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(4m'o^^^<-«- — «-<'>t 



R IT'S'''' 


j4 preliminary attempt 
to register the rural leadership 
in the United States 
and Canada 



[See Addenda, page SO0} 



BPAN' il OF T;-iK 

CCLLi-u:. Ur AJ.iiCUl./'JRE 

Published at Ithaca, N. Y. 

November, 1918 


CoPTBiaHT, 1918 




The collecting of data for this register has been in progress nearly 
four years. The number of persona solicited for inclusion in the voliune 
is 7061; the number responding and entered in the book is 2746. It 
will be seen, therefore, that tie volume contains many less than three- 
sevenths the number of names the Editorial Office desired should go in, 
and the OflSce list itself is undoubtedly too short. Only those who have 
responded to requests are included in the volume. Effort has been 
made to complete the entries, often by follow-ups and several requests; 
when the persons do not respond, it is assumed that they prefer not to be 
included. It has been a difficult time in which to collect the information 
because of the distractions and the changes in addresses due to the call to 

The field covered by such a register has no definite boundaries. In 
general, it has been the desire to compUe compact information about 
those persons who are now contributing through their achievements 
to the betterment and advancement of country life. In many cases 
the decision as to the entry of certain names has been somewhat arbitrary, 
inasmudi as the persons are only incidentaJly or secondarily connected 
with rural subjects. It has been the aim to include those persons who 
ere re^arly and prominently engaged in rural work as fanners, teachers, 
investigators, business men, ministers, lecturers, farm agents, authors, 
editors, rural organizers, administrators, if their efforts are of such a 
nature as to make them public characters. The volume is designed to 
be only a compilation of information, not of biographies or recognitions 
of merit. Each entry is a curricidutn vita, without enlargement or appraisal. 

If the book proves to be useful to those interested in rural affairs, 
it is the expectation of the Compiler to reissue it from time to time in 
extended form. 

The Who's Who volumes of many kinds have become indispensable 
works of reference, comprising authentic biographies and finding-lists 
of living persons, providing sources of information to those who desire 
to secure additions to their staffs, and affording a means of identifying 
something of a person's relationship with hia work. The English Wio's 
Who is now in its 70th year. Who's Who in America is in its tenth issue. 
In Germany, a corresponding compilation is WerisVsf;iaIta]y,Chi £?; 
in France, Qui Eiea-Vousf; in Sweden, Vem or Detf; in Norway, Hvem 
er Hvemf. There are directories for different professions and regions 
in North America, becoming standard to the interests concerned. The 
rural field, however, is unsupplied. For some years suggestions have 
accumulated for the preparation of a Who's Who that will aid to organize 
the rural work, give it proper recognition, and record the human resources 
in the country-life movement. Such biographical compilation must con- 
stitute an important element in the survey of rural affairs and resources 
now ao much m the public mind. 

' i:.,:::.'odovGoOl^Ic 

Record should be made at tKis place of the exceUeat book of 100 pages, 
"A Biographical Directory of Amencan Agricultural Scientists," by Cbarles 
S. Plumb, published at Knoxville, Tenn., in 1880. It is a pioneer. "The 
publication of this book," the preface announces, "is the result of the 
establishment of the agricultural experiment stations of the United States. 
At the present time there are in the vicinity of SOO persons on the work- 
ing staffs of the state agricultural experiment stations. Who these persons 
are, and what they have done, is a subject of more than idle interest to 
many." The thirty intervening years have brought great changes and 
extensions in rural leadership ; and in the meantime, the idea of the Who's 
Who publications has grown in the public mind. 

It has been the intention to include aU officers in the colleges of agri- 
culture, above the grade of Instructor, whose titles indicate that they 
are engaged in agricultural or rural work, whether these colleges are sepa- 
rate institutions or connected with universities. The grade of Instructor 
has been omitted because the incumbencies are usually only temporary 
and variable in character. It is not purposed to admit persons holding 
chairs of chemistry, zoology and botany as such, unless the title or histoiy 
or connection indicates that the applied branches of the work, as a^- 
cultural chemistry, economic entomology, plant pathology, agricultural 
botany, are emphasized. The foresters, meteorologists, landscape archi- 
tects, veterinarians, connected with colleges of agriculture are entered, but 
not those holding chairs in other institutions. The same is true of those in 
home economics. Certain practitioners are admitted who have been 
prominently identified with rural work. Care has been taken not to invade 
the field of Cattell's "American Men of Science." 

In the United States Department of Agriculture and the experiment 
stations the entries are of those corresponding in rank, as closely as possible, 
to grades above Instructor in the colleges of agriculture; and for the 
Department the same theory of inclusion applies as for the Colleges. 

All agricultural agents having regular charge of counties or larger 
districts are within the purview of the book, but not assistants or merely 
temporary agents. It has not seemed feasible, in the present stage of its 
development, to make record of the home demonstration movement. 

There has been no effort to include persons because they hold public 
office, or are officers in societies. 

It is not the expectation to enter persons because they are successful 
farmers. Such an effort would have made a book of far different intention, 
and also of unmanageable bulk. Such farmers should be known to the 

!)ublic and should have recognition. For many years the Compiler has 
elt that such lists or directories should be issued under public or semi- 
public auspices in each state or province. Undoubtedly the list of farmers 
should be much extended in subsequent issues of this book, comprising 
those known for their public service. By the word "farmer" is meant 
all those who till the soil for a livelihood, as general farmers, fruit-growers, 
floriculturists, stock-raisers, poultrymen, beekeepers, and others. 

:, Gooi^Ic 

The pieces of iofomiatjon requested of respondenta are as follows: 
Bame; occupation or profession; title, if in an institution or in public 
work; place and date of birth; parentage; how reared, whether on 
farm, in town or dty; marriage; family; higher education, of academy 
grade or above; advanced degrees; college fraternity or sorority; subse- 
quent academic history; kind of farming or other specialty; connection 
with honorary, learned or fine-art bodies or academies (not in regular 
membership associations) ; appointment on state or national commissions 
or other public boards or agencies; political, legal or military positions 
or offices; delegate offices to foreign or important conventions or bodies; 
decorations, medals, awards and prizes; elective officership in prominent 
agricultural societies, cooperative associations, and others; notable 
travel; authorship of books (not bulletins and reports); naturalization, 
if bom abroad; raitorial positions. 

We should have as good record of the rural range as of the urban 
range. Rus and urbs together make up the public weuare. 

L. H. Bailbt. 



A. A. A. S. .American Astoci&tion for the 
Advancement of Science 

A.B., B.A Bachelor of ArU 

Acad Academy 

odj adjunct 

adv adviwH', advisory 

A.E Agricultural Engineer 

agr agriculture 

•grl agricultural 

agroQ agronomy, a^nomiat 

agrat agriculturist 

. agent 

CivU E 

. .cbemist, chemistry, chemical 


county, company 




AM., M.A Master of Arts 

A. & M. .Agricultural and Mechanical (Col- 

an animal 

onat anatomy 

ardi architecture, architect 

Arie Arisoua 

Ark Arkansas 


B.A. ., .Bachelor trf Arts 

bact bacteriology, bacteriologist 

B.Agr Bachelor of Agriculture 

B.Arcb Bachelor of Ardiitecture 

B.A.Sc Bachelor Science of Agriculture 

B. C British Columbia 

bd board 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity 

B.I>i Bachelor of Didactics 

B.Ed. Bachelor of Education 

biochem biochemist, biochemistry 

biol biology, biologist, biological 

B.L Bach^orofLaws 

btdg. building 

B.Ijtt Bachelor of Literature 

hot botany, botanist, botanical 

B.Pd. or B.Ped Bachelor of Pedagogy 

B.Ph Bachelor of Philosophy 

B.S. or B.Sc Bachebr of Science 

B.S.A. . , Bachelor ot Science of Agriculture 
bur bureau 

. .Alberta coop cooperative, cooperation 

d. daughter, died (used only in parantheses) 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law 

D-D Doctor of Divinity 

del delegate 

Del Delaware 

dmu.. .demonstration, demonstrator, deuK^ 

dept department 

dir director 

distr district 

div division 

dom domestic 

Dr.F.H Doctor ot Public Health 

D.S., D.Sc Doctor of Sdence 

D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary Medidne 

economy, < 

ed editor 

educ education 

E.B Electrical En^eer 

engin engineering, engineer 

ent. entomology, entomologist, entomological 

exp experiment 

exped eit|>edition 

expl experimental 

Expos ExpositioD 

cit extenuon 

fed federal, federation 

fert fertility, fertiliier 

Fla Florida 

flor floriculture 

for forestry, forester, forest 

F. R. C. V. S. . Fellow Royal College ot Veteri- 
nary Surgeons 


Gm Geoi^ 

gsrd gardening, sArdea 

geol geology, geological 

govt government 

gnwl gnduate 

H. I Hawuian IilantU 

hirt. blBtory 

hon boaonry 

hort. .horticultural, borticulttuut, borticul- 

husb hutbandiy 

la Iowa 

Ida Id^bo 

111 minoii 

inc incorporated 

ind industry, industrial 

Ind- . . . - , ^ .... , Indiana 

Inf. Infantry 

insp inq>ection, inspector 

intt institute 

instr instructor 

inter intemstional 

invest investigation, investigator 

iirig irrigation 

Isia Islands 

Ky. Kentucky 

Ij^ Louisiana 

lab laboratory 

lauds. landscape 

L.B Bachelor of Lews 

iecL lecturer 

L.e.D Doctor of Letters 

Ueut Lieutenaot 

l4t.D Doctor ot Literature 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws 

tL.D Doctor of Laws 

LL.M Master of Laws 

"> married 

M.A Master ot Arts 

M.Agr Master of Agriculture 

Man Manitoba 

manag. manager, management 

Mass Massachusetts 

taath mathematics 

Md Maryland 

M.D Doctor of Medicine 

M.Di Master ol Didactics 

M.D.V Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

Me Maine 

M.E Mechanical Engineer 

inedi mechanics, mechanical 

"•eni member 

MJ Master of Forestry 

Mich. Michigan 

Minn Mumeaota 

Miss Mississippi 

M.L Master of Laws 

M.L.A. .Master of Landsc^w Architecture 

Mo Misaouii 

Mont. Montana 

mos. months 

M.Pd.orM.Pcd Master of Pedagocy 

M.Ph Master of Philosophy 

M. R. C. V. S. .Member Royal College of 
Veterinary Surgeons 

M.S.,M.Sc., S.M Master of Science 

M.S.A.. Master of Srience in Agriculture 

M.S.F Master of Sinence in Forestry 

nat national, natural 

N. B New Brunswick 

N. C North Carolina 

N. D North DakoU 

Neb Nebraska 

Nev Nevada 

N. H New Hampshire 

N. J New Jersey 

N. Mes New Mexico 

N. S Nova Scotia 

nutr nutrition 

N. Y New York 

O OUo 

off office 

OkU Oklahoma 

Ont. Ontario 

Ore Or«gon 

Pa Pennsylvania 

rath pathology, pathologist 

Fed. B Bachelor of Pedagogy 

Ped. M. or Pd.M Master of Pedagogy 

P.B.I Prince Edward Island 

Penn Pennsylvania 

Ph.B Bachekir of Philosophy 

Ph.D Doctor o( Philosophy 

Ph.G Graduate in Pharmacy 

Phil Philow^cal 

Pb.M MaslCT of Philosophy 

physiol pli^siolo^cal 

P. 1 Philippme Islands 

poly polytechnic 

pom pomology, pomologist 

princ principal 

prof professor 

pub publisher, publishing 

Que Quebec 

rep representative 

R. I Rhode Island 

Sask Saakatcbewau 


S.B Bachelor of Science 

S. C South Carolba 

ScB Bachelor of Science 

Sc.D., S.D Doctor of Science 

sdi school 

gd sdence, sdentut, scientiSc 

S. D South DakoU 

sec. secreUry 

8.M Master of Science 

soc society 

sociol sodology 

8ta station 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology 

Bubsta substation 

Buperv supervisor 

supt superiDtendent 

aurg surgery 

teach teacher 

tech techmcal, technology 

Tenn Tennessee 

Tei Texas 

treas treasurer 

Univ Univernty 

Va Virginia 

veg v^etable, vegetables 

vert vertebrate 

vet veteiinarjr, veterinarian 

V.M.D Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

voc vocational 

vol , - . . , voluntary 

V.S Vet«rinary Surgeon 

Vt Vermont 

Wash Washington 

W. Va West Virginia 

Wis Wisconsin 

Wyo Wyoming 

yrs years 

lool coology, Eoologist 



Aamodl, Arne WertfeUad, <n. agrl. agt.. 

Bemidji, Minn. 
Field «ut. and initr. hort., Minn. Exp. 

SU., 1910-7. 6. St. Paul. Minn.. Dee. 5. 

1886; «. Aug. A. and Julia (Hagen) A.; 

reared in city and on faita. Student, 

Dniv.Minn. AlphaZeta. [A„n^,^o.S., 

p. SOO. 

Abbe> Qerciand Jr., meteorologist and ed. 

Monthly Weather Review. Weather Bur.. 

U. S. I>ept. A^.. Washington. D. C. 
Iltatr. physiography, Geo. Washington 

Univ., 1B95-8; prof. nat. id., Winthrop 

Normal Sch.. Rock Hill, S. C. 1B99- 

IMl; aid U. S. Geot. Survey, 1903-6; 

But., acting and chief ed. Monthly 

Weather Review, 1608-10. 1914—. 6. 

Washington, D. C, Mar. tS. 1872; (. 

Cleveland and Frances Martlia (Neal) A.; 

reared in city; m. Frieda Dauer, 1903; 

e. BiOBt Clevelaad. A.B., Harvard Univ., 

1894; A.M., 1896; Ph.D., Johns H^kins 

Univ., 1898; student Imperial Univ., 

Vienna, 1901-3. 

AbeD. Max FlaveL aast prof, farm manag.. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., SU)rrs, Conu. 

Aast. farm crops, Ohio State Univ.. 
1914--5; aut. farm crops, Cornell Univ.. 
1915-7; instr. tana maoag.. Conn. Agr. 
CoU., 1917; asst. prof., 1918—. b. 
Solvay, N. Y., Oct. 19, 188B; «, F. L. and 
Annie Rose (Palmer) A.; rMredonfarm. 
B.Sc.. Cornell Univ.. 1911. Alpha ZeU. 

Abbon. Fntis Harald, co. agri. agt., farmer, 
Montpdier. Vt. 

b. BroolcGeld, Vt., Oct. 91, 1891; *. 
Irving N. and Mary E. (Steele) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Sadie M. Chambers, 
Mar. 6, 1915; e. Nathan M. B.S., 
Univ. Vt., 19IS. Alpha ZeU. 

Abbott, Jobo BlacUcT, oo. agrl. agt., 
Waltham, Mass. 

Deputy state chem., Purdue Univ., 
1907-8; asst. soils, 1908-11; assoc. 
soils. 1911-1; state co, agt. leader. 
N. H. A.&M. Coll., 1914-6; asst. prof, 
agron., Mass. Agr. Coll., winter 1917; 

agrl. agt., Middlesex Co., Mass., 1917—. 
Mem. exec, com., N. E. Fed. for Rural 
Progress. 1915-6. Farm operator, b, 
E. BeUiel, Vt.. Jan. 5. 1883; t. Lewis B. 
and Louise (Jones) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Myra P. Ashwell, Aug. 5. 1908; e, 
Thomas Lewis, Ellen Louise. B.S.A., 
Univ. Vt., 1907; M.S.A., Purdue Univ.. 
1909, Sigma Xi. 

Abbott, Mark Moore, oo. agrl. agt.. Inter- 
national Falls, Minn. 

Mem. Ford Peace Party to viwt Europe, 
191S-e. 6. Watkins, Minn., Jul. 12. 
1894; *. I. M. and Maiia (Cole) A.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1916. 
Sigma Gamma Delta. 

Ackert, James Edward, assoc. prof. tool, 
and parasitologist Exp. Sta., Kana. State 
Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 

Prof. vert. «iol.. III. State Normal 
Univ.. summer 1913; asst prof. lool.. 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1913-6; assoc 
prof., 1916 — ; parasitolc«ist ^p. Sta.. 
1919—. Fellow A. A. A. S. b. Woosuug, 
III.. Aug. 31, 1879; i. Abram and Eva 
(NoweU)A.; reared oD farm; m. Florence 
Mae Tanner, Aug. IS, 1914. A.B., Univ. 
111.. 1909; A.M., 1911; Ph.D., 1913. 
Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Alpha. 

Adair, Sluelds B., co. agrl. agt,, Rome, Ga. 
Farm supt., 10th Distr. Agr. Sch., 
Sparta, Ga., ISIO-I; fanner and stock- 
man, 4 yrs. b. Elberton, Ga., Sept «7, 
1891; ». Samuel B. and Fannie A. (Thom- 
too) A.; reared in town and on farm; 
m. EUen L. Davis, Dec. 2, 1914; c. 
Sarah Elisabeth. 

Adams, Bristow, prof., ed. publications, 
chg. information serv., N. Y. State 
Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

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1894-6; artist Bering Sea Fur Seal Comn., 
1897-8; ed. American Spectator, 1004-6; 
assoc. ed. Forestry and Irrigation, 1903-4; 
for. asst. and for. examiner, U. S. For. 
Serv., 1906-11; present pontion. Iftll—. 


Sec. Soc. Am. Foresters, 1914. b. Wuh- 
ington, D. C Nov. 11. 1876; «. C»wford 
CBdwalB<)a' nod Ada Gertrude (Harrisoo) 
A.; reared in city, (arming in Va.. 1889- 
91, in Calif.. 1899; m. Luella Farmer. 
Apr. eS, 1902; c. Eleanor. Gertrude, 
Everett Wallace, BrUtow H. Art educ. 
Spring Garden Inat., Philadelphia, Cor- 
coran Art Sch., Waibington, Barron 
Studio*. SUuTord Univ.; B.A.. Shuiford 
Univ.. 1900. Sigma Xi; Alpha Gamma 

Adaims, Oiarles SvdcT. co. agrl. agt., 
Reading, Pa. 

Teach, math.. Ferkiomen Sem., 1909- 
10. Dir. Heading Fair Amoc.. 1915—; 
adv. in Berki Produce Exchange, b. 
Jaduonwald, Pa., Oct. 30. 18S8; i. 
Albert H. and Deborah T. (Snyder) A,; 
reared on farm. B.S., Penn. SUte Coll., 
1BI4. Alpha Gamma Rht>. 

Adami, Daniel SnTder, co. agrl. agt., West 
Cheater, Pa. 

Teach, rural sch., 1008-12. b. Jack- 
soDWald, Pa., Apr. 10. 1891; t, Albert 
Hartiiuui and Deborah (Snyder) A.; 
reared on farm. B.S.. Penn. State Coll.. 
1917. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Adams, Edward Frands, farmer and journa- 
list, 994 Aahbujy St., San Fiandsoo. Calif. 
Editorial writer, San Francisco Chroni- 
cle. Served in Civil War. Auih.: The 
Modem Farmer, 18B9; Critique of Social- 
ism, 190S; Inhumamtyof Socialism. tSlS. 
b. AugusU, Me.. Dec. 30. 1839; ». Thoa. 
and Catherine (Lyman) A,; m. Boah 
Elmira Shattuck. Jan. 30, 1860; lid, 
Delia Ray Cooper, Dec. iB, 1868. Grad. 
Western Beserve Coll.. 1890. 

Adams, Frank, brig, manag.. Off. Public 
Roads and RurJ Engin., U. S. Dept 
Agr., and prof, irrig. invest., Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Irrig. invest.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1900-9, 
1010 — ; chg. coop, irrig. invest, in Calif. 
(U. S. Dept. Agr.. CaUf. SUte Dept. 
Enpn., Univ. Calif,). 1910—. Ed., Trans- 
actions, Commonwealth Club of Calif.. 
1906-8; chm.sect.on conservation, 1011-9. 
6. Chicago, 111., Sept. 10, IBT5; (. Edward 
Fnuicis and Delia Boxana (Cooper) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Amy Belle Hill, 
June iO. 1906; e. Helen, Francis Edward, 
David Hill. A.B,, Stanford Univ.. 1901; 
A.M., Univ. Neb,. 1906. 

Adams, George Edward, prof, agron., 
dean agrl. d^t., R. I. State Coll., IGng- 
slon, R. I. 

Asst. hort., R- I. Eip. Sta.. 1804-1901; 
asst. bort., 1901-4: asaoc. agron., 1904-7; 
prof, agron.. R. I. State Coll., 1907—; 
dean agrl, dept., 1917 — ; state statistical 
agt., U. S. Dept. Agr. for R. I., 1901-H. 
b. N. Kingstown. R. I., May 12, I8T4; 
t. Geo. L. and Annie (Gould) A.; reared 
on (arm and in town; m. Mary Gates 
Schermerfaoro, Oct. 20, 1903. B,S., R. I. 
SUte Coll., 1804; M.S.A., 1916; grad. 
student Cornell Univ., 1897, 1890-1900. 

Adams, Harrey Snyder, co, agrl. agt., 
Butler. Pa. 

Instr. agr.. Columbia Co. Summer 
Normal. Benton. Pa.. 1911; instr. agr. 
and bot., West Cheater State Normal, 
1012. Sec.-treas., Pa. Assoc. Eit. Rep. 
b. Earlville, Pa.. Jul. 6, 1886; ». Albert H. 
and Deborah T, (Snyder) A,; reared on 
dairy farm. B.S., Penn SUte Coll., 1912. 
Alpha Gamma Rlio; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Adams, Richard Laban, asst. prof, agron,, 
Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Calif. 

Dir. Spreckela Sugar Co. Exp. SU.. 
Spreckels, Calif.. 5 yrs.; asst. general 
manag., Miller & Lux Inc.. Calif.. 2 yrs,; 
present position. 1914 — . Farm help 
sperialist for CaUf,, U. S. Dept. Agr. 
Avtk.: Manual for Sugar Beet Growers, 
ISIS. b. Dorchester, Mass,, Aug, 27, 
1883; I. Chas. Laban and Emma (Sellew) 
A.; reared in city; m. Grace Ella Fuller, 
June 2!. 1910. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1005; B.S., Boston Univ., 1905; M.S., 
Univ. Calif., 1910. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Adams. Romanao, prof. agrl. econ., Univ. 
Nev., Reno. Nev. 

Princ. public scha., Ireton, la.. 1894-4; 
prof. econ. and sociol.. Weatem Coll., 
Toledo, la., 1608-1000; prof. educ. and 
sodol.. 1002-11; present position, 1011— . 
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sec. Nev. Comn. on Econ. and Taxation, 
19ie-3. Avth.: Taxation in Nevada— A 
History, 1918. 6. Bloomingdale, Wis.. 
Mar. 22, 1868; (. Migbill Dustin and 
Catherine (Wolfe) A.; m. Nellie Crook. 
Sept. 16, 1002. M. Di., la. SUte Teach. 
Coll.. 1892-; Ph.B., Univ. Mich., 1807; 
Ph.M., 1898; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, 1904. 

Adkius, Charles, farmer, dir. of agr,, Dept. 
Agr., Springfield. Ill, 
Mem. Ill Legislature, 9 yrs.; qieaker 


House of Rep.. 8 yrs. b. neu Derby, O.. 
Feb. T. ises; : Sampson aod Eliia Add 
(Mintin) A.; reared on farm; m. Dors 
E. Farrow, Jan. 8, IS87; e. Dora Ellen, 
Chaa. Otis, B«d F., Roy, Howard, Ruth, 
Grace, Mary E., Martha. 

Aice, Al*a, <^r. ext. div. and prof, aoi] fert, 
Rutgers Coll., New Brunswidc, N. J. 

Prof, in ch«. a^l. eit.. Penn. State Coll.. 
1007-18; dir. div. ext. in agr. and home 
econ.. Rutgers CoU. 1912—. Sec. N. J. 
State Dept. Aifr., 1918—. Auth.: Essen- 
tial* of Soil Fertility. 1911; Crops and 
Uethods for Soil Improvement, 1913. 
Auoc, ed,. National Stockman andFarmer, 
b. Cbeahire, O., Oct. 1, 185S: (. Jesse 
Tbonihill and t^dia (Mauck) A.; m. 
Loiuse Grace Hlbbs, Oct. 0, 1887. 
MS.. Univ. Wooater. 0.. 1911. Delta 
Dpuloo; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha ZeU. 

Atee, HamOton Pope, dir. Kawsiiau Sugar 
Planters' Eip. Sta., Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Asat. dir. m chs- La. Sugar Exp. Sta., 
1900-11; agrst., Hawaiian Sugar Plantr 
ert' Eg>. Su., 1911-3; dir., 1913—. 
Mem. Fair Comn. of Hawaii, b. Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Dec. 0. 18S1; i. G. W. and 
Eliubeth (Worthen) A.; m. Fannie 
Heaslip Lea, May 11, 1911; e. Anne W. 
B.S.,La.StateUniv..l9(H. KappaSigma. 

A|sl«r, Hoialio SUnlejr, co. agrl. agt., 
Anderson, Ind. 

Fanner, 1914-8. b. Fulton Co., Ind., 
May e. 1891; >. Fred and Ellen (Johnson) 
A.; reared on farm; n>. Catherin Bemice 
Ontlen, May 29, 191A; e. Richard Tod. 
B.S., Purdue Univ., 1»15. 

Ahcam, Michael Francis, prof, pom,, Kana. 
State Agr. Coll.. MaubatUn, Kons. 
Asst. hort., Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 
1904-0; head coach athletics. 1905-11; 
inatr. hort.. ]909-ll; asst. prof. hort.. 
lBll-3; assoc. prof, hort., 1913-5; 
prof. pom. and lands, gard.. 191 fi — . 
Mem. Kan«. Rural Life Comn., 1916—. 
Florist 6 yra. in Mass. and N. H. 6. 
Masboro, England. Nov. 28. 1878; ». 
John and Mary (Currivan) A.; r^red 
in city and country; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Davis, Aug. 14, 1907; c. James Edward. 
" 3c., Mass. Agr. CoU, 1904; M.S.. Kana. 

ite Agr. Coll., 191S. M ' - 
Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa P 

Akher, Louis ComeliB*, supt. Aberdeen 
Exp. Su.. Aberdeen. Ida. 

Supt. Exp- Sta.. CaldweU, la., 1910-1; 
present position, 1911 — ; agron., cereal 
mvest., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1911—. b. 
Meeker. Colo., Jan. 16, IBST; (. C. and 
Lena (Estell) A.; reared on farm; m. 
Edith Nellie Davies. June 15, 1911; 
c. Louis Carlyle, Prances, Geo. Wilson. 
B.S.A.. Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 1910. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Albrechl, SiAon, farmer and stockman. 
TiskUwa, m. 

Prea. III. Swine Breeders' Assoc.; sec. 
111. Hampshire Swine Breeders' Assoc. 
b. Tiskilwa, III., Jan. 18, 1877; (. John 
A. and EUiabeth (Birky) A.; reared on 
farm; m. Sarah Alice Stahly, June IS. 

AUerman. W. H., prof, bort.. W, Va. Univ.. 
Morgantown, W. Va. 

Field agt. making orchard survey for 
div. pom., Cornell Univ.. summer 1908; 
asst. and assoc. hort., N. Y. Exp. SU., 
Geneva, 1908-11; prof. hort. and bort 
Exp. SU.. Morpntown, W, Vs., 1911— 
Aullt.: (with others) Plums of New Yorit. 
b. Orleans Co., N. Y., Apr. 6, IBSS; (. 
Chas. C. and Elvira A. (Root) A,; reared 
on farm; m. Margaret B. Cbamberlayne, 
Sept. 23, lOOS; c. De Forest Chas. 
B.S.A.. ComeU Univ., 1008. Sigma Phi 

AldcTMiii, Matt. W., ed. Northwestern 
Stockman and Farmer, Helena, Mont, 
Ed., Avant Courier, Boieman, Mont,. 
1897; present position, 1018—. Traveled 
in S. America and Cent. America. 6. 
ShuUaburg, Wis., Apr, 15, 1895; t. 
Wm. W. and Frances (Weatherby) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Long. Sept. 12, 1888; c. Myrtle. Dorothy, 

AlexMider, Hemr QoiiKy, farmer and 
phy«<3an, Matthews, N. C. 

Pres, N. C. Farmers' Ekluc. and Coop. 
Unkiu, 190S-I9; mem. N. C. SUte Bd. 
Agr. Mem. N. C. LegisUture, 1903, 
1009. b. Fancy Hill, N. C„ Auk. 23, 
1803; (. Junius M. and Sarah (Gibson) 
A.; reared on farm; m. Annie Lee Camp- 
bell, Aug. 23, 1888; 2d, Ethel Brinkley, 
June 19, 1917; c. Clive. Edith, Jessie, 
Henry, Thomas, Dwight, Frances, Mary. 
Ruth Briukley. M.D., Univ. Md., I8S8. 


AlexMider, Wahei Albert, co. agrl. agt., 
AhUaiuI, O. 

Teach, agr., Western Reserve Acad,, 
HudK>[], O.. 1910-8. b. Ballaire, O.. 
Jan. IS. 1893; *. Walter L. and AlberU 
(Jackaon) A.; reared in countrj'; m, 
Joyce M. Bwiug. Oct. i. 191S. B.Sc. 
(Agr.), Ohio State Univ., IBIS. Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

Alter> Paul Edgar, co. agrl. agt.. Vineyard 
Haven, Mom. 

Tobacco grower. Conn., 1910-6; seed 
potato grower, Mau., I910-'7; agt, Dukea 
and Nantucket Cos.. 1917—. b. Somer- 
viUe, Mass., Aug. 16, 1887; i . James E. and 
Annie (Dolloff) A.; reared in town; 
m. Mabel A. Pufier, Nov. 11, 1911; 
e. Marion Kirkland, Marjorie DoUofF. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1909. Alpha 
Sigma Pbi. 

agrl. agl.. 

MiltOD Reuben, 
Port Angeles. Wash. 

Farmer; deputy state dairy comnr., 
1909-11. b. Kansas City. Mo., Jan. 13. 
1888; I. Reuben A. and Elizabeth (Dry- 
fuse) A.; reared on farm; m. Salna 
Eleanor Kennedy. Aug. 19, 1911; o. 
Eleanor Elizabeth, Beuben Kennedy. 
B.S.A., Kana. StaU Agr. Coll., 1909. 
Alpha Zeto. 

Allen. Blynnc, distr. dem. agt, Augusta. Me. 
Speoaliat orchards and crops, Me. 
Dent. Agr.. 1&14-B; aupt Pmecraft 
Dairy, Westbrook. Me., 1915-8; mipt. 
schs., Eliot and S. Berwick, 1919-^. 
b. Raymond, Me., June 1, 18B8; i. 
Abner Winfield and Alice (Dingley) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Florence £. AUen, 
June 1,1916; a. Ebter Winfield. Student 
llniv. Me., Cornell Univ. Pbi Kappa 

Allen, Edwin WeU. chief Off. Exp. Stas., 
States Belatbns Serv.. U. 8. Dept. Agr., 
Woshington, C. D. 

Asst. chem.. Mass. B^. Sta.. 1S85-6; 
asst. Off. Exp. Stas.. 1890-3; osst. dir., 
1903-lfi; chief, 1916—. Exec. sec. 
Conm. on Country Ijfe, 1908; mem. 
Nat. Research Council, 1917—. Sec.- 
treas. Soc. for Promotion Agrl. Sci.. 
1910-4;»ecSect. Agr., A. A. A. S., 1914—; 
sec. com. on station organiiing and policy, 
Assoc. Am. Agrl. Colls, and Exp. Stas. 
Traveled in Eunnte. A**oe, td.. Experi- 
ment Station Record, 1893-S; ed.. 

r an., Nen _ .. _. . 
Encyclopaedia. Ndson'a Encyclopa___. 
b. Amherst, Mass., Oct. 28. 1861; «. 
Lysander H. and Mai? M. (Bullard) A.; 
rwred in town; m. Estetle S. Perkins, 
Apr. 2, 1890; c. Dorothy H. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Coll., 1889; Ph.D., Univ. 
Goettingen, 1890. Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Anen, Frank Wisdom, asst. hort.. Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

loslr. hort., la. State Coll., 1910-3; 
instr. bort.. Wash. SUte Coll., 19IS-4; 
asst. hort., 1914-7; present position, 
1917—. b. Columbia, Mo., Jul. 18, 
1887; ». Frank W. and Floyd (Pratber) 
A.; reared in town and on farm; m. Alma 
Leora Turner, Jul. 18, 1911; e. Frank W., 
Floyd Turner. B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1910; 
M.S., la. State Coll., 1913. Gamma 
Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Allen, Hairy Earl, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Assoc, prof. an. husb., Va. Poly. Inst., 
1909-10; instr. an. husb., Purdue Univ., 
1910-S; asst. prof., 1912-6; assoc. prof ., 
1016—. Sec. Ind. Sheep Breeders' Assoc.; 
sec. Ind. Live-stock Breeders' Assoc.; 
sec. Ind. Hereford Breeders' Assoc. 
1st Sergeant and 2d lieuL, Ind. Nat. 
Guards, b. Van Wert, 0.. Jan. 20. 188S; 
f. F. M. and Jennie (Balyeat) A.; reared 
on farm; m. Blanche Slocum, June 12, 
1912 (d. 19IS); e. lUchard Slocum. 
B.S.A., Ohio SUU Univ., 1909. Phi 
Delta Theta; Alpha Gamma Rho. 

AUen, Ralph, farmer, Delavan, III. 

Breeder Jersey cattle, 18T6~1B00; grain 
and live-stock farmer, 1000—. Dir. IL. 
State Dairymen's Assoc., 8 yrg.; dir. 
111. Farmers' Insts., 1901—. b. S^konk. 
Mass.; i. Jonathan B. and Harriet M. 
(Horton) A.; reared on farm; m. Ada M. 
Eaton. 1879; c. Edith L., Paschal, 
Fred B., Jonathan B.. Ralph Jr., Lu^ E., 
Harriet M., Hester A., Eloise G., Theo- 
doreR. B.S.,Umv.Ill..I876; M.S.,1894. 

Allen, W. C, ed. The Dakota Farmer. 
Aberdeen, S. D. 

6. Columbia Co., Wis., Aug. 11, 1869; 
». Wm. C. and Sarah T. (Carr) A.; m. 
Arabella French, Feb. 1. 1896; «. Esther. 

AlUson, HarfT Orwni, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 
Instr. an. husb., Univ. HI., 1909-10; 


uBl. prof. an. husb., Univ. Mo.. 1910-9; 
UMC. prof., 1013—. Sec. Mo. Cattle, 
Swine, and Sheep Peederi' Assoc, b. 
Alpha, HI., Nov. 17. 1881; .. W. O. and 
Phylinda (FattcnoD} A.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Univ. lU., 1Q0«1 M.S. 19ia. Sigma 
Xi; Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Alpha. 

AUiMm, lata Marie Katrine, prof, home 

ecoQ,. Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort Collins, Colo. 

Assoc, prof. chem. and home ecoii.. 

Lake Erie Coll., 1005-8; preteot posi 


ABboa, ^John Howard, prof, for., Univ. 

Minn., University Farm, St. Paul. Minn. 

Preaeut position, 19IS— . fc. E. Granby, 

Conn.. S^t. 25, 1883; *. John A. and 

Mary E. (Mack) A,; reared on farm; 

ADiaon, Jolm Hampden, co. agrl. agt.. 
Council BluSs, la. 

b. Butler. Mo., Jan. 17. 1888; .. J. H. 
and Mattie (Boe) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Florence Badgley, Jul. 12, 1917. 
B.S.A., la. SUU CoU.. 191S. 

Abed, Charles Ernest, specialist in farm 
manag. eit., Univ. Tenn., Kuoiville, 

With 09. Farm Manag.. 191S; asst. 
specialist in agron. ext., Univ. Tenn., 
101«-8; present position, 1918—. 
b. AUied. Tenn.. Apr. S, 1887; >. Pierwn 
Miller and Lee Anne (Looper) A.; reared 
on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn., 1912; 
M.S.A., CorneU Univ., 1913. Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Alpha ZeU. 

Alsberg, Carl Lacaa, biochem. and chief 
Bur. Chem., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 
D. C. 

Aut. physiological chem.. Harvard 
Univ., 1902-S; instr. biol. chem., 1905-8; 
chem. biol.. Bur. Plant Ind., 1908-12; 
chief Bur. Chem.. 1912—; invest., U. S. 
Bur. Fisheriea, 1906-8. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Sec.-treas. Assoc. Offimal A^l. Cbcnis.; 

r. Am. Soc. Biol. Chem. b. New York, 
Y.. Apr. 2. 1877; (. Mnnhard and 
Bertha (Baruch) A.; reared in city. 
A.B.. Columbia Univ.. 189fl; A.M.. 1900; 
M.D., 1900; studied Univ. Strassburg 
aod Berlin, 1900-3. 

Alaop, Joaeph Wri^t, farmer, Avon. Conn. 
Trustee Conn. Agr. Coll.; mem. bd. 
control. Conn. Exp. Sta. Mem. Conn. 
House of Rep., 1907; Conn. Senate, 1909- 
II. Pres. New England Tobacco-Grow- 
ers' Assoc.: pres. Conn, Guernsey Cattle 
Club. Public utilities comur. Tobacco 
and dairy fanner, 1901 — . b. Middle- 
town, Conn., Apr. 2, 1876; i. Joseph 
Wright and Elizabeth Winthrop (Beach) 
A.; reared in country; m. Corinne Roose- 
velt Robinson, Nov. A, 1909; e. Jos^ 
Wright, Corinne Roosevelt. Stewart J. O., 
John 0. Ph.B., Yale Univ.. 1808; 
student Univ. Berlin. 1899-4. DelU Pu. 

Jl Dorado, Ark. 

Agrst.. Boys' Ind. Sch., Waialee. 
Hawaii. 1911-3; voc. instr., Isl. of Kansi, 

asst. prof, hort., Grubbs Voc. Coll.. 
Arlington, Tex., 1917-8; present position, 
1918—. Traveled in Chma and Japan. 
b. Lincolnville, Kans., Nov. 25, 1888; 
t. N. Franklin and Mary E. (SiU) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Alice M. Taylor, 
June 27. 1918. B.S., Kans. StaU Agr. 
Coll., 1909. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Alvord, Chailes Hulbert, agrst. and field 
agt.. States Relationa Serv.. U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Asst. agrst., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1897-9; 
asst. prof. agr.. Tex. A. & M. Coll., 1899- 
1902; prof, and dean agr., 1900-11; 
supt. eit. farming. Taft Ranch, Coipus 
Christi, Tex. 1911-7; present pootion, 
1917—. 6. Camden, Mich., Oct. 16. 
1872; t. Nathan Alomzo and Melbda 
(London) A.; reared on farm; m. Lotta 
L. Hicks. Oct. 28. 1696; c. Janet Carr, 
Inec Francis, Mins Cook, Chas. H. Jr. 
B.S. Mich Agr. CoU.. 1 
1907. Phi DelU TheU. 

Alway, Frederick Jamca, cbi^ div. soils, 
Univ. Minn., University Farm, St. Paul, 

Prof, cbem., Neb. Wedeyan Univ., 
1898-1906; prof. agrl. chem., Univ. Neb.. 
1906-13; prof, soilchem. and chief div., 
Univ. Minn., 1913—. 6. Rockford, Can- 
ada. May_ 2S. 1874 (oaturaliied 1911); 
I. Frederick and Rachel (Mason) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Eva Mary Cook, 


189S; c. Erica, LoEelle, Lenore, Frederics, 
Robl. B.A., Toronto Univ., 1884; Ph.D., 
Heidelberg Univ., 1897. 

Alwood, WiUiam Bradford, fniit-giower and 
farmer, "Stonehenge," Cbarlottesville, Va. 
Teach, country ach., 18T9-31; supt. 
Ohio Exp. SU., 18S3-6; asat. eat., V. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1888-8; vicft^iir. Va. Exp. 
SU., 1886-1901; prof, hort., Va. Poly. 
Inst., 1891-19041 lAtg. invests, on fer- 
meotatioD of truit'producta. Bur. Chem., 
U. S. Dept, Agr., 1900-0; etiological 
cbem., 1007-14, chief, enological lab- 
Del, to Inter. Congress on Agrl. Bduc., 
Paris, lOOO; Inter. Congress on Viti- 
culture, France. 1907, 1911. 1914; Inter. 
Congress for Agr., 1911. Decorated by 
Frencb govt.. Chevalier du Merite Agn- 
cole, Offider du Merite Agricole; gold 
me<bl, St. Louis. 1004; hon. memorial 
medal. San FronciBco, 1914. Fellow 
A. A. A.S. Mem. Sodete des Chemistes 
Experts de France, b. Delta, O.. Aug. 
11, 1890; «. D. W. and Anna E. (Brailey) 
A.; reared on farm; m. Seffie Glints, 
Mar. 4, 1884; e. Hubert J., Helen Aana, 
Nellie Sarab. Mabel, Wm. B. Jr., Lewis 
G., Esther. Richard O. Special student. 
Ohio State Univ.; Royal Pom. Sch., 
Germany, 1900-1; Inst. Pasteur. Paris, 

Amundsen, Edward Otto, co. agrl. agt. and 
iustr. agrl. ext., Univ. Calif., B. Auburn, 

Farmer, Minn., 1003-7; fruit-grower. 
Walla Walla VaUey, Ore., 1007-8; agt. 
Placer Co., 1915—. Mem. State Hort. 
Comn., 1911-2. b. Chicago, 111., Jul. SO, 
18S4; I. O. and Anna (Staven) A.; 
reared in city and on farm; m. Cora A. 
Simpkios; c. Jack Edward. B.S., Univ. 
Calif..l9ie. DetUSigmaPhi;AlphaZeta. 

AndeisoD, A. Crosby, prof, dairy husb.. 
Mich. Agr. Coll.. E. Lanuog. Mich. 

Supt. scha., Smethport, Pa., 1890-1; 
supt. Bcbs., ForestviUe, N. Y., 1891- 
1904; present position. 1908 — . Studied 
dairying one summer in Europe, b. 
Ellington. N. Y., Aug. 10, 1865; *. 
Edwin and Katherine (Crosby) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Inez E. Shannon, 
June 28, 1804; c. 2 sons. B.S., Micb. 
Agr. CoU., 1900. 

Anderson, Andrew Daniel, co. agrl. agt., 
Sdney, Mont. 
Teadi. agr., boL, cooL and manual 

training, high-sch.. Elbow Lake, Minn., 
1911-2; CO. agt., Glenwood, Minn., 
1812-7; Sidney, Mont.. 1917— . Farmer. 
b. Solaro Dalame, Sweden, Sept. 5. 
1880; ». Daniel and Christina (Johnson) 
A.; reared on farm; m. Matie Winifred 
Joy, Jul. 11, 1813. Student Univ. Minn., 

Anderson, Arthur E., assoc. state leader eo. 
agta., Ohio State Univ., Columbus. O. 
State leader co. agt. work, Univ. Neb.. 
1912-7; asst. state leader co. agts., 
Ohio State Univ.. 1917-8; assoc. state 
leader, 191B— . 6. Wayne, Neb., Feb. 
1880; *. A. G. and EUen (Rosenberg) A.; 
reared on form. A.B.. Univ. Neb.. 1912. 
Alpha Zeta. 

'. agrl. agt., Winston- 

Anderson, Bruce, c 
Salem, N. C. 

Agrst,, Patterson Sch.. Legerwood, 
N. C, 1911-8. Organiwr N. C. Bull 
Club or Breeders' Assoc.; oririnator 
N. C. Bee Club, 1914. b. Chatham. Va.. 
Ma^ S4. 1885; t. J. C. and Mary Jane 
(Smith) A.; reared on farm; m. Lillian 
R. Sp^. Dec. 23, 1914; e. Bruce Jr., 
Lloyd. B.S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1907. 

Anderson, Charles Cbrnde, co. agrl. agt., 
St. Marys. W. Va. 

Teach, rural scbs., 2 yrs.; bigh-scb.. 1 
yr.; co. agt.. 1913—; co. food administra- 
tor, 191B— . b. Conkling, Ky., Mar. 18, 
1889; f.J. W.andLouise(McCollum)A,; 
rear^ on farm; m. Jennie Jones Elliott, 
May 90. 1914; e. Cbas. C. B.S., Berea 
Coll., Ky., 191S. 

Anderson, Clarence RnsscU, asst. prof, for., 
Penn. SUte Coll.. State CoUege, Fa. 

Instr. lor., Penn. SUle Coll., 1914-6; 
asst. prof.. 1916—. 6. Cecil Co., Md.. 
Jul. 23, 1885; i. Franklin Pierce and L. 
Margaret (McAllister) A.; reared on 
farm; m. Doll Jeannette Dupuis, Dec. 12, 
1913; e. C. R. Jr. B.S., Dickinson Coll., 
1908; M. F., Yale For. Scb., 1913. 

Anderson, Erwin Oliver, co. agrl. agt., 
Denton. Md. 

Instr. farm manag., Fenn. State Coll., 
1915-7; CO. agt., 1917—. 6. Shelby, 
Mich., Dec. 27, 1890; (. Gabe and Lena 
(Nelson) A.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1914; M.S., Univ. WU., 


I. L«oy, fainKr. S»n Jose, Calif. 

Aiat dairy ind, Cornell Univ., 1S9T- 
IMM); imtr. dairy ind, Univ. Cdif., IWHI- 
2; dir. C»lif. Poly. Srfi.. Sao Luis Obiipo, 
1903-B; prof. agrl. practice, Univ. Calif., 
1908-13; ext. led. an. husb., Cornell Univ.. 
winterBl915-8ifniit'grawer.Calir..l914— . 
Editorial contributor. California Cuitiva- 
tor. b. Ma^ee, N. Y.. Dec 4, 1866; *. 
John and Miranda (Allen) A.; reared on 
farm; n. babel B. Go<Un, June i, 1903; 
B.S., Cornell Univ.. 1890; M.SJ^.. 1897. 
Pti.D., I90S. Sigma Xi. 

Purdue Uoiv., LaFayette, 1__ 

Imtr. a^.. bigfa-sch., Sutton, Masa.. 
1919-1; uistr. pom., Purdue Univ.. 
1914-7; aast. prof, hort., 1917—. 6. 
Gsidner. Mass., Aug. 5, 18S6; s. Guataf 
and Emma (Swenson) A.; reared on 
faim. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 1913. 
Kappa Sigma. 

Aadcraoo, Paul Johnsan. assoc. prof. bot. 
and asaoc. plant path. Exp. Sta., Mass. 
Agt. Coll.. Amherst, Mass. 

lustr. boL, Mass. Agr. Coll., 1919; 
aast. prof., 1916; assoc. prof., 1916—; 
aasoc. plant path., Exp. Sta., 1910—. 
h. Ladoga, Ind., Mar. 27, 18B4; i. Wm. 
L. and Ora (Johnson) A.; reared on 
farm; m. Helen L. fisherdick. Jul. 16, 
1917. A.B., Johnson Bible Coll., 190S; 
A.B., Wabash Coll., 1910; Ph.D., ComeU 
Univ., 1914. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

Andenaa, RanDond, teach, agr.. May- 

Insti. poultry, St. lAwrence Sch. Agr., 
1914HJi princ, and teach, agr., high-sdi., 
Jeffersonville. N. Y-. I9ie-8; tea(£. agr., 
high^ch., Mayville, 1918—. 6. Jefferson- 
vUle, N. Y., Feb. 10. 1889; t. E. J. 
and Julia (Laytoa) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Marion Kingsley, Aug. 22, 1917. 
Gtad. St. UwTcnce Univ.. 1914. 

Anderson, Rudolph J., chem., N. Y. State 
Eip. Sta.. Geneva, N. Y. 

Ataoc. chem., N. Y. State Exp. Sta., 
1911 — . Speciality, organic phosphorus 
compounds in cereals. In U. S. Army, 
1918—. 6. HaniB, Sweden, Sept. 18, 
1879 (naturalized 1914); t. Anders and 
Johanna (Jobanson) A.; reared on farm. 
B.S.. Tulane Univ., New Orleans, 1906. 

Andersoa, Walter Sewea, prof, genetics, 
Univ. Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Princ. Alleghany Collegiate Inst., Alder- 
son, W. Vb., 1896-1903; prof. chem. 
Ky. Wealeyan Coll., 1909-13; orcsen 
position. 1913—. b. Academy, W. Va. 
Sept. 18. 1867; «. John Mason and Nancy 
(Williams) A.; reared on farm; m. 
Lester C. Hogsett. June 19, 1901; e. 
Walter Southdl, Lindsou Pryor, Lester 
Gayle. M.A.. Rsodolph-Macon Coll., 

I. agrl. B^,, Van 

1892; *. James B. and Mary (Darst) A.; 
reared on farm; m. EsU M. Batdorf, 1917, 
B.Sc., Ohio SUte Univ., 1915. 

Andrews, Henry WUson, co. agrl. agt., 
Sparta, Tenn, 

Farmer. Tenn., 15 yrs. Sec.-treas. 
Linwood I«mb Club. b. Watertown, 
Tenn.. Sept. 24, 1S85; >. M. J. and Ida 
(Turner) A.; reared on farm: iR. lona 
Gilliam, Feb. 22, 1917; e. Geo. Wilson. 
Peabody Coll.. 1908; Cumberland Univ., 

Andrews, Waller Edwin, assoc. ed. The 
Farm Journal, Philadelphia, Fa, 

Fruit farmer, Mich.. 1! yrs,; present 
position. 1005—, Avth-: The Orchard 
Book, 1906: The Garden Book, 1908; 
ShaU I Farm, 1910. b. Clevehuid, 0„ 
Jan, 31, 18S6; i. Theo, A, and Marie 
L. (Provost) A,; m. Flora A. SUvens, 
May 31, 1888; e. Grace A., Howard E, 

Anspoii, B. W., assoc, prof. flor. and lands, 
gard., Md. Agr, Coll., College Park. Md. 
A»t. prof. hort.. Miss. A. & M. Coll.. 
1910-2; present position, 1912—. Green- 
house work, J. B. Hess Co.. Dayton. O.. 
1905-6; lands, dept., Nat. Cash Register 
Co., Dayton, Mar. -Sept. 1906. b. Dayton. 
O., Dec. 13, 1886; >. John B, and Olga N. 
A.; reared in city; m. Emma Bascomb 
Davis, Nov, 11, 191S. B.S.. Ohio State 
Univ. Gamma Phi; Alpha Pi Upsiloo. 

Asst. dairy husb.. Peon. State Coll., 
1012-4; instr., 1014-6; prof., 1916-8;, 1918— . iluM. ; Dairy Labora- 


toTr Manual. 1914. b. Comatodc Neb.. 
Sept. e, 18SB; (. Homer G. and Aima 
Ebiabeth (Shouab) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Goldie R. Swift. Aug. 7, 1914; c. 
Helen Louise. B.S., Univ. Mo., ISli: 
M.S., Penn. State CoU.. 1914. Gamma 
Sigma Delta. 

Anthonr, Roy David, assoc. bort.. N. Y. 
Agr. Eip, Sta., Geneva, N. Y. 

Asat. and iaatr, pom., Cornell Univ., 
191ft-3; present poeiUoD. 1913—. 6. 
Rochester, N. Y., Apr. 2, 1884; «. Daniel 
M. and Charlotte R. (Finch) A.; reared 
in city; m, Marian Salisbury, Aiu. S, 
1911; «. Gertrude Pinch, David Salis- 
bury. B.S., Univ. Rochester, 1908; 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1910; M.S.A., 
1913. Phi BeU Kappa; Fsi UpsUon; 
Gamma Alpha. 

App, Frank, assoc. prof, agron. in chg. of 
dept.. acting asst. dir. ext., Rutgers Coll., 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

Asst, agron., Penn. State Coll., 1911-2; 
asat. prof, agron.. N. H. A.&M. Coll.. 
1912-3; present position, 191«— , Form 
help specialist; sec.'treas. N. 1. Alfalfa 
Assoc,; administration com.. N. J. Agr. 
Exp. Sta.; chm. Building and Grounds 
Com. b. Buffalo Roads, tlnion Co., Pa., 
Jan. 26. 1886; >. E. S. and Sarah (Miller) 
A.; reared on farm. B.S. Penn. Slate 

Archibald, E. S., Dominion an. husb., Cent. 
Expl. Farm, Ottawa. Ont. 
Prof, agr., N. S. Agr. Coll,, 1909-lS; 

Kesent position, 191t— . b. Yarmouth, 
. S.. yUy 12, 1885; s. E. E. and Mary 
(Spinney) A.; reared on farm; m. L. 
Louiae Moorman. Dec. IS, 1013. B.A.. 
Acadia Univ., WoKviKe, N. S., 1905; 
B.S.A., Toronto Univ., 1908. 

Archibald, Robert Mnna;, missionary sec., 
Methodist Conference. Bii-mingluun, Ala. 
Special attention to development of 
reli^ous. educ. social and econ. interests 
of rural communities, b. Dickens Co.. 
Ala., Jan, 28. 1SS9; «. Bobt. W. and 
Salena (Hemdon) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Louk Freiley. June 92. 1893; e. 
Miriam. Julia BeUe, Lambuth, Elisabeth. 

Aiehart, Albert Zay, co. agrL agt.. Auburn, 
Instr. agr,, Benson high-sch., Minn., 

191t-4; agt. DeKalb Co., Ind., I91«— . 
6. Keadollvillc Ind., Aug. 88, 1885; *. 
Geo. and Minnie (Owen) A.; reared on 
farm; m, Ida Jorstad. June 22, 1916; 
e. EUen Minnie. B.S.A.. Purdue Univ., 

Aniabr, Henry PrentiM, dir, Inst, An, Nutr., 
Penn, SUle Coll.. SUte College, Pa. 

Instr. cbem., Worcester Poly. Inst., 
1871-2; teach, high-sch.. Fitchburg, 
Mass.. 1S74-5; asst. chem.. Rutgers 
Coll., 1876-7; chem., Comi. Exp. Sta., 
1877-81; vice-pres. Storrs Agr. Sch., 
1881-3; prof. agrl. chem,, Univ. Wis., 
1883-7; dir, Penn, Exp. Sta,, 1887-1907; 
present position, 1907^. Expert an. 
nutr., U. S. Dept. A^., 1898—. Chm. 
com. on cxp. sta. exUbit, World's Fair, 
Chicago, 1893, Paris Expos., 1900; mem, 
Comn. on Agrl. Research, 1906-8. Pres. 
Assoc. Am. Agr. Colls, and Exp, Stas., 
1898^; pres. Soc. An. Nutr., 1008-11. 
Foreign mem., Royal Acad. Agr. of 
Sweden. Aulh.: Manual of Cattle Feeding, 
1880; Principles of Animal Nutrition, 
1903; Nutrition of Farm Animals, 1917; 
The ConservatioD of Food Energy, 1918. 
6. Northbridne. Mass., Sept. 31, 18«8; 
». Lewis and Mary A. (Prentiss) A.; 
reared in town; m. Lucy A. Harding, 
Oct. IS, 1878; c. Chas. Lewis, Ernest 
Harding, Sidney Prentiss, Henry Horton, 
Edward McCleilan, B.S-. Worcester 
Poly. Inst.. 1871 ; Ph.B,, Yale Univ., 1874; 
Ph.D., 1879; LL,D., Univ. Wis.. 1904, 

Ametl, Ralph Edward, co. agrl, agt.. Dan- 
ville, Ind. 

b. New Richmond, Ind.. Dec 12. 1801; 
1. Albert J. and Elizabeth (McBroom) A.: 
teared on farm; m. Miriam E. Hostetter, 
June 25. 1018. B,S,A.. Purdue Univ.. 
1914; M.S., la. State CoU., 1917. Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Sigma DelU 
Chi; Phi I^ppa Phi; Gamma Sigma 

Arnold, Jacob Hiram, agrst.. Off. Farm 
Manag., U. S, Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Prof, math., Redfietd CoU., S. D., 1801- 
3; prof. econ. and hist,, 1893-1004; 
farmmanag.,Kans., 1906-14. b. Defiance, 
O., June 8, 1864; *, F, D. and Mary 
(Lehman) A.; reared on farm; m. 
Bertha Jeau Harris, 1804; e. Mary Eliza- 
beth, Anna Harris. A.B., Grinncll Coll., 


Arar> Albert Cediic, «asoc. agran. in chg. 
farm crop*, UniT. Minn-, Univenity 
Pum, St P&ul, Minn. 

Ant. prof. Bgron., Univ. Minn., 1900- 
14; present poeition. 1914 — . 6. New- 
port, Minn., Nov. 4, 1877; ». Ferdinwid 
and Katiina (Anderson) A.; reared on 
faim; in. Mary K. Hummel. Sept. 9, 
19M; e. Dorothy W., Frederick P.. 
DeMie C. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1909; 
M.S., 191T. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Anendalc, Jofan Virgil, co. agrl. agt., 
Clayton, Ga. 

Princ. Ind. Sch., Rabun Gap, Gs., 
190S-6: teacb. sd. and mech., lOtb 
Di*tr. Agrl. Sch., Sparta, Ga., 1908-9; 
expert farmer, Hayward Indian Sch., 
Hayward, Wis., 1911. Farm operator. 
Agt. Rabun Co.. 1917—. b. Tiger. Ga.. 
Nov. IS, 1879; (. MortiD L. and Marnret 
^mith) A.; reared on farm; tn. Tallulab 
Edwards, June 7, 190«; o. Clyde, John 
Virgi] Jr.. Ruth, Joe. B.S.A., Univ.Ga.. 

Artkor, Joaepb CbarUa, prof, emeritus, 
Purdue Univ.. LsFayette. Ind. 

Instr. bot., Univ. Wis., 1879-81; 
Univ. Minn., 1882; bot., N. Y. Exp. SU., 
Geneva. 1BS4-7; prof. boL, Purdue Univ., 
1887; prof. veg. physiology and patb. 
and bot. Exp. Sta., 1888-191S; prof. 
emeritus, 1915—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Fres. Bot. Soc. Am., 1908; pres. Ind. 
Acad. Sd.. 1903. Auih.: (with Barnes 
and Coulter) Uaadbook of Plant Dis- 
section, 1886; (with MacDougal) Living 
PlanU and Their Properties, 1898; Utedi- 
Dales in N. Am. Flora, b. Lowville, 
N. Y., Jan. II, ISfiO; *. Chas. and Ann 
(Allen) A.; m. Emily Stile« Potter. June 
12, 1901. B. S., la. State Coll., 1872; 
M.S., 1877; Sc.D., Cornell Univ., 1886, 
Univ. Bonn, 1896. 

Head agrl. dept., hi^-scb., Pendleton. 
Ore., 1911-1, b. HiUsboro, Ore.. Oct. 27, 
1800; 1. Jiiliu> and Anna (Kramer) A.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Ore. Agr. Coll., 

Tbeta Sigma; 
Alpha Ddla. 

Adibf, Robert C. field sec. Amer. Poland- 
China Record Assoc, Chicago. III. 

Aist. prof. an. hiub., Univ. Minn.; 
Adj. prof. an. husb., Univ. Neb,, 1009- 

10; supt. farmert' insts.. Wash. State 
Coll.. 1010-3; pnrf. an. husb., 1913-4. 
b. Indianola. U., Oct. 10, 1882 «. A. 
C. and Elizabeth (Childers) A.; reared 
on farm; m. Ma^erite A. Waldorf, 
Nov. 26, 1910. B.S.A., Univ. Neb., 1908: 
A.B., Neb. Wesleyan Univ.. 1910; M.S., 
Univ. Minn., I91S. Phi Delta llieta; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Alkcsoo, Tbomas dark, prof, emeritus an. 
husb., W. Va. Univ.; Buffalo, W. Va. 

Prof, agr., W. Va. Univ., 1891-3; 
pres. Morris Harvey CoU., 1609-7; 
prof. agr. and dean Coll. Agr., W. Va. 
Univ.. 1897-1011; prof. an. husb., 1911-4; 
prof, emeritus, 1914—. Mem. W. Va. 
SUte Bd. Agr., 14 yrs.; matter W. Va. 
State Grange, 82 yr*.; overseer Nat. 
Grange, 8 yrs.; now chm. exec, com., 
Nat. Grange. Avth.: Book-keeping for 
Farm^B, 1802; A Catechism of Agri- 
culture, 1910; Semi Centennial History 
of the Patrons of Husbandry, 1916. 
b. Buffalo, W. Va.. Feb, Id, 1818; «. 
Thos. and Virginia Harris (Brown) A.; 
reared on farm; m. Cordelia Meek, Jul. 8, 
1878; e. Thos. Zephaniah. Karl Clark, 
Mary Meek. Leda Cordelia. LL.B.. 
Univ. Ky., 1874; Ph.D., Morris Harvey 
CoU., 1897. 

AlUiisoii, Alfred, prof, agron.. Univ. Mont., 
Boseman, Mont. 

Asst. agron.. la. State Coll., lOOS-4; 
present position, 1904—. Federal Food 
Administrator for Mont, 1917. Vice- 
pres. Am. Soc. Agron., 1919. Farm 
operator, 1907-13. b. Seaforth. Ont, 
Oct 6. 1879 (naturalised 1911); *. 
Joseph and Isabella (Bums) A.; reared on 
farm; m. Barbara Miller, June 13, 1906. 
Assoc, diploma, Ont. Agr. Coll., 1901; 
B.S.A., U. SUte Coll., 1904; M.S., 
Cornell Univ., 1918. Sigma Xi. 

Atkinson, Davia Watson, co. agrl. agt.. 
Media, Pa. 

Farmer, 1913-6; agt. Delawate Co., 
1016—, 6. WrightstoWD, Pa., Jul. 19, 
1891; *. Edward and Clara A. (Krusen) 
A.; reared on farm and in town; m. 
Rachel Styer Conrad, May 83, 1914; 
e. Davis W. Jr., Horace Conrad. B.S.A., 
Fenn. State Coll.. 1918. Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Alkinson, Wilaier, ed. emeritus. Farm 
Journal, Philadelphia, Pa. 
With Howard M. Jenkins started first 


Comroercial), 186S; started Farm Ji 
1877. Served b Civil Ww. Pres. Pa. 
Men's Leftgue tor Woman Suffrage, 
i. Budu Co.. Pa., June 13, ISIO; *. 
Thomsaand Hamwh (Quinby) A.: reved 
on [arm; m. Anna Alien. Nov. 28, ISM; 
c. Elisabeth Allen. Emily Q., Gertrude. 

Attridc, Gewge R., eo. agrL agt. Warm 
Springs, Va. 

6. KatoniOi, N. Y.. Jul. 89. 189!; #. 
Geo. and Maiy (Yeatman) A.; reared on 
farm; (n. Beatrice Williams, May 11. 
lOU; c. Elisabeth W-. Geo. Y. B.S.. 
Cornell Univ.. 1914. 

AtwBler, Charlet Edwin, co. agrl. agt., 
Gladwin, Mich. 

b. Ganges, Mich., Jan. 30, 1839; ». 
Edwin HoUis and Emma Nettie (Mack) 
&..; reared on farm; m. Naomia Ella 
Goodwin, Aug. 10, 1911; c. Lela Avis, 
Chas. Winfield. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 

Alwood, Winfred McKrosie, assoc. prof, 
bot. and plant path.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
Corvallis, Ore. 

Present position, 191S— . Fellow A. A. 
A. S. b. Aurelia. U., Jul. i5, 1883; 
(. J. R. and CUra (McKensic) A.; reared 
on farm and in village; ni, Louise Kent, 
Jul. 12. 1910; c. Margaret Kent, Dorothy 
McKeuzie. A.B., Cornell Coll.. la.. 1907; 
A.M., 1910; M.S., Univ. Chicago, 1911; 
Pb.D., 1013. Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma 

Anbrr, Vktoi Gem^, expert agrst., N. J. 
Exp. Sta., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Instr. an. butb., Univ. Me., 1018-4; 
asst. prof., 1913-4; present position, 
1914—. Traveled in Europe, SH yrs. 
b. BrooUyn, N. Y.. Feb. es, 1891; «. 
Eugene and Alice (Schinker) A.; reared 
on farm; m. Marcella J. March; c. 
Victor G. Jr. B.S., Conn. Agr. Coll., 
1912. Phi Gamma Delta; Al^ ZeU. 

AuchtCT. Eocene Cmtis, asst. prof. hort. 
and asst. hort. Exp. SU., W. Va. Univ., 
MorgantoKD. W. Va. 

6. Elmgrove, N. V., Sept. 14, 1889; 
*. W'm, D. and Florence Monroe (Curtis) 
A.; reared on farm; m. Catherine Eliza- 
beth Beaumont, Aug. 29, 1914. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ.. 1912; M.S..A.. 1918. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

lull, WiUiaai Barre, aart. prof. bact.. 
Clemson Agr. Coll., Clemson College, S. 0. 
Princ. Pendleton high-scfa., lOOS-9; 
seed analyst, S. C. State E)ept. Agr,, 
1910-1; asst. bot., Clemson Agr. Coll., 
1912-£; asst. prof, bact., 191S— . b. New- 
berry. S. C, Mar. 24, 1887; i. Wm. 
Ben], and Mary E. (Barre) A.; reared 
farm and small town. B.S., Clemson Agr. 
Coll.. 1907; student Univ. Va., 1009-10. 

Am, Frana A., asit. prof. land*. deNgn, 
Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Asst. lands, design., Uoiv. Mich., 
191i-3; instr., Univ. HI., 1918-S; 
present position, 1919^. Specialty, farm 
planning, rural community center plan- 
ning, b. Defiance, 0., May. I88A: *. 
August and Hrrmina (Hemls) A.; nt. 
Mabel A. Armstrong, Aiw. 20, 19H; 
e. Alden Frans. B.A., Univ. Minn., 
1908; M.S., 1910. Tau DelU »gma; 
Phi DelU Kappa. 

Ayers, S. Henry, bad., Dwry Div., U. S, 
Dn>t. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Asst. bact., Univ. Chicago. 1905-8; 

S«sent position, 1908—. b. Greenland. 
. U., Feb. 17. 1884; >. Mark W. and 
Belle Fktrence (Folsom) A.; reared on 
farm. S.B.. Mass. Inst. Tech., 1905. 
Sigma Xi. 

Ajres, Ed Lee. chief insp. orchards and 

citrus canker eradication, Houston. Tei. 

6. DeLeon, Tei., Oct. 2, 1892; >. C. R. 
and Laura (Neal) A.; reared on farm; 
m. Bertha Blumberg. Oct. Z7, 1917. 
B.S., Tex. A. & M. CoU.. 1914. 

Baade, Hermann Joseph, CO. agr). agt.. N^M, 

Princ. Wynnewood, Okla., high-sch.. 
1810-1; instr. sci.. Sweet Grass Co. high- 
sch., 1911-2; instr. sci. and math., ^n 
Diego Army and Navy Acad.. 1912-3; 
teacher sri. and agr.. Napa high-sch., 
1913-4; Napa Co. farm adv. and co.agt, 
1914-. b. tuUre. S. D., Sept. 6, 1887; 
t. Heinrich and Henrietta (Kuhlmann) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Carrie H. Tiaun; 
c. Hobt. Tisrin. B.S.,OkU. A.&M.CoII., 
1910; grad. woi^, Univ. Calif. 


Babcodt, EnM«t B^ prof, genetici. Univ. 
Calif.. Berkeley. CtB. 

Iiutr. Bgr., Loi Angeles State NdtiiibI 
Sch., I90S-T; instr. plant path., Univ. 
Calif., 1907-8; asat. prof. agrl. educ, 
1808-13; prof, genetics. 1913—. AuiJi.: 
Genetics in Helation to Agriculture, 1918 
(with Clausen). Mem, ed. com., Univ. 
Calil. pub. in agrl. sci. 6. Edgerton, Wis., 
Jul. 10, 1B7T; f. Emilius W. and Mary E. 
(Brown) B.; reared in small town; ni. 
Georria Bowen. June 24, 1908. B.S., 
Univ.Criif., 190e; M.S.,1911. Phi Bet* 
Kspp«; Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Babcock. Frank Ray, co. agri. agt, Crosby, 

Chg. cereal invest., Substa. Farm. 
Willislon, N. D., 1908-17. b. HasUngs, 
Mich.. Feb. 28, ISSi; t. Alva DeWayne 
and Alice Mary (Powers) B.; reared on 
farmi i«. Grada Loverna Kelsey, Nov. 10, 
1910. B.S.A., N. D. Agr. Coll., 1908. 

Babcock, Howard Edward, farm bur. dir., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Teach, agr., Albion high-sch., 1911-2; 
teach, biol.. Elmira high-sch., 1S12-9; 
agri. agt., Cattaraugus Co., 1913-1; agrl. 
agt., Tompkins Co., 1914-fi; asat. form 
bur. dir., 1916-7; dir.. 1017-; dir. Bur. 
Food Conservation, State Food Comn.. 
1917-. Fed. (arm help specialist for U. S. 
Dept. Agr. Sec. N. Y. Sute Fed. of 
Farm Bur. Asaoca. b. Gilbertsville, N. ¥., 
Feb. 2S, 1880; t. Howard W. and Mai? E. 
(Donahue) B,; reared on farm; m. Hilda 
W. Butler, Oct. 23, 1913; e. Howard E. Jr. 
B.S., Syracuse Univ., 1911. Delta Chi. 

agrl. agt.. 

Instr. chem., Cornell Univ., 187fi-7, 
I88I-2; chem., N. Y. Exp. SU., Geneva, 
I882-B; prof. agrl. chem.. Univ. Wis., 
1888-1913; ementus, 1913-; chief chem.. 
Wis. Erp. Sla., 1888-1913; asst. dir., 
1901-13. Fellow A. A. A. S. Developed 
the "Babcock test" for butter-tat. b, 
Bridgewater, N. Y., Oct. 82, 1843; .. 
Peleg B. and ComeVa (Scott) B.; m. May 
Crandall. Oct. 27, IHOe. A.B„ Tufts 
CoU., 1860; Ph.D., Univ. GoetUngen, 
1879; LL.D., Tufts Coll., 1901; Sc.D., 
Univ. WU.. 1917. 

BackleO, Myron Ansel, asst. prof. exl. serv. 

in soil fert., Ohio SUte Univ., Columbus,0. 

Presentposition,1911 — . 6. Medina. O.. 

Dec. 23, 18S6; t. Samuel and Melva M. 

BacktlTOBi, Jofan Fk 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Aaat. agron.. Miss. A. & M., Coll., 
1914-0; prof, agr., Bolton Coll., Bruns- 
wick. Tenn., 1919-7; present position, 
1917—. i. lUchton, Miss., May 31, 18S8; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Miss. A.&M. 

Asst. dairy dept., Univ. Wis., 1911-2; 
instr., 1912-0; present position, 1918—. 
6. Washington Co., WU.. Feb. 4, 1884; 
(. Nicholas and Helena (Bauer) B.; 
reared OD farm; nt. Anna Riesch, Nov. 20. 
1911 (d.l»12); 2d, Flora M.Brandenburg, 
Sept. 19. 1914. B.S.A., Univ. Wu., 1911, 
Alpha Zeta. 

Bier, Philip Jr., farmer, Dover, O. 

b. Dover, 0„ Sept, 28, 18T0; 5. Philip 
and Sarah A. (Welty) B.; reared on farm; 
flt. Anna L. Underwood, Mar. 3, 1898. 
B.S.A., Ohio sute Univ.. 1897. 

BMwcU, J. F., distr. agrl. agt.. College 
Station, Tes. 

Teach, rural schs., S yrs.; teach, math., 
high-sch.. Center, Tex,. 1 yr.: teach, agr., 
high-sch., Joaquin, 2 yrs. b. 'Gwinett« 
Co., Ga., Aug. 8, 1870; t. J. N. and Mary 
B.; reared on farm; m. Clara Duke, 
Sept. i, 1904, 

Bailey, Qyde H., assoc, prof. agrl. biochem,, 
Univ. Minn,, I'niversity Farm, St. Paul, 

Asat. in grain standardization, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1907-11; present poution, 
1911' — . b. Minneapolis, Minn,, Apr. 16, 
1887; «. Geo. W.and Sophie A, (McKenney), 
B.; reared in city; n. Annie L. Wilkins, 
June 20, 1010; c. Barbara Anne. B.S.A., 
N. D. Agr. Coll.. 1913; M.S., Univ. 
Minn., 1010. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Bailey, Ernest Winf eU, asst. prof. pom. and 
asst. chief pom. and plant-breeding, Univ. 
lU., Urbana, 111. 

Asst, instr. pom., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1908; 
instr, pom., Univ. 111.. 1909-11; assoc., 
1911-4; present position. 1914—. b. 
Worcester, Mass., Mar. 28, 1885; (.Henry 
Densmore and Ella Elizabeth (Ware) B.; 
reared on Farm and in city ; m. Edith Amy 


Bullock. Sept. 11,1910; e. Winfield Heoir, 
Muriel Eluabeth. B.S., Man. Agr. CoU., 
1908; BS., Boston Univ., 1908; M.S., 
Univ. 111., 1909; gnd. student. Umv. 
Calif., 1918. Signta Xii Kappa Sigma; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Bailey, libettr Hrdc, autb. and ed., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Prof. hort. and lands, gard., Mich. Agr. 
Coll., 188S-8; prof, bort., Cornell Univ., 
188S-190»: dean and dir.CoL. Agr., 1903- 
13, Awarded Veitchian Medal, Royal 
Hort Soc., 1898; chm. Roosevelt Comn. 
on Country Life, 1908. FeUow A. A. A. 
S., and Am. Acad, Arts and Sd.; mem. 
Am. Phil. Soc,, and Nat. Acad, Sd.; hon. 
ntem. Royal Hort. Soc, London, Hort. 
Soc. Norway, Japan Agrl. Soc., Hort. Soc. 
Japan, Ptea. Am. Nature-Study Soc.; 
pres. Am. Pom. Soc., 1917—. Anih.: 
Annals of Horticulture. 1889-93 (S vols.); 
Nur8ery-Book,1891;PUnt-Breeding, 1S99. 
rev. Stb ed. by A. W. GUbert. 191B; Sur- 
vival of the Unlike, 1890; Forcing-Book, 
189T; Priuciples of Fruit-Growing. 189T, 
rev. £Oth ed. 191fi; Principles of Agricul- 
ture, 1898; Evolution oF Our Native Fruits, 
1898; Lessons with Plants, 1898; First 
Lesw>ns with Plants, 1898; Botany, An 
Elementary Text for Schools, 1 900 ; Practi- 
cal Garden-Book, 1900 (with C. B. Hunn) ; 
Principles of Vegetable-Gardening, 1901; 
The Nature-Study Idea, 1908, rev, 3d ed. 
1909; Outlook to Nature, 190S, rev. 1911; 
The Sute and the Farmer, 1908; The 
Training of Farmers, 1909; Beginners' 
Botany. 1909; Manual of Gardening, 
1910 (founded on Garden-Making, first 
pub. in 1898); Farm and Garden Rule- 
Book, 1911 (founded on The Horti- 
culturist's Rule-Book, first pub, m 1889); 
The Country-Life Movement. 19U; York 
Sute Rural Problems I. 191S, II, 1915; 
The Holy Earth. 191S; Pmning-Manual, 
1916 (being 18tb ed. of Pruning-Book, 
first pub, 1898); Wind and Weather 
(verse), 1910; Universal Service, 1918; 
and others. Ed,, Cyclopedia of American 
Horticulture, 4 vols.; Cyclopedia of 
American Agriculture, 4 vols.; Standard 
Cyclopedia of Horticulture, vols,; 
Rural Science Series; Rural Text-Book 
Series; Rural Manual Series, b. S. 
Haven, Mich., Mar. IB, 1858; ». Liberty 
Hyde and Sarah (Harrison) B,; reared 
on farm; m. Annette Smith. June 9, 
1883; c. Sara May, Ethel Zoe. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1882; M.S., 1886; 

Bain, Jesse Bordctte, daJiy husb,, U. B, 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C, 

btstr. an. hush., Cornell Univ.. 1913-4. 
b. Kennedy, N. Y.. Mar. 27, 1889; i. 
AbntoaDdArviUaE. (Morse) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Edna Wallace Hare, Mar. 30, 
1910; e. Mary Burdette. A.B., Univ. 
Mich,, 1907. 

Beird, Harry Klrerudes, asst. prof, dairy 
ind., Univ. Calif., Davis, Calif. 

Sec.-treas. Weatem Dairy luitr, Assoc. 
h. Marquette. Kans., June 9, 1888; ». 
Clin Wilber and Lottie Charlotte (Bink) 
B.; reared on farm; m. ESdna May 
Beaulieu, June 4. 1018; c. Frederic Silver- 
sides. B.S.A., Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 
1911. Ka|^ Delta Phi. 

Baker, A. Flem, co, agrl, agt„ Elkton, Ky. 

b. near PlatU City. Mo,. Jan, 87, 1893; 

>.DillardaudMaryE.(Offutt)B.; reared 

on farm; ni. Grace Pearl Cooper, Apr, !A, 

1917. B.S.A,, Univ, Mo., 1917, 

Baker, Arthur Challen, ent, asst., Bur. Ent., 
U, S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Ed. Proceedrngs Ent. Soc of Washing- 
ton, b. Bellevirie, Ont„ Feb. S, ISSS; 
t. Jacob J. and Ida E. (Fitdi) B,; reared 
in town; m. Ruth Thornton Stoddard. 
1914; e. Wenona Jean. B.S.A,. Ont. 
Agr. Coll. and Univ. Toronto, 1911; 
Ph.D., George Washington Univ., 1918. 

Baker, Charles Waller, co. agrl. agt., 
Kingstree, S. C. 

b. Marion. S. C, Sept, 9. 1892; >. Jas, 
Robt. and Maty (Monroe) B.; reared 
on farm. B.S., Clemson Agr. Coll., 1914. 

Baker, Eraesl Leroy, co. agrl. agt., Batavia. 
N. Y, 

Farm manag-, 1909 — , Employed Adv. 

1912-7; agt., Genesee Co,, 1017—. 
b. New Hudson. N. Y., Feb. S, 1884; 
>. Benton H. and Carrie M. (Harris) B.; 
reared on farm; m, Ethel R. Brower, 
June, 19Ifi. B.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 1909. 

Baker, Herbert Jonalhan, dir. agrl. ext. 
serv.. Conn. Agr. Coll., Storrs, Conn. 

Asst. inatr. agron,, Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1911-2; sec, to dir. Mass. ^. SU., 
1911-9; asaL co. agt leader and farm 


nuuuig. dem., Hua. Agr. Coll., t911-5i 
present positiou, IQIJ — . Dir. fumera' 
mat. for Com). Mem. exec, com.. Am. 
Farm Msdi^. Anoc. 1015-6. b. Selby- 
ville, Del., Apr. 16. IBSA; i. Setb M. 
and Margaret B. (Holloway) B.; re&red 
on farm; m. Martba Chaplin Noyes, Oct. 
7. 1916; e. Jooathan Chaplin. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Coll. Kappa Sigma. 

Baker, John Oaik, assoc. chem., N. Y. Agr. 
Eip. SU., Geneva, N. Y. 

Prof. Ki.. N. Mei. Normal Dniv., 1810- 
3; asst. chem., Columbia Univ., 19JS-fl; 
present position, 1916—. Specialty, ei»y- 
me action, <lury chem. b, Ridgeway, la., 
Aug. II, 1S84; «. G. R. and E. Eitella 
(BoUes) B.: reared in country town; 
m. Maude E. Wimber, Aug. 9, 1911; 
e. Elizabeth Anne. B.S., Upper la. 
Univ., 1910; M.A., Columbia Univ., 
1915; Ph.D., 1916. Sigma Xi; Phi 
Lambda Upsiloa. 

Baker, OHver Edwin, agnrt.. Off. Farm 
Manag.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

b. Tiffin, O,. S^t. 10, I8S3; >. Edwin 
and Martha (Thomas) B.; reared in 
small town. B.Sc., Heidelberg Coll., 
Tiffin. O.. 1903; M.Sc., 1904; M.A.. 
Columbia Univ.. 1905; student Yale 
For. Sch., 1907-8; Univ. Wis., 1908-18. 

I K., prof, poultry busb., 
Umv. Sask., Saskatoon, Sask. 

Teach, public schs., 1002-3; rancher, 
MedicineHat,Alta, 1903-0; homesteader, 
WaMca, Saak.. 1900-13; asat. prot. 
poultry hush., Univ. Sask., 1913-0; 
prof., 1910—. 6. Trenton, Out.. Nov, 17, 
18T6; >. Wm. F. and Frances Anne 
(Funnel!) B.; reared on farm; m. Lena 
Myrtle McGee, Apr. 3, 1907; e. Bryan R., 
Constance R., Frances Beth, Wm. Her- 
bert. B.A., Univ. Man.. 1900. 

Baker, Wanen Sears, co. agrl. agt., Brock- 
ton, Mass. 

Instr. Bgron., summer sch., Mass. Agr. 
Coll., 1915; truck farmer, FU,. 1915-7. 
b. WoUarion. Mass.. Mar. 24, 1891; 
1. Cbas. Thatcher and Ruth Lillian 
(Ridings) B.; reared in town and on 
farm; m. Hannah Mary Griffin, Jan. 10, 
1916; c. Warren S. Jr. B.S., Mass. Agr. 
CoU.. 1914. 

Balcomb, EraesI EhrcD, head dept. rural 
econ., State Normal and Ind, Coll., 
Greensboro. N. C. 

State fertiliier insp.. Univ. Calif., 
1903-5; dept. agr., SUte Nonnal Sch., 
Weatherford,Okla., 1905-8; chg. dept. agr. 
tor public schs., Okla. A.&M. Coll.. 
190S-9; sUte lect. on agrl. educ. Neb. 
State Dept. Educ, 1909. Mem. Nat. 
CouncU Educ., N. C. Acad. Sd. Prea. 
Dept, Rural and Anl. Educ, Nat. Educ. 
Assoc.; sec. Nat. Com. on Agrl. Educ, 
yrs.; mem. com. to confer with Prei. 
Roosevelt on agrl. educ, 1908. b. Broom 
Co., N. v.. June 3, 1606; «. Francis and 
Lydia (Goodnoo) B.; reared on farm; m. 
Alona Wixson, Sept. 4, 1894. A.B., 
Stanford Univ.. 1903; grad, student. 
Harvard Univ.. Univ. Calif., Teadiers' 
Coll., Columbia Univ. 

Baldwin, Robert Janiea, dir. eit.. Midi. Agr. 
Coll., E. Lansing, Mich. 

Teach, sci.. Traverse City hirfi-sch., 
1907-9; asst. to Dean Agr.. Mich. Agr. 
Coll., 1910-3; eirt. dir., 1915—. b. Brown 
City, Mich., Oct. 31, 18S8; t. James and 
PrisinlU (Peart) B.; reared on farm; m. 
Bertha L. Van Orden; e. Dorothy Jane. 
Robert James Jr. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 

Bidl. Caileloa Rot. ceKalist in chg. Off. 
Cereal Invest, U. S. I>ept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Asst. bot.. U. State Coll.. 1896-8; asst. 
agrostologist, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1899-1906; 
agron., 1906-18. Felbw A.A.A.S. Sec. 
Am. Soc. Agron., 1909-14, prea.. 1916. 
6. Little Rock. la., June 12, 1873; ».Leroy 
Augustus and Mary (Mansfield) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Bertha F. Steward, 
June 14, 1904; e. Caro^ Steward, Robt, 
Steward. B.Sc, la. State Coll., 1896; 
M.Sc, 1899. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Ball. Elmer Daiwin. state ent.. State Capitol, 
Madison. Wis, 

Asst. tool, and ent., la. StaU Coll., 
1895-7; assoc. prof.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1897-1902; prof., Utah Agr. Coll.. 1002-7; 
dean Sch. Agr., dir. Eip. Sta.. 1007-17; 

Csnt position, 1917—. Fellow A.A.A.S. 
. Utah Aead. Sd., 1910; prea. Pacific 
Slope Assoc Econ. Ent.. 1917; pres. Am. 
Assoc. Econ. Ent., 1018. Mem. State 
Hort. Comn. of Utah; mem. State Bd. 
Horse Comnrs. of Utah. 6. Athena, Vt., 
Sc^t. 21, 18T0; i. Leroy A. and Mary 


(Muisfield) B.: reared on (arm; m. 
Mildred H. Noirell, June 14. 1899. B.S., 
la. SUle Coll.. 1895; M.S., 18B8; Ph.D.. 
Ohio State L'niv., 1907. Sigma Xi; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

BaUantrre, Alando B., co. agrl. agt.,Thatotier, 

Inatr. Utah Agr. Coll. and aupt. S. Utah 
Exp. Farm. 1910-4; co. agt. Utah Co., 
l&14-a-, agt. Gtaham-Greenlee Co.. Ariz., 
19ia— . b. Draper. Utah. Jul, 18. 1884; 
*. Richard Alando and Mary Ann (Stewart) 
B.; reared on farm and in town: m. Mary 
Ann Jones. Jul. 1. 1914; c. Imogen. 
AUndo J. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU., 1910. 

Ballard, □iaton Vede, co. agr). agt.. Iron 
Mountain, Mich. 

b. near Ithaca. Mich., Oct. «9, 1887; i. 
Cfaas. and Helen (Pierce) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Marjqrie George. Dec. 30. 1014; 
c. Mary Elizabeth, Marjorie Jean. Hobt. 
Cole. B.S.. Mich. Agr. Coll. 

Ballard, Waller BarmoDd, emergency dem. 
agt. and garden specialist. States Relations 
Serv.. College Park, Md. 

Asst. hort,, Md. State Exp. Sta., 1906- 
11; pom., lOli-8; present position. 
1018—. b. McLean Co., lU., May 8, 
1878; (.James H.andMina(Holcomb)B.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Kans. Stat« Agr. 
CoU., lOOS. 

Ballard, William Salisbur]', plant path.,fruit 
disease invests.. Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. 
Depl. Agr., Waahingt«u, D. C. 

b. Platteville. Wis., May 39, 1881; i. 
James H. and Elizabeth (Carpenter) B.; 
reared in town. A.B.. Univ. III. 1901. 
Sigma Xi. 

Balmer, Frank Evnelt, state co. agt. leader, 
Univ. Minn , University Farm, St. Paul, 

Farm manag., 1S06-9; dir. agr.. Lewis- 
ton Consolidated Schs., Minn.. 1900-11; 
princ. I^ Crosse Co, Sdi. Agr., Onalaska. 
Wis,. 19U-9; distr. superv. co. a^„ 
W, Cent. Minn., 1013-1; present position, 
1914—. b. Woodston, Kans,. Oct. a9, 
1883: «. Elmer D. and Mary (Jenks) B.; 
reared on farm; ni. Bertha Mabel East- 
man, Aug. iS, 1010, B.S., Kans. State 
Agr. Coll., lOOB. 

Bancrofl, Boss L., assoc. prof, soils. la, 
Sute Coll., Ames, la. 

Farm foreman, Univ. Wyo., lOlS-S; 

asst. prof. soUs, la. State Coll., 101S-7i 
assoc. prof., 1917—. b. GaTretlsviUe. C, 
Dec. 25, 1889; >. 0. L. and Flora M. 
(Clarke) B,i reared on farm. B.S., Univ. 
Wyo., 1914; M.S., la. StaU CoU., 1915, 
Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha ZeU; Phi 
Kappa Phi, 

Bane, Jnliet IJla, asat, prof, home econ., 
Wash. State Coll., Pullman, Wash. 

Dir. household arts, Y. M. C. A.. Omaha, 
Neb., 1912-4; instr. home econ.. Wash. 
Sute Coll.. 1914-S; asst. prof., 1915—. 
6. near Dana, III., Sept. 16, 1887; d. 
M, Milton and Florence (Clegg) B.; 
reared on farm. B,S„ Univ. lU., 1918; 
M.A.. Univ. Chicago. 1918. Gamma Phi 
Beta; Kappa DelUlH. 

Banks, Geor^ Hearlaill. co, agrl. agt., 
Newport, Ark. 

Agrst., Bollon Coll., Brunswick, Tenn., 
1914-5; princ. and agrst., bigh-sch., 
Villisca, la., 1915-7; agt. Jackson Co., 
Ark.. 1917—. In U. S. Navy, 1918—. 

b. Raines. Tenn., Feb. 16. 1805; i. Wm. 
Love and Lucy (Heartsill) B.: reared in 
city suburbs: m. Gertrude Alice Brodiick, 
Jul. 17. lOIT, B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1014. 

Banks, Kbg Lemuel, co. agrl. agt.. Walnut 
Ridge. Ark, 

b. Raines, Tenn., Jul. 4. 1894; *. Wm. 
Love and Lucy (Heartstill) B,; reared on 
farm; m. Hazel Davies, Apr. 16, 1917; 
c.onedauj?hter. B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1018. 
Sigma Phi Epulon. 

Banta, Lnlker, instr, poultry husb,, N. Y. 
State Sch. Agr.. Alfred. N, Y, 

Present position, 1916—. b. Amster- 
dam, N. ¥., Nov. f, 180S; ». Geo, S. 
and Minnie (Blood) B,; reared in town; 
m. Emily N. Johnson, Dec, S2, 1914; 

c. Elizabeth Marguerite. B.S., Cornell 
Univ., 1016. Sigma Pi. 

Barber, Berl. co. agrl agt., N, Platte, Neb, 
Expert in corn work for Argentine 
govt., ielS-6; farmer, 1916-7: co. agt., 
1018—. Sec. W. Neb. Improved Live- 
stock Breeders' Assoc., IB18; pres. 
Garden Co. Fair Assoc., 1017. Traveled 
in Europe, S. America, b. Lewellen, Neb., 
Oct. 18, 1889; I. F, H. and Carie E. 
(Clark) B.; reared on farm: m. Alice 
M. Birge. Apr. 15, 1916; c. Alberto. 
B,S.A.. Univ. Neb., 1912. Phi Delta 
Tbeta: Alpha Zeta. 


Baiker, Elmer Engcite, ssit. prof, plant- 
breeding, Cornell Univ., Itbscs, N. Y. 

Asst. geoi., Cornell Univ., 1910; asst. 
ent., 1911-2; asat. pknt-breeding. 1913-4; 
instr., 1914-6; asst. prof., 1915—. b. 
Crown Point. N. Y., Dec. 31. 1886; 
*. Elmer John and Harriet Barnes (Griggs) 
B.; reared on farm; n>. Sept. 4, 1910; c. 
Stephen Middleton. A.B., Cornell Univ., 
1910; Pfa.D., 1914. 

Buker, Joseph P., prof. sgrl. chem. and 
goils, Ohio State Univ., Colutnbiu, O. 
Instr. soils, la. State Coll., 1908-0; 
asst. prof, soils, 1009-11; agron., N. Y. 
Eip. Sta., Geneva, 1911-7; present por- 
tion. 1017—. b. Athens, O., Aug. IS. 
1884; I. Joseph and Harriet Amanda 
(Baker) B.; reared on farm; nt. Sophie 
Hargig, Jul. te, 1910. B.S.A., Ohio 
State Univ., 1908; M.S.A.. la. State 
CoU., 1010. Alpha ZeU. 

Barnard, Hurj Evnett, state food and 
drug comnr. and fed. food administrator 
for Ind., State House, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Asst. chem.. N. H. Eip. Sta., 1809; 
asst. chem,, XJ. S. Smokeless Powder 
Factory, Indian Head, Md., 1900-1; 
chem., N. H. SUte Bd. Health, 1901-5; 
chem., Ind. SUte Bd, Health, 1005—. 
state food and drug comnr,. 1907—; 
state comnr. weights and measures, 
1911 — ; food and drug inni. chem., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1W7— , Prea. Ind. 
Sanitary and Water Supply Assoc.; 
sec. Ind. branch, Nat. Conservation 
Assoc.. Am. Chem. Soc b. Dunbartoa. 
N. H., Nov. 14, 1874; i. Nelson H. 
and Celestia A. (Rider) B.; m. Marion 
Harvie,JunetW,ieoi; e. Harvie. Marion. 
B.S.. N.H,A.&M. Coll., 1899; Ph.D.. 
Hanover Coll.. 1913, 

Barnes, John R., fanner, WaUingford, Conn, 
Fruit-grower, 30 yrs.; nurseryman, 
is yrs. b. Cheshire, Conn.. May 80, 
1867; 1. James and Sarah E. (Pennewell) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Grace D. Pad- 
dodc; e. Helen Elizabeth, Delaphine 
Hall. Joel Paddock. Grad. Eastman 
CoU., 1884. 

Barnett, George Miah, co. agrl. agt., West- 

b. wlatmiAater. S. C. Dec. 1, 1887; 
». J. H. and Lucy Scott (Dickson) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Maude Cox, Oct. 30, 
1010, B.S., Clemson Agr, Coll., 1900. 

Old Slate House. Little Rock, i 

Manag, pUntation, luaquna Co.. Miss,, 
3 yrs.; agrl. adv. to Minister of I^nds 

, „ , .R.and 

<) B.; reared on farm; m. 

Alpha Marie Franks, Aug, 30. 1816; 
e. Johnnie, Maria. B,S,A.. Miss. A. b M, 
Coll., 1007. 

Barnett, Robert Jdm, prof, pom.. Wash. 
State Coll., Pullman, Wash. 

Asst. prof,. Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1906-11; asst. prof, pom., Wash. State 
Coll., 1911-4; prof., 1014—. b. Denison, 
Kans.. Jan, 16, 1ST4: *. James H. and 
Margaret (Linton) B.; reared on farm; 
ffl. Fbra Day. 1808; e. Dahy Baskett. 
B.S., Kans. SUU Agr. Coll., 1895; M.S.. 
1911; Kans. SUte Normal, 1806. Alpha 

Barnnm, Harry L«c, co, agrl. agt, lake 
City, Mich. 

Farm manag.. Charlevoix Co., Mich., 
1915-7; present position, 1917 — . b. 
Hopkins, Mich., May 15, 1887; *. H. W, 
and Caroline (Walter) B.; reared on 
farm; nt. Florence Aleiuuider, Jid. 3, 
1016; e. Emma Belle, Robt Alexander. 
B.S.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 1016. 

Barnwell, Benjamin Birdie, co. agrl, agt., 
Frogmore, S. C. 

Gardner, Chester, N. J., 1912; Whit- 
tord Lodge, Whitford. Pa.. 1913-4; 
teach, agr. and asst. farm manag., Penn 
Sch., 1914; manag. Fenn Sch. farm, 
1916-7; CO. agt.. Beaufort Co., S. C, 
1918—. 6. Frogmore, S, C„ Nov. 83, 
1893; s, Geo. and Lucinda (Atkins) B. 
(col); reared on farm. Grad. Hampton 

Barre, Henry Walter, die. Exp. SU„ Clem- 
son College. S. C. 

Field agt.. Neb. Insect Pest and Plant 
Disease Bur., 1907; assoc, prof. bot. and 
bact.. Clemson Coll.. 1007-8; bot. and 
plant path.. S. C. Exp. SU„ 1008-11; 

Erof. bot, and bad., Clemson Coll. and 
Dt. and phint path.. S. C. Exp. SU„ 
1011-^; (fir. S. C. Exp, Su.. 1916—. 
Mem. S. C. Crop Pest Comn. Attoc. ed., 
Phj-topathology. Speciality, cotton dis- 


beth Amanda (CaugbinaD) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Florenee Belle TillotMD, 
Feb. 16, 1910; e. Claude Bertram. B.S. 
Clemson Agr. CoU., 1003; B.S., Univ. 
Neb., IMTi M.A.. 1910. Alpha Zeta: 
Sigma Chi. 

Bancit, Charlea S., fanner, prea. N«t. 
Farmers' Union, Union City, Ga. 

Mem. Countr}^ Life Comn. appointed 
by Pres. Roosevelt; mem. Farm Adv. 
Bd., ^pointed by Houstun and Hoover; 
mem. com, to fix wbeat price, appointed 
by Pres. Wilson. I>el. to Inter. Agtl. 
Inst., Rome, Italy. Ed., National Field. 
b. Pike Co., Ga.. Jan. S8, 186S-, i. Thos. 
J. and Minerva (Slade) B.; reared on 
farm; tn. Alma Rucker, 1SB8; e. Paul, 
Charlie, Howell, Leland, Gaines, lobn. 

Barrett, Jamei TheopliQas, proF. plant pstb., 
Univ. Calif. Grad. Sch. Trop. Agr. and 
Citrus Exp. Sta., Riverside. Calif. 

Asst. bot.. III. Eip. Sta.. 1909-8; fellow 
and grad. asst. bot., Cornell Univ., 190S- 
10; assoc. bot., Univ. 111. and chief asst., 
Exp. Sta.. 1910-3; present position, 
1913—. AtKH!. ed.. Phytopathology, b. 
BuUer. HI., Nov. U, 1ST6; (. Jesse Clark 
and Emma (Hutehinson) B,; reared on 
farm; m. Anne Turner, June. 1904; c. 
Jamefl Turner, Mary Helen, Marlba Anne, 
Paul Hutchison. B.A., Univ. Dl., ISOS; 
A.M., 1007; Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1910. 
Sigma Xi. 

Barrett, Otis Wanen, agr*t.,U.S, Dept. Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

With W. India Improvement Co., 
Jamaica, 18B4; bon. curator ent. collec- 
tions of the Museo de la Comiaion Geo- 
grafico-Etploradora, Tacubaya, Mei., 
189B-1900; ent. and bot., Porto Rico Exp. 
Sta.,1901-S; plant introducer, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 190S-8; dir. agr. for Mowimbique, 
Port E. Africa, lOOS-10; chief divs. exp. 
stas. and hort.. Bur. Art., Manila, P. 1., 
1910-*; bort.. Canal Zone, 1914-7. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Expert on carbon 
procurement, Med. Dept. S.G.O., War 
Dept. 6. N. CUircndon, Vt., Apr. IB, 
IB78; ». James and Alice Warren 
(Kelley) B.; reared on farm; nt. Bessie 
Steams, Apr. W, 1898. B.Bc., Univ. Vt., 
1890. Kappa Sigma. 

Barringer, Benton Elwood, instr. agr,, Dans- 
ville, N. Y. 
Teach, distr. schs., 1910-8; inatr. agr.. 

hi^>-Bch., DaniviUe. N. Y., 1915—. b. 
Oramel, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1899; *. Frederick 
G. and Ines (Crawford) B.; reared on 
farm. B.S,, Cornell Univ.. 191S. 

Bainm, John H,, asat. prof, farm crops, 
ComeU Oniv,, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. expl. agron., Penn. State Coll., 
1907-0; farmer, N. Y. sUte, 1909-11; 
agt., Broome Co., N. V., 1911-3; prcaent 
position, 1914—. b. Tuscarora, N. Y., 
June 28, 1S83; «. MUton M. and Alide A. 
(Hall) B.; reared on farm; m. Marion 
Irene Mitchell, Dec. 80, 1916; c. Vincent 
John. B.S.A,, ComeU Univ,, 1906. Sigma 

Barron, Leonard, ed. Garden Magaune, 
Doubleday Page & Co., Garden City, 

Asst. ed. Gardeners' Chronicle, London, 
England, 18BS-98; ed. American Garden- 
ing, 1893-5; manag. ed,, Garden Maga- 
zine,1905-n; ed.,19Il— . ,^uM,.- Lawns 
and How to Make Them, 1906; Roses and 
How To Grow Them, 1905. b. Chiswick, 
England, Sept. 29, 1868; (. Archibald 
Farquharson and EUnor M. (Ayr«s) B.; 
raistMl in gardens of Royal Hort. Soc. ; tn. 
Effie Maude Robinson, 1896; c. Eric 
Stuart, Dorothy Enid. Student Birkbeck 
Inst., London. 

Barrows, EUuiy Percy, prof. agrl. educ., Ore. 
Agr. Coll.. CorvalUs, Ore. 

Instr.agr., higfa-sch., Nephi, Utah, lyr'! 
instr. agr, and sci,, bigh-Bcb., Box Elder, 

Calit., 1 yr.; asst. prof. agrl. educ, Univ. 
Utah, e moB.; asst. and specialist agrl. 
educ, U. S. Dept. Agr., 3 yrs. Ed., Agri- 
cultural Education Monthly, b. Ogdeo, 
Utah, June 19, 1883; «. Harry Morton and 
Elizabeth (Brewer) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Effie Smith, June 19, 1007; c. Percy 
Smith, Effie Elisa. B.S.A., Utah Agr. 
Coll., 1910; M.S., George Washington 
Univ., 1917. DelU TheU Sigma. 

path., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, 1 

Asst. plant path., Cornell Univ., 1908- 
10; instr. 1910-1; ext. asst. prof., 1911-4; 
eit. prof., 1914—. AiOh.: (with A. W. 
Gilbert and Daniel Dean) The PoUto, 
1917. b. Forertville, N. Y„ Mar. 17, 
1879; a. Orrin Mortier and Nettie E. 
(Fuller) B.; reared on farm; m. Delia 
Wintrode, Sept. 17. 1910; 


Ana, Benjamin W.. !»b>rticr F.. Merton S. 
B.A.. Wabash Coll.. 1908; Ph.D., ComeB 
Univ., 1911. PhiBeuKappai SigmaXii 
Gamma Alpha. 

Bans, Howard PliilUps, pn>f. hot. and plant 
path.. Ore. Agr, Coll., CorvallU. Ore. 

Austin teaching Tellow in iMt.. Harvard 
Udiv., 1909-101 instr. bot.. Wash. State 
Coll.. 1910-2; asat. prof. bot. and plant 
path., Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1918-9; tuaoc. 

frof., 1919-fl; prof., 1915—. Pres. 
acific Div., Am. Phytopath. Soc., 1917; 
fellow A. A, A. S. ; commr. for West, War 
Emergency Bd. Am. Plant Pathologists, 
1919—; chm. Conference Cereal Path. 
Am., 1913. Aitoc. ed.. Phytopathology, 
1917—. 6. Tictoria. B. C, Apr. 20, 1884 
(naturalizedin 1906); «. Walter and Mary 
Fidelia (Phillips) B.-, reared in dty; n. 
lAUra A. Hawks. June 29. 1911; e. 
Richard Hawks, Roger Phillips. A.B.. 
Univ. Rochester, 1907; M.S.. Harvard 
Univ., 1909. Phi BeU Kamw; Alpha 
Delta Phi; Gamma Sigma DelU. 

Bartlett, Isaac NhIob, ra>. agrl. agt,. Middle- 
bury, Vt. 

b. Middle Granville. N. V.. Oct. 8, 1895; 
I. David and Ida (Norton) B.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Univ. Vt- 1917. Alpha 
Zeta; Sigma Nu. 

Bartlett, James Mimroc. chem., Exp, St»., 
Orono, Me, 

Analytical chem., Penn. State Coll.. 
1883-6. b. Litchfield, Me., Sept. iS, 
IBSS; «.JamesandSarahJane(Towne)B.; 
reared on farm: m. Ssrab Caroline 
PattangaU, Dec. 2, 1889: c Emily M., 
Louise, Edwin, Burton E.. Frances D., 
Edmund H. B.S., Univ. Me.. 1880; 
M.S., 1883. Phi Gamma DelU. 

Barton, Horace, prof. an. husb., Macdonald 
Coll., Que. 

Asat. an. husb., Macdonald Coll., 
1907-8; lect., 1908-10; prof., 1910— . Dir. 
E. Canada Live-Slock Assoc. Traveled 
in Europe, ISIS. b. Vauklech Hill. Ont., 
June 29, 1889; «. Jobn M. and Margaret 
Ann (Allen) B.; reared on farm; nt. 
Mabel Pauline Loveridge. Jul. 23, 1912. 
B.S.A., Ont. Agt. Coll. and Toronto Univ.. 

Bascom, D. C, co. agrl. agt.. Fort Collins, 

Sec. Coll. Y.M.C. A.. Fort Collins, Colo., 
1910-2; agrl. agt., Logan Co., Colo., 
1918-6; fieldnutn, Great Western Sugar 

Co.. Sterling, Colo., 19Iff-8; preaent posi- 
tion. 1918—. 6. Howard, Kans., Nov. II, 
1885; «. Samuel J. and Olive J. (Longley) 
B.; reared on farm; n. Alma M. Thomp- 
son, Aug. 8S, 1911; c. Elizabeth May. 
B.S, Kans. SUte Agr. Coll.. 1910. 

Baasett, Charles E., specialist in coop, 
organixation. Bur. Markets, U. S. D^t. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Supt. Bchs., 7 yr«. Fruit-grower, Fenn- 
ville. Mich,, 1898-191S. Sec. Mich. State 
Hort. Soc., 1898-1913. Ed.. Allegan 
Record and Fennville Herald. 81 vrs. 
b. Allegan. Mich.. June 4, 1864; f. Ehsha 
B. and Anoe (I«wmice) B.; reared in 
town and countiy; m. Carrie E. Kinssley, 
Sept. 1, 1892; c. Harcia. Mast, Hort. 
(hon.), Mich. Agr. CoU., 1918. 

BMsett, Sannd Oay, farmer. Gibbon, Neb. 
Mem. Neb. Le^ature, 1885. 1911. 
Food comnr., 1901-8. Mem. Neb. SUU 
Bd. Agr., 1894-1910, pres., 1890-1000; 
1st pres. Neb. Dairymen's Assoc., 1885, 
sec., 1888-1914; pres. Neb. State Hist. 
Soc., 1917-8; sec. Buffalo Co. Agrl. 
Soc., 1875, 18B8-S; pres. Neb. Hall of 
Agrl. Achievement, 1910-8. Served in 
Civil War. Auth.: History Buffalo County 
Neb., 1018. fc. Walton, N. Y., Jul. 14, 
1844; *. Ckrk and Maiy M. (Hanford) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Lucia M. Baker, 
Sept. 17, 1867; c. Mary E., Clark S., 
Sam B., Alfred Bronsoo, Martha L., 
June, Laura Lee. Grad. Coming Acad., 

iug. Univ. Calif., Riverside, ( 

Asst. hort.. Cornell Univ., 1907-10; 
prof, hort., Utah Agr. CoU., 1910-5; 

6 resent position, 1915—. Mem. Utah 
lort. Comn., 1910-S. Contributing 
ed.. Better Fruit and Utah Farmer. 
6. W. Upton. Mass., May 8, 1884; *. 
Henry J- and Margaret EliEal>eth (Mc 
Coomb) B.; reared on farm; m. Florence 
M. Brown, Sept. 4, 1918; c. Margaret 
Elizabeth. B.S., N. H. A.&M. Coll.. 
1907; Ph.D., Cornell Univ.. 1911. Kappa 
Sigma; Gamma A^ha; Alpha Zeta. 

Batten, E. T., aupt, co. exp. sta., Holland, 

Co. Farmers' Union, b. Smithfield, Va., 
Apr. S, 189S; *. E. K. B.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Va. Poly. Inst. 



Banmeister, Gmr^c Frederick, • 

agt., Preeport, HI. 

Princ. graded Bch.. Wis- 1910-8; 
instr. agr. and biol., William and Vaahti 
Coll., 1914-8. 6. Boscabel. Wii., June 2. 
1889; (. David and Magxie (Campbell) 
B.i reared on rarm; ni.Helen Gillette, 

Xfplia Zeta." 

Bananun, Robert Olis, co. agrl. agt, 
Newark, Del. 

Ami. ext., Purdue Univ.. 1914^; 
Duutag. govt, fum, Marion. Ind., ISIfl-T. 
b. DaytoD, Ind., Jul. 3, 1801; i. Andrew 
and Martha B.; reared on farm. B.S.A., 
Pindue Univ., 1914, Alpha Gamma Rbo. 

Bayard, Edwin Slanloii, ed. National 
Stockman and Farmer, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Present pasition, 1805—. Prea. Penu. 
Breedera' and Daiiymeu's Assoc. Trus- 
tee Fenn. SUte Coll. b. new Kingston, 
O., Dec. 13, 1867; i. Samuel Peter and 
Martha E. (Lutz) B.; reared on farm; 
nt. Marj' Virginia Kerr, 1903; e. Samuel 

Bayliss, Edwin John Charles, asit. market- 
ing daily products, Bui. Markets, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

b. St. Paul, Minn.. Jan. 7, 1895; i. 
Daniel and Emma (Koch) B.; reared on 
farm. B.S„ Ore. Agr. Coll., lOlT. Theta 

Beach, Bcmie F^ co. agrl. agt.. Hart, Mich. 
b. Millington, Mich., Nov. 88, ISSli 
I. Frank E. and Carrie E. (Bostiek) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Lorena M. Fuller, 
Aug. 21, 19ie. B.S., Midi. Agr. Col).. 

Beach, Charles Lewis, pres. Conn. Agr. 
Coll., Storts. Conn. 

Instr. dairying. Conn. Agr. . Coll., 
1B06-19O6; prof, dairying, TJniv. Vt., 
1906-8; present poution, 1008 — . b. 
Whitewater. Wis.. Apr. 6. 18M; t. Chas. 
R. and Mary Jennette (Lewis) B.; reared 
on farmi nt. E. Louise Crombie. 1896. 
B.S., Univ. Wis.. 18B6. 

vice^ean agr., la. State Coll.. Ames. la. 
Head dept. kort, Tex. A. & M. Coll., 
1800-1; hort., N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta., 
Geneva, 1891--190A; present position, 
1805—. Prea. la. Stata Hort. Soc. 

Fellow Royal Hort. Soc. Auth..- The 
Apples of New York (2 vols.). 1905. 
b. Summer HiU, N. Y.. Sept. IS, 1600; 
I. I. A. and Maria (Wood) B.-, reared in 
village, town andfarm; m. Norma Hainer, 
Jul. 2. 1800; e. Spencer Isaac, Frank 
Hainer, Julius Eugene. Spencer Ambrose 
Jr., Victor Hainer. B.S.A., la. Sute 
Coll.. 1887; M.S.. 1892. Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Beach, Waller Grceawood, prof, social sd. 
and dean coll. sci. and arts., Wash. State 
Coll., Pullman. Wash. 

Prof, philosophy and hist.. Marietta 
CoU. for Women, 1892-8; prof. econ. 
and hist.. Wash. State Coll., 1890-1910; 
prof, sociol., Univ. Wash., 1010-7; present 
position, 1017 — - Special attention to 
rural sodol. 6. Granville. O.. May «0. 
1S68; t. David Edwards and Alice (Allen) 
B.; reared in town and country; m. 
Flora V. Warner, Dec. 28. 1892; c. 
Susan Elisabeth, Walter Edwards, Rachel 
Julia, Allen Warner. A.B., MariettaColL. 
1888; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1891; A.M., 
1802; student Stanford Univ.. 1808-0. 
Delta UpsUon. 

BeaU Ahria Case?, prof, flor., Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Foreman hort. dept., Ill, Exp. SU., 
1898-9; foreman agrl. greenhouses, 1000- 
1; asst. hort., 1001-2; asst. flor., 10O»-3; 
instr. flor., lOOS-8; first asst. flor., 1908-9; 
grad. asst. flor., Cornell Univ., 1009-10; 
asat. prof. 1911-8; prof. 1913—. Sec. 
III. State Florists Assoc., 1908; sec. 
Am. Gladiolus Soc.. 1017—. chm. 
cum. on flor. courses, Soc. Hort. Sd., 
1913^. Brev. Capt. HI. Nat. Guard. 
6. Mt. Vernon, lit., Nov. SO, 1872; *. 
Lewis N. and Sarah M. (Casey) B.; 
reared on farm; m, Ervilla B. LeFevre. 
Dec. 31, 1S09; e. Elizabeth. B.S., 
Univ. III., 1897; M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1003; Ph.D.. 1911. agmaXi. 

Beal, John Mann, prof. hot. and for.. Miss. 
A. & M. Coll., Agricultural College, Miss. 
Instr. bot.. Miss. A. & M. CoU., 1911-3; 
asst. prof., 1913-5; prof. bot. and for., 
1915—. 6. RocW Mt.. N. C, Apr. 18, 
1888; *. John C. and Mary Caroline 
(Edwards) B.; reared on farm; m. Anna 
McBee. June 3, 1014; c. John M. Jr. 
B.S., N. C. A. 4 E. Coll., 1911; M.S.. 
Miss. A. k M. CoU., 1913. Alpha ZeU; 
Kappa Alpha. 


Beal. W«lt« Henrr, diief editorwl dir^ 
States ReUtioiu Serv., U. S. Dept 
Agr.. WasbingtoD. D. C. 

Ami. chein., Mms. Eip. St»., 1887- 
91; specialist is agri. research aad 
editorial work, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1B91— . 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Del. from U. S. 
Dept. Agr. to l]it«ni. Congress of Agr., 
Li^e, Betgium, 1903. b. Hanover Co., 
Va., Dec. 0, 186T; i. Joho and Charlotte 
(Ellett) B.; reared on farm; m. Eleanor 
GiUiss Ashby, Apr. 87. IfllO; c. Walter 
H. Jr., Eliiabeth Ashby, Anne Ashb;. 
A.B. and M.E.. Va. Poly. Inat.. 1BS5. 
Pb) DelU Th«ta. 

Bear, Krmaa E., ^«f. soils, Ohio State 
Univ., Columbus, O. 

Instr. agrl. chem,. Otuo Slate Univ., 
1908-10; aast. prof., 1910-3; prof, soils and 
chg. BoU invest.. Univ. W. Va., 19I*-a; 
preseat position, 1916 — . Studied agrl, 
conditions in Europe, summer 1011. 

b. Germantown, O., I^y Bl, 18M; t. 
Irs F. and Emma (Harris) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Helen Judy. July 6, 1011; e. 
Firman E. Jr. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ.. 
1908; M.S.. 1010; Ph.D., Univ. Wis.. 
1017. Sinns Xi; Alpha Zeta; Phi 
Lambda Upsilao. 

Beatlie, James Herbert, asst. hort., Bur. 
Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 

With Bur. Bnt.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
1004-6; Bur. Soils. IBOS-12; Bur. 
Plant Ind., 1018—. 6. Zaneiville, O., 
June 4, 1882; i. Johnston and Mary 
(McCammon) B.; reared od farm; m. 
Susan Annette Mohler, Dec. 20, 1006; 

c. May, Isabelle. B.Sc.. Obb SUte 
Univ., 190*. 

Beattie, RoDa Kttt, chief path, insp., 
Fed. Hort. Bd., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Wasb- 
bffton, D. C. 

Teach, sci,. high-sch.. Leadville. Colo., 
1806-7, Cheyenne. Wyo.. 1808-0; instr. 
hot.. Wash. State CoU., 1809-lOOS; 
acting prof, and head dept. hot. and 
lool., ie03-S; prof, and head dept. bot., 
1005-12; for. path., Bur. Plant Ind.. 
1912-4; present position. 1014—; insp. 
in che.. Mei. Border Port Insp., 1017—. 
b. Ashland, O., Jan, 14, 1873; (. James 
Aleiander and Margaret Davidson (Ben- 
Ion) B.; reared in town; tn. Rose Moiee, 
Aug. IB 1900; c. Lois Beryl. A.B., 
Cotner Univ., 1895; B.Sc., Univ. Neb., 

1806; M.A., 1898. ™_ „ , r ana 
[Beavers, J. L ., p ■ 800. 

BediteL John Rrifl, asst. prof. veg. gard.. 
Penn. State Coll.. State College, Pa. 

Asst. hort., Penn. State Coll., 1013-4; 
instr., 1014-7; aast. prof. veg. gard., 
IB17— . Sec. Penn. Veg. Growers' Assoc., 
1014-e. b. Boyersford, Pa., Dec. 28, 
ISBO; t. John L and Martha (Rati) B.; 
reared on form; m. Zelma Jane Bartow, 
June 19, leiS; e. Jane Bartow, John 
Edward. B.S., Peon. Stele Coll., 1013; 
M.S.. 1917. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Beck, Robert VHUiam, co. agrl. agt.. Mc- 
Crory. Ark. 

Teach, sci.. Paragould hi^i^ch.. Ark., 
1815-fl; agt. Woodrufl Co., 1017—. 
6. PocateUo, Ida., Aug. 24. 1890; ». Robt. 
and Coral Amy (Chamberlain) B.; reared 
OD form; m. Stella Aldel May, Jul. 28, 
1011; e. Stella May, Robt. Wm. Student 
Univ. Ark., tH yrs. 

Stele Coll. Agr., College Park. Md. 

Teach, hort., Chicago Parental Sch., 
1004-6; asst. prof, hort., Univ. Me., 
1007-8; assoc. prof. hort.. Md. Stete 
Coll. Agr., IBOO-IS; prof. pom.. lOlS— . 
Del. Pan American Sci. Congress. Wash- 
ington, lOie. b. Osbom, Wis,, Feb. 8. 
1S81; ■. Joseph and Frederickie (Zinn) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Mary Lillian 
Wbeatley, June fl. 1917. B.S.A., Univ. 
Wis., 1904: MS.. 1907; grad. student. 
Cornell Univ.. 1908-0. 

Becker, Gi«rtt Grover, prof, ent., Univ. 
Ark.. Fayetteville, Ark. 

Instr. and asst. ent., Univ. Ark., 
1910-3; aast. prof, and ent. Exp. SU.. 
1013-8; prof.. 1018— : stete ent, 191S—. 
b. Baltimore, Hd.. Feb. 2. 1889; *. Chas. 
R. and Mary A. D. (MiddendorO B.; 
reared in city, farm in summers. B S.. 
Md. Agr. CoU., 1008; B.S.A.. Cornell 
Univ.. 1010. 

Becknun. Frederick William, prof. agrl. 
journalism and ed. buUelins, la. Stete 
Coll., Ames, la. 

City ed.. Sioux City Journal, la., 1902; 
ed. Council Bluffs Duly Nonpareil, 
1002-3; manag. ed., Des Idoines Regis- 
ter & Leader. 1903-9; ed. Sunday Maga- 
cine Syndicate, 1900-10; assoc. ed., 
pea Moines Register & Leader, 1010-1; 
instr. agrl. journalism, la. Stete Coll., 
1011-9; prof., 1012—; ed. publications, 
la. Exp. Ste., 1011—. Pies. Am. As«>e. 


AgT. CoU. Editore, 1916; adr. Am. 
Amoc. Agr. Coll. Mag., 1915—; mem. 
State Exec. Com,, I«. Y. M. C. A., 1914—. 
t.CUyton,Ift..Sept,6,lS73; ..HennaoF. 
and Louise (Kurdlemeyer) B.; reared id 
village and on (arm; nt. Anna McCul- 
lou^. June IS, 1901 1 c. Richard W., 
Elisabeth Louise, Ph.B., Univ. la., I8S7. 
Phi Kappa Phii Alpha Zeta; Delta 
Sigma Bhoi Sigma Delta Chi. 

Beckwitb, Theodore Dajr, bact.. Ore. Exp. 
SU.. Copvallis, Ore. 

Sd. ttMt., V. S. Dept. Agr., 1904-7; 
bact.. N. D. Agr. Coll. and Exp. Sta., 
1907-11; present position, 1911—. Pel- 
low A. A. A. S, Mem, Ore. Rabbit 
Conm. Operator dairy and fruit farm. 
b. Utica, N. Y.. Dec. 8, 187»: », Theodore 
Geo. and Jane Sophia (Da^) B.; reared 
in town; m. Cornelia Mana Lyon. June 
28, I9I0; c. Josephine Day, Jane Crosby. 
Stephen Lyon, Theodore Day Jr. B.S.. 
Hamilton Coll., 1904; M.S., 1907. Phi 
BeU Kappa; DelU Upsilon; Alpha ZeU. 

Bedford, Scott E. Waiiani, assoc. prof. 
sociol., TIniv. Chicago, Chicago, III. 

Friuc. acad.. Baker Univ., 190£-8 and 
prof, hist.; prol. sodol,, Miami Univ., 
1907-10; asst. prof., Univ, Chicago, 
lBlO-6; assoc. prof,. 1910—, Sec.-treas. 
Am. Sociol. Soc. 1918—, Specially mter- 
ested in mmiicipal and rural sociol. 
AtOk.: Labor Legislation in Kansas, laOA; 
Modem Cities, leii. Editorial bd„ Am- 
erican Journal of Sociology. Traveled 
in Europe, b. Winterset, la., Mar. 8, 
lB7d; (. Winfield S. and Jennie (Wilmore) 
B.; reared in town; m. Gussie Taggart. 
A.B., Balcer Univ., 1902; A.M., 1903; 
L.H.D., Univ. Vt., 1911; grad. work. 
Univ. Chicago, 190S-7. Delta Tau Delta. 

Becson, Malcolm Alfred, prof, agron. and 
agron, Exp. Sta., Olda, A. k M. Coll.. 
Stillwater, Okla. 

Prof. Bci., E, Miaa. Female Coll.. 
Meridian, 1900-1; pres. and owoer of 
Meridian Male Coll., 1903-13; co-prca,. 
Meridian Coll., 1913-4; present position, 
1914 — . Mem. com, soils for Nat, 
Conservation Congress, 1918, Sec.-treas, 
Okla. Seed Growers' Assoc, b. Gadsden, 
Ala,, June 20, 1879; >. Wm. Baker and 
Mary Ann (Sebirt] B.; reared on farm; 
m. Effie Harrison, Jul; 14, 1904; e. 
Eve!yn,Wilhelmina,Wm. Malcolm. B.S., 
Ak. Poly. Inst., 1900; D.Sc., Meridian 

BeU, N. Eric, co. agrL agt., Greenville, Ala. 
Asst. agrl. chem., Univ. lU., 100«-7; 
Ala. Poly. Inrt., 1B07-10; chief surveyor 
and inap., Ala, Soil Survey, 1910-7; 
eo. agt.. 1917—. 6. Lenoir Co,, N. C, 
Mar. 17. ISSQ; ». Jas. H. and Mary 
John (Rouse) B.; reared on farm and in 
small town; m, Liunle Wright, Apr. 18, 
1911. B.S.. N. C. A. & M. Coll.. 1906, 

BeU, Robert Harry, co, agrl. agt.. Williams- 

Asst. hort.. Penn. State Coll., 1910-1: 
practical work, 1911-2; asst eipl. pom., 
Penn. SUte Coll., 1912-4; agt,, Lycoming 
Co,, Pa„ 1914—. b. Neff's Mills, Pa., 
Jan. 20, 1881 ; t. G. W. and Anna (Gettis) 
B.; reared on Farm; in. Ethel I. Early, 
Apr. IS, 1B13; c, Geo. Early, Margaret 
Ann. Wm. Gettis, B.S.A.. Penn. State 
CoU.. 1810. Alpha Zeta: Phi Kappa Rii. 

Bemies, Charles O.. nunister. Y. M. C. A., 
124 E, 28th St.. New York City. 

Physical dir., public schs., McKecs- 
port. Pa., I8B4-7; pastor rural church. 
McClennandtown. Pa.. 1901-17; in re- 
construction work in Russia, 1918 — . 
Auth.: The Country Town Churdi. b. 
Vt., Mar, 19, 1867; reared in dty; 
m. Lina Stracke, May 1891; e. Carl L., 
Clifton S. D.D., Geneva Coll., 1017. 

Bender, Wilbnr H., state dir. voc. educ. and 
superv. voc. agrl. educ., Des Moines, la. 
Teach, rural scha,, 0., 1881-3; princ. 
and aupt, schs,, la., 1886-9, 1890-8, 
1893-7; dir. dept. of truning in teaching, 
la. State Teach. Coll.. 1897-1919; asst. 
prof. agrl. educ, la. State Coll.. 1913-4; 
assoc. prof. agrl. educ. Univ. Minn., 
1914-8; present position, 1918—. Avih.: 
The Teacher at Work, 1902; Geography 
of Iowa, 1908. b. Williams Center, 0., 
Apr. 19. 1860; *. Daniel and Nancy 
(Ksher) B.; m. Eva Tomlinson, Aug. 8, 
1889. B.Di., la. State Normal Scb., 
1888; M,Di.. 1890; Ph.B., Univ. la., 
1895; B.S. in Agrl. Educ, la. State Coll., 
1914. Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Sigma 

Benedict, Mntray Reed, co. agrl. agt.. 
Mankato. Minn. 

Agrl. instr., Boscobel, Wis., 1013-4; 
Aurora, Minn,. 1914-7; asst. dairy 


huib., Univ. IH., winter, lflir-8. 6. 
Neillsville, Wis., Jan. 23> 19B2; *. Julius 
S. and Celis Ruth (lUecl) B.; reued on 
fann; m. Elisabeth Tucker. Ang. 16, 
1916. B.Sc., Univ. Wis., 1016. Alpha 

__-j, NeU Angiut, (»f*f, seogTaphy and 

conservation, Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Princ. high-Bch., St. Paul, Neb., 1903; 
inatr. geography, Peru Nonnal Sch., 
1904-6; assoc. prof, geography, Univ. 
Neb., 190B-18; present porition. 1917—; 
auoc. dir. Neb. Soil Survey, 1915—. 
Treas. Nat. Council of Geography Teach- 
ers. Auth.: Physical Geography Manual, 
1912; The Wheat Industry, 1916. Far- 
mer, 3 yrs. b. Morkhult, Sweden, May 
M, 187B (naturaliied 1895); ». Aug. and 
(Haimah Johnson) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Iva Maxcy, June 11. 1902; c. Juanita 
L., Paulus A., Howena V. A.B.. Univ. 
Neb., 1907; A.M., 1908. Sigma Xi; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Beniamin, Earl W„ asst. prof, poultry 
busb., ComeU Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instr. poultry hush., Cornell Univ., 
1918-1; aiat. prof., 1915— . Asst. poultry 
dept.. N. Y, StaU Fair. 6. Almond, 
N. Y.. Oct. 10. 188B; *. Olney T. and Ada 
B. (Whitney) B.; reared on farm; m. 
Eva I. Hollister, Jul. £1. ISlfi; e. Roger 
OUiey. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., IBll; 
M.S.A-, 1912; Ph.D., 1811. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Bcnnei, Jamea Williaiii, aait. prof. vet. 
med., Micb. Agr. Coll., E. Lansmg, Mich. 
Vet. practice, 1911'-i; instr. vet. med., 
Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 1911-7; present 
position, 1917—. 6. Hamlin, Kana., 
June 21, 1887; *. Harry M. and Muy S. 
(Swartley) B.; reared in town and on 
farm; m. De Nell G. Lyon, Sept. 11, 
1912; c. David Lyon. D.V.M., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll., 1911. Alpha Pu. 

Bennctch, Paol BomberScr, co. agrl. agt., 
Newton. N. J. 

Asst. dury busb., Penn. Sute Coll.. 
1009-10; tamj supt.. Ellsworth, F«.. 
1910-2; instr. an. busb., N. Y. State 
Sch. Agr., Canton, 1912-^3; prof. diUry 
busb., W. Va. Univ., 191S-6. 6. New- 
manstown. Pa., Oct. 27. 188fi; : John H. 
and Ebsa (Bomberger) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Elva Elizabeth Straley, Oct. 
20, 1013. B.S.A.. Penn. State CoU., 

Bennett, Hn^ Huninond, soil sci. and itup. 
Southern Div., U. S. Soil Survey, Dept. 
Afp;., Washington, D. C. 

Farmer near Wadesboro, N. C-. S yrs. 
Mem. govt, eiplonug party to Aladu; 
mem. com. sent to I^iaama by Pres. 
Taft. In Engin. Corp, U. S. Army. 
1919—. 6. Wadesboro. N. C. Apr. 16, 
1881; t. W. O, and Rosa (Hammond) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Edna AfcCue, 
1907 (d. 1900]; c. Sarah Edna. B.S., 
Univ. N. C, 1903. Phi DelU Theta. 

Bcnaon, Edirin Freeland, comnr. ot agr., 
and pres. Wash. State I^nd Settlement 
Assoc., Oiympia, Wash. 

Farmer and stodc-raiser, Wash.. 1 888-^. 
Probate judge. Lincoln Co.. 1881-7. 
Pres. Wash. brig. Inst., 1918—.; former 
mes. Wash. Live-stock Assoc., Wash. 
Hort. Assoc, b. Swan's Isls.. Me., Feb. 
2, 1861; >. Freeland Howe and Eliiabeth 
Hannah (Sadler) B.; reared in city; 
tn. Effie F. KimbaU, Dec. 16, 1S81; e. 
Myra B. LL.B.. Boston Univ., ISSl. 

Benson, Oscar Herman, agrst. in chg. boys' 
Silv«^ Springs, it' 

and girls' eit. » 

. S. Dept. Agr., 

Teach, rural scbs. in la., 2 yrs.; teach. 
and princ. town schs,, S yrs.; dty supt. 
and princ. hii^-sch., 4 yrs.; co, supt. 
schs., 5 yrs. First prea. Nat. Conference 
tor Est. Educ. Aalh.: Agriculture for 
Com Belt SUtes, 1S16; Agnculture. 1915 
(with Betts) ; Agriculture and the Farmer's 
" (,1017. 6. Delhi, la., Jul, 8. 1875; 

e. Donald Dean, Margaret Irene, Elizabeth. 
Grad. Jr. Coll., Epworth Sem., la.; special 
courses at Univ. la., Chicago Univ., la. 
sute Coll. 

Bentley, Gordon Mansir, state ent. and 
assoc. prof. ent. and econ. zool.. Univ. 
Temi., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Prof, sd.. Union Acad., Belleville, 
N. Y.. 1901-1; inatr. ent., N. C. A. & M. 
Coll., 1901-6; asat. ent., N. C. Eip, 
Sta. and atate ent., 1004-5; instr. lool. 
and ent., Univ. Tenn., lOOS-7; asst. 
prof.. 1007-9; state ent., 1009—; assoc. 
prof., 1014—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Sec.- 
treas. Tenn. Hort. Soc.; sec.-treas. Tenn. 
State Nunerymen's Assoc.; wc-tieai. 


Teim. State florists' Assoc.; 3d vic«- 
pre«. Am. Assoc, Econ. Ent. Farm 
piADag. Auoo. ed.. Southern Fruit Grow- 
er, b. Great Barrm^n, Mass., Sept.. M. 
187fl; «, Cbas. H. and Elvira (Mansir) B.; 
reared on farm and in town; m. Mary 
Catherine Elmore, June 12, I&IS; c. 
Jaunita Louim, Edna Elvira. B.S.A., 
Cornel] Univ., 1900; A.M., 1901. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Beatler, John Jr.. asst. prof, for., Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

With U. S. For. Serv., 1908-14; 

rent posi^n, 1912 — . b. Brooklyn, 
Y.. June 8, IBSO; *. John and Lizue 
(Annin) B.; reared in city; nt. Sue Hay- 
ward, Oct. S, 1910; c. Sue Hayward. 
B.S., Wesleyan Univ.. lOM; M.F., 
Yale Univ., 1907. Phi BeU Kappa; 
Sigma Xi; Psi Upsiloo. 

Beaton, Alva Hartley, prof, farm manag. and 
rural econ., Man. Agr. Coll., Winnipeg, 

Asat. prof, farm manag., Univ. Mino., 
ISIS-S; present poution, 1918—. AiOh.: 
Family Account Book, 1S15. b. Mendeu, 
0., Jan. 26, 1886; >. Chester Ehas and 
Addie CaldweU (Snodgrasa) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Alice Mitchamore, 191S; 
c. Robt. Hartley, Elizabeth Louise. 
' B.S.A.. Ohio StaU Univ., 1912; M.S., 
Penn. State CoU., 191S. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Bercknuna, Lonia Al^wnse, hort., Augusta, 

NuTBerymaD, landj. gard., peach-pow- 
er and farmer, 1876—. Treas. Ga. SUte 
Hort. Soa; mem. Bd. Comnrs. and Bd. 
Bduc, Richmond Co. Traveled in Eu- 
rope, b. Plainfield, N. J., Mar. 31, ISST; 
1. Prosper Jules Alphonse aod Mary 
(Craig) B.; reared b country; m. Anne 
Loretta McGtoine, Nov. 16, 1916; e. 
Mary Alice. Grad. Richmond Acad., 
Augusta, Gs., 18T5. 

Betckmans, Prosper Jules AI|dioiise Jr., hort, 
Augusta, Ga. 

Nurseryman, farmer and peach-now- 
er, 1SS6— . Mem. bd. dirs., Ga. ^it 
Eidiange. 6. Augusta Ga., June 27, 
1866; (. Prosper Jules Alphonse and 
Mary (Craig) B.; reared in country; m. 
Sallie Bedle. Apr. U, 1899. Gr»L Univ. 
Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsiloo. 

as, Robert Crai^ hort., fruit- 
grower and farmer, Macon, Ga. 
Mem. Ga. Sute Bd. Ent.; pres. Ga. 

State Hort. Soc.; ex.-pres. Am. Assoc. 
Nurserymen; ei-pres. Chnamental Grow- 
ers' Assoc, of Am.; ei-pres. Southern 
Assoc. Nurserymen; pres. Richmond 
Co. Agrl. Soc. Traveled in foreign coun- 
tries. Retired officer Nat. Guard of Ga. 
(cavalry). 6. Augusta, Ga., Jul. 8, 
1863; i. Prosper Jules Alphonse and Mary 
(Craig) B.; reared on farm; m. Caroline 
Walker Home, Apr. 29, 190S; c. Mary 


Sigma Alpha 

Berger, Edward William, prof, ent., Univ. 
Pla., Gainesville, Fla. 

I^r. sci., Baldwin-Wallace. 1899-1901; 
teach, sci.. Lincoln high-sch.. Cleveland, 
O., 190 1-4; private invest.. 1902-5; 
ent. studies, lake Lab. and Ohio State 
Univ., 1905-6; ent. Fla, Exp, Sta,, 1906- 
11; state iosp, nursery stock, Fla., 
IBll-fl; prof, ent., Univ. Fla.. 1911—; 
ent, Sute Plant Bd. of Fla.. I9Ifi— . 
Winner ^ver medal. Roy^ Inter. Hort, 
Exhibition, London, 191!, Student in- 
vest, with Johns Hopkins exped. to 
Jamaica, 1897; Woods Hole, Mass., 
1898; Beaufort, N. C, 1899. Aulh.: 
Phy^logy and Histology of Cubome- 
dusae, 1899. b. Berea, 0„ Nov. 29, 1869; 
t. Carl Gottlob and Christiane Pauline 
(Gellnch) B.; reared in country and 
town; ni. Emily Agnes Mueller, June 25. 
1903; c. Helen Margaret (adopted). 
A.B„ Baldwin-Wallace. 1891; Ph.B., 
leM; Ph,D.. Johns Hopkins Univ.. 
1899. Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi. 

Bemud, Luther Lee. assoc, prof, sociol., 
Univ. Minn., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Instr. sd., Peirce City Baptist Coll., 
1001-3; instr. ancient languages, Lamar 
Coll., Mo., 1903-5; feUow in sociol,, 
Univ. Chicago, 1907-10; instr. sociol. 
Western Reserve Univ., 1910-1; prof. 
hist, and social sci., Univ, Fla., 1911-1; 
acting prof, and osst, prof, sociol.. Univ. 
Mo., 1914-7; present position, 1917—. 
Speciality, rural sociol, b. Russell Co,, 
Ky., Oct. 29. 1881; i. Hiram Hamilton 
and Julia Anne (Wilson) B.; reared on 
farm; tr. Frances Fenton, Sept. 16. 
1911; c. Mary Marjorie. B.S„ Peirce 
City BapUst Coll., 1000; A,B„ Univ. 
Mo., 1907; Ph.D„ Univ. Chicago, 1910. 
PU BeU Kappa; Phi Kappa Fbi; Alpha 


Barrr- Juim BcrtMdL prof, pknt palli. 
and for., and dir. For. Sch., Uiuv. Ga., 
Athena, Gk. 

For. Mst., U. S. For. Serv., 1910-1; 
instr. foT., PenD. SUt« Coll., 1911-3; 
prof. tor. and dir. Gs. State For. Sch.. 
1914 — ; prof, plant, path, and for., 
Univ. Ga., 1917—. Mem. AtUota For. 
dnm. Speoal colkborator, U. 5. For. 
ScTv.; colbborator Pluit Duease Survey, 
Bui. Plant lad. Sec. Wood-Fuel Dept., 
Federal Pud AdminiatratioD for Ga. 
Trevded and itudied IS month* in 
Europe. Avth.: CorreapoDdeoce Course 
Forestry, Ga. b. EdwardiviUe, 111., Aug. 
8, 1S80; I. Junes Frederick and Fanny 
(Meyer) B.; i«ared on farm and in small 
town; m, Gladys E. Jones, Dec. 80, IS14; 
e. James Berthold Jr. B.S. Univ. Minn., 
1910; M.S., Femi. St&te CoU., 1S13; 
student Univ. Muiuch. 1813-4. 

Beaae, Ralph St^en, state leader co. agts., 
Univ. Wyo., Laramie, Wyo. 

Asst. state leader farm advs., Univ. 
Mo., 1918-5; present position, 1916—. 
Mem. Wyo. State Bd. Nat. Defense. 
6. Carth^ Mo.. Nov. 97. 1867; *. 
Furrow and Ida (May) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Helen Margaret Haines, Oct. 
31, 1916; e. Wm. Furrow. B.S.A., Univ. 
Mo., 1913; M.A., 1917. 

BcMcy, Emit Atbeun, prof, bot., Mich. 
Agr. Coll., E. Lansing. Mich. 

Prof. bot. and bad., L«. StaU Univ., 
1898-1910; present position, I91l>— . 
Asst. plant patii., U. S. Dept. Agr., 18B9- 
1001. 1904-5; chg. OS. Seed and Plant 
Introduction, 1901-2; chg. Subtropical 
Ub.. Miami, Fla., 190S-S. Tr«*s. Midi. 
State Potato Assoc., 1814-6; pres. Mich. 
Acad. Sd., 181S-«. Traveled as agrL 
explorer.U.S.Dept.Agr., in Russia, Cauca- 
sus and Turkestan, 1901, 1903, Alg^, 
1904. Aylh.: (with C. E. Bessey) Essen- 
tials of College Botany, 1914. Aatoe. gd.. 
Phytopathology, 1B15-7; Am. review ed., 
Rivista di Patologia Vegetsle. b. Ames, 
la., Feb. 20, 1877; t. Chaa. E. and Lucy 
(Atheam) B.; reared in city; m. Edith 
Carleton Higgins. Jul. iS, 190fl; e. 
Bertba Agnes, Wm. Higgins, Robt. 
John. B.A., Univ. Neb.. 1696; B.Sc., 
1897; M.A., 1868; Ph.D., Univ. Halle, 
1904. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Bew, Jaawa, bead dept. hist, and aocial 
sd.. State Normal Scb., Bdlingham, 

Teach, rural sdu., la., 1891-6; village 
scb.. Gnnt, U., 1900-1; Atalissa, 190«: 
Capital Park high-sch., Des Moines, 
1802-3; princ. Park Ave. Scb.. Des 
Moines, 1903-4; teach, sd. and math.. 
bi^-«cb.. N. Yakima. Wash., 1904-5; 
pnnc. bigb-sch., N. Yakima, 1905-8; 

C resent position. 1808—. Del. Nat. Con- 
:rence of Charities and Correction. 
SeatUe. 1913. Spedality, rural aodol. 
Farm operator, I yr. b. Hartford, la., 
Jul. 4, 1870; *. Geo. Turner and Mary 
Esther (Freel) B; reared in small town; 
m. Virginia Miriam fflckey, 1800; e. 
Elizabeth Esther, Allena Minam, Virginia 
Margaret. A.B., Drake Univ.. 180S; 
M. A., 1906. 

Berier, lubcl, prof, household sd. and dir. 
courses, Univ. III., Urbaoa, 111. 

Princ. hi^-sch., Shdby, O., 1885-7; 
Mt. Vernon, 1887-6; prof. nat. sd.. 
Pa. CoU. for Women. 1888-97; prof, 
chem.. Lake Erie Coll., Painesville, O., 
1889-1900; present portion, 1800—. 
Asst. in nutr. invest., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1694-9. Mem. exec, couqpil and ex- 
pres. Am. Home Econ. Assoc. Chm. 
Dept. Conservation, Coundl Nat. Defense, 
Woman's Com., III. Div.; home econ. 
dip. for 111. Food Administration, one of 
six cbm. home econ. div, of Food Adminia- 
tration under Mr. Hoover, 1917-8. 
Avth.: The Home Economics Movement, 
1806; The House, 1B0T; Food and 
Nutrition (with Susatma P. Usher), 1008; 
sdection and Preparation ot Food (with 
Anna R. Van Meter), 1807, 1910. 1915. 
b. Plymouth, O., Nov. 14. 1800; d. 
Caleb and Cornelia (Brinkerhoff) B.; 
reared on farm. Pb.B., Univ. Wooster, 
lasfi; Ph.M., 1888; studied Case Scb. 
Applied Sci.. aummns 1868. 69: Harvard, 
summer 1891; Prof. Atwater's lab., 
summer, 1894; Mass. Inat. Tech., 1607-6. 
Sigma Xi. 

Rural sch. teach.; supt. dty schs.. Oak 
Harbor and Wauseon, O.; eupt. Pulton 
Co., C; present position, 1915— . Mem. 
O. State Bd. Sch. Examiners, b. 
Columbiana Co., O. Mar. 10. 1866; t. 
John and Mary Magadalena (Schwaiti) 


B.; retired in town and country; m. 
Jeiuiis LyoD, Dec. 24, 1800; c. Margue- 
rite. BoB», Leiand C. B.S., Ohio North- 
ern Univ.. 1869: M.S., ISBSi grad. 
■tudent, Univ. Chicago. 

BicRtcr, Alk«, aut. prof, nutr., Univ. Minn., 
University Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 

Instr. home econ., Purdue Univ., 191S-S; 
asst., Univ. III., summer 1013; prexnt 
position, 1S15— . b. Belvidere, III., Jan. 
10, 1890; d. Henry and Eliubetb 
(Scbaudelmeier) B.; reared on farm. 
A.B., Univ. 111., 1918; A.M., 1013. 
Sigma Xi; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron 

Arthur J., agri. reporUr and ed.. 

Counl^ sch. teach., 6 yrs.; newspaper 

ed. Community Building, 16 months; 
asst. ed. agrl. circulars, Univ. III., C yrs. 
b. Great Valley, N. Y., Apr. 4, 1862; 
t. Mftrcius Edward and Harriet Adaline 
(Card) B.; reared on farm; m,. Atha 
Steams. 1880; c. Curtis Steams, Edgar 
L., Frank WiUmar, Arthur Chu'cnce. 

BUUn^, George Aiulin, agrst., Off. Farm 
Manag., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 
D. C. 

Chem., Mass. Exp. Sta., 1899-6; 
teach. Bci., Baron de Hirsch Agr. Sch., 
Woodbine, N. J., 1899-1900; dairy hush., 
Bupt., farm, instr. short-courses, N. J. 
Eip. Sta., 1903-8; present position, 
1908—. Sec.-treas. Am. Farm Manag. 
Assoc., 1913-S, pres., 1918. b. S. Deei^ 
field, Mass.. Jul. 28 1870; s. Austin Ii« 
and Harriet (Dickinson) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Minerva Powell Ferrabee, Apr. 
II. ISOO. B.S., Mass. Agr. CoU. and 
Boston Univ., 1S95. 

BDsiDg, Sherman Weaver, prof. ent.. Tex. 
A. & M. Coll., College Station. Tex. 

Asst. ent. and zool., Ohio State Univ.. 
1912-3; instr. ent., Tex. A.&M. CoU., 
1013-4; asst. prof., 1914-5; asaoc. prof.. 
1816-^; prof.. 1016—. 6. CrestUne. O., 
Dec. B. 1885; *. Wm. A. and Catharine 
(Weaver) B.; reared on farm. B.S.. 
Otterbein Univ.. 1912; A.B., Ohio State 
Univ.. 1013; M.A., 1013. Sigma Xi. 

Knding. Leo Row, co. agrl. agt, Rochester, 

Asst. agron.. 111. Exp. Sta., 1912-S; 
agron. and agrl. chem.. Inter. Corres- 
pondence Schs., Scrantoo. Pa., 1015-8; 
agt, Fulton Co., Ind., 1018—. Aidh.: 
Text-Book on Soil Improvement, 1017. 
6. Stockbridge. Mich., Feb. 21, 1884; 
*, Willis and Louise (Johnson) B. ; reared 
on farm; m. Louise A. Merboth, Jul. 14, 
1915; c. Katbryn Louise. B.Sc.. Mich. 
Agr. CoU., 1012. 

Bing, Fhn Ci asst prof, journalism, Univ. 
Minn., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Editorial writer, Daily Republican 
News, Hamilton, O., 1011; iostr. English. 
Univ. Utah, 1012-5; instr. joumidism, 
Univ. Wis., 1016-7; present position, 
1017—. AtOk.: The Country Weekly, 
1017. Manag. ed., Minn. Farm Review, 
1917—. Traveled and studied in Europe. 
b. Maynard, la., Jul. 23, 1883; i. John D. 
and HenrietU (Cline) B.: reared in 
village; m. Ada May Burke, Aug. 11, 
1915; c. Georgia Hedger. B.A., Miami 
Univ.. 1906; M.A., Univ. Wis., 1917. 
Phi Beta Kapj 
Sigma DelU i 

Bingham, Herman West, co. agrl. agt., 
Covington. Ga. 

Supt. and agrst., Loranger Agr. Sdi., 
Loranger, L*., 1916-7; agt. Newton Co., 
Ga.. 1917—. 6. Trenton. Ahi., Dec. 8, 
1803; «. Wm. Henry and Mary Eliia 
(Jones) B.; reared on farm; m. Fannie 
Lou Jackson, Aug. 31, 1016; c. Margaret. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1016. 

Biolettl Frederic Theodore, prof, viticul- 
ture, Univ. Calif., Berkeley. Calif. 

Instr. viticulture, Univ. Calif., 1804- 
1901; )ect. on hort. and wine-maldng. 
Elsenburg Coll., Cape Colony, 1901^; 
present position. 1904 — . Chm. Citrus 
Comn., Cape Colony, 190H, Viti- 
cultura) invest, in Germany, PraD<» and 
Algeria, 1904-5. Farming. 12 yrs. 6. 
liverpool, Eagland. Jul. 21, 1865; t. 
Frank T. and Frances (Richards) B , 
reared on farm and in town; m, Eugenie 
Henrlette Carlton, 1897; c. Dorotea 
Carlton. B.S.. Univ. Calif., 1894; M.S., 
1898. Sigma Xi. 

Birch, Wallace Newton, co. agrl. agt., 
Madera. Calif. 

Dairyman and company officer. Boys' 
Ind. Sch.. Topeka. Kans.. 1907-9; agrl. 


iiup., Bur. Agr., MuiilB, P. L, 1Q09-I1i 
BtatioQ EUpt., 1912-3; on citnu farm, 
C»lif., 191S-S; CO. agt.. Twin Falls, Ida., 
lBlS-7; present position, 1917—. 6. 
Manhattan. Kans., Jul. T. 1879; t. Frank 
A. and Alice V. (Anderson) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Ethel S. Und, Jul. 2. 1913; 
c. Catherine Alice, Helen Louise. B.S., 
Kaua. State Agr. CoU., 1904. 

Biids«7e, Miriam, asit. ext. work with 
women, Off. Ext. Work North and West. 
States Relations Serv., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
WadungtoD. D. C. 

Iiutr. household arts. Hebrew Tech. 
Sch. for Girls, BrooklTO N. Y.; 1007-9; 
instr. oookiug, ^imjnons Coll.. 1909-10; 
inatr. bact. and sanitation, Bates Coll., 
Me., 1011-2; lect. home econ. eit., 
Cornell Univ.. 1813~1; B««t. prof., 1914-7; 
present position, 1917 — . J. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Dec. 18. 1878; d. Clarence F. and 
Ada J. (Underwood), B.; reared in citv, 
munmers m country. A.B., Smith Coll., 


Bitbop, Qiarle* McTrcire. i 
■ n Uni " 

Adj. prof, iktin and Greek. Emory and 
Henry Coll., 1885-7; ordained Methodist 
nunister, 1869; pastor, Aaheville, N, C, 
1887-9; Kana. City, Mo., 188»-03, OS-98; 
Lexington, 1893-5; Nevada, I898-190I; 
St. Joseph, I90I-S; Columbia, 190S-9; 
Mexico, 1909-10; Wichita Falls, Tei., 
1010-1; prca. Southwestern Univ., 
1011—. Mem. Bd. of Uisuons, M. E. 
Church, South, 1900-10; mem. Comn. 
on UnificatioD M. B., M. E. South and 
Meth. Prot. Churches, 1010—. Lect. 
on rural sociol., literary and bibUcal 
subjects. Traveled in Europe, 1900. 
AtiHi.: Jeaus the Worker, 1900. b. Jef- 
ferson, N. C, Feb. % 1862; : Benjamin 
W. S. and Julia Anne (GoodykoonU) B.; 
reared in email town; m. Phoebe Eleanor 
Jones. June 3, 1S89; c. Phoebe Eleanor, 
Mary Martha, Eugene Hendrix. Dorothea 
F., Rose Boddie. A.B., Emory and Henry 
Coll., Va., 1884; A.M.. 1886; D.D., 
Central Coll., Mo., 1800. Sigma Alpha 

Biahop, Lean Tbonuu, co. agrl. agt., Lapeer, 

Farmer. Almont, Mich., 191fl-B. h. 
Macomb Co., Mich., May 22. 1894; 
*. Frank L. and Genevieve (Thomas) B.; 
reared on (arm; m. Emma L. Borland, 

Biahop, Roy QeTcland. co. agrl. agt., 
Pontiac. III. 

Asst. instr. organic chem., Univ. Mo., 
1911-«; agt. Uvingston Co.. HI., 1913- 
8. Sec. III. Agrl. Assoc.. 1917-8. 
State farm labor administrator, State 
Council of Defense, b. Calloway Co., 
Mo., Nov. IS. 1S85; t. Samuel C. and 
Alice (Hayden) B.; reared on farm; 
n. LelaEames, Juned, 1911; e. Dorothy 
lues, Harold Eames. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 

Biaaet, Pcler, plant introducer in chg. 
foreign plant distribution. Bur. Plant 
Ind„ U. S. Dept. Agr,, Washington, D. C. 
Mem. Inter. Jury Awarda, Panama 
Pacific Enxta., 1915. Former sec, Wash- 
ington Florists' Club; vice^res. Am. 
Carnation Soc.; dir. Am. Koae Soc.; 
chm. rose sect.. Am. Breeders' Assoc. 
Traveled in Porto lUco, Bermuda. Avih.! 
The Book of Water Gardening. 1907. 
b. Scotland. Apr. 24, 1809 (naturalieed 
1899) ; t. David and Margaret (Cunning- 
ham) B.; reared in country; m. Mana 
Anderson, Mar. tS. 1891; c. David A., 
Andrew G., Peter Jr., Maria, Geo., 
Alfred, Harry, Helen, Paul J. 

■grl. agt.. 

Bivena, Samuel Robert, 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Teach, and fanner, 1003-7; organizer 
and special lect. for N. C. Farmers' 
Union, 1907-0; agt. Vance Co., N. C, 

1918—. b. Union Co.. N. C. June B3. 
1883; t. James Thos. and Mary EUxaheth 
(Moore) B.; reared on farm; m. Elisa- 
beth Huff. Dec. SO, 1014; c. Samuel R. Jr., 
Dorothy Elizabeth. A.B., Univ. N. C, 

Kihj, John Duncan Sr., ed. The Western 
Honey Bee. Covina, Calif. 

Beekeeper, la., 1885-98; N. Y., 1808- 
1906; Calif.. 1909—. Ed. and business 
manag.. The Western Honey Bee, 1913—. 
b. Green Bay, Wis., Feb. 25, 1858; i. 
TheroD K. aud Sabioa C. (Duncan) B.; 
reared on Farm; nt. Alice E. Joboaon, 
Nov. 10, 1881; 2d, Mrs. Elgenia B. 
Behrends, Jul. 3, 1913; e. Arthur £., 
John D. Jr., Margaret Dorothy, 


Bintll, Smmta Adrian, prof. khI tech., 
Cornell T3iiiv., Itlucs, N. Y. 

Inotr. cbem., N. C. A.&M. CoU. snd 
out. cb«m., N. C. Exp. St&., 1800-1901; 
fellow cbem., Cornell Univ., 1901-2; 
•Mt. chem., Cornell Eip. SU., l»03-7; 
ust. prof, soil tech., Cornell Univ., 1907- 
18; prof.. 1919—. b. Glenwood. N. C. 
Apr. 19. 1870; i. Haonibal N. and Mtuy 
C. (Underwood) B.; reared on farm. 
B.S.. N. C. A.&M. Coll., 1895; M.S., 
1900; Ph.D.. Coraell Univ., 1903. 

BbMll. WHEam B«uelt, prei. A. ft M. 
Coll. of Te;i., College Station, Tex. 

Supt. public sc^a., Navasota, Tex., 
1900-10; prea. Coll. of Ind. Arts, Denton, 
1910-1-, present pontion, 1914—. Fel- 
low A. A. A. S. Speciality, sodol. and 
rural econ. Auth.: Judicial Interpretfttion 
of Political Theory, 1S13; The Social 
Teaching at the Jewish Prophets, 1914. 
6. Independence, Tex., Oct. 14, 1870; 
«. G. M. and Sanh Elizabeth (Wade) B.; 
rear«d od farm; m. Carrie Wray Saunter, 
Aug. 19, 1900; tr. Sangster, Ekine. 
B.S., Baylor Univ.. Waco, Tex.. 1998; 
Ph.B., 1900; M.A., Univ, Chicago. 1910; 
D.C.L., lU. CoU. of Uw, 1912. 

Bjorka, Konte, co. agrl. agt.. Cambridge, 

Agrl. dir., public achs., Belgrade, 
Minn., 1916-8; co. agt. Isanti Co.. 
1918—. b. Fergus Falls. Minn.. Jan. 88, 
1888; : Ole T. and Kari (Olson) B.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1916. 

Black, John DonaM, asat prof. agrL econ., 
Univ. Minn., University Farm, St. Paul. 

Instr. Western Reserve Univ.. 1910-1; 
instr, Michigan CoU. of Minn., 1911-3; 
present position, 1918 — . 6. Ft. Atkinson, 
Wis., June 0. 1883; i. Robt. and Marga- 
ret (Scott) B.; m. NinaE. Vaifteenberg, 
June 83, 1917; e. John D. Jr. A. B.. 
Univ. Wis., 1000; A. M.. 1010; Ph. D.. 

Blackmore. Beulah, asst. prof, home econ.. 
Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, n! Y. 

Teach, public sdi., Howard City. 
Mich.. 1009-10; Tacoma. Wash., 1910-S; 

Sesent poution. I9Ifi~-. b. Vassar, 
ich., Apr. 6, 1886; d. Simon and Anne 
(Dick) B.-. reared in village. Life teach, 
cert.. Mich. StaU Normal CoU.. 1909; 
B.S., Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., 
1917. Gamma Phi Beta. 

BlackwdL JeSer«o« Darit, state dir. roc. 
agr., Austin. Tex. 

Asst. prof, asr., Stale Normal Sch., 
WarrensDurg, Mo., 1914; assoc. prof, 
agrl, educ. Tex. A. & M. Coll., 1914-7; 
specialist agrl. educ. States Relations 
Serv., U. S. Dept. Agr., lBll-7; present 
position, IB18— . b. Blackwell, Mo., 
Sept. B, I8SS; t. A. and Dorothy (Cole- 
man) B.; reared on farm; in. Salome 
Love. Aug. 1. 1910; e. Edith Lucile. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1014. Alpha Zeta. 

Blair, Ao^nstine Wilbcrforce, prof. agrl. 
chem., Rutgers Coll., aasoc. soil chcm., 
N. J. Exp. Sta., New Brunswick, N. J. 
Teach, sri.. Abinglon Friends Sch., 
Jenkmtown, Pa., 1998-5; prof, physics 
and chem., Guilford Coll., 1890-7; diem., 
Pertiliaer Control Div., N. C. Exp. SU., 
1897-0; asst.. chem., Fla. Exp. Sta., 
1899-1900; chem., 1900-11; present 
position, 1911—. 6. ArchdsJe, N. C. 
Sept. 18. 1860; (. Benjamin F. and Rachel 
E. (Anderson) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Judith Genevieve Mendenball, Jul., 
1997; e. Mary Mendenhall. B.S., Haver- 
ford CoU., 1808; A.M., 1896. 

[Blair, J. C, p. 300. 

Blake, Maurice Adio, prof, hort., Rutgers 
Coll.. and hort., N. J. Exp. Sta., New 
Bnmswick, N. J. 

Asst. hml., R. I. Exp. Sta., 1904-5; 
instr. hort.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1905-6; 
present position, 1906 — , Mem. exec, 
com., N. J. State Hort. Soc.. vice-pt«8., 
1918. Pres, Soc. for Hort. Sci.. 1916. 
b. Millis. Mass., Dec. 1, 1882; >. Adin 
Philip and Phebe Ann (Frye) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Beutafa Angle Hoitt, Oct, 8S, 
1907. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1904. 

Blanchaid. Oarence John, statistidan, U. S. 
Reclamation Serv.. 6th and E Stt., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Deputy state oil insp. of Ta„ 1886-01; 
special press correspondent. Cent, Ameri- 
ca. 1892-3, 1898; Hawaiian Isla., 1999; 
chief irrig, sec., leth Census, 1900; chg, 
spedal invest, of irrig., 1902-3; present 
position, 1904 — , in chg. settlement of re- 
claimed arid public lands, lect. and auth. 
on weatern subjects, b. Norham, Canada, 
Dec. 1. 1803; *. John and Sarah Lucy 
(Young) B,; m. Fannie Genevieve Alex- 
ander, June IB. 1895. Studmt la. State 
Coll.. 1883. 


_ tt.^tLaiih\VttikMW.1tmoe. ami. 
lana mech., Penn. SUt« Col)., StaU 
College. Pa. 

Inatr. »gr). eDgin., Penn. State ColL, 
19IS-3; prof. agrl. cragiD., Ala. Poly. 
Init., 1916-8; piesnit poution, 1SI6— . 
b. Ala., 1880; t. B. T. and Willie May 
(Upshaw) B.; reared on tarm; m. Sue 
Comba, Aug. 20, 1913-, e. Bobt. B.S. b 
C.E., B.S.A., Ala. Poly. Init,, 1910; 
B.S. in Agri. Bogio., la. StaU Coll.. ISIS. 
Phi Kappa Hii; Gamma Sigma DelU; 
Alpha Gamma Phi. 

NatcUcy, VmMn Boyd, co. agrl. agt., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Teach, voc. agr., Newark Valley, N. Y., 
1911-4: agrLagt., TompldiuCo., 1914— . 
Managing ed., Tompkins Co. Fanu Bur. 
and Breeders' Journal, b. Blatchley, 
N. v.. Jul. 17. 1883; .. V. C. and Mary 
B. (Kent) B.; reared on farm; m. Helen 
FrancU Purdy, Aug. 7, 1913; e. Robt. 
Purdy. B.S.. Keuka CoU., 1911; grad. 
work at Cornell Univ. 

BlUa, George R., CO. agrl. agt., Davenport, la. 
Chg. hort. eit., la. State Coll., 4 yr*. 
b. Geneseo, Bl., Feb. 3, 188!-, t. Geo. E. 
and Florence (Matiiews) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Carrie Helen Sperling, June 29, 
1910; e. Geo. F.. Laura. 8.S.A., la. 
SUte Coll., 190B; M.S.. 1912. Alpha 
ZeU; Detu Kgma Rbo; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Bliss, RaliA Kcnoetb, dir. agrl. ext., la. 
Bute Coll., Ames, la. 

Chg. an. husb. eit., la. SUte Coll., 1906- 
11; BCting-aupt. agrl. ext., 1912; proF. 
an. husb., Univ. Neb., 1918-4; present 
position, 1014—. Farm inanag., 1906. 
Organized first dairy asaoc. in la.; cbm. 
State Seed Slocks Comn.; state dir. 
U. S. Boys' Working Reserve. 6. Diagonal, 
la., Oct SO, 1880; *. Horace and Mary 
Ellen (Day) B.; reared on farm; m 
Btbel Eveleth McKinley, Sept. 14, 1912. 
B.S.A.. la. SUte Coll., 1909. Phi Kappa 
Phi; Delta Sigma Bho. 

Blodjctt, Forest Milo, asst. ext. prof, plant 
path., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Assoc, hot., N. Y. Eip. Sta., Geneva, 
1914-9; present position, 1915—. 6. 
Brocton, N. Y., Jul. 15, 188j; t. Silas B. 
and Clara Jane (Pierce) B.; rewred on 
farm; m. EUa Irene James, Jul. 1, 1014; 
e. Edward James. B.S.A., CoraeU Univ., 
1010; Ph.D., 1914. 

BUord, Joha IIeat7, prof. chem. and dir 
dent, agr., llie Negro Agr. and Tech 
Coll.. Greensboro, N. C. 

Teach., summer hi^t«di., St. Louia. 
Mo., 1001-4; present pontion, 1W2— . 
Sec. N. C. SUte Teach. Assoc. Atdk.: 
Outlines of Qualitetive Analysis, lOOB. 
b. Sassafras. Va.. May 16, 1876: >■ John 
Wesley and Mary Ellen (Bluford) B. 
(col.); reared gn farm; m. Viola C. Harris, 
June 29. 1910; tr. J<^ H. Jr., Guioo 
Stewart, Lucile Harris. B.S., Howard 
Univ., Washington. D. C, 1000; A.M., 

Boardman, John R., led. and writer. Boy 
Scouts. 200 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Lect. Cornell Univ. summer sdi. in 
rural leadership, 4 yrs. j4ii^.; Community 
Leadership. 1914. At»oe. ad.. Country- 
aide Magazine, 1915. Speciality, rural 
aodal orgamtation and leadership. 6. 
Augusta, Me., Sept. 18, 1866; *. Samuel 
Lane and Temperance Ann (Bates) B.; 
reared at edge of country; i«. Nettie 
Clark, Oct. 6, 1891; c. Alice Isabelle, 
Marian Bales. B.S., Univ. Me., 1888; 
Hartford Theol. Sem., 1896. Bete Theta 

Bobb, B. Byron, farmer, Haynes, N. D. 
Inatr. Mekesukey Acad., 1898-9; lect. 
farmers' insU., N. D., 1914-8. Pres. 
N. D. Better Farming Assoc; pres. N. D. 
Grimm Growers' Aaaoc. b. Oranjeville, 
111., Oct. 17, 1873; *. Reuben P. and 
Amanda (Rntger) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Susan M. Hotee, Nov. 3, 1902; e. 
May Ellhea. A.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1898. Phi BeU Kappa. 

B«ckn. Hcny Edward, asst. dir. Black 
Sand Ste., Wenoua, N. C. 

Farmer and stockman, 30 yrs. b. 
N. Y., Jan. 1, 1870; j. Edward and 
Dora (Bracker) B.; reai«d in city and 

__jM»ise, Sdney Hardd, invest. 
_arketing fruits and vegetables, San 
Francisco Off. Market Surveys and Insp., 
510 Battery St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Chg. agrl. dept.. Union high-sdi., 
Pboenii, Ariz., 1912-3; co. hort., Klicki- 
tat Co., Wash., 1914-8; in chg. San 
Francisco Off. Market News Serv. and 
Food Products Insp. Serv., U. S. Bur. 
Markets. 1918—. Pres. W. KlickiUt 
Co. Fair Assoc., 1915-6. b. Chicago. 


Hi., Oct. 22, IBM; «. R. W. and Anna C. 
B.; reared ID citfi m. Ruth TemplcUiD 
Dorria. May 27. 1913; c. Sarah. Sydney. 
B.S.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1912. Gamma 
Sigma Delta; Sigma Alphn Epsilon. 

BodweD. Joseph Hemj, co. agrl. agt., 
Foicraft, Me. 

Farmer, Juneau Ca., Wis., 1 yr. ft. 
Hallowell, Me., Jul. 8, isgl; t. WUlard 
A. and Carrie A. (Gage) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Irene Pearl Emery, June 24, 
leie. B.S,. Univ. Me., lOlS. Sigma 
Alpha EpsiloQ; Alpha Zeta. 

Boeder, Ernest Angnslus, agrst., Off. Farm 
Manag.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

Piinc. public scha., St. Jo, Tex., 189fl; 
dvil engin,, Ft. Worth and Denver R. R., 
18S7; computer, U- S. Naval Observa- 
tory, Ises-IWM; asst- 1906-11. 6. De- 
catur Co., Ib., Apr. 14, ises; t. Chas. 
and Anna (Klumke) B.; reared on farm; 
fli. Mary A. Smith, June 80, 1882. A.B., 
TIniv. Mo., 1B82; S.B.C.E., 1884; M.A., 

tural Msgasine, 1914. b. Chicago, HI., 

Mich. Agr. Coll., 1005. Alpha Zeta. 

tioD and marketing. Md. State Coll. Agr., 
College Park, Md. 

Prof. English and civics, Md. Agr. 
Coll.. 1900-12; prof. econ. and political 
sci.. 1912-4; dean rural econ., 1914-7; 
present position, 1917—. Traveled Mexi- 
co, summer 1000. b. Williamsport, Md.. 
June 9, 1871; i. Emmanuel and Martha 
(Byers) B.; reai«d in rural town and 
country; m. Mary Elizabeth Blundon, 
Oct. 21. 1904; c. Lawrence Joseph. 

Gamma Alpha; Gamma f^. 

. agri. agt., Hernando, 

Boiler, Henry L., dean biol.. N. D. Agr.CoU., 
and hot. and plant path. Exp, Sta., Agri- 
cultural College, N. D. 

Aaat. hot., Ind. Exp. Sta., 1889-90; 
bot. and zoot.. N. D. Agr. Coll. and Exp. 
Sta., 1890-1910; bot. and plant path., 
1910—; dean biol.. N. D. Agr. Coll., 
1910—; slate seed comnr., 1909—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S.; Am. Soc. Promotion 
AgA. Sci. Sec. N. D. Improved Seed 
Growers' Assoc. Traveled Europe to 
invest, flax diseaaes for U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1903. b. Manchester, Ind., Feb. 1, 186S; 
). John and Mary (Broad) B,; reared on 
farm; m. Frances Bamett Sheldon, Sept., 
1806; c. Don Sheldon. B.S..PurducUDiv.. 
1888; M.S.. 1890. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Boninger, Walter LeRoy, oo. agrl. agt., 
PottsvUle, Pa. 

6. Spring Grove. Pa., Dec. 7, 1801; 
*. Geo. S. and Annie (Menges) B.; reared 
on farm; ni. Sarah Julius. Dec. 22, 1917. 
B.S., Penn. Sute Coll., 1917. Alpha 

Bolte, John Willard, writer, farmer and 
manufacturer, Indianapolis, Ind. 

IdsU. an. husb., Utah Agr. CoD., 
1905-0; aast. prof. an. husb., R. I. StoU 
Coll., 1906-8. Founder, Chicago Agrl. 

Bonner, Edwin, c 

Superv. dty backyard gardens, Mem- 
phis. Tenn., May-Aug,, 1917; present 
position, 1917—. b. Enid, Miss., Sept. 17, 
18S4; (. James W. and Ida (Thomas) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Adra Hicks, Aug. 29, 
1917. B.S.A., Miss. A. Sc M. CoU., 1917. 

Bonnett, Robert KUnc, asst. prof, farm crops, 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 
Asat. farm crops, Kans. State Agr. ColL. 
1913-5; instr. 1016-7; asst. prof., 1917—. 
b. LcHoy. Hi., Jan. 21, 1892; .. Oscar 
and Grace (Kline) B.; reared on farm and 
b town; m. Martha Tunstall Aug. 24, 
1016. B. 8.. Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1019; 
M. S. A., Univ. Wis., 1913. Alpha ZeU. 

J. S. Dept. An., Washington, D. C. 
Asst. Md. Geo). Survey. 1898-9; 
in soil survey, 1809 — ; prof, soil invest, 
Cornell Univ., 1909-S. b. Huntington, 
W. Va., Apr. IS. 1873; ». Herbert Eugene 
and Jane Josephine (Jewell) B.; m. 
Edith M. Vaughfto, Dec. 28, 1806. B.S.. 
Cornell Univ.. 1808; Ph.D., Johns Hop- 
kins Univ., 1901. 

Boone, Holt Horeb. co. agri. agt., Walla 
Walla. Wash. 
Supt. Boston Okanogan Apple Co., 


1913-4; pripc. Okaoogmi hirii-ach.. W«ah.. 
igi5-«. 6. Colfax. VhA., Nov. 2S, 
1S8S; t. H. M. and Sarah (Holt) B.; 
reared in country towo; m. Ella Thomp- 
son. May SI, 1016; e. Wm. Holt. B.S., 
Waab. State Coll.. IBIS. Sigma Nu: 
Alpha Zeta. jj^^^_ (. j ^ gfjg 

Bordnet, John Serenua, co. agrl. agt.. 
South Bend, Ind. 

Teach, biol, bigh-sch., Elwood. Ind.. 
1904-6; farm manag., 1908-13; co. agt., 
St. JoBpeh Co., 19111—. Organiied com- 
munity centers in St. Joseph Co. b, 
Briatol. Ind., Feb. 83, ItJTT; i. John and 
Catherine (Dobmet) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Stanta D. Lung, June 10. 1908; e. 
Jean. A.B.. Ind. Univ.. 1904; Ph.D., 
Univ. Mich.. 1908. Sigma Xi. 

B««*, Andrew, vice-dir. Exp. Sta. and 
prot. agron. and farm manag., Univ. 
Minn., University Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 
Pres. Am. Farm Manag. Assoc., lOlS; 
sec. Minn. Live-Stock Breeders' Assoc.. 
190£~12; prea. Minn, Farm Manag. 
AsBOC., 1918, Auik,: Farm Management 
for Secondary Scboob. 1913. b. Wabaska 
Co., Minn., June 3, 1867; >. Andrew and 
Janet (Neabit) B,; reared on farm; m. 
Evalena La Moot, Dec. 15. 1891; c. 
Hazel Vivian, EIna Violet, Mabel Evelyn, 
Kenneth Andrew. Wallace La Uout. 
Sigoui Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma 

Boalon, Lawrence Baker, CO. agrl. agt., Hyan- 
Dis. Maas. 

Instr. agr.. Madawaaka Training Sch., 
Fort Kent, Me.. 3J^ yn 

2 yrs. Supt. Paunce Dem, Farm, Sand- 
wich. 19IS-a. Compiler, laboratory 
Exerdaes in Seconda^ School Agricul- 
ture, 1912. b. Bidditord, Me.. Nov. 1. 
1887; ». Geo. Francis and Addie (Baiter) 
B.; reared in city; m, Sadie M. Buziel), 
Jul. i5. 1908; e. Margaret Mary. Hildrcd 
Elizabeth. Studied Univ. Me,, i yrs,. 
Bates Coll., 1 term. 

Boawdl, Stephen Roy, co. agrl. agt.. Coal- 

6. Nephi, Utah, Oct. 6, 1890; «. St«pheo 
and Ann P. (Garrett) B.; reared on farm; 
nt. Armina Huff, June 21, 1916; e. Gladys 
Irene. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU.. 1916, 
Traveled in S. Africa, Madeira, England. 

Boawordi, AUred WiUm», biol. cbem., 
Boston Floating HospitsL Si Devouibire 
St., Boston, MaM. 

Med. Sch., 1918-3. Specialty, cbem. 
of milk. b. Warren, R. 1,. Feb. 1, 1879: 
*. Daniel and Rebecca Mayhew (WiJI- 
m) B.; reared in dty; n. Edith May 

■ " i Wiii- 

Flemming. Oct. 10, 190S; t 

Alfred T 

Bonqnel, Aithor George Bristow, prof. veg. 
gurd.. Ore. Agr. Coll.. Corvallis, Ore. 

Instr. hort.. Ore. Agr. CoU,. 1909-11; 
asst. veg. gard.. 191 1-8; asst. prof., 
1918-3; assoc. prof., 191fr^; prof., 
1916—; olericulturist Exp. Sta.. 1918—. 
Vice-pres. for Ore., Veg. Growers' Assoc. 
of Am. Traveled in England and France. 
Ed. gard. dept., Paofic Homestead. 
b. Sutton, England, Mar. 9. 1885 (natura- 
lized 1918); s. Alexander and Laura 
(Starkey) B,; reared in country; m. 
Grace Mary Wilson, June 26, 1918, 
B,S,, Ore. Agr. Coll., 1906; grad, student. 
Mass, Agr. Coll.. 1908-9. 

Boume, Richard FrankUn, prof. vet. physio- 
logy. Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort Collins, Colo. 
Ptol. histology and physiology, Kans, 
City Vet. Coll., 190»-18; present position, 
1918—, Vet. insp., U, S. Dent. Agr., 
June-Sept.. 1908. Sec-treas., Mo. VaUey 
Vet, Assoc,, 1915 — - b. Delphos. Kans.. 
Feb, 7, 1881; s. Daniel M. and Amelia 
(Spencer) B.; reared on farm; tn. Edna 
Mason, Sept. 6, 1905; c. Richard Mason, 
Marjorie Helen. B.S., Kans. StaU Agr. 
CoU,. 1903; D.V,S., Kans. City Vet. 
Coll., 1906. Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Bontelle, C. A., asst. prof. an. husb. cit., 
Cornell Univ,, Ithaca. N, Y. 

Manag. farms. N. ¥,. Mass,. Ala., 14 
VIS,; instr. military. Elm Hill Sch,, 
Barre. Mass. b. Leominster, Mass,, Aug. 
1,1881; J. Henry A. and Martha (Powers) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Ethel I. Barr. 
Nov. 12, 1908; c. Ernestine 1. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. CoU. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

BoTing, Paul Axel, assoc pnrf. agron.. Univ. 
B. C. Vancouver, B. C. 

Teach. Rimneby Peoples' Hi{[h-Sch„ 
Sweden, 1900; in cbg. root am mvest., 
Macdonald ColL, <^e., I910-9; preaent 


positioti, 1916 — . PracU<m) fanner, Swe- 
den, Denmark. Germaoy, 1889-96. Ed., 
Journal of Agriculture for Western Sweden, 
1904-9. b. Sweden. Sept. 16, 1871 
(naturaliEcd 1913); : Paul and Lida 
(Wensel) B.; reared od farm; nl. Lynette 
Hope Wren; c. Ellen Mane. B. A.. 
Malmo. Sweden; B.S.A.,Alnttn>>SwedeD. 

Bowen. John Thomas, t«cli.. Bur. An. Ind., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

Draftsinan. Wm. Cranm & Sons Ship 
Yards, 5 yn.; expert electrical aid to 
Chief Naval Constructor, Navy Yard, 
N. Y., S yra.; Newport News. S yrs.; 
Bur. Construction and Repair, Nai^ 
Dept., Washington, 1 yr.; present posi' 
tion. 1911 — . Specially interested in 
electrical, mechanical and rcfri^ersUng 
engin. as wplied to agr., particularly 
dairying, b. Easley, S. C, Aug. 29. 1673; 
I. Thos. Jefferson and Emma CaroUne 
(Briggs) B.; reared on farm: m. Geor- 
getta Steedly, Sept. 6, 1611; c. Martha 
Caroline John T. Jr. B.S., Clemson Agr. 
Coll., 1896. 

Bower, Russell F 


rmer, Campbell, 

Dir. Va. Div,. Farmers' Educ. and Coop. 
Union of Am. Sec. Fed. Bd. of Farm 
Orgmnisationa. b. Berwick, Pa., Nov. 15, 
1885; I. Lahmann Forrest and Gertrude 
E. (Hennigar) B.; reared in town; 
m. Margaret L. Kirkpatrick, ^r. IS, 
1909; c. Busseil Kirkpatrick, Margaret 
Hennigar. B.A., Wesleyan Univ.. 1907. 
Alpha DelU Phi. 

Boweia, John Hngfa, dean Sch. Educ.. 
Okla. A. & M. Coll.. SUUwaler. Okla. 

Formerly teach, rural scha.. W. Va. 
State Normal; city nipt. scba.. Coving- 
ton, Tenn., 1906-8; present position, 
1909—. b. W. Va., 1876; «. Joaephua 
and Emily (Bond) B.: reared on farm; 
m. Pearl E. Copelaod, 1908; c. Copeland, 
JcAia Alden. Garvey Bnioe. A.B., LL.B., 
W. Va. Univ.. 1908; A.M., Ph.D., 111. 
Wesleyan, 1907. 

Bowman, Albert Mjah, dir. ext. work, 
Univ. Wyo., L«ramie, Wyo. 

Asst. agron.. Utah Agr. Coll.. 19U-8; 
aut. state leader co. agts.. Univ. Wyo.. 
1913-*; dir. ejtt., 1914—. Dir. insti- 
tutes in Wyo. Ed., Wyo. Farm Bulletin. 
6. W. Weber. Utah, Jan. M. 1881; *. 
Andrew G. and Hannah (Clayton) B.; 

reared on farm; ni. Mary B. Brown, 
Dec. IS, 1910; c. Ramona. B.S.A.. 
Utah Agr. CoU., 1911. K Zeta Pi; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 


Teach, country schs., 6 yrs.; princ 
Wis. high-sch., 16 yrs.; prof, reading 
and maUi., State Normal Sch., Superior, 
Wis.. 1896-1908; princ. Waupacca Co. 
Training Sch., New London, 1908-4; 
presentposition.l9(H— . Sec. Wis. Teach. 
Assoc.. 1896. Anih..- Ethical Classifica- 
tion of Students, 1917. b. Eaton, O., 
Mar, 24, 1SA5; t. Eli and Julia Ann 
(SUnton) B.; reared on (arm; m. Alice 
Mero, Aug. IS. 1884; c. Clyde A. 


Princ. hi^-sch., SchaeSerstown, Pa., 
1900; prof, modem languages, Indiana 
Normal Sch.. Indiana, Pa., 1911-4: 
dir. voc. sch., Avondale, 1916-6; present 
position, 1918—. 6. Campbetltown, Pa., 
Apr. 18, 1687; a. Joseph and Susan 
(Kreider) B.; reared on farm; m. Eliza- 
beth Stephenson. Sept. 7, 191S; e. JoKph 
Edward. A.B.. Bucknell Univ., 1911; 
B.Sc., Univ. Wis., 1916; M.Sc., Bucknell 
Univ., 19)6, Delta TheU Upsilon. 

Boyce, Charles Ward, co. agrl. agt., Victoria, 

Stodunan and farmer, 1906-18; present 
position. 1918—. b. Moulton, Tex., Sept. 
U, 1888; (. C. H. and Kate (McKinney) 
B.; reaied on farm; m. Stella Pearl 
PickeHIl, June 25, 1911; c. Katie Belle, 
Chariotte, Chas. W. Jr. B.S., Tex. A. 
& M. Colt., 1905. 

Boyd. Harwell L., co. agrl. agt., Clinton, 
N. C. 

General maiiag. plantation, Estill, Miss., 
191S-6; present position, 1916—. 6. 
Holmesville, Miss., Sept. 25, 1867; *. 
Jno. W. and A. L. (Beard) B.; reared on 
(arm; m. Hattie Elizabeth May, Dec. 21, 
1916. B.S., Miss. A. & M. Coll., 1915. 

Boyle. lames Emeal, ext. prof, rural econ., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Prof. econ. and political sd., Univ. 
N. D., 1904-16; field agt. markettni, 
N. D. Exp. SU.. I9I6-7; asst. food cupp^ 


invest, Bur. Mark«U. tJ. S. Dept. Agr., 
1917-8; preaent position, 1»1S— . Sec. 
N. D. Pot&to Growera' Assoc. Aulh.: 
FinandAl History of Kansas, 1904; 
Government of North DakoU, 1910; 
Beginners' Civics for North DsJcota, 
1918. Contributing ed. to Cooperation, 
1910-3; ed., A Westland Educator, 3 yrs. 

b. Boyle, Kans., Nov. tt, 1813; i. John 
and Mary Ann (Searl) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Effie Lytk. Sept. 13, IMS; 

c. Elisabeth Louise. A.B., Univ. Neb., 
IBOO; A.M., Univ. Kans., 1901; Ph.B., 
Univ. Wis.. 1904, 

Bo^, JcMC Geor^, aaaoc. prof, hort., 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Instr. hort.. Purdue Univ.. 1908-11; 
asst. prof., 1914-3; assoc. prof., 191*—. 
Farm operator, 1912—. 6. Glendora. 
Mich.. Nov. 27. 18S3; «. Thomas Eugene 
and Nettie Elisabeth (Crandall) B.; 
reared on turn; m. Grade Mae Sliirk, 
June SO, 1908; c. two. B.S., Mich. Agr. 
CoU., 1908; M.S.A.. PuHue Univ., 1911; 
Most, of Hort., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1914. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Bracken, Jdm, prof. Geld husb.. Univ. 
Sask., SaskaUon. Sask. 

Western rep.. Dominion Seed Branch, 
1906-7; supt. fain and farmers' insta., 
SMk., 1907-9; present position, 1909—. 

b. Seeley's Bay. Ont., June 22, ISSS; 
f. E. M. and Alberta (Gilbert) B.; reared 
OD farm; m. Alice Wylie Bruce, June 22, 
1909; e. Bruce, Douglas, Gordon, Murray. 
B.S.A., Ont. Agr. CoU., 1906. 

Brachett, Elmer Engene. assoc. prof. agrl. 
enpn., Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Instr. elec. engin., Univ. Penn., 1907- 
10; present position, 1910 — . Ist Lieut. 
A. S., Sig. R. C, 1918 — . b. Jamesburg, 
N. J., Nov. 22. 1876; t. Benjamin F. and 
Anne E. (Lary) B.; reared on Farm; 
ffl. Minnie B. Guile. Sept. 17, 1903; 

c. Mary, Annie, E. E. Jr. B.Sc. in B.E.. 
Univ. Neb., 1901. 

Bradford, Harry E., prof. agrl. educ. and 
princ. Univ. Sch. Agr., Univ. Neb., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Princ. Geneva, Neb., hi^i-sch., 1899- 
1902; supt. Chadron dty sdis., 1904-5; 
nipt. Aurora city scbs., 1905-B; supt. 
Kearney dty schs., 190(>-12; present posi- 
tion, 1918— . i. Sheboygan, Wis., Feb. 12, 
1878; ». DeWitt A. and Almeda V. 
(Crocker) B.; reared on farm and in town; 

«. Ethel King. Dec. 27, 1904; o. Eloise 
Marguerite. A.B., Univ. Neb., 1904; 
A.M., 1917. Phi Delta Kappa. 

Bradlee, Thomaa, dir. agrl. eit. serv.. Univ. 
VI., Burlington, Vt. 

Instr. agr. and farm supt.. Smith's Agr. 
Sch., Northampton, Mass., 1911-3; pre- 
sent position, lOlS— . b. Lewiston, N. Y.. 
Oct. 9, 1885; t. Chas. Nathaniel and 
Ella Jane (Nichols) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Jennie Lena Rowell, Oct. 9. 1918. 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1911. Alpha Zeta. 

Bradley, James Cbealer, asst. prof, ayale- 
matic ent.. Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Asst. ent., Cornell Univ., 1905-6; 
aast. ent.. Univ. CaBf., 1906-7; asat. ent., 
Cornell Univ., 1907-9; fellow ent., 
1909-10; asst. prof., 1911-; exchange 
prof., Univ. Calif.. 1817-8. Collecting 
exped. m Canadian Rocky and Selkirk 
Mts., Pacific Coast, Okcfenoke Swamp. 
Spedality, taxonomy of Hymcnoptera. 
b. W. Chester, Pa., Feb. 11. 1884; ». 
Daniel Hiester and Lucy Virginia (Blanch- 
ard) B.; rear«d on farm. A.B., Cornell 
Univ., 190a; M.S., Univ. Calif., 1907; 
Ph.D., ComeU Univ., 1910. Sigma Xii 
Gamma Alpha ; Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Bradt, Emerson Peart, agrl. rep., Monis- 
burg, Ont. 

Asst. agrl. rep., Lamark d.. 1910-1; 
agr!. rep., Duudas Co., 1912—. Sec. 
Dundas Co. Bd. Agr.; sec. and manag. 
St. Lawrence Valley Fruit-Growers' Absoc. 
b. Cayuga, Ont.. Jan. 17, 188fi; ». Levi 
and Mwy Ann (Peart) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Margaret Bell Cox, Dec. 25, 
1912; e. Oliver Augustine, Marjorie 
Lorraine. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll., 1912. 
[Branch, G. V., p. 309 

Brand. Charles J^rim, chief Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

6. Laoqui-Parle Co., Minn., Oct. 24, 
1879; I. Chas. and Mary (Buri) T 

Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 

Asst. dairy husb., Univ. Mo., 1911-2; 
instr., 1912-4; asst. prof., 1914; supt. 
short courses and asst. to dean, 1914-7; 
present position, 1917 — . Sec. Mo. State 
Dairy Assoc., 1911-S; sec. Ore. Dairy- 
men's Assoc., 1918—. b. Nevada. Mo.. 


Aug. 0, 18S8i «. G«o. Adam and Aniia 
(Upp) B.i reared on tarm; m. Mattie 
May ToiT. Mar. 1. 1011 ; c. Haniett 
Auue. Philip M. Jr. B.S. in Aff., Univ. 
Mo., 1910; A.M., 1913. Gamma Sigma 

BraBMMi, Engenc C» prof, rural econ. and 
godoi.. Univ. N. C, Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Teach, country ich., N. C, 1881-2; 
princ. hi^-sch., Raleigh, N. C, 1S8S-4; 
nipt. scb.. Wilson, N. C. and Athens, Ga.. 
1S8S-9T; pror. pedagogy, Ga. Stet« 
Normal and Ind. Coll., 1897-1900; pres. 
Ga. SUte Normal Sch.. Athens, 1900-12; 
present poition, 1913—. Mem. Moseley 
Comn. Am. Teachers studying Engli^ 
■chs. Three trips to Europe. Dir. Food 
Administration, Orange Co., N. C. Mem. 
N. C. SUte CouQ<nl of Defense. Dir. 
Net. Country-Life Assoc., and Am. 
Assoc. Asrl. Legislation. Avih.: Methods 
of Teaching Anthmetic, 1896; Methods 
of Teaching Reading and Spelling, 1898; 

stead, Athens, Ga.; Ga. Edition Arnold's 
Waymarks for Teachers, 1»00; Ga. 
Edition Shaw's School Hygiene, 1901; 
Branson's Common-School Spellers, 1900; 
Johnson's Readers; Farm-Life Studies 
in the South; N. C. Club Year- 
Books; Univ. N. C. News Letter. 1014—, 
6. Morehead City. N. C, Aug. 8, 1881; 
*. Levi and Edith (Cunningham) B.; 
reared in town and county; m. Lottie 
Lanier, Sn>t. 8T, 1889; c. Frank Lamer, 
Edith. Philip, Elizabeth. A.M., Trinity 
Coll.. N. C.; A.M.. Peabody Coll., 
Nashville. Tenn., 1906. Alpha Tau 

Bnnt, William 0., co. agrl. agt.. Vinton, la. 

b. Meriden, la.. Mar. 18. 18B6; >. John 

and Hedvig (Johnson) B.; reared on farm; 

m. Mamie Heline, Mar. 31, 1918. B.S.A.. 

la. SUte Coll., 1912. 

Brann, G. Edward, sci. asst. in dairying, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Mt. Vernon, Wash. 

b. Beaver Falls. Pa.. Oct. t5. 18«; 
t. Gottfried and Anna (Meckelburg) B.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Penn State Coll., 

Btauaton, Ernest, lands, designer. 8410 
Elgin St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Prof, lands, gard.. Univ. S. Calif., 
1914—. Mem. Park Comn., Los Angeles, 

1910—. AtOh.: The Garden Beautiful in 
California. 1015. Ed. gard. dept,, Los 
Angeles Times, 1909—. b. London, Eng- 
land, Aug, 21, 1867 (naturalized as minor); 
*. Wm. and Emma (Haslett) B,; reared 
in town and on farm; m. Addie M. Kirk- 
patridc. May IT, 1800; c. Bertram, Helen. 
Marian, Stanley, Ernestine. 

Bny, Charles Iscatd, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort CoUins, Colo, 

Manag. dairy herd, Miss. A, & M. CoU,, 
1904-10; asat. prof, an, husb,, Okla. 
A, & M, Coll,, 1910-3; assoc. prof., 
1913-4; present position, 1B1&— . Live- 
stock ed.. Okla. Farmer and Stockman, 
lBie-4. 6, Huutsville. Ont.. Jul. 29. 
I8S2 (naturalized 1917); s. Edward and 
Charlotte Elder (Brackenridge)B.; reared 
on farm; m. Edith Agnes Russell. Aug. 8. 
1912. B.S.A., Got. Agr. Coll.. 1004; 
M.S., Miss. A. & M. Coll., 1907, 

Breed, Robert S., bact., N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta., 
Geneva, N. Y. 

Instr. biol, Univ. Cok)., 1898-9; asst. 
lool.. Harvard Univ., 1900-2; prof, biol., 
Allegheny Coll., 1902-13; present posi- 
tion, 19IS— . Fellow A. A. A. S. Del. 
VIII. Inter. Zool. Congress, Austria, 
1B10; del. VI. Inter. Dairy Congress, 
Switzerland, 1914. Operated dairy farm. 
1899-1910. b. Brooklyn, Pa., Oct. 17, 
1677; t. Robt. Fitch and Emma (Beers) 
B,; reared on farm; m, Louise Miller 
Heim, AucE. 23, 1899 (d. 1905); 2d, Emma 
Margaret EdsoQ. Jul. 2, 1013; c. Alice F. 
B.S., Amherst Coll., 1898; M.S., Univ. 
Colo., 1890; Ph.D„ Harvard Univ., 
1902; studied at Landwirtschaftliches 
Inst., Univ. Goettingen, winter. 1910; 
L'niv. Kiel and Kiel Versuchsstation fflr 
Molkeriwesen, summer. 1011. Phi BeU 
Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Gamma Delta, 

Bren^e, Henry Irwin, co. agrl. agt.. Gid- 
dingt, Tex. 

Farmer, Tei., 8 yrs. Traveled in 
Cuba, lBOS-4; northern Mexico, 1912. 
6, Tampa, Fla., June 26, 1891; i. Samuel 
F. and Mary A. (Keigwin) B,; reared in 
city and on farm; m. Mary Pauline 
Olt. Dec. 24, 1914; c. Mary Pauline. 
B.S.A., Ala. Poly. Inst,, 1812. 

■n, Joiin Ardeo, co. agrl. agt. 
Clarion, Pa. 

Sch. teach.. Lehighton, Pa., 1910-2; 
agt. Clarion Co., 1910—. b. Mecbanics- 


burg. P>., Aug. 14, ISM; j. W. P. mad 
Muy A. (Kimmel) B.; reued on farm. 
B.S.. Peuu. Stete CoU., 1910. Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Brcssler, Raymond George, asat. dir. voc. 
ur. for SUU Bd. Voc. Educ, Aiutin, 

Asit. prof. Eo^ish and public q>e«king, 
Tei. A. & M. CoU., 1910-S; aut. div. 
public diKunion. Univ. Tex., 1910-6; 
Msoc. prof, rural Bodol. and head rural 
educ. Dept. of Ext., 1916-7; preseot 
position, 19IT — . Auth,: Queatiom on 
IkadinRs in English literature. 1914; 
Manual of Pronunciations, IDlfi; Co- 
ordinated Steps in Public Spealcing, 1917. 
b. Hahfai, Pa,. Mar. 9, 1687; i. Ryan 
Andrew and Mary Ellen (Etsweikr) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Sadie Lebo, Feb. 4. 
1910; «. Raymond G, Jr., Angeliu. 
Valparaiso Univ., 1908; MA., 

Brew. Janet Diutcan. assoc. dairy bact., 
Univ. lU., Urbana. lU. 

Ami. bact., N. Y. Eip. SU., Geneva; 
present position, 1917 — . 6. Bergen, 
N. Y., Oct ti. 1881: *. Duncan and Kal^ 
erine (Sutherland) B.; reared on farm; 
tn. Lucy W, Bergan. Sept. W. 1914; 
e.two. B.S., Cornell Univ.. 1912. Sigma 

Brewster, Charie* Stockton, aist. prof, 
poultry husb.. Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvallis, 

Research asat. poultry husb., Ore. Agr. 
CoU.. 1914-fi; instr., Cornell Univ., 
191i-6; instr., Purdue Univ.. 1916-7; 
present poution. 1917 — . 6. Minneapolis. 
Minn.. Jul. 22, 1880; t. Chaa. E. and 
Fannie May (Edwards) B.; reared in 
cityi m. Rachel Webb Hught, Aug. 7, 
1917. B.S.A., Ore. Agr. Coll., 1913. 
Gamma Alpha; Gamtna Sigma Delta. 

Bricker, Garland Armor, prof. ogrl. teaching 
and dir. rural eit. gerv.. Coll, Agr., 
Syracuse Univ., Syracuse. N. V. 

Asst. agrl. educ, Ohio State Univ., 
1909-10; prof., 1910-6; present position, 
1916 — . Chm. exec. com.. Am. Assoc, for 
Adv. Agrl. Teaching. Atilh.: The Teach- 
ing of Agriculture in the Ili^-School, 
1911; Solving the Country Church 
Problem, 1913; Agricultural Education 
for Teachers. 1914; The Church in 

Rural Americai, I91S; Blnstnted Lessons 
in Agriculture, 1918. Bd.. The Rural 
Educator, b. Etna, Licking Co.. 0.. 
Mar. 20, isei ; t. David A. and Christi- 
anna A. (Rudolph) B.; reared in country 
village; m. Mabel McCleUand. B.Ped.. 
Lima CoU... 1907; B.S.A., Ohio State 
Univ.; M.A.. Univ. DJ., 1916. 

Brierley, Wilfrid Gordon, assoc. prof. pom.. 
Univ. Minn., University Farm, St. Paul, 

Hort., Nat. Farm Sch., Doylestown. 
Pa., 1967-8; instr, hort.. Wash. State 
Coll., 1906-13; asat. prof. hort.. Univ. 
Minn., 191S-7; assoc. ptot., 1917—; 
chm. Div. Hort., 1915—. Vice-prea. 
for Minn., Am. Pom. Soc,. 1913-5. 
6. Dover, N. H., Sept. 9, 1885; *. Benja- 
min and Harriet (Tarbuck) B.; reared in 
city suburbs; m. Bculah Wellman, 
June SO, 1914; c. Wilfrid G. Jr. B.S.A., 
ComeU Univ., 1906; M.S., Wash. State 
CoU., 1913. ZeU Epsilon Zeta; Gamma 
Sigma Delta; Alpha Zeta. 

I. agrl. agt.. 

Britfo, George McSpadden, t 

Granteburg, Wis. 

Farmer and stockman. Dak.. 1907-10; 
farmer, Minn.. 1910-1; com invest, 
work, Univ. Minn., 1911-3. b. Houston, 
Minn., May 19, 16S4; i. Henry R. and 
Octavia (McSpadden) B.; reared on 
the farm; m. Mary McNeUy, 1909; c. 
Helen. Wm, Randolph. B.S., Univ. Minn., 

Brigham, Elbert Sidney, state comnr. agr.. 
St. Albans. Vt, 

Present position, 1913 — , Pres. Vt. 
Hort. Soc., 1904-S; pres. Vt. Farmers' 
War Coundl; mem. New England 
Fed. Milk Comn.; mem. Adv. Com, on 
Nat. Agrl. Problems. Farmer. 1903—. 
Head butter and cheese sect., U. S. 
Food Administration, 1918—. b. St. 
Albans. Vt„ Oct, IB. 1877; *. Sanford 
J. and Sarah J, (Brooson) B.; reared 
on farm: m. Anna S. Hazen. Oct. 2, 
1906. B.S., Middlebury Coll.. 1903; 
M.S.. Univ. Vt.. 1913 (hon.). Phi BeU 
Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 

Bristol. Lucius Moody, assoc. prof, sociol., 
W. Va. L'niv., Morgantown. W. Va. 

Instr., Tufts Coll,, 1011; asst. prof., 
1912-3; asat. prof.. Brown Univ., 1913-S; 
asst. prof., W. Va. Univ., 1915-7; assoc. 
pm!.. 1917—. Pres. State Conference 


of Charities aod Cottcc^d. Specially 
interested ID rural probtenu. Auth,: Social 
AdapUtioD. 1915. b. Caatk Creek, N. Y.. 
May 21. 1872; *. Wm. Homson and 
Harriet (Blair) B.; reared in city; m. 
Minnie E. Babcock. June 37. 1901; 
c. LoriH Rood, Wilma Harriet. A.B.. 
Univ. N. C, 1895; S.T.B., Boston Univ. 
Sch. Theol.. 1800; M.A., Huvard Univ., 
1010; Ph.D.. 1013 (received Wells priie 
JD econ., lOlS). Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha 
DelU Phi. 

Brittain, William HuoU, provincial ent, 
and ptot. ent.. N. S. Agr. Coll., Tniro, 

Asst. biol., Macdooald Coll., 1011-8; 
aast. bot.. Seed Branch, D^l. Agr., 
Ottawa, 1912; provincial ent. and plant 
path., B. C, 1912-3; present position, 
1913—. Sec.-treaa. N. S. Ent. Soc. 
b. FrederictoD. N. B., Sept. 30, 18S9; 
*. John and Charlotte (Bonoey) B.; 
m. Mary M. Cruickshank, Mar. 27, 1918. 
B.S.A., McGill Univ. Sigma Xi. 

Britton. miton Everett, state ent., and ent. 
Conn. Exp. Sta., New Haven, Conn. 

Hort., Conn, Exp. Sta., 1894-1901; 
ent. and state ent.. 1901—; lect. in ent., 
YaleFor.Seh.,1901-fi. FellowA. A. A.S.; 
Ent. Soc. Am. Pres. Am. Assoc. 
Econ. Ent., 1009. Aaioe. td.. Journal of 
Economic Entomology, 1910 — . b. Marl- 
boro, Mass.. Sept. 18. 1868; i. Benjamin 
Howard and Emma Eliza (Wright) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Bertha Madeline 
Perkins, Apr. 30, 1896. B.S., N. H. A. 
& M: Coll.. 1893; Ph.D.. Yale Univ., 
1903. Sigma Xi. fR,^. ». a., p. 800. 

Br«dy, Clark Lonia, co. agrl. agt., Port 
Huron. Mich. 

Farm operator, 1905—; agt. St. Clair 
Co., Mich., IBIS—. Pres. St. Joseph Co. 
Farm Bur., 191*-6. b. Three Rivers, 
Mich., Feb. 1, 1879; *. Jas. P. and Emma 
L. Seeley; reared on form; m. Margsjet 
E. York, Nov. U, 1908; c. Viola, Mai^rie. 
Beatrice. Carol, Clark Jr. B.S., Mich. 
Agrl. Coll.. 1904. Alpha Zeta. 

Bronson, Wealey HMcbkisi, farm manag. 
dem., Mass. Agr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 
Teach, agr., Marlborough. Mass.. high- 
»ch., lOIS-B; present position, 1913 — . 
b. Ansonia. Conn., Jan. 31, 1888; *. 
Edward S. aod Martha J. (Tnunpbour) 
B.; reared in city and on farm; m. 

Brooks. Fred Emesl, ent. asst. Bur. Ent., 
U. S. D«)t. Agr., French Creek, W. Va. 
Agt. W. Va. Exp. Sta., 1908-6; aisoc. 
ent., lOOT-11; present position, 1911—. 
FeUow A. A. A. S. Sec. W. Va., State 
Hort. Soc., 1905-6. b. French Creek, 
W. Va., June 8, 1868; t. Adolphus and 
Josephine (Phillips) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Grace Cobum, Sept. 3. 1896; c. 
Maurice Graham, Mary Elisabeth, I>oro- 
thy Josephine. 

Brwks, Robert Preston, prof. hist.. Unir. 
Ga., Athens, Ga. 

Ajst., assoc.. and prof. hist.. Univ. Ga.. 
19OT— . Mem. Ga. Library Comn.; 
Univ. Comn. on Southern Race Questions. 
Made invest, of plantation conditions 
for Bur. Census. 1911. Aitlk.: Biblio- 
graphy of Georgia History. 1910; History 
of Georgia, 1918; Agrarian Revolution 
in Georgia, 1914: Bibliography and 
Syllabus for the History of the South. 
1918. 6. Milledgeville, Ga.. Jul. 23, 1881; 
*, James H. and Anna (Moore) B.; reared 
in town; m. Joapehine Bdmondson Reid; 
e. Josephine Had, Eugenia Preston. 
A.B.. Univ. Ga., 1904; B.A., Oiford 
Univ., England, 1907; Ph.D., Univ. Wis., 
1012. Pbi Beta Kappa; Alpha Tau 

Brooks. Thomas Jose^, prof, marlceta and 
rural econ.. Miss. A. & M. Coll., Agricul- 
tural College, Miss. 

Sec. Tenn. Farmers' Union, 3 yra.; 
nat. lect. on agrl. le^latlon of Farmer's 
Union, 8 yrs. Bienial del. of U. S. to 
Inter. Inst. Agr. 1013. Tenn. State 
Senator. 101 1-2. Traveled various foreign 
countries. Farmer. Atak.: March of 
Intellect, 1909; Markets and Rural 
Economics. 1914. b. At wood, Tenn., 
Oct, 17, 1870; (. T. B. and Matilda 
Jane (Anderson) B.; reared on farm: m. 
Lelia Perkins, 1915; e. T. J. Jr.. Willard 
Banks. Attended Southern Normal Univ. 

Brooks. Wniiam Penn, dir. Mass. Bip. Sta., 
Amherst, Mass. 

Prof, agr.. Imperial Coll. Agr., Japan. 
1877-88: prof, bot., 1880-8; acting 
pres., 18S0-3, 1886-T: prof, agr.. Mass 
Agr. Coll. and agrst. Exp. Sta., 1889—; 
acting pica., Jan.-Api., 1903, Jan. 1905- 
July, 1906; present poution, lOOe— . 


FeUow A. A. A. S. Deconted tth Order 
ot Ruing Sun, Japan. 1S88. Second 
vice-prea. Am, Aswc. Agrl. Colla. and 
Exp. Stas.; prea. Hampden-Hampshire 
Agrl. Soc. Farm operator, 190S-lt. 
leveled in Japan and Europe. Auth.: 
Agriculture, 3 vols.. 1001; rev., \9Qa, 
1909, 1»11. b. Sdtuate. Matx., Nov. 19. 
lesi; *. Nalluuiid and Rebecca P. 
(Cuahing) B.i reared on farm; m. Eva 
Bancroft Hall. Mar. 28, I88S; e. Rachel 
Bancroft. Sumner Cusyng. B.S., Masa, 
A^. Coll., 1875; Pli.D., Friedrichs- 
onivenitat, Halle, Germany, 1897. Phi 
Sigma Kappa. 

>■ agrl. agt., Billinga, 

k«*Bard, Howard S 

b. Oxford. Ida.. Mar. 13, 18M; t. 
Alpbonse and Mary (Hobsoo) B.; reared 
on farm; m. ^irl^ Rogers; e. Stratford. 
Bemice. B.S.. Utah Agr. CoU., 1916. 
Phi Kappa lota. 

BiOMard, RoUaod Ebur. co. agrl. agt.. 
Idaho Falb. Ida. 

Del. to Inter. Dry Fanning CougKM, 
1913. b. Oxford. Ida.. Aug. 12, 1891; 
1. Alpbonse and Mary (Hobson) B.; 
reared on randi; nt. Ldia Taylor, Nov. 
S6, 10141 e. Robt Elmer. B.S.. Utah 
Agr. Coll., 1913. Delta TheU Sigma. 

Brongham. Earl G.. co. agrl. agt.. Wdton, 
N. Y. 

6. Van Etten, N. Y., Aug. 31. 1390; 
t. Roht. J. and Hattie E. (Knowles) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Helen M. Roberts, 
Dec. i«. 1917. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
19 U. 

Brown, A. Abboit, prof, poultry fauib., 
Syracuse Univ., Syracuse. N. Y. 

Instr. poultry husb,. Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1012-4; present position, 1914—. Far- 
mer, b. Waterloo, Wis., Feb. 21, 1890; 
*. Sidney A. and Lydia B. (Thompson) 
B.; reared on farm; n». Ethel L. Price, 
Aug. S, 1014; c. Clifford Roscoe. B.S., 
Univ. Wis., 1918. 

BrowB. Addison Makepeace, sec. Mich. Agr. 
Coll. and SUte Bd. Agr., E. I^nsing, 

Member StaU Senate. 1898-1000. Del. 
to First Nat. Conference on Marketing 
and Farm Credits, b. Schoolcraft, Midi., 
Feb. 16. ISJO; *. E. Lakin and Mary Ann 
(Miles) B.; reared on farm; m. Moilie 

Elica Earl, Sept. 29, 1885; e. Hearty Earl. 
Edward Lakin, Dorothy Miles, ftblcoln 
Makepeace, Pamela. B.A.. Univ. Mich., 
1B83. Psi Upsilon. 

Brown, BKss S., prof. bort. and bead dept., 
Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Asst. bort.. Baron De Hiracb Agr. 
Sch.. Woodbine, N. J.. 1907-8; hort., 
1008-0; instr. hort., Univ. Calif., 1909- 
12; prewnt podtion, 1019—. Anlh.: 
Modem Fruit Marketing, 1916; Modem 
Propagation Tree Fruita. 1010. b, Wil- 
bama Center. O., Snit. 15, 1880; t. A. C. 
aud Celestia (Shirkey) B.; reared on 
farm; n. Jella J. Williamson, Aug. 12, 
1912; c. Marvin R., Victor H. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1903; M.S., Univ. 
Calif,. 1911. 

Browa, DiDoa Sidaey, prea. Eidutnge 
Bank. Genoa, CI. 

Pres. DeKalb Co. Soil Improvement 
Assoc, b. Genoa, 111.. May 12, 1852; 
». Jeremiah lihby and Eliaa Ann (Jack- 
nun) B.; reared on farm; n. Emily E. 
Pond, May 10, 1878; t. Earle Wesley. 
Bayard. M.S., Univ. IlL. 1B76. 

Blown, Eail Ajres, co. agrl. agt., 145 Oak- 
land Terrace. Hartford. Conn. 

Asst. princ, agrl. hi^-scb.. Sparks, 
Md., lOlS-5; BSat. agrat. in farm maoag. 
dem., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1016-7; agt. 
Hartford Co., Conn., 1917—. b. Mon- 
tour Palls, N. Y.. May 8, 1801; i. Oscar 
M. and Almeda M. (Ayres) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Clarice Ballou, May 20. 1916; 
c. Janet Helen. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1913. Alpha Zeta. 

Brown, Frederick Walwortb, asst. in cbg. 
fert. resources. Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

ilulA.: Dan McLean's Adventures, 1010. 
6. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 31, 1875; 
*. Frederick T. and Annie E. (Bales) B.; 
reai«d in town; m. Virginia Hynson, 
Oct. 12, 1096; c. Frederick W., Virginia 
H^iaon. A.B., Princeton Univ.. 1697; 
M.A., 1898. 

Brown, Gordon Gordon, hort.. Hood lUver 
Em. Sta., Hood River, Ore. 

Provindal fruit insp., B. C, 1019-6; 
present position, 1916—. b. Fair view. 
Ore., May *8. 1887; «. Oscar and Harriett 
(Dixon) B.; reared on farm; tn. Margaret 
£. LitUehales, Jan. 1, 1914: i 


Brown, Harry Bales, plant-breeder, Miw. 
Em. Sla., Agricultural College, Uus. 

Uutr. bat., Ind. tlniv., 1907; izutr. 
bot., Cornell Univ.. 1908-11; prof, bot., 
MuB. A. & M. Coll., lon-S; present 
portion, 191S— . b. Carroll Co., Ind., 
June 9. 1B76; *. John H. and Sue (Bates) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Ina Barker. 
Sept., IBll; c. Harry B. Jr., Sue Eleanor. 
A.B., Ind. Univ., 1906; A.M., 1907; 
Ph.D.. Cornell Univ., I&IO. Sigma Xi. 

Brown, HaiTT Rnfos, superv. of cow testing, 
Truro, N. S. 

b. Wallace Bay, N. S., Jan. 18, I8B0; 
*. Peter G. and Annie Stewart (Mac- 
KcDiie) B.; reared on farm. 

Brown, Percy Edtar, prof, soil bact. and 
chief soil chem. and bsct. Exp. Sta., la. 
State Coll., Ameg, la. 

Aast. soil chem., Rutgers Coll., 1908-10; 
present position, 1910 — . Auth.: {with 
J. G. Lipmsn) lAboratory Manual in 
Soil Bacleriology, 1911. b. Woodbridge, 
N. J., Oct. B, 188A; i. Jonathan Ed^ 
and Jeannette E. (Walker) B.; reared on 
farm. B.S., Rutgen CoU., 1M«; A.M., 

Ph.D., 1912. Phi Beta Kappa; 

£appa Phi; Phi Lambda Upsuon; 

AJpha Zeta; Delta UpsUon; Gamma 

Sigma DelU. 

Brown, Robert WUiam, sec. Am. Galbway 
Brewers' Assoc., Carroll ton, Mo. 

Supt. cattle dept.. Mo. StaU Fair; 
pres. Carroll Co. Farm Bur.; sec. Mo. 
Assoc. Farm Bur. Clubs. Ist Lieut., 
Spanish-Atnerican War. b. Myrtleford, 
Australia, Oct. IT, 187S (naturaliied 
as minor); *. Wm. Mattueson and Flora 
(Alton) B.; reared on form; m. Mary 
Hudson Goodson, Oct. 19, 1910. Student 
Univ. Mo., 1894-6. Phi DelU Theta. 

Browne, Thomas Everett, prof. voc. educ. 
acting state dir. voc. educ, stale Bgt. 
boys' club work. N. C. A. k M. Coll., W. 
Ralngh. N. C. 

Prof. Latin and English, Atlantic 
Collegiate Inst., Elizabeth City, 1902-4; 
CO. supt public instruction, Hertford 
00., 190S-11; CO. farm dem.agt, 1908-11; 
disti. agt, farmers' coop. dem. work, 1911- 

boys' club 


present position, 1917—. General farm- 
ing, 1904-11. b. Murfreesboro, N. C, 
Mar. 17. 1881; .. W. T. and Ida May 
(Maget) B.; reared on farm; m. Martha 
Broadus Farrar, Jan. 10. 1900; c. Thomas 
Everett Jr., Micou Farrar, Edward 
Broadus, Joseph Majette. B.A., W^e 
Forest Coll. 

Brownell, Roscoe David, co. agrl. agt, 
Mangum, Okla. 

iTw. Cambridge, N. Y„ June M, 1877; 
t. W. S. and Jane M. (Kenvon) B.; 
reared on farm; td. Mabel Gurley, June 
18, 1916. A.B., Colgate Univ., 1904. 
Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon. 

Brownfield, William WaUon, distr. agrl. 
agt.. Ohio Stale Univ., Columbus, O. 
Agt. Wa^iington Co., O.; present 
position, 1918—. b. Uniontown. Pa., 
June II, 1888; t. Isaac H. and Mary A. 
(McLean) B.: reared on farm; m. Faye 
W. Shipman, Aug. 86, 1912; e. Lyman 
H., Chas. Wm„ Barbara. Winnifred. 
B.5.A., Ohio State Univ.. 1912. Delta 
Tbeta Sigma. 

Broyles, William Anderson, assoc. prof, 
agrl. educ, Tex. A. & M. Coll., Coll^ 
Station, Tei. 

Princ. higb-sch., Gaston, Ind., 1908-7; 
head dept. biol., higfa-sch.. El wood, 
1908-10; head dept. agr. and biol. 
State Normal Ind. Sch., EUendale. N. D., 
1910-3; princ. Walsh Co. Agr. and 
Training Sch., Park River. N. D., iei»-6; 
present position, 1916 — . b. Delaware 
Co., Ind., Oct. e, 1879; *. Joseph A. and 
BliiaC. ^teeder) B.; reared on farm; m. 
Bertha Bums Lee, Sept.. 1908. B.S., 
Tri StaU Coll., 1901; A.B., Ind. Univ., 
1B08; M.A., Univ. WU., 1014. Phi 
Delta Kappa. 

Bmes, Charies T., asst. prof. econ. eut., 
Buseey Inst., Harvard Univ., Forest 
Hilts, Mass. 

Curator Milwaukee Public Museum, 
1904-9; instr. econ. ent.. Harvard Univ., 
1908-12; asst. prof., 1912—. Fellow 
Am. Acad. Arts & Sd.; Ent, Soc, Am.; 
A. A. A. S. Ent. with expedition from 
Harvard Sch. Trop. Med. to Ecuador 
and Peru, 1913. Auth.: (with Melander) 
Key to Families of North American 
Insects. ISlfi; (witli Morrison) How to 
Jdake the Garden Pay, 1916. Ed.. 
Psyche, A Journal of Entomobgy, 1909— 


b. Wheeling W. V».. June », 1878; 
». Chu. T. and Ada (Mouie) B.; reared 
ID dtyi m. Beime Barrett, lOMi c. 
Auttin M.. Alice M. B.S., Univ. Tei.. 
1901; M.S., 1002. 

Bnindage, Aagmtui JackMO, state dub 
teadei, Codd. Ap. Coll., Starrs, Coan. 

Asat. FoU. dept., Conn, Agr. Coll., 
1910-1; farm manag., 1911-2; agrl 
auperv. public »cbs., 1913-*; present 
poiitioD. 1914 — . b. Danbury. Conn., 
Aug. 10, ItJOO; >. A. BcDJ. and Fanny 
Louise (Pierce) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Ruth Miller, June 24, 191Jt; e. Roger 
Pierce. Grad. Conn. Agr. Coll., 1910. 

Bnuwr, Lawrmce. prof. ent.. Univ. Neb., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Asst., U. S. Ent. Conin., 1880; Geld 
agt., U. S. Dept. Aht,, Univ. Neb., 1888; 
ent.. Neb. Eip. SU., 1888-90; instr. 
ent., Univ. Neb., 1890-5; prof., 189fi— ; 
state ent. Spedality, ortbopteroid in- 
sects, locusts in pairticulai. Traveled 
in S. America, Mexico, CostA Rics. 
Japan, China, Philippines. Represented 
Neb. at PanaDia-Pacific Expos., 1015. 
b. Catasaqua, Pa., Mar, i, 1846; t. 
Uriah and Amelia (Probst) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Marda Dewell, Dec. 26, 
1881; c. Psyche E.. Helen M. B.S., 
Univ. Neb., 1897. 

Brunaer, EdmMid deSchwMnila, clergyman, 
Ma N. 10th St., EastoD. Pa. 

Mem. Com. on Direction of Church 
and Country Life Comn. and rural 
sec.. Fed. Coimdl of Churches; mem. 
Home Missions Counnl. Am. Sociol. 
Soc; sec. County Church Comn., 
Moravian Church. Aulk..- History of 
Moravian Missions among California 
Indians, 1914; Cooperation in Coopers- 
burg, 1918; The New Country Church 
Building, 1917. Ed., churdt and country 
hfe dept., The Moravian. Speciality, 
the country churdi, rural sodol. 0. 
Bethlehem. Pa., Nov. 4, 1889;; (. Frank- 
lin H. and Nina (de SchwdniU) B.; 
reared in town; m. Mary W. Vogler, 
Dec. 16. IBU; c. Edmund de S. Jr.. 
Wilfr«d Robt. B.A.. Moravian Coll., 
1909; B.D., 1911; M.A., 1012; Ph.D., 

BruBse. William, co. agrl. agt., Franklin, Ky. 

b. Sheboygan Co., Wis., May S, 1801; 

*. Garaett Wm. and Dels (Snoyenbos) B.: 

Brraa. OlUe Cliftoa, co. agrl. agt., Veraon, 

6. Elba, Ala., Jul. 30. 1894; t.M.B.and 
OUie (CUfton) B.; reared on farm. B.S.. 
AU. Pdy. Inst.. 1918. 

tryaut, Virgil Clay, asst 
Univ. CaUt., Berkeley. C_._ 

Student asst.. Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 
1009-10; student asat., Univ. Calif., 
1910-1; instr. agr., Les Banos higb-scb., 
Calif., 1911-3; instr. ext.. Univ. Calif., 
1913-S; asst. prof.. 1915—. Dairy far- 
mer, 1916—. b. EdwMds Co., Sana., 
Dec. 23, 1888; «. G. L. and Sarah (Shank) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Isabelle Amott, 
June 24. 1014; e. Fern Frances, Sarah 
Ehxabeth. B.S., Kans. Stale Agr. CoU., 
1910; M.S.. Univ. Calif.. 1911. 

Robert Eaile, dean ind. sd., 
prof, bad., bact. Exp. Sta., la. SUte 
Coll., Ames, la. 

Instr. bot., la. StaU Coll., 1905-«; 
asst. prof, bact,, 1906-7; assoc. prof., 
1908^; prof.. 1909—; dean bd. sd„ 
191S— . Fellow A, A. A. S. Vice-pres. 
Soc. Am. Bact.. 1916; pres., 1017, 
Aulh.: Veterinary Bacteriolo^. 1011, 
2d ed., 1918; {with Mrs. Buchanan) 
Household Bacteriology. Adv. ed.. Journal 
of Bacteriology, b. Cedar Rapids, la.. 
Mar. 27. 1883; ». John and Josephine 
(Hall) B,; reared in small town and 
on farm; m. Estelle D. Fogel, Jan. 6, 
1009; c. Joseph Hall. B.S., la. Stale 
Coll., 1004; M.S„ 1906; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago. 1B08. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Phi Umbda Upsilon; Delta TheU 
Sigma; Delta Upsilon. 

Bacher, Floyd SleiDineti, co. agrl. agt,, 
Lancaster, Pa'. 

Asst. soils, Fenn. State Coll., 1910; 
sd. asst.. Bur. Soils, 1010-2; instr. 
soils. Penn. State Coll.. 1912-3; agt. 
Lancaster Co., Pa,, 1913—. Pres. Penn, 
Agrl. Ext. Reps, b. Reamstown, Pa., 
Feb. 18. 1887; .. Wm, H. and Alice 
(Steinmetz) B.; reared on farm. B.S,, 
Penn. State Coll., 1910. Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Buchhola, Arthur Bernard, co. agrl. agt., 
Hudson. N. Y. 

6. Geneva, N, Y„ Dec. «. 1886; *. 
A. E. and O. (Hein) B.; raucd on farm 


and in villain; m. Daisy M. Wedu, 
Apr. 30. 1»U: e. Lewis, Jane, PritdUa. 
B.S.. Hobart Coll.. 1909; M.S.A.. Comell 
Uiuv., 1011. Phi Phi DelU. 

Buckler, Sanuiel Snlheriaiid, cxt. an. hiub., 
U. S. Bur. An. Ind.. and Md. SUte 
Coll. Agr. cooperatiiu. College Park, Md. 
Prof. vet. ad., Md. Agr. CoU.. 1897- 
1016; vet, Md. Bip. Sta., 189»'19ie; 
apeculist an. md. eit., 1916—. b. Mt. 
Washington, Md., Ma; 31, 18T3; i. 
Earlum and Helen Mar (Sutherland) B.; 
i^ued io town; m. CIva R- Thomas; 
e. Helen M.. Dorothy M. B.Sc,, Md. 
Agr. Coll., 1803; D.V.S.. Am. Vet. CoU. 
of TJniv. of N, Y.. 1806; M.Sc., Md. Agr. 
CoU., 1800. 

u, Harry Oliver, prof, soils. Comell 
Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Asst. chem. sect. la. Exp. Sta., 1006-7; 

„._(nt, 1015. i. W. liberty. la.. 

July *, 188S; (. Chas. E. and LouUa 
(Walter) B.; reared on rarin; m. RiU 
Shannon. Dec.. 1012. B.S.A., la. State 
Coll.. lOOS; M.S.A.. 1008; Ph.D.. Cor- 
nell Univ., 1912. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Alpha; Delta Upsilon. 

. agrl. agt., 

b. S. Bend. Ind., Aug. 2, 1893; 

A. and Ida (Marie) B.: reared in town. 

B.S.A.. Purdue TJaiv.. 1917. Alpha Gam- 

The Emmer I^^ucts Co., Denver, < 

Asst. meteorology and irrig. engin., 
Colo. Agr. CoU.. 1800; prof. agr. and hort., 
Univ. Wyo., 1801-1000; vice-<Mr. Wyo. 
Exp. Sta., 1896-1000; prof, agr., Colo. 
Agr. Coll., 1000-4; prof, agr., Univ. 
Wyo. and dir. Exp. Sta., 1902-7; general 
manag., Wyo. Plant and Seed Breeding 
Co., 1007-13; plant-breeder, Buffum Pure 
Seed Co., 1913^; pres. Emmers Pro- 
ducts Co., 1914 — ; chg. plant-breeding. 
Wyo. State Ind. Inst, Worland. Wyo., 
1916. Fellow A. A. A. S. Coranr. Lewis & 
Clark Expos.. Portland, Ore.. 1905. AtOh.: 
Arid Agnculture. 1900; Plant Breeding. 
1012; Sixty Lessons in Agriculture (with 

Deaver), 1913. b. South Bend, Ind., ' 

Apr. 7, 1866; : Geo. W. and Harriet 
(ButU) B.; tn. Luda Maude Southworth, 
June 24, 1890. B.S., Colo. Agr. CoU.. 
1890; M.S., 1803. 

BnU, Alvoh Milton, osst. prof. apl. en^n.. 
aupt. bidgs. and grounds, Umv. Minn., 
University Form, St. Paul, Minn. 

tion. b. Hennepin Co., Minn., Apr. S3. 
1871; 1. James A. and Amie L. (Cooper) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Lydia Nbnn 
Blake, lOOI; e. Alvah Stanley. John 
MUton. B.S.. Univ. Minn. 

Bull, Coates Preston, prof, agron., Univ. 
Minn., University Farm, St. Paul. Minn. 
Asst. prof, form crops. Univ. lU., 
1901-2; asst. and instr. farm crops, 
Univ. Minn.. 1002-8; asst. prof.. 1908-11; 
assoc. prot.. 1911-8; prof, agron., 1016—. 
Sec. Minn. Crop Improvement Assoc.; 
vice-pres. Am. Soc. Agron.; dir. Nat. 
Com Assoc, b. Edina MUls. Minn., Oct. 
11. 1872; «. James A. and Annie Lea 

Henry Enoch. James TryoD 

Univ. Minn., 1901. Signia Xi; Alpha 


Bollard, Cora WeffliMue, rmtil leader, 
Tonnhoxie, Kans. 

Mem. Kans. School Book Comn.; 
vice-pres. Kans. State Council of Defense; 
mem. exec, com., Kans. Live-Stock 
Assoc.; life hon. mem., Kans. Bd. Agr. 
b. Leavenworth. Kans., Jan. 2A, 1861; 
d. Frederick and Susan (Housley) Well- 
house; reared on farm; m. Henry Shelby 
BuIlaT<l, June 26, 1889. 

BuUock. DiOinan Sansel, osst. prof. cit. 
an. husb., Univ. Wis., Madison. Wis. 

Teach, agr., Mision Agricola e Industrial 
of Temuco, Chile. 1002-12: princ. Mari- 
nette Co. Agr. Sch., Marinette, Wis.. 
19I2-.6; ext. rep. in an. husb.. Univ. 
Wis., fieldman for Wis. Live-stock Breed- 

. ers' Assoc.. 1916 — . OrgaoiMd coopera- 
tive cattle buying and buying of seed 
grains and potatoes for Marinette Co. 
farmers. Traveled in Europe and S. 
America. Collected birds and mammals 
for British Museum and Am. Museum 
Nat. History. 6. Elba. Mich., Nov. 25, 
1878; «. Carlos A. and NeUie E. (IJtk) 
B,; reared on farm; ?n. Katrina J. Kelly, 


Bnncb. Mamie, in chg. home econ. exL, 
Univ. 111.. Urbana. til. 

Co. 3Upt. schs., Dougks Co., III.. 1894- 
8; ext. feet., Univ. HI., 1912-3; in chg. 
home econ. ext., 1S14--; state leader in 
home econ. dem. for 111. Sec. ext. div., 
Am. Home Econ. Assoc. Studied home 
life in S. Africa and Australia, le09-li. 
b. Ford Co., m., Jan. 10, 18T1; d. Tbad- 
dens Morehouse and Elisabeth (Edmiston) 
B.; reared on farm and in town. A.B., 
Vniv. lU. 

Btubank. Lnlhcr, naturalist, originator 
new grains, fruits, flowers, etc.. Santa 
Bosa, Calif. 

Special tect. on evolution, Leland 
Stantord Univ., IBOO-S. Originator of 
numerous new forms of plant life: hta 
under way 5000 experiments on some 
6000 species. Fellow A. A. A. S.; hon. 
mem. Swedish Agrl. Soc.; lUliau Agrl. 
Soc.. Auih.: Training of the Human 
Plant, 1901; The Methods and Discoveries 
of Luther Burbank. 1914. 6. Lancssler, 
Mass., Mar. 7. 1819; >. Samuel Walton 
and Olive (Rosa) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Elizabeth Waters. Dec. 81, 1017. 
Sc.D., Tufts CoU., 1005. 

BanUaker, Geotjc dayboni, co. agrl. agt., 
Sterhng. Coto. 

b. Lewis. la.. May 28, I8SS; *. John 
and Sabinah (Robuts) B.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Cob. Agr. Coll., 191S. 
Sigma DelU. 

Bntdcttc, John Pwdiun, co. agrl. agt.. La 
PUtta, Md. 

Princ. public schs., Georgetown, I>cl., 
IS9T-6; vice-princ. Wilnungton Con- 
ference Acad,, Dover, 1808-0; princ. 
public schs.. Smyrna, 1900-0; princ. 
Anne Arundel Acad., Millers ville, Md., 
lBOO-17; agt, Charles Co., Md., 1917—. 
Pres. Md. Crops Improvement Assoc. 
b. Browningaville, Md.. Oct. 20, 1868; 
1. Robt. E. and Eveline W. (Purdom) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Emma Jones, Dec. 
SO. 1898; c. Dorothv May, John Warren, 
Eunice Eveline. Wm. Morgan, Anne 
Arundel A.B.. Dickinson CoU., 1897. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Bnt^ck. Raymond Terrr. asst. prof, agron., 
Univ. Vt., Burlington, Vt. 
Instr. agron., Univ. Vt.. 10I!i-4; asst. 

prrrf., 1914—. 6. lama. N. Y,. May 5, 
1889; f. John Alfred and Emma (Terry) 
B.; reared on form; tn. Lina OdeU, Aug. 
14, 1913. B.S., Cornell Univ., 1B18. 

Burgess, Albert FrankUa, asst. ent. in chg. 
moth work, U. S. Bur. Bnt., Melrose 
Highlands, Mass. 

Asst. ent, Mass. Bd. Agr.. 189S-0; 
asst. ent., Univ. HI., 1809-1000: asst. 
insp. nurseries and orchards, Ohio Exp. 
SU., 1900-2; chief insp., Ohio SUte Bd. 
Agr., 1902-7; present position, 1007—. 
Sec. Am. Assoc. Eood. Bnt. FeUow 
A. A. A. S.; Ent. Soc. Am. Business 
mauag.. Journal of Economic Entomology. 
b. Rockland. Mass.. Oct. i, 1873; i. 
Emory and Mary A. (Lewis) B.; reared 
in small town; n. Mary E. Dwight. 
June «>, 1004; c. Emory D., Albert F. Jr. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. CoU., 1805; M.S., 1897. 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Bnricas, Quulc* H^ prof, poultry hush., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., E. Lansing, Mich. 

Public sch. teach. Sec. Mich. Poultry 
Assoc. Farmer, b. Flint, Mich., Jan. 
12,1805; S.Simeon and ChloeB.; reared 
on farm; m. Miriam Butler, June 90, 
1897. Grad. Mich. StaU Normal CoU. 

B«g««s, Junius M., dir. Canebrake Exp. 

Sta,, Unbntown. Ala. 

Farmer till 1905; assoc. prof, dairying, 
Clemson Agr. Coll., 1905<18: present 
position, 1918 — . b, Summertcn, S. C, 
Apr. 24. 1381; t. Thos. L. and Francis 
A. (Mayes) B.; reared in a small town; 
m. Julia H. MitcheU, Jul. 6, 1911; e. 
Anne Louise. B.S., Clemson Agr. Coll., 

Bark, Uord Byron, invest, in marketing 
live-stod£ and meats. Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Instr. an. husb., Univ. Mo.. 1912-3; 
asst. prof., 1918-4; assoc. prof., 1914-5; 
in dig. swine invest., Tex. A. it M. 
CoU., 1915-8; present position, 1918—. 
b. Butler, Mo.. June 30. 1883; i. Monroe 
and Nannie (BeUe) B.; reared on farm; 
m. Ximenia V. Z. Harper, June 12, 1911; 
e. Fhila Belle, Lloyd Byron Jr. B.S.A., 
Univ. Mo„ 1911. 

Bmkett, Charles wutiam, ed. American 
Agriculturist, 315 Fourth Ave.. New 
York City. 
Asst agr., Ohio SUte Univ., 1805-8; 


, 1898-ieOli N. C. A.&M. 
Coll.. 1901-6; dir. Kana. Eip. Sta.. 
190JS-8; ed. Americ&n Agriculturist and 
book ed. Orange Judd Co., 1908—. Del. 
^ Ksna, to conduct cereal invest, in 
Turkey and Russia, 1907. Ed. and 
founder, The Agricultural Student. Mem. 
Council on Agrl. Educ, N. Y. Dept. 
Educ. Aidh.: A History of Ohio Agricul- 
ture, 1809; Agriculture for Beginners, 
1903i Cotton, 1906; Soils, IMT; Farm 
Stock. 1909; Farm Crops. 1910; Far- 
mere' Veterinarian. 1911; First Principles 
of Feeding Farm Animals, 1914; Soils 
and Crops (joint author), 191S; Farm 
Animals (joint author), 1910; Between 
Two Lives, 1917. 6. Thomville, O., 
Jan. 3, 1673; t. Joseph Walker and Anna 
(Klin^er) B.; reared on farm; m. Laura 
Weinnan, Dec. 27, 1900; e. Dorothy 
Louise. Cbas. Wm. Jr. B.Sc., Ohio 
State Univ., 189S; M.Sc., 1B98; Ph.D., 
Lima Coll., 1900. Kappa Kgma; Alpha 

finitiaon, Winiam Leomdas, assoc. prof. 
crop production. Univ. III.. Urbana, 111. 
Atat. agron.. Okk. Eip. Sta.. 1900-8; 
aast prof, agron.. Okla. A.iM. CoU., 
1908-10; asaoced. Northwest Farnuteod, 
Orange Judd, 1910-i; assoc. crop pro- 
duction, Univ. lU.. 1912~fi; awoc. prof.. 
191»— . b. UarrisoD. Ark.. Sept. 9. 1862; 
». Wm. Washington and Amanda Ercilla 
(Pettit) B.; reared on farm; m. Flossy 
Belle Lewis. May 19. 1909; e. LewU 
Eugene, Ruth Helen. B.S., Oda. A.&M. 
CoU.. 190S; M.S., Univ. lU., 1908; Ph.D., 
1915. Alpha Zeta; Pi DelU Epaibn. 

BumctBter, Charles Alexander, aast. in 
marketing live-stAck and meats. Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Asst. manag. ranch. McMuUen Co.. 
Tex.. 1908-10; instr. agr. and sci.. high- 
sch., Brownwood. Tex.. 1910-1; osst. 
dry Und agr., Bur. PUuit Ind., 1911-S; 
asst. in martceting by parcel post. Bur. 
Markets, 1915-fl; preaentposition, 1916—. 
b. Tilden. Tei,. Nov. «9. 1887; «. Frank 
H. and Sallie J. {Russell) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Josephine M. Tomlin, June 10, 
1915. B. S.. Tex. A.&M. CoU., 1908. 

Burnett, Edgar Albcrl, dean Coll. Agr.. 

dir. Exp. Sta.. Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

InsU., Mich. Agr. Coll.. I8S»-93; 

prof. agr.. S. D. Agr. Coll., 1896-9; prof, 
an. hush., Univ. Neb.. 1899-1915. Chm. 
Station Sect., Assoc. Am. Agrl. Colls. 
andExp.Stas. Former pres,, ^n, Assoc. 
Farmers' Inst. Workers, b. Livingatoo 
Co., Mich., Oct. 17, 1885; ». Ellsworth S. 
and Mary Eliza (Crane) B.; reared on 
farm; m. NelUe E. FoUom. 1899; c. 
Knox Folsom. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1887; D.Sc., 1917. 

Bmnett, Lyman Crane, chief in cereal 
breeding, la. Exp. SU., Ames, Is. 

Asst., la. Exp. SU., 1900-15; chief 
cereal breeding. 1916—. 6. Bancroft, 
Mich., Mar. 15. 1881; ». Elbworth Solon 
and Eliza (Crane) B,; reared on farm; 
tn. Pearl Hensel. Jan. 14. 1908; c. Kenneth 
HenseU Dorothy. B.S., Univ. Neb., 
1903; M.S.A.. la. State C<A\.. 1906. 
Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha ZeU. 

J Ernest, dir. dept. rural educ. 
W. Mich. Normal Sen., Kalamaioo. 

Co. comnr. schs.. Calhoun Co., Mich., 
1699-1904; present position, 1904—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Auih,: Rural School 
Efficiency in Kalamazoo County, 1909; 
Two Types of Rural Schoola, 1914; 
Rural Teacher Preparation in State 
Normal Schools. 1918. Ed., Albion Re> 
corder 1896-9. 6. Climax, Mich., Oct. 15. 
1869; t. Orsemus and Margaret (Smith) 
B.; reared on farm; m. Grace £. 
Armstrong, June H, 1899; Ph.B., Albion 
Coll.. 1898; A.M.. 1902; Ph.D., Colum- 
bia Univ., 1912. Sigma Chi; Phi 
Delta Kappa. 

Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Chief agrst.. The Contuental Sugar Co., 
1905-8; manag.. 1908-10; consulting 
agrst.. Holly Sugar Co.. 1910-2; distr. 
superv.. Better Famung Assoc., N. D.. 

1865; t. Cornelius and Mary (Neal) B.; 
reared on farm; m, Augu^a Lewis 
Taylor. 1890; c. Margaret, Katherine, 
Wm. H. Jr.. Elizabeth, Rosamond. 
B.S,. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1889. 

Bums, Woodson Seeley. co. agtl. agL, 
Warrenton. Ga. 

Princ. high-sch., Boonville, Ky.. 1911- 
2; teach, hist., h^h-ach.. Rosebud. To., 


1913-S; princ. Walker graded 
Goldeo Valley. N. D.. Iftia-T; princ. 
high-sch., White PUins, Ga., Jan.-Feb„ 
1918; present position. Mar. 1D18— . 
b. Oaeida. K/., Jul. 14, 1886; >. Daniel B. 
and Kathenne (Crooke) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Besa Yadon, Mar. 2, 191S. 
A.B,. Georgetown CoU., Ky., 1911. 

Ban, Cbarles G., state boys' club agt., Va. 
Poly. lost., Blacksbuig. Va. 

Princ. bi^h-Bch,. CardweU. Va.. 190S- 
tO; Empona. 1910-S: instr. agrl. educ, 
FarmviUe State Normal and agt. Prince 
Edward Co., 1913-6; present position, 
1917—. Vice-pres. Va. State Teach, 
Assoc., 1909-10. b. Goodland, Ind.,Jul.Sl, 
1684; (.B.R. and Sarah Jane (Vorheis)B.; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Men Powell. 
June S, 1913; e. Cbas. G., Sue Madin. 
B.A., Vs. Chriatian Coll., 1908. 

Burr, Wahcr, dir. rural serv. dept., Kan*. 
State Ap. CoU., Manhattan, Kans. 
Asst. dlr. rural lerv. dept., Kans. State 
Agr. Coll., 1914-5; dir., 1915—; asst. 
sUte dem. agt. leader, 1917—. b. Fly- 
mouth, 111.. Aug. S, 1877; 1. Horace M. 
and Sarah (Shuck) B.; reared in town; 
ffi. Buena Hall, Jan. I. IBOA; c. John. 
Frank. Mary. Martha. A.B., Knoi CoU. 

Borr, Wiliiam'^esley, prof, agron. and head 
dept., Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Dry land work. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1906- 
10; present position. 1916—. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. b. Goodland, Ind., Mar. 26. 
18S0; t. Elliot R. and Sarah Jane (Vor- 
beis) B.; reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. 
Neb., IBOa. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Bmritt. Maurice Quae, eit. prof., vice 
dir. eit. and dir. farm bureaui of N. Y. 
Stole, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Sd. asst., Off. Farm Manag., U. S. 
Dept Agr.. 1908-11; ed. N. Y. Tribune 
Farmer, 1911-3; present position, 1014 — . 
Fanning. 1902-5. Avth.: Apple Growing, 
1912. b. Hilton. N. Y., Feb. 4. 1883; 
I. Stephen D. and Anna (Chase) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Estella May Buell, 
Aug. 9, 1011; c. Helen Rosamond. Stephen 
Gilbert. B.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 1908; 
M.S.A., 1910. Sigma Phi Sigma. 

Bnrrowa, Mark, prof, rural educ.. Kirksville 
Normal Sch., KirksviUe, Mo. 

Teach, rural schs., 5 yra.; teach. 

village and city ichs., 18 yrs.; leadi, 
nonnal hJib., 10 yn. Collaborator for 
Farm Arithmetic and Farm Accounts, 
1917. Bd., Rural School Messenger, b. 
Andrew Co.. Mo., Nov. 16, 1868: *. 
Edward D. and Susannah Adams (Clen- 
denin) B.; reared on farm; m. Dollie 
Adanu, Aug. 23, 1895; e. Iphigenia, 
Gwynne, Winifred. B.S., Stanberry Nor- 
mal Sch., 1892; A.B., Kirkeville Normal 
Sdi.. 1912. 

BursoD, William Mills, prof. vet. med., 
Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga. 

Instr.. Cincinnati Vet. Coll., 1907-10; 
present position, 1010~. Pres. Ga. Stole 
Vet. Assoc,, 1913; resident see. tor Ga., 
Am. Vet. Med. Assoc., 1913—. Leader 
vet. exl. work in Ga. 1st lieut., 8th 
Ohio Vol. Inf., ^wnish War, b. Augusta, 
O.. May 24, 1874; .. Wm. and Susan C. 
(Mills) B.; reared on farm; m. Mary A. 
»eber, June 15, 1897; e. Susan M.. 
Mildred M. D.V.M.. Cincinnati Vet. 
CoU.. 1907. 

Burt. George James, sci. asst.. OS. Com 
Invest., Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Commercial rose growing, Erie, Pa., 
1912-3. 6. Elmira, N. Y„ 1887; *.Geo. 
and Annie U. (Veasie) B.; reared b town 
and on farm; m. Sarah Haugh, Jan. 15, 
1917. B.S.A.. ComeU Univ.. 1911. 

Buitis, Orville Brown, eo. agrl. agt.. Clay 
Center, Kans. 

b. Fredonia, Kans., June 13, 1892; 
.. Walter John and Winifred (Brown) B.; 
reared on farm; m. Gertrude Elisabeth 
Hatliog, Sept. 28, 1917. B.S.A., Kans. 
Stote Agr. CoU., 1916. 

Supt, White River high-sch., 1902-8; 
BUpt. Piano, 111., dty sch., 1808-11; ed. 
in chief, Nat. S^nutd Training Corpora- 
tion, 1911-5; dir. ext.. Munde Normal 
Coll., 1913-5; present portion, 1915—. 
Dir. poster campaign, U. S. Food Comn. 
Auth.: Shop Projects based on Community 
Problems. ISIS; School Sewing Based 
on Home Problems, 1916. b. Hamilton 
Co.. Ind.. Sept. 13. 1880; ». A. M. and 
Martha (Ramsey) B.; reared in small 
village; m. Frieda Sherrick, 1901; e. 
Erme June, Basil, Bowena, Victoc, 


Bosh. George WendelL co. agrl. agt., Utics, 
N. Y. 

General (unaei. 1906- IS; mansg. 
Arden Furms Dairy Co., 1900-12; 
agt. Ondda Co. N. Y.. 19ie-S; atate 
leader co. Agta., Ohio State Univ., 1915- 
6; agt. On^da Co., 1918—. Ed., Dairy- 
men's League News, 1917-8. b. Nanti- 
coke, N. Y., Nov. IT, 1880; t. Msrcene 
and Mary (Hoard) B.; reared on farm; 
ni. Meta Elisabeth Smith, Aug. i,S, 1911; 
e. David Hoard. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1909. Alpha Zeta. 

Biuhiicll, Leland Darid, prof, bact., Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 

Arat. bact., Mich. Agr. CoU., 1905-7; 
dairy bact.. Dairy Div., Bur. An. lod., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1907-8; aast. bacL, 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1908-0; instr., 
1909-10; asst. pnrf., 1910^; prof., 
1913—. b. Branson, Mich., Oct. 19, 

jJ|18S0; t. Wm. B. and S. Maria (Taggart) 
B.; reared on farm; n. Florence Warner. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1905; M.S., 
Univ. Kans., 1915. Alpha Zeta; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Sigma Gamma Delta. 

Butler, Kon H., writer aod farmer, Soutbem 
Pines, N. C. 

Manag. Bradford, Pa., Era. 3 yrs.; 
editorial writer and traveling lea., ntts- 
burg Times, 10 yrs.; special writer, 
Raleigh, N. C, News and Observer. 
Investigated Armenian massacres in Tur- 
key and oil fields of Russian Caspian 
countr)^ 189S, as rep. Pittsburg Times. 
Aitth.: The Church on Quintuple Mountain, 
1912. b. Brookville, Pa.. June 28, 1857; 
«. Cyriu and EUubeth (Huhn) B.; 
reared in country and city; n>. Anna E. 
Scbnem, June 8, 1892; c. Howard N., 
Helen K., Cyrus O. 

Bsdcr, Bnrridge Davenal, pub. Prairie 
Parmer, Waverly Rd., Highland Park, 111. 
Trustee Blackburn Coll. Fed. sUte 
dir., U. S. Boya' Working Reserve. 
Pres. Minneapolis Daily News, 1903-9; 
vice-pres. Omaha Daily News, 1899-1909; 
pres. Agrl. Publisbera' Assoc., 1914-5. 
Traveled in Europe. Farmer, Wheaton, 
III. 6. Lomaville, Ky., Feb. 5, 1888; 
). Thos. D. and Marie (Radcliffe) B.; 
reared in city; m. Winnie Whitfield, Dec, 
22, 1800; 2d, Ina Hamilton Busey, Aug. 

BndM, Tait, agrl. ed., Memplua, TenD. 

Prof. vet. med. and physiology. Miss. 
A. & M. Coll., 1891-6; prof. vet. sd. 
and bact. and state vet, Kaos. State 
Agr. Coll., 1900-1; prof. vet. sci. and 
state vet., N. C. A. & M. Coll., 1901-8; 
dir. N. C. fanners' insts., 1903-8. Pres. 
Am. Vet Med. Assoc.. 1900-1; prea. 
Assoc. Am. Farmers' Inst. Workers. 
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Jul. 24, 1862 (naturalized 1698}; t. 
James W. and Arvilla (S'me) B.; reared 
on farm; m. Dell Billington Bell, Aug. 8, 
1393; 0. Eugene, Seta. V.S., Ont. Vet. 

Bnlterield, Kenyon Leech, prea. Mass. 
Agt. Coll. and head div. rural social sd., 
Amherst Mass. 

Supt. Mich, farmers' inst., 1895-9; 
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instj. rural sodol.. Univ. Mich., 1902-3; 
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try Life Comn.; U. S. Comu. on 
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Urd, Victor Uoyd. B.S., Mich. Agr. 
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Button, Harry Freeman, head dept. crops 
and soils, N. Y. State Sch, Agr., Farming- 
dale, N. Y. 

Teach, agr.. Waterford Acad., Pa., 
1907-8; dir. 8th Diatr. Agrl. Hi^-Sch., 
Manassas, Va., 1908-13; prof, agr., 
Vincennes Univ., Ind., 1013-9; present 
position, 1915 — ; ext. lect., Brooklyn 
Acad. Arts and Sci., 1917-8. 6. Canas- 
tota, N, Y., Aug. IT, 1878; a. Romaiae D. 
and Emma A. (Freenian) B.; reared on 
farm; m. Bessie Markham McCartney. 
May 21, 1904; e. Gertrude, Dorothy. Burr, 
Romaine. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 100«. 


Bran, Lothw Pafris, pknt path., Bui. 
Plant Ind., V. S. Dept. Agr.. Waahinctoii. 
D. C. 

Bit. path.. S. C. Eip. Sta., 1010-1; 
aMt. bot., Univ. Wis., lOll-Si present 

rition, 181*—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Forest City. N. C, Sept. 26, 1887; 
*. BdwanJ Harrison and Nannie (Panis) 
B.; reared in town and coimtiy. B.S., 
Clemson Agr. CoU.. ISOO; M.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1013; Ph.D.. 1914. Sigma XJ. 

Cadj, LeRo^, aasoc. prof, hort., Univ. 
Minn., Univereity Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 
Instr. hart., Univ. Minn., 1906-10; 
aast. prof,, 1910-1; assoc. prof., 1911— . 
Mem. exec, bd.. Minn. SUte Hort, Soc. 
and Minn. State Flomts' A»boc. Florist 
and gardener at state public sch., Owat- 
onna, 1900-3; chg, greenhouse and 
campus, Dept. Agr,, Univ. Minn., 1903 — . 
b. Buffalo, Minn.. Jan. 0, 1870; ». Geo. L. 
and Agnes P. (Mann) C. ; reared on farm 
and in small town; m. Fannie M. Daviei, 
June 3, 1008. B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 
1907. Alpha Zela. 

Came, George B^ aasoc. prof, durjing 
in chg. dept., Utah Agr. Coll., Logan, 

Sec.-tKaa. State Dairymen's Assoc. 

b. Logan, Utah, Sept. 16, 1889; «. John 
T. Jr. and Katinka (Ballif) C; reai«d on 
tann and in small city; m. Marie Enlis; 

c. one. B.S.A., Utah Agr. Coll., 19U; 
M,A., Univ. Mo.. 1914. Alpha ZeU; 
nil K^pa Iota; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Came, J«An Thoiaas ID, prof. an. hush., 
dir. eit. div., Utah Agr. Coll., Logan, 

Asst. prof, an. husb., Utah Agr. Coll., 
1906-8; prof., 1908—. Mem. SUte Bd. 
Horae Comnrs., 1009-18; dir. live-stock, 
Utah EiqMS. Comn., Panama-Pacific; 
vice-pres. Utah Live-stock Breeders' 
Assoc. Asst. dir. institute work, Utah, 
1013 — . Spent 4 months in hve-stock 
study in Europe, b. Logan. Utah, 
June 4, 1882; (. John T. Jr. and Katinka 
(Ballif) C; reared in town and on farm; 
m. Jean Crookston, Jul. 10, 1918; e. 
Margaret Jean, John Thos. B.S., Utah 
Agr. CoU., 1003; M.S.A., la. State CoU., 


CaUwdl, JoMfli Stnart, in chg. fruit and 
v^, utilisation lab.. Bur. Plant lod., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Prof, tiol, Peabody CoU., NashviUe. 
Teun.. 1904-11; research asst.. Desert 
Lab., Tucson, Arii., June-Nov., 1011; 
prof. bot. and plant physiologist Exp. 
SU., Ala. Poly. Inst,, 1012-6; plant 
phyuologist. Wash. Exp. Sla., 1916-7; 
present position, 1917—. Avih.: (with 
J. W. Ritchie) Primer of Hygiene. 1008. 
6. KnoiviUe, Tenn.. Oct. 31, 1878; *. 
Andrew and Lemira J. (Crawford) C; 
reared on farm; m. Cora Ethel McCul- 
kK:h. Sept. 2, lOOS; c. Stuart Andrew. 
A.B., Maryville Coll., 1902; A.M., Univ. 
Chicago, 1904; Ph.D., 1914. Sigma Xi; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

St. an. husb., Ohio Exp. St*., 1009-10; 
dahy huab.. 1010-1; assoc. miUc 


asst. dan? . . 

production, Ind. Exp. Sta., 1911- 
asat. milk production, Purdue Univ. 
1911-4; asst. prof., 1914-6; assoc. [ffof. 
1916-7; prof, dairying, 1017—. b 
Gamett, Kans., Aug. 20, 188S: *. Jackson 
Nichol and EliEabelh (Kirkpatrick) C; 
reared on farm; m. Lovina Sarah Merick, 
Aug. S, 1914. B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. 
CoU„ 1908. 

Calkiiu, Claude Ckuk, co. agrl. agt., Moro, 

b. Elgin, Neb., Jul. 10.1800; t. Claude 
Stanton and Anna (Beecher) C; reared 
on farm; m. Winnie Guyer, Nov, 27, 
1013; c. Dwight Lisle. B.S., Ore. Agr. 
CoU., 1917. Alpha ZeU. 

Can, Lehud Everett, acting dean and prof, 
agrou., Kans. State Agr. Coll., and 
acting dir. and agron., Exp. Sta., Manhat- 
tan, Kans. 

Teaching feUow, Ohio State Univ., 
1906-7; asst. agron., Kans. Stat« Agr. 
Coll.. 1007-B; asst. prof,, 1908-11; 
assoc, prof., 101 1-S; prof., 1913 — , 
Aidk..- {with Schaf er) A Laboratory Manual 
in Agriculture, 1913; Agriculture for the 
Kansas Common Schools. 1914 (with 
Kent), b. Darrowville, 0., Feb. 9, 1881; 
». Chas. A. and Olive (Prior) C; reared 
on farm; m. Clara Willis. 1910; c. Mar- 
jorie. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ.. 1906; 
M.S.A., 11012. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Sigma DelU; Phi Kappa Phi. 


Producer of dairy producta, poultry, 
pigs and berries, Clover Hill Farm. b. 
Lycoming Co., Pa„ Nov., 1882; i. Oliver 
Peiry nod Matilda (Landrus) C; reared 
on farm; m. Amelia R. SUtts, Sept., 1887; 
e. Leon J., Ervrin L., Laura M,, Jannetta 
A., Anna B., Harold N., Clara L., Etta B. 
ICalHGOIc. W. R., p. 909. 

CaDoway, Clinton JoBcph, dir. ext. dept., 
Tuak«ge« Inst.. Ala. 

Special asst. to Geo. W. Carver, Tiuke- 
geelnat, lBOl-3; conference agt., 1903-4; 
rural »ch. agt., 190*-7; dir. eit. dept,, 
1907—, Ed., The Messenger, 5 yrs. 

b. Cleveland. Tenn., Apr, 18, 1869; *. 
Geo. W, and Elizabeth (Grant) C, (col.); 
reared on farm and in town; m. Josephine 
S. Schooler. Mar. 12, 1901, B,A., Fisk 
llniv,, Naahville, Tenn,, 189B. 

Calnan, T, X.. co. agrl, agt., Wimbledon, 

b. Manawa, Wis., Mar. II, 1887; t. 
Tho8. and Mary (Flanagan) C.; reared 
on farm: m. Clara Smith, Oct. 13, 1916; 

c. Maiy. B.S.. N. D. Agr. Coll., 1913. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Calvert, William Cedl, co. agrl. agt., Marys- 
ville, Kans. 

Inatr. hort., Kane. State Agr. Coll., 
1916-7. b. Greeley. Kana., Aug. 16, 

Calvin, John WiUard, osst. prof. agrl. cfaem., 
Univ. Neb., IJncoln, Neb. 

Asst, expert in an, outr,, IT. S. Dept, 
Agr. and asst. an. nutr., Penn, State Coll,, 
1908-10; asst, chem,, Kans. Exp, SU., 
1910-4: present podtion, 1914—, 1st 
Lieut., Q, M, C, U. S. Army, 1918—. t. 
Topeka, Kans., Mar. 24, 1887; t. John H. 
and Henrietta (Willard) C; m. Lura A. 
WbartoD, Dec, 31, 1910; e. Mary Blanche, 
John Henry, B,S„Kans.SUU Agr. Coll, 
laoe. Sigma Xi; Alpha Chi Sigma; 
Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Cambtini, Oanun Myron, dury specialist, 
Univ, VI., Burlington, Vt 

b. Cedar Bapids, la., Mar. 17, 188S; 
I. Myron O, and Anna M. (Dorwart) C: 
reared on farm; m. Ethel A, Bobbins, 

Camp. William RosweO. chief Sute Div. 
Markets and Rural Coop, and state supt. 
Credit Unions, N, C. A.tM. Coll., 
W, Raleigh, N, C, 

AKrt. econ,, Univ. Mo., 1911-2; 

frof. econ., Lombard Coll,, Galesburg, 
U., 1912-3; prof, agrl. econ.. N. C. A. & 
M. Coll,, 1913—. Chm. Marketing Com., 
Soutbem Conference for Educ. and In- 
dustry, 1916; sec, Nat. Assoc, of Market- 
ing Officials, 1916-7; state del. to Third 
Nat, Conference on Marketing and Farm 
Credits, 191S-8; mem, eiec. council. 
Nat. Assoc, for Apl. LegislatioD, Ed., 
Farmers' Market Bulletins. 6. Clarks- 
viUe, O., June 18, 1873; 4, Ruuom H. 
and Rhoda (Hardy) C; reared in country 
and small city. A.B,, Stanford tlniv,, 
1909; Ph.D,, Univ, Mo., 1018. 

Campbell, Clyde Bnrdelte, co. agrl. agt.. 
Park Rapids. Minn. 

Teach, agr., high-sch.. Deer River, 
Minn,, 191S-6; farmer. Park Rapids. 
1016-6; CO, agt,. lOlB— . b. Park 
Rapids, Minn.. Jul. 30, 1887; t, Frank J. 
and Minnie (Brink) C; reared on farm; 
m, Anne Imogene Miller, Mar. 21, 1S16; 
e. June, Harriett, BS„ la. State Coll., 

Campbell, George R., agt. b dvrying, U, S. 
Dept. A^,, Fulton, IQms. 

In private dairying business, 1912-S; 
present position, 1918 — . b. Mo,, Aug. 
17, 1891; 0. Fred B. and Isabelle (Kgg) 
C; reared on farm, B.S.A., Kans, 
StaU Agr. Coll.. 1916. 

Campbell, Hardy W., farm adv., Sonthem 
Pacific Ry„ San Frandaco, Calif. 

Farm adv,, Chicago, Burlington and 
Quinn Ry., 20 yrs. Aulh.: Campbell's 
Soil Culture Manual, 1B02, rev, 190T; 
Campbell's Progressive Agriculture, 1916. 
Ed., Western Soil Culture, 1895-9; 
Campbell's Scientific Farmer, 1906-18, 
b. Montgomery Center, Vt., Jul. 21, 1860; 
«, John and Mary M. (Hopkins) C; reared 
on farm; m, Frances Famsworth, Oct. 10, 

id, AnnetU Wilb 
, Elisabeth M. Tumey, Dec.lS, 
1002; c. Marian A., WiUard H„ Lottie M., 
Matlie A„ Arthur W., Mary M., Faith A., 


Univ. Ga,, AUiau, Ga. 

lostr. sch. gardeni. Practice Sch., Ga. 
SUt« Normal, 190ft-6; farm dem. and 
field agt., U. S. Dept. \gr.. 1907-10; 
supt. rural sch. eit.. Univ. Ga.. 1910—. 
Ed., Fannerg' Union News, Agrl. Dept.. 
IDOT-IO. b. Paulding Co., Ga., Mar. 2. 
1878; I. Daniel F. and S*a*h Eliubetb 
(McBrayer) C; reared on farm; m. 
Loraine SdJoDtec Proctor, Jan. 1. IBOT; 
e. Franoefl EliEabeth, Virgioia, Proctor, 
Mootcc. B£.A.. Univ. Ga., 1916. 

Cuipbcll, Janica Robert, prof, rural educ., 
SouthmaUm SUte Normal Sch.. Weather- 
ford, Olda. 

Supt. dty Bche., Newton, Kans., 188S- 
93; Fredonia, Kani., 1893-8; Guthrie, 
Okla., 1808-1903; pres. Southweatem 
State Normal, 1003--B; supt. city ichs., 
Arapaho, OkI«., 1908-15; Tbomaa, Okla., 
1915-7; present position, 1917—. Mem. 
Territorial Bd. Educ. S yrs, Co. manag.. 
food conservation. Studied sclu. in Europe 
and Engknd. b. Cambridge, O,, Aug. 
17. 1861; 1. Robt. J. and Bacbel Ann 
(Beatty) C; reared in city and on 
farm; m. Ruth McMuUen, S«>t. M, 
1BS3; ed, Mrs. Daity W. Vestal, Aug. 81, 
1899; e. Hattie M.. Lillie B.. Juanita, 
Walter Stanley. B.A., Antrim Coll., O., 
18S1; A.M., Univ. Okla.. 1916; nad. 
work, Univ. Chicago. Kappa DelU Pi. 

CaavbeUi John Quvlci. sec. Southern 
Highland Div., Russell Sage Foundation, 
A^eviUe. N. C. 

Prioc. mountain scad., Joppa, Ala., 
180S-8; teach, public schs., Stevens 
Point, Wis.. 1698-0; princ. scad.. Pleas- 
aot Hill, Tenn., 1900-1; dean Piedmont 
Coll., Demorest, Ga., 1903-3; pres., 
190S-JT; pr^ent position, 1908—. Speci- 
alty, rural life in Southern Appalachians. 
b. Laporte. Ind., Sept. U. 1867; t. 
Gavin and Anna Barbara (Kipp) C; 
reared in town; m. Grace HaimaerHley 
Buckingham, 1S95; 2d, Olive Arnold 
Dame. 1907. B.A.. Williams Cdl., 1892; 
B.D.. Andover Theot. Sem., 1895. Delta 

Caa^bell, John Joseph, rancher, Nelson, 

Mem. B. C. Bd. of Hort.; mem. Royal 
Comn. on Agr., B. C. Pres. Willow Pomt 
Pnut Growers' Assoc, b. Baddeck, N. S., 
Aug. 9, ISAS; *. Chas. J. and Eliza 

(Ingraham) C; reared in village; m. 
Eva DeLisle Greenwood, Mar. 1ft, 1883; 
c. Helen. Ian, Winnifred. Student Dal- 
housie CoU. 

._, _^oma* Moaroc U. S. distr. 

agrl. agt.. Tuskegce Inst., Ala. 

b. Bowman. Ga., Feb. 11. 1883; i. Wm. 
and Susan (Thornton) C. (col.); reared 
on farm; m. Anna Marie Avers, June 1, 
1911; B. Thos. M. Jr., Geo. Carver, 
Emily Virginia, Wm. GnuLTuskegeelnst. 

Can^bdl, Wmiam Hewy, farmer, SUte 
Farm, Lincoln, Neb. 

Chm. educ. com., Nat. Farmers' 
Union, 1916-8; mem. rural educ. com.. 

Farmers' Nat. Congress; sec. Nat. Rural 
Sch. Patrons. 6. Carter Co., Ky., Jul. 
81. 1B62; », J. A. and Eliiabeth (OffiU) C; 
reared on farm; m. Lillian Hurd, Nov. 28. 
1889; e. May J.. Ellsworth, Harry C. 
Glenn A., Merton. Lawrence, Alice. 

[Campbell, W. J., p. 310. 

graded sdu., 1B09-IO; princ. high-s( 
1911-2: present position, 1913—. b. 
Buffalo, Wis., Jul. ». 1887; #. Thos. O. 
and Josephine (lUley)C.; reared on farm; 
m. Haiel Madden, Aug. 19. 1914; e. 
1 daughter. Univ. Wis., 1913. Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

Cance, Alexander Edmond, prof. agrl. 
eoon.. Mass. Agr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 
Prof. Greek and literature. Avalon 
Coll., 1897-9; princ. Ashville Ind. 
Srfi., IB01~4; auperv. practice, Krst 
Pa. State Normal Sch.. 1904-5; fellow 
econ.. Univ. Wis., 1906-8; inslr. agrl. 
econ.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1908-10; aast. 
prof., 1910-2; assoc. prof.. 1912-5: 
prof., 1815^. Mem. V. S. Comn. to 
study agrl. credit and cooperation in 
Europe; del. Nat. Conference on Market- 
ing and Farm Credits; special agt„ 
IVhss. Agrl. Development Com.; prea. 
Am. Assoc. Agr. Econ.. 1917. Aidh.: 
Recent Immigrants in Agriculture, 1911 
(2 vols, for U. S. Immigration Comn.); 
Farmers' Cooperative Lxchange, 1914; 
Farroeta' Cooperative Corporations. 1916; 
The Agricultural Industry and Rescources 
of the United SUtes. 1917. 3d ed. 6. 
Ettrick, Wis.; >. Alexander and Agnes 

, Goo^^ Ic 

(Edmond) C; reared on farm. B.A., 
Macalesler Coll., 18M; M.A.. Oniv. WU.. 
IQOSi Ph-D., 1908. Phi Kappa Phi. 

CantwdU, Jamea Wmiam, pres. Okla. A. & 
M. CoU., Stillwater. Okla. 

Priac. echs.. Magnolia, Ark., 1BM~1901: 
supt. echs., Tezarkana, Ark., IMlHt; 
rapt, acha., Corsicana. Tex., lOOS^; 
rapt. Bchs., Fort Worth, Tex., 1003-15; 
present position, 1915—. Pi«8. Tex, SUte 
Teachers' Aagoc., lBOT-8. b. Douglass, 
Tex., Mar. e, 1868; (. John Thos. and 
Martha Tayktr (Campbell) C; reared on 
tana; m. Ada A. Weatmoreland. May 
24. 1896; c. J. W. Jr., Carolyn. Bobt., 
Christine, Conan. B.A., Yale Univ., 
1804; A.M.. Baylor Univ. 

Card, Fred Wallwe. farmer, ^Ivaoia, Pa. 
Assoc, prof, hort., Univ. Neb., 18V3-8; 
prof. hort. and agr., R. I. State Coll.. 
1808-1907; farmer, 1907—, AM.: Bush- 
Fruits, 1898. rev. 1918; Farm Manage- 
ment. 1907. b. Sylvania. Fa., Feb. 17, 
1863; I. llios. M, and Hannah L. (Baker) 
C; reared on farm; m, Addie May 
Williams, Sept 10, 1884; «d, Maude Irene 
Clements. Apr. 86, 1907; c. Leslie E.. 
WendeU T., Dana G. B.S.A,. ComeU 
Univ.. 189!; M.S.A,. 1893. Sigma Xi. 

Card, Welherell Henry, poultry fanner, 
Manchester, Conn. 

Judge at poultry shows and lect. 
Sec. R. I. Red Club of Am. and Am. 
Cornish Clnb, Avtk,: Laws Govcroiog 
the Breeding of Standard Fowls. 1912. 
b. Copake, N. V., Jan, 9. 1800; «. Wm. 
and Mary (Melius) C.; reared in town; 
m. Nathalie Baabe. 1886. 

Cardiff, Ira D., manag,. ba D. Cardiff ti Co., 
(food procesuug) Yaldma, Wash. 

Teach, and princ, public schs.. 111., 
1897-1901; aast. bot., ColumbU Univ., 
1904-0; asst. prof., 1906-7; prof. bot.. 
Univ. Utah, 1907-B; prof, bot.. Wash- 
bum Coll,, Topeka, Kans,. 1008-1!; 
prof, plant physiology and bact.. Wash. 
SUIe CoU., 1912-3; dir. Exp. Sla. and 
b««d dept, bot,, Wash. State Coll., 1013-7; 
present position, 1917 — . Dir. Washburn 
Summer Sch.. 1909-12; prof, bot.. Univ. 
Kans. Summer Sch.. 1911-2. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. Pres. Utah Acad. Sci,, 1908. 
Mem. Wash. SUU Bd. Agr.. Served 
Spsnisb-American War. b. Stark Co., 
111.. June 20, 1873; «. E. A. and Utrobe 

R. (Sdlon) C; reared on farm; m. Myrtle 
Sherman, Aug. 14. 1002; c. Edward S, 
B.S.. Knoi Coll., 1887; Ph.D., Columbia 
Univ.. 1006; 8J^ yrs. grad. work, Univ. 

Cardoao, Francis Henry, teach, agr. and 
dir. agrl. dept,. Tuskegee Inst., Ala. 

Teach, hort.. Tuskegee Inst,, 1001-3, 
1905-7; teach, dairy ind.. Ga, Ind. CoU,, 
winter. 1003; prof, and dir. agr., Fla. 
State A,&M. Coll., 1907-17; asst. dir. 
agrl. dept., Tuskegee Inst,, 1017-8; St., 
1918—. Traveled in England, b. Topeka. 
Kans.. Mar. 22, 1880; i. Isaac N. and 
Elizabeth (Williamson) C. (col,); reared 
in town and on farm; m. Flora L, Garbon, 
June 27, 1906; c. Dorothy, Inez. Grad. 
Tuskegee Inst., 1901; student Cornell 
Univ., 1903-5; Oxford IIniv.,summer 1000. 
[Carleloa, M. A„ p. 310. 

Carlyle, Sidney George, supt. dem. farms, 
Dept. Agr., Edmonton, Alta, 

Breeder Holstein cattle and Clydesdale 
horses, Dundas Co., Ont.; present posi- 
tion, 1913—. 6, Chesterville. Ont., Oct. 7, 
1871; *. Thos. and Nancy (Thom) C; 
reiued on farm; m. Bertha Reid, 1903; 
c. Helen, Wm., Robt., Jean, Donald, 
Archibald, Marion. Student Ont. Agr. 
Coll. and Univ. WU. 


Instr., Ont. Agr. Coll, 1802-3; ext. 
lect., Univ. Minn., 1893-6; prof. an. 
husb,, Univ. Wis,. 1896-1003; prof, agr.. 
Colo. Agr. Coll.. 1903^; dean agr,. 1906- 
0; dean agr.. dir. Exp. Sta.. Univ. Ida.. 
1010-5; present position. 1015 — . b. 
Ont.. Canada. Sept. 82, 1870 (naturalized 
1904); ». Thomas and Nancy (Thom) C; 
reared on farm; m. Inec M. Fairbanks, 
Jul. 7, 1896; c. Kathlene, Theodora, 
Helen Furbanks. BS.A., Univ, Toronto 
(Ont, Agr. CoU,), 1882; M.S., Colo. Agr. 
Coll.. 1905. Alpha Zeta. 

Carman, Armiel. co. agrl. agt,, Clinton. Ky. 
b. Putnam Co., Tenn,. Nov. », 1888; 
I. Martin Alexander and Frances (Welch) 
C; reared on farm; m. Jessie Harkliss 
Clark, Oct. 21, 1017. B.S.A., Urnv. Ky., 
1916. Alpha Zeta. 

Carmichael, Wilbni Jerome, ext. an. busb.. 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washmglon, D. C. 
Asst. an. husb., Univ. lU., 101^^; 


bstr., 1»l&-7; Mtoc., 1917; a«L in m. 
hu»b.. U. S. Dtpt. Agr., Nov. l»17~Apr. 
1918; ext. an. hiub., Apr. 1918—. 
M&nag. hog rarm. Univ. 111., 1912-8. 
1st Lieut, in Met, border aervice, 1016—. 
b. SocheUe, 111., June 19, I88S; l. Jamei 
and Ainu Louise (Knight) C; reM«d on 
farm; m. Floreace Jennie Varna, Nov. 23, 
1910; e. Ellsworth Varna. B.S., Univ. 
11).,1913; M.S., 1916. Sigma Xi; Gamma 
Alpha; Alpha Zeta. 

Caipealet, John Wilaoa Jr., co. agrl. agt., 
Greenville, Miaa. 

Aait. agrl. eogin., MiM. A. & M. Coll., 
1914-a; eit. agrl. enpn., 1B15-7; agrl. 
agt Washington Co., I&IT— . b. Florence, 
Mim., Mar. 10. 1893; «. John Wilson 
and Mattie B«U (UU) C; reared in bdwU 
town; »t. Alice Margaret McBee, Oct. 
SO, 19la; e. John W, lU, B.S. io C.E., 
Misa. A. & M. CoU.. 1918; B.S.A.. 19U. 

Can, Rtd^ Howard, asst. prof. agrl. chem., 
I^irdue Univ., LaFavette, Ind. 

Chem. Wertem Electric Co., 1908-4; 
prof, chem., Buena Viata Coll., la., lODS; 
prof, chem.. Coll. of Emporia, Kana.. 
1908-11; presentposition, 1913— . Aulk.: 
Plant and Aniinat Chemistry, 191S. 
b. Wooster, O., Aug. 88, 18T8; ». Lucius 
Cnuunore and Sarah (I^whead) C; 
roued on farm; m. Myrtle Louthan, 
1906; e. Bruce. BS., Wooster Coll., 
1900; M.S.. Univ. Wii.. 1910; Ph.D., 
1913. Sigma Xi; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Can. Roawell Gilb«ft co. agrl. agt, Ontona- 
gon, Micb. 

Teach, agr.. North Adams high-sch., 
Mich., 1908-10; Dillon. Mont, 1910-1; 
BUpt. Upper Peninsula Bxp. Sta., Chatham, 
Mich., 191il-S; agt. Ontonagon Co., 
1919 — . Vice-preg. Mich. Assoc. Co. Agrl. 
Agts. Co. food administrator, Ontonagon, 
1918—. b. Fowlerville. Mich., Jan. 31, 
1886; «. O. K. and Maria Jane (KirUand) 
C.; reared on (arm; m. Edith Uindoa 
Bigelow, Jul. 81, 1907; c. Betty Aileeu, 
Bonoie Jean. Ehoda Maria. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. CoU.. 1908. 

Cankk, Do«k Bain, invest, in marketing. 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

Instr. bidi-sch., Burlington, N. C., 
1910-1: mgh Point, N. C. 1911-2; 
prioc. high-sch.. High Point, 1918-3; 
BBstpom., Cornell Univ., 1919-7; present 

portion. 1»I7— . 6. Lexington, N. C, 
Dec. 11. 1888; t. Tfaos. and Mary (Bain) 
C; nsred in small town. A.B., Wake 
Forest Coll., N. C, 1910; Ph.D., Cornell 
Univ., 1911., S^^ Xi. 

Carrigagi, Joacph Edwwd. asst. co. agt. 
leader, Univ. Vt, Burlington, Vt. 

" I. worker, Univ. Vt., 1014-S; agt. 

1891; t. Joseph B. and Marcella (Lowth) 
C; reared on farm. B.S., Univ. Vt., 
1914. Alpha Zeta. 

CwroU, Alan K., oo. agrl. agt.. New Cum- 
berland, W. Va. 

b. Masontown. W. Va., Apr. 11. 1890; 
1. H. D. and Elma (Herring) C; reared 
on farm. B.S.A.. W. Va. Univ., 1918. 

CanoD, Frank Aitkui. co. agrl. agt.. Court 
House, Trenton, N. J. 

Superv. Cosa Co., N. H. Dairy Record 
Assoc., 1913-4; dairydept.,N.H.A.&M. 
CoU., 1014-5; field agt.. Dairy Div.. U. 
S. Dept Agr., 1916-7; co. agt., 1917—. 
b. BUckstone, Mass., Oct. 14, 1880; 
f. Patrick and Ui^ry (McNally) C; 
reared on farm and in Iowa. B.S., R. I. 
Sute Coll., 1913; special student ComeU 
Univ., 191B-fl. 

Carroll, Harry Benson Jr., co. agrl. agt., 
BeUingbam. Wash. 

b. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 27, 1889; 
<. Harry Benson and Fannie (Taylor) C; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 
1909. Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Zeta. 

CarroU, WUIiam Ernest, prof. an. husb., 
Utah Agr. CoU., an. husb. Eip. SU., 
Logan, Utah. 

Asst. prof. an. husb. aud an. busb. Eip. 
SU.. Logan. Utah, 1911-8; aasoc. prof. 
and asst. chm. Sch. Agr., 1S18-3; present 
position, 1911 — . Capt. .Sanitary Corps. 
U. S. Army, 1918—. 6, Orderville, UUh, 
Nov. 8, 1888; «. C. W. and Amelia 
(Snyder) C; reared on farm; m. Leuore 
Ure, Sept t. 1915; c. I son. B.S., Utah 
Agr. CoU.. 1909; M.S.. Univ. 111., 1911; 
Ph.D., Univ. III., 1914. Sigma Xi; 
Phi I«mbda Upsilon. 

CarsncT, Eubanks, asst. path, sugar plant 
invests., U. S. Dept. Agr., SpreckeU, 

b. San Antonio, Tex., Jul. 19, 1891; 
t. Chas. Ferdinand and Lucy R. (Cal- 

, Google 

lender) C; reared in town. B.A., Univ. 
Tex., 1»13; M.S.. Univ. Wig.. 1914; 
Ph.D.. 1917. Sigma Xi. 

Carson, WiUiam John, manag. Ayer & 
Mc^Dney, S74 Cliatoa Ave., Newark, 

Dairy instr., Kingston Dairy Sch., 
1902-4; instr., Umv. Wis., 1904-6; 
prof, dairyhuab.. Man. Agr. Coll.. 1904-9; 
managins dir., Careon Hy^enic Dairy 
Co., Winnipeg, 1909-14; prof, dairy 
husb., Rutgers Coll., I91S-7; present 
position, 1917—. b. MelcalT. Ont., Nov. 
13, 1ST2: f. Wm. and Jane (Stringer) 
C; reared in town and on farm; m. 
Ella J. Kennedy. Dec. 25, 1902. B.S.A.. 
Oat. Agr. Coll.. 1908, 

Cartel, Clarence Edgar, co. agrl. agt., 
Edina, Mo. 

Instr. agr., high-ach.. Liberty, Mo., 
1916; agt. Obion Co., Tenn., 1916-7. 
b. la Plata. Mo., Feb. 20, 18S9; t. John 
N. and Matilda (Carnahan) C; reared 
on farm; n. Georgia Haley, Dec. 24, 
191S; e. Martha Jane. B.S.A., Univ. 
Mo., 19IS. 

Cortwriihl, Enunctl Bea, superv. voc, agr.. 
Slate Orphan's Home, Corsicana, Tex. 
b. Temple, Ga., Aug. 16, 1889; «. 
Wm. David and Talula Voulce (Nbron) 
C; reared on farm; m. Era Stevenson. 
June 1, 1917. B.S.. Tex. A. & M. CoU., 

Carver, George Washingtini, dir. exp. sta., 
Tuskegee Inat.. Tuskegee, Ala. 

Mem. Royal Soc. of Arta, London, 
England, b. Diamond, Mo.; of African 
descent. B.S.A., la. State Coll., 1394; 
M.S.A., 1896. 

Carver, Thomas Niioo. prof, econ.. Harvard 
Univ., Cambridge, Mass. 

Assoc, prof, and prof, econ. and aociol., 
Oberlin CoU., 1894-1900; assoc. prof, 
etxin.. Harvard Univ.. 1900-2; prof,, 
1902—. Dir. Rural Organization Serv., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1913-1; adv. in agrl. 
econ., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1914-6. b. 
Kirkville, la.. Mar. iS, 1865; >. John 
Henry and Margaret Jane (Bartow) C.; 
reared on farm; m. Flora Frazee Kirken- 
doll, May 4, 18BS; «. Helen G., Emmett 
K., Margaret J. A.B., Univ. S. Calif., 
1891; Pfa.D., Cornell Univ., 1894; LL.D., 
Oberlin CoU.. 1903. Phi Delta Theta. 

Bupt. Church Home Oridianage, 
York, S. C., l»lS-7; agt. Unmn Co.. 
1917—. In U. S. Arnn-, 1018—. b. 
near Abbeville, S. C, Oct. 13, 1806; 
I. Preston Brooks and LieU (Kay) C; 
reared on farm. B.S., Clemson Agr. 

CoU.. 1016. ((;^^ g ^ „ _ ^fjjj^ 

Caswell, Oscar W., co. agrl, agt., Braden- 
town, Fla. 

Instr. an. hiub., Hampton lost.. 1906-7; 
farmer. Miss., 1909-10; agt. Hancock Co., 
Miss., ISlS-Jan. 1916; agt. Suwannee 
Co., FU., 1916-7; agt. Manatee Co., 
1917—. 6. Warrick Co., Ind.. OcL 9, 
1881; I. Christopher C. and Serilda 
(Caldwell) C; reared on farm; m. Ada 
May Collins, Sept. T, 1910; e. Uoyd C. 
RoberU Maxine. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 

Gate, daiide CUfton, co. agrl. agt., Medford, 

Asst. plant path.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1907-8. b. Decatur, Tex.. May 9, 1882; 
I. Wm. B. and Mary A. (BuU) C.; reared 
on farm: m. Grayce May Rose, Jan. 6, 
1909; c. Letand L., Wm. L., Claude C. Jr. 
B.S.. Ore. Agr. CoU., 1904. 

Gates, JnoiPB Sidney, agrat.. Off. Farm 
Manag., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Present position, 1906-12, 1VI4— . 
£if.-iu-cbief. Southern Planter. 1012-1. 
b. Graham, N. C, Aug. 10, 187T; «. Henry 
Manley and Mary Elizabeth (Brodshaw) 
C; reared on farm; nt. Theodosia 
Dutrow, Oct. 17, 1908; e. EUaabeth 
Greenleaf. B.Agr., N. C. A.&M. CoU., 
1902; M.Agr., 1904; Ph.D., American 
Univ., 1016. Kappa Sigma. 

Canlhen, Edward Frands, ossoc. agrst. 
in cbg. field crop exps.. Ala. Exp. Sta., 
Auburn, Ala, 

Pres. Sth Distr. Agr. Sch., Hamilton, 
Ala,. 1896-1005; agrst,, 6lh Dist Agr. 
Sch.. Wetumpka, Ala,, 1006-8; farm 
supt., Ala. Exp. Sta., 1008-11; assoc. 
agrst,, 1912—, b. Heath Spring, S. C, 
Jan, IT, 1868; *. J. C, and Gazarine G. 
(Hammond) C; reared on farm; m. 
Kate LuttreU, Aug. 6, 1901; c. Katie 
Frances, Maryline, John LuttreU. B.S., 
Univ. NashvUle, 1895; grad. student. 
Univ. NashviUe, 1895-6; Corudl Univ., 


Carw, GeatfM, general ititp. die«ae uid 
butter (actoriei and pn^., Froviacul 
Dwiy Sch., St. Hywinthe, Que. 

(. Holyoke, Man.. S«^t. IS, 1877; 
(. David and Philomine (VaDtma) C; 
reared od (arm and in dty; m. Liuie 
MercurL May S, 1910; e. lilane, Therese, 
Roger, Lomer, Maurice, Laurier. 

Qiamberlaiii, WiUiam Isaac, farmer. Hud- 

SOD. 0. 

Instr. Greek and I^tin, Weatem 
Beserve CoU., 1661-70; mc. agr.. O., 
lS80-«; pres. la. SUte CoU,. 1888-90. 
Tnutee Ohio Stale Univ., 1891-^; mem. 
bd. or control, Ohb Eip. Sta., 190S-9. 
Auth.: Tile Drainage. 1891, rev. 1016; 
Firrt Prindples of Agriculture, 1917. 
Auoc. ed.. Ohio Farmer, 1891-1908; 
National Stockman and Farmer, Pitts- 
burg, Pa., 1908—. Traveled in Europe, 
1908-9. 1918. h. Sharon, Conn.. Feb. 11. 
1837; (. Jacob and Ann (Nutting) C; 
reared on farm; m. Lui^ J. Marshall, 
Aug. 16, 1S6S; e. Jennie. Herbert, Joseph, 
Clifton, Carroll. A.B., Weatem Reserve 
Coll., Huidon. O.. 1859; A.M., I8e«; 
LL.D., Rutgers Coll., 1881. Ohio State 
Univ., 1888; Rev., 1886, by Cong'L 
Council, Columbus. 

Chnmpbn, Mauley, asst. pror. agroD., S. D. 
State Coll., Brookings, S. D. 

Special agt., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1909; 
■d. asst., 1810; collaborator, 1911—; 
asst. prof. agroQ. and asst. general supt. 
eipl. farms, S. D. State Coll., 1914—. 
Sec. S. D. En>. Assoc.. 191S— . Mem. 
Grain Gr*des Com., Minn., 1916. AtMi.: 
Lessons in Field Management, 1 9 17; 
Students* Guide for the Study of Reld 
Crops, 1917. Farmed during summers, 
1895-1908. 6. Howard Co.. la.. Oct. 28. 
188S; t. E. B. and Amelia L. (Janes) C; 
reared in smalt town; m. Mabel E. Gooder, 
Mar. S8. 1911; c. Marion, Maurine. 
B.S.. S. D. Sute CoU.. 1909; M.S.. 1914. 

Chandler, Beraard Albert, asst. prof. for. 

utilicatiou. Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

h. Gloucester. Me., Dec. SO, 1884; «. 

Andrew C. and Cora (Bean) C.; reared 

Quudler, WilKam Henry, prof, research in 
pom., Cornell Univ., Ithaica, N. Y. 

Asst. prof. hort.. Univ. Mo., lBlO-9; 

S resent position, 1913~. 6. Butler, Mo., 
ul. 31, 1878; .. Wiafield Scott and Mary 
Wade (Lewis) C; reared on farm; m. 

Nancy CaroUne Stede, Sept. 6, 1006; 
e. Caroline G., Wm. L., Mary Martha, 
Ruth S. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1906; 
M.S.A., 1006; Ph.D., 1S14. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Chapin, Hairy Giiswold, co. agrl. agt., 
Watkios. N. Y. 

Co. rep. N. Y. SUte Food Conm., 1 yr.; 
asst. CO. fuel administrator, h. Holcomb, 
N. Y., May 22. 1896; t. Chas. and Clara 
(French) C.; reared on farm. Special 
student Cornell Univ. Phi DelU Sigma. 

Chapman, Abel Hugh, co. agrl. agt.. Green- 
ville. S. C. 

Asst. agr.. Fla. Exp. Sta., 1006-7; 
prof, agr,, id Distr. Agrl. Sch., Evergreen, 
Ala., 1907-8; prof. agr.. CameroD State 
Sch. Agr.. UwtoD. Okla.. 1908-1!; asst. 
manag. Farm Improvement Dept., 
Southern Ry. Co., 1912-i; agt. Greenville 
Co., S. C. 1914—. Chief appriser Fed. 
Land Bd. of CoIumbU. S. C, 6 months. 
6. Newton, Miss., Sept. IS, 1880; «. Jno. 
E. and Susan (Evans) C; reared on farm; 
m. Irene Chapman; e. A. H.. Jr. B.S., 
Miss. A. & M. CoU., 1904; M.S.A., Umv. 
Mo., 1907. 

Cbapnuui, Frederick L., ed. and owner. 
Better Farming. 141 W. Ohio St.. Chicago, 


t. Kane Co., lU., Apr. «1, 1864; s. 
Samuel and Margaret (Spittal) C: 
reared on farm; m. Louise SewaU, 1891 ; 
c. Fred L. Jr., Edmund S-, John Wilson. 
Louise. Margaret, Helen. B.A., Amherst 
Coll., 1888; M.A., 1891. Psi Upsilon. 

Ch«se. Arthnr Reaben, co. agrl. agt.. The 
Dalles. Ore. 

Rural sch. superv.. Jackson Co., Ore., 
«!-^ yrs. h. Colman, S. D., Mar. 7, 
1888; s. James and Jennie (BirdsaU) 
C; reared on farm. B.S.. Ore. Agr. 
CoU., 1913. Gamma Sigma DelU. 

Chase, Elwood LaBane, co. agrl. agt., 
Woodbury, N. J. 

Farm supt., N. V. City Farm Colony, 
SUten Isl., 1915-6; farm supt., N. Y. 
State Agr. Sch., Farmingdale. Jan.-May 
1916; agt. Passaic Co.. N, J.. 1010-7; 
agt, Gloucester Co.. 1917—. h. Wal- 
brook, Md.. Dec. 3, 1803; ». Geo. A. and 
Anna (LaBarre) C; reared in town; 
m. Julia Mary DowUng. Jan. 80, 1016; 
Anna Francis. B.S., ComeU Univ., 



Univ. Neb., Uncoln, I 

FarmiDg I yr., Lancaster Co., Neb.; 
Fairbanks-Morse Co., * y«. Pre*, and 
sec. Am. Soc. Agrt. Engin. Major Ord. 
R. C, U. S. Army. 1918—. Auth.t (with 
Davidson) Farm Machinery and Farm 
Motors, 1908. Ed. series on agrl. engin., 
John Wiley & Sons. b. Jacksonville, Vt., 
Aug. 27, 1877; *. P. W. and Mary Anna 
(Murdock) C; reared on farm; m, 
Susan Mills Banihart, Aug. 16, 190S: 
e. Fred M.. Leona, Eleanor. B.S..M.S., 
Univ. Neb., 1904; M.E.. 1914; A.E.. U. 
State CoU., 1914. Sigma Xi; Sigma Tau; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Chase, Wilbur Daiwio, co. agrl. agt., 
Romulue, N. Y. 

b. Hilton, N. Y., Apr. 80, 1808; i. 
James D. and Eunice (Gallup) C; reared 
on farm; m. Ida E. Anderson, June S, 
1918. B.S., Cornell Univ., 1816. Alpha 
Gamma Rbo. 

ville, Ga., 2 yri.; . 
Savannah, 4 jra. Tarm operator, 6 yn. 
6. Cobb Co., Ga., Oct. 7, 1883; ». W. T. 
and Kate (Winn) C; reared on farm; 
m. LiQiau E. Bums, Oct. 19, 1812. 
B.S.A., Univ. Ga., 1908. 

Chcyncy, Edward Gheen, chiet Div. For., 
Univ. Mmn., University Farm, St. Paul, 

Asst. for., Univ. Minn., 190S-7; aaat. 
prof., IWT-IO; dir. Coll. For., 1910-8; 
chief Div. For., 1818—. Mem. Minn. 
SUte For. Bd.; vice-prea. Minn. State 
For. Assoc. Auih.: (with Wentling) The 
Farm Woodlot, 1914; Scott Burton, 
Forester, 1917. Ed., North Woods Maga- 
line. 6. Wasbington, D. C, Nov. M, 
1878; I. H. T. and Lucie Marie (Balmar) 
C; reared In city; m. H. Frances Porter, 
Sept. 11, 1007; c. Virginia Brunet, 
Lucie Marie. A.B., Cornell Univ., 1900; 
grad. work Yale For. Sch., 1904-fi. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Chilcott, EHery Channing, dig. dry land 
agr. invests.. Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

U. S. deputy surveyor, 1882-9!; stock 
farmer, Campbell Co.. S. D., 1883-92; 
pna. agr., S. D. Agr. CoU., 1882-7; 

pTct. geo). and agron. and vicenUr., 
1887-180S; present position. 1805—. 
Mem. S. D. Senate, 1892; mem. S. D. 
State Bd. Agr., 1901-2. Fellow A. A. A. 
S. 6. E. Hamburgh, N. Y.. Apr. 8, 
1859; 1. Benjamin Franklin and Philenda 
(Freeman) C; m. Alice Bushley, Jan. 8, 
1B84. M.S., S. D. State CoU., 1898. 

Childs, Leroy, eut. and plant path, and nipt. 
Hood River Branch Erp. Sta., Ore. Agr. 
Coll.. Hood Uver, Ore. 

Research asst. ent.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1814-5; ent.. Hood River Ezp. Sta., 
1815-6; ent., path, and supt., 191ft—. 
(. Alhambra, Calif., Aug. 8. 1888; *. 
AgstuB Oliver and Nettie W. (Nye) C; 
re&red on farm; et. Hazel 1. Holmes, 
Dec. 16, 1815; e. Leroy Winston, Allison 
Oliver. A.B., Stanford Univ., 1S13. 
Sigma Xi; Phi DelU Theta. 

Chittcoden, AUied Knight, prof, for., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., E. lanung. Midi. 

Present portion, 1914 — . b. New 
Haven, Conn., Oct. !S, 1878: «. RuMell 
H. and Gertrude Louise (Baldwin) C; 
reared in city; m. Lulu Wilcox Brower, 
1908. Ph.B.. Yale Univ., 1900; M.F., 
Yale For. Sch.. 1802. Sigma Xi; Xi 
Sigma Pi. 

Outtenden, Prank Hnrlbnt. ait. in cfaf . 
truck crop insect bvests., Bur. Ent., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Wuhington, D. C. 

Asst. ent., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1891-1907; 
present title. 1817—. Fdkiw A. A. A. S. 
Auth.: Insects Injurious t« Vegetables, 
1897. Bd., Entomolo^cB Americana, 
1890. b. Cleveland. O., Nov. 3, 1858; 
$. Seth King and Harriet Malvina (Hurl- 
but) C; reared in city. Licentiate, 
Comdl Univ., 1881; hon. Sc.D.. Western 
Univ. Penn. (now Univ. Pittsburgh), 

Chittr. Ralph Aim, co. agrl. agt., Craw- 
fords ville, Ind. 

b. Hope. Ind., May 14, 1886; i. Logan 
T. and Margaret L. (Mehne) C; reued 
on farm. B.S.A., Purdue Univ.. 1810. 
Alpha Zeta; Alpha Gamma Rbo. 

position, 1813 — . Farm operator. 

rison, Va., Apr. 22, 1877; t. Wm. Joe 

and Virginia (Gay) C; reared on farm; 


n. Raduel Carr Battham. Jan. 30. 1007; 
c. Wm. Geo., Clare Carr. B.S., Va. Poly. 
iDst.; student Ont. Vet. Coll., Toronto 

CbriatcBaen, Frederick Waldemai, prof, 
an. uutr.. N. D. A^. Coll.. Agricuitural 
College. N. D. 

Asst. expert an. nutr.. Bur. An. lud., 
U. S- Dqit. Agr., 1804-S; awt. an. nuU., 
PenD. State CoU.. lOOS-8, 1W9-10; 
aasoc. prof, agtl, chem., N. Mex. A. & M. 
Coll., 191H; Dutr. chem., 191*-a; 
preseot position, 1916 — . b. Randolph, 
KauE., Jan. S3. 1879; ». Nieb and Chris- 
tine Eliiabetb (Johnson) C; reared on 
farm; m. Alma O. Johnaon. Sept. 1, 
1909; e. Chas. Frederick, Arthur Geo., 
Paul Edward. B.S., Kaos. State Agr. 
Coll., 1000; M.S., Fenn. State Coll., 
lOOS; grad. student Vale Univ., 1008-9. 


insp. for agr., Indiaa Bur., V. S. Dqit. 
Interior. 1002-8; with U. S. Dept, 
Agr., 1009—. Sec. Mo. State Bd. Agr., 
1890-4. Traveled for II. S. Dept. Agr. 
in Alaska, 1900 and 1911. b. Lower 
Bartlette. N. H., Oct. ». 1866; i. Edwin 
R. and Martha Elizabeth (Stevens) C; 
reared on farm; m. Josephue Mitchell, 
Apr. a, 1S99. B.S.A., Uoiv. Mo., 1SB2; 
M.S.A., 18S«. 

Church. James Edward Jr., prof, daauca 
and meteorologiBt Eip. Sta., Univ. Nev., 
Reno, Nev. 

Inatr. LAtiu and German, tlniv. Nev., 
1892-1: asst. prof, l^tin, 1804-S; asmc. 
prof., 1891-0; prof., 1890-1918; prof. 
classics, 1919 — ; founder Mt. Hose 
Meterologlcal Observatory (now branch 
Nev. Exp. Sta.). lOOJ; meteorologist, 
Nev. Exp. Sta.. 1905—. b. Holly, Mich., 
Feb. IS. 1800; t. James E. and Mary Alice 
(Eisenbrey) C; reared in town; m. 
Floi«Dce Humphrey, Jul. t. 1B94; 

(arm adv., 1918—. b. Germany, Nov. 18, 
1880 (naturalized 1800); *. J. C. and M. 
(Nisaen) C; reared on farm; m. Anna 
Staples, Jan. 16. 1010; e. Andrew Jr., 
Freja, Carl, Auria. B.S.A., Univ. Calif., 

Chrblie, George Irving, supt. agrl. est. 
Purdue Univ.. LaFayette, Ind. 

Ant. agroD., la. State ColL, 1003~S; 
asat. agron., Purdue Univ., 1005-0; 
preaent position, 1900 — . Adv. mem. 
StaU Vocational Educ. Conm.. 191 IHi; 
sec. Ind. Com Growers' Assoc.; dir. Nat. 
Corn Assoc. Chg. state farmera' insts. 
State food dir., Ind., 1017—; mem. Ind. 
Comn. on Food Production aod Cooserva- 
tioD. Asst. sec. agr., V. S. Dept. Agr., 
lOIS— ; mem. Nat. War Labor Bd. 
(. Wmchester, Ont., June it, 1881; i. 
David and Mary Ann (Howes) C; reared 
on farm; tn. Ethel Maria Carpenter, 
June, 1900; e. Emunia B£argaret. B.S.A., 
Ont. Agr. Coll., lOOS; B.S.A., la. StaU 
CoU., 1003. Alpha ZeU; Alpha Gamma 
Rho; Sigma DelU Chi. 

Chabbock. Levi, agrst.. Off. Farm Manag., 
Riverside, Calif. 

Supt. cotl. farm. Univ. Mo., 188!-t; 
B8BOC. ed., Coleman's Rural World, St. 
Louis. 1885-00; ed., 1698-1002; special 

□app, Alfred Leater, co. agrl. agt.. Council 
Grove, Kaos. 

Foreman agron. fann, Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1914-S: manag. ranch, Cok>., 
1915-6; agt. Morris Co.. Kans., 1916—. 
6. Fort Scott, Kans., Sept. 16, 1880; 
(. Chas. L. and Ida M. (Baker) C; 
reared on farm; m. Stella Opal Cady. 
June 7, 1018. B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., lOU. Sigma Gamma DelU. 

instr. and farm supt.. Smith's „ 
Northamplon, Mass., 1914-7; sec. Hamp* 
shire Co. Farm Bur., 1916-T; present 
position, 1917—. 6. WesthampUn. Mass., 
Nov. 4, 1889; *. Edwin B. and NeUy H. 
(Kingsley) C; reared on farm; m. Lora 
E. Buck, Dec. 31. 1914. B.S.. Mass. Agr. 
CoU., 1912. TheU Chi. 

Oaik, Arthur WUham. assoc. chem., N. Y. 
Agr. Eip. Sta., Geneva, N. Y. 

Asst. chem., Penn. Ejp. Sta., 1904-5; 
present position, 190S — . b. Glover. Vt., 
Aug, ii, 1870; (. Wm. F. and Elizabeth 
(KbJston) C; reared on farm; m. Muriel 

:.vGooi^Ic . 

Oark, Charles C, asst. cbieF Weather Bur., 
Washington, D. C. 

m Cbg. Bur. StalUtics, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1006-7; chief clerk, U. S. Dept. 
AgT., 1911-4; preseot position, 1911—. 
StatiBtitaaD, Intern. Inst. Agr.. Rome, 
Italy, 1908-10. Ed.. Crop Rqrorter. U. S, 
Dept. Agr., 1905-7. b. Waabingt«n, 
D. C, Mar. 6. 1675; i. Ezra W. aod 
Sylvia (Nodine) C; reared on farm and 
in dty; m. Mary D. Swingle, 190S; 
e. Chas. C. Jr., Robt. Duncan, Mary 
Elizabeth, AniU. LL.B., Philadelphia 
Law Sch., 1B99; LL.M., Columbia Univ., 
1900; D.C.I.., I90I. 

CUril, Charlei Frederick, a 

E^Potato Eip. SU., Greele; 

Asst. agron., Eiq>. Sta., Cornel! Univ., 
1006-8; asst. plant-breeding, 1908-10; 
with U. S. Dept. Agr., 1910—. FeUow 
A. A. A. S. 6, Glover. Vt., Aug. 13, 1873; 
». Wm. Frederick and Elizabeth (Marston) 
C; reared on farm; m. Minnie E. Husser, 
May es, 19U. B.S., Univ. Vt., 1897; 
M.S.A.. CorneU Univ.. 1007; Ph.D., 1009. 
Sigma Xi; Sigma Nu. 

dark, Giarles Henry, asst. agron. in dig. 
Bax invests.. Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asat. agrat., N. D. Ex[>. Sta., 1909-10; 
asst. plant-breeder, Ariz. Exp. Sta., 
1010-1; asst. in crop acclimatization, 
cotton breeding, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1911-3; 

Kesent position, 1919—. b. Tower City, 
. D., Aug. 6, 18ST; t. Geo. F. and Emma 
(Hilton) CU reared on farm and in town; 

. Ellen Esther Clark. Sept. 16, 1913; 
c. Philip Warner, Ellen Elizabeth. B.S.A., 
N. D. Agr. CoU., 1908. 

dark, Floyd Banilia. prof, econ., Tex. A. St 
M. CoU.. College Station, Tex. 

Inatr. English, Ga. Sch. of Tech., 1900- 
II; instr. political sci., Fenn. Stale Coll., 
1914-5; asst. prof., 1915-6; present 
position, 1916—. Traveled in France 
and England, 1910. AtiUi.: Constitu- 
tional Doctrines of Justice Harlan. 1015. 
b. Chesterfield Co., Va., Sept. 11, 1886; 
(. P. B. and Mattie A. ^ehcr) C; 
reared on farm and in small town; m. 
Ruth Haines, June £4. 1015. A.M., 
Richmond Coll., Va.. 1008; Ph.D.. Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1914. 

Clarh, J. Artcnua, supt. Dominion Exp, 
Sta., Charlottetown. P. E. I. 

Lect. farmers' insts., P. E. I., 1903-7; 
asst. to seed eomnr.. Ottawa, 1008-0; 
lect. short courses. P. E. I., 1909-18. 
Pres. P. E. I. Floral Assoc. Farmer. 
6. Bay View. P. E. I., Aug. 8, 1878; i. 
John C. and Annie Margaret (Simpson) C; 
reared on farm; nt. Wilhelmina A. Toole, 
Mar. SO, 1010; c. Eina Marion. B.S.A., 
Toronto Univ., 1006. 

Asst. prof, agron., Qemson Agr. Coll., 
1918-8; assoc. prof, rural educ, 1918—. 
b. Chapm. S. C. June ti, 1885; ». O. P. 
and Ophelia (Alewine) C; reared on 
farm. B.S., Clemaon Agr. Coll., 19O0; 
M.S.. ComeU Univ., 1918. 

Clark, Robert Fry, prof. econ. and sociol. 
and acting pres., PaciBc Univ., Forest 
Grove, Ore. 

Prof, forngn languages. Central Coll., 
lOOi-5; prine. WaahbumAcad., 1900-11;- 
fellow sociol. and research asst. social 
tech., Univ. Chica^, 101 1-S; assoc. 
prof. econ. and sociol., Colgate Univ., 
1913-4; asst. econ., Univ. Chicago, 
1014-S; dean and prof. econ. and sociol. 
Pacific Univ., 1015 — ; acting pres., 
1017—. Specialty, rural sociol. 6. Gait, 
Ont., Feb. 10, 1880 (naturalized 1808); 
I. Robt. A. and Elisabeth (Fry) C; 
reared on farm and in city; m. Mary 
Adeline Willard, Oct. 16, 1013; e. Eliza- 
beth Mary, Francis Willard. A.B.. Cen- 
tral Coll., 1001; Oberlin Coll., 1002; 
A.M., Univ. Chicago, 1006. 

Clark, Williani Darrow, prof, for., Mass. 
Agr. Coll., Amherst, Masa. 

lostr. and asst. prof, tor., Penn. State 
Coll., 1900-12; present position, 1912—. 
b. Rahway, N. J., May 27. 1877; ». Chas. 
H. and Harriet Newel (Crowel) C; 
reared on farm and in city; m. Emma A. 
McFeely, Mar. 28, 1012; e. Elinor Eliza- 
beth. A.B., Yale Univ.. 1904; M.F., 

1 farm. BSA.. Purdue Univ., 1917. 


Qarke, Warrvn TliMBiMon, prof. betI. eit., 
Univ. Calif.. Berkeley. CaUt. 

Aut. ent. and B»t. nipt. farm«ra' 
" la., Univ. Calif.. 190»-«; prof. ent.. 

prof. agrl. ext., 1918 — . 6. San Francisco, 
Calif., Mar. 15, 1963; 5. Chaa. R. and 
Marie Louise (Thompson) C; reared in 
town and country, m. Elizabeth Agnes 
Allen. Dec. IM, 16S5-. e. Allen Louis, 
Dorothy Ward, EUubeth Anna, Gather, 
ine. Cha«. B.S.. Univ. Calif.. 1903. 

Court House, Schenectady. I 

Farmer and stockman. S yrs.; maoM- 
cow teiting assoc.. « yrs, Pres. N. Y. 
SUte Dairy StudenU' Butter and r 

makers' Assoc., 1910-8. 
N. J., Nov. 30, 1894; *. Bernard and 
Mary (Chancellor) C; reared in town; 
m. Mildred Taber. Aug. 27, 1917. Grad. 
N. Y. SUle Sch. Agr.. Alfred Univ., 19U. 

CUrbangh, Joseph Hanisoa, co., agrl. agt., 
Clay Center, Neb. 

Inatr. aor.. Pair6eld, Neb., Uli-6; 
Sioux Co. hi{^k-sch.. 1910-7; asst. state 
dub leader, Univ. Neb., 1917-8; agt. 
Clay Co., 1918—. b. BmmenoD, &., 
Apr. 27, 1889; i. Mathew S. and Manr E. 
(Moore) C; reared on farm; m. Helen 
Knuue. Aug. 1«. 1916. B.Sc., Belleme 
Coll.. 1912; Univ. Neb., IflU. 

CleeTM. Edward Waircn, co. agr). agt., 
Warreniburg. N. Y. 

Dairy and poultry farmuig, 9 yrs. 
b. Headowbrook, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1882; 
*. Wm. A. and Susie E. OVhite) C; 
reared on farm; m. Clara B. Dubbatadt, 
Jan. 12. 1910; e. Wm.. Geo., Mary. 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 1907. 

Qcmens. Ralph Haicy, agrl. rep., Arthur, 

Dmioage dem., Ont. Agr. Coll., 1912-3; 

Sri. rep.. Waterloo Co., 1014; eu^it. 
onteith Dem. Farm.. New Ontario. 
1916-7; agrl. rep.. Wellington Co.. 1918— . 
6. Gait, Ont.. Jid. 17. 1885; #. Wm. Henry 
and Amelia (Hagey) C.; reared on farm. 
B.S.A., Ont. A^. Coll.. 1918. 

Qemcnt. Fannie Fletcher, dir. Town and 
Country Nursing Serv., American Red 
Cross, Glencarlyn. Va. 
Sodal woAer, Social Serv. Dept.. 

Boston Dispensary, 8 mos. Mem. Bd. 
Dirs.. Nat. Organization Public Health 
Nunung; mem. Nat. Com. on Red CroM 
Nursing Serv. Special attention to pub- 
lic health nursing in rural communities. 
Ed., Bulletin of Town and Country 
Nursing Service, b. Boston, Mass., M» 
U. 1880; d. Geo. W. and Maria F. 
(Edwards) C; reared in dty. A.B., 
Smith Coll.. 1903; B.S., Simmons Coll., 
1912; Boston City Hospital Training 
Sch., 2 yrs.; Boston Lying-in Hospital, 

Qemmt, Fred Moore, prof, hort., Univ. 
B. C, Vancouver, B. C. 

Agrl. rep., Elgin Co., Ont., 1911-2; 
lect. hort.. Macdonald Coll.. 1912-t; 
dir. Exp. Sta.. Vineland. Ont.. 1914-6; 

6'esent position, 1916—. Sec.-treas. 
. C. Fruit Growers' Assoc. 6. Virgil. Ont., 
Nov. 21, 1BS4; «. John Putnam and Lily 
E. (Zimmerman) C; reared on farm: 
m. Fktrence Wegemart, Aug. 19, 1913; 
c. Paul Wilfrid. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll. 
and Univ. Toronto, 1911. 

Qenent, Peter Ernest, asst. co. agt. leader, 
Univ. Minn., St. Paul. Minn. 

Princ. high-Ech. and supt. public schs.. 
Wis., Neb. and Wyo., 1900-12; co. agt., 
Moorbead, Minn. b. Clinton Co., la., 
May 17. 1873; >. Benj. and Elixa (lip[»ii- 
cot) C; reared on farm; nt. Ora A. 
Crandall. Aug. 14. 1004; e. Ruth Helene. 
Ernest CraodaU. A.B.. Milton ColL, 
Wis.. 1900; B.S.A.. Cob. Agr. Coll., 
1013; A.M.. Milton CoU., 1014. 

aidton, Georfe Perkuis, bot., Conn. Exp. 
Sta., New Haven. Conn. 

AsBt. bot., Univ. nl. and Bip. Sta., 
1890-1900; present position. 1902—; 
bot. Conn. SUte Bd. Agr., 1902—. 
Vice-pres. Sect. G,. A. A. A. S.. 1914; 

Eres. Ant. Phytological Soc.. 1013. Sent 
y Harvard Univ. to Japan to study 
economic fungi and by U. S. Dept. Agr. 
to Porto Rico. Editorial bd.. Phyto- 
pathology, 1917—. 6. Polio, ni.. May 7, 
1867; 1. John W. and Carrie A. (Perkins) 
C; reared in small city; m. Anna J. 
liehtbody, Aug. 9, 1893; c. Hany L. 
B.S., Univ. lU.. 1890; M.S., 1894; M.S., 
Harvard Univ., 1901; Sc.D., 1902. 
Sigma Xi. 


CfintoB, Lonia Adelbcrt, agnt. and uat. 
chief. Off. of Eri. Norlh Wert, 
V. S. Dept. Agr., WashingtoD, D. C. 

Aast. to dir.. Mich. Exp. Ste.. 1890-S; 
BMl. agrst., Ciemaou Agr. Coll., 1893-A; 
uat. (Lgnt., Cornell Exp. 51a., 1895-1002; 
dir. Storrs Exp. SU. and prof, agr,, 
Coiiii.AgT.Coli.,190!-1S; present position, 
1918—. Prea. Am. Soc. Agron., I91J-3. 
6. Graod Rapids, Mich., Feb. 13, 1668; 
I. F. H. and Rhoby Ann (Allen) C; 
reared on fann; m. Florence A. Seage, 
Sept. IS, 1892; c. Ruth, Ruby, Olive. 
B.S., Micb. Agr. Coll.. 1688; M.S.. 1002. 

Co. I 

State I_ __^ . „_ 

lature. Del. to Farmcre' Nat. Congress. 
Received medal on coro, Paria Expos.; 
grand prize, St. Louis Expos.; two grand 
priies Nat. Com Expos. Originator 
''Jobmson Co. White Dent" seed corn. b. 
Franklin, Ind.. Apr. 24. 1860; i. John and 
Eliza (Uterback) C; reared on farm; 
m. Ola O. Clore, Sept. U. 1889; c. Roy D. 

ChiBc, ChflrU« Fhinip, pom., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Aast. hort., N. Y. StaU Exp. SU.. 
Geneva. 189A-9; hort., bot., ent.. Uuh 
Agr. Coll.. 1899-1901; hort., Del. 
Coll., 1901-7; hort.. Md. Agr. Coll., 
1907-11; present position, 1911—. Sec.- 
tress.. Am. Soc. for Hort. Sd., 1907—. 
b. New Buffalo township, Mich,. Jan. 21, 
1868; (. Chas. and Caroline (Kobelin) C; 
reared on farm; m. Margaret Whyte 
Blandy. Oct. 11, 190e, B.S., Mich. Agr, 
Coll., 1895; M.S.. 1807. 

Gough, Robert Samuel, co. agri. ngt., Benton, 

PHnc. Bcbs.. HoUiday. Mo., 1909-11; 
supt. city scba.. Queen City, Mo., 1912- 
5; short course asst. vet. sci,. Univ. Mo., 
1917. b. Wyaconda, Mo., Jul. 7, 1688; 
t. Geo. and Ida May (Wilson) C; reared 
on farm; m. Lulu Mary Casper, June 
82, 1017. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1017. 

Cloyd, David McNolt, co. agrl. agt., Warren- 
tAn, Va. 

Asst. bact. and an. husb,. Va. Poly, 
but.. 1905; farmer, 190S-1T. b. Dublin, 
Va., Sept. 2, 1883; a. David McNutt 
and Mary Buford (Lanfdiome) C; reared 
on farm; m. Bdanie Elizabeth Guthrie, 

Aug. 7, 1007; e. Lelia Langfaome, 
David McNutt, James Guthrie. B.S., 
Va. Poly. Inst, 1904. 

Cobb, Herbert Ndson, co. agrl. agt., 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Aaat. expl. agroa., Peno, State Coll., 
IBU; asst. instr,, lOlS-*; ext. rep., 
Luzerne Co., 1014 — . b. Factoryville, Pa., 
Sept. 18, 1890; t. Nelson G. and Hannah 
D. (Sickler) C; reared on farm, B.S.. 
Penn. SUte Coll.. 1914. Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

CoU>, Natluui Aagnstus, agrl. tech.. 
Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

Teach, public schs., Spencer, Mass., 
1677-8; prof. chem. and nat. sci., Willis- 
ton Sem., Mass.. 1861-7; appointee 
British Assoc. Adv. Sci., Naples Zool. SU., 
1868-0; prof. biol.. Sydney Univ., New 
S. Wales, 180(H1; path., Dept. Agr.. 
New S. Wales, 1691-6. 1901-1; manag, 
Wagga E^, Farm, 1807-8; agrl. comnr.. 
New S. Wales to Europe and U, S., 

Honolulu, 1004-7; present position, 
1007 — ; acting asst. chief. Bur. Plant 
Ind., 1011-, b. Spencer, Mass., June 
30. 1869; i. Wm. H. and Jane A. (Bige- 
low) C; m. Alice Vara Proctor, Aug. 8. 
1881, B,Sc„ Worcester Poly. Inst,, 1881; 
Ph.D., Univ. Jena, 1888, 

Cobum, Foster Dwight, iec. Kans. SUte 
Bd. Agr., Topeka, Kods. 

Pres. Bd, Regents, Kaus. SUte Agr. 
Coll.; chief live-stock dept,. La Purchase 
Expos.; present position, 21 yrs. Avtk.: 
Swine Husbandry, 1877; Alfaifa, 1008; 
The Book of Alfalfa, 1910; Swine in 
America, 1915, On editorial sUff, Live- 
stock Indicator. Kansas Farmer, Mis- 
souri Valley Farmer. Farmers' Mail and 
Breeze, Served in Civil War. 6, Jef- 
ferson Co., WU„ May 7, 18«; : E, W. 
and Mary Jane (Mulks) C; reared on 
farm; m. Lou Jenkins, Sept. 1669; 
e. Tina Louise, Gertrude, Clay E. A.M. 
(hon.). Baker Univ.; LL.D., Kans, SUte 

Cochel Wilbei Andrew, Am, Sbortbora 
Breeders' Assoc., Manhattan. Kans. 

Asrt, an, husb., Purdue Exp. Sta., 
1905-6; assoc,, 1906-10; prof. an. husb., 
Fenn. SUU Coll., 1910-2; prof. an. 


huib., KaDf. SUte Agr. CoU., 1012-8: 
present position, 181B — . Pre«. Am. Soc. 
of An. ntxluctioD; ptta. Federated Meat 
Producers' Assoc; adv. com. on beef 
<aitt)e, U. S. Food AdministTatioD. 6. 
TiptoD, Mo.. Aug. 7, 1877; t. Vim. Heory 
and Charlotte (Calvin) C.; reared in 
country town; n. Caroline Fahneatock. 
Oct. 1. 1808. A.B.. Univ. Mo.. 1897; 
B.S.. 1905. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Cocke, RandoliA Preston, lupt. Agr. Eip. 
Sta., Williamsburg, Va. 

Farmer. 1906— . 6. Powhatan Co., Va., 
Sept. 3. IBM; *. T. L. P. and Mary 
(Curtis) C; reared on farm; m. Christine 
McRae. June U, 1911; e. Duncan 
McBae, Mary Curtis, Thoi. Preston. 
B.S., Va. Poly. Init., 1906. 

agrl. agt.. 

Cocn, Edward Emanncl, 

Fordyce, Ark. 

Teach, agr., high-sch., Natchitoches 
Pari^. La.. 1 yr.; Tish«minge, Miu., 
I yr.; instr. farm crops, Tex. A. & H. 
CoU., 1 yr. b. Hoboken. N. J., Mar. 22, 
1888; >. Chas. and Jennie (Ftankllu) C; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Miss. A. & M. 
Coll., 1911. 

Coffey, George Nelson, state leader co. 
advB., Univ. HI.. Urbana. 111. 

Bur. SoiU, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1900-11; 
Ohio Eip. SU., 1911-S; asst. sUte leader 
CO. advB., Univ. lU., 1816-7; sUte 
leader, 1917~. b. Patterson, N. C, 
Jan. 17, 1875; i. Elijah and Mary Ann 
(Nelson) C; reared on farm; m. Clara 
Kean, Apr. H, 1914. Ph.B., Univ. 
N. C, 1900; M.S., Geo. Washington 
Univ.. 1908; Ph.D., 1911. 

CoBey, Joel Sbmnowls, a«st. prof. an. hush., 
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Instr. an. hush., Purdue Univ., 1912-4; 
lect.. Univ. la., gummas, 191S-4; present 

riition. 1914—. Farm operator. 2 yrs. 
Rugby, Ind.. Dec. 8. 1884; (. Calvin 
Allen and Josephine (Simmouds) C; 
reared on farm. B.S., Univ. El., 1918. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Coffey, Waller CostcUa, prof, dieep hush., 
Univ. 111.. Urbana, III. 

Instr. sheep hu»b., Univ. III., 1906-7; 
assoc., 1007-10; asst. prof., 1011-3; 
prof., 191S— . Spedal agt Tariff Bd. 
underPre8.Taft.19ll. Atah.: Productive 

She«p Husbandry. 1918. b. Harts^e, 
Ind., Feb. 1, 1877: «. Calvin Allen and 
Josephine (Simmonds) C: reared on 
farm: m. Jennie C. Lardner, Aug. 14, 
1907; e. Lardner Allen. Walter C. Jr. 
B.S.. Univ. ni., 1000; M.S.. 1909. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Alpha Epsifon. 

Coffin. George Pcabody, eit. poultry husb., 
U. S. Bur. An. Ind. and Conn. Agr. CoU., 
Storrs. Conn. 

Mem. Me. Suie Legislature, 1915-4, 
1917-8. Pres. Me. State Poultry Aaaoc. 
Auoe. td.. Turf, Faim and Home, Water- 
ville, Me., 1804-9; ed. and pub. Eastern 
Poultryman. b. Freeport, Me., June 21, 
1869: ». Orrin D. and CaroKne W. 
(Corliss) C; reared on farm; m. Mary 
Blusdell, June 24, 1897; o. Margaret B.. 
Robt. L., Richard 0.. Emily H. Grad. 
" ~ " CoU., 1889. 

CoEb, Roscoc Calvin, asst, state sec. 
Y. M. C. A.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dept. supt., Minn. State Agr. Soc. 
Mem. Bd. Trustees of Penn. Coll. 
Sec. Co. V. M, C. A., 6 yrs. Specially 
interested in rural sociol. b. Pleasant 
Plain, la., Sa>t. 23. 1876: »■ Jeremiah 
and Martha Ann (Bray) C.: reared on 
farm; m, Isabella Reid. Aug. 6. 1914; 
c. Wilbur Reid. B.S., Penn. Coll., Oska- 
loosa. la., 190S; M.A., 1912. 

CoflindaSa, Ernest Wayne, co. agrl. agt.. 
Lebanon. Va. 

Sup»v. schs.. W. Vs., 1915-6; agt. 
RusseU Co., Va., 1917—. 6. Harrison 
Co., W. Va., Mar. 26, 1884; $. Abraham 
B. and Sarah J. (Carder) C; leared on 
farm; m. Leda CUyton, Jul., 1910; c. 
Roberta Lee. Gene. B.S., W. Va. Univ., 

Coglon, Roger Brandt, co. agt. leader. 
Wash. State Coll., Pullman. Wash. 

Asst. distr. rep., Ont. Co., Ont., 1910; 
eit. lect.. Univ. Sask., 1911; sUte seed 
comnr., Ida., 1912-3: state leader co. 
agrsts. Ida., 1913-4; Co. agt.. Eugene, 
Ore., 1914-6; present pontion, 1010—. 
Del. from Ida, to Inter. Dry-Farming 
Congress, Lethbridge, Canada. 1912. 
Sec. Ida. Seed Growers' Assoc., 1012-^. 
b. Kingston, Got., Feb. 22, 1888 (natura- 
liied 1917); >. I, I. and Mary C. (Orser) 
C; reared on farm; m. Hazel L. Frye, 
Sept. 2. 1913. B.S.A.. Univ. Toronto, 


CoU, l<Aa EGot, prof, dtricultuK. Univ. 
Calit.. Berkeley. Cdit. 

Amoc. prof, hort, Univ. Arii., lOOT-*; 
Mst. prof, pom., Univ. Calif.. l«)9-l!l; 
araoc. prof. pom. and nipt. Citnu Exp. 
SU., 1911-2; prof, dtriculture, 191*—; 
farm adv., Lot Angelea Co., 1818—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Dir. Calif. Avocado 
GTowm' Soc. Auth.: CitniE Fruita. IBIS. 
b. San Antonio, Tex., Mar. 9, 1880; *. 
Wm. Henry uicl Anna Maria (Summer- 
dl) C; reared in dty and truck farm; 
m. Emilie A. Hanna, Aug. 7, 1907; e. 
Eleanor M„ FnuKes Eliot. B.Agr., 
N. C- A. & M. Coll., 1908; M.S.A., 
CoroeU Univ., 190S; Ph.D., IWT. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Cokeley, Harlin Rex, co. a^l. agt., Moore- 
fidd, W. Va. 

ImU. an. huab., W. Va. Univ., 1917—. 
6. HarriaviUe, W. Va., June 13, 1891; 
I. fi. E. C; reared on farm: m. Clara S. 
McMillen, June, 1917. B.S.A., W. Va. 
Univ.. 1917. SjK>ps %ma. 

Cole. John ScMen, agnt.. Bur. Plant Ind., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Spedal agt.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1003^; 
Mst. agrat. in dig. agron., S. D. State 
Coll., le05-6i present position, 1008 — . 
b. Cindnnatufc N. Y., Nov. 10, 1878; 
f. Harley and Mercy Ann (f^sk) C; 
reared oo farm; tn. Beatrice Lightfoot, 
Sept. 17, 1009; e. Selden D.. Arthur W., 
Geo. L. B.S., S. D. State Coll., 1908. 

Cote, L«on Jacdt, prof, genetics, Univ. 
Wis.. Madiwa, Wis. 

Chief div. an. path, and breeding, 
R. I. Exp. Sta., 190S-7; acting chid, 
1907-8; mstr. eooI., Sheffield Sci. Sch., 
Yale Univ., 1007-10; asioc. prof. expl. 
breeding. Univ. Wit.. 1910-4; prof., 
1014-8; prof, genetics. 1018—. Invest. 
U. S. Bur. Fisheries, iiunmera. 1901-6. 
Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sd.; mem. 
coimdl Inter. Assoc. Poultry Instrs. 
and Invests. Mem. Hangman Alaska 
Eiped.. 1890; lool. exped., Yucatan, 
1004. ft. Allegany. N. Y., June 1. 1877; 
t. Elidia KeUey and Helen Marion 
(Newton) C; reared in dty and on 
farm; m. Margaret Beldier Goodenow, 
Aug. iS, 1906; c. Margaret Valeria, 
Edward Goodenow. Student Mich. Agr. 
CoU.. 1894-a, 1807-fl; A.B„ Univ. 
Mich., 1901; Ph.D.. Harvard Univ.. 1906. 

CdBer, Jdw S^ oo. agrl. agt.. KankakM. 

Autk.; Farmers* Account Book, ISIS, 
ft. Tioton, Ind.. June tS, 1878; : A. B. 
and Mary E. (Durham) C; reared on 
farm; m. Lena E. Drayer. 190S. B.S., 
DePauw Univ., 1904; M.S., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1010; 1 yr. grad woHc, Univ. III. 
Sigma Xi. 

jks, as«t. CO. agt. 

leader, Purdue Univ., IjiFayette, Ind. 
ft. RodcviUe, Ind., May II, 1803; 
f . Wm. Bioa and Laura Belle (Hamilton) 
C; reared on farm; m. Enuna Maude 
Lovelea^ June 30, 1918. B.S.A., Purdue 
Univ., 1918. Sigma DelU Chi. 

Collinjwood, Georlc Harris, aait. pnrf. 
for.. Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Present position. 1016—. ft. Fay«tt«- 
viUe, Ark., May 47, IBOO; ». Cba*. B. 
and Harriett (Thomas) C; reared in 
village; n. Jean Grinndl Cummiltga, 
Sept. 1, 1916; c. Chas. Cummings. 
B.3., Mich. Agr. CoU.. 1011; A.M., 
Univ. Mich., 1017; studied Univ. Munich, 

CoUniCwimd, Herbert Wtnsiow, ed-in- 
chief Rural New-Yorker. Wooddiff Uke. 

Ed.. Southern Live^Stodt Journal, 
StarkviUe. Miss.. 18S3-S; ed. Rund 
New-Yorker. 1886— ed.-in-diief. 1900—. 
Auth.: AudenonviUe Violets; Fertiliser 
Farming; The Business Hen; The Child; 
The StOTy of Hope Farm. Fruit fknuer, 
1898—. ft. Plymouth, Mass., Apr. il, 
18A7; I. JoMpb W. and Rebecca W. 
(Richardson) C.; reared on (arm; m. 
Lulie D. Sullivan. Apr. 6, 1888; e. Ava 
F. B.S.. Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1883; LL.D., 
1006; D.Agr.. Univ. Wis. DelU Tan 

G)Uuii, Charles Walter, ent. asst. Bur. Est., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Gipsy Moth Lab., 
Melrose Highlands, Mass, 

ft. Harriwton. Del.. Jul. 6, 188S; 
t. Geo. Washington and Sarah Pauline 
(Tharp) C; reared on farm; m. Eva 
Nardssa Hone. June 4, 1090; e. Byron 
Hone. B.S.A., Del. Coll.. lOOS; M.S., 

Collins. James Homer, invest.. Bur. Mar- 
kets. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Field asst.. Ark. Exp. Sta., 191S-1: 


*d. iMt., Bur. Mariula, Iftli-S; M*t 
in mBrket survey!, lOlS^; invcft. in 
nurkettujrveys, 1917—. b. Frcano, Calif., 
Jm. 3, 188&1 : Clua. 8. and Nettie 
(Junes) C; reared in city; (». Sei«na F. 
TUton, Dec. 98, 1910. B.S.A., Univ. 
Ark.. 1*13. 

Coffin*! Morria WiDiam HoOowdl, manag. 
pedigreed seed farm. Univ. Ga., Athcoi, 

h. Franklin Co., Ind., Har. SI, ISM; 
*. Hany LJocoln and Ida Olive (HoUo- 
wdl) C; reared in town; m. Eula D. 
Thonuu, Nov. M, 1016; o. Morris W. R 
Jr. B.S.A., Univ. G*., 1016. 

State Eip. SU., Geneva, 1 

Asat. agrl. cfaem., (Aio State Univ., 
1900; aart. nutr., Ohio Eip. Sta.. 190S-12; 
assL chem. in wiU, N. Y. StaU Exp. 
SU., n\ir^\ auoc, 1014-7; agron., 
1017—. b. Proroect, O., May 8, 1881; 
f. Chai.E. and Mary E.(Gaat)C.; reared 
on farm. B.S.A., Ohio SUtc Univ.. 1908; 
M.S.A., 1900. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

CdUvcr, Samnel Addiaon, oo. agrl. agt., 
Wadraa, Minn. 

A^l. dir,, high-ich.. Dodge Center, 
Minn,. lOie-3; Sandstone, 1013-8; agt 
Wadena Co., 101S~. Tceas. Minn. Agrl. 
Instr. Assoc., 1017-B. b. Bainbridge. 
Ind.. Aug.7, 1888; t. Wm. D. andJiUia 
(Ader) C; reared on farm; m. Charlotte 
Dean. June 90. lOlS. B.S., Purdue 
Univ., 1012. 

Colfnhonn, Esra Angus, co. agrl. agt.. 

Teach. Pillsbury Acad., Owatonoa, 
Minn., 191 1-t: teach, agr., Aitkin, 
1915-6; CO. agt.. 1»I«~-. 6. Bkranung 
Prairie. Minn.. June 17, ISSfi; ». Archi- 
bald and Sanh (Rafter) C; reared on 
farm; m. Cture 1. Brown. Aug. 1, 1016; 
e. Margaret Irene. B.S., la. SUt« CoU.. 

Colver, Charles William, asat. prof. agrl. 
chem. and asst. chem. Exp. Sta., Univ. 
Ida., Moscow, Ida. 

6. MUsouri Valley, la.. Feb. «8, 1885; 
1. Joseph Wright and Abbie (Painter) C; 
reared on farm; m. Catharine Sinclair, 
Dec. 22, 1900; e. Margaret Louise, 
Catharine Helen. B.S., Umv. Ida., 1009; 
M.S., 1011. PhiDelUTheU. 

OMh. CnA, aaaoc. in agrl. educ, Univ. 
m., Urbana, HI. 

Instr. agr., higfa-sdi., Bloomiogton, 
Dl., 1012-3; BlaSbum Coll., 1013^; 
Eastern 01. SUte Normal Sch.. 1*19-8; 
present position, 1018—. 6. Olney, Dl., 
Apr. 9, 1860; i. W. E. and Lydia Jane 
(Jackaon) C; reared on farm; m. Helen 
Schmidt, Dec. 21, lOli. B.S., Univ. 
IU.,1018. AlphaZeU; Phi DelU Kappa. 

Cdwdl. Bacbel Haitsbone, head home 
econ. dept., Univ. W. Va., Morgantown, 

Instr. home econ., Mich. Agr. CoU., 
lOOff-6; assL dept. nutr. and srad. 
student, Columbia Univ., 1906-8; bead 
dom. sd. depL, IdJu Erie ColL, Paines- 
ville, 0., 1008-10; present position. 
1010—. Pres. W. Va. Home Eood. 
Assoc. Traveled in Europe, 1003. h. 
Providence. R. I., Jan. 12, 1877; d. R. S. 
and Emily (Hartsbomc) C.; reared in city. 
B.S., Denison Univ., Granville. O., 1003; 
M.A.. Teat^oi CoU., Colum)»a Univ., 
190fi. Phi BeU Kappa. 

Comstock, Anna Botafoid, asst prof, nature- 
study, ComeU Univ., Ilha(», N. Y. 

Aut. prof, ext work in nature-study, 
CoraeU Univ., 1890—; asst. pnrf. 
nature-study, IBIS—; lecL Stanford 
Univ., 1890-1000. Awarded bronie 
medal for «rood engraving, Buffalo 
B^MS., 1001. Avik.: Ways of the Six- 
Footed; How to Know the Butterflies; 
How to Keep Bees; Confessions to a 
Heathen Idol, lOOfl; Handbook of Nature- 
Stuc^, 1011; The Pet Book. 1014; 
Bird, Tree and Plant Note-books, 1014. 
Ed., Nature-study Review, IBI7— . 6. 
Otto, N. ¥., Sept. 1, 1354; d. Marvin and 
Phebe (Irish) Botsford; nt. John Henry 
Comstock. Oct. 7, 1878. Grad. Chamber- 
lain Inat., Randolph. N. Y., 18T3; Comeil, 

Comstoch, Jolm Henry, prof. ent. emeritus, 
Cornell Univ.. Ithaca. N. Y. 

Instr. ent., ComeU Univ., 1876-7; 
asst. prof., 1877-8; U. S. ent.. Washing- 
ton, 1870-81; prof. ent. and invertebrate 
lool., ComeU Univ., 1882-1014; prof. 
emeritus. 1014 — . Lect. lool,. Vassar 
Coll., 1677; non-resident prof, ent., 
Stanford Univ., 18B1-I900. Del. from 
ComeU Uoiv. to 250th anniversary of 
Royal Soc., London. Hon. fellow Ent. 
Sac Am.; hon. feUow, Ent. Soc Loodmi: 


bon. mem. Sodete Entom. de Belgique. 
Auth.: A MbqubI tor the Study of Insects, 
1896; Insect Life, 1897; How to Know 
the ButterOies (with his wife), 1904; The 
Spider Book, 1912; The Wings at InsecU, 
1918. b. JaynesviHe, Wis.. Feb. U. 1849; 
a. Ebinezer and Susan (Allen) C; reared 
partly on farm; nt. Anna Botsford, 
Oct. 7. 1B78. B.S., Cornell Univ., 1874; 
grad. student Yale Univ., 1874-5, Udiv. 
Leipsig, 1888-9. DelU Upsilon. 

Condit, Ira Jndson, aast. prof, citriculture, 
Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Calif. 

Floi.. Ohio SUte Univ., 1906-0; sci. 
asst.. Bur. Ent., U. S. Dcpt. Agr.. 1906-7; 
instr. hot. and hort., Calif. Poly. Sch. 
San Luis Obispo. 1907-12; instr. citri 
culture. Univ. Calif.. I919-S; asst. prof. 
1915—, 6. Jersey, O.. Nov. 18. I883i 
t. Dftuiel Day and Clara Jane (Spayde) 
C; reared on farm and in small town; 
m. Caroline Callender, June, 1»12. B.S., 
Ohio SUte Univ.. 1905. 

Head dept. sci.. Lincoln Normal Sch,, 
I8»e-e; head dept, tci.. Lincohi bigh-sch., 
1800-1908; instr. geography and e(x>n. 
geology, Univ, Neb., 1902-3; asst. prof., 
190S-1; assoc. prof.. IWH-S; prof.. 
1905—; head dept., 1908-14; present 
title, 1918—. Prof, geography, Cornell 
sURUuer sessions, 1905-11,; asst. state 
geologist, 1904-10; dir. Neb. Conserva- 
tion and Soil Survey, 1910—. Pres. Neb. 
Conservation and State Development 
Congress. 1910; chm. Nat, Conaervstion 
Comn., 1908-13; exec. sec. Neb. Conser- 
vation and Welfare Comn; chm. state 
Hi^way Comn., 1915; pres, Nat, Assoc, 
State Conservation Comnrs., 1910-3; mem. 
Neb. Rural Life Comn., 1910-2; chm, 
eiec, com. Nat. Conservation Congress. 
1915-6; pres., 1916— . Pres. Neb. Acad. 
Sci.. 1909-11, Atdh.: Geography of Neb- 
raska. 1906. b. Seymour, Ia„ Feb, i, 
1869; *, I. N. and Mary (Keller) C; 
reared on farm; m. Hattie M. Daven- 
port, Aug, 12, 1893; c. Cordelia, B.S., 
Univ. Neb., 1896; A.M., 1898; Ph.D., 
1903. Sigma Xi; Sigma Chi; Alpha 

Cone, Willard Ray, prof, soils and field 

crops, N. Y. State Sch. Agr.. Alfred, N. Y. 

Princ. bigh-scbs., Blaodell. N. Y., 1002-4; 

Orchard Park, 1904^; Silver Springs, 

Apr. 10. 1874; *. Eleazer T. and Mary E. 
(Goff) C; reared on farm; m. Eva E. 
HUl, Jan. 21, 1916, B,S., ComeU Univ.. 

^onn, Harold Joel, assoc. bact., N. Y. Agr. 
Eip. Sta., Geneva. N, Y. 

Asst. soil tech.. ComeU Univ., 190S-11; 
present position, 1911 — . b. Middletown, 
Conn., May 28, 1886; «. Herbert W. and 
Julia M. (Joel) C; reared in small city.; 
m, Anna Carter Mansfield, Jan. 5, 1916; 
c. Jean Elizabeth. Ph.B.. WealeyanUniv., 
1908; Ph.D., Cornell Univ.. 1911. Phi 
Beta Kappa; Sigma XJ; Beta Tbeta Pi. 

Conner, Charles M., co. agrl. agt., Visalia, 

Aast. prof, agr,, Clemaon Agr. Coll., 
1896-1901; prof agr., Univ. Fla., 1001-6; 
prof. ap,. N. C. A. & M. Coll.. 1906-7; 
asst. dir. agr., Fhilippbe Isls., 1907-'18; 
farmer, 1913-5; farm adv., 191S~. 
Studied agr. of Italy and France. 1911. 
b. Macon Co., Mo.. Apr. 14. 1868; t. 
Stephen and Josephine (Edwards) C; 
reared on farm; m. Ella D. Long; c. 
Laura Louise. B.S.A.. Univ. Mo.. 1891; 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1892. 


Deputy state chem,, Purdue Univ,, 
1890-1905; asst. agrl. chem.. 1905-8; 
asst, prof., 1908-14; present position, 
1914—. Fellow A. A. A, S, 6. Conners- 
ville. Ind.. June 17, IST4; i. Henry 
Dicken and Rebecca (Vance) C.; reared 
on farm; nt. Jessie Louise Cowing, June 
41. 1909; e. Dicken Cowing, Jean Louise, 
Arthur Cowing. B.S., Purdue Univ.. 
1894; M.S., 1003. Sigma Xi. 

Cook,Charlea B.,farmer, asst. state leader co. 
agrl. agts,. E. Lansing, Mich. 

Asst. zool.. Mich, Agr. Coll., 1S8&-91; 
farmer Oswego, N. Y., 5 yra.; Owosso, 
Mich., 24 yrs.; eit. work, Mich. Agr. 
CWI., 1913—. Pres. State Hort. Soc., 
2 yrs,; pres. State Assoc. Farmers' 
Clubs, b. Owosso, Mich., June 17, 1868; 
». E, J. and Anna (Benjamin) C; reared 
on farm; m. Addie D, McGillvra, Nov., 
1897, B.S„ Mich. Agr. Coll., 1888; 
M.S., 1891, 


Cook, HerlNTt E^ agnt., Gleniu ^Ib, N. Y. 
Dean State S«i. Agr., St. l^wreoce 
Univ., Canton, N. Y. LecU on agr. b, 
Denmark. N. Y.. D«c. 13. IfUS: i. Ellb 
A. aodAnna (Panons) C; reared od fanni 
m. Fannie Schennerhorn, Feb. 19, 1883; 
e. Clara R. 

Cook, Irving Chailet Holmes, farmer, S. 
Byron. N. Y. 

Conductor and lect., rormerB' inata. 
Sec.-treaa. Byron Produce Co. Ex.-pre9. 
N. Y. SUte Dnunage Ask>c. b. S. Byron, 
N. Y., Sept. IB. 1B7*; i. Irving D. and 
Julia A. (Holmes) C; reared on farm; 
m. Julia G. Woods, Aug. 90, 1900; e. 
David Seaver. Dorothy Julia, Irving Wm. 
Studied Oberlin Colt, and Cornell Univ. 

Cook, Irwin WrcUfie, prof. tor.. Univ. Ida., 
Mo«cow, Ida. 

Present pon^n, 1018—. b. Cartilage, 
III.. Nov. M, 1882: (. Jerry and Mdissa J. 
(MUler) C: reared on farm; m. Mary S. 
Gaylord. Jul. 12, 1811; c. Edward Gay- 
brd. B.S., Washburn Coll., 1907; M.S.F., 
Mich. Univ. For. Sch.. 1910. 

Cook, Melville Thuriton, prof, plant path., 
Rutgers Coll., New Bnuuwici. N. J. 

Princ. higfa-sch., Vandalia, III., 18M-fi; 
prof. biol. DePauw Univ., 189S-1904; 
plant path., Cuban Exp. SU., 1904-6; 
plant path., Del. Erp. Sta., IWft-ll; 

Slant path.. N. J. Exp. Sta. and prof, 
iutgers Coll.. 1911—. Vice-pres. (1916) 
and pres. (1917) Am. Phytopalhological 
Soc. Auih.: Diaeases of Tropical Plants, 
1913. Mem. editoiial bd., Phytopatho- 
lo^. b. Coffeen. HI., Sept. 20. 1869; 
». W. H. and ElUabeth Prances (Robinson) 
C; reared on farm; m. Dora Reavill, 
Sept. 8. 1897; c. Harvey Reavill, Harold 
Thurston, Eliubeth. A.B.. Stanford 
Univ.. 1894; A.M., DePouw Univ.. 1904; 
Pb.D.. Ohio State Univ.. 1904. Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi; Delta Upsilon. 

Cookioglwai, WaUo B«ale, teach, asr., 
Atlanta. N. Y. 

Aast. teach, agr., high-sch., Interlaken, 
N. ¥., 1916; teach, agr.. high-sch.. N. 
Cohocton and Atlanta. 1917^. b, Pough- 
keepsie. N. Y., Jul. 2, 1891; i. Russell T, 
and Carrie (Beale) C.; reared on farm, 
B.S., Cornell Univ., 1916. Alpha Gamma 

Cooler, Abraham Coon, d!r. eit. and co. sgt. 
leader. N.Mex. A.&M.Coll..SUteCollege, 
N. Mex, 

Prof, agr., Jordan high-sch., 1911-2; 
Ogden high-sch., 1912-3; co. agrl. agt., 
San Luis Valley. Colo., 1D13-4; preaent 
position, 1914—. Del. Nat. Irrig. Con- 
gress, Nat. Dry-Farming Congress. Trav- 
eled in Europe as missionary 9 yrs. b. 
Salt I^ke City, Utah. June 16, 1884; 
«. Andrew Wood and Rachel Caroline 
(Coon) C; reared on farm; m. Lunlle 
Jensen. Nov. 19, 1913; c. Rtudiel Adime, 
Gstelle Jensen. B.S.A., Utah Agr. Coll., 
1911. DelU TbeU Sigma. 

Cooler, Fred Smith, dir. eit. «erv., Mont. 
State Coll., Boceman, Mont. 

Asst. agrst., Mass. Eip. Sta., 1889; 
farm nipt.. Mass. Agr. CoU., 1890-7; 
aasl, prof, agr., 1893-1907; present 
pontion, 1907 — . b. Sunderland, Mass., 
Aug. 22, 1869; t. Geo. L. and Abigail 
(Smith) C; reared on farm: m. Grace 
Content Smith. Oct. 4, 1893; e. Esther 
Belle, Geo. Atherton, Elisabeth Content, 
Laura Grace. B.S.. Mass. Agr. Coll.. 
1888. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Cooler, Bobcrl Allen, state ent. and prof, 
ent.. Mont. State Coll.. Boseman, Mont. 
Asst. ent.. Mass. Exp, SU.. I89S-0; 
prof. ent. and ent. Eip. Sta.. Mont. State 
Coll., 1899—; MonL state ent., 190S— . 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Sec. Mont. State 
Bd. Ent., 191S— ; pres. Am. Assoc. Econ. 
Ent.. 1917. 6. S. Deerfield, Mass.. June 
27, 1873; *. Alfred A. and Charlotte M. 
(Clapp) C; reared on farm; m. Edith 
M. Cooley; c. Charlotte. Robt. Jr.. 
Genevieve. B.Sc.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1896. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Coons, George HcibeTt, assoc. prof. bot. 
and ^lant path.. Mich. Agr. Coll.. E. 
I^insing, Mich. 

Adj. prof, bot., Univ. Npb.. 1909-10; 
present position, 1910 — . 6. Bloomingt«n. 
III.. Nov. 2, 1885; i. G. W. and Susan 
Eliubeth (Irwin) C; reared on farm; 
m. MyrU A. Vogel, 1908: e. Myrta Susan. 
A.B., Univ. III.. 1908; A.M., Univ. Neb.. 
1911; Ph.D., Univ. Mich. 1915. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Cooper, John Ralph, prof. hort.. Univ. Ark., 
Fayetteville. Ark. 

Asst. hort., Kaus. State Agr. Coll., 
1912; asst. prof, hort., Univ. Neb., 1912- 

, Google 

6; anoc. prof., 1916-8; present pontwn, 
1918—. b. Wubiiu[toii, la.. Apr. IB, 
1888; >. Joseph atuf Laura Amus (Mor- 
gan) C; reared on farm; m. IdUiaa 
Leonora Ware, June IS, 1D19. B.S.. 
KaD8. SUte Agr. Coll., 1918: M.S., Univ. 
Neb., 1917. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; Pi 
K«ppa Alpha. 

Cooper. Morton Oscar, eit. an. husb., Va. 
Poly. Inat., Blacksburg, Va. 

Asst. an. husb., Del. CoU., 1913-3; 
sd. asst., U. S. Dept. Aer.. 19IS-7; 

Cesent position, 1917 — . i. Moiuon, 
., Oct. 23, 1888; *. Thos. O. and Anna 
(Wright) C; rearedon (arm; m. Bosa- 
lind Ungworthy, Jan. 7, 1914. B.S.. la. 
State Coll., 1918; M.A., American Univ., 

1916. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Cooper, Roswell D., fanner, little Falls, 

Mem. N. Y. State Food Supply Comn., 

1917. Pres. Dairymen's League; vice- 
pres. Nat. Milk Producers' Fed.; pres. 
Coop. Milk Producers' Marketing Assoc.; 
pres. Country Milk Co.; sec. Little Palls 
Dairy Co.: dir. Fed. Bd. of Farm Orgaui- 
Eations; cbm. Conference of N. Y. Farm 
Organizations; mem. council. Am. Assoc. 
for Agrl. LegisUtion. b. Little Falls, 
N. Y., Mar. 87, 1877; ». Benj. W. and 
Helen A. (Brown) C: reared on fum; 
m. Marguerite L. Allen, Oct. 10, 1014; 
e. Allen, Walter W. A.B., Williams CoU.. 
1900. Zeta Psi. 

Cooper, Thomas Poe, dean Coll. Agr. and 
dir. Eip. Sta., Univ. Ky., LexiDgt«n, Ky. 
Statistical ut., Minn. Exp. SU., 1901-7; 
special agt.. Bur. Statistics, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1902-7; asst. farm manag., iutr. 
Bgrt. econ., Univ. Minn., 1908-11; asst. 
fig. dem. farms, 1910-1: sec. Better 
Farming Assoc, of N. D., 191!-S; dir. 
ert. and Exp. Sta., N. D. Agr. Coll., 
1914-7; present posiUon, 1918—. Pre*. 
Bd. of Farmers' Inats., N. D.. 1914-7; 
viceK:hem., Ky. SUte Bd. Agr. and Ky. 
State Uve-St*>ck Sanitary Bd. b. Pekin. 
III., Mar. 2, 1881; «. J. R. and Sue B. 
(Poe) C; reared on farm; m. Essie N. 
Burgan, 1918. B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 
1903. Alpha ZeU. 

Cooler, John Edward, sch. gard. superv., 
951 Court House, Portland, Ore. 

Instr. soils and farm manae.. Ore. Agr. 
Coil., 1913-8; present position, 1918—. 

6. Lebanon, Ore., Oct 29, 1891; s. DcomU 
and Belle (Miller) C; reared on farm; 
m. Cora Hubler, Aug. 24, 1914; e. Anna- 
beUe EUen. B.S.A., Ore. Agr. Coll., 

Cope. Ralph P„ prof. agrl. chem., Wash. 
State Coll., PulWn, Wash. 

Prof, sd.. Western Union Coll., 1911-C; 
present position, 1912 — . (. Hanoverton, 
O., Jul. 12, 1885; I. John A. and Emma 
(Pearce) C; reared on farm; m. Mary 
B. Deems, Aug. 6, 1913; (. Dorothy Lee. 
B.S., 111. Wesleyan Univ.. 1910; grad. 
student Univ. Chicago, 1910-1. Signu 
Alpha ^Epsilon. 

CopeUnd. Arthur J., asst. in grain market- 
ing, Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
mshington, D. C. 

Head dept. agr.. Normal Inst., Marion, 
Ind., 1916-7. 6. Peebles, O.. May 22, 
1889; >. Wm. and Hester Ann (Smalley) 
C; reared on farm. B.S.A., Ohio StaU 
Univ., 191S. 

Copeland, Edwin Bingham, farmer and 
experimenter, Chico. Calif. 

Asat. prof. bot.. Ind. Univ., 1B97-8; 
State Normal Sch., Chico. Calif., 1899; 
asst. prof, bot, W. Va. Univ., 1899-1900; 
prof., 1900-1; instr. bot, Stanford Univ., 
190t-S; bot, Philippine govt., 1903-8; 
supt. Philippine Agr. Sch., 190S-9; dean 
CoU. Agr.. Univ. PhUippines. 1909-17. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. AniA..- Philippine Agri- 
culture, 1908; The Coconut, 1914; Ethics, 
The Sdence of Conduct, 1918. Former 
assoc. ed., Mexican Journal of Tropical 
Agriculture and Philippine Journal of 
Science, b. Monroe, Wis., Sept. 30, 1B73; 
I. Herbert Edson and Alice (Bingham) C: 
m. Ethel Faulkner, Dec. 19, 1900; e. H«- 
bert F., Mary F.. Alice B., Chas. F. A.B., 
Stanford Univ., 1895; Ph.D., Univ. 
Halle, 189e. Phi Gamma Delta. 

Coibelt, Lee Oeveland, hort. in cfag. hart, 
and pom, invest, U, S. Dept, Agr., Wash- 
ington, D, C. 

Asst hort., Cornell Univ, Exp. Sta., 
1891-3; prof, hort, and for., S. D. SUte 
CoU., 1803-5; W, Va. Univ.. 1895-1901; 

position, 1915—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Avlh.: Garden Farming, 1919; Intensive 
Agriculture, 1918. 6. Schuyler Co., N. Y., 
Oct. 21, 1867; *. I. Wallace and Lucia 


M. (Gabriel) C; reared on farm; m. 
Evelyn LoveniE Northrup, Mar. 23, 1898; 
e. Ruth, FranceB, Boger Bsiky, Laurence 
W^d. Thurston Lee. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1890: M.S., 1B9S. 

Coibctt. Loiua L., asst. ngrst., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Blbsaek), Micb. 

Aait. farm crops, Vs. Truck Exp. Sta., 
1910-8; preMnl position, 1812—. b. 
Watkin», N. Y., Mar. B7, 187S; ». John 
Wallace and Lucia M. (Gabriel) C; 
reared on farm; m. Ida Jones; c. Wallace 
Jerome, Lois, Louis L. Jr. LL.B., W. Va. 
Univ., 1897. 

Cordler, Arthur Burtoa, dean Coll. Aer. and 
dir.Exp. Sta., Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvalhs. Ore. 
Aast. ent.. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1888-00; 
aast. ent., Vt. Exp. SU., 1890-1; aiat. 
eut., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1891-S; farmer, 
1863-6; prof. lool. and ent. Exp. Sta., 
Ore. Agr. Coll.. 189S— . dean Coll. A«r.. 
1907—; dir. Exp. Sta., 1914—. 4. 
Pintiney. Mich., Feb. 11, 1864; a. Chaa. 
and Esther (Hicks) C; m. Mary Celia 
McLouth, Jul. S, 1803. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. CoU., 1888; M.S.. 1901; D.Sc., 1817. 
Phi DelU Theta; Gamma Alpha; Gam- 
ma Sigma Delta. 

GtryeD, Jay, aast. co. agt. leader, Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

lustr. agr., Northboro, Mass., high-sch., 
1812; Wobum, Mass. Acad.. 1012; 
North Eaiton. Masa., high-scb.. 1012; 
agrl. agt. Windsor Co., Vt.. 1912-6; 
asat. state co. agt. leader, Univ. Vt.. 
1013-7; present position, 1917—. 6. 
Romulus. N.Y.. Feb. 6,1888; i. Newman 
Pott«r and Susan L. (Sayre) C; reared 
on farm; m. Helen Stewart Folwell, 
Feb. 7, 1912; c. Geo. Chester. Arlene 
Elisabeth. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1812. 

Codermaa, Harold F., dean div. rural educ. 
and «con.. Md. Sute Coll. Agr., College 
Park, Md. 

Prof. agr. and agrl. educ. and dean 
Dept. Agr.. Ohio Northern Univ.. 1013-6; 
asst. agrl. educ, Ohio State Umv., 1916; 
prof. agrl. educ. and superv. secondary 
voc. agr. for Md., Md. SUte Coll. Agr., 
lOlT— . 6. Farmeriville, 0.. Oct. 22. 
1887; >. Marcus W. and Martha (Bru- 
baker) C; reared on farm: m. M. Mae 
YingUng, June 13. 1914. B.S.A., Ohio 
State Univ., 1916; M.A.. Columbia Univ.. 

Cotton, John Stotra, agrst.. Off. Farm 
Manag., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. 

Conducting range invests.. Wash. Exp. 

Sta., 1901-4; range and farm manag. 
invests.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1904—. 6. 
E. Woodstock, Conn., Jul. SO, 1876; 

I. John and Persis (Storrs) C; reared ii 
village; nt. Ada Gertrude Chappie, 
Dec. 31, 1007: «■ Jane Catherine, John, 
Elisabeth Storrs. B.S., Union Coll.. 
1887; M.S.A., Wash. SUte CoU., 1004. 


Asst. prof, rural econ.. Univ. Minn., 
1008-10; chief agrl. census, U. S. Census 
Bur.. 1910-4; prof, rural econ.. Kiiapp 
Sch. Country Life. Nashville, Tenn.. 
1014-6; present position. 1916—. Del. 
Inter. Inst. Agr., Borne; Rural Credits 
Comn. to Europe. 1913. Mem. Bd. 
Dirs., Nat. Agrl. OrganitatioD Soc. 
Aulh.: Cooperation Among Farmers. 1811. 
h. Mallory. Minn., Apr. 16. 1881: *. 
JohnandKatherine(McVeety)C.; reared 
onfarm; m. Phoebe Frost. Sept. 23. 1911; 
e. John Lee Jr., KirUey Schley. A.B., 
Univ. N. D.. 1904; A.M., 1905; PhD.. 
Univ. Wis.. 1008. Phi Beta Kappa. 

CoBpe, Jamea Fnuiias, co. agrl. agt.. Carroll- 

Agt. Thurston Co.. Neb.. 1918-6; 
live-stock fieldman. Twentieth Century 
Farmer, Omaha, I816-T: farm bur. 
organizer. Neb.. Sept. 1917-Feb. 1918; 

5 resent position. 1918— .b. Falls City, 
feb., Aug. 80, 18S«: i. lUcbard A. and 
Mary M. (King) C; reared on farm; 
m. Mary A. BaUeogee. Apr. 12, 1016. 
B.S., Univ. Neb.. 1909. Alpha ZeU. 

Cowell, Arthur Wcstcott, lands, arch., prof. 
Unds. design, Penn. SUte Coll., SUte 
College. Pa. 

b. Auburn, N. Y.. Apr. SO. 1878; ». 
WiUard Gould and Jennie (Fisher) C; 
reared in city: m. Sophie Harriet Lyndon. 
1807; c. Jane Augusta, David Lyndon. 
B.S.A.. Come!! Univ. Alpha Zeta. 

Cow^ Helen Jnlia, superv. girls' club 
work. Ore. Agr. Coll., CorvalUs. Ore. 

Teach, dom. sd., Harney Co. higfa-adi.. 
1918-^; present poMtion. 1014—. 6. 
Springfield, III., Dec. 1, 1881; d. Wm. C. 
and Caroline M. (Etter) C: reared in 
dty. B.S.. Ore. Agr. OJl., 1913. 


Cowlet, Aniw Bryaal, state club leader for 
girls, Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lan^g. Mich. 
Ext. dept. home econ., Mich. Agr. 
Coll., 1915-6; Stat* club leader for giris, 
igi«— . b. UusiDg, Mich., Oct. U, 
1893; d. TnimaD A. and Carrie (White- 
hoiue) C; reared id city. B.S.. Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1915. Omicroii Nu. 

Coi, Heniy Joseph, meteorologist in chg. 
North Central Forecast Distr. of Weather 
Bur., Federal BIdg., Chicago, 111. 

Prof, meteorology, Norwidl Univ., 
Northfield. Vt,. 1886-8; connected with 
U. S. Weather Bur. since 1884. In 
chg. special 6eld researches, cranberry 
marshes, 1906-10; thunder bolts on 
Carolina mountain slopes, 1918-8. Trav- 
eled in Europe inspecting meteorological 
observatorieg, 1906-7. Auth.: Weather 
and Climate of Chicago, 1911; Weather 
Foredftsting in U. S., 1816. 6. Newton, 
Mass., Apr. 5, 1863; t. ThoB. and Hannah 
(Perkbs) C; reared in dty; m. Mary 
Cavanaugh, Sept. 8, 1887; c. Harry P., 
Arthur C, Paul G. A.B. Harvard Univ., 
1884; M.A. Norwich Univ., 1887; D.Sc., 
1914. TheU Chi. 

Cos, Herbert Raiwlolph, co. agrl. agt., 
Berlin, N. J. 

Farmmg in O.. 1905-7; Off. Farm 
Manag- U. 9. Dept. Agr.. 1907-lS; 
assoc. ed., Country Gentleman, 19Ifi-7; 
present position, 1917 — . b. Canton, 0., 
Oct. 38, 1682; reared in town and on (arm. 
B.S.A.. Cornell Univ.. 1006; M.S.A.. 
1909. Beta Theta Pi. 

Crabb, George Aitbar, junior prof, agrou., 
Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga. 

Inslr. soil tech., ComeU Univ., 1007-10; 
Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1010-3; 
present position, 1913 — - b. Allen Co., 
0.. Aug. 18, 188!; «. Nathan T. and 
Amelia (Bowyer) C.; reared on farm; 
m. Mary Clement Sbepperson, Sept. 28, 
1908; c. Anna Elizabeth, Geo. A. Jr., 
Mary Frances. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 
1007. Alpha ZeU. 

Craig, Charles P., agrl. organiser and admin- 
istrator, Duluth, Minn. 

Developed Jean-Duluth Farms, Duluth. 
Pres. Minn. Live-Stock Breeders' Assoc., 
6yrs.; dir. Minn. Slate Agrl. Sod., 7 yrs., 
pres. i yrs.; manag. Minn. State Fair, 
7 yrs., pres. i yrs. b. Clarion Co., Pa., 
Jul. 4, ISaS; (. W. T. and Katherine 

(Patton)C.; reared on farm; m. Florence 
Cameron; c. Margaret Patton. A.B., 
Lafayette CoU., 1883; A.M., 1SS6; 
LL.B., Univ. Penn., 1886. Delta Kappa 

Craig, Stephen James, co. agrl. agt., Pro- 
phelstown, HI. 

111. State Soil Survey, 2 yrs.; traveled 
2 yrs. on seed and soil surveys; co. a0., 
C«>'wD Point, Ind., 4 yrs.; agt. Whiteside 
0>., Ul., lOlS— ; seed com administrator, 
IIL State Coun<n) Defense, Chicago, 
1918—. b. Wilmington, III., Jan. 18, 
1882; *. James and Minerva (Rockwell) 
C; reared on farm; m. Ruth Jackson, 
Oct. IS, lOli; <r. James J., Harold J.. 
Ruth J. B.S. Univ. III., 190S; M.S.A., 
Cornell Univ.. 1908. 

Craodall, Benjamin Ray, princ. Holtville 

Union High-Sch. Distr., Holtville, Calif. 
Princ. schs., Hammond, La., ISSO- 

1002; supt. scha., Rawlins, Wyo., 1902-7; 

supt. schs., Idaho Falls. Ida., 1007-15; 

present position, IBIS — . Pres. Ida. 

State Teach. Assoc., 1912-3. Instr. in 
' agr., asst. emergency co. club leader. 

6. Andover, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1875; «. 

Sherman G. and Leonora (Wood) C; 

reared on farm; m, Matilda Fogg. Apr. 

12, 1900; e. Burton Benjamin. B.S., 

Alfred Univ., 1890; B.Ped.. Univ. Wyo., 

1005; A.M., Univ. Denver, 1905; D.Ped., 

Alfred Univ.. 1011; Ph.D.. Univ. Denver, 


Cranefield, Frederic, sec. Wis. State Hort. 
Sac., Madison, Wis. 

Instr. bort., Univ. Wis.. 1897-1904. 
Ed., Wisconsin Horticulture, b. near 
Madison, Wis., Jul. 23. 1865; s. James and 
Maria <Tipple) C; reared on farm; 
m. Laura Hinriche, Dec. 5, 1894; e. 
Marian Chas., Paul Frederic, Harold 
Alfred, Uura Edith. 

Crawford, Nelson Antrim, head dept. ind 
journalism and printing, Kans. State Agr 
Coll., Manhattan. Kans. 

Teach. English, Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1010-4; present position, 1914 — . Dir. 
publicity, Kans, CouncU of Defense, 
1017~; dir. publicity, U. S. Food Admin- 
istration in Kans.. 1917. Vice-prea. Am. 
Assoc. Agrl. Coll .Editors, 1916-7, pres., 
1017-8. In daily newspaper work, 1006- 
0; manag. ed.. The Kans. Industrialist, 
1014—; ed. The Kans. Churchman, 


l9Uh8: as«M. ed.. The Midknd, 1917—. 
ft. Milkr. S. D.; *. N. A. and Fsnny 
{V«nderoook) C. A.B.. State Univ. la.. 
1910; A.M.. Univ. Kaas.. 1914. Sigma 
DelU Chi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

CrcelmMi, George Christie, prea. Ont. Agr. 
Coll.. Guelph, Ont. 

Prof, biol., Misa. A. & M. CoU.. 1889- 
97; pros. Ont Agr. Coll.. 1904—; comnr. 
agr.. Ont., 1917—, Del, to Inter, Inrt, 
at Rome. 1907; traveled in Europe. 
A^ Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, 
Philippines. Sec. Am. Assoc, of Parmer's 
Inst. Workers, 1900-0; pr«s„ 1908. 
ft. Collingwood, Ont., May 9, 1809; 
>. Jamea R. and Isabel (Patterson) C; 
reared on farm; m. Ada Mills, Sept, 8, 
1892; e. James. Louise. Margaret, Rosa. 
Donald. B.S.A., Toronto Univ., 1888: 
Miss. A. & M. CoU., 1893; LL.D., 
McMaster Univ., Toronto, 1910. 

[CtMawell, C. P.. p. 310. 

Crihba. Charles C, mioister. R. D. 1, FaUa 
Creek. Pa, 

Teach, hist., EMers lUdge Acad.. 2 yn.; 
princ, Bchs., Homer City, 1 yr.; pastor 
E, Butler Presbyterian church, i yrs.; 
Beech wood, S yn. Adv. mem. Rural 
Com. of Pa. State Sunday Sch. Assoc. 
Specially interested in rural problema. 
ft. Clarksburg, Pa., Nov. 8. 1880; >. 
Armor P. and M. Ella (Marshall) C; 
reared on farm; m. Cecil A. Stewart, 
June7,ll»ll; c. Mary EUiabeth, Marjorie 
Cecil, Mildred Josephine, A.B., Grove 
City Coll., 1908; A,M., 1911. 

Crider, Franklin Jacob, prof. bort.. Univ. 
Ariz, and hort., Exp, Sta,. Tucson, Aria. 
Inatr. hort,, Clemson Agr, Coll.. 1908-9; 
asst. prof, hort., N. C. A, & M, Coll,. 
1910-3; assoc. prof, hort., Clemson Agr, 
Coll., 1919-8; present position, 1018—. 
ft. St. Matthews. S. C. Dec. 1, 1683; i. 
Lawrence E. and Georgella (Hay) C; 
reared on farm; m. Charlotte Ellen 
Nash. Dec, i5, 1911; e. Dorothy Ellen, 
B.S., Clemson Agr, Coll,. 1908; M,S., 
Univ. Minn., 1010. Alpha Zeta. 

Cfitlcaden, Le« Wright, co. agrl. agt.. New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

Instr. a«T., Cortland Normal SA., 
1913-7; Chamberlain Inst., Randolph. 
N. Y., 1017-8. ft. Oswayo. Pa.. Jul. 1. 
18S4; t. Shubel Edgar and Ida Viola 
(Rowlee) C; reared on farm; m. Mil- 

Crocherttn, Bertran Hanford, assoc. prof, 
ext., state leader, Univ. Calif,. Berkeley, 

Princ. Bgri, high-sch., Baltimore Co., 
Md., 1009-13; present position. 101S— . 
ft. N. J,. May 31. 1882; >. David E. and 
Flora V, (Hajiford) C; reared in country, 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1908; M.S.A., 
1000. Alpha Zeta, 

Crofoot, Herman K., eo, agrl. agt,, Olean. 
N, Y, 

ft. Herkimer Co.. N. Y- May 18, 1880; 
». Henry A. and Marrietta (Kilta) C; 
reared on farm; m, Grace FitU 1916; 
e. Henry A., Mariam H. B,S.. Cornell 
Univ,, 1012. 

Cron, Alexander B., sci, asst., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Chillicothe, Tex. 

Spedalist in alfalfa culture, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1908-13; asst.infieldataa. Amarillo, 
Tei„ 1913-7; in chg. sta., Chillicothe, 
1013—. ft. Augusta, Kana.. Jan. 4, 
1883; *. A. G. and Emma F. (Womer) C; 
rewed on farm; nt, Besaie Minerva 
Nicolet, Dec. 7. 1910; e. Ralph NicoleU 
Lawrence Everett, Minerva Marie. B.S.. 
Kans. State Agr, CoU., 1908. 

Crothj, Cyras Riclurd, prof. ent. ext.. 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. enl„ Univ, Mo., 1904-5; ent. 
invest.. Cornell Eip. Su.. 1906-0; asst. 
prof.. Cornell Univ., 1000-13; prof. ert. 
ent., 1013—. Aulh.: (with Slingerland) 
Manual of Fruit Insects. 1014; (with 
Leonard) Manual of Vegetable-Garden 
Insects, 1918. ft. Penn Yan, N. Y.. 
Jan. 9, 1879; i. Isaac and DniailU (Eddy) 
C; reared on farm; m. NeUie G. Heck. 
Dec. 10, 1905. A.B.. Cornell Univ.. 

Crosby, Dick Jay, prof. ext. teach,. Cornell 
Univ.. Ithaca. N. Y. 

Instr. English, Mich. Agr. Coll., 1893-0; 
asst. agr.. U, S. Dept. Agr,, 1901-A: 
specialist in agrl. educ., U. S, E^t, Agr.. 
lOOS — ; farmer and part-time ext. 
teach., Cornell Univ., 1013-S: present 
poaition. 101S— , ft. Elbiidge, Mich., 
Oct, St, 1866; «. Daniel Way and Agnes 
(Colestock) C; reared on farm; m. 
Mary Lillian Wheeler, 1002; 2d, 7^. 
Addie J. Irwin, 1014; e. Ruth, Alan 


Croabr. Mad A., agrst.. OB. Farm Manag., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

6. Hart. Mich., Aug. a, 187S: 5. DaDiel 
Way and Agnes (Coleslock) C.; reared 
on farm, B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., IWK. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Croas, Gumec G., itate co. sec., rural work, 
Y. M. C. A„ 608 A. O. U. W. Bldg,, 
Uttle Rock, Ark. 

b. Ind., Sept. M, 1883; #. BeDJamin 
FraokliD and MUM>un (Watts) C; 
reared od farm; m. Delia Bennett, June 
B. 1811. B.A., Kans. Univ., 1911; 
Bach, of Assoc- Sci.. V. M. C. A. Coll., 
Chicago, 1913. 

Croas, Lewis JaMphiia, prof. agrl. chem., 
Cornell Udiv., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asat. prof. agrl. cbem., Cornell Univ., 
1912-4; prof, 1914— . fii., The Cornel! 
Chemist, iei«-~l. b. Hoosick Falls, N. Y.. 
Oct. ifi, 1874; *. Waite J. and Hannah M. 
(Scriven) C; reared on farm; m. Jessie 
B. Kerr, Dec. 23, 1915; c. Margaret E. 
A.B.. Cornell Univ., 1909; Ph.D., 1918. 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Crossman. Paul Stevens, co. agrl. agt., 
Smethport, Pa. 

Asat. farm manag., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1916; food emergency agl., 1017. Farm 
operator, b. Hamilton, Pa., Dec. 18, 
IMO; ». Everett Lincoln and Mary 
Alice (Croasmun) C; reared on farm; 
m. June 15, 1918. B.S., Penn. SUte 
Coll., 1017. Alpha ZcU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Oosaman, Samuel Sutton, ent. asst., Bur. 
Ent., U. S. Dept. Agr., Mebose High- 
lands, Mssa. 

b. Needham. Mass., May 30, 1B80; 
*. Thos. James and Eliza Ann (Sutton) 
C; reared in town; tn. Pauline Haskell, 
Dec. 30, 1912; c. Faith Sutton, Margaret. 
Ruth. B.Sc.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1909. 

Crouch, Harry Ensign, co. agrl. agt.. Court 
House, Albany, N. Y. 

Maaag. Univ. III. dairy farm, 11 ^rs.; 
manag. dairy farm, Ann Arbor, Mich., 
8 yrs. b. Cohocton, N. Y., June 10, 
1878; *. Joel M. and Rose ElU (SUyton) 
C; reared on farm; m. Mary J. Pierce, 
Dec. 24. 1902; a. Mary J., James B., 

Crneaa, WilUam Vere. asst. prof, zymology. 
Univ. Calif., Berkd^, CalU. 

Asst. lymology. Univ. Calif., 1911-^; 
asst. prof., 1913—. Specialty, utiliia- 
tion of waste fruits and vegetables. 
Farmer, B yrs. b. San Miguel, Calif., 
Aug, 9, 1886; ». Wm. V. and Lucy M. 
(Withrow) C; reared on farm. BS.. 

Cmickshanh, Robert Bacon, asst. prof, 
hort., Ohio SUte Univ.. Columbus, O. 

Chg. laoo^cre ordiard. Ore.. 1910-2. 
Sec. 0. SUte Hort. Soc. 6. Syracuse, 
N. Y., Oct. 12, 188*1 »■ Robt. and Mar- 
garet (Bacon) C; reared in city; m. 
Marion E. Coburn, Mar. 4. I&IS; e. 
Mary AdeUne, Robt. Jr. B.S.. Univ. 
Me.. 19L0. Beta Theta Pi; Alpha ZeU. 

Culley, Frank Hamilton, prof, lands, arch., 
la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Asst. prof, lands, gard., la. State Coll., 
1B14-5; assoc. prof., 1915-8; prof. 
lands, arch. 1918—. Mem. Country 
nanning Com., Am. Civic Assoc, b. Fort 
Dodge, la., Aug. 7. 1888; 1. Charley 
Hamilton and Ida May (Keeler) C; 
reared in town. B.S.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1913; Mast. l«nds. Arch., Harvard 
Univ., 1914. 

Asst. prof. an. husb.. Oat. Agr. Coll., 
1901-S; sec. for agr. and princ. Coll. 
Agr., Province of N. S., 1907—. Traveled 
in Great Britain and Europe studying 
and purchasing live-stock, b. Steltarton. 
N. S., Jan. 6. 1376; ». Thomas and 
Matilda (McNair)C.; reared in town and 
country; m. Mary Alice Archibald, 
June 13, 1009; 0. Jean, Alison Archibald, 
Mary Rutherford, Melville Erskine. B.A., 
Dalhousie Univ.. Halifait. 1897; B.S.A., 
la. SUte Coll., 1900; B.S.A., Toronto 
Univ., 1901. 

Cumminis, Maishall Baxter, prof, hort., 
Univ. Vt., Burlington, Vt. 

Sec. Vt, Hort. Soc, fr. N. Thetf ord, Vt., 
Dec, 2, 1878; : H. P. and Alpha Maria 
(Baiter) C; reared on farm; m. Lnra 
Alice Bugbee, Aug. 84, 1910 ; e. Fietton 


Curtia. B.S., Univ. Vt., 1«01; M.S., 
Univ. Me., 1904; Ph.D., Coroell Vaiv., 
1009. Sigma Xi; Alplu ZeU; Gftmaui 

Cnnnmfkaia, Join taiaaou, ed. Ohio 
FwTiier, Cleveland, O. 

Inatr. hort. and for., Ohio State Univ., 

operator. Ed., Journal Columbu* Hort. 
Soc, Co-founder Agricultural Student 
Megaiine, 1894; ed., 1S94-8. b. Afton, 
la., Feb. 4, 1877; *. Robl. Henry aod 

F. Jr., Richard M. B.Sc.. Ohio SUU 
Univ., 1897; M,Sc., 1899. Sigma Xi; 
Phi Gamma Delta: Alpha ZeU (co- 

Cwmiugliaiii, Omer G>lc dairy husb,. 
Bur. Ao. Ind., U. S. Depl. Agr., Washing- 
ton. D. 0. 

Prof, dairying and an. hiub., Winooa 
Coll. Agr., Ind., 190d-9; instr. dairying, 
Ohio SUU Univ.. 1909-11; asal. prof-, 
1911-8; present position, 1918—. b. 
Switwrland Co.. Ind,, Apr. U, 1881; 
(. Jonathan B. and Margaret O. (Cole) C; 
reared on farm; m. Anna Blanche Eaton, 
Jul. i, 1908; c. Jonathan R. B.S.A., 
Purdue Univ.. 1906. 

HLram M^rick and Fannie (Smith) C; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Oi«. Agr, Coll.. 
I91S; grad. student. Cornell Univ., 
1910-7. Sigma Fbi Epnion; Ganuna 
Sigma DelU. 

Cnrrier, Ediru L., prof, farm manag. and 
head dept. of Bip. SU., Mont. Agr. Coll., 
Bozeman, Mont. 

b. St. Edward, Neb., Oct. 84, 1B87; i. 
John W. and Adelk (Lovejoy) C; reared 
on farm; m. Bemice Chamtyera, June 4, 
1914; c. Helen, Merrill Chamben. 
B.S., Univ. Neb., 1912. 

Cwry, Arthur DaTid, distr. dem. agt., 
Stratton. Neb. 

6. David City. Neb- Jan. 88, 1878; 
I. John and Jane (Harris) C; reared on 
farm; m. Maude Holston, Apr. 3, 1907; 
e. Gilbert, Leah. 

im, Waker Slaaley, aut. prof. an. 
husb., Univ. Ariz., Tucson, Aril. 

Asst. an. husb., N. Mei. A. & M. CoU., 
1912-4; present position, 1914—. b. 
Ind., Mar. 21. 1885; «. J. R. and Mar- 
garet O. (Cole) C; reared on farm; m. 
CUra M. Schroeder, Aug, 26. 1915. 
B.S.A.. Purdue Univ., 1009. 

Cunan, George Bryaa, agrl, rep., Napanee, 

and SeUing Bd.: sec. Canada Rhode 

Red Club. b. Orillia, Ont., Apr. fn, 1886; 

*. Geo. and Martha (Bates) C; reared i 

Cwrey, Hiram Meyrick, asst. prof, agron., 
Ida. Tech. Inst.. Pocatello, Ida. 

With U. S. Bur. Markets, 1917-S. 
b. Cannelton, Ind., Oct. 10, 1887; t. 

Cnrtis, Franklin Richards, co. agrl. agt., 
Demopolis, Ata. 

Agt. Craighead Co.. Ark.. 191S-4; 
agt. Marengo and SumUr Cos., Ala., 
1914-6; agt. Marengo, Hale and Perry 
Cos.. 1916-7; dir. Canebrake Agr. Exp. 
Sta.. Unionlflim, Ala., 1917; agt. Mai^ 
engo Co., 1918—. b. Shelby Co., Ala- 
Jan. 4, 1B94; t. Joseph Franltlb and Kate 
(Richards) C; reared in small town; 
m. Anne Beall McCanU, Jan. 25, 1918. 
B.S., AU. Poly. Inst., 1912. Lamda Chi 

Cnttis. Harry Penoybacker. co. agrl. agt., 
Sutton, W. Va. 

Instr. »d., hif^-seh.. New Providence. 
la.. 1915-6; agt. Braxton Co., 1916—. 
b. little Hoclung, O., Mar. 7. 1891; 
». A. L. and Mary (Pennybacker) C; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Ohio SUU 
Univ., 1916. 

Cartis, Henry S.. writer and lect., OUvet. 

Teach. English, N. Y. City high-sch., 
1899-1905; general dir. playgrounds, 
N. Y, City, summer. 1898, 1901; lect. 
Columbia Univ., summer, 1893; lect. 
World's Fair, summer, 1891; superr. 
playgrounds, Distr. Columtua, 1905-9; 
sec. Playground Assoc, of Am.. 1906-0. 
Y. M. C. A. recreation work in France. 
Auth.: Play and Recreation for the Open 
Country, 1904; Education Through Play, 
1915; The tactical Conduct of Play. 
1915; The Play Movement and lis 


Significaoce, 1917; lUcrcatioii forTeacb- 
era, 1618. Traveled in Europe and Porto 
Rico, 6. Olivet, Mich., Feb. B, 1870; 
*. Samuel and Mary (Stoddard) C; 
reared on fann.-, m. Charlotte Doremiu 
Scudder, Nov. SS, 1902; e. Henry Stod- 
dard, Bessie Scudder, EInora Charlotte. 
A.B.. Olivet Coll., 1894; A.B.. Yale 
Univ., 1895; Ph,D„ Clark Univ., 1898. 
Pbi Alpha I^. 

Curtis, Joha Genii, co. agrl. agt.. White 
Plains, N. Y. 

Led. N. Y. SUU fanners' insts., 19(H- 
IJt; alao N. J. and W. Va- iiuts.; agt 
Westdieater Co., 1915—. Chg. Chilean 

Kvt. exhibit tert. materiaU, World's 
ir, 1893; U. S. govt, exhibit, St 
Louis Expos., 19M. Invest, phosphate 
mines of S. C, Fla., Tenn,. Canada. 
Farm operator, b. Rochester, N. Y., 
Aug. 8, 1870; >. Geo. M. and Mary E. 
(Campbell) C.; r^jed on farm; m. 
Martha Elizabeth Heermans. June i. 1906. 
Grid. Genesee Wesleyan Sem., lima, 
N. Y., 1890. 

Asst. Bupt. parka. Boston, 1900-9; 
asst. supt, Arnold Arboretum, Mass., 
1909-ie; with Warren H. Manning, 
lands, desifcner, 1919; asst. prof, lands, 
art. ComelT Univ., 1912-S; prof., 1915—. 
6. BuriingtoD, Wis., Dec. 8. 1877; *. 
Chas. Burrilt and Mira (Vul) C; reared 
in town; n. Alison M. Pettigrew, Sept. 3, 
1910; e. Roger Sherman. B.S. A, Cornell 
Univ., 1901; M.S.A., !9(», Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Cdrtiss, Charles F., dean and dir. Div. Agr., 
la. SUte Coll., Ames, la. 

Dir. la. State Ed. Agr.; dir. and exec. 
com.. Inter. Live-Stock Expos.; pres. Am. 
Berkshire Assoc.; ex-pres. Am. Shrop- 
shire Assoc.; dir. Fercheron Soc. of Am.; 
dir. and exec, com., Nat. Soc. Ijve-Stock 
Record Assoc. Mem. horse-breeding and 
meat invest, com., U. S. Dept. Agr. 
Special invest, for U. S. Dept, Agr., Great 
Britain and Mexico, Consulting ed,. 
Agricultural Digest. Fann operator. 6, 
Boral, III,. Dec. IS, 1863; ,. Franklin 
and Msrsaret (Schmiti )C.; reared on 
farm; m. (Hive Wilson, Feb. 16, 18B3; 
e. Ruth. Edith, Helen. B.S.. la. State 
Coll,, 1887; M.S.. 1894; D,Sc., Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1907. Ddte Tau DelU. 

Cmlkr, Garnet Hoaar. prof. Geld husb., 
Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, Alu. 

Lect, cereal husb., McDonald Coll., 
McGill Univ., 1909-12; prof, cereal 
husb,, Univ, Sask., 1913-fi; present posi- 
tion, 1917 — . Men. Provincial Seed Bd. 
of Alu. b. Arkona, Ont., June 12, 1882; 
*, Albert Elgin and Annie Sarah (Belton) 
C; reared on farm; n. Gertrude Camp- 
beU. June fl, 1911; e. Mabelle Gertrude. 
B.S,A., Toronto Univ., 1909. 

Dacr, Arthur Ltncohi, assoc. prof. hort> 
and assoc. hort. Exp. SU., W. Va. Univ.. 
Morgantown, W. Va, 

Asst. hort., W. Va, Exp. SU.. 1908-12; 
present positioD, 1912—. 6. S. Boston, 
Mass., Nov. 10, 1875; *. Geo. L. and 
Sarah A. (Kimball) D.; m. Amelia Miiir 
Bachmann, Aug, IS, 1905; c. Geo. Alden, 
Muriel Louise, Earle Bachmann, Arthur 
KimbaU, B.S.A., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1902. 

DadanI, Camille Pierre, ed. American Bee 
Journal, Hamilton, HI. 

Beekeeper, 1808—. Del. to Inter. 
Beekeepers' Assoc., Paris, 1900. .lulA.; 
Hiveand Honey Bee, 1907; ABeePrimer, 
1914; First Lessons in Beekeeping, 1017. 
b. Langies, France. Apr. 0, 18St (natural- 
ized 1872); 1. Chas. and Gabrielle 
(Parisot) D.; reared in city and country; 
n>. Marie Marinelli, Nov. 1, 1876; e. 
Louisa, Valentine, Louis, Henry, Maurice, 
Clemence, Harriette. 

in, Andrew Jackson, assoc. prof, 
agrl. coon, and farm manag., Univ. W. Va., 
Morgantown, W. Va. 

Teach, rural schs., 3 yn.; town and 
city schs., 5 yr«.; Off, Farm Manas., 
U. S. Dept. AsT., 2 yrs. Farm help 

rialist for W. Va., 1917—. b. Grafton, 
Va.. Feb. 5, 1881; ». Newton and 
Lucetta (Williamson) D.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., W. Va. Univ., 1914; 
M.S.A., Cornell Umv., 1914. 

Dalrymple, William Haddock, prof. comp. 
med, and vet. Exp, Sta., La. State 
Univ., Baton Rouge, La. 

Pres. U. S. Exp. SU. Vet. Med. Assoc,, 
1901-2; pres. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc., 
1907-8; pres. U. S. Live-Stock Sanitary 
Assoc., 1008-9; vice-pres. La. State 
Sanitary Assoc.; mem. exec. com. Nat. 
Live-Stock Assoc., 1902 — 4; former aec. 


l«. SUU Agrl. 8oc. ud La. Stockbreeders' 
Awoc.; ex-pres. La. Vet. Med. Assoc.; 
pre*. La. Soc. of Naturalists; mem. L«. 
SUte Live-Stock Sanitarf Bd. Reporter 
on anthrax for U. S. 10th Inter. Vet. 
Congress, London, 1914; mem. Inter. 
Congress on Tuberculosis. Washington, 
D. C, 1908: Ifith Inter. Conness on 
Hygiene and Demography, Washington, 
1012. FeUow Glasgow Vet. Med. Soc. 
Traveled in S. Africa and Europe. For- 
mer ed. live-stodc dept.. New Orlewis 
Picayune. Aulh.: Veterinary Obstetrics, 
18B6. b. Stranraer, Wiglownahire, Soot- 
land, Apr.. 83, 1866 (came to Am. 1889); 
». Thomas and Mary Eleanor (Haddock) 
D.; m. Mary Isabel Umpleby. Aug. 87, 
1891; c. W. C. S., Mary Eleanor. M.E. 
C.V.S., Glasgow Vet. Coll.. 1886. 

_ _ _ _ , prea. Fed. Land 

Bank, St. Louis, Mo. 

Teller First Nat. Bank, Kankakee, ID., 
1898-S; attorney. Peoria, III., 1899-1907; 
t»rm mftna^.. Washington, 111.. 1B07-17; 
present position, 1B17 — . Pres. Farmers' 
Grain Dealers' Assoc., i yrs.; pres. Nat. 
Council Farmers' Coop. Assoca., 6 yn.; 
pres. Tagewell Co. Farm Bur., 6 yrs.; 

gres. ni. Agrl. Assoc., 1 yr. Traveled in 
urope. b. Dantorth, Dl., June 19, 
187«; ». Henry R. sad Mary (Wenger) 
D.; reared in town; m. Louise Leonard, 
Oct. 18, 1006; 0. Mary Louise, EUiabeth, 
Herman L. LL.B., Univ. Midi., 1800. 


td. of Agr., Ijncoln, Neb. 

b. MiswHiri Valley. la.. Dec. 30, 1881; 
s. John A. and Eva (Boaeman) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Maud Barnard, 
Oct. 81, 1003; 2d, Edna Maud Bniner. 
Sept, 14, 1008; e. Helen M.. John Arthur. 
Bobt. Bruce. 

Darche, John H., strawberry-grower, Park- 
villc. Mo. 

Assoc, ed. on hort., Missouri and Kansas 
Farmer. 8 yrs. b. Ont., Canada, Feb. 
e, 1840; I. Peter Darcher and Mary 
(Brown) D.; reared in village. 

Darfini, Floyd Nelson, co. agrl. agt.. Keene. 
N. H. 

Instr. voc. agr.. high-sch., Walton, 
N, Y., 191B-3; present position, IBIS—. 
Chm. Com, on Bevisiou of Syllabus Voc. 
Agr., N. Y. State, 1918. 6. Coudersport, 
r*., Aug. 12, ISSS; *. Thaddeus S. and 

MaiT L. (Teuicher) D.; leared on farm; 
n. MBTgafet P. Stanion, Dec., 1910; 
0. Virginu N. B.S., ComeU Univ., 1010. 

Darrow, George McMillan, sci. asst.. Bur. 
Plant Ind . Washington, D. C. 

b. Springfield, Vt.. Feb. 8. 1889; s. 
Guy Calvin and Maria (McMillan) D.; 
reared on farm. A.B.. Middlebury Coll., 
1910; A.M.. Cornell Univ., 1911, Kappa 
Delta Rbo. 

Darrow, William Hinds, sci. asst.. Bur. 
Markets, U S. Depl. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Instr. hort., Umv. Me., 1012-8; practi- 
cal orchard work, Va., Md.. N. Y.. Vt., 
1919-6; jupt. schs., Waterbury, Vt., 
1910-7; i^esent powUon, 1017—. b. 
Springfield. Vt., May 7. 1890; i. Guy C. 
and Maria (McMillan) D.; reared on 
farm. A.B., Middlebury CoU.. 1011; 
A.M., Cornell Univ., 1912; M.S., Univ. 
Me., 1013. Kappa DelU Rho. 

Darst, WiHiard Holden. asst. prof, agron., 
Penn. StaU CoU., Slate College, Pa. 

b. Covington, O., Nov. 7, 1B84; t. 
D. M. and Addie (Darner) D.; reared on 
farm; m. Janet Caley, 1013; c. Williard 
H. Jr. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ.. 1010. 

Davenport, Eagcne, dean CoU. Agr., Univ. 
ni., Urbano, 111. 
Prof, agr., Midi. Agr. Coll., 1889-«1; 

S'es. Collegio Agronomica, Sao Paulo, 
rasil. 1891-8; dean CoU. Agr. and dir. 
Exp. SU.. I'niv. III., 1896—. Fdlow 
A.A.A.S. Mem. Authors' Club, London, 
England. AvA.: Priudplci ot Breeding, 
1907; Education for Effidency, 1900; 
Domesticated Animals and PlanU, 1910. 
b. Woodland. Mich., June 20. 185B; 
(. George Martin and Esther (Sutton) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Emma Jane Coati, 
Nov. 8, 1881; e. Dorothy, Klargaret. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1878: M.Agr., 
1896; LL.D., 1007. Delta Tau Ddta. 

Davidson. Gabriel, general manag. The 
Jewish Agrl. and Ind. Aid Soc.. 174 
Second Ave.. New York City. 

Mem. Adv. Com., Fed. of Jewish 
Farmers of Am. b. New York City, 
Jan. 83, 1879; *. David and Hannah 
(Gerechter) D.; reared in dty; m nna 
Perlowitz, June 20, 1010; e. Hannah 
Adde. LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch., 1000; 
LL,M., N. Y. Univ., IBOl. 


Daridwm, Jaj Brownlee, prof. agrl. engiii-. 
Univ. Calif., Davii, C»lif. 

Adj. prof, farm mech., Univ. Neb., 
lOOS-6: prof. Bgrl. engin., la. SUt« 
Coll.. 1906-18; present poritioo, 1915—. 
Ajdh.: (with CWe) Farm MacWnery 
and Farm Motora, 1908; Agricultural 
Engineering, ISIS. b. Douglai, Neb.. 
Feb. IS, 1880; i. James H. and Margaret 
(Dixon) D.; reared on farm; m, Jennie 
Baldridge; e. Margaret E., Ethel B., 
Helen M. B.S., M.E.. Univ. Neb.. 1904; 

Davidson, Sidnc)' Harold, sd. asst.. Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

In U. S. Army, 1918—. 6. Wadena, 
Minn., Feb. tS, 1696; ». Morru and 
Emma (Kat«ky) D. B.S., Univ. Calif., 
1917. Alpha ZeU. 

Davit, ArAni Graal, co. agrl, agt.. CoDcord, 

In$tr. agr., higfa-gch., HopkintoD, N. H.. 
1913-4; princ. and instr, agr.. high-sch., 
Antrim. 1914; co. agt.. 1915—. b. E. 
Jaffrey. N. H,. Aug, 17, 1B87; «. Cha*. B. 
and Clara E. (Ames) C; reared on 
farm; >n. Cecile F. Livingstone. June £9, 
1918; c. Grant L.. Hobt. C. Beverly C, 
B.S.. N. H, A.&M. CoU., 1918. Gamma 

Daria, Boothe ColwcU, prca. Alfred Univ., 
Alfred. N. Y. (with which a tUt« school 
of agriculture is affiliated). 

Ordained Baptist minister. 1893; pas- 
tor, Alfred, N. Y., 1883-B; prof, philoso- 
phy and ethics, Alfred Univ., 1895—; 
ores.. 1908—. b. Jane Lew, W. Va., 
Jul. IS, 1863; (. Samuel D. and Elisabeth 
(Fits-Randolph) D.; reared on farm; 
n. Estelle W. Hoffman. 1893; e. Stanton 
H., Elizabeth R.. Boothe C. Jr. A.B.. 
Alfred Univ., 1690; B.D., Yale Univ.. 
1893; Ph.D., Nat. Normal Univ., 1B97; 
LL.D., Alfred Univ., 1915. 

Davis, Cheater Charles, ed. Montana Far- 
mer. Great Falls, Mont. 

*. Dallas Co., la., Nov. 17, 1867; *. 
Wm. Highland and Eva Elisabeth (Joha- 
•oa) D.; reared on farm; m. Helen Gail 
Smith, Aug. 14. 1913; e. Chester Smith. 
B.A., GiiDDell Coll.. la., IQIl. 

Davis. Edward Gottoa. prat, lands, arch., 
Coraell Univ.. Ithacsh N. Y. 

Practical lands, arch.. 190*-1I, at 
Denison Univ., 1903-6. with Townaend 
and Fleming. Buffalo, 190it-ll; present 
iHMitiou. 1911—. Traveled in England, 
France and U. S. studying remdence plans. 
6. Cincinnati. O., 1680; i. Geo. F. and 
Lucy (Gorton) D.; rwred in dty and 
country place; m. Marion Briggs, 1908; 
c. Dorothea, E. Gorton Jr. B.S.. Denison 
Univ.. 1905. Beta TheU Vi. 

Davis, Helen Lee, prof. dom. art. Ore. Agr. 
Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 

Math, computer, astronomical dept.. 
Columbia Univ.. 1899-1908; instr. home 
econ., Univ. Neb., 1910-8; asst. prof., 
1918-7; assoc. prof. dom. art. Ore, Agr. 
Coll.. 1917-6; prof., 1918-, b. Moulton- 
boro, N. H. Sept. 88, 1877; d. Eltaser A. 
and Mary A. (Rolfe) D.; reared on farm. 
A.B.. Vassar Coll., 1899; B.S.. Columbia 
Univ., 1910.Phi BeU Kappa; Omicron Nu. 

Davia, IrvinS Gilmao, co. agt. leader. Conn. 
An, Coll.. Storrs. Conn. 

Instr., Brimfield Voc. Agr. Sch., Brim- 
field, Mass., 1912-4; asst. co. agt. leader. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., 1915-7; leader, 191T— 
b. Poland. Me.. Apr. 35, 1885; >. John 
Gilman and JuniaU (Dunn) D.; m. 
Alice Sawin, Aug. 18. 1914; e. Elizabeth 
Valentine, Irving G. Jr. A.B., Bates 
Coll., 1906. 

Davis, Joha June, chg. U. S. EnL Lab.. 
W. UFayelte, Ind. 

Asst. to state ent. of 111.. 1907-11; 
with U. S. Dept. Agr., 1911—. b. 
Centraha, lU., Oct. 9. 1885; i. John L. 
and Mary C. (Marsh) D.; reared m dty; 
m. Pearle E. Taylor, Oct. «7, 1909. 
B.S., Univ. III., 1907. Sigma Xi; Alpha 
Tau Omega. 

Daria, Kary Gtdmns, prof, agr., George 
Peabot^ Coll. for Teachers. Nashville, 

Princ. state high-sch.. Austin, Minn-, 
1898^; teach, sci.. State Normal Sch., 
St. Cbud, 1900-1; prof, hort., W. Va. 
Univ., 1901-8; princ. Dunn Co. Sch. 
Agr., Menomonie, Wis.. 1908-7; dean 
Slate Sch. Agr.. Canton, N. Y., 1907-8; 

Erof. agron. and princ. agrl, short courses. 
:utger8 Coll., 1908-13; present position. 
191S — . Conductor summer trvning 
achs, for teachers in Minn, and Wis.; 


Srof . agr.. Univ. Vs., nunmer Mh., 1MS-I1 ; 
ir. N. J. Slate Suminer Sch. for Teach.. 
1912. Led. farmcra' init., agrl. traiiu, 
etc. Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres. Teon. 
State Dairy Auoc., 1917—. Auth..- Pro- 
ductive Famiiiig. 1911.3d ed. 1917; Pro- 
ductive Plant Husbandry, 1017; School aod 
Home Gaidening, 1918i A Year of Horti- 
culture for Normals and High SchooU. 
1918. Ed; Lippincott's Farm Manuals, 
Farm IJTe Text Book Series, b. D«catur, 
ni.. Oct. 7, 1807; >. John and Martha 
Ann (Powell) D.; reared on farm; m. 

State Agr. Coll.. 1891; M.S., 1894; 
Ph.D., CorneU Univ., 1900. SigmaXi; 
Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi. 

Davis, Leon M., as»t. in marketing dairy 
products. Bur. Markets, U. S. DepL 
Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

Instr. dairy ind., Ut|iv. Calif., 190ft-U; 
asst. prof., 1913-0; present potition, 
1916 — . Mem. Inter. Jury of Awards, 
Panama-Pacific Expos.. 1915; prcs. W. 
Dairy Instrs, Amoc.; sec.-treas, Calif. 
Creamery Operators' Assoc. Regular 
contributor Parific Dairy Review, 1911-3. 
b. Topeka. Kans., Apr. 19. 188i; ». 
Thos. J. and Stella (Kidder) D.; raised 
on dairy farm; m. Hasel Estelle Bixby, 
June 19, 1911; e. Leon Bixby, Barbara 
Jean. B.S., Kans. State Agr. ColL. 1909. 
BeUThetaPi; AlpbsZeU. 

Davit, Samud Sylvester, co. agrl. agt., 
Kentknd. Ind. 

b. Newport, Ind., Feb. 28, 18»1; (. 
]. N. and Rose (Manion) D.; reared on 
farm; m. CUra Davis, Jan. 27, 1917. 
B.S., Univ. HI., 101S; M.S.. 1917. 

Davis, VemoB Hayes, chief O. State Bur. 
Markets and Marketing, Columbus, 0. 
Asst. hort. and tor., Ohio Stale Univ., 
1901-5; asst. prof., lOOA-9; asst. prof, 
hort.. 1900-U; prof., 1911-7; present 
pontion, 1917—. Treas. O. StaU Hort. 
Soc. Farm operator. Aulk.: The Garden 
Book, 191fi. b. Byesville. 0.. Mar. 7. 
1877; t. James A. and Rachel (Gauder) 
D.; reared on farm; m. Mary E. Haskell. 
Aug. 9. 1907; e. Eoiily Haskell. Rachel 
Katherlne. B.S.. Ohio SUte Uuiv.. 1900; 
M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1901. Sigma Xi; 
Kappa Sigma; Alpha Zeta. 

Dairiey, Fra^ E., fanner. Fayettevill^ N. Y. 
Dir. N. Y. State farmers' inats., 1896- 
ItMS; trustee ComeU Univ.. 1899-1904. 
Sec. N. Y. State Farmers' I^eague, 
1881-91; sec. State Dairymen's Assoc.. 
189fl-10(W; treas. N. Y. State Breeders' 
Asw>c., 1004-8; sec. Cheviot Sheep Soc., 
1809-1018; pres. Stete .'^gr. Soc., 1899- 
1002. Master Syracuse Grange, 1891-2; 
Fayetteville Grange, 1005-lB; Onondaga 
Co. Grange, 1914-6. Breeder of pure- 
bred HoUteiu-Frieaian cattle. Cheviot and 
Persian lamb fur sheep. Pres. Am. 
Persian Lamb Fur Sheep Registry, 
1918. Awarded Gold Medal on New York 
State grown alfalfa hay at Panama 
Expos,, 1916. First to make a success 
of nusing Persian lamb fur in Am.; 
erected ^t steel frame bam in Am. in 
1002; ground the fifst alfalfa "bran" 
or meal in 1899 and proved its value as 
compared with wheat bran as a food for 
milch cows. b. Elbridge. N. Y., Sept. 10, 
1863; t. Wm. Walker and Charlotte A. 
(Lamson) D.; reared on farm; m. 
Carrie L. Barnes, June 16, 1891; e. 
Marion B., Laura A., Helen F.. Catherine 
L.. Lamson Eldred, Dorothy Jackson. 
Educ. Munro Collegiate Inst. 

DeaUer, Chaise Halle, co. agrl. agt., 
Angleton. Tex. 

b. Xenia, III.. Mar. 18, 1886; $. G«o. I. 
and Ida (McGregor) D.; reared in town; 
m. Etta E. Peterson. June 20, 1912; 
c. Mattie Elaine. Martha Lucille. 

Dean, George Adan, prof . ent. and atete enL, 
Kans. Stete Agr. Coll.. Manhattan, Kans. 
Ent. Kans. Stete Ent. Comn. Fellow 
Ent. Soc, of Am. Traveled in Europe 
to investigate handling of flour. 6. 
Topeka, Kans.. Apr. 19, 187S; i. Thos. 
Jackson and Harriet (Beese) D.; reared 
on farm; m. Minerva Blachly, Sept. 30, 
1903; e. Elizabeth, Geo., Marjorie, 
Maurice. Dorothy. B.Sc. Kans. Stete 
Agr, Coll, 1895; M.Sc.. 1005, Sigmo Xi; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Dean, Henry H., prof, dairy husb., Ont. 
Agr. Coll., Guelph, Ont. 

CUg. dairy dept.. Ont. Agr. Coll.. 
1891—. Farm operator. Autk.: Cana- 
dian Dairying. 1903. 4th ed., 1014, b. 
Ont,, Nov. 12, 1865; i. Walter and 
Theresa (Hohnel) D.; reared on farm; 
m. Almeda Ansley, Jul. 23. 1894. B.S.A,. 
Ont. Agr.CoU. and Toronto Univ.. 1800. 


Dean, Harion Lodmip, chief dtv. bMt., 
Wash. SUte Dtjit. Agr.^ Olympia, Warfi. 

Asst. instr. 


6 yn.; aUte bort.. Moot., 6 yrE,; present 

C'lion, 1916 — . 6. Napoleon, Mich., 
; 87, 186S; a. Julius P. and Maria L. 

(Weeks) D.i t«M«d on farm; m. Ida L. 
Smith, Jan. 28, 1872. Special student, 
Mich. Agr. CoU. 

Dearin^ Chailes, aa«t. bort., Bur. Plant 
lnd„ U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Asst. hort., Univ. Mo., IMS: instr., 
IWW-lOi ad. aut., Bur. Plant Ind., 
lBlO-7; asst. hort., 1918—. 6. Widiitsh 
Kans., Mar. ea, 1888; i. Geo. M. and 
Marion Elvira D.; reared in town. 
B.g.A., TIniv. Mo., 1»09. Sigaia Xi; 
Alpha Zeta. 

De Baan, Roscoc William, apemliat in veg. 

Sowing, Ext, Div., Rutgers Coll.. New 
runswick, N. J. 

Truck farmer, 1911-fi. Mem. exec, 
com., N. J. Sute Hort. Soc. b. CaWwell, 
N. J., Dec. 16, 1887; *. John Wm. and 
Abbie (Kimball) D.; reared od farm. 
B.Sc.. Rutgers CoU., 1911. Chi Phi. 

1916—. FeUow A. A. A. S. Atik.: 
Rambles with John Burrou^is, 191 1 ; 
Agriculture for the Schools of Georgia, 
1914. Ed. agrl. depL, Atlanta Consti- 
tution, 1913-«. b. SUtesboro, Ga., Dec. 
21, 1878; ». Z. T. and Jane (Williams) D,; 
reared in country and village; m. Bessie 
Holland. Apr. 2, 1900; e. Edward, 
Louise, Evelyn, Jutia, Hel^. A.B., Univ. 
Ga.. 1898; A.M.. 1006. Sigma Chi. 

Delwiche, Edmond Joseph, assoc. prof, 
agron. and supt. Branch Eip. Stas., 
Uuiv, WU., AsbUnd, Wis. 

Supt. branch stas., Univ. Wis., 1906-9; 
asst. prof, agron. and supt. stas,, 1909-18; 
present position. I91S— . b. Orbais, Bel; 
gium, Maf. 25. 1874 (naturaliied 189S)- 
i. Desire J. and Mane J. (Dethy) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Alice J. Collin, 1899; 
e. Mary A,, Anthony J., Edmond D.; 
Joseph J.. Frauds R., Richard O. B.S.A., 
Univ. WU.. 1906; M.S., 1909. Al{^ 

) C, Bgrl. < 

, Cheyenne, 

DeBusk, Eira Franklin, co. agrl. agt., 
Orlando. Fla. 

Teach, sci. and agr.. Washington high- 
sch.. Tampa. Fla., 1914-^7. 6. Walkers' 
Ford, Tcnn., Feb. II, 18S4; i. James Knox 
and Helen (Shumate) D.; reared on 
farm; m. Eva M. Holt, June 28, 1911. 
B.S.. Lincok Memorial Univ.. 1910. 

Decker, Boy M., co. agrl. agt., Stroudsbnrg, 

agt. Monroe Co., 1918—. b. 
burg, Pa., Aug. 20, 1888; : Wm. and 
Emma C. (Beck) D.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Penn SUte Coll., 1916. 

De LashmnH, Fbyd Silas, co. agrl. agt., 
Athens, O. 

Ext. serv.. Ohio State Univ.. 1916—. 
6. Columbus, O., Aug. 18, 1889; >. Van B. 
and Anna (Simmons) D,; reared on farm. 
B,S.A.. Ohio StaU Univ.. 1918. 

De Loach, Robert Join Hendnson, dir. 
Bur. Agrl. Research and Eicon.. Armour & 
Co., 10154 Longwood Drive, Chicago, III. 
Bot.. Ga. Exp. Sta.. 190S-8; prof, 
cotton bd., Umv. Ga.. 1908-13; dir. 
Ga. Exp. Sta., 1913-6; present position. 

Ed., Daily Tribune, Warren. C. 18M- 
1901; Wyo. Daily Tribune, 1001—; 
Wyo. Stockman-Farmer, 1913 — . Mem. 
Wyo. Legislature, 1902-3. Receiver U. 
S. Land Off.. Cheyenne. 1907-18. Trav- 
eled in Europe and Cuba. b. Mt. Olivet, 
Ky., Dec. 6. 1869; a. O. S. and Leona 
(Eigg) D.; reared in smaU town. A.B.. 
AUe^eny CoU.. 1890; M.A., 1899. Delta 
Tau DelU. 

Dennis, Undley H., chief Agrl. and Rural 
Sdis Div.. Bur. Voc. Educ., State Dept. 
Public Instr., Harrisburg, Pa. 

h. Dover. N. H., Dec. 12, 1880; ». Wm. 
B. and Helen (Goodwin) D.; reared in 
town and on farm; m. Geraldioe G. 
Conner, 1904; c. Lindley Henry. B.S., 
Penn. State Coll.. 1912. Alpha ZeU. 

Dennis, Robert Solomon, co. agrl. agt., 
Brewion. Ala. 

Head dept. an. husb.. State Agr. 
Scb.. Magnolia, Ark., 1910-7; present 
position. 1917—. In U. S. Army. 1918—. 
b. Brier HiU. Ala.. Mar. 26. 1894; s. 
S. H. and Alice (Menefee) D.; reared on 
farm. B.S.. Ala. Poly. Inst., 191S. 
Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta; 
TheU Chi. 


Danusi Sanuwl Jtmtt, refingnalioii tedi., 
Bur. Markets, U. S. D«pt. Agr., WMtung- 
ton.D. C. 

Instr- m«cb. lab., Stanford Univ., 1006- 
0. b. Lynn, Mass., A^. SS. 187Si : 
Wm. Brown and Leah Helen (Goodwin) 
D.; Tcared in dtyi m. Irioa Mary 
Walker, Sept. U, IBOVi o. Catherine 
Elbabeth. M.E., ComeU Univ., IWW. 

Dent, Grats, co. agri. agt. Savannah, Ga. 
Farmer in Va., 8 yra., Tex. 1 yr.. Ga. 
IS yra. Pres. Farmen' Soc ot Glynn Co. 
Traveled in Europe, b. Savannah, Ga.. 
Sept. 84, ISS1; t. Jamn Troup and 
Miriam (Cohen) D.; reared on (arm. 
B.S.. Sheffield Sci. Sch., Yale Univ., IMS; 
atudeot short course, tlmv. Ga., 191B. 

June 18, 1B14; t. John Detlef. A.B., 
DarUoouth Coll., 1008; A.M., Harvard 
Univ., 1910; DA;., 1014. Phi BeU 
Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Gamma DelU. 

agrl. Bgt., 

Dent. SaHoel Prcatov, 
Harritburg, Ark. 

Agt. tick eradication. Bur. An. Ind., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., May-S«t.. 1900; 
fellow and aast. axron., Mira. Exp. Sta., 
1900-10; BupL Madiun Co. agrl. high- 
■ch., Camden. Miie.. 1010-1; lupt. 
Calhoun Co. agrl. high-sdi., Denna, 
Min., 1011-4; farm operator, 1014-4; 
agt. Painsett Co., Atk., 1010—. Dir. and 
orgauixer Calhoun Co. Coop. Shipping 
A»oc, 1014—; PoinMtt Co. Live-Stock 
Amoc., lOlB; Poinsett Co. Duroc Breed- 
sen' Assoc, b. Russum, MIm., Sept. 84, 
1880; (. J. H. and Annie M. (Gilbert) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Maude Elisabeth 
RoUis, June 12. 1012; e. Paul Allen, 
Joseph Thomas. B.S., Miss. A. Ji M. 
Coll.. 1908. 

DciT, Heniy Bcniamia. CO. agrl. agt., Fairfax, 

Instr. soils and crops, Univ. Neb., lOOA; 
prof. biol.. Danville, Dl., high-sch, and 
Summer Normal, 1000; OS. Cereal 
Invest.. U. S. Uept. Agr., 7 yrs. b. Mt. 
Carmel, Pa., May 22, IS«T; m. IsabeUe 
Lee, May 22, 1890; c. Howard L., Grace 
Mae, Norman Stuart. B.S.A., Univ. III., 

Dedefscn, John A., asst, prof, genetics, 
Univ. 111., Urbana, 111. 

Austin teaching fellow. Harvard Univ., 
1008-12; presentposition.l81lt— . Trav- 
' ' Eur<^. 6. Norwich, Conn., 

Penn. State Coll., SUte College. Pa. 

Gtneral farmer and distr. sch. teach., 
IOOe-0; asst. agrl. chem., Penn. Sute 
Coll., 1013-t; instr., 1014-0; aart. prof., 
1010—. b. Martinsville, Ind.. Sept. 24, 
1887; J.Eugene and Viola (Wetberby)D.; 
reared on farm; m. Nellie Mela, Aug. SO, 
1014; c. Wm. Ernest. B.SA., Purdue 
Univ., 1018; M.S.. Penn. State Coll., 1010; 
studied Univ. lU., 1017-8. Kgma XL 

Deoel, Kay EoieM, co. agrl. agt, Exeter, 

Instr. an. husb., Cornell Univ., 1911-3; 
agt Orleans Co., Vt, 1914-fl; eit. lect. 
Vt., winter 1914; agt. Rockingham Co., N. 
H., 1016—. b. Chittenango, N. Y.. May 
«0, 18S6; $. W. E. and Frandi (BeHin«er) 
D.; reared in country; m. DianaM. Con- 
stable, Dec. 84, 1012; c. Ray E. Jr., 
Madeleine, Frank M., Walter E. B.S.A.. 
CoraeU Univ.. 1911. Alpha ZeU. 

Dfl nuna, Lawreace EsdU, distr. agrl. agt.. 

Mountain Grove, Mo. 

Asst. farm crops, Univ. Mo.. 1010-7; 

J, agt in Wright, Douglas and Osark Cos.. 

^lOlT— . b. Akinaville, Mo., Jan. B, 1887; 

^ t. Philip H. and Ada V. (Muir) D.; reared 

..^on farm; m. Ina M. Stockton, Nov. 22, 

^1911; e. Ada Jeanetle, Genevieve Eleanor, 

GeraMioe. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1010. 

Dewey, Lyster Hoxie, bot. in chg. fiber 
inveata.. Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. Dept Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

Instr. hot.. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1888-00; 
ant. bot., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1800-1800; 
present position, 1000—. Del. from U. S. 
to Inter. Fiber Congress, Java. lOU. 
Traveled in Mexico, W. Indies, Bahamas, 
Java, Japan. Aulh.: Hemp. lOlS. b. 
Cambridge, Mich., Mar. 14, 1809; i. 
Francis Asbury and Harriet (Smith) D.; 
reared on farm; «. Etta Conkling, Aug. 
22, 1880; e. Grace MargueriU, Mary 
Genevieve. A.B., Mich. Agr. Coll., 18S8. 

gr. CoU., 

Foreman, Munger Orchards, Eureka, 
Kans., leOS; instr. Ellinwood high-sch., 
I807-B; asst. hort, Kans. State Agr. 


Coll., 1899-1901; acting prof, 1901-2; 
prof., 1902—. Trustee. Kani. Hort. Soc.. 
1908—. 6. Anoka, Minn., Oct. M, 1867; 
t. Wm. and Sarah (Ridge) D.; reared in 
town Uld on farm; m. Bertha Kimball, 
Jan. I, 1B&8; c. Eliiabelb. Win., Richard 
K.. John B. B.S., Kana. State Agr. 
Coll., 1893; MS., 1901. Alpha ZeU; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Dkkeri GioTer, nipt, farm of John L. Roper 
Lumber Co., Jackwaville N. C. 

Teach, agron., td Distr. Agr. Sch., 
RussellTille, Ark., 1 yr.; teach, rural and 
bigh-achs., Ark., 8 yra.; oo. agrL agt., N. 
C, moa. b. Dover, Ark., Jan. 2J, 1B93; 
*. J. L. and Mattie (Petty) D.; reared on 
rarm; m. Bess K. West. May 6. 1916; c. 
Forrest Bruce. B.S., 2d Distr. Agr. Sch, 

Dietrich, VmEam. oo. agrl. agt., Preston, 

Farm manag., Hilton, Wis., 1901-S; 
■oil expert, Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
I90S-1; inslr. to asst. prof, swine husb., 
Univ. m., 1001-12; asat. to asst. chief, 
III. Eip. Sta.. 1904-12; asst. prof. an. 
and dairy huab,, Univ. Minn., Crookston, 
191S-8; agt. FiUmore Co.. 1918— . AuA.: 
Snine, 1912; Live-stock on the Farm, 
1917. b. Black River Falb, Wis.. Mar. 
24, 1871; *, Henry and Susan (Wilting) 
D,; reared on farm; m. Mathilda Klein, 
Feb. 27, 1901; c. Norma L., Manford K. 
B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1890; M.S.. Uoiv. III.. 

garet (Halligan) D. ; reared in city and on 
farm; m. Florence Voris Pierson, Dec. 
20, 1901; e. John, Ralph. UiUioent. 

190S. Sigma Xi. 

IDiUc, A^ p. 810. 
. agrl. agt.. 

DOIenback, Frank Huold. 

Guthrie, Okla. 

Princ. high-sch.. Roibuiy. Kans.. 1910- 
7; present position, 1017 — . b. Hastings, 
Neb., Jan. 8, 1890; i. J. L and Charlotte 
(Hitchcock) D,; reared on farm; m. 
Kathryn Dappen, Jan. 16, 1918. B.S.A,, 
Kana. State A«r. Coll.. 1016. 

DiUoii, Charles Janes, manag. ed., The 
Capper Publicatioiu, T<x>eks, Kans. 

Prof. ind. journalism, Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1010-3. With Kansas City Star, 
12 VTS.; now manag, ed.. The Missouri 
Valley Farmer, The Farmers Mail & 
Breeie, The Missouri Ruralist, The 
Oklahoma Farmer, The Nebraska Farm 
Journal. Mem. bd. of governors. Inter. 
Farm Congress. Traveled in Orient, 
South Seas, Mexico. Aiilk.; JoumaUsm 
for High Schools, 1916. b, Brooklyn, 
N. v., Jan. B, 1869; s. Joseph and Mar- 

Asst. an. husb., Agr. Exp. Sta., Cuba, 
1006-8; <*ief vet.. Nat. Bd. Health, 
Cuba. 1008-4; present position, 1909—. 
b. Tolland, Conn., Feb. 20, 1680; >. 
Henry Bugeoe and Ellen M. (Clark) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Ruth Attwill Mudge, 
Nov. 27, 1900; e. Phoebe, Betty, Shubael 
Eugene, Gladys Eusebia. B.A., Conn. 
Agr. Coll., 1901; D.V.M., Cornell Univ.. 
1905; D.V.M., Univ. Havana. Cuba, 
1908. Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Alpha. 

IKnsmotc Wayne, sec. Percheron Soc. of 
Am,, 2148 W. llOtb Place, Chicago, HI. 
From asst. to assoc. prof. an. husb., 
la. SUte Coll.. 1909-10. Sec.-lreas. Nat. 
Soc. of Record Assocs. AuUi.: (with A. H. 
Sanders) A History of the Percheron 
Horse, b. PaciGc Junction, la., Dec. 2i, 
1879; ». Geo. W. P. and Emma (Sherman) 
D.; reared on farm; m. Mary Kinnear 
Gray, Nov. 1, 1905; c. John Bell. Robt. 
B.S.A., la. SUte Coll., 1901: M.S.A., 
1S15. Phi Kappa PU. 

Dtx, Everett L., acting prof, educ. methoik. 
Berea Normal Sch.. Berea, Ky. 

Teach, rural scbs., 190e-«; princ. 
Germantown Acad.. 1900-8; teadi. 
Morehead Normal. 1008-0_; princ. Boooe 
hjgh^ch.. 1900-14; princ. May^ck 
hi^-sch., 1014-7; present portion, 
1917—, Ed., ruraJ newspaper; Moun- 
taineer Mag,; Kentudc Colonel Mag.; 
Education, b, Mt. Carmel. Ky., Sept. 
ei, 1882; *. Alexander and Cora , Lee 
(Hannah) D.; reared on farm; tn. Lottie 
Stewart, June 30, 1009; e. AUce Lee, 
Francis Errett. Student Nat. Normal 
Univ.. Transylvania Coll., George Peabody 
Coll. for Teachers. 

Doane, Dnaae Howard, chg. Rural Serv., 
Miss. Valley Trust Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

With OB. Farm Manag. and SUtes 
Relations Serv., U. S. Dept., Agr., 1006- 
16; prof, farm manag., Univ. Mo.. 1010-0; 
state leader co. agts., 1912-0. Pres. 
Nat. Agr. State Leaders' Assoc., 1014-6; 
pres. Inter-State Congress, St. Joseph 
Mo.. 1014; mem. exec, bd.. Fed. Mo, 


Commercial Oubs, 1915-6; chm. bd. 
din.. Mo. F«rm Kbuiag. Auoc., lOOft-10. 
Autk.: Sbeep FeediDg and Farm MuMj^ 
ment, 1012. Contributiog ed., Muaouri 
Fanoer, 1011-6. b. Mexico. N. Y.. Jul. 
30,18831 «.D.G.aDd Nettie (Powell) D.; 
reared in countrj' and town; m. Eureth 
R. GaaU Nov. 7, 1911; c. Chas. Earl. 
B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1908; M.S.A., 1900. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Doddridge, Benjamia H., co. agrl. agt., 
Madison, lod. 

6. Centerville, Ind., Jul. «. 1888; ». 
W. I. D.; reared OD farm; m. Edith S. 
Butacb, June SO, 1917; c. Emmajean. 
B.5., Purdue Univ.. 1015. Alpha ZeU; 
Alpha Gamma Pbi. 

Dodge. Hiram A., iiutr. ao. husb., N. ¥. 
State Sch. Agr.. Canton, N. Y. 

Asat. an. mitr.. Peoa. SUte Coll., 1909; 
prof. an. husb. and dairying, DeHinch 
Agr. Sch., Woodbine, N. J., lOlO-S; 
instr. an. husb., N. Y. SUte Sch. Agr.. 
Canton. N. Y., 1918-S; prof. an. husb. 
and dairying, Theo. N. Vail Agr. Sdi.. 
Lyndon Center, Vt.. 10I5-T; head dept. 
dairying and ao. husb., N. Y. State Sch. 
Agr., Farmingdale, L. I.. 1917. b. 
Morrisvilk. Vt.. Aug. 30, 18S5; i. Alfred 
and Angie M. (Clement) D.; leared on 
rann; m. Enuna Jaoe Seipt, Aug. 21, 
1913. B.S., Univ. Vt., 1000. Alpha 

Dodge, Richard Elwood, farmer, Washiog- 
tOD, Conn. 

Asst. geol.. Harvard Univ., 1801^; 
instr., 1804-9; instr. geol.. Teachers 
Coll., Columbia Univ.. 180S-6; assoc. 
prof.. 1896-7; prof, geography. 1897-1018; 
emeritus prof,. 1916 — . Farmer, 1006 — . 
Prea. LitchSeld Co. Farm Bur. Asst. 
00. agt. leader, Conn. Agr. Coll., 1018—. 
Aulk.: Reader in Physical Geography, 
1000; Dodge's Geographies, 1908; (with 
Clara B. Kirchway) Teaching of Elemen- 
tary School Geography, 1B16; (withlsaiah 
Bowman) BruiUies' Human Geography, 
1018. b. Wenham, Mass., Mar. 30, 1S68; 
«. RobL Francis and Sarah Elisabeth 
(Wood) D.; reared on farm; m. Stella 
Pomeroy Dalton, Aug. 19. 1896; c. Stanley 
Dalton, Margaret, PhiLp Elwood. A.B., 
Harvard Univ., 1800; A.M., 1804. 
Sigma Xi; Delu Upsilon. 

Asst. biol., Univ. Mo., IBOO-*; stu- 
dent asat.. Harvard Bot. L&b., lB0»-4; 
prof, hot., la. Slate Univ., 1804-1002; 
aast. dir. Eip. SU.. 1002-5; dir., 1905—; 
dean Coll. Agr.. 1000—; dir. ert., 1014—. 
Mem. State Bd. Agr.. State Museum Bd. 
Farm operator, 1014—. On staff U, S. 
Food Administration, 1918—. b. Helton. 
Tex., Jul. 17, 1867; s. Jesse Alien and 
Mary Eliwbeth (Scott) D.; reared on 
farm; m. Minnie Pettengill, Jan. 20, 1896; 
c. Rogers, Alma, Wm. Rufus Jr. B.S., 
Univ. Mo., 1800; A.B.. Harvard Univ.. 
1894. BeU TheU Pi. 

Doenchuk, J. J„ co. agrl. agt.. Sparta, HI. 
Instr, agr.. higb-seh., Elk River, 
Royalton, Long Prairie, Minn., 1911-7; 
agt, Randolph Co.. HI., 1917—. Sec.- 
treas. John Randol^ Nat. Farm IjObd 
Assoc.; chm. Food Production and Coa- 
■ervation Com., Randolph Co., for 
State Council rd Defense and mem. State 
Com. b. Shanesville, O., Apr. S3, 1SS4; 
(. John and Mary (Zahner) D.; reared in 
town and on farm; m. Edna Laura For> 
man, Aug. 13, 1913; e. Herbert Cappel, 
Janet Lucile. B.S.A.. Univ. Vfia.. 1911. 

DokeghDc, Ray ClMide. agroo., N. D. E:q>. 
Sta., Fargo. N. D. 

Asst. soil survey. HI. Exp. Sta., 1006; 
astt. agron. and soil survey. Mo. Exp. 
Sta., 1906-8; aast. prof, agron., N. D. Agr. 
Coll. and asst. agron. Exp. Sta.. 1908-11; 
prof, agron., 1011^; present position, 
1914—. Pres. N. D. Poly, Soc., 1017-8; 
pres. N. D. Acad. Sd., 1018; sec. 
Farm Managers' Assoc., 1011-. b. Col- 
umbia, 0.. Feb. 19, I88S; (. E. J. and 
Nettie V. (Cole) D.; reared on farm; 
m. Mayble Miller, June 4, 1908; e. Doro- 
thy May, Merritt Eugene, Donald Miller. 
B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ.. 1908; M.S.A., 
Univ. Mo., 1908. Alpha Zeta; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Donnan, Ralph LcRoy, state co. sec.. Ind. 
Y. M. C. A.. 615 Majestic BIdg., Indiana- 
polis. Ind. 

b. Agosta, O., Feb. 2, 1884; *. John W. 
and Annie (Griicll) D.; reared iu town; 
m. Mary A. Lance, June IT. 1912; e. 
Anna Jane. A.B., Ohio Northern Univ., 
1010. Sigma Pi. 


Dmb«b. IU; Vhk, a>. agrl. tgt., NklioUa 
BIdg., Toledo, O. 

6. Wsiueon, 0.. Mkv 4, 1890; ■. Jobn 
W. ftnd Aonie (GriMll) D. B.A.. Ohio 
Westeyao Univ.. 1012: B.S.A.. Ohio 
SUte Univ., 1914. Atpha Sigma Phi; 
Delta Sigma Rbo. 

Dooley, LmIm Hapcwetl, oo. aerl. ftgt., 
MuTville, Tenn. 

b. Knox Co., Tenn., Jan. S9. 1803; 
$. llios. S. and Dora V. (Good^lcoonU) 
D.; reared on farm and in dty; m. 
FVancea Palmer. Jan. 18. IBIT; e. Thoa. 
Stanhope. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn., 1914. 
Alpha Tau Omega. 

Dorcfaealer, Charlea Srlvealer, asst. prof. 

farm crops. la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Aaat. agrl. eit.. la. SUte Coll.. 191S-4; 
asat. prof,, 1914^4; asst. prof, farm crops. 
1919—. 6. State Center, la.. Sept, 8, 
1889; I. Lowing A. and May (Miller) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Feme Marie Kennedy. 
June 16, 1014; c. Lois Amy. B.S., la. 
State Coll., 191S. Phi Kappa Phi; 
Delta Sigma Rbo; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Doner. Hemiaii Bernard, prof, and ctid 
flor., Univ. ni., Urbana. III. 

Aut. bot., Purdue Ezp. SU-, 1901-2; 
practical flor., IMHMt; as»t. bot., Wabash 
Coll., 1908-8; asat, Sor., Univ. III., 
1008-11; asat. prof, and aast. chief flor., 
1011-8; prof, and chief, 1918—. AvA.: 
Wndow Gardening. 1008. b. I^Fayette, 
Ind., Apr. 10, 1878; i. Frederick and 
Marguet S. (Eihl) D.; reared in city; 
m, Anna V. Simon, June 29. 1915; e. 
Mary Ann. B.S.. Purdue Univ,, 1900; 
M,S., 1901. 

Dorser, Hemj, asst. prof. agroD., W. Va. 
Univ., Morgantown. W. Va. 

b. Mt. Lookout, W. Va., May 14, 1882; 
f. Adam C. and Ruth (Groves) D.; reared 
on farm. B.S.A., W. Va. Univ., 1914; 
M.S,A., 1016. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Doracy, HaxwcD Jay, assoc. prof. hort. in 
chg. sect, of fruit-breeding. Univ. Minn., 
Univernty Farm. St. Paul, Minn. 

Lutr. hort., Univ. Me., 190a-7; aart. 
hort.. N. ¥. Agr. Eip. Sta., Genera, 
1907-10; asst. plant-breeding, Cornell 
Univ., 1910-1; present position, 1011—. 
6. Dresden. O.. May 3, 1880; ». Samuel 
and Martha Jane (Magruda) D.; reared 
on farm; m. Jean Muir, Dec. 0, 1014; 

e. John Muir. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 

1000; M.S.A,, Cornell Univ.. 1010; 

Ph.D., 1013. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Alpha, 

1900-10; asst. m»ia and crops, ihort- 
course. Rutgers Coll., 1010-1; asst. prof, 
chg. bact., N. D. Agr. Coll., 1011-4; 
present position, 1014—; in chg. soil 
bact, invest,, N. D. Exp. SU. b. June- 
tioD City, Kan*., June 16, 1880; t. 
John and Sarah Evelyn (Spi<«el) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Helen Louise Whitaker, 
Dec. tl, 1912; c. Thos. B.S., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll.. 1008; M.S., IBIO; 
Sessell fellow, Yale Univ., lOlB-O. Alpha 
Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Dotea. SamMl Bradford, dir. Nev. Exp. 
Sta., BcDO, Nev. 

Instr. hist, and math.. Univ. Nev., 1898- 
1000; instr. math, and ent., 1000-2; 
asat. prof.. 1902-3; asst. prof, ent., 
meteorology, math., 190S~S; prof. ent.. 
1006-13; ent. Eip. SU., 1906-13; dir., 
1913—, *. Virginia City, Nev., Dec. 14, 
1875; s, Alfred and Mary (Stoddard) D,; 
reared in country town; m. I^ura Katber- 
ineSchweiss.l9ia. B.S., Univ. Nev.. 1896; 
M.A., 1919. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Doatkaa, EDwood, oo. agrl, agt, FreehoM. 

N, J. 

Farmer, N. Y.. 1918, N. J., 1014; 
agt. Atlantic Co., N. J., 1914-7; agt. 
Monmouth Co.. 1017—. b. Cold Spring. 
N. J., Nov. 14, 1680; ». Shamgar and 
Mary R. (Schdleuger) D.; reared on 
farm; m. Edna R. Weeks, Oct. <S, 1015; 
e. Cora Louise. Student Rutgoa Coll. 
and COTnell Univ. 

DonglasB, Thomas R„ prof, farm aopt and 
toils eit., la. SUte Coll., Ames. la. 

Asst. prof., Univ. Mo., 10I1~4; preaent 
position. 1011—. b. Shelbina, Mo.. Sept. 
8. 1888; *. James G. and MoUie (Wt- 
cbell) D.; reared on farm; m. Alleta 
Batterton, June 29. 1014; c. Blicabeth 
Battertoa. B.S.A.. Univ. Mo.. 1011. 
Kgma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Dowdy, Gny, co. agrl. agt.. Wayne, W. Va. 

Teach. Marshall Coll. Normal Sch., 

1914-S. b. Union, W. Va., Nov. S. 1880; 

*. J. H. and Edna (WtcheU) D.; reared 


Dowell, AbsIu Alljra, prof. an. hiub., 
Univ. Alberta, Bklmonhm, Alta. 

Inslr. an. huflb., la, SUle CoU., 1815-7; 
preaent poaiUon, 1B17 — . 6. Gaynor 
City, Mo.. Sept. 27. 1B91: i. John B. and 
Nettie (AUyn) D.; reared on t&nn; 
m.. Isabel Dytt, Sept. 6, l»IQ; e. Hannah 
KelloK' B-S.. la. State Coll., 1816. 
Delta Tau Delta; Alpha ZeU; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Dr«wiMke, Lea AofBil, teach, ap., Gten- 
lUve, Mont. 

b. Glenmore, WU., Mar. 28, 1887; 
I. Valentine and Conitance (Winet^ke) 
M.i reared on tamt. 

Drinkaid, Alfred Wuhiagton Jr., dir. Va. 
Ero. SU.. Blacksburg, Va. 

Becord clerk in hort., Va. Bq>. Sta., 
1800-8; aaat hort.. 180S-18; anoc hort.. 
1912-S; dir.. 1916—. Viosprea. Va. State 

(Martin) D.; reared on farm. 

Va. Poly. but.. 1806; M.S.. 1808; 
Ph.D., ConieU Univ.. 1913. Sigma Xi. 

Droge, Winiam P., co. agrl. agt., Bocky 

Aast. bact,. Kana. SUte Agr. Coll., 
1010-1; deputy state dairy comnr., 
Kani., 1912-S; creamery manag., Swift 
& Co., 19U; farmer, 1915-6; aaat. prof, 
an. husb.. Cob. Agr. CoU., 1817; co. 
agt., 1918—. j>, Seneca, Kana., May S, 
1881; >. Conrad and Sophie (Poppe) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Helen M. Myers, June 
18, 1813; 0. Ehiabelh Meara, Frederick 
Wm. B.S.. Kana. Sute Agr. CoU., 1901. 

Dryden, Victor Vindl, co. agrl. agt., Mahno- 
men. Minn. 

Inatr. agr., high-adi., Mahnomen, 
1818-8: CO. agt., 1918—. 6. Sampsel. 
Mo., Aug. «1. 1868; *. John B. and 
Mmaret (Horetb) D.; reared on farm; 
m. Bather Jane Hammerli, Jul. IS. 1916; 
c. Eather Maiine. B.S., Kana. SUte 
Agr. CoU.. 181S. 

DnBoia, Charles Orria. dir. SUte Sch. Agr. 
and Dom. Sd., Delhi. N. V. 

Princ. Central Square higfa-ach., 1895- 
IBOi; TuUy. N. V., 1902-8; aaat. dir. 
Alfred SUte Sch. Agr., 1809-17; prewnt 

porition, 1917—. 6. Wetona. Pa.. Oct. 
M, 1807; 1. Broaded and Betay Ann 
(Kce) D.; reared on farm; m. Gertrude 
DeVoe, Dec. 87. 18M; Bd, Grace Brown. 
Jan., 1897; e. Hascall. Marian, Donald. 
Ph.B., 111. Wealeyan, 1909; B.S-. Alfred 
Univ.. 1910; grad. work, Cornell Univ., 

Hwtt^, John Prederic, prof. agr. and dir. 
En>. SU.. Ala. Poly. Inat.. Auburn. AU. 
Aut. prof. agr.. Tex. A. b M. CoU., 
Bryan, 1887-9; ed. Southern Ltve-Stock 
Journal. 1890; aaat. dir., U. S, Exp. SU.. 
Clemaon Coll.. 1B80-2; ed. dept. 6eld 
crops, Exp. SU. Record, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1S9S-5; prof, agr., Ala. Poly. 

■ Inst., 1896—; to. Exp. SU., 1803—; 
dir. Nct. aerv., 1814—. Avih.; Agri- 
culture for Southern Scboob; Southern 
Field Crops, h. Faunadale, Ala.. Aug. 
24, 1868; (. Reuben Henry and Margaret 
Louisa (Mbge) D.; m. Frances Ambrose 
Camp, June 17, 1891. B.S., Miss. A. & 
M. Coll., 1887; M.S., 1888. 

Duncan, Lather Noble, supt. junior and 
home ext, Ala. Poly. Inst., Auburn. Ala. 
Teach. agr.,Ala. agrl. high-achs., lBOO-6; 
ftsst, agr., Ala. Poly. Inst, 1906-8; present 
position, 1009—. Mem. State Bd. Agr. 
Alton, id.. Farm Life Readers, books 4 
and 5. b. RuaseUvUle, Ala., Oct. 14. 
1675; I. Thos. A. and Margarett (Har- 
gett) D.; reared ou farm; m. Annil 
£li«beth Smith, Feb. 26, 1902; o. Mary 
Elixabeth, Margaret Suaan, Robt. SmJtb. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1800; M.S.. 1907. 
Kappa Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Dnaks, Prcd Sheldon, co. agrl. agt., Howell, 

Aaat. cbem.. MJcb. Dairy and Pood 
Dept. ft. Union City. Midi., Feb. 1, 
1880; t. J. S. and Mai? Hudson (Ben- 
nett) D.; reared on farm; m. Jean Guns 
Go», Oct. 18, 1911; c. Sheldon B., 
Hudson G. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 


Dnalap, Frederick, prof, for., Univ. Mo., 
Columbia. Mo. 

Mem. U. S. For. Serv.. 1804-13; in 
For. Products Lab., 1903-13; led. for., 
Univ. Wb„ 1810-3; present poaition, 
1913—. Felkiw Royal Soc. ArU. Stud- 
ied German and Swiaa forests, 1903. 
Attoe. ed.. Forest Quarterly, 1902—. 
ft. Boas Co., O., June 17, 1861; i. Philip 


MBTion and Mary E. (Luis) D.; reared 
on farm; m. Florence Hallowell, Oct. SO, 
190fl; 0. Lawrence Hallowell, Marion, 
Richard Morris. Studied Ohiu State Univ., 
ISBD-IOOI; Cornell Univ., 1001-4; Wash- 
ingtou Univ., 1W7-9; Univ. Wis., 1909- 

1, (anner, Kingston, 


Donlap, Renvrick V 


State senator, 0.; dairy and food 

comnr.; oec. SUte Bd. Agr. b. PicLa- 

way Co.. O., Oct. 21, 1872; t. Nelson J. 

and Elizabeth i. (Bell) D.; reared on 
,^ farm; m. Maxine Ethel Ciuamins, June 
% 9, 189T; 0. Nelson H., Mary Maxine. 
2L6.S.A., Obb SUte Univ.. 1895. Kappa 

Danlap, Robert Bruce, co. agrl. agt., Altoona, 

Agt, Blair Co., Pa., I91i~. b. Walnut 
Bottom, Pa., Aug. 82, 1890; (. W. S. and 
Margaret (McCullough) D.; reared on 
tacm; m. Mildred Ride, Oct. 7, 1»IS. 
B.S., Penn. SUte CoU.. 1912. Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Dnnind, Edward Dana, prof, statistics and 
agrl. econ., Univ. Minn., St. Paul. Minn. 
Legislative librarian, N. Y. State 
Library. 189S-7; asst. prof, administra- 
tion and finance. Stanford Univ., 1S9B-9: 
sec. U. S. Ind. Comn.. 1900-2; instr. 
econ.. Harvard Univ., 1902; special 
expert agt., U. S. Census Off., 1902; 
special examiner. Bur. of Corporatiou. 
190S-7; deputy comnr. of corporations, 
1907-8; dir. U. S. Census, 1900-13; 
present position, 191S— ; Meat Div.. 
U. S. Food Administration, 1917—. Auth.: 
Finances of New York City, 1898; The 
Trust Problem, ISIS. b. Romeo. Mich., 
Oct. 18, 1871; t. Cyrus Y. and Celta 
(Day) D.; m. Mary Eliiabeth Bennett, 
Jul. 19, 1903; c. Dana Bennett, Bennett, 
Mary C. Eric. A.B., Oberlin Coll., 1893; 
Ph.D., Cornell Univ.. 1696. 

Doral, CkailM Elmer, co. agrl. agt., Anna, 

Asst.. asaoc. and asst. prof, olericulture, 
Univ. III., 1909-18; agt. Union Co., 
1918—. Chm. Food Production and 
Conservation Com. tor Union Co., State 
Coimdl Defense. Asst. sec.. Am. Soc. 
for Hort. Sci. b. Knox City, Mo.. May 2, 
188*; ». H. and Carrie (Layman) D.; 
reared on farm; m. Bertie Good, Sept. 4. 

Dutcher, Baymoad Adama, asst. prof. agrl. 
biochem., Univ. Minn., University Farm, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Instr. and asst. chem., S. D. State 
Coll., 1907-10; asst. chem., Univ. Mo.. 
1910-2; asst. chem.. Univ. Dl., 1912-3; 
instr. and asst. prof. agrl. chem.. Ore. 
Agr. CM., 1913-7; present position, 
1917—. b. Raymond, S. D., Mar. 28, 
1880; s. Paul and Susie M. (Adams) D.; 
reared in small town; m. Mary M. Wright, 
Sept. 14, 1912; c. Adams Wright. B.S., 
S.D.StaU Coll., 1907; M.S., 1910; A.M., 
Univ. Mo., 191!. Gamma Sigma DelU; 
Alpha Chi Sigma. 

Dnvel, Jaseph WilHam Tell, crop tech. b 
chg. grain standardisation invests., U. S. 
Debt. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asst. bot., Ohio Exp. Sta., 1898-9; 
ad. asst.. Seed Lab., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1902-7; present position, 1907—. Fel- 
low A. A. A. S. Vicc-pres. WaahingtOD 
Bot. Soc. 6. Wapaiioneta, O., Nov. 16, 
1873; (. August and Amanda (Myers) 
D.; reared on farm; m. Elva Smith, 
May 11, 1901; e. Maxine, Wm. August. 
B.Sc., Ohio SUte Univ., 1897; D.Sc., 
Univ. Mich.. 1902. Kappa Sigma. 

Dvorachek, Henry Edmund, prof. an. husb., 
Univ. Ark., Fayetteville, Ark. 

Instr. an. husb.. Colo. Agr. CoU,. 1910-1; 
manag. Holland Dairy, Colorado Springs, 
1911-2; asst. prof. an. husb., Colo. Agr. 
Coll., 19ie-3; assoc. prof., 1913-4: 
present position. 191B— . Sec.-treas., 
Colo, Live.Stock Breeders' Assoc., 1914-5; 
N. W. Ark. Dairymen's Assoc., 1918; 
N. W. Ark. Sheep and Goat Growers' 
Assoc., 1918. b. Glencoe, Minn., Jul. 
27,1885; «. Anton and Katherine(Danek) 
D.; reared on farm; in. Clara Schultx, 
June 10. 1911; c, Wm. Henry. Harold 
Edmund, Mae EUen. B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 
1910. Alpha Zeta. 

Dyer, Cyrus Learitt. sci. asst. hort. and 
pom. bvests., Bur. Plant Ind.. Box 586, 
Riverude, Calif. 

b. Ehn Springs, Ark., Jan. 23. 1892; 
*. Wm. Howard and Uura (Leavitt) D.; 
reared in town and on farm; m, Anne 
Elisabeth Cutler. Apr. 19, 1910; e. Cyrus 
L. Jr. B.5.A.. Univ. Ark.. 1914. 


Drer, Walter AUen, auUtor. Rock WtUb 
Farm, Amherst, Mm8. 

OnsUff. Sprihgfield Union, Maw.. IWXh 
I; Criterbn, N. Y.. IMl; ed. Wall 
Paper News, N. Y„ IMI-S: on staff. 
Country Life in America, 190JI-6: manag- 
ed., I90fl~14: auoc. ed., Amberst Gradu- 
ates' Qusrlerly, 1916-B. Autk.: The Lure 
ot the Antique, 1910; The Richer Life, 
igil; Pierrot, Dog of Belgium. 1915; 
Early American Craftsmen, 191S; Gdliver 
the Great, and Other Dog Stories, 1916; 
The Humble Annals of a Back Yard, 
1916; Creatonof Decorative Styles, 1917; 
The Five Babbits at Bonny acres, 
1917; Handbook of Furniture Styles, 1918; 
The Dogs of Boytown, 1918. 6. Roslin- 
dale, Mass., Oct. 10, 1878; i. EbeocMr 
Porter and Martha Augusta (Fearing) D.; 
m. Muriel Worthington Childs, June I. 
1907. A.B., Amherst CoU., 1900. 

Djrkslra, Ralph R., prof. vet. surg., Kans. 
State AgT. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 

Asst, prof, anatomy, obstetrics and 
clinics, k. SUte Coll., 1906-7; assoc. 

trof. 1907-9; prof.. 1909-11; vet. insp., 
[. S, Bur. An. Ind.. summer 1911; aaet. 
prof. vet. med., Kans. StAte Agr. Coll., 
lOlI-S; prof, surg., 191S— . Pres. Kans. 
Vet. Med. Assoc, 1917-8. Aittk.: (with 
P. S. Schoenleber) Castration of 
Domesticated Animals, 1914. b. Dronin- 
gen. Netherlands, Sept. 24, 1B79 (imi- 
gratedl881); (. Jan and Geertje (Smilde) 
D.; reared in town; m. Cecelia Welch, 
Oct. IB, 1910. D.V.M., la. SUte Coll., 
leOS. Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Psi. 

Eatle, Drayton Edwin, cotton specialist, Bur. 
Markets, U. S, Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Instr. textile engin., Tex. A. & M. Coll., 
1009-8; asst. prof, textile engin. and cot- 
ton judging. Clemson Agr. Coll,, 1006-10. 
b, Pickens, S. C, Sept 89, 1879; : Berry 
B. and Uura T. (Baker) E.; reared on 
farm; m. Jeannette A. Rochester, June 
28, 1910; c. Anne Eugenia, Judson Dray- 
ton, Rochester Baker. B.S., Clemson 
Agr. Coll., 190S. 

Eaile, FraDklin Somner, Herradura, Cuba. 

With Misa. Exp. Sta., 1804-6; asst. 
path, in chg, mycological herbarium, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1895-6; hort., Ala. Exp. 
SU., 1896; prof, bbl., Ala. Poljr. Inst.. 

1890-1901; asst. curator in chg. mycologi- 
cal collections, N, Y. Bot- Card,; sent 
by N. Y. Bot. Gard. and U. S. Dept. Agr. 
to Cuba and Jamaica, 1903; dir. Estadon 
Central Agronomica of Cuba, 1904-6; 
consulting agrst., Cuban-Am, Sugar Co., 
1908-11; ores. Cuba Fruit Exchange, 
1911-4. Fellow A, A. A, S. Pres. Bot- 
Soc, of Am,, 1907-4. Auth.: Southern 
Agriculture, 1007. b. Dwight, Bl., Sept. 4, 
1856; t. Parker and Melanie (Tracy) E.; 
m. Susan B. Shekan. 1886; 2d, Esther J. 
Shekan, 1896. Studied Univ. lU,; M.S., 
Ala. Poly, Inst., 1902. 

Sem., Madison, I 

Ordained M. E. ministry, 1000; pastor, 
Newark and Plainfield, N. J., 1900-4; 
bead dept. sociol.. Syracuse Univ., 1904-0; 
present position. 1909 — . Mem, Comn, 
on Church and Country Life of Fed. 
Council of Churches of Christ in Am. 
Del. Inter, Congress of Hygiene and 
Demography, Washington, D. C, Lect. 
rural socio!.. Farmers' Week, Cornell 
Univ., Rutgers Coll.; School for Rural 
Leadership, Cornell Univ. Traveled in 
Europe, 1808-9. 190O-1. Autk.; Sodal 
Aspects of Religious Institutions, 1908; 
The Social Engmeer. 19L1; The Rural 
Church Movement, 1814; A Community 
Study or The Religious Social Survey, 
1017; The Rural Church Serving the 
Community, 1918. b. lllchester, Md., 
Oct. 26, 1867; (, Israel S. and Rachel 
Melcena (Barnette) E.; reared on farm; 
m. Lina Gibb PearsaU, Ma^ 1. 1001; 
e. Ruth, James, A.B„ Dickinson Coll., 
1895; A.M., N. Y. Univ., 1897; B,D.. 
Drew Theol. Sem., 1898; Ph.D.. Leipsig, 
1901; awarded Delaptabe McDaniel 
fellowship. Drew Tbeol. Sem., 1898. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Phi DelU TheU. 

. . . Edwafd R., ed. and manag, 
organization. Dairymen's League, 1 10 
W. 40th St., New York City. 

Vice-princ. high-sch., Newark Valley, 
N. Y., 8 yrs,; princ. high-sch., Inter- 
lakeo, G yrs.; agrl. agt., Delaware Co.. 
1916-7; asst, state dir. CO, agts., 
Cornell Univ., 1917-8; present position, 
1918—. b. Berkshire, N. Y., .Sept. 29, 
1886; I. Cbas. R. and Elizabeth (Roe) E,; 
reared on farm; m. Belle V. Rockefeller, 
1907; c. Donald D., Geo. R. Special 
student, Cornell Univ. 


Insti-. soils, la. SUte Coll., ISIS-S; 
ant. prof.. 1915-7; assoc. prof., IDIT— . 
b. DeovCT. Colo., Feb. «?. 18M; i. 
Clyde J. and Florence (Rose) E.; reared 
in dty suburbs; m. Amalia SdJoeaaer, 
1910; e. Eric Earl, Alfred Clyde. B.S., 
U. State CoU., 1913: M.S., 191S. Phi 
Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta; 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Eastman, Jasper F., co. agrl. agt., Bingham- 
loB, N. V. 

As9t. agr., N. H. Exp. Su.. 1907-9; 
agrst.. N. Y. SUte Scb. Agr., Morrisville, 
1910-6; agt. Broome Co., 1910—. .^irfA..- 
SoiU Laboratory Manual. 1915. b. 
TowDsend, Mass., Mar. 17, 1887; ». 
Geo. L. and Emily M. (Wheeler) E.; 
reared on (arm; m. Mildred A. Churton, 
Aug. it, 19U; e. Janet Roper. B.S., 
Masa. Agr. CoU., 1907; M.S., Univ. III., 
1910. Phi Kappa Phi. 

EMtman, Williaia R., co. agrl. agt., Romney, 
W. V«. 
Asst. bot. and veg. path., Md. Agr. 

Farmer, O., i yrs., Mich. 9 yrs. b. 
Nashua, la., Dec. 27. 1881; (. Wm. A. 
and Hattie A. (Powers) E.; reared on 
farm; m. Edith Cross. Feb. M. 1915; 
0. Harold D. B.S.A., la. State Coll., 

EatoB, CarletMi W., assoc. prof, tor., Univ. 
Me., Orono, Me. 

b. Calais, Me., S^t. i, 1S87; $. Albion 
H. and Annie M. (Whidden) E.; reared 
in town; m. Mary I. Haskell. Aug. iS, 
1917. A.B.. Bowdoin Coll., 1910; M.F., 
Yale Univ., 1910. Psi UpsUon. 

Eaton, Tfaeodore Hildreth, prof. agrl. educ. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., Stom, Conn, 

Operator dairy and market-garden 
farm, W. Bridge water, Mass., 1901-6; 
princ. and teach, agr., Gilmanton Acad.. 
1906-9; poultry farmer. Gilmanton. N. H., 
1908-18; instr., Cornell Univ., tel!i-3; 
inslr. agrl. educ. Cent. State Normal, 
Mich., 1919-4; instr. agr., Columbia 
Univ., 1915-6; instr. rural educ, Teach- 
ers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1915-6; present 
position. 1918 — ; state supcrv. agr. in 
secondary scbs., 1018—. Atilk.: Organiza- 
tion and Method in Agrtcultuie in Second- 

5Y SdiooU, 1917. b. St. Louis, Mo., 
ay 23, 1877; >. Lucien and Hannah O. 
(Noyes) E.; reared in dty and on finn; 
m. Theodora West, June 13, 1901; c 
Theodore H. Jr., Julia. A.B.. Harvard 
Univ., 1900; A.M., Columbia Univ., 
1915; Ph.D.. 1917. Phi Delta Kappa. 

Teach. III. high-schs., 10 yrs.; asst. 
chem., Univ. HI., 1912; instr. crop pro- 
duction, 191S-6; chg. agrl. ext. serv.. 
Sears Roebuck Sl Co., 1916-7. b. OtUwa, 
III., May 27, 1867; i. J. E. C. and Maria 
W. (Tiyon) E.; reared on farm; m. 
Virtue Grace DiUe, Aug. 2, 1899; c. 
Elmer T. Jr. A.B., Univ. III.. 1902; 
M.S., 191S.; B.Agr., 1S16. 

Eby, Harvey L., prof, rural educ., Univ. 
Wyo., I^ramie, Wyo. 

Supt. public schs.. Alliance, 0., 1010-3; 
field agt. and ext. teach., Kent State 
Normal Coll.. Kent, O., 1913-5; dept. 
rural schs., 1915-9; present position, 
1916—. b. Creston. 0., Oct. 1, 1874; 
s. Tobias S. and Susannah (Leatherman) 
E.; reared on farm; m. Anna Marie 
Brawley, Jul. 27, 1910; e. Constance 
Marie. B.A.. Yale Univ., 1910. 

EcUca, CUrence Hmry, chief dairy hush, 
div., Univ. Minn., St. Paul, Minn. 

Asst. dairy bact., la. Ein>. SU.. IB96- 
1901; prof, dairy hush., Umv. Mo., 1901- 
18; present poutioo, 1918—, Avth..- 
Dairy Cattle and Milk Production, 1911; 
Dairy Farming, 1916 (with Warren), b. 
Marshall Co.. la.. Apr. 14, 1875; i. Chas. 
and Elvira (Powers) E.; reared on farm; 
m. Alice L. Smith, Dec. 14, 1898; e. Doris 
L.. Cbas. E., Ruth A. B.S.A.. la. SUU 
Coll., 1S9S; M.S., 1897; D.Sc., 1916; 
student Univ. Wis,, 1897-8; Goettingen, 
Germany, 1904-5; Berne, Switzerland, 
1905. Simn — ■' ' " ■ 
Sigma Delti 

Eckman, Otto Leo, prof. an. hush., N. H. 
A. & M. Coll., DurWm, N. H. 

Asst., Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1904-7; supt. Hartman Stock V^arm 
Dairy, Columbus, O., 1908-10; present 
position, 1910 — . b. Cincinnati, O., Aug. 
14, 1880; (. Jacob and Lena (Schuster) 
E,; reared on farm and in city; m. Bertha 
SUck, June 13, lOOS; e. Bertha Estella. 
B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ.. lOM. 


EAtartoB, dande Wnbnr, pUnt path^ Ia. 
Eip. Sta., Baton Rouge, 1^. 

A«rt. hot. dept., CofneU Univ., 1905-7; 
iiutr.. 1907-Si preaent pcuition, 1908 — . 
Auoc. ed., Phytopathotosj'. h. Woodbine, 
la.. Mar. 9, 1880; *. LeHoy A. and Mary 
Eliiabeth (Luke) E.; reared on rarm; 
m. Marion Brclyn Sweet, Sept. 10, ISOS; 

EdiertOD, Palmer R., co. agrl. agt.. Court 
House, Rock laUnd, 111. 

Fanner, Ind., 1906-14; agrl. eit. serv., 
Purdue Univ., winters, 1912--9; instr, an. 
husb., Purdue Univ., 1914-6; present 
poaition, 1916 — . b. Marion, Isd., Dec. 
28. 1884; a. Jesse and Sarah (Shugart) 
E.; reared on farm; m. Mary Zoe MiK^on- 
neU, June 12. 1908; e. Jesse Clare, 
Jaoet Martelle. John Palmer. B.S.A., 
Purdue Univ., IADS. 

E^nfer, Paul UbcoId, co. agri. act., Car- 
lisle, Pa. 

(. Berks Co., Pa., Feb. 9, 1891; >. 
Levi T. and Sallie (Raudenbuah) E.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Penn. State Coll., 
Un. Alpha Zeta. 

Edier, George Chriatiaii, mvest. in seed 
marketing. Bur. Markets, U.S. Dept.Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

Aail. ed.. Seed Reporter, h. Chicago, 
lU., Dec. IS, 1889; : Fred Carl and 
Adele Louise (GroU) E.; reared in town. 
B.S. A.. Univ. lU., 1911. Alpha Zeta. 

Edaunaler, Albert Frankfin, sci. asst. in 
pom., Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
Washington, D. C. 

Instr. agr. and cbem., Kent's Hill Sem., 
Me.. 1913-4; insU. hort., la. SUte Coll., 
1910-7; present position, lOlT— . 6. New 
Bedford, Mass.. Oct. 19, 1891; *. C. 
Franklin and Sarah Alberta (White) E.; 
reared in town and on farm; m. Eliza' 
beth Freelove Talcott, June .11, 1917. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 19IS; M.S.. 
<^. Agr. Coll., 191S. Alpha Gamma 
Rho; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Ednofld*, Mary Eliaahetfa, prof. dom. sci., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lansing, Mich. 

Instr. Dome econ. ext. div., Ohio State 
Univ., 1910-2; instr. Lewis & CUrk 
Higb-Scb., Spokane, Wash., 191jt-3; 
head home econ. dept., Univ. Mont., 

191S-fi; head dom. ad. dept.. Mid). Agr. 
Coll., 1016—. b. Oberlin, 0.. Mar. 21. 
1887; d. Bobt. H. and Martha Ann 
(Gray) E.; reared in dty. B.S.. Ohio 
State Univ., 1910. Sigma Xi; Omicron 

EdMD, Howard Aostia. path.. Bur. Mant 

Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

Instr. bact.. Univ. Vt., 1906-8: asst. 

C'., 1908-10; present position, 1910 — . 
veled in Europe and Philippines. 
h. Randolph, Vt., Aug, It, 1875; «. 
Franklin Howard and Mary Eunice 
(Bell) E.; reared on form; m. Lillian 
Sara Buck, June 21, 1906; c. Thelma 
Cedlia. Ralph Howard, Margaret May. 
B.S., Univ. Vt., 1906; M.S.. 1910; Ph.D., 
Univ. Wis., 1013. Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sigma Xi; Phi Delta TheU. 

Edwards, Frank Lawrence, supt. Watkin- 
son Farm Sch., Hartford, Conn. 

Farm operator, 1008-11; head agrl. 
dept.. E. Me. Conference Sem., Buf^s- 
port. tSU-3; dir. voc. agr.. Worthington, 
Chesterfield, Williamsburg, Mau., 191S-S; 
instr. agr.. Petersham Agrl. High-Sch.. 
Petersham, Mass., 1916-7; present posi- 
tion, 1917—. b. Boston, Mass., May 19, 
1885; I. Ambrose H. and Ida M. (Strom) 
E.; reared in city; in, Edith J. Rushton, 
Sept. 28, 1910. B,S., Mass, Agr. CoU.. 
1008; Boston. Univ., 1908. Phi Sigma 

Edwards, Howard, pres. R. I. SUte Coll., 
Kingston. R.I. 

Assoc, princ. Bethel Military Acad., 
Va., 1878-80; teach. Bingham Sch.. 
N. C, 1880-2; princ. Bethel Acad., 
1882-4; princ. acad., Tuscurabia, Ala., 
1884-6; prof. English and modem 
languages, Univ. Ark., 1886-90; Midi. 
Agr. Coll., 1890-1906; present position, 
1906—. 6. Fauquier Co., Va., Nov. 7, 
1864; J. Francis Marion and Frances 
Uwson (Bland) E.; m. Eliiabeth M. 
Smith, Jan. 6, 1881. M.A., Randoliih- 
Macon CoU., 1876: studied Univ. Leipiig, 
1877-8. the Sorbonne. Paris. 1891-2; 
LL.D., Univ. Ark., 1891, Brown Univ., 

EggleslOD, Joseph Dupny, pres, Va. Poly. 
Inst., Blacksburg, Va, 

Teach, public sehs., Ga., Va., N. C, 
1886-9; supt. schs,, Asheville, N, C, 
1891-1900; Prince Edward Co., Va„ 


1909--5: itate supt. public instr., 1900- 
18; diief field bov. in rural educ. U. 
S. Bur. Educ, Jan.-Jul. 1913; prei. Va. 
Poly. Inat., 1919—. Ed. wd iec., 
Bur. Information and Publicity, Southern 
Educ. Bd,, Univ. Tenn., 1902. AvJh..- 
(with Bruere) The Work of the Rural 
School, b. Prince Edward Co., Va., Nov. 
13, 18A7; : Joseph Dupuy and Aiwe 
Cairinston (Booker) E.; reared on tutu; 
m. Julia Johnson, Dec. 18, 1895; c. 
Bliubeth C, J. D. III. A.B.. Hampden- 
Sidnev Coll.. 1886; A.M., lS9t; LL.D.. 
Wadiington and Lee Univ., 1917. Phi 
Beta Kappa; BeU TheU Pi. 

Asst, ent. and deputy quarantine officer, 
SUU Bd. Hort.. Caltf., 1800-1; co. ent. 
and bort. comnr., Santa Clara Co., 189S- 
1909; lit deputy state conuir. hort and 
quarantine officer, Calif., 1904-9; supt. 
ent., Bd. Agr. and Por., Hawaii, 1909-17; 
chief div. plant insp., 1917—. Collabor^ 
tor Fed. Hort. Bd., Washington. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. b. San Franasco, Calif., Jan. 
84, 1862; *. Adolphu» and Louisa Maria 
(Mscfarlane) E. Educ. Hamburg, Ger- 
many, 1B71-6; Grenchen, Switzerland, 
1876-9; Brighton Coll., England, 1879- 
60; Stanford Univ., 1801. 

Eichfiag, Henry LoDis. prof, agron., la. 
SUte Coll., Ames, la. 

Chg. farm crops, soils, farm manag., 
in a-yrs. course, la. SUte CoU., 1911—. 
Sec. la. Corn and Small Grain Growers' 
Assoc, b. Paulding, O., Dec. 14, 1S87; 
>. Henry L. and Sophia (Weidmann) E.; 
m. Louise Ahlbrecht. B.S.A.. la. State 
CoU., 1911. Sigma Nu; Alpha Zeta. 

Ekblaw, Karl Job* Theodore, prof, farm 
engin.. Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manbat- 

Asst. a^l. engin., Univ. 111., 1909-11; 
instr., 1911-3; assoc. 1913-«; present 
position, 1917 — . Aulk.: Farm Struc- 
tures, 1913; Farm Concrete, 1917. 
Farm engin. ed.. Farmers' Iteview, 
National Stockman, Capper Farm Papers. 
b. Rantoul, 111., Jul. 14, 1884; i. Andrew 
and Ingrid (Johnson) E.; reared on 
farm; m. Alma Bertha Heuman, Aug. 14. 
1913. B.S., Univ. HI.. 1909; M.S., 1913; 
M.E., Yale Univ., 1917. Gamma Alpha; 
Sigma Tau. 

EUof. Eari M„ rapt. CUdweU SubaU. 
Exp. Farm, Caldwell, Ida. 

Asst. farm crops, Univ. Ida.. 1916; 
present position, 1917 — . b. Sweden. 

on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Ida., 1916. 

Eldiedge, Ben R., asst. prof, dairying, 
Utah Agr. CoU., Logan, Utah. 

Breeder Devon cattle. 1897-97; dairy 
farmer, 1900-15; present potation, 1915 — . 
b. Salt Lake City, Utah, May 4, 1806; 
(. Horace S. and Chloe A. (RedSeld) B.; 
reared in town and on farm; m. Lizzie 
Sharp, Aug. 19, 1887; e. Ben A., Jaines S. 
B.S.A. (hon.), Utah Agr. CoU., 191S. 

Eleaier, James Malcolm, co. agrl. agt., 
Saluda. S. C, 

Farm operator, yrs.; insp. atnu 
canker eradication work. Bur. Plant Ind., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1916-7. 6.-Spring HiU, 
S. C, Dec.l9, 1895; *. H. G. and Mary C, 
(Welch) E.; reared on farm. B.S.. 
Clemson Agr. Coll., 1916. 


Instr. agrl. econ., Univ. Wis., 1914-4; 
ert. worker in rural econ., Tei. A. & M. 
CoU.. 191*—. 6. Lansing, Mich., Dec. 
trt, 1875: f. Silas and Mary (MdCenny) 
E.i reared on farm; m. Edith Stewart, 
Aug. 24, 1904. A.B., Olivet CoU., 1004; 
M.A., Univ. Wis.. 1912. Phi Alpha I^. 

Farm supt.. Mo., 1905-13; instr. 
dairy husb., ComeU Univ., 1914-7; 
assoc, prof.. Univ. Vt., 191T-8; prof,, 
1918—. Auth.: (with W. W, Fisk) Ice 
Cream Laboratory Guide, b. DaUas, la,, 
Nov, 19, 1882; «. Daniel P, and Julia 
(Yambert) E.; reared on farm; m. 
Margaret P- Flatt Milts, Dec. 29, 1910. 
B.S.A.. la. State CoU.. 1905: M.S.A., 
ComeU Univ., 1915; Ph.D.. 1917. 

Inst., Blacksburg, 

Instr. chem., Va. Poly. Inst, 1896- 
1900; asst. chem., Va. Eip. 8U., 1904-8; 
chem., 1009—; present poution, 1915 — . 
6. Montgomery Co.. Va., Nov. 11, 1874: 
*. R. T. and S. (French) E.; reared in 


■idbII tomi. B.S., Va. Pdy. lut., 
I8M; M.S.. 16M; Ph.D., GoetUngen 
Univ., Gemuui?. IBM. 

ElUMt, OuutIm Beniy, co. agrl. agt., St. 
Albani, Vt. 

Te*ch. poultry ext., Coniell Univ., 
winter, lOlA; gcoenJ faraier, S yra. 
b. Merrifield, N. ¥., June 30, 1889; *. 
Henry C. and Zulu M. (Van Uev) E.; 
reared on farm; m. Evelyn L. NelU*, 
Mar. 17, 19ia. B.S., ComeU Univ., 1918. 

Elliott, Nwris Rarownd, ezt. hort., Univ. 
Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Aut. hort.. Ohio State Univ., 1913-1; 
aa»t. prof, hort., Univ. Ky., 1914-5; 
ezt. hort.. 1915—. b. ChaDdknville, O., 
Jul. 30. 1SS9: I. Harry and Evaline 
(Bevenoaugh) E.; reai«d on farm; m. 
Anna Evans. Dec 12, 1917. B.Sc., 
Ohio Stst« Univ., 1913. Phi Gamma 

Qti*. AJesandei Caswell, prof philosophy lA 
educ., Univ. Tei., Austin, Tei. 

Adj. prof, pedagogy, Univ. Tex., 1897- 
19iK); asioc. prof. ici. and art of educ., 
1903-8; dir. ext. 1S18-4. 1915-7; prof. 
phikMophy <^ educ, 190S— . Mem. bd. 
vfcitor*, U. S. Naval Ac«J., 1905-4. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Mem. counci] S. 
Educ. Aasoc. Ptei. Tex. Nut-Growers' 
AsKM. Atilli.: (with E. J. Kyle) Fimd»- 
menbali of Farming and Farm Life. Intro- 
duced Opuntia EUinana, a hardy thorn- 
len cactus guiubie for forage and tor 
bumao consumption, b, Franklin Co.. 
N. C, May i, 1671; t. O. L. and Mary 
Louisa (McKnight) E.; reared on farm 
and in town; m. Mary Heard. 1901. 
A.B., Univ. N. C, IBM; Ph.D.. Clark 
Univ., 1B9T. Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa 

Ulia, Alfreda, asst. in chg. prls' clubs, 
Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

b. Belfaat. Me., May 12, 1892; d. Alfred 
Ginn and Annie Maria (Wilson) E. B.S., 
Univ. Me., 1917. Alpha " ' 

EOisoii, Waher Montgomery Jr., co. agrl. 
Bgt.. SUver City. N. Mex. 

6. Uvalde, Tex., June 3, 1891; t. Walter 
M. and Georgie (Colman) E.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., N. Mei. A. b M. ColL, 

ElbwMlb, John Orval. co. agrl. agt., Good- 
ing Ida. 

Head. sci. dept., instr. chem. and agr.. 
Rides Acad., Rexburg. Ida., 1913-7. 
b. Providence, Utah, Nov. 15, 1B91: «. 
Asa Chas. and Emily Eliia (Theurer) E.i 
reared on farm; m. Annie E. Merrill, 
Nov. 26. 1914. B.S.. Utah Agr. CcdI., 
1917. DelU Nu. 

Ebner, Manuel Gmrad, assoc. prof, rural 
and applied sodol.. Univ. Kaos., Lawrence, 

Prof, sodol, and econ., Fargo Coll., 
N. D., 1914-6; present position, 1916—. 
Special atteutbu to social survey work. 
AiOk..- Technique Social Surveys, 1B17. 
b. Monroe, Wis.. Dec. S, 1B86; *. John 
and Anne (Denier) E.; reared on farm; 
m. June Ashley. Sept. 3. 1914; e. Anne 
June. B.S., Northwestern CoU., 1911; 
A.M., Univ. HI., 1912; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago, 1914. 

Ebcr, Wilbor L., asst. to ext. dir., N. Mei. 
A. & M. CoU., State College. N. Hex. 

Asst. u <iig. farm cost accounting, 
Ohio Exp. Sta., 1909-14; asst. state 
leader chg. farm manag. dem., Purdue 
Univ., 1914-6; asst. state Wler co. 
agt. work and farm manag. dem., N. 
Mex. A. & M. Coll., 1916-8: present 
position, 1918—. b. Crestline, O., Jul. 17. 
1886; t. B. F. and Laura (McKeehen) E.; 
reared on farm; m. Ruby Louise Ktkin, 
June 6, 1011; e. Roger IHtkin, Elisabeth. 
Benjamin Franklin. B.S.. Ohio State 

Univ.. 1009. 

(Ely. G. R., p. 310. 

Embody, George diaries, asst. prof, aqui- 
culturc ComeU Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

Teach. Ki., Del. Liter&ry Inst., 
1901-2; Bradford, Pa., bigb-scb., 1902-3; 
biol.. Bethel CoU.. Ky., 1903-6; Rao- 
dolpb-Maoon CoU., Va., 1907-8; BuUer 

EIE*, Kenneth Nicholas, co. agrl. agt., 
Waverly, Va. 

b. Waverly, Va., June 9. 1802; *. 
Stanley V. and Jennie (Burt) E,; reared 
on farm; m. Ann Leth Duncanson, Sept. 
15, 1917. Student Va. Poly. Inst. 

1876; ». Daniel A. and Emma (Wash- 
bum) E.; reared in raly; m. Madeline 
M. Riceman, Oct. 9, 1900; c. Daniel R. 
B.S., Colgate Univ.. 1900; M.S.. 1901; 
scholarship, Jc^in* Hopkins Univ., 1907; 



Emcnoii, Paul, soil baet,, Ids. Exp. 5t«., 
Moscow, Ida. 

Soil bftrt.. Md. Eip. Sta., 1817-8. 
6. Wilroinston. Dd- July 6, 1867; ». 
FVed E.and OrietU dePoreat (GnLy)B.i 
reared on farmi m. Grace E. Reynoldi, 
Jul. ta, 19ie. B.S.A.. Del. Coll., ISll; 
M.S.A., ISIS; Ph.D., la. State CoU., 
leiT. Alpha Zetai Phi Lambda UpMlon; 
Phi Esppa Phi; Omega Alpha. 

Emcreon, Rollins Adams, prof. pUut- 
breeding. Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Hon., Off. E^tp. Stas., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1897-9; prof. hort.. Univ. Neb., 1899- 
1914; present position, 1B14— . Vice- 
prea. Soc. Am. Naturelists, 1919. Ed., 
Genetics. 6. Jefferson Co., N. Y., May 6, 
1879; ,. C. D. and Mary C. (Adams) E,; 
reared on farm; m. HatUe Hardin, 
1888; e. There. Slerling H., Eugene H., 
Myra. B.Sc., Uoiv. Neb., 1897; D.Sc., 
Harvard Univ., 1913; LL.D., Univ. Neb.. 
1917. Phi BeU Ke]>pa; Sigma Xi. 

Emmeit, Valentiiie Meacbam, co. agrl, agt.. 
McPherson, Kana, 

Farmer and stockman. Blue Rapids. 
Kans., 1901-8; fanner. Brogado. Tex., 
1908-11; princ. sch., Dorao. Minn., 
1918-3; dir. agr., high-scb., Buffalo. 
Minn., 1913-6. b. Mocriatown, HI.. Feb. 
9, 1860; >. Geo. S. and Laura Miriam 
(Meacham) E.; reared on fum; m. 
Anna McHugh, Nov. it, 1910; c. Eolia. 
Merton. B.S.A., Kana. gute Agr. Coll. 

Eogle. B. Homer, co. agrl. agt. Montrose. 


Assoc, inatr. agron.. Peon. State Coll.. 
1915-0; agt. Susquehanna Co., 1916—. 
b. HarrUburg. Pa., Oct. 11, 1894; (- B. H. 
and Enuna F. (llersbey) E.; leared on 
farm. B.S., Peon. State Coll., 1916. 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Erdman, Henry Ernest, asst. prof, rural 
econ.. Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, O, 

Grad. aast, Univ. Wis., 1916-7; present 
position, 1917—. b. Armour, S. D., Nov. 
8, 1861; ». Guatav and Anna M. (Stuemp- 
gea) E.; reared on farm; m. Irene Maw. 
May 2S. 1917. B.S., S. D. State CoU.. 

Erf, Oscar, pnrf. dairying. Ohio State Univ., 
Columbui. O. 

Inatr. dairying, Ohio State Univ., 
1891-8; manag. Straight Dairy Co.. 
1698-9; assoc. prof, daii? husb., Univ. 
lU.. 1899-1903: prof, dairy and an. 
huab.. Kana. State Agr. CoU.. 190S-7; 

prof, dairying, Ohio State Univ., 1907^. 
Del. Inter. Dai^ Convention. Scavanung- 
ing. Holland. Sec. O. State Durym^s 

Assoc, Traveled through Europe and 
Algiera. Aulh.: Dairy Ajithmetic; Dairy 
Fundamentals, b. Monroeville, 0., Dec. 
17. 1871; (. Philip and Dorothea (Hty- 
man) E.; reared on farm; m. Alice L. 
Ashten. June 38, 1905; c. Lowell Ashton. 
B.S.A,, Ohio State University, 1398. 
Sigma Xi; A^ha Zeta. 

Enrin. Arthur Thomas, chief in track ciopa, 
la. Exp. Sta.. Ames. la. 

Prof. hort.. la. State Coll.. and exp. 
truck crops. I90S— . Fellow A. A. A. S., 
la. Acad. Sci. Sec. la. Veg. Growoa' 
Assoc. AiUk.: Practical Farming and 
Gardening, 1908. Hort. ed., Iowa Home- 
stead, Wisconsin Farmer, 1910-1. b. 
Fulton, Mo., Nov. 8, 1874; s. J. L. B.; 
reared on farm; nl. Mary Turner. 1906; 
e. Doris. Howard Robt.. Evalin. B.S., 
Univ. Ark,. 1900; M.S., la. State CoU., 
1901; cert. 1 yrs.' coursegard.. Mo. Bot. 
Gard, Kappa Alpha; Fni I^pps Fii. 

EspHn, Alma Cox, co. agrl, agt,, Cedar City. 

b. OrdervUH Utah. May 16. 1S8S; 
>. Henry Webster and Philena (Cox) E.; 
reared on farm; m. Cleo Luke, June 7, 
1911; e. Oleen. LueUa. Alma Lamu. 
B.S,. Utah Agr. CoU.. 1916. 

Esaig, Edwafd OfiTcr, asst. prof, ent., 
Univ. Calif., and co. agrl agt, Ventura, 

Inatr. enL. Univ. Calif., 1911-0; asst. 
prof.. 1916—; farm adv., 1918—. Sec. 
Calif.StateComn, Hort., 1911-4; Ventura 
Co, hort. oomnr., 1909-11; sec. Pacific 
Coast Branch, Am. Assoc. Econ. Ent., 
1916—. 6, Arcadia. Ind.. SepL i9, 1881; 
». Monroe F. and Isabel (Todd) E.; 
reared on farm; m. Ethel M. Langford, 
June 13, 1910; c. Mary babel. B.S., 
Pomona CoU.. 1909; M.S.. 191S. 

EsUbrook. Leon Moyer, statistidaD and 
chief. Bur, Crop Estimates. U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. Washington, D. C, 

Teach, country schs., 2 yn.i N. Tex. 


Univ.. 2 yra. FMmer, Tbi., IS yn., 
Md.. 8 yn. Clerk, War Drot., 18BS- 
1903; atenognpher, Bur. Plant iDd., 
1004-S; chg. records, 1905-8; asrt. cbg. 
Off. Seed Distribution, 1909-13; chief 
derk. Dept. Agr., 1913; present pontion, 
1818—. Clerk Joint Com. of CooKreai 
to Invest. Biuineai Metliodi in Exec. 
Deptx. of Govt. Sec. Peoples' Gafdeaa 
Anoc. ol Washington, 1918. b. Rockford, 
Hi., Mar. 24, 1869; ■. John Otis and 
Emma (Brown) E.; reared on farm; 
m. Nellie Louise Melling, May, 1901; 
c. Thelma Lee, Otis Woodrow. Student 
Corcoran Sci. Sch., Berhti Sch. Languages. 
Washington; LL.B., Georgetown Law 
Sch., 1897. 

BatCB, Wiliiain Mcnilli pnA. bact. and exp. 
■oil bact. Conn. Agr. Coll., Storrs, Conn. 
Asst. ImoI.. Wesleyan Univ., 1894-1000; 
prof, biol, Chautauqua Coll., 189T-8; 
mitr. histology, Brooklyn Inst. Arts 
and Sci., Cold Spring Harbor, 189S; 

G'esent position, 1900 — . Special agt., 
. S. Dept. Agr. to World's Fair, Chicago, 
1803. b. Glendale, R. L. Aug. 37. 1802; 
«. Wm. Brown and Adaline (Taft) E.; 
reMvd on farm and in town; m. Bertha 
Leiia LangdoD. Dec. 24, 1899; c. Ulia 
Merrill. U.S. Wesleyan Univ., 1894; 
M.S., 1896. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Etherii^e, William Cailyle, prof, farm 
crops, Uiuv. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Asst. agron., N. C. Exp. St*., lOOT-IO; 
asBoc. agron,, 1910-1; grad. asst. farm 
crops, Cornell Univ., 19)2-S; prof, 
agnm., Univ. Fla., 191S-0; present posi- 
tion, 1910—. b. Roanoke Id., N. C, 
June 30, ISSS; t. Daniel Warreo and 
Humantla (Meeldna) E.; reared on farm; 
m. Fanny Eliiabetb Ousel, Aug. IS, 
1917. B.S.A., N. C. A.&M. CoU., 1006; 
M.S., Cornell Univ., 1012; Ph.D., lOlA. 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

EtbcrtoD, WilBmB Ahnuo, writer and agrst.. 
Ava, III. 

Arch, in chg. farm structures, U. S. 
Da>t. Agr., 1912-fi; prof. arch, en^n,, 
CHja. A. & M. Coll., 1908-12; prof, 
rural arch.. Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 191S-7; 
writer on farm building subjects, 1913 — . 
Autk.: Farm Houses, 1917. b. Jackson 
Co., lU., Dec. 11. 1874; t. A. M. and 
Mary (Henion) E.; reared on farm; 
M. Sadie Dean, Jan. 10, 190fi; e. Murray 

Eostace, Harry J., prof, hort., Midi. Agr. 
Coll., E. Lansing, Mich. 

U. S. Food Administration, Washing- 
ton, 1917—. b. Eochester, N. Y., Apr. 
24, 1877; t. Joshua H. and Bell Clliomp- 
sod) E.; reared in city and on farm; 
m. Eugertha Emily Lawrence, Oct. 10, 
1907. B.S., Mich. Agr. ColL, 1901; 
Mast. Hort.. 1011 (hon!). 

Evans, Albert Ray, graia marketing invest.. 

Asst. agron., Univ. Mo.. 1912^; 
instr. farm crops, 1914-6. b. Wmterset, 
la., Dec. 22, 1887; i. Alex and Katherine 
(Allen) E.; reared on farm. B.S.. 
Okla. A. (t M. Coll., 1912. Gamma 
Alpha; Alpha ZeU. 

Evaas, Harold Jaatea, co. agrl. agt., Mineola. 

N, Y. 

Mem. eihibition cbm., N. Y. State 
Potato Growers' Assoc., 1918 — . b. Broad- 
albin. N. Y., Jan. IT. 1893: *. Fred and 
Luc^ (Gray) E.; reared on fann; m. 
liasie Amelia Brown, Nov. 20, 1917. 
B.S., Cornell Univ., 1917. Alpha Gamma 

Evans, Leon Merrill, oo. agrl. agt., Cbilli- 

b. Jackson, O., Nov. 5, 1692; «. Gomer 
C. and Minnie S. (McCluw) E.; reared 
on farm; m. Florence M. Brown. Apr. 10, 
1017. B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ.. 1916. 

Evans, Robert Junes, state leader co. agts. 
and asst. dir. ext. div., Utah Agr. Coll.. 
Lcwan, Utah. 

Chg. dry-fanning ext., Utah Agr. Coll., 
1912-3; present position, 1913—. 6. 
Lehi, Utah, July *, 1881 ; ». Abel John and 
Louisa Emeline (Zimmerman) E.; reared 
in small city; m. Hazel Stallings, Aug, 21, 
1907; c. Robt. John, Helen. B.S.A., 
Utah Agr. Coll., 1900; Ph.D., Cornell 
Univ., 1912. Kgma Xi; Gamma Sigma 

Evans. Samnel Ernest, co. agrl. agt., 
Benncttsville, S. C. 

Instr. agr., agrl. bigh-sch., Eros. La., 
1910-^; instr. agr.. La. Ind. Inst., Rus- 
ton. 1913-4; farmer. 1915—. b. New 
Zion,S. C..Feb.27. IBS7; «. JohaStqdwn 


and Hsttie (E^pa) E.; mared od farm. 
B.S., ClemaoD Agr. Coll., 1910; M.S., 
Univ. Wa., 1914. 

Etads, Wallet Barrisoa, chief insular 
rtatioDS, U. S. Dept. Agr., Waihington, 

Asst. bot., Wabaah -CoU.. I887-«0; 
bot. Eli Lilly Co., lodianapoli*, Ind. 
ISQO-l; special agt., V. S. Dept. Ajr. 
ISQl-i; present position, IMtt— . Fel 
low A. A. A. S. Del. to Inter. Coiiferenc«i 
OD For., Hort. and Exp. Stas., Paiis, 
1900. Survey of Alaska, 1B97-8; Guam, 
1908. Bot. ed.. Experiment Station Be- 
cord, 1803 — . b. Delplii, Lnd., Jan. S, 
1863; t. Joseph and Catberine (Bricker) 
E.; reared on farm; m. Bessie Binford, 
Oct. ie. I8»0; e, Margaret B. A.B., 
Wabash Coll., 1887; M.A., 1889; Ph.D., 
1806. Sigma Chi. 

ETCrett, Charles Horatio, ed. Wisconsin 
Agriculturiit, Racine, Wis. 

Farmer until 1893; ed. Wisconsio 
Agriculturist. 18S5~. Ex-pres. Wis. State 
Dairvmen's Assoc.; ex-sec. Wis. State 
Bd. Agr.; mem. Wis. State Bd. Agr., 
1905 — ; pres. Wis. Live-Stock Sanitary 
Bd. Mem. Wis. Assembly, 1012; WU. 
Senate. 1914. b. Rock Co., Wb., Mar. 
28, I8U; (. Josiah Milton and Mary E. 
(Robs) E.; reared on farm; m. Angerona 
Barnbgluun, 187S; 2d. Grace L. Lang, 
ISIO; c. Milton Wayne. 

ETetelt, Gear|« Abnun, prof. eiL teach., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Teach. Lawrenceville Scb.. N. J., 
1902-4; iustr., Cornell UnW.. 1901-6: 
asst. ptot., 1906-T; te«ch. Flushicu 
higfa-ach., 1907-0; asst. prof., Cornell 
Univ.. 1910-S; prof., 1815—. b. Law- 
rence, N. Y., Apr. 18, 1875; t. Luther and 
Martha (Abram) E.; reared on farm; 
m. Anna McEwcD, Nov., 1907; o. Martha, 
Richard. A.B.,ComellUDiv..l890;LL.B., 

Enatd, Jtba Harcw. prof. an. bush., la. 
State Coll. and dig. an. hush, sect., Exp. 
Sta., Ames, la. 

Asst. to dean and dir. Coll. Agr. and 
Exp. Sta., Uaiv. Mo., 1907-10; in chg. 
and asst. chief an. husb., la. Exp. Sta., 
1910-8; chief in swine production and 
nutr., 1914 — ; assoc. prof. an. hush., la. 
SUte Coll., 1S16-S; prof., 1918—. Ohm. 
Swine Comn. and mem. adv. com. on 
Bwme, U. S. Food AdministtatioD. 1917. 
Vice.pres. Am. Soc An. IVodoction, 
1910-7, pres., 1916. Autk.: Feeding Hogs 
for Profit, 1918. Contributing ed., Na- 
tional Swine Magazine, 1909-10; Berk- 
shire World and Com Belt Stockman. 
1915-6; Swine World, Duroc Bulletin, 
1918. b. near Saunemin. lU.. Nov. 6, 
IS84; t. John B. and Ma^ (Leitel) E.; 
reared on farm; m. Mattie Cas«y Cooper, 
Aug. 10, 1911; e. Mary Margaret, John 
Cooper. B.S.A., Univ. 111., 1907; M.S.A.. 
Univ. Mo., 1909. Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda 
Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma 
Delta; Alpha ZeU. 

Ewan, Xtotj Early, supt. exp. fields, Ky. 
Exp. Sta., Lexington, Ky. 

Supt, Exp, Sta. farm. Univ. Ky., 
1910-3; Bupt. exp. fields, 1913—. b. 
Helena, Ky., Nov. 13. 1884; i. Avory 
MilcheU and Lydia Ann (Chappell) E.; 
reared on farm; nt. Mary Alice LoveU. 
Apr. 16, 1916; c. LydU AUison. B.S.A.. 
Univ. Ky., 1910, Alpha Tau Omega. 

Ewing. Henry EHsworth, assoc pnrf. sool., 
la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Asst. ent„ Ore. Exp. Sta., 1911-4; 
asst. prof. EooL, la. State Coll., 1914-0; 
assoc. prof., 1910—, Fellow A. A. A. S., 
la. Acad. Sd. Farming, 1 yr. 6, Areola, 
ni,, Feb. 11. 188S; I. J. H. and A. L. 
(McDonald) E.; reared on farm; m. 
Bertha M, W. Riley; c. Paul McDonald. 
A,B., Univ. HI,, 1908; M.A., 1908; 
Ph.D„ Cornell Univ., 1911. Sigma Xi; 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Eves. J. Parvin, co. agrl. agt., Malcolm. la. 
Asst. state dairy expert, la. Slate Dairy 
Assoc,, 191S-S. b. Springdale, la,, June 
7, 1894; 1, J. Walter and Amanda A. 
(Worthington) E.; reared on farm; m. 
Edna Maurine Johnson, Apr. 12, 1918. 
B.S.. la. State CoU., 1910. Alpha Zeta. 

Fa^an. Frank Nelson, asst. pr<^. pom., 
Penn. State Coll., State College. Pa. 

Present poution, 1912—. Sec. State 
Hort, Assoc, of Pa.. 1916-7, b. Rich- 
mond, Ind„ Sept. 29. 1888; s. Joseph 
Atwood and sSary Ann ^Kitson) F.; 
reared on farm; m. Etta Wmgate Jones, 


Apr. i 

OW Sute Univ.. 1910. Alpha Gunnui 


Pain, John Sidurd, prof. *gtoo., Univ. Ga., 
AUkdi, Ga. 

Farm supt., Univ. Tcnn., 1898-IQM: 
ant. pror. a^., Va. Poly. Inat., 1B04-7; 
presMit position, 190T— . Fanning, 189S- 
8. 6. Jefferwn City, Teoo.. Dec. 7, 1873; 
1. Samuel N. and Sallie (Fain) P.: Kared 
on fum. B.S., Univ. Tenn., 1600. 

FairchiM, Darid, agrl. explorer in chg. Off. 
Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Waahington, D. C. 

Sect. Veg. Path., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
188B-a4: present position, 1898— . Trav- 
eled with Barbour Latbrop on trip ol 
recoQDaiaaDce i>rcparatory to work o( 

Elant introduction, through Dutch E. 
idies, Australia, New Zealand, South 
Sea Ills.; agrl. explorer through S. 
America, N. and S. Africa, China, Japan, 
Europe, 1B0S-190S. Fres. Am. Genetic 
Assoc.; mem. bd. of managers, Nat. 
Geographic Soc. b. Mich. Agr. CoU., 
Apr. 7, 1869; *. Geo. T. and CbaHotte 
Feu) (Habted) F.; reared in suburbs; 
m. Marion Hubbard Bell, Apr. K, 1905; 
c. Graham Bell, Barbara Lathrop, Nancy 
Bell. B.S., Kans. State Agr. CoU.. 1888; 
M.S., 1893; post grad. work in botany 

FairchiM, Thomas Everett, princ. and 
teach, agr., E. Corinth Acad., Me. 

Practice teach., Univ. Me., 1916-7; 
preaent position, 1917—. Pastor Metho- 
di«t Episcopal Church, £, Corinth, Me., 
1915—. 6. Honey Lake. Calif,, Apr. 8, 
1804; *. Thoa. Manley and Emma Jane 
(Maxwell) F.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Univ. Me., 1918; M.S., 1017. Phi Kappa 
Sigma; Hti Sigma. 

FalhBcr, Mordia, farmer and hort., Waoo, 

Sec.-treaa. Tei. Farmers' Cougiess. 
Formerly pres. Tex. Nut Growers' Assoc.; 
pres. Tex. SUte Hort. Soc. b. Waco, 
Tex.. Feb. 25, ISSt; «. Calton and 
Emma (Kellum) F.; reared on farm; 
m. Jessie Riley, Apr. 7, 1908; c. James 

Calton. Student Baylor Univ., Waco, 

Failef, Arthni James, asst. prof, hort., 
Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Asst. hort.. N. J. Exp. Sta.. 1908-H; 
aMoc. hort. in eit., 1918-*; inatr. hort., 
Rutgers Coll., 1014-6; aast. prof., 1016—. 
b. Wallham, Ma»i.. Sept. 2, 1885; t. 
Frederick W. and M. Wheatte (Mac 
Donald) P.; reared on farm; m. Edith B. 
McLaury. June 9, 1914; c. Margaret W. 
B.Sc., Mass. Agr. CoU.. 1008. 

Fan, Chester CvnM, co. agrl. agt., Everett, 

Teach.. Sunny side high-sch.. Waah., 
191S-7; distr. figrst., « yrs. Autk.: 
Laboratory Manual in Field Clops. 
b. Pullman. Wash., Oct. 14, 1890; *. 
James Craven and Alice Gertrude (Hey- 
wood)F.; reared on farm; n.lva Haines, 
June 22, 19tS; e. Donald Haines, Edythe 
Maxine. B.S.A., Wash. State CoU,. 1913. 
Gamma Delta. 

FarringloB, Edward Holroke, pr of, dairy 
husb., Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Chem., Conn. Exp. Sta.. New Haven, 
1882-8; Off. Exp. Stas., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1889-90; chem., III. Exp. SU., 
1890-4; present position, 1894 — . Avih.: 
(with Woll) Testing Milk and Its Pro- 
ducts 1897; 12 books on dvrying for 
correspondence coll. 6. Brewer, Me., 
Dec. eo 1880; : Joseph R. and Ellen 
(Holyoke) F.; reared on farm; m. Maud 
Wyckoff. 1800; id. Margaret Tate, 1898; 
e. Isabel. B.5., Univ. Mc, 1881; M.S.. 
1883. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Faviile, Abhens Davis, prof. an. hush, and 
dean CM. Agr. and dir. Exp. Sta., Univ. 
Wyo., Laramie, Wyo. 

Prof. an. husb. and husbandman Ei^. 
Sta., Univ. Wyo. 1908—; present posi- 
tion. 1918—. b. Lake Mills, Wis., Feb. 
trt, 1880; (. Stougbton W. and Emma 
(Myers) F.; reared on farm; n. Jean 
MacGregor Douglas, Jul. 22, 191S. 
B.S.. Lawrence Coll., 1902; M.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1019. Phi BeU Kappa; BeU 
Theta I^; Alpha ZeU. 

Fawcetl, Howard Samnel, assoc. plant 
path., Univ. Calif.. Riverside, Calif. 

Asst. bot. and hort.. Univ. Fla., 1905-6; 
asst. plant path., Fla. Exp. Sta.. 1906-8; 
. plant path., 1908-18; plant path.. State 


ComQ. erf Hort., Calif., IQIS-S; present 
position, 101S— . b. Salem, 0., Apr. It. 
18T7; I. Thos. P. and Sidney A. (Bon- 
sall) P.; reared on farm; m. T. Helen 
Tostenson, 1909; c. Rowmond A. B.S., 
1&. Sute Coll., 1905; M.S., Univ. Fla.. 
1008; Ph.D., Johns Hophina Univ., 1918. 

Fari John Basdn^, co. ngrl. agt.. Middle- 
town, Conn. 

BsiTtes Bros. Nunery Co., Yalesville, 
Conn., Apr.-Nov., 1906; fruit and 
farmer, 1906-8; agrl. insti-.. 

SmithU { 

ianiH.,ca. agrl. Bgt.,Wayiiea- 
vQle. N. C. 

Supt. Klot Mt, State Hi^-Sch., 1815. 
6. Ferguson, N, C. Nov. SO, 1885; ». 
Lindsay and Sarah F.; reared on farm; 
m. Myrtle Dean, Junes. 191Si e. Wm. Jr., 
Dorothy I>ean. A.B.. Univ. N, C, 1910. 

190&-10; Northboro Aff. Sch., 1913-3; 
Bssei Co. Agr. Sch., Hathome, Mass., 
1913-S; agt. Middlesex Co., Conn.. 
lOlfi — . b. Princeton, Mass., Aug. 19, 
1880; #. Arthur E. and Anna C.{Hartlian) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Caroline W. 
Rogers. Sept. SO, lOU. B.S.A., Out. Agr. 
CoU.. Toronto Univ., 191*. 

IFeh. E. P., p. 310. 

Fehm, Ralpb Aimon, asat. in Presbyteriaa 
country church work, 1S6 Fifth Ave.. 
New York City. 

Teach, rural ech., 1 yr.; higb-sch., 1 yr.; 
Syrian Protestant Coll,, Beirut, Syria, 
3 yrs. Traveled in the Orient. AtdA.; 
A Study of a Rural Pariah, IBlfl. b. 
Arkansas City. Kans., Jul. S6, 1862; 
«. Marshall A, and Isabelle (Nicholas) F,; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Blanche Shimer, 
Aug, 10. 19U; c. Mary Shimer. Ph.B., 
Southwestern Coll.. Winfield, Kans,, 190fi; 
M,A., Columbia Univ. 19U. 

FentOD, Frederick Charles, asst. prof, 
agrl. engin., Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 
Second Lieut., Field Artillery, U, S. 
Amy, 1018— b. Black Hawk Co., la.. 
June 30. 1891; *. August C. and Jennie 
(Craig) F.; reared oo farm. B.S., la. 
Sute Coll., 1914. Alpha ZeU; Delta 
Sigma Rho. (PeigMon, A. M.. p. 310. 

Ferjason, Jdie Aiden, prof, for., Penn. 
State Coll.. State College, Pa. 

Instr. for., Penn. State Coll., 1908-11; 
prof, tor., Univ. Mo., 1911-3; present 
position, 1913—. FeUow A. A. A. S. b. 
Canandaigua, N. Y.. Dec. 83, 1873; i, 
Harrison B. and Ella (Wader) F,; reared 

Prof, cool., Penn. State CoU., 1690-9; 
state »ool.. Pa., 1698-9; prof, eot.. 
Mass, Agr. Coll., 1899—; chm. Scb. Sd., 
1913—; ent., Esp. Sta., 1910—; state 
nursery insp., Mass,, 1902-18. Fdlow 
A. A. A. S. 6. Utchfield, Me,. Apr. 17, 
1866; #. Chas. Henry and Maria Eliia- 
beth (Smith) P.; nt. Minna R. Simon, 
June 9, 1800. B.S., Univ. Me., 1885; 
M.S., 1886; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ.. 1800. 

Fcrrin, Evan Fisher, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
k. State Coll,, Ames, la. 

Instr. an. husb., la. State Coll., 1911; 
instr. an. husb,, T«i. A,&M. CoU., 1012; 
asst. prof. an. bust., la. State CoU., 
lOlS; assoc. prof., IBIS—. (. Cherokee 
Co.. la., Feb. 0, 1688; i. Joseph L. and 
EUzabetb (Fisher) F.; reared on farm; 
m. Stella Drennan. June 22. 1912. BS., 
la. State CoU.. 1911. 


Farm operator, 1911—. b. Mifflin- 
viUe, Pa.. Aug, 16, 1887; ». P. A. and 
Isabelle (WiUiamson) F,; reared on farm; 
vi. Julia A. LiUibridge, Aug. 12, 1914. 
Student Penn. State CoU, 

Pieldner, Carl G„ co. agrl. agt., Bryan, O. 
Farm manag., 1912-7. b. Ney, O., 
Apr,21,188g; «. Chas, and EUen (Gtuther) 
F.; reared on farm; m. Huldah Christ- 
men, Dec. 17, 1914; e. Elizabeth Jane. 
B.S.A.. Ohio State Univ., 1912, Delta 
Theta Sigma, 

Fields, John, ed. Oklahoma Farmer, 1129 
N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City. 

Asst. chem., Penn. Exp. Sta., 1891-4; 
ast. chem., Okla. Exp, Sta., 1896-0; 
dir. and chem,. 1899-1906, Del. Republi- 
can Nat. Convention, 1916; Repuhiican 
candidate for governor Okla., 1914. 


Avlh.: Sure Peed Cropt, 1912. Ed., 
(ftkhoma Fann Journal, IBOl-lJt; Okla- 
homa Farmer, J919 — , b. near Daven- 
port, U.. Jul. U. 1B71; (. David T. and 
Sarah {Mower) F.; reared on farm; 
m. Caro Chamberlain Emovon. Jul. 14, 
1900. B.S., PetiD. Sute Coll., 1891. 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Finer. H. Orde, prof, rural ecoD., Univ. 
Neb.. Lincoln, Neb. 

Supt. public scha., Bancroft, Neb., 
lBOS-6; Albion, 1906-9; instr. farm 
manag., Univ. Neb., 1911-2; aut. prof., 
1912-4; proF. and bead dept. rural 
econ.. 1914 — . Farm operator, 1906-11. 
Rep. Gage Co., Neb. LegisUture, 1911. 
b. near Filler, Neb., Dec. 27. 1878; 
>. Elmore C. and Annette (Foster) F.; 
reared on farm; m. Cret* Warner, Oct. 
11, 1911; c. Vernon W., Marjorie. Edith. 
A.B., Univ. Neb., 1903; A.M., 1911. 

Rkon, Jomea Edwin, laud titles, 10 Main 
St., Champaign, 111. 

Sec. 111. Abstracters' Assoc., 1919-8. 
Lect. Auth.: Fil's Filosophj' on Land 
Titles. 6. Caldwell Co.. Mo., Oct. 28, 
1883; (. Tho*. A. and Zebna (Adams) F.; 
reared in town; m. Lena Will, Dec. 26, 
1906; 0. Kathleen Louise, James Hugh, 
Beth. LL.B,, Univ. lU.. 1907. 

lb, asat. ia visual inttr., U. ! 

Agr., Morriaviile, 1910-4; prof, 

hort., Syracuse Univ., 1014-8; lUr. ogr., 
Nat. Serv. Sch., Washington, 1918 

(short course); present portion, 1918 — . 
Practical gard. and nurseryman, 11 yn. 
Aulh.: Mental Agriculture, 1913; House 
PUnta, Their Care and Culture. 1916; 
Practical Gardening, 1918. b. Scotland, 
Sept ae, 1879 (immigrated 1881); t. 
Tnnas and Chriatina (Morton) F.; 
reared in town; m. Mabel L. Chose, 
Jul. A, 1916. B.S.A., Syracuse Univ.; 
studied Clark CoU. and Cornell Univ. 

Fioler, John Ford, co. agrt. ogt., Hailey, 

Teach, agr.. Neb. high-sch., 2 yrt. 
b. Springville. Utah, Dec. 14, 1892; 
t. A. W. and Mary (Chose) F.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Utah Agr. CoU., 1915. 
SignM Alpba. 

Fbley, JM«ph Orton, supt. Home Form, 
Seymour, III. 

Sec. 111. Sheep Breeders' Asaoc. b. 
Oneida, III.. Dec. 18, 18T4; i. J. Alei and 
Mory E. (Cox) F.; reared on farm; 
m. Annie SUnley Fox, Dec. 27. 1904; 
e. Charlotte, Sara Elisabeth, Ann Joae- 
)hiiK. B.S.. Univ. lU., 1917. Alpba 


Fippin, Elmer Otlerbein, ext. prof, aoil 
ted)., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1900-1; osst. Bur. Soils, Dept. Agr., 
I90l-a; osst. prof, soil tech., Cornell 
Univ., 1905-8; proF., I90S— . First 

K!s. N. Y. Stote Drainage Assoc ; 
n. vice-pres. Nat. Drainage Congress for 
N. Y. Del. to Nat. Conservation Con- 
gress, 1912, 1916. Mem. Bd. Visitors, 
Ohio State Univ., 1917-22. Farm opera- 
tor. Auth.: (with Lyon) Principles of 
Soil Management 1009; (with L^on and 
Buckman) Soils. Their Propertiea and 
Management 1915. b. Columbus. 0., 
Sept. 18 1879; >. John and Sidney Anne 
(Holt) F.; reared on farm; m. Rorence 
Ellen Postle Nov. 21 1901; e. Walter 
Russell, Wm. Howard, James Elmer, Julia 
Anne. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 1000; 
grad. student Cornell Univ., 1004-^. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Firor, Gny Wisotskey, auperv. ext. icb*., 
Univ. Go.. Athens, Ga. 

Instr. bort., Md. Agr. Coll., 1907-8; 
present pontion, 1910—. Chg. farmera" 
msta., ext. schs. ood fair exhibits, b. 
"Hiurmont, Md., May 7, 1886; i. Wm. 
Leonard and Aniie Catharine (Wisotakey) 
F.; reared on farm; m. Helen May 
Williar, Nov. 17, 1910; e. Sarah Eliza- 
beth, H^n Dorothy, Guy WisoUkey Jr. 
B.S., Md. Agr. CoU.. 1007; M.S.A., 1908. 

FirM, John Wiliiam, junior pnrf. hort., 
Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga. 

Instr. and commandant of cadets. 
Bethel Military Acad,, Wartenlown, Va., 
1008-10; asst. hort., W. Va. Exp. Sta., 
1011-4; present portion, 1912—. Ed., 
orchard and garden dept.. Southern 
Fruit Grower. 1st Lieut., 396 Held 
Artillery, U. S. Army, 1917—. 6. Thur- 
mont, Md., Sept. 23, 1887; t. Wm. L. 
and Anne Catharine (Wisotakey) F.; 
reared on Farm. B.S., Md. Agr. CoU.i 


Kscher, George Lmc^, invest, in handling, 
toaniportAtion and Btorsge erf (niits uid 
vegetables, Bur. Markets. U. S. Dept. 
Agr., WMhingtoD, D. C. 

b. tiev York City, Oct. 1, 18(«; ». 
Wm. Hemy and Mutfaa Btwe (Bwch- 
feld) F,; reared on farm and in city. 
B.S., Cornel) Univ., 1919, Delta Alpha; 
Alpha Delta Phi. 

Rah, Don E., CO. agrl. agt. and asat. state 
leader. Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Inatr. s<n. and agr., Beaverhead Co. 
high-ach., Dillon, Mont. b. Adel, la., 
Apr. tt, 1880; .. J. S. and Mair J- 
(Couch) F.; reared on tann; m. Belle 
Osbom, June 1, 1009; c. DonaM, Doris, 
Cbas., James, Harriet. B.S.A., la. SUte 
CoU., 1900. Alpha Zeta. 

e. Beatrice Louise. Barbara Catherine. 
B.S.A.. Purdue Univ.. 1803; M.S., Univ. 
Wis, 1011. Alpha ZeU; Sigma Pi. 

[Fuller, O. S., p. Sll. 

Fisli, Ernest BUswarth, 


W. and Lottie (Elbworth) P.; reared <: 
form. B.S., Penn. State Coll., ISIfi; 
M.a. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1917. 

nshbame, Hairr Proctor, assoc. prof. agrl. 
chem., Univ. Ids., Moscow, Ida. 

Aaat. chem., Penn. Exp. Sta., 1907-0; 
asat. chem., Ida. Exp. Sta., 1000-11; 
asst. prof. agrl. chem., Univ. Ida.. 1011-6; 
aaaoc. prof., 1918—. b. Roanoke, Va., 
May 4, 1862; f. James Addiaon and Mary 
Louise (Boone) F.; reared in city; m. 
Frances Amanda ButterBeld. Dec. 28, 
1913; c. John Tipton. James Butterfield. 
B.A.. Univ. Va., 1904; M.A., 1007. 

Fisher, John Wdloa Jr., invest., Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washingtoo. 
D. C. 

b. Milwaukee, Wis.. Fd>. 13, 1880; t. 
John Welton and Emma Jane (McKnigbt) 
F.; reared in city; m. Jainc Avery, 
S^t. 12, 1914; e. Jeane Avery. A.B., 
nriiiiama n»ii Inn. Tkjr a Kt.^i, a..* 

Pisher, Martin Luther, prof, agron. in chg. 
dept. and asst. chief soils and crops, 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

AiOh.: (with Cotton) Agriculture for 
Common Schools, b, near Murray, Ind., 
Oct. 24. 1871; *. Samuel and KUrgaret 
Jane (Crawford) F.; reared on farm; 
«. Mary Ellen Fishbaugh, May 8«, 1894; 

Cornell Univ. Ithaca. N 

Aua.: (with Thorn) Book of Cheese, 
1918. b. Oewego Center, N. Y.. Jan. 1, 
1388; (. Chas. A. and Effie M. (Warner) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Susan M. Ed- 
wards, Apr. 10. lOie. B.S.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1910; MSA. 

Fiskc Goorge Bumap, market invest.. 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Agrl. ed., Mass. Ploughman, 1804-8; 
asst. ed.. Farm and Home, New England 
Homestead, 1808-1003; ed. American 
Cultivator, 1003-lS; editorial corres- 
pondent. Rural New-Yorker, 191 5-T. 
AtltK.: Poultry Feeding and Fattening, 
1806; (co-author) Rhubarb Culture, 1900; 
Prize Gardening, 1900; Frank of Peach 
Hill, 1015. Traveled in Europe, 1901. 
b. HoUiaton. Mass., Feb. 1, 1868; >. 
Frauds F. and Ellen L. (Bumap) F.; 
rMred on farm; m. Ida Amelia I^nard. 
Nov. 0, 1902. A.B., Boston Univ., 
1890. DelU Tau Delta. 

Fiske, George Walter, jr. dean. Grad Sch. 
Theol, Oberlin Coll., Oberlin, O. 

Ordained Congregational ministry, 180S; 
pastor, Huntington, Mass., 1898-1000; 
S. Hadley Falls, Mass., IBOO-S; High St. 
Church, Auburn, Me., 1008-7; prof, 
practical theol., Oberlin Coll., 1007—; 
present position, 1908 — . Pingree Lec- 
tureship, Boston Univ., 1018. Auth..- 
Boy Life and Self Government, lOlO; 
The Challenge of the Country, 1912; 
co-author other books. Aatoc. ed., VH- 
grim Press, b. HoUiaton. Mass., June 3, 
1872; s. Geo. Balchelder and Ada M. 
(Perry) F.; reared in town; tit. Alice M. 
Stewart, Aug. 1, 1893; c. Margaret 
Stewart. A.B.,Amherst CoU., 1895; A.M., 
1808: B.D., Hartford Theol. Sem., 1808. 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delia Theta. 

Fitch, C. L.. ert. assoc. prof, truck-gard., la. 
Slate Coll., Ames, la. 

Dairy farmer and creamery supt., 
1803-1003; potato and sugar-beet grow- 
er, Greeley, Colo., 1003-0; potato specia- 
list, Colo. Eip. Sta., 1009-13; eit, veg. 
speciaUst, la. State Coll., 1013—. Chm. 


Com. on Instr., Potato Assoc, ot Am.; 
tec. and orgniuMr la. Tnick-Growen' 
A«MC. Sir mos. travel id Europe; 
mem. Appel party in potato regioni, 1914. 
Id Army Y. M. C. A. Serv., 1B18~. 
b. dum. City, U., Mar. «9, 1873; i. 
h. P. and Martba (Baker) F.; reared in 
town and on farm; m. Blanch Mesainger, 
Sept. 1, 1900; c. Harvey C. Naomi 0. 
M.A., GriaDeU CoU.. 1S13. 

Pprf. bad., CoraeU Univ., 1911-7; 
IHvsent poaitioD, lOlT — . Aulk.: Manual 
oT Bacteriology, WS. b. Sauquoil, N. ¥., 
Jul. I, 1S84; *. McDM and Cora L. 
(PeDDy) P.; reared on farm; m. Floreoce 
IJUy Adanu, Jul. IS, 1911; c. Alva Fam- 
ham, James Adama. B.S., Hamilton 
Coll., 1906; M.S., 1909; D.V.M., Cor- 
nell Doiv., 1911. Phi Beta Kappa; 

Fitch, Jarne* Borgeas, assoc. prof, dairying, 
Kana. SUte Agr. Coll. Manhattan, Kani. 
Asat. dairying, Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
lBlO-1; inatr.. 1011-8; aut. prof., 1018-*; 
aasoc. prof., 1914—. Sec.-treas. Kans. 
Stale Dairy Assoc, b. near Huntertown, 
iDd., JuDc ee, 1888; a. D. N. and Eroma 
(Belle) F.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Alice Rakestraw, Dec. 86, 1918; 
c. Wm. David, Marjory Jane. B.S„ 
Purdue Univ., 1910. Sigma Xi; Phi 
Kappa Phi; AJpba Zeta; Alpha Gamma 

FitiGerald, Nngeri E.. assoc. prof. agrl. 
educ, Tex. A. ft M. Coll., Coilege Sta- 
tion, Tex. 

Teach, rural sch.. Union, Mo., 1909-10; 
pripc.Iiigh-ecli.,Potod,1918-3; asat.bact.. 
Univ. Mo.. 1014-5; inatr, agrl, educ., 
Univ. Tex., iei9.-8; present position, 
1018—. 6. SbotweU. Mo.. Apr. 18. 1891; 
«. Wm. IHerce and Lizzie B. (Henneike) F. ; 
reared on farm. B.Ped,, Mo. State Nor- 
mal, 191 i; B.S,. Univ. Mo., 1019; B.S.A., 
1017. Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta 


niSfatrick, Harry Morton, sa»t prof, 
plant path.. Cornell Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 
b. Greenwood, Ind., June 87. 1886; 
*. James E. and Addle R. (Watson) P.; 
reared in town; m. Florence C. Fconer, 
Sept. IS. 1913; «. Hugh F. A.B., Cornell 
Univ.. 1000; Ph.D., 1018. Sigma Xi. 

¥lMmdtn, George Lovdl counsel N. Y. 
State Div. Agr., N. Chatham N. Y. 

Princ. Ma^d (N. Y.) Union Schs.. 2 
yrs. Aast. comnr.. Dept. Agr.. 88 yrs.; 
counsel, 6 yrs. Pres. Nat, Dairr Union, 
S yrs-; pres. Farmers' Nat. Conraeas, 
8 yrs.; pres. Nat Asaoc. Dui^ and Food 
Comnrs,. 2 yrs. 6. ParisbviUe, N. Y., 
Feb. 80, 1858; ». Arthur and Mary (Lov- 
ell) F.; reared in village; m, Catherine 
S. Keller. Apr. 85, 1885; e. LUlian LovelL 
Marian Southwick. LL.B., .\lbany Law 
Sch. Delta Updlon. 

Flancry, Charlea Clareace. co. agrl. agt., 
Winchester, Tenn. 

b. Major. Ky., Apr. 10, 1888; *. Thoa. 
Jefferson and IJiey (Searey) P.; reared 
on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn., 101«. 


I. agrl. agL, Mt. 

Flaubnrgh, Earl Ahah, o 
Morris, N. Y. 

Teach, rural sch., 1 yr.; Castile high- 
sch., i yra.; co. agt., Hochester, N. ¥., 
1017-8. b. N. Easton, N. Y„ Sept. 8, 
I89I; t. Aaron and Elisabeth (Thomp- 
son) P.; reared on farm. B.S., Cornell 
Univ.. IBIS. Kappa Delta Rbo. 

Fletcher, Slerenson W^ prof, hort., Penn. 
State Coll., Stat« CoUege. Pa. 

Prof, hort., Wash. Stat* CoU., 1000-2; 
prof, hort,, W. Va. Univ., 1008-3; asst. 
pn^. ezt. teach, in agr., Cornell Univ., 
1009-5; prof, hort., Mich. Agr. CoU„ 
1905-8; dir, Va. Exp. Sta., 1908-lS; 
present position, 1018 — . Orchardist, Va., 
1908—. Pres. Va. State Hort. Soc, 
Avth.: How to Make a Fruit Garden, 
1000; Soils. 1907; Strawberry-Growing, 
1017; The Strawberry in North America. 
1917. b. Littleton, Mass.. Sept. 10, 
1875; *. Chas. K. and .^noa (Holton) F.; 
reared on farm; m. Edith Augusta Wal- 
lace. June 1001 (d. 1008); 8d, Margaret 
Robton, June, 1008; e. Robt., Richard. 
Stevenson, Peter, John, Margaret. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Coll., 1806; M.S.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1808; Ph.D., 1000. Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Kappa Phi, 

Ffetchet, muiam Frankfin, sci. asst, in 
chg. southern dry-land hort. investa., 
D. S. Dept. Agr., Woodward. Okla, 

h. Bainbridge, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1879; 
«. John and Lydia Adeline (Holcomb) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Jane Walker, June 26. 
1918; c. John Milton, Mary Adeliite. 


FliiMt. Tracr O., CO. agrl. agt., Berkeky 

., Springs. W. Va, 

. ; GinMng raUer. W, Vs., 1! yra.; aast. 
ir^agt., Jackson Co., 1917. 6. Burnt House, 
f.W. Va., June 14. 1891; i. P, J. an<I LiUie 
Belle P.; reared on farm; tn. Miry 
. Marguerite Boaworth. May i6, 1&14; 
■}. c. Tracy O. Jr. B.S.A . W. Va. Univ.. 

Floyd, Bayard FranUiu. plontpbysiologiat. 

Fla. Eip. SU.. Gainesville, FU. 
jy Asat. anat.. Ind. Univ., 190S-fi; aast. 

bat., Univ. Mo., 1905-7; present posi- 
i. tion, 1907—. Sec. Fla. State Hort. Soc., 

1917—. 6, Kempton, Ind., Mar. 18, 

1888; t. Henry J. and Jennie (Mebon) F.; 

reared on farm and in city; tr. Dixie R. 

Westlake, June 30. 1910. A.B,. Ind. 

Univ., 1905; A.M.. Univ. Mo., 1007. 

Phi Kappa Phi. 

Floyd. WiiboT Leonidas, prof. bot. aod hort.. 
Univ. Fla.. Gabesville, Fla. 

Princ. Clb Sch.. Clio. S. C. 1888-9; 
Cypreas Seh.. Cypress. S. C. 1889-»!i; 
instr. English, B. Fla. Sem.. 189!t-6; 
prof. nat. ad., 1B9O-1905; prot. En^h 
and aci.. Normal Dept., Univ. Fla., 
1905-6; aast, prof. biol. and physics, 
Univ. Fla., 1906-6; prof, bot. and hort.. 
1B0S~; asst. dean CoU. Agr.. 1015—. 
Hort. invest, in Calif.. 1913. b. Nichols, 
S. C. Apr. e. 1866; >. Avery and Pene- 
lope O. (WiUiama) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Belva H. Thomas. Dec. «0. 1893; 
c. Mary. Belva. B.S., S. C. Military 
Acad.. 1886; M.S., Univ. Fla.. 1006. 

Floharty, Lee Wley, dlr. agrl. exU, Univ. 

Ida.. Moscow. Ida. 

Asst. BgTst., Off. Farm Manag., 

U. S. Dept. Agr., 1911-2; asst. diaU. 
, leader co. agrl. agts.. Ore., Waab., Ida., 

1913-4; agtst. OS. Farm Manag.. 1914- 
. 6; present position. 1917 — . b. Bedford. 

la.. Sept. ei. 1881; *. Henry M. and 

Martha A. (Parks) F.; reared on farm; 

m. Florence Sbinn, 1912; c. Ardith Louise. 

8.S.A., Univ. Ida.. 1910. Beta Theta Pi. 

Foard, Alrin Irl, aasL co. agt. leader, Univ. 
Mo.. Columbia, Mo. 

Agt. St. Francois Co.. Mo., 1917-8; 
present position, 1918 — . b. Kpley Co.. 
Mo., Oct. 24, 1687; *. Wm. A. and 

Nancy 9. (Greer) F.; reared on farm. 
B.S.A., Univ. Mo.. 191S. Gamma Sigma 

Foard, WilHam EaiArates, farm manag. 
dem., U. S. Dept. Agr. and Univ. Mo.. 
Columbia, Mo. 

Aaat. instr., Univ. Mo., 191S-4; instr., 
1914-5; farm manag. dem.. U. S. Dept. 
Agr. and Colo. Agr.. Coll., 1915-8; Univ. 
Mo., 1918—. Mem, ejrec. com.. State 
Boys' Working Reserve; chm. labor com.. 
State Council Defense, b. Doniphan, Mo., 
Jul. 18. 1X83; t. Wm. A. and Nancy 
(Greer) F.; reared on farm; m. ^mona 
Daisy Houser. June 11, 1914; e. Evelya 
Marie, Rulh Elizabeth. B.S.A., Univ. 
Mo., 1913; A.M.. 1014. Gamma Sigma 

Fogbt. Harold Waldstein, specialist in 
rural sch. practice and chief of Rural 
Sch. Div.. Bur, Educ, Washington. D. C. 
Teach, rural and village schs.. Neb.. 
1690-2; prof. hist, and econ.. Elk Horn 
Coll., 1804-1900; prof. hist, and educ. 
Dana CoU,, lOOO-^; Midland Coll., 
1004-9; prof, rural educ, Kirksville 
State Normal Sch., Mo., 1909-13; speda- 

, list rural educ. Bur. Educ. 1013-5; 
present title, 1915—. Studied education 
systems of, Scandinavia, Holland. Bel- 
gium and Canada. Aulh,: The Discovery 
of America. 190i; Syllabus of American 
History, 1007; The Trail of the Loup. 
IBOS; The American Rural School 1908; 
The Country Community, 1912; Rural 
Denmark and its Schools, 1915. b. 
Frelrikshail. Norway, Dec. 7, 1871 (im- 
migrated 1883): s. E. J. and Laura 
(Arneberg) F.; reared on farm and in 
town; nt. Alice Mabel Bobbins, Dec. S6. 
1897; 0. Tfaelma, Margaret, Paul. Harold 
W. Jr. A.B., la. State Coll.. 1897; 
A.M.. Augustana Coll.. Rock Island. 
HI., 1900; grad. student Royal Frederick 
Univ.. Copenhagen, 1900-1; Ph.D., 
American Univ., 1918. 

Fo^er, Raymond Henry, asst. to dir. agrl. 
eit serv., Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Asst. biol., Princeton Univ.. 1915-7; 
present position, 1917 — . b. S. Hope. Me., 
Feb. 29, 1892; t. Henry H. and Mary 
(Andrews) F.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Univ. Me., 1915; M.S., Princeton Univ.. 
1917. Sigma Chi; Alpha Zets: Phi 
Kappa Phi. 


Folker, AatbroM D.. co. >£rl. sgt.. Court 
HoUK, Topeka, Kana. 

b. Mt. Sterliog, la., Ju. 8, 1887; ■. 
Peter C. ftud Anna (Dickaon) F.; reared 
on farm; in. Candiioe Caton, Aug. 28, 
1617. B.S.A.. la. State CoU., 1811. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Zeta. 

Fabom, Donald, asst. plant path.. Me, Exp. 
Sta., Orono, Me. 

Instr. hot. and plant path., N. C. A. k 
M. Coll., 1817-8; present position, 
191B— . 6. Henderson, la., Oct. 83, 
1891; t. Artemus and Mary Ann (Van 
Hiper) F.; reared in town; m. Alma O. 
Schuli, Aug. eo. IBU. B.A„ Univ, Neb.. 
1B12; M,A., Univ. Minn., 1914; Ph.D.. 
^'"- [Foboni,J.W.,p. 911. 

farm administration, Mass. Agr. 
Amherst, Mass. 

Aast. an. busb. and dairying. Cornell 
Uoiv., 1900-3; prof, agr., Del. Coll., 
1903-6; Bssoc. prof, agron., Ohio State 
Univ., 1906-7; assoc, prof, agron., Mass. 
Agr. Coll., 1907-8; present position, 
1908—. 6. Portsmouth, England, Oct. 
SO, 1874 (naturalized 1893); i. James 
and Elizabeth Naomi (Knight) F.; 
reared on farm; m. Grace M. Uiw. Nov. 
14. 1904; e. Elizabeth. B.S.. N. H. 
.V4M. Coll., 1898; M.S.A,. Cornell 
Univ.. 1904, Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Kappa Kgma. 

Foole, Fnuk M., co, agrl. agt., Beddey, 
W. Va. 

b. Radoe, Wis,, Mar. 21, 1889; : 
Frank P. and Elizabeth (McDonald) F.; 
reared on farm, B.A., Lainence Coll,, 
1911. Tau Kappa Alpha, 

Forbes, Ernest BroimiDg, chief dept. of 
nutr., (Miio Eip. Sta.. Wooster, 0. 

Zool. asst.. III. Biol. Sta., 1894^; 
asBt. to state ent, of Minn., 1697-8; 
acting state ent, Minn., 1901; asst, an. 
husb.. 111. Eip. Sta., 1901-4; instr. an. 
hush., Univ, III., 1904-3; asat. prof. an. 
busb.. Univ. Mo., 1003-7; present por- 
tion, 1907—. Felkiw A. A. A, S. Pres. 
Am. Soc. An, Production, 1914-fl. Major 
Sanitary Corps. Nat. Army, 1918—. 
AutJi.: (with M. H, Keith) A Review of 
the Literature of Phosphorus Compounds 
in Animal Metabolism. Aisoc. td.. Jour- 
nal Dental Research, 1918—, b. Normal, 

ni., Nov. 8, 1870; i. Stephen A. and 
Clara Shaw (Gaaton) F.; reared m 
town and country; m. Lydia M. Mather, 
Aug, 18, 1903; c. Lydia Francfs, Wini- 
fred Mather, Stephen Alfred, Rosemary. 
Richard Mather. B.S. (Sd.). Univ. III.. 
1897; B.S.A, (Agr.), 1904; Ph.D., Univ. 
Mo., 1908. Sigma Xi; Delta Tau Delta. 

Forbes, RebeH Hnnphrey, snpt. and won., 
Sodm Sultanienne d' Agriculture, Cwro, 

Pnrf, chem., Univ. Ariz., 1894-0; 
chem. Exp. Sta.. 1894-1910; du-, Erp. 
Sta., 1899—; dir. agrl. educ. 1914-S; 
dean Coll. Agr., 1815-8; emeritua, 1918—. 
Sec. Ariz. Comn. Agr. and Hort., 1907-8. 
6. Cobden, III., May 15, 1867; i. Henry 
C. and Mary Jane (Gorham) F.; reared 
on farm; m. Georgie Hacel Scott. 1904. 
B,S„ Univ. m., 1894; M.S.. 1897; 
Pb.D.. Univ, Calif., 1916. 

Forbes. Stephen Alfred, prof, ent,, Univ. 
HI.. Urbana. III. 

Prof, zool., HI, SUte Normal Univ., 
1875-8; prof, zool., Univ. HI., 1884-lBOB; 
prof, ent., 1009—; dean Coll. Sci„ 
1888-1905; III. sUte ent, 1884-1917; 
dir. m. SUte Ub. of Nat, Hist., 1884- 
1917; chief. 111, SUte Nat. Hist. Survey, 
1BI7— . Del. to Inter. Congress of 
Ent., Oxford, England, 1914. Awarded 
1st cUss medal for id. papers by Socifti 
d'AcdimaUtion de France. Mem. Sod«^ 
Entomologique de France. Served in 
Civil War. 6. Stephenson Co., HI., 
May 40, 1844; *. Isaac Sawyer and 
Agnes (Van Hoesen) F.; reared on fam; 
m. Clara Shaw Gaston, 18T3; e. Bertha, 
Erneat B„ Winifred, Ethel. Ph.D., Ind. 
Univ.. 1884; LL.D.. Univ. Hl„ 1905. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Gamma DelU, 

Ford, Jacob Hornet, state agron, and dem. 
agt., Prairie View, Tex. 

b. Wharton, Tex., Sept. 1, 1876; i. 
Jake and HenrietU (Washington) F.; 
reared on farm; m. Bertha Ophelia Mae, 
June 46, 1906; e. Cbaa, W. J, Grad. 
Prairie Ttew Coll,, 1903. 

Fester, George H., co. agrl. agt., Amelia, Va. 
Farmer. 1913—; co. agt,, 1917—. b. 
Chicago. lU.. June 28. 1890; i, Geo. A. 
and Mary H. (Scovil) F,; reared in town; 
m. Leila Virginia Merrell. Oct. 19, 1914. 
B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1914. BeU Tbeta Ft 


tMter, John H., slate for. and prof. for.. 
Trac. A.&M. CoU.. CaOege Sution, Tet. 
Instr. Lawrence Acad., Groton, Uass., 
1904-S; prof, for., N. H. A.&M. CoU.. 
19U-A; prewnt position, IBIS. Del. 
Nat. Conservation Congress. Washington, 
1913. Lieut. Vt. Nat. Guard, 1908-3. 
b. Waltbam, MasB., Apr. 13, ISBO; *. 
John and Nellie (Webster) F.; reared in 
imoU city, m. Mary E. Elliott, Jul. 7, 
1915; c. Ruth Poster. B.S., Norwich 
Univ., 1903; M.F., Yale Univ., 1907. 
Theta Chi; Alpha ZeU. 

FoBter, John Raymond, co. «grl. agt,, 
abley, U. 

Teach, agr., high-flch., LeSueur, Minn., 
1013-6. 6. Sac City, la., Sept. T, 1SS4: 
(. Thos. M. and Harriet Ann (Groves) P.; 
reared on farm; m.Luida Marie Schon- 
hood. Oct. 4. IBie; e. Janet Elisabeth. 
B.S., Univ. nl., 1018. 

Foster, Tkonus Buttefwortli, co. agrl. agt., 

General farming, 190ft-lT. b. Adanu 
Co., O., Sept. 1, ISU; i. E. H. and Delia 
(EUb) P.; reared in vilUge; m. Louise 
G. Stevenson, Jan. 7, 191*; e. Nancy 
L-vin, Thos. B., Gordon. B.S.A., Ohio 
State Univ., lOOfl. Sigma Chi; Alpha 

Foast, Bury Leiris, asat. prtrf. vet. sci., 
N. D. Agr. Coll., Agricultural College. 

Present position, 1916 — . (. Beaver- 
dam. O.. Mar. 22, 1886; : Wm. Edgar 
and Lydia (Augsburger) P.; reared on 
farm. D.V.M., Ohio State Univ., 1914. 
Omega 1^ Sigma. 

Fox, Cynia T., journalist. Beading Pa. 
City ed., BeatUng Times, 1872-S7; 
ed. and business manag., Beading Daily 
Beview, 1897-9; manag. Reading News 
Bur., 1887-1904. State pom.. Pa., 
1877-190*; inm>. Div. Zool,. Penn. Dept. 
Agr., yrs.; lect. and manag. farmers' 
insts., in first season. 1888-9. Trustee 
Penn. State Coll., 1890-190S. Sec. Berks 
Co. Agr. and Hort. Soc., 27 yrs.; sec. 
Penn. State Hort. Assoc,. 1607 and ISOS; 

BM. Fenn. SUte Editorial Assoc.. 1B02. 
anag. Chesterwood Eip. Farm and 
Gardens, Uocaster Co., Pa., lB6fi-72; 
supt. hort. for Pa., at Uie St. Louis 
Expos., 1004; Worid's Fair Assoc, of 
SupU-ofHort. 6. Beading. Pa., liar. 12, 

1847; f. FWeridc and Sarah (Soder) F,; 
reared in city and on farm; m. TilUe S. 
Sbartle. Jan. 7, 1875; e. Prcderidc S., 
Cyrus Garfield, Paul E. 

Pel, Daniel Scott, asst. prd. agron.. Peon. 
State Coll.. State College. Pa. 

Instr.. Cornell Univ.. 1913-6; asst. 
prof, farm manag., Mont. State CoU., 
1916-7; present position, 1017—. b. 
Avoca, N. ¥., Aug. 31, 1888; i. Emerson 
E. and Jennie (Scott) P.; reared on 
farm; m. Grace Fordyc«, June SO, 191S; 
C.Dorothy Elisabeth. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1013; Ph.D.. 1018. 

Fox. Lawrmc* M., co. agrl. agt., Kngwood, 

Dairy farmer, 1007-17. b. Welshfield, 
O., Sept. 2, 1882; «. John W. and Minnie 
L. (Pratt) P.; reared on farm; m. Vema 
Messenger, June 12, 1907; «. J. Ross, 
Ruth E. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 1907. 

Frame, Nat Terry, state agt. in chg. co. 
Bgts.. Univ. W. Va., Morgantown. W. Va. 
Aut. supt., Geo. Junior Republic, 
1900-2; farmer, 1902-13, Sec. Eastern 
Fruit-Growers' Assoc.; Berkeley Co. 
Hort. Soc. b. Depauville. N, Y., Feb. 24. 
1877; ». Klaa W. and Antonette (Terry) 
P.; reared on farm and in village; m. 
Grace Boomer, 1000: c. Luke W., Robt. 
N., Wm. S. A.B. Colgate Univ. ,1890. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

. .. sn, prof, dairy 

busb., Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb, 

Instr. agrl. chem., la. StaU Coll., 
1902-4; commercial work, 1904-7; prof. 
dairying, Univ. Ida.. 1907-11; present 
position, 1911—. Del. Am. Assoc. Agr. 
Colls., 1900; Northwest Rural Ufe 
Comu., from Ida. Pres, Official Dairy 
Instrs. Assoc.. 1913-4; pres. Neb. State 
Dairymen's Assoc., lOIB. Chm. dairy 
com.. Fed. Food Administration for Neb., 
1017—. A«th.: (with Markham) The 
Manufacture of Ice Creams and Ices, IBIS. 
Ed., in^chief. Journal of Dairy Science. 
b. Story City, la.. Apr. 88, 1877; », 
Andrew Christian and Anna (Hennanaen) 
P.; reared on farm; in. Matilda Madaon. 
Aug. B. 1906; e. Julius Hetman Jr., 
Dorothy Evelyn. B.S.A., la. State CoU.. 
1902; M.S.A.. 1904. Phi Kappa Phi; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 


pnnlL, Wnfiun Lnthar. ma. Mtt. in grain 
■tenduduation inveati.. Bur. MailceU. 
U. S. Dept. Art., WMhington, D. C. 

b. WapakoneU. O., Dm. SS, 1S»3; 
(. David L. and Anna M. (Ramga) P.; 
MMred on farm; m. Edith Alida Ra7, 
Aug. IS, 1B17; e. Edith Marie. B.S.A., 
<Huc> State Univ., 1917. Bete Alpha Chi. 

FfWikEn. Henry Jamea, supL cranberry 
■uhrta., E. Wareham, Man. 

burtr. eot., Univ. Minn., I90S-9; 

Emma Mary (Franklin) P.; reared on 
farm. B.S„ Man. Agr. Coll., IMS; 
Ph.D.. 1908. 

Prapa. George Strmuch, Btate chcm. of 
Te«., College Stetion, Ttx. 

Aaat. prof, chem., N. C. A.&M. Coll.. 
leW-lMS; asst. chem., N. C, Eip. Sta.. 
18IW-190S; aMt. diem., Tex. Eip. Su., 
lVOS-«; auoc chem., 190^-5; chem.. 
lOOS— ; aasoc. pit^. chem., Tex. A. & M. 
CoU., I90e-18i itata chem. of Tex., 
1905—; chem. Feed Control, 1905—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Auih.: Principles of 
Dyeing, 1903; Prmciples of Agricultural 
Cbemutry, 1913, rev., 191T. b. Raleigh, 
N. C, Sept. 9, 1876; ». Anton Wen»e 
and Margaret Elizabeth Luml^ (Stone- 
banks) F.; reared in city; m. Ellen Hak 
Saunders, June 17, 1903; o. Geo. S. Jr.. 
Mary Brandon, lUcbard Saunders. B.S-, 
N. C. A.&M. ColL. 1896; Ph.D., Johns 
Hopkins Umv., 1B99. Phi Beta K^pa. 

Fraaei, Samoel, fruit'.nowa, nursnyman, 
farmer, Geoeaeo, N. ¥. 

Aast. agr., Cheahire Agr, Coll., England, 
1890-8; agnt., Sch. Practical Agr. and 
Hort., Briarcliff Manor, N. Y., 1900-S; 
asst. agron. and instr., Cornell Univ., 
1903-0. PeUow A. A. A. S.; Highland and 
Agrl. Soc.. Scotland. Chm. exec. com. 
and ex. vice-pre*. N, Y. Stete Hort. 
Soc.; ei vice-pre*. N. Y. Stele Aitri. Soc. 
AtOk.; The Poteto, 1905. b. Cheadle, 
Cheshire. England. Feb. i, 1878; *. 
John and Frances Catherine (Widdiaon) 
P.; reared in dty; m. Nicolas M. Shaw, 
Aug. W, 1903; c. Rachel Shaw, Grad. 
Cheshire Agr. Coll., England, 1898; 
diploma Highland and Agrl. Soc., Scot- 
land. 1898; diploma Royal Agrl. Soc.. 
England, 1898; nat. diploma in dairying. 
Great Britain, 1898; M.S.A., ComeU 
Univ., 1906. Sigma Xi. 

FraMt, ViDwr Xoiui, pnJ. clairy farming 
chief Eip. Su., Univ.Hl.. Urtwna, ID. 

. agnt. 111. Exp. Ste., 1B95-0; 
instr. dairy husb., 1B96-1901; present 
portion, 1901 — . Studied dairy farming 
ID Europe. Farm operator, b. Lockport, 
ni., Jul. 1. 1869: «. John A. and Mary A. 
(Van Horn) F.; reared on farm; m. 
Alice M. Eaton, Sept. 13, 18M; e.CedlE., 
Gladys C. B.S., Univ. Ql., 1893; M.S.. 
190a. Sigma Xi 

Frear, Dana Wallet, asst. stete co. agt. 
leader, N. D. Agr. CoU., Fargo. N. D. 

f^d agt.. Bur. Plant Ind., 1908, Bur. 
Statistics, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1909; instr. 

agts.. 1912-S; present pontion. 1915—. 
Sec-treas. NaL Agr. Stete Leaders' 
A«oc, 1913-5. Bd., Miimesote Farm 
Review, St. Paul, 190»-0. b. Minne- 
tooka. Minn.. Mar. 10. 1884; i. Walter 
Scott and Clara E. (Chase) F.; reared on 
farm and in town. B.S.A.. Univ. Minn., 

Freaf, William, prof. expl. agrl, chem., 
Penn. State CoU., Stete College, Pa. 

Ant nat. sen., Bucknell Univ.. 1881-3; 
asst chem., V. S. Dept. Agr., 1883-5; 
assL prof, agrl, chem., Penn. Stete Coll., 
18Bd; prof., 1880-1900; prof. expl. agrl. 
chem., 1907—; vice^ir. and chJnn., 
Exp. Ste., 1887—; chem.. Pa. Stete 
Bd, Agr., 1889—; chem.. Pa. Dept. 
Agr., 1805 — ; chem.. Pa. Dairy and 
Pood Bur., 1895—. Mem. U. S. Food 
Standards Comn., 1909-7; Joint Com. 
on Food Definitions and Standards, 
1914—. Vic^pres. Assoc. Am. Agrl. 
Colls, and Exp, Stas.; prea. Assoc. 
Official Agrl. Cbems.; pres. and sec Soc. 
for Promotion AgrL Sci.; pres. sci. sect., 
Assoc. Am. Dairy Food and Drug Officials; 
chm. exec, com., Nat. Pure Pood and 
Drug Congress. Fellow A. A, A. S, 
Ed., Agricultural Science. 1892-4. b. 
Reading, Pa., Mar. 84, I860; i. Geo. and 
Malvina (Rowland) F.; reared in city 
and on farm; m. Julia Reno, Jul. 17, 
1900; c. Geo. Lewis, Mary Reno, EBia- 
beth Rowland. Wm. B.A., Bucknell 
Univ.. 1881; Ph.D.. III. Wesleyan Univ., 
1883. Phi Kappa Pai; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha Zete (hon.); Alpha Chi Sigma 


Fred, Edwin Bionn, msoc. prof. agrl. IwH., 
Uaiv. Wis., Maduon, Wu. 

b. Middlebury. Va., M&r. 22. 1687; 
*. Samuel Rogers and Catlieriae (Con- 
way) P.; reared ou farm; m. Rosa Helea 
Parrott; e. Ann Conway. B.S., V». 
Poly. Inst. li>07; Ph.D., Univ. Goettin- 
Seo. 1911. 

Freeman. Edward Monoe, prof, plant 

Sth. and boL and dean Coll. Agr., Univ. 
bn., St Paul, Micm. 
Instr, bol„ Coll. Pharmacy, Univ. 
Mino., 1898-1001; assL prof. hot.. Coll. 
Sd. and Arts, 1002-S; path,, Bur. Plant 
Ind., Washington, 1905-7; proF. plant 
path, and bat., Coll. Agr., Univ. Minn., 
1907—; asat dean, Dept Agr., 1913-7; 
dean, 1917—. FeUow A. A. A. S. Pres. 
Am. Phytopathologii^ Soc., 1918. Auth.: 
Minnesota Plant Disease, 190A. Mem. 
editorial com.. Journal of Agricultural 
Research, b. St. Paul, Minn., Feb. It, 
mS; t. Henry and SybitU (Jenni) F.; 
reared in country and city; n>. Grace 
D. Studeman, Aug. 19, 1902; c. Monroe 
Edward. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1898; M.S.. 
1899; Ph.D., 1905; student Cambridge 
Univ., England, 1 yr. Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Alplia. 

Freeman. Frances Rowland, prof, home 
econ.. Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Head home econ. dept.. State Normal 
Sch.. Moorhead, Minn., 1911-4; present 
osition, 101+—. 6. Tippecanoe City, 
. J r* n* 1 t* !.. 


, Mar. 7, 19ST; d. C. M. and Fannie 
(Stafford) F.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Ohio SUte Univ., 1910; M.S., 1911. 
Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Freenao, George F., plant geneticist and 
bot, Soci^t^ SulUuueDDe d' Agriculture, 
Cairo, Egypt. 

Asst. hot., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 100»^; 
asst. and asst. prof, bot., Kans. State 
Agr. Coll., 1904-9; plant-breeder, Univ. 
Ariz., 1909-tS; acting dean and dir. 
Coll.Agr..Ari£.,1915-a. b. Leesburg, Ala.. 
Nov. 4, 1870; ». Geo. Washington and 
Laura Caroline (Nuckols) F.; reared on 
farm; m. Loua Adelle Blachly. Jul. IS. 
1006; c. Eleanor Adelle. Geo- I>ouald. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 190S; Sc.D., Har- 
vard Univ., 1917. 

Freeman, Robert Wallace, distr. agrl. agt., 
Wilson, N. C. 

Supt. and prof, sci., Samuel Benedict 
Mem. Sch., Cedartowu, Ga., 1911-3; 

asst. supt., Qemson Coll. Branch Exp. 
__Sta., SummervUle, S.C..I913— ; co. ^.. 
^-Salisbury, N.C., 191S-4; present poution, 
191*—. b. Lydia, S. C. June 4, 1889; 
I. J. W. and Emma (Hendricks) F.i 
reared on farm; m. Mary Etta Mathews, 
~, 1914; e. Robl. "' ' " " 
n Agr. Coll., 1911. 

Frejd, David John, agrl. rep., Kenora. Ont. 

b. Bruce Mines. Ont. Mar. 81, 1891; 

»■ John and Matilda (Johnson) P.: reared 

on farm. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll., 191S. 

French, Hiram T., dir. eit., Colo. Agr. 
Coll,, Fort Collins, Colo. 

ProF. agr.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1889-99; 
prof, agr., Univ. Ida., 1899-1903; dir. 
Exp. Sta., 1903-9; state leader coop. 
farm dem. work. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1909-19; 
present portion, 191S — . Mem. Ida. 
Country Life Comn.; pres. Ida. State 
Dairy and Pure Food Assoc., 9 yrs. 
Planned and built coounimity school, 
Washoe, Ida. Farm operator; pres. 
Pleasant Valley Farm Lands Co., Caldwell, 
Ida. Autk.: History Idaho. 1919-1. Aitoc. 
ed.. Gem State Rural and Live Slock 
Journal, 3 yrs. b. Almena, Mich., Oct 1, 
1801; t. Warren F. and Sarah (Eager) P.; 
reared on farm; m, Carrie C, French. 
1886 (d. 1000): 2d, Lura C. Cass. 1001; 
c. Ralph W., Carrie, Helen, Hiram Jr. 
B.S., Midi. Agr. Coll., 1885; M.S., 18S8. 

French, Walter Hirom, prof. agrl. educ, 
Mich. Agr. Coll.. E. Lansing. Midi. 

Co. nipt, schs., 1893-1901; deputy 
state supt. public instr., 1901~^. Mem. 
StaU Com. on Agrl. and Ind. 
Educ.; sec. Am. Assoc, for Adv. Agrl. 
Teach.; vice-pres. Nat. Soc. Promotion 
Ind. Educ. b. Cuba, N. Y.. Jan. 28, 
1862; s. Harvey H. and PerUe A. (Niles) 
F.; reared on farm; ?n. Caddie M. Chat- 
fee, 1880; c. Horace L. M.Pd., SUte 
Normal CoU,. Midi., 1910; M.S., Univ. 
Mich.. 1919. Alpha ZeU. 


Asst. chem., Peun. Exp. Sta.. 1889-98; 
expert asst. in an. nutr., 1898-1008; 
preaent title, 1008—. b. Halsinborg, 
Sweden, Aug. 31, 18SS (naturalized 1892); 
t. Rasmus and Anna Sophia (Fries) 
Larson; reared in small town. B.S., Penn. 
SUte CoU., 1809; M.S., 1906; studied 


1901 and Zurich, SwiUerlaad, 190A. 

FroBune, Fred DeBtoii, prof, mycology and 
.. plaot path, and path. E^. Su., Va. Poly, 
^loat, Blackiburg, Va. 
l^] Aast. bot., Columbia Univ., 1911-3; 

asat hot., Purdue Bip. SU., 1913-5; 
^preseDt position. 1915—. b. St. Paris, 

O., Apr. 2, 1880; ». Frank W. and Stella 
£<Riker) F.; reued in dty; m. Bern 

Fridley, June, 1913; c. J«an Loube, 
> Anne. B.S., S. D. State Coll., 1911; 
^Pb.D.. Columbia Vmv., 1»14. Sigma Xi. 

Frost, NOTman, prof, rural educ., Geo. 
Feabody ColL for Teachers, Nashville. 

Princ. public sch.. Fountain, Minn.. 
190»-10; supt. schs., Slepbeo. Minn., 
1910-9: spewalist. U. S, Bur. Educ, 
1913; distr. supt. »ch».. Waterbury, VI.. 
l»13-e; present position. 1917—. b. 
Oberlin, 0., June 23. 1S8T; t. Wm. G. 
and Louise (Raney) P.; resiied in small 
town. B.A., Oberlin Coll.. 1009; M.A., 
Columbia Univ.. 1914. Flu DelU Kappa. 

Fnwl, WiUiam Dodge, _prot. agrl. bact.. 

Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 
) r Asst., Minn., SUte Bd. of Health Lab., 
&ieM-S; asst. bact., Univ. WU., 1895-3; 
iDStr., 1898-1903; assU prof.. 1902-7; 
i;.aasoc. prof., 1907-1*; prof. agrl. bact., 
lfkI91S— . FeUow A.A.A.S. Avih.: U.b- 
^oratory Guide in Elementary Bacterio- 
logy, 1901; (with McCampbell) General 
Bacteriology, 1912; chapter in Marshall's 
MitTobiology. 6. Lake City, Minn., 
Sept 13, 1867; .. Benj, CuUer and Lucy 
Jane (Dodge) F.; reared on farm; m. 
Jessie Elwdl, Jao. 1, 1899; e. Russell 
Elwell, Theodore Dodge. B.S.. Univ. 
Hinu., 1393; M.S., 1391; Ph.D., Univ. 
Wis. 1903; Dr. P. H., Harvard Med. 
School. 1913. Sigma Xi. 

Fry, Jacob Mardn, co. agrl. agt., Sunbury, 

Asst. agrl. ext., Penn. SUte Coll.. 
1917-8. *. Ephrata. Pa., Feb. 20, 1887; 
I. Samuel Curtis and Catherine R. (Kline) 
F.; reared on farm. B.S., Penn. SUte 
Coll.. 1917. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Poller, Frank Erwin, ext. agron., Mont. State 
Coll. Bozeman, Mont. 

Sec. Mont. Seed Growers' Assoc. 6. 
Atwood, Kana., Dec. 28, 1887; ». Frank 

and Adelia (Hoogner) F,: reared on 
farm; n. Ruth Plumb, 1S12; e. Kenneth. 
B.S..Kans.StateAgr.CoU.,lall; B.S.A., 

^la. State Colt., 1917. Alpha Zeta; Pbi 

^ Kappa Phi. 

PiiUo', Frederick DriSii. chief, div. feed 
control serv., Tei. Exp. Sta., College 
Station. Tei. 

Asst. chem.. N. H. Exp. Sta., I8B2-S; 
asst. chem., N. Y. .Agr. Eip. Sta., Geneva, 
1896-1 900; chief chem., Dept. Agr., 
Harrisbucg. Pa.. 1905-9; chief. Cattle 
Feed and Grain Invest. Lab.. U. S. Bur, 
Chem,, 1909; chief chem. and general 
maoag.. Pa. Primo Feed Co., Harruburg, 
1909-10; chief deputy state chem., InA. 
Exp. Sta., 1910-6; chg. sci. educ. dept.. 
Am. Feed Manufacturers' Assoc., 1916-7; 

rsentposition, 1917— . Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Hanover, N. H., May li, 1873; *. 
John Marsh and Martha Sophia (Driggs) 
F.; reared on farm; m. Abby FloKnce 
Chambcrlin, 1895; c. Irene Mabel, 
Allan Chamberlin, Whitman Hamilton, 
Raymond Nelson. B.S., N. H. A.&M. 
CoU., 1892; M.S.. Purdue Univ.. 1912. 
Sigma Xi; Kappa Sigma. 

FuDer, Horace B., agrat. co. agt. work. 
States Relations Serv., U. S. E>ept Agr., 
WaabiogtoD, D. C. 

Farmer, Montmorency Co.. Micb., 8 
yra. b. Ingham Co., Mich., June i, 1870; 
f. Geo. F. and Helen (Bigelow) F.; reared 
on farm; m. Axie E. Warren. Nov. iO, 
1S98; c. Helen P., Grace L.. Theodore W., 
Mariam, Elva A. B.S.. Mich. Agr. ColL, 

Fuller, Jamea Garfield, assoc. prof, an. 
husb,, Univ. Wis., Madison. Wis. 

Aast. an. busb., Univ. Wis., 1904-6; 
inrtr., 1906-8; asst. prof., 1908-13; 
asaoc. prof., 1913—. Studied agr. in 
Europe, ISIO. b. Watermau, 111.. Sept. 
12, 1880; (. Harvey L. and Sarah (Brady) 
F.; reared on farm; m. Lulu Margaret 
Douglas, Apr. 21, 1008; c. Harold Doug- 
las. James Gordon. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 
1904. Alpha ZeU. 

Fuller, John McEIroy. prof, dairy husb., 
N. H. A. & M. Coll.. Durham. N. H. 

Instr, dairy huab., S. D. SUU Coll., 
1812-3; assoc. prof., 1913-3; prof, 
dairying, Okla. A. & M, Coll.. 1015-6; 
present position, 1016 — . A$*oe, td^ 
Orange JuddWeekUea, 1911-9. 6. Brooks, 


Ib., Dec. 23, 1888; >. Cheiter MorriMD 
ud Eunice Virginu (Teeter) P.; reared 
on Farm; m. Elsie K. BiueU, Aug. «7, 
1913; c. Jolm Frederick. B.S., la. SUte 
Coll.. 1911. Delu Sigma Rhoi Gamma 
Sigma Delta. 

Fnhon, Hany Rmcoc, path, fruit disease 
iDvesU., Bur. Plant lod., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
TVubington, D. C. 

Plant path., Lb. Exp. SU., IBOa-S; 
auoc, prof. bot. and plant path,, Penn. 
SUte Coll., 1908-)3i prof. bot. and plant 
path., N. C. A.&M. CoU.. l»l«-6; 
preaent position, 1916—. Fellow A. A. 
A.S. Auth.: Euentiak of Botany, 191S. 
b. Oxford, Miu., Sept. 19, 1880; *. 
Robt. Burwell and Annie Rose (Garland) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Nell Cribbs, 
1913; e. Carrie Roper. B.A., Univ. Misa., 
1900: M.A., Univ. Mo., 190S; M.A., 
Harvard Univ., 1900. Kgma Xi; Pbi 
K^>pB Pbi; Delu Fsi. 

FuDchcts, Marion Jacob, prof, agron., 
Ala. Poly. Inat.. Auburn, Ala. 

Asst. prof, agron., Ala. Poly, Iiut., 
1909-12; aarac. prof., 1912-S; prof., 
1915—. b. Orangeburg, S. C, Apr. 9, 
1884; *. J. S. and E. M. (Andrews) F.; 
reared on Form; m. AgneaEloiseMcCanta. 
June 21, 1911; c. Jean Eloige, Helen. 
B.S.. Clerason Agr. Coll.. 1908; M.S., 
Univ. Wis., 1911. Phi Kappa Phi; 
' Gamma Sigma Delta; Kappa Phi Gamma. 

Gainey, Percy Leigh, aut prof, bad., 
Kant. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kuu. 
Aast., N, C. A.&M. ColL. 1908-10; 
inrtr., Univ. Mo., 1911^; soil bact., 
Kans. Exp. SU., IQll— ; aast. prof., 
Kans. SUte Agr. CoU., 1917—. 6. 
FayetteviUe, N. C, Mar. 9, 1887; *. 
Abram and Amelia (MacNabb)G.; r^red 
on farm; m. Grace IVueman Deaton, 
Dec. es, 1913. B.Agr., N. C. A.&M. 
Ccdl,. 1908; M.S., 1910; A.M., Wa^iing- 
ton Univ., 1911. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Galloway, Beverly Humus, plant patb.. 
Bur. Plant lod.. U. S, Dt^t. Agr., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Asat. horL, Univ. Mo., 1864-6; asst. 
Sect, of Mycology, Div. Bot.. U. S. 
Dept Agr., 1887-8; chief Div. Path., 
1888-1901; chieF Bur. Plant Ind., 1901-18; 
atst. sec. ap., 1919-*; dean Coll. Agr., 
Cornell Univ., 1914-0; present potition, 
1918—. Fellow A, A. A. S. hp\. 
explorer in Japan, China, India, N. Afnca. 
Farmer, Md., 7 yn.; florist and gardner. 
Mo.. 4 yrs., Md., S yrs. 6. Millersburg. 
Mo., Oct. 16, 1863; t. Hobt. M. and Jane 
(McGray) G.; reared in country; m. 
Agnes S. Rankin, Sept. 5. 1886; e. Robt. 
Rankin, Gordon, Beverly. B.Agr. Sc., 
Univ. Mo., 1881; LL.D., 190«. 

Gaddw, Porter L., assoc. prof, agron., 
Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Aast. prof, agron. ext., Univ. Neb., 
1915-7; assoc. prof., 1917—. b. Custer 
Co., Neb., June IS, 188S; : Wm. C. 
and Nancy R. (Higgins) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Merle Wilson. Aug., 1909; 
0. Marion, Mildred. A.B., Greenville 
CoU., Dl., 1908; B.S.A., Univ. Neb.. 1910. 

Gofe, George Edward, assoc. prof. an. 
path.. Mass. Agr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 
Assoc, biol., Md, Eip, SU., 1909-10; 
bioL, 1910-1; asst. prof. an. path., 
Mass. Agr. Coll., 1911-2; assoc. prof., 
191!~; research path., Exp. SU. 1915— . 
l«t Lieut., SaniUry Corps, Nat. Army, 
191S— . b. Springfield, Mass., Dec. 30, 
1883; *. Wm. H, and Mary Elizabeth 

Galpin, Charles Josiah, assoc. prof. agrl. 
econ,, Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Vioe-princ. Union Acad., Belleville, 
N. Y., 168a-8; prof. hisL, Kalamatoo 
Coll., 1888-91; princ. Union Acad., 
1391-1901 (esUblighed first course in agr. 
in secondary schs. of N. Y. State, 1901); 
6rst univ. pastor at Univ. Wis., 1905-11; 
present position, 1911 — . Mem. Social 
berv. Com., N. BapUst Convention. 
1910-7; mem. Comn. of Country Church 
of Fed. Coundl of Churches of Christ in 
Am.; sec. Wis. Country Life Conference. 
1911-7. Traveled in England, Scotland, 
Norway, Denmark. AvA,: Rural life. 
1918. b. Hamilton. N. Y., Mar. IS. 1664; 
*. L. Q. and Frances (Look) G.; reared 
in country and village; m. Zoe N. Wick- 
wire. June 22, 1887. A.B., Colgate Univ., 
188S; A.M., 1888; Harvard Univ.. 189S. 
Phi Ecu Kappa; Delta K^tpa EpsUon. 



Durymao, Codii. Exp. Su. Model 
Farm, 1909; milk cbem. aod b«ct., 
Springfield, Mua., 1909-14; market 
milk tpeciBlist, Bur. Ad. Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 161V-8: present poMtion. 1918 — . 
Supt. milk and cream exhibits, Nat. 
Daii7 Sbow, 19ie-8; milk ju^ Nat. 
Dairy Show, 1910-B. Chm. dairy [arm 
imp. com., Inter. Assoc. Dairy and Milk 
Insps., 1917-S. b. Waupaca, Wis., Oct. 
10, lSS2i >. James and Margaret (Flem- 
ing) G.; reared on farm; m. Florence G. 
Smith, Apr. 80. 1911; e. James Hoss. 
B.S., Conn. Agr. CoU., 1909; M.S., George 
Washington Univ.. 1916. 

GarbcT, Nnman Eby, co, ogrl. agt., Doyles- 
town. Pa. 

b. Elizdbethtown, Pa., Oct. S6, 1890; 
». Smon E. and Fannie F. (Eby) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Belle C. Kauffman, 
June 80. 1918. B.S., Penn. State Coll., 

1916. Alpha ZeU. 

Garber, Ralph Jobn, aaat. prof, agron., 
Univ. Minn., University Farm, SL Paul, 

Instr. agr., bigh-sch., Morgan, Minn,, 
1913-5; Monticello. 1915-6; instr. agroo., 
Univ. Minn., 191T-B; asst. prof., 1B18. 
b. Deer Creek, III.. Apr. *i, 1890; ». John 
and I^na (Oswald) G.; reared on farm; 
m. Mildred Fitschen, Jul. 12, 191T. 
B.S.. Univ. ni., 1012; M.S., Univ. Minn., 

1917. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Garcia, Fabian, dir. N. Mei. Exp. SU., 
prof, hort, N. Mex. A. & M. Coll., SUte 
College, N. Mex. 

Asst. agr.. N. Mex. A. & M. Coll., 
1894-1906; prof. hort. 1906— ; hort..Eip. 
Sta., 1906-13; du-., 1913—. Prea. Dona 
Aua Co. Fur, 1912. b. Chihuahua, Mex., 
Jan. 20, 1871 (naturalized 1889); «. 
Ricardo' and Sefugio (lUvera) G.; m. 
JulieU J. Amador. Aug. 14, 190T. B.S., 
N. Mex. A. & M. Coll., 1894; M.S.A., 
1806; special student, Cornell Univ., 

operator. Atitk.: Successful Farming, 
19IS. b. Gilman, lU., Nov. 19, 1864; 
(. Isaac J. and Invemo (Bennett) G.; 
reared on fann; m. Ellen P. Crum, June 
S. 1894; e. Matthias B., F. Easter. 
Reina E. B.S., Univ. ID.. 1891. 

Gardner, Obadiah, farmer and senator, 
Rockland. Me. 

Master State Grange. 189T-190T. Dem. 
candidate for governor. Me., 1908; U. S. 
Senator. 1911-3; assessor for Me., 1911. 
Chm. Am. Sect, of Inter. JtHut Comn. 
having chg. of all diversions and obstruc- 
tions of the boundary waters marking 
the boundary between the U. S. and 
Canada, b. Port Huron, Mich., Sept. 13, 
1862; I. John and Mary (Strevils) G.; 
«». Corinna A. Sheier, Nov. 28, 187«. 
Grad. Eastman's Business Coll,. Pough- 
keepsie, N. ¥., Cobum Classical InsL, 
Waterville, Me, 

Gardner, Vktor Ray, prof. pom.. Ore. Agr. 
CoU., Corvallis, Ore. 

Teaching fellow, I«. State Coll., IB05-7; 
instr. hort., Maodonald Coll., Canada, 
1907-8; asst. iHv>f. hort., Univ. Me., 
1908-11; actbgheadColl. Agr., 1909-11; 
Bssoc. prof. pom.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1911-5; 
prof., 1915 — . 6. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Mar. 25, 1885; t. Leonard B. and Ann 
(Parker) G.; reared in country and dty; 
m. Bemice Mae Jackson, 1908. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1005; M.S.A.. la. State 
Coll., 1907. Alpha Zeta. 

G«rf eld, Charles WilHam, banker and far- 
mer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Teach. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1873-7. 
Mem. Mich. House of Rep., 1881-«; 
state Bd. Agr., 12 yra. (trustees Mich. 
Agr. Coll.); pres. Mich. For.Copm., 9 yrs. 
Pres. Mich. For. Assoc.; treaa. Mich. 
Civil Service League; sec. Mich. Hort. 
Soc., 10 yra.; sec. Am, Pom. Soc., 4 yra. 
b. Milwaukee, Wis,. Mar. 14, 1848; a. 
Samuel Marshall and Harriet Eliza 
(Brown) G.; m, Jessie Robertson Smith, 
Nov. 24, 1897. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1870; M.S., 1879; LL.D., 1917. Phi 
Delta Theta. 

Gardner, Frank Duane, prof, ogron.. Pom. Gannan, Harrison, prof, ent., Univ. Ky., 

State Coll., State College, Pa. 

Asit. agr., Univ. III., 1891-a; sa. ana 
soil expert. Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1895-1908; chg. Porto Rico Exp. SU., 
3 yrs.; present position, 1908 — . Farm 

and state ent., Lexmgton, Ky. 

Assoc, prof. lool., Univ. III.; prea. Am. 
Assoc. Econ. Ents.; mem. exec, com.. 
Am. Assoc. Official Seed Analysts. 6. 
Stephenson Co,, lU.. Dec. «7, 1858; 


«. B«DJuiuD F. and Sarah A. (Griffith) G.; 
reared io village; m. Rosalie Miller, Oct. 
SO. I8SS; c. Frederick, Philip. D.Sc.. 
Univ. Ky, 

Gamer, Wightman Wells, physiologist in 
cbg. tobacco Mid plaat nutr. inveats., 
Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Instr. chem.. Tufts Coll., 1900-3. 
b. Timmonsville, S. C. Jul. 15. 1875; 
*. James N. and Joana (Wright) G.; 
reared an farm; m. Judith Goode, Nov. S, 
1909. A.B., Univ. S. C. 1896; Ph.D., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1900. Sigma Alpha 

> market-gard.. Kingston, 

Margaret (Hutchison) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Mabel KeUer, Oct. 2, IBOl: 
e. Balph, Jean. 

Gaifilna, Hany Lucian. prof. an. busb. 

and farm aupt.. Conn, Agr. Coll., Storrs, 

Farm supt. and bstr. dairybg and vet. 
sci., Baron DeHirsch Sch. Agr.. 1900-1; 
asst. agrst.. Storrs Ezp. Sla., lOOl-S; 
farm supt. and instr. an. husb.. I90t-lS; 

B'esent position. 191 fi — . Dir. Conn, 
airymen'a Assoc.; sec. Conn. Sheep 
Breeders' Assoc.; vice-prca. New England 
Hereford Breeders' Assoc; sec. Conn. 
Horse Breeders' Assoc. 6. Wolcott, 
Conn., Aug. 18, 1870; i. J. H. and 
Sophronia E. (Upson) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Bertha M. Patterson. Nov. tS, 
1899; e. Elsie M., Honard S.. RusseU M.. 
Wesley P., Upson S. B.A., Coon. Agr. 
Coll., 1898; grad. student Out. Agr. 

Gaskill, Ralpk Hkks. co. agrl. agt., Hathome, 

Instr. an. husb. and head dept,. Bristol 
Co. Agr. Sch.. 1B13-5; agt. Bristol Co., 
191S-7; with R. H. Phillips, chain grocer 
and milk dealer, Springfield, Mass., 1917; 
agt. Essex Co.. 1918—. Dir. io Mass. 
Fruit Growers' Assoc, b. Mendoo, Mass., 
June 14, 1892; «. Albion A. and Abbie 
Francea (Hicks) G.; reared od farm; 
nt. Nina Marion Taft, Aug. 17, 1915. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. CoU., 1913. Lambda 
Chi Alpha. 

Gasscr, George TmUam, supt. U. S. Agr. 
Exp. SU., Rampart, Alaska. 

b. Youngstown. O., Dec. 10, 1874; 
*. John and Verena (Gysel) G.; reared on 
farm; nt. Be«trice Peck, Aug. li, 1909. 
B.S.. Kans. SUte Agr. CoU., 1905. 

Gate*. BoHOB Noble, assoc. prof, bee- 
keeping, apiariast Exp. Sta., and state 
insp. apianes for Mass. 'Bd. Agr., Mass. 
Agr. Coll., Amherst, Maas. 

Asst. biol., Clark Coll.. 190e-7; field 
fellow, 1908-9; lect. beekeeping, Mass. 
Agr. Coll., spring. 1906. T, 8. 10; colla- 
borator Bur. Ent., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Feb.-Jul.. 1907, 1917—; expert m apicul- 
ture and asst.. 1907-10; present position, 
1910—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Ex-pres, 
Nat. Beekeepers' Assoc. 6. Worcester, 
Mass., Dec. 19. 1881 ; a. Chas. Burton and 
Ida E. (Noble) G.; reared in city and 
country; m. June 16, 1913. A.B., Clark 
Coll.. 1905; A.M., Clark Univ.. 1906; 
Ph.D.. 1909. Kappa Phi. 

Gate*. WilGam B., prof. cool, and ent., La. 
State Univ., Baton Rouge, La. 

Zool.. Gulf Biol. Sta., La., 1908-0; 
acting dir.. 1909-12; asst. tool, and ent.. 
La. State Univ., 1909-10; prof., 1910—. 
5. Mahabkshwar, British India. May 11, 
1883; «. Lorin Samuel and Fannie 
(Hazeo) G.; reared on farm; m. Thco- 
dosia Jones, June 1. 1911. B. A., Williams 

Gaoiuniti, Amos John, co. agrl. agt., 
Mandan, N. D. 

Asst. in cere^ lab.. Univ. Calif.. 1005-6; 
dig. cereal Geld work, Davis, Calif., 1907- 
13; instr. farm crops and chem., Davis, 
1909-12; asst. agron., Calif. Eip. Sta., 
1910-2; agt. W<Ss Co., N. D., 19iS-5; 
agt. Morton Co., 1919—. b. Haven 
Township. Minn., May 31. 1881; : 
Herman and Anna (Gazette) G.; reared 
on farm; m. Mary E. Floa. Oct. 18, 1907; 
t. Florence, Gretchen, Herman. BS., 
Univ. Minn., 1905; M.S.A., Univ. Calif., 
1906. Alpha Zeta. 

Gay, Carl Warrea, prof. an. husb. and chm. 
an. ind. group. Univ. Minn., University 
Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 

Prof. vet. div., la. State CoU., 1901-4; 
asst. prof. an. husb., 1904-5; asst. prof. 
an. husb., Ohio State Univ., 1905-6; 
assoc. prof., 1900-7; prof. an. ind., 
Univ. Penn., 1907-16; present poution. 


. . . Manas, fann 
SaniUry Bd., Media, 1011-6; da. hone 
breediiyt. Pa. Dept. of An., 1B07-IS. 
Auih.: Productive Hotm Huabandiy, 1914; 
Friiiciple* and Practice of Judging Live- 
stock, 1014; ed. The Breed* of Live- 
stock. 1916. b. Waveriy, N. Y., Mar. 14, 
1877; «. Chas. Warren and Lucy (Lemon) 
G.; reared in town; n>. CaUierine E. 
Andrew*, Dtc. 17, 1906; e. m.ymd 
Andrews, Lucy Satterlee. D.V.M., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1890; B.S.A., la. State Coll., 
IOCS; felbwahip Cornell Univ., 1 yr. 

Gayle, Habbord Kavanaugh, an. husb., 
Miu. Exp. Sta., Agricultural Collq^, 

Present positioo, 191S — . b. Frank- 
fort, Ky., Dec. IS, 1S»1; t. Clarence and 
Emma (Kavanau^) G.; reared in town 
and on farm; m. Jennie Ruth Hall, May 
«7, 1018; c. H. K. Jr. B.S.A., Univ. Ky.. 
1914. Alpha Zeta. 

Gee, Wilson, ant. dir. ext., Clenuoo Agr. 
Coll., Clenison College, S. C. 

Aast. biol. Univ. S. C, 1003-0; aut. 
coot., Univ. Wis., 1000-11; aMt. prof, 
tool.. Clemson Agr. Coll., 1911-2; prof. 
ImoI-, Univ. S. C, 1013-4; prof. biol.. 
Emory Univ., 1014-8; present position. 
lOlS— . b. Union, S. C, Sept. 18, 1888; 
*. Reuben Thompson and G^lnide (Gist) 
G.; reared in town and on (arm. B.S., 
CleniBon Agr. CoU.. 1008; M.A., Univ. 
S. C, 1010; Ph.D.. Univ. Calif.. 1013. 

Gnb, Wanen Jacob, awt. pnrf. soila, 
Univ. Wi».. MadiK>n, Wis. 

Sml lurvey field work. Bur. Soils. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1003-10; chg. work of Bur. in 
WU, and Wis. Soil Survey, 1010—; 
asst. prof, soils, Univ. Wis., 1014—. 
Sec.-treas. Wis. Soil Improvement Assoc. 
Auth.: Hintf to Homeaeekers, 1913. 
£(l.-in-chief. The Journal ol Soil Improve- 
ment, b. Kent Co.. Mich., Jan. 6, 1880; 
*. Valentine and Ellen (Bowman) G.; 
reared on farm; ni. Edith R. Dresser, 
Sept. 28. 1004; e. Donna SterUng. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1902; M.S., 191S. 

GeUcf, Jar, co. anl. agt., Essex. N. Y. 
Farmer. Bath.N. Y., 10 yrs.; manag. 
Adirondack Farms, Glen Falls, 3 yrs. 
b. Bath, N. Y., Jan. 21, 18T0: *. Jas. and 
Mary (Covell) G.; reared on farm; 
n. Dom L. Huston, Aug. IS, 1897. 


Gentry. Josiab Collins, co. sgrl.agt.,HanodB- 

i. Boyle Co.,Kf.,Apr.S,1S7S; (.Richard 
C. and Mary Ellin (Bonla) G.; reared on 

George, Qaytoa R., assoc. in dairy hush. 
ert., Purdue Univ., LaPayette, Ind. 

Asst. an. buib., Univ. Calif., 1012-4; 
pr^nt position. 1014—. Sec. Ind. Stat« 
Dairy Assoc, b. New Lisbon, Ind., Jul. 
20. 1891; a. Cary and Emma Jane (Pye) 
G.; reared on farm; m. Grace Bessie 
Apple, June 23, 1915; e. Mary Jane. 
B.Sc.. Ohio State Univ. 1912. 

GcMgesoD, Charlea ChiistiaD, agron. in 
chg. Alaska Exp. Sta.. Sitka. Alaska. 

Asst. ed. Rural New-Yorker. 1878-80; 
prof, agr, and hort.. Ten. A. & M. Coll.. 
1880-3; prof, agr.. Imperial Univ., 
Tokyo. Japan, I88S-0: prof, agr., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll., 1890-7; special agt.. 
Off, Exp- Stas,, U. S. Dept. Agr., chg. 
Alaska invests., 189S-1012; present posi- 
tion. 1012—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Spedal 
agt., U. S. Dept. Agr. to investigate dairy 
ind. ia Denmark, 1803. b. Isl. of Lange- 
land, Denmark, June 26, ISA! (naturalized 
1880); I. 1. C. and Jorgine (Hansen) G.; 
reared on farm and in village; m. Mar- 
garet TbomMon Lovett, Jan. 2, 1SS2; 
c. Dagmar, Rosemary, Valdemar Lovett. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1878; M.S.. 1888; 
D.Sc., 1016. 

soil chem.. Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, 

Inatt. soil chem., Univ. Calif., 1012-6; 
asst. prof., 1016 — . Fellow A. ft. A 
b. Pramont, Neb., Aug. 30. 1884; 
Chas. L. and Fredericka (W> 
G.; reared on farm; nt. Stella Agnes 
Hartiell. May 28, 1912. B.S.A., la. 
SUte CoU., 1912; M.S., Univ. Calif., 

Geraert, Walter Bynm, co. agrl. agt., Paris, 


Asst. to asst. prof, plant-breeding, 
Univ. ni., 1011-8. 6. Fredericksburg. 
Pa., Sept. 2, 1881; t. Hiram and Lucy 
(Kirst) G.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Emma Sohweder. Jul. 2. 1917. B.S., 
Kans, State Agr. Coll., 1007; M.S., Univ. 
lU., 1000; Ph.D., 1911. 


Getl7. Robert EOsviirtb, ad. Mat., OS. 
Forage Crops, U. S. Dept. Agr., Hayi, 

h. Waco, Neb., May 19, 1891; ». 
Reuben F. and May Evelyn (Garton) G.; 
reared on farm. A.B.. York Coll., Neb., 
leil; B.S.A,, Univ. Neb., iOlS. 

Gibson, Hebct Howard, dir. agrl. educ. for 
Vt., Montpelier, Vt. 

Farm operator, O., 6 yra.; Neb., 1 yr. 
Head dept, agr. and biol., Kearney State 
Normal Set., 1915-6; dir. practice 
teaching in agr.. la. SUte Coll., 1916-7; 
present position. 1817—. 6. Gibson, O.; 
Sept. 18, 18B4; ». Samuel and Ella <HafcT) 
G.; reared on (arm; m. Edith Grace 
Pattengill, Aug., 1910; c. Howard, 
Wwren. A.B.. Deniaon Univ., 1909; 
A.M., Columbia Univ., 1918; student 
Cornell Tloiv., 2 yra. 

Gifford, John Oayton, special agt. trop. agr. 
and for., Cocoanut Grove, Fla. 

Instr. eeon. bot„ Swarthmore Coll., 
1890-4; for,. JJ, J. Geo]. Survey, 189S-6; 
asst. ptof. for., Cornell Univ.. 1900-S; 
special agt., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1004. 
Aulh.: Practical Forestry, 1901; The 
Everglades of Florida, 1911; Forests of 
New Jersey, b. May's Landing. N. J., 
Feb. 8, 1870; *. Daniel and Emily 
(Frazier) G.; reared in small town; 
vt. Edith Wright, May. 1896. B.S., 
Swarthmore Coll., 1690; D.OEc., Univ. 
of Bavaria, Munidi, 1899. 

Gittotd. John Edwin, co. «grl. agt., RodcviUe, 

Stock farmer, 20 yrs.; instr. an. husb., 
Essei Co. Agr. Sch., Mass., 3 yrs. Sec. 
Worcester Agrl. S»»c., « yrs, 6. Brockton, 
Mass., Oct. 1. 1S7S; a. Thaddeiu E. 
and Phebe E. (Brightman) G.; reared on 
farm; m. LueUa Mary Dudl^, Dec. 19, 
1901; c. Chas. Edwin. B.S., Mass. Agr. 
Coll., 1694. Kappa Sigma. 

Gin»eTt, Arthnr WUUt, sec. agrl. dept.. 
Chamber of Commerce. B«ilon, Mass. 

Instr. agr. and superv. ext. courses, 
Univ. Me., 190S-6; asst. prof, agron., 
1906-7; fellow Cornell Univ., 1907-8; 
~ prof, plant-breeding, Cornell Univ., 

Agr., summers, 1908-10. Fellow A.A. 
A5. Mem. council. Am. Genetic Assoc.; 
sec. N. ¥. Plant Breeders' Assoc. Milk 

administrator of New England and aec. 
New England Regional Milk Comn. 
Farm operator. Avik.: (with Buley) 
PUnt-Breeding, 1915; The Potato, 1917. 
b. W. Brookfield, Mass.. Apr. SO, 1882; 
*. Lewis A. and Louixe (Brigham) G,; 
reared on farm and in town; m. Susan 
Grace Cooper, June 8, 1910; c. Vincent 
Cooper, Ann Louise. B.S., Mass. Agr. 
Coll.. 1904; B.S„ Boston Univ.. 1904; 
M.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 1905; Ph.D., 
1909. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Zeta. 

GQbert, Boyd Doane, co. agrl. agt., Bd. 
of Trade Bldg., Scranton, Pa. 

b. Rodman, N. Y., Apr. 16. 1S8A; «. 
Wm, R. and EsUlIe M. (Brown) G.; 
reared in village; m. Lena F. Butler, 
June 11, 1912. B.S.A., Cornel! Univ., 

Gilb«rl, Gc«rge Henry, dir. Bristol Co. Agr. 
Sch., Segr^aoset, Mass. 

b. BaiTC,Masa.,Jan. 1,1879; (. Wm.and 
Rosa M. (Gobs) G.; reared on farm; 
m. Floi«uce M. King, Dec. 15, 1913; 
Floreno! Beatrice. Ph.B " ■ 
iv., 1901; ( " ■ ■" 
Theta DelU C 

Gilbert, William WiHiams, plant path.. 
Bur. PUmt Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

l. Dorset, Vt- Sept. 17, 1880; ». 
Frederick V. and Mary (WiUiama) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Ottonie Elisabeth 
Ulricksoo, June 24, 1907; c. Henry 
Philip. B.S.A., Univ. Vt.. 1904; M.S., 
1909; grad. student Univ. Wu., 1912, 
George WaahiDgton Univ., 1913-4, Col- 
umbia Univ., 1914-5. 

farm manag. invest., U. S. Dept. Agr- 
1911-2; agrl. agt. Sussex Co., N. J., 
1913-4; present position, 1915—. b. 
Rock Co., Minn., Nov. 19, 1B81; *. 
Lewis H, and Mary (Qualley) G.; rured 
on farm; m. Maud Habbard, 1911; o. 
Gertnide. Warren. Kenneth. B.S.A.. 
Univ. Minn., 1910; M.S.A., ComeU 
Univ., 1911. 


&lktj, Rojral, asxt. prof, in «t. serv. uid 
auperv. reading coura«« for tbe farm, 
CorneU Univ.. Ithaca. N. Y. 

Tech. asBt., Bur. Farmers' Insts., 
N. Y. Slate Depl. Agr. and clerk dairy 
products dept.. N. Y. State Fair. IBOft-ll; 
instr. apd super v. mailing room, Coll. 
Agr., Cornell Univ., 1911-4; officer, Sch. 
for Leadership in Country Ufe, l»18-4: 
present position, IQ14 — ; tail, pnA^pom., 
summer IBIS. Farm operator. (. Water- 
town, Mass.. Mar. 17, 1S86; s. Junes H. 
and Mary L. (Johnson) G.; reared in 
town and country; m. Eunice W. Jackson, 
Jan. ». 191*; c Eunice W. B.S.A., 
C<»iiell Univ., 1908. Alpha Zeta. 

Gin, Charles O., clergj-man. 104 N. 3d St.. 
Columbus, O. 

~ 'i Peking, Chir 

W. Lebanon, N. H., 189S-a, 1897-1909; 
rural church invest.. Fed. Council of 
Churches of Christ in Am., 1913-J. 
Mem. Am. Como. to Europe for study 
cooperation; sec. comu. on chiwch and 
country life. Fed. Council of Churches <rf 
Christ in Am.. 1919-8. Collaborator: 
(with Pinchot) The Country Church, 
1913. b. Walpole, Mass., Mar. 4, 1868; 
t. John and Ellen (Metcalfe) G.; reared in 
city and on farm; m. Mary A. Nelson, 
Sept., 1895; c. Laura Metcalfe, Stanley, 
Chas. F. A.B., Yale Univ., 1889; B.D.. 
Union Tbeol. Sem., 1894. Delta Kappa 

GOIeUe, OareBce FreMOB, head dept. eooI. 
and ent. and dir. Exp. Sta., Colo. Agr. 
Coll., Fort Collins, Colo. 

Asst. zool. and ent., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
18S7; ent., la. Erp. SU., 188&-90; head 
dept. *ool. and ent.. Cob. Agr. Coll., 
1891—; dir. Colo. Eip. Sta., 1910—; 
sUte ent.. Cob., 1907—. Felbw A. A. 
A. S. Specialty, studies of Aphididae. 
b. Lyons, Mich., Apr. 7, 1859; ». Wm. H. 
and Larissa E. (I^ton) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Clara M. Smith, Mar. 31, 1880; 
e. Florence M., Nola Esther. B.S.. 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1884; M.S.. 1680; 
D.Sc, 1917. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

ISftl; *. Wm. R. and Eunice (ULrey) G.; 
reared on farm; n. Cecilia E. Murray, 
Oct. 11, 1917. B.S., la. SUte Coll., 
1913; A.M., Univ. Mo., 1014. Sigma 
Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; DelU Sigma Rbo; 
Alpha ZeU. 

GOmoie. Frank Foralor, ed Kentucky 
Farming, Louisville. Ky. 

Sute dir. Nat. Market and Farm 
Credits' Assoc. Dir. Ky. Alfalfa Growers' 
Assoc. Rice-grower, S. C, 5 yrs.; farmer 
and dairyman, Ky., 8 yrs. b. Griffin, Ga.. 
Apr. 10, 186S; >. Thomas E. and Anna 
Elixa (Forstfr) G.; reared in country; 
m. Alice Forater. Jan. 8, 1881 ; c. F. F. Jr., 
Alice F. 

Gibnore. John Wasfainftton, prof, agron.. 
Univ. Caiif.. Berkeley, Calif. 

Asflt. to dir. Hupeh Agr. Scb., Wuchang, 
China, 1808-1900; inslr. agr.. Normal 
Sch., Honolulu, H. I., 1900-1; organiser 
agrl. schools, Manilla, P. L, 1901-8; 
instr. to asst. prof, agron.. Cornell Univ., 
1904-7; prof, agron., Penn. SUte Coll., 
1907-8; pres. Coll. of Hawaii, Honolulu, 
1908-13; present pontbn, 191S— . Fel- 
bw A. A. A. S. Mem. Jury Awards, 
Panama-Pacific Expos., 1919. b. White 
Co., Ark., May 9, 1878; *. Thos. Griffin 
and Emily Frances (Landrum) G.; 
reaJed on farm; m. Elisabeth M. Hitch- 
cocki Aug. 23, 1900; c. J. Landrum. 
Raymond M., Harold V. B.S.A., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1898; M.S.A.. 1906. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Gilmore, WilUam James, prof, farm mech.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll.. Corvallia, Ore. 

Asst. prof. agrl. enpn., Man, Agr. 
CoU., 1911-fi; asst. prof, farm mech.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1915-8; prof., 1916—. 
In chg. Federal threshing machine smut 
explosion and collection invesU. of Pacific 
Northwest. Del. to Agrl. Engin. Conven- 
tion. Chicago, 1914; Road Conference, la. 
Sute Coll.. 1914. 6. Ames, la., Aug. 8. 
1884; <. W. J. and Jerusha (Norton) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Faith H. CUrk, Aug. 
iS, 1911; e. Junior. B. of C.E.. la. 
State Coll., 1909; B.S. in A.E., 1911. 
Phi Kappa Pti. 

Gillette, Lester S., assoc. prof, dairy hush.. Giltncc, Ward, prof. bact. and hygiene and 

la. Sute Coll., Ames, la. baa. Exp. Su., Mich. Agr. ColL, E. 

Instr. dairy husb., la. SUte Coll., Lansing, Mich. 

1914-6; asst. prol., 1915-7; assoc. prof. Farm operator, 1901-S; iiutr. bact. 

in chg., I91T— . 6. Fosloria, la.. June 98. and asst. vet. sd., asst. lUU vet., Ala. 



Exp. Su., 1906-6; Mseaich asst. bad. 
aod instr.. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1908-14; 
acting prof. bact. and hygiene, I012-A; 
prof.,1915— . State vet.of Mich., 1918-4; 
mem. State Vet Re^stry Bd., 1915. 
Auth.: Labw^tory Maniuij in General 
Microbiology, 1916. b. Ithaca. N. Y„ 
Apr. 6, 1882; t. Richard Dana and 
Francea Victoria (Knickerbocker) G.; 
reared on farm and in dty; m. Mabel A. 
Decker, Dec. 80. 1004; e. Dorothy D.. 
Alice Elizabeth, Wm. Ward. D.V.M., 
Cornell Univ., 1906; M.Sc., Ala. Poly. 
Iiut.. 1908. Sigma Xi; Alpha Psi. 

Giat, Rnsscll Henderson, co. agrl. agt., 
Abingdon, Va. 

b. Wellsburg, W. Va., Aug. 10, 1891; 
t. Samuel C. and Annie C. (Applegate) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Estella Fitch. June 0, 
1917. B.S.A.. W. Va. Univ., 1915. 
Sigma Nu. 

GUswm, Edwin Jamea, specialist in bort. 
and for. and aaaoc. ed. Experiment Station 
Record, Stat«s Relations Serv., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

6. Troy, N. V., Sept 6, 1878; t. John 
and Agnes Allen (Pleming) G.; reared 
in city; m. Bertha Herman Mullildn, 
Sept. 21, 1906; c. Elitabeth Pleming. 
James Herbert. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1903. Alpha Zeta. 

Glenn, Charles Cnuston, in cbg. U. S. 
Ostrich Farm, Glendale, Arii. 

Former dir., sec.-treas. Percheron Regis- 
try Co. and French Coach Horae Registry 
Co. 6. Columbus, 0.. Apr. 20, 1871; 
*. Chas. Scott and Sallie Ann (Gorrell) G.; 
reared in town; m. Olive-Branch Measick, 
Jul. 19. 1905; c. Frances. 

Glover, George Henry, bead div. vet. med., 
Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort Collins, Colo. 

Practised in Denser, 1887-91; insp. 
on Nation Cattle Trail, 1891-1900; 
present position, 1900 — . City food insp.. 
Fort Collins, 1907—. Pre*. Am. Vet. 
Med. Assoc., 1011; prea. Colo. Vet. Med. 
Assoc, 1909; pres. Am. Vet. Assoc, of 
Coll. Faculties and State Eiaminmg Dda., 
1911. b. Waterloo, la., Apr. i. ISM; 
1. Russel Blias and Bmily Cook (Garland) 
G.; m. Margaret J. Glover, Nov. 19, 
1887. B.S.. Gilo. Agr. Coll., 188*; M.S., 
1003; D.V.M., la. State ColL. ISSfi. 
Alpha Psi. 

Gobble, Carl nindt, asst. prof. an. husb., 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Student asst. farm crops, la. State Coll. 
Traveled in Europe, b. Abingdon, la., 
Sept. 7. 1885; i. Lee T. and Margaret 
(flint) G.; m. Cecilia M. Greenleaf, 
June IS, 1913; c. Virginia, James 
Lawrence. B.S.. la. State Coll., 1911. 
Delta Upsilon; Alpha Zeta. 

Goddard, Lmiog Hapgood, asrst. in chg. 
farm manag. dem,. States Rdetions Serv., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Organiied ext. dept., Ohio Ezp. Sta., 
1904; present position. 1913—. Farmer, 
Bioomingburg, 0. b, Washiagton Co., O., 
Dec. 21. 1868; *. George Rodney and 
Esther Jane (&nith) G.; reared on farm; 
m. Ina Belle Rogers, Aug. 15, IBM; 
0. Ven Rogers. C.E.. Ohio SUte Umv., 
1892. ^gma Chi. 

Gold, Charles Lockwood, farmer. W. Corn- 
wall, Conn. 

Mem. SUte Bd. Agr. b. Cornwall. 
Conn., Apr. 14, 1863; >. Theo. S. and 
(Talcott) G.; reared on Farm; 

CleveUnd. Ph.D., Yale Univ., 18S3. 

Gonunc, WHliain Henry Francis, co. agrl. 
agt. Tavares, Fla. 

Employed at Royal Bot. Gardens, 
England, 1805-1903; part owner and 

Seneral manag., Oakhurst Nursery Co., 
ennings. La., 1003-6; manag. Eip. 
Farm, Heywood Oil Co., San Bonito, 
Tex., 1906-7; asst. farm supt. and expert, 
U. S. Dept. Agr,. 1007-10; dem. agt. 
Lake Co., Fla., 1910—. Traveled m 
Europe, b. Hampshire, England, June 
1881 (paturalixed 1910); i. Frank and 
Alice (Embleton) G.; tn. Martha Putnam, 
Oct. 1005; c. Ebner. Educ. London 
Philological Coll. and Royal Bot. Garden 

Good, Edwin SUoton, prof. an. husb. and 
clim. an. ind. group. Univ. Ky., Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 

Instr. and invest, beef cattle, Univ. 
III., lOOS-6. Invest live-stock condi- 
tions in Europe. 190S. b. Clarence 
Center, N. Y., Msr. 16, 1871; *. John aod 
Esther (Hummel) G.; reared on farmi 
m. Louise Austin Millikan; o. John 
Wolcott. B.S., Mich. Agr. Ccril., lOOS; 


Good, mUiam Oiarlcs, fftrmer, Pam, Ont. 
Asit. cbem., Ont. Agr. Coll.. IWM-S; 
fenner, 1903 — ; lect. on rural ecoD,. 
Mkcdonald Coll., ISIS-*. Fres. United 
Pftrmen' Coop. Co.. 1914; vice-pres. 
United Farmm of Ont., 1917; pre*. 
Brant Farmen' Coop Soc., 1918. b. near 
Bnntford. Ont., Feb. U, 187C; >. Thos. 
Allen and Mary AddingUin (B&Uachey) 
G,; reared on farm; m. Jean Pairbairn 
McConnick, Dec. 9, 1908; c. ElUabeth A., 
Alien C, Wm. A., Norman B. B.A., 
Univ. Toronto, 1900. 

. Alpheiu Mansfield, dairy huab. 

chg. Denison Durf Dem. Farm, 
Denison, Tex. 

b. Salisbury MilU. N. Y., Jan. 29. 188S; 
t. Alpbeui and Eunice (Denniaton) G.; 
reared on rarm; m. Clan Witmar Brown- 
inf, Jul. IS, 1916; e. Clara Ellsworth. 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1912. 

Goodirio, Onas T^ «t. gpecialiit daln 
maoufactur«9, Mich. Agr. Coll., E. 
Lansing, Micb. 

In*tr. an. huib.. Univ. Ga., 191S-5; 
adj. prof., 191S-8 ; present position, 
1918—. 6. Ionia, Mich., Jan. «T, 188l>; 
*. C. I. and Sophia (Ursula) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Corrine Wolverton, Aug. 82, 
1917. B.S.A.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 1913. 
^^ ^«*"' [Goftdwin. W. R.. p. 811. 

Gordon, Morris Meriwetlier, co. agri, agt., 
Fulton, Ky. 

Dairy farmer, Va.. 1 yr.; manag. com- 
mendal orchard, Tenn., and lutaer, 4 
yrs.; present position, 1917 — . b. Todd 
Co., Ky., Feb. 7. 1891; ». James Morris 
and Nancy (Meriwether) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Mollie Ferguson, Apr. t, 1918. 
B.A., Wilmington Coll. 0„ 1909; B.S.A., 
BethanyCDll.,W.Va.,191T. KappaAlpha. 

G(ve, Tlionuu Pryor, senator, Lawton, Okla. 
Sch. teach., 1890-1; began practice 
of law in Miss., 1S92; removed to Tez., 
1895. Mem. Okla. Territorial Council, 
lOOS-a; U.S. Senator from Okla.. 1007-9, 
1009-21. Mem. exec. com.. Dem. Nat. 
Com., 1918—. Mem. U. S. Rural Credit 
Comn.; chm, com, on agr. and for,, U. S. 
Senate, 63, H, 65 Congresses, b. Webster 
Co.. Miss., Dec. 10, 1S70; t. Thos. 

Hadiaonaod Carrie Eliiabeth(WingD)G ; 
IB. Nina Kay. Dec 27, 1900. B.L.. 
Cumberland Univ.. Tenn.. 18B2. 

Gotliam, WilUa Ray, aaat. prof. agrl. ext.. 
Peon. State Coll., State College, Pa. 

Manag.. Hall Farms, Halts. Pa., 1905- 
18; Bhzabeth Farms, Brickerville. Pa.. 
1B10-S. b. Coudersport, Pa., Nov. *, 
1879; *. Chas. W. and Anner (Clark) G.; 
reared on farm.; nt. Josephine Homer, 
Nov. iS. 1016; c. Fordyce Homer, 
B.S., Penn. SUU Coll., 1904. Alpha 

GortDW, Rosa Aiken, prof. agrl. bio-chem. 
and chief div. agrl. Du>chem. Exp. Sta., 
Univ. Minn.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Univ. Toronto. 1907-8; resident invest, 
biol. chem.. Sta. for Eip. Evolution of 
Carnegie Inst, of Washington, Cold 
^ring Harbor, N. Y., 1009-14; assoc. 
prof, soil chem.. Umv. Minn, and assoc. 

Exp. Sta., 1016-T; present positioD, 
1917—. Fellow Chem, Soc., London,; 
mem. Soci^ Chemique (France). Aul, 
ed.. Chemical Abstracts, Bio-Chem, Bull. 
b. near O'Neill. Neb.. Mar. 20. 1889; 
(. Joseph RoBB and Louisa E. (Waters) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Catherine V. Willis. 
Aug. 4. 1909; e. Flora Catherine, Host 
Aiken Jr.. Willis Alway. Alice Louise. 
B.S.. Neb. Wesleyan Umv.. 1907; M.A., 
Univ. Toronto. 1908; Ph.D.. Columbia 
Univ., 1909. Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda 
Up^on; Alpha Zeta. 

Gosa, Chester AUea, assoc, ed. Successful 
Farming, E>es MotDes, la. 

Head dept. agr.. Drake Univ.. Dea 
Moines, la.. 1915-6; present position, 
1916—. b. Huron, S. D., Aug. 81. 1802; 
t. Geo. P. and Edna (Fox) G.; reared od 
farm; m. Edna Nicbob. Dec. 88. 1916. 
B.S.A., la. StaU Coll.. 191S. »gma 
DelU Chi. 

Gosa, Emery Fox, assoc. prof, dairying 
and head dept., Univ. Ida., Moscow, Ida. 
Aast. prof, dairying, Univ. Ida.. 1918-7; 
head dept., 1BI7— . b. Huron, S. D., 
Feb. 23, 1891; *. Geo. P. and Edna Belle 
(Fox) G,; reared on farm; m. Amy L. 
Middleton. Aug. 10. 1916. B.S., la. SUte 


GoM, L«on<Td WliittlcMTt PKif. path., 
Kans. SUt« Agr. Coll., MftDhatUn, Kans. 
Asst. vet. ed., Kans. St&te Agr. Colt., 
1905-7; instr., 1907-0; aast, prof., 1909- 
13; prof, path., 191S— . State sec. for 
Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. 6. Edinburg. O., 
Apr. ee, 1877; t. Ambrose S. and Clara 
{Whittlesey) G.; reared in village; 
m. Florence Joyce, Sept. 7, 1908; e. 
Clara LouUe, Leonard Joyce. D.V.M., 
Ohio State Univ.. IMS; student Berlin 
Vet. CoU„ 1011-4. Alpha Psi; Phi 
Kappa Pht. 

GoM, Winfield SmM, co. agrl. agt.. Prauk- 
lin. Va. 

Asst. princ. Ives Sem., Antwerp, N. Y., 
1890-1 ; prof, latin and Greek, Straight 
Univ., New Orleans, 1801-1; pres. 
TUIotson Coll., Austin, Tex., 1891-6: 
dean and prof. Latin, Tallagega Coll., 
Ala., 1896-1004; prof, agr., 1904-8; 
maoag. coll, farm, Warsaw, Ind.. 1008-16; 
CO. agt., 1016—. 6. Concord, Vt„ Api 
12. 1861; I. Levi and Martha (Chase) G . 
reared on farm; m. Laura M. Messick, 
May 24, 1801; «. Richard M., Theodore C. 
A.B.. Wesleyan Univ.. 1800. 

Gossard, Harry Atthof, ent.,Ohio Exp. Sta., 
Wooster, O. 

Asst. ent., la. Exp. SU., 1300-2; 

Crinc. Albion Sen., 1893-5; instr. sci., 
igh-Bchs,, Rochester, Minn, and Prince- 
ton, ni.. 1805-8; prof. ent.. cool, and 
^1., Univ. Fla., 1390-1004; ent.. Fla. 
Exp. Sta., 1890-1904; present portion, 
1904—. Fellow A, A. A. S. Copartner 
in Summit Nurseries, Monticello, Fla., 
1904—. b. Ames, la., Feb. 7, 1868; 
«. Thos. M. and Sarah J. (Emery) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Lora H. Clark, Jul. 
21, 1003; c. Atherton Clark, Thos. 
Emery. HaroM Arthur. B.S.. la. State 
CoU.. 1880; M.S., 1892. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Godd. Harris Perley, pom., U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

Asst. hort.. Me. Exp. Sta., 18S2-6; 
asst.. Cornell Univ. Exp. Sta., 1897-8; 
nursery and orchard insp., N. Y, State 
Dept. Agr., 1898-0; asst. ent., Md. Agr. 
CoU. and Exp. Sta.. 1800-1900; acting 
ent. and asst. hort,, 1901; asst. pom. 
and pom.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1001—. 
Sec. Md. State Hort. Soc.. 1001. Aulk.: 

Peach-Growing, 1918. b. North Bridg- 
ton, Me.. Sept. 6, 1871; i. Chas. H. 
and Bethia S. (Wadsworth) G.; reared 
on (arm; m. Alice H. Peabody, Apr. 24, 
1006; c. Uwrence P. B.S., Univ. Me., 
189S; M.S., ComeU Univ., 1807. Beta 

Gourley. David. Pleasant Grove distr. agrl. 
superv. and co. agrl. agt., St. George, 

Head agrl. dept. and manual arts, 
Dixie Normal Coll., St. George, Utah, 
1911-6; present position. 1910—. h. 
Goshen, Utah. Dec. 31, 1BS4; «. Geo. and 
Mary Eliubeth (Broadbent) G.; reared 
on farm; m. Dora West, June 17. 1008; 
c. Gertrude. Maurine. Geo., Lea, Rex. 
A.B.. Brighom Young Univ., 1915. 

N. E 

Asst. hort., Ohio Exp. Sta.. 1908-10; 
asst. prof, hort., Ohio State Univ.. 1910-2; 

f resent position, 1012 — . Vice-pres. Am. 
om. Soc. for N. H. b. Homer City, Pa., 
Jul. 1, 1833; t John and Lizie (Harvey) 
G.; reared in town; m. Lucy M . Kinney, 
June 7, 1911; c. Margaret Anita. B.S., 
Ohio StaU Univ., 1008; M.S.. 1915.' 
Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Gowell, Ro^er Locke, co. agrl. agt., Warren. 

6! Waterford, Me., Nov. 21, 1893; 
t. Wm. H. and Elitabetb M. (Locke) G.; 
reared on farm. B.S,. Univ. Me., 1018. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Grabel, Robert Elmer, sec. Chamber of 
Commerce, Andenou, S. C. 

Prea. Boys' Ind. Sch.. Ogbum, Tex., 
1897-1908; sec., business manag., Gnibbs' 
Ind. CoU.. Campbell, Tex., 1008-10; 
business manag. and prof. agrl. commerce. 
E. Tex. Normal Coll.. 1910-1; agrl. agt.. 
Southern Ry., 1011-6; sec. Chamber of 
Commerce and Agr.. Gaflney, S. C, 1916- 
8; present position, 1018—. b. Whitt, 
Tex.. Dec. 7, 1874; .. V. L. and Jane 
(CranfiU) G.; reared on farm; m. Daisy 
Dean Miller. June 21. 1009; e. Robt. M. 
Grad. Add-Ran Univ., Thorp Spring, 
Tex., 1800. 

Graber, Laurence Frederick, asst. prof, agr., 
Univ. Wis.. Madison, Wis. 
Sec. and organiser. The Alfalfa Order. 


Del. Nat. Com Show. Columbia, S. C, 
Dallas, Tex.; Puiama-Pacific Expoi. 
Special attention to aU^a. b. Mineral 
Point, Wit., Mar. 5, IS87; i. Louis and 
Salome (EngeU) G.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Univ. Wis., 1910; M.S.. 1912. 

GiKj, Brainard Biadsbaw $t^ co. a^. 

Bgt., Loudon, Teno. 

Instr. sci. and hist., Rhea Co, biBb-ach., 
Tenn., 1916-7; present positioii, 1917—. 
b. Smyrna, Tenn., Sept. 11, 1691; ». 
Brainard Bradshaw and Mitiie (Moore) 
G.; reared on farm; m. Emma Belle 
AdkersoD. May 9, 1916; e. Martha 
Moore. B.S.A.. Univ. Fla., 1919. 

Graddy, Ivan Clay, 


b. McClean Co., Ky„ Nov. *8, 1891; 
*. W. L. and Friscilla (Tucker) G.; 
reared on farm: IR. Alfretta Dun, Feb. 
24, 1918. B.S.A.. Univ. Ky., 1917. 

Graf, John Enos, ent. in chg, sweet poUto 
weevil invests.. Bur, Ent., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C, 

b. Banning, Calif., May !S, 1889; 
». Conrad and Marie (Frey) G,; reared in 
small town. A.B., Pomona CoU., 1910. 

Graham, Albert B., agrl. est. specialist. 
Slates Helations Serv., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Washington, D. C. . 

Supt. rural schs., 10 yrs.; supl. agrl. 
ext., Ohio SUU Univ., 1909-14; chg. 
ext. work. N. Y. SUle Sch. Agr., Farm- 
ingdale, L. 1., 1914-9; present position, 
1919—. b. Champaign Co., O., Mar. 13, 
1868; t. Joseph A. and Esther P. (Reeder) 
G.; reared on farm and in village; in. 
Maud Keyee Uuer, Aug. U, 1890; 
c. EmerwD Blair. Rettie Elizabeth, 
Walter Scott, Helen Esther, Joseph 
Raymond. B.S., Nat. Normal Univ.. 
Lebanon, O., 1888. 

Graham, John Cameron, prof, poultry husb. 
and head dept,, Mass. Agr. Cull.. Amherst, 

Prea. Am. Assoc. Instrs. and Invests, 
in Poultry Husb. State leader poultry 
club work. b. Wayne, Wis.. Oct. 31, 
1868; a. Chas. W. and Margaret (Hay) 
G.; reared on farm; m, Jennie L. Jenkins, 
Dec. 29, 1B94: c. Uland, Doris, Ruth. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Wis.. 1911. 

Grahua, Robert, prof. an. path., Univ. III., 
Urbana, 111. 

Prof. vet. sd., Univ. Ky., 1912-7; Ky. 
sUte vet., 1919-4; path., Ky. State Live- 
stock Sanitary Ed., lSlS-7; preMnt 
position, 1817 — . Lieut., U. S. Army, 
1918—. 6. Ames, la., Jul. 16, 1888; 
»■ Tboa. J. and Myra L. (Hoover) G.; 
reared in town; m. Lucy Keller Hutch- 
craft, Aug. SO, 1917. D.V.M.. la. State 
Coll., IfllO; M.S., Univ. Ky., 1912. 
BeU Theta Pi; Alpha Zeta. 

Guham, WiUiani Alcuoder, oomnr. agr., 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Fanner, 1869—. Mem. N. C. Senate, 
1874-82; House of Rep., 1905; present 
pontion, 1908—. Pres. N. C. Farmers' 
ajrrl art-, Greenville, Alliance. Major Confederate Army. 

Asst. Adjt. Gen. of N. C„ 186S-9. ,*uiA.; 
History of South Fork Baptist Associa- 
tion. 1900; Gen. Joseph Graham and 
His Revolutionary Papers, 1904. 6. Hills- 
boro. N. C, Dec. 26. 1839; .. Wm. A. 
and Susan (Washington) G.; reared in 
town and on farm; m. Julia R. Lane, 
June 8, 1864 (d. 1900); 2d, Sallie Clark, 
Nov. 4, 1915; c. Florence L., Susan W., 
Julia Evelyn, W. A. Jr., Elisabeth HiU, 
Sophie Alexander, Mattie Lawson, Carrie 
Brevard, EUen Wayles, Evelyn B.. Joseph. 
A.B., Princeton Univ., 1860. Sigma Phi. 

Gramlich, Howard John, prof. an. husb., 
Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Sec. Neb. Improved Live-Stock Breed- 
ers' Assoc., 1914—. 6. Omaha, Neb.. 
Jan. 26, 1889; : J. N. and Josie M. 
(Gramlich) G.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Univ. Neb.. 1011. Alpha ZeU. 

Grater, Hemuui Ira. co. agrl. agt.. Grass 
Valley. Calif. 

6. mverside, Calif., Feb. 22. 1892; 
». Philip D. T. and Tomassa (Jensen) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Myrtle R. Burson. 
lOlfi; c. Doris Myrtle. B.S., Univ. 
Calif., 1019. Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha 

Grass, Joseph Femand Jr., co. agii. agt., 
Merced, Calif. 

Parmer, 1914—. b. New Orleans, La., 
Jan. 2, 1890; reared on farm. B.S., 
la. State Coll.. 1014. Phi Kappa Psi. 

Graltan, John, fanner, Broom&eld. Colo. 

6. Waukan. la., Dec. 17, 1860; .. 

Henry G, and Rose Anna (Bryant) G.; 


reared on farm; m. Viutiie WiUunu; 
D. fi sons. Studeot S. D. SUUColl.uid 
la. SteU Coll. 

Mkli. Agr. Coll., E. Lansing, 1 

b. Sunderland. Vt., Jan. 13, IBM; 
(. Edmund A. and Hairiet S. (Way) G.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1916. Traveled in S. America, 10 mos. 

GniTcs, Gtorit Wttt, asst. superv. agr., 
Loa ADgeies dty schs., 395 Grand Ave,, 
iUverside, Cal3. 

Farmer and teacb. agr., high-sch., 
Calif., lS12-fi; pieseot position, 191J — . 
In U. S. Anny, 1918—. Traveled In 
Europe, b. Cedar Rapids, la.. May 1, 
1886; t. Walter R. and Alice M. (Stolp) 
G.; reared in city and on farm; m. Ella 
Hard Macklin, Dec. 16, 1913. Ph.B., 
Univ. Chicago, 1908; M.S.A., Wash. 
State Coll., 1918. Phi Gamma Delta; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Gnvca. Henry Solon, chief U. S. For. Serv., 
Washington, D. C. 

Prof. for. and dir. For. Sch., Yale 
Univ., 1900-10; chief O. S. For. Serv., 
1910 — . Mem, Nat. Conservation Comn., 
leOB. Lieut.-Col. Corps of Engineers, 
Nat. Army overseas service, June 1917- 
Feb. 1918. Mem. Nat. Research Council. 
Aulh.: Forest Mensuration, 1906; Piin- 
dpiea of Handling Woodlands, 1911; 
joint auth.. The White Pine, 1896. 6. 
Marietta, O., May 3, 1871; i. Wm. Blair 
and Lurannah (Hodges) G.; m. Ella 
Marion Welch. Dec. 1», 1903. A.B., 
Yale Univ., 1892; A.M., 1900; hon. 
A.M.. Harvard Univ., 1011. 

Graves, Roy Ralph, dairy cattle breeding. 
Bur. An. Ind,. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

Dairyman, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1918-3; 
prof, dury husb.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1913-7; 
present position. 1817 — . b. Cherokee, 
Kans., Oct. 8, 1886; t. John S. and 
Elizabeth (Cartright) G.; reared on farm 
and in city; n. Margaret Grace Smith, 
Aug. 8, 1909; c. Robt. Jackson, Margaret 
Elizabeth. B.S.A., Kans. SUte Agr. 
Coll., 1909; M.A., Univ. Mo., 1912. 

Gray, Alexandci Charlea, prof, social sci. 
and hist.. Eureka Coll., Eureka, 111. 

Pastor, Christian Church, ML Healthy, 
0., 1897-1905; pastor Church of ChrUt, 

Ann Arbor, Mich., 1905-8; instr. Ann 
Arbor Bible Chairs, 1900-8; prof, sod^ 
•ci. and New Testament, Eureka Coll., 
1908-9; acting pres.. ISOft-lS; prof. hist, 
and social sd., 1918 — . Mem. Com. on 
Family life. Fed. Council ofChurchesof 
Christ. Del. to Nat. Congress of Prison 
Reform. Indianapolis. Attention to rural 
•ociol. b. Coldstream. Ont., May 8, 1867 
(naturalised 1908); t. Angus and Chnstina 
(McKdlar) G.; reared on farm; m. Rose 
H. Cameron, Sqit. 30, 1S07; c. Grace Cam- 
eron, Archibald. B.A., Univ. Toronto, 
1896;M.A., Hiram Coll., 1897; M.A.. 
Univ.&Iich., 1908; B.D., Yale Univ.,1915. 

Gray, James MDIer, distr. agrl. agt., Ashe- 
ville, N. C. 

Instr agr., Brevard Inst., N. C. 1910-1 ; 
assL <Ur. farmers' insts., N. C. Dept. Agr., 
1911-9; agrl. agt., Durham Co. 191S-S; 
Gaston Co., 1916-7; distr. agt., 1917—. 
6. Cullasaja, N. C, Oct. IS, 1886; *. 
Thos. R. and Maria F. (Miller) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Mac Ethel Ingalls, 
Oct. 81, 1911; c Frances Louis^ Leila 
Esther. B.S., N. C. A.JiM. CoU., 1910. 

Gray, William F„ co. agrl. agt.. Woodward. 

Agrst., Albert Lea high-«ch., Minn., 
1912-3; CO. agt., Lemmon, S. D., 1913; 
ia«sent position, 1918 — . Stock farmer, 
Okla., 1908-16. b. Arkalon. Kans., Mar. 

98, 1686; t. Geo. C. and BtU R. (Allen) 
G.; reared on cattle ranch. B.S., Okla. 
A. &M.CoU., 191i. 

Gray, William Melven, co. agrl. agt., Sanford, 

Teach, agr.. Good Will high-sch., Hinck- 
ley, Me., 1918-3. b. Debec, N. B., Jan. 

99, 1866 (naturalised 1914); i. Samuel 
aud Barbara Ellen (Wills) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Gertrude F. Smith, Oct. 13, 
1913; c. 1 daughter. B.S., Univ. Me., 
1S12. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Greaves, Joseph £., prof. bad. and physiol. 
chem., Utah Agr. Coll., Logan, Utah. 

Asst. chem., Uuh Exp. Su., 1901-7: 
asst. f»ro(. chetn., 1907-10; assoc. prof, 
physiol. chem., Utah Agr. Coll., 1911-2; 
prof. bact. and phy^l. chem., 1918 — ; 
chem. and bact., Exp. Sta.. 1914—. b. 
Logan City, Utah, Nov, 8, 1880; *. 
Joseph C. and Catherine M. (Eames) G.; 
reared on farm; n>. Pemecy Dudley, 
June 10, 1907; c. Joseph, Floiemce, 


Gteen, Gcmge Res, ust. pnrf. (or., Penn. 
SUt« Coll., SUU College, Pa. 

Aast. fUte (or., O., 1911-8; present 
poaitioD, 1912 — . Insp. aeroplHuet and 
wood Uch,, Naval Aircraft Factory, 
LetLgue Isl. Navy Yard, Philadelphia, 
1S1»— . b. G1«n Hope, Pa., June 29, 
ISM; *. Abram Kea^ and Emma Jane 
(It«i) G.; reared in town and on farmi 
m. Edith NewtOD, Apr. 16, 1913; e. 
Geo. Rex Jr., Betty IrcDe. B.A., Univ. 
Mich.. 1911; M.S., Peon. StsU ColL, 
191J!>. Sigma Alpha Bpdlon. 

Green. John B., lawyer and editw, 181 N. 
Rtlhugh St.. Rochester, N. Y. 

Pres. Commercial Law League of Am., 
1897; mem. Bd. Educ Wettfield. N. J.. 
9 yr», Avih.: Law for the American 
Fanner. 1911, Mem. editorial staff. 
Lawyers' Coop. Pub. Co. 6. New York 
City, May 17, 1840; t. Matthew Ridiard 
Arkwright and Sarah (Corps^ G.; reared 
in city; tn, Mary Annie Sinckler, Apr, S, 
1878; c Hilda Whitfield, Heniy Merrill, 
Ethel Sinckler. Admitted to Bar, 1871. 

Green, Join Zebnioii, farmer and ed., 
Marriiville, N. C. 

Orgauier and led., N. C. Farmers' 
Union, 1898-1918. Mem. N. C. Tax 
Comn. Ed., Marahville Home; con- 
tributing ed., t^gressive Farmer, Raleigh. 
b. Marshville. N. C, Dec. 27, 1867; 
1. James E. and Sarah (Marsb) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Ella Candle, 1396; 
e. Myron, Bwrge, Henry. Zeb, Kate, 

Green, Roy Monroe, asat. prof, farm manag., 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Inatr. farm manag., Univ. Mo., 1915-0; 
asst. prof., 1910—. b. CarroUton, Mo., 
Mar. 12, 1889; (. Calvin and Sophia (Tripp) 
G.; reared on farm; m. Mary B. Miller, 
May 4, 191S; c. 1 sou. B.S.A., Univ. 
Mo.. 1914. 

Green, WQliam John, asst. boys' club agt., 
Okla. A. & M. Coll., StiUwaler, Okla. 

Ed., Oklahoma Agriculturist, 19tS-0; 
asst in movable schs.. Okla. &,&M. 
Coll., 1910-7; present position, 1917—. 
b. Ellsworth. Kiuu., Aug. 19, 1892; «. 
Herbert J. and Annie (Nikodin) G.; 

reared on farm; m. Gbulya liUiaa Burr. 
A<u. 20. 1917. B.S., CUa. A. b M. 
C<S., 1910. Alpha ZeU; IH Kappa 
Delta; Gamma Zeta. 

Greene, George O^eo, ext. hort., Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 

Asst. hort,, Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 
1901-9; asst, hort, Mass. Agr. Coll., 
190S-8; piesent position, 1912—. b. 
Lincobi, Kans., Apr. 9. 1876; *. Ogden 
N. and Maiy A. (George) G.; reared on 
(arm; m. Alic* M. Worley, Sept. 7, 
1904; c. Ogden. B.S., Kans. Agr. ColL, 
1900; M.S.. 19011. 

Greene, James Henry, itale leader in 
junior eit., Univ. 111., Urbana, III. 

Supt. schs., Garrett and LaGrange, 
Ind., 1910-4; present position, 1914—. 
Farmer, N. D.. 1908-10. Ed., Home 
Project Series. 1917-B. 6. Dubuque, la.. 
May if. 1886; «. Joel Waring and Martha 
(Thomas) G.; reared in dty; m. Flora 
Thomson Jones, Feb. 22, 1909; c. Joan 
Thomson. B.S.A., Univ. 111., 1908; M.S., 
1914. Phi Kappa Fsi. 

Greene, Lanreu, diief in hort., Purdue 
Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Asst. hort., Ft. Hays Branch Exp. Sta., 
Kans., 1906; asst. hort., N. Mei. A. & 
M. Coll., 1906-7; asst. hort.. la. SUU 
Coll., 1907-9; chief pom., la. Exp. SU., 
1909-lT; present position, 1917—. 6. 
IJncoln, Kans.. May 13, 18S3; ». Ogden 
N. and Mary A. (George) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Gertrude Mereuesa, Dec.. 1911. 
B.S., Kans. Stale Agr. CoU.. 1906; M.S.A., 
la. Stete CoU., 1909. 

Greene, Mark Hindler. field agt. in market- 
ing, Utah Agr. Coll., Logan, Utah, 

Prol. (arm manag., UUh Agr. Coll., 1910- 
7; agt. in marketing, 1917—. Traveled in 
Europe. 1909-10. b. American Fork, 
Utah, Dec. 11. 1888; >. Alva A. and 
Minnie (Hindley) G.; reared on (arm; 
m. Alice A. Dun(ord, Aug. 6. 1914; c 
Alva D., Lavinia. B.S., Utah Agr. Coll.. 
191S; M.S.. Univ. Wis., 191A. Pi Zeta 

Greene, Wesley, sec. la. Stale Hort. Soc.. 
State House, Des Moines. la. 

Sec. Soc. la. Florists; sUte for. coomr. 
Fanner, 26 yrs.; present position, 20 yrs. 
Atah.: Plants of Iowa, 1907; Hardy 
Herbaceous Plants, 1912. 6. Yellow 

SprioK*. Pa., Nov. 8. 1849; >. AUeo J. 
and Sarah A. (Shannon) G.; reared on 
farm. B.S., la. State Coll.. 1873; LL.B.. 
Univ. la.. 1875. 

Gregg, John William, lands, arch, and 
pror. lands, gord. and flor., Univ. Calif., 
Bcrkdey, Calif . 

Practising lands, arch., before 1007; 
prof, hort.. Baron de Hirsch Sch.. Wood- 
bine, N. J., I90T-9; asst. prof. bort.. 
Penn. State Coll.. 190»-]i; present 
position, 1912—. Del. Am. Civic Assoc.; 
Nat. Conference on City Planning. 
b. Weare Center, N. H., Jan. 8, 1885i 
I. Prank and Ruth (Sleeper) G.; reared 
on farm and in town; m. Mary Jenaings, 
Jan. 24, 1906; c. John Jennmgs, Rutti 
Greenwood, Donald Franklin. B.S., 

Gregg, Orestes Isaiah, co. agrl. agt. Dear- 
bom, Mich, 

Teach, hort., Mich. Agr. CoU., 1907-11; 
Klamath Co. high-sch., 191S-6; agt. 
Wayne Co., 1917—. 6. Bristol, N. Y., 
June S6, 1881; a. Geo. and Louisa (Case) 
G.; reared on (arm; m. Inua Muizall, 
Aug. I!, 1907; c. Glenn, Emory, Ruth. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1007. 

Gregorji Charles Tmman, asst. prof, plant 
path., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. plant path., Cornell Univ., 1911-i; 
instr., lBie--l; asst. prof,, 1914—. 6. 
Ithaca, N. Y„ Aug. 31, 1887; i. E. W. and 
Jennie (Taber) G.; reared in city; m. 
Frances A. Feeney, 1907; c. Dorothea, 
Edgar Paul. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1910; 
Ph.D., 19U. Sigma Xi. 

Gregory, Clifford Verne, ed. Prairie Farmer, 
«43 W. Jackson Blvd.. CUcago, 111. 

Dir. 111. farmers' inst. Vice-prea. III. 
Agrl. Assoc. Sec. Adv. Bd., lU. Dept. 
Agr.; mem. Adv. Com., III. Exp. Sta. 
and III. State Council Defense. Farm 
owner. Auth.: Prairie Fanners' Hog Book, 
1915; Songs of the Laiy Farmer, 1918. 
6. Mason City, la.. Oct. 80, 1883; i. 
Elmer O. and Millie (McFarlin) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Edna Springs; c. 
Gwendolyn. Merrill. B3.A., U. Stale 
Coll., 1910. 

Greig, Alexander Rodger, prof. agrl. en^n., 
Umv. Sask., Saskatoon, Sask. 
Led. agrl. engm.. Man. Agr. Coll,. 

1906-7: ptot., 1907-9; present poutJoa, 
1909—. Mem. Bd. of Highway Comnrs. 
of Sask. b. Montreal, Que., Dec. 18. 
187t; *. Wm. and Elisabeth (Rodger) G.; 
reared in <3ty; nt. Jessie Sbaw, Sept. 1, 
1897; e. M. Jean. B.A. Sc., McGill 
Univ., 1895. 

Giiffin, Frederick Llewellyn, asaoc. prof, 
agr. ednc. Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

Research asst, Ore. Agr. Coll., 1908-11; 
instr. agr.. Boise high-sdi.. 1011-8; instr. 
agrl. educ., Univ. Calif., 1918-3; asst. 
prof., IBIS; prof. agrl. educ. Ore. Agr. 
Coll., 1913-6; prof, nira! educ, Cornell 
Univ., 19tS-8; present position, 1918—. 
6. Pueblo, Colo., Jul. 80, 1884; a . Lewellyo 
and Martha E. (Martin) G.; reared In . 
city and country; ni. Annie Laurie Hill, 
Jnueei,190e; c. Dorothy Laura. B.S.A., 
Ore. Agr. Coll., 1908; M.S.A., 1911. 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Phi Delta Kappa. 

Griffin, Oscar Peuiiagton, co. agrl. agt., 
Brownwood, Tex. 

Princ. sch.. Mereta, Tex., 1909-14; 

Erinc, hi^-sch.. Miles. Tex., 1916-7. 
, Cass Co.. Tex., Jan, 8. 187B; i. 3. M. 
and Mattie (Echola) G.; reared on farm; 
m. Nettie Nuckolls, Apr. 8, 1901; e. 
Hawley, Gladys, Lucile, John, Gertie. 

Griffilks, Darid, agrst., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
WsabiugtoD. D. C. 

Teach, bot., high-sch., Aberdeen, S. D., 
1803-8; prof. bot.. Univ. Ariz.. 1900-1; 
asst. agrostologist. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1901- 
7; agrst., 1907—. 6. Aberystwith, Wales, 
Aug. 16, 1867 (naturalized); *. David 
and Rachel (Lewis) G.; reared on farm; 
>n. Emigene Lily, 1907; Id, Louise Hay- 
ward, 1916; e. Elizabeth Lily, John 
David. B.S.,S.D.State Coll.. 1898; M.S., 
1693; Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 1900. 

Grimes, Artbiu Middleton, sci. asst.. Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 
D. C. 

6. Baltimore, Md.. Apr. 83. 1893; (. 
Cbas. E, and Augusta (En^nd) G.; 
reared in town. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1915. Alpha Chi Rho. 

Grimes, Jay Cook, co. agrl. agt.. Madisou- 
ville, Tenn. 

6. Clifton. Tenn.. Feb. 20, 1890; » 
W. H. and Nannie (Cook) G.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn.. 1V16. 


Grimes, Waldo Ernest, asit. pror. farm 
manag., Kaiu. State Agr. Coll., Man- 
hattaD, Kaiu. 

Supt. Bgron,, Expl, Farm, Kaiu. Eip. 
Sta., 191S-4; present poaition, IfllS— . 

b. Lee's Summit. Mc, Oct. 6, 1891; 
». ArehT. 'and Anna (Hess) G.; reared od 
farm; m. Ethel Rogebeny, Sept. 16, 1914; 

c. Sarah Anna, RoBethel. B.S., Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll., 191S; grad. itudent, 
Cornell Univ. Alpha Zeta; Vi Kappa 

Grindler, Harrr Sanda, prof. an. nutr., 
Univ. HI., Urbana, lU. 

Ant. chem.. III. Exp. SU., 1889; Univ. 
Dl., 1889-94; Harvard Univ., 1892-3; 
instr. chem.. Univ. 111., 1894-5; asst. 
prof., 1895-9; essoc. prof., I809-19M; 
prof, general ehem, and dlr, chem. Ub., 
19M-7; prof. an. nutr. and chief in an. 
nutr., 1907 — . Dir. invests, of saltpeter 
in meat, 1907-10. 6. Champaign, III., 
Apr. 13, 1864; : Joseph S. and Sarah 
E. {Saods) G.; m. Anna Eaton, Jul. 2, 
ISM; B.S.. Univ. III., 1886; Sc.D., 
Harvard Univ., 1894. Sigma Xi; Phi 
Lambda Upsilon. 

Grisdale, Frank Sidney, print. Sch. of Agr., 
Vermilion, Alta. 

b. St. Martha. Que.. Jul. 8, 1887; 
». Albert and Elizabeth (Simpson) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Amy Leone Kl«n. 
Jul. 17, 1911; c. Elisabeth Klein. Mar- 
guerite Lucretia. B.S.A.. Macdonald 
Coll. and McGiU Univ., 1911. 


Traveled in Europe. Autk.: Milk Pro- 
duction in Canada, 1913. b. Ste. Marthe, 
Que., Feb. 18, 1870; i. Albert B. and 
Elizabeth (Simpson) G.; reared on farm; 
nt. Laura Vipond, June 20, 1900; e. John 
Hume, Albert Joseph, Helen Laura, 
Simpson Vipond, Caroline. B.S.A.. la. 
SUte Coll., 1898. 

Griswotd, Don T., ext. assoc. an. husb., 
Tex. A. & M. Coll.. Bryan, Tex. 

Instr. an. husb.. Tex. A.&M. Coll., 
1909-11; prof. an. husb., Univ. Porto 
Rico, 1912-3; Farmer, 1913-6; present 
position, 1916^— , 6. Montrose, la., Mar. 1, 
1883; >. Jamea and Magnolia (Skyles) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Margaret Nortle, 

June 9, 1915; e. Margaret. Don T. 
B.S.A., la. State Coll.. 1909. Alpha 

Groom, Waker Alvin, co. agrl. agt., Little- 
ton, Cob. 

b. Monte Vista. Colo.. Oct. 7. 1892; 
t. W. A. and Alice (John) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Hertha J. Folk. Aug. 18. 1910. 
B.S.. Colo. Agr. CoU., 1916. 

GrDOTCf, Benjamin HOI, astt. comnr. agr.. 
State Capitol. Atlanta. Ga. 

Bank cashier, 1900-17. Pres. Tattnall- 
Evans Co. Bankers' Assoc.; sec. Tattnall 
Co. Farm Bur. b. Areola, Ga., Mar. 22, 
1880; >. Samuel E. and Anna S. (Cone) 
G . ; reared on farm ; m. Mamie A. 
Smith, June 7, lOM; e. Mary, Anna. 
B-S., Mercer Univ., Macon, Ga.. 1900; 
studied Univ. Chicago. Kappa Alphft. 

Gross, Edward Robert, eit. specialist in 
agrl. engin.. Miss. A.&M. Coll., Agricul- 
tural College, Miss. 

Country sch. teach., 1002-3; grain 
former. Neb. 1903-6; princ. hi^-sch., 
Exeter. Neb., 1908-9; princ. public 
sch»„ Long Rne. Neb., 1909-11; instr. 
woodwork, Univ. Neb., 191 1-S; d^. 
farm mech.. Neb. Sch, Agr., Curtis, 
191S-^; assoc. prof. chg. farm mech., 
Colo. Agr. Coll., 1914-8; present pom- 
tion, 1918—. b. Julian. Neb., Aug. 26, 
1888; ». Chas. and Emily (Wagner) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Mrs, Frankie Glass- 
cock Schneider, Apr. S. 191A. B.Ed.. 
PeniStateNormal, Neb. 1913; B.S.Agr., 
Univ. Neb., 1913. 

Mem. Chicago Si. Educ, 1897-1909. 
U. S. Del. to Inter. Good Roads Congress, 
Paris. 1908. Pres. Tariff Comn. L^gue. 
Traveled in Australia. New Zealand, 
Sandwich Isls., W. Indies, Europe. 
AutJi.: The Money Problem. 1896; Hand- 
book on Mathematical Geography. 1862; 
Waterway TransporUtion. 1906; Brief 
on Tariff Commission, 191S; Brief on 
Universal Obligatory Military Training. 
1916. b. Marathon. N. Y., Sept. 27, 
I6S3; I. John C. and Caroline (Hyde) G.; 
reared on farm; m. Dell S. Condit. Apr. 
11, 1878; e. Wilbur G.. Howard H. Jr„ 
Florence, Helen M. 


agrl. kgt, 

Gross, Wihder Emannd. 
Fnuiklin. N. C. 

Asit. farm msiug-, Penn. SUU Coll., 
1910-1; sgri. ogt., Soutbern By., 1012-4: 
farmer, Va., 1914-6; manag. live-stock 
farm, Tenn., 19)J!-6; creamerf work, 
191B-7; present poMtion, 1017—. Sec. 
Va. Dairymen'a Assoc, b. York Co., Pa., 
May 31, 1866; i. John W. and Mary 
(Eyster) G.; reared od farm; m. Leona 
Jeter MoormaD, May e, 1914. B.S.A., 
Peon. State Coll., IMS. Alpha ZeU. 

Grores, Einest Bnthedord, prof, sodol., 
dean of Arts and Sci.. N. H. A.&M. Coll., 
Durham, N. H. 

Prof, psychology and philoaophy, N. H. 
A.&M. Coll., 1009-T; instr. Enghsh, Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1007-8; prof. socioL.N. H. 
A.&M. Coll.. 1908~; dean of Arts and 
Sei., lOie— . Auth.: Moral Sanitation, 
1016; Using the Besources irf the Rural 
Church, 1017; Rural Problem of Today, 
1016. Ed. dept. rural and community 
socio!.. Rural Manhood, b. Saxonville, 
Mass.. May 6, 187B; a. Henry H. and 
Hannah (Seward) G.; reared in town; 
m. Dorothy Doe. 1907 {d. 1016); e. 
Catherine, Ernestine Dorothy. B.D., 
Yale Sch. of Rehgion, 1001; A.B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1003. 

Grnbbs, NomMn S^ co. agrl. agt.. Court 
House. Kttsburg, Pa. 

Farming in 0., 3 summers; in Pa., 6 
yn.; I^ttsburg Cut Flower Co., 1 sum- 
mer; fanning and Y. M. C. A. work, 
Burlington, N. J., 18 mos.; agt. Alle- 
gheny Co., Pa., 1914—. b. Baknstowu, 
Pa.. June 11, 1688; i. James and Mary 
(Gregg) G.; reared on farm and in city; 
m. Dorothy Jane Grubbs. B.S., Penn. 
State CoU., 1013. Alpha Zcte. 

GuHbert, Edgar J., ranchman. Smoky Hill 
Ranch, Wallace, Kans. 

Mem. Kans. Legislature, 1000. Prea. 
Am. Galloway Breeders' Assoc, 1017-^; 
eiec. bd., lUns. Live-Stock Anoc b. 
S. Olive, 0.. Nov. 14, 1871; ». Walter 
D. and Mary L. (Jordan) G.; reared in 
dty; m. Jennie M. Beed, Dec. IBM; c. 
Harold Reed, Edna Virginia. 

GoiUord, Williain SnouiCT, dir. agr., Calif. 
Farm Lands Co. Willows, Calif. 

Pres. Glenn Co. Berkshire Breeders' 
Assoc.; pres. Western Berkshire Congress, 
1016; mem. exec, com., Nat. ' ' "■ ' 

Assoc. IJvfr«tock ed., 1^. Agriculturist, 
1002-S; western ed. Berkshire World. 
AntA.: Irrigator's Hand Book, lOOS; (with 
Gnibb) The Potato. 1911; Califomian 
Hog Book, lOlS. b. Storm L^e. Is., 
Sept. 21, 1882; <. Emmet H. and Anna B. 
(Forbes) G.; reared on farm and in small 
town. Student Univ. Wis. 

Gnlfickoon, Rachel McEMftwiMr, teach, 
dom. econ., I* Crosse Co. Sch. Agr. and 
Dom. Econ., Onalaska, Wis. 

Present position. 1918—; tood'dem.. 
L« Crosse Co., 1018. Organiser girls' 
sewing, catming clubs and the like. b. 
West Salem, Wu., Dec. B. 1892; d. Wm. 
Francis and Eva (Pcttin^ll) McEldowney; 
reared on farm; m. Francis Ljmn GulUdt- 
son, Aug. 4, 1915. Grad. Stout Inst., 

Gnnn, Cofin Donald, co. agrl. agt., Starke, 

b. Greenmound, Fla., Nov. 16, 1892; 
t. Colin Campbell and Annie (Rawls) G.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Fla., 1016. 
Pbi Kappa Phi. 

GuaiMla, Chariea E,, agrl. ext. serv. dir., 
Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Instr. ogron., Univ. Neb., 19111-6; 
CO. agrl. agt., Seward Co., Neb.. 1916-7; 
CO. agt. leader, Univ. Neb.. 1917-8; 
present position, 1018—. 6. Crete, Neb., 
Sept. 0. 1888; i. Geo. W. and Agnes 
(Ailer) G.; reared in town and on farm; 
tn. Ruth G. Hogue, June 14, 1016. B.S.A., 
Univ. Neb., 1915. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Gimness, Ckriatian I., prof, rural engin., 
Mass. Agr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Instr. medi. engin., N. D. Agr. Coll., 
1907-9; east. prof.. 1010-2; supt. Trac- 
tioneering Sch., La Porte. Ind., 10IK-4; 
present position. 1914 — . 6. Abercrom- 
bie, N. D., Jul. 23, 1882; ». Ingebrigt 
and Maren (Gunness) G.; reared on 
farm; m. Elizabeth Rice, Jul. S, 1910; 
e. Robt. Chas. B.S., N. D. Agr. Coll., 

Gurler, Henrr Beniamin, dairy farmer, 
Macon, Miss. 

Mercantile business, De Kolb, HI.. 
1864-B; daiiyman, 1868-82; proprietor 
creame^, 1882—. Instr. butter-making. 
Univ. Wis., 1891; Univ. Vt., 2 terms; 
Penn. State Coll., 3 terms. Auth.: Ameri- 
can Dairying, 1894; The Form Daiwy. 


Swved in Civil War. b. CbcsUrfieid, 
N. H.. May 21, 1840; i. BenjuniD and 
Harriet P. (Hopkiiia) G.; m. Selenia 
RoUc. Mar. 27, 1807; 2d. Cora A. Dodge. 
Oct. S. 1004. 


writer. 911 S. 47th St.. Fhilad^hia. Fa. 
Anoe. ed., household dept., loe Farm 
Journal, Philadelphia, b. Philadelphia. 
Pa.i d. Chaa. F. and Caroline (Fadder) 
G.i reared b dty. 

GnatafMD, Axel Ferdiauid, aist. prof, soil 
physica, Univ. 111., Urbana, 111. 

Aut. soil phyiica, Univ. lU., 10OT-1O; 
instr.. 1010-1; assoc., 1911-5; asst. 
pn^., lOlS— . Autk.: (with Mosier) Soil 
Phyrica Laboratory Manual, IBIK; (with 
Modet) Soil Physio and Management, 
1817. 6. Joy, HI.. Nov. 84, 1880; i. G. A. 
and Augusta (Jern) G.; reared on (arm; 
ni. Zora Dean McUmber. June 30, 1S14; 
e. Helen Lucile. B.S., Univ. HI., 1007; 
M.S., 1012. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta (nat. 
pres., 1010-4). 

GniUisoQ, Carl Henry, farmer. Mead, Neb. 
Pita. Farmers' Educ. and Coop. State 
Union of Neb. Mem. Neb. Legislature, 
1011. 1013; mem. Water Power Comn., 
1011; chm. Fannets' War Coundl of 
Neb. Prea. Farmers' Union State Ex- 
change; pres. Farmers' Union Live- 
stock Conm. of Neb. Ed.-in^i^. Neb- 
raska Union Farmer, b, Rockford. III., 
Apr. 1, 1800 ; (. Christopher and Hilda 
(Malstrom) G.; reared on farm; m. 
Amia M. Matson, May SO, IBOS; c. 
Esther, P. M., Roy H., Beuben B., 
Nancy B. V., Ralph E. C. 

Galhrie, Edwaid Sewall, prof, dairy ind., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

ioitr. dairying, Ohio State Univ.. 
1005-8; instr. dairy ind., Cornell Univ., 
1008-10; instr. and invest., I9I0-8; 
prof., 191S— . Sec-treas. 0. Dairy- 
men's Assoc.. 1907-6. AuA.: The Book 
of Butter. 1018. b. Coin, la., Dec. 27, 
1880; >. Wm. Adam and Isdael (Sewall) 
G.; reared on farm; m. Margaret Paye 
Watterson. June 20. 1907; c. Edward 
Watterson, Margaret Isabel. Glen Scott. 
B.S„ la. State CoU.. 1905; M.S.A., 
Cornell Univ., 1910; Ph.D., 1013. 

Hachet, AlTin Ldand, co. agrl. agt.. Allen- 

b. Lincohi. Pa., Oct, 88, 1800; i. J. J. 
and Katie (Hagy) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Effie Klinefelter. Feb. 8, 1917. B.S.. 
Penn. State Coll., 1916. Chi Phi; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

HacUeaian. Jay Coorttand, asst. prof, 
farm crops, Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Avt. agron., Univ. Mo., 1010-1; 
instr., 1911-3; asit. prof., 1913—. Sec.- 
treas. Mo. State Com Growers' Assoc.. 
lOie— . b. Carthage, Ind., June 84, 1888; 
t. C. M. and HatUe (CaU) H.; reared 
on farm; m, Lorraine Gans, Jul. 24. 1018; 
e. Russell Edgar. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 
1010; A.M.. Univ. Mo. 1912. 

Hadley, Frederick Brawn, prof. vet. sci., 
Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Instr. vet. med.. Wash. SUte Coll., 
1907-8; assL prof. anat. and surg., 
lOOS-0; asst. prof. vet. anat.. Ohb 
State Univ., 1009-10; asst. prof. vet. 
sci,. Univ. Wis., 1910-1; aasoc. prof, 
1011-8; prof., ISIS— . Mem. of official 
party Am. Vet. Med. Assoc, traveling 
m Europe, 1014. Aulk.: The Horse in 
Health and Disease, 19IS. b. Burlington, 
Vt., Jan. 31, 1880; i. Frederick and Lucia 
(Brown) H.; reared on farm; m. Jennie 
E. Potts, Nov. 3, 1917. D.V.M., Ohio 
StaU Univ.. 1007. Sigma XJ. 

Hadley, Philqi Baidwcll, pn^. bact.. R. I. 
State Coll., Kingston, R. I. 

Chief div. an. breeding and path., B ' 

Jan. 10, 1B81; t. Edson P. and Elizabeth 
(Fairbanks) H.; reaped in city; 7n. Ruth 
Barbara Canedy, May 16. 1006; e. Jarvis 
Frands. Barbara. Ph.B,, Brown Univ.. 
1903; Ph.D., 1008. Delta Upsilon. 

Haecker, Theaplulns L„ prof, emeritus dairy 
and an. huso., Univ. Minn., University 
Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 

Instr. dairying. Univ. Mian., 1891-3; 
prof, dairy and an. husb., 1803-18; invest, 
an. nutr.. 1007-18. Sec. Minn. Dairymen's 
Assoc. Del. to Dairy Congress, Budapest, 
1900. Exec, cterk to governor of Wis,, 
1874-01. Served in CivU War. fii..daiiy 
dept.. Farm Stockand Home, b, Ijverpool, 
0.. May 4, 1848; *. Henry and Barbara 
(Drohman) H,; reared on tvm; m. Marie 


Brown. Mar.. I8W; 2d, Fanny M. VUlu, 
leSS; c. Archibald L.. BIfreda. Muy. Bar- 
bara. Twoyrs. at Univ. WU. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hajan, HaroM Rannond, aast. prof. tool, 
and eut. and axsoc. ent. Exp. Sta., Utah 
Agr. Coll.. Logan, Utah. 

Inatf. ent.. Utah Agr. Coll., 19I4-7; 
present poaitioD, 1917 — . 6. Chicago. 
III.. May «0, 1896; j. Albert and Dora 
(Young) H.; reared in town; m. Blanche 
Young, Sept. t, lOOTi «. Harold R. Jr. 
B.S.A., Utah Agr. Coll.. 1914; M.S.. 
Harvard Univ.. 191T. Gamma Sigma 
Delta; I^ ZeU Pi. 

Hagans, Otto Cbailca, co. agrl. agt., Effing- 
ham. Kans. 

Teach. Bgrl. sci., Atehinson Co. high- 
sch.. Effin^m, Kans.. 1912-4; agt. 
Miami Co.. Kans.. 1914-8; agt. Atcbinaon 
Co., lOlfr— . Farm operator, 4 yrs, 
h. Lane Co.. Kana.. Jan. 28. 1888; i. C, F, 
and Julia A. (Cockerell) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Mary Jeanette Buck. Sept. 2, 
1914; c. Chas. Dale, Jeamiette Louise. 
B.S., Koiu. State Agr. CoU., Iftll. 

Hagar, William Jackson, co. agri. agt., 
Canajoharie, N. Y. 

loatr. an. husb.. Sch. Agr., Canton, 
N. v.. 1 vr.i instr. agr., MDlbrook Me- 
morial high-w^., Syrs.; agt. Montgomery 
Co.. 1917—. Co. rep. N. Y. StoU Food 
Supply Comn.; co. rep. N. Y. State 
Food Comn. b. PUttsburgh, N. Y., Oct. 
4. 1887; (. Luther and Alice Gertrude 
(Jackson) H.; reared on farm; m. Emily 
Muirhead Dowlen. Oct. 20, IBIS; c. 
Richard Dowlen. Middlebury Coll., 1 yr.; 
Sch. Agr.. Canton, N. Y., 2 yrs. Kappa 

Hagedon, Frederick Arthur, ad. aast. in 
dairying. Dury Div., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
Washington. D. C. 

Instr. dairy manufacturers, Mich. Agr. 
Coll.. 1910-8; preaent position. 1918 — , 
b. Fremont, Mich.. Apr. 8. 1891; *. 
SimoD and Magdalena (Petensen) H.; 
reared in town; m. Blanch Harriet Grill, 
Jul. 11, IBIS; e. Harriet Dorothy. 
B.S.A.. Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1916. 

Haluier. Albert B., co. agrl. agt., Colville, 

Asst. proF. vet. sci., Univ. Ida.. 1913-7; 

agt. Stevens Co., Wash.. 1917—. In U, S. 

Army, 1918—. 6. Dillou. Mont., Feb. 
28. 1889; I. Herman and Emilie (Botten- 
burg)H.; reared on farm. D.V.S.. Wash. 
State Coll.. 1913. 

reared in town; m. Dana I _ 
June 22, 1912; e. Clement B., Harry C. Jr. 
Studied Bucknell Univ., 3 yrs.; short- 
course, Rutgers Coll. Delta TheUUpsilon. 

Hale, Joseph Gimll, co. agrl. agt.. Steam- 
boat Sprmgs. Colo. 

b, Une, Kans.. Sept. 26. 1894; >. 
Joseph W. and Maria (McCreery) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Gladys C. Halraugh, 
Sept. 1, 1916; c. Stuart Owen. BS., 
Colo. Agr. CoU.. 1916. Sigma Rbo DelU. 

Hale, Philip Hemy. ed. National Farmer and 
Stock Grower. 3fifi0 Vista Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Dairy farmer, Tex.. 1880-90; fruit 
and stock farmer. Miss., 1900-10. AvA.: 
Book of Live Stock Champions. IBlf; 
History of Agriculture by Dates. 1910; 
Directory of Live-Stock Breeders of U. S. 
and Canada. 1887; Agricultural Blue 
Book, 1910. b. London, England, May 
24. IBfiO (naturalized 1B93); ». Henry 
and Mary Ann (Sanders) H,: reared in 
country; m. J. C. Strong Barlcl, Feb., 

Hale, Preston Orin, co. agrl. agt., Cotton- 
wood Falls, Kans. 

Student asst. feeding expts., Kaus. 
State Agr. Coll., 1915-fl. b. Sauoemin, 
111.. Mar. 6. IS8B; t. Orin M. and Effie 
(Ragan) H.; reared on farm. B.S.A., 
Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 1918. Alpha 

Hall, Frank Heniy. ed. and librarian, vice- 
dir., N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta., Geneva, N. Y. 
Instr. math., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1888-90; 
Off. Eip. Stas., Washington. 189S-7; 
ed. dept. field crops, Exp. Sta. Record. 
1895-7. 6. Tecumseh. Mich., Jul. 22. 
1866; (. Alfred Daniel and Engelina 
(Heesen) H.; reared on farm; m. May 
Evelyn Avery, Oct. 28, 1891; c. Eliza- 
beth Mary, Dorothy Van Doren. Sydney 
Wyckoff. Ruth Marguerite. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1888. 


HaU, Joha Rabat, co. url. agt, HMrimii- 

Farmer, La MoDte, Mo., 4 yn. Sec. 
Mo. FarmetB" Eicbange, 1914-7. b. 
Kearoey, Mo., June St, 18S2; : J. Ed. 
and AUie (Pence) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Mary B. Hill, June 28, 1918. B.S.A,. 
Udit. Mo.. 1917. 

HaD, Lawrence K., spedaliit wotk with 
rural boya. Inter. Com. Y. M. C. A,. 
M7 MaduoD Ave., New York City. 
Instr. higb-sch., Norton, Kana., 1919-' 

Com. Y. M. C. A., Kaiw., 1918-7; , 
positioD, 1917—. Dir. Assoc. o( Boys' 
Work Sees, of N. Am. 6. Riley, Kaat., 
Jul. 27, 1886; *. James W. and Laura 
BeUe (Knipe) H.; reared on (arm; m. 
Margaret E. Brown, June 20, 1912; e. 
Wm. McBrown, James Worthingtou. 
B.S„ Baker Univ., 1910. 

HoD, Oti* E., state leader boys' and girls' 
clubs, Kans. Sute Agr. Coll., Manhattan, 

Joint aulA..- Better Rural Schoob. b. 
Darlington, 111., Dec. 20, 1879; (. James 
Quincy and Amy (Cox) H,i reared on 
farmi m. Mary Demoret, June 25, 1908; 
c. Lois Marie, Mary Louise, Naomi. 
A.B., Wabash CoU., 1907. 


Lansing Mid 

Student asst. Arnold Arboretum, sum- 
mer 1908; hort., Nat. Farm Sch., Fa., 
1904-6; instr. lands, ganl., Mass. Agr. 
Coll., 1900-7; instr. pom. and lands., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1907-8; asst. prof, 
hort, 1908-13; present pontion, 1»13~. 
b. Boston, Mass., Jul. 10, 1881; t. John 
and !ilargaret (McCarthy) H.; reared in 
suburbs; m. Lillian I. Prouli, Sept. 4, 
1907. B.S., Mass. Agr. CoU., 1908. 
Kappa Sigma. 


Instr. histology, bact., path., Ala. 
Poly. Inst., 1910-3; instr. bact. and re- 
search asst. bact., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1919-4; asst. prof., 1914-S; assoc. prof, 
an. path., 1915—; vet. to Eip. Su., 
1918—; an. path to Mich, SUte Live- 
stock Comn., 1S15— . b. Oxford, Ala., 

Mar. 14, 18S4; t. W. W. and Julia A. 
(Morris) H.; reared on farm; m. Alma 
N. Cook, June 6, 1912; e. Mary Louise, 
Alma Kathryn. D.V.M.. Ala. Poly. 
Inst., 1910; giad. student Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1910. Alpha Psi. 

Hahi, Helen Hay, asst. prof. educ. and dir. 
supervised teach, in home econ., Kaus. 
State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Eans. 

Dir. home econ. dept., Corsicana, Tei., 
high-sch., 1908-10; Southwest Tex. 
State Norma! Sch., San Marcos, 1910-S; 
dir. two-yr. home econ. dept., la. State 
Coll., 1019-4; present position, 1919—; 
teach, home econ., Geo. Feabody Coll. 
for Teachers, Jan.^ept., 1917 (on leave). 
b. Topeka, Kaw., May 81, 1682; d. 
Frank D. and May (Emul) H.; reared m 
dty. B.S., Kans. SUte A«r. Coll., 1908; 
ColumbU Univ., 1918. Pi Beta Phi; 
Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi. 

Halpin, James G., prof, poultry hush., Univ. 
Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Instr. poultry husb., R. I. Stal£ Coll., 
1905-6; Micb. Agr. Coll., 1908-0; Univ. 
Wis., 1909—. Sec. Wis. Poultry Assoc. 
b. Odessa, N. Y.. Oct. 18, 1882; i. John 
LaFayette and Sarah (Lattin) H.; reared 
on farm; m. lone Blake; c. John Leon, 
Robt, Blake. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 

Hanuhon, John, agrst.. State College, Pa. 
Prof, agr., Penn. State CoB., 1871-80; 
commanilent of eadet4, 1869-73; business 
manag., 1B74-86; treas., 1874-1911; 
trustee. Deputy sec. agr.. Pa., 189S-9; 
sec. agr., 1899-1003. Fanners' inst. 
specUlSt, U. S, Dept. Agr. 1909-14. 
Mem. Pa. State Bd. Agr. Sec. Pa. State 
Agrl. Soc.; see. Am. A^c Farmers' Inst. 
Workers. Sergt.-Msjor, 1st Pa. Cavalry, 
1Sei~4. b. Juniata Co., Pa., Feb. 10, 
1843; (, Hugh and Sarah Get^a (Mc- 
Dowell) H.; reared on farm; n. Elizabeth 
McFarland Thompson, Oct. 27. 18TS; 
e. Mary, John, Anne. B. S., Pens. State 
CoU. 1871; M. A. S., 1872. 

HamUn, Herbert M„ co. agrl. agt., LeSueur 
Center, Minn. 

Agrst., high-sch., LeSueur, 1010-8. 
b. Brookings, S. D., Mar. 23, 1894; (. 
Samuel L. amd Mary M. (McNee) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Alice R. Schield, 
June 27, 1917. B.S.A., la. State Coll., 
1916. Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha ZeU. 


Himmond, Bcnjanun, manufsctuTCr and 
merchoDt. Beacon, N. Y. 

Amateur gardener. Sec. Am. Rose Soc., 
12 yra., pres. 8 yrs.; chm. com. on 
sch. gardens, Soc, Am. Ploriabi and Orna- 
mental Hort. Pres. Bd. Educ., Beacon, 
N. Y.; vice-prea. Mechanics Savings 
Bank oF Beacon. Ed., Mount Kisco 
Weekly, b. Kidderminstei, England, Jul. 
12, 1849 (naturalised as minor); *. 
BeDJamiu and Mary (Twemlow) H.; 
reared in suburbs: m. babel Monilaws, 
Jul. ISTS; 2d. Laura Anthony, 1S98; 
e. Marion Isabel. Grace Twembw, Elsie. 

Hancock, Newman iMib. co. agri. agt., 
B«nton. Tenn. 

b. F^etteville, Tenn., Feb. IS, 1B»2; 
». N. F. and Mattie (Newman) H.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn., 

Hand, WilltaiQ Flowcra, prof, chem,. Miss. 
A. & M. Coll.. Agriculturat College, Miss. 
Asst. chem.. Miss. A.&M. Coll.. 1B93- 
8; prof, and state chem., 18D8— . Assoc. 
mem. Naval Consulting Bd. of U. S. 
Pres. S. Cent. SUte Assoc, of Food 
Control Officials. 1918-9. 6. Shubuta, 
Miss., Dec. 1, 1873; t. Albert P. and 
Florence (Flowers) H.; reared in smaU 
town; nt. Evie Nash, Sept. T, 1898; 
0. Wiley Nash. B.S., Miss. A.&M. Coll., 
1893; M.S., 1895; Ph.D.. Columbia 
Univ., 1903. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

HandMhm, Walter Frederick, asst. prof. 
farm manag., Univ. 111., Urbana, 111. 
Princ. County Sch. Agr,, Marinette, 
Wis., 1907-6; instr. and asst. prof. an. 
huab., Univ. Minn., 1908-11; asst. and 
assoc. an. husb., Univ. 111., 1911-6; 
asst. prof, farm manag., IBIfi — ; vice- 
dir. agrl. eit., 1914 — . Fann manag., 
1905-7. b. Calumetville, Wis.. Jan. 10. 
1880; S.Jacob and Paulina (Bertschi) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Edith Bunce Knott, 
Aug. SI. 1909; c. Robt., Margaret. 
B.S., Univ. HI., 1913. 

Hanger, Wallace Edwin, prof, farm crops. 
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Asst. agron., Md. Exp. Shi., 1911-5; 
present position, 1915 — . 6. Preble Co., 
O., June 28, 1862; t. Geo. W. and Cath- 
arine (Judy) H,; reared on farm; m. 
Mary Louise Sherwood, June 6, 1917; 
D. Wallace Sherwood. B.S.A., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1911. Delta TheU Sigma. 

Jtrfm Henry, farmer. Glen 
Moorev N. J. 

Farm operator. 1903-18; agrl. aft., 
MercfT Co., N. J., lBlS-6; sUU leader 
CO. agts., Rutgers Coll., 1916-8. Pres. 
E. B. Voorhees Agrl. Soc., 1908-11; 
trustee Farmers' Coop. Assoc, of Mercer 
Co., 1912-8. 6. New York City, Jul. 20, 
1882; ». John H. and Mary Frances 
(Hunter) H,; reared in city and on farm; 
m. Marjorie Douglas Frost, Feb. 27. 
IBl*; c. Margaret, John. B. A., Prince- 
ton Univ., IMS; grad. short-oourse. But- 
g.r,CoU., 1908. ,H,TO..N.E..p.Sll. 

Harbold, Peter Monroe, princ. State Nor- 
mal Sch., MiUcrsville. Pa. 

Teach, hist, and pedagogy. MiUcrs- 
ville State Normal, 1899-1902; supt. 
training sch., I90S-I1; supt. <nty sens., 
Lancaster. Pa., 1911-2; present position. 
19t2 — . Special attention to rural educ. 
fid.. Normal Journal. 6. Allen, Pa., Nov. 
17,1873; .. Peler8ndLeah{Burg«rd)H.; 
reared on farm; m. Helen Keiser, Jul. 24, 
1907; e. Ehzabeth Keiser, Maiy Leah. 
Grad. Millersvilje State Normal, 1898; 
Pb.B., Franklin and ManhaU Coll., 
1904; A.M.. Harvard Univ., IMS; Sc.D. 
(hon.), Franklin and MarshaU CoU., 1S14. 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

Hardin, DeWht Taknage, distr. agrl. agt.. 
Court House, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Asst. an. husb., Univ. Tenn., 1912^; 
agt. Hamilton Co.. Tenn., IBH; distr. 
agt., E. Tenn., 191S— . Farm operator. 
b. LowndesvUle. S. C. Oct. S, 1B90; 
(. Wm. Heury and Leila (Cann) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Edna Tlmmer- 
man, Apr. 24, 1918. B.5.. Clemson 
Agr. CoU., 1B12; M.S.A,, Univ. Tenn., 
1914. Kappa Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hardint, Harry Aleui. prof, dairy bact., 
Univ. in., Urbana. lU. 

Bact., N. Y. Agr. Exp. Ste., Geneva, 
189B-1B1S; present position, 1913—. 
Comnr. Health, Geneva, N. Y. Traveled 
in W. Europe, b. Oconomowoc, Wis., 
Nov. 28, 1871; i. Joseph and EUxabeth 
(Dean) H.; reared on farm; nt. Esther 
Gordon, Aug. 91, 18BB; c. H. Gordon, 
EsthtT, Helen, Ruth. B.S., Univ. Wis., 
1BS6; M.S.. 1896: Ph.D., ComeU Univ., 
1910. Sigma Xi. 



Chief poultry div.. Dept. Agr., Ottawa, 
Canada, 189&-1904; junior an. husb., 
U. S. Dept. Aar., 191S-1; prof, poultry 
biub. and ext. niub., Clenuon Agr. Coll., 
1914—. Vice-ptes. Am. White Kbg 
Auoc.; vec-tr^. S. C. Poultry Breeders 
Assoc.; vice-pres. S. C. Pigeon Breeders" 
Anoc. Auth.: Milk Feeding for Packing 
Houaes, 1904: Secrets at Milk Feeding 
Chickens. 1912. Atioc. ed.. Reliable 
Poultry Journal, 1904-8; ed., The Stan- 
daH and Poultry World. 1908-12. 6. 
Toronto, Ont., Nov. 6, 187S (naturaUied 
1911); I. John James and Katherine 
Isabella (MacDowell) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Violet Maude Wilson, Jan. 11, 
1903; e. Kathleen, Archibald Creif^ton. 
Student Toronto Univ. 

HariDg, Clarence Melvin. prof. vet. sci., 
Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Caltf. 

Awt. vet. anat,, Cornell Univ., 190S-4; 
instr. vet. ici, and t>act.. Univ. Calif., 
l9M-«; aast. prof., 1900-10; vet. and 
bad., Exp. Sta., 1904-13; prof. va. «ci.. 
1914--. Prof. vet. surg.. San Francisco 
Vet. CoU„ 1007-10; dir. Calif, anti-hog 
cholera «erum lab., 1911-5. Sec. Am. 
Vet. Med. Assoc., 1915-fl; vice-prea. 
U. S. Live-Stock Sanitary Assoc., 1914. 
Del. from Calif, to Oth Inter. Cougress on 
Tuberculosis, Washington, 190B. 1st 
Lieut., Vet. Corps. Nat. Army, 1919—. 
b. Freeville, N. Y., June 1, 1878; ». 
Purley Work and Ellen (Ainsworth) H.; 
reared in small village; m. Grace Moody, 
Aug. 24, 1808. D.V.M., Cornell Univ.. 
1904; studied in Berlin and Budapest. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Hailan, Harry V., agron. in chg. barley 
invesU., Bur. Plant Ind., I). S. Dept. Agr.. 
Washinglon, D. C, 

Traveled in Orient and S, America. 
h. London Mills, 111., Feb. 19, 1882; 
«. Plato and Elizabeth (Philippi) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Augusta Griffing, 
Nov. Ifi, 1903; c. Wilbur Vaughn. Jack 
Rodney. B,S,A., Kans. State Agr. CoH., 
1904; M.S.A., 1909; Sc.D.. Univ. Minn.. 

Harlan. Rex E., co. agrl. agt.. Elbow Lake, Haningtoa, Frank M.. assoc. prof, pom., 

Minn. la. SUte Coll.. Ames, la. 

Parmer, la., 6 yrs.; Wash., 1 yr. Instr. b. Hutchinson, Minn., Apr. 29, 18BS; 

agr., high-tch., Mcintosh, Minn., 1917-8. «. L. P. and May (Grodioiig) H.; reared 

b. Oakland, la.. Apr. T, 1891; *. Alva E 
and Jessie F. H.; reared in country. 
B.S.A., Univ. Minn., I9I7. 

Hamed, Robey Wentworth. prof. lool. and 
ent. and state ent.. Miss. A.&M. Coll., 
Agricultural Collie, Miss. 

Asst. biol.. Miss. A.SiM. Coll., 1900-8; 
acting prof. zool. and ent-, 1908-10; prof., 
1910—. Sec. State Plant Bd. of Miss. 
b. Charles Co., Md., Jul. 16. 1SS4; >. 
Edward Nathan and Helen M. (Porter) 
H.; reared in town and counti7; m. 
Edna Johnson, Oct. 24, 1911; e. Hilda, 
Edward Johnson. B.S.A., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1006. 

Harper. Jospeh N^ dir. farm eerv. bur.. 
Southern PertiliEcr Assoc., HOC Feachtree 
Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

Agron., Ky. Exp. SU., 1896-1905; 
dir. S. C. Exp. Sta.. 1905-17; dean dept. 
agr., S. C. A.iM. Coll.. 1912-7; present 
position, 1917 — . Studied agrl. conditions 
in Ireland and England, b. Winston Co., 
Miss., Mar. 11,1874; j. B. A. and Sarah 
(Yeager) H.; r^red on farm; m. Susan 
Sparks, Sept., 1898; c. Lucy Elisabeth. 
B.S., Miss. A.&M. Coll., 1895; M.S.A.. 
Univ, Ky., 1906. 

Harper, Merrht Wesley, prof. an. husb., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 
Asst. an. husb., Univ. Mo., 1902-5;, 1907-12; prof.. 1918— . Auth.: 
Manual of Farm Animals, 1911; Train- 
ing and Breaking of Horses, 1912; Animal 
Husbandry for Schools, 1913; Manage- 
ment and Breeding of Horses, 1918; 
Breeding Farm Animab, 1914. b. Grove 
City, O., Oct. 24, 1877; «. James and 
Elizabeth A. (Seeds) H.; reared on fann; 
m. Elisabeth M. Tanton, Jul. 29, 1909; 
c. James T., John T. B.S.. Ohio SUU 
Univ., 1901; M.S., Univ. HI., 1902. 

Harrell, Alfred L. Jr., co. agrl, agt., Haynei- 
ville. Ala. 

Farm operator, 2 yrs, b. LaFayette, 
Ala., Aug. 21, 1805; *. Alfred L. and 
Emma H.; reared on farm. B.S., Ala. 
Poly. Inst., 191S. Phi Kappa Phi. 


Council, Am. Aasoc. For Agrl. Legislation; 
vice^:hiit. 111. State Coundl Defense. 
Parmer atiil writer and speaker on agrl. 
problems, b. Cbampaign Co., III., Sept. 
SO, 1868; (. Henry Hickman and Melissa 
(MMTue) H.; rMred in t«wn; m. May 
Metisli, Dec. fi, 18S6: e. Hem? H., Wm. 
Melisb, Benjamin P. HI. Elizabeth. 
LL.B., Columbia Univ., 1892. 

Harris, FrankUa Stewart, dir. Enp. Sta. and 
prof. asTon., Utah Agr. Coll., Logan, 

iDstr. sin., Juarec Stake Acad., 1604^5; 
asst. agrl. chem., Brigbam Young Univ., 
190e-7i asst. chem., Utah Exp. Sta.. 
1007-8; asat. aoi! tech., Cornell Univ.. 
1900-10; instr. soil lecb.. tSlO-l; prof. 
agron.. Utah Agr. Coll. and agron. Kxp. 
Sla., Iflll— ; dir. Sch. Agrl. Enpn., 
1912—. Del. Inter. Dry-Farming Con- 
pem; Inter. Irrig. Congress; Universal 
Esperanto Assoc.. Geneva, Switaerland. 
Pre*. Cornell sect. Am. Soc. Agron.; 
chm. sect. agrl. engin.. Inter. Dry- 
Farming Congress; sec. Utah Dry- 
Farmerg' Assoc. Fellow and pres., Utah 
Acad. Sci. Avlh.: Man in Relation to 
His Work, 191S; The Vocations of Man. 

The Sugar-Beet in America, 1918. b. 
Benjamin. Utah. Aug. 19. 1884; ». 
DennieoD Enter and Eunice (Stewart) H.; 
reared in town; m. EstelU Spilsbury, 
June IS, 1903; c. Arlene. Franklin S. Jr., 
Chauncy Dennison, Helen. B.S., Brig- 
ham Young Univ.. 1807; Ph.D.. Cornell 
Univ.. 1911. Sigma Xi; DelU Nu; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Harria. Maiiui L., co. agrl. agt.. Randolph, 


General farming, 10 yrs. b, Colonia 
Juarez. Chuhuabua. Mei.. Dec. 28, 1892; 
t. D. E. and Eunice (Stewart) H.; reared 
on farm. A.B,, Bri^iam Young Univ., 

Hairwon, Artluir Rennn, ant prof, lands, 
gard. Mass. Agr. Coll., Amherst. Mass. 
Instr. lands, gard., Mass. Agr. CM., 
191I~3; asst. prof., 1913—. b. Lebanon 
Springs, N. Y.. May 25. 1872; ». Wm. H. 
and Marietta (Kenyon) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Gertrude Chandler Harrison, 
Aug. 18. 1901. 

Harrison, Erbic Lee, pres. Ky. div. Farmers' 
Union, Lexington, Ky. 

Instr.. Univ. Ky.. 1909-10. Manag. 
and sec.-treaa. Assoc. Cooperators of 
Ky.; mem. Fed. Bd. of Farm Organisa- 
tions. Ed. and manag.. Kf. Union Far- 
mer. 6. Glasgow, Ky., Apr. SO. 1883; 
». Flem and Mary (Harlow) H.; reared 
on farm; m. Luella M. Scovill. Sept. IS. 
1910; c. Ruth Elicabeth, Helen Louise. 
A.B., Univ. Ky., 1909; student UnJv. 
Wis., 191S-S; M.A.. Univ. Mo., 1919. 
Alpha ZeU; Phi Gamma DelU. 

Harrison, Fairfax, railway pres., Belvoir, Ta. 
Prea. Southern By. Co. and other oor- 
porationa since 10IS. Parmer. Pres. Va. 
State Fair Assoc., 1916 — . Ed., Roman 
Farm Management, 191S. 6. N. Y., Mar. 
13, I860; (. Burton and Constance (Cary) 
H.; m. Hetty Cary. June 8. 189*. B.A.. 
Yale Univ., 1890; M.A.. Columbia Univ., 
18BI; admitted to N. Y. Bar. 1802. 

Harrison, Francis Charies, prine. MacDonald 
Coll. and dean of faculty of agr., McGill 
Univ., Macdonald College, Que. 

Prof, bact., Ont. Agr. CoU., 1896; 
present position, 1909—. Fellow Royal 
Soc. of Canada. Lieut-Col. Canadian 
Militia; asst. Adj.-Gen., Artillery Camp, 
Pelewawa, 1916-8. Rep. Canada m 
Inter. Dairy Conference. Budapest, 1910. 
Part ed.. Microbiology; coUatxmting ed., 
1a Revue Generale du I«it, Journal of 
Bacteriology, b. England, ISTl; i. F. 
SladenH.; m. MargaretR.Milts; c. 2 sons. 
3 daughters. B.S.A., Toronto Univ.. 
1892; B.Sc., McGill Univ.. 1900; studied 
t Cambridge Univ., Univ. Berne. Switser- 

Harrison. Richard DeAimond Jr., co. agrl. 
agt.. Bay City. Mich. 

Farmer. Tipton, Mich.. 1B09-7; Ogden, 
1007-9; supt. farms, U. S. Gymum Co., 
Chicago. I90e-lS; farmer. Princeton, 

m. Bay City. Midi., 191«-7. 


ton, HL, May tS. ISSS; t. lUchud D. 
ajid EUa (Waneo) H.i reared oo (arm; 
m. Glad^ O. Fisher, Oct. IS, 1&10; c. 
BichardD., Carolyn P. Special student, 
Univ. m. 

HarmoB, Tbomaa Jamei, prof, field hiub., 
Man. Agr. Coll., Wianip^, Man. 

Ant. prof, field buib., Man. Agr. 
Coll., 1«11'3; rapt. Dominion Expl. 
Farm, Indian Head, Sank., 1813-S; 
present position, Iflia — . Prea. Man. Seed 
Growers' Assoc; vice-^rei. Inter. Farm 
Congress. Mem. Provindal Food Re- 
sources Com. Sec. Dem. Farm Bd. h. 
Carman, Man., Apr. 15, IBSS; (. Wm. 
and Margaret (MacCuUougb) H.; reaf«d 
on farm; n>. Ethel Mary Playfoir, Sept. 
4, Itli; e. Archibald Wm., James Allen. 
B.S.A., Man. Agr. Coll.. l»ll. 

Hart, Edwin B., prof. agrl. cbem., Univ. 
Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Aart. cbem., N. Y. Agr. Exp. SU.. 
Geneva. 1907-1802; assoc. cbem., lOOli-e; 
present position, 1006—. Fellow A. A. 
A. S. Anth.; General Agricultural Chem- 
istry, IBIO; Chemistry and Its Relation 
to Daily Ufe, 1918. b. Sandusky, O., 
Dec. es, 1874; ». Wm. and Mary (Hess) 
H.; reared on farm; nt. Annie De Mille, 
1003; e. Margaret V. B.S.. Univ. Mich.. 
1897; studied Univ. Heidelberg and 
Marburg. 1900-1. 

Hart, Lewis Raymond, teach, agr., Ham- 
mondsport, N. Y. 

Aaat. teaidi. agr., high-sch.. Perry, N. Y., 
1016; teach, agr., high-sch., Hammonds- 
port, 101«— . 6. Ithaca, N. Y., May W, 

Haft, William B^ prof. agrl. educ., Mass. 
Asr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Prof, psychology and educ, State 
Normal Sch., Peru. Neb., 1901-7; pre- 
sent poaition, 1907 — . Educ. adv., Mass. 
State Bd. Agr. Special attention to boys' 
and girls' clubs. Atioe. td.. The Rural 
Educator, b. Green Co., Pa., Mar. 31, 
ISfiS; (. Jacob and Xaveria (Ross) H.; 
reared on (arm; n. Mary E. McCray, 
Aug. U, ISM. L.B., la. State Uw Sch., 
1880; A.B.. Univ. Neb., 1896; A.M., 

Haitenbower, Andrew Qerdaad, supt. 

iosts. and ext. schs., Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 

Asat. agr.. N. Met. A.&M. CoU., lOOfr- 
7; prof, agr., EscuelaNadonalde Agricul- 
bira y Veterinaria, Lima, Peru, 1007-0; 
assL prof, agrou., Okla. A.&M. ColL, 
1910-3; princ. short-courses. 1913-*; dir. 
Guam Eip. Sta., 1914-7; present posi- 
tion, 1917—. IVaveled W. Indies. S. 
and Cent. America, Mexico, Philippines, 
China, Japan, b, Douglass, Kans., Dec. 
«, 18B«; *. A. J. and Katie Ann (McCarthy) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Eatfael Bebecca 
Fleming, Dec. 10, 1007. B.S., OUa. 
A.&M. CoU., I91S. 

Hartet, Leouid Le«, plant path.. Bur. 
Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Sd. asst.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1909-5; 
aast. phyuologist, 1006-B; asst. path.. 
1909-11; palL., 1912—. b. Moulton. 
la., Feb. i. 1875; i. Aaron and Elisabeth 
(Replogle) H.; reared on farm; nt. Nora 
Monterey Davis. Sept. 48, 1907; e. 
Helen S.. Doris E.. Stuart Davis. A.B., 
Univ. Neb.. 1908; A.M., 1906; Ph.D., 
George Washmgton Univ., 1917. 

Hartley, Charles Pinckncy, chg. invests, in 
corn improvement. Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Teach., Ida.. 1804-7; asst. hort. and 
ijutr. math,, Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1897-0; present position, 1609—. Fel- 
low A. A. A. S. Avtk.: Injurious Effects 
of Premature Pollination, lOOS; Broom 
Com, lOOS; Corn Growing, 1901; Pro- 
duction of Seed Corn. 1905; Harvesting 
and Storing Corn. 1907; Cross Breeding 
Cora, 1911; Popcorn. 191S. 6. Ripley 
Co., Ind., Jul. 7, 1B70; *. Wm. Lynn and 
Lucy Jane (Vines) H.; m. Anna Gano 
Bri^m, Jul. 25, 1005. B.Sc., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll., 1802; M.Sc., 1890. 

Hartman, Henry, eit. asst. prof, hort., la. 
SUte Coll., Ames, la. 

b. Marion. Kans. Dec 11, 1888; f. 
U. and LeonUne (StiUman) U.; reared on 
farm. B.S., Wash. SUte CoU., 1017. 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Delta Sigma Rbo; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hartwell, Bait Laws, dir. agron. and chem. 
and prof. agrl. chem., R. 1. State Coll.. 
Kingston, R. I. 
Asst chem., Mass. Exp. Sta., ISSO-OI; 


lat Mat. chem.. R. I. Ezp. Su.. 1891- 
1903; assoc. chem., 1903-7i chem., 
J907— ; agron., 1918—; dir., 191B— ; 
prof. agr). diem., R. 1. State Coll., 1908—. 
FeUow A. A. A. S. b. LittletoD, Masi.. 
Dec. IB, ISefi; (. Chaa. P. and Ludoda 
(Laws)H.;reuedonfana;>n. Mky Loiuse 
Smith, Sept. 9, 1891; e. Gladys. B.S., 
Ma». Agr. Coll., 1889; M.S., 1901; 
B.S.. Boston Univ., 1889; Ph.D., Univ. 
Penn., 1M3. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Harrey, Marie Tnmer, t«acb. and lect. 
00 niral educ., and founder The New 
Porter Rural Sch., Kirkaville, Mo. 

Teach, rural sdi., Pontiac, E&iu., 
1885-7; primary teach.. Old Orchard, 
Mo., 1889-91; supt. public Bcbs., Clay- 
ton, 1891-1902; critic teftch., StaU 
Normal Sdi., KirluviUe, 1907-8; init. 
lect. and teach. Model Rural Sch.. State 
Normal Sell., 1910H2; preaent position, 
19ie — . ^>etdal coUaborator in rural 
educ, U. S. Bur, Educ; chm. Com. on 
Rural Schs.. Nat. Educ. Assoc.; mem. 
adv. bd., Mo. Home-Makers' Conference; 
mem. stateexec. bd., Mo, Parent-Teadiera' 
Assoc b. Port Washington, Wis., May 
IS, 1869; reared on farm; d. Franklin 
and Anna Marie (Zimpelman) Turner; 
m. Clay Harvey, 1902. 

Harver, Thurlow Weed, asst. state leader 
CO. agts., Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind, 
b. Fainnount. Ind., Aug. 12, 1888; «. 
JohD W. and Elizabeth (Price) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Helen Louise Arnold, 
Aug. 19, 1913; e. Thurlow Weed Jr. 
B.S,A., Purdue Univ., 1914. Phi Kappa 
Sigma; Sigma Delu Chi; Alpha ZeU. 

Haseman, Leonard, assoc. prof, ent., and 
ent, Eip. Sla., Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 
Asst. ent.. Univ. Fla.. 1005-0; aast., 
Univ. Mo., 1906-8; aast., Cornell Univ., 
1908-10; instr. ent., Univ. Mo., 1910-2; 
asst. prof., 1912;-6; assoc. prof, 1916— 
Chief nursery insp., Mo., 1913 — . 6. 
Linton, Ind., Mar. 26, 1881; j. J. D. and 
Elizabeth C. (Shultie) H.; reared on 
farm; nt. Elosia B. Fish, 1910; c. Joseph 
F., Leonard L. A.B., Univ. lod., 1906; 
A.M., 1907; Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1910. 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Gam- 
ma Alpha. 

Haskell. EafI S^ aast. agrrt.. Off. Farm 
Manag., U. S. Dcot. Agr., Washington, 

Agrl. insp.. Bur. Agr., Philippine Isls., 
1909-12; chg. Baguia Eip. SU., 1909- 
11; present position, 191S — . Traveled 
Japan, 1911, Europe, 1912. b. Des 
Moines, la., Oct. 5, 1886; i. Orville C. 
and Jane L. (Win^w) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Mabel Sanborn, Mar. 18, 1917; 
c. Ruth Sanborn. B.S.A., U. State ColL, 
1008; M.S.A., 1009. Delta ^gma Rho. 

Haskell, Royal JoysEn, plant path.. Bur. 
Plant Ind., U.S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

b. Rochester, Mass., Jan. 27, 1890; *. 
Geo. B. and Annie E. (Joyslin) H.; reared 
on farm; m. MyrtA M. Brown, May 20, 
1916. B.S., Dartmouth Coll., 1912; 
Hi.D., Cornell Univ., 1917. Sigma Xi. 

Haskell. Sidney Bnrritt, buuness manag. 
Soil Improvement Com., Nat. Fertihc^ 
Assoc, 1488 Munaey Bldg., Baltimoie. 

Asst. agron., Hatdi Bip. Ste., IWiS; 
instr. Mass. Agr. CoU., \905-10; asBt. 
prof.. 1910-2; assoc. prof., 1912-5; 
prof., 1918-6; present poation, 1916—. 
b. Fargo, N. D., May 24, 1881; i. B. B. 
and A. E. (Gould) H.; reared on farm 
and in city; nt. florenoe L. Dacy, Dec. 
25, 1908; c. Nelson B., Florence W. 
B.S., Moss. Agr. Coll., 1004. Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

Haskins, Henri Darwin, chg. fert. and soil 
lab., Mass. Exp. Sta., Amherst, Mass. 

Asat. chem., Mass. Eitp. Sta., 1897- 
1907; present position, 1907—. 6. 
Amherst. Mass.. Dec. 27. 1870; *, Syl- 
vester Henry and Elvira (.Qtty) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Fannie E. Graves, 
Oct 10. 1895; c. Gemld Everard. B.Sc, 
Mass. Agr. Coll.. 1890. 

. Wis.. Madison. 1 
Asat. agrl. bact.. Univ. Wis., 1899-1902; 
instr., 1902-5; asst. prof., 190B-0; assoc. 
prof.. 1909-13; prof.. lOIS— . Fellow 
A. A. A. S. Mem. WU. Live-Stock 
Sanil&ry Bd. Aulh.: (with Russell) Out- 
lines of Dairy Bacteriology, 1914; (with 
Russell) Agricultural Bacteriolo^. 1909; 

ology. b. Austinburg. O.. Aug. II, 1872; 


«. 0. p. and Susan (Row) H.; reu«d od 
farm; m. EIvb J. Waten, Sept. 16, 190>. 
B.S., Ohio Sute Univ., ISSSi M.S.. 
Unhr. Wii., 1890. Sigma Xi; Sigma 
Alpha Eptilon. 

Hasting, HaiT7 George, seednuan. Decatur, 

in Fla„ 1889-99; Gb.,1899— ; 

praa. H. G. HaatmgiCo., Beedimen; pna. 
and organiur. Haitiags Farm Co. Vice- 
pres. Ga. Agrl. Soc; ct-bcc, Fla. SUte 
Hort.Soc; mem. agrl. com., U. S. Cham- 
ber oF Commerce; pre*. Ga. State Cham- 
ber of Coromerce; pres. Southwestern 
FairAasoc. of Atlanta. Vice-Ea«t.RuTaliit 
Preaa, Idc; dir. Southern Huraliat Co. 
b. Springfield, O., Mar. 8, 1869; (. Geo. 
W. and Candace L. (White) H.; m. Pearl 
M. Freeborn, Dec. M. 1891; e. Wm. 
Raymond, Harry Stanley, Donald Madi- 
MD. Student Oberlin Coll., 1884-9. 

Hatch, Frederic Lewia, farmer and lect., 
Spring Grove, lU. 

Tnutee Univ. 111., 18 yra. Traveled in 
Cuba and Mexico. Anth.: Hundreth 

Wit., 1918. 

Hatcli, Kiik LcHter, prof. agrl. educ, 
tiniv. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Prioc. bigh-schs., Seitonville, Black 
Earth, Waterloo, Wis., 1896-1907; princ. 
Co. Sch. of Agr., Wioneconne, Wis., 
1907-8; present position, 1909—, Auth.: 
Elementajy Agriculture, 1907; Profitable 
Dairying, 1908; High-school Agriculture, 
1913. Ed., American Agriculture Series. 
6. Loyd. Wis., June 87, 1871; *. L. M. 
and Margaret fRhinehardt) H.; reared 
on farm; m. Florence Adele Cushman, 
Oct. 17, 1896. B.S., Univ. Wis.. 1909. 

Hathaway, Floyd Cecil, co. agrl. agt., 
Grafton, N. D. 

General farmer. Minn., 1898-1903; 
teach, agr. and manual training, Redfield, 
S. D., 1912-3; teach, agr.. State Normal 
and Ind. Sch.. EUendale, N. D., 1913-8. 
AiOh.: Teaching Agriculture in the Rural 
School, 1916. b. Boone Co., lU., Dec. 
18, 1883; (. WiUie Nash and Minnie 
Jane (Brooks) H.; reared on farm; m. 
Mabb Ethel Hay, Aug 29, 1912; e. 

Haveratick, Harry Hoyt. co. agrl. agt. , 
Franklin, Pa. 

Instr. sn. and agr., Kiakinnetas Acad., 
Pa., 1914-6. 6. Mt. Jay. Pa., Oct. 27. 
1882; «. John M. and Elvina ( Waifel) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Helene E. Wien- 
eke, Jan. IS. 1917. B.S., Penn. State 
CoU., 1916; Engin., 1918. Kappa Sigma. 

Havner, Harry Harriaoa, prof. an. hush. 
e][t, Penn. State Coll., Sute College, Pa. 
Asst. an. husb., Penn. State Coll., 
1911-9: instr., 1912-4; asst. prof.. 
1014-6; assoc. prof., 1916-7; aaaoc. 
prof. an. husb. eit.. 1917-8: prof., 
1916—. Vet. ed.. National Stockman 
and Farmer, b. Coryden, la., Nov. II, 
1888; t. Geo. J. and Dora (Simmons) H.; 
reared oo farm; m. Ruth Adeline Stearns, 
Aug. 20. 1913; e. Harry Dean. Robert 
Stearns. D.V.M.. la. State CoU., 1911; 
M.S.A., Penn. State CoU., 1916. Phi 
Sigma Kappa; Alpha Zeta. 

3 yrs.; supt. agrl. dept., Putnam Agr. 
Sch., Sleepy Eye, Minn., 3 yrs. b. 
Lewisville, Wis.. Oct. 23, 1889; ». John 
and Clara (Perkins) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Frances Ebmke, Jul. 2, 1910; e. Nivea, 
Robt., Nathan. 

Hawkins, Joe Cephus, co. agrl. agt., Condon , 

Farmer. Tex. and Okla.,6 yrs.. Wash., 
6 yrs. b. Granger, Tex.. June S, 1889; 
>. David H. and Hester Jane (Goldsmith) 
H.; reared on farm. B.S., Ore. Agr. 
CoU., 1917. 

Hawkins, Laylon S., aaet. dir. For agrl. educ, 
Fed. Bd. for Voc. Educ, Washington. 

Instr. sci. and agr.. State Normal 
Sch., Cortland. N. Y., 1904-10; dir. agr., 
1910-9: specialist in agrl. educ, N. Y. 
Sute Educ. Dept., 1012-6; dir. agri. aud 
iod. educ, 1017; present position. 1017 — . 
Mem. exec com.. Am, Assoc, for Adv. of 
Agrl. Teaching. Rep. SUU Educ. Dept. 
on N. Y. Sute Food Supply Comn.. 
1917. b. Chemung Co., N. Y., Jan. 4, 
1877; (. C. Frank and SaUna E. (Layton) 
H.; reared on farm; m. CaroUnc Mouell 


Cuttj. Jul. 81. ItWO; e. Layton S. Jr. 
A.B.. Ambent CoU., 10041 A.M., 1007. 
DelU UpailoD. 

Hawkini, Lee Carlton, ox agrl. sgt., Byrds- 
town. Teim. 

b. WUte Pine. Temi., Jan. 1. 18B1; 
t. Will and Canie {Saville] H.i Tcared on 
Farm. B.S., lincob Memorial Univ., 

I. agri. agU, Taybr- 

Hbt, Clair Edwards. 


b. Kankakee, 01., Aug. ST. 1890; f. 
LeoD and Mary J. (DeL«gDeau) H.; 
reared on tarm; m. Grace E. Trobaugh, 
Mar. 12, 1913; e. Constance Editli. 
B.S., Univ. 111., 1918. Alpha Zeta. 

HaycB, Augnalns Washingtoii, co. agrl. agt.. 
Elyria, 0. 

Served HI. Soil Survey, 1907-9; ant. 
Soil Survey. 111. Eip. Sta., 1910; t«»ch. 
■gr., Minn, high-schs.. 1911-S; mem. 
Pmiiue Univ. est. atafi, 1019-5; co. agt., 
Sullivan, Ind., 1013-«: agt. Lorain Co., O., 
1917—. b. Pleasant Plains, lU., Jul. 2. 
1SB4; >. J. W. and Fannie (Kerce) H.; 
reared on {arm; m. Martha Fidelia 
Durham, June 14, 1917. B.S., Univ. III.. 
190T; M.S., Univ. Wis., 1916; grad. 
student, Univ. 111. and Univ. Wij., 1916-7. 
Oberlin CoU., I917-g. Alpha ZeU. 

Hayea, Fred Montreville, aast. prof. vet. 
sd., Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Calif. 

Instr. vet. sci., Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 
1908-11; instr.. Univ. Calif., 1918-3; 
asat. prof,, 1918—. Sec. Calif. State 
Vet. Med. Assoc., 1816-7; vice-prea., 
!»18. fc. Bourbon Co., Kans., Juf. 80. 
1885; t. Harvey Lewis and Eva {Higbie) 
H.; reared on farm and in city; m. 
Flora CornelU Knight, Jul. 17, 1912. 
D.V.M.. Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1908. 

Hayes, Herbert Kendall, assoc. prof, plant- 
breeding, Univ. Minn., University Farm, 
St. Paul. Minn. 

Asst, agron.. Conn. Exp, Sta.. 1908-11; 
plant-breeder, 1911-4; present position, 
IBIS. b. Granby, Conn., Mar. 11, 1684; 
(. Marshall C. and Mary Ella (Merriam) 
H.; reared on farm; ni. Anna A. Cush- 
man, Sept. 28, 1911; c. Herbert, Mary. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 1908; M.S., 
Harvard Univ., 1911. Kappa Sigma. 

Hayes, Martm Ltrtbcr, prof. agrt. ednc, 
Tex. A. & M. Coll.. CoUege Station, Tex. 
Tead). Latin, German, math., Everton 
Acad., Mo.. 1902-S; Latin and sci., 
Marshall higfa-«ch.. Mo., tOOS-S; princ. 
sci.. Slater higb-sch.. 1906-T; nipt, schs.. 
Oak Grove, 1007-8; supt. SteelviUe, 
1909-11; preaentposition, 1913— -. Mem. 
Com. on Agr., Nat. Educ. Assoc. Con- 
tributing ed., Texas School Journal 6. 
Marsh^, Mo., Feb. 6, 18T7; «. Martin 
and Liizie (Dull) H.; reared on farm; m. 
MaybeUe Wallin, 1908; o. M. Bdwin. 
A.B., Mo. Valley Coll., Marshall, 1902; 
A.M. in Bduc. and B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 

Hayaes, Fred Emory, assL prof, socio!.. 
Slate Univ. la., Iowa Oty, la. 

Instr., Univ. Calif., 189«7B; pr<rf. 
econ. and lociol., Momingnde Coll., 
SbuxCity, la., 1000-U; preaentposition, 
1914 — . Attention to rural sodol. Aatk.: 
Third Party Movements, 1916. b. Mass., 
Dec. 20, 1868; *. Cbas. Emory and Ellen 
R. (Warner) H.; reared in town. A.B., 
Harvard Univ., 1880; A.M., IS90; 
Ph.D., 1891. 

Hays, John C, co. agrl. agt., Casper, Wyo. 

b. Loveland, Colo., May 2fl, 1887; 

*. John and 0. C. (Card) H.; reared on 

farm. B.S.A., Colo. Agr. Coll., 1912. 

Sigma Theta Pi; Sigma Alpha Upsilon. 

Hai*. WiOet Hattin, farmer. West Chester, 

Asst. a^., la. SUte CoU.. 1886; assoc. 
ed, Praine Farmer, Chicago. 1887; asrt. 
prof, agr., Univ. Minn., 1888-9; prof., 
1800-1; prof, agr., N. D. Agr. Coa, 
1892-3; prof. agr. and agrst. Eip. Sta., 
Univ. Minn., 1894-1004; asst. sec. a^., 
Washington, 1905-12; adv. to Argentme 
minister of agr., lOlS; adv. to Univ. of 
Tucuman, 1914; farmer. 1919 — . Organi- 
zer and sec Am. Genetics Assoc., 1903- 
12 and ed. Journal of Heredity. 1910-2; 
organizer and sec. Bdinn. Field Crops 
Breeders' Assoc. First pres. Peace Soc. of 
Washington, 1912-S. Traveled in Europe 
and S. America. Autk.: RuralScbool Agri- 
culture, 1903; Breedins Fianta and Ani- 
mals, 1904; Farm Development, I80S. b. 
Union, la., Oct. 10, 1859; t. Silas and 
Christena (Lepley) H.; reared on farm; m. 
Clara Sheppard, 1885 (d. 1893); 2d, Ellen 
Beach. 1897; c. Bessie, Myron B., Doris 


Aut. dairy huab., Penn. State CoU.. 
18M-0: iiutT., 1896-6; uit. prof., 
I6&8-1903; prof. an. and dairy husb., 
N. H. A. & U. Coll., 1902-3i asit. chief 
Dairy Div., Bur. An. Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Af^., 1903; dir. dept. agr., Mt Hermon 

Panuera' Tnut Co., Newark, E)el.; 
trustee Perri* Ind. Reform Sch. b. 
Lewiston, N. Y., May 10. 1869; i. Geo. 
Calvin and Frances (Baker) H.; reared 
on farm; m. Lillian Woobon. Sept. 7, 
1B97; e. Mary Frances, B.S.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1894; M.S.. 1901; special course 
in agr.. Univ. Mine., Hamelin Dairy 
Scb.. Germaay, Resding (England) Coll.. 
Harvard Med. Sch. Sigma Xi:y.Phi 
Kappa Phi; Kappa Sigma. 

Haaen, LesHe Eujene, asst. pnrf. farm medi., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

SpecUl Bgt., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1906-9; 
farmer, lOOS-IOi inatr. agr. and military 
drill. S. Kana. Acad., 1910-1; aait. in 
dry land agr., U. S. Dept, Ap., 1911-3; 
instr. farm mech,, Cornell Umv.. 1913-6; 
asst. prof., 1917—. b. Centralia, Kans., 
Nov. 8, 18S4; t. Newlon Seward and 
Elizabeth Caroline (Ewing) H.; reared 
on farm; m. EUa V. Brooks, Sept. IS. 
1909; e. XerlaD Ruth, Durion Newlon, 
Gietsolon Lanse, B.S, in Agr., Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll., 1006; M.E., Cornell 
Univ., 1916. 

HMdIce, Thomas J„ prof. eat. and ent. 
Exp. SU., aUte ettt., Rutgers CoU. 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

Asrt. ent., N. H. Exp. Sl»., 1906-7; 
•iBoc. ent., Jul.-Oct., 1907; prof. enl. 
Kaoa. State Agr. Coll., ent. Exp. Sta. 
state ent.. 1007-12; prraent position 
lOie— . Fellow A. A. A. S. Sec.-treas 
N. J. Mosquito ExtermiiifttioD Assoc. 
6, White Co., Ind,, Feb 18, 1877; ». 
Josephua and Ruaun (Mattiz) H.; r^jed 
on farm; m, Blanche Ives, 1903; e. 
Mary Ruanoa, Josephine. Miriam Esther, 
Ruth Margaret, A,B., Univ. Ind,, 1903; 
A.M., 1004; Ph.D., ComeU Univ.. 1006. 
Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha 

HmU, FrankHa EroMt, state agt. for tmun- 
ing agr], teachers. Mass. Bd. Educ, 
Amherst. Mass. 

Princ. secondary acha,, 1809-1014; 
specialist in agrl. educ, U. S. Dept, Agr., 
1014-8; present position, 1018—. Sec. 
Am, Assoc, for Adv. Agrl. Teaching, 
1917—. 6, BratUeboro, Vt„ Nov. 10, 
1673; *, Wm, P, and Jennie E. (Clayton) 
H.; reared in village and on farm; m. 
Grace E. Boyd. Aug, 98, 1901; e. Theo- 
dore B„ Kenneth P. B.S.. Dartmouth 
Coll.. 1897; M,A., 1908. Phi Delta 

Hcald, Frederick De Forest, head dept. 
plant path, and path. Exp, Sta,, Wash, 
State Coll,, Pullman, Wash. 

Prof, biol.. Parsons Coll,, FairEeld, la,, 
1S97-1903; adj. prof, plant physiology. 
Univ, Neb., 1003-S: assoc. prof. hot. 
and bot, Exp. Sta,, 1005-6; prof. agrl. 
bot. and bot, Exp. Sta., 1906-B; head 
Sch. Bot.. Univ, Tex,. 1908-18: path. Pa, 
Chestnut Tree Blight Conm,, 191i-l; 
present position. lOlfi — . Collaborator, 
V. S. Dept, Agr.. 1908; expert, 1000-10; 
agt., 1911-4; coUaborator, 1015—, Mem. 
Wash. State Insecticide and Fungicide 
Bd. Fellow A, A, A, S, Aidh.: Revision 
of Analytic Keys to Genera and Species 
of North American Mosses. 1B07; Labora- 
tory Manual in Elementary Biology, 
1004; (with Lewis) Experiments in 
Plant Physiology. 1910. Attoc. td.. Phy- 
topathology, 1911-6. k Midland City, 
Mich.. Jul. iS, 1872; *. Henry Frands 
and Hettie (Charles) H.; reared on (arm; 
m. Nelbe Townley, Dec, 27, 1899; e. 
Adelaide, Henry T., Marian Bessey. 
B.S„ Univ, Wis.. 1894; M.S., 1896; 
Ph.D„ Leiprig Univ,. 1897. Hii Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

Healey, Leonard H., farmer, sec. State Bd. 
Agr,, N. Woodstock, Conn. 

Master State Grange; overseer Nat. 
Grange; sec. Conn, State Fairs Assoc b. 
Des Moines, la., Oct. 0. 1665; i. Amasa A. 
Child and SanOi L. (Child) H,; reared 
on farm; m, Carrie A, Blackmar, June 
13, 1880; e. Maud Elizabeth, John Black- 
man. L. H, Jr., Ewart Gladstone, Merrill 
Loring, Beatrice Child, Sarah EsteUe, 

Hcalj, Daniel Joseph, prof, bact,, bad, 
Exp, Sta., Univ. Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Anat., Surgeon General's Off., 1004-7; 
supt. Ky. Inst, for Peeble-Minded 


Ouldren, 1000-10; but. Kv. Exp. Su., 
1010—: pnrf. bact, Univ. Ky., 1911—. 
Mem. Com. Bact. SUndanb, Auoc. Am. 
IDaiiT. Food and Drug OSdalB, 1911-3. 
b. Toronto, Canada, Mar. 86, 1873 
(naturalized 1900); t. Wm. and Eleanor 
(McCarthy) H.; reared in city; m. 
Louise Su«ett« Bergmann, June M, 1902. 
M.D.C.M., McGill Univ., 1896. 

[Heard, D. B., p. 311 

Hechl, AngnsI George, asst. prof, flor., 
Masi. Agr. Coll., Amhent, Mass. 

Inatr. hort., Univ. III., 1914-6; present 

riition. 1917—. In U. S. Army, 1918—. 
Overland, Mo., June 6. 1B92: «. John 
and Marie (Krieger) H.; reared on (arm; 
m. Olive Neville, Dec. 10, 1917. B.S., 
Univ. nl.. 1D14. 

Hecke, George Henry, fniiUgrower and 
packer, and etitte comnr. oF )K>rt.. Wood- 
land, Calif. 

Formerly expert in viticulture, U. S. 
Dept. Agr. 6. Hamburg, Germany, Jan. 
4, 1S6S (naturalized 1898); i. Robt. and 
AufuslaH.; reared in dty; m. Elisabeth 
Welch; _c. Leila, Martha. Educ. Ger- 


Hedge, Jamea day. co. agrl. agt. Court 
House. Akron, 0. 

b. Sarahsville, O., Apr. iS, 1888; *. 
John E. Mid Emma (Brown) H.; r^^ed 
on (arm; m. Marie E, Kohr, Nov. 28, 
1917. B,S.A., Ohio State Univ., I91I. 

Hedgea, Arthur F.. co. agti. agt., Glenville, 

Prof, agr., Northland Coll., Ashland, 
Wig,, 1916-7; agt. Gilmer Co., W. Va.. 
1917—, 6. Brad(ord, N, Y„ Aug. SO, 
1889; t. Frank and Eva (Mathewi) H,; 
reared on farm, B.S,, Univ, Wis., lOlS. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hedrick, Ulyiac* Prenttsa, hort, N. Y. 
Agr. Exp. Su., Geneva, N. Y. 

Awt, hort,, Mich, Agr. Coll., 1893-5; 
prof. bot. and hort.. Ore, Agr. Coll., 
1806-7; prof, bot. and hort,, UtAb Agr. 
Coll., 1B07-9; sast, pro(, hort.. MiA. 
Agr. Coll., 1899-IBOa; prof,, 190i-B; 
preaent position, 190Jt — . Fellow A. A, 
A. S. Auth.: Grapes of New York, 1007; 
Plums of New York, 1910; Cherries of 
New York, 1914; Peaches of New York, 
1017. b. Independence. la., Jan. IS, 

1870; «. Benjunm F. and Mary Cathoine 
(Myen) H.; reared on farm; m. Amy 
Willis Plummer, June 23, 1808; e. Cather- 
ine Layton. Penelope Rodney. Ulysses P. 
Jr. B.S,. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1893; M.S., 
1805; D.Sc.. Hobart Coll., 1919, Sigma 

Hedrick, Wilbur OKn, prof, econ., Mich. 
Agr. Coll.. E. Lansing. Mich. 

InstT. English. Mich. Agr. Coll., 1801-3; 
asst. prof, econ.. 1803-1006; prof, econ, 
and hist., 1006-16; prof, econ., 1016—. 
Collaborator U. S. Dept, Agr. in rural 
credit research, 1914-0. AaOi.: History 
of Railroad Taxation in Michigan, 1911. 
b. Elkhart Prairie, Ind., Apr. 3, 1868; 
». Benj. F, and Muy C. (Myers) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Lucilia Baker, Aug. 3, 
1898; c. Helen Elimbetb, Hester Baker, 
Amy Jeanette, Marion. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. CoU.. 1801; M.S., Univ. Mich.. 
1806; Pb,D., Univ. Mich., 1900. 

Helm, Charles Alton, assL prof, farm crops, 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo, 

b. Sheldon, Mo,, Feb, 4, 1880: (. 
C. B. and EliEabeth (Sullins) H.; rewed 
on farm; m. Nellie M. McGehee, June 3, 
1914. B.S.. Univ. Mo., 191S; M.A., 
Univ. Neb., 1016. Sigma Xi; Alpha 

Helmrcich, John Arthur, oo. agri. agt., 
Torrington, Wyo. 

Instr. an. husb,, Colo. Agr. Coll., 1013-0; 
agt. Goshen Co., Wyo., 1916—. In 
Field Artillery, U. S. Army, 1801-. 
6. Boonvilk, Mo., Sept. 2, 1BS8; «. 
Edward H. B.S., Umv, Mo,. 1018. 

N. J. Exp. Su., New Brunswick. N. J. 

In dept. feeds and (eeding. Mass, Exp. 
Sta,, 1901-6; dir. dept, agr,. Mt. Hermon 
Boys' Sch,, Mass., 10O6-I0; dir, N. Y. 
State Sch. Agr., Monisvilte, 1010^; 

f resent position, 1917 — , Vice-pres. Sth 
udicial Distr., N. Y. State Agrl. Soc. 
b. Boston, Ms^., Feb, 6, 1883; ». James 
P. and Ada M. (Gould) H.; reat«d on 
farm and in village; nt. Irma M. Hat- 
cher, Apr, 25. 1908; e. Eliiabeth Ada, 
James Edwin. B.S., Univ. Vt., 1006. 
Alpha Zeta. 


HeacMOtk, John WiOiaBi, western ed. 
nuuiag. of Soil Improvement Com., 
1916 Postal TelensphBtdg., Chicago, 111. 
b. LimratODe, W. Vs.. D«c. 12, ISM; 
I. Jacob and Josephine (Black) H.; 
reared on farm; tn. I^ura Leota Gieseler, 
Sept. 16, 1914; c. SUnky Gieaeler. B.S.A., 
Ohio State Univ., 1914. 

Headeraoii, Afthw P., co. agrl. agt., Bot- 
tineau, N. D. 

Farmer, 111.. 1879-1000; Minn., 1900- 
18; agt. Bottineau Co., N. D„ 1914—. 
b. Salem, Mau., Aug. 17, 1860; ». John 
H. B. and Jeanette H. (Weaver) H.; 
reared in city; m. MarU L. Gil], Oct. 4. 
1883; c. Nellie P., Edwin J., Mavei J.. 
Fannie H., Emma G., J 

Henderson, Walter C, aaat. chief, Bur. Biol. 
Survey, U. S. DepL Agr., Washington, 

Admitted to Bar of U. S. Supreme 
Court, Nov. 1910. Asat. to solicitor, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1910-6. Special 
attention to laws relatug to Dept. Agr. 

b. Chelsea, Mass., Jul. 6. 1876; *. Wm. C. 
and Margaret (Robertson) H.; reared in 
dty; m.MargaretL. Orpin, Oct. 21, 1908; 

c. Fletcher Orpin. LL.B., Boston Univ. 
Sch. of Law, 1908. Epsilon Pi. 

Bendiicks, George B., dir. Sch. of Commerce 
and Buginess Administration, Utah Agr. 
Coll., Logan, Utah. 

Asit. ptof. ecoD., Brigham Young Coll., 
1900-7; prof., 190S-9; asst. prof. econ.. 
Utah Agr. Coll., 1909-1S; prof, finance 
and banldng, 1916-7; dir. Sch. of Com., 
1017—. b. Lewi«ton, Utah, Nov. iS, 
1881; (. Brigham A. and Mary Rebecca 
(Stoddard) H.; reared on farm; m. 
Caroline A. McAlister, June 5, 1912; 
e. Geo. B. Jr., Harold Gordon. A.B., 
Brigham Young Coll., 1903; A.M.. 
Harvard Univ., 1908. 

Headtickaoii, Artbu Howard, asat. prof, 
pom,, Univ. Calif., BerkeW Calif. 

Lutr. pom.. Univ. Calif., 1913^; 
asit. prof., 1917 — ; exchange prof, pom., 
Cornell Univ., 191B-9. b. Grand Rapids. 
Mich., Feb. 2, 1890; t. Chas, E. and 
Martha S. (Chrialenaon) H.; reared in 
city and country ; m. Hsxel Parker Smith, 
May 20, 1917. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 
191S. Alpha ZeU. 

Headiii, Wilbur Jwdaa, co. agrl. agt., 
Greenville, 0. 

Asst. agron., Univ. Mo., 1010-2; 
ext. instr., Ohio SUte Univ.. 1912-8. 
b. Gratis, O., Aug. 8. 1B83; ». E. W. and 
Martha (Jordan) H.; reared on (arm; 
m, Grace Heller, Mar. U, 1912; e. John 
Heller, James Murray. B.S.A., Ohio 
SUte Univ., 1010. Delta TheU Sigma. 

Hendry, George Whilini, asst. prof, agron., 
Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Calif. 
Present position, 1913—. b. Indiana- 

Klia, Ind., Jan. 22, 1836; *. Frank 
umanandEstelle(Whitiiu)H.; reared 
in city and country. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1913. Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha ZeU. 

Henke, Ltxiia A., prof. agr. and head agrl. 
dept.. Coll. of Hawaii, Honoluk, H. I. 
Dir. agr- Elbo Lake. Minn., 1912-0; 
present position. 1916 — , Mem. agrl. 
com.. Territorial Food Comn. of Hawaii. 
Chm. Live-stock Sect., Hawaii Territorial 
Fair. b. Lowell, Wis., May 13, 1889; 
». Wm. and Mathilde (Koch) H.; reared 
on farm. B.S., Univ. Wis., 1012. 

Henry, Clarence, asst. co. agt. leader, 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, tnd. 

Farm manag., Hebron, O., 1909-10; 
instr. high-sch., Hinckley. Minn., 1910-1; 
instr. agr., SUU Normal Sch., Valley 
City, N. D„ 1911-4; co. agrl. agt., Allen 
Co., lod., 1014-4; present position, 
1016—. 6. Wesleyville, Pa., Mar. 10, 
1886; 1. G. S. and Sara A. (lUpley) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Nell R. Roaebraugh, 
Aug. 84, 1911; c. Robt. R. B.S., Penn. 
StaU Coll., 1009. DelU Tau Delta. 

Henry, Martia Lulhei, invest, in marketing. 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Asst. hort., Univ. Mo., 1016-7. b. 
Little Bock. Ark.. June 17, 188B; *. 
Marion J. and Minerva (Francis) H.; 
i«ared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1014; 
M.A., lOlT; B.S. Educ, 1S17. Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Sigma Kappa Zeta. 

Henry, William Amon, emeritus prof, agr., 
Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Princ. New Haven, Ind., public schs.. 
1871-3; princ. Boulder, Colo., pub. schs., 
1873-6; prof. bot. and agr., Univ. Wis.. 
18S0-2; prof, agr., 1883-7; prof. agr. 
and dir. Eip. SU., 1887; dean Coll. Agr. 
and dir. Exp. Sta., 1887-19071 eneritua 


Kf. agr.. 1907 — . Agrl. del., Paris 
.(OS., 1«00. Auth.: Fwds ftnd Feeding 
(18th ed., with Morrison). On editorial 
staff. Breeders' Gaiette, Hoard's Dairy- 
man, b. Nomalk, O., June 16. ISfiO-, 
(. Wm. and Martha Habes (Condict) H.; 
reared on farm; m, Clara Roxaun Taylor, 
Jul. 1881; c. Amon Taylor. B.S.A., 
CoTDell Univ.. 1880; D.Agr.. Univ. HI., 
1004; D.Sc.. Univ. Vt., 1904, Mich. Agr. 
Coll., 1907. 

Asst. prof. hoTt., Tex. A. & 1 

, Coll.. 

tor, 8 yrs, b. San Antonio. Tei., Jv 
1884; «. F. W. and AugusU (Stein) H,; 
reared in city; m. Ara Lee Jones, Sept. 1, 

1915. B.S.. Tei. A.tM. Coll., 1907; 
M.S., ComeU Univ., 1816. Alpha ZeU. 

Hcpler, Jesse RajntMnd, aast. prof. hort.. 
N. H. A. b M. Coll., Durham, N. H. 

Instr.hort., Univ. Wis, 1811-7; present 
position. 1917 — . b. Pitman, Pa.. Aug. 
26. 1886: t- Jesse and Louisa (Klock) H. ; 
reared on farm; m. Rebecca O. Peterson, 
Sept. la, 1916; e. Helen Louise. B. S., 
Penn. State Coll., 1911; grad, student, 
Univ. Wis. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Hejder, John Verac, co. agrL agt.. Dodge 
City, Kans. 

Teach, agr., high-sch., lola, Kans., 
1916~T. ji. Manhattan. Kans., 1898; 
t. Wm. H. and Roxanna (Flick) H.; 
reared on fam; tn. Nina O. B^ Feb. 10. 
1918. B.S., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 

1916. Pi Kappa Alpha; Gamma Sigma 

Herms, William Btodbeck, assoc pnrf, 
parasitolo^. Coll. Agr., Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Princ. Sch. at Commerce. German 
Wallace Coll.. 1902-6; teach, fellow in 
zool., Ohio State Univ., 1905-6; acting 
head dept. zoo)., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
1906-7; Edward Austin fellow in tool. 
Harvard Univ.. 1907-8; instr. expl. 
sod., Ohio State Univ., summers 1908-9; 
ftsst. prof, ent.. Univ. Calif., 1908-18; 
asst. prof, applied parasitology, 1912-3; 
asst, prof. paroMtoIogy, 191S-5; assoc. 
prof.. 191S— . Fellow A. A. A. S. Mem. 
Nat. MaJaiia Comn.; consulting para- 
sitologist, Calif. SUte Bd. Health. Del. 

from Calif, to Inter. HygieM Ezhihit, 
Dresden, Germany. Aulh.: Laboratory 
Guide to the study of Parasitology, 1S13; 
Malaria,— Cause and Contror 1B13; 
Teit-book in Medical and Veterinary 
Entomology. 1915. Editorial bd.. Journal 
of Parasitology, b. Portsmouth, 0., Sept. 
22, 1876; «. Herman and Rosa Emma 
(Brodbedc) H.; reared on farm and in 
town; m. Lillie C. Mogly, June 14. 1902; 
c. Wra. Magly, Herbert Parker, Geo. 
Walter. B.S., German Wallace Coll., 
190*; M.A., Ohio State Univ.. 1906. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Kappa 

Henick, Glenn Washiugloo, prof. econ. 
ent. and ent, Exp. Sta., Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N, Y. 

Prof, biol.. Miss. A.&M. CoU., 1897- 
1908; prof, ent., Tex. A.&M. Coll., 
1908-9; present position, 1909—. Fel- 
low Ent. Soc. Am, Avik,: Insects of 
Economic Importance, 1906; Text-Book 
in General Zoology, 1907; Laboratory 
Exercises in General Zoology, 1907; 
Insects Injurious to the Household. 1914. 
6. Otto, N. Y.. Jan. 6. 1870; ». Stephen 
M. and Marium (Botsford) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Nannie Young Burke, Aug. 17, 
18S8; G. Marvin T„ Stephen M., Anna B. 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1896; grad. work 
Blarvard Univ. Alpha Gamma Rbo. 

Herrick. Robert S., ext, prof, pom., la. 
Stete Coll., Ames. la. 

Field hort., Cob. Agr. Coll., 1909-12; 
present position, 1912 — . b. Littleton, 
Colo., Jan, 22, 1882; t. Robert D. and 
Nancy (Hart) H,; reared on farm; m. 
Laura Pease, Dec. 18. 1913. B.S., Coh>. 
Agr. Coll., 1908. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Herrinjton, Garvin Leon, boys' club agt., 
Univ. FU., Gainesville. Fla. 

Co. agrl. agt., Trentou. Tenn., 1913; 
agrl. superv., Shelby Co. sdis., Memphis, 
1014. b. FhUadelphia, Miss., Nov. 17. 
1887; (. Nichols Edmund and Mary 
Elizabeth (Lewis) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Margaret Adams, Oct. 8. 1917. B.S,. 
Miss. A. & M. Coll., 191S. 

Herron, Leonard Graves, co. agrl. agt., 
Idabel, Okla. 

Asst. hort.. Okla. A.ii M. CoU., 1918-0; 
specialist in hort,. Miss. A.&H. Coll., 
1910-8; agt., McCurtain Co., Okla.. 
1918—. Farm operator. 1914—. 6. St. 



Mo., May 4, 1801; a. Joseph 
and Ljrdia (Gravea) H.; reai«d 

on farm; m. May Herndon, June 7, 1915; 

e. Leoaard G. Jr.. Josepli Quintua. 

B.S.. Okla. A.&M. Coll.. 1913. 

Henon, Leonaril Smitli, ed. Nebraska 
Union Farmer, Omaba, Neb. 

Witb the Nebruka Farmer, Lincoln. 
1908-17; present position. 1917—. 6. 
Morning Sun, la., Jan. 13, 18S4; «. 
John Robt. and Eliza Campbell (Johnston) 
H.; reared on farm; nt. Mabel Anna 
Beattjr, Apr. 28. 1909; o. Ruth Marie. 
B.S.A.. la. SUte Coll., 1908. Elelta 
KguMRho; Delta Theta Sigma. 

Heraher, Hiram Ftey, ca. agrl. agt., Gettys- 

Aaat. expl. pom., Penn, State Coll.. 
1910-8; teach, wbter-course. 1912^; 
manag. Estherton Fruit Farm, Harris- 
burg, 19ie-7; agt. Adams Co.. Pa.. 1917—. 
Sec. Hon. Soc. o( Penn., 1917-6. b. E. 
Petersburg, Pa., Oct, W. 1888; *. Hirwn 
S, and Annie (Prey) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Adele Hostetter. Apr. 28. 1013; 

0. Mary Rebecca. B.S., Penn. State 
ColL,1910. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa PU. 

Heeler, Lei R., asat. proF. pUnt path.. 
Coroell Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asat. bot., Wabash CoU., 1909-10; 
fellow pUnt path., Cornell Univ.. 1010-2; 
instr.. 191li-4; asst. prof., 1914 — . Aidh.. 
Manunl of Fruit Diseases, 1917. b 
Vecdersburg. Ind., Feb. iO. 1SS8; a 
Clinton F. and Uura IrU (Youngblood) H. , 
reai«d on farm; m. Esther lillian Collins, 
Jul. 8, 1914. A.B., Wabash Coll., 1011; 
Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1914. Sigma Xi; 
Kappa Sigma; Gamma Alpha. 

Hms, Gcmle M., co. agrl. agt., Roosevelt, 
b. Fannington, Utah, Feb. SA, 1891; 

1. Geo. A. and Lucy E. (Sanders) H.; 
reared on farm; nt. Chloe Knowlton. Jan. 
10, 1917; c. Geo. M. Jr. B.9., UUh Agr. 
Coll., 1914. 

Hettel, RaljA Dmn, pres. N. H. A.&M. 
CoU.. Durham, N. H. 

Instr. public speaking. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
tOOS-O; aast. prof.. 1010-1; prof.. 1911-9; 
dir. eit., 1013-7; present position, 1917—. 
Chm. Ext. Sect.. Am. Assoc. Agrl. Colls, 
and Exp. StM.. lOlS. b. Merrill, Wis., 

Dec. 31. 1882; *. Henry C. and Sadie 
(Dorn) H.; reared in town; nt. Estelle 
H. Heineman. Aug. 6. 1911; e. Ralph Jr., 
Helene, Roger, Harriet. A.B.. Univ. 
Wis.. 1000; LL.B.. 1008; LL.D.. Dart- 
mouth Coll.. 1918. DelU Upsilon. 

Hewitt, Arthor Wentwortfa, clergyman, 

Plainfield, Vt. 

Mem. Vt. House of Rep., 1918-7; 
mem. Vt. Stote Bd. Educ., 191S— . 
Rep. Vt. at Nat. Soc. for Promotion of 
Ind. Educ, Indianapolis. 1917: Nat. 
Conference on Rural Educ. Washington, 
1018. Lect. on rural church at summer 
schs. Avih.: Harp of the North, 1918. 

_... hort., Univ. Ark.. 1905-7; assoc. 
and assoc. in chg., 1007-10; prof, plant 
path.. 1910—. State plant path. Sec. 
to State Plant Bd. and chief insp., Little 
Rock, Ark.. 1917—. b. Denver. Ind.. 
May 7, 1881 ; ». Joseph Newton and Maiy 
A. (Davis) H.; reared on farm; m. Beth 
Boright, Jul., 1905; c. Jerre Lee, Wm. 
Boright, Robt.. Mary Beth, Richard 
Newton. B.S.A.. Univ Mo.. 1906. 

Heyman, AraoU Cyras, co. agrl. agt., 
Deming, N, Mex. 

Princ. Rio Grande Ind, Sch.. Albuquer- 
que, N. Mex., 190S-18. b. Monroeville. 
O., Aug. Sa. 1877; ». Wm. F. and Verena 
(Ballmer) H.; reared on farm; nt. 
Henrietta W. J. Ludwi^, Sept. 27, 1008; 
e. Inec Marie; Ludwig Henry. A.B., 
Heidelberg Univ.. 1904; B.D.. Chicago 
Tbeol. Sem., 1908. 

Hifabard, Benjamin Horace, prof. agrl. 
econ., Univ. Wis., Madison. Wis. 

Prof. ecoB., la. State Coll.. 1902-12; 
expert special agt. on agr., U. S. Census, 
loll; present position, 1912 — . b. Bre- 
mer Co., la., Jan. B. 1870; t. Alfred A 
and Elisabeth (Bazeley) H.; reared on 
farm; m. D. Jeannette Baker. 1002; 
t. VirginU. B.S., la. SUte Coll.. 1898; 
Pb.D., Univ. Wis.. 1902. Gamma Sigma 
DelU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

, Google 

chem., Univ. Calif., Berkeley. < 

b. Port Huron, Mich., Jul. M, 1866; 
I. ChM, and Mary J. (Bryan) H.; reared 
on farm; nt. Minnie Roselious, 1897; 
c. Violet. B.S., Univ. Neb., 1898. 

Hibbs, Edwin Gcromc, co. agrl. agt., 
Li^n, 0. 

Instr, agr.. State high-sch., Albota Lea, 
Minn., 1914-5; dir. agr., 1915-7; agt. 
ColumbUn Co., 0., 1»17~. b. Tu«»t»- 
was, 0., Aug. 29, 1888; t. Wm. and 
Martha (Hendenon) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Irma Stella Thompson; e. J. Wm. 
B.S., Mt Union Coll.. 1911; B.S.A., 
Ohio SUte Univ., 1914. 

Hitf^ns, Allen Lett, co. agrl. agt., Sullivan, 

With U. S. Bur. Soib, 1908-12; Ohio 
Bip. SU.. 1912-4; agt. Dei Moinea Co., 
la., 1914-6; SuUivan, Dl., 1918—. b. 
Elmwood, III., Apr. 29. 1885; «. B. P. 
and Mary Eliu (Leet) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Lulu Kathenne Stephens, 
Apr. 84, 1914. B.S., Univ. 111., 1907. 

HiUina, James Edgar, hort,. Hawaii Exp. 
SU., Honolulu, H. I. 

Superv. agr.. Honolulu schs., 1898-1903; 
hort.. Hawaii Exp. Sta., 1903-13; prof, 
hort., Univ. Porto lUco, 191S-I; pretent 
position, 1914 — . Vice-pres. for Hawaii, 
Am. Pom. Soc. b. Wolfville, K. S., June 
14, 1873 (naturalized 1896); i. D. F. and 
Amelia (DeWolf) H.; reared on farni; 
m. NeUie T. Chipman, Jul 31, 1898; 
e. Ronald De Wolf. B.A., Acadia Univ., 
1895; M.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 1898. 

Biggins, Ljda Alexander, dairy huib., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Starkville, Miss. 

Dairy eit„ N. C. Dept. Agr.. 1910-2; 
with U, S. Dairy Div., 1912—. b. 
Higgins, N. C, Dec. IT, 1884; *. Thos. G. 
and^EtizsbeUi (Sronce) H.; reared on 
farm; m, Maude Augustus Magee, May 
11, 19!3. B.S.A., N. C. A.&M. CoU.. 

Hi^f, Lonia AUea, prof, and head dept. 
diem, and chem. Exp. St«.. N. Mex. A. Ii 
M. Coll.. SUte College. N. Mex. 

Chief tech. chem., The Kennicott Co., 
Chicago, 111., 1908-9; The Centralia 
Mining Co., Guadalahara, Mex., 1909-11, 

8rof. chem., Westminster Coll.. Fulton, 
lo.. 1911-9; present position, 191S~. 

SUte chem. for N. Mex. 6. Wibnot. 0., 
Sept. 28, 1871; *. Ludan and Julia 
(Marchand) H.; reared on farm; m. 
Carrie L. Bradley. 1903; c. John Allen. 
Florence Louise, Carrie Evelyn, Joseph 
Leonard. A.B., Ohio Northern Univ., 
1896; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago. 1907. 

HHdwein, Herbert Lynn, co. agrl. agt., 
Kingman. Kans. 
b. Hiawatha, Kaus., Dec. 80, 1891; 

«.ChaB.A.BndEmma (Snyder) H.; reared 
on farm: m. Daisy Hensley, Feb. 2, 1918. 
B.S., Kans. State Agr. CoU.. 1914. 

Hill, Charles L., farmer, and breeder Guern- 
sey cattle. Rosendale. Wis. 

Pres. Am. Guernsey Cattle Club. 1912- 
4; sec. Western Guernsey Breeders' 
Assoc.. 1911-8. Pres. Wis. SUte Ed. 
Agr.; mem. SUte Bd. Educ. Visited 
IsT. of Guernsey T times. Aidk..- The 
Guernsey Breed. 1917. b. Rosendale, 
Wis., Sept. S. 1869; j. Geo. C. and 
Georgianna (Brainard) H,; reared on 
farm; m. Mina V. O'Neil Nov. 11, 1891; 
c. Anna Louise. Geo. O'Neil, Margaret 
Muriel, Jessie May. John Dudley, Miriam 
Althea. Student Univ. Wb., short-courae. 

Hia, Edward S., farmer. Freeville, N. Y. 
Pres. Co. Agrl. Assoc, and Co. Sheep 
Growers' Assoc. Sec. Cheshire Swine 
Breeders' Assoc, b. Freeville, N. Y., 
May 87, 1860; i. A. B. and Sarah E. 
(Hart) H.; reared on farm; m. Mary L. 
Fox, Oct. 18, 1887; c. John H.. Uwience 
B., Donald F. 

Hill, George Rkbard Jr.. prof. bot. and dir. 
Sch. Agr., Utah Ap. CoU., Logan, Utah. 
Aist. plant physiologist, Cornell Univ., 
1910-1; instr., 1911-2; research asst.. 
Mo. Bot. Gard., 1912-8; prof. bot.. 
UUh Agr. Coll., 1913—; dir. Sch. Agr., 
1916—. b. Ogden, UUh. Apr. 10. 1884; 
t. George Richard and Elizabeth Nancy 
(Burch) H.; reared on farm; m. Liisie 
Odette McKay. Apr. 10. 1914. B.S., 
Brigham Young Univ., 1907; B.S.A., 
Utah Agr. ColL, 1908; Ph.D., Cornell 
Univ., 1918. Sigma Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Hill, Isaac William, aast. in chg. boys' 
club work. Ofl. Ext. South, SUtes Rela- 
tions Serv., Dept. Agr., Washington, D.C. 
Princ. high-scb., 1884-93; pr^. English 
and Utin, Spring Lake Coll., 1898-0; 


state Text-book Comn. for Ala., IMS. 
Atilk.: (with McBain) Row W« are 
Governed id Alabama and the NatioD 
in I&IO. b. Auburn. Ala., Jul. K. 1801; 
(. laaac and Harriet E. (Holt) H.; reared 
«n farm; m. Laura T. Jones. June 18, 
1890; D. Julitu Geraldioe, Isaac Wm. Jr. 
A.B., Emory Coll.. Oxford. Ga.. 1880; 
A.M.. 1883; LL.D.. Univ. Ala., IMM. 
Ftu Deha TbeU. 

Hill, Williani, lect. on asri. econ.. Bethany, 
W. Va, 

Prom tutor to auoc. prof., Univ. 
Chicago, 1893-lgii; dir. Agri. Guild; 
dir., Agrl. Depl., Bethany 

Hill Farm Life Sch.. 1916-7, Dir. of 
organization of Fed. Food Administration, 
for W. Va., 1917—. Farmer. Agrl. 
trips through Europe, b. Bloomingdale, 
Ind.. May 31, 1865; i. Nathan Vestal 
and Eliza (Canada) H.; reared on farm. 
A.B.. Kans. State Univ.. ISOO; A.B., 
Harvard Univ.. 1891; A.M., 1898. 
Phi BeU Kappa. ,HaUm. L. W.. p. 311 

HUls, Frank Burrows, chg. publicity and 
ext. work, Am, Guernsey Cattle Club, 
Peterboro. N.H. 

Asst. prof. an. husb., Del. CoU., 
1918-fl; present position, 1916—. Capt. 
U. S. Army. 1918—. b. Beraardatown. 
Mass.. Feb. 24. 1891; ». Chas. Russell 
and Mary L. (Wilder) H.; reared on farm. 
B.S.. Ma«3, Agr. Coll,, 19U; M.S.. la. 
State Coll.. 1913. 

Hillt, Joaeph Lawrence, dean Coll. Agr. and 
dir, Exp. Sta.. Univ. Vt.. Burlington. Vt. 
Asst. chem.. Mass. Exp. Sta., 1882-3; 
aaet. chem.. N. J. Exp. Sta.. 1884-6; 
chem. Pbospbate Mining Co., Beaufort, 
S. C, 1885-8; chem.. Vt. Exp. Sta.. 
1888-88; prof. agrl. chem., Umv. Vt.. 
1893-1900; prof, agron., 1906—; dean 
Coll. Agr,. 1898—. Sec.-treas. Assoc. 
Am. Agrr Colls, and Exp. Stas. and ed.. 
proceedings. . h. Boston, Mass., Mar. 8, 
1861; t. Thomas and Amelia Ellen 
(Drew) H.; reared in city; m. Kate 
Conover, Sept. 11, 1888; e. Thomas 
Lawrence, Bertha. B.S,, Mass. Agr. 
Coll., 1881; Boston Univ., 1881; D.Sc., 
Rutgers Coll., 1B04. KappaSigma; Alpha 
ZeU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Hais, Thomaa Lawr«Ke, research bact., 
Ida. E:qi. SU.. Mokow, Ida. 

Asst. bact., Penn. Exp. Sta., 1914-6; 
prcKnt position, 1916 — . 1st Lieut., 
Sanitary Corps, Nat. Army, 1918—. 

b. Burlington, Vt., Aug. 18, 1890; *. 
Joseph Lawrence and Kate (Conover) H. ; 
reared in city; m. Helen E. Rutter, Sept. 
11, 1917. Ph.B.. Univ. Vt.. 1913; M.S., 
Univ. Wis., 1914; Ph.D., 1919. Sigma 
Xi; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta. 

Hindi, Wanen Elmer, prof, ent., state ent. 
and ent, Exp. Sta., Ala. Poly. Inst., 
Auburn. Ala. 

Fellow A. A. A. S. Krsl vice-pres. 
Am. Assoc. Econ. Ent., 1917; prea. 
Assoc. Cotton States Ent., 1908—; 
mem. Centro de Scienceas. Letras e 
Artes. Braul. Mem. adv. com., Journal 
Economic Entomology, b. Tonmseitd, 
Mass., Sept. 20. 1870; i. Warren David 
and Mary Persis (Colby) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Edith G. Gray. Mar. 4, 1909. 
B,S„ Mass. Agr. Coll., 18BB; Ki.D., 
1902. Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Hinc George Sherwood, state dairy coninr., 
Manhattan, Kans. 

Superv. d«ry testa, feed and fertiliser 
insp.. Univ. Wis., 1907-9; princ. Mari- 
nette Co. Sch. Agr., 1909-10; dairy 
ext., Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 1910-S; 
state ddry comnr.. 1912—. 6. Fwr- 
child,Wis..Jan,2a, 1886; *. RiviUaCand 
Kittie E. (Foster) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Edith Dahlberg, Aug. 19, 1911; 

c. Geo. C. B.SA„ Univ. Wis., 1907. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hinea, Frank RichardsoD, co. agrl. agt., 
Rutledge, Tenn. 

b. Harrisburg, Tenn., Mar. 28, 1887; 
s. Stephen Emory and Alberta Kate 
(Umberger) H.; reared on farm; n». 
Mayme H. Ayre, June 3, 1917; c. Frances 
Evelyn. B.S.A.. Univ. Tenn., 1914. 

Hioklc, Samnel Francis, 
Webster Springs. W. Va. 

agrl. agt.. 

and agr., Camoon high-sch.. 
1916-7; present position, 1917—. b. 
Cameron, W. V»„ Oct. 14. 1889; *. Wm. 
and Sarah (Gifien) H.; reared on farm; 
m, Nora Livingston, Aug. 30, 1917. B.S., 
Muskingum Coll.. New Concord, O., 1914; 
B.S.A., Ohio State Univ.. 1916. Tau 
Kappa Alpha. 


Hiilop, Wffiam, breeder and de«I« in sheep, 
Spokane, Wash. 

Instr. an. hugb.. Ohio Stale Univ., 1914- 
9: head dept. an. btuh.. Wash. State 
CoU., 1014-8. 6. Ralho, ScolUnd. June 
11, 1680; I. Thomag and Geor^na 
(Annand) H.; m. Elizabeth Coit Kelton, 
Aug. 18, 19U. B.S,, Edinburgh Univ., 
1011-, M.S., Kani. State Agr. CoU., 1912. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Hoard, William Dempster, dairy farmer and 
ed. Hoard's Dairyman, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Served in Civil War, 1861-S; nursery- 
man, Columbus, Wis., 18fl5-T0; pub. 
Jefferson Co. Union, 1870-3; governor 
state of Wis., I8R9-S1. Organizer and 
officer in dairy assocs.; pres. Wis, Dairy 
Assoc.; pres. Farmers' Nat. Congress; 

Louis Expos.; pres. Bd. Regents, Univ. 
Wis. 6. Stockbridge, N. Y,, Oct. 10. 
1B36; ». Wm. B. and Sarah Catherine 
(White) H.; reared on farm; m. Agnes 
Elizabeth Bragg, Feb. 9. 1860; e. Halbert 
L., Arthur Ralph, Frank W. 

Hobaon, Asher, dir. OS. Farm Marketa, 
State of Wash., PuIlmaD. Wash. 

Research east, marketing, Univ. Wis., 
1913-6; field agt. in marketing. Bur. 
Markets. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1914—. 
b. Quenemo, Kans.. Nov. 26. 1888; t. 
Felix and Ida May (Ban) H.; reared on 
farm and in village; m. Thea Dahle, June 
26, 1917. B.A.. Univ. Kans., 1S13; 
M.A.. Univ. Wis., IQIS. Delta Sigma 

Greeley, Cob., 1«W-12; State Normal 
Sch., Los Angeles, 1912-3; co. agt. 
Ada Co., Ida., 191S-4; co. agt. leader, 
Ida.. 191*—. 6. Chicago, HI., Jul, 20, 
1881; ». John E. and Matilda (Weller) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Gertrude Stone 
Scheock, Mar. IS, 1910; c. Hans Albert, 
Mary Elizabeth. B.S.A.. Cornell Univ., 
1006. Alpha ZeU. 

Hodgson, Albert Lee, co. agrL agt., Winches- 
ter, Ind. 

b. Mt. Vernon, S. D., May 28, 1890; 
«. R. M. and Mary E. (Knight) H.; 
leared on farm; m. Iris E. Robinson, 
Dec. 25, 1917. B.S.. Univ. Wis,, 1917. 

„ .1, Sobnt E., CO. agrl agt., Uarshall, 

Instr. farm crops, Univ. Minn., 1014-8. 
b. Luverne, Minn., Oct. 28, 189S; ». 
Lewis C. and Leila (Ebersol) H.; reared 
on farm; m. Helen F. Angier, Apr. IS, 
1918. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1916. Alpha 

Asst. physiological chem., Yale Univ., 
1919-4; asst. an. nutr.. Kans. State Agr. 
Coll.. 1014-7; asst. prof., 1917—. lieut. 
Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army. 1917—. 
b. MaryviUe, Mo., Dec, 31. 188*; ». 
Wm. Carroll and Belle (Ford) H.; reuvd 
on farm, B,S.. Univ, Mo., 1900; A.M., 
1912; Ph.D., Yale Univ., 101*. 

Hoke, Mac, co. agrl. agt.. Enterprise, Ore. 
Instr. agr.. high-sch., Idaho Falls, Ida., 
1912; Twin Falls, 1913-5; Boise, lBlfl-7. 
6. Cherokee, Kans., May 27. 1802; i. 
John P. aod Anna (Montee) H.; r^red 
on Farm; m. Carrie Williamson, Dee. 30, 
1815. BS., OUa. A.&M. Coll.. 1912. 

Holdflway, dailes WiUiain, prof, dairy 
hush., Va. Poly. Inst., Bladcsburg. Va. 
Asst. dairy husb.. Vs. Poly. Inst., 

1903-7; instr.. 1007-U; aasoc. prof., 
1914-8; prof,, 1918—. Traveled in Aus- 
tralia, Sajnoa, Hawaii, b. New Zealand, 
May 24, 1880; i. Chas. and Helen B, R. 
(Mair) H.; reared in town and on farm; 
m. Carrie E, McTavish, Dec, 25, 1907; 
e, Helen, Lome, Chas., Amy. B.S., Va. 
Poly. Inst.. 1912; M.S., 1916. 

Holden, Perrr Greeley, head agrl. ext. dept.. 
International Harvester Co., Harvester 
BIdg.. Chicago. HI. 

Instr. agr., Mich. Agr, Coll., 1889-03; 
prof, sci., Benzonia Coll., Mich,, 1895; 
CO. supt. schB.,,BenKie Co., Mich., 1895-6; 
prof, agron., Univ. III., 1896-1900; agrst., 
111. Sugar Refining Co.. 1900-1; organizer 
Funk Bros. Seed Co.. 1902; prof, agron. 
and vice-dean dept. agr., la. State Coll., 
1902-12; head agrl. ext., 1906-12; present 
position, 1912—. AuA.: Vitalized Am. 
culture in the Rural Schools, b. Dodge 
Co.. Minn., Oct U, 1865; «. Denison 
Franklin and Helen Mar (Wilson) H.; 
m. Carrie Burnett, Nov. tS, 1892. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1880; M.S., lB9fi; 


HoUud, FranUiii Pierce, pret. Tei. Farm 
and Banch Pub. Co., DalUt, Tei. 

Ex-mayoT Dallas, b. Galvcsbn, Tei., 
Sept 22, 18SS; t. Giutaviu ftnd BTclyn 
(Compfaiii) H.; reared od farm; m. 
Pamdia DarliDg Alleni e. Franklin P. Jr., 
Re^nald V., Gussie, James PtHter, 

HoQiitet, Sbennan Pretton, pom. and ext. 
hort. Conn. Agr. Coll., Slorra, Conn. 

Hort., Hampton Normal and Agtl. 
Inst., 1900-11; instr. bort., Conn. Agr. 
Coll., 1811-7; pom. and cit. hort.. 1917— . 
Treas. New England Peach Growers' 
Assoc. 6. Medina, 0.. Feb. 11. 18M; 
t. John Burr and Hattie (Northrop) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Mary Gushing Rogers, 
Oct. IS, 1913; c.Mary Elixabetb. B.S.A., 
ComeU Univ., lOOO. 

Teach, public scha. uuUl 1913; present 

Saition, 1913 — ; dir. summer session, 
ont. State Coll., 1914—. Pres. Mont. 
Country Life Educ. Amoc., 1915—. 
Organizer of first consolidated sch. in 
Mont. Ed., County Life D^t., Moun- 
tain Educator, Montana Farmer, b. 
Gravoia MiUs. Mo., Mar. i, 18T3; t. 
N. J. and Rachel Jane (Jamea) H.; 
reared on farm; nt. Laura C. Maynard, 
Aug. 10 1910; c. Rachel Edith, Jane 
Maynard. Grad. Hooper luat., Clarks- 
burg, Mo.; M.A. (bon.), Univ. Mont., 191S. 

Holt, Arthoi E., clergyman, pastor First 
Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, Tei. 
Paator, First Congregational Church, 
Pueblo, Colo., 1904-10; Manhattan, 
Kans.. 1910-18. Mem. Nat. Social Serv. 
Comn. of Congregational Churches of 
Am. Spet^lty, rural church and soda! 
'service. Editorial staff. Rural Educator. 
b. Longmont, Colo., Nov. 83, 1876; 
a. Asa D. and Fannie D. (Merrill) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Grace L. Bradshaw, 
1904; (T. Frances M., John B., Florence 
E. A.B., Colo. CoU., 1898. B.D., McCor- 
mick Sem.; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago. 1904. 

Hdt, Jamet T. N.. 

>. Hgti. agt.. Mt. Ida, 

Fanners' Union, b. Biogeu, Ark., Apr- 12, 
1863; I. J. T. and Cassie L. (Johnson) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Amanda J. Campbdl, 
Dec. ea, 1887; c. J. T. M. Jr., P. C, 
Grace, Odessa, Charlie, Rector, John. 
Ralph, Vmia. 

Holt, Walter Armand, co. agrl. agt., Okano- 
gan, Wash. 

Teach, a^., high-sch., Riditand. Wash., 
1913-T; pnnc, 1914-7; present position, 
1917—. b. near Pullman, Wash., Sa>t. 6, 
1801; t.D.M.andNancTH. (Smith) R.; 
reared in country; m. Blandie E, Cle- 
ments, Dec. 23. 1916; e. Betty Jane. 
B.S., Wash. State Coll., I91S. Sigma Nu; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Magnolia, Ark., 1910-S; prof. an. huab, 
and supt. live-stock and dairying. State 
Sch., Ruasdiville, 191S-0; agt. Childress 
Co., Tei., 1918-7; agt. HaU Co.. Mem- 
phis, Tei., Jan.-Apr., 1018. b. Vineyard, 
Ark., Dec. 13. 1880; *. Henry H. and 
Izora H,; reared on farm; m. Georgia 
Goodwin Short, 1010; e. Henry G. 
B.S.A., Univ. Ark., 1909; M.S., 1010. 

Hood, George WiUiau, assoc. prof, hort., 
Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Instr. hort. and in chg. conservatories, 
Ohio State Univ.. 19tf7-9; asst., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1010-1; inatr. hort.. Mich. 
Agr. Coll.. 1911-3; present position, 
1913—. Aidh.: Laboratory Manual of 
Horticulture. I9I5; Practical School and 
Home Gardens, 1016; Fann Horticulture, 
1918. b. Lancaster, 0., Jul. 30. 1886; 
t. James T. and Elisabeth (Hodgison) H.; 
m. Mildred M. Neimeier, Jul, 7, 1915. 
B.S., Ohio State Univ., 1910; M.S., 
1014. Sigma Kappa Zeta. 

Hook, Wallace Henry, oo. agrl. agt., Neosho, 

Dir. Agrl. Hi|^-Sch. and Exp. Farm, 
Ridgely, Md., 1012-4; farm bur. manag., 
Ulster Co., N. Y., 1014-8; poultry farmer, 
Esopua, N. Y.. 1916-8; agt. Newtou Co., 
Mo., 191S— . b. Dear Bridgewater, N. Y., 
Mar. 22. 1886; t. Vim. Felton and FranciB 
Alvira (Hopkins) H.; reared on farm; 
m. F. Faith Kimball. Apr. 88, 1913. B.S., 
Cornell Univ., 1012. 


Boopci, Jaba Jnliui, prot. bd. hiiA., Univ. 
Ky., LexiiiftoD, Ky. 

Asat., Tex. Eip. Su., IWi; M9t. prof, 
agr., Univ. Ky., 19O0-8i prof. ui. hiub., 
1909 — ■ Chg. Hone Improvement Bur., 
Ky. Stat« Raciiig Comn.; first vice-pre». 
Am. Army Horse Assoc.; dir. Blue Grau 
Fair; supt. dairy cattle. State Fair. 
Ed., dairy dept.. Inland Farmer. Studied 
European agr.. 1911. b. Colorado, Tex., 
Mar. le, ]8Sa; *. John Randolph and 
Julia Emma (Felker) H. B.3. Tex. A. & 
M. Coll., 1901-. M.S.A., la. State Coll., 

cr, Roy Gabrid, co. agrl. agt,, 
Ciystal Falls, Mkfa. 

Instr. (arm cropa, Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1911-2. b. Gilead, Mich., Aug. 31, 1881; 
(. G«o. B. and Isabelle (Shank) H.; 
reared on farm. B.S,, Mich, Agr. Coll., 

Univ. Ida., Moscow, Ida. 

Preceptress Sch. Agr., S. D- SUte Coll., 
1907-9; prof, home ecoo- and dean of 
women, N. D. Agr. CoU.. 1909-U; 
present positioD, I91S — . Chm. Home 
Eoon. Div., Inland Empire Teacher's 
Assoc., lOlB-8; chm. Food Conservation 
Women's Com., Council of Defense for 
Ida., 1917-8; sec. Ida. CoU. Women's 
Work, V. S. Food Administration, 1S18; 
chm. home econ., State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs, 1914-7. b. Seneca, Kans.; d. 
D. F. and Martha A. (Tomson) H.; 
reared in town and on farm. B.S., Kans. 
SUt« Ap. Coll., 1905. nii Kappa Phii 
Phi Upsilon Omkrou. 

Hopkiaa, Andrew Delmar, for. ent. in chg. 
for. insect invests.. Bur. £nt., U. S. Dept. 
An., Washington, D. C. 

Ent., W. Va. Eip. SU., 18M-1904; 
vice-dir., 189T-1002i prof. econ. ent., 
W. Va. Univ., 1896-1002; present 
position, 1902—. Fellow A. A. A. S.; 
Am. Geog. Soc. Vict^res. Ent. Soc. 
Am.; vice-pres. Assoc. Econ. Ent., 1000; 
pres. 1901; 1st pres. W. Va. Acad. Sd.; 
pres. Ent. Soc. Washington; vice-pres. 
Washington Acad. Sci.; 1st pres. Soc. 
for Adv. For. Ent. in Am. Farmer and 
breeder sheep and cattle, 1877 — ; deve- 
loped over io varieties of timothy. 6. 
Jackson Co., W. Va., Aug. 20, 1857; 
(■ Andrew Evans and Miriam Florence 
(Evans) H.; reared on farm; nt. Adealia 

. ..... Cyril Georga, prof, agron. and 

chief agron. and chem. and vice-dir. 
Ei^. Sta., Univ. HI., Urbana, 111. 

Asst. chem., S. D. State Coll., 1890-2; 
asst. chem., Cornell Univ.. IS92-3; 
asst. chem. and acting prof, pharmacy 
S. D. State Coll.. 1393-4; chem.. Ill 
Eip. Sta., 1894—; vice-dir., 1003—* 
prof, agron., Univ. III., 1900—; dir. agr.; 
Soulfaem Settlement and Development, 
Organisation. 1013-4. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Inventor of Hopkins' condenser, Hopkins' 
distilling tube, Hopkins' limestone tester. 
Prei. Assoc. Off. Agrl. Chem.; chm. Eip. 
Sta. Sect., AsMC. Am. Agrt. Coils, and 
Exp. Stos. Traveled in Europe. Atiih.: 
Soil Fertility and Permanent Agriculture, 
1010; The Story of the Soil. 1910; The 
Farm That Wont WearOut, 1013. ft.near 
Chatficld, Minn., Jul. e2,18Se; t. Geo. 
Edwin and Caroline (Cudney) H, ; reared 
on farm; nt. Emma Mathilda Stelter, 
May 11, 1803; e. Jules Edwin, Karl 
Sletler. B.S., S. D. SUte CoU., 1890; 
M.S., Cornell Univ., 1804; Ph.D.. 1808; 
studied Goettingen Univ., Germany, 
1890-1900. Sigma Xi. 

Hopper, Herbert Andrew, prof. an. husb., 
ComeU Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Initr. dairy husb., Univ. Ill, 1903-7; 
ert. dairy husb., Purdue Univ., 1907-;8; 
asst. prof, dairy husb., Univ. Calif., 
1908-11; assL prof. an. husb., Corndl 
Univ., 1011-8; prof., 1013—. Contribut- 
ing ed.. Black and White Becord. Dairy 
fuiner and breeder, 1011 — . b. Ithaca. 
N. Y., June 10, 1879; t. Andrew P. and 
Arvilla (Peckham) H.; reared on farm; 
nt. Portia E. Gilkerson, Jul. SI, 1907; 
e. Elizabeth, Portia Arvilla, Herbert A. 
Jr. B.S.A.. ComeU Univ.. 1903; M.S., 
Univ. lU., 1007. Sigma Xi. 

Hoppert, Ernest H., assoc. prof. eit. hort.. 
Univ. Neb., Lincob, Neb. 

b. Sheboygan, WU., Jan. 19, 1891; 
s. C. W. and Sophia (Kauffman) H.; 
reared in city and country: n. Clara 
Hauschildt. June 20, 1017; e. Marion 
Ruth. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1914. Alpha 

Hmit, Erwin, prof, agron., 
uncoln. Neb. 

Univ. Neb.. 


Improvement Anoc. Fum operator, 
ISST-gO. Auth.: (with Spsfford) Labora- 
tory Giercues in Principles of Agriculture, 
1014. b. Hamburg, la.. Jan. 17, 13T6; 
(. CbM. and Aibins (Schairel) H.; reared 
ID town and country; m. Eva S. Burner. 
Jul. iS, 1903; e. Helen Ruth, Erma 
Eveline, Carl Erwin. B.S.A.. Univ. Neb., 
1909. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zets. 

Home, WiUtwu Titns, asioc. prof, plant 
path., Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

Ingtr. hot., Neb. Wedeyan Univ., 180B- 
1900; Sch. Agr,. 1899-1000; asat. plant 
path.. Cuban Eip. Sta., 1904-7; chief 
dept. plant path., 1907-9; asst. prof. 
plant path., Univ. Calif., 1909-14; assoc. 
prof., 1914—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Sec. 
Am. Phytopathological Soc., PadGc Div. 
b. lit., Nov. S, ISTO; I. Wm. Henry and 
Ellen .Uzora (Titu^) H.; reai«d on fann; 
m. Mary Tracy Eark. Jul. 1, 1906. 
B.S.. Univ. Neb., ISOS; fellow bat., 
Columbia Univ., 1003-4. 

Horton, John Rarmond, sci. asst., U. S. 
Bur. Ent., 188 S. Minneapolis Ave., 
Wichita, Kana. 

AsBt. ent.. Utah Agt. Coll., lOOS-0. 
b. Ogden, Uuh, Aug. 4, 1882; (. Joseph 
Holly and Mary Ruth (Davidson) H.; 
m. Aura Baker, Jul. 23, 1010; o. John 
Ziemer, Dorothy. B.S.. Utah Agr. Coll., 
1909. Phi Kappa lote. 

Hosmer, Ralph Sheldon, prof, for.. Coll. Agr., 
ComeU Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. Div. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr,. 1808- 
8; field asst.. Bur. For., 1898-1003; 
initr., Yale For. Sch.. 1901-S; Bupt. for., 
Hawau, 1903-14; regent Coll. of Hawaii, 
1907-14: piot, for. and head dept., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1914—. Chm. Conservation 
Comn. of Territory of Hawaii. 1908-14. 
Del. from Hawaii to Nat. Irrig. Congress. 
1907. Trea«. Soc. Am. Foresters, 1908-3; 
mem. Exec. Com., 1915; mem. Exec. 
Com., N. Y. State For. Assoc., 191S; 
mem. N, Y. State Wood Fuel Advisory 
Comn. b. Deerfietd. Masa., Mar. 1, 1874; 
t. Geo. Herbert and Julia Weat (Sheldon) 
H.; reared in city; m. Jessie Nash Irwin, 
Dec. 30, 1913; e. David Irwin, Jane 
Sheldon. B.A.S., Harvard Univ., 1894; 
M.F.. Yale Univ., 1004. 

Hottes, Alfred Carl, asst. prof. Sor.. Ohio 
SUU Univ., Columbus. 0. 

Asst. biol.. Cornell Univ.. 1013-4; 

instr. hort., 1914^; present position, 
1916—. With A. T. DetaMare Pub. and 
Ptg. Co.. New York City, summer. 1916-7. 
Pres. Columbus Florists' Assoc.; sec. 
Columbus Hort. Soc. Chg. trial grounds 
Am. Gladiolus Soc., Ithaca, 1013-6. 
Auih.: Commercial Plant Propagation. 
1917; revisor Oliver's Plant Culture, 1017. 
Contributor to Garden Guide, b. Ithaca, 
N. Y.. Mar. 16, 1891; », Chas. F. and 
Mary A. (Bergman) H.; reared in small 
dty. B.S.. Cornell Umv., 1013; M.S.A.. 
1B14. Sigma Xi. 

Houghton, Frederick Lowell, sec. Holstein- 
Friesian Assoc, of Am., Bratlleboro, Vt. 

Lawyer, Boston, 1B84-9S; Vt., 1896—. 
Mem. Vt. House of Rep., lBOO-4. Trus- 
tee N. E. Agrl. Soc.; vice-pres. Valley 
Fair Assoc. vluM.; Holsteiu-Friesian Cat- 
Ue — A History of the Breed and Its 
Development in America, 1S87; Holstein- 
Friesian Year Book, 1900-18; Holstein- 
Friesian Herd Book, 1894-1919. b. 
BrookUne, Mass., Aug. 81, 1859; «. Chas. 
and Edna Rebecca (Lowell) H.; m. 
Rosmarie MacCallum, June HO, 1806; 
(d. 1899). LL.B.. Boston Univ. Sch. of 
Uw, 1SS4. 

HoBH, Edward B., prof, dvil and irrig. 
engin.. Colo. A«r. Coll., Fort Collins. Colo. 
Asst. math., Colo. Agr. Coll., 1896; 
prof, math., 1806-1905; aaaoc. prof. 
Irrig. engin., 1905-10; prof, civil aud 
irrig. engin.. 1910 — . b. Evans, Colo., 
Feb. 87, 1878; *. E. P. and C. H. (Bishop) 
H.; r»ued on farm and small town; 
m. Harriet Chandler. 1898; c. Edward C, 
Margaret, Joe C. B.S.. Univ. Mich., 
1808; M,S., Colo. Agr. Coll., 1904. 

Householder, Glen M., co. agrl. agt., 
Ladysmith, Wis. 

Foreman, Richland Co. Foot Farm, 
1018; teach, agr., high-sch., Dawson, 
Minn., 1914-6; Spring Valley. 1916-7; 
present position, 1917 — -. b. Richland 
Co., Wis., Jan. 18. 1890; *. H. C, and 
Alice (Francis )H.; reared on farm; 
n. Erma Dieter, 1011; c. Howard C 
Helen. John D. B.S.. Univ. Wis., 1914. 

Houston, David Fnnklin, Secretary of 

Agriculture, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D, C, 

Adj. prof, political sci., Univ. Tei., 
1804-7; assoc. prof., 1807-1900; prof., 
1000-8; dean faculty. 1800-1008; pies. 


Tw. A.&M. CoU., 190*-fi; prei, Univ. 
Tex.. 1905-8; chancellor WaahingtoD 
Univ., St. Louia, 1008-17; sec. ogr.. 
191S— . 6. Monroe, N. C, Feb. 17, 18«6; 
(. Wm. Henry «ud ComeUa Anne (Ste- 
vens) H.; m. Helen Beoll, Dec. 11, 189S. 
A.B., S. C. CoU., 18ST; A.M., Harvard 
Univ., 1S02; LL.D., Tulane. 1909. 
Univ. Wi»., lOOe, Yth Univ.. 1919, 
Univ. Mo., 1914, Harvard Univ., 1914. 

Hoveaaten, Ubeit, supt. Soutli East Dem. 
Farm and Ezp. Sta., Waseca, Minn. 

Sec. Waaeca Co. Crop Improvement 
Aswc.. «ec. Waseca Co. Farm Club Fed. 
b. Jewell, la., Nov. a, 188S; i. Thore and 
Julia (Flettn) H,; reared on farm; 
m. Astaid Roswald, June 23, 191S; 
e. Moris. Student Jewell Lutheran Coll., 
Univ. Minn. 

Howard, D. C. co. agrl. agt., St. Helena 

Instr. dairy production. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1914-7; present position, 1817—. 6. 
Salem, Ore., Jon. 14. 1888; t. Joseph 
Ethelston and Harriett Lucile (Barrows) 
H-i reared on (arm; m. Mabel Etta 
Feathers, Aug. 9, 1910. B.S.A., Ore. 
Agr. CoU., 1914. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Howard, LeUnd Ossian, chief Bur. Ent., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asst. ent., Bur. Ent., 187B-94; chief, 
1894—; curator dept. insects, U. S. Nat. 
Museum, 1896 — ; consulting ent., U. S. 
Public Health Serv., 1904— . Trustee Coi^ 
nellUniv., 1900-J!. Fellow and permanent 
sec. A. A. A. 5. Pres. Assoc. Ecoo. Ent., 
1894; Biol. Soc., Washington. 1897-8; 
Washington Acad. Sci., 1916. Mem. 
Amer. Phil. Soc., and Nat. Acad. Sd.; 
hon. mem. many foreign sdentiSc orrani- 
lations. Aulh.: Mosquitoes — How They 
Live, etc.. 1001; The Insect Book. 1908; 
The House Fly-Disease Carrier, 1911; 
monograph of the mosquitoes of North 
and Centr^ America and the West 
Indies (with H. G. Dyar and P. Knob). 
4 vols., 191i-7. h. Rockford. 111., June 
11, 1857; (. Ossian Gregory and Lucy 
Dunham (Thurber) H.; reared in city; 
m. Dora Clifton, Apr. iS, 1686; e. Lucy 
Thurber, Candace Leland, Janet Moore. 
B.S., Corndl Univ., 1877; M.S.. 1883; 
Ph.D., Georgetown Univ., 1890; M.D., 
George Washington Univ., 1911; LL.D.. 
Univ. Pittsburg, 1911. Delta Upsilon. 

Howard, WaltM- Laiayette, prof, pom., 
Univ. Calif., Davis, Calif. 

Aast. hort., Univ. Mo., 1901-3; instr., 
lOOS-5; asst. prof., 190S-8; prof., 1908- 
15; present position, 1915-—. Sac Mo. 
StaU Bd. Hort., 1908-12; asst. sec. Am. 
Soc for Hort. Sd., 1B14; prea, 1916. 
Traveled in Europe, Africa and Cuba. 
Atiik,: Propagation of Trees and Plants, 
1905; The Home Garden, 1905; Uses of 
Hotbeds and Coldframes. 1007. Cityed., 
Spriiig6eld, Mo., Leader-Democrat, 1894- 
5. b. near Springfield, Mo.. May 12, 
1872; (. Henry T. and Nancy E. (Cooper) 
H.; reared on farm; nt. Maybclle Cooper, 
June 25, 1908; e. Thomas Henry, Robt. 
Cooper, Edwin Lewis, Walter Egner. 
B.S. and B.Agr.. Univ. Mo.. 1901; M.8.A.. 
1903; Ph.D., Univ. Halie-Wittenberg, 
190fl. Sigma Xi; Ganuna Sigma Delta; 
Sigma Kappa Zeta. 

Howal, Robert John, co. agrl. agt.. Marshall, 

Sec. Mo. Assoc, of Co. Farm Burs., 
1915-7; CO. food administrator for 
Saline Co.; sec. Co. Council of Defense. 
b. Welton. la.. Oct. II, 1893; t. Jc^n and 
Louisa (Bowcott) H.; reared on farm; 
Ri. Frances E. Wilson, Dec. 27. 1016. 
B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1916. Gamma Sigma 

Howe, Frank mUiam, dean Joseph Slocum 
OiU. of Agr., Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, 

Teach, rural scha., Mich., 1885-7; 
ed. Christian Educator. Battle Creek, 
1897-9; pHnc. Petoskey high-edi.. 1900-2; 
supt. schs., Mancelona, Cnarlevoii, Midi, 
and Maumee, O., 1002-7; instr. farm 
crops, Mich. Agr. Coll., 1908; asst. agrl. 
educ, U. S. D^t. Agr., 1009-10; specia- 
list in agrl. educ. N. Y. State Educ. Dept.. 
1910-S; present position, 1912—. Mem. 
N. Y. Comn. on Country Boys Leaving 
Home; mem. N. Y. Sute Coundl of 
Farms and Markets, b, Kent Co., Mich., 
Apr. 19, 1865; (. Joseph L. and Lovina 
C. (CrydemiaD) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Edith M. Brown, 1902; c. Milward L., 
Allison J., Douglas K.. Vernon S., £. 
Ronald. A.B.. Univ. Mich., 1803; M.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1909. 

Hoy, BenjamiD, asst. hort., Vernon. B. C. 

b. Fall River, Mass., Feb. 12, 1888; 

I. James and Mary J. H.; reared on 


Out. Agr. Coll. and HndMm, J. Fnuk, i 

. *grl. kgt., TowMD, 

Wnfiani Woodbridge, nipt. 
Eipl. Sto.. FredericUin, N. B, 
Sec. anil teach., Sussex Daiiy Sch., 
18B3-S; ed., Maritime Farmer, Sussei. 
N. B., 18S5-1M11 ed.. Maritime Home- 
stead, Halifax, 1901-3; agrl. agl.. C»jm- 
dian PadGc Ry,, IQ(M-4; present position, 
19IS — . Mem. and sec. Royal Agrl. 
Comn. of N. B.. 1908-8; sec. for agr. 
of N. B. and supt. farmers' insts., 190»-1«, 
Sec. Provincial Farmers' Assoc., I8S8-93; 
sec. Farmers' and Dairymen's Assoc, of 
N. B., 1893-19M; sec. Maritime Stock 
Breeders' Assoc., 1896-1908. b. Burton, 
N. B., Aug. *, 1890; *. F. Ambrose and 
Susan R. (Wilmot) H.; reared on farm; 
m. A, L. Gregory, Aug. 17, 1893; o. 
Gerald A. Educ. Ont.- Agr. Cotl. 

HubbcD, Howard, eo. sec. Inter. Com. 
Y. M. C. A., Porsytbe BIdg., Atlanta, Ga. 
b. Makanda, fll.. Sent. 9. 1874; *. 
W. H. and Elizabeth (DuBois) H.; reared 
OD farm; m. Belle T. Tevis, Oct. 27, 
1904; e. SalUe Belle. B.S., N. D. Agr. 
Coll., 1000; B.A.S.. Y. M. C. A. Coll., 
Chicago, 1908; grad. student Univ. Neb., 

Hubert, Benjamin Frankfia, dtr. agr., 
SUte A. & M. Coll., Orangeburg, S. C. 

Prof, agr., Americus Inst.. Ga., 1909- 
10; present po»Uon. 1918—. Dir. SUte 
Pair Assoc. Head ext. serv. and general 
dir. coll. farm. Special agt.. U. S. Food 
Administration, 1918—. fid.. The Pal- 
metto Farmer; agrl. ed. The Southern 
Indicator. Columbia, S. C. 19!8; Peoples 
Recorder. Orangeburg, 1014-5. b. White 
Plains, Ga., Dec. 25, 1883; t. Zack and 
Camilla (Hiilnum) H. (col.); reared od 
farm. A.B.. Morehouie Coll., 1909; 
B.S.A., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1912. 

. Robert R., asat prof, soils. 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Asst. agroD., Univ. Mo., 1912-3; 
uiatr., 1913-5; asst. prof., 1915—. Ist. 
Lieut. Field Artillery, Nat. Army. 1917—. 
b. Chambersburg. 111.. Feb. eo, 1886; i. 
Henry C. and Kathryn (Brook) H.; 
reared on farm. B.S., 111. State Normal, 
Univ. IU„ 1912; A.M., Univ. Mo.. 1B15. 
Sigma Xi. 

b, Rootitown, 0., Aug. 81, 1&T9; *. 
Herbert F. and Hettie M. (Clark) H.; 
reared on farm; m. Maude M. Mdoy. 
Sept. 3, 1901; e. RoUin C, Edward E. 
Grad. short-course, Ohio State Univ.. 

Tyrone, N. ¥., Jan. 18, 1887; . 
Joseph and Jane (Henderson) H.; reared 
on farm. B.S,. Cornell Univ., 1914. 
Kappa Phi. 

Hntbcs, Cecil A., oo. agrl. agt., Macon, 

Farm manag., Univ. III., 1914-5; 
farmer and teacb. ext. ichs.. 1915-6; 
agt. Monroe Co., W. Va- 1916-8; agt. 
Noxubee Co., Miss., 1918—. b. Hugo. 
HI.. Apr. 23, 1889; i. St^ben A. D. and 
Frances P. (Lemmon) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Myrtle Rdmer, Dec. 28, 1915. 
B.S., Univ. m., 1914. Alpha Zete. 

Hn^es, Ebner Howard, asst. to dean and 
dir. and supt. short courses. Univ. Mo., 
Columbia. Mo. 

Asst. an. husb.. Univ. Mo., 1913-4; 
instr., 1914-5; asst. prof., 191S-T; 
present position, 1917 — . Farm manag., 
4 yrs. b. Rewey, Wis.. Apr. 8. 1887; 
s. John T. and Sarah (RuDdell) H.; 
reai«d on farm; m. Beulab Baker, Jul. 9, 
1912. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1912; A.M., 
Univ. Mo., 1916. Gamnoa Sigma Delta; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Hnghes, Harold DcMatt, prof, farm crops, 
la. State Coll., Amea. la. 

Instr. Bgron., Univ. Mo., 190&-10; 
prof, farm crops. la. State Coll. and chief 
in Eip. Sta., 1910—. 6. Antioch, HI.. 
Jan. 16, 1882; s. Hugh D. and Jesme 
(Yule) H.: reared on farm; m. Lulu 
Lego, 1909; c. John, Daniel, Alice. 
B.S.. Univ. ni.. 1907; M.S.A., Univ. Mo., 
1908. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Phi 
BeU Phi. 

Hughes, Hugh John, ed. Farm Stock and 
Home, 8101 Dudley Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 
Teach, high-sch. and coll., 10 yrs.; 
farmer, N. D., 1901-7; present position. 
1910—. Cbm. SUte Marketing Com. 
of Comn. Public Safety. Vice-pres, Minn. 
Live-stock Assoc. Mem. 1st Minn. Effi- 
ciency Comn. b. Milwaukee. Wi«., Auf. 



4. 18721 *. Hugh J. and Sarah E. (Lloyd) 
H.; reared on farm; m. AUie Vivian 
Sackett, 18SS; c. Fraaces Eleanor, 
Winnirred Eunice, Leslie Hugh, Alsie 
RetU. B.S.. Lawrence Coll., 1898; 
B.S.A.. N. D. Agr. Coll.. 1909, 

Hntliu, Marr Mildied, dir. rural edue,, 
Cob. State Normal, GuuniBon. Colo. 

Teach, psychology. Normal No. 5, 
Maryville, Mo., 1910-5; present position, 
1916—. 6. Markesan, WU.; d. Wm. 
Robt. and Mai^aret (Rummel) H.; 
reared in t<iwn and country. A.B.. 
Univ. Colo., 1908; A.M.. 1909. Fi 
Lambda Theta. 

Hiilbert. Arthur MauToh, state club leader, 
Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Vice-princ. high-sch., Rutherford, N, J.. 
1891-5; princ. grammar sch.. Dumont, 
1896-9; Creaakill, 1900-1; supt. and 
princ. high-Bch.. Park Ridge, 1901-17; 
present position, 1917 — . b. Brookside, 
N. J., Sept. 15, 1870; t. John F. and 
Sarah E. (Baird) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Sarah Eva D^art: e. Marguerite D., 
Katherine E. 


Instr. farm crops, la. State Coll., 1906-7; 
asst. plant-breeding, Cornell Univ., 1908- 
10; plant physiologist, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
1910-1; assoc. biol.. Me. Eip. SU., 
1911-2; ftgron,, N. Mei. A.&M. Coll., 
1918-6; present position, 1916 — . 6. 
Coming, la., Sept. I. 1881; t. Peter P. 
and Lucy R. (Mathis)H.; reared on f aim; 
nt. Ella Clark Adams, Sept. 7, 1909; 
c. Bertha Ellen, Robt. Pierre, John Leroy. 
B.S.A., la. State Coll., 1906; M.S., Cornell 
Univ., 1908; Ph.D., 1910. Sigma Xi; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Upsilon. 

Hume, Albert Nash, agron., S. D. SUte 
Coll. and Exp. SU., Brookings. S. D. 

Instr., Purdue Univ., 1908; Winona 
Agrl. Inst.. 1903; instr., assoc., aast. 
prof., Univ. III., 1903-11; present posi- 
tion, 1918—. Sec. S. D. State Com and 
Grain Growers' Assoc, b. My mouth, 
Ind., Dec. 3, 1873; *. Albert Campbdl 
and Mary Elizabeth (Nash) H.; reared 
on farm and small town; m. Anna Ruth 
Thomson, Jul., 1903; c. Albert Thomson, 
Robt. Arthur. David Lang. BSA... 

Purdue Univ., 1900; M.S., 1904; Ph.D.. 
GoettiDgen Univ.. 1910. Sigma Xi. 

Hummel, WiUian) Graaville, pt«f. agrl. 
educ, and head div., Univ. Calif., Berkeley, 

Instr. farm mech. and dairying, Colo. 
Agr. Coll., 1906; instr. agron. and farm 
mech., N. Mex. A.&M. CoU., 1908-B; 
teach, agr., high-sch., Oxnard, Calif.. 
1909-10; Fresno high-sch. and Junior 
Coll., 1910-1; instr. agrl. educ, Univ. 
Calif.. 1911-4; asst. prof.. 191!-*; 
assoc. prof., 191*-8; prof, 1918—. On 
leave 1917-8, acting as agrl. agt. for Fed. 
Bd. for Voc. Educ, Washington, D. C. 
Aulk.: Materials and Methods in High 
School Agriculture, 1913. 6. Roberta, 
111., Feb. 19, 1883; i. John and Sarah M. 
(Upson) H.; reared on farm; m. Bertha 
Ella Rflyce, 1907. B.S„ Univ. 111., 1907; 
M.S.. Univ. Calif,, IBU. Phi DelU 
Kappa; Sigma Pi. 

Humphcrya, LcGrande Rkb, assoc prof, 
farm mech., Utah. Agr. Coll., Logan, 

Teach. Fielding Acad., Paris, Ida., 1906- 
11; instr. farm mech., Utah Agr. Coll., 
191S-3; asst. prof., 1913-7; assoc. 
prof.. 1917-. b. Paris, Ida., June 88, 
1884; a. Hynim T. and Caroline W. 
(Rich) H.; reared on farm; m. Nettie 
Wright, Sqjt. 8, 1908; c. Russell, Dean. 
Mai. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU., 1912. 

HumiArcr. George Colvin, prof. an. husb.. 
Univ. Wis., Mwlison, Wis. 

From instr. to pusf. an. hush., Univ. 
Wis,, 1901—. b. Palmyra, Mich.. Feb. 
IS. 187S; (. Geo. and Sarah C. (Colvin) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Eva Doty. June 
26, 1902. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1901. 

Serv., 1917-8; agt. Steuben Co.. N. Y.. 
1918—. 6. Roibury, N. Y.. June 1, 1887; 
*. Daniel S. and Oliva A. (Beardslee) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Leona Jane 
Simmons, I>ec i, 1913. B.S.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1911. Sigma Phi Sigma. 


Wis., VM-i; oast, plant path.. lOU; 
prewDt poaition, 1915 — . b. FiUmore 
Co., MiDD., Feb. iO. 1S8A; t. J. B. and 
Alice (Moore) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Rutb Partridge. June 11, 1&13; c. 
KenDetJi Eugene. B.S., Upper la. Univ., 
1910; H.S.. Univ. Wii., 191S. Sigma Xi. 

Huogerfiwd, DeForeat, astt. prof, agron.. 
Univ. Ark., FayetteviUe, Ait. 

Grad. asst. and inatr. loila, Univ. Minn., 
IftKMl present poaition. ISlfi — . 6. 
Randolph, Kans.. Dec. 9, 1BS7; (. Geo. 
H. and D. E. C. (Secreat) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Ruth Bennett, Dee. !«, 1916; 
c. Ruth Caroline. B.S., Kana. State Agr. 
Coll., 1910; M.S., Univ. Minn.. 191*. 
Alpha Chi Sigma. 

ft. Randolph, Kana., Dec. 9, 1893; 
». Geo. H. and Cara (Secreat) H.; reared 
on (arm and m dty. B.S.. Kana. SUte 
Agr. Coll.. 191S. 

Hniia, Qtesler Jermain, hort., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Aait. bort., Hawaii Exp. Sta., 1908-13; 

acting hort. 1915-4; prof, bort., Univ. 

PortoRico, 1914-fl. Exploration of Haiti 

Edward and Elixabeth (Moffat) H.; 
reared in town ; m. Jeaaie Sevier McCor- 
mick, Jul. 7, 1910. B. S. A., Cornell Univ.. 
IMS. Umbda Chi Alpha. 

HumicDtt, Georfe Frederick, farmer, and 
ed. Southern Cultivator, Hapeville, Ga. 

Compiler Southern Cropa, 1908. Aulh.: 
David Dickaon'a and James M. Smith'a 
Farming. 1810. b. CoweU Co., Ga.. Oct. 
20, 186«; t. Jm. B. aod Emily Jane 
(Page) H.; reared on farm; m. May 
Bernard; 2d, Mary W. Middlemaa; 
e. Jaa, Bernard, Wm. Lytlleton, Dorothy 
May. A.B., Univ. Ga., 1883. Delta 
Tau Delta. 

Hunt. Beofamia W., farmer and banker, 
EatontoD, Ga. 

Ei.-prea. Ga. Baokera' Aasoc.; vice- 
prea. Ga. Hort. Soc.; chm. Bd, Tniitees, 
Bth Diatr, Ga. State Agrt. Sch. Traveled 
in Europe and Mexico, b, Chappaqua, 
N.Y.; ».Beni.W. and Mary (Quinby)H.; 
reared on farm; m. Louise Prudden, 
May 18, 1B70. 

Html, Ralph Edward, prof. an. huab., Va. 
Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va. 

Instr. an. huab. in ^ort course, Penn. 
StaU Coll., 1911-2; inatr. an. huab., 
W. Va, Univ., 1912-S; a-ssoc. prof., Va. 
Poly. Inat., 1914-8; prof., 1918—. b. 
Maryavilie, Kana., Mar. 13. 1889; (.John 
O. and Fannie (Petere) H.; reared on 
farm; m. Ena M. Smith, Sept. K, 1912; 
c. Dorothy Ena. B.S.A.. Kaos. SUte 
Agr. Coll., 1911; M.S., Va. Poly. Inat., 
191S. Sigma Nu. 

Honli Thomaa Forayth, prof, agr., dir. En>. 
SU. and dean Coll. Agr.. Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Aast. to III. sUte ent., 1885-6; asat. 
agr., Univ. III., 1866-8; asst. agist.. III. 
^p. Sta., 1888-91; prof, agr., Penn. 
SUte Coll., 1891-2; prof, agr., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1898-1903; dean Coll. Agr., 
1896-1903; prol. agron., Cornell Univ., 
1903-7; dean Sch. Agr. and dir. Exp. 
SU.. Penn. SUle Coll., 1907-12; present 
position. 1912 — ■. Pres. Soc. Promotion 
Agrl. Sci., 1907-9. Aulk.: (with Morrow) 
Soils and <>ops of the Farm. 1895; His- 
tory of Agriculture and Rural Economics, 
1899; The Cereals in America, 1904; 
How to Choose a Farm, 1906: The 
Forage and Fiber Crops in America, 
1907; The Young Farmer, 1913; (with 
Burketl) Soils and Crops, 1913; (with 
Burkett) Farm Animals, 1914. i.Ridott, 
III, Jan. 1, 1862; *. Thos. Marshall and 
Mary A. (Kirk) H.: m. Juniata G. Camp- 
bell, Aug. 22, 1888; e. Theodore Morrow, 
Marion Juliet. B.Sc., Univ. HI., 1884; 
M.Sc., 1892; D.Agr., 1903; D.Sc., 
Mich. .V- Coll., 1907. Sigma Xi. 

Hunter, Edwin M„ co. agrl. agt., Purcellville, 

Princ. high-sch., Galax. Va., 1910; 
DubUn Inst., 1911; 0th Cong. Distr. 
Agr. High-Sch., 1012-3; agt. Loudoun 
Co.. 1914—. 6, Alexander, N, C, Apr. 
22, 1884; >. J. B. and Abce Douglas 
(Wild) H.; reared on farm; m. Lolo 
Sarah Filson, Sept. 6, 1910; c. Clara 
Alice, Elizabeth Wild, Edwin M. Jr. 

Hunukei, Otto Frederick, manag. manu- 

facturing dept. and dir. researeb lab.. 

Blue V^ley Creamery Co., Chicago, III. 

Aast, path. bact. and chg. dairy bsct.. 


ComeU Univ., 1901-i: milk expert, 
Scranton Condewed Milk Co., EUicott- 
viUe and Sprin^lle, N. Y.. 1002-6: 
, instp. dairying, Purdue Univ., lM5-fl; 
assoc. prof., 1906-7; prof, and chief 
dairy dept., 1907-17; present position, 
1917—. Pres. Am. Assoc. Dairy Sd., 
1910-2; mem. exec, com., lad. SUte 
Dairy Assoc., Ind. Manufacturers of 
Dairy Products; dir. Nat. Dairy Council. 
Adv. to condensed milk factories in 
Canada, Austn^ia, New Zealand. Ger- 
many, Japan, 1909-17. Del. from Am. 
Assoc. Dairy Sd. and V. 8. Dept. Agr. 
to Int«r. D«ry Congress, Stockholm, 
Sweden, 1911. Aulh.: Manufacture of 
Condensed Milk and Milk Powder, 1914; 
rev. ed., 1918; Butter, 1918. b. Zurich, 
Switierland, Dec. 85, 1873 (naluraliisd 
leCM); ». Otto Carl and Louise (Pupi- 
kofer)H.; reared in country ; m. Florence 
Belle Bume, 1905; c. Tbelraa Belle, 
Florence Louise. Karl Otto, Walter Burne, 
Isabetle Mary, Otto F. Jr. Grad. 
Agr. Coll., Zurich. 1392; Bryant and 
Stratton Business Coll., Providence, R. I., 
1896; B.S., Cornell Univ., 1900; M.S., 
1901. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gamma 

Hard, Archibald C, co. sec. Y. M. C. A., 
White River Junction, Vt. 

Sec. and manag. first New En^and 
Farm Bur.; dir. state agrl. exhihits; 
dir. state voc. expos. Conducted first 
county wide rural sch. survey, 1910; 
founded Camp BiUinga, 1906 and Windsor 
Co, Vt., Annual Hay Festival, 1906. 
b. Pawling. N. Y.. Jul. 20, 1881; *. 
John and Mittie A. (WaiLe) H.; reared in 
town and country; m. Cornelia P. 
Minkler, Sept. *. IMS; c. Allan Campbell. 

Hard, Calvin J., 

: agrl. agt,. Roseburg, 

Mem. Ore. Legialature, 1913. b. Floyd 
Co., Va.. Mar. 29, 1865; «. Samuel and 
Mary E. (Kronk) H.; reared on farm; 
m. Eva B. Powell, May 12. 1888. 

Huid. WilliaBi Daniel, dir. 
Mass, Agr. Coll.. Amherst, Mass. 

Teach, math., high-sch., Lansing 
Mich.. 1899-1902; prof. hort.. Sch. , 
and Hort., BriarcliiT Manor, N. Y., 1901 
prof. agr.. Univ. Me., 190S'6; dean (^ 
Agr.. 190fr-9; present poMtioi 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres. N 
Rural Progress; pres. ext. Sect., 

Assoc Agrl. CoUs. and Exp. SUs. b. 
DeWitt, Mich., Dec. 19, 187S; t. Edgar 
and Elizabeth (Amiieton) H.; reared on 
farm; nt. Sarah Belle Cooper, Dec. 31, 
1902. B.S., Mich. Art. Coll., 1899; 
M. Agr., 1908. Alpha ZeU; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Hnsmonn, George C, pom. in chg. viti- 
cultural invests., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

General foreman, Vina vineyards and 
winery of Stanford Univ., Vina. Calif., 
1687-90. Del. to Prof. Foex Memorial, 
France, Inter. Viticultural Congress. 
b. Hermann, Mo., Apr. 27, ISGI; s. 
Geo. and Louise C. (Kielmann) H.; 
reared on fanu; m. Ellen W. Dorsett, 
Feb. 1. 1894. B.S.A., Univ. Mo.. 1882; 
M.S.A., 18B5. 

Hutchcson, John 8., asst. dir. ext., Va. 
Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va. 

Foreman expl. plats, Va. Poly. Inst., 
2yrs.; princ. 7th Cong. Distr. Higb-Sch., 
Middletown, Va., 2 yrs.; princ. Jones Co. 
Agr. High-Sch., Elliaville, Miss., 3 yrs.; 
teach, agr., summer sch,, Univ. Va.. 3 yrs.: 
Bpecialist in an. husb., Va. Poly. Inst., 
1914-7; present poMtion, 1917—. b. 
Charlotte Court House, Va., Jan. 13, 
1886; i. Robt. F. and Mary C. (Barks- 
dale) H.; reared on farm; nt, Eleanor 
Parrott. Oct. 6, 1917. M.S., Va. Poly. 
Inst., 1909. 

Va. Poly. Inst.. Blacksbure, Va. 

Asst. agron., Va. Exp. Sta,, and instr. 
agron., Va. Poly. Inst., 1908-12; assoc. 
agron.. 1913; assoc. agron., Univ. Minn., 
1913-4; present position, 1914—. b. 
Charlotte Court House, Va., Mar. 29, 
1882; ». Robt. F. and Mary C, (Barks- 
dale) H.; reared on farm; m. Rosilie 
O. Stockard, June 4, 1914; c. Rosilie 
Stockard. B.S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1906; 
M.S.. 1908; M.S.A., ComeU Univ., 1913 

Hulchison, Clande Bnitoa, prof, plant- 
breeding, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Asst. agron., Univ. Mo., 1908-10; 
instr., 1810-1; asst. prof.. 1911-3; prof., 
1S13-4; prof, farm crops and cbm. dept., 
1914-0; present position, 1916— . Sec.Mo. 
Com Growers' Assoc., 1910-6. Ext. lect 
for Mo. State Bd. Agr. Special attention 
to breeding of wheat and Bax. b. CbilU- 


cotbe. Mo., Apr. 0, ISSS; t. Wm. M. 
aad Adii&iw (Smith) H.; reaj«d on 
rarm; m. Roiie Ruth Prichard, Dec. iS, 
190Si e Helen. Ruth, Etizabeth. B.S.A., 
Univ. Mo.. 190S; M.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 
1913; M.S., Harvard Univ., 1917. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha; Alpha Zeta. 

Holt, WilUam Nkd, lUU hort, Dept. Agr., 
Raleigh, N. C. 

As3t. to dir. Hort. Soca. in Ont. Dept. 
of Agr., IWl; pnrf. hort. and bot., Utah 
Agr. CoH.. 190«-*; prof, hort., Md. Agr. 
Coll., 1004-6; alate hort.. N. C, 1908—. 
Sec. Md. Hort. Soc., \90i-4: prea. Am. 
Pom. Soc.. I91fi-7; sec. N, C. Hort. 
Soc.. 190»-18; prea. Nat. Nut-Growera' 
Assoc.. 1914-e. b. Niagara Palls, Ont., 
Apr. 2a, 1872 (natunOized IBIS); *. 
Frederick A. and Janet D. (Lawson) H.; 
i^jcd on farm; m. Edith M. Palmer, 
Jul. 1, 1007. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll. 
and ToroDto Univ., ISOB. 

Hntlon, JoMpli Gladdea, assoc. prof, agron., 
S. D. State Coll., Brookings, S. D. 

Awt. biol.. Ind. State Normal Soh., 
1898-1000; princ. higb-ech.. Beards- 
town. Ill, 1901-3; supt. schs., 1003-S; 
aut. geol., Univ. III., 1008-11; present 
position, 1911—. Pres. S. D. Acad. Sci.. 
1B17-8. 6. Monticello. Ind., Nov. 3. 
1873; ». Wm. H. and Mary J. (Gladden) 
H.; reared on farm; m. Emilie W. Ped- 
dersen, June 16, IBM; e. Helma Louise, 
Mary Eme-Jean. Joseph Gladden Jr. 
B.S.. Univ. Chicago, 1008; M.S.. Univ. 
m.. IBIO. Phi BeU Kappa. 

Hyde, Clayton Herbert, farmer, Alva, Okla. 
Mem. Okla. State Council Defense; 
mem. State Democratic Campaign Com.; 
Democratic nominee for Congress, 8lh 
Distr. Okla.. 1018. b. DeKalb Co.. lU.. 
Jul. 5, 18«8; (. Herbert H. and Eliui 
(Kennedy) H.; reared on farm; ni. 
Rusha Messmore, June 1890; e. Birdie. 
John, Elmer, Chas.. Alice. Student 
Doane CoU.. Crete, Neb. 

Hyde, George Byron, farmer, co. a^l. agt. 
and Bsst. co. agt. leader, E. Kmgston, 

Princ. Bcad., Swansboro, N. C, 1884-6. 
Traveled in Mexico and Central America. 
b. Enosburg Falls, Vt., Mar. I, 1806; 
(. Wm. H. and Rhoda Joan (Brown) H.; 
reared in town and on farm; m. Alettha 
Coutant Halsted, May 11, 1380; o. Geo. 

Hyslop, George Robert, prof, farm crops. 
Ore. Agr, Coll., Corvaltis. Ore. 

Student asst. agron., Ohio State Univ., 
IBOO-T; grad. asst., 1907-8; instr. agron.. 
Ore. Agr. CoU., 1908-10; asst. prof., 
1910-9: assoc. prof. Geld crops. 1913-6; 
prof., 1016—. 6. Deshler. O.. Nov. 17, 
188*: ».Geo.L.andJulia(Moe3ch1er)H.; 
reared on farm; m. Sue C. Walcutt, Aug. 
10. 1008; c. Sue. Julia. Mary. Geo. L., 
Wm. W. B.S.. Ohio State Univ., 1007. 
Delta Thete Sigma; t^mma Sigma DetU. 

Iddings, Edward John, dean of agr. and 
dir. Exp. Ste., Univ. Ida., Moscow, Ida. 
Special agt.. Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., IB06; asst. to dean of agr.. 
Colo. Agr. Coll., 1907-9; field comnr., 
Dry-Farming Congress, suminer 1900; 
asst. an. busb,. Colo. Agr. Coll., 1900-10; 
ed. Dry-Farming Congress Bui., summer 
1910; princ. Scb. Practical Agr. and aaat. 
an. busb., Univ. Ida.. 1910-1; prof. an. 
husb., 1911-8; vice-dean Coll. Agr.. 
1011-5; dean, 1916-8; dean of agr. 
and dir. Eitp. SU„ 1013—. Judge live- 
stock shows and coach stock-judging 
teams. Mem, bd. of dirs,, and vice-pres. 
Northwest Live-Stock Assoc, Mem. adv. 
bd.. State Fair of Ida. Studied live-stock. 
Great Britain, summer 1907. b. Peru. 
Ind.. Mar. »i. 1879; t. John Byron and 
Mary (Huber) I,; reared on farm; n. 
Maud A. Howell, June !U, 1908. Student 
Butler Coll., 1699-1901; B.S.Agr.. Cok>. 
Agr, CoU.. 1907, DelU Tau Delta. 

Ide, Warren Lcroy, oo. agrl. agt., Bristol 
Co, Agr. Sch.. Segreganset. Mass. 

Head farmer. Gardener State Colony, 
Mass., 6 yrs. b. Dudley, Mass., Sept. 7, 
1886; *, Monroe Wilson and Jenny 
(Walker) I.-, reared on farm; m. Rutb 
Eliaibeth Earle, Feb. M. 1014; c. Virpnia 
Eliiabeth, B.S.. Mass. Agr. Coll. and 
Boston Univ., 1909. 

Ikeler, Kenneth C, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
chg. live-stock maoag., la. State Coll., 
Ames, la. 

Teaching feUow. la. Stele Coll., IBIS-*; 
beef cattle dem., N. C. Eip. Sta., 1914-6; 
present position, 1919 — . Great Britain, 
1917 to import Shorthorn cattle for Car- 

peoter & Goss, Mansfield, 0. 6. Mill- 
viUe, Pa., Dec. tS. 1889; *. Iram Benton 
and Sarah Elizabeth (.OAe) I.; reared on 
farm. M.E., Pa. Normal Sch., 1909; 
B.S., Penn. State Coll., 1913; M.S.A.. 
la. State CoU., 1914. Alpha Zeta. 

infiiitwortb, J. F.,p. Sll. 

IngallB, Georj« Rom, co. agrl. agt,, Bau 
Claire, Wte. 

Teach, rural ach., 1906-6; prioc. stale 
graded sch., Boyd, Minn., 1906-7; aupt. 
scba., Lac qui Parle Co.. Minn., 1907-10; 
an. husb., Minn. Univ. Fann Sch„ Morris, 
leiO-i; agt. Eau Claire Co.. 1912—. 
Breeder Advanced Register Guernseys, 
I91fi— . b. Fillmore Co., Minn., Jul. 13, 
1877; ». Philo H. and Martha (Newell) I.; 
reared on farm; m. Lydia M. TVaidelich, 
Apr. 3, 1906; i;. L. Marie, Gretchen lone. 
Gladys Ruth, G. Frank. Ph.B., North 
Western Coll., Naperville, III., 1905. 

Iretaod, Hany A„ agrst. reclamation pro- 
jects. Bur. Plant Ind., V. S, Dept. Agr., 
Washington. D. C. 

Co. agrl. agt.. Caldwell, Ida. Dir. 
Ida. SUte Dairy Araoc. Spent Hi yrs. 
in Philippines in agrl. work. b. BroDSon, 
Kans., June 23, 1363; ». Vim. H. and 
Maria (McCool) 1.; reared on (arm; 
m. Myrtle Kahl. May 87, 1911; r. Louise 
Myrtle, Lucile May. B.S., Kane. SUte 
Agr. CoU., 1907. 

Iruh, Henry Clay, super v. ech. gard., Bd. 

Educ, St. Louis, Mo. 
Asst. hort., S. D. State Coll.. 1894; 

hort. asst.. Mo. Bot. Gard., 18H-190i; 

supt., 1903-12; asst. in chg lands, gard. 

and Bor., U. SUte Coll., 1013-4; present 

Htntion, 1914—. Mem. Mo. State Bd. 

Hort., 1912—; pres. Mo. SUte Hort. 

Soc., 1916-8. 6. Rock Co., Wis.. Apr. M, 

1808; I. Beojamin anil Lydia A. (Wood) 

I.; reared on farm; m. Margaret H. 

Dufley, May 9, 1890; e. Marguerite. 

B.S.. S. D. State CoU.. 1891; M.S., la. 

StaU Coll., 1897. 
Irwin. John Borland, farmer, and breeder 

Holstein-Friesian cattle, Sta. F., Minne- 

apoUs, Minn. 

Dir. Holstein-Frieuan Assoc, of Am.; 

prea. Minn Live-Stock Breeders' Assoc.; 

pres. Minn. Stat« Holstein Breeders' 

Assoc.; pres. Twin City Milk Producers' 

Assoc, b. Richfield, Minn.. Feb. IS, 1874; 

«. Everett Ford and Martha (Borland) I.; 

reared on farm; nt. Bemice Uennings, 

Irwin, Robert, farmer, Telstad, Mont. 

State sec. Mout div., Farmers' Educ. 
and Coop. Union. 1916-7. Del. to Nat. 
Convention of Farmers, Washington, 
1918. b. Ont, Canada. June 17, 18fi7 
(naturalized 1890); *. Wm. and Mary A. 
(Wilson) I.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Sarah MatUda Lithgow. Mar. 6, 1877; 
c. Victoria, Chas.. WUbert. May, Mary. 

Israel, Henry, ioter. sec. Y. M. C. A.. 347 
Madison Ave., New York City. 

CoUaborator Rural Div., U. S. Bur. 
Educ. InWarZone,1915-6; mem. Rural 
Comn. in EngUnd. Ed., Rural Manhood. 
b. Philadelphia. Pa., Dec. 23. 1877; ». 
Henry and Mary (Hucke) 1.; m. Gertrude 
Wells Hart, June 7. 190S. Student Univ. 
of N. Y. 

Israelsen, Orson mnso, assoc. prof, irrig. 
and drainage, Utah Agr. Coll., Logan. 

Asst. irrig., Univ. Calif., 1913-6; 
instr. expl. irrig., 1915-6; present position, 
1916—. Del. to Inter. Irrig. Congress, 
Sacramento, 1915. b. Hyrum. Utah, 
Dec. 25. 188T; i. Andrew M. and Bolette 
(Wilson) L; reared on farm; tr. Jeimie 
May Alien, Feb. 24, 1900; e. Lettle lone. 
Ester Golda. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU., 
1912; M.S., Univ. Calif,, 1914. Gamma 
Sigma DelU. 

Ives, Frederick Walter, prof. agrl. engin., 
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Instr. drawing, Univ. Wis., 1909-10; 
instr. engin. drawing. Ohio State Univ., 
1910-4; instr. agrl. engin., 1914-5; 
asat. prof., 181S-8; prof., 1918—. b. 
Rubicon, Wia., Nov. 20, 1884; (. Geo. W. 
Washington and Fannie Elizabeth (Smith) 
I.; reared on farm; tr. Mary Alberta 
Parka. June 9. 1911; e. Frederick David. 
B.S,. Univ. Wis., 1009. 

Jaccard, Clarence Roy. co. agrl. agt., Troy, 

Specialist in chg. irrigated gardens and 
orchard. Ft. Hays Branch Exp. Sta., 
Kans.. 1914-5; prof, agr., 1st Distr. Normal 
Sch., Kirksville, Mo., 1915-7; agt Lincoln 
Co.. Mo.. 1017—. Chm. d^t. agr. 


Mo. Sut« TMehNi' Amoc., 1017. 6. 
Medoc. Mo.. Nov. II. 188&; ». W. W. and 
Sorab M. (Richudsoo) J.; reared on 
farm; in. Ruth Bright, June 28, 1019; 
e. Robt. Bright. B.S.A., Kaiu. SUte 
Agr. Coll.. 1014. 

I. agrl. »gt., 


Maim . . „ 

Assoc. \ Hagood. S. C. Jao. 1. 1B04; 
1. James Laval and Mary (Creighton) i.; 
reaiedoDfanu; m.Retta Thornton Locke, 
Aug. 20, leie. B.S.A., ClemsoD Agr. 
Coll., 1014. 

Jackson, Cccro Floyd, prof. cool, and ent., 
N. H. A.&M. Coll, Durham. N.H. 

Awt. lool.. Ohio SUte Univ., 1007-8; 
asst. prof. cool, and eut., N. H. A.&M. 
CoU., IB08-10; pror., 1010—. b. Wol- 
cott. Ind., Sept. 30, 1B82; ». Wm. F, 
and Yenii Evangdine <ThotDaa} J.; 
reared od farm; m. Alma Irene Drayer, 
June 20. 1005; c. Herbert Wm. A.B.. 
DeFauw Univ.. lOOS; M.A., Ohio Sut« 
Univ.. 1007. Sigma Xi. 

Jacoba. Peter, minister, Randolpb, la. 

Mem. Epwortb I<eague Insl. faculty. 
11 yn.; lect. at instt. Special attention 
to rural church. Avih.: Recreation and 
Culture, 1014. h. Fremont, Neb.. Apr. 
24. 1875; i. Uede C. and CbriaUDc Elua 
(Ehmpke)J.; reared in town and on farm; 
m. Ednah Lathrop, June 24, 1003; c. 
Maurine, Frieda, Uede. Grajl. Garrett 
Biblical Inst., 191S. 

JacobsoD, Carl Alfred, prof. agrl. chem., 
Univ. Nev., Reno, Nev. 

Instr. cfaem., York City higb-sch., 1004- 
7; fellow and research cbem.. Rocke- 
Felkr Inst, for Med, Research, N. Y.. 
1008-0; chief chem.. Nev. Eip. SU. and 
prof. agrl. chem.. 1008 — . Fellow A. A. 
A. S. b. Grantsburg, Wis., Jan. S5. 1870; 
t. Carl John and Anna BritU (Asp) J.; 
reared on Farm; m. Mary Edna Metiger, 
June 21 , 1906; e. Carl Metiger, John David. 
B.S., Carleton Coll., Northfield, Minn.. 
1903; M.S.. 1007; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1908; studied Cracow, Austria; 
Geneva, Switzerland; Upsala, Sweden; 
Haile, Germany, 1911-8. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Jacoby. Freeman Steel, prof, poultry huab., 
Ohio SUte Univ.. Columbus, O. 
Instr. poultry hush., Kans. State Agr. 

Coll., 1010-1; instr., Ohio SUte Univ.. 
1011-8; asst. prof.. 1012-8; prof.. 1018—; 
special invest., Food Research Lab., sum- 
mer, 1013; W. Va. Etp. SU., sununer, 
1014. Cbg. O. Poultry exhibit. Panama- 
Pacific Expos.. 1015. b. Bethlehem. Pa.. 
Jan. 10, 1880; «. H. S. and Laura L. 
(Saylor) J.; reared in town and country; 
m. Ruth McManamy, June I, 1013. 
B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1010. Sigma Phi 
Sigma; Alpha Zeta. 

Jaffa, Mycr Edward, prof, nutr., Univ. 
Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

A»8t. cbem., 10th U. S. Census, 1870- 
80; aast. agrl. dept., Univ. Calif., 1880-1; 
asat. chem., Northern Transcontinental 
Survey, 1881-3; Ist asst. and cbem., 
dept. viticulture, Univ. Calif., 1883-0; 
1st asst. chem. chg. agrl. cbem.. 1880-93; 
instr. agr., 1803-0; asst. prof. agr. chg. 
lab. of agrl. ehem., 1800—; asst. prol. 
., 1906; prof., lOOS— ; special agt. 

consulting nutr. expert, CiXit. State I 
of health, 1015. Del. to Fifth Inter. 
Congress for Applied Chem., Berlin, 
1903. b. Sydney, AuatralU, Oct, 6, 1857 
(naturalized 1882); t. Heniy S. and 
Rebecca (Marks) J.; reared in city; 
m. Adele R. Solomons. Mar. 21, 1805; 
«. Edward Moss, Aileen Baby. Ph.B.. 
Univ. Calif., 1877; M.S.. 1806. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Jager, Francis, prof, apiculture, Univ. 
Minn., University Farm. St. Paul, Minn. 
Beekeeper, Minneapolis, 1808-1008; 
Lake Minnetonka, 1008-10; present 
position, 1813—. Pres. Nat. Beekeepers' 
Assoc.; dir. Tri State Honey Exchange. 
Traveled in Europe. Major and diief 
Red Cross eipeditioD to Serbia, 1018—. 
b. Austria, Apr. 2, 1860 (naturalized 
1888); ». Andrew and Catherine (Primo- 
sitch}J.; reared OD farm. 

Janes, Deloe L«wrenGe, asst. in marketing 
dairy products, Bur. Markets, U. S. 
Dq>t. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Dairy expert, Univ. III., 1010. b. 
Huntley, 111., Jan. 22, 1885; i. Arlo 
Lawrence and Margaret Louise (Mun- 
sbaw] J.; reared on farm; m. Edna 
Emma Walter, June 4, 1013; e. Marion 
Louise, Walter I^wrenoe. B.S.. Univ. 
III., 1008. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 


. . — — oc. prof. agrl. 

educ, Univ. Wis., Madison. WU. 

Te&ch. rural and graded schs., and 
princ. high-sch.. 1905-10; aupl. Racine 
Co. Sch. Apr., Rochester. Wis., 1014-4; 
pKaent position, 1914 — . b. Liviomtooe, 
Wis., Apr. 16, 18S4; t. Thomas 0. and 
Elisabeth A. (Thomas) J.; reared in 
■mall town and on (arm; m. Mbit Ventura 
Matta. June 19, 1913: e. KatheriDe 
Ventura. B.S.A.. Univ. WU., 1912; grad. 
work Columbia Univ. Alpha Zeta. 

James, McNcal Cole, prof. agrl. educ. Uoiv. 
Kv., Lexington. Ky. 

Teach, country sch.. Putnam and 
LaSalle Co., III., 189»-190fl; princ. 

dept., iei8-». b. Newark. 0., June 2, 
1BS9; (. Wm. A. and Hannah L. (Swope) 
J.; reared in dty; m. Gladys E. Schenck, 
Aug. HO, 1013; e. Dorothea Marie. 
B.S.. Ohb State Univ., 191S; M.S., Univ. 
Me., igie. 

Jaqoish, IiAu J., co. agrl. agt., Tunk- 
bannodc Pa. 

6. Mansfield, Pa.. Sept. 27, 1B90; (. 
Elvin Welcome and Martha (Preston) J.; 
rearedonfarm; m. Mabel Elaine Robbini, 
Jul. 14, 1918. B.S., Penn. State Coll., 

Oxford, O,. 1909; head. dept. agr.. 
State Normal Sch., VaUey City, N. D., 
1909-16; agrl. agt., Barnes Co., N. D., 
191S-8; present position, 191S— . b. 
Christline. 0,. Aug. 27, 1877; i. Jerry A. 
and Ludnda (Cole) J.; reared on (arm; 
m. Eva Ratekin, Aug. 18, lOOS; 2d, Emma 
EUingson, Aug. 17. 1916; c. Margaret 
Gertrude, Joseph Ratekin, Alice Winifred. 
B.S.A.. A. B., Univ. II)., 1909. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Jamison, Albert Woodward, asst. supt. 
ap-l. e»t.. Univ. HI.. Urbana, 111. 

Teach, high-sch., Peoria, III.. 1906-9; 
inatr., Bradley Poly. Inst., Peoria, 1909- 
11; Bsst. prof, and asst dean, 1911-2; 
aast. prof, and dean. 1912-3; assoc, in 
agrl, ext., Univ. lU., 1919-5; asst. piot., 
1915— , Asst. chem., lU. Sugar Ref. Co., 
1899-1900. b. Peoria, III.. May 31. 1874; 
I. Chas. Albert and Mary Catherine 
(Woodward) J.; reared in dty; m. Edith 
Virginia Bash. Nov. 10, 1904; e. Daniel 
Bash. Edith Vir^nia. B.S., Princeton 
Univ., 1897; M.S., 1699. 

JanusoD, Neal C. co, agrl. agt., Hillsboro. 

Field agt. dairying, U. S. Dairy Div. 
and Wash. State Coll., 1016-7. 6. 
Pecos, Tei., Dec. 13, 1890; », N. D. and 
laa I. (Winans) J.; reared on (arm. 
B,S,A.. Ore, Agr. CoU„ 1914, 

[IB, Orvilic AItui, assoc, pro(. dairying, 
Mass, Agr. Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Instr. dairying, Mich. Agr, Coll.. 
1912-3; instr. an. bd., Univ. Me., 1913-S; 
present position, 1915 — ; acting head 

invest,, U. S Dept. Agr., 1907-10; agron., 
Kans. State Agr. Coll. and Exp. Sta., 
1910-3; acting dean and dir., Jan.-Jul., 
1913; dean and dir., 1913-S; pres.. 

Farming Co., 1005; dir. Northern Pure 
Seed Co., 1908-15. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Pres. Inter. Dry-Farming Congress and 
Soil Producta Expos., 1015-6; pres. 
Amer. Soc. Agron.. 1016-7; vice-chm. 
Kans. State Council of Defense. 6. 
Oneida Co., Ida., Jan. 16, 1879; >. Wm. 
and Rebecca (Dudley) J.; reared on 
farm and cattle ranch; m. Effie Nebeker, 
Sept. 6. 1906; c. Wm. Nebeker. Marian, 
Ruth. B.S.A,. Utah Agr. CoU.. 1904; 
LL,D.. Campbell Coll., 1916. BetaTheta 
Pi; Alpha ZeU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Janugia, Milton Preston, prof, an. hush., 
Univ. Ga., Athena, Ga. 

Instr. an. hush., Va. Poly. Inst.., 190S-7; 
present position, 1907 — . State leader 
in live-stock exU (or Ga. Sec. Ga. 
Dairy and Live-Stock Assoc., 19I0~. 
Pres. Glenmore Stock Farm, Jefferson 
City. Tenn. 6. Farmville, Va., Sept, 17. 
1881; 1. Milton P. and Agnes (Watkins) 
J.; reared on (arm; m, Dorothy Greve, 
S^t, 16, 1908; e. Milton P„ Janet 
Stirling. Agnes Watkios. B,S.A.. la. 
State Coll.. 1906. Sigma Alpha Bpsilon. 

Jarris, Chester Deacon, specialist in agrl. 
educ, U. S. Bur. Educ, Washington, 
D. C. 

Div. supt,. Inter, CorrespoodeDce Schs,, 
Montreal. Que.. 1899-1904; hart., Storn 


Bip. SU., 1006-13; <Ur. «xt. aerv., Codd. 
Agr. Coll., 1818-6; prcaent positkiD. 
1»15— . Joinl mOh., Treei in Winter, 
1912. b. London, Ont., Mm. e». 18T6 
(naturalised 1917); ». Lyman Gage and 
Lila (Deacon) J.; reared on (arm; m. 
Maiion Smith, Oct. 3. 1901. B.S.A., 
Ont. Agr. Coll.. 1899; Ph.D.. Cornell 
Univ., 1909. Sigma Xi. 

Jar, RuHell David, co. agrl. ttgt., Canollton, 

Farm operator, Clinton Co., 0., 1909- 
IS; oMt. field agt., Ohio Exp. SU..l»li-S; 
CO. agt., 1916—. b. New Burlington, O., 
Mar. S3. 1883; i. James and Elida 
(Coffin) J-i reared on farm; m. Mary 
Ethel Greene, Dec. 24, 1906; c. Miriam, 
Wilbur. B,S.,WUiningtonCoU.,O.,I90e; 
student Univ. Mo., 1915-e. 

hjBt, Stephen Oacar, twat.. Off. Farm 
Manag., 406 Federal Bldg., Spokane. 
Conducted irrig. invests., IT. S. Dept. 

t. Wm. H. and Augusta F. (Ruwil) J.; 
reared in village and on farm; m. Ethel 
Cornelius, Apr. 11, 1906; e. Stephen 
Cornelius, Dorothy. B.S., Wash. SUte 
Coll., 1904; C.E., 1914. 

JeScrs, Heary William, pres. Walker 
Gordon LabOTatory Co., PUiosboro, N. J. 
Mem. N. J. State Ed. Agr.; mem. adv. 
com., U. S. Food Administration and U. S. 
Dept. Agr. Studied agrl. conditions in 
Europe, 1913. b. Kingsley, Pa., Jan. 4, 
1871; ». Watson and Betsey M. (Oakley) 
J.; reared on farm; in. Anna C. Adams, 
Jul. 1*, 1898: e. Emily A., Henry W., 
Louise E. B.S.A., ComeU Univ., 1898. 
Kappa Sigma. 

Jefierjr, JoMph A., land comnr., Duluth 
South Shore sod Atlantic By., Duluth, 

Ass't. prof, agr., N. D. Agr. Coll., 1898- 
7; asst. prof, soil physics, Univ. Wis., 
1897-9; asst. prof, agr., Mich. Agr. 
Coll.. 1899-1902; prof, soils and soU 
physics, 19W-13; soil physicist, Mich. 
Exp. Sta., 1908-13; present poution, 
191S— . Auth.: Text-book of Land Drain- 
age, 1916. b. Cornwall. Pa.. Sept. 17, 

JeSrica, Ral^ Rodolf, co. agrl. agt.. Canon 
City, Cob. 

Student asst., Ohio State Univ., 19U; 
specialist bort. ert., W. Vs. Univ., 1913^; 
CO. agt.. 1916—. 6. Denver. Colo., Sept. 
16, 1886; t. Warwick Miller and Loris 
Cordelia (Rodolf) J.; reared in city; 
«. Idalie Peter, Dec. 23. 1913. B.S.. 
Cob. Agr. Coll., 1910. Alpha ZeU. 

Jehle. Robot Andrew, eit. path,, Bur. 
Plant Ind.. N. C. Exp. SU., Raleigh, N. C. 
Lab. asst. plant path,, Univ. Minn., 
1909-10; prof. sci. and agr., high-sdi,, 
Wheaton, Minn., 1910-1; asit. plant 
path., Kans. SUte Agr. Coll.. 1912-3; 
insU.. ComeU Univ.. IBIS-*; asst. 
plant path., Cuba Exp. SU., 1914-6; 
asst. plant path., Fla. State Plant Bd.. 
1916-7; present pontion. 1917—. 6. St. 
Paul, Minn., Jan. 30, 188!; l. John and 
Rose (DenEer) J.: reared in city and on 
farm; m. Effie V. Crum, Dec. 28. 1912; 
e. Ruth Anianda. B.S.A.. Univ. Minn.. 
1905; M.S.A., 1910: Ph.D.. Cornell 
Univ., 1914, Sigma Xi. 

Jenkiiu, Charlea Francis, ed. Farm Journal, 
232 S. 7th St.. nuladelpbia. Pa. 

Mem. Bd. Managers, Swarthmore Coll. 
Auth.: Quaker Poems, A Collection of 
Verse Relating to the Society of Friends. 
1893; Guide Book to Historic German- 
town, 1902; Washington in Germantown, 
1906; Jefferson's Germantown Letters, 
1906; Lafayette's Visit to Germantown, 
191 1. b. Norristown, Pa.. Dec. 17, 
1866; t. Howard M. and Mary Anna 
(Atkinson) J.; «, Maria G. Cope. Feb. 
12, 1890. 

Jeoldns. Edward Hopkins, dir. Conn. Agr, 
Exp. Sta,, New Haven, Conn, 

Chem,, Conn. Exp. Sta., 1877-1900; 
dir., 1900—; treas., 1901—, Chm, St*te 
Sewerage Comn,, 4 yrs. Fellow A. A, 
A, S, b. Falmouth, Mass,, May 31, 
1860; >. John and Chloe (Thocwson) J,; 
reared on farm; m. Elizabeth E. Foote, 
June 16, 1885. B.A., Yale Univ.. 1872; 
Ph,D., 1879; studied Univ. Leipzig and 
Forest Sch.. Tharandt, Saxony. Pm 


Jenka, Fiord B., prof. agrl. «duc., Vaiv, 
Vt, Burlington. Vt. 

Manag. ranch. Kearney. Neb., 1S09~ 
1900; manag. dauy fann, Evaniville. 
Ind., 1901; general farmer and teach. 
niral schs., Vermillion Co., Ind., 1901-4; 
teach, biol. and agr.. Goshen, lad., 1904-8; 
inatr. agrl. educ, Masi. Agr. Coll., 1908-9; 
asst. prof., lOOft-ll; specialist in agrl. 
educ., U. S. Bur. Educ, 1911-3; present 
position, IBIS—, b. Toronto, Ind.. Jul. 7. 
1876; J. Stephen and Mary Elizabeth 
(Jamea) J,; reared on farm; ni. Lucile 
Major, 1909; c. Major B., Robt. Stephen. 
David Wilson, Marjorie, Wm. Lee. 
B.S.A., Purdue Uoiv., 1898. 

Jcnnisoii, Hui7 MiDikea. aast. prof. bot. 
and bact., ext. bot., Mont. State Coll., 
Bozeman, Mont. 

Instr. bot- Mass. Agr. Coll-. 1908-10; 
Wabash Coll., 1910-1; instr. bot. and 
bact.. Moot. State Coll.. 1911-3; asst. 
prof., 1913—. b. Worcester, Mass., June 
!4, 1885; (. Hobart N. and Etta (MlUi- 
ken} J.; reared on farm; m. Alice Laura 
Washburn. Aug. 6, 1912; c. John Robt., 
Geo. Henry. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1008; M.A., Wabash CoU.. 1911; grad. 
student, Washington Univ., I91fi-7. 
Sigma Xi. 

JenHB, Lewis N., asst. ' 

dry land agr.. 

P. and Lena (Hansen) J.; reared on farm; 
m. Marguerite I. Rutledge, Mar. 4, 1909. 
B.S., S. D. Sute Coll., 1905; student 
Univ. Neb.. 1906-7. 

}esiieM, Oscar Bernard, invest, in coop, 
organication, Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. 
An., Washington, D. C. 

Instr. agr., high-sch., Winthrop, Minn., 
1012-3; aast, Univ. Minn., 1914-S; 

Setent position. 1916 — . b. Morris, 
ion.. Feb. i, 1889; *. 0. L. and Bertha 
(Larson) J.; reared on farm; m. Ella 
E. Preeland, Aug. 9, 1916. B.S.A., Univ. 
Minn., 19ie. Alpha ZeU. 

Jeler, Frank Hunillon. agrl. ed., N. C. A. k 
M. CoU., Raksigh. N. C. 

Asst. to dir., N. C. Exp. Sta., 1918-3; 
field man in fert. exp., German Kali 
Works, Atlanta, Ga., 1913-4; present 
position, 1914 — . Vice-pres. Am. Assoc, 
of Agrl. Coll. Editors; racm. exec, com., 
1918. Sec. N. C. Tlirift Comn. 6. San- 

Jewell, Don Becbe, co. agrl. agt.. Grand 
Bapids, Minn. 

Sd. aid. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1901-8; 
dir. agr., State Normal, Athens, Ga., 
1910-1; dir. agr.. Sch. Distr. No. 6, 
Doer River, Minn., 1018-3; agrl. agt., 
Koochiching Co., Minn.. 1913-S; co. 
supt. Bchs.. 1916-8; agrl. agt.. Itasca Co., 
1918—. Pres. Minn. Agrl. Men's Assoc.. 
1912. b. Hastings, Midi., Apr. 0, 1879; 
I. Wm. H. and Roianna L. (Beebe) J.; 
reared on farm; nt. Vida M. Norris. June 
10, 1900; e. Robt. E., Paul N. B.S., 
Midi. Agr. Coll., 1901; grad. Mich. State 
Normal, 1907. 

Asst. systematic bot., Mo. Bot. Gard., 
St. Louis, 1903-0; asst. hot. and bort., 
S. D. State Coll., 1906-8; asst. bot., 
Purdue Exp. SU., 1908-11; asst., instr., 
asst. prof., assoc. prof, plant path., Univ. 
Wis., 1911 — . Mem. editorial bd., Ameri- 
can Journal of Botany, b. Brookings Co., 
S. D., Sept. 1, 1880; t. Gustav and Levis 
Albertina (Jonnson) J.; reared on (arm; 
m. Ruth Marian Weskott, Aug. SO, 1911; 
e. Lewis Rockwell. B.S., S. D. SUte 
Coll-. 1907; M.S.. Purdue Univ., 1911; 
Ph.D.. Univ. Wis.. 1914. Sigma Xi. 

Johnson, Albert Aaion, dir. N. Y. Sute 
Sch. Agr. on L. I.. Farmingdale, Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Prof, agr., N. Ga. Agr. Coll., Dahkoega. 
1907-8; princ. Marinette Co. Sdi. Agr. 
and Dom. Sci., Wis., 190S-9; princ. and 
organizer I^Crosse Co. Scb. Agr. and 
Dom. Sci., ODBlaska, Wis., 1909-12; 
supt. and organizer Milwaukee Co. Sdi. 
Agr.. and Dom. Sci., Wauwatosa, 1912-4; 
present position, 1914 — . Served in Span- 
ish-American War and in Philippine 
Insurrection, 1898-9, b. Macfarland, 
Wis,. Jan. 1, 1880; t. Isaac and Aase 
(Bakke) J,; reared on farm; nt. Anne 
Ellene Glenn. 1909; c. Albert Richard. 
B.S.A., Univ. WU., 1907. Alpha Tau 

Johnson, Edward Carl, dean div. coll. ext., 

Kans. State Agr. Coll.. Manhattan. Kans. 

Student asst. bot., Univ. Minn., 1906-0; 


inibr., lOOe-7; atat. pUnt path.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 190T; pUnl path, in chg. 
cer««l diaease work. 1908-18; Bupt. insts. 
anddenu., Kans State Agr. Coll.. 191!—; 
dean div. coll. ext.. 1815—. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. 6. Oti»co, Minn., Apr. 18, 
1880; 1. August and Josephine (Erikson) 
J.; reared on farm; m, Ruth Daniels. 
June28, 1911; c, Carola, Joaephioe Ruth. 
B.A., Univ. Minn., 1906; M.A., 1907; 
studied Geo. WashiDgton Univ., 1910-1. 
mi BeU Kappa; Sigma Xi; Alpha 
ZeU; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamm* SignM 

Johiuon, Barold Far, oo- osrl- Bgt., Newport, 

Ext. asst. an. and dairy hiub., Univ. 
Vt., 1914-7; agt. Orleans Co., 1917—. 
h. BratUeboro, Vt., Jul. U, 18911; t. Frank 
AUyn and Emma Jane (Fay) J.; reared 
OD farm; m. Edith EUen Menihew, June 
11, 1917. B.S., Univ. Vt, 1914. Alpha 

JohoMHi, Isaac B., co. agt. leader, S. D, 
StaU CoU.. Brookings, S. D. 

Asst. an. husb., W. Va. Univ., iai3-t: 
CO. agrl. agt., Columbus, Ind., 191V-7; 
present position, 1917 — . 6. Humboldt, 
U., May 30, 1B90; (. J. C. and Bertha 
(Anderson) J. ; reared on farm ; m. 
Emma A. Gamble, June 17, IS14; c. 
Gladys Marguerite. B.S.A., la. SUte 
Coll.. 1913. 

, . JM, asst. prof, hort., Univ. 
Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Asst. hort., Univ. Wis., 1909-11; inslr, 
191t-S; asst. prof., 1915—; collaborator, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1915-7; agt.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr.. 1917—. b. Deerfield. Wis.. 
May 11, 1866; «. Hans and Karen 
(Martinsen) J.; reared on Farm; m. 

M.S., 1911; Ph.D., 1918. Sigma Xi. 

Johason, Martin B., co. agrl. agt., Alexander, 
N. D. 

Parmer. Walsh Co.. N. D., 1908-7; 
asst. supl. state dem. farms, 1909-11. 
b. Gottenburg, Sweden, Jan. 21, 1382 
(immigrated 1889); i. John Ellis and 
Nellie (Johnson) J.; reared on farm; m. 
Jesue B. Hansen. June 10. 1915; c. 
Wm. Martin. Grad. Farm manag. course, 
N. D. Agr. Coll,, 1909. 

Johntoii, OfivM Ray, assoc. prof, farm 
manag., Univ. Mo., ColumUa. Mo. 

Asst. farm manag.. Univ. Mo.. 1911-2; 
instr., 1912-3; asst. ptof., 1913-1; chm. 
dept., 1911—; assoc. prof., 1910—. 
With V. S. Army, 1918—. b. Raymond. 
Kaus.. Nov. IS. 18S7; i. Oliver Henry and 
Sarah Matilda (Minor) J.; reared on 
farm; m. Ruth Phillips, 1911; e. Oliver 
Henry, Dorothy Eliiabeth. B.S.A., Univ. 
Mo., 1910; M.A., 19U. Gamma Sigma 

Johnson, Orrillc M., co. agt. leader, Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Asst. soils ext.. Ohio SUte Univ., 1910-2; 
prof, fann manag.. W. Va. Univ., 1912-7; 

g-esent position, 1917 — . Traveled in 
urope. 1911. b. Pana, III., Aug. 31. 
1S82; I. Fred S, and Eva L. (MUler) 
J.; reared on farm. B.S., Ohio State 
Univ., 1908. DelU TheU Sigma. 

JfAnwn, Paul Allen, co, agrl. agt., Fair- 
mont, Minn. 

Instr agr., high-sch.. Harmony, Minn., 
1913-7; Tncy, 1917-8; agt. Martin Co., 
1918—. b. Cherokee, la.. Oct. 31. 1869; 
t. Geo. A. and Eliza (Head) J.; reared on 
farm; m. Minnie B. Aug, Nov. 24. 1914; 
c. Geo. Frederick. B.S., la, SUte Coll.. 
1918. Alpha ZeU. 

Johnaon, Stephen B., asst. prof, bort., 

Univ. Ariz., Tucson. Ariz. 

Asst. hort., N. D. Agr. CoU., 1912-S. 
b. Louisville, Ky., Jan. 4, 1691; t. Wm. 
Robt. and Salome Jeanne (Shadboume) 
J,; reared in city and on farm; m. Myrtle 
I. Lewis, Aug 26, 1912; c. Donald Lewis. 
B.S., Okla. A. & M. Coll. 

JtAnaon, Thomas Carskadon, dir. Va. Truck 
Exp. SU.. Norfolk. Va. 

Acting prof, hort., Univ. Mo., 1901-2; 
fellow hort., Cornell Univ.. 1902-3; 
instr. hort. and bot.. W. Va. Univ., 190S-8; 
asst. prof., 1908-7; present position, 
1908—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres. Am. 
Soc. for Hort. Sd., 1917. b. Long Reach. 
W. Va.. Jan. 1. 1870; ». Daniel D. and 
Mary M. (Martin) J.; reared on farm; 
m. Laura Boughton, Aug. 28. 1907; c. 
Travis C. B.S.A., W. Va. Univ., 1898; 
A.M., 1900. Gamma Alpha. 

Instr. sci., Pennington Boys' Sch., 


N. J., 1913-4; asst. Md. Weather Serv., 
Bummer. IBH; asst. Desert Ub.. Tucson, 
Ariz., Bummer, 1919; research asst. in 
plant physiology, Johns Hopkins Univ., 
101+-7; present position, 1917—. b, 
Quanyvitle, Pa., Feb. 6, 1889; i. Chas. B. 
and Anne (Steiofoid) J.; reared in town; 
m. F. Virginia Andes, Sept. 8. 1917. 
Ph.B., Dickinson Coll., 1918; A.M., 1914; 
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1917. 
Theta Chi; Gamma Alpha. 

. agrl. agt., Hot 

Jolinilon, Ralph 
Springs, S. D. 

Student aast. agron.. S. D, State Coll., 
19tS-6. b. Mitchell, S. D., June 2, 1891 ; 
t. E. S. and NeUie (Katherine) J.; reared 
in town; n>. Blanche Marie Avery, 
SepL 4. 1917. B.S.. S. D, Slate Coll.. 

}onea, Qiarlca J., co. agrl. agt., Bedford, 

Pert, salesman thniu^ N. D., S. D. and 
Minn., 1910-1; soil asst., Wash. SUte 
Coll., 1912; irrig. work at Nev., iai!-S; 
agrl, agt., Lawrence Co., Ind., 191S— . 
Del. From lud. to Nat. Top Notch Far- 
mers' Club, San Frandsco, 1915. b. 
Bloomfield, Ind., Dec. 2S, 1880; s. Wm. 
J. and Eliza L. (Sargent) J.; reared on 
fann; m. Dora May Price, Aug. t, 1912. 
B.S., Univ. lU., 1910. Sigma K. 

Jones, Qiarles Richardson, asst. prof, 
lool, and eut., Cok>. Agr. Coll., Fort 
Collins, Colo. 

b. Hastings. Neb.. Oct. 17. 1879; ». 
Thos. and Mary (LaBell) J.; reared on 
farm; m. LenaGilkison; o. Harold LaBell, 
Maurine Ludl. B.S.A.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1904; M.S., 1910. Traveled through 
Mexico, Alaska. Japan, China, Philip- 

I. agrl. agt., Mackay, 

Princ. high-sch.. Grantsville. Utah, 
1912-3; otanag. Kansas Creamery Co., 
1914-7; manag. farm. 1913-7; Co. agt.. 
1918—. b. Cedar City. Utah, Aug. 85, 
188S; I. Hyrum and Lucy (Jones) J.; 
reared on farm; m. Olive A. Lambert, 
June 1, 1910; c. Maurine L., Dwight L. 
B.S.A., Utah Agr. Coll., 1911. 

Jones, Daniel Herbert, prof, bad., Ont. 
Agr. Coll., Guelph, Ont. 

" ■' ■ " t. Agt. Coll.. 

Jones, Cluencc E 

1900-8; lect. bact.. 1908-lA; piot. bact., 
19IS— . b. Stourbridge, England, Sept. 
29. 187S; >. Joseph and Mary Anne (Hat- 
ton) J.; reared in town and on farm; 
m. Helen Gray Carlyle, Jul.. 1911; e. 
Helen Marion Gray. B.S.A., OnL Agr. 
Coll., 1008. 

Jones, Donald Forsha, plant-breeder. Conn. 

Exp. Sta., New Haven. Conn. 
Asst. plaat-breeder and instr.. Aril. 

Agr. Coll. and Exp. Sta., lBll-3; instr. 

hort. and plant-breeding. Coll. Agr.. 

Syracuse Univ., 1913-5; present positioD, 

1915 — . b. Hutt^ivson. Kana.. Apr. 10, 

1890; I. O. W. and Minnie (Bush) J.; 
. reared in dty and on farm; nt. Eleanor 

March, Dec. 1915. B.S., Kans. State 

Agr. Coll., 1911; M.S., Syracuse Univ.. 

1910; D.S., Harvard Univ.. 191B. Sigma 

Nu; Alpha ZeU. 


Asst. instr.. asst. prof., assoc. pnrf. 
soils, Univ. Wis., 1905-8; present por- 
tion, 1918 — . Distr. emergency dem. 
leadn. 1917. Chm. Com. on Druoaga, 
Am. Soc. Agrl. Engin. Traveled in 
Europe, 1911. b. Bangor, Wis.. May BO. 
1882; (. Elias and CaUierine (Evans) J.; 
reared on farm; m. Dorothea Moll, 
Sept., 1911 (d. 1912); 2d, Jane Walker, 
June. 1910; e. Richard Walker. B.S.A., 
Univ.. Wis., 1905; M.S.. 1008. Alpha 

Jones, Frank Dyer, co. agrl. agt., Morris- 

b. Bruntree, Vt. Nov. 18, 1B88; i. Wm. 
Allen and Adella (Angie) J.; reared on 
tarm; m. GbuJys Ruby Swann, Aug. 0, 
1917. B.S., Univ. Vt.. 1918. Alpha 

Jones. Henry Neely, asst. prof, bad.. 
Coll. Agr., Syracuse Univ., Syracuse. 
N. Y. 

Princ. North Haven high.«Ji.. 1905-6; 
inati. »ci.. Leavith Inst.. Me., 1906-7; 
instr. ad., Waterville high-sch.. Me., 1907- 
3; bact.. Mass. SUte Bd. of Health. 
1910-4; present position, 1914—. b. 
Ashland, Me., Od. 25. 1881; >. Henry 
and M. R. (FiSeld) J.; reared in town; 
m. Cora Crommett. June 24. 1907; e. 
Henry Crommett. Arthur Fifield. A.B., 
Colby CoU., 1905. Sigma Xi; ZeU Pn. 


Jones, JuitM Knox, diatr. dem. agt., 
FunUDgton, Mo. 

Supt. scba., Pronwrity, Mo.. 1900-11; 
Alba, 1011-4; Piedmont, 1S15-6. b. 
StottB City. Mo., Apr. «. 1B81; t. Colum- 
buB D. and Katherine (Pnyne) J.; nwred 
OD farm; m. Mary Biuru, 1911; e. 
Ray Eug«n«, Margaret Ruth. B.Ped., 
State Nonnal, Springfield, Mo.; atudent, 
Univ. Mo. 

Jonca, Jenkin Wniun, Bupt. U. S. Rice 
Exp. Sta., Bigga. Calif. 

Supl. Cheyenne Keld SU., Wyo.. 
1918-5; lupt. Nephi Substa., Utah. 1015- 
8; present poMtion, 101B — . b. Malad, 
Ida.. Apt. 9, 1868; : David W. and Maria 
(Williams) J.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Utah Agr. CoU., 1012. Hii Kappa Iota. 

Jonca, JcMC McCnllab, dir. div. agrl. ext., 
Va. Poly. Inst., Bladisburg, Va. 

Asst. an. husb., Ala. Poly. Inst.. 1008-4; 
Fanner, Ala., 1B06-10; co. agt.. Farmers' 
Coop. Dem. Work, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1S11; disti. agt., 1013; prof, an. husb., 
Ala. Poly. Inst., ISIS; agron. and Geld 
agt., States Relations Serv., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1914-0; present position, lOIS— . 
Sec. AU, Uve-Stock Assoc. lOlS, Mem. 
exec, com., Va. Food Administration, 
leiTi cbm. Va. Agrl. Council of Safety, 
1917; mem. Va. Council of Defense, 
1917—. b. Anderson Co., Kans.. Nov. 
30, 1878; i. Wesley N. and Ella L. 
(Bacon) J,; reared on farm; m. Edna V. 
Alsobrook, Oct. fl, 1909: c. Jesse M. Jr., 
Ebter Alsobrook. B.5.A., Kans. State 
Agr. Coll.. 1003. 

Jones, J. Seneca, asst. co. agt. leader, 
Univ. Minn., St. Paul, Minn. 

Teach, agr.. Norton Co. high-sch., 
Kans., 1008-10; Valley City public schs.. 
N. D., lOlO-l; Mora, Minn., 1911-9; 
Madison, Minn,, 1013-6; agt., La»qui 
Parle Co., 1010-7; present position, 
1017—. Pres. Minn. Agrl. Instn. Assoc. 
of Secondary Schools. 1915-6. b. Bala, 
Kans., Jul. 0. 1864; i. John E. and Eliza 
(Daniels) J,; reared on farm; m. Rose C. 
Tsdiumperlb. Aug. 20, 1013; e. Ethel- 
dreda. B.S..Kans.SUte Agr. Coll., 1008. 

Jones, J Shirley, chem. and dir. Ida. Exp. 
Sta., Moscow, Ida. 

Chem., Ida. Exp. SU., 1006—; prof, 
agrl. chem., Univ. Ida.. 1008 — ; dir. 
Ida. Exp. Sta.. 1014—. Mem. Ida. 

com.. Naval Consulting Bd. b. Garrett, 
Ind., Feb. 14, 1876; a. Sidney P. aod 
Mary (Dittmar) J,; reared on farm; 
m, 'nllie Browning, Sept., 190S; c. Mary 
Eliaabeth. John Paul, Margaret Helen, 
Wm. Shirley. B.S.A., Univ. Calif., 1903; 
M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1014. Sigma Xi. 

Jones, LeRoy Lncien, assoc. in poultry 
ext., Purdue Univ., l« Fayette, Ind. 

In chg. poultry dept.. Univ. Ga., 1012- 
4; present position, 1914 — . b. Napoleon, 
Mich., Nov. 5, 1885; i. Lucien M. and 
Jennie L. (Jones) J.; reared in town and 
on farm; nt. Frances N. Simpson, Jut. 15, 
1015; c, Lu<nen Gordon, Margaret 
Frances. B.S.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 1918. 

Jones, Lcwb Ralah, prof, plant path., 
Univ. WU., Madison. Wis. 

Prof, bot., Univ. VL, and bot. Exp. 
Sta., 1800-1910; present position. 1010—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Traveled Europe, 
1004. Ed., Phytopathology. 1911-4; hact. 
terms, Websters' New Inter. Diet. 6. 
Brandon, Wis., Dec. B, 1804; t. David 
and Lucy (Knapp) J.; reared on farm; 
m. May I. Bennett, June 24, 1800. Ph.B., 
Univ. Mich., 1880; Ph.D., 1004; Sc.D.. 
Univ. Vt.. 1910, 

Jones, Manrice Daniel, farm manag. dem., 
Univ. Me.. Orono, Me. 

Instr, agr.. Oak Grove Sem.. Vassal- 
boro. Me., 1912-3; instr. agr., summer 
sch.. Charlottetown, P. E. I., 1013; 
CO. agrl. agt.. Penobscot Co., Me.. 1013-7; 
present position, 1017 — . b. Unity, Me., 
Nov. 11, 1887; 1. Ephraim M. and 
Fbrence A. (Harding) J.; reared on 
farm; m. Charlotte C, Clough, June 11, 
1011; 0. Beatrice F., Frances C. B.S.A., 
Univ. Me., 1012. Phi EU Kappa; Alpha 

Jones, Roy Carroll, co. agrl. agt., Tilla- 
mook, Ore. 

Asst. an. nutr., Penn. SUU Coll., 
1908-10; instr. and asst. prof. an. husb., 
Mont. State Coll., 1010-4; ext. serv.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll. and co. agt, 1014—. 
Sec. Mont, State Dairymans' Assoc., 
1010-4; CO. chm. State Council of 
Defense, 1017—. 1st Lieut., Ore. Volun- 
teer Guards, b. Lowell, Vt., May 2, 
1886; >. Frank W. aod Martha G. (Patter- 
son) J.; reared village and on farm; m. 
Clara E. Rand. Jul. 1, 1000; c. Alma 



Astt. dairyman aad imtr. dairying, 
W*sh. State Coll., 1910-2; instr,, 1913; 
asat. prof, dairy hiub., S. D. SUU Coll., 
1915-6; assoc. prof., 1916-7. 6. Sprague, 
Wash.. Jd. 19, 1889; (. Reuben R. and 
Maggie E. J.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Wash. State Coll., 1B18; M.S.A.. Cornell 
Univ.. 1915. Alpba ZeU; Sigma Phi 

Jordan, Elbert L., prof. an. ind., La. State 
Univ., BatoD Rouge, La. 

Present poaitian, 1905—. Sec. L*. 
Swine Breeders' Assoc. Atilh.: Helpful 
Hints on Hog Husbandry, lOlS- b. 
Auroraville. Wis., Jan. 25. 1878; ». 
John and Lavina (Davis) J.; reared on 
farm; m. Lillian Jones, Aug. 9, 1911; e. 
Bert. B.S., Univ., Wis.. 19M. 

Jordan, Ralph, co. agrl. agt.. Old Court 
House, Cleveland, 0. 

Vice-pres. O. Veg. Growers' Assoc. 
AvUt.: Oniont, 1915. b. Crestoo, 0., 
Aug. «, 1891; «. W. B. and Estella M. 
(Anthony)J.; rearedonfarm. B.S..Ohio 
SUte Univ., 1914. Alpba ZeU. 

Jordan, Samncl M., co. agrl. agt., Keytes- 
ville. Mo. 

Teach. higb-»ch., 6 yrs.; led, farmers' 
inst., 6 yrs. AulA.: Making Com Pay, 
IBIS. b. Albany, Mo., Oct. 7. 1880; 
*. Samuel and Anne (Puterbaugb) J.; 
reared on farm; m. St«lla Flowere, June 
13, 1889; c. Geo. P., Minnie Dale, B.S., 
Stanberry Normal Sch., Mo., 1B85. 

Jordan, Whitnun Howard, dir. N. Y. Agr. 
Exp. Stfl., Geneva, N. Y, 

Ami,, Coun. Eip,Sta„lB78-9: instr., 
Univ. Me,. 1879-80; prof, agrl, chem,, 
Penn. SUte Coll., 1881-5; dir. Me, Exp. 
Sta.. 1886-96; present position, 1896—. 
Fellow A, A. A. S. AuA.: The Feeding 
of Animals, 1901, rev, 1917; Principles 
of Human Nutrition, 191i. b. Raymond. 
Me.. Oct. 27, 1861; i- James and Sarah 
(Symonds) J.; m. Emma L, Wilson. Mar. 
3, 1880, B,S., Univ, Me.. 1885; M,S„ 
1878; D.Sc., 1898; LL,D„ Mich, Aar. 
Coll,, 1907. Hobart Coll., 1911. Hii 
Gamma Delta. 

JoMph, Walter Edward, asat. prof. an. 
husb,, Mont. SUte Coll., and asat. an. 
husb, Exp. Sta,, Bozeman, Mont. 

Instr. an. husb,, S. D. Stete Coll., 
1909-10; instr., Univ. III., 1912-S; assoc,, 
1913-6; present position, 1916—. b. 
Lovett, Ind.. Dec. 22, 1881; >. John and 
Anna S. (Zierer) J,; reared on farm. 
B,S„ Purdue Univ.. 1907; Ph.D., Univ. 
Ill , 1912, 

Joslin, John Carlos, manag. U. S. Creamery, 
Grove City, Pa. 

Creamery insp,, Minn, State Dairy 
and Food Dept., 9 yrs.; creamery insp., 
U.S. Daily Div.,3yrs.; butterinsp..U.S. 
Dairy Div., Chicago market, 2 yrs.; 
instr. Minn. Dairy Sch,, S yrs.; instr. 
la. Dairy Sdi., 2 yrs, Vice-pres. Nat. 
Creamery Butter Makers' Assoc.; sec, 
la. Butter Makers' Assoc, b. Richland 
Co.. Wis.. Apr. «6. 1876; *. A. E, and 
Sarah S. (Fowler) J.; reared on farm; 
m. Myrtle F. Cbilgren. Oct, 11, 1899; 
e. Edith, Ethel, Florence, 

Jodd. Ellidb«rt Taylor, co, sec. Y. M, C. A,. 
Fre<JioU. N. J. 

With WestSide Y. M. C, A., N. Y. City. 
1906-9; Trenton, N, J., Y. M. C. A., 
1909-11; Monmouth Co., 1911—. b. 
Hamlet, N. Y., Mar. fi, 1886; i. Wm. E. 
and Emma (Denison) J.; reared on farm; 
m. Helen E. Markham. Jul. 20, 1910; 
c. Marion Marguerite, Student Berea 
Coll.. Ky„ 2 yrs. 

Jnngerman, Augustus AUMTt, co. agrl. agt,, 
Modesto, Calif. 

Teach, chem, and physics. White's 
Prep. Sch,, Berkeley. CaUf., 1912-8; 
chg. agrl. dept. high-sch,, Paso Robtes, 
distr. club leader. U, S. DepL Agr. and 
Univ. Calif.. San Obispo Co., 1915-7; 
agt. Stanilaus Co,, 1917-. b. Yankton. 
S. D., Oct. 9, 1899; >. John and Mary 
(Galey) J.; reared on (arm. B.S., Univ. 
Calif,, 1914; MS.. 1915. Phi Delta 
Kappa; Alpha Kappa Lambda. 

Kable, George Wallace, co. agrl. agt., 
Corvallis, Ore. 

Instr. and asst, irrig, engin., N, Mex. 
A. & M, Coll.. 1813-^; asst, prof., 1914-5: 
ranch manag,. N, Mex.. IS 15-0; agt. 
Benton Co,, Ore., 1917—. b. Shannon, 
ni., May 24, 1888; : C. H. and Anna M. 


(Stuffer) K.; Tcsred in town. B.S. in 
C.E.. Univ. Calif., 1914; grad. student. 
Univ. Neb., 1916-7. 

Kaddcrl;, Wallace LaDae, asat. co. agt. 
leader, Ore. Agr. (Toll., Corvallis. Chre. 
Asst. CO. agt., 1916; farm auumg. 
dem.. Mar.-Jul.. 1917. b. Portland, 
Ore., Jul. 7, 180«: t. Chaa. and Mary 
(LaDue) K. B.S., Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1916. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

lUdoBihr, Jos«pk Prank, co. agrl. a^.. 
Ironwood, Midi. 

b. Milwaukee. WU., Nov. 4. 1878; 
t. John and Mary (Schramel) K.; reared 
on farm. A.B., Univ. Wis., 1907; B.S.A., 

Kaina, Maurice GrcDviUe, hiort. coniultant. 
Port Washington. N. Y. 

Special crop culturist, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1897-1900; teacii. Scii. Practical Agr. 
and Hort., Briarcliff Manor. N. Y., 1900-8; 
ed. asst.. New InUr. Encyclopedia, 1902-3; 
assoc. ed. American Agricuiluriat, 1904- 
14; prof, hort., Penn. Bute CoU., 1914-6; 
led. in hort.. Columbia Univ., 1917—. 
Aulk.^ Gioseng. 1898 (Id ed. 1903); 
Making Horticulture Pay, 1909; Culi- 
nary Herbs, 1912; Plant Propagation, 
1916; Principles and Practice of Pruning, 
1917; Home Fruit Growing, ISIS. b. 
St. Thomas, Ont., Oct. 10, 1868 (natura- 
lised 1899); t. John Alexander and 
Emma Etiiabeth (Hughes) K.; reared 
in country village; m. Inei Button, Aug. 
14, 1895; 2d, Jean Hicicey, June 1, 1913; 
e. Maurice Eugene, Louis Stanley. B.S,. 
Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1899; B.S.A.. Cornell 
Univ., 1896; M.S.A., 1897. 

Kalkoa, Jnlina Wilbor, prof, histology, 
path, and bact. and vet. Exp. Sta., 
Wash. Slate Coll., Pullman, Wash. 

Instr. histology and path, and asst, 
vet. Enp. Sta„ Wash. SuU Coil,, 1909- 
11; asst. prof.. 1911-4; prof., 1914—. 
Prea. Waah. State Vet. Med. Assoc., 
1912. b. Atkinson, Neb., Sept. 14. 
1886; *. Julliu L. and Josie (Drasky) K.; 
reared in town; m. Louise Ann McGavick, 
Jul. II. 1916 ; c. Julius Hugh. D.V.S., 
Kanj. City Vet. Coll.. 1909. Alpha Psi. 

KarpcT, Robert Earl, supt. Tei. Exp. Substa. 
No. 8. Lubbock, Tex. 

Asst. cereal invest.. Hays Exp. Sta.. 
Kans., 191S; asst. agron., Okla. A. & M. 

Coll., 1914-fl; present position, 191J — . 
b. Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. 9, 1B88; $. 
Wm. Edward and Delia Emma (Laugh- 
Un) K.; reared on farm; m. Sophia G. 
Dirlinsoo, Mar. 8, 1915; c. Robt. E. Jr. 
B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 1914. 
Sigma Nu. 

Kairaker, P. E., asst, prof, soils, Exp. Sta., 
Univ. Ky., Lexington. Ky. 

b. Dongola, 111.. Nov. 14, 1886; i. 
H. W and Ina A. (Davis) K.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Univ. 111., 1911; M.A.. 
Univ. Mo.. 1914. 

Kales, CUrence Scara, agrst.. Glen Loch. 
Chester Co.. Pa. 

Vice-pres. Penn. Rural Progress Assoc.; 
organizer and hon, financial sec. Gover- 
nor's Tri-SUte Milk Comn. (of Pa., 
Del., Md.); organiicr and mem. Mayor 
of Philadelphia s Food Comn.; manag. 
Farm Div., U. S. Dept. Labor, Phila- 
delphia; mem. Pa. Div.. Council Nat. 
Defense; vice-chm. Food Com. Chester 
Co.; chm. finance com., Church and 
Country Life Comns.. Fed. Council 
Churches of in Am.; exec, com., 
Philadelphia Soc. Promoting Agr.; chm. 
exec, com., Chester Co. Farm Bur.; 
hon. sec.. Philadelphia Agrl. Serv. Bur.; 
chm, exec, com., Chester Valley Farms 
Coop. Soc, Traveled in Europe, 6 yrs. 
b. Philadelphia. Pa., Mar. S, 1670; t. 
Horace N, and Julia (Smith) K,; reared 
in city and country; married. Grad, 
Univ. Penn., 1899. 

t, Calvin Hcniy, path. insp.. Fed. 

Hort. Bd., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Teach, high-schs., 1896-1900; asst. 
bot., ComeU Univ., 1901-3; instr. and 
asst, prof, bot., Univ. Mich.. 1903-17; 
present position, 1917 — . Traveled in 
Europe, b. Lebanon Co.. Pa., Mar. 10, 
1809; t. John H. and Mar^ A. (Ught) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Liziie C. Wolf, 
Sept. 189S. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1896; 
Ph.D., Univ. Mich., 1906. 

KauSman, Harry Nelson, teach, agr., 
Kalispelt, Mont. 

Teach, biol,, high-sch., Bozcman. Mont., 
1911-4; princ. high-sch.. Hobson. 1914- 
5; teach. fiathead Co. high-sch. Kalispell, 
1916—. b. DcGraff, O., Dec. 10, 1886; 
«. John Y. and Ida Christine (Strine) K.; 
reared on farm. A.B., Wittenberg CoU., 


Kanpit, BeaJMain Frankl)^, prof, poultry 

sd. and poultry invest, and path. Exp. 

SU.. N. C. A. & M. Coll., W. Rdd^. 

N. C. 

Prof, pvasitology aod anat., Kani. 

oomnr. public health, Spartanburg, S. C, 
2 yrs.; vet. insp., Bur. Ad. Ind., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., B yrs.; present position, 
1814—. Pret. Mo. SUte Vet. Med. 
Aasoc., 1900, sec., lSW-1900; sec. Mo. 
Valley Vet. Med. Asaoc.. 190O-B, prea., 
1909; aec. Colo. Vet. Med. Assoc., IBOS- 
12; pres. southern sect Am. A^oc. of 
Instrs. and Invests, in Poultry Husb., 
1917—; sec. N. C. Poultry Assoc., 
1917 — . A«th.: Animal Parasites and 
Parasitic Diseases. 1908 (4tfa ed. 1016); 
Diseases of Poultry and IWr Treament, 
1914 («d ed.. 1917); Poultry Culture, 
Sanitation and Hy^ene, 1915; Anatomy 
of the Domestic Fowl, 1918. b. WilliaiDB- 

Ct, Pa., Mat. 16, 1874; t. C. P. and 
ry (Winner) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Bdattie Mayes, May S, 1897 ; c. Madolin. 
D.V.M., Eons. City Vet. Col, 1895, and 
1901; B.S.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 1908; M.S., 
1910. Alpha Psi; AlphH Gamma Rho. 

Teach., Rockford high-sch.. III., 2 yrs.; 
inatr. an. busb., Ohio State Univ., 1 yr.; 
asst. prof., 1 yr,; prof., 4 yrs. Sec. 0. 
Percheron Breeder s Assoc., S yrs. b. 
Magnolia. III., Sept. 11, 1B86; t. John A. 
and Mary Alice (Hajtenbower) K.; 
reared on farm; n. Maud Mallin. June 
15. 1914; o. John Mallin. B.S.A., 
Univ. lU., 1912. Alpha ZeU; Alpha 
Delta Phi. 

, Pr«d William, poultry busb., 

Tex. A.tM. Coll, College Station, Tex. 
Asst. poultry, Cornell Univ., 1913-4; 
insti-., Tex. A. & M. Coll., 1914-9; poultry 
bush., 191S — . Auih.: Correspondence 
Course in Poultry, in 10 books. Attoe. 
ed., Texas Poultry Farm. Waco. 6. Kiel, 
Wis., Jul. 31. 1890; f. Adam and Clara 
(Hedler) K.; reared on farm; in. Ethel 
Benjamin, Dec. 26, 1914 <d. 1917). 
Special ooune, Cornell Umv. 

Kearaer- Andrew TlroBia, co. agrl. agt, 
Clear6eld, Pa. 

Teach. couQti? scb., 1911-2. b. Lanea 
Mills, Pa., Jul. S. 1892; s. Jamea G. and 
Margaret (Smith) K.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Penn. State Coll.. 1916. Alpba 

KeSer, Charles Albert, dir. eit. div.. Univ. 
Tenn., Knoxville. Tenn. 

Prof. bot. and hort., S. D. State Coll.. 
1886-90; prof. hort. and for.. Univ. Mo.. 
1891-4; asst. chief Div. For., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 180S-8; prof. agr. and hort., N. 
Mex. A.&M.CoU., 1B09-1900: prof. hort. 
and tor., Univ. Tenn., 1900-lS; dir. 
ext.. 191S— . b. Des Moines, la., June 
11, 1861; f. S. B. and Rebecca (Kagey) 
K.; reared in city. Special course, la. 
State Coll;. Mast. Hort., 1 887. 

Kcgley, Estcl Stephen, co. agrl. agt.. Parsons, 
W. Va. 

Co. agt., Tenn., 1 yr.; Ky.. 2 yra, 
6. Wytheville, Vs., Jan. 2S, 1886; ». 
Stephen A. and Eliiabeth (Umberger) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Ruth Ella Brown, 
Oct SI. 1917. B.S., Va. Prfy. Inst.. 1909. 

Keil, Philip Francis, co. agrl. agt. Mount 
Holly. N. J. 

Asit., L. I. R. R. Exp. Stas.. Medford, 
4^ yrs.; lauds, work, I. Hides & Son, 
Westbury, 2 yrs. 6. Farmingdale, L. I., 
Aug. 31, 1888; i. Chas. Guntber and 
Frances (Corsa) E.; leared on farm; m. 
Pearl Lawrence Price, Apr. 24, 191*. 
Special student, Syracuse Univ. 

Kein. Frankfin David, assoc. prof, ogron., 
Univ. Neb.. Lincoto, Neb. 

Supt. public scha., 2 yrs. b. Hardf, 
Neb.. Sept. 10, 1886; t. Denius and Jennie 
(Cramer) K.; reared oQ farm; m. Alice 
Voigt, June 12, 1914; e. Virginia. B.Sc.. 
Univ. Neb., 1914. Alpha Zeta. 

Kdtt, George Wannamiker. assoc. ^f. 
plant, path., Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 
Led. plant path., Univ. Wis., 1913-^; 
asst. prof., 1914-7; assoc. prof., 1917—. 
b. Newberry, S. C. June 11, 18S9; t. 
Thomas WadUugtou and Annie (Wanna- 
maker) K.; reared on cotton plantation. 
B.S., Clemson Agr. CoU.. 1909; MS., 
Univ Wis.. 1911; Ph.D., 1914. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha; Phi Eta. 


Eip. Sta., 
College, S. 

Aut. ch«m., Coaa. Exp, Su.. lOOT: 
ust. cbem., S. C. Pert. Control Lab., 
IMT-S; chein., S. C. Exp. SU., 1B08— ; 

EoT. loili, ClenuoD Agr. Coll., 1013 — . 
rat pre». S. C, Sect. Am. Chem. Soc. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Auik.: Chemutiy 
of Farm Practice, 1917, b. Newberry. 
S. C. Dec. ao, 1885; a. Thoroaa Wadling- 
ton and Annie (Wftnnamaker) K,; reared 
on farm; m. Lena Hardin, Aug, S. IS14i 
e. Thofl, Wadlington. B.S., Clemson 
Agr. Coll., 1906. 

KcUcnnaB, Kail Frederic, asioc. chief Bui, 
Plant Ind., V. S. Dent. Agr,, Washington, 

Asst. bot., Cornell Univ., 1B00-1; 
aaat. physiologist. Bur, Plant Ind„ 1901^; 
phytiologist in chg. lab. of plant physio- 
Iog:r. 1905-6; chg. soil bact. and water 
purification invests., 1906-14; asst. chief, 
1914—. FeUow A. A, A. S. b. Goetlin- 
gen, Gennany (of American patents), Dec. 
9. 18TS; 1. Wm. Ashbrook and Stella 
V. (Dennis) K.; m, Gertrude Hast. Aug. 
17. 1906. S.B., Cornell Univ., 1900. 
Sigma Xi; Delta Upsilon, 

Kellc;, John, dir, rural educ. dept.. Cent. 
Mich. Normal Sch,. Mt. Pleasant. Mich. 
Dir. Training Sch., Cent. Mich. Normal, 
Mt, Pleasant. Mich,, 1897-9, 1906-13; 
pieaent title, 191S— . *, Palmyra, N, Y., 
Aug. 31, leeS; t. Martin and Mary 
(Brophy) K,; reared on farm; m. Minla 
E. Spencer; c. Spencer D., Paul H„ Eva 
May, Mary Eliiabeth. M.A., Colum- 
bia Univ.. 1905. 

KcUey, Walter Peatioa, prof. agrl. cbem,, 
Univ. Calif, Citrus Exp, Sta,, Riverside. 

Asst. chem,, Purdue Exp, Sta,, 1905-8; 
chem,, U. S. Dept. Agr,, Hawaii Exp. 
Sta,, 1908-14; present position, 191*—. 
Ant, td,. Journal American Society 
of Agronomy, b. Franklin. Ky., Feb. 
19. 1878; *, John Wta. and Mary Eliia 
(Mayes) K.; reared on farm; m. Sue 
Katbrine Eubank. Aug. 6. 1913, B,S,. 
Univ, Ky„ 1904; M,S,. Purdue Univ., 
1007; Ph.D„ Univ. Calif,, 19la. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Tau Omega, 

KeOoii, WiDtafli Lorcwo, asst. dairy husb.. 
Bur. An. Ind.. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
Ion, D. C. 

6. Titusville, Pa., May 19, IB8B; *. 
W.W.andUuraJanet(Role)K.; reared 
in town: m. Fannie F. Cooper, Oct. 24, 
1917. B.S., Penn. Stole CoU.. 1913. 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Kelsey, Lincoln David, co. agrl, agt,, 844 
Main St.. Springfield, Mass. 

Market gardener, Hartford. Conn.. 4 
yT3. Sec, convention com., Veg. Grow- 
ers' Assoc, of Am.. 1917. Id U. S. Army, 
19)6—. b. Saratoga Springs, N. Y.. 
May 22, 1891; >. David S. and Ehiora 
L. (Ltbell) K.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Coll. 1917. Alpha Gamma 

6.'willard, Mo.. Sept. 12, 18BI: 

"ien (Kim 

Kcmpstei. Harry Lavcme, assoc, prof, pout- 
try husb., Univ. Mo.. Columbia, Mo. 

Instr. poultry husb,, Mich, Agr. Coll., 
1909-11; asat. prof., Univ. Mo.. 1911-3; 
assoc. prof., 1913. b. Coldwater, Mich.. 
Oct. «, 1883; t. Stephen W. and Eliza 
(Peppiatt) K.; reared on (arm; m. C. 
RuUi Curts. Apr. 11, 1914; e. Elizabeth 
Curts, John Stephen, B.S.A,, Mich. Agr. 
Coll.. 1909. Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma 

Kendall, George Bro^y, co. agrl. agt, 
Jacksonville. Ill, 

Teach, agr. and rural sociol,. State 
Normal Sch,, Moorhead. Minn.. 191i-8. 
b. Adams Co,, III., May 17, 1870; >. 
Chas. A. and Mary (Frame) K.; reared 
on farm; m, Emma H. Rickart. June 27, 
1900; c. Chestine. Jean, Ruth. B.S., 
Univ. lU.. 19It, Kappa Delta Pi. 

Kendall, John Chester, dir. N. H. Exp. SU. 
and dir. ext. serv., N, H. A.&M. Coll,, 
Durham, N, H, 

Chg. short course in dairviug, N. C. A. & 
M, Coll,, winter, 1902; loatr, and asst, 
prof, dairy husb,, 1902-7; state dsiir 
conmr. of Kans., Jul,-Dec. 1907; prof. 
dairy huab., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1907-10; dir. N. H, Exp. Sta,, 1010—; 
dir. ext. serv., 1911 — . b. Harrisville, 
N. H., Mar. 13, 1877; «. Gihnan and Lucf 



Ann (Fetch) K.; reoied on Fann; m. 
Marjorie Louise Foster, Oct. 2, l»t2. 
B.S., N. H. A.&M. Coll., 1901. Kappa 

Keadall, WiUuin B., farmer and fertilizer 
nuuiufacturer, Bowdoioham, Me. 

Mem. Me. L^lature, 1907. 6. Bow- 
doinham. Me., Oct. 19, 185S; i. Jamea 
Madison and Emi^ (Whitteo) K,; 
reared in village; m. Ella C, Adams, Feb. 
19, 1896. 

Kendrick, Wilfiam Henry, state agt. iioys' 
agrl. cluba, W. V«. Univ., Morgantown, 
W. Va. 

6. Selma, Ala., May 7, 1888; *. J. S. 
and Martha (Woolery) K.; reared on 
farm and in city; m Olive M. Garrison, 
Aug. 3, 1901; c. James G., Martha, 
Oliva. A.B., Central Univ., 1903; B.S., 
W. Va. Univ., 1915. Beta Theta Pi. 

Kenety, WilUam Henry, nipt. For. Eip. 
Sta., Cloquet, Minn. 

6. Fulds, Minn.. Apr. U, 1886; 5. 
W. H. and Annie (Powers) K.; reared on 
farm; nt. Ava I. Collier, Aug. 4, 1911; 
e. Kathleen. B.F., Univ. Mum., 1911; 
M.S., 1912. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZeU. 

Kennedy, Gu-l Nelson, co. agrl. agt., Des 
Moines, la. 

Instr. an. husb.. Tex. A.ltM. Coll., 
1912-4; asst. prof. an. husb.. Ore. Agr. 
Coll. 1914-7; agrl. agt. Polk Co., la., 
1917—. Sec. Ore. Stallion Registration 
Bd.; sec. Ore. Horse Breeders' Assoc. 
/luM.; (with E.L. Potter) Horse Manage- 
ment, 1915. b. Ankeny, la.. Jan. 21. 
1889; t. 3. W. and Anna (Tail) K.; 
reared on farm; tn. Uae Irvme, 191S; 
e. Richard Irvine. B.S., la. State Coll., 
1912. Alpha Zeta. 

Kennedy, Patrick Bereiidgc, astoc. prof, 
agron., Univ. Calif,. Berkeley, Calif. 

Asst. chem., Ont. Agr. Coll., 1896; 
asst. Div. Agrostology, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1899-1900; aaaoc. prof. bot.. hort. 
and ent.. Univ. Nev.. 1900-2; prof, hot., 
hart, and tor., 1902-13; asst. prof. 
agron.. Univ Calif.. 1914-6; assoc. prof.. 
1917—. Prea. Calif, Bot. Soc.. 1918-8. 
b. Mount VernoD. Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
June 17. 1874; >. Geo. Penrose and Kate 
Butler (Watt) K.; reared in country; 
n. CUra M. Frendi, June 13, 1900; c. 
Kate B., Margaret F., Jean M., P. B. Jr.. 

Robt. D. B.S.A.. Toronto Univ., ISM; 

Ph.D„ Cornell Univ.. 1899. Phi Kappa Phi. 

[Kenned7,W. J.,p.81L 

Kenacy. Ralph, eit. spedalist crops, Kans. 
State Agr. Coll,. ManhatUn. Kans, 

Asst, agron,. Univ. Ky,. 1912-3; asst. 
prof, farm crops, Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 
1914-7; grass invest, in Paraguay, for 
Central Products Co., N. Y., June-Dec. 
1917; distr. agrl. agt., Manhattan. Kans.. 
Dec. 1917-Aug. 1918; present position, 
Sept. 1918—. 6. Centerville, O., Oct. 21, 
1889; I. P. F. and Mary (Swadcner) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Ida Virginia Wroten, 
Jul. 15, 1914. B.S., Ohio SUU Univ., 
1912. Alpha ZeU. 

Kent, Harry Llewellyn, princ. Sch. Agr, and 
assoc, prof. agrl. educ., Kans. State Agr, 
Coll., ManhatUn, Kans. 

Student asst., SUte Normal Sch., 
Emporia, Kans,, 190S-4; teach, sd. 
and agr,. Hays SUte Normal, 1904-9; 
teach, nature-study and agr,, SUte 
Normal Sch,. Keene, N. H.. 1909-11; 
dir. correspondence study. Kans. State 
Agr. Coll., 1911-3; present position, 
1919—. State dir. voc. agr., 1918—, 
Mem. state com. on agrl. educ. for Smith- 
Hughes fund. Aulh.: (with Call) Agri- 
culture, Kansas State Text for Rural 
Schools, b. Belleville, Kans., Nov. 27, 
1879; 1. Geo. C. aud LisetU A. (PfaS) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Ursula B. Diddoson, 
Aug. 7, 1907; c. Harry L. Jr., Geo. 
Clarence, LisetU L„ Richard F, A.B., 
Ksna, Sute Normal, 1912; B,S., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll., 1913. Phi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Rercber, Otia, state leader boys' agrl. work, 
Univ. Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Teach, agr., high-sch.. Homer, La.. 
1914; agrst., La, Ind, Inst, Ruston, 
1914-S; present position, 1915—. 6. 
Goshen, Ind,, Sept. 9, 1802; i. Abraham 
and Anna (Buzzard) K,; reared on farm; 
m. Genevieve Williams, Dec. 31. 1914. 
B.S., Univ. lU. [Kern, p. D., p. 311. 

Kent, Oily Jasper, asst. prof. agrl. educ, 
Univ Calif.. Berkeley, CaUf. 

Princ. Cherry Valley public schs.. 111., 
1888-91; instr. Rockfurd high-sch., 1891- 
8; supt. schs., Winnebago Co.. 111.. 1898- 
1913; present position, 1913—. Mem. 
com. on ind. educ. and com. on reorganiza- 
tion of secondary schs., Nat. Educ 
Assoc Aulk.: Among Country Schools, 


19M. 6. neuMattooD, IU.,Jan. 1, 1S6I; 
f. John A. and Elisabeth Ann (Armen- 
trout) K.; reared on farm; m. Jesaie C. 
Aflen. Aug. 6, 1889; c. Esther. Evaoa. 
Louise, Russell. Stiideot. DePauw Univ., 
4 jn. Phi DelU HwU. 

KetT, Jolu Steele, aurMryman. S 

Farmer. Tct., 1863 — ; began nursery 
business. 1874; founder and ores. Com- 
mercial Nursery and Orchard Co, until 
IMS, merged into Tex. Nursery Co.; first 
vice-prefl. Tex. Nursery Co. Inc. Prea. 
Tex. Nurserymen's Assoc.. 19I»-4, sec- 
trea*., 14 yrs.; ex-pret. Tei. SUte Hort. 
Soc. Served in Civil War. Avih.: South- 
western Horticulture. 1st, 2d. 3d ed.. 1906- 
U. b. Columbia. Tenn.,Jan.l5. 1847; i. 
Greeo Williamson and Maiiah (Hender- 
son) K.i m. Amelia Rutherford Murray, 
Nov. 18, 1874; e. Mrs. J. L. Thompson, 
Wn. R. E. Vinson, Ruth, Mrs. W. B. Mud- 

Ken, Le«nurd Jaaper, co. agrl. agt., Selmer, 

b. Savannah, Tenn., Feb. aO, 16M; 
«. T. S. and Lunr (Seaton) K : reared on 
farm. Student fjniv. Tenn. 

Kesler, Reuben Perry, assoc. ed. Pennsyl- 
vania Farmer, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Farmer, 15 yra. State leader Pa. 
fanners' insts., 6 yrs. b, Clearfield Co., 
Fa., Jan. 18, 1869; t. Lewis and Alice 
(WaU) K.; reared on farm; m. Myrtle 
M. Davis. Aug. 1894; c. Elisha Howard, 
Lucretia Mott. 

Keyea. Helen Johmoii, writer and ed., 
Wadsworth Halt, Rosebank, SUten, 
N. Y. 

Trantlatiji: A Monk of the Aventine, 
1896; Life of Napoleon m. 1899. Aiith.: 
Mother Wisdom, 1917; Motherhood in 
the Country. 1918, Contributor to Farm 
Wisdom, 1918. On editorial sUS. Farm 
and Fireside, Springfield, O., Farmer's 
Wife. St. Paul, Minn.. Good House- 
Keeping. N, Y, City, Traveled in 
Europe, b. N. Y, City. June 19, 1879; 

d. Oliver and Jane (Abbott) Johnson; 
reared in city; m. John M. Keyes, 1806; 

e. Oliver Johnson, Jolm M., Jane Abbott. 

Keyea, Lynn Sumner, co. agrl. agt,, Kebo, 
Jnstr. sci.. Kelso high-sch.. Wash,, 

1916-7; agt. Cowlite Co., 1917—. 6. 
Montevideo, Minn., Aug. 9St, 189S; i. 
Ruthven S. and Man' L. (Manuel) K.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A . Wash. SUte 
Coll., 1910. Alpha Zeta. 

Keser, Alvm, prof, agron.. and farm manag. 
and chm. Div. Agr.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 
Fort Collins. Colo. 

Wth U. 5. Dept. Agr., 1B04-4; chg. 
soils, Univ. Neb.. 1906-9; prof, agron., 
Colo, Agr, Coll,, 1909—; chm. Div. Agr. 
and farm manag., 1910 — . Chm. seed 
com., Colo. Adv, Council Defense, b. 
Bower, Neb.. Nov, 7, 1877; i. Geo. F. 
and Clara E. (Bower) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Harriet M. Mitchell, June 19, 1906; 
c. Munro, James, B,S.. Uoiv, Neb.. 1904; 
M,S„ 1906. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Kidder, Albert F., prof, agron,. La, State 
Univ,, Baton Bouge, I^. 

Asst. soil physics. Univ. III., 1906-7; 
asst. prof, agron.. La. State Univ., 1907- 
10; prof., 1910—. Fellow A. A, A. S. 
Sec. La, Com Growers' Assoc, b. Good 
H(H>e. III., Apr. S. 1881; t. Frank and 
Fidelia (Fink) K.; reared on farm: 
m. Inei Hyams, Jan. t\. 1909. B.S., 
Univ. III., IWfl, Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Kidder. Waldo, co. agrl. agt, Walseuburg, 

b. Melrose, la., Dec. 9, 1894; *. E. M. 
and Anna (Halsey) K,; reared on farm 
and in town. B.S., Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1917, Sigma Rbo Delta; Alpha Zeta. 

Kidman, Carl May, co. agrl. agt.. Onaway. 
' Mich. 

^ b. Clyde, 0,, Aug. 13, 1889; i. Simon G. 
^ and Ida (May) K.; reared on farm; 
r m. Stelk Elizabeth Older, Sept, «7, 1911; 
? c. Lorcoa Belle, B.S.. Mich, Agr. Coll., 

KienhoU, WHliam S., super v, agr. in inter- 
mediate and high-schs,. Pasadena, Calif. 
Teach, biol. sci,, high-sch., Crookaton. 
Mmn., 1900-1; teach, sci. and athletics, 
Lombard Coll,, 1901-3; N, C. A,8iM. 
Coll., 190S-4; teach, athletics, Univ. 
Colo.. 1906-6; biol. and athletics. Wash. 
SUte Coll., 1908-9: supt. agr,, Pasadena, 
Calif,, 1913-7; Los Angeles, 1918—. 
Pres. Pasadena Civic Assoc, b. Karson, 
Minn., Oct. S2. 1875; *. Ulrich and Kath 
(Grossman) K.; reared in dty and on 


fum; iR. Maude J. Fitch. 1902. A.B., 
Lombard Coll,; B.S., Univ. Mion. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Kildce, Henrr Herbert, head dept. an. iod., 
la. SUte Coll., Ames. la. 

Instr. an. htisb., la. 5Ut« Coll.. lOOQi 
eipenmentolist. 1906-10: assoc. prof.. 
1B10-Si prof.. 191S-S; chief dairy husb. 
div., Univ. Minn., 1916-8; present por- 
tion, 1918—. Mem. edilorial stAS, Dairy 
Science, b. Osage. la.. Mar. 1, 1S84; 
$. M. and Lucy A. (Stone) K.; reared on 
farm; m. Ruth B. Sweney, Feb. 1«. 
1010: c. R«gina, B.S.A.. Ib. SUt« Coll., 
1908; M.S.A., 1017. Alpha ZeU; I>elta 
Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Kgma 

Kik, OrviUe Mert«ii, eaateru editorial 
manas., Soil Improvement Com., Nat. 
Fertilizer Assoc., 14S8 Munsey BIdg.. 
Baltimore, Md. 

Led. agrl. e]rt.,Ohio State Univ.. Iflia-S; 
agrl. ed.. W. Va. Univ.. lOlS-O; asst. 
editorial manag.. Soil Improvement Com.. 
1916-7; present position, 1917—. 6. 
New Vienna, 0., Feb. IT, 1886; *. Morris 
and Morrie (Zirm) K.; reared on farm 
and in city. B.S.. Ohio SUU Univ. 

Kil^ore, Benjamin WcBley, dir, Exp. Sta. 
and ext. serv., N. C. A.&M, CoU.. 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Asst. prof, chem., Miss. A. & M. Coll., 
1868-9; asst. chem., N. C. Exp. SU., 
1889-97; prof. chem.. Misa. A. & M. Coll. 
and stale chem., 1897-9; state chem., 
N. C, 1899—; dir. N. C. Exp. SU., 
1901-7. 1918—; dir. ert, serv., 1914—. 
Mem. SUte Bd. tor Voc. Educ. Pres. 
Assoc. Official Agrl. Chem., 1899-1900. 
b. LafayetU Co.. Miss., Mar. 27. 1867; 
*. Benjamin Moon and Susan (Bruce) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Elizabeth Carrington 
Dinwiddle. Aug. 10, 1898; a. Elizabeth 
Carrington, Benjamin Wesley, James 
Dinwiddle. B.S., Miss. A. & M. Coll., 
ISeS; M.S.. 1891. Sigma Alpha EpaUon. 

KimUc, John Haines, farmer and dairyman. 
Port Deposit, Md. 

Clerk for grain dealer, 1878-88; teller 
Cedl Nat. Bank. Port Deposit, 1882- 
1900. Sec. Jacob Tome Inst., 1900-15; 
treas,, 191fi — . Mem. Md. House of 
Delegates, 1900; mem. bd. dir., Md. 
Penitentiary. 1908-16; manag. Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co. of Cecil Co. Asst. 

*ec. Farmers' Nat. Congress, 1905-11; 
sec,, 191I-S; legislative agt., 1914—; 
prcfl., 1918—. 6. Nottingham, Pa., Oct. 
86. )860; t. Anson Bennett and Mary 
Hannah (lUrk) K.; reared on farm; m. 
Mary Jane Tome, Jan. 31, I8SS; e. 
Chester Tome, Annie May. Student 
Elastman Business Coll., Poughkenisie, 
N. Y. 

Kiaw, Charles D., co. agrl. «gt., Titusville, 

Fanner and citrus grower, 1012 — . 
b. Petersburg, Ind., Jan. 13, 1890; t. 
R. R. and Hope (Davidson) K.; reared 
in dty; m. Uabel Clare Van Hooser, 
Mar. 5, 1914; c. Chas. D. Jr. B.S.. 
Univ. Fla., 1912. Alpha Tau Omega. 

King, Asa CaritOD, prof, form practice, 
Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Manager fruit-farm, N. Y.. 1899-1916. 
Instr. ext. schs., winters. 1911-4; farm- 
ers inata.. 1009-11. Vice-pres. N. Y. 
State Fruit-Growers' Assoc,. 4 yrs. b. 
Trumansburg, N. Y., Jul. 24, 1877; t. 
Tertillus H. and Harriet (Bobinson) E.; 
reared on farm; n. Viola Dwie, Oct. 9, 
160S; c. Dorothy. Edythe. B.S.A., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1899. 

Kinf, Edward R., asat. prof, apiculture, 
ComeU Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

In U. S. Army, 1918—. 6. Creola, 0.. 
Oct. 10, 1890; 1. Silas D. and Sallie E. 
(Lyons) K.; reared on farm. B.S., Ohio 
State Univ., 191fi. Gamma Alpha. 

King, Loniaa T«omans, writer and flower- 
gardener. Alma, Mich. 

Prea. Women's NaL Farm and Gard. 
Assoc.; vice-prea.TbeGard. Clubot Am.; 
dir. in Women 'a Land Army of Am. Mem. 
Women's Com., Mich. Div., Council Nat. 
Defense. Fellow Royal Hort. Soc. of 
Great BriUin. Aulh.; The Weil-Con- 
sidered Garden, lOlA. b. Washington, 
N. J., Oct. 17. 186S; d. Alfred and Elisa- 
beth (Ramsay) Yeomans; reared in town; 
m. Francis King, 1890; c. Elizabeth. 
Henry W. 

Ringhatne, Joseph William, poultry hush,, 
Bur. An. Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Waahing- 
ton, D. C. 

Farmer, Howard Co., Md., 1011-2; 
teach,. Univ. Va., aummera 1913-4; 
prof, poultry husb., Va. Poly. Inst., 1915- 
4. 6. Cumberland, Md., Apr. 10, 1800; 


*. Willikm uid M&rgsTCt (Farber) K.; 
reftredoDfonnaodmdtyim. Edna May 
Sibley Hutaon, June iS, 1913. B.S.A., 
Md. Agr. Coll.. 1»11. 

, Frederic W.. dir. Norfolk Co. 
Agrl. Sch., Walpok, Mau. 

Priuc. grammar ichs., Hyannif, W. 
BamsUble. S. EaitoD, Man., 1B80-M; 
private Uaciuug, 18W-3; clerical work, 
lB9S-6i lupt. 9chs., Barnstable, IBM- 
1905; Medfield, lBOS-8; Wa^le. 1905- 
19; present position, 1916 — . b. Bridge- 
water, Mass., Jul. 87, 1868; ». Wm. B. 
and Gleorgiaiina S. (Jackson) K-i reared 
OD form; m. Bertba Kent Cuihman, June 
30, 18981 e. Harriet. A.B., Harvard 
Univ.. 1910. 

Kimieyi Edmund J., assoc. prof, agron., 
Univ. Kf., Lenngton, Ky. 

Aut. enl. and bot., Ky. Eip. Su.. 
1903-11; asst. prof, agron. and asat. 
agron. E«p, Sta., Univ. Ky„ 19tl-S; 
assoc. prof., 1916 — . 6. Yellow Springs, 
a, Dec. 26, 1879; i. Matbiat and Sara 
Ellen (Applegate) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Katfaiyn Petrey, 1908; e. Frances 
Ware, Sara Katbryn. B.S.A., Obb State 
Univ., 1908. Alpha Ganuua Rbo. 

KinsDun, Cknde Dennison, ttaaoc. prof. 

agrl. engin.. Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Asst. agrl. engin,, Purdue Univ., 1912-4; 

instr,, 1914-0; rural eit. engin., 1910-8; 

? resent position, 1918—. 6. Polk Co., 
leb.. Mar. 9, 1889; i. James W. and 
Elizabeth (Silkett) K.; reared on farm; m, 
Margaret E. Gamble, Sept. S. 191S. B.S., 
Univ. Neb., 1918; M.S.A-, Purdue Univ., 
IBIS. Sigaa Tau. 

Kirby, WilUam Lhringalon, co. agrl. agt., 
Chamber of Commerce, Richmond, Va. 
Teach., Caroline Co. high-sch., Md., 
19tl-S. b. Smyrna, Del., Jan. 2, 1836; 
*. Hios. and Bessie (Bradley) K.; reared 
OD farm; m. Mary J. Cowherd, Dec. 23. 
1916; c. HUda Elisabeth. B.5.A., Del. 
CoU., 1911. 

nea Mercer, pubtiaher Utah 
Fanner, Lebi, Utah. 

Pres. State Newspaper Assoc.; sec. 
State Development League. Field rep., 
Food Administration, o. Lebi, Utah. 
Nov. 18, 1878; *. James and Martha 
(Mercer) K.; reared in small town; m. 
KaU Woodhouse, June 14, 1S93; e. J. 

Amo, Zelda Kate, Martha, Alice Emma, 
Elbert C, Atdeo J., Earl Kay. Bessie J.. 

Kkkpatrick, Elbert WOey, farmer, McKin- 
n«y, Tei. 

Fna. Tex. Ind. Congress. Maj.-Gen. 
U. C. V. Assoc, of Tex. 6. JeftersoD Co., 
Tenn., Oct. 12. 1814: *■ Jacob M. and 

r. Bay B., Lee Roy, Alice, Sum. 

Rirkpatrick, EOU Lore, asst. prof, and by- 
products specialist, Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort 
Collins, Colo. 

Rural sch. teach., la., 4 yrs.; princ. 
high-sch., 1 yr.; asat. prof. veg. fud., 
Cornell Univ., 191S-8; present position, 
1913—. Chm. com. to invest, dehydra- 
tion of vegeUbles, N. Y. SUte Veg. 
Growers' Assoc., 1918. Aut. td.. Farmers' 
Cyclopedia, Nov. 1917-Jan. 1918. 6. 
S. Euglish. la., Aug. 21, 1884; *. MartiD 
V. and Fannie Virginia (Beery) K.; 
reared on farm; m. Grace Mae Mart- 
feld, Aug. te. ms. B.S.A., U. State 
Coll., 1914. 

Kkhpatrick, Kemper Austin, asst. co. agt. 
leader, Univ. Minn., University Farm. 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Instr. hort.. Wash. State CoU., 1909-10; 
ert. hort. specialist. Univ. Minn.. 1910-3; 
agt. Muscatine Co., U., 1913-4; agt. 
Hennepin Co., Minn., 1914-7; present 
position, 1917—. Dir. Nat. Milk Pro- 
ducers' Assoc, b. S. English, la., Aug. 8, 
J878; ». Martin Valentine and Francis 
Virginia (Beery) K.; reared on farm; 
n. Clara Anita Estnbrook, June 25. 1913; 
e. Elisabeth Anita, Kemper EsUbrook. 
B.S.A., la. SUte Coll., 1909. Delta Tau 
DelU; DelU TbeU Sigma. 

Kirkpatrick, Martin Glcnwood. assoc. ed. 
"Hie Farm Journal, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rural sch. teach., 4 yrs. Farm ed , 
Des Moines Register, 1917. b, S. English, 
Is,, Dec. IS, 1880; j, Martin and Frances 
(Beery) K,; reared on farm, B.Sc., la. 
SUte Coll., 1917. Gamma Sigma Delta; 
Sigma Delta Chi. 

Rirkpatrick, William F.. prof, poultry husb.. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., Storrs, Conn, 

Asst. poultry husb,, R, I. Eip, Sta., 
1905-9; inatr,. Miss. A.& M, Coll.. 1910-8; 
present position, 1913 — . b. Medden- 


burg Co., N. C, Apr. 0, 1880; >. John 
Moore and Gutaie (Bums) K.; reared on 
farm; m. Grace E. Hovey, Oct. 30, 190»; 
e. Henry H.. Ruth H. B.E., N. C. A. & 
M. Coll., 19M; B.Agr., 1005. Kappa 

Kitkwood, WilUaai Paul, ed. and prof, 
journalism, Univ. Minn., Uuiverdty Fum. 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Prof, math., Macslester Coll., St. Paul, 

1892-3; busiuesa position. 1893-7; with 
Minneapolis Journal, 1897-1907; special 
newspaper and magazine writer, 1907-13; 
country life ed., Minneapolis Journal. 
1919-4; present position, 1914 — . ii. 
Cross Creek, O., Jan. 9. 1807; ». Wm. R. 
and Rebecca (Gray) K.; reared in town; 
m. Virginia Rose. Sept. 14, 1892 (d- 1901); 
id, Edith Brown Kirkwood, Jan. 21, 1916; 
0. Samuel Brown. B.A., Macalester Coll. 
1890. Beta TheU Pi; Sigma Delta Chi. 

, Irriog, CO, agrl. agt., L'Anae, 

h. Allegan Co.. Mich., Jan. 10, 1880; 
>.J.FredaDdNancy (Sheffield) K.; reared 
on farm; ni. Nina Belte Rose, Oct. 20, 
191fi; c. Kenneth Robt. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. Coll.. 1914. Alpha ZeU. 

Kitlell. Albert Georf e, ed. Nebraska Farm 
Journal, 1479 Evans St., Omaha. Neb, 

City ed,, ManhatUn, Kans., Nationa- 
list, 1908-9; assoc. ed.. Farmers' Mail 
and Bteexe, 1909-14; present position, 
1914 — . Fanner in Kans. and Md, b. 
Blossom. N, ¥„ Apr. 2, 1881; t. Henry 
and Mary (Wolf) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Marie Fenton, June 21, 1911; c. 
Marjorie. BS., Kans. State Agr. Coll.. 

Kleinfaeint, Frank, asst. prof, in chg. sheep 
dept.. Univ. Wis., MadUn, Wis, 

With Univ. Wis., 1890—, Treas, Wis. 
Sheep Breeders' Assoc.. 9 yrs. Traveled 
througb Europe studying sheep husb. 
Aulh.: Sheep Management, 1911; Sheep 
Management, Breeds and Judging, 1918, 
b, Bavaria, Germany, Sept. 13, 1855 
(nBturalized 1888); (. Frank and Mar- 
garet (Kleinheioi) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Kunigunda Kleinbeinz. Nov. 24, lS8fi; 
e. Caroline. Monica, Adelaide, Milly, 
Frances. Theresa, Frank Jr. 

KUncI^ Merle S., asst. prof. agtl. enpn.. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., Storrs. Conn. 

b. Hebron, 0., Mar. 30, 1894; (. Geo. 
Edward and Emma Catherine (Mess- 
more) K.; reared on farm; nt. Irene B. 
Hey, May 24, 1916. B.S.A., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1916. BeU Alpha Chi. 

KHnka. John Sinuadl, co. ogrl. agt.. Balsam 
Idke, Wis. 

Dir. agr., hi^-sch.. Little Falla, Minn., 
1913-4. Omnizer irf five farmers' dubs 
in Minn. b. West Bend, Wis., May B, 
1888; 1. Frank and Mary (Siinanai)K.; 
reared on farm; tn. June 3, 1919; c, Mary 
Mae. B.S.. Uuiv. Wis., 191S. 

Knapp, Bradford, chief Off. of Eit. Work 
in South, States Relations Serv., U. S. 
Dept. Ap., Washington, D. C. 

Investigational trip to Europe 1913, 
for U, S, Dept. Agr., studying rural 
organisation and credit. Speoal atten- 
tion to rural ecoo,, organisation, farm 
dem, work, co, agts., home dem. work, 
boys' and ^Is' clubs, ext., etc. Continued 
work of hia father in co. a^.. and home 
dem, work tor women and girls, and insti- 
tuted direct cooperation between tJ. S, 
Dept. Agr. and state colleges of agr., 
covering all extension work, b, Vinton, 
la., Dec. 24, 18T0; i. Seaman A. and 
Maria E. (Hobchkiss) K.; reared on 
farm; m. Stella White Davis. Jul, 20, 
1904; e. Bradford Jr., Marian C, DeWitt 
L„ Roger Seaman. B.S. VanderbUt 
Univ., 1892; LL.B,. Univ. Mich,, 1890; 
D.Agr., Md. State CoU. Agr., 1918. 
Kappa Alpha. 

Knapp, Forrest Parker, territorial town and 
country for Ont, and Que., ¥. M. C. A. 
•ec., 120 Bay St., Toronto. Ont. 

b. N. Adams, Mich., May 18, 1882; 
>. John and Francelia (Shepard) K.; 
reared on farm; tn, Evelyn D. Gates, 
1008; e. Delcie May. Helen Mildred. 
Francelia Ruth, Evelyn Elizabeth, Ped. 

.'B., A.B., Hillsdale Coll., 1007. Alpha 

;'j^Tau Omega. 

Knapp. Halsey B., dir. N. Y. SUte Sch. 
Agr.. Cobleskill, N, Y. 

Inatr, pom.. Cornel! Univ,. 1913-4; 
asst. prof,. 1815-6; present position, 
1916—. b. Port Byron, N. Y„ Sept, 1, 
18S8; : Halsey and Anna (Bowles) K.; 
reared on farm; m. S. Gertrude Newkirk, 
Apr. 5, 1019; e. Merrill, Dorothy. B.S., 


Kaup. J. OBTer. co. «grl. agt. West Unii 

present position, 1917 — . 6. Greenbrier 
Co., W. Va., Dec. IB, ISSS; >. W. F. ftnd 
Virginia (Duulwr) K.; reared in country 
town. B.S. A.. W, Va. Univ., 1916. 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Kiughl, Albeit Atditir, agrl. rep., Lindsay, 

Farmer, Ont., 1811-*. b. BrtuJceniig. 
Ont., Dec. 6, 1381; *. Thos. W. and 
Uary O. (Magor) K.; reared on farm; 
m. Jeane Skinner, Apr. 12, 1911; e. 
John Albert. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll.. 

Kni^t, Guiles StronAouni. dean Coll. 
Agr, and prof, agron., Univ. Nev., 
Beno, Nev. 

Asat. feed and fert. insp., Univ. Wis., 
Jul.-Dec., 1907; asst. agron., Kona. 
Stat« Agr. CoU.. leoS-9; instr. agron., 
Univ. Nev., 1W&-10; assl. prof.. 1910-8; 
BUpt. SUte Dry Farm, Elko Co., 1911-2; 
chief agist., Nev. Sugar Co.. 1912-3; 

Elf. agron., Univ. Nev., 1913-—; dean 
U. Agr., 1914—; dir. agrl, ert., 1914-5. 
State del. to 4th and 0th Inter. Dry- 
Farming Congresses; mem. Jury awards, 
agr., Panama-Pacific Expos.. 1915; dun. 
State Com. Food Production and Conser- 
vation, 1917; fed. state dir. Pub. Serv. 
Res., U. S. Dept. Lab.. 1918; state 
t««der Nev. War Gardens, 1918; mem. 
SUte Counril of Defense, 1918. b. Wis.. 
Jul. 11, 1884; >. John and MiUie E. 
(C^Md) K,; r^red on farm; m. Virginia 
C. Kemler; e. three. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 
1907. Sigma Nu. 

and dir. Eip. Sta., Okla. A.bM. Coll 
StillwaUr, OkJa. 

Instr. chem., Univ. Wash., 1901-2; 
asst. prof., 190S-4; proF. chem., Univ. 
Wyo., 1904-10; sUU cbem., Wyo., 
1904-11; dir. Eip. Sta. and prof. agrl. 
chem.. 1910-8; dean Coll. Agr.. 1912-8; 
present positioD, 1918 — . Autk.: Notes 
OD QualiUtive AnalyMs, 1906. Ed.. Wyo. 
Farm Bull, until 1016. b. Bennington, 
Kani.. Jul. 21, 1878; (. Edwin lUdiard 
and ElvB Maud (Edwards) K.; reared on 

farm; n. Nellie Elixabeth Dryden, June 
28, 1900; 0. lUchard Dryden. B.A., 
Univ. Wash., 1902; M.A.. 1904; Ph.D.. 
Univ. III., 1917. Phi Gamma Delta; 
nii Lambda Upulon. 

Knigkt, Howard Lawton, assoc. ed. Experi- 
ment Station Record. States Relations 
Serv.. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 
Instr. cbem., Mass. Agr. Coll., I902-S; 
instr. English. 1903-4; asst. dtem., 
Wesley an Univ., 1904-5; assL nutr. 
invest.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 1904-6; asst. 
ed. Experiment Station Record. 1806-18; 
assoc. ed., 1918 — . Treas. Am. Home 
Econ. Assoc., 1911-2. b. Gardner. Mass., 
Sept. 29, 1881; t. Willis E. and Lyra S. 
(Brigham) K.; reared on farm; nt. Cora 
Isabelle SUckney, Aug. 20, 1906. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Call., 1902; Boston Univ.. 
1902. Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Kaock, Frana Edwin, co. agrl. agt., Benson, 

Teach, aci., high-sch., Cokato, Minn., 
1912-3; agrl. dir. consolidated schs., 
Wheaton, 191S-8; agt. Swift Co., 1918—. 
b.Gowrie,Ia.,,1882; j.CarlG.and 
Anna Louisa (Lindquist) K.; reared on 
farm; m. Ruth Angelica Abrahamaon, 
June 28. 1918. A.B., Gustavus Adolphus 
CoU., 1912; B.S.Agr., Univ. Minn., 1916. 

Knon, John WilUam, asst. co. agt. leader, 
N. Mex. A.&M. Coll., State CoUege, N. 

Dept. Agr., 1914-6; agt. Eddy Co.. 
N. Mei., 1916-8. b. Chicago, 111.. Aug. 
20. 1890; (. Wm. Franklin and Eliza- 
beth (Burke) K.; reared in city and on 
farm; m. Ruth I. Brainard, Jul. 15. 1916; 
e. John Wm. Jr.. Rex Brainard. B.S., 
N. Mex. A.&M. Coll., 1913. 

Knowlton, Helen, praf. home econ. and 
head dept., dean of women, N. H. A. & 
M. Coll.. Durham, N. H. 

Instr. Greek and Latin, .\tlauta Univ., 
Ga., 1903-6; Instr. English, sci., home 
econ.. high-scbs., Mass., 1906-12: instr. 
home econ., Cornell Univ., 1912-fl; 
present position, 1B16 — . Pres. N. H. 
State Home Econ. Assoc. 6. Farmington, 
Me., Oct. 9, 1879; d. David Hunter and 
Clara Armine (Hinckley) K-; reared in 
small town. A.B„ Mount Holyoke Coll., 


K<4b, Sobnd A„ co. •grl. agt., Medford. 


b. Manitowoc, WU., Oct. IS, 1884; ». 
Ernst and Emma (Steinhaiu) K.; reared 
on tarm; m. Elsa Clusen. June 4, 1918. 
B,S.A., Univ. WU„ 1909. 

Ktbiib, Etta Jacob, prof, research in hort.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll. Eip. SU„ CorvaUis, Ore. 
Sd. Bsst., U. S. Dept. Agr., IOOT-9; 
present position, 1009 — . b. Ingham Co.. 
Mich,, Mar. 19, ISSfi; «. Christian and 
Katbmne F. (Baumgras) K,; reared in 
city. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 190T; 
Ph.D., Umv. Chicago, 1817. fflgma Xi; 
Phi Beta KMipa; Gamma Alpha; Phi 
Eta; Alpha Zeta. 

Kraasc, Edwin Henry, asat. dairy manufac- 
turing specialist, Univ. Neb. Lincoln, Neb- 
Farm manag., 1918-8. b. Valley City, 
O., Mar. 4. 1891; t. Carl and Minnie 
(Baker) K.; reared on farm. B.Sc., 
Ohio StaU Univ., 1916. 

Kraybill, Henry Reist, aast. physiologist. 
Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Wash- 
ington, D. 0. 

Asst. in expl. agrl. cbem., Penn. State 
Coll., 19\SS; inatr. agrl. diem., 1915-7; 
present position, 1917—. b. Mt. Joy, 
Pa., May 1, 1691; *. Samuel Snyder 
and Mary (Rust) K.; reared on farm; 
nt. Ruth Grove, 1916; c. Henry Lawrence. 
B.S., Penn. SUI« CoU., 1919; M.S., 
Univ. Chicago. 1915; Ph.D., IB17. 
Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; PU EU; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Krome, William J., constructing eoKin., 
Fla. Bast Coast Ry., Homestead, Fla, 
Fruit-grower, Dade Co.. Fla.. 19(H— . 
Mem. adv. com., Fla. Stale PUnt Bd., 
1&15-6. Vice-pres. Fla. State Hort. Soc., 
I9I5-8; pres. Dade Co. Growers' League, 
191*-8; dir. Fla. SUte Growers' League, 
l»l5-8. b. Edwardsville. III., Feb. 14, 
1670; t. Wm. H. and Medora (GiUham) 
K.; reared in town; m. Isabelle G. Burns, 
Nov., 1910; c. Mary Elizabeth, Wm. H., 
Robt. G, ComeU Univ., 1898. DelU 
Kappa Epsilon, 

Kunlien, Wendell F., co. agrl. agt., Spear- 
6sh, S. D. 

Princ. Parker high-sch,, Moradabad, 
India, 1911-5; princ. 4th dlstr. schs., 
Appletou, Wis., 1910-7; agrl. agt. Law- 
rence Co., S. D., 1917—. Traveled 

Europe. 1911; India, Malaysia, China, 
Japan, 1915. b. Sumner, Wis., May 1. 
1888; ». T. V. and Alice (Langworthy) 
K.; reared on farm; m. Eva M. Tbeleen, 
Oct. 18, 1919; e. Mary Alice. Margaret 
Olive. B.A., Lawrence Coll., Appleton, 
Wis., 1811; studied Univ. Wis., 1915-6. 

•. agrl. agt., Sault Ste. 

Knue, Emil Leo, 
Marie, Mich. 
Instr. agr., Dowamc high-sch., Mich. 

Instr. agr., Uowagiac bigb-sch., Mjch., 
1914-5; Cass Co. Normal Sch., 1915-S: 
attendance officer, Bd. Educ, Detroit; 
instr. citizenship and English, Detroit 
Evening Schs., 1916-7; present position. 
1917—. b. E. TawBs, Mich., Jan. 8, 
1890; f. E. Ernest and AgusU (Wadi- 
holz) K,; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Gladys Hibbard. B.Sc., Mich. Agr, 
CoU., 1814, 

Kyle, Edwin Jackson, dean Sch, Agr., Tei. 
A. & M, Coll,, College SUtion, Tex. 
Asst. prof, hort,, Tex. A. & M. CoU., 

mentals of Farming and Farm life, 1818. 
b. Kyle, Tex., Jul ii. 1876; «. Ferg and 
Anna (Moore) K.; reared on farm; nt. 
Alice Erwin Myers, Dec. 21, 1804; a. 
Uiy Bess, B^., Tex. A. ft M. Coll., 
1899; B.S,A„ ComeU Univ.. 1801; M.S.A., 
1802. Alpha ZeU. 

agri. agt.. 

Kym, Willard Tindall, 

KinstOD, N. C. 

Teadi. agr. and sd., Forrest Co. Agrl. 
Higb-Sch. Brooklyn, Miss,, 1813-4; teach, 
agr. and woodwork. Berry Sch., Home, Ga. , 
1914-6; agrst. and ind, agt., NorfoUc 
Southern B, R., Norfolk, Va., 1816-7; 
agt. Lenoir Co.. N. C. 1917—, b. 
Lexington, S. C. May 9, 1891; t. J. E. R. 
and Anna M. (Meetze) K,; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Clemson Agr. CoU.. 1819. 

Ijickie, Harry M., ext. asst. prof. an. husb., 
la. State Coll.. Ames, la. 

Asst, prof. an. husb., la. State Coll., 
1915-71 eit. asst, prof,. 1917—. With 
Coast ArliUery Corps, U, S. Army, 1918—. 
6. Bradford, IU„ Jan. *, 1891; ». Richard 
Y. and Annie (Buawell) L,; reared on 
farm- B.S.A,, la. SUte Coll., 191B. Phi 
Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma DdU; Tau 
Kappa Epsilon. 


Lac7. Frank Howud, co. •gri. agt.. Pougb- Lambert. Dawel Jintpk, 

keepsie, N. Y. " ' — - - - " 

Teach, aer., higb-«ch., Tully. N. Y., 
1910-1; MiUbrook. 1912-S: aet. DucbeM 
Co., 191S— . *. Stanley, N. V- Jan. «. 
1SS6; *. Ira E. and Rose S. (Witter^ L.; 
reared on farm: m. Clara Mabel Ran- 
som, Sept. 5, IBll; e. Mabel ElUabeth. 
Evelyn Rose, Theodora Esther. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ., 1912. 

hush.. R. I. State CoU.. Kingston. R. 1 
Poultry farmer, 20 yrs. b. Cranston, 
R. I., Ort. U, 1860: >. Daniel and Mary 
(Hulme) L,; reared on farm; m. Fannie 
Leigh, Dec. 8, 1886; e. Clara Alice, 
Leroy l^igh, Daniel J. Jr. 

Ladd, Carl Edwin, specialist in asrl. educ, 
N. Y. State Educ. Dept., Albany. N. Y. 
Instr., Cornell Univ.. 1912-5; dir. 
State Sch. Agr., Delhi. 191*-7; present 
poaition. 1917—. b. McLean, N. V., 
Feb. i5. 1883i (. Arnold D. and Mary E. 
(Mineah)L.; reared on (arm; m. Camilla 
M. Coi, Mar. 9, 19U; «. EliMbetb Marie, 
B.S.A.. Cornell Univ., 1912; Ph.B. 

191 5. 

Ladd, Edwin Freemoat, pres. N. D. Agr. 
Coll., Agricultural College, N. D. 

Chem., N. Y. Agr. Eip. Sta,. 1884-90; 
prof, chem., N. D. Agr. Coll., 1890—; 
chem., Eip. Sta., 1890—; pres., 1916—. 
Federal food administrator, 1917 — . 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres, Amoc. Official 
Agrl. Chems. Aulh.: Manual of Analyns. 
1898; Mixed Paints. 1908. Ed., North 
Dakota Farmer, b. Starks, Me.. Dec. 13, 
1899; t. John and Rosilla (Locke) L.; 
reared on farm; m. Rig>ah Sprogle, Aug. 
16, 1893; c. Riipah, Kathenne. Rosilla, 
CulvCT, Vernon, Milton, Eliubeth, Vir- 
ginU. B.S.. Univ. Me.. 1884; LL.D.. 

1916, Phi Gamma Delta. 

Lake, Edward Ralph, pom.. Bur, Plant Ind.. 
U, S. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Instr. bot., Mich. Agr. CoU., 188.1-S; 
prof. bot. and hort.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1888-91; prof. bot. and horl.. Wash. 
State Coll., 1891-4; prof. bot. and hort., 
Ore. Agr. Coll., 1898-1905; prof. bot. 
and for., 1905-10; present position 
1910—. Mem. Ore. House of Rep. 
Ore. Conservation Comn.; regent Ore. 
Agr. Coll. Del. Nat. R^^ublican Con 
vention, 1896. Sec. Am. Pom. Soc. 
1912—. Sent to Europe, 1900, aa agt 
Dept. Agr. to investigate prune industry. 
b. England, May 16, 1860 (naturalised 
1906); (. Geo. and Elizabeth (Sealon) L. 
reared in country; m, Lillian May Slryker 
Sept. 19, 1888; e. Roscoe Verne. B.S. 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1885; M.S., 1S86 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Lambert, Fonaa Allan, asst. prof. comp. 
anat., Ohio Stat« I'niv., Columbus, O. 

Present position. 1910—. Sec. State 
Vet. Med. Assoc, ot O.. 1915-8. Farm- 
ing, lOOB-7. Lieut. Vet. Reserve Corp, 
Nat. Armv. 1918—. b. Kenton, O., Dec. 
4, 1886; I. Samuel E. and Maria (Wilson) 
L.; reared in town; m, Dorothy Irvine, 
Dec. 14, 1911; e. Samuel Ellsworth, 
Martha Jane. D.V.M.. Ohio State Univ.. 
1910. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Psi. 

Lambert, J. Carlo*, co. agrl. agt.. Metropolis, 

Dairyman, Utah Dairy and Food 
Comn., 1911-4; dry-farm expert, Nev. 
Agr. Bd.. 1917-8. b. Kansas, Utah. 
Feb. 12. 1887; >. John Cand Leva (Andei^ 
■on) L.; reared on farm; m. Laura 
Seymour, Sept. 23, 1908; c. Beth, Wen- 
dell, Darwin, Ruth. B.S., Utah Agr. 
Coll., 1911. 

Lamson-ScribDCT, Frank, agrostologist, U. S. 

, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1886: chief 
sect. veg. path., 1887; prof, bot., Univ. 
Tenn., 1888-94; dir. Exp. Sta.. 1890-4; 
chief div. agrostology, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1894-1901; chief Insular Bur. Agr., 
Philippine Isls., 1901-4. Fellow A. A. 
A. S.; Chevalier du Merite Agricole, 
France, 1889. Expert on exhibits, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1913—. Translator, The 
True Grass, 1880. b. Cambridgeport, 
Mass., Apr. 19, 1851; ». Joseph H. and 
Ellen E. (Winstow) t. (adopted by family 
' Scribner); m. Ella Augusta 

, Univ. Me., 1873. 

Lancatter. Robert Roy, co. agrl. agt., Rupert, 

Sergeant of cavaby and sergeant of 
field artillery. reguUr U. S. Army, 1905- 
II, t yrs. in Hawaiian Isls. Farmer, 
Kans., 8 ITS. 6. Sheldon. Mo., Apr. 8. 
1887; *. Roht. F. and Hattie G. (Steven- 
son) L. 1 reared on farm. B.S.A.. Kans. 
State Agr. Coll.. 1916. Sigma Nu. 


J, chg. »ci. dq)t. mad 

..„r— Supplee Willi Jones Milk 
Co., PbikdelpW. Pa. 

Asst. f«rm exps., Stom Exp. Sta., 
1890-S; ust. BgT., 189S-fli ikiry huib., 
N. J. Exp. Ste., I89S-1W3; ust. chief 
Dairy Div., U. S. Dept. Agr., IBOS-fl. 
Aulk.: The Business of Dairying, 1909. 
b. KiUingworth, Conn., J«n. 8, 1870; 
*. J. Harvey and ABgenette (Bamuin) L.; 
reared on farm; m, Nellie h. LefFerts, 
Aug.2l, 1901; c. Lowell L., CUrence B. Jr. 
B.8., Mass. Agr. CoU. and Boston Univ., 
189S. Phi Kappa Phi. 

LanlWOTthr, OuricH FMd. chief Off. Home 
Econ., U. S Dept. Agr., Washington. 

Asst. and instr. chem., Wesleyan Univ., 
Conn., 1993-S; assoc. ed. Experiment 
SlAtion Record. 189S— ; expert in nutr., 
later chief nutr. invest.. U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. I396-190J>: chief Off. Home Econ., 
190fi— . Fellow A. A. A. S.; mem.Sodfiti 
Scientifique d 'Hygiene Alimentaire, Paris. 
b. Middlebury. Vl., Aug. 8, 1864; .. 
Cha«. P. and Ann E. (Ford) L.; reared in 
small town. A.B.. Middlebury Coll., 
1887; A.M.. 1890; Ph.D.. Stmssburg 
Univ., Gennany, 1893; D.Sc., Middle- 
bury Coll., 191i. DelU Kappa Epsilon. 

Ijnliam , WiUiam Bradford, state leader of 
specialists. Tex. A. & M. Coll., College 
Station, Tex. 

Hort., Sutherhn Land and Water Co.. 
1908-10; hort.. Lewiston, Clarkston 
ImproTement Co., CUrkston, Wis.. 1910- 
8; rapt. Mcintosh Manor, LoLo, MonL. 
1918-4; ext. hort., TexaB A.bM. Coll., 
191S-6; chief plant ind. div., 1916-8; 
present pontion, 1918—. Sec.-treas. Tex. 
SUte Hort. Soc. 6. Boone Co.. Mo., June 
27, 1882; ». J. O. and Alice Elizabeth 
(Bddridge) L.; r«ared on farm; m. 
Clarice Maud Lyroan, Nov. 25, 1910; e. 
Clarice E1ii«beth. Wm. Bradford Jr. 
B.S.A., Univ. Mo.. 1907; A.M.. 1917. 

Lapham, Macjr Harvey, insp. soil survey. 
Western Div., U. S. Bur. Soils, Federal 
Bids., Berkeley. Calif. 

b. Okcmas, Mich., Apr. 10. 1874; >. 
Harvey and Maria (Morrison) L.; i«ared 
on farm; m. Beulah Pearl Haskins, Apr. 
8, 1003; c. Mary Kathleen. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU.. 1899. 

Lapp, William Heniy, «zt. prof, poultry 
husb., Ift. Sute Coll., Ames. la. 

b. Geveland. O., Auf. 29, 1893; (. 
Chat. W. and Minnie (Binger) L.; reared 
on farm and in city. B.S.A., Obw State 
Univ., 1918; M.S., 1917. Alpha ZeU. 

Larmoti, Charka W., dir. Bur. SUtiitics. 
Dept. Farms and Markets. Albany, N. Y. 
Mem. N, Y. Assembly, 1889-90; with 
Sute Dept. Agr., 1905—. Mem. N. Y. 
State Immigration Comm.. 1907-S. 
Farmer, 1902 — . Vice-pres. and manag., 
Denver Reservoir Irrig. Co., Colo. b.Ea^ 
Bridge. N. Y., Am- 5, 1857; *. John and 
Laura Francis (IQng) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Susie M. Culver, Oct. 24, 1884; e. 
Frances M. 

Laraeo, Christian, dir. agri, ext.. S. D. 
Sute Coll., Brookings, S. D. 

Teach, country scha.; teach. Mass. 
Agr. Coll., winter, 1901-2; instr. and 
assoc. prof, dairy husb.. la. State Coll., 
l»02-«; prof., Utah Agr. Coll., 1906-7; 
prof, dairy husb., S. D. SUte Coll.. 
1007-18; presentpoaitJon, 1918 — . Supt. 
dem. trains in S. D. Studied agrl. 
and daily conititions in Europe, 1899- 
1900. Auth.: Principles and Practice 
of Buttermaking, 1908; Dairy Tedi- 
nology. 1910; Exerdaes in Farm Dairying, 
Ifflt. Ed., dairy dept. in The DakoU 
Farmer; former ed,, la. dept., Dury 
Record; creamery dept., Creamery Jour- 
nal, b. Odense, Denmark, Aug, 4, 1874 
(naturalized 1897); *. Hans and Marie 
(Frydendahl) L.; reared on farm; m. 
Elsie M. Findi, Aug. 4, 190S; c. Thor- 
wald H., Harold C. Alice M.. Lillian. 
B.S.A., la. Sute Coll. 1902; M.S.A., 

Lanen, Harvc)' Earl, chg. local market 
reporting serv., U. S. Bur. Markets, 
139 N. Clark St.. Chicago. lU. 

Asst. princ. bigb-sch., Shawano, Wis., 
1911-2. b. Qintonville. Wis., Oct. 8, 
ISeS; I. Jacob C. and Marie (Peterson) 
L.; reared on farm; m. Mary Agnes 
Schneider. May 17, 1917. A.B., Ripon 
Coll.. Wis., 1911; M.S., Univ. Wis., 1915. 

Laraon, Carl WiDiam. astt. prof. agr. and 
agrl. econ., Columbia Univ., New York 

Instr. dairying. Penn. State Coll., 
1907-9; asst. prof.. 1909-13; prof, in 
dig. dept. dairy husb., 1913-9; ; 



C'tkm, 1916 — ; wut. chief. Dairy Div., 
. An. Ind., U S. Dcpl. Agr.. 1917— (on 
leave). Sec. Official Dairy Instra. Assoc.; 
■ec. Pa. Dairy Union. Del. to Dairy 
CoiiKres3,StocUlolm, 1911. Studied daii? 
coniUtionsin Europe, 1911. Aulh.: (with 
Putney) Dairy Cattle Feeding and 
Management, 1917; Milk Production 
Coat Accounts, Principles and Methods. 
b. St. Anagar. la., May 29, 1S81; i. 
Henry and Minnie (Hansen) L.; reared 
on farm; m. Nellie C. Wallace, Sept. 7, 
1911; c. Eileen. B.S.A., la. SUU Coll., 
19M: M.S., Penn, State Coll.. 1»1S; 
Ph.D., Columbia Univ., I&IB. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Larson, John Elmer, head serv. dept., 
Portland Seed Co., Portland, Ore. 

Assoc, ed., Nortiiwest Farmstead, Min- 
neapolis, l»li-3; agrl. agt., Spink Co., 
S. D., 1913-5; eit. assoc. prof, agron.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll., 1914-8; present position, 
1918—. b. Lockbridge, la., Jul. 6. 1883; 
«. John and Barbara (Graber) L.; reared 
on (arm; m. Mary Anna Wilkins, June 
5, 1918; c. Richard John, Marccline Aime. 
B.S., S. D. State Coll., 1918. 

LasMtter, William Casper, dir. ext., Univ. 
Ark.. PayettevUle, Ark. 

Asst. agron., Ohio State Univ., 190B- 
10; instr. agron., Univ. Ark., 1910-2; 
asst. prof.. 1918-4; prof., 1914-5; asst. 
dir. eit., 1915-7; dir.. 1917-. 6. Villa 
Rica, Ga., Aug- 31. 1887; ». J. G. W. 
and Mary (Barnett) L.; reared on farm; 
Rt. Irma Lee Hamby, Dec. 16, 1913. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Wis.. 1909. Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Umbda UpaUon. 

Lathrop, Frank WaMo, iustr. a^on. and 
farm manag., Stat« Sch. Agr.. Cobleakill, 

Inatr. agr., Canandai^ua Acad., N. Y.. 
1914-6; present podtion, 1916—. b. 
Manchester, Conn., Dec. 5, 1888; f. 
Wm. Waldo and Harriett (West) L.; 
reared in town; m. Lucy B. Avery. 
Dec. 31, 1914; e. Mary Avery. B.A., 
Yale Univ., IBU; M.S. A., Cornell Univ., 
1914. ZetaPsi. 

Lallfl, William Carroll, farmers' inat. specia- 
list, Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Instr. agr. and aupt. farm, Purdue Univ., 
1862-3; prof., 1B8S-1911; present posi- 
tion, 1911—. b. Union Mills, Ind., ftbr. 
9, ISW; *. Robt. S. and Mary (Tmnhle- 

■on) L.; reared on farm; m. Alta E. 
Wood. Jul. 10, 1879; c. Bertha. Robt., 
Pauline, Mary. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 
1877; M.S., 1882. 

Lanman, George Nicman, prof, rural eoon., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

Instr. rural econ., Cornell Univ., 190S-S; 
asst. prof., 1905-9; prof., 1909—. Fel- 
low A. A. A. S. Mem. Am. comn. to 
study rural credits In Europe, 1013. b. 
Pittsburgh. Pa.. Feb. IS, 1874; *. A. H. 
and A. M. L. (Uavekotte) L.; reared in 
city; m. Frances Addison Wheeler. June 
1912; c. Frances W., Geo. W., Mary W., 
Henry W. B.S.A., ComeU Univ., 1897. 

Ijiw, James, veterinarian, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Prof. anat. and materia medio, Edin- 
burgh New Vet. Coll.. 1860-5; prof, 
aoat., Albert Vet. Coll., London, 1866-7; 
prof. vet. sci., Cornell Univ., 1808-96; dir. 
and dean N. Y. State Vet. Coll., 1896- 
1908; emeritus, 1008—. Consulting vet.. 
N. Y.StateAgrl. Soc., 1868-96; chm. U. S. 
Treasury cattle comn., 1882-3; field chief. 
Bur. An. Ind., for extinction cattle lung 
pUgueinlll.andN.Y., 1887-8. Pre*. Am. 
Vet. Med. Assoc.. 1906-7. vluiA..- General 
and Descriptive Anatomy of Domestic 
Animals, 2 vols,; Farmers' Veterinary 
Adviser; Text Book of Veterinary Medi- 
cine, 5 vols. b. Edinburgh, Scotland, 
Feb. IS, 1638; t. John and Grace (Turner) 
L.; m. Elizabeth Cnchton, May 4, 1863; 
e. Celia A., Grace, Julia. Educ. Edin- 
burgh Vet. Coll., Univ. and Coll. of Sot- 
geons., I'Ecole Veterinaire, AUort, Paris, 
I'Ecole Veterinaire, Lyons, France; V.S., 
Hidiland and Agrl. Soc. Vet. Bd., 1857; 
M.R.C.V.S., Royal CoU. of Vet. Surgeons, 
1863; F.R.C.V.S., 1870. 

Lawrence, Jay Washington, farmer, and 
breeder Shorthorn cattle, Coshocton, O. 
Led. at farmers' insta. and farm dem. 
b. Coshocton Co.. O.. Mar. 28, 1895; 
*. D. C. and Lulu (Karr) L.; r«ared in 

Lawrence, WiIli«Bi Hereford, prof, hort,, 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

From asst. to asst. prof, and plant 
path. Exp. SU., Wash. State Coll.. 1900- 
11; plant path, and hort.. Hood River 
Apple Growers, and Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1911-3; prof. hort. and hort. Exp. St*.. 
Univ. Am.. 1913-5; present position, 
1915—. A«A.: Apple Growing. 1918. 


*. Lake City, la., Feb. 3, 1877; (. Geo. W. 
and Vests (Easlon) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Edith Florence McDermott, June 9, 
I«)8; c. Robt. Hereford. B.S., S. D. 
SUte Coll.. 18M; A.B.. Wash, SUte 
CoU., 1902; M.a, 1902. Kgma Xi. 

Lawton, Ja; WNldemar, co. agrl. agt., 
Wabasha, Miim. 

Originator of the Lawtou Med-corn 
tester, given to the public without patent 
rights. AtOh.: The Airakening, 1914. 
b. VioU, Wis., Mar. 7, 1391; i. J. W. 
and Sarab (Saubert) L.; reared od dairy 
farm; m. Mollie Thoreson, Jul. 29, 1016; 
e. Beatrice June. B.S.A., Univ. Wis.. 

l»Ttht, Leo L., co. agrl. agt., Tucson, Arit. 

Agt. Park Co., Wyo.. 1617-8; agt. 

Pima and Pinal Cos., Ari«„ 1918—. 

b. Kinbrae. Minn.. Mar. iS, IBM; *. 

5. and EUa (Swarthout) L.; reared on 
farm; m. UUian Gertrude Dearmin, 
Mar. 10. 1917. B.S.. Ore. Agr. CoU.. 
leiS, Gamma Sigma Delta. 

[, Stewart, co. agrl. agt.. Rensselaer. 

"Agrl. dir.. high-sch.. St. Peter. Minn.. 
1918-S; agrl. agt.. Nicollet Co., Minn., 
191S-7; agt. Jasper Co., Ind.. 1917—. 

6. Romney, Ind., Aug. 5. 1B89; ». G. C. 
and Ahce (Stewart) L,; reared on (arm; 
in. Florence Johnson, June 12, 1916; 

c. Mary Alice. B.S.A.. Purdue Univ., 
1»12. Alpha Zeta. 


Lcalhcrs, Quiiniccy E., co. agrl. agt. 
Cambridge. Md. 

Teach, public schs.. O., 1910-2; asst. 
8ci.. Ohio Northern Univ., 1914-S; teach, 
high-sch., Clear Spring. Md., 191S-7; 
aast. bot., Md. Eup. Sta.. 1917-8; oo. 
agt., 1918—. b. Van Wert. O., Aug, !3. 
1890; I. W. C. and Jennie A. (LeaUe) L.; 
reared on farm; n. Edna R. Ringwald, 
Aug. 22. 1917. B.S.. Ohio Northern 
Univ.. 1017. M.S.. Md. Agr. Coll.. 1918. 

Lcciuwr, Hcrweth Joaeph, co. agrl. agt., 
Astoria. Ore. 

Special instr. agr., bigh-sch.. Pullman, 
Wash., 1909-10; princ. rural consoli- 
dated sch., Moiee. Wash., 1910-t; instr. 
agr., higb-scb.. Tncy, Minn.. 1011-S; 
initr. farm crops, la. State Coll., 1913-5; 
teach, dept. rural schs,. State Normal 
Sch.. EUensburg, Wash., 1915^; agt. 

Clatsop Co.. Ore., 1918— . b. Washougal. 
Wash.. Feb. 18. 1885; s. Jos. and Mar- 
garet M. (Heiimanu) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Anna B. Badger, Jul. 3, 1913; c. 
Burdette Emerson. Eleanor Jane. B,S.. 
A.B.. Wash. SUte Coll.. 1910; M.S.. 
la. State Coll., 1915. 

Le Clerc. Joseph Arthur, in chg. lab. plant 
chem,. Bur. Chem., U, S. Dept. Agr., 
Washington. D. C, 

Asst. chem., N. Y. Agr. Exp. SU.. 
Geneva. 1895-1901 ; present position. 
1903—. Sec. Am. Soc. Milling and 
Baking Tech.; prea. Washington sect.. 
Am. Chem. Soc. 1912. Del. Inter. 
Congress of Agr., Paris, 1900; mem. 
jury awards, Paris Expos.; cbm. jur^ 
awards on cereal products. St, Louis 
and San Franmco Expos. Awarded Che- 
valier du M^ite Agricole by French 
govt. Leader agr!. tour to Europe, 1911; 
visited Santo Domingo, b. Ware, Mass.. 
May 10, 1873; ». J. B. and Lucie (Chi- 
coine) L.; reared in town; nt. Emma V. 
Hall, 1895, B-Sc., Worcester Poly. Inst.. 
189S; Ph.D., Univ. HaUe, IMS. Sigma 


Lee, Alfred R., an. husb, in poult^ invests., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. 0. 

b. Wakefield, Mass.. Jul- 6, 1887; s, 
Edward E. and Annie (Wheelock) L.; 
reared in town and on farm; m.EstherG. 
Cristy. June 18. 1913; c. Barbara Martha. 
Richard Everett. B.S.. R. I. State Coll.. 

Lee, Carl Enul. asst. dairy and food comnr. 
and dairy specialist, Dept. Agr., Madison, 

Asst. prof, dairy manufacture. Univ. 
HI., 1903-9; asst. prof, dairy hush., 
Univ. Wis., 1009-15; present position, 
1915—. b. Edgerton, Wis., June 23, 
1875; .. T. J. and Matilda (Hansen) L,; 
reared on farm; m. Gertrude Lang, 
Sept. 1. 1903; c, Howard James, Dorothy 
Mary. Herbert Cari, B.S,, N.D. Agr. 
Coll., 1867; MS,. Univ. Wis.. 1909. 
Sigma Xi. 

Lee, Jwdan Gray. supt. grounds. La. Slate 
Univ., Baton Rouge, La. 

Asst. dir. N. U. Exp, SU,. 1888-98; 
comnr. agr. and immigration. La., 1996- 
1900; asst. dir. N. La. Exp. SU., 1906-8; 
prof. for. and bort.. La. SUU Univ.. 1910- 
8; present position, 1918 — . Farmer, 

» 8'^' 

Calhoun, Itt. TnuUe Southwest La. 
Ind. Iiut., 18»9-19(M. State comnr. 
in chg. state exhibits. Buffalo and West 
ludia Eipos., laOI; mem. and sec. 
Bd. Comnrs., St. Uuis Expos.. l(HH-4. 
Vic«-pres. La. For. Assoc. aD<l mem. La. 
For, Adv. Bd., 1916. 6. Farmersville. 
U., Dec. IT. 1803; i. John Martui and 
Mary Jane (Taylor) L.; nt. Addie E. 
McGrath, Oct. 9, 1889i ad, Sallie Lane, 
Oct. 19„ 1898. B.S., La. State Univ., 
1888. Kappa Alpha. 

Lee, Leon Prank, teach, agr., Brushton, 

b. Berkshire, N. Y.. Aug. 30, 1891; (. 
Frank LaPayette and Bertha J. (Walter) 
L.; reared on farm: m. Myrtle Clement, 
June It, 1917. B.S.A.. SyracuM Univ., 

Lee, Mary EitelU, writer and dealer in 
seeds, plants, coal and feeds, Wester- 
ville, O. 

Legislative agt.. O. Scb, Improvement 
Fed. and BlendoD Grange, 10 yrs. Sec. 
0. Republican Land Owner's League. 
Formerly Grange ed., Farm and F^re- 
Mde. b. Amesvillo, O.. Jan. 88, 1869; 
d. Eli and Annie Leah (Dean) Brown; 
reared on (arm; m. Vernon W. Lee, Oct. 
17. 1894. M..\.. Ohio StaU Univ., 1905. 

Legg, Andrew Jackaoo, farmer, Albion. 
W, V», 

b. Nicholas Co., W. Va.. Mar. 89. 1861; 
». Chaa. Henderson and Harriet Jane 
(Grose) L.; reared on farm; m. Elizabeth 
Belle BurdetU. Apr. 16, 1899; c. Carl B.. 
Ethel J., Bernice, Wm. Cecil, Audra F.. 
Bonny Lee, Edyth, Mabel. 

Lehenbaner, PhiGp AutustHa, assoc. in 
plant physiology, Univ. III., Urbana, 111. 
Instr. bioi., MlUikin Univ., Decatur. 
Bl., 1908-9; asst. bot., Univ. 111.. ISOS- 
11; instr. bot.. III. Biol. Su., summer. 
1910; assl. prof, bot. and bort., Univ. 
Nev.. 1914-7; present position. 1917—, 
6. Hannibal. Mo.. Nov, 1. 1881; ». Fwd- 
erick A. and Mary Elizabeth (Koehler) 
L.; reared on fann. A.B,, Westminster 
Coll., Fultcn. Mo.. 1907; A.M.. Millikin 
Univ., 1908; Ph.D.. Univ, III., 19U. 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

lan, H. AsUord, c 

'. Prairie City, I 

I. agrl, agt„ Canfield, 

Lehman. Simon SwM|eit. co. agrl, agt., 
Erie. Pa, 

b. W. Willow. Pa„ Dec. 81, 1886; », 
Adam and Mary (Rineer) L.; reared on 
farm. A.B„ Franklin k Marshall Coll., 
1919; B,S„ Penn. State Coll.. 19111. 

Lehmaiui, AdoU Ludwig Perdinand, prof, 
diem, and soils, Univ. Alberta. Edmon- 
ton, Alta. 

Farmer, 1884-7; asst. chem.. Out. 
Agr. Coll,, 1890; asst. chem,. Central 
Exp. Farm, Ottawa, 1890-3; chem,. 
Sugar Exp. SU., New Orleans. 1893--4: 
lect, chem.. Queen's Univ., Kingston, 
Ont., 1697-8; agrl. chem., Mysore, 
India, 189S-1908; re»earch chem., Ohio 
Exp. Sta,. 1908-9; prof. chem.. Univ. 
Alta., 1909—; prof, soils, 1916—. Fel- 
low A. A, A. S,; Am. Chem. Soc.; Chem. 
Soc., London. Mem, deputation to state 
of Coorg. India, 1907, Ceylon, 1908. 
Mem. Auembly. Mysore, India, 1899- 
1908; Bd. Agr., India, 1905-8. Aitoe. 
ed.. Farmers' Advocate, 1888. b. Spar- 
ron Lake. Ont.. Dec, it. 1863; «. Adel- 
bert L. and Kathinka (Bruch) L.; reared 
on farm; ni, Georgina Lovick. Dec. 10. 
1898 (d. 1908); 2d. Carry M. Lovick. JuL 
19.1911; c. Perdinand. Jack, Karl. Mary. 
B.S.A.. Ont.. Agr. ColLand Toronto Univ., 
1889: Ph.D,. Univ. Lciprig, 1897. 

Lehmann, Emil Wilhelm, assoc. prof. agrl. 
engiu. and chm. dept,, Univ. Mo., Colum- 

I'nstr, physics, Tex. A. & M. Coll., 
1910-3; instr. agrl. engin., la. State Coll., 
1914-S; asst. prof,, 1915-8; present 
position. 1916—. b. Oldenburg. Mils., 
Apr. 19, 1887; (. Carl A. and Arminia 
(Vaulkenhausen) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Stella Spence, Aug. S. 1915; c, Mar- 
garet Louise. Mary Bain. B.S. in E.E., 
Miss. A.&M. CoU„ 1910; E,E.. Tex. 
A. & M. Coll.. 1913; B.S, in A.E„ la. 
State CoU.. 19U. Alpha Zeta; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Lehocrt, Eugene Hugo, prof. vet. sd. and 
bact, and vet Exp, Sta., Univ. Wyo.. 
lAramie, Wyo, 

Prof, vel Bci.. Conn. Agr. Coll., 7 yrs.; 
vice^r. Smith's Agr. Sch., Northampton, 
Mass., 7 yrs,; supply prof, vet sci.. 
Mass, Agr. Coll., 1 yr. 6. E. JaSrey. 


N. H.. Aug. IS. 1867; t. Oa\ W. and 
EUaR, (Burpee) L.; reared on form and in 
small Uiwni nt. Eva M. Akin, Aug. 27, 
1901; c. Carl, Lloyd, Clyde. B.Sc., 
Mess. Agr, Coll., 189»; D.V.S., McGill 
Univ., 1896. Eappa Sigma; Phi Kappa 

Lei^t;, Clyde Evert, agron. in chg. eastern 
wheat invests., Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Grain standardization. Bur. Plant lud., 
1900-B; cereal invests., 1912—; ^ron. 
dept.. 111. Eip. Sta., 1905. Vi«ted Euro- 
pean corn-receiving ports, 1906. 6. Billett. 
Ill, May 7, 1882; f. Geo. H. and Lucre- 
tia (Vandermarh) L.; reared on farm; 
m. OIlie Edna Harris, Oct. 13. 1908; c. 
Florence Lucretia, Dorothy Lee, Ray- 
mond Vandermark. B.A., 111. Wealeyan 
Univ., IBOi; Ph.D., ComeU Univ., 1918. 
Sigma Xi; Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Lehh, B. D., asst. prot. agron. and supt. 
farms, Univ. WU.. Madison, Wis. 

b. Eldorado, Wis., Sept. 2, 1675; t. 
Wm. and Margaret (Leith) L.; reared 
on farm; m. Edna Elkneton, 1908; o. 
Donald. B.S., Univ. Wis., 1911. 

Leonard, WilUain Eiiekel, prot. econ.. 
Whitman Coll., Walla Walla, Wash. 

Prof, social sd,, Bellevue Coll., Omaha, 
Neb., 1902-11; teaching fellow, Univ. 
Wis., 1911-2; instr. econ., Univ. Tex., 
1912-0; presentposition, 1910— . Spedal 
attention to rural problems, b. la., Aug. 
12, 1805; <. Almon and Emma (Ward) 
L.; reared on the farm; m, LilUaa L. 
Ramsdell, 1903; e. Wm. Banudell, Faith 
Eloue. Pb.B., Grinnell Coll., la., 1899; 
A.M., Univ. Wis., 1912. Phi BeU 

Leopold, Rev. Fither, O. C R., prof. hort.. 
Inst Agricole d'Oka, La Trappe, Que. 

Present position. 1910—. Dir. Que. 
Soc. of Protection of Plants, 1914—. 
vice-pres. 1917; dir. Que. Pom. Soc., 1919, 
and former pres. Del. to Pom. Soc. at 
Tours, France, 1911. Mem. French Pom. 
Soc. Aulh.: Ia Culture Pniiti^ dans 
la Province de Quebec, 191S. b. Nassau. 
Bahama Isls., Jan. IS, 1681: '. Enrique 
Ortiz y Pi and -ftda (Black). Educ. 
Montreal Coll. and in France; ordained 

Lcsacpa, Huuhm, co. agrl. sgt.. Plaque- 
mine, U. 

Sugar planter and manufacturer, St. 
Landry Parish, La., T yrs. b. La,, June 30, 
1883; #. AugusU and Augusta (Story) 
L.; reared on sugar plantation ; m. Mary 
Beaufort Williams. Sept. 9, 1914. 


Dir. Soc. of Que. for Protection of 
Plants, b. Mont-Louis, Gasp^ Que., 
Sept. 26, 1891; : Louis and ZOile (Lemi- 
eui) L.; reared on farm. Student Inat. 
Agricole d'Oka, Ont. Agr. Coll., Cornell 

Research asst.. Sewage Exp. Sta., 
Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1912-3; instr. bact., 
la. State Coll.. 1913-1; bact. U. S. PubUc 
Health and Marine Hospital Serv., 1914-5; 
present position, 191&— ■ lat Lieut. 
Sanitary Corps, Nat. Army, 191S— . 
b. Poland, Apr. 4, IB89 (immigrated 1892); 
f. JtUius and Rebecca (Mogelson) L.; 
reared in city; tn. Adele Dine, Nov. 30, 
1911; c. Norman Dine, Boris Eugene, Saul 
Edgar. Melvin Lewis. S.B., Mass. 
Inst. Tech., 1912. 

Lewelling, Walter Williams, co. agrl. agt., 

Kirksville, Mo. 

Dairy fanner. Mo.. 1899-1917. b. 
High Hill, Mo., Oct. 10, 187S; (. H. G. 
and Martha Keeler (Turner) L.; reared 
on farm; m. Mary Lee Woods, Sept. 2fi, 
1901; e. Evelyn May. B.Agr.. Univ. 
Mo., 1898. 

Lewis, Claude Isaac, chief Div. Hort. and 
vice-dir. Eitp. Sta., Ore. Agr. Coll., 
Corvallis, Ore. 

Master sci,, Rockland high-sch., Mass., 
1903; prof. nat. sd. and agr., Alfred 
Univ., N. Y.. 1904-6; present position, 
1900--. b. Cardiff, Wales, Apr. 12, 
1880 (naturalized 1901); t. Isaac and 
Helen (Hibbard) L.; reat«d on farm; 
m. Marie A. Berry. Mar. 31. 1906; c. 
Hubert DuBob, Claudia Louise, Romello 
Berry, Paul Arthur, Josephine Elisa- 
beth. B.S..\., Mass. Agr. CoU., 1902; B.S.. 
Boston Univ.. 1002; M.S.A., Cornell 
Umv.. 1906. Sigma Xi. 


Lewis. Edwaid Mofgui, dean and prof. 
language and literature, Masa. Agr, Coll., 
Amnerat, Masa, 

Instr. elocution, Columbia Univ., 1901- 
3; asst. prof, oratory, Willianu Coll.. 
IBOS-ll; inatr. elocutioa, Yale Sch. 
Religion, 1904-16; asst. dean and prof. 
literature, Mass. Asr. Coll., 1B11-3; 
dean, 1913 — . Special attention to litera' 
ture of country life. 6. Madiynlkth, 
Walea. Dec. i5. 18T2; >. John C. and 
Jane (Davies) L.; reared in town; m. 
Margaret H. Williams. Jul. 1. 1896; c. 
Edward Williams, Gwendolen, John Bas- 
com. B.A., Williama Coll., 1896; M.A.. 
189Q. Phi Gamma Delta. 

huab., Rutgers CoU., New Brunawicli . 

Prof, poultry huab., Baron de Hiracfa 
Agr. Sch., Woodlrine. N. J., 1907-9; 
prof, agr., 1909-10; inatr. dairy and 
poultry huab.. Rutgers Coll., 1911-4; 

CoU.. 1908—; dean Coll. Agr., 191S— ; 
dir. Erp. SU., 190S— . Sec, Mont. State 
Bd. Farmera' Inst. b. Twillbgate. New- 
foundland, Jul. 16. 1866 (oaturalissed 
1908); I. Samuel and Rachel (Patten) 
L.; icaredonfarm; m. Mary A. Mahoney, 
Dec. 88, 18M; c. Bertil. R. Aaalea, 
Leila M. B.S.A.. Toronto Univ., 1891. 

Linglc, Lester F., aast. prof, hort. products. 
Ore. Agr. Coll.. Corvallis. Ore. 

b. Paoli. Ind.. Aug. 30, 1894; «. Samuel 
L. and E. Joeephioe (Fawcett) L.; reared 
b town. A.B., Ind. Univ.. 1917. Alpha 
Chi Sigma. 

link. George Konrad Karl, path., cotton and 
truck disease invests.. Bur. Plant. Ind., 
U. S. Dent. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asst. hot., Kans. SUte Agr. Coll., 
1910; adj. prof. ogrl. bot . Univ. Neb.. 
1911-3; asat. prof,, 1919-4: asaoc. prof., 

and Invests, in Poultry Husb.; sec. 
Nat. War Emergency PoultTy Fed. Auih.: 
Poultry Laboratory Giude. 1910; Pro- 
ductive Poultry Husbandry, 1913; Poul- 
Sr Keeping, 1916; Poultry Laboratory 
anuftl, 1918. 6. Providence, B. I.. Oct. 
14. 1886; (. Frank Levitt and Harriett 
Elisabeth (Reynolds) L,; reared on farm; 
m. Alice Bell Mattison, Dec. 25, 1907: 
c. Harry Reynolds Jr. B.3., H, I. Slate 
Coll., 1907; M.Agr., 1916. Phi Kappa 
Phi; Kappa Sigma. 

Lewis, John B., co. agrl. agt., lAwrenceville, 

Fanner, Ky., Va., 1903—. b. LaSalle 
Co., III.. Oct. 9, 1868; (. Isaac and Rebecca 
J. (Garretson) L.; reared on farm; m. 
Ida M. Van Fossen, Apr. 7, 189i; e. 
Merriam G., Leon E., Florence V., 
Charles D. 

b. Chatham Co., N. C. Mar. 9. 1889; 
«. Arlendo Sherman and Mary Ellen 
(Perry) L.; reared on farm. Grad. 
N.C. A.&M, Coll., 191S, 

Linf eld, Frederick B., dean Mont. State Agr. 

Coll. and dir. Exp. Sta., Boteman, Mont. 

Asst. dairying, Ont. Agr. Coll., 1892-3; 

prof. an. husb. and dairying, Utah Agr. 

A. S. b. Mt. Clemens. Mich.. Mar. 14. 
18S8; (. Geo. and Frederick (Mohr) L.; 
reared in town. S.B., Univ. Chicago, 
1910: A.M., Univ. Neb., 1014; Ph.D., 
Univ. Chicago. 1916. 

Lipman, Charles Bernard, prof, soil cbem. 
and Uct,. Univ, Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 
Inatr. soil bact., Univ. Calif,, 1909-10; 
asst. prof. Boila, 1910-2; aasoc. prof, soils, 
1918-3; prof, aoil cbem. and bad., 
1919—. Fellow A, A. A. S. Chm. ed. 
com., Univ. Calif, and Eip. Su. Adv. 
ed.. Journal of Bacteriology and Soil 
Science, b. Russia, Aug. 17. 1883 (natura- 
lized 1898); ». Michael and Ida (Birk- 
hahn) L.; reared on farm. B.Sc., Rut- 
gera Coll.. 1904: M Sc., 1909; M.S., 
Univ. Wis., 1909; Ph.D., Univ, Calif.. 

Lipnuui, Jacob Goodalc, dean agr. and dir. 
N, J. Exp. Su., Rutgers Coll., New 
Brunswick. N. J. 

Asst. chem., N. J. Eip. SU., 1898-9; 
soil cbem. and bact., 1901—; instr. agrl. 
chem.. Rutgers CoU . 1902-6: asst. prof., 
1906; Bssoc.. 1906-7; prof, aoil chem. 
and bact.. 1907-13; prof. agr.. 191S— ; 
dean of agr., 1916—; dir. N. J. Exp. SU., 
1911—. Lect. farmers' insta., 1908—. 
Fanner, N. J„ 1891-4; dir. coll. farm, 
1911—. Fellow A, A. A. S. A«A..- 
Bacteria in Relation to Conntry life. 


1908; {with P. E. Brown) Laboratory 
Guide on Soil Bacteriology, 1912; chap- 
ters on soils, Marshall's Mi(Tobio]ogy, 
1012. £((.-in-cbief. Soil Science; asst, ed., 
Journal American Society uf Agronomy. 
b. FriedrichsUdt. Russia, Nov. 18, 161* 
(immigrated 1688); >. Michael and Ida 
(Birkhahn) L.; tn. Cecelia Rosenthal, 
IMS; c. Leonard Herzl, Edward Voor- 
bees, Daniel Hllgard. B.Sc.. Rutgers 
Coll., 1898; A.M., Cornell Univ., 1900; 
ni.D..tg03. SigmaXi: Phi Beta Kappa. 

lipinnco«, Harvey SharpleM, co. agrl. agt., 

Morristown, N. J. 

Teach, field sports and nat. hist,, 
Moorestown Acad., i yrs.; agrst., Peno. 
R.R..9yr8.:co.Bgt., 1917—. b. Moores- 
town. N. J.. 1380; i. Samuel H. and 
Elizabeth (Ballinger) L.; reared on 
farm; nt. Ethel A. Habes, 1015; e. 
Horace H. B.S., Cornell Univ., 190*. 

Asat. prof, an, husb. in chg. poultry, 
la. State Coll., 1911-8; present position, 
1912—. Aulh.: Poultnr Production, 
1911. b. Jacksonville, III.. Jul. 3, 1B8S; 
*. Julian P. and Clara (Adams) L.; reared 
in town; m. Florence Humphreys, Aug. 25, 
1908; c. Dorothy Adams, Wm. Julian. 
A.B., III Coll., 1909; B.S., la. SUte 
Coll., 1911; M.S.. Univ. Wis., 1917, 
Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Nu; 
Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Lively, Daniel O'Connell, farmer and stock- 
raiser, 219 Hobert Bldg.. San Francisco, 

Cotton farmer, Tei„ 1880-4; cowboy, 
1884-fl; fanner, Tex., 1887; founder 
Livestock Show. Ft. Worth. 189B; dir. 
Inter, Live-Stock Expos., Chicago. 1900; 
Union Stock Yards and farm manag,, Ore.. 
1909-12; farmer and breeder. Calif., 
1919—. Aast. sec. Fanners' Nal. Con- 
gress, 1905-10; general manag. Pacific 
Inter. Live-Stock Expos.; chief dept. 
live-stock, Panama-Pacific Eipos., 1912-S 
and U. S, comnr. to S. America. Aulh.: 
Swine Raising in the Pacific Northwest, 
1910. Ed., Tex. Stock and Farm Journal, 
18M; Ft. Worth Live-Stock Reporter, 
1896-4; founder Portland Live-Stock 
Reporter. 1910. b. Galveston, Tex., 
Sept. 14. 1868; *. Dominic and Cecelia 
(Edwards) L.; reared on farm; m. E!dna 
Springer, 1009. 

Lrremiore, KenDeth C, prof, farm manag., 

Cornel! Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instr. farm crops and farm manag., 
Cornell Univ., 1909-12; aast. prof, form 
manag., 1912-9i prof.. 1013—. Farmer. 
1914-7. Aulh.: (with Warren) Labora- 
tory Exercisea in Farm Management. 
1>. Watertown, Mass., Jan. 3. 1896; «. 
Chas. E. and Caroline B. (Russell) L.; 
reared in town; ra. Madeline S. Avery, 
June 18. 191*; e. Ray Carter. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ., 1009. Sigma Xi; Alpha 

livingnoD, GeM^e, specialist in grain 
marketing, U. S. Dept. Agr., Waahi ngton, 

Asst. farm crops, la. State Coll., 1910; 
asst. agron., Ohio State Univ., 1910-1; 
asst. prof., 1911-6; aast. in grain market- 
ing. Bur. Markets 191S-6; specialist, 
1916—. Traveled in Germany, Den- 
mark. 1911. Avth.: Field Crop Pro- 
duction. 1914, b. Union City. O., Sept. 
14. 1880; I. Adam and Mary Jane 
(Thomas) L.; reared on farm; m. Inei 
Van Sickle. June 7, 1911; c. Mary Jane, 
Robt. J. B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ., 1009; 
grad. student, Cornell Univ.. 1913; 
Halle, 1914. Alpha Zeta. 

Lloyd, Edward Read, dir. Miss. Exp. SU. 

and ext.. Miss. A.bM. Coll., Agricultural 
College, Miss. 

Agrst.. Miss. Exp. Sta.. 1888-90; vice- 
dir. and agrst., 1890-1900; prof, agr., 
Misa. A.&M. Coll.. 1000-3; dir. far- 
mers' insta.. 1906-10; dir. ext. and Exp. 
Sta., 1910—. b. Auburn. Ala., Mar. 10, 
1867; ». W. E. and Susan T. (Bead) L,; 
reared on farm; m. Fannie A. Bell, 
Dec. 18, 1890; c. Edward R. Jr., Loui. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1886; M.S., 1888. 
Alpha Tan Omega. 


Instr. hort., Uriiv, lU., 1809-1902; 
inalr. olericulture, 1902-8; asst. prof.. 
190S-9; assoc. prof.. 1909-11; prof, and 
chief, 1911—. Aaih.: Productive Vege- 
Uble Growing. 1914. b. SI. Charles, 
III., Feb. 19, 1876; (. Wm. B. and Alice 
(Taylor) L.; reued on farm; m. Mar- 
garet Widdis, June SO, 1900, B.S., 
Wheaton Coll., lU., 1897; B.S.A,. ComeU 
Univ., 1809; M.S.A.. 1908; Ph.D., Univ. 
Calif., 1917. Sigma Xi. 


UojA, LMtM Williaia.-cO' agrl. agt., New- 
port, R. I. 

Teach. Bristol Co. Agrl. Sch.. 1&16-T; 
CO. ftgt., IBIT— . Traveled in Europe, 
IBlt. b. BUndford. Mua., Sept. 4, 
1S90: t. Virgil Letter wad Isabell I. 
(HoMJy) L.; reared on (arm; m. Grace 
Lilliao Rieckel, Mar. 3. ISIS. B.S., 
R. I. SUte 041.. 1&10. Theta Chi. 

Uoyd, Orxm GumeU, assoc. prof, farm 
natag., la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Agt.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1918-9; aut. 
chief farm manag., la. State CoU., 1B13-7; 
asaoc. prat., 1917—. b. Wellsville, Utah, 
Jao. S. 18S4; i. Joseph Benj. and Martha 
Ann (Giumell) L.; rtared on (arm. 
B.S., Utah Agr. Coll., 1910; M.S.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1912. Gamma Sigma DelU. 

IJor<l> William Allison, agrtt. in chg. co. 
agt. work. SUtes Relations Serv., U. S. 
I%t. A^., Washington, D. C. 

Ed. Victoria Advocate, Victoria, Tei., 
1896-6; lawyer, Georgaown, Tex., 18Se- 
1901; farmer and stockman, O.. 1901-9; 
exp., Ohio Eicp. SU„ 1909-13; present 
position, 1813—. 6. Sparta, O., Sept. 
9,1870; (.JamesJ. and Maria (Ulery)L.; 
reared on farm; m. Minnie Rutherford; 
e. Leonila Marie. B.S., Nat. Norma) 
Univ., Lebanon, O., 1890; student law, 
Univ. Tei., 1893-1. 

Ltoyd-JoDes, Orreu, assoc. prof. an. husb., 
la. SUte Coll., Ames, la. 

Asst. prof. an. hiisb., la. State Coll.. 
1913-4; assoc, prof, in chg. invests, in 
an. breeding and genetics, 1B14 — . b. 
Hillside. Wis., Sept. 10, 1885; i. Enos 
and Eleajior (Lloyd- Jones); reared on 
farm; m. Lucinda Langwortby Carr, 
1913. B.S., Univ. Wis., 1908; M.S.. 
1911; Ph.D.. 1913. Sigma Xi: Alpha 
Zeta; Gamma Alpha; Kappa Phi Garoma, 

Lock wood, William Penn Bignell, prof, 
dairying, Mass. Agr. CoU.. Amherst. 

In commeroal dairy work, market 
milk and condensed milk, ISOft-lAOei 
asst. prof, dairying, Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1908-10; assoc. prof., 1910-S; prof., 
!918— ; head dept., 1912—. Sec. Mas*. 
Dairymen's Assoc.; sec. Mass. Creamery 
Assoc. Atitre. ed.. Dairy Science Jour- 
nal, 1917. b. Millvillagc, Pa., Dec. % 
1878; ». Amos M. and .\ccty C. (Gre^ry) 
L.; reared in town; m. Mabel Duyckind^ 

Sept. 5, 1906; e. Emily Correl), Jean 
Horton, Aaron L. D. B.Sc., Penn. State 
Coll., 1899; M.Sc., 1900. Alpha ZeU; 
Kappa Sigma. 

Loew, Fred Aaron, co. agrl. agt., HuntingtoD, 

Prof. »d.. Huntington Coll., 12 yrs. 
b. AUe^ Co.. Mich.. Mar. 8, 1874; ». 
Frederidc and Gertrude (Pouble) L.; 
reared on farm; m. Cora Sebright, Aug, 3, 
1898; e. Elizabeth Gertrude. B.S., Hunt- 
ington CoU., 190S; B,S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1904: M.A., Univ. Mich., 191*. 

Logan, Kale R., nat. sec. town and 
country work, Y. W. C. A.. 600 Lffldng- 
lon Ave., New York City. 

Teach, and princ. ward sch., Cherokee, 
la., lOyrs.; co.supt.schs., Cherokee Co., 
6 yrs.; asst. state leader boys' and girls' 
club work. la. State Coll., 4 yrs. b. 
Scotland; reared on farm and in town. 
Educ. la. Stale Teach, CoU, 

, agrl, agt,, 

Long, Conner Melboume, 
Sedalia, Mo. 

Princ. Sch. Agr. and Dom. Sd., Okla. 
A.&M. Coll., 1900-8; dairy farmer and 
lect. (or Mo. State Bd. liip.. 1908-13; 
farm adv., Johnson Co., 1913-5; agrl. 
agt.. Pettis Co., 1915—. b. Hallsvflle, 
Mo., Mar. 21, 1880; (. David Washington 
and Laura (Conner) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Carrie Etta Branblett, June 18, 1904; 
e. Howard, Vivian, Marion. B.S.A., 
A.B., Univ. Mo.. 1905; M.S.A., 1906. 

Long, David Daniel, soil expert, Univ. Ga., 
Athens, Ga. 

Soil sci.. Bur. SoUs. U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1909-12; present position, 1912—; in 
chg. soil survey, Ga. State Coll. Agr., 
Univ. Ga.. 1912—. 6. Pa., Dec. «, 
1887; : 3. A. and Mary (Bucher) L,; 
reared in town and country; m, Catharine 
Loucks, Dec. 30. 1913; e. David Daniel 
Jr. B.S., Penn. State Coll., 1909. Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Long. Dwigbt Clark, co. agrl. agt.. Crystal 
Falls. Mich. 

Head sci, dept,, high-sch.. Crystal 
Falls, 1917-8. b. Otsego, Mich., Apr. 
18. 1894; I. Luther K. and Minnie S. 
(Clark) L.; reared in town; m. Manorie 
IsabeUe Grant, June 2, 1917. A.B.. 
Olivet Coll., 1918; B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU.. 

[Lmi^ J. W„ p. 318. 


Longler, Willard VktM, co. Kgrl. agt., 
HaUock, Minn. 

Instr. agr., Sbakopee echa., Minn., 
1011-4; HaUock schs., Minn.. 1914-7; 
agt. Kittaon Co.. 1017—. 6. Paradise. 
N. S., Oct. 4. 1S87 (naturaliied 1010); 
(. J, S. and Ella (ShafFner) L.; reared on 
farm; m. Clio T. SmiUi, Jul. 10. 1916. 
B.S.A., Ont. Agr. CoU., 1011. 

LoBgrear, Burton 0., asioc. prof. lor.. 
Colo. Agr. Coll.. Fort Cotlina. Colo. 

Instr. bat., Mich. Agr. Coll., I80S-10M; 
bot.. Mich. Eip. Sta., 1908-4; inatr. hot.. 
Colo. Agr. Coll., 1904-7; assoc. prof., 
1B07-10; prof. bot. and for., 1010-4; 
assoc. prof, for,, 1914 — . Ex-officio state 
for., 1911-5. Avlh.: Rocky Mountain 
Wild Flower Studies, 1909. b. Onondago, 
Mich., Jul. 16, 1S68; >. W. D, and Ami E. 
(Barlow) L.; nvtd on farm: m. Jessie 
L. Bond. Dec. 29, 1897; c. I^wrence B., 
Florence L, B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 

LookabanCh, Harry CKve, farmer, Watonga, 

Dir. Am. Shorthorn Breeders' Assoc.; 
dir. Okla, Sbortboro Breeders' Assoc.; 
vice-pres. Southern Cattlemen's Assoc. 
b. Atchinson Co., Kans., Sept. 13, 1879; 
(. Elijah Elmer and EmUy tlOUard) L.; 
reai«d od farm; m. Ida E. Sims; «. 
Lyda, Clarence, Edwin. 

Loomis, Alice Marie, prof, home econ., 
Univ. Neb.. Lincoln, Neb. 

lustr. home econ., Peru Normal Scb., 
Neb., 1906-8; acting adj. prof., B. I. 
State Coll., 1909; instr.. Univ. Wis., 
1009-12; prof., Univ. Neb., 1914—. 
Agt. home econ. educ. Fed. Bd. Voc, 
Educ, 1917-8; pr«s. Home Econ. Sect,, 
Neb. State Teach. Assoc.; Neb. home 
econ. dir. b. Berks, Neb., 1880; i^.Tberon 
and Julia (Anderson) L.; re^^ on farm. 
B.S.. Kans. SUU Agr. Coll., 1904; M.A., 
Univ. Wis., 1910; studied at Univ. 
Chicago, Harvard Med. Scb. and scholar- 
ship at Columbia Univ. Omicrou Nu 

Urenb, Daniel E., co. sec. V. M. C. A., 
Keene. N. H. 

b. Newport O. June 16 1884; *. 
Michael and Barbara (Ruby) L.; reared 
on farm; nt. Bessie Mae Taimage Jan. 1, 
1913; e. Gerald Taimage. B.A. Mari- 
etta Coll., O., 1909; B.S., Drew Theol. 
Sem., 1912. 

Lory, Charics Alfred, pres. Colo. State Agr. 
CoU., Fort Collins, Colo. 
Aast. physics. Univ. Colo., 1809-1902; 

present position, 1909—. Pres. Assoc. 
Western Agrl. CoIU., 1015. Farmw, 
1888-08; supt. for HiUsboro Irrig. Co., 
1893, for Big Cut Lateral and Reservoir 
Co.. 6 yrs. b. Sardia, O., Sept. 25, 1872; 
>. Chris and Ida (SUuffer) L.; m. Carrie 
Louise Richards, June 8. 1904. Ped.B., 
State Normal Sch., Greeley, Colo., 1808; 
B.S., Univ. Colo., 1901; M.S., 190£; 
LL.D.. 1009; D.Sc.. Univ. Denver. 1914. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Sgma Xi; Delia Tau 

asst. pti^t-breeding, Cornell Univ.. 1908- 
9; asst. prof, plant-breeding Invest., 
1909-11; prof., 1912—. Traveled in 
Europe, b. Taylorsville, El., Mar. 19, 
1880; (. Chas. Henry and Adaline 
(Evans) L,; reared on farm; m. Anna 
Barclay. Sept. 6, 1904; c. Harry Barclay. 
Robt. Emerson. Eliiabetb Maunne. B.S.. 
III. Wesleyan Univ.. 1904; M.A.. lOOe; 
Ph.D., ComeU Univ., 1900. Sigma Xi; 
Tau Kappa Epsiloo. 

Lovejoy, Sarah C, dir. home econ. and dean 
of women, Penn. State Coll.. Slate 
College, Pa. 

Teach, home econ., Nat. Cathedral Scb.. 
Waabington; Miss Porter's School, Farm- 
ington. Conn.; Nat. Park Sem.. Wasbing- 
ton. Lecl. farmers' iosti. b. Haverhill, 
Mass.; d. Thomas H. and Abby (Junkins) 
L.; reared in small city. A.B., Mt. 
Holyoke CoU., 1898. Psi Omega; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Loveland. Edward HUdretfa, co. agrl. agt.. 
Randolph. Vt. 

Asst. dairy huab.. Univ. Vt., 1919-4; 
agt. Orange Co., 1014—. b. Norwich, 
Vt„ May 14. 1888; a. G Edward and 
Ida (Hildreth) L.; reared on farm; m. 
Gladys Kubn. Sept. 1, 1015. B.S., 
Dartmouth CoU.. 1010; M.A., Umv. 
Neb.. 1013. 

Loveland, Georfe Andrew, section dir. U.S. 
Wrailher Bur. and prof, meteorology , 
Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 
Mem. Com. Vital Resourcet, 4th Nat. 


Conservation Congresa. Indianapolis. 
AuUt,: Climate of Nebrasiu, ISU, Ed., 
Neb. Weather Monthly Summary, b. 
Norwich. Vt., Oct. 9, 1863; a. David A. 
and Clara A, (Olds) h.; reared on farm 
aod in town; in. Lillian Steel. June 0, 
1900; c. Grace L., David S. B.Sc., 
N. H. AMU. Coll., 1882; LL.B. Univ. 
City of N. Y.. 1888; M.A., Univ. Neb., 
1907. Sigma Xi. 

loTcH, Amos Edirin, state o 

>. aft. le 
Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort CoUins, Colo. 

Assl. irrig., N. Mex. A.&M. CoU., 
1904-S; U, S, Indian Serv., 1905-^; 
aaioc. ed., Live-atock Inspector, Enid, 
Okla., 1008-9; farmer. Okla.. 1909-10; 
CO. agt.. Okla,. 1910-1; chg. farm, U. S. 
Public Health Serv., Fort Stanton, N. 
Mex., 1911-4; co. agt., Redmond, Ore., 
1914-e; present position. 1916—. 6. 
Neal, Kans., Feb. 21, 1883; : Hiram 
W. and Naraa A. (Turoey) L.; reared on 
farm; m. Effa Sloan, Jul. 23, 190T; e. 
Mildred Myra. B.S.. Okla. A.6M. 
Coll . 100*. 

Lowell, Sherman James, fruit-grower, Fre- 
donia, N. Y. 

Master N. Y. State Grange; manag. 
Pomfret Fruit-Growers' Assoc, 1900-10; 
mem. Governor's food invest, com., 191S; 
mem. Food Supply Comu., 1917. 6. 
Lomberton, N. Y.. May 28, I8SS; «. 
James Willoughby and Jane (Selleek) L.; 
reared on farm; m. Martha Louisa 
Marsh. Nov. 27, 1889; e. Fred Albert. 
Clyde Marsh. 

Lowry, Marion W., adj. prof, soil chem., 
Univ. Ga., Athena, Ga. 

Instr. soil chem., Univ. Ga., I91S-6; 
adj. prof,, 1916 — , b, Ravanna, Mo., 
Sept, 18, 1S88; i. Marion W. and Eunice 
(Creel) L.; reared on farm. B.S.A.. 
Univ. Mo., 1912; M.A.. 1913. Sigma Xi; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Lowther, Granville, hort. and writer, Yaki- 
ma, Wash. 

Acting pres. Southwest Kans. Coll.. 
1896-8; Methodist preacher. 1874-1902; 
bort.. Wash.. 1905 — . Mera. Governor's 
Adv. Bd., Wash. Ed.. Encyclopedia of 
Horticulture, 1914; contributing ed.. 
Northwest Farm Trio, Spokane, b. Dod- 
dridge Co., W. Va., Jan. 19, 1848; .. 
Jesse and Hannah (Leeson) L.; reared 

on tarm; m. Elisabeth Aon Boyce; 
c. Ada M., John F., Cbas. C. Lola E.. 
Mabel E. 

Loyd, Harry Straws, an. husb., U. S. Exp. 
SU., Kodiak, Alaska. 

Herdsman, Ft. Hays Exp. Sta., Kans., 
1816-7; present position. 1917—. In 
U. S. Army, 1918—. 6. Garden Plain, 
Kans.. Jul. IS, 18B1; i. M. J. and Cora 
(Garrison) L.; reared in city. B.S., 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1»1S. 

Luckett. James Douglass, sci. asst.. States 
ReUtions Serv.. U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 

Tn. D. C. 
rmer, Fairfax Co.. Va.. 3 yrs. Field 
cn^ ed., Experiment Station Record. 
6. Washington, D. C, Dec. fi, 1891; 
'. Samuel Douglass and Belle (Sparr) L.; 
reared in city; m. Lenore Williams. 
Mar. 24, 19U. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 
1916. Sigma Xi; Alpha Tau Omega. 

Lneder, Charles Aoinstua, pmf. vet. sci., 
W. Va. Univ.. Morgantown. W. Va. 

Present position. 1908—, State con- 
sulting vet. of W. Va. 6. Nanlicoke, Pa., 
May 30, 1878; t. Augustus Byron and 
Lucy (Uisarus) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Julia A. Lull, Dec. 30. 1903; c. Lydia. 
Eloise. Rennold Augustus. Chas. Augus- 
tus Jr. D.V.M.. N. Y. State Vet. Coll., 
Cornell Univ., 1802; post grad.. 1903. 

Lu^nbiU, PhiHp, ent.. U. S. Ent. Sta.. 
1420 Pendleton St.. Columbia. S. C. 

Teacher public scbs.. O., 1901-0. 
Fellow A, A. A, S. b. Columbus Grove, 
O.. Oct, 16. 1884; a. John and Anna 
(Zincc) L.; reared on farm; m. Alma K. 
Dean, Nov. 5, 1909; e. Dean Osbom. 
Webster Francis. Georgia Annette, Philip 
Jr. B.S.A.. Ohio SUte Uoiv., 1910; 
M.A., Univ. S. C, 1917. 

Luilhly, John Albert Jr., asst. prof, dairy 
husb.. Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Instr. dairy manufacturing. la. State 
Coll., 1014-6; present position. 1916—. 
b. Washington Co., la., Oct. 6, 1888; t. 
J. A. and Anna M. (Varain) L.: reared 
on farm. B.S.. la. SUte Coll., 1914. 

Lumbrick, Arlhur, co. agrl. agt.. Danville, 

b. Charleston, ill.. Oct. 11, 1882; «. 
James S. and Clementbe (Nicholson) L.; 
reared on farm; m. Myrtle Mae Huston. 


Dec. 22. 1900; c. Margaret Ma«, Muy 
Elizabeth, Ruth Catherine, Martha Louise. 
Ester aemeutine. B.S.. Univ. III., ISOS. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Liunley, Frederick E., prof, social sci., 
Coll. of Missions, Indian^xilis, lud. 

Princ. Sinclwr Coll., St. Thomas, Oat., 
1906-8; asst. anthropology, Yale Univ., 
1909-18; present position, 1812—. Mem. 
Com. on Social Scrv. and Rural Church, 
Disciples of Christ. Chm, Com. on 
Development of Local Charities, Ind. 
State Bd. of Charities, h. lona, Oct., 
June 7, 1880; (. Moses W. and Dana 
E. (Williams) L.; reared in vilUge and on 
farm; m.MargarettaSaywell, Oct.4,190J>; 
e. Hillia. B.A.. Hiram Coll., O., 1905; 
M.A., McMaater Univ.. Toronto. 1907; 
B.D., Yale Univ., 1909; Ph.D.. 191!. 

Lnmsden, Darid, asst. prof. flor.. Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instr.hort.. N.H. A.&M. Coll., 1908- 
H; present position, 1914 — . Floral 
decorator to Duke of Westminster, 23^ 
yrs.; foreman. Nova Scotia Nursery Co., 
Halifax. 2^4 yrs.; floral decorator and 
lands, gard., Thos. F. Galvin Co., Boston, 
2 yrs.; manag., W. W. Edgar Co., Waver- 
ley, Mass.. * yrs. Fellow Royal Hort. 
Soc. Viee-pres. for N. H., Veg. Growers' 
Assoc, of Am., 1913-3. b. England, June 
21, 1871 (naturalized 1905); a. David and 
Mary (Allen) L.; reared in town; m. 
Sar^ Jane Quincey, Jan. 31. 1699; 
c. Mary Florence, David Victor, Geo, 
Quincy, Wm. Edward, 

Land, Franis Peter, specialist canning and 
drying. States Relations Serv,, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D, C. 

Teach, coll,, Skanderborg, Denmark, 
1889-90; teach, parochial sch., Chnlon, 
la., 1890-2; public schs., Wharton Co., 
Te«., 189T-1905; princ. boy's high-sch., 
Christiansled, St. Croix, Virgin Isls., 
1905-8; chg. expl. farm, Midfields, Tex.. 
1908-11; present position, 1918—. b. 
Honum, Denmark, June 29, 1866 (natura- 
lized 1905); J. Johannes J. and Karen 

Einar V. Student Univ, Copenhagen. 

Liuk, William F., prof, rural educ, Cornell 
Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Princ. Polk Co., WU.. Teachers' Train- 
ing Sch., 1005-7; teach, physics and agr.. 

Stevens Point Normal, 1907-11; asst. 
prof. agrl. educ, Univ. Minn., 1914-7; 
present position, 1917—. b. River Falls, 
Wis., Aug. I, 1874; i. David McKinley 
and Susan (Foster) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Lucy lOmberly Fedcbam, June, lOOS. 
Pb.B., Univ. Wis.. 1903; M.S., Umv. 
Minn., 1916. Gamma Sigma Delta, 

Lute, Hairy Detlef, farmer and stockman, 
Faxton, Neb. 

Dir. SUte Bd. of Farmers' Educ. and 
Coop. Union; pres. farmers' insta. and 
lect. Neb. del. to Dry-Fanning Congress, 
Lethbridge, Alta. b. Holstein, Germany, 
Jon.S. 1870(naturalizedasnunor); >, John 
and Anna (Wulfj L.; reared on farm; m. 
Lulu Wooda, Sept. 20, 1904; c. Marjorie, 
Harriet. Grad.Sch.Agr.,Univ.Neb.,19ft4. 

Luther, Ernest Leonard, supt. (armers' 
. insts. and state superv. co. agrl. ogta., 
Univ. Wis., Madison. Wis. 

Supt. schs., Kalkosha, Mich., 1805- 
1902; CO. supt, schs.. 1S99-1901; supt, 
schs., Eston Rapids, 1902-4; Ripon, 
Wis., 1904-10. b. Hart, Mich., Sept. 25, 
186S; I. M. A. and Ida I. (Corbin) L.; 
rear(d on farm; m. Lulu M. Eddy, June 
26. 1896; e. BreU Marie, Melvin Eddy. 
A.B., Olivet Coll., 1895; B.S.A.. Univ. 
Wis,, 1912. 

Lutnian, Benjanun Franklin, plant path., Vt. 
Eip. Sta. and Univ. Vt., Burhngton, Vt. 
Present position, 1900—. b. Joplin. 
Mo., Sept. 26, 1879; s. David and Anna 
(Carson) L.; reared in town; m. Anna B. 
Shepard, Jan. 31, 1912; e. Frank, Grace. 
A.B., Univ. Mo., 1908; Ph.D., Univ. 
Wis., 1909; studied Poppelsdorf Agr. 
Acad, and Biol. Anstat, Berhn, Mar.-Nov. 
1912. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Lyman, Cbarles Adelhert, exec. sec. Nat.Bd. 
Farm Organizations, 615 Woodward BIdg., 
Washington, D. C. 

Dairy farmer, Sun-Prairie, Wis.. 1984- 
14; Rhinelander. 1914-8. General or- 
ganizer. Nat, Agrl. Organization Soc. 
Studied agr. in British Isles, 191S. 
Superv. Census, 2d Wis. Distr.. 1910. 
b. Steele City, Neb.. Sept. 0, 1882; a. 
Chas, A. and Delia (Oilman) L.; reared 
OD farm; m. Helen Miriam Sbeldon, 
Sept. 7. 1904; e. John Sheldon. Sydney 
Louise, Phoebe. B.A., Univ. Wis., 1901. 
Psi Upsilon. 


LrnwD, George Rkhard, path. Id chg. pUnt 
disease survey, Bur, Flsat liid., 0. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Instr. bot., DartJUouth Coll., 1901-4; 
asat. prof., 1904-13; path, iusp.. Fed. 
Hort. Bd., 1913-7; preaeot position, 
1817— . Fellow Am. AcwI. Arts and 
Sd. 6. Lee Center. lU., Dec. 1, 1871; 
*. Geo. A. and Mary E. (Jones) L.; 
reared on Tann; m. Frances E. Bad^r, 
June as, 1903; e. Mavis Kathanne. 
A.B.. Betoit Coll., lB94i A.M.. Harvard 
Univ.. 1899; Ph.D., 1906. BeU Theta 

Ljman, John F., prof. agrl. chem., Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Asst. agrl. chem.. Ohio State Univ.. 
1905-6; student asst. biol., Yale Univ.. 
1907-9; present position. 1909—. 6. 
MesopoUmia. C. Feb. 20. 1881; : 
Carlos P. and Cerinthia A. (Bates) L.; 
reared in small village; m. Cornelia Bull. 
Dec. 29, 1909; c. Eloise Caldwell, Edith 
Fisk. M.Sc., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 1905; 
Ph.D., Yale Univ., 1909. Sigma Xi; 
Kappa Sigma. 

Lrmtn. Sichard Pope, dean vet, div., Mich. 
Agr. Coll.. E. LanwQg, Mich. 

Asst. prot. med., Kans. City Vet. CoU.. 
1908-9; prof. med. and obstetrics, 
1909-10; prof. vet. sci., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
IBIO— ; dean vet. div., 1011— Cbm. 
Com. on Vet. Educ. appointed by James 
Wilson, 1908. Consultug vet. for Stale 
Cattle Comn.. Conn. Vice-prea. Am. 
Vet. Assoc.; sec., 7 yrs. Chm. pub. 
com.. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc.. 6 yra. 
Ed., Journal Vet. Med.; collaborator 
Am. Vet. B«view. b. Concord, Mass., 
Aug. 6, 1878; t. Chaa. Parker and Lucy 
Ellery (Pope) L.; reared on farm and in 
city; m. Annie Downing Evans. Feb. 16. 
18B8; e. Bertha D., Kchard P. Jr. 
B.S.. Mass. Agr. CoU.. 189«; M.D.V.. 
Harvard Univ., 1394. Alpha Psi. 

Lyness, Charle* Enoch, co. agrl. agt., 
Waseca, Minn. 

Inatr. agr., hidi-sch., Annandale, Minn., 
1912-4; New Richland. 1914-B. 6. Wal- 
nut, Knna., Feb. 11, 1885; ». John J. and 
Alma (McDermond) L.; reared on farm; 
m. Mae Virgie Hildebrand. June IB. 1915. 
B.S.. Kans. Sute Agr. C<ril., 1912. 

Lyon, Tbomaa Lyttleton, prof, soil tech., 
Sute Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Instr. chem.. Univ. Neb., 1891-S; chem.. Neb. Eip. Sta., 1894-5; 
prof, agr., Univ. Neb.. 1895-1908; present 
position. 1906—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Auik.: (with Montgomen') Examining 
and Grading Grains; (with Pippin) 
Principles of Soil Management, 1909; 
(with Fippin and Buckman) Soils, Their 
Properties and Management, 191S; Soils 
and Fertiliiera. 1917. b. Alleghany Co., 
Pa.. Feb. 17, 1869: : James B. and Anna 
M. (Lyoo) L.; reared in country; m. 
Bertha L. Clark, 1899; c. John Lyttleton. 
Geo. Clark. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1891; 
Ph.D.. 1904; studied Univ. Goeltingen. 
1893-4. Sigma Xi; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Macdonald, Angus Bernard, agrl. rep;, 
Guysboro. N. S. 

Led. high-9ch. bist. and math.. St. 
Frands Xavier's Univ.. 1914. 6. Glass- 
bum, N. S., Nov. il, 1S93; i. John B. and 
Florence (MacDonald) M.; reared on 
farm. B.A., St. Francis Xavier's Univ., 
Antigonish, N. S., 1915; B.S.A., Ont. Agr. 
Coll., 1918. 

MacDonald, Gibnonr Byers, prof, for., la. 
State Coll.. Ames, la, 

Asst. prof, for., la. State Coll.. 1910-1; 
assoc. prof.. IBIH; prof.. 1914—. 
6. Carletfln. Neb., Mar. 9, 18B3; i. J. M. 
and Janet (Piercy) M.; reared in country 
and city; m. Edith L. Craig, Feb. 1, 

MacDoaiall, Allister Francis, co. agrl. agt., 
Northampton, Mass. 

Ext, dept., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 191S-S; 
agt. Hampshire Co.. 1015 — . Sec. Mass. 
Fed. Farm Bun. and Improvement 
Leagues. 6. Westford, Mass.. Jul. 18, 
1891; f. Alexander and Hattie (Lee) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Edna C. Comins. 
Mar. 20, 1915; e. Heniiette Louise. 
B.Sc., Mass. Agr. CoU.. 1913, Phi 
Sigma Kappa. 

Macfarland, Charles S., general sec. Federal 
Council of the Churches of Christ in Am., 
lOS E. a2d St., New York Cjly. 
Ordained Congregational minister, 1897; 


aast. biblical literature, Yale Univ., 1899- 
1000: minister. Maiden, Mass., lMO-6: 
pastor, S. Nonvalk, Conn.. 1906-11; 
lect.. Yale Divinity Sch., 1906-18; social 
gerv. sec.. Fed, Council of Churches of 
Christ, 1911-8; aeoeral sec., 1914—. 

Nat. Civic Fed.; field scout oomnr. of 
Boy ScouU of Am. Del. to World Alli- 
ance of Churches, Constance. Germany, 
1914; Latin-American Conference, Faoa- 
ma, 1916; special comnr. to France 1918. 
SpeciB] attention to the country church, 
Auth.- The Spirit Chriatlike,190S; Jesus 
and the Prophets. 1905: The Infinite 
ASectioQ, 1906: Spiritual Culture and 
Social Service. 1918; Christian Unity at 
Work, 1913; Christian Service and the 
Modem World, 1915; The Progress of 
Church FederaUon, 1917. Ed., The Chris- 
tian Unity and the SociaJ Order, 1910; 
The Churches of the Federal Council. 
1916; The Churches of Christ in Council, 
1917; The Churches of Christ in time of 
War. 1917; Library of Christian Coopera- 
tion. 19IT. b. Boston. Mass., Dec. 12, 
1866; *. Daniel and Sarah A. (Crafts) M.; 
reared in city; m. Mary Perley Merrill, 
Mar. 9, 1904; c. Chas. S. Jr.. Luda 
Merrill, James Merrill. B.D„ Yale Univ., 
1807; Ph.D.. 1899; D.D„ Divinity 
Faculty of Paris, 1918. 

MacGillivray, Alexander Dyer, prof, ent., 
Univ. HI., Urbana, III. 

Aflst. ent.. Cornell Univ., 1690-1900; 
instr.. 1000-6; asst. prof.. 1906-11; 
asst. prof, systematic ent., Univ. 111., 
1911-3; assoc. prof., 1919-7; prof, ent., 
1917—: speciahst. Me. Exp. Sta., sum- 
mer, 1913. Fellow A. A. A. S.; fellow 
Ent, Soc. Am. and sec-treae., 1911-5. 
6. Inverness, O., Jul. 15. 1868; t. John 
Hugh and Elizabeth (Adams) M.; reared 
in city and farm; m. Fannie Mary 
Edwards. Sept. 17, 1891; e. Malcolm 
Edwards, John Henry. Ph.B,, Cornell 
Univ., 1900; Ph.D.. 1901. Sigma Xi; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Mac Intbc, Waller Hoge, soil chem., Univ. 
Tenn, Exp. Sta., Knoxville. Tenn. 

Chem., N. C, Stole Bd. Health, 1905-7; 
asst. an. nutr., Pa. Inst. An. Nutr., 1907-8; 
asst. agron.. Penn. State Coll.. 1908-10; 
assoc., 1910-8; present position, 1912—. 
Assoc, referee and referee, Assoc. Official 
Agrl. Chems., 1911-8. b. Wilmington, 

N. C, May 19. 1886; «. Robt, Hosier and 
Sarah lavinia (McKay) M.; reared in 
city: m. Edna M. Meyer. Feb., 1911; 
c. Sarah Elizabeth. J. Robt. Wilson. 
B.S., N. C. A.&M, Coll., 190S; M.S.. 
Penn. Stote Coll,, 1909; Ph,D.. Cornell 
Univ., 1910. Sigma Xi; Kappa Alpha. 

MacKay, Kenneth George, prof, dairying, 
Univ, Sask,, Saskatoon. Sask. 

Aast. prof, dairying. Univ. Sask,, 1914-7; 
prof.. 1917—. Assl. d«ry comnr., Sask., 
1913-4, Sec, Sask, Dairymen's Assoc., 
1916 — , Traveled in India and Europe, 
1908. 6. Scotsburn, N, _S., Jul. 30, 1882; 
t. Daniel G, and Catherine (MacDonald) 
M.: reared on farm; tn, Anna M, Nairn, 
Mar. 84, 1909; c. James Kenneth, 
Catherine Elizabeth. B.S.A,, Ont, Agr. 
Coll., 1906; M.S., la. Stote Coll, IBIS, 

MacKay, Norman Catma, agrl, rep., Walker- 
ton, Ont, 

Instr. agr., Pearson Acad,, Walla 
Walla, Wash,, 1911-2; agrl, rep,, 1912—. 
6. Scotobum. N. S,. Jan, 14, 1888; >. 
Daniel and Catherine (MacDonald) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Annie Maud O'Dtor- 
kie, Dec, 9, 1914; e. Catherine Margaret, 
Donald Hobson. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll. 
and Univ, Toronto, 1911. 

MacKay, WSliaro Angus, provincial dairy 
supt., Truro, N. S. 

I. Bruce Co., Ont.. Mar, 31. 1879; 
I. Geo. S. and Ann (Fletcher) M,; reared 
on farm: m. Sadie Tennyson, Mar. 88, 
1907; e. Jean E., Geo. S. Grad, O. A. C. 
Dairy Sch.. 1899; Northern Business 
Coll., 1906. 

MNcfcintosh, Roger Pieman, ext, specialist 
bort., Univ, Minn., University Farm, St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Asst. hort., Minn, Exp, Sta., 1890-1903; 
prof, hort,, Ala, Poly. Inst.. 1903-9; 
stote hort., Ala., 190^9: asst. bort,. la. 
SUte Coll., 1909-10: asst, hort,. Penn. 
Stote Coll, 1910-1; instr. agr., high-sch., 
Caledonia, Minn., 1911-3; present por- 
tion, 1918—. FeUow A. A. A, S. Sec. 
Ala, Stote Hort. Soc„ 1903-9; prea. 
Minn. Stote Hort. Soc.. 1918—, b. 
Lincoln, Mass,, Feb, 18. 1872; *, Wm. 
and Eliza Jane (Tuttle) M,; reared on 
farm: m. Laura Belle Wright. Sept. IB, 
1901; e. Orlesta May. B.Agr., Univ. 
Minn., 1908; M.S„ la. Stote Coll., 1010. 


Macoini, WUiain TciriU. Doiniiuon hort. 
Cent. Ezpl. Fann, OtUwa, Ont. 

AsBt. to dir. aod foremim for., Cent. 
Eipl. Fftnn, 1893-6; curstor ol arbore- 
tum and bot. gard., 1890-8; bort. and 
curator arboretum and bot. gard., 1998- 
1810; DommioD hort., 1910—. Vicc- 
pres. Am. Pom. Soc.; vice-prei. Potato 
Soc. of Am.; vice-pres. Soc. for Hort. 
Sci. Del. to Royal Inter. Hort. Exhibi- 
tion. London. 1012. b. BeUeville. Ont.. 
Jan. 27. 18Q9; «. John and Ellen (Terrill) 
M.; reared in city; m. Elizabeth Macoun, 
Oct. 3. 1899; c. John. Norah. Mary. 
Patricia. Grad. OtUwa Collegiat« Inst. 

MacVittic, Akxandct, co. agrl. agt., Caro, 

Teach, high-sch.. St. Johns. Mich., 
lOll^S; Bay City. 1915-7; prwent 
position, 1917 — . b. Forester, Mich., 
Jan. 2, 1883; i. Archibald and Maria 
(Lawton) M.; reared on farm; m. 
LiUian EendaU, Jul. IS, 1912. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU.. 1011. 

Madden, Irwin Arthur, co, agrl. agt., 2I4VJ 

5. 6th St.. Spring6eld, III. 

Prof, agr.. Ill SUte Normal Univ., 
1011-8. Aulh.: Rural Arithmetic, 191S. 

6. Freeporl, 111., Dec. 22, 1884; i. Vim. 
Jamea and Elizabeth (Murdaugh) M.; 
reared oo farm; m. Uabelle Mclntyre. 
Jul. 24, 1912; c. Margaret Isabelle. 
B.S.. Univ. 111., 1011. Sigma Xi; Alpha 
ZeU; Delta (Jpsilon. 

Maddni. Heorr Towns, junior prof, journal- 
ism and Bgrl. ed., Univ. Ga.. Athens. Ga. 
b. Senoia. Ga., Jan. 23, 1803; $. John 
Henry and Lulu Belle (Towns) M.; reared 
on farm. A.B.. B.S.A.. Univ. Ga., 1914. 

Madison, Clyde Chioe, co. agrl. agt., 
Aurom, Ind. 

Teach, grades, 1000-12. Mem. Dear- 
bom Co. Council of Defense, b. Boone 
Co., Ind., June 10. 1883; «. Wm. and 
Emma (Craig) M.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Marion Normal Coll., 1000; B.S.A.. 
Purdue Univ., 1017. 

Madson. B«d Adolph, asst. prof, agron,. 
Univ. Calif,. Davis. Calif. 

b. Jewell Jet., la.. Mar. 10. 1887; <. 
Nels and JohanEia (Jepson) M.; reared 
on farm; m, Mary Ellen Quane, June 26. 
1912. B.S.A., la. Stale Coll., 1007. 

Mahfln, Oualet AUred, diitr. luperv. of 
CO. agrl. agt. work, Ohio State Univ., 
Col um but, O. 

Field test aast,, Ky. Exp. SU.. lOOT; 
special agt,. tobatxo invests.. U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1908-0; teach, sd.. Bur. Educ. and 
sunt. Tobacco Exp. Sta., Philippine 
Isls., 1009-11; stock farmer, Ky., 1012; 
CO. agrl. agt., Henderson. Ky.. lOlS, 
Winchester. Ind., 1914-6, Fremont, O., 
1017. b. Ky., Jan. 20, 1888; i.W.M.aod 
Louisa (Archer) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Mary Dent King. 1915. B.S.A.. 
Univ. Ky., 1907; M.S., 1008. 

Main, Thomas Isaiah, prof. agrl. educ, 
Penn. SUte Coll.. State College, Pa. 

Supt. field exps.. Univ. 111.. 189«-7; 
asst. agr. and aupt. farm, Univ. Mo., 
1897-1901; asst. correspondence courses, 
Penn. State Coll., 1901-3; asat. prof. an. 
husb., 1903-7; afisoc. prof., 1907-9; 
prof, agrl, educ,, 1009—. Staff of Rural 
Educator, b. Browning, Mo., Apr. IS, 
1B71; *. Joseph W. and Mary (Curtis) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Charlotte M. 
Riley. Jul. 30, 1002; c. Thomas I. Jr„ 
J. Curtis, Edward S. B.Agr., Univ. Mo., 
1896; M.S., 1900. Alpha Zeta. 

Major, Horace Furchild, lands. Mch., 
asst. prof, lands, gard.. Univ. Mo.. 
Columbia. Mo. 

instr. lands, gard.. Univ. III. 1908-10; 

g-esent position, 1010 — . Traveled in 
urope and England, b, Ithaca, N. Y.. 
Oct. 25. 1884; *. Wm. F. and Estelle 
(Tripp) M.; reared in city. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ., 1008. Theta Xi; Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Sigma Kappa Zfta. 

Makomson, Alden Waahingtco, co. agrl. 
agt., Ivanhoe, Minn. 

Instr.. Univ. Minn., 191«-8. b. LeRoy, 
MuiD., Mar. S, 1889; >. Henry and Ceba 
(LesUe) M.; reared on farm. BS., 
Univ. Minn-, 1016; M.S., 1018. Alpha 

MaOy, Frederick William, farm dem. dir., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., and dir. farm and truck 
crop irrig. projects, Laredo, Tex. 

Asst. state ent.. 111., 1890; asst. eat., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1800-2; general manag., 
Galveston Nursery & Orchard Co., 
Dickinson, Tex., 180S-8; proprietor, 
1808—; proprietor Garrison Nursery 
Co.; Tex. state ent. and prof, ent., 
Tex. A.&M. Coll., 1809-1903; state 


ent., Tex. Dept. A«r.. 1909-10; dir. 
farms, gardens Mid OKhsrds, Cross S. 
Farming Co., 19I0-S; present position, 
191A— . Pre>.Tei.SUteHort. SociaOO; 

Sres. Stale Truck Growers' Assoc., IBOl. 
. Marquisville. la., Nov. SO, 1868; i. 
Frederick Henry and Anna Kalherine 
(Stoetiel) M.; m. Mattie J. Tabor, Jul. 15, 
1B09. M.Sc.. la. State Coll. 

Malone, Robert Emmick, dir. agr., and 

Sine. Orange Co. Training Sch., Chapel 
iU, N. C. 

Dir. orcharding, Tuakegee Inst., 1910--2; 
dir. agr., Western Univ.. 1918-5; dir. 
agr.. T<^ks Inst., 1&16-7; present 
position, 1 9 IT — . b. Louisville, Ky., 
Apr. 25, 1888: i. Edward C. and Cora 
Lee (Hansberry) M, (col.); reared in 
city; m. Mattie Frances Holmes. SctiI 4, 
1013; c. Cora May, Ethel. Grad. 
Hampton Inst., 1900. 

Mandenburg, Edroiuid Gvl, ext. specialist in 
for., Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lansmg, Mich. 
V. M. C. A. work. U. S. Army. 1018—. 
6. Chicago, HI., Feb. IS, 1887; ». Carl 
and Fredericka (Rose) M.; reared in 
rity. B.S, Mich. Agr. CoU., 1915. 
Xi Sigma Pi. 

Maoey, Thomas Josepli, chief pom. sect,, 
la. Exp. Sta., Ames, la. 

Asst. pom., la. Eip. Sta., 1912-5; 
aast. chief pom.. 1915-7; chief. 1917—. 
6. Geneva. N. Y., Apr. 24, 1888; *. 
Thos, and Ellen (Desmond) M.; reared 
on farm. B.S., la. State CoU., 1912. 

Mann, Albert TtusscU, dean N. Y. State 
Coll. Agr., dir. ext., and dir. Exp. Sta., 
Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. supt. Thompson Isl. Sch., Boston, 
1904-5; asst. ed., Bailey's Cyclopedia 
Am. Agr., 1905-8; asst. prof, dairy 
ind., Cornell Univ., 1908; sec. to dir. 
and ed., 1900-10; sec. and registrar. 
Coll. Agr., prof. agrl. editing, 1910-6; 
prof, rural social organization, 1016-6; 
acting dean Coll. A^., 1916-7; dean, 
1917 — . Aulk.: Beginnings in Agricul- 
ture. 1911. b. Hawkins. Pa.. Dec. 26, 
1880; «. Wm. I. and Sarah (Lansing) M.; 
reared in city; m. Mary Douglass Judd, 
Aug. 23. 1006; e. Marion Lansing, 
Jeanette Wilbur. Malcolm Judd. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ., 1904; A.M., Univ. Chicago, 
1016. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Kappa 
Delta Rho. 

Agr., Washington, 

Special attention te handling, trans- 
portation and storage invests, of fruits 
and vegetables. Conducted invest, on 
shipment and handling of fruits exported 
from Porto Rico. 1S13. b. Pittsburgh, 
Pa„ Jan. 4, 1870; ». Wm. I. and Sarah 
(Lansing) M.; reared in city and on 
farm; m. Caroline W. Judd, Jul. 24. 
1012: «. Douglass Lansing, Wm. 1. 
B.S.A.. Cornell Univ., 1006. Alpha Zeta. 

Manning, Albert, farmer. Otisville, N. Y. 
Sec. Dairymen's Le^e; overseer N.Y. 
State Grange. Mem. Bd. Superva.. 
Orange Co., N. Y. Princ. graded rural 
sch., 3 yrs. 6. Otisville, N. Y., Feb. 2, 
1804; «. Ephraim and Caroline A. 
(Bundle) M.; reared on farm; m. Harriet 
E. Green, Sept. 20. 1888; e, Frank Letoy. 

Manns. Thomas Franklin, plant path, and 
soil bact.. Del. Coll.. Newark, Del. 

Asst. bot., N. D. Agr. Coll., 1003-4; 
princ. high-schs,. PhiUppine Isls., 1904-7; 
asst. bot, Ohio Exp. Sta., 1907-11; 
toil bact., 1911-2; present pontion, 
1012—. Traveled through Orient and 
Europe. 6. Logan. Onl,. Nov. 7. 1876 
(naturaliied 1883); *. Henry and Fannie 
(Symmons) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Alys Ethel Reid, June 21, 1904; c. Mar- 
shall. Richard. Thos. Jr., Alson. B.S.. 
N. D. Agr. Coll., 1001; M.S., 1003; 
Ph.D., Univ. Penn., 1913. Sigma Xi; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Field art., Uve-Stock Journal, 1907-8; 
deputy Ore. dairy and food oomnr., 
1908-10; dairy eit. agt. for U. S. Dairy 
Div., in Colo., 1910; agt. Saline Co., Mo., 
1014-6; present position. 1016—. b. 
Newberg, Ore., Sept. 6, 1886; i. N. C. 
and Lou Etta (Swaim) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Maty Elizabeth Davis, June 
S. 1016; e. Ladle Elizabeth. B.S., 
Pacific CoU., Ore., 1907; B.S., Univ. 
Mo., 1014. Alpha Zeta. 

MaiUtam, LncnM Alonio, co. agrl. agt.. 
Janesville, Wis. 

Special work among peasants of Rusiia 
along the Volga River, 1916—. b. 
PortiB, Kans., Apr. 12, 1889; i. L. C. 
and Maggie B, (Colnan) M.: reared on 
farm; m. Ruth Davis, Sept. 18. 1017. 
B.A., Fairmount CoU., 1911. 


Marfcham, WinficU Lyaai. oo. agrl. agt., 
Hunbarg. N. Y. 
Teach, public schs., 4 yn.; iiutr. 

I. Stepben A. and A]ic« R. (Pratt) M.: 
reared on farm; nt. Lena Knun, Oct. S. 
1»00i c. Glen. Jesue. Studied Cornell 

Mariatt, Charie* Lester, ent., cbn. Fed. 
Hort. Bd. and asit. chief Bur. Eat., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

AsBt. prof., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
i yrs.; asat. ent.. Bur. Ent.. 1889-04; 
lit awt. and asat. chief, 1864—. Cbm. 
Fed. Hort. Bd., 1912—. Sent by Dept. 
Agr. to Japan, Cbiua. Java on entomdogi- 
cal trip. Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres. 
Ent. Soc. Washington, 1807-8: pres. 
Assoc. Econ. Ent., IBOO. b. Atchison. 
Kacu., Sept. 88, 1863; *. Washington 
and J. A. (Bailey) M.: reared on farm; 
m. Florence L. Brown, Dec. 1, 1806; 
id, Helen Stuart Mackay-Smith, Jul. S. 
1906; e. Florence. Virginia, Chas. L. Jr., 
Helen, Dorothy, Constance. B.S., Kans. 
SUU Agr. Coll., ISSfi; M.S., 1887. 

Harqnis, John Qydc, assoc. agrl. ed., 
CountJy Geotleinan, Curtis Pub. Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Special agt. in plant ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., June-Oct., 1904; assoc. ed., Ameri- 
can Agriculturist, 1004-8; agrl. ed. and 
instr. agrl. journalism, Univ. Wis., 1B0S> 
11; ed. Country Gentleman. 1911-2; 
assoc. agrl. ed., 191B— . Mem. Am. 
Conm. on Rural Credits to Europe, 1913. 
b. Madison, Ind., Jul, B. 1881; (. John 
Ilillia and Mary Thomas (Voile«) M.; 
m, Mary Emma Copeland, June IS. 1904; 
e. John Firth, Roger Philip. B.S., 
Purdue Univ., 1904; M.S., 1900. Alpha 

Marshall, Frederick Rnpol, b chg. sheep 
husb. invests, and ext.. Bur. An. Ind., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Asst. an. husb., la. State Coll., 1901-3; 
assoc. prof., Tei. A.&M. Coll., lBOS-7; 
prof., Ohio StaU Univ.. 1907-18; prof., 
Univ. Calif., 1918-3; present position. 
1913—. Sent by U. S. Dept. Agr. to 
New Zealand and Australia. 1014. Auth..- 

Marshall. George 0.. co. agrl. agt., Ameri- 
cus. Ga. 

Princ. Craven Co. Farm Life Sch., 
1913-5. Traveled in Europe, b. Acme, 
N. C; «.Thos. W. and Hannah A.M.; 
reared on farm. B.A., Wake Forest 
Coll., 1008; law licence, N. C. Supreme 
Court. 1914. 

Marshall, Roy Edgar, hort., ext. div., Va. 
Poly. Inst., Blacksburg. Va. 

Instr. hort., Univ. Neb., Feb.-Aug. 
1019; fellow pom.. Ore. Agr. CoU..1013-S: 
instr. pom., 1915-6; asst. hort., ext. 
div., Va. Poly. Inst., 1016-7; hort., 
1917—. b. Arlington, Neb.. Feb. 48. 
1890; t. Robert Carson and MolUe 
(Sharp) M.; reared on farm; m. Irene 
Ursula Telford, June 16, 1917. B.Sc.. 
Univ. Neb., 1913; M.S., Ore. Agr. CoU.. 
1915. Alpha Zeta. 

Martu, Barley A., sec. Red Polled Cattie 
Club. Gotham, Wis. 

Breeder live-stock and farmer, 1808 — . 
Ed., Red Polled Herd-Book. 1905—. 
b. Cottonwood FalU. Kans., Jan, 3. 1880; 
f. James W. and Dora (Ragan) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Georgia Stoddard, Oct. 0. 
1003; c. Wayne, Eva, Dora. James. 
Freda. Student short-course, Univ. Wis. 

Martin, John Holmes, supt. Harney Branch 
Exp. Sta.. Bums, Ore. 

Sci. aast., cereal invests., U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. 1614-8. 6. Petersburg, N. D.. June 
10, 1893; (. James Prater and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Wilson) M.; reared on farm 
and in town. B.S.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 

Martin, Joseph Gaillard, invest, in cotton 
marketing. Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

b. Vicksburg, Miss.. Mar. 24, 1880; 
I. Eugene and Anne F. C. (BUke) M.; 
reared in city and country; m. Helen 
Virginia Wallis, Aug. II. 1917. Spedal 
student, Univ. Miss. Phi DelU Theta. 

Martia, Oscar Baker, dir, club and home 
dem. work of South, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

Princ. public graded sch., 1893-0; 
princ. bigh-sch., Greenville, S. C, 1806- 
1902; sute supt. educ. of S. C, 1003-8; 


S resent po«tioii, 1909 — . b. Central, 
. C, Nov. 8, 1870; i. Thos. C. and Hat- 
tie M. (Baker) M.i reared on farm; 
m. Dora Cook, Dec. 23, 1897. A.B., 
FWrnaa Univ., 1B92. Kappa Alpha, 

Martia, WiUiam A., dairy former. Kenton, O. 
Pres. O. Live-Stock Assoc.. 1916-T, 
CoatribuUng ed., Ohio Farmer, b. Ken- 
ton, O.. Aug. 19, 1883; ». Newton S. and 
Anna (Reed) M.i reared on farm; tn. 
Bease Belle Shilling, June 22. ISti; 
e. Allen Wm., Jane, Elizabeth, Donald 
Newton. B.S.A.. Ohio Sute Univ.. 1905. 
Alpha Gamma Rho, 

Marvin, Charlea Frederick, chief U. S. 
Weather Bur., Washington. D. C. 

Appointed on civilian corpa signal «erv. 
sa junior prof., 1884 and as prof, meteorol- 
ogy, V. S. Weather Bur., 1891; chief, 
1913 — . Inventor ot instruments for 
measuring and recording rain/all, snowfall, 
sunshine, etc. b. Putnam, O,, Oct. 7. 
1858: '. Geo. F. and Sarah A. (Speck) M.; 
m. Nellie Limebumer, June 27, 1894; 
ed. Mabel Bartholow. Nov. 8, 1911. 
Grtid. Ohio State Univ., 1883. 

Mask, Homer Hosea Ballon, co. agrl. agt., 
Newton. N. C. 

b. Eclectic, Ala.. Aug. 23. 18S7; i. 
John Dudl; and Martha L. (Mason) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Gillie L. Trimble. Aug. 
1913; e. Francis Earl. B.S. in Agr., 
Ala. Poly. Inst., 1915. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Mason, Albert Freeman, ext. hort., Penn. 
Sute Coll., State CoUege, Pa. 

b. Newark, O., Oct. 24, 1891; «. Morton 
F. and Mary (Wallace) M.; reared m 
town and on farm. B.S.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 
1914; M.S.. Penn. SUte CoU., 191S. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gamma Sigma 

Mason, Cbailes WiUuns. co. agrl. agt., 
Farmville, Va. 

Teach, agr. and sci., high-scb., Hills- 
dale, Mich., 1909-10; asst. to ed. Na- 
tional Stockman and Farmer. Pittsburgh, 
1910; Bgrl. agt., Land and Ind. Dept., 
Southern Ry., Asheville. N. C, 1911-2; 
sec. and manag., Haywood Fruit Bi- 
chanpe, Waynesville, N. C. 1912-3; 
farming. Prince Edward Co., 1914-6; 
teach. Sute Normal Sch., Farmville, Va.. 
19]«-7; CO. Bgt., 1917—. With En- 
g Corps. Nat. Army, 1918—. b. 

Union City, Pa.. June 23, 1888; (. L. 
Walter and Carrie (Wilkins) M.; reared 
on farm and in city; m. Irma Louise 
Windsor, Sept. 9, 1911; c. Evelyn Louise, 
Dorothy B., C. Windsor. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. CoU,. 1909. 

MasiHi, David Townseod, prof. for.. Univ. 
Calif., Berkeley. Calif. 

Lect, for., Univ. Mont., S mos., 1910-1; 
led. for.. Vale Univ., 2 mos.. 1914; 

C'csent position, 1915. For. super v., 
. S. For. Serv., 1010-2; asst. distr. for.. 
I91S-4. Mem. For. Com., Nat. Con- 
servation Congress; mem. exec, com., 
Soc. Am. Fors. Sec. and dir. Strath- 
more Farm Co.,Alta. 1909— . Capt.. 10th 
n" ineers, Nat. Army, 1B17 — . Aulh.: 
ge-Pole Pine, 1912. b. Newark, N. J., 
Mar. 1 1, 1883; *. Wm. B. R. and Rachel 
Manning (Townsend) M.; reared in 
town; m. Evelyn PoUeys, Oct. i, 1911. 
B.S., Rutgers Coll., 1005; M.F.. Yale 
Univ.. 1907; M.S., Rutgers Coll.. 1903. 
Pbi B«U Kappa; Chi Pai. 

Mason, Preston Walter, sci. asst.. Bur. Ent, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 

Asst., Purdue Univ., 1912-3; instr., 
1913-7; asst. prof., 1917-8; present 
position, 1918—. Auih.: (with W, A. 
Price) Laboratory Exercises in Intro- 
ductory Entomology, 1915. 6. Warren, 
Mich., Apr. 12, 1889; t. Jesse F. and 
Anna L. (Tharrettj M.; reared in 
village. B.S., Mich Agr. CoU., 1912; 
M.S., Purdue Univ.. 1917. 

Masscj, Wilboi' Pisk, agrl. joumalist, 
Salisbury, Md. 

Teach, hot. and biol.. Miller Sch., 
Albermarle. Va., 1886-9; prof. hort. and 
bot., N. C. A.kM. CoU.. 1889-1005. 
Served in CivU War. Avih.: Crop 
Growing and Crop Feeding, lOM; Prac- 
tical Farming, 1906; Garden Book for 
Southern Sutes, I9I8. Ed., Practical 
Farmer, Philadelphia. 1903-0; assoc. ed. 
Progressive Farmer. Raleigh, N. C., 
1906—; Southern Planter. Richmond. 
Va., 1906—; Market Growers' Jouma], 
LouUvJIle, Ky.. 1907-8. b. Onancodt, 
Va., Sept. 30, 1B39; a. James A. and 
Ann (Parker) M.; m. Sarah Phoebus, 
May 4, 1861; 2d, AuriUa Phoebus, Apr. 
4, 1876; e. James B., Chas.. Albert, 
Arthur B., Fanny, Nelly, Mabel. Eliia- 
beth, Winifred. Gnul. Dickinson CoU„ 
1859; D.Sc., N. C. A.&M. CoU., 1917. 


Masnc, Daiid Meade, fanner, Cbillicotbe, 

Mem. 0. State Legiilature, 18S8-1901. 
Trustee Ohio State Univ., 18SB-1907. 
Conmr. in Cuba uoder Spaauh Treaty 
Ckinu Comn., 1W2-9. Men). Agrl. 
Adv. Com.. 1B18. b. Cbillicothe, O., 
Feb. 26, 165B; i. Henry and Sumd B. 
Cliompion) M.; reared on fann; m. 
Juliet MattfaewB. Nov. 9. 1883. A.B., 
Priocetoa Univ., 1880; LL.B.. Cincinnati 
Law Scb., 1882; A.M., Princeton Univ., 

. agrl. agt.. 

Mathera, James Renwkk, i 
Bloorasburg, Pa. 

Princ. high-sch.. Pa., 8 yrs. 6. Wawa, 
Pa.. Feb. SO, 1888; t. Jamea and Annie 
(DiiisiDOte) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Katharine Susan Rahn. June M, 1919; 
e. James Dinsmore. B.5., Peon. State 
Coll.. 191S. Alpha ZeU. 

Malheson, Robert, asst. prof. ent. and asst. 
ent. Ekd. SU., Cornell Univ.. Ithaca. 
N. Y. 

State ent., S. D., 1907-8; asst. ent., 
CorneU Univ.. 1909-11; instr.. 1911-2; 
prof. Eool. and ent., N. S. Agr. Coll., 
Truro, 19ie-3; present position, 1914—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. 6. Nova Scotia, 
Dec. 80, 1881; i. Walter A. aod Mary 
(Anderson) M : reared on farm; m. 
Margaret K. Macpherwn, 1911. B.S.A., 
ComeU Univ., 1906; M.S.A., 1907; 
Ph.D., 1911. Sigma Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Mathews, Oaience W.. prof, hort., Univ. 
Ky.. Lexington, Ky. 
Prof. bot. and hort.. Univ. Ky., 1802- 

Eunice C. (Small) M.; reared in city 
and on farm; m. Henrietta Safford, 
Dec. 29, 1891; c. Ruth Elizabeth. Geo. 
F., PaulW. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1891. 

Mathews, Irrin Jame*> co. agrl. agt,, 
Winamac Ind. 

Head dept. agr.. high-sch.. Rockford, 
III., 1916-7; agt. Pulaski Co.. Ind., 1017— . 
Sec. Winnebago Co, Holstein-Frienan 
Breeders' Assoc.. 1916-7. Ed,, farm 
manag. dept,. Farm Life, Spencer, Ind. 

b. Canby, Mich., Feb. 11, 1891; t. John 
Cbas. and Eleanor (Pike) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Gladys Soule, Aug. SI, 1912; 

c. Lawrence James. B.S., Mich. Agr. 
CoU., 191S. 

Matthew, Ernest Bertram, prof. agrl. educ. 
Univ. Ark., Fayetleville, Ark. 

Teach, math.. Ft. Hays SUte Normal 
Sch., Kans., 1903-10; state high-sch. 
visitor for normal ichs. of Kans., 1911Hi; 
prof, math., 1B13-S; prof. agrl. educ, 
1916-8; present position. 1918 — . b. 
Vir^nia, III., Mar. 13, 1876; «. Chaa. C. 
and Harriet L. (Ivey) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Alice Isabel Compton. 1004; 
c. Harriet Elizabeth, A.B., Emporia 
SUte Teach, Coll., 1913; M.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1016. 


Instr, homeecon., Univ. Minn., 1908-9; 
lect, farmers' insU.. Purdue Univ., 1B09- 
II; present position, 1911 — . Dir, home 
eoon. for Ind. Food Administration . 
Pres. Ind, Home Ecou. Assoc.; chm, 
homeecon. dept.. Ind. State Federation of 
Clubs; mem. Counril, Am. Home Econ, 
Assoc.; chm, home econ. com.. State 
Council of Defense, b. Oct. 13. 1882; 
d. John E. and Harriet (Beach) M.; 
reared on farm. B.S, in H,E., Umv. 
Minn., 1904. Omicron Nu. 

Matli]], Henry A., asst. prof, nutr., Univ. 
Calif.. Berkeley. Calif. 

Asst chem., Univ. III., 1906-3; fellow 
physiological chem., 1908-10; prof, phy- 
siology and physiological chem.. Univ. 
Utah. 1010-5; present position, IBIS—. 
Capt. Food Div., Sanitary Corps, U. S. A. 
" '' * A. A. S. b. Glasgow, Mo., 



Nov. 28, 1863; I. Henry and Etoma 
(Freyhofer) M.; reared in city; m. 
Helen Isham, Dec, 31, 1912. A.B.. 
Western Reserve Univ,, 1900; A.M., 
1907; Ph.D.. Univ. 111., 1910. Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda Upulon; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Manthan, Merrill Owen, co. agrl, agt., 
Afton, Wyo. 

Teach, agr., high-sch.. Price, Utah, 
1911-5; instr. dairy production. Wash. 
State Coll., 1917-8; agt. Lincoln Co., 
Wyo., 1918— . £d., Lincoln Co. Farmers 
Bulletin; contributing ed.. Northwest 
Dairyman, b. WellsvUle, Utah. Oct. *. 
1890; ». John H. and Sarah (Owen) M.; 
reared on farm; m. EMith Homer, Aug. 28. 
1913; c. Ruth Homer. B.S., UUh Agr. 
Coll., 1911; M.A., Univ. Mo., 1917. 


Mar, DsTid Wmuuit, chs. Porto Rico Exp. 
Sta., Maysguez, Porto Rico. 

Mat. sgrst. dig. field opts.. Mo. Exp. 
SU.. 1896-9; aast. agr., U, S. Dept. 
Agr.. 189»: an. husb., Ky. Exp. Sta.. 
1»01-4; present positioD, IMH— . b. 
PletU Co., Mo., Apr. K. 1868; .. Benja- 
min L. and Mary (Nicol) M.; m. Lena 
Harrison. Dec. 34, 1896. B.Agr.. Univ. 
Mo., 1B94; M.Agr.. 1896. 

May. Earl Tnllle. co. sec. Y. M. C. A., 
721 Etnilj' St., Saginaw. Mich. 

Teach, rural schs.. S yr»,; viJUse schs., 
i yn. Traveled Egypt and Turkey, 
I90S-4. b. Hancock Co., O.. Jan. 17, 
ISeO; *. Le«-ia B. and Emma L. (Tuttle) 
M.-. reared in town and country; n. 
Matie M. BouriitoD, Nov. 21, IMS; 
e. Ruth, Rollo. Donald, Dorothy, Yona. 
Student Valparaiso Univ. and Ohio 
Northern Univ. 

MaydolcHnih Darwin.'co. sec. Y. M. C. A.. 
Somerville, N. J. 

b. Russia, N. Y.. Feb. 16, 1877; *. 
John W. and Lydia Ann (Jone«) M.; 
reared on tarmi m. Laura May Guest, 
Oct. 17. 1906. Student Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown, Conn. Pri Upsilon, 

Mayes, Jewell, sec. Mo. State Bd. of Agr., 
Jefferaon Cily, Mo. 

Dir. farmera' insts. of Mo.; mem. State 
Poultry Bd. Publisher Richmond Mis- 
souHan; pres. Am. Assoc. Farmers' Inst. 
Workers, 1918. b. near Knoxville, Mo., 
Feb. 15, 1873; i. Wiley and Sina {Ste- 
pheDson]M,; reared on farm; widower, 
c. Martin. 

Mayhcw, Thomas Clay, oo. agri, agt., 
Salinas, Calif. 

Teach, agr., Tulare bigb-sch.. 1913-t: 
Agt. Madera Co., 1B14-7: farmer, 1917-8; 
instr. agr!, ext., Univ. Calif .and agt. Monte- 
reyCo.. 1918—, 6. VUla. Calif.. Dec. 19. 
1886; *. James Thos. and Eliza (GreRory; 
M.; rearedon farm; nt. Hazel Helen Hyde, 
Nov. 89. 1913; c. Helen Eliiabelh, B.S.. 
Univ. Calif., 1918. Alpha ZeU. 

Maynard, Leonard A„ asst. prof. an. busb., 
Cornell Univ.. Ithaca, N, Y. 

Asst. chem.. la. State CoU., 1911-!; 
asst. chem., R. I. Exp. Sta., 1912-3; 
present position. 1B15 — . 1st Lieut., 
Gas Defense Serv., Sanitary Corps. Nat. 
Army. 1917—. 6. Hartford. N. Y.. Nov. 
8, 1887; I. Edward and Fannie (Cotton) 

M.; reared on farm, A.B., Wesleyan 
Univ.. 1911; Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 19IS. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Sigma Xi; Delta Tau 
DelU; Gamma Al;^. 

Maynard, Samoel Taylor, bort., Northboro, 

Ptot. bot. and bort.. Mass, Agr. Coll., 
187B; dir. bort. div., Mass. Exp. SU.; 
bot. and pom., Mass. State Bd, Agr. 
Sec. Mass, Fruit Assoc., 15 yrs. Auth..- 
Practical Fruit Grower. 1886; land- 
scape Gardening. 1899; Successful Fruit 
Culture. 1902; The Small Country Home. 
1907. *. Hardwick. Mass., Dec. 8. 18*5; 
I. Wm. and Sarah (Nourse) M.; reared 
in town; m, Mary E. Eddy, Dec. 25. 
187S; td. Amy Barnes, June 16, 1892; 
e. Alice E.. Howard E.. Edward B., 
Edoah B. B.S.. Mass. Agr, Coll., 1872. 

Mayne, Dueler D., princ. Sch. Agr. and 
prof. agrl. pedago^, Univ. Minn., Uni- 
versity Farm. St, Paul, Minn. 

Princ. schs., Fennimore, Wis., 1B83-4; 
Elkhom 18SV-9; Ft. Atkinson, 1889-93; 
supt. and princ, schs.. Janesville. 1893- 
1001 ; supt, schs., Ishpeming, Mich., 
1901-i; present position, 1903—. Auth.: 
Modem Business Speller, 1899; Geo- 

EaphyoF Wisconsin; Office Methods and 
isiness Practice, 1900; (with Gaff) 
First Principles of Agriculture, 19M; 
Mayne's Sight Speller, 1906; (with 
C. J. Smith) Modem Business English, 
1006; (with Hatch) High School Agri- 
culture, 1913; Busiaesa Spelling Book, 
1913; (with Brace) Farm Shop Work. 
Ed., Midland School Journal. Wis. b. 
Beetown, Wis., May 1*. 1883; t. Nicholas 
and Mary (Treloar) M.; reared rural 
community: m. Nellie G. Caiman. 1889; 
e. James C. MacH.. Dexter C, Nella. 
Platteville SUte Normai Sch.. Wis., 1883. 

Mayo, Nelson Slater, vet., 4753 Raveos- 
wood Ave.. Chicago, III. 

Asst. vet., Mich. Exp. Sta.; 1888-90; 
prof. vet. Bci., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1890-7; prof. vet. sd.. Conn. Agr. Coll., 
1897-1B01; prof, vet. sci- Kans. State 
Agr. Coll.. 1901-4; vice-dir. Cuban Exp. 
Sta. and chief dept. an, husb,. 1904-9; 

frof. an. husb. and vet. sci., Va. Poly, 
nst., 1900-13. Sec. Am. Vet. Med. 
Assoc., 1913-5; del. to 4th Nat. Vet. 
Congress, London. 1914. Auth.: Diseases 
of Animals, 1903. Ed.. Helpful Hints 
for the Veterinarian, b. Battle Creek, 


Mkb,. Nov. 16, 1866; *. Perry uid 
Mary A. (BryaDt) M.; reared on [arm; 
nt. Mary L. Caipenter, Jul. 90, 18M); 
c. Marguerite, Dorothy, Robt.. Louise. 
B.S., Mich. Art. CoU.. ISBS; D.V.S,. 
Chicago Vet. Coll., 1SB9; M.S.. Mich. 
AgT. Coll., 18B0. Phi Delta Ileta. 

McAdory, Isaac Sadler, prof, aoat., Ala. 
Poly. Inat., Auburn, Ala. 

Awt, physiology aud bact,, Ala. Poly. 
Inst., 1901-6; dem. in anat., McKillips 
Vet. Coll.. 1B06-7; present position. 
1907—. b. Pleasant Hill, Ala., Aug. 19. 
1882; I. I. W. and Alice (Sadler) M.; 
reared on farm and in town; n. Cora 
Hardy. B.5.. AU. Poly. Inst.; D.V.M.. 
McKUUps Vet. CoU., Chicago. 

McBridc, Charles Grovei, asat. prof. agrl. 
exl., Penn. Stale Coll., bUte College, Pa. 
Agrl. agt- Mercer Co., Pa.. 1812-7; 
present poution. 1B17 — . b. Buckthorn. 
Pa., May 13, 1886; «. Hugh D. and 
Alvaretta (Sleeker) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Lois DeWitt, June 22, 1612. B.S., 
Fenn. SUte Coll.. 1911. Alpha Zet«. 

McBride, Janea Nathan, state market 
dir., Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lansing, Mich. 
Prof. econ. and hist., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1904; mauag. LaSal Copper Co.'s 
Smelter, 18&7-ie07; present position, 
1916—. Mem. Mich. Legislature; mem. 
Mich. Milk Conm, Pres. Mich. Assoc. 
Farmers' Clubs; ptes. Mich. Dairy Assoc. 
Ed., OwDsso Times, b. Mercer Co.. Fa., 
Dec. 12, 1864; (. James S. aud Maiy 
(Offutt) M.; reared in country; m. Lois 
E. Dunbar, Nov. 3, 1893; c. Lois, Doro- 
thea. James D. B.A., Univ. Mich., 1888. 

McCall, Arthur G., chg. soil invests., Md. 
Eip. SU., CoUege Park, Md. 

Sci., Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1901-4; asst. prof, agron.. Ohio State 
Univ.. 1904-3; assoc. prof.. 1909-6; 
prof., 1906-16; present position. 1916—. 
Vice-pres. Am. Soc. Agron. Auik.: The 
Physical Properties oE Soils. 1005; Broom 
Com Culture, 1912; Field and Labora- 
tory Study of Soils, 1916; Field and 
Laboratory Study of Crops, 1919. b. 
Buena Vista, O., Nov. 11, 1874; *. M. D. 
and Elizabeth (Gillett) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Hattie M. Flower. 1896; e. 
Herbert Flower. Elizabeth. Dorothy Helen, 
Harriett. B.Sc, Ohio State Univ., 1900; 
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ.. 1916. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

McCall, Tkomaa MonUonerT, asst. prof, 
hort., Northwest Sch. Agr. and Exp. 
Sta., Crook*t«n. Minn. 

Asst. ent., la. Eip. SU.. lOlOi^instr. 
hort.. la. State Coll., 1910-1; present 

position, 1911—. Sec. Red River Valley 
Hort Soc; sec. Northwestern Minn. AgrL 
lostrs. Araoc.; sec. Red River Valley 

Potato Growers' Assoc, b. Story Co., la. 
Dec. 95, 1887; s. John N. and Olive, 
(Quick) M.; r^oedonfarm; m. Blanche 
Irene Fleetwood. June 12, 1912; e. 
Darwin llamas. B.S.. la. SUU CoU., 
1910. Alpha Zeta; Delu Sigma Rho. 

McCampbdl, Charles Wilbur, prof. an. 
husb., Kaus. State Agr- Coll., Manhattan, 

Asat. an. husb., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1910-2; asst. prof., 1912-4; assoc. prof., 
1914-8; prof.. 1918—. Ptes. Nat. 
Assoc, of Stale Live-Stock Re^try Eds.; 
sec. Kans. SUte live-Stock Registry 
Bd.; sec. Kaos. Improved Live-Slock 
Assoc.; sec. Kans. Horse Breeders' 
Assoc, b. Frankfort, Kans., Feb. 1. 
1882; «. J. A. and Kate (Freeman) M.; 
reared on farm and in town; m. Jessie E. 
Apita, 1913. B.S., Kans. SUte Agr. 
Coll.. 1006; D.V.M., 1910; B.S.A., 1918. 
Alpha ZeU; Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Beta Theta Pi. 

McCandliss, Donald Alfi, co. agrl. agt., 
Gul^rt, Miss. 

b. Fairmount, Ind., Dec. 24, 1891; «. 
Harry E. and Laura Harriet (Barr) M.; 
reared in town. B.S.. Miss. A.&M. ColL, 

McCanD, John Joseph, co. agrl. agt.. Little 
Falls. Mian. 

Pnnc. city sch., Chippewa Palls, Wis., 
1911-3; instr. agr.. Spring Grove, Minn., 
1915-8; instr. short-course, Hastings, 
1915. Chm. Military Training Camp 
Assoc, for Houston Co. b. Rock Elm, 
WU., Nov. 21, 1891; i. John A. and Kate 
(Hagau) M.; reared on farm. B.S. 
Univ. Minn., 1916. 

McCarthy, William Edward, teach, agr., 
Dowagiac Mich. 

Co. dir. Boys' Working Reserve. 
b. Oakland Co., Mich., Apr. 12. 1886; 
s. Edward and Mary (Bigger) M.; reared 
on farm ; m. Margaret Charlotte Jennings, 
Aug. 20, 1912. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 


HcCheyoe, Gertrude M., cbg. home eoon. 
est. and state leader, Utah Agr. CoU., 
Lo«an, Utah. 

Cbg. home econ. ext., Purdue Univ., 
1909-11; present pcwilioD, 1912— . Dii. 
home econ.. State Food AdministratioD, 
1917; chm. home econ. depL, State Fed. 
of Clubs, 1918. b. Southport, England, 
Dec. 9, 1877; d. Bobt. and Minnie 
(Bowyer) M.; reared in city and country. 
BB., Kans. SUte Univ.. I8»7; Kans. 
SUte Agr. CoU.. 1909. 

McChord. Robert Oddwell, acUng prof, 
an. huab., Univ. Mont.. Bozeman. Mont. 
Instr, an. busb., U. SUte Coll., 1913-4i 
asst. prof., 1911-6; instr. an. husb. 
Purdue Univ., 1915-S; present position 
1016—. b. Lebanon, Ky., Jul. 18, ISSS 
*. R. C. and Lizzie (Harrison) M, A.B. 
Cent. Univ, of Ky., 1908; B.S.A.. U. 
SUle Coll., 1913. Delta Kappa Epsil< 
Alpha ZeU: Phi Kappa Phi. 

McGean, Harry J., asst. prof, sodol., 
Univ. S. Calif., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Instr. sociol.. Univ. S. Calif., 1918-7; 
asst. prof., 1917 — . Mem. Social Serv. 
Comn., City of Los Angeles, 1018 — . 
Spedal attention to rural problems. 
b. Warren, O., Oct. 26, 1891 ; t. Marcus A. 
and Anna G. (Hoagland) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Hollace 1. Shaw, Aug. ». 1917. 
A.B., Stanford Univ., 1915; Juris Doctor, 
Univ. S. CaUf., 1917. Tau Kappa Alpha; 
Sigma Iota Chi. 

McClelland, Chahner Kirk, agron., Ga. 
Exp. Sta., Eiperiment, Ga. 

Aast. prof, agr., N. C. A. & M. CoU., 
lOOi-S; sci. asst.. Off. Farm Manag., 
1906-7; Bupt. Hays Branch Exfi. Sta., 
Kans., 1907-10; agron,. Hawaii Exp. 
Sta., 1911-4; present positioD, 1914—. 
Farm ed., Atlanta Constitution. 1916—. 
Served in Spanish- American War. b, 
Andover. 0., Sept. 18. 1877; *. Robt. 
Qement and Grace (Young) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Annie Bramlette. Feb. 19. 
1908; e. Annie Grace, Chalmer K. Jr., 
Clement Bramlette. B.Sc., Ohio State 
Univ.. 1888; M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1908. 
Alpha Zeta, 

McClure, Charles Ehon, co. agrl. agt., 
Lebanon. Ind. 

Farmer and stock raiser. 1891-1918. 
b. near Newton. Ind., May 28, 1871; 
*. Chas. D. and Martha A. (Haas) M.; 

reared on farm; m. IJUie B. Bitten- 
bender, Dec. 19, 1891; c. Agnes Charline. 
Glena Irene, John Malcolm. B.S., Pur- 
due Univ., 1890. Kappa Sigma. 

Mcaore. Frank Donald, asst.,Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

instr. agr., secondary schs., 1911-0. 
Chm. Kans. Teach. Agr., 1911-5. b. 
Linn Co., Kans., Nov. 1, 1891; ». Chas. 
Wilkin and Sarah Catherme (Gibbs) M.; 
reared on farm and in town. B.Sc, 
Kans. State Agr. CoU., 1911. 

McConnelL Qiaries Mclrin, minister. Lake- 
ville, O. 

Minister Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Pres. Rural Ministers' Assoc.; mem. 
Country Church Com., Federal Council 
of Churches of Christ of Am. b. Indians- 
polis. Ind., Jan. 16, 1880; I. I. H. and 
N. J. (ChaUant) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Grace Dimmick, Apr. 20, 1911; c. 
Jane, Louise. A.B., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
1907; S.T.B., Boston Univ. Scb. Theol., 
1910. Delta Tau Delta. 

McConnell, Olans Jackson, specialist in 
cotton marketing. U. S. Dept, Agr , Box 
7*9. Raleigh. N. C. 

b. Camesville. Ga., June 2, 1887; t. 
L. J. and Cora (Nelms) M.; reared in 
town; m. LiUian Fay Moss. June 28, 
1909; e. Burke. 

HcOm^, Merris Mickey, prof, soils, Mich. 
Agr. Coll., E. Lansing. Mich. 

Asst. plant physiology, Cornell Univ., 

1908-9; inatr, 1909-1!; aast. prof, 
soils. Ore, Agr, Coll., 1912-4; present 
position, 1914 — , b. Amity, Mo., Aug, 
31, 1883; a. John and Martha (Merris) 
M.; reared on farm; tn. Nellie D. Riggs. 
Sept. 81, IBH, B,S.. Univ, Mo, 1B08; 
M.S,. Cornell Univ.. 1910; Ph.D., 1912. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Alpha. 

McCord, John Earl, co. agrl. agt.. Brook- 
ville. Pa. 

Chm. food supply dept.. Public Safety 
Com,. JeSerson Co., 1917-8 6. Berwins- 
dale. Pa., Nov. 9, 1892; ». J, N. and 
Irene (Dinesha) M,; reared on farm; 
m. Helen Miller, June S. 1917. B.S., 
Penn. State Coll., 191S. Umbda Chi 


HcCMouck, Albert Gleu. co. sgrl. tgt., 
SlUlwater, Minn. 

Dir. agr., higb-scb.. Windom, Minn., 
191«~7; Austin, Minn., 1917-8; ajrt, 
Waahinglon Co.. 1918—. 6. DaDviUe, 
la., Aug. 31. 1363; t. J. N. and £. Jane 
(Rogera) M.; Kar«d on farm: m. Leona 
B. Peabok. June 80, 1916. B.S.A., la. 
State Coll., 1911. DdU TheU Sigma. 

HcCor, Waller Eli. co. agrl. agt., Mad 
Kver Nat. Bank BIdg.. Spring6eld, 0. 

AMt. Mils, Ohio State Univ., 1912-3; 
agrl. ext., 191»— . b. Wa^tungton C. H., 
O., Jan. 10, 1887; (. Mart L. and Anna 
M. (Parrett) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Ruth C. Allen, Jul. la, 1913. B.S.A., 
Ohio SUte Univ., 191B. Alpha Zeta. 

McCrary. Olis Frederick, distr. agrt. agt.. 
Washington, N. C. 

Teach, math, and ad.. Cyreue Inst., Ga., 
191S-S; teach, sgr. and sci.. high-ich., 
Verda, La., 1913-4; hi^-sch., Hampton, 
Va., iei4-fl; agt. Lenoir Co., N. C, 
191S-7; present position. 1917—. b. 
Aidieville, N. C. May 30, ISM; (. Silaa 
and Emma (Ball) M.i reared on farm. 
B.S.. Clemson Agr. CoU., 1913. 

McCroTT. Suunet Henrr. chief drainage 
invest!.. Bur. Fubhc Boads. U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

b. Iowa City, la.. May S. 1878; j. 
Chas. Robt. and Ruth Ann (Stevenson) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Blanche Severe, 
June 30, 1909; c. Dorothy Emogene, 
Ruth RoberU. B.S. in C.E., Sut« Univ. 
la., 1901; C.B., 1908. 

McCne. Qtarles Andrew, prof, bort., Del. 
CoU., Newark, Del. 

Instr. bort.. Mich. Art. CoU., 1001-7; 
prof. bort. and bort. Exp. Sta., Del. 
Coll., 1907 — . Chm. program com., Am. 
Soc. Hort. Sci.. 1816-7; pres., 1918, 
Hort. ed.. Practical Farmer, 1916-7. 6. 
Cass City, Mich., May 29, 1879; f. 
Chas. E. and Catherine (CainpbeU) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Florence Beebee, 
1006 (d. 1907); 8d, Esue Willis, 1913; 
!. John Beebee. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU.. 

McDoBold. Elmer M., aest. piof . farm cr<^», 
Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Teach, sci.. high-sch., Charleston, lU., 
1005-7; instr. agron., Univ. III.. 1910-8; 

aast prof, agron., Mu«. Agr. Coll.. ]9ie-S; 
present position, 1915 — . Second Lieut- 
infantry, Nat. Army, 1917—. 6. Tema, 
lU.; «. John T. and Nancy (Massey) M.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Univ. lU., 1910. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Alpha. 

McDonald, May C, in dig. borne econ. ert., 
N. D, Agr. CoU., A^cultural CoUi^e. 
N, D. 

Teach, dom. sd., Univ. Minn.. 1008-1*; 
home econ. ext., 1913-5; cbg. borne econ. 
est., N. D., 1918—; sUte leader home 
dem, a^., 1917—. State chm. Food 
Production and Conaarvation. b. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Nov. ea, 1884; d. FnakR. 
and Ellen (Brady) M.; reared in city. 
B.S., Univ. Minn., 1007; M.A.. Colum- 
bia Univ.. 1913. Phi Upsilon Omicron. 

McDonaU, MnrL aast. oo. agt. leader. la. 
State CoU., Ames, la. 

Agrl. eit. dept.. la. State CoU.. 1010-2; 
CO. Y. M. C. A. work. 1012-4; present 
position, 191+—. Re visor. Bowman 
Crossley Com Book. b. Clay Co., Neb., 
Jan. I, 1886; t. Millard L. and Emma 
Lenora (Diion) M.; reared on farm. 
B.S.A., la. State Coll., 1911. Alpha 
Zeta; DelU Sigma Rho. 

McDoneL Karl Haacbett, asst. ext. £r., 
Mich. Agr. Coll.. E. Lansing, Mich. 

Farm mauag, dem.. U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1916-7; superv. ext. schs. in Mioi., 
1917-8; present position. 1918—. 6. 
Eaton Co.. Mich., Apr. 11, 1893; *. 
Frederick R. and Luttie (Hancbett) M.; 
reared on farm. B.S.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 
1916. Beta Sigma. 

McDowell. Frank N., co. agri. agt., Kenans- 
ville, N. C. 

b. Charlotte, N. C, Oct. 80, 1889; i. 
John and Emma (Neely) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Sara Woot«n. June 14, 1916 
(d. 1918). B.S.A., N. C. A.itM. CoU., 
1910. Kappa Sigma; Alpha ZeU. 

McDowell, MihoD S., dir. agrl. ext., Penn. 
State CoU.. SUU CoUege, Pa. 

6. Milroy, Pa., Jan. 13, 1878; *, Wm. 
EIntt and Louisa (McGuire) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Mable Snyder, June 88, 
1000; e. 4. B.S., Penn. StaU CoU.. 1808; 
M.S., 1897. Kappa Sijma; Alpha Zeta. 


Prei. Am. Civic Assoc., 190*— ; vice- 
prea, N«l. Munidpal League, 1914 — . 
Mem. Harrisburg Park Coom., 11 yra.; 
mem. Pa. Conservation Comn. Lect. 
OD civic bettennent, trees, flowers. Auih.: 
Photograpbiing Flower* and Trees, 1902; 
Getting Acquainted with the Trees. 1904; 
My Growing Garden, 1916. Ed., Ameri- 
can Rose Annual, 1916—. b. McAlister- 
ville. Pa., S«wt. M. 1859; ». Geo. F. and 
Adeline D. (Griesemer) M.; reared in 
suburbs; m. Lydia S. Walters. May 22, 
1884; c, Helen L., Robl. B. 

McFariand, John WSliam, co. agrl. agt., 
Delphi. Ind. 

Sch. t«ach., 19(H-fl; deputy stAte chem. 
of Ind., 1910-3; agt Benton Co.. 1913-8; 
former, S. Bend., 1917; agt. Carroll Co., 
1918—. b. Tippecanoe Co., Ind.. Mar. 
0, 1884; t. Cbaa. W. and Mary Louise 
(Burkle) M.; reared on (armi n>. Mabelle 
Westfail Nov. 28, 1914; c. Virginia West- 
faU. B.S.A., Purdue Univ.. 1910. Alpha 
Gaouna Rbo. 


McGinnu, Nestor Massie, assoc. prof, bort., 
Tei. A.&M. CoU., College SUtion. Tel. 
Dir. rural arts and sd.. Coll. Ind. Arts, 
Denton. Tei.. 1910-5; preMut position, 
191S— . Sec. Denton Co. Exp. Assoc., 
191S-5. 6, Terrell, Tei.. Oct. 0, 1885; 
». Chas. Taylor and Nanc^ (Pratt) M.j 
reared on farm; m. Madelme Longcope, 
May 30, 1613. B.S., Tex. A.&M. Coll., 
1908; grad. student. Cornell Univ., 1906- 
10. DelU Sigma Phi. 

HcGinty, Rapert Ahtmo, assoc prof, hort.. 
Colo. Agr. Coll., Fort CoUins, Colo. 

Instr. bort., Colo, Agr. Coll., 1913-6; 
aast. prof., 1915-7; assoc. prof., 1917—. 
b. West Point, Ga.. May 2, 1886; g. John 
Franklin and Laura (Spikes) M.; reared 
on farm and in city; m. Letilia Cross, 
June U, 1914; c. Thos. FrankUn. B.S., 
Ala. Poly. Inst.. 1919. Alpha ZeU. 

McBviue, Jamea Spencer, research chem., 
Ky. £ip. Sta., Lezmgton, Ky. 

With t). S. Bur. Standards, Jul.-Nov. 
leoe; Hygienic Ub., Washington. 1900-7; 
chm. Ky. Geol. Survey, lW7-li; present 

rsition, 1912—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Ky., Jan. 29, 1378; a. James and Nan^r 
(Norvell) M.; reared on farm: m. Minnie 

McHatlon, Tirainas Hubbard, prof, hort,, 
Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga. 
Hort., Ga. Exp. Sta., Jan.-Nov. 1908; 

Besent position, 1908—. Sec. Ga. State 
art Soc. Partautk.: Land Teaching, 
1910, Hort. ed.. Southern Ruralist, 

190a— . Capt., Aviation Sect., Signal 
Corps, Nat. Army, 1913—. b. BrooUyn. 
N. ¥.. Nov. 12, 1S3S; a. Henry and Ehza 
(Hubbard) M.; reared in town and on 
farm; n. Marie Lustrat. June, 1911; 
c. Marie Lustrat, Elnore Elizabeth, 
B.S., Spring Hill Coll., MobQe, Ala., 
1903; B.S„ Mich. Agr, Coll., 1907; Sc.D,, 
Spring Hill Coll., 190T. Alpha Zeta. 

McHeniy. Ralpk Frank, state boys' club 
agt.. Md. Agr, CoU., CoUege Park, Md. 
Field asat. in tobacco invest., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1916; aist. boys' dub work, 
Md.Agr. Coll., 1916-7; state agt., 1917— , 
j>. Fn^erick, Md., Feb. 11, 1894; >. AUen 
and Julia (Baker) M.; reared in town. 
B,S., Md. Agr. Coll., 1916. Sigma Nu. 

gist. Bur. Ent., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Teach, biol., bigh-sch.. Pond du Lac, 
Wis., 190S-a. Ct^ected 6sh in Cuba for 
lad. Univ. Museum, summer 190S. 
b. Lyons, Ind.. Apr. 11. 1881; «. Jacc^ 
and Katherine Sarah (Halstead) M.; 
reared on farm; nt. Emma C. Pabst, 
Dec 23, 1011; c. Thos. Montgomery. 
Mary Velirfia. A.B., Ind. Univ., 1900; 
A.M.. 1909; Pb.D., Univ. Peon., 1911. 
Sigma Xi. 

dairy ind., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, > 

Asst dairy ind., ComeU Univ., i6\»-i; 
insti., 1912-S; instr. and invest, 1913-0; 
asst. prof., 1917—. 6. Elmira, N. Y.. 
Apr. 13, 1835; i. Patrick and Margaret 
(Looney) M.; reared on farmi m. Mar- 
garetL.Mahoney,Sept.24,1913; c.Thos., 
Margaret. B.S.A. CoToeM Univ., 1910; 
M. S. A.. 1912. 

McInlMh, Ana D., agrl. rep., Dept Agr., 
Stirling, Ont. 

b. Winchester Springs, Ont., Feb. 27, 
1875; t. James Norman and Louisa 
(Thornton) M.; reared on farm; ■». 
Catherine Maria Barkley, Jan. t. 1901; 


«. hen Mabel, Joho Sheldon Rom, Geo. 
Boosevelt, Elva Loube, Jftmea Norman, 
Joseph Doo&ld, Nuia Jean, Lois Helena. 
B.S.A., Toronto Univ., 1909. 

McKay, Andrew WiUkm, Bpedalist in mar- 
keting, Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Wsahington, D. C. 

Expert in fruit storage. V. S. Dept. 
Agr., 190S-13; pom., 191S-4; invest, 
fruit transportation, 1916-7; present 
poMtiou, 1918~. b. River John, N. S., 
Nov. eo, 1883 (naturalized 1909); reared 
on farm; m. Margaret Curtis. Jul. 22, 
1913i 0, Curtis Andrew, James Crelgh- 
ton. B.S.A., ComeU Univ.. 1908. 

McKay, Marian Berlke, asst. plant path., 
Ore. Eip. Sta., Corvallis, Ore. 
Sci. asst. plant path., U. S. Dept. Agr., 

Columbus and Sarah Mariah (Palmer) 
M.; reared on farm; m, Venus Worrell 
Pool,Nov.7, 1915; c. Muriel Pool. B.S., 
Okla. A.&M. CoU., 1911; M.S., Uoiv. 
WU., 191JJ. 

McKee, John MOlm. co. agrl. agt.. Wash- 

Asst. agron., Penn. Slate Coll., lSIO-1; 
with soil survey, Pa., 9 summers; farm 
manag., N. J., 8 mos.; agt. Washington 
Co.. 1911i— . h. CurUsviTle, Pa., Sept. 
S3. 1385; (. H. P. and Annie (Craig) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Beth IJUey, Oct. «4, 
1912; c. Sara Anne. B.S., Penn. StaU 
Coll., 1910. Alpha Zeta. 

McKee. Robert Bruce, oo. agrl. agt., Kalis- 
pell, Mont. 

Teach, agr. and manual training, high- 
ach., N. D. and Mont., 2 yrs. b. Uwight, 
N. D., June 8, 1894; i. James and Janet 
M.; reared on farm; m. Myrtle Flatin, 
Dec. 18, 1917. B.S.A.. N. D. Agr. CoU. 
Alpha Gamma Rho ; Alpha Zeta. 

McKelvey, Frank Hotchkiss, farmer, Sparta, 

Pres. Randolph Co. Farm Bur. b. 
Sparta, III., June 16, 1882; s. Sidney A. 
and Hattie (Hotchkiss) M.; reared on 
farm; tn. Gertrude Ann Lee. Feb. 9, 1910; 
e. Mary Frances, Franklin Hotchkiss. 
B.S.. Univ. It].. 1907. Phi Delta Theta; 
Alpha Gamma Rho. 

McKdrie, Samad 8., publisher The 
Nebraska Farmer, Lincoln, Neb. 

Mem. Neb. Legislature, 1911: Lieut.- 
Govemor. 1913. 6. Fairfield, Neb.. Apr. 
1S,18B1; «.SaroandJennie(Glandon)M.; 
reared on farm; m. Flossie DeArnold, 
June 19, 19M. Student Univ. Neb. 
Alpha Tau Omega. 

McKerrow, Georfe, farmer and stock- 
breeder. Pewaukee, Wis. 

Pres. Wis. State Bd. Agr.. 13 yrs,; 
supt. Wis. farmers' insts. and ed. annual 
bull., 20 yrs. Prea. Wis, Daiiymen'a " 
Assoc. Made fifteen trips to Great Britain 
and Channel Isls. b. Waukesha Co., 
Wis., Am. 1, 1852; 1. Gavin and Eliza- 
beth (Howett) M,; reared on farm; 
m. Isabella Rogers. Sept. 28, 1878; c. 
Wm. A., Gavin W. Student CarroU 
Coll., Waukesha, short term. 

McKaiican, William Christie, supt eipl. 
farm, Brandon, Mao. 

Rqi. Seed Branch, Dept, Agr., in 
Alta.andB.C, 1905-11; present position, 
1911 — . Dir. Man. Provincial Exhibition; 
dir. Man. Swine Breeders' Assoc, b. 
Breadalbane, Ont., Aug. 23, 1882; s. 
Wm. E. and Emma May (Christie) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Anna M. Stewart, 
Sept. 2, 1909; c. Mary E. B.S.A.. 
Ont. Agr. Coll., 1905. 

McKudey, Bruce, co. agrl. agt,, Elizabeth, 

Princ, Eufaula high-sch.; post-master, 
Eufaula. Okla.. 1906-14. b. Pullman, W. 
Va.. June 27, 1871; ». Wm. H, and Mary 
J. (Pritchard) M.; reared on farm; 
nt. Kittie Leonard, 1902; c. Wyncma, 
Leonard. Hubert. A.B.. W. Va. Univ., 
1900; B.S.A,, 1918, 

McKuoe. Emery F., invest, in marketing. 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Asst. hort., Colo. Agr. Coll., 1915-6. 
b. Faribault. Minn., Jul, 11, 1888; >. 
Fred and Clarissa (Goar) M.; reared on 
farm. B.S., Colo. Agr. CoU„ 1915; 
M,S„ U. SUte CoU„ 1917. 

McLean, Donald, c 

. agrl. agt.. Twin Falls, 

Teach, agr. and sd., New Plymouth, 
Ida., high-sch., 1B15-0; supt, schs.. 
Roswell, 1B16-T; present position, 1917—. 
Range foreman. <M,, Cob., Utah, 6 yn.; 


farmer, Ida., 4 yra. h. Elyiia, 0., May 11, 
188A; t. Lester and Mary Dew^ (Shaw) 
M.; reared in cily. Student Princeton 
Univ., 190S-4. Grod. short-coune, Univ. 
Wis.. 1B09. 

McI.eui,John A.,,UDiv. B.C., 
Vancouver, B. C. 

Assoc, prof. an. huab., la. State Coll., 
1906-B: an. husb., Miss. Eip. SU., 1908- 
10; Moss. Agr. Coll., lell-fl; present 
position, 1918 — . b, Ormond, Ont., May 
18, 1878; *. Thos. and Jessie (McDonald) 
M.; r^red on form; m. Marguet 
Prendergast,1907. B.A.,McMasterDiiiv., 
Toronto, 1902; B.S.A., la. SUte Coll., 

. agrl. agt.. 

McLendon, James Ward, 

Florence, S, C. 

Teach,, G». Military Inst,, 1910-1; 
dairy tanuCT, 1912-7. Ed., Tinunone- 
ville Enterprise, 1907-10. b. Hmmons- 
ville, S. C, Feb. 17, 188B; ». David and 
Mary (Ward) M.; reared in town. B.S.. 
ClemBon Agr. Coll.. 1907. 

McLendon. WiDuin Evflcne. ad. in soil 
survey. Bur. Soils. U. S. Dept. Agr., 
WashmgtoD, D. C. 

Asat., Clemson Agr. Coll., IWl-S; 
field work in U. S. Soil Survey, 1904-13; 
insp. of Boil survey work. Northern Div., 
1813—. 6. Darilngton Co.. S. C, Dec. 
28, 1877: : Thos. J. and Ellen A. M.; 
reared on farm; m. Annie Keene Barret, 
Oct. 6, 1906; e. Annie Laurie. B.S., 
Clemson Agr. Coll., 1901. 

McMillan, Samnel A., assoc. prof, agron., 
Tei. A.&M. Coll., CoU^e Station. Tex. 
Prof, rural arts. Coll. Ind. Arts, Den- 
ton, Tex., 1910-1; inatr. ogron., Tei. 
A. & M. Coll., 1911-3; asst. prof.. 191S-5; 
assoc. prof., 1915—. 6. Bern, Mo„ Mar. 
9, 18B8; *. Thos. J. and Charotte (Wacker) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Carrie I^bo, 
Dec., 1914; e. Samuel A. Jr., Thos. O. 
B.S., Tex. A.&M. Coll,, 1909; M.S.A., 
Cornell Univ. 

Asst. dry land agr., Akron Field Sta., O.. 
Syi yrs.; co, agrl. agt., Anadorko, Okla., 
6 mos. 6. Franktown, Colo., Sept. B. 
1884; 1. David and Anna Jane (Munroe) 
M.; reared on ranch; m. Hazel Allen, 

June 8, 1914 (d.): e. David Allen. 
B.S., Colo. Agr. Cok>.. 1918. 

McMnitj, In B., CO. agrl. agt., Cheboygan, 

Tead).. HI., 9 yrs.; farmer, Mason Co., 
Mich., 1918-7. b. BoonviUe, Ind.. Aug. 
8, 1879; ». Isaac and Eliea J. (Brosheari) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Lillie W.Stewart, 
June le, 1900; e. Vivian Inez. Gt»d. 
m. Stale Normal Univ., 100*; student 
Mich. Agr. CoU. 

McNair, Albert Dfly, ogrrt.. Off. Farm 
Mauag., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 

Supt. Eip. Farm, Soutiern Pines. N. C. 
1901-3; assoc. ed, Tex. Farm and Randi. 
1906-7; present position, 1908 — . b. 
Dansville, N. Y., Oct. IB, 1868; *. David 
and Alice (McNair) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Georgie S. Stevens, Oct. 17, 1900; c. 
Alice. Student Univ. Minn.. S yrs. 

McNamara. Edward W., farmer, WinfieM, 

Mem. legislative com.. Fed. Bd. Farm 
Orgonizatious. b. Winfield, N. Y„ Jan. I, 
1869; ». Thos. W. and Mary (Hastings) 
M.; reared on (arm. 

McNeal, ThomaB ABen, ed. Farmers' 
Mail and Breeze, Topeka. Kans. 

Ed. Medicine Lodge Cresset, 1870-84; 
established Kansas Breeze, 1894. Mem. 
Kana, Legislature, 1886-7; mayor Medi- 
cine Lodge, 1800; governor's sec., 1906; 
state printer, Kans., 1905-11. Avik.: 
Tom ^ScNea^s Fables, 1900. 6. Marion 
Co., 0.. Oct. 14, 1863; », Allen and Rachel 
(Brownlee) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Anna BeUe McPherson, Aug. 86, 1884. 
Student 0. Central, Oberlio CoU., Hilla- 

McNown, Mark Freeman, co. agrl. agt.. 
Blkader. la. 

Supt. and dir, agr., consolidated sch.. 
"nntah, Minn., 1912-5; dairy tester, 
Univ. Wis,, 1915-6; tarmer, 1916; instr. 
agr., high-sch., Brainerd, Minn.. 1017; 
agt. Clayton Co.. la., 1918 — . b. Maus- 
ton. Wis., May 27. 1886; *. Henry and 
Cornelia (Curtis) M.; reared on form. 
B.S.. Univ. Wis., 1912. 

McNntl, Matthew Brown, Geld sec., Presby- 
terian Bd. of Home Missions, Woostm, O. 
Teach, distr. sch., 3 yrs. and princ. 


□ Church, DuPage, Hi., 18 yra.; pTcsent 
poution. 1912 — . Special attention to 
countn-life problems, b. Leatherwood, 
Pa., Mar. Ifi, 1869; «. Matthew and Mary 
(Kirkpatrick) M.; reared on farm; nt. 
Elixa Gertrude Rogers, June iS. 1902; 
c. Malcolm RogerB. Wilfrid Daniel, Mary 
Elisabeth. Mast, of Elements, Clarion 
SUte Normal. ISWt-. B.A., Drake Univ., 
1897; B.D., McCormick Tfaeol, Sem.. 

McPtiecters, Archibald Allen, co. agrl. agt.. 
Farmington, Minn. 

Dir. agr., public schs.. Two Harbors, 
Minn., 1912-4; dir. agt., higb-sch., 
Hastings, I91S-6: agt. Logan Co., Okla., 
1916-7; agt. DakoU Co., Minn., 1917—. 
b. Bate* Co., Mo., Mar. 30, 1890; t. 
Tbos. R. and Margaret Elisabeth (Hunt- 
er) M.; r«ared on farm; nt. L. B. John- 
son, June 14, 1916; c. A. A. Jr. B.S., 
Okla. A.&M. Coll., 1912. 

McRae, Wmiun Dubcod. sUte rural aec. 
Y. M. C. A., Los Angeles, Calif. 

b. Dunvegan, Ont., Nov. S9. IBTl 
(oatuToUied 1918); *. Malcolm D. and 
Jennie (McAlpine) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Clara Ethel Bates, Sept. 2, 1002; e. 
Horace Truman, Gordon Bates, Wm. D. 
Jr. A.B., OUvet Coll., 1901. Phi Alpha 

McSpairan, John Aldus, Farmer, Furaits, Pa. 
Master Pa. State Grange. 6. Fumiss, 
Pa.. Oct. 22, 1373; i. James G. and Sara 
M. (Collins) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Bettie Harrison Goodwyn, Dec. 91, 1902; 
e. Suah Margaret, Lacy Isabelle, Cbas. 
Goodiryn. John Collins. Pfa.B., l«fayette 
Coll., 1893. 

McWborler, Ovid TuIIinB, co. agrl. agt., 
Montesano, Wash. 

Agrst., Sute Training Sch., Chehalis. 
Wa^.. 1612-4; agrl. agt., CUUam and 
Jefferson Cos., 1916-8; agrl. agt.. Grays 
Harbor Co., 1918—. b. Berlin, W. Va., 
Mar. 3, 1884; i. Lucullus Virgil and 
Ardelia (Swisher) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Bertha Leone HeETner, Nov. 28, igiS. 
B.S.,Wash.SUleColl.,)912. AlphaZeta. 

Mead, Elwood, prof, rural institutions, 
Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

Prof, irrig. en^., Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1883-8; slate engin., Wyo., 1B8S-98; 

chief itrifp. invest., U. S. E>ept. Agr. and 
prof. img. institutions, Univ. Calif., 
1898-1007; chm. State Water Comn., 
Victoria, Australia, 1907-13; present 
position, lOlfi — ; chm. State Land 
Settlement Bd., 1915—. b. PatHot, Ind., 
Jan. 16, 1SS8; >. Daniel and Lucinda 
(Davis) M,; reared on farm. B.S., 
Purdue Univ., 1382; C. E,. la. State CoU., 
1883; D. Engin., Purdue Univ., 1904. 

Meek. EUubeth Bteckenridfe, aast. prof. 
bact.. Peon. State CoU., SUle College, Pa. 
Instr. Eool.. Penn. State Coll., 1808- 
1900. 1903-S; asst. prof, bact., lOOS-9; 
now on leave of absence, b. Bellefonte, 
Pa.; d. P. Gray and Susanna (Meek) M.; 
reared b city. B.S., Penn. SUte Coll., 
1839; M.S.. 1898; grad. student Univ. 
Chicago, 1900-1, 190«-7, 1909. Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Meek, Joseph Henry, co. agrl. agt., Pulaski, 

Princ. higb-sch., Stephen City, Va., 
1912-3; IMnwiddie, 1913-7; agt. Pulaski 
Co., 19T7— . Pres. Dbwiddie Co. Teach- 
ers' Assoc., 191»-7. b. Rural Retreat, Va., 
Feb. 22, 1800; (. Chas. J. and MoUie E. 
(Buck) M.; reared on farm. A.B.. 
Roanoke Coll., Salem, Va.; grad student 
agr., Univ. Wis. 

Meeks, Janes Riley, co. agrl. agt.. Port 
Wayne, Ind. 

J^al. prof. an. husb., N. Mei. A.&M. 
Coll., 1014-7; asst. pnrf. in chg. dairy 
dept., 1017-8; co. agt., 1918—. Ii. 
Thorntown, Ind., Mar. Ifi, 1890; (. 
Howard and Rosie (Riley) M.; r««red on 
farm; in. Olive Woody, Aug. 17, 191S; 
e. Mary Elizabeth. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 

Mdander, Axel Leonard, prof, eat.. Wash. 
SUte CoU.. Pullman, Wash. 

Instr. ent.. Wash, SUte CoU., 1904-0; 
prof., 1906—; head dept. lool.. 1907—; 
asst. ent.. Wash. Eip. SU., 1904-6; 
ent,. 1006—. FeUow A. A. A. S.; feUow 
Ent. Soc. Am. and vice-pres.. 1016. 
Aulh.: (with Brues) Key to Families of 
North American Insects, 1915. Atioc. ed.. 
Better Fruit; Psyche. 6. Chicago, Ul., 
June 3, 1873; >. Silas F. and Eda Mathilda 
(Bjoric) M.; reared m city; nt. Mabel 
Evans, Mar. 9, 1903; c. Chas. Lewis. 
Ivar Evans. B.S., Univ. Tex., 1001; 
M.S., 1902; Sc.D., Harvard Univ., 1914. 
Sigma Xi. 


Heklien, Leo Edward, assoc. pnrf. bot., 
Kuu. SUte Agr. Coll., M&nhatUn, Kans. 
Asst. hort. ext. achi., O.. 1912; ant. 
plant path., Kaiu. Eni. Sta., I91»-5i 
laati. bot., I0I5; cofiaborator cereal 
invests., U. S. Dept. Age., 1916; asst. 
prot. bot,, Kans. SUte Ap-. Coll., 1919-8; 
aasoc. prof., acting head depu and 8tat« 
plant path.. 1916—. 6. Toledo, O., Aug. 
1,1889; f.Edwardiind Florentine (laurer) 
M.; reared in dty; m. Iva M. Lewis, May 
18, 1916. B.S., Ohio State Univ., l»ie; 
M.Sc., 1919. Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma 
DelU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

MdliDS, Irring E., prof, plant path., la. 
State Coll.. Ames, la. 

Plant, path., Buf. Plant Ind., 1911-5; 

B-esent position, 1918—. 6. CresUtn, 
1., Apr. 2, 1880; : Ole and Ida {Eager) 
M.; reared on farm: m. Eliiabeth Wil- 
lianuon, 1907; e. Sarah, Janet. B.S., 
la. SUte Coll., 1908; Ph.D., Univ. Wis. 
Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Alpha Tau Omega. 

I. agrl. agt., Biu-gaw, 

Melviii, Robert T. 

N. C. 

b. White Oak, N. C; *. Bobt. A. 
and Varina Davis (Singletary) M.; 
reared on (arm; m. Nma Boone, June 19, 
191fi; c.MaryLouise. B.S.A.,N.C.A.& 
M. Coll., 1913. Alpha ZeU. 

Mendenhall, Dean Womn, oo. agrl. agt.. 
Glendive, Mont. 

Teach, agr., high-sch., BaroeaviUe, 
Minn., 1914-6; Maddock, N. D.. 1917. 
b. W. Middleton, Ind., June ei, 1888; 
«. Kmeon W. and Elisabeth (Johnson) M.; 
reared on farm; nt. Esther Verm Seaman, 
May W, 1917. B.S.A., N. D. Agr. CoU., 

Mendoia, Allied A., co. agrl. agt.. Opelousas, 

In chg. agr. and ooadi athletics, high- 
sch., Patterson, La., 1917--8. b. Jeaner- 
ette. La., Dec. tS. 1SS9; $. Louis A. and 
Laura (Frahan) M.; reaT«d on farm; 
m. Gladys Spring, Aug. 30, 1017. Grad. 
SUte Normal. Natchitoches. U., 1917. 

Merchant, ADen S., co. agrl. agt.. Cortland, 
N. Y. 

Farm manag., ISyrs.; co. agt., lOlfi — . 
b. Warsaw, N. Y., June 18, 1878; i. 
Wesley aod Alice (Howes) M.; reared on 
farm; tn. Sarah Whittaker. Oct. 8. 1003; 

Mercier, William Benjamin, agrat. and 
Seld agt., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. 

Farm manag., La. SUU Exp., SU. 1892- 
5; farmer. Miss., 1805-1000; present 

Ssition, 1909 — . Co.-auth.: Knapp 
ethod of Growing Cotton, 1918. First 
Ueut. Misa. Nat. Guards, b. Summit, 
Miss., Sept. 6, 1888; i. Geo. W. and 
Sarah F. (Lane) M.; reared on farm; 
nt. Cora E. Spikes, Sept. iO, 1893; e. 
Florence Smdur. B.S., Misa. A.&M. 
Coll., 1892. 

Meredith. Edwin Thomas, pub. Successful 
Farming, Des Moines, la. 

Pub. Farmers' Tribune. ISOe-lOOC; 
Successful Farming, 1908—. Del. at 
IdTge, Dem. Nat. Convention, 1910. 
Dir. Chicago Fed. Reserve Bank; dir. 
U. S. Chamber Commerce. Mem. Excess 
Profits Bd., U. S. Treasury Depl.; mem. 
Am. Mission to Great Britain and Franoe, 
1018. b. Avoca, U., Dec. £3, 1B76; 
I. T. O. and Minnie M. (Marsh) M.; 
reared on farm and in town; m, Edna C. 
Elliott, Jan. B. 1896; c. Mildred Marie, 
Edwin T. Jr. B.S., Highbnd Park CoU., 
Des Moines. 

Meriwetber, Charles Nlcbolaa, farmer. Tren- 
ton, Ky. 

6. Ark., 1849; ». J. H. and Lucy E. 
(McClure) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Kitty Tutwiler; c. Lucv McClure, Bobt. 
Tutwiler, Henry Tutwiler, Leonard Tut- 
wiler, Nicholas Hunter, Paoli Ashe. B.S.. 
C.E., Washington and Lee Univ.. 1872, 

Athens, Ga. 

Teach, common schs., Ga.; prof, sd.. 
Union Baptist Inst., Mt. Vernon, Ga., 

14; prof, rural econ. and sociol., 1914 — ; 
head dept. geography, Univ. Ga. Summer 
Sch., 1906-lS; prof, geography. Summer 
Sch. of the South, Univ. Tenn., 1815—; 
prof, rural educ Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1017; dir. for southern sUtes, U. S. 
Sch. Garden Army, Bur. Educ. 1918—. 
Avlk.: What to Teach in Nature-Study, 
1900; Field and Laboratory Note Book 
in Physical Geography, 1011; Geogn^lir 


of the Soils of Georgia, 1911; Primary 
Geogr^iby of Georgia. 1913; Advanced 
Geography of Georgia, I9IS: (with L. S. 
Ivios) Practical L^sooa in Agriculture. 
1013; Geographic Readers, Vols. 1, II, 
III. IV. £d. and puh.. The EducatioDal 
Monthly, b. Boston, Mass., June 15, 
1875; (. Samuel and Lucy (Urann) M.; 
ni. Effie Smith, Dec. ti. 1909. B.S., 
Mass. Agr. Colt., 18B0; B.Sc., Boston 
Univ., 1899. 

Merrill, George Eaach, oa. agrl. agt., Santa 
Rosa, Calif. 

Asst. agrst.. Nst. Farm Sch.. Doyles- 
town. Pa.. 1904-9; special field agt., 
U. S. Dept. Agr,. I90S-8: agrl. ed.. Inter. 
Correspondence Schs., Satinton, Pa., 
I908-S; chief deputy hort. comnr. for 
Calif.. 1911-3; agt. Sonoma Co., 1918—; 
apricot ^wer, 1913 — . Sec. Calif. Prune 
and Apricot Growers' Organization Com. 
b. Newberryport, Mass., Mar. 5. 1883; 
s. Geo. F. and Hannah B. (Moullon) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Sophie E. Schoenheit, 
Jul. 80, I9I2; c. Margaret. B.S.. N. H. 
A.&M. Coll., 1902; B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1902. Kappa Sigma. 

MerriD, Joseph Henry, asst. prof, and asst. 
ent. Exp. Sta., and state apiarist, Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll., ManhatUn, Kans. 

Present position, 1912 — . b. Daovers, 
Mass.,Nov. 12,1881; «. Joseph and Mary 
Frances (Sawyer) M.; reared In town; 
tn. Lillian Briggs, Sept. 21. 1912; e. 
Joseph Brigga, Frances Somerville. B.S., 
Dartmouth CoU., 1905; Hi.D., Mass. 
Agr. CoU., 1914. Phi Gamma Delta; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Merrill, Lcm S., dean CoU. .\gr. and dir. 
ezt., Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Present position, 1911—. Sec. Me. 
Dairymen's Assoc. 4. Solon, Me., Dec. 
22, 1861; (. Stephen and Jerusha (Dean) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Alice E. WUsou, 

Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta. 

Merrill, Lorin Aaa, asst. stat« leader co. 
agts., Utah Agr. CoU., Logan, Utah. 

Asst. dairyman, 1807-1900; manag. 
creamery, 1900-7; farmer, 1907-13; 
CO. agt., 1013-fi. Bishop Mormon 
Church, 1907-13. b. Richmond, Utah. 
Apr. 4, 1876; i. M. W. and Almira J. 
(BaiulKidge) M.; reared on farm; m. 

Idura L. Reese, June 13, 1900; e. Milton 
Virgil, Asa June, Harold, Dean, Laura, 
Chrkstian, Liona. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU., 

MerrUI, Louis Fowler, co. agrl. agt., Hacken- 
sack. N. J. 

Instr. agroD., short-course, Rutgers 
CoU., 1912-3; asst. soils, N. J. Exp. Sta., 
1912-3; supt. farm dem., ext. dept., 
Rutger3CoU.,1914— . 6. Larchmont. N.V., 
Jul. 24. 1884; i. Wm. 0. and Kate 
Elizabeth (Fowler) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Olive Prances U Rose. Oct. 1«, 1012; 
c. Paul U Rose. B.S., Rutgers CoU., 

Merrill, Lucius Herbert, prof. biol. and agrl. 
chem.. Univ. Me.. Orono, Me. 

Asst. dept. lithology and phv»cal 
geol., U. S. Nat. Museum, 1885-fl; diem.. 
Me. Exp. Sta., 1886-1908; instr. biol. 
chem., Univ. Me., 1897-8; prof.. 1898- 
1906; prof. biol. and agrl, chem., 1907—. 
6. Auburn. Me., Oct. 1. 1857; *. Lucius 
and Anne Elizabeth (Jones) M.; m. 
Lydia Maria Buffum. June 24. 1898; 
2d, Annie Clifford Moore, June 15, 1910. 
B.S., Univ. Me., 1883; Sc.D., 1908. 
Sigma Chi; Alpha ZeU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

MeiriU, Mdvio ClareBce, hort., Utah Agr. 
Coll.. Logan, Utah. 

Dir. d^t. agr., Ida. Tedi. Inst.. 
Pocatello. 1915-7; present position, 
1917—. Traveled around world. 1906-10; 
agrl. insp. and supt. Exp. Sta. in Fhilip- 
pmes. b. Richmond, Utah. Apr. 6, lSS4i 
t. Marriner Wood and Maria Loeoza 
(Kingsbury) M.; - reared on farm; m. 
Amy Lyman, Sept. 9. 1914. B.S., Utah 
Agr. Coll., 1905; S.M.. Univ. Chicago, 
1912; A.M., Harvard Univ.. 1913; 
Ph.D., Washington Univ., 1919. Sigma 

MerriU, Sewall E^»ert. co. agrl. agt.. 
Las Vegas, Nev. 

Asst.hort.,N. Mex. A.&M.CoH„1911- 
2; CO. hort. insp.. San Diego Co., Calif., 
1912-3; instr. agr., Escondido high-sch., 
Calif.. 1912-3; head. agrl. dept.. Ingle- 
wood Union high-sch., Calif., 1913-6; 
agt. Clark Co., Nev., 1917—. 6. Daven- 
port, la.. Aug. 27. 1800; a. Warren A. 
and Eunice (HaU) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Iva Claire Buell, Aug. 27, 1912; 
G. Egbert M., Theodore W. B.S.A., 
N.Mex. A.&M.CoU^ IBll. 


Merry, H. Sernour, agt. in dairyine and 
cherae specialist, Va. Poly. Inat., Bkcks- 
burg, Va. 

*. Verona. N. Y., Mar. 8, 1881; ». 
Gottlieb and Sarah i. (McGann) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Grace B. Taber, 
Mar, HI, IMT; c. Helena A.. Esther M. 
Special student, Cornell Univ., 190S-7. 

Mervine, Ernest Mnchmore, assoc. prof. 
agrl. engin., la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

b. Myton, Pa., Mar. 30, 1887; a. Chas. 
S. and Nellie K, (Muchmore) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Eva F. Martyn, Jul. S3, 1913. 
M.E., Lehigh Univ., 1909. 

MetcaU, Woodbridje, asst, prof, for., 
Univ, Calif.. Berkeley, Calif. 

Present position, 1914—. 6. Grosse 
Pointe, Mich., June 2S, 1888; t. Chas. 
Horton and Mattie Kitchell (Woodbridge) 
M.; reared in city; m. Norah Clements. 
Sept. ie. 1914; e. Beatrice Marian. 
A.B., Univ. Mich., 1911; M.S.P,, 1912. 
Sigma Xi; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Metiger, Graver E., co. agrl. agt., Goshen, 

b. Leeshurg, Ind., June 7, 1888; ». Wm, 
and Addie (Wilkinson) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Hasel Rarrick, Mar. 7, 1916; 
e. Robt. Earl. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 

MedSer, Jacob EIry, agron., Md. Exp. 
Sta., College Park. Md. 

Mnc. elementary schs.. Pa., 1808-6; 
teach, ur., high-sch., Minn.. 1911-S; 
prof, agrf educ. and dir .summer sch, for 
teachers, Md. State Coll., 1914-7; superv. 
agrl. instr., Md. State Dept. Educ, 
1916-7; present position, 1917—. 6. 
New Enterprise, Pa., Jul. 90. 1882; (. 
Jacob B. and Kathryn (Dilling) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Jennie Reba Butts, 
May, 1912. B.S., Penn. SUte Coll., 
1911. Sigma Phi Sigma. 

Meyer, Arthur John, dir. agrl. ext., Univ. 
Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Asst. Bgron., Univ. Wis., 1902-4; 
special agt. an. hush,, Colo. Agr. Coll., 
19D4-6; asst. to dean and dir.. Coll. of 
Agr.Univ. Mo., 1911-4; present position, 
1914—. Fhsl pres. Wis. Eip. Assoc 
Farmer, 1907-11. Atioe. ed.. Wisconsin 
Agriculturist, 1906-7. 6. near Milwau- 
k^ Wis., June 24, 1878; i. John and 
Sophia M.; m. lllma Margaret Bohr, 

Sept. 4, 1911; d. Donald, John. B.S.A., 
Univ. Mo., 191S. Alpha Zeta; Gamma 
Sigma Delta, 

Merer, Martin H., manag. in chg. Chr. 
Hansen's Lab., Inc., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Instr. dairying, Univ. Wis., 19(t«-7. 

Sec.-treas. Nat. Creamery Butterraakers* 
Assoc. Avlh.: Modern Buttermaking and 
Dairy Arithmetic, 1910; Dairy Guide, 
1913. b- Cedarburg, Wis., Sept. 24. 1889; 
s. Henry and Louise (Wiepking) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Nora M. Ryan, June 
1902; c. John M. Grad. short-course 
agr., Univ. Wis., 1897; dairy course, 1902. 

Meyers, P. T., co. agrl. agt.. Gillette, Wyo. 
Prof, agr., high-sch., Stromsburg, Neb., 
1914-Sl asst. and instr. agron., Uni 

Anny- 1913—. b. Hendley. Neb., Jan. 
12, 1891; s. PhUip and Ida (Johnson) M.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. Neh., 

Middleton, Morricc Smilh, provincial hort. 
and insp. fruit pests. Victoria, B. C. 

Asst. provincial hort,, 1909-17; hort. 
and insp. fruitpests, 1917—. b. Aberdeen- 
shire, Scotland, May 24, 1S83; *. Wm. and 
Catherine (Smith) M.; reared on (arm. 
B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll., 1909. 

Milam, Ava Berlha, dean Sch. Home Eicon,, 
Ore. Agr. CoU.. Corvallis, Ore. 

Teach, public schs., Athinta, Mo., 
1903-4; Blees MiUtary Acad., Macon. 
1904-7; teach, summer sch., N. 111. Stale 
Normal Sch., summer 1611; la. Slate 
Coll., 1911; present position, 1911—. 
Dir. home econ. for Ore., Fed. Food 
Administration. Auth.: Camp Cookery, 
1917. b. Macon. Mo.. Nov. 27. 1884; 
d. Andl and Mary Louise (McGinnis) M.; 
reared on farm. Pb.B.. Univ. Chicago, 
1910; A.M., 1911. 

M3e8, Warrea EnuSn, teach, agr.. Burnt 
Hills, N. Y. 

Teach, agr,, high-sch„ Walton. N, Y., 
1013-«; Burnt Hills, 1917—. h. Erie- 
vUle, N. Y., Oct, 8. 1890; ». WeUington 


Hilhaia, dintoa Pometxtf. oo. agii. agt., 
TftWBB City, Mich. 

Seed corn specialist. States RelktJons 
Serv., I91T. b. KbIbiiueoo, Mich., Jon. 
20,18&9; «<IClemuu<Pome- 
roy) M.; re*red on farm. Student Mich. 
Agr. Coll., « yra. 

[! JEuch. 

Millai. Oiarlea Ernest, 

Mich. Agr. Coll., B. LwuiDg. 

Grad. assl. chcm., Univ. Dl., 1909-10; 
asat. chem., Kans. State Agr, Coll., 
1910-1; asst, soil chem., 1911-3; asst. 
soils, 1913-5; asat. prof, soils, Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 191S-8; assoc. prof.. 1918—. 

b. Coles Co., HI., June 23, 1885; s. Adam 
and Fannie B. (Knowles) M.; reared in 
country; m. Lucile E. Kays, June, 1912; 

c. Margaret. B.S., Univ. lU.. 1909; 
M.S., 1911; B.S. in Agr., Kans. SUte 
Agr. Coll., 1915. Phi Lambda Upsilon; 
Alpha Zeto. 

Miller, Cherlea C, beekeeper and writer, 
Marengo, III. 

Prei. Nat. Beekeepers' Union; prea. 
Northern III. Hort. Soc. Auih.: A Book 
— By P. Benson, Sr., 1874; A Year 
Among the Be«s, 1880; Forty Vtan 
Among the Bees, 1902; Fifty Years 
Among the Bees, 1911. Aiioc, ed., 
AmericBii Bee Journal, 1894 — ; dept. ed,. 
Gleanings in Bee Culture. 1890—, b. 
Ligonier, Pa.. June 10, 1831; ». Johnson 
and Phebe (Roadmao) M,; reared in 
village; m, Mrs. H, M. White. Aug. 12, 
1857 (d. 1880); 9d, Sidncn' J. Wilson. 
Nov. 15. 1881; e. Chas. Clinton. A.B.. 
Union Coll., 185S; M.D„ Univ. Mich., 
1856. Phi BeU Kappa. 

Miller, Edward Andrew, agrst, and field 
agt.. States Relations Serv,, U. S. Dept. 
Agr,, Waahmgton, D. C. 

lustr., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1000-1; prof, 
agr., 7tb DUtr. Agr. Sck.. Ala., 1901-5; 
pres. Oth Distr, Agr. Scb.. 190S-11; 
ores. 7th Distr. Agr. Sch„ 1911-3; special- 
ist in agrl. educ., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1913- 
7; agrst, and field agt„ 1917—. Avih.: 
Elementary Vocational Agriculture for 
Maryland Schools, 1915; Elementary 
Agriculture for Virginia Schools, 1917. 
b. AlbertviUe, Ala,, Feb. 2. 1878; .. Thos, 
J. and Alpha B, <Ray) M.; reared on 
farm; ni, Jessie B. Sims, Aug. 27, 1905; 
e. Grace Marjorie, Martha Ruth, Edward 
A. Jr, B.S., Ala. Poly, Inst., 1900; 
M.S„ 1903. 

HOIeT, FruKia Gamer, prof. tor. and dean 
Scb. For,, Univ, Ida,, Moscow, Ida, 

Prof. for.. Univ. Neb,, 1903-7; prof, 
for, and dean CoU, For,. Univ, Wash., 
1907-12; prot. for, and head dept,. 
Wash, State Coll,, 1915-7; present 
position, 1917—, With U, S. For, Serv., 
summers, 1901-12. Mem. Wash. StaU 
Conservation Comn.. 1908-9; Wash, 
SUte For. Legislation Comn., 1910. 
b. Lanark, HI.. June 2, 18B6: *. Isaiah 
and Isabelle Jane (Moffett) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Evelyn Depew Miller, Sept. 
IS. 190«. B.Ph.. SUte Univ. la., 1900; 
B.S.A., U. State Coll., 1001; M.F., 
Yale Univ. For, Scb., 1903. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Miller, Henry Paul, farmer, Sunbury, O, 
Instr., Ohio State Univ., short-course, 
1900-7; prof. agr. and dir. short-courses, 
Okla, A,&M. Coll., 1908-10; special 
invest, for Tariff Bd., 1910-1; agt. 
Portage Co., 0., 1913-7, Contributing 
ed,, Ohio Farmer, b. Sunbury, 0„ Nov. 
8, 1865; ». Wm. D. and Mary (Paul) M,; 
reared on farm; m. Emma Caroline 
Pierson, May 19, 1891; c. WendeD P., 
Russell Wells, Williard A., Paul Condit. 
B,S., Antioch Coll,, 1889; D,V.M,, Ohio 
SUle Univ,, 1895; M,S., Antioch Coll., 

Miller, Jainea Heuy, nuuisler, 443 W. 
Main St., Lebanon, Tenn. 

Adj, prof.. Trinity Univ.. Tex,, 1883-4. 
Super V, rural work in presbytery, b. 
Independence, Mo., Feb. S, 1860; *. 
John Henry and Mary (Henderson) M.; 
reared on farm ; m, Cornelia Maude Hoyt, 
Feb. 24, 1891; e. James Hum. Charlene 
Frances, A.B., Trinity Univ., 1883; 
B,D„ CumberUnd Univ,, 1886; D,D., 
1910. BeU Theta K. 

Millet, Maurice Etbddred, co. agrl, agt.* 
Charleston, Miss. 

Agrst. for Marshall Co. Agrl. High-Scb., 
Lamar, Miss,, 1913-6; agrst. for Franklin 
Co., Meadville, 1919-7; agl, Franklin 
Co.. 1917; agt. Tallahatchie Co., 1918—. 
b. Holly Spnngs, Miss,, Apr. 13, 1893; 
t. Maurice M. and Sallie (McAuley) M,; 
reared on farm, B,Sc., Miss. A.&M. 
Coll., 1913, 

MiUer, Merrilt Rnlej, prof, soils, Univ. Mo., 
Columbia, Mo. 
With Bur. Soils. U. S. Dept. Agr,, 


1901-8; agron., Ohio StaU Univ., 1004^; 
prof, agron., Univ. Mo., 1904-14; prof, 
■oils, 1914 — . Traveled and studied in 
Europe, 1910-1. b. Grove City, O., 
Jul. 7, 1S79-, I. E. Ed. and Eliza A. 
(Demorest) M.; reared on Farm; m, 
Alice G. Thompson, Dec., 1904; 2d, 
Grace Emat, Dec., 19H. B.S.A,, Ohio 
SUte Univ.. 1900; M.S. A., Cornell Univ., 
1901. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Miller, PanI E.. supt. Wett Central Scb. 
and Sta., Univ. Mmn.. Morris, Minn. 

b. Cedar Rapids. U., Oct. 30, 1B89; 
*. J. K. and Ida E. (Bluebaugh) M.; 
m. Ada Margaret Jooea, June 23, 1914; 
e. John B. B.S.A., la. State CoU., 1911. 
Phi Signui Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Miller, Pearl Cherry, assoc. prof, home 
econ., N.Mex.A.&M. Colt.,SUteCoUeBe, 
N. Mex. 

Present position, 1910 — . Pte«. Home 
Econ. Assoc, of N. Mex. b. Coulterville, 
lit.; d. Robt. James and Margaret Anna 
(Wilson) M.; reared in city. B.S., 
N. Mei. A.&M. Coll., 190*; grsd.Dreiel 
InA., Philadelphia, 190fl. 

Main, Wnhebn, lands, arch., 203 W. Euclid 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Assoc, ed., Cyclo. Am. Hort., 189T- 
1901; manag. and hort. ed., Country 
Life in America, 1901-12; ed. Garden 
Magazine, 1905-12; asat. prof, lands, 
hort. and head div. lands, eit.. Univ. 
111., lOie-4. Traveled in U, S. and 
England to study and describe eetatet 



England can Teach us About Gardening, 
1911; The Illinois Way of Beautifying 
the Farm. 1913; The Prairie Spirit in 
Landscape Gardening, 1916. b. Duane, 
Va., Nov. 14, 1809; *. Albert and Olive 
(Tyler) M.; reared in city; m. Mary 
Farrand Rogers, June 8, 1899; e. Ruth 
Rogers, Farrand Rogers. A.B.. Univ. 
Mich., 1892; A.M., ComeU Univ., 1807; 
Ph.D., 1899. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 
Xi; Psi Upsilon. 

Miner, Aaion W., co. agrl. agt.. Canton, HI. 
b. McDonough Co., HI., Apr. 13, 1B82; 
$. Timothy G. and Prudence H. (RusaeU) 
M,; reuedonfarm; m. Inez L. McClena- 
han, Aug. 17, 1910; c. Timothy G., 
Wendell Edward. B.S., Univ. III., 1904. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Miner, J. Howard, co. agrl. agt., Stron^urst, 

Stock farmer, 1907-8. b. Adair, III., 
Apr. 28, 1884; ». Hmothy G. and Pru- 
dence H. (Russell) M,; reared on farmi 
m. Edna Pearl Bamhart, Nov. 2t, IMS; 
c. Harold Eugene, Harvey Russell, 
Sibyl Irene. B.S., Univ. HI.. 1907. 

Minldet, Frederick C., prof. an. husb., 
RutgfTs Coll., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Present position, 190fl — ; dir. shorU 
courses in agr., 1912—. Sec. and exec. 
ofGcer, State Live-Stock Comn., 1908—; 
mem. State Bd. Agr., 1908—; mem. 
Stallion Exec. Bd., 1908—. Traveled 
Great Britain and Europe, 1909-10, 
investigating live-stock. Live-stock ed., 
Nev. Evening Journal, b. Nevada, la., 
Nov. 11., 1881; (. Cbas. M. and Ella 
(White) M.; reared on farm; m. Helen 
R. Andrews. Oct. 11, 1910; e. Rhoda. 
B.S.A., la. SUte CoU., 1905. 

Mitchell, Robert Vioceos, prof, poultrjr 
busb., Del. Coll., Newark, Del. 

Poultryman, Penn. State Coll., 1908-9; 
asst. poultry husb., 1911-2; asst. poultry 
husb., Univ. Mo., 1012-3; prof, poultiy 
busb., N. H. A.&M. Coll.. 1013-7; 
present position, 1917 — . Sec.-treas. N.H. 
Poultry Growers' Assoc, b. Mahaffey. 
Pa.. Jul. 23. 1884; ». David Tboi. and 
Margaret A. (Byers) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Charlotte Calvin Cochel. Jul. 20, 1014. 
B.S., Univ. Mo.. 1913. 

Millimao, Thomas 
town, N. Y. 

Farm manag., L. I., 1912-5; agt. 
Orange Co., 1915—. 6. Avon, N. Y.. 
Mar. 4, 1890; t. Geo. R. and Lillian 
(Noble) M.; reared on farm; m. Amy 

Mohler, Jacob Christian, sec. Kans, State 
Bd. Agr., Topeka, Kans. 

With Kans. State Bd. Agr. since 1893. 
Chm. Kans. State Ent. Comn.; aec. 
Kans. Flood k Water Congress; sec. 
agrl. agt., Middle- Kans. Council of Defense; mem. State 

Adv. Bd., U. S. Fuel Administration; 
treas. State Branch Am. Aoti-SalooD 

Co., Kans., Apr. 7. 187S; 


Lncioa (Hoover) M.; reared on farm; 
m. RuUi McClintodc, Oct. 30, 1901; 
e. John McCliotock, Junes Cklbouu, 
Mucda. Educ. Wuhbuni Coll., LL.D., 
ISll. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

MoUer, John RoblriiH, chief Bur. An. Ind., 
U, S. Dept. Age., Wuhington, D. C. 

F^actidng vet., 1806-7; ust. iaap.. 
Bur. An. Ind.. 1B97-B; osbU path.. 
1899-1901; cool., 1901Hi: chief path. 
div., 1902-11; aast. chief of Bur., 1914-7; 
cliirf, 1917^. Sec. Inter. TuberculoBiB 
Consnns, Vet. Sect., 1»>8; vice-pres. 
U. S. Live-stock Sanitary Assoc.. 1909-10; 
pres. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc., iei2-S; 
vice-prea. Inter. Vet. Congreas, 19H; 
pre*. Vet. Examining Bd.. D. of C, 1B14-7. 
TTontbUor: Ostertag's Handbook of Meat 
Inapection, 1004; EdeUnann's Meat Hy- 
giene, 1908; Hutyra and Marck's Spedal 
Pathology and Therapeutics of Domestic 
Animals, 1011; Ernst's Milk Hygiene, 
1914. b. Philadelphia. Pa., May 9, 
187A; I. Wm. and Harriet Bobbins 
(Hart) M.; reared on farm and in city; 
m. Clara Moffett Clarke. Dec. iS, 1B07; 
c. Wm. Melvin, Miriam Clarke. V.M.D., 
Univ. Pa., 1890; Med. Dept., Marquette 
Univ., 1897-0. Alpha Psi. 

Moist, Albert Reynolda, rice farmer, Guey- 

Field manag.. Buffalo Creek Farm, 
Arlington HeuhU, III., 1909; farm supt., 
Waddmgton Farm, Elm Grove, W. Va.. 
1910; general manag., Sheffield Farms, 
Glendale, O.. 1010-4; live-stock agt., 
U. S. Dept. Agr. and La. State Umv., 
1014-6. b. C\iy\oa, 0.. Dec. 7, 1882; 
(. John F. and Sarah E. (Rabton) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Nov. 1017. B.S., 
Ohio SUte Univ., 1908. Delta TheU 

Moles, Banter Stepfcen, co. agrl. agt.. 
Aztec, N. Mez. 

6. Canon City, Colo., June 17, 1891; 
*. O. S. and Mary L. (Hunter) M.; m. 
Riuline S. Warner. Aug. 7, 1915; c. Robt. 
Hunter. B.S., Colo. Agr. Coll.. 1013. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Monahan, Arthur Coleman, specialist rural 
sch. administration. Bur. Educ, Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

Asst. princ. hi^-sch., Amherst, Mass., 
4 yrs.; princ. high-sch., Montague, 2 yrs.; 
Turner Falls. 3 yrs.; specialist in rural 

sch. administration and agrl. educ, U. S. 
Bur. Educ, 8 yrs. Major Sanitary 
Corps. Nat. .Army, on Re-education irf 
Disabled Soldiersfor Surgeon Generals Off., 
IB16 — . b. Framingham, Mass., Mar. 
22, 1876; «. Michael and Johanna (Cole- 
man) M.: rearedonfarm; m. MuyEmma 
Cody. June SO, 1004; e. Esther, Paul, 
Wm., John. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1900. 

MoDohon, Panl Wbeder, asst. co. agt. 
leader, Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Asst. to dir.. Me. Agr. Eit. Serv., 
1914-5; present position. lOlfl — . b. 
Biddeford, Me.. Aug. 1, 1890; ». Geo. 
and Sarah (Patten) M.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Univ. Me., 1914. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Monroe. Chariey Frtuer. asst. co. agt. 
leader, Wash. SUte Coll., PuUman. Wash. 
Grad. student and asst. an. husb., 
Wash. State Coll.. 1911; inatr. an. husb.. 
1911-2; asst. prof., 1912-4; assoc prof.. 
1014-5; CO. agt., Montesano. 1015-8; 
present position, 1918—. b. Butler Co., 
la., Nov. 18, 18S4; i. John and Clara 
(Glenn) M.; reared on farm; m. Gladys 
Grubbe, June 16, 1014. B.SA.. U. 
State Coll.. 1908. Alpha Tau Omega. 

Montgomery, Cephas Abram, co. agrl. agt., 
Manassas. Va. 

b. Vi'atx, Va„ June 1. 1889; i. Chas. 
Wm. and Eliubetb (Flora) M.; reared 
on farm. A.B., Va. Christian Coll.. 
1914; B.S.A.. Va. Poly. Inst., 1016. 

Montioniery, Edward Gerratd, prof, farm 

crops, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Prof. expl. agron,, Univ, Neb., 1906- 
11; present position, 1012—. Aulh.: 
(with T. L. Lyon) Examining and Grading 
Grains, 1900; Corn Crops. 1912; Pro- 
ductive Farm Crops. 1910. b. Milan, 
Mo., May 10, 1BT8; *. R. S. and Eliza- 
beth (Mooney) M.; m. Ruth Bell, June 
18, 1898. B.S., Univ. Neb., 1006; 
A.M., 1009. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Mont^omeiy, Joseph Sbaw, supt. live-stock. 
Falls Nursery Co., Owatonua, Minn. 

Agt., Bur. An. Ind., U, S. Dept. Agr., 
1907-8; asst. an. husb., Estacron Cent. 
AgronomicB de Cuba, 1908-9; asst, 
prof. an. busb., Univ, Minn., 1911- 
8; assoc. prof., 1018. Vice-pres. Nat. 
Assoc of Stallion Reg. Bds. ; exec officer 
Minn. Stallion Reg. Bd. b. Chase Co., 
Kans., Dec. 1, 1885; t. P. D. and Sarah 



SUte Agr. CoU.. 1907. 

M«nlgou«r7> Lema Hwion, prof, hort., 
Ohio SUte Univ., Columbua, 0. 

Aut. prof. bort. uid bat., Okla. A.&M. 
CoU., l«»-9; asst. prof, bort., Ohio 
Sut« Univ., 1910-1; prof., 1914—. 
Sec. 0. Veg. Growers' Assoc., 1916—; 
»ec. Columbus Hort. Soc., 1913-7. b. 
AraumptioD, 111., Apr. 9, 1877; (. Wm. A. 
and Mary Ann (McKinuie) ti.; reared 
OQ farmi m. Anna L. Thayer, June 18, 
1908; c. MatietU Ruth. B.S.. Colo. 
Agr. Coll., 1907; M.S., Ohio State Univ., 

MontiDon, Eagene Darts, asst, prof, lands. 
design, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instr. lands, design, Ctn^ell Univ., 
1918-7; asst. prof., 1917—. b. Buffalo. 
N. Y.. Oct. 18, 1S83; >. Geo. Frederick 
and Abbie M. (Davis) M.; reared in 
dty and couutiy; nt. Clara Muriel 
Btiggs, June le. 1917. B.Arch., Cornell 
Univ.. 1912. 

Mw»d)t, Qaience HiHman. co. agrl agt.. 
Huntingdon, TeoD. 

b. SpringviUe, Tenn., Mar. IS, 1893; 
*. J. H. Wesley and Mary E. (Bnimager) 
M.; reared on farm. B.S.A., Univ. 
Tenn., 1917. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa 

Mmwts, Charles Ansel, chem. and agron., 
Tenn. Eia. Sta., Knoiville, Tenn. 

AuL diem., Tenn. Exp. Sta., 1S93-8; 
chem.. N. La. Sta., 1B9S-0; chem.. Tenn. 
Exp. Sta., 1899-1900; asst prof. agrl. 
chem. and agron. and chem. Exp. Sta.. 
Univ. Tenn,, 1905-7; prof., 1907-11; 
present position, 1911 — . Aitt. ed,. Jour- 
nal of Am. Soc. ot Agron.; consulting ed. 
Soil Science, b. Solon, Me., Dec. 6. 
1869; t. James H. and Ellen C. (Tobey) 
M.; reared on farm and in town; m, 
Gertrude Broome. June 23. 1896; c. 
Geo. Ansel. B.S„ Univ. Tenn.. 1893. 

Moore, James Garfield, prof, hort., L'niv. 
Wis.. Madison, Wis. 

Instr. bort., Univ. WU., 1905-7; asst. 
prof., 1907-10; assoc. prof., 1910-0; 
prof.. 1916—. Rmtor: {with L. R. 
Jones) Gofi's Principles ot Plant Culture, 
1916. b. Shepherd. Midi.. Oct. 22, 1881; 

(. James W. and Mary B. (McCauky) M.; 
reared on farm; m. M. Josephine Hib- 
bard. Oct. 15. 1910; c. Elizabeth Adelle, 
Josephine Louise. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 
1903; M.S., 1905; M. Hort., 1909. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Moore. L. R^ co. agrl. agt.. Perry, Fla. 

Teach, public schs., 1901-12. Sec. 
Taylor Co. Uvc-Stock Assoc, b. Ala., 
Oct. e, 1B81; (. J. R. and Sadie (Herring) 
M.; reared in town; m. Mary Pitman, 
1902; c. Howard. 

. agrl. agt., Shawano, 

Moore. Merton, t 


Manag. truck farm, 1913 — ; asst. 
maoag., A. Sherman Lumber Co. farm, 
N. ¥.. 1914—; herdsman. 1910—; 
prof. sci.. Shawano bigh-sch.. 1916; co. 
agt.. 1917—. Sec. Shawano Co. Potato 
Growers' Assoc., 1917; aec. Wis. Order 
Exp. SU., Shawano Co., 1918. b. Pots- 
dam, N. v.. May 28. 1892; e. FVank W. 
and Jessie C. (Crane) M.; reared in 
town. B.S.. Univ. Wis., 1916. DdU 
Upsilon: Alpha Zeta. 

Moore. Otis Henry, minister, Hubbardetou, 

Sec. Hartford Co. League, 1917-8. 
Special attention to rural problems. 
b. Sibley, U.. Aug. 27, 1881; $. Wtdlace 
M. and Mary H. (Tipple) M.i reared in 
village; m. Alice Rigby, June 20, 1911; 
e. Mice Fellows, Mary EUen, Richard 
Wallace. A.B.. Cornell CoU.. 1905; stu- 
dent Columbia Univ., 1906-^; Boston 
Univ. Sch. Theol, 3 yrs. 

Moore, Ransom Asa, prof, agron.. Univ. 
Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Teach, rural schs., 1882-8; princ. 
graded schs., 1888-00; co. supt. schs., 
1890-3; from asst. to prof, agron., 
Univ. Wis.. 1895—. Sec. Wis, Exp. 
Assoc., 1901 — . b. Kewaunee, Wis., June 
5, 1861; *. Setb and Johanna (Werner) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Nettie Rogers. 
Jul. IT, 1889; c. Geo. E.. Roger E. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Moore, Veranus Alva, dir. and dean. N. Y. 
State Vet. CoU.. Cornell Univ.. Ithaca. 
N. Y. 

With Bur. An. lod., U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
1887-96; prof, comparative path., liact 
and meat insp., Cornell Univ., 1896 — ; 
dean and dir.. SUU Vet. Coll., 1908—. 


Mem. IdUt. Tuberculoaii Comn.; State 
TuberculoBU Comn. of N. Y. Del. 
Inter. Vet. CoogMSt, Budapest. 1905. 
Aiith.: Laboratory Directions for Be- 
giimers in Bacteriology, 1900; Principlei 
of Microbiology, 1612: Bovine Tubercu- 
losis and Its Control 1913; FaUiology 
and Differential Diagnosis of Infectious 
Diseases of Animals, 4th ed., 1S16. b. 
Houndsfield, N. Y,. Apr. 13, IS59; i. 
Alva and Antoinette Elizabeth (Eastman) 
M.; reared on farm; m. Mary L. Slaw- 
son, Jul. 12, ISM; c. Enrin V., Mary E., 
Norman S. B.S., ComeU Univ., 1887; 
M.D., Columbian (now Geo. Waalusgton) 
Univ.. 1890; V.M.D.. Univ. Penn.. 1911. 
Nu Sigma Nu. 

Mowe, WOUam. aasoc. prof, ent., Univ. 

Minn., Univernty Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 

A«8t. bot., ComeU Univ., 1909-10; 

lecl, ent. and lool., Sch. Agr., Potchef strom, 

to Man and Domesticated Animals, 
1912. b. Phoeniiville, Pa., Jan. 29, 
1887; I. Joseph and Sarah (Bell) M.; 
Kared in town; nt. Ma^ £, Behney. Mar. 
11,1910; e, Wm. A., Joseph B., Richard 
C. A.B.. Urwnus CoU., 1907. 

Moarbanse, Harold William, dean of com- 
merce and marketing and prof. econ. and 
marketing, Okla.A.&M. Coll., Stillwater, 

CoU,. 1918—; 

marketing, t91V 

lature, 1911-3; n 

Comn., 1917-8. 

Jan. 19, 1884; t. Robt. C. and Alcedena 

(Pease) M.; reared in town; nt. Lucile 

Dillon, Aug. 8, 1917. A.B., Bebit Coll.. 

1900. Sigma Chi. 

Morbeck, Gcoijc C, aesoc. prof, for., la. 
State CoU.. Ames, la. 

Aast. prof, for., la. State CoU., 1912-4; 
assoc. prof., 1914 — , Bep, in Ida. Legis- 
lature. 1909-11. b. Ingalls, Mich., Nov. 
8, 1B8S; ». Chas. T. and Constance C. 
(Anderson) M.; reared in smaU town; 
TO. Mary C. Olson, Aug. 19, 1914; c. 
Dorothy Marion. B.S.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 
1904; M.F., 101S. Alpha ZeU. 



Denver, Colo., 8 yrs.; with Grand Junc- 
tion (Cob.) FVuit Growers' Assoc., 6 yrs. 
b. Wayne Co., Pa., May 10, 1881; i. 
Addis Ecomet and Eudalia J, (TaUman) 
M.; reared on farm and in city; m. 
Mary Edithe Gullette, Jul. 2, 1007; c. 
Marjorie D., Carrol K., Dorothy Elaine. 

More, EUaworth Bnraette, co. agrl. agt., 
MarshaU. Mich. 

b. FrauksviUe, Wis., May 29, 1890; 
*.LeonardandLijia(Emer90n) M.; reared 
on farm. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 191S. 

Motion, A^ea Fay, aast. prof, household 
sci.. Univ. CaUf.. Berkeley, Calif. 

InstT. chem., Univ. Wash., 1910-3; 

Scaent position, 1913—, b. Peoria, lU., 
ay i, 1884; d. P. J. and Mary (Dooley) 
Fay; reared in city: m. Arthur 1. Morgan, 
May 17. 1908. B.S., Univ. Chicago, 
1904; M.S., 1905; Ph.D., 1914. Phi BeU 
Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

Morgan, David NaS>i|er, supt. San Joaquin 
VaUey Farm Lunds Co. and affiliated 
companies, San Joaquin, Calif, 

Instr. agr., Imperial high-sch., 1909-10; 
head agrl, dept., Stockton high'Sch., 1910- 
1; farming. Imperial V^ey, 1911-3; 
assoc. prof., agr., asst, to d&, anil sec. 
Coll. Agr., 1913-8; acting dean and 
dir., Nov. and Dec., 1917: present posi- 
tion, 1918—. Sec. StaU Comn. on 
Land Colonization and Rural Credits, 
I91S-T; sec. State Land Settlement Bd. 
1917: sec. Imperial Valley Dairymen's 
Assoc., 1910: Imperial Farmers' Com- 
mercial Assoc., 1012; Imperial Co, live- 
stock Assoc., 1911-8. b. Nevada City, 
Calif., Dec. 9, 1886; *. David Eddy and 
Helen Gertrude (Naffziger) M.; reared 
in rural town; it, Georgia Holt Stroh- 
meier, Dec. 18, 1912; c. Helen Jane, 
B.S., Univ.Calif„1909. Theta DelU Chi; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Morgan, Eira Lconidat, ext. prof, com- 
munity organiialion. Mass. Agr. CoU., 
Amherst, Mass, 

Chm. rural sect,, Nat. Community 
Center Assoc.; exec, sec. Mass, Fed. 
for Rural Froigress. b. Bone Gap, ill., 
Aug. 22, 1879; *. Allen T. and Rosina A. 
(Smith) M.; reared on farm; nt. Mary F. 

FUnt, 1M6; e. Elisabeth. Esther. Mwv. A.B., Univ. III., IMS; M.S.A., Cornell 

■ " McKendtee CoU.. Lebanon, III.. Univ, 1B07; Ph.D., 1909. Sigma Xi; 

Gamma Alpha. 

1904: A.M.. Univ. Wi«., 1912. 

Morlan. George Wallet, supt. N. Mont 
E^. Sta., HavT«, Mont 

Forage ctop invest, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Akron, Colo., 1912; chg. diy-Und agr. 
invcati., Huntley, Mont., 1918-5; preaent 
poution, 1915 — . h. Jarb«b, Kans., Feb. 
10, 1885; *. Lyman J. and Jennie E. 
(DenhobD) M.; reared on farm. B.S., 
Mont. State CoU.. l»li. 

HoTgan. Uatconrt Alexander, dean CoU. 
Agr. and dir. Eip. Sta., prof. eooI. and 
ent., IJniv. Teun., Knoiville, Tenn. 

Prof. ent. and hort., La. State Univ., 
1889-93; prof. lool. and ent, 1899-1: 
ent., La. lifxp. SU., 1889-1904; ent. and 
Kc Ia. Crop Pest Com., 1904-5; dir. 
Gulf Biol. SU.. 1890-1905: present 
position, 1906—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Pres. Assoc. Eoon. Ent., IMT. Mem. 
Am. Comn. for Study Rural Credits 
and Coop, in Europe, 1913. b. Kerrwood, 
Ont,Aug. 91, 1867 (naturalized 1881): 
(. John and Rebecca (Trueman) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Sara Elisabeth Fay, 
June 25, 1895; t. Edwa Fay, John El- 
more. Luey Shields, Haroourt Alexander. 
Assoc. Ont Agr. Coll., 1887; B.S.A., 
Univ. Toronto, 1880; grad. student. 
ComeU Univ.. 1892. 1898. 

Morgan. James Oscar, prof, agron., Tex. 
A. b M. Coll., College Station, Tex. 

Asst expl. agron., Cornell Univ., 
1908-9; prof, agron.. Miss. A.&M. 
Coll., 1909-12: present poution. 1912—. 
AtOh.: Field Crops for the Cotton-Belt. 
1917. h. Etow^ N. C, May 8, 1880: 
*. James Wilson and Orrie (Osgood) M.; 
reared on farm: ">. Mildred Washington 
Minor. June 1, 1911; c. Lucian Minor. 
James Oscar Jr. B.Agr.. N. C. A.&M. 
Coll., 1905; M.S.A.. ComeU Univ., 
1908; Ph.D., 1909. Sigma Xi; Alpha 

Morgan. Ora Sberman, prof, agr., Columbia 
Univ., New York City. 

Dir. N. Y. State Sch. Agr., Alfred Univ., 
1908-12; preBentposition,1911— . Trav- 
eled in Europe, 1910. b. Hampshire, lU., 
Aug. II, 1877; (. Lyman Delos and 
Elisabeth Ann (Hehnar) M.; reared on 
farm: m. Bose LeVUk Huff, Oct. 4, 1908. 

MoTDun, Junes Bale, examiner of securities. 
Fed. Farm Loan Bur., Kensington, Md. 
Poultry-breeder and gardener, Md., 
1904 — . Mem. from Md., Am. Comn. 
for Study Rural Credits in Europe, 1913. 
j4u(A..- Prindples of Social Progress, 1900; 
The Principles of Rural Credits, 1915. 
b. Ufracombe, Eogland, Jul. 7, 1898 
(naturalized 1899); (. Thos. and Anne 
(Bale) M.; reared in country; >n. Har- 
riet Janette Cogswell. Nov. 1. 1897. 
A.B., Univ. Rochester. 1890; A.M., 1900. 
Phi BeU K^pa; Delta Upuloo. 

Morrey. Qiarlc* Bradfield, brof. bact., 
Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, O. 

Asst Latin, Ohio State Univ., 1890-1; 
asst. Latin and physiology, 1891-2: 
asst. physiology, 1892-7; asst. prof., 
1899-1902; assoc. prof., 1902-3; prof, 
physiology, Starhng Med. CoU.. 1899- 
1904; acting prof, chem., 1690-7; present 
position, 1904—. Del. to Inter. Con- 
gress on Tuberculous, Washington, 1908. 
Traveled and studied in Europe, 3 yn. 
Avih.: Laboratory Exercises in General 
Bacteriolon'; Introduction to Bacteriol- 
ogy, b. ChesterhiU, 0., Nov. 5, 1809; 
*. John C. and Mary J. (Wright) M.; 
reared in smaU town; m. Grace HamUton 
Jones, 1898; e. Marion, Jes^e, Cbas. 
B. Jr. B.A., Ohio State Univ., 1890; 
M,D., Starling Med. Coll., 1896. Sgma 

Morrill, AnstiB Winfield, state ent. and 
consulting ent,. Ariz. Exp. Sta.. Phoenix, 

Special 6eld agt., Bur. Ent., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1903-0; cotton insect 
invests., 1903-0; chg. citrus white fly 
inv«ate., Fla., 1906-0; present position, 
1909—. Fellow A. A. A. S. h. Tewks- 
bury. Mass., Sept. 11. 1880; ». James and 
Elvira (Webster) M.; reared on farm; 
m. If'lorence HaU McCormick, Apr. 29, 
1908 (d. 1916); c. Austin W. Jr. B.Sc, 
Mass. Agr. Coll. and Boston Univ.. 1900; 
Ph.U., 1903. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Morrill. Walter Jean, prof, for., and state 

for, Colo. Agr. Coll., Forl'CoUins, Cob, 

With U. S. For. Serv., chiefiy in Colo.. 

1905-12; prof, for., Univ. Neb., 1912-4; 

present position, 1914—. Pre*. Colo. 


For. Assoc,, 1910—. b. Madiaon. tie., 
Apr. 17. 1875; a. Cyrus D. and Clara 
Maria (Flint) M,; reared in small town; 
nt. Katharine C. Stone. Sept. IS, 1907. 
BS., Univ. Me., 1899; M.F., Yale For. 
Sch., 1905. Kappa Sigma. 

Morris, Oliver S., ed. and writer. 117S 
Charles St.. St. Paul, Miui. 

Ed., Nonpartisan Leader and in editorial 
cbg. Nonpartisan League state newspapers 
in N. D.. S. D.. Minn, and Ida. b. 
Chicaso, 111., Apr. 19. 1SS5: «. Llewellyn 
B. and Etta A. S. (Scott) M.; m, Gert- 
rude A. Arnold. 1910; e. Roland A.. 
OUver S. Jr. 

Morris, Oscar Matison, prof. hort. and 
head dept.. Wash. State Coll., Pullman. 

Asst. hort.. Okla. A.&M. Coll., 1998- 
ISOl; prof, hort., 1902-S; prof. hot. and 
hort., 1909-10; asst. prof. hort.. Wash. 
SUti! CoU.. 1910-1; prof.. 1911— 
b. Hi^iland, Kans., June 20. 1S74; i. S. S. 
and CUrissa A. (McCuIloch) M.; reared 
on farm; m. Lmns Jane Hall. Jul. 11, 
1901; c. Howard V., Wm. E. B.S., 
Okla. A.aiM. Coll., 1896; M.S., Wash. 
State CoU., 1915. Alpha ZeU. 

MarrisoD, Frank Barmn, assoc. prof. an. 

husb. and asst. dir, Exp. Sta., (Imv. Wis., 
Madison. Wis. 

Asst. agrl. chem., Univ. Wis., 1911-2; 
instr., 1912-1; asst. prof. an. husb., 
1914-7; assoc. prof., 1917—; asst. dir. 
Exp. SU., 1915—. Auth.: (with W. A. 
Henry) Feeds and Feeding, 15th ed.. 
1919; Feeds and Feeding, Abridged. I9I7. 
b. Ft. Atkinson. Wis., May 19, 1887; 
s. Chas, Irving and Harriet (Barron) 
M.; reared on farm; rn. Elsie Rea 
BuUard. Nov. 24. 1910; e. Roger Barron. 
B.S., Univ. Wis.. 1911. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU; Phi Lambda Upsilon; 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

MMrison, George Leo, etat« co. agt. leader, 
Univ. Nev., Reno, Nev. 

Agron.. E^. Sta., Argentina, 1919-5; 
agrl. agt., Fremont Co., Ida., 1910; 
asst. CO. agt. leader, Univ. Ida., 1917-8; 

{resent position, 1916 — . b. Franklin, 
da., May 9, 1884; t. Joseph and Luey 
(Henson) M.; reared on Farm; m. Andrea 
Holmgren, June 0, 1915; c. Ruth. B.S., 
Utah Agr, Coll., 1911. 

MofiisaD, Gay Edward.ext. specialist in live- 
stock. S. D. State Coll.. Brookings. S. D. 
b. De Smet. S. D.. Feb. 27. 1888; #. 
Edward A. and Jennie A. (Miner) M.; 
reared in dty; m. Iva May Evans, Dec. 
28, 1914; e. Robt. E. B.S., S. D. State 
CoU., 1913. 

Morrow, CUrmce Austin, asst. i>rof. agrl. 
biochem.. Univ. Minn., University Farm, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Asst. chem.. Oherlin Coll., 190S-8; 
head dept, chem, and physics. Doane 
Coll.. 1909-10; Harrison scholar in 
chem,, Univ. Peun., 1910-1; prof, and 
head dept. chem.. Neb. Wesleyan Univ.. 
1911-7; grad. student and asst. soils, 
Univ. Minn., 1914-5; present position, 
1917—. b. near Morrow, 0.. Feb, 11, 
1881; (. Morris and Alice C, (Austin) M.; 
reared on farm. B.Sc,. Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.. 1908; A.M„ Oberlin Coll.. 1909; 
Ph,D., Univ. Minn.. 1918. Sigma Xi. 

Monow, James Everett, supt. V. S. Plant 
Introduction Field Sto., Brooksville, Fla. 
Hort., Butte Co.. Calif,, 9 yrs.; gard- 
ener. Plant Introduction ^eld Sta.. 
Chico, Calif,, 6 yrs. b. Meridian. Calif., 
Oct, 27, 1877; *. B. F. and Mary J. 
(Compton) M.; reared on farm; m. 
GraoeLouiseJesser.Oct. 27. 1901. Grad, 
Healds Coll,, San Frandsco. 1900, 

Morse, Fred Winslow, reaeareh chem., 
Mass. Exp. Sta., Amherst, Mass. 

Asst. chem.. Mass. Eip. SU., 1887-8; 
chem. and vice-dir., N. H. Eip. Su„ 1888- 
1909; instr. to prof, organic chem., 
N, H, .\.SiM. Coll., 1889-1909; chem,, 
Mass. Eip, SU., 1910— •; acting dir,, 
1912-3, 1918. Fellow A. A. A. S, b. 
Berlin, Mass., Dec, 6, 1865; ». Winslow B. 
and Eugenia S. (Carter) M.; reared on 
farm; nt. Leiia L. White, Oct. 29, 1891; 
c. Fred Winslow. Ellen Hastings. B.S., 
Worcester Poly. Inst., 1887; M. S.. 1900. 
Phi Kappa Phi. 

Mone, Hanr Qarencc, co. agrl, agt., 
Gbversvilfc, N, Y. 

Asst. agt. CbauUuqua Co., N. V., 
1916; asst. agt. Oneida Co.. 1916-8; 
t. Fulton Co., 1918—. b. Sheridan, 
Y., Dec. 20, 1888; ». Geo, E. and Nettie 
E. (Stebbins) M.; reared on farm; m. 
Emma E. Mandeville, June 8, 1918; e. 
SanTord M. B.S., Cornell Univ., 1915. 



Hone, HenuDii N., miniater, asst. diujrch 
and country-life work. Presbyterian Bd. 
of Hom« Misuons, 166 Fifth Ave, 
New York City. 

Teach, niral sociol. or religious educ.. 
sununer schs., la. State Coll., 1914, 
Wash. State Coll., and Univ. Ore., 1915. 
Univ. Neb.. 1916, Auburn Theol. Sem., 
I916-S. Md. State Coll., 1917: lect. on 
country church, Union Theol. Sem., 
1817—; asst. rural educ, Teachers Coll., 
Columbia Univ., 1917 — . b. Ludington, 
Mich., Sept. M. 1887; *. Hermann N. 
and Sarah E. (Smith) M.; reared in 
small town; m. Florence Vorpe. June !», 
1913; c. Sarah France*. Warren WHson. 
A.B., Alma Coll., 1909; Union Theol, 
Sem.. 1911. 

Morse, John Jacob Frederick, asst, in 
marketing fruits and vegetables, Bur. Mar- 
kets. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Citrus fruit-grower, Hemet, Calif., 
1914-7; inatr. agr.. Hemet high-sch„ 
1915; head dept. agr. and hort., Hemet 
Union high-sch. and Junior Coll.. 1915-7. 
b. San Francisco. Calif., Jul. 17, 1892; 
3. John F. and Alice (Howell) M.; reared 
on farm and in city. B.S.. Ore. Agr. 
Coll., 1914. Kappa Sigma; Gamma 
Sigma Delta. 

Morae, Stanley Fletcher, consulting agrl. 
eng., Hibemia BIdg., New Orleans, La. 

Lab. asst. chem., Bussey Inst., 1905-6; 
assl. field mgr., cotton plantation. Tlahua- 
lilo. Men., 1906-7; farming, Mass.. Me. 
and N. Y., 1907-8; assl. manag. ed.. 
The Country Gentleman, 1908-10; agrl. 
expert, Nat. Railways of Mex. and Mex. 
Express Co., 1910-1 ; farmer and con- 
sulting agrst., private practice in New 
England, Mid, West and South, 191 1-S; 
prof, agr,, Univ. Ariz.. 1913-4; dir. agrl, 
ext., 19t4-S; state leader co. agts,, 
U. S. Dept- Agr,, 1015-6; consulting 
agrl. engineer in South, 1916—. Sec. 
Aris. Farm Improvement Assoc, 1914-6. 
Contributing agrl. ed., Cut-Over Lands, 
1918—. b. Watertown, Mass., Sept. 
15. 1884; I. Harry Fletcher and Emma 
(Bean) M.; reared in town; m. Elizabeth 
Fenn Leonard, June 1, 1910; e. S. F. Jr. 
B.A.S., Harvard Univ., 1908. 

Morse, Warner Jackson, plant path,. Me. 
Exp. Sta.. Orono. Me. 

Teach, nat. sd.. MontpelJer Sem.. 
1899-1901; instr. bot., Univ. VL, 1901-S; 

asst. prof. bacL, 1905-0; auL bot.. Tt 
Exp. Sta,, 1901-6; present position: 
1906—. Fellow A. A. A. S. 6. Water- 
bury, Vt., Oct. 30. 1872; *. Daniel Jack- 
son and Jane (McKee) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Mary Almira Leiand. Jul. 0, 
189&; e. Ruth Esther. B.S., Univ. Vt., 
1898; M.S„ 1903; Ph.D., Univ. Wis., 
1912. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha Zeta; Kappa Sigma. 

Morteasea, Maitm, prof, dairying, la. 
State Coll., Ames, la. 

Sunt, manufacturing, Hanfora Haiel- 
wooci Creamery Co., Sioux City, la., 
S yrs.; manag., Hozelwood Creamery Co., 
Portland. Ore.. 5 yrs,; aasoc. prof. 
dMjying, la. State Coll., 1909-10; prof., 
1910—. Studied dairying in great Britain 
and Denmark as rm. U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1900; sent by la. State Coll. lo Great 
Britain, Holland, Denmark. 1914. Mem. 
The Danish Royal Agr. Soc. b. Denmark. 
May 89. 1872 {naturaliied 1900); ».Reder 
Chr. and Juliana Marie (Larsen) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Emelia Chrislensen, 
Nov. 10, 1900; c. Marie, Edna. B.S.A., 
la. SUte CoU., 1909. Phi Kappa Phi; 
Phi lambda Upsilon; Gamma Sigma 

Morton. George Edwin, prof. an. husb. and 
bead dept., Coto. Agr. Coll.. Fort CoIlin^ 

Asst. an. husb., Univ. Wyo., 1904-7; 
prof. an. husb., Colo. Agr. CoU., 1907-9; 
head dept., 1909—. State dairy comnr. 
tor Colo., 1915—. Official judge tor 
Holstein-Frie^u Assoc, of Am.; Am. 
Shorthorn Breeders' Assoc; Am. Jersey 
Cattle Club. b. Johnstown. Wis.. June 
17,1879; (. James and Janet Ann (McFar- 
lane) M.; reared on farm: m. E. Maude 
Hyslop, Jul. 5, 1903; c. Geo. E., Logan 
D., Gordon, Craig, E. Maude. B.L., 
Milton Coll.. Wis.. 1399; B.S., Cob. 
Agr. Coll.. 1904; ML., Milton CoU.. 
1904. Alpha ZcU. 

Moses, Judmn Eckford, state pig club agt., 
N. C. A.&M. CoU., W. Raleigh, N. C. 

Teach, rural schs.. Ala, 1909-11; prof. 
an. husb.. State Agr. Sch., Magnolia, 
Ark., 1913-5; co, agrl. agt.. Brewton, 
Ala., 1915-7. 6. Hamilton. Ala.. Feb. 8, 
1888; a. Wm. Benjamin and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Armstrong) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Lucile Carter, Sqit. 12. 1917. 
B.S.A., Ala. Po^. Inst., 1913. 


•grl. agt.. 

MMker, Martin Laikn, 


luitr. fiirm cropa, la. State Coll., 1905; 
eit. led., 1906-lS, except IH yn. in 
Mex. as corn ipedalisti agrl, agt., ClintoD 
Co.. la., ieii-5; agrl. agt., Woodford 
Co.. III.. 1910—. b. Vi. Liberty, la., 
Apr. 12. 1S82; t. L. 0. aod Udorana 
(White) M.i reared oa farm; m. Elba 
Fonnao. Dec.. 1908; c. Arthur, Lutber. 
Ruth, Vora. B.S.A.. Is. StaU Coll.. 
190A; M.S.. 191S. 

Mnaier, Jeremiah George, prof, soil physics. 
Univ. III.. Orbana. 111. 

AsBt. geology, Univ. JU.. ISM-T; 
farming, 189S-9i teach, sd., high-sch.. 
Cbampaign, 1899-1002; instr. soil physics, 
Univ. III.. 1908-5; assl. prof., 1005-11; 
prof.. 1911 — . AtOk.: Laboratory Manual 
of Soil Physics. 1911; Soil Physics and 
Management, 191T; Soils and Crops, 
1918; Climate of Illioois, 191B. b. Pike 
Co., 0„ Jan. 8. 1862; *. David and 
Amanda (Brill) M.; reared on farm; 
m. Lydia C. MiUer, June 22, 1892; e. 
Leota Irene. Henry David, Helene Katha- 
rine. Dorothy Rachel. B.S., Univ. 111., 

Mote, John Henry Horuod, co. agrl. agt.. 
Carthage, Mo. 

Clerk Circuit Court, Newton Co.. Mo., 
190fr-10; princ. schs., Neosbo, 1910-3; 
distr. agrl. agt.. Aurora. 1917: agt. Jasper 
Co., 1918—. 6. Dark Co., O., Feb. 27, 
1S77; *. John S. and Sarah A. (Dunlap) 
M.; Teai«don farm; m. Zebbie J. Luney, 
Dec. 17. 1899; c. Uurah E., Lola J., 
J. H. H. Jr., Anne Mae, Dehnar Gerald. 
B.Pe<i., Springfield SUU Normal, 1013; 
B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1910. 

Monhvn, Charies Robert, as»oc. prof. agrl. 
chem., Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 

Asst. agrl. diem., Univ. Mo., 1907-9; 
instr., 1900-12; ant. prof., 1912-8; 
aaaoc. prof., 191B— . Fellow A. A. A. S. 
b. aiflon. Fa., Sept. 16, 1884; ». C. Lewi* 
and Maria Ross (Harper) M.; reared in 
dty and country; m. Edith Lehnen, 
June 24, 1911; e. Ruth Elisabeth, Mar- 
jorie. B.S., Univ. 111.. 1907; M.S.A., 
Univ. Mo., 1009; Ph.D.. 1911. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Gemma Sigma 
Delta; Phi Lambda Upaik>n. 

MawT7, JnMW L„ assoc. prof. agrl. engin., 
Univ. Minn., University Farm. St. Paul. 

Military instr.. Ind. Sch. for Boys, 
1898-9; instr. mech,. Univ. Minn., 
1808-12; asst. prof. agrl. engin., 1012^; 

ford. la.. Nov. 3, 1877; ». Wheelock and 

MncUe, Leo AndnitiDC, co. agrl. agt., 
^ring Valley. N. Y. 

Spent 1 yr. in Argentine, b. Potter, 
N. v.. Nov. 9. 1892; #. Thofl. and Mar- 
garet (Delsney) M.; reared on farm. 
B.S.. Cornell Univ., 1916. 

MuUord. Furman Uoyd, hort., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington. D. C. 

General rarming. Pa.. 1893-1900; teach. 
hort., BaroD de Hirsch Agr. Sch., Wood- 
bine, N. J.. tOOO-l; lands, gard. with 
Manning Bros., 1901-3; supt. parks, 
Harrbburg. Pa., I90S-1I; lands, gard., 
U. S. DtT't. Agr., 1911-6; hort., 1916—. 
Sec. Am. Aasoc. of Park SupU.. 1900-12. 
Collaborator, l^wn Soils and I«wns, 
1912; Roses for the Home. 1917. 6. 
Mitlville, N. J.. Jul. 12. 1869; i. Furman 
L. and Anna (Lloyd) M.; reared in town; 
m. Edith Eyce. Feb. 21. 1805. B.S.A., 
Cornell Univ.. 1892. 

HnUord, Wdler. prof. for.. Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

State for. of Conn., and for. to Conn. 
Exp. Ste., New Haven, 1901-4; for. 
agt., U. S. For. Serv., 1904-5; asst. 
prof. For.. Univ. Mich,. 1005-7; junior 
prof.. 1007-11; prof, for., Cornell Univ.. 
1011-1: present position. 1914 — . h. 
MiUviUe. N. J., Sept. 16. 1877; i. Furman 
and Anna (Lloyd) M.; reared in town; 
m. Vera Wandhng, Jul. 1, 1003; c. Alice 
Stewart, Mary. B.S.A., Cornell Univ.. 
1899; For. Eng.. 1001. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

MuUen, Qyde ^ilUam, co. agrl. agt., 
Great Bend. Kana. 

b. Phillipsburg. Kans., Sept. 28. 1890; 
». Lafayette and Mary (Garwood) M.; 
reared on Farm; tn. Mildred Huse, June 3 
1917; c. Margaret. Martha, B.S.. Okla. 
A.&M. CoU., I91S; M.S.. Kans. StaU 
Agr. Coll.. 1917. Alpha ZeU. 


MnmfDrd, Frederick Bbdmar, dean and dir. 

Coll. Agr., Univ. Mo., Columbitt, Mo. 

Asst. prof, agr., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1891- 
5; prof, agr., Univ. Mo., 1895-1905; 

Srof. an, huab,, 190S-9: acting desji, 
oil. Agr., 190S-5; dean and dir., 1909~. 
Mem. Mo. State Bd. Agr.; chm. Mo. 
Council at Defense, 1917—; fed. food 
administrator for Mo., 191T — . Auth.: 
Tie Breeding of Auimftls, 1917. 6. 
Moscow, Mich., May 98. 1868; : Eliaha 
Chas. Lindsley and Julia (Cambum) M.; 
r^vd on farm; m. Jessamine Kennedy, 
1696; c. Margaret, Dorothy, Catherine, 
Ruth ElisabeUi. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 
1891; M.S., 1893; studied at Leipiig, 
IBM; Zurich, 1901. Sigma Xii Alpha 

Mnmford, Herbert ^nndsor, prof. an. husb.. 
Univ. III., Urbana, HI. 

Inatr.. Mich. Agr. Coll. and asst. Exp. 
Sta., 1895-6; asst. prof. agr. and an. 
huab. invest., 18B6-9; prof, agr., 1899-1 901; 

Erof. an. husb., Univ. 111. and chief an. 
usb.. III. Exp. SU., 1901—. Sec. Farm 
Home Reading Circle, Mich., 1895-9; 
chm. cattle jurors, St. Louis Eipos.. 190*. 
Inveatigated live-stock conditiooa in Great 
Britain. France, Belgium, Holland, 1697; 
Argentba, 1908. AuUi.: Beef Produc- 
tion, 1908; joint auth., Practical Farming 
and Gardening, 1902. b. Moscow, Mich., 
Feb. ie, 1671; : Elisha Chaa. Lindsley 
and Julia A. (Cambum) M,; reai«d on 
farm; m. Lena Crosby, Jul. 5, 1B98; e. 
Dwight Curtis, Mary Caroline, James 
SatUrlee, Herbert W. Jr., Virginia. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 1891. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., 

Asst. bot., Ohb Exp. Sta.. 1919; asat. 
plant path., Mich. Exp. Sta., 1913-7: 
researcn asst., 1917; present porition, 
1917—. b. Middlebury, Ind., Jul. 3, 
1890; .. Wm. R. and Sarah C. (Varley) 
M.; reared in small town; m. Helen 
Marie Baber, Sept. SO, 1913; c. Marie 
Louiae, Margaret Elinor. A.B., Wabash 
Coll., 1918; M.A., Cornell Univ.. 1918. 

Miu^r, Geor^ Howard, co. agrl. agt., 
Centerville, la. 

Farmer, Wis., 2 yrs., la., 1 yr. b. 
Fairhaven, Minn.. May 19, 1887; *. 
Leland Howard and Eliza J. (Cooley) M.i 

reared in dty; m. Delia Myra Swain, 
June 14. 1016; e. PbyUU Louise. B.S.A., 
la. State Coll., 1915. 

MuDger, Harlan Bruce, prof, farm mauag., 
la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

With Off. Farm Manag., V. S. Dept. 
Agr., 19ie-4; present position, 191*—. 
b. Byron, N. Y.. Sept. 87. 1883; .. Henry 
M.and Nora (Wilcox) M. ; reared on farm; 
m. Edna B. Bickford. Aug. U. 1911; c. 
Henry M. B.S., Cornell Univ., 1912. 
Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma 
Sigma Delta. [ W., p. 312. 

Mansaa, WiUard Anson, co. agrl. agt, 
Walpole, Mass. 

Pres. Mass. Fruit Growers' Assoc. 
b. Hudson, Mass.. Jan. 6, 1861; t. Myron 
F. and Mary Jane M.; reared on farm 
and in dty; m. Helen M. Squier. Dec. 8, 
1909; c. Janice, Willard Squier, Myron 
Montgomery. B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 
1905. Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Kappa 

Murdock, Harvey EUison, agrl, engin., 
Mont. Exp. Sta., Bozeman, Mont. 

Instr. theoretical and applied mecb., 
Univ. m., 1908-1«: irrig. engin.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1913^; present position, 
191*—. Auth.: Strength of Materials, 
1909; Irrigation Engineering, rev., 1B15. 
b. 0.. Oct. 3, 1879; >. Ellison M. and Annie 
M. (Thrush) M.; reared on farm; m. Ina 
Indus Brown. 1907; c. Harold Esmond, 
Elizabeth Jane. Thomas Brown. B.S., 
Univ. Colo., 1906; M.E., 1908; C.E.. 
1911. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Phi Epulon. 

Mnrphey, Howard Syiveater, prof, vet. 
anat., la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Presentposition. 1909— . &.0,.Feb. IS, 
1882; «. James H. and Amanda C. M.; 
reared on farm and in village; m, Mabel 
Slater, Dec. 21, 1003; c. David Smon. 
D.V.M., Ohio StaU Univ., 1008. Phi 
Kappa Phi. [MoTfhy. B., p. 312. 

Murray, Jamea, prof, cereal husb., Mac- 
donald Coll.. Que. 

Supt. Exp. Farm,, Brandon, Man.. 
1907-11; manag., Canadian Wheatlauds, 
Ltd.. Alta,, 1911-6; present position, 
1915—. b. Aveming, Ont., Nov. 2, 1882; 
». Robt. and Agnea (Kay) M.; reared on 
farm; m. Florence Allan. June 25, 1908; 
e. James Allan. Mar^ret Campbell. 
B.S.A., Toronto Univ., 1902. 


■Mtttiaj, Reid Fied, asst. state leader co. 
Hgrl. agts., Univ, Wis., Madison, Wb. 

Agrl. ext. agt., Norlhero Pacific R. B., 
1013-6. b. Ogdensburg. Wis.. Oct. 10, 
188T: t. Geo. C. and KitUe (Uvermore) 
M.; reared on farm. B.S., Univ. Wis., 

Mimaj, Thomas Jeffetson, assoc. prof. bact. 
and bact. Exp. Sta- Wash, State CoU., 
Pulhnan, Wash. 

Asst. bact., Purdue Univ.. 1015-5; 
BS90C. prof. bact. and assoc. bact. Exp. 
Sta., Va. Poly. Inst., 1916-&; present 
position, 1918—. *. Nyack, N. Y., 
Oct. 13, 1891; $. Andrew and Josephine 
(Hanlon) M.; reared in city; m. Harriet 
Alida Palmer, Dec. 26, 1917. B.S.. 
Coll. City of N. Y.. 1913; M.S., Purdue 
Univ., 1915. 

Mnsbach, Frederick Lddwig, asst. prof. 
soils, in chg. Exp. Sta. amd ext.. Marsh- 
field, Wis. 

Aast. m Wis. Geol. and Nat, Hist. 
Survey, 1909-18. 6. Saukville, Wis., 
Mar. 10, IST7; #. Wm. and Marie (Butzer) 
M.; reared on fann; m. Roiena Billings, 
Oct. 86, 1918; c. Wm. F. B.S., Univ. 
Wis., 1909. Sigma Xi. 

Dir. farmers' insta., Marshall Co. h. 
Fairmont, W. Va., Sept. IS, 1888; (. 
R. Q. and Susan Deluh (Rogers) M,; 
reared on farm, B.S.A., W. Va. Univ., 

Mussehl, Fiknk Edward, prof, poultry 
busb., Univ. Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

Aast., poultry busb., Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1915-6; instr., Univ. Wis., 1916-7; 

?rof., Univ. Neb., 1917—. 6. JefFerson, 
ria., Dec. 3, 1891; i. Wm, and Freda 
(Miller) M.; reared on farm; m. Inez L. 
Clough, June 80, 1917. B.S., Univ. Wis., 
191S. Alpha Gamma Bho; Gamma 
Sigma Delta. 

Mnsselman, Huij Hayes, assoc. prof, 
farm mech., Mich, Agr. Coll., E. Lausing, 

b. Defiance Co., O., Sept. 13, ISSO: 
(.Iraaud Esther L. (Luce) M,; rearedon 
farm; nt. Anne I. Green, Dec, 1917. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1906, Tau BeU 

Mnsaer, Howard Btirton, sci. asst.. Bur. 
Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washiagton, 
D. C. 

Teach, high-sch.. Terra Alta, W, Va., 
1914-5; supcrv. scb. gard., Erie, Pa., 
191T, b. S. Williamsport, Pa.. Sept. 9, 
1893: *. Calvin F. and Annie (Gettig)M.; 
reared in town and on farm. A.B., 
Bucknell Coll., 1914; B.S., Penn. State 
CoU,. 1917, Sigma Chi, 

MutcUer, Fred, dir. agrl. eit., Uuiv. Ky., 
Lexington, Ky. 

Instr. Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass., 
1903-1; asst. prof, biol., 1006-7; prof. 
agr. and biol. sci,. State Normal Sch., 
Bowling Green, Ky., 1907-U; present 
position, 191*—. Pres. Ky. Div. Farm- 
ers' Educ. and Coop, Union of Am., 
1916-6. b. Patricksburg, Ind., Oct. 16, 
1671; 1. John and Elizabeth (Rowe) M.; 
reared on farm; m. Florence May Mer- 
ritt, June U, 1905; c, Fred Merritt, 
Bradford Dean, Florence Elizabeth. A.B., 
Ind, Univ., 1903; Ph.D., Clark Univ., 
190fi. Delta Tau Delta, 

breeding, Penn. State Coll., SUte College, 

Asst. hort., Penn. State Coll., 1908-10; 
asw>c„ 1910-7; present position. 1917—. 
b. near TlvoU, Pa.. Feb. 83, 1SS8; >. John 
A. and Elizabeth J. (Kester) M.; reared 
on farm; m, Christine AUce Bidelspacher, 
Dec. 31, 1910; e. Chas. Andrew, Christine 
Elizabeth. B.S., Penn State Coll.. 1908; 
M,S., Cornell Univ,, 1910. Sigma Xi. 

Myers, Clyde Hadley, prof, plant-breeding. 
State Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 


Feb. 6, 1883; *, John J. and Justina 
Lauretta (Hadley) M,; reared on farm; 
m. Fleda De Vere Straight, 1910; e. 
John Straight. B.S.. 111. Wealcyan. 1007; 
M,S„ Univ. Ul„ 1910; Ph.D., Cornell 
Univ., 1912. Sigma Xi; Tau Kappa 
Epsilon; Gamma Alpha. 

Mytick. Berbctt, ed., auth. and pub., 
Myrick Bldg., Springfield, Mass. 

Ed,, Farm and Home; pres. Orange 
Judd Co. and dir. of farm weeklies -^ 
Northwest Farmstead (Minneapolis), 
Orange Judd Farmer (Chicago), Southern 
Farming (Atlanta), American Agricul- 

turut, (New York), New BnglaDd Homo- 
steul (^Tine6eld). Cbm. Mass. Fann- 
Und Bank. 19U; dir. Fed. Land Bank 
of Spiingfield; pres. Buihneil Co.. Abei- 
deen, S. D., publishers Dakota Farmer. 
.<4uM..' How to Cooperate, 1891; Turkeys, 
How to Grow Tbem. 1895; Money Cropft, 
How to Grow and How to Sell Them, 189B; 
Mortage Lifters, 1895; Tobacco Leaf, 
1S90; The Aiaerican Sugar InduBtry, 
1897: The Hop, 1893: The Crisis in 
Agriculture, 1900: The Book of Corn. 
]»03: A Swim for Ijfe, 1904; Cache la 
Poudre — a romance of hie wertem 
life in the days of Custer, 1906; Promise 
of Life, 1905; Co-operative I^nanoe, IDIi; 
A Natiomil View of Southern Develop- 
ment, 1912; Federal Farm Loan System, 
1916; Agricultural Preparedness, 10IT. 
6. Arlington, Mass., Aug. 80, 1800; I. 
Henry Lewis and Lucy CWoline (Whitte- 
more) M.; reared in country; tn. Elvira 
Lawrence Kenson, Aug. 15, 188S; e. 
Cristine. Helen L., Donald. B.S., Mass. 
Agr. Coll. and Boston Univ.. 188i. 

N.; re«red on farm; m. Chcrie Campbell, 
June 1910; e. Edward H.. Eleanor L.. 
Herbert Lewis. B.S.. Mich. Agr. Coll., 


I, W. C, p. 9I«. 

Neale. Alvin Scolt, ext. specialist in dairying, 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans. 
Ext. kct. dairying, Ohio State Univ., 
1908-13; present position, 1913—. b. 
MilnerBville. O., Sept. 8. 1870; ». John 
and Phoebe Amanda (Rourk) N.; reared 
on farm; m. Emma M. RoKers, Dec. SS, 
1893 (d. 1900): id Katherme E. Beese, 
June 15, 1911; c. John R., Comfort A.. 
Philip E., Edward A. B.S.A., Ohio State 
Univ., 1904. 

Nc^y, No«l, asat. dairy husb., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Dairy ext., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1912-8. 
b. Wahoo, Neb., Feb. 87, 1889; ». Sam F. 
and Lillie (Churchill) N.; reared on fanu; 
m. Ella Belle Gunn, Sept. 3, 1914; c. 
i:.. a.,t\, i a n„i„ M.k |912- 


Napier, J. M., co. agrl. agt., Darlington, 

Asst. agron., Univ. Wis., 1910; asst. 

Srof. agron., Clemson Agr. Coll., 1911-2; 
^rm dem. agt., Richland Co., S. C 1919; 
dem. agrl. educ, Darlington Co., 1914 — . 
Manag- Darlington Coop. Creamery Co. 
Aidh.: (with Barton and Stewart) Agri- 
culture for School and Farm, Vol. I, 1915; 
Vol. 2,1910. 6. Blenheim. S.C., Aug. 21, 
1887; I. J. L. and MarietU (Donaldson) 
N.; reared in village; m. Elizabeth 
Satterwhite, June 1«, 1913. B.S.,Clem- 
son Agr. CoU., 1908; M.S.. Univ. Wis., 

Nash, Claude L., co. agrl. agt., Coldwater, 

Princ. high-sch., Lawton, Mich., 190&- 
10; teach, ad. and agr.. Union City, 
1910-3; inatr. agr.. Western State Normal, 
Kalamazoo, summer 1919; superv. agrl. 
work and sch. gardeos, Muskegon Hi^h- 
Sch. and Haddey Manual Traimng 
Sch., Muskegon, 1913-6; agt. Branch 
Co., 1916—. Conducted first farmers' 
school held in Mich, in 1912. Sec, Mich. 
Soc. Promotion Agrl. Educ. 1912-3; 
corresponding sec., Muskegan Co. Hort. 
Soc, 1914. b. Grattan, Mich., June S, 

Neil, Jaian E» co. agrl. agt., Sioux City, la. 
Co. Mrl. agt, Wabasso, Minn., 1913-6; 
agt. Woodbury Co., la., 1916—. b. 
Long Grove, la., Oct. 4, 1880; $. John F. 
and Caroline (Brandt) N.; reared on 
farm; nt. Edith C. Otto, Aug. 2, 1913; 
c. Lantha Dale. B.S.A., la. Stete CoU.. 

Nelson, ArlhuT E., asst. in marketing fruits 
and v^etables, Bur. Markets, U. S. 
Dept, Agr., Washington, D, C. 

b. HaUock, Minn., Oct, 10, 1892; : 
N. A. and Betsy (Anderson) N.; reared 
in town. B.S.A., Univ. Calif., 1917. 
Theta Chi. 

NclsOEU Arthur W„ live-stock farmer, 
Bunceton, Mo. 

Pres, Cooper Co, Farm Bur.; fed, food 
administrator for Mo.; pres. Bank of 
Princeton, b. Cooper Co., Mo,, Jan, 21, 
1878; *. Arthur W, and LalU (Marma- 
duke) N,; reared in town; m. Rilye 
Stephens, Mar. 25, 1003; e. Rilye S,, 
Arthur W. HL M,D., Suwanee Coll,, 
Tenn., 1900. Alpha Tau Omega. 

Nelson, Aven, pres. Univ. Wyo., Laramie, 

Teach., Drury Coll., ^ringfieM, Mo.. 
1889-5; princ. public schs., Ferguson. 


Mo.. 1B85-7; prof, bot., Univ. Wyo.. 
1887—; acting pres., 1917-8; preo., 
1918—. Sec. State Bd. Hort., 1906—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S., Bot. Soc. Am. Aulh.: 
Report on the Flora o( Wyomins, 1896; 
The Trees of WyomiDR and How to 
Enow Tttem, 1899; Key to Rocky 
Mountain Flors, 19<K; Spring Flora of 
the Intermountsin States, 1010. Reviser, 
New Manual Rocky Mt. BoUny, 1009. 
b. Lee Co., la.. Mar. 24, 1859; * . Christian 
and Anne (Evenson) N.; tn. Celia Alice 
Calhoun, 183A. A.B. and B. Di., SUte 
Normal Sch., Kirksville, Mo., 1883; 
Mast. Sc). Didactics, 1889; A.M., Har- 
vard Univ.. 1892; M.S., Druiy Coll., 
1890; Ph.D., Univ. Denver. 1904. 

Nebon, Gupei Irving, asst. prof, bad., 
N. D. Agr. Coll., Agricultural CoUege, 
N. D. 

Aast. bad., Univ. Wis., t yrs.; present 
poMtion, 1913—. 6. mvei Falls, Wis., 
June 16, 1886; *.B. C.andLina(Lien)N.; 
rearedin town; m. Josephine H.Mortiboy, 
Jul. 30. 1912; e. Elizabeth H., Robt. C. 
A.B., Univ. Wis., 1912. 

Nchmi, Edward William, chief U. S. Biol. 
Survey, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

Sci. explorer. Alaska, 1877-81 ; natura- 
list, U.S. steamer Corwiii.1881; with Biol. 

1913-4; asst. chief, 1914; chief 1910—. 
Mem. Death Valley Eiped., 1890-1; 
sci. explorer in Mex.. 1892-1906. Pres. 
Am. Ornithologists' Union, 1908-S. 1912- 
3; pres. Biol. Soc. of Washington, 1912-3. 

Cook Co. Normal Sch., Chicago, 187fi. 

Nelsoo, George AOen. eo. agrl. agt.. South 
Bend, Wash. 

Supt. dairy, Salem, Ore.. 1909-10. 
Del. to Nat. Farm Manag. Convention. 
Deputy state dairy and food conmr., 
1911-2. b. Sonora. Calif., Jan. 31, 1B82; 
s. Cornelius and Anna A. (Sutherland) N.; 
reared on farm; tr. Clarice E. Dixon, 
Sept. 1. 1910; e. Alford Miles. Velma 
Lorraine, Eldred George, Ava Clarice. 
B.S.A., Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1909. 

Nebon, Gustave Andrew, 
Salmon City, Ida. 
b. St. Charles, Ida.. Dec. 81, 

agrl. agt„ 

t. Rasmus Peter and WiBielmma [Ander- 
stead) N.; reared on farm; m. Mabel 
Maugfaan, Dec. 23, 1914; e. Roscoe 
Maugban. B.S., Utah Agr. Coll. Phi 
Kappa Iota. 

Nebon, Herbert Edward, co. agrl. agt.. 
Frankfort, Ind. 

Farm maaag., Va., 1014-9; co. agt, 
1918—. With U. 9. Naval Aviation, 
lOlS— . b. Milwaukee, Wis.. June 15, 
1802; I. Edward B. and Margaret 
(Parker)N.; reared on (arm; m. Jeanuette 
Ashman, 1917. B.S., Univ. Wis., 1914, 

Nebon, Lowtt. asst. co. agt. leader. Utah 
Agr. Coll., Logan, Utah. 
Sec. to pres., Utah Agr. CoU.. 1BI6-7; 

B'eaent position, 1617 — . b. Ferron. 
tab, Apr. 16, 1898; >. Hyrum A. and 
Mary A. (Lowry) N.; reared on (arm. 
B.S.. Utah Agr. CoU., 1016. Delta Nu: 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Nelson, Martin, dean Coll. Agr. and dir. 
Exp. Sta., Univ. Ark., Fayetteville, Ark. 
Ad]", prof, agron., Univ. Neb., 1906-7; 
asst. prof.. 1907-8; prof, agron., Univ. 
Ark,, 1908-13; dean and dir., 1913—; 
chg. agrl. ext., 1913-5. b. Crawford Co., 
Wis., Sept. 12, 1871 ; i. Erik and Christine 
(Olson) N.; reared on farm; m. Maude 
Agnes Famham, Jan. 22, 1910; c. Helen 
Christine, Isabel May. B.S.A., Univ. 
Wis., 1905; M.S.. 1906. Alpha ZeU. 

Nebon, Gran Milton, a 

prof. an. husb.. 

Ore. Agr. Coll., CorvaUia. Ore. 

Inslr. an. bush.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1013-7; 
assoc. prof.. 1017—. Avlk.: Part in. 
Potters Western Live-Stock Manage- 
ment, 1917. b. La Crosse, Wis.. Nov. 20, 
1888; t. O. and Matilda (Olsen) N.; 
reared on (arm and in town; m. Charlotte 
Lewis, Aug. 26, 1915. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 
1913. Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Gamma. 

Nebon, Knhu J^ ed. Farm and Ranch, 
Dallas, Tex. 

Rice expert. Ark, E*p. Sta., 1905-8; 
prof, agr,, Univ. Ark., 1908-9; prof. agrl. 
educ, 1009; present position, lOlO— . 
Asst. supt. hort. for Ark.. St. Louis 
Expos., 1904. b. Washington, Ark., Dec. 
6, 1870; I. Sam H. and Alice fWyatt) N.; 
reared on farm; n>, Flossie Elb Sander- 
ford, June 24, 1908; c. Alice, Lucile, 
Arthur. Norma) Diploma, Univ. Ark., 
1903; B.S., 1004; M.S., 1007. 


NeiMn, Sofns Bertelaen, prof, and dean 
Coll. Vet, Sci.. Wash. State Coll., Pull- 
man. Wash. 

House surgeon, la. State Coll., 1SS9-Q0; 
present position, 1895—. State vet.. 
Wash., 18S5-I911; mem. State Bd. 
Health. Wash., 189S-1911. Sec. Wash. 
Live-Stoek Assoc., IQM-IO; sec. North- 
west Live-Stock Assoc., 1910-8; sec. 
Cascade Inter. Stock Show, 1915, Del. 
Inter. Convention Tuberculosis, Washing- 
ton,D.C..1908. Traveled in Europe, 1893. 
6. Veile. Denmark, Dec. 21, 1867 (natura- 
luedlS8»); «. Niels P. and Maria (Bertel- 
sen) N.; reared in town and on farm; 
m. Jettchen Uhden, Nov. iS, 189S. 
D.V.M.. la. SUte CoU., 1880. Phi 
Kappa Fbi; Alpha Pu, 

NcnswangcT, George, co. agrl. agt., Alliance, 

b. Bloomington. Ul., Jan. 36. 1894; 
*. Chris N.; reared on fann. B.Sc., 
Univ. Neb., 1917. Phi Gamma Delta; 
Alpha ZeU. 

Nevens, WilSam Barbonr. aast. prof, dairy 
husb., Univ. Neb., Lincoln. Neb. 

Asst. daii7 husb., Univ. III. 19H-7; 
present position, 1917 — ■. Mem. bd. 
editors, Journal of Dairy Science, b. 
Winnebago, 111,, Nov. «7, 1885; ». Wm. 
Henry and Jessie F. (Hunter) N.; reared 
on farm; m. Martha C. Langwill, Aug. 0, 
19U, B,S., Univ. Wis,. 1914; M,S„ 
Univ. lU., 191T. Alpha Zeta. 

NewhaK, Harold Wendell, assoc. prof. 
dairying, Mich. Agr. Coll., E, Lansing, 

Instr. dairying, Mich. Agr. Coll.. 191 1-2; 
with Carlyle Dairy Co., Calpuy, Alta.. 
1912-3; manag, and dir. Sanitary Dairy, 
St. Catherines. Ont., 1913-7; present 
position. 1917—, b. Toronto. Ont,. Oct, 
22, 1885; ». Euegen Pierre and Georgina 
A. (Fraser) N,; reared in city and country. 
B.S,A., Ont. Agr, CoU.. 1911. 

Ncwkonse, Mflton John, co, agrl. agt., 
Vancouver, Wash. 

Princ. high-sch, and instr. mt., Krk- 
land, Wash.. 1911-5; instr, dementary 
sci.. Wash. SUte CoU.. 1915-7; agt. 
Pond Oreille Co,, Apr.-Nov. 1917; 
agt. Clarke Co.. 1917—. 6. Ten Post, 
Netherlands. Mar, 80. 1885 (naturalized 
1910); (.John and Ethel (Wigboldus)N.; 
reared on farm: m. Etbel Smawley. Aug. 

15, 1918. A.B„ Wash. SUte Coll.. 1911; 
B,S.,1917. AlphaZeta; PhiDeltaTheU; 
DelU Sigma Rho. 

Newlandcr, Carl Edwin, dairy manufactur- 
ing specialist. Bur. An, Ind,, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C, 

Instr. dairy manufacture, Mich. Agr. 
Coll.. 1912-6; aast. prof., 1916-7; present 
position. 1917— . 6. Benton, N. Y., Sept. 
n, 1886; ». August and Anna (Pearson) 
N.; reared on farm; m. Idi Victoria 
Hard, Mar, 80. 1915; e. Virginia May. 
B.S., ComcU Univ.. 1012. 

Newman, Oiarie* Carter, prof. hort. and 
hort. Eip. St*.. Clemson Agr. Coll., 
Clemsou Collie, S. C. 

Aart. hort., S. C. Eip. SU., 1897-9; 
assoc. prof, and asst. hort., 1899-1900; 
present position. 1900—. 6. Sparta. Ga.. 
Sept. 0, 1B74; (. James Stanley and 
Elberta (Lewis) N.; reared on farm; 
m. Grace Strode. May 7. 1912; e. Aubrey, 
Carter, Mildred, Wilson. B.S„ Clemson 
Agr. CoU., 1896. 

Newman, Qiffofd Lewis, prof, agron., 
N. C. A.fcM. CoU., W. Baleigb, N. C. 
Asst. prof. agr.. Univ. Tenn., 1887-9; 
princ. distr. agrl. sch.. Athens, Ala., 
1889-91; asst. agrst.. Ark. Exp. SU., 
1891-7; agrst. and prof, agr., Univ. 
Ark., 1697-1905; prof, agron. and agrst, 
Clemson Agr. CoU., 1905-8; present 
position, 1908—. b. Columbus. Ga., 
Jul. 25, 1864; (. James Stanley and 
Elberta (Lewis) N.; reared on farm. 
B.S.. AU. Poly, Inst., 1886; M.S.. 1887. 
Phi Delta TheU. 

Newman, Cyras Edaon, asst. boys' dub agt., 
Ala. Pdy. Inst., Auburn, Ala. 

Asst. instr. an. husb., Ala. Poly. Inst., 
1916; teach, agr., Talladega Co. high-sch., 
1916-7; agt. TalUpoosa Co., Feb.-Sept. 
1917; present position. 1917—. 6. Good- 
water, Ala., Aug. 28, 1893; ». W. O. and 
Ann (Staples) N.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1916. Phi Kappa 
Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Newman, John W., farmer, VersaiUes. Ky. 
Asst. math., Ky. SUte Univ., 1888-97. 
Mem. Ky. House of Rep., 1904-6; Ky, 
SUte Senate, 190«-10. Sec. Ky. State 
Fair, 1908-11; comnr. of an., Ky., 
1912-6. General manag.. Insular Fur, 
San Juan. Porto Rico, 1911. (. Monroe 


Co., Ky-. Ian. is, 1869; t. John J. ud 
Lucy <H&rIan) N.; re«i«d on fwm; 
m. Annie Miller; 2d, Jftnie Slemp, 1»1Q. 
B.S., Mooioe Normai Sch.. 1S87; studied 
Colo. Agr. Coll., I88&4. Kappa 

«(pf-. C 

Exp. SU., Colo. Agr. Col 

Ant. vet. Bci., Colo. Agr. Coll.. 1M6-7; 
prof. vet. anal., 1907-lB; prof. vet. path,, 
1812~. State meat iaip.. Colo., 1B07. 
Sec. for Colo., Am. Vet. Med. Assoc.; 
sec. Cob. Vet. Med. Assoc, 1918—. 
6. Mitchell Co.. Tei., Apr, 13. 1883; #. 
Eli and Lydia (RusseU) N.; reared on 
farm; m. Jessie S, Woods, Jul, 8, lOOS; 
«. Fern, Shirley. B.S., Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1904; D.V.S., San Frandsco Vet. Coll., 
190«; D.V.S., Kans. City Vet. Coll.. 1909. 
Alpha Psi. 

Newton, Samuel TkomM, dir. agr). eit. 
serv,, Winnipeg, Man. 

Teach, public schs., 8 yrs.; teach, 
manual training, Winnipeg, 6 yrs.; aaal. 
superv., i yrs.; cbg. woodworking dept., 
Kelvin Tech, Sch., Winnipeg. 1 yr., chg, 
tech, dept., Syra; presentposition, 1911 — . 
b. Violet Hill. Oot., Jan, 27, 187S; i, 
Wm, and Sarah A. (MarghaU) N-; reared 
on farm; tn, Aanie B, Borden, Jul. 8, 
1907; e. Merlin Borden. Vera. Student 
Toronto Univ., f yrs. 


liam Dunett, proF. 

^__., /. Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Asst. an. husb.. Ky. Eip, SU,. 1907-8; 
manag. and joint proprietor of farm, 
Bloomfield, Ky., tOOS-12; asst. prot. an. 
husb., Univ. Ky,, 1912-6; prof, and bead 
dept. farm manag., 1016—. b. Bloom- 
field. Ky.. Feb. 8. 1885; i. Archibald W. 
and Elizabeth (Dougherty) N.; reared ou 
farm; m, Mary Elizabeth Hord. Sept. 1, 
1913; e. Wm. Hord, Mary Elizabeth. 
B.S.A., Univ. Ky., 1907; M.S.A., lOlS. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Nichols, De Lme, 

. agrl. agt., Flagstaff, 

Farmer. 1911-S; co. agt,, 1917—; 
war garden superv., Apr.-Scpt. 1817. 
Traveled in Great Britain and Europe. 
6. Brigham City, Utah, Jul, U, 1889; 
(. Geo, W. and Lara (Jensen) N,; reared 
on farm. B.S., Utah Agr. CoU., IS17. 

Nkkola, t/lark Larell, agti. engin., Va. Poly. 
Inst., Bladuburg, Va. 

Agron.. T. N. VaU Agr. Sch., ISlfi; 
asst. prof, agron., Dei. Coll., 191A-8: 
present position, 1818 — . b. Bellevue, O., 
Jan. M, 1888; (. M. R. and Ahce (McCril- 
lis) N.; reared in village; m. Nina A. 
Griffin, Jan. 24. 1813, B,S.A.. Ohio 
State Univ., 1812; M.S., Del. Coll., 1918. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Nichds, Rosa, co. agrl. agt^ Linueus, Mo. 
b. Fairmont. Mo„ Oct 2, 1884; (. H. N. 
and Ida May (Starr) N.; reared on farm; 
m. Margaret B. Tompkins, Aug. 22, 1907; 
c. Carroll Starr. Oneta Marie, Marguerite 
Ludle. Student Univ. Mo. 

INichobou. J. F.. p. 812. 

Nicslcy, Howard Graybill, co. agrl. agt., 
Dauphin BIdg., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Princ, high-8ch„ PalenviUe, N. V., 
1911-8. 6, Carlisle, Pa.. Mar, iW, 1890; 
t. John B. and Lizsie E. (Graybill) N.; 
reared on farm, B.S., Feun. SUte Coll., 
1917. Alpha Zeta. 

b. Hombgs Mills. Ont., Jul. 14, 1 
t. Wm. Geo. and Elizabeth (McGhee) N.; 
reared OD farm; m, Anns Mildred Heather, 
Aug. 12. 1914; e. Fred Wm. Kitchener, 
Margery Elizabeth. B.S.A., Ont. Agr. 
Coll, and Toronto Univ.. 1019. 

Nolan, Arelas Wilbur, asat. pnrf. agrl. educ, 
Univ. 111.. Urbana, lU, 

Prbc. high-sch., Lima, Ind., 1904-8; 
aawc, prof. agr\. educ, W. Va. Univ., 
1908-12; present position, 1912—; state 
superv, agrl. educ, 1916 — . Sec Nat- 
Collegiate Country Life Club. Autk.: 
One Hundred Lessons in Elemeutaiy 
Agriculture. 1811; Agriculture and Home 
Projects, 1916; The Teaching of Agri- 
culture. 1918; A Year in Agriculture with 
Home Projects, 1918. AiH ad.. Rural 
Educator, b. Edgar Co., 111., June 1, 
1674; (. Fielden C. and Sarah M, {Pm- 
aon) N.; reared on farm; m, Myrta 
Phillips. Dec. iS, 1898; c. Phyllis M. 
A.B,. Univ. Ind„ 1906; M,S,, W. Va. 
Univ., 1011. Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta 

Noland, David Reeves, dairy manufacturing 
Specialist, V. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
b. Crabtiee. N. C, iit^ 22, I8»4; *. 


NoTcioM, Cliarlca^A., dir. sgrl. eit., Umv. 
Nev., Beno, Nev. 

EnroUinK clerk. U. S. SenaU, 1696- 
1904; comnr.agr, Nev., lSll-5. 6. Reno, 
Nev., Nov. 8, 1866; ». Tho«. W. and 
Caroline B. (^lennan) N.; reared od 
farm; m. Lydia Z. Lonkey, Feb. £6, 1806 
(d. 1814). B.A., Umv. Nev. 

Noijord, Guutian PociTal. comur. of 
agr.. MadiBon, Wu. 

Phnc. high-Bch., 1809-1M2; special 
act. on bariey breeding, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
190S-6; Bgron., Umv. Ark., 1907-9; 
aasoc. agron.. Univ. Wia., 1909-13; 
supt. farmers' inita.. 1913-5; comnr. agr., 
191S — . b. Fredericksbaven, Denmark, 
Oct 25, 1874; i. James and Bertha 
(Hansen) U.; reared on farm; m. Effie 
M. MoUey. Jul. 20, 1902; e. Gladys, 
Lucele. Helen. Ph.B., Univ. Wis., 190S; 
B.S.AgT., leOS. Alpha ZeU. 

Norland, Nannan, co. agrl. agt.. Court 
House, Lincoln, Neb. 

Teach, agr., St. Joseph's Acad.. 
Ottumwa, la., minuner 1016; princ. 
high-sch. and superv. agr., Blair, Neb., 
1916-8. b. Marshall Co., U., Feb. 86, 
1888; ». Nels. and Rachel (Peterson )N.; 
reared on {arm; m. Aletta Brunswold, 
Jan. tS, 1918. B.Sc., la. State CoU., 
1916. Alpha ZeU. 

Nortbrnp, Lydia Zae, research assoc. bact, 
Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lansing, Mich. 

Princ. Thompsonville hi^-scb., Mich., 
1906-7; asst. bact., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1907-8; instr., 1908-13; asat. prof., 
191S-8; reaeardi assoc., 1918—. AuA.: 
(with Giltner) Microbiology, 1016. b. 

game) N.; reared on Tarm. B.S., Mich. 
Agr. CoU., 1013; A.M., Univ. Mich., 19U. 
Omicron Nu. 

NortoB, Jewe Baker, plant physiologist. 
Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

librarian. Mo. Bot. Card. 1899-1000; 
asat., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1900; asat. ent., 
Kans. State Ap. Coll.. 1900-8; asst. 
prof, plant-breeding, Cornell Univ., 1907- 
8; asst. physiologist. Bur. Plant Ind., 
1008-7; pVwologiJit, 1908—. Fellow A. 

A. A. S. b. Leadvale, Tenn., Aug. 19, 
1877; *. Samuel J. and Louisa (Kenyon) 
N-i reared in town and country. B.Sc., 
Kans. SUte Ap. CoU., 1807; M.Sc., 1901. 
Sigma Xi. 

Norton, John Kiting Smith, bot. and plant 

path., Md. Era. Sta., College Park, Md. 

Asst. bot., Kans. Exp. SU., 1805-6; 

bot. asst,. Mo. Bot. Gard., 1896-1901; 

Sot. bot.. Md. Agr. CoU.. 1901—. Sec. 
d. State Hort. Soc., lOOS-4; vice-pres. 
Am. Dahlia Soc., 1915-8. Fellow A. A. 
A. S. b. E. Tenn., Apr. 7. 1872; ». 
Samuel J. and fxiuisa (Kenyon) N.; 
reared in country and city; m, Gertrude 
J. Havens, 1897; id, Jennie Webster, 
1907; e. Dorothy Viola, Frances Louise, 
EUsabetb Webster. B.S., Kans. SUte 
Agr. Coll., 1896; M.S., 1809. 

Nonrac, Edwin Griswold, prof. agrl. econ., 
la. State CoU., Ames, la. 

Iiutr., Wharton Sch. Commerce and 
Finance, Univ. Penn.. 1009-10; prof, 
econ. and sodol., Univ. S. D., 1010-2; 
•sat. political econ., Univ. Cbica^ 
1914-S; prof. econ. and sodol., Univ. 
Ark., 1015-8; present position, 1018—. 
Chm. com. on marketing. Am. Assoc, for 
Agrl. L^islaUon. Atitk. : Agricultural 
Eoononucs. 1916; Outlines of Agricul- 
tural Economics, 1017; The Chicago 
Produce Market, 1918. b. Locb>ort, 
N. Y., May 20, 1883; «. Edwin Henry 
and Harriet Augusta (Beeman) N.; 
reared in village; m, Ray Marie Tyler, 
Aug. 17, leiO. A.B.. ComeU Univ., 
1906; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago, lOlS. 

Noyes, Harry Alfred, research assoc. in 
hart. chem. and bact., Ind. Exp. Sta., 
W. LaFayette, Ind. 

Research asst.. Ind. Bid. Sta., 1014-7; 
present position, 1917 — . o, Marlborough, 
Mass., Jul. 7, 1890; (. Lambert Alfred 
and Bertha (Keirstcad) N.; reared in 
city and coiwtry; in. Florence J. Fisher- 
dide, June 85, 191S; c. Lorraine F., 
Arthur Alfred. BS., Mass. Agr. CoU., 
1912; M.S., 1914. Sigma Xi; BeU 
Kappa Phi. 

Nnckols. Samoel B., asst. agrst., U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. Washington, D. C. 

Asst. prof, agron., W, Va. Univ., Ij^ 
yrs.; asat. prof, agron., Colo. Agr. C^., 

iwden) N.i reared 


on Taru; nt. Wbona Woodward. Sept. t, 
1013; c. Roland Woodward, Eluabelh. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., IBIl; M.A., 1918. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Nrhas, Paul 0„ CO. agrl. agt., Waupaca, 

Teach, agr., high-ech., FairchUd. Wu., 
1915-7; aast. (arm manM. dem. surveys, 
Univ. WU„ 1917. b. Chippewa FjU, 
Wii., Apr. 18, 18IH; i. O. J. and Anna P. 
(Andersoo) N.; reared on farm. B.S.. 
Univ. Wia,, 1918. 

Nrstrom, Aner Benjaiiin, co. agrl. agt., 
Chehalis, Wash. 

iDstr. dury mech. and testing, Ohio 
State Univ., 1907-9; instr. dairying. 

191B-4; prof., 1914-7; agt. Lewis Co., 
1917—. h. Ostergotland, Sweden, Feb. 
19, iSSS (natursJiied as minor); >. 
Adolf Frederick and Anna Ustilda 
{Carlsoii) N.; reared on farm; nt. Mamie 
C. Frey. June 45, IBU. B.S.A., Kani. 
State Agr. CoU.. 1907. Alpha ZeU. 

OaUcy, RbbscU Aithni, agron.. Bur. Plant 
Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Aulh.: (with Piper) Turf tor GoK 
Courses, 1917. b. Marysville, Kaos., 
Sq>t. 7, 1880; t. Thos, and Anna (McKee) 
O.; reared on farm; m. Bessie Clnrlc Bell, 
Oct. S3, 1912. B.S.. Kans. State Agr. 
Coll.. 1903. 

OlttieM, Harry Rassell. asst. prot. agrl. 

journalism, la. State Coll., Ames, la. 

Asat. reference librarian. Ohio State 
Univ., ISlO-e; asst. English, Okla. 
A.&M. Coll.. 19ia-3; inatr. English 
and joumaliiim. 191^^; present position, 
1915—. b. Union. O.. Dec. It. 1889; 
t. Geo. and Josephine (Peirce) O.; reared 
on farm. B.A., Ohio State Univ., 1910; 
M.A., 1912. Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma 
Delta Chi. 

Instr., Univ. Miss., 1905-7; research 
agt.. Bur. Municipal Research, Phila- 
delphia, laiO-3; assoc. prof., Univ. Ga., 
1913-5; prof., 1915—; supl. Univ. 

Summer Scb. for Teachers, 19lS — . 
Contributing ed., American Journal of 
Race Development, 6. Bethlehem, Ga., 
May £4, 1884; *. Wm. Pleasants and 
Mary Ann (Thomas) O.; reared on farm; 
m. Anna Louise Kranz, Dec. 24. 1910; 
c. Eugene Pleasants. A.B., Emory Coll., 
Oxford. Ga., 1904; A.M.. Univ. Miss., 
1906; Ph.D., Clark Univ., 1900; Colum- 
bia Univ.. 1910. 

O'Gara, Patrick Jose^, dir. dept. agrl. 
and smelter by-products invests.. Am. 
Smelting and Refining Co., Salt L&ke City, 

Plant path, in chg. fruit disease invest., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1002-10; dir. Rouge 
River Fruit and Produce Assoc., Medford, 
Ore., 1910-4; spetualmeteorlogit^ observer 
and local frost forecaster. U. S. Weather 
Bur., 1910-4; present position, 1914—. 
FeUow A. A. A. S.; Boyd Meteorological 
Soc., London; mem. Royal Soc, Arts, 
London. Traveled in Mexico, Hawaii. 
Europe. Alloc, ed.. Better Fruit, ft. 
Coleridge, Neb.. Jul. 1, 1872; s. Boeer 
Thos. and Bridget Susan (Hayes) 0.; 
reared on farm; m. Anna Isabel Sloan, 
Nov. 1, 1906. B.S., Univ. Neb., 1902; 
Sc.D., 1917. Sigma Xi. 

OgilvT, Lyulidi, writer, Denver Post, Denver, 

Farmer, Greeley, Cob., lBSO-1904; 
importer (rf live-stock. Special writer. 
Denver Post, and correspondent agrl. 
journals. Served in Spanish-American 
War, S. African War; Lieut. Scottish 
Horse, present war, ft. London. Eng- 
land, June 25, 1861; i. Earl of AirlTe 
and Blanche (Stanley) A,; m. Edith Ger- 
trude Boothroyd, 1902; c. Jack David 

O'Kane, Waller Colliiis, prof. econ. ent. 
andent.Eip.SU.,N.H. A.&M. Coll., 
Durham, N. H. 

Newspaper and magazine work. 1897- 
1909; asst, prof, econ, ent., N. H. A.&M. 
CoU.. 1909-10; assoc. prof., 1910-1; 
prof., 1912 — . Deputy comnr. of agr.. 
N. H., IBIS—. State nursery insp. 
Travelled in S. America, 1900. Auth.: 
Injurious Insects. 191)1; Jim and Peggy 
at Meadowbrook Farm, 1916. ft. Colum- 
bus, O.. Nov. 10, 1877; ». Henry and 
Catherine (Van de Water) O.; reared in 
dty; m. Chfford Hetherington. Dec. 30, 
1902; e. Ehiabeth. Catherine, Wm., 


Oldham, L. L., co. agrl. agt., Elkhorn, Wii. 
Asal. dir. wrt. work for Great Northern 
Ry.. 1913-1; manag. Jm, J. Hill farm. St. 
Paul, Mino., 1814-8; agt, Walworth Co., 
1910—, 6. Madison, Wia.. Sept., 23, 
1869; jr. Thos. W. and Helen Aminlba 
(Latham) O.; reared on farm; m. Hilma 
MaeCritten, June T, 1910; c. Jean Cather- 
ine. B.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1913. AlphaZeU. 

OlcT, Warren Wilcox, co. agrl. agt.. Bridge- 
ton, N. J. 

Farmer, Sparta, N. J., 1913-3; field 
aut, hort. dept, N. J, Exp. Sta., 1913-*; 
fruit specialist, eil. div., Rutgers Coll., 
I91*-fl; CO. agt., 1915—. Traveled 
throu^ Mexico and Cent. America tor 
Tehuantipec Rubber Co. b. DuneUen, 
N. J.. Apr. 12, 1889; *. Chas. W. and 
Theodora I. (Wilcox) O.; reared in town 
and on farm; m. Grace Helen Clarke, 
Oct. 8. 1915; e. Warren Wheeler. B.Sc.. 
Rutgers Coll., 1911. 

Olid, Wallet Herbert, superv. farm market- 
ing, Frisco Lines. Frisco BIdg., St. Louis, 

Rural sch. teach., 188&-6; princ. and 
supt. schs., Waverly, Ottawa, Osborne. 
Kans., 1890-1901; instr. fann crops. La. 
SUte Univ.. 1902-4; prof, agron,, Colo. 
Agr. Coll., I9(M-«; vice-dean agr., 
1906-8; ind. comnr., Denver, Laramie 
& N. W. Ry., 1908-11; dir. agrl. cit., 
Univ. Ida.,19Il-4; comnr.agr.,U.&R.G. 
R. R, 1914-6; preaent position, 1910—. 
Autk.; Otin's Commercial G«>grapby, 
1900; American Irrigation Fanning. 
191S. 6. Wabut Grove, Calif,, Aug. 7, 
18«2; I. Nelson and Harriett M. (Holly) 
C; m. Winifred Estella Cotton, Nov, 27, 
1B90; 2d, Eleanor Lee, June 7. 1915. 
Grad. Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1889; 
M.Sc„ 1B93, 

Olner, Albert Jackson, asst. prof, hort.. 
Univ. Ky.. Lexington, Ky. 

Teach, sci. and agr,, Ugh-sch., Green- 
ville. Mich., 1913-4; hort,, Theo. N. 
Vail Agr. Sch„ Lyndon. Vl„ 1914-6; 

Sesent position, 1910—, b. Fremont, 
ich., Apr. 15, 1886: (. Bert John and 
Alice (Beem) 0.; reared on farm; m. 
Lydia Branstrom, Jul. 6, 1914; c. Chas. 
Bert, Bobt, Branstrom. B.S., Mich. Air. 
Coll., 1913. 

Olney, RanwiBd, ed. Power Pamung and 
Power Farming Dealer, St. Joseph, Midi. 
Ed., Farm Engineering. Springfield, C, 
1913-6; present position, 1915—. 6. 
Monroe Co., N. Y., Dec. 29, 1686; ». 
Amos M. C. and Martha (Collins) O.; 
reared on farm; m. Elisabetii Lk>yd 
Watjion. May 28. 1912. M.E.. Cornell 
Univ., 1910. 

Ols«a, Aana Mar^rethc, aaat. prof, home 
ecoD., la. Slate Coll., Ames, la. 

Head food work, Univ. Neb., 1912-6; 

EMsent position, 1915 — . b. HerscJier, 
ll„ May 10, 1883; d. A. Chr. and Anna 
(Risetter) O.; reared on farm. B.Sc., 
Teachers CoU., Columbia Univ., 1912. 
Omicron Nu. 

OlscD, Arnold Lanriti, co. agrl. agt., Muni- 

aing, Micb. 

b. Manistique, Mich., May 20. 1892; 
). August and Hannah A. (Drevdahl) 0.; 
reared in city. B.S.. Mich. Agr. Coll.. 

Olson, Oscar Milton, co. agrl. agt., Roseau, 

Fanners' iast. worker, 1900-8; asst. 
supt. eit.. Wash. SUte Coll., 1909-10; 
agrl. specialist ext., Univ. Minn., 1911-3; 
farmer, Montevideo. Minn.. 1014-8. b. 
Prior Lake, Minn,, Jan. 21. 1872; ». 
Henry and Marj; E. ^Field) 0.; reared 
Gallagher, Apr. 
n T_ D c 

Obon, Peter J., 

Minn.. University Farm, St. l*aul, Minn. 
Instr. e^., Putnam High-Sch., Alex- 
andria, Minn., 1010-2; present position, 
1913—. b. Grafton, N. D., Oct. 12. 1887; 
>. Samuel and Nicoline (Anderson) 0.; 
reared on farm; m. Myrtle May Stoltz, 
Sept. 2, 1914. B.S., N. D. Agr. Coll. 
M.S.. Univ. 111. Alpha ZeU; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

Olson, Key Lethmp, co. agrl. agt., Zumbrota, 

b. Bertha, Minn,. Mar. 29, 1894; i. 
Robt. and Augusta (Anderson) C; 
reared 00 farm; m. Elisabeth Bryan, Jan. 
1. 1916. B.S.. Univ. Minn.. 1916. 

0*Neal. Emmett Cleveland, co. agrl. agt., 
Milan. Mo. 
b. Paris, Mo., Apr. 13, 1686; «. R. H. 


and ^^giuiii (GoDehoti) 0.; MAred on 
tana; m. Ethel PenoiDgton, June Q, IBW; 
e ErneitiDe, Chas., Eliiabetli, David. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1B09, 

Oostcibnis, Alria Cedl, asst. prof. an. husb., 
Univ. Wii.. Madison, Wis. 

6. Sheboygan FaUs. Wis., Dec. B, 19B4; 
«. Albert and Gertrude Ten (Dolle) O,; 
reared on Fann. Traveled in Europe, 
4nios. B.S.A.,Uiuv. Wis.. 1909; M.S.A.. 

Opgeiman, Chaile* lotus, nipt. Ridgelf 
Substa., Ridgely, Md. 

SUte poultryman. Md., 1906-11; poul- 
try eipert. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1911-3; 
gwine husb., Md., 1913-4; present posi- 
tion, 1914—. Former ed., Tri-State Fm- 
mer. 6. Staten Isl.. N. Y.. Sept. SO, 
1881; I. Chas. Nickolas and Florence 
(Williams) O.; reared in town and 
country; m. Edna Gertrude Barrows, 
Dec. 19, 1910; e. Nancy Rideout. Special 
atudent, Coniell Univ. 

On, AUred W., co. agrl. agt.. Livingston, 

Agt KendridcCo.,Ind.. 1914-S; aupt. 
farm of ex-vice-pres. C. W. Fairbanks, 
Green Co., 111.. 1916; present position, 
1917—. b. Mt. Vemon, Mo„ Sept. 4, 
187S; I. John A. and Mary Frances 
(Scroggs) 0.; reared on farm; m. Edith 
H. Dunlap, Dec. 29, 1897; 2d, Mary 
Elif»beth Stewart. June IB. 1913; o. 
Helen Pauline, Frances Anna. B.S.A., 
Univ. Mo., 1916. 

Orr, William McGilvarjr, asst. m marketing, 
U. S. Bur. Markets. Bourse Bldg., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Princ. Southern Ind. Inst., Charlotte, 
N. C, 8 yrs. 6. StalesviUe, N. C, Mar. 
21, 1889; *. R. W. and Emelie (McGil- 
vary) O.; reared on farm; m. Ethel L. 
Fowle, Oct. «S, 1916; e. W. M. Jr. B.S., 
Davidson Coll., N. C, 1010. Kappa 

Dept. Agr., Washington, 

Asst. hot., Vt. Eip. Sta. and inatr., 
Univ. Vt.. 1898-9; plant path.. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 1809 — ; in chg. cotton, truck 
and forage crop disease invests., Bur. 
PUnt Ind. FcUow A. A. A. S. Vice- 
chm.. Fed. Hort. Bd. Del. to 4th Inter. 
Genetics Conference, Paris. 1911. Bd., 

Electa W. (Allen) O.; reared on farm; 
m. Helen A. Davis. Apr. 20, 1003; c. 
Helen AlberU, Alice Louise. B.S.. Uuv. 
Vt.. 1B»7; MS.. 1808; Sc.D., 19Ifi. 
Phi BeU Kappa. 

Osboni, Herbert, research prof. cool, and 
ent., Ohio State Umv., Columbus. O. 

Asst. lool. and ent., la. SUte Coll.. 
1879; asst. prof., 1883-S; prof., 1865-98; 
prof. cool, and ent., Ohio State Univ., 
1898-1916; research prof., 191«— : dir. 
Lake Lab., 1809-1918: dir. O. Biol. 
Survey. 1918 — . Pres. Soc. Promotion 
Agrl. Sci., 191T-8; pres. Assoc, Am. Econ. 
Ent.. 1898; pres. O. Acad. Sin., 1904. 
Traveled in Mexico and Europe. Autk.: 
Economic Zookigy, 1908; Agricultural 
Entomobgy, 1910. b. Lafayette. Wis., 
Mar. 19, 1856; t. Chas. Piuue and Harriet 
Newell (Marsh) O.; reared in village; 
m. Alice Isadore Sayles, Jan, 19, 1883; 
c. Morse Foster. Herbert Tirrill, Evelyn, 
Dorothy, Margaret Stanton. B.Sc,, la. 
State Coll., 1879; M.Sc.. 1880; D.Sc., 

O^Mmie, Thomas Bmr, research chem.. 
Conn. Eip. Sta.. New Haven, Conn. 

Asst. mstt., Sheffield Sra. Sch.. Yale 
Univ., 1886-7; present position. 1888—; 
research assoc.. Carnegie Inst, of Washing' 
ton. Pres. Am. Soc. Biol. Chem.. 1910. 
Autk.: Proteins of the Wheat Kernel. 
1907; The VegeUble Proteins, 1909. 
6. New Haven, Conn.. Aug. 5, 1859; 
». Arthur Dimon and Frances Louisa 
(Blake) 0.; reared in city; nt. Elizabeth 
Annah Johnson, 18S6; c. Arthur Dimon. 
Francis Blake. A.B., Yale Univ., 1881; 
Ph.D., 1885; Sc.D.. 1910. Psi Upsilon. 

Osbum, Raymond CarroD. prof, and bead 
dept. Eool. and ent., Ohio State Univ., 
Columbus, 0. 

Instr. biol. and embryology, Starling 
Med, Coll., 1898-9; prof, biol., Fargo 
Coll., 1899-1902; teach, biol., N. Y. 
High-Sch. of Commerce, 1903-7; instr. 
and asst. prof. booI., Barnard Coll., 1907- 
15; acting dir., U. S, Fisheries Lah., 
Woods Hole. Mass., 1909; acting dir.. 
N. Y. Aquarium, 1910-1; asst. dir., 
1911-5; prof. biol.. Conn. Coll., 1915-7; 
present position, 1917—. Fellow A. A. 
A. S. Ed., Transactions of Am. Fisheries 
Soc., 1913—. b. Newark. 0., Jan. 4, 


, E. and Eliwbeth 
lum; in. Mary Hub- 
beU, Aug. 19. 1903. B.Sc., Obio State 
Udiv.. 1S98; M.Sc.. 1900; Ph.D.. Colum- 
bia Univ., 1906. 

Oskimp, JoM|A, assoc. pom.. Purdue Exp. 
St&.. LaPayett«, Ind. 

Asit. horU Purdue Eip. St*., 1912-3; 
reaeorch oast, pom., 1914-6; aiaoc. pom., 
1017—. b. Cindmiati, O., Jan. %% 1888; 
(. Joseph A. and Eliubeth M. (Stall) O.; 
reared on farm; m. Achu Moore, Oct. 86. 
1914: e. ElUabetb. B.S., Univ. Mo.. 
1912. Sigma Xi. 

Olinvui, Albert Vmcenl, prof. bot. and bead 
dept., Mass. Agr. Coll, and Exp, Sta., 
Araherit, Mass. 

AhsI., Storrs Eip. Su., 1900-8; inatr. 
bot.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1905-7; aast. 
prof, leOT-14; assoc. prof., 1014-6; 
prof, and head dept.. 1916—. Bot.. 
Mass. Slate Bd. Agr. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
b. Danbury, Conn.. Jan. 90, 1880; «. John 
W. and Emma (Cook) O.; reared in <nty 
and on (arm; m. Lena E. Latimer, June 
27. 1907; e. Kenneth L„ John Vincent. 
B.Agr.. Conn. Agr. Coll., 1900; B.S.. 
Mass. Agr. CoU. and Boston Univ., 190S; 
M.Sc., 190S. 

Ostraoder, Ward Adelbert, farm manag. 
dem., S. D. State Coll.. Brookings, S, D. 
Farm manag., Forrest City, Ark., 
lOll'S; asst. farm manag., Dicky Co., 
N. D., 1913; distr. agrl. agt., S. D. State 
Coll., 1914-fl; farm manag. dem., 1916—; 
farm help speciabst, S. D.. 1917. Dir. 
Boys' Working Reserve tor S. D. b. 
Oconomowoc, Wis., Nov. IS, 1688; i. 
Adelbert and Emma (Crandell) O.; 
reared on farm; m. Bemice Pendell, 
June 1!, 19ia; c. Reed Pendell, Max 
Howell. B.A., Lawrence Coll., Appleton, 
Wis., 1911; M.S.A., Univ. Wis., 1914. 
DelU Iota. 

Otia, Daniel Henry, prof, farm manag., 
Univ. Wis., Madison, Wb. 

Asst. agr.. Kans. Slate Agr. Coll.. 
1892-0; asst. dairying. 1896-9; prof. 
dairy husb.. 1899-1902; prof. an. busb., 
1902-9; manag. Deming Ranch. Oswego, 
Kans., 1903-fi; asst. and assoc. prof, 
an. nutr. and asst. to dean Coll. Agr., 
Univ. Wis.. 1905-9; prof, farm manag.. 
1900-; asst. dean. Coll. Agr., 1911-8. 
Prea. Am. Farm Manag. Ajsoc.; sec.* 

treat. Am. Soc. of Ad. Production. Auth.: 
Farm Accounts Simplified, 191fi; House- 
bold Accounts Amplified, 1910. Dairy 
ed., Kans. Parmer. 4 yrs. b. Topeka, 
Kana., Mar. 30, 1872; >. John G. and 
Bina (Numan) O.; reared on farm; 
m. Maiy E. I^man, Aug. 17, 1899; c. 
Edward N., Grant L., Chas. K., SUnley 
G. B.S., Kans. SUte Agr. CoU.. 189!; 
M.9., 1897. 

Otb, Janes Oiffmd, co. agrl. agt.. White 
River Junction, Vt. 

Teach.. N. Y. SUte Normal and Tram- 
ing Sch.. Cortland, 1912-3; teach., 
Middlelown h^-sch., 1913-5. b. Poplar 
Kdge. N. Y., Feb. 23, 1888; >. James J. 
and Julia E. (Taber) O.; reared on farm; 
m. Cecile E. Mignault. Jul. 18, 1914; 
c. James C. Jr., Janet Mignault. B.S.. 
Cornell Univ., 1912. Kappa Phi. 

Ouler, Clarence, dir. ext., Tei. A.&M. 
Coll.. College Station, Tei. 

Ed. Farm and Ranch. Dallas, Tex., 
1B86; manag. ed.. Galveston News, 
Galveston Tribune. Houston Post, 1880- 
1903; ed. Fort Worth Record, 1908-13; 
present position, 1914 — ; asst. sec. agr.. 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1917—. Mem. Am. 
Comn. lo study rural credits. Europe. 

1913. b. Lowndes Co., Ga., Dec. 29, 
1863; >. Wm. Henry and Henrietta 
(Scruggs) O.; m. Mary Young, Nov. 8, 
1888. A.B.. A, & M. CoU., Auburn, Ala., 
1881; A.M., Simmons Coll.. Abilene. Tex., 
1906. Phi DelU TheU. 

Overliolser, Earie Long, asst. prof, pom., 
Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif, 

Instr. pom., Cornell Univ., 1914-7; 
asst. prof., 1917-8; present position, 
1918—. b. Kansas City. Mo.. Dec. 19. 
1888; «. Milton P. and Fannie Elizabeth 
(Long) O.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Grace Elizabeth McClary, Oct. 18. 
1917. B.S.A., Univ. Mo.. 1913; M.A.. 

1914. Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma DelU; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Owens, George WaahingtOB, dir. agrl. dept.. 
Va. Normal and Ind. Inst.. Petersburg, Va. 
Chg. dairy, Tuakegee Inst.. 1899-1901; 
cbg. div. dairy husb.. 1901-8; present 
position, 1908—. b. Alma. Kans.. Jan. 21, 
1875; t. Samuel T. and Anne (Gordon) 0. 
(col.); reared on farm; in. Waddie Logan 
Hill, Aug. 30, 1901; c. Emma, Geo. Jr., 
Ebora. B.Sc.. Kana. SUte Agr. Coll., 

4 .Google 

pMheco, Anlonio, co. agrl. ut., Bernalillo, 

b. S»p«Uo. N. Mei., Dec. 18, 1885; i. 
FbrcQao and Estanulada (Mootoya) P.; 
reared on nDch; m. Cedlia Gardk. 1906; 
c. Bernabe, Adelmira, MarguiU, liberato, 

Packard, Edgar S., dir. country «cb, dept.. 
III. State Normal Uuiv.. Normal. lU. 

Teadi. rural sch., 1889-93; Logana- 
port, Ind., dty sch., IBOS-?: imtr. 
Englith, Wlnamac high-ich.. Ind., 1897- 
lOM; dir. dept. pedagogy. Grand Prairie 
Sem., Onargs, lU., 1901-«: head English 
dept., Stat« Normal Sch., River Falls, 
Wis., 1906-9; princ. co. normal tcit., 
Berlin, Wis.. 1909-U; present position, 
1914—. Aulh.: Picture Readings. 3d ed. 
1618. 6. Macy, Ind., Aug, II. 1869; 
t. Wm. B. and Anna (WilluiiBoa) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Harriett Brown, Apr. 
i, 1892; e. Carroll D., Russell L., Paul C. 
Grad. Ind. SUte Normal, 1901; student 
Uoiv. Chicago, Univ. Wis. 

Packaid, Walter £., asst. prof. agrl. ext. 
aDd atate leader of farm advs.. Univ. 
Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

Secured irrig. farm in Ida. io 190B 
through Carey Act; field asat. irrig. invest., 
V. S, Dept. Agr., 1909; asat. proF. agron. 
in chg. Imperial Valley Exp. SU„ El 
Centro, Calkf., 1910-7; present position. 
1917—. Traveled in Europe. 1909. b. 
Oak Park, III., Feb. 2«. 1884; t. Samuel 
Wore and CUra A. (Fiah) P.; reared ia 
town; iR. Emma Leonard, Dec. SO, 1910; 
e, Clare Eleanor, Emma Louis. B.5.A.. 
Ia. State CoU., 1907; M.S., Univ. Calif., 
1910. BeU Theta Pi; Alpha ZeU. 

Padd0(4, Wendell, prof. bort.. (Hiio State 
Univ., Columbus, O. 

Asst. hort.. N. Y. Aer. Exp. Sta., 
Geneva, 1893-9; hort.. Colo. Agr. Coll. 
Bod Exp. Sta., 1899-1909; preaent posi- 
tion, 1909—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Aidh.: 
<with Whipple) Pruit-Growing in Arid 
Regions, 1910. b. Three Oaks, Mich., 
Jul. le, 1866; (. Steven Tappan and 
Aurelia (Butler) P.; reared on farm; 
n. Jessie G. Prands, Dec. 23. 189S; 
c. Frands, Eliiabetb. Evelyn. B.S.. 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1899; M.S., 1898. 

Pale, lofan Waller, dir. Off. PubUc Roada 
and Rural Engin.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
Washington, D. C. 

Geol., MaM. Highway Comn. and dir. 
testing lab., lAwience Sci. Sch., Harvard 
Univ., 1893-1900; chief Div. Testa, 
U.S. Dept. Agr.. 1900^3; present position, 
1905 — . Pres. Am. Highway Assoc.; chm. 
TI. S. Highways Council. Auth.: "Hie 
Testing of Road Materials, 1901. b. 
Richmond. Va., Jan. 10, 1870; t. Legb R. 
and Page (Waller) P.; m. Anne P. Shater, 
Oct. 17, 1903. Educ. Va. Poly. Inst. 
and Harvard Univ. 

Paihborp, Raymond S., invest, in transporta- 
tion of fruits and vegetables. Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, D. C. 
Asat. hort.. Del. Exp. Sta., and asst. 
prof, hort., Del, Coll., 1913-7; present 
poai^OD, 1917 — . 6. Petoskey, Mich., 
Apr. 11. 1889; t. Chas. James and 
Jessie (Westcott) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Isabel Smith, June 16, 1S16; c. Robt. 
Westcott. B.S.. Micb. Agr. CoU., 1913. 

Palmer, Charles Conner, prof, and bead 
dept. bact.. pbysiolosy and hygiene. Del. 
CoU,. Newark, Del, 

lostr, vet, raed,. Univ. Minn., 1919-5; 
asst. prof, physiology and vel, sci.. 191S-7; 
present position, 1917 — . Vet. ed., Farm- 
ers' Dispatch. Lieut,, Vet, Corps, Nat- 
Army, b. Canton. O,, Jul. 80, 1892; 
1. Chas, Curtis and Jula (Conger) P.; 
reared in city and on farm; m, LucUle 
Hamilton Long, Sept. 4. 1913, D.V.M., 
Ohio State Univ., 1918; M.S.. Univ. 
Mbn. Alpha Psi. 

Palmer, Clayton Franklin, superv, agr., Los 
Angeles city scha,, S, Pasadena, Calif. 

Asat. agrst,, Storrs Exp, Sta., I89S-9; 
instr, agr., State Normal Sch., Mansfield, 
Pa., 1899-1902; instr. nat, sd,, high-sch„ 
Palo Alto, Calif., 1903-7; instr. agr,, 
Los Angeles State Normal, 1907-10; head 
agrl. dept,, Gardena Agrl. Higb-Sch,, 
I9I0-2; present position, 1912~. b. 
Stodcbridge, Mass,, Aug. 6, 1876; >. 
Franklin A. and Sarah E. (Buck) P.; 
reared on farm; m, Jessie S. Bowen, 
Jul, 29. 1900; e. Carolyn, Spencer. 
B.S., Mass. Agr. CoU„ 1897; M.A., 
Stanford Univ., 1905. 

Palmer, Leray Skcldoo, asat. prof, dairy 
chem,. Univ. Mo,, Columbia, Mo. 
b. RushvUle, ni.. Mar. 23, 1887; t. 


Samuel Comeliua aod Aona JaD« (Good* 
man) P.; reared in city; m. Nina Gay 
Wilcni, Sept. 14. ISll; c. Bess Wil<x>i, 
Leroy Sheldon Jr. B.S.. Univ. Mo.. 1909; 
M.A., 1911; Ph.D.. 1913. Sigma Xi; 
Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Mu 

Palmer, Williaro Hcntj', state leader boys' 
and girls' club work. Ohio State Univ., 
Columbna, 0, 

Ell. apedaliat an. husb., Ohio State 
Univ., 1918-6; present position, 1916—. 
Farmer, 1907-14. 6. Fairfield Co., O., 
Jul. 9. IBSi; t. John and Emily (Miller) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Leila Sherwood 
Work. June 18, 1918; e. Karl Work, 
Dean Wm. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 
190B; M.S.A.. 1907. Alpha Zeta, 

Park. Jay Boardnum, prof, farm crops, Ohio 
State Univ.. and asaoc. agron. Exp. Sta,, 
Wooster. O. 

Asst. chem., III. Exp. Sta., 1908-11; 
assoc. plant-breeding, 1911-4; present 
position, 1916 — . Aiitx. ed,, Ohio Jour- 
nal of Science. 1918—. b. Chirence, III., 
Jan. 30, 1884; *. Robt. Calvin and Harriet 
Grace (Holler) P.; reared on farm; m. 
Mary Ethel Nation. Aug. 31. 1909; e. 
Robt., Jean EIoib*. B.A.. Univ. lU., 
1908; M.S., 1918; Sc.D., Harvard Univ., 
1916. Sigma Xi; Sigma Chi; Gamma 

Parke, Leland Stanford, state club leader, 
Univ. Aril., Tucson. AriB. 

Farmer. Salt River Project, Arii., 
8 yrs.; agrl. field agt., 2 yrs. b. Paulhna, 
la., Nov. 24, 188S; t. Frank Leshe and 
Jennie (Morehouse) P.; reared in town. 
B.S., la. Sute CoU., 1911. Phi Kappa 

Parker, John H., aast. prof, farm crops, 
Kana, State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, KaJaa. 
Sci. asst., Bur. PUnt Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 191S-7; present position, 1017-. 
6. St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 13, 1891 ; *. Chw. 
D. and Frauces (Comings) P.; reared in 
town; m. Marjorie E. Marchhonk, June 
85, 1917. B.S.. Univ. Minn., 1913; 
M.S., Cornell Univ., 1916. Alpha Zeto. 

Parker, Ralph Coy. co. agrl. agt., Overhead, 
N. Y. 

Suffolk Co. rep., N. Y. SUte Food 
Supply CoDm. b. Spencerport, N. Y., 
May 20, 1800; ,. Cbas. R. and Hattie 

(Coy) P.; reared on farm; m. Mildred 
Eallett. Feb. 9. 1918. Commercial 
course, Rochester Business Inst., 1911; 
B.S., ComeU Univ., 1917. Alpha Gamma 

Parker, William Bell, asst. prof. agri. ext., 
Univ. Calif., and farm adv., Ventura, 

With Bur. Ent.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1911- 
4; present posiUon. 1914 — . b. Minnea- 
polis, Minn,, Dec. 27. 1886; >. Wm. W. 
and Harriet E. (Bell) P.; reared in small 
town; m. Helene B. SutliS; c. Helen 
Margaret. B.S.. Univ. Calif.. 1910; M.S., 
1912. Sigma Xi; Alpha ZcU. 

Parkinson, Harry Glenn, assoc. prof. anl. 
educ, Fenn. SUte Coll., State College, Pa. 
Teach., Am. Farmers' Sch., Minneapolis, 
191S-fi; Mt. Pleasant Voc. Sch., 1916-7; 
present position, 1917—. b. Time, Pa., 
May 16, 1890; j. John. L. and Caroline 
(Simpson) P.; reared on farm; m. Mary 
Hope Patton, Dec. 88, 1910; «. John 
Patten, Alice Jane, Harry G. Jr. A.B., 
Waynesboro Coll., 1911; B.S.A., Univ. 
1)1.. 1913. Phi Sigma; Tau Kappa 

Parrotl. Percival John, ent., N. ¥. Agr. 
Em. Sta.. Geneva, N. Y. 

Asst. ent., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
189B-9; asst. ent., N. Y. Agr. Bip. Sta., 
Geneva, 1000-8; ent., Ohio Eip. Sta.. 
1902-4; present position, 1904—. Fel- 
low A. A. A. S.; fellow Ent. Soc. of Am. 
Vice-pres. Am. Assoc. Econ. Ent.. 1910, 
pres.,1914;mem. adv. com.. Journal Econ. 
Ent., igiS— ; mem. exec, com., Ent. 
Soc. of Am., 1916; ent., Kans. Hort. 
Soc., 1898-9; N. Y. State Fruit-Growers' 
Assoc., 1006-10; W. N. Y. Hort. Soc., 
1906-17. b. Croydon, England, May 28, 
1874 (naturalized as a minor); «. Joseph 
andEmma(BelErove) P.; rearedoofarm; 
m. Fbrence Mildred Hubbard, Sept. 6, 
1906; e. Florence Margaret, Perdvaj 
John. A.B., Kana. State Univ.. 1897; 
A.M., 1898. Phi Bete Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

Putt, William Theodore, co, agri. agt.. 
Elk River, Minn. 

Agrl, dir., high-sch.. Elk lUver, Minn,, 
1B12HJ; St. Cloud, 1916-8; present 
position, 1918 — . b. Lin wood, Kans., 
Oct. 9, 1889; (. Hugh and Sarah Esther 
(Tudhope) P.; reared on farm; nt. Etta 
Fay Reid. June 16. 191S; e. Theodore 

Albert, Erther I«ut». B^.A., Kan>. 
State Ap. CoU., 1»I8. 

Paisoiu, TtianiM Sauth, eit. agron. and toil 
specialist, Univ. Wyo., Laramie, Wyo. 

Instr. preparatory dept, S, D . State Coll., 
I8»9-1900i princ. and iiut. ad,, high-ach., 
Wfttertown,S.D.,19(B-6; Durango.Colo., 
1906-B; prof, agron., Univ. Wyo., 1010-18; 
present position, 1918 — . State seed 
«naly«t for Wyo., 1918—. 6. Ivinghoe, 
England, Aug. S. 18TS (naturaliied ai a 
minor); i. Henry and Emily (WiUUms) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Mabel Doughty, June 
t6, 1902; c. CelU H., Henry O. B.S., 
S. D. SUte Coll., 18ff7; M.S., 1898. 

PiKhall, Arthai Lee, co. agrl. agt.. River- 
aide, Calif. 

Teach. Lahainaaluna Sch., Hamii. 
1S08-9; lupt. Exp. SU., Lubbock. Tex., 
1911-2; field chem., Olaa Sugar Co.. 
Hawaii, 1913; farm adv., Codun aod 
SaDta Cnu cos., Ariz., 1913; agt. 
Rivenide Co., Calif, b. Vaughan, N. C.. 
Jan. 97, 1SS4; : J. W. H. and Martlia 
(Staling) P.; reared on farm; m. Verda 
Clapham, Oct. fU, 1912. B.S.A., N. C. 
A.&M. Coll., 1907. 

Patch, Edith Muion. ent.. Me. Exp. SU., 
Orouo, Me. 
Teach. EDgliab and booI., hijh-sch., 

position, 1903—. Fellow A. A. A, S.; 
fellow Ent. Soc. of Am. Auth.: Dame 
Bus and Her Babies, 1913; How Laddie 
TeUs the Time o' Year, 1914. b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Jul. er. 1876; d. Wm. 
Whipple and Salome (Jenks) P.; reared 
on farm. B.S., Univ. Minn., 1901; 
M.S., Univ. Me,, 1910; Ph.D., Cornell 
Univ., 1911. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Delta Delta Delta. 
Patdi. GiSord Jt.. co. agrl. agt, Greenville, 

Asat, lab. instr. scula, Mich, Agr. Coll.. 
1915-0; teach, agr. aod aci., lugh-Bch., 
Mt. Pleaaant, Mich., 1&10-8; agt, Mont- 
calm Co., 1918—. 6. Liberty, Mich., 
Jul. 14, 1890; (. Gifford and Lavina 
(M<<jraw)P.; rearedonfarm; in.Frances 
E. Kirk, Aug. 31, lOlS; e. Prances K. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1916. 

Pale, H. Oscar, prof. agrl. econ. and cfa^. 
editorial woric Miia. A.&M. Coll., Agri- 
cultural College, Misa. 

b. CoffeevilTe, Mis*., Oct. 14, 1886; (. 

H. P. and Martha Camelia (Farrell) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Ethel Liware Ku^, 
Dec. i6. 1912; c. Hal Payaoo. A.B., 
Univ. MLm., 1911; M.Sc., Misa. A.&M. 
Coll., IBIS. 

Palenon, Frank Chester, agrl, rep., Hunts- 
ville, Ont. 

b. Elleamere, Ont., Apr. 8, 1894; «. 
Arch J. and Mary (Cheater) P.; reared 
onfarm; nt.EvaMcGregar,June 19,1917. 
B.S.A., Ont. Agr. Coll., 1915. 

pBltee, Rkhard, aec.-manag. New England 
Milk Producers' Assoc., 26 Broad St., 
Boston, Masa, 

Maater N. H, State Grange. Sec.-treas. 
Am. Devon Cattle Club. Mem. N. H. 
Bd. Agr.; N. H. cattle comnr. b. 
Aleiandria. N. H., Apr. 27, 1872; #. 
Samuel L, and Lucy E. (Kelley) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Esther E. Ellis, 
Oct. IS, 190S; c. Samuel W., Mary E. 
Student Univ. Minn., Dartmouth Coll. 

Patten, Andrew Janis. chem., Mich. Eip. 
SU., E. Lanring, Mich. 

Asat. chem.. Me. Exp. Sta., 1697-1900; 
asst, chem.. N. Y. Agr. Exp. SU., 1900-5; 

KEsent position, 1905—, b. Cherryfield, 
e., Jul. 1, 1874; ». Frank W. and 
Martha (Campbell) P.; reared in town; 
m. Helena M. Dyer, May 1, 1911. B.S., 
Univ. Me., 1897; studied Univ. Heidel- 
berg, 1902-3. Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha 
Tau Omega. 

Patterson, Hairy Jacob, dir. Md. Exp. Sta., 
College Park. Md. 

Asst. chem., Penn. Exp. Sta., 1886-8; 
chem., Md.. Exp. Sta., 1888—; dir., 
1B98— ; pres. Md. Agr. Coll., 1918-7. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Pres. Assoc, of 
Offidal Agrl. Chem, b. Yellow Springs, 
Pa.. Dec. 17, 1887; ». Wm. Calvin and 
Adaline (Mattem) P.; reared on farm; 
nt. Elisabeth Hayward Hutchinson, Oct. 
85, 1895; e. Blanche Seely, Wm. Calvin. 
B.S., Penn, SUte Coll.. 1888; D.Se., 
Md. Agr. CoU„ 1912. 

Pattcraon, Howard P., farmer, Aberdeen, 
S. D. 

Asat. prof, agron. and princ. Sch. Agr., 
Mont. SUte Coll.. 1909-12: supt. S. D. 
Better Farming Aasoc., 1912-5; seedaman, 
farmer and rancher, 1915 — . Prea. Inter- 
state live-Stock Breeders' Assoc.; sec. 
Brown Co. Agrl. Eit. Assoc. £if.,Nortfa< 


western Stockm&n and Fanner, Helena, 
Mont., 1909-11. 6. Burl, la.. Mar. 30. 
18S6; *. Geo. N. and Elizabeth (Mackaj') 
P.; reared on fann; m, Genevieve Harm, 
Ang. 6,' 1913; c. Harris H.. Ann Elixa- 
belh. B.S., la. Slate Coll., 1909. DelU 
Theta Sigma. 

Pattison, Benjamin Pnrdy, co. agrl. agt., 
Escanaba, Mich. 

Prof. an. husb.. W. Va. Univ., 1913-4; 
athletic coach, Purdue Univ., 191S-B. 
b. Caro, Mich., Oct. 0, 1890; «. lameaand 
Marv May P.; rear^Hl on farm; n. EUie 
MaUies, Apr. IT, 1918. B.S.A., Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1913. 

PajBon, James Milfotd, asst. dir. N. Y. 
SUte Sch. Agr., Canton, N. ¥. 

Minister, 30 yrs.; sec, N. ¥. SUte Sch. 
Agr., 1007-17; asal. dir., 1017—. Trus- 
tee St. Lawrence Univ. b. S. Freedom, Me., 
Apr. 13, 1848; >. Sion Wentworth and 
Mai? (St. Clair) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Flora A. Bossett, June 13, 1674; c. 
Clarence, Clara. D,D., St. Lawrence 
Univ.. 1000. TheU Gamma. 

Peaira, Leonard Marian, prof. ent. and ent. 
Exp. SU., W. Va. Univ., Morgantown, 

Instr. ent. and «ool., Md. Agr. Coll., 
1008-9; prof., 1909-10; inatr. ent., 
Kans. State Agr. CoU., 1910-2; assoc. 
prof. ent.. W. Va. Univ., 1918-3; prof., 
1913 — . b. I^wrence, Kans., June fi, 
18B6; J. Chalmers Addison and Susan 
(Banta) P.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Edith Pennington, June, 1916; c. 
Chalmers Addison, Dorothea Janet. 
B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1905; 
M.S., 1907; grad. student and fellow, 
Univ. Chicago, 191S-7. Sigma XJ. 

PearL Raymond, prof, biometry and vital 
■tatiatica. Sch. Hygiene and Public Health, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 

Asat. zool, Univ. Mich., 1889-1902; 
instr., 1002-6; instr., Univ. Penn., 1906-7; 
biol. and bead dept.. Me. Exp. Sta., 1807- 
18; present position, 1018—; lect. Grad. 
Sch. Agr., AJnes, la., 1910, E. Lansing, 
Mich., 1912. Chief Statistician, U.S. Food 
Administration. Mem. Nat. Acad. Sci,; 
Am. Philosophical Soc. Hon. sec. Inter. 
Asaoc Poultry Inatrs.and Invests.; mem. 
Inter. Eugenics Councili hon. mem. Im- 
perial Russian Soc. for Aviculture. Mem. 
exec. com. and dun. agr. comn., Nat. Re- 

aeardi Coundl, 1916-8. Aulh.: Varia- 
tion and Differentiation in Ceratophy Hum, 
1907; (with A.B.Clawson) Variation and 
Correlation in the Crayfish, 1907; (with 
Surface and Curtis) Poultry Diseases and 
Their Treatment. 1911; Modeaof Research 
in Genetics, 1915; Diseases of Poultry, 
1915; (with E. P. Matcbett) Reference 
Handbook of WorM Food Statistics in 
Relation to the War, 1918. Aiioc. ed.. 
Journal Applied Microscopy, 1900-5; 
Zool. Jahreabcr, lB0ft-7;Biometrika, 1906- 
10; Zentrlbi. allg. Biol., ISIO-S; Journal 
Agricultural Research. 1914-8; Genetics, 
191S^; Journal Experimental Zoology, 
1915-;chm.editoriaibd.,Proc, Nat. Acad. 
Sci., 1916—. b. Farmington, N.U„June 
3, 1879; I. FrankBndldaMay(McDuffie) 
P.; reared in town; m. Maud Mary De- 
Witt, June 29, 1903; c. Ruth DcWitt, 
Penelope Mackay. A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1899; Ph.D., Univ. Mich., 1902. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Pearson, Raymond Allen, pres. la. State 
Coll., Ames, la. 

Asst. chief Dairy Div., U. S. D^l. 
Agr., 1896-1002; general manag., Walker- 
Gordon Ub. Co., N. Y. and PhUadelphia, 
1902-3: prof, dairy ind., Cornell Univ., 
1903-8; comnr. agr., N.Y. State. 1908-12; 

E resent position, 1912 — ; asst. »ec.,U. S. 
lept. Agr., 1917-8. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
Pres. N. Y. State Agrl. Soc. 1908-11. 
b. Evansville, Ind.. Apr. 9, 1873; i. 
Leonard and Lucy S. (Jones) P.; m, Alice 
Dunsford; c. 1 daughter. B.S., Cornell 
Univ.. 1S94; M.S., 1809; LL.D., Alfred 
Univ., 1910; D.Agr., Univ. Neb., 1917. 
Sigma Xi. 

flot,. Ore. Agr. CoU.. Corvallis, Ore. 

In lands, arch, offices, Boston and 
Montreal, 1904-7; Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1907-8; Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1908-10; 
professional work, 1910-2; present posi- 
tion, IBIS — . b, Ansonia, Conn., Nov. 
14. 1882; (. Wilbur N. and Lois L. 
(Norton) P.; reared in dty; m, Sara 
Browning Root. 1906; c. Nortun Lee, 
Nella Browning, Eliot Root. B.S„ Mass. 
Agr. Coll.. 1904; B.A„ Boston Univ.. 
1904. Phi Kappa Phi. 

Peck, Francia Winfred, assoc. prof, farm 
manag. and asst. agrat,, Umv. Minn., 
University Farm, St. Paul, Minn. 
Asst. prof, farm manag., Univ. Hinn., 


19ie-6; tMOC. prof., 1»18— . Vvx-pita. 
Am. Fun Mftoag. Assoc. Anth.: Fsrin 
Records Mid Accounts, 1914. b, St. 
Paul, Minn.. May 20. 188J; i. U. A. 
and Emma (Anderson) P.; reared on 
farm: n. Haxel Dell BUnchard, Nov. IS, 
1912; c. Eliiabeth Gail. Shirley Jane. 
B.S.A., Univ. Minn,. IBia; M.S., 1917. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gsmma Sigma 

Peek, Fied EMrcd, co. agrl. a«t., PittsGeld, 

Teach, agr., Mt. Hermon, Mass.. 1007- 
9; cbem. and hact., Furfield Dai^ Co., 
Mt. Clair, N. J.. 1909-10; head agrl. 
dept.. Berry Sch., Rome, Ga., 1910-1; 
general mauag., supt. grounds and bidgs., 
Wilderham Acad., 1911-6; agrl. agt., 
Berkshire Co., 1916—. Ed., dairy dept.. 
Southern Agriculturist, 1 yr, 6. New 
Bninsnick, Apr. B. 1876; ». Gilbert M. 
and Nancy (Turner) P;. reared on farm; 
•n. SaiUe K. Ladd. Oct. 29, 1909. B.S.A, 
CotneU Univ., 1906. 

Peet, Nehon Rask, co, agrl. agt.. Lockport, 


NurserymaD and fruit-grower, Webster, 
N. Y., 6 yrs. Co. rep.. N. Y. State Food 
Supply Comn. b. Rochester, N. Y., May 
17, 1889; (. J. Clbtoa and Marion 
(Gieen) P.; reared in city; m. Gertrude. 
M. Barry, Jul. 10, 1912; o. Samuel 
Clinton, Barry. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1910. Alpha ZeU. 

6. St. Roch dea Auhiaies. Que., Dec. 24, 
leeO; 1. OdilonandHelene(Lapointe)P.; 
reared on farm. Catholic priest. 


Teach, sci.. Wanwatosa high-sch.. Wis., 
1910-1; teach, fellow. Shaw Sch. Bot., 
Washington Univ., 1911-2; asst. flor. 
path., Univ. HI., 1912-4; assoc., 1914-6; 
present position, 1916 — . b. Merrill, 
Wis.. May 8, 1888; (. Emile and Geor- 
giana (Laramie) P.; reared in town; 
01. Florence L. Quinn. Sept. 23, 1913; 
e. Marjorie Isabelle. A.B.. Univ. Wis., 
1010; M.A., Waahington Univ., 1012; 
Ph.D., Univ. 111., 1915. Sigma Xi; 
Gamma Alpha; Phi Ka[^>a 1%), 

Penber, Frederidi RbbscI], plant phy^lo- 
gist, R. 1. State Coll., Kingston, R. I. 

Asat. soil fert.. Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1903-6; present position, 1906—. 
b. Putney, Vt.. Jan. 27, 1B77; ». Milton 
Hyde and Freelove (Croff) P.; reared on 
tann; m. Jennie Maria Cole. June 17, 
1908. B,S.A, Univ. Vt„ 1000; M.S., 

Peace, Merrill Oleo, state co. agt. leader, 
Del. Coll., Newark. Del. 

Asst. agron., Del. CoU.. 1011-3; 
farmer. Ind., 1913-1; agrl. agt., Kent Co., 
De!., 1914-6; Hendricks Co., Ind., 
1916; present position, 1917—. b. Con- 
verse, Ind., Aug. 15, 1887; t. B. F. and 
EOf. (Wood) P.; reared on farm: m. W. 
Ethe! Lewis, Sept. 1, 1912; e. M. LewU. 
B.S., Purdue Univ., 1911. Alpha Zeta. 

Pendry, James Wallace, co. agrl. agt.. 

Mason City, la. 

Asst. Ub. instr.. la. State Coll., lOlT-8. 
In U. S. Anny, 1918—. 6. Chicago, HI,, 
Dec. 21, 1892; t. J. H. and Fanny (Reed) 
P.; reared in city. B.S., la. StaU Coll., 

Penin, Louis E., distr. agrl. agt., St, Landry, 

Truck farmer, Tm., 1886-7; !«., 
1867-91; worked in sugar house, 1888-94; 
sugar boiler, 1896-1 900; plantation manag.. 
La., lBOI-1; cotton buyer and ginner. 
1904-S; dem, farm agt,, S. La„ 1906-7; 
distr. agt., S. La., 1903-16; dem. and 
eit. agt.. 1916—. Ei-Lieut„ French 
Army, 1878. Traveled in French colonies, 
Algeria, Madagascar, 1874-6. b. Bur- 
gundy, France, May 24, 1854 (naturaliied 
1886); f. CUude and Francoise P.; 
reared in country; m. Josephine V. 
Laurent, 1879; c. L. E. Jr., Lucien L„ 
Claudine P., Alice H. Grad. Leiand Agr. 
Sch., France. 

Perry, Emm Jduuon, co. agrl. agt., Welb- 
boro. Pa, 

b. Stewartstown. Pa., Apr. 24, 1802; 
>. Harry Lincoln and Emma (Johnson) P.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Penn. State Coll., 

Perry, William Monlgomeiy, co. agrl. agt., 
Danville, Va. 

Missionary in Africa. 18 moa. Pub., 
Boys' Club Letter, b. Wylliesburg, Va., 
Apr. 28, 1876; i. John Major and Lida 



(Buah) P.; reured on farm; m. Viioiiua 
Davis, 1903: e. Muiorie LillioD, Chren 
Major. Student, Vn. Poly. Inst., 18M-8; 
Union Misaionary Tnining Inst.. Brook- 

^, ieoo-9. 

PeraoBS, Silas Edwud, minister, in chg. 
rural churches in W. Md.. 2321 Maryland 
Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Minister, Boulder. Colo., ISSJMW; 
Caienovia, N. Y., 1890-1M7. Organiser 
of the CacenoviaCo. Fair, 1012. Traveled 
in Europe, Egypt. Pftlettine. I8K. 1901. 
h. Bennington, N. Y., Jan. 7. 1M7; 
«. Edward R. and Sophia (Hutclunson) P.; 
Tcared on farm; m. Elizabeth Cowlea, 
Dec. 30, 1SS5: e. Elisabeth. Oren H., 
Mildred. A.B., Hamilton Coll.. 18S1; 
Union Theol. Sem., 1S6S; A.M., Univ. 
Cob.. 1SS8; D.D.. Hanullon Coll., 1M0. 

Pertier, dayfon C farmer. Sheffield, 0. 
Former mem. III. Centennial Comn. 
Mem. lower house, 111. General Assembly, 
4 terms; at present State Senator. 
Sent to Europe lu IBIS to write up agrl. 
conditions for Farmers' Review. Treaa. 
III. Alfalfa Growers' Assoc.; former pres, 
and sec.. Bur, Co. Farmers' Inst, Lect. 
in farmerg' insts,, 20 yrs. Former ed., 
Farmers' Review. 6. Mineral, 111., Mar. 
4. 1SS7; >. S. L. and Philena (Covell) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Jessie M. CurtU. 
Mar. 16, 1881; e. Raymond C, Edgar M.. 
Mabel, Inez, Carrie May, Helen P. 

Prof. chem.. Univ. Ida., 1001^; «i- 
change teach., Friedrichs Werdersche 
Oberrealschule, Berlin, 1»0»-I0. h. Wor- 
cester. Mass.. June 20, 1876; (. John 
Lovett and Mary Frauds (Eddy) P.; 
mtred on farm; nt. Mary "^ Dame' Kit- 
redge, June 20, lOOS; e. Andrew, Lovett. 
Chas. A. Jr. B.S., Mass. Agr. CoH., 
1807; Ph.D.. Yale Univ.. IflOl. Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

Peten, WUEam A., oo. agrl. agt., Glencoe. 

Agrst., high-sch., Hector, Minn., 1917-8. 
6. La Crosse. Wis., Aug. 31, 1884; i. John 
and Adelheide P.; reared on farm; nt. 
Tessie F. Millan, Aug. 23, 191«; e. Ludle 
Catherine. B.S.. Univ. Minn., 1017. 
Alpha Zeta. 

Peterson, Ehner George, pres. Utah Agr. 
Coll., Logan, Utah. 

Instr. Wt., Cornell Univ.. 1010-1; 
prof, bact., Ore. Agr. Coll., and bact. 
Eip. Sta., 1011-«; bact, and du-. ert. 
div.. Utah Agr. Coll.. 1912-0; pres., 
1010—. 6. Plwn City. Utah, Aug. 80, 
1BS2; ». Augustus and Agnes (Geddes) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Phebe Neb<ier, 
1913; c. one. B.S., Utah Agr. Coll., 
1004; A.M., Cornell Univ., 1008; Ph.D., 

Peter, Alired Meredith, head dept. chem,, 
Ky. Exp. Sta,. and prof, soil tech,. Univ. 
Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

Asst. chem., Ky. Geol. Survey, 1878- 
80; asst. diem, and chem., Ky. Exp. 
Sta., 1884—; supervising chem., Ky. 
Geol. Survey, 1904-12; adj, prof, chem., 
Univ, Ky (now Transylvania Univ.), 
187S-9; adj. prof, chem. and nat. hist., 
Univ, Ky., 1880-1; acting dir,, Ky. 
Exp. Sta.. Aug,-Oct. 1012. Jan.-Feb. 
1015, 1916-7. Fellow A. A. A. S.: 
see. Ky. Acad, Sci., 1010—. Ei-officio 
mem.. SUte Bd. Agr., State Bd. For., 
State IJve-Slock Sanitary Bd. of Ky. 
h. Lexington, Ky., May 2A, 1BS7; ». 
Robt. and Frances (Dalkm) P.; reared 
in town and on farm; tn. Mary Brecken- 
ridge McCauley. Sept. 27, 1887. B.S., 
Univ. Ky., 1880; M.S., 1686; Sc.D., 
1013. Alpha Chi Sigma. 

Peterson, Peter Powell, prof, soils, Univ. 
Ida.. Moscow. Ida. 
Inatr. soils. Univ. Wis.. 1009-11; asat. 

Erot.. 1011-2; present position, 1912—. 
, Hooper, Utah. Sept. 14. 1874; *. P. B. 
and Ann (Powell) P,; reared on farm; 
nt. Hazel Parkinson, May 20, 1903; 
c. Kirma, Ottis, Claire. B.S., Bri^iam 
Young Univ.. 1905; Ph.D.. Univ, Chicago. 
1000. Sigma Xi. 

Peterson. R. Majmnrd, invest.. Bur. Mar- 
kets, U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washb^n, p. C. 
Instr. agr., high-ech,. Red Wing. Minn.. 
2 yrs. h. Olivia, Minn., May 23. 188S; 
(. John E, W. and EUza G, (IJndberg) P.; 
reared on farm; to. Irene Vernice Warner, 
Aug. 3. 1900; c. Elaine Winifred, Harland. 
Wm., Lois Adele, B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 


P«t«noii, WiUuin flaraU, smoc, prof, ftgrl. 
cbem., Univ. Wis.. BdadUon. Wis. 

Aaat. chem., QilumbU Univ., nunnier 
1900-10; asgt. agrl. chem., Umv. Wit., 
1900-10; iiutr., lOlO-t; uet. prof., 
1914-8; uMC. prof., 1918—. b. New 
Pallz, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1880; i. P. John 
and ClkW (Saterlof ve) P. ; KMed on farm; 
m. Mary KatberiDe White, Aug. 7, lOlS. 
B.S., Wealeyau Univ., Middletown, Conn., 
lOOT; M.A., Columbia Univ., 1009; 
Ph.D.. Univ. Wu., 1913. ?biBeUKappa. 

Pc(T7t Edward Jacob, sut. ptof. agrl. bot., 
Purdue Univ., LaFayetU, Ind. 

AMt. to iustr., Cornell Umv., lOOT-10; 
instr. agton., Purdue Univ., 1011-6; 
asst. prof, agrt. hot,, 1916~. b. Gnaden- 
hutten, O., June 84, 1880; i. Jacob and 
Anna C. (Schmitt) P.; reared on farm; 
>n. Dora M. Flueddemami, S^t., 1009. 
B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 1907; M.Sc.. 
Purdue Univ., 1014. 

PeMee,Chai1«alIolmM,deauN. H. A.&M. 
CoU., Durham. N. U. 

Inatr., Thayer Sch. Civil Engin. and 
N. H. Coll., 1876-7; prof, math., 1877- 
1016; dean, 1888—. b. Manchester, 
N. H.. Feb. 2, 1853; $. Horace and Eliza- 
beth Fairbanks (Wilson) P.; reared in 
city and country; nt. Luella E. Swett, 
Jul. 24. 1877; e. Alvena, Horace J., 
Sarah E., Chas. S. A.B.. Dartmouth 
Coll., 1S74; C.E., 1876; A.M.. 1877; 
LL.D.,N.H. A.&M. Coll., 1013. Kappa 
Kappa Kappa. 

Pctdt. Rvfoa Binua. prof, ent., Mich. Agr. 
Coll., and enL Eqi. Sta., E. Lanung, 

Asst. BteU enL of Minn., 1693-6; 
aast. ent.. Mich. Exp. Sta.. 1897-1006; 
instr. lool., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1897-1006; 
present position. 1906—. Fellow A. A. 
A. S. CoiUborator. U. S. Bur. Enl. 
b. Baldwinaville. N. ¥., Jan. U, 1860; 
1. Rufus D. and Elvira C. (McUuron) P.; 
reared in village; m. Jeuie A. Treat, 
May, 1896; e. Jessie A.. Dorothy C. 
B.S.A.. CoraeU Univ.. 180S. Sigma Xi; 
Alpha Zeta. 

Pew, William Harper, prof. an. hu«b., la. 
State Coll.. Ames, la. 

Asst. prof, agr., N. H. A.&M. CoU.. 
1007-9; assoc. prof. an. husb., la. SUte 
Coll.. 1900-lS; prof, and chief Eip. 
SU., lOlS— . b. Dod«eviUe. O.. Oct. 31, 

IftSS; t. John 0. and Una (Harper) P.; 
reared in town and on farm; m. Nellie F. 
Whitdicad, June 6, 1910; e. Dorothy 
Margaret. B.S., la. Sute Coll.. 1007. 
DelU Upsilon; Alpha ZeU; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Gamma ^gma Delta. 

Pfamder, Mai, hort.. Northern Great 
naina FHeht Sta.. Mandan, N. D. 

Nurseryman, New Ulm. Minn., S yrs. 
b. St. Paul, Minn., June tS, 1885; «. 

leiS); 2d. Althea Drenkel, June 20, 1917; 
e. Robt., Ehzabeth, Max Geo. B.S.A., 
Univ. Minn., 1907. Alpha Zeta. 

Phelaa, John, prof, rural sociol., Mau, Agr. 
Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Asst. econ., Univ. Mich,, 1910; asst. 
dir., rural sch. dept., Western State Normal 
Sch., Kalamaaoo, 1910-1; dir. rural 
•ch. d«>t.. Slate Normal Sch., Stevens 
Point, Wis., 1918-S; prof, rural sociol.. 
Mass. Agr. Coll., 1015 — ; dir. short- 
courses, 1918—. Aulh.: Elements of 
Rural Economics and Rural Sociology 
for Rural School Teachers, 191S. b. 
Homer, Mich., Sept. 19, 1879; i. John 
and Ahce M. (Walshe) P.; reared on 
farm; m. Ida M. Densmore, Jan. 1. 1013; 
e. John Densmore. A.B., Univ. Mich., 
1010; A.M.. 1012. 

. agrl. agt.. 

Phelpa, OiarlM She^crd, ( 
Suatoga Springs, N. Y. 

Prof. agr. and vice-dir. Eip. Sta.. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., 1888-1002; manag. 
daily farm, 1003-0; market'Ordener, 
1010-2; eo. agt.. 1913—. b. Florence. 
Mass., Dec. fi, 1861; >. Soloman and 
Nancy (Leonard) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Orra Almira Parker, June 10, 18»1; 
e. Francis, Lawrence, Orra, Leon, Phoebe, 
Katharine, Bessie. B.Sc.. Mass. Agr. 
Coll., 1BS5. Kappa Sigma. 

Purdue Univ., LaFayette, I 

Asst. poultry busb., Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1908-10; instr. poultry, Purdue 
Univ., 1010-2; asst. prof., 1912-4; 
assoc. prof., 1014-6; prof, and chief, 
1010—. Sec. ind. State Poultry Assoc.; 
pres. Am. Assoc. Instrs. and Invests, in 
Poultry Husb.; vjce-pres. Nat. War Emer- 
gency Poultry Fed.; mem. ezec. bd., Ind. 
Egg and Poultry Assoc. lieut. Field 
Artillery, Ind. Nat. Guard, 101*—. b. 


WeatcfacEler, Pa., Jan. S, 1886; (. Horace 
M. and Hanoa Mary (Griffith) P.; reaKd 
in city; m. Grace H. Woodward, Apr. 1, 
1911; c. Helen Mary. Paul Woodward. 
Marion EliuUtb. B.S., Kana. SUte 
Agr. Coll., 1907; grad. student, ComeU 
Univ., 1907-8. 

PtuUips. Everett FranUin, apiculturist. 
Bur. Bnt., U. S. Dept. Agr.. WashingtoD, 

Fellow A. A. A. S. Traveled in Hawaii 
and Porto Rico to study beekeeping 
conditions. AiOh.: Beekeeping. 191S. 
b. Hannibal. O.. Nov. 14, IBTB; t. Taylor 
F. and Belle (Hofer) P.; reared in smalt 
town; m. Mary Hibba Geialer, Oct. 27, 
1906; c. E. F. Jr.. Wm. Taylor, Howard 
Geisler. B.A., Allegheny Coll.. 1899; 
Ph.D., Univ. Penn., 1904. Rti BeU 
Kappa; Sgnia Xi; Phi Delta Theta. 

Pkillipt. Frank R., co. agrl. agt.. Rusk, Tex. 
Pro[. agr.. state ach.. La., i yre.; with 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 2 yrs. b. Watertown, 
Tean.. 18ST; 1. 1. T. and BeU (Shields) P.; 
reared on rarm. B.S., Tet. A. & M. Coll., 

PhilEpt, John Lloyd, fruit-grower and former. 
Linden, Va. 

Asst. stale ent., Va., 1900-3; state 
ent.. 1903-10. PeUow A. A. A. S. b. 
Acconuc Co., Va., Dec. 30, 137S; s. 
W. J. and Ma^e A. {Savage} P.; reared 
on farm; m. Marie A. Brriat, Sept. 16, 
1905; c. J. L. Jr., Agnes E.. Geo. B., 
W. J., Margaret B. B.S., Va. Poly. 
Inst., 1897; M.S., 1900. 

Phillips, Thomas Guthrie, oast. prof. agrl. 
chem. and soils. Ohio State Udiv., Colum- 
bus, O. 

Instr. agrl. chem.. Ohio State Univ., 
1918-5; ant. prof., 1915—. b. W. 
Derby, Vt., Nov. 18. 1887; ». Jeremiah 
and AlUe F. (Wright) P.; reared on 
farm and in town. B.S.A., Ohio State 
Univ.. 1918; M.Sc,. 1913; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago. 1918, Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda 
Upailon; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Alpha. 

Pickett, Bethel Stewart, prof. pom.. Univ.IU., 
Urbana, III. 

Sec. Ont. Agr. Coll., 1902-5; inatr. 
pom.. Univ. III,. 190S-8; prof, hort., 
N. H. A.&M. Coll.. 1908-12; present 
poMtion, 1912—. Sec, N. H. Pniit 

Growers' Assoc., 1910-2; organizer and 
sec. N. H. Potato Growers' Asmk.. 1911; 
vioe-pres. New England Fruit Show, for 
N. H., 1911-3; dim. com. on undei^ 
graduate courses. Am. Soc. for Hort. 
Sd,. 1917; supt. exhibits, HI. Apple 
Show, 1918. b. Tillsonburg, Ont„ June 4. 
1882 (naturaliied 1905); reared in 
country; m. Bertha Gay Bwaner, Dec. 11, 
1907; e. Banillu Stewart, Llewellyn 
Elmer. Arthur David, Ellen Gay. B.S.A,, 
Toronto UniV., 1904; M,S„ Univ, 111., 
1906. Sigma Xi. 

Pterce, Fred D., sec. Rocky Mt. distr., 
Y. M. C. A.. DenvM. Coki. 

b. Eureka, III.. Aug. 10. 1878; >, Wm. 
A. and Emma J. (Lewis) P.; reared in 
country; m. Gertrude M, Thompson. 
Apr. 28, 1906; c. Marion. Paul. Margaret, 
Frances, Jean. Janet. Student Eureka 
CoU„ 1 yr. 

Pitfolt. Walter Joseph Jr.. 

Rockport, Ind, 

b. Irvington, Ky.. Apr, 11 

agrl. Bgt., 

. 1918. B.S.Agr., Univ. Ky.. 1915. 

Pilbbiiry, Joshua Plninmer, prof, bort., 
N. C. A.&M. Coll. and Eip. Sta.. W. 
Raldgh. N. C. 

Head gardener. Penn, State Coll.. 
1896-8; asst. hort.. 189B-1910; asst. 

Srof., 1910-1; present portion, 1911 — . 
, Buena VUta, 0., Dec, 7, 1873; .. J, P. 
and Harriet M. (Ross) P.; reared in 
country; ro. Charlotte Dimford, Oct. IT, 
1S9S (d. Jan., 1916); 2d. Mrs. Gertrude 
Brown, June 4, 1918; c, Ross Dunford, 
Dorothy May. B.S„ Penn. State Coll.. 
1910. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Pinchot. GiBotd. for.. Milford, Pike Co., Pa. 
Mem. Nat. For. Comn.. 1896; for. and 
chief U, S. For. Serv,, U. S, Dept. Agr.. 
1898-1910; chm, Nat. Conservation 
Comn, lBOS-9; mem. Roosevelt Country 
Life Comn,, 1008-9; prea. Nat. Conserva- 
tion Assoc.. 1910—; prof, for,. Yale 
Univ., 1003—. Fellow A. A, A. S, Atdh.: 
(with Graves) The White Pine, 1806; 
The Adirondack Spruce, 1898; The Fight 
for Conservation, 1909; (with C, 0. Gdl) 
The Country Church, 1013, 6. Simsbury, 
Conn., Aug. 11, 18S6; *. James W. and 
Mary (Eno )P. A,B., Yale Univ., ISSO; 


A.M.. 1901, Princeton Univ., tMU; 
Sc.D., Mich. Agr. CoU.. 1907; LL.D., 
McGiU Univ.. 1009. 

nadu. JoMpb WilUam, ed. and agrl. 
organiser. 174 Second Ave.. New York 

Iiutr. agr. and supt. farm and dairy 
dept.. Baron de Hir^ Agr. Sch.. Wood- 
bine, N. J.. 1B9S-1908: aec. Fed. oT 
Jewish Farmers of Am. Ed., The Jewish 
Parmer, b. Berdiansk, Ruasia, Aug, 3. 
1876 (naturalised 1896); >. Alexander G. 
and Zinaida (Podolsky) P. ; reared on 
farm; m. Elizabeth Florence lipman, 
June eO, 190S; c. Gregory Goodwin, 
Bernard M., Leopold L., Maurice Hirscb, 
Sophia, Alexis Geo. B.Agr,, Conn. Agr. 
Coll.. 1898. 

J. Dept. Agr., Washington. D. C. 
Prof. bot. and eooL. Wash. State Coll.. 
1892-1903; agrostologist in chg. forage 
crop invest*., U. S, Dept. Agr., 1905—. 
Pres. Am. Soc. Agron., 190S-4; pres. 
Washington Bot. Soc., 1907-8. Traveled 
in Japan. China, India, Java. Egypt. 
Hiilippines, Europe, Alaska. .>4uM..- Flora 
of Washington, 1906; Flora of Palouse 
Region, 1901; Flora of Southeast Wash- 
iogtOD, 1014; Flora of Northwest Coast, 
1915; Forage Plants and Their Culture, 
1915; Turf for Golf Courses. 1917. 
CoDiultins agrl. ed., McGraw-Hill Book 
Co. 6. Victoria. B. C, June 16, IMT; 
*. Andrew Wm, and Minna (Hausmau) 
P.; m. Laura Maude Hungate, Sept. 
IS, 1807. B.S.. Univ. Wash., 1885; 
M.S.. 1892; M.S., Harvard Univ., 1000. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

natta, Calharine Norton, in chg. home 
ecou. ext. and state home dem. leaders, 
Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Teach, home econ. and math., high- 
ach., Walpole, N. H., 1011-8; teach, 
home ecoQ., Northfield Sem., 191S--S; 
in chg. home ecoQ. dept., 1019-fi; present 
position, 1915 — . b. Holbrook. Mass.. 
Apr. 10, 1887; d. Howard and Annie M. 
(Thayer) P.; reared in town. B.S., 
Simmons Coll., 1911. 

Plumb, Charles Snmiier, prof. an. huib., 
Ohio SUt« Univ., Columbus, 0. 

Asst. ed. Rural New-Yorker, 18B3-4; 
first asst., N. Y. Agr. Eip. Sl«„ Geneva, 
1884-7; prof, agr., Univ. Tenn. and asst. 

dir. Exp. Sta.. 1887-90; vice-dir. Ind. 
Exp. Sta., 1890-1; dir., 1801-1902; 
prof. agrl. sd., Purdue Univ., 1890-3; 
prof. an. husb. and dairying, 1893-1002; 
present position, 1902 — . Sec.-treas. Am. 
Kerry and Dexter Cattle Club. Traveled 
in Europe. Auth.: Biographical Direc- 
tory of American Agricultimd Scientists, 
1880; Indian Com Culture, 1805; Little 
Sketches Famous Beet Cattle, 1904; 
Types and Breeds of Farm Animals. 1006; 
A Partial Index to Animal Husbandry 
literature, 1911; Beginnings in Animal 
Husbandry. 1914; Judging Farm Animals, 
1910. Ed. and publisher. Agricultural 
Science. 1887-91. b. Wertfield, Mass.. 
Apr. 21, 1860; s. David H. and Helen 
M. (Wallace) P.; reared in town; m. 
Helen P. Gladwin, Oct. 14, 1886; c. 
Helen G., Winthrop G. B.Sc., Mass. 
Agr. Coll., 1882. Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Plnminet, James Kemp, soil chem., N. C. 
Eip. Su., Raleigh, N. C. 

Asst. chem., N. C. Exp. Sta., 1908-0; 
asst. chem., Cornell Univ., 1010-1; 
present position, 1911 — . b. Middlebury, 
N. C. Sept. 20. 1886; (. Jas. K. and Mary 
B. (Henderson) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Lucy Haywood, June 12, 1912; c. 
Emily Haywood. B.S.. N. C. A.SiM. 
CoU., 1907; M.S., 1909; M.A., Cornell 
Univ., 1911; Ph.D., 1015. Sigma Xi. 

Mem. State Bd. Agr.; exec. corn- 
State Food Administration; exec, com., 
Nat. Conference Marketing and Farm 
Credits and N. A. O. S. Circuamavigated 
globe, 1910-1, Btudj^ing economic and 
social problems; visited Ireland, Den- 
mark, 1912, studying rural co-operation. 
Lecturer on rural problems. Auth.: A 
Southerner in Europe, 1908; Where Half 
the World is Waking Up, 1011; life and 
Siwecbes of Charles B. Aycock, 1912; 
How Farmers Co-operate and Double 
Profits. 1915. b. Chatham Co., N. C. 
Jan. 10. 1631; ». Wm. B. and Susan 
(Dismukes) P.; reared on farm; m. 
Alice Aycock, 1912; c. Chas. Aycock. 
Wm. D., Jean Shepperd. Lit.D.. Wake 
Forest Coll.. 1914. 

[Pomeroy, C. S., p. 312 
Pollard, Ray Ford, co. agrl. agU, Cobleskill, 
N. Y. 
Instr. farm manag., Coroell Univ., 


wiDter 1010-^1 uri. >gt-, Schoharie Co., 
1918—. b. Nmticoke, N. Y., Jan. 8, 
1S87; t. B. M. aod Th«d* E. (Ford) P.; 
reared on farm. BS. Cornell Univ., 

Pontioa, B]tr«D Emeat, asat. prof. an. husb., 
Mass. \p. Coll., Amhent, Uasi. 

Head dept. an. huab., N. Y. State Sch. 
Agr., Alfred, 1914-7; present poiition, 
I»17— . b. liberty Ceater, O., Feb. 10, 
1888; t. Israel and Ella E. (Frank- 
forther) P.; reai«d on farm; m. Carrie 
Eliubetb Clifton, Aug. la, 1910. B.Sc.. 
Oiuo SUte Univ., 19U. 

Ponton, Ioa«pli Noc, prof, physics and agrl. 

1913-S; present poution, 1015—. Farm 
manag., 19IT— . Bep. Que., Eastern 
Canada Live-Stock Union, b. Marie 
ViUe, Que.. Dec. 8, I8SS; >. Noe and 
Emelie (Dandurand) P.; reared on farm. 
B.A., Laval Univ., Montreal, 1918; 
B.S.A.. Ont. Agr. Coll., 1915. 

Pope, Fnlf Pntaam, co. agrl. agt., fanner 
and pedigree live-stock breeder, St. 
Johns, Mich. 

reared in country; m. Bertha B. Hannah, 
Nov, H, 1909: e. Lucy Belle. Student 
Otterbdn Univ. 

. agrl. agt., 

Dir. agr., state bigh-sch., Akxaudria, 
MiDn.,lBtlt-^; agrl. agt., Lyon Co., Kuis., 
1914—. b. Manhattan, Kans., Feb. 11, 
1866; «. Edwin A. and Carrie G. (Hoi- 
comb) P.; reared on farm; m. Anna F. 
Whitmg, May 18, 1910; e. Georgia 
Isabel, Hubert L. Jr., Aima Frances. 
B.S.. Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1909. Gam- 
ma Sigma Delta. 

Popenoe, Wilson, agrl. expbrer. Bur. 
Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. 
D. C. 

Explorations in India, Turkey, Algeria, 
191S--S; BranI, 1914-S; Guatemela, 
1915-7; Mexico, 1918, 6. Topeka, Kans., 
Mar. 9. 1892; t. F. O. and Marion A. 
(Bowman) P.; reared in country. Stu- 
dent Pomona Coll. 

E. J. P.-, reared on farm. 

Potter, Albert Franklin, assoc. for., For. 
Serv., U.S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Insp. Territorial Live-Stock Sanitary 
ComQ., Aria., 1898-*; treas. Apache Co., 
1895-0; sec. Arii. Wool Growers' Assoc., 
1898-1900; expert on gracbg, U. 5. 
For. Serv., 1901-5; cbg. gnuing on nat. 
foresU 1905-9; assoc. for., 1910—. 
b. Amador Co., Calif., Nov. 14, 1859; 
J. Abiathar Fales and Caroline (Willis) P. 

Potter, Ermine Lawrence, prof. an. husb.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 

Instr. an. hush.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1908- 
10; asst. prof., 1910-2; prof., 1919—; 
head dept,, 1918—. Sec. Northwest 
Shorthorn Assoc. Ed., Western live- 
stock Management, 1917. b. Tume;>', 

(Johnson) P.; reared on farm; 

Kirk, Aug. 16, 1911. B.S., Mont. SUte 
CoU.. 1900; B.S.A., la. SUte Coll., 1908. 
A^lu Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta. 


Research asst., Univ. HI., 1910-3; 
present position, 191S — . b. Fairbury, 
111., Mar. 2, 1888; ». P. M. and Elica- 
beth (Van Arsdale) P.; reared on farm 
and in town; m. Mabel Bebb, Dec. 25, 
1919; e. Dorothy, Janet. A.B., Lake 
Forest CoU., 1909; M.S., Univ. lU., 1911; 
Pb.D., 191S. Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda 
Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Chi 

1907-8; supt. Agr. Enp. Sta., Beevi] 
Tex.. 1908-12; present position, 1912—. 
b. Weatheriord, Tex., Mar. 16, 1883; 
s. Chas. B. and Ehzabeth M. (Shirley) P.; 
reared on farm and in small Iowd; s 
Francis Opal Poland, June 2, 1910; 
Letha Marie. B.S., Tex. A.SiM. Coll., 
190T; M.Sc.. Univ. Cal., 1916; M.S.A.. 
Tex. A.&M. Coll., 1917. 

Potts, Roy C, specialist in dairy marketing. 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Prof, durying, Okla. A.tcM. CoU., 


190e-1fi;pi«sentparition.l»IS— . Aulh.: 
Dairy UiborBtory Outlines, 1912. Dairy 
ed., Okk. Parmer-Stockman, 1&1S-9. 
b. Washington, Mich., May ei, 1B81; 
». John C. and Mattie (Hart) P.; reared 
OD farm; m. Helene M. Mittendorf, 
Feb. I«, 1910. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 
1906. Alpha Zeta. 

PoweD, Edwin Cbacc, ed. Farm and Home, 
Springfield, Mass. 

Sec. E. N. Y. Hort. Soc., IS08. AuUi.: 
Street and Shade Trees, 1693; Country 
Roads, 1893-, Bam Plans and Outbuildings, 
1903; Making Poultry Pay, 1907. Ata. 
ed.. New England Homestead, 1890-2; 
Mst. ed., American Gardening, 1893; 
assoc. ed., Oranm Judd weeklies, 1900-2; 
ed. Farm and Home, 1902—. b. Ghent, 
N.Y.,Mar.3, 1870: i.Gco.T.andMarcia 
(Chace) P.; reared on farm; m. Grace 
J. Sackett, Jul. Ifl, 1890; e. Beatrice, 
Edith M. Spedal student. Coroell Univ., 

Powell, George Harold, general manag. 
Calif. Fruit-Growers' Eic^nge, Los Ange- 
ka, Calif. 

Hort. and ent., Del. Exp. Sta., 1896- 
1901; asst. jiom., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1901-^; pom. in chg. fruit transportation 
and storage invests., 1904-0; asst. chief. 
Bur. Plant lad.. 1909-11; present position. 
1911 — ; chief div. perishable foods. 
U. S. Food AdministraUon, 1917—. Del. 
from U. S. to Inter. Assoc, of Refrigerat- 
ing Industries, Paris. 1908. Aulh.: Co- 
r ration in Agriculture, 1913. b. Ghent, 
Y., Feb. 8, 1872; i.Gco.T.andMarcia 
(Chace) P.; reared on farm; m.Gertrude 
E. Clark, Jul. 1, 1806; e. H. Clark, Geo. 
T., Lawrence C. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1B9fi; M.S.A.. 1896, Sigma Xi; Kappa 

Powell. George Townacnd, fruit-grower and 
farmer, Ghent, N. Y. 

Princ. and dir, Scb. Practical Agr. and 
Hort., Briar Cliff Manor, N. Y., 1901-9. 
Prei. Hort. Soc. of N. Y., 5 yrs. Special 
attention to propagation of fruit trees 
by bud selection, b. Clinton, N. Y., 
Mar. SO, 1843; *. Townaend and Catha- 
rine (Macy) P.; reared on (arm; tn. 
Marcia Chace. Dec. 2, 1868; e. Edwin 
Chace, Geo. Harold, Mabel Alger, Alger 
Wheeler. Student Claversack Coll., 2 

Powers, Homer Patrick, co. agrl. agt., 
Socorro, N. Mex. 

Teadi. agrl. chem., N. Mex. A.&M. 
Coll., 1 yr. 6, Pecos, Tex., Apr. 4, 1893; 
*. Homer and Josephine (Philips) P.; 
reared on ranch; m. Celia Marrin. 
B.S.A., N. Mex. A.&M. CoU.. 1916. 
Alpha Pi Alpha. 

Powers, Wnbtu Lows, prof, stnls. Ore. Agr. 
Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 
Instr. agron.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1000-12; 

soils, 191B— . Sec. Ore. Drainage Assoc. 
Avt/i.: Irrigation Practice, 1912. b. 
Tiskilwa, HI., Mar. S, 1B87; >. John and 
Eliia A. (Partridge) P.; reared on farm; 
m. MaUl N. Hays, Sept. 1, 1909; e. 
Myron N. B.S.A., N. Mex. A.bM. Coll., 
1908; M.S., 1909. 

Prangc, Nettie May GiBord, crop spedalist, 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Gardener, Indian River, Fla., 1899- 
1903; groveowner,Indian River, lOOS-17. 
Auth.: Citrus Culture for Profit, 1911; 
Control of Insects and Diseases in Grove, 
Garden and Held, 1912; Key to Success, 
1019. 6. Royallon, Vt., Sept. 13, 1867; 
d. Henry T. and Sarah Jane (Woodworth) 
Gifford; reared on farm; m. Frederick 
C. Prange, Oct. 10, 1898; e. Carl A. 

Pratt, Bnrr Bartran, superv, insp.. Food 
Products insp. Serv., Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr,, Chicago, III. 

Sd. asst. in fruit handling, transporta- 
tion and storage invests.. Bur. Plant 
Ind., 1009-13; asst. prof, pom., Univ. 
Calif., 1019-4; field manag., Calif. 
Fruit Growers' Exchange, Los Angeles. 
1914-7; present posiUon, 1017—. 6. 

P.; reared on farm; m. Louise Gmham 
Kelky, Nov. 26, 1912; c. Harlan Kelley, 
Robert MarshaU. B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU.. 
1000. Alpha ZeU. 

Prentice, Burt N<mau. asst. prot. for., 
Purdue Univ.. LaFayette, Ind. 

Instr. for., Purdue Univ., 1014-7! 
asst. prof., 1917—. b. Berkshire. N. Y., 
Aug. 1, 1888; «. Norman A. and Grace I. 
(Howland) P.; reared in village; m, 
Ruth G. Clark, Jan. 1, 1915; e. Lucia R., 
June Louise. B.A., Syracuse Univ., 1912; 
M.F., N. Y. State Coll. For., Syracuse, 
1913. Sigma Phi Epsikw. 


PreatOD, Owrlea Fairlamb, aut. lUte 
leader co. agts., Peun. State Coll.. SUte 
CoUege. Pa. 

Aest. hoTt., Green Ridge Valley, Orchard 
Co., 1911-3; agrl. agt., Chester Co., Pa., 
19IS-7; present position, 1S17— . b. 
Tayloria, Pa., June 30, 1838; t. Forest 
and Alice (Fairlamb) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Bessie J. Hoffman, Sept. 9. 1914; c. 
Dora Levisee, Forest, Mildred. B.S., 
Peno. SUte Coll., IBll. Delu Up^lon, 
Alpha Gamma Rbo. 

Pfettmun, Hnih W„ co. agrl. agt., William- 
son, W. Va. 

Agrl. agt.. Mingo Co., W. V«., 1917-8; 
agt. Mineral Co., )91S— . 6. SUtersville, 
W. Va., Aug. 1, 1892; f. Eufiw Peter 
and Sara CaUiryn (Bookman) P.; reared 
on farm; m. Era Brake, June 16, I91T. 
B.S.A., W. Va. Univ., 1917. 

frice. Earl, co. agrl. agt., Hanisbkirg, III. 
Dean agr.. Valparaiso Univ., 1914-7. 
6. Topeka, Ind.. Nov. S9, 1883; i. John 
and Emmelioe (Bames) P.; reared on 
rarm; m. LeU Kline, Aug. SO, 1910; 
c. John, Mary, James. Virginia. A.B., 
Wabash CoU., 1909; B.S., Purdue Univ., 


Instr. hort., Va. Poly Inst., 1900-3; 
prat. hort. and hort. Eip. Sta., 1009—; 
dean agrl. dept., 1008—. 6. Price's 
Fork, Va.. Mar. IS. 1874; ». Wm. Taylor 
and Margaret Ellen (Hawley) P.; reared 
on farm; tn. Daisy Conway. Sept. S), 
1004; 0. W. B. Conway, Harvey L. Jr.. 
Mary Luster. Jule. B,S., Va. Poly, 
lust., ISOB; M.S., 1000. 

Price Homer Charles, agrat., Newaric. O. 
Asst. hort., Ohio State Univ., 1890- 
1001; prof, hort., la. State Coll., lOOl-S; 
dean CoU. Agr., Ohio State Univ.. 1903-15. 
Mem. Agrl. Comn. of O.. 1913-6; mem. 
O. State Ed. Agr,, 1917—; chm. Fed. 
Milk Comn., 1918—. Traveled in Eu- 
rope, 1911-2. b. Newark, O.. Feb, 13, 
1875; (. Thos. D. and Sarah Jane (Jones) 
P.; reared on farm; m. Gertrude Harlan, 
June 18, 1003; e. Thos. Harlan, Mary 
Elizabeth. B.Sc., Ohio State Univ.. 
1807; M.S.A., Cornell Univ,, 1899. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Price, Jamea Oaieoce Conway, assoc. 
prof, hort., Ala. Poly. Inst., Auburn. Ala. 
Instr. mecb. arts. Va. Poly. Inst,, 1904- 
7; insp., Va, Crop Pest Comn., 1007-9; 
insU. hort., Ala. Poly. Inst.. 1000-13; 
assoc. prof., 1913—. Sec.-treas. Ala. 
State Hort. Soe. b. Blacksburg, Va.. 
Mar. 19, 1881; >. James Crockett and 
Mary (Christiana) P.; reared on fanii; 
m. Lulu Grace Coley, Oct. 18, 1006; 
c. Fred LeRoy, James Wm. B.S., Va. 
Poly. Inst., 1908. 

Vnce, Janes Newton, co. agrl. agt., Yakima, 

Assl. dairying, Univ. Mo., 10O5-6; 
head dairy dept., Univ. Tenn., 1900-8; 
farmer, Trenton, Mo., 1908-11; Cabinet, 
Ida., 1911^; eit. apecialirt dairying, 
Wash. State Coll., 1914-7. First pres. 
Mo. Com Growers' Assoc, b. Grundy 
Co., Mo., Dec. M, 1879; «. John W. and 
Maiy Princes (Reynolds) P.; reared cm 
farm; nt. Cora Mstheny, June 16. 1905; 
e. FranccB Ellen. Katharine EliEabeth, 
Marian Esther. B,S,A.,Univ.Mo., 1901. 

Price, Lew Mar, co. agrl. agt.. Price, Utah. 

b. Utah, May 19, 1893; «. Wm. V. and 

Letitia J. (White) P.; reared on farm. 

B.S., Utah Agr. Coll., 1017. Phi Kappa 


Price, Waller Allen, asst. prof, ent., Purdue 
Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Ub. a-ist.. Ohio, State Univ., 1918-3; 
grad, asst,. 1913-4; lab. asst., Purdue 
Univ.. 1914-6; instr.. lOlS-7; asst. 

?rof. ent.. 1917 — , 6. Columbus. 0.. 
eb, 25, 1887: t. Chas. W. and Charlotte 
(Allen) P.; reared on farm. B.S.A.. 
Ohio State Univ.. 1913; M.S., 1016. 


Pridmore, Jamca C, agron,. 
Fertiliser Assoc., Atlanta, Ga. 

Assoc, prof, agron., Univ. Tenn., 
1011-7; present position. 1917—. b. 
Gaffuey, S. C. Mar. 3, 1886; *. Samuel 
G. and Amanda E, (Byars) P.; reared on 
farm; m. Helen Hortense Sharp. Dec. 86. 
1911, B.S.. Clemson Agr. CoU.. 1909; 
M,S„ Univ. WU., 1011. 

Prince, Ford Smoot, co. agrl. agt,, Xenia, 0. 
latti. soiU. Mich. Agr. CoU., 1913-4; 
asst. prof, agron,, N. H. A.&M. Coll., 
1914-8. 6. Conover, 0., Nov. 14, 1887; 
>. W. H, and Eva (Smoot) P.; reared on 
farm; m. Alice Fletcher, Dec. «7. 1017. 

6 .1|C 

Prncha, Mulin John, asst. prof, dairy 
bad. and asst. chief in Exp. Sla.. Univ. 
lU.. Urbana, lU. 

AMt. bsct., N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sts., 
Geneva. 1908-7; aasoc. b«ct„ 1907-10; 
tellow in agr., ComeU Univ., igil>-S: 
iaatt. plant physiology, 1012-9; aast. 

frof., 1913-4: present pogition, 1914—. 
, Bohemia. Nov. 11, 1871 (naturalired 
1909); I. John and Anna P.; reared in 
town; m. Elizabeth Gertrude Catcbpole, 
1907; e. Arnold Abbott. Marjorie Gray- 
Hton. Ph.B.. Westeyan Univ., 1903; 
M.S., IMS; Ph.D.. Cornell Univ., 1013. 
Sigma Xi; DelU Tau Delta. 

Pugslcj. Cbulea WiUian, ed. Tbe Nebraska 
Farmer, Lincoln. Neb. 

Prof. Woodbine Normal Sch., 1699- 
1904; on farm, 1006-8; asst. prof. an. 
huab.. Univ. Neb., 1008-9; head prof. 
agroD. and farm manag., 1900-11; head 
prof, fann maoag. and dir. ext., 1911-6; 
state leader eo. agts. and boya' and girU' 
chlb work, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1012-8. 
Slate statistical agt., 1910-t. U. S. 
del. to Inter. Inst, of Agr.. Rome, Italy, 
1013; Neb. mem. Rural Credit Cornn. 
to Em^pe. Ed., Nebraska Farmer, 
lOlS— . b. Woodbine, la., Aug. 12, 1878; 
a. Geo. and Alice Ida (Kennedy) P.; 
reared on farm; m. Lillian Florence 
Gibson. Feb. 22, 1006; e. Albert LeRoy. 
B.Sc., Univ. Neb., 1900. Alpha ZeU. 

Pntnam, lose^ Henry, co. agrl. agt.. 
Greenfield. Mass. 

Supt. bort. dept. and asst. bort. Exp. 
SU., Mass. Agr. CoU., 1895-7. Pres. 
Conn. Pom. Soc.; vice-pres. Patrons' 
Exchange, Conn, b. Oxford, Mass.. Jul. 
M. 1872; ». Henry W. and Abbie E. 
(Locke) P.; reared on farm; m. Kate M. 
Taykir. Oct. 27, 1807; e. Ernest, Amy A.. 
Ruth E.. Catherine E.. Richard E., Paul 
S. B.Sc.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1804. Kappa 

Pnloej, Fred Silver, prof. expl. dairy busb., 
Penn. SUte Coll., StaU College, Pa. 

Asst. agron. and an. ind., Penn. State 
Coll.. 1006-7; asst. an. nutr.. Pa. Exp. 
SU.. 1007-8; asst. dean and dir.Cdl.Agr.. 
Univ. Mo., 1900-10; prof. an. husb., 
R. I. State Coll., 1010-3; asst. prof, 
dairy husb., Penn. State Coll., 1919-6; 
prof., 1916—. 6. Ho[JuDUm. N. H., 

Nov. 10. 1S81; : True Josiah and Ellen 
Wallingford (Ayers) P.; reared on farm; 
m. Bertha Julia Bond. Sept. 2, 1011; e. 
Ellen Ayers. B.S.. N. H. A.&M. CoU.. 
190fi; M.S.. Peuo. Sute CoU., 1908. 
TheU Chi; Alpha ZcU. 

Quaifc, Elvin Lcc, aaaoc. prof. an. husb., la. 
State Coll., Ames, la. 

Instr. and asst, prof. an. husb., Mass. 
Agr. CoU., 1911-7; present position. 
1917—. Traveled in Europe. 4. Ionia, 
la., Nov. 29. 18S7; i. Chas. Alfred and 
Alice E. (Day) Q.; reared on farm; m. 
HelenA.Manhall,Aug. 12.1913; e. Mar- 
garet A., Vwginia. B.S., la. State CoU.. 
1911. Alpha ZeU; DelU Sigma Rho. 

Ouaintance, Altns Lacy, ent. in chg. decidu- 
ous fruit insect invests.. Bur. Ent., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Ent., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1894; Fla. Agr. 
Coll. and Exp. SU.. 1899-8; Ga. Exp. 
SU., 1B99-1901; Md. Agr. Coll. and Exp. 
SU., sUte ent., 1901-S; with Bur. 
Ent.. 1904—. FeUaw A. A. A. S.; Ent. 
Soc. Am. Pres. Am. Assoc. Econ. Eut., 
1004; pres. Ent. Soc. Washmgton, 1912; 
sec, Md. Sute Hort. Soc., 1902-9. b. 
New Sharon. la., Dec. 19. 1870; s. G. P. 
and Sarah Jane (Hughes) Q.; reared id 
small town; m. Helen May Yocum, Dec., 
1895; c.L. C..H.W. B.S.A., Univ. Fla., 
1893; M.Sc.. Ala. Poly. Inst.. 1894; D.Sc.. 
lOlS. Sigma Alpha Epsikn. 

Quick. Herbert, mem. Fed. Farm Loan 
Bd., Washington, D. C. 

Fanner in la., sdi. teach, in la.; engaged 
in practice of law, Sioux City, la.. 1890- 
1900; general manag. Neb. Clark Auto- 
matic Telephone Co. and la. Clark Auto- 
matic Telephone Co.. 1902-6; ed. LaFol- 
lette's Weekly, Madison. Wis., 1908-0; 
ed. Farm and Fireside, 1909-16; on 
writing aUff Saturday Evening Post 
and Qiuntry Gentleman. 1916; present 
position. 1916—. Mayor Sioux City. 
1808-1900. AiUh.: In the Fairyland of 
America, 1903; Aladdin b Co., 1904; 
Double Trouble. lOOfi; The Broken 
Lance, 1907; American Inland WaUrways, 
1909; Virginia of the Air Lanes, 1909; 
YeUowstone Nights. 1911; On Board tbe 
Good Ship Earth. 1913; The Brown 
Mouse. 1916; The Purview Idea, 1018. 


b. Steamboat Roc^ la.. Oct. 23. 1B61; 
>. Martin and Itargaret (Colemaii) Q.; 
leared on farm; m. Ella D. Corey, Apr. fl, 

DonhweBtern atoraee invests., U. 

Agr.. Box 131S, Yakinui. Wash. 

e. Saline Co., III., Aug. 29. 

Qniicnberry, Jame* H., co. agrl. agt., 
Frederick Hall. Va. 

b. Mioeral, Va.. Jul. 2». 1868; >. John 
S. and CharlotU A. (Bronaugh) Q.; 
reared on (arm; ni. Nettie L. Sims, May 
11, 18»8; c. Maxwell. Nellie A., Elsie II., 
J. Nuel. Studied Va. Poly. Inst, 

Qniat, John Sherman, co. agrl. agt., Denison. 

6. Essex, la.. Apr. 13, 1891; ». P. J. 
and Matilda (Johnson) Q.; reared on 
tanu, B.S., la. SUte Coll., IDIT. 

Ragidale, Aitkni C< ext. aut. prof, dairy 
husb., Univ. Mo.. Columbia, Mo. 

Instr. an. busb., Rutgers Coll., N. J., 
IftlS-S; instr. and asst, prof, dairy husb., 
W. Va. Uuv., 10ie-6i present portion, 
1»10~. Sec. Mo. SUl« Dairy Assoc. 
b. Aurora, Mo., Oct. 28, 1890; a. H. E. 
and Ida (Money) R.; reared in town and 
OD farm. B.S.A.. Univ. Mo., 1»12. 
Alpha Zela. 

Runboll, QuiBce 0,, co. agrl. agt, Blooming- 
Farmer and live-stodc breeder. A. 
Popcorn Creek Valley. Ind., Nov. 10, 
1881; ». Calvin and Sarah E. (Byert) R.; 
reared on farm; nt. Ruth Elizabeth 
Armstrong, Oct. 1, 1908; c. Richard A., 

Ralston, Glancy Sbennan, field hoTt., Va. 
Poly. Inst.. Blacksburg, Va. 

Asst. hart.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1912-4; 
ert. hort., Va. Poly. Inat., 1914-7; field 
hort., IDlT— . 6. SlaU lick. Pa., Oct. 
24, 1887; t. T. J. and Amia M. (Weaver) 
R.; reared on farm; m. Ireoe L. Pegg. 
Sept. Ifi, 191«; c. Robt. Allen. B.S.. 
Colo. Agr. CoU., 1912; U.S., Ore. Agr. 
Coll., 1914. Alpha Zeta. 

Ramsey, Frank Taylor, nurseryman, Austin, 

Ei-pres. Tei. State Hort. Soc.. Nut- 
Growers' Soc., State Nurserymen's Assoc 
b. Burnet Co., Tei., June IS, 1861; .. 
A. M. and Ellen (Taylor) R.; reared on 
farm; m. Annabel Sinclair. Aug. 20. 1884; 
e. J. Murray. Mrs. R. V. Murray, Mrs. 
C. C. Taybr, Mrs. H. P. Nitchke. 

Ramsey, Henry J., pom. in chg, handling 
and storage invests.. Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asst., Univ. Wis.. 1903-4; student asst, 
N. Y. Agr. Exp. SU., Geneva, ie04-S; 
asst. plant paUi.. Univ. Calif.. 1905-8; 
asst. prof., 190B-9; pom.. Bur. Plant 
Ind., 190B-17; present title, 1917—. 
6, Hamlin Co.. S. D.. Dec. 17, 1881; .. 
Chas. E. and Anna (Slordahl) R.; reared 
on farm and in town; ni. Emily Florence 
Jenney, Oct. S8, 1911. B.S., S. D. SUte 
Coll.. 1902; M.A.. Univ. Minn., 1003. 
Sigma Xi. 

Ramsowct, Harry CUSord, prof. agrl. 
engin., Ohio Stale Univ., Columbus. O. 

Asst. prof, agron., Ohio State Univ., 
190S-13; prof. agrl. engin., 1913—. 
Sec.-treas. Am. Soc. Agrl. Engin., 1913—. 

b. Granville. 0., Jan. 8, 1880; *. James N. 
and Katherine (Graves) R.; reared on 
farm; n. Helen W. Keller, June 0, 1909; 

c. Horry C. Jr. B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ.. 
190fi; special student engin.. 1900-8. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Randal^ Halley Bomude, co. agrl. agt., 
NoblesviUe, Ind. 

b. Covington, Ind., Jul. SO, 1891; *. 
Fred. E. and Ora B. (Bumside) R.; 
reared on (arm; m. Gail W. Bushy, 
Aug. 19. 1914; •:. Holfred Fremont. 
B.S., Univ. LI., 1914. Phi Kappa Psi. 

Raae, Frank |William, Mass. state tor.. 
State House. Boston, Mass. 

Hort. and microscopist, W. Va. Exp. Sta., 
1892-S; prof, agr., W. Va. Univ.. 1893-S; 
prof. agr. and hort., N. H. A.&M. Coll., 
189S-6; prof. hort.. 1898-1900; prof, 
hort. and for.. 1900-6; Mass. state (or., 
1906—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Mem. Mass. 
Conservation Comn.; Forest Taxation 
Comn.; Blasa. For. Comn. Sec. Soc. 
PromotioQ Agrl. Sci., 9 yrs. Del. Inter. 
Ent. Congress, Oxford. England, and to 
study the forests of Belgium. Switzerland, 
Germany and France, 1912. Owner 

Boaton Gardening Co. 6. WhitmoreLake, 
Mich., Dec, 1 1. 1866: »■ Wm. B. and BUcd 
(Connelly) R.; rear«d on farm; tn. 
Elizabeth Bailey. Sept. S, IB&S; e. 
Janet, Fannie, Ainiworth. B.Asr., Ohio 
SUU Univ., 1891; M.S., Cornell Univ., 
18H. Phi Delta Tbeta; Alpha Zeta. 


^fi Present position, 1001 — . Sec. dept. 

live-stock. St. Louis Expos., 1901. 6. 

Atiiens. lU., May 18. 1865-. >. Henry B. 

and Alma (Hurd) R.; reared on farm; 
f-. m. Jennie N. Girty. Jul. 89, 1904. B.S., 

ID. Coll., Jacksonville. 1887. Psi UpNlon: 

Alpha Zeta; Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Rankin, JtAa Moms, supt. Geld sta., U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Rockville. Md. 

h. St. Clair, Mich., Oct. 15. 1875; >. 
John and Abigal (Frasier) R.; reared on 
fann; m. Evelyn Irva Willett, May 16. 
1005; c. John Willett, Irva Joaephine. 
B.S.. Mich. AfiT. Coll., 1902. 

Rankin, John Owen, assoc. prof, rural econ.. 
llnivetsityoEN^Faska, Lincoln. Nebraska. 
Chg. information serv,, Univ. Minn. 
and Univ. Mo., Colleges of Agr.; asat. 
prat. Univ. Wis.; assoc. prof. la. SUU 
Coll.; present position,1918~. 6. Tarkio, 
Mo., Apr. 17, 1884; (. T. B. and Edith 
(Owens) R.; reared on farm. A.B., Tar- 
kio CoU., 1904; B.S.A., la. State Coll., 
1908; A.M., George Washington Univ.. 
1912. DetU Upailon; Gamma Sigma 
DelU; DelU Sigma Rho. 

Ranfcin, William Howard, asst. prof, plant 

Bth., State Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., 
lacs. N. Y. 

Insti. plant path., Cornell Univ., 1012- 
4; asst. prof., 1914—. Aidh.: Manual 
ot Tree Diseases. 1018. b. Richmond, 
Ind., Apr. 3. 1888; *. William Thos. and 
Blary Elizabeth (Cones) R.; reared in 
dty; m, Beulah May Hough, Mar. 24, 
1011; e. WUbur Hough. Helen Eliza- 
beth, Louise Alice. B.A., Wabash CoU., 
1910; Ph.D., CorneU Univ., 1914. Phi 
Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi. 
Rauanasen, Frederick, prof, dairy husb., 
Fenn. StaU Coll, SUte College. Pa. 

Asst. dairying. Purdue Univ.. 1905-6; 
asst. prof., la. SUte Coll., 190S-7; assoc. 
prof.. N. H. A-SiM. Coll., 1907-0; prof., 
1000-16; present position. 1916—. Del. 
to Sixth Inter. Dairy Congress, Berne, 

Switcerlaud. Prei. Offidal Dair? Instra. 
Assoc,; pret. N. H. Sanitary Milk Assoc.; 
■ec. Granite SUte Dairymen's Assoc. 
Mem. U. S. Food Administration of Pa. 
h. Osterheden, Hals, Denmark, Jul. IB, 
1876 (naturahied 1012); >. Nels and 
Kirstine (Jensen) R.; reared on farm. 
B.S.A., U. State Coll. 1905. Alpha 
Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Rail. F. M. Jr., asst. prot. soils and fert., 
Univ, Fla.. Gainesville, FU. 

Agrst., 4th distr. A. St M. Sch.. Carroll- 
ton. Mo.. 1011-9; present position, 
1014—. 6, Orangeburg. S. C, Nov. 21, 
1890; ». F. M. and Emma R.; reared on 
farm. B.S., Clemson Agr. CoU,; M.S,, 
Univ. Wis, Sigma Alpha EpsUon. 

I chg. 

Tutor. Univ. Ga., IBll; insU., lOli-S; 
adj. prof., 191S-4; prof., 1914—. Sec 
Ga. Breeders' Assoc.. 1013—. h. Palatka, 
Fla., Oct. 17. 1S86; t. W. W. and Matlie 
C. (Bryan) R.; reared on farm; m. Clara 
Louise Rentz, June 23, 1914; c. L. B. Jr., 
Sara Eloise. B.S.A., Univ. Ga.. 1911; 
M.S.A., 1918. Alpha Zeta. 


Asst. chem., Tex. Exp. Sta.. 1907-14; 
present position, 1015 — , Dir. for Ark., 
Organization for Ind. Preparedness, Naval 
Consultmg Bd. b. Bullard, Tex., Oct. 10, 
1888: '■ H. B. and E. May (Bussey) R.; 
reared in town; m. Corrine Carson, 1910; 
c. J. B. Jr., LeIUnd Joseph. B.S.. Tex. 
A.&M, CoU.. 1907: M.S.. 1011; A.M., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1915. 

Rant, Alfred, distr. agrl agt., IHedmont, Mo. 
Bank clerk, 1891-9; general farmer, 
Hoopeston, lU., 1800-1011. 6. St. Louis, 
Mo., Feb. 17, 1874; $. Julius Rauten- 
atrauch and Anna (Nictor) R.; reared 
in city: •>>, lillie Maud Bowen, Sept. 1, 
1890(d.l911): c.Earle. B.S., Univ. lU., 

Rawl, Bernard Haielius, chief Dairy Div., 
Bur. An. lnd„ U. S. Dept. Agr,, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Instr. an. husb. and dairying, Clemson 
Agr. CoU., 1002-5; chg. dairy farming 
iuvesU., Dairy Div., lOOB-O; duel, 
1900—. Mem. Bd. Trustees, Clemaon 



Agr. Coll. 6. LexingtoD. S. C, May i, 
1876; ». Beajamin aod Margaret (Souter) 
R.; reared on farm; nt. Mary Bunting, 
Jan. II. 1918. B.S., Clenuon Agr. ColT, 

Ray, Glem ScotI, ext. agron., Colo. Agr. 
Coll., Port Collma. Colo. 

Inatr. farm crops, Univ. Ida., 1914-6; 
headdept.,lel(l-8: agrl. agt., Adamj Co., 
Wash.. 1918; present poution, 191S— . 
6. OsceoU, Neb.. Sept. 17. 1800; ». 
Grant T. and Lixsie B. (Henderson) R.; 
reared in town. B.S.A., Colo. Agr. Coll.. 
leij. Alpha ZeU. 

Rayncr, OUa Stuart, in chg. ext. iclu. and 
asat. state leader co. agts.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 
Fort Collins, Colo. 

With Off. Farm Manag., U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. summer 1911; Geld work in cost- 
aceounting. 111., 191C-1: asst. prof. 
Bgron., Colo. Agr. Coll., 1914-7; present 

fasition, 191T— . 6. MarshGeld, Mo., 
111. 9. 1883; f. J. J. and Sarah Adella 
(Crosby) R.; reared on farm; m. Eliia- 
beth A. Vance, 1917. B.S.A., Univ. Mo.. 
1012. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Read, Otia B., sUU sec. Y. M. C. A. rural 
work, 19 S. LaSalle St., CUcago, III. 

b. PlainBeld, N. H.. June 7, 1B84; *. 
Geo. E. and Mary Aanie (Chute) R.; 
reared on farm: m. Minnie Jane Mac- 
Gillvary, Oct. 17. 1909; c. Otis B. Jr.. 
Margaret Aonie, Grace Minnie, A.B., 
Colby CoU., 1000. Alpha Tau Omega. 

Rcaugh, HanT W., manag. Irrig. Co., 
Neppel, Wa^. 

Farmer. lOOS-15; CO. agrl. agt., 
Ephraata. Wash.. 1015-8; manag. Grant 
Realty Co., 1018. b. Mumyville, HI., 
Jul. 21. 1881; «. Daniel L. and Ida 
(McKee) R.; reared on farm; m. Anna 
MagDUson, Sept. 24, 1908; «. Daniel 
Magnuson, Orland Harry, Meryl Armor, 
Dorthy Eliubetb. B.S., Wash. Slate 
Coll.. 190S. Alpha Zeta. 

Recknagel, Aithur Bernard, prof, for., 
Sut« Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, 

N. Y. 

Present position, 1913 — . Spent one 
year in study and travel in Europe, 

For.; mem. Wood Fuel Adv. Com., Stete 
of N. Y. Mem., Hdqrs. Co.. Sd Bri- 
gade, N. ¥. Guard. Aulk.: The llieory 

and Practice of Working Plans. 1013 
(2d cd., 1917); (with Bentley) Forest 
Management. 1018, Ed.. Forestry Quart- 
erly, now Journal of Forestry, IBIS — . 

b. Brooklyn, N. V.. Dec. IS, 1883; ». 
John Hermann and Marie (Westerman) 
R.; reared in city and on farm; m. 
Ma^ Thomas Miller, Aug. 2S, 1000; 

c. Bernard Westerman, Thos. Miller. 
B.A.. Yale Univ.. 1004; M,F., 1006. 

Reddick, DooaU, prof, plant path., SUte 
Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

Asst. bot., ComeU Univ., 1905-7; 
asst. plant path., 1B07~8; instr., 190B-0; 
asst. prof., 1000-11; prof.. IBIl— . 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Ed., Phytopathology, 
1015; path, sect.. Botanical Abstracts, 
1018—. b. Sheridan, Mo.. Mar. I. 18B3; 
*. Eliag Albert and Anna (Boone) R.; 
reared on farm; nt. Emma Brill, Oct. 19, 
1909; c, Robt. Brill, Emma Louise, 
Anna Elizabeth. A.B., Wabash Coll., 
lOflfi; Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1909. Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha. 

Reed, Qareace Artkur, nut culturist, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Asst. hort.. Md. Agr. Coll., IOOS-7; 
hort,, W. Va. Eip. Sta., Sept.-Dec. 1907; 
present position. 1907—. b. Howell, 
Mich., Jan. «3, 1880; ». Hiram Elmer 
and Rebecca Eliza (Tubba) R.; reared on 
farm; m. Katherine McNaughton, Nov. 
!3, 1910. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1905; 
M.A., Mich. Agr. CoU., 1014. 

Re«d, Bade G., co. agrl. agt., Cheyenne, 

b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 2. 1800; t. Harry 
G. and Marion H. (Hoagland) R.; reared 
in dty and on farm. Studied 9 yrs., 
Colo. Agr. Coll. Sigma Delu. 

Reed, Georje O., co. agrl. agt.. Tiffin, O. 
Live-stock farmer, Hancock Co., 1015- 
8. b. Hancock Co., O.. Nov. 22, 1805; 
(. John M, and Fkirence (Downing) R.; 
reared on farm. B.S.A., Ohio State 
Univ.. 1915. Sigma Nu. 

Reed, Harry lame*, asst. dir., Purdue Univ. 
Exp. Sta., LaFavette, Ind. 

Asst. hort., Purdue Eiro. Sta., 1011; 
general manag. S. Ind. Orchards Co., 
1912; CO. agt., Rockville, 1913-6; assoc 
hort., Purdue Exp. SU., 1916-7; assL 
dir., 1917—. Agrl. ed., Rockville Tribute, ' 


Rockville Repubtictui. b. Edgar Co.. III., 
Feb. 9, 1887; i. J. H. uid Julia (Smith) 
R.; reared on farm and in towo; m. Julia 
M. H«ick. Apr. 24. 1015. Purdue Univ., 
191). Phi Gamma Delta. 

Reed, Howard Spragne, prof, plant phyriol- 
o^. Univ. Calif., Riverside, CaUf. 

lutr. bot., Univ. Mo., 1903-6; soil 
chem., Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr.. 
ie06-8; prof, mycology and bact., Va. 
Poly, Inst.. 1008-15: plant path., Va. 
Exp. Sta., 1008-15; present posiUon, 
101S~. Fellow A. A. A. S. Traveled 
in Europe, 1013. AtOh.: Manual of 
Bacteriology, 1014. b. North East. Pa., 
Aug. 0, 1876; ». Joseph H. and Emma 
Gertrude (Sprague) R.; reared on farm; 
m. Hanah M. Dewey. Aug. 17, 1004. 
A.B., Univ. Mich.. 1003; Ph.D., Univ. 
Mo., 1007. Sigma Xi. 

Reed, Offie EMUel. prof, dairy husb.. 
Purdue Univ., LaFayette, Ind. 

Atst., Univ. Mo., lOOS-0; inatr. milk 
production, Purdue Univ., 1000-10; asst. 
prof, dairy husb., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1910-1; prof, dairy husb., 1011-8; 
present position, 1918 — . 6. Fayette, Mo., 
Aug. 10, 1889; (. W. L. and Annie E. 
(t^inion) R.; reared od farm; nt. Lucy 
Ann Lee, June 8, ISIO; e. Rosa Lee, 
OUve. B.S., Univ. Mo., lOOS; M.S., 
1010. Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha ZeU; 
Gamma Sigma DelU. 

Reed. Thomaa CleveUmd, prof. an. husb. 
and dairying, N. C. A.&M. Coll., W. 
Raleigh. NTC. 

Grad. asst., Univ. Mo., 101«-4; instr., 
191S-«; assoc. prof, dairying, N. C. A. & 
M. Coll., 1916-7; prof.. 1917~. 6. 
Howard Co., Mo., Jan. 2, 1888; i. Wm. L. 
and Annie E. (Manion) R.; reared in 
country and town; *>. Gale B. Scott. 
Oct. 1. 1014; c. Scott, Thomas Cleveland 
Jr. B.S., Univ. Mo.. 1918; M.A.. 1014. 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Reevea, Georfte L, ent. asst.. U. S. Dept. 
Agr.. 382 H St.. Salt L^e City. Utah. 

Aast. ent., Univ. Mo.. 1003-4. b. 
Morris, lU., Mar. 4, 1879; t. D. A. and 
Eva Lucy (James) R.; reared on farm; 
m. Miriam Welles. Apr. 14. 1006. B.A.. 
Univ. III.. lOOS. 

Re^an, Steplien Alvin, grain superv.. Bur. 
MarkeU. U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
D. C. 

SUte seed comnr. of Ida., 1014. 6. 
Boise, Ida., Apr. 30, 1893; >. Morgan 
and Lillian (Blackioger) R.; reared in 
town; M. Ruth Motie, Oct. 7, 1918. 
B.S.A., Univ. Ida., 1014. Kappa Sigma. 

Regan, WOEasn BGchaeli prof, dairy husb.. 
Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. N. J. 

Asst. dairy husb., Univ. Mo., 1012-3; 
instr., 1913-5; asst. prof., Univ. Nev., 
1016-7; present position. 1917—. b. 
Joplin. Mo.. Feb. 18. 1884; ». Wm. H. 
and Clara (Smith) R.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Univ. Mo., 1012; A.M.. 1014. 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Gamma Alpha; 
Sigma Xi. 

Reid, Tand; Roy, co. agrl. agt, Monticello, 

Prof. sci. and agr., Clinton Coll.. K^., 
1012-3; prof. an. husb.. State Agr. Sdi.. 
College SUtion, Ark., 1013-7. Sec. Drew 
Co. Swine Growers' and Marketing 
Assoc. 6. Gowensville, S. C. Aug. 26, 
1880: '. H. S. and Mary Telulah (Foster) 
R.; reared on farm; nt. Bertha Smith, 
Dec. 22. 1012: c. T. Roy Jr. B.S., 
Clemson Agr. Coll., 1912. 

Reimer, Frank Oiarlea, supt. S. Ore. Exp. 
Sta., Talent. Ore. 

Asst. hort., Fla. Eip. SU.. 1903-S: 
asst., asBoc. and prof, hort., N. C. A.&M. 
Coll., lOOS-11; present position, 1911- 
6. Stevensyille. Mich., Sept. 1, 1881; 
Chas. and Emilia R.; reared on farm: 
m. Annie Bellows, Jul. 26. 1906; e. Ij" 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., lOOS; M.S., Univ. 
FU., 1005. 

KeisI, Henry Nisaley, co. agrl. agt., Warren, 

Instr. agr., high-sch.. Amboy, Minn., 
I013-S; present position, 1916 — . b. 
Mount Joy, Pa., Nov. 20, 1900; ». E. G. 
and Fianna (Nissley) R.; reared on farm. 
B.S., Peun. State Coll., 1013. Delta 
Tau Delia. 

Rexfbrd, Frank A., nutr. superv. student 
serv., N. Y. Bd. Educ. New York City. 
Teach, sci.. Bay Shore high-sch.. 1000- 
1; chem., Erasmus Hall high-sch. 1001- 
17; microscopical technique, N. Y. Univ. 
summer sch. 1905; lect.. I9I4-7; pre- 
sent position, 1918 — ; chief lone air.. 


N. Y. SUt« Boyi' Workmg Reaerve, 
1»18— ; as9t. dir. U. S. Boya' Work- 
ing R^erve. Farmer, Earlville, N. Y., 
1913 — . Aulh.: One Portion Food 
Table. 1912. b. Sm^na. N. Y.. Aug. 
22, 1876; >. Frank D, and CoruelU (For- 
man} R.; retired io town; m. M«ry 
Gertrude Pratt, Jao. 1, 1003; 2d. 
Fkrence GillilaDd, Dec. 23, 1910; e. 
Pratt. B.S., N. Y. Univ., 190S. 

Reynolds, Ernest Sbaw, auoc. prof. bot. 
and plant path., N. D. Agr. Coll., Agri- 
cultural College, N. D. 

Asst. prof. bot„ Univ. Tenn., 1909-12; 
present poeitioo, 1012~. Spedsl agt.. 
Off. For. Path., U. S. Dept. Agr., summer 
1911; special agt,, white pine blister 
rust, Minn., summer 1916; special agt., 
citrus canker eradication, Fla., summer 
1917. b. Glcndale, Mont., Dec. 7, 1884; 
*. Henry Sheldon and Frances Adelia 
(Potter) R.; reared in city; m. Rutb 
Evelyn Caverly, Sept. 3, 1912; c. Eleanor 
Frances, Ernest S. Jr. Ph.B., Brown 
Univ., 1907; A.M., 1907; Ph.D.. Univ. 
ni., 1909. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Gamma Alpha. 

Rcjnolda, Myron Herbert, prof. vet. med., 
Univ. Minn., St. Paul, Minn, 

pTEsent position, 189S — . Mem. Minn. 
StaU Live-Stock Sanitary Bd., 1903—; 
Minn. SUllion Registration Bd., 1907—; 
Inter. Comn. on Control Bovine Tubercu- 
losis. Aulh.: Veterinary Studies lor Agri- 
cultural StudenU, 7th ed. 1911. b. 
Wbeaton, 111., Nov. S, 1S6S; t. Gardner 
W. and Mary A. (Budd) R.; reared in 
village: m. Eva M. Kuhn, 1S93; 2d, 
May I. Shaw, Mar. 31. 1897; e. Gardner 
Shaw, Mary Janet, Robt. Thoa., Mar- 
garet Shaw. B.S., la. State Coll., 1880; 
D.V.M., 1389; M.D., la. CoU. Physicians 
and Surgeons, 1891; Pfa.G., la. Coll. of 
Pharmacy, 1891. 

Reynolds, Walker Redord, distr. agrl.agt., 
Tyner, Ky. 

Fi«s. Jackson Co. Fair Co.; co. chm. 
U. S. Public Serv. Reserve. 6. Ky., 
Sept. 28, 1877; s. Gilbert and Matilda 
(Mainous) R.; reared on farm; m, Mary 
M. Jones, Aug. 30, 1889; c. Coleman, 
Don Roy, Dorsey F., Sylvia, Henry 
Lester, Nannie D., Ona C. Marie, TValker 
R. Jr. 

Rhoada, Wayhnd, co. agrl. agt.. Independ- 
ence, Ky. 

6, Frankfort. Ky.. Sept. 30, 1892; *. 
McHenry and Bee (Crawford) R.; reared 
in city and on (arm. B.S.A., Univ. Ky., 
1915. Alpha Zeta. 

Present position, 1016—. 6. Geneva, 
Neb., Nov. 2, 1800; a. Herbert and Amelia 
C. (Nicholson) R.; reared on farm. 
B.Sc., Univ. Neb., 1916. Sigma Tau; 
Alpha Zeta. 

, Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Farmer. Bucks Co., Pa., 1892-8; 
Yorktown, N. V.. 1893-1003; present 
position, 1903 — . Pres. and sec.-treas. 
N. Y. SUte branch of Am. Poultry Assoc. 
Lect. farmers' insts., 19 yrs. b. Aurora, 
111.. Mar. 12, 1865; *. James R. and Eme- 
line (Wing) R.; reared on farm; nt. Elsie 
Van Buren. 18B8; e. Ruth Van Buren, 
Paul Kruger, J. E. Jr., John V.. Alice V., 
ElLMbeth V. B.S.A.. Cornell Univ., 1800. 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

Rkliards, Griffith, co. agrl. agt.. Kenosha, 

Inslr. agr., hish-sch.. Little Falls. 
iH yrs-; agt. Pnce Co., Wis.. 1914—. 
b. Cambria. Wis.. Feb. 9, 1889; «. Griffith 
and Laura A. (Williams) R.; reared on 
farm. B.S., Univ. Wis.. 1911. Alpha 

I. agrl. agt., Bllendale, 

Richards, W. B., 

Instr, an. husb., Univ. Wis.. 1008-4; 
asst. prof, and prof., 1904-14; agrl. 6eld 
agt.. N. D. Agr. Coll., 1914-8. Sec. N. D. 
SUllion Registration Bd.; sec. N. D. 
Live-Stock Assoc., 1905-15. b. Cambria, 
Wis., Apr. 28, 1877; s. Griffith and Laura 
(Williams) R.; reared on farm; m. 
Avis L. Lockerby, Aug. 17, 1900; c. 
W. L., Rachel Avis. B.S.A., Univ. WU., 
1003. Alpha ZeU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Ridurdson, H. R„ co. agrl. agt.. Ft. Dodge. 

in U. S. Army, 1918~. b. Manson, 
la.. May 1. 1893; a. Clark and Mary J. 
(Wright) R.; reared on farm. B.S. in 
Agron., la. SUte Coll., 1916. Sigma 
Delta Chi. 

Richer, Pctcj Lmof, ust. bot. forage crop 
iavrtlt.. Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., WuhingtoD, D. C. 

Instr. biol., Univ. Mc, 1900-1; »d. 
M8t., Div. Agrostology, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1901-Si taxonomic anil range invest., 
1905-8; asst. bot., range invest., 1908-17; 

r»ent title, 1917—. Fellow A. A, A. S, 
Bmniwick, Me., Mar. 27. ia7S; >. 
Chaa. H. and Susan C. (Lunt) R.; reared 
in town; m. Elisa M. Atkinson, Nov. 1, 
19<^; c. Alice Leavitt, Arthur Leroy, 
Cm! Lunt. Mary Atkinson, Chas. Sko- 
field, Warren Goold. B.S., Univ. Me,. 
1000: M.S., 1901. 

Rkke;, H. W., poultry spemliat, «xt. 
serv., Md. Agr. Coll., Coll^ Park, Md. 
Instr. poultry huib., R. t. State Coll., 
1911-S: dir. boys' and girb' dub work 
in Ky. for U. S. Dept. Agr., 1912-4; 
prof, poultry husb., K. I. SUU Coll,, 
1915-7; present position. 1817—. 6. 
Chestertown. Md., Jan. T, 1877. 

Riddick, Wallace Carl, pres. N. C. SUt« 
Coll. Agr. and Eng., Raleigh, N. C. 

Teach, public »chs., Stokes Co., N. C, 
1880-7; engin.. Roanoke Navigation 
and Water Power Co., Weldon, 1B90-3; 
prof, civil engin., N. C. State Coll., 
1802-1916; pres., 1910—. b. Raleigh, 
N. C, Aug. S, 1861; ». Wiley Goodman 
and Anna Ivy (Jones) R.; reared on 
farm; m. Lillian Daniel, 1S03; e. Wallace 
W., IJUian 1., Narcissa D., Anna J.. 
Eugenia T. B.A., Univ. N. C, 1886; 
C.E., Lebirii Univ., 1890; LL.D., Wake 
Forest C^. and Lehigh Univ., 1917. 
Kappa Alpha. 

Ridgway, Joseph Wilder, proE. dairy husb,, 
Tex. A.&M. Coll., CoUege Station, Tex. 
AMt. dairy husb.. Miss. A.&M. Coll., 
1906-6; dau'y field worker. Dairy Div., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., lOOft-7; asst. prof. an. 
ind., AU. Poly. Inat., 1907-9; ejipl. 
work. Bur. An. Ind., 1909-10; present 
position, 1910—. Sec. Tex. Creameries 
Assoc.; sec.-treas.Tei. Dairymen's Assoc.; 
scc.-treas. Holstein-Friesian Breeders' 
Ctub of Tex. b. Sessums, Miss.. Aug. 1 1, 
1886; 1. R. B. and Margarette (BeUe) R.; 
reared on farm; nt. Gladys Harris, Dec. 
21, 1910; e. Lillie Harris, Helen. B.S.. 
Mias. A.&M. Coll., 190S; M.S., Ala. 
Poly. Inst., 1909. 

Ridley, Vincent Williaai, aci. asst. in pom.. 
Bui. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Waahbg- 
ti>n, D. C. 

b. Warrensbure, Mo., Jan. 25, 1893; 
I. Cyrus C. and S. i. (Culley) R.; reared 
in country. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1911. 
Alpha ZcU. 

Riggs, Eneat J., fanner, Gallipolia, 0. 

Ajwt. hott., N. H. A.&M. ColL, 1807- 
8; aaat hort., Ohio Exp. Sta., 1910-4; co. 
agri. ^., Ohio, 1914-7. Pres. O. SUte 
Hort. Soc., 1913-6; sec. Gallia Co. Farm 
Bur. b. Gallia Co., 0., June 19, 1679; >. 
Jacob and Etixabeth (Guthrie) R.; reared 
on farm; m. Alice Stoner, June 15, 1897; 
8d. Naomi Haber, Nov. 14,1917; e.Lowell 
E. B.Sc.,OhbSUteUQiv.,1895; M.Sc., 
1897. Kappa Sigma. 

Rigga, Walter Mcrritt, pres. Clemson Agr. 
Coll., Clemson College, S. C. 

Instr. English, Ata. Pol^. InBt., 1891-5; 
instr. phvsics, 1895-0; instr. electrical 
and meet, engin., Clemson Agr. Coll., 
1890-1901; prof, electrical eiigio. and 
dir. engin. dept., 1901-11; acting pres.. 
1910-1; pres., and consulting prof . engin., 
191 1—. Fellow Am. Inst. Electrical 
Engin. Mem. S. C. Public Serv. Comn.; 
chm. S. C. com. of Naval Consulting Bd., 
1016—; mem. S. C. State Coundl Nat. 
Defense, 1917—. Pres. Land Grant 
Coll. Engiu. Assoc., 1917 — ; vice-pres. 
and mem. exec, com.. Am. Assoc. 
Agrl. Colls, and Exp. Stas., 1917—; 
pres. Southern Intercollegiate Athletic 
Assoc., 1913-B; pres. S. C. Intercollegiate 
Athletic Assoc., 190O— . b. Orangeburg, 
S. C, Jan. 24, 1879; >. Harpin and Emma 
Julia (Gowan) R.; reared in small town: 
m. Marie Louise Moore, Dec. 22, 1897. 
B.S., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1893; E. and M.E., 
1894; LL.D.. S. C. Univ.. 1911. Phi 
DelU Tbeta. 

Riley, Howard Wail. prof, rural engin.. 
State Coll. Agr., ComeU Univ., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Draftsman, United Telpherage Co., 
N. Y. City, 1901; engin., Morse Chain 
Co.. Ithaca, N. Y., 1004; instr. expl. 
engin., Cornell Univ.. 1006; instr. farm 
mech., 1907; asst. praf., 1909; prof. 
rural engin., IS12 — . Pres. Am. Soc. 
Agrl. Engin. Farm operator, b. Orange, 
N. J., May e, 1879; t. Wm. H. and Louisa 
Wait (Lord) R.; reared on farm; id. 
Julia Whiton Mack. June 5, tOM; c. 


Riley, WiUiam Albert, ptirf. eot. and chief 
div. ent. aod econ. eoo)., Univ. Minn., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Aast. Eool., De Psuw Uniy., ISW-S; 
fellow b ent.. Cornell Univ., 18B8-9; 
aut. ent. and invertebrate tool., 18M- 
1901; inati-. ent.. 1901-6; a«9t. prof.. 
1906-18; prof., 19ia-B; present position, 
19)8—. Fellow A. A. A. S.; fellow Ent. 
Soc.Am. Auth.: (with Johannsen) Hand- 
book of Medical Entomology. Mem. 
editorial bd.. The Journal of Parasitology, 
Aunala of tiie Ent. Soc. of Am., Abatracta 
of Bacteriology, b. Manhato. Mian., 
Jan. 10. 1876; (. Albert Tbtw. and OUIlie 
P. (Msaj) R.; reoced in town; m. Ma« 
E. FuUhart, June 8, 1901; c. ALce Lois. 
B.S., DePauw Univ., 1897; Ph.D., 
Cornel] Univ., 1903. Phi BeU Kappa; 
Sigma Xi; Delta Upsilon; Ganuna Alpha. 

Knkle, Lorin George, dury and food comnr., 
Kanaas City, Mo. 

Asst. dairying, Univ. Mo., 1907-9; 
instr.. 1909-11; asst. prof., 1912-8; 
present position, 1018 — . b. Dimondale, 
Mich.. May 4, 1686; i. Geo, W. and Anna 
S. (Matthews) R.; reared on farm; m. 
WiU C. Davis. B.S.A., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1907; M.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1910. DelU 
Sigma Gamma. 

, Uumbolt. Neb., Nov. 10, 1891; 
Sam and Mary (Friedley) R.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Univ. Neb., 1916. Alpha 

Roadhoiue, Qieatci Linwood, prof, dairy 
iod., Univ. Calif.. Berkeley, Calif, 

Vet. insp.. Bur. An. Ind„ U, S, Dept. 
Agr.. 1906-8; chief dairy insp., Dept. 
Health, San Francisco, 1909; city vet., 
Dept. PubUc Health, Berkeley, Calif., 
1910; led, dairybact.,Univ.CaIif.,short- 
course, 1910; instr, vet. sci.. 1911-3; 
asst. prof., 191S-4; assoc. prof.. 1914-7; 
prof, dairy ind., 1917 — . Sec, and prea. 
Calif. State Vet. Med. Assoc,, 1915-6; 
vice-pres. Inter, Assoc, of Dairy and Milk 
Insps., 1917-fl. Farm operator, 1907—. 
Mem. editorial com. for correspondence 
courses in agr,, 1914-6, b. Watsonville, 
Calif, Jan.6,lB81;«,Jolm J.andlmogeneJ 

(Kimberlin) R.; reared on farm and in 
town; m. Chriatine Judah, Dec S, 1910; 
e, Katharine, Frands, Donald. D.V.M., 
Cornell Univ., 1906. TheU Delta Chi. 


Teach, distr. sch., 190^7; aut. in 
farm mech., Cornell Univ., 1910-1; instr., 
1911-9; asat. prof., 19)3—. 6. Webster, 
N. Y., Aug. S. 1882; «. C, F. and Frances 
(Burnett) R.; reared on farm; nt. 
Georgia Frances Bills, Aug. 7, 191C; e. 
Frances. Julia Ann. B.S., Cornell Univ., 
1911; M.aA., 1913, 
Rofcb, Newell Snowden, co. agrl. agt, 
Eugene, Or«. 

Stock fanner. 1911-3; head dept, 
farm crops, Univ. Ida., 1014-9; a^l. 
agt,. Lane Co,. Ore., 1916—. b. Neal, 
Kans., Nov. 8, 1B88; i, Wm. E. and h. 
(Snowden) R.; reared on farm; m. 
Agnes M. Bardson; e. Eleaoore Clarice. 
B.S.A., Kans. State Agr. CoU., 1811. 
Sigma Nu; Alpha Zeta. 

Robbiiu. Wiibti WMam. hot., Colo. Exp. 
Sta., Fort Collins, Colo. 

Instr, high-sch„ Golden, Colo., 1906-7; 
instr. physics. Central Sigh-Sch,, Pueblo, 
Colo.. 190T-8; instr. biol, Univ. Colo,, 
I90S-11; instr. biol. Summer Lab. for 
fieldbiol.,Tolhuid,1909, 1910, 1918; instr. 
bat., Colo. Agr. ColL, 1911-9; asst. prof., 
lOlS^; prof, and bot. Eip. Sta., 191S— , 
Biol, trips in Mohave Desert and N. Mei. 
Auth.: BoUny of Crop Plants, 1917. b. 
Mendon. 0., May 11. 1884; t. Isham B. 
and Jennie (Hussej^) R.; reared on farm 
and in city; ni.LouiaeFalk,JutieliI,191l; 
c. Wilfred T„ Hertha Marie, A.B„ Univ. 
Colo.. 1907; A,M.. 1909; Pb.D.. Univ. 
Cbki«o. 1S17. Sigoia Xi; Alpha ZeU; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Bobcrds, Ehie Sherficld, co. agrl. agt., Rip- 
ley, Tenn. 

Roberts, Albert E., inter, sec,. ¥. M. C. A., 
144 E. *8th St.. New York City. 

Mem. Country Church Como,, Fed. 
Council of Churches of Christ in Am.; 
mem. Sunday School Comn.; mem. Am. 
Comn. for study of agrl. coop, in Europe. 
b. Manchester, N. H., Mar. 4, 1873; *. 


Edward and Myra (Webster) R.; reared 
on farm and in city; nt. Mabel Ruth Brow, 
June 6, 1900: ed, Lillas G. Neil, Jan. 1. 
1B14-. e. Mabel Rutb. 

Roberts, Georic prof, agroo., Univ. Ky., 
LexiogtoD, Ky. 

Princ. Ky. Wesleyan Acad.. Burnside, 
1899-1900; MBt. chem.. Ky. Eip. SU„ 
1901-3; ssst. chem,. Calif. Exp. Sta.. 
1903-6; asst. chem., Ky., Eip. Su., 
1906-9; BgroD. and prof, agron., Univ. 
Ky.. 1909—; acting dean, Coll. Agr., 
1916-7. Treas. and mem. exec, com.. 
Am. Soc. Agron., 1912-7. b. Bum^de. 
Ky,, June 16. 1S73; «. Miiaouri and Lucy 
Helen (Meece) R.; reared on fanu; m. 
Rhoda Gibson Elliott, Sept. 0, 1899; c. 
Helen Porter. Katherine, Joaeph Kastle, 
Geo. B.Ped., Univ, Ky„ 1S99; M.S„ 
1901. Alpha Zeta. 

Roberts, Guy Alexander, prof, vet. med.. 
N. C. A,&M. Coll., W. Raleigh. N. C. 

Asst, state vet.. N. C, 1903-7; aaat. 
vet., N. C. Exp. Sta„ 1903-7; vet., 
1909-15; ext, serv. vet., 191*—; Mat. 
prof. vet. med„ N. C. A.&M. Coll., 
1903-6; assoc. prof., 1906-8; prof., 
1908—. b. Parkville, Mo.. Dec. 11. 
1875; *. Thos. Dodds and Emma Martha 
(Mather) K.; reared on farm and in town; 
m. Emily Clara SteiumeU. May IS. 1907. 
B.Agr.. Univ. Mo,, 1899; B,S„ 1900; 
D.VTS., Kans. City Vet. Coll.. 1903. 
Alpha ZeU. 

Roberta, Isaac Phillips, agrst.. Palo Alto, 

Prof, agr., U. State CoU,. 187(M; 
prof, agr., Cornell Univ,. 1871-1903; 
dean Coll. Agr., 1S7S-190S; dir. Exp. 
Sta., 18S8-190S; prof, emeritus, 190S— . 
Auth.: The Fertility of the Land, 1896; 
The Farmstead. 1900; The Farmers' 
Business Handbook. 1903; The Horse, 
1905; Autobiography of a Farm Boy, 
1916, b. E. Varick, N. Y., Jul. 84. 1833; 
t. Aaron P. and Elizabeth (Burroughs) R,; 
reared on farm; m. Margaret Marr, 
Nov, 3. 1857; c. Mary E. (Mrs. Dane 
Coolidge). Perry B„ Roger M, M.A., 
Ja. Sute Coil. 1875. Alpha Zeta. 

RobeilB, John William, path, fruit disease 
invesU., Bur. Plant Ind.. U. S. Dept. Agr,, 
Washington. D. C. 

Teach. I^tin and German, higb-scb.. 
Falls City. Neb,, 1006-6; asst. bot.. 

Univ, Neb.. 1908; sci- asrt., tJ. S. Depl. 
Agr.. 1909-11; asst. path.. 1912-3; path.. 
1913—, b. Alma. Neb,, Jul. 4, 1882; 
t. S. L. and A. M. (McGlathery) R.; 
reared in town; n. Ethel J. Hutcbins. 
Dec. 10, 1911. A.B., Univ, Neb., 1904; 
A.M„ 1909; Ph.D., George Washington 
Univ.. 1917, Sigma Xi; Alpha IteU 

Robertson, Frederick Eugene, oust. co. agt. 
leader, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. V. 

Farm manag., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1898- 
1903; agt. JeSersoD Cp., N. V., 1912-7; 
present position, 1917 — , Sec.-treas., 
North Country Nat. Farm Loan Assoc, b. 
Cambridge, N, Y., Feb, 19, 1879; ». 
Russel K. and Margaret (Shanahan) R,; 
reared on farm; m. Geor^ana E. Thomas, 
Aug. 13, 1910; c, Benjamin Russel, Wm. 
Hawky. B.S.A., Cornell Univ,. 1909. 

Robinson, Earl Paul, asst, co. set. leader, 
Mich. Agr. Coll., E. Lansing. Mich. 

Instr. agr., Northwood Acad,. N. H., 
190T~S; farmer, 1908-12; agrat., Holland- 
St. Louis Su^r Co.. Decatur, Ind., 1912; 
CO. agt., Sagmaw, Mich., 1913-7; present 
position, 1917—. 6. Markesan. Wis,, 
Oct. 9, 1882; J.Edwin W. and Jane A. 
(Hare) R.; reared on farm; m. Sibyl Frits. 
Sept. 19, 1907; e. Francia Edwin, B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1907. 

Kobinson, James L., co. agrl. agt., Jacks- 
boro, TeoD, 

b. Franklin, N. C„ Dec. 4, 1869; (. 
Jesse S. and Ittie (Norton) R.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Univ. Tenn., 1915. Alpha 


Present position, 1914 — . Traveled in 
Europe, 1910. Aulh.: Domestic Archi- 
tecture, 1917. b. Eureka, 111., Sept. 17. 
1880; I. James Edwin and Elisabeth 
Bell (Vance) R.; reared in town and on 
farm; nt. Erma Sealon, Apr. IS, 1914; e. 
Phoebe Vance. B.S., Univ. Penn., 1B06. 
Phi Gamma DelU. 

KolnBBon, Leonard G., pres. Fed. Laud 
Bank of Springfield, lawyer, agrl. ecoa., 
SpringEeld, Mass. 

General manag., Jewish Agrl. and Ind. 
Aid Soc.. 1905-17; present position, 
1017—. Established over 3000 immigrant 

families m turn owners tluough the U. S. 
Fouoder of [Honeer oomi. agrl. credit 
unioiu in Am. Autk.: Tbc Agricultural 
Activittea of the Jews in Amenca, 1912; 
co-author. Credit Union Primer. 1914. 
b. Riuaia, Mar. 11, 18TS (naturalised 
1397); >, Bernhard and Le«li (Schatskin) 
R.; m. Betty F. Levey, Jan. ID, 1911; 
e. X-eoDud G. Jr. A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1002; LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch. and admit- 
ted to N. Y. Bar, 1906. 

Rabiiuon, Mouttfomery, asst. prof. ext. 
■erv.. State Coll. A^r., Coraell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Tutor Latin, Princeton Univ., 1009-6; 
inatr. ext. teat^iing, Cornell Univ., 1914-6; 
asst. prof., 1916 — . Rancher, Nev. and 
Ida., 2 yn. b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr. SO, 
18S4; (. Franklin E. and Ullie (Ludlam) 
R.l reared in town; n. Anne C. Carpen- 
ter, }»W; e. Janet Ewins, James Ludlam. 
n_: . — ii_T_ 1908; B.S., 

RobimMi, Martha Eliaabeth, supt. rural dept., 
Pa. Stat« Sabbath Sch. Assoc., Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 

Teach, public schs., 9 yrs.; field sec., 
Columbia Co. Sabbath Sch. Assoc., 2 yrs. ; 
general field worker, Pa, State Sabbath 
Sch. Assoc., 100S-I4; supt. rural dept., 
1914 — , Aulh.: Junior Quarterly for 
Am. Sunday School Union, 1016 — . 
b. Bloomsburg, Pa., Nov. 17, 1874; c. 
James Boyd and Jennie (Breece) R.; 
reared in country. B. El. Di., M. El. Di., 
B.Ped., Bloomsburg SUte Normal Sch. 

1906-T: manag. Wilshiie Book 
1907-8; with New York Call, 1008-9; 
contributing ed., House and Garden, 
The Garden Magaiine. Engaged in 
farming and greenhouse business, Atdh.: 
Home Vegetable Gardening, 1011; Gar- 
dening Indoors and Under Glass, 1912; 
Bdaking a Fruit Garden, 1014; The 
Pocket Garden Guide, I0I4; The Key to 
the Ijuid, 1B15; Around the Year in the 
Garden, lOIS; The Little Pruning Book; 
Save it for Winter, 1918. 6, Brooklyn, 
N. Y,, Apr. S. 1884; (. Frank Warren 
and Elisabeth (Trowbridge) E.; reared 
on farm; m. Marjorie Hu^ian, Sept, 5, 
1910; e. Wallace Uugbau. Frederick 
Frye, Donald West. Student Wesleyan 
Univ.. Conn„ 1005-6. 

Rode^. EIS Leroy, co. agrl. agt., Willmar, 

Teach, agr. and sd., high-sch.. Saline, 
Mich., 1 yr.; teach, agr., high-sch., Red 
Creek, N. Y., 4 yrs,; Willmar, Minn., 8 
yrs. b. Whittemore, Mich., Jan. 91, 
1SS7; (. Henry and Artie (Brown) R.; 
reared on farm: tn. Mabel C. Wermuth; 
e. Mildred Lucil, Luella Grace. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1010. 

Rm. WiDiaiii Isaac, co. agrl. agU, Water- 
town, N. Y. 

A. Oxford Depot. N. Y., Nov. 4, 1890; 
s. lliomas Beach and Elicabeth P. R.; 
reared on farm. Cornell Univ., 1917. 


, George Cluial 

fruit-grower, Fresno, Calif. 

Sent to Europe and Asia Minor as 
comnr. from U, S. Dept. A^., 1001; 
in 1912 as rep. Panama-Pacific Inter- 
Expos, Pres.CaUf.SUteBd.Agr. Auth.^ 
Monograph on the Smyrna Fig at Home 
and Abroad, 1001. 6. San Francisco. 
CaUf-, Feb. 4, 1868; i. Frederic and Mari- 
anne R,; iWed in aly; m. Elisabeth 
Tboroe, Dec. \5, 1897; e, Marianne B., 
Geo. C. Jr., Eleanor Louise, Evelyn T. 

Rogers, Burton Ray, vet., 66 W. 99th St., 
New York City. 

House surgeon and dem, anat., la. State 
Coll.. 1900; fed. meat insp. at various 
points, 1000-6; anatomist, Eans. State 
Agr. Coll., 1000-14; dean and sec., St 
Joseph Vet. Coll., Mo,. 1914-7; at present 
devoting time to tuberculosis educ. and 
prevention, Sec.-trcas, Kans. Vet. Med. 
Assoc, 1007-12. b. Polk City, la., 
Nov. I, 1870; .. Geo. W, and Mary 
Elizabeth (Keim) R.; reared in town; m. 
Margaret Frite, Sept., 18, 1901. D.V.M., 
la. SUU Coll.. 1800. Alpha Psi. 

Rogers. Francis Eltop, co. agrl. agt., Sodus, 

Instr. ext, m pom,. Comdl Univ., 191S; 
agt. New Haven Co.. Conn., 1015-7; 
agt. Wayne Co., N. Y., 1017—. 6. 
Canandaigua, N. Y„ Scvt. 1. 1887; 
I. Chauncey E, and Mary E. (Outhouse) 
R.; reared on farm; m, Mabel Luella 
Flumerielt, Aug. 11. 1916; e. Helen Jane. 
B.S., Cornell Univ., 19l4i US., 1015. 
Alpha Zeta. 


Ro^M*, Hawkj BwKe, co. «grl. agt.. 
Jamestown. N. Y. 

b. East Orui«e, N. J., Oct. 0, 18S6; *. 
Buel L. and FniDcea A. (Rogers) R.; 
reared in village and on farm. U.S., 
ComeU Univ., 1912. 

Rogers, Lore AUord, in dig. labs.. Dairy 
Div.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 
D. C. 

Attoe. td.. Journal of Bacteriology: 
Bacteriological Abstracts; Journal of 
Dairy Science. 6. Patten. Me., Feb. 7. 
18701 1. Luther B. and Mar^E. (Barker) 
B-i reared on farm; ».BeatnceC.Ot*erIy, 
Oct. 6, 1908; c. John O. B.S., Univ. Me., 
1896. Kappa Sigma. 

Robi. Huler Dowalou, co. agrl. agt., 
Grafton, W. V». 

Asst. princ. Hillaboro Hish-wji., 1911-2; 
priac, 1*12-4. b. Alum Bridge. W. Va., 
Aug. 10, 1886; «. J. B. and Lydia A. 
(Hannah) R.; reared on farm; n. 
NeUe M. Bailey, May S, 1918. B.S. 
Agr., W. Va. Umv., 1917. 

Rolandi Raymond Michael, arat. co. agt. 
1e«der, Univ. Mo., Columbia, Mo. 
Co. agrl. agt., Paoli, Ind.. I9II^-8i 

Sesent position, 191*—. 6. Morris, Pa., 
ov. 7, 1B87; (. Geo. W. and Mary E. 
(Campbell) R.; reared on (arm; nt. 
Jessie Maude Boston, Apr. 11. 1918. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1916. 

RoUs, Peter Henry, dean Coll. Agr., Umv. 
Fls., Gainesville, Fla. 

Asst. hot., la. State Coll.. 1891; ent. 
and bot., Fla. Eip. SU., 1891-6; bot. 
and hort., 1898-9; prof, hot., Fla. Agr. 
Coll., 1892-9; bot. and bact., Clemsoa 
Agr. Coll., 1899-1901: plant path, in 

. cbg. Subtropical Lab., Miami, Fla., 1901- 
8; dir. Fla. Exp. Sta.. 1906—; dir. ert. 
div., 191*—; dean CoU. Agr., 1915—; 
supt. farmers' inats., 1907-19. Mem. 
adv. com., Fla. SUte Plant Bd., 191S; 
chm. StaU Coundl DeFense, 1917-8. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Pies. Fls. State Hort. 
Soc.. 1906-7; mem. exec. com.. 1906—. 
Aiiih.: Vegetable Growhig in the South 
for Northero Markets, 1896; Subtropical 
VegeUble-Gardening, 1916. h. LeCIaire, 
b., Apr. 17. 166A; >. Mass Peter and 
Maris Christina (Niemeier) R.; reared 
on farm; m. Effie Stone, Aug. «S, 1892; 
e. Effie. Clarissa. B.S., la. State Coll., 
1889; M.S.. 1891. Phi Kappa Phi. 

RoHmd, GmtI* McGdIoagh. chief an. 
husb, div.. Bur. An. Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Arat. an. huib., la. State Coll., 1899- 
1901; manag. O. R. & N. Exp. Farm. 
Walla Walla. Wash.. 1001: chg. an. husb. 
work. Bur. An. Ind.. 1901—. Sec. Am. 
Genetic Assoc. Del. 1st Pan Am, Sci. 
Congress. Santiago, Chile. 1906, 1909; 
mem. exec. com. id Congress, Washington, 
1914, 191S. A'uth.: lie Hog Industry, 
190S. b. Mt. Pleasant. la., Feb. W, 
1BT6; (. A. and Rachel P. (McCullougb) 
R.; reared in town: m. Sallie Russell 
Reeves, Sept. 10. 1906; c. Anna Margaret, 
Sarah Elizabeth, Alexander Ron. B.S., 
U. Wesleyan Coll.. 1897; B.S.A.. la. 
SUte Coll.. 1S9S. Phi DelU Theta. 

jleanings in Bee Culture, 1885—. 
^alA..- ABC and XVZ of Bee Culture. 
191A; Feeding and Feeders. 1005; Facts 
About Bees. 1900; The Buckeye Bee 
Hive. 1909; Bee Diseases, 1918: Winter- 
ing of Bees, lOlS; The Bee Keeper and 
the Fruit Grower, 1918. Lect., Ohio 
State Univ. Vice-pres. O. Comn. of 
Jamestown Expos. 1909-9. b. Medina, C. 
June es, 1S6S; *. Amos Ives and Susan 
(Hall) R.; reared in town; m. Elicabeth 
Humphrey, Dec. 16, 1886; c. L. Ives, 
A. 1. Studied Oberlin Coll. 

Root, Ralph Rodney, lands, arch., Chicago, 


In chg. profeanonal course lands, gard., 
Univ. III., I9le-S; exchange prof., Mass. 
Agr. Coll.. 1916: chg. summer sch. lands, 
arch.. Uke Forest Coll.. 1916—. Traveled 
b Europe. 1912, England IBU. Avth.: 
(with Kelley) Design m Landscape Gard- 
ening, 1914. b. Jamestown. N. ¥., Mar. 
IS. 1884; I. Frank Henry and Josephine 
(Wilcox) R,; reared on farm. B.S.. 
Cornell Univ., 1910; M.L.A., HarvaH 
Univ.. 1912. 

Rom. OmtIcs Lovdl, co. agrl. agt., Evart. 

Investigated live-stock, England and 
Channel Ists., 1911. 6. Evart, Mich., 
June 18, 1887; t. Chas. H. and Emma 
(Lancashire) R.; reared in town. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll.. 1911. 


AMt. pror., Kbqs. SUU Agr, Coll., 
1B05-0:, Cornel! Univ., ]»07-13i 
prof.. IBIS—. Traveled in Europe and 
Mexico. Aulh.: (with Van Rensselaer 
and Canoa) Manual of Home-Makiog, 
1818. 4. Denvia-, Colo., Oct. 16, 1874; 
d. Samuel Patrick and Mildred Lewia 
(Boyd) R.; reared in city. B.S., Kans. 
SUte Agr. Coll.. 1901; M.A., Columbia 
Univ., 1S0». 

Rose, Mai7 Swart*, bssoc. prof, nutr., 
Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., New 
York City. 

Teach, bigh-sch., Wooster, O., ISW- 
1901;. Fond du Lac, Wis., lB0«-5; 
asat., Teachers' Coll., 1906-7; travelbg 
fellow, 1907-9; instr.. 1909-10; assl. prof., 
1910-8; aasoc. prof., 1918—. Deputy 
dir. Bur. Conservatbn of Fed. Food Bd. 
and N. Y. Slate Food Comn.. New York 
City. Fc]bwA.A.A.S. Aulh.: Labora- 
tory Handbook For Dietetics. 1912; Feed- 
ing the Family, 1910; Everyday Foods in 
Wartime, 1918. b. Newark, O.. Oct. 31, 
1874; d. Hiram B. and Martha (Davies) 
Swartz; reared in small town; m. Anton 
Richard Rose, Sept. IS, 1910; c. Richard 
Collin. B.Lit., Denison Univ., 1901; 
grad. Mechanics Inst., 1901; B.S., 
Columlwa Univ., 1909; Ph.D.. Yale 
Univ.. 1M9. Sigma Xi. 

Roske, Melrin Parson, co. agrl. agt., 
Ortonville, Minn. 

Inatr. manual training, drawing and 
athletics, Waseca, Minn., 191^3; instr. 
agr.. State Normal Sch., Emporia, Kana., 
1916-8. b. Lac-qui-Parle Co., Minn.. 
Jan. 25. 1886; *. Chas. August and Sarah 
(Parson) R.; reared on farm. B.S.A.. 
Univ. Wis., 1916. 

Harold EllU Jr. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 
1906; M.S.A., 1908. Sigma Xi; Gamma 

Ross, John Francis, farm supt.. Cereal Field 
SU., Amarillo, Tei. 

Teach, agr., Indian serv., 1903-T; 
with Off. Cereal Invests., V. S. Dept. 
Agr., lOOS— . b. Jewell Co., Kans., Jan. 
19, 1873; I. PontuB and Ingeborg Olina 
(Lokke) B.; reared on farm; m. Jessie 
Naomi Stewart. Nov. 21, 190S; c. logs 
Ann. John Hammond, Flora Helena, 
Prances Naomi, Stewart. B.S.A.. Kans. 
Sute Agr. Coll., 1902. 

Ross, Orrin F., farmer, Lowville, N. Y. 

Farmer and contractor. 1908-lS; 
manag. H, D. Ross & Sons, lowville, 
N.Y.; CO. agrl. agt., Franklin Co., 1013-5; 
Oneida Co., 1916-8; manag. Rossdole 
Farms and supt. of Martinsburg Farms 
Co. Inc., prc^ucers of certifi^ milk, 
Dir. N. Y. Sute D^men's Assoc., 1912; 
vice-prea. Lewis Co. Agrl. Soc., 1911-2. 
Lect. N. Y. Bur. Farmers' Insts., 1911-S. 
b. Lowville. N. Y., Oct, 10, 1885; ». 
Howard D. and Frankie J. (Bowen) R.; 
reared on farm; m. EUaE. Evans, Oct. 10, 
1911; c. Eloise Estelle, Evelyn BoberU, 
Howard Evans. Special student, Cornell 
Univ.. 1005-8. 

Ross, Pontos Henry, Bsst. dir. agrLext. serv. 
imd CO, agt. leader. Univ. Mo., Columlua, 
Expert and agt., Off. Exp, Staa,, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 190S-7; teach, agr., Udi-scfa.. 
Jewell City, Kans.. 1911-2; agt, Leaven- 
worth Co,. 1912-6; CO, agt. leader, 
L'niv. Mo., 1916-—; asst. dir. agrL ext. 
serv., 1918—. Pres, Kans. Assoc. Agrl. 
Agts. 6. Jewell Co., Kans,, June 24. 

Ross, Harold EQis. proF, dairy ind,, Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. 

Asat. dairy ind., Cornell Univ.. 1906-7; 
instr., 1907-9; asat. prof,. 1909-12; proF., 
1912—. Aulh.: A Dairy Laboratory 
Guide, 1910; Laboratory Guide in Market 
Milk, 1915; Dairy laboratory Guide 
for High Schools. 1918. b. Leadville, 
Colo., Oct. 23. 1881; ., John Warren 
and Fanny Jane (Coleman) R.; reared on 
Farm; m. Jessie P. Williama. Dec. 25, 
1907; c. John Warren, Jane Elisabeth, 

B.S.. Kans, State Agr. CoU„ 1002. 

Rolheaberger, Alvin Kriebd, co. agrl. agt., 
Norristown, Pa. 

Instr, agr., Perkiomen Sem., 1911-2; 
agt, Montgomery Co., 1812—. 6. Wor- 
ceater. Pa., Jul. 16, 1886; «. Edwin S. 
and Amanda (Kriebel) R.; reared on 
farm; m, Helen Eliscabeth Moyer. Sept. Ifl, 
1915; e: Margaret Moyer. B.S.A., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1911. 


Bolh^, Benton E., «d. tust.. Bur, Pl&nt 
Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., WoshingtoD, D, C. 
b. Luray, Vn., May 18, 1873; ». Martin 
and Annie (Karly) R.; reared on farm; 
m. Blsoche G. Grove, Oct. T, 1809-. id. 
MyraE. Payne. Dec. 20. 19Ui e. Russell 
G., Edwin G.. Carlton P. Grad. Roanoke 
"" " 18 Coll.. 1808. 

Route, Thomas Andfew, assoc. prof, an, 
faiub.. Clemson Agr. Coll., and asat. Exp. 
SU., Clemson College, S. C. 

Present poaitJon. 1013—. 6. Critten- 
den, Ky.. Oct. 16, 1890; ». Henderson 
and Prances (Morin) R.; reared on 
farm. B.S.A., Ohio State Univ., 1918. 
Alpha Zets. 

Roiaer, Faal Charles, asst. pror. agrl. 
educ. and aast. state dir. voc. agr., W. Va. 
Univ., Morganlown, W. Va. 

Inatr. agr., high-sch.. St, Croix Falls, 
WU.. 1012-S; agt. Tyler Co.. W, Va„ 
1915-8; present position. 191S— . b. 
Chicago. 111., Oct, SO. 1688; i. John C. 
and Carrie (Strow) R.; reared on fami; 
m. Maud Ella KetchuDi. Aug,. 1013, 
B.S.A., Univ. Wis,. 1912. 

RowMi, Levi John, pres. Alcorn A,&M, 
Coll., Alcorn, Miss. 

Teach, public schs., Miss., 1803-8; 
head English dept, and pres., Alcorn 
A.& M. Coll,, 1898—, Pres. SUte Teach- 
ers' Assoc, b. Rodney, Miss,. Aug, 7, 
1871; *. Sidney and Martha (Walker) 
R.; reared in town; m. Matlie Foote, 
Jul. 29, 1896; e. Ruth Inei, Mattie 
Hermione, Pearl Bemice, Thelma Bee. 
B.S., Alcorn A,&M.;CdI]„ 1803; Ph.D., 

Ithaca. N. Y. 

Farm manag.. N. Y,. Pa„ III,, W, Va.. 
24 yrs.; present position, 1915 — . 6. 
MoDgaup Valley, N. Y.. May 10. 1866; 
», Joshua Pettis sjid Sarah Eliiabeth 
(Royce) R,; reared on Farm; m, Nina 
Barney. Sept, 27. 1803; c. Mary Gillespie, 
Esther TibbiU, Milton Pettis. Elizabeth 
Hurd, B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1801 ; 
M.S.A.. 1892. 

Royhuce, William M., fruit-grower, mer- 
chant and business man. Provo. Utah. 

Mem, Utah House. 1807-1000. speaker. 
I89»-1000; mayor Provo, 1904-5. Del. 
Baltimore CoDvention, 1012. b. Spring- 

viUe. Utah. Mar. 31, 1865; t. Wm. and 
Lucy (Clucas) R.; reared on farm; m. 
Laura A. Turner. Dec. 2S, I8SS; 2d. 
May Zabriskie. Aug. 6, 1002; c. Martin 
W,. Merline. Enid, Wm. C. 

Ruddick, John Archibald, dairy comnr.. 
Ottawa, Ont. 

Traveled in Europe and New Zealand. 
6. Oxford Co., Ont.. Sept. 3, 1882; ». 
Lawrence and Marion (Moir) R,; reared 
on farn; m, Harriet Emily Congdon; 
e. Marion C. 

Radnick, Arthur WiUiam, ext. prof, dairy 
manufacturers, la. State Coll., Ames, la, 
Asst. dairying, Kans. State Agr. CoU., 
1910-3; asst, prof, dairying, la. SUte Coll.. 
1913-8; present position, 1918—. Sec, 
la. Buttermakers' Assoc, b, Chicago. 
111., Dec. 22, 1887; s. John and Wilhel- 
raina (Mueller)R.: rearedincity; m.Alice 
Smay, Aug. 7. 1912; c. Arthur Wm. Jr.. 
B,S,. la. SUte Coll., 1010, Phi Umbda 
Upsilon; Gamma Sigma Delta. 

I. agrl. agt., PenningtoD 

Rue, Ndson B„ o 

Gap. Va. 

Agt, Smythe Co.. Va,. 1017-8; agt. Lee 
Co.. 1018-. 6, Harrisburg.Ky.,Aug. 17. 
1892; ». Wallace C. and Mary (Bright) R.; 
reared in small town; m. Basabeth 
Waitt. 19U; c. Mary Helen, Wallace 
Waitt. Student la. State Coll., 3 yrs. 
Alpha Sigma Epailon. 

Rnflner. Robert H., ext. dairy husb.. Va. 
Poly. Inst., Blacksburg. Va. 

Asst. vet.. Md. Exp. SU.. 1908-0; 
dairyman for Isthmian Canal Comn., 
Panama. 1009-10; asst, prof. an. hush,, 
Md, Agr. CoU., 1910-8; prof., 191S-S; 

Besent position, 1018—, Sec, Md. State 
airymen's Assoc,; dir, Md, Holstein- 
Friesian Breeders' Assoc, Prof, (ootech- 
nics, U. S. Coll. Vet. Surgeons, 1915-8. 
6. Fauquier Co., Va., lUay 22, 1882; 
I. James W. and Sarah J, (HoMttt) R.; 
reared on farm; n. Frances H. Donovan. 
June 10. 1911; c. Robt. Francis. B.S,. 
Md. Agr, Coll.. 1008, Sigma Phi Sigma. 

Rnggles, Artfanr Gordon, state ent. and ent. 
Minn. Exp. Sta.. University Farm. St. 
Paul. Minn. 

Instr. ent., Univ, Minn.. 1902-10; 
asst. prof.. 1010-S; assoc. prof,. 101^—; 
ent., Pa, Chestnut Tree Bli^t Conm., 


\9ltS. Fellow A. A. A. S. i. Aima- 
polia Royal, N. S. (naturalized 1908): 
*. Arthur Sl«vart and Laura Elizabetli 
(Newcomb) R.; reared in small town; 
m. Beuie Dver, Jan. 3, 190fi; e. Elizabeth, 
Arthur G. Jr., Dyer Newcomb. B.S.A., 
CorneU Univ., 1901; M.A.. lOM. Alpha 
Zeta; Gamma Alpha. 

Hnmbold, Caroline, asst. path, augar plant 
invests.. Bur. Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

Awt. hot., Univ. Mo., 190S-10. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. 6. St. Louis, Mo.; d. Thos. 
FraEier and Charlotte Elizabeth (Leder- 
geber) R. B.A., Smith Coll.. 1901-. 
M.A., Washington Univ., IM3; Ph.D., 
1911; Dr. oec. publ., Munich Univ., 
1907. Sigma Xi; Phi BeU Kappa. 

Ramsey, William Earl, stat« ent., Morgan- 
town, W. Va. 

With ent. dept.. W. Va. Eip. SU., 
1893—; state ent,. 1919—. Third vice- 
prea. Am. Assoc. Ecoa. Ent., 191B. 6. 
Van Etten, N. Y., Sept. 9. ISSS; f. 
SylvenuB Duaenbury and Clarinda (Shoe- 
maker) R.; reared on farm; m. Stella 
Edna Berkshire, Dec. 23, 189S; e. Neal 
«>eth, Virginia Clarinda. B.S.A., Cor- 
neU Univ., 1891. 

RKsk, Earl NiImd, co. agrl. agt., Quincy, 

Asat. an. husb., Univ. Mo., 1909-10; 
farm manag., 1010-3; farm adv., Audrain 
Co.. Mo., 1913-fi: agt. Adams Co., lU., 
19IS— . b. Champaign, ill., Dec. 17. 
ISM; .. W. H. and Anna L. (Renner) R.; 
reared on farm; nt. Selma O. DeWees, 
Oct. 37, ie09; c. Rowena, LesUe, Wm. 
DeVere. Fred Earl. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 
1909. Alpha ZeU; Cbi Beta; Sigma 

Riuk. Hemr Peilj, asst. prof, beef catUe 
husb., Univ. m., Urbana, III, 

Asat. an. husb., Univ. Mo., 1908-9; 
asat. an. husb., Purdue Exp. Sta.. 1000-10; 
asaoc. in beef cattle husb., Univ. III., 
1910-3; asst. prof, and asst. chief in 
Exp. Sta.. 1013—. Sec. Ind. Cattle 
Feeders' Assoc., 1909-10; mc. Dl. Cattle 
Feeders' Assoc., 1911-8. b. Rantoul, III.. 
Jul. 19. 1884; «. Wm. H. and Anna L. 
(Renner) E.; reared on farm; m. Edith 
E. Hartley, June US, 1011; c. Elisabeth 
Hartley, Martha Hartley. B.S., Univ. 

Russell, Carl, co. agrl. agt., Ardmore, Okla. 
Prof. an. husb. and dairying, Connell 
State Sch. Agr., 1914-0; agt. Carter Co.. 
1916—. Sec. Carter Co. Free Fair 
Assoc, b. Muslceeee Co., Okla., June 8. 
1392; I. Campbell and Martha (Shinn) 
R.; reai«d on farm; tn. Elsie Ray, Aug. 
10, 1914; e. Wm. Campbell. B.S., Okla. 
A.&M. CoU., 1014. 

Russell, Harry Luman, dean Coll. Agr., 
Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Asst. prof, bad,. Univ. Wis., 1893-«: 
prof., 189S-1907; dean Coll. Agr. and 
dir. Exp. SU., 1907—. Mem. ms. 
SUte Bd. For.; SUte Bd. Immigration. 
Wis. Tuberculosis Conm. PeUow A. A. 
A. S. Aiith.: Public Water Supplies 
(with F. E. Tumeaure). 1008; Experi- 
mental Dairy Bacteriology (with E. G. 
Hastings), 1914; Agricultural Bacteriol- 
ogy (with Hastings], 1919; Outlines of 
Dairy Bacteriology (with Hastings), 1915. 
b. Poynctte. Wis., Mar. 12, 1886; ». E. 
Fred and Lucioda E, (Waldron) R.; 
reared in village; m. H. May Delauy, 
Dec, 20, 1893; c. Gertrude EstcUe, 
Eldon Babcock. B,S.. Umv. Wis- 1888; 
M,S.. 1800; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ.. 
1802. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi. 

Rutherford, William John, prof, farm manag. 
and dean Coll. Agr., Univ, Sask., Saska- 
toon. Sask, 

Mem. Sask. Live-Stock Bd.; Sask. 
Educ. Comn., 1912-3; Sask. Agrl. Instr. 
Com.; Sask. Winter Fair Bd.; Dominion 
Conservation Comn.; Adv. Council in 
Agr. Del. conference of universities of 
British Empire, London, 1912; Rural 
Credits Conference, Chicago. lOIS. Sent 
to Europe as special comnr. by Sask. 
Educ. Com., 1912. Auth.: Praine Agri- 
culture, b. Madrid. N. Y., Jan. 9, 1868; 
>. John A. and Esther (Grey) R.; reared 
on (arm. c. 8. 

Rnsck, Qiarlea Vladis, assoc. prof, soils. 
Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 

Asst. prof, agron., Univ. Ark., 1900-13; 
asst. agroD., Ark, Exp. SU., 1009-13; 
present position, 1913 — . b. Chicago, 
III., Jan. 26, 1887; *. Jerome and Anna 
(Schader) R.; reared on farm and in city; 
ni. Marie Famess, 1011; c.leromeF.,CliM. 
V. Jr. B.S.A., Univ. WU, 1009. 



Sackelt, Waher George, bact.. Colo. Exp. 
SU., Fort CoUlna, Colo. 

Prof. oat. sci., Meredith Coll., Raleigh, 
N. C, 1008-4; asst. prof. bact. and 
hygiene and asst. bact. Eip. Sta., Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1004-S; present position, 
1908—. Fellow A. A. A. S. Autk.: 
Qiapters on Bacterial Diseases of Plants 
in MarshaH's Microbiology. 1911-7. b. 
Sterling. III.. Jul. fl, 1880; .. Walter 

C. G. and Emma L. (Uag^) S.; reared in 
:ity; m. L. Margaret Fergiison, IMS; 
T. Mariana Wray, B.S.. Univ. Chicago, 

190i; Logan Research Fellow, Univ. 
Chicago. 1917-8. Phi BeU Kappa; Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

SaliBbnTy, Sckurler Muab, co. agrl. agt.. 
Medina. O. 

In»tr. dairying. N. C. A.&M. Coll., 
191S-5; asat. prof. an. huib.. Ohio 
State Univ.. 19IS-8; co. agt., 19IS~. 
6. Collinwood. O.. June 39, 1889; *. 
Joteph G. and Lina (Manh) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Golda Bee Wade, June 29. 
1009; c. Glenn W.. Genevieve. B.S.A.. 
Ohio State Univ.. 1913, 

Salmon, SamncI Ccdl, prof, farm crops. 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., Afanhattan, Kans. 
Special agt., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1908-11; 
plant physiologist, 19ll~3; present posi- 
tion, 1913—. b. Emery, S. D., Jul. M, 
1888; *. A. G. and Lucy (MerriU) S,; 
learedonfarm; m. Ada Miner, Mar. 1008; 
c. Miner Ray, Mary Aurolyn. B.S., 
S. D. SUte Coll., 1907. 

Samuis, John Langley, assoc. prof, dairy 
husb.. Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Instr. cbein., Univ. III.. 190O-6; asst. 
prof, daily husb., Univ. Wis., 1907-12; 
assoc. prof., 1912—. b. Winona. Minn., 
Jan. 1, 1873; «. John Bangs and Malvina 
Augusta (Newman) S.; reared in suburbs ; 
m. Fbra Elisabeth Curtis, June 30, 1898; 
e. Marguerite. Malvina Elizabeth, Jose- 
phine, John Curtis. B.S., Umv. III., 1897; 
M.S.. 1899; Ph.D., Univ. Wis., 1906. 
Phi Lambda Upsllon. 

Sampson, H. O., state asst. for agrl. educ, 
Dept. Public luEtr., Trenton. N. J., and 

Brof. apl. educ Rutgers Coll.. New 
runswick, N. J 

Teach, agr., high-sch., Waterford. Pa., 
190i-e: astt. agrl. educ, U. S. Dept. 

Coll., Rock HUI, S. C, 1915-8; present 
position, 1918—. Aulh.: Effective Parm- 
mg, 1916. Ed., agrl. text-books for 
Inter. Correspondence Schs., 1908-14. 
b. Dodgeville, Wis., Apr, 21, 1879; t. Wm. 
and Agnes (Shipley) S.; reared in small 
city; m. Harriet Louise Nairn, May 29, 
1908; e. Louise Nairn, H. O. Jr. B.S., 
la. SUte CoU., 1003; B.S.A., 1904. 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

Samnelson, Samnel Ernest, distr. agrl. agt., 
Hebron, Neb. 

Agrl. dir., hi^-sch.. Gothenburg, Neb., 
1913-4; princ. and matr. agr., Lynd 
Consolidated Sch., Minn., 1914-e; supt. 
Waldorf Consolidated Sch., Minn., 1016-8. 
6. Wayne Co., Neb., Mar. 6, 1889; «. 
August and Emma (Anderson) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Bessie Elma Maozer, Dec. 
27. 1916. Special student, Univ. Minn., 

Sanders, Alvtn Howard, ed. The Breeders* 

Gazette, 542 S. Dearborn St.. Chicago, II t. 

Mem. U. S, Conut., Paris Expos., 1900; 

vice-chm. U. S. Tariff Bd.. 1908-12; 

of tie Order of Leopold, Belgium. Aulh.: 
History of Shorthorn Cattle, 1900; The 
Story ot the Heretords, 1014; At the 
Sign of the Slock Yard Inn, 1915; The 
Head to Dumbiedykes, 1918; A History 
of the Percheron Horse (with Wayne 
Dinsmore). 1917. b. Keokuk Co., la., 
Sq>t. 8, 1600; t. James H. and Martha 
(Rodgers) S.; reared on farm; m. Eliza- 
beth A. HUdebrand, Apr. M, 1862; e. 
Elizabeth, Louise, Alva. LL.B., North- 
western Univ., 1881; D.Agr., Univ. Ill,, 
1006; LL.D., Kenyon Coll., O., 1910. 
Chi Phi. 

Sanders, James G., state zool. and sec. Am. 
Assoc. Hort. Inspa., State Capitol. Harria- 

Fellow and sci. asst.. Ohio Slate Univ., 
1002-6; expert, U. S. Bur. Ent., 1005-10; 
OTof. ent., Univ. Wis., 1910-5; state ent., 
Wis., 1015-6; aUte lool, Pa., 1919—; 
sec. Am. Assoc. Hort. Inspa., 1013. 
b. Louisville, O., Jul. 17, 1880; t. Franklin 
P. and Ehna J. (GJndlesperger) S.; 
rearedonfarm; m. Anna Salome Wingate, 
Aug. 15, LOOO; c. Elma Sabme. F^.B., 


Otterbein Udit., O., 1901; M.A.. CHiio 
SUte Univ., 1003. Sigmm Xii Delta 

SandencB. Em Dwigkt, prof, rural organiia- 
tion. State Co\L Agr., [Cornell Univ.. 
ItbMa. N. Y. 

Aut. aUtc eat, Md., 1898-91 ent.. 
Del. Exp. SU.. ia9»-IM2; atate ent., 
Tex. A.&M. CoU.. l»0«-t: prof. Hxtl. 
and enL, N. H. A.&M. Coll., 190*-10; 
dir. N. H. Exp. Sta., 1907-10; dean 
Coll. Agr„ W. Va. Univ.. 1910-5; dir. 
W. Va. Eip. Sta.. \d\i-y, pr«wat pou- 
tioo, 1918 — , Put pres. Am. Auoc. 
Eicon. Ent. Auth.: Insects Injurimu 
to Staple Crops. 1901; Insect Pesta of 
Farm. Garden and Orchard. I&ll; Ele- 
raentary Entomologr (with C. F. Jackson). 
1911; School Entomoioey (witli L. M. 
Peain), 191T. 6. Clio, Mich-. Sept. 29, 
1878; (. John Phillip and Alice Gertrude 
(Wrirftt) S,; reared in dty; m. Anna 
Cecilia BUndlord, Sept. 19, 1899. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1897; B.S.A., ComeU 
Univ.. 1698; fellow soctol., Univ. Chicago. 
191S-8. Sigma Xi. 

Saodhammer, Frank, co. agrl. agt.. Mania- 
tee, Mich. 

Teach, agr., high-ach.. Hart. Mich., 
IS13-t; state high-achRuahford, Minn., 
1914-6; agt. Manistee Co.. Mich., 1916— . 
6. Chicago, III.. Feb. 1. 1891; (. John A. 
and Mary A. (Heonedie) $.; reared on 
farm; m. Imo Zoe Morrow; e. Jean Ma7- 
B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1913. 

SABdi^e. John Rtckard, co. agrl. agt., 
Claypool, Aril. 

Aast. agrat., uri. tch.. Lob Angeles, 
Calif., leil: Temple Normal Sch.. 
AriE., I918--4; asst. ixit., Univ. Ariz, aiul 
teach, acb. gardens. State Deaf and Dumb 
Sch., 1S14-S; chg. war garden. Inspiration. 
Aria., 1917-0. I. Edwardvilie, HI., Aug, 
19, 1392; I. Abner W. and Alice (Uun- 
bert) S.; reared on farm; n, Florence 
Dunbar, Jul. IS, 1918. B.S., Univ. Mo., 
1917. Sigma Kappa ZeU. 

Sandsteo. E. P., prof, hort.. Colo. Agr. Coll., 
Fort CoUina, Colo. 

Assoc, prof, hort., Md. Agr. Coll., 
1902; prof, hort., Umv. Wis., lOOS-ll; 
commercial hort,, Mont,, 1911-3; prof. 

rubber, tobacco, sugar indnatrif*. t. 
Kalmar, Sweden. Sept. IS, 1868 (natura- 
lised 1894); s. J. and Charlotte (Sandsten) 
S.; reared on farm; m. Pearl Dew, Scot. 
12, 1903; c. EmUie Dew. B.S., Univ. 
Minn.. 1896; M.S.. 1898; Ph.D.. Cornell 
Univ.. 1003. Sigma Xi; A^ha ZeU. 

Saafard, F. Hobart, prof, silviculture and 
dendrology, Mich. Agr. Coll., E. I^nsing, 

Conunercial nursery, lOOlHI; asat. for., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1006-7; instr., 1007-0: 
aast. prof., 100»-13: acting prof., 1013-4; 
asBoc. prof, for., 1914 — . o. Tompkins, 
Mich.. May IS. ISBO; *. FVank H. and 
Minnie G. (Townley) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Cara Farmer, Jan., 1906; c. UarioTie, 
Genevieve, Prank, Cara Jean. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. CoU., 1904; M.F., 1013. 

Sanlord, Herbert Lather, ent. inni.. Fed. 
Hort. Bd., U. S. Dept. Agr., Wa^iiigtoit, 

b. Ithaca, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1883; t. Chaa. 
Judson and Helen Butler (Brown) S.; 
reared in dty; m. Nellie LaBarre 
Dou^ierty, June 26, 1912. B.S.A^ 
Cornel) Univ., 1010. 

J ent. Quistopfaer Gilbert, prof, rural 
uc. and state dir. voc. educ, Colo. Agr. 
Coll., Fort Collins. Colo. 

Co. aupt. schs.. Mesa Co., Cok.., 10O8- 
12; present position. lOli— . b. Vin- 
cennea, la,. Mar. tB. 1873; (, Stephen 
and Mary (Noel) S,; reared on farm; ««. 
Mary L. Bandy, Sept, 27, 1890; e. Cecil, 
Helen. Roger, Homer,Howard, A,B,.Par- 
sons Coll.. Furfield, U,. 1809: Pd.M., 
Slate Teach. Coll.. Greeley. Colo., 1914. 

Saitfeal, Forrest H., oo. agrl. agt.. Phillips, 

Farm manag., Washburn Memorial 
Orphan Asylum, S. Minneapolis, B yra.: 
chg. dairy dept.. North West Eip. SU., 
CrookstOD. 1911-4; farm manag., Roches- 
ter, Minn.. 1914-7; agt. Price Co., Wis., 
1917—. b. Granite Falls, Minn.. Dec. 9. 
1883; 1. Chas. A. and Rose (Hart) S-: 
reared on farm; m. Maiy O. Briggs, Aug. 
16, 1911; e. Herbert Briggs, Maxwell 
Ronald. B.S.A., Univ. Minn., 1011. 


Saner, Herman 0., co. agrl. agt., lintoo, 
N. D. 

Princ. schs., Ceylon, Minn., lOll-Sj 
PetUbone. N. D., 101^-6; Reform Sdk, 


N. D.. 1916^. 6. Thor. la., Sept. 19, 
1S79; I. A. A. and Marie (Kfohn) S.; 
reared on (arm. B.A., Luther Coll., 
Decorah, la., IMS; grad. theol., Luther 
" ■" :, Minn., 1906. 

Saandera. Charies E., Dominioa cerealiat. 
Cent. Eipl. Farm. Ottawa. Oat. ' 

b. London, Ont., Feb. 2, 1867; 4. 
Wm. and Sarah Agnes (Hobinson) S.; 
reared in city; m, Mary Blackwell, 
Dec. 88, 1892. B.A., Univ. Toronto, 
1888; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1891. 


ch«. .. ,_. -.-,. „... 

, , , and pTof. dairy husb. and 
head dept. Sec. Va. State Dairymen's 
Assoc., 19IM'14; dairy and food comnr., 
Va.. 1908-14. b. Hunter Hall, Va., 
Sept. S, 1865; *. Peter and Elizabeth 
Lewis (Dabney) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Bettie Montgomery. Jul, 18, 18»; 
c. Hobt. N., Wra. D., Elizabeth L., 
Isabella F. Student Univ. Va., C(»iiell 

Sangc, Cbarica Ficdcric 00. sec. V. M. C. A., 
Deep Kver, Conn. 

b. Baraboo, Wis., Jul. 1, 1877; *. 
Joseph N. and Arabella B. (Hurlbut) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Ethel E. Rich, Sept. 
15, 1906; e. Donald H.. P. Waldo. A.B.. 
Brown Univ., 1904. Phi Beta Kappa; 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Savage, Cole, co. agrl. agt., Scottsboro, Ala. 
Teach, rural schs., Ala., 2 yrs. Farm- 
ing, Wayne, HI., 1 yr. b. Fayette, Ala., 
Jan. 17, 1895; i. Victor and Julia Nicholas 
(Shirley) S.; reared on form. Student 
Ala. Poly. Inst., 1B15-6. 

Savage, Efaner Setfa, prof. an. husb.. State 
Con. Agr., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. an. husb,, Coraell Univ.. 1907-8; 
instr., 1908-10; aaat. prof., 1910-3; prof., 
1913—. Auih.: Feeds and Feeding 
Manual, 1919; Feeding Dairy Cattle. 
Ed., Tompkins Co, Breeders' Journal. 
b. I^ncaster, N. H., June 15, 1884; *. John 
and Katherine M. (Daley) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Clara Blanford. Sept. 8, 1908; 
ad, Genevieve Boyle. June 89, 1916; 
e. Ruth Cecilia. Clara Katherine, Mary 
Gene. B.S.A.,N.H. A.&M. Coll., 1005; 
M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1909; Ph.D., 

SawhiU, WHIiam H., co. agrl. agt.. Spirit 

Slock'eiaminer. Bur. An. Ind., II. S. 
Dept. Agr.. 1907-9; agrl. eit. dept., 
Univ. Ida.. 1912-3. b. Claysville. Pa., 
Oct, 6. 1884; I. John Edgar and Minnie 
Agnes (Garrett) S.; reared on farm; m. 
Lillian Lewis, Jan. 1, 1908; e. Edgar 
Lewis, W. H. Jr. B.S., la. SUte Coll. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Sawyer, Louis, beef cattle specialist. U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Univ. Ark., FayetUville, Ark. 
Foreman cattle ranch. Bums. Ore., 1 yr.; 
manag. ranch, Boise, Ida., 1 yr.: present 
position. 1917—. With U. S. Naval 
AviationReserveForce, 1918— . b.Eaton, 
C, Feb. 21, 1893; *. W. S. and Hattie 
(Haven) S.; reared on farm. B.S.A., 
Ore. Agr. CoU., IB13; M.S.A.. U. State 
Coll., 1916. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Scanunell, Harold Besnaid, cranberry grow- 
er, Toms River, N. J. 

Asst. to slate ent., Minn. Exp. Sta., 
1910-1; ent, asst., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1913- 
8. Sec.-treas. Am. Cranberry Growers' 
Assoc, b. Brooklyn. N. Y„ Oct. 7, 1B86; 
». Frederick Ernest and Margaret AmeUa 
(McAdam) S.; reared in town; m. 
Elisabeth Cutler. June 11, 1912; e. 
Margaret CuUer. Fraderick Ernest. B.S., 
Coh). Agr. Coll., 1910. Alpha Zeta. 

. agrl. agt.. 

Wm. R. and Lucinda (Smith) S.; 
reared on farm; m. CEara W. Dillman, 
Nov, 24, 1916; e. Elwood D. B.S., 
la. StaU CoU.. 1914. 

Schalk, Arthnr Frederick, prof. vet. sci., 
N. D. Agr. Coll., Agricultural College, 

Asst. prof, vet, sd., N. D. Agr. Coll., 
1910-6; prof.. 191S— , and dean sch. Vet. 
Med. and Surgery, and vet. Exp. Sta. 
Dir.N.D. State Serum Inst.; bact. N. D. 
Live-Stock SaniUry Bd., 1918. b. Hamil- 
ton, O., June 19. 1880; s. John Lawrence 
and Anna (Eichler) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Ethel Brown. Dec. 2S, 190B; «. Arthur 
FrederickJr. D.V.M., Ohio SUU Univ., 
1908, Alpha Psi. 


Schefcr. Normaa W., ssbL prof, (or., Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, O. 

Mem. editorial bd.. Ohio Journal of 
Science, b. Sandusky, O., June <tB. 1888; 
I. Jacob and Louisa (Siegrist) S.; reared 
indty; m. Hilda Gundlach, Sept. 2, 191S. 
B.Sc., Univ. Mich., 1910; M.S.F., 1018, 
Alpha Pi Upsilon. 

Schenerle, John Adolf, toanag. Eastern 
SUtes Agrl. and Iiid. League. 293 Worth- 
inglon St.. Springfield, Mass, 

Sec. Eafltem States FarmerB' Exchange; 
clerk New England Fruit-Growers' Ek- 
change. b. Fontinell, la.. May 30, 1ST6; 
«. Gottliebe and Mary (Sutter) 9.; reared 
on farm and in town; m. Austice Newton, 
1906; c. Ella Augusta, John Newton, 
Warren Eugene, B.A.. Oberlin Coll., 
1901; B.D., Yale Divinity Sch.. 1906. 

Sduacke, Ralph Powell, co. agrl. agt.. 
I^med, Kails. 

Farmer, Stafford and Barton Cos., 
Kans., 1003-13; agt. Pawnee Co., 1916—. 
b. Hiawatha, Eans., Feb. 1, 1884; >. 
Leon C. and Wiunifred (Davis) S.; 
reared in town; tn. IJIah A. Smith, Nov. 
16, 1900; e. Mary Alice. B.S.A., Kans. 
State Agr. Coll., 1910. Gamma Sigma 
DelU; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Schneck, Henry William, asst. prof. veg. 
crops. State Coll. Agr., Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instr. veg. gard.. Cornell Univ., 1913-7; 
asst. prof.. 1917—. b. Wis., June 18, 
1880; t. Geo. W. and Frances (Kaul) S.; 
reared in city; m. Mae Clark, June 28, 
1915; c. Eleanor Frances. B.S.A..Univ. 
Wis., 1013; M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1914. 

Schock, Oliver D., librarian Public Serv. 
Comn. of Pa., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Asst. sec. and special agt., Pa. State 
Bd. Agr.. 18 yrs.; chief clerk, Dept. 
AgT.,5yrs,; deputyduryandfoodcomnr., 
5 yrs. Ex-pres, Pa. State Editorial Assoc. 
6. Hamburg, Pa., Apr. 28, 1868; s. Nathan 
S. and Amelia K. (Nies) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Sarah R. Kepner. 1879; e. 
Harvey Earl, Bertha Estelle. 

Schocne, WiDiaia Jaj, state ent, and ent. 
Exp. SU., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va. 
Asst. and assoc. ent., N. Y. Agr. Exp. 
Sta., Geneva, 1905-13: orchard insp.. III., 
winter, 190S-6; state ent., Va., 1913—; 
acting dir. Exp. SU., 1914-6. b. Hender- 
son, Ky.. Jul. 27, 18T9; s.W.M.andEllen 

(Jay) S.; reared in town; m. R. B. Yan- 
key, June 3, 1907; e. Chas. Andrcw,Sai», 
Mary Margaret. B.A.. Univ. Ky., 1005; 
M.S., Univ. Chicago, 1910. 

SchaoW, Pad Tolel, co. agrl. agt., Charlot- 
tesville, Va. 

Orchardist with Arcadia Oniarda Co., 
Spokane, Wash., Fattee-Pahner EsUte, 
Medford, Ore. Del. to Farmers' Union 
Convention, 1917. 6. Pittsburg, Fa., Jul. 
31, 1803; ». John R. and Chadwidt 
(Tafel) S.; reared in dty and country. 
B.S.A.. Ore. Agr. Coll. Alpha Tau 

Sckoppe, Witliaia Freeman, prof, poultry 
husb., Mont. SUte Coll., Boieman, 

Asst. poultry husb., R. I. Exp. SU., 
1907-8; poultryman, Mont. Eip. 
Sta., 1908-11; asst. prof. an. ind. u 
poultry, Univ. Me., 1911-3; present posi- 
tion, 191S— , Chm. State Bd. Poultry 
Husb. b. N. H., 1883; t. H. S. and 
M. E, (Cushman) S.; reared on farm; 
m. M. D. Pilsbury, Aug. 4, 1010; c. 
Wm. F. Jr., Robert Pilsbury. B.S., 
Univ.Me.,1907;M.S.,I013. SigmaAlpha 
Epsilon; Alpha ZeU. 

Schuhe, John Ignace, sci. admuiistntive 
asst., Off. Exp. Stas., States Rehttions 
Serv., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Asst. hort., la. State Coll.. 1895-7; 
asst. ed. field crops. Experiment Statbn 
Record and sci. asst., TJ. S. Dept. Agr., 
1897 — . Mem. Inter. Jury. Paris Expos,, 
1900; Chevalier du Merile Agrioole. 
Farmer, Va.. 1906—. 6. New Vienna, 
la., Oct. 11, 1869; I. Herman F. and 
Caroline (Waldmaun) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Mary Fraricea Colbath; e. 
Mary Carolyn. B.Agr., la. SUte Coll., 

Scoates. Daniel, prof. agrl. engin.. Miss. 

A.&M. CoU.. Agricultural College, Miss. 

Asst. agrl. engin., Mont. SUte Coll., 

Laboratory Mantut, 1913; Farm Motor 
Laboratory Manual, 1918; Concrete Con- 
BtructJon Laboratory Manual, 1918. b. 
Crown Point. Ind., Jan. 87, 1888; ». Wm. 
Richard and Emily Townsend (Coffin) S.; 
reared in city and on farm; m. Mary 
Eleanor Lamb, Nov. 1010; e. Wm. 


Scofidd, Carl Sdmn. in dig. weatera irri«. 
agt.. U. S. Dept. Agr., Wa^ungton, D. C. 
Ed,, Journal WaahinctoD Acad. Sci., 
10ie-«. Traveled in Europe, Akeria, 
Haiti, b. Bloomingtoa, MiuD., Feb. 5, 
1875; >. J. D. and Csrolioe Samaotha 
(Damoo) S.; reared od farm; m. Emma 
Scott, Sept. B. 1903; e. fVaada, John, 
Marcia. B.S.A.. Univ. Mian., 1900. 

Scott, A. Fiord, 00. agrl. agt., Dougtaa, Wyo. 
Agt. Johnson Co.. Wyo.. 1915-6. 
Supt. agrl. div., Wyo. Stale Pur. 1916. 
With Engin. Corps, Nat. Army. 1918—. 
b. BIdora. la., Oct. S. 1889; >. John W. 
and Alice (Webb) S,; reared in city and 
00001171 m. Ella WilliamB. Nov, 16,1917. 
B.S., la. State Coll., 1913. BeU TheU 

Scolt, Chailea Anderaon, state for. and prof ■ 
for., Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, 

For. eipert and superv., U. S. For. 
Serv.. 1901-8; prof. for., la. SUte Coll., 
1908-10; present position, 1910—, b. 
Westmoreland, Kans., Jan. SO, 187S; 
a, Adam and Elizabeth (Anderson) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Perley B. Jewett, 
Jan. 80, 1907; e. SybeUa Adelaide, 
Sarah Elizabeth, Hazle Marie. B.S.A., 
KaQB. SUte Agr. CoU.. 1901; grad. 
student Yale For. Scfa. Alpha ZeU. 

ScotI, John M., vice-dir. and an, iudustrialist, 
Fla. Exp. SU., Gainesville, Fla. 

Asst. an. busb., N. Mex. A.&M. CoU., 
1903-6; present position, 1907—. 6. 
Westmoreland. Kans., Nov. 1, 1877; 
I. Adam and Elizabeth (Aoderson) S.; 
reared on farm; n. Mary L. O'Dtuiiel, 
June iS, 1905; c, John M. Jr. B.S., 
Kans. State Agr. Coll., 1908. 

Menomoiue, Ws., 191 l-C; aast. an . 
husb., Univ. Nev., 1912-8; chg. an. husb., 
1913-4; sUte leader dairying, 1014—. 
b. Chilton, Wis.. May 2, 1878; *. Henry K. 
and Maiy C. (Ware) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Ethel RobiiuoD, Aug, IT. 1903; e. 
Lionel R.. Lawrence E. B.S.A.. Univ. 
Wis., 1911. 

ScotI, Wniam Mo<»e, specialist u sUutdardi- 
latioa of grades for fruits and v^etablet, 
Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

State ent. of Ga., 1898-1908; path., 
U. S. Dept, A^., 1903-11; present posi- 
tion, 1916 — . Fruit-grower, Hancock, Md. 
Aitoc. ed.. Phytopathology. 9 yrs. b. Sugar 
Grove, Va., May 30, 1873; *. Levi M. and 
Amanda A. (Edmondsou) S.; reared on 
farm; m.Mary Florence Boop, Mar., 1900. 
B.S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1896; M.S. 1898. 

ScotUI, Hiram Thompson, certified public 
accountant, asst. prof, accounting, tiaiv. 
lU., Urbana, HI. 

In chg. accounting instr., Univ. 111., 
1918 — . Sec.-treaa. Am. Assoc. Univ. 
Instrs. in Accounting. Auth,: Farm Ac- 
counting, 1918. b. near Leaf River, III., 
Feb. 22. 1685; 1. Wm. P. and Josephine 
(Thompson) S.; reared on farm and in 
village; m. Edith Eliza Stewart, Aug. 31, 
1912; e. Wm. Stewart, Mary Josephine. 
A.B., Univ. III., 1906. Phi BeU Kappa; 
Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Sconlle, Gad Parker, asst. prof, farm 
manag., State Coll. Agr., Comdl Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Teach, high-schs.. Fresno, Calif., 1910-2; 
farm bur. manag., Chemung Co.. N. Y., 
1912-4; present position, 1914—. 6. 
VarysbuTB, N. Y., May 5, 18S6; ». 
John Wesley and Lizzie (Watson) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Hazel Ferine, June 
25, 1913; e. Elizabeth, Theresa. B.S., 
ComeU Univ.. 1910. 

Scott, Roy S., CO. agrl. agt.. Roundup, Scudder, Henry Desborongfa, prof, and 
Mont. '" * • ^ . ^ „ 

Farmer and stockinaD, Neb., 1 yr., 
S. D.. 10 yrs. 6. Aurora. Neb.. Apr. 5, 
1883; a. Roy S. and Kate (Giltner) S.; 
reared in town and country; m. Ethel 
Peirce. Jul. 17, 1917. B.S.A., Univ. iU., 

Sc«tt, Vemer B^iraim, state leader b 
dairy eit., Univ. Nev., Reno, Nev. 
Instr. an. husb., Dunn Co. Sch, Agr., 

Eip. Sta.. Corv^ 

Sci. asst., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1902-4; 
instr. sd., high-sch., Cloquet. Muin., 
1904-5; instr. aRTon. and asst. agron., 
Kans. State Agr. Coll.andEip.SU.,190e- 
7; prof, and chief agron.. Ore. Agr. CoU. 
and Exp. SU., 1907-16; prof, and chief 
soils and farm manag., 1916-8; prof, and 
chief farm manag., 1918—. Chm. Sute 
Pure Seed Bd. b. Moberly, Mo.. Dec. 17. 

188t; t. Clarence 0. and Amelia C. 
(Beyer) S.; reared on farm; m. Leila K. 
McCotter, Aug. 26, 1907; c. Dauld M., 
Robl. D., Katbeone M. B.S.A., Univ. 
111., 1902. Alpba Zets. 

Scnllr, ChaHea B., farmer, Almont, Mich. 
Mem. exec, com.. State War Pre- 
paredueu Bd.; mem. Mich. Senate; 
pres. Mi(^. State Assoc. Farmers' Clubs. 
Farmers' inst. lect., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 
fl yn. b. Almont, Mich., June 17, 1878; 
1. John B. and Charity A. (Bristol) S.; 
reared on (arm; nt. Mabel M. Hallock, 
Mar. 1, 1900; c. Leona V., Clinton W., 
Merwin H. 

Seabrook, Charles Frank,; [truck farmer, 
Bridgeton. N. J. 

Pres. and general manag. Seabrook 
Farms Co. b. Bridgeton, N. J., May 28, 
1881; I. Arthur P. and Elisabeth (Riley) 
S.; reared on farm; m. Norma D. Ivansi 
c. Belford, Courtney, 'Rielma, John. 

Scaly, Jam«a Robert, co. agrl. agt., Sylvester, 

6. Blufflon, Ga.. Dec. 19. 1898; ». C. S. 
and Lena S.; reared on farm. B.S.A., 
Univ. Ga., 1917. Delta Tau Delta. 

Scars, Fred C, prof, pom.. Mass. Agr. Coll., 
Amherst. Mass. 

Aast. hort., Kans. Exp. Sta., 1893-7; 

Rrof. hort., Utah Agr. Coll., 1897; dir. 
lovB Scotia Sch. Hort., 1BD7-1904; 
prof. bort.. Nova Scotia Agr. Coll., 1904-7; 
present position, 1907 — . Vice-ptes. for 
Mass., New England Fruit Show, 1909-17. 
Manager fruit farm, 1908—. Avth.: Pro- 
ductive Orcharding, 1914. b. Lexington, 
Mass., May It, 1866; t. Thos. B. and 
Mary (Wellington )S.; reared on (arm; 
m. Ruth T. Stokes, Oct. 19, 1897; o. 
Florence Hart, Elisabeth Kent. B.S., 
Kans. StaU Agr. Coll., 1892; M.S., 1696. 

Scaton, Lanrcnce F., prof, agrl engin., 
Univ. Neb.. Lincoln, Neb. 

b. Seaton. 111., Mar. 28. 1887; ». J. H. 
and Ida (Palmer) S.; reared on (arm; 
m. Pearl Erwin, June 24, 1913; c. Mar- 
jorie E. B.S. in M.E., Univ. Neb., 1911. 

Sechriat, Edward \JMjA, spicultural asst.. 
Bur. Ent., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 

lustr. agr. and mech., Umtah Ind. Sch., 
Umtati, Rhodesia, S. Africa, 4 yrs.; 

commercial beekeeper, Calif., 1 yrs. h. 
W. Salem, 0., Aug. 15, 187S; i. Henry 
and Julia A. (Shoemaker) S.; reared on 
farm; n. Ada B. Himmehigbt, 1901; 
c. Hasel. Paul, Alice. Student Ohio 
Northern Univ., 2 yrs. 

Secrest, Edmund, chief dept. for., Ohio 
Agr. Exp. Sta., Wooster, O. 

Sci. asst., U. S. For. Serv., 190«-a. 
Studied (or. conditions in Europe, b. 
Randolph, Kans., Aug. 24. 188!; t. 
Edward and Sophia (Aielton) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Helen Hoover, Oct 16. 1912; 
c. Mary Hoover, Edith Sophia. B.S., 
Kans. SUte Agr. CoU., 1902. 

Sedcy, D«wey Aladarf, meteorologist and 
instr. meteorology. Mid). Agr. Coll., 
E. Lansing, Mich. 

With 0. S. Weather Bur., 1898—; 
instr. meteorology, Bradley Poly. Inst., 
Peoria, 111., 190S-9; present poiition, 
1910—. 6. Pontiac, Mich.. Aug. 4, 1875; 
». Cbaa. L. and Stella J. (Alsdorf) 5.; 
reared on farm; m. Edith L. Sellers, 
Nov. 10, 1898; c. Marian E., Stuart W.. 
Dewey Maxwell. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1898; M.S.. 1917. 

Seiti, Charles, E. agrl. engio., ext. div., Va. 
Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va. 

Specialist in land drainage, ext. div., 
Va. Poly. Inst., 1914-6; agrl. en™., 
1917—. Served in Va. Nat. Guard on 
Mexican border. 6. Reno, Nev., Nov. 6, 
1891; I. Edward L. and Frances H. 
(Leonard) S.; reared in town; m. Nancy 
D. Hughes, Jan. 23, 1918. B.S., Univ. 
Nev. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 

Selby, Angnstine Dawson, hot., Ohio Agr. 
Exp. Sta.. Wooster, O. 

Supt. schs.. Huntington, W. Va., 1S84-6; 
princ. high-sch., Ironton, 0., 1886-7; 
teach, bot. and chem., high-sch.. Colum- 
bus, O.. 1890-4; bot. and chem., Ohio 
Agr. Eip. Sta.. 1894-1902; bot., 1902—. 
Fellow A. A. A. S.; fellow Bot. Soc. Am. 
Pres. Am. Phytopathological Soc., 1911; 
pres. O. Acad. Sin., 1901; sec. Colum- 
bus Hort. Soc., 1891-4. Farm operator. 
b. Athena Co., O., Sept. 2, 18J9; *. Warren 
and Emily (Garretaon) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Ubbie Glover, Dec. 19, 1S83; 
t. Warren Fowke. B.S., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1893. Phi Kappa Pai. 


StMt, Coani Georic, nipt. Northweit 
Sch. Agr. and Exp. Sta. of Univ. Minn., 
Crookslon, Minn. 

Supt. schs.. Glencoe, Minn., lMT-10; 
present poution, 1910 — . Served as 
volunteer, SpaniBh-Americui War, 1B98. 
Vice-pres. N. W. Minn. Agrl. Amoc.; 
vice-prea. Sed Bivia Valley Develop- 
ment Assoc.; pres. Bed River Valley 
Dairymen's Assoc.; scc.-lre«s. Red River 
Valley Live-SUiclc Breeders' Assoc.; treas. 
Minn. Educ. Assoc, b. Rusbford. Minn., 
Oct. 11, 1877; I. Gunder C. and Marie 
(Hognestad) S.; reared on farm and in 
town; m. Marion E. Wilcox, June 17, 
1903; c. Helen Marion, Margaret Eliia- 
beth, Conrad Geo. A.B., Univ. Minn., 
1907; M.A., 1908. Pbi Delta Kappa. 

. an. husb., 

Coll. Aar.. Cornell U 


Instr., Ind. Uiuv., summer 191S; teach, 
fellow, Penn. SUte Coll., 1B13-4; instr. 
an. husb., Cornell Univ., 1914-fl;, 
1916—. b. Seymour, Ind., Feb. 16. 1890; 
«. August H. and Marie (Heins) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Mayme Dee Kahle, 
Aug. 24. 1919. B.S.A., Purdue Univ., 
I91S; M.S.A.. PeoD. State CoU.. 1914; 
Ffa.D., Cornell Univ., 1916. Alpha Gam- 
ma Rho; Theta Alpha. 

Severance, George, prof, agr.. Wash. State 
Coll., PuUman. Wash. 

Instr. agr.. Mich. Agr. CoU., 1901^; 
instr. agr., Wadi. SUte Coll., 190S~1; 
asst. prof., 1904-3; prof, agron., 1905-8; 
acting head dept. agr., 1908-9; supt. 
farms for A. C. Bohmstedt Co.. Leth- 
bridge. Alia., 1910-1; supt. W. Wash. 
Exp. SU., 1911-Si he«d dept. agr.. 
Wash. StaU Coll.. 1913—. Mem. SUte 
Daily and Food Como., 190S-9. Sec. 
Wash. State Grain Growers', Shippers' 
and Millers' Assoc., 1908-9. 1914; sec. 
Inland Empire Stock Breeders' Assoc., 
1904. b. WaUed Uke. Micb.. Feb. 4. 
1674; *. Tbos. Chalkley and Martha 
(McCall) S.; rewed on farm; nt. Ethel 
Eslick Espy, Aug. 28. 1907; c. Percy 
Howard. Abibel Grace. Helen Katherbe. 
B.S.A.. Mich. Agr. CoQ., 1901. 

Severiu, Harry Charles, prof. ent.. state ent. 
and chief nursery iusp., S. D. State Coll., 
Brookings, S. D. 

Instj.. Ohio State Univ.. S yrs.; asst. 
to state ent. lU., summer 1907; present 
position, 9 yrs. 6. Milwaukee, Wis., 

(Schulti) S.; 

Univ. Wb., 1906; M.A.. Uhio state 

Univ.. 1907. Sigma Xi. 

Severson, Bums Oscar, assoc. prof. an. 
breeding, Kans. State Agr. Coll., Man- 
hattan, Kans. 

Instr. an. husb.. Penn. State Coll.. 
1910-2; asst. prof., 1912-S; assoc. prof.. 
191S-8; present position. 1918— . 'Treas. 
Pa. Sheep Breeders' and Growers' Assoc. 
6. Slou^ton. Wis., Dec. 9. 1887; «. 
Henry and Mary (Holverson) S.; reared 
onfarm; m. Mary Kyle England, June, 81, 
191S; c. Burns 0. Jr. B.S.. Univ. Wis., 
1910; M.S., Penn. StaU Coll., 191S; 
gnid. student, Univ. Ill, 1917-8. Sigma 
Xj; Alpha Tau Omega. 

Sevey, Glenn C, ed. New England Home- 
stMd, Russell. Mass. 

Sec. New England Fanners' War 
Council. Avik.: Bean Culture; Peas 
and Pea Culture, b. Greenbusb. Mich.. 
Mar. IS. 1881; t. John C. and Emma 
(McClure) 5.; reared on farm; m. Marie 
Vance, Mar. 1904; c. John C. Elaine C. 
B.S., Mich. Agr. CoU., 1903. Alpha 

SeweU, FranUane Lorraine, staff artist. 
Reliable Poultry Journal, Niks, Mich. 

Painter under Bonnatt, Julien Acad., 
winter 1898; sketched from life fowls in 
xool. gards. and exhibitions for Am. and 
British live-stock and poultry journals; 
illustrated tor AraericBJi Agriculturist, 
189)-e and World's Fair, Chicago, 1893; 
illustrator to Feathered World and Poul- 
try, London, England, and Intematiooal 
Poultry Journal, Petrograd, Russia. Illus- 
trator N, Y. Poultry Show, 1890—; 
Boston, 1890—; Pan American Poultry 
Exhibition, Buffalo, 1901; St. Louis 
Expos.. 1901; Panama-Pacific Inter. 
Poultry Exhibition, 1915. Artist to Am. 
Poultry Assoc, in Standard Perfection. 
editions, 1906. 1910. 1915. b. Bvanston. 

Jes^e Keen, Dec. 

Seymour, Edward Looinis Davenport, agrl. 
ed., Hempstead, N. Y. 

On staff World's Work, 1911-8; Coun- 
try Life in America and The Garden 


Magaiine, 1913-8; mem. Foreign Pnsi 
Bur., Com. on Public Inforrnktion, 
1018—. Avlk.: Garden ProGti, ISIl; 
'nie Home Garden. 1»I7. Ed., Turn 
Knowledge — The PwineTs' Own Cyclo- 
pedia. 1»18. b. Boston, Mam.. Apr. <8, 
1868; *. Wm. S. aad May (Davenport) 
S.; reared in city and countiy; m. Anne 
G. Southard, Jan. 17, tS18. B.S.A.. 
Cornell Univ.. IMD. Alpha ZeU. 

Shafcr, George D., aaat. prof, and reaewch 
auoc. ent., Ezp. 5U., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
£. Lansins, Mich. 

Teach, hi^-sch. and normal, lOOO-JIi 
research asat, and instr. ent.. Midi. Age. 
Coll., 1908-13; rewarch aist. and amt. 
prof.. 1913-6; reiearch auoc. and aec. 
com. graduate work, 1916 — ; absent on 
indefinite leave, 1917—. Ed., Report 
Mich. Ac»d. Sd., 1909-11. 6. Munde. 
Ind., Dec. 29, 1874; a. John Willard 
and Mary (Howell) S.: reared on farm; 
m. Grace Hoover, Sept. 1918. A.B.. 
Ind. SUte Univ., 1900; A.M., Stanford 
Univ., 1906; Ph.D., ComeU Univ., 1S08. 
Sigma Xi. 

N. Y. City, 1918-7. Auth.: The Com 
Lady, 1907; Community Civics, I91S. 
On editorial staff. The Farmers' Wife. 
b. Page Co.. la., June tS, 1881; J. S. E. 
and Celestin (Eastman) Field: reared on 
farm; m. I. W. Sbambaugh. June 1917. 
A.B., Tabor Coll., la., 1903. 

Shamel, ArchibBM Diion, physiologist in 
chg. fruit improvement invests.. V. S. 
D^t. Agr.. Riverside, Calif. 

Chg. farm crop dept., Univ. III., 1898- 
1904; chg. tobacco mveals., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1902-9; fruit invesU., 1909—. 
Inventor tobacco seed separator. 1901; 
■team-pen, 1904; originator of method 
of individual tree performance record 
keeping, 1S10; inventor humidifier tor 
storage rooms, 19U; co-inventor tobacco 
sUlk cutter, 1917. Traveled in Cuba 
and Porto Rico. 1901, to study tobacco; 
Brazil, 1914, to study tropical fruits. 
Autk.: Manual of Com Judging, 1900. 
6. near Taybrville, III., Oct. lA, 1878; 
«. Conrad and Caroline (AUdre) S.; 
reared on farm; nt. Agnes F. Brewer, 
Sept. es, 1917; e. Carrol Agnes, Norman 

Grain insp. dept.. Buffalo Chamber of 
Commerce, 1887-98; dati dept.. 1S98- 
1906; aop tedmokwst in chg. div. grain 
standardiiation, U. S. Dept. Agr., 1906- 
10; in British India investigating oil 
•eeds ind.. 1910-1; VI. Africa, investi- 
gating palm oil bdustry, 1912-S; gr«iD 
business, Duluth, Minn., 1914-6; naio 
expert on headquarters staff. Food 
Administration Grun Coop., New Yoik 
City, 1917—. Mera. Wis. Grain and 
Warehouse Coron., 190«-6, b. Buffalo, 
N. Y.. Oct. 24, 1804; «. Daniel W. and 
Mary L. (Uhnch) S.; m. Minnie F. Hair, 
Feb. 1. 1002. 

Skants, Homer LeRoy, plant phy^ologtst. 
Bur. PUnt Ind.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
lostr. biol., Colo. Coll., 1901-i; instr. 

XI. bot., Univ. Neb., 1908-4; instr. hot., 
iv. Mo., 190S-7; prof. bot. and bad., 
Univ. La.. 1906-0; prewnt position, 
1S09— . PeUow A. A. A. S. 6. Kent Co.. 
Midi., Jan. 24. 1878; *. Atmham K. 
and Mary E. (Ankney) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Luda Moore Soper. Dec. 21. 
1901; e. Homer L. Jr.. Benjamin Soper. 
B.Sc., Colo. Coll., 1901; Ph.D.. Univ. 
Neb., 190S. Sigma Xi. 

Shaltuck. Charles Housloo, prof, for., 
Univ. Calif., Berkdey, Calif. 

Instr. physics and chem., Campbell 
Coll., 189S-8; prof, biol, and geol., vice- 

Eres. and registrar, 1698-1009; prof. nat. 
iflt., Washburn CoU.. 190*-8; prof. bot. 
and for,, Clerown Agr, CoU., 1906-9; 

G)f. for., Univ. Ida., 190(>-17; dean CoU. 
Iters and Sci., 1014-7; prof, for., Univ. 
Calif, and tech. adv. field parties, 
U, S. Geol. Survey, 1917—. 6. Vandalia, 
Mo., Nov. 21, 1897; «. Warren Chas. 
and Matilda Catherioe (Houston) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Maud Elizabeth 
Stackhouse. Aug. IS. 1893. B.S.. Camp- 
beU CoU.. 189*; M.S., 1806; Ph.D., 
Univ. Chicago, 1908; Biltmore For. Scb., 

Shaw, Charles Fredrick, prof, soil tech. and 
chg. soil survey for Calif., Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 
Aast. in soUs, Cornell Univ., 1905-6: 


■ci. in loil survey, U. S. Bar. SoUi, 1906- 
18; colkborator toil (urvey, ISl*— ; 
iiutr. ftgron.. Penu. Slate Coll., 1907-0; 
■Mt. prof., 1900-13; present poutioa, 
1913—. FeUow A. A. A. S.. Am. Geo- 

Ephic Soc. b. W. Henrietta, N. Y., 
y «. 1881; .. Fred F. and Mary A. 
(Tawalt)S.; reared on farm; m. Helen S. 
Hoitennan, June 19, 1900. B.S.A., Cor- 
nell Univ., leoe. Alpha ZeU. 

Shaw. Fr«d CUSoid, co. agrl. agt., Benning- 
ton. Vt. 

Farm manag. and teach, agr.. Farm and 
Trades Sch., 'Thon^>K)n'B U., Boston, 
lOlS-6. 6. Sunderland, Vt., Dec. 87, 
1889; (. Herbert Needham and Helen 
Elisabeth (Hard) S.; reared on farm and 
in town; >n. Helen Gale Wood, Sept. 8, 
lOlS; c. Ann Putnam. B.S., Cornell 
Univ.. 1913. Alpha Zeta. 

SImw, Jacob Kingsler, research pom.. Mass. 
Exp. Sta,, Amherst. Mass. 

Instr. hort. and chem.. Baron de 
Hirsch Agr. Sch.. Woodbine, N. J.. 1002- 
4; Mst. bot. and hort.. N. J. Ezp. SU., 
1904-JIi Bctins asst. proF. hort., Univ. 
Mo., 1906-6; uwtr. hort., N. H. A.tM. 
Coll.. 190e-7; aast. hort., MasB. Exp. 
Sta.. lOOfr-11; research pom.. 1011—. 
Dairy and fruit Farmer, Northfield, Vt., 
1899-1902. 6. Northflcld. Vt., Aug. B, 
1877; t. Wm. O. and Elisabeth (Kingsley) 
S.; reared od farm; m. Bertha T. Simp- 
son. Aug. 23, 1005; e. Dorif Elisabeth, 
Edna Adams. Genevieve Elaine. B.S.A., 
Univ. Vt., 1809; M.S.. Mass. Agr. CoU., 
1908; Ph.D.. 1011. 

Sheao, John Vernon, co. agrl. agt., Jacluon, 

Manag. Sheap-Johnson Seed Co.. Har- 
risville. Mich., 1009-10. 6. Eeadbg, 
Mich., Sept. 26. 1884; i. Edward J. and 
Anna M. (Van Neida) S.; reared in town 
and country; m. Grace Louise Harroun, 
Dec. 17, 1007; e. Edward Jay. John 
Vernon Jr. Student Mich. Agr. Coll., 

Shear. Comelins Lott, plant path.. Bur. 
Plant Ind.. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington, 
D. C. 

Fellow A. A. A. S. Sec.-treas. Am. 
Phytopath. Soc. Del. to Inter. Congress 
Bot.. Vienna, 1005. Fruit-grower, Vien- 
na. 1007-. 6. Coeymans Hollow. N. Y.. 
Klar. M, 1865; «. Henry L. and Muy 

(Spemburgh) S.; reared on farm; nt. 
Avis M. Sherwood, Dec. 85, 1800; e. 
Sherwood Wm.. Deming Jonas, Mary 
Beatrice, Geo. Mryon, Dorothy Margaret, 
Cornelius Barrett. B.S.,Univ.Neb.,1807; 
M.A,. 1901; Ph.D., George Washingtoo 
Univ.. leoe. Sigma Xi. 

Shear, Sherwood WiOiaai. sci. asst. in 
marketing and distribution. Bur. Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agr.. Washington. D. C. 

Pharmacists mate. Hospital Corps. 
U. S. Navy. 1018—. Fruit farmer, Vienna, 
Va.. 4 yts. 6. Alcove, N. Y., Jul. 2, 
1692; (. ConieliuB Lott and Avis Morri- 
son (Sherwood) S.; reared on farm. 
B.S.A.. Univ. Wis., 1018. 

Shedd. Claude K., assoc. prot. agrl. engin.. 
b. State Coll.. Ames, la. 

Ex-sec, -Ireas. Am. Soc. Agrl. Bngin. 6. 
Pickrell,Neb..Nov.27,lB84; ».CW.M. 
and Nellie M. (Steele) S. reared on farm; 
m. Mary F, Currier, June SO, 1010; c. 
Adella L., Esther M.. Robt. K. B.S.A.. 
; Alpha 

Shedd, Oliver March, assoc. prof. chem. 
and research diem. Eip. Sta., Univ. Ky., 
Lexington, Ky. 

CbeDi.,Ky.Exp.SU., 1002-11; research 
chem., 1911 — . Acting chm,, Lexington 
Sect., Am. Chem. Soc., 1017. Expert 
in Coundl of National Defense, 1917 — . 
b. Lexington, Ky., Mar. 8, 1880; i. John 
Biley and Phoebe (Hicks) S.; reared in 
city; m. Carlotta Sharp. Oct. 17, 1906. 
B.S.. Univ. Ky.. 1901; M.S.. 1904. 

Sheets, Eari WooddeD. prof. an. husb. and 
chief dept.. Exp. SU., W. Va. Univ., Mor- 
gantown, W. Va. 

Teach, rural and public schs., 1902-6. 
A>i<K. ed., W. Va, Farmer. 6. Lost Creek. 
W. Va.. Dec. 23, 1888; t. Arthur and 
Anna Jane (Wooddell) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Leda Cordelia Atkeson. Oct. 80, 
1918; e. Jane Atkeson. B.S.A., W. Va. 
Univ., 1911; M.S., Univ. III.. 1914. 
Sigma Xi; Kappa Alpha. 

Sheffer, Lafayette Miles, prot, agrl. educ. 
Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga. 

Princ. graded sch., Boxville, Ky., 
1918; prmc. bigh-sch.. Hardinsburg, 
1914-S; ext. force, Univ. Ky,, summer 
1917. b. Morgan6eld. Ky., Mar. 21. 


Sheldon, John Lewis, prof, bot., W. Va. 
Univ., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Inatr., Mt. Hennon Boys' Sch., ISOt-i; 
instr. hot., prep. Bch., Univ. Neb.. 1898-9; 
head d«pt. nat. bist.. Neb. State Normal 
Sch., 1899-1900; inslr. agrl. bot.. Univ. 
Neb., 1900-3; prof, bad., W. Va. Univ., 
190S-7; prof. bot. aod bact., 1907-18; 

E)f. bot., 191S— ; plant path., W. Va. 
p. Sta.. 1009-7. Fellow A. A. A. S. 
b. Voluntown. Conn., Nov. 10, 1886; 
*. Samuel H. and Lucy A. (Lewia) S.; 
reared on farm : m. Clara Adams Plenuug, 
Aug. 81, 1907; c. Earl Fleming. B.Ped., 
B.Sc.. Ohio Nortli*n Univ.. 1803; B.Sc.. 
Univ.Neb., 1899; A.M., 1001; Ph.D., 1009. 
Sigma XI; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Pai. 

Shcpperd, John H., agrst. and vice-dir. N. D. 
Eip. SU.. Agricultural College, N. D. 

Prot. agr.. N. D. Agr. Coll.. 1895-1904; 
dean and prof. agr.. 1904-15; agrst., 
N. D. Exp. Sta.. 1893-I90S; a^t. and 
vice^iir., 1005 — . Pres. fanners' inst. bd., 
1900-15. Aulh.: (with McDowell) Ele- 
ments of Agriculture, 1006. On staff 
Orange Judd Farmer, 1892-S. b. Chari- 
ton, la., Jan. U. 1800; (. John W. and 
Clerenda Jane (Sanderson) S,; reared on 
farm; m. Adele Francis Taylor. Jul. 3, 
1896. B.S.. la. SUte Coll. 1801; M.S.A., 
Univ. Wis,. 1893. 

SherMrd, Samuel Hodges, daiiy specialist, 
ClemaonAgr. Coll., Clemson College, S.C. 
Adj. prof, biol.. Junior CoU., Univ. 
Philippines, 1908-9; expert trop.agr.,Bm. 
Agr., Manila, 1009-13; supt. dem. and 
breeding sta., P. J., 1918-3; art. Wash- 
ington Co.. Ga., 1914-18. Studied agrl. 
conditionB in Europe, Mexico, Japan, 
China,FhUippines, Palestine, Egypt, 1911. 
b. Laurens S. C, Sept. 18. 1886; *. Wm. 
Yancey and Annie Francis (Halloway) S.; 
reared in town and on farm; m. Lewise 
Lipscomb, Aug. id. 191 1 ; e. Ann, Talulah. 
B.S.C., Clemson Agr. Coll., 1008; D.V.S, 
London. Ont., 1918. 

Present position, 1914 — . b. Russia, 
Ma;^ !4, 1878 (naturalized 1918); «. 
Dmitry Ivanon and Anna A. (Stolarov) 
S.; reared on farm; nt. May Gibson, Nov. 
1916. B.S.A..ComeltUniv..l011; Ph.D., 

Sherman, FnuikEn Jr., chief in ent., N. C. 
Exp. SU., Raleigh, N. C. 

Instr. ent., N. C. A.&M. Coll., 190i-4; 
prof. ent. and eooI., Ont. Agr. Coll., 
1906-6; present position, 1906 — . For- 
mer pres. Nat Aaioc. Hort. Imp.; N. C. 
SUte Acad. Sci.; N. C. SUte Bee- 
keepers' Assoc.; sect, on apiculture. 
Am. Assoc. Econ. Ent. b. Fairfax Co., 
Va., Nov. 8, 1877; t. Franklin and Caroline 
M. C. (Alvord) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Grace Berry, May 12, 1003; e. Frank- 
lin, DalUs Berry, Joseph Edgar. B.S.A., 
ComeU Univ.. 1900; M.S. (hon.), Md. 
Agr. CoU.. 1912. 

Sbemuu, Janes Morgan, bact.. Bur. An. 
Ind., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 
Inatr. bact, Univ. Wis., l»ie-4; asst. 
prof. bact.. Peon. Sute CoU.. 1914-7; 
present position, 1917—. b. Ash Grove. 
Va., May 6, 1800; i. Franklin and 
Caroline (Alvord) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Gertrude Hendricks, Aug. S. 1916. 
B.S., N. C. A.&M. Coll.. 1911; M.S., 
1012; Ph.D„ Univ. Wis,, 1916. Kappa 
Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Alpha. 

Sbcrman, W«tls Ahord, specialist in maricet 
surveys. Bur. Markets, U. S. Dept. Agr., 
WashmgtoD, D. C. 

State statistical agt., U. S. Dept. Agr. 
for Va. and W. Va., 1806-1000; sd. asst. 
in statistics, U. S. Dgot. Agr., 1900-9; 
examiner in agr., U. S. Civil Serv. ConiD.. 
1903-10; Bci. asst. cotton bandUng and 
marketing. Bur, Plant Ind., U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1012; asst. m market surveys, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1919; present title, 
1914—. S. Ash Grove, Va., Jul. 19, 
1868; t. Franklin and Caroliue M. C. 
(Alvord) S.; reared on farm ; m. Ebie M. 
Besley, May 23, 1895; c. Caroline Elita- 
beth, Mary Collins, EUie Besley, Martha 
Thatcher, Wells A. Jr., Grace Whitney. 
Grad. Greybck Inst., S. WUliamtown, 
Mass., 18B7. 

Shcrwin, Melviu Ernest prof, soils, N. C. 
A. & E. Coll.. W. Raleigh, N. C. 

Student asst. agron.. Univ. Mo.. 1906-8; 
asst. cereal invests., Univ. Calif.. 1908-9; 
asst. prof, agron., Univ. Me., 1000-10; 
present position, 1910 — . Pres. N. C. 
Drainage Assoc, b. DeSmet, S. D., Jul. 
17, 1881; *. S. O. and Mary Adelaide 
(Shedd) S.; nared on farm; nt. Edith 
Dodson, 1908: c. Edith Evelyn, Maij 


Erneatine, Dorothy Cbue. B.S.A., Uuiv. 
Mo., IMS; M.S.. Univ. Calif., 190». 
Alplut ZeU. 

Sherwood, Rom M., ext. «pecUlist poultry 
huab., Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manhsttan, 

Asst. poultry husb., Ohio Exp. Sta., 
1910-2; mstr. to,Ia.SUte Coll, 
1913-4; ext. spedalist. Kans. State Agr. 
Coll., 1914 — ; prof, in chg. poultry dept., 
1916-7. Sec. poultry com.. State Council 
for Defense, b. Shabbona, III., Apr. 16, 
1886; I. S. H. and Ida M. (Van Velzoe) S.; 
reared OD fann: m. Ida L. Spencer. Jul. 
26, 1»11; c. Robt. S. B.S.. U. State 
Coll., 1910. Gamma Sigma Delta. 

SUeMs, Richmaod Lee, prof, agr., Pe«body 
Coll. for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn. 

Formerly prof. an. husb., Clemson 
Agr. Coll. b. Watkins, 0., Feb. 8, 1879; 
(. Thos. Pride and Elizabeth Jane (Ford) 
S.; reared on farm; m. Edna Louise 
Duncan, May 8, 1902; c. Elisabeth 
Duncan. Virginia Vadeo, Alfreda Watkins, 
Prances Richmond. B.S.A., Ohio SUte 
Univ., 1907. DelU Tau DelU. 

Shioo, Qiarles Howard, (or. examiner, 
V. S. Bur. For,, Northfork. Calif. 

Staff San Francisco BuUetin. 187T-&; 
Calif. Horticulturist, 1879-60; insp. exp. 
stas., Univ. Calif., 1890-2; with U. S. 
Biw. For., 1902—; head for. ranger. 
Sierras, 1903-4; for. superv., 1904-10; 
for. examiner, 1910—. P'aal sec. State 
Hort. Soc. of Calif., 1B80-4. Book 
reviewer for several Calif, newspapers. 
AuiA.: Pacific Rural Handbook, 1879; 
Land Laws of Mining Districts, 1884; 
Mining Camps, 1885; Omperation on the 
Pacific Coast, 1888; Story of a Mine, 
1897; Intensive Horticulture in Cali- 
fornia, 1901; Recent Outdoor Literature, 
leOl. b. Austin, Tex,, Apr. 29, 1852; 
.. James and Lucy EUen (Clark) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Julia C. Tyler, Jul. 31, 
18S8; e. Ruth Wetmore (Mrs. Chss. 
Kasch). Educ. Univ. Calif, and Johns 
Hopkins Univ. 

Shinn, James R., co. agrl. agt. and dir. ext. 
serv.. Spokane, Wash. 

Asst, pom.. III. Exp. SU., 1004-7; 
prof, hort., Univ. Ida.. 1907-0; agt. 
Spokane Co., Wash., 191S— . Sec. Ida. 
SUte Hort. Assoc.. 1909-10. b. Mat- 
toon. III., May 22, 1880; i. Geo. B. 

and Cornelia M. (Ricketts) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Edna M. Casseveos; e. 
Esther, Ben, Frances. B.S.. Univ. III., 
1904. Sigma Xi. 

Shocamith, Vernon M., general tnanag., 
llie Jennings Farm. Bailey, Mich. 

A^t. and asst. prof., Kans. State Agr. 
Coll,, 1901-6; agron., Md. Exp. Sta.. 
1907-S; assoc, prof, agron., Ohio State 
Univ., 1908-10; prof, farm crops, Mich. 
Agr. Coll., 1910-7; present position. 
1917—, Sec.-treas. Mich. Exp. Assoc. 
Auth.: The Study of Com. 1B13. 6. 
LesUe, Mich.. Dec. 27. 1870; t. Geo. B. 
and Louisa A. (Cummins) S,; reared on 
farm; in, ElMe M. Morrison, Dec. 23, 
1903; c. Margaret, Dorothy, Helen. 
B.S., Mich. Agr, Coll,, 1901. 

SboSner, Charles Pennypacker, assoc. ed. 
The Farm Journal, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Sec. The Liberty Bell Bird Club, 
Former ed„ The Country Boy. 6. Nor- 
ristown, Pb., Nov. 14, 1868; ». John 
and Jean (Boyle) S.; r^^ed in town and 
on farm; m. Katherine H, Stallman, 
Oct. 10, 1891; e. Edith K. (Mra. J. W. 
Clokey). Studied Spring Garden Inst. 
Art Sch., S yrs. 

Shofncr, Austin Williami, go. agrl. agt., 
Pulaski. Tenn. 

Teach, sd. and agr,, hUh-sch„ Tyner, 
Tenn., 1909-17. b. Shelbyville. Tenn., 
Jul. IS. 1888; I. Monroe and Mattie 
(Williams) S.; reared on farm; m. Rachel 
Conner. Sept. 6, 1911; c. Emory. Austin 
Jr. L. I., Peabody Teachers Coll., 1907; 
B.S.A,. Univ, Tenn., 1909, Phi Kappa 

Shorthin, J. W., dir. and sec. Neb. Farmers' 
Coop. Grain and Live-Stock Assoc., 
Securities Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Farmer, Kans., until 1902. b. Kans., 
18T1; s. John A. and Mildred (RJdeuour) 
S.; reared on farm; nt. Hattie V. Murphy, 
1802; c. Ray, Lucile, Alan. 

Shrock, Mannes S,, co, agrl. agt., Pendle- 

Dairyman and fruit-grower, 1899-1904, 
1911-4. Sec. Ore. Dairymen's Assoc., 
1911; pres„I012. £d.. Western Farmer, 
1907; fielded,, PacificHomestead, 1904-6. 
b. La Grange Co.. lnd„ Mar. 16, 1873; 
«. Samuel J. and Rebecca (Yoder) S.; 


1. Minnie D. Thomas, 

lyne Thoi 
il Vein. 

D., Lynn Samuel, Paul 

Skumway, Gietler RaTOwmd, co. agrl. agt., 
RavcDDB, O. 

Dir. agrl. dept., Mankato high-sch., 
Minn.. 1912-7; agt. Portage Co., O.. 
I»17~. b. Marsball Co.. la.. May 20. 
1884: I. Howard Haywood and Aona M. 
(Roberta) S.: reared on farm; m. Ethel 
McDonald, June 10, 1912; e. Margaret 
Eloise. B.5., la. SUte Coll.. 1911. 
DelU Tbeta Sigma; IMta Sigraa Rho. 

Shall, Frank Thonas, Dominion cfaem. and 
aast. dir., Expl. Farms, Ottawa, Ont. 

Fellow in cbem., Univ. Toronto, 1895-7; 
present position, 18ST — , Fellow, Inst, 
of Chem,, England, 
Cfaem. Soc., Ameri 
England, Royal Soc. of Canada. Pres. 
chem. and physics sect.. Royal Soc. of 
Canada, 1016-7. Britiah judge of cereals. 
World's Fair, Chicago, 1S93. b. London, 
England. Sept. 15. lBfi»; >. Wm. DenU 
and Charlotte (Cawthom) S.; reared in 
city. B.A., Univ. Toronto, 1885; M.A., 
1886; D.Sc., 19U. 

Sieglinger, John Beardsley, asat, agnt..U. S. 
Dept. Agr., Exp. Sta.. Woodward, Okla. 
b. Newton, Kans.. Aug. 24, 1893; $. 
Fred and Hannah (Beardaley) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Helen M. Knox, Mar. 1, 1016; 
e. John Harris. B.S., Okla. A.&M. Coll., 
1913; M.S.A., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 

Snuns, Bennetl ThMias, prof, vet, med.. 
Ore. Agr. Coll. and vet. Exp. Sta., Corval- 

lostr. physiology and path., N. C. A. & 
M. Coll., 1911-3; present position, 
1913—. Sec. Oi«. Vet. Med. Assoc. 
b. Ramsey, AU., Jan. 2S, 1888; >. John 
Thos. and N. Epes (Tfaomas) S.; reared 
on farm. D.V.M.. Ala. Poly. Inst., 
1911. AlphaZeU; Gamma Sigma DelU; 
Alpha Psi. 

Smona, Lkyd Rboderick, agrst., States 
Relations Serv., U. S. Dept. Agr.. Wash~ 
ington. D. C. 

Chg. agrl. dept.. bigh-sch., Gowanda, 
N. ¥., 1911-4; agt. Nassau Co.. 1914-6; 

June-Dec., 1907; prof, 
A.&M. Coll,, 1907-14; CO. agt., 191 
b. Knoxville. la., Oct. 14, 1882; (. < 
and Caroline (Miller) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Elizabeth Oliver, Jul. 27. 1910; i 
Stephen. Harry H., John Carl. B.S.A. 
la. State Coll., 1907. DelU Theta Sigma. 

SiiapSMi, Olto Gerald, asst. prof, dairy 
manufactures. Ore. Agr. Coll., Corvallis, 

Asst. chem.. Ore. Exp. SU„ 1906-9; 
instr. dairying. Ore. Agr. Coll.. 1909-13; 
asst. prof., 1918 — . Sec. Western Dury 
lustrs. Assoc., 1916. b. Airlie, Ore., Jul. 
15. 1885; (. I. M. and Tabitha (Morrison) 
S,; reared on farm; m. Adah McDonald, 
Oct. 23. 1907; e. Donald G., Paul B. 
B.S.A., Ore. Agr. Coll., lOOS. Gamma 
Sigma DelU. 

Sima, Newell LcRoy, prof, sociol. and politi- 
cal sci., Univ. F1a„ Gainesville, Fla. 

Ordained Christian minister, Aug., 1904; 
pastor rural church. Brown Co. ,0,1903-5; 
CaKboge. Mo., 1905-8; pa.itor, Cinrin- 
nati, O., 1909-10; pastor community 
church, Scarsdale, Westchester Co., N. Y., 
1911-3; pastor Grandview Heights Con- 
gregational Church, Columbus, O., 1913-4; 
present position, 1914 — , ^ii(A..' A 
Hoosier Village. 1912; UltimaU Demo- 
cracy and Its Making, 1917. b. James- 
town, Ind., Dec. 3, 1878; : Chas. N. and 
Elisabeth (McClew) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Florence Anna McNutt. A.B., Tri 
SUte CoU.. 1001; A.B., Univ. Ky., 1905; 
A.M., Columbia Univ., 1910; Ph.D., 
1912; grad. Union Tfaeol. Sem., 1012. 

Sink, Stanley Ben, oo. agrl. agt., Valparaiao, 

Instr. agron., Univ. Me., 1915-7; 
asst. prof., 1917. Sec. Dairy Producers' 
Assoc,, Porter Co,, Ind. Auth.: Labora- 
tory Exerrises in Soil Phyncs, 1B17. 6. 
Wharton, O., Nov. 4, 1889; ». E. M. and 
Amelia (Pickett) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Mable Van Buren, Dec. 25. 1916. 
B.S.A., Ohio SUte Univ., 1015. 



Siniae, FrMk Atwood, isrmn aod ■peoal 
ut., N. Y. Agr. Exp. SU., Riverhead, 

Asit. bot., U. Eup. SU., 1890: ftwt, 
«ut. and cool., k. SUte CoU.. leSl-l; 
ent., N. V. fkgt. Exp. Sta.. 18M-1««; 
fanner, L. I., 1908—. b. Newark. III.. 
Nov. a, 1861; *. Jacob and Mai? L. 
(Myers) S.; reared on farm; m. Lillian 
L. Smith, June 1, 1809: Sd, Chrutine Rom 
Mostow. Sept. 81. 1917; e. Dorothy 
Van Tassell, Heary Alanson, Robt. McDar- 
n>w. Frank A. Jr. B.S., la. Slate CoU.. 
1B91; M.S., 189S. 

Sisson Scptimna. prof. comp. anat., Ohio 
State Univ.. Columbus, O. 

Dem. of aaat., Ont. Vet. Coll., 1891-9; 
prof. zool. and vet. aci., Kaiu. State Agr. 
Coll., 1899-1901; present position, 1901— . 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Avth.: A Tert-Book 
ofVeterinarr Anatomy,1910; AVeterinary 
Dissection Guide. 1911; The Anatomy of 
the Domestic Animals, 1914. Trandalor: 
Ellenberger, Baum und Dittrich'a 
Anatomie der "nere fur Kunstler, 1906. 
b. Gateshead, England, Oct. i, 136S; 
t. Geo. and Mary (Amott) S.; reared in 
town and country; m. Kadierine Oldham, 
Oct. IS. 1892. S.B.. Uuiv. Chicago. 1898; 
V.S., Ont. Vet. CoU, 1891; Univ. Berlin, 
190S-6. Sigma Xi. 

engii . 

Instr. forge work, Univ. Neb., 1909- 
13; instr. drainage and irrig., 1914-3; 
preaentpoaition, 19)5— . b.Hildretb.Neb.. 
Aug. IS, 1887; (. C. J. and Ida (Johnson) 
S.; reared on farm; m. Alfreda Enedahl, 
Sept. 1916; c. Eunice Lorene. B.Sc., 
Univ. Neb.. 191S. Sigma Xi. 

SkceU. Homer Collar, bot. asst.. Bur. Plant 
Ind., V. S. Dept, Agr., Washington, D. C, 
6. Grand Rapids, Mich.. Jul. 31, 187S; 
«. Dorr and Anna (Stilwell) S.; reared in 
city; m. Jennie Shaddick, Jul. 31, 1901; 
e. Alice Anna. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll.. 


Farm manag., 1897-9; asat. agrst., 
Purdue Exp. Sta., 1899-1901; instr., 
Univ. 111., 1901-«; head dept. an. husb., 
Purdue Univ.. 190»-7; dean Sch. Agr.. 
1907—. b. Romney. Ind., Mar. 10. 

1874; (. Wm. H. and Mary (Alexander) 
S,; reared on farm: m. Mary Edna 
Throckmorton, Sept, S, 1903; c. John H. 
Jr.. Mary E., Wm. E., Robt. E. B.S.A.. 
Purdue Univ., 1897. Sigma Xi. 

Skinner, Lee Bronaon, fruit-grower, Dune- 
din, Fla. 

Mem. exec, com., State Council Defense. 
b. Watertown, Wis., Jan. 87, 1861; *. 
Calvin B. and Frances M. (Lee) S, ; reared 
in town; m. Mary E. Bruce; c. Elisabeth, 
Bronson C, Robt. E., Francis L. Studied 
Nortiwestem Univ.. Watertown, Wis. 

SkiuiCT, LcweUyn Teny, sec. ert. serv.. 
Univ. Neb.. IJncoln. Neb. 

Asst. state leader junior ext., Univ. 
Neb., 1914-6; junior ext. leader. 191S-7: 
sec. ext. serv,. 1017 — . Sec. teachers of 
agr.. Neb. State Teachers' Assoc., 1916-7. 
6. Warrentown. Va., Feb. t», 1886; ». 
John Thomas and Lucelia (Francis) S.; 
mired on farm and in town; m. Winifred 
Bennison. Feb. 10, 1916; c. Barbara 
Belle. B.Sc.. Univ. Neb., 1014. Sigma 
Xi; Alpha Zeta. 

SladcB. F. W. L.. apiarist. Dominion 
Expl. Famw, Ottawa. Ont. 

Aulk.: Queen-Rearing in England, 
1904; The Humble Bee, 1912; Bees and 
How to Keep Them, 191S. Traveled in 
India, 1896. b. London, Engkinc], May 
SO, 1676; 1. J. and Lady Sarah (Lambart) 
S.; reared on farm; nt. Violet Barton, 
1902; c. Dermot, Rudolph, Rosalie. 

Slale.WOlianiL. and agron. 

Exp. Sta., Conn. Agr. Coll., Storra, Conn. 

Aast. agron., N. H. Exp. Sta., 1909-11; 

aasoc. prof, apon., Univ. Me., 1011-3; 

S-esent poutun. 1913 — . Fres. New 
ngland sect.. Am. Soc. Agron, b. Nor- 
walk. O,. Jan. \5, 1884; i. Wm. L, and 
Orpha F. (Norris) S.; reared on farm and 
in city; m, Eklna B, Jackson, June 16, 
191S. B,S,A„ Ohio Sute Univ., 1009. 
Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Sleelb. Eule CampbeU, co. agrl. agt., Jeffeiv 

Instr. ur. aud ma., Stanton Coll.. 
Stanton, liy., 1914-S; instr. agrl. chem. 
and soils, Ohio State Univ., 1915-7; 
CO. agt., 1017—. 6. Cairo. W. Va.. Sept. 
S. 1881; *, David M. and MatUe J. 
(Newlin) S.; reared in town and on farm; 
tn. Anna McKirahan, June S4, IBOS. 


Stoan, Darid Kinney, co. ftgri agt., To- 
iraada. Pa. 

b. Ontnfceville, Pa.. D«c. 10, 1867; $. 
E. H. and Gertrude (White) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Irene Ikeler, Oct. 1, 1011; e. 
1 SOD, I daughter. B.S.A., Peon. State 
Coll.. 1910. Alpha ZeU. 

Stoan, Robert Lee, co. a^l. agt., CoITax. La. 
Asst. dir. farmers' tnata., N. C. Dept. 
Agr., 19l*-6; princ. Bienville Parish 
Agri.Sch.. 1916. 6. Charlotte, N.C.. Mar. 
89, 18S9i t. H. Lanrreace and Katherine 
L. (Morris) S.: rear«d on farm. B.S., 
N. C. A.&M. Coll.. 1913. 

Snulkr. Harold R., co. agrl. agt., Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

^^t. chem. in soils and crops, Ind. 
Eip. Sta.. 1011-3; agrl. agt., SUrke Co., 
Ind., 1913-5; as9t.Bgret.Hiid larm manag. 
invest., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, 
1915-S: agt. Steuben Co., Ind., 1915-8; 
agt. Allen Co.. 1018—. 6. Suramitville, 
Ind., May .SO, 1887; *. Andrew J. and 
Sarah E. (Hand) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Hazel Marie Campton, Dec. 31, 1014. 
B.S.A.. Purdue Univ.. 1911; M.S.A., 
1913. Sigma Xi; Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Snuir, WUIiaa LofMB, co. agrl. agt., 

lincolnton, N. C. 

Chg. agrl. dept., higb-ech., 011a, La., 
1913-5; agt. Lincob Co., N. C. 1015—. 
b. Sharon. S. C, Aug. 16. 1889; *. W. T. 
and Annie (Gilmore) S.; reared on Farm; 
«t. Hazelle Beam, Dec. 27, 1916; e. 
' Sarah Hope. B.S.. ClemMn Agr. Coll., 

Snidi, Albert Edward, co. agrl. agt., Loa, 

b. Monaasa. Colo., Oct. 84, 1886; t. 
Albert R. and Irene U. (Haskell) S.; 
reared on farm; m. Minnie J. Del^est, 
Oct. 3, 1007. B.S.. UUh Agr. Coll., 

Smilh, Alfred, asat. prof, soil tech.. Univ. 
Calif.. Berkekf, Calif. 

lustr. chem., Wittenberg Coll.. 1908-0; 
inatr. chem. and geol., Pomona Coll., 
1012-4; preaent position, 1014—. 6. 
Hatleton, Pa., Jan. 4, 1888; t. John and 
Marj- Katheriue (Rosenstock) S.; reared 
in country town; m. Bessie Mildred 

Archibald, Sept. 9. 1014. B.A.. Witteo- 
bergCoU., 1907; M.A., 1910. Sigma Phi 
EpaQon; Alpha Zeta. 

Smith, Alfred Glaie, farmer and agrst., 

Organizer Rock Hul Alfalfa Growers' 
Assoc., S. C. 6. DanvUle, III., Jan. 83, 
1881; ». John Eli and Mary EUen (Fire- 
baugh) S.; reared on farm; m. Lucy 
PruUnam, Sept. 11, 1907; c. Alfred G. Jr. 
B.S., Univ. III., 1906. Alpha Zeta. 

Sauth, Arthur George, co. agrl. agt.. Canton, 

Chg. dairy dept., Waddinglon Farm, 
W. Va.. 6 yrs.; co. agt., 1916—. 6. Blue 
Moundi, Wis., Dec SO, IB81 ; : John W. 
and Elizabeth (Powell) S.; reared on 
farm; m. Ekina Jane Ray, May 16, 1918; 
e. John Ray. B.S.A.. Univ. Ww., 1908. 

Smith, Cul Albert, co. agrl. agt., Manches- 
ter. N. H. 

Agron.. T. N. VaU Agr. Sch.. 1916-7; 
CO. agt.. 1917—. b. Lyndon, Vt., Nov. 6, 
1887; «.PredD.aDdCoraE.(Gorham)S.; 
reared on farm; nt. luec W. Vaughan, 
May 87, 1009; e. Evelyn Mildred. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 1916. 

agrl. agt.. 

Smillk Chailes Edward, 
Trinidad. Cok>. 

Princ. sch.. Utch6eld, Mich., 1905-8; 
Bockford, 1898-1901; asst. prof, geol., 
Colo. Sch. of Mines, lOOS-ll; co. agt, 
1916—. b. Jackson Co., Mich., SeoL 5. 
1866; >. B. F. and Mar^ B. (Rood) S.; 
reared on farm; ni. Harriet Hanson, S^t. 
9. 1B96; e. Helen, Eugene, Caro. Fh.B.. 
Albion Coll., Mich., 189d; A.M., Cornell 
Univ., 1008; B.S., Colo. Agr. Coll., 
1016. Sigma Xi; Alpha Tau Omega. 

Smith, Cbarlet Orchard, state club leader, 
N. Mei. A.&M. CoU., SUte College. N. 

Asst. econ.. CorneU Univ., 1915-6; 
garden superv., public achs., Englewood, 
N. J., 1016-7; asst. state club leader, 
N. J., 1017-8; present position, 1918—. 
b. Oazaca. Mei., Jul. 10, 1898; t. Ludoua 
C. and Sara (Orchard) S.; reared in 
town. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1916. 


Smitli, aarcDM Beanuit, chjef Off. Ezt. 
Work North and West, Sbttea ReUtioo 
Serv., U. S. D«pt. Agr., WB«hiiigb>n. 
D. C. 

Princ. Bchs., Lawton, Mich., 1895-6; 
with U. S. Dept. Agr., 18M— . Bd.. 
Experiment Statin Record, ]897-11M7. 
Auth.: (wiU) E. V. Wilcox) Farmer's 
CycbpediA of Agriculture, 1904; Far- 
mer's Cyclopedia ot Live-Stock. 1907. 
b. HowardsvUle, Mich-. Sept. 81. 1870; 
». Alonio and Harriett E. (Maybee) S.; 
reared od Farm; m. Lottie Lee Smith, 
Oct. 2, 1901; c. Herbert, Besman, Helen, 
Roger, Huron, June. B.S., Mich, Agr. 
Coll.. 1894; M.S., 1B9S; D.Sc., 1917. 

Smitli, daience E., leach, agr., Greene, 

Princ. high-sch., Fabius, N. Y., 190ft-10; 
New Berlin, 1910-2; Greene. 191«— . 
b. Steuben, N. Y.. Apr. 17, 188T; t. 
Sylvester uid Emetine (OIney) S.; reared 
on farm; m. Hilda C. Gilbert, Aug. 84, 
1918. A.B.,Syracuse Univ., 1909. Delta 

:- »grl. 


Sautfa, Edgar Dayton, stale dir. 
educ.. Santa Fe, N. Mes. 

Asst. trait pest imp., B. C. 8 yrs.; 
XboA. agr.. Atlantic Co. voc. schs.. N. J., 
IS14-T; Middletown Township voc. scb., 
1B17-8. b. Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y., 
Sept. 7. 1686; «. Edgar H. and Sophie 
Viele (Kiwpp) S.; reared on farm; m. 
Bemice Belle Hatch; o. Henry Dayton. 
B.S., ComeU Univ., 1D13. 

Smilli, Edwin, invest, in fruit transportation 
and storage, U. S. Dept. Agr.. Lodi, N. Y. 
b. Lodl N. v., Nov. «7, 1888; i. 
Clarence F. and Laura (Swarthout) S.; 
reared on farm. B.S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 
1012. Alpha Zeta. 

Smith, Edwin Aainstas, agrl. ed.. Spokane, 

Ed., The Twice-B-Week Spokesman 
Review, 1899 — ; managiiiged.,'niePaci&t 
Northwest Farm Trio. 1919—. Founder 
of The Order of Anlxus, 1918. b. BaU- 
sore. India, Oct. 8, 1B5S; (. Benjamin 
Burleigh and Dorcas (Folsom) S.; m. 
Delia Ann Leslie, June 11, 1890; e. 
Edith Dorcas. Grad. Bales Coll., 1873. 

Co.. N. Y.. 1915—. ft. Newark Valley. 
N. Y., Oct. 10, 1887; i . Jabes Collins and 
Belle (Donley) S.; reared on farm; m. 
Gertrude Irene Howard, June 87, 1918. 
B.S., Univ. Rochester, 1910; B.S.A., 
Cornel) Univ., 1918. Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Smith, Elisabeth Might, e 

prof, plant 

path., Univ. Calif., Berkeley" Calif! 

Present position, 1905 — -. b. Brookline, 
Mass., Jan. 18, 1877; d. Franda Obed 
and Emily Margaret (Simpson) S. A.B., 
Smith CoU., 1900; M.S., Mass. Agr. 
CoU., 1905. 

Smith, Erwin Frink, in chg. Lab. Plant Path., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D. C. 

Sch. teach., 8 yrs.; priaon guard and 
keeper, ! yrs.; clerk and weather recorder, 
Mich.SUteBd.Health,2yn<.; with U.S. 
Dept. Agr., 1886—. Del. Royal Hort. 
Soc. Conference on Genetics, London, 1908; 
1st Inter. Congress Comparative Path., 
Paris, 19U; 17th Inter. Congress Med., 
London, 1913. Ex-prcs. Soc. Plant Mor- 
phology and Physiology, 1908; Sect. G. 
A.A.A.S., 1906; Soc. Am. Bad., 1906; 
Bot. Soc. Am.. 1910; Am. Phytopath. Soc. 
1916. Mem.N&t.Acad.Sci.; Am.PhikMo- 
phica) Soc.; Am. Acad. Arts and ScL; 
certificate ot honor. Am. Med. Assoc., 

1913, for discovery ot Cancer in plants. 
Aiiih.: Bacteria in Relation to Plant Dis- 
eases, Vol. L 1905, Vol. n. 1011, Vol. m, 

1914. b. GUbert MilU, N. Y., Jan. 81, 
IBM; «.RancellorKingand Louisa (Frink) 
S,; reared ID village and on farm ; m.Char- 
lotte May BuEfett, Apr. 13, 1893; 8d,Rutfa 
AnnetU Warren, Feb. 81, 1914. B.S., 
Univ. Mich.. 1886; Sc.D., 1B89; Sc.D., 
Univ. Wis., 1914. Phi Delta TheU. 

Smith, Fred A., dir. Essex Co. Agrl. Sch.. 
Dan vers, Mass. 

Market-gardener and florist. 1893-1902; 
park aupt., Hopedalc, Mass., 1908-3; 
aupt. Turner Hill Farm, Ipswich, 1909-13; 
present position, 1913 — . Sec. Essex 
Agrl. Soc., 1911-4. E>. Lynn, Mass- 
June 6, 1871; (. Henry H. and Emma J. 
(Keen) S.; reared on farm; m. Frances 
M. Knowland, Jul. 10, 1899; e. Helen P.. 
Mildred E.. Harold K. B.S., Mass. Agr. 
CoU., 1893. 

South, Edwin Potter, 
Farm manag., 1918-5; agt. Chenango 

Snith, George Alfred, distr. agrl. agt., 
>. agrl. agt., Norwich, College Station, Tex. 

Co. agt., Jefferson Co., Tex., 6 yrs.; 
agrl. agt., Chamber, of Commerce, Beau* 


First pres. Tex. Cilnu 
Tes. Farmers' Congress, 7 yrs. Ed., 
county newspapers in N. Y., Vt.. N. C 
Ky.; &grt. ed. Enterprise, Beaumont, 
Tei., 4 yrs. h. Afton, N. Y.. Oct. 19, 
18«a; «. AKred D. and Fauiie A. (Dean) 
S.; reared in viUage. 

Sauth, G«or|e E. P., prof. brig, engin., 
Univ. Aril., Tucson, Aris. 

Instr. civil enpn., Univ. Vt., 1807-1900; 
prof, civil engiD., Univ. Arii., 1900-6; 
prof, irrig. engin. and irrig. engin., Exp. 
Sta.. 1906—. Studied irrigation in Italy, 
1910. b. Lyndonville, Vt., Dec. 2», 
18T3; (. Franklin Horatio and Hattie 
L. (Powers) S,; reared in town ; m. Maude 
North, Oct. 1, 190*; c. Geo. E. P. Jr. 
B.S. in C.E., Univ. Vt., 1897; C.E., 
1890; research study, Univ. Wis., 1910-1. 
Phi BeU Kappa; Kappa Sigma. Phi 
Kappa Py. 

agrl. agt.. 

Smith, Ge«Tge Robartc 
Brighton, Colo, 

Ent. (or govt, of Argentina, 2^ yrs. 
Clun. Adams Co. Council of Defense, 
1917. b. Auburn. N. Y., Mar. 16, 1889; 
>. Joseph and Julia (Robarge) S.; reared 
in farm and town; m. E, Bula Herschler, 
Apr. 4. 1S17. U.S., Cok). Agr. Coll.. 
19ie. Alpha ZeU. 

Smith, George Vreoman, ed. New England 
Farms. W. Willington, Conn. 

Fanner. Sec. Conn. Poultry Assoc. 
6. Tioga, Pft„ May 10, 1874; t. Robt. B. 
and Ellen A. (Share) S.; reared in small 
town; m. Alice F. Tyler, Jul. 6, 1809. 
A.B., Union Univ., 1894; LL.B., Yale 
Univ., 1899. Beta TbeU Pi. 

Smith, Guj Carlton, 6eld agt. in marketing. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., Slorrs, Conn. 

Assoc, prof, econ., N. H. A.&M. Coll.. 
1911-3; prof., 1914-6; prof. econ.. 
Conn. Agr. Coll., 1916—; agt. U. S. Bur. 
Markets, 1917—. b. Tipton, Mich., 
Nov W, 1881; .. J. F. and A. Eliia 
(Brown) S.; reared on farm; m. Florence 
Spalding, Jul. 91, 1907; c. Carlton Spald- 
ing, Richard Spalding. Ph.B., Univ. 
Chicago, 1910; grad. work, Univ. Chicago, 
1911. Phi Delta Pi. 

Smith, Harry W., asst. co. agt. leader, 
Univ. Me., Orono, Me. 

Princ. Petersham Agrl. High-Sch., Mass., 

lfllO-1; <Ut. agr.. Good Will Bi^-Sdi., 
HincU^, Me,. 1011-4; asst. prof, bact., 
Univ. Me.. 1B12; pre«entposition,191»— . 
b. Hudson, Me., Nov. M. 1886; ». C. L. 
and Dora B. (Davis) S.; reared b town; 
n. Gertrude E. FolW, Jul. 23, 1912; 
e. Irene F. B.S.. Univ. Me., 1909. 
TlieU Chi; Alpha Zeta. 

Smith, Hwer George, vice ext. dir., Mich. 
Act. Coll., E. Uuaaing, Mich. 

Formerly co. sgrl, agt.. Grand Rapids, 
Mich. b. Oakfield, Ws., Feb. 22. 1886; 
(. Andrew and Rosalie S.; reared on 
farm. B.S.. Univ. Wb., 1911. Alpha 

Smith, Hoke V., supt. Fulton Farms, Pooler, 

Princ. high-Bch.. Patterson, Ga., 191S-7; 
agrl. agt., Chatham Co., Aug.-Dec. 
1917; present position, 1918—. b. Pierce 
Co., Ga., Aug. 6, 1896; *. J. E. W. and 
Cordelia (Carter) S.; reared on farm; 
m. Mina Parker. Apr. 23, 1916; c. Mary 
"" inia. Grad. 11th "■ ■ "" ' *- 
, Douglas, 1914. 

Smidi, Howard ReMUU, live-stock comur., 
Chicago Live-Stock Exdiange, Union Stock 
Yards, Chicago, 111. 

Asst. prof. an. huab., Univ. Neb., 1000- 
I; Bssoc. prof., 1901-S; prof.. 1902-12; 
prof., Univ. Mimi., 1912-5: live-stock 
spedalitt. Great Northern Ry. and First 
Nat. Bank. St. Paul, Minn., 1015-7; pre- 
sent position, 1917—. Menj. U. S. Live- 
Stock Ind. Com. Pres. Nat. Agrl. Soc. 
Aulh.: ProGUble Stock Feeding, 1905; 
Cattle for the Northwest, 1917. £a.,live- 
stock dept.. The Farmer, St. Paul. 6. 
Addison,Mich.,Apr.l6.1872; ..Frederick 
Hart and Mary Selina (Burr) S.l reared 
on farm; m.Ha«el Ruth Neu, Apr.3,1012; 
C.Genevieve Louie, Frederick Hart. B.S., 
Mich. Agr. Coll., 189S. 

Smith, Jaied Gage, agrl. writer, Napoopoo, 

Asst. agrsl.. Neb. Eip. Sta., 1888-90; 
assoc. bot„ Shaw Sch. Bot., St. Louis, 
1802-3; bot. asst.. Mo. Bot. Gardens, 
1893-fi; with U. S. Dept. Agr.. 1895- 
1908; asst. chief div. agrostology, 189S-9; 
asst. div. bot., 1899-1900; diief sect, 
seed and pUnt introduction. 1000-1; 
dir. Hawaii Exp. Sta,, 1901-8; prof, 
agron., Coll. Hawaii, 1915-6; tobacco 
planler. 1908-18. Traveled in Europe, 


Aiutralu. Mexico. Bd,, PaciBc Com- 
mercial Advertiser, Honolulu, b. Scotta- 
buTg. N. Y., Sept. IS. ISM; ». Prosper 
Aduiu aod Delia (Spencer) S.; m. Grace 
Catherine Weraer, May IS. leiH. B.S., 
Univ. Neb., 1888; H.A., ISM. 

Smitlii John Macgregm, prof. agrl. engiu., 
Univ. Sask., Saskatoon, Saak.