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Full text of "The rules and regulations, with an alphabetical list of the members of the army and Navy Club"

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K.G., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 

&c., &c., &c. 





1. ALVES, JOHN, Major-General, ret. full pay 
3. BLANE, GEORGE, Commander Royal Navy 

2. BOGGIS, J. E., Captain H.P. 55th Regiment 

1. BRYSON, ALEX., M.D., Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets 

1. CHICHESTER, Lord JOHN, late Captain 87th Fusiliers 

1. CLARKE, J., WALROND, late Captain 10th Hussars 

1. COWLEY, Norman, late Lieutenant 5th Dragoon Guards 

2. DANIELL, HENRY, Colonel, late Coldstream Guards 

1. GALLWEY, HENRY J., Commander Royal Navy 

2. GARVAGH, C. H., Lord, late Captain 7th Hussars 
1. GRANT, W. L., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1. HAWKINS, FRANK K., Commander Royal Navy 

3. HAY, DAVID, Lieut. -Colonel, late 6th Dragoon Guards 

2. JEFFERSON, RICHARD, Lieut. H. P. Ceylon Rifle Regt. 

3. KEANE, Hon. HUSSEY F., Major Royal Engineers 
3. KERIN, F. G., Surgeon 2nd Life Guards 

2. LINDOW, H. W., late Lieutenant 17th Lancers 

2. MURRAY, Hon. HENRY A., Captain Royal Navy 

1. OTWAY, ARTHUR J., late Lieutenant 2nd Regiment 

1. PEARSON, R. L. O., Major Grenadier Guards 

3. REYNOLDS, C. W., late Captain 16th Lancers 

1. ST. LEGER, J., Major, late 14th Light Dragoons 

1. SURTEES, H. E., late Lieutenant 10th Hussars 

2. YONGE, WILLIAM L., Captain Royal Artillery 

Bankers. UNION BANK OF LONDON, 4, Pall Mall East 
Solicitor. G. BENTINCK LEFEOY, Esq., 5, Robert Street, Adelphi 
Secretary. THOMAS WALCOT, Esq. 

By the figures 1, 2, 3, it is shown whether the Member is in his first, 
second, or third year of Management. 




1. Persons eligible to become Members. 

2. Honorary Members. 

3. \ 

} Persons liable to be discontinued as Members. 
4. J 

5. Members retiring from the Service. 

6. Proposal of Candidates. 

7. Ballot, Admission of Members by. 

8. Mode, and when to take place. 

9. Subscriptions, Entrance and Annual, 

10. Time allowed to new Members for paying Subscriptions. 

11. To whom Subscriptions are to be paid. 

12. Members not to participate until all Subscriptions are paid. 

13. Subscriptions not paid. 

14. Exemptions from Annual Subscriptions by becoming 


15. Members, discontinuing as such, not to have any claim on 

the Club. 

16. Vacancies, by Members becoming Supernumerary. 

17. Committee. 

18. Election of. 

19. Meetings of. 


20. Appointment of Trustees. 

21. Treasurer. 

22. Nomination of Auditors. 

23. Secretary, and Vacancies. 

24. Abstract of Accounts, &c. 

25. Payment of Funds. 

26. Annual General Meetings. 

27. Extraordinary General Meetings. 

28. Meetings in General, and what to be discussed thereat. 

29. Miscellaneous. Club-house, time of opening and closing. 

30. Gratuities to Servants forbidden. 

31. Nothing to be taken out of Club-house. 

32. Admission of Visitors. 

33. No Provisions cooked, Wines or other Liquors, to be sent 

out of the House for any Member. 

31. Complaints of Members to be made. 

35. Members to pay their Bills before leaving the House, and 
no accounts kept. 

3G. No game of hazard to be played, nor cards or other games 
allowed on Sundays: no stake to exceed one guinea; 
consequence of any deviation from this Rule. No dogs 
to be admitted. No smoking permitted, unless specially 
sanctioned by the Committee. 

37. Library. 

38. Infraction of the rules to be taken notice of by Committee. 

Members to communicate then- address. Rules to be 
printed and transmitted. 

39. Members' compliance with the Rules. 

40. Members newly elected. 



THE Army and Navy Club is instituted for the Design 
association of Commissioned Officers of all Ranks 
in Her Majesty's Regular Army, Royal Navy, and 
Royal Marines; and shall not exceed 1800 effec- 
tive Members, independent of those returned from 
Supernumerary List ; after which ballots will only 
take place as vacancies occur in the Effective List 
from Death and Retirements. 

I. The Members shall consist of all Officers 
in the Regular Army, including the Medical and 
Commissariat Staff; the Royal Navy, Physicians Who are eii- 
and Surgeons thereof; the Royal Marines, andfj m e Mem 
Marine Artillery Corps ; who are on full-pay, 
retired pay, or half-pay, at the date of their entry 
in the Candidates' book, and holding Commissions 
from Her Majesty, or from the Lords of the 
Admiralty ; and Midshipmen who have attained 
the age of 1 7 years, and are in the Service at the 
date of their ballot : any Officer who has retired 
from the Service, but allowed to retain his rank. 


Honorary II. Princes of the Blood Royal, and also the 
following Members of Her Majesty's Government, 
whilst holding Office : The principal Secretaries 
of State for the War and Colonial Departments, 
the Paymaster-General of the Army and Navy, 
and the Judge Advocates-General of the Army and 
Navy shall be eligible to become Honorary Mem- 
bers ; but if any of the Principals of those Depart- 
ments shall be otherwise eligible, they shall not 
be Honorary, but may become Supernumerary 
Members, without ballot, upon paying the entrance 
and annual subscriptions, until vacancies occur 
to make them effective Members. The Comman- 
der-in-chief, the Master-General, of the Ordnance, 
the Adjutant- General, the Quarter-Master-General, 
the Military Secretary, to the Commander-in-chief 
of Her Majesty's Forces, the Lords of the Admiralty, 
and the Secretary of the Admiralty for the time 
being not being Members, and being otherwise 
eligible than by virtue of their respective offices, may 
become Supernumerary Members without ballot, 
upon paying the entrance and annual subscriptions, 
till vacancies occur to make them effective Members. 
The Committee of Management shall have the 
power of inviting the foregoing to become Honorary 
or Supernumerary Members ; and also Foreigners 


of distinguished rank, or British Subjects holding 
rank as Military or Naval Officers in the Service of 
Foreign Powers, as Honorary Visitors, temporarily 
visiting England, during such visit. 

Charles Downes, Esq., having had so great a 
share in the Establishment of the Club, and having 
been appointed Treasurer, shall be an Honorary 
Member, and continue as such, notwithstanding he 
should relinquish the office of Treasurer ; in which 
case it shall be for the consideration of the Club 
whether the future Treasurer shall be an Honorary 

The Secretary, whilst holding office, shall be an 
Honorary Member, but shall not have any vote in 
the management of the proceedings of the Club. 

III. Any Member who shall be cashiered 
dismissed the Service, or who shall retire from the continued as 
Service to avoid a Court Martial, or who shall be 
convicted in a Civil Court of any Criminal offence, 
shall, ipso facto, cease to be a Member of the Club', 
should it however be the opinion of any fifty Mem- 
bers (not being of the Committee) that the cause 
of his quitting the Service does not affect his charac- 
ter as a gentleman, or should the criminal conviction 
be from subsequent evidence set aside, he shall be 

eligible for re-election, without payment of entrance 
fee. A list of the fifty Members writing for his 
re-instatement must be forwarded to the Committee, 
who shall then cause his name to be placed as a 
Candidate for re-admission in the public room 
during fourteen days, at the expiration of which 
time he shall be balloted for from 1 2 to 4 o'clock, 
p.m., according to Rule VII. Sixty Members 
shall be required to make the ballot valid, and two- 
thirds of the Members voting shall be requisite for 
his re-admission. 

If any Member shall be made a Bankrupt, or seek 
to obtain his discharge from his debts under the In- 
solvent Debtors' Act, he shall, ipso facto , cease to be 
a Member of the Club ; but upon application being 
made by him to the Committee, stating the cause 
of his Bankruptcy or Insolvency, such person may 
be re-admitted by the Committee (who shall be 
specially summoned for that purpose,) if a 
majority of two- thirds of such Committee be of 
opinion that his character as a gentleman is not 
affected thereby. But in the event of a majority 
only being in favor of his re-admission, then the 
name of such person shall be put up for re-admis- 
sion by ballot, free of all entrance fees. 

Any Officer on half-pay who shall have retired 


from full-pay in consequence of any regimental who are in 
proceeding aifecting his character as a gentleman, come Mem. 
sjiall not be eligible to become a Member. 

IV. In case the conduct of any Member, either persons iia- 
in or out of the Club-house, shall in the opinion of continued as 
the Committee, or of any fifty Members of the 
Club, who shall certify the same to them in writing, 
be injurious to the character and interests of the 
Club, the Committee shall be empowered to re- 
commend such Member to resign ; and if the 
Member so recommended shall not do so within 
a month from the date of the letter of such recom- 
mendation, the Committee shall then call a General 
Meeting of the Members, and if a majority of 
two-thirds of that meeting agree to the expulsion 
of such Member, his name shall be erased from 
the list, and be for ever afterwards ineligible for 
re-election, except under circumstances set forth 
in the preceding Rule : provided that no such 
recommendation be sent to any Member unless 
the resolution to send the same shall have been 
agreed to by two-thirds of the Members of the 
Committee actually present, all of whom to have 
been specially summoned for that purpose. Pro- 
vided also that if on the Meeting of the Committee 
specially summoned, they unanimously are of opinion 

that the offence of a Member is sufficient for the 
interests of the Club to warrant his immediate ex- 
pulsion, they be empowered to suspend from such 
Member the use and advantages of the Club until 
an Extraordinary Meeting can be held, which Meet- 
ing must be convened within twenty-one days after 
the suspension. Whenever a General Meeting is 
summoned to consider the re-admission of a Mem- 
ber, the ballot shall take place at once if the pro- 
posal be entertained, and be kept open for two hours 
after the Meeting has terminated. 

Members re- V. Members retiring from their respective ser- 

tiring from 

the service, vices shall not be thereby ineligible to continue 
Members, unless as provided for by Rule IV. 

candidates. VI. Candidates must be proposed by one Mem- 
ber, and seconded by another. The Candidate's 
name, rank, service, and station, or residence, shall 
be inserted, at the time of his being proposed, in 
the Candidate-book, at least one month previously 
to the day of ballot. The Proposer and Seconder 
are held responsible for the eligibility of the Candi- 
date, agreeably to the rules of the Club. 

VII. The admission of Members into the Club 
shall be by ballot, excepting as provided for in 
Rule II. ; and the names of Candidates, when 


balloted for, shall be taken in regular succession as 
to seniority on the list. 

VIII. The Ballot (when there are vacancies) Ballot, 
may take place on the 5th of each month, except 
that day should happen to fall on a Sunday, and 
then on the following day, from 12 to 4 o'clock; 
three Members of the Committee and the Secre- 
tary shall open the boxes and declare the result. 
No ballot shall be valid unless thirty Members 
actually vote ; and one black ball in ten to exclude. 
No Candidate who shall have been twice rejected, 
shall be eligible to be proposed again. 

The list of the Candidates, with the names of 
the Proposer and Seconder, shall be placed in a 
conspicuous part of the Club-room fourteen days 
previous to the ballot. 

No Member shall be allowed to ballot for a Can- 
didate, or to vote on any occasion whatever, until 
all his subscriptions are paid agreeably to the rules. 

IX. ENTRANCE The Entrance Subscription on gubscnp 
Admission shall be Thirty Pounds. 

ANNUAL. The Annual Subscription shall be six 
Guineas, payable in advance on the 1st of January 
in each year ; and an Annual Subscription of Five 
Shillings from each Member, for a Library, pay- 
able at the same time. 


Subscrip- X. Every new Member is expected to pay his 

tions payable 

subscription on receiving the official notification of 
his election ; and if the subscription of such new 
Member be not paid within two months, if in the 
United Kingdom ; four months in Europe or 
America ; eight months in all other places ; the 
Secretary shall report accordingly to the Committee 
for the time being, who shall cause his name to be 
erased from the books of the Club, unless the Mem- 
ber can justify the delay to the satisfaction of the 
Subscrip- XI. All Subscriptions shall be paid into the 

tions to be 

paid. Union Bank of London, 4, Pall Mall East, to the 

account of the Trustees. 
Members XII. No newly-elected or Supernumerary 

not to parti- 

cipate. Member shall participate in any of the advantages 
or privileges of the Club until all his subscriptions 
are paid agreeably to the Rules. 

Subscrip- XIII. The name of every Member failing to 

tions not 

paid. pay his Annual Subscription, due on the 1st of 

January, shall be placed in the Club-room on the 
1st of February, and notified by the Secretary to 
him, his agent, or banker, provided the addresses 
of either are known to the Secretary ; and if the 
subscription be not paid on or before the 1st of 
March, the defaulter shall cease to be a Member, 


his name be erased from the books, and an effective 
Member elected at the next ballot. Any Member, 
however, who shall have been in the Club-house 
during January, and not have paid his subscription 
on or before the last day of that month, or who 
shall use the Club after the 1st of February 
without having paid his subscription shall with- 
out further notice, cease to be a Member of the 
Club. But if the Member assign to the Committee 
reasons for the omission, which they shall deem 
satisfactory, the Committee shall re-admit him upon 
the payment of the arrears, and a fine of 5, if the 
Member shall have been in the Club-house since 
the 1st of January; and 2 should he not have 
been in the House. 

To avoid inconvenience, all Members liable to 
the Annual Subscriptions are earnestly requested 
to furnish their agents or bankers with a general 
authority to pay the same when due. 

XIV. Members proceeding abroad on duty, Exemptions 

, .-, . M .-.., T . from Annual 

whether on civil, military, or naval service, may, subscrip- 
on their application to the Committee, become 10 
Supernumerary Members, and be exempt from the 
payment of their Annual Subscriptions, with the 
exception of that for the Library, commencing 


from the 1 st of January following their Departure 
from the United Kingdom ; and Members who 
are on foreign service when elected, whether civil, 
military, or naval, shall likewise be exempt from 
the Annual Subscriptions, with the exception of 
that for the Library, until their return to the 
United Kingdom. 

Members ordered on foreign service, and em- 
barking on or before the 31st of January, if their 
Subscriptions have been paid for both the previous 
and current years, will upon application to the 
Committee, be placed on the Supernumerary list, 
and have the Annual Subscription for the current 
year returned to them, and will be further entitled 
to enjoy all the privileges of the Club for the said 
month, provided always that the above-named 
application be lodged with the Secretary on or 
before the 3 1 st of January. 

But Members elected, and Supernumerary 
Members, not having received the advantages of 
the foregoing clause, and returning from foreign 
service between the 1st of October and the 31st of 
December in each year, are not to pay the Annual 
Subscription for the current year, but to enjoy all 
the privileges of the Club, and the Annual Sub- 
scription to commence on the 1st of January 


Members proceeding abroad, otherwise than on 
public duty, may also, on their application to the 
Committee, be placed on the Supernumerary List, 
and be exempt from the payment of their Annual 
. Subscriptions, with the exception of that for the 
Library, provided they continue absent from the 
United Kingdom for one year, commencing from 
the 1st January after their departure. In such 
case it shall, however, be necessary that the Mem- 
ber shall' report his intention to be absent from 
the United Kingdom, and obtain the sanction of 
the Committee, prior to his being placed on the 
Supernumerary List. 

In all instances of Members returning from 
abroad, the date of their return must be officially 
reported to the Secretary, and the Annual Sub- 
scription for the current year paid within two 
months after their return, or such Member will 
be considered as having resigned, unless the cause 
for such notification or payment not having been 
> made within the period prescribed be deemed 
satisfactory to the Committee. 

The non-payment of the Library Subscription 
for two years shall be considered as a resignation, 
and the Member cease to belong to the Club. 
But if he assigns reasons for the omission, which 

are deemed satisfactory by the Committee, they 
shall re-admit him upon payment of the arrears. 

Members XV. Any Member intending to withdraw from 

withdrawing f 

Sub* 1 " tne dub shall signify his intention so to do in 
writing to the Secretary, before the 1st of January, 
otherwise his name shall be placed up in the Club- 
room on the 1 st of February, and be subject to the 
provisions of the 1 3th Rule. 

diSStfcu- Anv Member wno sna11 cease to belong to the 

Hot *o ^ave^ 11 ^' either by resignation or otherwise, shall have 

the ciu Onno c l ami upon, or be entitled to participate in, any 

of the effects or property belonging to the Club, 

nor to have any part of his Annual Subscription 

for the current year returned. 

vacancies. XVI. Vacancies of Members becoming Super- 
numerary, or otherwise, shall be filled up by ballot ; 
and Supernumerary Members on their return to 
England, and paying the Annual Subscriptions, as 
required, shall be entitled to all the privileges of 
the Club, and become effective Members as vacan- 
cies occur. 

committee. XVII. All the concerns of the Club, the pro- 
viding by agreement, lease, or by building, a suit- 
able house, if approved of by a General Meeting, 


the domestic and other arrangements and regula- 
tions for its establishment and management, shall 
be conducted by a Committee, consisting of twenty- 
four Members. The Trustees, if not already 
Members, shall be ex-officio Members, but shall 
not be entitled to vote in the Committee upon 
questions relating to the investiture of the funds in 
Government or other securities, or the sale thereof, 
previously to the appropriation of such funds to 
the permanent use of the Club. 

The present authorised appropriation of the 
rooms of the Club-house shall not be altered, ex- 
cept by a resolution passed at an Annual General 
Meeting, notice of such proposed alteration being 
duly given. This resolution is not to apply to any 
temporary appropriation of rooms during the time 
the House is under repair. 

XVIII. The Committee shall be elected at the Election of 


Annual General Meeting, to be held on the Mon- 
day in the Derby week. Every Member shall 
retire at the third General Meeting after his elec- 
tion, as also every Member who has failed to attend 
the General Committee twelve times previous to 
the Candidates' Book being placed on the table. 
This book shall be placed in the Morning-room at 

least two months previous to the Annual Meeting, 
wherein any Member may put the names of any 
Members up to twelve, who he may recommend to 
fill the vacancies in the Committee ; and, to pre- 
vent unnecessary confusion, a printed list of the 
Committee shall be placed on the first page of this 
book, with a pen mark drawn through the names 
of those Members who retire according to the fore- 
going paragraph. The list to be closed three clear 
days previous to the General Meeting, for the 
purpose of examination bv the Committee, and the 
Members who have the greatest number of votes 
shall fill the vacancies in rotation ; any vacancy 
occuring during the year shall also be filled up 
from the same list by the Member having the next 
greatest number of votes ; but no Member shall be 
added to the Committee from the aforesaid list, 
beyond the first twelve. Should a vacancy occur 
in the Committee after the twelve numbers have 
been filled up, the Candidate Book shall be laid 
upon the table for election during one month. 

Meetings of XIX. The Committee shall hold an ordinary 


meeting in every week, or oftener if required, to 
transact the current business, and to audit the ac- 
counts. Three shall form a quorum. The day of 


meeting to be announced by a notice affixed in the 

XX. There shall be three Trustees, in whose Trustees, 
names, under the direction of the Committee, all 
Securities shall be taken and investments made ; the 
whole property of the Club being, notwithstanding, 
subject to the disposition of the Committee, and 
their order in writing, signed by the Chairman, 
with two other Members, countersigned by the 
Secretary, shall be obligatory upon, and full au- 
thority for, the Trustees ; and if any Trustee 
declines to act, or is rendered ineligible as a Trus- 
tee, by going abroad, or otherwise, he shall be re- 
placed by another, to be named by the Committee ; 
such nomination to be subject to the approval of 
the next General Meeting. 

XXI. Treasurers shall be appointed by the Treasurer. 
Committee, subject to the approval of the next 
General Meeting following the appointment, who 
shall make a report to them, when required, of all 
payments and receipts. 

XXII. The Accounts of the Club to be in Auditors< 
future audited by a Public Accountant, to be se- 
lected by the Committee. 

Secretary XXI II. Any vacancies occasioned by death or 


vacancies, resignation of Trustee, Treasurer, or Secretary, 
shall be filled up by the Committee, when not 
less than seven Members are present, subject to 
the approval of the next General Meeting follow- 
ing the appointment. 

Accounts. XXIV. A report and abstract of the Accounts 
and general concerns of the Club, up to the 31st 
of December previous, signed by the Public Ac- 
countant, together with an estimate of the pro- 
bable receipts and expenditure for the current 
year, signed by the Chairman of the Committee, 
shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting 
on Monday in the Derby week, and printed for the 
use of the Members. 

Payment of XXV. All payments, under the authority of 
the Trustees, to be made upon the orders of the 
Committee, signed by the Chairman, with two 
other Members, and countersigned by the Se- 

General XXVI. There shall be an Annual General 

Meeting. Meeting of the Members held on Monday in the 

Derby week, for the purpose of receiving from 

the Committee a report of the general concerns of 

the Club, electing Auditors and new Members for 
the Committee, and discussing all proposals which 
may require the decision of a General Meeting : a 
majority of the Members present at such Meeting 
shall decide. The chair to be taken at all General 
Meetings at two o'clock, and one of the Trustees 
or a Member of the Committee to preside. 

XXVII. The Committee may call an Extra- Extraordi 
ordinary General Meeting of the Club, on giving Meeting, 
fourteen days' notice, specifying the object in the 
form of a Resolution, and confining the discussion 
to that object only, providing always that such Re- 
solution contains nothing affecting the rules and 
regulations of the Club. The Committee shall also 
call an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 
written requisition of twenty Members, not being 
of the Committee, under restrictions similar to the 

, All notices of Extraordinary General Meetings, 
in virtue of this rule, issued by the Committee, 
must be signed by a majority of the Committee 
present specially summoned, and posted up in the 
public rooms of the Club for at least fourteen days 
previous to the day of meeting. 

No new rule, or alteration of a general rule, shall 

ever be made at an Extraordinary General Meeting, 
without the sanction of a majority of two-thirds of 
such Meeting, composed of at least fifty Members ; 
nor unless the proposed new rule, or alteration of 
an old one, has been posted up in the usual place 
in the public rooms twenty-eight days previous to 
the day of meeting. 

Meetings in XXVIII. No subject which does not relate to 
the management of the concerns of the Club shall 
ever be proposed, or brought forward for public 
discussion, at any Meetings of its Members ; and 
notice of any proposition to be discussed shall be 
given and posted up hi the Club-room fourteen 
days previous to the meeting. No subject which 
has been discussed at a General Meeting, and 
negatived by a majority equal to two-thirds of the 
number present, shall be brought forward again 
within a less period than one year. All questions 
affecting the character or conduct of Members when 
brought before a Meeting, to be decided by a ballot 
taken on the spot. All other questions to be 
decided by a show of hands as heretofore. 

Misceiia- XXIX. The Club-house shall be open and 


ready for the reception of Members at eight o'clock 
on each morning from Lady-day to Michaelmas, 

and at nine o'clock from Michaelmas to Lady-day ; 
and for Ingress shall be closed at two o'clock the 
next morning. No game shall be commenced nor 
refreshments supplied after half-past three o'clock, 
and every Member must leave the house by four 
o'clock, at which hour the Club is to be finally 

XXX. No Member shall give any money or 
gratuity to any of the servants of the Establishment 
upon any pretence whatever. 

XXXI. No Member shall take away from the 
Club, upon any pretence whatever, any newspaper, 
book, pamphlet, or other article, the property of 
the Institution. 

XXXII. A room shall be appropriated for the 
accommodation of dining a limited number of 
visitors, friends of the Members, subject to such 
rules and regulations as shall be hereafter adopted 
by the Committee for the time being. 

No Visitor to be admitted to the Card room, on 
any pretence whatever. 

No Visitor to be admitted to the Billiard and- 
Smoking rooms from the Saturday preceding the 
Derby week until the Monday following the same, 

* This Rule not to be applicable to the Derby Week. 


both days inclusive, unless he has dined on the 
same day with a Member in the Club. 

No Visitor is to be admitted to the Billiard 
rooms who has not on the same day dined with a 
Member in the Club. 

XXXIII. No provisions cooked in the Club- 
house, wines, or other liquors, shall be sent out of 
the house for the use of any Member. 

XXXIV. All complaints respecting breakfasts 
and dinners shall be stated on the back of the bill, 
and signed by the Member complaining, for the 
notice of the Committee ; to whom also all com- 
plaints respecting the servants, or domestic ar- 
rangements of the Club shall be addressed. 

XXXV. All Members are required to pay 
their bills, for every expense they incur in the 
Club, before they leave the house, the Steward 
having positive orders not to open accounts with 
any individual, and being under the necessity of 
accounting to the Committee weekly for all monies 


passing through his hands. 

XXXVI. No game of hazard shall on any ac- 
count be ever played in the Club-house, nor cards 
or other games allowed on Sundays. 

No higher stake than one guinea points shall 
ever be played for. 

Any deviation from the two last-mentioned rules 
shall render the Member liable to expulsion. 

The Committee, upon a representation of the 
same being laid before them, are empowered to 
take cognizance of any debt of honor contracted 
in the Club, dealing with it solely according to 
Rule IV. 

No Member shall on any account take a dog 
into the house. 

No smoking shall be permitted in the house 
unless specially sanctioned by the Committee. 

XXXVII. A Library shall be formed, under Library, 
the direction of the Committee, to the extent of 
the funds set apart for that purpose and shall be 
open to the contributions of the Members, whose 
names shall be recorded. 

XXXVIII. Any infraction of the rules and 
regulations of the Club shall be taken immediate 
cognizance of by the Committee. 

Each Member shall communicate his address, 
or that of his banker or agent, from time to time 
to the Secretary; and all notices sent to such 
address shall be considered as duly delivered. 

These Rules and Regulations shall be printed, 


and a copy of them, together with a list of the 
Committee and Members, shall be delivered to, 
every Member, or transmitted to his address ; but 
no Member shall be absolved from the effect of 
these rules on any allegation of not having 
received them. 

Members XXXIX. As the payment of the Subscriptions, 


Ruies he according to the regulations, will entitle the Mem- 
ber to enjoy every benefit and privilege of the 
Club, such payment shall be his distinct acknow- 
ledgment of, and acquiescence in the rules and 
regulations of the Society. 

Members XL. On the admission of each new Member, 


elected. fa e Secretary shall notify the same to him, in 
duplicate if abroad, with a copy of the regulations, 
and request him to instruct his agent or banker to 
pay his subscriptions. 

THOMAS WALCOT, Secretary. 

N.B. All Letters addressed by Members to the 
Secretary of the Club must be post-paid. 


NOTE The Letters O. M. prefixed to the Names denote the Original Members. 
The date shews the year in which the Member was elected. 


1859. Abbott, Charles T., M.B., Surgeon 39th Regt. 
O.M. Abbott, W. W., late Captain 36th Regiment 
1856. Acton, Charles, Captain 51st Light Infantry 
1855. Acton, Edw. W. F., Lieut. 76th Regiment 

1853. Acton,W. M. Cole., Captain H.P. 77th Regiment 

1840. Adam, William, late Captain 48th Regiment 
1846. Adams, Edw., Lt. Colonel Adj. R. Mil. Asylum 
O.M. Adams, Joseph H., Commissary-Gen, half-pay 
1855. Addington, Hon. C. J., Major 38th Regiment 
1848. Addington, Hon. W. W., late Lieut. Royal Navy 
1 85 1 . Adlington, H. S., late Capt, 4th Light Dragoons 

1841. Agnew, Sir A., Bart., M.P. late Capt 4thLt.Drgs. 

1860. Agnis, John C., Assis.-Sur. Royal Horse Guards 
1850. Aide, C. H., late Captain 85th Light Infantry 
1839. Ailsa, A., Marquis of, late Lieut. 17th Lancers 
1848. Aitken, Alex., late Captain 77th Regiment 

1854. Aldridge, John., Major 21st Fusiliers 

1858. Alexander, Boyd. F., Captain Rifle Brigade 

1 856. Alexander, Claud, Lieut. -Col. Grenadier Guards 

1857. Alexander, Henry, Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 
1860. Alexander, John, H. I., Commander Rl. Navy 
1855. Alison, Fred. M., Major 19th Regiment 

1 842. Allan, Andrew T., Lieut.-Colonel 25th Regiment 

1857. Allan, William, Captain 41st Regiment 
1853. Allen, Charles J. W., Captain 12th Lancers 

1858. Allfrey, Goodrich H., Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1841. Allgood, L. J. H., late Lieut. 13th Lt. Drgs. 
O.M. Alves, John, Major- General, retired full pay 
1846. Ambrose, George James, Lt.-Colonel 3rd Buffs 
1839. Ambrose, John A., late Lieut. 76th Regiment 

1850. Amphlett, E., late Lieutenant 2nd Dragoons 

1845. Amsinck, William, Major, late 53rd Regiment 

1842. Anderson, George, Staff-Surgeon-Major 
1853. Anderson, J. H., late Captain 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1851. Anderson, Thomas, Major 64th Regiment 
1851. Anderson, W. H., Commander Royal Navy 

1846. Anderton W. I., late Lieutenant 17th Lancers 

1859. Annesley, Arthur L., Captain llth Hussars 
1850. Annesley, Hon. A. A., late Lieut. 10th Hussars 
1858. Annesley, Stepn. F. C., Lt.-Col. 10th Regiment 
1858. Anson, Hon., A. H., V.C., Major 7th Hussars 
1844. Antrobus, Philip, late Lieutenant 8th Regiment 
1857. Anstey, Edward, F., late Capt. 20th Regiment 
1855. Appleyard, Frederick E., Major Depot Batt. 


1858. Arbuckle, E. K. Vaughan, Captain 3rd Buffs 
1854. Arbuthnot, Charles G., Major R. H. Artillery 

1859. Arbuthnot, Hy. Thos., Captain Royal Artillery 
1853. Arbuthnot, W. W., Captain 18th Hussars 
1848. Archdall, A. M., Captain H.P. Royal Artillery 
1846. Archdall, M., M.P., late Capt. 50th Regiment 
O.M. Archer, Clement R., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 
O.M. Archer, William H., Major, late 16th Lancers 

1845. Arkwright, Aug. P., Commander Royal Navy 

1846. Arkwright, C., late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1838. Arkwright, F. W., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 
1840. Arkwright, R. W., late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Gds. 
1857- Armit, J. H., late Lieutenant 24th Regiment 
1845. Armytage, William, Captain Royal Navy 
O.M. Arney, Charles Augustus, Colonel unattached 
O.M. Arthur,Sir Fred. L., Bart., Lieut.-Colonel unatt. 
O.M. Ashmore, Charles, Major-General 

1850. Ash worth, F. C., late Captain 19th Regiment 

1858. Ashby, G. Ashby, late Captain llth Hussars 

1853. Atchison, G. T. H., Captain 67th Regiment 
1843. Atchison, Henry Alexander, Capt. unattached 
1856. Atherley, E. G. Eliot, Captain 45th Regiment 
1850. Atkinson, Edward D., Lt.-Colonel 37th Regt. 
1855. Atkinson Richard, Captain 12th Regiment 
1858. Atkinson, William, Captain 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1854. Attye, Francis L. O., Captain 2nd Regiment 
O.M. Aubin, P., Lieut-Colonel 57th Reg. ret. full pay 


1 850. Austen, Charles W., Lt.-Colonel 83rd Regiment 
O.M. Austin, William, Major, late 56th Regiment 

1851. Aytoun, James, Captain 7th Hussars 



1838. Bacon, Henry H., late Capt. 3rd Dragoon Gds. 

I860. Baddeley, J. F. L., Major Royal Artillery 

1849. Bailie, James, Major 87th Fusiliers 

1858. Bailie, William Alex., Captain 82nd Regiment 

1859. BaiUie, J. Baillie,late Lieut. Coldstream Gds. 
O.M. Bain, G., Dep. Assis. Commissary General H.P. 
1851. Bain, W., M.D., Surgeon H.P. 34th Regiment 
1855. Baird, Sir David, Bart., Major late 98th Regt. 
1859. Baird, John K. E., Commander Royal Navy 

1847. Baird, Robert H., late Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 

1848. Baker, Henry, Commander Royal Navy 
1842. Baker, Henry J. B. T.,late Lieut. 4th Drg. Gds. 

1854. Baker, Valentine, Lieut. -Colonel 10th Hussars 

1855. Balfour, Charles I., Commander Royal Navy 
1855. Balfour, Francis W., Major, late Rifle Brigade 

1858. Balfour, Henry Lowther, Capt. Royal Artillery 
1851. Balfour, J. W., late Captain 7th Dragoon Gds. 
1840. Balfour, T. G., M.D., Deputy- Inspector- Gen. 
1851. Balguy, Henry, late Captain 4th Regiment 
1848. Ballard, James B., Commander Royal Navy 

1859. Bally, William, Lieutenant 33rd Regiment 
1847. Banon, Richard G. D., Surg.-Major 87th Fus. 


1852. Barber, H. H., late Lieutenant 17th Lancers 

1852. Barber, Lionel, C., Captain Royal Engineers 

1846. Barbor, Robert D., Major, late 40th Regiment 

1851. Barclay, David, Captain 16th Lancers 

1859. Baring, Henry, late Captain 17th Lancers 

1855. Barker, Francis O., M.D., Staff Surgeon 

1856. Barlow, H. W., late Captain Royal Engineers 

1849, Barnes, Edward, late Captain 27th Regiment 

1860. Barnes, Richard Moore, Capt. 50th Regiment 
O.M. Barnes,W.E. Fitz-Edw., late Capt. SrdLt. Drgs. 
1855. Barnston, William, Major late 55th Regiment 

1840. Barren, F. B., Lieut.-Col. 3rd Dragoon Guards 
1851. Barron, Luke, M.D., Staff Surgeon 

1850. Barron, William, late Captain 96th Regiment 
1843. Barrow, Thomas J. R., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
O.M. Barrow, Wallace, late Captain 17th Lancers 

1841. Barry, Rd. H. Smith, late Captain 1 2th Lancers 
1858. Barry, William H., Captain 73rd Regiment 
1839. Barry, W. N., late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 

1855. Barry, Wm. W., Lieut.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1849. Barstow, George, Major Royal Artillery 

1858. Barstow, Lewis, Lieutenant, Royal Navy 

1856. Bartholomew, G. C., Captain 10th Regiment 
1843. Bartley, John Cowell, Major 5th Fusiliers 
1838. Barton, Charles, Major, late 14th Lt. Dragoons 
1848. Barton, H. L., late Lieutenant 6th Dragoon* 

1859. Barwell, Fredk. L., late Lieut. 50th Regiment 


1853. Bassano, Alfred, Lieut.-Col. 32nd Light Infantry 
1850. Bassett, William W., Captain 56th Regiment 

1852. Bastard, B. J., late Lieutenant 9th Regiment 

1841. Bastard, W. B., late Capt. 90th Light Infantry 
1850. Batchellor, S. G., Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 
O.M. Bates, Henry, Colonel 98th Regiment 

1854. Bates, Robert, Major 19th Regiment 

1857. Bathurst, Henry, late Captain 23rd Fusiliers 

1842. Bathurst, T. H,, late Captain 75th Regiment 

1858. Battiscombe, H. L., Captain 58th Regiment 

1850. Baumgartner, T. M., Captain 83rd Regiment 
O.M. Baxter, William, late Captain 30th Regiment 

1851. Baynes, George E., Major 8th Regiment 

1855. Baynes, H. J. le Marchant, Captain 88th Regt. 
1850. Baynes, Robert S., Lieut.- Colonel unattached 
1858. Beasley, Joseph N., Lieutenant 87th Regiment 
1838. Beauclerk, Lord G. A., Major, late Cth Drg. Gds. 

1858. Beaumont, G. W. Capt. Scots. Fusilier Guards 

1850. Beaumont, Richard, Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Becher, Sir Henry, Bt., late Lieut. Rifle Brigade 
1853. Beckett, Hamilton, late Cornet 10th Hussars 

1846. Bedford, R. T., Captain Royal Navy 

1845. Bellairs, E. H. W., late Lieutenant 7th Fusiliers 

1847. Bellairs, William, Major unattached 

1851. Bellingham, W., late Captain 50th Regiment 

1859. Bell, William M., Captain 3rd Light Dragoons 
1838. Belson, Frederick, late Captain Rifle Brigade 


1843. Bence, E. R. S., late Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards 

1857. Bennett, W. C. F. B., Captain 6th Regiment 
1850. Bennett, F. W., late Captain 69th Regiment 

1 858. Bennett, George, Lieut. -Colonel 20th Regiment 

1850. Bennett, Rev.T.W.,5.^., Chaplain Royal Navy 

1855. Benson, Arthur E., late Lieut. 10th Hussars 

1845. Benson, Henry R., Colonel 17th Lancers 

1846. Bentinck, A. C., Lt.-Col. 4th Dragoon Guards 
1838. Beresford, Denis W. Pack, late Capt. Rl. Art. 

1846. Beresford, G. Dela Poer, late Capt. 16th Regt. 
1858. Beresford, M. De la Poer, Captain 72nd Regt. 
1858. Berkeley, Henry W., Capt. 3rd Drg. Guards 

1858. Best, George H., Lieutenant 92nd Regiment 

1847. Bethune, Duncan M., Lt.-Col. 9th Regiment 

1847. Betson, W., Captain and Paym. 18th Hussars 

1854. Betts, George, Captain 81st Regiment 

1857. Betty, Joshua F., Captain Royal Artillery 

1856. Betty, W. T., Captain 6th Dragoon Guards 

1859. Bevan, Charles D., Lieutenant Royal Artillery 

1855. Bickerstaff, R., Lt.-Col. late 6th Dragoon Gds. 
1849. Biddle, Waring B., Captain 36th Regiment 

1858. Biddulph, Robert, Captain Royal Artillery 

1844. Bidgood, Thomas E., late Lieut. 1st Royals 
1840. Bill, Charles, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 

1848. Bird, H. C., late Capt. Ceylon Rifle Regiment 

1851. Bird, W. O., Captain 6th Dragoon Guards 
O.M. Biscoe, G. G., Lt.-Col. 66thRegt. ret. full-pay 


1845. Bisset, M. Fenwick, late Lieut. IstDrg. Gds. 

1847. Bisshopp, Sir G. C., Bart., late Capt 12th Regt. 

O.M. Black, George, Lieut. -Colonel late 75th Regt. 

1838. Blackall, N. E., late Lieut. 90th Light Infantry 

1851. Blackett, C. E., Captain Coldstream Guards 
1853. Blackett, E. A., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1853. Blackett, E. W., Captain Rifle Brigade 
1860. Blackett, William, Captain 61st Regiment 

1852. Blair, E. S., late Lieut. 13th Light Dragoons 
1856. Blair, W. S., Colonel H.P. Royal Artillery 
1847. Blake, Patrick J., Captain Royal Navy 

1855. Blake, Step., Major & Paym. 93rd Highlanders. 

1854. Blakely, T. A., Captain H.P. Royal Artillery 
1850. Bland, Alleyne, Commander Royal Navy 

1853. Bland, James F., Captain 76th Regiment 

1842. Blandy, Adam, late Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards 
1838. Blane, George, Commander Royal Navy 

1843. Blaythwayt, G. W., late Capt. 1st Drg. Gds. 

1850. Blewitt, Charles, Captain 65th Regiment 

1852. Bligh, Frederick C., Major 41st Regiment 
1847. Blosse, W. C. L., Captain Royal Artillery 

1851. Blyth, W. D'U., Captain 14th Light Dragoons 

1853. Boggis, J. E., Captain H.P. 55th Regiment 

1849. Boldero, George N., Major 21st Fusiliers 
1847. Bolton, A. S., late Captain 57th Regiment 

1850. Bolton, John L., Captain Royal Artillery 

1 856. Bolton, R. G. B., late Lieut. Royal Horse Guards 


1856. Bolton, Theophilus, Captain 22nd Regiment 

1 848. Bond, E., Lieut.-Col. late Prov. Depot Battalion 

1852. Bond, J. W., M.P., late Lieut. 49th Regiment 

1854. Bond, Ralph S., late Captain 14th Regiment 

1859. Bonham, Francis, Captain 71st Regiment 

1847. Bonham, C. W., Commander Royal Navy 

1848. Bontine, W. C., late Cornet 2nd Dragoons 
1859. Booth, Henry J. P., Major 43rd Regiment 
O.M. Booth, William, Major-General 

1854. Booth, William, Captain Royal Artillery 

1850. Borrow, John, Major 18th Regiment 

1851. Borthwick, R., late Lieutenant 91st Regiment 
O.M. Borton, Arthur, C.B., Colonel Depot Battalion 
1848. Bostock,J.A.,7l/.Z>.Surg.-MajorScotsFus.Gds. 

1855. Bott, Thomas, Major 6th Dragoon Guards 
1838. Boucherett, Henry R., late Capt. 17th Lancers 

1856. Boultbee, Henry T., late Captain Royal Artillery 
1858. Bourbel, de A. A., Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards 
1842. Bourchier, C. J., late Capt. Coldstream Guards 
1854. Bourchier, Claud T., F.C., Major Rifle Brigade 
1847. Bourchier, J. J., Major 52nd Light Infantry 

1847. Bourke, Hon. John J., Lieut.-Col. unattached 
1842. Bouverie, F. W. P., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Bowdoin, J. T., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 
1858. Bowlby, Alfred P., Major 64th Regiment 

1848. Bowles, Edward, Captain 60th Rifles 

1838. Bowles, Henry O., late Captain 15th Regiment 


1851. Boyd, Edward, Captain 5th Lancers 

1858. Boyd, J. G. Hay, Major unattached 

O.M. Boyd, Walter, late Captain 87th Fusiliers 

1850. Boyes, C. R., M.D. Staff-Surgeon 1st Class 

1851. Boyle, Hon. E. J., Captain 85th Light Infantry 
1851. Boyle, Robert, Captain Royal ArtiUery 

1842. Boyle, William, Lieut.-Colonel 89th Regiment 

1851. Boyle, Hon. W. G., Major Coldstream Guards 

1847. Brabazon, Hugh B., Major, late Military Train 

1848. Bradford, Edward, Staff-Surgeon 1st class 
1858. Bradbury, Emanuel, Captain 1st Drg. Guards 

1840. Bragge, William, Colonel, late 37th Regiment 
1853. Bramly, Richard J., late Captain Cape M. Rifles 

1851. Bramston, T. H., Captain Grenadier Guards 
1853. Brandreth, C., late Lieut. 4th Light Dragoons 
1846. Brandreth, Thomas, Commander Royal Navy 

1858. Branfill, Benj. A., Captain 86th Regiment 

1859. Bravo, Alexandre, Captain 1st W. India Regt. 
1853. Bray, Edward W., Captain 83rd Regiment 

1848. Brenchley, H., late Captain 31st Regiment 
1855. Brendon, Algernon, Major Royal Artillery 

1849. Brereton, Godfrey, Commander Royal Navy 
1853. Breslin, W, J., M.D., Staff-Surgeon, half-pay 

1852. Breton, John, Captain unattached 

1853. Breton, Peter W., late Captain 38th Regiment 

1841. Brett, Henry, Captain 18th Hussars 
1839. Brett, John, late Captain 15th Hussars 

O.M. Brett, John D., Major, late 17th Lancers 

1847. Brett, William F., Lieut.-Col. 54th Regiment 

1847. Brewster, William B., late Capt. Rifle Brigade 
1853. Bridge, G. J., late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 
1844. Briggs, George, Major, late 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1851. Bright, Robert O., Lieut.-Col. 19th Regiment 

1853. Brigstocke, G. C., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1852. Brinckman, T. H., late Captain 17th Regiment 

1850. Brine, Frederick, Captain Royal Engineers 

1851. Brine, George A., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1858. Brine, Lindesay, Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1838. Bringhurst, J. H., Major, late 90th Lt. Infantry 
1855. Brisco, Musgrave D., late Captain 7th Hussars 

1840. Bristow, S., late Captain 54th Regiment 

1848. Brocas, Bernard, late Lieut. 6th Dragoon Gds. 

1 849. Bromley, Charles, Commander Royal Navy 

1841. Brooke, A. Beresford, late Lieut. 23rd Fusiliers 

1854. Brooke. J. Brooke, late Capt. 88th Regiment 

1859. Brooke, J. H. Langford, late Capt. 95th Regt. 

1853. Brooke, Thomas, Colonel 12th Regiment 

1855. Brooksbank, A., late Captain 38th Regiment 

1839. Brotherton, W., late Lieutenant llth Hussars 

1842. Broughton, P., late Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards 
1844. Brown, Amyatt E., Captain 5th Lancers 
1849. Brown, E. J. V., Lieut- Colonel late 60th Rifles 

1840. Brown, George J., Lt.-Col. 4th Light Dragoons 
1846. Brown, N. R., Colonel 34th Regt. ret. full-pay 

1844. Brown, Robert J., Capt. 14th Light Dragoons 

1839. Brown, William G., Colonel 24th Regiment 

1843. Browne, Alexander, M.D., Surgeon half-pay 

1859. Browne, A. S. M., Captain 2nd Dragoons 

1853. Browne, C. A. G., Capt. 4th Light Dragoons 

1859. Browne, C. Edwd. Gore, Lieut. 25th Regt. 
1850. Browne, Charles F., Captain 35th Regiment 
1838. Browne, George, Major, late 35th Regiment 

1854. Browne, George R., Major 88th Regiment 
1841. Browne, W. R., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1860. Browning, Montagu C., Captain 89th Regt. 
1856. Bruce, Alexander C., Captain 91st Regiment 
1846. Bruce, Robert, Lieut. -Colonel 2nd Regiment 

1849. Bruce, Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel unattached 
1852. Bruce, William J., Captain 94th Regiment 

1 852. Brumell,William, Major & Paymaster 25th Regt. 
1846. Brush, J. R., M.D., Staff Surgeon 2nd Class 

1846. Bryson, Alexander, M.D. F.R.S., Inspector of 

Hospitals and Fleets 

1855. Buchan, G. W., Fordyce-, Col. late R. H. Gds. 

1847. Buchanan, D. C. R. C., late Cornet 2nd Drgs. 

1853. Buchanan, George, Captain 2nd Dragoons 

1850. Buchanan, N. G., late Capt. 93rd Highlanders 
1852. Buchanan, R. D., late Captain 72nd Highlanders 
1859. Buckle, Charles M., Commander Royal Navy 
1858. Buckley, Cecil W., V. C., Commander Royal Navy 
1846. Bull, John James, LieutColonel 56th Regiment 

1845. Bullen, Charles, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1856. Buller, Edmund M., Major Rifle Brigade 

1852. Bulwer, E. G., C.B., Lieut.-Col. 23rd Fusiliers 
1860. Bunbury, Charles Thos., Lieut. Rifle Brigade 
1839. Bunbury, Charles T. V., Major 82nd Regt. 
1838. Bunbury, H. W., C.B., Col. H.P. 23rd Fusiliers 
1844. Bunbury, Philip, late Capt. 7th Dragoon Gds. 

1846. Burke, John Hardman, Major 3rd Buffs 
1859. Burnand, A., late Captain 17th Lancers 

1853. Burnand, G. S., Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 
1846. Burne, Godfrey J., Captain 73rd Regiment 
1858. Burningham, H. G. C., Captain 58th Regt. 
1858. Burnside, F. R. E., Captain 21st Fusiliers 
1853. Burroughs, F. W., Major 93rd Highlanders 
1855. Burrowes, Thomas A., Captain 45th Regiment 
1848. Burton, A. W. D., C.B. Major 7th Drg. Gds. 
1844. Burton, Sir C. W. C., Bt., late Lt. 1st Dragoons 

1855. Bury, Hon. Alfred, late Captain 10th Regiment 
1853. Busby, John, late Captain 13th Light Infantry 

1856. Bushe, William D., Lieut. -Colonel 7th Hussars 
1850. Butler, A. S., late Captain 36th Regiment 
1846. Butler, Edward C., Major 36th Regiment 
1853. Butler, Henry W., late Captain loth Regiment 
1846. Butler, Percy A., Lt.-Colonel 28th Regiment 
1841. Butler, Thomas, late Lieutenant 7th Fusiliers 
1849. Butler, Webbe, Lieutenant- Colonel 60th Rifles 
1858. Butts, Fredk. John, Captain 77th Regiment 

1848. Butt, Thomas B., Lieut.-Col. 79th Highlanders 

1846. Byam, Edward G., late Captain 59th Regiment 

1838. Byrne, Thomas, Lieut. -Colonel 10th Regiment 

1852. Byrne, Thomas E., Captain Royal Artillery 

1857. Byron, John, Captain 10th Regiment 

1852. Bythesea, John, V.C., Commander Royal Navy 


1850. Cambridge, H.R.H. Duke of, K.G., G.C.B., 

K.P., G.C.M.G., General Commanding-in- 
Chief ; Colonel Scots Fusilier Guards, &c., 

1855. Caddy, John T., M.D., Surgeon Royal Navy 

1852. Cahill, A. P., M.D., Surgeon 6th Regiment 

1857. Calcott, C. R. B., Captain 26th Regiment 
1841. Caldwell, Henry, C.B., Captain Royal Navy 
1845. Callaghan, F. M., late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 

1851. Calthorpe, Hon. S. J. G., Major 5th Drag. Gds. 
1847. Calvert, A. M., Captain Royal Horse Artillery 
1854. Calvert, Charles, late Lieut. 43rd Light Infantry 

1845. Calvert, C. W., late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards 

1856. Cameron, A. S., Captain 25th Regiment 

1846. Cameron, W. G., Major 4th Regiment 

1854. Campbell, Sir A., Bart., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1858. Campbell, A. C., Lt.-Col. Scots Fusilier Grds. 
1838. Campbell, Archibald J., late Capt. 44th Regt. 
1849. Campbell, A. M., late Capt. 6th Dragoon Gds. 
1841. Campbell, Charles F., Major, late 87th Fusiliers 

1853. Campbell, Colin A., Commander Royal Navy 

1855. Campbell, Colin F., Lieut. -Colonel 46th Regt. 

1852. Campbell,DonaldP.,late Capt. 92nd Highlanders 

1849. Campbell, Duncan, Major, unattached 

1852. Campbell, Fred., Major Cape Mounted Rifles 

1847. Campbell, Frederick A., Captain Royal Navy 
1856. Campbell, G., late Captain 7lst Highlanders 

1851. Campbell, H. J. M., Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 

1853. Campbell, James C., Commander Royal Navy 

1854. Campbell, John A. G., late Captain 1st Royals 
1858. Campbell, Jno. Henry, Lieutenant 33rd Regt. 

1838. Campbell, John L., late Lieut. 5th Fusiliers 

1849. Campbell, Patrick J., Captain Royal Artillery 
1841. Campbell, Robert, late 32nd Regiment 

1852. Campbell, Robert, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1852. Campbell, Robert, Captain 12th Lancers 

1855. Campbell, Thomas M., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1851. Cane M., late Captain 89th Regiment 

1839. Canning, C. P. Gordon, late Lieut. 78th Regt. 

1848. Capel, C., late Lieutenant 75th Regiment 

1838. Carden, Charles W., late Capt. 36th Regiment 
1851. Cardew, C. B., late Captain 6th Dragoon Gds. 
1848. Carew, C. H., late Lieutenant 2nd Life Guards 

1851. Carew, G. H. W., late Capt. 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1850. Carew, Robert H., late Captain 36th Regiment 
O.M. Carey, Le Marchant, late Capt. 76th Regiment 

1852. Cary, Hon. L. W. C., late Capt. 96th Regiment 

1839. Carleton, William, Captain Royal Navy 
1850. Carlyon, G. G., late Captain 1st Royals 


1845. Carlyon, T. T. S., Major, late 3rd Drag. Gds. 

1850. Carmichael, G. L., Major 95th Regiment 
O.M. Carmichael, Sir J. R., Bart., late Lt. 1st W.I.R. 

1853. Carnegie, Hon. Charles, late Lieut. 27th Regt, 
1855. Carnegie, Hon. John, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
3859. Carnegy, P. A. W., late Captain 15th Hussars 

1851. Carpenter, Charles, Captain Royal Artillery 

1854. Carpenter, G. W. Wallace, Major 7th Fusiliers 

1845. Cartan, William, Lieut. -Colonel, retired full pay 
1848. Carthew, Edmund J., Major Royal Artillery 

1857. Cass, Arthur H., Captain 10th Hussars 

1838. Cathcart, Andrew, late Captain llth Hussars 

1855. Cathcart, Hon. A,. Lt.-Colonel 96th Regiment 

1855. Cathcart, Robert, late Lieut. 74th Highlanders 

1856. Cator, Ralph P., Commander Royal Navy 

1839. Cavan, Philip C., Lt.-Colonel late 30th Regt. 

1846. Cave, L. T., late Captain 54th Regiment 
1838. Cavendish, Hon. F., late Capt. 20th Regiment 

1848. Cazalet, G. H., late Captain 33rd Regiment 
1856. Chadwick, John De H., Lieut, late 9th Lancers 
1860. Chadwick Robert, Lieut. 14th Light Dragoons 
1845. Chaloner, Thomas, Captain Royal Navy 

1849. Chambers, E. J., late Lieut. 17th Regiment 
1845. Chambre, William, Colonel unattached 

1858. Chamberlayne, D. T., late Capt. 13th Lt. Drg. 

1847. Chaplin, Frank, Major 3rd Dragoon Guards 


1841. Chapman, F. E., C.B., Colonel, Deputy- Adju- 
tant General Royal Engineers 

1855. Chapman, G. H. J. M., Captain 5th Fusiliers 

1854. Charlton, St. John W. C., late Capt. 1st Drgs. 

1856. Charlton, Richard G., Captain 81st Regiment 

1845. Charter, Ellis James, Major Depot Battalion 

1855. Chatfield, Alfred J., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
O.M. Chearnley, W., late Captain 8th Regiment 

1847. Chetwode, George, Lieut.-Col. late 8th Hussars 
1841. Chetwode, R., Colonel H.P. 3rd Drag. Guards 
1843. Chichester, Lord John, late Captain 87th Regt. 

1848. Chichester, Nugent, late Captain 99th Regt. 
1855. Chichester, N. C., Captain 7th Drag. Guards 
1854. Clu'chester, Robt. B., Captain 81st Regiment 
1838. Chichester, Lord S. A., late Lieut. 90th Regt. 

1852. Childs Joseph C., Major Royal Artillery 

1853. Christie, George F., late Captain 15th Regiment 
1858. Christian, Henry, Commander Royal Navy 

1849. Chrystie, John A., late Captain 1st Royals 

1850. Churchill, C. H. Spencer, Major 60th Rifles 

1852. Chute, Trevor, Colonel 70th Regiment 
1849. Clanmorris, John Lord, late Lieut. Rifle Brig. 

1857. Clark, James A., Lieutenant 15th Hussars 

1853. Clark, Thomas, Captain 24th Regiment 

1846. Clarke, Andrew, Captain Royal Engineers 
O.M. Clarke, George C., Colonel 2nd Dragoons 
1846. Clarke, J. W., late Captain 10th Hussars 

1857. Clarke, M. de S. Me. G., Lieut. 50th Regt. 

1854. Clarke, Somerset M., Captain 29th Regiment 

1844. Clarke, William, Colonel unattached 

1851. Clay, George, Captain 19th Regiment 

1852, Clayton, J. W., late Capt. 13th Lt. Dragoons 
1859. Cleeve, Stewart Alex., Capt. 51st Lt. Infantry 
1849. Cleaveland, F. D., Colonel Royal Artillery 

1855. Clerk, Godfrey, Major Rifle Brigade 

1847. Clerk, Henry, Lieut. -Colonel Royal Artillery 

1838. Clerk, Mildmay, late Captain 12th Lancers 

1852. Cleveland, G. D. D., Major 98th Regiment 

1847. Clifford, Miller, Major Royal Artillery 

1855. Clifton, Aug. W., late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1849. Clifton, Chandos, F., Major 12th Lancers 

1847. Clifton, Thomas H., Lieut.-Col. unattached 
O.M. Cloete, Sir A. J., C.B., K.H., Major-General 
1859. Close, Francis A., Commander Royal Navy 
1859. Close, V. H., late Captain 90th Regiment 

1858. Clowes, George, Major 8th Hussars 

1848. Clutterbuck, D. H., late Captain 8th Hussars 

1856. Clutterbuck, J. E. M.D. Surgeon 17th Regt. 
1848. Coape, C., late Captain 67th Regiment 
1854. Coates, Frederick, Captain 10th Hussars 

1845. Cobbe, Alexander H., Major 87th Fusiliers 
1843. Cobbe, C. A., late Captain 3rd Buffs 

1848. Cochrane, James D., late Capt. 19th Regiment 

O.M. Cockburn, Alexander, Captain unattached 

1845. Cockburn, James H., Captain Royal Navy 
1855. Cockburn, T. Hugh, Major 43rd Light Infantry 
1848. Cocks, O. Yorke, Major 4th Regiment 

1841. Cocks, P. R., Colonel H.P. Royal Artillery 

1 839. Cocksedge, Henry L., late Lieut. 6th Drg. Grds. 

1842. Colbome, Hon. F., C.B., Col. 6th Regiment 

1840. Colborne, Hon. James, Lieut. -Col. unattached 
1842. Cole, John A., Lieut.-Colonel 15th Regiment 

1852. Coleman, Henry F. &., Captain 1st Dragoons 
O.M. Coles, Joeias R. J., Lieut.-Col. late 9th Lancers 

1842. Collette, Henry, Major 67th Regiment 

1846. Collier, George B. B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1859. Collins, Edward A., Captain 26th Regiment 

1847. Colmore, C. F. C., late Lieutenant 7th Hussars 
1859. Colquhoun, H. M. L., Captain 77th Regiment 

1841. Colquitt, J. Wallace, Captain H.P. 34th Regt. 
1844. Colston, Edward, late Lieutenant 15th Hussars 
1846. Colt, Charles Russell, Captain 56th Regiment 

1850. Colthurst, David L., Major 17th Regiment 

1851. Colthurst, Robert E., late Captain 48th Regt. 
O.M. Colvile, Henry, Lieutenant- General 

1844. Colville, Hon. W. J., Major Rifle Brigade 

1855. Commerell, John E., 7. C., Captain Royal Navy 

1843. Compton, Lord William, Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Coney, Arthur H., Captain 67th Regiment 

1852. Coney, Walter John, Captain 1st Dragoons 


1839. Congreve, George, C.B., Major-General 

1858. Congreve, William, Captain 4th Regiment 

O.M. Connel, A. James N., M.D., Surgeon half-pay 

O.M. Con oily, James, Lieutenant-Colonel unattached 

1842. Conolly, T. R., late Lieutenant 25th Regiment 

1858. Conran, Marcell, Captain 56th Regiment 
1851. Conran, W. A., late Captain 56th Regiment 
1841. Conyers, Chas. Edward, Major H.P. 97th Regt. 

1 855. Conyngham, Lord Francis N., M.P., Lt. R. Navy 
O.M. Coode, Henry, Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1848. Cook, Edwin A., Major late llth Hussars 

1850. Cooke, Edward B., Captain 83rd Regiment 
O.M. Cooke, John H., Lieut.-Col., late 21st Fusiliers 

1841. Cookes, George, Captain unattached 

1859. Cookesley, A. Foulkes, Dep.-Assist.-Com.-Gen. 

1856. Cookworthy, W. Spicer, Captain 60th Rifles 
1855. Cooper, Arthur, Captain 6th Dragoon Guards 
O.M. Cooper, David S., late Captain 1st Royals 
1838. Cooper, Henry, Colonel 45th Regiment 

1842. Cooper, W. H., late Lieutenant 75th Regiment 
1846. Cooper, William, Captain 70th Regiment 

1849. Coote, C. D., late Lieut. 52nd Light Infantry 

1851. Coote, Eyre, late Lieutenant llth Hussars 
1853. Copinger, H., Lt.-Col., ret. full-pay, 16th Regt. 

1852. Copland, Alex. L., late Captain 57th Regiment 
1855. Copley, G. E., late Lieutenant 88th Regiment 
1842. Corbet, Sir V. R., Bt., late Lieut, R. Horse Gds. 


1856. Corbett, Frank, late Captain 33rd Regiment 

1855. Corbett, John, Captain Royal Navy 

1858. Corbett, William, Major H.P. 52nd Regiment 

1844. Cormick, John, Lieut. -Colonel 20th Regiment 

O.M. Cornock, Isaac, late Lieut. 14th Lt. Dragoons 

1853. Cornwall, George, Major late 93rd Highlanders 

1852. Cornwallis, Fiennes, Major 4th Light Dragoons 

1858. Corrance, George E., late Lieut. 76th Regt. 

1859. Corrigan, Jno. Joseph, Captain 3rd Drg. Gds. 

1 860. Costello, Arthur R., late Captain 7th Drg. Gds. 

1840. Cotton, Corbet, Colonel unattached 
1842. Cotton H. C., late Captain 21st Fusiliers 

1841. Courtenay, George W. C., Rear- Admiral 

1855. Courtenay, R. W., Captain Royal Navy 

1856. Coventry, St. John, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Cowell, James D., Major 6th Dragoons 

O.M. Cowley, Norman, late Lieut. 5th Dragoon Gds. 

1857. Cowper, Andrew J., Captain 15th Regiment 

1855. Cox, W. Hamilton, Major Royal Artillery 

1856. Coxon, James H., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1857. Craster, James T., Captain 38th Regiment 

1858. Craven, W. G., late Lieutenant 1st Life Guards 

1858. Craven, Walter A. K., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1839. Crawfurd, Robert, late Captain 66th Regiment 

1853. Crawford, Francis H., Captain 98th Regiment 

1859. Crawford, Thomas, M.D., Surgeon 18th Regt. 
1844. Crawford, W. T., C.B., Colonel Royal Artillery 


1851. Crawley, H., late Lieutenant 1st Life Guards 

1850. Crawley, P. S., Major Coldstream Guards 

1854. Crawley, Thomas R., Lieut. -Colonel 6th Drgs. 
1842. Crawshay, A., late Captain 17th Lancers 
1849. Creagh, Charles O., Major 86th Regiment 

1851. Crealock, H. H., Lieut.-Col. 90th Lt. Infantry 
1859. Crealock, J. North, Captain 95th Regiment 

1855. Crerar, James, Surgeon 60th Rifles 
1855. Cresswell, George, Captain unattached 

1858. Crewe, Evelyn H., Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards 

1853. Creyke, A. S., Captain Royal Engineers 

1852. Crofts, Edmund, late Captain 23rd Fusiliers 

1859. Croker, William, Captain 27th Regiment 

1849. Crombie, Alexander, Captain 72nd Highlanders 
1851. Crookshank, Alex. C., Assist. -Com. -General 
O.M. Crosbie, William, late Captain Rifle Brigade 

1854. Crosse, Charles K., Major 52nd Light Infantry 
1848. Crosse, Joshua Grant, Major 88th Regiment 

1855. Crosse, John Hill, Captain 16th Regiment 

1850. Crowe, J. W., late Lieutenant 83rd Regiment 
1859. Cubitt, William, late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 
O.M. Culpeper, J. Bishop, late Captain 14th Lt. Drgs. 
1846. Cumberland, Octavius, Captain Royal Navy 
1841. Gumming, Arthur, Captain Royal Navy 

1840. Cumming,SirA.P.G.,Bt.,lateCapt.4thLt.Drgs. 

1841 . Cumming, H. W., Lt.-Col. late Coldstream Gds. 

1853. Cunliffe, E. B., late Captain 6th Dragoons 


1858. Cuningham, John, Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 

1847. Cunningham, J., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1 858. Cunningham, John P., M.D., Staff-Surgeon 

1853. Cure, Alfred C., Lieut.-Col. Grenadier Guards 
1 843 . Cureton, Edward Burgoyne, Major 1 2th Lancers 
1855. Currie, Richard H., late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1847. Currie, Samuel, M.Z)., Dep.-Insp. -General 
1841. Curry, Douglas, Captain Royal Navy 

1860. Curtis, Fra. Geo. Savage, Capt. 6th Drg. Gds. 

1850. Curtis, Constable, late Captain 12th Lancers 

1849. Curtis, Reginald, Major Royal Artillery 

1848. Curzon, Hon. E. G., Capt. 52nd Lt. Infantry 
1847- Curzon, Hon. F., Commander Royal Navy 
1847. Curzon, Hon. Leicester, Lt.-Col. Rifle Brigade 
1845. Custance, W. N., C.B., Colonel 6th Drg. Gds. 
1858. Cuthbert, E. C., Captain Royal Artillery 

1854. Cuthbert, John R. late Captain 6th Dragoons 



1839. Dalgety, James W., Lieut.-Col. late 74th Regt. 
1846. DaUas, George Fred., Major 46th Regiment 
O.M. Dallas, Robert W., late Captain 2nd Drg. Gds. 
O.M. Dalrymple, Sir H., Bt., Lt.-Col., late 71st Regt. 
1841. Dalton, Charles J., Colonel Royal Artillery 
1859. Dalyell, O. W., Commander Royal Navy 

1840. Dane, Richard, M.D., Dep. Inspector General 
1839. Daniel, Samuel, Paymaster Depot Battalion 

1846. Daniell, C. F. Torrens, Major unattached 
1838. Daniell, Henry, Colonel, late Coldstream Gds. 
1850. Daniell, J. H., late Captain 42nd Highlanders 
1856. D'Arcy, William, late Captain 67th Regiment 

1854. Dare, F. M. Hall, Lieut., late 23rd Fusiliers 

1841. Darell, Henry J., Major, late 60th Rifles 
O.M. d'Arley, William W., Colonel R. A., ret. full pay 

1855. Dashwood, B. G., Captain 20th Regiment 

1847. Dashwood, F. L., late Captain 16th Lancers 
1847. Dashwood, W. H. A., late Captain 36th Regt. 
1855. Daubeny, Edward, Captain 67th Regiment 
1855. Daubeny, James, C.B., Lieut.-Col. 62nd Regt. 
1858. Daubeney, Alfred G., Captain 7th Fusiliers 
1855. Davenport, A. H., late Lieut. 1st Life Guards 


1842. Davenport, W. D., Major late 26th Regiment 

1857. Davidson H. G., late Lieut. 78th Highlanders 
1841. Davidson, James, late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1839. Davie, Charles C., late Captain 67th Regiment 
1846. Davies, John, Staff- Surgeon- Major 

1854. Davies, Thomas, late Lieutenant 1 1th Regiment 

1858. Davies, Thomas, Commander Royal Navy 
1850. Davis, Gronow, V.C., Major Royal Artillery 

1859. Davy, Daniel B., Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 

1860. Dawson, Arthur Fredk., late Captain 6th Drgs. 
1859. Dawson, Edwd., F., late Captain 6th Dragoons 
1846. Day, George F., V.C., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Deacon, Charles, late Captain 9th Lancers 
O.M. Deacon, Charles C., C.B., Colonel 46th Regt. 
1852. Deacon, W. E. D., Major 61st Regiment 

1855. Deane, G. O., late Lieutenant 22nd Regiment 

1856. Deane, Robert, late Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Dearden, John, late Capt. 13th Light Dragoons 
O.M. De Blaquiere, John, Lord, late Capt. 41st Regt. 
1845. De Blaquiere, Hon. Wm.B., Commander R. Navy 

1840. De Butts, J. W., late Captain 74th Highlanders 

1839. De Crespigny, H. O., late Lieut. 20th Regt. 
O.M. De Lacy, John, Colonel late 39th Regiment 
1858. De Morel, C. C., Lieut.-Col. Depot Battalion 

1840. Deedes, George, Major, late 35th Regiment 
1855. Deedes, William, Captain 30th Regiment 
1848. Delme, George, Captain Royal Navy 


1840. Denison, C. A., Colonel 52nd Light Infantry 
1852. Denne, Lambert H., Captain R. Horse Artillery 
1848. Dennistoun, R., late Lieutenant 34th Regiment 
O.M. Denny, William, Colonel, late 71st Highlanders 
1850. Dent, Edward F., Commander Royal Navy 
1854. Dering, Edward C., late Lieut. 44th Regiment 
1852. De Robeck, J. H., Baron, late Capt. 4th Regt. 
1858. De Robeck, R. C. P., Captain 4th Regiment 
1844. De Rodes, Wm. H., late Cornet 1st Drg. Gds. 

1841. DeTeissier, J.F., Lt.-Col. Invalid Depot Chatm. 
1854. De Trafford, Augustus, late Lieut. 1st Drgs. 
1858. Dettmar, Montague, late Captain 3rd Light Drgs. 
1852. Dew, Roderick, Captain Royal Navy 

1847. Dewar, A., late Captain 20th Regiment 
1846. De Windt, J. C., late Lieutenant 15th Hussars 

1854. De Winton, W., late Captain 1st Life Guards 
1852. Dick, Augustus A., Captain 29th Regiment 

1855. Dick, Charles C., late Lieut. 43rd Lt. Infantry 

1855. Dick, H. St. J., late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1838. Dickenson, Chas. F. B. G., late Capt. 34th Regt. 
1854. Dickens, Compton A. S., Major 12th Regiment 
1840. Dickson, S. A., M.P., late Capt. 13th Lt. Drgs. 

1848. Dickson, William T., Lieut.-Col. 16th Lancers 
1843. Dod, Whitehall, late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1839. Doherty, C. Edm., Colonel late 13th Lt. Drgs. 
O.M. Doherty, H. E., C.B., Colonel H.P. 9th Regt. 

1856. Domenichetti, R., M.D., Surg. 75th Regiment 


O.M. Domville, M. D. Taylor, late Lieut. 68th Regt. 

1853. Domville, W. T., M.D , Surgeon Royal Navy 

1850. Donovan, C. H., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 

1851. Donovan, T., late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1860. Dormer, Hon., J. B. J., Captain 74th Highland. 
1858. Dormer, Hon. J. C., Major 13th Lt. Infantry 
1842. Dorrien, R. A. Smith, late Capt. 16th Lancers 
1849. Douglas, Sir G. H., Bart., late Capt. 34th Regt. 

1844. Douglas, Henry S., late Capt. 42nd Highlanders 

1838. Douglas, John, C.B., Colonel H.P. Depot Batt. 

1845. Douglas, Robert, Captain 23rd Fusiliers 

1840. Douglas, William, Major 14th Regiment 

1839. Douglas, William C., late Captain 17th Lancers 

1854. Dowbiggen, E. T., late Captain 7th Drg. Gds. 

1855. Dowbiggen, M. Hamilton, Major 99th Regt. 
1858. Dowdeswell, W. F., Captain 7th Dragoon Gds. 

1854. Downman, G. C., late Captain 66th Regiment 
1845. D'Oyly, John W., Major llth Regiment 

1855. Drake J. C. T., Captaid 2nd Regiment 

1841. Drake, W. W., late Captain 29th Regiment 
1854. Drewe, Francis Edward, Major Depot Battalion 
1858. Drew, Browning, Captain 75th Regiment 
1844. Draper, W. Gray, late Captain 3rd Lt. Dragoons 
1847. Drought, G. W., late Capt. 51st Light Infantry 
1853. Drummond, A. M., late Captain Rifle Brigade 

1851. Drummond, H. M., late Capt. 42nd Highlanders 

1852. Drummond, J., late Lieutenant 10th Hussars 

1842. Drysdale, W., C.B., Lieut-Colonel 9th Lancers 

1841. Duberly, Henry, Major & Paymaster 8th Hussars 

1854. Dudgeon, James J., Captain 22nd Regiment. 
1849. Dudgeon, Robert C., Captain 61st Regiment 
O.M. Duff, Hon., G. S,. late Cornet Royal H. Guards 

1858. Duff, James, late Major 23rd Fusiliers 
1847. Duff, R. G., late Captain 12th Regiment 
1853. Duff, RobertW., Major & Paymaster Depot Batt. 
1851. Dunbar, Arch. H., Captain 66th Regiment 

1846. Dunbar, Edward D., late Captain 21st Fusiliers 

1859. Dundas, Adam A. D., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1847. Dundas, Thomas, Captain 12th Regiment 
1851. Dunlop, J., M.D., Staff-Surgeon 

1855. Dunlop, J. A. R., Commander Royal Navy 
1855. Dunn, Alex. Robert, V.C., Major 100th Regt. 

1846. Du Plat, Charles T., Major Royal Artillery 

1851. Durant, G. C., late Captain 12th Lancers 

1853. Durnford, George, Col. 70th Regt. ret. full pay 

1854. Dyce, Thomas R., Surgeon-Major loth Regt. 

1852. Dyke, Charles, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Dyne, M. James B., Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 
1854. Dymond, Robert, Captain 3rd Light Dragoons 

1847. Dynon, Patrick, Captain 16th Lancers 

O.M. Dyson, Edwards, Major late 3rd Dragoon Gds. 

1843. Dyson, J., Major Royal Artillery, retired full pay 

O.M. Dyson, John D., Colonel late 3rd Dragoon Grds. 



1854. Earle, W. Henry, Captain 17th Regiment 

1840. Eason, P., Major 61st Regiment, retired full pay 

1859. East, Cecil James, Lieutenant 82nd Regiment 

1851. East, C. W. Clayton, late Lieut. 15th Regiment 

1858. Eaton, Henry P., Captain 60th Rifles 

1858. Eden, Morton R., Captain 56th Regiment 

1847. Edgell, G. R., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1854. Edlmann, Joseph E., Captain 1st Dragoon Gds. 
1839. Edwardes, Hume, late Captain 55th Regiment 

1838. Edwards, Cadwallader, late Lieut. 29th Regt. 

1848. Edwards, Herbert, late Captain 2nd Dragoons 

1855. Edwards, S. H. H., Captain 98th Regiment 

1850. Edwards, W. G., late Captain 10th Hussars ' 

1851. Egerton, Chas. R., Commander Royal Navy 

1839. Egerton, Francis P., Commander Royal Navy 

1855. Egerton, Philip LeB., Capt. Coldstream Guards 
1853. Egmont, George James, Earl of, Vice- Admiral 

1856. Elgee, John L., Major Royal Artillery 

1858. Elkington, J. H. F., Lieut.-Colonel 6th Regt. 

1859. Elles, William K., Captain 38th Regiment 
1850. Ellice, Charles H., C.B., Colonel 24th Regiment 
1850. Elliot, Alexander J. H., Major unattached 


1848. Elliot, Hon.C. G. J.B., C.B., Capt. Royal Navy 

1845. Elliot, Hon. Gilbert, Major Rifle Brigade 

1858. Elliot, John McDowell, Captain 4th Regiment 

1859. Ellis, Arthur E. A., Captain 33rd Regiment 

1849. Ellis, Frederick, Captain 9th Lancers 

1847. Ellis, Henry Disney, Major Depot Battalion 

1839. Ellis, Powrie, Lieut.-Col. H.P. Royal Artillery 
O.M. Ellis, William S. A., late Lieut. 9th Lancers 
1855. Ellison, Richard George, Capt. 47th Regiment 

1838. Elphinstone, John E. Lord, late Capt. 17th Lan. 

1851. Elphinstone, W. B., Commander Royal Navy 

1848. Elrington, F. R., Lieut-Colonel Rifle Brigade 

1852. Elrington, Richd. J., Major & Paym. 10th Huss. 
1851. Elwes, J. H. E., late Lieutenant 65th Regiment 

1840. Elwes, L. C., late Lieutenant llth Hussars 

1853. Elwes, V. D. H. C., late Cornet 12th Lancers 

1854. Ernst, Henry, late Captain 88th Regiment 

1855. Erskine, David H., late Capt. 92nd Highlanders 
O.M. Erskine, George, Col., Deputy-Insp. Volunteers 

1859. Erskine, Henry D., Capt. Scots Fusilier Gds. 

1846. Erskine, W. H. Kennedy,late Capt. 17th Lancers 

1847. Espinasse, James W., Captain 12th Regiment 

1860. Evans, John, Lieutenant 9th Lancers 

1854. Evans, U. W., M.D., Surgeon 15th Regiment 

1851. Evatt, Henry A., late Lieut. Ceylon Rifle Regt. 

1839. Evelegh, Geo. C., Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 

1848. Evelyn, G. P., late Captain Rifle Brigade 


O.M. Everard, Walling, late Captain 60th Rifles 

1858. Everett, John F., Captain 25th Regiment 

1852. Every, Sir Henry F., Bt., late Lieut. 90th Regt. 

1853. Ewart, Charles B., Major Royal Engineers 
1845. Ewart, Charles J. F., Captain Royal Navy 
1856. Ewart, W. S., Captain Grenadier Guards 
1860. Ewen, Arthur J. A., Lieut. 38th Regiment 
1855. Ewen, Charles, late Captain 65th Regiment 
1838. Eyton, William A., late Captain 96th Regiment 



1852. Fairbairn,W.H., M.D., Staff-Surgeon 

1855. Fairfax, Sir W. G. H. T., Bt. ; Captain 15th Reg. 
1852. Falconer,Hon.C.J. Keith, Maj. late 4th Lt.Drgs. 
1858. Fanning, Matthew, Captain 64th Regiment 
1850. Fanshawe, T. Basil, Captain 33rd Regiment 
1849. Farmer, Reginald O., Captain Royal Artillery 
1847. Farrell, F. A., late Lieutenant 7th Hussars 
1842. Farrer, James S. H., Major 84th Regiment 
I860. Farquharson, F. E. H., V.C., Lieut. 42nd Regt. 

1847. Fearon, F. G. W., late Captain 63rd Regiment 

1856. Feilden, Henry B., Captain 6th Regiment 

1854. Feilden, O. Barton, Captain 78th Highlanders 

1848. Feilden, Randle J., Major 60th Rifles 

1855. Fellowes, Charles, Captain Royal Navy 

1852. Fellowes, Edward, Major unattached 

1839. Fellowes, James, late Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1856. Fellowes, T. H. B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1842. Fellowes, William A., Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Fenton, E. Dyne, Captain 86th Regiment 

1849. Fenwick, Percival, Lieut. -Col. 69th Regiment 
1847- Fenwick, William, C.B.. Colonel 10th Regiment 
1845. Fetherstonhaugh, J. H., late Capt. llth Regt. 


1856. Fetherstonhaugh, W., Maj.&Pay. 14th Lt. Drgs. 

1849. Ffennell, James R., Surgeon 16th Regiment 

1847. Field, George T., Major Royal Artillery 
1856. Fiennes, Hon. J. De V., Major 7th Hussars 
1846. Finch, Hon. D. G., Major 24th Regiment 
1855. Finnic, William, Surgeon 1st Class half-pay 
1858. Fisher, E. R., Captain 4th Dragoon Guards 

1858. Fisher, Louis W., Lieutenant 82nd Regiment 

1855. Fitz-Gerald, G. R., late Lieut. Royal Navy 
1849. Fitz-Gerald, J., late Captain 87th Fusiliers 
185 1. Fitz-Gerald, Lord Otho.late Lieut. R. H. Guards 

1856. Fitz-Gerald, Thomas G., Staff-Surgeon 
1846. Fitzgerald, William H. D., Major unattached 

1859. Fitzmaurice, Hon. A. T., late Lt. 72nd High. 

1854. Fitzmaurice, Hon. F. O'B., Lieut. Royal Navy 

1848. Fitzmaurice, Hon. H. W., late Capt. 72nd Regt. 
1856. Fitzmaurice, Hon. J. T., Lieut. Royal Navy 

1855. Fitz-Roy, Cavendish C., Capt. 68th Lt. Infantry 
1844. Fitz-Wygram, F. W. J., Lt.-Col. 15th Hussars 
1846. Fleming, E. J. I., late Captain 2nd Regiment 

1856. Fletcher, Alexander, Captain 12th Lancers 

1853. Fletcher, Francis C., Captain 60th Rifles 

1854. Flood, Fred. R. S., Major 82nd Regiment 

1849. Flower, C. S., late Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 
1854. Flower, Hon. H., late Lieut. 52nd Lt. Infantry 
O.M. Fogo, Jas., Major-Gen., ret. full pay R. Artillery 

1857. Fogo, James M. S., Surgeon Royal H. Artillery 


1853. Forbes, Charles S., Commander Royal Navy 

1859. Forbes, George, Major late 3rd Lt. Dragoons 

1849. Forbes, Thomas George, Captain Royal Navy 
O.M. Forbes, Thomas J., General Royal Artillery 
O.M. Forbes, William, Major unattached 

1853. Ford, Egerton, late Lieut. 14th Lt. Dragoons 

1848. Ford, F. C., late Lieut. 4th Light Dragoons 

1856. Forde, Matthew B., Captain Royal Artillery 

1859. Forde, Thomas Douglas, Capt. 46th Regiment 

O.M. Forrest, John H., late Captain llth Hussars 

1858. Forster, Fred. B., Capt. & Paym. 5th Fusiliers 

1840. Forster, F. R., Major 4th Dragoon Guards 
1848. Forster, John, Major unattached 

1844. Fort, James, late Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards 

1846. Fort, John, late Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards 

1850. Forteath, Alex., M.D., Surgeon 1st Dragoons 
1846. Fortescue, J. C. W., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 

1841. Foster, Charles J., Lieut.-Colonel 16th Lancers 

1846. Foster, James, late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1853. Fowke, John S. F., Captain 54th Regiment 

1844. Fowler, George, C., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Fowler, Robert D., Commander Royal Navy 

1847. Fox, J. W., late Captain 12th Lancers 

1845. Frampton, H. J., Major, late 50th Regiment 
O.M. France, Henry H., late Captain 6th Drag. Gds. 

1846. Francis, Henry, Major 64th Regiment 

1839. Francis, Thomas J., Captain 3rd Dragoon Gds. 


1838. Francklyn, Gilbert W., Colonel 17th Regiment 

1850. Franklin, Henry, Staff-Surgeon-Major 

1850. Frankiyn, Charles, C.B., Major-General 

1848. Fraser, Hon. D. M'D., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1858. Fraser, G. C., Major llth Hussars 

1858. Fraser, George, Captain 42nd Highlanders 

1858. Fraser, Thomas, M.D., Surgeon 10th Hussars 
1860. Fraser, James Keith, Captain 1st Life Guards 
1840. Fraser, W. K., late Captain 4th Light Dragoons 

1859. Frederick, Arthur T., late Lieut. 5th Drg. Gds. 
1846. Freeling, Arthur H., Lt.-Col. Royal Engineers 

1853. Freeling, Sandford, Captain Royal Artillery 
1859. Fremantle, Fitzroy W., Capt. Coldstream Gds. 
1855. Freme, J. Herbert, late Capt. 79th Highlanders 
1842. Freer, D. G., Major, late 3rd Buffs 

O.M. Freer, John H., Maj.-Gen. Royal Artillery 

1852. Fuller, C. F., late Lieutenant, 76th Regiment 

1854. Fuller, \V. R., late Lieutenant 53rd Regiment 

1849. Fyfe, Douglas M., late Cornet 4th Lt. Dragoons 



1850. Gage, Hon. E. T., Lieut.-Col. Royal Artillery 

1852. Gale, Henry R. H., Captain 90th Regiment 

1840. GaU, R. H., C. B., Lt.-Col. 14th Light Drags. 
O.M. Gallwey, Henry J. W. S. P., Com. Royal Navy 
O.M. Gallwey, Philip P., late Capt. 90th Lt. Infantry 

1841. Galton, Douglas, Captain Royal Engineers 

1846. Galton, Herman E., late Capt. 50th Regiment 
1856. Gammell, J. H. H., Captain 9th Regiment 

1847. Gammie, Patrick, Deputy-Inspector-General 
1858. Gandy, Fredk., Lt.-Col. late Scots Fus. Grds. 
1839. Garden, Robert J., late Captain 45th Regiment 

1855. Gardiner, Sir R., K.C.B., K.C.H., Gen. Rl. Art. 

1853. Gardiner, Thomas G., Major unattached 
1853. Gardyne, T. M. B., late Lieut. 40th Regiment 
1853. Garforth, Frank, Captain 7th Hussars 

1847. Garforth, W. F. W., late Lieut. 68th Lt. Infantry 

1852. Garnett, Alfred J., late Captain 16th Regiment 

1856. Garrard, Robert, Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 
O.M. Garratt, Francis late Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards 
1844. Garrett, Algernon R., Major 16th Regiment 
1846. Garvagh, Lord, late Captain 7th Hussars 
1839. Garvock, John, Colonel unattached 

O.M. Gascoyne, T. B., Capt. H.P. Ceylon Rifle Regt. 


1847. George, J. L., late Lieutenant 37th Regiment 

1 856. George, Thorne G., Major & Paym. 4th Lt. Dgs. 

1854. Gervis, Aug. T., late Lieut. 52nd Lt. Infantry 

1845. Gibbon, James R., C.B., Lt.-Col. Rl. Artillery 

1854. Gibbs, Charles, Captain 2nd Regiment 

1858. Gifford, John W. J., Captain 21st Regiment 

1841. Gildea, Francis, late Lieutenant 66th Regiment 

1841. Gildea, S. Mason, Major unattached 

1858. Giles, James, Lieutenant 14th Light Dragoons 

1851. Gill, Walter H., late Lieut. Cape Mounted Rifles 

1847. Glanville, Francis R., Captain Royal Artillery 

1852. Glover, John H., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Glover, Robert, C., Captain 43rd Regiment 
1850. Glubb, John W., late Captain 44th Regiment 

1854. Glyn, Henry C., Commander Royal Navy 

1848. Glyn, Julius R., C.B., Lieut.-Col. Rifle Brigade 
1858. Glyn, Robert Carr, Captain 7th Fusiliers 
1848. Goad, C. W., late Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards 

1855. Goad, G. M., late Capt. 13th Light Dragoons 
1854. Godby, Joseph, Major Royal Artillery 

1860. Goddard, Fredk. F., Lieutenant 80th Regiment 

1853. Godden, F. M., late Lieutenant 56th Regiment 

1853. Godman, R. T., Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 
1850. Goff, Robert, late Captain 16th Lancers 

1854. Goff, Trevor, Captain unattached 

1850. Goff, T. W., late Captain 7th Dragoon Guards 

O.M. Goldsmid, Albert, Major-General 

1858. Gooch, Percy F., Captain 92nd Regiment 
1856. Gooch, Thomas S., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1855. Goode, Winter, Major 64th Regiment 

1847. Goode, W. H., Major late 62nd Regiment 
1841. Goodenough, A. C., Colonel Depot Battalion 
1841 . Goodenough, H. P., Lt.-Colonel Royal Artillery 
1852. Goodenough, W. H., Major Royal Artillery 

1859. Goodricke, H. H., Captain 90th Regiment 
1840. Gordon, A., M.D., C.B., Dep.-Insp.-General 
1850. Gordon, C. A. Boswell, Major 60th Rifles 
1852. Gordon, Charles H., C.B., Lt.-Col. Depot Batt. 
1855. Gordon, H. G., M.D., Surgeon 69th Regiment 

1854. Gordon, Sir W., Bart., Major 17th Lancers 

1846. Gordon, W. E. A., Captain Royal Navy 

1848. Gordon, Webster T., Major 66th Regiment 
1844. Gore, Annesley P., Major late 53rd Regiment 
1858. Gore, Augustus F. W., late Lieut. 7th Hussars 

1860. Gore, A. W. Knox, Captain 60th Rifles 
1858. Gore, Henry Pratt, Major 6th Regiment 

1855. Gore, Thomas, Major 88th Regiment 

1848. Goring, Sir Chas., Bart, late Lieut. 12th Lancers 

1858. Gosling, Robert, late Capt. 13th Lt. Infantry 

O.M. Gowan, George M., late Captain 97th Regiment 

1860. Gower, H. B. B. Leveson, Lieut. 80th Regt. 

1847. Gower, J. E. L., late Captain 50th Regiment 
1860. Grace, Sheffield, Captain, 68th Regiment 
1840. Graham, Allan H., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 


1856. Graham, Reginald H., Captain Rifle Brigade 
1858. Graham, Lumley, Lt.-Colonel 19th Regiment 
1858. Graham, John H., Major 22nd Regiment 
1852. Grain, Henry, Captain Royal Engineers 
1842. Grant, Archibald, late Capt. 4th Lt. Dragoons 
1855. Grant, Francis R. C., Captain 5th Lancers 

1849. Grant, Francis W., late Captain 16th Lancers 

1850. Grant, Henry J., Commander Royal Navy 

1838. Grant, Hon. James, late Lieut. 42nd Highlanders 

1839. Grant, John, late Captain 49th Regiment 
1852. Grant, J. J., Maj. Rl. Newfoundland Companies 
1855. Grant, John M., Captain Royal Engineers 

1851. Grant, Patrick J. J., Captain 96th Regiment 
1841. Grant, W. C., late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards 

1840. Grant, W. L., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1854. Granville, Bevill, Major 23rd Fusiliers 

1855. Granville, Robert, C., Captain 26th Regiment 

1857. Grape, H., Lieut. H.P. Royal Marines Lt. Inf. 

1850. Gratrex, T. P., Captain 13th Light Dragoons 

1848. Grattan, A. O'D., Major Royal Engineers 

1849. Grattan, J., C.B., Colonel H.P. 18th Regiment 
1844. Graves, C. T., late Captain 92nd Highlanders 
O.M. Graves, John S., Deputy- Insperal- General 
1847. Gray, W., late Lieutenant 80th Regiment 
1847. Green, Andrew P. S., Major Royal Artillery 

1851. Green, Charles M., Major 30th Regiment 
1857. Green, Thomas E., Captain Military Train 


O.M. Greene, John, A/. P., late Lieut. 7th Drag. Gds. 

1850. Greene, Thomas, Captain Royal Navy 

1844. Greenwood, Joseph, Captain unattached 
1860. Greenwood, John Jas , Captain 33rd Regiment 

1845. Greetham, William V., Captain 15th Hussars 
1855. Gregory, F. William, Captain 44th Regiment 

1858. Greig, Robert, Captain 61st Regiment 
1852. Greville, Arthur C., Major unattached 
1860. Greville, H. T. L., Captain Royal Artillery 

1852. Grey, Francis D., Major 63rd Regiment 
1854. Grierson, C., Major-General Royal Engineers 
1838. Griffith, H. Davies, late Cornet 22nd Lt. Drgs. 

1859. Griffith, John, late Assist.-Surg. 15th Hussars 
O.M. Grignon, James, late Captain 37th Regiment 
1854. Grimston, O. A., late Captain 19th Regiment 
1859. Grimston, R, V. S., Captain 49th Regiment 
1858. Grimston, W. G., Captain Royal Artillery 

1848. Grogan, Charles E., Captain 14th Regiment 

1854. Grove, James B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1843. Grove, T. F., late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1855. Grylls, Shadwell M., Major Royal Artillery 

1851. Gubbins, James, Major 23rd Fusiliers 
1854. Gubbins, Joseph, late Ensign 28th Regiment 
O.M. Gulliver, George, Surgeon H.P. R.H. Guards 

1849. Gunnell, Edmund H., Commander Royal Navy 
1854. Gunter, Robert, Captain 4th Dragoon Guards 

1853. Gwilt, John, Lieut. -Colonel 34th Regiment 



1856. Hackett, Samuel, Major unattached 

1851. Hadden, William C., Colonel Royal Engineers 

1838. Hadley, Henry, M.D., Staff-Surgeon-Major 
1842. Haffenden, A., late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 

1852. Hale, Charles C., late Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 
1846. Hale, Edward B., C.B., Colonel 82nd Regiment 

1839. Hale, H. G., late Lieutenant 7th Fusiliers 

1854. Hale, J. R M Blagden, Colonel unattached 

1858. Hale Mathew H., Captain 26th Regiment 

1855. Hale, Robert, Captain 7th Hussars 

1851. Halford, C. A,D., late Capt. 5th Dragoon Gds. 

1 848. Halkett, Fredk. J . C . , late Capt. 7 1 st Highlanders 

1856. Hall, Basil S. de R., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1840. Hall, W. T., late Captain 6th Regiment 
1851. Halliday, George E., Major 82nd Regiment 
1848. Hallyburton, Lord J. F. G., G.C.H., Rear Adm. 
1850. Halton, Lancelot, Captain 16th Lancers 
1840. Hamilton, A., late Captain 17th Lancers 
1850. Hamilton, Alexander, Commander Royal Navy 
1839. Hamilton, A. G. W., Lt.-Col. R. A. ret. full pay 

1859. Hamilton, A. H. C., Captain Royal Artillery 
1846. Hamilton, A. T., late Captain 7 1st Highlanders 


1855. Hamilton, C. M., Major 92nd Highlanders 

1855. Hamilton, Francis F., Captain 4th Regiment 

1854. Hamilton G. R., late Capt. 5th Dragoon Gds. 

1839. Hamilton, H., late Capt. 13th Light Dragoons 

1839. Hamilton, Henry M., Lt.-Colonel 12th Regt. 
1851. Hamilton, Hugh, late Capt. 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1846. Hamilton, John F. C.. Captain Royal Navy 

1847. Hamilton, Louis H., Major 87th Fusiliers 

1854. Hamilton, Thomas R., Captain 98th Regiment 

1846. Hamilton, W. F., late Lieut. 79th Highlanders 
1853. Hamley, E. Bruce, Lieut.-Col. Royal Artillery 

1840. Hamley, W. G., Lieut.-Col. Royal Engineers 

1847. Hammersley, Frederick, Major 14th Regiment 
1839. Hammond Wm. O., late Lieut. 17th Lancers 

1841. Hamond, P., late Captain 34th Regiment 
1858. Hand, Henry, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Hand, John S., Captain 82nd Regiment 

1855. Handcock, Hon. R., late Capt. 41st Regiment 

1856. Handcock, Hon. R., late Lieut. 48th Regiment 
1858. Handley, Henry E., late Lieut. 2nd Dragoons 

1848. Hankey, Augustus B., Major 83rd Regiment 
1841. Hankey, Frederick, late Lieut. 75th Regiment 
1853. Hanley, Dudley, M.D., Staff-Surgeon 

1853. Harbord, Hon. Ralph, late Captain 71st Regt. 

1854. Hardie, G. K., M.D., Surgeon 73rd Regiment 
1843. Harding, F. Pym, C.B., Colonel 22nd Regiment 
1853. Hardinge, Henry, Lieut.-Col, Rifle Brigade 


1853. Hardy, Edward, Commander Royal Navy 
1850. Hardy, William, Major Depot Battalion 
1860. Harington, Richd. E. S., Capt. Rifle Brigade 
1857. Harman, George Byng, Major unattached 

1839. Harper, W. H., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 

1840. Harrison, Broadley, Lieut.-Col. llth Hussars 

1841. Harrison, J., Captain H.P. 4th Light Dragoons 

1850. Harrisson, C. M., late Captain 79th Highlanders 

1856. Hart, James C., late Captain 16th Lancers 

1857. Hartopp, J. W. C., late Captain 17th Lancers 

1857. Hartopp, William W., Capt. Royal Horse Gds. 
1840. Harvey, Gillmore, Commander Royal Navy 
1852. Harvey, John E., Captain 41st Regiment 

1854. Harvey, Thomas, late Captain 69th Regiment 

1855. Hastings, Francis W., Major Royal Artillery 

1854. Hatfield, R. W., late Lieutenant 10th Hussars 

1846. Haviland, R. H., late Captain 85th Lt. Infantry 

1855. Hawes, George Harrington, Major 9th Regt. 

1847. Hawker, H. S., Commander Royal Navy 

1851. Hawkes, Henry, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1838. Hawkes, John B., late Capt. 3rd Light Dragoons 

1852. Hawkes, J. Clifton, late Captain 66th Regt. 

1858. Hawkesley, A. C. D., late Lieut. 2nd Life Gds. 

1848. Hawkins, Alexander C., Major Royal Artillery 
1850. Hawkins, Frank K., Commander Royal Navy 
1852. Hawkins, S. Moore, Lieut.-Col. 97th Regiment 
1848. Hawkins, T. S., Lieut. -Colonel unattached 


1847. Hawley, Robert B., Lieut.-Col. 60th Rifles 

1843. Haworth, E. C. A., late Captain 17th Lancers 

1853. Hawthorn, Robert, Captain Royal Engineers 
1838. Hay, David, Lieut.-Col , late 6th Dragoon Gds. 
1860. Hay, H. H., late Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 
1849. Hay, Lord John, C.B., Captain Royal Navy 

1847. Hay, R. B., late Ensign 93rd Highlanders 

1854. Hay, Robert John, Captain Royal Artillery 
1853. Hay, W. Drummond, Captain 72nd Highlanders 
1851. Hayes, H. G., late Captain 46th Regiment 

1851. Haythorne, Edmund, Colonel 1st Royals 
1841. Head, Henry B., Capt. H.P. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1853. Hearn, Charles Bush, Surgeon 1st Royals 
O.M. Heath, Edwin, Paymaster half-pay 88th Regt. 

1848. Heath, J. M., late Lieutenant 64th Regiment 

1848. Heath, W. A. J., Commander Royal Navy 

1849. Heathcote, Charles P., late Capt. 52nd Lt. Infy. 
1860. Heberden, Henry, Captain Royal Artillery 

1850. Hedley, John, late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 

1845. Hedley, Robert, late Captain 62nd Regiment 
1857. Hedley, George L., Captain 24th Regiment 

1854. Helyar, E. G., late Lieutenant 14th Regiment 
1859. Helyar, John W., Captain 16th Regiment 

1846. Henderson, E. Y. W., Major Royal Engineers 
O.M. Henderson, John, late Capt. 14th Lt. Dragoons 

1852. Henderson, S. H., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Henderson, William, Colonel Royal Artillery 


1855. Heneage, A. C. F., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1855. Henley, Arthur, Captain 52nd Lt. Infantry 

1855. Henning, Shurlock, Major 88th Regiment 

1852. Henry, Robert J., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1850. Herbert, Arthur J., Lieut.-Col. unattached 

1851. Herbert, M. F., late Captain 48th Regiment 
1842. Herbert, R. W. H., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1838. Heriot, J., M.D., Surgeon H.P. 6th Drg. Gds. 

1854. Herries, Frederick S., Captain 65th Regiment 

1846. Heywood, Thomas, late Captain 16th Lancers 
1850. Hibbert, Edward G., Major 12th Regiment 

1847. Hibbert, F. D., late Lieutenant 2nd Dragoons 

1858. Hibbert, Francis G., Capt. R. Canadian Rifles 
1850. Hibbert, Hugh R., Major 7th Fusiliers 

1849. Hibbert, Lester, late Lieutenant 1st Royals 

1859. Hickes, Henry J. F. E., Capt. Royal Artillery 
1840. Hickey, Edward, Lieut.-Col., late 69th Regt. 

1858. Higgon, John D. G., Captain Royal Artillery 

1855. Hill, Charles R., Capt. Royal Artillery 

1848. Hill, Dudley Clarges, Captain 40th Regiment 
O.M. Hill, Edward, Major, late 96th Regiment 

1859. Hill, Francis C., Captain 56th Regiment 
O.M. HiU, Percy, C.B., Colonel Rifle Brigade 
1859. HiU, Peter Edward, Captain Royal Artillery 
O.M. Hill, Stephen J., C.B., Col., late 3rd Lt. Drgs. 
1859. HiU, Thomas, Captain llth Regiment 

1838. HiU, Hon. W. N., Col. late 13th Lt. Infantry 


1848. Hilliard, George, late Captain 18th Regiment 

1840. Hilton, Thomas, late Captain 19th Regiment 

1846. Hinde, Edwin T., Commander Royal Navy 

1852. Hinxman, Rowley W., Captain 60th Rifles 

1851. Hives, Alfred, late Lieutenant 9th Lancers 

1846. Hoare, M. E., late Lieutenant 15th Hussars 

1847. Hoare, W. O'B., Commander Royal Navy 
1845. Hobart, Hon. A. C., Commander Royal Navy 
1851. Hobson, Samuel, late Captain 10th Regiment 

1844. Hobson, S. Le Hunt, late Lieut. 37th Regt. 
1850. Hodgson, Wm. C., Lt.-Col. 79th Highlanders 

1847. Hogge, Cameron N., Lt.-Colonel Grenadier Gds. 

1848. Hogge, J. Swaine, Major 5th Fusiliers 

1859. Hogge, Somerville G. C., Captain 16th Regt. 

1860. Hohenlohe-Lagenberg, His Serene Highness 

Prince Victor of, Captain Royal Navy 

1849. Holder, Chas., late Lt.-Col. Scots Fusilier Gds. 
1 843. Holden, Henry, Lt.-Col., late 1 3th Lt. Dragoons 
1848. Holdich, E. A., C.B., Colonel 20th Regiment 
1838. Hole, Alfred R., late Cornet 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1845. Holmes, Robert C, late Captain 10th Hussars 
1843. Holworthy, Edw. J., Major 14th Regiment 
O.M. Home, Rodham C. D., late Lieut. 67th Regt. 
1847. Home, W., M.D., Staff-Surgeon-Major 

1850. Hood, Arthur W. A., Captain Royal Navy 
1847. Hood, Charles, Lt.-Col. 58th Regiment 
1855. Hookey, James, Lieutenant Royal Navy 


1850. Hope, Charles W., Commander Royal Navy 
1858. Hope, J. Edward, Major Royal Artillery 
1860. Hope, William, V. C. t late Lieut. 7th Fusiliers 

1855. Hopetoun, John, Earl of, late Lt. 1st Life Gds. 

1852. Hopson, F. T., Paymaster 3rd Light Dragoons 

1847. Hopson, William H., Major, late 26th Regiment 
1845. Hore, Edward G., Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Hore, T., Major-General Royal Engineers 

1845. Hornby, Geoffrey T. P., Captain Royal Navy 
1838. Hornby, Thomas W., late Capt. 82nd Regiment 

1858. Hornby, Robert M., Captain Military Train 

1859. Home, Edward G., Captain 25th Regiment 
O.M. Home, George, Captain 12th Lancers 

1846. Home, James, late Captain 92nd Highlanders 

1856. Home, William H., Captain 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1848. Hort, John J., Lieut. -Colonel 36th Regiment 

1851. Hoskins, Anthony H., Commander Royal Navy 

1847. Hotham, Augustus T., late Capt. 75th Regiment 

1852. Howard, R. Graham, late Lieut. 45th Regiment 
O.M. Howarth, Richard, Lieut.-Col. Royal Engineers 
1851. Hozier, W. W., late Lieutenant 2nd Dragoons 
O.M. Huband, George J., late Captain 8th Hussars 
1840. Hudson, Thomas W., Lieut. -Colonel unattached 
1856. Hughes, C. J., Captain 51st Light Infantry 
1840. Hughes, J. W. M. G., late Lieut. 13th Lt. Drgs. 

1854. Hughes, R. G., Major-General retired full-pay 

1849. Hughes, R. J., Captain & Adjt. Dep. Battalion 

1838. Hughes, Wm. J. M., late Capt. 1st Drg. Gds. 

1852. Hull, William, late Lieut. Coldstream Guards 

O.M. Hulse, R. S., late Capt. Coldstream Guards 

O.M. Humbley, William W. W., Captain unattached 

1844. Hume, Gustavus, Major unattached 

1855. Hume, G. P., Lt.-Colonel, late 15th Regiment 

1842. Hume, Henry, C.B., Colonel Grenadier Guards 

1852. Hume John Richard, Captain 55th Regiment 

1852. Hume, Robert, Lieutenant-Col. 55th Regiment 

1841. Hume, T. D., M.D., Dep. Inspector-General 

1847. Humphreys, W. H., Capt. R. Can. Rifle Regt. 

1850. Hunt, Augustus, late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1850. Hunt, E. D'Arcy, Major 6th Dragoons 

1859. Hunter, C. Fleming, Captain 72nd Regiment 

1855. Hunter, John, Captain 17th Regiment 

1855. Hunter, Robert, S., Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards 

1852. Hunter, T., M.D., Deputy-Inspector-General 

1853. Hutchinson, C. S., Lt.-Col. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 
1850. Hutchinson, Sir E. S., Bart., late Lt. 48th Regt. 

1859. Hutchison, Fred. J., Captain 64th Regiment 

1860. Hutton, G. M., late Lieut. 46th Regiment 
1853. Hutton, Thomas, Major late 4th Light Dragoons 
O.M. Hyde, G. H., Col. Rl. Artillery retired full-pay 



1849. Ibbetson, J. K., late Lieut. 14th Light Dragoons 

1857- Ibbetson, Charles P., Lieut. -Colonel unattached 

O.M. Ince, Ralph P., Major, late Rifle Brigade 

O.M. Ingham, Chas. T., M.D., Surg. H.P. 54th Regt. 

1858. Ingham, C. D., Captain 28th Regiment 

1859. Ingham, Joshua C., Captain 36th Regiment 
1851. Inglis, John, late Captain llth Hussars 

1838. Inglis, Sir J. Eardley W., K. C.B., Maj.-General 

Colonel 32nd Light Infantry 

1846. Inglis, Raymond, Major, late 7th Fusiliers 

1839. Inglis, Thomas C., late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1845. Inglis, William, Lieut-Colonel 57th Regiment 
1851. Inglis, William, Major, late 5th Dragoon Gds. 
1853. Ingram, H. F. W., Commander Royal Navy 
1843. Innes, Norman M., late Lieut. 17th Lancers 
1841. Innes, W. S. Mitchell, late Lieut. 16th Lancers 
1841. Ireland, R. P., Captain 3rd W. I. Regiment 
1855. Irvine, Edward T., late Captain 16th Lancers 
1855. Irving, Robert N., late Lieut. 12th Regiment 
O.M. Isacke, Fredericke J., late Capt. 89th Regiment 

1860. Ives, Gordon M., late Lieut. Coldstream Gds. 


1839. Jackson, George W. C., Major late 7th Hussars 

1855. Jackson, Standish R., Lieut. 78th Regiment 

1846, Jackson, William T. F., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1838. Jacob, Geo. T., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 
1852. James, Charles, Lieut.-Col, late 2nd Regiment 

1850. James, D. W. Grevis, Major 2nd Regiment 

1856. James, Edward R., Captain Royal Engineers 
1855. James, Henry, late Captain 20th Regiment 
O.M. James, Sir John K., late Lieut. 6th Dragoons 

1851. Jameson, Robert O'B., late Capt. llth Hussars 
1 854. Jarvis, Samuel P., Major half-pay 82nd Regiment 

1839. Jauncey, H. J., late Captain 62nd Regiment 

1847. Jee, Joseph, C.B., V.C., Surg. 78th Highlanders 
O.M. Jefferson, Richard, Lt. H.P. Ceylon Rifle Regt. 
1847. Jenings, George B., Major 19th Regiment 

1840. Jenkinson, Sir G. S . , Bart, late Capt. 8th Hussars 
1838. Jenner, Augustus F., Lt.-Col. llth Regiment 
1849. Jenner, R. F. L., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 
1849. Jenyns, Soame G., C.B., Major 18th Hussars 
1854. Jervis, Edw. Lennox, Major 6th Dragoon Gds. 

1857. Jervois, E. Stanhope, Capt. H.P. 7th Fusiliers 
1854. Jervoise, Henry Clarke, Capt. Coldstream Gds. 


1858. Jex, Blake R. Hoey, Captain 18th Regiment 

O.M. Jocelyn, Hon. A G. F., Major, late 6th Drg. Gds. 

1855. Johns, Thomas, late Captain 63rd Regiment 

1857. Johnson, Alured C., Major Royal Artillery 

1846. Johnson, Chardin P., Major 9th Lancers 

1847. Johnson, G. V., Major Royal Artillery 

1843. Johnson, Sir H. F., Bt., Lt.-Col. H.P. 5th Fus. 

1849. Johnson, William V., late Capt. 90th Lt. Infy. 

1839. Johnston, Patrick, Captain unattached 

O.M. Johnston, Thomas H., Major-General 

1855. Johnstone, Charles, Captain Royal Artillery 

1851. Johnstone, Robert B., Captain 45th Regiment 

1858. Johnstone, C. J. H., Captain Royal Artillery 

1851. JoUiiFe,H.H.,M.P., late Capt. Coldstream Gds. 
1849. Jones, Arthur, Paymaster Royal Navy 

1847. Jones, Douglas, Major half-pay 60th Rifles 

1855. Jones, Hastings F., late Lieutenant 1st Royals 
1858. Jones, Hugh M., Major 73rd Regiment 

1848. Jones, J. C., late Captain 2nd Dragoon Guards 

1852. Jones, J. Inglis, late Lieut. Royal Horse Guards 
1841. Jones, Oliver John, Captain Royal Navy 
1846. Jones, Thomas, Major 4th Dragoon Guards 
1846. Jopp, James, M.D., Surgeon-Major 36th Regt. 

1853. Jordan, Joseph, Major 34th Regiment 

1856. Jortin, Henry Lee-, late Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 
1846. Judd, W. H., Surg.-Major H.P. Scots Fus. Gds. 



O.M. Keane, George M., Lt.-Col., late 2nd Regiment 

1852. Keane, Giles, Colonel 86th Regt. ret. full pay 
1841. Keane, Hon. G. D., Captain Royal Navy 

1839. Keane, Hon. Hussey F., Major Royal Engineers 

1840. Keane, Hon. J. A., late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1855. Keate, Edward, Captain Royal Artillery 

1845. Keene, E. Ruck-, Major late 2nd Drg. Grds. 
1855. Keene, George Ruck-, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Keene, J. E. Ruck-, Captain Royal Artillery 
1843. Kellett, Henry, C.B., Captain Royal Navy 

1846. Kendall, Henry, MD., Surgeon 7th Hussars 

1847. Kennedy, Francis, late Captain 77th Regiment 
1854. Kennedy, F. C., Captain 25th Regiment 
1850. Kennedy, J. J., C.B., Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Kennedy, J. S., late Lieutenant 36th Regiment 
1843. Kennedy, Lord William, late Capt. R. Artillery 
1858. Kent, Henry, Major 77th Regiment 

1840. Keown, Henry, late Captain 15th Hussars 

1850. Kerin, Fredk. G., Surgeon 2nd Life Guards 

1840. Kerr, Lord Mark, C.B., Col. 13th Lt Infantry 

1857. Kerr, Robert D., late Captain Royal Engineers 

1852. Kerr, William H., Major 13th Light Infantry 


1838. Key, Charles H., late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1847. Key, George William, Colonel H.P. 44th Regt. 

1853. Kidd, Robert Charles, late Lieut. 9th Lancers 

1855. King, Augustus H., Captain R. H. Artillery 

1853. King, E. Raleigh late Capt. 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1852. King, Edward T., late Lieutenant 2 1st Fusiliers 
1847. King, John Hynde, Lieut.-Col. Grenadier Gds. 

1847. King, J. Henry, Captain Paymaster 2nd Drgs. 
1860. King, Isaac, Lieutenant 41st Regiment 

1854. King, William A., Captain 17th Regiment 

1855. King, William Ross, Major unattached 
1858. King, William W., Captain 12th Lancers 
1844. Kingston, Arthur B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1842. Kirby, William H., Lieut.-Col. 94th Regiment 

1848. Kirkwall, G. W., Viscount, late Captain Scots 

Fusilier Guards 

1858. Knatchbull, Francis, Captain 89th Regiment 

1854. Knatchbull, W., late Captain 3rd Dragoon Gds. 

1850. Knight, Arnold M., Captain 12th Regiment 

O.M. Knight, Brook J., Capt. H.P. Royal Staff Corps 

1843. Knight, C. R., late Captain 25th Regiment 
1846. Knight, E. L., late Captain 20th Regiment 

1853. Knight, Lewis E., Major 17th Lancers 
1848. Knight, W. W., late Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 
1857. Knipe, William, Captain 86th Regiment 

1854. Knox, Henry N., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
O.M. Knox, Richard, Lieut. -Colonel 18th Hussars 


1838. Knox, Thomas Edmond, Lieut.-Col. 67th Regt. 

1844. Knox, Hon. W. S., M.P., Maj. late 21st Fusiliers 

1846. Kortright, Augustus, late Ensign 68th Lt. Inf. 

1844. Kortright, William C., late Lieut. 9th Lancers 



O.M. Labalmondiere,D. W. P.,Capt. H.P. 45th Regt. 

O.M. Lacy, Thomas E., Colonel unattached 

1849. Laffan, Robert M., Lt.-Col. Royal Engineers 
O.M. Laidley, John, Commissary-General half-pay 
1844. Lalor, E. J. Power, late Capt. 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1850. Lamb, George H., late Capt. 49th Regiment 

1851. Lamb, W. W., Captain 7th Dragoon Guards 
1853. Lambert, E. H. G., Commander Royal Navy 
1850. Lambert, Thomas, late Captain Royal Artillery 
1858. Lambert, W. M., late Captain 41st Regiment 

1857. Lance, W. H. J., Lieutenant 98th Regiment 
1850. Lane, Douglas, late Captain 17th Lancers 
1848. Lane, Ernest H., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1855. Lane, Henry C., late Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 
1843. Lang, Edward W., Captain Royal Navy 
1839. Lang, Frederick H., late Capt. 34th Regiment 

1852. Langley, George R., Captain unattached 

1852. Langley, W. L., M.D., Staff- Surgeon-Major 

1853. Lascelles, Claud G., Captain Royal Artillery 

1856. Lascelles, Hon. H. D., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1858. Laurie, John W., Captain 4th Regiment 

1854. Latouche, O., late Captain 14th Regiment 


1840. Law, Charles E., Colonel 66th Regiment 

1858. Lawrence, Henry J. H. Assis, Surg. Gren. Gds. 
1846. Lawrenson, John, Major-General 

1846. Lawrie, John, Major, late Depot Battalion 

1849. Lawson, J. H., late Lieut. 3rd Dragoon Guards 
1852. Layton, Charles Miller, late Capt. 25th Regt. 
1854. Leader^ Henry E., late Captain 16th Lancers 
1854. Learmonth, Alex., Lt.-Col., late 17th Lancers 

1843. Le Blanc, Thomas E., late Capt. 37th Regiment 
1845. Lee, Henry, Major 15th Hussars 

1854. Lee, Ranulph C., Captain 35th Regiment 

1859. Lee, Vaughn H., Captain 21st Regiment 
1852. Legge, Hon. & Rev. G. B.,late Capt. R. Brigade 

1854. Legh W. John, late Captain 21st Fusiliers 
1851. Legrew, John. Vet. Surg. 2nd Life Gds., 1st class 
1838. Leigh, Egerton, late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards 

1855. Le Marchant, Edward, Capt. H.P. 57th Regt. 
1851. Le Mesurier, W., Deputy-Commissary-General 

1860. Leiningen, His Serene Highness The Prince 

of, Commander Royal Navy 

1856. Leith, Sir G. H., Bart., late Capt. 17th Lancers 
1847- Lennox, Augustus F. F., Major Royal Artillery 

1850. Lennox, W. Gates, F.C., Lt.-Col. R. Engineers 

1844. Leslie, Arthur, Lieut. -Colonel 40th Regiment 

1847. Leslie, George, Captain Royal Artillery 
1843. Leslie, Lewis X., Major, late 99th Regiment 
1858. L'Estrange, P. W., Major Royal Artillery 


1856. Lethbridge, W. A., late Lieut. Rifle Brigade 

1856. Levett, Edward, Major 10th Hussars 

O.M. Levett, Richard B., late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 

1838. Levett, Theophilus, late Capt. llth Hussars 

1851. Levinge, Charles H., Captain 93rd Regiment 
O.M. Levinge, SirR.G. A., Bt., late Capt.SthDrg. Gds. 
1855. Lewins, Robert, M.D., Staff-Surgeon 

1844. Lewis, J. Edward, Lieut. -Colonel unattached 

1845. Ley, James, late Captain 2nd Dragoon Guards 
1855. LiddeU, Hon. Atholl C. J., Capt. 60th Rifles 
1850. Lightfoot, Thomas, C.B., Lt.-Col. 84th Regt. 
1853. Lillie, Thos., Lt.-Col., late Ceylon Rifle Regt. 

1848. Lindow, C. T., late Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards 
1844. Lindow, H. W., late Lieutenant 17th Lancers 
1842. Lindsay, Alexander C., late Capt. 44th Regt. 

1849. Lindsay, Henry Gore, late Capt. Rifle Brigade 
O.M. Lindsay, John, late Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 
1855. Linton, William, M.D., C.B., Insp. General 

1 848. Lister, Frederick D., Lieut.-Col., late 6th Drgs. 
O.M. Little, Archibald, C.B., Colonel 9th Lancers 
1840. Little, Lockhart, late Captain 81st Regiment 

1849. Littledale, Edward, Major, late 1st Dragoons 
1847. Littledale, G. H., late Lieutenant 1st Dragoons 

1852. Lloyd, Edward, Captain 6th Regiment 
O.M. Lloyd, Evan H., late Captain 1st Dragoons 

1846. Lloyd, Rickard, Captain 36th Regiment 
1859. Lloyd, Thomas, Lieutenant 35th Regiment 

O.M. Lloyd, W., M.D., Surgeon half-pay 36th Regt. 

1854. Lluellyn, Richard, late Captain 46th Regiment 
1858. Lluellyn, W. R., Captain Royal Artillery 
1847. Loder, W. S., late Lieutenant 63rd Regiment 
1847. Loftus, Arthur J., late Captain 18th Hussars 
1847. Logan, T. G., M.D., Inspector- General 
1851. Loney, W., M.D., Surgeon Royal Navy 

1838. Long, John, late Lieutenant 10th Hussars 

1840. Lord, A. O., late Captain 72nd Highlanders 
1847. Lousada, Simeon C., late Capt. 18th Regiment 

1858. Lovell, N. de Jersey, Captain 6th Dragoons 
1842. Low, Alexander, Colonel unattached 

1859. Lowe, Drury Curzon, Captain 17th Lancers 

1841. Lowe, Edward W.D., C.B., Lt.-Col. 21st Regt. 

1839. Lowndes, H. W. S., late Captain 15th Hussars 
1839. Lucas, Richard, late Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 

1855. Luce, John Proctor, Captain Royal Navy 
1857. Lukin, Fredk. W., Paymaster 2nd Drg. Gds. 
1850. Lukin, W. W. A., Major Royal Artillery 
O.M. Lumley, Frederick D., Lieut. -Col. unattached 
1854. Lutyens, Charles, late Captain 20th Regiment 
1859. Lyle, Hugh C., Captain Royal Artillery 

1854. Lynch, William W., Captain 2nd Regiment 
1850. Lyon, C. J., late Ensign 52nd Light Infantry 
1849. Lyon, Edmund D., late Capt. 68th Lt. Infantry 

1855. Lyon, Francis, Captain Royal Horse Artillery 

1856. Lyon, F. L., Captain Royal Artillery 

1849. Lyon, H. D. W., Captain 2nd Life Guards 

1851. Lyon, T. H., late Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1860. Lyons, Algernon M., Commander Royal Navy 
1855. Lyons, James, Captain Royal Artillery 

1852. Lyons, Thomas C., Major 20th Regiment 
O.M. Lysaght, James R., late Lieut. 84th Regiment 
1841. Lysaght, Thomas, H., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Lysons, Daniel, C,B. , Colonel unattached 



1855. Macartney, G. T., late Captain 15th Hussars 

1841. Macartney, John. Captain 17th Lancers 

1844. Macartney. J. N., Major late 7th Dragoon Gds. 
1858. Macbeth, James, M.D., Surgeon 74th Regt. 
1858. Macdonald, George V., late Captain 19th Regt. 
1855. Macdonell, Alex., C.B., Colonel Rifle Brigade 

1846. Macdonell, John I., Captain 71st Highlanders 

1842. MacDonell, John, Captain Royal Navy 

O.M. MacDougall, Patrick L., Colonel Commandant 

Royal Staff College 

1855. Mac Farlan, J. W., Captain Military Train 

1845. MacFarlane, F. J., Captain 3rd Dragoon Gds. 
1858. Mac Henry, John, late Captain 77th Regiment 

1855. Mackenzie, J. K. D., Captain 86th Regiment 
O.M. Mackinnon, Daniel H., Major unattached 
O.M. Mackinnon, D. H. A., late Capt. 68th Lt. Inf. 

1838. Mackinnon, E. V., Paym. H.P. 5th Drg. Gds. 
1852. Maclean, A. Capt. & Staff Officer of Pensioners 

1856. Maclean, Fitzroy D., Captain 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1839. Maclean, Sir G., K.C.B.^, Commissary-General 

1847. Maclean, Henry J., Captain Rifle Brigade 
1855. Macleod, Robert B. M. t Lieutenant Royal Navy 


1843. MacMahon, William, Lieut.-Col. 44th Regt. 

1850. Macneill, Robert, Captain 13th Light Dragoons 
1856. Macpherson, A. J., Major 24th Regiment 
1858. Macpherson, Eneas M., Staff-Surgeon 

1856. Macqueen, M. P., late Captain 91st Regiment 

1857. McBarnet, Alex. C., Major 79th Highlanders 
O.M. McCall, George, late Captain 20th Regiment 

1853. McCall, William, Lieut.-Colonel unattached 

1851. McClintock, T. M., late Captain 91st Regiment 

1854. McCourt, John, Major Military Train 

1847. McCreagh, Michael, Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 

1853. McDonnell, F., late Ensign 7 1st Highlanders 
1845. McDonnell, John, Capt. Cape Mounted Rifles 
1847. McEvoy, E., M.P., late Lieut, 6thDragoon Grds. 

1854. MccGwire, E. T. St. L., Captain 1st Royals 
O.M. McKerlie, John G., Lt.-Col. Royal Engineers 

1852. McNeile, Henry H., late Lieut. 5th Drg. Gds. 

1858. McNeill, Duncan, Captain 2nd Dragoons 
1851. McNeill, W. H., late Captain 20th Regiment 

1855. McWhinnie, John, M.D., Surgeon Royal Navy 
1858. Madden, Samuel A., Captain 51st Regiment 

1838. Madocks, J., late Captain 13th Light Dragoons 
1858. Magnay, C. James, Captain 16th Regiment 
1841. Mahon, H. S. P., late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 
O.M. Mahony, M., M.D., Inspector- General 

1839. Mainwaring, Arthur, late Capt. 66th Regiment 

1840. Mainwaring, Rowland, Rear- Admiral 


1839. Malassez, C. T., Assistant Commissary- General 

1850. Mallett, Hugh, late Lieutenant 9th Lancers 

1855. Manders, Richard, late Lieut. 15th Regiment 

1847. Manley, Robert G., Major, late 6th Dragoons 

1848. Mann, John B., Lieutenant-Colonel unattached 

1845. Manners, H. Russell, Major Depot Battalion 
1853. Mansel, Arthur E., Capt. 3rd Light Dragoons 
O.M. Mansel, Herbert, late Lieutenant 61st Regiment 
1850. Mansfield, Charles, E., Major unattached 
O.M. Mansfield, Sir William R., K.C.B,, Major-Gen. 

1848. Mapleton, Henry, M.D., Deputy Insp. -General 

1 849. March, W. H., Lt.-Col. R. Marines Lt. Infantry 

1848. Margesson, W. G., Captain 56th Regiment 
1853. Markham, E., Captain Royal Horse Artillery 

1850. Markham, Wm. T., late Capt. Coldstream Gds. 
1842. Marriott, T. B. F., Colonel Royal Artillery 

1853. Marsh, A, Leacock, Major, late 55th Regiment 
1859. Marsh, Henry Dyke, Lieut. 82nd Regiment 

1846. Marsh, Sir Henry, Bart., Major 3rd Drg. Grds. 

1854. Marshall, Edward, Captain Royal Navy 

1852. Marshall, Frederick, Captain 2nd Life Guards 

1849. Marston, Henry F., Captain 9th Regiment 

1855. Martin, Cornwallis W., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1857. Martin, George P., Paymaster Royal Navy 
O.M. Martyn, Peter, late Captain 88th Regiment 
1854. Mason, James, late Captain 94th Regiment 

1853. Massey, Hon. E. C , Lt.-Col. 95th Regiment 


1851. Massy, Godfrey W. H., Major unattached 

1856. Massy, Hugh, Major, late 85th Light Infantry 

1845. Massy, H. H. J., late Captain 44th Regiment 
1858. Master, W. C., C.B., Lieut.-Col. 5th Fusiliers 
1840. Mathison, Charles M., Captain Royal Navy 
1851. Maude, Francis C., C.B., Lt,-Col. R. Artillery 
1856. Maude, Fredk. F.,C.B.,V.C., Lt.-Col. 3rd Buffs 

1858. Maunsell, C. Cullen, late Captain 54th Regiment 
1856. Maunsell, Edward E., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1853. Maunsell, T. E., late Captain 12th Lancers 

1846. Maunsell, W. W., kte Captain 66th Regiment 

1843. MaxweU, Edward H., Lieut.-Col. 88th Regt. 

1851. MaxweU, George S., late Lieut. 20th Regiment 
1846. Maxwell, G. Vaughan, C.B., Colonel 88th Regt. 
1839. Maxwell,Hon.J.P.,M.P.,Lt.-Col.late97thRgt. 

1859. Maxwell, Robert James, Captain 80th Regiment 
1842. Maycock, Dottin, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 
1846. Maycock, John G. Captain 14th Regiment 

1839. Maydwell, Henry L., Lieut. -Colonel Staff 

1840. Mayers, John Perkins, Lt.-Col., late 86th Regt. 
1853. Mayne, Taylor L., Major unattached 

1844. Mayo, John P., late Lieut. 74th Highlanders 
O.M. Meade, John, late Captain 43rd Light Infantry 

1852. Meade, R. Richard, Captain 8th Regiment 
1858. Meara, Edward S., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. Meara, William, H.P. Major 5th Fusiliers 
1856. Mecham, Maunsell, late Lieut. 92nd Highlanders 

1849. Mein, Frederick R., Major 1st Royals 

1851. Meredyth, H. W., late Lieut. 68th Lt. Infantry 

O.M. Meyer, L. C. A., Lieut.-Col. late Cavalry Depot 

1839. Meynell, Francis, late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

O.M. Michel, Charles E., Major-General 

1 850. Michell, John E., Lieut. -Colonel Royal Artillery 

1858. Micklethwaite, George N., late Capt. 44th Regt. 

1850. Middleton, Frederick D., Major 29th Regiment 
O.M. Middleton, John, Major, Paymaster half-pay 
O.M. Middleton, T. F., Lieut. H.P. 1st Dragoons Gds. 

1843. Middleton, W. A., C.B., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1 854. Mildmay,H.G.St. John, Commander Royal Navy 

1844. Miles, Charles W., late Captain 17th Lancers 
1846. Miles, Philip J. W., late Lieut. 17th Lancers 
O.M. Miller, A. P., late Captain 92nd Highlanders 
1854. Miller, D. S., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1859. Miller, Frederick, Major 80th Regiment 
1846. Miller G. Murray, Major 79th Highlanders 

1851. Miller, James Armit, Surgeon Royal Navy 
1843. Miller, James Boyd, late Captain 15th Hussars 
1851. Miller, Robert B., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Miller, Sir W., Bart., late Lieut. 12th Lancers 
1854. Milles, Hon. L. W., Major Rifle Brigade 
1858. Millett, Sydney C., Captain 23rd Fusiliers 
1858. Milligan, Charles, Captain 39th Regiment 
1854. Milman, E. C. W., Colonel 37th Regiment 
1842. Milman, G. Bryan, Lieut. -Colonel 5th Fusiliers 


1843. Milman, G. H. L., Major Royal Artillery 

1857. Milman, W. D., Captain Royal Artillery 

1858. Milner, Wm. S., late Captain 10th Regiment 

1851. Mitchell, Alfred, Commander Royal Navy, 

1853. Mitchell, T. J., Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 

1854. Mitford, H. R., late Captain 51st Light Infantry 
1843. Mitford, J. P., Major, late 2nd W. I. Regiment 

1853. Mockler, Edward, Staff-Surgeon-Major 

1843. Mollan, William C., C.B., Lt.-Col. 75th Regt. 

1845. Molyneux, Charles B., late Capt. 4th Lt. Drgs. 

1838. Monro, Alexander, late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1850. Monro, C. J. Hale, late Captain 36th Regiment 

1839. Monro, David Arthur, Major, late 12th Lancers 
1849. Monro, Hector, late Captain 57th Regiment 
1845. Monro, J., M.D., Surg.-Major Coldstream Gds. 
1856. Monro, W., late Captain 79th Highlanders 
1858. Monson, Hon. D. J., Captain 52nd Lt. Infantry 

1848. Montagu, J. Van H., Captain 10th Regiment 

1852. Montgomerie, Frederick, late Capt. 99th Regt. 

1855. Montgomerie, J. E., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Montgomery, Francis O., Major, late 45th Regt. 

1 849. Montgomery Henry, late Capt. 42nd Highlanders 
1852. Montgomery, Hugh P., Captain 60th Rifles 

1 854. Montgomery, R. J., Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 
1847. Montresor, E. J. T., late Capt. 55th Regiment 
1849. Montresor, John, late Captain 82nd Regiment 

1 840. Moor, Frederick, late Lieutenant 2nd Regiment 


1854. Moore, A. G. M., Captain 4th Light Dragoons 

1855. Moore, Edward, Lieut. -Colonel llth Regiment 
1859. Moore, Henry, Assistant Commissary-General 
1855. Moore, T. C. C., Colonel, Second Commandant 

Royal Marines Light Infantry 

1847. Morant, Edward, Major, late 12th Lancers 

1845. Morant, Horatio H., Major 68th Light Infantry 
1859. Moresby, M. F., Paymaster Royal Navy 

1852. Moreton, Hon. A. T., late Capt. 3rd Lt. Drgs. 

1851. Morgan, Hon.G.Chas.,3f.P.,late Capt. ITthLan. 

1853. Morgan, G. M., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards 
1841. Morgan, Herbert, late Captain 1st Dragoons 
1847. Morgan, H. C., late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards 

1858. Morgan, Hon. Fred. C., late Capt. Rifle Brigade 
1844. Morris, C. H., C.B., Lieut-Col, unattached 
1850. Morris, Frederick, Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1853. Morris, Herbert, Captain 80th Regiment 
1844. Morritt, R. A., late Lieutenant 77th Regiment 

1846. Morshead, Sir W. C., Bart., late Capt. 6th Drgs. 
1838. Mosley Tonman, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 

1859. Mostyn, Hon. Roger, Lt.-Col. Scots Fus. Gds. 
1859. Mostyn, Hon. Savage, Captain 23rd Fusiliers 
1858. Mounsey, Charles James, Capt. 71st Regiment 
1 846. Mount-Charles, G.H., Earl of, Capt. 1 st Life Gds 
O.M. Moysey, H. Gorges, late Lieut, llth Hussars 

1854. Mundy, George Rodney, C.B., Rear-Admiral 

1852. Mundy, Meynell H. M., Lieutenant Royal Navy 


1839. Mundy, P. Henry, Colonel Royal Artillery 

O.M. Mundy, R. M., Major, half-pay Royal Artillery 

1860. Munn, H. O., Captain 13th Light Dragoons 

1850. Munnings, William V., Captain 24th Regiment 

1841. Munro, J. St. John, Major, late 31st Regiment 
1838. Munro, Sir Thos., Bart, late Capt. 10th Hussars 
1858. Mure, Charles R., Captain 43rd Regiment 
1849. Mure, John, M.D., Staff- Surgeon-Major 
1858. Murphy, Jacob C., Captain 7th Dragoon Gds. 
1843. Murray, .Alexander, Colonel 87th Fusiliers 

1 846. Murray, Augustus G. E . , Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1842. Murray, Henry, late Capt. 79th Highlanders 

1838. Murray, Hon. Henry A., Captain Royal Navy 
1842. Murray, Jack H., Commander Royal Navy 

1854. Murray, John, Captain 94th Regiment 

1839. Murray, William, Major, late 12th Lancers 

1855. Musgrave, Philip, late Lieutenant 1 7th Lancers 
1858. Mussenden, William, Captain 8th Hussars 
1858. Muttlebury, Geo. A. , late Lieut. 4th Drg. Guards 



1846. Nairne, J. Mellis, late Captain 38th Regiment 

1858. Nangle, Henry, Captain 15th Regiment 
1848. Napier, Edward P., late Lieut. 59th Regiment 

1848. Napier, G. T. C., C.B., Colonel unattached 

1 839. Napier, SirR . J. ,Milliken,Bt.,late Capt. 79th Regt. 

1838. Napier, William C. E., Colonel unattached 

1841. Naylor, James Sadler, Lt.-Col. late 8th Hussars 

1856. Neave, Arundell, Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards 

1846. Need, Arthur, Major 14th Light Dragoons 

1841. Nelson, Alexander A., Major unattached 

1849. Nelson, Horatio, Commander Royal Navy 
1841. Nelson, Thomas L. K., Major 40th Regiment 
1852. Nevill, George Henry, late Capt. 7th Fusiliers 

1854. Nevill, Percy P., Lt.-Col. late Major 63rd Regt. 
1848. Newdigate, Edward, Major Rifle Brigade 

1855. Newdigate, Henry R. L., Major Rifle Brigade 
1854. Newenham, W. H., late Captain 63rd Regiment 
1854. Newland, Arthur, late Captain 1st Royals 
1838. Newland, B., late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 
1 848. Newman, Sir Lydston, Bart., late Capt. 7th Huss. 
1 844. Newton, Horace P., Major Royal Horse Artillery 

1859. Nicholas, Griffin, Major 5th Fus., ret. full pay 


1858. Nicholl, Hume, Captain 1st Dragoons 

1849. Nicholson, Lothian, C.B., Lt.-Col. R. Engineers 

O.M. Nicoll, Samuel J. L., Lt.-Col., late 30th Regt. 

1843. Nicolls, F. H. G., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1841. Nicolls, Robert M., late Capt. 65th Regiment 

1860. Nightingale, Arthur C., Capt. 93rd Highlanders 

1854. Nisbit, Thomas, Major 1st Dragoon Guards 

1854. Nixon, Arthur James, Major Rifle Brigade 

1847. Noad, Arthur M., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1856. Noel, Charles P., late Lieutenant 48th Regt. 

1 846. Noel, Hon. G. J., M.P., late Capt. 1 1th Hussars 
1845. Noel Hon. H. L., late Lieut. 68th Lt. Infantry 

1851. Norbury, T. C., late Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards 
1853. Norcliffe, Norcliffe, K.H., Major-General 
O.M. Norcott, William S. R., C.B., Col. unattached 

1858. Norris, William, Captain Rifle Brigade 

1852. Norman, Charles J. W., Major 72nd Highlanders 

1847. Norman, Henry R., Lieut.-Col. 10th Regiment 

1853. Northcote, L. Stafford, late Captain 39th Regt. 

1857. Norton, Chas. G. Campbell, Capt. 23rd Fusiliers 

1859. Nugent, Andrew, Captain 2nd Dragoons 
1840. Nugent, James, Lieut.-Col. 36th Regiment 
1846. Nugent, St. George M., Major unattached 
1859. Nunn, J. L. W., Captain 80th Regiment 



1 846. Oakes, Thomas G. A., Lt.-Colonel 1 2th Lancers 

1841. O'Brien, Bartholomew, Lt.-Colonel Mil. Train 
1843. O'Callaghan, C. C., late Captain 1st Drg. Gds. 
1846. O'Callaghan, H. D., late Capt. 32nd Regiment 

1849. O'Callaghan, J, late Captain 62nd Regiment 

1842. O'Conor, Rich. J. R., Major 17th Regiment 

1838. Ogle, Graham, Captain Royal Navy 

1840. O'Grady, Hon. T. G., Major, late 74th High. 
1853. O'Hara, James, late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards 
1859. O'Hara, Richard, Captain Royal Artillery 
O.M. O'Keefe, James, Paymaster half-pay 48th Regt. 
O.M. O'Leary, Arthur, Major, late 55th Regiment 
1852. Oliver, George C., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1841. Oliver, Richard Aldworth, Captain Royal Navy 
1858. Oliver, Thomas W., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1858. O'Malley, W. B., late Lieut. 25th Regiment 

1850. Orde, John W. P., late Capt. 42nd Highlanders 
1846. Orme, William H., Major 85th Light Infantry 
1840. Orme, William K., Lt.-Colonel 10th Regiment 

1839. Ormsby, Anthony, Major unattached 

1842. Ormsby, John W., Colonel Royal Artillery 
1838. Ormsby, Thomas, late Capt. 92nd Highlanders 


1 839. Otway, Arthur J., late Lieutenant 2nd Regiment 

O.M. Otway, C., Major-Gen, ret. full-pay R. Artillery 

1839. Ouvry, Henry Aime, C. B., Lt.- Col. unattached 
1858. Owen, Arthur R., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1838. Owen, Charles Cunliffe, Captain Royal Navy 

1840. Owen, H. C. C., C.B., Lt.-Col. R. Engineers 



1852. Paget, Richard H., Captain 66th Regiment 

1851. Pakenham, Hon. F. B., Major unattached 
1844. Pakenham, T. H., Lt.-Colonel 30th Regiment 
1859. Palliser, John A., Lieutenant 76th Regiment 
1858. Palliser, W. R. G., Commander Royal Navy 
1846. Palmer, Arthur W., late Captain 5th Fusiliers 

1852. Palmer, Frederick, Captain Scots Fus. Guards 
1851. Palmer, Francis R., C.B., Lt.-Col. 60th Rifles 
1858. Palmer, Henry W., Captain 74th Highlanders 
1851. Parish, John E., Commander Royal Navy 

1855. Park, William Ker, Surgeon 16th Lancers 

1856. Parke, R., Lt.-Col. Royal Marines Lt. Infantry 
1848. Parke, William, C.B., Colonel 53rd Regiment 
1846. Parker, Arthur C., Major 7 1st Highlanders 

1853. Parker, George, Captain Royal Navy 

1841. Parkinson, C. A., late Captain 37th Regiment 

1858. Parr, Robert A., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1854. Parratt, E. L., late Captain 85th Lt. Infantry 
1853. Parry, Legh R., Captain and Adj. Depot Batt. 

1857. Parry, Richard, late Cornet 2nd Dragoons 
1843. Parry, W., Deputy Inspector General half-pay 
1851. Pasley, George M., Captain Royal Artillery 


1842. Patersori, Augustus, late Capt. 41st Regiment 
1851. Paterson, F. T. L., Captain 63rd Regiment 
1840. Paterson, P. H., late Ensign 92nd Highlanders 
1855. Paton, James, Captain 4th Regiment 

1839. Paton, John, late Lieutenant 91st Regiment 

1854. Patterson, Charles J., Captain 35th Regiment 

1840. Patterson, W. T. L., Lt.-Col. 91st Regiment 

1858. Patterson, W., Captain and Adj. R. M. College 
O.M. Pattle, Thomas, Colonel 1st Dragoon Guards 

1855. Patton, Henry B., Captain 27th Regiment 

1844. Patton, W. D. P., Colonel 74th Highlanders 

1855. Paulet, C. William, Captain 9th Lancers 
1847. Payn, William, C.B., Lt-Col. 72nd Highlanders 

1856. Payne, Henry L., Lieut. 2nd Dragoon Guards 
1838. Payne, William R., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1851. Paynter, George, Major, late 1st Dragoon Grds. 
1860. Peach, H. Peach K., Capt. Royal Horse Grds. 

1843. Peach, J. P., Major, late 1st Dragoon Guards 

1846. Peacocke, George J., Lieut.-Col. 16th Regiment 

1845. Peacocke, W. W. R., Lieut, half-pay 17th Regt. 

1 852. Peareth, William, late Capt. 4th Light Dragoons 

1850. Pearson, R. L. Otway, Major Grenadier Gds. 

1851. Pearson, Samuel, late Lieut. 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1859. Pearson, William Charles, Captain 88th Regt. 
1840. Peat, David, Captain Royal Navy 

1847. Pedder, Charles D., Captain 39th Regiment 
1858. Peel, Arthur Lennox, Major 52nd Regiment 


1845. Peel, Edmund Yates, Lieut. -Colonel unattached 
1852. Peel, John, Major H.P. Depot Battalion 

1852. Peel, Robert M., late Captain 6th Dragoons 
1855. Peel, W. Henry, late Captain 9th Regiment 

1853. Pelly, Raymond R., Captain 37th Regiment 
1858. Pelly, Henry R., Captain Royal Engineers 

1855. Pemberton, W. Leigh, Captain 60th Rifles 

1846. Pennington, C. P., late Lieut. Rifle Brigade 
1858. Pennington, Hon. J. F., late Capt. Rifle Brigade 

1847. Penrice, Herbert N., late Capt. Royal Engineers 
1858. Penton, Thomas, Major 8th Hussars 

1857. Pepys, Edmund, late Lieutenant 1st Dragoons 

1854. Perceval, Charles G. G., late Lieut. Royal Navy 

1857. Percival, Philip, Captain 79th Highlanders 
1838. Percy, A. C. Heber-, late Lieut. Rifle Brigade 

1848. Percy, John William, Captain 9th Regiment 

1856. Pering, George H., Captain 18th Hussars 

1858. Perry, John L., Commander Royal Navy 
1853. Persse, Dudley, late Captain 7th Fusiliers 

1852. Persse, Walter B., late Captain 22nd Regiment 
1860, Persse, William N., Lieutenant Royal Artillery 
O.M. Perston, D., M.D., Surg. H.P. 13th Lt. Drgs. 
O.M. Petrie, S., C. B., late Director of the Commissariat 
1847. Peyton, Francis, Lieut.-Colonel 98th Regiment 

1853. Phelips, H. P., Captain Royal Artillery 
1844. Phelips, Richard, late Captain Royal Artillery 
1851. Phelips, William D., late Captain 60th Rifles 


1858. Philips, Edward W., Captain 36th Regiment 

1860. Philips, N. Geo., late Captain 47th Regiment 

1851. Philipps, George, late Captain 23rd Fusiliers 

1849. Phillimore, William B., late Capt. Gren. Gds. 

1858. Phillipps, John James, Captain 60th Rifles 

1860. Phillipps, Paul W., Captain Royal Artillery 

1 844. Phillips,R. Newton, ColonelDepot Batt. Chatham 

O.M. Phillpotts, A. T., Colonel Royal Artillery 

1841. Phipps, H. B., late Captain 31st Regiment 

1856. Phipps, P. A. L., late Captain 29th Regiment 

1847. Pierce, Frederick, late Captain 96th Regiment 

1839. Pigott, Arthur, Lt.-Col. H.P. 20th Regiment 

1855. Pigott, Henry De R., Captain 83rd Regiment 

1853. Pigott, John Pelling, Major unattached 

1847. Pigou, Arthur C., Captain Royal Artillery 
1841. Pilgrim, Charles, late Cornet 2nd Dragoons 
1846. Pilgrim, John Bunce, Captain unattached 

] 850. Pilleau, Henry, Staff-Surgeon-Major 

1856. Pinckney, Philip, late Capt. 6th Dragoon Grds. 
1849. Pipon, J. K., Colonel Assis. Adj. -Gen. Horse Gds. 
O.M. Pipon, Manaton, late Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1852. Pipon, Philip G., Major Royal Artillery 

1848. Pitcairn, Andrew, Major depot Battalion 
1843. Pitman, Edmund, late Captain 55th Regiment 

1840. Pitt, W. G., late Lieutenant llth Hussars 
1858. Pitt, T. H., Captain Royal Artillery 

1854. Platt, Fred. W., late Ensign 95th Regiment 


1848. Platt, T. E. H., late Lieutenant 49th Regiment 
1841. Plunkett, Hon. E. S., Major late 95th Regiment 
1856. Pocklington, G. Henry, Captain 18th Regiment 

1849. Pole, Cecil C., late Lieut. 90th Light Infantry 
1853. Pole, Edward, Colonel 12th Lancers 

1845. Pole, Samuel, Major, late 12th Lancers 
1856. Ponsonby, Hon. Ashley, late Capt. Gren. Gds. 

1853. Ponsonby, Arthur E. V., Capt. Grenadier Gds. 
1847. Porcher, Edwin A., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1846. Portal, Robert, Major 5th Lancers 

1854. Porter, Henry R., Captain Royal Artillery 

1854. Porter, John, Lieut. -Colonel 67th Regiment 
1838. Porter, Thomas, Captain Royal Navy 

1847. Poulett, William H., late Capt. 22nd Regiment 

1858. Powell, Francis G., Captain 2nd Dragoon Gds. 
O.M. Powell, Thomas F., late Captain 16th Lancers 
1844. Powell, W. Martin, late Captain 6th Dragoosn 
O.M. Power, Kingsmill M., late Capt. 16th Lancers 
1847. Pownall, Walter, Major 3rd Buffs 

1853. Pratt, W. C., late Captain 67th Regiment 

1859. Prendergrast, Lenox, Captain 2nd Dragoons 
.1853. Prentis, William T., late Captain 2nd Dragoons 

1855. Preston, Charles E., Capt. & Paymstr. 18th Regt. 
1858. Preston, I. N., late Captain 3rd Light Dragoons 
1849. Preston, Richard, Major 44th Regiment 
1838. Prettejohn, R. B., Lt.-Col. 14th Light Dragoons 
1855. Pretyman, Arthur C., late Capt. 25th Regiment 


1852. Pretyman, William, Lieut.-Col. late 60th Rifles 
1848. Prevost, T. W., Capt. H.P. 42nd Highlanders 
O.M. Priaulx, H. S. G., late Lieut. 4th Light Dragoons 

1854. Priaulx, Oswald De L., Captain 94th Regiment 
1839. Price, Edward, C.B., Colonel Royal Artillery 

1855. Price, George B., Captain 2nd Dragoons 
1846. Price, R. Blackwood, Lt.-Colonel H.P. R. Artil. 
1846. Price, Robert H., Major 35th Regiment 
1842. Prime, Arthur, late Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards 
1855. Prince, William S., late Capt. 7 1st Highlanders 
1846. Pringle, J. H., Colonel, late Scots Fusilier Gds. 
1855. Probyn, Edmund, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 

1841. Prothero, E., late Captain 14th Regiment 

1842. Pryce, J. E. H., late Captain 2nd Regiment 
O.M. Pryse, Edward L., M.P., late Captain 3rd Buffs 

1855. Puget, Granville, W., Captain 34th Regiment 

1856. Puget, John, Captain 8th Hussars 

1 853. Purcell, P. V., late Captain 1 3th Light Dragoons 
1858. Puxley, J. L., late Captain 6th Dragoons 

1 855. Pyper, Rev. R., late Asst.-Surgeon 1 1th Hussars 



1851. Queade, William H., Captain 12th Regiment 
1856. Quicke, Sidney G., Major 53rd Regiment 
1851. Quin, Hon. W. W., late Captain Grenadier Gds. 


1844. Radcliffe, WiUiam P., Lt.-Colonel 20th Regt. 

1850. Rae, James A., late Lieutenant 27th Regiment 

1844. Ramsay, B. D. W., Major unattached 

1846. Ramsay, James, Colonel unattached 

1842. Ramsay, R. W., late Captain 42nd Highlanders 
1853. Ramsay, William F., late Lieut. 54th Regiment 

1 843. Randolph, C.Wilson, Lt.-Colonel Grenadier Gds. 
1855. Rattray, James C., Captain 90th Light Infantry 
1858. Rawlinson, William S., Captain 6th Dragoons 
1843. Read, B. M., late Lieutenant 15th Hussars 
O.M. Read, Edward R., late Captain 12th Regiment 

1 840. Reed, William, late Captain 6th Regiment 


I860. Redmond, John Patrick, Major 61st Regiment 

O.M. Reignolds, T. S., C.B., Maj.-Gen. ret. full-pay 

1850. Reilly, Hugh A., Commander Royal Navy 

1850. Reilly, W. E. M., C.B., Major Royal Artillery 

1860. RendaU, J. K., late Captain 5th Lancers 

1858. Rennie, Geo., Dep. -Assist. Commissary.-Gen. 

1850. Renny, Henry, Captain Royal Artillery 

1847. Renton, A. C. C., Major, late 42nd Highlanders 

1853. Retallack, Francis, Captain 63rd Regiment 
O.M. Reynolds, Charles W., late Captain 1 6th Lancers 
O.M. Reynolds, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Deputy 

Adjutant-General to Forces in Jamaica 

1854. Rhodes, Frederick, late Captain 98th Regiment 

1848. Rhodes, Godfrey, Major unattached 
1853. Rice, Cecil, Major 72nd Highlanders 
1858. Rich, Charles David, Major 9th Lancers 
O.M. Rich, Sir C. H. J., Bt., late Cornet 14thLt. Drgs. 
1853. Rich, G. W. T., Lt.-Colonel 7lst Highlanders 

1846. Richards, William, late Captain 17th Lancers 

1849. Rickford, T. P., late Captain 23rd Fusiliers, 

(Exon of the Yeomen of the Guard) 
1851. Rickman, William, Major Depot Battalion 
1843. Riddell, T. M., late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Guards 
1838. Ridley, John H. E., late Lieut. 2nd Dr. Gds. 
1848. Rigaud, Gibbes, Major 60th Rifles 

1847. Rising, Benjamin, late Lieut. 76th Regiment 


1851. Roberts, Bertie M., late Capt. 26th Regiment 
1842. Robertson, Andrew, late Captain 87th Fusiliers 

1854. Robertson, A. M., Captain 4th Dragoon Guards 
1858. Robertson, G. Metcalf, Captain 1st Dragoons 

1855. Robertson, Henry J., late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1847. Robertson, J., M.D., Surg. H.P. 13th Regt. 

1 840. Robertson, James E . , Lt.-Colonel 6th Regiment 
1842. Robertson, J. H. C., Lt-Col. H.P. 100th Regt. 
1847. Robertson, J. P., C.B., Lt.-Colonel Mil. Train 

1847. Robertson, P., M.D., Staff-Surgeon half-pay 
1854. Robinson, H. J., late Lieutenant 76th Regiment 
1858. Robinson, H. K., late Lieutenant 4th Regiment 

1848. Robinson, R. Harcourt, Captain 60th Rifles 

1841. Robyns, Thomas, late Captain 32nd Regiment 
1860. Rochfort, C. G., Captain 20th Regiment 

1852. Rocke, James H., Capt., & Adjt. Depot Battalion 
1845. Rodney, George B., Major R. MarinesLt. Infy. 
1841. Rodney, M. H., Commander Royal Navy 

1841. Rodney, T. M., Commander Royal Navy 
1848. Roe, Peter Burton, Lieut.-Colonel 60th Rifles 
1840. Roe, P. F., late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 
1858. Roe, Robert E., Lieutenant 12th Lancers 
O.M. Rofe, Saml., Major & Paym. H.P. 14thLt. Drgs. 
1847. Rogers, H., Major Royal Artillery 

1842. Rogers, Henry D., C.B., Captain Royal Navy 
1852. Rogers, J. F., Assistant Commissary-General 


1859. Rogers, John T., late Captain 33rd Regiment 

1840. Rolland, S. E., late Lieutenant 69th Regiment 

1858. Rolleston, Cornelius C., Major 84th Regiment 

1838. Rolls, Alexander, late Lieut. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

1843. Romer, Robert W., Major 59th Regiment 

1842. Rooper, B., late Lieutenant 34th Regiment 

1851. Rooper, H. G., late Capt. 85th Light Infantry 
1848. Ross, Albert Ernest, Captain 5th Fusiliers 
1850. Ross, G. W., late Lieutenant 92nd Highlanders 
1848. Ross, John, Lieutenant- Colonel Rifle Brigade 
1846. Ross, Robert L., Lt.-Col. 93rd Highlanders 

1840. Ross, Thomas, Lieut. -Colonel 73rd Regiment 

1848. Rosser, George F., Major & Paym. 16th Lancers 

1857. Rotton, Charles P., Captain Royal Artillery 

1858. Rous, William J., Capt. Scots Fusilier Guards 

1849. Rowland, George, Captain 1st Royals 

1850. Rowland, W. H., Captain 55th Regiment 
1842. Rowles, Henry, late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 
1849. Rowles, James, late Captain Rifle Brigade 
1846. Rowley, Hon. H. L., late Capt. 6th Dragoons 

1838. Rush, Alfred, late Captain 77th Regiment 

1839. Russell, Lord A. G., Lt.-Colonel Rifle Brigade 
1838. Russell, Lord C. G., Maj., late 93rd Highlanders 

1852. Russell, R., late Lieutenant 2nd Regiment 

1841. Russell, SirW., Bart.,C.#., Lt.-Col. 7th Hussars 
O.M. Ruxton, John H. H., late Lieut. 4th Regiment 


1852. Ruxton, William F., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1850. Ryan, George A., Major 70th Regiment 
1854. Ryan, Valentine, Captain 64th Regiment 


1860. St. Clair, Archibald, Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1855. St. Clair, C. William, Major 57th Regiment 

1856. St. George, Howard, late Lieut. 77th Regiment 

1848. St. George, T. C. B., Captain 78th Highlanders 
1851. St. John, Frederick A., Captain unattached 

1849. St. John, John Henry, Major 92nd Highlanders 
1856. St. John, St. A. B., Lieutenant 10th Regiment 

1839. St. Leger, John, Major, late 14th Lt. Dragoons 
1842. Salmon, William P., late Captain 60th Rifles 
1856. Saltmarshe, Arthur, Captain 70th Regiment 
1848. Saltmarshe, P., late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 

1 84 1 . Saltoun, Alexander, Lord, Major, late 28th Regt. 
1851. Salwey, Alfred, Assistant-Commissary-General 
O.M. Sanders. Frederick P., late Capt. 43rd Lt. Inf. 
1846. Sanders, Robert, C.B., Colonel late 32nd Regt. 

1842. Sandes, W. S., late Captain llth Hussars 

1 840. Sandilands, Hon. James, late Capt. 8th Hussars 

1850. Sarel, Henry A., Major 17th Lancers , 
1853. Sargent, John Neptune, Lieut.-Col. 3rd Buffs 

1851. Sartoris, A., late Captain 7th Hussars 
1850. Saumarez, Thomas, Captain Royal Navy 
1848. Saunders, E., late Cornet 2nd Dragoon Guards 


1858. Saunders, George R., late Captain Rifle Brigade 

1 847. Saunders, W. B., Captain Royal Horse Artillery 

1 848. Savage, Frederick S., Major 68th Light Infantry 

1857. Savage, F. W., late Lieut. 13th Light Dragoons 

1838. Ssvile, Henry B. O., Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 

1839. Sawyer, Charles, Lt.-Colonel 6th Dragoon Gds. 
1853. Sayer, Frederic, Captain H.P. 23rd Fusiliers 

1846. Sayer, Jas. R. S., Lt.-Col. 1st Dragoon Guards 

1858. Scheberras, Attilio, Captain 98th Regiment 
1848. Scobell, H. S., late Captain 2nd Dragoons 
1838. Scott, Alfred, Major late 1st Dragoon Guards 
1858. Scott, Arthur, Major 5th Fusiliers 

1852. Scott, Beresford, Paymaster Royal Navy 
1855. Scott, Edward, Major late 8th Hussars 

O.M. Scott, George F. C., Col. 76th Regt. ret. full-pay 

1858. Scott, Henry, Major 18th Hussars 

1853. Scott, John B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1850. Scott, James Robt., late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 

O.M. Scott. John S., late Captain 31st Regiment 

1842. Scott, W., late Captain 6th Dragoon Guards 

1850. Scott, William, late Captain 79th Highlanders 
1858. Scott, Lord Walter C., late Captain 1 5th Hussars 
1841. Scudamore, A., C.B.. Lt.-Col. 14thLt. Dragoons 
1860. Seagrave, O'Neil, Captain unattached 

1847. Segrave, William F., Captain 71st Highlanders 

1851 . Serocold, Walter P., late Captain 66th Regiment 

1852. Servantes, W. F. G., Dep.-Assis.-Corny.-Gen. 


1853. Severne, John Edmond, late Capt. 16th Lancers 

1849. Sewell, Algernon R., Major 15th Regiment 
1846. Seymour, C. H., late Captain 85th Regiment 
1841. Seymour, H. R., late Captain 40th Regiment 

1850. Seymour, Win. H., C..,lLt.-Col. 2nd Drg. Gds. 
1856. Seymour, William H., late Lieut. 7th Hussars 
1841. Shadwell, C. F. A., C.5., Captain Royal Navy 

1850. Shadwell, Lawrence, Lieut. -Colonel unattached 

1859. Shakerley, G. S., Captain Royal Artillery 

1860. Sheffield, John C., Captain 21st Regiment 

1852. Sheldon, E. R. C., late Captain 63rd Regiment 

1848. Shelley, Edward, late Captain 16th Lancers 

1854. Sheppard, Thomas, Captain 4th Regiment 
O.M. Sherson, Alex. N., late Capt. 72nd Highlanders 

1849. Sherston, J. D., late Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards 

1853. Shipley, Conway, late Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1849. Shirley, Walter D., late Lieut. 50th Regiment 
1839. Shute, Charles C., Colonel 6th Dragoons 
1844. Shute, Neville Hill, Lt.-Colonel 64th Regiment 
1849. Shute, William G., Captain 28th Regiment 
1859. Shute, Henry Douglas, Captain 57th Regiment 
1846. Sibthorp, C. C. W., late Captain 1st Dragoons 
1846. Sibthorp, R. F. W., Lieut. -Colonel unattached 

1855. Sidebottom, Leonard, Capt. & Adj. Depot Batt. 
1858. Sidney, Henry M., Captain 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1851. Simpson, W. H. R.^Major Royal Artillery 
1853. Singleton, E. Cecil, late Capt. 51stLt. Infantry 


O.M. Singleton, John, Major-General 

1857. Sitwell, Frederick, late Capt. 3rd Lt. Dragoons 
O.M. Skey, J., M.D., Inspector-General of Hospitals 
O.M. Skinner, T., Major, late Ceylon Rifle Regiment 
1 849. Skipwith, Sidmouth S., Commander Royal Navy 

1842. Skurray, Francis C., Major 24th Regiment 
1859. Slade, Alfred F. A., Captain 100th Regiment 

1843. Slade, Herbert D., Major 1st Dragoon Guards 

1858. Slade, Henry, Surgeon Royal Navy 
1848. Slade, William H., Major 5th Lancers 
1854. Sleeman, Henry A., late Lieut. 16th Lancers 
1852. Smart, Henry Hawley, Captain 17th Regt. 
1846. Smith, Charles H., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1858. Smith. Charles F., Captain 7 1st Highlanders 
1856. Smith, Fitzroy G., Major 7th Dragoon Guards 
1845. Smith, Hugh, Lieutenant-Colonel unattached 
1856. Smith, H. H.. M.D.. Surgeon Royal Navy 

1 845. Smith, J. L., Major-Gen. Royal Art. ret. full pay 
1 854. Smith, Michael E . , Captain unattached 

1840. Smith, M.M., late Captain 92nd Highlanders 

1850. Smith, Percy S., late Capt. 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1851. Smith, Richard P., Major late 10th Hussars 
1848. Smith, Richard S., Commander Royal Navy 

1838. Smith, S. Lionel, Major, late 54th Regiment 

1846. Smith, Thomas, C.B., Lt.-Col. 90th Lt. Infantry 

1839. Smith, T. Chaloner, late Lieut, llth Hussars 
1848. Smyth, Edward S., Colonel unattached 


1858. Smyth, E. Skeffington R., late Lieut. 28th Regt. 

O.M. Smyth, Henry, C.B., Colonel 76th Regiment 

1858. Smyth, Ralph, late Captain 17th Regiment 

1850. Snow, Arthur H. C., Captain 96th Regiment 

1855. Snow, Edmund B., Captain R. Marines Lt. Inf. 

1848. Somerset, A. P. F. C., late Lieut. 13th Lt. Inf 
1847. Somerset, P. G. H., C.5., Lt.-Col. 7th Fusiliers 

1841. Sotheby, C. W. H., late Captain 60th Rifles 
1860. Sotheby, Fred. Edwd., Captain Rifle Brigade 
1838. Sparkling, Charles, late Captain 15th Hussars 
O.M. Sparks, J. P., C.B., Colonel 38th Regiment 
1838. Spicer, John W. G., late Capt. 3rd Drg. Gds. 

1849. Spicer, R. William, late Captain 16th Lancers 

1847. Spring, Robert, late Captain 21st Fusiliers 

1850. Spurway, John, Major Royal Artillery 

1848. Stacey, Edward, late Captain 18th Hussars 
1853. Stack, Frederick R., Captain 65th Regiment 

1858. Standish, W. S. Carr, late Lieut. 7th Hussars 
1847. Stanhope, Chandos S. S., Captain Royal Navy 
1850. Stanhope, R. C., late Lieut. 13th Lt. Infantry 

1842. Stanley, J. Talbot, late Captain 89th Regiment 

1852. Stapleton, F. G., Captain Grenadier Guards 
1845. Stapylton, G. G. C., Lt.-Col. 32nd Regiment 

1853. Stapylton, H. M., Major 2nd Dragoon Guards 

1843. Staunton, George, Colonel Cape Mounted Rifles 

1859. Steel, Charles, Major unattached 


1850. Steele, Augustus F., Lt.-Col. 9th Lancers 
1855. Stephens, Adolphus H., Captain Rifle Brigade 
1858. Stephens, Richard, late Captain 60th Rifles 

1847. Stephens, W., late Lieutenant 64th Regiment 
1860. Stephenson, S. Vane, Capt. Scots Fus. Gds. 
1839. Sterling, Sir A. C. K.C.B., Col. unattached 
1852. Steuart, David, Captain 34th Regiment 

1838. Stevenson, G. R.. late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Gds. 

1851. Stevenson, H. H., Major unattached 

1852. Steward, Edwin A. T., Major 21st Fusiliers 

1853. Steward, Edward H., late Captain 60th Rifles 

1 848. Steward, F. G., Captain late unattached 
1858. Steward, Henry H., Captain 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1845. Steward, Richard O. F., Major unattached 

1852. Stewart, A., M.D., Inspec.-Gen. of Hospitals 
1860. Stewart, Hon. R. R., Lieut. 42nd Regiment 

1846. Stewart, John H., Captain R. Marines Lt. Inf. 
1 842. Stewart-Mackenzie, W . , late Lieut. 90th Lt. Inf. 
1858. Stewart, Robert Crosse, Major 35th Regiment 

1839. Stewart, Thomas D., Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Stewart, W. G. D., Major unattached 

1855. Stirling, C. Edward, Captain Royal Artillery 

1853. Stirling, John S., Captain Royal Artillery 

1853. Stisted, H. W., C.B., Colonel 93rd Highlanders 

1848. Stisted, Thomas H., Major 7th Hussars 

1857. Story, John B., late Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 

1840. Story, R. W., Colonel ret. full-pay R. Artillery 


1840. Strathmore, T.G.,Earlof,lateLieut.lstLifeGds. 

1858. Strange, Charles J., Major Royal Artillery 
1851. Stratton, John, late Lieutenant 38th Regiment 
1850. Street, J. A., C.B., Colonel Depot Battalion 
1855. Strickland, Walter, Commander Royal Navy 
1850. Stringer, Miles, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 

1 848. Stronge, M. Du Pre, late Capt. 52nd Lt. Infantry 
1855. Stroud, Henry W., Captain 63rd Regiment 
O.M. Stuart, George F., late Captain 49th Regiment 

1850. Stuart, Hon. James, Major Rifle Brigade 
1845. Stuart, J. S. S., late Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1855. Stuart, Robert C. W., late Captain 2nd Regt. 
1855. Stuart, W. Edington, Captain 15th Hussars 

1844. Studdert, C. Fitz-Gerald, Maj. late 80th Regt. 
1842. Suckling, Robert W., Commander Royal Navy 

1857. Sullivan, Francis W., Commander Royal Navy 

1859. Sullivan, George, Captain 80th Regiment 

1858. Sunter, Thomas M., M.B., Staff Surgeon 
1842. Surtees, Charles F., late Capt. 3rd Lt. Dragoons 

1 838. Surtees, Henry E., late Lieutenant 1 Oth Hussars 

1849. Sutherland, Francis, late Capt. 2nd Dragoons 

1845. Sutton, Charles, late Captain 12th Lancers 

1846. Sutton, Francis, late Captain R. Horse Guards 

1839. Sutton, Frederick, late Captain llth Hussars 
1844. Sutton, H. George, late Lieut. 12th Lancers 

1859. Swaby, George, late Captain Military Train 

1851. Swaffield, Charles J. O., Major 31st Regiment 


O.M. Swan, Graves C., Colonel, late unattached 

1860. Swann, Jno. T., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1853. Swinburne, James, Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards 

1849. Swinburne, Thomas A., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1855. Swindley, John E., Captain 6th Dragoons 

1851. Swinfen, F. H., Captain 5th Dragoon Guards 

1842. Swinny, George S., Captain 15th Hussars 
1853. Sykes, Cam., Major late 80th Regiment 
1844. Sykes, Frederick, late Captain llth Hussars 

1 843. Sykes, Sir F.W., Bart., late Lieut. 2nd Life Gds. 
1846. Sykes, Joseph A., late Captain 94th Regiment 



1849. Talbot, Hon. W. L., Major unattached 

1843. Tarn, John, Surgeon Royal Navy 

1847. Taswell, Edward, Captain Royal Artillery 
1856. Tattnall, A. H., late Captain 92nd Highlanders 

1851. Tattnall, Robert C., Commander Royal Navy 

1 849. Taylor, G. Cavendish, late Lieut. 95th Regiment 

1844. Taylor, H. Cavendish, late Lieut. 17th Lancers 
O.M. Taylor, R. C. H., C.B., Col. H.P. Depot Batt. 
1858. Taylor, Robert K., Lieutenant 85th Regiment 

1848. Taylor, R. M., late Lieutenant 25th Regiment 
1856. Taylor, Wm. O'B, Captain 18th Regiment 

1854. Teesdale, C. C., C.B., F.C., Major Royal Art. 

1852. Teesdale, Charles P., Captain llth Regiment 
1858. Temple, Edwyn F., Captain 55th Regiment 

1855. Temple, Grenville M., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1851. Temple, John, Lieut. -Colonel, late 60th Rifles 
1858. Tewart, John Edward, Captain 6th Regiment 

1 848. Thellusson,A. D.,Lt.-Col.,late 72nd Highlanders 

1848. Thellusson, C. S., late Captain 12th Lancers 

1858. Thesiger, Hon. C. W., Captain 6th Dragoons 

1850. Thistlethwayte, A. F., late Ensign 26th Regt. 


1850. Thomas, Barclay, Major 27th Regiment 
1860. Thomas, Freeman, late Lieut. Rifle Brigade 

1847. Thomas, H. J., Lt.-Colonel H.P. Royal Artillery 

1845. Thomas, J. Wellesley, Lt.-Colonel 67th Regt. 
1855. Thomas, Lloyd H., Captain 9 1st Regiment 
O.M. Thomas, Morgan, Inspector-Gen, of Hospitals 

1849. Thompson, Arnold, Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1860. Thompson, Alfred, late Cornet 1st Dragoons 

1848. Thompson, C. W., Lt.-Colonel 7th Drg. Gds. 

1853. Thompson, Daniel, Captain 67th Regiment 
O.M. Thompson, Frederick, late Capt. 6th Dragoons 

1854. Thompson, John, Captain 2nd Regiment 
1843. Thompson, P. S., Lt.-Col. 1 4th Light Dragoons 

1851. Thompson, Richard, Major unattached 

1846. Thomson, A. S., M.D., Staff-Surgeon-Major 
1838. Thomson, J. A., late Captain 13th Lt. Dragoons 

1854. Thomson, Robert C., Captain 2nd Regiment 

1850. Thomson, R. T., Major 1st Dragoon Guards 

1855. Thornhill, Henry, Captain Royal Artillery 
1854. Thornhill, W. C. C., late Capt. 23rd Fusiliers 
1846. Thoroton, Thomas, late Captain 1st Dragoons 
1858. Thorp, Edward Buller, Major 89th Regiment 
1838. Thorp, William, Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Thurlow, Hon. J. E. H., late Capt. 85th Lt. Inf. 
O.M. Thurlow, Hon. T. H. H., late Capt. 7th Fusiliers 
1850. Thursby, J. H., late Lieut. 90th Light Infantry 
1854. Thursby, James L., Captain 22nd Regiment 


1850. Thursby, R. L., Captain Cape Mounted Rifles 

1838. Tibbits, J. Borlase, late Captain 12th Lancers 

1846. Tighe, F. E., late Captain 82nd Regiment 

1854. Tillbrook, Philip L., Captain 50th Regiment 
1850. Timins, O. F. F., late Captain 82nd Regiment 
1858. Timson, Henry, late Captain 5th Lancers 

1848. Tinling, Wm. P., Lt.-Col. 90th Light Infantry 
1856. Tod, R. A. Boothby, Captain 94th Regiment 

1845. Todd, J. Augustus, Lt.-Col. 14th Lt. Dragoons 
1856. Todd, J. A. Ruddell, Captain 87th Fusiliers 
1856. Tom, Daniel, late Captain 89th Regiment 

1849. Tomkinson, E., Major Cavalry Depot, Canterbury 
1848. Tomlin, B., late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 
1844. Tonge, Louis C. H., Commander Royal Navy 

1850. Tongue, Vincent, Captain 60th Rifles 

1850. Tower, Conyers, Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards 
1848. Townsend, H. S., late Lieut 2nd Life Guards 

1855. Travers, Francis S., Captain 60th Rifles 

1853. Travers, James D., Captain 17th Regiment 
1855. Travers, J. O., Lt.-Colonel R. Marines Lt. Inf. 

1851. Travers, Richard H., Captain 24th Regiment 
1841. Travers, R. O., late Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards 
1859. Tredcroft, C. Lennox, Captain Royal Artillery 

1846. Tredcroft, Edm., late Lieut. 4th Lt. Dragoons 

1854. Trelawny, H. D., late Captain R. Horse Guards 
1850. Trelawny, H. R. S., late Lieut. 6th Dragoons 
1848. Tremayne, Arthur, Lt.-Col. 13th Lt. Dragoons 


1 846. Trench, P. Le Poer, Lt.-Col., late 2nd Drg. Gds. 

1855. Trevelyan, H. Astley, Major 7th Hussars 
1853. Tritton, G. Sinclair, late Lieut. 7th Fusiliers 

1838. Troubridge, Sir T. St. V., Bart., C.B., Colonel, 

Deputy Adjutant- General 

1852. Trousdell, W.G., M.D., Surgeon 13th Regt. 

1841. Trower, Frederick C., Capt., late 4th Regiment 

1842. Trower, Horace, Captain 15th Hussars 

O.M. Trueman, Charles J., late Lieut. 6th Drg. Gds. 

1851. Tryon, Thomas, Major 7th Fusiliers 
1860. Tryon, George, Commander Royal Navy 
1850. Tuite, Joseph, late Lieutenant 15th Regiment 

1852. Tuite, Thos. B., Captain llth Regiment 

1843. Tulloch, Thomas, Lt.-Col. late 1st Drg. Gds. 
1849. Tunstall, A., late Captain 1st W. I. Regiment 

1839. Tupper, Charles W., late Lieut. 7th Fusiliers 
1852. Tupper, Daniel W., Major 50th Regiment 

1856. Tupper, De Vic, Captain 8th Regiment 
1855. Tupper, G. Le M., Major Royal Horse Artillery 

1844. Turner, F. C, Polhill, late Capt. 6th Drg. Gds. 
1859. Turner, Henry Scott, Lieut. 69th Regiment 

1847. Turner, Mansfield, late Captain 20th Regiment 
1855. Turner, Nath. O. S., Lt.-Col. Royal Artillery 
1847. Turton, E. H., late Captain 3rd Dragoon Gds. 

1843. Tuthill, William, late Capt. 1st Dragoon Gds. 

1844. Tweeddale, John D., Surgeon Royal Navy 
1859. Twemlow, W. H., Lieut. 27th Regiment 


1858. Twynam, Philip A. A., Captain 15th Regt. 
1855. Tyler, Henry W., Captain Royal Engineers 



1858. Uniacke, Charles H., Captain 2nd Dragoons 

1852. Uniacke, Henry T., late Captain 19th Regt. 

1857. Upton, Edward, J., Captain 26th Regiment 

1855. Urquhart, J., Capt. Paymaster 27th Regiment 

1854. Urquhart, Wm. H., Captain 75th Regiment 

1848. Ussher, Sidney H., Captain Royal Navy 



1 840. Valiant, Thomas J. , Major- General, ret. full-pay 

1858. Vane, F. Fletcher, Major 23rd Fusiliers 

1849. Vance, Horatio P., Major 38th Regiment 

1859. Vanderspar, W. Chas., Major Ceylon R. Regt. 
1856. Vansittart, C. R., late Captain llth Hussars 

1850. Vansittart, Edward W., Captain Royal Navy 

1853. Vansittart, F., late Lieut. 14th Light Dragoons 
1844. Vansittart, Francis, Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 

1855. Vardon, Noel H. B., Captain 13th Lt. Infantry 

1856. Vaughan, E. C., Captain Royal Artillery 

1860. Vaughan, G. A., Captain 1st West I. Regiment 
1855. Venables,Cavendish,late Capt. 74th Highlanders 
1849. Venables, Thomas, Captain 97th Regiment 
1855. Vernon, Charles E. H., Commander Royal Navy 

1851. Vernon, R. V. D., late Lieutenant 60th Rifles 

1854. Vesey, Chas. C. W., Captain 72nd Highlanders 
1 843. Vialls, George C., Lieut. -Colonel 95th Regiment 
1839. Vialls, Henry T., Major late 45th Regiment 

1855. Vibart, James M. C., Captain Royal Artillery 

1852. Vivian, J. E., late Lieut. 13th Light Dragoons 
1858. Voss, Howell W., Surgeon Royal Artillery 
1852. Vyse, Edward H., Captain 3rd Light Dragoons 


1852. Waddilove, Charles L., Commander Royal Navy 
1 838. Waddington, Henry S., late Capt. Rifle Brigade 
O.M. Wade, George, late Captain 13th Light Infantry 

1853. Wade, James H., Major 53rd Regiment 

1858. Wadman, Arthur J. P., Capt. IstDrg. Guards 
1850. Walcott, Charles E., Major Royal Artillery 

1845. Wale, Robert G., late Captain 33rd Regiment 

1 838. Walhouse, Edward, late Captain 1 2th Regiment 

1841. Walker, C. P. B., Colonel 2nd Dragoon Guards 

1860. Walker, Edwyn, Captain 15th Hussars 

1 854. Walker, Sir G., Bart., late Capt. Coldstream Gds. 

1859. Walker, G. A. A., Captain Royal Artillery 

1848. Walker, Hercules, Major Rifle Brigade 

1855. Walker, Henry T., Major 25th Regiment 
1858. Walker, J. W., late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Guards 
1855. Walker, William F., Captain Royal Artillery 
1858. Wall, Thomas Fred., Surgeon 38th Regiment 

1846. Wallack, Henry J., late Captain 77th Regiment 
1854. Waller, William N., Captain Royal Artillery 

1 849. Wallington, John W., late Capt. 4th Light Drgs. 

1860. Walrond, Charles W., Lieut. Royal Artillery 
1843. Walshe, H. C., M.D., Surgeon Royal Artillery 


1843. Walter, Edward, late Captain 8th Hussars 

1853. Walter, Frederick A., Major 9 7th Regiment 
1850. Walters, Henry, late Lieutenant 6th Dragoons 
1850. Warburton, Augustus F.,late Capt. 15th Regt. 
1858. Warburton, G. A., late Captain 19th Regiment 
1856. Ward, Bernard Edward, Major 60th Rifles 
1842. Ward, Edward, W., Captain Royal Engineers 

1849. Ward, M. F., late Lieut. 90th Light Infantry 
1841. Ward, T. H., late Captain 85th Light Infantry 

1858. Ward, Hon. W. J., Commander Royal Navy 

1854. Warde, George, Captain 51st Light Infantry 
1846. Waring, Francis Robert, Surgeon-Major 
1848. Warre, Arthur B., Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1838. Warre, Henry J., C.B., Colonel 57th Regiment 

1850. Warren, Arthur F., Major Rifle Brigade 
1854. Warren, Henry Edward, Captain 60th Rifles 
O.M. Warren, William S., late Captain Rifle Brigade 

1839. Warriner, Erule, late Captain 16th Lancers 
O.M. Warner, R., late Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards 

1852. Warry, William, Major Depot Battalion 

1859. Watts-Russell, D. G. N., Captain 60th Rifles 
1858. Watson, SirC., Bart., late Lieut. 71st Highanders 

1854. Watson, George W., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Watson, Sir J.,K. C.B., General, Col. 14th Regt. 

1853. Watson, W., Lt. -Colonel late 3rd Lt. Dragoons 

1855. Watson, W. John P., late Captain 17th Lancers 


1842. Way, G. Lewis, Major, late 29th Regiment 
1848. Webb, J. M., late Captain 4th Dragoon Guards 

1852. Webb, Robert W., late Lieut. 37th Regiment 

1 859. Webb, Stph. M., Af.Z>.,Assist.-Surg. 36th Regt. 

1848. Webb, W. F., late Lieutenant 17th Lancers 
1846. Webster, Sir A. F., Bart., Lieut. Royal Navy 

1859. Webster, Guy, Lieutenant 16th Lancers 

1853. Webster, James, late Lieut. 79th Highlanders 
1839. Wedderburn, J. K., late Captain 10th Hussars 
1841. Wedderburne, Charles F.,late Capt. 53rd Regt. 
O.M. Weguelin, Thos. M. L., Lieut.-Col. unattached 
1850. Weir, John Charles, Captain 2nd Regiment 

1855. Wells, Richard, Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1846. Wemyss, D. D., late Lieutenant 48th Regiment 

1854. Wemyss, J. O., Capain 3rd Buffs 
1850. West, Frederick, Major Depot Battalion 
1841. West, James B., Commander Royal Navy 
O.M. Western, Thomas H., late Capt. 15th Regiment 

1856. Westhead, G. E. Brown, Major Depot Battalion 

1843. Westmacott, Spencer, Lt. -Colonel R. Engineers 
1845. Westmoreland, Francis Earl of, C.B., Colonel, 

late Coldstream Guards 

1860. Wetherall, J. P., Captain 6th Dragoons 

1853. Weyland, R. H., late Captain 43rd Regiment 

1854. Wheats tone, J. B.,Lt.-Col. 8th Regt. ret. full-pay 
1858. Wheatley, Wm., Lt.-Col., late Scots Fus. Gds. 

1849. Whitby, T. E., late Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards 


1856. White, Augustus B., Captain 15th Regiment 

1858. White, Alfred H., Lieut. 3rd Dragoon Guards 

1855. White, Edward, Lieutenant Royal Navy 

1853. White, Henry, Captain 13th Light Dragoons 
1848. White, Luke, late Captain 13th LightDragoons 
1842. White, M., M.D., Staff-Surgeon 1st Class, H.P. 

1841. White, P., Surgeon half-pay 72nd Highlanders 

1854. White, Robert, Lieut. -Colonel 17th Lancers 
1851. White, R. H., Lt.-Colonel Scots Fusilier Gds. 

1 842. White, Thomas, Lt.-Colonel, late 49th Regiment 
1848. White, Thomas W., Major 16th Lancers 

1843. Whitehead, F. J. G.,late Capt. 42nd Highlanders 

1855. Whitehead, William, Captain 80th Regiment 
O.M. Whitfeild, Henry W., Colonel 2nd W. I. Regt. 

1856. Whitmore, G. S., Major 62nd Regiment 

1858. Whitshed, James H., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
O.M. Whittingham, F., C.B., Colonel 4th Regiment 
1839. Whittingham, Paul B., Lt.-Col. R. Engineers 

1850. Whittingstall, Geo. F., late Capt. 12th Lancers 
1838. Whitty, Irwin S., late Captain 8th Regiment 

1851. Wickham, Edward T., Major 61st Regiment 

1843. Wigsell, A. D., late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. 

1844. Wilbraham, T. E., late Captain 39th Regiment 
1841. Wilby, William, Lieut.-Colonel 4th Regiment 
1854. Wildbore, Fred., late Assist.-Surg. Colds. Gds. 

1859. Wildman, L., Commander Royal Navy 
1838. Wilkie, John, Colonel unattached 


1855. Wilkin, Henry j., Lieutenant 7th Hussars 
1858. Wilkinson, A. E., Captain 7th Hussars 

1856. Wilkinson, F. G., Lt.-Colonel 42nd Highlanders 

1849. Wilkinson, George A., Captain Royal Artillery 

1850. Wilkinson, Johnson, Captain 15th Regiment 
1849. Wilkinson, James A., late Capt. 15th Regimen 
1856. Willan, S. L. D., Captain 2nd Regiment 
1846. Willan, Wm. M. D., Capt. H.P. Royal Artillery 

1845. Willett, J. Saltren, late Capt. Royal Artillery 
1838. Williams, A. Wellesley, Captain Millitary Train 
1852. Williams, Edward A., Major Royal Artillery 
1852. Williams, G. L., late Captain 24th Regiment 

1849. Williams, Henry F., Major 60th Rifles 

1846. Williams, J. Penry, late Ensign 1st Royals 
1854. Williams, R. M., Major 3rd Light Dragoons 

1858. Williams, Reginald S., Capt. 93rd Highlanders 

1854. Williams, T., late Lieutenant 10th Hussars 
1845. Williams, T. Bigoe, late Capt. 4th Dragoon Gds. 
O.M. Williams, Walter, late Captain 17th Lancers 
O.M. Williams, Sir W. F., Bart., K.C.B., Major- 

General Royal Artillery 

1850. Williams,W.W. R., late Lieut. 4th Dragoon Gds, 

1855. Williamson, Aug. H., late Capt. 30th Regiment 
1854. Williamson, Charles, Captain 60th Rifles 

1851. Williamson, G., M.D , Staff- Surgeon 2nd Class 
1854. Williamson, William, Major 85th Light Infantry 

1859. Willis, Charles W., Captain 33rd Regiment 


1857. Willis, Frederick A., C.B., Lt.-Col. 38th Regt. 

1858. Willis, Sherlock V., Captain 1st Royals 

1855. Willoughby, H. S., Captain 45th Regiment 
1858. Wilmot, Henry, F.C., Major Rifle Brigade 

1844. Wilson, Chas.Townsend, Lt.-Col. late Colds. Gds. 

1838. Wilson, F. T. H., late Lieutenant 8th Hussars 
1846. Wilson- Atkinson, G.C., late Captain 7th Fusiliers 
1860. Wilson, J. E. M., Lieutenant Royal Navy 
1849. Wilson, M. W., late Cornet llth Hussars 

1 860. Wilson-Tod, W. H ., late Captain 39th Regiment 

O.M. Wilson, Thomas M., Colonel 8th Regiment 

1852. Wilson, Willoughby J., Capt. Royal Artillery 

1856. Windham, George S., Captain Rifle Brigade 

1853. Wing, Vincent, Major Depot Battalion 
O.M. Wingate, T., late Captain 2nd Regiment 
1858. Wingfield, C. G., late Lieut. 71st Highlanders 

1839. Wingfield, John H., Lt.-Colonel 1 5th Regiment 

1854. Wingfield, W. C., Captain 1st Dragoon Guards 
1854. Winn, E. W., late Lieutenant Royal Artillery 

1845. Winthrop, Geo. T. S., Commander Royal Navy 
1841. Winthrop, H. E. S., Commander Royal Navy 
1854. Wirgman, Theodore, Major unattached 

1852. Woddrop, W. Allen, late Lieut. 2nd Dragoons 

1846. Wodehouse, Edmund, Lt.-Colonel 24th Regt. 
1858. Wolseley, Garnet J., Lt.-Col. 90th Lt. Infantry 
1860. Woodgate, Francis, Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 
1858. Wombwell, Adolphus U., Capt. 12th Lancers 


1847. Wombwell, Arthur, Major Depot Battalion 
1840. Wood, E. R., late Lieutenant 12th Lancers 
1856. Wood, Henry, Captain 91st Regiment 

1855. Wood, James J., Captain 45th Regiment 
O.M. Wood, L. E., Major retired full-pay 54th Regt. 
1854. Wood, William, Commander Royal Navy 

1848. Wood, W.^., late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Guards 
1847. Woodley. Augustus J., Commander Royal Navy 

1840. Woulfes, R., late Lieutenant 7th Fusiliers 

1858. Wright, Charles, Captain Royal Artillery 

1838. Wright, John G., late Lieut. 30th Regiment 
1854. Wright, Thos., late Lieut. 3rd Dragoon Guards 
O.M. Wright, Thomas D., late Lieut. 89th Regiment 
1846. Wrottesley, Hon. G., Captain Royal Engineers 

1859. Wroughton, H. A. C., Lieut. 13th Regiment 
1851. Wyatt, Charles E., Captain 5th Lancers 

1856. Wyatt, John, Surgeon Coldstream Guards 

1839. Wyke, Sir Chas. J., K. C.B., late Lieut. 7th Fus. 
1846. Wyndowe, W.F., Staff- Adjutant London District 

1841. Wynn. H.W.W.,M.P.,Lt,-Col.late 2ndW.I.R. 


1844. Yard, Frederick, Major, late 17th Regiment 

1838. Yates, E. R. W. W., Lt.-Colonel unattached 

1855. Yates, Henry Peel, Lt.-Col. Royal H. Artillery 

1860. Yeo, Gerard, M.D., Staff-Surgeon Royal Navy 

O.M. Yonge, G. N. K. A., Major Depot Battalion 

1857- Yonge, Henry, J., Captain 61st Regiment 

1846. Yonge, W. J., Lt.-Col. 60th Rifles, ret. full pay 

1857. Yonge, William L., Captain Royal Artillery 
1838. Yorke, James C., late Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards 
1846. Yorke, T. Y. Dallas, late Capt. llth Hussars 

1 858. Young, Edward W., M.D., Surgeon 60th Rifles 
1853. Young, George S., Major 80th Regiment 
1853. Young, G. R. C., Captain Royal Artillery 
1853. Young, Horatio B., Captain Royal Navy 
1852. Young, J. B., late Captain 51st Light Infantry 
1849. Young, Thomas, Captain 22nd Regiment 

1 838. Young, W. Pym, Lieut. -Colonel 65th Regiment 

This List is corrected to 1st January, 1861. 









Henry F. Downes, Esq. 
George Bentinck Lefroy, Esq., Solicitor. 
Charles O. Parnell, Esq., . Architect. 
Thomas Walcot, Esq., . Secretary. 


Alfred Smith, Esq., . . . Architect. 




NAPOLEON III., Emperor of the French.. 

Piece of Gobelin Tapestry, 1784. Staircase. 

ABBOTT, George, Esq., 

Bust of Field-Marshal the late Lord Raglan, G.C.B. 

BEAUFORT, Sir Francis. 

Chart of the North- West Passage, discovered by Captain 
McClure, H.M.S. "Investigator." Library. 

Charts of the Baltic and Black Seas, 2 vols., folio. Ditto. 
CLARKE, T. J., Captain Royal Navy. 

Bombardment of Algiers, 27th August, 1816. 

Visitors' Dining Room. 
COLSTON, E., Esq., late 15th Hussars. 

Portrait of Field Marshal Lord Raglan, G. C.B. . visitors' 
Portrait of the late Duke of Beaufort ( Drawing 

" A Dialogue at Waterloo." Room - 

None but the brave deserve the fair." J gm 
"Highland Nurses." 
Meeting of the Royal Hounds on Ascot ^ 


Beaufort Hunt. } Card Room. 

Meet at Melton. 
Quorn Hunt. 


DANIELL, H. f Colonel late Coldstream Guards. 

Fruit Piece. House Dining Room. 

Portrait of His Royal Highness the late Duke of Cambridge 

(Lithograph.) Visitors' Drawing Room. 

Bust of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, 

Entrance Hall. 
Bust of Napoleon III., Emperor of the French. 

Visitors' Drawing Room. 
Portrait of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 

(Lithograph.) Visitors' Drawing Room. 

Portrait of Major- General Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B. 

(Engraving.) Secretary's Room. 

Colossal Bust of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington, 
by Behnes. Inner Hall. 

DUKHAM, The late Admiral Sir Philip 

full-length Portrait of himself. Staircase. 

DURANT, G. C., late Captain 12th Lancers. 

Equestrian Statuette of the Emperor Napoleon III. 

(in Bronze.) Evening Room. 

HALE, J. R. Bladgen, Colonel Unattached. 
Statuettes (in Ivory) of 

Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington, and 
The Emperor Napoleon I. Visitors' Drawing Room. 

HISLOP, Lady. 

Arrowsmith's Map of India. Vestibule. 

HOSEASON. J., Captain Royal Navy. 

Two Chromo- Lithographs, " Peace and War," shewing 
Bourne's New System of Indian River Navigation. 

3rd Billiard Room. 
JERVOIS, E. S., Captain H.P. 7th Fusiliers. 

Sevastopol, from the Malakoff, after the Siege. (Coloured 
Lithograph.) Card Room. 


KING, H. B., Captain Royal Navy. 

Six Views of the Baltic, during the late Russian "War. 

LEES, G. C., Esq., late 61st Regiment. 

Assembling for the Waterloo Banquet at Apsley House. 
(Engraving.) Card Room. 

MANNING, J. S., late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards. 

Battle of Camperdown. Visitors' Dining Room. 

Full-length Portraits (in one Picture) of the Marquis of 

Anglesey, and the late Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Paget. 

Writing Room. 
Clock and Marble Case on centre Chimney \ 

Piece. ! Coffee Room. 

Two Silver Snuff Boxes. 

Two Coloured Lithographs " Woman's Mission," 
" Works of Mercy." 

Card Room. 
PACK, A. J. Reynell, C.B., Colonel H.P. 7th Fusiliers. 

Portrait of the late Major-General Sir Denis Pack, K.C.B. 
(Engraving.) Writing Room. 

PANMURE, Right Hon. Lord. 

Selection of Crimean Maps and Lithographs. Library. 
POLE, Samuel, Major, late 12th Lancers. 

Marble Bust of Lord Nelson. Evening Room. 

Map of London in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 


ROWLAND, G. T., Colonel retired full pay Royal Artillery. 
Napoleon at Fontainbleu, (Proof.) 

Visitors' Drawing Room. 
Portrait of the Great Duke of Marlborough. 

Visitors' Dining Room. 


STUART, G. F., late Captain 49th Regiment. 

The Chelsea Pensioners. Smoking Room. 

WASHINGTON, Capt., R. N., F.R.S. 

Charts. Library. 

WHEATLEY, William, Lt.-Col. late Scots Fusilier Guards. 

Ordnance Map, of the Country 50 miles round London, 

(inch scale.) Writing Room. 

WILLIAMS, J. Penry, Esq., late 1st Royals. 

Miniature Portrait of Lady Hamilton. Writing Room. 



From the 1st January to the 3lst December, 1859. 


27TH APRIL, 1860. 

The Committee of Management, in accordance with the 
Regulations of the Club, have the honor to lay before the 
Members an Abstract of the Accounts, ending 31st December, 
1859, duly examined and certified by a Public Accountant, with 
an Estimate of the Probable Receipts and Expenditure for the 
current year. 

The excess of Receipts over Expenditure during the past year 
amounted to 2,761 19s. 2d., and was applied to the payment 
of the sum drawn prospectively on the Receipts of 1859, and 
1,600 on the amount similarly advanced in liquidation of the 
Mortgage of 3,000 originally granted to Mrs. Justice. 

The Committee beg to draw attention to the following state- 
ments, exhibiting the result of the financial operations since 


the completion and opening of the New House, and showing 
the present effective strength of the Club, both of which they 
trust will be deemed satisfactory. 

In 1851 the Debt was 85,928 13 9 The Annual Interest 3,890 1 
In 1860 74,150 Ditto ditto 3,200 

Diminution of Debt 11,778 13 9 Diminution of Interest Afm , , 

Annually ... 69( 

Total number of Members paid Annual Subscriptions for 1859 ... 1990 
Of whom during the Year Died 27 
Retired ... ... 40 

Placed on Supernumerary List 142* 


Leaving Effective Members, ... 1781 

The Actual Vacancies during the Year 1859, have been . . 
Died at Home and Abroad ... 44 
Retired ditto ditto 41 


Upon which number the Entrances in the Estimate for 1860 has been 

It will be observed by the Estimates for the current year, 
that Provision to the amount of 600 has been made, for the 
formation of a reserve fund, to- meet the periodical requirements 
of the Property. The Committee trust the foregoing arrangement 
will prevent any future addition to the Club's liabilities, to di- 
minish which, they purpose appropriating any remaining surplus 
of Receipts over Expenditure. 


Late Coldstream Guards, 

Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure, from 


1 Entrance Sub., elected 1855, 307. 
1 1856,307. 
1 1857,307. 
44 1858,307. 
91 1859,307. 

s. d 
30 C 
30 C 
30 C 
1,320 C 
2,730 C 

*. d. 
4 140 

138 Entrances 

1808 Annual Subscrips. 1859 . .67. 6s. 
182 returned from Supernu- 
merary .. .. 67.6s. 

11,390 8 
1,146 12 

12 117 O 


5 Arrears Subscrips. 1858 ..67.6s. 
4 Fines . . each 27. Os. 

31 10 

on if] n 

2575 Library Subscriptions . . 5s. 

.. .. 

643 15 

Interest on Deposit Account, Union 
Bank .I 
Ditto, Current Account ditto 
Deductions on Tradesmen's Accounts 

21 2 6 
50 6 10 
74 18 9 

17,360 5 
14fi 8 1 

Receipts for Billiards 
for Baths 
for Shoe Cleaner 
Rent of Drawers, Mezzanine Floor. . 

275 14 
48 4 6 
10 19 11 

QQQ 10 C 

Received for Cards 
Paid for ditto 

529 13 9 
387 6 

140 10 

Received for Cigars 
Paid for ditto 

1,292 5 2 
1,152 14 2 

139 11 

Received for Wines . . . 
Paid for ditto 

5,264 2 ' 
4,595 10 8 

ftfift 11 d. 

Received for Spirits, Ales, &c. . . 
Paid for ditto. . 

1,934 15 
1,700 8 7 

2S4 fi <! 

Carried forward 


19,030 13 6 

the 1st January to the 31sf December, 



s. d 

s. d. 

Drawn on account of 1858 and paid 


. . 

1,127 7 6 

. / Furniture 

92 15 

o o Plate . . 

216 8 

2 2 J Plated 

21 10 

: Cutlery 
< ** I Linen 

28 17 
62 12 9 

422 2 9 

New Carpet in Coffee Room . . 

. . 


Interest on Debentures, 

one year .. 3,261 18 

Dividend to MrsJustice, 

8 months .. .. 91 19 


3,353 17 1 

f Assessed Taxes, 

rf 4 Quarters .. 167 12 


g Parochial Rates, 

-2 4 Quarters .. 235 10 


Land Tax, 2 Houses 

1H in Pall Mall .. 21 18 

? St. James's Sq. Rate , 4 7 
S Water Rate, 4 Qrs. . . 52 10 

J5 Property Tax, 4 Qrs. . 112 10 

H General and Sewers 

. Rate.. .. 132 10 

726 18 9 

Insurance on House, Furniture, and 

/ t\J 1 o < 

Plate Glass 

136 4 

Salaries Secretary .. 350 


Ditto for fulfilling the 

duties of Treasurer 

on the resignation of 

Mr. Charles Downes . 50 

Addition to Salary in 

1851, on completion of 
the New House, con- 


firmed by Gen. Meet. 100 

Assistant to Secretary.. 60 

f Steward .. 160 

j Butler . . . . 100 

|J Steward's dept. (47) 1,260 16 


5*1 Butler's (3) 73 

M Housekpr's. (14) 29917 


t Kitchen (15) 517 18 


2,971 12 5 

Carried forward . , 


7,188 11 8 

1,783 10 3 

Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure, from 

RECEIPTS. Continued. 
Brought forward 

1 new Debenture issued -160, at- 
6 11 per annum 

1 old Debenture cancelled 'jg!35, at" 
6 11 per annum. 

NOTE Surplus on the Receipts and 
Expenditure, 1859 2,761 19 2 

Paid on account 
of 1858.. 1,127 7 6 

Mrs. Justice's 
Mortgage. .1,600 

2,727 7 6 

Balance carried forward 34 11 

Carried forward . . 

. d. 


s. d. 
19,030 13 6 


19,055 13 

the 1st January to the 31st December, 185 


EXPENDITURE. Continued. 
Brought forward . . 

Extra Attendance . . 127 11 9 
Liveries and Hats 579 13 

s. d. 
7,188 11 8 

707 4 9 

s. d. 
1,783 10 3 

Expended for Provi- 
sions .. 11,848 8 6 
Received in Coffee 
Room .. .. 9,480 5 8 

Difference carried to Board of Ser- 
vants, averaging 10s. 9%d. per 
week each Servant 
1 Coals . . .. 514 11 
Coke . . . . 16 16 
Charcoal .. .. 119 6 
Gas for Cooking 40 10 9 
Spirits of Wine .. 11 10 
Wood.. .. 37 14 

2,368 2 10 
74ft 7 Q 

&c ( Lamp Oil, Glasses, &c. 149 10 
B > Wax and Tallow . . 32 
iblGas .. .. 741 19 3 

! "J 4 

Stationery and Account Books . . 
Newspapers, English .. 297 1 2 
Foreign 23 11 4 

923 9 3 
263 17 11 

320 12 6 
Deduct sold second-hand 74 1 6 

04/5 11 n 

Printing and Advertising 82 15 6 
Ditto New List of Members 44 17 

127 12 6 

Washing House Linen 
[Upholstery & General 
2 Repairs .. . . 73 9 
| New Venetian Blinds 880 
rCT Cleaning and Calen- 
X tendering Blinds . . 1219 6 
^ Cleaning and Repair- 
JH ing Chandeliers and 
g, Lamps .. .. 10 9 6 
PS (^Drugget and Felt 16 3 


mQ A 

Carried forward. ...... 

13,117 6 8 

1,783 10 3 

Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure, from 

RECEIPTS. Continued. 
Brought forward 

<. d. 
19,055 13 6 

Carried forward 1 19,055 13 6 

the 1st January to the 31st December, 1859. 

EXPENDITURE. Continued. 
Brought forward 

Ironmongery, Pipes, and Stoves 
687. 11s.; New Bath Steam Boiler 
307. 16s. ; Plumber's Work 24Z. Is. 
Painting and Glazing 71. 3s. lid.; 
Drains and Bricklayer 147. 13s.; 
Mason and Repairing Stone Work 
171. Is. ; Cleaning Marble Chim- 
ney Pieces 87. 10s.; Polishing 
Scagliola 177,. 11s.; Carpenter's 
Work 44Z. 12s.; Alterations 97.; 
French Polishing 97. 13s.; Venti- 
lators 27. 5s.; Gas Fittings and 
Repairs 237. 14s.; Contract for 
Keeping Water Closets in order, 
12 months 207. 

Whitewashing, Clean- 
ing, and Dusting 
House throughout 74 14 

Taking up, Beating, 
and Re-laying Car- 
>, pets .. .. 14 13 | 

Repairs to and keeping Billiard 
Tables in order, Tubes, c. 

Repairs to Kitchen Utensils, Tinning 
ditto by contract, Repairs and Wind- 

13,117 6 8 

297 10 11 

89 7 
52 6 

chines, &c. 
Soap & articles for cleaning 103 5 
Sweeping Chimnies by con- 
tract, 12 months . . 12 

121 9 

115 5 

99 9 
320 8 

35 8 

Turnery, Brushes, Mats, Baskets, &c. 
Ice, Foreign and Rough 
Illuminations Her Majesty's Birth- 
Miscellaneous including Snuff 13Z. 
3s. 6d.; Subscription to St. George's 
Hospital, 51 5s.; Medical Atten- 
dance for Servants, 20Z.; Tooth- 
picks, 171. 4s. 6d.-, Sand, 181. Is.; 

Carried forward 

14,247 15 10 

! 1,783 10 3 

s. d. 
1,783 10 3 

Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure, from 

RECEIPTS. Continued. s. d. 

Brought forward 19,05513 6 

Total .19,0.3.; 13 

the 1st January to the 31st December, 1859. 

EXPENDITURE. Continued. 
Brought forward . . 

Cleaning Skylights and Ornamental 
Glass, 217. Is. 6d. ; Cleaning Bude 
and Sun Lights, 277. 16s.; Small 
Hand Paper, 307. 4s.; Kitchen 
Pans and Earthenware, 357. Is.; 
Engraving and Repairing Glass, 
187. 12s. 2d. ; Postages, Receipt and 
Postage Stamps, 227. 6s. 7d.; Al- 
lowance for Breakages, 1507. ; Rick 
Cloth for Skylight, 87. 18s.; Gra- 
tuities, 337. ; Skeleton Device for, 
Illumination, 257. 17s.; Sundries, 
767. 16s. Sd. -.." .. 

Completing China and Glass Stock 
Pension to W. Keeble, 12 months 
Racing Telegraph Intelligence, 12 


New Iron Bins to Wine Cellar 
New Illumination Devices 
Legal Expenses, 1858-59 
Accountant Auditing Accounts for 


f New Books, , . . , , . * , . , 
Maps and Charts" 
Periodicals, Magazines, &c. 
Subscriptions to Circulating 'Li- 

New Reading Desk 
Librarian, (in addition to his 
Salary as Assistant to Secretary 
,Book Binding 

Paid off on Account of the Mortgage 
to Mrs. Justice . . 

Balance of Cash in hand, 31st 
December, 1859. * . . 

s. d.\ s. d. 

14,247 15 10 1,783 10 3 

523 6 11 

120 12 10 

19 11 

104 7 

37 10 

10 15 


40 1 

14,771 2 9 

196 17 



57 3 


19 12 

21 00 

372 16 10 

77,893 14 4 

34 11 8 
19,055 13 6 

Statement of the Assets and Property of the Army and Navy 

Due to Members of the Club 

Original issue of Debentures . . 

571 Debentures, at 135 
1853, 126 

1854, 11 

1855, 17 

1856, 28 

1857, 2 

1858, 17 

1859, 1_ 


Leaving 369 Old Debentures at 135 

Issued New 
1853, 106 ' 

1854, 4 

1855, 9 

1856, 7 

1857, 2 
1859, 1 

129 at 160 .. 

Amount of debt on which Interest is 
paid, 498 Debentures ,, 

Advanced from Current Account, not 
bearing Interest, vide statement on 
the opposite side. 

17 Debentures, at 135 each 

Ditto ditto balance of Mrs. Justice's 
Mortgage .. 

Total Amount of Debt, 31st Dec. 

Estimated balance of Property in 
favor of the Club. .. 

s. d. 





*, d. 





50,548 5 6 

124,698 5 6 

Club, with the Liabilities thereon, 3lst December, 1859. 

Original Purchase of Freehold Ground 
and Expenses 

New House, valued 31st Dec., 1858 
Additions, 1859 

Deduct Wear and Tear, 2 per cent. 

Furniture valued 31st Dec., 1858 
Additions and Repairs, 1859 

Deduct Wear and Tear 12 months, 
10 per cent. . 

Plate Glass Mirrors 
Plate, ("Plate and Plated Goods 
Linenx Linen 
&c. (Cutlery, China and Glass . . 

("Books and Maps, 31st 
Library.-J December, 1858 . . 

(. Purchased & Bound, 1859 

("Wines on hand 
Cellar < Liqueurs, Spirits, &c. . . 
(Sodas, Ales, &c. .. 

Cigars Stock on hand, at cost price 

Her Majesty's Portrait, Pictures,') 
Tapestry, &c., (sum insured > 
thereon) . . . . . . J 

Cash at Union Bank, 31st Dec 1859 

Advanced for Wines, &c., per account 
of 1860 

Advanced on account of Debentures 
of 135 cancelled, to be re-issued 
in new Debentures of 160 each, 
in lieu thereof 

Balance of Mrs. Justice's Mortgage 

In the hands of the Steward, &c. 

Liabilities due 31st December, 1859, 
paid 1860 

*. d.\ s. d. 
.. .. J 51,395 14 8 

54,629 6 
354 13 11 

54,983 19 11 
1,099 13 i; 

8,279 2 
458 19 

8,738 1 
873 16 

1,976 10 

798 13 

1,135 9 Oj 

3,308 5 10 
160 13 10 

932 3 6 
71 10 
13 15 6 

1,861 14 10 
1,863 11 




7,659 15 9 

7,625 4 1 

53,884 6 10 

7,864 5 

3,910 12 

3,468 19 8 

1,017 9 
166 6 8 


34 11 8 

124,698 5 6 


On examining the Accounts of the Army & Navy Club 
for the year 1859. 


I certify that I have verified the entries in the Cash Book, 
by the Receipts and Payments in the Banker's Pass Book, and I 
have examined the Postings of the Cash Book into the Ledger, and 
checked all the additions. 

I have also compared the Payments for the year 1859 with the 
Vouchers for the same, and have inspected the Vouchers for the 
payment of the Liabilities at the close of the year, amounting to 
,7,625 : 4 : 1, the whole of which amount has been since paid off. 

I have further examined the General Abstract of Receipts and 
Payments for the year 1859, and the Valuation of Assets, and have 
found the same correct, and I may be permitted to testify to the 
extremely able and accurate manner in which the Accounts of the 
Club have been kept by the Secretary. 


26th April, 1860. 48, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 

Resume of the Receipts and Expenditure 


Entrance Subscriptions . . . 

Annual Subscriptions, Miscellane- 
ous, &c. .. . 

s. d. 

14,915 13 6 

s. d. 

19,055 13 6 

1st January to the 3lst December, 1859. 

s. d. 

656 2 9 
3,353 17 lj 
386 17 11 


Additions to, and Renovation of Fur 

niture, Plate, Linen, &c.. . 
Interest on Debentures, &c. 
Ordinary Repairs to House 
Extraordinary Repairs to House 
Ordinary Repairs to Furniture 
Extraordinary Expenditure 
Incidental Expenditure . . . . ! 

Establishment, Current Expenses, &c. 11,718 4 7 

s. d. 

57 3 

121 9 0' 

Surplus of Receipts over Expenditure 
during the year 

16,293 14 4 

2,761 19 2 

19,055 13 6 

Estimate of the 'Probable Receipts and Expenditure, 


85 Entrance Subscrip- 


30 i 2,550 

1800 Annual Subscriptions 660 
100 from Supernumerary 660 



2500 Library Subscriptions 5 ' 625 


Interest on Monies Invested 
Miscellaneous Receipts 






from 1st January to the 3lst December, 1860. 


s. d. 

5. d. 

Additions to Furniture, Plate and 



Library Books and Binding . . 



Interest on Debentures . . . . 


*/uu u u 

Rates, Taxes, and Insurance . . 


Establishment .. .. . 


Coals, Charcoal, Coke, and Wood 


Lamp Oil, Candles, and Gas 


Newspapers, English and Foreign 


Stationery, Account Books, and 

Printing .. .. 


Washing House Linen 


Furniture and House Repairs ^ 

Tinning and Repairing Kitchen 1 



Billiard Tables, &c J 

Extraordinary Repairs to Kitchen 






Reserved Fund for Septennial Re- 

pairs, New Carpets, &c. 

.. .. 


Probable Balance on the ordinary Re- 

ceipts over Expenditure during the 

Year 1860. 

.. .. 






a -S 

O -p 



O cd 

r>> w 

> a; 
tf H 

fe; ^ 


J^ CD 

University of Toronto 











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