerce Coun., CYR, 
Accounting Internship. Loomis, Ronald H: lola, Agricultural Engineering, 
ASAE. Loughmiller, Jean A: Topeka, Home Economics Education, S.E.A. 
Newsletter Ed. Advisory Bd., R.A. Sr. Dorm Asst., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
K-State Players, Kappa Phi. 

BOTTOM ROW: Love, Charles R: Redfield, Agronomy, Wheat State Agr. 
Office. Love, Joyce E: Manhattan, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Lowe, Mary 
A: Fort Worth, Tex., English, Delta Zeta Courtesy Chm., SGA Orientation 
Comm., Orientation Leader, AWS, K-State Players. 

r^ a <• £* £* o ^ 

it ^4 

Sunny days and warm weather lure many students attending summer 
school away from their books to a dip in an apartment complex pool. 

Seniors: Luk-Man 

TOP ROW: Lukens, Roger L: Medicine Lodge, Veterinary Medicine, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Delta, AVMA, Kroger 
Schs., Continental Grain Schs., General Honors Schs. Lukins, Nancy 
C: Glen Ellyn, III., Psychology, Alpha Xi Delta Standards Chm., AWS 
Research Comm. Chm. Lundblade, Eugene D: Jamestown, Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Lundgren, Joan A: Osage City, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Lundgren, Paul E: Osage City, Music Education, Phi Mu 
Xlpha Sinfonia, MENC, Band, Varsity Glee Club. Lunn, Edward A: 
Puerto Rico, English. Lutes, Connie S: Independence, Mo., Elemen- 
tary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Rec. Sec, S.E.A. 

SECOND ROW: Lyon, Duane H: Newton, Landscape Architecture. 
Mabry, Marjone I: Overland Park, Home Economics Education, Al- 
pha Xi Delta Act. Chm. Panhel Dorm Counselor, Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, S.E.A., AWS Service Comm. Tutor Comm. Chm. Macfee, Nancy 
M: Barnard, Community Service, Preschool Education. Machart, 
William J: Oberlin, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. MacKirdy, Wayne 
H: Pomona, Calif., Pre-Law. MacKlin, Dennis D: Wichita, Electrical 
Engineering. Macy, Ted L: Longford, Pre-Medicine, Clinic Club, 
German Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Madden, James R: Liberal, Business Administra- 
tion, Alpha Tau Omega V-Pres. Sec, Arnold Air Society, Varsity 
Men's Glee Club. Madziya, Robert G: South Rhodesia, Geography. 
Mai, Harold E: Garden City, Agricultural Education, Beta Sigma 
Psi Corres. Sec, Alpha Tau Alpha First V-Pres., Alpha Zeta, Ag.Ed. 
Club Sec, Gamma Delta, Co-op Schs., Dean's Honor Roll. Maichel, 
Farrell D: Overbrook, Agricultural Education, Ag. Ed. Club, University 
Ext. Club. Maichel, Sally J: Overbrook, Modern Languages. Mann, 
Daniel G: Topeka, Electrical Engineering, FarmHouse Asst. Corres. 
Sec, Alpha Tau Alpha, S.E.A., Ag. Ed. Club Treas., 4-H, FFA, LSA. 
Mann, James I: Topeka, Mechanical Engineering. 

^T' d 

Seniors: Man-May 

TOP ROW: Mann, Linda R: Bethel, Home Economics Education. Mann, Mar- 
vin W: Athol, Agricultural Education. Mann, Mary F: Dodge City, Secondary 
Education, Delta Delta Delta Hist. Frat. Ed., Union Comm., MUN Sec. Staff, 
Kappa Phi Pledge Class Pres. 

SECOND ROW: Mann, Susan: Great Bend, Elementary Education, Orchesis 
Pres. V-Pres., S.E.A., Dames. Manuel, Maureen K: Manhattan, Secondary Edu- 
cation, Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Alpha Eta Sec. Treas., S.E.A. Marion, Roger 
B: Ogdensburg, N.Y., Dairy Production. 

THIRD ROW: Marker, James N: Yates Center, Secondary Education, Delta 
Chi, S.E.A., Pershing Rifles. Marmet, Kent L: Sabetha, Electrical Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, CYR, Political Union, United Student Party. Marolf, 
Judith A: Bellevue, Neb., Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Marr, Gary D: Webber, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, 
AVMA. Marsh, Carol L: Prairie Village, Mo., Secondary Education, S.E.A., 
CYR, International Students Union Comm. Marsh, Ross C: Kansas City, Mo. 
Business Administration, Flying Club V-Pres. 

FIFTH ROW: Marshall, Paul M: Sylvis, Animal Husbandry, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Block & Bridle, 4-H, Chapara|OS, Livestock Judging Team. Martin, Max 
T: Broughton, Secondary Education. Martin, Ray L: Baxter Springs, Mechan- 
ical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Martin, Thomas A: Cary, Miss., Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 
Mason, Stella K: Morrowville, Home Economics Education, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Honors Program, 
Master's Degree Pro|ect, Home Ec. Teaching Interest Group Pres., S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Greater K.C. Home Ec. Schs., Am. Assn. Of Univer- 
sity Women Schs., Dean of Home Ec. Schs. Mathews, Philip V: Lyons, Ani- 
mal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mathias, Albert R: Leroy, Wildlife Conservation. Mau, 
Mary S: Topeka, Elementary Education. Mauck, Theodore S: Goddard, 
Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Maxwell, Michael L: Dodge City, Business Administration, 
Delta Upsilon Pres. Treas., CYR, MPC. Mayberry, Jay C: LaGrange, III., 
Electrical Engineering. Maynard, Jean A: Overland Park, English, Delta 
Delta Delta Informal Soc. Chm., Little Sisters of Minerva, Y-O Union Comm., 
Young Republicans, Italian Club. 

4 35 

Seniors: May-McG 

TOP ROW: Mayne, Paul R: Manhattan, Architecture, AIA, Court of Cheva- 
liers, UCCF. McCammon, Ronald W: Manhattan, Animal Husbandry, Mc- 
Carty, Ernest P: Turon, Agricultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha. 

SECOND ROW: McCaslin, Ann: Stockton, Elementary Education, Delta Del- 
ta Delta Rec. Chm. Sr. Panhel. Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes Treas., 
Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Bd., Dorm V-Pres., SGA Appt. Bd., AWS V-Pres. Judi- 
cial Bd. Chm., S.E.A. McClanathan, Richard: Salina, Landscape Architecture. 
McClaskey, George E: Pittsburg, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. 

THIRD ROW: McClelland, Lynn A: Colby, Government. McCleskey, 
Joseph H: Topeka, Nuclear Engineering. McConnell, James R: Mission, 
Chemical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: McCosh, Linda L: Abilene, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
4-H. McCourt, James E: Atchison, Business Administration. McCoy, Ronda 

E: Marysville, Secondary Education, S.E.A. 

FIFTH ROW: McCoy, Susan J: Hiawatha, Bacteriology, Chi Omega V-Pres. 
Song Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Senate Corres. Sec, Alpha Delta 
Theta Pres. V-Pres., Putnam Schs. McCracken, Jack E: Salina, Chemistry. 
McCracken, Malcolm D: Port Chester, N.Y., Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: McCready, Joyce E: Talmage, Music Education, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Mu, Mu Phi Epsilon V-Pres. Sec, A Cappella 
Choir, Madrigals, MENC, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Schs. McCready, Stuart 
T: Longford, Pre-Medicine, Clinic Club, Varsity Glee Club. McCreary, Fred- 
erick: Norton, Technical Journalism, A Cappella Choir. 

SEVENTH ROW: McDermet, Staley B: Leawood, Business Administration, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres. Rush Chm. McDonald, Hal T: Leawood, Architecture. 
McDonald, Rita J: Independence, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: McDougal, David E: Topeka, Industrial Engineering. Mc- 
Gehe, Bruce A: Manhattan, Zoology. McGregor, Douglas D: Borger, Tex., 
Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, ASME, RWF. 

4 M, 

Seniors: Mel-Mil 

Fr. Club, AWS Standards Bd. Pub. Rel. Comm. Mehl, Constance H: 

Liberal, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, S.E.A., Dames. 

TOP ROW: Mclntire, Ronald A: Arkansas City, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, ASME, AIAA. McKinley, James H: Norton, Zoology. Mc- 
Leod, Jon R: Marysville, Mechanical Engineering, ASME V-Pres., Pi 
Tau Sigma, Dean's Honor Roll. McMillen, Richard E: Earlton, Ag- 
ricultural Engineering, ASAE. McMurray, Diane S: Wichita, Ele- 
mentary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Asst. Treas., S.E.A. McMurry, 
Nancy L: Hutchinson, Home Economics Education, Kappa Alpha 
Theta. McNeal, Kathleen A: Waysata, Minn., Community Service, 
Preschool Education, Delta Delta Delta Rec. Sec. Service Pro|. Chm., 
FCD Club Membership Chm. 

THIRD ROW: Mehl, Gary R: Liberal, Animal Husbandry, Delta Tau 
Delta Rush Chm. Meirowsky, Bernard J: Florence, Secondary Edu- 
cation, CYR, Newman Club. Melichar, Robert M: Caldwell, Pre- 
Medicine, Sigma Nu Pres. V-Pres. Chap., Clinic Club, Scabbard & 
Blade Treas., Varsity Rowing Team, DMS. Merrill, Susan: LaCrosse, 
Secondary Education, Chi Omega House Mgr., S.E.A., Union Comm. 
Mickey, David H: Norton, English. Miles, Connie K: Atchison, 
Secondary Education, Theta Sigma Phi, S.E.A., RP Organizations Ed, 
Ks. Press Women's Sehs., Kappa Delta Pi. Millenbruch, Janice: 
Frankfort, Home Economics Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: McNeill, William B: Havensville, Dairy Manufac- 
turing, CYR, Dairy Club. McPeak, Garold L: Beloit, Agricultural 
Engineering, ASAE. Meehan, Mary C: Topeka, English. Meek, 
Patsy C: Shawnee Mission, Physical Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Alpha Mu, AWS Coun., PHEMS Pres. S.E.A., Shawnee Co. Alumni 
Schs., Willard Osbury Memorial Schs. Meeks, Charles E: Parsons, 
Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse Chaplain, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Al- 
pha, Ag. Coun. Officer, Ag. Ed. Club, Sears Schs. Meerpohl, Judy L: 
Manhattan, Modern Languages, Kappa Alpha Theta V-Pres., Sigma 
Delta Pi, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA Orientation Comm., Union Comm., 

BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Carol E: Newton, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Miller, Dallas E: Barberton, Ohio, Pre-Dentistry. Miller, Ed- 
ward P: Prairie Village, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA. 
Miller, Karen M: Abilene, Elementary Education. Miller, Marshall 
F: Mullinvi lie, Feed Science and Management. Miller, Robert H: 
Wellington, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Omega Pres., United Stu- 
dents Party Treas., CYR Admin. Asst., MPC. Delegation Leader, 
Wheat State Agr. Club, MUN Delegation Leader, Ag. Ec. Club, 
Water Sports Club. Miller, Willard A: Garnett, Mechanical Engi- 

4 37 

h»*M W**f f^*4 ^r?ry 

Seniors: Mil-Mos 

TOP ROW:Milleson, Carolyn R: Abilene, Clothing Retailing, Fash- 
ion Design, Textiles Research, 4-H, S.E.A., Clothing & Tex. Club, 
Women's Bowling Team. Mills, Randy V: Salina, Business Admin- 
istration, Phi Delta Theta Pres., Pledge Trainer. Miner, Dennis L: 
Ness City, Music Education. Minter, Robert W: Manhattan, Veteri- 
nary Medicine, AVMA. Minturn, Brian N: Baxter Springs, Business 
Administration. Mishler, Danny D: Sabetha, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., ASME, Burgwin-Martin Schs., Muchnic Schs. 
Mitchell, Timothy W: Bonner Springs, Accounting, Lambda Chi 
Alpha Sec. Ritualist, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club, CYD. 

SECOND ROW: Mock, Sharon K: Wilsey, Art Moden, Lloyd D: 

Junction City, Agronomy, Lambda Chi Alpha Treas. Schs. Chm., A&S 
Honors Program, Soil Judging Team, Wheat State Agr. Club, SCS, 
4-H. Moews, Robert M: Louisburg, Music Education, MENC, Phi 
Mu Alpha Sinfona, Marching Band, Concert Band, Oratorio Chorus, 
Newman Club. Mohrman, Carolyn K: Byron, Biological Science, 
Alpha Chi Omega Hist., CYR, Clinic Club, WRA Sec, Union Comm. 
Molinari, Peter L: Livermore, Calif., Business Administration, 
Lambda Chi Alpha Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Coun. Pres. 
Monahan, Marcia S:Manhattan, Zoology. Moore, Janet L: Linn, 
Home Economics Education, Clovia Pledge Class Pres., Phi Upsilon 
Omicron Alumni Chm., Clothing & Tex. Club, 4-H, S.E.A., Dean's 
Honor Roll. 

THIRD ROW: Moore, Judy J: Kackley, Secondary Education, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, A&S Honors Program, R.A., S.E.A., 
Off-Campus Women's Assoc, AVMA Aux., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Moore, Lyle V: Leavenworth, Government. Moore, Philip F: 
Wichita, Pre-Law. Moore, Roger L. Elkhart, Nuclear Engineering, 
ANS, Arapaho Pres. Pub. Chm., Dorm Governing Bd., Engr. Open 
House Chm., Wesley Found., VFW Schs. Morehouse, Richard W: 
Manchester, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Citizen State 
Bank Schs., Franklin Schs. Morgan, Alice P: Arkansas City, Mathe- 
matics. Morgan, Johnnie L: Garden City, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management, Alpha Delta Pi Schs. Chm. Service Chm., CYR, Prof. 
Foods Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Morgan, Linda M: Hugoton, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Rec Sec, S.E.A., AWS. Morris, William A: 
Augusta, Architecture. Morrow, Janice J: Kansas City, Elementary 
Education, Delta Zeta Jud. Bd., Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., CYR, MPC, 
Union Comm. Moser, Michael L: Oakley, Business Administration. 
Mosier, Linda L: Manhattan, Elementary Education. Mosier, Steven 
R: Hoxie, Veterinary Medicine, Phi Eta Sigma, AVMA, Sigma Theta 
Epsilon, Union Pacific Schs. Moss, Max R: Hoxie, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Acacia Chaplain, Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Blue Key V-Pres., Sr. Class Pres., AVMA V-Pres., Christian Church 
College Class Advisor, Varsity Basketball, Athletic Schs. 

Seniors: Mou-Nel 

TOP ROW: Moulton, Robert E: Elmhurst, III., Business Administration. Mount, 
Sharon A: Polo, III., Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta, ACS Student Affiliates, 
Union Comm., King Schs. Mowry, Darrell E: Garden City, Electrical Engineer- 

SECOND ROW: Mueller, Barbara L: Hanover, Secondary Education, S.E.A. 
Munson, Jerry L: Belleville, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi Rush Chm., 
IFC Rep., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE Sec, Steel Ring, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Student Senator, Engr. Coun., Varsity Men's Glee Club, 
Elk's Schs., Munchich Found. Munyon, Clair A: Bird City, Business Administra- 

THIRD ROW: Muret, Jeanne L: Wmfield, Home Economics Extension, Clovia 
House Mgr., 4-H, University Ext. Club Sec. Murphy, James P: Abilene, Agri- 
cultural Engineering. Mustoe, Martha A: Rexford, Secondary Education, 
Kappa Delta, Sec. Rush Chm. Standards Chm. House Coun., S.E.A., Oratorial 

FOURTH ROW: Myers, Cecilia J: Hutchinson, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
AWS Rep. Myers, Charles R: Shawnee Mission, Architectural Engineering, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon V-Pres. Sec, CYR, AIA. Myers, LaVerne R: Abilene, 
Dairy Production, Alpha Zeta, Dairy Club Reporter, Dairy Production Judging 
Team, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Union Pacific Schs., Little American Royal 

FIFTH ROW: Myers, Marilyn S: Alma, History, Women's Recreation Assoc, 
AWS, Chapara|os, Putnam Schs. Myers, Steven R: Sterling, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Nagata, Ronald H: Ninole, Hawaii, Architectural Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Neal, John A: Menlo, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Sports Car 
Club Pres. Neal, Thomas E: Manhattan, Civil Engineering, ASCE. Nebgen, 
John T: Bern, Civil Engineering, ASE, Open House Chm., S.A.M.E. Sec. Treas., 
Scabbard & Blade, Chi Epsilon Sec, Sigma Tau, Dean's Honor Roll, CYR. 

SEVENTH ROW: Nebgen, Judy E. Bern, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 4-H, 
Kappa Phi. Nelson, Brian B: Manhattan, English. Nelson, Gary R: Manhat- 
tan, Chemistry and Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, MUN Sec, PTP Sec, 
Amateur Radio Club, CYR Membership Comm., Football Mgr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nelson, James P: Horton, Veterinary Medicine. Nelson, 
Karen S: Wichita, Community Service, Preschool Education. Nelson, Merle 

F: Bridgeport, Agricultural Economics. 


Seniors: Nel-Old 

TOP ROW: Nelson, Samuel C: Courtland, Animal Husbandry. Nelson, 
Sharon L: Herington, Interior Design. Neville, George O: Manhattan, Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Newman, David R: Derby, Electrical Engineering, Liahona 
Fellowship. Nichols, Connie V: Osborne, Elementary Education. Nichols, 
Robert B: Dallas, Tex., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rec. Sec, CYR, K- 
Club, FCA, Varsity Football, Athletic Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Nicholson, Rodney D: Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, Varsity Football, Athletic Schs. Nieden- 
thal, Linda K: Russell, Sociology, Smurthwaite Fr. Class V-Pres., Kappa lota 
Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Chimes Treas., Mortar Bd., A&S 
Honors Program, AWS Standards Bd., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., SGA Comm., 
Concert Band, Pep Band, University Chorus, CYR, PTP, LSA Treas. Sec, Put- 
nam Schs., Elks Leadership Schs., Masonic Essay Contest Schs. Nielson, 
Charles C: Parsons, Chemical Engineering, Smith Schs. House V-Pres., AICE 
Pres. V-Pres., Engr. Coun., K-State Engineer Features Writer, News Editor, 
Dean's Honor Roll. 

FOURTH ROW: Norberg, John E: Shawnee Mission, Physics. Norman, Reid 

L: Scott City, Zoology. Novosel, John M: Kansas City, Secondary Education, 
Sigma Chi V-Pres., S.E.A., Cat's for Curtains, CYR, HQ, Newman Club, Var- 
sity Football, Athletic Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Nuss, Norman P: Russell, Physical Education. Nuttelman, 
Robert A: Independence, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau, Engr. 
Honors Program, Steel Ring, ANS V-Pres., Hertz Engr. Schs. Nutter, Douglas 
R: Wichita, Physical Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Nwosu, Nnakarame A: Nigeria, Poultry Science. Oberhel- 

man, Joline F: Independence, Mo., Home Economics, S.E.A., Home Ec 
Teaching Club, Union Comm. Pub. Sub-Chm., CYR, A Cappella Choir, Women's 
Glee Club, Whi-Purs, UCCF, Y-O, MPC. Ochampaugh, Clifford: St. George, 
Applied Music, A.G.O., Phi Mu Alpha, Varsity Glee Club, Madrigals, Inter- 
collegiate Music Coun. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ochampaugh, Lucille: St. George, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A. Odell, Ronald O: Sedgwick, Animal Husbandry. Ogle, Sherman F: 

Salina, Mathematics, AFROTC, Newman Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Oke, Susan M: Leawood, Elementary Education, Chi Omega 
V-Pres. Pledge Class V-Pres., Angel Flight V-Pres., Little Sisters of Minerva 
Sec, Pershing Rifles Honorary, Military Ball Queen, St. Patricia Finalist, S.E.A. 
V.-Pres. Bd. Mgr., Panhel Rep., Interdorm Coun. Union Comm. Okudo, 
Chukwuzubelu: Nigeria, Animal Husbandry. Oldham, Larry S: Topeka, 
Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 

*ps» jsaa i 

Seniors: Ole-Par 

TOP ROW: O'Leary, Richard H: Independence, Architecture, AIA, 
PTP, Alpha Phi Omega. Oleen, Judy A: Falun, Home Economics 
Education. Olivier, Donna L: Danville, Community Service, Pre- 
school Education, Alpha Delta Pi Soc. Chm. Standards Chm., Fam. & 
Child Dev. Club, Act. Chm., Alpha Lambda Nu, Sweetheart of Sigma 
Chi, Newman Club Programs Chm. Olmstead, Robert E: Junction 
City, Mechanical Engineering. Olsen, Aldan S: Salt Lake, Utah, 
Animal Husbandry. Olson, Judith A: Riley, Elementary Education. 
Olson, Keith F: Hopkins, Minn., Mechanical Engineering, Straube 
Schs. House, ASME, CYR, Circle K. 

THIRD ROW: Overley, Vickie J: Speed, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta Phi, Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., Phi Kappa Phi, 4-H, Prof. 
Foods Club, AWS Rules Conv., Womens Glee Club, University Chorus, 
RWF, Kappa Phi Pledge Class Chaplain, Finance Comm., Farm Bu- 
reau Schs., Ford Motor Schs. for National 4-H Achievement Winner. 
Owen, Gary D: Dighton, Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, Arnold Air 
Society, ASCE, Band, Glee Club, Brass Choir, RWF. Oyama, Theo- 
dore I: Honolulu, Hawaii, Architecture. Paddock, Garry O: Mound 
City, Animal Husbandry. Pankratz, Marilyn K: Wichita, Physical 
Therapy, Delta Zeta AWS Rep., CYR, PTP, Furthering Ed. Grant Schs. 
Pannbacker, Beth M: Washington, Dietetics and Institutional Man- 
agement, Alpha Xi Delta Chaplain, Prof. Foods Club Pres. Paradis, 
Ronald E: Topeka, Speech. 

SECOND ROW: Onyia, Kenneth N: Nigeria, Veterinary Medicine, 
Soccer Club. Opdycke, Kenneth K: Hutchinson, Architectural Engi- 
neering, Lambda Chi Alpha Pres., AIA, CYR. Orth, Janice M: St. 
Francis, Business Administration, Alpha Xi Delta, CYR, Water Sports 
Club, Whi-Purs. Osborn, Elizabeth A: Topeka, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Oswald, Robert L: Greeley, Mechanical Engineering. Otte, 
Myrna M: Great Bend, Music Education, Alpha Chi Omega Corres. 
Sec. Song Leader, 4-H Song Leader, MENC, Wesley Found. Overley, 
Gary S: Speed, Agricultural Economics, Sigma Theta Epsilon V-Pres. 
Pledge Trainer, Ag. Ec. Club Pres. V-Pres. Sec, Ag. Coun., 4-H. 

BOTTOM ROW: Parker, Ralph M: Wellington, Architecture. Par- 
ker, Rosanne M: Wichita, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, 
S.E.A., NCTM, BSU Enlistment Chm., Devotions Chm. Parker, Suz- 
anne:Clearwater, Music Education, CYR, MENC, Women's Glee 
Club. Parks, Janice L: Overland Park, Sociology, Kappa Alpha 
Theta Schs. Chm. House Mgr., HQ Dir., Kappa lota Sigma, KSU 
"Honor'' Schs. Parks, William L: Minneapolis, Pre-Law. Parsons, 
Lynn K: Emporia, English. Parsons, Steven D: Hunter, Mathematics, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon V-Pres. Sec. Pledge Trainer, CYR, Chemistry Grant, 
Frontier Chem. Co. Schs. 


Seniors: Pat-Phi 

TOP ROW: Patry, James D: Hillsboro, Agricultural Education, 
NVATA, Ag. Ed. Club, FFA, Klod & Kernel Klub, Newman Club. 
Patterson, Randy B: Bethel, Mechanical Engineering. Patton, Janet 
L: Chase, Home Economics Extension, Clovia V-Pres. Pledge Trainer 
Social Chm. Song Leader, RA., 4-H Sec. Corres. Sec, University Ext. 
Club, Ks. Home Ec. Advisory Comm. Schs., Harry Darby 4-H Found. 
Schs., Miss Lyons Pepsi Schs. Patton, Patricia A: Galena, Home 
Economics Education, Clovia V-Pres. Treas. Song Leader Chaplain, 
Schs. Chm., Mortar Bd. Hist., Phi Upsilon Omicron Pres., Omicron Nu, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec. Honors Program, 
Home Ec. Masters Degree Pro|ect, General Home Ec. Club Pres., 
Home E. Coun., Home Ec. Hosp. Day Programs Chm., 4-H V-Pres., 
Kansas 4-H in Review, Asst. Ed., Women's Glee Club, A.G.O., S.E.A., 
Social Coordinating Coun., Religious Coun. Sec, UCCF, Dean's Hon- 
or Roll, Montgomery Ward Nat'l Home Ec. 4-H Schs., Kansas Elks 
Club "Most Valuable Student'' Schs., Danforth Outstanding Home 
Ec. College Sr. Summer Award. Pearce, Cecil W: Wallace, Music 
Education, Acacia Song Leader, Chaplain, Phi Mu Alpha, Ag. Ec. 
Club Corres. Sec, Men's Varsity Glee Club Pres., A Cappella Choir, 
Madrigal Singers, K-State Players, Fr. Track. Pearson, Wayne A: 
Concordia, Music Education, Smith Schs. House, Phi Mu Alpha Sin- 
fonia V-Pres. Sec, MENC, RWF, Presbyterian Church Music Schs., 
Dept. of Music Schs. Peirce, Stephen W: Hutchinson, Philosophy 
and Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Peltier, Sharon A: Concordia, Modern Languages, 
Newman Club Sec, Pep Club. Pember, Duane R: Ness City, Ani- 
mal Husbandry. Pember, Sharon A: Ness City, Home Economics 

Education. Penner, Jeanene S: Hutchinson, Elementary Education. 
Penner, Maurice D: Newton, Feed Science And Management, 
Sjraube Schs. House Soc Chm. House Mgr., Alpha Mu Pres., Alpha 
Zeta, Orientation Leader, K-State Fair Booth Rep., Milling Assn. Pres., 
Ag. Science Day Co-Chm., Mennonite Fellowship, Harvey E. Yantis 
Memorial Schs. Perk, Wayne L: Clarendon Hills, III., Technical 
Journalism and Business Administration, K-Key, Sigma Delta Chi 
Treas., CYR, Collegian Adv. Mgr., University Ed. Collegian Bus. Mgr., 
Assoc. Collegiate Press Delegate. Perry, Jack L: Little River, Bacter- 
iology, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club. 

THIRD ROW: Perry, James C: Herington, Physical Education. 
Perschbacher, Elmer: St. Louis, Mo., Architecture. Petersen, Rod- 
ney D: Republic, Physical Education, Alpha Tau Omega Intramural 
Chm., Phi Epsilon Kappa, Union Comm., Varsity Men's Glee Club, 
S.E.A., Dean's Honor Roll. Peterson, Frederick: Marquette, Sec- 
ondary Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Zoology Club. Peterson, 
Garth L: Monument, Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse IFC Rep., Stu- 
dent Senate, Pre-Vet Club V-Pres., AVMA, CYD, United Student Party 
Athletic Coun. Liaison Member, Soil Conservation Schs. Peterson, 
Leland M: Humboldt, Electrical Engineering. Peterson, Patricia L: 
Topeka, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta Asst. Rush Chm. Sr. 
Panhel. Rep., Homecoming Queen Finalist. 

BOTTOM ROW: Peterson, Orville M: Bazaar, Agronomy. Peter- 
son, Ronald L: Clifton, Electrical Engineering. Petri, Raymond L: 
Waverly, Iowa, Nuclear Engineering. Pfanenstiel, Anna M: Salina, 
Medical Technology. Pfanenstiel, Richard: Salina, Pre-Law. Pfuetze, 
Robert B: Manhattan, Chemistry. Phillips, Charles R: Ridgefield, 
N.J., Agronomy, Pershing Rifles, CAR Coun., SCF. 


j* ■■■. , : i 

* s 



if ^ 

:** ** r^ 
^ S — 

Seniors: Pia-Pre 

TOP ROW: Piatt, Cheryl R: Wichita, Bacteriology, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Piatt, Joel D: Hutchinson, History, Delta Tau Delta. Pierce, Patricia A: Tur- 
key, English, Kappa Alpha Theta Frat. Ed., Union Comm. 

SECOND ROW: Pilger, Shelia R: Sharon Springs, Home Economics Edu- 
cation, Delta Zeta, Schs. Act. Standards Rush Chm., Phi Upsilon Omicron 
V-Pres., Omicron Nu Corres. Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Home Ec. 
Clubs, Student Health Comm. Chm., S.E.A., Kappa Phi, Home Ec. Honors Pro- 
gram, Dean's Honor Roll, Union Pacific Schs. Pimple, Michael R: Olpe, 
Electrical Engineering, Dean's Honor Roll, IEEE. Pine, Stanley W: Manhattan, 

THIRD ROW: Pinkerton, Shirley A: Wichita, Elementary Education, Delta 
Delta Delta, S.E.A. Pinkston, Glenn W: Manhattan, Business Administration. 
Pitman, Leroy E: Kingman, Business Administration, CYD, Newman Club. 

FOURTH ROW: Plant, Catherine: Wichita, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
AWS, Student Health Aid, Orchestra, Elk's Club Tuition Schs., Kiwanis Club 
General Schs. Plant, William J: Wichita, Physics, AIP, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi 
Kappa Phi, General Schs., Dean's Honor Roll. Piatt, Paul C: Overland Park, 
Secondary Education, CYR, S.E.A., UCCF. 

FIFTH ROW: Ploger, James R: Kinsley, Business Administration. Plummer, 
Elvera A: Blaine, Elementary Education. Pohlman, Jeanne L: Salina, Ele- 
mentary Education, Delta Delta Delta Panhel. Rep., Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. 

SIXTH ROW: Poison, Pamela J: Kansas City, Mo., Elementary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Chimes, Student 
Senate Corres. Sec, S.E.A., CYR, Union Comm. Chm., UGB, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Poma, Louis L: Pagosa Springs, Colo., Business Administration, Delta Tau 
Delta. Powell, Cora S: Partridge, Geography. 

SEVENTH ROW: Powell, Dennis L: Salt Lake, Utah, Elementary Education, 
Lambda Chi Alpha Pres. Rush Chm. Song Leader, NEA, Student Broadcasters. 
Powell, Douglas E: Abilene, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta Rush 
Chm., Scabbard & Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi, DMS, Sr. Class Treas., Commerce 
Coun.,UPC Chm.HQ, K-State Players, Marching Band. Power, Virginia A: 
Mission, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, K-Stepper, AWS, S.E.A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Prasad, Yalamachi J: India, Industrial Engineering. Pra- 
ther, Jerry D: Topeka, Mechanical Engineering. Preheim, Sally R: Hurley, 

Art, Alpha Chi Omega. 


F^4 kTf, 
f 8 ^! ! ■*-% **3' f-H 

fl 81 ^ M'ft ft Q ^ 


Seniors: Pre-Rei 

TOP ROW: Presnal, Glade C: Goddard, Government. Preston, 
Dale L: Kansas City, Mo., Zoology. Price, Carl B: Topeka, Account- 
ing, Phi Delta Theta Schs. Chm., SGA Treas., IFC Exec. Coun., Flying 
Club. Price, Nellie E: Liberty, Zoology. Primrose, Herbert D: Clay 
Center, Art, CYR, Judo Club, MPC. Printz, Edward M: Englewood, 
N.J., Radio and Television Speech, Sigma Chi Pledge Class Pres. IFC 
Rep., Alpha Epsilon Rho Sec. Treas., Station Manager KSDB-FM, HQ 
Publicity Chm., Dance Comm. Pritz, Wayne L: Lincolnville, Mechan- 
ical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha Sec. Magazine Corres., Sigma 
Tau Hist., Pi Tau Sigma Sec, Arnold Air Society, ASME, AIAA, BSU, 
Trane Schs., MayTag Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Ratcliff, Karen L: Morganville, Sociology. Ratliff, 
Billy D: Wichita, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta Pledge Trainer, 
Intramural Chm., Varsity Swimming. Ray, Terry L: Kansas City, Feed 
Science and Management. Rea, Roger U: Halstead, Secondary Edu- 
cation, Smith Schs. House Pres. Treas. Sec, ACS, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Dean's Honor Roll, CYR, S.E.A., MPC. Recob, Ernest A: Wichita, 
Secondary Education. Redlinger, Jacob F: Mission, Civil Engineer- 
ing, ASCE, Dean's List, Water Sports Club, Newman Club, Rowing 
Team. Redmon, Larry D: Parsons, History, Phi Alpha Theta, RWF. 

SECOND ROW: Pyle, E. M.: Kingsdown, Agricultural Economics. 
Randle, Dorothy A: Pratt, Art, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Delta Pres., 
Tau Sigma Delta Sec, Phi Alpha Mu V-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, 
AVMA Aux., Honors Program, MA-3 Program. Randle, William C: 
Pratt, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA Jardine Mayor. Raney, Leland 
W: Garnett, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Tau, ANS Sec. Ransopher, 
Eileen M: Clifton, Secondary Education, S.E.A., AWS Coun., New- 
man Club. Ransopher, John H: Clyde, Business Administration. 
Ransopher, Milo: Manhattan, Social Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Reece, Dixie J: Mankato, Community Service, Pre- 
school Education. Reed, Donald L: Hutchinson, Mathematics. Reedy, 
Stephen L: Hanover, Agricultural Education, Alpha Gamma Rho 
Rush Chm., Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Ag. Ec. Club V-Pres. 
Sec, Newman Club. Reeves, James H: Hutchinson, Architecture. 
Regier, Katherine M: Newton, Home Economics Teaching. Reid, 
Richard D: Holyrood, Business Administration. Reid, Shirley J: 
Kansas City, Mo., Home Economics. 

Seniors: Rei-Ric 

TOP ROW: Reimer, Donald E: Cimarron, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Kappa 
Theta Pres., ASME, Engr. Coun. Soph. Rep., Union Comm., Newman Club, 
CYD. Reiter, Michael J: Kingman, Electrical Engineering, Smith Schs. House, 
Dean's Honor Roll, IEEE. Rensenhouse, Nina S: Shawnee Mission, Modern 

SECOND ROW: Reppert, Joseph R: Anna, III., Technical Journalism, Beta 
Theta Pi Soc. Chm., Sigma Delta Chi Pres., Collegian Bus. Mgr., K-Key Awards. 
Resley, Vicki A: Russell, Accounting, CYD, Newman Club. Reynolds, Robert 
R: Manhattan, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Reynolds, Steven K: Fredonia, Agricultural Education. Rhoads, 
David A: Wamego, Secondary Education. Rhodes, Thomas W: Kansas City, 
Accounting, Alpha Phi Omega Corres. Sec. Hist., Wesley Found. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rice, Kirke W: Ft. Scott, Architecture. Rice, Terrence S: Val- 
ley Falls, Agronomy, Dean's Honor Roll, Wheat State Agr. Club V-Pres., Ag. 
Coun. Rep., Ext. Club, 4-H, Judging Teams, Union Pacific Schs., Allied Chem. 
Schs. Rich, Charles L: Michigan Valley, Animal Husbandry. 

Seniors find food plentiful at the fall picnic in Warner Park. Ar- 
ranged by class officers, the senior picnic was the first organized in 

recent years and was the tip-off event for the many activities 
financed through the sale of class activity cards to senior students. 

Seniors: Ric-Rog 

TOP ROW: Richard, Barbara K: Miltonvale, Home Economics Education. 
Richard, William E: Emporia, Chemical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma V-Pres., 
Sigma Tau Treas., Steel Ring, Engr. Open House Pub. Chm., AlChE Pres., Engr. 
Coun., Schs. House. Richardson, Julia: Norton, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma. 

SECOND ROW: Richel, Linda A: Topeka, Home Economics with Liberal Arts, 
Kappa Delta Good Grooming Chm., RA., Home Ec. Art Club, Women's Glee, 
Oratorio Choir, IPC Rep., CYR. Rickenbacher, Pattie: Prairie Village, Com- 
munity Service, Preschool Education, Chi Omega Hist. Soc. Chm., FCD Club, 
CYR, Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. Ridgway, Richard B: Ellis, Speech. 

THIRD ROW: Riedl, Don L: Cozad, Neb., Chemical Engineering. Riedl, Pat- 
rick H: Otis, Electrical Engineering. Riemann, Donald L: Edmond, Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Phi Kappa Theta V-Pres. Rush Chm. Exec. Coun. Intramural 

FOURTH ROW: Riemann, Jerald A: Claflin, Agricultural Education, Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Coun. Rep., Block & Bridle, 4-H, Ag. Ed. 
Club, Livestock & Wool Judging Teams, N. T. Veatch Schs. Riemann, Marlin 
J: Claflin, Agricultural Education, Alpha Gamma Rho Chaplain, Alpha Tau 
Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Block & Bridle, 4-H, Martin K. Ebg. Schs. Ringel, Clark 
D: Alma, Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Rinkenberger, Robert: Overland Park, Pre-Medicme. Rippey, 
Gertrude F: Wichita, Elementary Education. Roark, Sandra L: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Radio and Television and Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Home Ec. 
Coun., Union Comm., AWS Rep., Religious Coun. 

SIXTH ROW: Roberson, Sharon P: Arkansas City, Secondary Education. 
Roberts, Katherine J: Dekalb, III., Modern Languages. Robertson, Arthur J: 

Pittsburg, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Robinson, Jannette S: Nahville, Home Economics Extension, 
Alpha Delta Pi Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta Treas., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Uni- 
versity Ext., USC, Honors Schs. Robinson, James M: Kansas City, Sociology. 
Robinson, Larry W: Harveyville, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Society V- 

BOTTOM ROW: Rock, Anthony R: Junction City, Electrical Engineering. 
Rogers, Frank A: Augusta, Business Administration. Rogers, Marvin R: Con- 
cordia, Mechanical Engineering, Smith Schs. House, Sigma Tau V-Pres., Pi Tau 
Sigma, ASME, Jr. M. E. Assembly V-Pres., M.E. Exec. Coun., Texaco Schs. 

■ i 40 Hi i^L 

O • ■© 

■PJ Q p 

Seniors: Rog-Sch 

TOP ROW: Rogers, Patricia L: Valley Center, Chemistry. Rogers, 
Phyllis J: Alta Vista, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Root, 
Jon R: Ellsworth, Art, Beta Sigma Psi Exec. Coun., Gamma Delta. 
Rork, Edward L: Mulvane, Business Administration, Smith Schs. 
House, Varsity Men's Glee Club, Marching Band Properties Mgr., 
RA., MUN Sec. Staff. Rose, Daniel W: Haviland, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, AVMA. Rosenblatt, Lewis: Tenafly, N. J., Zoology. Rosen- 
kranz, Susan L: Pratt, Technical Journalism, Gamma Phi Beta, Col- 
legian Staff, CYR. 

THIRD ROW: Ruhnke, Bonnie R: Troy, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, Textiles, Research, Clothing Tex. Club. Rundell, Grover C: 
Stafford, Agricultural Eingineering, ASAE. Saines, Nicoletta: Leaven- 
worth, Secondary Education. Salisbury, Stanley A: Wichita, 
Psychology. Sanders, Linda P: Topeka, Home Economics Education, 
Alpha Chi Omega Act. Chm., Omicron Nu Rec. Sec, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron Soc. Chm., Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Clothing & Tex. Club, S.E.A. Adv. Bd., Union Comm. AWS Service 
Comm. Sanders, Thomas B: Prairie Village, Horticulture. Saven, 
David E: Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Ross, Franklin H: Jewell, Pre-Medicme, Smith Sch: 
House, Clinic Club. Ross, Tweed W: Manhattan, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Roth, Lloyd G: Hays, Architectural Engineering. Rowe, Tim- 
othy J: Oskaloosa, Animal Husbandry. Rowland, James N: Junc- 
tion City, Mathematics, Delta Tau Delta Alumni Chm., Phi Eta Sigma, 
German Club, SGB, Putnam Schs. Roy, Michael L: Newton, Chem- 
istry. Ruckert, Dennis W: Chase, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Scanland, Judith A: Hutchinson, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Schaffel, Lewis: Brooklyn, N.Y., Government. Schanefelt, 
Robert V: Manhattan, Flour Science and Management. Scheele, 
John O: Riley, Animal Husbandry, Dean's Honor Roll, Jr. Sr. Live- 
stock Judging Team. Schiffner, Glenn D: Colby, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Schimke, Thomas O: Leavenworth, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Dean's Honor Roll, ASME. Schimmels, Doris D: Manhattan, 
Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

***** T5TJP 

g^ C3 CT* f^ CD 

Seniors: Sch-Sch 

TOP ROW: Schlosser, Bruce E: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Schmanke, Kenneth P: Alta Vista, Mechanical Engineering. 
Schmidler, Marcy L: Hutchinson, Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi. Schmidt, RaeDene: Syracuse, 
Pre-Medicine, Smurthwaite Pres., A&S Coun., KSUARH Sec. Treas., 
Clinic Club Sec. Treas. Schneider, Virginia: Ellsworth, Elementary 
Education. Schneikart, Paul E: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering. 
Schnell, James C: Beloit, History. 

SECOND ROW: Schoen, Rose M: Beloit, Elementary Education. 
Schoenbeck, James E: Junction City, Business Administration, Beta 
Sigma Psi. Schoenbeck, Karen S: Junction City, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Gamma Phi Beta, S.E.A., K-Stepper. Schornick, Robert E: 
Yates Center, Agronomy. Schroder, John W: Lancaster, Agronomy, 
FarmHouse Rec.Sec. Parliamentarian, IFC Rep. IPC Rep., Alpha Zeta, 
Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. Honor Award, Blue Key, CYR, Ag. Hon- 
ors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, ASA, Nat'l Pres., Tribunal Chancel- 
lor, TAB, Ag. Coun. ASA Nat'l Convention Delegate, Agr. Club Pres. 
V-Pres., 4-H, FFA, MPC, Ag. Ed. Club, UCCF, EUB, Nat'l Agr. Ex- 
temporaneous Speech Contest Winner, Wander McVey Schs., Plair 
Schs., Blue Key Schs., Consumers Cooperative Schs., Danforth Schs. 
Schrag, Donnie D: McPherson, Secondary Education, Nat'l Museum 


6f Modern Art, Artist of America, NEA, Varsity Glee Club, Madrigals, 
IMC, Mennonite Fellowship. Schrater, Gerald D: Utica, Veterinary 
Medicine, AVMA. 

THIRD ROW: Schreiner, Leslie A: Douglass, Elementary Education. 
Schrick, Donald F: Nortonville, Agricultural Economics. Schrock, 
Ivan R: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. Schruben, Dale 
L: Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Tau, ANS, CSS Pres. 
Schrunk, Judy K: Arvada, Colo., Home Economics Education. 
Schuessler, James C: Junction City, Agricultural Economics. Schuk- 
man, Larry J: Almena, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schultz, Janet L: Trousdale, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., Kappa Phi First V-Pres. Schultz, Ronald W: Manhattan, Ag- 
ricultural Education. Schulz, Kathleen M: Vesper, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Schupp, Iva L: Benton, Home Economics Education, Delta 
Zeta Corres. Sec, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., R.A., 4-H, BCTA 
Schs., Watkins 4-H Schs. Schwant, Eldon W. Blaine, Agronomy. 
Schwartzkopf, Olga E: Ransom, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
Textiles Research, Delta Zeta Panhel Rep., Omicron Nu V-Pres., Phi 
Upsilon Omicron, S.E.A., Clothing & Tex. Club Pres., First Nat'l Bank 
Schs. Schwarz, Gretchen C: Wichita, Accounting, Kappa Delta V- 
Pres., CYD, Union Comm., Newman Club. 

1U li ,Ai 

Seniors: Sch-She 





TOP ROW: Schwerdtfeger, Clair: Ellsworth, Mechanical Engineering. Scott, 
Joan E: Topeka, Secondary Education. Scott, Kenneth M: Kalvesta, Geog- 
raphy, Alpha Kappa Lambda, NEA, Williston Club, Varsity Wrestling, Judo 
Club, Athletic Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Scott, Nancy J: Wichita, Home Economics Education, Delta 
Delta Delta V-Pres. Pledge Trainer, Union Comm., RA., Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, S.E.A., MPC, Dorm Judicial Bd., Triangle Sweetheart. Scott, Phyllis I: 
Brewster, Elementary Education. Scott, Thomas W: Chanute, Chemical Engi- 

THIRD ROW: Seibel, Douglas C: Oakley, Agricultural Engineering. Seidel, 
Lawrence D: McPherson, Business Administration. Selbe, William L: Kansas 
City, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge Trainer, Honors Pro- 
gram, ANS, K-Club, Track Co-Capt., Athletic Schs. 

FOURTH ROW: Seltman, Marjorie L: Wichita, Physical Education, KAGPER, 
AAHPER, S.E.A., Figure Toning, Swimming, Social Dance Instructor, Bowling 
League, Frog Club. Shaffer, Martie R: Overland, Elementary Education, Delta 
Zeta Intermurals Chm., Guard, Union Comm. Shaffer, William J: Simpson, 

FIFTH ROW: Shah, Kanaiyalal G: India, Chemical Engineering, India Assoc. 
Shah, Niranjan C: India, Mechanical Engineering, India Assoc. Auditor. 
Shambaugh, Linda K: Longmont, Colo., Medical Technology. 

SIXTH ROW: Shank, Luanne R: Wichita, Home Economics Education, Alpha 
Chi Omega Pledge Class Pres. AWS Rep. Warden Honor Pledge, S.E.A. Pres., 
KSTA Pres. V-Pres., Clothing & Tex. Club, Whi-Purs, AWS, PTA Schs. Sharp, 
Marvin W: Junction City, Business Administration. Shaw, Beryl A: South Mis- 
sion, Mathematics, Kappa Delta Pres. V-Pres. Hist., Alpha Lambda Delta Pres., 
Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Bd. Ed., Student Senate, Ks. Conf. on 
Higher Ed. Chm., Union Comm. Sub-Chm., Student Health Comm., S.E.A., Put- 
nam Schs. V-Pres. Hist., Mortar Bd. Schs. Award, Phi Alpha Mu Schs. Award. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shawver, Norman T: Wichita, Business Administration, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC Rep., Varsity Swimming Team. Sheehan, Richard 
V: Baldwin, N.Y., Geology. Shelton, Katherine E: Topeka, Secondary Edu- 

BOTTOM ROW: Sheppard, Robert A: Philadelphia, Pa., Business Administra- 
tion, Arnold Air Society, Dean's Honor Roll. Sherer, George L: Mullinville, 
Landscape Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pledge Trainer, Sgt.-at-Arms, IFC 
Rep., Social Chm., Varsity Men's Glee Club, AIA, ASLA. Sherer, Jane A: Mul- 
linville, Interior Design, Alpha Delta Pi V-Pres. Pledge Trainer Outstanding 
Initiate, Phi Upsilon Omicron AID, Home Ec. Coun. V-Pres., Dorm Officer, In- 
terior Design Club, Union Comm., Farm Bureau Schs., Dean's Honor Roll, 
Honors Program. 

Seniors: She-Slo 

TOP ROW: Shetlar, James F: Conway Springs, Pre-Mediane, 4-H, Clinic Club, 
Wesley Found., King Chem. Schs., Boyer Trust Schs. Shields, Donald W: 
Lindsborg, Flour Science Management. Shier, Ann M: Gypsum, English, Alpha 
Chi Omega First V-Pres. Intramurals Chm., S.E.A., WRA, Union Comm. 

SECOND ROW: Shivers, Robert A: Holton, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha 
Sec, Dean's Honor Roll. Shosa, Dale W: Littleton, N.H., Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Shrack, Phillip S: Pratt, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Shulda, Karen K: Belleville, Elementary Education, Kappa Al- 
pha Theta Schs. Chm., S.E.A. Shultz, Cletus E: Hutchinson, Technical Journ- 
alism. Shuman, Michael L: Sharon Springs, Entomology. 

FOURTH ROW: Shuyler, Kent D: Alden, Agricultural Education, Alpha 
Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Hoedowners. Siebert, William J: Hills- 
boro, Nuclear Engineering. Sim, James R: Lakin, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Simms, Douglas G: Republic, Feed Science and Management, 
Alpha Phi Omega Rec. Sec, Milling Assoc. Simms, Roger K: Republic, 
Speech. Simpson, Carol J: Milton, Psychology. 

SIXTH ROW: Simpson, Sherry L: Dodge City, Home Economics Education, 
Smurthwaite, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec. 
Teaching Interest Group V-Pres., S.E.A. Sims, Michael E: Hutchinson, Business 
Administration. Sinisi, Matthew F: West New York, N.J., Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Sisk, William V: Bethany, Mo., Zoology. Sivage, Carl B: 
Cody, Wyo., Pre-Medicine. Skinner, James A: Manhattan, Feed Science and 
Management, Alpha Mu, Milling Assoc. 

BOTTOM ROW: Skoch, Leroy V:Powhattan, Feed Science and Management, 
Straube Schs. House, Alpha Mu Pres., Alpha Zeta, Milling Assoc. Sec. Treas., 
Ag. Coun., Dean's Honor Roll, Newman Club, Union Pacific Schs. Skonberg, 
Irene S: Randolph, Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon Warden Alumni Sec, 
Concert Band, JWE, Women's Glee Club, MENC, 4-H, Pep Band, Kappa Phi, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Sloan, David E: Kingman, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon Alumni Rel. Chm. Newsletter Ed. 

4 50 

Seniors: Slo-Sta 

TOP ROW: Sloan, Kathleen A: Hiawatha, Modern Languages. Slo- 
cum, Sharon L: Seneca, Music Education, Kappa Delta Membership 
Chm. Ed. Song Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon, MENC, Girl's Glee Club, A 
Cappella Choir, K-State Singers. Smith, Barry D: Kansas City, Busi- 
ness Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi Treas., Dean's Honor Roll, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Commerce Coun. V-Pres., Tribunal, Donald McGregor 
Schs. Smith, Gordon E: Mount Hope, Secondary Education. Smith, 
Harold J: Hutchinson, Wildlife Conservation. Smith, Janis V: 
Eureka, Business Administration. Smith, Paul D: Kansas City, 

THIRD ROW: Snyder, Gordon E: Sabetha, Art, Sigma Chi, AID V- 
Pres., Arnold Air Society, Continental Oil Co. Schs. Socolofsky, 
Harold E: Ramona, Nuclear Engineering, Arnold Air Society Pres., 
ANS, RWF. Soder, Jon D: Wichita, Economics. Soeken, Merle A: 
Claflin, Agricultural Education, Beta Sigma Psi Pres. Sec, Alpha Tau 
Alpha Sec, Religious Coun. Pres. Religious Act. Exec. Sec. Ag. Ed. 
Club, Gamma Delta. Sol, Marcia A: Belvue, Elementary Education. 
Somora, Lonnie K: Baroda, Mich., Geography, Cavaliers Literary 
Society, Geography Club, A Cappella Choir. Spainhour, Marilyn 
K: Shawnee Mission, Modern Languages, Delta Delta Delta Treas. 
Marshal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Chimes Sec, S.E.A., Putnam Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Smith, Robert E: Emporia, Electrical Engineering. 
Smith, Ronald H: Brookville, Electrical Engineering. Smith, Roy O: 
Kansas City, Chemistry. Smith, Stephen A: Manhattan, Modern 
Languages. Sneath, Jon C: Brookville, Civil Engineering. Snider, 
Robert D: Abilene, Zoology, Delta Tau Delta Schs. Chm., Collegian 
Bus. Staff, Royal Purple Bus. Staff, Bus. Mgr., Dean's Honor Roll, 
Union Comm., K-Key Award. Snyder, David O: Eldorado, Pre- 

BOTTOM ROW: Sparks, Robert A: Augusta, Wildlife Conservation. 
Spitzli, David A: Eudora, Secondary Education. Springer, Gwen I: 

Webber, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Cloth- 
ing & Tex. Club, 4-H. Stacey, Herschel A: Langford, Veterinary 
Medicine, AVMA. Stafford, Ronald D: Great Bend, Business Admin- 
istration. Staley, Leo G: Manhattan, Calif., Veterinary Medicine. 
Stallbaumer, C. Joseph: Lincoln, Neb., Business Administration, 
Smith Schs. House, Dean's Honor List, Chancery Club, Newman Club, 
Citizens State Bank Bus, Administration Schs. 


tt r\ ©> <*i 


W 1J1Q 

Seniors: Sta-Str 

TOP ROW: Stamets, Connie D: Clay Center, English, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, S.E.A., Angel Flight, General Motors Schs., 
MA 3 Program, Honors Program. Standley, Carol A: Cherryvale, 
Elementary Education. Stanley, Linda K: Kansas City, Elementary 
Education, Chi Omega House Coordinator, S.E.A. Adv. Bd., A&S 
Coun., CYR, Dorm Judicial Bd. Starns, Carol A: Wichita, English, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, S.E.A., Religious Coun., AWS, 
BbU, Putnam Schs. Ford Foun. MA 3 Program, Honors Program. 
Stauffer, Harlan D: Nickerson, Civil Engineering, Steel Ring, Sigma 
Tau, Chi Epsilon, Engr. Honors Program, ASCE, Engr. Coun., Engr. 
Open House Mgr , Wesley Foun., Ks. Contractors Assoc. Schs. 
Stauth, Robert E: Newton, Business Administration. Steanson, Don- 
ald L: Parsons, Feed Science and Management. 

SECOND ROW: Stearns, Max M: Manhattan, Pre-Medicme, Delta 
Upsilon, Dean's Honor Roll, A&S Coun., College Quiz Bowl Comm. 
Asst. Chm., Clinic Club Pres., VFW Schs. Leadership Award. Stegner, 
John D: Belvue, Elementary Education. Stehno, Larry G: Atwood, 
Electrical Engineering. Steinbrink, Mary R: Hiawatha, Home Eco- 
nomics Education, Smurthwaite Big Sister Chm. Informal Social Chm., 
Phi Upsilon Omicron Chaplain Alumni Chm., Omicron Nu, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Home Ec. Coun., Panhel Coun 
Schs., Union Pacific Schs., Ks. Home Demon. Schs., Adv. Coun. Schs 
Steinle, Barbara J: Wichita, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, Tex 
tiles Research. Stephens, Sharron L: Norwich, Business Administra 
tion. Stephenson, Amy L: Bazaar, Home Economics and Nursing 

THIRD ROW: Stephenson, Paul D: Cottonwood, Business Admin- 
istration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity Men's Glee 
Club. Stewart, Deanna G: Hutchinson, Government, CYR Sec, 
YAF. Stewart, John W: Chapman, Mechanical Engineering. Stites, 
Charles M: Hill City, Agricultural Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ag. 
Ec. Club, Wesley Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon. Stoddard, Sheryl A: 
Miami, Fla., Interior Design, Kappa Kappa Gamma Corres. Sec, 
Delta Phi Delta, Home Ec. Coun., Art Club Sec. Treas., AID Sec 
Treas., Kappa Phi. Stoehr, Charles L: Plattsmouth, Neb., Veterinary 
Medicine, Alpha Gamma Rho Treas., Alpha Zeta, Blue Key Treas., 
SAB, Student Senate, AVMA, Athletic Coun., Pre-Vet Club, Neb. Vet. 
Medical Schs. Stone, Jon P: Kansas City, Geography. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stone, Nancy R: Beloit, Secondary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma House Mgr., K-State Players. Stone, Suzanne: 
Fort Scott, Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta Intramurals Chm., 
S.E.A., PHEMS, Water Sports Club. Stout, Joseph H: Bazaar, Agri- 
cultural Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres. Treas., Scabbard & 
Blade, Student Senate, Block & Bridle. Stover, Joann: Overland, 
Modern Languages. Strahm, Elaine F: Fairview, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Smurthwaite Act. Chm. Formal Soc Chm. Treas., AWS Queens 
Comm., S.E.A. Conv. Comm., 4-H Corres. Sec, Women's Glee Club 
Oratonal Choir, RWF, CYR. Strait, Judith S: Eldorado, Clothing Re 
tailing, Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Pi Beta Phi, Union Comm 
Sub-Chm., CYR, Clothing and Tex. Club. Strecker, Albert H: Para 
dise, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE Scribe Second V-Pres., Ag. Engr 
Open House Chm., Jardine Councilman. 

Seniors: Str-Swa 

TOP ROW: Streit, Edwin H: Tipton, Accounting. Strong, Ronald J: Moran, 

Secondary Education. Stucky, Stephen W: Murdock, Agronomy, ASA, Wheat 
State Agr. Club, FFA, Men's Glee Club, Mennonite Fellowship. 

SECOND ROW: Studebaker, Ralph E: Elkhart, Agricultural Education, Mar- 
latt Pres., Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club. Studnicka, James R: Muscoda, 
Wis., Dairy Production, Dairy Club, FFA, Newman Club, Football. Stuessi, 
Keith A: Prairie Village, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta Schs. Act. 
Chm., Blue Key, Sr. Class Pres., Bd. of Dir. Alumni Assoc, SAB, Commence- 
ment Comm., Commerce Coun. Pres., University Party Treas., SGA Comm., 
Pres. Cabinet. 

THIRD ROW: Sturgis, Constance A: Burdick, Elementary Education, Alpha 
Delta Pi Rec. Sec. Guard, Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., CYR, Fam. & Child Dev. 
Club. Sughrue, Patricia A: Manhattan, Home Economics Education, Alpha 
Delta Pi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Home Ec. Coun. Sec, Membership 
Chm., Panhel Coun. Pres., Angel Flight Hist., CYD, Union Comm., Newman 
Club. Suellentrop, John M: Great Bend, Political Science, Phi Kappa Theta 
Treas., CYD, Union Comm., Newman Club. 

FOURTH ROW: Sullivan, Dorothy L: Junction City, Elementary Education. 
Summers, Linda L: Wichita, Secondary Education, Alpha Chi Omega Treas. 
Swain, Sonja L: Scott City, Dietetics and Institutional Management, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron Treas., Omicron Nu, Prof. Foods Club, 
Bessie Brooks West Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Swanson, James V: Shawnee Mission, Accounting, Alpha 
Tau Omega Treas., Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, Accounting Internship. Swanson, 
Sherman J: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. Swartley, Larry D: Garden 
City, Mechanical Engineering, ASME. 

Songs, candles and admiring faces create atmosphere at the spring 
1965 tapping of two |unior women for membership in Mortar Board. 

The senior women's honorary requires prospective members to have 
a 3.0 grade average and achievement in leadership and service. 

/■k !«• /'■y ^i 

Seniors: Swe-Tip 

TOP ROW: Swearngin, John W: Prairie Village, Physical Education. 
Sweat, Donald L: Cedar, Pre-Medicine, Clinic Club, Newman Club. 
Sweat, Ronda J: Kensington, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Switzer, 
Janet: Overland, Physical Education, PHEMS Program Dir., Inter- 
dorm Coun. Treas., S.E.A., KSUARH, Pep Club. Switzer, Kenneth W: 
Concordia, Electrical Engineering, Smith Schs. House Formal Soc. 
Chm., IEEE, KSUARH. Symes, Mary H: Elmdale, Physical Education. 
Tanner, Margaret E: St. John, Speech, Kappa Alpha Theta, Debate, 
Delta Sigma Rho Extemporaneous Speech Winner, Student Senate, 
AWS Pres. V-Pres., Dorm Pres., Interdorm Coun., K-State Players, 
S.E.A., SGA Comm., Pi Epsilon Delta Schs., BPW Schs., State Coop 
Speech Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Tawney, Gail E: Manhattan, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Rush Chm. Pledge Trainer, Angel Flight, PTP, 
Union Comm. Sub. -Chm. Taylor, Curtis L: Brewster, Psychology. 
Taylor, Doris J: Manhattan, Elementary Education. Taylor, Norris 
M: Great Bend, Accounting, Sigma Phi Epsilon Schs. Chm. Comptrol- 
ler, Scabbard & Blade, Commerce Coun. Taylor, Wilma: Brewster, 
Elementary Education. Teagarden, George A: LaCygne, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Teeter, Richard B: Wichita, Business Administration. 


THIRD ROW: Theis, Shirley F: Hutchinson, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Alpha Theta, S.E.A., AWS Cultural Comm., Newman Club. 
Thiesing, James W: Springfield, Mo., Nuclear Engineering, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon Corres. Sec, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Steel Ring, 
Blue Key, Student Body Pres., ANS, Putnam Schs., ARMCO-NSPE 
Schs. Thomas, Manuel A: El Ca|on, Calif., Veterinary Medicine, 
AVMA, K-State Flying Club. Thomas, Richard L: Prairie Village, Ac- 
counting, Delta Tau Delta Rec. Sec, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce 
Coun., Fr. Baseball. Thompson, Barbara J: Wichita, Art, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Second V-Pres. Soc. Chm., AID, Tau Sigma Delta, 
Delta Phi Delta. Thompson, Everett L: Michigan Valley, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Thompson, Larry L: Ellinwood, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thompson, Melvin E: Medicine Lodge, Agricultural 
Economics, Delta Upsilon Pres. V-Pres. Pledge Trainer, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Men's Varsity Glee Club Pres., Alpha Zeta V-Pres., Blue Key, Appt. 
Bd., Ag. Ec Club, Ralston-Purina Schs., John E. Trembley Memorial 
Schs., Outstanding Fr. Scholar Ag. Ec. Thompson, Steven M: Broad- 
view, III., Pre-Dentistry. Thompson, Tommy A: Agenda, Economics, 
Jardine Councilman, UCCF. Thompson, Tommy R: Coffeyville, 
Landscape Architecture, Alpha Kappa Lambda, ASLA. Thornton, 
Billy G: Des Moines, Iowa, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. Tiffany, 
Carol S: Lyndon, Elementary Education, Smurthwaite Act. Chm., 
4-H, S.E.A. Tipling, Roger N: Arrington, Secondary Education, Art, 
Men's Varsity Glee Club, S.E.A. Pub. Comm. 

Seniors: Too- Van 

TOP ROW: Toot, Janice C: St. John, Home Economics Education. Touslee, 
James E: St. Francis, Civil Engineering. Touslee, Loretta R: St. Francis, 
Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Trabant, Dennis C: Eudora, Geology. Trennepohl, Brian 

G: Manhattan, History, Dean's Honor Roll. Trowbridge, David A: Spring- 
field, Mo., Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Trummel, Marcia G: Wichita, Home Economics Education. 
Tubbs, Lloyd D: Long Island, Physics. Tucker, David S: Emporia, Mathe- 
matics, Smith Schs. House Schs. Chm., Phi Eta Sigma Pres. 

FOURTH ROW: Tucker, Thomas R: Salma, Mathematics, FarmHouse, KSCF. 
Tuomey, John A: Manhattan, Landscape Architecture, ASLA Pres. Turnbull, 
Larry K: Summerfield, Business Administration, Delta Chi Pledge Class Pres. 
Parliamentarian Corres. Sec. Chi Delphia Sponsor. 

FIFTH ROW: Turner, Edward L: Shawnee Mission, Civil Engineering, Sigma 
Chi Schs. Chm., ASCE, K-State Engr., Union Comm. Sub. -Chm. Turner, Terry 
N: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, Sigma Phi Epsilon Comptroller Schs. Chm. 
Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, K-Club, AVMA, Varsity 
Track & Cross Country, McLeod Borden Award, LaVerne Noyes Schs. Athletics 
Schs. Honor Roll Award. Turner, William R: Rochester, N.Y., Animal Hus- 
bandry, Theta Xi Rush Chm., House Mgr. Asst. House Mgr., Schs. Chm., Pledge 
Master, Pershing Rifles. 

SIXTH ROW: Turney, Linda K: Wichita, Modern Languages. Twombly, 
Thomas R: Troy, Electrical Engineering. Underwood, Kenneth H: Onaga, 
Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chaplain, Warden, Pledge Trainer, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Dean's Honor Roll, Commerce Coun. V-Pres., Varsity Track. 

SEVENTH ROW: Unruh, David J: Shawnee Mission, Electrical Engineering. 
Unruh, Phillip F: Great Bend, Mathematics. Unruh, Rachel R: Greenwich, 
Conn., Elementary Education, Chi Omega AWS Rep., Mu Phi Epsilon Treas. 
Alumni Sec, Kappa Delta Pi V-Pres., S.E.A. Hist., Dean's Honor Roll, Union 
Comm., Madrigals, Women's Glee Club, A.G.O. V-Pres. Sec, RWF. 

BOTTOM ROW: Utterback, Stephen: Sedan, Chemical Engineering, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Rush Soci. Chm., AlChE, Chem. Engr. Open House Co-Chm., 
TCB. Valder, Sue A: Manhattan, Mathematics. Van Blarcum, Judy L: Man- 
hattan, Elementary Education. 


Seniors: Van-War 

TOP ROW: Vanhole, Steven J: Topeka, Industrial Engineering. Vathauer, 
Margie E: Greenleaf, Music Education, Phi Alpha Mu, Mu Phi Epsilon Pres., 
MENC, VCCF, Violin Schs., Presbyterian Church Schs. Veatch, James M: 

Palco, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Venis, John E: Lyons, Accounting, AFROTC, Sigma Theta 
Epsilon, Varsity Swimming. Viergever, James D: Wichita, Industrial Engi- 
neering, AIIE, Marching Band, Band Day Coordinator, IE Open House Chm., 
Circle-K Sec. Pres., Bloodmobile Chm. Vodraska, Nancy L: Atwater, Minn., 
Home Economics Education, Delta Zeta. 

THIRD ROW: Vogt, Edward B: Tribune, Electrical Engineering. Vogt, Gary 
D: Hillsboro, Landscape Architecture, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Sigma Delta, ASLA 
Treas., Trembly Memorial Schs. Vohs, Edith A: Manhattan, Sociology. 

FOURTH ROW: Volz, Darrell W: Wichita, Pre-Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Soc. Chm. IFC Rep., Fr. Honor's Program. Voth, Mary S: Manhattan, Ele- 
mentary Education, S.E.A. Waddle, Jane A: Junction City, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Pi Beta Phi Rush Chm., Royal Purple Organizations Editor Ed. Writer. 

FIFTH ROW: Wahlmeier, Carl V: Jennings, Agricultural Education, NVATA, 
Ag. Ed. Club Parliamentarian. Walker, Sarabeth: Bartlesville, Okla., Sec- 
ondary Education, S.E.A., Union Comm., Fam. & Child Dev. Club. Wallace, 
Nancy K: Gypsum, Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Walters, Donald L: Great Bend, Physics. Walz, Leroy H: Ellis, 
Agronomy, Ag. Coun. Rep., Wheat State Agr. Club. Wamhoff, Alana K: 

Bird City, Physical Education, PHEMS, WRA Bd. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wanklyn, Shirley A: Home, Interior Design, Alpha Delta 
Pi Song Leader, AID Affiliate, IPC, Art Club, Interior Decoration Club, Union 
Art Comm. Union Comm. Ward, Joe E: Manhattan, Electrical Engineering, 
Delta Upsilon Chapter Rel. Cultural Affairs Chm., Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard & Blade V-Pres., IEEE, A&S Coun., TAB, ROTC 
Deputy Chief of Staff. Ware, Linda J: Blue Mount, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, Textiles Research, Clothing Tex. Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Warner, David A: Wichita, Chemical Engineering. Warner, 
Joan E: Coffeyville, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Delta Pi Asst. Guard, House 
Mgr., Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., Flashcard Comm., Pep Club, Union Comm., 
Sedgwick County Teacher's Assoc. Schs. Warner, Lynette K: Wichita, Ele- 
mentary Education. 

4 56 

Ait dik ddk *,h 

^? &m j»*4 f^k 

|4 A A. |^ {A *-y^ ^fe 




Seniors: Was-Wil 

TOP ROW: Wassberg, John I: Manhattan, Accounting, Beta Theta 
Pi. Watson, Harleen M: Formoso, Elementary Education. Weckel, 
Frederic C: Roslyn, N.Y., Architecture. Weckel, Montague P: 
Salina, Architecture. Weeks, Kenneth R: Shawnee Mission, Physical 
Science. Wegman, Janet M: Hoxie, Home Economics Education. 
Weickert, William C: Manhattan, Agricultural Mechanization, Ag. 
Mech. Club, Promenaders, 4-H. 

THIRD ROW: Wesch, Jack C: McCook, Neb., Pre-Medicme. West- 
gate, Wayne F: Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. Wethington, 
Dana D: Eldorado, Technical Journalism, CYR, Women's Glee Club. 
Wetzel, David E: Manhattan, Accounting. Wheatley, Candace A: 

Ft. Leavenworth, Elementary Education. White, Charles R: Hoxie, 
Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle, Chapara|os Poultry Science Club, 
Little American Royal. White, Marilyn J: Shawnee Mission, Art. 

SECOND ROW: Weigand, Joel T: Ottawa, Pre-Medicme, Farm- 
House Intramural Chm., Dean's Honor Roll, Clinic Club, Orientation 
Leader, Newman Club. Weigel, Brenda K: Hays, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Welch, John R: Moran, Animal Husbandry. Wells, Richard 
C: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Wendelburg, Loren J: Staf- 
ford, Pre-Dentistry. Wenger, David E: Abilene, Psychology. Wenti, 
Roslyn D: Concordia, Art, Alpha Xi Delta Pledge Trainer Marshall, 

BOTTOM ROW: Whitmore, Marian L: Manhattan, Secondary Edu- 
cation, Delta Zeta Soc. Act. Chm., Social Coordinating Coun. Exec. 
Sec. Treas., Union Comm. Chm., Newman Club. Wiard, Howard A: 
Keats, Business Administration. Wible, Stephen H: Kansas City, Mo., 
Mechanical Engineering. Widener, Austin L: Hudson, Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE, Statesmen, Engr. Open House, RWF, Judo. 
Wieland, James N: Wichita, Architecture. Wiesedeppe, Albertus: 
Easton, Civil Engineering. Wilbeck, Jerry L: Hutchinson, Electrical 
Engineering, NASA Co-op Student Training Program. 


Seniors: Wil-Wol 

TOP ROW: Wilber, James A: Kansas City, Electrical Engineering. Wilcox, 
Nancy S: Manhattan, Speech. Wiley, George L: Osage City, Veterinary 
Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA, Pre-Vet Club. 

SECOND ROW: Wilken, Fred D: Modoc, Mechanical Engineering. Williams, 
Arch H: Wichita, Chemical Engineering. Williams, Billy F: Montezuma, Ag- 
ricultural Economics, Beta Theta Pi Rush Chm., Track & Cross Country Student 
Mgr., Sante Fe Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Williams, Douglas W: Manhattan, Agricultural Engineering, 
Alpha Gamma Rho Treas. Rush Chm., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Scabbard 
& Blade, Steel Ring, ASAE Pres. V-Pres., S.A.M.E. Pres. Sec, Student Senate, 
Engr. Coun. Pres., Men's Varsity Glee Club, Sante Fe Schs., Salina Supply Schs., 
Sweeney Memorial Schs., Muchnic Schs., Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding 
Fr. Award, S.A.M.E. Schs. Award, ASAE Honor Award. Williams, Frederick: 
Manhattan, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, Textiles Research, Pi Epsilon 
Delta V-Pres., Sigma Delta Chi, Bd. of Student Publications, Student Library 
Comm., Cultural Affairs Comm., Union Comm., UPC Chm., UGB, Union Policy 
Comm., Union Asst. Program Adv., Union Publicity Coor., K-State Players V- 
Pres. Hist. Sec. Treas., PTP Host Family Comm. Cosmopolitan Club, CYR, Col- 
legian Editorial Ed. News Ed. Exchange Ed., Royal Purple Organizations Ed. 
4-H, A Cappella Choir, Cities Service Oil Schs., Outstanding New K-State 
Player. Williams, John C: Prairie Village Tex., Architecture, Alpha Phi Alpha, 
Blue Key Rec. Sec, Tau Sigma Delta, S.E.A. Dir. of Cultural Affairs, Weigel 

FOURTH ROW: Williams, Kerry F: Hutchinson, Chemical Engineering, Beta 
Theta Pi Rec. Sec. Intramurals Chm., Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, Dean's Honor Roll, 
K-State Engr. Features Ed., Fr. Track, Salina Supply Schs., Lynch Memorial 
Schs. Muchnic Schs. Williams, Linda L: Manhattan, Accounting. Wilson, 
Carolyn K: McPherson, Speech. 

FIFTH ROW: Wilson, Carolyn L: Paradise, Home Economics Education, Home 
Ec Clothing & Tex. Club, 4-H, S.E.A., Union Pacific Schs., Brundage Schs. 
Wilson, David L: Shawnee Mission, Landscape Architecture. Wilson, Eliza- 
beth A: Hutchinson, Home Economics with Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma, S.E.A., CYR., Union Comm. 

SIXTH ROW: Wilson, Reita B: Rush Center, Home Economics Extension, Uni- 
versity Ext. Club Treas. Home Ec. Ext. Club, Kappa Phi First V-Pres. Wilson, 
Ronald L: McPherson, Government. Wilson, Ruth A: LaCrosse, Elementary 
Education, Delta Delta Delta AWS Rep. Informal Soc Chm., Union Comm. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wilson, William E: Cherryvale, Architectural Engineering. 
Wingert, Robert E: Wellsville, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alumni Sec, AVMA, CYD, Pre-Vet Club, 4-H, Wesley Found. Winn, Stephen 

L: Whitewater, Wis., Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse IFC Rep., AVMA, Pre- 
Vet Club V-Pres. 

BOTTOM ROW: Winter, Charles A: Peabody, Electrical Engineering. Witt, 
Merle D: Bison, Agriculture. Wolf, Ronald D: Hill City, Nuclear Engineering. 


** fcfe J± 

4 : .8 

Seniors: Wol-Zwi 

TOP ROW: Wolf, Wallace W: South Haven, Veterinary Medicine, 
Alpha Gamma Rho Pres. V-Pres. Sec, Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Block & 
Bridle, Eby Construction Co. Schs., Consumers Coop. Nat'l 4-H Foun. 
Schs. Wolfe, Rosemary A: Ness City, Home Economics Teaching, 
Alpha Delta Pi Asst. Treas., S.E.A. Elections Comm., AHEA Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, SGA Elections Comm., Military Ball Queen Candi- 
date, Barnwarmer Queen Candidate, Union Comm. Sec, PTP, CCUN, 
Pep Club, 4-H, MPC, Wesley Found. Wolfram, Edmond T: Malverne, 
N.Y., Industrial Engineering, Al IE, Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Air 
Flying Club. Woo, Lecon: Brazil, Chemistry. Wood, Joan F: 
Arkansas City, Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Regis- 
trar, Parliamentarian, S.E.A., CYR. Wood, Martha E: Manhattan, 
Physical Education.. Woods, Franklin C: Tribune, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Wormington, William: Independence, Electrical 
Engineering, Dorm Pres. First Floor, IEEE, Engr. Open House. Wor- 
rell, Dallas L: Gridley, Electrical Engineering. Worthington, Max 

L: Welda, Animal Husbandry, Chaparajos Pres., Block & Bridle, 
Rodeo Team, High School Rodeo Schs. Wright, Jolana B: Shawnee 
Mission, Zoology, Chi Omega 50 Yr. Gift Chm., AWS Fall & Spring 
All Women's Day Chm. Third V-Pres. Standards Bd. Chm. Special 
Pub. Chm. Wright, Rose A: Marquette, Home Economics Education, 
4-H, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., NEA, LSA, Union Pacific Schs. 
Yager, James L: Scott City, Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Coun. 

Treas., Wheat State Agr. Club Treas., Hay & Silage Judging Team, 
Crop Judging Team, Ks. Crop Improvement Schs. Yenkey, Albert 
N: Topeka, Landscape Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Yocam, Michael B: Pratt, Agricultural Education. 
Yoder, Lane D: McPherson, Pre-Medicine. Yoho, Rex E: Liberal, 
Civil Engineering. York, Robert L: Garden City, Feed Science and 
Management. Yotter, Gary R: Leoti, Mathematics, RWF. Young, 
Gerald T: Topeka, Dairy Food Processing, Arnold Air Society Comp- 
troller, Marching Band, Pre-Vet Club, Dairy Science Club, Chapara|Os. 
Yust, James W: Stafford, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi V-Pres., 
Commerce Coun., Sports Car Club, Marching Band, Apollo Glee 
Club, Acct. Schs., Acct. Internship, Dean's Honor Roll. 

BOTTOM ROW: Zabel, George L: Hooker, Okla., Animal Husbandry, 
Eta Kappa Nu, Straube Schs. House. Zabel, Herbert F: Westmore- 
land, Electrical Engineering. Zahn, Barbara M: Manhattan, Ele- 
mentary Education, S.E.A. Zahnley, Donald R: Manhattan, Business 
Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi Treas., Student Senate, RWF. 
Zeigler, Stephen B: Alma, Feed Science and Management, Alpha 
Mu, Ag. Coun. Rep., Straube Schs. House Pres. IM Chm., Milling 
Assoc. V-Pres. Sgt.-at-Arms, CYR, FFA. Zielie, Paul A: Eau Claire, 
Wis., Nuclear Engineering, ANS Treas. Zimmerman, Donald E: 
Kansas City, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Society Charter Member 
Sec,Dorm Sec, RA. Zwick, Keith R: Sterling, Landscape Architec- 
ture, Delta Tau Delta Corres. Sec, Union Comm., Ar. & Design 
Coun. Sec, ASLA Sec, Dean's Honor Roll. 



k :fyfc 

^w* ' 

Purple and white pom-poms swish rapidly as the cheerleaders 
and pep band lead cheers in front of Seaton engineering hall 

during the first pep rally of the football season. The pep rallies 
are staged on season game days during the noon hour. 

Underclassmen represent 
multi-cultural interests 

Breaking last year's record enrollment by more 
than 1,000, the undergraduate class numbering 
9,403 represented all 50 states including the Pan- 
ama Canal and the Canal Zone. Out of the 57 
countries represented, undergraduates included 
those from China, India, Nigeria, Iran and the 
Philippine Islands. 

Record enrollments were set by the freshman 
and sophomore classes. Freshmen topped their 
enrollment last year by more than 500 as 3,217 
new students filed through registration. The next 
largest undergraduate class, the sophomores, 
registered 2,274, increasing by approximately 
150. Dropping for the last two years, the junior 
class fell in enrollment by 20 students. 

Students find Farrell library a quiet place to study and organize 
thoughts. Operating hours were extended to 1 1 p.m. this year. 

Students find the stone ledge outside Denison an ideal spot to 
worry about the next period or to meet a friend before class. 

Underclassmen: Abb- And 

TOP ROW: Abbott, Jo E: Salina, Freshman, Humanities. Abbott, Michele 
A: Salina, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Abbott, Patricia A: Salina, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Abernethy, Rollin H: Scottsville, 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Abersold, Patricia A: Ottawa, Sophomore, Foods and 
Nutrition. Ablett, Susan L: Leavenworth, Freshman, English. Abolfazli, 
Mohammad: Iran, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. Abshire, 
Michael: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Abson, Mary E: Lenexa, Freshman, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Acevedo, Luis R: Puerto Rico, Freshman, Pre-Medi- 
cine. Achenbach, Charleen: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Acheson, Charles R: Palco, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Adams, David C: Milwaukee, Wis., 04, Architecture. 
Adams, Deanna M: Enterprise, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Adams, Earl Q: Lakin, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Adams, Ed- 
ward L: Lenora, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Adams, Gloria R: Grainfield, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Adams, James P: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Adams, Lynda K: Salina, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Adams, Rhonda J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 


TOP ROW: Adams, Stanley D: Augusta, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 
Adams, Terrill J: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Adams, 
Vicky L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Adari, Steven S: New York, 
N.Y., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Adrian, Brenda G: Moundridge, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Aeils, Rosemary M: Manhattan, Freshman, Family and Child 
Development. Ahlerich, Milton E: Wmfield, Junior, Psychology. Ahlquist, 
Melvin M: Clay Center, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Ahrens, Jon M: Wichita, Sophomore, Architectural Engi- 
neering. Aiken, Douglas B: Taylorville, III., Freshman, General. Aiken, 
Ronald B: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Law. Aikman, Nancy R: Toledo, 
Ohio, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. 

BOTTOM ROW: Albers, Donnie E: Grinnell, Freshman, Pre-Law. Albers, 
Robert J: Oakley, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Alberts, Steven L: 

Sutton, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Albin, Jane M: Dallas, 
Tex., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Almquist, Karmon D: Assaria, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Almquist, Merlan T: Assaria, 04, Architecture. Almquist, Sherry S: 

Chapman, Sophomore, Speech. Alpert, Dean J: Paola, Sophomore, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Alpert, Glenn P: Paola, Sophomore, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Althide, Darrell D: Warsaw, III., Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Amerine, Diana L: Belle Plaine, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Amos, Carol S: Colby, Junior, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Amyx, Charles M: Lawrence, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Andersen, Elizabeth: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Andersen, Linda S: Manhattan, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Anderson, Barbara J: Lawrence, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, Dave F: Sharon Springs, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Anderson, David E: Courtland, Sophomore, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Anderson, Delores K: Burlington, Sophomore, Interior Design. An- 
derson, Douglas R: Scranton, Freshman, General. 

TOP ROW: Albright, Sheryl K: Delia, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Aldrich, Vernon D: Council Grove, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Alexander, Albert J: Burlington, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Alex- 
ander, David R: Topeka, Junior, Physics. 

SECOND ROW: Alexander, Janet L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Alexander, Regena K: Harper, Junior, Applied 
Music. Alexander, Roger B: Topeka, Junior, Architectural Engineering. 
Algrim, Eugene E: Junction City, Junior, Agricultural Education. 

THIRD ROW: Alldritt, Susan L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Allemang, Virginia S: Lyndon, Junior, Music Education. Allen, 
David R: Newton, Freshman, Chemistry. Allen, Henry J: Shawnee, Fresh- 
man, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Allen, Marilyn J: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Allen, Ronald W: McCook, Neb., Freshman, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Allen, Suzie L: Liberty, Sophomore, Home Economics Extension. 
Allison, Ashley: Wichita, Junior, Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW: Allison, Leslie B: Florence, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Allison, Nancy L: Los Angeles, Calif., Junior, Home Economics. All- 
man, Jerry G: Parsons, 02, Architecture. Alloway, Jay E: Wichita, Fresh- 
man, Electrical Engineering. 

After one of the convocations, featuring speakers as Art Buchwald and 
Everett Dirksen, many students attend Union question and answer periods. 

Underclassmen: And-Atk 

TOP ROW: Anderson, Gaylord D: Scranton, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Anderson, J. Sue: Scranton, Sophomore, Speech. Anderson, John 
H: Agenda, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Anderson, Larry A: Axtell, 
Junior, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Anderson, Larry P: Holly, Colo., 03, Architecture. An- 
derson, Larry R: Williamsburg, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Anderson, 
Mary C: Hoxie, Freshman, Accounting. Anderson, Melinda M: McPher- 
son, Junior, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Anderson, Michael R: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Anderson, Pamela G: Junction City, Freshman, Medical Tech- 
nology. Anderson, Patricia A: Wichita, Sophomore, Mathematics. An- 
derson, Phil K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Restaurant Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Anderson, Richard M: Bethel, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Anderson, Robert A: Leavenworth, 03, Architecture. Anderson, 
Ronald D: -Elkhart, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Anderzhon, John F: 

Farragut, la., Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Andres, Judith K: Newton, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 
Andrews, Nancy J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Angerman, G. Gary: Kansas City, Junior, Pre-Law. Angwin, Carol 

S: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

TOP ROW: Ankeli, Gabriel O: Nigeria, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Ankenman, Charles R: Norton, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Annis, Marjorie C: Oakley, Sophomore, Physical Education. Annis, 
Ruth E: Oakley, Junior, General. 

SECOND ROW: Anschutz, Fredrick G: Lakin, Junior, Pre-Medicme. An- 
spaugh, Victor E: Luray, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Anstaett, Con- 
stance M: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. Antes, Paul F: Ef- 
fingham, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Anton, Billy V: Satanta, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Appleby, Frederick S: Clyde, Sophomore, Entomology. Arasmith, 
Gayle D: Downs, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Arick, Linda J: Val- 
ley Center, Freshman, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Armbrust, John S: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Armbruster, Gregory A: Ellis, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Arm- 
bruster, Jerry L: Ellis, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Armstrong, 
Elizabeth: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

/-**^l ^3^k ^H^ jSK^ 

KrJ f£S) M ~ 

fix f\ o O- 

TOP ROW: Armstrong, Gary L: Choteau, Mont., Sophomore, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Armstrong, John P: Manhattan, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Armstrong, Nancy L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Technical Journal- 
ism. Armstrong, Phillip D: Havensville, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Armstrong, Tamara D: Topeka, Freshman, Clothing and 
Textiles. Armsworthy, Judith C: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. Arnett, Vinton K: Belleville, Freshman, Social Science. 
Arnoldy, David N: Tipton, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Arnott, Ralph E: Blue Rapids, Sophomore, General. Ascher, 
Clifford D: Abilene, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Asfahl, Barbara H: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. Asher, Bar- 
bara S: Stafford, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Asher, Karen K: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
Ashford, Barbara E: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Ashida, 
Betty R: Johnson, Sophom6re, Home Economics. Ashton, Diana L: Salina, 
Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ashton, Mary J: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Atherton, Kaye L: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. Atkin- 
son, Barbara A: Udall, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Atkin- 
son, Frank M: Chicago, III., Freshman, Bakery Management. 

Underclassmen: Atk-Bar 

TOP ROW: Atkinson, George W: Norton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Atkinson, Mary L: Jewell, Junior, Physical Therapy. Atkinson, 
Nancy J: Udall, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Attebery, James 

B: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Attwood, Mary S: Silverlake, Sophomore, General. At- 
water, Patricia A: Netawaka, Freshman, Business Administration. Au- 
chard, Judith K: Atchison, Freshman, Medical Technology. Augustine, 
Gary L: Ellis, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Augustine, Melvin P: Ellis, Freshman, Mathematics. Ault, 
Mary L: Wamego, Freshman, Physical Education. Aupperle, Ronald E: 
Hutchinson, Sophomore, Business Administration. Avery, Cheri L: Riley, 
Sophomore, Radio and Television and Home Economics. 

O O fa 

Ml M A'r± 

TOP ROW: Axton, Gary C: Wichita, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Ayres, Eva M: Russell, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Ayres, John P: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Baber, Joe K: Cunningham, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Bach, Eunice E: Clay Center, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. Bachman, William A: Andale, Freshman, Chemistry. 
Backhaus, Pamela S: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Bader, Dean R: 

Palmer, Neb., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Badger, Bonnee B: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Baehr, Gratia L: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Baer, Larry R: Riley, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Bafus, Gary L: 

Newton, Sophomore, Chemistry. 

FOURTH ROW: Bagley, Carne S: Republic, Sophomore, General. Bahr, 
Mary L: Sabetha, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Bailey, 
Cheryl K: Ellis, Freshman, Business Administration. Bailey, Eileen E: Gar- 
nett, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 

FIFTH ROW: Bailey, Pete L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Bain Cheryl L: Macomb, III., Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Baker, Jon L: Manhattan, Junior, Geology. Baker, Judy D: Prairie Vil- 
lage, Freshman, Medical Technology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Baker, Nancy A: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Baker, Ralph E: Parsons, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Baker, 
Roger L: Eskridge, Sophomore, Agronomy. Baker, Thomas R: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 





(i' 1 

11 / 

TOP ROW: Bange, Edward W: Hoxie, Sophomore, Agriculture. Banks, 
John H: EIDorado, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Banks, Paul J: Ef- 
fingham, Junior, Agronomy. Barani, Bill R: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Barbe, Rebecca A: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Barbee, Jon R: Great Bend, Sophomore, Political 
Science. Barenberg, Edward D: Herndon, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Baria, Edalji J: India, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Baril, Sally J: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Barker, Charlene F: Scott City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Barkman, Donald L: Winfield, Freshman, Agriculture. Barkman, 
Floyd J: Burden, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. 

FOURTH ROW: Barley, Mary L: Shreveport, La., Junior, Interior Design. 
Barnes, Dennis E: Delphos, Freshman, General. Barnes, Sarah C: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, Home Economics. Barnes, Sharon A: Junction City, 
Freshman, History. 

FIFTH ROW: Barnes, Thomas K: Augusta, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Bar- 
nett, William R: Great Bend, Sophomore, Social Science. Barney, Arthur 
C: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Barney, Carolyn L: Wichita, 
Freshman, Bacteriology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Barney, Margret C: Rapid City, S.D., Sophomore, Radio, 
TV and Home Economics. Barr, Michelle A: McPherson, Freshman, General. 
Barrett, Harold C: Centralia, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Bar- 
row, Sharon L: Mayetta, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

TOP ROW: Balding, Larry D: Russell, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Baldridge, Linda A: Ulysses, Junior, Interior Design. Balducci, Richard K: 

St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Business Administration. Baldwin, Allen V: 

McPherson, Junior, Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Baldwin, Carol A: Omaha, Neb., Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Baldwin, Mark W: Goodland, Freshman, General. Ball, Edward 
E: Esbon, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Ballantyne, Philip M: Mis- 
sion, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ballou, Russell S: Salma, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Balwanz, Bob H: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Balzer, Rosemary M: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Bane, 
Randall A: Lansing, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

£■1 4m> 3 ^ 

i 3 rs 

T^v •j - l l»^f 

A q. m 




Underclassmen: Bar-Bel 

TOP ROW: Barrows, Bradley D: Ness City, Sophomore, Political Science. 
Barrows, Richard R: LaCrosse, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Barta, Alan G: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Barta, Richard A: Red 

Cloud, Neb., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Barth, Sylvia M: Olathe, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Bartholomew, Carolyn: Alton, Junior, Music Education. Bartholo- 
mew, Ruth A: Alton, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Bart- 
koski, Michael J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Bartlett, Carlyn K: Kinsley, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Bartley, Glenn E: Esbon, Junior, Business Administration. Barton, 
Diana K: Wichita, Freshman, English. Barton, Valerie L: Russell, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bartoo, Chloellen E: Great Bend, Sophomore, Social 
Science. Base, Patricia A: Sedgwick, Freshman, Physical Science. Basgall, 
William D: Bison, 02, Architecture. Bass, Dianne L: Salma, Sophomore, 
Home Economics Education. 

f^* +*?% f' — "-^ 


ilk ttfet* 




W«c * 

' ^ 

1 hfc ft* h 

TOP ROW: Bass, Janet K: Parsons, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design and Textiles Research. Batchelder, William: Highland, Junior, 
Agricultural Economics. Bates, Constance L: Vienna, Va., Freshman, His- 
tory. Bates, Rodney M: Manhattan, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Bates, Stephen C: Huron, S.D., 01, Architecture. Bathurst, 
Linda S: Talmage, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Bauder, Helen 
C: Howard, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. Bauer, Daniel W: Fairbury, Neb., 
Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Baugh, Bruce W: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Law. Bauman, 
Linda K: Marion, Freshman, General. Baumgarten, Edwin O: Buhler, 
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Baur, Kenneth C: Junction City, 
Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Baxter, Gloria E: Manhattan, Freshman, Psychology. Bax- 
ter, Kinney R: Stockton, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Bayer, Dana M: 
Manhattan, Freshman, General. Bayless, Sara M: Wichita, Sophomore, 

BOTTOM ROW: Beach, Carol S: Pierceville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Beach, Charles L: Barnes, Junior, Technical Journalism. Beach, 
Gary L: Pierceville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Beach, Ronald 

T: Scott City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 







TOP ROW: Beach, Sharilyn K: Scott City, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 
Beach, Suzanne I: Abilene, Sophomore, Psychology. Beal, Thomas G: 

Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Beasley, Cheryl L: To- 

peka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Beck, Barbara L: Bloomfield, Mich., Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Beck, Karen J: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Beck, Marcia A: Belleville, Junior, Secondary Education. Beck, 
Steven R: Manhattan, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Becker, Evelyn S: Downs, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Becker, Gregory W: Abilene, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Becker, 
Jo Ann: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Becker, Roger L: 

Centralia, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Becker, Sherrilyn K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Modern 
Languages. Becker, Vivian R: Inman, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. Beck- 
erle, Susan M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Beckenhauer, Sharron: Manhattan, Freshman, Biological Science. 

TOP ROW: Beckman, Susan A: Atchison, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Becraft, David R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Bedinghaus, James H: Winfield, Freshman, General. Bednosek, Monty 

M: WaKeeney, Junior, Political Science. 

SECOND ROW: Beecroft, Kevin H: Junction City, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Beer, Charles O: Lawrence, Freshman, Zoology. Beer, Janet 
J: Lamed, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Beer, Pamela A: Larned, 
Freshman, English. 

THIRD ROW: Beesley, Roger D: Quinter, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Beets, Richard A: Spring Hill, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Beez- 
ley, William P: Girard, Sophomore, Agriculture. Beggs, Wayne D: Co- 
lumbus, Freshman, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Behnke, Keith C: Kinsley, Junior, Feed Technology. 
Beichley, Duane E: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. Beichter, 
Eldon E: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Belden, Gale L: Burr Oak, 
Freshman, Agronomy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Belden, Guy N: Alamota, Junior, Humanities. Bell, Jo M: 
Lyons, Junior, Elementary Education. Bell, Orin D: Manhattan, Freshman, 
General. Bell, Patricia: Salina, Freshman, Interior Design. 

'•• •» o * 


. i 

Hfcfe ' *A i 

ft *■} O O 

< 2k 

Underclassmen: Bel-Bla 

TOP ROW: Bell, Peter A: Junction City, Freshman, General. Bellairs, Wil- 
liam M: Independence, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Bellman, Joe R: 
Kansas City, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Belluomo, Mary E: Wichita, 
Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Benbow, Susan L: Fenton, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Bender, Gary L: WaKeeney, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Bender, Leon C: Liberal, 01, Architecture. Benedick, Ronald B: Wichita, 
Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

THIRD ROW: Bengtson, Dennis L: Salma, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Beninga, Peggy I: Riley, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Benjamin, Martin E: Wichita, Freshman, General. Benjamin, Sally: 

Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Bennett, Lynda C: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Ele- 
mentary Education. Bennett, Robert E: Manchester, Junior, Flour Science 
and Management. Bennett, Robert M: Hays, Freshman, Electrical En- 
gineering. Bennett, Roger L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Benson, Lee M: Burlmgame, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Bentley, Sara S: Shields, Junior, Modern Languages. Benton, Barbara K: 

Norcatur, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Benton, Gary L: Salina, Sophomore, 
Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bentsen, Donald R: Wichita, 02, Architecture. Beny- 
shek, Larry L: Cuba, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Berg, Marcia 

M: Charleston, W. Va., Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Berger, 
Laurene M: Clay Center, Junior, Elementary Education. 

Qy w Q o 


1 c fcA7*4 

TOP ROW: Berger, Patrick J: Dodge City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Berger, Ronald J: Burrton, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Bergerhouse, Cynthia: Manhattan, Freshman, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Bergerhouse, Shelly: Lakewood, Colo., Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Bergman, Janis L: Oak Hill, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Berkeley, Coburn A: Charlotte, N.C., 01, Architecture. Berkey, Pamela 
J: Rossville, Junior, Retail Floriculture. Berkholtz, Dennis L: Milwaukee, 
Wis., Junior, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Berlin, Larry K: Manhattan, 02, Architecture. Bernasek, 
Frank R: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Law. Berndt, Douglas L: Glasco, 

Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Berry, Gail M: Topeka, Sophomore, 

TOP ROW: Bishop, Nancy L: Minneapolis, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Bishop, Raye L: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Bishop, 
Robert D: Emporia, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Bjurstrom, Mary 

E: Leoti, Junior, History. 

SECOND ROW: Black, James N: McPherson, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 
Blackman, Darrell B: Wichita, Freshman, General. Blackwell, John H: 
Larned, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Blackwell, William F: Kansas 
City, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Blades, Linda M: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Blaiklock, Raymond R: Colorado Springs, Colo., Junior, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Blake, Barbara R: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Blake, Bobbie M: 

Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

TOP ROW: Bertrand, William A: Clay Center, Junior, Wildlife Conser- 
vation. Betts, Barry L: Shawnee, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Betts, 
JoAnn: Gary, Ind., Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Betz, Judith L: 

Junction City, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Betz, William D: Junction City, Junior, Geology. Bevan, 
William: Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Law. Biby, Carol M: Winfield, Junior, 
Music Education. Bieberly, Frank G: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary 

THIRD ROW: Bieberly, Ralph K: Salina, 03, Architecture. Bieker, Sandra 

K: Salina, Freshman, Home Economics. Bigbee, Jean L: Manhattan, Soph- 
omore, Home Economics. Bigbee, Melinda: Hugoton, Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. 

FOURTH ROW: Bigelow, Mary A: Kansas City, Freshman, English. Big- 
gart, LeAnne: Circleville, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Biggs, 
Elaine S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Speech. Biggs, Michael W: Barnard, 
Sophomore, Physical Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Bigler, Jane A: Junction City, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Billinger, Betty J: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Billinger, 
John C: Wichita, Sophomore, Commercial Art. Birch, Richard T: Wichita, 
01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bircher, David W: Ellsworth, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Bird, Gerald A: Larned, Junior, Secondary Education. Birkbeck, 
Stephen R: Leroy, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Bishop, Carolyn S: 

Wichita, Freshman, Interior Design. 

C^ £fe £^ ^^ 

Ji*i dhzk 

Underclassmen: Bla-Bos 

TOP ROW: Blake, Karen S: Salina, Freshman, Home Economics. Blaker, 
Bradford G: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Education. Blakeslee, Mary E: 

Independence, Junior, Elementary Education. Bland, Vivian R: Hutchinson, 
Junior, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Blankenhagen, Edward: Manhattan, Sophomore, Social 
Science. Blankenship, Beverly: Udall, Freshman, Interior Design. Blank- 
enship, Connie L: Udall, Freshman, General. Blankenship, Gary D: 

Udall, Junior, Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Blankenship, Karen S: Great Bend, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Blasdel, Phyllis J: Sylvia, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Blauvelt, William A: Superior, Neb., Sophomore, Agricultural 
Journalism. Blecha, Joyce E: Belleville, Freshman, Home Economics Ex- 

FOURTH ROW: Bledsoe, Jacquelyn A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Elemen- 
tary Education. Bleything, Larry D: Raytown, Mo., Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Bleything, Richard R: Raytown, Mo., Junior, Business 
Administration. Blickenstaff, Cheri: Scott City, Freshman, Animal Hus- 

BOTTOM ROW: Bliss, Charles E: Denver, Colo., Junior, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Bliss, Thomas C: Atwood, Freshman, General. Block, John R: Ba- 
varia, Freshman, Business Administration. Blocksome, Lyndon K: Ran- 
som, Freshman, General. 


^ * t w - J wPJP 

-•r 1 


d. n £> 

1 > fckffc^.Atita 

TOP ROW: Blocksome, Roderick: Ransom, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Bloom, Robert E: Needham Heights, Mass., Freshman, General. Blow, 
Harry E: Topeka, Sophomore, Music Education. Bock, Evelyn A: Dodge 
City, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Bodwell, Jean K: Pratt, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Boeschen, Phillip W: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. Boger, Fred C: 

Great Bend, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Boggs, Terry K: Ft. Riley, 
Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Bogue, Michael C: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Bohannon, Lloyd D: Hoisington, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Bohn, Diane K: Eskridge, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
and Textiles Research. Bohnen, Joseph M: Dorrance, Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Boisseau, Eldon L: Coldwater, Freshman, Agriculture. 
Bolejack, Steven D: Auburn, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Boles, 
Marilyn K: Bartlesville, Okla., Junior, Elementary Education. Boles, Stan- 
ley R: Liberal, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

TOP ROW: Boley, Thomas F: Kewanee, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Bolin, Nancy J: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. Boll, Bruce A: 

Delphos, Freshman, Agriculture. Bolte, Pamella L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, 
Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

SECOND ROW: Bolton, Carolyn L: Burlingame, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Bond, Jeffrey D: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Boomer, Bruce A: Junction City, 01, 
Architecture. Boomer, Larren G: Portis, Junior, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Booth, Joan L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Boots, Linda K: Leavenworth, Freshman, Interior Design. Bordwell, 
Richard S: Washington, la., Sophomore, Feed Technology. Borell, Steven 

C: Lindsborg, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Borgmann, Terry A: Goodland, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Borngesser, Susan J: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Borra, Victor A: Lyons, III., 02, Architecture. Bortz, Nancy C: 

Claflin, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bosche, Helen F: Burlington, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Bosse, Doris J: Wheaton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Boster, Rochelle A: Burrton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Bos- 
trom, Sheryl L: Lakin, Freshman, Accounting. 

Library reading rooms are being changed into study rooms which 
will provide access to the stacks upon completion of remodeling. 

Senate Minority 

Leader Everett Dirksen talks with President McCain 

and a reporter a 

ter drawing 

the largest convocation 

crowd of 7,000. 

^kml *~ 



w^^p ^T^M 

m* ^ 

■ ' ^^^^m^^m 

mk & ■ 



i'-?'* : 

< 3/ 



IS) jF^ 





{£1 £* 






rr *• «* |^ Mgi 

Underclassmen: Bot-Bre 

TOP ROW: Bott, Raymond E: Palmer, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. 
Bottenberg, Julie C: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Bou- 
cher, Cheryl A: Glasco, Junior, Home Economics Education. Bouchey, 
Marsha A: Stockton, Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Boudreau, Jamesina A: Steffenville, Mo., Junior, Social 
Science. Boughan, Brooke F: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Law. 
Boughton, Roberta J: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Bourbina, Charles F: Abilene, 02, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Bourque, Chalise A: Manhattan, Junior, Speech. Bowell, 
Steven D: Abilene, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Bower, Barbara 
L: Holton, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Bower, Joan R: Marysville, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

FOURTH ROW: Bowers, Constance J: Overland Park, Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Bowman, Gloria J: 
Lyons, Freshman, Zoology. Bowman, Susan J: Overland, Sophomore, 
Political Science. Bowsher, Melodie L: Derby, Sophomore, Technical 

FIFTH ROW: Boxberger, Marsha L: Russell, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Boyce, Richard E: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Administration. 
Boyd, Glenn E: St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Boyer, Janet L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Boyer, Nancy M: Coffeyville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Ed- 
ucation. Boyer, Ronald L: Fredonia, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Boyer, 
William J: EIDorado, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Boylan, Lynn E: Re- 
public, Freshman, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Boyle, Douglas A: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Boyle, Steven R: Spivey, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Boyles, Alice 
L: Scandia, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Bozone, David M: Hugoton, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Brabec, Jeffrey C: Washington, Freshman, Agriculture. 
Brack, Suella I: Holdrege, Neb., Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Braden, Janet L: Wakefield, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Bradley, 
Rebecca: Chanute, Freshman, Interior Design. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bradley, Sandra L: Prairie Village, Junior, ClotMng Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Bradley, Wray E: Colum- 
bus, Ga., 03, Architecture. Bradshaw, Roger W: Wichita, Freshman, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Brady, Thomas J: Blue Rapids, Junior, Accounting. 

TOP ROW: Brady, Warren T: Albert, Freshman, General. Brainerd, Mary 
L: Wichita, Junior, Art. Brammer, James D: Nortonville, Sophomore, 
Business Administration. Brammer, Judy M: Randolph, Junior, Geology. 

SECOND ROW: Brand, John H: Wichita, Sophomore, Physics. Brandner, 
Mary S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Sociology. Brandt, John C: Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman, General. Brannan, Michael S: Meade, Sophomore, 
Physical Science. 

THIRD ROW: Brannum, Marcia M: Winfield, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Brannum, Sharon L: Winfield, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Bran- 
son, Carl E: Higginsvi lie, Mo., Junior, Secondary Education. Brant, Doug- 
las M: Lucas, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Brass, Carolyn E: Coldwater, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Brassfield, Mary C: Mission, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Braswell, David A: St. Louis, Mo., 02, Architecture. Brattin, Janis 

K: Kiowa, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 

FIFTH ROW: Bratton, Barbara A: Council Grove, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Braum, Roy A: Denison, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Braun, 
Linda J: Leawood, Sophomore, Business Administration. Brazle, Frank K: 

Dexter, 01, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Brazle, Reba S: Cambridge, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
Education. Brazzell, Cecil: Wichita, Junior, History. Brecheisen, A. War- 
ren: Garnett, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Bredemeier, Sharon M: 

Seneca, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bredengerd, Laurence: Salina, Freshman, General. Bree- 
den, Effie M: Hoxie, Junior, Family and Child Development. Breeden, 
Margaret A: Hoxie, Freshman, General. Breen, Emmett N: EIDorado, 
Junior, History. 

EIGHTH ROW: Breen, Timothy J: Miltonvale, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Brees, Gerald C: Manhattan, Sophomore, Speech. Breitenbach, 
Jerome: Pretty Prairie, Freshman, Business Administration. Breitenbach, 

John D: Pretty Prairie, Junior, Architectural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Breitweiser, Mary D: Topeka, Sophomore, Sociology. 
Brelig, George A: Chester, III., Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Bren- 
ner, Steven R: Manhattan, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Brent, Carol A: 

Gaylord, Junior, Home Economics Education. 


Underclassmen: Bre-Bug 

TOP ROW: Brent, Margery L: Gaylord, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Brewster, Robert W: Coffeyville, 02, Architecture. Brickner, 
Terry L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Bridges, 
Donald L: Atchison, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Briggeman, Wilma J: Preston, 03, Architecture. Briggs, 
Robert A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Bright, Barbara K: 
Topeka, Freshman, Interior Design. Brim, Lenore K: Hudson, Junior, 
Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Brining, Donald R: Great Bend, Sophomore, Secondary Ed- 
ucation. Brinker, Jane M: Glen Elder, Freshman, Biological Science. 
Brinkman, Jim C: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Brink- 
meyer, Juanita: Garden City, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Brinkoeter, Elizabeth: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Brinkoeter, RaeJean: Wichita, Sophomore, Art. Briscoe, Charles 

A: Hutchinson, Freshman, English. Britton, Jane M: Kinsley, Junior, Ele- 
mentary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Britton, William G: Lewis, Freshman, General. Broad- 
well, Edwin S: Wyckoff, N.J., 04, Architecture. Brockelman, Jerald D: 
Council Grove, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Brockman, Robert J: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Zoology. 

TOP ROW: Broeckelman, Gregory: Oakley, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Broeckelman, Michael: Oakley, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. 
Broers, James S: Eudora, Freshman, Biological Science. Broers, Linda F: 

Ottawa, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Broers, Ted A: Eudora, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer 
mg. Bronaugh, Robert A: Frankfort, Junior, Business Administration. Bron- 
leewe, Thomas R: Geneseo, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. Bron- 
zan, Charles T: Cook, Neb., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Brooke, Jeanette: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Brookens, Mary C: Westmoreland, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Brooks, Robyn D: Lyons, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Brooks, 
Stephen C: Russell, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brooks, Steven L: Ulysses, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Brooks, Susan E: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Brookshire, 
James R: Kansas City, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Brous, Judy A: De- 
soto, Freshman, General. 


ft t3 JF) 

& .O .^) o 

TOP ROW: Brown, Alan D: Salina, Freshman, Physical Education. Brown, 
Barbara A: Downs, Freshman, Modern Languages. Brown, Gale R: Long- 
ton, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Brown, Howard R: Kansas City, Sopho- 
more, Chemical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Brown, Julia A: Oberlin, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Brown, Larry R: Hutchinson, 02, Architecture. Brown, Linda K: Kansas 
City, Freshman, Home Economics. Brown, Roderick R: Wichita, Junior, 
Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Brown, Terrence W: Ellinwood, Freshman, Dairy Production. 
Brown, Vicki L: Kansas City, Junior, English. Brown, William L: Ober- 
lin, Junior, Physical Education. Brownlee, Dale E: Burdett, Junior, Indus- 
trial Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Bruce, Cheryl C: Leawood, Freshman, General. Bruce, 
Richard N: Orchard, Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Brungardt, Sam- 
uel J: Gorham, Junior, Horticulture. Bruning, Gary D: Robinson, Junior, 
Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brunner, Ann J: Ramona, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Brunson, Virginia L: Norton, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Bryan, David W: Maiden, Mass., Sophomore, History. Bryan, John N: 

Emporia, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. 



TOP ROW: Bryant, Bruce W: LaCrosse, Junior, Business Administration. 
Bryant, Joyce A: Lawrence, Freshman, Home Economics. Bryant, Judith: 
Overland Park, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Bryant, Lawrence O: 

Herington, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Bryant, Michael E: Wichita, Freshman, Architectural En- 
gineering. Buchan, Katherine F: Prairie Village, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Buchan, Robert E: Wichita, Sophomore, Mathematics. Buchman, Sherri 
L: Alta Vista, Freshman, Music Education. 

THIRD ROW: Buchmann, Stuart E: Clay Center, Freshman, General. 
Buckland, Annette L: Woodston, Junior, History Buckles, Michael D: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Bucklin, Joseph A: Liver- 
pool, N.Y., 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Budimlija, Roddy: Muncie, Junior, Accounting. Budke, 
Martha J: Wichita, Freshman, Sociology. Buffo, Lyn M: Leavenworth, 
Sophomore, Secondary Education. Bugbee, Linda E: Emporia, Junior, 
Home Economics and Journalism. 


Underclassmen: Buh-Cam 

TOP ROW: Buhrer, William A: Mission, 01, Architecture. Bulger, Judith 
A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Bulger, Shirley A: Manhattan, Freshman, 
General. Bull, Barbara J: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Bumgarner, Richard D: Osawatomie, Freshman, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Bunney, James B: Garden City, Junior, Feed Technology. 
Burch, Timothy K: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Burdett, Wil- 
liam W: Centralia, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Buresh, Linda K: Caldwell, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Burford, Marietta C: Milton, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. Burg, 
George F: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Burger, Thomas A: 

Home, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Burgess, Barbara L: Topeka, Freshman, Psychology. Bur- 
gess, Judith G: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Burgess, 
Judith L: Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Education. Burgess, Maryann E: 

Salina, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

FIFTH ROW: Burk, Cheryln J: McDonald, Freshman, Mathematics. Burk, 
Robert W: Manhattan, 01, Architecture. Burke, Bruce E: Kfngman, Fresh- 
man, Electrical Engineering. Burkey, Jerry B: Milford, Neb., Sophomore, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Burkhart, Barbara A: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Chemical 
Engineering. Burkholder, Janis K: Attica, Freshman, General. Burmeister, 
Irva K: Downs, Freshman, Business Administration. Burnett, Cecil W: Mul- 
linville, Junior, Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Burnett, Gary D: Abilene, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Burnett, Peggy C: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Burnison, 
Randolph C: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Law. Burns, David L: Plainfield, 
Ind., Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 



EIGHTH ROW: Burns, George A: Great Bend, Freshman, Social Science. 
Burns, Linda K: Ness City, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Burns, 
Michael J: Lenexa, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Burns, Stephen 

M: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Law. 

BOTTOM ROW: Burrell, Delila J: Wamego, Junior, Home Economics Ed- 
ucation. Burris, Joyce A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Burris, Spencer R: Overland Park, 
Sophomore, Social Science. Burrow, Frank H: Topeka, Freshman, Pre- 



£% Q C* ^ 

iTj ? r^- cti * f , 

Uf ^ fl| ^ 

TOP ROW: Burt, Ronald J: Salina, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Bur- 
ton, Carol A: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Burton, 
Karen K: Wichita, Freshman, Medical Technology. Busch, Sandra K: 

Olathe, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Busenbark, Theodore: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Feed 
Technology. Bush, James L: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Bush, Larry A: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Law. Bush, Terry M: Douglass, 
Sophomore, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Bussman, Russell L: Mound Valley, Freshman, Feed Tech- 
nology. Butler, Nancy J: Hays, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Butler, 
William D: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Butler, William M: Cof- 
feyville, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Button, Sue A: Copeland, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Butts, Joel R: Junction City, Junior, 
Mathematics. Butts, Lucretia A: Leon, Junior, Secondary Education. Bu- 
zenberg, William E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

FIFTH ROW: Byer, Janet L: Stafford, Junior, Business Administration. 
Byers, Jacqualine S: Burr Oak, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Byrne, 
Barbara: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Cable, Barbara L: Leoti, Junior, Medical Technology. 

SIXTH ROW: Cadman, Stephen: St. John, Sophomore, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Cadwallader, Ralph E: Alma, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Cahill, William E: Salina, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Cain, 
Margaret C: Sublette, Freshman, Biological Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Caldwell, Glenn A: Garnett, Freshman, Agricultural 
Engineering. Calhoun, Donald L: Ulysses, 01, Architecture. Callen, 
Patricia J: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education. Callen, Thomas E: 

Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Callies, Rodney E: St. Louis, Mo., 02, Architecture. Camb- 
lin, Gary L: Robinson, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Cammel, Donald 
L: Eureka, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Campbell, Carolyn B: Over- 
land Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Campbell, Donna D: South Hamilton, Mass., Freshman, 
Pre-Secondary Education. Campbell, Joan M: Independence, Junior, Art. 
Campbell, Richard A: Hamilton, Mass., Freshman, Physical Therapy. 
Campbell, Richard W: Concordia, 02, Architecture. 


ft .© Q 

Underclassmen: Can-Cau 

TOP ROW: Canfield, Pamela A: Leawood, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Cannon, John W: Salina, 01, Architecture. Capron, Evan D: Columbus, 
Junior, Physics. Carbiener, Connie L: Wichita, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Card, Michael D: Tulsa, Okla., Junior, Mathematics. 
Cardwell, Steven R: Scandia, Freshman, Business Administration. Card- 
well, Virginia G: Wichita, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Carey, 
Bruce D: Sterling, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

THIRD ROW: Carey, Larry N: Valley Center, Junior, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Carl, Charles L: Onaga, 01, Architecture. Carlat, James K: Dover, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering. Carlin, Jerry F: Beloit, Freshman, Agricul- 
tural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carlin, Kathryn A: Salina, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Carlisle, Michael E: Lexington, Ky., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Carlson, Carlene E: Kackley, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Carlson, David E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Accounting. 

TOP ROW: Carlson, Gary K: Topeka, 03, Architecture. Carlson, Gayle 

A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Interior Design. Carlson, Kenneth L: Con- 
cordia, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Carlson, Pamela S: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Carlson, Patricia L: Bavaria, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Carlson, Stephanie M: Bethel, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Carlson, Susan E: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics. Carlson, 
Vincent L: Manhattan, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Carlson, Virginia A: Bavaria, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Carmichael, Craig L: Plainville, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Car- 
michael, Lyle K: Garden City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Car- 
mony, Lyle P: New York, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Law. 

FOURTH ROW: Carpenter, Evelyn K: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Edu- 
cation. Carr, Carolyn L: Atchison, Sophomore, Humanities. Carr, Connie 
L: Anthony, Sophomore, General. Carr, David E: Salina, Junior, Account- 

BOTTOM ROW: Carr, Kay E: Larned, Freshman, Home Economics. Carr, 
Pamela K: Colby, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Carr, 
Tommy R: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Carroll, 
Daniel J: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Administration. 

* Ml JIT*. J& 

During game half-time, Honorary Parents Mr. and Mrs. James Burgess are 
presented with an engraved silver tray by President James A. McCain. 

TOP ROW: Carroll, Roy D: Pratt, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Car- 
roll, Timothy L: Norton, Junior, Civil Engineering. Carson, Pamalee G: 

Oxford, Junior, Home Economics Education. Carson, Shirley E: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Social Science. 

SECOND ROW: Carson, William T: Springfield, Mo., 02, Architecture. 
Carter, Brian E: Garnett, Junior, Accounting. Carter, Glenda A: Inde- 
pendence, Mo., Freshman, Sociology. Carter, Irma J: Russell, Freshman, 
Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Carter, Jeannie L: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Carthrae, Ralph E: Coldwater, Junior, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Cashatt, John P: Ozawkie, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Caspar, 
William O: Junction City, Junior, Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Casper, Jean M: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Cassella, Paul W: Ft. Lauderdale, 
Fla., Freshman, Zoology. Cassidy, Sheryl L: Salina, Sophomore, General. 
Cassing, David T: Merriam, Sophomore, Mathematics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Caster, Dallas D: Hampton, Neb., Junior, Veterinary 
Medicine. Caster, Douglas F: Fulton, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Caughron, Martha E: Dodge City, Sophomore, History. Caul- 
field, Michael D: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

a"W ^H ^^L 


O O Q C 


Underclassmen: Cau-Cl: 

TOP ROW: Caulfield, Richard L: Briarcliff, N.Y., Junior, Pre- Veterinary 
Medicine. Cavanaugh, Thomas P: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Co- 
vin, Kathryn A: LaCrosse, Freshman, Modern Languages. Caviness, 
Kathleen M: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Cawby, Steve A: Leawood, 01, Architecture. Caylor, 
Melvin A: Blue Mound, Junior, Zoology. Caywood, Don A: Wichita, 
Freshman, Chemistry. Chadwell, Stephen L: Fairview, Sophomore, 

BOTTOM ROW: Chancy, Terry F: Delphos, Sophomore, Agronomy. 
Chandler, Charles N: Smith Center, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Chapin, B. Ross: Toronto, Canada, Freshman, Bakery Management. 
Chapman, Douglas M: Beloit, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

TOP ROW: Chapman, Harold R: Easton, Sophomore, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Chapman, Linda J: Beloit, Freshman, Psychology. Charbonneau, 

Karen K: Osborne, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 
Charles, Nancy A: Republic, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Charlton, Ann L: Bethel, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Chase, Barbara A: Wichita, Freshman, Interior Design. Chatfield, 
Janet L: Goodland, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Cheatham, James 

E: Oklahoma City, Okla., Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Cheatum, Lawrence: Miami, Fla., Sophomore, Geology. 
Cheavens, Marcia K: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. Cheg- 
widden, Verlee: Sylvan Grove, Junior, Elementary Education. Cheney, 
Patricia W: Grainfield, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 

FOURTH ROW: Cheney, Timothy P: Grainfield, Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Cherney, Franklin C: Agenda, Freshman, General. Chetta, Samuel 

F: Westbury, N.Y., Junior, English. Chew, Linda K: Atchison, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Chiang, Yung A: Philippine Islands, Junior, Electrical En- 
gineering. Chilott, Elva J: Hugoton, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Chilcott, Robert G: Mankato, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Childres, Mary F: 

Junction City, 03, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Childs, Edward N: Belleville, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Childs, Robert M: Philli psburg, Junior, Business Administration. 
Chiles, Laurn P: Lorraine, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Choplin, 
Jane R: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. 


* few* ' a 

fTi CS |ft 

TOP ROW: Christensen, Barbara: Marion, Freshman, General. Christen- 
sen, Bruce N: McHenry, III., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Christ- 
ensen, Carl D: Garden City, Freshman, General. Christensen, Carol: 

Salina, Sophomore, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Christensen, Harriet: Mt. Hope, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Christiansen, Gordon: Durham, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Christiansen, Ken A: Colby, Sophomore, Agriculture. Christmann, Edith 

A: Kirkwood, Mo., Freshman, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Christmann, Roy A: Glendale, Mo., Freshman, Civil 
Engineering. Church, Carol A: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Chyba, Leslie J: Western, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Claassen, Rudolph D: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

?& % ft 

dm J7 1 *m 

TOP ROW: Clark, Dale A: Mission, 03, Architecture. Clark, Douglas S: 

Ft. Thomas, Ky., Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Clark, Elizabeth A: 
Alta Vista, Sophomore, Political Science. Clark, Gary S: Mission, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Clark, Harriett J: Desoto, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Clark, John R: Paola, Sophomore, Histroy. Clark, Kathy: Den- 
ver, Colo., Junior, Home Economics. Clark, Michele J: EIDorado, Junior, 
Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Clark, Peggy A: Concordia, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Clark, Terry E: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Clark, 
William E: Windsor, Conn., Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Clay, Barry H: 

Meade, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Claybaugh, Kathryn A: Independence, Mo., Junior, Phy- 
sical Education. Claycamp, Kenneth W: Rice, Sophomore, Horticulture. 
Claydon, Linda A: Manhattan, Junior, Chemistry. Cleavinger, Howard 

B: Valley Falls, Freshman, Physics. 

FIFTH ROW: Cleeves, David B: Brazil, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Clegg, Robert M: Manhattan, Junior, Chemistry. Cleghorn, Roger K: 

Wichita, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering, demons, Paula J: Topeka, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cline, Darwin E: Wichita, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Cline, Larry E: Fredonia, Junior, Agricultural Journalism. Cline, Patricia L: 
Lyons, Freshman, Physical Education. Clinesmith, Kaye A: Ft. Scott, Fresh- 
man, Music Education. 

I- «»¥. 7 -*» *• 

Underclassmen: Clu-Cor 

TOP ROW: Clutter, Michael L: Larned, Sophomore, Accounting. Clydes- 
dale, Robert L: Lenora, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Clyne, 
Lynda L: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing, 
Cobb, John W: Little River, Sophomore, Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Coberly, Nancy: Hutchinson, Junior, English. Coble, 
Robert J: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Law. Coburn, Ruth E: Overland 
Park, Junior, Elementary Education. Cochran, Sherry L: Barnard, Junior, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

THIRD ROW: Cockrell, Patricia M: Kansas City, Freshman, Interior De- 
sign. Cockrum, Darrell K: Johnson, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Cock- 
rum, Wynn M: Johnson, Sophomore, Music Education. Coffey, Barbara 

D: Salina, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Coffman, Charles W: Allen, Junior, Economics. Cohan, 
Phillip L: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Cohen, 
Diane T: Junction City, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Cohorst, Steven 

J: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 

FIFTH ROW: Coit, Kathleen A: Overland Park, Freshman, Psychology. 
Colahan, Daniel T: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Law. Colaw, Carolyn S: Over- 
land Park, Junior, Secondary Education. Cole, Charles R: Sedan, Fresh- 
man, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cole, Jana L: Goodland, Freshman, General. Cole, 
Ross W: Jetmore, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. Coleman, 
James L: Rossville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Colley, Michael 

E: Osage City, Freshman, General. 

TOP ROW: Collins, Carolyn M: Bethel, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Collins, George F: Piqua, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Collins, Julie 
A: McPherson, Freshman, Art. Collins, Michele: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

SECOND ROW: Colvin, Thomas E: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Combrink, Dennis D: Kiowa, Freshman, Music Education. 
Comerford, Karen M: Chicago, III., Junior, English. Compton, Barbara 

K: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Compton, Marcia A: Lakin, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Condell, Nancy J: EIDorado, Sophomore, Zoology. Condit, Larry R: 

Abilene, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Condon, Marquita M: Wichita, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 


TOP ROW: Condray, Jettie F: Wells, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Cone, Marie L: St. Louis, Mo., Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design 
and Textiles Research. Conner, Elizabeth J: EIDorado, Freshman, Techni- 
cal Journalism. Conrad, Michael B: Clay Center, Freshman, Civil En- 

SECOND ROW: Conrow, Margaret: Wakefield, Freshman, Speech. Con- 
verse, Larry E: Manhattan, Junior, Physical Education. Conway, William 
P: Haysville, Junior, Secondary Education. Cook, Adelma J: Salina, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics and Nursing. 

THIRD ROW: Cook, George N: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Cook, Jay L: Dighton, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Cook, 
Judith L: WaKeeney, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. Cook, William D: Mer- 
riam, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Coolidge, Sue A: Ft. Riley, Sophomore, General. Coombs, 
Polly A: Sedgwick, Junior, Appreciation of Music. Coon, Anthony T: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business Administration. Coons, Michael J: 

Peabody, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Coons, Patricia I: Peabody, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Cooper, John W: Carbondale, Sophomore, General. Cooper, 
Joyce D: Lenexa, Freshman, General. Cooper, Mary J: Colby, Sopho- 
more, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cooper, Robert G: Coldwater, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Cooper, Robert M: McPherson, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Cooper, William G: Preston, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Coover, 
Courtney M: Kinsley, Sophomore, Speech. 

tkJik ^A^'MdiM 

TOP ROW: Coover, Roland R: Wilsey, Freshman, General. Copeland, 
Eugene H: Clay Center, Junior, Music Education. Copening, Caroline B: 

lola, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Corby, David B: Topeka, Soph- 
omore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Cordel, Peter J: Burr Oak, Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Cordill, Jerry R: Woodston, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Corey, Johnny L: Hutchinson, Junior, Political Science. Corn, Mary E: 

Holyrood, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cornelison, Judy K: Douglass, Sophomore, Retail Flori- 
culture. Cornwell, Larry G: Ellsworth, Sophomore, General. Corr, Tom 
H: Enid, Okla., Sophomore, Business Administration. Corral, David E: Rock 
Springs, Wyo., Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Gor-Cru 

TOP ROW: Correll, Mary E: Satanta, Sophomore, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Corwin, Marilen A: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design and Textiles Research. Cory, Robert M: Wichita, 
Freshman, History. Cosgrove, Patricia S: Council Grove, Sophomore, 

SECOND ROW: Costantini, Raymond: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Chemical 
Engineering. Coulter, Craig A: Oklahoma City, Okla., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Covalt, Mary A: Whitewater, Freshman, Agricultural 
Journalism. Covert, Sydney A: EIDorado, Sophomore, Interior Design. 

THIRD ROW: Cowan, Deanna K: Salina, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Journalism. Cowan, Janet S: Junction City, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Cowan, Wendell F: Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration. Cowell, 
Rodney M: Clay Center, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Cox, Carolyn R: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Physical Edu- 
cation. Cox, James L: Corning, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Cox, 
Kenneth, M: Sublette, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Cox, Larry 
G: Gove, Freshman, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Craddock, Beverly: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Home 
Economics. Craig, Cathryn: Wichita, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Craig, Donald D: Manchester, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Craig, 
William D: Ogallala, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Schuffling through IBM cards, first semester rushees plan their schedules 
for the day. Each IBM card represents a party invitation from a sorority. 


*-J ^w \**\ 

TOP ROW: Crofoot, Steven F: Cottonwood Falls, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Crofoot, Terry J: Cottonwood Falls, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Cropper, Thomas L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Cross, Roberta S: Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 

SECOND ROW: Crossen, Dee A: lola, Junior, Sociology. Crostarosa, 
Diane M: E. St. Louis, III., Sophomore, Geography. Crostarosa, Kathryn: 
Overland Park, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Crotinger, James L: Tribune, 
Sophomore, Pre-Law. 

THIRD ROW: Crotinger, Mary K: Garden City, Junior, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Crotts, Connie S: Penalosa, 
Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Crouch, 
Robert W: Mission, Junior, Accounting. Crow, John M: Prairie Village, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Crowell, James E: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Crowley, Mary L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Crownhart, Patricia: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Crubel, Michael J: Manhattan, 02, Architecture. 

TOP ROW: Crail, Shirley C: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Cram, Carolee: Alliance, Neb., Junior, Home Economics, Edu- 
cation. Cram, Dan E: Portis, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Cramer, James 

E: Bellevue, Neb., Sophomore, English. 

SECOND ROW: Cramer, Joe D: Healy, Junior, Zoology. Cramer, Keith 

L: Healy, Junior, Physical Education. Cramer, Terry L: Healy Freshman, 
General. Crane, John F: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Crane, Martha A: Wichita, Junior, English. Crane, Ross D: 

Severy, Junior, Agricultural Education. Craven, Donna E: Bonner Springs, 
Freshman, General. Craven, Linda L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Humanities. 

FOURTH ROW: Cravens, Ann L: Newton, Freshman, Dietetics and Insti- 
tutional Management. Crawford, Allen R: Pomona, Sophomore, Mathe- 
matics. Crawford, Debora L: Peabody, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Crawshaw, Johnny A: Altoona, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Creager, Marvin W: Pleasanton, Sophomore, Agricul- 
tural Education. Crelly, George P: Towanda, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 
Crist, Richard J: Scott City, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Crofoot, 
Patricia D: Cottonwood Falls, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

Underclassmen: Cru-DeM 

TOP ROW: Cruce, James R: Salma, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Cruickshank, Jonalyn: Hays, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Crum- 
rine, Jack R: Shawnee, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Crumrine, 

Judy F: Shawnee, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 

SECOND ROW: Crumrine, Martin H: Shawnee, Junior, Bacteriology. 
Cudney, Robert R: Belpre, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Culbertson, 
Countess: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Cullen, Mary 

L: Topeka, Freshman, History. 

THIRD ROW: Culver, Alan D: Madison, 03, Architecture. Culver, Janet 
K: Madison, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Cure, Thomas H: Han- 
ston, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Currie, Susan L: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Curry, Fred L: Wichita, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Curry, Robert A: Liberal, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Curtin, Linda 
D: Wetmore, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Curtis, John R: Derby, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW; Curtis, Sherry L: Wamego, Sophomore, Art. Cutter, David 
W: Hugoton, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Cyphers, Stanley P: Augusta, 
Junior, Accounting. Dagg, Leonard G: Great Bend, Freshman, Electrical 

SIXTH ROW: Dahlsten, Maria R: Lindsborg, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Dahm, Arlene R: Palmer, Junior, Accounting. Dahm, Duane 
H: Palmer, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Dalby, Garry M: Leavenworth, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Dale, Ira L: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Dale, James E: St. John, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Daley, Michael D: 
Liberal, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Dalke, Randall C: Mound- 
ridge, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Dallas, Sarah B: Manhattan, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Dally, Mary A: Jacksonville, Fla., Junior, Elementary Education. Dal- 
rymple, Sandra M: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Damer- 
on, Tommy D: Beloit, Sophomore, Bakery Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dametz, Terri A: Stanley, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Daniel, 
Brenda L: McKinney, Tex., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Daniel, 
Stephen A: Jacksonville, III., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Daniels, 
Joseph: Tonganoxie, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

1*^ -:A 



TOP ROW: Daniels, Paul R: Baxter Springs, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Danielson, Robert L: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Law. Daniel- 
son, Stephen K: Salina, Junior, Accounting. Dannefer, William D: Ross- 
vi lie. Junior, Social Science. 

SECOND ROW: Dannenberg, Ruth A: Hiawatha, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Darling, Dianne: Wichita, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Darnell, Dean A: Plainville, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 
Darnell, Thomas J: Merriam, Junior, Horticulture. 

THIRD ROW: Darrigrand, Andre: Junction City, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Dart, Susan E: Belleville, Sophomore, Art. Darter, Genevieve 
C: Douglass, Sophomore, Physical Education. Dauber, Vesta L: Hutchin- 
son, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

FOURTH ROW: Daugharthy, Ronald P: Ottawa, Junior, Zoology. Daugh- 
arthy, Sandra L: Ottawa, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Dougherty, 
Patty L: Dodge City, Junior, Elementary Education. Daves, Cheryl A: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

FIFTH ROW: David, Larry H: Mankato, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Davidson, Judith A: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education. Davidson, 
Sandra A: Sterling, Sophomore, Bacteriology. Davis, Arthur D: Mullin- 
ville, Sophomore, Agriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Davis, Betty L: Lakin, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Davis, Fred H: Rossville, Junior, Secondary Education. Davis, Judith A: 
Elkhart, Junior, Medical Technology. Davis, Margaret J: Wellington, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Davis, Robert C: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Industrial 
Engineering. Davis, Scott E: Garden City, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Davis, Sheridan L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Davis, Stephen V: Peabody, Freshman, Political Science. 

EIGHTH ROW: Davis, Susan P: Overland, Junior, Interior Design. Davis, 
Victor A: Merriam, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Davison, John M: Valley Cen- 
ter, Sophomore, Agronomy. Dawson, Elizabeth A: Wichita, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Dawson, Linda L: Oakley, Freshman, General. Day, 
Steven D: Hiawatha, Junior, History. DeGraeve, Donald L: Kansas City, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. DeMay, Robert J: Oberlin, Junior, 
Civil Engineering. 

Underclassmen: Dea-Dis 

TOP ROW: Deam, Dona L: Manhattan, Junior, Art. Dean, Jerry M: 

Beloit, Freshman, General. Dean, Jo J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. Dear- 
den, Janet E: Scott City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Dearing, Beverly A: Wichita, Sophomore, Music Edu- 
cation. Dechert, Dennis L: Colby, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Decker, 
Jack L: Denison, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Dedonder, Larry J: 

Reading, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Degood, Karen D: St. Francis, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Degraffenreid, Sondra: Greensburg, Sophomore, Psychology. Deines, 
Garry L: WaKeeney, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Delich, Gloria 

J: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Delker, David H: Salina, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Dellere, Mary L: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology. Delp, Tony M: 
St. John, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. Del Popolo, Robert G: 

Buffalo, N.Y., 03, Architecture. 


£f*x **^ frt^ 

<*y Q t% 

TOP ROW: Demand, Deborah M: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Demaree, James L: Salina, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Demmer, Connie M: Herndon, Freshman, Social Science. Denk, Greg P: 

Shawnee Mission, 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Dennis, Anita L: Manhattan, Junior, Interior Design. 
Denoon, Daniel A. Jr: Meadville, Pa., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Dent, 
James M: Waterbury, Conn., Sophomore, Economics. Dent, Larry R: 

Harper, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Dent, Michael W: EIDorado, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Dent, Steven M: EIDorado, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Denton, Peggy 
J: Altamont, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Denton, Ronald L: Atchi- 
son, 03, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Denton, Sharon K: Spring Hill, Freshman, General. Dep- 
ping, Dave M: Mission, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Derosear, 
Thomas R: Stockton, Junior, Business Administration. Desbien, Edmund 

P: Damar, Freshman, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Desch, Marikay P: Topeka, Freshman, Medical Tech- 
nology. Deschner, Dennis L: Beloit, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Deters, Charlotte R: Mankato, Junior, Sociology. Detter, Jay D: Nicker- 
son, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Dettmer, Keith L: Green, Freshman, General. Devore, John 

J: Belleville, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Dewey, David K: Belle- 
ville, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Dey, Judith A: Newton, Junior, 
Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Deyoe, Rita M: Coldwater, Freshman, General. Dial, 
Dana L: Anthony, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Dial, Garry A: 
Arcadia, Freshman, Business Administration. Dick, Lucille E: Wichita, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Dick, Mark W: Buhler, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 
Dick, Thomas D: Buhler, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Dickerson, 
Roger K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Dickey, Mildred L: New- 
ton, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dickkut, Dale J: Marshalltown, la., Junior, History. Dick- 
inson, Jerry A: Whiting, Sophomore, General. Dickson, Richard C: 
Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Diekman, Marcia K: Douglass, Fresh- 
man, Speech. 

TOP ROW: Dietrich, Darlene: Atchinson, Junior, Home Economics. Die- 
trich, Jacqueline: Manhattan, Junior, Mathematics. Dietz, Kenneth D: 

WaKeeney, Freshman, Political Science. Dildine, Roger S: Los Alamos, 
N.M., Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Dillenback, Linda C: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Dillenbeck, Karen E: Point Lookout, N.Y., Sophomore, Zoology. 
Diller, Sue A: Belleville, Sophomore, General. Dillinger, Keith W: Edson, 
Freshman, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Dillingham, Edward W: McFarland, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Dillingham, William: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. 
Dillman, Lon W: Newton, Freshman, Business Administration. Dillon, Jean 

L: Glasco, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Dillon, John F: Glasco, Junior, Secondary Education. Dil- 
lon, John S: Silver Lake, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Dillon, William 
L: Burr Oak, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Dimatteo, Suzanne: Sudbury, Mass., 
Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dinning, Jan: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, and Textiles Research. Dirks, Patricia R: Kismet, Freshman, Home 
Economics. Dirksen, Larry E: Moundridge, Junior, Feed Technology. Disen- 
house, Harvey A: Peekskill, N.Y., Sophomore, Psychology. 

f -* J r ^&C§ 

Underclassmen: Dit-Dye 

TOP ROW: Ditch, Vicki L: Liberal, Sophomore, Biological Science. Divin, 
Rolland G: Overland Park, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Diviney, Ernest 
M: Elkhart, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Dixon, Madelyn C: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore, Music Education. 

SECOND ROW: Dixon, Margaret A: Leon, Junior, English. Dobbels, 
Frances M: Shawnee, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Dobbins, James 
R: Goff, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Dobbins, Mary M: Goff, Freshman, 
Family and Child Development. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dobson, Melinda L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Dobson, Robert C: Manhattan, Junior, Dairy Produc- 
tion. Dodge, Alvena L: Medicine Lodge, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Dohrman, Paulette S: St. Marys, Freshman, Home Economics 

TOP ROW: Dohrman, Yvonne L: Bushton, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Dold, Brenda E: Emporia, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Dolen, 
Nancy E: Leawood, Freshman, General. Dondlinger, Patrick: Wichita, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Donovan, Gerald M: Norton, Freshman, Agricultural 
Journalism. Doran, James V: Macksville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Dossett, William R: Salina, Freshman, General. Dougherty, Janice 

A: Colby, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

THIRD ROW: Dougherty, Thomas N: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Douglas, Nancy L: Huntsville, Ala., Freshman, Interior Design. 
Douglas, Steven L: Bridgeport, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Douglass, La- 
donna L: Burlington, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

FOURTH ROW: Douthett, Roger L: Augusta, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Douthit, Frank R: St. Francis, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Downs, Stanley R: Great Bend, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Doyle, Edward T: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Doyle, Patrick T: Salina, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Dragush, Marilyn L: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Drake, 
Patricia J: Elmdale, Freshman, Physical Education. Drake, Patti E: Wichita, 
Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Drapel, Trudy C: Cuba, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Draper, 
Gary G: Glade, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Drees, Thomas J: Hays, 
Freshman, History. Dreier, Wayne T: Billings, Mo., Freshman, Physical 


TOP ROW: Dreyer, Kenneth E: Madison, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Droge, Douglas A: Seneca, Freshman, Music Education. Drost, Gary 
C: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Drumm, Dennis A: St. 

Louis, Mo., 03, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Dryer, Martha L: Liberal, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Dubrouillet, Margaret: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Business 
Administration. Dudding, Kay A: Charleston, W.Va., Freshman, Home 
Economics and Nursing. Dudley, Pamela J: Cawker City, Junior, Elemen- 
tary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Duenkel, Robert T: West Orange, N.J., Junior, Second- 
ary Education. Duethman, Charles W: Paola, Freshman, Chemical En- 
gineering. Duff, Craig G: Scott City, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Duff, 
Darlene R: Scott City, Junior, Secondary Education. 

TOP ROW: Duff, David W: Scott City, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Duf- 
fendack, John P: Kansas City, Mo., 03, Architecture. Duggan, Joan L: 
Niles, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Duguid, George W: McPherson, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Dukelow, Gordon H: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. 
Dukelow, Nancy J: Hutchinson, Sophomore, English. Dumford, Michael 
D: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Dumler, Patricia A: Russell, Sopho- 
more, Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: Dunbar, Charles D: Richmond, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Dunbar, Jennifer G: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Duncan, Carolyn L: 
Kensington, Sophomore, History. Duncan, Janice E: Wamego, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Dunn, Jeanne K: N. Springfield, Va., Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Dunn, Judith A: Topeka, Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Dunstan, Edwin R: Jewell, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Dupre, Durward D: Manhattan, Junior, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: Durham, Nancy L: Philadelphia, Pa., Freshman, Clothing Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Durst, Larry G: Morrow- 
ville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Duston, Douglas J: Gaylord, 
Freshman, Feed Technology. Dutton, Peter A: St. James, N.Y., Freshman, 
Agricultural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dutton, William W: Alta Vista, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Dwyer, Trisha J: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Dye, Donna J: Mankato, Freshman, Home Economics. Dyer, Sally C: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

Underclassmen: Dye-Ell 

TOP ROW: Dyer, William K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Dyke, Nancy K: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General. Eager, 
Richard B: Brooklyn, N.Y., Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Easter, 
Ronald L: Abilene, 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Eaton, Lenette E: McPherson, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Eaton, Rodney C: Wichita, Freshman, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Eberhart, Keith L: Deerfield, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Eberle, Janice K: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. 

THIRD ROW: Ebert, Robert A: Flush, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Eccleston, Franksisk: Fowler, Sophomore, Interior Design. Eck, Diane L: 

Harper, Junior, Art. Eckardt, Kenneth A: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Eckert, Karen J: Manhattan, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Edberg, Carole D: Abilene, Freshman, Medical Technology. Eddy, Gail L: 
Havensville, Freshman, Speech. Eddy, Mollye A: Kansas City, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

TOP ROW: Eddy, Thomas D: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Edelman, Lyle F: Sabetha, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. 
Edens, Linda F: Junction City, Freshman, Psychology. Edgar, Sharon: 

Dallas, Tex., Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Edminster, James H: Junction City, Junior, English. Ed- 
monds, Jan D: Leawood, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 
Edmonds, Jeannette G: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Edmonds, Leslie S: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Edmonds, Patricia J: Peabody, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Edmondson, Ted D: Columbus, Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Edwards, Keith H: Concordia, 01, Architecture. Ed- 
wards, Winston J: Osage City, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Edwardson, William D: Everest, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Egan, Teresa J: Salina, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Eger, 
John J: Kansas City, Freshman, History. Eggert, Rodney D: Norwich, 01, 

BOTTOM ROW: Eggleston, Cora J: Louisburg, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Ehrlich, Dorothy A: Russell, Sophomore, Accounting. Ehrlich, 
Douglas M: Great Bend, Freshman, Business Administration. Ehrlich, 
Karen K: Russell, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Tex- 
tiles Research. 

H| |5fc !f£l 

TOP ROW: Ehrlich, Larry D: Russell, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Eichem, Robert W: Wamego, Freshman, Feed Technology. Eicher, Jona- 
than W: Brewster, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Eilian, Cyrus: Iran, 03, 

SECOND ROW: Eirich, Francis E: Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman, Chemistry. 
Eisele, William D: Eudora, Junior, Secondary Education. Eisenbarth, 
Francis: Goff, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Eisenhour, Douglas E: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Eisler, Marion K: Easton, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 
Eitmann, Emily A: Council Bluffs, la., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Eitzman, Willard L: Hardy, Neb., Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Elder, Larry E: Salina, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Elliot, Allan W: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Elliott, Carolyn K: Concordia, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Elliott/ James D: Waterville, Sophomore, Accounting. Elliott, James P: 

Syracuse, N.Y., Junior, Civil Engineering. 

Lining the sidewalks early, students await the beginning of the sellout game 
with Colorado. Other basketball sellouts were with Nebraska and KU. 


^ ft 









Underclassmen: Ell-Fab 

TOP ROW: Elliott, Lloyd R: Waldo, Freshman, General. Elliott, Robert B: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Business Administration. Elliott, Susan T: Her- 
ington, Freshman, Medical Technology. Elliott, William T: Overland Park, 
Freshman, Restaurant Management. 

SECOND ROW: Ellis, Hazen J: Wichita, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Ellis, William D: Humboldt, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Ellithorpe, Jack 
E: EIDorado, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ellsaesser, Jerrilyn: 

Sublette, Sophomore, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Elson, James M: Peoria, III., Freshman, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Elsweiler, Sharon A: Leavenworth, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Emel, Charles D: Brewster, Junior, Business Administration. Emel, Karlyn 

K: Brewster, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Emig, Calvin L: Abilene, Freshman, General. Emig, 
Danny R: Solomon, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Emrich, Patricia 

A: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Tex- 
tiles Research. Endorf, Diana L: Arkansas City, Freshman, Psychology. 

FIFTH ROW: Engel, Charles W: Abilene, Sophomore, Physical Science. 
Engelken, Ronald A: Goff, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Engle, 
Pamela S: Madison, Sophomore, Humanities. Engler, Cady R: Topeka, 
Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Engler, Jerry W: Topeka, Sophomore, Agricultural Journal- 
ism. Engstrom, Kathleen A: Salina, Sophomore, General. Enos, Newell 

M: Perry, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Ensz, Ronald D: Inman, Fresh- 
man, Animal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Eplee, Harvey C: Fredonia, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Epley, Larry C: Kingman, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Eppard, Ellen E: Duncan, Okla., Sophomore, Social Science. Erickson, 
Frederick: Leawood, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Erickson, Glennis A: Clifton, Sophomore, Speech. Erick- 
son, Janet K: Sullivan, III., Freshman, General. Erickson, Michael C: Ells- 
worth, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Erickson, Michael J: Lakin, Junior, Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ericson, Carla S: Assaria, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Ericson, Galen E: Assaria, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Ericson, Lance 

R: Chicago Heights, III., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Erl, Delila 
K: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 


"*3* -*f?i «f^«ta 

£% {% Q Ifl 

luV ^ ^ 


O <^ C3 4M| 


TOP ROW: Ermey, Michael S: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Ervin, Patrick F: Horton, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Esau, 
Dale E: McPherson, Freshman, General. Eschmann, William C: Columbia, 
III., Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Eshelman, Joe K: Sedgwick, Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry. Eshelman, Jon H: Sedgwick, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Eshelman, 
Kenneth K: Sedgwick, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Eshelman, 
Roger A: Sedgwick, Junior, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Esping, Wayne E: Leonardville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Essmiller, Donald M: Great Bend, Sophomore, General. Estes, 
Charles M: Topeka, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Ethridge, Gale E: 

Glasco, Junior, Botany. 

FOURTH ROW: Etling, Sheryl B: Garden City, Junior, Speech. Euler, 
Robert W: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Evans, 
Charles E: Marion, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Evans, Gerald T: 

Americus, Freshman, Flour Science and Management. 

FIFTH ROW: Evans, Jolene: Meade, Junior, Elementary Education. Evans, 
Mary C: Plainville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Evans, Nancy A: 

Russell, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Re- 
search. Evans, Nancy L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. 

SIXTH ROW: Evans, Patricia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Evans, Richard W: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Evans, 
Robert D: Chetopa, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Everett, Erwin L: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechancial Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Everett, Kenneth D: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Everett, William W: Shawnee, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Ever- 
hart, Eldon R: Kansas City, Junior, Horticulture. Evers, Janice M: 

Abilene, Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Evers, Richard L: Abilene, Junior, Accounting. Ewert, 
Wayne L: Marion, Sophomore, Agriculture. Ewing, Margaret A: Dodge 
City, Freshman, Home Economics. Exley, Jonell: Wichita, Freshman, Home 

BOTTOM ROW: Eye, Mary E: Goodland, Freshman, Psychology. Eyerly, 
Joyce M: Augusta, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 
Eyestone, Carolyn S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, and Textiles Research. Fabert, Jerry A: Lyndon, Freshman, Civil 

Underclassmen: Fab-Fir 

TOP ROW: Fabrizius, John D: WaKeeney, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Faddis, Janet K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Fagan, John 
S: Overland Park, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Fagen, Arlyn R: 

Larned, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Fager, Glenn A: Osage City, Sophomore, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Fail, Charles R: Altoona, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 
Failor, Sue A: Lyndon, Junior, Home Economics Education. Fair, Arlene S: 

Alden, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Fair, Carolyn K: Hutchinson, Junior, Chemistry. Fair, Nancy 
E: Alden, Junior, Elementary Education. Fairbank, Sharon: Hays, Sopho- 
more, Modern Languages. Fairbanks, David F: Manhattan, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Fairchild, Kerry L: Salina, Junior, Business Administration. 
Falk, Karen A: Topeka, Sophomore, Interior Design. Fangman, James R: 
Seneca, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Fankhauser, Daniel E: Garden 
City, 03, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fankhauser, Dean P: Lyons, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Fankhauser, Robyn L: Lyons, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Fanning, Phillip R: Wichita, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Fapp, 
Ross L: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 

(??> H| <Tt r*> 

TOP ROW: Farabi, Steven B: Pittsburg, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Farmer, Brenda K: Valley Falls, Freshman, Medical Technology. Farmer, 
Gail M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Art. Farmer, Gordon L: Mayetta, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Farmer, Jeri L: Tribune, Freshman, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Farmer, Michael J: England, Sophomore, Feed Technology. 
Farney, Kay E: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Farns- 
worth, Michael: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Farrar, James M: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Farrar, William F: Ft. Riley, Freshman, General. Fatzer, John R: 
Topeka, Freshman, General. Faulconer, Wayne C: EIDorado, Junior, 
Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fausett, Larry L: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Fayinka, Folorunso A: Nigeria, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Feagins, Craig S: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Fearing, Julia I: Lawrence, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 


f:*> cv 



- 'k 


41 1 

TOP ROW: Field, Ronald E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Fielding, William O: Summit, N.J., Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Fields, Loyd A: Caney, Sophomore, Horticulture. Fields, Timothy J: 

Salina, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Fields, William J: Salina, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Figueroa, Miguel A: ElSalvador, Junior, Civil Engineering. Filbert, 
Barbara K: Wilmington, Dela., Junior, Interior Design. Filbert, Gail W: 

Wilmington, Dela., Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

THIRD ROW: Filinger, Cynthia A: Cuba, Sophomore, General. Finch, 
Eilene L: Kansas City, Freshman, Chemistry. Fink, Rebecca J: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, Elementary Education. Finley, Ronald J: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Dentistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Finnerty, William J: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Medicme. 
Finney, Cynthia L: Salina, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Fin- 
ney, Roger B: Hutchinson, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Firling, Ruth- 
arm: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Fearing, Sherry J: Burr Oak, Freshman, General. Fechner, 
Marlyce V: Manhattan, Junior, Family and Child Development. Fedosky, 
Allan L: Calumet City, III., Junior, Pre-Medicine. Feeny, Judith I: Prairie 
Village, Sophomore, Art. 

SECOND ROW: Feist, Samuel J: Claflin, Freshman, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Felbush, Nina M: Abilene, Sophomore, Physical Education. Feld- 
kamp, Ronald E: Manhattan, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Feldkamp, 
Thomas A: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Education. 

THIRD ROW: Fellers, Steven G: Neodesha, Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Fellman, Charles H: Osage City, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Felton, Ray W: Great Bend, Sophomore, Psychology. Fenton, Frank R: 

Bonner Springs, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Ferguson, James J: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Ferguson, Patricia A: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, and Textiles Research. Ferguson, Roy T: Belleville, Freshman, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Ferrell, Charlotte A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Die- 
tetics and Institutional Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fey, Tom E: Newton, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Fiala, Joleen A: Narka, Junior, Home Economics Education. Ficke, 
Stephen W: Wichita, Junior, Psychology. Fickel, Jerry Bernard: Riley, 
Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

p f> cr>. m 

: ^flk « ? ^ 

^ s* 

Pep club members line up on either side of a paper circle held for the 
players' entrance onto the field during Parents' Day sponsored by Chimes. 

Underclassmen: Fis-Fra 

TOP ROW: Fischer, Lawrence G: Washington, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Fischer, Loren D: Lincoln, Junior, Modern Languages. Fiser, Sara 

M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. Fish, Larry W: Emporia, Junior, Electri- 
cal Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Fisher, Jay S: Pleasanton, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Fisher, Karolynn A: Olathe, Sophomore, Medical Technology. Fittell, John 
H: Olathe, Sophomore, General. Fitzwater, James W: Augusta, Sopho- 
more, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Fix, Robert A: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Social Science. Flack, 
Robert D: Sabetha, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Flannery, John M: 
Amityville, N.Y., Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Fleischmann, Beth 

K: Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 

FOURTH ROW: Fleming, Barbara J: Prairie Village, Junior, Mathematics. 
Fleming, Cynthia K: Salina, Freshman, Modern Languages. Fletcher, 
Brenda W: Holton, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Fletcher, Phillip 

D: Holton, Junior, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fletcher, Sherrill J: Lakin, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Flett, Judy A: Spring Hill, Freshman, Interior Design. Flinner, Monica: 
Manhattan, Freshman, General. Floersch, Richard H: Galesburg, III., Soph- 
omore, Mechanical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Florence, Susan A: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Flournoy, John P: Kansas City, Mo., 02, Architecture. Floyd, Lon 
K: Kinsley, Junior, Physical Education. Fly, Martha M: Topeka, Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Flynn, Linda K: Riley, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Fogo, Glenn C: Esbon, Junior, Political Science. Foland, Connie J: 
Overland Park, Freshman, General. Folck, Phillip S: New York City, N.Y., 
01, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Foltz, Bruce V: Belle Plain, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Foltz, Mary K: Topeka, Freshman, Mathematics. Foltz, William C: Abi- 
lene, Junior, Business Administration. Folwell, Patric J: Oil City, Pa., Fresh- 
man, Speech. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ford, Betty D: Derby, Freshman, Restaurant Manage- 
ment. Ford, Ruth M: Wakefield, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Ford, Shirley A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Fore- 
man, Billy J: Altamont, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 


^ fik fa '-*>- 


O £1 (^ 


fA -O (?% 

fflj C*t c^ 

TOP ROW: Forkenbrock, Ronald: Junction City, Junior, Accounting. Fors- 
berg, Roger E: Mentor, Freshman, Dairy Production. Forsythe, Stephen 
W: Altoona, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Fortun, Pamela K: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Fosmire, Luella J: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Ele- 
mentary Education. Foster, Gayle K: Tokyo, Japan, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Foster, Gregory C: Washington, Sophomore, General. Foster, 
Thomas E: Great Bend, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Fountaine, James H: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Fowler, Beverly S: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Fowler, Robert W: Kansas 
City, 01, Architecture. Fowles, Bryce A: Clay Center, Freshman, Animal 

FOURTH ROW: Fox, James W: Ottawa, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Fox, Joan M: Dodge City, Junior, Sociology. Fox, Robert L: Garfield, 
Junior, Civil Engineering. Frame, Russell W: Overland Park, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Francis, Eugene N: St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Francis, Gary D: Levant, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education. Francis, Joyce L: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Francis, 
Mary K: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Fra-Gan 

TOP ROW: Francis, Sandra J: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Frank, Janice L: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Frank, Larry D: Westmoreland, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Franklin, 

Lee E: Oberlin, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Franz, David R: Buhler, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Fraser, Sheryl J: Gardner, Junior, Business Administration. Frashier, 
Judith A: Mission, Freshman, Art. Frazee, Garry L: Columbus, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Mechanization. 

BOTTOM ROW: Frazier, Carol L: Goodland, Freshman, General. Fred- 
erick, Leonard R: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Fredrick- 
son, Janice: Salina, Sophomore, Home Economics. Fredrickson, Joline: 

Selden, Freshman, Psychology. 







*- ft 



V ' 

TOP ROW: Freed, Janivar: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Freeland, David E: Burns, Freshman, Accounting. Freeman, Joe 
D: Kingman, 02, Architecture. Frerichs, David G: Champaign, III., 01, 

SECOND ROW: Frick, Galen G: Durham, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Frickey, Michele D: Oberlin, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Frickey, 
Steven L: Topeka, Sophomore, General. Friedrichs, Nelda J: Marysville, 
Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Frieze, H. Jess: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Frikken, Donald R: Wichita, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 
Friley, John R: Mission, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Frisbie, Kurt M: 

McDonald, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Frisbie, Robert L: EIDorado, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Fritts, Diana L: Kansas City, Junior, History. Fritz, June F: Clay 

Center, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Fritz, Mary J: Kansas City, 
Sophomore, Social Science. 

FIFTH ROW: Fritzson, Harlyn A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Froelich, Glen W: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. Froe- 
lich, Sandra K: Solomon, Junior, Business Administration. Froelich, Sharon 

L: Solomon, Junior, Geography. 

BOTTOM ROW: Frohn, Janice E: Pitcairn, Pa., Sophomore, Physical 
Science. Fruetel, David B: Prairie Village, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Fruits, Timothy J: Winfield, Freshman, Horticulture. Frusher, Steven 

V: Ness City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


6% .ff) 

ft O ^ O 

TOP ROW: Fry, John A: Naperville, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Fry, Larry G: Little River, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Fry, Robert 
B: Helenville, Wis., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Fry, Shari A: Little 
River, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Fry, Theron E: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Fuelling, Melvin M: Tabor, la., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Fuhrken, 
Steven R: Washington, 01, Architecture. Fuhrman, Stephen A: Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fujimura, Keith T: Lihve, Haw., Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Fulghunrt, David A: Tescott, Freshman, General. Fulhage, 
Charles D: Yates Center, Sophomore, Milling Technology. Fulkerson, 
Janet E: Liberty, Mo., Freshman, Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: Fuller, Robert C: Overland Park, Freshman, Chemistry. Full- 
ington, Susan M: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Funk, Larry D: Waldo, Junior, Agricultural Education. Funston, Mary L: 

Talmage, Freshman, Medical Technology. 

SECOND ROW: Furbeck, Rebecca S: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Furbeck, Richard S: Abilene, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Furney, Joyce E: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Furney, Mary Z: 

Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Flyer, Kenneth L: Scott City, 01, Architecture. Gabrielson, 
Ronald L: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Administration. Gadberry, 
Marcia L: Wichita, Sophomore, History. Gaede, Diane: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Gagnon, James E: Grainfield, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Gagnon, Thomas A: Manhattan, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Galbraith, Ann C: Madison, Sophomore, Interior Design. Gallant, Wil- 
liam P: Overland Park, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Gallaway, Roland W: Dwight, Freshman, General. Galle- 
more, Pamela S: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Secondary Education. Gallo- 
way, John H: WaKeeney, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Galloway, Nan- 
cy A: Wichita, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gamba, Jane E: Osage City, Freshman, Speech. Gam- 
biani, Michael L: Spring Valley, III., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Gammon, Ronald L: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Gangel, Michael A: Louisburg, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

Underclassmen: Gan-Gil 

TOP ROW: Gans, Anna M: Solomon, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Garcia, Carlos M: Puerto Rico, 02, Architecture. Garcia, Joseph R: 

Denver, Colo., Junior, Business Administration. Gard, Eileen D: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Gardner, Carolyn S: Arlington, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Gardner, Michael L: Overland Park, Freshman, Humanities. Gardner, 
Richard L: Laredo, Mo., 02, Architecture Garland, Susan E: Ft. Leaven- 
worth, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 

THIRD ROW: Garlett, Theresa M: Kansas City, Freshman, Accounting. 
Garrelts, Rex E: Overland Park, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Gar- 
ren, Bruce K: Oskaloosa, Freshman, General. Garrett, Claudia A: Sa- 

lina, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Garrett, Gwen I: Colby, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. 
Garrett, Shirley A: Colby, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Garrison, 
Carla J: Salina, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Garrison, Linda 

S: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

TOP ROW: Garten, Danna L: Effingham, Sophomore, English. Garten, 
Harold J: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Physics. Garton, Stephen C: 
Manhattan, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Garton, Susan C: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Garwood, Gary J: Hutchinson, Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Gasche, Daniel G: Hartford, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Gaston, Carol A: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Gates, James D: Glen Elder, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Gates, John R: Anthony, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Gates, William J: Newton, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Gatza, 
Daryl W: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Law. Gatzoulis, Bill D: Prairie Vil- 
lage, Sophomore, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Gaughan, Tracy A: Lincoln, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Gaul, Linda K: Troy, Freshman, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Gay, Patricia A: Topeka, Freshman, General. Gaynier, Kathryne 

L: Dallas, Tex., Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gaynier, Tahmeroo L: Dallas, Tex., Junior, Elementary 
Education. Geisinger, Richard L: Plains, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Geller, Edward B: New York, N.Y., Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Generson, Richard M: Pelham Manor, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 


<*» to *r- 

^ ^ ? 

TOP ROW: Gentry, Alwyn H: Ellinwood, Junior, Biological Science. Gen- 
try, James W: Topeka, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Gentry, Linda D: 

Ellinwood, Sophomore, General. George, John A: Uniontown, Freshman, 
Agricultural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: George, Richard W: England, Junior, Flour Science and 
Management. George, Robert E: Colby, Junior, Business Administration. 
George, Sharon K: Uniontown, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
George, Sharon M: Colby, Junior, Music Education. 

THIRD ROW: Geraghty, Joan R: Manhattan, Junior, Home Economics Ed- 
ucation. Gerber, Vicki A: Atchison, Freshman, Psychology. Gerharter, 
Judy I: Stratford, S.D., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gerritz, George 

A: Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gerstenberger, Allen: Leawood, 01, Architecture. 
Gerstner, John J: Frankfort, Sophomore, Agricultural Journalism. Get- 
tings, Richard L: Wichita, Sophomore, Bacteriology. Gettino, Michael A: 

Syracuse, N.Y., 01, Architecture. 

TOP ROW: Geyer, Richard D: Sylvan Grove, Freshman, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Gfeller, Cheryl L: Winona, Freshman, General. Gfeller, Edward S: 

Junction City, Sophomore, Accounting. Gfeller, James M: Sharon Springs, 
Junior, Restaurant Management. 

SECOND ROW: Gfeller, Lana J: Winona, Freshman, General. Gfeller, 
Lloyd L: Russell, Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. Giacomelli, Robert J: 
Philadelphia, Pa., 05, Architecture. Gibbens, Lee E: Valley Falls, Sopho- 
more, Agricultural Mechanization. 

THIRD ROW: Gibbons, Gaylyn C: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics. Gibbs, Marcia L: Little Rock, Ark., Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Gibbs, Paul H: Olathe, Junior, Mathematics. Gibeson, Leslie L: Topeka, 
Junior, Architectural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Gibson, Anne: Salt Lake City, Utah, Freshman, Home 
Economics. Gibson, Louvae L: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. Gib- 
son, Michael L: Wellington, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Gieber, 
Nicholas R: Haddam, Freshman, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gibson, Sandra J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Gier, Dwayne D: Dayton, N.Y., Sophomore, Feed Tech- 
nology. Gilbert, Gary L: Green, Sophomore, Feed Technology. Gilkison, 
Jacqueline: Horton, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 



~~ it 



fit* i^lTr 








Underclassmen: Gil-Gra 

TOP ROW: Gillaspie, Thomas F: Council Grove, Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Gillen, Thomas S: Leoti, Freshman, Speech. Gillespie, 
Janice K: Burlingame, Sophomore, Physical Education. Gillespie, Ken- 
neth W: Oswego, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Gillgannon, Patrick: Topeka, Freshman, Sociology. Gilli- 
land, Robert L: Herington, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Gilmore, Cheryl S: 
Clay Center, Junior, Art. Gilmore, Elizabeth P: Wooster, Ohio, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Girrens, Harold N: Douglass, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Glace, William R: Oneida, Freshman, General. Glad, Grant 
E: Atwood, Sophomore, Business Administration. Glaser, Dennis C: Ulys- 
ses, Junior, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Glass, Mary A: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Medical Tech- 
nology. Glatt, Paul E: Enterprise, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Gleason, Georgeanne: Great Bend, Freshman, Interior Design. Glenn, 
Mary E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Music Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Glines, George V: Independence, Junior, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Glotzbach, Carlo R: Tallahassee, Fla., Junior, Chemistry. Glov- 
er, Kenneth F: Millington, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Glover, Nan- 
cy J: Newton, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Glunt, Connie J: Holcomb, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Gnadt, Ervin F: Alma, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. Goble, 
Susan J: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. Godfrey, James F: Hays- 
ville, 02, Architecture. 



f) ^f f5 

TOP ROW: Goedecke, Heike: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Goering, Larry E: Newton, Junior, Agricultural Education. Goering, 
Virginia L: Moundridge, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Goetz, JoAnn: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Gold, Paul M: Livingston, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Golden, Marsha R: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. 
Goldsmith, James C: Wyckoff, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Golitko, Jeanette M: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Home Economics Ed- 

THIRD ROW: Goll, Cynthia J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Gomer, Jackie L: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Gomez, 
Margaret A: Mentor, Ohio, Junior, Home Economics Education. Goodger, 
Ardyce E: Eudora, Freshman, Home Economics. 

A At , to 

TOP ROW: Gooding, Linda R: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Goodgion, Marilyn S: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Goodnow, Gary R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Goodrich, Janice: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Goodwin, Larry S: Independence, Junior, Electrical En- 
gineering. Goodyear, Sally A: Wichita, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Goold, Susan K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Sec- 
ondary Education. Goossen, Emray R: Colby, Sophomore, Electrical En- 

THIRD ROW: Gorden, Gary E: lola, Junior, Agronomy. Gordon, Charles 

E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Gordon, Deane T: Leaven- 
worth, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Gordon, Helen L: Winfield, Sophomore, 
Interior Design. 

FOURTH ROW: Gordon, John A: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Gordon, Marjorie L: Highland, Junior, Accounting. Goreham, 
Kenneth C: Junction City, Sophomore, Business Administration. Goreham, 
Mildred A: Junction City, Freshman, Art. 

FIFTH ROW: Gorrell, Dwight G: Centerville, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Gosch, Jay W: Norwich, Sophomore, Agriculture. Goss, Phil S: Wichita, 
Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gotner, Felix J: Shawnee Mission, 
Junior, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Graber, Janice K: Pretty Prairie, Junior, Secondary Ed- 
ucation. Gracey, Sherril A: Kingman, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Gra- 
fel, John R: Herndon, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Graham, Billy 

I: Colby, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

TOP ROW: Graham, Carolyn K: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Graham, Eric K: Chillicothe, III., Freshman, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Graham, James J: Great Bend, Junior, Business Administration. 
Graham, John R: Great Bend, Junior, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Graham, Teresa K: Mankato, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Grammer, Sally A: Junction City, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Grandison, Gregory E: Boston, Mass., Sophomore, Architectural Engineer- 
ing. Granger, Sharon A: Erie, Pa., Freshman, Home Economics and 

BOTTOM ROW: Grant, Kathryn E: Overland Park, Junior, Physical Sci- 
ence. Grant, Linda M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Grant, Patricia L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Sociology. Grau, 
Steven L: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 


r. j 


Underclassmen: Gra-Gro 

TOP ROW: Grauerholz, Donald D: Kensington, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education. Graves, Charles M: Haigler, Neb., Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Graves, Robert E: Wichita, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Gravino, 
Sharon K: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Gray, Eddie J: Salina, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Gray, James 
W: Eureka, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Gray, Robert J: Beverly Hills, 
Calif., Freshman, Bakery Management. Graybeal, Ronald D: Topeka, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Greathouse, Gerald A: Garden City, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Green, Barbara J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Technical Journa- 
lism. Green, John R: Leoti, Junior, Business Administration. Green, Ken- 
neth R: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Green, Lee R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Green, Marilyn K: Wamego, Freshman, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Green, Marsha L: Bethel, Freshman, Home Economics and Journal- 
ism. Green, Richard C: Concordia, Junior, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Green, Sonia J: Oxford, Junior, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Green, Thayne C: Bedford, Mass., Junior, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Green, Treasha L: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Green, Virginia R: Gardner, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion De- 
sign, and Textiles Research. 

TOP ROW: Greenall, Cheryl A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Sociology. 
Greene, Corinne D: Amarillo, Tex., Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Greene, Dennis W: Solomon, Freshman, General. Greene, Larry E: God- 
dard, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Greenfield, Robert: Overbrook, Sophomore, Wildlife 
Conservation. Greenwood, Janice G: Cherryvale, Sophomore, Family 
and Child Development. Greenwood, Joseph F: Junction City, 01, Archi- 
tecture. Greiner, Jon R: Tremont, III., Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Greis, Barry W: St. Louis, Mo., 02, Architecture. Gresham, 
Richard D: Manhattan, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Greve, William 
B: Larned, Sophomore, General. Grider, Mary E: Tribune, Freshman, In- 
terior Design. 

BOTTOM ROW: Grieshaber, Thomas C: Belvue, Sophomore, Speech. 
Griffee, Pamela K: Oketo, Junior, Elementary Education. Griffee, Susan 
L: Hutchinson, Freshman, General. Griffin, Roger A: Lyons, Sophomore, 
Animal Husbandry. 


TOP ROW: Griffith, Janet B: Scott City, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Griffith, Margaret A: Osawatomie, Sophomore, General. Griffith, War- 
ren D: Lincoln, Neb., 02, Architecture. Griffiths, David W: Abilene, Fresh- 
man, Architectural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Grigg, Kenton M: Scott City, Junior, Psychology. Groce- 
man, Patricia L: Murray Hill, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Groene, Janell K: Winfield, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Groene, 
Janet K: Winfield, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Grogger, Margaret K: Solomon, Sophomore, Political Sci- 
ence. Groner, Jean M: St. Paul, Freshman, Home Economics. Gross, Dave 
R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. Gross, Donald P: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Gross, Linda S: Russell, Freshman, General. Gross, Virgil 
J: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Gross, William R: Friend, 
Freshman, Agriculture. Grossardt, Darrel L: Pratt, Freshman, Mechanical 

BOTTOM ROW: Grosz, Marlin R: Scotland, S.D., Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Grote, Rolland P: Sabetha, 02, Architecture. Grover, Charles 
P: Osage City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Groves, Patricia L: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

Harry Helson, a Regents' Distinguished Professor, is a past editor of 
the Psychological Bulletin and recently wrote a book on behavior. 

A young man receives assistance from a sympathetic coed as he 
crosses the street to the Union to escape an early morning shower. 

r^ £* f*, 



Underclassmen: Gro-Han 

TOP ROW: Groves, Phillip B: Arkansas City, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Gruen, Ronald E: Abilene, Sophomore, Dairy Production. Grum- 
bein, Ralph E: Ness City, Freshman, Physical Education. Grumbein, Son- 

dra L: Dighton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Grummert, Mark A: Jansen, Neb., Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Grund, Uwe: Home, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Gud- 
enkauf, Kenneth: Corning, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Guenther, 
Kathleen A: Linn, Junior, English. 

THIRD ROW: Guesnier, Gary F: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Guetz- 
ko, Carolyn S: Prairie Village, Freshman, Interior Design. Gugler, Dianne 
K: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Gugler, Leuita M: Chapman, Junior, 
Home Economics and Extension. 

FOURTH ROW: Guhn, Norma K: Tipton, Sophomore, Sociology. Guinn, 
Pamella J: Oberlin, Sophomore, General. Gulley, Stephen A: Kansas 

City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gump, Marilynn: Wichita, 
Freshman, Technical Journalism. 

FIFTH ROW: Gump, Robert J: Wichita, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Guthrie, Philip L: Stafford, Junior, General. Guthrie, Richard B: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, Business Administration. Guthrie, Stephen L: Wichita, 
Junior, Music Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Guttery, John A: Alton, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Guy, 
James M: Topeka, Sophomore, Political Science. Guy, Jeanne A: Cha- 
nute, Freshman, Family and Child Development. Haas, John A: Lebanon, 
Freshman, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Habiger, Linda Z: Bushton, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Habiger, Marguerite: Bushton, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Hackett, Julie A: Fairfax, Mo., Freshman, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Hadorn, Allen D: Beattie, Sophomore, Electrical En- 

EIGHTH ROW: Hadorn, Leslie D: Geuda Springs, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Hadsall, Ronald D: Harper, Sophomore, General. Hagan, 
Thomas R: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Hagedorn, 
Donna K: Rossville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hageman, Nancy C: White Cloud, Sophomore, Speech. 
Hagerman, Rebecca L: Rozel, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Hager- 
man, Richard D: Timken, Junior, Business Administration. Hagerman, 
Ronald N: Nekoma, Junior, Political Science. 


TOP ROW: Hagerman, Sandra S: Timken, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Haggard, Patricia G: Wichita, Sophomore, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Hahn, Mack W: Topeka, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Hahn, 
Neil E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hahn, Randy K: St. John, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Halb- 
leib, Chester W: Utica, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Hale, Barbara 

A: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Hale, Karen S: Kansas 
City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Hall, Constance L: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Hall, David C: Mullinville, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hall, Dav- 
id C: Kansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hall, Joan D: Olathe, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Hall, John K: Great Bend, Freshman, Accounting. Hall, 
Lanny R: Pleasanton, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Hall, Marilyn L: 
Medicine Lodge, Junior, Elementary Education. Hall, Michael R: Prairie 
Village, Sophomore, History. 

FIFTH ROW: Hall/ Patricia A: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Hall, Steven W: Plainville, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Hallauer, Joan E: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Hallier, 
Donna M: Kansas City, Freshman, Speech. 

SIXTH ROW: Halverstadt, Donald: Chanute, Sophomore, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Hamilton, Ernest J: Bennington, Sophomore, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Hamilton, Larry D: Junction City, Freshman, Accounting. Hamilton, 
Philip M: Emporia, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hamilton, Sandra M: N. Caldwell, N.J., Freshman, 
Home Economics. Hamlin, William J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Hamm, Michael D: Berryton, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Hamman, John M: Garden City, Freshman, Mechanical En- 

EIGHTH ROW: Hammer, Clinton J: Turner, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Hammond, David L: Abilene, Sophomore, Flour Science and Man- 
agement. Hammond, John J: Junction City, Freshman, Accounting. Ham- 
mons, Janice E: Mapleton, Junior, Social Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hancock, Carole D: Prairie Village, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Hancock, Penelope A: Topeka, Sophomore, Speech. Hancock, 
Susan N: Leawood, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Hanel, 
Lannie L: Agenda, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

4 ^ . jti 

1$ m sa 

£> Q ^ 

Underclassmen: Han-Has 

TOP ROW: Haney, Carol L: Newfoundland, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Haney, Joyce E: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Hann, Charles S: Overland Park, Sophomore, Chemistry. Hanna, Gary J: 

Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Hannagan, David R: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Hannah, Edward P: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Hanney, 
Arnold E: Junction City, Freshman, Business Administration. Hannigan, 
Russell S: Great Bend, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Hansen, Anthony F: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Hansen, Bernard L: Peabody, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Hansen, 
Donald F: Wichita, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Hanson, David R: 

Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Hanson, Dennis E: Burdett, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Hanson, Dwight E: Clay Center, Freshman, Chemistry. Hanson, 
Gregory P: Salina, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Hanson, Noel 

S: Jamestown, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hantla, Chrystal: Wichita, Freshman, General. Hap- 
good, Larry L: McPherson, Junior, Government. Harbaugh, Dennis A: 

Belleville, Junior, Secondary Education. Harbert, Terry L: Larned, Fresh- 
man, Mechanical Engineering. 

TOP ROW: Harclerode, Barbara: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Hardaway, Louetta L: Copeland, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Har- 
den, Judith A: Ashland, Junior, Medical Technology. Harden, Monte W: 

Goodland, Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Hardgrave, William R: Wichita, Junior, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Hardin, Frank R: Kansas City, Freshman, Accounting. Harding, Ann 
M: Liberal, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Harding, David J: Stock- 
ton, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Haresnape, Corrina J: Smith Center, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Hargrove, Rebecca A: Mulvane, Sophomore, Home 
Economics. Harlan, Robert D: Madison, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation. Harmes, Daniel: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Harmon, Patrick M: Garden City, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Harms, Allan R: Augusta, 01, Architecture. Harner, 
Richard L: Oldwick, N.J., Sophomore, Dairy Production. Harper, Dean F: 

Scott City, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 

a a rr> 

TOP ROW: Harper, Dorothy K: Frankfort, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Harper, James M: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Harper, Sarah C: Salina, Freshman, Modern Languages. Harr, 
Gerald D: Wichita, 02, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Harris, Arthur S: Long Branch, N.J., 01, Architecture. 
Harris, Calvin: WaKeeney, Freshman, Pre-Law. Harris, Elizabeth A: Man- 
hattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Harris, Judith A: Kansas 
City, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Harris, Linda A: Junction City, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Harris, Mac W: Clayton, Freshman, Agriculture. Harris, Pamela S: 

Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Harris, 
Sharon D: Chicago, III., Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Harris, Stephen M: Concordia, 01, Architecture. Harri- 
son, Barbara A: Nickerson, Freshman, Home Economics. Harrison, James 
C: Beloit, Junior, Political Science. Harrison, John M: Nickerson, Junior, 
Agricultural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Harrod, Herbert E: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Harrod, Ronald D: Leavenworth, 01, Architecture. Harsh, 
George H: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hart, 
Barbara J: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 













TOP ROW: Hart, Marna D: Burr Oak, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Hartke, Larry W: Lincolnville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hart- 
ley, Robert C: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Hartman, 
Gary V: Towanda, Freshman, Poultry Science. 

SECOND ROW: Hartman, Jane A: Clifton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Hartman, Stephen V: Silver Springs, Md., Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Harvey, Charles E: Leroy, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 
Harvey, John W: Hugoton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Harvey, Margaret E: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Harvey, Roger C: Independence, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Harwood, Charlotte S: Lawrence, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Harwood, Robert A: Humboldt, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 

BOTTOM ROW: Hasenstab, Michael L: Belleville, III., Sophomore, Secon- 
dary Education. Haskin, Marshall M: Frankfort, Junior, Physical Education. 
Haslouer, Louise M: Hope, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Hassig, 
Margaret E: Kansas City, Freshman, Modern Languages. 



£3 [q 

Underclassmen: Has-Hen 

TOP ROW: Hassler, Randy D: Abilene, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Hastings, 
Janet L: Olathe, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Hatch, Ethel J: Len- 
exa, Junior, Elementary Education. Hatch, Patricia A: McDonald, Sopho- 
more, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Hatfield, Nancy K: Lawrence, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Hatfield, Robert F: Hiawatha, Junior, Architectural Engineer- 
ing. Hathaway, Martin F: Chase, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hau- 
ber, Mary J: Wichita, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

THIRD ROW: Hauck, Earl B: Miltonvale, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Haun, Adelia M: Jetmore, Junior, English. Hauptli, Linda S: Glen Elder, 
Junior, Home Economics Education. Hauptli, Roger D: Glen Elder, Fresh- 
man, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hausmann, Dennis E: Bonesteel, S.D., Junior, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Haverkamp, Donald C: Effingham, Junior, Accounting. 
Hawk, Michael E: Wichita, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Hawkins, 
Darnell F: Pine Bluff, Ark., Sophomore, General. 

TOP ROW: Hawks, George W: Kansas City, Junior, Chemistry. Hayden, 
Larry L: Devon, Freshman, Agronomy. Hayden, Lawrence J: Plains, 
Junior, Economics. Hayden, William R: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Nu- 
clear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hayer, Anna C: Hackettstown, N.J., Junior, Elementary 
Education. Hayes, James B: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Hayes, 
James J: Dodge City, Junior, Geology. Hayes, Jon R: Independence, 01, 

THIRD ROW: Haymaker, James N: Minneapolis, Minn., Sophomore, Pre- 
Law. Haynes, Chester G: Abilene, Sophomore, Chemistry. Hays, Barbara 

J: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Hays, Carolyn A: 

Wathena, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Hays, Larry W: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Mathematics. 
Hayse, Linda L: Mullinville, Junior, Elementary Education. Hazen, Wilma 
M: Stockton, Sophomore, Home Economics. Head, Donald J: Wichita, 
Junior, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Heape, Michael L: Satanta, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Heasley, Vicki K: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. Heasty, Ter- 
rence: Mayfield, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Heath, Dianna S: 

Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Heath, John R: Topeka, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Heck, 
David M: Atchison, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Heck, Jerold L: 
Junction City, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Heck, Judy L: Atchison, 
Junior, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Heckman, Bruce W: WeKeeney, 03, Architecture. Hector, 
Robert B: Jamaica, N.Y., Freshman, Social Science. Hedlund, Jay R: 
Overland Park, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Heer, Michael R: Gar- 
den City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Heermance, Jean G: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Hefty, 
Barbara K: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Hefty, Larry 
S: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Hegberg, William R: 

Bellevue, Neb., Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 

^k\^ mm 

j4iM\ Jt Am 

BOTTOM ROW: Heglar, Clark T: Salina, Junior, Sociology. Heglar, 
A: Salina, Freshman, Home Economics. Heide, Cheryl S: Smith G 
Freshman, Interior Design. Heidrick, Larry P: Beloit, Freshman, Ag 
tural Mechanization. 






Mr A 










TOP ROW: Heidrick, Max M: Beloit, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Heilman, 
Roseann D: Clay Center, Junior, Elementary Education. Heinen, Carol J: 
Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Chemistry. Heinen, Edward R: Valley Falls, 
Junior, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Heinen, Gilbert J: Huron, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 
Heinen, Mary F: Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Hein- 
sohn, Charles O: Parsons, Freshman, Mathematics. Heitman, Bonnie F: 

Linn, Freshman, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Heitman, John V: Norton, Sophomore, Music Education. 
Heitschmidt, Arthur: Bushton, Sophomore, Agriculture. Hellebust, Gary 
A: St. Marys, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Helmbold, Ray L: Tribune, 
Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Helmke, Carol L: Pratt, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Helmke, Judith E: Garden City, Freshman, Political Science. 
Helms, Robert A: Leawood, Freshman, Business Administration. Helton, 
Sally J: Emporia, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Helwig, Craig P: Macksville, Junior, Feed Technology. 
Hemphill, William A: Manhattan, Junior, Physical Education. Hender- 
shot, Carol F: Kingman, Freshman, General. Henderson, Cheryl K: Tope- 
ka, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

>i . 


Underclassmen: Hen-Hil 

TOP ROW: Henderson, Robert L: Humboldt, 02, Architecture. Hendricks, 
Michael A: Great Bend, Junior, History. Hendricks, Patricia: Raymond, 

Sophomore, Elementary Education. Hendrix, Susan L: Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Henning, Robert E: Athol, Freshman, Agricultural En- 
gineering. Henning, Stephen A: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Political 
Science. Henning, Wayne L: Athol, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Henningsen, John A: Colby, Junior, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Henrichs, Joseph S: Humboldt, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Henricks, Dean E: Herington, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Henrik- 
son, Duane M: Emporia, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Henrikson, Marilee 

R: Emporia, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

TOP ROW: Henry, Dianna L: Mission, Sophomore, Interior Design. Henry, 
Elizabeth J: Atchison, Sophomore, Interior Design. Henry, Janet S: At- 
chison, Junior, Family and Child Development. Henry, Jerry L: Sabetha, 
Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Henry, Linda G: Dodge City, Junior, Art. Henry, Richard 

K: Lyons, Freshman, Social Science. Henry, Roy E: Lecompton, Sopho- 
more, Animal Husbandry. Hensley, James I: Burrton, Junior, Physical 

THIRD ROW: Herbers, Donald C: McPherson, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Herbin, Janet K: Jamestown, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Her- 
ing, Robert W: Garden City, Junior, Business Administration. Herlocker, 
Robert A: Girard, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Herman, Charles T: Talmage, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Herman, Duane E: Wichita, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Herman, Robert D: Wichita, Sophomore, Economics. Herman, Robert K: 

Wakefield, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Hermes, Steven E: Kiowa, Freshman, Mathematics. Herm- 
reck, Lawrence A: Ellsworth, Junior, Business Administration. Herpich, 
David L: Herington, Freshman, General. Herren, Roger W: Nickerson, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Herrmann, Larry L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Civil En- 
gineering. Herron, Barry L: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Herynk, 
John J: Kincaid, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Hesler, Toni G: Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore, General. 

O £% ^ O 

TOP ROW: Hesler, Vicki D: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Hess, Dale N: Burlington, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 
Hess, Kathleen: Topeka, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Hess, Larry 
G: Waverly, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hester, Judy A: Larned, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Hester, Virginia M: Chelsea, Okla., Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Heter, Roger W: Sterling, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Heuertz, 
Carol J: Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Heusner, Tima S: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Heyer, Patricia J: Highland, Freshman, Home Economics. Heyka, 
Gary J: Belleville, Sophomore, Business Administration. Heyka, Larry R: 

Belleville, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 


TOP ROW: Heyl, Andrew R: Junction City, 03, Architecture. Heyne, 
Kathryn, E: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Hibler, Elizabeth S: St. 

Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Elementary Education. Hibler, Ralph E: St. Louis, 
Mo., 04, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Hickey, Patricia A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Hickman, Daria E: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Ele- 
mentary Education. Hickman, Diann E: Overland Park, Freshman, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Hickman, Lenney E: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Hiebert, Bruce A: Erie, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Higbee, Rodney J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Law. Higbie, 
Karyl I: Wellsville, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Higgins, Nancy 

L: EIDorado, Junior, Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Higgins, Raymond L: Concordia, Sophomore, General. 
Highland, Ronald L: Brewster, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. High- 
tower, Jane E: Bern, Freshman, Interior Design. Higley, Janet E: Wichita, 
Freshman, Humanities. 

FIFTH ROW: Higley, Janis L: Ft. Scott, Freshman, Interior Design. Hilbert, 
Billy D: Richland, Junior, Entomology. Hildebrand, Gretchen: Stafford, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. Hilding, Sharon M: Leaven- 
worth, Sophomore, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hilgendorf, Gretchen: Great Bend, Sophomore, Techni- 
cal Journalism. Hilgenfeld, Larry F: Holton, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Hill, Don A: Smith Center, Freshman, General. Hill, Gail M: At- 
chison, Junior, Physical Education. 

Underclassmen: Hil-Hom 

TOP ROW: Hill, Jane M: Burlington, Freshman, Physical Education. Hill, 
William W: Junction City, Junior, Business Administration. Hiller, Cheryl 
A: Topeka, Freshman, Interior Design. Hillman, James M: Essex, la., 
Junior, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hillman, Richard B: Wichita, Junior, Biochemistry. Hill- 
ner, Stephen J: Olathe, Freshman, Business Administration. Hilterbrand, 
Robert: Junction City, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. Hilton/ Douglas 

W: Salina, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Hinchman, Sally J: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Elemen- 
tary Education. Hineman, Roger R: Dighton, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Hines, Gary E: Independence, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 
Hines, Janet C: Salina, Sophomore, History. 

FOURTH ROW: Hinkle, Sondra, S: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Hinnergardt, Carol A: Ransom, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Hinz, Thomas, W: Abilene, Junior, Physics. Hirsch, Neil F: Callaway, 
Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Hirst, Ronald W: Hutchinson, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Hirt, Robert L: Lucas, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Hitchcock, Rebecca 

R: Cherryvale, Sophomore, Business Administration. Hite, Donald R: Stil- 
well, Sophomore, Speech. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hitz, Harold K: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hixon, Daniel W: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Hjelmfelt, Mark 
R: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Physics. Hlaus, Kathleen J: Wilson, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: Hloocal, Sandra A: Baton Rouge, La., 02, Architecture. Hoag, 
Nancy A: Pleasanton, Junior, Secondary Education. Hobbs, Kathryn A: 
Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. Hoch, Barbara J: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SECOND ROW: Hochberg, Richard C: Junction City, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Hochuli, Barbara G: Holton, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Hodgson, David S: Little River, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Hodg- 
son, Diane: Little River, Junior, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hodgson, George A: Little River, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Hodgson, Joe N: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. 
Hodgson, Nancy A: Hutchinson, Freshman, Humanities. Hodson, Lester 

L: Herington, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Hoecker, Janice E: Atchison, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Hoeme, Karen E: Scott City, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Hofer, 
John S: Cedar, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Hoff, Dolores M: Claflin, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW: Hoff, Lynda S: Leawood, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Hoff, Mary A: Claflin, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Hoff- 
man, Dan L: Chapman, Freshman, Feed Technology. Hoffman, Diane F: 

Manhattan, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Hoffman, Dolores A: Abilene, Freshman, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Hoffman, Phillip W: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Hofmann, John W: Green, Sophomore, Chemical En- 
gineering. Hofmann, Patricia A: Wamego, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Ed- 

FOURTH ROW: Hogan, Tom J: Kansas City, Freshman, Political Science. 
Hoisington, Thomas J: Enterprise, Junior, Secondary Education. Hojnacki, 
James M: Lagrange, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hokr, 
Dorothy A: Ellsworth, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Holeman, Karen M: Lenora, Junior, Psychology. Holiwell, 
Clyde E: Manhattan, Junior, Medical Technology. Holland, Geoffrey B: 
Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration. Holland, Gordon D: 

Salina, 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Holliday, John D: Liberty, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Hollinger, Rita M: Ottawa, Freshman, Home Economics. Holling- 
worth, William: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Hollis, Barbara K: Silver 
Springs, Md., Sophomore, Home Economics. 

ff^> &$ fT$ 

' if , 



tit tit > 

TOP ROW: Hollis, Karen G: Wichita, Freshman, Art. Holloway, Edward 
A: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. Holloway, Meredith A: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Holm, Jon R: 
Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Holmes, David W: Abilene, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Holmquist, Mary L: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Holsinger, David J: Hesston, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Holste, 
John E: Norton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Holstegge, Patricia: Goddard, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Holt, Pamela L: Prairie Village, Junior, Modern Languages. Hol- 
vorson, Angele: Maple Hill, Freshman, Home Economics. Homan, Allen 

E: Freeport, N.Y., Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

Underclassmen: Hom-Hud 

TOP ROW: Homewood, Gerald L: Luray, Junior, Business Administration. 
Honomichl, Stephen E: Russell, Freshman, Accounting. Honstead, John 
P: Pierre, S.D., Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Hood, Duane L: Tope- 
ka, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Hood, Linda S: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hook, Vera L: Silver Lake, Freshman, Humanities. Hooper, 
Margaret R: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Hoover, 
Carol L: Baldwin, Sophomore, Speech. 

THIRD ROW: Hopkins, Daryl L: Attica, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Hoppe, Mary K: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Hop- 
per, James D: Russell, Junior, Business Administration. Hopper, Karen L: 

Emporia, Freshman, Social Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Hopper, Patricia S: Emporia, Junior, Psychology. Hor- 
chem, David P: Ransom, Freshman, Art. Horejsi, Ronald G: Holyrood, 

Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Horinka, Karen A: Scotia, N.Y., Soph- 
omore, Social Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Horn, Janet L: Olathe, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Horn, Robert V: Coffeyville, Soph- 
omore, Mechanical Engineering. Hornberger, Judith A: Baldwin, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. Home, Dennis E: Hutchinson, Junior, Civil En- 

Half-time participants in the Manhattan grade school free throw contest 
seek an autograph from Wildcat basketball star Nick Pino after the game. 

CX H o rB 

4^ ii^^ 

TOP ROW: Horning, Larry G: Almena, 02, Architecture. Horsch, Dwight 

W: Aberdeen, Ida., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Hosie, Darrel D: Abi- 
lene, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Hoskins, Stephen W: Hutchinson, 01, 

SECOND ROW: Hoss, Herbert E: Hays, Junior, Bacteriology. Hossfeld, 
Robert H: Clay Center, Junior, Bakery Management. Hostetler, Bruce B: 
Harper, Sophomore, Entomology. Hostetter, Dorothy M: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, Biological Science. 

THIRD ROW: Hottman, Larry A: Abilene, Sophomore, Bacteriology. 
Houdyshell, Judith P: Junction City, Sophomore, Music Education. Houdy- 
shell, Richard: Wilson, Sophomore, Agronomy. Houghtaling, Jonathan: 

Lakin, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: House, Lorna E: Goodland, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Houser, Jay D: Green, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. House- 
weart, Mark W: McCune, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Hover, 
Donna J: Leawood, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hovorak, Billy P: Wellington, 01, Architecture. Howard, 
Carolyn R: Oakley, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. How- 
ard, James W: Haysville, Freshman, General. Howard, Richard D: 

Smithville, Mo., Sophomore, History. 

TOP ROW: Howe, Jean F: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion Howe, Thomas M: Manhattan, 01, Architecture. Howell, Charles 

R: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Political Science. Howell, Kay L: Marysville, 
Sophomore, Music Education. 

SECOND ROW: Howell, Melvin L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Howell, Michael E: Wichita, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Howell, Robert W: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. Howell, 
William D: Kansas City, Mo., Junior Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Howse, Richard L: Manhattan, Junior, History. Hrabe, 
Melinda R: Kensington, Sophomore, General. Hubbard, Fred W: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hubbell, Richard S: To- 
peka, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Huber, Loretta J: EIDorado, Sophomore, Sociology. Hud- 
gens, Mary P: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal 
Arts. Hudson, Barbara J: Junction City, Freshman, General. Hudson, 
Robert M: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

Underclassmen: Hud-Jac 

TOP ROW: Hudson, Yancy D: Erie, Junior, Physics. Huecker, Tommy D: 

Salina, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Huerter, Mary C: Wetmore, Soph- 
omore, General. Huffman, Cynthia, S: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Huffman, Daniel S: Burdett, Sophomore, Chemical En- 
gineering. Huffman, Jerald R: Cunningham, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Hug, Alan R: Holton, Sophomore, Biological Science. Hug, Janis A: Hol- 
ton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Huggins, Arlen W: Ellsworth, Freshman, Physics. Huggins, 
Lloyd D: Council Grove, Junior, Agricultural Education. Hughbanks, 
Ronald G: Pratt, 02, Architecture. Hughes, Dennis D: Lyons, Junior, 
Modern Languages. 

FOURTH ROW: Hughes, James M: Overland Park, 02, Architecture. 
Hughes, Mary A: Kansas City, Sophonrfore, General. Hughes, Sherri D: 

Anthony, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Hull, Kenneth 
A: Wichita, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Hull, Marva L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Hull, Vir- 
ginia A: Towanda, Junior, Secondary Education. Hulse, Audrey G: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, Modern Languages. Hummel, Stephen C: Manhattan, Soph- 
omore, Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Hummer, Larry L: Chanute, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Humphrey, Frank J: Burlington, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Humph- 
rey, Robert L: Hoisington, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hund, Pa- 
tricia: Paxico, Junior, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hund, Roxanna C: Paxico, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Hunt, James M: Independence, 02, Architecture. Hunter, Janice 
A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Hunter, Judith A: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hunter, Judith H: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Hunter, Nancy J: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Hunter, Thomas W: Oberlin, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Hupe, John F: Wamego, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hupe, Norman W: Wamego, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Huseman, Cheryl K: Scott City, Junior, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Huseman, Virgil R: Kanopolis, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Husted, Stanley R: Lawrence, Junior, Entomology. 


k vJ 

> £* 









Ik t life 




*^K mm 




* ■■■■)*■ 


5 Il *¥l 


f ^" *\M 








TOP ROW: Huston, Larry G: Abilene, Sophomore, Agriculture. Huttie, 
Frederick, E: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Hyde, Ann 
S: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Hyde, Catherine L: Au- 
gusta, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Hyder, David L: Chapman, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Hynes, Thomas E: Oak Ridge, N.J., Sophomore, General. Hysom, 
Judith I: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Ibbetson, Richard A: Yates Cen- 
ter, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Ideker, Lester, H: Rozel, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Ikemiya, Masanobu: Manhattan, Freshman, Applied Music, lies, 
Duane A: Marysville, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Imhof, Carol A: Brew- 
ster, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Imhof, Ray D: Brewster, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Immenschuh, Cheryl R: Eskridge, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Ingersoll, Jeanne A: Junction City, 
Freshman, Interior Design. Ingrim, Charles N: Wichita, Junior, Speech. 

FIFTH ROW: Innis, Leslie S: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Physical Therapy. 
Intermill, Patricia: Webber, Freshman, Home Economics. Ireland, Timo- 
thy M: Muscotah, Junior, Modern Languages. Irwin, Linda M: Topeka, 
Freshman, Modern Languages. 

SIXTH ROW: Israel, Larry D: Kansas City, Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Isaacson, David L: Manhattan, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Iver- 
sen, Glen L: Fontana, Wis., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Iverson, 
Willard A: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ives, Warren C: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, Zoology. 
Ivy, Richard J: Manhattan, 01, Architecture. Jaax, Alan R: Wichita, 
Sophomore, General. Jack, Russell P. Jr: Manhattan, Junior, Business 

EIGHTH ROW: Jackson, Beverly A: McCune, Junior, Home Economics. 
Jackson, Carl F: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Jackson, 
Charles R: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Jackson, David D: Tope- 
ka, Sophomore, Horticulture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jackson, Donald L: Cranford, N.J., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Jackson, Edward E: Endicott, N.Y., Junior, Dairy 
Management. Jackson, Janette B: Kansas City, Junior, Interior Design. 
Jackson, Jimmy A: Stockton, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

Underclassmen: Jac-Joh 

TOP ROW: Jackson, Judy G: Wichita, Freshman, History. Jackson, Larry 
W: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jackson, Michael E: 
Independence, Sophomore, Economics. Jackson, Ruth A: Belleville, Soph- 
omore, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Jacob, Thomas K: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Physics. 
Jacobitz, Tommy L: Stella, Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Jacobs, 
Curtis R: Athol, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Jacobs, Joy S: 

Towanda, Junior, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Jacobs, Marlene J: Topeka, Junior, Sociology. Jacobs, 
Patrick T: Phi I lipsburg. Freshman, Mathematics. Jacobs, William R: Pea- 
body, Freshman, Geology. Jacobson, Julie A: Abilene, Freshman, Bio- 
logical Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jacobson, Kristie K: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Jaeger, Calvin D: Great Bend, Freshman, Chemistry. 
Jaffe, Kenneth R: Coral Gables, Fla., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Jager, Jan B: Wichita, Sophomore, History. 

) ' ! 




I ** ? 



% - j 




1 J* 

i W 









1?S f®S 

TOP ROW: Jagger, John F: Minneapolis, Freshman, General. Jahnke, 
Nancy K: Riley, Junior, Secondary Education. Jakobe, Kathleen M: Lea- 
wood, Freshman, Humanities. James, Judith A: Natick, Mass., Freshman, 
Physical Therapy. 

SECOND ROW: James, Stephen L: Herington, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Jameson, Donald L: Holton, Sophomore, Agronomy. Jamvold, 
Daryll D: Everest, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Janke, Donald L: 

Alexander, Junior, Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Janke, Gary D: Brownell, Junior, Agronomy. Janke, 
Michael D: Alexander, Junior, English. Janssen, Alfred: Scott City, Junior, 
Agricultural Journalism. Janssen, Sally A: Independence, Junior, Biologi- 
cal Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Jantz, Jerrie S: Durham, Freshman, Biological Science. 
Janzen, Paul R: Newton, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Jarman, 
Roberta K: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Jaro, Gerri L: Ft. Scott, 

Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jarrett, James C: Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Jarrett, 
John A: Barnes, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jarvis, Cheryl K: 
Bethel, Junior, Home Economics Education. Jarvis, Roberta M: Winfield, 
Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 


rs m ;-> -k 

TOP ROW: Jasper, Charles L: Cawker City, Freshman, Agronomy. Jean- 
nin, Michael R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Jehlik, 
Robert C: Topeka, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Jellison, Martha: 

Corning, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Jenkins, Earl E: Centralia, Junior, Civil Engineering. Jen- 
kins, Gerald L: Oshkosh, Neb., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jenkins, 
Marna G: Belvue, Junior, Elementary Education. Jenkins, Robert J: Leav- 
enworth, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Jenkins, William H: Smith Center, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Jennings, William D: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. Jensen, 
Barry M: White River, S.D., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jensen, 
Carol A: Lakin, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jensen, Harold G: Kinsley, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Jensen, Karin K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Psychology. Jensen, Kathryn 
R: White River, S.D., Junior, Secondary Education. Jernigan, Douglas K: 

Council Grove, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Jeselnik, Diane M: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Jewett, 
Dwight D: Concordia, Junior, Modern Languages. Jilka, Gerold D: Salina, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. Jinks, Albert W: Clayton, Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Joerg, Regina, E: Manhattan, Freshman, English. Johns, 
Chris E: Granada Hills, Calif., Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. John- 
son, Bradley D: Rose Hill, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Johnson, 
Byron G: Troy, Sophomore, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Carl L: Webber, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Johnson, 
Carlene S: McPherson, Sophomore, Mathematics. Johnson, Cecil W: 
Salina, Junior, Business Administration. Johnson, Charles R: Burr Oak, 
Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Cheryl K: Wichita, Freshman, Accounting. John- 
son, Darrel L: St. Francis, Freshman, Feed Technology. Johnson, Delores 

J: Burrton, Sophomore, Home Economics. Johnson, Don A: Oketo, Junior, 
Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Gary L: Overland Park, Freshman, Agriculture. 
Johnson, Gene R: Beattie, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Johnson, 
James M: Alma, Sophomore, Physical Education. Johnson, Jeanne A: 

Edgewood, Md., Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

Underclassmen: Joh-Kam 

TOP ROW: Johnson, Jill M: Clinton, Wis., Sophomore, General. John- 
son, John J: Brewster, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Johnson, 
John L: Wamego, Junior, Geography. Johnson, Judith K: Wichita, Fresh- 
man, General. 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Karen L: Haddam, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Johnson, Keith A: Madison, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Johnson, Kelly D: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. John- 
son, Larry L: Assaria, Sophomore, Chemistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Leland K: Clay Center, Junior, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Johnson, Leland R: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Johnson, Linda J: Wamego, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Johnson, Linnetta A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Music Education. 

TOP ROW: Johnson, Lynn R: Oberlin, Junior, Accounting. Johnson, Na- 
thaniel: Montclaire, N.J., Freshman, Civil Engineering. Johnson, Patricia 

L: Alexandria, Va., Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 
Johnson, Paul E: Topeka, Freshman, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Paula S: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics. Johnson, Phyllis J: Oketo, Freshman, Home Economics. Johnson, 
Phyllis M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Johnson, 
Raymond W: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Richard M: Junction City, Freshman, General. 
Johnson, Rita A: Clay Center, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Johnson, 
Roger B: Leawood, Junior, Pre-Medicme. Johnson, Rosslyn A: Salina, 
Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Steve A: Manhattan, Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering/Flour Science and Management. Johnson, Susan E: Amityville, 
N.Y., Junior, Sociology. Johnson, Winifred L: Concordia, Sophomore, 
Elementary Education. Johnston, Cecil W: Stockton, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Johnston, Franklin E: Wakefield, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Johnston, Gary L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. 
Johnston, Larry D: EIDorado, Junior, Architectural Engineering. Johnston, 
Martha J: Holyrood, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Tex- 
tiles Research. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnston, Rebecca L: Leawood, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Johnston, Roland W: 
Stockton, 02, Architecture. Jones, Barbara J: Manhattan, Junior, Second- 
ary Education. Jones, Barbara L: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Jones, Beverly K: Topeka, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Jones, Carolyn A: Garden City, Junior, Elementary Education. Jones, 
Darrel D: Mulvane, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jones, David 

R: Kanorado, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Jones, Dennis R: Wellington, Sophomore, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Jones, James H: Junction City, Sophomore, History. Jones, 
James R: Omaha, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jones, 
Karen S: Wichita, Freshman, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Loretta A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Psycholo- 
gy. Jones, Marietta R: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Jones, Mary J: Bendena, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Jones, Michael E: Riley, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

3* ^ 


O jR 

TOP ROW: Jones, Nicholas M: Augusta, 02, Architecture 

ela A: Washington, Freshman, Modern Languages. Jones, 
peka, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Jones, Phoebe 

Junior, History. 

Jones, Pam- 
Patricia L: To- 

J: Hutchinson, 

SECOND ROW: Jones, Sharon L: Topeka, Freshman, Sociology. Jordan, 
James S: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jordan, Ronald 
E: Beloit, Freshman, Veterinary-Medicine. Jorgensen, Jill: Manhattan, 
Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Joyce, Judith K: Independence, Mo., Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Jubelt, Burk: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical Science. Judd, 
Kathryn: Belmont, Calif., Freshman, Home Economics. Judd, Robert E: 

Cottonwood Falls, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 

FOURTH ROW: Jump, Robert D: Neodesha, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Juranich, Robert J: Bethel, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Jury, Dennis G: Abilene, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Justice, Gale 

A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Kaelson, Janet I: Wichita, Junior, English. Kaff, Joanne P: 

Carbondale, Freshman, General. Kaiser, Douglas L: Otis, Sophomore, 
Mathematics. Kalb, Helene J: Salina, Sophomore, Bacteriology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kalbach, Lela F: Leoti, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fash- 
ion Design, and Textiles Research. Kalishman, Stanley R: Stoneham, 
Mass., Junior, Horticulture. Kallenbach, Marvin D: Valley Center, Sopho- 
more, General. Kammerer, Joan K: Leawood, Junior, Business Adminis- 



Underclassmen: Kam-Ken 

TOP ROW: Kampschroeder, Larry: Richland, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Kanawyer/ Merry J: San Francisco, Calif., Freshman, Interior 
Design. Kannard, Janet L: Wichita, Sophomore, Accounting. Kanning, 
Phyllis L: Troy, Sophomore, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Kaplan, Robert M: Baltimore, Md., 02, Architecture. 
Karl, William P: Kansas City, Sophomore, Bakery Management. Kasl, 
David R: Cuba, 01, Architecture. Kasselman, Dennis G: Ellinwood, 
Freshman, Pre-Law. 

THIRD ROW: Kaster, Kay: Cunningham, Sophomore, Chemistry. Kastle, 
Shirley M: Cedar, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Kater, 
Larry E: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Katlin, Michael D: 

Mission, Freshman, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kaufman, Toni M: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Kaul, Linda L: Wichita, Junior, Physical Therapy. Kay, Robert S: 
Minneapolis, Freshman, Mathematics. Kazmaier, Jerry D: Eudora, Junior, 
Physical Therapy. 

TOP ROW: Kearney, Robert L: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Keating, Edward L: Lecompton, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Keating, James L: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Law. Keating, William R: 

Marysville, Junior, Statistics. 

SECOND ROW: Keck, Donald J: Colby, Junior, Accounting. Keck, James 
E: Shawnee, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Keck, Philip R: Levant, 
Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Keeten, Judy A: Glade, Freshman, 
Home Economics Education. 

THIRD ROW: Keist, Robert P: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Law. Keith, Horace 
R: Ft. Pierce, Fla., Junior, Pre-Law. Keithley, Charles M: Kansas City, Jun- 
ior, Secondary Education. Kelchak, Ellen J: Manhattan, Freshman, Gen- 

FOURTH ROW: Keller, Duane L: Ellis, Freshman, Feed Technology. Kel- 
lett, Carol E: Salina, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Kelley, Kenneth W: Columbus, Junior, Agricultural Ed- 
ucation. Kellogg, Karolyn K: Phil I ipsburg, Freshman, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kellogg, Myron C: Jamestown, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Kelly, Candace A: Wichita, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 
Kelly, Douglas D: Reed Springs, Mo., 01, Architecture. Kelly, Frances M: 

Munden, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 


f B f% A <S. 

TOP ROW: Kelly, Michael M: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Kelly, Pamela M: Junction City, Freshman, Medical Tech- 
nology. Kelly, Robert W: McPherson, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Kelsey, Gaylord D: Silver Lake, Junior, Agriculture. 

SECOND ROW: Kelsey, Marilyn S: Salina, Freshman, English. Kelsey, 
Nell J: Salina, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Keltner, Michael K: 
Meade, Freshman, General. Keltner, Patricia K: Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man, General. 

THIRD ROW: Kemper, Michael D: Holton, Freshman, Mathematics. Ken- 
dall, Carolyn S: Herington, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Kendall, 
Lawrence M: Council Grove, 02, Architecture. Kendall, Susan L: Dayton, 
Ohio, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kennedy, Donald E: Dodge City, Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Kennedy, Donald L: Hoxie, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Kennedy, Kathleen L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Kennedy, 
Ronald D: Hoxie, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

Relaxing on the steps of the physical sciences building between 
classes are two students who discuss the results of a recent test. 

Between acts at the Freshman Talent Show, emcees reveal their wit 
to the audience while allowing for scene changes in the backstage. 

Underclassmen: Ken-Kli 

TOP ROW: Kennedy, Susan L: Newton, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Kennedy, Timothy J: Beloit, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Kennedy, 
William H: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Education. Kenney, Linda F: 

Topeka, Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Kent, Peggy E: Kansas City, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Kephart, Stanley L: Seattle, 
Wash., Freshman, History. Kepley, Janice D: Ulysses, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Kerbs, Brad J: Otis, Freshman, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Kern, Larry G: Salina, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Kerr, 
David M: Coats, Junior, General. Kersting, Eugenia D: Leavenworth, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Kettelhut, Larry L: Sidney, 
Neb., Sophomore, Bacteriology. 

FOURTH ROW: Keucher, Louise S: Topeka, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Kibbe, Dallas L: Wamego, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Kice, Rob- 
ert G: Wichita, Freshman, Agronomy. Kier, Barbara J: Mankato, Fresh- 
man, Modern Languages. 

FIFTH ROW: Kildow, Gary L: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. 
Kildow, Patricia A: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Kil- 
lough, Howard Jr: Russell, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Killpack, Paul A: Junc- 
tion City, Freshman, Geology. 

SIXTH ROW: Kilroy, Thomas G: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Law. Kim- 
ball, Donneta R: Haddam, Junior, Secondary Education. Kimball, K. 
Michael: Scott City, Junior, Accounting. Kimble, Jane H: Burlingame, 
Sophomore, Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kimbrough, James E: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Kimmi, Anthony L: Leonardville, 03, Architecture. Kimsey, 
Robert L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Kinch, Barbara J: Nickerson, 
Sophomore, Physical Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: King, Barbara J: Arkansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. King, Becky P: Council Grove, Freshman, Speech. King, 
Charles Richard: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. King, Charles 

Robert: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: King, Linda D: Olathe, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
King, Royce M: New Berlin, Wis., Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Kingery, Judith K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Kingman, 
Michael F: Wichita, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 


Ik* 1 




Eft n ■■ 


•T .. J 

















<* 1 

w«4 wTm 

f^^n; \&s*&. ?^fl^ 

TOP ROW: Kinney, Robert D: Arkansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Kinsey, Jean A: Dallas, Tex., Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Kinzer, Howard A: McClean, Va., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Kirby, 
Susan D: Dodge City, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Kirchhoff, Henry C: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Bak- 
ery Management. Kirk, Katherine A: Scott City, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Kirk, Linda A: Overland, Junior, Elementary Education. Kirk, 
Sara L: Wichita, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

THIRD ROW: Kirk, Thelma J: Ellsworth, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Kirkbride, Sharon L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. Kirkendall, Robert 

L: Smith Center, 01, Architecture. Kirsch, Michael D: Wichita, 01, Archi- 

FOURTH ROW: Kirshe, Carol J: Prairie Village, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Kiser, Rich E: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Kissack, Jane 
A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Kissick, John B: 

Beverly, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Kissinger, Don F: Mankato, Junior, Political Science. Kist- 
ner, Henry O: New Milford, N. J., 01, Architecture. Kitch, Judith L: Win- 
field, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Kitchen, Brent 
A: Maple Hill, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

SIXTH ROW: Kitt, Camilla A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Kitted, Howard H: McPherson, Junior, History. Kitzke, Henry J: Dens- 
more, Sophomore, General. Klahr, Carolyn R: Holton, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Klassen, William R: Hillsboro, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Kleeman, Darrel M: Garden City, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Klein, 
Carmen R: Green, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Klein, John C: 

Leavenworth, Junior, Bakery Management. 

EIGHTH ROW: Klein, Lawrence R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Klein, Penny J: Florissant, Mo., Sophomore, Physical Ed- 
ucation. Klema, Susan P: Wilson, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Klenda, Deanna K: Marion, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kleysteuber, Joan M: Garden City, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Klick, Barbara J: Toronto, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Klick, Gail A: Toronto, Junior, 
Mathematics. Kline, Harold E: Milan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Underclassmen: Kli-Kuh 

TOP ROW: Kline, Ronald R: Mound Valley, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Klocke, Larry L: Randolph, Sophomore, Agronomy. Kloepper, 
Susan K: Nortonville, Freshman, Sociology. Klover, Jane D: Solomon, 
Junior, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Knedlik, Larry E: Narka, Junior, Business Administration. 
Kniffin, Charles K: Overland, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Knight, Charles W: Beeler, Freshman, Agronomy. Knight, David D: 

Stockton, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Knoell, Donna L: Mission, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Knop, Douglas B: Isabel, 02, Architecture. Knorr, Margaret: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Education. Knox, Phillip L: Brewster, Fresh- 
man, Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Kobetich, Robert W: Manchester, Freshman, Physics. 
Koch, Loren H: Clay Center, Sophomore, Mathematics. Koch, Mary A: 
Atwood, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Koester, Norman 

W: Hoisington, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Koger, John M. Jr: Topeka, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Kohl, Larry E: Wichita, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Kohl, 
Lois A: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Education. Kohler, James Q: 

Prairie Village, Junior, Business Administration. 

f> Q'^ 

I H 


!^% ^S ^^ 


O 9 &i ? 

m\M rl mm 

TOP ROW: Kohls, Eric W: Herington, Junior, Business Administration, 
Kohrs, Sheryl R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Accounting. Kolacny, John M: 

WaKeeney, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Kolde, David L: Pomona, Calif., 
Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Kongs, Stephen W: Seneca, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Kongs, Thomas F: Marysville, 03, Architecture. Konitz, Jack H: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Koons, Mary J: Shirley, 
III., Sophomore, Home Economics Extension. 

THIRD ROW: Kopf, Gail A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Kopp, Gary R: Kinsley, Sophomore, Speech. Koppes, Gerald 
M: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Korb, Sandra G: Burr Oak, Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Korber, Mary K: Seneca, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Korsak, John Jr: Trenton, N.J., Junior, Electrical Engineering. Korte, 
Richard L: Ottawa, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Kostner, John R: 

Kingman, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. 



>^> ft SI 

TOP ROW: Kotapish, Kay E: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Kotler, Stephen B: N. Brunswick, N.J., Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Koudele, Randall W: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Kracht, Katherine Y: Overland Park, Freshman, Speech. 

SECOND ROW: Krakower, Elayne J: New York City, N.Y., Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kramer, W. Robert: Junction City, Freshman, 
Agriculture. Kratz, Daniel S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General. 
Kraus, Fredrick W: Hays, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Kraus, Linda J: Winfield, Freshman, Interior Design. Kraus, 
Michael R: Winfield, Junior, Flour Science and Management. Kraus, 
Sharon L: Winfield, Junior, Family and Child Development. Krause, Rich- 
ard D: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

FOURTH ROW: Krause, Vernon E: Plainview, Neb., Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Kraut, Charles W: Downers Grove, III., Freshman, Bakery Man- 
agement. Kraybill, Richard B: Wakefield, 03, Architecture. Krehbiel, 
Ellen L: Wichita, Freshman, Zoology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Krehbiel, Jeffrey L: Kingman, 03, Architecture. Kreider, 
Beverly J: Effingham, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Krepinevich, Daniel: Buffalo, N.Y., 02, Architecture. 
Krob, Johnny R: Cuba, Junior, Secondary Education. 

TOP ROW: Kroeger, Myron E: Ellis, Freshman, Physics. Kroeker, Robert 

E: Buhler, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Kroger, Sally L: Parkersburg, 
W. Va., Junior, Elementary Education. Kroutil, Karen A: Marquette, 
Sophomore, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Krueger, Barbara A: Leawood, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Kruse, Alan J: Beloit, Freshman, General. Kruse, Curtis W: Water- 
ville, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kruse, Phyllis M: Bremen, Fresh- 

Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Kruse, Ronald M: Hays, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Ksiazek, Thomas G: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Kubat, Jacqueline: Arkansas City, Junior, Art. Kuczynski, Leslie W: 

Narka, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kuhn, Carolyn S: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Kuhn, Cheryl K: Hope, Sophomore, 
Home Economics and Nursing. Kuhn, Linda A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Kuhn, Robert A: Gypsum, Freshman, Business Ad- 





- a 

f5 O Q 

Underclassmen: Kuh-Las 

TOP ROW: Kuhn, William R: Gypsum, Junior, Business Administration. 
Kukuk, Donna L: Burlingame, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Kummer, Judy K: Chapman, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Kuntz, 
Charles R: Burlingame, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kunz, Kristina L: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Kurth, Walter W: Offerle, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Kushner, Sheryl D: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Kwant, 
Walter: Aurora, III., Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kwok, Wing K: Hong Kong, 03, Architecture. Kyser, 
Michael D: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Civil Engineering. Labarge, George 
P: Junction City, Sophomore, Business Administration. Labenski, Robert 

H: Buffalo, N.Y., Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

TOP ROW: Lacen, Georgia S: Baxter Springs, Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Lackey, John L: Penalosa, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Lackie, Andrea M: Lawrence, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. Lacy, Larry D: Indianapolis, Ind., Sophomore, 

SECOND ROW: Ladenburger, Sharon: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. 
Lady, Sharon K: Abilene, Junior, Secondary Education. Lafferty, Marilyn 

L: Osage City, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Laffoon, 
John R: Trenton, Mo., Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Lagoski, Patricia J: Leawood, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Lahr, Karen J: Abilene, Freshman, Home Economics. Lahr, Patricia A: 

Abilene, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Lala, Wilbur L: Kirwin, Sopho- 
more, Nuclear Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Laman, Janice R: Concordia, Freshman, General. Lam- 
bert, Beverly A: Norton, Sophomore, Music Education. Lambert, Charles 
D: Zurich, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Lambert, Emmajean: Leoti, 
Junior, Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Lambert, Paul J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Government. Lam- 
born, Judith E: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Physical Education. Lambright, 
Linda R: Leawood, Junior, Elementary Education. Lamme, Judith A: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lamone, Michael G: Salina, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Lamp, Marita M: Goddard, Sophomore, General. Lampe, Patti 
J: Hanover, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Lampert, Robert L: Beloit, 
Junior, Business Administration. 

p%Tf ~«*1 

TOP ROW: Lancaster, Jean A: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Land, Orlan R: Severy, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Landers, Dixon 

H: Rochester, N. Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lane, Sid A: Belle 
Plaine, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. 

SECOND ROW: Lange, Herbert: Venezuela, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Lange, Linda L: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Lange, Jean: Linn, Junior, Techni- 
cal Journalism. Lange, Marilyn E: Conway Springs, Junior, Medical Tech- 

BOTTOM ROW: Langford, David J: Tempe, Ariz., Junior, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Langland, Constance: Wichita, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 
Langland, Joan G: Neosho, Mo., Freshman, Interior Design. Langner, 
Gary A: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

fv* ^ 


1 :/, . £i ■ 

■'-■ J l 

■ •■■■.. . 

"-"" r( - • * 



.^k f3\ '.-> 

«*ff flj '-*? 

.rJfc t ii**, 

TOP ROW: Lankas, Daniel J: Atwood, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Lanman, Arley D: Colorado Springs, Colo., 02, Architecture. Lanning, 
Ralph E: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology. Lansden, John A: Birmingham, 

Ala., Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Lansing, Dorothy K: Chase, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Ed- 
ucation. Lantis, Linda M: Kingman, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Lard, Gail A: Clay Center, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Larison, Gary 
W: Leavenworth, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Larmer, Mary L: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Larsen, Larry R: Clyde, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Larsen, 
Lynne M: Wichita, Freshman, General. Larson, Barton E: Rossville, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Larson, Jerry G: Brownell, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Larson, John P: Marquette, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Larson, Jon M: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Larson, Kevin J: Leon- 
ardville, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Larson, Larry E: Vliets, Freshman, General. Larson, Larry E: 

Scandia, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Larson, Laurence G: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, General. Larson, Merle D: Lindsborg, Freshman, Wildlife 

BOTTOM ROW: Larson, Roger C: Leonardville, Junior, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Larson, Steven A: Smolan, Sophomore, Agriculture. Lasalle, Wil- 
liam L: Clayton, 01, Architecture. Laskowski, Carolyn L: Lawrence, 
Sophomore, General. 







Rushing from store to store, students busily sign entry blanks with hopes 
of winning a prize at K-State Night sponsored by the Manhattan merchants. 

Underclassmen: Lat-Les 

TOP ROW: Latas, Richard D: Rozel, Freshman, Physical Science. Latham, 
Carl D: Topeka, Freshman, Chemistry. Latham, Jackie D: Garden City, 
Freshman, Business Administration. Latham, James D: Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 

SECOND ROW: Lathrop, Connie F: Concordia, Freshman, General. Lath- 
rop, Kenneth L: Albuquerque, N. M., Junior, Electrical Engineering. Lath- 
rop, Winifred B: Albuquerque, N. M., Freshman, Biological Science. 
Latschar, Carol D: Camden, S. C, Junior, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Latschar, John A: Camden, S.C., Freshman, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Latta, Robert I: Montezuma, Junior, Elementary Education. Latta, 
Robert L: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. Laue, John W: Lyndon, 
Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Laurie, Lynne: Atchison, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Laven, Nancy A: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Laverentz, 
Carol A: Bendena, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. Laverentz, 
Gene W: Bendena, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lawhon, Mary B: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Lawless, Eldon D: Belle Plame, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Lawrence, Cheryl L: Gardner, Freshman, Humanities. Lawrence, Curtis 

K: lola, Junior, Psychology. 


rfc A', h4 


TOP ROW: Lawrence, Susan K: Great Bend, Sophomore, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Lawrence, William V: Scott City, Junior, Political Science. Law- 
son, Robert E: Brandon, Minn., Junior, Secondary Education. Laxer, Marc 
A: New York, N.Y., Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 

SECOND ROW: Lay, Russell: Pt. Washington, N. Y., Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Layton, Jean A: Ulysses, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Leatherman, Carol J: Wakefield, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Leathers, 
Ronald R: Satanta, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Leathers, Theresa L: Concordia, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics. LeBreton, James E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Physical Science. 
Lechner, Fred P: Harper, Sophomore, Business Administration. Lee, Caro- 
lyn J: Chapman, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lee, Dennis D: Howard, Junior, Civil Engineering. Lee, 
Dennis J: Mission, Junior, Business Administration. Lee, Duane R: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. Lee, Jane A: Marysville, 
Freshman, Home Economics. 

*M \ 

1mm , mn 

TOP ROW: Lee, Marilyn S: Dwight, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Lee, Nancy K: Mission, Junior, 
Secondary Education. Leedy, Wayne C: Overland Park, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Lefton, John M: Prairie Village, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Lehman, Rebecca S: Newton, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Leick, Mary K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Leighty, Joseph W: Wichita, Freshman, Nuclear 
Engineering. Leiker, Raydean: Salina, 01, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Leister, Karen A: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Leming, Margaret J: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Lemon, 
Carolyn S: Viola, Sophomore, Humanities. Lemon, Josephine L: Pratt, 
Junior, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Lemon, Lonnie L: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Lemon, Marcia A: Bethel, Junior, Sociology. Lenhert, Larry M: 

Navaree, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Leonard, Warren J: Wayne, 
N. J., Freshman, Bakery Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lepej, Jo K: Council Grove, Freshman, Foods and Nu- 
trition. Lepo, Linda M: Bethel, Sophomore, General. Leshovsky, Jari L: 
Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Lester, Richard A: Kansas 
City, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Let-Lon 

TOP ROW: Letts, Katherin A: Leavenworth, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Leuthold, Dixie C: Bern, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal 
Arts. Levering, Judith A: Burlington, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Lewerenz, Gloria L: Lincolnville, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Lewerenz, Jan K: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Lewis, Carolyn I: Chillicothe, III., Freshman, General. Lewis, Evelyn J: 

Independence, Mo., Freshman, Modern Languages. Lewis, Gary K: Ar- 
kansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lewis, Gary L: Humboldt, Freshman, Pre-Medicme. 
Lewis, George A: Cheyenne, Wyo., Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Lewis, Jack V: Russell, Junior, Speech. Lewis, Janet K: Shawnee Mission, 
Junior, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 






TOP ROW: Lewis, Jerre L: Burr Oak, Junior, Physical Education. Lewis, 
Lois K: Rago, Junior, Home Economics Education. Lewis, Michael R: 
Arkansas City, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Lewis, Richard W: Fowler, 
Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Lewis, Shirley A: Belleville, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Lewis, Trudy E: Johnson, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. Lewis, William L: Centralia, 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Ley, John R: Leoti, Freshman, Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Lickteig, Merle E: Greeley, 03, Architecture. Lickteig, Linda 

A: Garnett, Freshman, Home Economics. Lietzen, John H: Kansas City, 
Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. Lightcap, Dee A: Offerle, Freshman, 
Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Lightner, David K: Garden City, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education. Lilak, Rita K: Wilson, Junior, Home Economics Education. Lil- 
lich, Donna J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Accounting. Lilly, Richard K: 

Mentor, Freshman, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: Limes, Alma A: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
Limes, Ann R: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Chemistry. Linck, Karen B: 
Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Lindahl, Carol S: Enterprise, 
Freshman, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lindberg, Pamela K: McPherson, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Lindgren, Sandra K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Lind- 
strom, Cathy E: Riley, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Line, Joyce 
A: Lakin, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 


^*f^ ^5rff rffi^JF. J***| 

TOP ROW: Linin, Brent W: Goodland, Freshman, General. Linin, Dale E: 

Bird City, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Linn, Cheryl A: Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Linn, Linda K: Herington, 
Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Linn, Michael W: Montgomery, Calif., Junior, Business 
Administration. Linton, Jerry D: Wamego, 01, Architecture. Lipp, Mark 
E: Sterling, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Lippman, Raymond J: 

Leavenworth, Freshman, Biochemistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lippoldt, Richard A: Kinsley, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Liston, Sally A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. Litfln, Rich- 
ard A: Scotia, N. Y., Junior, Electrical Engineering. Litke, Herbert C: 

Alma, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

TOP ROW: Little, Susanne F: Overland Park, Sophomore, Landscape 
Architecture. Litton, Dale G: Nickerson, Junior, Art. Littrell, Robert C: 
Manhattan, Junior, History. Livengood, Rodney D: Greensburg, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Livingston, Alton R: Junction City, Freshman, Wildlife 
Conservation. Ljungstrom, Robert H: Salina, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Locher, Roger C: Sabetha, Sophomore, Feed Technology. Locke, 
Robert O: Lancaster, Calif., Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Locke, Ted R: Loveland, Colo., 03, Architecture. Lockhart, 
Nancy J: Topeka, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Loeb, Jeffrey T: 
Junction City, Freshman, General. Loercher, Arthur: Elmhurst, N. Y., 
Sophomore, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Loesch, Lowell D: Norwich, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Loesch, Sally A: Norwich, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Loetel, Diana K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Mathematics. Logan, 
Graham C: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Logan, Thomas W: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Logan, Vernon D: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lohr- 
engel, Gwendolyn: Washington, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Londeen, Mary J: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

BOTTOM ROW: Lonergan, Martha J: Leavenworth, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Long, Donald L: Meriden, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Long, Galen J: Beloit, Junior, Elementary Education. Long, Hollace L: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 

g g ft 

fa fa r*» q 

" 0$ ^W ^ 

4Tfa •' ' -*.- 

5 >9 

Underclassmen: Lon-Mai 

TOP ROW: Long, James L: Oakley, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Long, 
Pamela C: Cherryvale, Sophomore, General. Long, Richard A: Mound 

City, Junior, Civil Engineering. Long, Temar K: Topeka, Freshman, Medi- 
cal Technology. 

SECOND ROW: Longabach, Jean A: Berryton, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Longberg, Leslie C: Belleville, Sophomore, Accounting. Long- 
hofer, Sharyn S: Salina, Freshman, Home Economics. Loop, John D: 

Concordia, Junior, Physics. 

THIRD ROW: Loper, Harry B: Collingswood, N. J., Junior, Bakery Man- 
agement. Loriaux, Peter G: Kansas City, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Lorson, James S: Salina, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Lotker, 
Floyd L: Oberlin, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Louderback, Forrest: Elkton, Va., Junior, Flour Science 
and Management. Loughmiller, Gayle G: Topeka, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Louthan, James R: Glasco, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Love, Carolyn A: Bethel, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

1. fc T *fh 


TOP ROW: Lovelock, William T: Hutchinson, Freshman, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Lowe, Elaine V: Mahaska, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Lowery, Beryl B: Dodge City, Sophomore, General. Lowrey, Fred E: 

Larned, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Lowther, Marcia L: Lawrence, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Lucas, Betty L: Liberal, Freshman, General. Lucas, 
Wallace G: Neosho Falls, Junior, Business Administration. Luckeroth, Wil- 
liam J: Marysville, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

THIRD ROW: Ludden, Linda L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. Ludes, Laura 
L: Salina, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Lukens, James R: Beloit, Fresh- 
man, Agriculture. Luker, Anna M: Kensington, Sophomore,"Home Eco- 
nomics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Lukins, Judith A: Kiowa, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Lundin, Janis C: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Lundquist, Glenn L: Lindsborg, Freshman, Agriculture. Lundquist, 
Ronald C: Lindsborg, Junior, Biochemistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lundy, William L: Salina, Freshman, Geology. Lunsford, 
Ronnie G: Ashland, Junior, Feed Technology. Lunt, Steven A: Pratt, Jun- 
ior, Agricultural Economics. Lunt, Wilma J: Pratt, Junior, Elementary 


J- J tit a !& ^TA 

TOP ROW: MacGowan, Elizabeth: Prairie Village, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Macha, Garry L: Delia, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Mack, 
Jeanette K: Linn, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Mackender, Elizabeth: 

Ellis, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Mackiewicz, Mary P: Wichita, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Maclaskey, Dave R: Wichita, Freshman, General. Mad- 
den, Sharon K: Carbondale, Junior, Home Economics Education. Mad- 
dock, James W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Bakery Management. 

THIRD ROW: Maddy, Stephen L: Abilene, Junior, Business Administration. 
Mader, James W: Jennings, Sophomore, Agricultural Journalism. Mader, 
Ronny D: Jennings, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Maes, James C: 

Bushton, 02, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Magby, Kay A: Topeka, Sophomore, General. Magill, 
Stephen H: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Mai, Ladonna 
J: Garden City, Junior, Home Economics Education. Maichel, George W: 

Overbrook, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Maichel, Jacqualine: Overbrook, Sophomore, Elemen- 
tary Education. Maier, Gary E: St. Louis, Mo., 02, Architecture. Mailen, 
Gary A: Clay Center, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Mainquist, 
Robert J: Courtland, Junior, Agricultural Education. 

TOP ROW: Lutz, Donna L: Topeka, Freshman, English. Lutz, Karen M: 
Leawood, Junior, Home Economics Education. Lybarger, Judith K: Mis- 
sion, Junior, Medical Technology. Lybarger, Larry L: Elkhart, Sophomore, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Lyberger, Ronald D: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Lyddane, Earl W: Admire, Sophomore, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Lydick, Sally J: Hamlin, Junior, Home Economics Education. Ly- 
dick, Sylvia A: Hamlin, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Lynch, Franklin E: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Lynch, John C: Kirkwood, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Lyne, Rex E: Manhattan, 01, Architecture. Lynn, Gary D: Herrm, III., 03, 

BOTTOM ROW: Lyon, Jeffrey L: Greensburg, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Lyon, John C: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Lyon, Raelee 
A: Plainville, Junior, Interior Design. MacArthur, Robert A: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

a o o m 

Underclassmen: Mai-Mat 

TOP ROW: Maisch, Carol A: Lenexa, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Maisch, Janice E: Lenexa, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. Major, Linda L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, His- 
tory. Mikalous, Nancy J: Belleville, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Mall, Sandra S: Kingman, Sophomore, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Mamura, Owen M: Lihue, Hawaii, 01, Architecture. Mance, 
George F: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Administration. Mangelsdorf, 

Nancy J: Greensville, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Mangum, Elizabeth I: Ottawa, Sophomore, General. Man- 
inger, Lyle F: Anthony, 03, Architecture. Manley, Carol J: Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Manlove, Marion R: 

Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Medicme. 

FOURTH ROW: Manlove, Marvin D: Wichita, 03, Architecture. Mann, 
Gary P: Waterville, Junior, Pre-Medicme. Mann, H. Stewart: Newton, 
02, Architecture. Manning, Nancy M: Spring Hill, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Manning, Sammye S: Norton, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Mansholt, Virginia L: Lebanon, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Mapes, Janet K: Netawaka, Junior, Secondary Education. Marcotte, 
Robert P: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marine, Duane D: Garden City, Junior, Chemistry. 
Marker, Jack H: Blue Springs, Mo., Junior, Business Administration. 
Markley, John E: Burlmgame, Sophomore, Physical Education. Marks, 
Michael M: Highland Park, III., Freshman, Mathematics. 


TOP ROW: Marlatt, Susan L: Atchison, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Marling, Mark E: Topeka, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Mar- 
low, Memory D: Eskridge, Freshman, Home Economics. Marmon, 
Raymond L: Garnett, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Marold, Rebecca S: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. 
Marquis, Dennis W: Kansas City, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Marrs, 
John A: Harvey, III., Junior, Business Administration. Marrs, Robert L: 

Howard, Junior, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marsh, Margaret J: Columbus, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Marshall, Gary W: Mc- 
Cune, Junior, Agronomy. Marshall, Janet D: Ft. Scott, Junior, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. Marshall, Mary J: Basehor, Freshman, 
Home Economics Education. 


TOP ROW: Marshbank, Glen W: Abilene, Sophomore, General. Mar- 
teney, Jacqueline: Buhler, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Martens, 
Barbara L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Biological Science. Martin, Bennie 

L: Smith Center, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Martin, Carol A: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Martin, David A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 
Martin, David F: Mentor, Sophomore, Agronomy. Martin, Douglas S: 

Herington, 01, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Martin, Edward A: Delphos, Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Martin, Elizabeth L: Oregon City, Ore., Freshman, Chemistry. 
Martin, John R: Sabetha, Sophomore, Pre- Veterinary Medicine. Martin, 
Kathryn A: Osborne, Freshman, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Martin, Larry R: Matfield, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Martin, Michael P: Milwaukee, Wis., Junior, Business Administration. 
Martin, Nancy C: Moline, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Martin, 
Stephen L: Belleville, Sophomore, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Martindale, Donna L: Burlington, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Martindale, Susan J: Onaga, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Martinek, Dwight J: Rossville, Freshman, Physical Education. Mar- 
tinson, Gail A: Mission, Freshman, Home Economics. 


C: Lenexa 

ROW: Marx, Robert J: Omaha, Neb., 03, Architecture. Mason, 
R: Kiowa, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Mason, Sharon K: 
Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Massey, Johnette 

, Freshman, General. 

i TOP ROW: Massey, Larry B: St. John, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
\ Massey, Nora R: Williamsburg, Freshman, Interior Decoration. Massey, 
; Patricia A: Hugoton, Freshman, Psychology. Massieon, Richard J: 

Wamego, Sophomore, Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Massingill, Kenneth: Atchison, Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Masten, Boyd E: Stafford, Junior, Speech, Art. Masten, Saundra 
K: Herington, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Masters, Alton D: 

Scott City, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Masters, Daniel W: Prairie Village, 02, Architecture. 
I Mathena, Janice L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Mathews, Rita I: Lyons, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Mathews, Robert J: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Electrical 


& f) '- 

^19,0 <?* 

Underclassmen: Mat-McC 

TOP ROW: Mathias, Kenneth E: McCook, Neb., Junior, Mechanical 
Engineering. Matthews, Jacqueline: Clearwater, Junior, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Matthews, Robert C: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Matthews, Sherry L: Cedar Vale, Junior, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. 

SECOND ROW: Matthews, William G: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Pre- 
Law. Mattix, Barbara J: Ness City, Freshman, General. Mattoon, Mary 
L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Mattox, Fredrick 

L: Piper, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Mattox, Louise M: Piper, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
Mauck, William D: Goddard, Sophomore, General. Mauler, Loretta A: 

Olmitz, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Maurath, Francene: 

Cimarron, Junior, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Mauzey, Steve E: Nortonville, Junior, Medical Technol- 
ogy. Maxted, Anita L: Clearwater, freshman, Psychology. Maxwell, 
Sharon L: Newton, Sophomore, Social Science. Maxwell, Vernon D: 

Allen, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Maxwell, William H: Sterling, Freshman, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Maxwell, William K: Mission, Junior, Business Administration. May, 
Leon R: Ellis, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Mayden, Dennis E: 

Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

?& *\* 

TOP ROW: Mayer, Linda A: Marysville, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Mayhew, Janice L: Belpre, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. Mayhew, Sue A: Plainville, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Mayhill, Dorothy L: 

Arkansas City, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Maynard, Patricia A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Mayrath, Noel E: Dodge City, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Mazaika, Trudine M: Moraga, Calif., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. McAdow, Mary J: Vassar, Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: McAlexander, Vera J: Lecompton, Sophomore, Biological 
Science. McAndrew, William P: Manhattan, Sophomore, Speech. Mc- 
Aninch, Janet L: Salina, Sophomore, Physical Education. McCabe, Pa- 
tricia: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: McCabe, Ronald L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 
McCargar, Gary D: Salina, Junior, Electrical Engineering. McCarthy, 
Kathryn M: Great Bend, Sophomore, Physical Education. McCarty, 
Annette E: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 


I !i^ tit 

D ^ ^ < 

TOP ROW:McCauley, Margaret L: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. McClaren, Janice F: Lakin, Junior, Medical Technology. Mc- 
Clellan, James R: Frederick, Md., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
McClure, Connie M: Richmond, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: McCobb, Allan P: Russell, Junior, Physical Education. 
McCobb, Robert C: Russell, Freshman, General. McCollough, Richard: 
Randall, Junior, Animal Husbandry. McCollough, Roger R: Randall, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

THIRD ROW: McConachie, Daniel R: Wichita, Junior, Economics. Mc- 
Connell, James L: Dodge City, Junior, Business Administration. McCon- 
nell, Jerome M: Wilmington, Dela., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
McConnell, John O: Wichita, 02, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: McConniel, Claude R: Belleville, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. McCosh, Gordon L: Abilene, Freshman, Feed Technology. 
McCoy, Barry L: Marysville, Freshman, General. McCoy, Michael P: Cot- 
tage Grove, Ore., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: McCoy, Patricia L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Mc- 
Coy, Sharron A: Alma, Junior, Elementary Education. McCreight, Dick 

W: Arkansas City, Freshman, Mathematics. McCune, David E: Montezuma, 
Sophomore, Physics. 

Author C. Northcote Parkinson presents a humorous analysis of his 
book, "Parkinson's Law," during a convocation in the Field House. 

Acting as a good luck charm, one of 10 cheerleaders hopes for favor- 
able Wildcat fortunes. Four male cheerleaders were added this year. 

4* * 

Underclassmen: McC-McN 

TOP ROW: McCune, James D: Montezuma, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. McCutcheon, Gary L: Arkansas City, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. McDaniel, Harry W: Atchison, Freshman, Agriculture. McDiffett, 
Sandra R: Alta Vista, Freshman, English. 

SECOND ROW: McDonald, Craydon D: Syracuse, Sophomore, Music 
Appreciation. McDonald, Francis G: Williamsburg, Sophomore, Animal 
Husbandry. McDonald, Galen R: Mullinvi II e. Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. McDonald, Harry E: E. St. Louis, III., Freshman, Biological 

THIRD ROW: McDonald, Peggy A: Valparaiso, Ind., Sophomore, Interior 
Design. McDonald, Randy J: Garden City, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. McDougal, Bonnie L: Topeka, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. McDougal, Jeri J: Ludell, Fresh- 
man, General. 

FOURTH ROW: McElfresh, James D: Satanta, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. McElwain, Sandra L: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
McEwen, Donald C: Belleville, Junior, Agricultural Economics. McFar- 
land, Carolyn L: Norton, Sophomore, Music Education. 

FIFTH ROW: McGee, Judith E: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. McGettrick, Leanna: Chanute, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. McGhee, Daniel: Kansas City, 
Junior, Landscape Architecture. McGoogan, Kathryn A: Lincoln, Neb., 
Junior, Sociology. 

SIXTH ROW: McGreevy, William M: Great Bend, Freshman, Accounting. 
McGugin, Rex C. II: Frankfort, Sophomore, Accounting. McGuire, Billy 
E: Wichita, Freshman, Physical Education. McGuire, Nadene M: Onaga, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: McGuire, Timothy J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Mcllroy, Karen J: Goddard, Freshman, General. Mc- 
Inteer, Patrick L: Lafayette, La., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Mc- 
Intire, Philip B: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Mclntyre, Carol M: Overland Park, Freshman, Elementary 
Education. Mclntyre, Donald C: Homewood, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Mclntyre, Steven G: Jewell, Junior, Agronomy. McKraig, Wil- 
liam J: Gardner, Sophomore, Mathematics. 

BOTTOM ROW: McKaughan, Marlene F: Edgerton, Junior, Physical Ed- 
ucation. McKay, Cheryl J: Dresden, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. McKay, Jamie S: Dresden, Fresh- 
man, General. McKee, Carl E: Spearville, Sophomore, Agricultural Mech- 

r .4») 

TOP ROW: McKee, Carol F: Burlington, Colo., Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. McKee, Mary J: Spearville, Freshman, Home Economics. 
McKee, Michael C: Colby, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. McKee, Roger 

R: Wetmore, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. 

SECOND ROW: McKee, William J: Wichita, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. McKeeman, Kevin T: Talmage, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Mc- 
Kelvey, Mary J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
McKibbin, Lawrence E: Jetmore, Junior, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: McKinley, Carolyn K: Chesterfield, Mo., Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. McKinley, Janice L: Chesterfield, Mo., Junior, 
Physics. McKinney, Donald E: Junction City, Junior, History. McKinnis, 

Jim A: Lyons, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: McKnight, Janice D: Eskridge, Junior, Home Economics. 
McKown, Richard A: Pratt, Junior, Civil Engineering. McLain, David R: 
Kansas City, Freshman, Political Science. McLain, Marcia C: Satanta, 
Freshman, Interior Design. 

FIFTH ROW: McLean, Robin R: Lewis, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
McLeavy, Marjory L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Mc- 
Leod, Myra L: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Mc- 
Mahan, Robert D: Quincy, III., Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: McManamon, Carolyn R: Junction City, Freshman, Music 
Education. McManis, Kay J: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. 
McManis, Mary M: Manhattan, Freshman, General. McMillan, Alan D: 

Stafford, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: McMillian, Glenda S: Stafford, Junior, Interior Design. 
McMillan, Judith K: Kansas City, Freshman, General. McMillan, Steven 
J: Perry, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. McMillen, Robert D: N. Phil- 
adelphia, Ohio, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: McMullen, Rodney D: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. McNabb, David H: Pleasanton, Freshman, Civil Engineer- 
ing. McNeal, Albert F: Paradise, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. McNeal, Doug- 
las M: Topeka, Freshman, Humanities. 

BOTTOM ROW: McNeil, Charles B: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Medi- 
cine. McNeill, Sherry K: Havensville, Sophomore, General. McNerny, 
Nancy L: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Humanities. McNevin, Sheryl A: 

Mission, Freshman, Speech. 

^JkI i 

Q f^ <?) © 


Underclassmen: McN-Mil 

TOP ROW: McNitt, Gordon K: Toronto, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
McPherson, Eileen A: McLouth, Freshman, Music Education. McQuillan, 
Jacki: Clearwater, Sophomore, Mathematics. McQuillen, Tracy G: Derby, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: McReynolds, Richard: Burlington, Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. McVay, Richard H: Junction City, Sophomore, Music Education. 
McVicker, Cheryl A: Beeler, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Means, 
Gerald R: Salina, Junior, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Mease, Robert P: Isabel, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Meats, Robert D: Beloit, Sophomore, Accounting. Meek, Frederick 
C: Herington, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Meetz, Johnny E: Newton, Junior, 
Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Meier, Howard E: Hays, Freshman, General. Meinecke, 
Jeanne D: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Meiners- 
hagen, Joyce: Higgi nsville, Mo., Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Meisegeier, Larry R: Barron, Wis., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Meisenheimer, Carole: Marienthal, Sophomore, English. 
Meisner, Sharon R: Manhattan, 01, Architecture. Mellgren, David J: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Mellott, Mitchell P: Edwards- 
ville, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

TOP ROW: Melton, Gary E: Topeka, Freshman, Social Science. Melvin, 
Bernie J: Manhattan, Freshman, Accounting. Melvin, Judith A: Shawnee 
Mission, Junior, Mathematics. Mendell, Linda L: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Merchant, Janet L: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Meredith, Janice R: Garden City, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, Textiles Research. Merica, Mark D: Salina, 02, 
Architecture. Merriam, Joseph G. Jr: Lake Forrest, Freshman, Veterinary 

THIRD ROW: Merriman, Pamela A: Atchison, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Merten, Donald H: Whitemar AFB, Mo., Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Mertz, Jacob E: Wamego, Junior, Mathematics. Mertz, John A: 

N. English, la., Sophomore, Pre- Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Meschke, David G: Hutchinson, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Messersmith, Maria J: Ellinwood, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Mettler, Sheldon M: Lodi, Calif., Freshman, Business Administration. 
Metzen, Melvin N: Garden Plain, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 


TOP ROW: Metzinger, Gary D: Caldwell, Sophomore, Wildlife Conser- 
vation. Meyer, Janet S: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Meyer, Jerry G: Caney, Sophomore, Horticulture. Meyer, Phillip C: 

Ulysses, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Meyer, Virginia A: Olathe, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Meyer, William H: Basehor, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Meyers, 
Maryalys: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Meyers, Terry 

L: Dwight, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Michael, Carolyn J: Jackson, Miss., Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Michael, Cynthia A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Michie, Terry K: Pittsburg, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Middle- 
ton, Martha J: Woodbine, Freshman, Music Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Middleton, Richard L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, 
Mathematics. Mignot, Vaughn D: Gypsum, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Mikesell, Carolyn M: Courtland, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Milbourn, Mark T: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

i / 

Miles, Janice J 
neth K: Baxter 
Sharon: Home, 

Milburn, Marlyse K: Rolla, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
: Mount Hope, Junior, Elementary Education. Miles, Ken- 
Springs, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Millenbruch, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

CI ^ 

TOP ROW: Miller, Allan V: Ellinwood, Freshman, Agriculture. Miller, 
Arden P: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Miller, Arthur D: Downers Grove, 
III., Freshman, Business Administration. Miller, Bonita A: St. Francis, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics and Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Miller, Bruce D: Everest, Sophomore, Agriculture. Miller, 
Boyd I: Roswell, N.M., 01, Architecture. Miller, Cherie E: Agra, Freshman, 
Interior Design. Miller, Craig L: Overland Park, Junior, Horticulture. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Darrell E: Cawker City, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Miller, Don L: Godfrey, III., Freshman, Civil Engineering. Miller, 
Dorothy D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Interior Design. Miller, Dwight E: 

St. John, Sophomore, Feed Technology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Elizabeth A: Topeka, Freshman, Modern Lan- 
guages. Miller, Gerald L: Greensburg, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 
Miller, Gerald W: Piper, Freshman, Agriculture. Miller, Gregory L: Man- 
hattan, Junior, Civil Engineering. 


Q C^ f^ 

Underclassmen: Mil-Moo 

TOP ROW: Miller, Jackie L: Hutchinson, Junior, Home Economics Exten- 
sion. Miller, James R: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Miller, 
Janean L: Salina, Freshman, Music Education. Miller, Janet L: Wamego, 
Sophomore, Social Science. 

SECOND ROW: Miller, Janice S: Ames, la., Freshman, English. Miller, 
Janis E: Parsons, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Miller, John R: 
Great Bend, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Miller, Joseph S: Neode- 
sha, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Kenneth H: Derby, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Miller, Linda M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Miller, Lynda K: Hope, Junior, Home Economics Extension. Miller, Lynne 

S: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Marc E: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Miller, Margo J: Belleville, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Miller, Mary L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Miller, Patricia A: 

Kansas City, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 


TOP ROW: Miller, Patricia A: Tarkio, Mo., Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Miller, Patricia K: Zenda, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Miller, Paul E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Political Science. Miller, Rich- 
ard P: Tiskilwa, III. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Miller, Roger A: Wichita, Freshman, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Miller, Sherry E: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Medicme. Miller, Sherry 
K: Towanda, Junior, Home Economics Education. Miller, Travis L: Dwight, 
Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Vikki K: Great Bend, Freshman, English. Millick, 
Melody V: Onaga, Freshman, General. Milliken, Sharon L: Topeka, 
Junior, Sociology. Millis, Valerie J: Leawood, Freshman, Psychology. 

FOURTH ROW: Mills, Alan D: Centralia, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Mills, Larry S: Merriam, Freshman, Physical Science. Mills, Mi- 
chael T: Russell, Junior, English. Minks, Sharon A: Greensburg, Freshman, 
Home Economics Extension. 

BOTTOM ROW: Minnick, James S: River Forest, III., Freshman, Pre-Medi- 
cine. Minnis, Roberta I: Omaha, Neb., Junior, Elementary Education. 
Minter, Dennis W: Manchester, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Minturn, 
Laurel A: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

Q £9) u* 

J/M tit 


Wesley Foundation introduces freshmen and transfer students and their 
parents to the University with a picnic supper and skit during Orientation. 

TOP ROW: Mitcha, John L: Overland Park, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Mitchell, Alan M: McPherson, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion. Mitchell, Karen L: Manhattan, Junior, Speech. Mitchell, Mary V: 

Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Mitchell, Mono L: Wichita, Sophomore, General. 
Mitchell, Sharlene K: Dubuque, la., Sophomore, Mathematics. Mizell, 
Robert H: Norton, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Moats, Evelyn L: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Speech. 

THIRD ROW: Moeder, Denis J: Plainville, Freshman, General. Moehl- 
man, Kathleen E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Moehl- 
man, Patricia L: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. Mohler, 
Walter K: Overland Park, Freshman, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Moline, Beryl J: Gypsum, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Mollenkamp, Corlie E: Arnold, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Montei, Alan K: EIDorado, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Montford, 
Dianna J: Plevna, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Montgomery, Michael: Sabetha, Junior, Pre-Medicine. 
Montgomery, Ronald E: Hutchinson, Junior, Architectural Engineering. 
Montgomery, Susan D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Moody, Ann E: Olathe, Junior, Elementary Education. 

TOP ROW: Moore, Susan M: Manhattan, Junior, Speech. Moore, Wil- 
liam T. II: Ashland, Junior, Pre-Law. Moran, Timothy W: Voorheesville, 
N.Y., Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Mordy, Ronald L: Independence, 
Junior, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Moren, Bonita K: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Morford, Gene R: Oberlin, Sophomore, Agronomy. Morgan, Jeanette 

R: Ashton, Junior, Mathematics. Morgan, Jerry D: Topeka, Freshman, 
Agricultural Education. 

THIRD ROW: Morgan, Lyn J: Goodland, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Morgan, Patricia J: Arkansas City, Junior, Secondary Education. Morgan, 
Richard E: Concordia, 03, Architecture. Morgan, Steven L: Salina, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Morgenson, Jonathon: Salina, Junior, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Morland, William M: Lancaster, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Morris, Danny L: Winfield, Sophomore, General. Morris, Dennis M: 

Augusta, Sophomore, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Morris, Janie L: Wamego, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Morris, Marcella M: Beloit, Freshman, Psychology. Morris, Marcia 
L: Parsons, Sophomore, Medical Technology. Morris, Richard A: Oberlin, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Morris, Stephen R: Hugoton, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Economics. Morris, William W: Wichita, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Morrison, James V: Riverside, Calif., Sophomore, Botany. 
Morrissette, Linda K: Mission, Junior, Elementary Education. 

Underclassmen: Moo-Mur 

TOP ROW: Moody, Mary J: Erie, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Moody, Richard E: Auburn, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Moore, Gary B: Wellington, Freshman, Accounting. Moore, Janis 

K: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Moore, John H: Atchison, Sophomore, Chemistry. Moore, 
Lowell G: Muscotah, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Moore, Michael K: 

Jamestown, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Moore, Miriam A: James- 
town, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Moore, Phillip E: Spivey, Freshman, Flour Science and 
Management. Moore, Ru Ann: Topeka, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Moore, Sandra C: Munden, Junior, Horticulture. Moore, Sandra R: Elk- 
hart, Sophomore, Mathematics. 

m £* o o 

Ok Of fb Q 



TOP ROW: Morrissette, Michael: Liberal, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Morrow, James K: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Morrow, Robert 
L: St. Marys, 02, Architecture. Morrow, Sandra S: Leavenworth, Freshman, 

SECOND ROW: Morrow, Thomas O: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Morsinkhoflf, John W: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Mortimer, Alan J: Gypsum, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Mortimer, Kay D: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Morton, Marie J: Oxford, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Morton, Martha A: Green, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Moser, Candace M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Mosiman, Paul R: Kansas City, Mo., 02, Architecture. 

TOP ROW: Mountford, Max G: Winona, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Mowder, Muriel J: Independence, Mo., Junior, Physical Therapy. Mox- 
ley, Tom J: Council Grove, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Moyer, Charles 

E: Hiawatha, Freshman, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Moyer, David E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Moyer, Julia J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Interior De- 
sign. Moyer, Marlene K: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Moyer, Rodney 

E: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Moyle, Mary K: Mission, Sophomore, Music Appreciation. 
Muehring, Paul E: Downey, Calif., Junior, Technical Journalism. Mueller, 
Peggy E: Coffeyville, Junior, Secondary Education. Mulanax, Kenneth 

L: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Mulanax, Roger L: Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Mull, 
Douglas J: Great Bend, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Mullally, 
Wayne J: White Sulphur Springs, N. Y., Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Mullen, Pamela C: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Family and Child Develop- 

FIFTH ROW: Mullen, Robert L: Great Bend, Junior, Physical Education. 
Mullings, Dewey D: Santa Fe, N. M., 01, Architecture. Mullinix, Frances 
R: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Economics. Mulvany, James A: Marys- 
ville, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Munson, Virginia M: Junction City, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Munzer, Carolyn M: 
Salina, Freshman, Business Administration. Muret, Rita A: Winfield, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education. Murphy, Charles M: Independence, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 


Underclassmen: Mur-Nic 

TOP ROW: Murphy, Jean A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General. 
Murphy, Jerry S: Hope, Junior, Civil Engineering. Murphy, Maryanne: 

Sublette, Junior, Elementary Education. Murray, Eldon M: Lawrence, 
Freshman, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Murrow, Elton G: Blue Mound, Junior, Agricultural Ed- 
ucation. Murrow, Julie M: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Education. Murry, 
Catherine A: Kankakee, III., Junior, Physical Therapy. Murry, Frank D: 

Kankakee, III., Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Murry, Robert A: Lexington, Mo., Freshman, Physical Edu- 
cation. Muse, Russell L: Enterprise, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Musel- 
man, Gregory D: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Musil, John W: 

Home, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Myers, Dennis E: Barnard, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Myers, Dennis T: Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Myers, Floyd E: 

Bendena, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Myers, Gordon E: Shawnee Mission, 
02, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Myers, Gunile A: Alma, Freshman, Home Economics. Myers, 
James H: Henry, S.D., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Myers, Jan M: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Medical Technology. Myers, Janie L: Kansas City, 
Mo., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Myers, Mary J: Lewis, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Myers, Ronald E: Wichita, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Myers, Sherril J: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. Myrick, Richard D: Topeka, Freshman, History. 

TOP ROW: Nafziger, Gary L: Narka, Junior, Business Administration. 
Nagel, John C: Valley Center, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Naiman, Dale 

E: Leoti, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Nash, Ann B: Lakin, Sopho- 
more, Modern Languages. 

SECOND ROW: Nash, Rodney T: Greensburg, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Nauert, Peter D: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Nava, 
Maria E: Mexico, Junior, Business Administration. Naylor, Janet A: 

Burlington, Sophomore, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Neaderhiser, Benny D: Cuba, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Nease, Grace I: Hugoton, Junior, English. Nebgen, Palle M: Bern, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education. Needham, Janean L: Prairie Village, 
Freshman, Mathematics. 


TOP ROW: Neely, Paulette E: Westmoreland, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Nehring, Dianne F: Alma, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Neighbor, Ralph M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Medicme. Neil, 
Mary E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. 

SECOND ROW: Nelson, Ann E: Ellis, Junior, Elementary Education. Nel- 
son, Barbara A: Milwaukee, Wis., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Nelson, Bryan E: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Nelson, Candace A: 

Culver, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Nelson, Carol A: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Nelson, Carol J: Oakley, Freshman, Interior Design. Nelson, Dennis T: 
Salina, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Nelson, John T: Hanover, Freshman, 

Civil Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Nelson, Karyl S: Garden City, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Nelson, Leland J: Lindsborg, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Nelson, Louis 

D: Richardson, Tex., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Nelson, Luann 

K: McPherson, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Nelson, Robert K: Omaha, Neb., Junior, History. Nelson, 
Sharyl A: Horton, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Nelson, Suzanne E: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Nelson, Vaughn L: 

Clyde, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Netson, Nancy A: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Nettles, Gaylon J: Manhattan, Sophomore, English. New, Jennifer L: 
Russell, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Newbury, Lynnea S: Norton, 
Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Newell, David E: Stafford, 01, Architecture. Newell, Joy A 

Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Newell, Meta K 
Stafford, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Newkirk, Richard L 

Fayetteville, Ark., Sophomore, Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Newman, Claudia E: Arkansas City, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Newman, Douglas D: Belleville, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Newton, Karen R: Green, Freshman, Psychology. Nichols, 
Margaret E: Manhattan, Junior, Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nichols, Michael M: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Nichols, 
Patty L: Prescott, Sophomore, Agriculture. Nicholson, Patricia: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Nicklas, Kim S: 

Leawood, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 


Underclassmen: Nic-Oma 

TOP ROW: Nickoley, Loren D: Alta Vista, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Nickum, Roy H: Kansas City, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Nicodemus, Janet S: Dodge City, Junior, Secondary Education. Nicolai, 
Karen A: Lincoln, Neb., Freshman, Interior Design. 

SECOND ROW: Nicolay, Elaine E: Lincoln, III., Freshman, General. 
Nielson, Chester D: Redstone Arsenal, Ala., Freshman, Architectural En- 
gineering. Nightingale, Conrad: Burrton, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Niles, Jana S: Lebo, Freshman, Art. 

THIRD ROW: Niles, Nancy L: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Nimmo, Millard T: Petersburg, Va., Sophomore, General. Nivison, Rich- 
ard L: Salina, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Nixon, Janice K: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Nixon, Marilyn S: Belle Plaine, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Noble, Carol A: Wichita, Spphomore, Elementary Education. 
Noel, Raymond L: Burlington, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Noellsch, Kathryn: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Noll, Richard A: Edwardsville, III., Sophomore, Pre- 
Dentistry. Noller, Douglas: Hebron, Neb., 03, Architecture. Nolte, Vicky 
M: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Nolting, Sarah L: Nor- 
tonville, Freshman, Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: Norbury, Fritz: Prescott, Junior, Feed Technology. Norby, 
Marcia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Nordvig, 
Owen K: Capron, III., Junior, Landscape Architecture. Norman, Larry Y: 

Stamford, Conn., Freshman, Bakery Management. 

SECOND ROW: Norris, Douglas C: Gaylord, Freshman, General. Norris, 
Karen D: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. North, 
Judith R: Beloit, Freshman, Music Education. Norton, Beverly A; LaCygne, 
Freshman, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Norton, Richard K: Manhattan, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Norton, Ronald W: Warren Town, N. J., Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Norvell, Nancy J: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Novinger, 
Patrick A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Music Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Novotny, Nola M: Pratt, Junior, Physical Therapy. 
Nowinsky, Olga A: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Home Economics. Nugen, 
James L: Arkansas City, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Nulty, Judith K: Jewell, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 



^S^ P^ ^ "^^ ^^ W 

1A /^ml 

p Ct ^ o 

TOP ROW: Nuss, Robert D: Newton, Junior, Biological Science. Nusz, 
William A: Frederick, Md., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Nutting, 
Susan K: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. Nydell, Dianne S: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

SECOND ROW: Nye, John C: Bluff City, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 
O'Dell, Diana L: Overland Park, Freshman, Art. O'Dell, Pamela K: 
Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Psychology. Oberle, Arlene: Claflin, Fresh- 
man, Interior Design. 

THIRD ROW: Obermueller, Evon L: Lincoln, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Ochs, Carol A: Hoisington, 
Junior, Home Economics Education. Ochsner, Doreen: Wichita, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Oconnell, Janet 
S: Great Bend, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Oconnor, Donald D: Henngton, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. O'Connor, Gerard F: Herington, Freshman, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Oconnor, Karen L: Gardner, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Odgers, Glenda M: Linn, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Odle, Terry W: Glade, Sophomore, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Odom, Ronald G: Caney, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Odon- 
nell, Jerry L: Augusta, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Ohara, Gary E: 

Partridge, Sophomore, Agriculture. 

TOP ROW: OKI, Barbara A: Great Bend, Freshman, Home Economics. Ohl, 
Charles E: Great Bend, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Ohlde, 
Douglas A: Palmer, Junior, Feed Technology. Ohmes, Francis E: Garden 
City, 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Olander, Randall R: Little River, Freshman, Agriculture. 
Oleen, Betty K: Falun, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Oliver, Larry 
J: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Olomon, Linda S: Garden 
City, Freshman, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Olson, Carolyn D: Olsburg, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Olson, Gordon R: Alameda, Calif., Sophomore, Pre-Law. Olson, John W: 

Leonardville, Junior, Secondary Education. Olson, Judith J: Leonardville, 
Sophomore, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Olson, Sandra L: Dwight, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Olson, Victor J: Dwight, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Olsson, Janice M: Mission, Sopho- 
more, General. Oman, Dwight W: Leonardville, Sophomore, Secondary 

1 'vtk **** 

Underclassmen: O'Ne-Par 

TOP ROW: O'Neill, Patrick S: Junction City, Junior, Humanities. O'Neill, 
Ronald D: Winchester, Freshman, Agriculture. Oniki, Steven G: Salina, 
Junior, Physical Education. Onink, Jeffrey C: Jamestown, N. Y., Fresh- 
man, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Onwiler, Glenna F: Kansas City, Freshman, Medical 
Technology. Oring, Kenneth A: Livingston, N. J., Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. O'Rourke, Shaun: Lenexa, Sophomore, General. Orrell, 
Linda D: Peck, Junior, Speech. 

THIRD ROW: Orseno, Joseph A: Chicago, III., Junior, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Osborn, Cecelia M: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Osborn, Curtis C: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Osborn, James 

M: Liberal, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Osborn, Throck M: Wichita, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Osborn, Victor L: Anthony, Junior, Agricultural Education. Osborne, 
Coral A: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Osborne, Janet S: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

FIFTH ROW: Osbourn, Pamela J: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Oshiro, 
David K: Honolulu, Hawaii, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Ostermann, 
Alan D: Sylvan Grove, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ostermann, 
John G: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Ostmeyer, Colleen M: Grinnell, Sophomore, Music Educa- 
tion. Oswald, Theresa A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Government. Oswalt, 
William D: Little River, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Otney, Linda K: 

Barnes, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ott, Faith A: Maize, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Ott, Marsha L: Sabetha, Freshman, Home Economics. Otte, Kent E: Great 
Bend, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Ottenberg, Ray: Washington, 
D.C., Sophomore, Bakery Management. 

EIGHTH ROW: Ouderkirk, Carolyn K: Downs, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Ours, Stephen E: Salina, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Ours, Virginia S: Tacoma, Wash., Freshman, General. Oursler, Thomas 

L: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Overall, Richard P: Ft. Riley, Sophomore, Technical 
Journalism. Overman, William F: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Overocker, Janice A: Protection, Freshman, Home Economics. Overstreet, 

Lavonda: Augusta, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

Q ffh O ^ 

O O £S 


I ftgfl 

^ c$ ^ly 


TOP ROW: Overstreet, Larry S: Offerle, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Owen, Carol J: Spring Hill, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Owens, Gail D: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Owens, 
Sharon L: Ferguson, Mo., Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. 

SECOND ROW: Oxler, James R: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Pacey, 
Patricia S: Oak Hill, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Packard, Helen 
E: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Page, Charles L. Jr: 

Atchison, Junior, Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Pallesen, Annette: Topeka, Sophomore, Social Science. 
Palmberg, Thane R: Topeka, Sophomore, Political Science. Palmer, Larry 

G: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Secondary Education. Palmer, Nancy J: 

White City, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Palmer, Patricia A: White City, Junior, Art. Palmer, 
Steven B: Sabetha, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Palmer, Thomas 
C: Mission, Freshman, Agriculture. Pangburn, Michael K: Fairborn, Ohio, 
Freshman, Chemistry. 

FIFTH ROW: Pappan, Ronald D: Hunnewell, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Paquette, Lonnie L: Clay Center, Sophomore, Architectural Engi- 
neering. Paramore, Pamela J: Delphos, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Paramore, Sandra S: Topeka, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Parker, Connie L: Wichita, Junior, Interior Design. Parker, 
David Lee: Wichita, Freshman, Accounting. Parker, David Lionel: Man- 
hattan, Junior, Mathematics, Modern Languages. Parker, Don G: Wichita, 
01, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Parker, Elizabeth H: Boulder, Colo., Sophomore, Soci- 
ology. Parker, Natalie J: Clearwater, Sophomore, General. Parker, 
Robert G: Topeka, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Parkinson, Beth M: 

Scott City, Freshman, History. 

EIGHTH ROW: Paronto, Merlyn L: Clay Center, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Parrett, Larry S: Topeka, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Parry, Deanna K: Osage City, Freshman, Medical Technology. Parry, 

Janet S: Westmoreland, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Parsons, Dwayne L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Wildlife 
Conservation. Parsons, Rebecca K: Merriam, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Partch, Sue L: Bird City, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Partch, Ted R: Bird City, Freshman, Political Science. 


Underclassmen: Par-Pet 

TOP ROW: Parthemer, Nancy C: Frankfort, Junior, General. Pascal, 
David W: Haddam, Freshman, General. Pastrick, Pamela J: Shawnee 

Mission, Freshman, Pre-Education. Patry, Claudia J: Colby, Sophomore, 
Home Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW: Patterson, George F: Washington, Sophomore, General. 
Patterson, Robert E: Ogden, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Pattison, Ann C: 

Prairie Village, Freshman, Medical Technology. Patton, Patricia A: 

Blauvelt, N. Y., Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Patton, Walter B: Galena, Freshman, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Paulsen, Patsy S: Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Education. Pauly, 
Robert F: Huron, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Pavlu, Linda J: Brownell, 
Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Payne, Carolyn L: Salina, Freshman, Art. Payne, Donald 

E: Salina, Junior, Physical Education. Payne, James D: Topeka, Freshman, 
Nuclear Engineering. Payne, Patricia A: Los Angeles, Calif., Freshman, 
Pre- Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Payne, Sharon L: Gardner, Junior, Interior Design. Payne, 
William M: Buffalo, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Peach, Arthur E: 
Morris Plains, N. J., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Pearson, Alice L: 

Reading, Freshman, Humanities. 

SECOND ROW: Pearson, Carolyn S: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Home 
Economics. Pearson, Elaine L: Reading, Junior, Biochemistry. Pearson, 
Thomas C: Concordia, 02, Architecture. Peck, John C: Concordia, Junior, 
Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Peck, Lonnie J: Salina, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Peck, William W: Concordia, 
Sophomore, General. Pederson, James H: Idana, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Peeks, Marilyn J: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Ed- 

FOURTH ROW: Peel, David E: Topeka, 01, Architecture. Peirce, Eileen: 

Hutchinson, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. Pelkey, Linda K: 
Atchison, Freshman, Home Economics. Pendarvis, Nancy I: Junction City, 
Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW Pendarvis, James E: Junction City, Sophomore, History. 
Pendergast, Robert P: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. Penner, Rich- 
ard L: Sedgwick, Junior, Secondary Education. Penner, Robert P: Hills- 
boro, Sophomore, Sociology. 


ft f> o 

ft d 


TOP ROW: Peters, Douglas K: Ellinwood, Sophomore, Agriculture. Peters, 
Eugene O: Cuba, Junior, Agricultural Education. Peters, James M: Le- 
high, Freshman, Business Administration. Peters, Lola J: Summerfield, 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. 

SECOND ROW: Petersen, George E: Dighton, Junior, Geology. Peter- 
sen, Nancy L: Bethel, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Peterson, Dale 
E: Morrowville, Junior, General. Peterson, Danny R: Burdick, Freshman, 
Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Peterson, Eldon E: Lindsborg, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Peterson, Fred L: Junction City, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Peter- 
son, Garry L: Haddam, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Peterson, Harold 

C: Mankato, Junior, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Peterson, James C: Downers Grove, III., 03, Architecture. 
Peterson, Jane: Clifton, Freshman, Psychology. Peterson, Jean E: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Peterson, Jerry M: Great 
Bend, Freshman, Social Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Peterson, John C: Belvue, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Peter- 
son, Larry M: Burdick, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Peterson, Lynne 
J: Inman, Junior, Home Economics and Nursing. Peterson, Mary E: Ft. 

Leavenworth, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 

TOP ROW: Penrod, John W: Wichita, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Percival, Sharon L: CofFeyville, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Perkins, 
D. Eric: Elkhart, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Perrier, John W: 

Dodge City, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Perrier, Thomas D: Eureka, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Perrigo, Nikki D: Hiawatha, Junior, Business Administration. Perry, Dale 
J: Waverly, Sophomore, Speech. Perry, Layton M: Overland, Junior, 

THIRD ROW: Perry, Norma B: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Journalism. Perry, Pamela B: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Perry, Robert W: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Perschbacher, Elmer: St. Louis, Mo., 03, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Peter, Duane E: Randolph, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Peter, Shirley E: Randolph, Freshman, Bacteriology. Peters, Bruce 
E: Wellington, Freshman, Business Administration. Peters, Dennis R: Belle- 
ville, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

t*i cy. <ft r *^ 

* 1 

£i* Jim Jr 


Underclassmen: Pet-Pra 

TOP ROW: Peterson, Michael W: Little Rock, Ark., Freshman, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Peterson, Nancy S: McPherson, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Peterson, Ronald L: Haddam, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Peterson, Ronald N: Clyde, Sophomore, Geology. 

SECOND ROW: Petr, Daniel D: Blue Rapids, Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Petrik, Nancy J: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics. Petro, Deborah 
G: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Pettijohn, Carol A: 

Solomon, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Peyton, Robert H: Norwich, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Pfannenstiel, Raymond: Ness City, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Economics. Prefer, David N: Kansas City, Freshman, Bakery Management. 
Pfister, Linda S: Clifton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

TOP ROW: Pflieger, Edwin F: Logan, Freshman, Architectural Engineer- 
ing. Pflughoeft, Alan K: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Pharo, 
Michael G: Salma, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. Phillips, Carol 

A: Valley Falls, Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Phillips, Judith A: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Phil- 
lips, Linda M: Clay Center, Freshman, Foods and Nutrition. Phillips, 
Ralph I: Mayetta, Freshman, Agronomy. Phillips, Robert E: Chanute, 
Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Phillips, Terry I: Parsons, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Phillips, Thomas J: Leavenworth, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Pia- 
nalto, Shirley J: Atwood, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 
Piepenbring, Jack: Overland Park, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Pierce, Ralph L: Horton, Sophomore, Chemistry. Pierpoint, 
Pamela S: Wichita, Freshman, Accounting. Pietronicco, Ralph M: Leaven- 
worth, Sophomore, Physical Education. Pike, Losson G: Ashland, Sopho- 
more, Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Pike, Susan K: Merriam, Freshman, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Pinick, George E: McPherson, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Pinkstaff, Alan J: Wichita, 03, Architecture. Pinkston, Tom L: Cedar 
Point, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pino, Nick: Santa Fe, N.M., Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Piper, Ross D: Burlington, 03, Architecture. Pirott, Sharon S: 
Cawker City, Junior, Home Economics Education. Plant, Thomas K: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Chemistry. 

^ -3* £T Bferf ■ 

■ :>T"* fj 

J* : 

$ ^ fc 4fr 

TOP ROW: Plattner, Janell A: Sabetha, Freshman, Art. Plemons, Robert 

F: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Bacteriology. Plemons, Ronald W: Medicine 
Lodge, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Plett, Marilyn J: Garden City, 
Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Plumer, Joseph L: Salina, Sophomore, Physical Science. 
Poell, Linda A: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Retail Floriculture. Poggemey- 
er, Lewis E: Alexandria, Va., 01, Architecture. Pogue, Vicky L: Minne- 
apolis, Freshman, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pohl, Renita K: Baldwin, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Pohlman, Randolph A: Salina, Junior, Business Administration. Pol- 
lock, Jon M: Leawood, Junior, Business Administration. Polly, Leland J: 

Baxter Springs, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

A i**^ t** ffii 

a & & a 

fcte^ril f M 

ZL 4 - | 

Z^tiMA i Jit. ite 

i 7 

TOP ROW: Pomperien, Janice E: Centerville, la., Freshman, General. 
Pool, Janet K: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Interior Design. Porter, Benjamin 
L: Garden City, Ol, Architecture. Porter, Lyle D: Manhattan, Freshman, 
Landscape Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Post, Gail I: Waterville, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Potenski, William E: Clay Center, 03, Architecture. Potter, Steve E: 
Sedgwick, Junior, Architectural Engineering. Potter, Thomas M: Wichita, 
Freshman, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Pottorf, Michael E: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Powell, David O Oradell, N.J., Sophomore, Music Education. Powell, 
Eugene L: Hanston, Sophomore, Feed Technology. Powell, Julona C: 

Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Powell, Sandra J: Leawood, Freshman, General. Power, 
Robert E: Manhattan, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Powers, Linda S: 
Oskaloosa, la., Junior, Elementary Education. Powers, Sharon E: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. 

FIFTH ROW: Praeger, Kent R: Claflm, Junior, Political Science. Prater, 
Rebecca L: Escondido, Calif., Freshman, Home Economics. Prather, David 
D: Scott City, Freshman, Political Science. Prather, Donald W: Topeka, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Prather, Sara L: Meade, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fash- 
ion Design, and Textiles Research. Pratt, Mary L: Colby, Freshman, Chem- 
istry. Pray, Christine E: Hope, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Pray, 
Donna A: Wichita, Freshman, General. 




& ''- a ^ 

Underclassmen: Pra-Ras 

TOP ROW: Pray, Warren C: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Pretzer, Mary J: Elmdale, Junior, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Prevo, Linda K: McPherson, Sophomore, Mathematics. Price, Ann J: At- 

wood, Sophomore, Music Education. 

SECOND ROW: Price, Linda A: Burlington, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Price, Patricia S: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics. Price, Stephen B: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Price, Steve J: Bennington, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Prideaux, Judith L: Worthington, Ohio, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Priebe, James W: Vassar, Freshman, Social Science. Prochas- 
ka, Mary K: Chapman, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Prochaska, Patricia: Topeka, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Prock, James A: Wellington, 02, Architecture. Proctor, 
Virgil G: Soldier, Junior, Business Administration. Propp, Ronald G: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Prosser, David H: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, General. 

TOP ROW: Pryor, Mary A: Salina, Junior, Sociology. Puckett, Jay D: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Mathematics. Puig, Jorge: Puerto Rico, Junior, 
Accounting. Pulliam, William D: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Pultz, Lawrence O: Ceiba, Puerto Rico, Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Pustka, Louis L: Sterling, Colo., Freshman, General. 
Pyles, Jean M: Wichita, Freshman, Social Science. Quails, Leslie E: Bax- 
ter Springs, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Quantrell, Charles B: Wichita, Freshman, General. Query, 
Alan D: Edson, Freshman, Agriculture. Quinn, Michael P: Kansas City, 
Freshman, Business Administration. Quiring, John M: Wichita, Sophomore, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Quirk, Wendy E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Rachesky, Ronald P: Rutherford, N.J., Junior, Technical 
Journalism. Rader, Ryan R: Oakley, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. 
Rafler, Marilyn K: Coldwater, Freshman, Home Economics Extension. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ragland, John W: Goodman, Mo., Sophomore, Feed 
Technology. Raglow, Sheryl R: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Raida, Merle L: Harper, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Raile, Clif- 
ford D: St. Francis, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

J3 Ci 

*i MmM, dim 

5. ft CI ^ 

l TfcA"* to A mmX to 

TOP ROW: Rainer, Daryl L: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Raines, Glenn A: 

Louisburg, Junior, Agronomy. Rains, Mary K: Wichita, Sophomore, Ele- 
mentary Education. Rains, Myrna S: Chanute, Sophomore, Secondary 

SECOND ROW: Raitt, Judy E: Rose Hill, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Ralston, Marguerite: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Journalism. Ramey, Cynthia K: Abilene, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Ramey, Virginia A: Abilene, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Ramsey, Julie K: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Randall, James L: Canfield, Ohio, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Randolph, Delvin D: Jennings, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Raney, 
Stephen K: Lansing, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rankin, Darrell D: Ashland, 03, Architecture. Ransom, 
Nancy J: Williamsburg, Sophomore, Home Economics. Ranz, Suzan C: 
Chanute, Sophomore, General. Rasch, Dana L: Topeka, Freshman, Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

John Spenser Churchill, nephew of the late Sir Winston Churchill, 
relates personal remembrances of his uncle during a convocation. 

Students in Survey I and II practice what they study, using class 
equipment to survey the University grounds and surrounding area. 


Underclassmen: Ras-Ric 

TOP ROW: Rasmussen, Diane L: Oakley, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Rath, Janice J: St. Francis, Junior, Art. Rathbun, Connie S: Con- 
way, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Rathbun, Gene P: Tescott, 
Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Rathbun, Robert D: Tescott, Freshman, General. Ravens- 
croft, Patricia: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Rowlings, Paul H: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, English. Ray, Joseph M: Kansas City, 02, 

THIRD ROW: Rayburn, Tommy G: Palco, Freshman, Pre-Law. Rayford, 
Antoinette: Houston, Tex., Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Reay, Jo L: Wichita, Sophomore, Retail Floriculture. Reck, Martha 

J: Salina, Freshman, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Redd, Dennis G: Buhler, 02, Architecture. Reed, Barbara 

L: Liberal, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 
Research. Reed, Janice S: Salina, Freshman, General. Reed, Nancy J: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Reed, Patricia J: Benton, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Reed, Ralph L: Ft. Scott, Sopho- 
more, Agricultural Economics. Reed, Steven H: Havensville, Sophomore, 
Industrial Engineering. Reed, Steven M: Topeka, Sophomore, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Reed, Suzanne K: Neodesha, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Reedy, Francis M: Hanover, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Reeh, 
Loretta E: Atwood, Junior, Home Economics Education. Rees, Jean E: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Reeve, Sandra L: Garden City, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Reeves, James L: Oberlin, Sophomore, General. Reeves, John 
T: Wichita, Junior, Civil Engineering. Reeves, Nancy C: Kansas City, Mo., 
Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Regehr, Gerri: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Regehr, James H: McPherson, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Regnier, 
Victor A: Mission, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Rehmart, Sandra: 

Kinsley, Junior, Art. 

BOTTOM ROW: Reid, Richard M: Howard, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Reid, Virginia R: Bedford, Tex., Sophomore, Psychology. Reilly, 
Lionel L: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Reimer, Lindley J: 

Newton, Sophomore, Flour Science and Management. 

^T" f% ffS ^ 

, , Z> £% ft 

&< *A j A Ik 


O tt Q Q 

IS « ft & 

^ ft ^ ?* 

TOP ROW: Reinhardt, Nelson K: Great Bend, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Reisig, David J: Russell, Freshman, Agronomy. Reissig, William 
H: St. John, Sophomore, Entomology. Reiter, Pamela J: Mission, Sopho- 
more, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SECOND ROW: Reitzel, Melvin J: Logan, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Reling, Michael L: Manhattan, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 
Rembleske, Linda M: Wichita, Freshman, Business Administration. Re- 
meczky, Ronald J: Corona, N.Y., Junior, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Renbarger, Nancy J: Topeka, Freshman, Psychology. Ren- 
senhouse, Thomas: Prairie Village, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Reppert, Jerry L: Anna, III., Freshman, Technical Journalism. Reser, Larry 

D: Rossville, Freshman, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Resley, Jacqueline M: Russell, Sophomore, Interior De- 
sign. Reusser, Joan K: Walton, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
and Textiles Research. Rexroad, Chloe E: Downs, Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Rexroad, Linda L: Downs, Freshman, Interior Design. 

FIFTH ROW: Reyes, Roberto F: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Reynolds, James F: Salina, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. Reynolds, Martha J: Mission, Sophomore, General. Rey- 
nolds, Nona G: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Reynolds, Stephen L: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Rhine, Barry L: Haddam, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
RhoadeS/ Jack L: Pampa, Tex., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Rhoads, 
Chester V: Great Bend, Junior, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Rhyne, Janie I: San Antonio, Tex., Freshman, General. 
Rice, Bonita A: Kansas City, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 
Rice, Derald E: Manhattan, Freshman, Accounting, Rice, Kirke W: Ft. 

Scott, 03, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Rice, Robert W: Emporia, Junior, Technical Journalism. 
Rice, Sharon F: Ottawa, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Rich, 
Danny M: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Rich, 
Randall L: St. John, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Richard, Loren D: Ellsworth, Freshman, Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Richards, Gayle L: Manhattan, Freshman, Sociology. Richards, 
George T: Wichita, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. Richards, 
Pamela J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

Underclassmen: Ric-Roc 

TOP ROW: Richards, Sandra K: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Richardson, Dale M: Stafford, Junior, Agriculture. Richardson, 
Gerald L: Topeka, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Richardson, James C: 

Belleville, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Richardson, James M: Shawnee, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Richardson, Linda M: Winifred, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Richardson, Ralph C: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Richling, Peter L: Plainview, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Richter, Mary P: Mmot AFB, N.D., Sophomore, Humanities. 
Rickard, Loren J: Lyons, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Ricker, Ronald 
R: Raymond, Sophomore, General. Ridenour, Craig W: Council Grove, 
02, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Rider, John A: Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Ridgway, Gail A: Topeka, Freshman, Interior Design. Ridgway, 
Rosalind J: Manhattan, Freshman, Modern Languages. Riedel, Eugene A: 

Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Riedel, Frederick D: Washington, N.J., Junior, Agricul- 
tural Mechanization. Riedl, Joseph F: Otis, Sophomore, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Riedl, Robert L: Hoisington, Sophomore, Accounting. Rieke, Deanne 

M: Shawnee, Sophomore, General. 

f&. q C 

£* ^ ! y ' fa 

q o ft k 

u* |Sfc r?J 

0s ^ tr> q> 

TOP ROW: Riemann, Linda K: Claflin, Freshman, General. Rieniets, 
David C: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Riffey, Janet K: Wichita, 
Junior, Home Economics and Journalism. Riggs, Glenn W: Dexter, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Riley, Randall B: Valley Center, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Rindt, Richard A: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Rinkel, Barbara I: Haviland, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Riordan, Michael E: Salina, Junior, Psychology. 

THIRD ROW: Riordan, Philip F: Thousand Oaks, Calif., Freshman, Agricul- 
ture. Rippe, Carolyn J: Ludell, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Rip- 
petoe, Leonard W: Kansas City, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Risley, 
Randy D: Girard, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Risser, Linda D: Leawood, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Rittenoure, Janice M: Wichita, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Rittgers, Jerry L: Salina, Freshman, General. Ritz, James V: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 


k k 


TOP ROW: Roach, Patricia A: Anthony, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Roach, Sallie K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Robben, Gary L: Oakley, Freshman, Accounting. Robben, Ronald 

D: Park, Sophomore, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Robbins, Carol L: Leawood, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Robbins, Claude L: Kirkwood, Mo., 01, Architecture. Robbins, 
Marilyn S: Newtonia, Mo., Junior, Music Education. Roberts, Craig A: 

Salina, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Roberts, Gerald E: Chanute, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Roberts, James C: Wichita, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Roberts, 
Keith L: Bonner Springs, Junior, Accounting. Roberts, Maurice D: Well- 
ington, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Roberts, Philip K: Herington, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Roberts, Ronald M: Russell, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Roberts, Thomas C: Scott City, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Robert- 

fc4 k ^TJl, to 

son, Andrew C: Wichita, 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robertson, Elmer L: Independence, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Robertson, Nancy L: Overland Park, Freshman, 
Family and Child Development. Robertson, Richard K: Marion, Freshman, 
Agriculture. Robinson, Billy J: Hutchinson, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Robinson, Bruce H: Prairie Village, Freshman, Electrical En- 
gineering. Robinson, Carolyn M: Nashville, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Robinson, Jackie J: Frankfort, Junior, General. Robinson, 
Karen J: Cedar Point, Freshman, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Robinson, Melvin D: Sabetha, Junior, Accounting. Rob- 
inson, Phyllis M: Lenexa, Sophomore, Business Administration. Robinson, 
Richard L: Downs, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Robinson, Richard L: 

Merriam, Freshman, Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: Robinson, Rita M: Hill City, Junior, General. Robinson, 
Roy L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Flour Science and Management. Robison, 
Curtis L: Parsons, Junior, History. Robison, James L: Brewster, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Robson, John W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Robson, Ronald E: New York, N.Y., Freshman, Speech. 
Rock, Lynn M: Hope, Freshman, Feed Technology. Rock, William F: 

Munice, Junior, Physical Education. 

o ^^ o ^ 

<•> u> f$ f% 

Demonstrating for "excellence before expansion," Students for Positive 
Action protest the building of a new football stadium before a new library. 

Underclassmen: Roc-Row 

TOP ROW: Rockhold, David R: Salina, Sophomore, Zoology. Rode- 
lander, Richard: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Rodenbeek, Suzanne W: Scott City, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Rodenberg, Malcolm D: Scott City, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Roebke, Catherine A: Clay Center, Sophomore, Music. 
Roeder, James H: Frankfort, Sophomore, Dairy Management. Roeder, 
Robert J: Norton, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Roes, Herbert A: 

Mission, Junior, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Roesler, Ronald H: Junction City, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. 
Roesler, Steven D: Junction City, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 
Rogers, Candace L: Lawrence, Junior, Elementary Education. Rogers, 
Cheryl A: Paola, Freshman, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Rogers, Gary E: Kincaid, Freshman, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Rogers, Jacqueline A: Wichita, Freshman, Horticulture. Rogers, 
Michael D: Carbondale, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Rogers, 
Neil D: Garnett, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rogers, Rodney D: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Rogge, Thomas K: Washington, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 
Rohla, Joann E: Formoso, Freshman, General. Rohr, Dale R: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Business Administration. 

i*ni ^w ^^ C^ 

ft £> 

#> £k fk 

TOP ROW: Rohr, Joyce J: Burlington, Freshman, General. Rohrbaugh, 
Robert G: Cimarron, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Rokey, Garry J: 
Sabetha, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Romberger, Lynn D: Solomon, Soph- 
more, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Romberger, Rodger J: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Veterin- 
ary Medicine. Romero, Beverly J: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics with Liberal Arts. Romine, Gary L: Osage, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Ronnau, Charles F: St. Marys, Freshman, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Ronnau, Mimi M: Prairie Village, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Ronsick, Eugene J: Lincolnville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Roode, Thomas M: Fairbury, Neb., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Root, 
Donald R: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roots, Roger L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Geology. Ror- 
ick, Jerre K: Johnson, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Rork, Dennis E: 
Mulvane, Sophomore, Music Education. Rose, Carmie J: Topeka, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education. 



€*l f*> ?*n 

TOP ROW: Rose, Jack D: Tonganoxie, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Rose, 
Sara J: Ft. Dodge, Sophomore, Foods and Nutrition. Rose, Theresa K: 

Overbrook, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Rose, Van L: Lenexa, 
Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Rosen, Harvey I: Brooklyn, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Rosencrantz, Kathleen: Great Bend, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Rosenow, Nola M: Clay Center, Sophomore, Music Education. Roskam, 
David L: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Ross, Judie H: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Ross, Richard D: Osage City, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Ross, 
William R: Beloit, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Roth, Rob R: Lake- 
wood, Colo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Rothberger, Jamie: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Rothenberger, Randy: Osborne, Freshman, Flour Science and Man- 
agement. Rothfuss, Jerry W: Clifton, Freshman, Agronomy. Rotman, 
Janet A: Cawker City, Junior, Home Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rotman, Jennifer B: Downs, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Rowland, John R: Rockford, III., Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Rowland, Vickie K: Newton, Freshman, Home Economics. Row- 
len, Craig S: Belleville, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Row-Schi 

TOP ROW: Rowlison, Jon R: Hoxie, Freshman, General. Royer, Dale L: 

Arrington, Junior, Mathematics. Ruble, Darrell D: Ft. Scott, Freshman, 
Industrial Engineering. Rucker, Ronald R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Ruda, Betsy A: Atwood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Ruediger, Barbara J: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Ruediger, Norman E: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Ruf, Frank D: 

Arkansas City, 01, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Ruggles, Charles W: Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Medicine. 
Ruggles, Patricia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Rule, Delbert L: Norton, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Rule, 
John R: Norton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Rule, Sharron J: Norton, Freshman, Home Economics Ed- 
ucation. Rumsey, Gilbert E: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Runnion, Karen L: Phillipsburg, Junior, Home Economics Education. Run- 
quist, Fred W: Smolan, Freshman, Physics. 

FIFTH ROW: Rupp, Janet S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Rupp, Mary A: Larned, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design 
and Textiles Research. Rusch, Elaine A: Russell, Junior, Home Economics 
and Journalism. Rushton, William H: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Rusink, Larry E: Frankfort, Sophomore, Accounting. Russ, 
Deborah J: Mound Valley, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Russ, 
Roger A: Natoma, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. Russell, 
Cheryl L: Topeka, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Tex- 
tiles Research. 

SEVENTH ROW: Russell, lola F: Peabody, Freshman, Pre-Law. Russell, 
Sharon K: Junction City, Freshman, Psychology. Rust, Gail L: Franklin, 
Neb., Freshman, Agriculture. Rust, Linda M: Goodland, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Ryan, Helen M: Leavenworth, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Ryan, John J: Dover, N.J., Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Ryan, Margaret J: Wichita, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Ryan, 
William D: Solomon, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ryman, Jeffrey C: Dunlap, Freshman, Philosophy. Ryser, 
Charles A: Haddam, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Ryser, Mary 
A: Haddam, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. Sageser, Sandra 

J: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 




rre* ^ ^ |R| 

f * 



TOP ROW: Saindon, Jean E: Concordia, Sophomore, Philosophy. Saines, 
George L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Salomon, Thomas R: 
Long Island, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Salter, Beverly J: 

Wakefield, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Salter, Moutrie L: Clay Center, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. Salvino, Sharon K: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Sanborn, Karen J: Junction City, Sophomore, Sec- 
ondary Education. Sanders, Ann E: Manhattan, Freshman, Humanities. 

THIRD ROW: Sanders, Martha C: Hugoton, Junior, Music Education. 
Sandstrom, Gregory K: Herington, Freshman, Government. Sandy, Paula 
K: Osborne, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Sanford, Linda K: 

Belleville, Freshman, Chemistry. 

FOURTH ROW: Sanford, Paula L: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Educa- 
tion. Sankey, Richard R: McPherson, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Sappington, 
Janice J: Ulysses, Freshman, Business Administration. Saroff, Stephen D: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Saror, Daniel I: Nigeria, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Saunders, Stephen M: Kansas City, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Savage, Cathy G: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Home Economics. Savik- 
ko, Elaine C: Juneau, Alas., Junior, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Sawyer, Robert R: Oxford, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Sayers, Julian F: Independence, 04, Architecture. Schafer, Charles P: 

Princeton, N.J.. Sophomore, General. Schafer, Joann: Junction City, Soph- 
omore, Humanities. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schafer, Sidonie A: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Schafer, Vance D: Conway, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Schaich, Cecelia M: Topeka, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. Schaller, 
Gregory D: Kinsley, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Schanefelt, Dennis D: Abilene, Sophomore, Agriculture. 
Schasteen, Patty J: Mound City, Freshman, Interior Design. Scheaffer, 
Daryl R: Abilene, Sophomore, Accounting. Schecher, Diane K: Wichita, 
Junior, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Scheer, Patrick J: Pleasant Hill, Mo., Freshman, Animal 
Husbandry. Scheffer, James D: Salina, Junior, Mathematics. Scheuerman, 
Perry O: Bison, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Schick, Peggy J: Grid- 
ley, Junior, Interior Design. 

Underclassmen: Schi-Schw 

TOP ROW: Schieferecke, Rose A: Dresden, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Schiff, Sue E: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Elementary Education. Schimpf, 
Cheryl A: Marion, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Schinstock, 

Eugene E: Kinsley, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Schlagel, Janice M: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Schleicher, Linda J: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Schlosser, Bryon R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Accounting. Schmid, 
Ted L: Parsons, Freshman, Dairy Management. 

THIRD ROW: Schmidt, Arthur F: New York, N.Y., Freshman, General. 
Schmidt, David E: Syracuse, Sophomore, General. Schmidt, David R: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Schmidt, Dennis: 

Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Schmidt, Frederick J: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Humani- 
ties. Schmidt, Gerald D: Newton, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Schmidt, 
Kathleen A: Solomon, Freshman, Humanities. Schmidt, Larry E: Lehigh, 
Junior, Agricultural Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schmidt, Lauren E: Newton, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Schmidt, Leon B: Caldwell, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Schmidt, Merrill K: Newton, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Schmidt, 
Patricia A: Salina, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

3* kid\ I m 

TOP ROW: Schmidt, Richard W: Spokane, Wash., Freshman, Flour Sci- 
ence and Management. Schmidt, Sylvio: Woodside, N.Y., Junior, Bacteri- 
ology. Schmidt, Wolfgang P: Paola, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Schmitt, Terryl K: Liberal, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Schmitt, William J: Kinsley, Sophomore, Chemical En- 
gineering. Schneickert, George: Altamont, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Schneider, Beverly A: Summerfield, Sophomore, Home Economics. 
Schneider, Norman R: Dorrance, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Schneider, Patricia: Ellsworth, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Schneikart, Joan R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Schnepp, Sheryl R: Abilene, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Schnittker, Gerald L: Cunningham, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schoenfelder, James: Bethel, 02, Architecture. Schoen- 
thaler, Terry: Ellis, Sophomore, Agricultural Education, Schofield, John 
S: Walnut Creek, Calif., Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Scholz, Paul 
R: Lancaster, Freshman, Agriculture. 


<* o <"* 

ITS, .« - 4 If _. 7 

TOP ROW: Schultz, Joel S: Buffalo, N.Y., 03, Architecture. Schultz, Stan- 
ley L: Larned, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Schultz, Steve E: Over- 
land Park, Junior, Psychology. Schultz, Steven L: Larned, Freshman, Pre- 

SECOND ROW: Schultz, Vicki L: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Schumacher, Douglas: Great Bend, Freshman, Industrial En- 
gineering. Schumacher, Martha A: Great Bend, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Schurle, Fred E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Schutte, Susan L: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Schwab, 
Carl F: Wichita, Freshman, Business Administration. Schwab, Susan A: 
Portland, Ore., Freshman, General. Schwartz, Joseph M: Basehor, Sopho- 
more, Zoology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schwartz, Ralph B: Geuda Springs, Junior, Electrical En- 
gineering. Schweitzer, Nancy M: Derby, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Schweitzer, Ann C: Clay Center, Freshman, General. Schweitzer, Mary 

E: Penokee, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

TOP ROW: Schorling, Steven M: McPherson, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Schott, Donald W: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Schott, Gerard T: Glendale, N.Y., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Schroder, Dorothy J: Lancaster, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Schroder, Robert L: Garden City, Junior, Electrical En- 
gineering. Schrandt, Robert L: Glasco, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Schrandt, William J: Glasco, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Schreck, 

Larry D: San Antonio, Tex., Freshman, Bakery Management. 

THIRD ROW: Schreiber, William B: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 
Schreuder, Linda E: Cawker City, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Schriner, Kent K: Albert, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Schroe- 
der, Glennis A: Lucas, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Schroeder, Kenneth A: Abilene, Freshman, Wildlife Con- 
versation. Schroeder, Ruth E: Green, Sophomore, Music Education. 
Schroeppel, Cheryl S: Kansas City, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal 
Arts. Schuler, Nancy K: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schulte, Lawrence A: Maple Hill, Junior, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Schulte, Ronald D: Little River, Freshman, General. Schulthess, 
James G: Haven, Sophomore , Business Administration. Schultz, George 

W: Shatluck, Okla., Freshman, Business Administration. 


Class-bound students take advantage of the sun on the quadrangle in front 
of Anderson hall to catch a few minutes of study before the next period. 

Underclassmen: Schw-Sha 

TOP ROW: Schweitzer, Stephen: Osborne, Junior, Business Administration. 
Schwilling, Linda G: Elmdale, Freshman, Home Economics. Schwindt, Di- 
ane J: LaCrosse, Freshman, Mathematics. Schwing, James E: Trenton, 
N.J., Junior, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Scott, Alan J: Jennings, 03, Architecture. Scott, Alan W: 

Wichita, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Scott, David L: Bloom, 
Freshman, Mathematics. Scott, Donald R: Highland, Sophomore, Civil En- 

THIRD ROW: Scott, Gerald J: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Scott, Harry M: Wetmore, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Scott, 
James L: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Scott, Kathleen 

S: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Extension. 

FOURTH ROW: Scott, Kathryn A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Social 
Science. Scott, Laura L: Larned, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Scott, 
Marcia K: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Scott, Michael 

W: Overland Park, Freshman, Physical Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Scott, Rachel A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Home 
Economics and Journalism. Scribner, Mildred J: EIDorado, Junior, Ac- 
counting. Seaman, Ken W: Udall, Freshman, Agriculture. Seaman, Pam- 
ela J: Salina, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

.1,/ r " IM 
•tD £3 £*1 Cwi 

TOP ROW: Seaton, Linda L: Chapman, Junior, Physical Therapy. Sebesta, 
Linda J: Wilson, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Sechrist, Lyle 
D: Delphos, Sophomore, General. Seefeldt, Alvin L: Chanute, Junior, Ar- 
chitectural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Seeman, John E: Lamed, 03, Architecture. Seger, Larry 
L: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. Segraves, Richard W: New- 
ton, Freshman, Biochemistry. Seibel, Patricia S: Overland Park, Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Seibel, Randall P: Oakley, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Seibel, Roy A: Oakley, Freshman, Agriculture. Seibert, Gary D: 
Macksville, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Seideman, Jeffrey S: New 

York, N.Y., 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Seiler, Jeanette K: Halstead, Junior, English. Seip, Terry 

L: Summerfield, Junior, General. Seitz, Martha J: Junction City, Fresh- 
man, Physical Therapy. Seitz, Patricia A: Alexandria, Va., Sophomore, 


(fit ^ f% 

C% fr) mm fik 

TOP ROW: Selby, Janice L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Interior Design. 
Selders, Linda V: Prairie Village, Freshman, Sociology. Sell, Philip L: 
Fredonia Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Seltzer, Stephen E: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Dentistry. 

SECOND ROW: Ser, Elliot M: Junction City, Freshman, Physical Science. 
Serwich, Alan F: Wilmette, III., 01, Architecture. Setchell, Warren A: 

Wakefield, Sophomore, Accounting. Settles, Janice L: Junction City, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Setzkorn, Roger L: Rock, Freshman, Agriculture. Severin, 
Charles G: Crete, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Severino, 
Gail R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Interior Design. Sewart, Diana C: Ov- 
erland Park, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Sewell, Kathleen J: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 
Seybert, Alice F: Meade, Sophomore, Art. Seyfert, Earl H: Humboldt, 
Sophomore, General. Seyfert, Ronald J: Hoisington, Sophomore, Animal 

BOTTOM ROW: Seyler, Mary J: Lawrence, Freshman, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Seymour, Craig J: Bird City, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Shackelford, Jean A: Manhattan, Junior, General. Shade, Janet L: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

Underclassmen: Sha-Shu 

TOP ROW: Shafer, Peggy E: Spring Hill, Freshman, General. Shaffer, 
James C: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Law. Shaffer, Jane A: Wichita, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. Shaffer, Ronald L: Kansas City, 
01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Shalkoski, Victor F: Leavenworth, Sophomore, General. 
Shane, Patricia L: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. Shank, Diana 
L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Shank, George S: 

St. John, Sophomore, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shank, Glen L: Hermgton, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Shank, James L: New Cambria, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Shannon, Carol S: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Shannon, Linda M: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

e ftf/t 


TOP ROW: Shannon, Margaret J: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economicsi 
and Journalism. Sharp, Linda D: Prairie Village, Junior, History. Sharp, 
Steven M: Herington, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Shaw, Bobbie J: Shawnee 
Mission, Junior, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Shaw, Graham H: Canada, Junior, Bakery Management. 
Shaw, Linda C: Wichita, Freshman, General. Shaw, Robert J: Elmdale, 
Freshman, Accounting. Shawver, Mary C: Riley, Sophomore, Business 

THIRD ROW: Shay, Larry D: Tecumseh, Freshman, Civil Engineering 
Sheedy, Charles W: Yates Center, Freshman, Chemical Engineering, 
Sheets, Raymond H: Chapman, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Sheetz, 
Jane A: Leawood, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Sheetz, John C: Norwich, Freshman, Agricultural Eng 
neering. Shehi, Linda K: Wichita, Freshman, Social Science. Sheik, Alice 
J: Bern, Junior, Secondary Education. Sheik, Jean A: Bern, Sophomore 
Physical Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Shelby, Lana K: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Sheldon, James E: Independence, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Sheldon, Randall E: Cunningham, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Sheldon, Susan J: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shelor, Michael E: Minneola, 03, Architecture. Shelor, 
Robert S: Minneola, Sophomore, General. Shelton, Edward J: Minneola, rrn 

Shelton, Honey F: Sawyer, Junior, 

Freshman, Agricultural Education. 
Wildlife Conservation. 

,t3 & 




TOP ROW: Shilling, Michael D: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Shipley, Michael J: Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Shipman, Robert H. Jr: Marysville, Freshman, General. Shipman, Rod- 
ney P: Paola, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Shippyalden, Noel: Chapman, Freshman, Agriculture. 
Shirk, Patricia J: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Shivers, 
Donald G: Holton, Junior, Mathematics. Shivers, Larry S: Wakefield, 
Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Shocklee, Rollin R: Stafford, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Shoemaker, Linda F: St. Joseph, Mo., 04, Architecture. Shoe- 
maker, Roger E: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Shoemaker, Sherrill: 

Ottawa, Freshman, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Shorb, Nancy L: Liberal, Freshman, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Short, Marilyn R: Wichita, Freshman, Interior Design. Shoup, 
Charlotte A: Belle Plain, Freshman, Radio and Television and Home Eco- 
nomics. Shove, Craig R: Onaga, 02, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Shrack, James K: Pratt, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 
Shubert, Larry R: Council Grove, Sophomore, Agriculture. Shulda, Kevin 

R: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Shull, Terry L: Wichita, Freshman, 
Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shumard, William H: McPherson, Freshman, Govern- 
I ment. Shupe, George E: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Shupe, John W: 
i Honolulu, Haw., Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Shurts, James A: 

lAsherville, Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. 

TOP ROW: Shenkel, Jeffrey L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Shepherd, Richard L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Sherer, Sandra L: 

Mullinville, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Sherlock, Stephen A: St. Fran- 
cis, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Sherman, Pamela J: Overland Park, Freshman, English. 
Sherraden, Dennis R: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Sherra- 
den, Julie D: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Sherrod, 
Kent H: Arkansas City, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shideler, Robert W: Topeka, Sophomore, General. 
Shiel, Daniel J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Shields, 
Dorothy J: Salina, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Shier, Eleanor R: 

Gypsum, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

1*4 fh fw r!i. 

fcftl fritfe JTA 

Underclassmen: Sib-Smi 

TOP ROW: Sibley, Veryl B: Lewis, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Sidebottom, Willa F: Wichita, Freshman, Foods and Nutrition. Siefkes, 
Dennis R: Hudson, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Siemens, Ellen K: 

Buhler, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Siemens, John L: Liberal, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Sieverin, Andree J: Clay Center, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Sievers, Ralph E: Bridge Water, S.D., Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Sigg, Mark L: Soldier, Junior, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Sigley, Janora A: Newton, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Sigwing, Richard B: Phil lipsburg, Freshman, Social Science. Sill, Web- 
ster H: Manhattan, Freshman, Political Science. Silver, Donna L: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Simmonds, David W: Wichita, Junior, General. Sim- 
mons, David H: Wellington, 01, Architecture. Simmons, Donna R: Man- 
hattan, Freshman, Family and Child Development. Simmons, Patricia A: 

Clyde, Junior, Secondary Education. 

© ^h Q 


4 J 



jPSfg- tmmL 







" J? w 


TOP ROW: Simmons, Steven J: Barnard, Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Simmons, Vicki K: Overland, Freshman, Home Economics. Simonsen, 
Soren K: Quimby, la., Sophomore, General. Simpson, Diane M: Manhat- 
tan, Junior, Home Economics Extension. 

SECOND ROW: Simpson, Judy E: Kiowa, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Simpson, Marilyn A: Junction City, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Simpson, Patricia O: Clifton, Junior, Secondary Education. Sims, 
Gary D: Berryton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Sims, Lana S: Oakley, Freshman, Home Economics. Sinclair, 
M. Ellen: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration. Singer, Leland O: 
Holton, Sophomore, Physics. Singer, Marilyn L: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Singleterry, John L: Holdrege, Neb., Sophomore, Eco- 
nomics. Sinn, Elizabeth A: Ft. Scott, Junior, Secondary Education. Sipes, 
John C: Russell, Freshman, Accounting. Skach, James C: Wichita, Sopho- 
more, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Skaer, William C: Augusta, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Skaggs, Lee A: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Mathematics. Skalka, Dennis 
R: Deweese, Neb., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Skates, Lenna D: 

Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Art. 

TOP ROW: Smalley, Suzanne M: Wichita, Sophomore, Medical Tech- 
nology. Smallwood, Gene R: Dodge City, 02, Architecture. Smiley, 
Elizabeth G: Goodland, Freshman, General. Smith, Cheryl A: Raytown, 
Mo., Freshman, Interior Design. 

SECOND ROW: Smith, Celia A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Smith, 
Corydon: Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Smith, Cynthia K: Larned, Fresh- 
man, Home Economics and Nursing. Smith, Danny L: Milton, Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Smith, Delancey A: Quivira Lake, Freshman, English. Smith, 
Dennis W: Hugoton, Junior, Speech. Smith, Dennis W: Eureka, Fresh- 
man, Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Denton N: Los Alamos, N.M., 03, 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Douglas, C: Axtell, Junior, Accounting. Smith, 
Elizabeth A: Topeka, Sophomore, General. Smith, Elizabeth D: Wichita, 
Junior, Music Education. Smith, Eugene L: Cleveland, Ohio, Junior, 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Evelyn P: Miltonvale, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Smith, Garry L: Waterville, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Smith, Gary L: Overland Park, Junior, Landscape Architecture. 
Smith, Geraldine A: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Skeuse, Thomas J: Stockton, N.J., Freshman, Agriculture. 
Skinner, George H: Topeka, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Skow, 
Andy M: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Skradski, 
Andrea A: Kansas City, Sophomore General. 

SECOND ROW: Slaven, James J: Beloit, Freshman, General. Slawson, 
Rachel G: Tonganoxie, Freshman, Home Economics. Sleichter, Jerry W: 
Abilene, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Slentz, Sharyn L: Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Sloan, Jim L: Kingman, Freshman, Accounting. Sloo, Martha 
J: Gainsville, Fla., Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. Slothower, 
Becky M: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Slough, 
Freddie L: Garden City, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Slupianek, Lawrence: Marysville, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Slusher, Steven H: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Small, Diane L: Wichita, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Small, Susan 

J: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

ferp?- W\.r\ x~» ^^ 

Underclassmen: Smi-Spe 

TOP ROW: Smith, Glenda M: Elkhart, Sophomore, History. Smith, 
Gwendolyn G: Oberlin, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Smith, 
Harry G: WaKeeney, Freshman, Flour Science and Management. Smith, 
Jacqueline M: Edison, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Smith, James G: Kansas City, Junior, Physical Education. 
Smith, James F: Minneola, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Smith, Janice 
E: Bethel, Junior, Elementary Education. Smith, Joan I: Ft. Scott, Junior, 
Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. 

THIRD ROW: Smith, John C: Larkinburg, Sophomore, Agriculture. Smith, 
John L: Coolidge, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Joyce M: Al- 
mena, Sophomore, Home Economics. Smith, Laura D: Clay Center, Fresh- 
man, Physical Therapy. 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Linda S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Smith, Lora M: Larned, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Smith, Philip W: Copeland, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Smith, Raymond E: Topeka, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Smith, Roy L: DeWitt, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Smith, Richard A: Hutchinson, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Smith, 
Rita A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Smith, Robert M: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Ronald W: Great Bend, 02, Architecture. Smith, 
Sherry D: Phi 1 1 ipsburg, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Smith, 
Stephen A: Wamego, Freshman, General. Smith, Suzanne H: Greens- 
burg, Freshman, General. 

TOP ROW: Smith, Thomas C: Douglass, Junior, General. Smith, Thomas 

E: Salina, Freshman, General. Smith, Thomas W: McPherson, Freshman, 
Pre-Forestry. Smith, Virgil L: Weskan, Freshman, Biochemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Smith, Walter J: Quincy, Mass., 02, Architecture. Smith, 
William B: Newton, Freshman, General. Smull, Ann W: Independence, 
Junior, Psychology. Smutz, Darryl D: Meade, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Smutz, Rebecca J: Clay Center, Sophomore, Music Edu- 
cation. Snell, Sharrie A: Garden City, Freshman, Political Science. Sneth- 
en, Donald D: Goodland, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Snider, 
Anne C: Bay Village, Ohio, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 





]^^m y^rS 

♦ ^L 

TOP ROW: Snyder, Dallas F: Duncannon, Pa., Sophomore, Speech. 

Snyder, Karen S: Ottawa, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Snyder, 

Linda A: Wichita, Freshman, Mathematics. Snyder, Steven A: Walton, 
Ind., Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Snyder, Thomas E: Arkansas City, Freshman, Pre-Medi- 
cine. Socolofsky, Barbara: Scott City, Junior, Physical Education. Socolof- 
sky, Robert M: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Solberg, Linda J: 

Shawnee Mission, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Soldner, Jerry L: Salina, Sophomore, General. Soldner, 
Liana S: Salina, Freshman, Psychology. Solenberger, David R: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, Business Administration. Somers, Dale L: Norton, Soph- 
omore, Pre-Law. 

FOURTH ROW: Somers, Linda K: Conway Springs, Freshman, Home 
Economics. Soto, Marta E: Ft. Riley, Freshman, General. Souder, Con- 
stance J: Augusta, Sophomore, Interior Design. Soupiset, Donald L: Elk- 
hart, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Souter, Thomas T: Grandview, Mo., 02, Architecture. 
Southard, Mary A: Stockton, Junior, Interior Design. Southcomb, Charles 

A: Joliet, III., 01, Architecture. Sowers, Don W: Murdock, Freshman, Feed 


BOTTOM ROW: Spachek, Donna M: Lincolnville, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Spain, Phillip F: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Accounting. Spain- 
hour, Paul L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Spald- 
ing, Robert E: Greenville, S.C., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Spangenberg, Kenneth: Hudson, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Spangler, M. Jill: Leawood, Sophomore, Business Administration. Sparks, 
Ralph V: Zurich, Freshman, General. Spaulding, Stuart A: Cheney, 
Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Spears, Jacqueline D: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, 
Physics. Spellman, Gail E: Gypsum, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Spellman, Larry G: Gypsum, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 
Spellman, Wayne E: Gypsum, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Spencer, Benjamin F: Westphalia, Freshman, Civil En- 
gineering. Spencer, Donna M: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Spencer, JoAnn: Hill City, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Spencer, Laurence W: Faucett, Mo., Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

Underclassmen: Spe-Ste 

TOP ROW: Sperry, Cynthia L: Prairie Village, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Spessard, Judith A: Arlington, Junior, Home Economics. Spiers, 
Margie J: Oakley, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Spiker, Gary D: Whit- 
ing, Junior, General. 

SECOND ROW: Spillman, Sherry L: Fredonia, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Spingler, Richard H: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Spitsnogle, Sherri D: Odell, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Splichal, Raymond J: Munden, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Splitter, Gary A: Silver Springs, Md., Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Sprague, Bernadette: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Sprang, Fred G: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Springer, Jeffrey A: Overland Park, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Sproul, Stephen K: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. St. Clair, Leigh W: Beaman, la., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Staab, Carol J: Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration. Stach, Robert 

E: Rossville, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stadelman, Stanley T: York, Pa., 01, Architecture. Stal- 
lings, Gary R: Vectorville, Calif., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Stallman, James R: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Stam- 
baugh, Louis A: Prescott, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

0i m o 

£H <*3 <SI &l 

I ; 

4 th. 


MlMl • 


TOP ROW: Stancliffe, Kent S: Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Standley, Mary A: Great Bend, Freshman, Business Administration. Stang, 
William C: Oakley, Sophomore, Business Administration. Stanley, Barbara 

J: Leawood, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Stanley, Keith L: Kansas City, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Stanzel, Kent A: lola, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Star- 
buck, Diane K: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary Education. Starkey, Karen 

K: Strong City, Freshman, Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Starkweather, JoAnn: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. States, Alan E: Logan, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
States, Gary L: Logan, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Steel, Sally J: 

Ellis, Freshman, Humanities. 

BOTTOM ROW: Steele, Charles G: Waterville, Junior, Physical Education. 
Steele, Lawrence R: Hutchinson, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Steele, 
Rosemary P: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Steen, Philip J: Paola, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

'.H t 

r"*i ^ ^ 


TOP ROW: Steeples, David J: Palco, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Steffek, Kathleen M: Abilene, 01, Architecture Stehl, Bobbie J: Lawton, 
01, Architecture. Steiger, Robert D: Menlo, Junior, Political Science. 

SECOND ROW: Steinberg, Robert A: Rego Park, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Steinke, Susan B: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics with Liberal Arts. Steinle, Wayne K: Russell, Junior, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Steinman, Gordon N: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Stephans, William F: Wichita, Junior, Mathematics. 
Stephens, Alan R: Paola, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Stephens, Ar- 
land D: Norwich, Freshman, Accounting. Stephens, Donald J: Moline, 
Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Stephens, Harvey A: Hepler, Freshman, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Stephens, James L: Grinnell, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Stephens, Mary B: Manhattan, Junior, Medical Technology. Stephens, 
Nanette L: Pierceville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stephens, Norla M: Pierceville, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Sterbenz, Janet M: EIDorado, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Stern, Scott M: Topeka, Sophomore, Nuclear En- 
gineering. Sternberger, Paul L: Kiowa, Freshman, General. 

Concentrating on keeping their lines straight, Air Force ROTC cadets 
march by the stadium stands during the spring armed forces review. 

With classes scheduled and cards pulled, the checker takes a final 
look too assure both the student and administration of correct data. 

N ^^ 

9 *( *■•►,. , 

a ?, ^ 



»__-" !»*.!• ~r*5 r»-4 

Underclassmen: Ste-Sul 

TOP ROW: Steuer, Linda J: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Stevens, 
Carol J: Chapman, Freshman, Business Administration. Stevens, Marsha L: 
Ottawa, Sophomore, Art. Stevens, Michael B: Canada, Sophomore, Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Stevenson, John E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Civil 
Engineering. Stevenson, Ruth V: Mankato, Junior, Physical Education. 
Steward, Barbara C: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Stewart, Ann: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Stewart, Cheryl L: Kingman, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Stewart, Connelaine: Bonner Springs, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Stewart, Edwin D: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Stewart, Gary A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Stewart, Jack M: Topeka, Sophomore, Accounting. Stew- 
art, Kathryn L: Salina, Freshman, Physical Education. Stewart, Vivian I: 
Bonner Springs, Freshman, General. Stielow, Kenneth L: Paradise, Junior, 
Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Stiles, Barbara A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Stillings, Kelly E: Atchison, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Stim- 
ach, Theodore J: Kansas City, 01, Architecture. Stindt, Judith A: Red- 
wood Court, Calif., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and 
Textiles Research. 

SIXTH ROW: Stock, Jeanette L: Summerfield, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics. Stockham, Constance: Hutchinson, Junior, Physical Education. 
Stoecker, Randall D: Oakley, Freshman, Agriculture. Stoehr, Philip J: 

Murdock, Junior, Geology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Stohs, Larry A: Leroy, Junior, Architectural Engineering. 
Stoll, Johnny E: Blencoe, la., Sophomore, Mathematics. Stoll, Stanley K: 
Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Stolz, Lawrence E: Wichita, Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Stone, Barbara J: Leonardville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Stone, Daryl O: Ada, Freshman, General. Stone, Francis M: 
Ft. Scott, 02, Architecture. Stonehocker, Martha: Manhattan, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Storrer, Carol A: Madison, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Storrer, Karen I: Madison, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Stos- 
kopf, William A: Columbus, 01, Architecture. Stout, Marcial: Cotton- 
wood Falls, Freshman, Interior Design. 


TOP ROW: Stover, Robert H. Topeka, Sophomore, Horticulture. Strahm, 
Darlene S: Sabetha, Freshman, Political Science. Strahm, Ronald L: Sa- 
betha, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Strauss, James E: Overland 
Park, Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Strecker, Janice E: Paradise, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Streeter, Arthur C: Manhattan, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Strein, Robert N: Los Alamos, N.M., Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 
Streit, Les D: Downs, Freshman, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Stremel, Kathleen M: McCracken, Freshman, Speech. 
Stricklen, Betty R: Manhattan, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 
Stricklin, Gary J: Liberal, Junior, Psychology. Stroberg, Jeanette M: 

Hutchinson, Junior, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Strohm, David A: Manhattan, Junior Psychology. Strube, 
John H: Hiawatha, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Strube, Roger L: Hia- 
watha, Sophomore, Speech/Humanities. Stuart, Clinton D: Altamont, 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Stuart, James G: Glen Elder, Sophomore, Physical Science. 
Stuart, Phil H: Herington, Freshman, Pre-Law. Stuckey, Larry D: Leaven- 
worth, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Stucky, Karen K: Haven, Freshman, 
Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Stude, John W: Copeland, Sophomore, Accounting. Stuessi, 
Janice L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Stueve, Mark A: Axtell, 
Freshman, Pre-Law. Stull, Robert W: Davenport, la., Sophomore, Physical 

SEVENTH ROW: Stum, Linda Y: Ness City, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Suberkropp, Jerald L: Mendota, III., Sophomore, Chemistry. Suchart, 
Carol A: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Suchsland, Eileen M: Nor- 
ton, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sudbeck, Odo M: Seneca, Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Suggs, Fred W: Montgomery, Ala., Freshman, Bakery Management. Sugh- 
rue, Kathleen M: Manhattan, Junior, Family and Child Development. 
Sullivan, Barbara J: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sullivan, Gale R: Garden City, Junior, Accounting. Sul- 
livan, Jennifer K: Ulysses, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Sullivan, 
Kenneth D: Lebo, Junior, Agriculture. Sullivan, Marilyn J: Pittsburg, 
Junior, Secondary Education. 

^ tf\ (**) £!\ 

Ck fX fh 

(\ Kri, $ & 

O Ci CY 

tit i Jar* 

fa £% f> <■.& 

m **? fe l% 


•> © r 








,| S* <| 




* •* ™ 







Underclassmen: Sul-Tha 

TOP ROW: Sullivan, Patricia J: Havana, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Sullivan, Susan E: Wichita, Junior, Interior Design. Sulli- 
vant, Thomas O: Dodge City, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Summers, 
Peggy A: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Sumner, Ronald P: Topeka, Sophomore, Industrial En- 
gineering. Sunderland, Elmer, L: Summerfield, Freshman, Industrial En- 
gineering. Sunderland, Lane V: Fairview, Sophomore, Zoology. Surrett, 
Richard L: Escondido, Calif., Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Surtees, Linda J: Wichita, Sophomore, English, Suster, Boris: 
Ecuador, 03, Architecture. Sutcliffe, Elizabeth: Grainfield, Freshman, 
Home Economics. Svaty, John G: Ellsworth, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 

FOURTH ROW: Svaty Karl J: Newton, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Swain, Damon P: Salina, 02, Architecture. Swain, Marion K: Soldier, 
Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Swanson, Angela D: Wichita, 
Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Swanson, Roger W: Winner, S.D., Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Swart, Donna G: White City, Freshman, General. 
Swart, Roger R: Wilson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Sweat, Mary T: 

Cedar, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

TOP ROW: Sweat, Rosalie R: Smith Center, Junior, Interior Design. Sweat, 
June F: Cedar, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Sweet, Harold M: 
Hardy, Neb., Freshman, Agriculture. Sweet, Michael L: Leawood, Fresh- 
man, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Sweet, William J: Dodge City, Junior, Chemistry. Swen- 
son, Carol R: Alta Vista, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Swenson, 
David D: Salina, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Swenson, Loren C: Con- 
cordia, Freshman, Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Swenson, Richard L: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Swenson, Sandra K: Kansas City, Junior, Interior Design. Swine- 
hart, James G: Overland Park, Junior, Business Administration. Swinney, 

Bill C: Valley Center, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Swint, James L: Emporia, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Swisher, Terry L: Greensburg, Freshman, General. Symns, Perrin K: 

Atchison, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. Symons, Stanley M: Onaga, 
01, Architecture. 

v 'I Ti *k 

A^ A 

- i 

Kim yj^. ^~'li f* ^f. 

TOP ROW: Szamotula, Helen: Stratford, Conn., Sophomore, Psychology. 
Taber, Homer L: Kingman, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Tadt- 
man, James L: Manhattan, Junior, Civil Engineering. Tadtman, Marilyn 

M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Tangeman, Roy D: Baileyville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Tanner, Carole L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Social Science. 
Tanner, Linda G: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics. Taphorn, 
Robert B: Marysville, Junior, Feed Technology. 

THIRD ROW: Taplin, Faye L: Ogden, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Tarman, John D: Jetmore, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Tarry, Michael 
C: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Taylor, Barbara E: Arlington, Va., 
Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Taylor, Charles M: EIDorado, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
j ministration. Taylor, Ellen L: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Taylor, Gilbert D: Fountain, Freshman, Secondary Education. Taylor, 
Jacqueline B: McPherson, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 



^%. US 

BOTTOM ROW: Taylor, Jean E: Leawood, Freshman, Interior 
Taylor, John H: Junction City, Junior, Economics. Taylor, Kent D: 
Freshman, Technical Journalism. Taylor, Lauralea: Tonkawa, Okla. 
Elementary Education. 

, Junior, 

r> f> & C~: 

"I °P. W ^ 

a-L Ik 3kJiM 

mi ml <m^< 

TOP ROW: Taylor, Lois E: Junction City, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Taylor, Mary J: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Taylor, Ralph B: Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. Taylor, 
Ronald W: Edna, Junior, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Taylor, Stanley E: Sterling, Junior, Accounting. Taylor, 
Steven L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Taylor, William S: Abilene, 

Junior, Biological Science. Teas, Roy K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Tedford, Stanley R: Goodland, Junior, Mathematics. Teel, 
Randy W: Rexford, Freshman, Physical Science. Teener, James W: Ft. 
Riley, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Teichgraeber, Thomas: Chapman, 
Junior, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Terry, Rita D: Culver City, Calif., Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Tetebo, Rosetta: Ghana, 
Sophomore, Foods and Nutrition. Teten, Elizabeth B: Burrton, Sophomore, 
Home Economics and Nursing. Thacker, Robert S: Hutchinson, Sophomore, 






Underclassmen: Tha-Tot 

TOP ROW: Tharp, Gary C: EIDorado, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 
Thayer, Linda L: Abilene, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Theurer, Richard 
L: Wellington, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Thiel, Marie E: Easton, Soph- 
omore, Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Thiel, Margaret A: Easton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Thieler, Steven M: Norton, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Thiessen, Leon E: Hillsboro, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Thiessen, 
Valerie J: Independence, Junior, History. 

THIRD ROW: Thomas, Dennis E: Dighton, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Thomas, Jon F: Council Bluffs, la., Junior, Entomology. Thomas, 
Kenneth L: Clyde, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Thomas, Linda S: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Humanities. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas, Nancy E: Webber, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Thomas, Tim M: Logan, Fresh- 
man, General. Thompson, Don F: Kansas City, Freshman, Electrical En- 
gineering. Thompson, Jay F: Leawood, Sophomore, Zoology. 


TOP ROW: Thompson, Jonnie S: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Thompson, Julie J: Leawood, Freshman, General. Thompson, Leslie A: 

Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Modern Languages. Thompson, Linda R: John- 
son, Sophomore, Interior Design. 

SECOND ROW: Thompson, Michael L: Harper, Freshman, Architectural 
Engineering. Thorp, Roger M: Junction City, 02, Architecture. Thornbrugh, 
Steven K: Newton, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Thorpe, Carol S: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Thorson, Mary A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Throckmorton, Ray I: Clarendon, III., Freshman, General. Thull, 
Gary L: Beloit, Freshman, General. Thummel, Lawrence K: Brookville, 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Thurston, Larry G: Delphos, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Tibbetts, Paula B: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Tice, Daniel R: Beloit, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Tice, 
Gary D: Topeka, Sophomore, Social Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tidball, William P: Morristown, S.D., Freshman, Veterin- 
ary Medicine. Tiemann, Larry S: Lincoln, Sophomore, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Tilkian, Hrag J: Lebanon, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Tillery, 
Carol A: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics. 

% 1 16 P Ck 

*r» 0$?- 


Enjoying the calm peacefulness of an autumn evening, campers relax at 
Tuttle Creek which provides a recreational area for picnics and water sports. 


TOP ROW: Tillmon, Conibeth: Kansas City, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Tillotson, Linda S: Leawood, Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
and Textiles Research. Tilsch, Jon G: Northbrook, III., 01, Architecture. 
Tinkler, Steven B: Humboldt, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Tipling, Sheila J: Horton, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Tisdel, John F: Salina, Sophomore, Pre Law. Toburen, Kathleen K: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Re- 
search. Todd, David C: Topeka, Freshman, Agronomy. 

THIRD ROW: Toews, Kathleen L: Atchison, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Toland, Richard E: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. Toll, 
Bryn B: Clifton, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Toll, Krista D: Lmds- 
borg, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Tollefson, David P: Willis, Freshman, General. Tollefson, 
Sandra D: Everest, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Toney, John 
W: Lancaster, Freshman, Dairy Management. Toot, Fredra L: Syracuse, 
Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Topliff, Harold J: Jewell, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Torkelson, Carol E: Robinson, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Torluemke, Mark K: Oberlin, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Toth, John B: Atwood, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 

f^ .^5 a rj 

Underclassmen: Tot-Ven 

TOP ROW: Totten, Harry E: Erie, Pa., Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Townley, Lawrence E: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Tozier, Janet L: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Tozier, 
Stephen J: Leawood, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 

SECOND ROW: Trabant, Galen D: Eudora, Sophomore, General. Trabert, 
Michael L: Olathe, Freshman, General. Train, Sammy K: Lindsborg, 

Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. Train, Steve W: Lindsborg, Junior, 

BOTTOM ROW: Travis, Janice L: Wichita, Junior, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Traxson, Steven G: Altamont, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Tremain, Donald R: Havana, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Tremmel, William M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Philosophy. 

TOP ROW: Tresenriter, Linda L: Lenexa, Freshman, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Tribble, Burton K: Soldier, Junior, 
Agricultural Economics. Trible, Leah G: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Tripp, Alan K: Manhattan, Freshman, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Tripp, Robert L: Salma, 03, Architecture. Trisler, Dennis 

R: Liberal, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Troell, Richard S: Wichita, Soph- 
omore, Civil Engineering. Trost, Eldon R: Concordia, Sophomore, Agricul- 
tural Education. 

THIRD ROW: Trubey, Timothy P: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Trybom, James C: Lawrence, Sophomore, Agronomy. Tucker, Cyn- 
thia M: Kiowa, Freshman, Interior Design. Tucker, Leonard L: Gove, 
Freshman, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Tucker, Loren G: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Tucker, Priscilla A: Topeka, Freshman, Interior Design. Tucker, 
Richard G: Parsons, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Tuggle, Anne A: 

Atchison, Junior, Secondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Turner, Catherine L: Newton, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Turner, Gary L: Elkhart, Freshman, Mathematics. Turner, Suzanne: 

North Springfield, Va., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, 
and Textiles Research. Turney, Norman J: Kansas City, Junior, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tussey, Barbara A: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Tussey, Mary L: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Twaddell, Dale O: Beloit, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Tweed, Thomas E: Norton, Freshman, Social Science. 

TOP ROW: Tweedy, Lindsey D: lola, 02, Architecture. Twombly, Shirley 
A: Troy, Junior, Home Economics. Ukele, Quenadyne G: Norton, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Law. Ukena, Nancy J: Effingham, Sophomore, Elementary 

SECOND ROW: Ulrich, Catherine L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Den- 
tistry. Umbaugh, Steven L: Manhattan, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Umphrey, William R: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Um- 
scheid, Linda S: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Umscheid, Mary J: Manhattan, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Underwood, Clifford: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Underwood, Mary J: Topeka, Freshman, General. Under- 
wood, Oren L: Burr Oak, Freshman, Agriculture. 



TOP ROW: Underwood, Sandra M: San Pedro, Calif., Sophomore, Sec- 
ondary Education. Unger, Ralph D: Oberlin, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Unruh, Randall K: Pawnee Rock, Freshman, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Unruh, Stephen G: Wichita, Freshman, Chemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Unzicker, Jerry L: Belpre, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Urbanek, Gary L: Wilson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Urich, 
Albert J: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Utz, Donald 
C: Holton, Junior, Dairy Management. 

THIRD ROW: Vahle, Gregory J: Richmond Heights, Mo., Sophomore, Bus- 
iness Administration. Volenti, Sharon S: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, 
Speech. Valla, Patricia S: Amityville, N.Y., Sophomore, History. Van 
Allen, Robert L: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Van Dorn, Margaret L: Axtell, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics. Van Dyke, Phylis L: Buckner, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Van Gundy, Marcia L: Americus, Freshman, General. Van Lerberg, 

Patricia: Shawnee, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Van Pelt, Vance E: Scott City, Sophomore, General. Van 
Vleet, Sharon L: Garden City, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Vanderlip, Mary J: Wichita, Freshman, General. Vandorn, Bernard W: 

Frankfort, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vaughn, Thomas L: Liberal, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Vavra, Charles R: Lenexa, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Vedros, Gus G: Kansas City, Sophomore, Sociology. Venard, Robert E: 

Olathe, Junior, Civil Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Ver-War 

TOP ROW: Vergin, Dexter A: Hammond, Ind., 02, Architecture. Ver- 
haalen, Marylyn E: Morgantown, W. Va., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Ed- 
ucation. Verhage, Karen J: Shawnee, Sophomore, Art. Verkest, Russell 

M: Independence, Mo., Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Vernon, Edith L: Oberlm, Freshman, Landscape Architec- 
ture. Verschelden, Michael: St. Marys, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Vesecky, John F: Timken, Junior, Agronomy. Vick, Judith L: Junction 
City, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Vidricksen, Robert: Salina, Freshman, Accounting. Vieux, 
Michael: Greensburg, 03, Architecture. Vigneron, William E: Leaven- 
worth, 01, Architecture. Vinduska, Albert W: Ada, Freshman, Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Vine, Mark H: Lawrence, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Viney, Walter J: Wichita, 02, Architecture. Visser, Arietta Y: 

Riley, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Vodraska, Rita L: Wilson, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Vodraska, Ruth M: Ellsworth, Freshman, General. Voelker, 
Elizabeth H: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Economics with Liberal 
Arts. Voelker, Gary E: Pittsfield, III., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Voet, Mary A: Oketo, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vogt, Barbara L: Dodge City, Freshman, General. Volk- 
mann, Allan W: Clay Center, Freshman, Biological Science. Volkmer, 
Diana K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Volz, Duane 
R: Greensburg, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

TOP ROW: Von Bergen, Donna K: Manhattan, Freshman, History. Von 
Bergen, Nicole: Dawson, Junior, Elementary Education. Von Lehe, Ma- 
rita K: Linn, Freshman, Interior Design. Vonderschmidt, Ellen: Reserve, 

Sophomore, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Waddell, Janet S: Kansas City, Freshman, Clothing Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design and Textiles Research. Waddle, Nancy K: Junc- 
tion City, Freshman, General. Wade, Kenneth R: Spearville, Sophomore, 
Animal Husbandry. Wade, Susan K: Mission, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wadsack, James F: Derby, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Waggoner, Richard L: Belle Plain, 01, Architecture. Wagner, Doug- 
las R: Paola, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. Wagner, Robert A: 

Hays, Freshman, Physics. 

TOP ROW: Wainwright, David E: Alta Vista, Junior, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Waite, Nancy S: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Administration. 
Waldo, Cathy J: Goddard, Sophomore, Sociology. Waldren, Richard P: 

Tribune, Freshman, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Waldren, Terry E: Tribune, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Walker, Arliss J: Lincoln, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Walker, Donald G: Wichita, Sophomore, Psychology. Walker, Jeanne 

M: Wichita, Sophomore, Zoology. 

THIRD ROW: Walker, Karen D: Wichita, Freshman, General. Walker, 
Larry G: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Walker, Linda M: Lincoln, Fresh- 
man, Business Administration. Walker, Margaret A: Prairie Village, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Walker, Patricia S: Penalosa, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics. Wall, John B: McPherson, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Wallace, Gregory S: Fredonia, 01, Architecture. Wallace, Patricia S: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Music Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Wallerstedt, James G: St. Joseph, Mo., Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Walling, Larry D: Arkansas City, Freshman, Horticulture. Walser, 
Charlene D: Waynesville, Mo., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion 
Design, and Textiles Research. Walsh, Margaret A: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Dentistry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Walsh, Sharon K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Interior 
Design. Walter, Glenna D: Riley, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Walters, Cheryl K: Gas, Freshman, Social Science. Walters, Kathleen D: 

Oakland, Calif., Junior, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles 

TOP ROW: Walters, Larry R: Russell, Freshman, General. Walters, Mark 

S: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Bakery Management. Walz, Stephen A: Ellis, 
Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. Wamhoff, Carolyn S: Bird City, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Wamhoff, George S: Holyrood, Junior, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Wanager, Gloria D: DeSoto, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Wandt, Antonia L: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Wandt, Elizabeth A: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wanick, Stephen G: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Wanklyn, Dennis A: Winifred, Junior, Business Administration. 
Wanklyn, Mary E: Randall, Junior, Elementary Education. Ward, Karen 

S: Carlisle Barracks, Pa., Junior, Interior Design. 

Underclassmen: War-Wei 

TOP ROW: Ward, Sue A: Norton, Freshman, Political Science. Ward, 
Virginia L: Larned, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. Wardlaw, 
Dale A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Political Science. Wardlaw, Dale 

A: Pickrell, Neb., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Warhurst, George T. Ill: Newton, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Warner, James B: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Architectural 
Engineering. Warner, Kathleen J: Dodge City, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Warnke, Merlin P: Las Cruses, N.M., Freshman, Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Warren, Howard L: Grand Island, Neb., Junior, Business 
Administration. Warren, Jimmy D: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Nuclear 
Engineering. Warren, Laurel B: Minneapolis, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Warta, Judith A: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. 

FOURTH ROW: Warta, Thomas H: Ellsworth, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. Wartman, Elizabeth G: Prairie Village, Sophomore, 
Home Economics and Nursing. Wary, Elizabeth M: Salina, Sophomore, 
Speech. Wasinger, Kenneth J: Garden City, Freshman, Business Admin- 

BOTTOM ROW: Wasmund, Marilyn K: Princeton, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Wassenberg, Annie: Marysville, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Wassenberg, Gloria A: Baileyville, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Waters, Anne C: Greensburg, Sophomore, General. 

At the annual Feast of Carols, the German Club presents sounds of a 
German Christmas. The holiday season was also depicted in different lands. 






% jF -#» -**- 







TOP ROW: Waters, Brian M: Schenectady, N.Y., Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Waters, Gregory T: Kansas City, Junior, Business Administration. 
Waters, Martha J: Greensburg, Freshman, English. Watkins, Cheryl L: 

Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Watkins, Keith E: Kiowa, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Watkins, 
Linda J: Anthony, Sophomore, Home Economics. Watson, Norma J: Lib- 
eral, Junior, Elementary Education. Watts, Curt L: Prairie Village, Fresh- 
man, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Watts, Rena L: Kensington, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, 
Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Wauthier, James J: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Wauthier, Jerome P: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre- 
Dentistry. Weatherford, Patricia: Abilene, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing. 

FOURTH ROW: Weatherholt, Richard: Ellis, Sophomore, Horticulture. 
Weaver, David L: Milford, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Weaver, 
James L: Augusta, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Weaver, William 

A: Kansas City, 04, Architecture. 

loci * m m 

Robert C 

III., Junio 
man, Busi 

1 llfct*. 

TOP ROW: Weber, Sue A: Altoona, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Weese, Viva L: Mound City, Freshman, General. Wegener, 
James D: McCook, Neb., Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Wehling, Rob- 
ert D: Salina, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Wehr, Barbara A: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Wehrman, Howard M: Wathena, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Weibert, Stuart W: Durham, Freshman, Agriculture. Weich, Neal 
R: Hoskins, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Weihe, Sheryl K: Larned, Freshman, Interior Design. Weil, 
Harold G: Edna, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Weiner, Stephen B: 
Livingston, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Weingart, Jacque- 
line: Atchison, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Weingart, Thomasine: Atchison, Freshman, English. 
Weishaar, Philip L: Nortonville, Sophomore, Mathematics. Weiss, George 
A: Philadelphia, Pa., Junior, Business Administration. Weisser, Jacquelyn 

M: Paxico, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

ROW: Webb, Howard G: Liberal, 02, Architecture. Webb, 
: Media, Pa., 03, Architecture. Webb, Wilton S: Mount Vernon, 
r, Business Administration. Weber, Robert A: Merriam, Fresh- 
ness Administration. 

^fm ^r* U-f. u*f 

Underclassmen: Wei-Wic 

TOP ROW: Weisser, Marilyn K: Paxico, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Weixelman, Richard L: Wamego, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Welborn, Alice K: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Interior Design. Welch, Wes- 
ley H: Augusta, Freshman, Architectural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Welker, Ronald L: Shawnee, Freshman, Animal Husband- 
ry. Wells, Barbara M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Wells, Danny R: Udall, Sophomore, Agriculture. Wells, Dennis 

L: Rock, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Wells, Ronald L: Gridley, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation. Wells, Ward V: Wichita, 02, Architecture. Wells, William W: 
Leavenworth, Freshman, Accounting. Welsh, Ronald D: Kincaid, Sopho- 
more, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW: Wempe, Connie S: Lawrence, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Wenger, Michael R: Harper, Junior, Flour Science and 
Management. Wenger, Patricia L: Sabetha, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Wenger, Richard W: Sabetha, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Wenger, Vicki L: Meade, Freshman, General. Wentz, Dar- 
rel P: Wichita, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Wentz, Elisabeth A: Con- 
cordia, Freshman, Psychology. Wentz, Steven D: Salina, Freshman, Ag- 
ricultural Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Werner, Ruth D: Sharon, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Weseloh, Robert W: Sylvan Grove, Freshman, Accounting. West, Barry 
L: Stafford, Sophomore, Elementary Education. West, Constance J: Lea- 
wood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: West, Dale E: Greensburg, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. West, Karen J: Healy, Sophomore, Humanities. West, Paul R: Nor- 
folk, Va., Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. West, Robert P: Falls Church, Va., 01, 

EIGHTH ROW: West, Rosalyn A: Topeka, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. West, Sharon K: Overland 
Park, Freshman, General. West, Steven J: Nekoma, Freshman, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Westerman, John R: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Westover, Sheryl D: Junction City, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Westphal, Dennis C: Kinsley, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Wethington, Stanley: Anthony, Junior, Agronomy. Weybrew, 
Steven J: Wamego, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

L-" <*ff J»Z? 


_l / JHMtim 

1 , » did 

cy & 

■5^ f^j .C^f %%?*| 

TOP ROW: Whealy, Barbara K: Anthony, Junior, Physical Education. 
Wheatley, Christine: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Secondary Education. 
Wheeler, John L: Larkinburg, 03, Architecture. Wheeler, Linda K: Otta- 
wa, Freshman, Art. 

SECOND ROW: Wheeler, Vicki L: Atchison, Freshman, General. Whee- 
lock, Carole J: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Humanities. Wheelock, 
Hugh H: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Whet- 
stine, Douglas G: Clay Center, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Whitaker, Neal D: Hutchinson, Freshman, Wildlife Conser- 
vation. White, Cynthia E: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. White, Charlotte M: Hoxie, Junior, Elementary Education. White, 
Darryl D: Endwell, N.Y., Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: White, John H: Council Grove, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. White, Linda A: Topeka, Freshman, Interior Design. White, Mari- 
lyn V: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Psychology. White, Patricia J: Over- 
land Park, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FIFTH ROW: White, Terry L: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Whitehill, Janet M: Latham, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 
Whitesell, Jim L: Miller, Mo., Freshman, Physical Education. Whitfield, 
Carol L: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Whitley, Sharon A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Sociology. 
Whitman, Barbara E: Merriam, Sophomore, Art. Whitmer, Lionel R: 

Dorrance, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Whitney, Eleanor R: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Whitney, Mary E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Medical 
Technology. Whitney, Mason C: Wichita, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Whitten, Terry D: Salem, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Whittlesey, Diana K: Lawrence, Sophomore, Interior Design. 

EIGHTH ROW: Whitworth, Stanley R: Chanute, Freshman, Electrical En- 
gineering. Wiard, Mary A: Keats, Junior, Elementary Education. Wibbe- 
ler, Richard M: Greensburg, Sophomore, General. Wichman, Carol M: 

Valley Falls, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wichman, Daryl L: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Wichman, Ross J: Seneca, Sophomore, Political Science. 
Wicks, Brian A: Oxbow, N.Y., Junior, Dairy Management. Wicks, Cathy 

J: Brewster, Freshman, Psychology. 

Underclassmen: Wid-Wil 

TOP ROW: Widou, Stanly C: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Wiebke, Arleta K: Lincoln, Sophomore, General. Wiechman, 
Steven R: Scott City, Sophomore, General. Wiehe, Linda C: Leavenworth, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Wiens, Patricia A: Hillsboro, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Wiggins, Jon S: Lyons, Junior, Secondary Education. Wika, 
Gloria D: Clark, S.D., Sophomore, Interior Design. Wilbeck, Janet K: 

Vesper, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

THIRD ROW: Wilcke, Richard W: Manhattan, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Wilcox, Connie J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Wilcox, Norma N: Manhattan, Junior, Political Science. Wiley, Cecil 

W: Harper, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wiley, Lois A: Clay Center, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Wiley, Shirley J: Clay Center, Freshman, General. Wilhite, Gregory F: 
Topeka, 01, Architecture. Wilhoite, Paula M: Manhattan, Sophomore, 

TOP ROW: Wilkerson, Elizabeth: Ellinwood, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Wilkerson, John O: Braymer, Mo., Freshman, Feed Tech- 
nology. Wilkinson, Sherri M: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Willard, Donna J: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Willard, F. Lynn: Madison, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Willard, Lloyd H: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Willard, Michael L: Madison, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Willhite, 

John D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

THIRD ROW: Williams, David R: Peoria, III., Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Williams, Don N: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Williams, Elizabeth: Caldwell, Junior, Business Administration. Williams, 
Judith K: Stafford, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Williams, Kathleen R: Caldwell, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Williams, Kimberly E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Interior De- 
sign. Williams, Leslie L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Williams, 

Mark D: Florence, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Williams, Maureen C: Broadview, III., Junior, Interior 
Design. Williams, Neva A: Odessa, Tex., Junior, Secondary Education. 
Williams, Robert A: Plymouth Meeting, Pa., 03, Architecture. Williams, 
Robert H: Smith Center, Junior, Geography. 


In spite of the rain, sorority rushees dress in cocktail and evening 
wear for the last parties before they sign membership preferences. 

Observing recovery by the K-State defensive squad of a fumble 
made by Colorado Buffaloes, the offense prepares to take over. 

ink WtJM 1 mimmm WmSk 


TOP ROW: Williams, Robert J: Leavenworth, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Williams, Ronald C: Eudora, Sophomore, Mathematics. Willis, Lonnie 

D: Bird City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Willis, Patricia S: Bird City, 
Freshman, Family and Child Development. 

SECOND ROW: Willison, Helen M: Buhler, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Willits, James L: Marysville, Junior, Mathematics. Willits, 
Richard H: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, English. Wilson, Billy A: Over- 
land Park, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Wilson, Bruce G: LaCrosse, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Wilson, Cristan L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Wilson, Cynthia A: Lincoln, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Wilson, 
Dave K: Leoti, Freshman,' Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Wilson, Edward L: Vliers, Junior, Civil Engineering. Wil- 
son, Franklin E: Ft. Worth, Tex., Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. Wil- 
son, Helen A: Rockville, N.Y., Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Wilson, 
Irene M: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wilson, James D: Salina, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Wilson, James W: Topeka, 02, Architecture. Wilson, Janel S. La- 
Crosse, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 


^ ^ n 

Underclassmen: Wil-Wri 

TOP ROW: Wilson, John H: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Wilson, 
Karr L: Home, Freshman, Home Economics. Wilson, Lawrence E: Ogden, 

Freshman, Mathematics. Wilson, Martha A: Norton, Junior, Elementary 

SECOND ROW: Wilson, Michael B: Leavenworth, Junior, Accounting. 
Wilson, Philip B: Kirkland, III., Freshman, Physical Education. Wilson, 
Richard D: Paradise, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Wilson, Sandra 

L: Philadelphia, Pa., Sophomore, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wilson, Terry L: Jetmore, Junior, Political Science. Wilt, 
John B: Rossville, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wiltse # Kenneth C: 
Great Bend, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Wiltse, Sue A: Paola, 
Junior, Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: Windels, Mary E: Meadville, Mo., Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Winderlin, Pauletta: Scott City, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Windier, Timothy R: Paola, Sophomore, Dairy Pro- 
duction. Wineland, Calvin E: Salina, 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Winfrey, Marilyn K: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Winkley, Marvin J: Marion, Sophomore, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Winter, Fawne L: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Winter, Lennita A: Clifton, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Winter, Nancy L: Satanta, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Winter, Ronald A: Riverside, Calif., Freshman, Business Administration. 
Winzeler, Kenneth A: Lamont, Junior, Chemistry. Wise, Peggy J: Law- 
rence, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Re- 

FOURTH ROW: Wisegarver, Frederic: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Wisegarver, Richard: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. Wis- 
niewski, John E: St. Joseph, Mich., 02, Architecture, Witt, Linda L: Prairie 
Village, Sophomore, Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Wittenborn, John S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Social 
Science. Woelfer, Carl W: Manhattan, Freshman, Political Science. Woell- 
hof, Linda K: Clay Center, Freshman, Music Education. Wofford, Jerry R: 

Ozawkie, Freshman, Restaurant Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wofford, Mary L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Elemen- 
tary Education. Wokaty, Gary R: Conway, Freshman, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Wolf, Connie L: Junction City, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Wolfe, 
Regina F: Ness City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 


TOP ROW: Wolff, Gloria D: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. Wolff, 
Lary D: Caldwell, 02, Architecture. Wolters, Douglas J: Atwood, Fresh- 
man, Mechanical Engineering. Womer, Susan L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Wonka, Frank E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Wood, Ben W: Syracuse, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Wood, Leetta L: Salina, Sophomore, Humanities. Wood, Mary K: Topeka, 
Freshman, Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wood, Sherry J: Uniontown, Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Wood, Steve J: Prairie 
Village, Sophomore, Business Administration. Woodard, Charles R: Wich- 
ita, Sophomore, Agriculture. Woodard, Craig M: Wichita, Sophomore, 

JH ^ * t 

651 x^j- CTl ^- 

M*M j A 

TOP ROW: Woodard, June A: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Woodard, Kim: Wichita, Freshman, General. Woodburn, John W: 

Pleasonton, Sophomore, Zoology. Woodley, Kent E: Wichita, Freshman, 
Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Woods, Paul C: Kansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Woods, Preston S: Wellington, 01, Architecture. Woodson, 
Steve C: Kingman, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Woodward, 
Robert L: Overland Park, Freshman, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Woofter, Frank L: Colby, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Woolcott, Mary A: Chester, III., Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Woolley, Marilyn L: Oxford, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Worley, Ronald R: Beloit, 02, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Worley, William S: Portales, N.M., Sophomore, Psycholo- 
gy. Worster, Anne C: Sioux City, la., Freshman, General. Worthington, 
Ruth L: Garnett, Junior, Home Economics Education. Woydziak, Eugene 

F: Wichita, Freshman, Agriculture. 

FIFTH ROW: Wrampe, Mary E: Atlanta, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Wray, William M: Marion, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Wright, Elynn S: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics. Wright, Haskell 

S: Sublette, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wright, Kendall M: Topeka, Junior, General. Wright, 
Marjorie J: Wichita, Junior, Physical Education. Wright, Randolph L: 
Grand Prairie, Texas, 03, Architecture. Wright, Susanna M: Shawnee 
Mission, Junior, Elementary Education. 



^ o o 

Underclassmen: Wri-Zum 

TOP ROW: Wright, Wesley D: Merriam, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Wulff, Frederick J: Atchison, Junior, Economics. Wurtz, Barbara S: 
Paxico, Junior, Elementary Education. Wurtz, Teresa J: Paxico, Freshman, 
Home Economics and Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Wurzbacher, Pamela S: Goodland, Sophomore, Sociolo- 
gy. Wuthnow, Linda K: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Wyatt, 
Douglas W: Overland Park, 02, Architecture. Wyckoff, M. William: 

Altamont, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Wykoff, Beverly: Los Alamos, N.M., Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Wyman, Randal K: 
Larned, Freshman, Pre-Law. Yaney, Jed E: Newark, N.J., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Yardley, David B: Arkansas City, Junior, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Yarnall, Susan M: Prairie Village, Freshman, Music Edu- 
cation. Yarrow, Gale R: Clay Center, Junior, Mathematics. Yeager, Wil- 
liam J: Cottonwood Falls, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Yelenik, Lois 

E: Wichita, Freshman, General. 

TOP ROW: Yessick, Margaret E: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Yonke, Elizabeth A: Junction City, Freshman, General. 
York, Mary E: Garden City, Freshman, Mathematics. Yorke, Cynthia R: 

Sedan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Yorke, Jerome P: Sedan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Young, Alexander M: Leawood, Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Young, 
Carolyn L: Goodland, Freshman, General. Young, Daniel W: Shawnee 
Mission, Junior, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Young, Judith K: Halstead, Freshman, Humanities. Young, 
Leroy I: Beloit, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Young, Nancy A: Abi- 
lene, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Young, Nancy M: Leawood, Junior, 
Medical Technology. 

FOURTH ROW: Young, Regina G: Prairie Village, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics. Young,. Susan K: Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Science. Young, 
William P: Clay Center, Sophomore, History, Political Science. Younger, 
Gerald P: Salina, Freshman, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Youngers, Diane K: Medicine Lodge, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing, Fashion Design, and Textiles Research. Yoxall, John E: Alton, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Yust, Steven W: Sylvia, Sophomore, 
Animal Husbandry. Zabel, Robert C: Westmoreland, Freshman, Account- 



4j|) ifTi C5 if5 


I I'll 

^ f^ lt% ^ 


Delta Delta Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha team up to bring the mysterious 
East to the Homecoming parade. The groups were awarded third place. 

TOP ROW: Zaborowski, Thomas G: Cleveland, Ohio, Freshman, Pre- 
Medicine. Zackert, Margaret L: Kansas City, Sophomore, English. Zarker, 
Cathleen M: Topeka, Freshman, Psychology. Zavesky, Thomas C: Ells- 
worth, Freshman, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Zeide, Steve M: Brooklyn, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Zeman, Douglas, A: Russell, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Zibell, Robert E: Holton, Junior, Business Administration. Zielke, Richard 

K: Buhler, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Zimbelman, Sherry L: St. Francis, Freshman, Interior De- 
sign. Zimmerman, Gary L: Kansas City, Junior, Zoology. Zimmerman, 
Glenna L: Poplar, Mont., Freshman, Physical Education. Zimmerman, 
Laurel G: Alta Vista, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Zimmerman, Nancy L: Centralia, Freshman, Political 
Science. Zink, Orlin J: Scott City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Zin- 
man, Robert L: Cherry Hill, N.J., 04, Architecture. Zitek, Lyle E: Friend, 

Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Zitnik, Frank E: Ransom, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Zodrow, Joseph C: Leoville, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Zumbrunn, Daryl J: Junction City, Junior, Business Administration. 


rf^m V**W fS*y<4 r ^©t^ 


Graduate Students: Ada-Die 

TOP ROW: Adams, James J: Nevada, Mo., Regional Planning. Adejun- 
mobi, Elizabeth: Lagos, Nigeria, Statistics. Andekian, Elizabeth: Racine, 
Wis., Foods and Nutrition. Anderson, Marilyn J: Peru, Family Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Ardon, Menachem T: Israel, Electrical Engineering. 
Arora, Jasbir S: India, Civil Engineering. Asadi, Shafiuddin A: India, 
Feed Technology. Baker, Robert E: Parsons, Feed Technology. 

THIRD ROW: Bantwal, Jayawanth D: India, Industrial Engineering. 
Barnhart, James L: Coldwater, Biochemistry. Base, Sharon J: Sedgwick, 
Education. Berry, Ralph E: Mitchell, Neb., Entomology. 

FOURTH ROW: Biles, Bertram R: Hutchinson, Technical Journalism. 
Boyle, Peter J: South Africa, Statistics. Britton, Gale E: Lewis, Education. 
Brown, Edwin V: Gorham, Mathematics. 

FIFTH ROW: Brown, Robin M: New Zealand, Institutional Management. 
Bruce, Myrtle A: Murphy, N. C, Statistics. Brummel, Joel S: Wichita, 
Horticulture. Chandrashekar, Hiriy: India, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Chang, Alice A: Formosa, Modern Languages. Chang, Sucy 
S: Formosa, Statistics. Chaudhari, Dahyabhai R: India, Industrial Engi- 
neering. Cochran, Harold M: Oberlin, Industrial Engineering. Cooper, 
Ronda F: Stillwater, Okla., Bacteriology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Costigan, Larry M: Buffalo Center, la., Education. Cot- 
trell, Fredric R: Liberal, Physical Education. Das, Cuddalore T: India, 
Dairy Science. Deaver, Robert M: Sabetha, Economics. Dickerson, Mary 

E: Parsons, Family Economics. 

Graduate school enrollment represents 57 nationalities 

Fifty seven countries were represented by students 
in graduate school. Of the approximately 1,300 per- 
sons enrolled, China, India and Nigeria, respectively, 
claimed the largest number of students. Graduate en- 
rollment was highest during the summer. Teachers 

With traditional hats, seniors sit en masse at a football game. 
More seniors than ever are expected to enter graduate school. 

working toward advanced degrees found summer most 
convenient for research and study. 

Of the 1,041 men and 237 women in graduate 
school, most were awarded fellowships by the National 
Defense Education Act. Also awarded for graduate 
study were fellowship grants worth $74,000 from the 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration and 
National Science Foundation. 

Graduate Students: Dod-Sim 

TOP ROW: Dodge, Rae M: Medicine Lodge, Biochemistry. Dowling, Paul 
L. Jr.: Burmingham, Ala., Geology. Dufva, Diane: Manhattan, English. 
Edwards, Annette K: Manhattan, English. 

SECOND ROW: Eklund, Darrel L: Miltonvale, Statistics. Ely, Karolyn K: 

Manhattan, Foods and Nutrition. Erbes, Lawrence E: LaCrosse, Agronomy. 
Fasse, Nancy J: Hollenberg, Family and Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Fenton, LaDean J: Manhattan, English. Flottman, Ellen L: 

Chanute, Clothing and Textiles. Gamble, Wiley D: Dodge City, Civil En- 
gineering. Garrett, Juanita F: Junction City, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Geil, Larry L: Great Bend, Agricultural Economics. Gill, 
Tara S: India, Industrial Engineering. Gillam, Marilyn K: Garden City, 
Home Economics. Graber, Gary D: Pretty Prairie, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gundu, Rao H: India, Entomology. Hanna, Jay D: Lyons, 
Psychology. Harper, George R: Weskan, Zoology. Hevel, Gary F: Os- 
wego, Entomology. 

aft > ~1 

W^m «&?mS : \m*fy* \3^"TV 



TOP ROW: Hoffman, Keith L: Manhattan, Statistics. Hunt, Melvin C: 
Tribune, Secondary Education. Hunt, Rae Jean: Great Bend, Education. 
Ibbetson, Ronald L: Yates Center, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Jesena, Cesar C. Jr.: Philippine Islands, Agriculture. 
Jewett, Richard J: Rossville, Education. Kahl, Kurt W: Bronx, N.Y., In- 
stitutional Management. Kapur, Surinder K: India, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Keithley, Claude A: Kansas City, Regional Planning. Khare, 
Gyaneshwar P: India, Veterinary Medicine. Kiankhooy-Fard, P: Iran, 
Electrical Engineering. Koester, Marilyn L: Chicago, III., English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lackey, William M: Hutchinson, Civil Engineering. 
Letourneau, James L: Aurora, Economics. Lewis, John L: Atwood, Mathe- 
matics. Loeppke, Daryl W: Lakin, Animal Husbandry. 

TOP ROW: Penrod, Michael D: St. Ann, Mo., Physical Education. Pratt, 
William L: Colby, Economics. Ramakrishna, Kona: India, Pathology. 
Rao, Hanumantharao M: India, Biochemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Rogers, John C: Arkansas City, Animal Husbandry. Rosa, 
Felipe: Venezuela, Geology. Rossillon, Mary A: Gridley, Family Eco- 
nomics. Rowland, James W: Rockford, III., Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Rowland, Linda G: Prairie Village, Radio and TV. Saadeh, 
Hisham K: Lebanon, Genetics. Saffold, Roy G: Kansas City, Physics. Sam- 
bamurti, Bhamidip, India, Pathology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Seyler, Harry L: Manhattan, Geography. Shawver, S. 
Herbert: Riley, Education. Shepherd, Benjamin A: Woodville, Miss., 
Zoology. Simons, Gale G: Kingman, Nuclear Engineering. 

TOP ROW: Long, Robert P: Enid, Okla., Sociology. Lucas, Alice S: Meri- 
dian, Miss., Img. Manzo, David J: Lackawanna, N.Y., Chemistry. Maran- 
ville, Jerry W: Matheson, Colo., Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Mason, Gary E: Mission, Civil Engineering. Maurath, 
Clement J: Monument, Statistics. McCracken, Deanna M: Lyndon, Cloth- 
ing and Textiles. McCulloch, William A: Clarksville, Ind., Chemical En- 

THIRD ROW: Meeks, Ellis M: Manhattan, Business Administration. Mehta, 
Desh P: India, Physics. Mertz, James L: Wamego, Biochemistry. Mickel- 
son, Eldon L: Lyndon, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Morales, Victor M: Guatemala, Industrial Engineering. 
Naqvi, Ali R: Pakistan, Surgery and Medicine. Neff, Roy L: Glen Elder, 
Mathematics. Nyhart, Sylvester O: Russell, Horticulture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Olson, Ross A: Dwight, Agricultural Economics. Otte, 
Vern E: Great Bend, Secondary Education. Ottow, Johannes C: Nether- 
lands, Bacteriology. Pence, John T: West Lafayette, Ind., Institutional 

~,v -A -" ^A 

rf^«| «*^t ^1 V^4 


Graduate Students: Sin-Yor 

TOP ROW: Singh, Awadh N: India, Milling Industries. Sjogren, Robert 
D: Concordia, Accounting. Smith, David M: Shelbyville, III., Zoology. 
Smith, Norman E: Parsons, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Splitter, Melvin V: Lorraine, Agronomy. Starr, Lois V: 

EIDorado, Elementary Education. Starr, Ronald L: Manhattan, Electrical 
Engineering. Stayton, Walter L: Palmyra, III., Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Stewart, William G: Ozark, Ark., Art. Stromer, William L: ^ ?®r 

Kansas City, Mo., Zoology. Subbarayudu, Dudi: India, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Subbayya, Jonna: India, Plant Pathology. 

FOURTH ROW: Sullivan, Richard E: Osawatomie, Chemistry. Tariq, Mo- 
hammad: Pakistan, Agricultural Economics. Taylor, Thomas A: Madison, 
Conn., Economics. Thomas, Lindon C: Tulsa, Okla., Mechancial Engineer- 

FIFTH ROW: Timmons, Darrol H: Bushton, Nuclear Engineering. Trostle, 
Ronald G: Nickerson, Agricultural Economics. Varner, Roberta F: Kansas 
City, Mo., Clothing and Textiles. Venkayya, Dega: India, Dairy Manage- 

SIXTH ROW: Walters, Patrick A: Hays, English Wanklyn, Janice R: 

Winifred, Home Economics Education. Warren, Don R: Kansas City, Mo., 
Zoology. Warren, James F: Superior, Neb., Technical Journalism. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wharton, David H: Garden City, Business Administra- 
tion. Williamson, Arthur: New Strawn, Chemistry. Wilson, Charles E: 
Abilene, Mechanical Engineering. Wilson, Margaret E: Evanston, III., 


3 o q r% 

l?J (fi| O Q 

it wfc* W 

*?■ Q Q fH 



EIGHTH ROW: Woodruff, Burrton G: Manhattan, Psychology. Wright, *-*fi*y r *J 

Donald E: Atchison, Education. Wu, Sheng-Chyi: Tiwan, Civil Engineering. 
York, Lawrence R: Garden City, Poultry Science. 

ft. ft Q 

Second Semester Seniors 

Brower, Garry R: Benton, Animal Husbandry. Lindstrum, David B: 

Omaha, Neb., Landscape Architecture. Schmitt, Gerald H: Kinsley, Agri- 
cultural Education. 

for any Student 


Capezio Cole-Haan 

Debs Freeman 

Oldmain Trotters Portage 

U.S. Keds U.S. Keds 

Seaton Bags 

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State Mdtel 

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124 YUMA 

PR 8-5461 

Eddie's Beauty Salon 

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Marcelle Beauty Shop 

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"Personalized Hair Styling" 

For Business or Pleasure 

Call TWA or your Travel Agent. 

(Save money on our Family Plan.) 


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Travel Unlimited 


616 Poyntz 


Phone PR 8-2131 


Keith Stuessi, senior class president, and Valerie Hoover, 
senior class secretary, pause for a few minutes of relaxa- 

tion after looking over Woody's large variety of clothing 
chosen especially for K- State's best dressed men and women. 



Apparel For Gentlemen 
And Their Ladies 



complete line of hardware - gifts 



PR 8-4250 

Buzzell's Office Equipment 

Across from the Post Office 


Now Two Big Stotes 

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'Remember the Good Times" 






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515 S. 8TH STREET PHONE PR. 8-3303 P.O. BOX 279 

Manhattan, Kansas 


Washing and Greasing Service 
Tires and Accessories 


Phone PR 6-9814 1101 Moro 

Doebele's IGA Foodliner 

Joe Doebele, prop. 

Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries & Meats 


517 N. 3rd Phone 8-4923 




The Place to Go, for 
The Names You Know 




Bring it in personally or have your doctor phone us. 



328 Poyntz Ave. 

Phone PR 6-8836 



Phone 6-9221 


4th & Poyntz 

Ph. 8-4931 or 8-5310 


Phone 9-5611 

Boosting K-State and 

Serving Kansas State's 

Best Dressed Men and Women 

Since 1922. 


Coach Doug Weaver considers sending in punting specialist 
Bob Ballard as Colorado slows Cats in their own territory. 

When in Manhattan 

meet your friends at the 


Operated by Wareham Brothers 

Kansas State Alumni 

Radios in 

Every Room With 

TV Available 

Air Conditioned 


Banquet and Party 


Eddie Botterman, Manager 

Diamond Specialist 

Keep *l tlliott 

Registered Jewelers A.G.S. 
Accredited Gem Testing lab. 




PR. 8 4122 

Geo Jo's 

2020 N. Third 





Rogers Paint Products 

Everything in Decorating Materials 


Shoes for the Entire Family 

404 Poyntz 


A Man 

In Your 


He's Reddy Kilowatt . . . 
ready to offer you a helping 
hand on any job. Actually, 
modern electric living is al- 
ready a reality in our gener- 
ation, yet all of today's elec- 
tric applications will be far 
surpassed by future utiliza- 
tions. KPL pledges an always 
power-full Kansas in order to 
meet this challenge. 

Boosting . . 



Building a 

Wall of Security 

around the 

Kansas family. 






K F B 

Insurance Companies 



stereo and tape recorders 



radios and small appliances 

• Electric Heat & Insulation 

• Electrical Supplies 

• Lighting Fixtures 

• Electronic Repair 



1204 MORO 

PR 6-9266 

Gifts for all Occasions 
5th and Poyntz Phone 8-3882 


Complete Insurance Service 

229 POYNTZ AVE. PR 8-3090 




• Delivery 

• Dining Room 

• Private Party Facilities 

1121 MORO 


PR 6-9994 



New Car 



Ray Weese Rambler, Inc. 

Brewer Motor Co. 
Cadillac - Chevrolet 

Currie Pontiac 

& Oldsmobile 

Quality Motor Co. 

Studebaker - Jeep 

Twice all-conference defensive end, Bill Matan (84) smashes into Nebraska quarter- 
back Bob Churchich as Dan Woodward comes in with help. Huskers defeated the Cats. 

Warren Poston Motors 
Dodge and Dodge Trucks 

Skaggs Motors, Inc. 

Manhattan Motors, Inc. 

Allingham Motors 

Goetsch-lrvine Motor Co. 

Chrysler - Plymouth 

Tri-County Motor Co. 





Manhattan's Most Complete Department Store 


Manhattan, Kansas 

Open 9 to 9 Daily 12-6 on Sunday 

George L. Canady, General Manager 



Exclusive Dealers of: 

• Remington 

• Underwood-Olivetti 

• Olympia 

PR 8-4241 217 South 4th PR 8-4174 

PR 8-4485 

120 Poynt 





S/= ) 



• Live Entertainment 


• Dancing 

• Bavarian Style 

Dark Beer 

• 18 Kinds of Pizza 

Open 7 Days A Week 


W pkza pamor 

PR 8-3516 2304 STAGG HILL ROAD 


For a Complete Wardrobe 

Chef Cafe 

111S. 4th 
Phone PR 8-3266 

Stickefs Cleaners 

714 N. 12th 

Quality Work— Moderate Prices 


Two Locations: 



Third and Humboldt 

w^ ywbW^ 

A N H A 

Tom Griffith 
Chairman of Board 

N . K A N S A 

J. E. Arnold 
Trust Officer 

W. B. Glenn 



Phone PR 8-441 1 
431 S. 5th 


Phone PR 6-8846 
West on K-18 


Phone PR 8-3911 
131 Houston 


Phone PR 8-4477 
112 N. 2nd 

Leaping with the big men, six-foot Sammy Robinson uses explosive 
power to lead the 'Cats in rebounding in a 74-68 victory over Texas Tech. 

^Jhe cJLumber (companies oP / V lankattan 

S^eruina the J^eople 

High flying Roscoe Jackson (23) gets elbow room with the 
help of teammates Larry Weigel (20), Earl Seyfert (33) and 

Bob George (12) as he goes in for a basket against Tulsa. 
The Hurricanes came from a nine-point deficit to win 74-70. 



320-22-24 Poyntz Ave. 

619 N. Manhattan 



PHONE 8-3551 


6th and Leavenworth 


Kaup Furniture Co. 

Everything for the Home 
Downtown and Suburban 

Conde Music & Electric 

Manhattan's Finest and Most Complete 

Record Department 

RCA Victor Television and Stereo Hi-Fidelity 

Wurlitzer Pianos and Organs 

PR 8-4446 Manhattan, Kansas 



Chinese and American Dishes 

"A Progressive University . . . 

Demands a Progressive Book Store" 



Call The Man From 


Ray Henry 

Geo. Staebler, Jr 

Jim Nellis 

Ernest Blair 

Lee Weir, Jr. 

Arnold Falk 

Ray Montgomery 


Bill McBride 

Don ft .Icrru 


The friendly store for men 

SINCE 1908 


"Ready Reliable" 

Reliable Transfer and 
Storage Company— PR 8-3559 
Moving with care everywhere 


Lockers — Cold Storage — Ice 
209 Yuma Phone 8-4465 


"Ding," "Cooney," and "Phil" 
Next Door to Kite's 




Electric Appliances 

Dutch Boy Paints 

Ovenware and Chinaware 

Cleaning Supplies 

Picture Framing and Molding 

Hand Tools 

Power Tools 

General Household Articles 

Shop Aggie Hardware First 
"/n Your Aggieville Shopping Center" 

Elusive ball handling skills by guard Dennis Berk- 
holtz enable him to break away from the defense. 

1205 Moro 

Phone 8-2993 



Laurence W. Blaker 

1200 Moro 

Dial 8-3434 










429 Poyntz 


3 convenient locations 

Try our Sanitone cleaning 
Free pickup and delivery 

PR 6-8848 

Bird Music Co., Inc. 



PR 8-4265 126 POYNTZ 



West on old 1 8 



Always Plenty of 

Free Parking 
Drive-Up Windows 

6th and Humboldt 

Member FDIC 

Max Martin (69) and Mitch Borota (43) gang tackle Frank So- 
lich, 145-pound fullback on the nation's top team, Nebraska. 

Enjoy a new experience in charcoal broiled 


8 Varieties of HAMBURGERS 

5 Varieties of HAMBURGER STEAKS 

A Delicious CLUB STEAK 

They're Lip-Smakin Good 

Eat in the Land of the fit 

Burnett's APCO 
Service Center 



Home of General Electric, Magnavox & Zenith 


11th and Moro PR 8-5253 

Your Business Appreciated 




Homemade Pies 






Established 1918 

CRAZY FED pays you highest prices for used books 









with the green sidewalks 




Compliments of Frank J. Wright 

American yearbook company 



Abbott, Jo E. 250,327,462 

Abbott, Michele A. 148,222,311,462 

Abbott, Patricia A. 311,462 

Aberle, Stephen J. 180 

Abernethy, Rollin H. 462 

Abersold, Patricia A. 183,462 

Ablett, Susan L. 315,462 

Abmeyer, Beverly J. 144,161,256,406 

Abolfazli, Mohammad 345,462 

Abshire, Michael 276,462 

Abson, Mary E. 236,311,462 

Acacia 264-265 

Academic Section 82-129 

Acevedo, Luis R. 462 

Achenbach, Charleen 145,248,462 

Acheson, Charles R. 338,462 

Acker, Duane 101 

Acker, Eva F. 238 

Ackors, Janice E. 187,315,406 

Adams, Albert W. 207 

Adams, Arthur A. Jr. 183 

Adams, Bruce A. 223 

Adams, Carolyn E. 197,406 

Adams, Dan W. 276,406 

Adams, David C. 171,345,462 

Adams, Deanna M. 311,462 

Adams, Earl Q. 167,462 

Adams, Edward L. 62,215,462 «■ 

Adams, Gloria R. 197,315,462 

Adams, James J. 607 

Adams, James P. 345,462 

Adams, Lynda K. 248,462 

Adams, Marjorie 108 

Adams, Rama J. 154,159,406 

Adams, Raymond W. 199,406 

Adams, Rhonda J. 250,315,462 

Adams, Richard G. 175,406 

Adams, Stanley D. 290,462 

Adams, Terrill J. 323,462 

Adams, Vicky L. 252,327,462 

Adamson, Kenneth W. 406 

Adari, Steven 462 

Addy, Cathryn L. 137,140 

Adejunmobi, David O. 165 

Adejunmobi, Elizabeth 607 

Adejunmobi, Nathaniel 178,406 

Adepoju, Amos 165,205,209 

Administrators 90-91 

Adrian, Brenda G. 180,238,462 

Advertising Section 611-629 

Aeils, Rosemary M. 332,462 

African Student Association 165 

Agan, Raymond J. 166 

Agan, Mrs. Raymond 167 

Aggie Hardware and Electric Co. 624 

Aggieville Barber Shop 624 

Agresta, Sandra 181 

Agresta, William M. 179 

Agricultural Economics Club 165 

Agricultural Education Club 166 

Agricultural Education Wives Club 

Agricultural Mechanization Club 167 
Agriculture Judging Teams 79-81 
Ag Science Day 37 
Ahlerich, Donald D. 208 
Ahlerich, Milton E. 298,462 
Ahlquist, Melvin M. 345,462 
Ahmed, Mohammed B. 165 
Ahmedullah, Mohammed 198 
Ahrens, Jon M. 298,462 
Ahrens, Stephen H. 163 
Aidoo, Emmanual S. 165 
Aiken, Douglas B. 274,345,365 462 
Aiken, Jamie L. 204 
Aikin, Ronald B. 302 462 
Aikman, Nancy R. 207,327,462 
Akers, Judy A. 206 
Akinokun, Jesse O. 150,165,191,209,406 
Akins, Richard G. 172,217 
Alade, Joseph I. 165,205 209 
Albers, Donnie E. 350,462 
Albers, Robert J. 222,350 462 
Alberts, Steven L. 209,338 462 
Albin, Jane M. 180,462 
Albright, Sheryl K. 212,252,463 
Alder, Robbin L. 207 
Alderman, Susan J. 180 
Aldrich, Vernon D. 286,463 
Aldridge, Everett G. 183,406 
Alexander, Albert J. 345,463 
Alexander, David L. 359 
Alexander, David R. 174,270,463 
Alexander, Janet L. 248,327,463 
Alexander, Regena K. 64,220 236 463 
Alexander, Roger B. 463 
Algrim, Eugene E. 166,463 
Al-Hasani, Sami M. 182 
Al-Hilly, Amel J. 182 
Allacher, David R. 406 
Alldritt, Susan L. 244,327,463 
Allemang, Virginia S. 203,220,463 
Allen, Clyde L. 177,406 
Allen, David R. 463 
Allen, David R. 338 
Allen, Henry J. 292,338,463 
Allen, Judith 244,406 
Allen, Leatrice A. 406 
Allen, Marilyn J. 246,463 


Allen, Marjorie C. 406 

Allen, Ronald W. 165,338,463 

Allen, Suzie L. 235,463 

Allingham Motors 618 

Allison, Ashley 137,144,151,155,256,463 

Allison, Leslie B. 166,219,225,463 

Allison, Mary J. 220,406 

Allison, Max L. 378 

Allison, Nancy L. 212,323,463 

Allman, Jerry G. 286,463 

Alloway, Jay E. 217,307,463 

Alloway, Sheryl L. 196,205,217,258,406 

Allsbury, Jeanette E. 225 

All Women's Pep Club 168 

Almack, Charles E. 171 

Almack, Rosa M. 170 

Almquist, Karmon D. 61,64,194,199,221, 

Almquist, Merlan T. 463 
Almquist, Sherry S. 170,201,463 
Alpert, Dean J. 180,463 
Alpert, Glenn P. 176,463 
Alpha Chi Omega 236-237 
Alpha Delta Pi 238-239 
Alpha Delta Theta 147 
Alpha Epsilon Rho 147 
Alpha Gamma Rho 266-267 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 268-269 
Alpha Kappa Psi 147 
Alpha Lambda Delta 148 
Alpha Mu 148 
Alpha Phi Omega 149 
Alpha Tau Alpha 149 
Alpha Tau Omega 270-271 
Alpha Xi Delta 240-241 
Alpha Zeta 150 
Al-Salman, Ayad E. 182 
Alsop, Inez 156 
Alsup, E. Beth 207 
Althide, Darrell D. 359,338,463 
Amateur Radio Club 169 
Ameel, Donald J. 107 
Amen, James B. 406 
American Chemical Society 170 
American Guild of Organists 170 
American Institute of Architects 171 
American Institute of Architects 

Auxiliary 170 
American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers 172 
American Institute of Design 172 
American Institute of Industrial 

Engineers 173 
American Institute of Physics 174 
American Nuclear Society 174 
American Society of Agricultural 

Engineers 176 
American Society of Civil Engineers 

American Society of Landscape 

Architects 177 
American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 177 
American Veterinary Medical 

Association 178-180 
American Veterinary Medical Auxiliary 

American Yearbook Co. 629 
Amerine, Diane L. 220,327,463 
Ames, Robert D. 167,266,406 
Amos, Carol S. 242,463 
Amyx, Charles M. 463 
Andekian, Elizabeth 311,607 
Andersen, Elizabeth 76,244,311,463 
Andersen, Linda S. 315,463 
Anderson, Barbara J. 189,323,463 
Anderson, Clarence L. 174 
Anderson, Dave F. 282,463 
Anderson, David E. 173,463 
Anderson, Delores K. 323,463 
Anderson, Douglas R. 463 
Anderson, Gaylord D. 464 
Anderson, James H. 161,202,406 
Anderson, J. Sue 464 
Anderson, Jerrel C. 158 
Anderson, Jerry D. 199,406 
Anderson, John H. 266,338,359,464 
Anderson, Karen 192 
Anderson, Larry A. 112,133,147,464 
Anderson, Larry P. 464 
Anderson, Larry R. 150,179,284,359, 

Anderson, LaVonne A. 217,219 
Anderson, Loren M. 286,406 
Anderson, Marilyn J. 607 
Anderson, Mary C. 315,464 
Anderson, Melinda M. 256,464 
Anderson, Michael R. 345,464 
Anderson, Pamela G. 315,464 
Anderson, Patricia A. 64,332,464 
Anderson, Phil K. 464 
Anderson, Philip L. 171 
Anderson, Richard M. 112,161,290,464 
Anderson, Robert A. 150,179,292,464 
Anderson, Ronald D. 345,464 
Anderson, Ruth E. 152 
Anderzhon, Beverly A. 192 
Anderzhon, John F. 165,464 
Andres, Judith K. 311,464 
Andrews, Nancy J. 256,464 
Andrews, Norbert J. 381 
Andrews, Robert E. 381 

Andrist, Darrel W. 264,406 
Angel Flight 151 
Angell, Frances M. 187,252,407 
Angerman, G. Gary 286,464 
Angwin, Carol S. 250,464 
Ankeli, Gabriel O. 165,208,209,223 465 
Ankenman, Charles R. 176,465 
Annis, Mariorie C. 206,327,465 
Annis, Maurice A. 407 
Annis, Ruth E. 63,465 
Anschutz, Fredrick G. 393,465 
Anschutz, Norman G. 407 
Anschutz, Wayne H. 194 
Anspaugh, Glenda K. 181 
Anspaugh, Victor E. 180,465 
Anstaett, Constance 212,465 
Anstaett, Fred R. 148,202,407 
Antes, Paul F. 276,465 
Antes, Robert L. 407 
Anthony, William R. 290,407 
Anton, Billy V. 465 
Apartments 352-353 
Appleby, Frederick S. 465 
Applegate, Roberta G. 163 
Apt, Glenda A. 201,407 
Arab-American Club 182 
Araneta, Francisco L. 202,407 
Arasmith, Gayle D. 465 
Arbuthnot, Rodney R. 183 
Ardon, Menachem T. 607 
Arick, Linda J. 311,465 
Armbrust, John S. 338,465 
Armbruster, Gregory 166,189,465 
Armbruster, James A. 176,221 
Armbruster, Jerry L. 166,189,465 
Armstrong, Elizabeth 213,254,465 
Armstrong, Gary L. 189,208,465 
Armstrong, John P. 286.465 
Armstrong, Nancy L. 323,465 
Armstrong, Phillip D. 465 
Armstrong, Tamara D. 168 184 256 

Armsworthy, Judith C. 203,217,258,465 
Arnett, Larry C. 112,407 
Arnett, Vinton K. 274,338,465 
Arnold Air Society 151 
Arnoldy, David N. 77,162,177,465 
Arnott, Ralph E. 465 
Arora, Jasbir S. 175,198,607 
Arp, Donna K. 192 
Artist Series 50-51 
Asadi, Shafiuddin A. 198,200,607 
Ascher, Clifford D. 209,465 
Asfahl, Barbara H. 196,327,465 
Ash, Paul L. 282,407 
Asher, Barbara S. 258,465 
Asher, Karen K. 323,465 
Ashford, Barbara E. 311,465 
Ashida, Betty R. 309,311,465 
Ashton, Diana L. 256,465 
Ashton, Mary J. 250,315,465 
Asmussen, Stana M. 183,184 
Assa, Ayemou D. 165,209 
Associated Women Students 140 
Association of Residence Halls 335 
Atchison, Timothy A. 157 229 465 
Atherton, Kaye L. 323,465 
Athey, Joel W. 229,300,393,407 
Athletics Council 394 
Atkinson, Barbara A. 189,465 
Atkinson, Frank M. 196,307,465 
Atkinson, George W. 208,466 
Atkinson, Mary L. 466 
Atkinson, Nancy J. 189,197,315,466 
Attebery, James B. 296,466 
Attwood, Mary S. 184,338,466 
Atwater, Patricia A. 327,466 
Aubuchon, Martin W. 359 
Auchard, Judith K. 315,466 
Augustine, Gary L. 466 
Augustine, Melvin P. 155,338,466 
Augustine, Robert 171,407 
Ault, Mary L. 206,219,315,466 
Aupperle, Ronald E. 290,466 
Austin, Lon D. 365 
Austin, Whitley 88 
Avery, Cheri L. 125,145,189 196 205, 

Avery, Melvin R. Jr. 359 
Avery, William H. 88 
Axe, William J. 222 
Axton, Gary