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Roys Family Records 

Compiled by 

Miss ^ulia M. Roys 
Berlin, Conn. 

Oxford, N. Y., Branch of the 
Roys Family 

Compiled by L. I. Dodge, 
Oxford, N. Y. 

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iQf CONOREiil 


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thp: review press^ 

oxford. n. y. 


In Aug'ust 1G21), Robert Ryece of England 
wrote a letter to his friend, John Winthrop^ Gov- 
ernor of the MasMU'husetts Bay Colony, trying 
to persuade him not to go to New England, but 
Governor Winthrop came and it seems that he 
persuaded Robert Roys to come with him, for 
Governor Winthrop arrived on the Arabella 
which anchored June 17, 1630. August 27,1630, 
the first church of Boston was founded at 
Charlestown and John Winthrop and Margaret, 
his wife, and Robert Roys w^ere among the cove- 
nant members. Roys', wife was Elizabeth, and I 
thinkhemust have married after he came to this 
countrv, as their first child was born in 1637. He 
was entered freeman in Massachusetts in 1634 
and was one of those disarmed in Boston in 1637 
for adherence to the party of Wheelright and 
Hutchinson. Three children were born in 
Boston, and about 1643 he removed to Stratford. 
Connecticut, and from therein 1657 to New Lon- 
don, Connecticut, where he died in 1676. He was 
a man of influence holding responsible public 
positions. He was a shoemaker by trade. He 
had ten children, seven sonsand three daughters. 
One son settled in Norwich, Connecticut, four 
sons and one daughter went to Wallingford, 
Connecticut and were among the first settlers of 
that town. The name is spelled in various ways 
but in England, it is Rovs. Robert Rovs was 
constable in New London in 1660 and in 16(U rep- 
resentative for that town. 

Jf. The Roys luonili/ Beeonh. 

Children of Robert Roys, who came from Eng- 
land to New England in 1630 and Elizabeth his 

Joshua, born April 14, 1B37. Nothing fur- 
ther is known of him. 
Nathaniel, born March 24, 1639, married 

Sarah Lathrop. 
Patience, born A[jril 1,1642. lived one week. 
Ruth, married John Lathrop December 15. 

Sarah, married John Caulkins of New Lon- 
don, Connecticut. 
Nehemiah, married Hannah Morgan, Nov- 
ember 20, 1660. 
Samuel, married Hannah Churchill, daugh- 
ter of Josiah Churchill of Wetherstield, 
January 9, 1667. 
Isaac, married Elizabeth Lathrop, December 

15, 1669. 
Jonathan, married Deborah Caulkinsof New 
London, Connecticut 1660 
Another record says that Nehemiah was born 
in Boston in 1634 and died November 7, 1706, 
aged 72. He lived at the head of Main St., Wall- 
insfford. Nathaniel, Samuel and Isaac also set- 
tied in Wallingford. 

Children of Samuel (son of Robert Jst) and 
Hannah Churchill: 

Josiah, married Elizabeth Parker. March 

24, 1639. 
Robert, married Mary Porter, June 2. 1692. 
Samuel, married Hannah Benedict, Decem- 
ber 12, 1695. 

The Roj/x Fainlhj Records /T 

Abigail. l)orn Novembei* 24, 1677, married 
Joseph Cowles, July 1'^, 1699. . 

Prudence, born July 26, 1()80, married John 

Deborah, born September 9, 1683, married 
Thomas iMix, March :21, 1708. 

Isaac, born Match 10, 1()88, mari'ied Marv 

Benedict, February 10, 1713. 
John, born April 25, lf)93. 

Samuel Roys came from New London and set- 
tied in that part of Wallingford whicli is now 
Meriden, in the eastern part of the town and 
lived and died there. 

Elizabeth Parker Roys, widow of Josiah, mar- 
ried second, Ebenezer Clark and was the mother 
of Phebe Clark, who married Nathaniel Roys, 
son of Robert second and Mary Porter. 

Children of Robert second (son of Samuel) and 
Mary Porter: 

Nathaniel, born Oct. 22, 1694, married Phebe 
Clark, December 27, 1720. 

Dinah, born Pebruai*y 24, 1696. 

Josiah, born July 10. 1<)98, married x\bigail 
Clark May 1, 1722. 

Ruth, born September, 1700. married Amos 
Hall. June 8, 1720. 

Sarah, born April 4, 1703. died August 5, 

Timothy, born June 2, 1705, married Mind- 
well Wai^les, May 16, 1727. 

Mary, born July, 1707, married John Beach 
February 22, 1727. 

Elizabeth, born August 1709. 

6' 77/ e' Boys Family Iieronls 

Gideon, born May 4, 1711, married Re- 

• becca 

Prudence, born April 11, 1714. 

Moses, born September 24, 1716, married 


Robert Roys lived in the eastern part of Mer- 
iden and was one of the first deacons of the first 
church in the town, elected December 14, 1729. 
This item is in one of the old records: ''Decem- 
ber 18, 1716 the town voted that Robert Roys 
should sett in ye fore seat in the meeting house'' 
(Wallingford Church Record). 

Children of Nathaniel first (son of Robert sec- 
ond) and Phebe Clark, daughter of Ebenezer 
Clark, of Wallingford, C(mnecticut. 

Jehiel, born February 11, 1723, married Re- 
becca Brown, October, 1746. 
Dinah, born November 24, 1724. 
David, born, September 27, 1726, married 

Prudence Cole, February 28, 1750. 
Lois, born March 27, 1728, married Nathan- 
iel Bunnell, January 1759. 
Robert, born November 16, 1729, married 

Jeruslia Parker, May 27, 1762. 
Elisha, born October 27, 1731. 
Nathaniel, born July 1, 1733, married first, 
Anna, second, Elinor Wright, November 
6, 1760. 
Phebe, boi-n May 15, 1735, married Eleneser 

Rice, December 25, 1766. 
John, born March 22, 1737. 
Josiah, born March 2, 1739. 
Clark, born October 4. 1740. 
I think Nathaniel first (son of Robert) lived 

77/ e R(H/>i ludnih/ Rocord^ 


in Cheshire. 

Elenezer Chirk, son of James of Xew Haven, 
Connecticut, born November 2U, 1H51. married 
Urst, Sarah Peck, May b, lb78. second, EHzabeth 
(Parker) Roa's, widow, December 22. 169r). He 
died April 30, 1721, :ig*ed 70. Slie married again 
an Andrews and died September 10, 1751, aged 
ai)()ut 78. Phebe Clark, theii'daughtei*, was born 
Mav 20, 1703. 

Children of Xathaniel second (son of Nathan- 
iel) and Elinor Wright. Nathaniel and Elinor 
were married in Goshen, Connecticut, November 
5, 1760. First wife, Anna, died December 18, 

Osee, born in Goshen October 26. 1761, mar- 
ried Lydia Dean, September 8, 1785. 
(David's birth is recorded as the sixth son. 
Think there should be one here). 

Thaddeus, born in (Toshen, July 4, 1767, 

married Ester Abbot, September 6, 1789 

Auren, born in Goshen, October 20, 1770, 

married Elizabeth Knapp, August 1793. 
Nathaniel, born in Goslien, Februarv 10, 
1773, married Eliz.ibeth Tattle. August 
4, 1806. 
David W., born in Noi-folk, Ccmnecticut, Aug- 
ust 30. 1775. married Mere}'. Phelps, 
September 30, 1803. 
Amy, born in Norfolk, Conneticut, baptized 

July 7. 1779, married Bazil Trest. 

Ichobod, (Don't know, anything about him) 

Osee's marriage is recorded in Norfolk, also 

the birth of a son, Ruben Dean, born October 16, 

1786, aod the death of twins in 1793. He was 

S The Roi/x Fain 11 ij Record-^ 

drowned. I found no record of other children, 
Thaddeus was married in Norfolk and a child 
died there in 1792. ^ 

Between 1750 and 1800 a portion of the family 
hegan to spell their name Rice. 

Auren Roys marriage is recorded in Norfolk, 
also his only child, Loisa Hannah, baptized in 
1802 and married Mr. Salmon. Lived in Rich- 
mond, Massachusetts. Auren Ro3's was a gold- 
smith by trade, afterward he became a druggist 
and had a dt-ug store near the church. He w^as 
called Dr. Roys. He w^as town clerk from 1812 
to 1849 and the first clerk of the Ecclesistical 
Society and re-elected annually for 39 years. 
He died September 19, 1855 aged 85. His w^ife 
died September 16, 1858, aged 82. 

David W., was born and lived and died in Nor- 
folk. I think he had children but I have no re- 
cord of them yet. 

Know nothing of Amy's family. 
Children of Nathaniel third (son of Nathaniel 
second) and Elizabeth Tuttle of Cheshire. Conn- 

Franklin, born in Southhigton, Connecticut, 
Septeml)er 1, 1807. mariied Emily Sav- 
age, of Berlin, (born December 3, 1811) 
October 10, 18.30. 
Loyal, born in Southington, March, 22, 1809. 
marr'ied Mary Ann Hart of Southington 
(born, November 29, 1815) January 26, 
Elizabeth Ann, born in Southington, Nov- 
ember 20, 1811. mari'ied Joel L. Judd of 
Southington (born September 19, 1809), 

77/^ Roi/x Famllii Records 

May 1, 1832. 
Siisan, boruiiiSouthiii^ton, January 19, 1814, 
married Robert E. Foot, of Oxford, X. 
Y., (born August IH, 1817) February 4, 
Nancy, born in Southino'ton Ma}' 16, 1810, 
married Leonard Ralsey Foot, of Oxford, 
N. Y. (born April 8, 1816) February 2C>, 
Mary, born in Southing-ton, September 11, 
1819, married Soloman Barris, of Guil- 
ford, N. Y. (born March 3, 1828) March 
14, 1848. 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Tuttle) Roys in 1835, 
left Southington and went to Oxford, Chenango 
County, N. Y., taking most of their family with 
them, those remaining following soon after, 
except the oldest son Franklin, who bad married 
and started a manufacturing business in North 
Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Children of Franklia (son of Nathaniel tliird) 
and Emily Savage: 

Charles Augustus, born in North Greenwich, 
Connecticut. July 19, 1832, married Eliz- 
abeth Sturgis Mead of North Greenwich 
(born December 21, 1837) April 29, 1857. 
Julia Maria, born North Greenwich, Aug- 
ust -24, 1834. 
Sarah Mead, borninNorth (ireenwich, Aug- 
ust 24 1839. 
Emily Louise, born in Berlin, Conn., Janu- 

ai V 5, 1842, died June 26, 1857. 
George Franklin, born August 8, 1845, died 
June 2, 1861. 

10 The Roi/s Fa IN ill/ Record-^ 

Harriebte AUeae,borain Berlin. Conn., Jan- 
iJiiry 8, 1851. 
Children of Charles A., (son of Franklin) and 
Elizabeth 8. Mead: 

Harry Augustus, born June '21, 1858, at 

May Bell, born in North Greenwich. Mav 
16, 1863, married Tliomas A. Mead of 
Greenwich, September 19, 1894. She 
died March 10, 1907. 
Helen Mead, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 

27, 1866. 
Frank Marcus, born in Berlin, January 9, 
1869, died April 2, 1869. 
In 1840, Franklin Roys on account of impaired 
health sold his business in North Greenwich and 
bought a farm in Berlin. He died in Berlin 
December 12, 1883, aged 76. Mrs. Roys died 
September 2, 1896, aged 84. Charles A. died 
July 26, 1900, aged 68. 

The Oxford, N. Y. Branch of the 

Roys Family Compiled by 

L. I. Dodge, Oxford, 

New York. 

12 The Roys Fam ill/ Records 

Children of Loyal (son of Natlianiel third) and 
Mary A. Hart: 

Elizabeth Ann, born January 16, 1837. 
Samuel Nelson, born July 30, 1839. 
Benjamin Franklin, born May 2, 1841. 
Auren Nathaniel, born April 26, 1845, died 

October 6, 1846. 
Irene Rosamond, born July 25, 1849, died 
July 31, 1884. 

Royal Roys, died December 20, 1873. His 
wife, died January 24, 1902. 
Elizabeth A. Roys married James O. Dodg-e, 
of Oxford, N. Y., on March 25, 1853, their chil- 
dren were: 

Kmmagene I. born April 10, 1856, died Sept- 
ember 13, 1859. 
Loyal I. born November 20, 1857. 
Elbert E., born August 18, 1864; died Nov- 
ember 1, 1865. 
James H., born July 31, 1866, died April 15. 
Elizabeth Roys Dodge died August 6, 1870. 
Loyal I. Dodge married Addie L. Stoik of Coy- 
entry, N. Y.,()n October 21, 1884, their daughter 
Elizabeth V. was born May 16, 1887. 

Samuel N. Roys married Esther A. Padgett, 
of Oxford on February 27, 1870, their children 

James Nelson, born Decembei' 24, 1870. 
Erford Sanniel, born May 26, 1872. 
Elbert Eugene, born November 5, 1873. 
Chai'les Augustus, born April 24, 1875. 
Eli Benjamin, born November 2S, 1876. 
Fred Emerson, lK)rn September 8, 1878. 

Tlie IiO(/s Famihi Record.^ 1 


Stella Irene, born December 17, 1880. 

Anna Lucy, born March 28, 1883. 

Mary Ann, boi'n November 24, 1884, died 

November 20, 1895. 
Jennie Belle, born Mav 28, 188(). 
Emmett Loyal, born x\pril 11, 1888. 
LinnPVank, born Aug-ust />, 1890. 
James N. Rovs married P]dith M. Potter of 
McD(^noug'h, N. Y. on November 5, 1890. Pre- 
sent home Norwich, N. Y. 

Erford S. Rovs married Clara Yeomansof Ox- 


ford on Auo^ust 29, 1900. Present home, Havnes 
South Dakota. 

Charles A. Rovs married Ella Putnam of Mid- 
dlesex, N. Y., on August 28,1906. He was or- 
dained to the ministry of the Free Baptist 
Church on February 19, 1907. 

Eli B. Rovs married Minnie Hodo-e of Oxford 
on October 22, 1905, and soon aftei' removed to 
Ellsworth, Kansas. Their son, Donald Eugene, 
was born January 3, 1909. 

Fred E. Roys married Ora Walker of Oxford, 
November 2, 1901, and their children are: 
Beatrice May, born June 16, 1902. 
Emerson R., born Mav 14. 1VM)5. 
Or fin M., born February 7, 1908. 
Mildred Gladvs, born August 3, 1909. 
Stella Roys married Joseph L. (xitford of 
Hornby. N. Y., on August 12, 1903. Their sou, 
Leoti Samuel was boi*n May 15, 1905. 

Anna L. Rovs married Roy Nichols of Oxford 
on August 12. 1903, their children are: 

Orlo Roys Nichols, born November 12. 1904 
Mary Edna Nichols, born January 2r), 1907 

Lj The Roijs Fiinnhj Recoi-dx 

Roy Nichols, Jr., born July 10, 1909. Pre- 
sent home Leonard sville, N. Y. 
Beniamin Franklin Roys, married Elizabeth 
Brown of Coventry on September '29, 18B8. 
Their children are: 

Georo'e A., born March 14, 1870 
May M.. born March 19, 1872 
Emma E., born Ma}^ 10, 1874 
Jay M., born September 24, 1877. 
Lena (x., born Aug'ust 12, 1880. 
Bessie E., born October 2, 1886 
Marion I., born March 6, 1892 
GeoT'ge A. Roys, married Florene Manzer of 
Oxford on January 15, 1896, their children are: 
Edith M., lx>rn August 1, 1897 
Helen E. , born January 4, 1902 
Edna May, born August 22, 1907 
They live at Mt. Sinai, Long Island. 
May M. Roys, married James Ireland, of West 
Bainbridge on August 25, 1897. 

Emma E. Roys, married Alton Clark of Bain- 
bi-idge on March 6, 1895. Their children are: 
Leig*h R., born August 3, 189<) 
Evelyn Elizabeth born September 12, 1906^ 

died December 3, 1906 
[lelen Mary, born January 15, 1909 
Jay NL Roys, married Bertha Green of Oxford 
«)n Septeml)er 16, 1903, their children ai*e: 

Julian Benjamin, born November 13^ 1904 
Hai-old M., born May 1, 1906 
Ethel Mav, born. Julv 17, 1908 
Lena G. Roys, married G. Lewis White of 
Norwich on December 25^ 1903, their child i'cd 


The Roi/x Fa IN ill/ Records 15 

Ruth E. born May, 27, 1904 
Dorotha C, born August ^i, 1905. 
Roys Lewis Wliite, born May 1, 1907. 
Sallie (Trace, born November 4, 1908. 

Elizabeth Roys Judd Family 

Joel L. Judd and his wife, Elizabeth A. Roys, 
located at Coventry ville, X. Y., after their re- 
mov^al from Southington, Conn. Their only 
child Lucelia A., was born August 15, 1841, and 
married J. J. Stoddard, born October 15, 1823, 
of Coventryville oq February 18, 1863. Their 
children are: 

Lillian L., born July 4, 1885. 
Fred L., born February 11, 1874. 
John Arthur, born February 7, 1883. 
Lillian L. Stoddard, married Wm. M. Hinman, 
bora July 5, 1866, of Coventryville. September 
28, 1888. Their children are: 

Ernest Hinman, born April 14. 1891. 
Erma Hinman, born April 14, 1891, died 
April 4, 1893. 
Present home Bingham ton. X. Y. 
Fred L. Stoddard married Carrie Moon of 
Coventrvyille on July 25, 1894. Their child. Ina 
Lucelia, was born September 11, 1898. Carrie M. 
Stoddard, dving January 28, 1899, her husband 
married May Wheeler of Oxford. X. Y.. on June 
2, 1901. Their children are: 

Sarah K., l)orn Xovember 30, 1902. 
Jo€4 Lee, born December 28, 1905. 

1(1 The Jioy.s Family Record >< 

Susan Roys Foote Family 

Susan Kovs .b'oote, died January 11, 1869; 
Robert Foote, her husband, died November 5y 
1904. Their children were: 

Lewis R., born April 25, 1842. 
Charles A., born October 26, 1843. 
Coi-nelia B., born Septeml)er 5, 1847. 
Jane Eliza, born January 20, 1853, died Nov- 
ember 24, 1861. 
Lewis Foote, married Martha Wright of Ox- 
ford, in the spring of 1859. Their child, Jennie 
Belle Wright, was born July 4, 1861 and died 
August 23, 1869. 

Lewis Foote, died December 2, 1866, his wafe 
afterwards married James H. Brooks of Oxford, 
she died March 7, 1904, leaving one daughter, 
Mrs. Oiiu Howe of Guilford, N. Y. 

Charles A. Foote, married Ruth E. Laman of 
Coventry ville on December 25, 1864 or 5. She 
died May 7, 1900. He died April 21, 1905. Their 
children are: 

Minnie A., born Mav 15, 1867. 
William R., born February 10, 1872. 
Fred L. , born September 5, 1879. 
Mary M., born March 4, 1882. 
Miunie A. Foote, married Judson A. Burton 
of Oxford on February 21, 1889. Their children 

Ruth Helen, born May 16, 189L died Octo- 
ber 11, 1894. 
Granville J., born November />, 1895. 
They live on the old Foote homestead. 
William R. Foote, married Harriett Morrison 
of Cannons ville, N. Y. on June 10. 1897. 

TJte Boi/x Funiihj Records 17 

Ruth Sarah P^oote, their daughter was born 
June 3, 1904. 
Tliey live at Coventryville, N. Y. 
Fred L. Foote. married Agnes E. Eldgerton of 
Morris. N. Y., on Deeeml)er 26. 1900. 
They live in Fi'anklin, N. Y. 
Mar}^ M. Foote, married Olin P. Pierce of 
Coventry, N. Y., on Dec-ember 23, 1903. Their 
daughter, Helen Ida Pierce, was boim October 
12, 1906. 

Cornelia B. Foote. married Henry Laman of 
Waverly, N. Y. on March 22,1877. Their child- 
ren are: 

Harr}^ R. Laman. born June 17, 1878. 
Fred E. Laman, born February 22, 1879. 
Lena W. Laman, born February 22. 1882. 
Leon W. Laman. born March 11, 1884. 
Harry R. Laman, married Lydia A. Comstock 
on August 11, 1903. Their children are: 

Henry Fenton Laman, born July 4, 1904. 
Elmer James Laman, born April 8, 1906. 
Vera May Laman. born April 12, 1908. 
Fred E. Laman, married Nellie_Ellis on June 
27, 1904. 

Lena W. Laman, married Frank Burns of 
Sayi'e, Penn., cm April 12. 1905. Their sou. 
Reed Burns, was born Februarv 7, 1909. 

Leon W. Laman, married Lizzie Sherman on 
Decembei- 25. 1901, their daughter, Ola May La- 
men, was born August 24. 1902. 

Henry Laman. died in Say re. Penn., their 
present home, on November 19, 1901. 

Nancy B. Roj^s, married Ralsey L. Foote of 
Oxford on February 27, 1839, and he dying on 

IS The Boyx Family Recordf< 

March 21, 1854, she married Thurston Green 
of Bainbridge. She died March 30, 1867. 

Mary Roys Harris Family 

Mary B. Roys, married Solomon Harris, Jr., 
of Guilford, on March 14, 1848, their children 


Franklin N. Barris, born November 2;^> 

Alma Adella Harris, born June 16, 1852. 

Sai-ali Lucelia Harris, born December 8, 1856. 

Effie May Harris, born March 7, 1861. 
Franklin N. Harris, married Etta Wilcox of 
Erieville, N. Y., on June 25, 1879. Their child- 
ren are, 

Beulah M. Harris, born December 12, 1880. 

Wallace H. Harris, born November 5, 1883. 

C. Belle Harris, born August 22. 1885. 

Agnes May Harris, born September 6, 1889. 

Andrew R. Harris, born ()ctol)er 3, 1892. 

Lawrence L. Harris, born December 31, 1894. 

Florence J. Harris, born August 11, 1899. 
C Belle Harris, married Merritt M. Barstow 
on Se})tember 18, 1907. 

Agnes May Harris, married Merton G. Bars- 
low' on February 26, 1908. 

Alma Adella Harris, married Jerome Robin- 
scni, (born June 27, 1852, of GuilfortI, N. Y. ) on 
July 1, 1874, and he dying on April 20. 1900, slie 
married M. P. Dean of Masonville, N. Y., on 
Septeml)er 8, 1904. and since his death on Dec- 
ember 5, 1907, she has lived in Greene. N. Y.« 

witli her daughter. Her daug-liter, Ella X. Rob- 
inson, was horn January 21. LScS'i, and mari'ied 
Orville M. Rarstow on April 17. 1901. Merritt, 
Merton and Orville Barstow are three brother's, 
sons of Ethan and Elinoi* Rarstow of Oxfoi'd, 
N. Y. 

Sarah Lueelia Harris, married Willijim Ben- 
nett on Se])tember 1. 187*). Their children ar-e- 
Frank Albei't Bennett, born July :J0, 1876. 
Fred Asa Bennett, born June b, 1878. 
Ida Mae Bennett, born December 17. 1880. 
Leon Melvern Bennett, born June 29. 1883. 
Leland. born June 29, 1883, died June 30, 
Frank A. Bennett, married Fannie Yeomans 
of Oxford, on November 9. 1898, their daughter', 
Berdena Lueelia Bennett, was born ApT'il 27.1900. 
Fred A. Bennett, married Enah L. Warn o!" 
Oxford on September 20, 1899, their son, Paul 
Warn Bennett was born November 1. 1901. 
This branch of the familv live in Rock Island. Til. 
Effie May Harris, married Melvern M. Grid- 
lev of Guilford. N. Y., on Januarv 18, 1882. 
Their children are: 

Earl H. Gridiey, born July 17. 1885. 
Roy N. Gridiey. born April 10. 1888. 
Leon G. Gridiey. born July 28, 1890. 
Earl H. (xridlev married Emma L, letter of 
Guilf. >rd on Decern ber 30, 1903. Their son, Floyd 
Earl Gridiey, w^as born August 12, 1904, and 
died from being scalded in March. 1907. 

Roy N. Gridiey. marri^nl Mal)el Butts of Guil- 
ford, N. Y.. on May 14. 1907. Their daughter, 
Marv Etiie (Tridlev. was born Decern ber 5, 1907. 


010 833 830 1 # ^^