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Together w ith the feverall ftc ps 

' ka(£ng thereunta, dtlivcred in divers 

Lcatures on rfie BEATltVDES y 
Being part of ChriAs Sermon in the Mount y 


contamed m the fifth uf Mat hem 

;By Jeremiah Burroughs, late Preacher 

of the Goipel at Stepn$j and Cripplegate^ 

L H t> H« 

fieing the laft Sernoons that ever he 


Now publiflied by 

miff am CrtenhiU. Jf John rates. 
Wittiam Bridge. W Wittiam Aderly. 
FBitip Nj^. jC Matbew Mtad. 

Printed by M.. S. for Nathaftiel Brooke at the 

t/injril mCa^nbitt^ and for Thomat 'p/trl^rfi 
ac tfie three CfWnti in ibisp-fide. 16 4o. 

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'ij.j, v.. 


R' . • 1 J • ; "V ■ ■» • • 


i -.■ ' » ,M 

V. . , 

Cthoiigh 'afn iJAtn- dcM 
fire happinefs , andi 
nothing be more 
ncedftil to be known, 
yet grtratare tlic itlif- 
^ takes of men there* 
about. Its not in fett" 
'." piall pleafurif^ lir'fo, 
DiV<l/ had been happy, Lwi<(p i d. and thc>fe 
made their bellies 'their gods , Phil. i. Jtt 
not in Homnrsy for then the Dragon and the 
Bead fhoulii^Havtteqjn happy, Kevsh^i''^r^. 
jits HOC in 5/Vi[>^x , Tames £. i.' Its not in 
Habits (it A6ts ot mdrall vprtues, then Hea- 
vhens had been happy, and Paiil in his Phi. 

. : ' A3 ^ . ri- 

To the Chrifiiau Keadi^, 

rifaifine, f fei/. 3. 6. Its not in kjiowUdge^ 
Ecclcf. 1. 1.8»^ nor in A7«/e;/ip/4rfwff of ifiiane 
things, for tX^Balaum had been fo^ Kmi, 
2,4:. j, 4". and P/j/o, whofc conteiBplitiens 
were fudi. Its in none ot thefe , but in what 
is I^iJ downc by the Lord Chrift, smd Iietd 
torth ia this ending Worke. Soom deny 
Saiitifiif'xadi hafpinefs to be in tUs Uff ^ 
but jD4«/i^ confutes the one, ffaL 16. 3. 
and Chrift the other,. lutrue ,. perfe^ hap. •^ 
pineft if not attain«l>le m this life, b^ufe 1 
thfcre is »iri}iiture of fip vanitie and mUery 
with every condition and- thing we ulioy ; 
XhcbefttofoMii having more Wormwood 
tbw Wiiw : yet) there itft.true bleiTednefs 
intbi« life, which coniiftsinthorc qualified. 
vtQfii actons asd fiifiprings wiuch> have « 
olearc cimaia.«Bd ftrong tenlency uato-per- 
fc^hsftpinefs, andmay becall'd Semitialk 
«r radicaUs btafitndoy fiifh are the Beatt«- 
»ide»h«K mentioned , 9^ ra^ny elfwhac 
in holf Writ, as-delighting in the Law of 
Ciod^TyW. I . %: iearingthc UotdyFJalli i %, 
V. being undefiled in ue way, ffd* 1 1 9. i . 
and fucn men are bleffed , But not /imply 
bWcd for> che qualities. had, things done or 


, Tj>We''Ckrifliaa Kcaikr. 

iet^^^y buc becaufe they lead t^p «ndi(iiie 

fa0W Coon thcHi maycft be ftripc oit}\y fecm-' 

art amifenJW^^Bianj^U^y life IS iilreame, and 
thy dcadi^ Will b£? «(r««^»l. Here is pro- 
pounded untdt iifet^ioctfaat the world calls 
UUffednefsy orwhat\thou ihinkeft fo,bat 
what the bleiTed SpnAC^of the blefTt^^GocT 
bath proBoi^iiocd uP>^i^ wilf be IduhB inlife 

aod^uh tti'MHc/'^v^^'^'^^f^ that 

blefTeite^f*; whicfaT the Loid 

flcfs , M ihenufctlTim^*!, iTfO^''?]^ ^ and 
Changa;bc,5y1^t%y will , thou art a blefl 
fol mS; ¥^c>2^^;ana Have il^ef^^ 
aiarThe ^eVeitnd Author ^f thefe Scr^ 
^oxvi^JiltlJiumkih Bmrough did fo^ be- 
ing the (ub)c6i he prcach*d on 4before his 


Thefe Sermons of his have laycn thirteen 

ycararoito|le«e this Wy day i»,thcdw:ke 

( for hfrdyed the 14 ^ day of the ^th month 


<^^ mmmmmm 


1'0 tbFXtfripiau ^eadtr,. 



1^4^. )but by the help of that hand whicli 
took moft of thofc Setmonsare ahre^tfy 5i* 
pi lilt, aite'now (wrought to iight,' difc^fventig 
theinfelves to be tht genuine lifiic of -fifth a 
parent, the face of who fe fptrit is livcl^^ly 
reprefented in Them. Reader, the aimc of 
ihoi^oc publifu i^em is that- thoii nls^eft 
knoWjdeiirejajidattaine true BUjJidntfs ki 
thefe unhappy times, and have thy thoughts, 
affedHonSj and anions fuitable nntQ fnch ati 
ttabfinefs^ which that thoii mayeft' have, 
and tb^ may be , is the cwncft dcfh« 

/ « 

• I 


I ... 

• I 

• •« 

Thiltp Vyt. 

• i 

t f 

:, ;// ;\ John Tater.. . . 

T^ie 14th o£ the Witliam Jderly, - 

. .'. 

''"^^•^ ' m^ II mm^^^m^ mm f t , 

ijitrnficn wftft preach wtjat CIr lfi Reached. 

iben the Sermon of Chrift ; and therefore. I incend ( God - 
williiis) if UfijW ftren^jrh, and liberty continues to got \ 
through this whole Seraion of Chrift unto you.: ^ Fora 
J^ikf to preach cxbtr bens Sermons ic is nej^igencfe, 
kit f(j: hiar to preach Chiilh SernK)a ic is faithfulnelle, to 
the 2cl Cer. 1 5. 20. The Minilkrs of God are the AmbiflV- 
dors of Chf ift> and are to fpeak mm people as if Jefus Chrift 
fpake unto thcni, In hisjhudy and fo they are to look upon 
them, m CijnAig to thepi in Chrifts ftead, as ifChiift Were 
fpeakir^ : Anil if vfc aiu It pretch as if Chrift .\1tere preach- 
.ing, what more futabh then to preach what Chrift hath 
preached : This Sermon in chefc three whole Chapters, is a 
Sermon prei^ched by the mouth of the Son of God himfelfe^ 
of him that? is the wifdcme of. die Fadier, Thai haiji ^1 the 
treafure9 of wifdome in him, of him that hith beeti in the be- ^ 
ibme of the 'Father from all eternity and know^s all his mind^ * 
bis whole heart, th? Counfells of his will coficemii^ mans 
ctennall eftatc. And 'tis he that is fent by the Father into the 
world, defign'd to this Office, to preach his nund and his will 
unco the children of men. 

O what gftention is calfd for, while you are hcarii^ this . 
Sermon of Chrift repeated to you, ana opened and ap^Iyed \ 

Oh we have in^nire caufe to blefle God for the way of 
inovwig hitnund by Jefus Chrift his Son : The Lord in for- 
ftier times clid reveale his mind to men feverall waves: But 
IWWR faith the Apoftle in the i Hei. He hath in tnefe laft 
dayes fpokai unto us by his Son, - whcxn Jic hath apooynted 
heirofaUthiiHS byvwiom alfo be made the worlds, who 
beii^the bri^tnefle of bis Glory^ : the expreffe foiage of. 
4is perfon, tire. . O this is the happinefle of thofe that . Kve 
in the times of die Gofpell,^ that Ciod fpeakes ujttoJtheflQ t^ • 
liis Son, That Chrift is come frcan the Father to make hint 
Inownuntous t Ft)riw«ww iipown rbeFafher hm the S<m^ \ 
ymihito whim thS^nmll ^ttfvexte^ l^m. Surely diere ar« 
^reatdfUii^ico te kwwnof tlie mfcri <if God, feeii^ the 
^scctodperfoQ in l^rtmty is^fefigo^d ir^die Ka^Pto utonie to 



4 iPhfthir this he tkefatne Scnmft tht Evsngelifi Lttks recovis. 

our fubjed)' and therefore calls for ferious acrenrion, mi 
{ear and Reverence ; And o that we would carry ihis choice 
with us ait, (he while w^ hear him preaching out of diefe 
Chapters. * » 

AUchatldiall doe at this time (hall be but to preface 
this Sermon ; There are diefe fix things confiderable 
in this Sermon; 

Firii> Becaufe iVe find this Sertnon recorded not only Hi 
iJUa$th<j»j but alfo in LukSi To inquire whether they be thfe 
jiame yea or do : For we lliaU find ic of ufe, one will much iiP 
lighten the other if they be the fame. • 

Secondly, We (halt inquire at what tinK Gbrift -preached 
thisSemi€ii> and upon wha£ occafion. 

Thirdly, In what place he preacht ic. 

Fourthly , To whom he preacht it. . 

Fifthly, The manner of his preaching, and 
, Sixdy, The Scope of bis Sermon, what it did principally 
aymeat : Tbefe fix thii^s will be ufefull for the makii^ way 
to what (hall follow. . 

, FortheFtrft: Whether ic be the 6me Sermon that Lxkg 
lecords : I find Interpreters are very much troubled about it : 
j^ yet tf yotf re^d the Sermon it felfe, yoo iGnall find, though 
mot recof aed folargly as iMatthe» doth it,, yet the lubftance' 
€f it is the iame,and almdl the fame word* : In-the 6 Luk^ 20;' 
Hf fif^ ^f bU tjes (m his Difclflesj. twdjmdj bleffed are the foorey ' 
an^ fo be goes <» juft as here : — And the reafon of the doubt' 
is,btcaufe we find in tM^tthw that Chrift chofe his Difciples 
]x\ the 10 Chapter and fent them out, but we: HikI in i^j^^that* 
Ghrift didcboofe his Difciples befo:e this Seinon was preach- 
ed ki this 6 Chapter i ?. verf. You (baU find that the DVelve 
were fent out firft, and then the Sermon was preached; There's 
the difference : - ■ ■ And then Secondly, Mattijew {aith* 
that Jeflis Chrift went up to the mountaine, and there taught 
bis Difciples, verf. i . But Lttke fairh^ he came Amn with them 
anifini in the pifi«#,and he lift up his eyes on hi? Difcipl es & 
£ud,.<:^^. AtMtthem (aith he/4f, and Lukg faith hefiooi in the* 
-^mne^o that divers Interpreters fay it was a different Sermon : 
But Y^^ ^befe may eafily be anftvered. por 


I - . .. .- ■ ■ ' . ,1 I H I V * 

4 7?«^ a^hw Cforlfi freached this Strnum. ^ 

And then the fecjaad rbiiK chat i> to be inqiiwd mco, is the 
timcivbenChrift preached' it 5 .«i,d thit help ^ou-niult haw, 
tmnLnkj^ ( For fol irttjend,. thatvvhAt light on^ Evaiigeliilr 
Tvill §jlve, I will make ufe <^f ih.vt, though it be not mentionect 
here ill MattiyetVymd you Ntilifli-jd it (rf very great wfe to in-* 
quire after this : .^' You iYM lii^l' that th!^ very night be- 
fore he preached this Sermon^ that he Was at prayer all nighr, 
Lftkg the -6 & 12. verfe. And it came to pafle in chofe dayes^ 
that he went ouc into a Mountaine vo pray^ and continued alt 
^night in prayer to Gody It was the night before this Scrm n. 
wa^ preached. - • 

And this Scripture wfll juftifte bi^ prayers u^aa cxtraop-- 
dinary occafions ^: Thoi^ I confefle m an ordinary way in fa- 
mily prayer, ordinarily it's more coinvemene to have them 
fliort then loi^ : &ic this Sctipture juftiries long prayer^i 
'jeaicinginanyhours in prayer upon extraordinary occafions^: . 
c&s iChrili fpeaki a miole night in prayer unto God, and 
ott fee how the diir^ of the Glory of God, and the goodof 
is Gliiirch did taki up his heafrc, fo that lie ipeates a^ vvbold- 
night in prayer aboitt tnem : O confidefr thi^ you that ^jend fo 
many nights in-cHambcrii^ and wantonncfl'e, you that can Tec 
up nights in dtinkii^. iand phying, t ^member Jefus Oirift 
£ir up a whole, night cogetbcr in: praying ? -t — *7..H^ pi^ayes* 
aliiKhci hereby giving ah txan^k to his Minifters cpotvj 
' occahonj to ber prayii^ for people,^ when tbfey are fleeping, ^ 
ro be feeking to' God m prayer y and wheiVthey are about 
otb^ rfifings : ChriH: he was V whole night here in 

But you will fty, what was" the occafloh:r why \\js he , 
a v^cAt night in pnayer befbW he preached this Sermoa — - . 
Whyrheoccaffon'feenTestobetheworktbat he had codes 
the nfcxt iijomjngt whkH iwas.trf lend forth his Difdples, for 
fd rfie Tett &itn in the t^^&f. Wh<H kwt$s dar^ he called 
nttf4 hm hi^ Difcipks; and of them kt chop twetve^ wlm^ a/fo 
kcniif^ii jifbjflei : Hehada great work « to do^^ to choofe 
twdvrc Apoftles to goe iq) and downe in the *orld to preach 
the Gofpel of God,^ ^ greareft vroffk (few txtt men weve to 




to fVh^t (Jtimntoiut 

^ only gueflingj? ; ^ m ' p; n Orh^rs I i\vtd do Allegorife very 
0Uid^hovyaNtbUkriJ^ouldbe,as upor^ the . Mounuine, and; 
hfiffi l^yenly fic u>ouid,be. when he f$ aprcacbliig^buc Jf like it 
not CO ftraine Scr5)ture any further then I chink to be the mea- 
ning of rheholy Cjihoji:. therefore I think there is ndrhing elfe* 
ti) be cogfidered the;) this, the convcniency of the Mouncaia^ 
beca^ifeicwas a retired place, and there being a clutter o£ 
^opi^h^cciiid^^ot be.ip cc»nppfed among th'eni to fpeake fa 
'^ E^ihcation, therefore he. retires iincp'a^.Mounuine! 
agaii?e, \^bef e he had fpeac fo much time in prayed' " , 
. Chrift doth not ftay till he corner to the ,$ymgogue td, 
pre£K:fl^^or theTenipje fj>lp> but* takes anyjp|ace^c was a 
httit^ place to pre^ i^utcx the people: /XiJs^no: iiepefT^r)^ 
4^^!^^^i(^^'^:MCor:^^ ^' jcbe.pEJeaching' 

■ : whft MouKtawc vm 

!; SopiRib^v^^thbughckt^bethe lylountaim o£ O/Tz^^tr, but 
^rcaiin% Pftltibk bc^ i^f <phr^ vyas u^ the ^iippcf . GalliU a^ 
S^as umej^g M<^pAy<f Jifasn^erta/jW-i^yi/w^/as nee^ 
19 H^f'i*^*^/^^^^ ahouc 

4P.^le9 Aw J^ufyiem^ this tjpejj, th^reiEpre - J^raJw? aiid 

^9P<^Pmmk^: SeiiwiWMi.JiHiric.^j^. fcap^. pi^" .are(Q 
pro/hane by prophane u(es, iha^ii?xeniiift:wot,ba.;tjo' pjeactv- 
|0g there :Br^ others thirft^haffqm^ pl^ceiarc too.iuperftiu- 
f«^%.;^ie4,JjJn^ becai^fep^ti^e flipcrfti;ipn dia^ bach beep 

ror propnane,Certainly there is nothuie dc^ vnM\y plwe tih^f 
doth lo defile the place but that ^foccjaSoft fqrve diei^e mi^hc 
W^ing!ia:d)^^p}iK:f^d,vfjo«l(i Jj^ ^u^^ublp ;;».,C^d, 
^Oi«h If ryeire ina^place^Mtb^i^aaarPIajf-^iqirtSvitivoiiliJ 

' • •• " . ■ ■ ■" "place 


1 1 JDofttU t9fiC€it in Feofle a^p^ f laces fn^^'Pnaching. 

came incoit: and we do not find chat Cbrift itftifed preaching 
in any fuch place where he came though it had been abufea 
this way or that way, Chrilt fto6d not upon diat; but tooke dfc 
prefent opportiinny to doe his wo^^^ wprd^ 

that's the tirft, And • * " \. , " 

adljr* That all WSnifters of God fliould tafe whati oppor- 

* tunicies they can for doing good, and that's thfe third confide- 
' ration by way of Preface. 

The ^^ isy Who are thefe Audkprs that the Text l^afks 
of ? jM feeing themkhitudehei^m^iff mh the Motmtiiiije": 
Now Icoirfeffe fome they qiaSte this Sermon . of Chrift to* be 
the nmfcitude that was there^ that did trome and dutter abocit 
him, and therefore tirink that Chrifl-jyas jmbvjed withcompaT-' 

: fioh to preach unto them, bdcaiifc b^ faw" fuch Auhdafce of 

-pebble : — It" i? Vei^fruttr, ft is a^^i^te6tii^C)b;eS t^-^riy 
gracious heart, tbm^ CJbdlyl^fi^^ 
dante'of pcopft cotohii^ to'hi'^str, Mi crpcctdly manifefting'a 
wiUii^efle tp attend. It is a -very moviftg oojed to draiv 
forth any Minifter s heart ib the world; ah^ lb we find at fonie 
other tune that Chrifts heart was imtcfitfrawn forth iipon the 
fight ofamiiltitiide of peopfe ;ihthc,!^.^fat^ 35. But -when 
hejapp tBemnffitude he i»as movei with compajjion oH them bc^ 
cattfe theifdinteiy and werefcattered ah-odd as Jheep having no 
fhepheard: Then faith he nMo his J)ifciflesy the harvefi tr^ 
up/ef7fei$iSyimt thetsAwrers art few ^ fr^ ^e, therefore the tiord 
efthe harvefty ihat ki will fe/rd forth lawftrersimb hijf harvefi^ 
.When' Jefus Chrift I6oVt upon- abundance of people th^ were 
rficre,the Text laidi,7l6^ he -was moved with cmfajfioky thinlc- 

. Sxig. with himfclfe Lord what fhall become of thefe maiy 
ihouCuidfotilesthatknowfo little of God and the things pf 

'*|icavcn,afid therefore O pray fatjh h^ to his'^Difciples, praV 
jcthat he would f^dfbfjcH labourers inrbhii^lutVeft; Tnele 
people are wiHiig toheaf,thc'R€;gibns are vyhite untobarveft^ 
O pray that there ihight be labourer? i^ into.' the harveft : 

* T^cVcry fightof a nwlcitiide is a movii^fidit, to pi each and 

* l^prity lihat God #oold fetid faithfoll Mimfters to preSch un- 
;& tbem. Indeedthe£ght'bFir hmhitudt - is ah tdb^^ (tf envy 

m—.^K ■>«Mi T ^f » ■ ^ 

fhemdmttr if Cifrifis Trel^ehing: 


idarlaiefl'c were ktiot for the light ^ the word, they ihould-bc 
full of light and fo rtiould enlighten others: Minifters they - 
ihould be filled with the will of God> as 'tis faid^f . Sfafhr^i^ 
in the 4.* Coloj: he prayed for tlie peoj^le th*u they .might }k 
-jiUU in aH the will ofChd^ v. 1 2 . O it*s ^n excetlenp tWi^ for 
;-AMiniftertobefUkdwichthewiJJ[ofOod, as-afaile bfilkd 

- : Thofe whoare moft in&uAtd by Cbrift, they are fitteft cp 
ondrud; pcofde : Chrift he foils a preaching totheoi, chat they 
^may preach to the People : Thpfe daiuiot preach to dieiiear^s 
icf people that have tkoc had Jeiiis Chrift Preaching to thqr 
iiearc8l)e£6re. . ' 

Andl)d(ideSy . Ghcift faw that the work was ivtij diftkulc: 
the vvbrk.of the Miniftryis ahard work/iierefore ChrilV^eods 
41 ^teacdeale of time, is in praying for them before, foafiie^ 
iie hisdacfaofinf tfaeniin inflrtiiiii^ of thein^ey were roJbe fet 
Jii^a light upon an .4nll ; mi the eyes- aila obfervaticnsbf 
lemen wwld be upon ttma to w^cbthem in all their wnye$, 
IHiey nnuftl>eaEreii)ehrimt<)f ^Ijand ifthere be any hazafdable 
work they mttft approach^ 'Ibt^-work Qf God is very ditE^puk. 
it*s a %x»cfa of LmberyH^k^ Ui^^friacl^^ But -for. a math 
wJnvrtbe mvj pffotfle tkdi 4HH^^ t^illAupcm . h^mfclfc.: And 
€bereforeicwas;tfaai Ghfifiniade (bch a preparation^ his Ar 
)>d9iles before tbej were to goe abroad : 7-f— And tlipt*s 
liie w^ Oantideratian about t^ jfoefaf:^ 4iO Chrifts Seiznqn^bi^ 
Aiidittrs,oWiitai he had. . • Ml;;. 
: iAtid ^ijhen ifae \. ConMeration bvrway of P^^z is> 
The manner of thrills Preachii^, And there are 3 ^Tbii^ 
^fetvable^I woidd gladly cake ^ allchings inScripdice, ^ 
iiie Scripture it HOC like a Carpent^s Yard, thatagreatdeale 
<ctf'd^ l^s:]boucand:are of.nQfttf^,'bu^ ii:'slikeACtf/if*5iiMV2r 
^Sfaop ftercveny dnftcis precious. ^ iib wh^pwe^e tod^ale ip 
$cript4fPC,^ve:ihoolrijioci)egld^ the k»ft Particle, for we 
^all Fnd it «f much life. 
' irhere ane « Thin^iiHcare:iieco]?ded abopt the nannerOC 

^^ i.'ij.a 


ig Ahont confmnhj to Ceremms. 

monies hadYthen chough they be buc Ceremonies we mufl: noC| 
except we would fin agaiirfl jefus Chrift and our confcienccs^ 
we tauft nor conforme to them ; for then die^ come to have 
fome worfliip in them, when rhey come to have fpiritu^Il fig- 
nifications, and there is that put upon them by way of inilitii- 
tioQ ; But if there be no more in a Ceremony, then what the 
nature of the thing carryes with it to be helpful in Gods wor^ 
(hip ;Tliere sno QueftioiibttC the prudence of m^ is enough 
for the ordering of that in ia As it's a iiatural hdpe for people 
when they come to hear the worc^ to iswe coiwenient fe^ics* 
It^s a natural helpe fo when it s but ipKed in a natutai way, btt 
Qow kneeling at Saaament, and (uch Ceremonies, they ha4 i 
fpkitual tmcadz put into them, atidan inftsmion foia 

And fo for garments, for aMinifterniktveacoRvtakttK 
garment it's a mcurall thing, but now, af diey will JEOakeaii 
inftttution, that a garment muft be ther^are decent becau(e 
its^ipixrimed»rtk>telfe, for whatrdefi«i||^ is tbere^intlie 
nature of the' cbiag, but ail is in the inftimtiioii than is pnt Ujp- 
DO itby man : Tbefefoire tibferveiiere, wfaatfoeverCleK^ma- 
-ay is but natural and helpful in a natural my, their thcw 
&6uld be no cdntentiodi we have no fuch cuUome, nor cfie 
Churches of God to contend about rfjcfc, bit if they corned 
haveaRdigiousufeputuFondienT, for fo its laid in the 
.CommonrPiiaver-Booke ;. T9>(tijrmp theMU mvis sfmsm^ftm 
they come to be finfuU, and therefoi^ Chrift he obervedibe 
Ceremoiw of dbe Jnrr/ as a naturall helpe. . , ^ 

And idljy chrift opened his moudrand fpahe: Opened has 
moiid! you wUliay, why is this mtouoned ? How could he 
fpeakeelfe tothcm? '. .... ^ r^ 

• lanTwer, KrftiThereisifpfeakingthqugh there is.ittan 
q)cning of ones mouth ; In the ii.lfet:^. There the holy 
.Ghoft Qieaks of a Ipcaking widiout opening of the mouth r By 
fmhAhH offered to God a more excellent Sacrifice tbsn 
Coin^ by which be obtained witndfi^ that he Wis rJdbeoii$^ 
Cod teftifying of his gifts : Ani kyit be^ btiwg JlMidjn^^ 

i^ j So tbereiiareaU fpedktt«a»WeUas a vefbUaie,i ju^ 


1 8 what meant by Chrifi oft'»*'g hit.0mh. 


they (hould have their hearts as a Treafure of excellfenc thii^ 
ai^ fo have cotnmand of ;:beiT mouthesy that when they fee an 
ocqiion of doii^ good v^^re chey cona^ ribey fliquld open 
t^ door-e of this treafury to vent what good things chey have 
got in this creafury ; O mac all our mouthes were fo : This is 
^e meaning of this exprelfion, Chrift ofend his mmth : it was 
aWercy my Brethren that Chrift had his mouth open to i^ake 
to.ti?ii people ; had die Scribes jffid Pharifees hai their wills 
q[>Qn.Chrilt> his mouth had been iliut long before this rime,fbr 
theyenvyed him, buc ihrqugh Gods mercy the moiirh of 
Chrift was open do fpeake to the people the great djings of 
God c And it's a mercy that Minittdrs moudis are open ? That 
tbeynuyopentheif mouths to fpeake co people^ and ftew 
them what ihe nundof God u^ we bad not fuch a mercy ,<loi^ 
fince : Thou^ there were many Minilters chat had their iieanl 
full of rich truths, yet the <ioore was lockt and bolted againft 
ihem) they could not open the doore, £d as the people could 
not have tnem ; wd I beleeve there was never any reformed 
church that coiKra^ed to much guik (. in all the world ^ in 
(bpping themouths of faithfull Mmifter«,as Englmi hath done 
in former time : But Meffed be God, that God hath ftopt the 

inouths of the ftoppers of mouths : : • I reinembcr in Ckry* 

j^^ms time, I find that the godly people then did profefle 
thait they had rather have the Sun widviraw.her beams then the 
moutb i&Chrfio^mHt ihould be. ftopt ; there was fo much ex- 
cellency ixkCbryfsftoms preaching ! fay they, lliaWthe doorof 
the treafuryofJ(pA/»CAr)')&/?aw^j heart be {hut, fliall that bs 
bolted, and Aali we have no b^neS t by it, it were betcer we 
bad np benefit by the Sun it felfe ; O account it a gre^metry 
lEhat the modths of iaidifuil Miniftecs may be opened tc^ fpeaki 
untoyoM. Alid thit s the fecond contideraoon intbemann^ 

,. And then the Third is, Hcfnhi; eyn^ npon thofe he fpake 
4i!K0^: Soibe HolyGhoft-dotbnoce iiuhc 6 i^.ic. /ft lifted 
j^ hif fy^ $ip&f^ his Vifofkf : Cfcrtainlyniy BclovecJvrheeye* 
^ Chrift did fpatkle wich tery much wifdoDHc; mi 'there wai 
iQuchQ£theglaiy«fGodfparklingmdie very eyes ^sfjefu^ 


20 TJ^ 5cajv <if t^e Sermon. 


time : fo do you know that Jefus Chrift lifcs up his eyes i^x)ii 
you all> and his eyes will be upon every hearc aU the while hi| 
Seraion Ihall be jpreached : d Chr i(t comes into the Colore; 
g^tion to look upon this man, and the other man» to fee hovt 
they will entercaine his word, and if you will but remembec 
this one note all along as we goe, it will be of very great ufe ta 
rou, remember the eyes of Jefus Chcilt will be upon you>and 
6oks upon your behaviour all the while : and that's the fifth 
thiiTg by way of preface. 


The fixch thing is to fliew what the fcope of this Sermoii was: 
Sermon 2d. and that confiffs efpecially in thefe three things. 
Ver.^. ^ Firft, To difcoyer wherein true blelfedpeile doth cpiifift; 
1^ they are that are truly bleffed. ^ 

*' Secondly,' To open the fpiricualnefle of the Law, oj? th^ 
feirit'uall light that by the light of the Gofpell we come to un- 
cferftand : Chrift undertakes to ftiew the dutyes of the Lav^ 
how they were by the Gofpel raifed to a higner highc ; The 
Gofpel doth not abolilh them> but iliewes us a more fpiritugjl 
life't6^.$ve theh'more generally uiadei: the law did underftand^ 
our Saviour aim^ at taking of men off from fcitisfying <rf them- 
felves in extemall dutyes of righteoufneffe, of prayers, or aay . 
other Wily ; or keeping from extemall.fins. . . , ^ 

; And then thirdly, a forewarning c^ falfe teachers :. Tbef(^ 
are the three principle heads of the S'emion ;' Ther^ arenwij. 
other things interwoven in, but fortbe firfl thing; It- is co; 
(hew wherein true bleffedrkfle confifts. He begins with bUf- 
fedrtefe in his motith, Blefled are the poor, Blefed, Bleifed,t 
againe and againe : From this we have theie n<>(^s) 

briefly, • . - . - ; '. . -..'. n -.' v \ 1 

•: Fim,rhat itis Jefus Chrift that c^acbeis werein true bleP: 
fednsffe ddth cordSft : If we would know' hoiv to'be bappy^; 
and bleffed, it miift be by Ghrift : the natural wifdome of man 
can never reach it, ther? were anjpng Philofophers^ hundredi 
and four-fcoce oriniom of mans fiappuietfe, ancj fomc r€;ckon 
more : They did but bear the Bu jli , its th? "CfulALm that cacH 
ches the Bird : 'tis (»ely by Chrift that we may linow how to 



■■_-■- LI II ■ lll~in r ' • ^T* '■ " ~ ^^.^.^^^^m^m^^m^^m^m, 

-ap4X) Godro jhew bappineire to tbofe that God in- 
.tends etcrml good to, . 

. p the coRmi^ions t^t many have ha J in the rMiniftry of 
-thcGofpel, whacaturneibnietiiiieshach the'wojd. given t^ 
4iieir hearts in one halfe (juarter of an houre : Their hearcf 
)iave been fccking after varne and droffie things for their hap* 
pineflfe, and would reft in them as the oiiely good that they ' 
wpufd^think chemfelves happy in: and the Miniiiry of the Go* 
fpcl'hachdartedinthofe truths unco them that have given a, 
9 tume to their hearts: and they.WQuld not have loft what thejf 
have found in the Miniftry of tne word, foinctimes in one Scr-? 
mm for loooo worlds, that that you prize atfolow a rate^ 
lih^find fjich good in, as (I fay,) they would not have loft for 
loboo.worlds:. They have come fomecimes to hear the wordf 
with camall, drolfie, vaine, fenfual hearts, looking onely to 
things that are here, bafe and \ild> but in attending upoathe 
Wo:d,tbere hath been thofe flafties of light let out unto them 
cb^ h«Kh niside iih^nn to fee wherein the true good of a rational 
freature coniift^,) toffee w^twas the end God made fnan for> 
and (he infinite good, that mans jfdil^ is capable of, and iipon. 
^his'they haveg![>pe away with tKeir hearts fcoming and con- 
cemnti^ all thpfe fenfual delights and vanities, that they placed 
iJ^eir hajppfnefle in before : therefore leame to know what the 
fcotje erf the Mii^ry^of the Gpfp^jl i^ ^at i^ the .a<* .geuerallj 

. The '^iNotefrcm the defign-cfChrift ill general is this,By, 
vyhat vfe bear Chrift telling us bleflfednelTe dotfa.confift in, wd 
BWykamejthat. there's agreat deal of diflference between the. 
^^t^its,^i^judgp(^ God^bout true^ happjnelte^ .^nctj 
fhckoboughfs ajqSd, jufjgment of the world : fo^if iq pe ttat^^W 
l9ok i»to aU thofe; ^Beatiti^ that we have Ijere^^youwiU fee 
dbem in Aich a quite crdTe way to the judgment;' oCtbe wcf Id, 
afi nothing can be more. » . . 

. A For in xi^ firft places Suppofe the jut^ement of the worjld 
ftotJd b^ askt,^ who ar-? thoje that ^reljL^d, Certajftly> they. 
w<j«ttiiev«f haM?:faidtj?cp(^ would- dunk, 

ttemtob«:i»ife|:3^.il^^ at? popi:e» 1 witCKiftfeoC 
i:o:n' 7' * another' 

*4 Jjtdgmcnt itf the mrli nlmt^ ythoff Blijfed. 

fejid their right, No, Bleffd art the feacermakcrs tlwic will nn 
t^t pare with chac vvhich is their right then chat there {hculd 
•iioc be peacp. ' - o • 

Bn&^vegtt, the wrld would nevfef.have thot^ht 
vthit thofe vyere BUJled that are perfccHted :, No, faich Chpift^ 
410W I appeatc to your Coofciences whether ever you vvould 
.have thought that ble0ednef^ had confilkd in thefe thii^>tud 
not ^e had it from. (Jihrift : :Thus have vve feene that there is a 
- greatdeale of differeoce between tht judgement of.Chrifl^ 
jand die judgemem of the world about true happiijeffe. . i 
It's of great concemement for the Minilters, and- the youi^ 
Difciples of Ghrift to have their hearts taken off from all earcb- 
^ ly WetfednciTe, and to eonfidet wbereinctrue heay wly bleffed- 
.neifc doth confift : for this is the.Serpfion ■(a$ I told yfiu^ thit 
Chrift Preaches tpMiaiftarsv^^hen^ie fends'thejn toPreacht© 
othersb and likeyvife to ocj^r Difciples that were newly "cott- 
verted: for Chrift had been in his publick Miniftry for-z years 
before this Sermcwjand niany were turned to the ProfetrioncfE 
Chrift ; But now though they were turned to be the DifcipleiP 
•of, .Chrift yet nothing, but troubles jand a(Bifti<MisHdid 
J befell ' them in this world, ' uf on that, Chrift faw vvas 
. like they n^ght be orfended through their weaknelfe,therefore . 
-0irift takes care, fully to informe and inftruitthem ^ thac 
though they did continue in a poor aqd meaf le, and io>v condi- 
tion for the world, and perfecuted and reviled, yet there was 
a blefiednelTe that wag beyond alt thefe;ye^ in tbetuf&fthg of 
all thefe,cfaey might be moft happy^why this is that that ChrilJ: 
fvould have Minilters and young Dif<;iples to khow, becaufc 
ihat their nearts may be uken off from Qutward thit^s :r** 
They are like to meet with affiidHons and troubles, and there- 
^fe Chrift would have them to be fpiricuall, and if they be noc 
ib, they are not like to do much good to thofe they Preach co. 
I/theirhearcsbeintangled with theworkl and with fenfuaU 
t^thims cipd thepleafures of the fleflt, they are never like to do 
good, but they that fee a happinelfe higher then thefe thing? 
:$bey are like to do the greateft good intheir wayr -^-*Nr And 
.ibep &r-you that are young ones^if you are noc fully afcxQied 
: .. . in 

^H I— — »h— r— — ^*«»i I 1^ 

GtoU to h Ifffcirmei 4htu tr$u ilcjftineff^. 25 

ID this when you firfi give up your names to Chrift; Tliat what- 
foevcr afflidions and miferies you indure in the world, yet 
there is a bappmetfe wherein you may be bleflcd, you will ne- 
ver hold on in the profeflfion of Ghrillian Religion, fcwc 
you will be offend<Kl and in a fniall time caft it all 
off . - ^ 

Chrift cotb nor fay, you ought to be foorc In ffirhy ic is 
"jcur dvtiy to htnger Mid thirfi J md to hmecke : No, he doth 
not come that way, Bnt 6lejfti are the poore in fpirlty ani bUf- 
fU art thty that iiunger Mtd thhrfi ^ he go^sby vyay of com- 
mendations of what lliould be in them, rather then oy way of 
exhortation, or threatning the contrary. From whence we may 
ieam^ this Nore : That it is a very ufefull and pro!itable way 
for the Miiiifters of theGofpbl to feek to gain people to the 
love of what is their duty,by iliewing them what is tne excel- 
lency and glory of it, and what good and happineile they ihall 
come to enjoy by ic,that's the way,not altogether to be meerly 
in laying the burden ofa duty, in exhorting or threaming for 
want of the duty, though thefe things are feafonable in their 
times, buca main thing that Minifters of the GofpelHiould 
a}ine at iliould be to convince people that in what is required 
of rbem there is a bleffedneile, for if we (hould get people to 
itt upon duty meerly upon neceffity , becaufe they muft be 
done, this would do but little good, and they would be ready 
10 fall off from what they doe 5 But now if we can gaine peo- 
ple not onely to do what God requires, but to be in love with 
frfuc God requires, thar they may fee there is an excellency m 
it,cbac they may fee they are bldied by ic, we then gain their 
hearts, to tne du?;^ and to Chrill for ever. * 

And yet there is one note more, from this fcope of Chrift 
mhisblelfednefle: That Chrift doth not here begin his 
Sermon thus, Bleffed are thofe that do believe in me,and that 
rccodly and ri^teous;why doth not Chrift Ijpcak of bleifed- 
Setbat way in generall, of righteous men, ofbeieevers, of 
lies, but thofe aiat are poore, thofe that hunger and thirfl:» 
ifc that raoumc, they arc the bleffed onesi Why th|s is be- 

E caufe 

2(5 t^inliio's nmfi fute their 


caufe Cbrift would fuice himfelfe to bis prcfent Auditory, 
to thofe that he was now preachim to; this was adoiirine that 
was more futable to his Difciples,becaufc they were like to be 
moft offended with poverty, and with their afflided condici- 
ons in which they were like to be put into, and therefore 
Chrilt he labours to helpe them in that thing wherein their 
chiefe temptation was like to lve,and pitches rather upon this, 
BUJfed are the foare ani thpfe that ffiMw^then biefled are tliole 
thatbeleeve, and that are righteous. It is a great part of the 
skiUofaMinifteroftheGo^el, not onely to preach things 
that are truths, but to labour to fuitc hunfelfe vwacpolTibly he - 
canto thofe that lie %eaks unto, that he may (peake a word 
in due feafon to their hearts, fitted for their condition, and 
therefore not fo much to labour to preach what he 
nught perhaps, wherein he might (hew more depth and excel- 
lency of his own parts, but what it is that may be moft futable 
for tne condition of the people that he is fpeaking to. Thefe 
are the Notes briefly from the generall, That Chrift begins 
here with this kind of bleflfednefle, Blefed are the foare ;. It*s 
;ood to take Chrifts judgement rather then our own about 
rfefledneffe. Kather follow what the biefled God faith blef- - 
icdnefle confifts in, then what a wretched miferable znan 

The foore , they are the ilejfcd. 

That is. If you would know what is meant by bleflednefle 
here, it's this, they are fuch as are partakers of the chief good 
that it was made for,and (hall certainly be filled with all aood 
that their natures are capable off, for in rfiis, blefledneflecon- 

Now, The;»^fw»/^ViV,vvhat3evertfaeymay warn for the 
prefentinrfie creature, yet they are now made partakers of 
that wherein the higheft good of man doth confift, and fliall 
certainly be fiHed with all goodi?vfeatfoever that their foules 
and bodyes are capable of, th€fe:are bldTed. 

The fflprr, Btefed are the fme : The Greeks had 2 words to 
fignifieapooreman^Firft, waor fuch a poor man as is dcfti- 


JjoSrtnes to the CGKihiom of their hearers. 27 

tute of neceffaries fucb as he cannot live without : the other 

»tw which figniHes a man that indeed hath nothing but 

bare neceiiaries, that that can maintaine life and foule, as we 

fay, and keep them together. 

The word that we have here in the Text, it is not apoore 

man that hath but juft enough to maintaine him ; but it is the 

poorc that arc deflitute of that that is neceflaryjThey want that ^ 

without which they are like to perilli, they apprehend luch a 

want to themfelves, that's the property of the wojxl, Bleffei 

ThzfooTy butnotallpoore: Blejfedare thefoormfpirttythtvc 
arc fomc poore that are curfed, that are iniferablc poore, that 
arc every way poore, that brii^ poverty upon themfelves by - 
their idlencfle, by their wickeandTe, by their procigality, by 
misleading what they have when they are young and have time 
CO lay up fomething againft charge come upon them, fpend ic 
all prefestly, and fo they and their familyes are like to pcriih 
,througb poverty, Cbrift doth not pronounce them blefled that 
briis poverty upon themfelves by abufe of the' f textures, or 
by iGUeneire,or by committing fuch wickednds as.they (hould 
by the (Iroake of juftice be deprived of the comforts of this 
world and fo be made poorc ; nor thofe that are through bare 
necdTity poore. Outwardly poore, or through any fecret ciufe 
of God i^K)n their eftates, as fometimes it is^ie doth npt pro- 
nounce fucb to be blefTed, a$ thefe are:Oh i;^ There are piany 
poore people, that are outwardly poore, yet are far enough 
hem b;:ine poore in fpirit, they are outwardly poore, and yet 
proud, ftubbome, prophane ana ungodly, fcorning at Godli* 
nefle and religion, certainly thefe are curfed f core; Therefore 
in the 6 Lftks about the 20. faith Chrillj Blefcd are the peore ^ 
when he look upon bis Difciples, Slejfed are the poore : A man 
may be poore in this world, and yet be a very curfed man, be 
miferable in reference to God, as he is in reference to men, 
;^ mote miferable a 1000 times in reference toCod9then he 
i^uuro men : 6 what a multitude of the pooreft of people dp 
ve find Uvii^ mthouc God in the Wt>:kl> few^ring poore, unr 
deaae poore; moft prophane and m^odly as any kinde of 

E 2 people 

^t comfort to th[e rfc^r 4rr poor in the y^orU. 


people that lives upon the earth, o thefe are dreadful! objefis 
to lode upon, like to be niiTerable here, and to be miferable to 
alletermry hereafter ; fuch^ poore as thefe, you muft not thinkc 
tbatbecaufe you are micrablc here, therefore you have your 
bell here, and (hall not be miferable hereafter ; 6 no ; If you 
can read, you may read in the EpilUe oijuie^ vvhe;rc the Apcv- 
ftlelpeaksoffome that were Ccxifumed with fire from hca- 
;y : ven, and yet were fent downe taetemall fire afterwards ; fo 
there are feme that the Lord hath forfaken m this world, and 
are like to be forfaken ro all eternity in the world to come. 

But you will fay, This is littleComfortro the poore :— • 
firtle Comfort, Are there any here that would have Comfort ? 
Is it the. word that you doe expetk Comfort from ? If thete be 
any poore that doth but defire to have Comfort frcwi the 
word : I would be loath to let this pafs without addfe^ fome- 
thing ; Therefc^e that you may not be difcouraged in your 

You may have this Comfort from the word, ( EUjfd art 
the foercy ) For, firft,You poore ones have as precious foules as 
the greateft Monarks of the earth r your foules are as much 
wordi, and capable of as much glory, as the great Empc- 
rours. Kings, and Queens of the world ; and that s (bmewhat.- 

2lyf You poore, may have as free accefs taGod, and hca* 

ven is as open to you as to any of the greateft Potentates of the 

world ? Tnere is as great a polhbility, (if you have hearts to 

looke after it,) for yott to t^ve a Grown of Glory in the higheft 

heavens, as for the greateft Monarch thatlivesi^on the earth^ 
and that's fomewhat to you. 

3 7» Let me fay , That not only you are as neere, but in 

feme re^&s necrer to eternall bleffednefs ( If y6u be hot 

wicked and ungodly, and have but hearts to looke after blct- 

fednefs, you may more likely attaine to bleffednefs) then the 

Great ones of the world ; For your temptations are not fo , 

great as theirs ; Indeed the temptarions of poverty are great, 

out the evills that other temptations would draw the neart 

too, are things more pteafing to nature, then the temptations of 

poverty ; poverty tempts to difpaire^ and to ftiifiii^ coilrics; 


Comfort ta thfe that are foore in the werld. .^p 

bur there is a more hardnrfs inthefe tcmptatiornxo a mans 
mmre^ then the fins that riches tempts to , which is to fatisHe 
our lufts, and be proud,and hatighty^nd fcorn^fuHi and there's 
more danger in that. 

4*y, You that are poore, you' have not fo great an accidunc 
togiveastherichmcnbfthe world have. - 

5<y, The Lord harh revealed in the J?cfiptnres thjt hj haA 
chofen the poore of the work! ; Though he hath choi'en fonie 
rich, yet of borh^ the Lord hath pitcht his thoughts toallecef- 
iriry upon the poore of the world, to cboofe ihkm. . In jhe % 
Jam. 6. Hearken my Brethren ; (It's a matter tO' be hearken^ 
after, )TA<f Lerd hath chfen the f0(nr0'oftht'**t^Ut0:ife;rliih'in 

Faith . pTheiA'en'to this you peore one^r ^ia(fr y^u fliay b^^id- 
courigedtohfearlten'^feer tfaeWefledrt^fe.'''-' ci:' >' J'-^ V> - 
'tf y. As God hath put his choife upon th^i pooi« c^the 
world, fo he iKith aj^med his Go^, eigeciallyito^^bfe 
preacht to them. In the i^Lnkezi. Chfiftildbtfrfottb hfe 
fervanis to Cill in the poore, the riiaimdi, tlif^ "i^trM^^tbt 
blind ; Chtift Invites them : and in the tv^tathlj^ilfi^ t\he 
foarr is the gajj^elfreacheii No^^if the Gdjpd! 4)e appointed 
to be preaehed to the poore, then fitfely it's appbidtfed t6jb6 

S cached tothis Congregation^ and ox\m Goamvld but give 
ofe^at areluch miferable poore {people ^in reg^ifd cf 6&6^ 
nxrdij\M, hearts to come to he^te the preaching if th^^Go-^ 
fpcU andnottortake aiiyexcufcJfopwtotbiF Qoafchs, or this 
or die other i^ii^, but to come to heare the4>refiching of c(he 
Goi|iel ; For you are Invited , y(3« aSmes-peopie, :arojpoqr6 
people rfiat have not' bread t6 AtMe voitr minger vyithaw, you 
arefe^ted'to itcirie toj>artAt of the'brfead of tt^ ^^.^^ that 
are not Invited t^ riA thefts Tables^ ' fee' <5«6d'hatfa lif^kt'd 
you to hisTaWeV to'the ftipt!fer otthe Lambj he liatlvtoyidjd ' 
/en you poore to come. -.y"^' 

7lyi 'We find in SeripttfreU^^f ^ irmtic^l^i^ftm nn 
r fevT tut-poorc peopl^ haVe it. i -O^'^, t . i«. 'T^ ^fsijM* 
I OinrBrtthrek^ Ui^ thatmifmt^wifi'mi^^ 

>t numj »f V6n, m many mUa are ca&ei ;■ »t Gi^mhdhd^ 

J t eieMii-thtnzs ef 4hi i^erU t0 C4mfmdtheMfe.^i -and Gifd^ 

. ^ ^ hatbi 

j^ Cimifjrt to thofe that are fohre 

hath chofcn th r»4akf things of the wcrldy to cenfouttdthe things 

^ whiih are mighty J a^dbaj^! things of the warU^ml things which 

' 4rf dijpijedyhdth God fhofen^ jca^ and things which are ncty to 

hrlng to nanghi things that are. Aiid the poore, they have the 

Cpi^l preached to them. 

8iy, If fobe that you doe come in upon die call of the Go- 
. jfpf^l, die Lord will not difregard you ?yer a whit the lefs be- 
-j^aiufe you 3we poope,but the Lord yvill have as high thoughts of 
. you, and t^ejr yiHi^ as mifch ashis fouk iliall cleave to yoU) 
an4 you (liall it^oy Cooimunion with hfiin, and as much as the 
,gi^eft JEmjtero!:s fli^ll doe though they be godly : — You 
.will &yjasaaicb.a$ groat; ]£mpei;or$ at^ Kings that are wicked^ 
-riiac'^tcMfir^^y.iiidjoiigb they be godly: Suppofe t^ere, bea 
Godly idi^,'and A^o<s^.|Godly Almes-body: this poore 
Altnes-body m^y .4»ave as jpuch Communion vvidi God, and 
Ood n^ay aoHi^t; jks-.tnuch of the fervices of this poore crea^ , 
mrfeifi.ofikEniicei. chough be be Godly ; Forljod ^othnop 
f^ilw«lvr^r4:otiergi^wfe of die work that is done, as.dic 
4(aitb&lnef$^md t^ie ii^^righttieT^ of our hearts in d^(iqg.o£.ou]: 
iworte; Oh ,that- God nay. wofild fanctiSe your poverqr to 
7<pu> fo a^ ^obethixdie youf felves after this manner^ Whj, I 
^(Qin tbi^ worlds a poorersriiferable creattire>and there is Uttle 
hcj^$; th^ e^er I /hoid^ come to any fftzt matters in this 
TmM% dlepme ieeM^ ^i^r Tpirituall riches tbeip il aqilikc 
evi^r 00 beiniTer^e here^as tooutiy^rids^ 6,lpu& why mayrnoc 
my foule> yet and.bpdy tOi be bkfled at the lafl ? vyiiy may 
not I be blefffed vvith,G6d:and his^Chrift for ever ? If I could 
be ^A?XQ preach taibi? Conj^gadonj^n^ roaH,tbepp<)4:!9.4n 
^s Cotigresation, if it-mignt^^^ b^t pro^l^sediiiiw.^ctijit 
dayi there. fliQuid bea Spi^npn te ftidfv hpw;aU;db^ ppore in 
tbi^ parish ihould come to be made ncih men ot^^oipen^and 
fo as to live richly all their dayes ; I make no Qjjeftion there * 
WPtiid beiQ Auditory ;ft41«nou^. (shen <^ poore P99pl^ : 3ut 
iiKe.can^fa$^^$'Ui the- nanie.of>fid,. and we Qm^pji|w^ our 
CA^Cs t^toniti that if jyou >vould cone and b^^^? or get tbofe 
thjit youL \btm to conk: ted'hea£^;weaan ibevv you wayes boiv 
ic<ifi>po£ so be btcflGad, «d lali etemicy^ % y w to 


in the mrU. ' Ji 

have greater riches then if God fliould msdce you Kings and 
Quecncs. So that it ciight be faid, not only for the Genera!!, 
Blcjfed are the foare , But blelfed is this poore man that dwells 
in this ftreete, or in fuch a poor finoakie hole. The very An- 
g^lls of God may looke upon you as a blefled creature, if you 
have but a heart to attend upon the Gofpel, that reveales the 
way of blefledneis to you : E/eJf'ed are the poore. 

I but blefled are the poore /« Jpirit ; what every poore, no 

nor every poverty of fpirit is not bleffed neither : There is a 

poverty of fpirit that is an evil!. , and an accurfed poverty of 

fpirit ; A man may be a man of a poore fpirit, and of a curfcd 

fpirit, becaufe indeed he is a poore fpirit, — By that there^ 

fore I meane this, fuch a man ^ is of a low, bafe, fordid fpirit, 

chat haib his fpirit funke dovvne to low eanhly fenliall thing*;, 

:is his faigheft and chiefeft good ; he mifids no high^ §ood 

then to eate and drinke, and fatisfie his fleAi, heite's a man 66 

a poore fpirit, he is of a low fpirit indeed : But this poore Idvv 

fpirit is fordid, is bafe and accurfed. You fee many tinier 

poore people, rfiey minde thofe meane things that theyar« 

exerdfed m, as their adequate obje£l ; You fliall fee iomt* 

times a poore w<Hnan be faaping in a duft-h^ape 6r dunghitl 

for an houre together, now ihe is not miferable beCAi^ c^ 

cfaac, but when tnat is her adequate obje6):, that if /he can but 

get fibcpence or a fhiliing a day, (he chinkes her felfe bleiTed, 

and nunds no higher things then this ; You will fay, i^s is a 

EK>re Ipirk indeed : why trudy fuch kind of po(!*eJ(^rit« 
vc the men of this world, yta the Princes and Gttistt 6ntS$ <rf 
the world ; For many of them they mind only die fati f; irtg of 
their flefli, to eat and drihk^and be unclean, as that chat is the 
tnoft futable thing to dieir f^^ints; v^j thjife arc men b( pDore, 
]oW)bafe fpirit^; The Lord would have his Sa4«stt) be'^low 
fairies in a godly fence, that i9, to be humbte ; But tjhc Lord 
1 mid have his fervants againe irt anodier fence, to be of high 
a -d lofty fpirits, that is, that not^ir^ in the world ihould facif-^ 
/ ,' their fpirits for their rorcion but God himfelfe. Here's a 
I m of a high fririt indeed j that though indeed he knowef^hc 

i ffliwortby of the Icaft crttm of breacl, yet faith fuch mtxt^i 


^M^MWfcw^i— — — — «— ■ I I II ... — - 

j% whdt Toverty df ^Irit ia Blefed. 

diough I be unvvorchy> yec if God ihould give me all the 
world, ic would no: ihrisrie mz for my portion, I niuft have 
bimlelfc, I mult.have heaven, and eternity, and glory ; This is 
. a«man of a true rayfed fpirir, and all men in the world arc of 
poore, bate, low fpirits, in comparifon of this man whofe fpiric 
Godlinefs hath thus elevated in this gcacious way. There- 
fore it's not every one that is poore in fpiric which is thus 

Well, but who then : what poverty of fpiric is that that 
ffwkes a man bletfed. 

For that you mull know, Firft thus, Blefled are thofe that 
are poor in f{Niric, notes thus much, when a man or woman (fo 
I find fome carry it) is willing in their fpirits to be in a lovv 
and poor c(»Klition, if God ihall fo pleafe : So as to be willing 
I *' dK>ugh he hath never fomuch of the world, yet if God ftijUl 
pieaie to call for all his eftace, be is willing in his fpiric to give 
tt up to Cod, and to live poorly : Now God doth give a man 
^ a comfort^le eftate, he hach comings in, he hath all things wel 
about hmiin his family, I buc now iaiththis loule, it's .tnie» 
1)mw received chefegopd mercies from God, but yet, God 
• kh(ivye$ ihis is 'm my S^t j th^t God that fearches the hearts 
oi alt^ and jconveffeK with mens fpirits, knowes thac this is in 
my fpirit,that if the Lord will call for all thefe to give witneflc 
lohis.tcufh, lafli.hereireadytp part with all thefe "outward 
accontfnodaticn^, and to live upon bread and water all mf 
daye^to live in as p6or a condition as ever poor crtiature Uv'a 
In inthis world, to lay a(ide all my pompe, Mi riches, and 
j^orv that I have in this world, and willii^ to be in the loweft 
cotKiition chat any poor almes body is, io be ic thac the Lord 
may have any glory by me:and I.may further witneflfe to him- 
(elf, bore's ont thac is truly poor in fpiric : It may. be he isaoc 
poor inhis eftate ; I jconfeife the Papifts make a great deal <^ 
doc abouc this, f^^r in ffhrit ; .that is fay they, one that is wil- 
ling to vow povQity, but God doch not call for this, but when 
ev^r he calls for your eftates, or any comforcs you have, chac 
y«u {hguld be willing to lay them <K>wnac bis feet : fo much 
^Jod requires of Everyman:.—- Apd now examine as I go^a- 



HiM Pirverty ofjpitlt is Blcffed^ 33 

lor^, you thdt luvt eftates, and doe en;oy thein> do you finde 
fticfa a ili^ofition in your heam, indeed if it were put to ic, 
diac r^er chdi you would deny the leaft truth of God, ^U 
your eftate fhould goe r Rather then yov would conunic the 
leaft fin any way againft your confciences your eftatesihould 
all goei and you will prize rather the vvitndTttig to any truths 
cben CO live in all the jollity in this world ; could you bring 
your hearts to d)is, whyilhisisto be Poor in.fpirit^ in tbe 
Diidft of all your jiboundance : it is not grace to cs£t away ouf 
effaces and richesuviUingly^but grace c<mfts in the wel mana* 
ging of our eOates while we ^ve them> and in the willii^efie 
CO pan with them vihtn God calls for them. 

Buc Secondly, BkfiCed ace the poore in ff iric, that is, z fptrit 
wiUing CO lye downe u^der God maJovV condiuot^when I am 
piic into fucb a one'— Firil, fuch as are vyillitig to be popre if 
God will, -i— And Secondly, fuch as are already poore for 
cbeir outward eftate, and futablc to that poverty of their out- 
ward dlace, they fifKi a povercy in.fpirit, chac is, their fpirits 
doe lye (iown undi^r Gods haml, and are willing to glo!iHe 
God in this way that God bach fet them, they dp not envy at 
others tbac are in a hi^er condition, they do not murmure 
and repine againft God ; why dah God difpence his gifts fo 
diverfly, chac fuch and fuch men lliail haye fo much, and other 
naen (hall have fo little , No, God hath by his prQvidende 
broiq^c me to ffais condition, aiid Lord here J am^ dtid fi^ic 
to thy band, I am c(^ait to glorifie thee in this mean condici* 
€0 tbac thou haft fet me ; I am content to apply my felfe to 
tbofe ducyes chat thou requireft of tne in fuch a poor md low 
c/lace ; many poor people think,0 if J were rich aaochers are» 
then if^eed I coiJd glcwrifie God, but in die .Vvay that diey are 
in chcy vex and fret, and feek after (hiftiitgway^sjco provide 
for rhemfelvesitind caniiot bring cheirfoules cp gjlprifie God in 
fucb a low way wherfein theyare, buc now if you can find your 
hearts ftbmiifive to God in that low way wherein yow are, 
bieAed arc the roorc in fpiric:^— And thiisdifg$6tie«6f your 
^iritsto be wiliiM thus to glorifie God, itisa ereat^^^qxiccl- 
jencyi thgi if God made you the chiefe of a Varifti, ot the 
diiefeofal|hgdome. F Third- 



J4 what Tovmj of ffirh is Hejfci. 

Thirdly , Btefed are they that ar€to9r9 m ffirit \ not tbofe 
that feems to be pooreki meir words, In their expreirtons, in 
sheir carriages ; You ibaU have manv that will be compkining 
:cf themfelves, and fay chat they are tntis weake^ and poore^ana 
.vile^and have nochii^in them, and yet God knowes their 
hearts are haughty enough, and proud enough , that it' ocher 
mcn'i'hixild buc rhuiltof diem, and fay of them as they/peake 
c£ tbeinfelves, they wtuidi not bare k : Therdbre though they 
bepoore in words, yet not in ipiiic; There be Rotc that will 
carry rfiemfelves in a very poore way, and live very meanly ia 
the world, 1 but in Ipiric they ane not fo, they goe very poore- 
ly, and feeme to be very humble, as if there were ho ocher 
pride bat iacloaebs and gay things. But- the mstiile pride is 
che pride of mens fpiiTts : Therefore btcCfed arie thofe Aat'irS 
poore in jpirit^ that fe, chofe that have their wills incf arfecH^ 
ons and underfiandii^s bowed downe to God, bleifed ir€ 
thofe that ate fofincerely poore. 
• ' In the fourth place, and more eQ)eciaIly\aftdprihck)aftf;j 
Bkffid are tf^ep that asrcfme. tn -^irity that is, fiidh as .arc,true- 
ly ^rehenfive and fenceabk of their fpirituall povierty.' Now 
ttiis is a great pMit, I am now indeed conie Unto the pwnt it 
felfe, Trait ehrift promifes bkfledneii too. 

. Now for this, there are ibefe three thmgs that 1 fhall dbt 
:^>Oucir.' '..'....: .*' il • 

Rrft, T0 flicw yW what is that fpifJtuah poverty^ that 
thefe that are poom in ljt>irit'doe fee »Kf are fencible of. 

Secaidly , What the behaviour of the heart is that is thus 
poore in fpirit,* how- it doth behave it felfe , or what are the 
feveraU woAJn^ offuchaheart thaft^is thus poore in Tpirit. 

Thirdly i, Why it^ls that fUch a h6»a is ft> Welfed ift the 
efteeflifeofJefusCbrift. • • 

But now wherein the bleflfednef^ confifts , That efpecialhir 
will appeare in the promife ; For theirs is the l^ft^imu •/ 

Uebtit brfefely opoi a little the nrft unro yew ; Svfi« the 
itHriciiatt povetty is that fudi a foUle doth fee and* Ts fenci-^ 
We of. . . - 





Hi}at Poverty offpirk is. j^ 

In rcfpedS of its fpirituall eftacc, fuch a fouk apprehends! 
it felfe as a very poore crearure. 

Firft, it fees that it is deprived, as it is in it felfe of all true 
Ipiricuall good that ftiould doe it good in reference to God> 
aid in reference to its own happinefs ; This it is that ic fees 
cleerely ; As a poore man fees himfelfe poore ; what's that» 
that is, I want all thofe outward comforts that oihers have, 
I am deftitute of fuch and fuch comfortable thihg5,ye necelfa- 
tythii^ that others have r fo one thac*spoor in f irit fees his 
concfitiontobethus, O Lord, though indeed at lirft vvhen 
tboudidftma]ceman,chQudidftmake himii^h) thouputceft 
him into paradife, and madeft him according to thine orni I- 
mage, by vAikh ht was the Kii^* and the great heir of all the 
worlds hliitLord now I am dcpriv'd of all good whatfoevcr, of . 
all fpirituall good, depriv d of thine Image> I have nothing of 
thine Ims^ now in me that is (pirituali, notanypart of ipi- 
rituall life whereby I {hould come to have union with thee, on 
communion with thee,that m any way may worke in o;der to 
etemall life, I am wholly deftitute of ev^ good thing that 
may make me any way acceptable to God ; now here's a poor 
man, when I can fee it, and oe convmc'd of this that what ever 
good thing that fhould make me acceptable to Cod, that am I 
wholly deprived of, I have not one wnit of it ; 1 have it may 
be an eftate in the world, and outward comforts in my family, 
1 bucwhathave I in reference to God > how are things wirfi 
roe in reference to the inf nite dorious firft beirg of all things: 
why, as I am in my felf naturally, lam deprived of all, never 
was there a man fo ppor^ that had not a ra^ to coter him ; as 
1 am poor infe^rd of my fpirituall condition*. 6 for; a man 
thathath the ricnes of the world, yet to fee'himfelfe a mifera- 
ble poor undone man, this is not ordinary, and therefore in- 
deed you iliall find that Chrift in the 6 of Lukfy doth oproTe 
diat poor here, to the rich of the world, ifat is, becaufe tftere 
»e fo f^w of the rich of the wotld, that can be brought to be 
'convinc'd of this, their ffificuafl poverty. 

A poore man yon know, is put upon many flraights that o- 
thcrs are not put upon, and many mtfcrics a poor man doth 

F 2 endure. 

^ ■ - - _ * r ■ ~~ 

H I m ■%! 

^ndure, that others doc not, and fo a fecond thiiH in this fpiri- 
tuall poverty^ is, for the foule toafjprehend and he feiifible of 
thofefpiricuall evilts that are upon it : Ml doe iioc only ivont 
the linage of God, and fpirituall life, but I have that that is 
contrary : 6 the mifery .^hat is upon me in my mind, the dark- 
nctfeorthac; The coffenefle of my will and heart to God, 
thofe many corruptions that are in my foule ; oh the vermine 
ihat creeps about me continually : there is no. mifery that poor 
^piople do eijidure ; buLthofe that arc fpiritually poore, do fee 
^hac mifery upon thealelves, as they are in themr 
(elves. ; 

And then a thL*d thing that mjikes one poor is this, fuppo!e 
I have inany miferies u} on,me yet if 1 am able to work for my 
felfe, I can-- be extreamejy poo;e,but when the man hath many 
nriferies upon him, 'and is not able ^o;VYOrk for his livelihood 
then is he poor indeed, fo itis,thougb we have loft the Iniage 
of God, yet if we were able to do any thing to help our fclves, 
,we were not fopoore, but now, when a man fees himfelfe thus 
nuferable, and can do nothing for hiirfelfe to get any good for 
the inriching of his foul, ht^ is poor; A man or woman that hath 
loft all,and then falls lame/o tnat diey cannot wo:k,nor do any 
thing for dit ir inainrainance, this now is a poor man or woman» 
when their labour is loft as well as.their eftate, fo now when 
We have loft all and are lame, and can doe nothing that may 
help us in any Xpirittiall good, then nuift we nee£ be ^oore 

Founhly,But if I be not able to labour,yet if I have friends 
that may heljpc me, I am not miferably poo e, thus it is in rcr 
gard of our ^irittal eftate, what friend liaft thou 4:0 relieve or 
help thee, is ic God o; Chrift that ftioul^ help thee ? Why ? 
Godheisaftranjger, Chri^l thou haft rio intereftin, as chpfli 
art in thy felfc, thou muft qot looke upc^ God as he is in him- 
felfe, thou art an enemy to Cod , for fo the Scripture faith, 
. ivc are cKemcs to Gcdy attdftr oarers to the.jcovtnaxft of grace^ 
and tliou art a poore creature inoe^d that haft no whither to go 
for thy hel;e j All the Angels in;heavcn cannot help thee, all 
the men in the world cannot help thee in this thy poor condi- 
ticm in which thou a: t. Fifthlyj^ 

fvhat Pofoirtj of fflrit is. 

Flixhly> But ft^po e a man hath no friend ro bel %ium and 
he isnoc able co work, ye: if he hath any excellency It all m 
him, there is fome hojx: that fomewill regard him for the 
YVOitb that is in him , ; erhaps he is a man of excellinic parts^ 
though through weakn^lVe he is able to do^ litck now : this is; 
our fpif ituall poverty ; We are thus miferable, we have noj 
friends, we can do nothing, and then webivenoworthatall 
inus wheretyGodfliouldhaveany refpecl to i\s; whereby 
\m Angets fliould have refpec^ to us ; If they could dq^ u$ 
good ; we are naturally worthleflc creaturcs^we ftill aggravate 
our poverty. 

Sbtthlv, If a m^nvere fo poore, astbat he#ouId not te- 
able to cfoe fomething now, yet if it can be conceiv'd that 
hereafter he might doe fomething^ there were hope, but I am 
foin debt, thatasfoone as I can get , any thing my credi or^ 
may come upon me and take away all* this is ou: fpirkuall 
poverty ; Suppofe God iliould put abilities in us lo enable us,, 
to doe lomething that isgood, why, all that we are abls to do 
citnot fatisfic for what is palUf we were able to obey novy the 
Javvof Codpcr£eftly,what becomes of all the old arreac-S'Tb^ 
Juftice of God will nave fatisfadion, God is refolved that no 
fouie (hall ever be accepted but his inSnite Juftice Ihallbe 
iatisHed, Now the foule fees it felfe poore indeed, as it is in 
it (tVEcy when it fees that the debt mult be paid to every far- 
thii^,if a man now hath broke abd loft his eftate,yet he thinks 
he may agree with his creditors and get up agu'n, and fo is not 
fo mifcraDly poore ? But if heknowes thi^, that certainly the 
debt muft be paid,now and there will be no compounding with 
his creditors, now he will conclude, his life is like to b^ poor 
mdeed r This doth thofe that are fpii;iciially poo: fee in them- 
lelves, they are in debt, and all that they can do can n :ver be 
s^ CO (adsBe for what is paft. 

Seventhly, fuppofe a man or woman lliould receive fome- 
diing to help them for the prefenr, yet they muft live upon 
cootinuall abnes, this is poverty, fo a foule that is fpiritually 
peor^fees itmuft live in a continual dependancejthat though 
God do:h give me fome power to a tl,yet there muft be a nevT 



Hi}at^ ?0vmj vf [prtt is. 

infli^nce of his grace to helpe me to make ufe of vyhat I have^ 
that's a jHJor creature indeed that hath nothing of it fetfe, and 
if any thing be given him knowes not how to make ufe of it 
without helpe of another, fo doth the foule fee it felfe in 
ftich a conditic»i, that wha^foever God fliould beftow upon me, 
1 know not llow to make i»fe of it,without new fujpply of grace^ 
and that continued to me every moment. Now if we put theic 
feaven particulars together,we fhall fee that here's a poor man 
indord — i— Firft, I am deffitute of all fpirituall good, — I 
have wofull fpiritual miferies upon me — And I am not able ta 
worke at all, ^^ I have no friend, -— and I have no worth to 
commend m^o another — and I am in debt, ~ and if any 
thii^ be given me, Imufthave newfupplyes.forufingitand 
for continuing of it ; 6 what a poor creature am I then : — — 
Nowfor a man to fee this, and to be made fenfible of it, here's 
a man orwoman that is poor in Spirit : But now this is not 

But in the next place, there muft be that behaviour in a man 
that is futable to this, to make him poor in fpiric : But of thac 
we (hall fpeake further afterwards. 



T 'W »' I^ n^ ^ ^ wm9 ^^n f9 ^ fm9mwwt 99^^|f^ 


A Defcription of a paore fpirited man. 


Math. 5. j. 
Blejfed are the foorc infprit^ d^c. 

[Ivcrs dhings have been fpoken by way (rf Preface 
to this exceflenc Sennott of Chriit : you have 
beard the fcopeof it« — Firft to Ihew unco thi 
i world wherein true bleiTedners dorh conHft : 
THat that mien are fo" much deceived in 9 ' that 
diere iS'ib greflic a miftake about j And there's nothing more 
coQcnrynitoblelfedadft in the worlds efteeme^ then what 
Ckift mtfiouDces t6 beUe^Ied : Bleflfednefs is the Inja)itiehc 
ofdielaftendy aodfoof the chiefe good that the rational! 
creature is cafKd>le of ; For it^s proper to the rational! crea- 
ture, fr^ BUffed are thefo^rein fifirM 

Ihcit are ihen bfpoore b^ fpiricsdfiat areftrre from 
Uc&dtiefle;As ^ i : . 

Firft i Suchmen as have their ' defignes y ends , and aymes 
onlv in moneyf and bafe and UFVorthy things , that mind 
no njc^r thir^ bur to eat and drink, and to have pleafure to 
the &A\ ; Sut as'fdr God, mi Chri(l> and Heaven, and Eter- 
fBcy^theCofpel, and the Wordy thiey are notions to them:; 
But give them niomfy) and meat, and drinker and in that they 
account tfaeinfelvesfaappy ; Why hem a poore fordid bafe 


^ - I — — — ■ I ■ ■ •^—^— 

jp lk€ defcrlftion of a foar Jftrltei mdn. 

fpiriced man ; when fuch chiii^s are adequate to a mans fpirit, 
theii^e lucha bofe and poore ipiric ; Tbefpirics of the Saws 
are all. rayfed fpirits high, though they looke upon themfelves 
asiinvYorthyof anycruniofbread, yet they account Heaven 
and Earth, not fultcient to be thdr portion. 

But ieccMidly ( to adde two or three particulars, to fliew 
you a bafe poore ipirited man ) a man that when he fets about 
any excellent worke> he is prelen-ily difcouraged with every 
little difficulcie, here's a poore fpirited man. 

The firft was, fo bafe as they minde no excellent wprke at 
all I they have no excellent thing in their aymes , in their 
thoughts. Bucfuppofe by feeing of others> they doe begin to 
iec uponfom e wo rke thae-hathan excellency in it ^ but as fo c M i c 
as ever they meece with any di0icultie in it> they are dead in 
the neail prefencly, they arc quite difcouraged,andfall downe 
and leave all; here's a poore bafe fpirited man, that, that is 
hindered eytherfromaworkebyforefeeingofdiflficultie, or 
rwhen he meeces with a difficukie he is diicouraged, when he 
m^eetes with any onpoHtion,. yea if it be but ameere faqHe 
that he meetes witn, be is dtfcouraged. Some that have begun 
to fet uf on Religion, a mock, a fcome, every little oppotit ion 
prefently difcoura^es them , and they turne off. And others 
inanypiiblicke bubnefs that concernes Church or Commoii^ 
wealth, though being put ucon by others, they fee uponit a 
little, but if they be oppofed or Hnd it difficult aiidifaaa:d,tb^ 
hearts, are downe, 6 thefe are poore fpirited men. 

And then further, men that are felhih, that are narrow^fpi* 
rited men, that are only for themfdve^, and let the Puhbcke 
goe which way it will, they regard not that , but if they can 
provide for tliemfc:lves, there's all they lodce^c ,. & thefe are 
poore bafe fpirited men likewife , and come nut to the beig|bt 
and excellency of fp irit that many Heathens have come. 

And then laftly , Such as are led afide like fbdes b^ every 
temptation, every little ten^tation can lead them an^ like 
fooles to their ovvn daughter : For a man cb6u^ he is cob«> 
vinc'd in his Confcience that fi ch and iuch ihtngs he (boDld 
not doe, yet be \s not able to rdift the temptation. I^cbut bis 



4|. ffiherjt thi P^,w:Ky^ftl}^^SMn^\^c9»[rfis^ 

fnanintte'wortd^ beiiiiuft go.daily Stconunmliy to GhrjlVco 
fecchfnew fiipply-, orh^cjuiiioc fuWill. — »- Th^ poor condition 
lAnz Wi are now iftjUi p>fpec\ ot* what jr^J4i» \vls in^iay b^ fee 
^ut i« this li[niiicuclf!^>A-** A mAo thacis fet «p to trade vvidi a 
ttock^ and lo is abli tcxgoe at& in bi^ rjF^'adey'ditd h;ich ^ill in 
k, bi^ fotber lets him go^on cilt fuch rifiie as lie proves an ill 
husbind, and breakes, and loofes all and runs into debc : yet 
hi:^ father aftervvards takes picyontiim, will iecbim up againe^ 
b«t fo as he vviti not rruft him with die ftock any inore, he will 
give the ftock inco fome ^rully friends hand^ andhislon^ ll^uitt 
goe every day to give art accotnt to hi> friend. f and to fetch 
money from him, and to retume to him every day, becaufe his. 
father vvitlnot rruft hiiunny raorcUi This i^ juft our condition^ 
In Aiam:s?it did recdtve-a:ltockt>f gr«:ey& God inablad ps ca 
goe on^and trade Avidiut for himfedt'e, bat aH mankind ielt in 
him,\vi! turrfd bankrupts, we Idlt char ftock,. novr the Lord is 
pleafcd to f« up again thbe that h« hath chofcn foe hflnfclfey 
t^tradeagaineina way-ofgodUiiefle; bat fo, as God will 
floe tnift his ftock iatheir hands:; the ftfidc therefore of Gods 
grace, it is now in Chrift, in our heady and we muft have fup-» 
ply dayfy f/om-hiin^ And this is the poore. condition that we 
are in; This fpirituall poverty even df the Saints. 

Secondly, Th e povertv of dte Saints coniiils in this : Tb« 
graces thatthey have are out fmldlr Godly men and women 
thou^ they have grace be(towed up«vthem> yet for the moft 
part It is ih finals as they can fcarce know whether they have 
grace or not (I fay for the moft part it is fo : ) Now diat's i 
pobre condition, thou art a very poor creature, for though 
^ou haft grace, yet it is fa Itctle as you cannoc tell whether 
you ha ve any or no r Though God hath given thee ^acc, yet 
{k)w often art thou at a ftand in thy thoughts about toy grace, 
whether there be any or nain thy heart, thy grace is fike a lit* 
tlcfparkwraptupinaheapeof embers, fo that the maid is 
raking a good Trfiile before fhe can fee it : o-how long art thou 
araking many tinier in thy heart, in the examination of tby 
heait, before thow canft fee one fparke of grace> fo as thoit 
canft fay,,thi* is a (parke of true grace :furely thouart but pooo 
•hem Thirdly^ 

I 111 ■ 1 1 I ■ - - - - — - ■ ■ - — - — 

^ Hw tht fctrt in fifirlt Is Blcjf^. 

MiV^fTn in the Family,; and ic puts chee iquice oat pffranva- 
pm ; 6 vyh^c u thisiljc loul^ rlucvvas \yi;b God, and in'oy^ 
«d r^di Communion wich God but ic may be an houre ago^, 
mi yet at every Ikclc thing in the Family is prefencly out oi 
frame ; what a poore fpivit is this ; Even the Saincs are vtry 
poorer for diiey^ are quickly p^t out of frame , and unletled by 

\ {m^i tenvtatiods. 

Lr- $eveflchly , Poorc chey are farther ; For they have but lit- 
jftlc abiiicy to helpe others ; There are very few Godly people 
have ability to do any more but even to keepe life and foule 
cogiz^chef , ( as we ufe to fay ) it s even as much as ever they 
can do^to live and (ohold their own, to maintaine their peace 
with God;Biic to be able to be ufefull toothers amoig whom 
they livd, that very few are. What a deale of doe have many 
Godly people to live themfelves, to maintaine what once they 
ha^ had, they are ever-and anon afraid that they llulloni 
day even pcriin : A^ poore people that have even but frorii 
hand to aioudli, they thinkc, w6y rfiougb I can get bread now, 
yet I know, not where I lliall haye it to morrow,or next week r 
furely we iliall come to beggcry one day ; Godly people live 
at fiich a poore rate for the moft part, as thev are httle ufefull 
unto others, and have much adoe to jprovide /or themfelves. 
Now bcrc you fee the poverty of Spu-ir, — JFirft, w)ut our 
^[urinnll poverty is naturally, thachath )>e9i opened the Ufi 
umt : And now even what the fpirituaU poverty of the Saints 
is« ■ ■ ■■ 

Bucyou will fay» This doth not make them bleffcd that 
tb^y are thus poore i this is part of their mifery. — - 
I That's true ;'H*s part of their ttuTery that they are roore z 
But m bleffed are they that arc throi^ly apprehcrfive and 
fencmle of this fpirituall poverty of theirs, that cccie to know 
this their povertv,and come to be throughly affeckcd with this 
their poverty, they are blefled : There be few in the world 
who come t6uiidcrftaiKl what their poverty is ; where's the 
man oc woman thatknows the pove^nr that we are In by lu-^ 
lure ? And then for poverty in refpoa ofweakndTe of Grace 
«r ^cbcrwife^ chisis tak^nlitde nocice of ; But now bldSeci 


46 CArr\t ^H fflrhndl fovmj 


pares he fees enough co make him humb!si> and Bkfl'edi Are 
fucJapo:)r<?. • ' / '" 

Secondly, Hence h>: thinks it not much if he receive nofCf 
tvch rerpect and honour as others do^ ; v\'hy though Cjod by 

.his p;o\ idence o/dcrr diing^ lb, that others have feli-^cd ^SM. 
honour, and ni.iny h^couI^>genl^in^<^ in the world : I bJlve no 
caule to em-ie, ntn* to \>c tr oiibL'd,! have ratlier caufe to Voft*^ 
der at What 1 have 5 \u not for m^ to eKpeft fuch Inc«>urage- 
fncnts as others have , for I am a poore crearure. Thus yoa 
know f oore people whofe hearts are fubdued by their pwet* . 
ty, when they fee others that are brave in the world, T, rficy 
may doe thus, but 'ci^ not fo for us : So thofc that are poof^ 'ia 
f ii it, when they fee others that God bleflfes and have t^fpeSk • 
itnd honour ; he thenthinkes thus wich hrmfelfe, bucic k hoc 
for me to e)5>eft this, I am a poore vile creature. 

Thirdly, One that is poore inffirit, is one thatd(y:h jld- 
mireac every little good that he doth receive, ^haj it is fo 
jittich ; It wonders at e\'ery affiidiion rfiat' it h no jnortr; 'i<?tfy 
tnercy he i hinkes it very great, and is very thankfull : and e-^ 
very affliftion he wonders it is (o little , quite coiurary to the 
world. ; They are troubled their affiiftion^ are fo ttnih, and! 
that their mercies are fo little 5 but a poo-e fpirited m:m, te 
wofld^rsthat'his mercies are To much, and that his afftiSitHid 
are fo little ; and therefore is thankfull for ^very little : poore 
pec^le whofe fpirits are fubdued wiih th<ir poverty, ^v« 
them but a half-penny, they arc thankfull ; fo a pooFef^irtced 
man orwoman,™ acrniires at mcrcy^ and is thankfull 4it tv^tf 
Aing that GodafFords'to him; and if thjre be anafftii^ior^ 
hf aoth not murmure and repine, but wonders that God dorli- 
'by his hand fb tenderly uponhim as he dorh. • ' ' « 

_ Fourthly, A poore fpirited man is one that \i ofrencraving • 

tie is a praying man, a beggar, that is often bagging fo; m 

^3rimc« : There s none that are triily p66re in fpKie /but xtti 

*great f rayii^Chriftiam ; God alwayes hearts from them,^ii4l 

CJod is not weary of fuch beggars. Tii the 1 8 Pr^. z-^v. T^ 

,p9r€ nfeth Imrtatm ; and fo m the 10 Prov. 14. NSdw fi:cft 

teri of men as can live without prayer , 4nd- can g^ d^y aftel* , 

• ' ' ' day 

w CdfrUge i» ^IritttdB pherty 

faires,bucdpccbl!y for the guWing of himln the great affairs 
chat Coiiceme his ecermll good. And in the 3 Zevh. 1 1. the . 
icripture foith ; That the Lord would leave inthe midftof 
iheni, an atflided and a poore people , and they fliould tfuft 
in the Name of the Lord. It is the poore that Conmuc tlfem- 
. felves 10 God, and that trtiil in the Name of the Lord. Now 
blefl'ed are theie poore, that is , fuch poore as f»om a fighc of 
rheir own emptynefl'e, vil^melfe, wickednefl'e and imbilicy to 
belpe themielves , lliall give u^^ thcnifelyes to the Grace of 
Cod revealed in the Golpel, and Coninut themfelves and ail 
their wayes to be guided by God, and are williiig to live up- 
on Almes for his prefent and for his etemall eltate. It is in 
the nature of man ever to l)e feeking to have fome Righteout: . 
Befle of his owne ; And that's the Reafori that men can have 
no Comfort ; Thole that have their Confciences awakened^ 
' can have no Comfort till they be ^ible to doe thus and thus, 
and be able to performe duties after ftich a manner, and overr 
come Corruptions thus and thus : Thou wilt not come as ic 
•were, a meere beggar to God , as one that hath nothing, buc 
ihou vvouldcft faille bring ibmething to God i But the Lord 
will have thee come as a meere beggar, as one that bath no- 
thii^ at all , and to lie downe flat oefore him, ftript of all, 
even of thy ra^s ; For you know many poore people , they 
are proud of tneir very raggs : And fo it is with the hearts 
ik Men, though they have nothing but their civill Righteouf- 
nefl'e, yet that they will be proud of ; NovV the Lord will 
ftripthecofall, and make ihec come naked before him, and 
be willing to live upon Almes for eternity ; Now it s hard for 
a man to live upon Almes for a little time , but to live upon 
Almes all tlie dayes of ones life , is harder : but now to live 
upon Almes for eternity ; and yet this poore fpirit is fuch an 
ane, as is fo fencible of his o\\i\ povcrty^is can Commit it felfs 
to God in fuch a way, as to be Content to live upon Ahncs, 
even for Eternity ; and bleffed are thefe poore. 

Seventhly, A poore fpiritcd man is one that is willing that: 

God fhould choofe bis condition : We uft p fay that be^'^^.ars 

flnuft be qo cboofers,but new I am fpeaking of one whofe fpiric 

♦ is 

,,_^,.^^ . ^^ . . ^ - — ^^^^- —.—^..ja. 

f^ i Cfipti^i in iptUHdtf fgkmj 

. >. . ..> 

^rk ate iucha^arevvUlingca mice : Thpi^ God doik &» 
pxpc zf fording CO cbeir ddurcs, yec itilL rhey are CMcenc CQ 
fvaice upon God ;God lliall choole Vih/it ch^ diiugis cbatil)4l| 
be ^tvQ^t|iieii>j aod kitey are vviliipg.^<> waite ; So you baye. it 
pzhc It Zi b. i I . ; Tbofe cwo^arc puc togecb^< AfU k mM 
krifks^iM that daji: xk^\ii^ihiii2kSc of bcaucy and of bands 
was broken : dtfd tLt fom of thfi^d^ that mmuiftfon mc, kifm 
thMi(vfdstUTifml0f;hf.Lord< Mep.chac are aien of e({atts» 
ap4.?ich.inepi when.^i^ycoo^^w a door %bttfiH4leb if ib be 
tJ^ chcy«ca«iQ^>t9V9>pF^f€aAUy 1^ 
g9^,ihkiy wi)l nocjtan^ v^ii;^^ why bedufe they are.ricb,aW 
^ proud kia,fiu:^€;vYaryrotheirrtches& 3uc nowyeaatin 
k poor> and qapDss : fpr an aloie^ i& c^nceiK ^tc^ w^uce, eijpedalty 
if he knovvsiha^.^pe> noiCjchcf jdqpr Ibf him to.go^tiyardm 
?i$ne ; j| indited l^.tl>ink<ts^bamay.bdye it;at fomeqihcrdctoret. 
k- -wi^Htfiiwait^laiui tf be comes^for mdkmyiwi b^fciafl hawe 
k herei<«pat^rey h^ is (;pnceiu ^then^co waic .' (6 thote 
chat are truly poor in fpii ir, they are cottene tq Wttke at Gods 
gates, Iwojving. ih^. there's HQ^h*r door, cbattbey, «an have 
their alwg8a£bi9:ioiHy atpb^ ga^f of|Q<>d ;,.Tbott iwft beea 
f^if^ Godi^aiay be a (aonEhrOr longer,, halib .ih fear oca 
year, atid yet canft find nochii^ ^buc if .it^ou c«itV have mer** 
cyaclaft, thy condition is happy: Thus a«poor fpiriced . crta^ 
ture witl fay, aD^^omllbecaytem to be vmtit^aUitc dayes 

Hfhhlifij., -, .. • • ,,• . i' . ••: ••'• . ^ 

. Tendily, Qpie tb* is poo^c hi»th^; a\vftil js^f^ to God 
Aiiid bi^wocd : hcik oni^ ^m \fi ftgticlf vvitb an avv&ill reveceaBe 
if «|he ^reaaied!^ of Go^> and tbe<aucboriiy of }m Word : This 
yofi havie in the ^6. pilfin: bep;ianing, Tis^$ku mm mi J Mff^ 

kitth 0ti mji^:mfri:y^ have d)o^ pui<cogietbcdf»c^e omiriteittid 
po^H-e, and chat^€,G0ds word, when hecosnescothe 
w»^ and heares tc opened, he l9oke3 upon ic as bavisg a 
dreadful authority m\K% he lookesriupcp tfae word a^ aithiiu; to 
be above hini, ana his heart tretnbles lead he fho\dd wt ^tve 
that due re(pe&ta tfae word that he ought to do :and when a 



5^ ktafim of gods' re^M-d i» thfe 

_._.■!■ I I ' ■ - - ■ , --■ — 

woiild h.w< rlife glofy^bf his ppWijr^thc; glOi7>f hi ; \Vtfdomeit1* 
gfory of ids bouticy,- <5f his patiehc^i ' I but tfiat's not the '^6i^ 
that God ciocftlb6k>(nfe^^ xnfg^c magntfi^i WJ 

Ifree-s^ricc in'hi^'^on; thic*stHe ^oivrhar G^ doth moftde- 



; ^qA f9 much ac'cef t of It. ^ ........... 

! /.'Secondly^* tuch a difccifitfoh makps the fcAifero te 6ohfoiii>- 

' Jibte even unto JefusCnrift: — "VVe know that Chrift xm 

willing to be poore, and the Scripture telte us that Cfcrft did 

a \^l vcuii. • «.^u>v fTii^ii v^iiiiii If iait. 1^^ <» i|^iiiL wMaL iiakii a vvni~ 

to mity' t6 his, C hriflf lo6ks upon rr, aiid'faith,hcre'^ one th^ ifr 
_ „^.__^.ci-_ ..' „i^.. «--rit:I was willmgtobe poo^andYo is fiidi 

:o cmDtvmv felf* and to be anr tfiing for 


thing that It na:hiariJ'ts wiTffm^^ tb ^ve tip it 'fclt.fbr the 'glory 
'€>r liiy father and mej— i^ blefled are thefe pootiBiit.hriwfew 
'of fuch ai thefe ftiall' W2 findc in xbc worl^i we tell you 
\yho^ Aejr^e^i/vVe could frnd' them,- thit" 'theyare fuch as are 
'thu^ andrhu^'^qualified, ancf whofe beartsd^ work after fudra 
inannef as this is; but O lord V^er6 are they i ordinatily vve 
iind that mens fpirits are jolly, bijgli, proud,rately,lhrIy,ftiffe> 
ftubborn, febellious, and bold in die waves of Wltkcdn^fr^. 
r rhi^ is t^ic jtiife 6f mens l^pirits^they fcome this kind of pover- 
ty of {pit it;th<ir llieafts are ui/,andthey;'ftand updnthiemfiflvcs^ 
and ftiff they ar^ intheirbwn way >-^ It's true lit the dS. of 

Ifa: That the LonLthat dwels 9nhij^h^ mhekve^^'lk ioth helfg 
ufoH thejoore AfU the contrite : He looks upon them. Ob but 
^ where flhali God havedbjefts, fiich.'ob'eas to behold? how 
fev^'fU(;h' objects arfe diere ih'^e world ? Nowcurfed are rhe 
^pfoiid,ctif(^darethebabgltq^ the 

;fioMt^hfearced • the &n|)turev fpealiies' nKoflfWeadfliffthing* 
. agaipft d)em»|lkic we are'n6tb(>!;rtb^)e^to t*hem>x)ekher am 


fAtr 4r# jpirhiudl^ fctrt: j j. 


' pck>r in l^t. it, by turning Afidc to Tpeak to thofc of h.uigh^ ahd 

] proud ipirics. ITierefore I am to addrcife my fclf^ to A^ 
cpcnii^of that that Chrift meines wh^n he faiih that they are 

' bl^cd : Many things niighc be faid for the opcnii^ of ih<:ir 
bleflednede, but for the prcfent there's on^ly one 5tcripturc 

• chat I will apply to tbofe that are poore in ipirit. Thoe that 
arefud) whaoever they are that are in the prcfence of God 
das day^whofe cbnfciences can tell them that though in much 
wcakncflc yet they can find kch workings of fpirit, I will give 
you but otte Text to'uphold your {pirits till the next day, and 
cbeti we fliatt come toopen what Chrilt lairh of you,that yours 
is the kii^dome of Heaven : The Text is in the ^4. LmI^ 18. 
TThe Sfir t iff the Lmri is f$fon me^bcCMMfch tu^b anmntcd me^ t9 

• ' wreath the Gffffel to rbe fotir^he bathfcni ir^ to hid the ^ hcl^n 
Jptarted^ to fteacb ietivorafrceto the CjtptlveSj dml recvvmng of 
JfjAr to the tlT/fJ^ofet at ttbortj them that are bntifeJLjto freach 
the aeceftable year of the Lord: Afd he cloftithe hak^ : Chrift 
comes totheSynagogue,and a book beirg opened he dodi find 
ahis place of Scripture out of //^.-which was a prophefi-? concer- 
011^ brniTelfiThemeaning of it is this;That God the father harh; 
anoimedjefus Chrift his Son, appointed him lolenmly to that 
aflRce^ to come biinfelfe into the world,3nd to preach good ti- 
dily to the poor in fprit; As if God iVould fay t;o his Son,Sonj. 
• I have many of my poor fervants in the wo: Id, who are poore iir 
f^irityfi^io are fenfible^ of their owne wretched jieffe and po- 
irerry^iiDW I appoint thee , and anoint rhee to ^oe and preachr. 
■oto d)em the glad tidings of falvation , and be you fure 
to coonfortthem^be you fure to fpeak peace to them, pour oyl! 
into their wounds, and relieve and refrefh them ; 1 fee that 
tbcy are ready to be difcouraged, but do you encourage thenn 
1 appoint ryou to this: You will fay then prefently thefe arc- 
blefled^ TOen as God the Father from all eternity, hath fee 

',/dMkQiriftas it were apart, aprointed him to this Office to^ 

■preach cdbifort to thy foulc; This one Scripture to one that is 

truly poor in fpirit is worth a riioufand worlds : — for what 

ttdifiidi aQjone^dochGodcegard me ? Yes^.fuch a regard he 


M ufoHs 9fG9i$ Pfg4rd i^ th^f tluu^^f {firltudljfm. 

hacbfas he bach apcoiacedbis Son co chac Ofitce to take qu:c of 

^ )db^» to romforc tn^ei and cp help th^^ i and Cbrift puft))c 

. ri>nfaicbiVil inhi^s Work, ifhe doth hot])reachcorhforcrioch^ : 

. ThiivCace h^hl^oJ of the poor, when as he rfpth >s tc were 

Xiighc, nigl^>, conteime andfcom the rich ones oFtheworl^ 
. licrKhejcMsxn^ftj atvaj^ but for thefe that arc poor in fpirit 

fcv hijcb given C,b. ill a ch-wge over theiji : — Now.\verj£ ;3j(^ 
} ^-.bipg-eheiuid but tlris> thatjchoy haft fy.cb a p|•6ali(s.;^ tftis 
pis^^t.Chriilwbcnhe comes m^^ world inui) coche aM 
. pr jiacb glad tydii^s to thee it were s^undanc mercy- aiid lain 
f^riCffectj, the very fco;:e of the Gofpel is to preach glad i-ydiigs 
; iochcpaor;?,.andiiKlecdvveflianfliew, that that 4s a ipecul 
. : • tbiMg *^hat i$ ittcant by lit^i-n thcK!ft£dom< of, ^cavin ',• ^Noc 
^on^ly th:^t.tluyd{an,jgtvi to. heaven, when they (ly^'bucciy 
, Ji^inRdo^ie o^lfcaven is often meant, this miniftry Qf t^.Co^l, 

aiia tna^is one foeciall thiiig intended herOi tpat ihe richer (i 

d}^ Corf cli the itate of the Gofp^l^the doSEine of the Gofp^I, 
] . r^ nbe ^od o(ibe GoTp^dotb oe{opg <q j^qX^ that arc pioc^ 


► » 


!«' i 



■p" w I I. ■■■ 

» ■ • 


w I . ' / 


"^'^r. .: J. - ..7:j - 


!'■ r j-j o fi.v :'■.:;• '^** 

« « • . « 


5<> : frmmfis t§ the jmt m Jpirit. 

ncflc to c anc ihy hearcJi^ in the 66 of /far ah he begins ic thus : 
7 hr ttdtOtn is ^y Tkrof^^JMd thi^^h is Ift^ff^fi^U ; tic rai- ' 

(t^ up his Glory to Ifhevrwhat aCodije is : AIis now may av 
{ oorc ibu 1st fay 5 6 how gforioi» is tiod,his glory will dauhc my » 
h.r;ir^4K)rv (Vi*lt I'bc able to ftandb^fore hi!n-':'Nay,thongh? 
Heavcn be his Throne, ancJE^cfa be. his fopc ftoole, yet %e 
will lockc to him. that is ofsfoofc^irit^ and thkt fremiles at his 
jf'ord. As if he fliould fay , Let no poore foule"t)e daunted 
»vi.h my glory, tor ic is for their g()od , and no hurc at all to 
them. ... - . .^ ^ 

The fourth is cliis • ThcLond he j^repAres^i^'goo^lfe for 
the j-oore, P/al. 68. i o. Perhaps thou halite mejcy for the 
prelenc as thou delirett, but Cod is preparing all this while 
tnercy for thee, and preparing thee for mercy. 

Fifthly , The Lord heares the poprc : Jt may be pOofe peo- 
fie may petition to others and they camot be heard; but if the 
rich petition they can be beard : but the Lord he heares the 
poore ; you have faiany Scri^urcs for that, Pfal. 69. 3 5. AM 
we find the PCilmift makes u a rife of his prayer,becatrfeiieis^ 
fofoorc andnJs^v, Pyi/.ioy.ii. ( tor I amfot^taftd'tiefh ) 
that C6d ffioufd* heafe hifti }^t rather : and fo the 8* Pfalm 
the rife of his petition is, that God ihould heara him beaufc ' 
he is fo poore. 

Sixthly , The Lord will not have the cxpe<aations of the 
poore to be fruftrated ': Poore men may waite and waire 1<^ *^ 
enough, and yet mny faife at the laft: But tiow if thoubem '. 
one of this p 6ore fpirir, the Lord Will not have thy ^xpeftati- . 
on to be fhiftrated, biit there (hall come good of it at laf^* 

Seventhly , The Lord will not foi^et the poore, Pfrt.^. 1 1^ - 
Others may fo-gecxheiii it maybe eVeh when they have gran- 
ted thcii* petitTows; but the Lbrd ivill not forsjetthe boore. — ' 
Many firch kind of promlfes doth the Lord make to thofe that 
arc.of poore ^irits. But what doe we fpcake no particular pro- 
mifes,we Kiveone m the text in (lead of allrTlfrf tj is thel^tt^ 
^a^Pi^^Hf^«f.-Thishatbanpfom?fes *"6yif<frogeAer.iitote! • 
~N6w from the words before we cone to fearch Wd the 


Qod hnoMTs thm that dtkafc thmfelves. ^y 

ells of cbem ; from ihzt ihxt doth appeare ac prefenc view, 
you have thef?. three or^fourc norcs : BleJJed art the f9§re in 
gfirlty for theirs is the l^f^gdome of Heaven. 

Oif: I. The firft is this ; That tod loves to honour th^fe 
chat are wiUii^ to dcbafe cbemfelves : God doth not fay herej 
Bleifed are the poore> for their fins are pardooed ; Blelled arci 
ihc poore, for che ptomifcs of the Gofpd belong to them, But 
i/e^ed 4re thefeare , far theirs is the kjigdome Jflie^cn. It is 
^kfftgdam dut's d^eirs^ God puts an hoiour iqpcm the poore : 
Thai which fecmes to be the nioft Contrary > that Chrift doth 
affirme : tf one thac is poorc ihould come to have fuch a pro- 
miie made biiPt Well you are jpoore,you fl^ail be provided for^ 
you fhail never want as loi^ as you live, that were well : Buc 
that's not all, they ihall have a kiiKdome : fo Chri/t faidi him-* 
i^ to poore broifica hearts that uiinke themlelves nor vvor- 
iby o< the le^ cnim of Bread, theirs is the kingdme • as no 
lei5ciKnalfii]^c[9niethat is prepared for them: And there- 
fofs doe |iot have ifuch apoore fpirit a$ to have low defignes^ 
choK^ tboit beeft poore in tcfpeft of thy felfe; yet lift up rhy 
heart, and a>iii? at no leflc then akii^domc. Many poore peo^ 
pie would dm^ they £bould be happy men and women, il 
ibcy mig^ have a hundred jjound a yeare lairf given them.- 
But thofc ths^t arepopre in fpirit,(as here is fookpn of)it's hoc 
a hundred pound lid a yeare, nor the poffeffion of the world* 
Iwiti^noleflc th»^dome, and die kii^;dome o^ 
Heaven that will fidsfie their foules, that's the firft rfecc^ the 
Lord loves to put hooour upon thofc that are willii^ to debafe 
tfaanfelves^ «-«-* I fi^ Kkewile other Scriptures iJiat are fu-^ 
table %%l^ ^8. T^ *r^ rfcg' >^'V* hava cmtlnned ivith me 
inmff ttmftsiifmsy ofd 1 affemimo ym 4 kirfgdmeryoa arq 
awcnttoendurcinmyOufe, andtofuffertheloffeof all, 
adrfjcreforc have I appoihtc^ a Vii«<J«ifc unto you. But I 
-3codnottqftanduj:on diefe potc5, Aatwe coely cibferve 

wavof Connexion- ., ^ r . • - - 
'O*/*. That hleffcdneffed^h notCdnfift in aitv wcrldljf 
I ii^:meffedarejhefeore:\^ylhtCA}i^tx^^ 
M eMt^ world, they fhalj be brought into honour > d)ey 

jg Jilejfcdntfe eonffis nH in w$rlMj thin^f^ 


frail bcbrougjit to have prefermcia: in the world j No, bur 
ikfffd uri the focre , ftnr thiirs is the hiffidmn [^ /ftwt.w /. 
there's nochii^ in this world can make them bkifed, Ic is the 
Idngdomeof Heaven that niuft nuke them bleifed : If you 
would be happy )you mufi looke beyond the world:Thou dodH 
not know v^ac the true happinelTe of an brsnortall foule is ear^ 
pable of, ifthou doeft ex^ft it here in this world, 

Qtf: I. Inthatiti^&idintheprefenttenfi;^ tbetr^s(/i/ 
fhe kii^dcoK of Heaven ; From Pdience the note is this -^ 
That: the Saints <rf God live not oi% upon Comforts that they 
paShxvc hereafier, upon the aifttrance of what ihcyJhMU ha^. 
wt ifknprefent Comforts i They have enough m the pre- 
fene to ifoc^ their hearts, in aU.meir poore m meane C^r 
dicion in which they are in refped of the world. You Will iaj 
indeed for good people that are meane in the world ^ vrfiatfe^ 
ever they luf^r x ^ ^od will leward thent hereafter ; I hue 

g)ore foules, what have they ^taCbmfort tHemfelves with^. 
s the prcfent, yea fiiiih Chrift, theirs ( u^) the ktngdMi«i' 
of Heaven. Take all togetbet- now , anrl thon haft efw^ftcnt 
oiely to uphold chy foule ifl this thy ^re CoftcKcton; bvic to» 
Cooifort it^ and to ihake the Ange^ts m H:aven tolocdce upott*. 
thee as a UcCfed creature. It is fe^d of thetjure in Hearty ttuc 
dwy i^dR} jeeCod, but the poore mlph*t,theifV(i^ 
Ae kuDigdaRe of Heaven. And the reaion why Chrift pots. 1^ 
m die prcfent tenfe is ^ bcaufe he faw that phofe that* Were 
joore in fpirit haid need of prefent comfort, 

O^f: 4. tiiat Heaven is now to the Saints,tftere r> ComSoft. 
ladccd, 1 but Heaven cht^y muft loofte' for' altertvairdk : Nb| 
they flballhave it now : Heavetf (\rA\X come xloi^nfe ^6 tbctA 
Before tbey goc up to Heavdri. Iji the 1 7 Jiiri^ 2 x . you ftavc^ 
^ Wtable, scripture for that ;7he l^frgdmt offfei/tviH is mtk^ 
inym i \t is wibio the Saints npw for the prefenr. This that \ 
Inow fey, may fecme tfo be 4 paradox j yet it fe * certau^ ] 
tJwnb,:NafwlefliaUpyer goe to Heayeti, thaitlfeth ftoc'FfesK .j 
♦en firft epnie dowric to it : iTiere is cfertafidy tiota^h or Wo- j 
man upon the Earth, ftall ever goe t6 Hfeaven, h\xt Aiciv J 
as hfkth Heaven come downc td diem : There's none iMi evctr 


H— Hh.. .< 

bcglwified among SailKs and Angelts in Heaven, but fuch a* 
ir may bejind of Aem, Hmc the kimdomc (tf Heaven is with^ 
in them. 

Yott Witt itj whatV that : — ■ Why that I (hall further open 
in comti^ to tne tmune profnife, theirs ts thekin^dame offfyd^ 
<flw. Now the great thing tliat we are todoe,it is in thefc tw5 

fk&j To open to you what is the meatnng of this ; what 
^etfa Chrift ffie^tfie by the kingdome of Heaven. 

And then fecctadly ; To apply the kii^dooie of IJeaveti ti 

fiidi as are poore in ipirit r Iftiail not (peake of it peif- 

faaps ( asfome of youmay ehinke) to o^ the Glory nf God 
intheGenefall,Mt ondy fo ftrre as it is appKcaUe to the 
pooce in fpirit : — Cnriftmeanes feme fpeciatl thiig here, 
chat is more peciiliarlv ap^^icable to the poore in fpirtty t//«^ 
three forts bf pcore wno are to have the treaiiiry of Comfort 
in the kii^ome of Heaven, which will appeare farther, both 
m the opening; of the kif^donie of Heaven what it iS) andthei 
the ttipficadon of it unto thefe three f<Mts of poord people. - 
r6t the fir(t then , The kingdome of Heaven. 

By the kingdome of Heaven is underftood not fiHHy the 
Glory of die Sunts that diey ftiall have to all etermty^Buc the 
ftce of the Meflias^hat*s the kii^ of Heaven ; The {hte,I f^y) 
of the Meflias after hisComine into the worM, and all the 
good tfah^s that he brii^ with him ; that's the kingdome of 
Huven whidi is here memt ; There's the kii^dome of Gods 
MWer whereby he nile^ over the world 5 And then there's Ae 
loogdome diac hehacfa given to bis Son the Mediator ; It's the 
fiscond kti^dome that's here theant. When God had made 
Ab world, he bimfelf itigti^d over it,ar(d Was the King of it j 
But die world that h^ niacie was fpoQd with (in , and fo God 
could not have that Glory from the world that he made it 
for 5 Therefc^e the Lord he was pleafed to ereft anew world, 
nocber fpititital heavMly world, to Glorifie bintfelfe in in 
another manner, more fpirituatl aiid heaveiify then in the fbr^ 
mcr world, and he makes his <on to bt tbeKihg of tHat^W-* 
piali world, 'that new world which' tfte'Scripiufe (pdiKfdf 

I z when 

60 lyhat meant hj the Kwgdmi af ^U^ftfK 

when k faich, AU §U tUnfi isre imt 4#n^ , and aS things ire 
h9€mt$€ f94iP ; wlrich new world is begun in the work of oricc 
in the hearts of the Saincs, and fo carryed on till ic comes to 
iei;eFmU<jk)ry. J^fus iChrifthe is the? King of chat worlds as 
fo? t|ie other ic^ fpoild andmuil cpme to confufion. Now br- 
£o»e Cbrifts comii^ aftually in taking flefh upon hint 1 there 
were fome Rayes of his Glory that did Ihine unto the for efii- 
cber^buc in con^Mrifon of what was to be done afcar die Mef- 
fias camey this kingdcDie was not fee up : For cbc* Admintlbi^ 
^ of dung^ in the times of the Lawy it's not qaU'd thcking- 
dome of Heaven : The Jewes they waited for the kingddme 
of ttie^N^effiasiand the kingdomc of the^ffclrlas that they wai- 
ted tatj it is this kingdome of Heaven that is here fpokeudf irr 
this Text t -«- When Chrifl was n?ere coming into thdiYorld, 
this gr^t King, be fends his Hartanger bef6re (John the Bz^ 
rift) toprociaune that he was comiig, and that there was a; 
nsw! kii^domc to come into the world ; Therefore faith J9h»^ 
Kcfifft frr the kingdoms afhea^vM u at hafU; He did not tntans. 
there^by Repent, Repeat: becaufe yon muft goe- to Heaven; 
goe and be iGlprified wi.h God ini Heaven; But: as if he 
ibould fay, C^ now is the kingdome oftheMefTias ad hand, 
within a few moneths Jefus Chrifl is comity, and .will appeare 
ro be Kii^,and die Gofpel wiU be mad^ more deere to you : 
within a finall tim^ the kingdome of tite Mefliah fhall be fet 
tip^R^pent therefore mid tucne from your wickedne06, chac 
jou may have the benefit of the kiiigdome of the Meffiah 
when it comes to be fet up : and it is iaid therefore, Thac 
from the time ofJ»hn the Baptrfiy the l^ftgJUme of heaven /offer 
red violeKee. It may appeare thai that tn^' kii^dome of Hea^ 
yen was^in the time ic^ J4m the Baptift : The mearni^ of ic 
was this s That John Baptift beiiig the H^bin^ o^ this 
kingdome, when T.eople did but hear^ that the ktngdome of 
the MeiHali was at hand, their hearts were fet on fire after it> 
and there was a kind of holy yiolewe to bearc down? all kitkl 
ofdifdcultieandotipditian^ They were refolved with rhenv 
felves, whitfoever becpoies of us^ we will endeavour to the 
ucttrmoft, at leaft) that we might have our part in* the good 

. . tiiii^s 

hiuu meam by the Klngdorm of HMven, ^ 6i 


dungs of the Kingdonie of the Mwlfiah, k luffbred violence for 
chat time : JohrQ^Hi did butij)eak$ ^ licfle of tbar King- 
dome though not fee up, jet the hearts of the ^ople were tefc 
on hne afeer it ; Oh Lorcnvbcre are our hearts then, when a 
Miniiier of the Gorpetliliall not only fay that ' the Kingdome 
ofHeavenisathj)na,butitiscome, ana this King hamcomr 
and afcended andtriutnphed in Heaven, and fet. at the right 
hand of the Father, and govdtes^and rules hi^ Church : Now 
whenvve call uf on men, Rtffnti rftfuk ffft the Kitigiomr of 
H^^BveH is come^ it doth nu fiiffeir violence, but it's a bleflea 
^tdng when it can be^faid, chaciince the time of fuch a Mini/fer 
even Heaven boh fuifered yioieijce : whereas the hearts of 
people were loofe before, and theyniid^ied nothing but the 
world, arid gaiherii^a little togethef,imd*that thiy might eat 
and drink,* ^^rt, that*^ all they minded,, buc fince they 
tame to hear of the preaching of the Kingdome of Heaven, this 
Kii^ome of Heaven fuffers violence, and the violcn? rake k 
by force : ThisKingdome of Heaven itis therefore the ft«;e of 
ifaeGofpdll: Andinthisfehcel'tiake it that that* i^ iheant, 
when they broi^ht- little chiWreri to Chrift, fa4tiyChrift,/irjfrr 
little childrtn to come unto me for to them Mongs the Kwgd'jme 
tlfHeieven^ he dorfi not meane that fonie of them ll^ajl goe to 
Heaven, but^ms, as tf Chrift, flKbiildiay, in th^ times of thci 
law ; I there did not only takebeleeyerSr biit their fetd to 
hive the priviledgcs of tmt Kate under thatr admtniftration," of 
the gobd thii^ thit were in the law ; Therefore doe not now 
thmk that when I am coipe to fet up^anqrher Rin^dpmc^hajfilr 
take t^eevers nfW and rejeft theiffeed,n6,/i^ them' to ^^c 
wtto me^fer wtto tbeitp . bebpfgr the Kht^Jbme o^ fte/evipfj artcf 
rhcy ate ntehbers of this' Kingdome tfiati am now fetting up; 
^ well a^ th^ were hiembers of the JewiiTi Church, artd had 
le boiefitof that adminiftration ; fo fhall they be menders 
od partakers of the ftate that now I zrh fettiig up, together 
rirh the pitviledges of it,- and thejrfwi furfifr theni to come 
me^ile own them to be fcch to whohi beIong«?the Kingdome 
f Ijearen, arid therefore let thetn not be excluded any more 
oci this ftec of the Gofpell then they were before excluded 



,Cii * 

^3 # pykaf meant by Kingdom if UeAVtn. 


m ** 

from the ftat^ oFche Uw» and the good diingS chereini tiuc^s 
the meaning of chat TexCj ^nd a (psciail Scripcurc foe 
the incbura^ii^ of beleevipg Parents in refpecl of 
theix CbUdrcn , and the i>ri|]gifig of diem to that Ordi^ 
nance of Bapdlme, .; 

Sometimes thi^ Kingdome of Heaven is takea for fotne ppr* 
Uij^ilar diing m cheftace of t^ie Oofpdi as for the preaciHH^ of 
the GofpclVs caird die K^r^d^ ot Heaven ; a^ f h«.%^- 
dome of Heaven is like a OiaajgCHf^ out to fow his feed,t^ is)^ 
this adminiiiracion of die Co£cU m .the preaching of it is l&e 
a man dut fowes his feed andiome fell upon die high wayyC^^. 
' "fti^ preaching.orche Gofpelyiiat's on^ ihit^in the Kingdoou^ 
of Heaven dut hath die btne of the vvfaole — * And fonitio^e^ 
iL is taken for die work ai^d efficacy of the Gofpell in die heart 
ofaman: As the Ki»ffbmi ^f He^nrat is liktSBagranc^maf' 
' tsarJifud^ what's chat ?. that is the vvorke of the Gofpell that t$ 
Qow preached in che Aate of the Meifiahjit bath that etfeift^f 
€0 the iiearti as a graine of mu|Wdre^d : Thoi^ it be iiale ac 
thefirft»yctit^owesaptaamigbtytree ; Imsis the iub« 
(l^tfKe of this Kingdome of Heaven, m isthe ftaceoftbe Me(&* 
ah ; So then the meaning of Chrift is this ;filededarethepow 
in (^rit> you that are dus poor> o bleflejd are you» for Ipoke 
ipriiat good, or benefits iu:e come by theMeflTudis coming intq 
the worlds look what bkiredneuethereisintbeftateofthQ 
Mefliahytbat belongs to you, you Ihall certainly have that blef* 

Againey Somtimes the J&Wiw# ^Hewen is taken for the 
Church, and the priviieckes thereof^ as, lUgwt unto thee the 
keyes of the Kit^dome of Heaven, and that's one great pare 
indeed of the Kingdome of Heaven, the priviledges of the 
Chrtftian Church : The Priviledges and Admintilraiions and 
Ordinances that ^re are m the Cbriiiian Church ans a greac 
blelfing of the Kii^dome of Heaven, and you diall h«yc all 
thele yoo that are poor in fpirit. 

Why is it call'd the Kingdome of Heaven. 
Pirft, It s call'd the £[ngdome of Heaven, Becaufe Chrift 
is from Heaven who is the Kii^ thereof. 


'>■ ■ ■ 

ChrtftaBidtevtrsLdi^^j^wr. gj 

Soceadi^y ladiftinciionand oppo£iuon from or unco che 
Kingdomes of che world. Ic is noc of this World, faith 

* lUixIly^BecattictbatChrifihis feacis now ac ch^ prefetic id 

Foiutbl]^ Becaufe that the way of bis GovemmeiK) it is 
i^sirauall and heavenly^ not in an outward way. And then 
^ Fifidily> Bepufe it will certainly brii^ boih foule and ' body 
CO Heavea ac laft ; Therefore the whole adminiftratioo 
oftbeMelfiahinbis way and government is calfd the King- 
domeofHeiven; ■ -^ ^ 

Cba& is theKing^ and the bleiTu^ of this it would be very 
lu^ to open in the pertiailars> there i^ infimce blefledneflle 
mdiisKtfigdocne of Heaven. 

For fir(K 'Tis Cfatift the Xfediator that ^ves the^e lavv^^s^ if. 
cbott beeft brou^t under the ftace of the Go(jpett to be , a fub-^ 
jpck of Chjrift by being a Bckever, I fity Chriit iie aives thee.' 
^ iawes f /novY dipu haR'th^m^from the hand (>( 9; Mediator ? 
Mc Jewfshadiheir livyes ( the tm CooimahdejRenis ' ) frgnj 
dielundofaaiediacorUrp^^ £ut thou h^ cne hvv 
for cbe.£iuding'an4 ordeiingof thee froqi/t^ hcind of Jvsfu^ 
Cbrii!L . Iti's crue^ tbe^ame thit^tbac A[ff[es did requlce me^ 
cbo^waSIl^t'th« j|e4^^ 'cQ.tbcm> and Mofiis likJt 

m[^hi.'^zmA^ :but tfidii haft 

£em mac^ iu({)i|roa^ tpc Iv^ddf a.-^^^ from tBc/ haii^ 
•fCbdS^^^ C^ Wp fortiieguidii^andoMefit^ofitlyii^^^^ 
and cb^ is a greac i^iite about the law novT> yvhicn truly hat^ 
licdelnv caedificaucgi, w\^ Wl^efie^^^vahavje our brV npvy 

iap9ifviie»kcQi»s(aadiJ^^^^ .tE^'iua:i^ f^.^/;^^ 

^ychfbiSf, thac we are deuvered £c6m^ the hvy as icwis^give^'- 
jff M0&X : why what 1 that co purj^ole. If we be bour>d jo th? 
iame tning that ^^i^/f^ did command, and by as ftrbng boi>ds a^ 
ibole we;re. tfcatii^'4^indae.iiTO ef t^ bvy : whac^gctac 'matrei- 
«faccber w&baiie it i:ca^Jl:iQ^f or no, we have it,;uia .>re {)oiind 
k by asft^pB^ bonds if ic comes from rhe haiif.fs.i)f Chriit f 
hsA we inaj[(atis6€L0iir f;:lves enough iachts, but we have the 

• law 





64 C/y?}? 4 Bfteevers h^^givtr. 


law that are the rules of jufticc and equity, that arc morall, vye 
have them in this Kingc^om'e of Heaven: Indeed tvc have theui 
given in another way in the hand of this Mediator, with niom 
itrictaefl'e,with more fpirituallneflc and iniargempnc jacfacr i 
For this our Kii^ tells us afterwards in this Chapter, chat he 
came not to deftroy the law but to fiilfiU it, he comes to open 
it \ iaith he, ye have heard it faid by them of old time, tlwai 
ll^alc not commit Adiilrerjr, hva I J^y tmti y&M^ -^ai whoj^evjfr^ 
hokeih on 4 nfmuin to Infi ^fterherj hath cmmfkeii-adHlrerr whh . 
fer allrcadj in hh hearr : Chrift expounds the UVv, aid feemc's 
io put it in a higher pitch then the Jevves had : -— There is a 
great deale of comfort now I confeUe in that, that thou haft thy 
fciw now from Jefus Chrift. And i^ this indeed thou moyeft 
have this c<»ifort hmtrg thy law from him, that he willnoi be 
fo cxaft as to require allforfeitures ifrom the breach df the lawi 
is was required of the Tcwes : In the adminiftration of Mcfej; 
there was fuch and fucn forfeicui-es upon breach of the law ; 
but God is pleaf ■ d to manifeft. more ^ce novv, fo that he doth 
not ntjwlbndlb exaftly upoh beaches as to pronounce ii dirife! 
upoii tfvery 6pe that doth ofltend in that way : Af^fis delivered 
his law that the pebple jhould looke upon themfelvcs as accur- 
■fcd if fobe that they did offend* in any part of it ; It*s ciue> 
there was fomething of Chrift revealed to help bek^vefs irt*' 
j?4cd,butfotthemoftpakit\^^ lb *s JTorthe' 

jiencrallity erf the people tkey febkt upontbejnfeIvfes(or?houl<f 
do fo);isiiccurfed, if tney did breake an>' pit pf the bw; • 

ButinthisKingdomeofHi^aven, thatsa blelTcdnefle that 
dxxi haft a law from him irhat loves thee ouire then hts Hfe, be 
was wining to^ayc?ownhirfife for thee mat gives titec thy 
1aw,no\vwhen.oheh4hal^V5^ frcSn oiie rfiar we ferovtr Ibve^ 
him dfearly itV ComfoitiMc j *^ And he is thd judfe of the 
law, arid he is to take allthe forfeicures of the law mat iovef 
me deady, even more tbeiibis'own life .^ ivhy this ts a §reac 
comfort. ' . . 

' The Second thins in the blefiedne^' 0/ this liiwdomc' of 
Heaven is this, that Jefus ChrBt he now rules in rhc Jiearts of 
lus Saints by his wc^-d and fpirit, a greacdeab more fiiliy 


III»IMI« >- llllil W > >!■ ■■ ' I II I ■■PI m K i I II— I— — w 

Ifffinitc Bhjfed^^c.mtbi l^mgJbme of HtMtny &c. ^| 

tbcu he did in the rimes of chc Law, or in any nrj can be coch 
ceived. It's true, there was a generall worke of God upon the 
hearts of beaihens : In thde morral virtues of Cjbeir3> but th^re 
was not a ruliiig in jheir hearts by the Scepter and Spirit o? 
jefus Chriit the mediator : and though htlctvtn in the time of 
the law had the fanclifying Spiric (\ome of (hem) in fome hig|i 
degree : Yet generally it was very f oor ?nd low in the hearts 
^bdeevcrsinthe tiiresof the M^ifiah, The Spirit of Gad is 
Aied abroad in this ids kii^dome. with more fulti^lVe, with 
inore deameirei with more ^<s^%x^ with oiorc oxcelleticy 
j3)undaatly,and it wa$ referved for the comii^ of this Kii^ the 
Melltah to i'et up that Spiritual government of his in the iiearcs 
ofhispeople>\mch is a thing that we little underftand: Wr 
fliink mere is fuch a duty required of us, and vye fall tipon it 5. 
I but we doe not looke uf on Jefus ChriA fwayii^ his Scepter 
iti our hearts for the en^tbling of us to doe what he requires o£ - 
usinhisword. And then • 

.Thirdly, All tran'is^ians between Cod and. thenfH are \x\ 
t1u> kii^dome^.^nd not tp go out qf' this kii^dome : by that I. 
insane thus^' when, thou haft pffeiided.God at any time > and; 
Cod hath any thing to fay to thee for thine offencei thou (lialc; 
not coc« to have mis buCneffe of thine cr^ed in the Court of 
cxaft Juftice » no, it muft nof go out of this kingdome, but ic 
muft all be widim th t T<ingdoin i of ih? ^eifiah : As thi> is the 
prtviledgt of one that lives in one kingdqne \ii cannot be cal* 
led toanother kingdome to anfwer for his fiiult, if he were in 
another kingdome he might dye for it,, but here the Lawes do 
Iielp him more>and that's a comfort to him ? So now, vvert thou 
mtne kingdome of Gods power, as he is Creator of Heaven 
and cartb and fo rules the wo •Id;cerrai ily-apy offoicc of thine 
Would be etemall death to thee, and it is foyvtth all tbofe men 
iE^ women that are (I fiy) only under the kingdome of Gods 
ftver r that is, they are Gods creatures^nd God i-? their Cre- 
o-^md fo they have to deal with God as under the kirgdome 
' bis power, if they orfcnd as c -ear ures God in that kfei^doitie 
* ales in a way of ^aft juftice, fo as to piiniOi witl^ de^th ur»ort 
' rcry oflFencej but now a beleevcr brought into anodier king- 

K dome 

m jim t 


4oine) the kingdcmie of cbe M;:tndh, There he conies co have 
mber privileo'gcs, io chae when a beleever offends be.doch m>c 
goe tp anirV^ir m ihat Court of his, (tovvit) the ku^domeof 
hi ? f ower^but be is co aniwcr before rbe Court of Jeius Chrift 
.«iChrilHstobethejiKlge,'andCbfiftbe is to deale with 
tb^in in chac adminiftracion of bis that he harh received from 
rhe Facher, and fo comes a bekcvcr to fland with comfort be- 
fo;e God notwichftandi"ng all his orfences^and weaknefl'es, fc^ 
ibe cr.uifaitit>rt is between Godf and hm within this kingdome 
aridnotwichoutit • Oh this is a great conifort for one that Ls 
poone infpifit zBleff^dArtthejoortnf^rltferrhe^rnsthkjfg^ 
Jiamt^ffftavif^ z The kingdome of>fcavcn,of the Gofpel it i^ 
dieirs, and this isthe bleftednefle thartbey have by this king- 
dome of the Gbfpef, chat (I fay)affthe tranfaftions betweene; 
God and tfae0i are in thi^ ktt^otne: So lik^^wife all Goci-^ dea^ 
Bngs with tbem^very way it is throitrfi a Meifiah,. and all that 
they tender vap toGpd ic is through the MeTiabi fo as indeed' 
ihcy havenotbiK (as I may fo fpeak) to do m their reference, 
tfa God, but onely through chis. tnejr King,thi:ir,Kihg dorh un-; • 
dcrtahcallbuftieflfesbecwecoGod and them:: thou that art 
bi><)ugbt to this kir^dome, he tint is thy King, the Lord' Jefus 
Chtmy God and man, Hadr undertaken ail thu^ that cbnce^^ 
tbceintbvueferenceto'^.od: Therefore Me^^art.thomfcr 

So that all the mercies that come from God^hey came it&a% 
Cod through Chrift tothee, by the meanes of this King He 
brings them, and it is throng his right diat thou haft chemj As- 
noWjWhcndiereisanythingtodoDetvveen two kingdonies,.. 
why the tranfa£tion^ are between the two King^,. every pri- 
vate man doth not ttieddle in tranfa^Hng of buhnelfe b;^tvvtetx 
kingdomes : So I may fty,there are as ic were two kir^domes, 
the kingdome of God as be is a^Creator,and then the kii^dom • 
of the Mefl[iah,now all diofe thii^ that we are to receive from- 
the kingdome of Gods power as Creator, Jefus Chrift he deal^ 
. with God for thenn and we come to receive them all throu^& . 
the right of this our Kih^s all mercy, and if diere fee any af- 
fliAi(^s comes, if we have offended ^ father, and^ againft 



t$ $h fm4 m ]^m^ Sffi 


Ac work of creation, and & have defervcd evil. God tsXlrci- 
m doih not take beletvers fis as co brtiig afBtdiov; upon cbeau 
Iwrhc gives thetn tip to Cfarill, h iChtili cfay Kingciiatdorli 
conreckhitn, said the atlF;^iOiis^ing vvirhiii this kin^ooie, 
tlieyarcofanothermtwetben cbe evilis that are inHi^ed 
wpai choTe that are iinderche kingdome of God<spoiver : Noinr^ 
mz cvilts ciMcareinRided tipoii ivcb (or their iitv they' coax 
trom Fcverigtt^ wtarb ; But the ^vili diac are indicted upoi 
ffaoferharai-e brought 1IK0 this kii^dome> rbey are inili^d 
ispoDtbembyChnll the Mediator an{i lo come to tfaaniii 
another way, fochac there is aboundance of btdTcdnctie inb.*^ 
ingmcbin ttus kiMdome .* «--^ 

iHtdHvy And then further, Prom hence thou baft pro^efti- 
eii»choii^ tbotibeeftpoore and meanein diy fdfe, tW haft 
Jefis Clirill tif0fkmotGoA chat Uddertakes co proteft thce> 
60 detiwer thee from eviil , and to fiipply thee in all thy 
wanes : that's die wotit of a King^ and diofe tbatare fui^e^t^ 
in a kingdome, they faar^ i great <kale of benefit in the pro- 
ie^ion of ths Govemour of thao: kingdome, and for any man 
to be in a kk^oqK afild to be deftyed the proceetioo, is a 
great mifery : Now there are none in the Kingdooie of Cb id, 
that Oifi^ mtt d^ the benifHt of pme6kion> bi;t protects 
them ail, and p^vides for ^wiekin M^ kingdbme. Indeed 
Kiii^ of die ^arth ihiay leave the prote^ion of diesr SabjeflSi 
and if they ilumlddc^iypMte^on to their Subj^ there is 
fome odbcr hetp fer them c6 prated them(blves fome o:her 
my i but tber^ is no proteSHon to the Saints biit otleiy^ By this 
thtir King :-—-*— 

Feaifduyv J^M ^rovi6iii!^ tieceifary^ Kii^ dodi not ts&e 
cogptiiance of ^ety fani?ly,biitChrift doth ralte eo^nbance to 
pnmdefer every jrarticlilai- foule. 

Fifthly , In this kitv^dome Chrift undertakes to fibc^e aU 

ie enemies thaft are aftkmft thy fpirituail and etetmll good : 

E^^brift is thylCifg, sm^her he nt^ loofeliis poo^^^r or feitlv 

Inriii^ either <£ ^idi he vfiH'nor do,therefore be smtft fi b- 

e thy enemies he Will fubdiie'Sin^and Deadii^mdtlie Devil, 
&a andaS ^ enemies of the'Chnrcb iliili at kngth be (ub- 
»cd. K a Sixthly, 

' ■ » ■ 


fg. hfimte th kb^JUmi of Hedvtn 


Sixthij'i He is a Kii^,giVes oitiinames andp&^aid adniir 
lyAr^ions, all the orditi^fiQctt gifts and . idmisHttraiions of rhe: 
Chorcb diey are . given by Jc us Gktt as the Km§ of ic^ a»t 
thou that arc poor tt! if trie choo bdlciglbi: to tbem.It is pqt fucb 
3 oni as hath- fuch a h^h degree^f grace tku hatb rfebc totbc 
or€iiaincey,buc wbcre cbcre is any th» anc buciicBfiblc of cfadc 
poueccy, ihoahaft right toaU ocdiaoiKeaitpooobar^t though 
iliere be right to chcs)» yet youmiift be cixercifeft ttrthemy inr 
* way lutable to tbe OroimixJes : «— AU the gifts of the Saidcs 
jfse tfainey and all adoiimih'auon^ are thth^,tlm bait the benc*> 
fit of them all in this Kingdonie. 

Seventhly, Further, All the world is brought mtofubjeftm 
ori'tothts kitgdooie ; The ki*^donie of th^; Father, ite ildng- 
dcMne of po^ver , whereby the Lord do:h rule tbe crcat^ 
vvortd^and Ibby proiifidetice is c<mtinued, all th^ in order x# 
this kix^dome of the Mifliah : Certainly there. ts. a great dealc: 
kithis, for one to know diat all tbe adnuniftrations of vJod it> 
tbeorderii^ofhcaYenatul.€siirtb: It i^for the furtberancc of 
thekii^dameofthcMeiriaht andofthefoirituaH goodof ali 
thdfe ttat are wtihtn this kingdome, Bbfed there^ixort tbtm^ 
ftr thintis this ld'%'^^^f ii^^^^* 

. Eightly^ & Laltly^ For, this will hiiiipthfieat lengrfi to reigjt 
Tvidi ehrift : ' Tboutdoft m Conic degr^ rtigne wi& ChcSt al- 
ready, dl tbe Si.b^6^ t^Chriiifliins^oim are made Kii^ mA 
Priefts to God, and.ihtiiy snmlVbe icha further glorious manner 
made to reig^ with Cbriftt fe you have it id the 3 . Rnm % t . 
Tohtm rhitwer comet b-vflM Igr^t ufit with m^ mj Thr$^i 
tven 46 1 Alfo overcame^ Mud amfiu downe witkmj Faiktr in hit 
TbrvMt: it is a texrtbat h^i) a ^/^t deale of di({ti:ulty in it : 
but here cleareiy yiiu fce tbene are wo Thrones that Chrtft 
mentions, his Fathers and his ode^nOKv Taich Chri&jIeMtcMme^ 
jurd mffetdmw wit bmj Father if^ his Thr^e: So thatChrift 
doth fit with the Father, and rules altogether with his Father^ 
Init&ith Chsi&y I wiU givtjm t^fydim^f^fmmy Tjtwwf, ,4$ 
I fit tammy Fsibfrs. There is a Throne that is qiok particu* 
larly the Tbroneef JefusChrifMnd aH the S^Jnts IhAlGc ivirh 
}efusCbrift diereupooj^w for this Thi-Qne> it is dut tint we 

1 r — ^— ~'~*~*™^'^^-^— I M I ■- I ■ _ " 


tit ^Af p**'*? '* fy^^* * ^ 


hutmadaoid in divas other Scriptures, iiithe 14. MMtth,- 
ft nM LHkgjq.)^ tens his DUci^Ocs that had bdurerl .with 
|jkniBlBs.xpnp««:ions, tU they fhmU fit mth htm^pijtdgt 

brnmbit iintitmvhtkhfdiicme: . Now tbefe •^cripoires 
fexis. t!» holdoui; lane ipcciaU and glorious conci.wn rhac 
theSains |n# have at lei^h before they come to that full 
wA^di^ .glory tlj^ 4*11,1^ in tha higheft^ heayais v 

bev Oafl. fit.upoiidp.LordCh*i^1]>rW* l^'h^^r^^^^f- 
n die iiiahcft heav6m there.isto«dging>TRroiw,.i)»u:ihere 
i«atim?-ot'waSO«*c\vickc4^anduiigodly, and the Saints. 
lbaUrci£ne vyirfiChriift in aglprious manner, and at lei^ch 
Acy fluUbe.bro.^ toHeav<;n« felfe w thcpofl^^of jjft 
dateJory. i;ha?Chrifthath.pvr£h^dbylmfal<K>;tr..-r; And 
dia^ tbough novvfor the prdait ygu<Jenv yo»Ff '^^T 
nuchas CO be wHHng toOiifet poverty, to fujfer the hardftiy 
of poverty, th«; contempt of poverty, thi trouble that there is 
iuapoorceftatc^ it is, in my qufe that yoj. ai^ wdlmg 
pooriijii^beyouojuldgetric^smtbe >vorrd as mufj^as. 
SSmca, but becontpntiobcin.a.Ibw ^ondnion for. the. 
diines of this worldjje content tobe mean^ to trult me; _ tot; 
dic5isaki«gdomefQryou,tbekiisdome of Heaven r This 


!rcyLltc]lnii«b^feenwdiacarnaIeye»^tyetyouA>:^^^ we 
4 »«1 If-Jf^ed^Ty^ir^yo^^^^^ 

fear ¥our low conditioiir. aaji thoMgaj^u be low «b parts, ver 

your fekes?! ihi-sibr yon are ipCt tb?t iit Wiethe MeflRaj 
!Sthegoodof;her^(pelis.yo«s,apd ^b^/^'-^^H^Wo^ 
ibthw^Faicr, Son,and ^ir^tdoimi;end,tq, »/« «P to» 
5i^i^ kis>g!)nVtheipre&^ Mej. a^ 

yDdfc.o£allthe^orj otic* Ibs^kingdome Cbrjft i^s^ 9f 







JO hfmte Bleffiubftfe in the kingdome of Heaven 

.»»' ■■ IP 

in 7. Z>*^ 54. and there calls it the Wngtfoif e <rf the Samel 
thatihallprevaikin.rhcAYorld: CcrMiitrfy thefc is ftfcto ii^ 
kingdciue of CRrlrt .is wifl previiile in rfie ivdrW lit fiidifif ^'' 
pot5 k' what they cnti; The Km^r aftht earth thei U^^ 0it4hr 
He^hens thej im^g^ne bnt vairrethlngi^ far wi Ikftdv^Ut^ 
his A /W npon his hdj hlMy and tbc Saiiics chat arc In this kkigi^ 
dome ot Chriihhey ihall preyailc id the woild -ft-laft, This 
Iwigd'one murt i/erthinely gty op i My ttechren ^Ve ; k|«^ irtl , 
.Scnjitiirc of rher.'good tyoiihgs oiFthc ktngdotfK t the'fe fcM>" 
things tK^:' I'have froVcn df lire foriie orthc good iydiftgi ctf 
the kingdoine, and in the i.-/<ff/ ^o.YVhettCkrrift Was rifen 
.againe,\ve f nde that the^rcai? tlhiftg^ tharChrift did^c w-W-io 
tell his Oiiqplcs of rije good Wmgi of tbfe? tirfidbme iof' \^n^^ 
^en, you Toiov* Chrift after his reftirredibri t!id continue *ath 
Ms t>ifdpie^ forty 'dafyes :Noxr j-ou will fty; WhacdWChrift 
dd in thofe fony dayes } we* i«a4 of many rWt^ that Chrift* 
^id before bU death, but what have w^ of wba? hetfid inthofe 
forty dayes ? che ffcriptute tclh you Aatbedid ^ak to^ tbeni 
iibK^ tbe kinAdoriie of HcfavctijOmfl-thendtd diftourieabowc. 
tHis point that itxti ripvv Ifeeaking of," tcHing of then* wtec t 
fcklkdandyoridnskirgdontp of the Meffias they TOrc to 
come to, aira thougji they were f flee to bepoorc in the tvorld 
anddefpifed, and be as nobody, yet tii^ were meittbers of 
thatktngdome, and hadth^ prrviic<%es of fci and Chr^ 
would make them inftrupiencaW for the ftirrfiehmcJeofthafe 
glorious kit^dome,and (b told them whatbdong^^to the king^ 
^ome, the ordinances of the kingdome, the lawes<* it> twtt 
thepriviledgcsiafit, and therefore we find ic that the Dif- 
ciples before the Te^rredion of GhrhH and the ftieddiiig 
i)road of ihe- ^pirfe, they Aeam'd of af meerc etrthli^ 
kingdcmc,. w&en wilt thou record die kii^onik to ^i^ 
but vvhenChxtft had t6l<} them of this kingdonte , and the 
■ %irit was fhe<! ai)road in ihcir hcaitJ?) they nivcr mmded 
dn ewthly kii^dome more : No, they fiatf done With ^>A()iw 
kKeycartaetounderfbridvvhatwisthe meaning df the kirt^ 
-flome ofxhe M^fiah th^TtCftriftdtd prcaeh tmtcy tbefff in ^we 
forty dayes chkt he wasr with ibem biefore hk; Aii^ei^ion^ 


^' ■ »■ 

■ W W I..I..- ■ ■! .^ 

tet^c fc(rc w fprti. ^i 

Now thefekre fooie bride chirgs ttiac I have endeavoured to 
prefentiuuoyouaboBt this kingdome of Heaven that here is 
fittt! to be the portion df theft thar are poore in Spirit : ^ 
YouvvillfayOtnefeareblcifedtbinHsiiideed'; But fof the 
applying o£ them, that's the thingwc lu v* «ovv to doe, on^ily 
at prefcnt remember \vhjt harn been laid , and now know 
what the meanii^ of that Scripture isy^ J^n-fif^cks '^"^ k^»gdomi 
^heaven dnd the Vightdonftitjjc thereif\ M9*d ah thefe thiffgs 
fimUbe added tojou : 1 have he^ie briefly fct out a little of ilie 
glory of the kingdome of Heaten, though all this whiL I have 
not ipoken of the felicity of the Saints after the day of Judge- 
BicntjbutTvhacflaallbefetvvecBe'thisind their going up to- 
Heavea; ynn fnr gnmigh toffr y.fiurh?;artsoirAQrke».^ 
firft pbce to feek the kii^donie of Heaven: O you that hav& 
foi^ after the world, and liave tfiotf^iTtr your felves bleft'ed,if 
you mightiive bravdy and have a iutlc comir^ iii : Novy 
mow that there is a kingdome concerns you, and tor ought we 
kxNi ewtjiUsvk. in (bi^ places s^4i^^'^9^f^^'^^ rhtn^< 
ieeka&^ibat.kii^do|i$C:iha$ypu:n^^^ ffoKioii \ns 

it;.' ■ ' ■ ■. t !;. ../i ,'.'>:''. 

i 'i : 

I ' 

, ♦, .. J. 


%• 4 1 

i' : 

< « )■ fLi'J .'.? 



V J ^ 

-'•: » ic*'/- '. . i^ »". *' ^ :-^''. I , 

r* . 

..SE,R HQU y. ... 

Comfort to the paor^- in fpirit. 

Slewed' are-t be f core Iff fprJt^'^c. 

areaSjoumayremenTberufOTKhcJirft Wef- 
idridle here that is atifibuted to tbe foore b 
)irit. Thefub;c^ofthisbkfl'edniffc wchavc 
roken too at large ; who thole poore in Scrip- 
JTC are. And in Cjenerall,that tnoy are bleh'ed. 
But we came the loft day to nuke entrance inco the bli:f- 
fedaefle that Chtift pronounces upon them, Jhtirs h the klng- 
iomt tfHettvtn .- — There were divers obfervations taken 
Tjotice of fnan the Connexion, SUj}'U»rt ihepmty for theirs 
itthekl-i<i«me^H*Mtti j He dorh not fay, blefi'ed are the 
poore, for God will be mercifulluniochcm, )»u.thtlrs Utht 
Ifji^ilme efHetvtiif A fiitable Werta^ unco that Grace ihac 
is mott eminent in them. That poverty of Ipirii therefore 
Chrift would raife than up with the Glory of a kii^dome, 
Theirs is the kji^dtme ; But 'tis no kii^domc but the king- 
dome of Heaven : — There we (hewed that 'tis not any thii^ 
of the world thai can make us bleHed , but it mud be Ibme- 
^i^aio£thekiitedome of heaven: And that's obfervable, he 
doth not fay , ttteiTsfhrnU ie the kii^dome of HeaA-cn , as hi 
faith oi otturs ; Bldled ;^ tbe pure ia hean:,f«- tixyjk^ll fee 

God j 

Cmnfnri ta the gullj^ fo^e. , ^^ j 

God ; he doth noc fay , 91e(red are the poore for they fhall 
have the kii^dome of Heaven > bnc theirs is the idi^doDie of 
Heaven. . > 

i'oore people camoc foy ^ they have prefeiiD mtd^ iaith 
Chrii^ I mil not on^ly pomile you what you iliall have when ^ 
you dye ; bur you lliall have a ku^ome notv for theprdem; 
Theirs is theklitgiome ^ HestveH^ 

Wee came* to the cpenii^ of this kit^dome of Heaveni 

what it is I and iiiewed you the feveraU acceptations of the 

words, the kJngdome .- what it's taken ^f or in Scripture. But 

this is that that was conceived to be the fcope of Chjilt here 

{ ihe kltffdomeefMeavett ) that is, the eftace of the Melfiah, 

the goocf things that the McflTuih was to bring into the \Vorld 

in bs Adminiftrntion, that's tire kingdome of Heaven chat's 

here meant; I doe not thii^ thatCbdli did ainieac ihiSf 

that they fliould goe to Heaven when they dye , and be in • 

Glory tnere, ais the oneiy thing ; that's indeea zmdhg other 

thirds, that will follow : But that which Chrift aymes at here$ 

diofe thtcare poore iii fpirit they are bleffed ; for they are 

partakers for tne prcfent.of the blefled eftate of the peo^ of 

Cod, that is, in the time of the Meilias coming into the 

world. And therefore I doc not intend here to fpeake about 

cbc GJory of Heaven ; For any thing that may be l];oken about 

itfaat^^ll riither h\\ into the lo verfe yBle£e4] ^e they which 

dire ferfecmed for right eoHfnejfefakf ; fer theirjis tf>e ki^g^ion^ 

4fHeMMn, flilit all that rjliaUlpeake of here is, The bieflcd 

efUte of thbfe <hat ait poorer iii foipic, Wx». the fa ■oymenc .tfi 

iriic good ihings in die It^te . of the M^Fiah ; ^nd that is the ' . 

jSncanh^ of th« S€ript^^ei i/?f/»«^/^ ^h^^n^imk^o^ Heav4§ 

fs MS hiM ; ilThiat b, Re?$n^:^ furWi froni ypur evilj waycsff, 

and follow «iot your hifts a^ yOu^wcre wot)(«w BuC !f^pene, fc^ 

fefus Chriii is com© ipro.the .wofl4 that brtfJgs . % gijeat dealc 

of GI07 vvich him^Beca^fe I vVoiild &|adly finith ^ this (ime, 

[ will paCrgj-Jb); what vv^ fpa}fe tpo^ana con^.(o)Arhai?reipaine^> 

ryl the; rafheif ,• bjcaufe uijh^, tl)^ clptb -rw^iiae Ave fljail 

wke ure.ofrfOTv^^i'Vhat ,tb?t'iW4 ip;^kertoo;fhe l^r^ipn^- ajjoiir 

i openig^^of jdiC;P©Kit i^ i\^: kijgd€«}eof .Hp^y^ji i.pnd 

f 5 this. ' • L ' What 

^^ , Cotnfm t9 tbt gjdly .foare. 



What Comfort there is in the Coiifideraiiotvof chei cftatc 
of the Meifidhs Coaling into the world , whu Incourogem^tii; 
there is in 1 his^to tho.e that are poorc iii f>i:ic, and h(.nv they 
inparticuhrcometobeniadehappyj th^'s tht, Ico ^e of this 
Sermon,and the fcopt ot Chrilt : -— ^Notvtheaforthe open- 
ing of chivl tT^aH call it inco thefe three heads. 

Firll , What Cooifort ihofe that are cmt\VardIy poorc> 
poorepeople^that have fpirits iutable to their outward Coi> 
dition;, that are Ciodly pooreywhofe f kits are willing to tib*^ 
niic to God in that poore Condition that they .ire ia, ( what 
Incourag^emenc they can have from tiie ftatc of the Melfia% 
from this kit^dome of Heaven : ) And I rather thinke that 
Chrift Intended this^ becawe I Hiil inthc 6 Li^ thacChrilt 
doth oppofe the rich inxhis world ro poore in fpiric, Tbete- 
fore Chrift Intended certainly inthis Scripture talpcak.Com* 
forCablc words to Godly poore people. 

And then fecondly ^ To thofe that arc poore ih.p^ts,po6re 
ifietf and vvonjen that hive meane jifts and abilities, and yet 
We C><^ly, and their i]Jirics. are Icfcv in GoniideratiDn of rhs 
'j)oore parts that rhey haves that they cannot i>eirfe&H for God 
as others are r Td ihew what good thy have, or what Coni* 
fort th^y may have from thi^ kffgdomfe of Heaven. 

, Thiraly , Thofe that are poore in Grace , that are ftincibfe 
of their fpiriciJalipwarty, what bdeffednelfe fhifimt'ffim: 
thisikin^d<inieofH'eci\«2ifi/ ... \.:. 

Firft then, thofe th A^Ye outtvltrdly pocfre, Jfl Godly jJbore 
•pec^le, I m (^tMt% toth^m, and r verity^hinkc Chriil 
f^tikt^ to themi dftd fp vyoulrf haveliis Mirtifters t4 foeake t6 
liieM, fuch ^s are for *£ bOtwafd ettate kept to\t aiid meafie> 
4n4 ytt<l0d giv^^theMTplri^l ta Itbhiic to \)i< Jharid in thar^ 
'*d are wiU^; to hoiibbr Gdrf is they dre Mt ift fhrt foorfe 

caufe you ftrc iHeaAe^in^this vVcJHdj' Ebt ydiir fpirits beifK' fu^ 
Ifetbte to that Cortfction^ Ood hiih put ydir in s the Lofd "^aiih 
%Oxilt<d *kiij§d6ms finr VOtt,ev€Ji «he kiftgdoft^tof 'He4verT. 

Chrijlf fot'irt^ a pifpart tit thegodlj f^are. j ^ 

I You cinor be great in this world, Imc you have very inuch 
irt chc kingdotae of Heaven. 

No\V for that there are chefe fevcrall things to ba ConS- 
<fered of in poore peo;le , that are poore in this world, yet 

I Godly.L*]^ ii.2<fy JO, 3 1 . See what Chrilt laich to theni that ' 
ire fo outwardly poore, in reiereoce to this kingdome ,• ^ftd 

^ ff^m jt what ytjkall wr, &r what yt (frail drlr,k^\ rsehhfr h 
yc rf dmhtfuB muds. What arc the thoughts olFpoore people^ 
even of poore Godly pto;>le many times , what (hall ^re eat^ 

\ ^fi'all we irlnkj^ how Ihall I provide for my Family ? but 
henotof doubtfiill minds : Thofe that Chrilt fpake roo were 
in as hard a Condiiion, I belecve, as almoft any Godly poore 

, are that hear me this day ;'Vec be not trrfuhlid , whyihould 

f Wc* not leasts for What \ye ihould cat and'drinke, &c. Far all 

' tlt[e things d^i the Nations of the ivcrUfeeTte after ; a>fdyoftr 
father l^aipcrh that yon have wed of thefethiK^s : Bnt rather 
fed^ye thd \ittgdop0t of Godj and ai thefe things f^H he added 
i^to you. F^are Htft titrtepcl^y for it is your Fathers jg^oodplea^ 
furc to giZfe yoH the \ingdome. Looke after the kingdome of 
jefus Chrift, if you have that, you have enough, and though 
you be a little little flock, yet 'tis your fathers pleafure to 
give you a kingdome. As if Chrift Ihould fay. The Confide- 
ration of this that your Father hath appointecl a kingdome for 
you, ind dorh give you' a kingdome, iliould quiet your hearts 
m all thofe Rraights that you are m, in reJpcft of your poore 
Condition. But now for the particulars ( that for the Gene- 
rall,that the Confideratlon of the kingdome of Heaven (hould 
fupport all Godly people who are in a poore eftate, and whofe 
fpirits arc humbled in rdpeft of their poverty : ) But parti- 
cularly, ' • 

Firit Confider , He that is the King of thii? kingdome of 
Heaven, he wxs f oore himfelfe, your King was poore ; you 
ten us of a kingdcMne of Heaven, but we fuffef hard things in 
the meane time in this world :but you fuffer not harder things 
in this world then the King xX this kingdome did , even Jefus 
Chrift himfelfe, that was 5ie great Prince ; The King of this 
kiigdomc that you are trandated into, he Was poore in this 

La world. 


66 Chrifti favmj ^Jt^fprt to the goilffw^^ 

.world. Now the Connderacioo cbac die King himfelfe is in a 
poore Coic&cum, aild hatb no lK;ccer Tuppl^es andConiforc 
disn we have.; It i^ a very .great fupportm^u. As now in an 
KxTx^ylixhc (ienirall lliould fay to his Souldiers toincoura^ 
. ^lemi Go.f OD) you have norhin^ to drink but water, 1 but you 
hxv^ a^^ good co driiike as your oen^rall : So Chrift may w^^li 
Ay* you chat ^,:z poore iii fpiric ,. what are. you. dejefted be- 
cautc of yoiir poverty,>Yhy are you poorer then I was ; It may 
te you have a poore houfe ; you know what's faid, of Ch,iil ; 
The, Foxes have. Mes^ af^d the birds have neafisy iut the Son of 
man hath not wherem to hide his head\ Chrili bad no houfe at 
ally Chrift^had noc. fo good a.houfe as you have , that was the 

great Kine of Heaven and Earch : . For your diet, thac 

. feemes tooe poore aivf ipeane, you have not tnofe fiill dijhes 
xhat others kwe. In the.i i Joh^ 5. v. Cbrift comes to his I)ife- 
ciples and faith, ChiUcen have yc any meate ; Hi dotb not fay^ 
bave you fuch andftich^kind of HilTies, but have you any thing: 
j^eaandthls.vvasafcej.hisRefurrsjtVioit, after he bad made ah 
£nd of (uflfering for iui. Q-reinetjiber that Scripturc,Chrift was 
fconrent wicb any tliias ; have joh any meate , faith Chrift: 

• 2 Cer. ^. ^. ffewoimajepoorty fairh the text , that he miff ht 
make 9f^ ricj^. There was never a Godly man "that we reaclof, 
was in a-poorefCondiiibn then Chrift was, in many refpe^^s : 
Now he that >vas, your King , and is your King, he fub- 
je£led. himfelfe into fuch a poore condition f be Comforted 
j;ithis, jwr/ is the klngdome of Jiiaven, If you underftood 

• what the kihgdome of Heavenmeanes who is the King of this 
kii\;dome, and Confidered that hiseftate wasfo poore, It 
ihould take away yorr murmi!rihg.tho*!ght^ agaihtt a poore 
eftatc. Mr kihgdome is f7ot of this wor/d^fmhCnn^^ TV^^" 

• fore what ihou^ you have not the Riches of this worldxC'hrift. 
himfelfe had them noc. . • - 

But fecondly, Confid^r thi<>, Chrift^ poverty it was ro Cin»- 
clifie your poverty ( meerely to Confider riiat our 'Caotaine 
or King, fuflfers as well a^ we, that's iomevvhar,buc no poverty 
or fufferiiig of a King or Captaine, can take away the . curfe of 
rfie (uflFerings of his fubjecls : I but the poverty of Jefus Chrift 


Pmrt of this world Su^jecls;^of the kingdojne of Hcmtn, j^, 

— ^— ""^ ■ •^•m^m'mm ii ■ ■ i .—■———— ^——^^1——— ——^.A—j^ 

(the Heir of this Idrgdom) it vvas to take away the curfe of thy 
iwvefty," and to fanttifie thy poverty, when thou hearcft rhac 
be was poore in this world ; why ? ifeou mayeft exerciethy 
fidtb, Lord this iifas to fanttifie my poverty, when as indeed 
otherwiie piovercy in it felfe ic is a ctirfe , but thofe that arc 
(^odly have the curfe taken away in the poverty of Jefus 
Chriit:— As the Death of Jelus Chrilt did lanetiaerhe 
Death of the Godly. The fling of Death is taken away byhi« 
Death, fo their poverty and all their affiidlions are fantiiSod by 
rtfaat poverty and aftiii^ions that Chrht himfelfe did incure, 
aid therefore i^this ku^dMie you lee what odinfbrt and good 

Thirdly, This kingdome of Heaven it ordered cut for 
the moft part,that the poor in the world arcthe fiibjeftst)f this 
kihgdoQie r The v6ry confideration of this is a mighty heipe to 
diofe tbatare outwardly poore,I confdfc fometimes there are 
feme riehtnenthatareSub;ec):s,asiflthe ic. Mark^^-^. An 
honotitMeCotrnfethptr (there it'k faid)w4rt«« forth kingdoms 
ofGod,^ Great inen fomecinies are, but ordinarily it's the.poorc 
chat arc the Subjeds of this kingdome. * V 

Then Fourthly, The Lord hath fo ordered things that the 
great tranfactions of thi-? kingdome of Heaven Xtbac hathbeen 
opciidd unto you) harh beencarryed onrby thofe that are mean* 
and poore, not by tbegne-itopisof the world; Tb$ Lord 
Chrifthitb been very litcte beholding to the great ones of th^. 
florid for tne forthering* of his kingdome. ' -. 

Hence foUowes therefore in the fifth fiacc^ That. povcTiy 
it is no hindrance to the- higheft degree in this kingd(»nc of 
Heavetii' indeed pcverty'itH a hindrance to degrees in the 
honours of a worlaly kingdome, a poore man cafinor >expe«it to 
beane great Offices in the kingdomes of the world, but forthe 
kii%domeofheav€n,thepo^*Cmny, rhe roordlthat i? ma;v 
come to as high degree as the ricbeft that i^. So that the truth, 
ts, when you come to 'Choofe any Otficers that . concerns the 
Church, there fhoddbe no conrideratim of nicns eftate^f I 
lonfafe when you com^ to choofe Officers for ths St^e, 

hcfu^ perhapsa poore m^^'m^iy be a wifer manitfafcifn^n^ni^f 

. cftatc: 

-I I <■ ■ <«p 

j^ Tifvirty m liniafict' to the htghfi it^te V Htdm^. 

^xyiz^ yet a man of clhcc ll otki be chofen rarher then ano?- 
ther iknt \^ poore, b^caul.: ic \> no: ip tit for a man tiuc hith O) 
eftatetobavethidiipol^of allocbermen* dtates* fiuc qqsv ^ 
when )'oa coine to dii kin^^m^of H^av<:n> where there is 
nothing but lpiri:tt.ill powes norhing but in a fpti tciuii way 
wheTviin men are to deali wich coiilci%;nces,and no way to ckal 
' with men? eltates no: outward liberty. The king^lome of Hcvi- 
ven ccnccmes nor the bufinefi'e of ourvvard libercy or #ape» 
but meerely to deale wich mens confciences in r^ir4 o»? tb^r 
fpiricuall dftatcs, in reference unco Heaven, I lay now,vvhateV«r 
Offices there are in the Churcbi there iliould b^ ho conftjef*- 
tion of the ettates of men fo as to down wei^h the leaft ^rakt^^ 
but if the poorcft man have more Godiinctfe a»d[ Mid^r^Mi- 
dii^ki the things of the k/ngdotoie <rf Heaven, hi 4liO)uW rJ- 
thefbe an Officer there eheii any man whatfoevqr t^atiifttb 
iefl'e underftanding in the things of the kiiigd<>me of Heavei^ 
and therefore it's a carmll way to goe after that manher yh^ 
they come to choofe Church-Officers, thett . to chiftk of cbfc 
diiefe of the Paiifh wbkbtr he be Gedly or no ; Ic's ttac, "if 
he were as Godly and undeiftanding as any othter,thin forhitm 
as weltasani>':her>1>ttt to make that to be the fway of buftiefle^ 
thott^ there be not that Godlineflfe nor underftandii^, I fay 
thisi cofutethe ftatc of the kir^dome of Heaven to the 
world, whereas thofe diat are poor in tliat kirigdome, they tare 
capable of as high dignity there, a^ any Vvhatfi^ver, arrf diac s 
a great heloe and comfort to Godly \ oore peor le,that are par** 
eaters of the kingdome of heaveri,they have aH the priviledges * 
of this kji^ome, they cahnoc enjoy the privifedges of a 
wo4dly kin^ome, fo as others do, but they faay enjoy to the 
full the priviledges of this kingdome. 

Sixthly, Even thofe that are outwardly poor, t( G^dlytbcy 
ih'aVe right to all things in this world fo far as may be goo*fbr 
them, ir's faid of Abraham^ (Rom: 4. 1 3.) that htm^the he^ 
ofthi mrldy It is fpoken oiAh^am as he was a belecyer • 
now every teleever is a child ofAhrAhatHy and every child m^ 
Ak^aham doth inherit :^^^A#w/ble!r,ng,and thcreft«*e every 
bcldiver is heir of the world. All IsyMrs^ miijon ^trt Ciyr:fis 

^ - ^- r ^-^ 1 , , * . , • , ir - i 1r t [ i f 


Heavenly rifhej ufytittlj good Iftymd mli mtward riches. 79 

' . ^ I ■ II ■ ifc . I ■ , ■ . 

mdChnfi Is GUs : ~ You will fay, vvhy have tbey not the 
world then inpoflelF.on ? — There may be right to all thiiig^^ 
& yet not pt)fldrion>becduie they are not in a nt condition ibr 
them; all thirds ore to work for their g :od, on>i w.iy or odier : 
as all the kin^domes of the world are *ubject to Jefus Chrill^ 
they are given up to him for the ftfrtherance of his kingdome, 
fo all the thii^m the world are given up to the Saints for the 
&rtbering of rheir good whofif is the kingHome of Heaven, 

Sevenrhly, In fbis kit^doaie are fjt. i. ituall riches that may 
councervaile to the fuU> and. are in nicely good beyond all, 
outward riches ; thou thinkeft if-the State would give thee ib 
mucby thou wouldf ibe a happy man; O that were a carnal heart 
to prize more the riches of the world, then the thh^ of the 
kii^dcttf p^He^tven ; The things of theki&g'^onte of Heavwn 
oiake mee rich in ftith, rich in holiriefle, rich in the promifev 
rich in thy reference toGod and Chrift, and rich in the enjoy-r 
mencs of the holy<jhoft and his gifts and graces. ^ Now thefe 
thii^areinanabuHdaftiifiiattnercomniBnicated m the fciiH- 
dome offbe Mc&las, more -then they w<^re in the tim^s of ihet 
Law r ihdeed it was a gtcAter evil! to be a poor man tb8n,»:ben- 
now : why ? becaufe then there vvasnot fuch a plentifull m«n- 
fiire of IpiritUi^l riches cojDmunicated fr6m God, but it v«as 
rcfcryfea to the coRling of the Melfias that there tliould be frch 
fpiritiial riches Jet dEfeah and communicated, God hfidecd to» 
fciiicfevrdidcx>nimm»<;j«ciiis fpirttual ri and there 

were fooic eminent Gpcfiy-people inthc times of the iaw/ochi 
as Abraham and DavU^ but orditetrily rhcy Vrtire very tonty 
in regard^ the corimuinicaabmiof f|rtrttiiill dili^rhiiki %im 
the rcafott ws,thefIx)td'r«rcrvcdttiofe^f{iiiiraaH-'ri^ 
MdTias c<M«ii^ \tm the woriid, tmd bctecc it*ra^ih*c Ooti tv»te 
more indidgw in It'be; times ctf the tavr fpr itjeir osrtwal^d 
dbte$>we read there^that if they did l)ut walk in ways 0? ob€r 
dietice toCod,they >teref6rthe meft ipart aburidaRfly-btlJr 
fed in oiit*itfd tlii^ajtfre then hd^oA nowi,bccbufe ihaeia^ 
is the rime <rfconimiiiM<^Monof/pii'ixnaltichts.^f thiif hr^ 
^"'d lit the times <;liaWrh r>'vcrykhet*dtiho^vVfifel«tftl 

haffCteeAlct P<)<>*^^<^^^^^^^ fide ir s«k: )k)Uc 



go TheTtmfmUm that ffilj jwr hivt. 

that thou vvouldft have hid fuch grace as now thou haft, (iich 
manit^llaiion^ of God co thy Ibul^ as now thou haft, and there^ 
fore i :'s well w«h thee that thou art iii the kingdome of Hea^ 
VwH where there ii fuch coaimunications of fiich fpirituaH 
rivhes, * I 

And then from all thefe in the Eigtb place fbUovves, that 
hence ihegreacremjitations that thole iliat are poor peoMe 
aDc troubled withall, niay from the cbnlideracionofthebtef- 
fing of the Kingdonie be taken avviy. What arethey you will 
uy. There are three great tern tacion? which thofe that are 
poor people and are godly have, the Devill comes agiinft them 
with very fore Tempcations,- that iUch as have ettates are not 
fo much troubled wichall. ^-^^ 

AsFirlt, I am afraid that God goes out agiirtft '4ii!?, and 
doth not blcfl'e me in any diii^ that I 20 i about, and lb they 
are afraid, and under great boidage, but chat hath been aiv- 
fwered already. 

The Secona is, I am in a poore condition aqd therefbre:de- 
fpifed. No, thou art a King, thou arrtranflatedinjo the JEiri^- 
' d^ne of his dear Son, thou haft part in his Kingdome, arid art 2 
Kii^ together with himfelfe. And therefore liften not to 
that temptation that rifes from contempt and being dcfpiicd^ 
doth not the world regard thee ? the Lord God hath a high 
refpett to thee, for he hath given tbdc a Kingdom^. 

And then a Third temptation is, They ate ufeteflb in- the 
worlds cay this Text will an wer that temptation, Thine is the 
Kii^ome, and as yoili heard the Lord Chrift doth carry on the 
great iMmn of hisikti^dome bf chofe that are po6re, and^ 
cti^cfixebenbttiait»led)beauire of thy ureiei^^nefle in>he' 
wodd .; And . chats the eight fupport of thofe that ^ 
outwardiy poore y and poore in fpirit futaUe to th^ir outwarct^ 
poverty. ' 

:\ TT)c Ninth is this, That at loft, thofe that are poor arid godU 
Jjf^,}^ they AaU poffetfeall rhingfe. And I find fertpHire* for 
i|i: ai*^;?. Let men thinkewhat they vvill^offftch art iflW-^ 
QM ai this, yet by comparing ohe thiiig wirh andrh.^rt it caifu 
mc (peak of the gbry tfaac thereihaU^ intbe h^bcWiteaVarii: 


Gtij^ fMT pali foffefe ail fhings. 8C 

but of another glory : Hf th^ overeameth fhsll Ifthent all things 
AnilwillbehisGoiandhefh^lltemy fon, Thereisaciine chat 
hi iJ^lt.Kive all, and honour cerc^inly he fliall have cnough,in' 
9ZecK i6. he fpeakes there of the Ku%<iome of Chrift, and 
Wii have there an qxcelleiuexprelfion of the honour chat God 
v\ill put upon Ins Saints, ^//^ the Lord their God jkalijave them 
in tliAt dajfy as thejlockjf his fe^pUyfrr thejf (hall be a4 thejtones 
4 aCrowKe^lifted nf asan enjignc ufon hU Uni, Its a proniile 
liat rii§)ecVall th^ Saincs, That there is a cinie a tpuiing that, 
rficy thall be as the precious ftones in a Kir^s Crovvne that are. 
lifted iqp, that is, that thev ihall be honoured among a4I people 
how^ever they are defpifed now, and in the 1 3 of Matth./^. 
There Chriilceilxwhat his Saints, ftall be, in his -kin^dppiej. 
The/i.jhalUhe ri^eott^{ fp^kii^ of chc cime of his kingdoQie); 
^i^fm^/9ftMfm'inthei^ng(^ VA^i r^p^ hofhf 

cares to har tee him hear ■; There i^ a time coining vvhen poor » 
Hcople chat are cloathedwkh rags and iire very defpicable in • 

tkc eyes of the Tvorld ilisdl rfiine. than, ^s. bright as th?,; - 
fun :^ Uodd thou fee fbe fun i« theftrflaaWevit > tW. poore \>(;^f, ^ 
<>i'xhine didt Wam^ foQdand;riimemiih|illAxithifl;awtule fliin^ 
as Bright as the fun in tha (firntiament ^ > — ^ Add for pofli^rioti 
of the things that are ii the jvorld, compare thofe twQ.Scrip-i 
tureitQgetner,inttejyiWii«/A, 29. Akitper^ oftethath^k ■ 

hm^edfol4^ 4mL^^II ifihertt everkafiing I'ifi. S6 rhajt- he doi. 

not fpeafc of be^i^ rewarded; in heaiven for,ic> for jdi4t sb>fide>[ 

tefides^hi.^cv^^Mftingiifc he fhall receive anhundredfpW-r 

But you mil fay, I find ki anotl^' GofpclKthj^t- ^li^,^uiid|:e4 

Wd k if fpokonof Witti die :»(idmixi x^ p^rfeaKipii,.-i!ir'the . 

ic4^A/arkj^6M iThdv^ thei^ be f he additi6n of perfecutioni 

w (lull frid the promife morfe large, For He fhall receive an 

wdredfolA now ih'{ this tiine ) houfes^ and brethretf^i^ fifiers^ 

^Jnmthfrs^an^, children^ and lands: You will fafy, he^.lli^ll 

x:eive an hundredfold, that is, he fliall have. gr$(>? ijiati >i^ • ^g 

wc-b ,wprdi aft^lindred times his Iwdsv; nay!, ypa f«^/the 

4y fi^oll dodimapUo!nthfcjperaa(lats>ofj>o*il$.s(StJa^^ 

M But 


ti C^Mf fw fhaS foffip sU thhigs. 

Bttt yon will fay there is oik pal&ge that fccmes to fpoyle atf^ 
he Oiall in this time receive houfes and lands (and die like) 
but with ftrftmtw : and in the mrld t^ come eternal I life : k 
(hall be with perfecution, lo that this fpeakes of a time when 
they llial be perfecuted,now how can thefe two ftand together. 
Therefore for the anfwer to that, 1 doe verily think that this 
is a true anfwer to ic, that this that is tranflated in your booke 
wiihferfecntiim. Thofe that undcrftand the Originall know 
that it is ^y it dah rtoi alwayes fignifie mth banker : I could 
give you divers places where the word f^fignifies ^er as wel 
asiwVA : as in the 8 Marl^^i. And be began to teach tbcm 
dw the Son ot mmfnuft futfer many thii^s, and be reje£^ of 
the eldcrs,and of the chiefe Pritflts and bribes, and be killed, 
and ^i er three dayes rite aaiin^, there it is ^ rhe very fame 
word, and it muftof oeceffity be xranflatcd^/^ .• So dot yoa 
may bv die lame warrant that here it is tranflated Mfter three 
dayes he lliall rife againe. So tranflacc the osher, tli^t he fliaU 
receive houfes and liids,&c a hundred fold ^^o- be luth in- 
jured perfeoation : Ndwtodetwitiineinwhat way, orJiow, 
^ when the LordvVili fullfill tJHsit is very tefd^to doe, you 
taow the folfilling of pro{*dies is the beft interpretation of 
them, but to me it fecmcs to be very dear that the Scripture 
doth bold forth this that it is part of the kii^dome of Jeffas 
Chaft'that he will bring his people inftiirte to ^lijoy, whatfo- 
iver-goo* thifl^ tbfeife are to beettjoyfed hew:, for the reward 
rfGodftands in a fpirituaU way, not in a fdifuall way as fomc 
fcavc dream'd of, but in a fpirituall and'holy way ; And this if 
Ae bleflSngof diofe that are poorinrefpea of their outward 
eftates, and ha^ ^irits Aitable. ' ■* * \ . ■ 

Now there are many thiat are troubled in refpcd of the 
meaiparts that diey have, yet they havin?^ fpirits futablc to 
their mean parts irtd willirg to honour Goci in them, theirs is 
fhekingdome of Heaven alfo! — But now I will for the pre- 
fent leave them, and fpeake to die thiyd, ^d diat is diofe chat 
are poor in gttide. - 

AsFirft, Thou haft but a little grace, and art very poor and 
HHWie, and this troubles thee, yctbldfed art thou : For 




9yhat frhiledges tht fMorc in ^rMce h^tw &c. .85 

Fiift, Thou arc tranflaced from cbe power of darknelfe by 
tbc lide grai:e ebon haft, aiKi fo arc iraxiflaFed i^^^ the kii^- 
icait of Htzvcn^Colhf. 1. 15. ffh hith dtUvirU hs fr&m 
thcf^cr rfdarkffife^ ml hath traf/fiated m Iffto the Kiftplome 
tflm dear Snn : 1 bough there be a great dcale of darkenefl^ 
in thy mtndy ya the power of darkenefl'e is taken away, aiKl ft 
tboaanbroDgbcmcothekingdomepfhisdeare Son: atidia 
die 12 of il/4rri&«28.Where Chrift makes chat afrmt of cafting 
otfttbeI>evill,tbe Devitk were caft ouc, why? becatife the 
kiqgdome of God is come, Bm if I cs^ eat Devils ^ fhi Sjirie 
•fGU^thenthekingJUmeef (fad is ceme ante yea r Vrhen the 
kingdome of the Meflus came, then che Devils were ai\ out , 
of poffedion, you never read concerrang the cafting out of De*- 
viDs till the Meffias came into the world, whidiwas to (hevir 
us chat it was referred to Jeftiii Chrift for to manifeft his pow^ 
er over the kingdome of Satan, and ic was a (ig^ that the 
lonsdomc ef God was come becaufe che De^ls were ^aft out» 
ib men the kirgdome of Heaven is com^^c^ thy foule if the 
1^1 can reigne no more i certainly the De^sr had their 
t6ga^ m chy foule before th(w weft ttdtrflated inta the kk^- 
dome ofhls dear Sony Andthoumayift be fiirenow that thoik 
Attlt never be under the power of darkneflfe, that the Devill 
fluUnever reigne in thee becaufe che kingdome o^ God is 

] come to diec^tfaDU art one undlcr the kii^ome of Jefus Chrift. 
The DevHtiscbeXfii^ of i^is worlds the pevitl rules in die 

j Air^ and iirdie dnldrenof difobedienix, faiucthe D^villsiiave 
noching to doe co rule in the chtldren'of the kuigddme, tho% 
that have got out of the kii^dome of the world into the kii^ 
dome of ,^fiis Chrift; the UevilU have nd fu rther |50\ver ; Ic 
niybcv^nthouarcinelancb<41yor'inchedarfa^,choum^ , 
ha^^p^hentim of Devilfs, but cereainly all th6f<^ thit have > 
in them but the left dram of grace, thoiigh they are never fo 
«>r,yet cheirs is the kingdome rf He tveft, that is, tha kmg- 
Jiome of God is come to chem that hath coft out all th * power 
)f die Devill, cbovwerca captive (lavi to rhe devrl! before 
Hou cameft into this kii^dome, but noW thoit art delivered 

on all cbe^ver of the Devifl . 

M 2 Secondly, 


■ lli n «^ 

^ ff /,»^r prlvlUdges tU fWi irr grace havt 

^condly , The meanneife of any ones parts, cannot hinder 
.thein from underftanding d}e highelt things in the kihgdonia 
of Heaven, fo; it (iQ..h.noc dep$:nd upon parts at all, nay wj 
•know, thac uCuaHyuhae are cnofen ti3at have mean;: parts to 
confound the wiCdome of the worW,. and fuch as have very 
^^ai:^ parcs,may have more underltanding in die chirgs of the 
kingdoms of Heaven, then the greatdt Rnbbies in the world. 
. And.thep thirdly, which is an admirabU hvilpe to themi^ihan 
are fencible of their liccle Grace ; vvhy thou art* not no.v ro 
^flfvver fe>r any.:of thy niifioarrLiges in the Court of divine Ju- 
nice, for thou art got into the kingdome of Heaven. If thou 
were in.the kii^d(xne of Gods power onely as he is Creator, 
xhere chou^rtto ariiWerior 4H thy orfences in the Court of 
j^ocjs Ju(}i<;e % Btic Qovv beic^ tcuiflaced into the king^^ome 
^ hfs c)eare Smi, thc^ gtt-to anlw^qr^ for all thy* mifcacria^es 
(bereyand not to be i^aU'd before the Court of tlivixie Juttice, 
aJKi that's- a mighty hcl|>e tothofe that are poorc ki Grac(? to 
'Confider of thisitbii^;. and cbi$ is the priyile<%e of one in 
riiiSikipgdoQie^ : ^:l: •.: . • .j - ^ •. . ^ r- • : -. 

.li<>ufthlyjr;p>riiW>iimfclfe/^^^^ Judge and 

tihy Advojcaife*; 6 k'^^ $r bleftedtfaii^tb be in fadbz kingdome^ 
^fpecialiy if aqianknoyycs chat, he iidxiaxiousrmaiiy wayes 
h thou t})at arcpooriei^Grac^yj^ yet aitin.thekh^ome of 

«^A(dvofateftx>pkadifor jTbeje, ajsd' thtsrefof d it is botrche pover- 
' ty of thy Grace thai Should daunt dbjr faeirt, or caufe inee c^ 
knke. , ; . ' ^ • 

Fifthly,, The Rightieowfntf 'i^of this thy King iiAjrrigh^ 
ouin^eifthoy conneftrinto tfcSs kingdome^IncherriC^r/ir^j^. 

^iRtJUn^om : whencthou comeft into- the IcirigdoAic of the 
JytelTiabr heretheu ba(i a priviledge that 'iio fub eft can have 
in any kit^dome in the world. There ma^:be fubje^s^indcfaer 
'kingdoo^ that tmy hav)8 good <Tiw,s^ one the ^bodUeftb lof 
^eir King is not Tmr gopdjtiefle. Bud thou ux in cfaarking^. 
dome that hath a perfect righcebus King, and 'the RigbteoBH. 


in the kl^giUme of Heaven. § ^ 

ncfleofthatKiiigischyrighceoufndi'e; Thou arc poore, and 
thy comipriohs dorh overcome ihci^o but bidfed arc thou for 
rfJ that, being poore in Ipirit ; for thou art ccnie in^o chat} 
ki^plvne wherein thou haft the righceouaietVc of the King ro 
be thy Righteoufnerte ; That's the ntch Comfort of beeing m 

Siwiily , The wifdome likewise of thy King ic is thine ; Je- 
fusChrilt thy King, he hath all the rreafures of wifdome and 
knowledge i»him : He is made unco us wifdome ,. therefore 
kt not the meanncfle of thy pjirts difcourage thee. 

The feventh is this ; If thou beeft ^me into this king- 
dome, then that little Grace that thou haft, be it never io 
Iktle, yet thou <Tialf be fure that that Grace iTiall be upheld 
to Eternity r For it is arfpeciall pare of the Glory of the king-*- 
ly powef of JefaS Qirift to uphold the-Graces that are in the 
hearts of his people : and this doth mike them to be of more 
certaine durance then all the Grace that Adjm had in Inno-^ 
cency ; Adam had perfedion in his ftace of Inhocency. 
Now thou art wealr*add poore, and art ready to^thinke , if he 
fell, thou- AaJt fall mudi more ; It's true, if thou vvert left ro 
that kii^dome that AJtamwxs in it might be fo , but thou be-- 
ii^ brou^t into this kingdane 6f Heaven,the power of Chrift 
thy Kirs;, it is tobecxercifcd in upholding that little little 
Grace tbon haft; In the 2 TimryGa navc-4 pbcc that's very 
lW€etethatway,(^fc«^.4. i9/And the Lord ( faith the Text ) 
p9dli deliver me frcm every evxtt Ti9<frk^ , oftdwlU freferve hk knti 
hij hcMtfenly kjigdomei to whom be (j^tn'j for evet avdever : 
As 1^ he IhoulcTfay, the Lord hath already brought tht into 
the poflTeflion of thp'lcir^dbme of Heaycnv and certamlyh^ 
muft pfeferve mt fffl I come to'tbe'ftill^Injoymehc -dfit; afraid (JFfuch ihd fuch tern : rations, that they will 
prevaile over thee, But be of good Comfort; il: conoernes'the 
kingly power (tf Chrift to preferve that little Grace thou haft 
LO&s heavenly kit^bmc. It is in thy Cafe here juft as it was 
mh Vavidy. yc«^ know after l>i^/?ivVas anoyhted, 6- how he 
"tts pcrfecutcd by Skid^ in fo mu^H as he faicb , IfHnll perrjtf 
u d^i hj the b4nd of ^aM. ,• But if He hadliad Faidi to h i ve 

fg H^hdt privUiJffcs the fsou In grace bitvf 

beUeved the promire th4C was mide him ^ he would norer 
have fo reafon^d : Juit chus do^ oiany poore foules ix^y v^Aiich 
are anoynred co cbis heavenly kingdome^ chey fay» Cecg|||r S 
fhall perilh by rhi hand of cnis Corriipcion ; know chouarTan 
anoynced one, and ic coiKcmes the power of Jcfixs Chrift to 
uphold ihac little Grace thou haft ; and this is^ another beneHc 
and fruit of this kingdome. ^ 

And then in the eighth place know, chatbeu^Woujg|ic un- 
der this kingdonie, though thy Grace be poore > yet thou arc 
as perfedly Juftilied before God as ever was jUrabam^ Ipute 
or Jacoiy as ever was David^ Paul or Pttery or the ftrongeft 
Saints b the world ; thy Grace in refpecl of thy Sandincatica 
is poore, -but th^ Gr^ce in thy Juftihcation it is as rich and 
glorious in this loi^dome; as toe Grace in rhe Ju(ti^cation of 
any Sainc that ever liv'd upon the face of the earth. And in* 
deed this may be faid co re the fruit of this kii^dome of Hea- 
ven. In the times of trie Law this was very little manifefted^ . 
it being fuch a great treafury of the £0Qdnefl'e of Gody it was 
referved to Hk opened wheathe Mduas wa^ to come into che 
world. There was this creaiury before tbiit this treafury of 
Jiiftiflcation that now I am fpeakii^ ofj tay>the opeimig of it^ 
It was referved to the comii^ of the MelHah ; And che Mef- 
iiah he is com^ to open this rich treafury of Jtiftificatioo» and 
. to tell a|i poore in fpirit, chat are croi^led for the poverty of - 
Grace that they have, tliat hovvioever they are poore in> re- 
fped of fcheir Sanguification, yecthey are as perfeaty JuftiBed 
as ever ax^ Godly man was. Now is not here a bleuednefle 
to be a member of the kii^ome of Heaven, O me chihk^ this 
fliould mightily fee che hearts of men fnd women a workc in 
feeldng after che kinedome of Heaven. < 

Ninthly, know trac the right of thine Inheritance in this 
kingdome, yea the very peace and Joy of this kingdome^ ic is 
not forfeited by thy failings. In the ij^Ram: 17. The i^W- 
Jmti 9f OQdj it is rifht40HffteJl€y ftM^c^atuL Jor in the holj ChM^ 

Soloqgastfaouarcint^kiqgdome^ thou haft ^igl^teoufiieue 
and peace, and thou haft matter of Joy. '•.',, 

And then in the tenth place, Certainly thou ilialc be per- 


in thu^ kingiome tf ffedvcm. g- 

feft crc loDg : judgement (hall retume unto vidory : There 
will be a treading down^ Satan under thy feere fhordy, and 
all Imperfeftions Ihall be fvvalioTVcd up.widi perfection ; thou^ 
haft thefeede^in thee now which ihall conic to perfedion: 
Thou art weak now, and doeft not love God as thou wouldeft, 
why thouihalt love , and djclight b, and GloriSc and fearc 
Goa ere long as much as thou vyilt. 

Yet further in the eleventh place , Th^e is this for the 

fupport of fuch as are Poore in Grace, that all the Ordinances 

in mis kingdome doe oeloog to them»and whatever good is in 

chem> and they ought not to be derived of them, if there be 

any thii^ of tne Grace of Chrift in them. Indeed let men take 

heed how they come into this kingdome ; If I bad time I 

ihould have fbokeil a word or two to chat , for any man to 

challei^ the oenetit of this kingdoRie thathathtioCtaceat 

all ; but one that is poorc in Grace, muft not fay becaiife T 

ampoore inGtace, I am af raid to come to the Ordinances, 

or afraid to pray ; O no ^ Thou (houldeft the rachcr coj|Te> 

for all the Ordinances are thine, thine is the kingdome of 

Heaven. And therefore vvhsnfocver thou lookclft upon any 

Ordinance of the Word and S^urrament, thou mayeft tkinb. 

Well, this is that Ordinance that Jcfus Chrift hath appointed 

for the building up of my Soule, and for the ftrcngthning of 

my Grace ; And trierefere -come to it in fuch a way as that aiac 

is appointed for the ftrcngthning of thy Grace.^ . ; 

Twelfthly , By domiqg into this kingdome, thou comeft to 

faavc firee tradif^ toHeaven;. men now that live in the Ci* 

tic, they have free tradix^ to divers parts of the world, that 

others have not : fo thofc that remaine in the wo^d, and are 

yet in their naturall eftatcs, they are fuch a< are bam/he^ 

fixHnthcprefenccqfthcLordj they have not the freetrar 

ding to Heaven for Grace, Comfort, Haopineifc and Glory^ 

as the Saints now when they are come into thi^ kingdtjme, 

cfaou through Jefus Chrift mayeft trade to Heaven every day> 

; Tid haft a priwcdge and ridit unco it , and fo to Inf ich thy 

i Jfc in Heaven ; what thougn thon beeft poOre wh^n the trade 

i opcnforHeavenji^y (houldeft thou bz difcouraged wi h 

gg . fi4jat jrlviloigcs the foert in gract havc^ 

the lixde grace that chou hjdx; oblitfed art thou, thou haft that 
pdvikdgv of this k'uigdoinc. 

' The bit thing chac 1 iliall fpeak of now is, Tliat iii chis king- 
nonie ch^fpi.i. i> ll^cd abroad in a great deale more abouri- 
d!ince then it was herecofore : hd not oifcouraijed, thou dolt 
not Hndyetfiichawork ofgrace inthyhiart but thou art in 
fuch a condition wherein the Spirit of God is to be communi- 
cated in a far re niOt*e aboundanc mann^^r then in the time of tlic 
Law; indeed in the time of theLawP^W^andfuch as' Were 
to be imf loyed in publick work might expe^ft it, but though 
toou beeit not imp loyed in any publick work, yet thou mayeft 
expect to come to oe glorious m Grace here in this vvortd '; So ' 
wehayethepromife, That the feet le JkaS be as I) avid ^ and 
shofe oft^e honfe pf David fhotUd be as the An^elof the S^mrd^ \ 
There is a ume when the of cs of the Saints iTiiall be railed^ & 
they (Viall have cleerer and further under Handing in die miftc-' 
ries of Godlinelle then ever formeriv. And one'great thing thnc 
doth hinder the growch of grace in tnofe that arc thus poore in' 
fjpirit, it is becaufe they, have nor faitK to a(Sk upon . the promi- * 
fes tlwt are made for the fliedding abroad of the Ipitit in the" 
tunes of the Mefliah: Ifevlllmen know how to give good thiftgs 
to them that askf them^ much more will the Lard give his Spirit 
to thofe that ask$him. Andthe confideratioriofthefethift^s 
isamightyhclpetofucba^anepporcin fpitit-vto ilieW their 
blefledneflc — Andthatthat vvilfbind up all thefeisf tlii>^ 
That in this kingdome of Heaven: the Lord vvoiild have hi^ 
people delivered from the (jpifit of bondage j as there is a 
fpint of bondage, fo there is a fpirit of adoption, a free ipiric 
to come into px)dsprefencc: the Lord would not have hisp^io-' 
pie to be afraid of his prefencc, .but vvould ; have them all to 
look upon themfclves (I meane all fuch as are aj^rehehlive oif 
their fpirituall poverty, yet to'lookc upon themfelves) a^ the 
children of this kingdome, and to come with frcedome of fpi- 
rit before their Faober; And now my brethren . 1 have been 
(hevvii^you the bleffednelTe o^tliofe that are pqore .in ^pl^ir, 
I woula to God I bad fpoken to npne but fuch asard poore ih 
fpirit i I confetfefuchpointsasthefe would make one! feirc 



iVr rj&ii ^iKgimte of Heaven. 8f 

»d tremble to treat of, cfpccially in thcfe wanton times, 
howfoeveidiil^en muft iKKlooTe coeir bread,i>iiciie>vt if there 
fe but one TOor in fpiric that iliould have benefit by ir , thougfi 
there fliouldbe atfaouftnd hardned yet God will accept of 
[ dwt,and inthe meane tiiue th^refoie, you that are of poore ' 
^iritsand truly humbled before Cod> doe but confider what 
Jiour cmifort coft> Jt may .be .they ooft thehardning of many 
hundreds in this Congregation to ipeak of fuch a thing : faiih« 
God \vi it coft the hardning 'of them yet your comfort is ia 
; deare to me that I would have it notwithftauding : 6 therefore 
\ ttke thefe thii^s and make ufe of: them ft^ the,- f uabwraace of 
I yoa fanftification : we have a very notable Scripture for that, 
to make men to takeheed of the abufeof thefe things, in che- 
1 1. HA: JVC THtivlng a, kl^gdome which c^fiot h fnovedy what 
^ tfen, fliall we take liberty arid live loofcly? no, faith he. 
Therefore let m. have CjracCy whereby we majjerve . Godytccept^: 
, ^y T»nh Rtverence aniGoilj feare : He ' miAes this ufe qf ir,. 
1 Aerefore what, therefore let us be wantcm,no,but let vLifer^e 
j lim with Rcverince and G(fdly fearc^er even oftr Gad is a confu* 
I ^wj^/rrjandin the i Iheff:!.! tJhatje ifmldw^kj»mhjf of 
I Glkl wh^hith edited j^fim<f his Kiffgdoim and Glory: Walkc 
1 isdiofe that are partAers of the kingdajie of Heaven, \yalke 
^tewe the worlcf, let there not appeare to Be fuch bafeah| Im 
fpirit»inyou>astRfereare-iiithcmen ofthewbrld, Su$ ipalligj 
»W&7 of that Kingdme'whick the Lord hath cat^dym Wi 

A I 

« - • 

♦ t 

• t 

» • • 

■ »*■■■» .. « ■ ' * ' I I ■< ■ 

- - , ?' ' - > 



<>(u//y mowtturs jhall be comforted. 

Math: 9.4, 

Blejfed are. thej thit MeurHe:,fi/rthejJBat('bic'e^' 
•fWted. ' ,' .. 

HE laft Day }^ou nuy remembsr vre.fipak^ 
oftbefidlHeititude, ththUgtdxt^ 4 ^^^ 
■fourt.'tKfprhj and thatis^rein Choft tawh, - 
jihekbldredne0£coorifts,-'j!)«»-f ***(>' kijigr 
.^^omcnflfttntn: We luycopeneci-wtu&ih* ■ 
meaqa^ oPtl^e-lriDgdome pfHttav;* isy t»«- 
underrtjndii^ ic to be meant on^ly, that wbai th^y dye they 
ftiall goe TO Heaven, though it's true, that they Oiali doe fc\ 
yetinemainefcopeof Chrifthere is to ftiew that even the 
poore in fpirit fliall have the good thii»s of the State of the 
Mdfias, the MefTias bein^ come in:o the world, and erefting 
a n^\Vl[iiigdome here in the worlddifferenifromvvh'at wasbs- 
fore, thepooreinfpiritlliaHbcmade partakers ofthatkii'^- 
dome with all the priviledges of ic : ■ — I Oiall not looke back 
to open further the priviledges of that kin^dome, oncly the 
maipejto^ ^ofUh? laft Sermon wa? to apply this tothe poor in 
fpirit/^ndtofltewwhatbleffcdrieflethofe that are poore in 
fpirit have from this kingdome. The Lord hath chofen the 



Twf^ 9nes fhcnfd fiek^ after the klngdftne of Hcfveu. j^i 


poorc in this world that they might b^ partakers of the king- 
dome of Heaven : And therefore it is a great incouragemenc 
to the Minificrs of the Golbel to preach the kingdoms of Hea- 
ven to CcMigrcgations that nave many poore, and I would to 
God that the poore of this Congregation might be got to hear 
ofthe blcflii^s of the kiiigdome of Heaven, I flioiild have as 
preat hopes to doe good to this place as in any place in the 
iangdome if the poore in this place might be brought to hvjare 
the GoQ>eI, for the very Godpel it felfe is caH'd the kingdomc 
of Heaven^becaufe it dorh r^veale the great tlnngs of the king- 
^OQieof the Mefiias r Therefore you that are poore and doe 
comei be incouraged to cmie, ani doe you incourage all your 
poore neighbours and friends, and tell them that though th^y 
li be never fo poore, yet if their (pirits be poore,tod humole ac- 
cordif^ to their poverty, the kingdome of Heaven \s open for 
\ Acm likewife, and tell them what yoti have heard of the king- 
Awic of Heayen out of the Go'pel, what blefled thii-^s there 
arc there;and then there may be a great deal of hop? that < jo I 
intends to bring many in this Congregation tp this hi:J tfliflcd 
hngdoqic;; " . . 

• Tbcpreachii^ of the Gpfpel is compared to the caftii^ of 
a Net, and it is compared tait underchis Title, The kingdome 
^HMven. We Ipve a great Sea here to caft in, but thofe peo- 
ple that I would moft gladly calt the n^t upon, I am arf:4id fd;- 
Awic do come within the compaflfe of the Net, I m^ine the 
poorcft Slid mpanpfl. O you that are rich>and arenkn iri plncc, 
take fofn« couife to bring in the poore that the/ raiy come into 
Ais Net, that when we come to caft the Net, that is, the 
picacbii^ofth'feGofpel,that^hatpuybeasthe kiJTgdom: of 

Hcavmto them t 

And you that are youi^ one^, doe* you hearken af?:er the 
ings of the kii^dome of Heaven,and aske quettion? about ity 
ten you come home, aske your Parents and Govemoiirs, 
hat's the tneaning of that oftne kingdome of Hedveti, that 
xxrepeo^lenwycomerobemade Kin^^.s and Pri^fts unro^ 
>d: And the rather hive we hifouraj^sment to fpedk to young 
'»,thactlKyfhouldbe.enquiring> begaufe we find that^s 

N X foon- 

j^i ICowg ones (heuld (eci^^after r/v kingdome of ffcdvp^. 

fooni as ever the of Henven begin to be laiowxie» 
young onc:> were very earnell about k , and were very much 
atfectcd wi-.h this kingdonie of Heaven. Compare chofe two 
fhccsof Scripture^ ii Mark^^^io. wichthe 21 Math: 1$. 
And there you Ihall find , that the children and young ones 
were cr) mg Hofanna to the Son of David : And whin thi chiffe 
JPr lefts A,'id Scribes fatv the wonder full tijings that hi didy and 
the Children crying in the Temflcy and fajing^ Hifanna to th€ 
Son of ^avidy the} were fore dtjpleafed. Compare this now wuh 
the 1 1 Mark^^y 10. And they that went bifore^ and the) that 
followed^ crjedyfajingy HofannAy Bleffid is he that comith in the 
Name of the Lordy hleffed be the ki'^gdomi. of onr Father J^a- 
^Id ; that Cometh in the Name of. the Lord , Hifanna to thi 
highifi. They cryed //(5^»»4 to the faighett, bccaufe of the 
kingdomc of the MeflTias that was coming. Now it's faid) that 
the chieife Priefts and Scribes were troubled at it: Canull 
hearts jnayte troubled to fee young ones fo forward in the 
way of the Idi^donie, but the Lord llirr'd up thefc to be af- 
fedied with the kingdome of the MeiCas, and Chrift doth Ju- 
flirie them. And J ejm faid unto them^ have ye never ready Cu^ 
if the Moat hr of Bates andJackHngs then haft firfiSid fr^fe. 
This is for the honour , of Jelus Chrift that youngones (hall cry 
Hofannay &c. And all that hadi been laid about the bleiled- 
ndfeof the poore^ 11. ould teach us to have hi^ eftceaie of 
thofe that arc poore in fpirit, though they are conteoip'id by 
the world, yet doe not you contemne them ; BlefTed is he 
that Confidereth of rhefe poore : — And in the * J^wp j. 
it's faid , That ^od hath chofen the poore in this wirldy tote 
rich in Faith : Hearken my. beloved Brethren , as a thing of ad- 
miration, Hath not God chofen the poire of this wirUy rich in 
Faithy and He'.res if the klngdovHy which he hath pnmifed t0 
them that lovihim. But ye have de^ifed the piore. 'Xdkt heed 
that this charge be not upon you to dclpife any of Cbrifts 
little ones ; thofe that are poore in ^irit, they are highly er 
fjeemed by Jefus Chrift, therefore let them not be fligbted 
by you. There arc many thii^^i^rthcr about this, but WC:W*U 
leave what further mav bejaid about that that is promifed ta 
the poore i namely, tne kingdome of Heaven. Wee 

CtMJiant nmrners art BUfftd. 



Wee ccMUe now to the fecond Beaci:udc. ' 

tUJfcd art thej that mmftHyf^r thcj^Jhafl ht Comforted. 

Wc (vnd that Z^ decs it in another way, and divers Co- 
pies have it ditfcren:;you ihall Hnd two or three Bleffcdneffes 
fet in a different order there : — But for the thing it fetfe, 
it is one of the llrangeft Paradoxes in the world ; MeJJid are 
thofe that mwrne : Of all arieftions the affeftion of forrow 
ttnire is leaft beholding to ; it doth the leaft good to nature, 
unire gets iomechiK % the ^eftion of love, and che atfeAi-> 
on of joy, and the aite^on of ddire, and of hc^, and fooie* 
what by teare ; but forrow is that that we^ens nature ; and 
yet Chrift doth fall upon this ^ faith be, Bleffei are they that 
marne ; 'Tis more then Melfed are they that are forrowfull, 
ferAr;j^Mffiipon this place, he doth not fay, Blefled are 
tbofe that grieve, but bieifed are thofc that mourne : For the 
Tvctf d that IS here traiiflaced mttrne , (ig^iifics an exceedii^ 
gneat iroHniing ; The mourning that there is at the death of 
Friends, when any buries an intimate Friehd, a deare diilde,' 
or a deare kinfinan, what moumit^ is there in the view of the 
world ; but faith Chrift ,< Bldfed are you Then 5 If you be 
gocByand my Difciples*, you are blefled' in that moumii^,* 
uJough your mourning be the greateft mourning in the world. 
And it 1% in the prefent tcnfe. Ten that iwjw^^r ,noting the con- 
tinuance of it : Though you mourne cOTftancly, though you be 
hnnight into a moumfull condition , and (0 doe live in it alf 
4e dayes of your lives, yet bleffed are you that moiime. 
The world is altogether for jollity and braverjf, obleiTed arc 
Aey that are merry , that can arihke wine in bowles, an J 
ci wne themfelves with Rofe-budds, and chant to the ViaH^ 
a I invent Inftruments of Mtiticke like DofvU ; they are ac- 

mied the blsi&d men in the worlci : But wc fee the judge- 
m nt of Chrift is quite contrary, BUffed are thej that mourne ; 

1 :y that mourne^ forely not ail they th«c nioume are blef- 


. ^ I 

54 W>*iri nmrmffg hUpdy mii wha$ not tlcpd. 

TJiril , There is a foolilh mourning, in which nrin and wo- 
men are not blefled ; thit is, they moume they know not for 
what, this is no blefedneflfe but foHy . 

Secondly , A natur^ill mourmng, wrtien there b a mourning 
meerely becaufe nature is pincht, and fome evill hath befallea 
it, and you goe no further ; This hath not ableHedneife in it. 
Thiialy , A worlv. ly mourniiig ; worldly lorrow aufe$ 
death ; to moume for the Jofle of worldly tbir^ , as th^ 
^reat and the chiisfe loife of aU> this isnot bletfedy ic cauiecb 
^eath : and 

Fourthly , An envious moumii^, when men moUrne and 
ar^ grieved for the good.of uthars, fureiy chi$ is noc bleQed 
but curfed. — r-r* 

And there is Wher a Qeviliih nvyinmigy when men and 
women mQuipe cbac they camox have opportunity to fatisfie 
their lufls. 

And l.)ftty, There is a i^llii}i ddperate mournings wbeit 
men ju)d women inourne in de^^ice ; this i^ helliih^ and not 
bleflcd, thefe in^^umers are not hleflisid. 

But who thcnc — Thafe that monme; That is , fwcfa asr 
beix^by the providence of God brov^ into a monmfuU 
Condition,^ eyther by way of teftimony to any truth of God, 
that they are dmiv d (k fixmy Comforts in this world thac 
others have, or by any afflicting hand of (God are brought into 
a fad Condition) and their hearts are bfoirgbt under to yeild 
to Gods hand, and to fanditiiie his N.ime in tbofe his deaiii^ 
with them ; thpfc are Reded : For fo you muft cleere ^t 
C)^e(Iion that w:e have in the verfe before , Blefftd^ stre the 
fotfr^i .not all pQore) but the pooje in fpirit: Soy Bhjidsrr 
thijf thdt ffUngrf^ \ that is, they that moume is fpirit likewife> 
wmfe fpiritrare brought in fubjef^tontoGcid, to honour God 
in that mournful! Condition in which they are, whoPe conditio 
on cannot be fo low, but their hearts are lower then their con- 
dition: thefe ar^ bleffed, but dpecially tb6fe who fet the 
object of th^ir momxiing right, who moume for (inae as the 
greateft eviU, who moume not ondy for their own fms, but 
for the (ins of others,, that God is fo bttle honoured in the 

world ? 

H^hen one ispiid to mournt m agrdctoHs v^ay^ p j 


world : yea who take to heart the afflictions of the Church, 

fioouming not onely for their ovvn affliction^ but for the af- 

ftiftions of the Church, blclfed are thefe thacmourne^ 

And then att thofe that moume in a Gracious way. 

You will fay , when doth one mourne in a Gracious way 
and manner. > 

Firft, When any evill is upon one , the heart doth freely 
ycild it felfeupto God, to honour God in fuch a Condition, 
i|s God hath put it into, not to doe it by force, but freely. 

And then fecondty, Thofe whofe mourning hath the exer- 
ciiC of Grace, in order to regulate their rtiounfflg; vvhj; tlfc 
mocmii^^of nisa and women, art ur.dcr the Command of 
Grace, of Faith, of Love, and of Hope, not flK>urning as thofe 
without hope ; when Grace can Command mourning, and can 
fiy to thofe waves of forrow , Hitherto fhall ye goe; and no 

Thirdly) When in mourtujg the heart moumes after God ^ 
Tterc's fuch a Coqifoit that is taken away from nie, eyther in 
way of teftimony to Gods truth , or in way of j[)rovidemiaU 
affiictit^ ofine ; but the thing that I moume for, "it is not fo 
much bscaiife the Conifoft is gon, buc becaufe I am deprived 
of fomc good that might helpe me forward towards God, - 
wherein' 1 might l)eVome way furthered in the vyay qf C^pd : 
Aiid^^forfiefbule moumes afterGod,in the mourning for any 
affltdk»i that isupon it. 

Fdurthly \ When thofe that moume h.>ve ^reat care to doe 
the worlce of their mourning condition ; that s a fpeciall thing 
to be Confidefed of in the Dleffedrieffe of mourning. One that, , 
moumes fo as he hath care to doe the worke jf ^at mournu^ 
Cwdltioh t To'Confider, God hat^ put me into t&is. mourn-. 
in^'CoBditi<4n, arid\yh;tt is the duty that God recjuires of me 
ithi!«indiirnini; Coriditfon in whicn God hath fet me. Me!;i 
u* w^nfen ordinarily arsrfbllicitpus abou,t their affli^icxiST, 
mdthfcil-thbt'^t^.'are'clkd^etHer porei|i§!uron. their aflSicti- ,. 
in^/Bte'Ti^fv-a Qrtdoustn^urrf^^ caulb'thc. foule to be fdo.. 
'^cicckisifcout the Work; \f hat's ^He. vyofk of tliis CoivUtioa , 
■arCk^tet^^tihirnoWtoo"; It'Ssuot a fullen mourning, 


. ^ ^jjj lt.u[Hch 4 bliff'ei thlngto hd mwmer. 

but a mourning that hath much a<aiveniflie in k, and ftirrii^ r 
The heart is travelling,for (o m the 1 6 J«fc.- about the middle^. 
It is compared to a woman incravell; r^u fltfU mowrne^ijosk 
Chrill, but there's promife of Comfort : V^erilji verilj^ I f^f 
mtoyoH^yc (hall wicft and lament 5 tut tht world. JhaB rt.ojct^ 
ar.dyc l^all icfcrrovp fully hit jour forrovR ftail bo turned intot 
}oy. A w(m>An -v^hen^.o is in tratcll huth forroWy hecaufo her, 
lyoftre is comoy hut as foonc ai jko is delivered of tho childc^ 
then jke remembreth no more the. an^uljh , far joy thm a man isk 
home wt9 the world. — Hereby inumating that the moumk^ 
of the Saints l>>qiikl be like the forrovv of a woman in tnrdK 
but (bmt good ihowid come of it. And this is a very ukMl 
Meditation for us, when at any time vfc find our fa^^^rc^ jnudi 
preffed with for row, vvifliouldConGdcr, but what atnltra* 
velKng about ; I ciin never have Comfort in my mounangt 
cixcept 1 bring forth fomething in my forrow : And thou^htK- 
Lordlhoiild keep tbein mourning thus all dayes of tbeif Uves,. 
yet they are blefled. 

For they (l;iall be Comforted, comfort will come. Now the 
ground of the biefl'ednefl'e arifcth, firft, £rom the moumit^ it 
felfe ; — Sfecondty, from the promife — Surely its a bletted 
thin^ to be fuch a mourner, 

Firft > Becaufe that the Tower our hearts are in our fub- 
jedHon to God in this mournful! condition, the higher are our 
reCpeds to God t^t brings us into this Condition .* The Lord 
brit^ his people into a moumfuU condition^ Novy the lower 
their hearts are intheir fubjedion to God>the hifjoooi are their 
reCpe&s that tbey doe ihew uato God. There's a great ^kaku 
€^ Grace exercifed in a ^acious mourning. 

Secondty > A mourning condition whoti it if ordered by( 
Grace, it is a meanes of much good in the foule, it is that tiuc 
takes away the ranknefl'e in the hearts of men, diere is a rank- 
nefle m all mens hearts naturally^ efpecially if they Jnjoy con- 
tentment to the fieili, their lufls will grow very lanke ; As 
weeds ^row very raiiike in fumm^r tin.i^> noyvin tne.vviat^r tl« 
frofts nijpps the weeds and keepes them under , but if it be a 
long froft it kills them j And. To doth amoumfuil C€I^oq>. 

i§i)y It is a Hiffei thiMg u ki m momrnft. y<^ 

i£ic be fanfti:i«d, ic kitk the vermin, k kith our 1U(U, and is ^ 
^dall nie^mes of mordiicationui the i'oule ; Atid therefore 
bidfedare rl^ dut doe moume, aaJ orry chemfdv'is gra*-' 
cioiifly in a flttmng condition. 

Tmrctty, kischa^chat delivers from muiy tdmp tation> :^ 
Youxhiri&e tine jdliity and l>ravery is the orwrly happy iife, but 
loicKV there are a gre?r4iuny lAore cen^^ions in rhfarlite thstl' 
in a oioini^l condidofi t Itt tfoe, there are tetr^:dciotu im a' 
Btoemfiill condition y chare'sf tempntcions to defpaire, but 
chat's grievous to nature, or to fhift for thetnfelves in f#ine 
unlaw&U 992!^. But noffv the temptations in a jolly condition, 
ic s voy fuiwte^to a mamitttttre^ ^^idiereJForfe more dange-^ 
Fou s , and dierefore bMed a^ tfaey^hat ire kept in.a mounv* 
fiiii ConicUtion>i£Godgiv(eMhe^ hisN^^ 

in it. .'•....! ^ . r-. '. . i i 

Fourtiity , They are bkfied that are in a mpumftill Condi^ 
cuxH becmfeiiod hath^cbdfetilfelrdlHnftbftc l»0i«»viig oMrii^ 
don in cbe^ moft £bfiM»fale|tirs»e: you) kiufi^" when amaff ts^ 
iidke, cben Utter thii^ are ibdre ij:a&>aabl6'theif i^^i^t 
Nosv we are a)} fiddy fooreoJeatureSjMxt it's a great merty 
of God in this cime of our lives to choofefor us a mourtifull 

coodiciODtbiaertbii^s rather xbenfw^te and iurcidUs^htng<?^ 

AidifGoddoibfGbduetfayheait^ ibtibarchoii^^eaiiK'b^ "ml- 

Ikig to cake this,bte&d an thou ;iror thoii tfoe(lnb«r>mQame^ 

ivben it is moft feafomble tonaoum^ \ A moumfull (fote' its a* 

(eafonafade fiace for men, confiderira yvhac Conditions \vc are 

here in, in ihiMVorld ; Thou vvouloeft be choofing of JoUOryy 

'jA Kk'e a poore j[t^nian skat wobki bechoofii^: of fiv^e 

meats ; but bteflfeid arc chou th^ arc wiiliiN[^ co^baundeir t\te 

cfaoyoeofGod. . - : ' 

H&hly, And then efpeciaHy hereiinthis^tettjbetatife they 

all be coniforred ; ic is but to niake the Cbn-Kforn fvv^tcf 

lo diee when tbsy doe coine : The lord is biic ^odldngiol 

f fooie mbisown wtUy ^d wotkidg thee to gretater Oom*' 

1 T ; you \xfbfk that wben a man tvould biriM a (huelur<^ ^ 

I te!/ building, the ftonesxhat he iAcends.principally' tobuitd 

' 'hall% arc hackc and hewne, that fo they may be comely and 

" O fit 

^ f Anj? iV frefortng cppffcrts frr Ins maurfi^rt j 

f\l f &r bis ^5UilduT§Jbi«: ag for ^hfii: flOnaJ they ar^ not f c^^-fed 
as thgfe ibnc vc ihus poHi|he4 vvliicb he intends to lay J Sort 
is m argument tbat tte tord hj«h great things for thc«> great 
comforts for chee; he is new preparing cbce mi^B^tby mourn- 
ful c€hdi:ion for grqatcofeit'orts. Thou ihalt be ^otniorted 
' EqrFifftj There i$ a iiiTVi cooiii^ when all tears 
m^. froni tbiheeyes ; do^biit r^ad: tbe.r ^ *<f^'- fe<»^ rf» 
1^4 Ytrfe to cbe.end^d tbqfe.yoH ihaU find wlj^^ is faid to the 
peo^^le of God khat aire brought «{> in 9 mouiii^ cfindidm or 
tfeis^v^iid-. • ' ...... . '.. 

Andadtlltflape$.(hrilbewippd ,fro« thbtt eyes ib thcxt 
/Kale tlay^ctbt^ ffiii£<^all! tiiepr^mj^ ii'a bard taiocdceover 
tb«jwny^.promifit5,://ii^5.i<^ hicbip;.^; ?; mth oBiny o* 
cfa^r ^cb >y4 jsw0(iiot^fito^ftobaK^ aidi 

as you read along the booke of God you ihall tind many the 
like : and imai^mmcj othecMMi^^ thatjKOihife kf Gbrifts 
c^k9»^agmi^5iicbdiitftf ^^ffiaoi that'ittiiac^asitbeg^cac 
cdtnfcfft^ in^ gW^ 

aiidiain(iK{io^V4;yct tbe/ibottid he comforted : Why Be cottic 
aeainiaich Chrift>chey ii^ tbe tejoyttiem of jefut 

C^irift) and all tbe gnra things cbifcCliiift badi pnrcklfcd bv 
his blood^Ouillbt cbars^liirdiylDhouifhaitditnbe cqoifortedr 
U^ Cbtift plcads,:Lord vmdi6cvbr good; all my fuflfetingti 
h^hrpurchafedilec cbts fimlbcawMlep ar t A d; of^ fuedy if choa 
comefteveftobemadtparndiertif all that good that jcfos 
' Chrifthatfap«ifcharedfayhKS blood (faoit fhak waitt no con- 

Aw all ckr comfbitihdlibe fioApMrukxttUe to^ tby fortotv^ 
aa'^'s^^orihev^fabttof J{4^^^ fi> much asf her plea&re 
hath been, fo much torment give her, foon the corttrarvy fi> 
HHicfalbiTOwas cbottbafthftd for toy names {idoe >» if!^ o^icn joy 
andxomfart (hak thou have, and that in a propocdonaUe v^ay;^ 
Chtifthadi itthy'mantioQsin his^f others taoife^ hiA^oii bach 
comf<^rts ilia jpr^tfionableirvaytoall thy fonc^w and oioum^ 
ing: it imyM if th6ubiMUi:amore«6mfoi^^ in ijbis 
wocld. thoumtghteft ha«ek& cooifortftfi^rx'edforthee here- 

. . Tkty 

■ I ■■l^l " l^ . ■ 11 I J ■■> ■ ■ I I. mi ■■ ... I ■ .1 I III I t I,, ,1 , ^ „„ , , ,, 

HJj^n gfJly numrmcrs p)all h cumfmei. ^^ 


Thcjf fhAH be comforted. 

But when, when fliall they be comforted ? 
Whcn,Wt«^ fhey ftvaU th^n be comforted wh2n the>vickc4 
fliairbi lorrowfuU, In the 65 of/p. 1 3, Where there is lee 
forth the differenc condi ioii of the Sain:s, and the wicked and 
ungodly ; Therefart thnsfakh tl)e LttJ, GsU^ehdi myfervams 
fsaUfot^ ipitjeflMlI tehnn^ry : MioU myftrv^ts^allir'inki^ 
iftt jefh^Ube Hnrftifjb^ldn^ ftrvants fk llrejayce^ bHtyefliM 
beafhamed • behMmyfirva»isfl^lJ$»g f«r joy ofhartyi$»y^ 
(haii cry forfirrow cf hearty J^dfhaU hoSiefor vejcdtifftg^^f^tritz 
Then ihall youhave comfort when the ungodly ftiall ibe a- 
ihamed. ^ 

And then fecondHy, Yon: i^^U be comforced^tbere is a cime 
fyhed the Lord wiH communkace unto yon the cho^ceft (d ids 
niercies: NovvtbeLordedoimimitateiiiimfdfe^uiiQanwrf 
final! and tittle way in comDarifonco what h^ do:h iiredd^ this 
time of ^.mam life^ is not toe time of coftiforc, you know «^ac 
Abraham laid fo B^'Z'ex,' fen temcnfbsr thac <m chy iii'^ time 
thou hadft thy good.^hiiig*, tijy j6y€ir,ithy comforts^ andX^-* 
xjtrw had hb evil! dmigs, he had forr^Kv and griefe^ Ic is not 
beft my Brerfirenifbr us to fe^tc co tiave our comfbris'and pori 
tiom in this life tme, becaufe^his is^^noc thscime for God t^ 
com^rlun•cate^;hc Aoyte-ttf his nj^r€y> but it's a gneacifaate 
better tint our comforts 4>iodd be petef ved tochatitimeiiwHiaii 
God fliall open the ridrtreafury of hi^ mercy; :Mrdie thtiiai 
of this world are but the givii^ a (tPf cfumb^i, ± rem^nifaai 
Luther faith of the whole Tttrlcifti Empire, It*: otdy a mmdtff 
breadyfhatthe^reat A4afher'9f'4}e hmfedath cafk wtto.Jifjm'i 
Tbe^ hayp btit there crtitti>s h^rd' ; but ihcf^ is' a 'time wfteti 
God vyiil deal butthe^o^fe of hiis^merties, hs mil oimM 
•hetreafures of his grace, ahd ^OTtthmjtcatt ditm^unoolaij 
znytl. They {halite c«nifir^fd. • :. . ,r . /. 

And then we \hA\ be con>fprted when' weOiall be more ca- 
able^ft:omfbrt'thennovv<ve* Jtfe, -affifd f^a to beirc-nforced 

1-5 the b^ft, W^ed dre^ they that Humm \i^ fh'aH^ ie 

f^erted : And this. Jdontfoit thati^xbe moumars iiTiaH 
I ^^. O 2 ShalL : 


iQO - lie comforts pf Chrifis ^ff^r^^i. 

Shall be firft a pure c«iifo:r, we h.we feme thing that is 
fweet, but there is a greac deale or mixture with our fweete^ 
There's little fweet chac we have but tbjire is fonie po)for> or 
€:her, but thii will be a pure comfbrtj free froniidaiyerj free 
from rhe mixture.of trouole o: daBg>:r. 
* And then rhey are fpiriciiall comiats fpiri uall, by that I 
meane, not only that ic fhali be a foule comfort an J not a car^ 
nAll> fenfuall comfort as the comforts of moft men in the world 
are, but that's not that I meane, efpecially when I fay ?piri:uali 
comfoccs, but by that I means this> tb.u cheir comforts fhall 
comertTorefirftly in their foule v«»dfothey iTiall have comfort 
ro theic bodyes by way of ths eradiation ( as I may fo fay ) of 
of the comfort that they lliall have to their foules ; The com- 
fortistfaat wenow have.comes iirft tothe outward man, and fo 
oil* iieamare comfoned by the finipathy with, the body, but 
ffow^ theconiforts of the Sainc?) Ih^l be iirlUy in their fouls, 6c 
come from the foule to the body — 
. Secondly, Divine copaforts they are that they (hall hayct 
dnai {'>y all comfort is froei Gpd one way or other', but from 
Gdd.moreimediacelyib<?re we havje pio: comforts ac fecond or 
third' or fourth band, bn^ now there (kali be comfort that lliall 
beffOfnGodmbreimediately>— - Aiidfuch comforts as are 
from the irery nature of God hknfelfe, that is, fuch comfort as 
God is comforted in^ fue;h joy a^ G^ joyes in, and God joyes 
ndtb theni in k ^ ic may be tbObjbaft money and canft goe into 
a,Tavetne,aild drink, indplayt and cbourejpyceft in ic, buc 
doth God rt Joyce in this>is it any joy jto God, to have wine> 
good cfaeere,lau^hii^ and playit^: Buc now the confdacions 
tbatCbcift pronufes here are the conlolations of the AUmig^cy 
none "of the Saints chat have, uue comfort even now in this 
wodd in fome degree^ buc if tbeif comfort be holy and era- 
ciotts, cheLi^rd rejfgfices in.tb^ir rejoycing,there is joy in nea* 
yen, even in the bean ofGod that jit>yues with the joy diac is 
in thy heart r Anct tber^ is no coqnfbn: iliould fatisBe a heart 
that hath ComaoumonvWiihGod, but fuch comfort wherein I 
may have feme evidence that (vhenmy heart rejoyces I kno^ 
the heact of Ood re;oycess in this my j^ : aske this queltion of 
I yoiir 

Tke ccmforts of Chrifis Mourners. 



yourfoulesinibemidftofyoiirioy; Ihave a great deale of 
Joy> but doth the heart ot'Ciod re,0)xe in chis n^y joy, fiich are 
the comforts Qf the Saints. 

Thirdly, hj a fi II comfort, Askatci you fkall have thatyTur 

ST ntfj tefiiUy what a low kind of exprdfion would this be, 
dTedis a man that is fick, for he iliall have health, this were 
apoor kind of e>preirion, beciuife health is but by raking away 
die cvill of the ikkneflc ; but how Chrift when he faich Blepi 
^€$hejthai momneyfor the j jhal I he comfort ed^h^ meanes they 
(hall have that fullnelfe of comfort, that would be aboundancly 
more good unto them then all their forrow could be evill unco 
them, they fliall en^cr inro their Mafters joy,the joy not enter 
into them. 

Fourthly, And thai it fliall be a ftrong comfort, Het. (J.i 8^ 
Jwch comfort as lliall bare downe any affliction? or oppof:- 

Fifthly, An etcmall confohtion, fo you have it in the 

1 Theff. 2. 1 5, in the^a Ttm.^ 2.n. li is a fakhfaU fftjing^ 

ferlfweteieddmthhlmy we^^all aljo Ihe with him; marte 

m'tfa what an eniy hafts the holy Ghofl fpcakes when he freaks 

of the cenainty of the comfort of the Saints '; It is a fanhfuH 

fi^^^y for if we be dead wirh him, we Ihall alfo live withhim, 

if we fuffer, we (hall alfo retgne with him : Mourning'it is as 

Ac feed that fliall certainly have an harveil, m the 97 ^falme 

there it's calTd zfeedy Tbofe that fow in tears fhall reap in .joy-y 

ndfo in i%6 Pfalme you have the fame exprelTion; Thi 

noumiiig of the Saints it is their feeds time, & therefore th^re 

witl come a harveft. 

And then further. The Lewd doth delight to communicarc 

kimfelfe unto his Saincs,and therefore they muft be comforted 

God rcjoyces in that title, ThiGodofall comfort, and that 

' »od that comforts us in all our tribulation^ 

They muft needs be comfortedjbecaufe God hatbfo er^ag'd 

i nfefe in his pro.niiV •— : — .' ' 

^nd becaufe God the Father hath anojiit.ed Jefus Chrift (ex 
I iCoiirfbrtertoyou,asinthcdi oil fa. As I told you of 
I > ch^were poor m fpirtt, Jefus Chrift was dcfi^'d by 
[ God 

102 h'h differeffce oftte comfjrts of carnall men a»d of Sams. 

Ciod ihi Father to p:cach glad tydings to the poore, foinche. 
faniKi J LiCw we have Jefus v. hriii anovmcd to comfort thofe that 
mourne, a> if God llould lay, i apt'oynt thee 6 Soil to 
this worke , and certainly Chrill will he faithful! in bi< 


Laltly,They il^all be comforted, becaufethe Spirit of God 
the holy Gholt hath his denomination from hence, The C^n^ 
^r fry The Holy Ghort that is equal! with the Facber,and with 
the Son, and very glorious irt his vvorke j Now the workc that 
he hath to do,ic's to comfort the poor mourning Saints of Goi^ 
to be a comfort unro them : If the holy Gholt bfe equali ivitb 
the Father, and the S«i, hi • worke murt be glorious as well a$ 
the work of the Facher and the Son : How glorious is the work 
»of ch6 Father in crcatii^ all things by his own word J how glo- 
ritfus is the worit of the Sonin the work of mans Redempcioni 
now the worke of the holy Ghoft murt have fome kind of pro- 
port iomble glory ; It's impo!ribIe theref6re but rfjat tfaou lauft 
^be comforted ; fo long as there is a Holy Ghoft, fo loiig iTiqu 
mutt needs have <:omfort, • 

O the difference from hence between the comforts.of ciirtial 
hearts & the Saints : Thou haft comfort,how?by powring foFCb 
^rink into thy throat, or by thy cards or dice> nereis th)N:bm^ 
fort : what difference is there bemeen a mans Jiavii^ cWont 
by a little beer or wine>, 'and a man that ' huth cgmfott 
ijy the holy Ghoft defigned by God the Father and the So;) cq 
ht the comforter of him to all eceniity ; and thou that doeft 
-fliglit the comfQfts of the Saints, and rather haft thy camaO 
heart to choofe unto thee comfort and joy by eating and drink- 
ing and playir^^ wkit is the langu;^e of chy foule in this but 
\;bas^ O Lord let me rather have comton; f :om meat ai^d dxiiik 
then from any worke of rhe holy Ghoft, , we^ hear in thy word 
that the holy Ghoft is defigped by thy fclfe ^nd thy Son to b^ 
• the comforter of the Saints, but thofe are the comforts I have 
no skill in, 1 had rather have mearc and drinke and fatisfie vm 
4ufts,and for checomfortsof rhe holy Ghoft I will venoure them 
whcthdr 1 haveany part in them yea or no : — well 'but what 
ever they doe^ ye that are of mounrfuU fpuit^, and Cod keeps 


Th^ Excellency of Religion. 

f -H 


JOttunder,andyougoeonaiaurnu^,and through che grace 
of ijQcl«iy your felves tbok fenfuall comforts tba^ 
oiJiersfcc oac th^l hear cs unto, be not difcoura^^d but roe on- 
andbkAethyfelfwinthyGod, blefl'e thy iolfc in thij", thac 
Chrift bath laid concemii^ thee that certainly thou (lialt be 
CQOi&ifted : 'I- ■■ Thus I have but iiai througii the yerjf 

•--dfotthpfethiiigs that may give a little light to the.0pen- 
of cbeie woFck. 

'fiuitharWbichllu^dioHgbctohavefet^kd.^ all lliouW 
hare been the ap(^cation of iit,£6r to have fpcjcen to the people 
ef God> and to be feme heb^ to their coiifrforc th^t Jefus Chnii 
VioiildiBve.CQmforte<il». for ifJefusCh rift hath faid that ifa^y 
fiiaU be caf&forced,ti: doth ccMKenie all a^ (o^^omfort d^nj^ 
ml cfpecialty chd Miqi^r^ of Cbrift, I ilujl <Mi{y %eake a 
iU>ftlQctwoforcjbepiefeQCK>.ti]ac\vhic^ <:oii^m!>4is aH froui 
fviuc faaeb been delivered. 

Fuft^youoia)! fee that there is ajgreat deale of exceUeiacj 

iDB£^|iMand^dline(&) why it is that (ha£ vviil nufae the 

nounxfutteft condition in theworld to be; comfntable/uppQi^s; 

aflianorwamanhadloftikU^hat ever d^yhad> if they bcgod*^ 

^> Rebgioo will ^^s^f^ bow they ihall jbebiefifed id this cdndi-^ 

wn> for ifaey are bk£:<ji before their con^fort cdtues, ib rhac 

cbofe that are godly their faddeft condition cannoc hinder tbeit:- 

Bdleffedndle, when others in the world Ihall wring their hands 

for their Idfcs and be very fad>thou mayeft be fatisfied in this, . 

Ibavcnotloftmyhappineflfe, thou mayeft 6y, I have loft mv. 

efface, and loft all outward comforts wherein- 1 took fa mucn: 

deUgfit, yet thou canft not lay that thou haft loft thy bleiTed- 

nei^ thy UeflednefTe is not in any creature comfort, but it is 

in thy God, be not (hy therefore and afraid ofgodly fpcrpvy 

becaufeitbringstroubleandafAiil ion unto thee; Be not de- 

i>Hied with this temptation^ for it is^ a temptaticxr of Satan^, 

hereby many foules are kept iq bondage, and kept off from 

cwayesofGod, that therefore when once they come into^ 

le wayesofGod, Hhey think they iliall never have merry day 

><rit>batyctwefce that there is comfort, abundance of - 

-^ortproQOtiDcedby Chrift himfelfe even unto that duty 


1C4 7fc Excellent J ef Reltgicnl 

which fc^In^s to b: ihe moft concary to mirch.-B/fj|fiJ m-e thoji 
that fmmrriCfW they^halUn e9mfori4d. If the cnittiiei ikouM 
prevails agviinli yoii, znd you w jfii und^rr rh;:ir po^veri yet fei- 
11^ ^dly chat do h nor cake chvay j'our bl iiTidn -ifc — If yout 
boQies bi fick and m grievous paiiiis, yet IHIl you may be 
blelfed beiaj godly — If you-have lolt your fricnds^yet bl^fl'ed 
^ llill> be iioc ihy therefore aiid afraid of godlinelIb> b^auie it 
perhaps biii^s fome trouble to you, an.l forrovv to you, msxpf 
fficn and womsn chey arc afraid to be 2odly,\vhy, beouAc Aey 
fear it will take away their joy, but be not gulfd with tmi 
temptation^ 'tis true Religicxi may bring fome orher forrowes 
then thou badft before^ it may be thou mayeft fuffer more itt 
the caufe of God chen before, and thou comd^co be noor^ 
d(Ai£ked for thy ibih^n before, it's true Religioti^may brii^ 
fome outward fornowes and afiiiciion< more, bnt ch^ s a* 
boundant ly more comforts then forrowesj therefore be . not a^ 
ffaid to be one of Chrilb mourners, for Chrift ha£b ^aged 
himfelfe unto thee that thou flult be comforted : rAs we^ read 
concerning Ej57P^, as there were more venemous coeatures 
diere then in other countryes, fo there was in no countty more 
antidotes to cure them then in theirs, fo thou^^ Religion ma/ 
bring forrow and trouble,yet there is aothing brings more cure 
and more helpe. 




. r ,1 ■ 


r • 

■*■ lip 



i^^ « 


T%efoffy ofrrien rehnkedwho areallformirtk 


jerted. . 

ER E IS rebulced the vanity arnd the folly 
ofrhefpiritscfmoftmen and women a- 
mong us who are altogether for mirth and 
joffity; they are as it were a fiili out of the 
water if they arcnoc in worldly joy and 
mirth, who place their happinefle in this; 
H<Sw Contrary is thy judgement unto Je- 
fus Chrift, CHrift faith here, BUjJei ^. thoje thAt tmrnne ^ 
V}\yiol for thejfhdil be comforted^ thou faycft, Blefled arc 
diofe that are merry, that have aboundance of the creature, but 
the Spirit of God faith, in the 7 . ofEccles? a . It's hener to go t9 
thcljcuff ofmoarmtt^ then to thehoufe ofUu^er '; Now which 
of thefe two fhallbe beteeved, (hall thy bafe camaM heart be 
bcleeved who placeft all thy hanpinefle in joviallit/, or the 
ciome of r od who Cuth,/t is ietttr to go to the homfe ofmoMr-- 
ag then to the hmfe oftof^ghterylf man had faid tbis,you would 
iWe thought him a foole for his pames . vvhich of you would 
7€ made fuch a diotfe ted it been put toyou ? .'whether you 

^ woulil 


fo6 7*^ My 4 ^^ rehfJ^d who an all for mrtb. 

— ■ — — : : • , 

would cake delight in the aboundance of the creature., compa- 
ny, and the like, whethfer you woufd take content in' that or ia 
the houfe of moumii^ ? now the holy Gho(Lheddidcstbe 
• caf€,heiaich,t/?</wii^/^^f«w»*wV?w better then the h^e, ^f 
lighter y for the heart is made better by fadneffe; there is 
much good comes unto the loule out of the houfe of mourning 
* ' which do:h not come from the Houfe of laughter: ib^ heart 
. for the moft part is made worfe by laughter, but often b^er 
by forrow : — What if this drcadftill me fliould prove to be 
thy port ion pronounced by Chrift hinifelfe ? Luke 6. 2 5 . H^9€ 
untajofi that laugh now -^f or je flsai mtmrrse artJL n^/r^c-The time- 

of your forrow is to come: when you fee men live bravely axid 
, merrily in the world, and donoXervice for Jefus Chrilt, are 
qon urtfiill in their places, you may thus fay of them, alas here- 
are men that now rejoyce but they IhaUiHOume and weeper, 
their time of mourning is a haftenihg,how mucb better were ic 
t(f mourne now then to have anctemity to moume in ?Jf thou 
grveft thy felf^; to plea(iire> and tolec thy heart run out after 
vanity now in thy youth^then alt thy forrow it iltati come toge- 
ther and finke thse to defpaire : Thou in thy vouch, and in^the. 
ftrengthof thy dayes lett'ft outthyftrei^cbto vanicvi and 
]qy>w that thy forrow is but a hewing i;>,toc€me upon tnee all; 
at once and tofuike thee into everlafti^ defpaire, bow canft 
dbou think but that God (hould looke uponthee with ihdi^-^ 
tion who art fo &1I of fin and wickednefle as ebou art^ can it be 
well wich thee in the end,when there is fa many precious Saints 
in the world that would not for a world fin againft God know^ 
ingly, who make it their great care and their ftudy how to ho- 
nour God in their generationv^Ani//^ any ttme they are wer^ 
€ome through weal^effty thej g$ maurmug ail the day Img ; And 
are fucb as thefe kept downe, have they th^ir time now to 
moumandweepe, and doeft thou re Joyce ? dodi thou vk^ 
ptea{ure,andgive up thy heart to take it's full facisfa£lion in 
; the creature ? know thou muflmounie fadly. The mirth that 
thefe men have it is from ignorance^ the mirth thou hafl it ig 
JbocaMfc thou art ignorant of oby condi don, becaufe' thou art in 
darknefle: Thou art in darkndTe and woe to that mirth that 


.ff men reM^ed l^h dre all far fmrth. 107 


JucbnoQEherfoimdaQoobuc i^rance> my thefe men cbey 
muft cake the advantage of caidrcieiKe) when chat is alleep and 
benum'd; it ivere jmpotlible for fudi as thefe are to be fomer-^ 
ly and frolick, did they not cake the advantage of their confci^ 
ences when they are deaded and benum'd,for were confci^^ce 
awake it would fly in their faces^ and would fay, Thoi4 art a 
^ioiK that thou haft no right onto : Now curfed be that com* 
lore out camoc ftand with a found confciente, and that joy of 
yours which cannot ftand with the thoug^s of Death and Judg* 
4nait,chat mirth cantx>t be good; 6 that you would confider 
of this ; when ac any time jm have ferious thoughts of God, 
of Deadx,and Ecernicy cms damps your joy, when you are in 
(be futl carreere of your pleafures, yet if confcienee then hinc 
into you the thoughts of an eternal condition, you have fecret 
cpjalmes come over yoii. Now thou haft caufe wbofoever thou 
arc to fu(ped that Joy and mirth to be iinftiU that cannot ftand 
with the thou^cs of God and Eternity : Therefore take heed 
l^^aft^ thou be mtbeniimber with bim who took his pteafiire and 
(adsiied bis foule t-o the full in the creanire)and when he came 
to dy« bad nothing to facisiie himfelte withaH ; 6 have a care 
left chat be thy portion; Son reoaeniber that in thy life time 
thou had(i thv good thii^,but now thou arc ^one> foGod may 
fay CO cbee wVoajtfudi aitte as makeift thy leaven to be here, 
thou badft thv pleaflires, tfaou badft cby contorts in the world, 
and chere's all that thou art like to have, but now thou art toi> 
menced, ^ 

The maine tbit^ here in this Text that I am to tn(ift upon, 
is the ciurd ufe which is for Comfort and Confolation, chat I 
may come up fully co the mind of Chrift in this thing, and to 
do as he dic^ who made it his worbe here, to coniforc thofe 
that moume^aiKl that diallbe my work now for the reft of the 
time. Bleifedare ye of che Lord diat do thus truly moume, 
Md here I (hall l^ake. / ^ 
. Firft, Coupon: CO chofe that dod truly mourne. 

Secondly, Anfwer an Objoftion that maybe made. 

Tlurdly> Give fomedife&ions how mitMirnersiliould carry 
ihoi^^^lves ^ their mourning eftarc chac cbey may be comfor- 
ted. Pa. Tis 

icS '^^ 'T/tj^jct In the jorravpts- ^f others is a curfii tblrtg. 

'Tis an excellent thing, to comfort mDumers^and in the 29^ 
of Jo^,he is niade there ioi)e on^ of athbufandcbaccanfpealt. 
a word infeafon to the heavy laden^: this ispart of the Office 
of Jefus Chriit, and of the . S^ ii k of Chrift, and k is the glory 
of menj .now cercainely that muii needs hi a gceat vvorke and* 
fulLof glory that is part of the. Office, of Jelus Chritt and the 
Spi»k,for the.Spkic be isa Comforter as welLas a Convincer, 
^iw i6.. 1 8, and k is the. glory of men^j n»ny mcnTejoyce iir 
b. ¥^ging others into forrow, thi ^ i? a curfed thing to bring any. 
into ibrroWv and by fo much the more vvioked it is, by hovv 
much harder it i« to comfort thofe that do mournc . To fe Joyce . 
in the excrciesof theSaints^racesinforrowisnocurfedthing^ 
vyepiay re;oyce in the exercife of a Saints grace, in humiliati- 
on \ but to bi ing them into.forrowand mourning, and then to 
Hlotivita. Tjejoyce in k thi^ is i curfed thiiK. Pertdes being ufon his- 
M aides • Death-hei^ his friends came-Ahm himy and- began to fpeakjfhis 
vertnesy and of the ^eat Authority hehadborn^ Ofd acconntikf 
the number of his wtorlos he hadwonnCy He^ hearing of them^ 
faldj thttati this whiles they hU for gotten to ffeakyf tke^ befi anJt 
moft nobU thng that f^as in himy which wasy that no Athenian 
had evtT'Wome a bkcl^ojono throngh his octafion : This he ac- 
counted his glory, and vve ibould take heed of brii^^ men 
into a mourning tX)iidition, that we may be able fay there is 
not aay that were ever made iad or heavy by any thing that r 
didtochemi. < . 

We fliould be humbled for it, ifwc have done it, and ir 
Should be that which we (hoidd confefTe toGod^ ddirir^ him 
to pardon it : God glories to Comfort men and not to grieve 
th^that fliouroe, and if God wiMnoc grieve tbcan certainety 
welhould not, they cannot ib- much vvron^ us whereby we 
ihould be incenfed againft them to grieve 5em, as we daily 
wroi^ God,.but yet God fakh (Lament: 3 . 3 3 J /T^ iath not 
ielight to grieve the children of mM : Now that I may come 
more dole to fpeake to you dm are fpir itual mourners, take 
• ypur Comfort ip'thefe particulars. . 

Firft, If thy naoumkigbe gradous^ thy very tearcs and for- 
rowes i)& igroic deale bmer thenf;he^wuie of ti« men of the 

J* world ^ 

> * 

Comforts for true nuMrners. lop 

fforid, thy teares are more fweete and plecjfing to God then 
dieimrth of wicked men can be to them ; it's better to be in 
fiby coodicion then in other mens, thy teares are precious unto 
God, if they come from a principle of Godly forrovv> there is 
tx>.hii^ more precious unto him next unto the blood of 
Jefus Chrift ,, if they come from a right principle ot Godly 

Secondly) Confider this for thy Comfort, It may be if thou 
iiadft not been a moumii^ thou wouldft have been a (ining,thou 
iv^uldefthave been adomg that whereby thou wouidil have 
ifarkned the glory of God: now which is theb^ftofthefe ? 
judgcyou;Thecurre.ofali.thyaiBicUons is now taken away,, 
ibt v^ich is the bicternefs of forrow it u taken away from 
diee by Jeftis Chriil, and thy mourning is tather upon miftake 
dien otberwife, thou haft a ri&ht to comfort though thou doeft : 
not fee it^and thou moumeft oecaufe thou doft not apprehend 
thy righc to it, for what is there ? or what can there be to dL- 
courage thee or to keep thee off from comfort/eeir^ the curfc . 
of every afliiclion, ancl the evil of fm is done away. 

TTurdly, Coofider that all thy forrowes arc meafured out 

by God who is thy Fatheti thou doft not lye at the difpofc o# 

wicked men to moume how much they will/)r when they will, 

but thoii art at the difpofe of God who is thy Father j Now do 

you chink that you who are Parents if it were in your power to. 

deliver your children from any thing' that did tend to hurt. 

Acmwouldyounotdqitifitwereforyour childrens good,^ 

now yo« arc at Gods difpofe, and you fliall not forrow nor' 

weep one teare more tlwn your Father fees is for your good; 

God he wkes notice of all thy forrowes, he bottles up all thy 

teares, aid hilitfelfe is afftitted in all thy afflidions, //i. s 3 . j^ 

In mU their ^lHotfs fuwas ApSei : God is lenfiUe of all our 

miferies though other men (hould not minde them, as it is too 

coo ^cn fecn v^n any of the Saints are under the clouds,that 

they are in an affliiiied condition, though they were hi favour 

before, they are frown'd upon then, but now God he doth 

not do fo, thou canft not be fo fenfible but God is more^ God is 

flioce fict^ik oSd:)y fufferkigs and ukes care of thee. 


vno Comforts far tmc moHrners^ ^ 

Fourthly, Confider for thy Comfort that Chrift was a man 
*of forrow<is,and in thy lorrowing thou arc buc conformable un- 
to him, ind vvhy ihould'ft thou thifik that to be a burden 
wherein thou arc made like to Jcfus Chi ift,nayChrifts forrows 
were CO fandir.e thine, therefore did Chrift forrow that thy 
forrowes might be fandiried •, Now if God order Chrift who 
"Was the Son of his deareft love to be a monof forrows,tby con- 
dition is noc fo fad as thou takeft it to be, feeing Chrift was fo^ 
^ thou art conformable unco him in this ; Novy why fhould 

. we chink much to be like unco Chcift ? Did notOod think ic 
too much to make Chrift to be a nun of forrowes for thcef, and 
wilt thou think it much to be a man of forrowes,that thou may^ 

. ^cft be conformable unto him. 

Fifchly,Let this be for thy Comfort to con(ider,Thou baft an 
intereft in him that is the Cod of all confolation,the datkndle 
of thy condition ic cannoc hinder chine incereft in God : Thou 
haft comfort in the promife now as certaine and as fur^ as if 
thou had'ft it in real poflelfion, and thou ftialc have it moft cer^ 
tainely hereafter, ana che time is coming that thou (halt have 
full confolacion, and God will reckon with the wicked for all 
tfieir mirch; he willboch reckon wich them for caufii^chem to 
be fad, and they muft dve an account for all their merry hour% 
their mirch will be a oitter portion unto them, v^en Cod 
ftiallrome to charge the guilt of all upon their ip^ts, 6 whac 
a difference Will tnere then be between thou and chem at 
^jfot day, when thou for a few dayes haft mourned and ftiak be 
comforted in the end, and they for a few dayes havt re^oyced^ 
and in the end Hiall have an etesnity of forrow. 

Sixthly, But It may be poorc foules may here fay it's true, 
here is.-great comfort, here are precious con^^diation^ indeed, 
but my afflictions are great, they are greater then others, were. 
I fo and fo afflided I could beare them, had I the burd^ that 
fuch a one beares I could be coQcented and fubniic under 

Now for thy comfort here know that peihaps this corner 
from the diftemper of thy fpirit rather then from the burden of 
the affli£Ucx),tbe dilkmper of thy ^nrit may be greac,and thac 


CmffTts fir true nmrntrs. u j 


caufesthe burden to be heavic: The affiidion is not fo great, 
but thy heart is not willing to yeeld to the aftiidion; were thy 
heart wiiltng to fubmit to the hand of God the afflidlion would 

And then thou haft many mercies mingled vvickthy afflidi- 
ons there is none of you can fay that your affiidion 5 are pure, 
but they are mingled,, God mignt have brought u::on thee pure 
jifljidionsypuremiferies upon you, and you mi^hr hare been 
dq)riv'd of all the very glimfes of mercies: but ui your faddeft 
houres you have fome cordials, more mercy then affiidion : 
I am confident that there is none here in this Aflfembly whofe 
afflidxons are the greateft,but his mercies are greater. 

And then Conmler, That God fuffersmore by thy fins then 
tfaou canft fiitfer from Gods hand iI^hy affiidions ! The dark-- 
aii^ of his glory in the leaft degree is a greater evil then any 
alAtdion that thou canft indure,and this (hould fupport thy fpi* 
ntto cGiifixkr that God fuffers more, and therefore rhou 
fluHildeft not be unwilling to fuffer fomething feeing God fuf- 
fers more then thou canft. 

Seventhly, If thou wouldft be comforted, Condder this ; 
The way that God takes to comfort his Saints,thougb thou haft 
It not in fence, thounuyefi have it in faich,and therefore exer- 
dfe fiddly^ fetch it in that way,fet faith on work in the pro* 
mifei and let that bring out the comfort of the promife, fence 
is not the way by whioi God comforts his people, and if we 
look for comfort m a fenfuall waj we miftake ^ur felves, there- 
fore let us labour to fetch in comfort from the cxercife of . 
feith, and indeed we ftjould more prize thofe comforts that ' 
come from the exerciff of our ^aces then from any fenfible 
gpprehenlion^ when thou canft not fee comfort i|i the creature 
know 'tis God that thotthaft to deale withall, and that is thy 
comfort>God hath not placed the creature to be the objed of 
thy comfort, b»tt;himfelfe, and therefore wlien rfiou fcekeft: 
that in the creature when he hath appointed himfelf to be thy 
oomfbiti diou doft undervalue God and goeft the wrong way 
to finde comfort ; In the 5 1 .<£.Ifa: /, even lam he that cm^ 
Arfeth thtf^ who art thou that thmjMdift be afraid of a man? 


X • 


Cmforts f«r true mwrnfrs. 

" Confider thatGo-i fakh to chee after this imnnar, I Jim he 
d;« Srccth thie, art thoU > Lookc -upoii, God 
T^SL to thee ; Why art thoucart dovvn O pooKfoule? 
Isihere notmorecomfortinmyword,inTnypower, chenin 
ani thin- which thoii nwkeft xhe object otthy dUquiet, In the 
,^ oUf.:! create the fimt .fthe^bp, pe^«. Sec. Thou ^l 
Sikc Which way thoi, iliouldeft be comforted, jd therefor^ 
becoufethoucanllnotthouthinkeHt is-UTjpolTiWe, tutwhcn 
Strcanftnot fee conUoa th«i Iheuldeft jonfij^tha^ God- 
can rrwr* comfort for thee;, thou iJouldeftlooketiponGod 
as a Creator of comfort, and not lye do;-yne in cfifcour^eraenr. 
Godwin radier goe about his hrft worke againe of Cr^atwn 
then that thou who art a true mourner ftwltYV^ ,ST °"'. r 
will fall a creating comfort for theerartd this fliouU ftra^hen 
yourfaith, andftayup y«.r foules m tl^ ^"^If^^S^^j! 
Sarkneffe ;why there is nodung too hard for God, as he nude 
all tbii^sof nodiiis by the bare word of his power ac die farilj 
Dofttiwu think that he is not able to create comfort foe 
thee now? If God goe to workc doe not feare thy Com- 

^"*Kghtly,ana laRly, Suppofe thy concfition were foch as 
ihcre was never any in the world in the fike cafe, yet thoa 
fliayeftbe comforted notvvithftanding, I fuppofe there is rH>c 
any here in this Congregation that are m dut trouble of fpinc 
or body but that there hath feme of die Saintsbecn m the fame 
ifnocworfe. But grant that diete were never any that ««r 
• Nwere in the condition that thou art in; yet there is comfort 
. for thee from this f cripture : In the 64. Ifd:^.St'>ce the %*- 
mm of the ymU men h^tve mheard nor fercAyed hythe *«v, 
nenherhsth th* ejefeere O qod hjiies thee, what he h^h frt. 
Mred for him that waitethfor him : Haft thou W a heart to 
waix upon God in thy mourning condition ? God hatn mercy 
jsA comfort for thee diat none knowes of ; O this (hbuldbe an 
incour^emem for thee to waite upon God ; what though we 
know jjot the comfort, God doth:— And thus I have en- 
deavoured to open this box ©f of Confofaaoo,under this bctd, 
jrfiich is the fiift particular inthisufe. ' i'*^^ 

Ifhat trne trnHnnn^ far jin is. ^^j. 

ccrtairfy if there fee not a proportion between praying and 
con)plaioiiig,fa€4dyourpeace, compile no further, but pray 
Biore.*^ -*-* miny 6ther rules might be given, but We leave 
tbcm and proceed tditothic which yet raifes the Tfext in a 
none fpirituall fence. 

^f9dmr0th9f9thmm9mrn$, > 

.» ^ 

.1 have (^ken Mw l^therco, abotit thofe that have bc'en-in a 
sioKinix^ conditio, dnd behaved themfelv^s graciouflynl 
t:b(tc mouming'condition : and hss^c ihowne how they were 
bleiTed^-and now they fliall be comforted : But now that that 
is yecM>ie fpintiaUfintheT^laJd, : ^ . i . n 

«Tbac if thefediatm ifi ^ariy^ iftomidng-^&k)n i)dhtfii% 
tbtmfelyds ^tiaciotifly an^ bletfed; aid fiiaU be: certtjfbrted^ 
Then cerndmy^ thofe thic moum for fin, that makes that to U 
thedbjed of their mourniiK[, their own iim, and die fim (^ 
otJiciSi a0d the affliddbns oEcbe Cfourdi, thoTe that make tbefe 
t^betheobiefts of clvsirmaumt^^they^ambfeifedindeedret: 
Uicy-ibaU be aooifonicd /'•-t^ '• ^ni lwn'f".v»» • ^- r' 

In ^>eakrngofthefe 1 doe iioc intend to lanchc^ iqcexbtt 
at^menc) or common place of godly forrow, to handle it 4c 
krge»butIihaUonctyopeiito yftufomthii^ >^ut fpiciQiaU 
mournf rs, tbH! tnoume for theirfinsjnd tbecSnt^of Kbtbers; •^ 
Therefc^e I llliaUiirft ihwiycu whac true mbor6it% for fin \s^ 
vA^sR a m!an or woman mrjhc faid to bioujA f 6rfin in^a gracious 
manner^-— — . . ■ . r - 

^-«- Secondly, vWborem they may be accoiteed tb be vbkilr 

fed ' ■■■ ■ ■ ^ - . «c "•- " ►' . : . •♦: ^ • . /.f '^- J.-C'. J' /.% 

|7<— Tbffdly^bsc are the comGort^ that bdt»g^to?teii]jnour^ 

ioers f Oi fin : -r*-*-— FortheFiiftthenythetraenuouinii^fcM: 

^n if in this, marker. ' v.^ - ' 

*irft,Wh€£ a fouk mourns for iinbecaufe it is';igaui(]kGed> 

n© 5 1 Pf^.A^fimnfti iimfy thfc^^ h^m^ Ifiimed^Cmh dOk^ 

d: J>dv^\;mfym4^^ andiits ikii^doms, iofd 

ainft his^own foufe, biit above aUbeiKtdfin&ed'^againft Gold, 

i this wenc nea:^«to hisiieart, ttiat k was againli A$d,^ and 

R be 


IvhM true fmnrmng f^r /^ *f- 


^^ ii^^a&ytbu^thupfdjbdvcIfimidytsiihtOHxM 

fay, O Lord^as for any cvill t'ruics thacauy come of my ^ I 
ftand noc to mupb up^n thac>buc ihis.goe$|iio(l to my heart that 
IhavefTmedagakUtiiichaUelfedOo4 as (hou arc, I have 
gone croife to chat blefled will of chine in that which I have 
done : this is Godly forrovv, not lo much to moumc becaofe 
that finis againlt thy felfe, as becamife it K.agaii^ Ae.blelfed 
God whom thy ioule doth love. 

r :&0CQrtdly> Tht ri^t mournit^foi? Q^^ii is tomoumbfoc 
finastbcgreatcilevii; On^t^hed m^^th^ I tm^ irAvjfecff 
VWw^ mefrpm, this Mj ofi^tk ? B$mi^ %^ You never hud 
Pn#/ crying oiWr ^f himielfe, O vfret^hUmM tha, I^m that I 
fiiffcrfo much aflEUaion in ^e. world, chat I am . fodefyifedi 
|tecl!biv<^l«(&)^^^inci^^ Qr baviiiiDcwayef of oat- 

mrdfui^ande^ he lEiever cryes wcforhisfiifferiiigbutfiM' 
fab fin. Owrwh€it^94»ihi$ l^m wh$ jlfMit iriiver mm ? his * 
greateft iorrow it wa$ for fin. 

' Thirdly, Yetfaiisapprdviifiortbe Law cbac forbidi tbsie 
ftir IfiiMmyhdaflLafiij^ledm^ andinche mtcfft o£ 

theafBic^onofmy(piritforfifi,iappko9e<ifaeika^^ ^ 

i>e boiyv to be juft and ^ioAj cbou^ I be wretched and vile^ 
JtMi»:7. li.whereP^M/badagreatomhi^in his owne ^i- 
jk, coLxh cKiUbl<;d for the carmotion chat m<s in hun, an -t yet 
^^ didii^ apprt>v€ tbcLaw c6 &e holy and ri^teou$ : Many 
jhenarc aftiioedJbr fin,and cheiFfmits ab^ againll iht hotinefe 
aftbe Law that focbtds the fin, they could vtiiK that there 
were no fuch Law, indeed they cumot but be trotted for 
<bdr fid, but mdie meane time jcbey courd wi(h that there 
were no luch Law that did forbid their fin, or did rcveale any 
chrcaoin^ of God agaihftthdrfio, bat a gmcious moifmin^ 
heart tfiatmoiims for fin is appnchenfive an^ fenfible of all the 
evill that comes by fin^and that through the Law,and Uvh rl^e 
foule; I vyoidd not bur that there were fuch aLaw^ I bleflfe 
God that ever I knevk che LaWrsnd I ^rove of the Law, not 
only to be aii^Ksoastiaw, burtokeagoodLaw,andchat*^ 
. kbe xbird thing in true moiimii^for fit); 

Thefourdichii^iatfaiS) Tbaticcames the beait to Teflt!: 

^ ChrSI: 

Chriftjif io be that you are troubli:d for fin, and mourns, and 
think thereby to facisiie God by your Biourningjthis mourning 
. ic is but cam ill and nacurall :^any men and women when thsy • 
are troubled for their fin, they think God will be facisiiedi no, * 
aU d)e mourning that ppiibly can be, if thou iliouldefi mourne 
diine heart out>and be mourning ihoufands of yeires for chy fin 
ic could never £itishe the Jultice of God, all thy mourning 
will come coi|0£bingexce]^ticdrive> thee to JeUsCbriilfor 
fatisfaciion unco Gods Julhce, the inoumin^ for im chat drives * 
tbe foule to Chrift chat's the blelfed mouxau^ : but when any 
manor wom» fatisfies themfelves in their mournings and 
thinks tbat becaufe they mourn for fin God-will accept of ch^ 
mthouc haying their hearts carryed unco Chri^jtbis fliournif^ 
will v^ih^ coma CO nothing > y^ 

Fifthly, It muii be fuch amoumu^ as wberebv the heart 
comes to be fee ag^t fin, noc mourne for fin, ' and liv.: in fin^ 
not mourne for fin and yet continue in the gpitice of it> buc 
true gracioufr sKxuaii^ for fin malies imcveriaftingfeparaiion 
bsecw^ chat l^u$ cbut there was in the foul md fin befbri^ : 
Every manandwccnan naturally badi a le^^Me betWeeni^ 
and their ibules, but when God comes to iilSisSi xSm foule fof 
fin dttt it mourns ina gi^adpus way^the foul is sude fo fenfible 
«f .be eviU of fin, as tmt ic bre^^ the league between jin m^ 
the foule for ever ; If God h^ch made fin co klichus biccer t« 
me, then for ever iadieu, throueh rfie grace of Qod, though | 
may be overcome through we^^mcire yet I w^l renounce it, k 
fcts the foule for ever J^ainft ic. 

Sixthly, The true gracious mottrmig for fin> it is a free 
Work in the foule, die ioule is aftive, that is, i : i^not forced 
» on the foi le whether h will or no, but fuch a foule as dodi 
in a gracious way nioume for fia, it dorh willingly and feely 

Sy untoirfelftbofe Scriptures chu may make fin to be bur- 
ome to ir:Tt doth not turne away from tbofe Saiptores, 
mi thcfe truthSyW if 16 be it heare of any truths, or read any 
Scripture that may make fin to be heavy to it, ic a.^plyes thofe 
freely and willif^ly, it is gladthat it comes to hear any truth 
•fGodthttihaUdHcomcheevillofic'sc^^ fo 

R 2 it 


1 24 Hi>M trui mmtmini far fin k. 

ic is a free moumii^, fuch as moume defpcrarcly, they are fop- 
ced to it whether they will or no, but when the neart can apply 
k felfe to the word freely, and can bicfle God that God did 
ever open the eyes of it to undcrftand the eviil of fin,and that 
ever the Lord did apply thofe truths to it that hath made fin to 
be burden (Mile, here s a gracious mourning, many men are 
troubled for fin in fpight of their hearts, and they riggle and 
keep a ftirre, and doe what they can to get the trtiths of Ood 
iut'of their hearts, and therefore they goe inro camall compa- 
ny, and fall a playing or driririi^ that fo thereby they may gee 
truths out of their hearts : but now a gracious man or woman, 
When any truth comes into it s heart that troubles it for the fin 
Jif Hdth been guilty of,* \t goes alone and felefleth God for this 
truth, blefl'ed be the time that the Lbrd hath difcovclred the 
e\illof fin tomyf(iulei arid the Lord fethomerhele truth? iq>- 
cn rfiy foule more and morei he accounts it to be a great mcr- 
eyV that's die-Sixth^jL -• ' - .> • i * ■: 

• ^ TheriSevenrWy,fedltflly, A-^bcWm finW 

c^^fotiified Wi;h hbcHihg dfe hxt intHcf- reindMfi^ of th4 
guikaHd^ihfel{i2fnneflVoffm/ Amther* that nioumes for fii^ 
but in a n«ttpall vVay, or forccdVyty, if- fobe that God would 
but give uiKO'him any peace, or take away th^ atiguiih that is 
kihiy tonic>cn^e,'take AwAy the fitarosdvK afe up6n him^ that 
f>iinSti$fieh!lB^b«tnoWa^gr&ci6u9ftK)nnifcrtorto iuch a 
Jna i^ 'ctnht fttislicd tVith fiorhing ' elfe bur the blood 
^Chrift cleaning it from tbegwik of fin^aiid th^ Spirit of fin, 
and the Spirit of Jcfus Chrift coming in to'ftrtttihe ^ the foule, 
"txA this is that rii^t- win ^rbrflfbrt- f he-h^^it .^y:;-^ And thus 
briefly f have flioWn you^iat'a gwcTOiw mmimingiis t J— - If I 
^(ildhartdlt rlli'i point atUi'rge^ttiefe feventhirigcmight-vefy 
<lell have taken \vp our time,bic Ifonly'give you a hint of theflri: 
'*^' Now then fuch as moume (tnx% for'finarebleifed : Por • 
. Firft, By thisrii^ydoftfuchlroiioiif Gbdj'the foveraigrity 
^#fGodis.hotToured; and the bolmfiiife of God is tionoured,aiid 
the jufticie of (Jod i^ honoured, whfenas xpoore creature that 
hath offended the foveraigne hoUy^ and righteous. God com^^ 
«e WafAickd for chat fin that ir h^sh coouoLttedijod looks 
-• . . /I -^x upon 

-'-'■■■ . - I. .. I ,.,^ 

JVhy momnifs fur fin 4r# blejftii^ ' 125 

upon himfelfe as honoured ; when as a finner goes on in a 
^roMcI ftubbome ftiffe way in his fin, he goes in a way of de- 
fiance aeairift.the great God^ and doth deny the honour that is 
due to the §reat God : But now when the word of (jod comes 
and beat es down this finner, and a{fii(il$ it for the fin it hath 
Committed, and it lyes downe flat before the Lord, mourning, 
and lamenting; that ever it hath finned ngainft the Lord, here 
tbentoie of tne great holy and juft God is advanced, and bleP- 
fed are they that itall advance the name of God thus : thou 
fliouldeft have advanced the name of God by thine obedience> 
but thou haft not done, but haft diilionourcci it by thy difobe- 
diendcj^ Now if thy heart* be willing to advance it by thy 
jpoumii^, There is a blefl'edneife. , . 

Secondly, It is a bleffed thing to moume for fin, becaufe ic 
is an Evangelicall grace, it's that that is promifed in the Go- 
Ipcl, when Oirift faith, lie fend the Comforter^ what (hall the 
Comforter do ?' The firft worlc that the Comforter flnal! do,ic 
ftallH)'e ro couvihte the \Y6rld of fin : Yoii will iTay^ hefe'^ 'a 
.'Comforrfer irideed, what to come' and comfort' us by convific^- 
ij^ us of fin, it is the way of the Comforter, * and therefore it's 
. a blefledthiig; therein nothing more Evangelical! then faith 
and repencanS, biQlirning for fih in this way that I hat^^fpo- ' 
ken it is no fcgall thing, it's hot a wnrke of the Law, the Law 
takes no nqtic^lof tnb^rniiig for'fit;5bur it is a work of the %i- 
ritof God, oTthfei cohifoftin^Spirit^ to convince the vvorld bf 
fin j and therefore by the way, when as you come to hearfutfh 
■preachii^of the word*as gets intr^ your Doroine<?,and convinces 
Touof'fin, be notice and iffot^ for now coiiies 'the 

noly GKo^ that is tKe' C.omfortqi tt is rhe tirft wo.-kfc of thje 
holv Ghoft' that ii the Comforrer of thofe fotiles thit ftitrtt be 
6v d to convince the world.of their fin^and therefore eit brace • 
it,and ble^ Cod for ii:,nbw comes the holy Ghoft,^nd'conies 
>to make way for ' comfort tko ' my. foiale: ' In the • t 2. 
Zeclf: I ypilt^mm "mthe^^ffrrrt [-of Gract[aHd ffippUca- 
t »^2rA\^ttxh^h?artdthey]h/illf^^ ipn hm whm they 
i vefclrcei^ with their fins, animovirne and lansent as dve that 

I HctnfferhifwefffekyJt ii afruitof thc'fpirit of grace aiKl 


.^p-»<»— ■— ■»ifci^fc-»»^^i*"»***""*^"^**' ' •■ ■ ^' 

^25 ^7 moHtn&s fir /^ /we i>/g jf<gi. 

limplkation that was promiled to be powred forth in tkc times 
of ihcOolpel : The hrlt Serfeion that vve heare of Cbrift orca- 
ching it is Memtfrr the kfffg^^mfof ffiotip $4 di ha^dy and 
he appoints hisDiiciples to preach in that manner^ Rtfe^a fnr 
fhe l^Kgdome of Hcar^/en is at Jbtfwi, Preaching moumii^ for fin 
is an Lvai^clicall preaching : a fruit of the ipixit of grace that 
is promiled in the times of the Gofpei: and where there is a 
Coi^regation upon whom the Lord powrs thii fpirit of grace, 
to looke up to Chrift whom they have J by fin, and to 
moume over him, fuch a Congregation is iil^lTed, for the fruit 
of the Gofpei b mightily upon them, ' ^ ^ 

Thirdly purely they arem a bleffed condition,for it appears 
that they come now to have a ri^t judgement : their judge- 
ment is iril^tned to undtrfland what is truly good and truly 
cvill, and to have a right ten^r of fpidt:b Jore th^y went on 
in bHndneflTe, they knew not God, nor themfelve*?, nor diofe 
things that coocetn'd their etemall good, but now they c<mie 
to underihnd wherein gciod and eviU doth con(ift.Before their 
. hearts were hardncd,lb mat whatioever was fpoken to diem difl 
not take with their hearts,but now their hearts are in agraciousr 
fof cnefs,& fo In a right temper, & therefore they are Welled. 
Fourthly, In the fourth place, Thi? moumit^ for fin, it 
helps ag^udft all other mourning , i^ be4>s againft cdier 
forrows : Certainly while we arc here in this, world there wiU 
be many forrowcs, we muft forrow for fomcthing, now die (br* 
rowing for fin will help as^inft ^her forrows, thofe that are rf- 
fe£^ed with rhe evill of thwir fins, will not be much affeA«d 
with any other evil, it will eate out the evil of other forrowcs. 
Fifthly, Further, It is a meaics to prevent etemall ibr- 
fdwes : Certamely God will ha\'e every foule to know what 
fin mean^s at ene time or other ; There s no finner upon the 
face of the earth but atiotne time or o her muft come to im- 
derftand what fin meanes. You nuift have forrow fo! fin^ that*s 
a certaine rule, asit's determined in Heaven that all mcnnnift 
one e dye^fo it's detemiined in Heaven that all oxn mcft once 
fo:row, if they mt'ft repent they muft needs iorrovv, now ho«y 
mudi better is it to fiorrowfor fin Mule itmay be pardoned 



H^hjf m'*m*i€r4 fffrfiff'^e ilejfd. x%j 

cben to forrow for fin vvh^n cKwce cvi b>i nohcl e, ii;o b^ tha 

chou ihaic pafle cby dayes away in niircb ani jolli.y hers?, and 

oevcr come to feele the weight of lin u oii cby i] i. ic,. tWu art 

fclerved to have etemall- forrovvies to b^^tiiy foitioni and to 

hav« the loadiof thy fin to lye upon thee to ^aU ereirni y. Jbnt, 

^iejScd trc the J that m9$imt nmy chat fcek what chv burden of 

their iinoieafies> for by feeling the burden of it now, th^y 

feek it in iuch a time vtberein tbey may have ho^^ of bc:tng 

delivered from that cviU of fin to all etemicy, and therefore 

ceri:ainelytheyarel)le(red: Surely bleflfed they are,, fo- bow 

foaaay thouGuxis of creatures of men and won^en tbac ha v^ liv <i 

fecurely and have gone on all their lives in the hardndle of 

their hearts^ and never have been made fett(i^le of their iJi>yec 

xidieir fadie and deach-beds, then cbey have cryed out of 

ir lin> and the Lord l»th vvkhdravvne himfelfe from them- : 

I would appeal to fuch a ooey would you have thought it a 

Uet&dching ir you had had the weight of fin upon your foules 

be£ore»inche time of yourbeakh ana ftftKth s you ihailhear 

deinupon<tfaeir fick and deachrbed« cry>Ob happ) h td ic heenf 

ftH" me that I bad known the evil of iin before? bow ha^ py had 

ic bcenfor me that tbbfe times that i ^enr in olli 7, io mirth,. 

in Taverns, with Hich and fuch company, had 1 but fpent thole 

oincsmineiuiui^fiormyfinihadLoeenbutaloK^ and onely 

Godandmyfottktogch^rahd there lamen ing for my im% 

hotv faj^py nad it b^en for toe) I {hotild novy b;i Vt had ct»nfprt 

Md peace now 1 am laid upon my fick-bsd;: but 1 w*? Ld by 

faice,a»ibyihe fleiTifanci fo loughtcoCids iethetafcofthe 

fldh> and I mnft live merrily and bravely b^re for a whik^and 

awvtbcweight of fin comes M|A)n me^now I fcele it arlond^cht 

lord be meiufiill to me, now comes imomy mind alLchc lin? 

of my merry mecdr^ all piy oadi'« and Sabbath-breakMigs, all 

my druidcemetfe and whorii^t alliny lying* all my negleft of 

Godaiidhiswor(hip, it had been better for m^da^it I had 

beena motttDer before? I'hercfiarc Ntfftlanthky rkut mpftrm^ 

Sbythly, aid tl«ilaitly,it*sthtu:thit fits for rhe.^ace of 

God, there anone that talHbc iWefettiefle of the ferace ofGtfd 

kiChrift^morethenthi&tfcicapemouiwrsfirfiinjnow one 




^ . 

^ 1 28 9yhjf manrners far fin Mic bUffd. 

tm^^mi^a 1 i\mmma^ 

drop otmtrcy hovv fvveet is it, now 'tis worth more then tea 
ihoufand thoufand worlds • Any one drop of the blood of Jo- 
fus Chcill now applyed to the foulc how hvecte is it, well Ucf- 
fed is that difpofition that ihall make that blood of Chrift t« 
be fwcetc. Wee preach Jeliis Chrili and the Glorious myfte- 
ries of Grace and ialvation to you froofi time to time, and hm 
lightly are thofe precious truths regarded by many thoufands, 
you can come and heare them and goe away and your hearth 
not at all taken with them , but now were youamoEig thofe 
mourners you would prize the arums that fall from the Table;' 
a few of thofe truths that are difregarded now would be hig^H 
ly elieemed then , and more worth then thou(ands of chou^ 
{ands of worlds unto you. And therefore bleifed tre thofe 
chat moume, for they are in a dilution to fee a bigb prize 
upon Tefus Chrift, upon the great vvorke that Jefus Chrift 
uth Qont m the world, and upon the great wor)(e of God the 
Father, that i ; the chiefe work of his, and the great ddig06 
iliac he hath hsid f torn all Eternity co mc^gnifie himl^fein^ 
Uef&d are they that afe in fuch a difpolitioh io.^iriM the 
Glory ofGod in Jefus Chrift. ...» J ... 

. Seventhly , There is oaemore, and that is. They are bkf- * 
fed ; why, becaufe there are many prcmifes that are made to 
ibofe that moume, this is one, and this is a compcebenfife 
pratiife. I diight tnention you abundance of others> .and wd 
might %end all chef remainaer of the time in she very Bamiog 
9f the prcmifes chac are made in Scripture co thofe thac 
Bibume ; l^et but the mourners read the 34 Pfal: 1 8. and the 
:^j Jfdr 1 y. V. And ic will be enough to fpeake Comfprc to 
oiofe chac moume , ■' ■ • They are in .'a bletied conditkiii 
why bielTed, 6ec4Hfe they fhsH he Comfertei { thatis, ^ 

Firft , They Ihall be difcharged of all thofe fins for whiA 
they moume, yea ckou art difcharged, and thcHt ihak one. day 
come to know thac thou art difcharged of all thofe fins ; Thofe 
£ns that thy heart moumes for ihall never be charged k^kxi 
thy foule, thou art bleffed in this chingj be aflWd oi k.f Ic 
may be vec the holy Ghofthatb not come uroathec co X^e 
dnscdcny foule, buccfaoaarc one chac the holy. Gholi wiU 



_ _ _ . T 1 I - I - 

Whdt^M b€C»me •ftbim that njpyft infn. 

. Hence in the fil-ft place ( fbe cfe at^t' be very large ) . 
whac (hall become of ihote that rejoycein fin', thofe that caii 
be merry in fm, thofe that can fin apd lau^h in their fin, thoic 
that are f. ollick in their wickednelle, that make cheir fin ta 
be their May-gome, onJ the chief ett deliL^ht that they have tft 
the woild ; There are many men that have no greater 'delight 
here in this world, then the fatisfying themfelves in cheir fin- 
fcU wiyes, ahd inrbeir hifti : 6 dre3dful!,dreadfull Conditiott 
that thou arL in;attd dreadfiill is the mckedncflfe of thy foiile; 
Baft ihounothri^'elfc to make the Jov of thyfoiile, but onely 
ihat that ftrikes at the blefled God nimfelfe, onely that ttat 
caiifed Jefu^ Chrift to be heavie to die death , \m to fweat 
dodder J5 ol blood', and '^n cry out, MyG^ my C^ wh/ hafi 
thoHfarfaks^ n:e f Is there nothing die to make thee mcrn^, 
here's a black brand of a taianthat is rcferved to eternal! fcr-^ 
rowcs, that! in thj? World make his cbi(^e joy to be in ' 
finning againlt the bleflcd and etemill God in the fatisFyitt 
of his lulls, thofe Ivft^ of thine that thcti fincfeft fo^mudt pfca- 
ftire innovv , they will be bitter onediy j Remembgr thw m 
all thy Jollity J And ifrbon rfoeftgoe on in^ayvay^jolfitj^ 
through ihy.fih, Remember wha# is fitd agaihfl thee this day, 
let it come into thy mind ufon thy fick-S^rd and dearh-bctf, 
thy fin will be a burden : Certainly thi^ is a truth, everyntm 
jBiufi kfiovv and feekfitl to oc a burden che day; 1* rchien i^r 
it vyas a fpetcb ontc that J haVi heard of aVfefy man, 
that beir^ iti Company, and h^ iferylife- Ijfv fc jovialfity^ 
, drinking and playii^ ; And having feme Inlightennig^' in his 
.CQBfcience,on a (uddaine in the midft of his Company* he 
<laj^ his harid on his breaft^ an^ftirhi>ir^, ^^m JUf 1 n^ 
'J^fw wlyit WwoHrdfd C0if:itKct ynHmmi /hid 1 fear<r iiiifjy 
.ffi'anyhavetapfe toftiyib, Well, one day' thfe breafJoPfeite 
muft know what a woitided Cdhfcietice iheane^ jO hkc heed 
^^f Rejoycing in fin, iurily BPJerus Chrift dorhpnohotnc^Km 
tlefTec^ ihat tt^oumes for m, then thatmari, that nbritttj-iy ciR-- 
']iedtha^cnnRej6ycefin% - "' ' ^'J . •• ^ ^-•; •/ 

And then furely mourning fc^ fin is pck^MiRiklK)!^^ ,ur 

.«j ••^ 

j^j^ - 1 ht cmfarts of mWKcrf for fn. 

i% his chief glory, and the greaceftdcfigne chaqever God hiJ 
was tomagnihe his free grace, and therefore- chou. ma)'eft b^ 
upheld in cfay Daourningibr thy fuvlf a clild have a loving and 
" \. merciful farher and mother, and \hz child ihould get alon^ in 
a roome and fall aV.inging of its hands,, mourning and lamenc-J - 
ing, O chac I can cio^ do more to pleafemy fithei' and morher,. 
6 that 1 could doc more co give thein con;;ent,' 6 chit I ihouli 
doe any thing that ihould bi a griefe tp^ny farher aiid- Moth^r^ 
this is thar that gr)e? to my hsart, fuppoie chou iliquldeft loDijt 
through a key hqle,and fee thy child thus mpurnii^ and lani^tK 
ting and wrmgiti^ of its hands for thi>, that there ./liould be:' 
any grieJe to your hearts ; and you ihould knotfv chat they did 
it in truth ,^hac it were n^ a meere hj^cciticall thing, but> 
in he-very truth of the heart of the Child there was thi ; to:- 
rovv and moumingj would you thac have but any comj^iTriomin 
you, would you not have your hparcs yearn, tovvards ,iis child 
now fi om whence is ir chat you have any yearning in your hearcf 
lowards it, is it not froin a drop of that compaifion that -ifcc- 
J.drd who is^ in iniceocean of mercy bath |k out unco you ; 
ttke all the companions ef:tl^.th(f^Parencs that ever were m 
the world, andtbey nxe unco Go- -but ^as a drop -to theinamre 
ticean,andtherefo-ethcLo:d lookes upon die bewailing <rf 
jtbylTm, and that chon canit doo no more to pleafe1iin^,buc daft 
(hat which is a § uf ^ tohim, he looks upon thee in thy xnour»^ 
ing, and he hold. his bocde, and. every teare in thy*mouming 
chus for fin dro;:s into I he borrle of God, 

Secondly, know thou hall t?o deale wich God in a C<yvenim 
i>f grace, hadft thou ro deale wich God, a!? he is Creator novv, 
and thou a treature, in the way of the Covenant of worb,thou 
wert undone, and all thy nioiiming would be to little purfofe, 
if thou fliOuldft howle out ali thy dayes for thy fin God would 
«evcr regard it ; Thou mighteO moame ro eternity, a(hd yec 
bewmiented to eternity, but thou haft to deale with God in 
the way of the Covenant of grace that he hath made with poor 
itnners in Jefus Chrift, and there mourning for fin is accepted j 
ifthou goeft into the prcfenceof God with the guifc of thy. 
• fin'upoo the cchfidering how holy and righteous the ^ord is 




' • OR 

The co$Hfon$ 0f mowrtur^ for ^H, 

M A T ■. t-4f ' ' - . 

^Jfed are tbty th^tmournefertbeyftaltheCum- 
'forted. . . *' ' . " ' 

to p»ceed Fourthly, KncffV !t fs Ae very (Wi j 
* 6tX.odbb.u^iiigf.nnersioe ennll'lifc, t« 
I b>'iiigih,.minawayQt'inou[nU]gfm'{in:'n)£. 
I bri%in^fit)cn ihs capciviiy of B^ylort^ vni 
j asaTypeof'-odsb irig'norinnirs~fr(3m the 

J capcivicy oHm i rv'thj'^fpl'Cajieiii s>:d WfrprKg^ 

wiHlliMUtk*mfi»kh^od,\\iihcwi^ihr. Oodufescobrirg 
MOers K) tiimf^f^t-ii<: way m Jtrtiflcm VVi:iLh ti^^« the vtli- 
«t«f nrir^y ij BtchAni lim houf« oi" rorrotv.^jChrift went thar 
wayWhciTheWva:K>Jtr*!fi&w, and certainly the Way that 
Cod faxb brought all liis (ervnusui ullages to true comfoit it 
haih been by forrow, the wjy to thi valley otBirtth*, of blcT- 
ft^, iiby cK; way oi i?<c«/j, Ac, vallty of tearcs j In thcfc 
wanton[unesth;r£a:;:fcan;; that thinke cjisy have goncn a 
nevv way to tM!ifo:-f , much good nuy do them with mtir niW 
wsyfarcomfoLT.ioms think rh>u there is a fpecdicsr wiy to 
ctrnfort ihcnthat which Chriii hath fet herein the word, he 
^^e^td dnt cj^e are the bleiVcd ones that aie the mourners, 


kj It cofljcs into Ac heart, towodc iqwn Ac hcait j ma^ 
tbJt are mowners thiy futfcr thdr hearts tofinkcdowne 
oneljr to Confider of the bhckndfe of thdr fouks, but iooke 
no: lip ro rhe gracioufefle oif the promife ; we have a moft 
«ceHcm Scripture for that m the 8d P/i/. 4. r. j?,,,.^, ^^ 

inounifull ft*re, now mark what he faith , Rtkyet the (t»k rf 
thjfcrv.tnt, far Hntothet Q I^d, dotlllftnf myfml*. that? 
the wv.y for Joy j Thou prayeft unco the Lo^ , O th» thou 
ivoultril rcjoyce my foule , and yet thou lettcft thy foule &H 
groveling upon the ground ; Bm rejtyce the fm&^fthi fo^ 
^■^.forQI^i,totUed^1tifrufm/f^; This &ri^^ 
u ot exceeding ufe to mourners , for there is withbiethar 
piourners for fin are more faulty in,then when they defiS W 
to th;:ir hearts , vet theV ftiflv.!- rlviV U^^, -^ ti irt 

belovv, they doe notfkjte upthemfelves, and ftrive^^ 
their/oulesj F<nr m.mhc, L I lift ^ my f^k,itirh^^^ 
And m the 5 y. Fir than Urd m rud, and rtsdy u f^^ 
pidfknteoM w mercy to 4B thim tbZ CMUuptnthtt • The W 

« ready, tf thou cajrfl but lift«p thy foufe, and'be r«^ 

Therefore take heed that the W^ih'and tfli^Ie of thy f^fe 

- doth not hmder thee fromlc^lS^ upon tBe prcmiftf ^ 

the ^of £Wr pv. That when Mtftt take, tother^a^^ 

Vhat did ;Wy?.come for, he tame Sbrii^a m^^ r^^ 

^''^2'^f^9^^ ^t*eyhearknedno7to^?;£*g 
fSt'fh ofjP^nt a.ipr crud h^d4s,. 'The anguifiTS-riri^ 
te, an4 the pruell bonda«: m^ fuch « m^^cKeS 
Jeark-m to /I/./'^ ; take heel that thisbe not thv^i^l! 

dwt I- fliould apply the protnifeurtto thee, ttatfbrSw 

n faid tothee ; It is hot gdod for a man that i, g<^ ovS? 
wrrow bridge, andunder whfch there is a P^at ft^S,?^!? 
adeep river, for him, efredalTy feeihg we^SrSl'^ 
*)pkingf upontbc met i ancT CdnfidSi^ of,|,e d^^Si* 


Rdis in fifkiffg ^ter Cmtfort. . f 5^ 


and what a gulfe it is that he ftwuld b; fwillowed up uncajf 
he Jhould felUthis very looking vv«re cnou^ t6 mikc him lall, 
but let him look right on to th« niore,and go ascardully as he 
can, and when b« U got upon the lliorctben hs nuy look back 
{afely, and blefle God for his deliverance ; So it ihouldlw 
with the heart that is afflialcd for fin : Thou art oioucmng, and 
Ibokift updn it as a dreaafull ^l£i that tlioaart ready to be 
ftvallowed up of ; thou art por^ii^ upon ib.\t now tlut n\ay uk' 
danger thee to bs fvvallowed up of it ; But th^ truth is when 
thou art upon this brinks, ( for the work of Repencance it is a 
kind of brink) thou art to look on to the proirale,to the Oracc 
of God in the Gofpel thit is tcnder'd unco thee , and whai 
thou art got upon lliore, and art inabled to apply the pronufe 
of Grace! then thoumayeft look back to that dreadfuUffl««i^ 
which thou waft ready to be IVvallbwed up of , and then bldU; 

AndAen a third Rule in feeking after Cooafort is this, B« 
fitr more folicitous about getting Comfort to diy felfe , then 
^ut die-Glory of God, even when thou art mouroing for fin, 
labour to get thy heart todiis frame , to be as folicitous ant 
carefcU afcdt thcGlory of God as aboUt comfort to djy f^lfc ♦ 
Wc find tHs by experiaice, that many whico are ^«*e4 
jnud. fortheif fin, they are altogaher forC«cnfort,o^Aat ow 
would foeak Comfort to them, and noword is accejtabk mro 
chan,«oepc itbrit«c»mforf,and thamTmedmdyto^^ 

Bur im in the meane time, they are litde fcnciblc of the difr 
bononr «hat God hath had,or howGodllwuld bfvehonour; 
vfhercas the hevt.that ivrigbrty wrought ."I»n»wM « Wj 
tejdsthe «ivill of fm,icisiis well takenufl thps , 0^\J^ 
Wirthatmy.finluthbroush"oGod,andhowc«th«.d ^ 
.^ourbcmaieup, Oif I (h<)«kl live aw further ^ 4c dijio- 
«ourt,fdiis WefledGod, w^^^ n«)utd becwK of me . ho^v 
much bertprhaditbe?ivlb»dtiever bam borne, th^^^^ 

Imnfclfe. and To infinitely worthy ot alt honour from his cr«»- 
«S I tSfiii Wwhi the honour of God takes up djy 
S^:id rfX&cicoutabout tfaat^md becaufe thou cartft 

T 1 "^ 



# \ 


itot mak^'i^ ti^atbreach, ibcrefore; thai Uifenft aftor rfu^that-: 
ihou h<*ardft of in.tbe GorreLo); Clirut ; ^yti thou art fur- 
<|ier C4rcfull of this,. that w^hatlj^cvex ruk may b^ propounded* 
to' make agaiiiii thy ^nj or to tirther thee inany w.iy of d:),idi—. 
trice to God , thy heart doiii as greedily imbrace thqfe rules^ 
is tho.e rules xbac make more, immediately tor thy.Comforr., 
1 would e^preife my lelfe in this .iimiUtude,chat you may more 
fully under! tand -what Imeatie : Many wha have, weak ft^- 
macks ^^ th<:ir aiture aknoft fpenc, chey would faine have; 
fome If iiics torefreJh them , and chey are alcogecher /or hoc - 
waters, chey find tiiemleLvcs cold, and vvanc ltrength,;ind the^r 
thinke tcJ take fuch.Cordiall^j and to^takc hoc waters, Waufc. 
they have more fpirics and heate i^thenvndare/iiore faublc, 
to thbir condition ; vYhcre«3 tbe.tiuth is ,. hot waters doe tug 
burne them up, .and ipoyie them,and makes them fliU weaker 
and weaker, and do:h out confume that natural heate that th^y, 
have 5 whereas a wife Phvfician when he comes ar^ asks theni 
what fuch a one tooke^ why every day he^ drunke fuch. hut . w:a* - 
lers ; why, faith he, he hatn fpoyi'd himfclfe, he, (bould rather 
bave purg'd out the ill humours in the body $ then take broath 
and other diiiigs ; and though they be not fo hot^yet Iw degrees 
they will (h-engthen nature, and theq begin to npuriin , and fo 
^r{^ vvill be gocd blood, and froip good blood there will b^ 
good- spirits raifed, and they aw^ the. beft fpirusjp viierion^ 
brinks bot'Wxters,they may be imi Same and heate for a v^e^ 
i but that will not hdd,but if one can.come toJiave heate from 
;ood blood , that will hold^ and fb the man lives and <^oai^ to 
te ftrot^ : Thus it is for aU the world in-Chriiliam j there ar^ 
-feme that are very fencible of their fm^ ^^hpy vyou^d b^ve 
•sfll Comfdrft they would have- th^Dvybich is altogether fpincs 
preached to them, nothing fctfe but the very-Name.of ClyU^ 
♦and Free Grace to- theiii^ well^it may be that may heate tbo^ 
'a little whilC) but the ttuth-is, chi^; heate vanirhletn and com^ 
'to nothing, whereas khe«tber, .if b^b^ fli^wife Phyfician ifcc 
lYit foule, he will apply chat-Word tb^t jpnay purge out the er 
villfrom their hearts; tbacw6rd;that.-carrie5 5k5 Ufeof fan^ 
licationt and walking wisbGo^l in the w^es of bcl»eire9..tbac 

4 ihouW 

^ ■ 1 ij^ J I WgfWW 

*14^ Riites ift^fi^^g ^ft<r Comfort. 


r ■ 

ibwl2 u;-0H the Free Gkcc, andd)c &iil Grace of God ift 
Chrirt, and ckavii^ to it : — You will lay, But I xmy pre- 
lim^i, riav^ I any right to it ? — I fay this, There u njvcr 
aiiy louii: had any ocn^r right to ths prunile.of Grace, but by 
iCalHng it felf j upv)n it, that gave ic right : Now ic may be thou 
iialt not the Faich o£ Ailuraoce) choc i<, to conclude thus, weH« 
Chrilt isnwii, and becaufe 1 knovy he i>ib , •therefore I will 
jcrult and b.:lievc in hini. But thou mayefl doe thus, I fee th,? 
projniie that is tendrcd to Tyr«^tched Hnftiii creatures^ and 
therefore though I doe not know that he is mini , yet I will 
venter my foule and eternal! eftate upon it : 1 will lie here 
and roulc my Soule upon this Free Cjrace of God in Chrift for 
pardooy tnd likewue for San(^iHcation and Salvation, and for 
aU good : This is the way of getting comfort : I fay toendea* 
your what you may to put forth an ad: of the Faith of Adhfc- 
fence in cleaving, though thou canft aot put forth an a<^ o£ 
AlfuraAce : -~ Thus I have endeavoured to fpeak to tho'e 
^t ar<: mourners to comfort th^i ; For Chrilt faith, thej^ 
jkMHhtife r^w/Vf .' If I could ijuc now bring the promise that 
Chrilt hath made here to any ohe Soule, though it may fall ouc 
fo that fome may be hardened and abufe what is laid j yet ic 
will be enough, and Chrilt will accept of it ; If the^ cooaforc 
proiiiired may be brought by this Sermon hone ra any ons: 
foule, Chrift faith, iTymfhatt be comforted ; but how (hsAl tiiis 
becflfect^butby tbe'Word, and therefore thou dueft wcH 
to come and attend upon the word ? It may be thou haft come 
cften time« to hear the word, I but it bath not comforted thy 
foule , there hath not been a union betw^^^n the word and tby 
Celtic, Mdfo thqit h^ft gon away coo^oolefle ; Wei^, yen 
confeiagainc ; do5 not fay, th^t it l^ in vaine for me toatten^ 
ijie word, for I have heard, I awfure, as precious; truths d^ 
Kvtcred as ever can be heard by any,afid 1 have not found th^m. 
Qp comfort tK ; Well* though they Jiat^ npt at cbiet time,rherc 
bath tw kecq^ a cJofe btfween thy betrt.awl {fepteWbs, yei 
Ml COM agam^9id agjine,andaciei^h thtr? will t^;^>cfofe 
fjctiyceirrbe word an« cby fople ;«d,tb» may be dai^iRco 
thy foiilf byti^ Spirir-of Qodiq4»flaK^^ 

DlrKlimts to tbofe that never were fmnrners. 


iioiv Tweece is ic to be wicbouc tbem ; fo many of you niul^ iiVe 
jollily J but the joy that you have,whac is ic but joy in bafe and 
low things, ic*s nothing but corrupt joy which you have, but now 
if you had the comforts of ih^ Holy Ohoft,iL vvoiii eat out that 
joy, fo that there would be no place for fuch corrupt joy as now 
your hearts take fuch concent in; & thus much for the fpeaking 
to chofe that are moumers.-we have yet a word or two to fpealu 
^ Firft, To thofe that have not yet been fuch mourners, and 
then to fpeake to the Sain:s to put tncm on to moume yet fur- 
ther, feeing Chrift promifes luch conitbrc. , 

For tha'e who are ihy of mouriiii^ ; There are a generation 

of nien that are fo ("hy of mournix^^ they think ic vf ill bring 

them to deff aire if they lliould give but any way in their 

moumii^ for their (in ; and therefore though iomecimes they 

think their hearts begin to be toucbt by the word, tb^y labour 

with all their might to put oft that word,and they wil come no 

nuxt, to heare if they meet with a word that comes to their 

confciences and cuts to the quick i they will come no more, 

they cannot fleepio quietly that night as they did formerly 

chcy lookeupdnmoumii^ for their fin with fuch a iKy eye 

as if itvverethemoft wickedft thing in the world ; Opoorc 

deluded roule,rhou art inSnitely miibken,remember this text, 

and know, that by this text tiiou mayeft (if thou well acknow- ' 

Isdge this to be tne book of God, and thefe to be rhe words of 

Chnft) know that thou arc miftaken; Chrift faith that they arc 

hleftcdy Blefffd are thefe rhaf moftKKey ifthouwoutdft come to 

be a bleffed man, enrercaine even afcirit of mourning ; Dorh 

die Sririt of God begintocome to tny foule through the word?, 

bswiUir^ro open thy heart to him, and entertain ir, and 

make mu. h of thac word, remember that text, (I fpeak of ic 

but by wayofalhifion ). inthe7P4«: hilt/, faith Darnel 

Here, My togitatioMs nfuch trtmUei me^ and my comtencnet 

hax^si m me ^ htit I kept the^ matter !n mj heart : Its 

very obfcrvcable placc,X)ii^'V/ had fomething r^veal'd by God 

Donim : It's true, the cafe is ditferent, Daw els and yours, 

T there was a meflage of God reveal'd unto him, and the 

t fidthjTW the thenghts efhi^ heart did trmhle hlm^ ^nd I is 

V COHfg^ 

ij^6 . Direth'cMs ta thofe th^t are momntrs. 


cpHntenat^t wds tvtn r^i«Argtf^-Wd,would be caflit off how? no^ 
bat I kq^c the matter in niy'hearc for all that: I verily beleeve 
that fonic of you coming to heare the word, there is fomctimc 
darted imo your fpirits that that dosh vcsuble your thoughts, 
ivhen you lye upon your beds and awsdie in the night feafon, 
there is fomething that troubles your hearts^ and you will go- 
into company to put it btf r O no, but you lliould keepe it ra- . 
ther r How doeft thou know but that now the Lord is in a way 
to niake thee hlelfed ? Thoudid'ft go on before in^away 
that tended to Wrath and mitery , in a cvrfed way ; now the 
Lord Chriil is coming to thee to nuke thee blelled for ought 
thou knov^eft; and thou haft an opportunity for blefledndSc 
that perhaps if thou l>ialt rcjeft thou (halt never have againe; 
Thou wilr now f u t oflf the word that doth now begin to workc 
with thee it may be, If thou iTiould'ft, the L^rdmay fay, let 
the word neveifti ike thy heart more, lee the (piric- never ac- 
company this word more, and then upon thy hck-bed when: 
rhou wouldft have comfort, this Scripture mav be brought 
againft thee, Blijfeiar$ thejr that motirnf$r tbty jkal/ie cemfor-^ 
udy and thou had'ft a wretched heartj that md'ft reject the 
wayes of the fpirit, that would have made thee mourne : O as 
ever any •f you would have c(»nf6rt upon your fick-beds, and 
death-beds, be willing to mourne, and follow on the work of 
the Holy Ghoft, when it doth begin to ftir your hearts in sr 
moumii^ way for your iin^ and be not put off by any conceit 
whatfoever, though fome perhaps have taught a n^w way to 
make people wfaoly abandon mourning, yet know that it is the 
old way wiiich the Saints of God have gone on heretofore in> 
ad therefore embrace this^and to the end that tfaou mayefteoH 
llrace it, tAe thcfefcw Dire^ctns, 

In the firft place. It's a good way for men that find their 
hearts begin to be troubled for their (in, for them to get al(»)e^ 
to get out of the way from other company and to retire th«n-- 
felves ; At any time viAien thou findeft thy heart begin to be 
doubled, retire thy felfe, get alone, be mu(ing of thy (in, and 
by the rute to thy neart all alone betweene God and thy foule^ 
it s a very excellent otiCeivation that we may have from that of 


t)lre£t!ons t$ thoft that Mretmiftrfihs, 



Peter ffhetiht had -commictcd that great fin, and Chriftdid 
tooke upoci hiai;y6u know the text (mhyHe went eta and wept 
« hitter ly , But I find in one of the Gofpets, it's faid more then 
he went wr,(though that would lerve our tumc that he would 
not Aay amoi^ the company ,but when he would fal a mouming^ 
hegetsaloneO'^tlfindini^Z-iri^Golpel, Chap: 14.V. 72^ 
ic's^aid, and when he thought thereon he vvept. Now the word 
that is traiillaced. He tbonght thereenyxhof^ tnat underftand the i»i/8xA«»y. 
Original know it is a word that figniries any kind of violwiKe ' 
that a man ufes upon himfelfe, and fo by fome tranflated, The 
<ajHng 9m himfelfe; a ufeing a Ariolence upon himfelfe in cafting 
himfelfe out from the company, he had enough of them: O do 
thou fo, vvhcn thou fecleft the Spirit of God begin to ftir and 
Work in thy heart, even caft out thy felfc as ic were from com- 
pany, «nd labour to work upon thy thoughts thofe things that 
may dfed thy heart fiirrheh 

Secondl/, PrefentGodto thy foule to the utternipft that 
thou art able ; Confider that thou haft to deale with an infinite 
God in all chy wayes, prefent God and Chrift to thy Ibule .• 
You will fay, I dare not : — 1 but be nqt aflFraid'of this, 
muft (MIC day feethe Lord in his glory, and therefore prclent 
the Lord to thy foule now in his glory . 

Thirdly, And then do not fatisfie your hearts in any duty 
tillyou find your hearts beginnir^ to break, do tliou call thy 
felfe to account, 1 am now praying to God, and I caii pray, 
ferfive hs our treffajfex as weforgtve them: But now do I find 
my heart mourning for them, i (peak offny fen* do I a/ckivxv- 
ledge them in the bittemei{eand troubJ&Cjffny fbiik ? O thi'? 
were an excellent frame not tolaave off till, thau find^ildpy 
heart fomewhat to ftir : — I but you will fayt O- but I cauwn 
get my heart to,ftir,God knowes I would give a great deal&if 
CTcrytimel wenttntorha'prefenceTof God. I iould get ^iny 
heart to lament and moumfcM- my fin, O! hut If cannot: -7 It's 
wellthat thou faydl that thou wwld'ft do icjiVhareas you haivc 
Ibmc that think iiF<jnce.thcy lie belcevvfrs, why then iV^ouId 
they moume ; Now ioar thacohvincin^of this vain^ nnion, 
know but thus much ; Thatthecrttthij^^ There is rather more 

V 2 



j.g DirtEtions to thfe thdt mrt nwmners. 

mourning that is required and ufcd to be preached by the 
Saints at'cer the afliirance of the pardon of fin> then before it ; 
Ifaymor£> and He give you chat notable eumple of Da^d^ 
You find that when DavU had lin d,. and the Prophet came to 
convince him of his lin; D^vU laid he had finn^d,The Prophet 
in the nime of God faicli to him ; Ihe Lord hath doncawai thj^ 
'/», but now a loi^ time after, when D^t^i^i made 5 1 Pfal: you 
{hall finde he fella mourning a freili, and yet his fin.was forgi- 
" ' ven before, and he knew, ic wa^ forgiveui and yfet dobutw* 
ferve the 51 Pfat: what the tide is that D^rv/W. gives to the 
PfabijTi? the ch^ef M^fitlau^ Pfalm of David when Nathan the 
Prophet cam€ unto him after he haixgone into Bathfheba : So <hat 
Nathan had come to him before he makes this PTalme : and 
Nathan when he came to tiim;hi told him his fin was forgiveti^ 
and yet he makes this Pfalme^md laments his fin in.bitteniefs, 
and cryes to God to reltore the joy of his falvation, that the 
bones that he had broken might rejoyce, his very bones were 
broken iK>:v\i:hftanding he had that meflfage from God that his 
fin was forgiven : if the Lord (hould fend a meflei^er from 
hei\'en to tell any one of you, man,woman, all the fins that ever 
thou haft comniicted in all thy life are freely forgiven, what 
wouldeft thou do now ? Truly thou baft much caufe upon this, 
this evenit^ to get into thy dofec and to lament thy fin, and 
this night if it were po!lible to water thy Couch wirh thy tears, 
as JD^t/iW faith, he made it fwim, therefore the AfTunince of 
1^ pardon of our fin,is no hindrance to mourning for fin j onely 
it n-nkesottroiouming morefweetand evat^elicatch^nit was 
before : and therefore for thy belpe that thou nuyeft get rhy 
Xech. idh xo. heart thustomourne, look uf^for the fpiritofmottrnii^,Zr^i&: 
12. latter end, lUfonre thiffirit ef grace and foffticationy and ' 
they fhalt Mjefn me whom they have- pierced^ and thej. jhaB 
manrne for Amp» ae^ono monmeth for his ondj fon^ and fhai ie In 
tittfrnejfefor b^m^ as one it in hitternejfe for his ftrjt borne . 
M^rk, God hath not eaely promifed comfort to the moum^s, 
but he bath promifed mourning to tbeJintiers to^ why thou arc 
not excluded, the promiTe is iniimte ; lie ponreom the Spirt of 
grace andfMpplicat$onnndtbejrjhaHmom'ne^ Why Lord God, I 


>l ■>■ 

Dir€£ti9ffs t$ thife that are monrners^ \j^^. 

have a hard hearc,yct if thou vvil: povy^r that fpiric of thiiie up- 
onmei 1 Ihall moumr,: therefore lookup to C.od and f lead the 
promiic: — And then that o.her promue, //^ takt Mvaj the 
heart effi^fiCdful ^ve them a heart ofJlcp?y why Lo.d tbispro- 
miie of chine is noc to fuch and luch, upon fuch and fuch condi- 
tions, buc a free and abiolute proniiie. 

And chcnj It s a good way to com^erfe mtb moumers,xo go 
iacotheccHxapany of iuchasareb/oken hearted ChriilLmr. : Ic 
will make a maathink thus, why Lord God, ftxh a one that 
walks fo in offenfively, fo gracioufly, yec what a broken heart 
hath fuch a one : I have a wretched hearc and yec 1 cannoc find 
piy heart break, thus the very fociety of poore broken hearts 
wUl be^mighry thee. 

And then Fourthly, If you cannot moume, then mourn that 
you caiiii6t moume; Othis will be acceptable unto God : Yx>u 
will fay, I cannot have comm uid over my heart to moume for 
fin as I defire, I but canll noc thou go: to God andniake thy 
moancand complaine of this as thegreateft^vil that is upon ' 
thee: Lord I account this dull hard heme ofpiine a? a moft 
fearefiill evill upon nie. 

^id then Fif thl]^. Do not give* way to your felves to take 
any joy or ccMnfbrt in any thing m this world till you get your 
hearts broken for your fti? will noc my heart yeeld in way of 
mourning for (jn, it (hall hot re Joyce then,. I will hot ler ic out 
to any vaine mirth and joy untill I can get ic to break, and al- 
though heretofore I tooke content infuch and fuch conipcUiy, 
and in the ufe of the aeatiire: It's true, it is lawfull for a man * 
CO take comfort, but is it convenient for fuch a man as I that 
can never mbume for my fin: Nay lit charge this upon my 
heart, Hrft to labour to Be affefteu for fin and to moume for 
fin, and thai hope I: (hall take more comfopt both in God and 
his creatures then heretofore. 

And then LaftlVy O take heed of finnii^ after mourning. 
diou that wouldenliave fuch ^a mourning heart as is here fpo- • 
Jccn of in this my text, for thy fin.Take need that if ever God 
begins to break ttij heart and helpe thee to moume, that thou 
^ Dot fintvilfoUy aftermouming. If God begins to wound 


thyhcarLforthyriniaboveall tiniesthou hadft nezd now to 
"b; wjcchfuil ana carcfull over thy fctfo, O kt mc hy a deef* 
dwrgi upon thy ibule to look to ics felfc that now being ttoc- 
l>kd for fuch and fuch a fin, thou doe not after this give vaj 
and liberty t« thy fouls to ownniit the lame fin agaia:. 

Ah Exhortation to Monrners far fin. 

M A T b: 5.4, 

Elefedare they that mounte^farthejjhailheCojiP- 
fortedT ' 

Have but a word or two for^xhortacion fur- 
ther about this argitmenc of mourrang for 

Tis VI Exhortation even 10 thofe thit 
haveowumed for fin , to moume liiil , to- 
make it a ccntinued work : I lolci you 
fthe pardon of fin is nohtndnnce to niouniiii^ 
for it, but lliouldratner be a furtherance, as it wasinP^Wd, 
and therefore you who are the pec^le of God,Cod experts that 
you (hould moume for fin, for you know how fin is againll the 
nolinefs of God, the blefled will of God more then o:hers doc 
you Imow what price was paid for the pitrchaTe of the pardon of 
itmoreThenotbersdoerandthereforedoejoi moume, your 
fins they grieve the fpirit of God mo-e then others do.-Thefins 
BpheC*. j«. ofothermenmayprowAcGodsSpiric, but fows grltveGoit 
Spirit : —your fins do mote hurt thai o:hefs do, thi:rcfore d -> 



An Exhrtation ta mmrfffn for fin. v^i 

you moume: —.you know what the great mifchiefc is that fin* 

<k)thmthe vvorld^fin makes the whole creation to ^^^w^undet ro. «.ii, 2 a-, 

the burden of tt^and (hall not ycu be fenfibie of fa much evil of 

fin as remaines in your hearts, you know that fin is a greater 

cvill then all afffibliom whatfoever, and therefore doc you 

moume ^ go under the burden of fin with a heavie heart as long; ^ 

as you live, *us not loi^ that God hath to glor ifi e himfeUe in 

your forrow^t will, not be long but you fliall be delivered from- 

your fin : but fa long as you have this body of fin about you^: 

God expe£ts mourning firom yoa: God expects front 

youooc (»ity to moume for your ovwie fin but to mourn > for the. 
nns of others^ W hleff^d gre the^ that doefi^ they flpdll be am- 

Firft, We are to mourn for the fin^ of others : wc have very 
remarkable Scripture for this : Et^ra^, 3. O the lamentable . ' 
condition chat Ezra was in for the fins of his people, he doth- 
rend his- garments, and fets downe aJlonillied for their fins ; 
And JD4t^/Win the 119. Ffatme 53. verf. Hcrroior t^kgs hid 
Mfm «r#, ( &ith David^ what was there any great judgemenc 
Kerehim ? ^Oyharrourbathtakgn held fifmme) hecanfe of 
the wtck^ that for fake thj /4w.-when he beheld che* wickedneffe 
of men, his heart was ftruckwith horrour becanfe they forfook 
Gods Law, and wr. 136. Rivers of water run dopnt mne eyes 
iecaufe they l^eef not thy Lam : and ver. 158/ keheld the tranf- 
p^S^ttrs Oftd wasgrlevod hcanfe they ksff not thy word: Dofvids 
^ifit was in a very blefi'ed frame when he pen d this Ffalme^ 
and fee how he is afieAed with the fins of c^ners, mid in that 
&n»us place, the 9. of £«,f<i/V/,there you find how God marks 
thofe that mourn for thcfins of the places whcrethey livcAnd' i 

if wc lookc into the New Teftament,there*s nothing more ful, / 

the example of PohI^ 2 Cor: r z. when I come God fhall humtk 
m, mid IflfoU kewaile thofe that have finned* and dbat rlace is 
famous, 2 Fitter 2. 7. It's faid of righteous L#r, that his Toule 
was vexed, ai\d then in the 8. ver: it is faid, Hr vexed his righ- 
teous fmle firom day to day with their nnlamftsll deeds: The word 
in the Greek is different from what it is in your books : in the . 
7. t^ is tviOfd that fign'tfies ofjreffedzs much as vffrefi thcfotsly j^^nripfrd^ 


1 5 2" SxJoartathn to imwrntn for fin. 

ic was ^ burden to hiMbiili as an oppreirjon is a bufden vo a 
•mm : he accounccd hiintclfe wroi^^ed by the fins of achers,and 
h : vvcnc under ic as a g e.u o^^relung burden: That's tlie mea- 
ning of the vvord-.I i\iii 'the \ame \vo;d in the 7 Acis 24.wherc 
ic'sipokenofy^/^?/^/ that helped the man that was o^^preft. 
. Tlie word that n there htm was opprelled ik «t'»wdiM4it«r, 
It's the fam* that is here, ffr Lots joule was vexei^ and I 
hnde fometimes . the word fignihes to be iveal^ed l^y fickle ffe^ 
in o:her Atithors.So it's laid of Lot^ righteous Lot ^ih^ wiclced- 
nefle that he faw others, did lb trouble bis righteous foule, as 
ic was as grievous to him as a ficknelfe is to yourchac's the mej.- 
ning of the firlt word in the 7 v.- —Then the fecond word that 
is in the 8 v: there tis vext again^z the word is in the oripi- 
ij8«wi^«^ ml, he did cruciate ^ It is a word that is ulcd to fignifie rhe tor- 
menting of a man upon a rack? as if the Holy (ihoft lliouid fay, 
the wickednefle of ihofe he lived among, did put chat gracious 
fouie of his upon the rack ; he was as a man upon the racke 
with the fins of thofe among whom he lived, and you that are 
wicked and ui^odly, you muft not think that you iKall onely 
fiiifer for your owne fins, you ihall fuffer for the eiief that you 
put the Godly to: you muft not think that your (ms concerns 
«oc them at all, O yes : You doe wroi^ them by the fins you 
commit, wby if you ihould fee a man ftrike your father in the 
Streete, and you iTiould come to him and aske him why he did 
it, Mid he fbould anfwer, what's that to you, I did not ftrike 
you, but you flrike my fadier, fo when you fin you ftrike tbeir 
fciiher,you diihonour their god, and this is a Cruciatin<y unto 
them. , ^ 

The leafons therefore why we muftmoumeforrbefin^of 
others as well as our. own, that's the firtt, becaule the blefted 
God is fo much diilionoured, O how muft ic needs goe to the 
heart of a godly man to fee that God whom his foule Ioves,that 
God who IS fo mfinitely blelfed and glorious, fo in 'nitely wor- 
thy of all honour from all creatures to be fo dijhonoured by 
bafe wretched wormes.There is a report of Cr/fm fon that Iva^ 
dumb all his daves untill he ft w a Souldier ftriking at his father 
tokiUKkn,anddienthearfcckionthat he bore k> hi^ fatlier 


Re^9ns whjf we nrnfl tnmne pr the fws ^f ethers. x c 2 

did break the barrs of his fpcecb,and he cryes out, why do yoii 
kill Crdfwi fo when we fee ood, chat bUiicd God lo diiho- 
noured whom our iouls do lo lovv:,it muft ofneceifity pierce our 

And dien, Secondly, Our love to others ihould caiife griefe, 
why ? when we fee others fin agabft God, we fee them doe 
milchiefe to thepifelvcs: Doth ic noc grieve you when you fee 
men wound and deftroy themiclves, when you hd^r of mens 
Jioufesonfire,.andoftnc grievous pains they are in? why 
ybu mourti for it,' and it would make (you fay)ihe hardeft heart 
m the world to melt, you can never fee a mm fo miferable by 
any thing as he is by fin, fm mikes him the moft miferable 
creature in the vyorld, and therefore if you have any love to 
your, brother moume ft>r bis fin. 

And then Thirdly, Becaufe the fms of odiers doth bring a 
great deal of e\'ii to the world : what's the caufe of the evils 
chat are in the world, but the fins that afe committed in the 
Vorld ? and while thou doeft live in the world thou emit not 
butpartakeof themiferiesthatdo come by fin, in the y of 
Eccles. Lift, 0»ejifittcr deftrojfcs much goody what do:h many 
iinners then ? As the vapors they afcend irifenfibly up,but they ' 
come down fenfibly, fo the fins of the world they may afcena 
up, and men liot regard them^ but they will come.aowne in 
grievous ftormes and temp^fts. - 

And then Fourthly, There's caufe of mourning for the fins 
of others becaufe thou canft never fee any man commie any fin, •: 
btit thou haft caufe to conhder that the rooce of that fm^ is in - 
thy heart. It is reported of Sr/i^rV<i that he never fawaman: 
ctmimit a fin> never heard a man fweare an oath (or the like) 
biit he would ufe to fay, ijoi he mercifull to me a pnner : God 
bcmerdftiHtome': that is he« fovv theropt pfthatljninhis- 
heart ; It's truei the Lord Jmth reftraincd thee from fuch croSc 
fi«i< but thou haft the roote of them in thy h^art ; and therefore 
rhou hail caufe to moume when thou feeft f.n in others. And 
bleflfcd are thev that do thus moume. 

For firft, THts argues r4Kerity,rhis argues much of the Spi- . 
' ■ " ' afgoe fo miich.iincerii^yao mourns for; 


■ »-"■ ' '11 » II 

1 5^ ff^bj we. mnfi m^m;^ far cthtr m^ns fir^s. 

•H ••'^•^gm^^'^^mt^^gtm^^^ 

^ ji^^± ,„ ^ -g^AJdJ 

out pwn^ fim as for the fm^ of ochers, though indeed thcre*$ 
more aufe why Wtirt. odd mourn for our omie fins then for 
orhers, yet there is more fincerity in mourmng for others fins, 
then for our owne. 

And then Secondly^ By mourning for other mfsn? finuhou 
doeft free thy felfe f roi^ the guik of them, hpw c^ill thou that 
Hveft in d Nation or Fji^iily be free from the fins of thofe that 
thou dbeft Converfe wiihall, if thou doft not moume^Jfor them, 
but now when thou can(t mourne for the fins of othensthou doft . 
free thy feif from the guik of tbeni* iaud efpcci^lly when thou 
m.ourneftfor thefinsoffuchasarein relation to thee, thens 
thou doft free thy felfe from the guik of thofe :^ As it may be 
there's fucb a Godly child whofceye^ God hatb opened to fi«., 
bis own fins, and he mourns for tbein ; O but be thinks mtfc 
himfelfe vvill ever God be mercifuU tjo me t^if caqieof fucb 3^ 
dock, 1 have luch a Farher or Mother that is fo, prophane^ a 
Drunkard, a Svvearer, a.Scomer, and I am atfraid thac the Lord 
will vifit the fin of my Father upon me; Now thou cbac artV 
chilH,ha(^ no way to be delivered from die guik of the wicked- 
neiVe of jiiy Father arid Motber,or thy forcfathefSjbut by oioiur-^ 
ning for them, hath God puFd rbee out of a wicted ftock, nov^*: 
God doth expeS: that thou fhould'ft mourn and lament for the 
fins of that ftock : and fo them liveft in a wicked fimily, and 
the Judgements of God may come upon the family for iiTs fin^ 
why thou canft not free thv fel|ie but by.mpurmng for their fins, ' 
w yvell as thy owne : and blefled art tiiou if thou doeft ^ i£ 
thou doft mourne for their. fins,tbe Lord will not yjfit tbpir fins^ 

And then Thirdly,. Blefled arc they chat doe mourn for the: 
fins of others, becaufe by this meanes they make th^felv^ fit ' 
infttutaient^ of God, to be ufed by God to heipe againft the fin.5 
of othcjs ; No menarefudi ficinftrument? of God to $loGoi 
fcrvice, toft^rhecourfcofthfi finsjrf others, as thofe thac 
take them to heart : and therefore above all ffien> men in pub- 
lick place, that God makes ufe of to flop the courfe of wicked- ' 
nefle they ft ould be men that ftiould be much exercUed with 
this grace of moumbg for theiins of ocbsrs ; You that God 


^t «■ 

- r n " -m T Ti 

^ ^ ^i — > ■ n ' * i r^ * ■ ' 

nakes co be chiefe in P^rillies and To«vns or Cities, and putt 
into your hmds to ftop (he cotfrfe of (in in the place where ycm 
live, now if your Jiearcs be not toucht with "the fins-of the pla^ 
CCS where you live, hovv unfit inftruments will you b^ for the 
honour of God^or the ftcyf ir^ of fin;No nuryaile though mmsx 
in place care little what becomes of things: let things go whick 
way they will if they may get any gains, why to this day they 
never kneiy whac it was to be in a clofet alon *, between God 
atid their loules lamenting for the fins of the places wher^ tbejr 
live : But bteffed are they thatdo^ fo, for they are the inftiii- 
ttients that God doth ufe, and that he delights to employ in 
much fervice. 

j4fU then thy ^dU h c§f»firi4l^ fhefe thm JUe thm 

For Firft, Bi publick calamity they (hall be bid 5 as we 
\stfmjitemiid)<^ he was a great mourner for the fins of others?, 
and in the 1 5 ^jere: 1 1 . v. The Lord makes a pfomife to him 
inthe time rfpttbHrtc calamity robehid, read the ^J^^: bi- 
^tintf^, andfoon, and you ihall find him bkterly lamenting, 
O thatms head v^ere waten^ and his eyes a fountains of reares, 
& that be had a cott^ in the vnfdemeflfe : indeed ie is in part 
for the flsiMf of his people ; but it is for their fins likewife : 
and in the t j J^^* m * ^- God promifes that he (ball be hid r 
and that place in thd ^ff^ii^is fatnous ;Tbe Lord wbuldhaVe 
«)e with a'Pm ^ Irflcfoom eo and mark all th^m tliat moubi 
•fdrthefin?^6f'0«hefs,e*c potice of th*m Ciith God, what- 
ft>ever catowty^^tetbbefidl the place where they live, He be 
tnerciiutt to tneAl, one way or other He provide fof them. 

Airf then fecon<fl5S Thofllbaltbe comforted^ tnow thou 
that art a mourner for the fiw where thou liveJft^ that within a 
little v*(te all the wtA^ldnoifeof ftien ftiill be fiibdu^d, - all 
(hM be brcW^c under fo as Godtball not be difbpnoufed'by 
the fin- of nien a^ now he i^, all the reftife' (hi\i Be^wft ufJon 
the dlnngbit, there ibSll be nothing Sot rejoycii^ at the tight^^ 
(mjad^spas!^^ in^cd^ndpr'^ben 

we fee Goddi^ii?*ir^ by wieked' mfen tteic' live amoi^ms 
we are^^tainoiim^betfh^rtiis^mwiDommg that tberefinall 

X 2 be 

i j|_ I — i i iu i ■ ■ I., ■ ^ ' M i" ^. * " . . ' ^ ' 

I j^ * •'Duty t$ mwrtf far athtr.mms Jim^ 

;Jbc no more xnwming for ijieir fin, but rejaycu^ at the rightc!- 
bus Judgements ot Go4 executed upon their fim Bl^feianjm 
thdt mowr^cfor /mjhall hi comforted. 


And for this. By way of Uie hrieily, Thus ; 

Zffe^ Oh kc us karoe then to hy to heart the fins of thofc wbcni 

we live, not only ki our Parilhes, FaxnUyes^ thofe iihac beloi^ 
to us, but the fins of che Nation, . • 

He inilance but in fome few particulars, and you that are the 
mofl: barren in meditatipn you mayeaiiiy reckon up. aboiu^ 
dance more, 

As,Fifft> Let's pioumc for the great mjuftice that is aoioi^ 
^us at this day ; there's caufe of mourning for rhat> the opprcf- 
fion and injuftice : In 59: Jfi: 1 1. 14, x 5. -Wf r^are M Lkf 
Beares^4nim(wrBc fore llks Doves ^ why ? fVe lookjor jHifemont 
thUthcreisnoneyforfdvatioBhutltisfarreofffrommy and fo 
he goes on in -rhe 1 4, ver: Aai Juioemint is tstrned away lael^ 
wardj ami ]t(fiicifianJkth a fane eff^ for- tr$uh i& fallen in the 
fireet^'Oftd eqnhj cannot enter : jta^ trmh faxlethy ml htthat 
. defartethfromev'ilnMkethhImjelfeaproYi and the Lardfawh 
0nd it djjpleafei' him that thero woi no Judgement : What an 
aggravation is this todjis fin of injut^e, that it fliould be at 
fucb a time as now it is^ that when the Lord hj fueb an out* 
ftretched arme, delivered us froni our op{w{fors,that now vve 
ihould opprefl'e one another, I beleevc there was never a grea- 
ter cry forthe fin of injuftice to heaven then there is at this 
day, bow ever, it may bs feme may complaine that hasve no 
&chcaufe,bufwotous,jhcrcis a great dealc of caufe for 
diere is wofiiM injuftice amot^ u^^ 

And then Seconcflyy O moume that Chrift is no more cm- 
brac'damong us,thatwhenwehave as faire opportunities to 
. bring in Jfeftis Chrift amongus as ever pgonle had fiocc the 
world began, Jefus Chrift is otfcr iiig himfelfe to us in a^ faire 
" i way^as e^r he did offer himfelfe taany peof l^and yet wltec 
. jrfpirit of iflaligmty is rifen among: us, as we We ready to fay, 
• Wcysilk tot boM tins mm toreigno over nr.O mOttiBe for rhe ig- 


■9 ., s 

Mitmt f^ th d^nfiCvf cHT. liberty^ 1 57 

imance^for the propbanene of the people of the Landi even 
novrv^ientbere is iiid>a lil>en:ydf che'ooipel (for nevef w^ 
the tike) yet tb^y tume away froni it,and jiidge chcmfehres urh- 
ivonhy of ecenul life,& evendd def^ i^bc to the fprric of grace, 
incliey/^.-i.f.-MarkhoNnr PWvvasaftcded for his Country 
mens lake^ chat he could even have * wiilic hin^eKe to have 
been cut off from Je&s Cbrift; be VY.ts fo troiibkd for thek ig- 
norance and tejeckioii of Cbrift, one vvould think rhat.feeit^ 
God hatb fo wotiderfuUy wroudtt tobring tis to the enjoyment 
of the liberty of the Golpti^: mat tbis (hould be 4 tune that 
generally people fhoutd come in to embrace it. O but we Hnd 
n oibemife, there is a vtld fplrit rifen amotig men again(t the 

And then tbtKUV) Moiime we that there are fiicb divilions- 
now amMgus; The Devil fees that he cant getnianytothiic 
prqihanefle and Popery as he was wont to doe, and therefore 
now he comesxo fpoyle Religion and that by diviiions,y^a and 
amongthe Gddlyyand there tne policy of Satan is as rinjch feqji 
as in any thiie ; yea and the rather let us t^e this t<>'beatt> 
when we coimdcr that latoioft every time men middle vvhh . 
divifiotis, aiid cry out asainit them, they make them wider, 
and many they are aifeaed mdeed becaufe of the divifions that 
a^ in the hsxiA ; I but it is becaufe every one will not be of 
their mind, and therefore they moumey but it s a felfilli' moup- 
nife fbrihc molt pare when mencry out of divifions, beca«fe 
they may carry aivyay all the dteemt an^ honouc and d^nkies, 
and preferments irvithour any controule whatfoever, therefore 
tbcy cry out of divifions, bnt there is not a fpiritual mourning 
. of he^n for the fins of the divifions that arc among u>. ^ - 

And then Fifthly, O moume we for the abufe of our liberty, 
the wantonnefs that is am<mg^ us n0W;TlTS2tLcffd grants unco 0$ 
rimes of liberty, mofre thenever our fore-fathers had orcouJd 
have thought tahavc had, and now, O Lord what an abufe of 
this l&ertv is there ! How do men run out to al 1 kind of licen- 
doulhcffe'beaucjfe of Ifcerty ; out of that ploadii^ ft)r that true 
liberty of confcicnce that Chrift would have us ta tender otie 
another in,' they run out toatl kind of Itcentionfoeifi:, Blafphe- 
mjyttA wickedncife whatfoever.. Sixthly^t 

^10 I — ^■■Bae^ ■ I 1*1 u.i 

tf 58 Mmri^ ffr fbf fidfubJs 4ha di^ dmoffg m. 

Sixthly 9 O mdume we fpr this; liiac tbore is fi> tivicb uth 

^hankfidnefle among us j ihkt^s., booaufe. we iiave. tux, <dvcry 

Jthing i^s we ivoftild have, nhercfor^ weace ready, to iajf, there's 

nothing aone :6 k'sa vild-fpeech chat copies from myiaaaidi 

«) fay, what bach God done for us, the JLord bath done chat for 

this kiiigdome that's more worth then tl^ Hfc^ 6f the lives (rf 

.ten thouiandmore then thou 4rt, a4d th4i!efereiCo % there's 

tnoching done.- becaufe all is ix>tcic»ie{lwjthoH>YouidUh'afe 

^one, it's a liioft wretched ftmbaflkfotadfe^ W jmihoiild 

1>lecdintheconfidei*itionofit. •.<# .: 

And then leventWy^ Moume we^fbr the fcanduls riiaDare 

:^oi^us, the manyllumblingblocfes'iiiatliein tlie ways the 

cvills of men that are profelVors pf Religiec^i-fowddichcy «<l 

• fttmbtirg. blocks in the waye^ of fuch M ax;4 <6mitig' txtt and 

make the wayes of Godlkiefle co be abboirt'd becAtfi^ of their 

wicked lives. 

And then Laftly, Moume we, that good men when they are 
yiit^pon the tryall do ib rtmch milcarry , thisis a ferecvil'thac 
. we may fee unoer the Stn at this tirae;There wa^ nbvw a-d me 
in any kingdome wherein fo. jmany: Godly mcjn ted fo ixxmth 
power in their hands^ithet m blace of MagUtewjy be Mitfliry, 
tut yet, 6 the mifcarriage$ of theai ; How doc n»nv of rbem 
go by the fame principle that ocherj-weiic before ? but iaaiia- 
•ther way ; and we come tofecplainly the trtritof thatfpoccb, 
f « men into plice» into p^wer,th«t they may have p owdwwr 
o:hftrs aiid we fee wfeit ftrange fpiritS theyfaave^cvoiiucb as 
we tiioiigbt were broken heaaed, and did herercrfbre mouroe 
jforrhe fins of other men that were in place^ aiid together wiiph 
their brethren, were fiiiinff,aiKipra>ying^ and cryii^ro Heaven 
againft the e\'ill*! of tbofe that were itt place biit a f^jwyearcs 

agoe, now they come to hape tor enjoy the fame power^wc titid 
<hac they soe j^iace towards the Ouvie way chat orhe^ were- in: 
h my Brethren I ipe A thefe tbii^s out of confcicnce^ar a. duty 
that we ofwe to God to lay chcm to heait, juid to^faewai&f them 
inthebicpemcrie of ourfoulct r I A) not foeakechis to upbraid 
.aoy, for there tsupbiakhagetor^h abroatC'feutriwt.w^ihoiiia 
-mburtie for thcBH Ciod forbidxHaciWe Ihould Ipe^biiarilMytof 


Afmmt fcK thi M pSiomjf shrClmnh: t^9 

pctvoochy nOjbuciitwyoflamentaciOT, becaufe thefc cvillr 
inive been fomecbagaiiKl God jttid agaiz^ the pubiick good,. 
6 if we could Uy afide our wranglii^ a while, and foil a 
mouriiii^m<>iRanotbcrsbofoincs, reformation would go ofr 
ki anocber snanner cben now ic doth. 

And here s yet a farther evill> we have feme caufe to mourn, 
for mens moumii^> that is, men moume becaufe they cannot 
bve their wiUs, and they moume meerely out of a kind offpi- 
fie of revenge^ and make many times their very fails to hz hih- 
for ftrife; we iTiouldiwourtie (1 fay) for our mourning r — — 
And thus much for thi^ that Ues fo gill in my Te^t> Bteffed are 
thif tint mmm^ fucb as can thus moume are bltfed ; O that 
this fpirit of moumk^ were upon U9. 
- And then die n^xt, that is^ the laft point in my text, It i??- 
th(& chat nwuhieforthfc afflictions of the Church, a^ wella?. 
odiew^e : "Bkftidn thofr that motmtjtyr them r and we find' 
it iaScripturetobe the way of the Saints ItVewife to mourne 
pich forthe afflictions of Gods people ; As in the t of Neher 
Thougiir isri8|t«wtf^ were at the Court himfelfe> and a ^reic^ 
phoe^an4 wi^ateaf;*, ahd Had'iboutKiance of ridies', ^Ve'i: he 
toctofadv and'WoOld not' have tlit'Ktiig to Wemfef at4l>'^enf 
asicwtifo itlvsrich'theChuffch, inda iioeable ^rf^&ii'^^ 
haveinth^ ^^clL$tkc^ evenirieurSaviourCtirift : If% aycry 
lanarkab^ Scripture, whcnChritt ewne neer to J&'ufiitk^hy-h 
i»^ both b^ufe of tb^i r fli1,.ani*'the'miftfry ' thXt t^fis<?'6rf!m^ 
vpontbem^^-iaid) Oiftkmhkdyfl^i^ivi^^ap' If iff In %tfftjf 
mj th$ fhiifpthdt c^arne thy fcace^ 'hm m^i'tfiey ari'htSf^wi 
lfc«w eyff .• Mart^ t^hi'i at what time ChHR did this,* it vras no t 
in^timetbatCh^iftwasin «iy grettt afflidiori hfnifelfc, for 
yoa(haU find that wh^ft he dia thus linicttr, vcrl '^6y 57. * It 
was when they cut down bA^^Hes and ftrd<vedf therfi4n the Way 
and cry^^ H^fknted t<yb}mvic Vva'9 at* thiK thtte ' when ' ft|ey ho^ 
Boircd' Jcfol Chrirtl'rtAft;/ ahd' yet that djd^ot-tcace. iip^His 
heart fo 9S not to fee kflfetted'^wit'h the rniTe rie s of others • and 
fittth the text, Ai he w^^rr iheyjpreni their gK&mtfihtn the t^ay^ 
vbers cut iewn^hr^nches frotU wi*tMs\ amfifetie'i theiH ifi the 
M^ mJL thiiim^^dt ihit inki hfiriy kftithnfft^ttmeii efyed 


1 5o MouTM far. tie ^Qi^n ^ the Chnrch. 

JAji»gj Hofanns. te the Se4 ofDMVJdy blejfed is he that eemeth 
in the piame of tU Lord^Hofamis in thehighefi. — The people 
vvenc before Lbrilt magnifying c^him, and they tooke otf cheir 
garments and itr>:wcd ihcm all along in tlje ft eeces,and.would 
have C hi lit gfx: uj on them, as not chinking it Ht that fuchan 
honourable perfon as JeiusChrilt vvasj ihould goe upon the 
groiinJjbut goe upon cheir garn^encs : and they cryed oik be- 
fore him, bleiled is the King chat^coaieth in the xmn^ of th^ 
Lord, Hofar^nA in the higheit ; What haiour had Jefus Chriti 
herel Butnowmarke> Chriit was not much, taken vvich the : 
bonourihatwasdonetohisperroii, that you ihall iind almoft 
in the very nc)a:|Vords, iutd when ke drew near he heheldr the 
City and wept : He falls a vveepii^ at that tiiiie when he is fo . 
much honoured ; Ottis Ihould for eyer te^h u.^ that how 
good ioever our own corldicipn be, though our Tables be fiir- . 
niihed, and we have h(xiwi^ j^ud refpeik.f 13007 others,- yerthis 
lliould not at all hinder our affections -toward^ the mifetiesof * 
our Brethren ; we ihould be ii^ our :weeping and mourtiii^ 
concjIitioneVfenatthofe times when w^ have the greaceft a- 
bpunSance of the comforts ^fthf- world j I befeeco you rfaink 
of tl)is you th^ ar6 lifted up in places,and j ou th« have tneans^ 
coaling' i^ and have ag great a fullnefle as ever yon bad, and ic 
may be iiiore then ever you had, yet at this time .if you hjtv;^ 
ihc Spirit ofjelusChrift in you, that that you enjofy in the 
ftUlnelfe p£ic will not take away yeur af&dioiis; umo ithei for-t 
rowespfyoQt Brethren, It is a CCMiniland ixi tlie f% f^ Rem:: 
thac we ws^ w^epe with them that'weepe^ md mffme mkfh'em^ 
thatmoffrne yAridinHei.i^.verf, y. Wemuft be even he 
hands with them thae are in ionis : W€ nuift be aflfe^d- 
with their bonds as if we our felves were in bonds : This Cod 
riquiresofus : Now what Ihali I fay of the examples; of jl^rf. 
j^^and 'X>42VisJ,andothcrs of rh^ 7prp^:be|^ ihnc^id thusLmourni 

oiPaHlySic. Ic were endlefletonvHoe all iejtajfiplesthdt we 
might ^ave in^^criptuns for this, But bfefled are chey .. ■■ 
There is a great deale of caufc that we iVould doe fo. 
' '. Why Fi^, Tbpfe tbat< are. in afflidi$«i?, jb«y are men, 
•flWii-ne^^if: diepi4,^jjey. a^<^ 50c©, Q bm ^eyyc^' our.^- 


thren, they are thofe that are neare to us , they are the 
Saints of God. . 

And confider Secondly, We have the rootc of the matter 
in oar felves r*vfhy cantt thou think in thy c<Mifcience rhac fuch 
men Ihould be in fuch an affliAed eftate and thou flioi;Idlt 
fcde nothii^ thy fdfe, thou fhouldft have all things about tnee 
as ever : Is there any reaibn whjr fuch excellent Saints of v-iod, 
diat have-done God fo much feryice in thcii: generation (hould ' 
be caft out of houTe and home, and thou (hould'ft fet at thy 
Td>le fo full, and have thy wife and chikk enabout thee, and 
thy houfe fo (umiflit,and allat peace> what reafon can there b& 
given, \% there not as much in thee to provoke God, as in 
them- haft thou done more fervicefor God then they.- O 
tfthoufaadft not die heart of an Adamant, it would breake 
thee. ■ 

But there i * anodier that is yet more . Confider the difho- 
nour that Go^ hath by the afflidions of his pe(x>le : The truth 
i^ The Lord fuffers in their futferiiig9 in m tbehr a^litians h 
ir^i£^^^,cbe more the Churches goediMvne, the more doe 
die wicked infult and triumph, the more doth wickednelTe 
prevaile : O this (hould goe to thy heart, God goes downe» 
(aslmayfay^ and bis catife goes down in the Saints goii^ 
down ; The glory of God is inwrapt in the good of the Saints^ 
and he fuflPers in It. * 

YoH will fay now, If God fuffers, why will he let the Saints 

To that I anfwer ! The Lord will let them be afflided for 
the difcovery of thofe who are true, and falfe : and indeed he 
dodiraife to himfelfe a glorious, name many way es: But yec 

thot^ the Lord doth raife to himfelfe a name of praife by the 

fiitierii^ of the Saint^,yet we muft mourn and lament,becaufe 

H diemeane time God dodi futfer, and they tend much to his 

(honour, although he 1^ his intimce power can fetch honour 

wt of them. 

Andbefides,ifyottconfidcronly this ; The greatnefle of 

ic cviUs that is m Aefe daycs .• lif ever there were a time t^ .. 

>)<)urmfbrtbeiffli£doiisof odiers,now is thetime, and th^e 

' Y tA«c 


why they are hlejfed that momrn far others Mffiicitons, 

that are the wicncfl'es for the truth, have caufc to frqfkefie e^ 
"uenlnfackzclath now ; O if wc did but underftand the wofull 
cvilland miferiesjof warre r it isanievilVdiat hath abouruiance 
of evilU f as it were j in the belly of it : It's the cup o£ 
Gods anger, and the wine thereof is red, it's as red even as 
blood : and it's a mixt wine ; The ii^redicnts in <he cup are 
murder & robbery, and rape, and deflowering, and c uelty,, 
and torment and &mme, anid peiliisUKe ;. tbet'e are t^c ii^re-. 
dients in the cup, and theretbrc though we i§t here in our bou-i 
leJ quietly & find not the wofiil eviils of chis civill warrcs, yet 
others can tell us,did you but fee thofe doleful! miferies t hat 
they fee : men that were of good ranke and faHiion,; that 
Iw d comfortably, and were of publick uie and eminent Saints, 
how they are driven from their houfe and home like bruit 
beads; Ofhould we but fee what hath* been- done in IreloML^ 
they cry to us, O you that paife by, is it nothing to you all tfaac 
we have fuffered, was there ever forrow like our ibrrow. It 
might be of very great ufe to lay open the vYofu II hiiiery of o- 
thers 7 But lie flievv you how bleifed are thofe that .do mourn: 
&>r the aflUdions of 6thers : They are blefled, 

Firft3ccaufe they have much df the Sbiric of Chrift in them, 
dieirs is fuch a kino (^Spirit as Jefus Orili had when he liv'd 
Mpon the earth, and this was a bleifed Spirit. 

Secondly, Th^y doe evidence that tney are members of the 
£tme body, t6oo that canft heare of the wofull eviUs that the 
Churches fuflfer, and not mourne, thoudoft evidently declare 
toiall the world, and Cod tells thee to thy confcience that 
chou art but a dead men^ber, and not a living member of the: 
Body of Jefus Chrin,but tnien your hearts can be arfe&ed with 
the miferies of the Churches, you have evidence tcyour feub. 
rfiat you arc liw^ members of Jefus Chrift. 

And then blefled are you, Becaiffe in this you doe walke- 
with God, that is, you obferve G^s way ; Wnen God comes 
in mercy to his ("hurch then you can re Joyce, & when God is 
in a way of afffifting thetl you mouoie, I fay this is to walke 
with God,to have oiir hearts affeded accordit^ to thefeveralt 
adminiflrations of God^providencejL ttd bkflcd arc cbey ti^ 
Vf alke with God*. tms 

■ ■J ■ H III V 

why they 4ort iJeffti that mmmfvr others agUCtipns, 1 53 

ToH ^JhaU h cmfprtcd : That is, * 

Tirft, Know there is a time that God^ people fliall be deli- 
vered froai all their forrowes, that dl teares lliall be wii:ed a- 
way from their eyes ; That there jhall he m more frtd^f^ bry* Ezek, 18. 24. 
4or nor grieving thorne j This is proniiied Co the Saints, and I 
hope that this time muft be even in ihis worid, that the Saints 
ihaU be as much honoured as ever they have been oiihonourcd, 
and that wicked men iKall no mor^ pvirfecutc them, but (halL 
be brought under them : and there is a morning wherein the 
Saints ihall have dominion over the wicked and ungodly : you 
fhall have comfort ia this you that doe mourne for the affliiSki- 
onof theSaints ; () thw Mitel ofsi to jfU with temfefis : now I^*- *4« »^« 
^ou art afSicted and toCfedjbut thy foundations ihall be laid 
with faphirs and v^th precious ftones ; The foundation of the 
Church ihall be fo> the Church Ihali be a burdenfonie ftone to 
all that doe perfecute them : Arlfe^fhine^Ofhlnefar the Glory lia. ^c i» 
•fGffi Is Ti[en upon thee, faith the Lord unto the Churches, 
tmfartie, comfort ye m)f peofle, ffe^ye comfortably to Jetftfa^ I& 4*' ' > a. 
lemyOftdcry mto her, that her warfare Is accomfilfhU, that her 
tniqmtj Is pardoned : There is fuch a time that the people of 
God mall oe fo comforted, and when the Saints ftull triumph 
in theSalvation of God,and (hall (zyyLoethls is ottr God we have 
waited for Jsim^ this istheGdofowrfahasion. There is I fay "' 

fuch a time. 

And then there are many promifes to you who do mourne 
for tiK affliAion of the Saints, in the 41 Pfal. Blejfed is he that 
<9nfdcreth the Poor, Thofe that coniider fuch as are aflUfted 
are bleffed : and in the 5 7 of Ifa.ii. There the Lord promi- . 
fcs unto his Church that he will r^iw^e comforts to her and to 
hfr wMtrners ; To them both, they (hall be comforted : thofe 
that now mourn with the Saints they (hall re Joyce with them : 
In the d(J cSIfa. v. lo. There you have a promife to them : 
Thofe tiiat mourne with the people of God they (hall rejoyce: 
and. then in the 3 Zeph^ii. There's a promife that thofe that 
<fid accomt the r^each of the fdlemae ajfemblj to be a barden^ 

Y a Cod 


1 64. Rebtiki t<y joUky tf ^kk im fiid times. 

God wttdi gMther them. The Saints of God are reproacht.thcy 
areperfecuced, others con rejoyce now, but there were diofe 
that accounced it a burden to them, and to them the Lord 
makes a gracious 

Again, You that mourn for die affli^^ion of the Saints are 
blefled, for when Jo 1 ihall bring you into affliaion^God will 
ovwyourloules in the day of affliction, if at aiqr time your 
children fliould I* alRKiied, your dearc Wives (^r, you ouv 
vwth comfort go to God and pray, O Lord comfort me in mine 
affliition, and comfort me in the affliction of my wife mv 
Children, my Father, my Mother,you may have comfort I fay 
Vvhy, becaufe vou dtd mourn for the affliaions of his children.* 
Nay faxth God here's one indeed that i^ affKaed, what is the 
mans chUd or wife under any affliaiw, why I remember wh-^n 
my children were affliaed, they mourned for my chOdre'ilr 
why now their children are afBi>;ted, Ue take that to heart and 
jMve compafllon uf on dieminthuir affliaion, and therefore 

^^iT '^^^^' '^'^'^' ^^ ^""''^ Application of it 
Firft, It iTiouId have been to rebuke the jollity of mens fpi-' 
fits m thefe £ad tunes- O tis a wicked thing in thefe fad tini-s 
to have acarmll jolly fpirit, G*d indeed gives you libettna 
have canfort,and to rejoyce m hinr elf .• For fo y^u will fty vve 
are bidden to rejoyce alwayes,! but know fpirituafl ,oy & this 
moummg miyftmd both togedier: know that cil expea? 
that you Jliould abate of your camall joy : flegive you l£vw 
Scriptures for this, which are very terrible aeainft tho'e thS 
arefo jolly and merry m fad tim.s : Thcdi^ZtJ^ . 
tt.verf. And.HthMtiMyild the Lord Ged of msVJIu 
leeef^ng.tndtommrn-ng.^t, bddn^c, mdt„^rd'„^r,',th 

Sheep, eAtingfleih0»idrmki„gmne, let m eat a^d drrk S 
t'mom^y,tJhfdje,And,twasrrveM!cdin m-ne tarer b, Z 
W ofH.M'^elythkinl^nfhall not be p^ZfyZ ^ 
tdl j,u dje, fmh the Lord ^ Hafis - Okft a7^- 
JcnW to thofe that in dicfetimes take liberty to rh-S? 
^ecch vou if you do beleeve dMtdiis ScrinZ ?s rfJe w«^d 
€fGed,wUyoucomc home lay ituponyaufhS^S^:^ 

Kehke to joUitjf of ^irit in fiul times. f6% 

fciences, faith God when I call'd to mourning and Wv:epiiig, 
behotd there was )oy and gUdnefle, and nairch, and drinking o£ 
Wmc : Thu imqHitj/ jhall not h fttr^od tiU /oh djfi^ faith God, 
lU rnzer far don ity It s fpokeH, as m the New Telbnient, it's 
&io of the iin agakift the Holy Ghoft,. th^ it fl)nUd novfr bt 
forgivon. j\nd fo this is made a kindc of an urq>irdonable fin> 
though I think that it is not fo unpardombie as chat;but though 
Cod ihould give you a heart to fee the cvill of it never fo 
much , yet you ma> fmart for it iathis world j even a? the Lord 
did concerning M(ifcs y he would not heare him,, but bid him 
fpeak nomore of that matter, but he mufV dye in ehe wildec- 
ffilTe : O the Lord cannot but look with indignacion upon fuch 
asthefe are ; what faith God? Ihall I diaftiie my oWne dear 
children, and ihall this wretch that's, good for nothing, but to- 
eat and drink and get money here, inall he not take it at all to 
bearr, 11^ never btar this faith God, it fliall never be pureed 
from him till he dye : O my brethren if ever God c.Ub ta 
weeping and mourning it is now, and therefore no: to have jt 
heart in thefe mourning times, it's a fi^ that thy heart is hard- 
ned from the teare of ood: If ever this text of Chrift were fin 
table it L> in thcfe mourning tinesvyherein thofe are held forth* 
10 be blelVed that do mouine, and on the other fide, thofe that 
doe no: moume, they vyill certainly prove to be accurfed by ' 
Chrift when they (hall come to ftand before him. 

AikI then the other Scripture is iii the 6 Amos^ where 
die Lord complaines, ThM they Jranke vfintin BotolfSy and haJ^ 
l6e^ mnjick^ and all kind of jollity ^ &c. O but ftith he» there 
WMS none that did remember the affll5Hons ofjofrfh; Jofej>h mighr 
be in^ribned, might be lotd, mighr endure arty affliction?,, 
wfatwasittothem? they would not fo much as -K^w«wrf^,0 





o a 

fi(W to mourn for the affliSiioas ofSdints, 

Mat h. 5. 4. 
Vlejfed are they that mourne frr they ^allbt Com- 

U T now my Brethren , the thing I ftiall 

I fpe^dt a little to is this,fo Ihew unto you how 

Ejebtrtntif* wefhould moume for the affli£ti(»i5 of the 

I Saints, that foyou might mouniekihdly for 

iheir afffidions. 

I For foDie win fay. We are affefted, and 

ithatwe ftiouldbegrieved, when we hear thac 

the ClBirdi is foaflfliAed, it doth grieve oiir hearts when we 

bear, oi the plundering of fo many good people, and how they 

areputoutoftheirhoulesandhomes ; But now, 

Firft, There may be a naturall mournb^ for the affli6tions 

eSoibers.which is not this Ueffed mourning, and therefore if 

you would know die difference bcpween the naturall and %iri- 

tual mourning for the afflictions of theChurrhjtake icbrieflyin 

■ dicfe three or foute particulars, which I ih.all but name. 

Tlie firft is, Thofe that mouroe for the afili6tiai? of the 

Chucth inafiiintuallway, theymoume uponfniritual grounds, 

and < natuFim tan is upcn naturall gniunds,you mouroe to hear 

M iiich noMUood Ihed, delIbUd«QS of Countries; A< you are 

• me 

Hm wejhoutd mMmefar th^ajfllSiims of Saints. t6l 

men yoa cannot but be ilffe&ed, but now are you moft affected 
iooo fpirinuH grounds, becanfe the Saints do futfer, becaufe 
tnelibertiesofcheOdinances are taken from them> becaufe 
tbcadverfaries of Gocl« people doe moft prevaile, becaufe re- 
Ikion is trampled under foote, doe you mourne therefore ? 
It s true, tbefe are mourning times, moft people they' mourne 
beaufe of fear of outward danger, or for their great taxes, and, 
Acy have not ehiigs as they were wont to have, but a fpirif ualt ' 
ffloumiK isoiponipiritual grounds. 

And cben iecondly. Spiritual! mourning wiU put much upon 
prayer, that we fpeak to in the general, ^hen we (hewed how 
tbole that are iii a moumfiiU condition chcmfelves,rhey ihoulc) 
pray much ; So here : thofe that doe mourne for the Cbur-* 
cbes,iftheyiiiottrnein^fp];ricuall way, they will pray much 
for tbcChurcbes: I appealed your confcienc^ ihthisthii^^ 
you bear many times fad newe^ concerning the fofferings of 
your brethren abroad : It may be you will fay, the Lord have 
mercy upon them, or foj but when did you get alone betw.»:e!t 
Cod and your foulei;, and poure forth vour foules bv:fore God 
in iecrct, on the bchalfe of the Churcnes (rf^God, or it may be 
you have done fafometitrtcs, br t is this in your hearts to do fo 
in an ordinary way ? If your children be affiled, perhaps you 
will go to prayer then, and wring your hands, but you have 
Heard of the affli&aions of the Churches, and have your hearts 
^ fo a£GDAed as to go and break your fpirits before; the Lord 
in prayer, now that's a fpiritual moumTh^,fortohayetiradhe0e 
Jixn your fpirits, ujr-oft the hearingof ill new- that jnay be but 
ina natural way, bu c f of your hearts to break before God it> 
prayer fiw the Church, diar's m a f|>iritual way.NoW'rhe Chur- 
ches fcf&r more then diey h^rve done, and are tour.prayer s in- 
ki^cd more then formerly for them, this is fpirituali,i3tid Meft 
fed ane they dttt fojhoume, as tftrt they arc put vfoa prayer, 
« I inlarged in prayer by their 'mnurnmg. \^ '* 

ktA f birdlyy If yourhearrs be fpfrinnll in your mourning,. 
* 7 then lodke wbatG^ do^h Iparc ybu in> in rhir you Ao n6t 
\ ridyourflTe!EtbinMerin^as6cher^Hoe,\rwiJibui^ 
« Kla much & more ea^i^ and wiltit^ to fpend your 



igi what duties Goi calls f^r 

ftrength in fervice and doing for God, if ypar hearts were af- 
fected as they ought to be for the Churches, you would confi- 
der thus : How do they liiffer in their e(iaces,and in their bo- 
dyes and liberties ? They are forced lofpend their ftrei^h 
^id eftates in a way offufferii^ .• why, Now Lord thou doft 
not call me to fpend \wj ftrength and eftare in thatway of luf- 
fering as thou call'ft my brethren to ; why Lord thou (halt have 
if (pent for thee in a way of doing, in a way of fervice : 6 'ti^ 
good for us to have our ftrength and eftaces to be fpenc for 
God in the exerciic of our graces, xather be f^-Haic for 
him in the fuffering for our (in,and it were a very good medita- 
tion when you hear of any that furfcr by any accident wha' k). 
cver,theyfuflFerfomuchforGodinapa(riveway: 6 then let 
me be wilHi^ to fpend in an adive way for God, ami this will 
be a good argument that your hearts are fpiritual. 

Fourthly, Yea further. When the thankfulneffe chat you 
have for your being delivered from thofe heavy affliftions that 
are upon others fl all humble your hearts as much as if you were 
lUKler the fame afRtdions that others are under, this were a 
good figne ef a fpirituall f rame> you heare of the ^dions of 
Other men, why, now when you can be fo fenfible of thofe af^ 
flidiom fo as to make you to be as much humbled in a way of 
thankfulndfeasyoulTiouidbeifyouwere under the iameaf- 
flidions jQow your hearts are in a fpirituall way fenfible of their 
condition ? — *And fo much for chat o£ the fpiricualneffe of our 
bearts in being fenfible of the.afflidions of others. 

Bid: now in the fecond pkce ; What duties doth the codi* 
<leration of the afffidons of others call for from us , when we 
hear that others are in afflidion, and we are delivered, I fay, 
what duties doth diis call for at our hands ? h^ to that I an* 
fwer, it calls for thefe three. 

Firft, An abatement of our outwaird comforts in this world.* 
we.fliould be willing when we hear how the Churches fuflfer, 
to abate of a great part of our outward comforts that we had 
before for the flefli, to be willing to t>e cut (hort our felves,lb 
farreaswcmaydokinaWyofferviceforGod. Certainly it 
UxKt lawful! for men in fuch times as thefe arci wfaoi tnei^is 



from tht iC9nJii€rdtion, of the dffitCllom of others, 1 6^ 

•fuch 21 darknelTe upon the face of che Land, and upon fo many 
tboufands of cbcir brethren: It is noc iaw&li for to give chat fuil 
liberty to the fatisfying of the flelli as in other times you may 
do, I iiiighc fliew it out of divers Scripture's but that 1 hoften 
ro chac remaines. 

But Secondly, The fecorid duty is to be ready to help them 
in dieir affiiciions,to let out our felves for th^rir comforr,leeing 
Aat Chrilt hath (udy 7 hofejhat mourn fkall hcemforted, every 
t)Qe of us iliould indeavoar to<mjke good what Chrift hath faicfy 
that is, to comfort riiem by our eftates, to comfort them by all 
the meanes that poCHUy we can. And never to think it much 
that you are frcguexirly fent unto to pity them that are in an 
afflii^ed ^rondition^ though you have otten contributions^ yec 
to doit freely and cheerfuUy z yov can't performe the duties 
that God requires of you in your beitig ienfible of their 
inoumfuli condition except you will put to your hand to com^ 
fere them. You c^*t pray to Qod to comfort them but you 
take Gods name in vain^ except yoii likewife are willing to d* 
what you arc able. 

And then, the Third duty h this; We ftiouid put dOr felves 
into the fame condition that they are in, in our meditatittfis ; 
and conlider what we would do if God fliould put us really in* 
to the fame condition that they are put into : when you b^ar of 
thofe that have loft their eftates, and are banilTied and driven 
tip and doivn to feek bread that were wont to live comfortably, 
you ihould put your ielves inro fuch a condition : Lord what 
Would become of me if I were fo ? Suppofe I were under the 
enemies i^iercy as they are, what would become of me?in what 
afadcondirionfl^.ould Lbein ? —But you will fay, Why 
(hould we fo trouble bur felves feeii^ God delivers us, to put 
our felves in o the fame condition in our meditation- as our- 

iCthrenare in. 

To that I anfwir, That God requires this, you canno: be fa 

iroughly fenhble of their eftates as you ft\ould, nor make that 

fc <yf that affliftcd condition that th *y are in except you do put 
• )ur felves fometimes into their condition? , and think with 

-JT felves J what fhould I doif I were in their eftate ? And 

Z for 

i^o WfiMt gpoJL will come kj puting mt ftlvi^ 


for that lie give you,rbU^^cn]^cure> in the t j of the H^t^.v, 
Rtmimker th$mthMt arrm.hndsym btmd wtti) tbem^ anithsm 
thdtfi^er itJt^srfityy m king your fr'viis a^o in tht bUj^R^smem^ 
her thcf» ' th4t 4re inimdsy 4s twnd. with thpm H^rc the Apor 
file writes to thofc that were at liberty, and yet he requires ^S 
them to Rtmtnfker fhfc tj^at r^ere^ in bonis y m if they -miribmmd. 
. ifith thern^ ; Sathat thofe that are inPrifon novvt^by the enemy^ 
why confider as if you wercTi^prifon vvkh.chcni,tliofe that haW 
l^ftaiUasifyoubad ioftall vvkb^.tfaein, fo chat you mMlFe-^. 
* member thcm>otherwire At k avcry flight kind of arfeclioq th^tr 
you tind your hearts touchcwithaU> i^' fo be that you cuvbiic 
only fay, O how cruelly are they uCed, the. Lord pity them, and 
have mercy upon theoi : Ibut ky thiis to heart, whatjf 1 were 
IjO, what if ic were really my. conditioD ? -« 

But You will fay, Snffofe wi' jhonld jut th^ m tm.fdvrs^ 
yfh^tffoi nfc wohU thcr^ ^onte ofthu f 

To that I anfwcr, many wayes,. if you would b«c put your* 
felves iwo dieir condition., aiid confider what if I were fa^ 
then coniider from hence what duties you woutd be further 
put upon in thi^. 

As firft, If I were intheit condition certainefy I could dm 

' but then be fenfible of the vanity of the creature : what a vam5 

thing it is to reft upon ai^ outward comforts in^cbii&worldytheie 

was a thne it may be, that not lot^aqoetbey enjoyed asomcb 

of the outvYard comforts of this world Z9 1 doe,but in one nigbc 

they are ftripc of all, and have nothing in their houfes, and are 
under wofuilafffiaions ; why certainely they cannot but thirik 
thus with themfelves:0 the creature is a vaine thing: Ic'ia 
vaine thii^ to cruft in any creature conifonr, it may fooit 
be aken away ftom me> beyond all e^^ce^ation of mine : 6 1 
could not if I were iniiietr condition but judgs of the vanity 
of the creature. Let me do fo now then. 

And then fecoodly. If I were in rfjcir condition, why my 
confcience would be freely tcHxi^oftne and charging of me 
fcr the abufe of the mercy chat I have had : Suppofe that all my 
comforts were taken away from mc, as from them : do nor! 
ibinkmy confai^ice mm lAefeatly % in my &ce, and teli 

Ii' • > - • >- ^.->^ » . ■■ . .^M— ij^-«»^ij..f-»^Aa>^»»^« ■...■- >-«..i^>-^^.-, , 

utro fhe cof^mon §f the affiiUed, . | ^ j 

- • ■ " - ' ■ . . . : -^ c 1 

»ine bow I have abufed chofc mercies chac I did enjoy : how t 
ttid nor make ufe of my eitace for God as I might have done, 
you fvbo have conrfbrtablc eftaces tio%v, mi you think becatiie 
tbev arc your own that therefore you may do wich chenias yoa 
iiflibutifCodlliouidbyfom^ accident coine and take your 
dtsces from you, the hrft thii^ that your comciciKc^s would 
do, would be this^to chaise upon you the abiife of your eftices: 
— Andihenfecotidly to tell you that you did not mike that 
ufe of your eflates for the'honour of Gods name, as you m^ht 
have done .• Suppofc God iTiouId come upon you by the adver- 
sary, or fire, or any other way, aild fweep away all in one night, 
donor you think mat your confcietices vtould than tell you : 6 
I might have made better ufe of it for God then 1 have done ; 
It's an ordinary thing when a mercy is taken from on *,for con- 
icience to accufe then for rhe abuie of that mercy that be did 
enjoy; asnow,whenamanburiesaWife, the fitft thit^that . 
confcience will tell one, will be; O I have not performed the 
duty that I oi^t to my wife Which I ihoudd have done, aend lo 
<or any mercy, whan the mercy is taken ivvay, confciedce thert 
hath greater liberty to charge one for the aWe of that mercy 
then formerly it had, andfo We ihould put our felves iti their 
ufe, and put conTcieAce to it and (ay, fuppofe that all the out- 
ward comforts which I doe enjoy m this world were taken 
iwayfrom me^ould I tben^utve a cteere cortfcieftce, and could 
1 be able to fay. Lord th<Ju that knoweft all things knoweft 
that wlule I did ertjoy my cftatc, it was my care to ferve thee 
wi hit, and to improve my eftate to the uttermoft for the glo- 
tv of thy name! ; I am aff raid chat there are not many which am 
deprived of rbdr eftates that have their confciertce^ fo free in 
ttccnfing of them, £»ld fo I feare chat there are not many of yon 
W if yon would put your felves into their conditionsyour cMi* 
fcicnce Would deal more freely with you then n'w it do:h, tmA 
that's a fccofld tbu% that confcicfice would doe if you were in 
Acif cafe. 

And ♦lien the third thing, If you would but put your felves 
inco their fortJition if would be this. You would lliorren your 
*rward comforts, but you would inhrge your duties.I vcrilv 

Z'l think 

X72 Hhat good will come bj pitting onr fflvcs 

think that generally our brethren in thofe parts where the ad- 
verfary hach been, (I do non fpeak of fuch that are loccilh) but 
any chat hive any worke of grace, I verily belecvc they are lar- 
ger in ducivis thv^n ever they were before: they do not cut Ihort 
holy duties fo much as formerly, and certainely if you were in^ 
tlieir cafe, if the Lord ll .ould cut you fhort in reflect of your 
ouiward comfo:ts,.the larger world you bw m the performance, 
of holy duiies. 

Fourthly, If you were in their cafe, you would have a more 
feriouK.fpiiic then now you have; Nowyouen;oy anoutwaiti 
profpericy,you do no: liy to heart how thmgs are between Cjod» 
and YOU, bur now if God ihould come & raid away all the our*- 
ward comforxs t hatnow you have>6 that would caufe many ferious 
thoughts lobe in your mind, and toconiider, how are thii^ 
betweene Cod and my foule. Things are very fad with me m 
refpect of the world, but how are they in rcjpett of heaven : 6 
put your fclve<? ihco that condition, that the flightnefle and va- 
nity of your fi irits may be taken of, that you may be now as 
ferious as you would be if you were in their condition. 

Fifthly, Ifyou were in their condition, O you would learn 
to be content wfch a little, therefore now put your felves into 
their condition, and think with your felves : Suppofc God 
ihould take all from me, then I iliouldblelfe his name if he 
would returne but a little part of that againe, but now I am in 
my family and have aboundancc of Comforts, and yet if any 
one thing doth but crorfe me, I am froward, and difconccm : I 
but ifGod brought me as lew as my brethren 1 (hould bklTe 
hisnameforalittle, then I would be glad of bread j Many of 
them that have liv'd as comfortably as»you now live, would be 
^ad of bread,and the fmalleft drink if they might have but (iif^ 
ficient of thatrWby now put your felves into their canditi6ns,ft' 
bleiTe God for that littk you have ; And thus you ihould be iii 
bonds, in aiHidion with thofe that are in afHi&ion. 

And then Sixthly, Prize peace with God, thofe that arc in- 
■ an a(Hi6led condition, O how do ihey prize peace with God, 
and peace with confciencc, now . fucri of them as are Godly, 
they think thus with theoifeJves, O'had not wt laid up peace 


, , — , ; ^i 

tHto the €9ffdItioft of the nffiiclei, , 17 J 

with God; anH had we doc peace vvi:h our owne confcicnces>. 
what thould Vfi do? but bldied be the rnme of God, chat Wi 
have kept our peace with God, and we have peace in 0|ur own 
confcienc'esjInthefedaye^ofvYarre it's this onely chat com- 
forts their hearts, they prize ic mw : O cherefo -e put your 
fclves in:o their conditions that you m.iy leamc to prize peace 
with God, and peace in yourconfcience. 

And then the feventh and laft thih^of all is tl/ s, it we put 
our felve%into their condition^ certainly you would rife up a- 
gatnft Popery and Tyranny : Suppofe you were in Ireland^ aixd 
Hiere were under that heavy tyranny ef thofe barbarous Papiii^ 
that ate there :. why would not this make youto>rife againft 
thofe that arc Popilh, and to thiric thus • Is this the Popiih 
Religioni O bloody Religion^ what wickednelfe would that 
Religion countenance, a curfed Relfgion is Poper}';yon would 
be ready to chage your childrento hate Popery as long as they 
liv*d, 6 the cruel uiage of people that have oeen ti^re: — 
And fo the Popilh party that have prevailed* here fliould 
make all tofife againil Pc^ry; and fo againft Tyrannyf what a 
mifdrable condition is a people in where a few men' ihall Ty- 
ranize over them"; OletusjoynwhacpoTiblywecan^ to call 
(^ the yoke of Tyranny, that we may be Govem'd by Law, and 
know aforeband when it is, that we doe orfend : Certainly the 
B^feiies that have been^of late in thefe three kingdomes, can- 
not butftirre up the fpirits of thofe in the ktngdome that are 
not fottifti and willing to^beflaves to rife agairil Tyranny and 
never furfer it to prevaile over them againe, by putting our 
felves into their conditions we may crme to have our hearts 
afifefted in fome xneafure as their hearts are, and thi:$ we ilialt: 
be- fenfible in a rijlbt' way of the m<^umeftil Wftate of our bre- 
thren, ' :, 
. And t<>that end, thatj^ may befen(ibie of themoufnefiilt' 
cftateof our brethren,it's good for us often to charge our felves 
mc6 the great evtll ofrfelti Ai fpirit, what becaufe I am free 
my felfc, and feek nothing my fclfe, fhall none of the affiiiSi- 
«nsoC^chtCbtirc£etofGod, ^nd^efuiferit^S'^of aH tha. 
CoUDoyBSyCDiiie neet co m y hea^ \6 ^bafe felilih ipirk ditt I 



UiwMWiW W l I I. I li«— »•***<■ 


] 1^4 Tf'W g9oi mil CQrtte iy f fitting omr fehes icc^ 

■ ■W« i « 

.have; what is my flclh more cbcnthcflcili of others, ^kurae 
rhi"; upon y<Hir ioules as in ctie prefencc of God and chis will %c 
a mean .s co break your hearts. 
And iecondly , Lee all the mercies that you have, be ieafr •• 

ned wi.h thexonfidvin-anon of the thoughts of tiieaiBictioos c< 
jour bxthren, when pu lie at your table, why I have a fall 
. table, but hofsv is it wich others ? — • Why, you goe to bed, I 
^'^e to bed, -and have my houfe in peace, wl how is ic with 
others rfmy brethren ? — when I walk out intochs iti»ccs, I 
go about my trade and bufmdfe, but how is it wirh o Jiers ? -^ 
when I come home a'aine, I feemyiYife and chiidreaand all 
about me 6 but how is it IHIl wich my brethren ? foi^xm every 
mercy that you do enjoy, you ihould as it vVere feafon the ttier* 
cy With the codideracion, How iladds it with my brecbren ? ha 
you feafon your meat wid^ fair, fo every mercy that vou enjoy 
Ihould have the conf:dcration ^f the atflidion of your Wthren, 
to be joyncd with it for the fcafoning of that mercy. CertaiiH 
iy your mercies Would be^ great d^e more iavoury to you if 
tney were feafoned with the codideration of the affiidk)iis that 
your brethren do endure. 

And then Farther, Remember you are jnthe body, accor* 
dim to that Scripture in the 1 3. of the Hekrtwsyoa are lyable 
' to tnofc t hii«s that they are : atkd how juii were it wich God i£ 

I(heuldnotKaffed:edwkbtbefltireriesofotfa(»^ that<^od 
ihouldbrii^ as great if not greater upon me. The Lordha^ 
thoufandsofwayestobrii^asgreit afflv^ons upon you, ts 
ever were brou^ tipon aiiy part of the kingdome,atid there is 
no fuch dameitMisiigne that God intends it towards you^^isishc 
beitig unfeimbie of the afHi&tons of your brediren: O faoir iboti 
may the Lord by fecret trcadieryk, bfmj&ictzty&c. btw y«u 
into asL woful affli^ions as they, and therefore condderitt how 

lyaUe you are to the fame, or to much greater aflli6Hotis^ 6 be 
fedibk of the miferies of your brerhrte, the ferions tbonghrs 
of them woiJd be t wa^ argument xo worke upon the 
I Pet. 4. IT, *»* ^J«> I^*y 1 Confidcr rfmc^die Apoftfe Ptifr : If 

fffhMmiimt by meek^Jfe. 




Ijhfdvtd^ where jhall the wickgd W tmgoiLj Mffeart : li fa 
maoy of the righteous fervaocs of Ooak ihoald fu^r bard 
(fungSy'and diat chey ihould ^ ctiroMgh fuch great diflRcul- 
ties coHeaveiH what iliall becon?e of me then ? Uuli the righ- 
(emtsfisarcely be fayed; That i^ far.'d through many difficulti^ft 
addaogeraandfiitfenngsTbenvvhatll^ become of me^ 
Kfhere iliall I s^^peare ? for my confciencer tells me that there 
isomdiuiirighteoufiielfeinme; And. if Gods deare. Saimsi 
cone oobeavea tfaroMgh famuch trouble furefy there is tron* 
bk referyed for me thea: thefe kind of chov^Ks would, break 
vour heanS) and caufe yim taoioiune widichem d»t moume,^ 
bl^ed are they that do^ thus moume, that are feniable of; dfte 
^ffi&km of tbepeople of God/or they <1iaU be qomforted:.*-* 
And thus now vve have done with thit ble^sdnedc) the 
Secoiid Beacitude ; The pooce in Spccit ; Aiid tbofe thai: 


"Noyv dienvve ajreto.pcocecd tathe Third* 
lfUf[tJL sane the metkjw tbe^f fhdlinherit tb& eartjf. 

'^fi- Jr. 


Fiift4or the word meekg. Some thodc k qoigMis^ firom a» * 
Ikbftw^ifordtkatfigQtfestobechm^orloQ^r,, or teaiie:and 
ibnJmesJ And it exfM'eft by the fame word thac is ufed; fbs 
kndityrfi)r they are veiyneerakin) Cbrift pots- them. cog&- 
tber, lMrtte§fm ( faith he ") far lam hmMe-mimeel^ 

TlieLarawexpfeiflfeicbythev^^ (mitu) one that is ai riUm^j^ 
kwcreKuite^w&niiefiirtersaiyvvrot^: orelfcfromawxird^r.^'*^^ 
taken fixwi bcafe that arc not fierce, but are affouflomed to *" '*^*** 
0o»hmiyMiek:. The word thacis in my text ic is one that i9 
ofateflipero£fpimea6et0:beintreated> of a. facite fpirxcr 
And the nature (^meektidfe coniifts especially m the r^it 
fiioderaciionofthepflfrionofai^r: The duegracsMi»m6de-' 
ncMttof diepttflTtoio^jaig^r :, Thpfemeaorwioiiieo tbachave 

» ••^■MUMMMMi^ 

,1^ ^ 1>dt mum hj f9Pci\t^n4jjK 

. powet over thenifelves> to moderace the palfion of cheir at^er 
they arc meekc. 

Now there is a nacur all meckneffe fomcrimcs from the con* 
(;i utionot mans body : many men arc iK>t fo prone to ai^er 
naturally as othermcn are, from their very temper of body ; 
€):herir are more chollerick in their very temper — An<l fo- 
there is a noturail meekneftc that arifes f/om the ftrength of 
Reafon,amanthatisbut a rational! man, yet by bis reaion 
may be able to curb his anger in great mea;tire : But this meek* 
Tiefle mv& ^oe beyond thcie, the naturall meekneil'e from cbe 
temper of tnebody, or that that comes* from the ftrengch ot 
Reafon : And if you would know how it goes beyond thein» 
you may take it in thefe particulars* 

Firlt, One that is meeke iianiraUy,he is meeke in feme out- 
ward thit^ wherein others would be angry> but this meeknefl'e 
of his that is Jsut naturall, it doth quenai all zeale for .God, 
it dorh not Itand with the exercife of the grace of xeale far 
God ; But now fpirituall mecknefle is fudi ( beir^ a grace 
.of the Holy Glioli ) as there is in it no oppofition to any otter 
grace, that's a certaine rule: Severall vices may be contrary 
one to another, yet no grace can be contrary to another grace : 
Therefore thofe me» that are meeke fpir itually,- they are zea- 
lous to : They have fpirituall principles in them, which makes 
them meeke, and able to mo 'erare their anger in their own. 
caufe, yet thpfe prindpies will make thtmi zealous for God, 
but now where the priiiApie of meeknelle is but mttirall, from 
the codlitution of a mans body, or only f ower of Reafon^wby 
this will quench zeale ; thofe that are meeke thus, they are hoc 
acquainted with the Grace of zeale for God, as it a{^)eare8 
frfainly ; You have fome men and women you fay you cannoc 
at^erthem, they will never be a«?ry, it may be their childf^a 
and fefvants do frch things as woula anger you, but they are 
very patient and quiet arid meek, and they bare all ; now ic 
may be you think that this is from true grace, no, »Ki you will 
know it by this that their children when they doe any tbii^ 
amiife againft them they are not angry, no nor thou^ their 
children fin againft God, they are not aiigfy, now this is no 



WW mtdnthjfffeed^vtffe, \jj 

'graciou&meektiefre, grace will ceach men and women cq be 
.meek and^gende when chey are croft chetnretves, buc grao; 
will never ceach them to liemeeky fo as<nor tobe ai^ry when 
God. is dtiihonoured: you ihali find that, thoi^ rfaac ar^in Scrips 
cure.fer o& as (he«moft for .medoieite -in citeif 
own ciuliey)]ec wbenic comes to Gods caufe, chey have b^en 
the moft eminenrin zeale .* as for the exam >le ^ M^fes^ if 
you read die 1 2 of NmAers^ you fliall find chat the Lord doch 
give tbu Teftimony of M^ts^ chat he was die tmJksf^ ^^^ ^ 
m f#rr^, bnc y^ you Imow the ftory oiMofts^ when he came 
down from the Mount and (aw bow the children of Jfrael had 
let up an Idoll ( the Golden Calfe ) Mofes was all on fire : 
and having che*Tableaof Oone where the law was wriccen in 
«bis hands, and having received them from Gpd himfulie> yec 
wfacirhe faw chat Ictoll, he tooke cbofe Tabla^ i^kI (hrew th^m 
down and brake them to pieces in his zeale fibx God : yea and 
afcetibehad done that, be 'ftirs tp the people to cake cheir 
iwords and flay cheir Biethreniand^yet M^s cbe»0Kekeft man 
cfaac ever Evd upon the i4ce of cber earth ——We read of 
Chrift himfelfe, that he jpropounds himfelfe as 9 pattern of 
nieeknefle, laarne^fjmfwr I^mmftk^ yet when he comes to 
(be Scribes and Phanfees that were ^levhed enemies againft 
the power of godlinefl'e) though theytfiade an outw^d ikew 
and ib fediice^ th^ people ismakingdieBi^leeve. chat ail Re- 
%ioQ £d ccohfif tin btq:wardi6me$i>f^# fiu$bJff\ to yam Scnihs 
MBdJPbarifns^^hjficrittji he tptooounces eight woes a^iiift 
than in. one Chapter, Afittfh «3vand fpeak^ in a ny)R bitter 
way z Never Aa any godly mm preach with a greater, bicter- 
netfe ( aslmsy fafpeake ) foiritwas a bttxer w^tj dm Chrift 
had a^Rnft^cho Scrib^^i ana Pb^fee. itt his ^skii^ to th2in> 
irndyeTthe^msekeftiiianthaDevlervvaSi; ic wa3 drbt^teraHic of 
fpirit, anci ^'ou cinnoc tind more fiecy : z6iH u%any a^ainft fin 
'T^ you find injrfus.Chriit; when jie came and /^whovv they 
id afauTe the houie of Gody he threw down the Tables of the 
Mon^-chan.%rs,.and tookc corda andliwdo^a. wHipjandwhipc 
diem out of them Tempi wV^<i.C^pf\6Nwfc iwf^f^h'^^f^-^ 
AndfoiJ^cbatVYosirry m*ck^,T^di^r«e4 to Tiff^fhy to 

A a injir.'iit 

- . ■ ■■■- • ' 111. ^ II 

«* 1*1 

^^n PmmI did but fee his eyes u^n E^mmt, chac did feeke co 
AAi I J . io« dmv Jtway fiy'^'W P^iu from the ^i^ why £ thfu child ef 
tki Devil^ atUfulI^faUffttt'ciy ; whae^doth any maa fpeake 
more rerribly rben h^ did to ElitmM ; So thapt this^inedaKire 
is fiich as hach a'mixcure of zeah, vvhma manorvvafmn c» 
meek in their own caufe, can deny theouelves in chetr own- 
eauf^, and be able to tuoderate their anjer, but yet when it 
comes to the iraufeofCiod^th^y can there be all on fire for 
God, this is^fh^ ridit meekpdiey the oieekndQG: cbac here i^ 
pronounced to be blciied. 

But iiovv fthU sneeknei^i^ as it is diftiii^iihed from mturaii^. 
to \Ye muft inquire wherein it confiib, m the moderadoc of 
anger in thefd fix fiartfciilars; 

As Firfti Integwd of thd objieft of^nser, ic is that yace 
whereby \^ come to be ihabled to aioderate ai^r, that i%, 
Firft, nor to be af^ry and froward for nodbin^, and fo as to be 
able to give an acc^^int of <^ anger : v>^re there is true meek- 
nefie, the heart hath-fo iiiuch powei ^s if I aqi angry, i am a* 
ble to give Ml' Account rof it; 
' Sacomtty, When iiidO'areangry for OTQry thtM« 

Or Thirdly, When they atc:« at^ fttf that tb^s good : m^ 
gry at the good of ouf Br^ren, when they do but d^ <Htt^ 
tmfe are Aoc^meeke s '^ :PBCiiaw vvhen the foufe Itt 
mand df it felfd,4bic I^wiUmchbiangry for any cbii^,but that 
I cih give an account of it to God ? indeed puny o^you when* 
you are angry, ya/d chink you are ai^ry io a ratibnoU way, and 
when one asksyoih do>you Wf It to be wigry, you caafaf , yes 5 
I doe wdl COM angry^ bur cab you give fiich anocienqt of ic 
to God as ytiu-dod to nien^ cim yoU lay, Lord, t nrofi mgryjbat 
it was no more thtn chow woialdfthaveTne «> bcifor ic was.iipr^ 
on fuch and fuch ^ft grMnda:hjctI was angry. Maayare angiy 
5S^ich ihfencible creatures, tbnitimes a workman ai»ry: with his 
cool, & throws it avvay;and To llkewift angry wirfibruit beaft^ 
That's the firft, A nfioaeradbn o£a»er in refjied of the obje6k; 
Nottobe angry at anything, but tKatrfiatlwe may give an ac- 
count of to Gcdf aid Tay, Lord this is the ching.that hocfa pro- 


fffhertH meA^efi c^nfifts. . ' TTO 

i^^c my dnger> and thou wouldft have nie t*lfe I wouM no: t»o 
angry. • » . ^ 

And then (ecdidty^ A oRxIdradon of tnger in refpet^ of xhd 
di»e ol: anger ; thati^, 

Firft^ Thacicbenoctoofuddake. 

"Seccmdf y^ That h be noc taifeafonable. 

Thirdly) That ir be not lafting. In thefe tbree thii^ 
meeknefl'e dorh Biodiratc anger. . .* ^ . ^ 

Firft) That ic be not fdddaine, Tbeit is nkfaing . wliefcm 
fliefi:!ndwonien are more &ddaine> then in tbe{>a:)]f)ii«ofan'< 
ger^and chete is nothing whereii} they ihould b^ oaore delibiS' 
rate^ if chdre be a thing wherein there kjuftcwfe why you 
fiiould be angry^ wtfy jaa may^be iangry an hdur hence^ and it 
wereagosdway vrhcre. there is any tfab^. £illf out ^ pi^ 
voke^ to anger ^, Fidi wdgh and cxttfider of the thing; atid 
then if there be rufiBdenccaufe lee cvc your ail^u after? Bur 
nocv whsn men and/wmcn/are Aiddainly an^y^they have ^n* 
pwrderTpifits that a^ltttlefptflcptis cbmiail on a fireman 
uiftaiit, ffuicondWioatd'iMicbr at th^ iuddaine change .thar 
is often tinoesinimnv'nmi and womdi is a ha^j dU things 
arc quiet tuM > anci on afiiddaine ad thing.^ arcin a Hturiyr: 

/toiitHeniecotsUy^.thsc tb befftK ickfeaibnjMe^ tsfnevr^nrhcn . 
ym ar^ roper&rtneduci^'^take h^ed of ai^r ehia^iir^ you. 
io^C)ftopnyer.»svhyvvHaafosver€i^ oucif ywhavetbe grace 
pf ifieeknefle, you would ta forcurbyouf felves< a^tofay^ let 
pariionflaytiUIhavs done my prayer, this wereanexcelleoc 
tfach^if i^erem^re this medoKifle px fomilyesv why when torn 
aad'tbvir^wiVes imdAmilye&aoe graigto prayer> tnaify timei 
the Devil mil lay before yoo (bnb^ tsmptatloiis^to]ri()v<)k0 
TOUT paifton, and he knows that th ar yourpraycr i^ ipc^ed' if 
ne can but put ycni into a palficai; vvhynow if cherebecb; grdoe 
'of meebvtfle to over power ar^er, voA cananaVC' anger to ht ^ 
fervanrto yon and nos your Lard, you frDftrateSaj:im>defigtie 
then: Suppofe a fervant, orneigbbottri or child doth othervviftr 
rhenthey ought, yeryoncan fay to an?er Mj hire till I have 
doK^yer and aften;ra^di I WtU ooofider of you then, ^ fo 

I ' — I 

\iJ^o ' wherein mtei^effe' cj^njifis. 


when you come co heire the yvord; Oxis a dangerous duag t^ 
give way to pallton ac arnr cimeibuc efpeciilly upon a Lords day>. 
if .you tie put iiKO apjffion dienaten'co ioe falic ydu looie 
the Sabbach:foF then your cbodghcs are rotii^ about the vxrong. 
that is dons coyou> ^ about rhou^cs of Devei^e, and then 
you will mamfeii your difpleafure^ bar now^ meetaieflSs. doth ^ 
iaoderaccar^er>togive one power over ones anger fa' as it 
fhailnocbeunfeatonable.. * 

* And thienthirdly, 'MeeknetfedotH moderate at^er in re- 
fpe^ dk die tanftingnelfe of ir, that it ihall not laft loi^r thdoi' 
it oikbt to doe; many mens and womensanger is like th&fre* 
afJ^fU^ beir^ onoe kmdled ic'sxiever quencbt, it*s unquencha- 
ble, as tbe fire icfiidl is ; their dog dayesdo continue all the 
yeareioi^; YVmihaUbaveioineaaen'ahdwonienif anythmg. 
mve (alkn out in their famiiyes, and they he got into a fit of 
{Xiitton^yott' (hall have them afcer day in that fit of 
paflioi^ lo tiat. fcmecpines even isuttaad.wife wiH ooc ipeake 
one taanoober vk two^s rk^eerdayes^xhis-iinfttU^. tMs £ir from 
meekneiie : I&iiou toudftdiis gRbdecfimdekQede^. it wo^d fay 
to ar^f , ThmfmrreipaH yem^goi mttm^$mthery$s you^ can raife 
it lip when you* fee caiiie^ lb vou can kemit down too: but ma- 
ny times you know the wina raifes up the waves of the Seai 
and Ptbtn the ^vttid^aredowiiy yet ttid wains of fbe Sea tfiey 
are aU in «broyU' anddomigbtilyirire ftiH^and ace very boifle* 
reus though^ ijiewind^areddwn; fo tis wxtbmany>.though 
the caufe ^tbeit ar^r be t^en away, yet their anger havi»c 
been raifed they are nocable to overcome theoifelves»It'4 juft 
with melt and women iiere, as with yotir childien^ if onoe.tbey 
itoAfphskdj pucrhem^inifaajcry>^d though yocr giifse.them 
thfe thing that'tbey "would bavey yet they ctailnot ovetcooie 
t}icnrfeivespirefenrly,*foicisTvithmany, rhcy are noclaliiK 
xh other tlw^> bnc in their anger there they laft, irrany good 
motion for Cjod, there they are fickell and unconftanc, but 
their paflionthat holds. 'Now meekneiTc it doth moderate 
ar^er in regard of the continuance of ic. - - 

• Fbilrthly, Meekneffe doth moderate anger in refpeft of tiie 
ffieafure of it, why if I be at^y, I will be angry no more then 


H^bercin med^fe c$it0s. . l8l 

needs mnft : fvhy fo violent ? vvby fo fierce, why fo cruell in 
anger ? as many cbey kncyvy not bow to be ai^^y dik they tmi\ 
be nud/ But nowtxfe that bath aiiiedc fpirtc, he may be angry 
fometimes, I but hismeeknefle wiil meafure out his ar^er, fd 
♦micb ai^r and no more, after the. proportion ro cbac that I am 
ingry for. 

Jtod then tbe fifth is. The ground &om f^ien^ 
The gcound it is from pride in your bearts^or from fome other 
liift> <tf fiom weakndTe, biit nowmeeknefle of fpirit that d«rh 
(b much moderate anger, that whenfoever I am ai^ryf it (Kali 
not be frommy pride, nor lufts, nor weakneflk : Thus meek- 
neffe moderates aicer; 

And Aen the eil^$ of anger; O- the wofett ievili ^etfdfts 
chat come from the ai^er of men aid Wdmeh; 9j^t diSt^df (ki ' 
is there cc^nmitced in on^ hour, 'when yoti give way to paflftorts 
there's more iin qommitted (pmetime^ by. a man or woman in 
one day when they are in a fr<yward petti^li humor , then by 
others that are in a meeke quiet bttnourfor a yeari yea it^y 
be aU tbeir lives : thou mayi^ dd diat in Meu^ayf thalil \k My 
beflfttycaufetheet6re))entali thy JifeafteriSftti^mnfcitJly^d 
almeH infinitely when we come to* a pailion ; paition atid or^r 
docb hea^ the hal&i tUat arein the^h^arts of men^'and'wonfien, . 
and therefore they are -very aAive in tWslr fin/in thb|ti#i# of a 
Y^l^fMiiiM^fcrm^ ^ecasbetfethtipbl^holi^i^^^e 
Dro]^ both tl;ie tabfe^ ocrwhipb the j[^ was^Wnd^ 
for, that people in ttei^finfulFwifHdd;- tfi'ey'or^ike betK the: 
tables of the taW^bythei^' Wdfol'dh^^ 
. <ritttTCittIitigfpceches,,wii4t'^c^^ 
and defperat^^reMiiitiofti irethet*.e.if<tiic tteii' of^i^^ * but 
now whf pe dier^iithdikn^fs.if tJ^lhiaiT^re 5^illi'i&^ 
' aiidvwttn()<ftffcei(topwec^ id^^r^ rtayvftkh 

Jieekneffe, v^tTwth.rheLordgt^ttt^ rfnsaffefti6n iWmy 
r#uk for. Kit tK)t for his'doiy, miat is it producing of 

iicb bafe and (infttif effeas^as dtbfe are > the Lord^tbidit : 6 > 
Jie cvit of ai^erlO remember in the day^ of ydur ffattiilialtionj 
• 6 be faftffiibled fo^ tfie wondbrful wicked effeft s f>f your firiftil 1 

'angefi and yoii th^ hant martyr to iiutarible yoor fbuh before 


.,3t Mitk, ftrfohs I'ki Gcd. 

God when you arc iii Secrcc you wane nimcr for prayer : 6 do 
ibucconhdcroflom^ititofiUTgcrihityou have been in, and 
ice whidid thvire are not fins enough wh^ y.ou have Sjsai ijfi 
tlMt to afford nuccer for your confciiioni, and then mcckndlc 
^otfa moderace anger in r^i'pctl of the end,thai: when I am onr* 
gry- 1 will not be angry for my 4blfe, jou are angry fometimes, 
ibwc. vybat comef of ic^ ncAV 2, meek heart when it isaiigf y it will 
iopk at dus, lei; it be rcguUred fo far as Imay. have §;>od pf 
it^let ftie ^ve hply rads., aiul holyainies inmy anger.- As npwr, 
4ml ^ry wiiha child^^vhy it isxo the end that I nu^ht ilieiY 
fach dij^pleafure attamft chedEtUd may 

amend, and that the lervant may amend j The Lord thaj knows 
raU K^m\g^ kw^ ^3t ^^ I do let out my ^^ ag^l any 
t)3dn ar .woqott^ 9f child> or fervant, I do aiuK at tb^^ood ^ 
ch^n^ 4fidi^d I beleeve that to 'b|^ Gentle tovva):d^tbeDa9 
and not 10 fnanifeil my anger would do them mare^goodf 
«^lw daey Aiould never lee me at^cy, this (Kould be toe cefo^ 
v'JwiKSn 9f every godly Pifem, Mafter» &c, Blc^M .Jtrftke 
'^mf^ktM^!^^.^^^^9 th^ are thus n^ek, thatlmetfius^Diiu^h 
^TOOfei! W'OyeffCttne thc^^uwi of their anger,. tA^'^f i^>f^. 
pJwr I (bouW have AowifWany wayes why tnale'wboin: thvs 
-i^eelwiFe blefledbere^'an^.f9r everiball jbeib There is 

f 1^ qpu^ iaid;of tbU graf e'pf .fxv3pknei||e to jei; (xit fibe bleiT^- 

vif^<b^«rc*tMottigr.givacet,^,i,p' >^;^^^ r/., ^ , .. 
: WJ»f thou that arcfie^>s^tlike<^ 

: W?/}isAfflmipei?ofto^ 

. .-)ri»^Mifis fhc^sbry x)£ Jdfis Cbrj(bi;o4}^ fa, % Aich<*i^, 

: J^m^tf^4r^^ ^V^fmH Chnft ceU^^, owf;i5iOj,-pclfpr- gr#:c 

ih^ be vvouid have his OiJCcipies follov>f bw4ni>uc hk^ity ^^ 

medkneffe^ Why bleikdf- wiour^ wity doft Wcthoiffpea^ of 

ibofe 6ther excellent; graces, of cb ine ?. thtpu liadft ^13135 ivjth- 

. -fiUc mp*fiir^^>^t^^o''»;<^^ft^hav^5by IJ>if?ipi«ss4^4ffie 

I ofAee, wby d9ft iv^t piei[u:ioqi',- Jean^ <wdej^ftf>fiba^» 

< • andii^aventy miw^dneile of tl^ee^^^ ^efpii^ of tbf^, w^.ld^ 



.Mcfkf ferfms Hki G^. ig| 

traiiyodKir'gKice 5 No, fcich Chrilt, If you would be my 
ttfdfieslvvuuldC3Qow«pdfhB co you,, i am humble and 
Jieekc ; Wby t was tftat cbe great cooimendations otChrili? 
jen the Lord Je:us accounted k bk glo y ro ht nuckci j Doe; 
noc you account h a di(>)onour> vvhy is char a diihonour to thee 
that was an honour i:o Jelus Chtut ? il'»all Jefus Ch; iil r^eckoii: 
k hisliJIory to be ameekc maiv 4nd Ihalc no^ iho|i account it 
8oie thy GJory ? Obietfcdi^iboieibac ar^ li}cQ Goii the * 
Bacber* and Godrhe Son« 

Ana cbey have mucb ^ the Spirit of God ; what was tbd 
Spirit o( God compared ^omorc^thmfnedQie& ; when the. 
Holy Ghoft did appear upon the bead of Jeftip CbrilJ, be did ^^' 3* '^*- 
ajpear ifl the fonnt of 4 doy^ ; now they fay of the boye, ix, 
luthflogall, \\ is th^ eiri)len>^ of medn^tfe < TJh^refQtei i£ 
thou wouldllbe like eii:facr Father, ^m^ or Holy Gho(l> thou 
Quftb^amanorvvGAi^ofanieek^ and gentle ipirit, i/^j^r/ 
1^^ f Af)^ f W 4rf w^MSe, for they have mit«h of Rather, Son and 
Holy Gb^ k^thsm ; h> very obfbfyibU that iMM i^A Sar 
c?ifcesh?wpuWnu? h#ve ♦Lyom.aii4'Ty§er^<»liij^:,«l^iU 
frtatufes ttejk offered ii S«:ri{i« tQj l^m,? nwj np 'Wtdf .of 
pfcy»bn(M wovldhaijethe- Dovo ^^ the Pig*<Jn| an4 thei 
lamba^ tbc Sb€f€|>, the torddQch-rcg^d jathe? fuehifamH-< 
«es, then diCLfiraward p«rv^fc fpirits of W?b : Jk give yemr 
imbut{)iW SciiptuK fprihe 6fe{fc<il^0'^ »f «iwte fpki^it; 
Tbere arc,n«tey,prOinif«s pU4e^.«othofe thw »t* miclje;, feed's) 
«negreatoi)e inmy T«r, iHtc for, the .preftpt <»lf thitf one 
ScriptMre, tb?t one woui^ thihSfea^ thofe vfho bayeJound any' 
goed by JJeripture ihonW . for ^rer lay upon ife^ir heaits fo* 
9ie#^$b$^F fpij:ii;9 : A<ldiipieci^llyntsa(l|[^e^ towod¥9i»f 
fcf Acy,»rc the yfi!55iiccr ftx^a&;l^iri<w aiKJ ^^ 
wcaJwflJs, ?ha?pfof§- i^^ttely Gboft in the,i.ot'ftn.;},4^ 
Whcrebeisfp^jitengwicovycdieii, exhorting fh^ to ftem 
AenifeJvestheD^ugbt^r«of^4^^ f>ithbe, IJksmfi.jf^v^itm 

.184 Meik^ferfns ftks Gtd. 



: -mthfedr : whofe adormrigy let n not hthat o§§tWMrd dJUmtng df 
^laithig the halrey a»d ofvticarlng ofgM; or ^futftftgm of^ff^ 
rti :'^B«c how ihen 'Women are much addicted to 
thefe chiles , therefore the Holy Gh6ft mencions 
thiifc particulars : B^/c faith he , Let it be the hlJUeM 
man of the hearty in that which is not corr'^ftibiej what s 
that, 'Whac particulaf will the Holy Gheft •iritance in' for 
'the hiddcrt man -^ the heart-, even faith lie-, -a- meekt 
.4nJt a qniet ffix^y which is in tht'ftght 'of Ood of great 
wice ': Give me any • Scripture that purs fuch a coni- 
: mendarion upon any particular prace ,• Indeed we have 
in cffeft- other commendations that come to as much of 
faith, for' that*s the great gnice ef the Covenant by 
whiih Chrift is 'made oiirs, init expliiite expref-^ 
lion allmoft d any grace whatfoeyer, a meeJ^e and a qui- 
et fpirit is of great price with God : or as fome of 
. your books have it , is much fet by : Why would 
you have brave Cloaths and Ornaments you' 'acdoitfit rb^m 
to be precious, to hate' cbftly Lacfes,- an<l coWv Dref- 
fings* and anire i you thinke to g6e in thin^ tnat are- 
collly , I but whi are thefe ro God , as if Ae Holy 
^ Ghdft (hould (ay ,* If you have 1)ut the plainett Garment 
you'areas acceptaUe with God be lookes into the' inw^ord 
man 2^ Now to fee a man o^ Wortito' to havi brave' 
Cteatfis, and have ^frdwatd'penierie fpirit, O fuch 
are^ ' loathfome to- God', CxA lobkes^ u{^ thofe as 
having * an ugty drefle upon them j But now though 
you • oe nevet -fo doathed outwardly , yet have you 4 
meeke and a qiit^t iptrit , and chk frnbrii the g^ce di 
the^Spbit of God in you^ Ofaith the Hoty Gho(t,.4iere'« 
aft Orfftmeftfi, this is of great* price with God, it t 
much fet by with God , Obe in l6ve wirh it ; you ufc 
i# itiywhen you have a friend comes to yon, if I did 
hat icno^ What yow Iwe I wwild have it for you'UNo*? 
wdmen and others ,; fay thus to God: fr^that I'^d buc 
fcnbw^ wha6 thou doft fovc, vVhat GW doth mdft value •?! 
^" can 

■ ^ ^ 1 *■ 

Mitke ferfifts Itkg G^d. 


cm you fay as in the prefeoce of God chat if you did 
ixic know what God . Wd mofty you vyould qndeavour 
to che u(;cenno(l you could that God ihould have ic | 
now beheld here what the holy Ghoft faich| cfae Holy 
C2)oft faich this to all women , and fo it's true of nien 
and women and fervancs, that a meeke and a quiet fpirit 
is of great pricp with Gpd c ^ Therefore ;iovv, though you 
cannot remembir Cihox things, yed %o€ away and con- 
clude I have bsen indeed of a firoivard and petti'K tem- 
per heretofore ^ and 6 the (ms that I have ccxnmitted 
m my fjrowardnefle > but die Lof^ bath c<Mnmended 
meeloidfe to me , the Tcict faith that they are bleifed^ 
and an8ctRr^cripcure~ftiih,'nlnK:' ir fe-^ ^1br\yj ^ 
Cod, O che Lord giy^ us m^elfe /Tpiiifs chat we may be 
BIcHed. ' \' ^ \ ^ ' \ " ■ 

. J 


t . ;.,j_| •;, - , 



• 1 » » 

. ■ r 't\t, f ^t r 



M \ ■.'X - 

^ . • I 

•'-; ?A )ii<' 

• 'J «■> » » f -N 

, . 1. 

,f V ■' 

u / 

1 • 

I • • 


« < ' 


*fl/^(Mi.? ^/*iW Sk^eSf fot Chifrft ttt ttfifafi.: 

i .'V' J.V I ' ^lJ..! . ' -i r i i ,. ! '.r'!, ' !! ' l j " ' ^. ' .. U -- 

Blejfedare the mceks : for they JhaU inherit- 
the earthi 

* Oddothnotprizcthegay thii^ in the world, , 

I Gdd and Silver and Land aiid poflelifion! and 

I Crowiiss what are rhefe to God, wherefore 

I the Lord faith in 40 of//«. That tiilthe Mdtkns 

%»[ the earth are to h<m bm at ihedn^ ef the • 

JBtKketf and M the [mall di^gf the BaSawe^ 

Mothmg^yea leffe then nothings he doth not regard the Nation? 

■ of the world with alt their pomp and glory, but now a meeke 

jtod a quiet fpkit God prizes, thit's high in Gods efteeme, 

AaKBj»rth*^catdcjle with God, though all the narion^of 

cfeeSfmiirno'moreworiflUiiAalirtleduftisworthj blcfled 


We add further, BJefled is the meeke, F6r they are the fnb- 
jeSts that Chriftis anointed by the Father to conifdrt,topreach ■ 
glad tydii^s to, furely then they are biefled : IfayChriftas 
Ifcrr! aitoynted % riff Fiihftr ro-ppcadi th5 Gof^tToih? poS:^ 
and to thofe that moume,fo unto the meeke: Inthetfy ofl/a.. 
The Sfirittf the Leri Gaits Hfon me, becoMfeihe-LirA'jiath a- 
mjmtdmttefrtufh ^yityiittgsto the wieekli Tbtcnith is^ 




A^4i.fmfm^ ff^jgSs farCk^ifi to ct^ort. >|^ 

and cbereforc they muft tioddsjbe blefl'f^^tt^ tfapFa^^j; ^{^ 

Aod tben.Tbirdly . Surely ihey are bielTe.4 for ihis A>eek^ 
»Be0e, or abiiky tomoderaec and order at^get) Qod .hun^eif a^- 
coQQoi k Jiis DWx^Uxjf therefore ic . muU pe^ «puc ^ ;jgk^ 
•Mpon thofe that are mexHnQ^tx It W. 34,(Ji Whcrp Goa vwi^rf 
: ftcw his glory, xbkis mftxi^ikt j:eft : JXhc tard> ^^hw Jt-ord 
God,:iner€ifuUandgraciou0)/«v;)!i^^ cp 

^inojdetsacebisai^rwhenbeis,prov^cd : and co be jloogluf- 
ienugwicbnien) chat's the Glory of die Father. 

i^a pr6pheck:al j?j^/ineri)f C^ 

Ty and obfcrsi©, whbn the^ioly Gbqft, Wm: Jfet «H.ChrUl iji 

ihs glory, what he faich oSkiaXfTkm'^rffalrtr flftj^ the chiidre^ 

autiatdhii^ry/andiMflb^^'^s^netbii^ is, nr^ade(tt^ 
puts cheery iiiri,fiaii:jefty u(m Chcift> T)^j:<jfore BU^i\at4 . 

' Aik!ihmfotihrio(y<3ba(H .t^ k^ th«;.li§;appft?ftift 
die likendfe ;oEaiD<»ie>;vixhtcH (cbi^y fay) <^(h po g4tt)Vvhj.qUis ^ 
ao ctnbledtf meeknefleiXo due the meek |iii^ ' due that ^s 
Ae glory xrffibe Facher,thc glory of tfa? §oni and the glory pf 
die firfy C^oftupon dwo, Bhffpl th^% -^bta 4* P!<?f t- * ,7 : \ 

AgftiafiHthcr;«4f(ff«i i«r< r/^ 
^mciK oFtbcir ctot^iotii iw j&rtit^S: <ip4s S^rnail Ipj^rfo 
diem>of Gods etoftii^kwfc^.wbere eyer cIkt? i^uue .Cbrifti- 
' anmeeknefSiWe inay)coQckid($ thatchac (iqi4vyA^cbou^c,4ipon 
ftom ail etecmcy by. Gddi c^o&ed MiKo e^empiU life, ifi cb:^ 3 . 
^^/i'j^- 1 2 . (you that are acquainted .wi^b^^Ai^pfHr^iYpM x:annoc - 

bur know ^fe»thii«>f «*.)* tbirtfur^<4s the i(f^ of^GU (holy ] 

4Mihlovid')kwk^'m&^fef}^ kipd^f^i^ 'hmfUt^i[s ar Mii^d^ | 

iii#fi^iW/fl«Hii^ thi ?/«ff «f)9*^"th}C%?ff.cb;: A- 

^ B b 1 poiHe 

j»3 Metk?^fs s fmit^ftkit jprrlt. 

■ : : ' -4 

ft^it^wldhy^ VN^Id you make k appeare thai: you are tbe 
e\&^ of G^^u< 6n cbcnrbe bowBts of ii|gT<7 andf ktndn *6>and 
meeknefs: 'Tts nbc aiiargumertc chat a man h the. ek6t of Gcd 
p^tife he hath tneancs cooling mi betaufe* be hath exceUenr 
iparcs of mture, and honours fn the world, and becauie be gees a 
great deal of money; this u nO'>rgumenc ol: Gods ek£tion,Bat 
mnkifrfsMKdtovwfklMihitfsaffd/affg fiffm»ji Tbefe are cbe 
tfein^s chat 'arfe the fwiit even of cJ^tion. ' ^ 

7 jind th&i tkt mukjhty Mrt bl^iiy becavfe meeknefe k cs ^ 
l^ectatl fruite of the hoiy Gbort ki the hearts of the Saints, and 
th argiincnt of the holy Gholte dwelling ihere.lnthe^yiof the 
Cdh you have there the moft ft U letting out of the iVuks of the 
'flellk'and the fri^ris'of the S{>kit, «h;M: I know ui all tberbcfok <^ 
God. Novv^mtfrk^ Im thd fmts of the fielli yon 6»ttlTnd Mger 
''gH)9r4thy^enA wH^^ti^ comes to fer<iuethafMtkst>rthkfpinry 
there fokh he in the a^. vir.-^Bytrhtfrifrh cfthijpirn dre kve^ 
jo^j f€4cty4ort^ ft^fcrin^y g'BMlinip^ gf§Afi$fSy fatth^ meekpcfi^ 
ttrnferatfct^i^ x^if^ fk(^th^i^ is f^Um,y'm ihalL hodtn fcctii^ 
^ tefth ttie^fVtofts^jf the^^pwk,' theughttttere fe mahy wordjj ycc 
• the nioft^ th^m It^ but a$ k wei« jSmm^j^^'^ of irieekii^.A5 
~ no.w, the frukof the fpirk is W,;yda know aoieekipirk, and 
' '• a loving fpirit hi^ greit likenef^ one to another :^^:Atti joy> 
jcbere'snone have of that fvveetneife of ^kit as meek CMf : "^^ 
' Aiid peace^they are thofb tbar^iire of ^aoftibtcdi^cfittoh^; & 
AwyijfmV^, Mmd^eftikkifij Mnigii£i»J9i' IsifA tbdsrbe cones 
wioi meekn^f$>4he truth is, in tliefe there ts medcnefle^buc all 
thefe words are here mentioned bf tlie holy Ghoft on^rpofe 
to fet put the excelfieni^ o^this grace of meeknefs ; tKrefore 
ke names fiy fluny graces rbac a^ lb iietr^ akin bo this grace of 

meeknefeyand as Bmfmen look one like another,: fb <£> tbeie 
graces thai arelonett^ akirt, sfnd this is the frmtof the fpirit, 
paiTion and anger i9 the fruit ef the ilefls che fruit of the 
Devil in the heart)biit meeknefe is the it\xk of the ipiri£/nb«r«^ 

AMd then meeknefs k hath ink niaanntroity^' k aipies a 
magnanimous f^^itit to be of a ^meek and cuict fpi fk; Men do- 
i^cdctbat tbek ^alfioo «xl frowardnefleoorh ar^ them tabe 

Meekffifs M w4/krffg vmrthy o/wkt' i/^cntion. i^^ 

' of brave ^ifics of jc4ly fpirirs,aml no nun do pride chemfekes 
jnore mtbe bravery of their fcirics th^nfrovvard people, ef^- 

. cially incbe time of their painon ; bur cerraineiy a medt ipiric 
is the mott brave fpiiic in the world ^ and that's the jndgenieflc 
of the holy Ghoft, in the 1 6. Fn: 3 2. He that isflm tit Mngfr 
is^ttirthmthemghty : mrdheth^trnkth hts fpirh that ht 
that ukfth d Cif/.: Why what greater bravery and nvgainimicy 
is there iHen in Souldiers when they come to cake Cn yes and 
men that are fiiH of courage, we account them to* be men of 
brave and ex^rellent fpii its : 1 but would you know who are che 
meixand vyomen thatche Lord looks upon as themoft brave and 
excellent ^irits, they are the meek one?<, he that is flo\y ro an- 

fcr is better tb^ the mighty^ iod he that ntleth huffhrk then 
t thirtieth 4 ^\t). Itnuy bsthouthiiAeftxhoucanit do ho 
gre2itfervicef4^rGod,ochcrs are im^iloycd in great ani b^^i 
works^ mi do much in a little time, but canlt thou rule thy 
fpirtt with this grace of meekneOe* It is*a more brave expknt, 
mi mote (honourable m the eye of God, thenif thbu Kkzn able 
to ovfericomfe a City, Surefy there is muchfpokeiVof ^ grace ^ 
inScridtere talhew bow bfefl^dthey arc 

And tb^nmceknefswe find it. much th'vvilkiiig worthy of 
our calling, in the 4 of kte Ejhef: Thofe that are called topar- 
takeof thefiraceoftheGofpei,. tl<ey never walke fo worthy 
of ir, as in tnis grace of meekhdl^^ / ' therefore^ the fr: fatter of 
the Leri befiecSyoM^ thii$ yotiwii^sjmthji (fthr^voeatm'wtfere- 
w!thyb$faKe «-4ff^.-'Now, bd\Yfliould We wAlVe worthy of the 
vocation wherewith we are'calted ; The Lord h^th called you 
ouc of your natural eftate, out of darVnefle into li^t, ^ he 
tsrould have jjou v^alke yVorthy of this calfii^, O faitb .a roore 
foule. How is itpoT^ble forfiidiapootecVeatureasI^^^^ 
Tfalte worthy of fuch a gtorioiis catling ? What for tHe t(!h-d to 
let others to go oi\ in the way of (tn and death, and to ctiline 
out of that way to th^kingdome, 6f his diitp Son,what dth'TdO' 
to w^lkc wbrrny of chi? cSiirtg ? If th^re \Ver^ atiy thih^ iifvthe 
world wherein t mi^W teftifie my walkir^ wortby 6P thi^glb^ i- 
ou^ mercy of God to me; T would-do it;Nvhy w66W.ydu fSine 
walk worthy of your calliiig^ maris what followes iniHe a' ^(. 



arif muk^jhiiil inherh th^ earth. 

« » 

fVUh dU Imlinejfe ^ni mfcJc^e/Jey with la%'{i*ffmfii^^ /crk^e^W 
sne another i^ iovt ; Ikr^' s thorny to wa/keworthj (^(mrca!^ 
4lpg : us dae way,of walking worthy of all mercies, ojf Uodf d^- 
ilivcrii^of usfromour bondage, when we can mji^cksiejfi arj 
hwiln^Cy and lavg-ffiferh^y f^ricArc ^ne Another i this is tl^e 
^vvalka^ worthy oi our c^Uing^ 

; Now I come'to that which lliave here.ip iJcT^, ] 

'^ *: 

su^;ainft camal 

HUe tike co Cuftar 4i3reaj: (d?ale qf ^y; ctfig while .tpf y Jjxc;;. NajglJP 
vte do{Jut Mp wrongs apd beare with pcbers that dotj^mjurjicg, . 
we may bav^4rvrcM}§s enough> and we Buy quickly IqqI^ all iha 

ibettcr with rhcmirlthe^j^rth^tlicri with px^^ : , 

Now you will ^y> Qi^ ^.mah thmkt^^ith4^ thej ^jhfXL 
^ifherh the earth f 

^Tqthat tbe^w:erisa \^%p& my .QJ^^heruAnce of ,.4)C 

, 0T}»bleffed by God, ncjc bccjiyCc he /h^llfc^y^ riches, mjbe 
jearth, but be (halljinberitit as a chlM of Gpd^he iT)^l havefhe 

right ui«o tbetfeiogsbf the earth^as anJHejre ; ^m nvvy'l^vc 
'^ .ihethk^s.crfa:he^r)thby..a<ipnaifi^^ froniC,Qds ^fiuJMjj',^:^ 
-: fOrlxlQ not thir^e tHcy acf fifuiji^r^.of yyhat; ths-y ^i34v^,i,pod 
:r .givgpi|;ibeiixas>AP^iru;q,',or Judge ^hould give Anwkfj^or maincairihim for his diet two or thjcee daye^ fi^er 
t' the feweoce. of 4eath till n?con]es to be pecked, ipQW^he 
^ -'^thrRQ^ ufijqx l^is;^eat<vtl}a^'hsdothf af:e> Jfox^c is'gjy^i-^ni 
-i (^^iytfoiVvkl^njoi^^hey h^^^ of.ihis^aribii^^t: 

.' •v\^gij^ft^^^emby.c^i^tlQnxp.y^^^^^ of 

. ^ic4thbe45)pnthq«i>7ajid,d^ ^^S^^^'^*^ f^e 

x.i s\ com* 


Thi'fnetk^fhall inkcrit the earth.' jpt 

Cbmfotts of xHi^ world, k is giveft thcni> but they dot not in- 
faerirj they havelioc that right to the' things of this earch as 
diey are Co-Hcirs with Jcfiis Cbrift : -^ Now this is^a bletfed' ' 
thing td have all our ri§ht ifeftofed iiTChnft,evcB irithe thingi' ' 
of this earth, and to have ii upon fuch a tenure ; Certainly 
this love of (jod conies from the fame foumaine from whence • 
Jefiis Oirift hinrfelfe came, thnwh the thi^s that ^t c?n;oyed 
are but outwijrd inthdnfelves'r Thofe rhat liave t\it taifcoP 
God, the fathferly care bf<J]Od 1^ dwn here-irithJ^ HotW to .' 
lupply their Wanes, to hcipe them iii all their niiceirities, that 
have xht influences o£* the love of God let out into them ; 
diroudi ill die comforts t>.£the Crcatfuf e-jthat they caftfte Gods-i 
love* in thertianH^lyat havef^aH thii^y he^^ 
^duno^cheln fbt die fiirrhetincc bf thett eternatgootf ^sF/qfifri'' 

t ^etheyj^^kn^kUiyrhmtihe^^tk: ' 

' ' And rher^ ar^ fome things etfe that we find irtflcriptufe, . 
thatChriftiweiid^tohisSaint^terei^n the^artb^ for the 
Saipturfe ffejis us therefliaftbe Neii^htMensitninei^ emfth^WG/t^ 

Henotnicdcil'e vvitffth^iA^^cr'Otcorrwverne.apoutTOis^TOci 


Sns of the Siinti'hi^ort th^ Wprhifottie ^,f>6^'ff^;^ fof ^fhe 

i^riptuie holds it out iii^fomirty Vvords, ic'isfq ; W)i;f^ then. 

diofc that afc ineeke ones^ they tTiall have a great flwre m th» 

rtigpiis.vyitfii(>nA,e^ '^ ::;'V/n 

Why- ail^odi peot^fe rtiatl have ohchihtritahceheifeiftrhf*^ 
fvbrld, It is faid of Jh-uhm in tl« 4 i?«»: -thtif ht w^ M 
Belriefthe ww-Z/vaftd^oall the feed'of >#nr/ww»dttth inteht: 

"Meriting the earth, ^ meeteistfe : — tbt lie ftew yoU m d»-~ 
ws paraculars,,A» _ "™'*» 

I. . r 

f^2 fyhy the mcfk^jhaH hherlt the eml^ 

.f iri^ Becaufe chofcciuc aremeck^ cheyar^ xm given £6 c« 
wraiigling as ochec m,i:n are, they \o\^ cp be^uiec, and io by 
ihacaieanesth^y enjoy their eltaci^s more, comfottably here 
upoii che earth : M^n and wom^n thac arc frovvard and patTio* 
nateapd love wrangling, and fuiig, and Lavvin^, many times 
they rend their ellacesyand (qumder away a taire inhericahcc . 
that their Parents have |eft tneui, there a re many nien o£ fuch 
difpdiiion, as chat for a good ufe, fof the maiqcainance of the. 
Oofpcl, they would grudge at iive iliiilings- — ^ Yet t^ have, 
iheir wills in a way of Law upon their neighbours they care noc 
though they fpend a hundred pounds,yes, rive hundred pounds; 
Do not ypu(^ten heaf ihem fay^well,! will have tfiy wi^ \ hough 
it ^oft oie a br?ce of hundred poundfi?o thou art^ ji refolijte fro-, * 
wardft^^,. But didft thou ^ycr%^.vve vvill hav^^hcGolpe.^' 
fet up among us whacfoeyer it colt us, for a good ufc norhingf 
comes from theebutas it were thy heart-blood, but now. for 
thy vvili thou canft fpend : well, many times God. lets thee do. 
foand ye^ itma^ b^ haft not thy will neither, but now' 
one liiyes all this, and fq <:omes'to .livic,> greacdean>ett^(: lisrc 
ig the ^rch : anddiaq's th? (jrft diii^ wherein meck'bues have* 
the advantage here of the earth." ' \ T 

And djfnfecondly^ Tlwt they have,thowgh'it be but a Ifctie,* 
yetrfieyiuveic with, cyietneifeahd comfort i"^(iw > iijh •[ 
gpifnl^arhu kit fer with fia^ then afiltd Ox 

whm thtrt u ^memiw^ why ^ poof einan^^nd his >\^^^^ tliat 
(its but -at a ftool, and hath but a little peece of brcad,and fmal 
Beerj.and.yct live fweecly together, and meekly, why they en- 
joy more comfort in t;his cani> then your ;great meii do that 
have great rabies but yet are frovvard ; When' their diet- is^ . 
brought up to theirtabk, why, this me« is not vvdl<^t!|l, and 
this bread i[£ well bak't, and this feryanc doth thus and thus. 
Men that have a great deal of bufiqpfle in the worjd, and hav? 
froward fpirits, why they cnjp/ nothir^ at quiet of all they 
liave,but qow the, peek one^i-^though they hive but a rii^tre,yct 
Aeybavcit Wth,cq9ife»y^,\vithpe4ce and "quiet^^ ^ fo they 
may be faid to inherit the earth rather then others, the truth is, 
youdpnotcnjqy tbe;^hing5ofthevYQrId anv furthir then you 
do with quiet. .' ' * '' ThUffy, 

W&7 thcm€i\jhMi inherit the exrth. i^i 

Thirdly, Meek onqs furely tbey.ihall inheric the earth be- 
dufe meeknetVe is fiich a beauriiull grace char no body wil^ 
Jiofoie: H<h w!U harme yoti if jmfoUvtPtb^ which is good f 
Such as iivenie^kly and quiedy in a bmily, every body will b^ 
ready to maincakie their caufe>and fo they come to have ben^c 
here in cbe eanh rather then o.bers. 

Fourdily, Tht meek (hail inherit the earth; why thofe tbae 
are meeke, they are more drawing chen o:h :rs: As for iniiance^ 
If you ihould want a fervant inco your £annIy,vvbom would you 
enqiure for> would not you have a man or maid fervant to he of 
a meek and quiet ipiric ? and if you heare that they are o£ a 
froward -paiTionate fpirit> 6 iay you the^ (hall not come in:o xny 
houfe,iuid fo you loole your good fervieeby that meanes, and 
anorher fervant chat is of a meek and quiet fpirit, niy faith a 
Maiter, or Nfiflrifs, I will have this fervant though I ^ve them 
more wages : Now here you fee how the meek cume to inhi** 
tit the earth radier then odier. Why if a man be to feek a wite 
one of the firft qualities that he vVill look after is to fee whither 
flic be of a meek fpirit, and if Ihe be not let her have what (he 
will clfe> (he is oftentimes rejeded> but now let them be of 
iiieek and quiet fpirits though their portion be the lelfe^ yet 
they are accepted, fo that meeknefs nelps in the things of oiis 
earth. If a man were travelling, he would rather lie m an Inn 
where the Hoft and ferv«mts are of quiet fpirits>then in another 
iJace where they are not, meeknefs doth much advantage the. 
inheriting of the earth even in thefe things. \ * 
* Fifthly, Where ever there is meekneis, there the foul doth 
give up it*s caufe to God:whaffoiver wrongs a meek man harh 
here in thii world, he doth intereft God In his caufe, and by 
that meanes he comes to enjoy a great blertkig in this earch : t 
befeech you mind this, I fay. a; meek man is faid to inherit thd 
earch more then another, becaufe his fpirit com^s ro be foor- 
dered, that whatfosver wrorgshe fuffersinrhi wo Id, he cin 
keepe his heart quiet, and by that mcaies canintereJtCod in 
bis caufcand when you have once incerefted God in \ our caufe 
vou ate like to do vvell enough : As now fometime'? wlien men 
^onnotget fome debts, ifujey can mAt the debt to be the 

C c Kings, 

I 1 - ' '■■ 

J ^j^ }Vb) the mfiiks jkall inherit, the earth. 


Kin^>chc^ could get it: chac way a gr^c ckale beccer then any 
difaerway. Sonow, Is there any caufe that thou wouldft faia: ' 
have fucct^fsin, here in thU earth? It maybe thou wilt be 
WQnglii^ and <5uarrelingrfiyfelfe,.and think to gft it by thy 
own ftrcngrh, and niakink^of fricndsstbis will not doe it; a hun- 
dred to one but thou wile niitcarry, but now. if thou conft with 
tieeknetie give it up to God, cume it over to God, and intreft. 
Ood inthis caufe, certainly then thou wilt have fuccelfe in ic> 
• Tfnd ibchou wilt con'e toiiave thy mind and will even here in 
liiis world ; I te give you an excellent Scripture for this, in the 
• 12 of Nnmhersy you have Mofu commended there for the 
meeknefi'e ofhis fpirit, anA the man A4efes was very meeke^ahve 
all the meft that rpere.ftfo$f the face, of the earth: 1 remember 
jimirofe faith concemu^ M9fe$^ That all his great -morl^s did 
aet make him ff honaterakle as hie meeknejfe.didy and Chryf)fiomer 
gives the reafon why God would fpe;»k face to foce witn Mefes 
father then with any other, it was he€^a$^^ of his extraorlmarj 
ma^e^e : and the J«n^ have this tradition, that when Mofes^ 
was to aye, God came to (liin and embraced hihi, and fudcc 
out bis foule, how ever the Tradition is, the foul is very deare - 
CO God, and if ever God would draw a foule out fuch a w^y^^ 
it would be the foule oiMofesy smd now fee doth in- 
creft God in a*greae caufe, mA how God dothcake it ; we (halL 
find in this Chapter that Aiofis had a ereat deal of wroiH done, 
bim,it'i faid that Miriam andAarcn Jfal^ agmnft Mvfe^cMft - 
eftheEthi^fiaHweman-whomhe had^iearryedj and they iaid^ 
hath thetlardffel^ md) bj M^es^ tec. and thi Jjgrd heard iV^ 
laith the Text ? They came and wrangled with At^fes^ what s 
' this Mofis^^% if they (hould fay, what bath the Lord fpokeiico> 
Mefesilom ?* he would take all upon himfelfe, and' he would 
lift up hiinfelfie above ethers, I batMofes is but an ordinary . 
man as others are, and hath marryed an EthlefiaH woman, and 
fc they fpakc agaihft iW5>/i/, but now you doe not hear that Afo^ 
fes beg»i to exclaim agaihft them,and cry out againR them, no, 
but the man Mofes was verymtelie ohvtaR the men that were 
Hfon the face of the earth : Mark now^ how this meekneflfe did 
intreft Godiniuscaufe ; And the lard ff^fuddainlj ttmt^. 


1 - ■ ■ *t. ■ .. t w -.■■,. .-m. H. 

PPbj the mediefhall tnhcrh the earth. 

\ • I 'II' 

• m 

M^fesi Mnd ttnto Aarofty smd wit^ A^ri^imy come ant ye three trnti 
the TMhetfJocle ; The Lord Ipake ftiddainly, he breakes as it 
were forth from Heaven, as if God lliould fay>whac i'> diac fer-» 
rant Mefesy thac mceke fervanc of niirii wrongedj ile quickl/ 
appears for biin, mark, Mofes was noc fiiddainc in pallion, and 
therefore God was fuddaine : you are- very fuddaitie in your 
paflion and arger, but if you would be lefle fuddaine in aveng^ 
•fflg your felves,God would be more Juddaine in appearing for ^ 
\ou. The Lord fpake fuddainly, comeout you three to thTit^ 
iernacle of the Congregatmfj conw ouc> 1 le judge the cauTe 
faith the Lord ? Then it followes in the 5.Verfe, Anithe Lerd 
eame iffvm in the Pillar of the Cloudy andjtogd in the dtwre of the 
lahernactey The Lord comes down from Heaven to right his 
meek Servant Mofes ^ Andca&ed Aaron and Miriamj and thtf 
ioth came forth : juft as if a father that hath his children wrang^- 
Itng one with another, he calls thofe that d«d the wrong, WjH 
ftind you forth : Thenmark,iw<<^eji'*<i, hear now mj words^ 
if there te a Prophet among jm^ I the Lord mil nud^ nn fslft 
l^wn unto hitn in a wjiony and willfpeake ttnto him in a Jreami^ 
mjfervant Mofes is mt fowho u faithfnU in all nn ttonfe : 
marke in the fecond verfe, and thnfa'd^ hath the tdrdfpokjtn 
enlj bj Mofes y hath he notffokenaffo by m f 'Mofes dorh not 
come and teil them, well, God hath fix)ken by others, hst not 
fo as by me, no, Mofes do:h not lo, but now rairke, Goi fitch. 
If there be a Prophet ^ I willfpeakf to him in a dreame^ and vifon^ 
W myfervant Mofes // not fo^ now mifke how God tvikes the 
part of a meeke fervant of his. verf 8; pyith him will Ifpeake 
month to months eyen apparemly^ and not in darke fpeeches^ am 
theffmilitnde of the Lord (hall ho behold^ wherefore then wereje 
not afraid to f peaks ^^^ftifi f^^y fervant Mofes ^i^zt\ verf 9. And 
the anger of the Lord -was kjfdled againfl them^ and he departed, 
.ii'^yferwhenhewaswrorgcd, he was the meekdl man upoh 
xhe earth, bis paffion is not fti r d, tut Gods anger is ftirr'd : 
The leffe the anger cX Mofes is ftirr'd, the more is the anger of 
God ftirr'd for him ro vindicate hun inhiscaufe. Yoi thinks 

how others wrong you, and yoar itnger is ftirr'd pre^cntlr, . 

1 but you doe not intreftGod in rhs'caufe by this meanr, 

C c i ' whereas 

XSfi ^ h f/^^ f^^K ^^^ inherit the earth. 

jvbereas if you were buc meeke Gois unger would be kindled 
for you^and do you no: think that the anger of Cod being kin - 
led againft tho,e that do you wrong, will looner right your ^ 
faufe then when your own ai^er is kindled : andTo 1 iindthat 
when JDavU in the 3 8. Pfi 1 3 . v. had wronj and yet was very 
DieekinhiswrongyGodvvas'inreretted in the bulmefs. He 
couiplaines of hio wrons Before, My lovers Mfiimjfreftisfi^j 
aloojcffom myfore^ ar:imy KlnffMnfta^ Mfane offj thij ^(r 
tkatfceke after my life Uy fiares for mty ani tbej that feek£ ^} 
hHrtfi.CAkjnfchlevom things^ aed Imagine deceits all the day 
i:>Kg : VVclU vvas Bavins fj: irit iHrred now in anger and fro- 
wardnels? No, But (i'mhh^) I as a deaf man heard tfoty ^d 

J wa6 as a dumb man that ope?reth not his month; though they 
cidlpeakmii'cbievous things againft me, ly as a dunib niaa 
opened not my mouth, and mark in the i4.>: Thtfi Ivpdsas^ 
man that hearerh nety and in whofe mouth there are no reprcofer^ 
but then in the i ^..v: fcr in thee O L/rrd doe I hofe^ then T^'jf 
heareyO Lord my God .- HereV the reafon that made hiini^ 
Tneek> O Lord,laith he, when they thus fpeake againft me and 
wronged me, I was as a deaf man^ and I heard not,I opened not 
my mouth, and the reafon why I did not, was becaufe I bad a 
God to truft in : O you that are carnal indeed, and know not 
the way of Cod, when vou arc ai^ry you have nothing ^^."^ 
you, but the raifii^of the palHon of yoiur ai^er, I bur a Saint ot 
God hath fomething elfe to help hinijfaith hzjdidhefe tn tb^f 
Q Lordy Then wilt keare : Mark, / heard not^ but Lord I hof« ^ 
thee that thm wit hear. The lefs thou doft hear when thou art 
wroi^ed, the more will God bear. O that we had but fucn^ 
^irit as the Servants ofGod bad in former times, M^f^h ^ 
David here,. O how do they intereft God in the Caufe. 
Sixthly,Thc meek fliall ba.\'e blefHi^s here upon the ^5^**^* ^ 
caufc there are fomany gracious promifes, ("befidcs this)n^^ 
10 them of very great mercy that vTill helpe them eventntrw 
earth. Thispromife that you have heare, it is in the J7' ^j^\ ' 
1 1 . verf. It is a promife that was in the rime of the £*^^> *^ 
mark, Chrift would ftiew that the Intale is not cur off; tt^ '*^ ^1 
aewed againein tbeGpfpcl, though the premifc ^f ^^JL^ 

W&7 the mecl^ (haU If^jcrit' tbe earth. 197 

tfiings in other places are but in the ^neral, thu godlinefle. 
iuth the proniife of this life, yet Chmt will iinglv: out particu- 
lar promifes for the meek ones. In the z^.PfaJme 9. The mesl^ 
(laitb the Text) will he guide InjfUgemeftt:. ar.d the mcckj»ill he 
teach his way *• 6 what a promife is here, ic's worth all your 
eftates : if jou were but acqu.nn:eci with Scripture, ) oa would 
account this promife worth thoufands : give me on.i Scripture 
where the qualification o£ the AibJ^ is named in fo few words , 
twice, the Lord loves the fubjeil 'here, a>r if he delighted cO' 
have the very nime in his mouth,he do:h nor fay,the meok will. , 
be guide in jud^emenr, and teach him his way, but the. Lord , 
loves te have tne nafne in bis mouth, O the meek, the meek,. 
twice together, I love him and lie guide him in judgement 
and teach him his way, now this promife, it iuo be underllood 
(tf guidit^ in judgement, and teaching a man his way in any' 
thing ; As for inftance,Suppofe a man hath an outward buiineQe. 
b^falien him in this worra, that hath a great deale of difiBciilty 
in it, fo-tbat he knows not what in the world to do to extricate 
hinafelfe out ofiiis way. A meek fpirit when he is in ttreights,. 
the firft thii^ he labours to do is this, to quiet his fpirit in re- 
mfitig him on God, and then when he hath quieted his fpiric 
be looks up to the promife. Lord haft not thou faid, the meek 
wilt tbou guide in judgement, thou wile not leave him to hi^ 
0ivn thoughts, to his own fpirit, the counfel of the froward is 
carryed head lot^,but the meek wilt thou guide in judgement, 
thott hift aproaiife that God will guide thee to order any af- 
£ares in the world, if tbou canft but overcome tliy ^'fion, and 
there is nothii^ will heipc a man more for underflanding and 
judgement then meeknefs and quietnefs therefore intfieiT. 
Pro.' 27. HfthsU' bath kww^ edge fparethhtswori^^ and 4 man 
efmnJgr^anJlngis of an excellent fpirit ^B}xt in the Original it is,, 
a man of underftandihg is of a Coole ffrity men that are of hot 
%irits, hot brained men, hot fpirited men^ they think they 
Iktvc mderftanding more then others; Biit the holy Ghoft faith 
ocherwife, ttm man of underftanding is of a coole fpirit, there 
is a great advantage that meekiiefs hath even in a naturall VYiy 
to huelpe amans fpirit but much more wtoi there is a promife 

1X^8 why the meH^putll whfrit the ear$h. 



10 chat ;he will teach thcips — There are maqy ocher prend^^ 

fes in Scrip(ute tending CO cfae fame thii)^. In thi^6 Pful.f, 

h hen God arcfe te judgement to faw all the meel^ of the earth .• 

Whai Cjod ccSmes to arife to;udg<micnc abroad in rh*: world, 

.the Lord do.h not care for froward fpiiicsjiet them go, laidi 

God, thofewhofefpirits are upon every little occafion (et on 

fire, but when God ai ifes to jiidgemenc,he will be fure to look 

to theineekones,andthen the 149. P/- vrj^.For the Lordt^tb: 

fleafftfieinhis feople^ he wfllteAunfie the meek^ with falvMtioM. 

;^eeknefl'e is a beautiiuU §race, and the Lord will beautiHe the 

^meek with lalvacion, and in the o^y. Ifs: 19. ver: there is a 

promife to the Cttne etfe6t,-buc that one niore,in the i.of Zefr 

3 . ver: There's a not jble proniife whcfl there (hall be times of 

.common calamity. Gather jomr [elves together ^yea^fMiher toge^ 

it her. Nation not defired^ before the Decree bring forth^ befirrt 

tte day faJJ'e as the chafe ^before the fierce anger of the Isordcome 

nfonyou^ before the day of the Lards anger come ufon yom^ 

Then mark , Seekf je the Lord all ye tmeks of the earthi 

which have wrottght his jadg^ents^ fi^krithteonfni^s^fed^meek^ 

mefs^ it fnay beyefludlbe hid in the day of the Lords anger. Yoa 

•will fay, tnroi!gh Cods mercy I find I have fome f ovver over 

my paffion, I tJut mark, are you meek, feek the Lord dien, and 

feekmeekneiTeflilUandthenitnuy'be, you (halt be hd in the 

d^ of the herds anger y as if the holy Ghoft iliould foy, if thei* 

1>e any men in the world hid, you may be he : •— O chefc aw 

the men that ane ptd^Hck Uettii^s in the places where they 

live, the prayers of the meek ones (hall prevailc with God,iiat 

the prayers of the froward ; when you that«e frowwd txirte 

to feck God, why you cannot lift up your h^nds without wiarfi 

and Without doubting, but feek ye the Lortl all ye meek of rhe 

earth:0 die promifes that God bath made to thofe that arc the 

meek ones in the earth^and aH thefe tend to the ftrengrhning of 

this great pTMiife that is here,'7%^ medkJhaUlnherh the emrh. 

NOW the maine thing that hath been fpoken harb bcoi but iii 

wayofexjAicatiwi, to iTiew pu how thiu protoife is made 

SbM^thdt the meel^fMl inherit thoTarth, Butnowive (hall 

cometothcApplicationofic Tiiismeckneflreislthe-oiir Hik, 



riut in every thing vve have fome need of it cofeafon our ltves> 
cbe lives of inea aiid woaien are unfavoury in the places where 
God hitfa fet themi becaufe.of the wane of chig grace of meek- 




^ ftpnhtn^tn 0ffn>fe£krs thst urt not mtck: 

Math: f« 5. 


Bleffed tre the mel{^: for they jbdl inherit 
the earth, 


£ ffiall now come to cfae Application, wiuch I in- 
tend but in two particulars. The Repretiai(ioii ... • 
of tbofcthatprofefle tbemfelves Difciples of ^^'Z''^- 
Cbrift> and yet we cannot fee the ilamp of the 
Spirit of Cbrii) iqpOQ them>ih this particvlar,in 
j:^rd of meekodS) we have caufe to draw buckess of teares 
^^aile, and to quench if it were polTsble the fire of the {»f-^ 
fioo of mens ^irits : ^ And tbofe tnat I ihall dired my felfe 
KHfliaUbefucbasprofeire tbemielves wiUii^ to be Chrifts 
Difdples, to bear Chrift^ for 'tis Chriib Se(mon,a»dbe direc- 
Ded faimfelfe to his Dilciples in^tbis Sennon, and it is ix> mar- 
raik ce fee men v^o are camdl,whaare led by an earthly fpi^^ 
it, for them to bs f roward pallsonare and proiid, but for thofe 
lotareGodlytobefo, this is thac that goes very neefetothe 
pirit of God : It*s made a ipe^ial argument againft podion and 

*ibformcda)eiS| bi^auTe ocl^rwife the %uit 


'p ••» -4 


ooo ,n^ant'^mc€k^ efs caujc offufflfm yvhether unj true grace. 


of Ciwii) would be grievjd,In thc.4;: Ephef: jo.Ver. Axdjritvt 

nAth hoi J Sfivlt dfCiod^ vphetchy pu Mrtffd^fd ; why whac vvill 

gri%:vc ir, what iliould \\^ raJc<i hc^rd of thic Wi& miy noc grieve 
ihcSfliUofood^ niarkinch^ 'ji. vr Let 4i/6iuerisejSy'4Hd 
nrath and anger ^ a^d^vtU fftaklng hefsu*amaj frem jet^^ mth 
all ma 'ice^ and be ye kl^d one to another y tender 'heatiedyferflidng 
0n€ another y even as ^od for (^i^fisfakf hath ftrglvenjfOH .- The 
giving way copailion and frowardnefs will Rtieve the Spirit of 
God ; you chat ever have found any good by the Spirit of God 
in your hearts, take heed pf frowai«dnefs, labour for meekneft, 
and kindnels, that the Spirit of God niay delight in you,- for 
tbatVvcry futable to the %iric of God, that is a Dovc^ I con- 
(cffel had fome thoughts to fpeak of the vaine pleas that many 
have for their palfion and frowardnefs, but I confider for that, 
if God gives life and liberty, in going on in the handling cf 
thb Sermon of Chrilt, I iliri I meet with that againe- in the 22. 

tr. of this Chap: Ifayuntoyon^ whofoever is angry with his tro^ 
thcr -whhotu a caufefhall he in dagger ofthejmdgenteHt. Th^re^ 
fore I leave thefe things to that place : — But jtow this one 
thing only in tftisufe of reprehenfion, and that is to labour co 
ilievvthofethatprofdfe themfelves Saincs, diat frowardneis, 
want of medknefs, it is that that is as mudh contrary to trtie 
grace, as almoft any corruption that can be named, 'which it 
may be they little thinke of, they thirtk they have ai^ryond 
paifidnate natures, they are fomewhat hafty, but they are deli- 
vered from other corruptionstharm^n do wallovv inrknow tkic 
a hafty froward fpirit a f-irit that * is not commanded by this 
grace of meckneis, fo forre as it prevailed jt is as contrary unto 
true grace almoft as any thuig you can think of, and truly there 
may be a great deal ofiuspition whither there betrae^race 
or no inthofe that have nocinfoniemeafure this meeknrfs 
prevaiiiiJinthem, but rather paflion and frowardneffe, As 

Firft, Frowardnefs and anger is contrary to true grace; for 
what is it that grace doth in the heart when it firft CMies? TTic 
firft thine is to (hew unto the foule it's owne vilenefs, it's own 
wretchednefsandbafcnefsbyfin, and the danger .that ft'sirf 


4f^4tHt tfimcknef: xiAuli offMfficl(m wheiher 0iy true grdce, %o x 

(hrough Cmy now how concrary to this is a froward palHooace 
bcarc, to the fight of it*s own vilcn^fs and bafcncfsii what doii 
thou fee chy feUe robe a vile bale linful worme, and yet canft 
bire no.hing chai is againil thee, buc prefencly diyhcait is in a 
dame) if any thin^ conie croiVc co ihee^tuidy ibouinoweft not 
thy felfe ; And 

Seconaly, The fii^ leflbn tliat Chriil teaches any that comes 
inco his School, ic is the lefion of iclf-denyal, (hat's the 
AB C oi Si Chriltian ^ ykh^otvtr will fiOaw mi Ut him 
deny himfelfe :: Now how concrary is a froward pafficnatc 
fpicit to ch^ grace of felf-denyall , which is thcABC 
ofaChrillian, the very HriUeilondiat Chriil doth teach any 
that come inco his School. Wilt thou cc^ne tolearneofme ? 
let thacb^chefoundacionofall, you muft deny your felves, 
you niull noc be fet upon your own mind and own willjanc^ own 
thoudits fo as ypu have been ; I but now there's no fuch felf- 
feekef as a froward heart, what is it that raifes paifion ? but be- 
jcaufe I ccaiccive my felf to be croft,I am croft in.niy ownc will, 
and that I would have, whereas did but felf'ds:nyal prevaU in 
the Icaft, there would be way for meeknefs prefencly. 

Thirdly, When grace comes into the heart, dochicnocdif- 
cover tO'che heart the innnice need it itand$ in of mercy, I lye 
tt the feet of mercy, at the difpofe of mercy, and if mercy 
comes noc in to fave me, I am undone for ever ; now how doth 
this (land with chy fight or fence, and need of mercy .that art of 
a froward dilpficion, and canft bcare nothing with others, and 
yet confett'ett thou ftandett in fo much need of mercy thy 

Fourthly, When grace com^s into the heart, it brings the 

iieart Inco fubjedion unto Qod,. unco anbrhcr rul<? then it w4- 

Jced by before, that's a principle work of grace, to fubduc the 

of a finner to God, the hearts of iinners are naturally 

Mt and rebellious ^ainft God, and go on in a flubbome way 
jrace ccHnes and lays them under ^but now this is quite con* 
y to frowardnefs and poilion, a froward heart woi^ld indeed 
above God, and anv-rule whatfoever, it caimoc keep it felf 
erand lie in fubjection unto rule, and hence is thereaion 

^ D d that 

thic fWvv^d and pallipmte people ufe to ha?ve (uch o^^lfions^ * 
Jwill, Mid I Xi\\\y and I exec no*:, their hiiircs ^re no: fubducd 
to rhe auchority of Grvi ;Theh>eirc.ilu!: is I'libiuedio cheLord 
an! to his aaehoricy, coirre and bring icbuc x Scrip:u:e ic yields 
pref^in:l}sbm:afrow«ird fpirit isnocio.:. hovY contrary i* tVo^ 
vVtirdndlciocrue guxe. 

• Fit'+tlr, . A-s foon .is ever diere comes any graoe^tbere comes 
-m rhc Spitic of Jeiiis Chrirt to the Ibule, th^n nuke^ the foul ia. 
^fome meafure to be likf \x\to Jefu^' Chrift. NoiV the Spirit of 

Chrilt as I ihewed you in rhe opentqg the exc^ellency of meck-^ 
' ncflerhebttdiiy, it'safpiricofmeeknefle, Lucrntofmef^rt' 
KmmefkSt now this frovvardneiVe of thiiie bding^ oppofite fo,' 
fiiuch to the it of Jeius Chrilt, it's oppoticcto the work oc 
grace. -• . 

SixthlVvGrace when that comes iiij ic brings light into th^ 
foiilc, it Drills mfdometothe foitte, and guides ic \vifdy^ 
mturally wearcfooHlh as wellas difc^dient, vveare dartcneis. 
it felfe, but now there's no difpofition of foul that is in great- 
er and thicker darkneflfe then froward and palfiornce people, 
paffion doth cxali: foUy, fiich a foule is not guided by wtfdoine>, 
and therefore very contrary to the wotke of grace. 
' Agatne Seventhly, You know the promife of the Gofpell,. 
icis tomselten fpi its, to. meeken mcn> when the Go&ell. 
comes, then the Wolfe and the Lamb ihaH lye down together, 

• thofe that were of wolfifli fpiHts • and the tyon and tne Ox 
fliall eat together^ there iliall be a great deale of peace, love 
and quietnefle where the Gotpell comes, now then, that which ^ 
is contrary to theworke of che Gofpel, is contrary ;x>the work. 
of grace in the heart,ho.v hithrhe Gofpell been {unfilled then 
if it harh come into thy foul td;€jufe a quietnefle id thy heart r 
md there is none I befeech yoii riiat prophelfc godlinelfe to 
coofider there's more dai^er in a froward paJlionate fprit rUen • 
you are awaie of, and though you may think becaufe vou make 
profeflion, and come to heare the word, and fpenasa^reat 
deale of time in prayer and fafting, andnolg ing^after orduian* * 
ces, you think now trnt certainly you have grace, but you may 
te miftakw. the frowrcfacffe of your hearts may be your bane 

eternally, . 

* it f mil iilili I 


EzhortdtwH t9 mfi^cQV pf ffirit. , ^bj 

i<« I hi 

crcmilly^we re;jd of M^e; though he ba conincncied tabdchtf 
TOeckvirtmin that ever liv'd tipon die eani),* y«t on*' ftuwjurd 
piilionirc aci'of his fhut him out ^T/r«w»>cJK)«gh m rhc wlmte 
-courie of his life he tVcts fo m^ek^ f hic God comniendj him 
robe the meekell ef all, yet <huc out of Coftaoit for oai ack ; 
'Qmodn you know was^a type of Heaven, Uioiigh Mq^cs WAS.pir- 
cloned fo a*? he was received to Heaven, yet as for k^narnKjiA, 
would nor hearken to his prayer,but would take thac advan:agc 
-of him Eo lliew bis difpleafure againlt that t^ ofhisof paflTiOEH 
;9id lliut him out of (^a^jstf : take heed left that fro\vard 
bcarc of yours lliut you out of Heaven eternally : you mighti- 
ly cry out of^fe that ^re drunkards, you are no fiich, and you 
inink that c^mnoc ftand mth grace^ cbey are ihuc cue of the 
Kingdom^>f Heaven,\vhy iTiould there tiot be asinuch dai^r 
in a drunken palfion, as in drunkenoeiTe by beer or vyine ! 
Certainly the drunkenheffe that comes bypaflton, docbcaufe 
often ks nntnyius great fins as th4t that comesby wine or beer: 
you would thinke it a foufe thing if it could be (aid, that o\v:^ 
a year you flx)uld he overcome with ch-Aikenneffe, 6 how otr 
ten have you been dnink with palTion, artid that drunkeoneite 
may be as grievous to the S^ irit of God, as if you were drunk- 
^enotherwiK: by beer or virinei and therefore took upon it as a 
greater evill then yoi^ are aware <>f. 

But Wtproceede to the lK<i of Exhorottioft 

^ Mcffed are the meek^, Lee us all learae to be of meeke and 
quiet Ipirits. 1 remember inthe 6 of Nnmlrcrs it's faldof the 
Naxjaritesy ih^ 9.^ thfj^ fMfi ihitti^pf$^'mh?d, fo ehe Text 6irh, 
tbey mafidrmk^m vinegar neithery The N*tK^t9s\9ztty^ peo* . 
pfc icperared for Goc?, from thence thcy^had their nim^ froai- 
lerarioa: And all the Saints of God they are^M?:t,iir/Vw; as 
vift was a NdzArltiy fo all that are Chrifts :ir-e Naz^mtUy, 
e feperated for God?? people, feparared • fniai oiker*^ the 
nd feparates the godty man for hhnfclfs? *• Now fhi-? i<t the . 
nV uponatt 7V5f*4r/Vfx, they muft d ink no vinegtr^ that iS 
ry muftn^ be of vinegar fpiis;s^ of fewer foirits, but muft 

D d 2 ^ be 

M4 ^'^s Mfd btlfs ts Cbnftidft mnkfeffe. 



b^ of quiet fpuits, of lov^^nd meek {pirics,tr concerns u^; all» 
efpecidly rho!e that 4ffctinferiors> cbat cfaey ihoutd be of meek' 
fjdrics cowaccb their fi4x:rioun;>tha.e that are under a(I)ll6lions' 
bodily or ({Hrmull) they (liould be otnicek and qutet' f irit% 
'lis unbefecming any to be €>f a f.-owvrd pi.fiortice heart, buc. 
efpiciiUy thofc thac s^ct fciider a(RictionK, the Lord lends af- ' 
ikctions up(»i thee to bumble thee, ai)d to meeken thee, and W 
ihou beeii nor meek now, when wile thou be meek, we ought, 
to^be meek towards our A ethrcft^ towards one another, and to- 
be meek tovvardsmigbbours; Tberd.,are many thac are fo \S&1 
10 frowardneJfc and pairion towards their lervanc?, theif chil- - 
dren, or wives, that even vvhenthey have to detkewlihGed- 
hinifeltc, thjy»i})e>y themfelves frowani and paflionate thtato^. 
my Brechreniet'^ learne to be in love with xhis alhfable and 
lovely grace of nieekndre : — And all that I intend to do^ 
therefore in tlii^ ufe, it iliall \>t to propound un o you fome^^ 
various wayesi or Jidpe^^ whereby you may come to spsc a hahic 
ofmeekneff;;, to behave your felves .meekly and gefttiy ia 
the places where you live ; that fo this promiie may be'mad'a- 
yoursy .7 hdt jm arc thi tkfei^fma of Cbrtfiy and Jhdl ithera^ 

In the firfipkce, Ifyou would have meek fpiritj?^ learrt t& 
fet a high piicc upon the cjuiet and fwcetnefs of your fpirits,, 
fet a high price l^ on it, account it to be a rick jewel of greac 
w<Mth,as we teld you, thaiTGod aGCoureed the meekl^int try 
be of great price;'iis one way to get ir, to have a right efteem 
of the reft of fpifit^and qiuietnefs thac meeknefs will cauTe in 
the foule : we may lay oCit as 7 'irtif/!m the Orator faid to F^- 
//V, by thee we enjoy much quiacnefs, there's maiy good 
dnn^s done by thee, ahdby thee we en;oy much ^uiemefs; by 
meelniefs there's much quictnefs enjoyed in the heart, ther&- 
foreiaith Chrift, Uant afifie wh am hamhk ani meeke^ *sndptr 
^idtfnir^ tojoMrfmls : There's reft, put abigh-nricc upon 
, the reft and quiet of your ^irits, fay as the fig-tree did, ^^wU 
Ho^ftwtyfwfnntfiaMi^^mt andreigneweryoM ?When a temp- 
tation comes topafTon, ftiaH I loo e the fweerneft that I have: 
bd in m^^pirics to have my will in fucbaodfucbathii^^ 


riirough Gods mercy I have foiihd tbi^, that when I hcivel^eerr 
able to overcome my pallion, 1 have had the fwe^rert time that 
crer I have had wall my lif^ ? wherrl coofci deny my felfe,and' 
cxcrcife m^eknefs, 6 the qniet of any bearr, ft was worth r 
world, wA (haH I loofe this for a tiifle, now tor a toy, & the 
poore trifles and toyes that men and wcmtn do caft away the 
quietnel's of their Ipirits for, as if they wjre norhing worth r If 
a^maniiada golden ball -in hi> hand, and any in the ftreer 
(hould'caft dirt upon him, would ic noc hz accoiinred a folly iii 
hvn tothrovvbis golden baUat them a^iini that caft dirt uponi 
hini, torevet^eliinifelfethat way; truly thuyyou doe, yoa 
ihax, have any of this grace ©f mcekn ih inryour hearts, and ever 
Inve had any quietnift through the excrcife of rhi5 grace,'novT 
there corner a temjrtation, fuch anon^i doth thirigs dilpleafing 
to you, and crafl'e<; your will, how do you revenge your felves^. 
you caft this golden fall away uf on them,that is, the qiiietnel? 
and meeknefs of your fpirits youloofe this upon them ? Ac— 
countit atahigh rate, and therefore loofe it not for a Utile ; 
That's the firftrufc. 

A fecood lule to helps us agafnft pafliorr, from the exercife* 

•fmeeknefsandquiethefs it is often to covenant with God 

(yet in the ftrcnfi?:h of ChrHt) and though it be but fot a little 

nm^ 7ts thas vroy may you no: covenant thus with 'God, yoir 

dnc find that you are overcome in youi paffion, and you fay 

. yoQ are troubled fior them, and would faine get viftory over 

dion to the excrcife ofthis grace of meekneft, why may you. 

not when you rife in the momira; thus bethink your felves- 

why 'tis like ^bis day there may fell fomewhit out that may ftir 

my paflion, and take away the comfort ofmeekneft that I have 

had; well He covenant, (through Gods mabHng of me) now^ 

this day, that what ever I'HalV beftll me^ this day I will be qui- 

ill raeht, at feaft, He Beare it but tilt that time, ^nd uponr 

; coa^eration, that if there be any car fe for we tobe fHrred 

I angry, I maybe ftirred and an^ afterwards for ic^ and I 

ay ri^t my felfc as well afcenvards as this day,biit for this day 

nn rc^idvea that 1 will fet my felfe to cuib my paflion aiid my 

' U fortius Of ^4^, and if you think tliat be too long^do it but 


-*■ " '" " r : 


^^fi Rules ^i tetps ta Chr'fik^t w^ekgcj^e., 

tiil nooii>te^r^Iolvc ihar-froai ihn liuic. lill ik>od». wlutcver 
befaiUiiK l.willKwiiitdi i^oj,.UlH;ni biud 1" v\ill aihacakeju: 
imo cowci^roaon after noou, or the'iijxt d.Jy thiOi. iio<\s ojjc 
.would chiiik tbi> were noc im^^Ioi air.ui though of a vciy 
haliy ^'iric, yec to b^ re'olvcci ibroiu day chac what vver falk 
•out to beare wiih it that^dnv : -^ Biic )0u will fay,this vvU nf*L 

•niorriiie that cornipeiou of paincn. • :. But; though kwilii 

nocHiorcitieic^ yec you cannot Inuginewhic power there wiJl 
■be in keeping down.your paiHon but fo; a while : As fire^ we 
know, \i ic be but imotheredy ic may be put out cfac way \ and' 
that man or Woo^an chat can buc overcome chenL^elves for eivd 
(iayi^iU find uichfvv^ecnefs that: day > that they will b^qgpifo^ 
think with ibeiii!i'clves> why may not I covemnc for co mortoW 
too>and then tfaey will find fo much fweeaiefs foe that day,they 
will chink they fliay refol ve fo; the next day. O if you couldk 
tiuc .©verconac )X)ur ielves for a day, you h'nde fo awch 
good, as ic would c^cceedingly belpe you againft aa>chcr 
cay^ ' ' / , 

Butrhirdly, Thi^ covenant ii^ will not be {iiftkienc q^cepf 
there be humiliacton for that that's pail : Thofa that oiieiy re<^ 
folvctofecupoaaduty, and are not humbled for ciieivaQCoi 
\k\Q duty befpse, they iire like to doe little good by their Kii^ 
iiiBons^ you maik thierefore if you would overcome your feU*^^ 
and fet uponany thkig that Go^ requires of you^. you muft b^ 
humbled for that thac'-s paft.I^hy/uianj u£e ta purge OMtcholiec 
by bitter tbi^s, - and thofe that would tame wild ci^eaiusf^if; 
is by keeping tbeminthe dark ? Sohumiliaaon for the ditkiDR 
persof palTion is a^fpecialmeaaes to puige out palHot), ard i^ 
came atild quiet the if irits of men and womeii : many of yei^ 
tbat havebeen>0fercomein toward fittsand you kive (eea'thei 
iaconveriency oCthem, and ic may be after you have dnjugbii 
p tilts is inland you hope you lliall do fo no mare,buc although . 
yoii think you will do fo nomore-^ yet except you be buaibled 
for that youha^^e done you will fall co it again,and ^ it s arule 
in all other things, that thofe who doe refolve to amend in any^ 
.particular, if they be not bumbled for that that's p«ift,,^ey wilt 
* fall to thcir/m againe; it s a very remarkable example chdc we 


r mrr Tfi i "'' i mm - 

, lUfles dPtd h^Ifs to Chrlfllan meckntfe. 107 

■ I I ■■ I ■ ■ 1 1 I I 11 I 1 I II .1 111 III ^1^— — ^^^— — M 

baw id the people of //r^rf, read but the a . or 3 • Chapters of 
^ExoJL Chap. 1 5. towards the latter end^ there you tvnd that 
the people did chide with Mcjts b^scaufe the waters were bit*- 
cer, well they were not huaibled for thl ,And in the 1 6. Chap:, 
you hnd them at it "^a^aine, though God was flicrcifiiU lo, 
ibi:racben, yet whin they cams to ano her liraighc they were- 
troward and angry again,and when God delivered th'^m diere, ' 
yoU'ihali hnd them at it agaifle, In the 17. Ch: 2. ver: fo th.w: 
upon every new ^occafion they ic aj^ain, whybecaule 
we do tioc hnd tliat in the interim ihcy w^re numbled for their 
fiorfiier diftempers , therefore you tliat have fuch froward 
diilempers, 6 get alone^ and iijjply the fak tears of humiliation 
untoche choller of yours, and ic^ what this will doe^humiiii- 
tion&r that that's paft, will be a fpeeial belpc for time to. 


Fourthly^ Ifyou would have meek and <|uiet fpirits, take 
faecd of the firlt beginning of paflton, we know that when a fire. ' 
is,we do not ftay quenching or ic til the houfe be all in a llamer, 
but if there be but a little hre kiiidled in any part of the boufc, 
tf there be but a fnioak, you will fay^ where is if, and are not 
quiet till you find it out, fo fliould it be, wlien paifion begin> ^ , 
toarife, your-houfe begins to^be wi a fire, your fo-ils begin to • 
be 00 fire, and you Ihould be as much fee upon quenchii^ of ic 
at pbc firft riling as you Would be when yo3 fee the fire lireake 
oat in ^mx houfe at the very firit, perhaps a diih of warer iiv^ . , 

quench ThatMw,thac ifvou ftay but till halfe jm h<&iire hence, 
manypailesof water will not, To it i§in tlie point of paifion, it 
fo be thai people would be carcfull at fiift, then with a littlfe 
adoetheyniay<^^ench their paffiOT if riiey will cake ic when 
ihcir paflion be^nK^kihdle, but ftay a while,and there Willbe 
no nilc at AH>fio<omire neer ^min i So poylbn, take it as liyan 
ts ever a man feels his body dtftempcred,-and there may be 
»iieanestobdpagafaiUe,butifyouftavawhiletilUtbathg^^ . . 
xnver over nature, there wHl be' littk help them- O look upon 
Kiffioo as if it wet^ poylbri,. and take fcme remedy pf efenrly, 
ct not your prfSon be Working alij^ Joiiger : « fo a. feavor, 

often times may bc.eafily curedat firft, fo paffion, it is ^ fea- - 

t * 


Rtdes 4ni hclfs to ChrifiUn mcd^cjje. 


WOT, tiike the fcavor ac the beginning .• There have been moft 
feaifull ciilicuipersof paifion riicnfroni very fnuU beginnings 
Avhich have broken one co moft fearful out-mges. As 1 remem-. 
her incbe hiltory of Kirwr, ^I have read ol: two Sons ofche 
Duke of f/tfr^»rvha: having been a hun. inj, 'here was concen- 
tionaboutvYhichoftheirda^s killed the Hare, faich one, my 
.dog caughc ic firU^i aivi the o:her, no,buc ic was mine, and io 
•they continued till one drew the Iwo/d upon the ocher and io 
Hew his broiher, and the brothers man that was flaine, leeing 
•his matter llaine,Ji2 drawes upon die o:her brorher andkiUs 
him, and .fo the Duke ioofes two of his ,ions ac the lame time 
4ipon that occa{i0n. 

How often isk in your famiLyes,that a little fparke, what a 
iirc doth it kindle; at the firtt there may be but a word fpokeB- 
amifs, that mighc eaiily have been pa(t over, no, but that word 
begets another, and that word begets another, andUhat begets 
yet another, and foicgrowes to a moft . hideous name, take 
leed of the beginning of paflion : when ever any ang^ b^icK 
xo arife in the family, or in your foul:-;, O 'tis time for ycu then 
CO look to your felves, fomecimes you ihall have friends chat 
at firftfirft their fallings out begins but in the verycounrc- 
aiance, (Mie man thinks furely fuch a one looks not upon m^ 
with fuch a pleafant countenance as he was wont to do,and from 
thence be begins to have funraies and fufpicions, and then. 
,ywaes to inake' misincerprerations, and from thence there 
coines a ftrangenefle,and from being ftnuige,they begin to heatf- 
ken to tales watare carryed one againrl anodier,and co beleevc 
them, and to aggravate them, and then they begin to fpeakc 
Tome hard Words one againll another,and then they begin to co 
fome ill offices one agamft another, and then break out into vi- 
- olent and eminent contention and actings one aganft another, 
whereas had there been but care taken at the beginning,aU this ' 
might have been prevented, Pra: 14. 14. TThe kmnning «f 
^rlfe is 4s whcit Me Utteth out water/hcrefcrt leave ofcontentiom 
hefere it he miJUei with. Take heed of the beginnii^s of fin, if 
fa be ihat ypu would keep your fpicks in any meek ^ ^ct 



■^— ■^— '^—^ - II' I I ■ I » I ^ I , I — ■— . I -^ 

Tben a (ifc rule is this^ If you would keq) your ipirics in qui* 
etnefle>makeaccoimc before hand, that you vviU meet with 
things that iHall crcrfle your wiJb^hat's a good help agiinft paf- 
fion, and to quiet our nearts, as AnAxAgoroi iiid> when he 
heard of his fon that was dead, faith he, /i^ir thatlhegat him 
mffrtal : So when you hire a fervant at fiifft, make account that 
there will be Weaknefle in your fervant before haml, certainly 
there will be many things done by him that will dilpleafe 
me : — When you marry a wife you (hould before hand make 
account, there will Tomething fall out between us that will dif- 
pleafe one aiK>ther — And fo when yoa uke a friend, before 
nand you ntuft make account, it is a friend that hath both his 
k^tycs and infirmities /now if we moke account before hand 
that while we live in this world wc are noc like to have our 
wills to be fatisHed in every thing, this will be a meanes to 
Qinet our bearts> this is no more then I made account of ^ ' A 
forfdier that goes into an Army,whcn he meets with hard(hip, 
he is quieted with this, its nothing, but what I made account 
ofbefSorehand : Mariners when th^y areabroad and meet with 
ftormesjwereitfeemlyforthemtovexand fret, they knevy 
that it was likely they (hould meet with ftorines ; So, when 
ever any thii^ fells out that croiffes you, Remember this, if I 
iad wildome Defore hwl ceruitily I could thinke none other 
but that 1 fliould have divers things would croffe me rand now 
God puts mc to try all to f^e whether I vvill beare thefe crofles 
o: no diat doth befall me^ . . . " " - 

The Sixth Rule is this, Gonfider thy oWn friilty. Orhers 
there are that doe provoke thee and fliiTe up thine anger; bun 
thou mirfl ^oe by that rule, we feeke pardon, and we j^ive it ,: 
Imeetevvithfuchandfucb tamgs^m o:hers, and tt may b;^ 
writhin a while they may meete with things amifle in me : tfi^y 
of^ me, and I am like to offend them to, and that*s a mar-. 
v< oiis helpe to quiet the fpirits of thofe that are truly graci- 
01 ; Therefore in the (J of GaUthians^ marke the argument 
oi le Apoftk there ; Brethren if a man hi overtaken with 4 
ft ^yt wtich arefpirltfiall refiare fuch a <?/;< in tbcfpirit ofmccl^, 
»< conjtdcring tbjfelfe tefi thou Mifo he (emptedy and then it 

E e : follows 


■ - ^^ ■«*- - i*'l| ■ I I !■■. , ,1,^1, 

aio lOtlis ^d keifs fs Cbnjtian puH^effi. 

followcs, hear jt one dftmhers bsttdm^ and Jo fiillfiU the Law of, 
C/?r/^, Bcare ye oni anothers burden : Confidcryou may \x 
tcmpcefl, and chen beare ye ^»€ Amthers burden, the burden is 
like CO be mucuall, I bear my brothers burden, »k1 my brodfjcr 
is h'ke to b^ar my burden ; I have a burden tbai may as wctt 
try his pitd^nce, a^ his cryesmine, and therefore let us b?art 
on w anothers burden : A$ now among ferveOics, When one of 
them is fick , we \YoiikI account it an imreafonabte thing, if the 
other fliould murmure for the helping of bis fellow, fervant, 
nci, be .will not doe it^ W reaibn thus, Imuft helpe him novv^ 
why I maybe fick ere long, and then he will helpe. me, fo doc 
odierscrorfeyou, be you meeke towards them as yon would 
cxptiX' chat they (hould be mecke towards you ; 'tis ordinary 
£or men that bive^the greateft weafcucffes for tiiem to bearc 
\>^ the weakneffes of others, fcft they be like in this cafe to 
tfit gouty lege, tharniulthave all the Attendance itfclfe,hutis 
nfefaUfornothirg; So 'tis widi many that have inch proud 
and f rdWard fpirits, that every body niuft ^eke to pleaiCe them : 
and yettbcyvrtHfeeketO|>fcafenor body thcmfelves. O Re- 
member your oyvn ifraylfy^ 

And if any of you (hall fay, 1 but I am not fo greaca burden 
to others as they are to me, and- therefore there is no 
equality for mc to beare his burden becaufe he is like to bearc 

I befecch you doe but ©bfer1«c what rfae Anfwcr to that is. 

•Firft, Every one is ready to thinke. That be is not fo griev- 
ous to others, as others are grievous to me : graiit it, but then 
obferve,it'ap{>earcs that thwart ftronger then iby brodher, 
and therefore if the heavyer end of thy burdetr be upon thy 
ftiaulder,thenthott fliooldft quietly beare it, becaufe it feemcs 
God hath made thy flboulder more able to bear it : And 'tis 
not more difficult for a man to beare the offences of others a- 
gaihft him, then it is for him not to be oflfeitfivc to others : 
and therefore rather bleflc Gi3d wben'thou thinkeft thus, the 
burden of my brother is greater then mine, and it's Gods mer- 
cy to me that he hath made my firength greater then his, and 
fo confidcring one anothers burdens,let us labour to bear them 
meddyandquierljr.. Againe, 

. ^ .1 ■ .- - ». 

Ruief ^nJihtlfs u chrifiiiui wai^ffi, 2,1 1 

Agaitle, a Sevetith rule to helpc is this, labour to kecpe rfajr 
peice with God, there's no fuch nieanes to keepe the heart iii 
quier, as to keepe peace with God, Let all be well becweene 
Ood and thy foule> and that will quiet thee when ihou mectcft 
widicrolfes. As if alll?e Wsill within the earth, the rempefts 
and ftormes that are about it will .never lliake it r and lo that 
that difquicts niens hearts, ic is the corruption that is within, 
and not lb much die tcn^ation that is without : -^ But foe . 
this peaccablendle of fpirir, that comes froni our peace with 
God, it maj^ be we fhall have fpme occafion to fpeake mofc 
of, when we^ome tofpcake of that blefledneflc BUffei are the 
PtMce-makgrs ; and therefore I pafl'e by that. 

The Right rule is this ; Convince thy felfe that there can 
bcQodiii^doneinangerf bucma^ be better done out of it; 
Tic wrMh'rfffWf d$wwn ^ccmflljh the righteffufnejje of Ged, 
Cuch the Apoftle. As now, wouldeft thou reprove anian, the 
bsft way is CO reprove hixn in meekneffe ^ you that Ore fpiritua) 
r^ore m meekneffe fuch as are fallen, PhyTitians muft not 
give phyfick fcaldirg hoc ; Reproofesare Pfayfick,do nor give 
ic them fcaldiisg hot>give it them bat nieerly warm, io a fpiric 
of love, no hotter then love will warme ic : And fo when ever 
Aoucorrefteft thy children or fcrvants, thou thinkeft that if 
thoudoeftknotin»p^iOn,th.ottinuftnotdoeitacalt; that's. 
thyfeUyj tfeoumaycft.doe kbetter due of apaffioa.then in x 
fi£on : Asid cheref^e divert of tb$ Heachoi ch^y would nac 
cwreft their fervantSjjueerly becauTe ^ey wareiaa paition-^. 
If tivKi wcAildeft give an ^fwer to aqiother,whpfpeaks co thee. 
that that is aniifTe, wouldeft ^hoa convince him, thou m*iyeft 
dosit beosr itiic^su^tyviti^^ chypalTipU;; thou ma^eft< 
reatoiithe caTe with chy brother 9 gr^^atdeale better ^^ 
paffioo tfaeniD tby pamon ; •— I tbifctrntbis, thofe that i»vc 
powerwer their paflion, have a great ad^'ontagie over any that 
chey cQOtend witnaU ; ConAder but of tbi^, and this will b^a 
mxacA tomeekeathy h^w: ; ^^ea cbe%art is up in. an^» 
irwould f»inebe ^ix^ji^tnt\yji, tM;keepe dfwn thy poflfio^ 
and all in the grace oTfneelQetefle ^ Oj^inder,, I would now 
bai6bng>butmiyo¥iynocIa£t:a$ well out of paHion as b 

Eei paflion: 

212 Rulei 4Uid helfs io Chrifium ifue^f^ejpr. 

patfipn; yea I may doe it betcer> and therefore I will doc it 
then: — If pilFion do but (lay a wHUcjthen ic will be dariiied. 
It's true, anger is the vvhecftoneof vercue if ic be done in a 
right nianner,but it is as it is in Phyfick,if the Grofle be given 
it will do no ^ood, but if it be dari.icd, then ic may be of a 
great deale otufe, and fo ic is with piffibn. 

' In the ninch place, when thou feelelt thy palTionbegb to a- 
rife, labour to rurne thy pjilion another way, upon iome other 
object, as thus; I feele anger begin toartfe againft my brotber,- 
or wife, or husbnd, or ieiTant, now let me labour inltead of 
anger to exerciie mourning, fuch a one hath dilplettfed me, my 
wife or child -or fervantjbetbre the« giveft way to thine anger, 
get al(Mie and bemoan th^ir fin, thou tiyelt they have done ex- 
ceeding ill ; h.we they, then they have Tinned agiintt God as 
well as againft ihee, and if fo, then take this rule brfore^ thou 
' l}\eweft any palSon, get alone, and mourne for their finagainft 
God/.h tn come out and fee how thy paiBon will work ahrer thy^ 
mourning for rh^ir fin, you would hnd this rule of very great: 
u% ( ifbusbands and wives rhat have nor Iiv*d quietly, or 
jnafters in their fanrilycs- ) if you would - but obleiYe ic , that 
when any thing is done amtfs, if it be not fin againft God, their 
there' great matter to ftirrc your anger, but if it hath fin in 
it, then be fure to mourne for ic. Firft before God you let out 
your paffionj and fo turn anger into love : Pbyfiriajw when- 
they would ftench blood mstt rum too much in one veine, 
^^ thev feek to tume it into another, and fo fhould we doe 
witn oar aflfeaions, and chat Chriftian hath a great deale erf 
skil, wifdome, and flrcngth that is able to tume bis affe6Uoo$. 
Now lie cxercife anger, and now He exercife lore, and oov^ 
lie exerdke forrow, and now Ih cxercife joy, and now Ue cx- 
ercife hope, fothat he is able to tume his aflfeftions this way, 
and that way, if a man be not able to tume his af^ions this 
way and that way furely there is fome diftc!Biper,but thfe is tbe 
excellency of a Chriftian, he hath- command over his affedi- 
ens, he can tume tiiem this ivay or that way : It*s a good thing 
in dealing withfchildrcn, when they are do^ed or fullen, not 
to &li upon them in a rage, but if you can tume their dxM^facs 

~ to. 

Rules and hi ft U Cljrjftian meel^effe: 2.15: 

rofomechingelfe, you have difplealed them in one ching, do 
not be gracing upon them in that one thin^, but fee it;' you con 
tumeibemtofatthiuking or looking afcer iome orher thing, 
and by that you (hall get cbem fooner out of their fuUen mood 
then by oppofn^ it : 10 it is with our feWes many times there 
is a lullen dogged froward moode upon our hearts, now the 
Way perhaps will not be ta oppofe diredily that fizllennefle of 
our heai tsy but the way wU oe ta hove fome objed before us 
to tnme the ftreame of the heart to. 

Tcnthly, Another rule to help againft againft anger it's thi?, 
do not mt^ippiy words; take heed in froward palfibn that 
words be hot mulciplyed In 4ie 8 Pro>\ 3. v: & in the 5 ot 
MMuh: 12. v: divers Scriptures I might (hew that themuki^ 
plying of words is very dai^erous in tune of paffion^ and cfpe- 
ciallyto-give liberty tovildfpecch: words are wmdci I bun 
they arc that winde that blovxe;^ up this fire to a mighty heace. 
In the 7 ProT 1 1 . ver: it's faid of the whore thaLj^f is ImtL^m 
a moft unbefeeming thing for vvomen (though they be provok't ^ 
by anger) to be loud in fpeech, to be loud in their words, and 
to multiply their words: The vvhorilTi wcman is defcribed by 
rhat the is loud, and therefore thole that woidd behave theii;- 
(elves as Matrons in fobriety and nsodefty, take heed of loud 
ipeecbes ,• — - and then of adding word to word, the beft way 
k rather tabe (itent, rather to tumc away, as we read of David 
whenhe hadtadeale with his froward Brethren, in the i Sam: 
ij. He tmrfui smaj fr&m them and wetdd anfsper nQmrrc ': ^— 
I contdfe to tume away in a fullen manner that's not good nei* 
tbet) but to give a few gentle fpeeches and then to turn away, 
tb tume wmy without any aifwer that may * provoke as, muchy 
but firft tofive (bme gentle anfwer and thei^ tdtum' away^ and 
relolve not to multiply words at fuch a time^ tlus is : That's 

Elevemhly, If yon would not be paffiohate, but oi meeke 

nd qutet fptrits^ take heed of putting- your, felves into too 

fttich bu&iefie that ood calls you not unto,:asid jhz reafon is. 

s, becau& there is nabufinme but will have it^ewh'ator 

liemSdlcro^ydiereforebefure e^ be abomt Dothtr^but 


^^ .^ ■■»>»» 


whic God calls you coo* and there you will have the Ueflii^of 
God; but when men will have nwnjr Irons in the fire, more 
then God calls dismtOy no ffurvaile rhou^ their &^rs he 
liirnri we {:nd tkit tbolc max that ane very hufie are very fco- 
ward, but now when you know that your bufineffe is but char 
that God calls you to, and you doc k in obedience to God^you 
imy expeft : tb<: blcffing of God upon you to qmec you> buC' 
orherwife there will be many tcffiptations mic. 

Twelfchly, Further, Take heed cfcoonmchcuriofityt A 
ixwn that is in a faitrrily,if h^ wiU be pryii^ into, every t bi^ in 
' the faniily,be muBt have his eyes in every room,aDi^pke nocice 
oF every paflage in the faofiily ,if f4| a thoufand to one buc ihcr^ 
will many tlui^s fall out that will difhirb his paffio^ you mA 
not take notice of every little fault in a fervant^tior eiPQry fmall 
ofifence in wife o^hildrcn^ but you muft fee and Hpt'fee> if 
you will be of meek ffidts. A foolilK nice cuf ib6cy in men in 
prying into wery thii^ in a fainilyi and thofe rbii^ it may be 
chat do not concecne tliem, as it is very unbefeemit^ t man, fo 
ic is that chatoa:afionsagteatdcdeofdi{Wban:einthe 
jnily. - ' *' • . 

Thu:tcend:ily> Another hc^ -will be to confider thusr O 
what if this be nowra temptation of the Devil ; the Devil owes 
pic a fjpighc, and who krtows^^dut the Devil is now pnttii^ me 
iqM)r^ if thoahad'ft but fomuchpowo:' over, thy be^ »* top 
think thus, whcaeVer f amhra fit bfpaffion^ Aii$ isliketo be 
a temptation, the DeviljBittdds to doe me fooie m^Ed^e a% 
this time : It's an exceltem fimiltaide fSt^Atigmfim badi abocc 
this: Jtsit mi^ith aF0v^ (iwh^ht) Mf»i l^ 4 

t9 kiS the Urdsij^.thfia^fi tmitia tv^rivrtbfm Ih/ tht fim^i- 
oHt of the bcige^ tff^fi fhey majflj into the net : ^ it is ikith 
hc^when the Devilbath an int:enti(!)il to draw thee tcr^xie fin> 
fttiih the Devilyt amotteU howito dcasv diem raiiich ^Kl fuch 
ftn^except I ftito their paffioo, 4etme but fttcrc .thdrfuffico. tharfinweU cooi^^, lilft tfiii® 
chat the ][>e^ whes flc^is feme fin hemdd,b^ 



Ruks^ smi htlfs t0 Chrifildn mtd^e^e. ax j 

lojwhcnthe Devil comes to 'ftir up paflion (as the Fowlers 
throvvingftonisimothe~bedgc)he cares not ibsnucb for thy 
paffic%put ihe^hing that be aimes ac, ic ji^ the evil he ' w6ula 
bring thee into by thy paffiou, fo that the very thoughcs of thi^, 
B(W apaflion is coiiie,and if this rtiould prove but a temptation 
to feme vild fin, what would b(jcome ot me, ^jiid therefore I 
vvill fit ftill and do-nothing. rather th^n.I will be thus hatcht by 
the Devil. 

Founecntbly, Set the example of Gpdjof Jifus Cbrift,*and 
of hit Saints before you,its a mighty way to help againft paffion 
and angerj ^nifidering how meek rhe Lord \% \ when God hid 
to deale witbC^/W, with wh^ m^ekn^fle and genjlenefl'e did 
God hixnfelfe deale wich C^i/r^ , vvby vvb9re''sthy brother, faith 
G<rf,andvvhenC^>aniweu-ed<iod<?hurliiL y4tj God goei. 
oniBameeTcvvay,and(aitb,/frA<w^/W//,*^^ thm notb^^ 
Mctftti; And fo when God had to deale with jf««;*f, which 
nrastbat froward pettifh Prophet ( for fo he vyas ) Now faith 
God to him, Jdndi^.pofithoHwetltpbeangrj^ when be, faw 
bun in a fit of anger : it is a good patterns for us vvhen we have 
' to deal with others thai are of angi^ fpirics, to fay, iocymi r^ell 
yicMftffrj ? God did not come ma boillerous way to Jo/t/u^ 
Vut comes in a gentle ^d'meeke way, Dofi thon wcUto be 
«P7f faith the Lord. ^ CQ*?fider how God.dealas with his. 
poore creatures, and 'tis no diihonour^o y^u to deale fo with 
yoor fcr<f9«tsvid^hikh*en that are not foib;uri^^ to ydu as 


^might alfo fct before yo»i the example of Jefus Ch;ift, T 
Kmen^r I have read ofone,ii)athis wife asking of him^how 
be was able to overcome himfelfe when be had fuch wrongs 
^m juries oiferpdhifiai; why tnily this is the way that .,1 tuKe 
(6ith he) I go.and meditate on the fufferin^s of Jefus Chrift, 
what wrongs Jefus Chrift hacj, and yet how4ie was as a Lanib 
Aat opened not bis mouth,and Ineverkave,meditatin^ wvil 
1 get my fpirit; quiercd the^reditatioivof the fvfferitigspf je- 
fus Chnft and of his wounds,.and his i^/rongs, .mi JiovV g4nt](y 
aid meekly he bare them>d *tis a fpecial meanes ^ I reniember 
C^ftirmm tcUs of fome when they were in a mad rage they 


%y6 Rules mi kc/ps u ChrJftidn me^fffe^ 

would fee d flieep or Lamb before cbem, and k would be a 
ineanes to quiet them ; when we are in a paifipn, in a mad rage 
let us but fct thvir mscke Lambe the Lord Jefus before us, ai4 
that will be* a me.ins to quiet us ; So you ha^eit in i Fet. 2. 
There the ApoUle makes ufe of the example df Chtift to keep 
our fpirits in a quiet and nieeke way,'F(r ( faith he ) htrcitnto 
wereje called-^ that is, to take patiently what wrong;s were of- 
fered 10 us, becanfe Ckrlft alff ffijfered for HSy tcavingman ex- 
ample that jfon jhen/d follow his fief s^ who did nofirt^ nhttfsr vas 
gmle found w his mourhj^who when he was rivited revited'hoi^^ 
galne^when he faff ered he threat ned not y hut conmiltted hlmfelfe 
to him that jfdgeth righteoufiy : Read but this Text,and fet but 
this example of Jefus Chrill befcte you,and it will be a Ipedal 
.xneanes" to quiet your fpirits. ; .\ ' :"' . 

And fo Ifliould have fet before you the ex'aiiiprc of ibe 
Saints, of Atrahamy of Daiidy of Stephen^ of Pauly and orhers; 
but lie only name one or two others. I remember the example 
o( Calvin toward Luther h very famous^ and cfpecially it con- 
cerns Minifter^jThough there .were a great dcak of diflfercnce 
in jtJdgpient and way es ; Luther was of a hot and 'fiery .fpi iri 
and Calvinmoit tender, and Calvin had liich a fpeech con- 
cerning Luther y well faith he. Let Luther caflmeDevlltyCalf 
me what he mtly yet I wilt ack^o^v ledge Luther to be the Servant 
off ejus ChrifiyMfd one whom Chrlfi doth ufe as an ir/ftrumtnt of 
a great deate of good. Here was a IWeet and auiet fpirit in Cai- 
W, that was a man fo inftrumentalf for God : Thei'fe^sno fucb 
way toheape coalcsof fire upon the heads of thofe that do op- 
poie ufi,as to carry our felves meekly and gently towards them* 

Therefore for the dofc of all^ I befeech you \lay .up thcfe 
rules that you have Heard. ' * :' * ^, 

Aijd let this one be added more. Fifreemhly^, Take heci 
ofthe next Temptation, if fo be that you would exercife this 
grace of meeknefle, though y(m iforget other rules, yet lay up 
this, take heed I fiy of the next remptation,goe away but wirn 
Shis rcfolution j The Lord hath made me to beare of the ex- 
cellency ofthe grace of meekneflfe, how it is commended by 
Cbrift, and that it hath fuch excellent promifesi and he hatn 



RhIcs Mfd helfs to chrlftlan meekpejfe. 

fliownmelanewhacofdieevillofafrovvard fpi:ir chac is fo 
CQitrarv co ic> and bath given me many ruks for (he . iielpin^ 
of me that ib I may live more quietly in my family j welt now 

1 lliafi goe avvay, and after 1 have heard all this^ it may be a 
temptation will come this nighr, for that's the way of the De- 
vill, diat juft at any time when ^ou have heard againlt fiame 
particular fin> iihere will come lonie teniptatioti ^o that (in ; 
And when you have been put upon fome duty, there will come 
fomc temptation to uke you off of that duty, for if the DevilJ 
can but prevail^ with you aftet a Sermon, then he mokes ac- 
count tbt all chat SerAion is gone, and willidoe you no good ; 
So now, after yiiu have heard of all. this aboujc. meckneiVe, it 

nuybe this night> or to morrow momir^, there's like to come 
feme temptation to fcowardnelfe arid paiudnin your fpirits, for 

2 bundrea caone j>ut you will medf vyitb fomtUng \ ^ell hid 
you but a heart to tbinke now, well this is the P^vills work to 
take aw?y altthi profit of thbfe Sermons that I have heard of 
mceknsfle, and therefore through Gods grace I hope I flull 
take heed of diac temptation ;; And you cannot imaging what * 
a^ale of good the next temptation being lefifted nuy doe -^ ' . 
But now if either to night, or to morrow,or two or airce dayes' 
bjKein thi^ next weeke there comes fome tempution> and 
Aeveryfirft temptation of all overwhelmes you and prevailes 
againftyou, farewell thefe Scrmort^ thenl I have loft my labour 
^coocemit^ yoa, and whether you may live cao hear any nv:>re r 
Sermons about this againe,.it*s more then you know,ind there- \ 
fore look to your fclves that you may not loofe the word i and 
g>amy witftftich refdution^s, well through Gods grace, I will . 
okeanactoun: of thefe truths for the ordering of my heart 
tt'lof my fife in my f»iaily ;, and ^l thac liv^s w«j> me fliall 
ftclr/ftiy life tlut I have heard f<xne Sermon^ , of n^eekgeffe r 
yo?* thir are women, and ic may be , h ive liv'4 > W?^^J^ ^^^ ^ 
Jd husbands ^nd you chat are husbands that have fc^pn Wrfer 
to lur wive^,'0 ^hat it ^ivg'it sifiptn that \<ti have h iard this 
H; ednefle, BUffei /irr; 'i^ W 1^?iv .that fq boch buj^haiids aiid 
wi s, maypurthi$.cvenint<>Lheii* prayers, Bleilcd b^ Goi ^ 
du »efaavehadthb.Scriptttre(K7et^dtous« 



< -OR 

R^Uratrd helpt U> chriftUn mekmft. 

Bkjjeddnthey ifphifhtlM hHVgtraad' thirfi 
i^terrighteoujmffeifor theyjhailbefHek. 

lelaft^ay'yeuimyTaiien^we.fpoVe to- 
cbe fkit of the third bcrititucle here menr 
lioiMid by Chrift, B&ffedare ehc mukg fir 
th^fhsU'mhtrit thi em-tb.. 

And the elofe c^k vnts an nlwrcation to 

this bleired&^TCciais grace ofmeeknefs :, 

given for cheEartherance c^chi^ gr9ce el 

meeknefle; lihrendtxittokiokebaetat ailtowhatwetheip 

fpake, onefy adde this <ne thing fucther as, a.grt« help tq the 

meclunng 6f«ur he»cs, and that is, dpecially co tbde ibtt 

SutteentHly, Thewantof thisgraDeisa^gpeacaMonoM t» 
themandtothor profdfian :- Let fuch reoicniber: their €«w 
prayers, thciif own exprelfionB before Cod in prayer, it wouldf 
mistily hdpetGnweken us. Remember bow thou fiatt ac- 
ItiowfedgetJ thy vilcneife before Cod^ thou oanO freely, ith 
many cxprcffions tdlGod what aviie unwerrhy finEuIt Wret^ 
died crcaTBretbouart, and btJWthrou|iithyIin thou doftdc- 
fervethcemnaU'wruhofGwty tbatiMfra..woDdec thou art 


■a ■ iMi*i II ,*^ 

Rules Mnd hclfs t9 chrifiiMH med^c ft , '. .^jp 


outof hdf, thus thou canfl go on perhaps in prayer, or ic mif 
be in coa^>any a loi^ time fpeakii^ thus againft thy id(c ; and 
vet as foon as thou haft done if any body croife chee thou canft 
Se as frotvard and as angry as any elle; what art thpM the man 
or woman that but a while iincc, a fcvv hours or a day ago wert 
before God acknowledging how vild > finfull , and wicked 
thou wert,and chat thou did 'ft wander thou wert out of hell all 
this while,art thou the man or woman that did'ft acknowledge 
this, and when thou comeft to any croffe in the world thou art 
nee able to beare it ! thou iayeft thou defervcft he]> but if t 
child, or fervancy or wife, or husband, or friend doe croffe 
tiiee thou canft not beare it, if thou could'ft but look backe to 
thine expreffions before God in prayer, it would caufe thee to 
be vile in thuie ovyne eyes, and fo to have thy heart to £att 
downe when thy paifion beguis to rife : Thou that haft a palfi* 
(mate froward bean, either in the momii^ thou doeft pray t^^ 
God Of tbdu doeft not. If thou doft not piay, thou (hewett thy 
&Ife to be Atheifticaij if thoti doft pray, I fuppofe one (becial 
partofth^prayer is the acknowledging of thy wretchecuie0e, 
£nfutnefle, ana vileneffe, why haft thou done that in the mor* 
tnng if when any temptation comes topadioQ in the day time 
thou yeeldeft to it, now if thou couldeft but have the power 
over thy fetfe as to thmk of thy prayer, and to thtnke how un- 
(unMe this carriage of thine is xo all ttK)fe acknowledgements 
oftlune,'t^thy£iifulneffeandwretctedn2fte9 it woidd tame 
thee in the midft of thy unruly paflTion. 

There mould now have been mentioned feverall forts •£ 

people that ftiould efpecially labour fot this grace of meeknefs: 

It coneeirDes us all, but fome more thenother$, die only ^ak 

avvowl tO" ihofechat are in anr aftiftcd tohdition^ therefore the 

Vibrems have the fame word that figtiifies aflfi^ed* for meek, 

meekneffe and affli^on in the Hebrew toi^e aire cxprefli'ed by 

. fame word, to note that fuch as are under affUftioh, they 

iutd be of meek and ^gpitt fpirits,' for* .the hand of God is 

1 upon them : And. yetit fdls out quite contrary ordinari- 

that fuch as are moft aiHid^ are inoft froward, as many 

es thofc that are fick, when they are ikk they are more pet- 

' - - F f a 1 - tifh 

■ — ■^^— ^^^^ ■ ^ 


Ulh and more fronwrd tbci»acotherame$,wrtiercasth.eY thould 
hi more meek mi <^uiec and gjj:le under Uods hand : and Ca 
mmy tbu are i-ooi pco^ile, vvlierc do you heare tucb reviling 
^onmuniciMon as trom fuch as arc milerably poor,hav do they 
hvt.n one weds ;. do but croiie them inan/ one thing, vvhac 
railing md revthng cojies from iKem,nievvii^ a pro«d,f toward 
fMirioauefpuit, if God hich .ifflided thee with poverty, it is 
(if he hun a love to ihee;) ihar fa^ nrighr keepe the low, and if 
thy heart were low, thy heart would likewife be meejce ;• -^ 
Butweletpailethisofmeekndre, BUjfedgreth* meekg, and 
come to that, read inrhe 6. vert Blcjjed ^t thej that i,bmH. 
gerard M after nghtemfnejje. Biffed arc the; that da hnn,,, 
andthtrft i This feems to be as.concraty to the. opinion o£ th^ 
world as any thing can be, the^Torld rather faith, Blefledare 
they chat are Mchcii they that hudgerand thirft, but the holu 
Choft pronounces a hleQedneffe upon rhofe that hunger and 
thirft, anda /f-i^nothpfethatarefull^ in the <J.of JW^ j, fv* 

Til u^ilJ'^^"^'"'^ Sreateft hap^le, xhair 
wen have their 6.11 taiDlcs,andMdiilics,and ftilllups,and fuU 
purfes, but the-holy Ghoit doth norlook wpon-mens hapinejfc 

rfc.^t!!'!^''^- "^^""^"^f ^^ '^^^ iitteratty,and the r*: 

.t in^W '^"^ ri^ '^^'^ ^ f^^ Cas I told 
yojiinthebegin«ui^orthis:Sennoni that notmthfbndii« di- 

vers ob; aga.nftur,it appears ta be tiK: fame fermoh)^^ 

th. word ngbt^uf.efi, but only ye.ihathimger now- and oppo- 
fes A«»^, to thofe that areM^ and dieref^tbw' fhink^ 
hrteraIlyni^,2J&/«J«,,i*;,.;*^,.|^^^^ JJ^ 

■ ^dvvLr.^'ji? \"'Vft b= "nderilood>%t vImL bre^ 
. f i>?ntdriiJcfuchasbe.ngGodlyaitjpactofueh gre.u S ' 
tremtnesanhey have not hnSad to put ^. their boclS Z ' 
drmketoquencbthebrf^irft ; asifOrift. i&wKe ^ 

Z S""? ^^''!^ ^ ?« ^o f'^^h extremky asT 
wjjbreadandvvamdnirit, this mil not hinder your bleffec' 

«^e youmay beblefledforalkhat:-.And.4ere45 wh 
you are ingreatwantsyoumay be ready to looks upon tho;. 

' xi 

;;;; fft^m^nf bj rlgk,mfnejfc. 

righteoH^ dealings iii the world, you will fee bowthe world is 
carryed on in unjuftice) and toirighceoufnefle chat prevailed in 
ihevYocld,biitm the Bieane lime this vvillgoe neere to your 
hearcs, it vvill be a paini and griefe to your foules to ice tbe 
wnrighceou carriages of things in the world, and you will loi^ 
for the tmie wherein righceouiherte may prevaile in the world 
and rule among men ; well bleffed are you, doe not you medr 
die wiih choir unrighteous dealings^butwhenr you fee ic amo!^ 
.others, let your iloi-igii^defires'be for the time "wherein righ- 
teoufnefle (hall prevaile in the worJd,W Mefftd artymth^d^ 
thm h$mger m4 thirfiy this I verily doe beleeve is a Ipeciail 
thif^ thacChrift intends in the pronouncing of this hlelicdnesy. 
and therefore I muft not pafle over this f6 lightly as maiy dene 
in handling of this bleflednefl'e. I cbnfe{fe the other righccouf- 
neffe, the moft of your latter men that efpecially fpeake of this 
in a preachii^ way, they lodte to that that they, thinke tobe 
f^t fpirituaH, as chiis, that hui^er and cfairft after the righte- 
<»ififeifcofJefusChri(l, Bleffed are they that have cameft^ 
ftrong and unfatisfying defires afoer the rigbteou(ne({e of 
Chrilt, that they fnay be cloadied with the rightetoulheffc of 
^fus Chrift; and ftand righteous before Goo, thr^u^ the 
fighte<Hiihdfe of his Son, Biffed are they. , 

i^ that, Btefed are they that doe kmger emithwfi. 
after thefemr ef ri^teeufnefe in their owne hearts, to he de- 
livered from the power of fm, and to have further degrees of 
fan£iification in their hearts^ this is ordinarily, «k1 I ft9)pofe 
in moft of your thoughts that have ftiinded rhis Saipturc, you 
have rarfier looked upon this riehceottfiiefTe to be nfieant the 
righteoafncffe of juftificaticai by jfefus Chrift,' and : the righccHi 
oufiiefl'e of (infttficadon by the work of the Spirit inxhc b^virr,. 
and thefe two arc very G6dly Interpretations, very fpirituol^ 
^ we muft hot exclude them , but fhall fpeake Itkewiic v 
eit;her of thefe two'f But for this exeixife I /bait foeak onlv " 
ihcfifft. • •;':-. ^ ' 

that hui^r and thirft after rig^eoufiiefle, after r^hceot \ 
dcalii^ ? — — And though the other arentoie etceUetici r 
theiniehres,yetI^eubtiBuch Whither Chrift hadix>tahism \ 

th«ughc p 

^^^^^^ what medm kj righemfrfffe. ^ 2z; 

tfcoifhts, even firft, fpeaking to his Difciples th^t were Jike to 
be inapoore and meane condition, therefore he begins vvich 
Aofetnar are poorcinfpirit, we Inrerpxted the meaning of 
thar^ and fo now you are like to meet with much unrighteous 
(tcalin^s, but blefled are you that are concent to fubmic to fuch 
a condition that you are like to meet withall, and yet fend up 
ywirdcfircsta heaven from God to deer your rignceoufiieft> 
as if Chrift (hcmld iay, the world will accufe you and revile 

Su for being trobblcfome, fadious and turbulent among them^ 
tbleffed are you, can you appeal to God for yoiir righteouf* 
flcffe, atxl defire, Lord while the world doth thus revile us, 
adifccouncusiobe hypocrites, to make a <liew of Religion,, 
and yet to have no truth in us. Lord do thou judge our righte- 
ous amie, Lord we appeale to thee, why faith Chr iff ,BIefled 
are you while you do thus, lie look upon you, and have ^i eye 
toy(Mi) when others (hall fay that you are falfe, and thdt you 
£iiuHe your tnift that is committed to you, you can appeale t^ 
God ara defire hinrto come and judge your righteous caufe, 
lord let rghteoufneffe ajppeare, let it appair that under thefe 
accufations that I have oehav d my felfe ri^coufly, blefled 
•e jWy be not now troubled r — And fo when the world ac- 
tuics yoii of making a trouble in the world, you can appeale to 
God and fay Lord thou knoweft that there is nothti% that Tde* 
fire more tnen peace, and fo far as I can fee it to be thy mind 
Icair yecid in ^y thing,, and rfiereforc Lord ^eare and ma* 
tifd^ my righteoufneffe before the world ; Blefled are you 
Kdi Chrift, be not overmuch troubled that you ^rc thus' acc#- 
fed: you hunger and thirfl for the tiine whcn^ the' "Lord fliaH 

ftake your righteotifnefle*a{')pear r ■■ And fo if the world 

fcall accufe you of itlfe-feckii^, thar in all things that yotf doe 
ywdockitaimeatyriurfclvesin^f, whyyoucan appeale to. 
God of the ri^tcoufnefle of your hearts in thefe things and 
f rhirft afterthe time'vvften God win come to difc(jWrjiie 
ft jts of all-mens hearts, Lord rhou.haft a f ihiefor to manifeft 
A fecretsHof!teirts,aitd tKeit i^ fl-iallappdare whether I .fouejlt 
m tile or thy gloryrBfelftd arc ybri if yo\i (?an do fo^and huit* 
9 'ter the piatii&fbti^ of God^ ngbteouTndfle. io thi^: ^^^ 

I III I I I I I f I I I 

zii^ why the J that hmger and thirf^. are bteffei. 


Others, ic may be fuch accuiadons arc upon you, vvfay iiill you 
hunger after the dine for^oodco deare up righDcpufinjflci. 
There is nothing more o;dinary inrhe world, then.for the vncr . 
kcd of the vvo^ld to caii alperlions upon the Sain:s jrfGod ioc * 
fome evill or oiherto darken them in their holy prote;1iOD,l>uc 
il' chey bear what tliis caft upon them pati^nJy, and lot^ for the 
time that the righteous Ood^viII;manifdt tl^iir 

i:i^htcou[ndSQyBlepd are yofi when joMthHf hmgfr Oni thirjl 
even after this righteoHfmJJt, 

hlcjjedartjioHy for- . 

Firft, You have the teftimony of your owne coofcieQces 
when men doe accufe you. 

Secoidly, YouhavethetpaimonyofGedvGodvvitaeflcs 
• foryou. ... 

Thirdly, Bleffcd are you, for God is working fcH-ycija all 
this while, while you I]^e under thefeacculations. 
^ And you ihall be far ished one day, y<6u iTiall be cleered, 
God will deere your righreoiifiieife, and he will make it bfieak 
forth as the noon day. Now you are befpattcred, as if Chriit 
ihould lay you are all to be imeered with accu&tidns froai evi 
men,but you (hall be cloarhedwiih white linnen, in the i^ 
Rev: 8. ver*. And trher (that is, to the Church; was grsmrecL' 
diat Ihe fbould be arrayed in fine linnen^cleam Md ^bift/ifr, the 
jipe Imnen uthe nghteoufiiejfeafSalntSy white liimen, it'^ t?«g^ 
it is the pghtcoufnelfe of Chrfft, but it may have referericij lo 
tl»,?|ighreouineffethatIamfpeaking of: as if fo be that ^ 
Matronly woman being in the ftreete, fliould have mad ixo 'le 
caft dirt upon her,whcn (he comes home iKe hath clean Jihnen. 
to put upon her, fo though the Sainrs here are bi^fpattt^ry- with 
dirt to make their names to be odious in the world, yet Je^us 
Chriltbath ' nc linncn to ut upon them, and they fhall ap'^r 
righteous before th^ Saints and Angels, before all '^hevvor'-^ 
ai^rherday,andfoinrhe 12^/^^^^ J^^^^-'tbero's iipi 
mtylpatfherj^^^ ^f,^ ^^^ 

t^ Kiugdmnt^fjketrFatl^er. lt'% true the)rniaJ1 (hineforti^ 
cton m a great dcale of glory put upon them, but thi.- gjo-^ v 6 
/ ^ theu 

-— '^^'^ • ~ - • ' - 

■ _ I ILMW^ppippfMS 

ryhy they thut hitnger uni tilrP 'icrc,UtffU, %%y 

t&irrighcebufneflcflialFbeasthc(hinii^'rf fun, bdkfes 
die other glory of their ^reac rcwaMi in the Kingdome of rheiri ^ 
Bather : ' Now ihiy are in tht kingdome of ihc \vo:ld>and chey: 
are where the kii^dome of darkneflc doth prcvaile, buc when 
rfiey come to the Kkigdoine of their Father xhey fliall iTiine. 
forth as the fun J It's meant of all rightcournefle> eidier thaci 
perfed ri^teouftieffe of Chrift that chey iTiall be cIoithedL^ 
withaUjO: theperfoAicsnof S»iftific«:ion,6r this righceoufncfs 
whcrdjy they ftall be cleer'd from all afpcrfions that ara 
caft upon them : ' Blefled are chey for the/ j (hall . be 

' Yea bleffed^rfrthey for they ftudlbe fiUVl, you (hall be re- 
compenced for all thofe accufations that are unrigbceoMdy 
caft ii,'on you now, you fhall be rewarded fomucb the more, 
ic mil encreafe your gkwy, therefore hleffcd ; Look upon your . 
felves as bleffed creatures when you are accounted thus un- 
nghceous, for you fhall be honoured fo much the more, there-; 
fore we have that notable Scripture in i f«r. a. 14. If jt bt, 
rftrmhedfrrthffdfHi^fChrlfiyh^Mmrefeyf^ Sffrh pf 

i«ryaHdof gUrtfiftk i^yw.Goa will certainly recompencc. 
you for all that you ihall fuffer this wav. 

3iit fiirther,Thofe that hunger and tnirftafter righteoufncft, 
oi^rortly-th^tGod vtould clear their rtgteeoufiieffe (thats 
<«e'kiM6f ri^teoiifnefle that they hdn^r and thirft after > 
&t dut there might be righcTOufneffe amoi^'mcn in gentrall, 
rfut rightcoufnefle ipight prevailc in the world ; Bklfed ar^ 
rfj^that have their hearts pained' when they fee the unrigajef 
«rfheire that is abro«t in thevvorH • I fay, fuch as find their. 
fejrts|)ained ^t:tiK^gbPt)f thai unri^teou(he({e that, is in the 
tvotfd, arid fo they do 1<^ iftet irighteoiifneCfe, and cry out to 
Godthathe'wouldappeareandfetup rigbteou&iefle to rule 
ini"'^*— ^i • Such as are grieved in their heartp to fee the 

^ . ^jrfeaHi^sarftoi^thechildrenofjnenj Tbisisthajc 

da Chrift ?inies at,' flith fit indeed yoii wilKee a gr^'at deale 
^ mghtebWhdflfe, but you diat are myDifoiples, it will 
^ '^' ^ your hearts, mi youwiil long for that timQ when righ^ 
ttc IcihaUpreviik^Bkifedareyou.. . . ^. 

G g For 

■ ■ *! lb 

. For 9irft,Thc people of Gq4 catMOp but \^ pained in their 
hearts when chey fee unrt^ceous dealini^ ill the vvorld^ as 
Xfiucb i)ain d as a man is thac w<inc$ hread, k mx^ troubles- 
them thitn all their perfecttcion$> (henall tbor affli^ions^ an4 
tlwre is noching in the world tha( che.y Icxig for more then the 
coming of Jdus Chrifl to this end,noc only that chey themfelvs 
0uy b^ faved) but that then righteQu''iWl& may nrevaiie. 
* For Firll> When the Saints fee iinfighreous dealings intbQ 
ivorld) by that they fee the honour of Cod ^^ Tsanch edipfed } 
ivhy they chink thus with thcmie^eSi i$ npc God a rigteeous; 
Gody c then what a dill^.onour is this to fiKh a righteous Cod^ 
that uere/hoii)d Ve foinuich untighteouihefii; tn (be world a» 
cbereis. ' » 

Secondly^ Thi? unrighcco^fiidSf ihtt they f«e mmg n?*eil 
11 is verv unincable t^ tbek fpirits^ for (W Wd hath nut righ-* 
(eoufneite into their hearcs ; In fome meafure their hearts otq 
for righteouTnel&i now \yh» they iee men qi^publick place, 
6r men th^ niake j^oficfTim of IleligtCMji to^Qm)^ cbix^xu>i 
righceoufly, thU painan theQi ^ \i9 dm d^.i^ unftuaht^ 
%» that gracious framft cbac (^ b#l^ pyt* UKQ (hdc 
hearts. • • ^ 

Tbirdh^jBv tfaisimrigbtetiitfw^ o^tpM^xbp^i^ hav the 

fodlyfiifter, ixmpctxio«5ferYiint$qfQ)i4 ai^ trodi^n Modeir 
)OE,»id botv wktedaad ti^iKlly (n^th^y fhiine and prqfpex> 
afid tbor are made; o^ now.& «M»KbMC j^ri^ve tWr bearcf. 
lo fee (uch a diforder, ft 

FQ^rtMy,By the tmidmoufaefie tba^ they (ee in the modd^ 
there aremafl^tenK)tacioiMiiOta^gi:f}^d^aIie ¥ evUU ycC^aa^^ 
notes ttBaf^mcmuuitdjs^ mdbiiicb 

as are truly godiy> as Aey did with JMvid^ ^vk his lighteoiu 
foul) in the j^Ffidmj when he favy (be wicl^d i)ro(per> an4 
how the godly ¥i^re affliftedf P^W began to iaUp, and hU 
feor^ began to flide; WbenX«cha&arer »>% fee thac men 
that carry tbitw;sunngbteoMfly>, aoAytlt. we ^bvi? de<^n««, 
and profpef) aid that vchers cbai:^ ace( tr^jf gc^ly> ^ W4i( ac- 
cerdk^ to ruk, chey many ctaieafu^orflmicl^ tins is a grew 
KDptacicQeirentotbofechatare SS^yj. MW^dicx ki^ for 



■* I ■ ■ ■ ,^^^ 

P09^ pfGti^m/d iafic the nnnghiHifnt^t pf^birs. %^j 

Ae doie co have chis cemptarian caken away) to hav^ the <jtf» 
boockir^vjod taken away ) co have that thac'^is uniucablecu 
cbck fpLics taken away, to have the rujferixigsof the Saints u^ 
ken away» and to have this temptation taken away ; as if thejr . 
ihoui<i fay> O Lord, if righreouineife did prevail e, then thoii 
wouldii be honoured more then ever,then we ihouid have thac 
that would be the joy of our hearts, then thy Shunts (houlcl not 
fiifer as they doei tnen we Oiould be ddivered from thofe 
cempcatiom^hac we meet with:Jl. 

Fif chlyt By uflrighteou&eire they fee how the wicked ar^ 
burdened in their hearts ; now lay the Saints^ this is grievous; 
to fee tfa^ inen in unrighteous wayes ihould fo profoer 
Sfstobeturdenedtand think that God is like to them, otnac 
there wem rig^oaihefle prevailitf , that wicked men may h% 
aihamedmdconfoufvkd^ ^ 

Sixthly, By this meanes they fee that many grow Atbeifb 
and diey cicubt whether there be a God or no rulii^ in the 
ivorU, therefore O Lord Jeftts let icapp^are that thou doefl 
goveme things in the world* 

Seventhly, By this unrighteou(he0e they fee the Idi^dome 
ofSataafetup,andtfaekin^domeofChrift wtuch is a righte- 
ous ldngde«ne» chat's mightily hindred by it, why Lord i})aii 
tbekiogd^ne of Satan alwayesprevaile in the world? OLord 
wbenimli the righteous Scq)cer of Jefus Cbrift fway among , 
tbe children of men. , ^ 

Kgbdy, Laftly, This unr^eoufiieire it tends to wicked-, 
Qcf&i to ruiae, t^ brk^ all thu^s toconfuOoh) now Lord ^K'- 
sn^ dnxi dodft M)eare in thy ngbceoufnefle to right ail tbefe 
ibmgs that throi^ ii>e uorig^teoufoeflk of men are infuch a 
'dilbfdcr, aUtbmgsw411.rMttton*b^ confufinn, therefore 
Lord haftcn and appear to be a righteous God : thus the Saints 
doe hanger and tm • ft a&er ii|ht^>iirnede ; tbtie there nuy he 
eousdealii^sinchefifoiid; and you fee v^ it is that 

les their hcaffS» what eviH there is in unrighceournade, and 

"^excelteKy they fo? in r*#t^tfA^^^ 
ley hw«t and Airftafe^ righ^ewfi>effe/hey have great ; 
r^aMih^y (^ffiri^Attny f^Kiyeh; €0 ^ 

G z would 


2»8' ■' Hi^thtft thm inmgtt src.^i^ tt UtUffid. 

. TT,"^!^/*; ""^^^ *=*«* «*^ ^^ wor»<». how loos, W 
long ihilUc bs holy and true, &c. They lend upimsht?Uv- 
erstoGod that nghteoMe might prevail.^ in ihew<i& 
And for thar ovvne parts therefore, they 6vh«f«iver they do> 
will no: meddle with" wy unrighteous wayes, but rather iLffe 
any mtfery in the world then to be any meanes tacounteawce 
or ;oyne with any unnghceous wayes^much lerfe to doe {»nv 
unrighteous aaionsthemfelves.. And rbercfore though rfiS 
beinanypnblickplace, though there be much Goaiii inbj 
Aeir places, they Will rather ge content to loofe aU tS^! 
tages of their places, then to meddle with any unrishteous aSi 
«is. A righteous heart dothmore hungerand rfiirit after riS.- 
ttwrfnefs then aft^ir bread or driilk ^therefore wilSeliis 
hands of unrigh-teouincfle, thoughhelives in an uaX^, 
forldy yjCfaith be; Godforbidthat I (hould hax'e w Ch 
jhi^unr.^tepufiidle,no, it isrighteoufnefle that my forfdSh 
Wr & third after,& therefore though I loof aTmy fri«S 
iny jftate, my outward injoyments, yetik before tofe^' 
yjnfcience right, andbe a friend fi rigbteaSfe «K 
I live, lie manifeft-thatl doe not dally and trifle Jrhrvf ^ 
Wring and tbirfting after righSre?^*^cl?^uS 
T#te<«s my felfe. He labour to promote i a^Si^Ti^ 
d^atnghteoufeeflemayprcvaUe iS the worWr^tlLfeS 

teous God, the Lord loved, riitSS: .J^fJ "^ 
Blejed -dK^of tl. W w^^t^I^g^^td"^ 

Secondly, Sudi as do-thus bnnger and tivU ^-w *:--u 
iKfs, theyaremtneffes for SlinX ^Sf.^'"^^*^ 
^y Kve now in an unrishte^lc^t SfeLrr 


*aWTiiorcthCTri§htc6ti(hifr5jpbkfled,^ you -qI 

thelord^yotttaitewimelfesijmoCjod. ,. .,.". ,.!j 
' Third^' YouiarcJblelfcd « thU regarcf^ fiqjc jthis your buo^ 
getiog aiiiAirflfag ^qerrighieoiir^i^ltSidoth d^Werjou froj3| 
ttai^Kinpeauon^ tbat-otl^s fcre oyerccilie c\>yithaJl ^ qthg 
men that it nav l>e iiive fome rcfolwtions not tobeiinrighteouf 
Wryctyvhcn tncy fce thtiwirig^teoufiiefs. of others tbey an{ 
overcome, for their hearts are n<>c fo fer agaiiuft, liqrjghtcouf^ 
nefsasthiBi;irto.huii^cr and -tbjiri^ after it,, out iK)>y vvfaeniEe 
heart isfo gitiev'd for the unrighteaugiefs is in the world, an^ 
fo lonpi^Ster the righteoulaefs of God^ this vvill^deliver thecj 
&om temptations,: the tesnpt4tk>n$ that takes other foules it 
takes not thy hc{irt:a»d ^ft's ablefled^inf . to be^ deliver^ 
from temptation. ' .". ; ,• i- ■ ^^ ; ,, 

Fourdily, Tfcofe thar do thus hw^cai?4 thirft aftprji^ 
oufiiefs they are.bkffed, for th^y arc fif to be ufed in puWic^i^ 
fervice; they are not fnen that \yould bring rigfateoufnefs dovvi^ 
totfaeirown^s, andfeekj:omakea gaine of the publick^ 
wbt dfeare they fit for ; Bnt nm for fu^h as . doe above ali 
thiiesfaunger ai)9 thtr0 forfettii^upof li^teouCnefs in the 
worw,diefearemeniit to ;be; jbmployea m pu^Hck iervicc, 
Ae Ltrd dd^tts to employ fwh — And men when they come 
totcc It, that their hfiarts arc fet upon ri^ht^oufiiefsi^ they^ will 
fove to eo^y fuch ;•} tliougb k may be tor4 while : thofe .tbac 
ifidsetokeepeehcmfelvesr^theTide, fomex^iil^et;^l4 vex 
« them, but ki-fuch-mew goc cp » ajconflant way prppiote jm 
fi^KcoufiiefSyiucb will gc( hotiour befor;? h^mm tneconcluf^ 
<A ; AU tbat do ccDvcrfe with theqi wijl look upon tbem af 
w(edlkere,aiid*Aich sufeaas arp^t to be if)[^ploy9d iq pibjlick 

FiWJy, They 'are bleifcd. Fop thejarethefliea thar Parjjt 
^ ' St tnc ftretoe ofiiulrighteoufn^fs,,;^© hinder; the. floods of 
111 u kdodinotovejrflow the world j^bkffed are they that 
ar .iUii^ro ftand ^ainft the ftrcanx of unrighteous Bqafings, 
» .«p it frooi ,PvcrftMwiijg^rof alji jchey^ar^ ,^iiipam q£ 
a h ^opdto pibw aJ^well ^ w^hem(elves;tflefe cbc Scf]»- 


am' tk^ ^p-^iiM fiUtd. 

l U l W .IL ,. 

tkjfe tbefighMmj ceaainlv die L^rd 6e will hldXt die rt^ 
teous ; ^— • Yea thtfecrei «/ the iMi it mth' th n^km4 
Vr9^* ?. J 1- ^ ^'^^ ^^^ *^^ K^A/«w, PfaU 146, *. 7Ae 

Lard are ufon th^flghte^m^ oi^ hii^arts ^ri^jmMunthitrcrj^^ 
PraL 34. X s- Thus the Scripture is full of promifes co riae 
righceous^and fliewing diic they arc bleffed ; wit d)is pnmiie 
here is, xhac r/kr7]fc/i//^//W. 

Thofe diac hunger and ihirff after ri^eooftnfie tfae|r flnll 
t)e filled, certainly there is a tinie (doming, d^ the LocdwiU 
fill the defires of m righteous ones, as thus, 

Firft, He will fill their defire«, Prov.iu a J. Tbcdifirt^f 
the rtghteom is onlfgooi j h's good, dierefort God j^ovcf 
0fii^,hewillhUit J for, 

Firft, There is a time c«nii^ that all thofc that Jove righte- 
dufneife,' fliallcekainly fee unright>eou:ne(le punuheu, and. 
rigbteoufnefle rewarded in all , novv and d)en yoq fee vaigb- 
ceoufneflb pvnilhed, and rigbceoufneife rewarded, but diat 
doth not fi U you, there is a rime coming that tbdi ihafc fee aU 
imrighteouinefle in the world ri^jVted, and alt ri^KemiineBe 
in the world to be rewarded^ in fp/. 5 8: verf^ ute^ 5r tbm m 
matifhiUfaj vertfj there ts Mrewnyif^therl^heeoetej t^il^be 
vf a Gedthat jf^erh in the eAttb. The time is comsng for all 
men robe forced to fay, that fVr/l^ there is d temsBrA^.tb^ 
rtejht^om^ veriljhe ^ 4 Geith^tt ]iUgetVinthefiarth^' Ths will 
£il the hearts of the Saints with joy, When they ihidl ij^eiiioab 
time to brii^ all ibe children of mai to iii4c«ount^ and. to 
faave all the uiiri^teoMrnefle that ever was in the WDitd to k^ 
f tmti1ied,and anthe ri^reouTneiTe that ever> was ia tbeMcHd 
to be rewarded : Thi ^ will i^ll rhem, and be a joyflill day iaK 
4ecd. — Andfromhtnceall 4e djforder Ihftc Um^w^rld 
txm droi^gh unrighteous dealit^, is: (l^all all ^ (in^H^ght ism 
order agiine, he win malce a comely work dutdFtftat'TiU^icf 
oxii^on, yottihan feesnthi^igstKou^t6altMfiiiciaif..iiizlt 
aDdcomdyorder, and will not thic fill yoy,ifi die ^wk of 
'Ztctefifies yon read off 5cJ!3Ww^1peaWng off^ttf)Uftk^,3dbi Vatf. 
M^rienr t fitm i^niet tbeSm th^fU^e^fiUffmkt^tkmmidtat-- 


'**^*^'*— ^— *— ■^■^ ^"i»— — ^i— ^***<W*W*— »— — ^»i^— ^— i^Wi*Ni«fcai*«l AMI 

Ham tbi} jhJt h fiia. ^ %^% 

Mfffi wMs thitij 0$d thi flare afri^hteoufnejfe^ that mifm^ "wa^ 
tktri .^ In the very f Uce where I tbou^t judgment would 
have been> wickccmctfe was tbere^ and id the place where I 
tboi^hc rigbtedtifiier; would have been^iniquicy v^s there; -^ 
Wfeat thtn ? ^ — Ifaii Im mm hart^ Cod jhall judge the riffbte^ 
em And the wUkfdy fw theri ts d time threfor ^very fMrfe^ ami 
Jfcr everj wri^rGods righteous ones that iiow hunger aad thirft 
afcer righteouTnefs^make much of this Text, yon /hail be hll;:^^ 
for there is a tmie that God wilt ;udge the ri^ceous and thd 
wkked, there is a time for every purpoCe, for eyery wo^.k^ and 
]^ fhaUbe fitted. 

And aU the deiires jof alt righte^tts^ peribfis (Iqce the bs^in^ 

nii^ cf the world Ih^be imsfytdj frohi Mel thais w^ kttt'd 

hyCat^i^fOf iiithfc Fatriarcksy im Ap^fttes and pilots aud ' 

Martyrs^ and Saints alt in their genaratims they did hunger 

after righreoufflefl'e) righteous jihf and fo the neftv ^-^ yc^ 

their hldwi do^h call to the righteousOyj thsix. he would maFf 

nifeft ri^teouftieffe in the w6rld,0 ^dm^rfghce^^ffi^ faidt 

Pavid, »id fi> of others ; now when the time eoims that aM 

die prayers olaU the fervants of God, chat ever they &nt fsa^ 

«nraGod„vyfaen their prayers Hfiain come t^^be alt heart} and 

til granted, (Itrely it wttthe a bfeffed ^e that wilt HH them ; 

WtUriot that fttisfie tftee to haife every prayer of evecy rigbr 

teeus f^rvant of God from the begiimuig of the v^rldftallfai^ 

fwercd and fiiHy made sood what t^hey defire. &»rdy 

this will (kisfie thee,. Bkfkd art cbeu for th^ dhafe tie fatxs^ 


And lor the fatkly mg bf^ itighteeus that ire crvisig co Cod 
MffUsA^ unrighteous de;»lh^s in the vvorl^ d(» himc&nBdGc 
ktmc Tescts ofScripture^^ theieare^great iVKBiy' very fiun^ 
Stpripoires teiyfin^ this v^y, that d)ere is a time doming' that 
-Hiteoulhefle (hall prevaile in the world, in ffdi r.t6r Jtft 

nrj/teft^jMdgefaiM fbe^jlrfii affSthf'^mhMttfft m$ \m 
r bffftffttnj^ ^WmtrJt th0 fiait k^talkd fke^ Off ef ri^ulh 
yePithejMbfteftCity; afet kl Ifii. 5. te. Sof^fk^tp Ae 
bteem th»itfkatt hwett^th hitHfer they ^aff^at tit frm 
hdrieinpt MsMrkifi^yet^KfaeTigiheeottSthat it /hail be 


• -7:* 

i^i , There h a um 'filheniigkumff»effe 'flsatl frev^le, 

well wrH him, you ihat; are ri^b teans yojl^ace jifu d tha5.cbiljg* 
wiliuoc got wdU.,/-*/ tathf righf^pfi^ tf^iUr^ ^ffi^tU^e wf^ yi/^fe. 
a?fi(»V\vhyjL far d)ejf,{h4ll4ftt. fhffrdiifife/jf^r di^t^gs^Xqa go* 
ema^ righteous way »coavnictii\J ypur/igJiD^psuIp^i^e to Gcn^t 
be content andtjuiet a whik,> ypn ihall eaq^ ch2f:fruic of you^i.. 

^ Aiouid feed wpoh when,^)^ 4?3Mi«l an «pcig6ceqjisr)j.f^y-: >vi(h^ 
yindLcwoUldbfiwJi^ai: .wfpeals^.<3f4Uh^.Scf|^iq;^vvhi^ 
Ihcvv bow that 4^«11 irfeY^lQiri the Vvctfld. i 'to tbi f iqijft^,^:^ 
Ibjjre fpjsdcingpf Cnjciit hi il^ews how he,«viil cppie ani jujlg^ 
the wodd wid) xishueoufndle, Ifa.^J i^Uljfdff^mf^ 

I oiiilammeiB^ef Jipontfmj:y.Sk:r>^^ (3(ui;,o(r^^^^v 
that viokrtce .and oppre(ft)i| (hall be <k)ij? amy rr; ^Jy* bre- 
thren comfort.^e our felmin tbis, whacfoever violence -ao^ 
wrong thece is,7ccthereisa.time, and vye hopejt JWii be e- 
ircnhereiii;thiAvyorld> cbatthpl^r<j.«vili deliver liis p?<4>lp 
fix>invickficei wcoi^s, oppreffioijj and all uii^igbcHfib^ifc, 
cfae Exaftor (hall be righ,ceou(nc(re, 4:hap, 60.17, Wh^re the 
Lord maker, a ^racdous promife to bis ( hurcb . f ^ kf4i^e t will 
krinffG^iyanifift lr<m IwiUhing &^^^ anifor >^W/^r^g 

rimesiofdwOiMrch ; Tihqrc are fuch^times that th^e Ofjceis 
that the5)«)ple.of Cod (hzlL have tc^^dqal \vitbf(hall be noting 
but peace to them, and tbofe that are their ewftors, they flialj 
fbe fewriiigbf coiifneffe it felfc, t/|ey^ullbe as jighteous'as 
xbeinhcarw woifW defir^ 5 - Is nottljit a bleflfed «ipip s^ena^ 
isiiBni»Iacodiiirpubl¥^k ihaf] be nothing j^t p^cace (q 

The Saints of Go4 and never wrong tb^m more r all tbofe chaf 
'♦rc.cxa^rs. before of tberti, ^bat would lay hcpvy Uirde«a 
^iipoothcmVtheI^dvviJlmakwhw;r^3^^^^ it fc^c 

-Nomaivafle ^h^h Cbrift do.rl^ 6?q[?relfe this bxT,bun^e^-ii% 
iluBft,bcoawfe ix, will be^iuch Ji^ripustime ; and-tlvift to^vy 
thatihetcwasa very glorious-tune fomyng for ri^teoufneflc 
tcpocm^t intbc vwrld^th^^Saints of Gpd Jai&wit,iQ'tbo(r 

7 her€ Is a time commg when rightewjne^c flcAll frevatle. xj 3 

^dj O^s^ great dealc more 1 bdeeve then we do now, th^ peo*. 
^ple o^God they knewdiere vvould hs fuch. times, and chere-/. 
fore JHfii» nurcyr,thac i§.ooe of cbc moit aiKi^hc that we have, 
£aith, 7 iyeres no man cr chrifiian hm be d^fh te/cti/c fitch times . 
j 4 cominjr^p^kin^ of the glorious times of the Church and peo- 
I pie of vjpd , wherein ttiey thall be delivered from the violence 
wr(»ss and oppreflfions of ut^odly men ; none a ChrifHan but 
^ <k):npeleeve it: And this interpretation of h^ngring and thirft- 
hng after righteoufnelfe beii^ not fo ufuall among you, yet I 
vciily belceve they in the prunitive times would as fuddainly 
have pitcht upon luch an Interpretation as any j fo in 2 Pet. 3 . 
I J. Mark there how the glorious condition of the Saints is 
^cdb^dyTHevertheleJfe ( laith he ) wey according to his fro-^ 
mtfehoksforNevfUeitvens and a Nm ^^|^hy not only new.' 
Heavens, but-a new Earth, what's thizf'y^hereln dwelletk r 
righteonfncjje ; and this is according to thie promife that vye 
have, in the 65 of //^. 17 i out of which Chapter my text is 
caljenaccording to the opinion of all Divines. Behotdy Ixreate 

mm HtfuensyOMd anew EaiPth ; and the farmer jhall not be re^ 4- 

nutsArei jfor came into mnde ; tnt hr yon glad and rejoyce for 
ever in that which I create ; For kehoUy I create Jerufalem a rcr 
jej^ngandher.ftofleytjoy, A time of the Churches reftoratiom 
*|S|xV;^ j;?rfc or two before this out ot the fama chapter is the 
"^'^Sqijjim wfafir^pfiy t^xt h taken, for iaith the text in verC 12, 
Tbmfatth thetord^ieho^ mjfarvantsfkalleatjbnt yepjallbe 
bnrgrjyheh^d^'mjfervanif^ldrinks^^^ thirjtj^ 

kehoU,myfervantsfhMl rejojce^ bntyefhall be afhamedy &c. 
Myfervaiic$thjjcnowhuiigery:hey(haabefatisfyed,vvhcnyou . 
tbar are full, yop fliall* hUqger, &c. So that it doth appear thap 
ChrifthadjiBefcrancetofuc^ tim5;s, Vcw.thic.dbi hmKec. 
and rhirftafteF fuch times, you looking into the Scripture find 
nifes there, that though the Lqrd ihall furfer wicked ttm 
he world to pr;evaile a while, and unrighteofufneifc to have 
u'^'>erhaady yet youi find glppiousproipif^;^ m the Sc-tp- 
e, 4iat there l^allbe atime thic rigbteourneife (halt be 
▼nifyed in tjie worid,wherein the Scepter of. the King-lomc 
'*^rift, chat is, the Sceptjerof righteoufi^fle ftialljprevaile^ 

H h And 


ig4 There is d time fcr rigkeoufneffe HfreMHe. 

And yoii long after thefe times,6 chat thefe times would com^i^ 
why bleflcd «ue ybu^they ihall comcjCercainly tbey fliall com^fP 
you fhall be facisfied ; as if -he fhoiikl fay> thpre Ihall be as 
glorious times as you can tbinke of, and righteoulnelfe ikalL 
prevaile as much as poii.bly you can im^^ine, you ihall be fil* 
led : And fo in Micha ( almolt all the prophefies are full of 
this ') chaf. 7. 9, There you -frail find that chat rintb wherein. 
Micha Tpake, was a time wherein mlich unrighteouihelfe was 
in the world ; But now mark, thb P opbet ipeaks in che perfon 
of the Church, and f:iich he, twillheare the itdi^natieH af the 
Lordy hecnuie I havejinnei agawfi: him^ ufttiU he plead mf eamfe^ 
nnd exUHte jtidgement for iwr, he will bring me f^rth te the Eighty . 
Aftd'I fhMhehMhi^rf^hreoHftejft: The.Chorch complains thac 
new chcydid fuffertnoit feariUly, wr/; -4. The^ hjtdfthem is 
A hrjary the Tfufi upright is jhorferphen athor^ ^^^^^> ^nd fp hc 
goes on in {Viewing che unrighreourneflfe which mere was in 
niofe times, w/ 5. Trtifi jemin afriendy tut je nae Cenfi^ 
dehceiftafuide]^ ksefth^^do^rrsof^thymmhfromherthdt tj^th 
itifhr hfme r for the Sen dijheho^eth the Fdihr^ the ddnghter 
rijeth uf ag^yip her Met her j \he daughter in tw i^'tfl' her 
Mother in laWy a mans enemies are they efhis even^heufe : But 
how mark, Therefore Imlt lo^ke unto the Lord^' I will voir far 
the Godefmyfuhttifony my God tnlLhear me ; and in the p verf. 
fnHIl bear tie inMgnation ofihe'Lordy becauje I kai/efpnedd^ 
gainft himy until/he tleaimy caufi df^dexHutejuifffftkrfarme^ 
'eic, Asifhe{houlqfay,LordlT^illnotTnurmure but T will' 
w^refor thec,for I have ftin d'againR thee,though I don't dc- 
fcVvefech unrighteous dealingsatthfe hands rf men, yet in 
rtHJjeA of thee, I defervt that rlioji fliouldft uft tbeni as ihftni- 
mOTt>tcitfffiftlr(eith^^ upon thcf L6r^,' if ^fl 

k^ng pte forth to tffeh*ghty a^d I fhall behtfid his right eoufnefe. 
This Text Ihould help us a^airift the imrightebus dealfi^ that 
are (lere, ^ rfife makes way' to the application bf all. 
" .I|^t th6 c6iWdehitioii of thTs'poyftt be a ifieanes to take away 
flfer^reatftiimbiif^ block that now. is bfefdre,men" at which 
flicy IttimBlc, han^ely,that God firffef s unrightcbus men to pr^— 
tailc as*tfaey doe -, Be notxrffi^cd'at this, for there is a riihc 

'' thar 

»■ I 1^ _ . 

Thofe^tMrJcd thai fr4kjdfm mrrlghttoHfneff^. ^jy, 

jfkst righteoufneftc ftiall reigne^ that the Lord Jefus Chrift 
ihaH come and appeorc in his ^ogrv and take the throne unro 
himfel fe> he (hall judg the • wtirCi in flighceournefs,>rfci, 1 7. j i . 
Thi^ meditation doth mighc(ly heipe jhofe that %re godly that 
I -am fpeaking c^^ whereas, odiers tt^ are not acquainted 
^fbthwiUVbcn they fee cheiimrigljite.ous world toprevailet 
«tbey 'Wilt llU to them and ..bean t^eir/ide> txic the Saints 
^f^ ke^ fttll to the rigbeeotis^- rwdb/? /^lon their Tide^ fof 
dxey ' ktK>Wi chene' is a time, cfaai; r ight^itiheile Aiall pre^ 
Vaile , A^ %:i4]phire. fpeakBs..of the; i^;)pfp> of fhe r^teou^ 
tliat ftiall p(evwc> and the .Seripem^a' fpeakes of tbe fniica 
M the righteous that, ihali come forth. ,.£rQm ^ac roote^ 
thotigh it be xmder fiormes and tempers (or a while. 

* And theti in the lecond placQ> if jcbofe that hui^^r and tbiril 
^F rlghteoiifii^ be bfeUddJ^.Qhenqertainlycurfed are loif 
' tigh¥eou$me»j cttrfedarethoTe chatfeek after unrighteouC- 
netfe rif^t <lt^I Jefiis Chrift pronoiince cbofe thai: feek after 
anrighreoufhefle, to promote that in die wcidid co be blefled^ 
then if there ixt man or womanin this pl^e vvhofe confdence 
tells them that thqrlore the wayois of ujnrj^teoufiiefle) thac 
cbe^feek toificreai'errheir eftatesby ^e W^^of imri^teoiif- 
neffe) by uiYighteoiisrMaminoa> to gaine any thing inunjuft 
wayes^ thov arc the man or woman that dfl^ joyne with thb 
unrighteous world, to uphold the kingdome of darkneife in this 
World,' know that Chriil curfes cfiee^ icVo implyed, wheti be 
bldfes fuch as helper and tUrft after r igbteoufndd'ev thofe.are 
^tfrft chit rather hunger anfd thlrft a&er the wayes of uiirighce*- 
oufoelTe, and care not if they can get any dnng to themfelves 
tboush hht by hook ot crook (as we ufe to fay ) O fear and 
tremble, for thofe fervM«s of God that thou biaft dealt mirigfa* 
teoufly withaff , they cry to God and tell God of ail, thiiie un- 
ri^eou9 dealings, and God hachpromifed them that they 
' fl^ll be fatisfied in dieir cryes, and ithetr cryes ihall be anfwe- 
red, when as this fervant of God ihail manifeft his deHres to 
heaven, O Lord I havcfufered unrighteous dealii^ frc^x^ch 
ani«iorwoman,wbyknowthatthefecry68 do ly? in heaven 

H h 2 to 


^o'be anrwerd one day, and whac will become of chec chen;ive ^ 

fead in che 24. ^Ss 23. v: that wh^n Fa$U was preaching of *" 

temperance, righceoufn<:ire, and judgemeoc co conie, before 

Fitllvj though /'^/wasapoorpriion<a- atthcBar, and F^c-* 

Fix fat upon the Bench as a Judge,yec he nudehioi co tremble » 

whac was PanU Sermon of, it was of righteouinelfe and judge* 

nienctocoine,asifheili<Hildfay, well though youdukkyou 

have me in your hands, and nuy do what you pleafe^ycc. there 

is a rtghteom >G<Kk:hat Will call all over agatne, and be being 

cbnfct(^^ tahimfelle of unrighteournefle, did-thake mi crem- 

bb§ though 'at the preaching of a poor prilbn^r at^ba Bar. 

You are heret)6vv hearing a poor Minifter of <Sod preaching to 

you chitrighredurn«ifie (lAall prevaile, what will beaxne^of you 

then! Lee thArebe tiaken awny from ibme ricji men, all 

that they ha vt gotten by unrighteous dealii^s, and you 

nuryleave.chedi poor enough, now curfedisthac eftace, and 

thofe enjoyments that are gotten by unrighteoufiieire, cAou 

^ihuft Vomirit illiip again -> and therefore the Lord now 

. (hike tby^heart that tliou niayeft be williif to reftore, now be 

a friend of righteoufiiefle fofarre as toreftorc^ and labour 

to undoe thy' unriditeoufndfe as much as pollibly dKMi canl^^ 

^ that thou mayeft have comfort in the day of jefi^ Chrift» 

' when he llialf come to manifeft righteouibeife before men 

and Angels. 

' And then the laft thii^ llioutd have been this, to encomaae 
afl'the fervants of God to go on in the jwayes of rkhteoufnefe9 
follow after righteoufnefle, and feek righteoufneiie! In the a »• 
^rt/f; about the 11. He th^u if r'f^eomUthlmhtrighetm 
filUy are there any of you that the Lord hath Town the feed o£ 
righteoufneAe in your hearts, that your hearts do now cleave 
to the love of rignteoulneffe, you can (ay, well, let God doc 
mth me what he will, T will walk righteoufly> I will walke by 
cule^ though God hath caft me into fucb a Generation where ] 
.fee the generality ofmen and women to be unrighteous, yet I 
'am refolved to walke by rule in rigbixsoufiieire and commit all 
to God; well be of good comfort thou (halt be iatisfied^ and 

IncmrdgemcHt to goi an in wdj/n of righteot^Keffc . 

hrightfomJHU: The Lord the righteous God be is with thcc^ 
aad Gteift who is thy righceoulneil'e he is with thee to hU thy 
fouie mh dm that ihall (atistie thee for ever. He but give you 
cue Scrippire which doih fhew thac bodi thefe (hail be fatisti- 
td. The mVi^ Ihaii be latisBed, and the Rightufm Ihali he 
fati^fied: Pro: 14. 14. TTyt tack^jUder Im heart pjoB be filled 
with his emnewayesy ^ d gfoJinomfimUhefatisfiedfromhim^ 
f^e : Mirk, every man ihal! be fatisHed one way or other : 
Tbeapoftace> fuch as was forward and nude ihew of religion^ 
atid yet to provide for himfelfe in an unrighteous way, becaufe 
hevrauld DOC tnift God to nitfJceprovifion for himfelfe and fa- 
mily he would depart from righteoubefle, wel, faith the holy 
Ghoft cfaey (hall be facisHed^God will fill them bygtving them 
tbdr own way> but a good itaan is fgtisfiod from mmfelfe, fuch 
asare gDod and righteous and walk accordii^ to the rule, of 
tigbceoufiieire, peace be to them ; ' 7%^ are mn hlefei^ and 
a^ /i^ff r^t^t'n^hte fatuSed. 

.ifc^V ^*tt' i 


% . 

J' • • 


Aft . 


■' M-'A T tt.- 5. 6, 

BkfidoiTftjjeyj^hfch die hnnget and thiffi 
after righteoufjujfc :for tb&yjhaU BefilUd^ 

B HERE i^agreatUeffedndTeuithuhiB^er 
andthirftaftenighteouitijflc, and dm I 
h ive IheWfd in many panicul irs, when cfae 
time comes that God thai appear co all ihe 
world fi^teous inhL<;vvayes, icwillb^a 
blefled umeindeed, the ^Ints chac know 
any thing of it, cannot but hunger wA thiift 
for that nme,GodB omnifcieiice,his vfiid(nii?,povver,holyn£fle, 
juftice, goodiKfle, fairhfiilnertc,wili tbenbc glori.ied in aoa- 
iher way (hen ixxv they are, thenair the groans and ligbs and 
complaints of the Saints fhall be heard by God, and irihall ap- 
pears ihat they arc heardithen all tbeir appeals unto God iKiU 
be cxamin'd and judged, all their endeavours and fcrrices 
fiiafl be rewarded, all their tiifferings ihall be recompcnrcd, 
and the end why God hath fufered To much unr^ieouf- 
nerfe in the world for fo lone a time iliall be dcclar'd, their e- 
' nemics (lull be Cubdued and alham'd,all their innocency [hall 
be clcc^d, all ftcrets ihall be difclofed, the hife aids of men 
diaIIbedifcovered,0)iftake3fliaUbeiedified, the vanity of 


Ill n ■ !■ HI I ii» I < I " ■ ■'*^. i V ** iVTQ 


Timis af ri^hteoufpteff't jr^fd'to th Churchy %^^} 


die plots and defignes and wayes of the wifdome of the fldh 
jSuii be tnamfefted, and this will be a bidlbd time : O when 
will that time come fay the Sainr$ that this will be, that there 
0iall be this righteoufneffe. 

And the rather I took it toljc the meaning here, becaufe I 
findefomany promifes in the Scripture of an eftate of the 
Church that ihidl be vvhefeipri^bt]ieoufne& fhalt prevaile^as 
in the 2 Pet: ^.13. tifvphtafveHSyoninewe^rth wherem dwels 
riikfeo$ifnefe ; nowthatit'^ineantofafhte of the Church,. 
. k s'plainc by comparing it with the <f 5 //W: 17. Inthe n. of 
Ifa: ^. Tliem's^a prcoufe tbat'»fu(able to chisin d)e' conaexi- 
«nofit with ttet that wem before: B/r^ are the mee\e^ ani^ 
then bte^ei are ttofe that him^er mi thirft apir rlghteeiifmffe. : 
lAiixkw^y Bsttwith ri^eouheffeO^dtLhe judge the peerej mU 
tejrwe -mth toftttjfar tKemed^rftie earthy and thtti'Vu^,\Ai9d 
ngheeoMfneJfefhdll he the girdle cfhif loinsy and falihful^tjfe the 
girJUeefhis rnW.-This is thcpromite 6fChlift, animahy fuch 
promifes in Iff for there'sno Prophet mete full of the prophe* ^ 
fie of the ftateof' the Chtirch what, yet it (Viall be i» IfiMh 
in the gi.Chapt i6i r^. ThenjtiJ^ementfhaUdvf^Ilife^ihtml'- 
derneffeyOndrrightecHfnife^r'emainejnthefn^fHHfkldy andjhe 
vcrkeefrighteeufneffefhallbefeaee^andthe^eH of nghteottf- 
uejfe ametneffjmd affitrancrftir ever : when • was this ever yet 
%lBu d, there is fuch a time that the Sainrs doe long for, aod 
in the 3 ^ of Ifa: 5 .The Lerd is exalted fer h\^ds^eUeth ^hf^y 
he hath filled Zien with jttdgemifrt ittd righteoufrefs t There is a 
time of fillir^ Zion with judgement, and righteourneife,and m 
the 60 of Ifa:ym have many expreflions one of which we fpake 
to the laft time ; Irf^Ualfo makethinee^cerjyeace^ mnd thine 
ixatters righteeafft^Sy and it foUovVs, violence {hall m- more $e 
tiard In thy L^dy ieaflng nur deftruii ton ' 7P?thin fhy tirdersy 
'$nt thonfhalt call thy waffs fahationy and' thy gath prdifey. when 
God (hall make their exa<^ors to be righteoufnefs to theni,and 
in xh^ ^l. vclhyfeoftealfojhatl be all rijirhreoHS^ they (hdHin^ 
Serit the Landfofr evef : hereis that futable tothe former pro- 
TcStyBleffedarethemeekfortkejfhatl inherit the earth. TA/ 
wflejhall haSrlghteomy they jhali! Inherit the land for ever^he 



^40 T imes ijf right csftfrejft fr0msfcd t9 the Chmrcb. 

. branch efmj flantltigy the warkjfmjf handsy tb^t I maj begbti" 
fiid : Thus tbeff prnnii/^s ^ihew chsreis a tiuie for.^orious 
righteouih^fs; So in che 4 of Mai: i yet: To them thatfearc the 
. Lard jkail the Smn 9f rghtejuf/tefs arlfe with healit.g^ In hh 
mngt: It'sthsi latter end of cbi Old Teitamenc, 'tis true, he 
dotn beale fpiritually, and be doth heale outvyardijr to with 
righceouihelis ; -~— We might even fp^nd thishoure to 
rticw the many proniiles of the righteouiners ijiac Ciod witf 
hare among his people one day, and thole chat are Godly^ thac' 
<lo underftand the fecrecs of God, for in the 3 Pr$v: 2 t: His 
fecret is with the righteons. Thcjr, underftand the 'feiitts of 
God, ^ t6ey doc beleeve tbac mere isfuch atmie comity 
wherein righteouincis Jlull prevaile, and this is thit thatup?^ 
> holds them from being overcome wich thofe ten^iations tMc, 
bypoaite^ are dravvne aiide wichall : tbe^ ih'tfieir' 
way uprightly vvaiting for the time of this righceoufiiefs, hxi 
blefled are they upon divers grounds, as hachbwcn fliiovvn ; — .* 
But we iT^all pafs by what wa? ^ken, or mighc further be fiid* 
concetivng that Interpreratidn.But if God appeare ;n his. righ* 
ceoufiiefs, who can Itand, fpr are not^ibe bJl coolcious'cq 
themfelves of much unrighcepufnefs ; Can they burner' ^a 
/ chiftt after the time whoi the righteouinefs of God ftiatti;;-. 

'. !/*<■« 1 F'l*i •••V * ^ r t 


deaiewitii,tnemo:eqoTn^yiong, tiunger ana tmnttor the 
ampearii^ of that God, this is a great pnviledge, but how can' 
that be? there is another rigBtcoutos thVt'enabjies fhemta 
ftand before tbs: infinite righteoulnefs of Cod ; and that is,t^e* 
rigbteowfnefs of Jefus Chrift, »and to the -end,* that \^en tbd' 
Lord Ihall ^eare in the ful glory of his righi:ffoufn>:fs to the 
world, they may ftand before him wlrh joy, therefore thcf 

God with whom we have to deale is a confrmifig nit*Vtp wei' 
are now coming to Ipcak of that Text in the fe^. ond InteVprera* 
tioH BUpd are the; tha$ hsmger and thhrft after th^ right eo$if^ 



Second Intirfretdiim of th^Tfxt. 241 

neJfeofJefmChrip. Surely-the ljpiric^fi?4<«/ was very blc^^ 
in this, his ^bearc was much upon this righceoufneile chac we 
sire fpeakirig of, for in the 3 of PA//; 8^9.; Ht accomtti M I 

i^g^ ani Jrofcy ^ea doggs vntdt^ for whac ? That ht mighc i)oc 
te^tpund in i|is own righteoufn^c,^ buc ia tbe:ti^ceouihefle 
* wh'ich is of faich in Chrill,the ligjiteouffacfs whick is of God hf 
^id) ! — AU things are accounced dut^ and drolfe, that he 
ttiigHc appear in the rightcoufneffe which is by faich in Cbrift, 
the rigbteaifnefl'e of God in him, that's the ri^eoufneflfe of 
1 qf^caiifon : -r — Nowior thehandliii^ of this poynt there * 
are tbeie particuiars to be obfcrved> atid in tbii method' we 
ffiallfpcaktoit. ^ • ' • . ? . 

Firft, We (hall open what this richtcouftKifs of Jefus Chriil 
is which the Saints doe hui^er and tHrft after. • ' 

Secondly, We (hall (hew what their hunger^nd - thirA is y 
the working of their hearts in their hungering and thirfting af-^ 
tcr this righteoufnefl'e. 

Thirdly, What a de(irable objeft thi^ righteoufnelTe is i 
what thereis inthis rightcoufnctfe that makes theSaints fo de- 
fife afker it; 

' Fourthly, Thofe that doe thus defiire after it *r6 bleflfed. 
They are bleffed for the prcfcnt. 

Fifthly, That they ccrtaiidy (hall be filled with this 
Rightceufildrei Thofe ^e the we things, fot the explication 


For the Firft, What thiJ righteoufiiefs is that now wa are 
ipcakSs^ of, it is the righteoufiiefs ifiAiich is fi» juftification, 

•tech I WOui'l defcfibe thus. " ' ' ^ ." Defcrimimirf 

•ftat perfed fatisfaaion to diVine jufticc m whatfocvcr u chriftTRteh. 

rcqiarc«,eith'«Er in way of punilWi^ for fin, or obedience to the leonfaeflt, 

Law, ihade by the Lord Jefus Chrift, God and man, the Me- 

tour of the new Covenant, as a conunori head,Tcprefendng 

diorc whom the Father harfi g^ven to him, and made over 

ICO them that beleeve in him. This is the ri^teoufnefs that 

brift pronounce*! them-bldfcd ttet hui^ and thitft after : 

' le other rightcoufneffe had fomelovclmeffe in it, but yoi 

11 fee, this is to be a matter of greater moment and confc* 

tnce then Ae other. I » N*^"*' 

1 - ■ ■ 

>4»' Defciriftm:^f CA«#f righte^»efft. 


I No» fortius \Ye.are.5Qtoo}'Vrcfaa^ a njoft. 

kovehb juilice faii^ycd^.or none of the chiliicco of Bien 
flftouldewrJkifavy :.Jjfbis juftke were ncx, ftcisfye^d, thej 
ftitfild he.aUin-tbiiiime loff c<>ndiciei> tftife - tte Ai^eh w^ix 
that ftm'd i^aidl bini ; Therefore fairfi Gbdjpuiiiihmencnwft 
fci*. inlliiled for fm coaio)itE.e4' and rhjw: Law of- weM^kmsQ: 
fc>c kcpc, or .no«£ (hall be tiKepted, * Now whea-God liood'tq^^ 
<wi:his>tbacberwoiiki im rnee^dy. through mercy &y thus, 
Ycai. havft firajcd agiinft «maild H will pardM you, aiid there's 
an end 5 Ni> iwH Uod^yc»i k*^. *^^ finn'dtand I am^reiblv d 
xny juflice ihall be honoured either iif^our eternal! perdki?^ 
or ioms o%r myvrfieiCeiB mv juflaCe^-^^^U' have as .oiiK^ i|Or- 
nour as if you wem eopf mlly damiied*, Mw is -laqpw; in, fii^i a 
. <;<*iclii:ibn ftHewl^. be bath loft aU righteou&efle, tha^ b^ is 
not doikitOithinka tiioughri oq lpe4lQeaw56rd, codbe4«ta4^Q5 
that i^righceous, acceptable to God': But fakh^Godjiam j?e-- 
^koi upoirrfjts chai 1 wiULh^e sfty righteous iw kept if ever 
yon be ^'d tWJs^ ^i^^di^^^Ucc^itL^^^ 
ing'whit (3od ftands upon ! why then miift not aU men pm^ 
^ceemtf y I if xhar qu^ftion had been;^kcin^heaKKiiuifi:e&Qfd^ 
> revealing fuch a,determinattoi> of hi5> fihrely all the Angelkin 
beaveii flfiuftlA>9e gvveliintbmrWvKecvcheri^m^ 
wD«!aiitiot.fee[a©y:way bovifc's gyoljbliftr chew :M>iic?<jniMii 
if God ftandisi thus iq>on ic ; But n6vv Jefus O^rift^tb^ vtifdoin^ 
cjf the Fathttirt^ fecoad p^pniaT^^etwty^ bec<w mwA 
iiiewsaw^9bowthe.^fijt(:^che jtiAi^eo^Goid^Ma]! 

be fads(ied> the kept) and x^et^h^d (in&iUf top:;»pc.j9|an 
yecfawd ;.Th^I«ord.^Gi$^(tf}ri^ corner and q^ biiq^'eif 
. x^ht ch&headjctf a?i49tcond<Cpve!i^i«:> faying.^r*wsn^ a&Kt tbis 
. tttticr^Patber^all raxd^fti h Men fromthte iathatrfiiftc^^ 
veiBnt^^thaetbou haft imdeA\^tih them) and they: aro^aU^w^ 
fhttp up uqder /iorand vnri;^$^oufRefs) but; I dmx;oaflent«Ao b^ 
£heheadofai3Qdi6rCov]enant],fQr lobe a MediaRxu: t<>t:^ 
their nacum v^m mey and UetaHi; gi^^ra way % ^eit i^e.^ 
on as thy juftice ihall be^nQ borer>th6u fiiMt have asmuM) ^f ^^ 
ry to thy juftice^as tbeu ihoiildft We-ifcchciy-wereaUdaawfc j" 

■ •P >^w ■ 

' — ■^i^^^B m I I, ^^ 

ahd chy LtWlh^tH fcave nothii^ t«i con5plAirie of for k ihall 
have foil ferisfi*aiou: upon this, God the Father and the Son 
did as ic Wer€ agree ift^thac way of chc fecpad Covenanc> thac 
we call the Covenant of grace,and the tarhcrmakcs his Son to 
be the head of-thisCovenanc, to take mans nature upon him as 
ii^j^ick-pcrfo^i^rcprclentin^allfuchas the Fachi^r gives to 
hkn; for'he wUl not chat- all individually lliall ccmz cobcfa- . 
vcd, buf tfaofe that the Father gave' to him, he iliould repre;-, 
fenctohini, and cbey lliould have the Gofpel in time preached 
to diem-p And this rightepiifiicfs ihould be. nucie known by 
fhe Gofpel, and by the Spui^ .of God they rtiould coine co be 
Cbfivinced ()fthi8 righceouineflc, aiid by fairh this ihould be 
mide-Ofet co chem) that the furferings and obedience of Jeiu^ 
Chriitwhich he- tenders upto God che Fatherjfliould be macjc 
ever uAtobcleevers,anddiey by faith able to hy hold upoii 
thiE r^hitoti(i)oU, and totendcr it likevvife to Gsd rbe. Father 
'for fatkfattion> this i« th^-righreoufriefs of Jefus -Ghrifb Thus 
H^opoorWidtcbedfintiers come robe ma righteous in Chrift^ 
"th&k fiii^aretrattrferj^ed tif)onGhrift^and Ch rifts rigbtedulncfs 
^'^ttan^rr^d upon chem^ according to that Schpture ^Ofrr€. 
'"•^.rSi fkdtkiftw m fin rw.madejinfvr itSi^ that wi might U . 
'^ymsk Af^ri^^tif^fft cffjfd in hjm ' ; This is i moft glorioUS 
' * 'rtghtcoitefl* a5;Wi^ (hkl 4>eake to by and by — *■ Now thofe 
/ thii (haHfa^4»li|gh^; tbc holy Ghott co fee into the re- 
^'iflliry,The ceit4iit:5f,;tb^ beanty, the neceifity, che dory of this 
. fightcoufecflfe *; • A^wpon that their hearts jhall b^ fet, widi 

- fclnigertf^ add cbirHimi after tfacalTurkttce of their part iia it, 
--"<*fcfrhfes^(^s effects thaptHallco^ bleifed are 

^thofe'foifie*, for they {hall be filled with this righreoufneff^j 

- Wfiert they <^>all coitteto.have all the gobd that is tv be had |?y 
" tfiJirighreoumeft, their foules fhall fay that rhey have enougi, 
^ i^Hhowgh they have nor yet" xx\t full comfort, and the full 

.-'i(fiiraftc»v or the glorious fruit ofthis rishte6urflefl'e> ye*: they 

''irf^lna'bldifcd (Condition eve^i now- while tb^y are hungering 

and thiriimgjlfter this righceoufneft i Thi^ is the fecond In- 

tcrprdifation of this Text, which indfced, tholigh the o her harh 

a rtwaang wbicb concemes the glory of God miich, yet this 

I i 2 much 

li ^ s 


244 Frm whenct the hmgring rf the[otf(arihth. 

_ ji 1 ii^^— '■ » - - I -^ 

much more, apdbythis at anytime when you he« out of d,* 
word,th^ preaching o^ th* rigbwpuihefs QtChrift, Of jttftificT 
uon by Chrilt, you may c<we toknovv what u mjaiufs by thbi 
Ihort Ui'.crrpcion. : ^. . , " ^' ^' 

thefoulinchc hungnng and rbifj^ing after this ftigbteoiriasfe 
For thi op.'ning of tnat we we to confi«fcr -^nTX^ 
Jb^hungerand thxrilanfct It rifesfrooithexli^^ 
fion and through c<»iviaion of thele four thirds ^^ 

Firft, The foul doth cleerly apprehend, and is throuebWr 
convinceddiat u^ath oeed of a righteoufuette to enable^ cX 
fland before the holy and righteous God, when as men ^dii 
on mtlie Common way and courfc, of the world, in {h«wavS. 
of unrighteoufnefs, they little miod ifeit they have ia do. wS 
a ri^tcous God, or if they havetodoc vwth;.rid»So£ (S 
y^McMc they thixike th^ this G«^ is ineficifSTwdf?? 

^befpretlusrighteousGcKl, You fee ifcpfdigafy,jfe^e^; 
S^tSK'^ d very-ungodly aU their. day«5,^S^/^ 
pt^end dcathmban^ar^. ^y appfe^icnd themfej^s ia£! 
rjady to appear Worp t^ n^telJJ^,wh«^S£^ 
they,butort^diuiyTheLqrarve WlWiSJj <2^ 
cy, Uiey look at notbu^ clfe m^^ thcy^rc }# WmXJSS 
pearjng Wore God. But,now thatioj d^i«H^ 

v«ion, %h4foulec<««..o,fee.iwo»^^sJS^ 

•ftin,biic (^esio.fee an abfdure necefpty of fejnSSS- 

netie, to«v,&Ie, it rofland before the.rStMuS«U^3^> 

iwuTuj^eous thing (WH enter into^KSffl^S^' 

tfieinencythat isTb«eavei:ca,«»t ii^S^^ 

tellsme tim I fiaye been unr^aous in my S SSS' 
ofmy hfehath bcei>unrighteS«andi3y7t&ii^^ 

Wditmay be before the morning, muft myfoullffiffi 
'^ that 


frm ^tnct the bungnng of the Jeul ari/eth. , 

tiutrighceottS God; to receive the fentence of my ctemaU 
docMne from him, novi^ hotrV^Jlialf I ftancl ' before this righteous' 
God, certainely I muft havetighteoulhef^, or I cin'c ttand be-' 
fore him : --^ That's the firlt thing th^t raiies thf> Hmai^ 
^thirjt. - > : : -^ 

. Sc^ortdly^Tbe foul cdntes to be convinced of the infiiflEici^it- 
cy and imjferfection of it*s owne righceoufnefs : Miift' I Ihnd 
refore this righteous God, and mult I have a righceoulnii';§ to 
fenable me to (land before him, then let me looke to my heart 
andwayes and life, what righteoufneffc have I, it may be fome 
tfeat have ftot lived fo vVickedly as others have dpn>r j why if I^ 
te to ftand before the righteous God , I hope T may, fori nav^ 
rlotbeenfoas others joave been; fo wicked and ungodly, I have 
d&h rkjhteoufly between, man and man,my life hath becniairi 
X:bM 6eerin^whordna(ter nor drunkard, nor nO fwearer, nof 
blflfj[>haneryftiid-iiponthihhey" tjnrdct thcymay ftand before 
ttrfs jrigllte6os<!}ocl; O thefe^opfe arc infimcely mi^dn and' 
as -y^t^ tbi Spirit ' 6f God hath not been at work upon tb^m, to 
fhwr ^^:vm^^^t betNveen God and their foules, certainly 
cbey knbWifcc God^tior themfelves tfe^^ To: but whett 

tbtftbrdivorkes gracibuft/ by his Spirit in the foule, 'it cbmtsi 
toio6kfe%fcO'thtf life imd heart, arid there f^ all its ri^hneoHf- 
xie&isbut«lsA!mehftr«ouscloath, it-may be it isnocfaifed 
h^teri^en^toeef mbrratt civill i^hteoufneffe,. and then 1 
bjitetloi'nfetighteottfHeflFe-atalli but fupgofemy heart v\^ere; 
IkrtSl^d^iSrfWy life teet^l' holy, yet this righteoufneflcT 
betogqfiif^rfea^ar^llttWfef nlakfe me abfc"^ tbafppeareHfore' 
thb^r^htto^ Gbdi tottfiat inRnfte burriing juftice that I inyft; 
ftiadbefofeyit^lrcome^ a mighty flame and confume me^ 
for all this i' if Tdb fetihis'bctweenme ^ that infinitd righ;^^ 
•-•mfrCodifc^Wifrbft^but^te the puttingof a'peece 6fbrownpa- 
; bbfetd'«mdhstrf^rfivSir'-hinTf^^ taighry^ fi^mefof hre^' 
»ii^l)fliing'lc)ttt-^airtR him-tr*^ That; s- the fecond thing/. 
.iThifdly*V The'Cobfecome^rb fee that there is another tigfi-' 
^oufriefo biytihd itV^^wn,* tfeit notvvithftanding whatfocver 
jM^oi^efi'i^iniifeiifree itnperfecldnduhable todoe what 
7 foule now hath need of ; although my righteoufiicfs that 





.^34^ F^^^^ idbnacf the. hnngnr^g pf th< jn$l^ifth, 

Ihadi(vkhjhcn,.mayfli.ikeific co b^ able co ftand beforemen^fo 
t}i« they are rot able jto plead ahy thing againtl mc^biit k-sGod 
tbaiIhav^codowitb,xbereforc tlifire mutt bciwdcber righ- 
cetHifneVsf iK>v^tlTi8i*i;^v:cifdu)the Goipcl,ths Gofpel cells 
• mejthac the Jioq of Go J was mide fin,and it is through hiau h«c 
(here is an actonepfienc xnade^ and h^is made umo .bcleeyers, 
wiidome and righteouin^ls, fandificadon and redenipcioD, 
trby now the Ibule Ices the certainty of diis, and k inible^ 
to believe it) which cannot be dote without a mighty woAe of 
the holy Ghott upon the foide;Wc can ali£iy, weuiuli be iave<i* 
by Jefus Chrift, becaufe we heare it> but tobeleevc the cer- 
tainty of fticha righteoumeis that is beyond our own to ptefenc 
before the F4ther, this the i'oule without the po>vpr of the bo*- 
ly Gboftj is never able to belceve, now the holy Ghoft works it 
to beleeve the realliry of it> that it is fo, and not only fo, but 
theftihiefle of jthatrighteouinefs,fotbatthefouIp fees it furtP 
cienc to fatisfie God for ^arfoever fin I Have been gyUqr of» 
tboughmy fins havebeenyerv great, yetherc*s rightcOufn^flc 
cnpugh to fatisiSe an innnitc JulUcc. 
Fourthly, ThefoulelikewifemultbeinligliQiedin tfae^ay 
V of thcGolpels making over this righteoufiieis to tbc creature/ 
It's^tpuc^ Jefus Cbrift is come as the great mediator to w >rlci' 
righteopfneffc for finners; but now how Iball this be niidc oyer 
to my foule, to be m^^e mine, that ic fi^ould be js my righcc- 
oufnefs, that I (hpuld ftand clo.uhed with that righteouiheft 
before the Father, therefore that's the loft thing that the Lonil 
difcoverstothcfoukinthewayofthcGolpel, tW Chrift iR 
tendered toevcrywretcbedfiraier freely with all his pglite- 
t>i:i'ncfs, and tbat upon their belecvif^, or their calHng cheij- 
Ibules upon this righteoiiihefs, willing to vemer thevfoules 
infi eternal ettates upon ir, and wholly calling chei tbnl- h^ *e^ 
that this ihall be made over to them, made .1^ their own i"i.:;h- 
teoufnefs before the Lord-wbenthcToiile corner to fee this 
that this is the tenure of the. Gofpel, that Chrift wi h his r^gh- 
tcoufneflfe is ftcely otfercd, and ic isno: v^at the (inner hAih 
been, either little or greats what the toiKiiciun oi the f inner 


■^^■rf— ^.a— — — <— — *«i^i— — ■— — ^— ^^ ' I 

hach been ; but here is righceoufncfs enough t<> ftvaHovY up all 
unrighteoufnefs whatfoever; thic afl rftine tmrighreoufnels m^ 
comparifon 6f this it is buc as 4 cf rip ro the infinite ocean that . 
canfoonbe fv^allowed up ; upon thi^ the foule doth as it vrere 
tanc!) forth inc6 this inSnite ocdri of rl^teoufneflei and ( jdd'^ 
the^ather doth by an acl of hi^ make'it over t6 the foul impin'* 
cin"^ the righceoufneflc of Jefus thrift as really to this fouk as 
ever the fin of Mam was imputed to the Sort> of Mmm : - — : 
Now h-te yoi fc^ tlie rife of rhis^ hungring am! thirft^ ng after^ 
iis rii'hteoufneffcj now upon (iich a worke of God as thxv 


"Then marke How the foule puts fortfe' it Telfe k>the» 

hungriDg and, thirftingafccr this righteoufmrfe. ; ' ^ " ' /> 
S Ae firftplace,it dodi feefe ir, ic^ecS'3n afltft-^ince; of it> 
icfeefes ami|bnyipainc.£orthe wantot ir, a^yoitknovlr inhun**! 
crec and rhitft there \s i very gi^eat piin in the body tiU-mture 
Se fupptyed, theJ'e ittitoi vefy mariy of yoirthnc htive uoder-^- 
ftooawhat;Aet)aine'of !wi^erandtb^ Yet i« may 

be there arc fome' here that may underftand it>'and fome mdre^ 
then c^ers,but few of you as fome have done h former rimie^;^ 
tbepaineofbung^r^d'thiVftitis oneof the gteaiiiH* purines 
iliat ourbodyesare capable of hefe, and'afeah-ihiat v^i^ fc^^f 
tb^ftarve wou'td rather venter, thougb it were rhf ou^the fir <?^ 
toKtmeat,'thenheWouldn6rhaveit: Now thaffouk^^ihatf 
urScfftands with. what a God it hath ro deafe^and the'teftrtiBe' 

God J5t hath, not tne anurancccTi n, u ^dunut ^jutu^ ^c^i^n t^^- 
that tliat lyes even throbbingat thq hearr,fc tiff rhifrcdftifeSr the^ 
fbiite is in gr^t extrerifiim mmoQ: liimeht*tei»tTftnhy' i9'^ 
dochcome to under ftancfthere.tKns^, ai)rf;yct W ^ii^»g^ 

' Secondly, AJtt 6thenhings wfwtfoever that you ff «:««« 
infoatmnthatwantsteesdjordritikte, that'w rcaApo-pttm 

or want of ihoCe thin^;^ ^tinder wKac;y««^^^^^«y'^!:«*^^'*«'^ 
ic Ke'mufthaTe,c6m« aidbrmginm Brave Suits of Samn «d 

1^8 H#m the fnd yn^s f^h tt [dfe i^hfrnffrin^. 

Velvet, what's that if he be ready to perilli for wajc of bread, 
if you would give him all the polfcHions in all the World, ' if 

before the gr»;acQb4,. I miiftfland before him%f'th<f'lcti:'en<^'< 

:pted of by .the infinite ri§l^e( 

. Thirdly, Mall things are nothing tp him ciif this cooie'4 
foln hunger and thirft there is a mighty ftrotig defire, t«ch^ 
ftroM defirc as the body is ready to faint if the 'deijre b^not 
fatished, eveato faint and c^ye; lo it is vVith the fdule tergi'Jtf 
laavcnot this righteoulq^s I dyei ' I faint iiddyei'yesi' f 4ye 
eternally, I fee my felfe ready to perijli eternally If I h We ho^ 
this righrepuineffe,, there ia a Minting m the fpirit imtill jjiif 
rigbteoufnefs comes in/ ' .' ' -/;..*{ '. )^'rV 

. Fourthly, There areftroqg jndiii^r^sf;^ 
iieedsl>e. m hunpr apd tfjiriJ, we ri* * to fay, that huiig^r'>Vi|l 
brcAe through (tone walls, there*s no worlc aecounced d.iffiiiitt: 
CO a man to get bread, if he be/eady to ftarve, be will not iftay 
-at home becayie it's ill weather^ if there be or^acf to be $i<^ 
do we not heare-fjuth Jjic4. tha^^elce is jrbme on Hmt, f6 tH« 
foule that comes to underfland the mic^ihg b^ c$s righteour- 
nels,and the need of itydoth not pfead or pretend rherdifl^ul- 

my foule that there is.anxpoIfJbilitj^ ifor nghteoufrieire; i? the 
Lord wai require Ikh aaf f^ch* diings, whacfoeVer diey' be, 


Horn t(^ f9Hk fmsfortkii fi^.ih huHgrim^. .^^j 

why tik acctnd'Upon him in the life of Ordinances never fci 
long l]erc> I am aoncenC) tbe>foule pitf fbrch ic's power, inde^ 
V9ur9| mightily crying to God, and ftudying what ic (houlddo 
CO Vxmi the my of che Gofpet, mbrfe then ever ic did. 
' Fifchly, Onethathungersandthirife, his defires arcrefo^t 
kire, tbere's'povyer>andindeavoursy arid they are refoluce, ha 
doth not (land uponcondicions, to indetlt this or that way, but 
let the ihdeavours be what they will b^, and indeed ^^is che 
tyork of grace in the heart where an hypocrice failes : when tbo 
foule cofues co reiigne it fclfe up to (iod, it dorh giv$Hfirh 
(elfe te (J^i it fubfcribes co a blank as i( jvere^that ts^Lec God 
fee down what he wHt^ here I ammlling to yeeld op niy felfeii 
ii PdMlm hisconverfion vyicb trembling and aftoni(1imenc& td> 
Lord wbit rait thou have me t(> doe? here I am concent to 
J^eeld up niy telfe to doe whacfoever thoui^eqpireft r '— (Noc 
\hit EJiis is a condition ftiU) I only fpeak thisina way of rneta* 
phbr to ihevv the fubm^ifionof the foulc to God,for indeed this 
|s not a thing upoti.which-<jod wiU give faith, but this is tha 
planner of the *vorkii^ of God upon the fciule in bringing of ic 
tothisrighceoufnefs, when it's in this ^ndition that Chrift 
hire fpeaks of, Hufi^lifg and thirfllng^i^terthurightemfntffe » 
J[t's Cnic God deales with a great deaiemor^ indulgence to 
Tome ftnilcS, but if you have had it fooner then others, doetiot 
you be wontdn and fay what need fo much adoe in hungriiig and 
thirfting and the like ; We doe noc impofe this as a legal 
qudiftcation, but we &y this is the wav that God dorh workc 
iipon iomc, tokeepe them a great while .before they come to 
Imow that they have part in this .ridiceoufneffey to keep thcou 
huneriM and thirftir^ after it, and fo break their hearts. 
'* SLxtiuJ^, Which is Very obferveable. The foiile i&unfattsB^ 
t?d m Aisbui^er icd thirft, tilt this righteoufnefs dorh come, 
jdiJld ttee doAbut play With his meate, or whofc belly \% fui, 
niay fc crying after fometMrtg that he fees; but' you may put 
^a dwld with a Rartle when his belly is full, but if he be 
throughly a hungry , then-offer him what rattles you will,' yet 
he muft have his hunger fatisSed if he be hur^y in feed, and 
fo it is with die foule, many a man o: woman hach fom^b^umr 

K k nins^ 


^ I 

Wigs iasht oiiorkQ <if G0d.«foi)them>^ the^^ (hink 

ifceyhaYcnoedof fdmie. ii^c6iiftid5> ^Ji^k IivesTiavc Mat 
wicked, and hem ihall 1 be ibk lo sippeare b^ore'C3?8 tvhoft? 
life hacb been fo widiiri i wd J, kno,v ^ ' how ' CoiA}^ X i^^ 
•|)pcarc> aiKt therefor^ I hkl nced'loqte to iiiafe MP my pdfc? . 
piih Ckil, now upon chinbere are fome defif^Sjaiid/iicba tlil^ 
ivill£il|,taprayer>.and w attend wpoh the vv^rd for a^iVhfe^ 
but novi? mark ic, wixbin. a V<hil:i> being' vf^ry^ aAd tir'tl, fe* 
Cfluik he comtisn^offfimy to dod,and bach not this ngtjteouf-r 
iieife applycd by idixhy ipoiethingt ^r ocher doch fausne thi^ 
Rjwle,aiid draw^j tlnibcart^i thole gpod bfegiqoil^s.'jj 
It may be.wncn ibcy are bui^ring ^^^ ^^i^^ ^ft?r ttiis n^ 
ceouimiSftbelkviii^firYadeadiemthai^ to live (ctt^ 

ivhat better tbcnfoonciiy) (bai: thacV rigbteournelfe enoD^^ 
jviil thac they willdoe^ and upctfi that toev c6me to be facisli* 
cii> and fo they iviil be fbmard in many pdbtid&e good workesr^ 
ttiisis:good» faU if thtsiaci^es the fouk^ I fay tbefode is vaf- 
<iotie>4indom«cecmUy i£it be fatisfied with this, n6vv'the foi4 
^at God works favw^y i^^wliien.Cod pjit% i^tb hunger [ati4 
ibirft^buS) nodait^ ipcbft v«orI^ (h^ikiis^^k^ tbdi^ thi 
fmld ihwkl coqcm sever ^fuUy> yet that iliidl not latisfi^ 
:faimx«bc|ti the fcxik i£ VfofKii^ aft^r Cnrift to' |^ ^P^'^ ^ 
.Msrcyiiivbim^ the i^Mi^fo^optrGod in rhe' uie of lall tx&tjs 
inifl^erdiiiax^SiW^MYtt.dothnoc^ thefeasttlb 

r^eDiilhcfietfaacic«tiftcQ»fa: w to Cod^ but oneiy' is 
m&m to cewale riebteouTmife^ aba as chpreisrdinances tliH 
. God hatfa appointed tbnough vyhjcb be will; convey the tvorkc 
'^iH6 &3irit: mto tbe iqnie^to jbriic c^e fi^e to tM ri|ghte€4^ 
aefleofJefusOin^ and ib tQ reft nei^.a^^^ for vrant oF tbe 
figjJEKi )KMwk4m of this» it is that man^ thpufands doe mifcar-* 
ry in tfaeic prcfeflioc^In the Am of their youth they Tvere y£n 
andlMfe^iDDdate Vvoaienofdifire* 

. liombey live better £hexib€fere>aiKi tbey thini^ibis is convtrr 
* fioQ; Now this i% nu&arri^ to imAake tfacfe things t^t "arc 
. ifaeoihnes ^reviling r^«!Co«ifneffe>^r^ the 

M^lie of the $pirit^ tbey miftake it) and chink its the righre^ 
awihcfij^icfel&tipaccheyihwldf^^ €0 Gdd, O no/ It s 


^^^.-—m. •<• 

^ ■ * r Si — :.:: 1 ^-V, ^ . 

tUm tbtj90l$ pus fmh it ftf^ in y^^g^ - if i 


yt& hcn&. foc'alL the ivorld as k wa? wicb ^/th'^dum, God 
iBok^ a ftfmiSt cd uikrMham^ that 1m (Hpitld have a feed in 
wh(plii aU the Nauons of the world lliQuld b^ Bleiled ; '^ 
n^^^kt;Miuon ^fd a great while afrer the.^roniirc was 
owp, i>i}<l6e beganto grow very ancient, and his Wife p^ 
K:iaf»l)gj. a^^;^ njjiinpi' o( ftonen> and do child €oine% 
^f&^X^s^^ f^miewhac c# 

pcmd i£^4r ; Sarsibs £itrh, (he begins hrft r^ 'i^er, and ilic 

'^r^;ij:jqiW^^ Why t/fitAamLdxiKkt it, I but iie 

^&JidJw^ Say*d, tiM the tiineof iiods. fell? Hit^' ht^pso^ 
ini/e hiff jcome^ for thMgb ^br^ihm had i child of Hmgm^ 
^; di^pviras not the proimied feed » and the Nations cC 
i^^^atih j^Qiuld never be bletfed by chat child, bii€ aftenfvwit 
SqiiMs (£^ pMcl^yvhich h^ had by Sttah^ and thac wts cht 
-' ned i&^d^.J:ii#e uft>' thiilKrcaiifc I Und the Holy 


i|R JF^/iTiiand the Goipel to Sat4h^ dsd frotc that csme Bf 

ihctivii^brQ^juhcQbpii^ (ktc chK chac comes bf 

^ ^^^?^ ^ ^ bleKlj^d feed mdeed-^ Ii;*s thus with a fonb 

.|jiaj^;;1i^i^ng^ jthtri&^ aftfr\ftgteeoufi^ «nd > Would 

P^&!ule4^iid|ig:of meam^ prajing, 'and acrending vpoa the ^•j, 

.jwqfr^^t&ithf^b t^atGM ra^cale xo .me h« mercy 

'fv(^f[,^.tlM^ forlnie in Chrilt> O 

' ^b?|pp/l><|iufd^tbe, Btrnowwbaitfacf^ 

r^xi^tepoiriiflcaf JrfiiiChrtft>'anddocK noc find* icall - 

, JfijSi npQii tr» t&e fcrile h weary; and now k goe*? as it * were 

^m^^Xj^yp^ and feefes for this, bletfedmlfe by foanc 

" fi^'<i^j^f L.iw;V* r^ is, by; reftwrmiog its life » and he- 

^^q(tt9>vi)'e ijerr xi trt^y m ib ■feftif^-ii»'Vi«. tfoe^^v^. 

ivijtt or.'^ix^qr This is. m be' fr> weiry 

italrTg>;aR r* §55 ftom^iffiis bleCkd* fisod ,. froni tbac 

Jueos^isi^ t^ AMSuId make dby fool btdlied £&r evee, 

* ^" ' * Kk-i ' to 

* Af \ 



_^ \: 

tfc^fi:, ^y-^ vviill'-iml«i)Tthee'>'djlK«6ii$l^ jafeilBfid irfittttt 

ct voor foUlaft,bHi-ifceoap{>lkttiQpo(rffttW Bigl|tcDi&dl5»l 
of Jeiiis. Cfej^;-by.-F«h „ Ih^m -j*ainuy ^te^^-.^bythcji 
ban4 qf Wnh to pra^t thkioBme ngjbei^)^ idithcii 
Son o( 0<^ Mce -dfr- I^bcrifor/^ur^'l^^teK ^o That'll tbacn 
riBtt;i;OTely cm mafeo; you itaUd ;viUh Gontfoct ii^^ -chcfa 
QrearGod J iii^Air hwh a.^otahte exfkeflS« Way* 
about the iiaFerencc ^i Righteotsfcefle ; . Xatth teia^t- 
d^th fiiiutd, : Bifc, If' therefore becaofe you are a good 
citizen y 'a Ghaft Husband , or a. ^ift Mcichanc, dealing 
jnftly in youp' Merchandize ; if becaufe of thefc thou 
wouldcft- be juft before God, choa doett^of die moft 
fvv<!ete thmg mH^ an abonTitution chat God camot bear^ 
That' '11' l/jtf6<f%.ex{yrdnoa concemmg chi^i and it's a 
very ewrellani one , take hccde. of wt ; you that arc; 
good Citi2;enss ^<1^ ^' the niace ^ivfaece you live^^od 
Townes-men > ' or 'eood Paminioners , and none of your 
Neighbours can 6na any fault with you ; It's tme, tjsere's 
mne that have the Righteoufnefle of Cbrift but acnune 
to chis, a man may. attains to chi% and vet miiTe of the 
Rjdwqiiifi^b of Jefus Cbrift. If upon cnis you {hall ia« 
lishe your foules , If you Aiall fvom thb fwecte thtn^ 
chinke to be juft before God, you doe make of this 
Vvteete thing an abomination that the %>irit of God will 
«not beare ; "' ■ ■ " Thus yew fee the worke of the foule 
m hoiKrii^ and thirffin^ gger this RighKOufiicffe : -r-rr_ 
. Now the maioe thing tnat f^ remaines, and that is, to 
Jet befor^ you the fevdyoefle of Ebis R^eouihefle, tbac 


^ Hm jhf pid f$ai ferth it ftlff in htmgrtKg ^jj 

isi^ngbairi (fefirai)fe>>fabjeartthi9 is thei]emie hungers ^d 

flUdb la Ustttri dab% wku^tivikes u^-ca deflrc it :* \n^^' 
•pcnrng-Wiad ih»-iU|^cccw(iiefc mt^ ; and » Ac ' workft 6f • 
Odd ^AHfii^islft wger^^tf^' d)^ after tbit B^ce^' 
oitei^ffibv^m^aY :feari(S^ why the fbiite ilioulcl ' ^ 

beioii^^after- u^ du^^^c'cfaete 'oe if^^ tMn§< more to^ 
fccihrfore y«i' the Btauty and'ExccHsncf of this Righ-" 
teouihc^Y' lb 4fc vif^io^ihe pofl|%le - to MraHv himgfrilrg Snd 
thifflili^ ifaall'-TDit.lbuks after it ^ Thisis tehain,tbereV 
ii8»r aic^ of ymr but' kave^infrnke^ niiede of tr, tbofe 
dac ncvritJfaOT ic.if ^cHcy dldbit'tacw ir^ thefe hearts" 
woutd be taten off from: ocherf things and fer"^^ i^pw thi^,* 
^ you that have fomfe bnoMedge of it, yet if you knew' , 

ic more yDifir<>A|R»j[^ mi tkirP wmU h tnatirfM mre-^' 

i » V ' t • • * 


« f 

t > 

H- o:: ti ' r4 • '' '^A t . '.'-.t ' ' 1 -I. '. iL 

» Ill II 


.;. r :: ^ • : • .^ .i - ;; *. r •^ '' 'If' 


r .♦• • * 


t • - • > 

i: vn/y#* ''•»V -'•<»* •'•-» 

:;vtM^ii|;, - -^ ■ 


r \'J •*' .- :: ' '.'*i^ ; Ii '. '^i'- '>»t 

^.1 , ■vhitfji.wi ■■' ' — n I • ■ ' ■■■ > •«^- • I ■ 

< • . • } . • --^ L< 

'♦ • •••♦.♦ 

i.-o.:ii,s','f ;>' ^ J* ^i^ iw,u\-J -v.-'t *.'"■•'-' ^*-'« 

I .... . . . / ^ ' I . . .' . 


•"';';: 'SE'R M O N-^XVI..- V:: ' f. . 

■'■■-■■ '^i. . -. ...... ..i. 

Ma t:H. J."*, ■ . ■ -;.'V ■-.. ..."■ 

Bieffedare they vfhich doc hujtgtrimd thirfi^ 
after rightemfnejfc- for they Jbail Ma fiiei* 

ICome now roths chird.rfiing,vThicJii«rbe<!e- 
(ire9Hi:nefleofthMob;ea; Bbfftdifeth^ 
■ thut tmrgtr' Md thirfi i^tt fi^tfUlf^iftfi ] 
■ ifanddcfibedfTisaiKortdefireabUab-efil 
indtkjfe that knttv ir, rhcycwwoc buttniri* 
gcr and Uur(lzfcec'u» catnve thcii iharc in. 

Firft, By this righteonrnifle all de-pJirit^ ten^ariom and 
thoughts for want of any righreoufndlc inVior fclvesare taltm 
away, \\hatfoever derj-arir^ reaiprariom or thought"! nwy be ia 
the mipc^j^'wafl: of *ny rfghteouindfe in the creature,in cmzs 
fclfe, thefe thoughts and temptarions areby thi? righteoiiia;lfe 
removed from tns Iol-!:, you doc ncx underftind many of yoa 
what ftrong defpairii^ thoughts do-b pofldle many fwils whcu 
ihey coni£ to apprehend how they have to dealc ■ wkh an bw- 
ntc great Gfidjand tbencMnetofee whac ths unrigHceoofiizii 
of their hearts and the tinr!afarc«u(h;f'< of their liveshave beaj^ 
you Icnownotwhac throbs there a-einthcir feirits, what war- 
rii% in their chou^ts, tfaey would give .cortnouraad thouLmd 


•mmmm^m n m mt 

The dfifin^Umfft tf thi ctjeSl Jm^M tft^^ «}( 

WkHs that they might be delivered from the s^iiih aiid 

iLsvery d^ireaoie. , . .. 

for t/ajfang up ^& the wrong that e^'er was done to Ood by hi| 

(m, fnave wrongoi God by tofimy said how this cw be mad^ 

1^) it were impoiTdble for Angels and men lo drinks of a way^ 

but t)teit!V^uig^ti)is ligbccQuTDdOrcofCbtift made over co 

the fottle by fiiith, (hews a way hov7 all the wrong that ever my 

fin fiitli^cxie tociod trn/be iffliteiaa Jc.iy^iJisiRfiihi i^et 

(ireable) ^1 not this draw tbc^ haartt obou that arc any fMxf 

^fi^titt oCth^ wrong that thy fin hath done tOi God> . wouldeii 

fiot d^ ^ve If thoil hadft ten thoufands worlds to nttke it uj^ 

a^adni r Htris^tift«wi(y litt snxj !to ai^sA^u^ipanzr. O 

mat a defireahle cbjed u this ridiceouliiefre. ^ 

*^ TUrdfy) fiy.chwHghteoufiiBdecbeiawis&Uyitftriia^ 

^chfrdBime of the law isanfwered, ^ tfaelaw hadb ifothh^ 

|o«b»enow ufm.the iMsh toby a&yclatnietD iii%/oute 

for aiiyln^eadK>f kiihis is. a dcfiiedbledtu:^ chore's t» defire?- 

afelcMlfeai^inbeii^freMfi^onitbeUw as irukj' cClifi^ 

^*^ no 1?ay^ dejtfcabfc to a gracioiis^ beaii) 2M^< «fy» tJb4)f 

»A4» i^# fi^7 /^ (as the rule of life) makatffludl vftnd thma 

*Br}HVMld choofe th&law to tbeinfelves^ aiesdbre tb^'f»dc<^ 

fireaoie; but iiie claii«&ftet the l«^ layes tothc fou^ v^ the 

charge d»t the laiw brings ^^ the (mI for tkeb^^ it, 

ttefeule<kfi{t$tobe<Miveredfromtbtf) this xsa fore v4 

dhadfon evilldfm I ftuid bef^K ihe law of God that bath it^ 

feitte)dHceibk|th«hKli<ruchand fuch a dreadfuH charges 

" dusge upon mcy ,0 that I could be difcharged from what 

!r tbel^w hath tachaf^>wiiy^this ri^Keeufhc(3? will do it,it 

[ ddivcrthe fcml fmnvyhatevet thelawhath en char^^ ixnr 

it, therefore ill the to,Xnf «^'s fidd imChrlfi i tht ttd. if 

44fmfw rf ghm » p if ffi t^ fP0j ^fkthmiiiiievei^bt istbecntl 

' demands 


-- / 

Ma ■*■ 


^■- ■ ■ . " ' - ' ■■ ^ 

iemands of the hvv.over co chy Fttrecy, and Qod mil p^rcf 
come upon the priacipl^ in cbis caie wc ijpon the fiire^y^. b; 
' having cbis sigNteouinea^^ chme^tfamdxneft heretaJHSf^^^ 
t4) givtt^hcLaw whatk iviU daimei^^ 
ev«r ic bath to chcirge upotttb^. . , . ^^ . - . 

Fottnhly> By this righcekKifnftEe the hazard of imicaayin| 
to Atlecemicv is quite over ; wbei) (be Ipuk. qoAks ,co, appre- 
hend this H^eoQfni£&,/k may tec in the bdvYtls of ic ^ts i| 
were) aii ablbluce &fety^ and bMiedibcttHty; mxf/tkk mt be 
madeover tainy fmilc> thaii^ kf» tpma dw.yef: tb^^^jyiil i?«' 
. mainmQcfavmi^iceQMibeflte^ai^ijfcicli^^ 
. ' (eod&cfledii&mKiMaaiiie^m^ 

mil mifioarryihg oCi]iiyiQide,.faut €b«ull.tbc l«2ar(i of ilotis 
)i]Ulceovier ; ImoccIus defireabie? xAm. VYOuld it^^ctoyUcd 
foule gfve CO loiQfir the hazard of ecen^ miTcarry 
xloth nic onderitand tAuh ecetQity meatus, and .^^i^sthendi 
any hazard of mifcarry ini^ it, . iJberq s r^pti^tig^ mv&^ the; 
foblchuc this; if ib be that I dQilJke>J;|(i^ 21^. fQti^ 411? tbc 
imKC«r of my etenuil 9^sk^ ^ io. (be ddivnui^rice If qpi rbc 
hazard (^ milcarrying, by wbat I doe, xo. ibink )1« ipfa^ my 
life anddoe betosr (cboi^ every one/bou)4 doe To) j^^AiB 
theleares yvtU retutne upoo^bc foiile again^ cberc.^idljb^v 
4inoercaiaty wfaetbcr I iM& wifc^ifcy 6>i;ever ,orito f i^jp^y kc 
4fhatt^k>mayi)eIfl]aIlMK>Zkpe.C|o4 )Yil| ^qc^ ot|»9^ 
iiiic wHecber be fiiM or no l£mm tell, but tso^v >vl^ ifae {pvil 
comes CO nndeiiland fticb an^ni^e lod a glcdoiw: ^^j^puf- 
Adfeoobe imdeover to iciQcbCfWajf<)f.cbe G<^pd^ no^ 
tlieiMteis^kco bkfle JR feUe inJ^ CbriO, ai^ to iM, 

-with thee : Noiir thm^ tl)M becft unrJghteoBf? in thy /dfc^ei: 

there isthatrr^eeoumeife as. do^ free thee ficjca fiw fijch 

danger ofmifcarryii^^ but th«i art jcer^airfy iafc,thiiS5l c«i^. 

taiidy bring thee so erermU life/Fsr thut^Mtsf c^adawf^^u 

-them thm^ mrMmCkrlfiJifm ; It*$ipH?o!ribfe for, % foufc th* 

\ God the Father fliaiitlooke u^m » the righceoufneflc qf hi 

\ ' .Son,a foiile ibrightcMd as^i beleever is through tbi: righceoitf 

ftefl'e of Chrii^^ tooiiicarry c» etemityy db: eveii<^ ihoal< 


/» 5 8 Tke iefTreabhicjfi of tht ohjfU hnrj^ii 01ft tr. 

Sevenchly, There maft certainly be a jn^ft glorious reward 
of this rignreouinelle, and this raifes the condition of the 
Saints above that of Adam in Paradife, yea in fome rcfj-^ect 
above the Angels chemfelves ; UAdam had Hood in Paradiic 
there hid been a righreoulneire futable to luth a creature> and 
the Angels have a righreoufnelVefutable to their natures, but 
here's die righteouur^!(^e of the Son of God, the righteoufncft 
of Cod-man, and this is of a higher nature then the righceoufr 
miiioiAdamviiSj or could be, of a higher nature then the 
righteouihefl'e of the Angels themfelves in heaven, and novy 
for this to be made over to the foulc as its own righteouftjelfet 
there muli needs be an expe^uion of a glorious cevvard of 
this righteouihefl'e r If Adam had continued riahceous he 
fhould have lived, but it appearesnot that he Ihouldhave liv'd 
but only in Paradii'e, in this world; but now this righteoufneflc 
purchaies a higher degree of ^lory then if ever Adm^ lud 
Itood ; Glorious rnuft needs the reward of this be 5 and as the 
jighteou nelfe it felfe ismadc over to the foule, fo all that this 
•righteoufnelfc doth dtferve, all the fours of the good plcafare 
of L»od the Father for this righteouliieflc that his Son dab 
tender to hkn lliall be «nade over to the foulc t^, and is made 
over, the foule hath prefenc right unto k .♦ When a poor crea- 
ture fliall come to underftand fuch a righteoitfheffe that \s be- 
yond Adm^s in innocency, that is beyond Ang^s, the dWitc^ 
fiufneft of the Son of God to be made over to ir^ |ind w tfcCL. 
good that this righttoufnetfexloth defence, til the fruits 6fthc 
good plea*ire of the Father for this righteoufijeflc pi his So^ 
that's all mine roo ,• O how defireabfe is i^i$ when apprchciH 
ded rcaHy by faith. 

H>ly, This righteoufnefs is a perfeA rrghreoufnefs,f here's 
»o finnern-hat jtbever b«t at the firft initant wherein k becomes 
aielecTer and hath this righceoufnefle made over to it, Jl 
comes in the pointof Juftif^cationro be equall with Mriitm. 
I/m^j and J4«»*, with Ddvld^ the Patriarchs,PnDphcts,Ai«c 
Martyrs, \vith the moft eminent Sa ints. There*s a great deal 6 
diiference between thee and rho^e glorims P/t^hets an 
Saints ^ we read of, and Martyrsand many emineiK Chrift^* 


Z^ ^ ThiJ 4r€ BUffed th^ hunger uni thirfi. 

Teniihly^JliftlyaThc ^c^pcaiion th^tcomes from thl^xigjb^ 
teoufn^ife it docbnot ebbaiid flovv acco(rding.tQ the diflfewncc 
of cbi gracious workiiigs of oiir hearts,, but it abides., cpoftant 
for ever.; Ic'stjMe, the Lord looksupondle dirfer^bc wo. kings 
- of our hearts, and in refpeA of weaknelfe of &n6*irif ation or 
furiher degrees^th^rc may b? a tomplacency in.God more •r 
lelfe, I mean in the mmi£ej(iacions,f or what's Ckid«iciknplacen- 
cy, but iQiiie way or other the letting.out of hiaafejfe .cqmids . 
^ his creature, and the Lord is well pleafed with* the righteouf- 
jiefsofSant\ificationtoo,a«vve(haUipeake.cO'afrerw^ as 
well as iathis, but now though there may be,^ differed letting*, 
outof God^^dinMe refpe4!?^em^iay, .tibe.vcvy,conipla- 
cency of Gfeds heart may be towards bis fervam:$ m diifereoc . 
way, according |o die ditference of xh^ir graceshero* but in re-* 
fpeet of their accqpt^WiQn fpr this righteoufnerte, it's afwayes 
the fame; there is alwayes the fame^cceptatioa of chisrighte- 
wrnefle^ «Ki*i)o eliiit^f and fjowings ii>,the aco^ation of this 
rigbteoufnofl'e fof »aay bei^?ever, ; p bo.y blefl'^d \i chis^righte- 
ouCnefs of jefus Cbriftji ^V^ vybat adeilreabk object is ic.?>— 
Thus now you hive bad the third thittg opened • .what the., 

.workings, of the heart ai-e in hungrir^ahdjttw 
wdvyhatadefireableobjeii^thisrS^ •. r;. - 

The im^ tbi^^is ; the Blc&dSaefi^ SfAifki h tabe Ipoken 
unto, Blefled are they, that, dp hui^ ai^>thirft.^afi£rthK,: 
Blerted are tbey, :• - -rr: rtf-^:^* ^ 'tr ;. • • : . / 

Firft, Beaufc theyc«tse-«) fed jite great miftery ofGodli- 
nefs, in the- way <rf.Gods bringingrmpumohuitfelfe, and this 
is;i Melted thiii^^'t^is/a^IeflJ^^i^ for*tbe^yie»^? dieunder-. 
(landing to,l^fiJk g?l5ghined, as to be able to fee the great rmr-. 
fterv of Go^lRi'T^fevVAy tti^^t he h^-h to being <jian ^ohimfelte, 
mm peot?Ie in the woeld they think there is no other way ofi 
God to himielfe but this ; • Thofe that have been 
wicked iinners they muftmourhe and be fArry* that they hs 
donefox^nd (inne more and there's aneii^, Wthofeirfiat ci 
hupger iand thirft after this rlghceoufnefSj,: they are enlightr 
by another maimer of light from heaven; the beams of div 
light hath fhiued into them, whereby they oome to underfta* 

Tbeji #r# hicffd that hunger Ofii thirfli 


WAy that God bru^s thofc into that he dodi intend i<S "baftov? 
this righccQufefs of his Son uponj R^rfiough ic may ba yw • 
tboii doll noc tbroughly know !:hac this- is made over to. tbect 
yetchoaarcblclfedinchis, b^caufc thou arc in the way that 
Ooddorhufe to bring tho.'e inco, that he faacfa a piirpofc to 
blefs for everin thi*i hi^.Som dghteoufiiefs : Thou wert noc 
lo»g£ncemaJivaybnOTy'^tni.vanic^ minding nothing, fcft 
then this, minding onsly choie tbii%k that would have uixione 
thee for ever, and doth God noworif^thc^ into the ivaytbac 
heufestobrir^ thofe into that he hadi;a purpoie to fave^ 
Bleffed art tboa that thou arc t:om&fo6»rre; i./;. 

Fourthly) Blefled art diou that hungreftatidtbitfieft thus 
after this righteoefbdleifor itis lagooderidenee ib«t die foiiil 
hathfome feede of faith wrought xiiii:ilready»tharit makes fo 
much after JefusCbriftyindeeci thouiiaftitotaaiadiirartey tho^ 
art notable to fay yet, that Chstikrighteouihe& 15 fhioe i bw 
yet thou haft this Bleflednefiiftbat there is fome good ^VEdence - 
to thee inthefe hungrings aiid chorfiit^s of thkie, .that ^Qre» 
fome feede of faith fovvne in thy jiearr aheady^iorthw vroikl*'' ? 
deft not otherwife cling fo co Chrift c < Ifactfe loakings . of thy . 
foule after Chrift, that noctm^ in the world can take olP thy 
fouie from him but ftiUthou jit^ereft ifter bixh) and wirb 
mighty workings of Spirit doeft defire him'y.fiitely he is- 
there already that makes- thy foule fo much to fmke after 
him. • • ., -\ . ,, . .; 

Fifthly , But c&ccialiy, BUffed san they that iie Imftger 
andthirfi aftffft righteJtiffHfe^ for thejjhall h$ fiM ; 'niai'$- 

thus. '1 ;!i - ' ..... 

Flrft» AU fears, all mifgivii^thou&htsftidl one dayte n^ 
mov'd , thou haft fome hopes , that doe incourage thee,; 
but n^any doubts and fears mixt> but thou ilultbe iatisHed in 

Secondly ^ All accufatiMs of Satan {hall be ^ 
Satan will be clamiouring , but this righteoufiie0e iL 
appeare in that beauty and glory that £hall ftop Sata 

Thirdly% Thou fliak be filled, that is. thou Ihalt bxit th 


9^4 Jiefrscfe^ 0/ thtp tbMt dot mt huMfer. 

cbou canft hold, when chou (haic come to enjoy all die beoft* 
fits ^and fruics diac vvUl b^ che confequencs of fuch a r^hce^ 
bufiieire as this is. Blelfed ard they that hunger and chirfj 
afcer this righceou.nifle for they ihall be hll^id .• - - r 
Thus we have opined this Second branch vU, The hun- 
grily and thirftir^ after the Righceoufneffe of the Lord Jefus 

3y way of AppKcacioa 

j4fflic4mcm. In the Firft place. The opening of what we have will pre* 
Xently rebuke thofe that never niuided or regarded this ri«>h- 
teoufiieife that we are now fpeaking ^f, diat never felt any 
-want ac all of it, and therefore never had any hun^^ring and 
thirflii^ after it : I am afr4id I fpeak this day but nddles ro 
jnoft people. I appeale to your confciences as in the name of 
God, when hath God difcovercd the glory of this ririjteouf- 
' neffc in the realluy of it to your foules, when have your beafts 
'ieen taken with it, and can any dofet of thine, anyRoome <rf 
ihine teftifie thofe mighty cryes to God for thy part in this 
righteoufneflfe? when hath there bedi fuch ftirrii^s in thy foule 
after this riehtcoulheffe? Lord,l am undone, I perilK for ever 
Jbettcr I had never been bom, but that I had been a Toad,^ 
/pogg, then not to have this righrcoufiicfle of thy Son r I ap^ 
peale to you, when was there ever any fuch kind of working in 
your hearts? certainly,ifyout)e altogether unacquaincedvvufi 
thefe hungrii^s and thirftii^?^ after this, you arc not one of 
thofe that Cbrift pronounces btcfled ; you have hungriivtrand 

»thirlUngs after other thills that can doe ^ou no good ,• nere*s 

anobjefttoraifeupiheddiresof a rationall creature, here 

ipdoedisthattbatihoidd whet your appetite. • 

In die fecond place, Let what hath been faid quicken aM 

ibarpen your appetites after this rightcoufeeffe, and mak-e y< i 

, lay> O Lprd dipu haft this day fet before me our of thy t> i 

glorious mytlcry of Rdigion, ariehteoufnefleolFtbyyoi^ .. c 

,1 cidier biew riot, or little minded hcretoft>rc, Lord, I fee r f 

happineflctocoififtindiit, I am forever made if I bwrfi • 

■ H ^ I ■ ■■■■ J ^ I ■■ I - ,., J-, '■ ■ ■ ... 

I . ' * ^ \ _. f'-WiWI ^ ■ M il-Ill II ^ ■»— — ■^■^^■—^■^ 

vgi^ac matter (vtiac becomes of me in the world, Wii^'bc'^ 
comes of my name ^ eftace^ if I have buc tbn co ckuch an. l, 
{Eallbei^a^jforeyerv j^^^actbe heavens nygbt hsar of thc^ 
(iyes o|F i(f>Hle. fpcfej'^is pmiifiig aFoer;u)is righteo^fnelTe*: 

•^ if folic tbj^fbftK<>fyo«'*^t^^^'^ what is, lai^ 
attyimi?t6ifik\vWisthein8a^6f this j. however lec sher^. . 

bfi this fruit of what hathbeen fp^en, as to gee ak»e batwesn 
God ai^lyoi felves and cry to him to help you tp un^erftapi 
^^^^th bqfifi did* lis>5,certaii«4y .«>« m^M S«a.t mVte- 
HS.of Qo^ir^Csj yooar^ undone .for ,6v^c if vou.'doe^OPCX 
Theref6t©aijiti(l''d6«JtuS «[uChii(cpf t^^God that he .vrwJd 
ie*^'«l^toyi«> toi^wt4belboie:gaodsi^»y^i»adel»r 
ibe ftSsJ^;«& ^^r* !#e**«^afiier4ia^,aaJu!pottpjidte» ■- TJjfWft 
Mc;ii?«^##eff^«^ thsic :may-.Jfewe fop the qujpkqi^ «< 

•**5SO^<iKfi<*cfi;^>t'Aau^ftt^c|e^^ God, 

yimi^mfsifXTd : Matki they «e laaanac of (jrtKferwtae- 
o&dMrnift) tHey^go abo«tad^th«rov«K,ai^ have 
.h6tTateA«edT5helrtav««» .to o&tedj^o ofCod, as if 
tii-ffel^oM fl*^^*'t>*<l thcybneliAcwGods wghteouf- 
feii t!M^wAil*W5>^etfeftffltbear.^tm.right«»lsftfe, feucbsr 
Bigi»tibfiidc bP'Gbdi rightooufeeCf they feoke co eftabUrti 



r^Si'aM'tioofidec thisi That the Urd is abfolutdy re- 

folved that he wUIbave hu jaftiafmsfied, thwrno foule fhall 

be=fltv'<{i but he^vriU have- jifticefawsfled for thariwle; 

« G6d* deremiinatidpiand die- right uoder^nd^ng of this, 

r„oiVKt,i.frvr«.c«t«de&nekifioowiUmffihcily ttirre up 

leatlto ftekaftertnis r«gnKo«u«w .•".-, » v"-*— * 
rfimterighccoa&dfc; and ^thlfi4eerta^l5 cmthchatw 

- (V^ii i^r bt fav d, but.God will be honoured mhis infi- 

M m . nxte 





mt ji^ti6e ^ well ^ in hi^ mfmice mercy, v^ then (haM be* 
oeme o( cbe children of nlen ? Were it not £te chb fadsfi^i^ 
My chey would attperiih) «nd thk is the i<6ft()M why- all the 
Jkt^lschacfkvdagainftGodperiili etematly^^becat^ d^ere 
ib no rij^ceoafneffe for chem, tl^ei^ is no Way of^uisfadiioa^ 
iK their &1, and fo it would bt with the children of men. Sot ^ 
God is refoWed tohayeUs jufiice honoured etUier npon i^etn^ 
or upoB-a Surety. /• : . -' 

thirdly, Know that it Would go ^wy ir^pvfefr u*hT<A«*;'. 
Ifsas^ or Idt^ky with the nioA glorious ligtiteotls fcifdmim!ti 
e^rfivM in the worlds were k nbc for this;, yea^ We may 
bokU^ fay, wo-to %4^Ni}^^ TfiutCjJdcit^ aU the ^repfaet^ 
md Apoftfes, were it hot for this righteooihc^e,' iM Vihcft 
things befe^ we hatd heed hai^ €)uf hecmtobe fnatiiigifitefr 
this righteoulhcls here mentiooed*. 

". ^ .; 


' ' . ' ' 


1 • 

, » 

> » 

* < 


•r • 




--•- — 




{ ' 



Comf0Tt€ U tb$fc th/iP hunger. 


Ml ^1 I II 

M A T H. 5. ^. 

Bleffed art they which doe huHger a/td thirft 
/tfier righteoHfmffe :fir thejJhaU hefiHed/ 

OR thofe tbac do fmd their beam (tirrii^ 
afcer this righrcoufnefe) I have divers 
things CO ^peake unto chem by way oC 
Conifort and Confobcion> there are ma- 
ny poor fcules, whic6 In the fence and 
burden of tbeir fins, do hunger and thirft 
a&er the rkhteouihefs of Jefus Chrift, fb 
as there is no:hitK; more that their thoughts and hearts are up^ 
00, then the rigbceoufnefs of Jefus ChriA> that they may find 
itapplyed untothem by fiictn and ina4e theirs, that they oi^ 
have tbe Ccmfort of it.. To liich I ftiall onely fpcake cheie 
dttn^ briefly by way of Comfort and Incoura^enienc. 

Firft, If thyJjeart do in truth thirft after this rightedulnefs 
of Oirift th^t. tbriv heareft preached of in the Gofpel^and thou 
^ in chy^oule blefs cboie that are able to make k theirs: 
V, thacihy Atfft; and Chrifts thirft are the fiinej Ghnft 
b after fouies as much as foules clurfts after him, and it is 
.eatafatisfadiontolefusChrift, to fee his righteoufnefs 
'yed unqo f«iles iof taeir difcharge, as k can l>e any &¥•• 

M mr 2 f acUcn 

1^*116 ^ 11 I !■ ■ I ■■ I — ^B^— a. ., L m 

vgjj Comf^m to thcfe that huttger. 

d • M 


facition to any foul to have the righreoulnefs of Chrift applyed 
t4 fc tot it 'i (fifcHjUg^. ' WtJ^ focile c»ibc more comciK-iiirb^^ 
dfutance that OiriitsrighteoiAiers'beloi^s to it^ then ^C^^ 
dotb to have his righceoufnefs applyed unco fouler that do^ 
hunger and thirft afterit, as hath been fpoken of in the ccxt^ 
and for that rie riye you oijelv this Scripture, the 53 oi Ifa: 
a deer prophcferfencermtig Uirift-'i ver: id it's Cud, Itpka-- 
fed thi Lord to bruifc htm^ he hath ftu him togriefe^ when thon 
fijalt miks hisjonUau ^ering f(fr fi^ hejhalljeehisfeedy hejhaU 
froloHg his dales y and the f leaf ure of the Lordjkall frofper in hit 
hands J>ejhali fee of the tr^.vel of bufottt and fhalfjbefatisfiedypor^ ho»Udgefi;4l^} rlghumi^orvant^t^jfiLJom^ h^. 
jhall beare iher tniijmtiesT MzvkyHe {hall fee efthe travellofhu 

. f nla^'dfljall te fatisfied:W)i2t it the travel of the foul of Chrift^ 
firely ic is, that after he iiath borne- the burden of the vvi^tlf of 
th^ Father, that then, there might be foulcs given to hiip^ and 
dirdiarged of cheir fln through his ftitfsrings, thiii^ th^^tiivell 
of CbriTt'? foule> Is thy foule trave.lliqg after the righteoufneft 
t)fJefusChrill ^Thouarcasitvvetfeina tVavell, .and:]ongeft 
;after that as any woman in travell longs to be delivered; know 
the foule of Chrift is in asmuch travel for tadifchargc finners, 
i^sfinners are to be difchareed, and faith the Text, Ht^aHfa 
yfthe travel of hfsfinl and he jhall hfatisfied :' There isporhing 
ill the World can ladsHc the ff)ule of Chrift a^'to havepoore 

^' finners come in to him, and to commurricate his righteoufneftc 
*co thorny for by his knowledge iJiall my righteous fervant jufti- 
fie many, that fliaH fetisfic hisfduj,asif the Holy Ghoft iTiooM 
fayi after all that Jefus Chrift barh furfef ed for feirtes, vrfien any 
-foite fhall come in and befeeve ihhim, the Lohi Jcfw iKall 
^pply his rirfitcoufncffc to rhemand juftifiethem, md this is 
'that that Chrift iliail account worth all his fufferh^s, fliallas it 
• were fayi I do not grudge, I danor rcpeiit for all that I hate 

. • fufferea feeing I have the.friiic of it that b^e' a?e poore finfijll 

^'foules dift barged of their fim by myfiitferirjgs'^ this is agprat 

; help and comfort to thofe that are hurigring and thirfting after 

' the righteoufnefs of Jefus Chrift, you fee what" the hunger tK>f 

Chrilt is, ihe travell of his foule, and what it is that wfll fatis- 


»- »•• 

^e^ 'fercl^ if dii$ bi an- xibjefi: :fq .ftiifi&^ry cq .iji^ jjoule to 

ceoufnciTe abeve all things in the vyorld,anci norjiingcan ftas- 
fie thee buc that, charthou ilaak in due ryne iee tlie travell of 
ibyfouteand4}ufcbejfaii^ed. ':^: v-i' • f - •• - ; ^ 
;8e6(Wllyj'<^^'Ti» great idcfigne.' that; Ged hath, in.all rijL- 
W>rl#TO gloitlie himCelfe" by, k as: :hy , the . hoiiour;iiig'of • t[)c 
righteoufnefs of his Son in . the Appiicacipq cf ic ., finro linf^J ! 
fouler for their (fifeharge: o£ all diiiig? clut eycr Gojl did, or 
tver flTaltbe-dohcin tfc worKi'. ^Tbe gpeaceft ^jefigns ot'jCipii 
10 honouphimfelfe is; thab^lterighcel^^fqfl^' of J^i:>{^^^ 
be mafimSedm worMdgiucbartouVI^ 
from the guift of their &t^ and fO fet .ibicin as^ ri^hteoi^ : %f(rp 
the Fs^erj the Lord takes deitghc in tx^^vorka iil^e ^uptp^ 
wod^, here's the Maftcr-Pecce.(asJ,|nay fQ%). ofcfi^^^ 
die glof ji ofGod r i^b«>^tbei1rthi0k^^bMSwid>thyf&tf^^^ 
the widdc thai: above alltbirigs <it)df glorias in^i^d ,9 it hij'c^cj- 
fignc to honourhimfelfe in we- naa^^^ 
of his SciH in the f ruk of that righceouhiefs, Xf^ difrh^ree hhful I 
and guilty finneirs by it, thett. vybo arc they that ;Go a wiH ho- 
nour, and upon, if not.uponfuch v\4ioff\foules hz 
hath begun toftirt6 work afwr.lhis figb^(;«4n5^Cs'^4<>ivj afcer 
ir rfxwe all thitig^ irithe World,' ic is cb^c thait Gods h watxis in 
to honour himfclfe by above all things,- and it is that thai; Cod 
hath put into my heart to. defire.^bove ailthings, and 1 chink, 
yea I am fureifl know any thing of my h^arr, that if Gcfl 
would biic onite' wijnefl'e taoiY: fouk thac thi^ jf if'hcooulhrfs of 
hisSon is mine, I fhouldii^M: ev^r give uptny , fclw to (wiour 
fim, had La thoufiind Kves they i'hoidd all go 2 for the glory of 
his name; Surely Gods heart and thy heart doth meet very 
"^.r together in. this thing., and. (ihsircfore be comforted 
encouraged in thy hungring and thfriluigjjfc-er this thing. 
""airdly, ,Tbaxis hbtWog o)[&i?ed nipre freely. then' the 
.ceoofnelfe of ChrHVis, of .all, mercies that Go J dorh be- 
y upon finriers,the mercies of Jefus ClKift are beltoved the 
llfrcdy. There are many mercies that God bdbwedin 

Jii !!■ i tm* 

**~-~* *■ -- r ■ ■■■■■ I 1 ^ I ■ I " ' _ "' *~" 

the titne ef th^ Uti^^dnkgil obedicnoeiJiti^JfcAis Cbrift wl 
*i^Hgh^e<Jtf«e6 Wfistietwr gptemo ai^f<mtoi (iiic^fir^ly mj^ 
jrieere Friec-gr«cevti^cbing mit Rsti-gnicciifadi:gi*cn bta, Hf 
is the gift^f God I ■ '» ' » ' And logcriiat ttith cbc fiieedooi^ 
there is an invitation toXoulci tbxrome^nd ca)oe ic ; Thou due 
art thirfting after this riohteoufteftv^cttJfkfecof dw Stfrijitiire 
iftthe M ktv^ \ f. TmSfirh ^ tkrkrhMpy^^^mfis.i^ let 
him Hkt hikieth^^f c^kesUifU In hlmthai u ^thirft ^mkt, mi 
whopfck;& Ullykt kimt4^(ffikt.f9Mm of&fifrttljf.tiioa tbifft- 
eit after this rigHte6«fftieft^ a^ khe waitr of tifc, that vtould be 
Jife ttt'thy fbule f t*cJ^tnarlf,v»Hiciiwnaiiionis ThSfir 

rifith/Jff'Idei^t^ThiChm^eh^ ml/ffiim 

th*t hikrrihfdj'cfm^iuUiiikfbiitk^ii^ Hcres four 

t JrAcs ih 6ne vefife, Crtw, J«d ii^o/iw^ 
liitt&^fllftfrettj^ Ttertf s iKithii^ more free then this ^^aiser 
oflift, Gpd (fells icnoil<oajiy,bac Wbofoever be jgivcs it ip, 
• be gtvesir Wely^ attd tt^Avw thifche way of . God in cbc dif- 
petifit^ dP.thife grdafc il*fty, Aat whofoercrinrtbiMci k,ar ever 
^aH have kyit'iiiuft be giveff freely tathem, that arjy fomier 
imrighteoufnefs iVtail be no fatodratice,vvharr6evtr tinri^teouf- 
fiefs there hJii h been before^ that's no hindriincef for if ic were» 
then it WjcretiA given freely! There's fao umvmfchiiicte then 
that can hinder ^ahcKf (b, ^wby aiay xm I have mjrpcstiorrin 
it as well air anotber; Whyimy norl he btelledfay it^«vell as 
any r ItVtruc, I am vile, I am an um^faceous wrercby I am 
unworthy, but the Lord gives this water of life ficciy, //i ; 5 5, 

FodrtWy, He adde a fourth c^dtdenttian- for. thy firtthcr 
. c6mfort, that thej'e;*i riothing^can fiwriaay right to any foule to 
awply the righteoufiiefs of Jefus Chrift, but meerly this free 
offer, and the foules bekeVii^, the ioeles caftii^ it fdfe «pio 
it rThej^'s nothir^ before that that-giTes anyrighrto thb 
r^teoufnefs bfChrift. • ' 

You will fay, I couM apply k, andbdeeve k, aiid caft m; 
felfeuponit,butthatI lesrel have n> right m it : Now this i^ 
as certaine a truth as any we have intheiiofpcl, that there is 
nothing gtve$ any fouler right to Jefus Chriftbutl^leevii^ 



Ca0tm ^^ ffftm tff4t tht hm^&. -Kft 

in Wb^ the venturing of the foul upoh ^tts pcrfeft glorid«i{ 
l^btwufijrfjvitii rii« that gives,righc itnta the (bul,and rbcrc- 
forc do not ffeaxp/ but come tJienthoh Jiuligfti^ and cMrftirftf 
ftide^afterthtsrfghtftotirfleflev ahfl c^en%'^ an^ClJ^y 
bcarr wide thttt it may be fl^lerf, afid ^eirfFrhf forile liefe up6»i 
dM ri«hceoirfhefs,« venter Ay ibiile and tirf etermH eftate^, 
Aat*s the fccft^ajs aiid the fobiieft w;jyio filrv^thc comfort of 

* Tfwfethar^cinif^g^ tbi^'-'ft^TtreoiiP 

aefi.T^cywsfeCaiitibm.^--^'-^'''-^-^^^ ^-^^^' --^ ° ^ '--i: 
The firft Caution I ihall give you, Take heed you that are 
Ifee^sftcf ycwir^StVttiiff, i^ to^HaVd^'vd^rfdtites ttJ be 
juRHiecJ thrtiigh thb ri AteolVftKifeiTafei in^-ftacrou d6 nc^ 
feflsfie yctoielvesivVitS^yj^'tigh'tctti^^ Btrteaffi rfife^kfi 
anyuwferr^tefoSihefs, forthe Dfeyffl'vvifr berejrdytO'ioiiW. 
ifrncre, ancthe dothprevaile with tnaiif /tvhen dfetf'fiii'J do lyi 
upon their ccwfciences;. M tbff fee they ftaftrf ^ guilty be-^ 
fcrc the gftttf (3odi as thofe that irr e bouria ovir tmro etemaM^ 
<fcath, '3M tWf hfeafi" that tberei fe^ib WiV of falVarion birr fe* 
Chrift,an*f-^'--^ --^-^-'^-^ '- - ^-''-^ " -— '- 


feed that ttothir^fati^ejs you but this fighteoufncfs^Vs tnie^. 
ilitoi^ Gods tnenpy I have broken 6tf Aiany oJFmy itttfuli eou^^ 
fi»aiidTfih<ltliisirinyhc<ftj'tha^*^rT^^ aH the 

#oridc^tiii^iiy^htekii«Wtiflna^^^^ (thoi^H Jh 

l»et>Thfafe wdl,but doAor'teft ift Ai^' i>ut Tkkxi^ there is 
irigticeai^i^e beyoncf^ thi^ thf^isencpiigh to 

fiidsfie your confciencei thit ytou art bWught to thfa j -No, 
hoclAkrfhilKf^^ Apbitcadort :6f thfe 

fcteodo^Otfitt 'ihdhlstighfe^^ thirty iSritc: -^ - -^ ^ 

Secondly, Take heed tliat; y^Mi'beftC* W'o^ 
h caitiJfort> it mi/bs jpu tti^H havejiii^t^llarttw oTtbm- 
rgtiwi ydiij ♦Hien ybu ife at jpray^r, perhaps ybufl:mnfi^ 
h fliA«<rfc<tofoftlihc!l joy as are nV)re thenev^ryou b*^ 

d5fomfc,niiyiafldhivih:ia(tffi^^ it hash 

•iiieWtKWiirt&dJerifbr^ybu^^^ felVesii 

^. WdttdltdMS ; is this thefhiit Of Cbriits r^teoiklhefir, 




w^% . Ctmbm \to\thm,^l^^ ji^^.Jmigfr^. 




ye}iorno?'HaveIche,righteouftiefleof Cki^^ po. I.feeldie 

4qo4; If j*y.cqnfG(cc,fiome$ asr^a.^iuc- i)^-jJiR ^ pf .%£ui^ 
.^i^e thy iielfe ^ippo the 4:igmei;#iiiel(^ pC J^ Chrift,.o£b«r- 
rwifcxlny comfort xmy ^ wt to pjicafe; th^,.anHiai;is6e tteea: 
awhile, andfocake thee oflffrom further Piiriuite^j^ts]:.jhit 

.thee to ftand wun jteace before 4je; >^§emj^-r%ttQ:o^ 

^ A third Ci^ioiiis chi? j. Id feekk^ after. tljU^ri^i^sou^^^ 
c^ChrifttalscJE^edof r9%^il€^ 3fake 

hee<l of <»n)alXr(?a(oc»pgs,.;a^ argMMhovv dhihis ttw^be- 

• that j^uch i'9ne ip vU4 ^ fp wretched as I Jmiapd! fo " 
as 1 have beemthat everiGodihould have iuch love. f__ .,.^, 
-rcg^urd afi tofcpdhi? Sontp be nvfcdca curfe, ,to" dye^. and^ td 

• work oin a perfeft rightgQU&efs- to clbath . ,qiy, (c^ mil} X 
kvc heard ef. the^Wis rightepfi&ef^^ aof tiow Wa jt 
l)e.that^cver ipy TouiibwJi^l^iftpiiraker of u> ^J^i^xo Ecaii>ri| 
jjvith flcftiand blood';- tbou'muft . in ..piirfiiitc.aftet <bis> 
havQ that reafonin^ of fle{J>.and -bIoo<iL tpL be. Jvvatlowqd 
Wand faifH:alcpe.muftbe, aclvanced^in it : . .!£ jajth be, ml 

reafon, «tsiafiniKly;Wepiituafti ;A<<ij(J«»< ^ 

. nmct\m^ th? At^^Is tbemfeiye? '^etv? . to ' ]^r^ incp, and ta 

^tl)atfl»tpDi>ru«TCWvnW^^^^ i.r „it -.-j-^ 

^ -.^ribly, Aiaa then theiaft thing is, o wjcej"hjiedabpve;|ar 
.pfturoii^thisacaccof Gqd into .wjntpirfei^ fe»ke..tojthaci 
.jwuhaw heard ^his nf^e0uIhefs,pfih^ScmijJfGif4-(jfa!< 

/fircableneffe of it:^t;i^ t^c ?•»£. very t(fw.he«v'tY^I«]:^r,. the' 
canbot beare kj ws.find itby cxperiepce th«,m«o 'awvyooia. 


Cautions to them that JUe hunger^ . iyj 

riiac come toliave any little glimmering about tbe nghreouf^ 
nciYe of Chrift> they run away with ic^d drawnioil wretched 
and vild condufions from it, then you (ay what need we lookc 
after any thing further, Chrift hath done all, and fo grow Joof^ 
in their converfations. Take heed of wantonnefle^ ihq;t is a 
very wanton generation amoi^ us, and 1 verily beleeve, chat 
if e\^er lince Chrifts thre, the grace of yod hath been turned 
into wanconneflfe, it bath been this foure or five yeares, ondy 
I find in the ftory of Gtrmanj^ that whdi Lmhtr began firft to 
preach Jefus Chriftj there were the very fame wantons in his 
tunc abufing what he faid : When the Gofpel began to breakc 
forth, mens Ware eyes were not a^le to oeare li^e glorious 
light, that God did caufe ro (hini through the miniftry of 

Uithcr^s, dicUKtreamcly abufeic ; and LitfA^r himfelfe vva» 
much peri>lex<iro>d troubled mth thofe wantons thatabufed 
the ^oclrme of Free^grace and juftifieation by the righteouf- 
nefle of Chrift, and as we find that men through their weakc 
and corrupt Spirits are ready to Aufe this, fo jbove all fin"? its 
tliu that goes moft to the heart of God, that the heart of <5od 
do:h moft bate, and it's made in the Epiftle of JWf , i dread-- 
full brand ef^thofe chat are even appointed to conHemn.\cion, 
that do tume the grace of God in:o wantonnefle -• this grace 
of Cod in the righteoufneffe of his Son, the Lord expects 
all that come to knovV it, (hould even fall dovvne upon their 
iic^^ and adore ^nd magnifie him for it, ^d' fpend their 
dayeJinaddringahdmignifyiflgofhitn, and nortom^ikethij* 
a^ameanes to nourilTi fin, to nourish unrighteoufheffe and' 
loofcnefs , as we find it in many, that fince fuch thnes as* they* 
have fpoken moft of Free-Grace, of the Righteou(heft of 
Chrift^ thdr converfations have b:en more loofe then for. iicr-^- 
ly jthi^i^' abbriiinable wicke^ef^ tha theSpi.icof Godhues \ 
i if there could be any One figne ^iven of a man or woman 
\ were nevfer -like to have arty part 6:- f ortion in thi? righ^e- 
< .efle, tharfignevyould be the moft •probable, that Oiould" 
I e this rich and ^oriou^ grace of God in:o wan'-onnelte?-— • 
1 thus much concerning ^his greic point -of hfinjring afrer . 
I i^hteouftiefs^of Jefus Chtnft. • ^ - * . . o . . - 

- N a ' Now 




. Novv (o proceed ^p tl;ie next poynt ;^ The. hungring and 
t^irttiiigafiper the righc«Qiifiieflfe of ^San(JU!^cation^ or inherent^ 
rigiiteouiiT^^ Itli^UgiYeyoucbe njexliodmtbe. fame way^ 

. Fir4^ 'WMc is iJhis rij^Ecoufne^ diat iiaw we are fpeakmg; 
,of. . , . 

; . Sccoodlyv • What is tbcitr^ hunger aad tnijcrt of "the fc^Ie 
after.this righceoufn^lTe. ^ < . 

Thircjly> Wlui: ttie .d<jfire:iblciiefie of tHU righteoufnefle 
U'*- * . ■ 

.-Fonjtbly, Why rhey are bkflc4 th^u; hunger and thirft after 

EifcWy*. Tliajc even tjiefe alfo ihaU be facbfyed yvith this 
Bighreau&effe, .^ ,^ ^ /. 

..XafUy, TheApjrficaucwofall, . Jp 

. For ihe fiift cl;p% BJ^fl'ed are they that hufiger and thirft 
after lighjceoufnefler-^ Xoh will fay»whac isijiis righteoufneifs 
.that bcre you are now fpeaking of? ... ; 

Ic is thofe gracio^dilpofitions that God works in the foul 
by the holy Ghofi*, or tb^ principle of holyneffe that God puts 
into the foul by the My ^jboit, .-whereby the. foul is enabled ta 
.firorkc unco God as its. chief good,as ic were- in ;i right:line>and 
tberefore>caU'4righteoufn^ile ^Itisthe iame thing ch«|t is cal- 
led Hcflnc^e^ or td^t<»^»cjffT, or G^rac^ i:)^r:^% we have it> 
hec^e it's given froely by God« When a foul that lay dead 
infinrbefore bach the holy Ghodcon;^ and bpeach upon it) and 
puts iQpO'it ^XKious princii ks d^at en.ibles ic to . a<^ arxl . to 
- wodc untoGedr as the kft end of all> and the higbcft good as ic 
nere in a figbr line ; -r Ii\a f igb^ ^W & therefore fojntimcs 
it'&calkdri^/f/kMr/f^tbaif istjwb^a foul thac is convinced o^ 
the ducy k ow^rs unto God^ and tint it ought tavyork thus a^d 
thus uncoGqdy whatfoever iTioul<icome between (^od and the 
foul tO'biaejer the gracious workings of ic,; the foul doth riot 
fcocb a coinp^0e bur go«s through .^1 difBcukyes, that's going 
iaari^t linef go^s through ^U kind of difiail te^'that it tiuy 
?wrWic felf coGpd ; This is.rigbreoufncfl)^ in the heart> inhe- 
rent rig^eoulne^e ; when thou b4(Uec^ved this work of the 


.» «■ -ti — ■ 

Right ion fteffe #/ SsnRrficmop optfiti . ^-^ - 

boly Ghoft upon rbee that thou findcft fiich aiding and Vvorkiiig 
pcmciple% that works up thy foul to God ^ die kft end ; and 
ivhatibiver there is between God aitd thy loul, thy ibUI vyiil 
work through it, and work ftill, and never leave working tiil k 
tvorks through it, chac thou mayeft get ac.God, and fo cooie te 
injoy him as thy God. 

Or thus ; It is the levellijigand aftii^ of the heart according 
to a right rule, the rule of righteou&efle fet in the word,, this 
IS the righteoufiieflc that we are now fpeakii^ ol. : ] 

Or thus more fully, It is an impreition of Gods righteoufiieA 
vpoQ the foul; .whereby the foukotne^ to be enabled qoadk 
accordingco bis meafure as God himfelf doth aft. 

Acc9rdingto his ffkdfftr^ i You will fay, how is thai: ? a6k «s 
God a£b ; Thaj; is, look as God himfelf loves himfelf as the 
lugheft end of all things, and all other things the Lord loves in 
order to himfelf, and works for himfelf as the laft end of all, 
' and doih W6rk all other things in a futable way to the actainifg 
of himfelf as t;he kft end : So the foul who hath the in^eflion 
of this uponit^ comes to be enabled to work for God as die 
laft end, andfo lov^ God for himfelfvand all things in drdor 
unto God, and to t& for God as the hight^ end) md to a^ tU . 
.thii^tbat it bath to do with in^ order unco God as this Uik 
end : Sothit hereby the foul comes to aft even as God hin»- 
. f:If doth aft accordii^ Caits meafure and proportion. God 
he makes himfelf the laft end, the foul mAes God the laft end 
to ; -— God loves himfelf as the higheft good,aTid all rhitK;sii 
or<fer to himfelf, the folil doth fo to, God in all his workups 
works towards himfelf, tvd ordersall thin^ ibashe maycocaq 
td ehpy himfelf as the laft end, fo dotbthis^hceous foul cte, 
it works towards God, 'and fo ast hemaythjoy atl thtogs in or- 
der Bftto God as the laft end ; This is the righteoufn jffe here 
^^ be fpoken of; Blefied are they that do huteer and rhuftaf-- 
,*:rchisrightedtifnefle; ft that it were f* vvi^ mj faith this 
"•ingringandthitfHngfoaK i feel abutidancis ^fwrupcito 
.lac is in oie diat Veeps nie from ading to Q6d ; I am <tofi- 
Tuced that die Lnrd is wotthy>Othc inSntte glorious ftrft-bc- 
r^of all diings^ be is wbrtiiy of aU praife Mdhonour&om all 

. Nn2 'his 

^5 >f /jtft trftchnngriHg aftd thirfijvg iff the font is. 

his creatures, I was nude for him that I might live un"o hini, 
and hovy happy ihould I ht if X could J3fiak€ aim to b^i my bigte- " 
crt end, and nty hearr couW be wten.orf ^ronjlftlloibec-rhiigt 
and en;oy Wmaleme cobe nijf portion, :and bvj.atftij^ t)0-.hii»v^ 
»and working lohiin, and tonwjw his wiUtiibKijche. cobiof Jiiiy^ > 
lif *, then luppy lhoLl4 Jl ho ^ Q tfiat i€:v>ere chu!S;im,(iTy logfci :- 
, • Bor the-lecond thinj, Know cfeac thiS'h Wiring iMidlthkftm^ 
pFOOieds firft from this ground, tl>accfae«lbiilcaBlestoiiader* : 
Hand the great good that there is. in this righteoufneOQ,tt locSkft ! ^ 
-upon it felt as one chat ihould beia nRoft h*ippy. creatutc. if ic. i 
were iaibled to do ioy to wofk fo towards ^iod >; IwsreinSidtt . • 
if I could feele the hotv Gliott r;hu8..ia my b^arc, warkii^ jb^: " 
hjartthus'after the Lord. • ^ * \ .- • • '"> "' ' 

. Secondly, It doth chirlt after this righteoufocffein afpiritu- 
manner, for it felf ; not onlfbecaiife I am ccawbiced 'm ntf 
confcience,! canoot go to Hcavan,of J muttjgo to Hell iil have ■. 
it nbL,but I fee this righte<?ufnoflIe lovjy anoexceHent in^icfdi, ■ - 
and therefore I long after it, becaufe of the ekoeHcocy there w* ' 
in icfclf : Anhypocri/:emavdefire to overcome his fins^ and ^ 
to be inabled to do dutie^s, but mark ic> ic tain order cohis^oi' I 
ber peace, becaufef canno:.luve quiet and peace in confcience i 
therefore I would be glad if f«ch a corruption Were o^ttsmtj 
or I could bave ability to do iuch and fuco duties rfutGod rp « 
quires ; It s not becaul^e of any excellency tbacthe foul doch 
feeinthisrighteoufnelfe, butmeerlybecaufe it cannot ha^re- 
peace without it ; but this blefled hunger and thirttthat sbcre 
Spoken of, it'is that that makes the foiil hunger after righteoirf* 
ndfe as for it felf , my r iditeoufnefle confifts in it^ vvhac can be 
better to my foul then that I duxild live to God as the hilr 
end,thacl ihould- have my heart working to God, and make 
his will to be my will, what can be better to iny fonk then . 

Thirdly, Th^s hwigrii^ and chirftiiK; it is* illimited, by that 
I meane tnis, the foul never (lines it felf what meafiirc of hoii- 
nctfe it wouldhavcjbucwould have it in the highett degree that 
It is polTible for any creature to have it, and lliii if the Lord 
idotb enable iiicb a foul to oyerc<ine feme, jcqnipafim jnd co. 



H'h^t true hungrlngUKd thtrftingoftkijotills. • ^Tl 

Walk cowards God in a better and ftiorc gracious manner then 
fomjerJyitb.tthxidne,'irttWoMhiv'e (till more and m6re, the 
defines are ttilliintefg^^ Whereas an hj^ocrire may defire to ' 
overcome conroprion and fbp^rfaiii iome duty, but he defires 
onlffomdcli as bethinks tiiciy ferve his'rurne to keep him from" 
daj^er&thatiho rforh apprehend, and ihat*s an evident argu- ' 
nicnt:tbat;h« defircsritiioc for it fcif t As thus, there be t\to , 
men that. would have learning, -there's. 6ne . man that i$ fent to ' 
ihc-Univerfityj^ but it is only to give his father cmtent, and' 
therefore he would'faine have learning, or thus, ne would t*i jne ' 
have banaiag that 'hemighr get fome ' preferment, tbiit's fiii" 
endy and if be can but get fo much as he may ' atcaine his en< ^ 
then he loyccrs after that : But there is another that defires 
le»m^ forit felf) he fec^ an excellency diat there is in le.iru- 
ing;, he^es that it doth raifc a rationall creaiure,and upon that 
he vs ncVcr 6cisfied but he would have more and more, and fo 
Ihidics to hiscNing day ; whether he hath preferment or no, 
whether hehith in^oyment or no, yet (till he will be ftudi- 
ous,- WlKTCas many wonder why fuch a man (hould be foftu- 
diott5, he bath not fo much tmployment as^anorher hath, but 
the very love be Iw^th to it makes him do fo, becauie he loves 
leanring forit fdf: So one thatdoth defire grace to fome in- ^ 
feriour end, if he may have but fo much as mav ferve the tume 
for his eiJd> rhac quiets him, but whofoever defireg righceouf- 
n^fefor it felfyhe is never quieted, but yet would have more 
aid more gracffi cvcnarlong as it lives. That's the third thing 

in this defire, - ' ^ . t y- i \ ^ 

Fourthly, If is a ruling defire, that is, all defires are ordered 
ky the defire after this righteoufneffe; whacfoever defires there 
are in the foul, faith the foul, wfelt, but let my defire after the 
furtiicranDC of grace andrighcepufnefle, kt chat defire rule and 
t 'srthefe defires: fo farre therefore as my other defires, . . 
i I fimHer thismy dcTtie jmto this rigbceoufneflc, fo far Tie 
t ifli them, fo farre I'te follow after theit) ; But now if any. 
• c x^ that 1 have in my foul to any thing elfe, if I find chat it 
i 4iei ahindfance to^meih thi« my great defire of righceout 
1 \ then aAnthcxancei! liviltibandonthat ddircjl'lerariieir - ' 


j^ ' wUt trH€ luK^r'wg firi th^rfiif^g oftJ)tJwl if. 



oppofe ic,and Vk blcffs Godif God will crdfTe me m chat de* 
fire. 'This is the rishc ddire aft^r thi5rrii;hceoulhelfe, when its 
a ruling defire j It rules in the Ibrl, it i?; the chief defire and 
noddirecanbe cherirtuinthe toul but fudiaddjre^as maybe 
ibme way lerviceabh co thi? grear defire of the ipbl nichenuii- 
gringandthirlUng^fccrri^hreoufndfc. " ' V ' .'^ • 

Fifthly, Tbedeliresofaielouiinhuri3rin3:andthirfKng'af- 
' tcr I his righte-oufneife^ it's a defire that pain goes with ; ^ As 
. was iTicWed in the other hungring and thirlttng after the tigh- 
<eoufneiTe of Cbiift^ there was^a pain: As in niturall huigcr 
there is pain, fo in that ; the guilt of fin was painfull to chfe 
foul ; and To here, the unruly corruptions of the heart bo^ 
grievous ^re they to it. When did you ever hear of "pdul 
cryihg out for any of his fuflFerings, O i^tttched man thai I am i 
Whcnhewasbuflfitedjwhenhe was imprifoned, he did not 
wring his hands and cry,I am undone becaufe of iinprifohmentj 
when he wasfcourged he did not cry out ; he could fing when 
he was in the ftocks,buc when hi found his corruptions to be 
iiirring in him, and the want of fome degree of this righteonr- . 
neflfe, he gives a dreadfull fchreei, and cryes out, O wretched 
man that 1 am, who lliall deliver me from this body of dcrh, 
how (hall X come to get power over thefc corriiptioiK, and be 
Inabled to walk after God, O that I could bkve but this, then 1 
were a happy man ; and therefore you find that this buttering 
4nd thiriting after righteoufneffe followes uroU mouniing, • 
jiupd are thfj that PMfara^und then Blcfcd arc they that buff^tr 
(tnd thlrfi after right eoufficfe ; that is, thofe that ntft arc affec- 
ted with moumflig for the corruptions of their hearts,and then 
upon this mourning there followes this himgring and thirfting 
* after rightcoufnefie. 

Sixthly, This defire likewife muft be very eameft, it's nst 
a wifliing and a wouldmg, but a mighty cameft defire ; A Ir- 
vine of oursfaith,77?rW#/5r^/ dfa hyfoerlte^thtj a^cfaifrt defxrei- 
butthefihceredefiresofthe foul are fuch aSf make the finl 
faint y that is, they are fo eameft '^ % makfcs the foul even part, a- 
gain I we have fuch expreflion^, in the ii y ?faL 5 . mar my 
^r, faith pimW, wm t^rt^ed u kjef tb} JtMtrix. ' '^Di^M - 



WhM tru€ hMffring md thirfiiffg tf the fwJc if. ^^ 

had grace before to direft him, but he would have more, O 
tbMt mjjp^fs wen dlreUcd H kfcf thjfiatutes: DavU that was 
i King, and had great concernment m the world, and yet the 
ihing chat makes him with fuchafigh fend up hii deiires to 
tfcavenY Jr yyas for tlie want of grace in his hearr,and therefore 
he cryesoiic, O that my wayes were directed to keep thy fta- 
iuj:cs.,asifhe.(houldlay. Lord, thou that knovyeft all thingt 
koowcff tfiere is nothing in the world that would be a greater 
contemmeDt to my foule, then if I could finde my heart direc- 
tecj to keepe tby ftatutes, and thenin ^, ver: pyith my 
nhoU hedrt have f fm^ht thee^ (mh David i Why what's this 
matter? let me mt wand^ frpf thy C&mmA^deme/itr: As if 
te ftioiiki fayi Lordvl account this to bs the greateft evill thai 
can be£all me in this world, for me x,o wander from thy Coiii* 
mandements, if thou leaveft me to my lelfe, / pcatl yfandcr 
ftem thy Cemmit^^demejfs r But Lord let me feele the wortee of 
thy grace powerfully in my heart, thar I may not wander from 
thy Coiiimandemens^ and in the 20. f^.* MyfiHle^reaksth^fov 

V\nat? ftff the Ungjngthat h hath mt^ thj jptdgements at aH 
tme's : there was a breaking of Davids foule, there was' never 
any imn ihac defir ed any thing in this world with m6re earneft- 
qeflc } wbat expreffions can be more then thefe ? and in the 

J^i^verf: lofenedmytrntithand f^edy for I longed far thy 
Cmmumdemems. .Now puc atl thefe together, Oihat my y^aycs 
were dsreUed tokfrpe thy fiatntes : — With my vfhok heart ha^e 
Ifottfhr thee ; 0/et me not winder from thy Commandcments : -^ 
Mjjmlet^reakethfor thetdngwg tt'hathmto thyJpidgementSy at 
aUtfmes : — Affdmyjmfe.parjteth a/ra:n, Thefe are the ear- 
Beft defires oFagracious heart; after righteoiiftieffc. 

Seventhly, Thefe defires are very induft^iou^«? defires, they 
are nocidte defirerS as the defires ofmoft people in the world 
?" ?r grace are, meere idle> the Lord gt\'e me grace, and 
^ ti God givps me grrr.ce 1 mall doc bettcr,'and fo go ho fur- 
d , tbcnl pfay Cod <»jve me grace; but I appeale to thee, 
t^ It labouring, what ftrfying is in thy fpiritx wbat pains takings 
^ It woikingpf.thyfoqle after gncei and therefore obferve 
A p^enpnireitttBe 6iP/&fctfae i.andthe.ij..^:// compared: 




a So J^hat true hinging a^d th.rfimg cf the fwt u. ' 


A4y fouUthirficthfordcey m; ficjh lotigeth for thecy faich the 
Pulm ifi-, but rhcn mark vvIlh tollowcs'b ihe 8 ver-: Mjfmh 
follor^eth hard aftnr thee^ imh Vavldy that vvillbe the friiicof 
grxious dcfire-S if thou [ui\ a delirc t6get gr^ce, to ^ic n-^- 
teniiinciVe, if rhoii coed tljirll for it, fhfen thiiSvill follpiv, ^l]j 
)icart will tbllow hnrd j.lccr Cod in' tho ufc'of hit m^^ii uw 
God is pleafed to Jiftordy it rhcre Scany brdi^iaijfce^of Cad 
that "may further the workof thygrac<ii thou wilf defire that to 
and it there be any paines, if ordinary mcanes wilj no.t doe it 
thou wilt he willing to fet upon cxtraordinry, nieane?,' thzrcl 
fufh a corruptioti that thou compkineft of, aiid ordinary ir^ajC 
Will.not doe the work, well though it be tobeare dovVi^i tfic 
tody,tobeatedovynthe flefli, whacfoever thdu.Soif crot** 

rhv Mft^ In. v£*r this is rh^ rhin<y rh jr tUnu-ir-t- i-^rri},, ^A * c ^ 

liavc .thcfe thy defires acconTpIifht . 
': Eight ly, they are abiding defires, they'' wifl continue Vn'l 
.Ti^rer be quiet untill the ihias be done, In the ii^iPp/.- 20 
'^.h^io\zv\^n\zdy My foHlebrcfihfth for the longing that Itha-h 
Mrjto thjjHdgcmentSy marke, ^t all times, there are fome ofVou 
that in fome good nioodes, you have even breakiiigs in xcur 
(oules, mighty defires, O that God would give me *^racc aivi 
you can pray mightily, and fend mighty cryes tateaveu fqr 
grace m lome good moods. It may be.when you have bedi i?p- 
on your lick-beds and aflraid of death, or when you ha\^ Ivui 
birred in a Sermon, you have gone home and havemanirdl-d 
your -defires to heaven,that the Lord would bepleafed roMp 
you, and purge your hearts and give .you grace, but Uh ^^r^Ji 
times, at other times you arc farre enough from any fy^i, \\x>' 
king of Spirit after rhi^ righrcoufnefle- &ut it was in Dav:d hi' 
foule did break after the iudqcmcnts of God at 4II time'^ k* 
judgements we are to uncfcrrfand the St^tHtes, tl^e C,rnmar.;ii 
mentSythQml/ofCod; that is, that heni^hthav^i hlsh^rr 
futable to the will of God reveafed in' hU wo-d, nnS ^i ' 
•X43 ^M ^. verf' Mj foHljhlrJtethaft&thec, '^s >r thh-ny 

.W. Now you Vm^i^^ AmiVm^^^^^ 
^ ' •'; V\a:cT, 

ff'bMt trme hwi^ing and tbirftiftf of the fnd is. i^i 

mter> and k mrver clofes againe till there be lome (hovvei^^ 
'andtotaiiihlV^^OLorciicisvvicbmeas thethirfty land, I 
amasitwerc diopc, and Ifindea gapcire in my heart aftet 
IRme (howet^ oTthy grace, and Lord till dicy C6me lit\A 
ih6t:rlhave day heart cloftd, but a; the thiriiy land : » ■ 
i[1liii:|du have feete^ what kind of defires tbde are dut the 
ibide' h^h r6 thi$ ^Rj^teon&iefre , as fvell as t6 the 

I (hiiiid ccme now to the opening of the great defireable- 

m£c tbat there is in this Righceoti&ds ?<— Butall that I (hatt 

^fiA^is,iodefire youtotakea review of this that luth^ 

W^de&peitdtoyoaidthe^^ this hungrtngand 

diiifBog ibiJe after this lig^xeoulbefte of fan<^iScation. I 

fiiMdfe tlot tteie i(s not any one ofyou but have had (boie 

wd oCddiires after grace, though you have little utidefftoo4 

trhat k mfealit, but now, can yott lay as in the prefence of G^ 

OLordthbtttiiftwroi^tiuchkindofdefircs inmy (bote, in 

fiMieinea&relcan&yit, Lord ic hathbeen, not fromf^Kh 

igtx>raiicej but from (ome enlightning of Chrifts Spirit, I w^ 

an ^^ranc fotdfh foulinot ior^ (uKe^bu t the light of thv Spirit 

(tanielnto t)ie, and Aievved mt the excel! eiicy of thy rigntec^^ 

ttdfe, what ajblefled thing it was for the creature to live t* 

God: — And Lord thou maweil dut my defires for ri^hteouf- 

ne^, are for it felf:— And there is no degree can Citisfie me 

tin I come to heaven, I would have more and more; — Lord 

thdbinwwcftthit all my defires are rul'd and orderedijy thfe 

iteat del^^ of my foule after this righreoufiiefife, next to the 

defirc^ of my foule after the rigjircoufneffe of thy Son : -^ 

' Yea Lord thou lotpwcft how paimiil it is tome to want it,therc 

li nod^'mginthf world more grievous tn me then the body of 

dfeiDh that I carry about with me, fo tha: if thou Hiould'ft ask 

•*^ frctfn Heaven, ml fay, foule what wouldeft thou that I 

lid doe tor thee, the Lord knowes I would make^is 

,^r, Lord let me have the RighteoufnefTe of thy Son for my 

tifici^iton, and let me have the Righteoufne(Ic of thy Spirit 

my SanftHication to ovctcometnv corruptions j^nd to ena- 

me vdXek to thy prvife ; «*^ And Lord thou knoweft that 

O thefe 

- ♦ ' m 

182 }fhdttr$i€ hHiiffrlngonithirfiing^thtfoHlik. 

thefe.defires have been cameft> and noci$ a sooode or fiaAi^ 
bMc4i>a^ cooitaqt.and feiM way : ■>■■'■ • And they have * 
bMtei^indiiftrioiiSt Loca (h6u koovv^eR ^^pa^ ^titf ^k 

nellcand r^hcebufneiTc) I care not vvbacpiaui^ Pc)^ 
And Lo d, chit buich jbecn ft^m^yvaF i^ ye«:ei ^ and I am refold 
ved that this (hall continue, and tlirough thy |facelb€peic 
will c<xitinue to my dying day> Jo ;i^ if I {houM perifli I would 
perilh crying to thee for ttie Rigjlceoiiftieflfe of thy Son, mi 
fcrthc BaehwoufiMf^^^^^ \^H J^^ 

ic is that tliou haft wrought in my foiileV now. t£ th^ 'cai^tbe 
dble tbus to ajppeale to God, Bteifed.alrrtfaco, fl <i|§ M mt f ^ 
th^dachtnger 4ft4 ^tf^^fer ifi^t^nfCiii^ «) this maner : 
SucOE^vdiOK^in.cheyery aameii^ ot'ch^ ^%^'p^h^ 
tfae Lord may De pieafed To f atre to wprlie ^ephh ft)We4|ii^^ 
to qHiden fome^efo^afef Aeivigj!e5;<^<^^ . 

onfiKtiey ]j^ctcheoiaiiaethingthaci^tobepreferite4royottrfbe * 
ilttrqiijickiutig of your beaftsb.iS'^he (ctdng. ;^ Jmyc^^q^^ 
«NK:cUei^yofitbe£oceyou ; And fo the c^qfiySc^^ 
«li»gttig(^ ril^foide^ieeWiiS^ k, ^, , • ^ ^2^ 



4 .'•••vvt 

-vt : -•, ■ ■ . ; .•'■':•? 'Mt 

•" - «" <r>>. ' . 4C1L ■'^ 



"• I vj 

• i 


1 _ . 

' \ .'. \ , .-.^ ■«. 4. '■ . • t'. 

> ' .' 

, OK 

5ife'iWe5ii*eji mhc rfshteonffteff 0f fsn&ificatim 

-r-T.n 'i.^' 

.*» ' 

• - ■ # 

M A* T H., 5. 6. 


_ 4 - « is*-* " -til 

V «.. 

pSTritiiceottfiKfle, wi* the ©xceHaiicy 4f 

it J V^isthefB ift AU rigbtcouftjfefe 


«ir*ta^ ar«^t^rtifcy^ Mil «* worth clKTIpenJim^or TW 
^^SSSeSbleS tStdo fo,thac fpcnd their ch«* 
^^SE^SS A tte foutbinaWcdto^ortfit 

***& ThU iy«eoiifii8ff«istbd ri^ '^^Ff *!ll^ < 

lSS«^Sp5w*«fl9*^ if^^^^^ "^ 'S-- 


a 84 7/if txttlitncj oftki ri^htUHfntjfe of SMvOifwAtion, 


fcTChodows fad prefeunepiSjo hive(tien*i«l jUavi** 
Mb (his \vorld taniffo.-a|, vvlien as ba dath^OOt mm-iMBiaf 
■"».^! ii?'f *?°"!"y''i'.''^*'=!^f.<^''KJ'<!^J that 

cotafircd imi9iVBs,to,MS,diejn»ft,lajiiia<ia.ckw 
wlleri gracccomes into die h:ait,iipr£vailes aaiuftallAc iU 
h-Aours (* ,h= foul, W Wi^lfcaiA taSil-iic.™ 

I 2 ^«, I., 14 


.... ,'Mk«f-;«B5« 

Jeslory rf fc wprW ftpi-^SMisa iiBt 

iBilc* bf tht mm, which are the VeimBitaJ^^Latr 
nreimrciriswe glory pfii<iinanifciteJi!a4i;Sil<3bSi't-ni 

^ •ThelMe!Uwj«fthirtghitmf>ieJtofSM^tficatlt>i.^ 

in OTeatiarrtid pris^^fferice, tHey 11 

ft»tftepi( {Jfthft rtmft'high, brfc vVh; 


^ The exitUcnlj of tht ri^fmjptfi ef^niiSilKiltm. 

lift ^.Gti -I Intuinting chat vyhcn ^ht: foul cotfiec^XQ. -t^ve c^is. 
righieoufeeffe it tomesco live r^alifi that tiod<J9tfrtiiW«K»- 
tiowa^tha[bcbeia^-li^*ili^iLiQ:h£Qacitr« <sf-Oo<t^ ^iiQ^ 
lbulaGiingasljOdadis,coinc&.by'lvnt.:n£ iif2^])ipo4^«si? 
cbaL<jo<liii^es,auil-VYoElcitc>ivards(lureni K^d^iAbfk^^ 
this is tte lite of Codj for Cofls life it cpttlilis JMbiifif jB ^ijl* 
ling biralHf the high^l^ood, and jttmg; ,as (into W.'uUifime 
end,and orderiusatlhv'iatfieriaBingBjo fiiirq i^h "Jits'^ndi- 
' tfais4$theexa^>id,aiiii9 Saitticom^s^ti'Kv^dlHb^ 
ofGad« heptopautdsGodto))et^ctii>£fe<l3^y tli^^dry^ 
ofpo^tbc ultimate end of^Uhisia^idtiS^^I diH^^^l-ht^ 
doGebestaibisand; At^. herein. coifllbi '^-v^c^Aa^tii 
(^Vifitof lati^iifGtiLipns.aiid (has* Saiflt^doth iH<l^|(j|«t(ita^i- 

, ^Qtyi )(FttvBry-Saint(n^s ftieaftin^ :dotli attaiat^te^oa^l' 

lift i*!!!, atri-Mljo-iaH-jeret-i 

the.lif«Bf j<3<>(Pl,J*tJ tS^BMSj' 
"•'J|;'*J; ^** h<r>»f$ntfA>ll('- 


:,.nsbte»li»iJ<N «>(fiB.4Blc: 

, , ,, , _ •in *!!:««M;i,-«Mt,«rotbrf' 
tl|0|^taiidtt»drfiraR <(S a(l;ne»J*«,r>>»&tf^'>ba!;'tfa>(t 
thills thatiitaTa*nnc<ithni<a»w'ahdtlrnt ow'hBbsarr- 
niiwiiiitt<?rp«i|ai pS^cSMei n^ to-.ttM a^ti*iiili»-H»ir 

CTKs.teceiireti, <lw,it .•»cty. ««6bH«to s .itaii: a iBIir-imWi ' 

' ■'• " gl6ry 

II lifc 

TJwr is^tlteHcy of the pghentffiejft 9f Saf^ipcamn. ' %%i 


glcuyj^f «hcj&5(»mU God ,• There 15 rm orfyCod flftnlii^ up- 
Q*|«:^.j(Oul,>bittGod Ihining in the foul due hoMs forcb.the 
g^^ ofrGod CO the worWrAiid herein is a great myfteiy of the 
C3¥^^Wy ^W5.righteDuihcffe, that it dorH not orilyfl^ii£i;voai 
Ca^dSWPJte teuU but there is a" ftubteg ' m ^ the Jlbul ^ that 
he#5,|pir^bc.fl^ine of thci:ighceoHinefle.upQftjifeis floulottb- 
Ml.fhe; >ywjd.i •■•,:/..■. '- -■ . * "♦ ^i^' • *c.".:i.-.' . :•.'!,•; 
- \. :^tiiljry $y.chis righcooufnelfethegl6ry bf God' Ismaihtai* 
ni^iP^t^^^Wv This is thacAvbich hddfe: ftp Gods hbn6urjb 
WK ivvp5l4i svfeat gbi-y ihotfld Godha-vfe in tbe «rorld r! If ail 
^a^i^pi^tecHis as foaic ait; ybir think cfaat the Sdiqts they 

li iris for chdirfake^ tUai tf& 

arcUi^le.^orthi ice me telly oil 

Ty9r<4s<?y ft*Qds^ had'God no more honoyr fromfeme^ritienije 
hacht'i^^ij^ you? ^Ti5 

W^tiQf ypuT: fikd jheJvYorW is caotinucd/ the' world is nob 
Tvqnjhy^h^fe^xceUenc Qrtei, buc, God doAifondnue thef** 
Tfe^t^'B^Rb^Ye glofj^ from them, faith God^. II havemad© 
a.vV(^rlcJi/jUKj Jjbaye placed; ind filled it with variety of crda^ 
mres,butof^U the works of my hands, I have none that dodjt 
g|i^f inpdjff'gfeijfy.ihic.Dly^^ aoe> God- j)uts Tucfitbrin- 
C9BJfi^^9^9i^W9cvtfei:^tk^ him! rfieglorj^ of dieirJ bbi^yl 
lfip\yuf,«>tibiS» atnoft^^c^Itentchihg^^ i^ iripl^ defireaW^ 
tfaAi;4*6^ <^re*^S^f|?>fl'^^uW be able tx^uveti|^c6 tWfiJiilliteirf> 
t&e;Sro.\^bici^i5:yyascre^^ \ .^v^,^. :./ 7> 

- ^W^^^^i t^y tirii^ r^kfeoufnefle ^1 rj^tufatt/and avilHL 
r^N^wB^fte isrWifed hf^^r..aod jto; a. mor^ .^^^©uscqaii 
4jifW?!^^ppifibiy; 1^ .rfiefe^^s np ^a^iom 

cii^Cfain^ caadpe diafti*itii any worA inic any further 'tb'e» 
tl^ RiglSe?Mrfnej& tatuiil! tftacie theyJ 

tvrprlc^ ffbm i-mtUnrll ^rin^^ple^ ^t^^vl^n grace jboii^s-ihtcryic? 
fa^n, tlusinh|5fftntfri§keoiiQ]^flij f/ Jh<? i<?tile[yYorVs int^tw^) 

^SWy> ^^ ^ refciJmxig <Sf thi j^' ^JglitwiifnetU:,.. dvety- 


-■■ ■■ ■ -J ■ 11 ■ ■ ■ ■ . ^ ^ 

.18^ The ex:celU/icy of the ridytcoafne^t cfSAnSific^i^^. 

aftion fo farre ^s i:his righreoufne/fe is in it, J$ more worth 
"^ then Heaven'and carch, you who arfe ^ihts, ^pme youf j^arts, 
' prize your duties ; li Was a fpecch /of Lmheryi^ho kito&Sd 

vYay,thefe in an active way, thote" acTions that c^nic frcjot ihfe 
'):ighceouftiefs,holcl forth theglory of Godui aii^fe Wa^;a5i 
'one a6lion done unto theglory of God iaan a£live.vvay^ha!$ 
forth Gods glory more eminently then all the world befides,*. 
Ninfhly, This Righteoufnefl? the excellency of i^ct^ififis 
in this, this raifes the heart abov^ aM creatures^ and ciijo^ 
'mems, and carryes'the fouie' bcvciid them alR before Ri^htc- 
oufnerfe comes into th^ fieaft, tnc heart lyes -below t^e creah 
ture, and is a Have iinto 'every creatiire, when tfcfe crcaftrc 
bids goe, it runs j when that would be obeyed It ^etlds pre- 
Tcntly, but this righreoufneife it raifes the ro'ule^ove them 
ittj To as it now comes to hav^ God aldne to be mgfier m^ ic 
"f^jlfc, the foulc acknowledges no lupreambur tSod hunl^Ifei 
*^d is fubjeft unto him'and him alone'! THe foiilc na^ kmWds 
It's excellency and worth, that there^s no creatyre fitandwor* 
% to have converfe with it, It is onely a cori^^anion iqr God 
Vim(elfep* if God will have k fubje^t, it ifvill iriorderfbhtt^^ 
1(ub&iit to anV thing, but it's fubmiilion fliallbe cnely in dtd&s 
to him, fo that the good of th e creature now cortfifts jibt in f ny 
thing the' creature 'Can give, nor 'rh? hurt in any" tiling the 
rreatwre ^an do, but onelv in God alone. The foyle is no\^ 
in a Vind& i?itlarg;ed infinitely, and CiaQ'be farfefi? d with 
, liothing but Cod, nothing but a God only c^ fill yp fjhe cr^v^ 
ingsofth^fOMle, whereas before ic wai fatisfied vVith el-er 
^vft, witti every filthy vanity,now nothing but real ei^ymepa 
tBid oneiy that which is reall can fatisfic the foulc. * ^ 

^" tendiiy. The excellency of thi$ rijhteoufncfib coi^ It 
this,that^tisapripciple(rfunion.j^Kl CQO«^^ 
. ^ : . ' ' hur 



7he,€xwUr:cj of the rightnt^fr^tjfe $f S4nS4pi4ttf^. 

them : Now what is k co fiuaife a chiBg„ to fan^ ij^. it, is to 
fee a thing^a parcioF<}ocK;?. JiVgroic^ Jiiu,iw^e3 ihp^ ^^ 

fewivuied, ihdy were icp*rmcjd)fep>bqly. vf^s^^X ^^^f^^yfeft 
foa tiOdly jnan be;isiq)ar^05ifcM;<jpdJjci^c^kw.<^ 
ttwrldyaiidmnj toyed ac.w-i0hQty. fc^^i^es,i,{Inx6(^^ f;^r.:9(S 
Uoz €>iily icjwaficd fftcCiod^bjr au»ft<rf Goi upoiii >^.j(i^^ 
Wbich hathboaafrMi aU eternUy} Bnt.ilwgU,iiu« be^i.^^ 
fcciiicfs aodafcigh praikfl!ae,tO:)D© (antkifVed-^ l%.a jijfli 

^ereii eharftut iotatbc ibolp y^eby ciste (ouki^ ea^^^jifa^ 
il^t icvfeUtapaccfovGodyandibii^f^OVieS'Co ^ojSrim^^ 
Oiore and niore>.aiHi 'tis fcti^kdfoc ca tttks > a. .lon^^i&S^^ 
af atlicftajoyes^ikcaniMJVvrceUibcMfvi^ IIK^'ufe^ q£ .aUtCFJ^r 
f^rcs for the glory of God, wfasre as bq^o^ .{ hcrWCMid jijdLt^ 


:ferhi^ eadk^ fi)ciiK!:g^ «f^GhftcGcd•ftQin:W^^ 
^ybting.' <.« t..;j.' :«>^jv :: fM^,,/•r^/c]^ 

'UgbraodbadfaKhja^&i&rAiiiy cfaingioiiit^K^^v^^^^ 
isoMkhy die kaft fioy a gcitioitf bc«c jookes^wii^G^ ^^^ 
:aft(tw^u{wrd3e.luft iioiefa^^ Na«y £s;pok 

ttingpWtk&HDly^hoAcan inmrccifns^^riiv iitii^s d^ipJSj^pc 
i«lDiie that ca0f uMMd jQiquity^ im /ode. k -if^i^l ^W^^^ 

idft' «N)dirbe Mfifec^cdilfi^ (bat^a (^acioii^hearc^^b.i^^ 

is contrary nnta^od: •, . j^r •/^^.•' ' -• '*-^/-, r^ /■* 
^ ' THirteemhiy) TbeexCieffeiKyoCk^ofiri^j^i^ 

^ JeTMCbiiftin iiraR»tie»cbi( «tid.^bf^|>ea^ jrl^d qpHa^j 

^ibki^rckjidriisrrfaiuftinramf c^ ' 

. .jlUdahei«i:y.prccicu5sic's«panQf khc^e^ 

i(«liiJeritt:Ov]ftiacedYom)r^^^ dia^ wr^)c«M^: ^diyi^qa 

totaOi aid righKOulheirs, all the d»y« of our nv», Z-t. I , 
Sw *i», tfet fe«-j*.Ti.(»« < li^ to<r«j», who are 

S»«f'*Sl«««'"rf= 4atbch.J»uhe M,andlayunaa 
*hi«i*ifetvi'b.c fcch w»s G«islovs tongkec,urn=ff=, 

2&S Sii d..« go=.^h««gh 4» an, rte jna^y Wed 
Sli«k,«!cmt Vwilt'; Wall, tokChiA.S'i"* 

Isri?T™»ji! i«.i»«»i»'^is*=' ,*°?'°™i;v''aS 

wanly -liiBgaBiCK .ihc risdlOM* 
itttHiiU «alii'.wkh»;JJ)an,.M* 

,S<l««a«J Aeir *>>; toll •» W 
etiteaWl>t.<ibft^=H? ■ "JS 

*ic wiich IS ihy nghteouriKfe, chjr hippm=fs,Mrtlilioeiir 

tt(c[£ isno Insniienof, fi»5*(W«w,l-fiBttBi»tion,il,talhoiti 
Cfctijtww, but 110Illena0T.of..t«.^;,S-:,Hj,j^J„,jg^ 

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Ctmfvti » rlKfi that imig€r aftir SnuHiftcxtiw. 

6f. thy^rJOBti I kjwr? illK «hf 'Iwiigilngs afoj tetter ' (hai'th* 

SecoBdlyiiinhlfe^'MlM'AlMCi'dKf iiebl!a!rd)ti>im 
c«nada^s, khegmRli paM^KtJtti^uTall tndbmifcncs that 

^i^aadi^^iiarr bmi^dflWnttMtitei i;lfy-'t«ingra» 
tiibcari^ienrfwfcwatgMiteht^i for i!hi?y irt bbt (5o;wiloh' 

aad'ckfaftc^^aftaihii'rigKtewltKS^ AqL<;!>:Mii& 

ia aipBWlW iri! *SJ■l^f»to'jte^wm■!lg«!ll14■. 

«t«iDiJfW!li»n;feMbtfwlKtolivd«^ i --^:. ^'-' 

I!,-- .t:-:nm'-,<i',ir;'i1l.'';,ii\V.-v'J--i' I -i'' ^■ cI'-:H- '■ii'.0-.<t£ (f^^iilj 

-■"■; J'L^ll.rl.: 'I .-1»,,^..-' M ,;^;iJ:!T -v..ri7,a.o^ 
r;t)V>o... - /.. 1 ;..,M-,A| Jo Jt.uJii'.ftJ. ,5-u, i,-. ;■,.,;„ Jiii ,--i 

i::\i li,:i ^ .i.'i;, b ^^i-'i«*i;VvriA .'11 

(Ui, 'ia<«Rliu>iMriiM>tya<MMiiiM«liitov*<K> 

«|fiKi<jl»n» Ajtkm ^^uthiiiMiceAJi^U^KMd;! 

lathflians <BU.4lHn>:tlwtiaiity !Ih^«iKeU•llg)tfMtMi«s 
fhtf of to ii|ilii»!»ll»6. J •>• «.■ ■! •>■ St,!..' ti> 

tLt^ tLtt Jaatj^tr ^0 SUffei ^^' fre faa. ,_ . . _' ip$ 

(l^i£tiBisiL:.^Mtm da^ies^icMsDnii^ cctheir-^pinES^ 2 ff^ 
of apooT'ibaJ^'l^ic'. ilani,^ind,.bi^.ddVu;.ta^«DQrq ^i(ci 
[hi^s, ^I'one oien, if iKey nugW have but To tno^ DU>tKy 4s 

todriiUwiththji&W^pi^'?''!* i^.W"!^ tii?''^.P'*.^j^r 
for a bldleci Ufe : oui novv-anotiter nu^ fpirit is rjC^n hig^^r 
»rich defires^Cf honowrs, pi^fe-yjencsj a(W. g.r«t,tKiigsy ai;- 
Cordiiigrotlw^e«nst&:OfttiV^iSf'«'J? -niaiis (^ w^WP' 
$pLUf;sK^i£safier,'-ia, U';i^c gfsaBBefs-' ^£-,'(1^10. 'lpi»fk^. i^ojtr 
tfore\vh olej>ifiifcaK ift£rTi^htetMfn;:figj-:^Firftj^]f^ 

is, me ^vinc Nautrertb* J^ouge rfOfx^lie life o( God, no- 
ii^,^"6^c^cbaif^lWS|h'MT. .If's P« tk ■vyot^l pdr p^a^, ■ 
ce^a^encs u>{!^e Qein^fit^we cnem but, the f^^ouC- 

jk. ■ tinJltxxiJier qcfir^ grcs 

tsfay- } becaaTe he faad4 p'«ra i 
arefagiftt,: A CbfilUwiitEh ; 
sacious loK^ XKJ therefore ^ 
^warldrTl?^ caIi'<iB«^^lt)< 
km ri^rieouifipft^^ v>.M- ; -;■ ■ 
Tlurdiy, Thiiidicficpii(r<svEi 

"^ " Qtrsdiihirfti^^ii^ 
^Sird,-ds&ft.soqaer it .is.Wicaa|^;.fbete'«re Q;^ib|i^ cptfa^: 

i fo«lc»diat (»iie thar hath a fuubUneft.-Mftte rfJbtaeulIlefi^; 
zt^r^iiwJhf<iiiepDiict|)^»:Afughino«rM&^'W^ >°« 
w&cc theyatebWfcd. FoutiMy. 

iKimglmm « tt«^ lift iimffr. 

[imin»iimn rf ihrt Tir-r--- tome n|Kii jenR-pmn 

«poMikqd bisOf dimacef ^^ls Word anj S^rin<e«tK^ T!ii^ 
S^nethele fau^iiiis«Iiliitftii% ((fikt, and icmttittiS] 
&lft in&«JaU<(Wl$snnut 1 iiope i^ have fliU cohiriiAioa 
-witH ihrtbwja^fr, tin te AeDrtfaitthotiM ndtlift iMe 
deft<icnitu«iaiulrJcakc,nt)atthou.fa»lear liRihinkMIy 
'lirtfacpK&i^<xpe£^igioiorcinvn<diatt f^sfa^tiiti^ 

: '■■ TlMM:~VMs'«tlrli:^nBlailc 

trWUictai them • 4IA>r<Wt 
pcSUKftf! — l'<[UtanMKl 

t'tiirlW OHM Wbttr^Mw 

k'tl^'ff Mtrtt'f '*; Ikclc grxii 

orkej^nrf it maybe dm in^eft 
^eftlSS l^He^ W^cie Jrid»Work 
fe.-ima «tKH!ftre*e'' i«l^*lg -afr 

' yea?s/Wnio^y'nd* luiw mshy 

tiian¥anima5VayinaiipaMSffll<l enorS, yet fomi are «ery 
^R r 1 gracious ' 

'?07 • C*i$/idtr*nms tt^k!».ai^ itffmitttJ^ttr righuti^^f^ 

C 9ltfSl fM mirir^kfff»irtffmtV^^f^ " got" 

^^iT ^ ^^'fL''£^.f^!^'^''^^^^L^!^^ 

Sew b^^^r^iJ^iy V^u h^'^^^V%icd^ «. 
p m e d i Wtfg i w iw wj B iili 
brwd gars are fet*cn * Si 

ICoedaoc olpMi liird and 

jWlJmiri.M MS J ' JJi ' l. 



■MU i .jji ' ir^^.ti 

■^.>.".V ;;;-l; r; f}u09-3;'.!?tT l/-''' Wn fjji :iblb j-tji-odi' -eft"'? 

iio-.d vkT ,<^i U..p ;■ :■■! P.'RiV W:': n-. -.i; T>,4\;w,V>t iii^i 
Ulij ,.niui li li Ki' i l a i n i i a hnr i ii mi , nn iii>ii< i i {jlHKi | 'i i. n i i tT 

e prepounijuig (bme e[uier toe 
of fouls dntateiq'ani^ ofliuo- 
IdlirdiiigaftanghtMUlkiae ao^ 
itfiadrigfiteovftiefs. , j' ' /'' 
liut may tuppoEc fo^ts tmc are IS a 

tlieydogiuvvnslvcous. ' " . . _^ 

iVrffilKaftviirfMOuMi:. , \. V j. ■ j 

For flieiiritUit.fotlMt tll= la-(JliariibrQ\#:tliy-l)OTt« 
ft(l/<^aMtfcr/?afi£rrisbKouSB'ls, can ye &f if: <»-' » 
wwr coniuion,eire vou cm lay Iktk, or tliofc have ihe wrtw 
Segrre of grace (hwiMJeable tofij thus at left,thatthey M 
ibmmhe'aniaiiMpg^'^ mow If it^ 10,9™='^=™™ 
rntemibjljui^iiig aai thitfti^ that tijou mayeft not n* 

"fS^' ■hMijh thou haft nee nhic righteoufoeS thoo wool* 

321^ -Rw/« f keiffmb in tkemay otintnirtn g. „--- ' 

rage bs^but^fhe iaflie'^rtd ^w(htppw*inflfayii^ 

ihc, 4he vv^ouW not (hnd 4nfc*ring N'Am: .Gbrift 'fM4*' i^f^ 

her defiresWa^ftfong, Lord b«ip^tnc, .•••.:♦ ;» - •. . .. a 

^Fourthly, ^Hc anfwered «k1 laid, It ^ m^.^mtouiketh^^ 

MUreHi^hi4d*^nd<afiih'tvid<>£s ; ' Here's a;fburt'b!dircouwgc«* 

menr^ faith Ghrtftj^ywarea dog^ ard tfai^.ts^chU^^ 

ii God i1^o«ld fpe^k ihmxo youy as it may bi y6iMhkik,(cicj?-» 

ttmesthacGc^ fpe^ks thus to you, you -arc Wi»i3 for-'nijeajcei 

that you might be ftitiiJllcd vvich rigbteotifneffetW if Goide-r 

uyes you a-while, you rhink he rejects -you. as. a dog/, Ghr^ft 

did fttH tbevvomi^n i>.c wA5 a^dog,«nd oiie tvtsildrbaye ch^fb^ 

ibis (hotrld h»rt beaten her oftvhacthi? woirid . tK>5 diTcourag;: 

her,fhe cam^^fi^'feid^Trmb Lord^yet the dogs -tit of cbc cijims 

that frfl from the children^xable: truth Lofd,I lUB a dog> I am 

unworthy, but Lord one cruni, onecrumeven^pfor a dog : and 

^ upon this'Chrifth^fapd her, and thenihe^ was ikisfi^^ ..T^^s 

Was fr(JHTii mighty ^orfc of the Spifict>f God in rhe-heorrof 

this M>{)filin'|Sdtn7^wde(im8 after this xi^eo^inelie,do you 

do ^us^tvhaif ou h^e'<itrcaiti(gement$ ye^ get through theoi^ 

^you't^tl he tadsfiedaciaftr there s.thoufiinds that We 


book of JCi^it,thete'\93tsi a time d)at there wasa-g^ca? fainin^ 
ilfi^Sarftariaj^ chei^btc told theulHthat by tbemorrow this 
^Liaie torn (houidUnrthus 4nd thus cheap, faith the Captain^ it 
cautiot be, though <3od ^loold open- the windows of Heaven, 
*ith (beProphet^w bim^oa fliallf^icuibut not taile of it, aqd 
when dietiflictamcthtt*pQd{*le did* fo iiiireafonably fedc to 
%tt fortie5»*cn*«he come that they mi^bt fatisfie their hun- 
ger, that-theyt.iMl tip(fc^hteGaj$raine,and though be were the 
fecsJtid 4nar ;o the King^ ^t they trod him down to the 
^|found aiKi '^U through thei^ameftdcftre, that they might 
«avc to fati^e their hunger, and fothe fc^ ^bat is thus him- 

gerq(hrv'd (as itnvereUakh* that I might have pw I am 
undoi* elfc, let there bewhatever hindrance ;n the vray there 

^l«)c,IcdfC!ioe,I\^bewillibgtopart witha^^^^ be it I 

, may 

Confideratians tofuffrrt the hearts of thofe (hat h:t» ger &c. 52? 

«ttyha»t'gcacie>. Aswereadofibef poore pec^k in £^^r, 
thcv vwfltcdcorni and . vyenc hw^r ^tfen,* ihey, c^e aiid 
brou'^ht their money, to Joftfh to buy ,<l©m, ,• tljou diiy broughi 
rfieir tatte!>- and they Jold ttieir Lands «ad VoflclTions 
tMc they might have corns,, and then they cvm and iold 
theftifclvc^ 06 ^ a» bond^llavcs umo Phmr»ah',t):ax. \hs,Y might 
have tonWto'fatisfie theiir hunger. Nothing ftood in their wa| 
thatTo thdy might have their hut^er fatished : thus it is» the 
fonlevfill trampk downe any thing th^'s'sway, «id 
^Itbb cwitertted to pare widi any thing for tha furtherance 
6c the <»racc of God in k j t- And thus much for the rul^s to, 
bediferved in our hungring and thirfting after righceoiAfcefs,- , . , 

*• 'The ne)«t ' thii^ is to fliew what may fupport^ the hearts 
of them that hungerattdcbirll after righceoufpaflej.tju? fia? 
no? ikfc they do grow righteous. . - ■. > . , 

Thefirftisthis, Con&dcr that if byt the leaft de^ 
*r4e pf gracev it hastrucj and aS:fure an eanieil .of ecemall 
Hfe, is the greteeft degree is :.k may be fome that ai:*.,camiU ^ 
•mJY abufe what isfaid out of the Wor4 } buc.kt not chilj 
<1ren|oofethaif portion forchat : tba fouler thac finds fucba_ 

wotkin'^'as this is after ri2;bteoufiiefl"«i, thou^ iho* haft nf>t 
mhte(wrne{feasd»udbi:idcfire,yec'thi*inay fupporttliecj 

thtt the !8aft degree irftrae Grace, die leartfeed of if (and 
foins feede' there miift^ftseds be in that foiri that hath ihu 6sr . 
fire) is as true, and as fure an eameft of etemall.lite, as the 
crreateft of alt is ? — r I-danot fpeak this, that you /hould reft 
Tn any de^cee of 0^ace,ft3r that's a b.ife f{Mrlc to fay, what n<ed 
hWil tlio^of more,but I fpeak co diofe whofe heart? are ujv 
ri^hS that Will no'.fo abufe ic. hs calbd die '*•*«/*< tbef^l' 
r'°, and a man itt'a bargains, when he gives . camej^ though the 
mttterbanot great, ^be canbiftd a birgiineif he gfve but 
tw »lve pence, • as weU as.i£ he give tw^ncy lliilUngs, Co. iis 
Irtc, ^ho-i-'h ks tru5, where there is a-luxU grace .there can- 
no- 'bfrfo inuch4ionour to God aR where there is a gre u d^al, 
• vet the fstft degree of Grace binds the bargiio wich God tor 
Jrernan fife, dnd makes k as fure ro;heeaP if thoit hadft as, 
much Grace as Aln-aha^, Ifaac, and Jacot, it may be becaufc , 



, ^ - 1 -.^ ..■.. 

Thou arenas certainly rtr^nlJatcd from'<ieath. ta jljley;^;^, 'AxV^ 
badftrhegrcareft degrees of ?1|.. ^ re,. ..;, -/Lfn-oo-* n 

^h m|hc« ; That's iu the h^oiili^C^i^ciii^^^ - 

/fexprelfe mighty d^fires ^fter Grace, and found cgcrifpcw?. 

^h? foul that is ftrong in the defines of it afcar gracie, rplioiy;!), many intperf^ions remainii^ ,. the^ JLor4l ?W^ ^ Jipft 
Qovy Ipok Mpon thy nriperfe^ion^ rqfiaud;ithixie>.{asimiixtbee^ 
there is a twofold felfc as it were, there P a feI£cojH:upiv?^ia/ 
felfc Gwce ; Ic is iiot I> but (\n,, •« the Lord charges n^r tiie i^-^ 
mainers of fin m ibc foul that hadi thefe iiiicerc iiefires , ^f^oc) 
the worV of his Grace. .. .^ . ^' -':.'.. I -.iif),;:, d 
.. Thirdly,^ Further, So long' asthycorruptip^s arcinfj^ii^, 
andbe«by«ckneflfetobfQrvei£fl^ for foffoth,ihe..4>ul^hatTjS:iijj 
i2ii<; are> find the remaining corruptions that are in it (obe \xs 
ficknefte) fo long as thou findcft the want ofthis rigfafeoiiai^ff ,* 
to-be. thy ficjcpelfe, know that it mokes thy foul to b<s jan 4^lt3i\ 
cif Gods piety and compa(fion^nd not an qbje^ qi Qodi wr^pff , 
m^ hatrcdrHere^s the difference^beivvcentlfie .jteinaipinsparfl. 
of fin that is in the SaxntS) andthe corruptions inthe.ut^go^ly.: . 
The fio-thatis in iB^odly men and vvomenfliakes their fc^iles,' 
to be the objea of Gods wrath and hatrcjd* /<m fo the Scrips 
turefaithi ^bt Lard hates th wm-^ers^rjof im^j^ bif xn^ 
Saints that bav^ any beginnings, pf Graccy tliough tbeat.b^' 
much^mright^oufneffe fliU in the foule, thii uncighceoulfldle - 
being thy fickneflc> it makes thy foule now not an obje(5lof 
Gods wraiht but an objeft of his gitty and compdTion : A^ . 
your children^ when they are fick and weake> do not you love . 
them as well as when they axeatthc- ftrongeft apctni^ heal- 
thy, I appeaic to any teocfer mother,; ftiq . foves ^ i^d jvicn ' 
it is in healih^ and can goe up and dowtje/and ia,canp% y\ith . 
it, but when the child is fick, dotbnot hpr .B^welr. parm to- 
wards the child then, when its fick andrao do pothiEe^ for the 


^i^p^ri^etmftjeft^ jettrnfUffrowth /V right eof*^i^. 

^imetoiVarys'ifri- iiflft^fid^tWlcr is^ficlc, fairh <Wti fo ' the' tiit 
ipi^hteoufneik ,thar rcmaines, it's the'fiAhefle'bf tfe foitl, and 
ri)ilfcw}s%r Gods'-' c<b^irlpa'ifl6ns'are ro^^^ucJs his fick dWMren. 
aiWeJri^i6^Sf^«5fi'i^ftrbii^ tmdmpVAtpt chi^to h'f^ithet 
6f iftiitfefrJtiptfefc ^thset^ tb;cAi^4ii^ft athFld rhk i^\veiiker', but 
xvitrldfomie do tvhkfo^v^f you would b\'e hiniVahdrhi.' chil^ 
is^ot alone mtbittoomV ihd the door <>i«f:iipon him, i'o thjt 
tffe'c^Icf tliiifts ho bod /fee^k,' well -it may be rhon Jookcff 
rW6Mgh^i iCefhoie^ind'feert^ehe chikt ^\liat he' \^ a 'doing,' hi 
i^'cfving' J<fi*beflio.tnii^'h5ntfeif J ^ O'chSr l fhoifld'fc To unco^' 
- ' vvarcf a« I ariv, O tbtt 1 Aouldriofplfeafeiiiy father and mother 
morcj'O how little atrtt I ablerodoe for my father and mo':herf 
O thatl VVerd able to (hew my fetfe morti dutifu!! then I hav0 
been, O that I could fo walk before the^i ^ I ifii^Ht never be' 
iBymifiifl ah/'m:6i'e, thisr w^bWd betfie happuiefle of ipy life^ 
iFl-tKouIdniJvcrbdany niord tmdutiful ro ftltbdf>nd mother,^ 
fappofeiriyf>fyou fhould look through the key-hok and fe^- 
yoirf xbild'ilmsijfmoAriing hrnifelfe becatrfd he can'be lib bee-* 
ti'r, aSid thusdefitihgthat heinighc live t^rbe;' -mbrfe'^ dijtifulf/ 
would I5foty6uir bowels ye.irrte'toVYatd=sfu8h#^fld^ ybu kno\+ 
tBcj Shild'tioffi hot thiiik you fee himj* biitvby ieddetit you do' 
ccxric to (fee 'hitn,' would ricJt ^x>ur boweh yearn now toward 
him ? Know that God i^ a compafltonare father, from whence 
IS vt thacyou have fuch compaHiom toward^our children, is k 
nock dropof that infinite cortir>affioi1 is in God"? wlien^ thou 

gctteft alone, and art be\va)'Iinjj thy felfe\hit thoii canftnot 
live CO the honour of God more,' if thou couldeft, thou woul-] 

deft account thy life to be happy, know God hears? all th\% 
Cod look^upon thee and obferves all this ; Surely Cod will 
i^t caft of fiicb ^an. orte -^as -bdth hi* heart cbusf ■ huhgritig ' dnd ' 
iftfting^ifter^iMiatifti^ be acfcepcabte'Ari't) God,, you know 
fC Si^j^iie'coft^^ a Shepheard,''and beleever*^ 

lieef ini2itvfaknfie,v?^]?r<rf^ Aft^^ tfoicr * That expref-- 
-ftat^Aftofhthe'^f of tfeofe-- Countries where ^liep- 
^didirfetftfeirlIhcepf6tothev6tceofthem, as if they 


^%6 ConJuUratiof^ tafu fpart the hearts ofth fe that hnng cr &c, 
cairil the (heepj the flieep would c(»ne after them (as whea 

iumey'and'thef'mll foHw we) Si:ppofo >vhtti tb^ fliiTObc^ 
came, a sreat p-ircof the fiock cani^ afcettlie iTief be^ ilffi^ 
his €all, Wic end or ivwilieep-rfwc T^^sre inw^«aiiljei«^ 
ars, and w *re ftriving ^d ftruglin^ to get out of the bryar^, 
but could not, tb6y*lai;iV^Jth.e^i>uej^earids.>{oicfe, and vvould 
have followed the Jliepheard, but when they fee they cannot 
follow him, then they fall a blcackijtind crying after the fliej:- 
heard, till.tbefliepheard take itoticc(ofchem, and when this 
fliej^lard comes to the pkce, ^ fee^ thd p66t fheep-ttbbb 

the poor Weak ChriUians cafe that is got into thebryarsof 
fome corruption, and incangfed in fome dilt€m4>er offaeait 
or other, and Cbrift calk tc^ihe Anikaryi thcTp^l Jpi©\v^$ j^ 
voice of Chrift and loves Chrift,ai^ it would faine.fqllaY after 
Chrift whofe voice it hears,aiid the foul is tnggiag and 'ftrlvir^ 
but it is got into the bryars: now Chrift hears the voice of dii^ 
^eep, and conies and fee? ic in the bryarsi, jupd dbfeiv«eviiiA>i. 
it would faineget after him^OTd pittyeschis poore £be^Y .ifia 
fo at lei^th gets k out ofthe bryars,. and doth proi'iiS w ti 
atmuchasforany of the odier : Ji thi*? be. thy (loqfiiOoviV 
dMiugh Grace be nor come yer>yet from rfiy defins Ao^j ma\ li 
have comfort, and comfort frorA this very rext , . Blejjcil l^^i^ 
thej that hunger and thkfi aft<r rrghtewfi;ejfcy fey U 

i ^ pi 1 1 i m ^ . ' »" ' j " ' I ' l l n uf Ti 

'*» 1 1 I •■■■i« 







i . 1^ 

-'•*'•' - f _ 



'i^'a^*v»?* v?»^4 w* 1? 

>r t 

• » I 1 


•r • »• 


/= .' • ■ ' OH''.- *" ; ■ 

Cp^^^aifi^mtp/upporttk^ hearts ff- thofe that 
h.'mger. After rightHUptep^ yet ipant gramh fffrighteoufifeffc. 





. : ^<r r$ghteoHJneJfe :fpr tbeyjhdll be Jilted., 

HE Fourth thing for the fupport ofiuch 
. fouled as^are fedcitig after Grace m tht 
ufcof mean^ but cannot/ find chat they 
have obtained it is this. Conffder thac the 
' conqueft of the will of a finner, is a prin- 
ciple worke of God upc»t the foule^ aod 
itiafuchaworkasGod doth accef>t of, 
when God conquers the will, the great work is done, the will 
it 15 the great wheel of the foule, which when it turncs, all the 
lefler and Inferior wheels of the foule moove likewife, and 
the great difficulty of bringing a foule unco eternall life, it 
lies m this, the conquering of the will, all the inferiour affec- 
ts they are eafily wrought upon; they are even compelfd^ro 
*dience when the will is overcome ; the underftanding it 
laybeforcedtojfcentto the truth when ic is dircovercd, 
e affeftions they will clofe with the truth, love it, feare it, 
iyit,^whepthewinisgaindtoyeeldic felfeup unco the 

tth : Bufcniw iftelvill, mat is the great hinderance, the dif- 

« i8 Con flier atlons to Uvfort the hearts of thofe jh^t ^hmgir 

>icbi*que«d«# brought inc9Yu&^<xlw)i| H»\E9,<t*^<yW mm 

■ nvan tio ^oe ?he thing {lucg.od r<?^iu^pj,G<i;^,d^b,jj*>r* (^ 

« ilK^gaymng oPihj WJll^tQ oU?y, tbstiiff o )),: g^ iflfv£? ^tp 

fibthc ihii^tbv >ve defirfisWe would cfiwk^^tjaiicoHlfi ^.^t 

we fl . uld DC accepted ; Know for thy coinforc, tf^i? w^j^if^ 

lywiidJM\yzxhv^f .W herein l^noc, /ft PHKf^.com^ 

you, jas in tbis> that you had a will todo u^ b^^qre; yt^; |^ 4. 

^ilicy i-.tb^ will wof pF<5fenc.Ipagbpfpr§,y(^j|. 

:biUty w doc ; Jhe Apoftk conw^i^^^ ^k^^f^oj^MJs^im 

.r^ tqftilfiU rheniwyj ofGody.chento c^ S^ feteq?Vi?^r 

Thou^bungreft after God^d thoL{ vvouldei^ i^^)P}^«^n^i|(iH^ 

,fvithbim, tbou wouldeft fer\'^ 'and hc^our^ini caddie iit^j* 

jnoft>thou wouldeft lookupon ic as acgreac |vivib5^gs^if xkfi 

rJLord wpuW enable .thee coprayj amlptf^|neh(^,n^a|ip>a^^^ 

tiher Saints do4buftHoa,^iTft pot detain tpt|i^^^ij^j<^,^^^^^ 

I thou, doft dphre^ knovy that . God i$ ji's ♦muc^ poupwed/ip f% 

-will to doe, as If fo be thou did'ft doe ihe dut^, ^i|isaao.Te 

. then if thou couldeft do the thin^ : An Hypocrite may dp aqy 

t cxternall acl^there's no externall aft of obedience huta^j hj-po- 

.^cricc may come up to the manna§ing of it, but. the vviii q(ip 

J ,bypocrice is nevex brou^r under the obedience pft/ii tfiijfc : 

^ therefore this may be a great fiipporttpcmrrouib^vvhcn^^^^ 

^ iindour wills brought under : though we wane a power to; to 

doe : Thou art weak and haft many foyliiHs in thee^ 'aixi thou 
r canftnotdoe what thou wouldeft do: rhou wotUcJeftAobey 

morc^ thou wouldeft pray better ^ O' knovv. &r. ,(hy •; conifcii 
-^ ihat Cod hath the better part of thee, that which . is ithy . be 
- part God hath obtained, and tiiat which' he doth ^nloft- prlzt- 
. thecefo;edoihoulookuponitasthebeft parc,^an4 ^9 Jiou 

prize the gaynix^ofthyyvill more ih^^any. lervi^a^ou ar 

Cmffidei^Uns r# ftff^ft the hekrti rf th^e that hun^ &c. 3 29 

^NbiMtf<^W<^,«M7'^ii^ ihdl 117 191^ c<H 

bet^i^I «(Mld s ^cbod doirtKK tac^ whu the 
fthe^ltmean<,'tlutt haft fiidi flighc thoogiKS o£ 

:)t!it^i^<>F^^lU1t*^tbcidif(iculEeft ivork <£ all, evM 

^ fifthfyi Kitowforthyfiirrbtframfbrt, where there itxht ' 
Iklftd^tfedf ^ttictt, efiefc wiliiie^iicreariiig) th^re «vili be t 
gfMvdiMv&cr€ tmtt » mie fised r<yvfn df^e is di2 blefm^ of 

Xjod to ttiiAiCod thtt hath be|tiii hi^ gdod vyork, mil RttkM 
fitilfMsgAcld'^fherXf<>d ftev^^ k* waft: Md tecs 

•it 1)^i4i«<torhiiIWa7e9perfcAht9pvvnworto^ arc 

KfoUmrdlb,a$GMisperfeftfnhunretfe, fo whit €vtpht 

*rit(kt^feeblcOr2k:etnayb3 tt the firiV, y^^ kitow tbftr O^ at be 
' hit!h b^lM^ tehe will earry on w pcrteftm^ the mrlt. When 
f!rtWtt'findeftthe)iib.TftadeUfe after good, and 4on5eftuftcr 
*Aii r^ceOofiteiTey and canft no: do what thou wouideOi thy 
^ii^ft^ate better thettdiy abiiiry, thou (houldeft ftarorfdntf, 
-Ait Godihaketdiee to Tec the.vanltyof thmj oWrt^hsifCy ki 
-tbihWfiigk'an eafieniacier to overcome corruption^ a thing of 
vriJchingtbltahdjgairtft a tcmptatloii, herein thou fliouldeft 
top^ort diy fdfe;T\ow the Lord convinces thee of this thing, 
•thou finddl a dif^cul^ in it, and canft not do2 ic mow hereby 
art convinced df rhyfolly and vanity, b* quiet than In 

TiAttttttinj to the dealings of God in this thing*' God do:h not 

tocaid tne toy hurtin this; Wefliould not niake fuch hitd 

Hinfl tH Cdnftruftiorts of Go:ls dealing In this kind, but we 

flibaldimprove fuch difpenfation; of God for ourgo'Ki 5 af 

-thu«toj:oncludc, AattheLordin this do:h not iiitend my 

'iiitt?,l)utdiediicovery ofthat fooli^li opinion which I had 

•rmcrly, what an eafie matter it was to overcomp the bafe 

iftempersofmineown heart ? The Lord now intends by 

it5 me low in a-fad condition, that thereby hz might raife 

aVunto higher glory ,that he might prepare me for greater 

"-ecs of Comfort; he keeps me low, and in a fad condition, 

V v that 

3 3© ' C^folera^ms. to ^fi)'t^tii*JI?^riA>of,^J{ tJifH 4w««g«r. ft?tv 

^^^jm Mwi- -^1^1 ^t~mrmi ■ n — ^^^^^P" 

Ivicl) torUk^w tbs«> 4tid tl^^c , i:M jfl^alt p^ver facivei ^he.rigjhite- 
. reaion thusj Gods iiKcniiom are to humbk aie, on^ pot tc> 

rioK in ij]e i^'« of pi^atis .tivHi idpit ,.tK>} f^ : that, C^od. ck>t te 
cpii>je into thy appr<?baiiGoi)» mdto CitisfiQ rl^c than .thou J^alt 
gr^ce,^ ih3L% xht Eig{KeoufneiTc of JefusChrift jg tbMie;Cpi<i-^' 
dej? t;^-^ i-Th^^ God wowWluve th^ VYorke ^ r^htepuftidl^ 
apf)€ai[Q.ii^ih^.iitoiipg an4 bwiblitig.^ 4iee» mher tjj^itiki^" 
xing the« pvT^r ov€;f ii)| corrvftioQVt ^ QQ4s^de6^,in xJ^is 
things and ihou rtio^.dellincerprQC fclie. de^ili^gs ijiiQo4 witb 
tli^effau^ rbaiGodhatbyarious^ vvayesibir.iiie working of 
]iis owne grace, ^^ii^t, this is Gods dealriig,to keep thee hiiiSbfe 
wd Ipvy, and bererti grace i5xi)^eKiie(i, and thou, fliould^ft fa)'^ 
i^ this the vyill gf iled, to.k^cjp me iu daftoneife,; iad- not. t<> 
^ luiovy in w^ajt «ftA(te and coivJuion I ^m» .that :I {how Id. .w^lke 
waiily, gogd is the wiil of the iprd, jhou ^.Quldeft ^lec>:? 
God in this condiiiou as jBuch. ^ if fo b^ thou hadft. fenfibje 
apnrehenfions of chy incerellip rigbteOMrueflc;We vvould)iaye 
righteouftielfe tiuny iimes^to work upward ij> joy>. itt enlarge- 
itttius and in comfor,t, and.when it doth tjbus worke, then vye 
have good hopes, and thenwe think our peace is m^dt^ with 
Q^od^aiidour imereilisfure, but if Cod will haveicvvorHe 
. " dovMiward infeliei^bAienient^fouk'biBiblMig, ^Hid fpiric-de- 
jjccling,this is as well 4 working of the' truth of righccoufneflc 
in the heart a« if it did work up n^vef fo high in ;oy and confo- 
lation, ai"Kl liiis doth as mixh difcovcr ^he triuh of rjghteouf- 
nifle in thee, as it thou hadtt the greatcll rapruresand eleva- 
tions, and therefore quiet your hearts in thi?, it is a mercy that 
the work of Cod is upon thee any way, there ;\yasa tinietliou 
mayeft fay, that we did not mind any thin^ of Clod, but that 
our faces wete turned againft God, and tnat we did mind the , 


-" ■II I ■ I I ■ I 1 1 " - '-■■■■ - - p - , 

_ _ ^J^tp-o^ofthofe that dok'Mt hmg&. j^j j 

Amgs; of the fieflVj but libvv the Lbf 3 he harH begun to workdj ^ 
rfrtd if thd Work be but yet ta fftimiliatiiDti, ' if it be but in vvor- 
kihg <i CfirvnvVttt-ds in the roor^ blafle Gpki for chb^nd ku^vv it i$ 
• artiepcy^^vhi^Krhou-Ccinftneverbe tJr.inkfull enough fory fof 
wherftHe'vWfke of grace vTOrki db^vnvvai'ds,it\s *is fure an argu^ 
mint of the trtith 6f ^ightcoufneH'e iti tbee,as if thou hadii the 
greatdt elevations and raptures of joy f And thus I have done 
with the fecond thing, 'propounded in the Hrft ule. 
*■ There r^mairie^butone thing mor^, and that is for rebuke^ 
and teprovift^ of thofe that do not thus* hunger and thirfl aftef 
righteoufnefie. There are many vvho will fty, this is a very 
choife point, and blefled bs God we do hunger and thirft aftet 
righteoufJi^if^,4rid though vvd are able to doe but little) yer 
this We eitfay Tot our felves, bur defirei are good, but tak« 
heed yblr do n<!yt dectf ite ybur felves ill your defines, for there 
are? XTlany v\^o dri deflre-; Due their defircs vvill never tome td 
'any good {, 1 did in pare difcov^ei^ to yoir what tho^d defiret 
were bcfofe,' which diddemonttrate a foule that did truly 
biinger and thirft after this righteoufnelfe, but here I lliall add 
foartethmg of reprehenfion, by wayof falfedefir«; •■ '*^'- 
" Firft, Such as fee'ip excellency in grace, thefe itt to be re- 
proved, i's'thofe that do riot defirc after' grace: how canft thou 
fay thoudefireft after thitt ivhich thou feeft no ^cellency \r{^ 
are there not miny amon^ you that fay as thofe in Job^ Ch/nfr 
(4, 'il .ThfjfAyunttf God defanffffrntii^ far wir dejire mtthe 
i^or»kdgjt ^fthjf Lax^. Thefe are a \Vicked Generation, but 
you wiliray, it is not our cafe, furely there are none airong us 
that are fo vile attd wicked, that lliall dare to bid the Allmigh* ^^ - 
ty^depart from thenf, thotigh few men dare be fo wicked ds to 
fay it In their vvords,yet how ihnny are there that ure (6 wicked 
a5 to fay it-in their praAices, nltny fecrerly in th^ip hearts fay '^ 
thi J : what are the meaning of thofe fpeechesof yoiirs clfe, to 
this erfeft, what need we have f6 much mean *s,fo much prea-* 
^huig, fuch reformation, cm we no: have o*ir old wayes, can 
tnot^oe to Heaven ih the wayes that wir w:re formerly 
lughc m, theic-ar^ new wave^, we n?ver heard of fuch talke 
i)out government and w:>t'it^ip> and the ftraighcnefle of the 

^^ , V u a ' wayes . 

(4h< «^.»iy«}g<n,"-"U':»d > 


cowjt«^d a^quWjr ffji: 9>en w iQ.coqjp .?<^^ vfOjlin 9,^,fi 

the fulndle of tlie Cf wiur?, ^y tbey^. «j}, kti^^it?9u|a^ 
spa where «,will.i r^eiuj^s 4,<fog-Iikcappattg,i}wiiOTi^^^ 

wiien cbey Hive never lo myth o^.th*;.ctoM^W,'«heyrj^^ 
craving,iSW tieji^ppspuwarc lotigiiKaftefdjBAVorW lii^fW^ 
But you vill\i»,yympt2y to Cod^and «)m<; ti^^d^m^:^., 
jy^r .¥« t^ VYpr4,^(| .vvhat,woaIdyoM Jwyc w.ti>, «?Qrp^,T^.; 
live quietly^id civillyyind vye do no man 3aj wrong,andifure^" 
Iy.wnIljjQt tbjis carrj uj ijP;Hi^yen»r^ Tbcfcppen diey,'b*y« ' 
«n|^gh,dfrighteou(hevheyie€ nj^eedof thugi^igqsexcejn • 
lew .ri^eou&e|a« .of Jefus Chf ifty,but,thof«.tiiat knpw vvl^^i 
nghKpjtfnelje/nMm^y ,dd«e it nwce a^ 
3f^/«»5M Wttt W/. righqeoufpetfc l^j ^^5,, rxi^^ „ 
tJiCT . tof}©^; ti|vwbi4^ . degr^cf ©f ; tignt^csiiijdfe -atoir"; • 

Secondly^ But'tbcooje.aioi:e.<iofe4t05hc pqjne.m))ati4. ^A - 
fcc9nd.ibrtzlutai]e reprovejdfroaithispoiatrVetbofetftgjEjla. ' 
«ffi^,^t!i?n^\yesin defires, t^ivybpv^y have d^v^s ■'.• 
ihuw the work K.done,and that thex.nee<{ fMrtlw:,d^ . 
wiy Ji»y thxs isa good point, and blefled.ttt Ciod tbcy aniind - 

defiresmthein,vv£^odefire,b«tietm«tdiyciu, jtcenoty<«f - . 
defircsfalf^ar^ your dsfires true, yea-or nay, there ^n^msin. l 
that deare,j)uc,tneir dcfires are. cpldapdWi^: dcfir^ Mi 4 * 

ftixllmver d<sthem aood,and5herefofc 4Ue4diKS 4w^^^ 

. T^^ Theu: deliresarefaUp, whofati^etji?nifd[ws,wit& . 
Ignorant defircj i, Hvl».God;^gh^,.yout;,b«ar«v ^9. %e -. 
the excellency otgrace tlat it is' morcprcciow' tW riibie^ * 

/{.''l.i.«». - ^^ cf 


rt»Vifl» ^' 

faHh^dmsi minfbiirt^'it fiffc ipp«rit§ * flck^ weti'rftuik' 

weW-toidcfs trace ttfrfjcm, holds forth this rightcoirfnetfe ifa 
tbe-WShiftrf <jft!lefeo^iih?yiiave no beirts, ho thiftd r<i it:' 
H€iW-<)fttetfKlidi<J6<hiwvcdtheebyiriiSprrif, 'and themftoU 
haftt#fefe^fehd»iVeftTtftotii^^liotoTayfeihht^'v3efi " 

alf *jr fcloleii^et wfidtGodtSMies rofeiAe a>f6flfef ' Mu hiR 
noiTtefe^iWere'thy^ycfikf'rigftfae iwr tihie,' they WoaW bj 
ri^'aciiiNhn^s*,- biic'rfiis 'ffi^ws rfiV dcfirts ir '^tfue; Iqc ' ' 
th^'4p^S'ffMt^teettftttwHi«ftrfwtt hafr/'bedW il hbb' 

«6c^lv/'Sfldf ^efirerire' falfii tvte^^^ 

mefln<fi,**irimehwwildbcbappy4)W'^ ' 

th* ldWKotepj>lhdfe»i^a^tte nor xcon^ 

rha< I faiaiMM'«r B^at,^)uttyitttiM'^ekiFbf^c,Um^t^ 
pains to gee it) fo a nun would be at fuch a pUce, and, he ear^ ' - 
nefBy-^dirrirtobe therfe, tat' !iew^*nfec ftcp onft foot in die 
way thacl^ldstolrjlelyesfta^ andftjti not,foWienmenrdei'' ' 
fiti^^ixii'tiottnaktv^^ horbcgofCcHJtd/ 

U£&\}aefatiii^^^^ ate* yotrable to < 

apfeJtfeJl9Tn<^i|w«ferite<ifGodv'Loi'd, whatfoeverfneansi ' 
. _- . j^jjjijjoBitedin thy word to«ttainefnch afcbn^i 

j1 •bliM«jj6y il«isittiies'for the fttrtfecfing of me to ,' 

\t!^ lii{i!b»tHiblfer6fty cbiti,' tfaetif '4ibir' inayeft have ; 

crhat^dcfiijesare right, but 'when-' thy 'defire* arfe '" 

'^^ikxwmixA^ and d<!ift not trtake nfe c^ aU 

%;flky«»tte^%^;i^iicfif»«r1wt right.-. ' - ^ 

' - ThirdJy, 

:f sdfe,' ihcy ddirc graot^and yet Uw iiv thi«(Viticl>b quk4. <cii* 
trt^ry to grace, tarhich isirtcoinfiflencf wi^h >gtace> :ch(4y,.^?WKil4 
Irnvc grace anii righreoufneflei twi ffhcyvfwrfck iwve. ^beir luf is 
to.To defir« righceouiiietfe.aridyet. co t^ke pleaifitFe i(i imrigh'^ 
.teaufnfelfe rhcw canft choufay thou defireft after ;hj^$miff 
4je{fe' t ■■' I II •>/ ' But you vfillfeyi !« tba-e«6t ft^K wmrigfit^* 
cufnefs in the fceft^ have not they cheir Weakneires^do i»t ohey 

' {m^^ well as ochers> ihofe that nUka great ptofis^dioii ^ _--- : 
^jifjfwer'y Though there be nnr^teoisfiidie ifithe beft^' y^i 
^ere i% no taking pleafure in uni^ghrecAifiieflEe, takit^jpt^ftir^ 
in unrighteouftiefie, cannot ftand fetish dedSre ^Jfcisr dgbeeduf- 
nefe I Therefore tbofe defires'vVhicbarc fo abfurdai ta defij^ 
grace, and yoc to defire^aifa that >Tbtch is imonfiftenc fvi^ 
grace, i< HOC tmc. :* " 'v. -^.i » .i. >v • ;* 
- Fourthly^ Such as iatisfie tbamfehres incoki and^ \^e^<ie-» 
fires, whofe defites are turned all into tvifhings and woul-^ 
dings they c^suld wiili .tha« theytwd grace^- aoe O^ikaii they 
had lighceoufneffe, O tbacchoy werei delivered St^ wrath 
to come, but they^ 
dude, I nwtt have k ot J dye ^ now^ thefedehres they conie 
to nothing, they will ndc growiip,unianchatdefii«graceib? 
kXelfeibci$refoIvedtipciriit,beinoft hai?Q.ic^ anitbe hungry 
man that i» ready to fttenilli far wanr of bre^d, giy^ .webread 
or I dye, give me foodor IperiOt, fo faith tsWibute, -tove.lj^ 
grace, let me have Chrift txl am imdone for ever < wilt wifl 
It do me good to have aboondaiicc here^ md yet- ta.'oavc no 
grace, thde are like liule %riggs^hdiif dcfires are fiiper&Utot 
as the little fpriggs rkt corafe <Mit:of the body 09 looi -of ii» 
tree, \^ich dio nor bare any fruite, biitdorh the, tree -a greaf 

. dealeofhurr, they draw fap from the rQ^: oftbetrceiffld 
binders fruir-^bearii^, foch defircs and-^vviilieft'^$ thrfet die;, 
will never : fatisfie God, ncidier will they cvJCff be^ able co^ f jtifi' 
fie your ovvncconfciencc?. ; ». * ....... ..^^.^. . ; 

) Fifdaly, When mens defires areoMidieiohaH, Condition 
defiresarefolfe deGres> Uiat is: thu&,.rf»fcy. would have grac 
and faolinefle fo firrc as might .ftand . withiucb and foch end. 

^ ' ' an. 


; \ ^RtfTwf df tho fe \that jjg^-hoi'hm ^. yjy 

an4 to^ carry onXuch^uldfiich defigncs of theii* owni ;: As ra * 
kcc^iheircfbtesf and their liberty, rh^irealeand credit iir . 
(bb world, ft) farre^s Religion will ride with thv^ir defignes^fe' . 
iarr^ they vyill bare ir comp.tny^ fo f ar rfe they like the waves of 
holinefs as they ftand & fuit with thdr eiids,but if their aefire^ 
wcrcrightjtheywowldberelbluce, Lee me have grace upon 
any tennes,^race is able alone to n>ake me happy,and rberfore 
whatfoever becomies of me let me hjve grace, though I perilh, . 
though I endure never famuch hardfhip> fo I may have grace^ 
it will 5iake amends for all : I am willing to let go any things 
fo 1 may h»tv^ gtace^ for in it I ihall be happy. 

SLxihly, When mens defircs ai'C fleet mg and iinconfcant 
dcfires ^bey have defires in feme good moods, and in frmc 
pangs of confcience, when the terrors of God are upon their . 
fpirits, bdt fuch defires as thefe they are hypocriticall, thev 
defipe grace meerly to ferve th^ir own turn, to flop the mout a 
of.confciaice^and.not for gr^ce fake, they do not fee an ex**^ . 
cellency in grace which caufes diem to defire it, but for tht' 
cafe of their tormenting confciences, and .the flopping the 
mouth of their diiiquieted fpirits. 

Seventhly^ When their defires are latie defires, fuch are 

fclfe defires, they are not willing to take paints for what they 

do defirci the Scripture is very remarkable^ and a terrible 

Saipture,forthiswehaveinthe ii Prtrv: 2y. The defire of 

Hfc floathf nil killed him for his hofids refnfeto Ubottr : I much 

fcare that this text may prove a moft dreadfiill text to many, 

the defires of many rhey kill them, they defire after that ^ 

whidj is goodt bat they reft in them, and truftto dieni, and 

thiric they have a work of grace upon thei r hearts, wh^n as in 

truth tis nothing fo.; fo that they deceive themfelves in this ^ 

great bnfineffe. Inth^ 1 3 PrcrV: 4. ver. The fod ofthcflHg- 

\itrd Jefhreth^tind hath mthing. You are defiring that which is 

ood, but you have nothing,like thofe women that the Apoftle 

*aks of in Timothj^that are ever karnlng btet they never come ^ 

tbff k^trpptedge of the truth : You have Luic defires that take 

► paines to ^ec what you do defire, pcOj^Ie they da not ex- 

•ne what becomes of their defires,have w-^ got thofe things 



- Mr* 

^ijiiirt^wih^f^^dme^fG^;, Here they. fver 
J^ v\Ub t» JOiir^Kk chac^ Cfcr j|V had vVf 6u^t,t»il ^ ^^ , -^. 
quickly, they vyae not tfuly.wkcnyvifb the *ing^';6f ^'^ Gtj 
Ifcl, ^oc the Text Taicb* they aiiaded thHr diix^smigp^Y^ 
enjpyments ciore tj:ien di^ ofFec of mercy; ft) miwiy w^ come 
xo bear the word,anid are tafceo wirbic, Out ic ,do?h' iv>c itirhe 
ibco^ to purpose f This vyUlUe fid upon tbijccrargidkcsjf 
many thoufandsanorner day, that thefe jdun^s vyer^ Oomons 
tpbfervcd, apd taken noucc of by diem : ■■ ' .' But )!!au MvviH 
fay, what would you have us do, we do \vbat ive cap, We can- 
not ddxnore.we do what we can for our lives: ,7— r ^ is well 
if you do To, out let me propound two or thrc^ thii^s'jco ygir : 
jTal/eb^ed of the dangeroulhefs^fchis pleads., .. ' \. , 
' . ftrftt , You fay j ou do livhat you can, wiU it jprpve lo in the 
end, can you go into tbeprefence otGodjand fay thu*, Lord 
I have done what I can,there is no means but that Ih^ve niacte 
uf(4 of 10 attain grace, and yet Icannot find it,, and ijo 'oher 
meanes thera is that I know to be made ufe of, Lord L ha\^ 
done what X can .-Go into the prefence of Ck>d and their taic^ 
iuUy examine your heartland fee whether you have done your 
ucterm'^ft, caiil thou fay, that in the monung when li^jk^ >I 
arife wiih afpirituall heart, when I was up* I went .topiayer^ 
10 fcek God for my felfe, and my family, but yet I canno: h'nd 
, my heart lo as I defirc, and I pray that the Lord would keep 
my heart dofe with him,and after prayer I had a watchful! eye 
over my heart and thoughts, and over all my words and acti* 
ons, that they might be noly, that they might be fuch a<j are 
warrantable by the rule, and what opportunity thou Lord didft 
. afford me for my foul<; good, I did take ic, at nighr can yott fiy, 
you have don< this can you fay fo to God, to men kinay be 
you can fay fo, and put them eahly off | But can you teU Cod^ 
jthat from the mon'ng to the evmii^ you have done fo, ho^ 
comfortably might you live were you really cam^ in this; 

if ' 

^ , I. J ■ ' ^ ' ■ ♦ J ***' 

"^ • •• • %' ' 

t* illi r i 


iMnce tKem daor tjbey migbt Jiave^ done huxks. r :^&jf^X : Si^bIu% 
^(dkle mdfi)^. fiaox diu^^BuLtbere. imy^ 
victiom thacwe do noiJ^v^^ )¥c-<m« :- >r?! iWid-tt^^ferif i<i?^: 
tbis pokit ^ are tp}s& Fcpr^^vedj ^tfi^hkb piea^d ^hU j|jpl<^? y i i^ 

, flied c he fourth Beatitude, which babiidd.MS< rhe. Jaqg^ft ,^ 
aii]r> having ctiejndl i»it. i . .1 . :.. \ ^. : .-^ rv^ rr. \ 

- Hm we&emtbi5£Qaciaidc a iWeec c(>Qiiit}j^ji>(),t)eiw^ 

' rightmfntfftyfwMiffJ^ <aid iJ-^(j^ ^^ tb^ 

m&ciftdli You would have floercy, faith Chrift, and ^dhai; is a 
fweec argui^eni to you^and y(m vvoiild h3i\{ea i^^ 
but do you ddtf engbtcMfheiT^^ as well, yon WQiild have ri^* 
teouihe&ypiivtodtihsvfia i>am ilirdK ^>glK«iO¥<ncjflQ o£ 
Jdus Chrift? and you would have tb^aiercy of God toMfdoo 
your fins, but are you vn^KiinW ? there is nothing fills the foul 
with more mercy cfaeo the eonfideraeion of f his, that we have 
our fins pardoned in the rigbteouibeflre of Jefus Chrift, this is 
that that fills tlae foule with bowels of mercy. There are many 
arsittnentsthatmaypreiTeamanon too^ercy, kindneiTe and 
pitty^ b ut theic if noafgu»c»t that- fwevailes mQEewitbthe* 
foule unco nneifciitilnefre thcin this, tbatthe foul hath obtained 
mercy in dbe righteoufoefle of Jefus Cbrift, thdfe^ (^ac are $0^ 
quaintedwiththerighreciifQdl^ofChrifl', and tberigb^ouf* 
neiTe of inherent grace,' they would have all others linow what 
it is to have a flia^ in the mercy ofGod as well as they them-* 
fefi^s't DoxyoH hunger aiid chicft after righteoufnetfe,aod ^c 
you merciful> then Ble£U4n tktmn^ifml/yf§r tbtj fM fhmn 


— w*— — *— ■— »*«*iWi^*««»*ww »ia^i^ii«w>w I I n i 

"Trtf^' is this "mer^ffcU miv^^ ^^ j^ 

^>iM— ———.—— ^W— —■■■■■ pi n fcwi 

iVMT^^ chfe 0Qtiibr«lU ^kauj^lK rhai dbfcobe^; f. r a 
• Ir isthti^ grACr <tf God, rmosthy ^cfouljoooicj^td be tcufy ^^*«^««^ ts. 

td4)«l)i^ nfld mliev« thwiP' tcoordii^ tor diieir'iibiitqr^r/USi^ 
h^hW^toFiWiAjd* r As an t^vUsis smnhxh the p:or 
Q^eVicy br (ifcher^ u> i^ tbe obje(% oC his envy, fo the mifcry of 
a^ihtr ihah is the dbjt^ of my piety and my compalfion vvhoi 
am a mer^iivU tnaiiv ^ortny {>afcfaicfa the ibuk ofam^rcifull 
lYiaA, Irbteife God my dlate is comfonabie, I warn no:hmg> I 
have every thing about me my heafc ctfi ddfire^ 'bur die SaiqC9 
aliQu; me are in miiiery. Q that i could hdp .th^in thai arcia 
litKery,maaftfmadefe!ifiblebythcnjibte are in milety, a 
Saints mercy is drawne forth by the tntferies^ others that are 

ibottthim. . .■ : 

. Bttt yoii will hf^ The Plpiftsaid At Heathens^ tbey are 

niftrcifiill men, they ftft 'pieciMI- : B» what <fii&cdnce is there 
riien'tetvveenthe mercy of a man truly gradbits^ and the mer^ 
^'oPothtrs? • >'■ ^ . v.:.-;- '/ - 

Therefore ydu may rdmemberin^tho defcriptioor of mex cy 
in tl»3 general) IcoM yoA ckft ic^nos a grace of Xuo^s Spirit 
wheriiby the m^ity of a miffis jdxannsinndi lofban cha£ are 
inmiftry. ' 

1 - -., 

- y.' A" -i^ ./;>'. o iit )•.<';•;. i '. / .fi' *:' Sir: T ?• -J •'•'' • * «/ -" 

. .i r*:'*' ." :i * r/'ipr'-no: . '> rrti: -v^ '- w 

tl-M^.* _ 


I .,„.'>.,. **■'■** Hv.Sn?;' ■,-..■ .1' -jr. ■- 

BUjfedarfi the mtti^Hli^fcr they fiali-okairtt* 

H JE . worke we hMW'iiow tft<teo ■> ;«n£bwf 

:.-yOU, .■.'.■■■ ■--:. ,i .. ,i t v,',- -,(■ :„.;' .'.-. .... 

■>iDChefe«KB- 'J .1 1 . .;>l::i.:f:,- .;■].■,; -7 

Tlucdly,' TtiecbjeftofaKrcy. ■ 
. . FounMr, .lln grut^f- maaner of the. 

work o( mercy: Aiid(beiiiWt?inaU'c<Au~t0 ibis {^sei'^ chat 
jstetenude coffaitin tiiviireiiKfdMI,(A)« tA^jM^^H^' 

HlW^i- ^ ■ ■■ ■'• ;| •■■■] -- . ■■ .-.-,.--..- ,,. 

Im tk finmntf worifinga «f BMKy in tkr b«iny tlwy SK 
tbefe. ■■ ,i .■■■:■■.■., ■ 

" T(it:firft-afto£incrcyi^x>n;t|>eijakm| aoiicC' oEihaniife-. 
iKsofoijKrs>kj^OTBS&M'theJB^thqraiis;,ft'<««imaflj^ ,to-; 
iwtrds^cboft ctuc are infliifi!ry':.Ainere)Mijl!GAUiW4l9ot AiglW) 
the miseries of oehers^ much lQ(&,tfnll W <ie{pU« ^sia, or.i 
coMeraiK<oeherttb3carfri|]Bul£ryJl^inen:ifutt owi'dothnx 
Ebiidifhe-inilaw9 of ocben na at,iUico contcsne.fimr ^ be 1 
lMwnpo|iEa«i\ascflocetnu^hiraWe*-b9oi5!SfB^^ %; 
htut ^ touch: with the oiiferiis of oth — Seccodly, 


I'hrfeverMli vm^lnat ^f mercy in the hart. 

Secondly, From thefe there is a vvokii^dclire in his foule 

helpc, noc onely wirties and defires ^o b^lp> but the th'oi phrs 
of the mind zxikolty wlickiuMvhh^^ V/*>y*l aiy ^cmpaile co be. 
helpfotl CO rbofe that are in mhery, you have an e>cclknc 
Scripture foD that, in ijie 14/Vwt 12. Mercy af7d frmh jVdll 
be to them that ievife good : . Here's the nie^ciftll man dvjlcri- 
bed/jftid*^ jit AiiiiVs^f ftierly ra Kihi,lioi5 'Ohe thac de vile th / 
)od/a mcrcifiill man lookct apen ^iiers in mifeyy, cajk^ 
>uc him in bis thoughts whenbe lies upon his bed, and is dc^ he may doe g^od : I am here lying, quierly in -my 
bec(i^aiii:ivunn^ocheff>arein oiiieryilioi^iDaj^lM any Ttaya 
ufefuU to them, to do them any good ? he doch devik: §bod, 
and in the 3 -i ^.- 8. •^: T%e llierall devlfeth llheralNhirrgi, A 
mercifuil man is nor ontyliberall and helpfull, when you put 
b^Upon^ocorfiMj Whcb^ tcxtit to him; when heonno- fbi 
ftums but be muft give wu fomeihing f rip, but he hinrfelfe 
dWifeltlrtitertH tbirtgsi fiep l«siv\itb bimfelfifvvbt lie m^^^. 
CO ht inffatimenrall for the eoodoPtb^fe chat 'jtre fn^ fJHicon* 
dition, ^•eovet?)»irtm cotk notmo^edevhehovj^he^mkht 
nine co himTeife co^get a good bsr^tite, then a mcrcifuR maiv 
^vife b^^ be mafy dSrtrioute> how he may do good; that's the 
chirdafil'dfimr«yiit'sloHcio«ftyt:amftih \» '»^'».y. 

mercy in his own thoughts, but he doth improve what he<terfr 

lot the good ^f Others thattfre lil mifery : If Jhfe hith arlfeftatc, 

parts, friends, ftrcngth of body, or it he be poorc and meanly* 

aiidttatlvtlocbi!^d)e,thcnhi9 prayers all' chat- be b^ltbfhall 

be.fome Wd^^ ofbef iqipfOved^ rhe-bi^lp ofifucb ^a^ are lA^ 

mikt)W • wet^Mf fiiiserd^dri/tioifibitikef chft(r Gdd hath give^f^ 

•m any g66d thing miet^foi%imfeifcs biir<br>iTnpitw^ninr;' 

wainot bdntt (brmyfelfc, Ibavs hoc an eftaftc tbf my Tclfc; ' 

Eicftbef'havel^Wt^itf Jttrttf^f 'Of gt«<:e fetmyfeUe^ bdt I- 

tve iMiWfb^te be oi^jiii^b^ijOfA^ \^xXW^^ 



j^ lU jfvor^fl 'i^rJ^tigs .^Jj4fr^ in fk^jfutlr. 

the fiwnhjhfflg, ><areO»U improwqwifncv < ? v"^ ; i . tj , i is ,11; 
but pvj; wicft JC h wUl noi; j . bi« inir^A mHt pm twWr 

iberetore i£ Jt fee ,iWc fbeM«4:b«<h;fle9d-Qfi^::«!.iiMp 
brother hach need thac God niAjf have ^ory . md §9fdmy :lie' 
^ dooe,:I«in»«<wiUi«BCop9rc.wi(iii k it'^verixrafAt-nicetVe 

a» weiU its otboKy<tbo^gl» }il<te mifewn^siowW xbac ludi^ 
need of me ,• though I fee :they ; «irc. wKbaAfaU , thor 

^yeaui^,. lit kteps bjK:l( jkHti^q CiSrit tine 'f thoidb «:!«# 
txx hiinler. ju(iicehi«:,that k iMi b«vejiiet:g(oryiBr.cimci-i «« 

juftice isf^ady tcitrilfettie ftrQkejinetcy<cmwiji^t4i«riwii.i 
cy of God when juftiee is ftnk^ the ftfoikc, it ooin»%i{fgb 
< pleads, iosd ^8«c fpaiif; ^y^ a li<{l«j«»i)ye: Ai^hfm LMfrtrt^w 
was li&ing^the Jiwfe<^c»i£tf>e iham t^k^fiyuy d»r j^Undi 
<rycs from Hcw^Ri 4kf^0km ft»y thy hati^i ^w thc-'mrrcS 
God dotbi focbeiiier«yi0C.f»anitforbeaKc-:jtt(SQe^,-ai)^;'ivill 

iwt have juftiee in the rigour a»d iWI extent of it tttbcciicear 
tied, 1% <aiifi» tofofbearp a wb)l«|Co lee wUciMir cheromacijoc 
Axnedii^giK d«ne wberewihe oflFendec nay be fM-red «** 
jufticernqt wronged, «nd it mll.modeMtetbe *ocfcrf mftias 
asflvtchasKCan. . . • ^. .'. . ". 

Eehtly, and LaftJy, Mei^y ^jitlcaufcone «o p»»9oesfitfc 

imothe 6pic pqpdjtipijas tho<Qa» wtlMajeittaUftM,*^ 
ther It be JttK|«cd^|wv?rt¥oriMne DrwhM: kind ibaver -ic 
Jc ; mercy aiifes«wwpM-fci«fe|fe iniolAc.fiBW ftjto, m 
be inMsw^t^Qfe-thaii^rs Vi^Ktpii^ and -to iveen «ich 

choOsdw weef>{ }[ci;tueaaiQ«rieiits«egnfor(abia<MditfQti 
«ny iel£(^«d luYC «M«Me<^: <Jit«e«eQ|<9a«tg^^ 

■ >. ' arc 


are all chefe tome fol^iig astJtbfers^fuffir hard cBings, #fnf 1^- 
Imledii bowbif^iA rtem, i^A if I vve^e ff6f|d of af f thltr I 
bareriBrdi^arey wh«r if' GfexJ hid j^tms in^d rh^ fiifte con^'^ 
dlnon Aa? they aire, hd«v fliduld I bi atfedlid," arid as I \Vould 
te« CKbqsta piety tfie if I vrerc ki the like condition, ft I li* 
brourifl m^ieiit W pitty them j 'hereir jt mtifcifiiU nicin, a m^r-' 
oiiiiU womarr t — * Thelfe ilre the Chrenil workings of the bow> 
ekof mercy. 

.Scc^odlyi Mercywhenitisawork of the grace of God, ^ 
andnocnaeerlyfonienaturallwork, asmaybe inaiturailmeni 
4c»iiKicy*arif«{tip<»' gracious ^m vvhcn the hearr 

«wdfiSMiwyerofiiKff<jygracioiifly, it hath gracious motives 
130 mffiiip this woticiiigy and to maitltaiiii tnefe ifvi^rkings of 
nae^cy. ^' 

;.,Eimyi3BfacfoulelooksupdnGodas the <3ok1 of mercy, ^nd*^ Motives. 
looks upon the excellency •f mercy in God himfclfe r Gti* 
itfercy itis livetv m Ooa, the bowds 6f Gods compalTlbn 
ye^uwcQivards ms creattires in tftifcr^, and therefore if I be 
. ^citfld (tf God vfhy should it not yearne in me to^ wby (hoiiM- 
Acre not bealikcneffe in me to the God that I proftrffe to be 
MfFarher-^.- > • - , '— •- * -"■"". 
'* ..Sdcoiidly,Jii>yfelfehitveneedofmeircy every day> Hive. 
upeometcy, itsttiefcytiiaemaintaihfcs me, it's mercy that 
keeps me out of heH, it's mercy that pro^des for me, and if r ' 
have fttch need of mercy and live upon it, then why lliould not 
1 be nkraftilltowards others. ' « . - 

Thfa:dty,.Ihayenoton2ly risedofit, but I haV^ received; 
metcy^ the Lord bach been iftercifirff to me, inercifirfl to my 
jbody, mercifiUl to my foule, T have had prevenrmg mercy;, 
' delivering mercy, . healing merq', comfortii^ mercy, faving • 
mercies, mercies of allforti v^eh Twts in miferies^ I ha\'e 
^jycd,, the Lord pittyed me Old hath helped me, now trhac 
aevcTeoeived fo much meFcyt it's inSnttety ecpiat that I; ^ 

^cutd be merdfiitl towards nfiy brethren. ; . 

Fourthly) When tb^ mercy of God comes fi^oih grace, it 

ncsitrtn *fig^ of the mercy of God in thrift; n >t o^^^ ' 

*ii GodttiMia&iIiyandMkb beeniiierdfuir 
-_ . oT 

„ ■^~^—~^—^— ■ 

4 c^UBop E?wi(iaK?, tuc X look ^^J^^f^^^ 
, . . Chnlt,^hc tcncier^mercics of Coa .U) C>'ia;^/ij^ ^ ^^W?* 
V ' ivjyxnay'cametd feeand kno>vriljai;,;Go4 vs pi^rpf^ 
,»v^hcn I am merciml from a fight of God^ piercy tpmeipJH*ys 
, Cliiiftii^d tbcreforj^ I ,nicvy cvrcy to. ocherb:>,,^)is.jUf^ ijig^C 
r«?^K}fv.^^ anil t[;e,|)-JW^s of ^o.^i }j?Yf<^)^ jf^Tr^rft^ 
ircd as 111 .a .buiiimg, gl^fle, . ihey ,ar^, all, cai,en:rpci.p(>g^- • 
ihcr ia onj • ,and yvlicu chcy i] .1114 . through tlj;i<f,fp;.pjy 
. iotlit^b^^n cfiey warpK my hcarr^ th^ lx:ams^ oij^c ^j.^Jj^v^^ 
J xhey iKiiv I'catrer^d .uj^ and dowin die ayre, u^yiaf(!i^,fw^ 
light, glofy ctndlicare, W when chey are con.eiurcd'mjLby'- 

i fo mc Jbeam?s pf (ioaf '(percy; ip'^cipiranon piOKidjincej-jU^y 

>vill beat the hear ns'of men and move . tnem 10 ,m;uril|^ P^^y* 

\bMtvvhenQU:inercy comes froftuh>^ f^nfjnrrin^pf,^ m^j^y 

of Ciod to my foule in Jefus Chrlli, 'a> ic were the uufftu,!!- 

^a(fc, thcp )bQw. dp they jyajmc mk ^i^lvg<^ tbaJbiicf ofa 

' incixiWl man, vvhen qc fan (ec W iin:!^ liod^^fjic q^ame^^of 

* <i6d^mercjf , contraftcc!*. and iWuin^; , ilirpi:^*; f bi; .bnTOng- 

i elatfe of JefMs Chrift himfcl fe, and . when the l^art,come$: 50 

be wanned wich mercy thus, then it's a gracious yyodi«d«H^ 

,, H^,v; ,,?nd<jiercyb?y9n^ V^'^'A-^tL^-V .* 

' ,^1 FifdiIy,,pipiConhderariQnpfipyunwortbme(k^ 

tfiercy^ and not oiTy conuron mercy but mercy in Chrfft,\vho 
, arp fo unworthy, and.why hach God made. . any difference be* 
,tvyeen me and others ,• what is it that caufes a difference fo, 
I that fuch a one fliould be poore, and I Kive an eftare,that ihey 
are borne of beggars,' and I of parents that hath leftme a. com- " 
fortable eftate, or if p: ovideiKe hath cart it fo thoi'.gh bom of 
. as good parents as I, yet they arc in mifery, and I in comf '>rt : 
Many ofyoumayfay you came to the City but wid) aftarfe 
in ypur hand, and what an eftare hath God ;,aifed. you , to. H 
the grace of mercy works in )0u the confideration of v pur uiv 
.worthinelfe of any thing, that God A^ould make a difference 
betwecne you and o:her^ out of Free-grace, and from no- 
thing of your fclves, this doth mightily, enlarge bow^^h o* 
mercy. . •...;• ^: 

. " Sixdil) 

l^ttefc haV^iVb'^O^ inmifery, let 'ir bd" anycre'a:W, 

"j^ecit hathlbtnfe relation to God, afiytruk Scrcamrei us the 
'*- tfraitiire bf Gbd^ arid fo it hath reliuon t6 hlni^ ir*s the vvoik 
^idf Godihand?,; biit il he be a man, njucfi' ti\o:t^ i* he tie a 
'Qrrittixn^^uch motc,ifaSjiJ!ir,muchm rclationthat 

■ a^ir^iiath d^ GoH; and being in iftiiery, that rtovcs a gratis 
Xcm^Biarr, It dorh hoc move oni^that \% mw'A in n Way oi m^* 

* xbtHHL pitty, but chofe chat are mercifull in a gracious wj^v (^w 
region that any thing hath to Gckli (hac*sainightyinouv4 to 

. jnenry;-. '^ •■ '* * '"^^^ v.-^ 

JMrventbljr, tliecodiderarioathit t (hailliontiui'Godin 
^dm way of mercy, not meerly that t would help ocheriin 
^ nnfery , or be wellfpoken of (or the like) but I llwKh^ , 

* Mur God lAthis way of mefcy, and it is th& dutt novestrty 

^ Bightty^ And the very love to die cxercife of ihewy it Telfj 
^ ind fovc tofuchas are in mifery, though they^bfe fltrteect^t 

^wboioevcr they be, this works in a mercifull heaiti and thac*s 
' the^ec6nd thirig, the motives or what it is that fet^a inettiful 
voiancb work in ttemycs of mercy. '' - 

For .the Ohjea: But a Word, ( for itW» 'iiKimatedin TUOhyH. 
^dicieliioriihdtathingathlite hath to God) we arc to be 
^rteriifuill' '- ^ ' 

-' ' Rrft^ To stfl that are m mufery, a good mani^ mercifullto • , 
;his'bea(^, look upon your bead and coofider, there isnotfuch 
' a* diftitti between you and that, you ate al j of oiie fomp,God 
; migBt h|v% m Jck you a toade^ the viteft creafure that i^, add 

■ therefore OocT expcfts that you (liould ufe his creatures that 
he'hath ah intereft in,that you iliould nfe them mercifully and 
hdtcrueny, , . . ' 

• ' Secohdly, We are to b? rtierciftifl to all mankind, if ^^ou 
de no£ ^ye'to fuch and fuch ix\ oiie as a man,give it to hum^ 
nature, fo fet^re as not to fuffer them to perim except it be in 
fomc cafes that the Scripture would have orhei^ ro perifh if 
thcy'cotidmiecMtmtdyfaWlckedrieife, a§'h^ will not 
voflo^ let him not eat faith the Scripture, or if they (in, in the 

- Y y way 

3415 Objeii pf Atfr^j. 


wy (rf jufticc God doch vvyuhw.vv^ki?d raca-ibwld :gpfi\K. 
intfaeirfiiv thans» \vhenina,wyaiKl<OMri^.of iu/^f«fl^^ 
come to bi dealt with,but och^rwiie, except ic b^iyaa way, 
and courfe of ;uftice thAc they may b^ dealt widi» wc . flipfAli 
fc.wcpkty I'fon wicked men w;icnTb>ihaiid. of God . xs.-iipon. 
them m banging mifery : It's true, there is. ^ time coming- 
ihac tlic Saini § li uill be lo fvyjllovved up with God, . with^. love 
10 God, -^s, they llinlL piety wick<d men no more>yea floatl have - 
no kind of compaiV;on towards them hereafter, whta as ic ihall 
be revealed fully that they are reprobates, and thawbis is the 
way to honour himfelf eternally, to with draw all mcrcy-from. ^ . 
lb:m, then the Saints iWl not piety them, but inihc meam 
lime, here in this world we are to pitty them, bccaufe tfawigh 
tbey be now wicked,we do not know inii that rhey may. belong; 
to Gkjd, and be made v^^flels of mercy, fucb a wicked blafpbe^ 
mer, and wicked uncleanc perfon, the moft monitruous wroich 
that is, who koocves but thacGodmayfetbbtaparttobea 
veflcl of mercy to the glory of his Free-grace, and iherefora 
bccaufe you knovy aot yet the c6ntrary,mercy ihoiild work to- 
wards iiim, to pitty his, fonle and body.:.-. ....'} 

f . Thir dlys The next thii^ iJ, that as wc fliould be merd&U 
, toallthatai'^inmifery, Ip efpecialiy to them in refpeft oif 
their fouls : There's many men and women have, pitcifult 
hearts to otliersjwheiith^ fee them poor, naked, and ready 
toftarve then tbcy pitty tbqii,butyou fhalLbave Jucfxpttufull 
men and women to have no cawpaflion towards their foulcs, 
but where mercy isj true, it is towards the fodJe in the firit 
place,and then towards their bodyes. 
• . . • ■ ■ t ■ 

Fourthly, Further,for the objcft of mercy, the Jdfe guik 
there if upon any, ti^ n^jore he is ta be pitt)^ed in, bis niilcry, 
as thus, when any one comes into nailery mccrly by the hawd 
ef God, and not by their own wickedoeflc; then there's tnucb 
mercy to be Giown : I confeffe though men Ihould be brought 
into mifery by their wickednefle,yet ftillCeioccpt it be in a isray 
dfid coiir& of legal! procecdingin ^ courie of iidtice)d]ey muAr 


Thi gracicm mmmtr t|f fhewiftg fntrtj. ^^ 


il6tbcIiti:6peri(K,butifitbcirtecrlyrhc haiidof GbdupoK 
ihetti and tior their o^m wkkedrtdTe that bath broughc icupaa 
cbettii much mercy ftiould be (hown to chem^ fiich as by tbc 
t^ovidence of God either by fire, or by wickedjnen that hdv« 
bVokeirftiiipon rhem, and not tte^ugh iheir own fault, they 
have iiy*d c onfciencioufly, and yet God by fome hand ©f prcw 
viddnce ha:h fwept avvayall their eftatcj abundance of mercy 
flibcldbefhowntochem. ^ ' - 

- ' *Biit abovcfally though we are to do go:>dtinto all, yet cfpec* 
daily lintotfa^ houfehcld of faich, to tfte Saints elpeciaUy our 
meri^y ffioiild bi fliovvn unto, for God ilieWs molt mercy toi 
them : ^^Biit it fliafr be fufficient to name the objetfts of 
m^rcy. " • ' - • ^ 

For tte gracious manner of fhcfmng mercy to thofe that are Q^cMhtdMs 
inmifiityT Mercy muft have thefequalifkanons* injifkny. 

^Krft, I muft nevefr be fomercifutt as C€> ga ajgamftany role 
of jiifticei but thett mtJlfbe i ftveet concord becw^eo b«di^ 
taarlf hovf they arc Timt together, MfStl ttri thefthdi &mpr " 
ntni thtr/t after right e<mfnegiy which is not only the righceouf* 
nede of Chrift, but bet vveen man and man^ and UeffM Mre the 
mereifiill^ wc muft be fo merci&ll, as yet to be righteou$» 
gracfe hath a Mcffed mixture in iti tad ithough one vice be con- 
trary CO another, yet one grace is ilewr contrary to another, 
juftice tad mercy are never oppofite one to another, but they 
friay have a gracious mixture, I tnay bdfa hiercifiill mart, and 
yet hinder after righteoufti^ft'e that righteoufiielfe may prevail 
inthe fferldV; That miift be confidered in the firft place, for 
the ^aciocw manner of the work 6f ttiercy. ' • • ' 

Secondly, I muft be fo mercifiii, as not to doe hurt to thofe 
that T think to Ihew mercy to,or to^do hurt to others by chem, 
*3s thiis, when men are inmifery^ for mi to lltew mercy lb as 
to harden thjahin their evill way,,.this 
is a fooltfli jS tty, or to fhew mercy to one fo as to hurt others? 
many times mercy may be (hown to one,that is cruelty to ma- ' 
ny others, now in the 1 1 1 Pfal. j.w there. the holy Ghoft 
fpe^king of a mettifoti man^he faith, That he guides his affairs 
»/rib;^/rrrhW,heguidestheminadifcreetway, he dab not 

Y y 2 do 

■ ■ f ii MJ. - 

■■II I 'm w i m m ■! — rw~M — ri — 

. Tni4:dly/ jp.tbc excr/ciie^fixiercy there aiMrth^W^Cf »in-y 
plicicy 4>f.hiacc ; ^^w: i ^^.S. fl^thatgivahj letfjtpfMu^kb^ 
fiptf lienor yPU vvUl (hy, xybu s chii mianiiig, of ikic-? — - T^i 
Biejppgol: iciithis. . ^,. ,- ... 

' FirU:»^No:tobaveany by and fquim-cycd aimsinmygir 
vii^, but to do ic in che limplicicy of my h^arc,. vvichou: anj)^ 
by and Cjuinc-ey*d aimes, and in fimplicicy : — Many ire 
jpercifuil, they do diing^thac are good, but they havalquiat- 
ey'd aimesatthenifelves. , , 

Secondly, Siniclkity, that is not tobepartiaU.inibcv\«.ycs 
of my mercy,Goa would have me to iliew mercy to one nK)rc 
then to another, according as there is reafon, but noc lo be 
merciful in a way of partialiity,chac is,though others (land in a^ 
much need of my mercy as this man doth, and every way de- 
ferves ic as well , yet out otprivate refpe^s I let the eourie 
of my mercy run this way rather then- the ocbcTi ^this is no: to 
do ic out oi fmiplicity^ 

Laftly, We mutt fo fliew our mercy as thatwemuft 
.be fure to tender upthat mercy that we ll^ew to others for aor 
cgptatiOT in Jefus Chrifl, to teixler i^up in Jefus Chrift that 
k may be accepted by God, Lord, may.fu$;haroulia7> I am 
unworthy thou (houldeft Ihew any mercy to me, or that th<m 
fhouldeil accept of any mercy that 1 tender thee, jthis w:e 
fee admirably fee forth in N^hemlah^ who was one of tfeeiner-. 
cifulleft men that ever vye read of, y^c faich; he, Ch;^i » xx 
JRememhcr me my, Gftdjfiptfcermng thfs^lff^iuUff^/mi scaitr 
dofg t9 the grMtfteffi ofthy^p-cj^ He was a merafuU man, and 
.fiet he pleads tobe accepted in mercy fof (;be fa^dingsthat pof^ 
led from him in the iltewii^ of that mercy, and .here in the 
tcxr, BUffei are the mercifnU far theyjkaU ehalne mercy: They 
^ iliall obraine mercy for thofe faylingstbat they commit in the 
Shewing of their mercy : — Thus you fee who this mercifull 

We fliall now come to fliew that he is a bicffed man ; Tro: 
^^ . 9« He that hath ahtMtifHllejeJhaH h ilejfedjfer heflvcth 

I» - 

lrh€-m9Mf$ijil mtm m bi¥ffid man. 


hldk^k(^mvAa6MVn)ixi;tiikt k ihV^c parciditarsi' 
rfirfti'Wftcri;<3cdiv^^ man truly godly, be 

c^II^hTiitottt bfthis very chirafifcer, that be is a mercifull man 
PfsUrJl'.^. For^thk-fhaH every om that is Godlf fray unto 
ribrf, in the Originallic is the ^/Wiw^Mj Godly men arcciird TUh 
by cHisdeifohunatittfT'of kind ones, and fo where ever we have 
the 'word Cbdly and Saints in the old Teftamenr, it is the 
fame 'with that .we have in the New Teftament, where they 
are^called Godly Saints; and Godly ones, it is the fane with 
merciful! men ro note thus much, that mercy it is the fame 
wivb'G6dlincfle,now take righceoufnelTc as I opened it in the 
former verfe for the grace of Sandiificacion, and fo thismerci'- 
fiiinefie IS a part of that Sandtihcation^ 'ti> a part of chat righ- 
teoufneffe, which 1 fliewed you was of fuch excellency; in the 
•32 fUl: $. ver: God doth not inftance inanypariicular 
grtce out in this of mercy: The merciful man jkaflfetk^hlmln in 
a time yfhen he mdj hefemi :■ and in the i t 2 ?f: Agooi man 
(heppei6fdV9ftr and lendeth,^ he will gniie his affaires with dfcre" 
tion^ 2iod then in the p. ver: . He hath differfed^ he hath givtn 
t9 the foOTi his ri^hteofifiieffeendureth for ever : Mercy^ it h a 
fpeciaHpartof ri§hteoufneffe,inthe 5 oi James x 7.1 he Apo*- 
file there defcribire the wifdome that is from above, heuith 
thus; The wifdimewat is from alieve^s ftrfipureythenfeacejite^ . 
fentlej andeaftereie entreated^ ff*lf'^ mercy and good fruits * 
Mark the W)rds, it's full of mercy and gentlenefl'er Therefore 
bleffed itt thefe merciftll ones for they are fuch\as God doth 
call oitt to give a charai^er of that they are Godly men. . ., . 

Secondly, Bleifedbecaufc they have fo much of that wbfch^ 

is fo nigh foOod^ and makes God fo excellent and. glorious^ 

there isndching in a'Sainc isncercr^ unro God then this very 

lifpofition of mercifulnefle, now God glories in nothiiig more 

hen in his mercy, this is that which God doth exak hiinfelfe 

with aH and that he doth gtory injthat he is the merciful God, 

in the ^5 of £jiW«/, the mercy feat it was raifed up. on hi^i 

bove dll,thacicnnghr ho, feen. And in Scripture God i^ faid 

^ deli^ in mercy, Mikha:\:ji i8. Who is a God. like anfo 

thee I , 

tlyt 'tmr Aril ^ ins hertM^t^ hnttah^thfmHskffg&f&r rwh^ 
kecanje h delight tth in w^^. It s a ^very plealuig thk^for 
Cod to ckiiight in his mercy ^aiid he is catfd the Ftitlicr^fn^^ 
€j^ and a God rich inmerty^ a mart accounts his gtery- to c6rtt 
fifts in his riches; if m aoy thing a rtian dorh *cftcem tiiriifeiFc 
for, iris in his riches, in his wcalth',fo Gods rivhatxt^k^mer^ 
4:itsy and God glories in his mercies^ and when God Would 
fhew unto Mo\u bisgldry,ic is ih this r Mof^i he defires to^ 
fee the face of God, and ihic God wdbW let HimTee^ifglo^' 
ryi Exd: •34; 6: how dbch rhe LcK-d give a cl^iortftratibiHrf 
his gfory ? TIjus, TAi Uri (7W^4t'«»^W«avi§%/^iiiKtthc' 
ehlefdefigne that God bach in the world, ic i^ toglor^His 
mercy, In the t £phef:j6, v: The Lord he delights^^togto.-ifie- 
bis{)bwer,hiSwifdome, andhis juHice^ibUt Re ^elighcs to- 
^orifie hismfcrcf above alf.^ When the potto *^ Oo(fi^ac-'\ 
alced^when the Wifdome of God is dcchred^ Godis^^rt flctf; • 
but when mercy is glopined; then"Godi^ t^xakedr If uiercy 
make God fo excellent, iurcly that man mult nedds betvery 
happy that hath much ofihi^ tlifpoficbtiinhim-and yottihave 
feen that thcS merciful! man he bath mftch <rf this' ifilpofieicSd^ 
in him, whidi is by God accounted to be his ovm glory. 

Thirdly, You are blcffed>becaufe you ^re under many pre- 
cious prortifes, ^ it were endlefle to A\eiitiort.a(Il f be |>roraife^ 
wherein your blefledneffe is fet forth, In E6e li ^f$: i\.^vtr: 
7Uliterallfimle{kalltemMdefai:y ^ihtth^t^Mtinc^k^'^i^ 
wftrti atfo hmfelfe : Piah n t.^. Jifkmh diff&fU.^ ht hsth 
ffjven to the fwe, his rightebufffefe f^dmrthfeT ever^ . his i»r» ^ 
jmiteexMlcedmth honour j a (^ior: 9.8: vvhiclt isveryfepiark- 
abler And Godis dilet^makfallgiyuedhmnit^fMrisj^y tly^et 
ye ^ayis^ hixvlng dll-fft^ciency in n // ihitmy muf ^hund u 
every good ^0\ii. See how wordsare heaped up here, to mm^^ 
^4ceyAndallgrace^atddllgrM€€to^<mndytvA whbfeitlo >* 
unto the liberal, the mercifull man; In the 6 Lt^e 38, (?/w, 
and it JhaU ie given toynt : Tlie way for to receive-more, it is 
to give out ofwhat we have, and.God wil! To order %r tku 
youfknll have good mcnfmrty frtJfedJmk, ami jMjpti ^getheyy 


Tl^MercifM mM ^ ilefU fHon, J5 1 

ap^iWww^ w^See here theJaticude andheighr of cvppefli- 
ons^iiattanbejWcaccounckgoodnKafure wh^nic's heaped* 
up) but whcirit s heaped up, and prefled down, that's more ; 
but ivhenii s heaped up, and prefled downe, aud then heaped 
up and running over agiine, this is as much as po Iibly cm be ^ 
nude : So thofe that are of mercifull fpirics, they ihall have ' 
mercy heaped up, preifed dovfh, aud running ove-: Surely • ^^^ 

thou rauft needs be a happy man when thou cantt no: be in chat V^P 

acidition in which thou ihalc not have mercy,buc mercy heap*^ ""^^ 

cd up, and running over to fupply thy need 1 iry . 
• Fourthly, Blefled art thou becnufe thou halt the bl jlfmg of 
thofe that are inmifery upcHi thee, the blefTtng of rhe poor t? 
upon thee who art thus mercttiiU, thy prayer? are heard, and 
their prayers are for thee ,• They blefle God for fuch a one 
who hath done tbeni good in their ftraits, ^0^ 29. 1 3 . ThBIef^ 
fipfg ^hlm that woi ready to ferijk came upon me^ ani I canfcd 
rhtmdd^shearetajingfffrjoy. They praifeGddfor them, 
and in the Tcyx^Thej^aH'ohaiH mercj^ ^ this is a fingular pri- 
viledge ; were there no other Scripture in all the word to in*" 
CDiirage us to this duty but this, That we fhaH obtiun mercy ^ we' . 
are ready to thiric that if we (hew mercy, we may want our' 
relves,we (hall come to begge^, we iKall come to poverty ; 
we had. need to Itore up for our felvej;,no we iTnallgrow, 
Therefore in i r "^rov. 1 j, Theliberdllfodfhall be made fat , 
Here's a ftrange exprdfton, what to gaine by liberaHiry ,* wc 
have many proverbs ufed among us that doth tquite crofs* Scrip-'" 
ttire, for we fay, we had ^s good be oiit of the wof Icl as .out of 
the fafhion, andGod faith falhion not your felves according to 
the world : — : W^ fay, he is too free ro be fai;,' andjet KjpS 
laith httk^ThiHieralman fkiftlbemadefat /faith theScrijp|ture 
you fball have.m'ercy^.and i^ it dot a fweet thing to findmercy 
^rom God'. In a Sam'. %%. z6\, Wdh the mtciftd he mHJhear 
Hm[etfemfrcifitltjindxhticio:thk(^til are the 'mercifull for 
hey flialj obtaine mercy i With the froward God will fhevV 
imfelf froward, accorcKng^^tp our walking unto Gbd/we ilialT 
rd God Walking iinto us, if we vvA& contrary upro-him, he 
1 walk ccaterary. unro^ us,tf we Walk tnercif ally towards ; our 
tHrcn> God will waike mercifully towards us. Fifth- 

3rp 7i>^ merclfM m sn a tUffd mm. 

fifthly, Ml the good that vrc havct ic copies from the no* 
<j' of God, there's nor the left good that wc ipjoy id Uy croh 
lure, but ic comes originally from Gods mercy ; faith Viod 
poor ibul thou art of a niercitiill dilpofition ; art thoQ mcrdfuL 
doft thou do good to ochcrs, aai doch thy bowils work towards 
ihem that are in mifery, art thou in (traics chjr felf, here's my 
mercy co help thee, here's my mercy to prdon thee ; lt*s very 
cbferveabie, that thole that God inrenas to five, he dodb io 
work upon them by his grace here as they iTiall be like hinu 
There Ihall be fuch a vvo;k wrought upon them,io anftver Go(S 
will in all things : As to inftance, thoic that Ciod incends to 
lave, they (hall choofc hiiii here : as thofe whom hcJuth efeo 
ted unto glory, they fhall in time choofe him here, and eleA 
him:-— Thole that God dorh inreni to jufti.ic by Jefjus CbrifJ 
they Ihall juftifie him and his wayes ; —. Thole that GodhadJ 
feparated for glo y hereafter, they ihall be feparatcd from tim 
world here, — And thole that Cod doch intend toiliewflS. 
cy to hereafter, iTiall be of merdftiU difpofit'ons ; hath .God 
given thee i mcrcjfull heart, thou maift aflure thy fclfi rfaar 
God will ihewmercy to diee at the laft, bleflid are themeiw 
cifull therefore, for they (lull have mercy, they /hall fcvc ftn 
pardoned,tbey fliall have thefr foules blelied z this is a blcdkA 
and a fniitfull promifc, for have not we need of mercy m our 
ftraits, there is none of us all diat in;oy the moft of cfcat«re • 
comforts here, hut we ftand in need of mercy our felves, and 
•" whai we (hall come in sny condition to ftand in Heed of oiw- 
cy, we may be furc we flail have mercy from Cod.becaofethe 
Loi d hath wrought in us mercifi.ll difpo/itions towards then 
that a-e in mifery. 

^ix'hly,Inthisverything thou hafta mighty inc^^ 
and h J;^ to faith, for mercy it is thy o;vn, thou mayeft aft tbv 
, Xelfe tiron mercy without prefuming ; Tliou who haft a mer- 
cifull loving dilpofition to the Samts in their fUftrclfe, 'tis no 
prefvjning for thee to caft thy felf upon the meicy of God in 
thy llraits ; when tnou art about to beleevc, what is the ftaii>. 
blmgtiock that lyes m the way ? Saith fuch a poor foolc, (hall 
filch a vvrctched^reature as I have mercy from God ? win die 


■ L. " U 

7%. Mn^mUmm 4^M^j[H>9ff?^ 

I "J — i v - ^ 

muft I forgive dU feaventy times feaven rimes in a day if 
my brother oSi:xA iDd^ ^4^^^ xm .dv^u foq^ivte. quicll morc» 
this is a mighty help to taich, aiid a mighty helo to praycr,thac " 
the Lbrd woMld iiiew:mti:;c)! to.^sjp wf i\u^x^ and;hcl]p^»f he 
time of our croubks ; t[4\ . i liJf 6^.7, ^iir^// ke f^4L . »K ^/f 
90(/c;€4t for every; The Wdy.tQba.flt.ibruh^d,ic istooc.c^ 
cituJl ipiricy and hijhMlm ki afraid ofevllUydlvgi^ JLec what 
times come that will com^i he Hull not fear them, (he iiay^ 
nvi> be clouded, and trouble may grqw ,biggert biK. he inal( 
not beaifraidorKhc*m,.thefe'6val .cydiqgs ihail npt.atifrigiy 
tiie mercit^l Dian> and ihat's a famous cexc that vyp h^ve in ^ci 
5.3 of //a- 7,>^. Wlicn he dei^^ribe^ ihq manner,, of tbe.faiJ 
bo(ii inthe negative iind the afl[\rmative parr: he ihevves vvbai 
they dia in ihcic talfc humilUtio]^t:and cbeni he cqq)CI toi^eif 
that i£they <i^d s^mmd U?ns, J'k^MffiaU: th} li^Jnri^i^ 
Oi the tmrmng^d then^^iMiiim,^^ ax^^hcJ^il^j^H/iifwtff^ 
tbm.{ha(t<!ifr4ifi he^iheilJi^jfyM^am I,. Gpd mV iajfi ibfar-- 
ken,xbere's ameici&d man cryefyt here's one chat is Qo«ri0 
<iiAtclTe and cryes t^ me^ \ vmi\ goe liosvne and bearkqiti^ 
this mans requcft^ I mud goe and hear what's the mactery '^is 
a. merciful man cryes, coma God will &y,hece apt I) c^ up<W 
me, what wouideit chou have h it's amerciivU mai^ t)mc^h 
I muft go and relieve hifl^ God will fay to £bi$. fpul here Xjnxh 
and «: 10. The//l^ib^>o|''j2?^/^r^£9 ^^owrlty/ifihk 
iarki^ep h ss<he^mci^jt^nAv!^s 11^ Tjk Lw)dfiM^m4^ 
pheecifHttmtaUy'yMuifAtuiiexhy fmlifi Mugh^Mid f^J^ 
ihyhwesy a»d thmjhakieltkg, 4 nwred g^raenydnd % <« 
fwittgef water whofe Heaters Jaile^m.: Thou coioplameft of 
ileacinefs and barrenaefs of fpiricj this is the reafon it may be 
tholi profited no more under tbemeans,<bQcaufe r^ art of a 
wretched, barih, cruel dlTpoAtien : But for the mercifuU tbey 
may go untoGod and plead their cauCe,. and fay, tprd I was* 
fiieicifull untomy brerhren in their ftraits, and my mercy 
it was in obedience to thy commMid, ^^ therefore Lord hear 
me. . T 

«^»*^h<»i^ij— IWfc.fc^»»i I ■■ ■ ■■ ■ » i<ii^ 

Cmnprt $• thfe tkdt Jtht tf nurclfal ffims^ . ??« 

"^ "I\> tnalce Applicanon <>f this Poinc. 

"^ Krft, Hete M abundance of comfort to thofe that arc rf^w;^^^ 
ilie}ciiollf]^i?itsi who ever you axe that are thus tnerciful, "^ * 
where evef ybii ai e,'(rhough i feare there arc but fevY, like the , 
deaningis after the vintage, they ihnd but here and there even . 
ingfeac ttflcmbifes.). Hearken unto your coiirfort, faach the 
Lord drawfi forth your he*cs to mclc at the i6;ro»vs of the 
^ainrs ibrOid, though yott hive had ^l^nty at hofne> yec you 
bave been in bonds mth thetviy and your comforts have not 
been fo fwiet '^o you a? ochefwk'e they tvould have been, be^ 
caule the Church and people of God have b^en in ftich flratt^ 
you hr^t been in forrow, though you have Mjoyed peac^and 
'blentv, this hath taken :iwiy the iWeecfiefs c^ your mercies 
feaw;iiP rt bfe thttV tadce "yowr comfort. - • "^ 

' Firf! ,^ Thou art cmtnent in tfcairt;vbicbisC0d$.etntnency, 
and thi^; is a «preat dcc^ttency, and tht^i^ the beft fervice thou 
f^nft doe ; thou cahft not do a piice of fervice moife accep- 
table to God themWs thing \9l ThoU cotnptaineft thou canft 
nor pray, thou art difqutered in ikf ff^f its, ' fev chy deadnefle 
and dutneife and indifpofednefle of hearty but bift thou a nier* 
cifull heart, know that this is moft acceptable to God, Mich.' . 
S. 4, 5 . Hiyere wthMfhtdt t emu hefffrt the L^i^ ani h$ip my 
Jelfbeftjre the high G«/, fhM I iome ^efdrehfrnwith b$frnt effe^ 
ftngiy -mth cahes ofayem' dJL^pnll the Lvrihefleafei mththm- 
Jands^frsmsy or with tenthm^anis of rivers ^foytey fee what 
large protfers they made there to God, fliall we COTie with 
ihefe ? ShidlIglvef»yfirfiborHformjtranfgrejft9?ty thefrmt 
$f my tody far the fin of my font '? No, faith God, none of thefe, 
I regird them nor, I require them not, (My to iojufticeyOfd 
to tove mercy. Here wtthall miyeft thou Come before God 

•^hboldnefleTitmaybethoucanrtnoc bring rivers of oyle, 
chou can^ nor bring fuch enfa-gem^ncs, fuch evpreflions, fuch 
In • rlic'd words, yet canft thou abring a heart loving mercy, 

" thou but a merdfuH heart, thoir haft that which God dc- 

itsin. . ' ' , 

Z 2 2 Secondly, - 


35^ Cfffiffm ta th^jf shut ^m i/>i f»r^y#tf ffW^^v > 

■^- * ■ - 

Secondly^ Thisisatnoftqercaine argwmens; p(4^j.4li?^ipgi 
un:o ftiv:rcy vvlio hal> a me;f ifull heart, C cl^\,}.i,%^Bmhx^»^ 
us the flelc efCjod : VJlui^fHt on htvcU ofiArajy .As tb^ cbc^ 

oFGod put on bovVwU ot' uicccy ;_ /Tii aicrcjf .chaf VJ^4:gS^% 
th^ xncm^ to relieve otlurs^.ciyc QqJ 2^vcs ihi^^vyhi^revyiiiiig 
all to help tbcm tliat areijiwnr<irevka>/W\i:. isi^ioj^^ pft.ha\i^,tir 
h^arc ro jliew n^ei cy rh^n in ctlate to p >cvy rrurcjr- '. TU a jjrsjar: 
tcr m^rcy ro Wi^t for God to make thee williiig lo l^i^v ai^H 
cyv hen if thou had'il an eliace and noc wil ling ,cq ih^w ^>nqy r 
And t;herefore vvberein do you account yoAir d^H^'Jriinb^vif^ • 
the vvo:ld at vyill^iii being m great pl4ces,:^cuQ,i^^W^^ 
wilt, is hear diyhappixieile^ doft thou aijoount k;:hy.rivheiti» 
be great in the. vvorl^i and to have places and rul^.) Jf . tiii^ h^^ 
tb)W^)>Qvv that thou hall Uctk eudence to tby foid^' ' 
of diy cledion, but . if thou wert truly graciou$ jhou vyortW'^i 
fav^ toi d, I hieire thsc for nay e(bj;e^ fof Riy {^s, ^qd pd^i 
I.out Lord tblefle thee more for a heact^io pittytfooqa th^t m^ j 
in diftreifet I bleil^ thee chat thou hail givqa oie a j)eafc;>mT 
flitfiv mercy to thepxchat ace in-miTery, ani I \A^% thee, ck^ 
Iimav be more ferviceable then x)chers by my cdy e t^ tl?qnj 
whicn wane fuch an e(^ate, I therefore pfiz^ my elUte bec^vfci | 
it doth hSlp me cob^ moreferviceabbe to Cjodtheaothers», { 
this is as fure a figne of grace as can . be , ; - iSuppofc ,. God hath 
»given you anefltace, but withall bad left you to a pet}uxous co- 
vetous heart, l^ow tby eftate bad beena iiurfe to th^e;, biit i£ i 
thou hail: a large eftate» and a large hear t ta do good v^ith (hf - 
eftacci, it's a good figne of true grace. - ^ . . < ' 

Thirdly, Thoumayeft with comfort expe(5t ^ etjargpd' 
heartin prayer: You complain many times thu your hearts 
are fo Ihaicned and dead, vyould you but ex^mine^ is noc this 
the caufe,you are fo cruel toothers? 

And when thou comeftto any affluilion, the Lord will re- 
member, and remember what thou wouldell have dode^ i 
James I ^. Thott woiildeftprav better, the Lord will accept ^ 
of that defire of thine, to pray better : Mtrcjre]oyctth agdwjt 
Judgtmcntyihzrts a Scripture which though you have often 
read, you do not it may be lb well underhand, or at leaft-wifie 


Cmfi>rtt9thfi-fh4t ^ire ff'mAvIfr/f fitrits. ' J^^ 

ft hith' bcvfn carryed contrary ro wh\it 1 conceive the meanin 
isjtnarty cohceive this 5crip:ure to be niednr of the jnercy of 
Cjod reiofcing againft the judgement of the Law and condedi- 
likri^^ but 1 take it tor juc^gcnicnr hefe',jti(^gcmenL i<rcomini;| ^ 
mercy ihitts againll it. And how the Jcri^ tu re lai:h, 7 /:4t 4 
ihaM jh^l h^ve jnd^emcfit vlthoHt mercy rhat t^^as cmrt^ whs^h 
Shy ^dgemenc comes to be executed ipon a kingr'omi i^pon 
ftmilyes, the mercy of thoie toward^ luch as were iri miiery^ 
iii^dldy/ and the Lord will heare thecryes of mercy in th^S 
time of'judgcmenTjthe mercy which they hid fhown ro o helri 
ftwrH plead* tolr thctn>' let whatfoever )adgements come,iktc 
(bul may fay the Lord intends mercy ro mv in ir, rhi'? merciful 
liian fliall be delivered, though there is a fiorm abroad in thd 
Land-, and miferies-in aH places J^^ the Lord will remember 
■ ibis inaij, he was mercifullto them that were in fnifery, and 
nie'itgardthi^maft, his mercy ilia 11 come up ino remeni- 
brancey and fay, 1 am above judgement: A merciful man he 
tdrf rejoyce in the midft of judgement, as being above judge- 
flleni;, the Lord hath diicovered himtelfe to me in making me 
of4 merciful difpofit ion to others, therefore now the judge- 
Slants of God ani' abroad, I queftion not but mercy will tri- 
usif h oyer mdgement ; fer nie, I ftiall be preferred, my mer- 
cy will plead for me that judgement lliall not take hold of me, 
^bccaufe wHeii others were in mifery, I vva<? pittifull unto rhem 
'AndtBmfirc HcjfcJ tort the weraffiUy for they fl^all ohaifu 
ffm'fj i In their troubles the merciful man. (l\all triumph and 
boaft over judgement : Judgement lliall not take hold of him 
becaufehis ftiercy fliall be remembred iii the day of bis 



% -• 


? <8 ^ ^ '■ ; ■- 


OR / . , . 

Comforts t» thfffe. that art *f mreifkU ffiritr. 

M A T K. 5. 7. ' ■ 

hUged are the tftercifnU^ far they fiallahpais'^ 
■ mercy. 

IN OW that this isalpecul eviJencC ibou dtdlt^ hunger and thirii jicer 
rii^htdouinittc trulj, therefore Chtift 
(*o:h ;o)nu ihcreco, hlcjlei tcrt tbafe 
that hunger ani th'irfi t^tcrrehcemC- 
ntSt-. thejfi-all teftlei. BUpiont Jj« 
Jlahi^ynnercy: "fhou tbinltelVthy heart fs 
after righceouln/lfe, iJcti knows thou anfi a.ipiat to hin^ 
thac thou diTft hui^cr and thirft after righr>:ourneircvbui fooii- 
ibne-! chou art affiaid whaher thy hunger and thirft bi (r^c or 
no: Here'* am ruli, hail thou a m^rciml h^ari tovv.ird.'! OLhirs? 
while thoii art hiuipring after Gods rignccoufnifl'e, doth thy 
foul hunger after th.: good of O'hers, and woulddl thou do 
rfiem 2II the good thou canft, both bodily and ipirituai, thii is 
an argument of the truth of thy hungring afcer ri^teourpellc.- 
butiffobe that thou fhalt plcJl'e thy Telfwihthis that thoa 
baft 4 (tfire ftir ri^tcoulneiie, but in the niean tinie hall a 
cniiill unmerciftill heart towards others, certainly thy hunger 
after ri^teoafneifc is not good, for ibefe iwo are joyned, 

^ and 


Vmmenifiil hearts are vlli hearts. ^ . jc^ 

, ■» <■ ■ ■ 

and they canno: be parted on^ from another ; Bleffed are 
fccfa ^s bungcf and ihirit after rigbteoulh^fle, Blilf;:d are the 
' lerciiul^unniecdfiill men do not truly defirc after grace .•'— ^ 
tchblitakcs^tayirfpeiafc Branch in the 

ijcarioit r*--- Wbjt (beVir tfiight 'be .forther fpoke'by waj 
ot Jncoungemenc; we ihall biing it in:o the ufi of Exhorta- 
tion. " ,. ' 

Wherefore in the fecorid place, here is a ufe of reprehenfi- 
on to unmerciftill meni to fuch as have not their hearts affec- 
ted with the miieries of o:her?, nor mind not what becomes 
of ocbef% id bi ic they rnay have contencinent to themfelves; 
Perhaps Ibmeofyoum.iy think this poinc that I am about is 
an ofdmiry thing to fpealc for mercy ,and but a morral 'fointr-^ 
I know not what you lay upon it, but I find, and you may find 
it toif.}t)u will ^x.imine Scripture^ nor-onely in th^ old Tefta^ 
mertf but irt the New, Chrilr liyes not more vVait upon atiy 
<>ne thing excepting fiiith it felfe, Aen upon mercy: Take 
buc thcie three particulars, Faith: — Mercy towards others:— 
anduni«»ionewiihanorhervthefe be the cbre^ great things? 
that the Gofpel doth mofr infift upon, and 1 know no point 
rbat is fo fiill of Scripture as this is,the point of mercy and that 
€U£ oftheGcrfpel: —Many profefl'ors of Religion lay too 
little wei^c upon this poinr, but look upofi it as an ordinary 
point, ^id fo they mike not that confcience of the exerdle of 
this grace as they ought, but howlitrle you think of it, Chrift 
puts micb in jt^ BlejJ'ed ^e the merctfully therefore knDW, . 

Firft, That an'unmercifuU heart is a wretched and a vild 

&irt,you rha; ivi^nd nothing elfe but your felves„ if you can 

havt your tables' fpread, your backs cloathed, your houfes fuiv 

nilht, your children provided for, let others fink or fwim md 

perilli, no matter what becomes of* them: O wretched vild 

^•eart of thine, what art thou more then othersPwhat^s thy flelli 

i<j'*e then others, that thou iliouldeft have fo little regard to 

rthers fl^owld there be any regard to thee, fome there are that 

f they get a little more then others are fo farre fro:n lettiaj 

**it their foulesto the relief and help of others, that they loV< 

Tfl than with dclpicablc eyes, defpifingthe poo:e,'asin the * 


VmrnrcifaU hiotti ite '^M heatpf. 

\:\tx under ri)eni^ or in a t^ieanef; ccndii ion fben xfacy^'lm^kr 
. 'JUfpiffth hit PcighhoHT fwmihy hn hf. that hufb mefxfmaii 
npfmyhappjfMM ..Take heed you do not Ijok upoapKior peb- 
. :j pif as (klpitin^ cheihifor fo \h meam: isf poor^iksigfaboufsjbdkh 
; by ibc oppofiuonf and cbe veri e beibre, J he ptm u iitA^b^ta ^ 

> pfcthhu n^lihhoHr fim€thy(}xmih with a grcacfiA, -htf^hrtikt 
. hath mercy qn thtpoor^ hd^f)is htj fuch an one is p^? n -A ld 
- r|>oo;,<and thou tbinkefibutia oieo^i poor feUowianfitialsobdi 
' deipicjbly.u^'on him : .Take heed of iuckadiip&Mi^ c^^ocl 
" t will' not takjc it well at cby hands ; -r^ And .oaienral»ifowt 
i tiiat are lo tarre from ihewing mercy g> rhofe tfaae a^e innift^ 
ry, as they rarher Ipcnd their eliaces that cbcy havenpflntbmc 
kilby they J3av£i8oretheao. hers, and that wiscbgiiiylerve 
tordicve.chcnecetriru:^of9itiny .f)ocff acatures itb» Ji^iidiiid 
-blcde JCiod for cb^ir. fuf erftuicies, but /cheir igr« tflmpqg.^ 
, Ittd fluti^Bd ipeiicu; ^n th^ir JulK xneeiiy. tw laaafic €i»ir 
*rbeUyes,tofaiisf]eth4ir untleanneffeu tmybey. ivtuiasttiey 
willflor freely gi^ twelve pence for gpod nfesy andfor/relipl 
' vii^ orbcrs cbere are pounds ^nt upon, tfadr 6h% uriU^im. 
neflc) pc uiT<«itbfik. backs, and upwr vaaity iiifp#iti*,tobyitt^ 
' drbkingjwbere is confcience id the tnewtiimi^ Wkto &erc 
;are lo many charges.of God iqpon yo« col}icwniefcy^.chei^ 
is lb much fpoken of the excellency of meny> wbar. a ^bldi^d 
, mantheniercifullmanis, and moutbt naft an cftaceab^vc 
. other? iroproyeft it, and layeft it out oncly to iatisfic tfay tafts, 
. thou canftiui mo e freely roffUy then orfjers cao, becjimc 
thoi' haft an cftateniore fully then they, O thou uaviie ^4i| 
hbw foolillily doft thou improve thy cftate, when as ^hou 
mtghteft lay ir out fo as hund-ed<? might be bleflrxnc God for 
thc6;, thou imploveit it only in increafii^ guiltincfle \xcon rbv 

foul :\ And odiers* hough perhi^K lomfwbaD'k i* rh^ 

they will^e, yet grudgingly, and cSnly^thar ttar isi foVci. 
^ from them, whar they cannot but fox I'hanie giw, but' there' 
tto freedom, no cheerfulnefle at all in their »diflnbiirion tmr- 
^ ^cfaers^aad.ifai^' thing be given, fhe^tiDdpkV 4^ 

^- ] 

370 The txcelUncj cf thU grAe€ of mercif$ilHefs^ 


a prof^fllve fubjedipn to tJieCofpel, W;o;,thar jvhe5qw[;t^ 
Lord bach reveal '4 in infioire mercy thcGolpel c^ W Son 1^ 
ftts Chrift umci you,; an experts that all yoii uibuld coriie'an^. 
ftjbjc(St your lelvcs to this Q^fpel, and mate a profqiTion^ac' 
you do do it ; this is one thing whereirf yoif llioifd do it>;diur 
Lord, here we declare that the liiV^rcy' which vve luvc ^ourxl 
fcoAi thee in thy Glorious Gofpel, it take-off o^I*^^eartsfroniJ 
all thmgs in the world, and inlarges our hearts towards otheii 
that are m mifery, in this Lord vve manifeft our profeffiye fub- 
jedtion to ih\ Golpel, and you fh^ll find there iS nothiig ^^tli 
Oiore take off the hearts of men fromfcraping after the world* 
rii.en the knovvkds of the Gofpel ofChrift:& as foon as ever Wij 
find in Scripture tnat the Gofpiel had brought any into fubjecr 
cion to it, they prefently vverei ready, and willing to difbibutd 
any rhing that tney had to the n^ceifity of the Samcs, that V the 
ftcondConinieiKiauon, The profefled fiibjeilipiV 'toito cb'e 

Golpel. . . ,; ^ \ • , ; , . . '. ,^ ,^. . 

. Tmrdly, It is call'd the exaeilng ^/tce ofCdd^jx\A thaf ybii' 
have in the 14 ver:^ of diis 2 Cor: 9. The ' Apoft^ there caffs- 
• it the exceeding grace of God, becaufe the Lord vyasDleafc4 
to melt their hearts towards ochersj, and inlai^ge tK^I^l)Qvvel?* 
towards others, the Apoftle was fo affe6led with' ir^ thicli^ 
faith, lis the exceeding grace ofGod, this vve look upcvnaS 
the txcec^ng grace ifGt-dyTiipxtih^^ the ordiiiviry grace of" 
God.. ^'' ^ ' \ 

Tlie fourth Commendation is this, it iscall'd the unfpeak^ 
Me gift y and thar you have in the laft verfe, the linfpeakable 
giftj feith the Afoflle, that God lliould thus inlarge )x>ar* 
hearts in giercy towards others,* Here's a gift of God, you 
give to others that that he gives you> a heart to be nlercifuUt 
unto others, this i<; the unfpeakable gift of God. 

The f;fch e'xpreffiofi from Scripture, is this, it iscallM a 
fvvcct fmel, and that in the 4 Phil: 1 8. jin odadr \f a fwett - 
finely you that would have vour lioufes fweet, yon HlAy have ■ 
them perfumed thus, it's th6 beft perfume in the world, great ' 
folks will have theit iErankiniencc to perfume' th^ir houfes, and 
would you have voOrs SHicl ^ee^, jjei'fwmc th^ftt \vlth the 

mm ■ M will ■! — ^— *— — i* 

^ r ' * ■ ' . I Lj. ■ J — .< 

this title from God : mAke joHJrUnds^ that isybjf the workj.of 

frief cy> ^^-^*i )^^f whenyefaiii they 'iH^rd:ti7U^fh^i}ntbt¥tii^fi^ 

tfjg hahimtons : By this \Ye are xH underftand thus much ; that 

look what works of mercy any one doch by faitb.when,be Ijiall 

f'coine to failci as ere long ?tU >kh taetfrnuttfatfei iJiaf is'^th^r 

HBf»lt leave their effiites, orth^y inuft kiirt!"th(^V thfeifi Ml: * 

'^good works niay be ;ts teftimoaies umo 'God,'tVhdiieby cHb]^ 

may cotne to be received inLothae ^verlafting niaWioi^ that 

ChriH is gone before to prepare for themr not'thidug^ ;A$ 

tneric of chefe, as Papifts teach, but thefe vyiirite i Ultiii^ ^ 

to thee* Learned Chmnitiw upon the place iaidi thii4 ' it huy 

be when rich men faile, rhofe that havebceh merci&li add 

ccHUe to be fick and dye, ic m.iy b^ here comcs fome niinilt^^ 

of God, that when he was a poor Schollar was reliev'd by him;; 

.and be copies to witnelicforhim, and faith, 'Lord,IvYai\r poor 

yootb, and' Had not this itianbc jnpleaf*d inih;:rcy, caipotiip-^ 

oiime,Iiiiighthavefpentalli-nydayes in raking in kcmwl?^, 

but he was pleafed to bringing up in hariting, imd througb- 

thy mercy thou haft made we an inUriimenr of good in tby- 

Church' ; and Jtord he was a gre^r meant s'^of it^ . throigh his- 

bdunty and mercy, here's a tvi.nelle, and thi^ comes to wiibrfs 

v^itforfucha^mabac thegneat day, -i*^ And therd c«pnes ano-^ 

cherpoorfiniilyi and they come and wimefley lord h^i ii: noc'' 

been for Inch a man we had like to have per illicd, and liarv'd; ' 

Lord have mercy upon thi^man who thus (]ie\vedf mercy to u5,; 

Thus make friends by youf uiuighteous Mammon,* by tbofc^ 

riches that are^ CM-dinarilyuredinthevvoridasweapons^ofuti-* 

r%hteoufneffc) as meanes to mainraine mens UiRsy rhc morc^ 

you can come to make you fuch friends, the Lord will accebc 

of you, and you iKill be received into everlafKng habirations • 

And what an improvement will this be of yoiit cftate when you ^ 

fliall havefuch a tefiiirony before God, and come to be re-* 

warded with thefe everlalung babicaricns ! you think ycumuft. ■ 

provide for your hoiife, and n^ake it nil brave and handfome^ 

but here are everlafting habitations that ar^ JJofTiblc to be ot» ; 

tain*d, and tbpfe th^t are niercifull in a gratious manner ^bey 

liave-fiitb'afronifeiitttbisi^,,'' ■'''' t'^ ^ -**■ -*' •^':'^ •■^.;j 

Wimmmmmmt . ■ 




J* - ■ — I I ■.■■* Lv - ,\! 1^ >^ *;' ^ ^ . w'ul\ ' ; 

W for your felvesy Qff.pty youE felyes upon .psop^^^pedpfe 
tftacly eveh tpon the earths ^^ ^ * '» ji^lt. tf-tht-^^fiM 
toward the Smtlh^^ totr^rd rhe'T^tli^-^ tk^ pfaci'viitrt 
the '{eieffilkby there k jkall hf laich.ths Holy G^oft j 
^ sii&aoing istbi^-^'hereas foms-jnay^yi it-toy be we^m^f 
giv^> i^nd give to fome thatarergDM^and^Bofomenhtt &te 
mu^, and we doe not know whether there wili come^oflMl 
Qt wtut we.give ; laich ihe hoIyGhoft, as where 4tf«! iaUs 
when ic is cue downie, yet ftill it is to the advantage aisd baie4 
fi^ofhinuhcU o>vnes,ic, be finds it when icsialleniljiM^ ho 
c;?ri make ufe of ic ; fo you give fiMnccimes to good, jipd TcMliew 
times to bad , yet the (fm of your mercy Axall liey anol^^oiv 
(halifind the benefit erf it ; — or xatfacr as others thus j thcf 
make the Tree faUing cbitgiufie the death olmen ; Bsmerv^ 
qifutl while you Uve, the tree will £aU^ aod lode bm ic^farts 
th^eit lied : yoiiknow m cre^ \idien kt&cilttiiwdQiini^icwUt 
Hll the way. that tber^e: is .moft bough^s^ atid uut way k doft 
itfclinescQo whilil ic was (^uj^iing) fo {auhcheholy Gboft, tfas^ 
way ^ai: yo»ir hearer moli jndttie |oo» that wayjou -will fafl f 
if you have the fruits of mercy ^d gMd works^ xbsKymi «r& 
. a^undint that way, and.your hearers ctihuiig that vvay^ yoi^ wili 
ftU tlucway,aiid fo you -will liewd be fourri at thegiieat dayy 
according ^to what the prnportiou of your hearts wid yo«xi 
works have been. Agaiae, B€4h4t ^kferves tha winde^ fsMl m 
fiwo^Md h that reg^rdethihecbitdsy^all wt>rrMf ; Mark the 
anfWer to the covetous heart that would be fcant m the worioi^ 
of mercyj-— I h*yre not fit objefts to beftow my^m^rcy up6ni» 
he that cbferves the winde ft all not fowc ; If a .hiKbaoditaah^ 
(\\sil be looking every day, and fee the winde in the cIottd% 
^ thinks ic wiUnocbe faire weather^ and fo will not iennuQp 
any thing, he will never make any work of bis plowii^or Ctwf'^: 
ii^ ; To faith the holy Ghoft,. be not too pryiw and ^fer^m% 
oftiiefe wgtfjcs of mercy, whether the objeA ixr a fit 'objcft^ 
rea or 00 ; it may be I may, and havebefiowne a ^atifeak, 
nit have feene;K> good come of k ; Mark what fol^k-ia the 
the fiftverfc ;, yi^th^kgn^fim^hi^.ifJhih^ 
Ttt^ nir hm the knes ioegrow in the wmk of .her thae is mth 




- •• . . 

— ■ » III 

thM hinder them from jhewing^ were). aj - 


hrU : tuvrfrtimkncwefi m l^e works opgoiwho makerh aSY 
ifk^/ktfMyff^ fiwithjtfid^ djdin tht fVer^ng ^ithhUl ¥ot thf 
"^(^f^thffHl^iutifi tm^whtther JhaU frojper; ^kho^thh or 
ilmt^cr^gk^tilor they both (kAUht dLkig^d, As if hethould 
<ayi;:got sMdoeallche work you can, though you feeiipching 
fwnarf Ui yjccknojivthijre arc fccwwayes of che providence 
©f iJjod vvcaiiBjafiaiit faisovync feiidsand your good^and' there^ 
fore^beinoi discouraged: ingoing all the good you can ^ Fop as 
risaakaQWfiftixitwbatis the way of the Spirit, nor h^vvthe 
i©De<f doc growiatbe VKowb^ as there's a fecret providerjce in 
C^c^bagionihii^inibc. womb^forhere isa fei^rec provideixfe' 
iaOiOil^ aboup good ia^fe waye« chat chou arc Dot able i[o 
Wfi^fiand;. and diepeforebQ not difc^ur^ed; f^ in ihtGs^- 

irec^e ; lodKWommg fru^thj jerd^ snd m thi evenlttg wkh'- ^ 
h^^otihineMaiodi ^tbm immft mi whether fliall ftofifer^' 
thif.:oz\th^ deci IJi^veidoa^ no-great good wkh^hijTgood' 
asHpQ^.cbfiitfore I aaidi&our^g^d ^^ vyt>t loi: me tty^otb^i* 

^ild tDOtil^ ; fa ibt \nmM^ OMdin th^'evoMmg 

wkbhdidffot fhiffchMttd^^Zsc. There is likewife a nor^bt^ Scrips 
ivDz in *tbe'jr3\ Ht^.* 141 15. For heve have v^ 9to com^mff^ 
Ch.yjm^ mojeekjntto '«wi».^ Wfc hav^ tiaConcinuance' iufhi* 
ttodd^ wegoejiji-anddowhe^ and are dritefl ffbmp**^ to 
plftCe4..lEbca'wmrfoJtovv* inths' tf^v^tiiil^hivf'fhiref^i'^ 
ktm offor thi fttcrifite ^/ prUi/r^ $0 God contin$taky^ fh^ \ is th^ 
fttit opowiifs^ J^'*S ^h^ki' ^* his Nainr. That we will doe, 
wci?vili^i;fjraife; But dn«n what foHovy? v^rfe t^; St^tfo^ 
isdtfffA^ md^o£mn0iukM^forget Pfot^ for" with fatii fact ific^ 
^odisrwcS fjgafed. Wq have fto'abiding €ortdidoni yet let lA 
UefficGod^and co doe good,and to Comiiiuiiicaite fors'.et rtbzi 
TiKMigb yourcftate be-never founccrtainej yet to (W good* 
aiKi taCoinrntoiicaceidrgeciso^ for With fuch (acritice God 
".wellfletfedi ; ^ ' .-' '' "■ - . ^ • '- •• - 
.BKtliaywafliiiny'felfe'ifJ^iouldgJve^; ktPtoY'i%. 2rfi. 
ff ihm g-vetk mao^tlje fsor fhdit' ffot /#i<:i^;^DareftfrfiOVi trcft 

lodfoctay,{buiefqponhis'p5oiiiii«v and not for tby "body jmd 
anard^te: There^smoiiichwayro^ometfe^vVawa^^^be' 
'^utt^r^ifoU di%o&i«D^xi&$raidi^ Ni^h^g'i^c^h 


^■■ll I 'III - 11 . _ ^_ 

376 jc^fffver to the frtUftas cf mm 

, t9 the poire jhiM not /^<i^, fairh^c text ; tut he tjutt hMth U$ 
* ryes fk^ll htve mah/ 0. cftrfe. Thou art aff raid tlioa 11^ iMt, 

, why wilt thou Ingjge Ood to ihes that thou fliatt not ivtae'i 
\ht\ts a Scrip'.ure that will Ingnge Codxo thcc^ Me fhar^- 
%rihtothep:orCyhejhfillKoiwajft. r. , ,< 

• But th^t I doe wtll quickly be forgotten, let n\t doe ticWr 
fo m.iriy gootl things wiibin a while all's forg<ltcen, -». for ctiis 
look inco the 6 Hek: 10 vtr. Itiftny be thou hall dons tmiiy 
^ good things , and thou haft done ihem in fecwr *, ivhich is^a 
sood iigne that thou doell ib^m in Faith, -and fcait^t rheytv^fl 
DC forgotten; No ^God is 9i9t ftnrightetM f ferret fntr mHL 

• ^^psd Motr tfij^yi whnh)C hatrjhen-ed tcwMrds his 9^ 

. fhdt ye hivi mlf^ljirtd t0 the SMints^dtdd^fftimftir.fAi^ki^ 
God Ingnges himfelfe ,• what need God regard what we d«C| 
Can we doe any thing but chat that we have from God beforf , 
^et God binds bitHldfc thui t At if b* Aould fay, Art tliM t 

' merciftiH man or woman , doeft thou doe g^ iq the ptare 
where thou liveft, 1 fr.culd be an unrighteous God if I fferttt 
thee : God is not unrighteous to forget yout fabour of k^. 
$ttd. your woike in miniftring to the Saints^ Minifter to the 
Saint5, and God will hot forget your labour of love, be"M iM 

♦unrighteous to doe ic ; As it he were utughfeous^tf lie ih^M 

forget ; mca are unrighteous towards you, they in an wiri^i- 

teous manner doe forget what yon doe for them^but God win 

not be unrighteous to forget your labour of love inmrniftriite 

, • to the SaHirsr " ■ ■ ' * , 

Very few doe any thh^ this my, and I doe is much m 0- 

thers 5 that Scnprure in the 4 Phif: 15. Tim p PhU'tpm 

. kffoi»Alj9 thM m the hcgwmrg of the d^l^ ^hem I dtNtrtfi 

from MacedomMy r;o Church C^^mtittictited with m€y tu e$nttm* 

trggivifig W riC€iying hut jeeondy : Here was the Commas 

dations of the Ph.lipfi^ns : what a Condition was Pmm/ in, thac 

though he was fuch an Inftrument of God^ Glory, yet no 

ChVixh did Cemmimicare to his ncccfli lies but only the PA/- 

%.^«f ; This is a high Commendation , if Cod gives you a 

' mereifiiH heaft rather then others : doe not you area nt ica 

• great mercy and blelTing if yoi! g w rich more then orher* ; 

^ Cci tainlyj 

' $tKMOH%xiv. \ ':■:■: 

■',.'" "o.r' 

-■ .. ; , , . — ^ _t 

,/ . ; , , M 4-T H. 5. 7„ , ,^ _ ■•; 
Btejfe'^re the mercifUlLfffr they fiMlc^kitifffi. 

-^tm(^' :'.^-- ■■ .'/V -'-' 

ieCanmendaiim of this Grace of nifert^y 
you fcia«e tttd ^jouodantly > Confider ya 
Sirihor. , . ■ 

Thimbc,end'M*yGod^fht?(Vs, fiicrrj; t6 
yMimoiccheaQdifl^icisthiit^oti tnighc: 
00c good loorfiet! ; vi^y iToukl Cod have 
{oinepo<u£, fotneridi, but that betnigkc 
crovmc Pauencc ia others, and mercy in another, i CVV < . 4 . 
tidth i^e Apoftlethcre^)eiking of Ipirituallme^, whi^cem- 
fntmhMim^i-iir mMauMii why, Ihuiwemdf he »Ue h 
.CtmfwttiMm thtt ^» in atrj trtwlr, by the (am*' C^mfimr, . 
whtrtwithiiM tttr [tlvet jtrtComfarteiLof Goi ■ This is rhfertid 
•why GodComfwccth usiq our uibulation^,tb,it we imy Com- 
fort thofe that aflc in trouble , niih the Coinforc n'herewith 
wcourfdivesareCoinfgrtedof God; Thl': is 2 greJt Argo- 
oaent tafpitkuaJI mercy, ajid fo by Copfequent for refiexir^ 
m outward affliftions i hath God bcflowed any Comfort upon- 
your foules at any time, hroughc yui out of fore diR^efles, 
anfwered v6ry4iflra0i^ig,do«btFj aDd,deIivcre>d'ybu fKqnT 

Mativei t*_^>ew witrsy. 

[hers i\iit arc under 


*oqi your iJiiricuiiH 


ia bodily diftrelte, ioHK of yoti Jiaye been poore heretofore, 

the Lord hach he^d youiatwf g|v^yonert»KS ; whechsr yon 

bjvc been poor or nor, Cod ha5i ^ven you cltates fJentifulIy, 

- certainly, it's no: for your fefves onely, but that you might 

Comfort thofe that want Cpmforc : ^t's one part of Cods end • 

in this, inmaking a difference becweetidA; ^iran and ano 

ther: - 

A fecond motive that I would add, It's a nii^t^cafe to 
thofe that are in alfliAion to Ccnlidcr, Though I hi in affliAi.- 
on':,«iftrai2ht3,indifltnedepih*of fxjvcrty, yet the LorJ 
hath taken care for me, the lord hath given theGraceofhiS " 
Spirit to his Saints to be mercifull to ihorc that are ih iiffiai- 
an,aridthe Lord iaycs weight upon them, and gives'grsat 
charge cothem to exercife tHe Grace of mercy j iiirely the 
Lord hath acare ofmev th'ough" I want , yet rile lord dddi 
therefore indue his Saints with the Grace of roerc*, that thw 
'mighE tfilp nK in liiy mifery ; And I befeecb yoif,doe h->r du- 
courage the hfiartS of thofe ttet ' are in mifery , ^it they rnvf 
no,t make their moane to God,&yino, OLord^iftthdumadc 
Cuch a difference between me and others, and is there no care 
of me at ati ^ haft, thou given charge to n'me to look upon mc, " 
.^opitty'me, tohelpme J \Then ttion (hale look upon the for- 
rewswid milenes 6f rhy Brethren, and art mcrciftitl cowards 
^m, then they will acknowledge, if they be Graciou^i CJodfi 
' goodneffe, that the Lo-d hachtieen pteafed to take care over ■ 
them, and re'ctctly to give thee a' Charge and a Command to 
ricty ajidhelpchemj Therefore be mercifull. - • ■ . • 
f Againe', Flereby thou fliak'honourGod exceeding much, 
God accounts it hif; honour when hisfervantS dae Cf^mum- 
:«:^,pt hisgbodne^Vlt^is a^^sciallpftft of the hoiw.irof 
iqd to b^ Commuiticiltive ;' f^ it's the hortoiir of his Saints, 
'i'^:i-\'Pfi>:i,t: fii^httf ej!fiT''^etkiht pere,rtp/-9jchfh (w - 
' "' '■ I G c c a A-f.ikfr : 

2g0 Motives t9 ,jh^j»Km^ercj. 

M^kp- ; h^ ke tljuhmifteih 4»/»» l^k ^?W^/ ?^-/^fr ^W^a 
laroien ro opprcfl'e tb^ poore, thq? ^ buf yreprbA<;h ^ig 
Maker ; As if lo be cbac God wouljl . make iiich dirtance >|5: 
iweeo nian-and m^ aod have ^ cai;? of diofe. tfaatare. in mi- 
fcry, you reproach uod^ Buihij; tha^honourech hiiiijliath'D^ 
Cy on the poore. Jiiii^' is agcear yHxy^oj\foiiy»\n^ 
4. .1 X'Jfanj w^nimjitrM. hmiW it- ouf of the ahihif which^ 
'qUj\vtt\CthM GbJL In all thwg^s maj he Gl^lfcJ^thrini^ je^^ 
jjfs Chrjji : It IS t'poken firii of the work of chi Miniliery indifr^ 
pewcing the Word^buclikewiil? applycd iptJeiJertUjca'att 
mimft^r^ng of rV gifo ^^ graces, of .Opd^aol ?ny »^ thj- ^ 
that: God gives us : Thatin all things God my beUlpri£i 
ihroughJeftisChrill.. .. v > 

Eurtbervyou know thofe Sci ipcures diac tell? you that Gp<J^ 
accouiits it as his ovvne,, Chrift .accounts ip a given. to bin\,j 
vvhu!s given to a Pifciple in thenam^ of aDifciplej.andin ai 
muLh as you gave it tpdieie Uttl.e ones,ypu gave ic uflijgm^. . 
yjt find ihac much upon the wofks of mercy, 
that he is willing to have his owpe WQriTiip to ftay upon ic y If 
the matter lies thus,thu either I muft for the tiine be vvitbouc; 
vvorilvip, or ihofcinn^certity be vyirhoHt xeliefe, . faith GoJt 
rie rather be without worilup dien they thall be wifjioiu; re- . 
Uefe. ThatSfzripture inrhs^.ol f/y/J^, quoted divers tjmes by 
Chrift in the Gofpel , / »i// /wv< mcrcja^i notf^lfkt^ is ^ 
text tliat all that arc acquainted with Scripture cannot b^ igqo- 
rant of, God ftancjs much upoi) his jJicr/JJ^r^bur he ftands mo;Te 
upon mercy ; Saith God, ^f both be laid in th^baljapcc, eicher 
a facriFce to be offered to me > or a work of mercy untg this 
poor brother , if there muft but one be doiie, let the work of 
mercy be done rather then facrirxe •, Turely ic's that that Cod 
prizes hi^ojily j The Lord is Content to be without ficrl^ce for 
Mere^^: Be mercifiill therefore. . . ' " . 

By the work of mercy, you th/^tare. in a meane Conditioji 
otlierwife, may come to have as high a reward as the moft e- 
minsnt Saints of God. In the 10 Math^i v^ (aith Chrifti He^ 
that recpveth 4 T^rophef tn the vame of ^ Pro f hep ^ jhMi receive 
K Troftets regard. : find, he thai, receiveth^ ^'O^W^ *W'> j ?^ 


3 . - 

Motives -t^ fhtw mercy. '381 

thil^kme Iff 4 ffgl)t)^f^ pf^' i jkdH rttetve Vi rlghniytu nuuti re- 
wMti. ' Ri-nicrciftill t6 thofe thai: are GraciousiyoU ni^y conl^ 
tg'hayea!? ^^ttt reward as they. ', - " 

' VoiitHatVti^e poore men aiid poore women, will fiy, Wd 
cttf 'Soe^ little for Go^, we canbe im^'loyedbufi^.H:rl;:in2ny 
Tprvicfe'lfbKjod, tVi are weak ^--^ buc here's a wxy how you 
fcay cdnc tohatve the reward of the Prp;>hecs of God,rind tht 
ciolt cinihtnrof the Saints, by fliewiiig works of mercy unco 
cheni. ■ . ^ 

'• At*4 that tfacTe things oiay the rather finke into your hean:<5^ 
labblii^ CO principle jout hearts fully in rhis^ Th^tt ns a Icttfr 
ikhri t^gtve then tf rtcehe^ you know they are the words of 
<hrirt;Ic vvillfec very bard to get this principle in:o the hsiarcs 
of ttrany people, That ic'^ a niore blefled dung to be meHMlIl 
w Others, then to be rich to themfelvcs ; yet that's thewii* 
dome of thrift, drift faichio, and did we accounc of ni^xies 
tO'tebctter then ^ur riches,* ^bis would be a mif^hcy heljf to 
Aeworks of mercy ; There's many peq^le think, that all they 
bcftovi^ in wdrks of mercy is loft ; No, he that givech to the 
tbor>lindetbtotheLord, and he fliall have It againe ^ It's 
WttA* a great deik ttien an/ thing he do^h Injoy ,• That that's 
gtvcrtVoii fhould look upoii as the beft parr of your Riches : 
Ti^'alpcech of an Ancient, ftm tmtfhmere Gl^/wUs is it to 
iot^Mit^nuiftJythtn to dwell f/mftuouJl)i.. . 

- feondly , If you would have thefe things take Impreifionj 
labour to mj^e the time;s where yoiiyour felfe heretofore have 
Iwf rteed bf mercy, to be as prefent to you ; when you fee ai 
dbjcft bf mercy, think, was I never miferablemy felfe, was I 
ijeveranobjea of mercy my felfe, did I never fee need of 

m^rcy my felfe. 

A^mine,' It may be I am well now, and all well about me, 
niaynot I be an object ofmercy ere long ; what if I were now 
in tbat Condition, ttiat aH comfort fr jm all creatures left me, 
were taken fromnie that I had before, what if it were fo with 
meiww, tfjen I would prize rtiercy ; l5 mercy good then to 
you, ind is it riot goc^ nqW r O make thefe times Reall to 
)m ? Mwtfiit have Aeir health and arein peace and prcfpe- 
* ' - / _ • xity, 

. V 

- r •?• ^ ' ' " ■ " «... 1 

Mowes ft fhtm mete J. 

my,, they goe on in their bravery and buffeUifig> ai if there 
fliould never be ach^nige f But the Very thought of thy 
change , and the fad CondidcHi that thou foonc ini 
Would mightily worke uppn your bovvclh to ihcw mercy to- 
wards others! . '. ' "';,;"' ;■ 

'LalHy , Let youi* eye affect yoiir hearty aoe not turnip avVay 
your eye^ from them , but ?<?<>i^ upon dient. Ldm/^.ji: 
Adine eye J^dteth mttie heart. Ic*s a mighty meanes to aflfe^ 
the heart, to have the eye look upon rhofe m mifery : y6u thar 
in joy all Comforts, looke upon the lamentable ci>je(fts that 
there 8f e in the world, that there are in the City ; Look inta 
the Hofpif alls* dmong wounded Souldier^, among tliofe that 
aremiferably poore, and let your eye affeft yAir heart thar 
yoWiay be mercifuU, F*r ttejfcd ^i th^ mercifuU^ tyj fkMl 
ihaine mercy. 

r. . - » , 

Wd notv pars by tKs point of mercifulneffd, and Avail pro- 
ceed to the fixt rute of tappiiieffe that here Chrift pro* 

Vcr.8. Bfipi arc theptreinhcMrty for thj (haUttrGoir'^ 

*rherc"i? a ^M Cbme^ion of thefe two ; locc^ men ire' 
wiHing to do good works, and to be very bdnefidall to 6tlfcr»,' 
having tincleane and guilty tcnfciences of their oWTtcrand 
think thereby to flop the mouths of their Corii'deiices i '^Th^ ' 
are C6nltlbl!s to ihemfelves ^rfvile bale wayes, irjd ttef 11 v^ 
in f^xne fecret haunt bf wickednelTe, and fo they riiirik th J: If 
rhej^etnfettifiill toothers, and doe fomcgdoa ^is^^^ fhk 
v*iH fervei tume to (top their Confcicnces. I am pef^vtav^cd 
y . that mafiy ftop rheir Confciences with fuch things a^jfhofe Are, 
But faith Chrift, doe not deceive your felvea in that, B/cjfii\ 
ure the mcrcrfklly thcypMllohtalne tf^cy ; but he add^ fhis too,'* 
Iffcfedarc tifkfiere inhcmt- There hiuft be purity hihe-iit,'' 
zi well as mcrcifulneffe ; There may he many work< 6f mercy * 
done ,by fuch as are unclcane and bafc-h^afted j And t!^r«- , 
fore lodDe to that, that yoor hearts be ckdne and ptire. '^ ^ ^ ** 

• ' • - . Bicfcd 

TCMt Sf0$U. • jg J 

i.> • ' ' . n 

ikffei arc the ptrt in bean. 


t • N - 

This Chrift makes the rule of blefl*edrie(rc, In oppofitlon r^^ 
the way of the <? W//w : They made bldfedndVe >o coiifift. 
in outward puricy> irt cheir ou: vvardvvalhing, >-buc uich 0:ritt,. 
never fatishe your. Tclves iii m)\ ceremonUll holin :lle, bu; look 
toyourbearts^bleffedartthepurein heart; We fliall o^>e«r 
tfjis purity of heart f . . . 

, ..Firft> Whacthis purity pf bean is, and theiiilievvyou whac 
abkfledthingicistohaveapurekevt. ', .. 
\ Onely premife this, that by heart,' we are to lindcrftan:! \y^%. 
onely the r^iU ^ atfe^tions, but alt the faccultie^ o^ the fouLv 
the mind, confcience* and thoughts, 4II is to be underftood by' 
heart ; blelfed are rhofe who have purity in their, mind? and': 
conrdcnccs, in their thoughts, wills and affecliom. ' ' 

PirrfW,, What's that ? Purity confifts.inxhe immixedivfle 
rfany tiling inferiour, when a thing hGitli no mixturc.of aiw, 
thin^infetiour to its fclfe ; that we account to be pure mettle:, 
whidi hath not any thing bafer then it felf mixed Wirh it, if a 
mettle hath ajjq^herxnettle that is more excellent th^nif felfe 
ittixcd With it, that doth notmake it impure, it miy be pure 
Bill, as if filver bath Gold mixwliriih it, the filver \$ nor nii^c , 
iinpurc1)Y the mixture of Gold, but if it bath led or ^Tin mixed 
TOh it, it s made impure : So the/bul of man, there is oothing 
moreexcelleptbtitGodhintfeU, npvv vvhei> the foiileismixt 
iwh the Dhririemturethen its made mo::^ excellent,. tlytX 
the pcrfei^ion of it, but if the louHex>f niante mbced with ^any 

. tlm^ ofiibc creatHre not in order ro God, .then lis impure^ 
tkerc is a mixture of fonithlng that i> worfe then it felf : whei 
the mind hatH principles that are betieacb a right riiionall un- 

^ <'«''ftan!Jii^, and fo when the thoughts have thofc things mfxtr 
t c are beneath the Oiiceftency o/i ucl;i a fa^ ujty asxbigl^ii^ a^dT 
^ •, and fp the W/)^and ^jf<wI.o«/, .vyhetr they have a-^, 
« hinjmixt bepeath ih^t excellency of their faculty, prnthey \ 
^ le to be jimpyri,' and. the' m^re the tb^^g ' if beneath the- 



284. • pyhat meant ty a ptre heart. 


adultery and fornic^tionj it's call'd by the Koly GhoRjmtcUdx^' 

^ fiefi h jW/,becAu fe it's on<: of i;l|e ^le^tn^jft ^eetd otviv hdl tWngt;!- 

fbr the f:«ciilty of a.rariomll foufe toaiU it fdf irirbi: Tbere-'^ 

ibre that hath cH^j dcnomkiKipn d ti^cltaifne^e. Tbto^much' 

fo; vvhac/^«r/9:isingiincr.ill. - • . v ;, ♦* ." < • »• ;. tj 

- . . Bi.t VVhAC 5 a pUre heart ? • •./ ^ : ! .^ -^« 

You may take indead of a dcfcriptioii,.'.jiiefe 7 thini*; tA* ' 

niakeupthe.puricyo.our heara.. • ,' r. . f*^. • :..i 

. Firrt, 1 he heark niutl , be cleanfed from- . tfte: giiiltt nSfiiJ * 

. through &uh,inade pre chac vvay^ Waihc vvitfavth^ liood -rf * 
Jcfus Chrilt, no heart is pure die, ' \t\Mts 1 5. ^^ I4ml il^ pM ' 
no d'ferenci hetwee>7 m ani themyfmifyingiht'ir hems %) fmthx 
This Scripture is ordinirily taken for the W>rk. oifSan^hcs^i* 
on> iha^ conies into the hear^by .faub^ but if yoii xibfen^ itni 
conrexT, you ihall : rai hc^r rind it ro Ikj thac punicjr j that cotn^ hf 
byfaiuhitiJuUliua^: forties fj^okeno^th^fientllesth^l' 
were accounted an unclean people to the Jevyes, but f^icb the 
Apottle here, Cjod harh t^jkcn-away their widianndfc,' for Ite, 
hathpuri^cd their heatt!^ by faith: They by Erich h^ing bex. 
leevcd in lefus Chrift, the Lord accepts ofthetti.aif of the thil* 

. dren oiJbrMham ;. the Lor^gbyv hath taken zmfimx tth- 
dcanefle, through their.bcleevmg in Jefus Chrilt he hath ib 
purified cbcir hearts by faith, that through faith they arc ac- 
counred as clean before God as^any child of tA^abam : they 
arc come mo the Covenant wirh Godj and fo no more reck<5 
ned among the unclean onc^» being puri led by faith : VVe artf 
all iiT^ure naturally, and though we think tha^ by ieavii^ ftii^ 

{jrofl*e(ins,asfomementhatinrhe time of their youth hav^ 
iv d in fome groflefms, they leave them, and iive-berrer^nd 
lo think they are deanfed, yet certainly, the ffreac Work '^^ 
deanfing the foul, is the Applicarion of ^t ©lodd of Jefi 
Chrift unto it to walTi the foul from itsVormer uncl^mndle - 
riie heart is never pure till then, all thy br >akii^ #tf, and l^r 
ing thy HnfuU wayes, and living better, will never make tb 
. ^ heart pure before God, it muft be the waflm^ of the bteod i' 



. - f^hat meant ly ^ f^i htart, 385 

leTuSrChrift : and &> the very firft moment the foiil cc^aes to * 
tclicvehi J^rus Ghrirt, k is Waif c frotn ihe guil: of iin, for f(& * 
the Scripcurc (peaks of taking away the guilt of lin, by that ex- 
pieihon of vvalhing wich th^i Wood of Jdus Chrift,as in i Rev. 
. V. ffh hath Ined hs a^i wafhfd m from^urjins m his civh 
^d. The foulc as loon as it'beleeves in Jefus Cbrilt U waiht 
from the guik of (iRi fo as ic ftands as pure before /the Lord ag 
t^d child that's w\y borne, and mixh more, for there is origi- 
lullcorrupiion, burhe iscleanfed fromrheguik of all thofe 
f)lciiy;^ abominable fTnftill courfes thit he hath lived in, and 
dlicrbe fotlcis dehled vvi:hall, ic ftands cl^an before God^ 
t|j:ough the blood of Chrift, being waflicd : Tbac%u(i be firft - 
or elie all other purity 13 nothing. 

• Secondly, A pure heart, is a heart acted by pure principle??, 
"Jhe Scripiure ipcaks of men of corrupt minds, 4 Tm. 5.8. - 
i^likewifcof pufcmind?, t Pet. 3. t. There is much un-r 
c|<^annci)c in mens minds; in jhe upper chamber of the foule, 
as tmay focall it ; and where is the Ibul did ack from corrupt 
principlesfrom unworthy a ^prehenfions of God and the things 
c£fL .od,from'bafe coraipt notions that it h^d of things it aited;' 
novv icsdcanied, .that is, thoie corrupt priiuipLs are done a- ; 
W4y, and it comes to have pure principles, right apprehenfions 
of God, and of the wayes of God, of rhe Covenant of grace, ' 
andofch^courfeofa thriitim, and wh.Tt ever mighr furcher 
. ijic wayes ofjialili^fle in him, the foule bach right apprehenfi- 
iB^. Qi tbem, and the foi:l is ^'l^d with gracious and pure prin- 
cipicsj and acb fmm them : we mar cifily fee by mens wayei 
. and 4:ourfes that rhcy are of corrupt "S^inds^and from thefe th^ir 
hearts are fo hichy and vife. 

■ Thirdly, Apure heart isfixh a on?, as hath caft out the love 

f>f every knovvn fin, and mingles no: wi h it though never f* 

'•nail ; fuch a heart as hath rcno -need every known w.# of 6- 

'1; though there is remaining lome impu-iry in it, yet i- can 

rpcale ro God tbit th^re is no known way of' V. but it h^rc^" 8c 

>minatesit ^ thisiscairdr^uricy of heart in a C olpel lan- 

^g^».if*GQdflould rewird men according* t^ the Maw, ic * 

"Id not be accounted puriry, but in the Gof^^l lan^r.age • 

D d d where 


■— -s- 




1 ' 

hhdt meoiit bj s fifrc heart. 

wjierc a bearc is fincere w tbp renouncing of "feown' jSn, anl . 
C4n as[ri)eale co Cjoci, Lord> thoit th^c lri>6v*fe(Vairtliifigi- lirtkv** 
eit, that thof'gh I hive mmy evUh ip *iy h^art>-5'>it chfcy-ar^ 
fuch things thai: arc'lo.irhfomc coni*, dnt JabdiioiAkeartdM'; 
iiounce,*and thefe is nothingdijagreeabk-Co eh^ vviHiby^ &^(f 

- fhou chat knoweft all things, knowdl tr^ heirr i^- sgMiy'ihk • 
is a pure'h;:art ii\tfie Gofpdi langa^ge/thit' batbtW %e ik*" 
love of every fin, let coafcience Ipeak vvheihef it bi To orft6> 
for the bieifednefle is annexed to this j and cei^taihly; Ad 
tontrarv is thitwbich makes cbefawlc to be aa db}cS( of (^ 
curie.. • . ' . ;j 

- . 4^y Apute*heart IS a heart tha€ liadi a gwcioii^frameifiitaHg 
to Gods holineflejwhere there is a futahlenefle and agreeabPe^ 
nefle in the heart of a man or woman unto the holihefs ofGbd, . 
to thi hoty wiv^ of God, and imto the holinslE? cf G6:Kli\tf 
thiols purity. .' ' '* ' * ■ - ^' '. :^i 

' ; FiftWy, mityoffte^ftTsYvbere there are right 'endsiirf 

aimes, or tlws, where the heart is confecrared5 cfenotedfgiven 

up to Gods Tervice, mjikeing him the higheft end of all thii^s-; 

and accprdinj^ly bach right ends and aimes for Gotf in ^Irit 

doth : 'This is purit:^',^\bftt^st1le nature of Gods fi^lnifcfl^^^^ 

is a holy God, what s that ? you bidw hairndRe it r^- the te^nTe^ 

cf ation of a thing, fetting it apart for fuch ah end, Gods ho]^ 

neffe it is a kiii J of confecration of bimfelf as it were to him- 

felfe, as the laft end;himfelf is the laflendj ailtfth^^cdfency 

o; his nature whereby he work^ to himfelf as the laft eh*, mi 

vvills all things in order to it, fntabfe to his oAtl infinite excel- 

hncy ; this is Gods purity :• Bur if you will, take* his piimy 

thus ; That perfeflion of his will, whereby he wilk himfelfet " 

and all things lucable to his own infinite excellehcy ; that's 

Gods purity ; now a pure heart if* one that is thusconfecratcfd 

to-God,fs the laft end of all; aiid fo* w^lrk?- as God works : 

and in all things hath right end>, and rigbtaimes at God : this . 

purityofheartisinopfofitiontdfalfenefle of heart, and fo I 

findCwxJe diviti^s carry thi^ purity of heart for upri^btfiefle : - 

Vvhcn mens hcarr? are not docMe, they have not by'cndf, aiid ' 

iqiiint-ey'd aimes in what they doe, but their hearts arcdcanc 

MjMt me^iHt by ^. fi^rt hart, 587 

lO^thi^i that t^j arc oppq fot God, conre^raccd cp 'God^their . 
cndsar? for God;, as fof inftance, iii chi v^ry work ofiTiiircy 
lauc a mai:^inay be i^ipure in the works of* mercy it he hach ba n 
cnds| to ferve btgife&e and cover his Tin, his h^art is very im- 
^^leaneaa, man may do ma^y good chinas aiid yet be very impure 
ia ths doii^ of things thacare materially good, . but now wh^rn 
a.oun dothjioc only do chjrigs that are righv, but his tnis arc 
right, andhe^iimes at Gods glory ,hc is able to app^ale to God. 
Jx:ic^,thcMi^atfeaFche^^^^ of all hearts, 

try this heart of mine, I am willing my heart, fliould lye 
epencQ all the world'in ftich and fuch things, this is a pure 


/5ixtbly, A pure heart is a heart working to good ends wicfj 

j4a«UKife.and finiplicicy ;: for tis nor enough tor a man to have 

good ends, to fay, well I ainie at Gods ends, but I will have 

iu<^ &tch3^ about,^ and fuch mixii^ of hamine and conning 

devices ^ Hm^ a man blelfes himfclf that be hath general aims 

teG?>d, but he hitli a coinp.iny of ferchs*s and devices that arc 

ib^feFrtf^s(rfhi3,Qvyn corruption, and (poyles all:' So 

^bitl^ifpwiliFy is that which in orher Scr 'ptures is called the 

hniplidcyof thcGofpclywhenamanAvalks according to the 

(knplicity of chc Gofp^l inallcander & ingenuicy, infill plain- 

nelie of fjirit, this is puricy, when having hi^ eais to b.: good^ 

^1^ i^n in the attainment to thote ciids there's no-^hing but 

p|^ii)lk^fle and the nmplicity.of die Go'p4, as for policies and 

devices !;heyi3i>aybefeem men in the micrers of ch^ wo Id, yet 

«vhQP.hccomfis to the iaiartersof Chnrt,he carr}'es all origin the 

plainnefleand finipliciny of th^ Gofpel , 

, Seventhly,: A p"i'c hv^a^t Is a heart fucable to all profeT^oris 

and duties char a man do:b ; when a man makes profcTion of 

Gody and gixhi wayes ofGod, and then h.i:b a heart that doth 

^s 4ip tobisf rofeirion •, and when a man do:h much fervice 

God, and his heart conies up to hi^ fervice, here'^ pu ity, 

a^reem^vTgt between the profe^fion and fervice> that a man 

.es(orper.^pmi^,;ind thedifpofinonof his h„\art ;. Thj im- 

jnf anduncl^sJirieii'e that isin the hearts of hyfocrirc-' con- 

» in this; Their prof eflion-i 5 great and. glorious but thvir . 

D- d d 2 hearts 

■ ■■■ ■ 11 I » I ' .' 

for God iriaH-icyoth, --^ A hd^rt.\vork&gibwr^ 

dids iii the plainiicfie tihd ' fimptictf^. bf tbii'^Goipd, "^"i-^'^ J^ 

IFtHs ht purc:>Avherc wilKyou finHttiis 1^^^ 

'i Id. g. 'Who at fay he harh'd'cnnfcdhis'bearr. ' ' 

blcfled is thepurc inhean'. ^ ' ^ 
-IFtHs t ^ ^^ "'"' 

onyi /W; ^ - . . , 

'To" that its amvYer'd,jhac Cfii^V fpeokes here; m ^'Gol^eV 
way,j:hat hi^y be acc^p'ted for j^^rity oV herirc, thac yet ha;K/ 
much uiide^hlielfe rimainin^ m it^ there -be^yec' 

cogetheAviththcfe dlipofttions th^^^ .••,,!. ^ 

TFirft, lli^c there be pains taken to find out what corruji^oa^ 
is thy. hearty Lord^ I beleeve 1 have corrijptu]^ 
O'that I could find it butj vvHen.the heartoifalmanoryvomanis • 
wiiling^ tro fearch to find oiit all the corruptions, y^ the l^ecreL, 
wahdnn^s jMid'turnings of niy heart ; the lord kno\v;;s imilH 
he would fpeak from Heaven and ask me what I vvould haVeJip 
knbwes that this woiild be one petiti6i),thac I might knovy my 

owhhearr. ,'^. /V. ,: , ., ^ , ^ 

Secondl/, There is an urifeip;necl nv)arnlng /or .all the ricn . 
mainders of tharlmpiirity • The heart when it hath founilQii ' 
any^c6rrnptiGn,it moum^s over u,it aiccounts it to be the evil^, 
the dif^em'per of the heart, and thax's obfervable,that the more 
peace there is in the heart through the alfunince that it is ^Icn- 
fed in the blood of Chrif l,thc more doth it moume and lamenc 
forarly undeanneffe that ever hath been, or isin itVthat^Scrip- . 
ture is very obfervable, inthe jdof-E;^.^^. 25. Th^n will i, 
ffr'wklc dear? water Ufon you^ andjeprallife cUa/i^ .- from allyotw 
fiUhhiejfe anifrsm ^llyoHf Idols wili I clear fe feu .- j4 kcw hc^rL 
alfi jvi/II^he yotiy am A nav f^lrii wiUIfUt whhinjouy and fo^ 
ke goes on^ac xhcn/ T^iUifi fare pfi from aUjoiir mcUdHiffes^ 

1^1 ■■ 


Jh^'txcellency of « fare heart. 385^ 

^^1 * ^< 'fciitfa 

" arJ IwilUaIlfprthec0rM€^S)iCv and then in che p'^^ff^. Theu 

* jiot\:oL Anl [{:aII loAth joiirfclv£^ ui jour ovpn ftclut fcr J9ur InU 
Mines Aftdjor \9jir ^bomn^ttions^ ^nd Godaacoimcs tncin to pc 
Ireanfedibatpoloatbjtl^ for thciriniquiwics.and .abo; 

mimdphs >' And ha jnen 4i^d vvonisn do more laub diemfcl vcs 
for cbeir ihiquines and Abominacions, iJiicn thofe chat.are moft • . 
cleartfed from their inlcjuuks and abomuu^ions ^ its a noubic 
ScrijKure 'for ic vand fpeakesof the times of the Goli'/ell, that 
fticwestlie.evtllof ihofe vaine and wanton Ipuits among us,, 
ihitlniiiagnifyrng of free grace growfooliili and wanton, aiid 
never fenfible of the remaining evills diac are in tb*:ir hearty 
they think they are dennfedby the bloodof ChriiVandby the^ 
SririrofChrift:. but the text promifes, that when tiie Lord 
nlart cteanfc his people , thoj thji they flii^ll loath them-/ 
feh'es fornll their abominations, and for aH thc:ii isWs. '^ . . 
-'Though there be cviil remaining, yet Uill (mz that hath true 
purity dorh watch over himfelfe to prevent the occafions of e- 

vill as much as may be, V.; ^ ' /• t • • 

' * 'Arid foutthty, Such a one loves the ftriifteft rule,! find much ; 
impurity in my'heart, but God knowes the {lri(5^elt rul^ I aim . 
ac, anS thofe that growup moll in godlinetle my heart is moft - 

with them. ' . 

Fifthly and taRIy, my foul longs for perfeftion, I hope there . 
is a tirte coming when altmy dehlement Hiall be don* away» . . 
forthepreicntmy foul is waflu> perfedted in refpect ofits 
jufttfi cation, and I look for a time that it lliall be perfe^a in 
refpect of Sanilification,Othac that time were come ; certain- 
ly bere'^a pure heart, and therefo:-e do not fay, where is the 
pure heartPand who can make his heart pure?and arc there any 

that arc pure ? . ^ t ■ , • 

The next thing is to fef out untqpu the excellency tkat. 

*rc is in a cleans heart^^ * . . 

ft, A pure heart, That Itiewes the excellency of ic,t!iat iv 
efruitofthebloodof Chrift, and the work, of the Holy 
^ft •; Thofe two Scriptures you had,i. Reveiic in^ 
-rbis; 'tt$wallitwithtbe1)loodofCbrift,and by the holy .^ 




^go 7h excellency of a pen he^e. 

• « 

Ghoft K s deanijcd, furely that that h the fiuic of tte blooihdl 
Clirift that's puricy> when the blood of-.ChriftandilieboJy 
Choft as water comes to be povvred out upon h^ &ule»iuntly 
thefeniuliworVmofJ glorious cleanels indfputity; -••. -• • 

SeconcUy, This puricybifhearc,!? the^ure-offoundnelCi 
of Spirit : It's that will diften\>ers^ to ibacibt)Ugft 
there be ounvoid occahons tpdifkmper thehe^E, ycc ^herb 
the heart is than within, it will nof be difterapered ^xxbetf 
ar^e. as '113 with the body, ,the body of a man'iifaai i^ftftik,i fee 
fuch a one takeout a little cold^prcfcntly there will grow^Vfi ' 
nels,;ihbe4:eHekyexternalliliIiTg that pwts binvouc.-of any 
orderly cqurlfe, then he will fee the foulneflie t>f his bftdy, am 
he fai:b, it was the cold I took at fuch a timc>;thc cold .thou 
rookcft, it WIS tlie foulne'fs of thy body, ahd this coU tboo hift 
15 bet that hath occ^iioned the ftir-fingof thehiaJior&of thy Wf 
dy foine wy or o;.her •• 'A ^^^ body is veryfubjeft to .dLi^fetf 
upon any occahon^bui: one that hath ;^ ^lean body^diat isclewi'* 
it'A from fuch humors thac ve inothers, kt fuch a one rn^rt 
cold or heat> whatfoetet.oucwArd'thinjj bfffaishiin,v..yahu 
body i? kept wliole and' fouiid,' why it 1^ &<HU ii3e-deanQe& 
that is in his .body? fg it is In the heart, the hearts of mea that 
*are impure, when any temfptation comes to evil, it doih taigh-' 
tily dittemper thim,whac a deal of hith appears inrbeir hearth 
- upon the occafion of any tcnipcation, am they lay it upon rfw 
temptation, "thouglv they hadtehiptcd thee nev«!r lb imicb,' 
yet \i there had not b.ien rpixh fotlnelfeiiuby heart,!he temp** 
ration would never have pretaiLd,faithCl^'ift|J/»^ J>evH c^nes 
(^l)ep?:(ls r:cfth^.rg In me.lxi that one thing of palFion and wigeri 
Mctny of you feem to hve very fair and plau* biy in your con^fe* ' . 
let (ome come and anger you, that you are pur into a paffion, ' 
whit adcalvT of fikhintTsand bafeneft will appe.ire ia -ybtt ,*'• 
Youwill fay,ic*f oHvi t;hvic an^redmc, and be pre- 
vokt me, and \\hy did he do tbu^ and .thus againfi mc, fo y ' a " 
are*ready to liy all uf on the tepiptacipn, when the tr urii \<j t 
\va^ fro;v> ihe lil Linefleof your corrujaioii^i, forallehcfl f' 
■ flu-fv.* thar pprears in a pallion, it was there before^ only tb- c 
was anoccalion to flir it; but t^iere it lay b>:fo;e,and this tec ^- 

tat- »n 

f^— ■ — ■ ■ — ■ — ^ ' ■ * ■ I .'.... J.-... J - - - . - _JJ_ 



Ikf: cxiHlcncj of a pH/'t hearty. i^cji 

taticjn dob but now malie rviuc w^s before in iri h^aft> 
but now caie tlut-s pure in hc.^rr, one th.u LiA rhofe coirUp^ 
ion>^onir*ed, that is ckanitd froniprid^t^nd feh'-iove, aiict 
b$:li]l^^,:iliough Itich a one be vvi onged, ycr he can keep hiai- 
ll*lf inameekandqiriec r^mpcrj. hs cim comn)i: his c^uiV to 
Oodji and gt? and make hi:i to ^*ocl, iS/VjJr^ are th pjdrs in 
i6f4'rt,they.are of loun J'rtndhaitSpiriLS and are not eidily di* 
fi^perediisxDiher men. are, and hence follo»^'>, they have 
fcwd, hearts • ^Tim:j.t. ;'^ ! * 

:":) .Tjurdljv BUpd^c thcptN m hart, ht they have mucfi 
gftaQe\oi^fticieiiceyd)cy aireabl^i to look lifon the i^ce of 
tiodvvidipeac^and joy^when God appears iuhis great works 
iWoadiathe. world their conrcieiices ipcak peace iin:o them, 
^,thcy rejoyco that they have to deale Wich fuch a holy God 
as ^nheLcM-d* island all tW?? comes from the cleannels that there 
k:MJt:Heir hearts, in the it Job 14^ r 5.' // iniqtttj h In th:nc 
h4»d^fiir it fan. May an A let MOt wic]^d^cfs dvpel In thy lAbcr- 
nAclpz V^kj^t^ihtv^ For fhe» fhafr tkoH lift Hfthjfacsvplth^- 
ot^Jf^tj'^jXJhoHp^a/t'iefieadfaJt ard frail Kotfwvr / Mark>here : 
•it'dl%.okeiicoiTcermiig.i?he having of cle;ui hands, and putting 
irisquicy &r foom'us^ furely tvhenwi hav^ nor only put fniqui- 
ty: f rooa o^»r handsi biit from out hearts,- When wickedneft i^- 
not wlf far from owr Tdbeniacles, btit far from our hearts, . 
xhtn fhall we be abl<r to lift up our faces without fpor, to be 
fte^dfaft^ nor to fear tvhacfoever eyil tydings comes,VYe iTiall : 
b^ able to look upon the face 0f God, to life up our counccam- 
ces jind not. to fear j When a him hath guiltinefl'e in hisfiearr , 
and. hs'bath on impure con'<ience,f&ch a man though he can lift : 
vp his face when tie is among his impure conipany, yet when 
God conies to cal him before himfelf,& hach to deal with him 
fo that be frail fee plainly 'tis the Jtiftvrigbt:,^& b^'y ^^d tlwc 
n'^wlhaveio^deal\vithal,that!Iftandbefore, an inipurAon- 
f( :4if e>an impure heart Wilt then caufe terror tote in mcn.K 
b ;eady to overwhelm the with Korn3r,*'he prcfence of God its 
V / dreadful ta an impure heart t-Bhpd are the jure in hearty , 
f '}ey (hall fee Godymt preCence of God {hall be joyfuU unto 
t ,, not CO otbers; Id ibc' 5 x P/^ 7^ 8. Vavld there hiving 
i ^ his heart, bcgiui' to lode upen the prefence of God as 

' - terrible 



39^ .7*^ ^xcflkncj nf.^ /wr< hum, 

\ \ ■ ' ■ ■ . 



terrible t<^him,jmd therefore he cryc^^ out in tbc a, v% Wslii 

Wi€tlyrwghl)fri^m'weini^Htie y and cUayf^mf from mt fit 
smd then inched. i^.- "Bchld ti:ot$ derc/inuth^Hfl^lKn^rd 
partly 4f'd i» tU h'ddcf. fart thou jkMi mj^ m€ to k?9^ t^rfdnm. 
fH7'ge meiffilth.h)[o^'t a^d I jhail h cUan^ j,jifi. »f, aid f {kali it 
• jfh^ierthc^fnowy thcii vvhac toll jvv, in ^hi 8. v- M4^.l^ mi^ $$ 
bear J9jj:f:dgl/4 fi\ tUt the ho/iet vrhUh thu h<^Ji ir^J^h maj 

. re'9j^ce : .MaKC rne co bc.\r ;0y and gLidnji^c, a^ if he ihom 
lay, 1 hnve de: fd my ioulwich ^tts l,n of Hiin-, gnj (he 
voice of )oy an 1 ^liiundic4< goti^ from my heait, and my very 

' k)nes are broken wir h che burden chac is upon mc for my fuiy 

• bur Lord pur:.c mo an*icle.inic me, and then :he voice ot icy 
and gl Tin Jie will be in my oul .igAin : Can my of you whoi 
conti'^ncesareimrure, and f^iac cell you of baiciinclean^lle 
.that are in jour h^-ans and vviyes ; Can you re;o/ce, have im 
gljtdnetfe in your coiinrcnmcc , in your vvajes, ce:tamly yoU 
know nor God, yo« know him nor, for did you knoiy\vhara 
(^od it U you hive ro deal wi' hail, till che Lord hid pur&d 
7oi!> vou coiilln^verh^ve loyinyonr hearts ^ 'lis .a toie 

• that che gace of Cod is in die heart of a man or vvomw^wben 
.' as ehey have den Id thcmfclve^' with any frn, cherc's nothimin 

all the wo Id that on give oyjivl gladn.ile to their hearts 
till he Lord harh prged th.-m anci cloanfcd them, BieJJed 
therefore are the furcjfi hart: There are very many excellen- 
cies in lhi^ purity of nearr. 

Fourthly, £/#i/?r<r f/;r;^r'^;« ^wr, further, for thefe arc 
ihe men cbac a c nt to ferve ods dcfignes in the wayes of t x 
Go pel,rhere h: no nun fx fo the de(ignes and waye^ oiUoi 
in the colpol, but your clean heartedniea, God takes no dc- 
lighr to make ureor your crnn*n^ crafty men: chit a-e erafty In 
adnfUway: It*s true, the Lord requires us when we live a- 
B^ongw»ckcdmcn, to be wile as Serpents and innocent; ; 
r^ovesrBi'tIfreako^\T.nningandcrartinc:ffe wiiencheyh- * 

, fo deal wi-hro'SCVnkesno'dcIighc to make life ofchei ! 
fcur voir pirn, up 'gh^ and (incere hearts art? fit to ferve il • 

. defi nw- ot CO- m he wtyesof theC^of^J, Asin the 34/^ 
5>4, hkoflaU^^fc^d:»t9thehill of th^ Lvri^ iUtd mh (I l 

Jin I 


3P4 The ixcillvicj 9f a fmn hurt. 

Comforts wbatibever : This wifl Jceep che£ frdm the Befits-^ 

fed from the pollutions of the world, unipbttecl' hi^tlidHifcn^ 
can have ourb^iis^lean^ Th^eixrvaqr few of ii« bath done 
(by but when we look back to the tiiiiesirhefem we liv d be^ 
fore, the times wherein th^e^^r^^fo great conptationscd 
chat that was eyill ? Where's the man or wonun but doib fee 
caitfe to laineiif; ike defthmdiiMf, tbeKf^fCf^ii^es^ and^ o£ 

. rhptf }\^rt^ b) cbe^Uutic^s of the times wherem they iiv d ; 

.We have fillyed our felves by fupeffti ciuus wniiico hew ■ 
tofore, and not only in^f^a^oiishav^^en defiled> bst m 
©MrVex^cqpfwncefi and juft itwere>vith the Lordibjtf: we 
iUuld nbver comd^tibYee t)i&^o6dIjndiliiit'kl^.i^ 
his peop^le unto, becaufetve have fo. Ikllyed our fe|i^^y the 
f^^x^itioiis vafdcies of the times wherem we liv'di How hap» 
pf is "th^'ttttfi <:»^vv6rdankkt4hf'd in iQ];}^ti«w^ 
^there fo many pdltttions,^ c idm j»dt kc]^ fbem^<rKti[^i^^ 

^ ' iti their way : I taft nioretb^ay^^bt ^ihf^f^kers^d^y^^ Mft 

^ my heart and<6nrciemie dcaaiimi ^i< ii t% t^iai^if t^ f^tn'^ 
fortofmyfouf^ IUe«ied[ai;erificb»^(?^d^ 

* hem, and (HiH c^taintf be t^ -dif^m ina ^oHous Qixi^ef*. 




, • n - I- .^ 

• - 

i 9 ^ :i 

^ . «• 



■■\ ^ '' 




*^. i«.0 ,> 


^ •»' 


» •r 

,. ; J- > 


(• '? 



m; *•: 



■ llJL'. ' j JtJMi I . 



^ ' v* 

L"»' ;-' 

f\ ■ /.♦ 


ichtrei upon tbts fixth Hule o£4)te(rjKiiM[e tb9 

THrpl0t9th$ fin 40 hmt. That fpuitj^itt 
dcanhdfe of^ibolof a mm « weraaiy i$ a 
____ vervblrfredthing; h's^lcdieil, / 

Pird, \i we cofiRckf the e^tc^eticy dF »mam foul,c^ more 
txc^lenc a thmg is, the more gdod there is m the l^epinff of 
ir de^ & pare from defflemencs;fs iK)W>tf you have a peice of 
c^rfe cloach, yoii do not fo much cart tokeepth^dean, asr * 
x>a do to keep Ane Lawn and C^mbncki it's worie for thx c» 
fiyg a %ifle in it, then fer a piece of fack-doaidi tb have a 
ftain in it : why the excdiency of a mam i&At iji-teh 40 ic It 
beyond all creatarejcthat ever God nude, except the Angell^^ 
A{ the works of harnroi, and therefore the cleat^efTe of a maAS 
^^Irotekeptfrom (hones andfrom^di,mifft needs be an 

reflenttbiiTg. ^ / 

^$9Condfy,i»Kl besides, in the fecond place,jby the cleanHefs 
t a m;mf h^m,*^ mm com^^ to favour the wird of God^to re- 
.fhfpirkuaHandheavenlf truths; they are UeiTed chat have 

E e e a cleane 



J^ ^ ^htrejM 4 ftirexM^P> mjl^jf^^ ^ 

*^4i^Tf 3*T*^i v«*jr:f^»-«*^ t*'>i»*^*g ^''■n^^^yT^ Tire- # ^ '-r'5'ni";r:.'i 

ihcjr Ti^f ^^ rciuli thcni, and iavor A^tn biinj dean,j;: M ^Jf ,.. 
a6mack>,\Vh^p'ti$ck:ane, k relii)\es .4nd fawufs^^v^old^^^:^ 

h^aru>,ti)cn i\i^ moft^*mcpe.mQ|ft>l^d mxiffst^^ 

ofvipd'arcUpLfiie to ckm v^h^y baye^apf^vpuf b^t i;?JiiK.o 

andajiiljcx.auiw of ;|ie iuiclcanhcili^/of xfech; hearth- %)aie of,., 

yc^^nuj rema3qbwr a time \vtu;r^:>;qM ^uld.reliiji aiic^ %w^;i 

fpiri.uall chiles beuer iJben rip\v >qh fOfl « .p,exaiifl4e.j9ujff^ 

hearts, iQoUipw.yftW/bearls^ y^mlltuidi^^ !l^<^g (fefi:,* 

defijetaiept 'of your bearw, you ha)6e a«.nl d your .Q;p^cj^ices. ., 

in tome fin againft Cpntiencc, youlive in iomc facrqc Hajini;./ 

of 'evill,aiidnbmaiydl -chpugb you (janpaot reiiih ^ ftvo^. ' 

the vVord as^-cfti >x^r^ vyont ip doe. ,: , . ^ --. v /: - -ru 

thirdly ,,, A ck^nebeaicmajke^ to ^^aw ti^ere.x^,^ 

-GocI, toili^vvnigh tpGc^msill djutie$. o£ yvprfl^p^j^^ic^^ 

xroiiunends all j^ ducies of worfliip that any. one^perforiiic^, , , 

Ir|,th?^4iofJ^«S,2)r^»/f/>^/ff?^ ^n^ lkv4ll^^^m£b . 

v^ 7«^;< ; hpw will voii ^aw. ujgn cq jGod ,? ^^Mfffjtfor if Wx jr^^, ^ 

iwntrsy A»d fjoripafour Lc/in^jQ»d^}^f^ff^ Purihc your , 
hearcs you doiibie-piinded, v^id thereby vihaUjpM«bp4>4 xa > 
. draw nigh to God, M?n that bay^ i^laane hearts,, they ^are 
noc coihc nighGo4> *or if th(*y. would, jConfcience -caqpot . 
draw m^ to God ; ypu njay goe Wp.xour Clc^cxs^ (oai^imts^ 
( Confciewe puttiiig ,Xou.HBOB.ili; ).;t)uc vvlien ypyt, arq ^tjipre^ . 
youcinnot draw nigh to-tppa^^ypfir be^irts .^<^ fouJ[e;Buc thebe- >. 
fore puriHe your heari^, U^cp t^ c^e^mfed Hearts^ and jt|^ep - . 
O how will your heart ^ingmCods prefenoe^^ana prefeody 
gee nigbx^ nimf itcooip^s all Tervices thap we t^der lip 
, to Qod. In the ^M^^j. j/.^ThejcV^l?PM>bef^^ 

• when he comosmufit^ a JSieprer 4»fimf(fifr^ afsjfvfr^Ju^i fy 

th^ they may offn to the Lard an e^ferl^g ^.^ghpepifiejfe ; 
you come and pflFer fljany things to^God*; make awy pwyers. 
to God, andthijik jbat God vyill fave yoii^t^r jputg^odf^sy-,^. 

• ers: Butccrt^x, di.erp's ac^ ^criqg.jjiaci ^vp5;?^ 


■ • — ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ — ■ - - 

H^ertln a ptrt heart is i^tefed. j^^ 

heirt tfidltericktiip to C6d,l)uc *tis defird and loachfome k- ' 
foreth4Lt>fd:vBift then is the otfcrihg of Righ:eoiilndl'e> / 
when tHeLord hach purified ihe heart, And in the it Pro: 6. ' 
AfJ^Ptjftfftte.^fmhSohmony 'huw(nrk^if r:ght. The Way of a 
MiiylV ftpmrti dnd ftrange , but as for th^ pure,' his wo/lc is ! 
rigSt-,^ Wiirfi the Lord hath clearlfed the hearr,' though icnujr ' 
be fei be" much vveakndl'i^, yet the work is right in Gods '' 
eye;/^ 7i«>: i, ^^. if m man therefore pitge hin.j'elfi from ' 
thejf^ hejkall be 4 veffell^nto hcmoHr\ ffuict'ijiedand n^eec fir the '■ 
M^$^rf9fci^,^dfrefgtred nrito every good vpork. A purged vei-'^ 
fell is it vellell inclined, and fit for the Mafters ufe, and pre^"^ 
pared for evei^y good work ; whereas thofe that have uncJc^iK*' ' 
fpirife, arc like hlifar- uncle atie veflells, unfit to be brought Ju 
to the prefence of ftie Malter. AikI therefore St; Paul ipeik- 
ing of the fertice that he did to God, It was om of a fure Cm- ' _ - 
j?/^/»f^,-i Tim: t . J, IthAn\^God^ whm Jfervefrom my fore^ 
fnih^'iif^ith ftere Corifcience^ fairh the Apoft le % He \vas able to 
fay thi^ as iit the prelence ot God, I endeavour to fervc God, [ 
anddoe fefve him, and it is from a pure Conlcience : O bifffed 
m-t tUfifte InheArfi for they are fit to draw nigh to God,they * 
arc fit for'every work that God fliallimploy them iiv; And it 
CohimiinrfsUll the fepaces that theydoe for God.. ' - " 
ictxtcMf V A^aine, A man^at nath a pure be^rr, his life 
irill be Convincing before Others : There is a great deale of ' 
teauty and excellency in Grace, will appeare in the convcrCiT ' 
tion of thattoan or woman who keepes a deane heart towards 
God. There's an excellent Scripture in the ai Pro: 1 1 , t;.' He 
thkt lifveihffereneffe ofheart-yfer the Grdce of his^ lip the]fCwg 
fhMirhfs friendi - O that God would make good this word of 
his ; That God would make the King the friend of Puritans •• j 

Wc taovv a time there was, that ol* all-men in £w/^^rii thofe J 

tbit were called' Puritans; and many of ^Jrem who fought to ' ! 

^(bip God in pfirity,iyere l^okt upon by the dye of the King | 

he miDlVodioustti the Landryet there is this promile made, ' 

t it thdthvethfHretH^ of hearty for the 'Grace of btfli^ 

\ t^h&^klihetksftiend • God is able to make rhe King a 

1 id to Pttriciitei^ ft)^ thofe that jove pureneilc of heart; the 




jfhitmm i|^ Ar/Tt^ is>44tfsL 


ptiraiclfe «f Aeir heafrt\vitt foguide ^teflflhcReif ^wiyes,'iHk' 
to fpeake and to behave tHenifel ves in fuch *mai«TCr, that he 
fhau be fein^irtced in \ii Confcidnce, thefe jdcrtjfiidy'arciiiH 
right Men,' ^d ciHei? th^t have beeA about mi^ dwfy^ha^c but* 
ftacrfered irte, and^eceiy'd me," and ted me intbHeWfl* Wi^^^ 
intomyfe^ tbac ftaf^e ttene abttftdauce of tnilchiefe^^ ICxhg^ 
dome V v^^reby thoufands have been oppreffiSd, axitf^theit^ 
bfo^ hath been ihtd: But Ifee thefe vvalkciipnghtfy,aiedorii^ 
ing rothdrPrihdples,*' I find that ifi one thing as 'well ^ ifi* 
another rHey ^alke aecorcfing to mlc, and difireferi; I jwHf be' 
,theif friend. Olecm pray that God v+biHd' make goed^iftii' 
prontife. Cenatnly, ?f there be ahy thiAg in th^i wcirW to c»4 
vlnce, it is a deane converfacidn out dri|g|lean€ 'bear^ i Not 
that Men only profeife furtty (MOre th&n Mi^^r, btit that ffiejt' 
walke aniwefiDly, ahd-that they manifet? the hfcaiity itij6 the' 
oxell^nciy of acWneibem^tin fh^ir-coT^ 
this will convince any in the vvorld.Men mayfpwk i#oFch4fi§* 
arid cry our of theflV,ahd fay rh'ey are hypocrites: Well^et the 
wld reakfike th/wb^d; let theni ipeak accordn^ to d^^uf^^ 
<wvne skill, as Aey have in the w>ye«; of Riltgibn'cUbe ^h^" 
gnefen in thewayes oPhofiheneftiH in a confhm ^ay, and^Ik^ 
tberc4>e'an eveitri^e fintky cortvef faiidn in \Mie <Wi§'«i Wfetf\ 
ias another manifeftthepufi^^^f thy heart/ and abLhgAfSLi-'- 
Ccttfciences i*'ll tfefl them ,' rtirf ^hy wa^es are -biteef *^hetl 
thcrfrs ; ThouijvHc bi boihourAle M the yery Confcieiice^ %[^ 
thofe rfiat havecryey out agmnlf 'th^ee j \i{i aiti^ht^ r^^nvin^- 
ebf thin? uri^ of heSiitj tvheti'ic fliines forth intlilsf fife awl^ 
Converiarion. -'^'^^ • '. • "»•"•' "" '• '' ..^' ■•-. -^ -u-? 

FiftWyi Agalne;«/rjf^^»rr/*^|iiff»f;^^ 
to them ; Titi 1.15'. V^t^ ftk ft^e aff tl^^f^fgitfui^ • 1^ 
fmtttthem ihit Sre liefVed^ d^dmtf^iMf^jg^ ^^$^mg*pft§itf'A)Me 
tvin thetrmffd unir^feftn^ iidefilii, OTthofa fc^afauSH^' 
lied ufe of c^ry rfiing5iatR<^ef^ Urt(3l.f?ed Ay4i;ia«;Stifl ^Aefti 
thott fendeavour r6 fanftifie-the liini^ rfGod in rfl drf ^i«ayc»,, 
lhi#tl»t an rhm^5 are.farifttiiedStA Aec r And tWff «ie' «itof*^ 
Jt's worth a kinp'^0(ne,fvor A * wor'id,Thac ah'thii»« fhduW btf' 
made pure to tboie ^ ^-cleoie'; AMd^i^th^l&atd ftltftif ' 



4 . fmrt iicart u ilejffd^ • j'py 

* f{i^t,dx»i'|i^ aipiireult, a fatKStiHed ufe of every tiing, who 

I^urctt ca keepe ihy heart ckane before th| Lord* 

j||iTihlji\ Further, Certainly thofe will hold out, they wiU^ 

licvcr ptpve Apoftates chat havcckane hearts ; Indeed a man 

^y make inuch profdTion , and 1>^ an Apofiue at kli >: Bui ;i; 

inan that h^di a cleane hear^,, and wlkes ior fincericy before 

Cod, ftich a man will hold cut ^ As it is with G^ld, Kjol^i that 

is of pure mettle> put it inco the fire and it vvill not Conftmcr 

ipdeed if there be but only a gilding over, and the nioli that, 

bioihcihu^isbutdroffe, if.icbeput into the fire, ix vvilV 

dwrc cpa'unie ,, but i^ it be pure gold it will hold the fire ,•• 

Aod fo 1(^0 th^ Lord caft his people inco afBi^tioili^ into tb& 

fiecy Ftirhace { ifindeedtheybe butfuch as make profeirion 

t^^be; his people , and have but. an out-fidc of holinefle, there. 

xkaj wiy conTuoie ^ But if they be men and vyomen of cleans. 

bttrtiri^y^^l^^^^ in their afidiciions , they will hold 

OMt unto the end* . ^ ..,;(- 

Seventhly, Laftly, IVrity of heart will ipake fruitful), fruit- 

fidl in the> wayes of holinefle, fuc^ whokeepe their hearts and 

Copfcieooes deane> 6 how will they grow up m the waycs of 

/lojineiTe, tbey mightily thrive an4 grow. Inthe ij John ;t„ 

AffFstbiT pfrgts it tkMth m4i,j Inrlngfrnhnure frmty ibeak- 

' log of the Vin^ : If there be any uncleannefs got in:o thy ncarrj^ 

aodcbe Lc^d eyther by afflictions or. any other way fliall purge " 

(iine b^rt^ p this isthat that will make thee bring forthniuch 

fti^t i As ic^s with Cbjldren thax are full of iH humours, theyj 

4oft noc f hrive and groty. ; . But; if jou give them ?ny thing t6 

piirge out that ill humour>in a little time how will they thrive. 

lodAioote up and grow exceedingly:.: So it is wichm^tijiof 

jW^ yott doe .nor dt^ivein the iyayes of Religion, you doe n% 

grew lip *ta)l in.t»odlincffe, ybu d6e rtot brii^ forth fruit to, - 

?-> Qpry ,dC Cod,6 jirere is mudi ^uncleannede ajid iildiinefie, 

I : into your hearts y bot if the Lord would pieafe t6 purge . 

i "tt) by th^ renewlx^ of '^he Spirit , and wa{hing of the blood 

c ^)xi^i^ tha renewing of the work' of Repentamre, you 

% lij grow- up in Cj6dlinilfe > ^d bring forth much fruit t6; 


' And therefore my Brechren , this point nuy coinforttbofe 
- Whofe C8hTcienSs5keftifie to thv^n, that tnou^ there be ma- 
ny weaknv*fles, yftt ftitt their hearts dot not mu wich ,the imp 
evill5 : It'^ one thing for evill to he cbefe, and iomix therej 
Theremay be drofle, but noc mixcc^vvith'thi b'earu jtjje jiearc 
'^ - mingles not \Vith it: If thy Confcie'nce tdfilie 'th1s,;th(^^^ 

have aboundance of Comfort from 'thi< point, and tFi^u^^ I^ie 
'" fin rcmaines,yet this purity of heart m-^.y quiet thy fpuu.-^^cvwn 
- ' in the fence of m^ny fins that are upon chee. Jiitjie i ot/fa: 
'■ ' i6'. WMh yec^ n^^ks J^^ cUmc^ jm arvaj the evlU of jour^ ilg^ 
\ itigs frofH heffre mine ejes^ ceafe todoeevlU, &c. *Thv;ri in the 
"^ iS'z/. Cmenorv a^d let us reafoniogeiherypuihifif^LTrd^ 
thopigh yomfnnes be as fear let y they 'jka^l he m vkn^'^^sf^gj^^ 
though they he red I'ks Cnmjon^ tbej {hkll he^ ms ]vaoiC Wh^ 
they are warht and made tieane , they are then as white as 
' fnov-v, as wooH •; and now the Lord wilj rea.dn vyj'^h.tjie ^le 5 
• tH6u rhayeJl goe reafon wichGod, and Cod %vili r^^ioti wlh 
/ ^ thee vVhen thou haft wailitlfiec, and made 'tHy fel'f^ dcmz : 
And though there hath not onely been fimes, Dut' li^^: fculet 
andcr^mlotl, though , there be great fins', yetwhen^^b^^bcart 
doth not n ix with • hefe fin<;, when rhou canll renav the. ait of 
; Faith and Repen ance>and thou canft apjical^ to Gpci of. ciy 
fincerity J(nd endeavours to walfe with God i^ what pujty 
^thou art able ^ tt isnot the greatnefle o(thy fihstbatjiy,CQn- 
' fcience tells T'hee are throrgh iniirmity, that thou dpeft noc 

• give WAy to,that thou doeft not.entertaine in rfay heart, as chat 

• that i^ fiiicoble to thee ; • The lord will reafpn the Cafe wich 
ihee, and thou mayeft f eafon then the Cafe wic h bin ; Blefled 
are the pure in ;heart,0 labour to kecpe your lieait<; ck^^ie and 
pure, and therefore be dayly watchir^ over your heajccs,. %^ 
heed that foileand flch doe riot get into your l^artsi and be 

. <iayly denfng of them by the renewed work ofjpau^ a^d Ri*, 

' pentance'; Forthoudi a ChriftiaB'riiay'keej^ehis he^nfrc i 

beii^ fpctted with ihe groffefin^ of the worljcf, yerthere wi I 

' diift get into thee every day, O labour to keepe yow: hear s 

bright *, Some of yon love deannefle in every thing, in all rf t 

furniture of your noufes,your Stooles, Tables, liiwn, ip cv r 


^['J'hi'tmfmiij' if mas hrmtr-. ^ ^^t 

' dut v^ chem, W if they k^ buciny way iutti;^, jou are 
fiotviMl ^kiTed: Olookc thus uncoyour bouts^ ch^ tor4 
' loves as it 'were a'l^ ChiifH^ I miy ^ uU u/bac evcTj 

^j -^ .^ ^fcanfii^ 

^ hhtt been overccapm^ iviih any iin, iaai h brotglir greater ac* 
* atcSMi^ iipon your hearts^ doe nor He in iin, never be: at 

^ baife yekif cpnfci^ttces cell you tb^t yoa have Jains: in onii Jins 

p hotV. firre are i^oft of 115 fc om this cleann^rlfe of heart ; »id 
'^ iMisft ih^ mije Gaufc ih^re b that (hame and confuBoii of fece 
^ ftiduld bs: ^ttnpng many ot us^ the Lord Viipvves, and our Con- 

• 'fciences know, that there is vvpfuil unckannelfe and ^'lthind^e 
''iif Many of our Ijiearts^ Owhat defiled Confcicnces have ma- " 
|'^tn*:nandw()5hchmdiisp^ it may be you are nearein ' 
'' yobrtodies, neace Garments, cleanHinnen j. Buc O the fitdiy 

< 'feafty \SuUs that you have vyichin , God« doth look upon your 
'^ftifle$ as hkby as a Car^ that lies in a dirch \ how carift thou 
'tohk rn^o xht prcfence of Cod To as thou^doeft ; fo bold[y,.fo 

• prcftrnpuoufly, when thou art'Gonfcious tochy felfeof fuch 
' iilAiffeffe } Men of Corrupt C^cienccs, that have committed 
t'Vf^y^Stipi In/ufiic?, that have deRled" their Confcjcnces 
^'uteiny yeari^ together > yet they lie in it ftiH,;anrt never have 

• inade aiiy Rcflitutiod.. Nowfo long as- thou haft got any thing 
that fe not tji'iite dwnc%' and thou hatt not reftor a it, all tfits 

^ ^hile thy C^orfciencf Wb bee» purrifyirtgutvi become more 

^^hd more ro^t^ { M Ic^ Kayy-as , rbw C(>nr ihiiett in rba t iHn 

^ ftficfti- maki^reftituciony if God dorf) a^v^wty tnable. thdb : 

^.Atid fhetf ne (J^nTcicnee^^of menare tirjMire^ abottnd.atice 

rffin Conf t>:nce ftarB to^char^e.:them w-ibil ; If God i"hoiild 

^ ^"^btHC^onfcience^ f9yil)0-.d4ii^^h vy^s col^- 

ttbd l^alhlFmy couhfeU and advice, and I /hewed them ro 

F f f - tlic 

^% The imf»rity ff m4f^f hs^U, 

the coqtragji^ 4ud ^^for all th4t, this an4 th« ocher ft^conj^ 
mi(:te.4> -^ ^ tbeptte iinpurity of puf hprcs, Qivhac » |ih 
thy fty of unclcanneite u the Pauley of chkil^usjj mm^py niM 
'and wcmen ; In the thoughts of mens jpainds fhere iithe iDoft 
^ominable uncleamiefle, ihat one would wpncier tb^t m lufi-^ 
nice holy God fl^ould be able to looV Mpo%lucb fikhy cr^a- 
CMres, and not come o^c againlt thvin inhis vvraeb ; -^ |he teft 
<>f .U5 all, may hnd much uackano^flie in our thoygb^s; (mK^ 
-pAie when thou hail been in cbe prefpri(:c of iiod kl f^^y^% 
bovy haft thou de led thy lelfe with unjf l^ane ^hougbcs , nov* 
^aft thou come into G(Jfis prefence lyith 2, loulc aii>^ccjr'd 
with fikhineflfe., and copie out of Godf preleoge yvith « Coulc 
all defil'd with the abwiinable uDcleanneffe pf dby tbwgbts, 
—And then tbc wncleanncife of ihy wiU 9f^ affeciipm, snd 
defircs ; what defires haft thou hafl co fini ^ fp deftld thj 
foule, O the fa<;ulties.of men andvvotwns fonfeuw as fiUby 
as any age of iu»(;;)iean^ birds ;.an4 didft thou bia under* 
ftand what th<? inhnioe |>ufity pf Opds ajfure ffieaaei, and the 
innnic^ purity of Gods- taw flieon^^ |i\d then bMCrWidedfend 
' what thy qmic hear? is^ ijhou vvQujdeft abhor thy. JIHfe ; JM^ 
of youibaric God ^ouh^^ goocl hearts, 6. hpt k isbecauje 
God i^ noc.teoYvn^ , and tjbie hplme^fl(K of^Jaj^ tm is not 
. b^o'^vnc, an<i joUr owj^iheart^ ^p^ jiqi; toowi^ ,V «^ you but - 
know tb^fe three lbing^,..yQUi\wvJd'fec gMe I Ay, ta abhor 
your felv€?s; I pux this co YOM^{prHefia^^5V»h^nyoM.biive b^co* 
prought upon fick beds^ then when you hp/e, (Come to tee fcbat 
you have had co dearie with Goc}> Iwe ypii Bpl had r»if-givii^ 
thoughts tien, wbenyou haye \^ia ceadv tQ g^^ ifK« rhc prcr 
fence of the infinite holy <^„ .i|^> f^atb tioc jipiif ,C«ifacn* 
(:es rqprove4' you fof youi: ViiV^iei»3W£ff^^ 
Confcien^s told youi how c^ thou ftand Ui fbi preftme o£ 
this holyGod. We.J^Mdrinrtie.Prqp^^ he were 

a holy mat?, aa^ t<bat haij ipv^hpV^ky wA d^tmefie ua him^ 
yef bccaiui)^ tber« ws but ^ibq im^9^^ of ynclearatircv 
.B»rk infthe 6noiifa^' when te had ^ut;^ (ight of Cod^the An-^ 
gellsdidbutcry My^ h0ly,;boJy is the^Lordof Hoftsficc. 
ibcn in cbe 5 v,. Th^JaidtJn ¥^^mf.f<rj 0m iwitwv, ^caufi 


™ ' . I I iiMi.^ ^ - I.. . I » , _ ■ 1 I ■ » . ^. I _ 

Jam 4 nikn vfmncltan^ Sfs ( and ccFcainly if of undeaa^ips, 
. then be fary lome uncle^inneAe in tiae h(iar& fortber ) ftr mut^ 
tjes havefcene the Ki»^ the Lml ef Hofis. Tijc fight of God 
.did caufc him to cry our, woe to 6im, be wasiind(Mb ; New 
then, if lo bt: tixtt God fliould bring thee to haye to deak inv 
mediarely with him, Othe terrour that thy Confcience vvouW 
.bring upouttipe; Thofe uneleannefles of thy heart, chough 
they troi^ble thee not now, they naay trouble thee oiis day r 
As we know it is in a chimny that is very fowle, if the fie c get 
'into it, then it makes a flame, and it is hard to quench ic : 
And fo when rffliftionscomc upon trien and women thac have 
foorie hearts, filthy imcleane heafts,0 chcn aflBidions are like ' 
to bume nioft dreadfully. I, I doe but appeale to /our Con* 
fclCTces in this, fuppoie God Iheuld fay , Well, all che Con- 
gregation and men m the world Aiall know what tmcleannede 
there is id every onet>f your hearts, they (hall know all the un* 
^ d^e thoughts that ever you had, and alt the uncleane defires 
that ever you bad, a! I the uncleane fecrec workii^s ^fypur 
hearts, it (hall be knowne to the Cicy , and to all me world. 
.Now would it not crtuble you to chink that God ihould tumo 
your infide outward, why the infinite God heknowes all, hi$ 
piercing eyefookes through and thrdi^h; ail that uncleanndTe 
of your hearts, they are Dcfdfe him as any dfiions thatevec 
you Have done — ^-— And €onfidcr this , efpeciallv yw that 
make profelfionof holmcffe ^d purity, and yet Geo and yauc 
Confcienc»tclt you that you live in fecret haunts of wicked- 
neife: Some fervahts that perhaps are falfe t6 their -Mafterif, 
and Govetnours ; fir are guiky of fecret uncleanneire, and chat 
they might cover their uncleawieflfe will make^reatfliewof 
much forwardneffe in praycri-and goii^ to hear the w^rd; and 
vvho would firi|)eft thefe for- folfeneifc , for uncleannefl'e,— 
And fo for others ; O this -is a molt abominable thi^g to Iwve 
an unclean^ heat, and think to cover it by making a profeirion 
of Religion ; Thou doeft take the name rfGod iri"*aine in a 
loft dreadfiiill manner, and know that the wickedneffe of thy 
eart will find thee ou& ; And juft it is with God to leave 
icetothewickedncffeofthy heart, to breake inrooutwird 

F f f 2 aauall 



adttiH fins : Tias is d^^ 

long tune tcgadb^> anifhcSdnisiliinkfifidl of tb^ hc-l 

Okie isf iibdi psqCdXiQii » IWtijbUistbtCiicleoC v^ 

than; d^Loindkanpc^ibaacod^ 

9Ki Im tbdQ l^eilfie OIK K 

pm^i^onrliefliy.ihx: £briUiievqr bcbbctcdoutt — Boc 

we kii^ novv dotu Vfkli ihisparc oEdie TeaoJ^WecGmcto 

ibc other part. , „ ... ;-' - \ 

f « • 

F«r"t6^j fidi itflgk. 

The world perhaps faiiii,coiKen3ing\?hcfetIut,arera^ 
andftr{6t and nice, and date noc do^ anycfam^^^unft y?igk 
Cottfciences^ th^y are poore ignoraiu/iljy pepj^lct ^S ^8*^ » 
rant women, and. ^h^ like ; : vvella^/illy^as ^theyt ?5^. t^"^^ ^g"^ . 
rant as thou thinke^ cfieai tc^be m the mactefs of the vvorkl. , 
yet fhey fli^U fee Cod, they ihall know God ; perhaps clfeir • 
knowledge is but o:her things, but this is ti^ pronuCoy 
'iheyfhdUfeeG^i^tWy flka^l ^now hnpi^^^ch as VJfould vvaikui, . 
purify.In the VYorId,2( dare not defile i:bemrclve?/Q 35 o:bers, . 
theyare.fubjei^ to agreat d^rak of vy:ongs u^ ^hc Jvorld , the ,' , 
inen o^ the vyorld chey vvill be looAviie^coo cimnitk tor th^ ; . 
Well, rhbiigh the men of the vvorlddoi Quc;goe. mean in cun- 
ning, b2cauie they have fimple plaine^l^arts, , vet ihl's is tiieit . 
Comfort, though 1 have. not. the framing arui crifcii^flle to 
.provide for my fclfe in;heworld, but na*jn inifie worlc(^ that 
have uncleani hearts, diat are full of cunning ai?d g-^ftgoe be- 
yond me, yet this is the bleirmg of God upon a>;,I Aafi fcie his 
Ucc: Thcjijk^llfefGod., ., , ,., \. . 

' See him :. No mart hatk^vcr^^fff Gpij t|wtL{y wicK bodily . 
eyes ; God is iny Uibif , ai>d yoij muiiwt.ttin;4 dbar.God'hith • 
any fl^a^ or faOnon like manner any creature, hi, is a rp;cic,. 
an infimte Hpiple beiiigtiand i;herefor^xannotjbe &ey^ 

dilyeyes, butrAtf^yZ:^?i/fp5f*^ chatis,th^y iliall know God 
by the eye of their underftan^ip^i ^ aiifi^thcy iTt?|1 come to en- . 
joy God, for fo,Jf?tf V^ is takeji in Scripture> Thpy^M^t G'U^ 

- - • ^y 

Vfs^B Nka. ■ 40J 

dcmtbdur hsacts aire, ihciiio.'cfigliLdis!y {kdikl¥^Gfood^. 
^tSiqpfliaUfech]mb£rea£:er]Dg|bry;fiar dicmorc c^ixr a 

^^Knkihin^ ; ' TAc your crdimiry glifics .as yoiyr ihkk , 
5^ccl^glTftc,fAtf»i^^S^in([W^ k dodi noc mike 

iDch aiefiexioB ay tip on ads^erCkiifil glitfe, or if rherc F-a: 
«iKt iipo« the gWTe^, the Smj wiU odc app^^ar fo biigfu ai^f gf o- 
ri6ii5> bixt take a bright and c!eer gLifs, aiid the Sun will 
bi very glorious indeea r So the hearts of men that are foiik, 
^^ifc's no luftre of th^ glory of God upon chem, but the heart.? 
of men that are clean^oad fliiiies in his glory upon them, and 
there is. a rcflcdion of Gods glory again upon their hearts r 
jTjexfhaBjieGodyfmh Atiftin^ Omoflfipeet I'^ht ofmh;dj that 
sr^cfejmfid; He calls God the mofiivveet light of cle^infed 
' minds -^t Now before'we come to the main promile, of thv^.' 
«cht of God," there s one or two Notes that are verj^ ufe- 

fill. ' . - 

Okf: "^ThefirffNoreisthi?:, That accordmg totheclenn- 
aelTe or lindeannetfe ofmensfpirits, fo is their fight in refe- 
rence vnto God and the things of God : It arife.^ from the 
Connexidrf, TJefed arc the pfre in hearty far thej fioall fee god ; ' 
1 fay, according to the cleannefle or uncleanneile of owns fpi- 
rits fa is thei^ underftandings in reference to God oiri the 
thii^5<rfGod, that is ifmen have clean fpirits, then they 
wilUometohave higher underfhn^ing in fpiricual things if 
theit hearts be uncleany thentheirfpiritsvvillnotbenbleta. 
have that right underftandirtg in fpiritual" things. In the 9 Pron- 
to Andtheknmledgeof the holy-yii ttnderfioKdlfjg : Men that 
have holy hearts, if they come to knowi they have underpin- 
dins^ .atwit'sanevcdkrirmiderftaodin^ that a manorwunan 
j^ '^ f Heaven andthe things of (^od, that huh a holy heirr, 
t] ^ovvledge of the holy is underftanding,no man^ knowledg ^ 
15 -rhv the name of undcrftanding,but the knowledge of the 
k ^^ifhii^ heart be clean then his fighr will be de me. And in' 
ti '\Dan:x'>.. There*s a norable Scri.^ture, that iIkws how. 


tfKlcrftatfiifS ^ - - , 






cicanncfl'e of our hearts,: Tha^ mi might turn fidth VmnA 
fromotir tytiqmtiiSj 4»d tptderfiand thjf truth : As ifbeihould 
fay, fo long as we live in our iniquities and defile our foales \yf 
our iniquities, we iTiall never be able to ufideribod tby tnitb: 
But when we come to lurne f . om our iniquities, then our uo* 
deribndings will be deer, then we flull know God and the 
things of Cjod in another manner then ever we knew them be^ 
fore: And in the laft of X>^^w • "r/. ip. fiidi the Text, Many 
^all^efmfU ami made whke-^AKiitryciy hut the wicked jhjii 
do ivkydly-, and m)ie ef the wich^djkall uftderfiofsdj hut tkr mfi 
^jhaU u^derfiartd: When God purifies the heart then he makes 
them to imderftand his wayes, but none of the wicked ftiall 
underftand Gods mind, their hearts being imckane ifey can* 
not come to underftand tlj^ .mind of^ jod and thii things? of 
God : The underftanding of man it hath a Die from the wiH 
and the ^flfec^ions^ thartook as the will and atfection^ are> . fo 
there is 1 fayia tHe upon mans undcrihnding,as it is in the bo* 
dy,loolc how the ftomack i-,& th^: diftem^^er of divers difeaf^ 
are, lb there is a tincture upon the eye, tke eyef? of men by 
fomekind of diieaies are mighily infefted 6y ill fumes that 
do arife from ths; ftomack, fo the eye of the foule is very 
much infefted from the will and from the afte^ons,as the bo- 
dy, when there afcends lio ill vapors up to the cyt s, the eyes 
are cleer and are able to fee, but now in fomedifeafes where 
vapors do afcend up to the eyes, the eye is diltempered and 
fees according to tnore vapors : So if the hearts of men hz 
clean, then it lees the truths of God plainly and deerly, but if ! 
the heart of man be unclean, thea it is not able to fee God 
more the things of God. ' ' i 

Secondly, The will of man it hath a great command orjr ■ 
the underftanding, the wHl of man it is aWe to command the ' 
underftanding to work about fuch a work or about another: To \ 
.turn away from this objeft or the other objeft, fo that if the I 
will of mm, and the afFec"lions are clean, then the ^/i? will 
pit the underftanding upon meditatir^ on God, and the rhlnc;$ 
of God of faftning the eye upon fpiritual things > But liow, '\i 
the he«t be uncieanc, then it will tume away the HnderlhuK^ 


■» m 

V^Hlt Notes. -407 

Jtogjfc will net fiiflfer the uiiderftanding of a jriian to fixit 
fidf tqpon Godjor the things of,God,rhofe are objefts unfutdbls: 
loan Hflcfean heart, or if ac any time, God himi'clfe iTnall prcr 
fern hifnielfe before a man woman chac harh an uncL-m hearr, 
fhe heart will not fitfter the eye of the underftanding ro chink 
•nGodjbut turns away ^m God to fomeching elfe chnu s fu- 
table to that utjckancfle tnat is in the heart, therefore m niiV- 
▼ail chat they undcrftand not the things of God when their iinr ^ 
cXt^ti fpirits will not fuflfer the underibnding to be suiting up- 
•n that that lliould'inlighten and convince thee : but oh the of 
fiber hand, if there b^wit a»y temptation prefcnced that is fu- 
table to the uncleanelfe of their hearts, then they prefendy fa^ 
flen upon that, and then the corrupt will and afteetions caufe 
the i»derftandingtowork upon that altogether, and to thlnl^ 
Vi}^ iK)thin£ but what will ferve for the countenance .and rhain- . 
tainancepftnat thacisnlthyandevilj. . . ,. . !* 

Thirdly, The Lord takes no delight at all to reveal hi'rhfelf 
to one that h^th an unclean heart, a man or woman that hath a- 
e iilrby defiled coniaence or Ijeart, and fo lyes wallowing 
in filthineft, I r?y the Lord takes no delight orpleafure in re- , 

vealing himfelf tofuch a one, for the Lord fees that fiich a one 
will rc)e<^ thetriiih, faiih (jod what fliould I difcover my feff 
R>fuch ah unclean he^rt that wijl abufe every truth that is 
prefented to it, and therefore in juft Jiidgemenr, the Lord 
PWll give them up to thofe rtibgs that fhall rather be a mean? 
tohardetl tfaetr hearti in the wayes of th^ir undeanetferThere 
fc a moi I dreadfyl Scripture for that, for the Lords nor taking 
delighr to? reveal bimfelfe to men of ui^lean fpl its, in thi z^. 
0fEzJks 4^^' Therefore /'ftirh the Lord J Sfeak nnto thm 
wrdfajtj ih^ffa'th th^ X^vtd God^ every mdn of the ho fife of If- 
raely that fetteth uv^'hif Idols in bu hearty and ptiteth the fi urn- 
Ul^ Ifiock ^fhU Jmqmj l>eforfhif face^gnd cometh to the Pro- . 
fhet^ /, the herd wiu answer him ih^ cometh acfordwg id 'the 
mdtknie'of hie Idols :^ Jhis jsamoftdreadfull Scripture; If 
toy one flVaI\eQme'ro you chi^t are my I'f oph;ts,.a»ci fetterli up 
his idols in hiVhearr, thi?re 4rc fpaie fecret evils that he dorh 
Ralnoinin bishe«:c i let be faid^hac will, he will, have his 




4«t Tltf fiKmp ii^teme^if m» ^jn^fi ^. 




^kher tlbiiig jtom Akp txE£wb4i|ii^l^5#i4^^ 

tor rtr^t fccc^n: ftuVll gatfter Eohirciaf. fmi iif?iii^^^j|j, , r - (,-> . ;- .-^a . 
; ' And bctice, ^Hw'rc's tfe ftrar^e: ditf/rcnce i^.Wfaisaiqvepl 
healions y wh^rx before the^ liv <i m uiiclcapirvfl^ ^ x^M *6crs 
mrds when Cjod comes to pu'rgvi ch^. a, RVWi,<3i:;.Wim».tfe«fe 
\x\c\ ill iiiidean vvayes, wh j they haye cooi^^, 1^ i^^iMtipd t\mA 
to hear'cne ^vord^ ^nd have heird x\xt actribucei^.ofxjo^c^/j:^^ 
cd to chefn, and heard ttie milteriesof Jeii.s Chriti prc^fedt 
thrf the |lorious things of the kiiigdoia p£Ga^1,bucihcy A^sslt. 
faw any excelkncy \xi ihefe things ac^ll^ j^fyec .hM ^ ^ppcifcji 
iieil(ions:'of OoJi to i^n\t tear in:Q ;hariifi; o^y^fei^ diirry^ftri 
ty,*nfty ycar^'thcy have been headers, aiyi' tM^ «ifa«g5..Vft^ 
awiy as a irtcrlouiid : put nowlenhis mip^ ,4i]j«)ugb he h^Uk,- 
nb more to ioiprove.b?s underltaoding tijfa b^ i^4-^h^imfii 
Let Liod bur c rfie ^'nd purge hii b^art; ;by Icpe V9.Jt ci bift 
Spirit, Ha)%'Aei^tbis man ccm^ he^rs tbjjvy^rtik-ibc^i 
Sermoft^ 61 the okJry of God opened, ip Ui^jf^i i»e.fpftfiiGc4 
hoWin ano*1^r manner th A ever be favy bin^i?^^^ sQlbw^r hi;ift 
any attribute of v'od^but bi? heart is pblTeii • vy^'fe the fea^egl 
the glory of God» and now he wonders tbat ali^ c^ wo} id dotii 
notfcarGod : I'corln bcforej'v'^ manjf. je^irs ipegei:bqf 5 in 
\Vayes'of enirifyagiihrt this C ^da^id never qe tjjqiibl^ijyii^ 
now I woi Id not for a thoufand worlds be one Hour Ifn that con- 
dition 1 was in before, becaule I lee it is fuch a dreadfnl thin? 
to be but a moment in w^iyes erf enmity to God .\ — Why 
what's the matrer wj h thee ^ Thou heatcft the fame truths 
that thou di^'ft b.fore ? -^ I hitnowchinc eyc^are q)enecl^ 
when hoi' bcareflof JefwsChrift,tbou hearcftandrejoyceft^ i 
Jtbe ichesof bat glorious o^ace of God in Jefus Ch?ii}^ ar 1 
;t*« no neW tHr^* hat you hear row^ I bur ijow , thine bei^rt . i 
clc^iniefl, and rhme eyes come to b ^p^'ned». ancf a great dci 1 
6f difference there is in the apprdienkoo$ of one < wi>en C7o 1 



The ftra ge dlffcrtace of mens affrehenfw^s. 4^9' 

fuA SacftpJcafed to cleanfc the heart, to what there was be- 
fafft.: » 1 1^ 1. > Here aw youniaj' fee the ground bf tHe grear* 
ijnorancc that ihere h" ih the vyorld^jt ii iiol becauip the thihgs' 
of Odd afcita'haftf't<y bfe vftd^if^bo^. :Wi^t^*^^C becaufe they- 
hit«no«iMn8taunderrtandthem, biit becaufe of the filrhi- 
nefs of thtir hearts, no merv\nle though men jijid. worncii live 
under mearv^-ti^h^a&^ernsopsj liut yet have^ioc knovva what 
Jefus'Chrilt hath pteanr, fechterheU. hearts are fo fihhy and 
unclean? la the' 2 7/W; j.'yjlj'ciu' jind there, the Apoftle 
fpeaks of women that wrre ever Icarmr^g^i 4nk):cvcr -were. Me to 
$onutatbel(^bi»kil^"ofrf7y truth'. And To'iV may Be'a\>plye4 
t^meg, to tbaIl2.thaiUfe laden v\iihT^ away with 

divers lufts, T/?^' are ever Icamhtgy ar.d, if ever ^ble to come tf 
ihckneivlcdo^e of the trmh : Why fio'they n9C come ^ tjie 
k»c?\4edg6 ofrFhji truth? \vhy> Uecwfeiiieyaraled'.aWiiyWii 
luft^ and laden with fifis^ When men and women h^we'unr , 
dcaffeffe ih their hearts, "and* ar^ laden with .corruptions io. 
their tpirit5,'wby no mervAilthQiigbdi^y nevej: come rorh^. 
Ifcowledgc of the truth ; and therefore y6po: think your 'ig; ! 
iBranc«€art extuTe you^ to' fay*,^ Avhy -'I do' according ' to, my | 
kfjovvldrfge, and all men canribr attameVo the 'lilse knowledge 
itea9thcrn>cni-'Al%I-aiTiapoarc]re^^ and aai-butVVwak . 
Jiri noirable.t6'iirldt!rfl\thd things fo as oiifers do : -rr-'.Oic : 

,. . U.J. '♦•• '-•.•■•'^•. V •: '*:♦ 

Jo «,♦ ' • •• •*»'»k ' 

» ♦' • 

n^i \> i^^w^>h^* 

" ..^ <: J. ^ ■-;^ v.), ^ il.^i,J ■■ \'. \yirihnt -lyji^ 

.■•■••' -i .^ . .■-■■ -Jl^t-t:'* j^i'«i-' 

'tfc hafflifilHif tlKKare (M et^«hMi^ 

''fHISotof' ReligiQn:jltf'«ll''o(f]i Ml'^rW 
r" jtolfici aKti <bllitllt> ittl <uili8','!il8f ^iitll 
W eh\i^-iat til. Itrarge- opiriOBs; bftjjfcrtrttt 

, _ , waf ttKTi'^anfcirficeS bsem'fe^'ft Aatff; 


Cn*' X ^is and [hfr Devil ?(a(li-'gor t w»y now ird^cttp^ niehtittH 
£R;m (mill' J:IW airUfi'<8il»fii!<riieHtlMs>«d rdtM^ <!iHW 

no niarVaa'fl*n'<^hi*rf'e a^Sri«!tVt1ift*i' ii(!si!ia^tMU(t«T 

J*. >l uj Aa-hi utfj) j/.'^a'rt ( ijtyij oi veiTi I s4 3 2b jaw baftw 
■ ■-■- ' ■! '; =2 

— yKck4M»fft ^ b***thrjc^f«. ^ trrtf^ 

t fall 10 f^Qiaifjr vile and dnruulile 

VK never' tncw *rflai tlfe^'^lic'cj' 
iiaaKaDC)thefe^M&£od4 tJRsr^wtMi^fo^ideauviis 
iKancyandoicellenqroftheinj Uegive you a Scfipcure or 
^ cff o to (hew you hew erioun ^ »}[^ tram the lufts of nKns 

9. ( thac's for ihofe Ihit are but formall profctTors of ReligicHi, 
(bey tWlie [6 fUl ) 'ftf&'mgit~fi^wt ifjtntthngrifttntmjhigrbe 
fmtr therioft fail h the Tbxi i Bpt ivhii w: they ? e^/ Jdnnet 

Gg8 % 

kiDiir^sMiKterks ^ God ;faic an 
-fel^ fioTT ^(Hiutii unco Ehdn» be 

vax^ziX HBderiuDdiiigtittcjdiepeiK) 

God depttodsiwoniteircwdoti^i 

t4Ai ^ i^i^- ^ -thetflMEiafcflLx 
to4n3l(£-^H«fetC kmiemxbcfiicM 
WfoiiaAUV »n(j:de&es.te inaih; t 

' FCfnc'tJwtvecotoewnnMqnii:'.* 

.-.«y'ti¥:fi«jK'«(:C«*,fa '■''''■' ' ' '"'"■'' '" -^ 

Vacant- tbe iWMirritonriyi 

vuyefl,. wj mil. K^nA^ 

TlutjMorij. rwdoE^-l^iWilitecA 



Tht fieht rf" Goi is thi ilt(fU»ef« of Mmi 

inowlcdgc of ducon«:cre4mre ; O whu excellency ii there ifi 

> — J 

tiitSii^^ If a* 

^^Ht'f^fiim^ his birtJi^m^tti! mans eAate^ 6 what %' 

'j^^4j^^ lo\iS^ the lift^HanMCOf^vhofe bcKvelt^ \ 
. -.TieV ma Father from whoTe loyiKsbei^ 
bkfledr.gfitofCJocivVvho is the firft bedngof all cbing<;^ our 
CrcatQr. /l^ is^b^Tiw Jtatton^ irceatiKc ft ca- 

J^eof Mine Reafomble crcatuVe is i»t fatisfied as the Senfl- 
ttye creatur/5 k^ ^W^^rWi^te'*^ ^' f^^of Jbdc ^rfcat fiJeiHfes 
rbeTeHfelpr.t^^,^ ; Slur d)e)lU^ocistfoEMMr<^£^ 
pi^fbltiy at tbe.piuie ^{m t)?etfi|S Kixbd'sifiidiiMli^dlfetf-^' 
^y i^'(£itJi^h(ij{^ IvdM^fb^Oujeof itf »c4Hbk^^ 
fet^ that. th.^Ub^ jto ' 

6t^e oftMr^^ t)of{\wh^)btb)re w&ukf ' 


> > 


Woj'cs whtran ^od rtveals bimfclfc tv thcfoule, 417 



foule I For die foukf ofMan it is capable pf aniiiimediice ioy- 
^11111^ With. God.,,, - ,. , . . .... .^ .. _ J 

''j^Xou vvill ray,> Gods beeing and eirenceis infinicc, andrtiahs 
fouie fs buc fiuiccy I but ycc there may b^ in iniincciare Con- 
. ^ jlinction bctVveen an iniinlce and a iinite thing i. As now the- 
.. ioulo of JefusChrilt that vVcVj; God-cnan^ why his foi:le was buc 

• -'k hvnit th'ingya creature, and yet whai aCoiijiinilion had the 
^ fbul^ df Chrilf with the Divine aicure ; For there wa5? an hu- 
'''pbllatfcall.unronl;)ecwecuborh.loule and body oi: Chrift, ntid 
^"the Divine nature. Therefore now, the t.niceneire of the foule 

of man dorh.nothuider an immediate touch ( as I may fo 

- jipeak ) with the infinite beeing of God himfelfe : 'Afid ic is 

'•capable of a more immediate revelauon of God himfelfe, 

then we ar^ able to expreflc or conceive ; But ilvit l"hall be 
' ' moft jlereafter, the immediate revelation of God. Onely for 
*' tfajepreffent there isfomewhat 'of that Glory that there fliall be 
"*iB heaven, it's begun here in the world ; A^ now, the union 
^ \Vitii God, i6r communion with God that fliall be in heaven ; 
• ^ 'Ther^b is lome degree of it here in this world ; And fo the 
'beatiAcatlvilion of God .The very toych and clofe of thefoule 
*' 4\Hrh the elVence of God that Ihall be in heaven, there is fome 
'^•degr(je of it evei| here in this world, in the fight of God , but 
'"'W^ar^ hdtable to exprefl'e it. .As the eye of a man, though it 
' {ct$ other things, yet it cannot fee it felfe ; fo the foule of a 

• inan, chough it ^ upon God, yet it cannot tell the way of its' 
•" •a<ft/rig ; They cannot tell how they fee God,but this they know 

^ • that the)f lee God orherwayes then ever they did. As that 

; pobrc.'manf^ldj This Ilq^ov^^thatrfhcreaslwas.hl'tnd^now I 

/f/?; fomanypoorc Ghrillians that aremeane, and women of 

\veaker parts,and others that are of (Ironger parts, why before 

this purity Of heart now, if you;*askt them what God was ^ they 

• 'would lay,'^God was a Spirit , and he mutt be worlliipp^d in 

'^■^iris and truth ; they would tell you, Godwas'erernall, and 

)dwa!i Almighty, and God was the Creator of heaven and 

anh, and God was infinitely wife, and infinirely holy, and 

nany that had good ftrong parrs, they could difcourfe of the 

ccrioures of God;But yet when their hearts come to be cleai>- 

' H h h fed, 


' ■ *— ; i ' ■ - 

fed, and ;God r.^vaaluighimfelfc.untath^enx>,I^ yfu*,fti©ul4 
aske 'tfaem, what doe you4now of Ciod now iijore^^theh'yw 
hive done> they are not ^ble co exprcflc, oncly cKs,. vve caa 
&y» :*Kc y»€r€ hilni^hiu^fffM wcjic^ wc doejTee. vx)d ,\n JCpoifef! 
manner cben ever, w^ hav^ done. . . . , j j .. . •: . <f . i 
:» j«avi bdidijs thiS'inoce iipfji^dUje riv^htiohqfGoatp chc, 
foult^^-a'K? tbatApwreijc bearc fees t^od; iii his vvorks, in' di^ 
bciaolding ok'the gr<at WQrksof i^od indi^ glafs of. t^c cieir 
• litre >> in the beayens asid carcb> and feas j i^ bebplds ?iod3. 

^pcflres when, k .ioGke> Mpp^dierU5ng,J0^ i;he ^u|V,af|a'tli4 
Moone and Starrest .mid dia-jvaftneife ^Sji^ .S^Si^'and the 
body of rhe eart-b; . Perhaps fuch dayc$ . a^ tjiefp afcer Scnuoq 
is do^,mariy of you will be walkiiig up and down^p qi^ Held&f 
but what doe you ict} wby you fee the great grafts ^d other 
aien walking up.^id doww> ^ you fee .trees ; ,,Bui: whar ci 
God.doc you fee hefie ? Now if yw did vyalke^i^erly;!^^^)^^ 
t(;;inplate of God app^arii^ jp'his workj^ then 5; were^anodier 
matter ; Afpirituall heart vyben it. lookes upoii tbe vvorks pf 
God> it gets rbcough che >vork prefently to God, it looks ug 
to heaven, and fees^che Ciod of heaven,, and the God qf tbf: 
earth and planes J -r^.Aiid this is my God, and .thq ^lory ii' 
Godthac appeares 'ie all die creatures, it s the .glory q( iji}^ 
God ; Inde^ when he goes abroad he may fee more Land 
tbenhis owne > I but I cannot fee more Land thenis my Far 

' And chough God-.ill^ine$ inucb in hi $ works^ yet he appear^ 
'n:cce clearly in hi»^ word ; And it s a good , Argymegr.of one 
that's ipifittttU, thatxan fe^ more of the Glory qTG^ in the 
word, then in allthe greac wo^ks that ever wae done in the 
^ world : If the Lord ftwild carry a man 01* woman over all the 
world, and (hew them all the Coin riea in the world;. yea, 
carry tliem up i^ heavei>> and ihcw them the.Sunne,.Mo!onc, 
and Starrer, and inabk them co underftsod <all the motion^ of 
d)em, and fhew them the Sea^ and be able to underftandibc 
motion of the Seas, the ebbings and the £lowii^s» and aUcbc 

vaflnefle of tbai creatine ; Anfl ip i£, h^ were able to under- 

' ' • fiaHd 

— -^ --*■■■ - - - l« - - ■ 

H^^J^es Tvhereij God reveals bfmfclfetd thefvuU, ^ j . 

ftaadilltBe naturi' of the pl:mcs, as Solipfff^' did^^d the my-' 

fteries of all Arts and Sciences ; yet vvhea he hath done allj 

^ioniing co read the vvorrf, be (hall fay > well, /have feene « Pfal. i rp. p^. 

^;;^ (?/^// prfectien^bm Thy Ward uexceeJiing kr^ad * I fee fnort 

in rhy word, t"hen I doe in all the book of airure t* A few lines 

of thy vvord *3orh difcovef more unto nie, then att die book of 

n^tture befides r I, th!> Were a good Argument Of purity of 

heart ; A pure heart goes and feads in the word, and doth not' 

j*ead iUs other boolcs , but fees the wifdonie of God there^ 

the pWity of God there, the' Authority of God there ^ the 

W6r dis tit)t a fcated book ' to fiich k foyte, but itiopen to it ; 

f^ And rfieri it fees God in all \m Oiviinaiices ; chey are the 

piaffes % which he fees God -i— Likewife the Mintftery of the 

Wordi and Sacraments, and all other Ordinances, Goa comes 

irito tfe fofils?, -and the fo«!e finds rhofe but a$ G taflfes to repre- 

ienrGod;tinto it ; -^ And it fefes God againeiiithe Saints ; 

Htfie iSaints, there's the /i«pi4jf^ oFCod • tbereV the fiSbin of . 

jSod iH the creature^; Butitt the SaiatJ?, there's the lively foiagt 

of C'odi ay the Image of the Father is in the child: The men 

cftte World they fee Kttletrf-God in the Saints v But oovv 

wKen ttieir eyes come to be opened,and dieir hearts purified, 

they cannot lo7ke upon an^ |odly irieft orTroineo,btttchey fee 

inuch bt the glory '6f God in them i and itV this that makes , 

them fo love the Communi«i of the Saints, becaufe fo much of 

God aj>pearcs in them ; -*— yea and they fee God iivtbeirown 

^iri:s ma^e then ever before, there vYas nothing hwx, darkneflfe 

irt their ovvne fpirits before, but 'how bemg faiiftified, there's 

the prefence ofO^d within them, ihey fee God within them 

in tneir ovvne hearts — -^ But above all^ that that i$ here in 

thisworldjtheyfeeGodih the face of JefusChrift,tbere they . ] 

fe'e the glory of God, thofe that are of pure hearts ot fpirits. 

Inth^ X fietf. Chrift is faid t^ ie the char^ep Ard Ingrdve^t 

fie of the tmngt -of God^' the irightn^Jfe of his ^lory. You I 

e not fiich a« expreffion of alt the Angelic in heaven j n^r j 

li in the world : ItVtTtie> Mart wa^ m.tde accb:ding to rbe 
la^e of God , I but- Chrift Is faid to be the brinjhcneire of ,' 

■"^i Glotyjafjd the'exprefteliitige oPhis perf6n,tJie cxprcflc 
' H h h a Image 


_ . , . ■ I ■ ■ 

^20 }Vajt$ vfktrtln Goi reveals himjeff t^i$hcfi^^ 

Imagepfche^fofeofGod, ^iid tiec^^f^e Chfjft IS^^hi il^v 
namati caii,k»ow.'tiiei Father >buc they muftxlog hbyhmi :: 
Johfvi^ 6: Nm nuiH sfimth'w^. thefMkerhHih}m^iJfym . 

hettcef^thj^ek^(mhimaif4h^vfifeeite him ; :TJiere4siiQ know- 
ledge of cbc FacberbUc iris by jefws Cbritt^ by die under- .- 
llcUidiiigofJcilfS'Cbriii. No mm k^mes the Ffther f^vejif ) 
Son^^(iheto yphm(oever the S(m wiUreveal^ himjColloi^z.j^ : 
/« him are hid all the neaJHrejf ofwifiome orjd'k^^ed^e : and 
vet ^9. . Fvr m him daeUetb ail thefulhefe of the (jedr-he^d.k^^ 
dilyv hy^ty iirange ejcppefion.v 'it would not have b^feem'd. 1 .- 
the mouth of anyjmarr,no nor beicem'd any Anpcl to h^v's ha4 
fuch an- exprcifion as thi-S ^ ^'^ d»elieth all thefMlbveffe pftke 
Gadfkead loiily 5^ k Is in Chrill; The Glory of v»od appeares . 
m Chriit^. if we m?y make- a-comparifon of low chings ^wich . . 
high ; As noiv^you cjm^ot4oek upon the Sun: in ics GJory^<>ft$ m 
tlieiFirmameno j biicifvhea'the'Sunlhines upoii the .itoiier^ .. 
•here younuyXoirhclyftcr of, the Sun 5 fotake God: as iu • 
hijnfelfe eonfideredv a? infinite Creator of all things; as wi .. 
are h.cre in thisi world our eyes doi dazell to^b^hold Gods Ei- - 
leix:e> vye cannot- behold it, or not able to exprefft: it ac Ieaft> . 
but in Jjifus Chfi[l wexoaae iieereft to ihe b^hDlding of <Jo(j% . 
in Jjilus Chrill ajs God-man, ther^ we may come t^ b^hokl ^ 
very much.oE.theGIory^yeaof^e face of God; andchcre- 
fore you find that in the Gofp>il we are faid Jo bvihold God 
with open face, , z C v.: 3. i&. But we all wjth offin fu€e l^er 
holding as.ln^Clajfe the Gl^ry vfthe Lord, He fpeake*? of it in , 
way .(rf ciiiiinClioDfrGOi.die Law, we coiild undcriland but lit- 
tle ot God then : And then in feed, in the old Teftari^nt we . 
Hnd fuch^an exprdfion as t-his, ^No man caif fee God a^d live : 
But here in the ' new Teftamentyou iind fuch an cxprelTibn, 
ihxt T^e all wth of en face beholding as in aGUffe the Glory ^ 
the l4ird ; vYiib ojpen face ,: not needing a rule as Mofes bad, . - 
but with op$n fece we behold the 'v^lory of God ;but 'tis as • 
in a Glafle; The f^erd. Is one Glaflle, the Ordinances are ano- 
ther glafte,and then the creatures which is tlie thickeft glafle ;. 
There s idle Word, the Ordinances) the Saints, our owiie Spi- • 
" rits,. 

miyes T^berein God reveals himfclfp toth fimim- • • 42 J 


rit^j bit the'feighc^Ialle of afl is Jefus Chiili -7it)ct therefore ^ 
incbe 2(n^i 4. 6.<ic is faid, IhatG^ -whs commai^detl t^e * 
/[jAr tofinnt tnt of darkne^t , A^A ^i<td in vht htans^ ta ght " 
the liglft of ^^k^miedge^ of th^ Qlorj ofQod in the rfsL€e tff ) ejm • « 
Chrip. God who commanded the light- co-ft rne out oi dark- ^ 
nefle-i AUdie'Knowkdgeof God thac finn hath' before his -• ^ 
Converfion,' it is «but as <iaTkiT€fle ^ and God when he comes 
10 ihew himfelfe to the foule, he doth as great a work as when 
te made the world, he did then commatid light to \h ine out of - 
darknetVe ; And what's the fruits of it ? Hath fklfted in ^ur ^ 
htms^ HOC oncly hlonr JbWxbiic htants.^ and k lliine« there- 
to gtvc iioht^ to give the lighL of the knowledge of the glory 
of God. .Mark tibefc gridations, -— J-ie hath ihined in our 
hearts 5 *«^ To give the knowledge of God j.-~. Togive the \ \ 
light of the knowledge of God ; »-r- To %iv^ the ligh c of the ' 
knowledge of the glory of God ;—*'i*^r- And all this, In the '* ^ * 
faceof Jefus Chrirt. O the blefledneffoof the pure in heart, 
th« comes 'toffee G od ift the. face of Jefus Cteift. This is- a 
'Myftery that none can undcrftand ( like the white ftone ) but R t^cl 2. 1 7. 
thofe that bavc ic ; «ho: e that doe fee God in C^rift,t hey know 
whdC Vj id to fee God in Chrift ^ and they would- not for ten ' 
thoiifand worlds" loofe any ont fight thacthey have of God \n 
the face- of Jefu^Chrift, But it's impofllble for thanVto ex** 
preife it to others ;Ob!effed arc they that d<>e thus fee (^od ; 
It's a good thing to fee the light, faith Selomon \ Suppofc that 
.God had made^ us,that we bad had but foure fences, onely the •. 
Jim-ing ^itid Smclli^fg-i- iht Fee&jg ^\d T^fiirr^^ And had left 
out the fence of Sight-rNow I fay,' If this Jaad feen, that God 
Jbadmadc'Ojl||ly'fourefences,/and afterwards in ourdayeshad 
been pleafeoto add to the beauty arid Qxcetlcncy of mans na- 
ture » fifth fiince, that is fight^ O vs^ac a glorious thin^ would 
if hav^been : As^PQvyxa;Qianphar hnd.liv'^ ii>a duvigSon 
all the dayes of his life and never hadjeane light, Jf this man- • 
after heis grown© up trj yeares ftioiildrbe let c»Ht of this djuh- 
geon and come to fee tbi3 glorious Sun, what a gioripus t-hing 
would it be to fuch a one ? 0^^ftlrtheF ^ The beaft vvbo hav« 
«nel]^lhd fi^t of ihisiight) if ^GcditWuida^ 

. - '• der- 


wwwM^Mtii*— «»«^rp— — » ■ I I ■ « - '■ 

4^^ mk^^^ fl^ figl^ 4 GdisahliffdU^f^ 

d£is(bncling» c6l)e able c6 coiicefvc ofidiin^^ ^y vwHir^i^o- 
rilousxhange fvoiikl cfaeivs bethtneriJ&ca(»vytheirGd^ 
uNufpirioiaUiigbc of faunfelfei there ti isgffati»^ba«ge)*;Hl^; 
rhac 1$^ aboundindy nv>re glorioiis, and 4n6re bldfed it n^U^ 
be then theaddii^of ieeing^ t^ainanriimi^^ 
fcJs^c^or tbcaddt!^ of Reafon catbe Beatts v^ I^ a^)led^ 
thing to fee Ci^d y tsA chacHaK^&iU->iii Scpipimt^Ak^oiitt(^# 
nttny waves.- f ,-:.• T'-j,. /. •>.;>] 

. hs Hmilt is imde co be. the fmtcy>f the Covesranc<»f Qrdia^ 
. howfoever men may tfakdke lighc of ic, chat doe noc ktio^ft^ 
As cbe beaft9 chat knoWvUoc whac tdatepi is, they are noc ttwi.* 
i)ltdfdrtbtivYi^frofic, and ififve had noc knowne ivfaac<ciii^ 
fence of fight meancy tve fhouM obc have been troubled ^ftp 
the wane of it ; fo the world i$ not troi^ied for the ym^^^He 
6^ of God, becaufe theytaov¥no more niiiac ic meaiw cfien 
ci^ Beaftfi kncwes &eaion» or * a man obat M iM4?.€lJc^&utr 
' fences* could h^ye toowne ^vyhiC a Ifft^ had imam r^'fii^ &b^. 
Sai()ittre makes ic toh^ a irutt; of the CoVttianc'^f O^ac^^ » 
Jlirw*^ mark bow the Lord eKpreflbs faimfelfe^ Chxf^ y.r; .-5^. 
ThiywallftMch np nurt twry wmh his mgUumr^ Miutjfmtf> 
man his irotheryfapnffy Kfiffw the Lard • frttheyfitMUoJH^gg^- 
mt^frmthth^ ^/ them m^ Phi greiftt^.^ thm^fiith ihi 
Lord ; f^r IwUlforgivt their im^kyy uMimUi-rtmrn^ ihtoti 

^ m m9i^. Ic'b a truit boch of the Covewmr of Orace, mi tf 
the pardon of (in, that is the fpeciall mercj' intbe Gd^enwr. 
Tbo re^feo why there are f* many of you char knowr mc G^j) 
it is becaufe yiur iniquicies are»not forgnraijbur God retncnii*: 
faer^yottrfin, youarenocinCovcMncwitbGod; whertG^ 
brit^s you into Covenant with him(clfe, and foi/§M9My0ac &tK 
bemalcesyou totoowhiAir^fe. ' ^ 

Secondly , For God to reve«Ie bimfelfc, it is a^gt^ac Auit 
^f lo«€ ; of the Jove of God to the Towle^ for God toaiiantf'^ 
bimfelfetok. Jnthe t^Jeh: 21. He rhuf h^h my Q 
4mmnt$aftdkf0fi^ them^ heHufh^tMtHhi^ ; anJLhi 

^ethme, fhdU heUveief my Fafher^ 'md twHl Urn 

H^ will (hat be mm\it^ed1^^mdwiHtmmif0^^myfe^ i^Mip 
Chdfts tnanifiefting hknfi^Ki t« the fidNkt^ mj^iriik^^to^c^ 
wi of kis Fathers loye* Yea Third 

^ l)w^9 /Iris thp Wcffedneffe of chc glorious Chnrdrr 

^My^ooe^^ tfaefpeckli bletfedneftesihae ihall be tben,ihat!* 

hsfa$fi There vicre many thmgs nancd to fet forth the exr^ 
oeUei9K:y.and "lory cf cbti liacc of the ^urch,^ but this is the • 
iftwHA irArnHKr^f^ltfi^i^hirfM^, The truth i^ in Gonipari- . 
fon of what fliall DC hereafter, we fee little or nodiii^ at ali, 
V¥e^fcetbQ'l«lckpartsof God; But there is a time for^the 
CIsBm^mwjU^^ rpokenof a ctAiem^ 

thb vyorU (KU^ 0iapc: before lYisws^ rhic it^s « time wheif 
tbtf;^Kii)g$<9Ket]ihil^ bring their Oloff to the ChticcM^ 
t^ ifl>aBAOC bck^ ^ ?^ heaven i And rhey (hall fee the face 

; : fbcsihly i The fight of God here, is the beginning of Iffei' 
yjBuhetlcgBDU^rfeteniallJife; Thi$isJifeetirnaltt0k!^p John 17. jk 

wtrld, J^titaAm rxn ^& tfll they cbme to knov^ God, mei^ \rL 
rhe^w^U are^ead Garkafe^> but when they come to kndw 
Gfd, they come to Kve, yc« they begin to live the life of eter* 
rkfr Obkffedare they: 
• jFiftfaly , it^ tbe^lofy of hefven for the Saioqr to fee God: 

X, J$h* '^.^Av Betwtdf mw fr^we the ftps cf Gcfdy anS It doth nob 
fn Sffi4rt vfhitt wefb^ll tij km we kmw that wheu heflntli af^ 
ffm^yWt Jhdli h i'ke him -jftrmejhMtfee him as he hy faith the 
caxc^K<M the feeing him as he is, we fpeak not to for the pre* 
feor^ulonely mention this text rK>vv co (hevv that it is a very 
bfctfeii thing to fee God j for it is that whereby the bleffed-^- 
mtk-ot tfc« Saints in heaven is expreflled by the holy Gh'rft ; 
HTejhili ie tikf him ; Why ? how ? ree fhaH jfe him 4s h^ is : 
That will be the happineffe we fhall have when we comfe to 
l-^«»ii^ That weOiall fee God. \ . " . ^ ' ' 

Myi tic'sf thfe happiiiefFe of tb^-Aftgells, not onely The 
J w^oj boe*! he iteseJb haw tiot 'a higher happinetfe m heave»j 
t iilie%htof'thc.face'OfGorf'' : and therefore inthe 1 8 
i ath: Id. where we read of afdercrijfion"of the happineflfe 
i rhe An^sUs^ theworcfe *re j In bem^n their Anj^elfs A>e 4 A 


> V » 

4^4 WherelH the ftght efCod affcfr^s t^ if fuck s luifff ij^X. 

wajfct hehoU the fAceef pay Father wh'.cli is ivheavem 4C|jiift 
here docb iozcvtxvM men of taking faced of offending^h.; )jyc- 
tlconjs, tor their Angells coeolwayes behol^ Ijis F^this 
face. ■ ; • " ' -•.--•. 

* Seventhly , Yea lliall I lay further -• It's the lufipuiirf^ ( tg 

■ 1 may To fpe.ikc ) even of Chrilt himfelfc, To fee the Father 

That 70U have in t he i o J«/).- ■ 1 5 ,' 'As the Father ka'omaff ^ 

evefifaki'ow ItheFxthery faith Chriit.- 'Chri'ft vvoiiW fet /orth 

his excellency here, why faith he, 7 he Father knows-wtt^ W/ 

'l^w the Father ; It's that that Jelus Chriitxloiiolivym him- 

• felfe ; That he knows the Father; Now hew^Ktlpff. 

pinellc to the pure in hearr, that they likeWJleSBRce Ur^ 

But vvhereindoch it appear to be fuch a Happyth^Tlti!*- 

pears niany wayes ; J le name one or two now ' "^^ 

• Firft,Oic*sableflcdthi._ytofeeCx)d,it';theperf;aiOT 

of mans underltandmg, God harh given to man an underflmd. 

ing of fuch large capacity, that it's able iro be conversant v^ 

every thing that's true, that's truth ingeneraU , Andtherefooe 

. nothing can perfect the underftandin^ till it cotjje to have fiut 

that is the princi^^le truth dilcovered to it. " ^\ 

: Secondly , .And an infinite fatisfaition it is 'to the 'unJe». 

ftanding. they two inuft needs goe togefherl for li, thq perl 

feftion of a thing, there mult needs be the fatis&aion Ind 

■ reft of It : Suppofe all the beautifull things that ever were ia 

die world, were put into one ob,ea,^ that would be a.Wi- 

fuU thu^ to behold : why now all beauty, all prceJIjMicv ,.11 

glory m all creatures are all iu God. And in the fioht 01 GeS 

the loule fees all thingsthat are excellent, and ther^for^iS 

n.eds be a kind of mlinite fansfaaion, faith DavU in ThTvl 

Pfal: 1 5. e^sf^' me, I w,l/ tch^ld thy face In /itakteStdl 

■ JJhal/tefatMwhe^Iawaker^^^^ tky'l.keneft. iCis a RiW 

. that Vavd made ( it s very like ) when he was driven tWn 

5-««/x Court. NowaMfhe-niouldhavefaid, Well I ^ 
' behold the ftce of the King he hath bard thoughts of me 
but as fof me. I will behold thy 6ce in Righteoufneire,.a,Ki 
Hiall be fatisfied wheifcl awake with thy likenefle There's a 
infinite latisfaaion to the mind ©f man j many of you feek t . 


... I l> I < I ■■ ■ -^ ■ - . ■ II I ■ . , . I I ■ . , 

j^t4 Whtriin the fj^ht of God appears to hfuch a happj th!»^.^ 

tiainedplace,inthe d£Vr.-' j, tfi. Wp bthoUht^'M. in^hi^i 
wUh opcfi faccythe Glorj (rf the Lord. What follows i M m 
ehoMgtd wto tia fkn^ biriAgeffrcm (^l»^j tn Glafj'^ The fid|oi 
God doch change die fouk inio the very nature 6f God^ War 
as can be. Whac is ic that anak^^s the Sainrs in heaven to be i'ft 
!ik»God, ic is by the fighc of him, faiih the holy Ghofi cher€> 
js^fkdll^e t'ks hinty /<?r we jIcaIL fee him ^^ he is: So tb:ici% 
(ighr of God ij> heaven as he is, doth cransformc f:he (pi^jf ^ of 
theSainrsvlbas they come to be like God ; Iney iiavt' the 
Image of God fei fiddly in thcn'i ; they fee GodprrfccHys^ 
acco.dmgtothe meaiurediacany foule doch fee God incbis 

♦ vvoid/o they come to b*: tnmsfornicd into the Image of Cod; 
O blclfcd are they that fee Cod then, for by th^ light *j^ffeiii 
they come to be transformed imo the likeneiVe otlli^fii) Is it 
i;OC a bleifcd thing for the crearure to be raifed to that ex- 
cel lency> qSs to be made like to God himfelte,-Tbi5-:Comes 

' riiroiigh thi knowledge of God, O that men would'tie tjtftin 
Love with chis l^glu of God j'^Thereby they wckild tjkne to 
know that' there is anorher kind of e\ceMen:y fiS' aiaitkiTKl, 

. then to Wiillosvin thelufts of the flefti/Aliis foiirtr-cfcarure, 

while iliou art facisfying thy flellij'what doeft thoni ifee ? Thou 

'Icef^ thy Money, or thy Cups, or full DilKes-; O \\4iar*s this 

light io the fight of Cod, thou haft an impure and unc1e;tne 

iitart,'nnd therelbrc thinkcfl: there 'i> norhmg 'better tfiehrk 

,. beholding; of tbelc 'things- Bnt hkffffd are thepf&clnhierh 
fi?r they fhfill ffc (io/l^,^ — — ^ -' "" ' '^ ■ - ^ \* •■- •■ 

J' '-■■ ^ • » 

• ■*».'■. -^ ' 

' ' ■ -, 



»♦ i 


^!^S$^^'^^ JiFJ»»»W'it«J?i»*5^1.1^»fl^V 

"i • \ 

J *» 



• 1 ' ><" 

O R 

Wienrn the ftgSt of Cod appears, ta be fitch aMp" 

:^ pi . * " ^ •". '■ - ' 

: • • 

' • M Ar T-M. 5. 8. 

"iie/^rf ^rf *i?e jp»^rc ii» fce^ rt, fir theyJhitUfee 

■v > 

'♦ n 

f • A * 

- .«i 

">■'{ ' r! 


He fight of God is a blelfeel thingt It s 
that thAt draws forth, and acls the Gra- 
I ces of'tjie Soirics 5 Thij Tfiry fecting God 
before the foule,'- is that (I fay) diat 
B i drawes forth and a^s whatfoever Grace 
»^^i-s*sa^ the Saints have, becaufe God is fuch a 
futabra^^ib the fouk.: As the fating before oneAac 
W^anuncleane heart, an objea f-.^ble «tKO unde^e, 
ck^« forth ^at- Cc^ruption: ft the fettn^ . before the fo^^ 

<Vcleanefo«Ie) Ae fetting Ure it the«fe o C^^^ 

ind the glory and excellency of God ; It hatli a kind of m» 

potver todravvall thq Graces of the Saints to aa , to make 

tbcm lively and cuiclc. -. ^_j 

• ^^'rhlv , Further, by this the foule comes to worQ^ip God 

, Jbd, When it comes to fee him ; Men .ind ^jmenthar are 

Oram d Gqd, they wotibip they knpvv not wh it. but whoi 

foule cmnes toLe a fight of tiod, ^v«i^ hj"? «i^ll« 

rfd /then, and never till thcn,« the name of God faHainud 

'he ; the foule wor(ht{)s God m a holy »">'™-^-. ^^^j^ 

. A 1 1 2 


' \ 

j^2^ '- Wherein the fight ofGoi appe^res to he [nch 4 happy thing. ^ 

- ■■■ I , . .. - — — ^^ . — ■* • ■ — ••• •- »-• « •■* 

Sixthly, The fi^hc of God darkens all ih^gjocy ^ rkn^oclA 
before the foule \ uk;js orf the hcarc from€r§a(ture-G^a:is r 
Now the foule conies to fecrthc Comforts of the creature 
,thac before were aclinir'd co be as iiothiiig ; oa^ fig^icof God 
prefenily darken' 5II the wo; Id .- As th^ lighl of:^: Gandhis 
darkened wljen the Sun arifcs^So whenGpd arife^in tl>2 hearr, 
Acts 7. a. lis faidy that Jirahti/9f fawthc^od of Gl?rjy The 
Gc'd QfGbrj appeared to Abraham^ and lb ke caine out of his 
own Lountrey ; It was that that cook Abrahami heart off from 
his kindred, fiom his Fathers boufe^ froni' all things, ift th$" 
World j Xiic God of Glpry apj^ared co him^ i-^P ;heGod (^ 
Glory appeare .t;o the loule, and i^- will take off ifh^ifonl^ from 
any thing, whanoever Ingags^ments there ape jupon tjje heart. 
Many ot you i^^rhaps have your hearts fet upon fomevaine, 
chiiv^, f omc ftrong Lpft i* in your hearcf and yoi^^thiiTk it's icin 
pollible to have your hearts taken off ^ I-et mc, tell you, ^.3i 
fighf of God vyill, if (jod would but Ut one Qeamc of I 
his Glory in upon you, jt would take orf your hearts from ihc- 
ftrongeft luft tW is^ and onely himfelte wouKl be fdncti:icd. 
byyoKr They are bleffed that have feene God.. *; . 1, : 1 

Seventhly , Yea it would make all afflieiions tobi but U:- J 
tie, and carry the foyle throifgb all difficulties >vhtUroe^'^^ri; 
youxoniphinehowharditis to fuiVer, and that there is this 
and the other trouble in the waves of God^ The appearing of 
God to your Ibuies would preienrly ftrengd^ien you ^gainlhiU 
difficulties, and it would be nothing in your efteem;i,tha: you 
liiffer here, in the world for his fake. That's a fan'^ous Scii^ 
lucc which we have in the 11 of the Heb: 'tis the example ot 
AdofeSyV. 27. By faith^he frnfioke E^yptyiiot Jear'ngthe math 
ofthiKwg : Wliy ? F(fr he endfired, .liow came that to paflfc? 
Ai fceifjghimyvho is Invlfible : By Faith he forlooke £^r^^ 
It was one of the diificulteft works dut ever a moft under- 
took ; For Afofc^i that had lb much Glory in f'gjpt: ; The ^^^ 
jof Pharaoh Daughrer ; And like ( as/ome report ) to 1 
iieenher Heire ; For PWW:>i DaMghter had no Child ( fo 
[ephs^ ) and Adopted him; So that it's coiKeived he m.' 
Jwve Inherited theKingdomc after Pharaoh : ButnoWjChe 

*?iW Mr b^art {hall have a churftght of Cjcd hereafter, ' 4'; t 

tjy tKeo CO. fee the King anocbcnvvay.^ Now chis is prbmi^fecj 
to .the upright, to the pure in hearr,.ro fee God in hisbeaury.^/ 
—7- 1 make licck QudHon but God v\iH appeore vvrt^tiiore. 
beauty iip the \yprld then yet he hath donj,eviin in This \yorld, 
Ther^ ik, a proAiue in the 402 Ppil: i6r ,Af'/;w the, Lnijhall 
huili uj Sid^y hejhaliafpearfin bis GUrj : t-Ie iholl f iic on his 
Glorious Robes.:. As in the time when Noble Men and Princes- 
iiiarrjjthey put (»icheirbeftatcire';fo when God iliall build 
up !>wnj , which is the rejoycing of his fi;>ule> he iliall appearc 
ijjt hb. Glpry^ if ^xiA Eitcjfled are rhofe that ihall fee God theii v^ 
thatlt^j^ory^Qf hi^i But when they iliifill tee hii?i U) his beaury 
and Glory io-beavw *|ponhi$ Ihrone^they will be much more 
blefled^ -^ Them they fliail fee indeed all the Counfells 01 
Cod ccMJcerahgthemlcIves, from all eternity, yea and concer- 
ning afl1cu:^atureS|^ and the narurc of all creatuces j^ They ili^lL 
fee ail things ia^Gocl .wbeathey co^iie to fae hitj) ther^ ? Fo; ifi 
. ic^uA neeps be^oiherwife jxi.'mx:ouldnoc beperfe<ilfy bJ^ilfed^' 
except^ he came to imdedlai^d all creatures ; Maninhisfid^ 
CreatuMididi iinderitand all creature? ; Now this knowilcdge 
mud be rdlot'd a^aine^o: elfci map by Chrili Aould not conie 
to be as h^py as be was in the .firft Adann. Butx:en:ainiy thi. 
happinefle.oiJ^lafl is raoi^in the iecond^ uidam then iiithe 
firft, therefore the knowledge fhall be higher then this, and 
this muft be in the fightof God that he fliall have. , 

' .The fight- of God that be iliaJl hav^ in heaven, iiullbe' 
more immediate then it is now, it lh»ll poi; ondy betlje fight 
of tuch and fuch vYa}^s and irradiations as aow we have^ * 
ftom him, by any intervening thing ; but byanimniediare uoi-' 
on with the very becirg afid eflence of fjod, and io *i fight of 
his ^cnce , — ^ And that it Hwft jieeds bii, that this fight of 
God, mull be of bis very bec^^j^ and ffc/we is ckere, not oner 
'._,riniany Scriptures that we tnighr tuuie , as that, in the 
W: I J^ )(»tter cnc^^ N(^ wepe thrn^b s g^afe 4^rhlyy iu^ 
jt facte t^face^fHfw Ik^m»^ut fAr^ h*t rhet (hall I ji^sfp even 
^ amkffowr^ -; Wc fee tbrbugh a g^offe,' chat is through a 
-.Him ; we fee by feeii^ fomethii^ elfe ; f rft,vye fee fome- 
'-» --Ifc, and then we come to fee ood ,- "But then we ihall 


^ 1 

I iv II S'^mwi' 


^«rt itthartfrnlihAtv 4,(lt*rJ:^ht.if.(ftH«rtAft«r, 

"t - ' • - ^- »• ' 

fWtbi5, «*«>tibftc£^i^%n(iiv^ 

verte nccc/rriingtoth^'fev^ral-sVt'jyes^'^or th^ tfranifefteroli ibf 
the IT ihe of the Sun through Icve^ral glatlcs i>f feVer^'C6tofafe 

^ of many cxteneifcics;btir ^erVqihlv ^^^^ 

hot fttch a^glof ioi«^(xIlert<ty?as iri4?"tite AfeWi4rtV^rfe^ uJ^ 

- 'Ana come t6 fee the jgf<ac"nilftery «>ftfi6TiShttjv()^^tife 

H0lyGhoft5smpr6tc6daig,\ve fee th^ft thfi%$ l^'fifiaf iii>?7, 
iJutthehby%hr: ' - • . ' '' '-'':': /-f--' - ' '- ^ ;- 
AttdvvefliaHieeGbdTi.Vh?iOTiiieney,^iai^'^lhfiA^ al>6vc 

riteteTrity, theS«h«ffiaflTc!t^G<5d^^ (befitfcs^ t^ < 
Cod) I fay,Tec him in all hffe Vydrkmgs^hat 0i^ Be tottdtipj 
the Lord m leffe then th^fc^ tbo|^d ycarsi "Jiow ^Idrtw 

thmg if ioy't)ae of youflad been adniitt^d w have beob vntf 

<)lxf}fvy(5r^cjacbis4;ia^ I. but ik^^ fuFcly. God.b^.«ceift. 

w^idifjf H^i;be ^r^'VVhera,Eb^y ilwUiw. VYba^ Gc4 .wW 
Hq fcr ^ver; ,whj God he wilt be work«jg^OE %\^t\ after, chU 
ni i^c^faii^^^]^^ ^ ^^ QkI ftilLvvttli be vyorkiiig 

^iis.j^|§^ wprkaap Jiwi fifft,:«?(ibft 

M^?^:f^BS^ fe aU;^«miqyv*>w/or ir;i«r^4i(iui:e tp b^adtoip? 
t^ii Iji^^ poc €fliy tOvi^€; wbaic ^imfelf is, ati4 

fo'feft ji^ Iwiirr^ i»[lp(^ei%jan(i'WjiI>and wayes,.bMJR 

to jinpcJjpjrlL^j,.^^^ (1191 '^i ic lji^.b)p >vidi,f he ns>7 

^e'^ft^ing'a^^^ cgrg;, . tba .flaning^i tlj* eye prefeptl^ 

jtiik^'ujj.^^^(^)^ j^^ iJ?e.<Ai^tiiliali.b8 taken VI .A^^ichpUf 

dcdttndiigof man iMl b^ fi^ pievac€d^>afi( .ii^.JjiaU bet^I^i^^i 
Il^^bd^ t|)4,^ ^ Qcid^^ft9lly>wlch(^i;apy.kiad<)f vy^ar.ineflc 
^#^ rWy^.^^^F^^^^^*^ ^os?blc (iQ JlopJ(,pppn tbCvSuj^ 
MtiS^^^^j^ ^8 1#^ if^\V£;i)^jtijla:l90l<!um longer i^s 
i§,p{¥)iqi4vn?'.^ Wftfl fo wei:?»uo;.jfte;idUy W]ald ih? 

fice'c^jC^oaiWtt^r^iH.ii)^ thete il)itH betbfe d^viop of thi^ 
fimk^ i;ij^ ,ftil jfeiU'bb railed co cfaaSjtr^ngth, 1 ?? u,ih^. be 
*^^* Itgilafid^^^^ God,vfor e.vqri,..vpo^| 

^.Qify ^^Qcj,cb¥i<iotfe 5^ , fcoxp bijr^^JiU bf 

i^uf^u|yfni^^^ Swt: As ^he Scfip^r^ 

?iH& HHJ jlj^tio^TofoM* fluUbe wfe4 to tbach^ight; J ^ y: 

ill ffiine^ii^Hc %iQ^,thc Jrnwrtem.;: N^v if* this iMm^ 

'iy &}aU bav^ftuiLa ^ryput upon it, tben whai: §Iory 

I • ^ • ' K k k z fiial 





W»^»iii«ti ■ • ■ — — i» I ■ ■ •- ^1 

43^ . 1'ure in Imntfftilhm'e'A ^X{'^t ^ Gti hfr'kfeerj . 

' ftdSidliyt^rl i more glc«fibuiiobj«a ilwrftfe Sutt,'hWoui"d Jcc'! 
a miiery for^he body cp be in ' 

afele'faHirtQ lobkliprt* G(6d-,and ifiey flikfl ft> fc^ hiftifc nevErf: 

. tiWh^Tr'aWfonjii |1iaMbei^'df <5d^,' ftrtie i?ttfc 6gbt S^' 
6-tfit they lobfcit, i^d'hcivv'fweei: iwere if/If it yfrfee «otlr 
littfe 4ftd^iiit»f gdf^ buc then tfey AsHeVer fe«'fiij:fij?^ 
♦vhsfWbUlfltmny:? fti»ltm{urorWoflMigiv^;ri^^ 
b3Vebt|t;it1t()(c'l^s;6f<i<klsgIog|B^ tMXiA vya-'^'^^'' 

f<»H to have it's reafon /waHovted«p»B«fr£^iure'St^t]^l^ar' 
beleeve that which kcaimot fee, k (Hall heteafter lee wSacfo- 
evef it doth beleevei 7 W' (as A^fitH calls ic) tbertmtvd of 
fM,h ; TT>atlHwaHfe.fiiiih*JAWl^v^ tVkic- tte 
fee, that is, fahb goes beyetxl reafon^ dierefbte the Lord will 
grant this reward imcoit,^ iUliaM hefcaft«rfee wl^aifoever 
it doth bdee^j'thotittow'hiAtbe jdoriouhtvdatiod'oC^^ 
and ofthe mifteric^af falvitidn, ^U thef ^ i<bov<i tfivS'' ' 
foiJjthou catift notbhderfbi*ftli«iiTJdw;v6ifbtiii rWirJLi* '. 
wilt thou gfbrifiid 

GodkereafteVwi ..^. -wttv™ • 

Thou (halt fee k ftflly. aiorYhalt fee • into'alf rffc SmS - 
the miftery ohht iGofpel; abaaie thit^ <vf God; d»?iSi ' 
thou dofi take ia by feitb : O 'tis geod. for ositow to be wif^ 

«* •> 

, , Afflmaitff of th-fm^i 



bear ft;^(i^$Ii|bcfull tbiJ^g i;Q>eho% fo *MhiB .,b^ fhej^. .tJ^ 

m «ls1*3fM.imp«^ yj^i; Jj^cn, .Jbafe; i«i<qfcanefle^ and. ;. 

•■•' ' ■ - •". ^■■' here 

• ' 



•Ajfl'tMfim pf^iJU- 

iiifle'fo M'thi' facfe-bf Gddfor gboduhthrdid^^ 
4uftswilcoft thee deer: Ifainanwerefetppvi'ifi|'jWb^ fi 

have his Ms 5- Asl r^ehM ^W icmtCmiijiM} 

that y tiih UWe i^H'hirfi toit|h-tffaikfi%Wohifc^ 

-nefie.thac the 'Fhjfaians toM Km, "X^tififhe Mmi riHfeWr^&i 

i»w/i certainiy%fe his ties /«r'rr,, vvHenfe'bcai^rffi^' KtBJfait 

("afejMm <i. ^^ j.^ i^j u^his luftsOvdfaith hfe)defpiTatdy;firfa'^"/^ 

"""^ ^A>i,,as it iicllibtildfiV^A^^ f A«^ to,/' '^ W/' '/***/% 
/iiir : O r^ird'Ww'^aiijr ftdi' dg^ate ^V/^iihes^M WS 
ani6ngft us .• ' Ate" there none thls-day, Herjf Bdbft:''th6" ii>Kl*3? 
If there te any, the tor4c^H^ivenre>ifec'tHemi.'.aia^i|fe^' 
-unto their hearts • this is thy Condition, thoU aii^ f^t'tipqh thy. 
fiiffs vWhat thiiikeft thou" iio>t 'atwutthis frtrfe'aftnps' ofheaVafei 


t&Klve^6tVei1io\V*l'<iiJ#W^Et^i tESfe^ f 

, *>'^pflicmtM:pftt»\^Aft. 

■ i^ 


-li «*?:<»• 

tpi? ,,Q uuferable creamrcAvfia^ 43 lults that cjH 
'tacountervailxlus» th^.toDfi' of tlie" fight of God, and bring 
'tEaeiaiuch' a'con^icion .as; tlioii , dolt qcffre neyiir to fei fhi 

IKIJ .... ... 


%fe*^la 'JfcS arc iM ifi'ibitiHatth^e^rhe 




^•purchQkrts^€0|jfciencesL^aU^ ^Vm^^C^^ 

i of God will aroi4)Je ity «idt>e^ ibciiftoft^re^dfttl m.hinkf^ 

(hall fee God r^>bui; fee hipi'i;o beih^ierrea: of cbw uwU^iteir 

If ' God,arid bjixhatvfee hovvinlinicely ^3(id::bda«!.'thfl*i ^o^'ttP 
I thou comett tofeehow,Cpdis'bolf> Aou*ihate:feeJw«irf- 
.' nitely he doth hacc cbee>and wtotanciiOTlf i*is to^i^^ 
V ,wil tc tothee to sdlctcrouy* .We tcad in w 6i£r^j0titr 
(leni^rthm the Kl^s^ni^fhim^yfim^f^^^ imhyiOfM ^ 

' < Why >tb^ttkej^migh$ h hUfr^mih fight ijf iifci^.iir- 
.h Aadfoccfuifllyatthedayti^f judganeiJE ifvbai Codibt^ 
I pear in his glory» chat chey (kuliec wfaat4in vc&mi Godi thef 
robavetodoc'tlvitl^what » iafinicepo^ 
.1 died out for theb aiUe£^^rwh;^.«iii3m 
: " iheniT and tlK ftroaks bcupon thcmior .wcr^ ifcifclfskbc 
. ' To drcadfqi,as.they VM&ipxmxM^n^J»U0fJ^^ 
'^ Mfsn-them^ thm tc.h^n/e theftgbt of Goi: O pocr cw«t «« 
^ inife^aiktfaoit.brpii3ht^i^iH'Whenasac ira liay^viiiifMithe 
i^ Saimsihall^k^iipoiitbefaccofljod^^whefiJGodi^^ 
* -his^^pyand^i^ 6ur Godi tbt$iiifi|itfia{- 

^ fufMiencyitoorSi cbt$ ii)iiniccwiiid(to isour^^rtk^^ 

^bwcr ihaH workfor good to ii5, andinfiote mcjtf iS'OW^^ 
/• fo rejoyccin ^Coa^ P lo thkumr^Gpdiwti^ lidtA^^ 
'< Jb/hf : Thcs is ^eGod of burfidvation, and xbeir^iieim^ 
i n .\Wbin'iiiemct>SQaiidfni^ec thisjG 
■/ thcnforcheci»fbttd fluking and.' tfelnbling ihis^grcai 

God, C this is the ihBcke God rhac I havemnod agaU^i t^ 

i I tovc refelicd againft, that infinite God libjr comes .agairf 
t . meinallthisglory.tobea\'engeduponnietbailcteteit^^ 

. wil be diy condition that hatt an uiKlean faeatririt?s dactw - * 

hc:vit that ilwll fee God with comfort rAn4 if I **^ '^J 

any one thing for to difcover tlie evil of an uncleairiicartj w*^ 

'.to'caufcyou to be reftlefle until you get, your hearts dca ica 

in the blood ofChrift, and purified by bis Spirit,' I wo»d< ^y 

,'£his one thing, your undcancfle will make Gods prcf< «« 
*• 4 . c^n ifu! 


.ySJjjfN^af^^he^th^ ^1^ j^^^frrr-^r rrf r^V f7rY ' 44^ 

)f4eidin^'6HeWiDh miotfrcrv a^ praying oile' for anothefi and 
lat*)U{4Hgr-tb''Iiiftrt^'t oiie anodier to be at peace, wiih !CJod> 
r^^bfeJtediS^tycmarib bath in a ^radbu$'way 

filcib6ift%<* ftMi^aV^'ati^ Godv and 'v'vlibm 

^tjddtotft feteffed in^Here eftldeavb^^^^ thy' 

. heart tb hi kt peace with^ him, "and to c^efire that oihcrs nilghc 
ht bwwght iftf-to loverthe Waycs of God : O blefled thit evcF. 
vthm^?Vfeft^t>(jrrte tote ^InfViimem of ib^reatAgoodj if Jc; 
'fcdbtiU:6 frfing%i Sne-feul^ to be at peade'1^'ith Giod , ^/b thac 
i<>6d6h«fe OAe^^h^fWy-'ift the vvorld fclfe ^'Mough -thy^ mcancJ 
^aiid^btidbi^^ry'r The* liiaycW blefle Cod, I fty, that ever 
cxhmi ftad-'ft ab^ehig that canrt have tbU Comfort to thy fbuld^ 
* though r aiti'^apdN'e wet^b* nty feltc, and Was a long time an 

^at^i:e>tvitHhijni- buttoadetiie ari'lnfttumeh^ to bring <4- 

^lbcJ*it»^kcpeace*Wi[h''hW likcwife> "fo thai) the tord hath 

^4ieiyjtifiy leife; teib6 vvof Id through my endeavours, O it's 

nhacthat w>irfd rejdyce thy feule. Blefled artithbu that haft a 

ti»ttt« fhin^ork;f6i' it itthc grt^itcft ^orkjchat ev'efr took vp 

theij^cbfGod ff om\'4i^Efe*rmrj^^'' of ill. the AVbrb tbicevcr 

Wfb ift the^iiearc of feftd from Eteirhity, the workbf Recoft- 

icilfai^ fouled" to^Wmfeife was the grearelt work of all, and of all ' 

-tfaoichirigs chat. God eixpecls Glory froi^ unto ail.Etemicy, 

Thewt>fkpfR€c<)ricilmg foules tohimfclfe is the thing, tlat 

'Sod: fflfakeis^coMftt to h^ve thegreat<^rt::^ory from that ever 

:b&4hiit)m€ r^^alt jEfiernity: Novy then *^if God (hall imJ)loy 

idkek^itf> be'inftrumeiitall in To great a work as this is , bleffed 

'^act^tkcti-chate^'ef thou did*ft liveinthe w^orld. Thatmaiis 

;ttOth&(fedibatr isi great in'thewprldi or hath fine doaths,buc 

j«hacVctie mahiktt isd1)ktfed inan, that the. Lord makes In^ 

-ftftimemaWdforti^e fuifhefarice of thiltvvork, for that above all 

sdttbgs^lai^ hqari i« Inoft m ; ^-**- B^fides, we might fpeak of the 

igr«acLCviHs that tbbii delivereft the foule of thy Brother from^- 

and the great good that tho« brit^ft to the foule of thy Bro-. 

iher;Ana the great )>ldring that thy Brothers foule does blefl^ 

•' ' M m m thee 

450 Blefei ^Mj^ th^ make fcace betwNH mdff dffd God. 

thee wichal^tf thou beeft an inftrumenc to nuke peace between 
him and God: O chofe than are inftrumencd this way >_ have 
the bldTmg of fuch as they hjve been inltrumencal of goo-J un- 
to.. They blefl'e God tliat ever they faw fuch a ones face, O the: 
bleflii^/if God be upon fuch a man or woman, I was going on 
ih the wayes of etemali deachjand partly through' the holy car- 
riage of Itoch a one 1 was convinc't^and partly through their ho^ 
ly perfwajSbni I was brought to the word^and there I met with 
chofe things that wrought upon my heart, that I would not 
have been wichout for ten thoufand worlds : O the WelFmg ot 
God be upon the foul of llich a man,of fuch a woman,why when 
fuch a one iTiali lye a dying, goine the way of all flelli, laiKii^ 
into the infinite ocean of eternity ^>e iliall lyc blelfing God tfcac 
everiie kT7ew thee, yea and when he fliall come to heaven,fhal 
b6 there Meifing God that ever he knew you; *Is it not a.blef- 
fed thing to labour to draw others to be at peace with God ? 

What a blefl'ed work is the work of the Miniftry then- f and 
• rhc calling is a blefled calling ; O how beaHtlfnll are the feet 
9f thofe that bring the ^lad-tyitngs off eactf So people ft-^ould 
*?ccMi!nc it. And the hrft work that a Minifter hath to do when 
he contes to a place, it is to fay, peace to that place. To m 
{{mh T^fti) is coti^tted the word of recopJclliatiMy that's our 
^tti\ embalfage, this is the work that the Lord bach designed 
' ibme men to: (iod may blefle the endeavours of fome private 
mc^n to be peace-makers i^i this fence, but the work of tlic Mi-' 
niftry is a^^pointed by God, God hath let themapart tobe bis 
great ordinance for the reconcilitig the world to himfelf, faith 
the Lord there are a company of poor ^fetches that are now 
in wayes of enmity agakitt ttie, yet 1 hiave^thoughts of peace 
towards them>ahd*I fend youamortg them for t6 carry the em- 
balfage of pea<fe untathem, 'attd 1 fecjuire aiid coiniiiand you 
that you open the glad tydkigs of peace to them, and that you 
tel f hem howmy heart is towards peace with them,& that you 
fliew them the way how they may come tobe reconciled to 
me, and that you do wo, and labour With them witi all your 
might,^hougn it be to fpendyour lives with them, yet if you 
can but labour to bring them CO be at peacekmthoie, it would 


Bkjfei are they that makfifeace-hetwcxn m)fin ^rrd God. a^i 

bz worth your lives had yoa a thoufand* This is the work that ^ 
I require of you, o it's a Wefled and hnoour^ble vvork,and look 

upon it fo : Look upon it as ihz great Ordinance of ' 

God> appointed by God to make peace between CJod and fouls 

that are m a way of enmity agninll him: And then indeed 

"hath the word had it's proper work upon a peopJe>vvhen it hadi - 
oi-ide ^ce-, and a how cireftil ihould Minilters bi in this, 
in this their work ; what a curfed thing is it for Minif brs to be 
negligent in futh a work as this is, when they have fuch agb»- 
rious end appointed by God .-'-'— And if any of you Have been 
brought in by the Miniftry of the word, and peace nude be- , 
tween God and your ioulsthroiighit^ you arc not onely r© 
tidfc God but to bkife, the inftruments of it, this i$ that the 
Minifler?? of God may require as what is due to them, for it s 
promikdhtrc^B/efedarethefeace-makers: All dioiewhona 
die Lord hath pleaftd to work this good upon by their Miui^^ . 
.ftry, they ll^ou Id bleflfe them,' when you are alone in your 
Clofets bleffii^ God for peace made between God and yqu, 
}ou are bound in confcience to bleife the inftruments of this, 
to blefle diofe Minilters of God,and to pray for a blelTaig up- 
on them, b^caufe the Lord made them inf^mnems oflo 
great a good unto you r — And this ^rtainly- muft needs- 
be an incourngement to- any Miniftcr to be faithful and labori- 
ous, to fpend their lives in labouring to reveal Chrift to mens 
loules, when they know that i< they do but gaine any mans foul 
to be at peace with God,that foul wilbleile them, and bkife 
them.for ever,and even in the day of Jefus GhriJt,they Aial find 

the blefTmg, Bfej^W dre the feace-makers^ in'that fence. 

And if fo,' O how bletfed is that great peace-maker Jetus 
Chrift, who is defigned by th^ Father to make up peace be- 
tvyeen man and him, all the children of men being fallen frein 
God in Adam they "are all in an efta'te of etimicy againft God, 
that's certain: and all the Angels in Heaven, and meiT upon 
earth, all the creatures in Heaven add earth coold not make 
peace l>etween God and one finful foul,, it was too great a 
work for.any creature, but now Jefus Chrift the wifdom of the 
Fathfer, the fecond p'erfon, he looks upon the wretchedjnife- ' 

M m m 2 " rablc 

4y2 Blejfd tare they thaf mkf feaec between wm ^ni. CU. 

rable eftace of the children of men, taiid law chat if they were 
lefctoKhemfelveschey werealliindone, tnd would be eter- 
nally enemies to God > and God an eternal enemy to them, - 
henovvlteps in between, and thfoifgh ibz atipointmem.of the 
Father be mediates between tyretchedmao and God^to make 
up pcace,he ftands (I fay) sl"^ the great Mediator of the feconl 
Covenant ; And his heart; was fo mi^ch in the vyork of makiii» 
peace between man and God as he was concent to -lay down his 
life to the end hfe might; make peace; .• . Q$lo(c i • ^0. y^^i hor 
,vlfig made peac€ through the bltul cf bis Crojfe .• Mirk^ ^J^^^k 
Chriih heart was fo much in beiiig api^-maker]>ecvveenihe 
world and God, as though he knew it would coll him hi^ dca- 
relt heart bIood,faith Chrift it iliaU go>yej^,the Scripture cefs u^ 
he was content to be a curfe for i O do but cpnfidqr (you 
children ofm^n) what a. dirtancc th^re was between CiodanJ 
you, that Chrift, God and- man muilcome to make pejice be--, 
tween God and you, «nd h^jnuU ihed his bbod^ h^ mud bi. 
.made a curfe for the accomplifliirg of this great work of God;! ! 
.This my Brethren is the great miftery of godlinefl'e,this is that 
that we iliould fpend all our dayes in admiring in,in flandin^K: 
wondrii^, and Wefling our Saviour the great peace-maker:Had 
it not been for him,jrve had all been eternally enemies co Ged-' 
Oict our fouls blefle Jefus Chriit,and the greater phe <^irfe vvas 
upon Chrift in this wotk, the more let our fouls; blefs Chrift^ 
it is the work that the Angels at^d the Saints iliaU )}e exercifcd 
in to ail eternity, in fiiyingt Bkjfi»g^ aadh^mHryO^fraife^Mftd 
-m&rfhlfj andfervjce be to bim that fit teth nfon the Throne^ snd t^ 
the Ldmbftfr ever iR««rd; For be hfttb redeemed, us by his 
blood, as in dae 5 IUveiMtlo»iftlio^c that ever knew what the 
blclftig of peace with God meanest thev kpow hqw to bleife 
God for Jefus Chrift, and any .ol' you tnat fomctimes will be 
Mefi'ing©fGod.flw<wwafdf3«acei for plenty,, aqd comfort 
. that you have in this world, I appeale to your confciences in 
this C^ftiec)>dfemandingofyoMinche name of God ; When 
did you fpend time jJx>ve in your Clofets in admiring at the 
glory of God in that great ^yvofk of the mediation of Jefus 
Cbrifti inmiking peace between God and your iofA$ I When 


?ea,ce-^^ng a diffictJe warl(, 4c 

was ever your hearts raken with That great work -above all 
ttm^ in the world, •and your fpirics rniied in ^dnming and 
worlhippit^ of Cod and of Jefus Chriit, rhar greac peace-ma-' 
leer : Bieffiff^ and magmfyipig andfraijing the name of Gody and 
tlejftng Chrifihis Son^ x(ho wd4 God bicffcdfar ezer , for^ ihi^ 
great work of Ws in making peace between your foules and- 
CJod ? Ic would beone good argument that Chriitharh been' 
a peace-maker for your fouls if you have had your hearts To' 
affecled: But if there be nothing in this work of thrift in 
making peace i)etween man and God, but you only o;ive it tht: 
bearing, and let the great milteryofGodlineflfe-in rneGof;d' 
paffe bghtly away; when you hear it and your hearts never 
taken wkh it, ic is much to be feared, Nay, it may be conclu- 
ded as acertain tfctb, that to- this day yet peace is not made 
betweeii your foub and God, what his blood may do, what the 
cffetlst>f k afterwards may be, we know not, but yet it bath 
not thisgradquseffeck upon you / — . But now w^ come un:o^ 
.the fccotid thing. - 


Teace-makers between man and manj t^hey are bleited, as 
for this p«nt I confeife I intended to fpeak but very little of^ 
itatihi$time,n6r6utofthisScriptwe, for in another place, 
many Sermons 1 haveiprcached about the point of heart divi-* 
fions, and almoft every header's needful about this point, 
there I handled,iiamcly the evil of divifionsj -^ The eaufes 
of rfient : — ^ And the means how to heal tbem> and therefore; 
thought to havcpaft very briefly over this-, But yet be- 
caufc many there are that either noc beard, or have not ufe of 
thofctlrii^sforthe'prefcnt> and bscaufe of the neceflTity of 
the Point, Khaflfpcak a tittle Aoutpeacc-imking l)etvveen ' 

ixianandman. ' 

This work is a veiy deli^fiil work to meddle ii^ in thefe 
tiiiieseipeciaU^>t6 meddle With the point .of peace between 
man ana man, its one of the-difficolteft arguments th«t any 
Miniites can fp^ cf in fuch times as tkcfe : A^d chere's^ 



'- * 

-' !■ <■ . ■ - ■ # — • > 

"— y 

fcarce anyone riiihg wiicreiiia Mimtter i.^ more put to if, to 
' JIjcvv chc vvifdoire and the meekitefs and the Spiric of Cbrift, 
then when he meddles with this argument at fiich a time as 
'this is, very difficult it is, becaufe mens hearts arc fo impure, 
fuch tilth and uncleaneflc is upon the fpirirs of ra^n, an4 to 
J make peace with them^-hcwv iliould one go about it ^ diffi- 
cult ic is, bccauie there's no man alnia'l m the world can be 
broiighi; to judge himfelf as any caufe of \ of peace amoiig 
others; Ifall the people in £;rf/4;»i were together, and vow 
ihould o;o from one to another and ask,^ what are you any ciufe 
of the divifions that arc in EngUfti^ he would profefle a^'aiml 
it : Ask every mi^nand he would difavow itj God forbid tliac 
I fl-^ould have any hand in breaches and divifions, one party 
cafts it upon another,and the other cafts ic upon rfiem at^ainc, 
all cry for peace, and many timc^ even thoFe "thar cry much 
for it, are the great hindrances of it, yea cry after it in fuch a 
manner as do very much hinder in when they arc fpeakuig a- 
bout itr-^It's very difficult to medle with this, bccaufe a m^ 
cannot tel how to come to thepradicaJ part of this,but he muft 
intrench upon one fide or other, he n\uft bring fome tq yeeld 
lomethin^, it's iirpolfible there fhouW be any peace berlvecn 
Any two that arc fallen our, if there be no' yeeldimjcxj cither 
fide. The 5/?4»/Vi// have a Proverb, T%At Stove ani Myrt^er 
m/tkesaw4iy becaufe one yeeWs, but two hard things iviU noj:- 
Now becaufe it'sfo hard for any ro yeeld toanorhpr, therefore 
Its hard for any to meddle witrf the poiiu of peace, y^ ics 
more difficuk now then ever,l)ccauic we find all forts of men 
that ate the greateft means of divifion and contentioo,yet thev 
will all plead the National Covenant, that wa?a Coveamt itJ 
union,they will all plead if for their parties,and fe)r the fome©. 
ting and maintaining of dif-umon : It ii? juft here as it fals ottc 
m the point of the^Jacrameat,. that's appointed by G6d to fee 
the means of union in the Churches, it is therefore called tb^ 
Communion ; It"s an Ordftiance for the union of the Churches 
and through njans corruption, there's nothing that cverhith 
been occafion of fo much dif-umon as the Sacrament hath Ihch 
And fo even our Coveam, chough certainly intendeifbrunfl 


f'Mf^^fud^Mf a d;ffc9flt wark^ 4S5 

on, yet through fnansxorruption if heed be nee taken,as it hath 
be?n made ufe of,fo irtay be furthcr,for as great .breaches as c^n ' 
be ; Now tacome as it were between parties that are at vari.*- 
ance and divifion, 6 haw fhould a aim behave him felfe,tnil\v . 
rhinkiiKofitatfirft, Iwa^ almoft difcouraged to fpeak any 
word about it, bccaufe of the indifpofition of men> hearts ac^ 
this time for peace 5 'I'be Prophet H^fea faith {H^[- 1^i*) ' 
that the people were hot as an Oven ; The meaning U rhit,^ 
That the people had their>hearts fo fet upon that way and 
courle which they were in, that what ever the Prophet fpakjf 
to them it was in vain : As if a man iliould chrOw a few (Hck » 
into m Oven when it was red ho:, they are devoured prefen:- 
ly and confumed into afhes ; As if the Prophet iTici Id fay, all 
my (pecch to themhath no more effe^ and there appears no 
Bloreofv^4latIfay tothem, then there will appear of a little 
ttraw that is caft into a hot Oven: And truly my Brethren, nrc 
not nnens hearts heated in their way of divifioiis, fome in oner- 
way and fome in another, and feem to be refolute, and even 
Jet on fire almoft at this time, that what is faid to them i.s as. 
prefendy devoui ed and comes to nothing, as I lay, a little 
ftrawor ftubble in a hot Oven, and therefore like to be as un- 
profitable at fucha time as this, as any thing, though nothijig 
more needful; But though it may be foiJ.nproS table, yet be- 
caufc there is fo muchfeleffedneffe in it, I fhall addrefle my 
felf to fpeak alktfc: It's a bleflfed thing to be a peace-maker, 
tifim cert.iiHely thofe that can carry it Wei, (hew that they hav^ 
a -gracious temper of heart,.ahd therefore are bleffed, it doth 
sKFgUe a \fcry eradous'and holy fpiritual temper of heart to be a 
peace-maker oetwecn man and man, if it be done in a fpiritual 
vvay, for I})iritu5l etids v Tbifmari th*c would meddle in point 
•fpeacewith'dtbersi^e'hidhced have all wel between God 
and his ownfoul fitfh— And had need be of a very peaceable 
iiifp<Mition hi|nfelf,fbf any one that is of a froward 0: tiirbiilent 
difpofition himfclfe, if he ihoul^ f ome to talke of peace, and 
cryouc of divifions, every one .vyould be ready to fly in his 
face.* — He need have mu A fetfrdenyal, not at alltolookat 
himfelfe/ atbis own party any vvay m refpeft to himfelfe, but 



_ - ■ ■ ■ ■"■ ^ 

A%6 Blejfeda re thy that m^fiifice JAmeeMm^ 4nims». 

to have pure aimes, he need comeMch a pure heart, to kve 
pure aims at God and 1 i i > glory and at publick good :Aad thca 
I fay ic is an evidence of much grace in die heart, and there- 
fore he is bleffed, he'is a blcilcd nun that carryes this wilely, 
* and prudently and gracioii fly. 

And then blefl'ed, Bccaufe by this- nietnes he fliall prevent 
abundance of evil, b the woful evils thac doe proccd from jarj 
and divifions, from Nation^U-divifions, from Sea-divilioo», 
Church-divifions, F^mily-divifions, Perfonal-divifions, di\i- 
£ons between neighbour and neighbour (and the like) Ibd 
thought to have fpoken a few words to all of them' ; O the a: 
boundanceoffin that is committed in the time of diviiion: 
There were many great fuii committed among the peopleot 
God in former times,but I am verily perfwadcd there wasive- 
ver in any thirty years fihcc the Gofpel was known in EngUad^ 
fo much fins among Godly people as there hath been tbdc 
*laitthreeyears,jhepcopleo£Godhave more defil'd diem* 
felvesbyhnfuldiftemixrrsinthefelaft three years thenc\t: 
they were defil'd in any thirty fince the Gofpel was known in 
EngloKi: As in a family,f( metimes there is more fin coounit- 
ted in one hour where tnere are brawles and concentioni and 
ftrife, then in another family in a whole twelve monch, yea, I 
verily belecvelometimes in lomcperfons fome onettiinput 
into a paflionate fit, into a way of contending with other$;doth 
fome times commit more^in in one hour wl^ be is in a paiS- 
pnate fit, then at another time in a whole quaacf. of a year, he- 
miiy reckon that hour an hourthat controls more guiliinelfe, 
then I fay all the fins that he commits^ fometimes in a quarter 
of a year befides : I fear that many of you may find this by ex- 
perience, as we read oiMcfe^y J^ben he c^medot^nfrtmthi 
M^ttmt he hrMke the two Tk^/tf/, . whep he was ina fit of anjgcr, 
hut that was holv anger,it was for God;Truly fo ic is,many men 
and women, in tne h t of a fin&l anger breaks borh the Tables, 
all the tenCommandements in one fit,6 there's aboundance of 
evil of fin that is committed ty divifions : The Apoitte J4W« 
(2dthy That where there is firlfcMi anger ^ and debdtey there i 


everf evil warkgy fames ^,16: O my Brethren, .this it is chat/ 
makes the DeviUofomefit our divifions, becaufe he fees chat :. 1 
there is lb much fin getiimicted, what rayling and reviling^ 

' whit hatred, wh>t bfawling, what fins in ihought,pIotcing,con- 
triving,.counfclli|^, and what fins in word, what uns in adliions 

' arc vVhere there is ftrife and cnvie, nothing but labouring to 

• mifi&iefe i^ne another what pbflibly they can ;The Devif looks 

* at the fin^ and aimes at that ; Ir ^ nocfo much the divifion that 
tbp Devil fo much cares for as the fin that is conunitted by it : 

* ^ A^ fo{netimes I ha>je ma<^c ufe of a fimilitude 1^1 A^jtin 
'*\utii^iiiihhc^ hefcts hisnet^ 

• ^j^ th^fth^pd^.pfthtMgCy ani^Mf^n he takes fiones andillngs 
** into tie hedge y why, he doth not exgeft to Wl che bird by his 
.^ (lones, but tp make a difturbanc^flH to caufe the bird to flye 

' * o\x5> and hopes that he (haU catcntne bird in the net, that is 

oncheocherfideof the hedge, that's that which he aimes at; 

' fo faith be it is, \vhen the Devil would make divifions and ftirs. 

He ^mpcs men asit vvere ta> throw ft^es OK at another, and 

• lUrs up (Irife one agaitjft another, and makes a «reat d^alc of 
iHr,' but that the <Je\'il aimes ac is the iicg on the other fide of 
the hedj^e, he fees tjiat: thi^ will bethe occafion of aboundance 
of fin, there wiU b? bittemeiS(e of (jpiric and wrath, and there . 
\YiIlbcwi^ed.w^d?^da&i«ris;^-andfo He fl\all catch poot 

' fouljj, vvheo you, gcje .t^hytpd to a fit o£ paffion, know then tha 
\ Devil exp^^reat deal.o£fiathat will fo^^ Nov»' hlejfeA' 
4tretliepeace-fii^M^,sf(n-thef>4^^ to frtvent abat^n-^ 

• dance xtjfm^iiX^^^ what bleffedworfc 
can a man be more blefledott then to. ,be . a *, means to prevent ' 
fip, it';> a-.blcflied/?hing,|co ptcvent any one fin, but to be an in- 
Itnimcnt «) pr/svci>t fpmuchifc, that muft needs bebieffed:-^^ • 

.Blefei^^e th^peacfi-m^sy for ihty are inftrumencs ofa- 
bounoance pf g^ Ukcwife, all things' flouriili where there's 

• f^ace, Spiriaial;icbings flourii'K. where xherc*i peace : little 
tbmgs- grow toa gregt height wherfe there's peace; O Blejfed 

art the feace-m^kers^ they are che caufe of mucltgood ? 

To (hcwboth the evil of the want of it,' and the good chat is 
in peace, either of chefe would be a large poire, and I having 

N n n done 

458 Bkpd are tlu} that mMl^ feaee beti^n man am m^. 

T - - - -^ — ■ 

clone ic elfe-vvher«, ftulljioc menlim partkuUrs 6ow. " . , 
" Blejfedau thcfeac^-mil^s ; Forchey are Inftrumencall for 
"^ God in the work i hit God cak^s much delight in; read but the- 
Si:ripturc, you vvlll find thercis tio duty in all the book of God 
more urged, more backt with arguments and motives andpcp-^ 
fwafions, no duty hath ftrongcr cxfaortacibtis roit^thenpeace;; 
read but the EpHlIes vjtb^Philiffhpts^ EfhcJioffSyCcUJp^s^ 
"Romansy Corinthians^ wbcn you readthefll^ you fliali filid con* 
linually, peace is the tluxig that the holy Ghoft doth moft per* 
fwade men too. Alid Chrift himfeltewhais the great peace- . 
maker, he is tender of peafl^r not Mely between God and us,, 
but between man and maSrHe glories bt this tirtc. Other, 
great Captaines did ufe to^ory in the places tvhire thpy had 
warr^, as ScifU jifrican$iM^t Chrift he takes hi^den^miru- 
tioh froni peace!, -^ he v^^Vped out by Solamn^'yAio was 
the Prince of peate,—r And ne came into the world in the. 
time .o£peace, -^ Aiid t&e Angplis^'they fung aibng of peace^. 
Gliry^ to Goi en hgh^ fmce m:tarth ; — ;• And bis Mintfters- 
were appomted td goe afid prca<h- peace ; ~ And his Kii^- 
dome It confifts in i^htseowfnclfc'and peatd ; ^— And hi^ 
, Blelfmg is a bleHlngof peace ; -^ And when he rofc againp: 
>';e fpake peace ; —.And hjs Legacy is - a Legacy of pc^, 
jpj^ ffAceiteaiie mih jom sr-?^-*— -And an A^ft^ieall Bene-* 
d itlion, it is Gtact 4«ri^« ftill ; So that by thefc chirks we 
nuy eafily concIudeVthat cfafire^isino one thii)g;clftt<jods heart 
is more upon then to fee peace r Blefied then are the peaccr 
makers in being fo Inibumemall hi fach a thuig^ in \s4iich the 
Lord hath fo *iftuch elory'in;.»**^p*-^ ' - ' ' 

Certainly, they jthall have the bldTingUkewife of many up^ - 
. oDihem, AsAvheri JJ'f'Z'/W iinpeaccable'difpoiitioii in" 
hi s fpirit towards Naball^ and he would doethiV "iftfeflhat" a- 
^iiinft liaball^ ^zxx Abigail c^xsitt and through -her wifdome, 
and;the peaceablencflc of her fpltit did ajlay die heate'of 2)if- 
t//Wr ar^er,ajid fo brought Daivid into a niore quiet and peace- 
able dii|)o<ition, wh)' prefently David bldfed God for ABi^' 
I Saro.araJ.cs^''> ^"^ blefled AAi£mIj Blefed ietboMy and ikffU'hethJ 
CoHhfcH^ faith "David to her j FOr I ia«itKlcd W doe thus aad 

"BUfU itrt thfj^ thtt fiuikg fe^e igtwten mmf^mtd mm. 4^. 

- — ; : — 1 1 

fchusu And fo if men have not vejy wicked and vUd fadut^, 
&^^ when their ^prqKtion is (farr'd> then chey will doe cfitis 
^ndutfis, and tbeywili bam their minds^ and make men diijs 
to yceld imco cM»9;:Aqd tbey*hii\{e<moft biCte^'tfaoushc^,aiid 
tlefperace refolucions ; But if it pleafes God to fend a Sonne of 
peace to chem, fome that (hall gDcAc^witll a c|uiet and peace* 
.able fpirir, and by perfwafion, by laving Scripttife to tbon, 
(hall be a meanes to appeafe their Doyling ipiritSi to coole 
rthat boyling paflionate heart of theirs, and fo to allay diofe de« 
ip(»^te ReI<»lMttons.Qf theirs ; I fav, tf they be not odp^rateTy 
wicked, they will fee Caufe to blefle God for thi^ 5 Well, 
BleiTed be God that fent fucha rontom e toprevem me ; For 
I fecl-llmuid Imve UoiieltC^MBE^ouIcr HavelRepented^. 


J > » 

'. •) .-.. .*.'0 /kI 


• L 

• •♦' • » •" 

t •• • ■ ' 4 

• • • 



II ■ ■ < ■ I I • 

. » » * . . . . ♦# 

» 1 - • . 

. • ' 1 • ' ' 

* A I ■ * ■ * • 

I • * J»» ♦ ' 

. * ' • . i r f 

^^ ,%.«<«.% 

• I* 

t « . - » 

l4 n n 3 SERMOlSt 


'"'"■'. . ' '^^.\ . ■■,'■■' 

Sl<ffe4 ureihej -thai ualte peace bctipttnmgn ani 

puffed are the feace-mah^rs, for ibeyjbsll he 
called the children of God. 

IT is a bdefTed thii^ to be an Inftranetic of 
peace between man and man., I find. the 
ttory oi fl'fofisy inthefecond of ExuL- ^o. 
wherein he doih linage himfelfe io a quar' 
relfomc bufineffe, but to the end that he 
might make peace ; To be recorded l^ the 
holy Ghoft afterwards in the-new Teftancr, 
as a high and great Commendation of Mojes, Ani when kt 
■mm un thefecmd itiu Bthfld, tvt men tftht Hek-rws firwt 
tegetbtry mkA ht fnia tuitv him thM did the wrw/ , tfinreftre 
fmite^ thon ibjftUtm ? Why now Msfti he miffit have liv'd 
u tire Court, and had all the delights that poffltily might be ; 
irrtiy would he meddle wirii the Hthewt that were ftrivii^ 
together ? In the 7 >4t?j,we find there among the erca: Com- 
mendations of M»feiy this fets forth v. 26. And the nxtdMj 
htpjated himfelfeimf them <cf tbiyfirnie^ and ■mtM't^e fa 
^hem at one againe, [*jing-t Sirs-, Ye tire Brethrem^ whj Jae n 
vrwi ne M Mtether ? He would have fet them at one againe : 
Thclolr Choft forgets not this, That M^ei would du cgii- 



^ineArl^e^'Ct^^^ illicit Gf^adafiite 

^imd del^ thcttf but he.vyoi]|d Ihcereft hiaadTdfe in xhe £4- 

IxKs out of.kis Brethren, .{a as if podii>ly |;ie could to fee thetn 
'''iv&itiiglA:!^^'^^ tto.mkfcer tges ; 

Then fomewhat is to be faid about this of nkking, and keeping 
^pe^etctWeefliiwnandinidai : It i^/ not bieSed are thofe that 
«ate at peace with fill, or fedctb niake peace with meas fms 

and corruptions^ But ^)<^e--Aiakersi that nuike peace b^tw 
' Brethren aixi Brethrea^Neighbour and Neigbbojir ; for though 
"w* fliould labour to be^ peace, with ^Ij^p as oiuch as plfx- 
biywectni yet wsmuft not fonntch as endeavour, nor deiire 
to be at peace with any fin; Though God were infinitely vvil- 
2iii^aad'd(£ifirous;co Tcconetle tt^ world to himfelfe, yet he 
wc^never-r€Concileitn^Godan<^^ttkmn^ be jeconci- 

led,<jbd and the /eijJ^iin^annar.T Bffhe Aisells injieayen, 
and ma^ up^ earth, can never reconcile Gk^ fia Yea 
what ever Chrift did, as it wasiior intends! by him^fo it could 
iKvtt tec&oiii^ 6Jgd^xid San tbgedier jjbut GodiwotHdri^- 
maine to be an etetnall enetny ro fin,.aBd. that's the; Glpry ef 
Cod. So when we are endeavouring to make peace, vWe, rawft 
not think to make peace wkb mens corruptions, with mens 
fins, we muft nocfo love peace as to (wallow it wrapt up with 
the dirt of gpiltineiTe, am ^iu^y jooi; &.a.^i;o Tooth and hu^ 
mpr mens corruptions.Certainly,there is no bleffedneflc bere^ 
but acUrfe. But ya thusiin'etttiough we;ought ijeyferco be ac 
peace WictifmcBs fins^,yet vve may forbaf^tfien'though fjqfuU^ 
we miy forbare finners,yeaand when we .come to oppofe their 
fins, we mufl oppofe them ondiy with thofe weappns th^c God 
hath appointed. The^'lvlagiftrate in, arid the Church 
in it'sptac^inrtUftoj^pofemu There: way ba agroit deak^of 
tufbololc^-clf fj^riitmdre: then God allowes in^meniinoppo- 
^i^ trkxf^-^SfU±p^ts and oorruptiorts ;. But, ^hat that we are 

iwfpeakingof is peace between /nai) and man, ■> ;,, ■ . ! 

all therefore firft labbur to propouod fome genefaU Rules 
«: peace between man .and man ; ■•'* ! ■ : ■ Secondly* fomc 
nore fpeciall Rules i6 reference unto Family peace, ^ — ~^ 
liirdly, fiMe Rules in reference iftito neighbourly peace j~ 




.^6% : '^^Ji^^.^imfAk«f7(P(0mm.^V^tu, 

And I coofeflelfaad fooRtbou^ 

'fuceimd^j^maa^wc^^ Butlihattc^l^guafter 

i«by we ihall not fpeak to that ooWi . Tu u 

' Firft chenfome RiiiesriiiGeneraH % peace jbecw^fEoii 

'indima/ . ..t^' ..:. • ^ ':..\ i • \ : .l \ \ v. ♦; ;,-. •.{. ; -;: . ; 

' Tbac's the Fiift j thaci v?€ ihwld never ju& Wi /vijjiaipe Cd 
ai^ man) txic where there, is a neceflfity J£ what we would doe^ 
may be done |)y any nieanes but^y viojeace, \ve ^0)114 ^atber 
tryk. When we le^' (uch* apd-fBoi^^raike d^ 
-vVife thenvve woulrf, they doewrong^ -r^FirftjWe flig^cl ftij- 
dy whecher rherotnayb^ iuiyneanci co: lecaii t^iigpj^ore 
diT^ violence be nfed, ufe cbacalwms as. ^M^l^'S^^ ;Vf 
iQuire ocherwife mchmafl:0]en^aiia'Vraineiii^'Af^ai>ai^;^ 
dirpleafes themrin andMjjk chey fl)r jq^i tbcoc C^c^ogrp^^j 
;ma the 'firil ^ay wvhioReyt^ia^^ £cixtdli(;sin9^y \ 
is in a violent way' ; Now tnis isnotrttnbe cfaa f^h^d i^f xGod ; 
J&lffftJL art tht }tMct-imkprsy tkey fhdlbc cMtA thi <h{fkf^,ff 
<7m ^chaf'ig^a^ I (hali <liew afterwa]xiij^he)ifl^^t^Qj||](f ^;^l 
novv the' Lend hitnielfe^doth not lave xagritveiMrhi/dir^if 
mt9ti. fe che S<riptiffe fdtb, He delimits ^9p, m t^Cidcsth^s 
ftifrtif ; Ht doth nft willwgly f»ftifh\ why vyejhowld'bp like our 
Father. If there can beany moanesthacican\te,vfcdi>efidc5 
violence, Ictuhat-bAfoftcryedi Iccs&ft.iiigage.Qur.feive? 
there. ,.: --i -:■-,. i. . .. .. - ..o. ^.x .. . . 

^[ Secondff ji If videftce mihi needs bc^ofcdylctth^rcL'iJVjb^ 
flffl eKtent trf^this vi^kttce any fiirtherthen needjjpBfl; ; J5y» ^ 
extent of it Tincanev wAer in regard of:the f«b|ed ^giipft 
whohvor in regard of the violonocur&ife ;« l-et it api;t>Q c:x- 
tended to a iTufther degree then necdii but mii U vliac j)btfi-| 
bly-jfeu cah-wkh g^d^ifcfle, indlovey ffihei:t5lbe:#w.tH^ 
of'goodtbarwxy. - And ^^xtcnd k nbr fuiahcinhetwi^^iijiift 
in-refpea (rfthfeiftibiea diat youdoeoppofef ^)!duU.?aeanft 
ftiis^ That when any doeWifpIeafcyou, you rn*iiit*Jii9 qppo- 
finoniirheOT, flynikdut agaurftailodiefslhat.haVeaiiyljnd 
^•likeiiplTd* to^fon-in-any .thing^e;iJnd©ed';yo* m*ycPp^ 
pofe all other? char doe ihar-v^Tyuinjuft rfufig^tbfttifiKb a.<W? 
doth ^Bll{ iiii$ i5^he fromrdneft eand thstarhukaa^ pf Jien? 
' * Tpirits 

■■V JM 

'Rnks'fdt ftacft ben^een m/pt ani man, j^^^ 

■ » ■ ■. ■ . 

feirics; tbt iV any on^ d62 difpleafe themjrhey doe'not fatisfic 
tnemfelves in Q^ofiii^ theperfon dotteir, or the thing • 
tbac is un)uft , but they will fly tm againft all men that hav>i - 
bucany kindeof correfpondancy vvuh iuch that aix of the way 
that they are of; And will not onely ©ppofe them that doe dif* 
plcafe tuem, in the thing vyherein they are difpleafed, biitin 
all thing? cUe. O this is atiunpeaceabte'fpific-j aswcreadof 
Ham49^ when Mordccai had difpleafeil him^ he did not think 
k enough to* proceed agaifift Mordecah pcrfonj hut againft all 
the people of the Jth^^/, his heart was againft them all. And 
thus it is with many, if they be but angered with any one that ^ 
is in fuch a way different front others, they will prefently fall"- 
upon all that are of that way,' It was juft: the Pcdaticall way- 
ID former time^, if any that were callCltft Puritan dtd^ but an- \ 
gcr them, they .would faltUpoh all that went "on^ in that wayi. 
and cry out of them all > and if they were difpleafed in one 
thii%, they woUld teekc to revenge themfelves all* the wayes^ 
tbey couMjih dppofing bfthenVin alt other things. Nov ehi^ 
is a way of tiirbulency, and not the way of peace. That's the 
fecond ruIet\yheiI'Vblenc6 is to be ufed, ya let it extend no 
fonher •( efrocr in regard of the meafure, . or the fubjedl ) . 
liicn needfe mufti : -Siidi 4 one hath done «miiflc , -/v^hy I ^ill 
deale wkh hSm in his • petfcn^ a*)d deate'^th himJ about tbat 
paticultfthii^ wherein hehath dcMie^amilfer lfi5 a^vety uf^--? 
A\ thing Mvneighbours', if one ^t butarigery with one in a Fa- 
fflily,they areprefcritly tfnge'-y' vvith a|1 in the Fahiily;ahd,tlys 
iaufes a'great:deale of. diyifidn '; fo likew^fe in a ToWne., a 
CHurcbi of C6tam6n-*Weaitfh : But thefe Rules- dnx iq Gene- 

Thirdly , If you Would have peace in the world, you nluft 
refdlvfbef ore-hand robe Willing that it fliould jCoftryouTome- 
Aii^ ; Eyery mafi would faine have peace : When we fpeak of 
^itt^H^'Aujim in his Cbmmfeftt upcw the Pfa/mesi all maiv-* 
kindkJeftes^t prcfefttlyVv^enyoti fpeak of peaces with one 
aiouth, O'l defite it, I would wilTi it, I would have it, I love 
it: every- c5hiwouldTiifi^lriifft'pcace^ and women 

are loch that i( ihould coft tJbem any chii%,wbat'$ the meaim^ 


JRmUs (f fi^cc hetw^^n nuut apipMH^ 

7 great t>rcaches doe comt often with ye^fy littl; 
i^ng9^ and a little at the firft, would be a means to belp^very ; 
great evils, Am afterwards great means wilt not help: — 
XJiir'c a ^"•^'^- rule (rf" peace. • /.^ 

■ O " • Sixthlyj 


• 1 

honourable, this would l)e a mighty furtherance to peace^ bc- 
Iteve it,it \^io : I tas agreat part of the honor of God to begin 
ro be" reconciled to us, 1© faich die Scripture,C?tf^ wM In Chrijt 
I fMndlmg the war Id unto hintfeJfcy he was in Chrift> ycjifhc Tvaf 
fromaJl eternity in Cbrift: Alas, if Godhad.not begun with^ 
us we fiiouldhaveftobd out with him to all eccrnity: Mankind 
fvouldhave been an enemy to God eternaHy, if God had not 
begun with him toT^e rcconcil'd firft, novy is it the honour of 
God tobegin with us poorecreatiices, and is it not the hoaouc 
of his creature, to begin with his fellovv-CFeanjre, thou faye(i| 
Let him ccwne to me and yeeld to me, I am his tetter, or he 
bath done raethe wrong, and the inferiodr ought to yeeld; if 
God hadftood out with you upon dicfe termes, find had faid 
let the creature yeeld, vybicliisthe infeciour, and, any cre.i- 
ture that hadb been oirijilft; and done me wronc;, and what 
would become of you ? Well, would ^ou be call d thc^ild 
of God^ thenbeftich a peace*maker as God is,begin the work 
of reconciliation firft: If another doth begin, you have loft 
Ac honour ef it,- and loft a great part oi the reward of it, it*5 
ho thanks when another be^s to be a; peace, that then you 
come in : My bafe f^irit can be 'brought to that, but if you foe 
.p6ice fake can yeeld to an inferiour, and feekit firft: O this i5 
nonourable in the eyes of God, andin the eyes of manrthat's a 

foa.^hrule. ' 
Fifthly,' Look to breaches ^etiine?, wh^iv there. is any 

ureacih between you andanother, ^its.^ general rule that co,n- 

where there 
let it ndVgo 
far before you come in with, help againft it r Contention and 
ftrife is compare4 in, Script^re to the, breach of waters, ajid 
where there isabteachonvaters, 'tis not ro ftand apd look up- 

■>^^— — ■ ■ 11 . —I I I ■ I . * ■ t ■■ ■ ,■■■ , , ■» ■« -■«>... -_ _>^ - - II I ^l 

Rules fir F^/Hi/^^-peace. -469 

"^ ^erS is fuch a thing difpleafes me, I buc b?caufc chat difplea- • 
fesmei vybat do:h the other dirpleafe nic? The othsris as^well* 
^cfE »as it vvas d^ne when I was inoft pleafed : 1 am hovv dji- 
pleafed withl:his pnethmg, kt nie keep the cxpfelfion- oftDy' 
di{pkafnfewirhiiri)ouiidstoi:h^ flitegm^^ diipleafed me, * 
kt not me have my gall to run over, that's a^reac dife^fe thac • 

-'lKhyficiflnid^er^ac in the body? when the" giiP riinV 4!>ve/ and • 

_j_:i i_i., !^ :l»i « ^ ^t .^^' n^ -^Al-^^ ^^.j* l;^-_ J',-*-! . y» 

* f^sisagiibtniake-baoeinafamily. 

: '; >F(«mUp, LetftpcFioRdefire c^dien<te out of i6ve father 

rihenwt :oifeare,andlet iqferiours obey raithet'frbnlfove thin 

ftoflifearevvOrfroninecdjRty ^ What's ihiJ diafe of th^ diftur- 

bance in familycs but this, tne fervancs they will never car^ f^r ' 

<i«;dienc^^inar;cKiidrenv'butineefIyouii:of feare vvheri they 

mu&noeds^votoacof'neceflityv they muft del ^ic^ ahd therefore 

•Aeydou^fand (Gov^ernours they 'Urr/ thernfel^s •towards* 

tbcBT children: and Icrvantsjas if cney did riotrigard'theirloVe 

at all j but ihey regard to hiye^f heir will r Lee my fervanrdo 

my wirkand. vyiUandihere'sall that Icare for>Novvif you vvill 

fee cdcryed by fuchrprinciples as thefe^re in a fe|1fi?ly),cerraihly 

. cherc vyill bea gr^fl|c deal of diftuflvince there,b(J€ now Vvheri in 

a f^nilf die Matter ocMiftris woiiW bavs them dbeyjarid their 

care t^jOthacImight have obedience from love, xhstz ^ac 

ihcy*dQe> they may do for me cut of love, arjd fo the Husband ' 

.notjoncly^re to^bave his wife lo^be under him, but .to do ill' 

fliedo^boocof lovci and: MC out of nece^foy: No!fv it's Hot a. 

little will-breed diflwrbance in that fimily, 'bar there*s aboAH- 

;^bnce of peace there^ where the' 'fupef rours do defire and in- 

dcavou: obedience ouc'oftev^ rather theft feire, and .vvhefe 

the inferiours. doe obey and lerve rather froni Idycto 

<*"»^«^rs' then from nec?e(ficy,' that they tfmft doe 



'frbty, OWervc, 'iTiac^wteri ar any time there is moft caufe 
Dfe others iiixrieiamrly for any evil> be fure to labour at 
^r'tiractoihewtnoil love,' then above all times mamfeft ' 
r preaceft love unto t&efli| that they jaiay be perfwaded chat 


*> it. II ■■ .d..,.. , , 

RhUs f^ '^tghC'ourlj-fcace. - 471 

friends together. O cake heed of entertaining any thing meei- * 
ly by hearlay ;Con(ider,.t his peace bet ween oie and my neigh- 
bour, ic is precious, iand I axB lo:h'to loofe the benefit, the 
fvveetneffe of ic for nothing ; Therefore I will inquire wherher 
ic be t^e.ctf: no i ;ind.if need be I will father goe to him. him- • 

iS^life 19. lw>y ic>. then.I will encertaine grudges , and chit that 
ciay breecl Cgnccncion between jus : That's the Hril luk. . . 
'-S(u:ondly, Take heed of being peremptory in thy Judge- 
loeDC.ia thine owneCaufe, but be willing to hear cbofe that arc ^ 
opt inceta&d in the Caufe : And above all cimes take heed of 
Ypurjudgepii^nt in time of pafTion : Though men are never fo , 
r^ofute as they are in time of paffic^i, yet the'truth is,mavarc 
-never fp unable to they are when they are angery ; 
of allcimes doenot believe your owne jwdgement, if anger be 
once^otirg : When-piKje the thing is got into the afteftions, Jf'f^ ^'""^ j«- 
^ejHdgerrK,tiDsl^cjra^^ havcthe vveakeft. jiic^ ^I^^^J-- 

ipentf m^rneir palfeona and yet they will be dae nntoft peremp-j^y^, ^ 
tpiy^itittiir judgements then. 5. That Vr he fecond rule, if yo» 
xvquld have peace among Neighbours, benot too peremptory 
HI your jttdgements in youc owne. Gaufc> and efpecially be- 
lieve nqc jpir judgeinent^in ypHii time of paifion,. btf rather , 
goe'abdtbu^ * ' ^ 

; lt)Kdljj,;i( Jhat.m one )> doe hoc fall ouc 

with any jieighDour,. till you have been before at prayer,vthic , 
Goi \¥ould Sir^ you in this bufirielleL; O here's a bufinefle; 
f^Ifi ojut ^fett i^'like CO being a great deale of didupbincer. 
Li?£djdir9(^<pie^iLor4 help me, §uid^ me in ithis, that I may 
doe i)otl)ing difti^ourablc ^o thy great Name 4 noihing^dif-^ 

'^ [cicdces in thiv 
' appeale but to - 
vout Cbdciences in t^is dring,. Can you fay thus ; TRere wa& • 
«».j^£illii^ oac betwoex) me aiKl any neighbour, but I 
janc.(irft,to G^to direck>me in the bufineffe , and to reach 
I fliquld'^have my felfe about it , with a refoIutio» 
« ,,^.^^ a<J<wdMi't6whBKdire£UonsGod (bould grantto nif^ / 
" his W-^' by histSpirir, Certainly, your contentious 

r^^ w«,^able men, they feldome pray, they feldcme 


,, _ ^ . ^ r- - II ■ I ■ ' -^^— fc— ^■— ^ 

^^^ / ' RA$ far ^fi^Amrlf-fi 

*■• < ■ , . ,. — ' ■ ■■' 


grt kvetfi wj^fi^^ ^bmgs strtofgod reporty iftk^^hi mj ' 
vMHCi ondift^ii^sfijtfrM'JryihiPtk^ou tk^c thiftgf. Ctr* 
tainly> tboie thac iliall be Inftrumenrs of this, are lnitn«nems 
^ oC greac good > they 4re bkffii-^,s to iht place? where they ' 
' liye, and imny will oldfe God for them : what abmvianceof' 
good ffiay but t a dozen chiefe men in a Parilh'or Towne dw^ 
this way > if they would fct tbonfeives about k ; And not* 
lay, weU, I have bufineife of my own, and what have I to doe 
with them : This I hcid almoft faic^, is thS language of CW»f, 
v^en as God inquired about his brother Ahly Am Imj Br^ 
tioers kstftTy faitb he 2 Let no mm fay. Am I my Hrothers kec- 
pef ? 1 muft look to bufinefl'e of mine owne : -know, it*s tAy 
DufinelTe if tbou wile approve thy felfe lo be a child of God r 
As God hark aude k ro be the greatefl Work that ever took 
up bij Heart, to rcconcik the world tohimfelfe ; So you that 
are enuoent in places, flioald account it your own work to re- 
concile diflferetiges in ParillieS4 jand not let things break out 
« tobittemeffe, anil violence, and rage,what good is there done 
then I Many times when you faavft meetii^s, perhaps you are ^ 
. in,a fetre. way of Compofing things, and 'Xarrying aH thing* • 
with' a joynt Confent, for the furtherance of the Gofpel^ a»d 
the 2ood of the place that God hath fet you in. Why ofte fro- 
wara word puts them all into a fire prefently, and there's the 
loflTe of an opportunity of abundance^tf Glory that toighthave 
come to God. What doeft thou ffegard more thy pamon and 
humour^ and toftand upon thy tearms and honom*, doeft chdu 
regar4 this more dien publick fervice for God, prChurch, or 
Common-wealth, thou art not one of Gods ; A chiki of God ' 
would regard the Caufe of God more then his private €aufe > 
And therefore bleflfed are the peace-makers, either in Farni^ 
lies, Gc ParilTies ^ O then blelVed are the peace-makers, in 
Church, and Conunon-wealth, I conf erte many things I had 
in my thoughts to have fpoken concerning thefe tvvo.But times 
are fo for the prefent, and the fpirits of men are in fuch a fity 
that I coutd not fatisfic my Confcience in this, to think;; it a 
feafomble time ro meddle wi h any thing. For I coukl not, 

meddk with making peace , Iwt I muft {hew you fosie thing 

• about 

sSmk dbr differcoceiy tod wiuc one fide would t^ve, h£tht 
other. Now wereioens fpirks m mxf iftitximnt^ ^ttitig to 
heir it> k would be an accqxabl&iiVDrk : Btic for the Prefentg 
reusing mens fpirics are in fudra fie* I am wriiy pcrBwaaed cliac 
Wutfoever is (aid> vvouki be as ftubble to an Ovem And there* 
fore I rather defire to fprbare^and Cooamit the Cavfe to G64» 
dduiiQ; hkn'toniake peace among tts. 



'» ■ '» 



'r» . -***- 




•» ' « 

T^e ^difference hetmen Independency OfU Prcf- 
• bytcry. - 


\ ' 


»«> V 

Math. 5. ,9. . .. 

BltfedoFe the pacf^makgrf, firthtyfli»UU 
called the children of Qo(L 


Ouknoirlhavenocasyei: medderd widi ^ 

«ay mactiecs ^ Cotnotyvesfie among you^ 

but ^ve me leave in a f ew words ^plainly 

tofpeaka licde tothat gte(tt ControveEfe 

diat tbcy <»tt Iniefinitncj and twkpfrj. 

«p^ Ue but ftiew you iiffty where ties the 

pnix^de difference tbere^fot a great m 

there are vAo(e^pirii9 are mi&btyboc andnokncooea^^-* 

cber;bu£CQOiefodeai«idof tbefe meoi Doe you 

: Contriweific ?. do^ you toiw wiw U is ? They arc imh; 

le tomve yoiianaccounc where doth the mame tbiog he | 

SoiwwlUteUyouithat/iiiiqWfl^ hawe telnnd 

Jovcmmcnt at aU ; And a GeaeraU Tollepatioo for^alt 

^f thiattwytbW(i$tfaeditibreQ(^} and *p(»^ 

' P p p 2 ^^ 

I< !'■ ^ I ..IH < ■ ■■■ I f 

A "^ 

47i? *^/^^ dijJ€reriC€ between hdefendertcj and Preshjt^y, 


"arc niiC-Ied TO* thofe things that were they rightly irtformid 

t they could nor be mif-led unto ; for I make no' Queftiofii bnc 

, m*nny whole Ipirits are vety hoc this wayi yet are very godly, 

holy, gracious meiv and goe: according to ibeir" Coftfgencc, 

and think they doe God good fervice in a very ftrong oppofi- 

*lcion of them >. and were it* nor for chat chey would '"noc. dfc 

as they doe. Therefore but in a' word, to give yotf the mitz 

thing that is called Itidefenderrcyj and that that is called Tuf 

" tjtcrjy that hinders fo much the peace among us. 

The great thing is this, Thofc that they .call IndeferMfits^ 
tbey are perfwaded, f i;fc that there conbe no 4ind of power 
and Aurhori:y' in the^pfrrch , but that that fe fet init by 
Chi ifi, no Officers at aTiliuc thenfi that are fet in it by Chrjfl, 
^fome of the other Judgement goe tkus £arre)but here it mav 
beitmayvyeighalitrtefurtber^ That as every Office irtth; 
Church aud Officer muft be appointed by Chrill-; fo^ the 
.t^'.^ft^t:dfl5ce> howiarre iciliouid goe muft be,%oi 
by Chriftl '^ir'jis ' irV in the Gommon-vyealrh, ( though 

prove notjyet it may illuftrate') as there cante no Court 

judicatare in a Conunoivweahh, . but by the Authority of the 
Supreame Judicature ; So, no}urifdi(ition in the Chutch,l^t 
by the Authority of the Supreamc*,' Jems ehriit^-" And as it ^ 
points the Office , fo it appoints the extent of the Office>liow 
rarre k fhoiflrfgoe. But this to tnake way:'^\ 
'^ Ncrtvfor iheCorttroverfic : Say thofe tiey call Ittdcf indents^ 
for our p^rt we think this?, that r'hte Ruling power of Minifty;s, 
thafCHrSff hath appointed to f^ed people bj^ Word and Sacra- 
ments, extends no further then where Cbrillhatit appointed 
them for rb feSid by Word and Sacniinenrs, in their' Paftorall 
power"; look bow farre Chrift hath given them power an^ Au- 
thority to feed a'peofleby Word ahdSacramcnfs,' to take 
^large of the ToM^s" of a f^^oplei'to faritChriftliatfi' i 
thtnv power to Riile over-tkm in fus Name ^d i* 
cfact-. . ''^' ^ ' • 

Now tbo'e rhar they catl Fr^fsbji frs\thty think tbfey mi , : 
ftuther, Thar thot gh Tucband ^uch Minirtershave ohely a P • 
ito;jfllchargc:bitt*iiiV^*Corigrepuonjhe caaiotchalfc*^ i 


-^hfd'^fferertCe^ hciwunJndefcyM'ncj and Pytshytcry. a^.j 

•*««■ >« 

in ally Paftorall Relation to come and preach , ;.nd adminifter 
Sacr^inients but in,this Congregaiion, yec tliey ttiiuk rhacby 
joyning" with others his Ruling pcwcr ihall have an exrenc to- 
■a hundred or ;i thoufand Congregations, that- his face ncvxi: 
faWj when as.the Paltorall ch^irge of his foj Word aid Sacra- 
ni^ncs, doth extend in an ordinary way .but to one : Kow ibr 
xiiy pare, who ever. thinks there is a greater Concrovcrlie ill 
thefetwo, but this lam fpe>ikingof, he fees further tlien I 
can doe in it. — He A the Controverfie mainel^ lies, whether 
the Ruling power of any Mini"fter excend farther then his Pa- 
florall power for Word and Sacraments, whether he hath the 
charge of 6chers,.ro rule them together with others, and nee 
the charge of them in an equall way to feed th^m in Word 
and Sacraments ; ■'. Now I doe not come to plead this 

way, or that way, for either fide,, but onely fu firre as may b^ 
for peace.' . ^ • ^ , 

If the Controverfie lies here^ I'apjfeale to your^Codcten-* 
ces, are you fo certaine, fo fure of one fide, that you can joyn^. 
ih a vicJent oppofition of the o!her : Is one fo cleare and evi- 
dent to you, as you can take upon you, as you would anftver iz' 
befbfe thrift, IK) ufe all the gpwer of CivilIMagi{lracy,for ta 
fotce (jrie,or.the other fide;ForfoI fpeakof either j for I would 
^recount it a very great evill for thofethat profefle Indepen- 
dericy , to force fuch. as profelfe Presbytery to Be of theit 
minds pr prafliie ; And fol tbiiik it will n^t o^ ^cc^ptablc to 
Jefus Chr;fl for the one by4 civiUway to force fhe orher> 
and it>vili nev^er prove to he the way gf peace..-— s-t-. - ^ ,.. 

Biit now jf. YOU will fay, we, will force thenx to doe .fo j'ltV 
true, you may by an Iron, chaine tie men dofe together, that 
they niall nor be abl;^ ,t;Q goe at fuch a diftance ; But wilUhac. 
make peace..her^ -n the Church of.Chrift in rcfpecl of meni 

jnuig ir^ore tha^^ I have obfen^ed bath been a; 

aking of peace exceedingly ; And that is,^the 

._ vY the poiGt pf fcmfme ; .for.that becaufe we have tbdc 

,d in the Covenant, lylep f:hink in Cpnfci^nce thai; what i^ 

?Iy.fchi[me^ th^y.are.ljQiind^poppofe^witb alljheijc 

■iMM^W— Mi>^-<lM*«MMa»«Hi*i 

47 a Mifiake tf the foynt fcJjifme, the caufe ofheakif^ f^^^* 

....ght : Lee bscoinc of peace vvlmt will,for that that the Scrip*. | 
iwc acccAmcs fcbiftne, certainly we are bound by all liwfiul 
nieiines according co the Covenin: to oppofe. . j 

Biic I befeech you Coiifider this firft • Whether if any maa 1 
thit i:5 a member of a Church ; for this is cryed out o^ that 4| 
\vhofoever Ihall depart from the Churcb> that is acknowlc^ 
ged by himfelfe a true Church, and <jfpecially fliall joync wiA 
others, this man v a fchifmatick. — ^ ^ 

For to ondcrliand this aright , That there may not be the 
breaking of more peace then need.Suppofe that there be lane 
•men truly godly ^d confcieritious thar arc in a Church ; but , 
there is fomethinp done in the Church that they cannot be- 
lieve to be the mind of Chrill ; Nay after all examimuoniaf- 
ter prayer, after feekiijg to Cod,' yet they cannot fee it W)fr 
the mind of Chrill, but they fhould fin if they jliould-i^yM 
with them ; they can teftific to God, their owns Confcieoc^ 
wimefling for them, that they would dadly joyne with ftcfi i^ 
Church in all the VYa)^es of Gods worinipi W m &£b aod fuch 
wayes they cannot without fin to their Confcienccs j the^y. 1*^ 
bour to informe thcrafd ves, they goe to the Eldcrs> ^ee to o- 
thcrs in all humility to (hew their doubts, in this thug ; -^ ' 
And after the recewin^ of reafons from dicm they depart# , 
and they doe in Confidence to God examine rficm Dctvveeal 
God and their foules^ and pray over them that God woujd re- 
veale thefc things untotbcm if they be his oiind^ Now after 
all this is done , yet if they cannot fee, wha; would you have . 
thefe men doe ; Suppofe there be a faimdred of them,they c«2b 
not communicate, yet they are not prefently tdrcnd fromthi 
Congregati<»,but to wait a vrfiile to lee whetherGod will cocH 
vince them, now after all means ufed, and they cannot be con- 
vinc'r,(Viall thefe men live without the Ordinance of the Sacra- 
• raent all the dayes of their livesPHath Chrift to tyed a weai^ 
of a Congregation, that if he cannot without fin to him joyiK 
wirh the Church, that he muft never jop with any odier,.truly , 
^ there had need be cleer warrsint for this if any one Ihallaffinnc 
it : — But now fuppofc thefe fliould in^ll humility dcfiretiut 
they mi^tiuvcfibemr together, ix)'joyn in the Qrdin^^ 


MtftJks ^f ^htfint Schifm thi ca$tp if i risking jigft.] . ' 4^,) 

ChrHl^rhcy hold aH the foundacions of this cburiJiiyca they ac^ 
' coitattbcmbrcthren,they look upon tfacmasGodl^^ iiithofij 
Ordinances wherein they can^chey wil joyn with cbem^ut they 
eantoc in (iich and fuch^& they muft either joyn in Come other 
ti^Uovvilnb or cbey muft be wicbcwt tbofc Ordinances all their 
day^s. Nowif theleinenlhaU in their lives appear GodIy» 
find waifcpeaceably towards others, fo far as they canfeethi 
mind of God tDo you think in your coiiiciences that this is ctu 
ScfaifiiK that is fpoken againft in Scripture that we are to 0^^- 
0dc^ and ^ac that m^ fo oppofe now which tliey call* 
Sdafm r —•! would put the cale tbur, In the liithops rime • 
rf)crei«ercacdmpany you know that were accounted N-jr^- 
.Cmfarmfis \arbich were very Godly men, they could not con- 
fofsie iokneeliDg,fuf^fe> or in any odier ceremony ,eitl)er in 
Baptifmejorthe Supper of the Lord, and fo xhty could wt 
joyn with the Congreeations in the Supper erf the Lord^ upo<) 
this the fijflhbps^ealled them Schifmaticks, and it was upon no 
other ^imd tbey faia. Now there are many of our brcth_\'^i 
at this day, year'l beleeve moft of the Godly Minffters in 
JE»g/Wwahinafewyears did account thofe men that could 
not joyn at Sacnments becaufe of kneeling, and the croif^ ro 
be in an error : I fay, the molV^dly men ^n the kingdom di,d 
bekeve it, ind I beleeve imrqr do fo ftilU 

But you wiU fiy, Thoagh witb-dramng from a caijregari- - 
m indeed^ which they could not joyns withalt without (in^hat 
. Was not Schifin, yet if they.hadgj^tbered into another Congrer 
jgariGfi>that had been Schirm,then this fatisfies. 

Tirft, In the point of amative Schifmc, but for pofitive 
!5cbi&i,tothaqlputthisconfiderationtoyou, oncly.thac we 
might a little molUfic men,*; (pirits ! Suppofe thefc men might 
have had leave from the State ;' As fuppofe this Law had been 
'iniade>tbar all men whofe confciences cannot be brought to tub- 
siic to kneelif^ at Saccament, and the crdffe ir^ Baptifoie, 
and cannot acknowledge-the Authority of Prejats, that they 
fliall have in fucb places in the City, fuch meetings, and fuch 
Congregaiiopsv where they fliall mjoy the Sacrament without 
th^ft Catmotm^ and withcjiit the acknowledgement of the 


Mifi^ks. ^f the Point Schifm , the 'c'aufe if bredhiPf^ f^rt. 

/^ (hltlcy'^ETiSiopi .• tfay/ ftippofe the State lia^ ^^V^lf^^^ 

'tfftfi'H&dtbiftjmcn beeii Schifmaricks'? Ai? fu;po.c cHjout 

jfei^^^lfren o'f ^y^^ftVi^ tl1at:ttere1iiS;i^/i«^in former ciftics,wlj|f 

t^Jj^uiidiiticfe 9f theai that Uv d'in Paril1ies,tbey cpuld uoc ka^l 

ii^ae/a'fri^, fidwlf this li bef'cy hicfbeen given ,ihaB,.'tbt ^ 

'fcf thfe1tii%\l6tn of Scotlaffd^ that liy'd in the Cii;y <^.L9»m^ 

■ ^harthe^lhduld have feme pamcuhrpfaccm piy'^,^ ' 

ilioUld fen;6y Wha^'f Hey wbuki thferel ' ". ' - " ' ,. - ,.J 

^^^'iVoiiVvlllfeY, ff'the State hadhllow'ed' them, ihea^ttwy 

.wiifpnot;'' •' ^ • . ... -, ^ . ' .> ' ..^' 

* -^uthdwltcfnrider'of this, .Schiimc is a Caujnch Bn^.^ndif 

Mn^togofeSchllme if/^rtfthe State anowic, j; is^/rfl*. tjjc 

State flll6\vcs if i 'When kcomes to break myUsicrkii^ 

Statfe, then iti^'aTiti of another nature, ?but vvbenwefo&jlsV 

Schifme properly fo cllled, it is only a fin of the CfhurcH, noif 

if it h^ a Schifme before tlie State ajl(j\ve^ T41tJj<,* fm 

\\hen the State allovVes ic,* that's certain, the ^Ipwaiip^ or not 

allowance of the State^doth not change the hatiirc o^thc diingf, 

and I am conhdent that there's fc^ixje.any^pf.ypu ^arc 

'Godly.but wqtitd haVe thought it in fo\inef tim^s i. gr^p^- 

' ic^y if thofi^ thht were JMpn-cofiformifts had fiadrfo m^f\\i^ 

'from the State, as to haye liberty to hav^, joynecfiK^etfifi^io 

fuch and fuch places appointed for them, that fo loi^g ,is fky 

are orthodox in their opinions, fo long as theyliv'd i^^ly and 

'peaceable, they fl^ould have had liberty, if this had^3qfl|)I 

beleeve not one of you would ha\^ acccjuiatttj ri^m $cti^"rm- 

• ticks, now if there be other Godly meivin- iJwj^Kmg^om ffW^ 

confciences cannot be fatisficd in ibme other jthuigr^ aii^ w;f 

. you know their lives are Godly, you know they are oahodcx 

in all Fundamentals of Religion, they joyn with you, theycfe* 

lire to communicate with yo»j in bearing the" word,andpti^*^fi 

and all waycs wherein they can, now it theyihoiild have 
life to enjoy the ordinances of Chrill ih that way whc5« . 'y 
may do it with [ c xc of conrcience,why they arc cpfc4 (H ^^ 
as Schifmaticks, it's againft the Covenan!:,ai^d oiult arnbe if* 
fered, herelyesamiltake, and were there a right ij«fci^ '^ 
' din^ of things^ there niiglit be waj^s for Brethren to li^t tc <" 

1 icr 

'' Wby Pe^ce-makcrs are caUed the children of G9d. 48 x 

tber in unity, and enjoy their coofcieisces in ch$ fear ^Godi 
and walking peaceably one ^ith ancKhe!^ l^ cfaisll^aKt^^ 
*for rbis thing, ^iefcdm-f thty thm are fi^cit-mitkers ig^S^ 
limes as tbele, for my parc» fo for through Gods tneiry Goi 

* hicfa made me fenHbie of the evil oi breadie^ cS ^stccy thii 
(hould iriy life go for the procuring pf ir, I OioUld accotmt It 
ts gresii: a niftrcy, next the revealing Chrift ft) mdi a« cve^: I 
hd in my life, if I fay, my life niighc go for the makte peace 
betwecBthefe two forts of men, and fo k ihould be 3f your 

xfeiblnrions not to go violendy on in any vvay, hat to (lady whit 
wayes there mav be for peace bervveen brethren md brethren: 

'^^ Now I (haufay no more about this, and it's like you may 

' never hear mc further to fpeak about fuch things as thefe arc, 
txf^pc there fhould be vef y great occalton for it s We there- . 

^*Jte|iroGccdto the promife. 

' ' Klftd $tre the feac^^m^kers for fhejfJhMH ke cMllcd the chil-^ 
■'^'' ' 4ti^ofGei. 

' » tktt*t a moft cxceKenc promife to peace-making,one would 

tfiiMtitwbuldmcoara$eanytivif§t6 labDur for peace whac 

^•Ibtfioirfd^^vhett from the mouth of Chriftit'sfaid, Thejfha^H 

* k ested th AHdren of God^ the Sons of God, fo you m^y read 

• ^. 'ftipft / Why are peacc-mafers called the children o£ 

13^? And • ' . . 

»» J Why ii this pfomife here annexed to ^ace-making, rather 

khrt to what went before? 

' !' ThcyfMlbecalfcdft) (fiithChria) becaftfe inthi^work - 
efpeace-makii^, they are Kke to God, chey do work in the 
W(Hk that the heart of (jbd is as much in, as in any work what- 
itever s' ThereVno worVlC^sI'have told you before) that ever 
Ifceicart of GexlwasmoreiA fromall etemitY,iK> work abex- 
f^ more then in recbiiciCng the world- to himfelfe, and To 
ihofc tto OTJ peace*niakers> their hearts are in that work 

* wbettm Gpds teart is in tb muchi therefore they (hdll ie called 
fi^ckkkhtpfkjod^ionhcy are ft> filie God,God is of a peace- 

.4 ' CLq q • able 

» J* 

- U. .-X ' . -■■ > ' 

^^^ ^ Irk, of a loving %irir> <tf ^ 'S{»fk of kindndfe, ©wt 
pe2K:c-aukers they tli^vv cl^ifclves to be of tbt htsiz igint 
ttapGodis of> and fabling fo lik$ CIod% arc &id tobe the 
c^iwreo of (Jod j ' M tbofe thac ar,? like. the Devil ^^e laid to 
^e tbe cbildrei; of>{he p^vil, ff^ thof^ that arc lil^c G(^, the 
ciul^rw of God. . ,' '* 

. AndfurtheC) As- bv tbelr pedce*^akk)gi;beyJ[Kevy'thaih 
(elves lie to G4?d|.^ jby beix3g tbej So$% ojf God. they; come 10 
6iake,f>ea<:p, a$ thys, t|[i?y loQk upoQ their feiber chatis aGod 
of.peace, gt^.tbis mpye^ thomto peacq, arid the fvv^ef AifisJic** 
tioDib* tli^ir foi4^ baye imhe Fachedyteve of Go^f n>thofc 
TOiviledges ^*yinjpy astbephiWr^notGod >lfay, that fwjA 
ULisf:)6tiQfv.chaj: tbeyb^ye i^ diis, it makes them to be (^ 
peaceable di^p9(ipot^, there's ^bmgir^kes a man or wpmiii 
' to be of .a peaceable diljpoliition^ iporq (bmivtoi they And fsH 
usfadion tfvichip ^heir own beaits, ^ nowr, for inftance, Sup^ 
pofe ^iM^Kipfim tba(< h^^f . o^ Vl^ Sbi^cbac's coni^ Ixxne 
from the hdiesy whereiiv ^ nach a great • vexkerV 1 hue now 
whenbecom^boipe{)9rhajp$.]iis|cfildren be unrovvar3/and 
iu$ vi(ffe^otip anyg^Tes^p^^.yct bg hatfaf<> muchftiH&i'- 
&ionvvithiD, i^^jii&^w^lpirk^tliH&ycHt.w not havdbilnre^ 
'dilyangry.ri^^.bewiplieis.ii.qoipfQr^ ^^pi1iesis 
be bach beard4;oncernQag^hAS w^tc% he wl^bkrifc vlfvhdnbiiiH 
dred things in that faniiiy at that time ;but let the fan^ noAai 
anothertimpg^ abroad ^t^p^ wthcxi^p ahdJiteaf of 3i 
News abroad) be comes di/contemed fiotnf^ arid ^ks i!r.frcfward 
wkfcevcry body then,. and readiy 10, flyi upon ifervaiks and 
' children, and the gfotind is, for wane of ^iad<;&£tion Wtbiii, ia 
r bisownfpirxt, c^^re^ijnly tbi^ c^ofBOU^wrang^. 

i and coQtcnci^nki m«$ ff>irir^ tbev have fon^e juiltinelie 
mihin, a^ have nc^c fttisfa^iion v:vithin>in,tbeir hearts ^ But 
! nowthofejiiar are th? fihiMrenof i^Iod*. that kfibw'Godtobe 
. ibeu: £atberv«d:rtB'oy thpi^iw^etaasdtorffed^ prfvifedges rf 
fr Gods childxOTj.Tlwy fi^ fo-OMK;h^tisfaflion within, w^bt^' 
: ownbeart%a$ let the world do vvhai;tbey^t»B| for tbeTviorhl 
. muft betb^w^rld,and wicked memnnfl be wcVcd with' ^ 
' iibem §o(» in their way, ]fic mc incteftt pray fortbon;**^ 

■« — --*■■■- -- 

.0hj feAce-in^ker s fh^ll h ulkl the chtUrcn nfOod, SI 

niourh for Aeitt', But he no: them diftirb my' piaccj O $Hf 
foHUrftwrnc wit9thjYifi\ I fitid thit thatTatisfieJWie .' -and- ii% 
i;hpfe,vyin S^ verV peaeeable fovvards btfters, tfid therefore 
i^i^ isjoynedco thipeac^-tiiakfert^ ththht-, 

dren ofGdd,'th^tb, chay fhalf b^ fo, and f6*^at^n^i^di: .' :. ^ 
And they (lull be fo accounted, that is a higher Vfegree,itV 
^ great blelnng to be a child of God, That -you tvitt- all fay^ 
though the vVo^ld /hould think you ttie child of the D«vii,ancf 
call you t>evill, though they iTiotild deal * with ^ou as they dicf 
syiihjohff Hkff^^ they ' pictured Devils u^his coat v^n he 
YVCQC to Martyr(jQhie,^as if he wefc Cd(i\t but of hell, I bat he 
ms the Sof) o^God for all that ? Chril? himfelf hfc vvas not al- 
^VYsvyej called the child of God j btiche t*As <JaHed BeUtkHb^fii 
f^Tri^cc'^V^fl^'i — l^t It is lohi^ additidh to thisblefled- 
.nilfe nere, that the^ are called' fb : th* i5, fhir^bey have fuch 
apcomife.frbrn Chri(t, as not brfytbte the children of Gocf," 
bfi^ t^.?jy l)iall htR> in the very h&utJi ahd cbnfciencte of thr 
^Vh among vvhom tliey'Iive: Peace*:ihaiin^ h fo eohvitidt^ 
^tljerj^r^'Iofniicji beauty arid'excdikricyirtit, asrvvill cortvince; 
ilmplt any ihahij)^ce-nial[iftg*hath fucn i tbnViiKirlg povver,' 
as touii^ ffaat are wicked themfetveirjTet tfcefy (hall bi Tot^ 
Cj^d Wcf^^f^Cbnfcfeneestofaefcevevfute^^ tfiefe pedple, thefe 
. xpeh an^ women are no o'her then thisf. children 6f God, ic is 
, the%irit of God that afts thcth'and guids thfeirt : ^^1^6u 
\ , ipoy^ i^^vsi^ fee that peuce-mAfeg* is v^ry- convincing, becaufe 
^ xjD ma^or wbfnan'w^^^ breaking o£ 

"peajc^astrepTiemberl coldybu, tfntifwe fchould ^oj^^i^sk 
, aRi&cjgaeri in J^;/x<''*''!'*froni one to aribthdr, Wtjilt do ydd nin- 
• ^er diy;peace ? ihere's nev6r atean or Woman would own it, 
/ a^ W lAere are many guilty certainly .Well ,as that's fo foul 
to"bre:;ipeace^that none will own ir,ro to make peace is Co ex- 
, cellcnt, thic every bpdy is b love vVithotl ^ thbugh mca and 
jW^enichatljave perverf^ and crooked ^\;m of theirown, (b 

V'X ♦ 

"^Tg^ nhj PiAcc^miJi^s art called tke children §f Cod. 

\ .) 

that do not much concern t|t2mfelves: yea they are at peace fa 
as they axe willing to fuflrer much ip their own private caufe ft> 
{>z ic that they may nuke p2ace,tjiat th^re may not-he fin com- 
niitted, but the gl^ry otCJo^inaygo on,. tliacciuftpeaar'Bay ' 
be fi^^cheied cncy are williftgihsr^i^yes 16 -fufffcc iNaonwfaca- 
'others ihat are ^ffrovYarci'an4 fel.iifli.dijpotkibn?^ WTit^^'tlre?-*- 
fee chis tn (udx ^n^ cm: wcm^y^k, caMTe^' other; fliacAer ^;-' 
thoughts: Indeed niy cbafcience teUnie , that if any anger" 
mfe, 1 will be even with theni, I cannot bear k; I .twcDiw'. 
othersbearic; My confcicDCf telsnie^thkif<meit:f^>cculiy ' ' 
mv infef lourdoth wrong me> I will make biin tome'' wdibiA 
niittoiiie^andhe Qiallbednfirtt: Jl burl fee cthecj^dioiyji '' 
th^y be \Vi dnged:^ they willbe vyjllmgto (uSkt^ iaad^^ttxAicof 
love to peac^ for they ga nothing by it but fflctrly toinfute-- 
peace bct\;gb^ur and neighbouri or man aoel niiB^tvi^ qi 
cer^aiiily't^s isilo othcj:,t^enibe '<;hi|d ;|p| pea<)e,.'iHlte'fhihk«:i^^ 

^very tiaic;I{^e,che(ejjX^^^^^ 

pQace> 1 Sm put in mind of Jefus Chrift, the Prince of peaeejJf-i'* 
^ put in piiqd o£^|^kJti JpJboft.that ©(*^-likfeSpJru»^Cftr^. 
taimy cliefe aretfie'chiKdrcn dF 'Cpd, 'by*: jhi^ fi3(EJi{ballx»titt«*^ 
to be convince that they are tne children ^oC:God^ -tJilt'siillS 
Qieahingofthisprooiiifi. /^^' ,:r-. . . '? 

: NoiVthtn forthethin^iVrelf, "Tbcj^liaUbexatUdtytiik^^ 
ircn vfg^d, ..There ^are tnefe dyo points. ,• \ 

1 -1 ' ','. f^ to iptmutcc tn^' CMjcieneestf0ihkrs^& 'it Ht^ '* 

cannot m*t MSVtHt fu ti ' "■'-' —-•■-»« 

coMoi but account Ud ta tefi: Thefe 4ir tk^ -^ 

i 'J <■'■ ' 


WCjpd'i^.The jpouat you apniot W tbiqk^^ tegr 

^f w^ fN)f)1d*handIeitinc(«ttQ(mpfa^ 

no^ do,---—- 1 need DC^toe Scriptures ta you -^iftJW^ 

•i' -f 

what mamier of lave thif Father harht^cfiajved Hf Off iv, that wt 
pmUhccalleitheSonsofGoi'xQ this is the love of God in-* 
deed, that We (hould be called di$ Sons of tjod : *-r- And itX 
the £tuit<ftf election. In 'the 1 £pfef/: ^.v^tfavfr^ 'ircdept^a^' 
tclHi'mu^eAi>ftickaf€hlU^^^ Jefus Chrijt' to'Jrw^^^^ 
acc^rrdwg'tOLiheigmLfteafttre ofhu witi : — hatfi jfreJefiinafea , 
«fy to AVtat ?« fiMp the ad^ti9nBfthMreHy that^s tjie Ip^ia^^* 
thtt^doac God aim^'at in predeftlmatibn : tKatV die bfc;(ungi^, 
vvheti God W^ looking upbti the lumJTo^ children of pfeji^'^ 
weJi;iaidTj^,tJier^ are forte that lihean to 'mffe by and i?4yft ' 
to roc'jdoarfe of Juft ice : Oh -biic there are .others that' are good 
in ai^ feyes, that i<?i Ffnake th'f in fo: and He fee thefn' .a, pajt* , 
to the AddptiOh of Sori^, tliey (TiaJl be my children, and l*le . 
be a^tfihet 10 chdn for ever . :,N6\v that thic 1' thought tp^ave', 
fpdQm4]|in rbttsfoint^ ftibuld have bceti firift the cpenii^ iC 
iiisl)!fefieitef»,inWingtHfcc^^^^^ .^Y \ ^ '^ 'r' 

^ S^SQi^Ji tfM^ df^ the ff^^ theft that anctfie^ , 

ik^ikntjf^^djoec^^ •:-;;";■ 

^ Fitft,^ THe^^feat^rtiftfery oFdodlinefsthat tlifere is;H}\'rbi$:. :. . 
-joint: God works yery^woi^derfwllm^ iiii^;;i4^^ingm^ ^oni^ 
lbhtofel6v^'^'-v;"*^ { :' '--'[^ /,'.'/ ..J. '^.^;l^.', , . 

' Asfirflb We nluft uniSertJai^drtaJsamifteryotCodlbeT^ 

Go(k--aau»Uy''ituii4 / Every 'than^'oF j?rooian'tl?aVM i cbili 
♦f ^ iKJw^i •Cin'^ty ' m a ' chad- '^f Wra^ before.*' 
And*^;.©od ife nukfe%'chttateh-6r writfi 
^rcn i This ii' si ;mi^ecy; reveaiy in t&e ^ptupc .octely , 
dutt «fe wdutcT not hv/t come to haye^fenQv^ -by pfae J^c. 


•.- #r-i— J 

, ■ Secohdly, The myftefy of Godlincft confifts in rhTs ^''•tLiE 
. thougji chey be ^dopced chifdfcrl/ yet they are ^> i^mdr^rV- 
tf)i to i this is a rtiyttery of- .rhe Golpel, We are." fald'co be jl- 
dopted ch'iifeiJ in Soi^twe; \N6\v •amdik'fficnytterame 
imiiranriocbeatfopted aiicf'b^ , a cllild by aciodci-' 

on and a child by gfeneradob of the Time man , but it is fe^ 
iierfe> all the children 6f God are th^ children brfcSod ij 
Adoprion, and yet the children of Gocl !^ gcfaerada^ not m 
rfiatwayo^-geflentionas'ihefecoiid peffdh in Tfimw k ttiS 
Soil of the Father » nor as he is God-ma«; VSnceivedbyxft^ 
Holy Gh6ft ; bur by anofher Work of the Holj^ Ghoft ivhitli is 
Tit!Xt anro thit , the ne^t moft gforious h-ork of tbe^ Holy 
Ghbfti^, fbr to liegeneraitc children untoG\)(il)y aiiiinmor-. 
tat feed of the word , to beget; them unto t!jod'; aridjfcttor' 
^ fhi<:they ire thildren by afdoptibn ? N(^adQ0pbn& rhir 
whereby a man whence hath no child of htmvifj'ISfiit^e^Iii' 
■ and owh taothdt t6 be'hU child or Jfeir^ So w^' diit^y^rc lyS 


' TOrdly, TU ^great myft^iy-is in t^s^Mr itifeYVre dic^ 
children of. God by r*f/r MH$a^ mth Jefiis ChaJ3:i;lie i^r^^ <^— * 
cf God.j they con^fe to their SonlWp hMhkljtiof^y. 
{li5Chrift,Ae ectmalSonbf God ; ftey ^6mcVo1)e cSiSS 

rtdScttbf G<sdi andhehathrheRiiesandifec^ry of &ai ' 
Sonfliipofhistolhiheuptthfiim. Novvrfjtk&nf^ipisiTiioh: ' 
tr^dc^e^urf Soo(hipthenbynaaire, e/^^^ 

}l4iMttbfM^fttry^Gt<UlmfshimAi»ft'n>i, , ^ 

io, ahd^tht Angels i lntthttishigber,byF^:hwe'aremadc 

tbeSoMofCod. -. 

FouKhiy^Thcrcisihwinyfterym ir, That all ch« cbiidrin 

t>f (Jodare fftirt , every <hi£ of diein> tc's noc fbwidi. 

men , ~ia;nithac-b'ave many children^ y« bocotK \i an. H^- \, 

■ hs air. the di Udren o£ God are H;irs , ev^ry on-'i Snnt and 

beinj this is the Xj|«ry of tlic . 

but ii^WQ Ve Somr4V« ate heirs^ rr h'^t in ihe 
■.■■■■■' ' . V- if^innmif tii 

I fittb. myftery thaw higher then '^"" St'ouit. 

:bein Heirs, out they are joynetf 

ob« Co-hei'S one sf'uh another 

orevery one of th^icobe-Co-. 

i 3, highbkliifdnQfs- indeed^ as 

Jcliifi Uirift tlie-SteflSd Son o£, 

I fjr asany believer iicapjabU 

f ithebith^arkJ flratTbavetoge*, 

atbc fame,jKff«t. S. ^*i^ 

atd, iwd-jp^t He'nt wkkOjrifiu . _ 

inherit, here among mett c^ey 

I ihey^are cheMcirsof God,. 

UKr'OrPrincererhiiviejrot (l 

torld , yet they arc the heirs of 

rteifswitb-Chrift. -rThereara 

in aJtCbrift!i*Inbemanc£,Sure» 
lOivevBr tliouarc intbevvoHd ; 
or woman , or miid i^it God; 
icilcd : : I (ay > ftfaatroever iboii 
mocahfJ£ir to-mortfdien thou, 
ete;fs in Jeff 

^86 , f fJMtilirM y fieryaf G*dtitt^uji'^ff^>" — 

CO j)|jFe_ (h^/3^9 leys from Qp ; 

iatM from 'Goi the Fithef,.iv 

Svfcfe Qiirift : TW(t> E^iefiHi iJti 

,y iJufcthfcnrecpt^iyt 'Thou «n I 

Gli>ry> «ias ccrtaifl t^at Je 

yer, becaula^houjrt4Co-lKii;\i^tti JeiMChriit j ywlmai 
. vvtKiMiiesare(^heVt,.th»citlcot o[i^u«lC^rtaiii asthe 

«chers: IfyoiibebuEflCo-purchafer widianocheTi [henTM 

have as mie 1 li^ in fitch a Land <v Houfe is tbey-hava t^ov 
. Jefus Chri^, thougji he be our ^der Brofha-^yabc i*;;?M 

an everliftii^ FaiHer,iKw' we arc ;6yw Ct^iiraiiKrtrt Wt ta 

pioreto besCci4ieifcbeft4<x>-miduki.£.Xba-£i§«ACJa' 

faeriuoceis better aiid a ^ooretiDQlertt^c * tfaentbe risbt of 

Pir.c,hal« ; and i 

ihis'is'tbe cJgbfc 


- felffhallbcdifir 


|)eace-^kerj , 


p they are Co^ht 

ry, and^nbei 

can.— Andllftg 


ther: In the It 
••»»»/ f«t*r». 
faith Qiriflw Jt' 
father to ; he ^ 
tcreft w my F 
fopHaiisfying, I 
th& &ine Oodtl 
the faaie Father 
t^of Cod, 




\ir- «J ,\:- '(■■■■■ ■:...,., V, . ,■ • -..^ 

'vi.., ■. „ 1 o.R^fi>-' ,•-..- ■; ,"■. ■ ■ 

■ *<«. t ii ; ' i iW iiii. ■ii.-^i M .i.*-.. jii I ' ^ II ■ v .. I 
V /' !-;!' ,h:,'- ,M a t ,1^. 5/10.; 

~''''W^J^^:mmntfGf(k ■ ■■ ■;; - ■ v. 

3;of all, of all the Inhericance, 
iiaoceu^vuytsics. Among 
'onfehaih, the lels rlie orhec 
.^though he be ridi^ If he 
aigreac portion', if the elder 
: yoimger harh the lefs , or if 
jl^hich a.§re3t deal, xhe 
Qc'fo in'cfie, children of G«ds' 
I ^ God. ha'tb lefs beaufe 
irYpna iSeries all there is' in 
lere \a &> tsavcn : It is the in;^ 
j:_0K:>flb QJJ#i«.*.^fir the 

lusj due new itiChiill rfi:fe's 
I tliere wasTfl forriler times to 
f^e'myfteries ^fihe Gof- 

■iui ,: BUT in tpe . (fflgf <^i .ip^ 
filedgtmd prero^tiVf tbea 

~^^;^ Whut the Mjfierj tf qoilmft it in '^JftuH. 

before : This is a pare of the myftery of the Gofpcl > fo.Tiurljf 
God had children in nop-age, under rucer-age, all iKe SaJms,'' 
tbe mott eminent of them were as children in their xion^-age. 
an4 came notto ch&it.inherimice ; but vvc ire;^ obiliren in 
coinpariron of rhem chic are of years/ thvU is nude out 
clearly to us, in the 4. Ga/^ N^;^ Ifay^ thdp the heir m long m 

0f mSj tftt is $iifdi9f Tutors ani Covetnon,^ mnU the time 4f-^ 
ffintciof the Faehir , even fo vft^ m^ieff we rmt chUireHwert 
$n hffdage wfiir the elements 9/ this ieorldy butt^herK t4iefi^nifs 
^ the. time rhescwBe^ Gfiftnt f&rth4ns S9» ti^kdi'^d^^iibM^ty 
eiudcMffdffr tbe^Laxe^ t^.jridtem tba» ihai. WGrt iuajr 
tke.h^w^ that: we might reeetve the adaption effias^ 
So that ir feems tillChrift came, "there wa$ no recci-' 
\ittg iku Adoprion* of fonf;i*«^vvhy -were nor xhcSaincs 
children before Cbrift ctme^ *■ ■ , ■ Tf«^ly in f ^ard of Gods 
wfagc of them, chey were not as chfld^eii, 4b^y Wefe'ii6t fiw, 
that iMhey were not fon^s of Age to' come tx)injoy.dieir fiber 
litance; but they were fbn<j,(ds K}i^';lbp^ wfieii^dtjej' arelitdt 
Aildrcn bare rfekTVaxtfar-and^Go^a^ 
tber children of roe^r tneri' , fo' were they ulfed*)'3«d Gt^i 
rcverfle^falc iothim't)f the ^c^tkrKftH tlmt inh^rifin^ 
lJ)en;But*as hob!cmen«id Printes,- Aej^;arcliin|oB!aw 
A^ir cbildraiwkhTOnfe^'Wttf Wtikfiq-ari^^ 
wen pfeafe tbeirJ - -tft^«tiiyiirtW^«ferii?l)P 
^d>|>ofeffi<^ UrirtfrW^^j^ m^ fiWkdft- 

. drcn-; birt/jVhen a;chrfd-<cttit^of "^ge^tlidnhe t<>fi» 
derRand bis dignity^yfkrffeffic^^ iha^ glekres'hiin 

Aen, ^nd-ndc thofe t«fcMes't+iar ft?'Ji!td'1>rfix*€' -^-^^^ iht 00. 
is, iri^c6m{i^rdtf dPftc^rdfivib^^n*^ 
pcivilqdges ,ftf the Gofpel^'wbac thepea^re^hi4Wi^'ife 
law w&t Rattle*, -ahVi^^P^^^ 

ven tbofe Oidinahce j^ thit th;*n^be/had, ;tb ** d?? JJ^fl*;"*^ 

i^ictiaitbf otuf ii^^-tf^pce, and op kdl^i^^i 


PrWiUd^^s tf/ tbt ChiLdr9H ^f Gfi. ^y i 

iDhertcaoc? gf chil4r^n to have cb^ Qa^t clearly itvpaled t» 
lh«|tti, itnd fo t^v^, tbe blcirii^^ the.privilodgcsof the ^ 
iCicjipd.^ b|>titb« wei^all f^Cxikcoinof^ byandojc Tiwt 
Jp^ hive xh^tnyftiiTy 6{ Gcvdlmcfc 'm bur Adopcion; • , - . 
:• Aod die benefit of children, or the priviiedges thacwc 
Live bybeiBgcb^lfiren are very great andfjmny, I remem* 
]ber l^hp'^\\\%^ Comment upon this 4. of tbe Gal, 7. virfff-^ 
faith ij?oJU*^^ did])ui;kPQW what this privifcdgewer^ aU tfwr / 
ftcbes;p(^;iJ^vS^Ki«gd^ in cfae world would bgt but as.)i/fi^ 
iiM?^tv-i*f ifthoC'Snisjexpreirion.; and die greater the pomp 
j^ijd'^ tb« ,glory»<)fr<J^e} world i?,, che. more •wottWwe.htve ic 
-WSboiloever icUji if we ki>pw but the excellency of this pre*- 
rog3^t{ve of b^ij[g (fhi^drejii i^ ibercire greic priviledges in. it, 

J}ffp»cr^ta.Ucqn^€.^i^ S^ma} ft^^Kto :d«fl>g»re. hopovyer^ 
be gave; fUi Au^boric^tive po^i^ef tQ becdoiethe Sons of: G#d ,. 
that they «nay cl4iQ)H apd cb^Ueci^ it ^ they have 2 kind of 
^tluafi^. ^..p%il^ becQBHt^.che Smnes of 

. NqwifefifftprivHc^ge of-a'Cl»ki«f^^odisA^^ grc^t p^i^^^^i ^ 
^cnpt ijr^gijf jiponbim, accordii^ to the dignity of the Farbet,' Sms. 
fo ^isjib^r hqtaor and- dignity oi the child ; if thefarher is t^ 
A^^o^p^ , fo.^ |hex:bild l<K>Hed oprnr, i£ tl» Father is a Gen- 
"^li^^^ (e thesfeilAj.or.^ Dukc^ Oft Prince, or Monarch^rfie 
i^>t^b^ hf990C fCCOidJiKg so live homr of^ his Fatber; NcW 
opibp^g ch^d of .(iodftivftjpeeds bobpnorable, the children of - 
^fea^tpcQ.of theearth 4^9 honorable r but the children of thq 
m!inJ|CsQod oauft needs bav^- honor above them by their birch-* 
rigtic-^ttba i^fle^cfe of the honor of their Father ic is ypcM - 
vam^f ii:'safpee^h<rf I>4t^intbe.i&^i«F.t9.2a.Sonaecame 
^ coawuned w^k him aboutmarryiug oif SmmIs Dtaushter, 
what fiiitj) Pdftfid I SamptJif it te yawa iigh thing to be 4. Kin^s^ 
fonirtLmp ^^ feeing thMl tm^a pffrmamini lightly efieeme^f 
«Novy 4ttp Ssti4 wa3. a'W;^kc4 man , and ic was to be but hi.<;' 
S0nin*L0^y and if tb^c \vere accounsedib great an honor and 
priviledgC) much more this.* 

, ^ Secondly, The fecond priviledge of the children of God 

Rrr .2 ic 

_ I II m i l -- ' " ..^J. , -. 

^94 . Prlvilel^est^thcChlUtenBf GU. 

f " ■ '»■ 

k is, that chey are free4 from all kincl of bondage « from a ipi* 
ik of bondage, and froQi alt bondage whatfoevcr >, t^are 
no more bond^flaves 9 as -every\mwi fiatui^y, iif5;ryi)ti*kB0W 
whac Chritt ftkh, JOf 1*^ ^A4^«<*p^;:/r^f f?^*ir«gJrt ? i^^ 
children ,o£ the kingdoajK cbey^re ftec; i- rfeeyr. #i« B«^tbiic 
feivijiky as orb^pS:ar^/v jbeyure SM^^wJbrWi-fBhamS^rf^ 
^ ^e b ^^eeijfeeiy :fentiW^ j and -ygf -Pp^k^irrfenttOf ^ 
of ;Goirtl«M^xely^gr«atTprivy^dgo, b^ciJieyitrc b^^ 

Th^y are kjsy<>tt^itbe <teg^/e4^f /M^i^rvafltj^ i he*fei^ 
Iti VW 1^ , groat honop tft »^)iM^ 

is 9otfiW^ Ijpfiftc <tf : fervUity' wJwi^brita iipMreeipirie 'mi^ 
* ^hild« j^ ^Go4 ^' Tbcj^ft^iit* ffcoft'45«^^ 

ther; r. ThcJ fpUk o< Atteptkny i Aall fowof xWih«^bbCj^ 
. ly r But now I oii^y th^n thtitpAvjiw^^i itf xiefpeirt of &1-11 
L ii^deliyered fmmnbe fpHr ctf b(«ndage; tfieyixterno^ fer^ 

God i>ov^dfrih« meici!iSu7^vt*^Hvf>^ iObil5of fte^f 

flavery of.fp?k from f^ar .;> !i»e pe^^ of tne^ Jew»<r<)ifcir(b5) 
Codly people. The Hfiily CJft^fiuAimAttirfl^^^^ 

T])crMvas.a fpiii^oi' bondi^eriMHl'fe^'jupoirthc hearts of tbc^ 
peo{3l^ Qw iaf4rifterfhtr«s: -T'N^rtG^ 
drc»lAi«irfdftnre himiQW,^T^a»oihtr^^^ out of)o ^in^ 

Giple; of iave as ie- beftstms: dbHdctin , tv^^^ 
more^wben'fve c«»e tti ebe duties <ii'fMita3t, is dtey^tf^^ 
thecbildrenof,<io4 ^ < ■■ ■ ■■ ^ea'ami Ukcsvire ibey were tim*; 
dcr dW' boudageof a tocMe tedioift wiy . bf /^driWp <> '^f^ ' 
bonda^ of the taw. Nowrthe childfcnirf><3odarc4roed. 

of the Law they aro^yhoUy-fitee; • That*i dw^ fixofid^P^"^ 
k%e..fce.fromb«dagew.A .. • >rv . . - - 

1 ,!. > '- Xbirdlyr 


^rivikdgesof theChxUrenofG^i^ ' 45>^ 



Thirdly, The third privifcdge , The incirc fatherly love 
riterthey »re hnbraced with aU ; <Jod who is the Infinite glo- 
r^6u^fiI*beift^itfibtt*rce^irtl^nl^vith •»! inrirc facherly love; 
Att tha I<^rr*It^V&i*l^as^ift'attf j^f^tsrtoWard^ children, is 
btttftir «*p^tff^ 'of; the^i^tnfcc bcean of ficberJy- love ch:lc 
th^^^iainOftdUjttt^ W^peopte f Yw thtt artt fathers or mt)i- 
thcf !f3?^*nii^Hth« ihe lovfc ofa l^amrtt C6!<*bildren meMi^. 
Ntew Wteff <^ 

yoff flyjulrfih^^irF^ikb bjLthidtf • yom bffgodly ; And k h ' 
lb.^ha^ l^hwiiftfti pii-e^t have^fuchaflfedtibm^tri love toward^' 
nt^<:biWfei>,'yut^tttm''from wy Nodf ?<X2)' tAtedftaaion> 
ihinfahd teve^ttfGdd' a Father ^lolii^ Ghil<irert: -WhfiihM 
tbat'Ood hith t^Aen^ i^^bitti' th»' citte df ^a Father , tiuc «tb 
the efiitrfast:ic«iight be «a^'groijiid of • tite- Faiib df ' bis people, * 

toicokhiptRito^Uif y kn<^<>'fe^^^ 1^^ / a^imireas evertbe 
lovfe of^jsi^rew^ ^the^teve of atiipwcmsm . 

rherjsiowar^^hiWyen'^'fittP alK^^^^ irfeftiOttr^df alJ'< 

tharWiArtoti%iendertea»cedpafeiicstbai^ ev« were^inthe ' 

V^^rtd mowe paitm, ymi will fay tliatl^arber Airely is a lov^ 

ii§ Fatbei^; that kith'^ ibekfve char ail that Bathet^ had in^ 

tbievv^rld^finc^thi be^Mfi^bi^hatfaiitaUmfais heart ^ ydc 

riay ^jftrfis- Rtthel^y ^he tv^greil hard-hctfrd'cafnal Fathering 

raiipirifen of «f^,i 6f tHe love of God that is a Father iinr^-) 

hi9l&iinc$ f^' ThaA tbec^rdimvikdge: 

- Itewlbly, Itffrfeurch prititedte of the d^ildiw of G<kH k ^ 
ktt^irightncfaatdiefyhave^tmiDt^^ thatis^eftored 

imto*:th^' bf being chifaWen: Why the- Jews rheywerede^ \ 
priv'il^ia «e«c' parr of the comfc^c of t be creacw^ ; but 
nmtbe children of God have their r^t reftdredv renewed^ ^ 
ftrei^chMe^ inetebfed^ ifbetrtisbctd^aH'coiiifortsmallcrea:^ * 
torn. -^Ii^ xxat-! JUtsm be hada rtghruifto the creature ^ac 
fitft, aad:by/irhe loftiv, ^ chat aHnnrikind have IbA their 
ri^itTrortbecrdatttres;Uu^-^ y • ^'- > v> ' • 

^^mvh\\i^^fi^k'mtriH^^ MfiitfgtJ tif^m, wbrnthrj ^ 

I confelTe this iometimes hath been caugkc; Tbac tbocgh' 
*ey have a right 5e£6:e men,, yet they have no right before 
- : ' " Cod, 


^CJ^ ^Ivikdgts if tht ChiUren of Cfi* 

God^ but ibey are ufuif^erSv But there migHcte^^niiftste in 
<hat;63r chough icVuiie^dl our ti^Ciiiioftif 4^«cinuft (^ 
granted 5 But yet if God biy ifree dOTrtritro iWyi.-gBfechew 
nght, Ihall give the t:reatiiFe againero %y\fiii^1fw^% *^/V «te 
^arthPuhichiMren^fnwft wecannptiay cbatcfae^^ceufo^ 
pers>ifthey have ichfa£ree gift froniGodyUschetibiie^ 
DOKQty andpaciouoe covvacd^ chejrkked ;?**-fiiic.ycrfijlh|liey 
have not diacTighcthocxhfidiitdrenofC^ia^ y thtrvilJK 
is«cerely tljrctoiulioDj tmt-tilic^rjghc ihfltthc<hiWurf^tJ^ 
haeb> it is partlyrb]rpurebftfe^ and ipmij by t^horiatfipe 1 ibey 
bsvs M ebattei^iog: right; tkk rfaey can tn;»}xild aod My v^ 
even ckallen^fromGod aHtgood shu^ilkln^adtt cttkupey 
rbaecbey faaEi^il^o£»!bihcbiiwiic«:-A 
'.imoyxomfortabk diin^ in 'the viocld Jor^in (ic^iim^itthiir 
iibnce, aadii-dare not U^i thatnbe 1$ atifertpeniif ^be ^ef? tfat» 
hwfultyl £0r^<yi)i)tiurhGMt^andsi.tdis^ 
edmentfaeffeihihgsrtr mdwe-^foyviv^mrfitwt^ iM 

ditre snowiekcd ]mirmhQ!#(m 
«)d iay^ Lord'theie ^re mine cpnityit.^ n»w,ini:iei^iMe9r ^ 
myiwrchriB p ibiis i§lthej>rbntef^ <j£itte<hiHfreart* 66i 
If a imle£aiftQr.'by*hid ift&neeii^ht^k^c&nvA hii ^tiJutc^iMi 
iorfekedaUxhe nghciihachit bacb to che gnordchiA^f^a 1^ 
dooiMfiiitryebifthQrc tivutbttt iiipream:fofVe< .igqwbiifipi 
him, ^ttourof cheiff boueiy' grant tauioiwi' feme pRnriMt 
WfaitSnpp6rcheiu^cbc&MM:ish^.be eiAcM(94i)9C«i«»4MK 
fe^tfaatittdbdiMCurpeiCy.fae hadir^ai!^httK>fe,fha9t%ic9tH 
ven'biniidMrgb he faarb ferfeicdd ttt ^ And truly tto jukV 
ri^ctbflf tvicked meabve rJs cbccenoc a fir^acde^nf ^ 
, leoeaeeiicrtibcmQentbe right that ^d)Udb«tbatM^JFlth«rt 
TabtelaHdichefiigbethac a maM^ot hadi tbe i^gbc^bdiftre 
he ^DQ8 totbeGtUoms ? Tb» now i$ the difference bet\v^ 
tfaerigbt^ftke eo^and the^edier^ c3raa befons il)e I:^! 
Theretore vthen vou look upon your cAac^i mi Cpe yeiic ho^ 
&Uii0Miii9^mch^o6d fumttureyaod Jook upoir yMrTdt'le^ 
;md fee chem ftlmfflied whh fiiU diflies ; OiUkrmhm ^ 
ifouhafetoalJtfacfein reference unco God ; wtml^r i be 
sneerely the right of dosation ^ AiaiAite&^«r flvyiftveia 



^Pthnled^es of the Chlldi^ ofGcdi, 4^' 

prcfervc him to the execution ; or whether' it be the fight of * 
children. But tiow if youbetfae childreri of God,you come to 
Jour Tafetesy as to your Fathers Table , its theprovifioi^tba- 
yottppAcber ddth taafee for yoiu, aWl fo yon may look upon «; _ 
And this is tfaeprivilec^e of the children of God :• O what A 
bletfedthingis if to be a^chiidofGiDd then; - 
; vAridftwthcififrprivilcdge of a cbiM of'God is this •, He 
hath f ri&«cccffe tb his Fathers prcfence ? hQ nuy coaie ^imf 
oiDe^iittd bis Fathers prefence, and fo Ibt^ as he is ovvrK^ 
opjbe a jchild ibz may come wth Comfort 'into iiis Fichersi , 
prefento God faadrno children thac be ferves ar 2XfnrW ler-^' 
ixAAhfdm^Jsithmn^feentyfMcei he-adataii^riiedl^cd him^ 
cobe hts child isxid yet he woala not have htm n> fee hrs fiic&i ; 
Nav'boc God loves to have hi^ thildren be mhis fwefcnce \ 
and it ba pstt of thp pttrchafeof jefhs Chrift fhative i3nouId 
edsat iw^the^prefcncef of Qod i^ bim^ Webave accefl'e by^ 
Jefus Chnltrandf^lmy alt^ayes come andifffandbifteeoot , ' 
]M>^/wb^hi5«*grearpiii^ thactbofe ivfaich arerbe 
AildmrofGM aceount of. " ' "^' -''■' '* 
.1 Sixd4Iy,-!>y*beTngthe cWldreii*cif God thwcawc tofaave. 
lie 'IflFttge of God;rencwedm them^ 5 ^ 
fcmci/fejjr'of K^ojce to^hs ctj^ld^^but ^af ath^dlniiot com-» 
aitoEfelitRtrtiilkhe'gocd he pteafes tohischxld^ af Father " 

child ^* »fatltet^Aat?bith'*ft6Hiie^ *ii 

hdlrid&tD.his t^ld?Bbcii6\Vtibd, he comitHtaidttc* Svbat 
be'p&i&S' ro fiii^^hifdrbred*fl^umatW'<Jf hfe^Ifc^ , 
tlKsi^ celnfliumcateif that wherelp bfe veryOlbrydorh corifilh 
The R*t%ivhy lir f^Ht^ t^^ cmim\\c^'^t- Jttldpm«:ihd 

hofindfe^'Wcirtitfric 't^ 

Bia^» b^tlwc as :aman ib auatVfi^d :' Bttt nSvy'^'vhen Ood t«* 

Qak:Itt^ arrlSte^ Cod> imthaif ^cfa is . the c^eitencf 


••m If 

'^^ . ^ivUciges of, the ChlUrttt of Gd^ 

- • <t 

■^ t 

o£G|i4'Mfn^fe<t> I(U^i$ lioiineiic > and-tniHs «viii(i<)inei' they 

«« <^v ^ffl?/W <f«W^*» <''yw -4^^4 f «iaj».l0isthi'Gb- 

4>;rv?t4ou.ou J^r»K4<Maa.Hp«^cfiapkce>"<aicb.hei' tfedtKb 

»?o« fay. g^d JvifllK .fefij f jfthj^ifaft. Sjwtof -.fais'So^'.iBto'ttolr 

i«i>tti¥iiK^gm^ I^W^S^'tni imrlfraanriiiig ^'.fiut £io» 
-your ^as^Q» <rMi|2-6bi^F4{l^..a^^ ^li^S^^ ^ 

fb6W<^Gp4^ TborarejjQf.a^todtkW 

«*yc pr<?r#>»n f^«ai ^/txf, <J<Hi *! i^ir Jicbec Jdodi^ovide 

»« Pwcr, he .will procea his jciul^,- «j4£jili^iyiS&»r 
i' - 1 . -^ "'nil 

SU tp^w^ io ti}^ itildt^dCod to nui toiheir lurher^for 
o^ii^v .Indeed a caraAU bearc» if he bi ivronged, aU tte 
cfl^yJif^jlt^^P ^P<^inau'etf Cy it is to rage, and firee, and ve)^ 
2fip4/e^^qxevei]|ge.hiffiftlfc : Buta child of God^ the Way 
l(ii4(;itfi b^W U>$ o^&^ ttid make his moane cohts Fadief) «b 
maJce bis snoane co God, and co cell God of ail the wrencit dm 
•iMib^ ^or^lifaedahmuneft chat are caft upc^ hiQfii ana <tf all 
^)ii^ t^ituTauQGis y he goe&prerencly to bis Father) and BMktt 
•Jbi$inoa00!i there. > Thefe'i a notable Scripture in the 109 I^ffi: 
v4 tC fticb VMid tiierc^ Far mf Ittve thfj ^€ ff^y 0idiferfkriu. 
^^l^At^ ? *;bey are mine adverfarles, and God ktto^s lin- 
. ten^natbing but §ood wnco them ; there is no Spirit'of bitrer- 
mflef anfl rage in mcy but yet they arc carried buby a wicked 
.^plrici whric then? BfUjfrdjtjf<M h»ve 4t iityour oocks, Ant 
1/^/^ nfyi<lfc:itnto jraycr. ^vx^glve mj /5^//#^is in another cha*' 
({^Qr»A^^^ ft^noieA thaCthelnceif^r^er^ |mf it incomake^dp 
jthf (fes^^ they are psy adver{aMed;^it»^/,- dni I an adverfary 
fcrt chtm^agaiac ? Ko j But I prass 'fliey are mitfe advferfarfe* 
;/oj: nly We; but I know what to doe;v^y what vt ill ywi doe ? 
. I knW. ivhatHeaioe ; as if H^vii ftiGuIa flky ^ flegoe to Gqd 
;'^wilrtiyTanbero£all8hiB;'Il^ goetopriyeri thac fhallbe 
5irtyJ)^Ip!&andi^&igi. -Tlaat's the priviled^^eoWodschitdren, 
]|ha5 jchey have die proceiition of their Fathcf, fte Will proteft 
iaheflkin.aU their wrbngff-aiKl injuries i:liat ate don^ unto them. 
>.i:*Ninchly , Ija(Uy,»TtiCyfl>all have a Kin^dome : We are :? t-'.:: . 
;Oiade Idngsahd^Pii^fc nnco the/Father ^>y Jefiis Chrift i '^ 
•i#Vhy now iny BTrerhr^ vv^ xnay-foy cftncerhingVhiijtomt of ,^' ai ♦ ! 
;t5:hilqrenj of adopdort; as thtf A|>cftle'jn'*tfie"?t3i o)P the* 'Ror>$: 
I havixig.fpokcn concerning* the benefit bi^rh of Juftitrcarion 'and 
/A<k>p:ion cogcth«r ; Then hc'Cwcludes afcerhe had fiid this • 
Why then whatjhall r^efay trngnhfcthw^r t Whit 11\a11 We ' 
y fay after all •diis.?tSo« that thsfc things have ii"ke©lltt7 inthem^^y he certaiiiticHiihs 5' wharfball wi fay'to^ffisfc things ? 
iThe<c^high prcrogarivesaiidpriWledges of the children of 
,'God::^> wbow^uM notb6 a peace-niciker, when he iliall have 
fiich a blcflfing a.< this il : But there's Faich required to make 
ihefe chiles Rcall to the foule. 

S f f Tcidily, 

•J^p jprlvllc^^ ts #f t/>g Ckilkfin. ff Gd^ 

Tenthly » That's oftc tiling that pafled from me mhis|>ri^ 
vilcdg&s.'Xbc pmvltodge#f acWkl ofGod r^^^^MOfAi^m 
ttivards bioi as a Father jGod <4oth compaifiwatc him both « 
^/nifiai^ aflRiALorw.Inthe i»j Pfn^JsjrF^^^tmhu 
fhiMiff ^* ^^ F^^^ ^^^ th4tff^irf hms Atsd dnt tnbwiii; 

4M4r:ihaciiiipieafes you;. you can turnc him out of dooiM^ Biie 
y 0M will coc lb prefently mtiie a chil d out of dooris^ a:]e:A 
voM vviid not be fo xeady to dif^mhent him ; Na^^ aiiud thk 
wk ^ifttbetf aife£^ionSy ^11 never diMnhci^h: his cfatto^tfbe 
cenuna i^ b«m>ivb«fiacver his fsrulc be. Now rhb h the ftte 
#f iiods chikkm;^ ifchey were in any other reUridrr indeed o» 
iiod^ihey mi^ht be a& otf^ w novv > -a Wife. niay b? call 
-otf Trom-her husbands fo «s flicincvfiT'^ciKenaih'd^iAK^ 
chough ihe ih^ld bb neveir Co fority.v&U9if iTieccuhflmadti/*- 
tecy/xr undeanBclfa. J^.'^g^.x* Thrjf fnjii rf(« mofr futJt^At 

rnmrMmt9 her Mgium^ fhsH nit that L^ndh^eailjf f^mi t 

.Slw canmyer mumet^^ hbiia^^s; bic xt'AnocfO'VVidia 

«faild^5adiiLdonheverbeiii*(ucb a dt^fitionhxhacihdlliic 

made.cncapable of hrs Fad^ers tovc: /There V norelac»nd<^ 

wiiat^oever buc there may be fuch a change of k, astcfa^ they 

may v^oly iooCe tht benefic o£ that Ret^ion ; wc a child cur 

never while he lives ; though he be a difdb^dietitcbildY yethe 

cannot loofe akogether the benefit of that Relatiot! of a chftdr 

for nocmthftanding his dirobedience> yet upon his coniii^ in 

to hi^ Father>.xhoi^b he believer fuch aprodigall fott, fcflic 

kind of Fatherly afteelion will worJt ; There's no kind ofFa-' 

ther in the world that hath but NatUFC in hihi, hit though rbc 

child hath bet!fh;:ver lb difobsdicnt^ yet if hd were fure thtf 

the h^art df the child were tiow;changod^. his boifVfells A'diild 

y^amc towardf him ; this is the Rdafion of a child, T ^ .it 

canncvcr be wholy !o!l , buctherc will rcm«iine acajMCityof 

receiving fome Fatherly love/ A fervam may be caft ow fro© 

£ervicc,ro-a3 there can be no^ipacity o^eceiviz^bim agine f 

Tt"!,.-, s . 5j . "rf -.^^l rinf 



^S>ftfm ^ ChUJkin. ^^^ 

ind £xa.mfe ^bllc K s iioc fo mch che chU^ 

- Bo^Mlvvjiff otta&CJffle, wfaat (hall I fay tb thefe chiftgsl 
1^ liinvtD iJijth&fepardculars imeo thofe privilecfges.Ibave 
lwa£;d\Ecnpa?ri«d3id;^Ati^ I smJ^ h^etimS or tj^iri'DiK:!^ 
tb$tiollc^'Wfw*"©t«f bcing^cb^ ^' ' ^* * ^ '-* "^ 

. jLjfirflii isii kame to i>ehtfve<>urTdYei' as it betbWw 
lto<jWdrcnof rhcmcJtHigh, they ihoulcl flkw chemfelvei 
ip be]of«(Wc-iireed, nor to be of d bafc vild and fordid ^vtit. 
3i;>&idmxhc'i7of thc-^flfi 11. of tbeB^^^w, That thy 
19^ jiif*n8r»p^/^fAe»r*«>/r d/r*^^^ were 

imft of a bmcrbr^ed ,^ mbrc noble- j O* tet allrfiofe A^ afe 
childissiof iGod lliew iheir breed by their hc*rieffef by their 
gr^pions carriage before men : j^ ft doth ttocbcfceme tW 
dia^reacfi Princes to berrakirig in kennUte, m bebare them- 
fchto Jrti'focdkf -Nvayl,- hat it beleamef* the children of Prih^ 
c»,co€ariy*heaifelr6S according to the ftate crfrfidr FatKelTi 
tci thalhi^^ Prince»'«hey am to cafry themfeRrei. Andf# 
•die^hilkircaof the- living Gbdi^ they rtiHft .carry themfelves 
ac(^/din?ratheeftare.of ch? cliitdreii6fGoi> thtt is, abo^e 
the vrorld^iixwe thefe 'vaniri^s <rf thl? world -; Io6k upon ch^in 
aawci<«BiBt and'biiloJy thing$ f(»;tHiiVi QrM% exeeeding- 
W K^befeewinj a.tiiiid^*God for to have hi> heart d^jeaed 
forch6m»t.of ii«€omfb:sffof t^^^^ becaufche hath 

not fcmcifewchiEga^fai ociiers-'have^ for him tobcdeje^ed 
a^ifhciiter»jmd(inc4^0hTio. *- iJ'V '^''^'^■ 

\ But ^ectfaiDit livaafxocding t6 thU rttcr1j>9K upon youi> 
Father as iheriorcf-'Of heaven and eartb^ and kijAy, cbat all the; 
po^y^ dwJ all the go6dne9e> and excellency^md treafure diat: 
1%ebatbviHoft.teft&tte way ;or other right un:o ; And therc- 
*^^ when.#my afiiiaion dorh befaH thee> doe not thou pre- 

[gly Jet liiy ireart fitfce^ as if thou w^t undone: ; Remember 
^^lHtioU|tbanarra:chiJd>and God protects thee, and i!9 

provide, ft* chet^ afid doe tiiee good. It was a notable 
^efiHmihe>f<JCand<rf&««: f j. ?. of one J^nadak ;yimH$m 

^ «^;A<r { and J$if^jUi r^as a very [ahtlc murty ^i he fatd , 

S f fa "^ 




*X>iitics of Childrtn. 

4^A, wt reJi m ?. we {jerecived Ae ";COufJ5«psw?!4ft 
bcuiga)angs Sr^), ihat ipou JAoiilc 

FpiTs ;!tiait ue^T&ou .enough iliac :b4;k)ngs.u^^q^o '' "' 

rhy heart, vvben thou art a Kings Soil (H?,lp W^ niqvi. , , , ,,,. 

tlig.Sons-ofthe^ivins^God i poc{ici>?ulb4eevei;4u5ttou 
- '■' Att i.chUd piq<4 ^b^'f 9°^^ )i-^tl)' Aiioweci ^ljq§;;^4X«r.])ift 

ljeaq:,upoij thee 4S4ff»iiO. O v\'h^.dQ(^,ik,wai^,9£j(ftjji^^ 
.. , .;ea thee? -«-- . . .>^.,^-;,i.i «]i«^ 
" ■ You w ill fay, l£ \ >Yere the child of God, GoC vv«ald se^ ' 

■ O tfeouarc mirtak^nla.thjsj Gqd hacb ofh^i:; xss^^d 
bleffiiTg*5.tok{: forth bif.Fatherty^ |o l^ee ini ^t^gacqefe 

vvelLJCmy^^ lov'd jpc,why vvill,he noj: give me/ucKm 

f^H wp;jc^'^\vh^ hach need'|of Phyfick!, INovv-'^docft 

" not VlwU^yf .fjf;^. child vvhea thou gi Y*ft him Pbyfic^t\and[ ^ 
wlrit i^e'cri;e^^.&f.:,if Cod be thy Father,and thouks ^\^j, 
^^^bc,tb(Hi igiye Gpd leave , to nurcer ||ec l^s chud, '^ ji^ 
gl'yes ^liec leave t^ nurcer thine owiie cbua. i - . ' ■ Yq^Jeci 
n^ (iiy iiior-e to ihee then thiis ; Trhoii.mayeft notvvnhft^UKl^ 
ijiy being, witbouc outward "Comforts^ thoumayeftluyerd© 
faflie Fatherly loye thai; Jefus thrift bis Son {ud^ ^d jvSl^W 
tha^ ferve thy turue ; ^ X ou will iay,That vyill ferve i|><Jj^d. 
Marti inj^e VzZ% ^f "^^ AnilloavfiecUfHHnto^thfm!^^ 

Wf vcd mentajf ,h m them^ anil In them. Now mark, bow did tu£ 

"^ love £>f CJoci work towards Jefus ChriA his Soni^ Pid be no;; 

let hioi be without many onward Con" forts in^s j^vod(4?l 
Tbcre was a time that be was in hrnger^ and warned bread;, 
and then the Devill wo«ld have had hfm diftriilcd Jn hiM^arl 
ther : .Oh no, Thomh tl c Foxes had hks^^And tic birji$ ojfthi^ 
a rs h^d nejls^ jtt ht had m a hole to hide h is kedd Iv. 'TjipUij 
Kirt as good ^'jLottJge to dwclfip ^ ipii ift.h,^JC&Jyfitev\fas?' 
tiiiifly,^ and he vVas faine to beg 4 little wa^er^of a VYcron ^^. 

'*S^*<I ^■J^iia— Aii^i^B^^— «*■*■ 

DfUtf^ of. chi/dxd'n. 

Godtfie'Rtther;lovMh|5 Son?ahd'vVilln^ t1ieilth.«Iove. fervd 

•^'' Sicoiidly^ Jini then let reve'reiice. ' If J be ir j^.' Tviatth. i. i5. 
t^trr^htl^itifhilnehDmir^ {dlihGod^^difjrthf'Ca/lti tire f^itfjef. 
iiBMthmicjfeli offerf&mjudgtth tDcrjiium ^ccordi^/- tp ht^ 
w^rkSy fafe the time of your fo.wwrm>f^ hcrt'trr fearc *: It s truci' * ^^ • ^ V* 
rtiearethiidfeit, ana fo delivered from the bondage ofthv; - 
kw> but yet we muft have the reverence of tht Eather>mll{inij ~ 
BefbreoirfFathervvuhdmiallfeverfepce;^ '-'^ - -'"V;; 

-^' T*ifdly, If God be a Fathet,theh fee there be Io\ie to'lifiti, 

i% aH yOM dti Diit 6f if>Ve,.be not mertenkryi "a <tmk ' ^pth^ 

not cart to do'any thing any furch'^r dlen he may be {i^id for ic'i • 

biit a chHd doth not fo, he dothvVnithedorhoiktiffovc, O , 

that we cpiild bring al 1 our obedience,t.o be out of Idverro- God' 

fo thtt \Vi n'eed:not ftaftd to arguj; thus, tniift we'ofn^efficy 

46 thi^otgf^ to h'ell ? ShatI no nun be ftVed'bnldre-he'doJgk'. 

Rf l^Kr? This is a bale fpiiii: to argue thu^' rl^o, this fs enougb 

6'ireral<;Firhisvv6uIdpleafeYourFaiher: Let any Mlrtifter of * 

God fatit open arty point, andf (hew one that hath a diild-likc ' 

difeiiSUdn and nsll him rhat it will but pleafe God, and make 

biit tharour to him that it will be but pleafin^ t6 God , O a * - 

chfld^ll feek tke acceptable and pleaiing WiH o^feod, he 

dotftn&tfhis duty meerly To/, wages. Now moft pe6ple d<i ^ 

theirfervice meerely far wages; o'-herwife whats therea- *^ 

fbtij -why inthe time^of youf gfeat^it pro({)erity you arfc not os 

rwceabfe rrGod a? in rh^ tiiiie when you lye'upc^^our fick- . ^ 
(fanij tleath^bed ? Why do men Upon their fidond death 

rdsrdiy, d tbat| T might but live,then I would iefve Gad bet- 

r, I'^ould riorllVe in fin as heretofore I have done ; Why ? 

MtS^ tnen they are aftaid they ihowld go to helj, but^ novv - , 

irvvere out of love^ vjrfie^ Ihaye the greateft profpterity of" 
il/t\8i Khali galne ihy heart fo niuch' the mfirc « : O chert you' 

' • will' 




jy^ti^s^ of Ctiidrt/f, 50 3 

#- ^^ — ^^ — .p 
Id need not becaufehe 
^i^fcis fttTrtT,OTd a (teiger ffbe Jives i^pon anorber> though hje 
' Jwih A'great many rcafomto chink why the orhcr Ijiouldniain- 
Hwefranjjptt'hc^viltbe af&aid lell he iliool'd income hbrdeft- 
■^Sfeirit' unto !ritn, but notv a child do:^ not.rhiriklo; 7-^ X^^r 
it'4 flf?!d h*53 pitotokt fais'&thcr, Jirid be isihgry with hiin, ycc 
sPrf^wilfttimtohis fatheribr all that, he is my father,,^nci 
*l*i^fl'tTuft Jnd rclye yet upon his farherlytoreyaid tltere's no 
•ft^HiwayfooWain any thing cf'his father ^5X0 d^^^ 
-t*i'Hfe^athcrty love.There^ a grelt deal of ditfb:^cc tuflkn 
tf«^'^.^*fidci*fe tif^al^nihgci and the Cfehfi^exicf pi^ ^ -^d^ 
sk^dX^ pt^^^oS ftf ^^tfcxence'bctween t^e conjhdcncc of one 
I hjrc»ii beg©ttcfti i»im V^J Spirit dfGacuth? coufi^cjicc-Qf 
a'«i*Hd,W]ia ift*ariger:nfe'|^^ jou that Scnpturc /or the co^, 
fide^ice i}Hho cHldrdi of God truftuig upon tt«ir I^at(ier,'and . 

J i U^^ . ■ ■ 


leJfi^^^Mir^ifA^tis like th fi^dhave taken hs awajyAfil then, 
^rmfti fhdi cHheB fip$» thjrtiam€y that ftlrs. Hf himfilftp td^^ 
babttm thei^ fir thnhaft htd thi face from }UM£kiA^xmftime4. 
iM>rr«ijfr*/wrr w/^*/rrfyf then m the ?.• r/ Jw<r ttsiif.Q^Lord^ 
Him mrt mr Fsthen^ sfl iH^though tve archil as as unclean 
things iSnd aUour riPt^buTneires arc as filthy rags, and we aU 
tiofedeaway as aleaf,tmd*therc's none that calledi upo^tby 
mine ; • We itrc all witked anAVild, and thou'haft even confia-. 
'Hiedi^f>utn6w03Cordthau art our Father: This ^s,t!iit that; ^ 
anfWers all, thou art our iPadieri ftilf Xjis rclycs upon God as a 
Eatbfcr / Ottt*' Tide of f other ^ it is a mighty rock of faith, a , 
-tni^ty foundation of fehh udto all the Saints that God is their 
FaSier; Otmftthcninbim, relye 'upon him for fupply, for 

Tatncr wm noi'gnfcitTnc, ana iinauuciiarvaioraii uiyia- 

xhcr; tfcif nottw be accounted a great difhonour , Parents 
XfcMd b^e kheir children look to their duty,& let them al 
for providing for them -iSo if dioo* calfft God Father, let ( 
aloftfefor piw^ng for rfjee/ «id rely upon him, as^ the jheart 



^0A ' Bmics of ( hildre?f. 

-^ ^ — ^ "- ;- ~;;-'^ 

^of a child doth rdye uponihe P^r^n^s fcr v\!i.uio^veritihads 
^iniKiedof: And therefor t: it" jou ihoula cou jo ulo anygFC* ' 
bufferings, yet llill exerciic faicn upon vjod as j Father :'ibett 
is ,tbat promifc for.the helping oi the faith of a child : In the 
' 2 (}r: (5. laft. / will if a Father njou^ ami yeihaUkt-mj SAs 
and Daughters [aith the Lord ^//j^;^/;i^/Maik,it'$ an &rfH»fi- 
tion to'come out from falf worfhip,C*^w^^«t^w> mmngJthmjIt j 
];c jifiparatc^ faith the L^rdyteneh no unclean thing^anat min^ j 
ceivejof^ & ypillbe aFathertojw^andyejkallhemjSmvi I 
^H^hters faith the Lord Almighty: If we fe^k to worfl>tp€ocl i 
.a sa Father,and come out from all falfe 'worfliiMben, it nuy k ; 
; vve ihall ftift'er much, and men wiiljogpofc add hate iiS| «d j 
1^ we are like to piect with hard things in the world j Weli faufa ! 
"^God thoi^h others fhould caft you out of all, chbi^ joor 
' very Parents Hiould ibe againft you,w IpiU hra JFmb^ tij^^ 
4iHdyoHfl;allbemjSons a-d panghifrs f^tih tte t^J^ 
! might I ; . I am the Lord Alfmighty, atod able to do jcw 6o«J, 
" able to help you and fuppfy all your wants,iid thcreror</« *tf i 
. afraiidf rclye and truft in me, for Jam /nr FMtfier^ fakh 4f j 
LordAlhmighty^ -* ; , . . | 

Ag.iin, U you be children, then delight ill the prefciicecf j 
* your father, make ufc of the fpirit of jCi)ptio9,VJome often i 
Deforc yourFarher ; When you go»[Pbyer, do'iiot'go lo .\ 
" praver meer ly as a duty, but go to prayer as childrc» ufe* *o|o | 
to their fuher : ,0 God takes much delightin the foiritof A- ' 
doption ;I remember it's an expreflion that LittA^. na^ abou: ' 
/it, faith be, the \y6:d Father hath noore elegancy beforcGod, ; 
\ then Venwfihcnes or C/c/r^ had in all their elegant OrkioaJ) 
' and It pierces. the Heavens, and fills the Heartos ivich ibc 
n^ife of it : 6 make life of the fpirit of Adopcion,, O love w 
,,be in the prefence of thy Father, though God thy Father may 
feem to be angry with thee> yet do 901 go out of bis prefence, 
.acbildifhehatnaehirdifhdirpofirijon, and iior a-bafefor<liii 
.difpofirion , he will not be caft ou*- of the prefenceof the 
..Father, you may read in the -51. -Pfal : ir.Tl?>ughit 
.vHs a time when God was angry with David^ yet L^d citfi fff^ 

. not 9Ht of thyjrefencej as if he flioiild fay, Let; me be '^^j 

• •' . • - prefcnct 


DHtm cf CHUrett. 

childi tbac every time hei)^ lo3k upon, wi^n may k p«t m 
mind of God, 1 hive bcipd'oat of thi word vvbac ^boJy ii&^i 
God IS} An 1 God and J.etu$ Cbrift xtus^ of a mee^c and quiic 
foirir; I have h^.ud iriuch ot God m hl5 word^ and every cim^ 
I Ice the Holy carriage^ of luch 5a onelahi put intniud'Ot Viod* 
to -certainly they are.kd by the Spirit of God, that's thcc^a- 
dspce of a child in the 8 Kom: If t»c h kdbj tbwf Sfirit i^ Sml 
TfearctkK^pfnsofXjoi: ^^ And among otBcr mings,ioihcp«tit 
0f pea^eablepeiiebe Hkcyour Father there : -^ If yoBWoeld 
have evjpdelKe. diar you are begotten from above, 1 (ay^ flievr 
forth thfgfiicious Spirit of G^ in you^ in the kynng crfpeaocy 
ijiat fo you ttLiy^iTot only be the chiklrcn of God and have 
comfort to your own fouies that yoaare the children of GoJ, 
but tb|t you may be ^allfid. the children of God : And that** 
the next poinr^ that^xhis is a great bkUki^, 'nDtxmdy W'.be the 
children of God) hixc tobecalfed the c^^dren of God» ^md 
this is the duty of all fiicb asarcihe diildrMof CJod^ to Avolk 
fob3fo{teinen».as;they0ikybetaIledGods diSdmiy rificthe 
thou^ts of xneamay ht convinc'i of themfo k to faff, verily 
thefeare.the children of the livii^ God. > * 

pl^,And let the childre&bf God tBi^alk'GtetQC«ard$anothsr« 
as ciiildretiofcfae fatne Father^Thoi^ it's truetbe JSiikirefa of 
vild perfonsth^c have no^educariotmcdlf t^ir ace tude, cbey 
ffiH be H^hmsg <m vnA another, and their Pafefic^^ fefh.tps 
feok on,oecdu& they are nide^^iiave nobreeding :Bueif men 
M aiiyf drik md ^Iicy io the world that have tireieding cfaeai- 
fielves^ and beftowbrisedke upon their ^^'d^ {be 

them .wrangle and figtefiod wicfa anbtherbcfore their, facc;^ O 
|k>w grievous v^ontd itbe to them '. It ' is enoiigb that the ciiii^ 
dren of thcvJdrld wrm^ one with inorher> and tig^c, let not 
thofe .that prof efle God to be 'their Father^ O fetihent noe iti 
the prefence of theirs Father wrat^te .and fi^ohe with-ano- 
xher, for certainly the Spirit of Gold cimnot toe tbBuB vte ^atfe 
«0thatjrcmaim.:. , • > , : 


They ihallnoc ohiy be fo^^ butberaccouocsd faio'tbe vvorld 
JbeforenKp;--i»Thtt'sdienxbcpcMm;. > . ^' V: !. 
* . — DoSL, 


■••n ^ r | j^'^ "--*->- "^«->^^-^> ••"•"- 


«» y I ■ - ■ 1 ^ * ■' " »* — «■■■■ - ■ — -••« - « I 11 I *«>P^ II ■!. ■ I — «— »« 


^ Docik.\7 hat it Is dffMt Uiffifig n^^lj M h 6Wf fhifdrW 
im to walk,fi ss toeomuwe all witktfhom w0 li^e^ that we 0irf 
4be€hildt^»ofG(fdyfr^Ms'mtielrcdfif€lificisthjfi7€U fijpft nft^* 
hcGUsQ\f^lirtn^thcf^.0,llcidltu\^. \t wasa great part of the* 
«lor/ o£ Cbiift binifcUe, noc oaTy^co b^ the Son of Cio cf5 but t4 
be iu Ured tahefhf SfiH ofGtd.: Rum: i . 4. ^W dttUrti t0 ke 
tit S^n of Cjoi mtb fciveryOccardntg to thffirir of Mincfsy $f 
$bertfMnicVi»frot» the dead. He W44 the Son of God, that 
pm gloy, ani he was declared t o Ifc the Sow of GodI; that v^af 
»fpeci4partofhis.gloryiiiimle,andfoiti«agr«attd^^ ^ ; 
jof gbf f iqbe one that £baH be coiled the Son of God^ Chrrft 
di<t lay miiicb upon that, that the world might know ehoP Gp4 
^ fem hltth <>rten he fp«^s of that : Why was it tucfi enough 
ObUlfad Sa\'iotti? thac iIkmi thy feif ditll k^ the Father 

ftbrtfaeci imd thc^Facbear kfiew be few'it^c ? Nbi* he vtouM 
bavc.ths^ workiK»ki)o«y chacthe Father<hjdfsnt him ? and k is 
tiwtfhoa; tbe»Sainc$ iboufcd prize asa greadbliflmg^pf God,rh.rt 
even cfac vvorid fi^ocld knbvv^ the reldttoo tb«; they have t^ 
^i^that before the children of God: They {haH hctallU 
fojfof by walking fo as that flie» fliWtt'be forced a>^ iCkhow!ed|. 
fbemtabkGodschilAraa" Heiieby" '"^ ; v' 

^ Klin Tbcie comes a gwsii? deate 6f glory n> tbemfel ve*, 

tboy atrs honoureirfiadic«ry confiriende^ of men : ' ^v - n '' 

. : Yet Secondly, Herdby their Fiirfi*itrgte.ified when their 
iives-*TnalthflidifofffbwhofcAgy«ar©.'»'- • '^ •", ' ^ 

- . Yeaby cfetkrit profef&w i^ gteriied r^ »» Ae mdtotfh; 
ef wcked men are <topt by this mean**? Mfe w cofi kuiKt^ ari 
cmvkscod; Thcre'^tBUcbgbodAmebythi^fSiich as hiv$ 
Mc cwly grace, but uwn^ft k to tb^ do«^i^c<l> of other s,Ebe)f 
arc of g^eafi «fei» die places i^erc fhey live ^ Niy you ftaH 
Ime tb& wickedeft tnd vibtt fey, were they Mlfeut lifce thoTelJ 
tkcnlcwld-havegfxiiithottgbcsrofthem, then we could hx 
.teHwhactefay ag^inftthem;' Othey would b$ ready to hear- 
ken to any thing thac^^ ifaid, when as there k a «)nverfarion fo 
•siscomriftcing^^oWtb^t-^^i-^^ Wiftt>e ameanestdr 
i^&rsinb^K taMcc0Oif^&!A^B^ fee thatforne 

ftt t^ w«ak fo'tfinamftftii^lHng but chs Image of God ; O 

.. i. 'T t c a 'tis 

-^8 . ■ rcttAccttmtedac^iUofGtdAffreaJfleJIpi 

* ■■IIP* 

'tis a great bleflTing to hz Tuch a on^ as. Ihall force eyca^ wicked 
WKp ip call thcip.Gods chiJUlren^ wherefore kt us ;. •,; , . 
, *iFirft,,KiioVV \i9 not enough then to. liave grace in thehcitft^ 
toOiy vvhai: dol c^cior men, fb long aslho^'f a-gopdcgp^M* 
4nc< ; i^Qi'ti^ the djxtypi alLto^w^lk to as tfacy, maj,:b%f4'n 
UfiThi fhiitbe/i <?/)5^if,tnerefore Ic Uiioc enoug^^ , 

iiihehe.uf hilt k ifiuit appear. .... , ^ ...m \ ^ v*j ^ -^'i* ^:^^ 
* ^tcbndly^ Havv vild are.tfaofe then tJiac ffiake'piifeirioii o^ 

a n?er relapot),um6 G9d> a^d yet Avalk. i^ tfacne \^ fif^l^ 
of God app<2;ars in thcihj (oa^ by their fondalow^vys%4?lS^ 
they mrik.; nien to think ihcy do Cod good fpwi^e^K^ gefi^r: 
ciicc themi and all in that w#7,'i?ev^r there were tixnes'wher^ 
mi >Qcls children iViOuld vy^k ascbUdrenjll'iouldflwJp?*?^^ 
ence to walk fo as to convince the worlds tbea i)ov;.it % aw^ 
wo to thofei that now are ofterlftve ;i\yQ^Q ihoi^ f hat ^^^ 
dais in iuch,ti,mes^as thcfe: chat do<)pen,tJ5e i^l^^h^^"^^ 
B|ien,nqt only againli theojieVe^ buP jpgfUnft/,^t^:,i^'%i^^a) 
their/ way' ; , 5he vvorJ4 >is ie^ .nr on. .oftewci, v^P^^lsi^ 
^. pftencps. > and thareioi^ie,, ihoul^.. .Oiods ^4«^«» 
labour to walk the liiore iiioffenfivc ? — BuC:^ithqf,^^^sfe 
we ,l>iaU <;oipcjo fpeak tp ^niore Ail|y!> tiRd pf ^the ;^mm|r'»% ik 
)^p (Ml ^ygr ^orn? tp^(^ j^^v^;,f^^ffi^ /^t; ji^^^ ^M 

whicf> isif^^ il^vtft.. Andjtljct^ofe l;^y ^jeak co; diifi v^y 
iqrefetence bttat in^hcTf?tatope^ae-«^ l^€£t4<.mt 

WV^i^,veJ7.c^^ hUfPi 

5%X ^i^yP<V.cbil4rcrt,..A^^ 

mgc£pis;aceable4ifrd&^ ^dMiHrVYfl bM5i<ft' 

b^I^^ to Gpd, and yet i^v are of fvirn juMed^idiJpo&iQns^^ 
offjichbarll^ naturevpf fuch frpvyar^^WPn^MS, rija,v tb«:. 
is ^^jtl? c^tl}^,SjpiriE tbem,,tl)py Wftasfurif. 

ous> ^ feoward andiKcvilh in t^eir wayeg, w if tbsyitwjflft*'^ 
tbui^p^CXcKj ifk i^efr.i^rt;s,tbet,fnanifcft 5ioc-^i)^ 
andafprciid, and apecverfct ana a froffvd/pirijii)t),iiiwfi*^ 
lis?>,?nd vvh^je ever tbqv.coiav^t^'wivli» aiqf,Q;bif isWWw*'* 

■■ ■ f ■ ■■■ ■»!. I , ...».,. ■■■ ^ 

Wheif M mans ffaceAile»ep rrjamftjls him a child ofCoi, 5pp 

fcAAemfelves c6 be <3och clrildrenln this p.if ticulif, in bein^ 
.ofpcveable,(ifmeek,of geiiife, arid of loving difpoficions: 
/MiKfe confciuKe of rhi^ ^11 you proPcflors of ReHgfon,ic is than 
rhaii'S coupon m;my profdJors.of Religion, that th^y are as 
pr6o.(f ''intf fh>\V3rd if they bebut^crott 3^'%.: Tiietci^iJ no.quii^* 
etfleS,-htenility>gendencrs, tneckriffs,'{)Ati^h<:ei rtor love 4p-' 
pears in rbeoi, O leam froixi the connexion' of iHcie cvv6,']to 
ftke*b«t this Leffoh this day, that as in m.iny other rhing*^ ) ou 
ftould txranifcft your felves to be ^ods children, fd in a ipeci- 
tflnKtnnct^^rtianifeflin» a gemlb, meek, pntient, toving fpirit, 
boflna y^jurfamilycsj'and the places where God harh fet you 

'-AikJ fiffchcr. Not only robe of peaceable fpirits, but to be 
Aj^peaccabkascomanifertthe Spirit of God in you, to be 
peaceable ^i child of God, for a;man or wbiriati 'may nuural^ 
ly haite''i^|teaciSabfe'rpii'fry^^ ntdicannot iniure tobe trou- 
blcdinort^wiif troubtfe'tk)^ ielfe; 'Tthey live quietly' 
JttOi« dfcir neightenrs, and thej(:.Jovrno ttouble, this do h 
«fee duvs^s cbme from i gracious diipofit ton but fronia dull 
amtnBggiflvIi)iiit/ '; "-■ ' • - '^ = ' ' ^ ' ' 


'C4'^w:¥it^i Wheniar peace'jbltoefic'^jotfi' hot hmdtt, 
our chif jr;-'yrhcflf artah though ne' Id^ ^ace,* ^^i be ' !<xves to' 

ftif in the caufc 6f G6<f ariH']!«jbridf gd^cf; 'a^^ 'yecciirfciiYy it ' 
ooioi-peaccaMcf way tootSonic men'thiTl'k, tftcre's lib way to ^ 
be peac^bte but to Ho norHih| rLee all things goe \vhich \viy ' 
jl^f Orilf/fdrtheirpaftts^thirio^ hot'to put rheif fingerimp ' 

^•e^ ^ thefe'^krti' corninitTycd for quiet an^ 
3cuf8 :*Ii tliotfrtia^feftbe conrfftTenfied for this^ before^ 

paftts^fhiyioVe hot'to put their nijger.imp 






jro r ' ^Aw ^ ^^i paccMene^'e mamf^fts htm s chdd^J Om. ^ 

requires at my hand inmy relariom, a^a^husbiad,^ mifte^as 
a chlefe man m the Pariili ? What i^ rhe dury thac God wool J 
have me to doc ? whacfervice can I doe for Cod ? Howfeirrc 
may! promote the glory of Cod in the ptice vvnere h: hatbfet 
me? vvhatfoever becomes of mine own peace and'qiiier, !*!• 
ycnter to appear in the caufe of God, and itt the plKe where 
God hath let me, I'fe be as active as po.iibfy I ctn^ yeE To as ] 
iiope through (jods grace there iWlI appeare nochfr^ but a 
peaceable quiet fpirit: O 'tis an exce 11 j:nt temper, tbere?srhc 
^plrit of God in this, when men con te-flhow to c?oifte inb^- 
'^ twecn thefe iw6, that i*, between a dead llug^itTv rpt:ic> an4 
' between a v iolent furious fpi Jc ; There is a nliddle berw^cd 
thefe, Some men becarfe they fee onberf-ro^ be* of vkilent aai 
fuiious fpiriis, they think 'tis bell for them to do nothing; and 
then o:hernjnb^caure they would avoid flegghJ^atfe and 
lloarhfulii^lle, they carry it on in a furious' hnd yfektt? w.ij'v 
^nd fo they mmifeft no.hin^ of Gods Spirit on t^e^ ofherftde. 
But now one that is led by the Spirit of God, -he'^Rho^t^ bo.^ 
robe active and fHrrin^ in doing his di!tyi> and iJ-et he tan rcll 
how to carry on the \\o:^ wiih meeknefle-, ' qoietheflc Miii 
peaceablenefle notwichftanding, here*s'a chiW of Cod m-. 
decd.^ . : ^ *'/' •■ ' **''^'" • • •■ -^ - ' - 
Secondly, Wheri a man is of a peaceable difpofiri«,«<i he 
doth aim at God in ir, more then at his own quiet,* foitie s^en 
theyareofpca&abledifpb'firions! Biftwhy? ^is ihaer*)' tse^^ 
caufe they arc loath to hare any trouble, ' rf)ereft>re they vvHl 
^e at "rcacc ; ' But now when a* hnri or woman fliaW onli^ 
cfev this ; By difturbance and difquiet, and difcofltedtief^-; 
^ what aboundance of diiTibnour comes to Ciodj and what 
aboundance of fin is caufed between b) ethren, mafly times 
betweeii ihofc that are good, betWecn firth a^ live hi r 
family, and neighbour andrieighboifri'Nbw^thitttotbeeTid 
thac I might avoid fo ^reat fmne , and "t© the end thai 
Imay honour Cod, fo as I know God iftay b^ bononrer 
"bv a peaceabk> quiet, kmiWe and meek diff ofirion- 
ifrerefore it 18 rie deny my felfe rather in that that wt>uW{k 
tiitablecothefleih: lirndchatmyfeft is profte^ aioiigh tc 



Tiir • TV Ti> 

pyhtn m ma<i fue^^/qtep md»ififis him a vhiUof Gii. 5 1 s 

fcdce revcr^ arid to make others that have wronged mt c<y 
IpiovYibatihey have wror^ed me. But: {hit I might prevent 
fin^aiid bck^ faonaur td the Name .of God, mine owiie end^J 
fhall lie by » and 1 will rather put v!p wrongs, and walk^ 
. peacctdbly wicfa me», and fcek to endeavour it vvifh oiherstoo, 
Tbi^is ftich z peaceable fpiric that argued him to- be a child of 
liocU that aimes at God, and denycs kimfelfe. Sonaemeij 
would bepeaccj6le when it may ferve for their <3bVni,cnd<?^ 
but Wfi to be peaceable ones Idfe, and rp mcdce peace wicb 
etlM^iBid,! . i^aU get nothing by ic , but I account my ^ool 
CO 0? mwapt ii tlie Glory oi: God , and fo I make peace be- 
caufel wpuki not have the name of God?^;Oftitfer j here's a 
peaceHnaioer thar/hall be caUe^i a child of God. 

Thirdly^ Andthen-furtber, fuch a Ictnd-of p33ce-ma!<ef 
as God Iwwfelfe ? As\ve find recorded in Scripture is attribu- 
cedtoQod, Tamakc peace as God doth. 

As thus J Firft, God fee i? fr^Umgto be at pci^ce with thof^ 
ifaar. are wufvorthy. 

' Yea fecondl V ^ To tbofe that have wronged him j Tis not 

enough to fay they liavc wronged me,' and they ace unWortfcy, 

yet yauiliQuld laDour for ,peace vyid) them ; F<r Goi cofijcs 

iii Smrt9 fbi^e uftm the unlnp as well as ftfim thij'ufi ^ " knd^ vVe 

ate-'COOKnandea u kvt mr eMmits , that thereby we may \k, 

declared cobe the Sons of God, , * ' • 

TlirdIy>^Gad h^ fcegin^ the work of peace 5 if Gofl'fheidd 

fiDC havel)Cflun the «>rk of Recc«cifiatio« bet^cfeft Man ahd 

4rimiilfe> whatiiad. b^coine of us all ?,Now th<Sfe (hat vVolild 

Jbe ludi ^ace-makers, ^ to evidence that they are tbe chit- 

-diCT of God , rhey ffiould noi ftand thus and fay,- Hi hatli 

>wroined mcy let him yeeW firft ; No, if God had idd (*d, 

y^tiKi\!o4 become <tf " us ?' b* G<^ ycetcfe ffrft •: O hoyv cfe 

.5«ffl*a.chiW of.Gpd in this^ td labour for peace as Goii 

.iotb, .«id begin tirft with them, iftbey mlt hot, begirf v>^ 

you «ooordii^ ro; their, duty, yet doe you b&^itt vVkh thOT, 

« a cbtkl'OC God locght to doe> who. Wouli belike uht© Ijis 

J^fchCTi. ;ri ..V \ >, *• •■ -^'' * • Atij- 

-~-- — - V ■ ■ - ■■■" -*m m 

'. And then hftly,Be fucb a pence-maker a?? to love the pcacet 
ind that onely tliat God loves and d^gks in : Your wthct 
ioves truth, but he loves tcuch andpeai:e and boliadfc -toge- 
ther ; Let there not be any thing againlt h6linefle indietnto- 
fenance of peace : God would not hare any of his childreo 

to iavc othets from trouble ; That they may jwcbafc dw 
^wne peace,be would not have them purchafc it with fin ; It t 
uuc ; a man cannot buy peace to« deare, e)fitept ic be by Aii; 
ButJfliy oneiin commitced for the gainii^ of your wa^^t^ 
or the peace of others ; I Uy^in tfear, you buy Gold too dcarc 
Thisis-not the peace-making that becomes a child of OofI, 
but bleffed are ehcy that arc pcace-raakcrt, fw cbcy (baB he 
.called the children of God. — And thu« mudi toooenw^ 
tbc^oth verCe. But we proceed to Ae lotfc. 

^ M A T H. 5. 10. 


thtlrs is thikiffgiomf^f heaven. ■» i . 

• TtV a (Irai^ kiiid of bleffing tlus too, as the other Tfcrcr 

Some of Ae other ^lcflednefle« feeme to be ftrange, as the 

'firft, BldTed are the fpore , and they th;kt fH9urf9€ , 'i^tjhtj 

ihouldb^ bldfed i aivi nowr they that zrc perfecMted { Is icnot 

.ts ftrai^e that they fliould be the Hdlcd men in the world ? 

Cbrift begin? with ^hcj^^Cjond ends with ihcjperfxmeJi when 

\ be would.lbevV whoarc the moft Weflfed men m the worW.My 

Brethren, fee whether the wifdome of Chrift, be like the wii- 

,dome of the world, yea or no. When you would dcfcribe^ 

Merted man, wo? Id joa begin with the fmey and end widi tlK 

ferfecmei : O the wifdome of Chrift, it is not according ^0 

the wifdome of the world ; the thou^tS of Chrift concerning 

UefTedneife) act not accordii^ to the thiA^fatt df the world- 

And then fecondly ; This is to be WM(,diat ChriA 

fh ould have need to fpeak of the bldJedttlfe of tbofe dut ttc 

jfakxMcAf ater he bad mentioned the UdfedndTe of tbe 

Cumex'tiin of ftMt-making , /uUferfecittlffi. 

former. What, Blcfied are the peace-makers i and,Bl£fl"ec( 

^'c c^f per^ajced,; What agreemeai: is chere between rhci'c 
two ? or ,\ylut connexion can thjie be ;, Forif 'antinbe ofa 
p^acfiablc.dirpoiicipn, .ivho will hirme Wb ? Why, furely they 
Riil ?(ape.{)errecii^[io|i oiiil oicn., It mjiy bi theri are ibrne^' 
Oho^li.gpdly ^ yec are, ©f..i) turbulent jii^pfirloh, aiKiari; 
' #-ibus4i^J;ipc;,Thcyperh.ips maybe p;rfccii|:e(i ; ftut'wilf , 
the perfecuted ? Wp c^iofi; ih.ic in rhe p\v- 
ces vvhejre' they. live are 90 jjctifion'.of .eviU to .wy that they 
-live.|ri)Qf}gi bu'c'Ubour to.doeaUiliegopd.iIwipoTiblytfasy 
■ ^apj^ati'A ye^lii^U ifiele pi perCccutetJ }_ — ,Yes; triil^, even ■ 
Thsfeif [tieybe<jpdly.I Tlierii_if'tJi4y,be tighteousi .Tliefc 
*;nurt nop 'think 10 e|cape. .Kone .'tliit, are trtly (Tiodly and 
Kighte'ous,, t^ou^ they,t>e ftf the moft quiet' and peaceable 
iiiipdidoiis in the .yvotla, ihev ujufl jppt.thii^ to efcap?, and 
therefore ihcfe two arc joyned to^etliei iVca this bielleifcefle 
that foliowes upon perfecittioi;i, if adde^ i^sW the former. To 
flote that a man may be all the former , and yec a perfecuted 
maq ; Aschus^ A.manauyJi^.QfaA'ery pooceand humble fpi- 
ric, anS'yec pcrrecoted_i._A.min))i^y^bp'pf!a'mpurn f^rit, 
mourae for his own iins^and for the firis'oiothers,and ya per- 
. fecuied j A iwo njay be o£ a meek fpij ir»,an_d yc:: psrCecutcd j 
Anijnouyb^ljui^cring and thirlTmg after Righteoufneffp ; 
^ Ajpiii)majbe.aniercifiUnian,andyetperficuted;^'[Uir\pii;c 
'inhean:,iiotb.3ving3ny bafc ends of hi^oame^atid yet perfe- 
cuted', yea a man may be a pcace-maltet,*aiul.yet perfecuted • 
^ Sudh is jhe , jvifkecfneffe of the m')^ *■_ t^i^^viieneffi; of ^e 
' Aitifts'o'f. man fc that th^ce i?notfv:s iii.ttie,vYort4 tank^ 
him from perfecutii^oftheSaintiijrfioi^, they ,be ofneyer 
ruchpoore,an,dniounui^>andmee^andpuie, ju\dmercifull, 
and peaceable bea^s ; — Tjis foi die''-"""--"!™ 

BieOedar'e tli^thatji^pedecutedi c»-ftMfr|av 

^'traii(Ute'tf'^M**'.»i*ii^iinSoE'^y*" J- fueoi-tm, 

iag of a thmg barcl, a hard following ofa 
. "limefiihagood fence : The lame wo; d, 
jVersqth^ Scriptures is takeo io ^ Ul f* 
. ma good, xfj^i'^.^,^^^"^^^,'^^ 
■* " *' ■ ' " 'V u u 


f^/:?^ ffrfrcfttnn it. 



— "^ — ~~^ — «_^— — — — - ^. - 

text there, ^^ «V»Jr ^i^Wf perfecute that which isgoo^. 
And in the 1 2 H^? 14. i^^'tft^w' }f^ci ; there's che fame vvocd ; 
iCV: 14. 1. Volhw after chant j '^ there's die fami word 
there too ; U iigniiies therefore lb to follow a thin;^, as not to 
leave it till W^: bavegotvenu-hatwewoitfi haverSodie Ajpo-. 
fiLulesiiintbe 3 P/>'/; 14. I preff ton^arJf thyfutrk; Ipcr- 
feciitc ihe mark>as ic- were, rhac is, look Nvirh what engerndrc 
I did ever toHow the Saini's in the perlecucion of them, I doi 
iiovv vviih the fanje eaj^^ernefle prelfe towards the mark A mxn 
' that hath an eager f^iiit doth pfelle towards a thing ; — Now 
as it i"» afplyed in an ill fence : Taking the meaning of ic, To 
follow the tl ia;j throvghly . — Now rt'yoa would kiovy whac 
perlecution is, it i^? nothing but this : ^ ^ 

A pertinatious following of one to doe hmi burt^tendU^ to 
his dcrtruelion : when men doe follow eagerly a biifinetfe thai; 
is cv ill, and follow anion or woman in athmg to'doeburc co 
them, and follow them epgerly, and refolve never to leave ^ ill 
they have got theirvrtUs of them,tbey niav beiai<l to perfec^ipc 
'ihefc men ; For pcjfecittion 15 not meerefy to doe a map birr 9 
^Tliere's a difference between Wfdnging a man, andperfecu^ 
'ting a man ; they may cfae them Wrong in Ibme one aft, ;bcy 
'may doe them wrong acciderirally ; Bdt'novyperfecution 15^ 
when intendir^ co follow a mail or woman in a conftanc way, 
and refolve never toleave them uni ill they have had their wills 
of them. : O Uclfcd are they that are pcrfccuted, that are fbl- 
lowed by the world, tbo^e chat the pcrfecutors ojf the world 
"dre fet upon, and arc eager to doe hiirt upto. This is for Rigb- 
Heoufneflc ; It is not the pnni(V»menc,but the Caufe that niakcs 
'the Martyr ; Thbfe are not blefled that are Followed hard roc 
'their fin, for their wickednefle, that fufferfor wckednelfe, 
.that fuffer for evill doers,for God would hoc have them fuffcr 
fo ; No, that^s a part of dbe'Cutfe #Gbdjipoh tJhem, that as 
I hiy doe evill, fo they ihould ft^tfer e^ilf. p^ow tb^ Saints thac 
are blcffed, rhey. labour to^ be fo fafre frori^ fuffiring for evill 
* doing, they would rather fntfel* all (he eviII intne worlds 
then do? the leafttThere's a great deale of difference between 
rhefe two. • • - 



iiiAa^i^tofciiiirt I ■■>,> 

Hh^ rhu frpmfe u dwttxtita the ftrfttt^ti. ^ 5 1 5 

hlcffci are. thiy vfUch me perficuted fer f(tghtt7nff:ejfeff>^\ 

If you obfen^s ir , here is the fame proiTiire txitdt ro them' 
tbat f ntfer perCecution , as to thofethat are poorc infpirir. ^ '• 
e/f«^^upaiitbe place faich this 5 Oneis apromifeofche; 
ionics blefljng>; The poore in fpirii they (half have their foules 
bteffed forever in chekir^dome of heaven; And the^othcr is 
a procutc of bkifing to the boHy,fof bocRly affections ; Blared 
are thofc thai are pcrtecuted, for even thdr bodies ihall go2 
to heavca Biit I think tbat dcrh no: attains to the meinitrg of ' 
the holy Gboft here i But- 1 O^oiiki rather take ic thusj — • 
Jhattbofc thac are poore infpirir, they tbirilc themlelvesim- 
worthy of any chiag, they feeme to brof the loweft forme 0? 
ail the Saintsof God, the poore in- fpiric a^e cfeje£lcd in the 
figfe: and fence of their owrt poverty : And fiich a^ fliffcr perfe- - 
cuttOD, they are of rbe highefl f<5rme, the Martyrs that fuffcr 
for Jcfiis Chrift,Q tfcey are Glorious creatures 5 ftidi one^ that 
i?dcjct6icd:intiiii3jjhc afid* fcrKSe.. of his bwrt poverty. lam 
a poom rpiticcd ma» or wornani 1 am not aWe^to get through 
my difficuky, 1 am uwvorrhy that ever God ftould looke au 
njCt or have regard at me. Indeed, there are others that arc 
of .exccHent ^iricv and> wlwfoHrjr-o,^fiftort' rh*7 nieecc 
wkhril, they ctti fwYer tie'l^'^oylitig of their rbod^ iiMf rtfoti- . 

i^nt, tbef can f&Hw repraicb ,' ^ th^ <f^h rt^fift too mood, f|f^ 

amSv&x txyTTOents for Jcfw^Chrift, y^^diby are hajyy men. ' 
Nos» mark, the faille promtfe h both Wthe-pbofe ih fj^irir,* 
tbat h dejciaed,. a«d * thinks he'is ttnw<*tHy of any thiil|, he 
bldith^ fiuncrpromife vwb thet^f^hra* fuffer martyrdqme for 
Jefii* ebrift. Apoofc vVeak-Cbriffian may eoriicto b:ive die 
i le Glory diat the moft Glorious Martyr ever had : There- 
f cthisfelfefamepr«nifei«'ttirtcxedtow ' 

urther , This is annexed to thofe thar are perfeoired, be- • 
< ic fteh as ireperfecttt^d here \n this world, therr ftame is 
c ^ out as fihh. and vikl, they are accpunted'co be wicked and , 
\i 3;odly men j here the Lawes-of Kingdonware agaiuft riiem, 

V u u 2 -and 

, __^^_,^^^^.,^ 

x6 Jf^hat mMnt bf thirs is the kingimc ^fHewcn, 

and the fpirits ot Bien that bare ruk arc ortlimrily j^inft 
them ; Well^ faith Chrift to his Diiiples, be not crwroled, 
thou^ here iii the kingdomes of the world you fuflfer mong, 
and are condemn d as evill doers, you are followed as if yw 
were the difturbers of the places wnere you live, be not trou- 
bled, yours 15 the kbgdome of. heaven^ As I renaanber £ir- 
tjbtfr laid in aix>ther caie, vyhen he heard ©f tbeDetcrnBmti* 
ons againft him at -Vsr^nhtrgc 5 Its otherwife conduded in 
leaven, then in Nmnicr^t ; So may fuch i& arc perfecnced 
Comfort themfelves in this , Though the kit^dones of the 
world fet themrdves againft us, vet jouts is tte kingdcme ti 
heaven ^ there's another Court wnerc all things ikiU beex^ 
mined over againe, and there the enemy ihall be caft. 

And then (econdly \ Theirs is the kiagdome ef heaven^ 

that is,vvhereas by perfecution here you futter the I0& of ycut 

names, the lolfe of your fiberties, the lofle of your efiatesy the 

toife it may be oi' your lives ; be not dif^^ouraged, for theirs % 

the kingdome of hcaven;It is the way t!6 tfaatlki^doaiewbid) 

will requite alt ; you ihall have as m^cb Gbry^as ever you did 

endure ^dion m fufferii^ i Thercr /l^l be .aproporrioo of 

Clory to your fuffering. As I remember it'siaiajcf CSpk 

the EaipcroMr, ^grJna having fuffered before he wis Empft* 

rpiir in fpeaking foriiim jfihtsCaufe^ fo as .he was caA'into 

priibn, and had an Iron chaine ^id J4)Mium ; As foone as e*- 

ver hec^oie to.the Entire, iQtieof;iiie firft^tbings^mts tore- 

«j^ . leafe ^riff^% ^d j^ gave, him pefently a chaitie of Cold 

^^. chat d;a wei^h as much as- the chaiae of Ir^n did wei g^ fvfaefi 

' he was- in .prifon ^ ^o faith Chrifi, Tmns fs thi i^Fdmit^ ^fba^ 
w« ; look accdrding'rp>vyhaf you fuflfer . bent ip this world, & 
you ihalL fwive ,your inward h^ tk? kal^domc of heaven. Jtod 
thus, you havCpchQ meaiHng,o£ (his tjeiiednefTe bpened*to< 
you. . - ' 

Novv then tbere ace^thefe-^^eepQintt that aiedbe pxtnd- 
pall points in 'his vccfe. , .. • 

Firft , That al^the Difciples. of Gbriift* • live tbey never fo'- 
inoffenfively jn*rhe world, yet they teuft exjxdt to fi^r per*' 

fecutiQn>.andtba£for Righteouioefle*. 


DifiifUs of Chrifi mtift exfeff ferfecmm. ^^j 

Secondly , Tim though-they be brought to fuffer perfeai- 
lion, yet tncy arc> and ihall be bkifed in this cheir fuffer iiig ;. 
They ihould not at all be difcouraged and troubled ar their 
fu^rings ; For in the oiid'ft of tbem all, they are bleflbd, and 

- Thirdly > That this is the great blelfedneffc of ttfe Saints, 
andkiamorefpeciallmamierthebleirednelfeof fuch as fuf- 
fer perfccutionv that thein is the kingdome of heaven ^ They 
6uAl havexbe kingdome of heavenior their reward* 

I had (bought to have fpokenof the firft point, W I fee I 
cannot goeim init ; I will onely open that text in 7 iW^; ; 
jill th4t wiHJiv^GoMy wChrifiJefui mnfi juffer ferftcHtim.' 
Mark here it is all that will live Godly. 

Why they may be Godly, you will fay, and yet xliey are ve- 
ry indifo^eet in tneir way, and have not wifdom to carry thein- 
• feh^cs^add fo they nuy brii^ fufferings upon thenifelves ; No^ 

- And then. All that W»tf live Godly,, that is, if the heart of 
. a HMti or woman be fet upon the wayes of Godlinefie, that he 

is "rcfolved upon it; that he will live Godly whatfoever comes 
of it ;r be mA make account to futfer ; Indeed there's m^my 
a one in a t^ily be^ to-thitdc, my vyayes are not good, and 
tbeie^yayeS'in thf: jFanulysare not good,and I .would I did bet- 
ter ; O but then ^ M^^ Oi* MQiris will hate me^y ftiends- 
will bate me ^ Theiefoie. tetm? take * heed wb^I doe< . And 
fo the wife perfaap is afraid .of the hard uf^ge of her huf«-: 
bjHod, though lli< nath fome conviction of Confcience , I but 
alt tint mil live Godly, though I defire \ might have.tbe love 
ef MaOeraDd Mtftri^atidPrien^^but v^cever I fuffer, this^ 
I fee cobe the way of C<)dr^ I 9m refolv'd upon it, J will r 
fet upon this Coul'fe. • : 

- And che», All' that will llvt Godlj : The Englifli vyord that 
we have for Godlincflfe, is as^fignificaqtraiany to fet out the 
nature andworkof Gracie in;the heart ; For it is to live jfronj-; 
a-principle of CtoA unto the; Glory of God; that's to live Go4- • 
Iv: wh<ai men arerefolved that the princi.Je th^r halt guide - 
taem in their lives, iliali not be any camall principle , princi- 


pkfi of fkftily uifdome , tut tlicy fluH ba the priac^l^ o^ 
i^odlineiVe, which tl-K^y ll>aU receive from God,3nct tlwic xhir 
1 (Ml aime at it fnnll be tbac I iwiy liva toili^ pMifcaadho-. 
nourofCiod , I amrcrolvedthat though Itwvcfivdh^rcco* 
fore ro my felfe, xo provide for mine owne eafe , and all thit 
time 1 liv d quietly •, but now I am refolv'd n?t to live any £ur- 
i\\tx ro my felfe but to God ; All that w/? llv^Godlf. 

uind allth^t live Godf]^y if men 6: vVbmcn cciareac tbcni- 
felves in bare wilhes ; Wliy we nuy have a good heart to. 
God^ what need I trouble my felfe and nwke fu^ ftie\V5 in tie 
t\'orld lb long as I keep a go'^d heart to God, tbefe may avoid 
perfecution, but if they will /he Godlyy that is,> m^Hiikil ic iiv 
their livesand converiations they VTAxt} ftitfer. 
And tl-jenLfrny,yrf// rlut wil live G^ih in Chf/i J<j^/rTlierc is 
a kind of pro!c lion of Religion tint men m.iy have v^chdvc any 
• fufferii7g:thatis,forthem tokeepfrcm^gro'rs&notoMousfoi;^ in 
^ the world may^but all that wil live Godly mChrrfi J^efn^^th^e kf^ 
all that wil live Godly iivtbe power of ChriA Jefus^mthe Spirit 
of^Chrift Jefu!^, aU fliall nianifeft thd power aiid Spirican^t 
life of jefusChrift in their carri=Jge5,^n tku witt liveGo'ily m 
jefus Chrift:So that ic fc^im there is a kind'ofGodlineftwWch 
the world-takesfor Godlm^(^e that i% nor in^h?if^jfiiTi5,th;?re^ 
i > namanifertarioi> of t he Y<wer and Itfeand tffic&cy^f Ac Sf i-J 
rirfirfChfift Jeftts init:Buenowth(^thacwiHk^ fbGodr.-, 
they niirft make accwm t6^fffef^{>effe<eiH!i«ify6£*tte iric*d eriiV' 
iiOTc andfofward theyare,chey imift1ri*ike atcbuAt tdfiiff^ r he 
iHore:MeHthatgoonina^dir kind of way, as in fofmef tiiiie^', 
men that were (o difcrcete in their ivay, as rhat^y were f>.y 
of fiitfering, andwhaticevercahiec^it tliey\«v«otfkf oe^fa to 
tAebeedof tbic ; and they did not love thclt itealefis h^n, 
and fotheyavoyded perfeciitiomr But no^ had their hearts 
been forward in the'way of Godfihe(le,'ahdthe(r hearth 2^a- 
letts in the Spirit of Chrift, then they could n©c have awyde<J 
perfecution r Thofe than wM live Godfy in Chrift Jefus nwfi 
fufer perfecution, AS of them. This Icftxi <74»/l«tmcd even 
f f^m Chrift feuWfelfe, tiiouch he liv d not in Chriife tiiti^. v^r 

1- • 




^ifcif'is of Chrifi mufi expect perfecntion. 

it was taughc him bjr Chrilt, ChriA af pcarcd to him, and he 
hd the Spif ic of Chrift, and no C>cfti9n knivv of this Sermon 
of Cbritt that all the Dilciples of Chrill were forewarriid that 
they niuil nuke account of perfecuti(Mis ; Aiid you H^ailHiide 
ir, that as foone as ever PmI was Converted, the 6rft things 
that vYas told htm wa5,That he mud fiiffer thinj;s ^-^s 9. 
1 5, For [ Will (kerp hm hovp ^eat things he mnft fnffcr for my 
N^mefake. Why Panl a young Coiivert,yct when he was fi r(l 
Converted, the very firft time he gave in his name to J^ius 
Chrift, the firft thing that he muft be told was thj*?, what great 
'things he muft fuffer for Jefus Chrtft, The Lord Chrill will 
tfoine up Converts at the very, firft in thi^ pomt;This is there- 
fore a very ufefull poynt for youi^ profiflbrs ofRtli^ibn to 
Confi^er of ; That all that jpilltlve Godly m Chrifi Jejm vmJI 
ff^ifr ferffsmi09f. 







' »•« •»» 

•r . 

• % 


: S'te ft- 'UM:M"MiiKH> "'■'* 



:",lK '..",'' '"'I'.y '■-'': ..' i| ":l.l 'i :i-in ii ll-n i 

■;j'i,.'^-. ■-■':; M^ T ». ji ro. .'if-i-<r;^';»;^ 
B/tftrf m they rcbich 
Ki£htioHfie£e/ikf^ftrthfit^mViln^. . 

■ tl»me of huheriy ' ::_ ":,j^'y'_^!^''l-. 

Etrade l Iirile entrance into the Gdlpoinkf at^I 
ic Was towards the clofe of the,Ej(gax^ifc that 
fvewenttutalictleway. .'.';. , ;- . vl 

ThataU the Diftjples ot ChijiioHiB'jmia 
perfetnition :This is tfi^ftflliabiijteCkilt 

■ teadiesanythatoometohinijifany wUIbe my DiA^plc* fct 
ilaJeifihliifilfe, ^niifk^iti tumft md /«/^if. jw, and i. 
'the 9 A£ii 1 tf. As foonas t\^:SMl vi^ convetrea, wctmlj 

i- was declared to him, what thingij he muft%fc( forClnills 

; iakc,andinthc-j7»W:3.i2. The. Apofilepraxpuncesitiul 

allthat will live Godly in Chiift Jefus ftaU liigbf perfcotion. 

We fpent a little time in tne opening of that Text* lliewing 

■ whaianKmphafisthereVsahnortiney^ry wofd : But I rO 
IJfocecd fof Ac finhet opening of tl]g poiia tj[ Sctipfure„«x- 
amplcs, and reafon, and fo apply it, ,, „ ■ 

,Wc readinthebookofjejteofthc C<*.jfto, aixau 
tvcf they, had enteted into Covenant n'ah.Jofiiiui and the 
Jieeple of God. The Kuigs round about thein rofe ^/p a'^ihft 
than : They were quiet ;j|o_ush mt| ih?it neijliboiirs beVe, 



^ E nds tha t God hath in f'*ifcnng hu Satms to he perfecnttd, 5 29 

nm the Aorme *vVili. diftQter xyhi :l^x:s v;ace.>::^ahcred». and 
\«hiato»9e»liiBe feppr. jndrjiiL'e fromitejroot; of \ he tree ifl^inj 
bcavy^thiagi opohJaroittetough^^anclir will b.w^-apd Brv^ik^, 
liHttt w^&a.dixovieisd'Tvhctbcrtbct^^ L^fiignd or uo .ji|' 
itjdfiliibeaD ajgT5mriTrvei^Yrfien<iiy:hwng'^uf^oi^^^^^ whiiip.Hr- 
^bAehmoQa^^ichcrab'f&^tlir^^ b£:¥viiQ ^o. ipmdy and 
firhr^OB liot)^: Whanigodlinefle and-mens 6VYivends do parr 011^ 
&OBii«oth«rf rfjc* youtmy diltover whac meadiri aiii>: at in - 
ga(gttii^^6{ Asdui^'whsmiieiidnjmK! fpllovYs cnyo g;:nclef 
m^ i^ihelireeti you camioQ cidlrVYhich;^.^ ibryjtiic. xhis U^ 
Wjb^YV^exboc ttif till^efc.6OTesit ^.p94:iiii;<^vay,, an^ cbsa 
yQirill)iaU^;d dut theibrriiigrttiaQ ieiiyes one and iollovYi cbc 
oiher that is his Mafter ; So there are feme Aac feem to ibilovy 
Gbnli^-bitfiihey follow-' cbcir ovyd cnd{& to j; now fo long as 
6teiift«[id.'Qhdir€vraieiidsgotogec^r|fo/Along, joo body cao 
tvilWherher ic b^^Chritt they: ft)lJovv»' Waidieir ovyir cnd5, buc ^ 

ii^hen Cfiriit. aadibsic'OVYO ends \>mi ofv?* , f rojn another, <;lien 
yQlivvilIlm6*.\Yfaofe^fcrvamthisi^, thei^^y^ know vYfiac 
(ii^aiTidclioitf* oCthotsiiearrs are^ no^Y ^ Lord doth cake i 
gr4a)^4e^leiQ^^l%ht kidir<^cing the; hearts of ^meQ here in 

^-^ FiwaMyyyS^ac.the Lord aloies at k to make the Saints coti- 

fetoiibte cahbSdn, ta Jefiis Ghrift. The Apoftle PM}^ the 

Xoi^ofUif^AHt phofcflfeth, that he accofu/ted all thhgs as 

liwrf anddrofl'i^ not only- for the excellency of the knowledge of 

Chnft, that he n^ht ba ffwftd^ br.him having on hU righteouf- . » 

neflej }om'th4^ hemlght hi madet^nf^rmtf^/e to his Duth ; whd 

^oul4 Dole be conformable to tba^ofy of Chriil in . Heaven ? 

but to be conformable tohis death ; It*s faid of Chrill, Oa^hc 

ArMT tffi^er tkift thwgs^ undfo to enter im his glorj ; Now- 

ibe L€cdt\WQtii)i\ bavd all his people conformable to his 

^SoD, OS my^Srechvet) God i^h chefen m before theJoHndation of 

the ynfU t^ h^<9t^9rt^leto thelmare of his Son^ that is, to be 

. H(4.yia$ Mi Son i$ holy ; It is chat that God ainVd at in the e- 

teimiLekiibo oftfien, lie have fuch and fuch menfroni the ^ 

coqiuiooltiinp of the worHvtnd I will have chem tob^ confor* 

Ruble toisy $<»L} And he would have all the members of his 

V' . Y y y Son 

Son^tobeconfotlrablctoWminhisfufferii^. . . 

> Ftftbly ;uidLaltly> Ibe Lord iwtf^rsbis people tobciofcr 

'perfecutioiis in a way d righteous judgpj^nc againli tbewidttd 

^d ungodly of this world,thac tbey ihould be left to their qrnh 

bale corruptions^ aiid itiini^ic at this tumbling (lone), andforo^ 

pciiili for ever ; I verily bdeeve that it hach been anoccafim 

ot* rh^ eternall deflru£tiou q£ thouland thousands, thcftitfeiifigs 

of goc'lypeo^k> ■ : ■ ■ Many other holy ends nc mv^ 

fpeakof LhaiGoddorbaixue at in fuftering of theS&tnt$Q>be 

under perfecutidn^bui: this is not the po} lu I would iniai^ge raj 

fclfiu. ^ 


liJoiV by way of i;/# br iefly* 

let none that begins CO KJce up anyprofdliGn of fidsgioDy 

ever mak^ acCounc of any reft in thi$ world, never litinkof it, 

chouarciniinkelymiiiakenintbe mairer o£ the pcoieifiCD ci 

Chriftiaa religion^ in the idlMlcahkisiudy Dcfmt^ htnU 

n^tjinr r^> never bleifeyour felves in the enjoy went o£ hate* 

taiiom, of comings vc^ of repute and dkemey of libertyhrthe 

world, of credit and hc»iGur> depart, let your hearts be gon^ 

from thefe things for certainly here is nor your. reft,, no, yon 

areappoynced toperfecutioo, asP^Mf^laki, when cfaey vwld 

not have him gee up to JtrmfiUm for fear of iuflFeruig,&tchtei 

I know not what I ihall meet vvithall at Jeruialem, but i^fanw 

that whcrefoever IzmyferfuMtionf^imd^jaffd^iitimisS^ 

und mcy I have taken up diis for a gr«uited and. fiird- prindple) * 

that wherefoevef I am, bonds mA afflictions do- attend me ^ 

And therefore that's the fpeciaJIufe (hat cmoixms ur all,, to 

fi|repare before hand, and to l^y npbefardiaH«.i for fiich. ciois^ 
et us never think, why now- vve:hope we ihalli bavie «biytsi(tf 
peace and pr ofperity, ,aod the lite. . 

I buti$rMsapoyntthat.dothconQema<;nGWt?.' 
Iconfefl'e I would h:irdiy.have;chofenru6barTAtltedui'on 

purpofe, but only that it falls iamy WBy,f thetefar^Kceii^^ 
providence brings this Textrto me, Ibr me fay Hmsnuicbi ttaJ 
ihcfcmay be much evill in mem.heaas that they do n^t )s90f!f 

of 5 


Prefaraxms fdr f^trit^i 

of; ft'sime what the Prophet told H4x^J?4>*iat lie fliouid 
iiatj tltmkii lliould be thu? and tbtis^crucl to man/, why. Uith 
HdbLdd CO f h<* Px ophet, $^th/fcrv4»i^ m diad d^g^^ r^^ 1 jhoHld 
if theft tbif^gs f So do but tdl msji before they coine to 1h\'^ 
power in th^rir hands, ihK diey will make the dear Scr\>inrs of 
God CO cry «oH?avcn for Ae burdens that they will hy upon 
xhem,\vhy ibey vvbuld think it the moft uncharitable thing, yea. 
they would think in their own hearts that they were but as dead 
do^ if th^y lliould do thefe things. Truly we cannot deny, 
ittic flouft fay that men do fuch things akeady^fuch as heretofore 
they tbennfelves would have thought they Ihould never have 
<k«e5 Itow many heretofore were of dear and fn:knarc ac*- 
qiMincance ant with ariecher, that did ufe to iinbofome them- 
fetves each tod:har>^hat did ufe to pray, and fad together, and; 
ihedtcarstog^herv groaning under the perfecution that wa« 
tcforciaiidyetlwiUiaot fay that ihey are come to fuch a 
height^ a«to have the denomination of perfecucox^s, but do not' 
fctoc bj^m v^ry fair, to^be very harlli and very hard even to- 
Tvardsiiicii Bredaren as w^re a<Jdear as their own foutsjaid fuch' 
^ are not lalien off to be worfe then they were, but their con^ 
fcietices will tell themthat they keape as clofe to God as c ver> ' 
^ yac cfaflie is a mighty al relation in their fpirks ; and there- 
fore, bccaiife we do not ktKWvi^at the deprho^ i^ in the 
tearES of imn,che]?eforeiwe have ca»ife in alt times to prepare' 
&r this |3i^42ciition, there's no time that is fo peaceable, and fo* 
&ncne,btit vve have caiMTe eo lay in^d to prepare for fuflFerings: 
Ibetefere iist down and reckon upon it when thou begimieO 
die ptiofeffion of ReligioQ^tbac perfecution? will attend thee; 
}Azht %!. oiAit A^s J voumayfeehbw ^auI reckoned upon 
&ffbingf;whe«efoeverQecaiBe.; And therefore that you may 
l^pare, I wiU not emerkrgely into the commen nlace of pre* 
p»rii^ ftxf ftsffefitsg^ wd^rvrying of our fehres unaer fuflfering. 
But only in a few word»tli» you may prepare. 

iSift oiall, you^tbac prof^^ Reljgion>do nx take profe(no!t 
t^Bseli^on, upm ini3«>hear*&y^ or upon any bie end^, or to 
give conmc to your friends, no, but when you enter upon th* > 
profi^onof 9jel[gi(»Ri be fure you-lay a^^good foundation)kno# 

Y y y z wliat 


yrff orations for fifffiriffg. 

what you build upony and Iduc not ba enough that the word' 
hath a little affected your hearts, and you havegon^avyiy with 
joy ' you knovf ch* ftony ground did lo, but whin troubles did 
arile, by and by th:y vv^re of ended,, the Scriptuw £uch ;. 
Tlierfore when you hiar the word, anJ are a little atfedcd,. 
do not think that the Work is don*: pfelemly, O but lixmi to 
oet the foundation to be hid dcep,the main foiuidatiow icisior 
fhee to underftand aright the way of cho Covenani of grace, be 
throughly inform'din ic,& likcwife let your hearts belribroi^Wy 
Humbled before God,that loch) ough the woA of bumiltatioiv 
there may be a ibfcnTng of the heart for the feed to loak in> and. 
fo to cake roote : That ffiaa or woman that wee hiuh b^en made: 
jfenfible of the dreadful breach that (in hath vtndt between God 
and t'.ieir fouls, will <not much regard perfeciitionsi I remcm* 
ber Li4ther Ipeakes of himfelf divers times, that though hz tva 
aman that was threatned vyithperfecucionsasmuchasanyman, 
yet he was fo ac^juainted with trouble of fgirit, ,& huttii|uciou^ 
for fin, yet he was not afr^icj of all ;he'BaIl5 ,ofthe Pope ? We 
r^ad of P/rm/thac faith that aU nauft iuifer perfecutians, and it 
was told him alfoonas he was converted what he .mult fuflFer 
forChrilts fake, but how did the Lord prepare jdac heart of 
Fant: He knew that as he was to bi a chofen ve! beare 
' the nv^c btChrilljfohe muft futfer hard things ; foojYxlid God- 
humble him, he ftrikes him down otf hi« hotfe, makes bim cry 
our, Lordy Lord^ what wiU thu havf tne^to io§^ I, this man wa^ 
fitted to futfer any thing foiy^hrift afterwards.: So rhofe that. 
ever knew what fin meant they will no: think much of fafering 
The rcafon why fufferings are lb heavy to us, it is b^caufe fin i* 
lo light unto us ; Labour therefore at firft to be.cfceply rooted 
and grounded upon Jefus Chrift,and fen(U)le of ibe evill of fin? 
And learn that great leflTon, that prepares, in i6 Matth: ^^ 
ThnfaU ]efmylf any maffvftillht mj Di^ifkjtt h:m denjmh 
pj^ and take HfhUcro^^ a»dfollay» me. That manor womafl 
that hath learned the leifon of felf-denyall,*(will leame totake 
up the crofl'e : Denying our fejf-excellency, our feh-cftecme, 
wx felf-will, and oujr felf-Iufts, there are a great many felfesio 
MS mans felf ; I fay^ thefels felf-e?^ceUency,atxl felf-eOeeme, 


^nfiftratioHsfin' Jufmffjr. ^^j 

and fclf-opinion,4>idleU'WilI,' and feiMufts,'\ve niuft learn tp 
dqiy our felvjes, and to be as norhiilg in our felves : What is it 
for us to be willing to fiitfer any thing,rbdt arc vvreccbedjcurfed 
creatures in ooc ielves, when as any,nian or woman can coiife - 
tp fee tbemfelves as vild, . as nothing, worie then nochlng> as a 
fire-brand of hell, J might have fuftered the eternjU torment > 
oflielU I. might havebeenfuell for the anger of God to burn ^ 
upon to alUtersity, and vfbat iJit for me t^ be called i^on to 
fuflfer fbt bis njmes fake,this one meditation hath as much po.v* 
g: as any one I know, both taprepare men for furfering, an4 to 
hislp them in their fufferings, when they can but think thus. 
Lord what evills cahmen mflift uponmcthac Aall any way be 
like it> thofe evils that I might have, fufivrred from the yvfatb of 
, God for my fin? Imighthavebeena fire-brand of hell^ aiU 
been undcx thofe. eternallcomicats in thofe everlafting flames 
of hell roaing and crytt^ wich^Divils and damned fpirits to alL' 
eternity, what is it to fuffer a nick name, to fuffer a prifon, and 
the loffe of my.eftate,.or to be frown'd uponby^gceat men, 6 
let us labour to be empryed of our felves, and let us conclude 
thu$> that it is better to loofe for God then to enjoy for our [ 
^vesj principle yourfijlves in that principle,— Aooundancc 
» of o:her fuch means might b^ named, but I would gladly have 
made ibme entrance inrothe qdier popt: Blelfed ace they 
that fuftler perfccution for righrcoufheffe fake, — Why if men , 
filflfef perfecwion (ot their wickednsfle, then they ^rc cuffed,,^ ^ 
but when diey futfer perfecutioiifor righteouIneQV^. then they ^ ' 
arebleffed, ^ , ' 

You will fay,for righteoufneffe, how may me^fuffer perfc* , 
cucion for righteoufnefl'e ? ' . . . . .' 

I in the opening of the poynt,thc laft day (hewed you fome- ' 
thing about it: But, 

Fifft, I ihall fliew yon that all fufferings of men for matters * 
of RcligioPiisiTpt fuffering perfccution. , - ....... , 

BucSen Secondly^ That finny men may be per6»cured . of o-^ 
tbers for ri§b'?eo|Une& fake, &7etU:tle tfiink of ir rhemfelves. , 
ThefetWQihii^iefpeciaHy intended in the opening of^thisj 



^^a^— ^w ■x p i - ■ -m 

^>^ }lop^f^rrcmenmayf0f€rin9m$t0ri9f^eiiffoM. 

For ibe firft ? You will fav, HoPf farre may men ftiffet in 
maccerso^fecligion? vyhen jWild th.:re be any fufferings di 
n^n foit matters of Religion ? — ? — 

Menmayfuffer in iwnc cafes for mancrs of IReligionj and 
futfer righceoully, and it is righteous in chofe that rvSkc ^cm 


Firfti If men fin in matters pi Religion agauirt ihat that i^a- 
.gairflrfie light of natures itiat b/jhe Ught of nature nwj 
might if they would, be convinced of to be a fin 5 in this they 
may fuffer and that judly ,• He give you on^ icriprurc for this; 
Job 31. It is in the cafe ^ Idolatry, and in that tnefl may pirtly 
(uffer, verf. 26. Jflhhriti the Spn when itjhmi^y ' or the Afi^e 
tfiMikirfgin irt^htne^e^ 4nd my hfort bath ie^en ^ecrrJf mktd^ 
or mj tnetith hath kifed mj h^i^dy thk aifr were an if^ltjdtj ti te 
ftimfhed kj th^ J^^'. Novy this Scripture cannot be fo anfTC- 
tcd as fome may that you have out of th? Old Tefianienr of rbe 
Kngs^fjifi^ib; I'confeflfc IthinHe that' the Itrengphof\vhar 
men ftiffcr'd ia the time of the Law, of the ifli^s of J/f/A i^^ 
not fo ftror^ as many others arc, for there s a gr^at dealc of 
difference ^tiveen them and Govemours now : I havj: (howit 
Tome dijflfereqce between the people.thac were under the P^da- ^ 
gogy of the L4W,and the power or th? kii^s of JiuLAy^m^ijCr 
vernoursnow; ^tmpwasfy^^^i he was no: under the Pe- 
ifegogy of theLaw : The Kings of Jiidah are faid ro be* tyfc^. 
of Chrift, and thffir Government was typical^; Bnc now this 
xhat5fpokenofhcreinj/fl^, doth not at all concern ?ny type, 
but that thgt was agreeable to the light o^natur^> and ajjirov^d 
of by God ; Therefore /// MM the St^ when hfhincd^ or the 
Moon -f^aO^lfigmbrj^tne^e^ ^ mj heart hath bjteHfecr^tlj, i/i' 
4lceiyermy. iwmth hath kiffedmjf hand ; thh w^e m ima^itj te 
^e ffmljhed b} the IM^ > . That is idolatry that a man . nwy bi 
coiivixK*d of bv the light of nature if he will ; as the. worflbiping 
of the JSun ai\a Nfoon* it is an iniquity to be puiiifljed ty the' 
Judg: Sbthatthereisfomeevillinnvittei^ of Religion diac. 
mayW punUhed by men:IdoIatry which is fo deer that men; 
by dieligbt (^nature miy be convinc'd of it^M^igiftrate^ fhould 
fiot. Cuffer that Idolatry. 



Ves fiireljr, In other things that ^re of itt mferioirr mturci 
though ic*i$ not the light of nature chac mM convinte m«n, yet 
ftich things as are agntinft the cotnmon light of chriftianity,thac 
art focfeaf ly reveil'd, even thoi'e that are in plice and 
pS^er, and the community of the people' may take it upon^ 
tfASrt> that thcfc menif they be rgnorant,are wilfeffy ignorant*, 
ftith things Itkewift afre not ro be fuflFeredjfortherer^^ th»famc 
rcafohf why they flhoakf be punHhed by chriftiansasvyhy rhofe 
thathafveontythefi^ghtof ilattnreflnoiut'd ptinifli thofc things 
that are agaiirt the light ofmtBre. 

Yea fofefre a Magtftratemay go^, xhxc t'hrotigh the- eviH 
carrwgeofnlenin thefr ttirbulcncy, in their pride, itiinifeft-. 
ing apparently ttrliubbofnC fpirk, cart'ia[;e; If either through 
the natm^of thetfiii^,orthrough'thefr Wicted^cirri^^^^ they 
taay take tipori them a^ they would anftver itto Jefus Chrirt ac 
flwlaftday, that they do^ evidently fee meerc vvahtbmiefl've 
and(hibbornrte{fe,.and nor vve^lmeffe and infirmity-;' fo firtNJ 
aymaf be:(litabte tohelp agUiriVWinliohnefe arid fttibbornn^fs, 
di^ Lordhath'*appointetl-out¥\^ard meaneS ,- evert* otitWard pu* 
iliiTiment to be an Ordimnceof his ; for it hath «1 effieacvput 
into it by nature ? Extemsdi things^^have by the Gorfd? nature 
an efficacy put into them to help ag«nlt'thac that ddrh appear 
Outwardly to be iHibbomrtefle, vvaritoftncflc, of ftbutnefle. 
Thus farre there may b| fufferii^ ininatters'6fKeif^on;«icl 
Aofe that will go jEaftheft hen this, they had riefed'tiiiike it ve- 
ry cleere ; fire h as* wfeiild have every kind of etmtrr asftfieV 
think in -matters cotKroverfaJT', though mcrf flipjild' beh'avtf 
ihemfelve^ never lo meeldy and humbly bif<lre^ers, yet if 
rbcj^ thirtk that God hath appoittrfed th^ civiil fvvord to ptitiut 
ena to tHe Conrroverfie^ inpjeligion, I- fay, if theytaW' itoc 
heed, whenchcy think- tq^ doe God good fervice,tbey wiff ruii 
nj^o the danger of being'gttilty of bringing- the peojiler of God 
under perfccutjon. ' . * 

But tHfe bth^r tWothaf rKave.f-:o&n of, are'enoii^h^ t6^ 
deere imnyfmm tfrafi^feat cffrour that isxryed out of a- 
ftoigft US', 'That men would have no kind of^Govetnmeftf, 


/ I 

^ 3j5 Men he fmt they arx 4wxr nutj ttuks fthcrt ftifer fw rifhftu^'j'f ^ 

,buc would have all ki»i of things to be (u&red^JSniJiiin the 
it<!J:4 JV^^'^.-'P ^i* caifl, iivtiiiawrcins u4coft(h'OTiivihit4- 

eifcf^cy oncl)!'. I'-C^ld forttvfunhcclMi^'iiiS'-i-ToleiauM 
(iofhU ftite>yhc[i;vi)-iwi oiiiw.-ivayi.elthj'bijr chohorrHi{- 

' ' H|:fl(; jii ilit;fiicij ,vi cheir Oj>intons if'f !>/ ihc lurbuifncy oti 

I tH^.o^S'^ ivaifliiCffltitfcfwiJ ftvbborKKlie ;' thete cbcy faj^fc 
tther^iqulcib&f^ocbe^riipce); But oovv cexbiuk that aUkifii' 
', o^diu^^twidbetolctracefijallkjisdot'bla^beisy.coletSeaj 

! <*^):i;iu;,.|i9' charge it upoi^tbilaitJurely-chdCf Is-nucb'^illi^% 
nOti iii4\ ^r(his,«n(Jii$G!Qd giv£»didlii ms'liesnii tofefomti 


,bi)il^,itl49^»Pe AKlffoirdtipjlKic uJuvdiUe^taU^^tll ibl^ 

itbaiiiheft lV9iit4 bive-fQibbaiamd icwMmik i&adiifert'; nf« 
'.what{]i£4CF^U.^ej)iiiaeramoiig:us? ivi)/ nuy nbc vi,\iic 

and iiijoyfQn^.aiKyheF, ^nciiKver bavc fudi cerau^ono agi'ull 
* ^^tjK:r,«iF^erttMt/«i^,vroUldiuve.4ll£t9ngB&i$<(Dd,6Hbli 

;rriTW-y6i>l^e thu a fnaa.nuyJurtwutmiaOGrtSVfKAit.i'^ 

^lipii[adi!t({cordujg^to.thoOiKU)iuihat ^ifike,tooi)8fe{*'. ii^ 


Uiey are^aof btiiig me^ in co ^li^ JfSiUi^vesiaiwAlt (aii]^ 
. Prrr YoywiHifay^ -\y boiwUlmilceany BUn &ffeF <tif^^ 

,llur»;lHfiie?Surelyibei^8.rcafceJHViib:vil<i.i '■'.'■ 
, To ihit I anfive^ The Dc 
"ai^of ihepec^l^ofCioditc 

ingfurRighfeouineflei Ifc, 

onsagaiiift.ibeSaiticsjt^he via 

■forlheirfwfferii^; you-naw 

cry ou: of own mecrely foo . 

der lone other aaoK tbatal 

q)OP the profeflbts of Rcli: 

would bring die pef^le of t 


Eftds that God hath in [offering hu Saints to he ferfecntei, 5 3 y 

'and tells the King, That its Kotfor the K'mgs frojit to Jnff'er 
pich^ntn : And it h a rebellious Cicy, andalvviyes'agiiiift 
tiovcrnmem. H^ma^ did (tirre up the King againlt thi pea- 
fie of the ]t)»es^ that were the onelyChirch of God theni 
imdupon this Ground, That they were againft Governni^nc" ; 
^lotmeerely becaufetbey were the people oPOoi-d , he did 
n(£ ovyne them fo,but.they vvete againft Go\'criteneric. And To 
; you fliall find it all along, when as the Apoftle Paul fuffered, . 
It was not fop righceouinefle, but he was tfefiilent fellow, a 
. nufwr t>f{ed!tisH ; Axid th^fe dU turm tht^ worUpffidt dmt/^p 
tfiifh^y made a great dcalc of ftirrc in the world. And in die 
•PfHiiicivettmesi why all the-trotibles that wercabpoad in tte 
Coimtryes, were ever charged upon the Chrillians, and un der 
ihit name they furfcred asoeing tiie Caufe of all their trou- 
bles. And xtmtj doe in this cafe, IHct the Heatbeos, When thdy 
would fet tbe Dogps.vpon the Chrifttans,f;hey would put them 
ktto wild beaft^stoins,and then they would fet the lioggs up- 
on them to tear them. And this harci ufage the peopleo fGod 
' have met wkhall from time to time 5 — • They inaeed defirc 
»to vvalkerijjhteoufly before the Lord ; Now there is fo much 
•beauty and excellency in the vyayes of righteoufhelTe, tha t men 
dare ncx perfecote under that narae ; Therefore they will put 
iQuie otb^ nam^ upon it, and raife fonie nick-aime. ^nd H an* 
der upon tkis people, and under that they fall upon them, and 
there they fitter. So that the Saitits may fuftef «>r RightCQuC- 
neflc fake bv evillmen, and yet they are n6tawarofit.— ^ 
Now iome thing I had thought to ba^e (poken by w^y of Con-* 
vi£lion, to convince many mcn:vvhofc hearts are againft the 
people of God for righteoufneflie lake , and yet they doe not 
thmk fo. And though they plead that it's for this reafon:, and 
xhe other, that they are thus and thus, yet it's for Riehteouf- 
neiTcthai: lies at tb^bottome ; and it would be a good meaner ; < 

to refttaine &me men, if not a meanes to tume tbem backhand 
to caiifie diem to b^in to bethink themfelyes, . were they buc ^ 
oDpvincexl tha&ic were for Ri^teoufneffc : -^-^But this would 
retpiire more time tbw we have for the prefenr, and there- 
fore we Ihall let it paffe.~—~ 

tiz S-ERMOM 

,1,?'' %:■ 

:: -1 ' "", -:.,. - ,. .,. .. ,„" '! -.- ■ - ' -"■ 

rreathihg^ ■ is ^to <Umtf iaar^to&li'tK^jf 

■ ^; r-^ In ihii'ioi^ Setmoi'of.ChrS^ tt be- 
gins with blcfledm^e i: his tt^lig . J9 iuch 
!is' is iW>ve The dn>rthefifiaB of Rotfai} c^ ' 
in ayc[^ par^iculap ; be'begms^knillR'poOTe, . ai^ en^ wttb 
the pcrfecuted ; pfe^d ai« tlid^fi«cii^'-ih ^iirk^ kk^d are 
thcythgcareperfoSitcd. , 

Ridireaifnetle is enough td Kpre 

. eppo^ jc,arKl tocstife t)Kni t^pe^ftct 

t JokB j; u. Scripture plentHtiH ;' 7Ttiilf<^Ml>iy wt 

/adflenf his iitthir '.- iudifhrtfwtl^ 

• J^ifompwrong,hetfidtK*V(wifc 1 

Cain iiras theiel^er Br6rhcf, arid jthi 

■. ■ - ^■^■- ■■':■:■ :. J^ 

' ■ ■.■■ 

Iml t t I — ■ . I ■ — »^fcM^^,|^ 

j^iJks.^^ iif'^^if* ** '"*' ""^ •"^ *•"*> *■'•*» *♦• 

firlt perlecmion c&at fvS Tclcr df iri*tfif^1«*W>^ tt# iii«»^ 
mother Serif aije^-i^ of P<f>- o^ i a .J^thifh th^kjwpr* 

wrw^Hy. Theri is a laflferi^ig njecrcly for Coufcieocc t^ 
wards God: I (bail Heed nfiiticftermoje. • 

pirft , Becaufc that^pghteopfifjeirc k fel$p , it iTSttdiat 
•darh pppofe the corniptioii fcf meits Hear6, rc s that char crof* 

lomefinfiu ^ ^ ^ ^, 

kind oppofcs imtmms carnipcioRtt3«i^|fyayvatti aijadier? at»* 
ther way, but^aH mens corropcions are oppofea by rightcoiif- 
^r«^^'f/lM^3o*5^^ rf9mW pnely when it is 


-^^ $icwd!yV A^^'^#t^^"i^^ «ir* 

• '^ trtlHitfartStfefe ayreafoii^foirv: tJh^ y (pe ilien tcib2«forwarrf .in 

cejfe ofri^t : that you Y(riU riot doe a^tiiiy doe; 
' ' '^ Tttttftyi fli^wwfeeflSf co»faw}ie£( Vhe;»^orId ; Ai U's taid 
^'tf iNl(^mrhe cioti4ea(ine^ j^^^ world • were icnot for fome | 

f >^^ofe^tjjhtta^^ "6 ^ alii^er bitrh then 

' vvhertirheiw&tBfeflie4h«f^ 

'^ theyyujKWjdmthtf^^l^MX)^ ^veniri their icAvnCoo- 

• 'ftiiiiicei?jthef mxq^i^^ydinpm and tandctim'd by others 

that do- bihold them for coaliiDg fhort bf dut Ri^teoiifneflc 

Z 1 z 2 that 

.*— •- 

that others doe accaii^ too : and this they cannot- beare, but 
their hearts free agakift. ., , \ i ^ ', .^1 
. Four thty, Righteoufneffe caufes men to hold to their prb> 
ciples inaxonftonc filled vYa^4)0W,*cKf wm^ ?ltcr ; Uitispcs 
alter this \vx^ or that s?i\^% ^ighccQ^ifg if ic b<;lngra£ctiiinr^ 
thf hearts oi men ai}d vyqmen,- ii; jyiit^^Sjcg^Wd i&cbdc 
princtt>liCar*ig()e>Vm in^thcuvWay^ letb^ajireaaiid east^mcet . 
wgetnef • .And tbc.triidi .i€, .th^rfts jt«) w^y f q kqep iroaiJtifi 
feiihgs but to have, iiidi principi*?^ ^.WS l?^iKWhis iTay;or 
that, according rq the ^imes >^TbofeiftiP:Jkv^5^^ 
keep froni fuft^riiiss.^ Youji^ve fti^ ^t?^ar« vcdy ^ 
find out diltinpiions/o as diey.can,fuic;fhpB]fel\^ito>iiWin^ 
If the tuncs^ejthis v^ay, they canMye ^ diiUi^aion rssSaksa 
that; And if the limes turne, chey4fHve;,^ilif;wdiaatt2D6nt«rij 
that ; And if .they turiKi, the f:h ir d ^ inj^tJl^.^y.rJMve a. di&iii£iioQn 
to help ih^'ipi^heje^Bjyt.nqvYj^ 
hef ft, they keep on in ch^ir way ; and b^caufe the timeaiiovi: 

chap^c uD^and^owpej^jcJiej^fla^^m^ 
wind dotb not oppof^ \YeaiherhCo<:ki^, ite* qiflies flle^ao^. 
cording ro It ;Bm now if yoii. fet .Mp a itvag^ikas seiH tm tunDc#j 
the vyiofl blulters agai^ chat.Tif i? twiji^ wt^iiihit-: Nowt 
Rightepulndfe keeps the b^jirt iA^.f^ettjWAyi:iavv4r^^C9d,'i 
let the ivind turne which y^ay it:vyilK apd therefore flii^^edi) 
have the wiiid come bluftering ag^nft ih^.> They keep'cJofe: 
to thdr principles, rad the worlds jdicy thiiik'it'*} . 
nothing but (toucnefle of dieirjliear^si ; VYbereas iodce(iGfid> 
toows, and their own Con£?ience&.iknaw, thaigic i$%{;io£^'P>^^ 
ciples of fi.ightc©ufnefi| th^ tjieyi?avej«> chetathat:Jtcep;illP«'i 
• hearts fteady with God; Tbereferc ib^y iriuft futfer*. •' •. } 
: Fiftbly , .Rightcoufne(fe k bold? fojtb.a fpe^iall claioie oi» 
Intereft that fome men have in God more theq,orhec59and:th6# 
world cannot bear tjiat^ Bw; ne>vv when mer\.W4lk ijiWi»jwsiof 
Righteoufncflc beyond^other^, jbi?.fe^fc>^uQi»^eiVWfi 
that thofe men do daime arppciaU^jfrr^jiijiGod 
others ^ And this makesiiie vvof|d ftorp;|e^afilc^.ahd ttoefoc^ 
. Righreoufncffe.iiii^ftexpefttpruflF^r. •' r. . 

^pptlcafioh of the Fdynt^ i * , yj.|. 

By way of Application. •• ^' l-^'^'^'^ ''^^ •!- ^ "^'-^ 

vT0uld3ttpp^«ighefcoiifttfle i .R^^^^/^#,ThAf th^f Wotft «^ '^^''^'*^ 

% tewdinpihe workf, «'s tift t that is d)e y^ry rtidrk'thAC trrtgocf- ' 
Ijfv njcnflaoot^-at -^g^eoastti^^ fliould b^ accounted riic ' 
grleaceft l^letTrngfj in the world ; Indeed- they are , and if the 
world did^M fei^vV -ii r^hcy W6uld dccottrit Righteous men 
that AoUdhdd' forth the Image of God before others, thsy / 
vraild aaoont diem to^ b* asgrcat bleflfing^ to the world, z%. 
iBe S||» MiHW ind. Stan es afe^ ^lid^ a greatdeafe more : But 
liow jisiab isi cte tvjckedttefle of the : world, : thic rhcfe ;h^y 
pdfierIithei^cbkA»^^f- their. >yjfalh^'^d"bacre4 • % perKcotc^ 

' ^Scqoii^if ^'' ^s 4t-RiabteddS*tfe that^y- i^^^ SvtH 

woriif i>o^ not dwh^udge' atty Caufe uhjuft, taVi^hcebcr^^ 
tcaufeitU peri8tute<i *: ''DonOE'thttk that therefore the caufe 
is nocfright^^uj^,-^ th4)fe pei^fiMisi ire bit r ighcequs' , becauie : 
they are perfecucfcd in^t wortd'i -my' j^cher rtV atx K^iiinem ; 
of Bi^jteoufneifet if tve fhoiifd* mAe that t6 be ffii Argu- 
roent m fwy oiJr/;^dgemcncs> certdnlyCbrift hinilelfe and 
htsApoftks (iMuki not be accomited TQofireous, nor ttieir^ 
Caofe i rigbteoti^Caufe^ThdiMneo^ ilhac liv d in Chrifts time,* 
if they ftoald have gori% thi^Kule,: That'fuchas ^re cppo- 
fed, and.per&cuted, t^iey arc* the Wi'rrf people, futefy their 
Caiife is^iotgeod; Then^Chrift myft be ^ccountqd unrighce- 
^s^vo^.hU Cauife ib: p aever jti<%€ fp, this is an unrighte^ . 
otts Judgesnet«*» ' • - ^ -'- ^ 

/ ThirSjf^^Ltt iiKft take heed, that ^^^^ 
felves.»^*ch ina^^ji^teous'^aUfe, as'to^tpinkthat that' 
iliKdl be-eiHs^ tOi^0a thc» from fujferiFng ; no>' you are de- 
ceived ifl»thi9i>n»at)y people-chink, vveH, what care T, rny caufe 
is godd 5 what then^ doe you tbint that that fhall' keep you ^ 
ftdm futfcring) O no, your Caufe may be good, arid your r^r- 



* - — ■ — -»- 

m good, and you may tmmge Jour P^^%^0i^^.^^^ 
fer for allthat, And tberefo.e I^^^efot Mdtt^s- . J/ 

never fo Ri&l^tec«%9u4miiineetfe\v^^^ 

dope wef feVOIlic p^^^:^.f^.m^.^^ 

iy 111 the 


S isagttiR tJiem, that ft hntet out ^'^W^^nr^t^' 
«f 1teiyoit'» :m What fcver^th^ «'t^*£S5^^ 

Aem,ifet if tjkre berths*. 'w'w*^ 
. h V bccaufe tbes Omttj not oecaufc, tftef »Wi»t. 


•. V I 

• ■/.-.»,■/ 





Mm ifjftr^ they mrt Of^at maji md^ ^h^^M^f^n^ ri^ktfmfref^. 54 j 

Fdriecucecl for righteqiilwcfl'cw' ' 

rwia. iworc^of i*/^<r'M<bri^?i;^vi^^ 4 ipind cp have S/ virdii 

^^^jbji^l^d, Tw^ <jp9ie .p^ton jpd ten fcjip),, Thif it js- 

agaoaiGk t^Q *-iw *^^oe AjWw.itat any virgfn flioulo^bi' to' li- 
kflj^ *ffififl f W /"^ 6*^1^ F^^^ ^^9 M^V? the^ virgin pcffoui^ecf^ 
an? tfemi^^^^ 10 death ; ipJioi, me ipcn o^fh^ 

ODir^'f^Cfb^;CHi?yl^^^ pppofe icvvirh thc'rtiore freddoftie. ' 

nffltmus^Qwie^ -tn^iWjCHi^^ not pppol? ir,^5t thej^imv' 6p'- 

: As firft» Cecrainlym 

«pr^s,cp{>fficc to Ri^ce^n^He^tntfre; ore \ybei^c th^f ^ i^ nofc 
a^liev^ rtttuie tlheipi^ *in, ^fybficiob tb'R^ Nbvy 

. i^qff mcaiire, ftin n^ cfe^Cifor.e f hey do O^ofe ri^e^ 
5^foette.;lf w^'& ipt;'o i;fe^ vileil pU^jsi t^a^ 15, and 

IpcakTivith every xnm% vv^iac 1^0 you b^^'rightepi^fe^ ? whv 
,ttiey vyould d^fie ygbrl beUevc^cher^ ^}^ ripe, o»^ & alt tl}i5<Jitf 
^cjip one end jv> ine qtHef* tut if you aske ptieni' the ,Q^«fti- 
cj^V i^'ypuM^^ Ki^tcbtfpeffe^'t.hey vyouI.d ibhorr -fiAi}. 
yctthvnVaoercalheiwHi, tharall nien -i^ijUii^lly^^recnemiei 
tqjRighteovfoelte,m^rQt;e furejy there are to Me that fr'c a- 

. Sec.QrK% % .Men m^rtsiz^nns mt -are able to; uttdemand 

^w whcilid: it be good or no; and if theyteW'chhc it wire 

' good^ 



544 ^^^ ^^f^'^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ rtghemfrfs ^. 
good, ihey would n^ver o.-^pofe k : O )^u are much miftaksn, 
tor ibme men may goi agiiiut tlieir very Con.cicnces : Bucal- 
vvayes menof the grentelt pares do nor underlkiiil moll of thi 
lumd of ChriLt;The ScnhesixiiiThmfces were the jnoft know- 
iiTg men in the time of Clixift , and yec the greaceil oppoficc$ 
io Jefus Chrill. ^ : » , 

. Yea, thirdly, Men very civilly Righteous,' yet inay oppofe 
Righceoufnefle ; As now, ih^ Scribes and Pb^ifcesj they weri 
civilly righreous ;So k'5 faid concerning faUy^hs^ be |otJ?- 
xuttdthtChfiTchy and \y:is mad agarkft tbem^vAm yva$ this 
i'W when he was fuch a perfecutor. i be was oo drmduurd, be 
was no vvhore-mal^er, he was no Blafplnanec^ according cotb^ 
^ ;ipprehellfion *of the iinies ^en t But he foich o£ hlnUeI& n 
-the third of ihtThiJ- d. 7. That concerning r^i Lamk4w4$ 
l^lameiejje, T^«/ before. his Converfion waited in fuch a civill 
yvay,as no man could accufe him of any way of evill,l)e walked 
Jblamelefl'e, and yet a mad perfecutor of Righccoufneffc. And 
it's faid of 7 ramt which caufed the third (J the ten ptimki\'C 
perfecutions, Irajan of all the Eniperours bevv4sone ihic 
was the moft^villi juft and righteous of any ; And I remcm- 
l)er thefe two or three things are laid of bim,tha£ when he wai 
an Emperour he did bekave himfeliFe cowards his Subjects, as 
if be had been a Subjed):, he would have had bis P^^)ce bebivc 
)ii0ifelfe covvards him ; that's the firfl thi(}g is faid of him ;<-« 
Secondly, Th^ being Emperour, whien lie gave the iSword in- 
to fhe.hand of an Officer^ie had tbis fpeech j Jfhcn ( fai:h be) 
ihat I da J^ufiice^ $<fe this Sv^ardfor me^ If you fee that I doe /«- 
juftiCi Mfe $t dgdinfi mfj ( to his own Oflficer, ) 

And then a third thin^ is this. That when an BBOspttjwr wai 
fnacle,tbey did ufe to vviih the happine(le x>(Ang^m ro him; 
the uprigmieire of Trajan • and'yet this man a mojfl deadly e- i 
nemy to the Chriftians, and a moft abominable perfecutoT} I 
fiich a man as this, yet fo civill, mcu-raliy juft and boneft, 
^ 1butyouwillfay,hewasofa hardna;ture|th<^g)ibevvefe 
fo civill, jiift, &c, : , ' /. 

therdbtel add in the Fourth pl)fe', tbat42n;uinu(ybetfa • 
very fweec nature^ and yet be a greacperiecMtor^ T^^igb of a 


H^tmhirtvirnHfiUl/fftsmpirficmed Mother. ^ $4% 

■ ■ ^ ' - 

^ry loving (Weec isacure ocherwife, ye£ when he comes to op- 
pore'ri^hccoulnefle). he oiay be ^very fieKe and furious ; DiUtUgevcfk 
•usfaidof7/ijwF/^/<ri4^ delight of hu-fam«tf« 

manc^ kind, and yet' a very "great cn^my to the people of 

•god.— ' . y . ;■ .. • \^ 

: 1 but be was of anothei; Bf ligipi^. tjbfiugh be jiifttt of a iWeeC 
•'■papircv'' , ■[' ■,' \'\ jr j':' -:.. v'^. ♦.. ^^ " * 
^ Fifcbfy> But furxJier then> A oaan or woman ouy be very de^ , 

vote in me profelColi of Helton, agd yet a great perfecutor ^ 
* and fijHicimes the greateft;Thofe that ve very devout iniheir 
•^f«>way,if any go another vyay th^t they do not apprehend,they 
r^yiH pcrfccute tbem moft, and for thai;yGuhave .a JText in the 
f '^cj of e^cft 50*. P^f*l he )ireached,"ana was much oppofed,buc 
»by whom ? How .did the^ople come to.oppofe JT^U ? But 

the Jewes faith the thdyplrrei up devout andMniuriibU^muefii 
k4mdth0 chief mn 0^ the Citjy ^ni raifU perfeottion againtt 
« iV«^/and B4rndt4i and expelled them <)ut of their Coafts. ' 
s Ibuocan-yoUcellus any ope exaipple^ that;evcr any gad- 
jly'mah rierfecuted another ?., .i -., .^. ; - :. ^ 

j rcomeffe if you ask me the. queftion whether ever you find 
>^y godly m^n, thdc had true godlinefle^ to perfecute others 

tliat- WCre.§bdly,y6u put rac 10 f great ft.nxl -J bad neediearch 
, ' from-'Generation'to^the tlev'clatiou to^ |ind' you- a« example • , 

'And I thipjclcan^one, that inone-^ffionate act did 

^r, and that was king AjAy whea the Propliet »camc to fiim and 
' » told him the mind of God, Vis heart vj^a? ihraged againft ^him j 

1^ flrjf^kjoitny afiifut. h'm imo frifan >f^ J co^jf^'o 1 remember 

araopene(^ucc.,, ,. . , j !..:.i ',. .u, t.:/iif m ,^ y 
.Secondlyvic'^moregrigyoustothofe that ' are perfccutcd; 
-; ♦}>l?Caufe^cii pdrIecution;s ^uch as ha^h,. no' forj»er CNarhpIb t 
Jiideect when I cijme tpthe next vcrf^,^ I (liftU fl»evv tyoii how 
ieh;jthb^«nit^ecob<Jiaon of'thei^^ of God ico be perjedi^ 
5r(»d jBut I'caniiot iLew yyouibp: it ever wa^fbeit lotto be per- 
fecutcdbygofcllymen;' Therefore if ever we fall intoanai^e 
vvberew godly men fufferby godly nien,it is a time unparalel'd^ 
-:•'•' "^ A a "a a that 

V. ttr 

^ iiljt9wry0ti/fnw 


cbic wys^rWAS -iaiiie worW feelfore> chat trc teStd of : Wc 

<:oifrftw way^iwc wly ifett iemalitf «» ;1^ A^eforc that 

if ^<xi vvill fay, hovv may vvc difcoyer men> Jthat th^ flox^ 

Firft, lie tdl you that the Scripcurp is jjab^ tl^c hiciy OOTOp- 
patC'i\jgbceQu{bdfei^''gfikl|yii^ tj^tnflf thklte 

that they <fe God jjood fertfioe. fa if J<*. ^, <irifttofccc& 
€<DnceaMnghis Dtfcipks, they tnuft make account xo IMfef 
jiicb litiegs from Jiie»i ^fhiatVtnkthMt they J9 God godftr- 
vki tbm mUs thm. 8iityouff31fay,how^inayk!tedifcovc* 

. I vvouid^frcavcrlc firfT^ tilis: IBThcn men (bl! oppofe 
that ch& comes tinder thetr^^me of rl^Keoufnefley Wore they 
have eKaminad xc, and cemeto imderftand k^ diere is a tipdc^ 
ftewiDf tighteoufae(reink,^arfoanasever there iW«iPa 
(hew <^ tt>i)efore they hafvcfecamirfd thethu^, wbdSbritbe 
reall ck tKS they fly out tmpn ky a«4 j^inRlt : Trrity icrcTs « 
dangerousfigne chat die heart is ^inft ri^eoufnefle : Asl 
vvould inftance in d^i^fimtltcttde^Mippcfe a maniees die bcoaa 
feate, and without any more adoe, before he hath examined 
«vhether it ht tt'yea-or fK>,be tafce^ipl fhn^ it utiderius&et* 
will not this «an1)e (Jharjgcd for Telhjr^jif not ireafdn ? — 
It mj^ be he vnMrjy I knew not vvhat it fbs, — Ibut ttwHt 
he anmered,you rtiould have exaniined ivheAcr k was it or 00: 
And fo certainly vsrtieii any thmg conie*? under die wm?of ri^ 
. f««ufneflfe, and hatha fliew of religion ii;>ir> it^s true it rn^ot 
eisnatrightylHit'h<wever,ft^h^^ it:^r tljc 

dring rhat aman opppfes, tb^ hath but a pretence of r^htcouf* 
tdkit in it»a man had tiejed be very fere thatlt is tut a prctenw 
and chat it is not rightcoufneffe, a jnanmuft take heed frtcn he 
is to doa thing char be hnowes \Vha he dodi,if I were to doc a» 
4iftion, ific had any kindof doubtfiiHnetfe in ir, I amtoundio 
^ottfcience t©«t»ninc''ftiKWy?)eforeIdoit jBut iflcomct^ 
«iake ano-her-man fefifer fcr not ^bing fiich a imift or for dd- 
iagi^I had needbe very iitrcthonicdeed. XSUcrviettisntte 

#^joptt«ubtinactac doeoppoTe ; ^ upon liire mo^a^ 
pimiisfc^nu^fkscmAi^^ mt xx>py^ an account ofit^ ^ 
fiMikt»iajy'S»ei^l^tii^^ tfaiisgrouad. aM 

' thbKafiȣ>sit; Ihttfeoiminedkyaiia,! findic co be 4. 
jskA dir nnd;«f God aod diepefo^ 

: SiKODdty^WhettiheBioreiooCbai^imngraviresioItt^ 
diicitor&o{»o&ebeis a^mftfiiich a v^^ he 

bebecterand more refham'd> cbeit he cM[e$ to have tiereer 
tbpi^s of fiid) a WPf V Surd]; itbii i^vcry {iifpicious diac vvbac 
iK/Oocb oppofe,' ic$ rigfaceou(ne(fe that be doch o^fe^s novv^ 
tbac yon may plainly know wbat I meime ? Sooicunes men are 
--a greac deale oetrer then ac other times; Some men ttioug{i 
they have very prophay principks,.and are i^iy widied m^% 
yet at feme dmes diey are more fhi£ly peiiiapS' they haye imt 
fiirrings of confcseiiceyand have feme risflraint upon their ^ 
tks^^ha^fonicccHnmonnfcschackeepeehemm ;Buceovy 
tf other times, t^ reAraine dttcisuponthetr^iriesvv^tjlnoc 
^d, but diw corrupcions do groyv t(R> ftr<Hig f<>r this reftraiai: 
^ diey b-c A the a)Fds andl gb^amft their ao^cicnces ;novy 
dieftktmeexamiBe their hearts iachts» bow ar^ your hearts 
^SiBid CO itich a.cau(e or jperfon when you are in yeur beft con- 
dition>it may be you beginco have good ttk>ugKts then of fucb 
ineii^aDdpf fuchoMfi^y tbacac fiieh atimeii^en your luftsare 
moftJiotaod fltong aod violent you ace boctefl ;ind ' ytoleqteft 
vgat& ; henrs avvery ibrpiitotils- ifbtt^ "it's righseMheite that 
]K9rdoe oppofe* £6r ceccsoniy cbif^s ai^e chudr; if k were an]i 
thine bnc nghteoufhefley then it's evtll that you d^ oppofis ; 
Anochen tM better you ate the moreyouwoukiopporeip: I 
(ayif thethingthat ymo^febeeviil and not goodie thcn,che 
bmer you are acariy tixhe^tlkrmore yoii vy<;^ld 4}ipor^ ir, but tp 

nwcb ^ the Wo(f€ ^H are at arty eime, cheftiore^youdo op* 

.e it, that*s a figa ics rather good ^oju doe o?pofe theneviH, 
Itrcly if a m«i the vr orfe he growes, the more he dot6 opr 
* a thine» then we may gadber an argumeilit thai; the thing i$ 

..^^fooadfeneivillYhacne doch o^p^^ ill 

rmiiKichfis,!^ may be when you are in your beahb and 

A a a a 2 ftrengch 



<flr^hgcb> and luA)s ^ ^ve all about yoi|/and are in a TaveM: 
land bcace wicb vviiie, cben you foorfi, deride j mA fpeakagunft. 
; fuch W fticb merfi but fopj^oTc^tbehMd pf.God fae'Q^ ]mi; 
hitp^^ofe you lipoi^j^ftti ikk^d^^ youpp^eijiaici'jottr idyi 
|<^ fhe way of aUfkfliy eoirctfewttbr fiitciicevof your *c- 
' rernall doom from God, are you b£dit fame mind now I Ars 
ciicry: men a^ bstteiutl to y<^u novv as they were ac fucb a time) 
wh<*n yoi! Nverein a :TaVem ^ fjnke io agaiu0rtbem ? Why 
TAtr^l^ ifyou did Q^k againlt tb^e^mea':becaufe tb^vvbd 
nrnghr, ihw4i the itcar^rvow wq to- ixi^iitt before God^dis 
<nore would yoiir hearts be agiinft tbofe nicii, or tfrany my 
Were oppofed beuufe it Was mughr,' then the neerer you 
-come to be judged before God, the more ymt hearts would- 
be* c^gai^ft chat way: But iX)W.we,%dc itotbecvviic, that 
•rfiifhy rn^n -that Would nor be accoanced perfeciitiars o£r^ 
xebulhe^'ey yet that that they §)eak owoft againft, they (toe 
It more when their lutliJ are ^a^tz by wine,'by meate and 
drinEe, ot" otherwiie, in'tW-^riitfe of their: pride, ni thdr 
'firer^ch and tiealTh ;; ^hsy :d0 it/nKH-cthen^ thai thcji 
would- doe. k^up^' their '^dc^bedsiliwhen they dre goii§ 
before nha loird'-to- aniw^r. And' that's another : difcorcry 
that vvhac ever the pr'cBence waf?, yet iCh righceoufneffe that 
they pepfeoited.. v . - •-' - . . ' ^ > .' •.. - 

Thirdly,. Wh6a men .ippofe cfchecs.jandcr pretence of. 
fai.fts ; thar tbcy were mo-e guilty oh a:, great dbiie. before 
they madfe f he jv^^^ifiibtf of RcUgioh aind TightcoolhclVe then 
now they a(re,.aiid ) et they could oar^witb them tfaen,iMit now 
they canrtop. ' ^- -- '.. ^. . . _ , ^-^ • ♦ i - . 
' As for inftancei fupcofe one ftvould come tomakepnjfdti- 
on6f Region md-e tn€nbefoa»ri"Now your -hearts are a* 
'gainli.ttem; but hovv ? you will make fame preteace.ihac 
they did Xomefauk, and tberefare yet. eppcfe them .• But I 
appeale t« } our confcicnces, were they notmore faulty before 
thej' m^de rich profe • on of Religion, and yet you could bare 
With ihcirfatlt^ *bi.n; . Your conldenres' tell you that yoi 
ien«iits,3<oiir cK'Td. en, four Wife, ka" mens diff^bedientwo; 
4c yet ycu^cokM better baieivitbiheix faults before ifaeir picM 


V I 

> .. 

.fe£6n then^er, therefore rtirelyic'&righr&ourneTsthac j$ op^ 
• pcfc€l> rather then any thing elfe^ . ; . . . . \. -. ;, \ 

/ poufthlyif A fc[ujrch difeoYQry is this, "Wh^n man are panWI 
tinrheu' oppo&ii^ they can ftan^ tro ir, and wiju plea^ifor^aij^ 
^aot be fo. fevear^ again(l^ (Kber>$ thoughguit^ ofas^acand 
freac^ faults ; Surely then it's righceouftiefle th^ is^ofi^fed^ 
:racbefthetttbofe faults thatare pretended. 
■ Fi&blyi V7}ien men bearing ^ faujts ib t^ofe that profcfle 
•lRs%iopjire gbdj^f th^rrii they ^are glad that they, have tha^ 
•Pc^f€aj(^iyea t|iey do rejoyc^e in it that.they have tmq pretence 
uigalnA tbeniiO this is an ai-gumenc that it.isrighteouliie(s tkac 
is hatal:. for certainly, if it were evill that were bared, theq 
li^, o^an that did prctfciTe religion iWld prove to be fcanda-^ 
lous; and commit an evilf, your heartsi; would xnpurn for <thi^, 
ClJRe^gioBtetb "got^aWB^ are flad 

vvljetiyoD hear-of fuch anevtll th^ fiich a one .hath fallen into 
irbat profci&s religjon. more then ochcis, pur iearts cab b^ 
merry, tfiisis afisne th^jit^s rightooufnefle thac/your hearts 
ix 9%A]ni\ * -^ut if yoii|£iy you are trpi&bled in the pifcovery o{ 
4ii;:ban9an^tbac;bath .difcove^^ luixtfelf at ^^ td^b^ 

ftjfe, if that were foj »aiyiyottr 'ipirits ^igH5,rthen-you woul^ 
mourn aad lament for tHeiin that is committed. - <« 

- SixrHy> 3(«Jt furthery It-would be;ypur car^ to^make^^ipth^ 
breach thai, if atade in jhe prpfeiTion of Religion :. O fuch a 
ai»bifrb di&pycred a f alfci^ veryyJGorvvardin bi^ 

profcil^ix ^ he gfevy>Vc^in^lous^and^^^ di(covf$red tumfelfe 
iiife, O what a blow badh religion got" by him> therefore tec me 
labour|<>:make,.icup,by:being.the more godly my felf .• Buc 
chi5 iinot fo iii men, and ch^rcroreics riEhteoiifneUePchac youc 
hearts are moft.againft,.iitber tbeniUij^^hing elf<i.r . , 
.Seyemblyv And -then \Viij2n m^niivdieir opf ofition of 
that tbat^is ^oody ihall find that their greateft' ftrength it 
is from the worft fort of men, that the Rout and the IRefiiifa 
of people they vyiH joyne with them ; And were icnoc 
^yz: theif. hopes of having,^: rout of people, to joyne with 
iheaj, they would never venter m fucb a wajj^- Solely in this 
you bad need looke t9 your felves, :f6r i^Vrighccoufnefle you 
Ao-apgdi^. ' • . Eighth-- 

' N 

1^^^^ »■*■ -■■■ II ■!■ ■■ ■ »■■ ■ I ■ ■■ ■ - ■ ■■■ ■ — 

EightU^, Wkn me» Confcknces m^ i^ iletf i 
diat tbiey nav&bic ends in their ojspofidoii: Ttttcif ^ 
1^ cxAiuiie tlungs 9aiordi^ their etffeifiaco 

iviU cell cfaem^ um their ends are bie^c^diii ch^ /tie 
c^ofeapca they &y they op^e Aeh aiic^ filch tiiHi^ 
^ «^tnoc be kiowne that chey opp^ie righcett^niefef w 
what are your ends ? is^itnacf^mfomcfelfrd^ft? B^n* 
fm fee the ticnes goe fiicha way, and^ie>dtttax>i^4[oap 
and yeu^ ftutf gee ime ciDunteiMnK by thk meaner; Cer* 
t^yif falfeencfadoa^tis^ic is aot r^teonfiieile ttes 
atAed by u^t 7%r wr^tk ^im»mtH9t aecmmpSfkihn^ 
mfitefi ^Gdd^ Neither will mens eomiftions, nor the fidfi: 
ends of meq provide fbr^emfelTts, it wifl Mt accoktffiih 
the r^eotffrteflfe of God. 

There are divcri otft^f eiriidencfesthat might be jwcB t -* 
Biitl would fiunehsve concfiided in a word US cikxuM 
to dieA, to cake heed what they do ; vian^ ^hiap I had 
thought CO have fooleen in a way of £xhorcicioil> didt ma 
IhouWbev'wcofTmttheyepp^ ching« Awd]^ 

ty now ; For ihy'Brecfe'en,chere are che dme^ VJbetein Ghrtt is 
oppofing'Amichriftnidfrerfienbefore; A<^ diciteferc theu^ 
Chrifl was patietic towards perfecutors in former ckae^ thqr 
inuffTidte^n^thathev^fbeJlbpaciemner^^ {^icisanm; 
6f pulfing downdteiha^of iin ; Now Chrift t* itore tbpB^ 
(htn he was^ we fee Qtrtft iiiore aftir^ and ftirrk^y Ghiift tf 
rifett^afldifChriftberifen^ hiseneinies muft^ icacieied; 
And therefore though in the times that Wtre before,rt!ttdi wtf 
rnnckt at, but now Chrift is rifeny and is ftirrii^, and diercfcre 

ifAfeheedtrfo pp c fing of tbag chatisg«)d ; Andto^* 

ther in thefe times tftcrc*$ more lighfwid difcoveries then lie- 
ibre ; — Aftd there are more proMors of Religion new then 
lieretofbft*^ anrf therefore there's more daneer of 6ppoFjig of 
rfieSajntsnoWthenbefore;— i And beficfes, we are afioat 
' difcovering and fearcbing out of the way <xf God we did not 
know before; and what now,m a timp of fca'nching jrfter itiagis 
and whcnirve come to p^ofelTe many thkigs that beretofefc we 
did notprofclfebue were agaiflft, v#hy can wc rife to die top 



"*— ^p" 

*■ ■ ■ ■■ '^^^mmmmmmn 

Exhruuion t9 men U td^ bted whst they 9fftfe. 


fK&mifiSi>mi»6ii^fpQ£og ^boik rfuc -doe hoc ishit fyi:^ 
AiBRSttet wc do P-^r^^ At4 ftirtbcriktVconfiderf^ J5^- 
UfJfhv^ b^en guUcj^.df chis (hi ^f j^eFfecution of i^faJGeoiifiSbff^ 
vidiy Ifhkik I^may ^y, more thon at^ other kiag£iBe : Aofl 
Tve ihoiild take^heed j;o our feWs Oif ctiU, becaufe vvc have been 
imddrperfeciiciQflhCiiridlveSy -v-^^-*- Yea -vrejoiir pelves hate 
made much profellion of lace more then before, and we have 
pged our felves to the way ; Md when we have joyned our 
vd with the Samts.iMJ WS^^i^ ofu: felves .with cnem, ive 
had need cake heed o^I^effecution. ■ And then lafUy> 

In thefe 4«Ries ic'^^ain thing fo f^fecute, why, bccajifc 
there is fo mudi i^ difcovere^aodpeqple ( many of them) 
have not only mac^ profe^ion^ But have a work of God upon 

X 3 . Btetd 4rr ti#/ ^stJfr In ihe l^rij OMchey dl¥it dye for 
Iwii^rd; ff)rhe t\jr$^'hc9tc€frrthifum the S^it }mm 
Why fiefli and blood would not reafondms, ehatfbofe that 
iidfcr for the lord are blefled, but tlejfed mn thj tbmtyi in^ 
fir!ftr^heUid> Tmfiith $hiSfkiti Itie Judgqient of At 


r-;" .A^ 


•. «i 





Bl^jed^fre thty which arefgrftcHttdlf^r 
ibaU notilotke bactot id ahjr ^u»;' tbefe'a'c 

cipics forJu&ertng, ' that is^eiiini^ite^jin, 
ons that mav help diepeoplefefGod tflbc 
J; willing St able to ftiffer for riditeoiflbisrAe. 
. Secondiy,WeflulUpenthaWcffednefliofthi3,rrfwl'?bte(fcd 
^ thing itistoruPferfortightebufnsfleiake.' TTiirdlycWKltfcle 
' ibeverfc with fbme Application. ■ '1 " ' - ■" •• \.r ij 

■ H--Eflrj^Firft then, to by down f(dBefufferir^pr]ncip^s, 
that is/cmecoflTdSFSttBTi's merebyThrpessfrfeofGod pmbc 
fitied,and prepared for fuffcrings ;for m knew not whxc Cod 
may call us to; fit there 'snone hw in fome dmcee or other. "■" 

' fwtetimeMDthercaU'dtofutfefirigBX!lnw^.thacarc 

■ ■ Whereforethefirftprincipletoimbte chr^tliiis to ju 
* for righteoufnefs is,ihar we Ihould look on our ffclvs as Tent 

ittthf wprliHprthisendjefpeciallytobearft'imi'stothcrnj 
that's the Hflt^rinciplcjas a great eiid fer whtc^ wft were Tm 
for wch we live jthat we might Jw .firicocffcs ^§d tfrifif tn 

■ ■ ' ^ ■ Sur- 

. Principles for ftiffering, yy-j 

Surely if ic were Chrifts end, he accounted ic the end for 
ifvhich he wasTenc into the vyorld, we have caufe to account it 
, ours too : that Scripture ip the 1 8 John 37. plainly flievvs it : 
T9 tj^is eod was I horn^ntfifor this canfe came Unto the wtn-ld^ 
thdt /jhuld hare witneffe nntothe trnth : /It's a notable Scrip- 
ture, and certainly all thofe that proteffe themfelves to be the 
Dilaples of iChriit, ihould make much ufc of this Scripture, 
For this ifjd came I into the world thaP I fhonld bate witnefs to the 
truth: Bare wicnefsany way, Chrift did not bear wicnefs in an 
active way onl/,but in a pa.five alio, and he fpeaks of this when 
he was called CO fuffer before Palate : ^O that Chriftians'were 
well principled in this, thac every one thir profeffes himfelf a 
ChrilUan would think thus ; Wherefore was I bom,wherefore 
came I into the world, furely not that I ihouW eace and drink 
and live bravely in the world, that was not the end for which I 
was bom, I was bom for a higher, a more noble end, that I 
(hould be a wicnefs of God to bare wi neflfe to his truth, and 
if this were the end for which I was born, then it's fit that God 
ftiould call me to vyitneflTe any way whfitfoever by doing or fuf- 
ferine, that I jTiould be willing to do it, for I attain my end 
for vwich I was bom in ir, and above all witnefs^ for the trurh, 
the wicneffe by way of juffering is the molt glorious witneflie, 
faitb Cjprian (concerning the Martyrs chat were perfecuted) 
iTjej C0fffefed with agUfriovu voice \ When men -confefs the 
truth bywords, from the truth in their hearts, God accepts it, 
.but when diey come to witnefs to the truth by fufferin^s this i$ 
a prions profeflion 0/ the truth, and unto ic, and herein dorh a 
Chriftian actiin the end forifvhich he was bom : That's the firft 

fuffering principle. • . ^ 

The fecond fuffering principle is this; It is better to loofe 

for Ood, then to enjoy for our fclves ? Let Chriftian? but 

—hly principle chemfelvcs inthefc thing<;,and you will find 

^ahe matter to fuffer any thing for Chrift: It s better for 

I that hath an eflatc,to loofenc for God then to in joy v ft* 

'^-Ife ; Better to loofe our liberties for Go A then to in jo^ 

our felves, better to loofe our credit, our+onour^ for 

• *^ ^:^y fj^^ fr)j. 01, r Halves; our^Ieaiures and de^ 

. B b b b , • lights 



I" m»\ — Ji 

Mi » 

Princifks for frfff^^^g* 

th(^ oorqf che ptifon, -cotcerccl and ragged, and ffcind at the 
Bar, if^ Siii&Vcr w liVc^V Now you rhall have many poor 
pecple^ they tJiffiB: dicfe jpfcior «f eacures that ftand in iijcb a mi- 
leriplecortaidbnco'thii eye of flclh, ch^ they are in die worft 
•condirioii, buiche orhcfrs arehappy;6buta Chriftiani eye fees 
Ait^Wherwife, HiarlboW upon th^ perfe<Ait(»s^as thc-moft 
iniierabl^i witetchcdi fortom upon- 

thi. Sai^t^ is thdihiiift ^Ibrious crcattires : It's a'notable Scrip-^ 
tilled tjftac'yon \iiirt iil die t x of /ft^,-' latter part^ Others had. 
i1^klofcrtftlfphtJ]i^gsAnd[c(mrg^^ IjfMy^fHcre^ir. rf ipntU 

Um^ttiy w& with thtfmrii they WM^ti alhmin^jheefs^. 
^Td^ty yeiKg 'iijHime^ aff^kleiy rormcMted : Were not thefe on- 
ferable crearare^t Though flefh and blood vvoukt count them 
ft^ifefaBle creatires, yet mark wbat the Holy Ghofts judge-* 
fiieilt i J of them, t^^: ^9. Of v^hm the world Upos n$t-mrthyi 
flr^Syere fo happy when they Vandred up anddown in iTie^ps 
MSns ilrtd gT>ats skin^chat the world !||3$ not woidiy of diem, 
ic'lfenot fb of their perficutot*, they were vild, as I remember 
It's faid of Anttothns Eftfhantt^ and In his eftatefhallfiand uf 
kviU^f'erfm^ihough he Was ami® hty' Prince,' yet being a p»i 
ife'c^cor of chtPSaints, he is called i^vM perfon, and thefe whd 
be'AW;rferfetufcd are faid' (by the Spirit 6fG bsfuch . 

lis thfewbVlcf was not worthy of them.'. - - u;. ,..'-ri. 
; ' Fp*jfeh|y, That It's a great deal better tofiiffer fde Chr iiVi 
then to'jf&ffer for fip, why itovy flpi^'cciifideration feach' 
tieal of ^weritt it^ foir when tHoti Wc^^Iled to fiiffef any thin( 
ih' die cauf^ofCSrift, thou nuycftthmk thu&f \Yht the Lort 
plight have Igftme to my felf, that I might have (Utfefed a9 
<n6ch *fdr my ilin, for my wickedneffcas now I im c^H'd tb (uf- 
ftr ?Sr ^fus Chr tft, ' 1 am cafl'd it -fttay be t& fuffdr thtflfolfe of 
2 part of my eftatc, why Itntght hav^be^'n''tofiva'itred fdt 

uiiieuptoTuchfariini as'^Tmighf by'the'^hand of JAftic^e 
A^JU. OA Tf^n'fraWttie-: • Ndiv -h^ Auch bimr^s 

B b b b 2 thi^. 


^rlnctf^s for .fufmng^ ■ ^^j 

ing principle s When God gives :me the iife df i crfeatttre, and 
ienjoy ic inGod, inthe love anc^.favour of God^ then there's 
fonie good in if, or if 1 can any way make ufc pf ic to improve 
it for the honour and praife of God,, then there's comfort in ; 
it indeed, but now take tway 4^c^ two diings in any cre.uura 
^ic any man -in the world injoyes, and there is no- gcoJ ai alt 
Qiitj.k shut a meet empty fliell : As ^\i% Thou hallfuch 
and r«ch comforts in the creacure,but doft thou injoy any thing 
Gi God ih them, or doft choAi injoyth^m for Gpd ? then rhey 
are good> but without thi^, they: are noihifig hpt cmpcineQej 
tliere,'^ nothiog buLJjjfind in them: Now then if I be caird to 
fukfer in thecaufe oTchritt : This is as it were to me a loud 
yoice from Heaven: This creature ihu now you are call'd-co 
partwichallin.witnefl'etomy truth, you can injoy me nofurr 
therin it,4ior yoii can improve ic nofurther in the injoyiiknt 
of i?;, but in the parting with it, novY that that had a goodii^ile 
init before in the injoyment of it> ha:h now ^thegoodneflfe h 
- it in parting fromic ; that's afixth principle, and were WQ 
principled aright in this, how ^'eafie were ic to pare with any 
creature-comfort in the caufe of Chrift. •• <* • . • . 

' Seventhly, The fevemh fufterbg priiiciple is this; There 5 
nofutferin^ofanyoftheSaincsthacdi.2y ar^ call'd utiro at 
any time>but.they are ordered by Gcd for the time of the^ 
ifwif^ring, for thekrnd of the fuflrering, the- continuance of the^ 
fufferingi the inftruments of the fuffering,e^ery thing in every", 
Meriiigvicisordere4byG6d»beforo;hand, detemiined by' 
him how icvfliall be,that at fuch a'tim^i fuch a man (hill furfcF, 
and not fuch a man, and by fiich me»ii anc^ not other meahs^, 
and m fuch a kind, andfo long to continue and no longerjYou 
know that in the Kevelatloffy Satm jhaH ca^ [vine pf joh wo,* 
PrifQftf^r t<n dnjfes's* He rtiiil caft butJ&«irof you, not ^i^, and * 
" Hf c,Hl you in:op?^/j&^> and not take avvay ^^^^ • 

U be but ten ^^/'^ neither : Now. this confiderc-j^i- 
: ^ :j ftr^gchning confideration to the firfferings of 
I ^int?v as it was to Chrift,' that all his futferings were de- 
^ ' — A before hand ;, Ic was a ftrengthning to him, fo cer- 
, BrA riv» ^^\ar •"" '"*^^'*'^1\|m: ell theif faflfering's are, 

deter- * 


. * ^ _ • . 

hn^Chrift md VmfCrmlfiA ? Chrift and his CroOe,;! Gbry 
i&{kcabove<^ Ihac limowCbrift , aod tfuc Ilaiovv him ' 
pra6tkally. • 

' Nmr fortfae blefledoefle tbar tbereis in fufFering , mariy 
diia^ migbt be Cudi but I ihalt but pre(enc'be£c>re ybu fome'. 
fiiorcvie^of ttbat tldfedpeffe there ii or fufferii^perfecu- 

>^ Ktft , If God flifes dioe a heart to futfer for him, diou ' 
faflft in tUs dliril e^oenoe of the trucb of thy Graces, yea arid ' 
cMief^ttiMgth and the eimirtency kit chf Qntces, thou gtveft^ 
vrtttictfc 16 aH the World Aat: thou art oni lov'ft Chrifl in' 
fincf^yy and that thy Grates arc ftrorg ' and powerfcll, that' 
tfaoitart not afs an hypocrite that will fall off in the time of try- ' 
iA:\ thno thou art not as a rotten bough of a tree, that when it 
bad) avVeight upon itbreakesprefently ; No, but thJicthou, 
kaft the^rit of CSbrift, and the ftrength of' Cbr3l with thee,' 
that thjf Graces are of the right ftamp;this thou doeft ded^re 
frail tncAVorW 5 2tod 'tis a'bleffed thing to give Evidence be** 
fcK men and^An^lIs, before the wofldjana1)efore thine own 
Cotrfdecce^ diat indeed thy hfcart is upright'vvjth ^hrilV and 
tbkcchyvGraccs .a\e ftrongcf theft th6u thoughtcft thy felfe It 
I2]afi>c; Were^ j«any that arc afraid offuflferings beforet hey ire 
caliid , yet when they are call'd to ir, ihcy hnd ability t6 goe 
throii|^ more then everthcy did imagine ; and this is a blefled 

ihiqf^ '* ^ . ^ 

: Secondly, There's agreat deale of honour infutteririg ; Ic^S - 

a Ipecdvof Igttaumxf had rathen h a Martyr thtn 4 M^nirch ; 

aiid'fb you know yWb/f/ chofe rather t9 fkffcr wth thefe^flepf 

Xj$iytb€» to wj9j Mli the fledfkres and riches of En ft. ' " . 

: But above others ; This is very remahcable ; Chriftme 

^...^jpg of the commendations of Panlj and in the fAtii^ 6uc 

us (^railes, he doth efpecially infift upon his fuflferings, and 

iffcflcs'if it were given to him , eyther to heare him fpcak 

of heaven, or tm prifon, he had rather hear him fpeaking 

of the |irifoft,then out of heaven;— And in another place, 

h'hc^i'^ was lift up co the higheft heavens, and there he 

xidsxosii^'XtcimmctMet-^ cheptifon, 

C c c c faith " 


faich| he was 4 grea^ de4Q P^rp Glorjous, tfa«Q when he wa* ^ 
life up to chv bigh^ft heiypiftr ■:•. wbfia hi wis <iaft ineo prifeii, . 
thire he was more Gloaous, then when he heard ihofe w^rch 
tbt were. unutterablei ^ fuch kind t£ cwpj?eiTioi» te htth 
further about him. I rem^fti^r in the primitive tiims^t read- 
ing of Tmi^iM .when h^ was tQJ^k to thofc that fuflferd 
for Chrirt 5 *Tis no.: for me, I am hod great enough to be Ate 
to fp?ak t^ Cucb Glorious gzeititfcis as ypw mc ;,yea and they 
werfe bound, In honour co tte Martyrs, to go creeping to rh^rir 
very chains^ an3 kiHe them in honour ta them. — — ^ WheQ 
Chnfiomc was fpeaking oiTaJ^clm^ a Martyr, be fpeaks. If h 
h law full to cull him a. n^n ; fo farre they did honour dbofe 
that lutfered for Chrift ; Q.-i^'s honourabla before men and 
Angells, before God himfelfe, before the .Churches, before all- 
the Saints ; Saith BafiL fpeaking in his Oration about the for- 
ty Martyrs, BUjl'ti are tkojk Tfrngiuttbat fhall coMfeJfe Ckrijf r . 
They do as it Were &n<Slifie the Aire, while they are fpeakii^ . 
in the Confeflfion of Chrift in their fujferir^s. 

ThirdljJ > It's a blcffed thing to iuflFer for- Righreoufneflfe 
ialce, forlt*s the higheft and greateft Im[H:ovememofmen^ 
abilities, Graces, Comforts, whatfoever they In;oy; It*$the 
biglieft ImprovemeiTc; that can bfe for them to fufier : Never 
are iri^ns Graces fo improved as in times of fuflFerihg : Thcfct^ 
jfeof O'jivfG'^ ntver Ja eminent in Graci^ M m jferfeeMitffg- 
times. The Church of God Imeic fweeter when they w&cas 
it were Itofes caii into the Still, and had the fire of perfccuti- 
on put under them, then when they grew flourilhrng upoa:hc 
ftalke : As the Sf ices have a more fragrant fincU when they 
are beaten to pow<ier, thsn when they are whole ; And fo the 
SaintsGraces are more flagrant in the noftrills of God , «id 
4ogro\vupmoreintbetimeofiiiffering tben^ever; Owhac 
breathings of holineife was there, and heaven upon earth, that 
the Samcsinjoy'd in the times of fufferii^, through the eaii- 

ijency of Grace in the Prin^.itive times. s- Certainly the 

Church was never more fru it fv I r hen when it was warred with 
her own blood,then i brought forth more fruit to JefusChrift. 
Its che higheft ImprovcnKUC of die Graces of the Spirit rf 




righfmpujfi. jtf J 

God^andof all your Cooiforcs, then you improve tfaem to 
purpofe, when as you make ufe of them to furfer for Chriit. 

Fourthly ,. lc*s bkfied i fer tbcfc due Oiffer are mdet ma- 

' ny Welled jffomifcf : Wlw Ify^t^^ey with him , jfmjkdU h 

Gimfad with him ; Read die zd 7 ini; 1. 1 ^. aivi in the g It9mf- 

there you have divers excellent exprcffiidns, wherein there 

are moft excelltenc promises to (tich as fu(fer in the Caufe of 

Chnft ; Math: tp. 29. Every oke that hath ffrfd^n hwfesj 

-n Bftthrm, (mfifitrsj ar Father ^ tfr ntothtr^ ^ wifc^ cf chil^cn^ 

jfLanis^formy Na$ntsfA\^yfhaUref€eitfe anhmm »U 

fiaS iffbmt everlaJHng Itfe. In the t Jam^s t >. BUJfed is the . 

man that endmeth Temftation^for whin he is tryedj he fhaR r<- 

urtM the Crewne (ffllfe , which the Lord hath from! fid to them 

that levcUm. It were eafie to ^>€nd'houres,in,dfc recoUefting 

the many promifes thftc ^e made t)0 futferif^ Chrtltians, an$ 

liidTC are Meffcd Gcwiforns which they have that fidfifer ; one 

James Bainam^ a Martyr ^ when they kiadkd the fire ac his' 

kcct^ethi»ks thejffirew Kofis at mjfeet^y ftith he. And Mr.' 

Smeders profeft that he ftttnd abuttdancd of Joy flowing to his 

heart frortraU the parts 0* his.bddy^ that he never felt before 

in all bL life; '^ But above all, for the Joy tba^ there is in fuf- 

fering, that place in the i Pet: 4. 14. ^vA whkh is one of the. 

moft excelteiitpromiftts, faith lie, Kejtfyceinas mneh as je are 

fartJ^s ef Chriftsfafferin^iy thatwh^n hisGlsry fhall he re- 

veMedy yem4)teGlad alfi ifith ex^ceiimg'^ej. But What foy^ 

the prc&nt ? AA?hy Ifj^ it refroache^ f^ the Nam ^fChrift,- 

haffy artyr,fer the Spirit dfGhr)^ Ohd efGed refiith ufehyoU ; 

that isy the Glorious Spirit of Ood^aH the Saints hive the Spi- 
rit of God, bur every Delievef^hath nbrthe Spirit of Gotf, and 
cf Gbry, that i«> hath not th^ Spirit' of God ^ that Glorious^ 
manner, as thofe tkt fuiTer for thritt haW ; And RefiupoA' 
them^ ihtt is, r^ Comfort )1>«> to quicken you, to do good un-* 
to you, to inKghten you, Tl:e Stirit of God and ofQtary • would* 
you have a Glorious Spirit reft and abide i^ you, not t6 
hive fbHie flaflies of ic;S6inetiriiestbfc Seine's have fohie flaftie^/ 
of the hotyO;hoft,and they apprebetkl'Giory,0 twt Whehdiey ' 
comeoQftii&rrtbtjy havt the Spirit of God and^of Glofy'reff- 
ing ttpon thcw. - C c c c 2 Fifthry^ 

». 1 ^ II ■ I »- 

.-•-.'»- ., ' J' ' 

I |J »W » I ■ I I II t \m^mmS^Ua^. 

^1 ■ ■ ■■ « J 

, Fifthly.^ Aiid tbeni That 7911 hawiiii the T6a j. Pir ribw 

. Tba^i^i Fijftillietdeflk^of^GofpeUdiac^apon 
liei€». an4 the kjbQgdoa)C of Ciloiy i^ Thii^ 

£irft) TbebldTing of cbeGofpdisthdiSyJnian.eniiiieiit 

fpeqaU manner ; For that's call'd the kiqgcloiiie xxf heaven: 

- But that I m^eneil at. large' untp yo« in tba^ firft &adaide y 

J^ow as ihac*s promiied to the f#<:9y ii» ji^ir/z: ; ib here xo tbofc • 
ilm^fiifer fprfemlw^ They llialL have chc Righteou&iefie o£ 
that kingdome,7^^tfj^V/^J^«>fi ^fG^i^^ i^ RtghteofjittfcMKdEcMe 
4rjd Jojf ; all the good ancl bleflihg ofthe (jofpel, in all the Ad- 
aiinittrarions of Jcfus Chrift in the jGoTpeU rhey ftialLi)c par- 
taker§ of,it in a moft eminenr Biannec ;thac's the firft. .i /: '^ 
'. But then, Secondly, the kingdoine pf heaven ; tbit l<, what' 
^ part of the kingdome that Chrift IhaHtwve before the tiroe 

when he gives up the kingdonic to the Fatl]^, they Jhall be 
fure to have an eipinenc Q^m in that, bleffii^.: Now to^me 
tliere is notJiiBgmore dcerc in Scripaire then tfej, Tlwt there 
is a.(bgdome that Chrift is to have before bis giving ^up the 
kingdome to the Father ? For fo faking of the bft day, 1 C^: 
1 5, ItV faid, that then Cibr/^j^^Z/^Vfii^p theklffiimewnotht 
Eat her y and GUfhall be mU In. all. But now the Saipture ^eate 
of the kingdome of Chrift,as it fliall be hQfe,as a promife (imo 

theSaintsTjefoiethatofchekinedomcof theFatW Rev: j. 

it. 7ohim, that w^ccw^^, that is, notwirhftafidiiig all his 

ftifferings, W^/^r^f tQfitwith m^inmj Thnme^tutnatl al[o 

overcame^ ani amfet d0jffifwith mj Father in kis Thrgne. Ob- 

feryc this Scripti^rc, This plainly ^Tiews that at thai time'thcre 

fya^a Throne of Chr iftj ,that the Saints flioirid lit <3n after their 

overcoming. New foethe Tlirone ^i Chrift, as be rules all the 

irorld,.and in his Church by the Scepter of his Word and Sri- 

^ rit, certainly that Throne of Chrift tbev were in at that time • 

when thrift fpake to tbenjj.-.Butnew be fpeakt of another 

t)imei> as a Reward of all their fuiferii^s and ovcrcomiig, in»- 

that time they fl^ould fit 15)011 his Thronei as^be &s. upon his 

^ ' -A ' • - . ' " Ea- 

JKiat ileff(d»efe there it itft^ermgfurrightetkftitp. -5^5 

\ :Fathcrs Throne j —Yqu will-fay, rhac fhaU bcih heaven ; ~ 
Nay, ihere ic'sdaine, that be givei up ^thc kingdcme to cfie 
^acber, and God Ai^U be all in all. But now there h anothet 
kiq^dowe of Cbrift;tbat is promifed to tfaofe diat overctome^j 
and thaf Cuch. as.fii^ fhall have p, fpeciail fliare and part in! 
a& in the RtvelMf'm • For tbat book n written for the Incou- 
Pgcment of the Saints in fufferings in the ArtticbrifKan tinier. 
There you {hall find . that Chrilt promife^ that they fhould 
rcigne on <he Earth. And if, you read the 26 Chaf: where 
Cbrift (peaks of a kingdom that ]ie (hall have for a long time •• 
and efpccially it s faid in the 4 t/.of thofe tbat Were beheaded^" 
and tbat did not worftiip.the B2aft, nor receive his mark upon 
their forerheads, nor hands, ey ther openly or fecretly, they, 
vwere the people tbat Chrift efpecialf v aim'd at when he came 
tobis kingdome. And in the CJofpel by St Luksy Chrift incai- 
rigfeing his Difcirlesnn the way of futferii^ for him, faidi he, 
Tf dri they which have coNtimei with me tn my Temftmhn • 
What then ? Ani I affoint turn J9h a kingiome , as my Father 
mh 4pfomed MM0 me. And that forernamed place in- tbd- 
2 Pet: 4. X 3. Rejeyce mas mmhasyouarefartakirsefChrffi^e! 
fi^mngsy thai when hk Glerj jhall 6e revealtd^ye may te Gtad^ 
alfo with exceeding Jo;. Now you are forrowfull, contemned,^ 
dcfpifed, and trbden as dirt under fefcte,but wh^ Chrift ihzhi 
appear in bis Glorj^ to take the kin^dome to bimfelfe^ For its 
s^papent that there is a time that Chrift ihM reigpe ocherwifc* 
then now he doth, for faith the voyce from beavert in then 
Revef.r The kingdoms 9 f this world are hcmee thel^ngJUms of 
eftr Lord J and of his (jhrifiy and he fflraUr eigne for evermore.. 
So tbat I fay, the Scripture is clecre, that there is a time for 
Jifus Chrift to have honour and Glory in the kingdoms of this 
world : And tbefe may well be call'd the kingdome of heaven, 1 
though it be here -in cne world. As the Miniftery trf the Go*- 
fpelis caird the kiiigdome> fothe Rule of Chrift in this extra* 
ordinary way ; and wh^ Chrift ftiaU come torake this king— 
dome-tobimfeife, Obow wiUtie owne tboie that baveXuifer^* 
edfor bihi; That ftuli be, htsiirft vVork, to owne and honour; 
tbem in the eyes efaU the world ; you fuffered hard diit^s ti^ 

S66 what kkjfidfieffe there is wfiffferlhgfer fij^efiff^e. 

id in the .iii^dome of the world, I bot there • is another 
kingdome in which you fliall be honoured. In- the 7 Revel: 
14; Ani Ifiud MHta b!m j Sir then kHetie^^ .Ani hefmid m$e 
me^ 7 h^e sere the} which came eiUcf^reat frthUdtimty smd have 
ws^ed their rcbes^andmdde them white in th UoU^efthe^ Lamk. 
liefe are they^hzvQ. (hall be a Glorying in thcfti. As I remem^ 
ber 1 have r^dioiCarm the Emperour, that hpiix^Affiffa 
fiiffered m his Caufe before he came to be Ejai|)erour, mc hrft 
chu^ that he )Jid ic ms this, he qAVA for the chkme that A- 
griffs was chained witbali for fpeakiiig in his bebalfe, and gave 
biiirachaineofGold that weighed juft ai much as that cbaine 
did 5 and fo certainly, the firft work that Chrift will doe when 
he" comes to take his kii^dome, ftiaH be tacatl for afl that 
hath fuffered for his fake, and toproportioii oat a proportao* 
nable meafurt of Glory : Saith TinrmiliaH^ The ^emft re- 
ward followes thegreateft conreft^ ftrife, and fdfermg fcr Je- 
fusChrift, Therefore I remember Ihave read ofGtfrUm a 
Martyr, that when he was to futfer , he, cold l^perfccutors 
^ that if they did but abate any fuflfering that they intetufed to- 
V wards him, he fhould be a lo:>fer ; when therrfbfe tte gene- 
ral Judgement llhall be, O the Imbracements then of Jcfw 
Chrift, Imbraceing thofe that have futfercd for him* and then 
.lie (hall fet them-with white Robes upon his Throne, and they 
- ftuU be Judges of their Judges ; They Hull Juc^ tbi wehc 
Tribes of IfrMet ; nbn onely the Appftles, mit all the Safiicf j 
thcynow ttaaidf before the wieked, and are Judged bythdM ;* 
fhcy fliall fit wichChrift and Judge the wickexf and ungoifly 
at that day, and fo afccnd with Chrift in Glorjr, and diercTn^ 
joy the fruit of their futferings. S/eftd arc thftfe that Me itrthe 
<Urd. It may be as well read, Bfefledare thofe. that '<lieVir 
thcLord, fer the} refifranf their labeHfSy kfd 'fhtfr vmkifdJew 
them. Now this rhe Apoftles and others, they faw cleerely 
2 Cer,\/i^ latter end, F«r $9tr light ajfllEHwfy whiehishtttfur 
7fmment,Tvcirkethf9r mafar mere exceeding and tteptalt weigt 
'0f Glory. It's one of the moft elegant ctpr^ion5,thac cvfer wa 
iff any Author in the world, the e^cceediig^^eflive,.eter 
f»a wei?ht of .Glory. And bht bur /^*t '^irj^w 
tor a moment. ■_ > '^^ 

r. ■ 
'^*— ' ■ — -'■ — 

^^ri^kdmfi iheti h^ ff^^^i j^ rigbteuMfmSe. ^6^ 

Bqt ypu-iwH %> fcaoc tW^. a L^allvvay tabe Incouraged 
" <f dicr m Duty, pT; fafferi^^ in^bope of heaven. — / 

*&% fhofc iiieuthat vyill tliiiik they liave.riflen to fiich ^ 
\k\§3^ oSp^ccy :^ they can <lo aU out of meere love to God, 
fi^ fM to have aoy rdpeft to tlieir own good ki beaven,thcy 
Iwve wt^'d to that <jcace> tbut for my -part I do not knov? 
theSciiptttce boldsibrth wcofhem r fiiit the Scripture would 
have fiicba^ ave the sxk^} exsitocBt'm Grace, yet to locour^^e 
thefltfe(vestn.bope of beaveo, m what they doe , or fufter foe 
JsfiisChria.— • ^ 

Ym wittfey, it's trtfe> we naay hw&illy doe ir , but were 
'«i.not bexcer thac we mtght doe it without fu^ an Incotirage* 

Taiy 00 ; For I iind Cbrifi limn^fe was locooragedui 
sh& f wd dbore was do Grace better then Chrifts. H(£: 1 2^ 
}. fee what s fi^concetmiig Chrifi himfetG; ;, be is f«t be£Dce 
you as a patteme that you (hould make ufe of ; For C^^fiJer 
him that indttteifttch Contrait^tlons ofji'tners aMtnJtJ'himfelfe^ 
ImJI ye be v^edriei, ani fainf in yenr minis.. But now in the 
verfe before, laitb he. Locking' uKto Jefiu^ the Anther andfim^ 
fher of our Fauh\ who far the joj thnt was jeir before htm ; mark 
it, endured the Croffoy defpifinv the^jhkmey and isjer dawne ae 
the right handofthe-ThroneofGod^ Chriftindured thecrolfe,,, 
and diefpifed the (hanie ; what did helpe Chi ift to doe thi^» > 
and Incouraee.bim ; whv the Joy that was fet before him? • 
» ehrift he had the Joy of httinp at the right hand of the Father 
fet b^Ceve M» ; Aad^'iifrimde one &Mt o£ tbe fnfferingf e£ 
Chrift,that he is fet at the right hand ^f the Throne of God r 
And Chrift in the mid'ft of his fufferii^s faw this ; I fhall af- 
ter my Induring lome fufferings here, within a whife fit at the 
right hand of the Throne of my Father j and it's this that 
belpes me to carry me through my ftifferings : — And now i£ • 
Cbrift will make itfe of this, furely it*s a vamty, Opxide of 
aaens fpirits, to » hink thaa: they have no need of it. — 

But now having opened thefe things, I ha4ckoi%t!C to have 
^oknbut very Uttk in way of applicatiAto you ; 




Hiuu Uejffdmijfi then is^U'f^^f''^ ri^mtfmtgi. 

^ Ondy you m^^ fee by wbat hath been laidi hew the tum- 
bling block of the aofle is taken aW^y>b layMp tbefe things 
that are ptefenced CO you, that are ^kento yw tfais<lqf. in 
the name of Chrift, you know not what ufe you fnay have d 
cbem, tay them up in your hearts againft the time of fuffer- 
ing) that you may have them ready. Asinen that are fiibjjeft 
tofaincine ficts, they have their jifia^d-hoalcif and fuA 
kindof tmi^s to helpe them a^ainftjtheir faincii^ ficcs^ ; O fo 
lay up tbefe truths^chat may hdpe you j^;ainft aUi^inting (10% 
chat It may be inditterenc to you whether you injoy times of 
profperity , or timesrof pcrfecution , that let tfcie world goe 
which wav it wiU, a Chriftian (hould goe on in his way, and 
make all nis care to doe his dutie, and let become of him what 
will : The worft chat can come is this, for to be perfecuced, 
but that will add to your Glory, and helpe to furtner voir fu- 
ture bajnnnefle; Bkfftiartthiy which art ferfifcm^ fir jSlgb- 







. • OR 

Some Beads fromltphat hath beenfaid abent the 

* tUffeinifsoffcrfecHtion. 


Mat h. 5. 10. 

Buffed are they vrhich are perfecHted for 
Ri^hteoufnejfe faks^ for theirs u the kjn^ 
. dome of heaveftr 

5 love already preached you koovf div<^rsSei> 
snons about the peine of perfecutioQ, ftftvying 
you9V&icicis, and when men are perfecuced 
for ri^ceouibe& &ke: ^ And bov^men may 

be ^ikf of perfecucing others for rigbceouh- 

nefs (ake9 and me tbinkof k cneiilf^(5[es : ■ ■■ - lli# laft day 
weopoed the bledednefs cteic there is- iti^^ufferitig perfecutl- 
on>lMit I ihali not look back but iKall proceed^only for this i o« 
t^-togivcybuafewheadsbyway of Afiplication from what 
-hach been uid about the bteffedtiefs^ of filtering perfecutiors 
ns a bleflfed thin^ to fuffer perfecunon> not xxdy that bleired* 
nefs andperCecuadnmay coofift tcgether>thatamantnay be a* 
bldTedinanthbu^i^beaperfecutedBian: NO) but a man is 
able(Cl^numbediureheiskperfeattedJDian,'the world can 
hardly tell how bleflbdnefs and perfecution can both confift^ 
.but of a|[l the Saints iiyth^: world thofe' Saia»s that are 010ft 
perfecutedare'oiQft^Dl^edt this^is a great paradox to the 

^ D d d d world. 


' ^om Heddtfrtm vhft bath iewfui. 



world, but conies out of the mouth of Chrift) and by what W5 
iudtfas kft day, we iiude it good : 


Hence wc fecrhc excellency of a Chriilians (^5, bcikup- 
en him in his wodl CQi^icicfilie ii bisfledy y^^Jfd the vv(^ 
condtdontbat he can be put into makes him olelled, Oirely his 
ertate is excellent, he gets by his futferings .-T^hc Philofo^acr^ 
iipne is cemm^ded for turning all dmgs to.Gold^vhy.^ace 
In a Chrifttan hadithe verijie to turn aU their l6rfes,»*air iHr 
fiifFerings,and the durtand drofl'e thaos caft upon them,, to 
Kim it into*ble0ednefle, and therefore exceUeiit, furely thcsi 
Godly peopleare not fool; dhat. ar^vvillif^ to fuffer fo mud) 
in the caufeof God, they know-what they do, for thejknow 
^hoyv it furthers ti^eirblclfcdnefe./ , •;.. • . * 

Secondly, h'siVaine tbin^ for (^ men oi^be world to 
"think to take off the Saints from any vvay of idiirift by perfec- 
tion . It may be you are ingaged a^^&tvants^ ftiends^ kin- 
dred, neighbours, wife, or otRfers, and you thiii with your 
.fekcs you will ofudte theniido cfcbcfwife cko Acy dos — — 
Wbfwhac will you dee ?■ you Will make tfacm to^ fiiiflFer loJfe 
in fuch aad fuch tb^^that they miigh];iaiic,you will put diem 
U) ^cd tifaa?, aod fonibinktmcHfirill do k^ there's a great 
aHi^kein-oiar, perfecueifio mher caifts.che fpirks.of the 
.Saints. \k^t any way tskt§ them > (iiS> fiom . God, ic . improves 
'<heir graces, it heigbteBS cbcir gsacts^ ' they! are aboi^ yon in 
your per&oieiim ; ImnembeiroDe told tJI€tfdi^ dm was 
^e Emferm O^tier^when I^e had todealivith Ma^ Let him 
^«»<, for 34^1^ >rf^<>^*,iaid hA ^ Tbofe iien that are car* 
ml and vvicked>shey think with tfacmfe it would difcoo^ 
cage us in any wa^ of JEleligion, if ne diooid iait£er by ir, and 
therefore they think that they canr difcQun^ others by ina- 
iing ihem luffer h^ k : -»!>■ . ■ ■- ■> It's true. If others w«it up- 
on no better prioc^lesthcathoHrdofti cheyMouldhediTcdu- 
txpt^ by perTeouKXH butbecaofr tboArart c^oScicixi co'd^ 
lelle of ci)& bafe-. principles thpu^cidl' i^oh) and* knov^r 

■ ■■* r- 

ahaiit thf hUffedntfs of jerfccmon. 

57 » 

thaccbdd wouldeft be dilcouraged> thou thinkeft tfaac others'' 
go.upon the. fame principles ; fhou artmiftaken, thdir.priiK' 
ciples arc higher and more noble, and therefore.though .perfe-r-; 
ciitions would difcourage thee, i( will.nqc difcouragecheiiii 
iuche 1^ of Jen ij. (faichthe Prophet there) which thinl^, 
ta caufem^feapU to for ret mj ndmejfy their dreams which they 
teltivrrf fmn to hit ncifhhoHr' .-i He fpeaks here 0f the fallb 
ProohetSjand that that sfaid of tbem, may well beipplyed^ 
to tnisTcafe, topcrfccution,they "think to caufe my people to. 
forget my name ; '►O no, they are miftaken, for their dreams^ 
couldnotinake thoferhac were true forget Gods 
nanie, fo no fufferings of perfetution can make rherfaichfull to 
decline from the wJjfes of v^ed, noi>' they .feea.blel{ednefs in 
them, cin you delude them frota any v«ay bv jmking them 
t^eifed^ why th6 snore you r^eragainft them tnc mbr e bldTed 
fieyare. -. 

Thirdly,' If it be &ch a blefledihing to fuflF er perfecutioiv 
O^howbafeand vild are thofe Hypocrite arid . Apoftates thab 
do decline from God for feare of perfecution, how beneach) 
are chey thdfe that are true Chriftians? One : re Joyces' at it^* 
bleiles uod for it, accoifnts it an addition to his glory, he is 
ftrcngthned, incouraged in the wayes of God,and ©n tne other 
lide mou lookeft upon ic as fo great ati^evil, ^as thou wilt leav^er 
' Godi Chrift, thy Ccnficiende, the Trwh, thy Profeflfion, Saints 
and all, rather to fuffer inthyeftatc, in thy liberty, in thy 
name, but efpecially ifthe danger be greater; O thou haft a 
droflfie'and vild fpn*it,thou knoweftnor.thAhings of God that' 
art fo fhylof perfecution, m rather win loofe the grcateft rich* ! 
es, then to be williig c6 venter upon God . in chat that God 
feimfelf faith CO be riches, thou mighteft be blefl'cd by it, and 
. thou wilt father venter thp loffe of thy portion in God, and 
•iiine inheritance in the ^'Umighty, tnou wilt rather venter 
hine own Confcience, .tod putting thyself undor the wrath 
' he etJ^mal Oodrthen thou wilt venter upon r.he vvrath o£ 
'uch a one is ihraged againft thee, why toiivotd his pro** 
^ and his r^ih^, thou wilt haxard thy foul arid body t>b 

thf wrath of me etemall God for ever.. O thon art a 

D d d d a befotted 

- 1_. 1 

^j2 : S§f»SjHe4is from rfh^t h4th tttn fdi 


befocted fool by thy lufts chat wile fbrfidce Cbnilaiid bis canTe 

for fear of pcrlecution, v^en as Chrift himfelfc (aicb> Thf^ 

iirt kleffed thdt fi^ir ferfeatti$n. ' - 

Fourthly) Chrjiiliiim (hould labour to eftabliila cheinreWef 

in tbis truth for the preparing of tbemfelves for perfccutioi^ 

look up to Chrift and fee him pronouncit^ this Uefledoefs.* 

Cbnfiaer of the feverall particulars chat have been ^keh> bat 

efpecialty the glory of the Itingdome of Heavetii chat mil' 

firengtben thee againft perfecutioii) for the very^ fight of that 

glory, if thou canft makeit real to thy fouU it will put a ni^« 

nanimity upon thy Spirit, ic will raife thy fpiric above the 

world, it will make thee look upra all things as under tbcc^ 

diipiikie and comeiming them ; As k*s liui of Chrift vviieir 

he look t to tile joy that was ietbefbre him> he difptfed d)e 

Ihame, he lookr upon it as a conoemptible thing ; Tnere*$ no*, 

thii^ vyill make the heart of a man truly magnanimous; Co as^ 

the real fight of the glo^ous'tbingsind^kin^cmof Heavtti, 

this will darkeaaltthe glory of m thine eyes j V 

Mce thou haft had buc a glunmering of the glory of tbc tfaaogs 

. in the Kingdom of Heaven, and lookc uponr them as jcercaine. 

and real, how e^e would it be for thee toitiifer aoj^ thing iii 

the world, that Scripture inthe ip Htt: S^^ih 34*^^ 

jmrkable for thisr JJicr e^tQremembraiice theffrm^r 4^jtSj i» 

which after yt were lUmmnatidyyi ifiiiirei 4 great fiwht if sf^ 

fiiQlansjfMrtljiwhUefi ye were made a eazSft^peckSi Poth ^Jl^^ 

frekchesand ^liilte9s./od fartfy wbikfiye hc0meevpmfs»/e9S^ 

themthdt were foujtd.Fer^y^ had eemfaffkatfrnein mfbetUs^ 

imdtook^jojifHlly the f fey Itngef year miedsyknemnr injearfeh^ 

that ye have in Heaven a ^tter and an ifUftrin^Jatftafice^'ito^ 

came they to be ftrengthned to take joyfeffy the fpoylii^ of 

their goods ; Mark* the Text, ksewing In yonr felves that yt 

havem Heaven a ^ter ami inZtrwg'ftdtfiaace : Obferve As 

^rafejhe doth not fay, that you have heard iay fo,buti^«K 

mjoar felves y. there was arevehtion ^ it by the fWy C^oft 

. imtotheirfouls to afiiire them ofit, to fettle their hearts in ir* 

iCnowiMf in themfehes that they had in H^opena tetter snd iff* 

daring fntft^ct .* I confelfc after all rfiac I have preached kt 

ahfti the Hejfedffeft offtrfscutm. j 7 j 

3^ about chis^ if you Inovv k otdy by whac I have faid, or vyhat 
«Mi bear from other Sjthac will never ioable you to fuffer wu^ 
joy the fjjoy ling of your goods, bu^hen you knov? it in youi 
fclvcs, when you'faave a cerrain furc knowledge ^of ic by the 
Spirit of G^d revealing your fouls, tms will noakc you 
to fiiflfer with joyAilnefle the fpoyling of your goods 5 As 1 re-^v 
ttemberj^/ijyiiaidw^ fentto Jacobs Re^jtri m thii^ 

fif^Cy far tbi riches 9ft;/£^j^ an ywrs: So a* gracious heart 
when ic comes to fee the nches of Heaven, the joyes . of Eter- 
nity, he looks upon thelc things as ftuffe and lumber, he is fie • 
tofurfer*anylofswbatfoever,andindurcany evils that-canbfiL 

inBifted. - i 

Rfthly,If it be fuch a blefled thii^ to Suffer mth Chr!fiJtio\y. 
Wefled is it to r#iV» with Chrifi ; Take a Chriftian ac the low- 
eft, caftbim. into Prifon, put fetters ai!<bondsup#n him, yec, 
be is a Mcfled man ;Take away food smd raiment* let the mal- 
^fc and ragp of all the Devils in'Hel and men in the Korld ihv 
flift what cvHs they pbffibly can' upon bim,he is a bleffed man,, 
ifbebcMeffcdnovy, Q bow Wdfedwillhebewhcnhcfliall. 
reign wir h Ghrift,when he fliall have the Crown upon his head, 
aad ftaod with glorious robes before the 'Father and Jefus 
Chrift, and Artels, md fit with Jefus Chrift to judge the^ 
world, and idgne for ever with them ; O how bleffed mjl he, 

. be then. -i, 1 /» rr re 

Sjtthly, Let us not have top low and mean efteem of lufre- 
re»,IetiB look upon them, as honourable, as thofc that ar^^ 
Ueiied; Let us not be flw of them; It*s ufual in the. world. 
thatwhcnany comcto fuffcrin a good caufe they leave them,. 
they are ft^Y of them, and let them (hift for diemfdve:> .- h. 
it's a wickca thine fo to be, like as it is in a heard of Deer,, ihey. 
2^ together oil the Hunts-man comes and fhoots one of thein,- . 
a 1 yraen tbc reft of thelteer fee the blood come^ they vvill; 
t liK them- out ttftbeir company and will go no loiter with^ 
{ fo ii; is'niiiany timts in this vild world;Th9fe that pro- . 

I [fe Religion, iftheyprofpetinthe world, they will becoftj^ 
I p--»i.*»ntojoynwirathem, and inake much of tbem, and- 
1 apany widi tbem> tmt if the providence of JGbd calls , 

atfmmftmmmt^lj^ittlmmmi^am^am^^tmam^^^'^'mtm ^ 


:^-^ Some ffeadsfrom wh^hMth l^umfoid 

out any patticukH: cne to fuffer more then 'Ocber, you fliatt 
have all the o^her that vver(yv<mc to be inward and intifliare. 
with them, whh-draw from them, wd wll fcarce own them j 
6 this is a wicted and eurfed thing ; . Why wik thou not own 
them now ? What dolt thou look upon them in a worfe con* 
ditionthen they were, why now they are made bleflfed, As I 
remember ^^4^/ w faid when he felt his boneS crafliii^ h^ the 
Hi^uths of^the vvild Beafts, Now Jhgtn tobt 4 ChrtjhM, So, 
he begins to be aChriltian; and ic's a fign that God looks u{>oa 
' him as more-eminent then chou> becaiife he is call'd to fuffefi 
O therefore be not thou a(hamed of thofe that Chrift glories 
in, and faith^hat they areblefl'ed. It's very remarkable thatwc 
read of J«/?»i in the i Reve;^ ^: v:Jphnfy^zks of himfelf there,, 
and mark what he glories in : I John i»h alfram jt^ Brothfr 
4md Compampft in TrlbMlatwn^amin thekwgiamanJt fotlmcc of 
Jefns Chrifij 9fAs in the Ifle that is called Patmos, fsr the word 
' cfGody and for the tefiimny of Jeftu Qyrtfi : Jwhn doth glory io 
^ {his>that he is the companion ofthe Saints in tribulation; Joh 
doth not glory in this, why I John that am an Apoftle, itat ani 
the beloved Difciple of Chrift, I John that lay in the bofomof 
ehrift;no,but I John that am your companion in Tribulation, 
ztidjohn that was banifhed to the Ifle of Patmos for the word 
eif God,and the Teftimony of Chrift; JeA/^gloryesin thistdbe 
the companion of others that fuifers in the caufe of Chriit, and 
fothat forenamed Scripure in the .10, Heb. fairb he, ParAj 
v^hilfiye became companions of them that roerefo uftd: And this is 
a ulefuU Note that we are to lay up againft fuch a day that the 
Saints fuffer, be willing to ownthcm,aftdbenot ataflallianicd 
of them : ■ That one Scripture I (hall name about glory 
. in furfering : Chrift himfelf he gloryes in futferin«,.and when 
•he would fliew forth bis glory to PaHl(\n the 9 AUs) to bring 
him d6vvn,mark what he faitn there :^ / heard a voice fay^^p 
Saf^jSaul^rvhjf perfecutefi thou me ? and the Lordfa'dj lamje- 
flnswhomthouperfecmefiiit is hard for thee to iick^againfi the' 
frickj : Thoii kickeft againft the pricks iij perfecutmg m^ ; 
Thou perfecuteft me, it's not my Saints but my lelfe that thou' 
perfccuteft: I own them, thpyare mine : And I remember' 

, there's 


Acre's another Scripture th^ Caich, when Jefiis ^aks of him- 
felfe, be faith Jefrs p/ NazAmh : Now NAxjireth was the 
place that he was fcorn^d in, and he was fcom'.d bccaufe ,he 
came out diNnxjirtih^ and yet Chrift glories in chat Title^ 
Refits tfl^Tttzjtreth. ' ' * 

Scavendily^ and Laftly, If thofe be bleffed that fuffcrper- 
fecution, then it becomes the Saints in 'dl their fufferings to 
fiirfer with meeKnefs to ftffer with gent lenefs, not to manifeft 
any paflton m their fufteriigs, why ? becaufe you aft blefle d 
in fdflferi^. Let tF)ofe have their hearts inraged that are cur*- 
fed b their futferii^s, but for thofe thacarebletfed in their 
fiifferings, let^then: heins be quieted and ft ill, and be not 
froubiea at your fufferings 5 Carry your felves foas ro be more 
^quiet then yoiurperfecutocs .• I Remember I have read ofSo^ 
crates fpc^ine to men fibw they ftiould cany thcmfel ves 
meekly TDWarCrfiofe that they fuffer by^faith )[itylf youmeet one 
tn tie Strctt th^ hath arb^iy rtwe dife^ed thf^ yours y w!U yon 
he jfutjrrjt with them ieca^fecf their bodjes f Andfo if yon meet 
tvithtfe^fe thaf.wtong vou, it b the'dlfeafe of their fouls, ^nd 
^herefoi^let not bur (pirits rife agairift them, but rather pittv 
them .- And this was the commetidations of the Martyrs : ta 
pitty thdn, ahd to pray for theiri as Stephen did^ and this in- 
deed is true Chriftian like : •— — But I am not willing ti. 
froceedftitthet in this point, b<it we (hall go on to the niact 
vcrfc. ' * . • • • . '• ^ , . - ^ 

• . • . . , , ..... ! . . ' , 

• . .1 • • • 

Bkffeimr&yewhiM mei^ fhMt revth ystfy 4$d f&fecfet'e yo$fy 
0mi p^alt fay All manner ^fevUtagMnfi y^ fatjtyfor my 

■ Cttift having (poken of pcrfeeutjon in general, fcre fie. 
i ttncs to tnftance m a particular perfecution, »id that Is the ' 
t :rfecutionof tteTon^e t Blefed are ye ( (aitb he ) whtk 
I ^ tllreviU y^eL, Offdferpcate y^j that is, perfccurc yiti in 
I ^t^\i^a»td^aUfaj Mmannefofennlai^^ 

i be ArgurtetitthtftW^verfe holds foftbi^ ' 

% • 


-^ , Sai»tsmfiixfeat0iereviUmChr!ftsC4Hfe. 

is The perliecuuon pf the Tongue for iheialte^Jtfus Ghtiftir.: 
3M\iartf9Hvf!hcnmenfballrevlUj/oH,. ,y^ -. , . .; , .n?. 

RtvllepH.: The word ic rignifies to reproadj with <fetefta-n; 
tion, and with*chldiflg> to object evil againft me% . ^nd X6: to r i •• 
(ihide and fall out with tnen^ give .;henj evil langw?gs»thac'f ,: 

the propriety of die word ; -r- Tjhc Bt^lift* wpr4 r«^. j: 

you, it coaies from the J-atine that U^fies xvtk»€Jfe^ tft ufc -7 
one as if diey were bafe and cpntempubk, odc vvprtby to be 
regarded, to fpeak fo of any as vildi to feek torenderamaa -: 
yildand conteniptible |?y Qur \wprds i . i^ F^^.. a. 2j. . Yo«. : 
have the fame word^n ypun bool;s cf pmBi^ThM$ wficM hfvtm 
reviledhercvlUdmagam^ brut ic> noc ttiHpflftiieiYQrdriQdK:^ 
Greek, but yet ta the fame purpofe^ now there are -dtwifi 
pointsherctbuttbemainitis, '• >,. 

ObfervCt. That the SaiMtsm^exfeatht^ ill ttf^^e from 

wicked men wl»lethej live Iht*^ rr befivilJi - 

wthecdHfeQfChti^.,,:^r i v 


^ . . V . . . . 

Secotxilyy So Ic^ as It be for Chrifti add £dfly (iyii^ j fo - 
Vbe word is, here it s tranOated^ when they fi^tt fay all m^^ioer 
of evill £alfeiy ^ when cbey roeake iiiL mating of evilL 
lylnp) while it's for Chrifti ana falie^ the .Sairits are ble& . 
fed 10 their fufferii^s, ht^ thi$ revUii^ that tbfif Qiuft cxpe£t; 
.Reviling and fpeaking aUlnainet of evil,j^ery evil(,thing|6> 
IS tbe ward, they aiuft expeft v^at ever HeU or wicked men 
can iilvent agaii^ them, tnat they muft expeft. to be caft upon 
them: Hie time would quickly oc ^ooe if we fliould Iccke 
over Saiptures to feejiowthe Saincs^bave been cevil*d ta^! 
times ; that it f 00 new thing, but chat I (hall ratbe^ .onitc, vH 
I come to the next chii^, .where it's {kid, F^fi did the) mfe thi 
Fr^fhits^zh^t^ we Ihall fee how the Saints in all tipnes have 
beoi reviled, and therefore we (hall ipare thf diemicixing oE 
Scriptures in this place,, referrii^ it to that they mbft oxpe^ 
reviling from wicked men, became wicked mtn bate ch0n,and 
maUice is very inventive to find out falfe accufattdns, wbeie 
tbereis harred,if thcy.canoot rcadh them with the Ar-^-' ***-■' 
wiU rach fthent by the>Mr^5»^> cbofe _ I 



Saints tmtfi cxpetl to tereyilid in Chrifis canfe, 5^7 


reach by the hsni and tsnguioQiiiy but there are not man v that 

can do lo, but there's no wicked man but can reach anotner by 

the tw^ue. Every wicked man bates thofe that are godly, and 

therefore will be ready to reach, them by the tongue: 5othat 

it s impoffible for any to Hve godly, but bemuft fuffer from the 

torques of men , it is polfible f«r a mm to live fo as to be deli- 

vercd from the hands of wicked men, but never from their 

tongues, becaufe every wicked man can reach them that way, 

and riieir hearts hate them, in Pr^: 16.27- -^^ tmg$dljnMn 

diggah ftp evilly and m ht^ llfs there U a kttrmngfire : If he can 

fee no evill in thofe that are godly, he will digg for ir, he will 

labour to find it out, nay he will frame it, and conceive ir, if 

he cannot ^et any reall evill, he diggs for it; And in his lips 

there is a buraiqg fire, in fpealdng evill, *and provokingly. — 

And tfte ui^odly they look ilpon the wayes of God as irratio- 

nallvvayesjiheycanfeenoreafon for them, and h^nce it is 

tfiat they revile the Saints, — They do not underftand their 

principles in their wayes, and therefore they think they are 

out hypocrites, for inaeed if a-wicked man (hould do the fame 

thing that the Saints do, bfe would be an hypocrite, becAife he 

hath notprinci^es to carry him through: Now they do not 

faow their principles to carry them through, therefore they 

fay they arc byfocrites, and faUe, and revile them with ill. 

names, " 

Yea they fee ihe godly in their wayes to condemn them, 
and that inrngesthem: The. godly challenge amoreintereft 
in God then they have, and that they cannot bare^ therefore 
they will invent all die wayes in the world ihey can, to caft 
conteimt upop them : For if diey ftiould not, their godlbelfe 
weuld mak^ tl^nl honourable u{^ the eyes of the world, and 
they do envy the h^outthat they have, becaufe they are dif- 
fer !iour'd, and difgracd by it : You xtzAoiSanbaUatzxidre- 
hi that did labour<o caft reproach upon them^ and what was 
d: Won of it? This Istbereafoo that's given by Inceipre- 
ce s: This&me 54»*4//4tand r<*/^ bad dieir Tenfle^ac 54f- 
m id- There was a Temple built there in comeftation about 
A BPlc mJ^rHfalcm: Now when die TcDsplt came tc*e* ' 
^ "^ E e-e c built 


578; Saiffts mp^ exfiU to hreviled i^Cirffis idnfe. 


buiic at Jtmidtmy chey thov^c furejy uow^ our Tfioiplc at 5^ 
«w/Willbcdifgw'^; Every bod v vvoi4<f be jeidy to gos 
from them to the Temple at JerHjalcm ; Whcii Indeed the 
1 emple of 'jtruiaUm was dovyn, then rheTe^p^:6f SimOiia 

theythoughc might he honoured, but if the T?^^^^^ 3^^" 
/fw'werebuiiw the Temple a; ^amjrU woiiid be accounted 
nothings therefore, ihey raxfe all the afxuiatioas chat pollibly 
they can agaijoft Nfkimi^hy^it fo the faonoMC and the credit oi 
;hei r. Temple aiigbc not gQp down^ : This is for All the woid 
the guife and way of aien that ^re in any vvaj[ of wickedneli'c, 
that is not accordii^ toQod ; If any fliall come to fef up a 
way that hath any kind of feem^igneUe of oiore (IriiS^eQe in 
it, O^then their hearts are imhittcrcd>.aud then' they fcek by 
calumnies and reproaches^ and alt the w^yei they can, to beat 
down the cfteem of thefe men; IRor iay they, if thofe gcfetip 
then ours goes down ; aud thofe that are godfy will goe to the - 
Temple that is built there, for it doth Teem to iave the moftt 
appearance .one of Scripture to be the better^ and therejfore It's 
• time for them to be ftirring.This is the reafon of the reproaches 
that wete caft upon Neh^^ih • hy Sa^hdla^ and Totldy eve: 
fuch es are moft foward in wayes of reformation, muft eroed^ 
revilii^, we read in the third oiZech: 2. 3, }Jc jhetPfi n$e 
J^fhna the high frleftfi^niing hef ore th.^ Lcri. & 

Satdnfidydmgdt his right haid to rcjifi him^ &c. 'Nm ^o^mm 
vfM6 clMtkeiwithjUthy^ffn'meKts^ M^dfiwi hefcire th Angtll. 
Mark, J<?/^4 here, was the great inftrument of good in the 
work df reformation ; now Satan ilands at his right band to 
hinder him in his work, by ^vhich means he doth fecm to caft 
filth upon Ji5/JW4 ; y*^Zw4 tlandscloathed wiih filthy garments, 
with reproichii^s, & reviling^and this wa^ the jvay that Satan 
thought to hipder : And thofe that are forward in. the workc 
of reformation Satan feeks to binder jjy rcproacWngs and re- 
vitings ; Atid he feekes to do it, bec^fe that indeed there if 
nochingmore grievous to an ii^encous fpirit then reviling and 
rwoacWng^ It was vciy grievous to <ihria,thriftcrye^ 
wlienihcynoddedtbebeadac him; And.ive:^ver rrad of 
aie,&imiir«iaDg their moaw fccomplaipts^p'God ina more 



A W9ri offffe w thofi that ^e revild. 

' 'amentable .nianBer,their vitei reproaches were caft upon cfiem: 
Itxyjnore grievous to a fpirir of ing^nuicy then impdfonmenc 
is, then lolleofgoocfe, then paine 'in their bodyes, yea ntJny 
tiflies ^^n;(Jeat£ Some men have been able to wichliin4 im- 
ptifonroent; Iplfe of their eftates, danger of death, that have • 
notbeenabletovvithftandfcvilu^anvl reproaching. TheDe- . 
nil hach pr evait'd by that way, when he could not prevaile by 
any ojchcr oppoiition of the Samts.Now then the Devill feeing 
that this is fo grievous to an ingenuous Spirit, therefore he la- 
bours by this means;, if he cannot prevaile with The orher^ ' he ^^* 
hopes he jliaH prevaile with this,and therefore the Saints muft 
exp^revilingsand rcpifoaches. 

Yea God.many times "hath fome hand in ir, m buffering 
them to be reviled and reproached 5 God fometimes doth 
chaftifchispeopleby the revilings of ungodly men, though it 
turnes to their blefling at length • — They are humbled by 
that means ^ But that we are not to fpeake of in this place; for 
vveare to fpeak only of cheir reviling for the name (rfChrift} . 
Wherefore thep by way of life. * . 

Hence then vvhoi any of you lenter upon the pfofelTion of ^Qr 
Religion at firft, make account of this before hand ,• make ac-* ^ ' 
count that your deareft friends will be ready to revile you, 
mak^ account in die family to have thoi thit will revile you, 
and if you meet with reVilitigs in the wayes of God, d^^ not 
account it a ft ran^e thing prefently, upon your profellion of 
Kcligionyou muit cipsft reproaches and contempt to be caft 
. upon you ! Lay in for that you young profetfors that begin in . 
the wayes of godlineffe that you nuy . not be tum'd a^x. of the 
way, whenfocver you mecte with them* 

Secondly J^t the Saittts labpur to wilk more exaftly becaufc 
. cf tKis, Blefled are'you if you be reviled for my fake falfelyl 
You fe^ theWbHS-is fet upon reviling, take heed that you 
give no pcclafiorito revile you, but*if they jJo revile you,that 
tney rfevile you for riochnlg b« for Chrifts fake : O that's an 
excellent thmg whcft Cfer aHansLcari fo walk, as when their ^-. 
iJcmJ^es^feck to find out any thing, yet «hey have* no repfoach 
to caft T^ them, but meerf^tteif forwardiftfife in the w^yt8 

_ E -e e e 2 of 



^ itvri ffVfe t* tbofethtt^t revUtk- 


of.Gpd| And if4:h9y wiU roylle- iliem vfenaaj^ixKng^fe^^ k 

i^ be either by hearrfay fr<^ ochers^or fcc»»^^»i^^^tbeir 

ownt do£ not fuffec like * f ^les, :0. kc nottChrilfiai* iiilfer 

\. as cvill-doers, why they are like to- futfer feiiChtife 

. \ Tlurdly,Muft the fcaei^ea MwHings: Ac^^ 
O then lee ipot Siincs revile S«ioc$ ; it«i«9t^cfattihd$ailii{ 
^f e revi'd by the ui^odly, \^i not chofe thai ajt^ptofetfbr*»f 
UeUgicxQ^add to them : DtWKC yotiibdad me^tay 5itw^ faid» 
i© Ice not fuch as ?yfe r eputedgpdljr'^tvilcrime ,' O • \pS' ndc thfc. 
godly make db^ liv^s of other .godly .mM to fe gviev^us • Un§o 
them any way, though Chrift \¥illtarnekit04il)lelfi^^y€fefc'i5 
very hard for the Saints to Laduce revilii^r) ^Ii)ed8lly -fiom 
thole that are, godly too r J^ti^Uiwhhxcxa of- tte rP/SlAw^ 
,T"hathe was revil'd by his;i^i^Jt»uts? Ic wai hc^ that't^^ 
.b^ead.vyirh n^&a&vmy Tablet it ms my friesukand intltnifte^f 
'^yi^ranc&: and in^hat) - Sm^ \Ya$^ typ^of Chdl) cha^; wis 
barayed by JW4I1 that w)as his iticiniate friend : You t^^ 
tbc people of God» you fliould be very cace&iip£ onfi andtfcSfs 
mmes, for certainly the devill laughs miicb ^atiry (bere< 1^ no 
greater matter of joy in he|})daen*vyhen anegodly ixian reviles 
_ another, O you make fport even for - the: iDariils theftifelyei^ 
' and cerwinly there was never the likeof tbatf as vvitbili tb£(e. 
.few years. Thofe that are the ^ople of Godflioald not rDflk- 
che vile wicked ones^ much lefl'e the Satnts« I reoiember I imfe 
' read of 2?^/«< his Generall, one Memwf^x\x^ having fouWi- 
''crs in his prefence jvfaich did revile Alexander agatnft whom 
he fpugbC) fmote him^vkh his lance on the head and faid^ Sir- 
^Mh^ifajtheethywAgifstofif^h 4^ net to 

. 'revile & mifcallhim^ O where you fee any Work of grace^ake 
heed ofxevilit^. . ;. •; . :. . .: 

We might b'-ing novf .thatqiieftifiii in hdre^Wiiy ftiay we i^ 
Ipeak evill ofjiieifdjatareevill? JtwiOeicbdr belong tori 
'pIace,orwhenwecomemwayof:4^ffwinW to thfe ftcon 
Thatthofe 3re4)lefl$d that are reviled ; Whefein we fliool 
fhew how the Saiats-fti<Hjl4 iieb^vc themfdves, tba^-tteugl 
Nihejjbe reviled flxottldpptrevi^ 
* , ; villi*; 

whirtm^ tbty^ art Iflejfcd that fiifer reviliftfr^ 581 

>^Uo!g^e4deff(»l9.they are bleilieidinittiy wayes. Nbc to nanie 
the owy Scriptures %'iTOcbvvfej»iigbt: iOfr. T2. io,&//rf, 
ii-jad^v Buc.toflxew iiJhcreia Uiey •are' bJ[e(fed>Vhen'chey ful- 
ler iftviling..M],i : ' . . . ' ^z 

Firftjhcreby they fee a great difference that God hath made 
b>tvpcd them, arid ochersjthey way tbiric thus with themftlvs, 
J inig^lhajvc*bten amang the number of reviiers, but behold I 
'aini€h^3!dfd^ChriiisfakeX>vvhat a blefl'ed thing is that, I 
that haw<kSWfecchcd« heart a3.any, I that might have beea 
rtef^l^o Q9tyf felfe t^aiiave been am^iig the rout of revilcrs of the 
Saints^ yet that I Ihould rather be reviled, then be timongthe 
revilers^tb? difference is great. 

But fcc<»idly,Blcffed are theythat are reviled, for by this 

qaeat^^they come to increafe in grace, rather then any way to 

■bio^rcd.-j . Its faid of Lsther that he was fed with reproaoies 

j^twickcdmencaftuponhim; And indeed Goddorhfutfer 

•^ revieingspf wicked men,- romake the Saincs more fruicful^ 

-as.tbe caftuig of dung upon the carib maketh it more friiitfiiU. 

JBle0ed arc they therefore, they never grovy more then vvh^ 

ifaey are moft reviled. ..,'.> 

V ; Thirdly^ But thenfurther, Bleflfed are they^ for SI the re- 

^ptoiKbes that arc caftupon them, Chrift dorh own, I iaccounc 

them as mine faith Chrift,and Chrtft takes care of their name!?> 

and Chrift will honour them, Chritl will reward them for 

every reproach ; for every nick name that is call upon'them 

4)ey ihall have a greatremrd in Heaven : Therefore they are 

bicffed— V. ^ .- ' . 

. Now th«i if ir be fo, though there be diver5? particulars for 
Applicacfon, yet this is the maine thin^ that I ilialJ now iiifift 
upon ; That if it bea blcffed thing to be reviled for Chrift ; 
Then ihofe that are reviled ft^ould not feek to help themC^lves 
hf reviling again,whv wilt thou in a rag^f revile back again? -^ ' 
Why I am revirdy WDO can bare it ? *i— Whv what hurt c.inft 
th<nt get by it ? Chrift faith thou art bleffecl in it^ therefore. 
.$koumayeftbe.thesbetter pa ient under it? . Yea the more'pa- 
tient thou art iiricj tbc.hnorc witl Chrift own thee, 3 8 Pfal. 1 2 . 
& 15. I>#«fifehc£ad])cen'reviW ^ reprojcht, iJjev alfg 

' that 

^ * .I ' -— - — ■ 

th^t fedi^^tcrmj life Ujffrfdresfdrme^ dnd they [iekjhftmrti 
(feakmichievoHS things ^ ani imagine deceits ati the lay tong^ 
what then ? tut Iss m deaf man heard m^ artdli^as at Mdumi^ 
man that ofencd not his mouth ; Thw I was as a man that ifr^r* ' 
eth not y and in who fe month are m reproofcs.-'Mai'kc nDvv, Tor 
in tl)fe O Lord ds I hope^ thou wilt hear O Lord mf God. The 
kfl'e we hear In our reviluTgs,rhe more will God bearc> 'ancf if , 
we hear too much, Godje^rs will be the more ftopt ; Gods 
people know wayes hovv^o help themlelves rarfier dien by re- 
rurnmg reviling agnne- ''ln'Hee;d you have mivif people VTho 
ar^fcouldii^in the ftreets*,and if one fhould cau dircactheni, 
they will calT .dire at them againe ; that's all the weapons chat 
fcoulds have, to'caft dirt upon one another ;. Now thcfe that 
liave manhood in them, they will not run td the tenneh to fae^ 
themfelrcs, but to their other weapons : •' [ But yob,vvil 
dy this^ do not we find in Scripture that when men irt Wicked 
and vild, chat the Scripture doth ^ive them their own, the 
Scrijpturc dhth'fpcak of them as yild, aiid^ cafts ' conrempcible 
names upon them ; • and may not we do fo with thofe that do 
deale wickedly and finfuUy j may not we open their folly, and 
dcale with them according to their foIly,and fliew their ihame 
'unto theWorld,andfeek thereby 5for to humble th€m by ^^'^ 
graxatj^g their cvill upon them, will you call this a reyilln^ a- 
gainp. — ^ •■/ ''!^ 

. Indeed' wc read of Chrift, In i P^t: i. i j, Hi^' example i^ 
fet before us, Pfhv when he was reviled reviled nth dgainj hut 
commit fed to htm th^t j fidget ly ri^htei^Jly : BtitllovV 1 1)efeech 
vou obferveFirft^ what the Scripture doth iii^bme qifes'; -^^ 
Secondly, Obferve the Rules that flbould be obferved to makfe 
them to be djftercnc from reviling..^ 
'" Certainly the Saints muft not revik againejthat muftbe laid 
as a ground and principle, yet they may rd)uke others fliarph 
, lxx,i Tit: The Apbftle there fpeaks of the Q^etim that Were 
lyars, and mark vyhac words the Apbftle lifes, ver: . lo. faith he, 
Thtre are prany Hnruly and yain taS^h and deceivers : iffeciAlTy 
^hey 9fthe circHmcifion^ whfejhotiths muJtU fipfi ; And then 
again, Of^c ^f themfehp fdidi\he Grecians areatwayis fydriy f- 

^ - vili 

' * 

Joules how to deaknith wicked men. j g j 

xnU-ke^ffisyJlm^UUs^ this wMefg is, truf,; , whrcfor^ rcbi^ 
them^^flyi rebpkq them cuccir^y ; 'Rebixte then> fo a^ even 

tocuc.^ r— A^yO" 1^^^^ J^^^vyhowaixSi^iovingaipirk, 
having to deak with D/Wr^/^i«;* faith Be, // / camilwilre- 
n^^mh^ /jff dce4s which he dothytritiKg^ij^awfi m with rmimota 
. vyrds, ' An^ P^^/when he*had to depl \wich Elimasy he iooks 
iipoahirii and faich,p thoHchird^'the.tkvUly 8ccl And Cbrill 
j?vhenht^ad rodeale wuhthe V\\initt^figevtratimofviteKi. . 
hJovy here lyes the skill of a chriftian^ to know how to deal^aiTd 
th^t according to the lature of the tbingj^'^r^a/^jindnotto be 
guilty of the nature of reviling; — All that UVould do now 

■ tQrxhecrofeo£thisevcrcife,isbuttobelpyoutodeaI Wtthfuch 
as are evill, either wicked men, or pnfcllbrsof Rtligion, to 
deal with them plainly, an9 yet not to revile, Therefore tbcfe . 
Kulcsvetobeobferved. * ' / 

^ . firftjlf fobe that.a man (liould begdilcy of, what is'cKarg^d 
iipon him by another, then I confefs, though thVorber be never 
fo wicked and fiiifuU in his charge, yet be is to put it up pati- 
emly,and not to rebuke him that is paffioiate widi him, if . 
h Welf be guilcyi for that time: As Shinttl am^io Dtt^i, 
O thou bloody man>and reviles him^ yet DavUht waiiindd: 
.iguiltinefsat that time, and his conscience accufed biiiii though 
Shimel did revile him in faying fo, ' hayinga wicked incenttoo 
in it, yet Daud would not l|)eak one word ^ :• he wjiultl not 
fay to Shtmei^ why doft thou fay chuSi ? No, he Was guilty 
himfelf, and therefore he dar'di>6c fpeake a wdrd,'^ but was 
humbled under the hand of God, if your conCdente telhyoH 
you are guilty, take heed, though' others fhotfldbave an ill fpi-' 
ric.iafpeftking cvillgf you, yet J (ay,take heed of tutning upon 
himagaine. • v 

Seocaidly , You miift not do it prefentl;^ ; Suppofe that any 
hajye done any thing againtt ]fou, and done k wilfiilly , and you 
areiiot guiltyt -Plrfti, if Voube guiky, thcny^ ans to fay no* 
tfaidg^ but put ir iip, and b^ humMed bsfbre God t Buc ifyoti 
be notguilry, tHpli it is iioc fit pnefeficly to .felt upon him that 
hath utquftly accufed yejit, you had need Coufider of it, pray 
ove^ ii^ examine your nearts*; ThoTe that as foom a» ever thef 



Ibilfs* hw to icMc with wkkd. m». 

i)ear of s^y oat ch^t accufe^ diem for aii]i'^iJ^\tPi|tfem|/%^ 
fi^de Language againii chenv;^ Thdk ar^ cbo^ chacoi^ ftibjeft 
c^Sall into the fib of reviling, inftea4 of ajuft defi^Ci.^ re-^* 
prehenfionjofchiittbacisevillinothers, ,,. ^ . ,»,.., 
Thirdly, You pay reprove others . ff>r^iheif 6x^ rSPf9y?\ 
therii (harpiy, but k muft iloc^>e for their hn^of vyearacfl^'^c ^ 
'there mult be fome willfuUneffe in the fini^tefore^ )fpu.3oc it- 
pro^ye thefn iliarply : You fhoul4 Confiidef> ,fuch a oAc isfin- , 
fuil^-but is ic of weaknelTp, or of yvillfuUneflc ? If itte k &of 

we^nelfe, 1 tnuil piety tbeni, I may tpof ^ye tbeni. any har& 
language^t all , as Chnft did to T^tter^ Av^i^0t'4^^Cm3i^ 

lyy it: fvas a fin of weakfseflc in. P^^«r,vyhen as P^tfK prayei . ^ , 
MdfiiTy fm/pm" thj jilft % herebqkt-himwirb' that Cucu^ 
:Terme, and calfd bim SatAn^ not riiat Teitr was maiiciouiiin ^ 
ir> but becaufe the nature of the thing that he Ipake had fogreat { 
will in it, therefore Chrift was the more fliarp : But when the 
thing is of weakne(le, and there is no inch great Cohfecweu^ 
in the nature of the offence, then you naift de^le tenderly ; 
t>ut if there be any Word now that hath miri)lea{ed you, and 
prefently you goe and fpeak fliarply,. yoii. will tume to be a 
Revilcr. • . , ... . • , . 

Fourthly, If the offence be repented of,theiQ though it vvde 
a great oftence, we muft nof deale (liarply with .^y, whereas' 
ordinarily it is in men that doe revile thqSaints, they will re- 
vile them for the leaft weakneffe, yea and will revile ehemfor 
the fins that thcy.have repented of ; they will \xva^ up jS^I oid 
things that W^ere in the tiiQe of their ignorance.whca tbey 
ki^w not God, to make them odious i But if \i be an oiF<:nce 
that hath been repented o/, as the Lord buries it« To mull 

we. * . . 

- Fifthly , If the fin be a fecret fiij, tken we muft not reprove 
it before others, n^t to give any hard lai^uage before othersi 
if God hath kept it fecret, doe^ribt yoii m tte prefence! of ^(>- 
thers rcreale it ; whereas thofe that are of revilii^ fpirit^, f^^ 
they can find out any thi«e, though never fo. fccreti they ^31 
i)Ia2e it pDefently , onely that they naight caift a repr<»idiupon 
fucb as they have a love to revile.^ 


s" r-m 

4 *' I 

Xttlcs hm tX itatt imhrfuM men. ' Li- 

f &W&fyV Vdumdit li^ bf partiall W>bur bifcT hhguage t ' 
y66 ftiatt Rivfe rtjaii'/ thafafe camall aiid kicked men, that lif a 
iriJfeft'of 'of Rc«g{orJdicfe aiiy rhlng amiire', 6 what hard and ' . 
bicccr language will they give againft'him,.put let bnepf their • 
CSbmpihions adfe'iKac'ifvbich is vvorfe", they vvillgiv^ no revi- ' 
liA^ fptiecfies t'tt Bhiiy but a profdfor of Kefigidnrdiey mil j)e. ' 
fura t|D Iky 16ad6 iipdri biiii j how tliatV't figne that' thou do^fl 
not fdprdve According' to tfie vVay of Chrift>whcn diou art pif- ' 
nail tt my Reproofes. 


' Seventtily ,' Ydo nrtuK be fufe not to give harder langy a 
theft the Diatt^sr Mfl beare^' ( that's a revilmg ; ) and noc to 3sy^ 
ftrvetti^' lilies triktefoitvvefet,^^^ ' ■ ', ' 

Eighthly i' Tlie irianher of our fprrlts miift be obfcrved, Ic 
iriuft Hot bepallTbnate, that is, manifeft that we are in a htate/ 
idt when we ipealc of the eyill of others, \te had need have 
as qu?k a^Tj^uit ai ii any time 'in^the world, 'No>^ we Know ' 
^vhetice- conies t^^Kng ; \^eh men and women aife put ipto a '\ 
heatfc, they care noc what theyTa^f ; but if you come to exa^ ' 
n^e, yoii fprice fuch and fudi\hihgs , and you fay thev doe 
deferve fo and foj»id they are ginlry;what then ? why, it s not 
for you pafTion^tely ih rieprwc them , jbwt yoiir foiricsmuft be ' 
qmet'4tth«tinAe,attdy(Hi'ihiift labour to ftilfarfpafion wheii ^ 
you are about the reprehehfion of your Brethren. 

NihthJfy, Youmuftnot doe it revengefully ; It's riot e- ' 
noigH tola^,'/fhat thejf doe de{er\;c it, but you miy rc\«engc 
your ftlte^' iftfejakmg that that is But ri^it : rcrhaps they are 
ginftyol^ fuch ifiings ; i but you mky charge tnem with it, not , 
^otu of a^atrcd t6 their fin, of doii^ rhem good. But out of a, 
fpirir of rcvengel tothyfeftc, ^imci ( wliom we named be- , 
fore ) he did revile^ tbough the thing were true he iajd ; why> 
bedaufehe'did it our of a Ipirit* of revenge ; But certainly 
fomc there are> that Iharp l|)eeches does tend more to dec 
rb^go6d,thofe that are Crftiam that the Scripture fpedks of: - 
The tuttii^ tpeethes to a'Cr^/W, is more (utablc, and tends* 
to' his gQooPather then another fpeeclj. 

Tentbly , Vi€ iVioii/d chtctix whether they be of fucli na^ 
nires'> that ibft wayes will dbc tTiem^good rather then harifc 

F f f f wayes ; 

^I^^ ^ JideTh^te dedc with wlckeijnen. 

4 ' i«<' 

^%^u,m^ andgfeiltlevVX?^ wfe^^9^^§^^ 

ideilta \Tich nwi tti^ yP^Jar|5pxafpeFaIaa a|;.Hi^^ dp? ^^^^ ypgP 
Con&ieiKe$.i;elJbyou^b ihacif they llioyld be guilty offuc^h/a . 
,^g^-tlw a f aire, ircafoning xhc .Cife, .widi chem would nibre 
jGfeuviiwevthem chea if you^ioiUdl^fli.arbi tbere7% W . 
>jftiouldlookto^QWfX^lfe^ > tjiiu .vvi dpe Com^iype tlifeq? ^chac. 
.way. r:W^'{boi^ufe much prayer ;^uever pray;, more /or x . 
AiitA for.'Vieojan , ,the» .when you are mp(^' l^iarpe . tovyargs 
th^rn: Let your C>>nfde;jices tel^fie i;hi^^ y6U» ^id then you 
\vill have peace : Thac'you can appealed to God in thi^, that 
Hth«li^ chey may ithink,y<Hi de^^^pard^^^ 
ijxjua caory jhs^nti beforetdie Jhrf^ne.i^^^ " 

tiiy for them.s An4 if. ^hcyrbe.TYick^d aiid ungpdlyjtbpu aSayctl 
pray againft.tbes^ asJ^rfi^dl^/^fl^-^/fV^^ * 

fffritbr \ .^/. ' -i , . . ./ ,; ; -H .. .* 

,. • Twelfthly..> A»<?ch?i-,Rul^;fl?ar^be chis.^ 1^^^^ 
adoiwrledg^moptfcf 4^^ ^V^U ta^lofe wicp' ib^m i^^. Vyou | 
ilnmH rievetfp i^arpiyj ueproveany^ Ijut^ff th^'^iajl be^^^^ ' 
dytoadaiqvviedge t,b6»€{v'iH,yai fnQiildi^r^ 
'tbcrn, and bleffe God for them : But youMbe revjyfe OjtHejs, if 
they ftiall come and acknowledge the evilL tliacyi« fiiy , and i 
yeeld to you in-that chit§ you fpeak ag^inft them for, nay you 
are the more againflrthem, that s a fignc tliou aifc a Reiyiler ; . 
But if thou did'ft carry thy felfe Gratioufly, and the other 
comes to acknowkdge it , O you would joyne with ^m, 

and bidiSfrCod-for them^ and^moreJ^ejo^ur^d xp jhem then 
ever. ' 

Thirteenrhly* , Another Rule is th^J, That's'a reviler tlij 
fpeaks evill of another, and is glad that he hath fiich an evii 
to fpeak f>i him ; This'i^'not caie that reproves^ fliarply accord 
ii3§ to- the mind of God, but fuch a dne I have an advantag< 
a^ainfl him in fuch a fin he hath committed^ and I am glad o ' 


tiitithtm to deah wnb m^kgd mwi. 


Aiore mfpmii^hv^ 1 dd tbe honour of Goif ^ 

fyrben emu luft c6dcaie ivich ith A^ if thtsp Wtm}^ 

d)m itbac U^ cfeitcfaou baft to fiiy^ainft bia^ : I fajr^t^ou 

ifi^biiWdi^iihargeliitf ac(^^^ tfieto^urt of the offeiicef^i 

r--i;^^;ivicbkl^ te- ibrty that God bkb^lefc tiimr 6o Aidisrfsi^ 

•— Afk} rftdtftiri^ f^ — - Appekle to God 5 Doa you doe To 

thaf c^^^ I meane, that fpesdr e^iil of otber s ; 

for^q miriWflt acknowledge himfelfq to be a KevUef ; No, 

iK^ytay tiieyklfe jiltft C^aufc to fjfeak of it ; But grant it, diac 

^ ^gyi^ ftiW jW*; Carifi^Bte* are you forty from yourfotaldsttac 

Tsh^i^ls juftc^^^ grifeve your foule* that this 

;ttiJ£6 is left to fo much cvill , that you hav(^ To much advan- 

r tase ^gairtft him^ certainly iFit befo, there is no fcarc of Re- 

^^to te' ^ity o^the fin otRcvilii^ ; — So thartiow oblerve 
but thefe Rules,(for the heart of nian is very unruly) and then 
^'■^p\x ma,^ tome to khcfl^lipw to carry your favcs in a- Chrifti^ 
''Svay^jie^yoiiiiave'todealeVVith ochersihatdbdefcrVetharp • 
' VepWllelifion I* yiki'may'rciprehend th^nfliarply/and notac 
all revile them- For he is jWetfedlman that is revil'd £alf<ily 
f^torChriftsftkc/ .».'..- 

• . • . ■« 

■* * h /. .' > 

* • 

X> J 

1 .• >-• 


■••— !• 

.J . V 



ili» <!■ 


i i <<Ji 

^ . itf * 

t':'/' M 

H -i^ ' 

\ .< 



{• . > • • 


FY rf a 

■ ■■ nM 



;../;,/:,..'.'■.;•:"; or. j:'^-- ■.--■: 

■■ M-'A' « Hi 5., it. 

BkpdJaft p^heit mm {bsUrtv'deyiihm^ 

is the moftilpa^ to ftefli.iac.Weod of aH-* 

GfaciQcher, fbrEtKu'cobebUifed thocare 


beaufeperfecncedandrcvilQcl; thists-a 

ridle to fleihand Uo©d,djcrefbtfe Chrift is 

thcmore large in k; there is but one flwtt 

«erfe for any of the other. Hid tftreelsi^evecfts for this. For 

. iht poym: of perfecucion iM have cpened wb« it is , and the 

L tondiiionofiheSiintswhaithatis, wbcFeinthe blerfcdneffe 

r -«f t-hsc<«nr^ becanfefew-WtHacte wwl e d gethMfheypwfc- 

cute for riehteoufncffe, wegavc (omc Cwividions for mei^ 

whereby iney may come to knowthat in their perfeCution of 

godly men, that it is righteoufoeflc thar they may pcrfeoiie ; 

, and wh3(,is contained in thac{>ro([iire> thtir^tsthek^^dmt^ 

Wecamethe^UftdaytorpeakcMEihis pamcularperfeoin- 

W0»io;Qftiatheir.c1fe|;b^^ jVyUh^dlt^lti^ion.; Now t^e 

^qiijitiflft^ofx^ expe<ii-to be r«- ' 

jtiletf jji tfe^Vv^ild[i aftS .co-t)i rrevilecland ueproached, and tto'c 
. ,vy^ iiev/ed ypu |j;9fla .Scripcu^; yid fip: -excWipk, vv:e (lull re- 
!£e;rE^ to the hccer end c^ ; v/?r ^ p€rfecMted thn the T^ta- 
fbcts. The ufe .of reviling J gave the lai.l day ^the W,^d and 
lUj^ce .tlwxherp is the hearts of men , M ungodly raea h^tje 
,the Saints, but yet .allp^ot p^rfecut^ rhera, bwc.every ojoj 
m^vjrey^ti^beci, they have the liberty of the tongue to fpeaJc 
of tnem^they will, though not toperfecute them ; and the 
JQeviU Wcvs that reviling it U a pow^ rfu U .way to prcva ile t o 
4v^vy,thpm-ia i;heir prof^rfion ^ .your fpirics. cannot bearerc- 
MiiiXi^ i; is.aior? ^i4 heiavy affliction ui^ta many, ^d; b^d to ' • 
ht^d mi be fecththatoTuny dnies^vrtiertiidcanqotpwviiftr 
by perfi^ufiion,. that ,he do:b -prev^ilg by feyiling j reviling i? - 
lliye wiUi arid.doth goe very dei:p into the (pirits of .men. 
Many juics^veiemade of the poynt in g^ner;rfl, as when mpn 
.Wke up'.tfaeir pofeflion of Religion,4c hrftj letrtbem.-wake ac- 
count of revxling)accounc of.all ilt language^ic nuy'bepjircuts/ * '- 
.iandredj- ftiends , acquaint(ince, Mafters and all will jfevile you^;. 
jWwJ will havie aunes to revile you by,and make Account 0f cliis 
.before ; gpd then, fecoiidly , labour u> be carc%llin.yoar coi>- ' . 
wxfippiv men will revile you doc ,wfaac ydu cjin^buc jet xhem 
pot ifind any .diing in you , -whcceby they riijiy revile you. 
Ilurdly,let 00c Samts revile one another ) for ic is very fad fo 
io'doc, it is that, that ihe Pfalmift comphincd of in the jf 
£ialine> ic is ini:he 1 1 verfe, I was a r^froadi aniongMmu:f 
4»timlcr^bi0t ejpeualljf an9»ng my Nclghhotsrs^afii ^fearetomir^ ' 
MfiaM0»c$^ thc^ fbAt did fee me without y fiei from me. He 
I ikes a complaint or' the jeproich of hb enemies, butifpeci- 
.a yamorvjft,hi5 Neighbours that vyas fore to him , it Was not 
1 much for die Saincs to fuflfer reviling languages by Prelate^,. 
t to.iuffei: one from anodner ; this is-cxceeding fad ; Vee yoM 
»i tiwlmfm)^ Sampfon-yio'thz godly will fay of their fellow- 
i^ ibiXX^jdoe mt jeM bwd ic^ f there is agreat blciTing in fuffer- 

Sidms mifh mttrtvittt, '^i^h tbef krirraUt:. ' --^ 

%,df-feyfling; tiieh 


vvhenthoii irt reviled i 

Vtled'foflhiiu Avne w 

■ ii-a great' reward;^*' 

takes care'oFybiiriiami 

\ve flood upon the laft day is this, that ifkts&ich aWeflcd, 
tbing to be reviled, wfuffsf for CKriftidichi^fhotilctteadi 
the Saints that when they.are reyilednot to i«vik 3|gjyn^|()f 
what need thfey,it is char that is tmTiid iflto'.it; bleftife.. '^,-\ , ,, 

i ■ AgahK,' 'Wie'muft not rcvU'e t>:hier^v vv'tiatniayWe not 

. charge oihcrrof the evill that ihiV are gsitty' of,'>e'li>entsi 

jiixejliijuulpa gK'at deafeof Diiie' the hft day to "jlytwycnf' how. yoa^'noi 

fid •^g'fhoc charseoVhMs tsfvMxt {*f»HHey arc gl 

\vt)rke 16 Hir^ ro' d6z 'Wnh Mher'tneii! 
^ ffj umiH '^ijO^im't^lkp's 'aM dee'eive, 

tothemitt MS tasi are lyafs, they may call chelh 
SflEOiM. fflc : it IE not fafe'wheiiarjy h1ve^ro\ 
'' iy a rebukihg,'virh^h thi.b'ufiflefre cow 
ivdydthc lumingoFi^pcrfierifions in 
tiie 6rit, aiidif the'fiilne be Jecrettt 
lick rtJy TpeaWevill of hftn,Tor tWi 
mail loves reviiirginbert he feekes to 
. -declircs andptiblifhestbeni'in evill 1 
'Ood keep them fecret then^ofi Oiould not'reyeale Them,' ^ 
^oumuft not be gladof offdrtceSHfclther,'oh talte bced of th: ■, 
'oh mourn for thetnjmd bz fufe vviiat hngiiage y'ou givebivr i 
'juft foiin ^atibn'irt the evil! thai' i? ftttiirtiicted by thcA lii n 
' "■. that yiiufpeakagainft, and that js3u<J3 not dbeic/poftipnate y 
■ ' and revengefullyi but do it out of a meeke and quieftpiritir i 
■Dui of love to Hie trurfi, the More you fpealte againft any* s i 


SAtuij JhulJ mt be pnt oat pf their way by rrulimg . 5 p i 

cHargc.anycviU^ndieinij^.voiiough^to the i|iore from 
theiriJnjd fpecuHvif yoii^to^^ thereby ^vj thing of God in 
thenj^and.if.'fney.nave apy^ tjiing o/QocJ in c-hapjt.dfinQc ipealc 
a^thrnga^4(iil,lthembuc*iiiprjyef^-w^ iheTi^ ialcs.buc pbr 
fe(vedi '^liii a"^ oft^en'as they prayed ^ortHv^m^ t|ie^ prayed for 
tVcilj," a^Wj^tli'a^bfttpr Tpij^ic thpy.fpoke agamft chepv^fa^ thou. 
wi)Ul^e1tl5ec1eat^i^.ihy conxicoce .o£ rcviliiig, BuLiioc to 
piQC^eji futt^Kiij^t hat which we ipoke of the lift day!, . . ^ , . 

■ , A ^v<>rd Qt .tjvo jQiore about dais poynt m generally . 

■ *if tney^JBfewed that be revUedjLet not the S^iiits by revi- 
ling be put ^ut of their way, wh^ a5 Chrilt tells thee thou arc 
bielled, what ^reat hurt had thou, when fuch call thee fuch * 
fiom^si and fp^ak fi^h evill of d3e,e and thou canflbear it, fuch ' 
*!ktow wbatchriftiaQl?.eUgio^ ixideed, they.iliould 

iT0t^taUbetunied.9utofi^eir way. becaufe «t^\jeyUing,iioi: -' 
diflike ijbereof, dp not fit^dotwa with this, fince Itame to pro^ ; 
fetfetlie chuftiaii.p.Qlid have been caft oame> 

Icofnes, reproaches; aiicf reLvUingJ,.^! .re9ieniJ?.^rAlwn?d,man > 
ha{'h\iiisfimiUtude, what a .diihonour pr^e kforaSojUJ^jer -• 
witb'4 puitie of vyindc to be call pff hi$ hoif^^ vvoyld dif^eyecy 
orie laugh at ic i .Such a dirtiojioiif is ii; f ot ,a6y one. tbu i^ in. ? ' 
good way or in a s;ood ^aufp to b^ tal^en otf b^ the reprpaches - 
of wicked meavvliich ^rebyjcpulfes of wind> qpieq;^re .willing ^ 
t6 fuffer reproaches for theit fiqng, ^\^ty. in^.^y ,Wie i 
fctf-to bav^'uifir luiUaj^ not -,rfiou.'i)e,iwtbWg co.fufci; ; 
nick names Jor the^^awfe of .GhcUl, teme^nber that Chrjftiiath \ 
defivered thee from an eterail reproa^li^r^ Pii/^?. -Ani moi- \ 
njfofthem thai jlcefln^he daft of the eairi]o(hallamkSy [ome t9 \ 
everiafil^g life^ andfome /# (h^^ney anJi, tvcrli^jhg ^foritemft^ ' 
Y a renjcinbet.iV<^i',of tt^ n^me^ and thoii-: 
ai iaidcf i greit m^ny of promifes foe cleacihg^ th y . righccouf-;- 
n fe is' the noon da^y, and it .is n^t ip. £t down ahi chink to eo r 
01 of tht ^viy by retfon bf feyiling, put pray tp xbwLord. Take d/i 
cv ibr Uirefe Captures fprdi^ciSlionscpt^^ wben tbeytoi 

■^ ■■ 

behave out . 


'"■rr"n-"_ri ■- •'- * 

'-•*■»-■*•' - . ■ •> - •- . --^ - ■! I 


JiMrnt tfyTTfCMrry O^Qp^^my fr^iff. Ftr the mtuk ^ iki 
v^tksiy^^ n6r m^tb of tie dceeirfHti gsre ofetftia^nfi'tm^k^ ' 
have jfokpr^aiffft mty mth m lyiv^ tm^u, Davii was a C)peof 
tbe Clwrch and \\c iiift'ered exceeding oiucfai all kind of fii^ 
ring and feviling as much as «y, their inouchswas (^nedj- 
vvhacthcnin ^e 3 "verfe. They C0mfdffed> mr^attt ^9 7^ 
mifds t^hatredj andfoteght ^goAnfi me withme^ C4Hft. Vorf. 4. * 
^iWnbsn what then? WhatdoIdoe,.biit/jpW|»f/#^r#/r47<r.Tte 
Original is this, but I fray^ that is my refuge, prayer is my 
help, So ip xSjchio. Myfricmlsfi^ra inr; Sm mf^j^fow- 
rewwt tears unto G^.Pfal. $7. 2. & 3 . verfes. IvnU cry mno 
God mofi high J wto God that ferformeti all thi^s for me. He 
(hall feiti from HeMvenySfiifitv^me frofi^ the r^oath of htm 
tiuit would fipoUov^^ pfeufy Seldh. God ihj(U fend forth his met* 
cy and his truth, and 6rher like expreflidns of Datvii^ I have 
^elpe in'Heaven and therefore I need not revile againe ahd be 
<iifcaiiraged inmy wayy Neheml^ was reproacted wken he 
Was in bis work, and did ht ceafi^ )m werrk f no. 

.InthekftptaceriftboTebd blelTed (h^c are^ reviled^ rho^ 

certainly tkoie that are reviler<5 are curfed^ it is abkfleci thing 

when men being godly are revitedfor Chrift, then What doit 

chou liiifik that mftead of futf^rii^ fof reviiii^, that art a revi- 

ler^ chofff that were reviled, wid ocingwfe*ry of k, -arc turned 

reviiers^ oh take heed df ^hem, tber^ are do mAre bkter revi- 

lers of Religi(» in the W6rtd then flKrh as;aFe ajMftatizttig pro- 

feifors ; wnen you fee any tfWi that tetdi been a forward pro* 

feflbr and f^eti olf, and t^W^A mti remenfiber IbMuiksh"$ 

Apoftacy that was the Wdrftrevfler of ally ftMly i^evileirs of 

tmic th^areg^fy-arein a very ^iir&d edUkdkiorii for men 

mwpray agswift tnem, Nehem:jf. n4,& y. verfes. AW 

Tobiah the jimi$mt0^4$ byhim^ aMkefmiy tven tim w^ 

^hey buili^ ifdfikff upy bejhaU i^^ ke^ d^H their Jt^ 

waU. Ht^^ Odur Gsiffori^i dtN d^fftfiA; ajd^ tmkt their re 

fr^aeb uf^ tlult m^be4idt^Jg!^etM»feta^myiff the Urn 

ofeajuivity. ^nJt c^UrM fbeip imfihfy mid let mf tbehr fr 

hUmedmfrom^orith^ifor'^Uiy hettk preyed thett^d^ 

£^^^tM0d4^^* See'forigftorarii? eiie* a>thac place r 
• • ^ tl 

Thcir^fsfierkj it hleffed i»ho art revikd. 


rhif, feC0adi;book-ofuhe'Xw5/vthe jGh. a5,& 34.»verfcs* 
Andhf VMHtt^fro9Xi fhepct Hfno^Be