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(, I 1S83 

> ^\ [All HghH rtsa 

[Under the general title of Anecdoia Oxoniensia^ it is proposed to publish 
materials, chiefly inedited, taken direct from MSS., those preserved in the Bod- 
leian and other Oxford Libraries to have the first claim to publication. These 
materials will be (i) unpublished texts and documents, or extracts therefrom, 
with or without translations; or (2) texts which, although not unpublished, are 
unknown in the form in which they are to be printed in the Anecdoia \ or 
(3) texts which, in their published form, are difficult of access through the ex- 
ceeding rarity of the printed copies; or (4) collations of valuable MSS.; or 
(5) notices and descriptions of certain MSS., or dissertations on the history, 
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I. The Classical Series. 

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IV. The Mediaei'al and Modern Series.^ 

3Vnrrt!ota OJ)\'onirnsia 











[ All rigkli reitrud ] 














[ All righH rturvtd ] 





THE Saltair na Rann^ 'Psalter of the Staves or Quatrains/ a 
collection of 162 Early-Middle-Irish poems now for the first 
time printed, is contained in its entirety only in the Bodleian MS. RawL 
B. 502, ff. 19-40. But there is a copy of one of the poems (No. X) 
in the Lebar Brecc, a MS. of the fifteenth century ; and corrupt and 
modernised copies of poems IV, V, and VI are to be found in a MS. 
also belonging to the Royal Irish Academy, marked 23. G. 25, written 
by one O'Longan about seventy years ago. The Lebar Brecc version 
of No. X will be found at p. 1 1 1^ of the lithographic facsimile of that 
MS., Dublin, 1876. 

The Saltair^ like the F^lire Oengusso and other pseudonymous 
matter, is attributed to Oengus the Culdee, who flourished in the 
banning of the ninth century ; and his name — is me Oengus cele />/, 
' I am Oengus the Culdee' — actually occurs in line 8009. But that this 
attribution is erroneous follows, first, from the numerous Middle-Irish 
forms which the poem contains \ and which cannot possibly be due to 
the transcriber, and, secondly, from its mention, in 1. 2342, of an event 
— the murrain which b^an A.D. 985 — and in 11. 2349-2365 of certain 
contemporary kings, as well as of Dub-di-lethe, one of S. Patrick's 
successors in the see of Armagh, who died A.D. io6j. 

Our MS., Rawl. B. 502, is a large quarto, now containing 83 leaves 
of vellum in a hand of the twelfth century, and 20 leaves of paper. 
The vellum portion has been so fully described by the late Dr. Todd 
{Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy^ vol. 5, pp. 164^168) and by 
Mr. Macray (Catal. Ccdd. MSS. Bodl^ Part V., fasc. i, cols. 719-722) as 
to render further description unnecessary. Only this opportunity may 
be taken to note that the 'Short Tract on Irish Grammar' stated to 
occur at fo. 63** is really one of the so-called Brchon law treatises — Coic 

* eg. natrimijir 599, 421, sc^dair 443, na sMig 709, bctit 853, ccstait 953, 

istsl^b 4109, etc., etc, 



conara fugill^ * five paths of judgment/ of which there is (according to 
Dr. O'Donovan) a fuller copy in a MS. in the library of Trinity College, 
Dublin, marked H. 3. 18 — and that the Latin passage at fo. 53 b. seems 
to run thus : Hii omnes sancti (sic) inuQCo in auxilium meum per inter- 
cessionem sanctae Maris et sanctarum et (sanctor)um, quarum et 
quorum Deus nomina nominauit, et quos praesciuit et praedistinavit 
(k>nforme8 fieri imaginis Filii sui in uitam aeternant in Christo Jesu Amen. 
The poems now printed begin at fo. 19 a. 1 ^nd end at fo. 40. b. 2. 
They are written in double Columns, with 50 lines in each. 

According to the scribe's note following line 7788 the poems now 
printed fall into four divisions, (1) the Psalter, (i) the poem on repentance, 
(3) the poem on confession, and (4) the ten poems on the Resurrection. 
That note means : * Thus far the body of the t^salter pf the Quatrains, to 
wit, the thrice fifty poems (duafta). Two after, (one) for confession, and 
(the other) for repentance ; and ten to set forth the Resurrection ; so that 
there are twelve and thrice fifty poems altogether.' The thriCe fifty 
poems— equal in number to the psalms, and hence * the Psalter '-p-deal 
for the most part with incidents from the Old Testament. But the first 
poem contains a kind of description of the universe ; poems Xt (on the 
penance of Adam and Eve) and XI t (on the death of Adam) are founded 
on the Viia Adai et Euae^ two texts of which have been published by 
W. Meyer (Miinchen^ 1879) ; and poems XLIt-L relate to the life of 
Christ. Poem CLI expresses repentance for transgression and prays for 
forgiveness. No, CLI I is an expression of ignorance of God and his 
various works. Nos. CLIII to CLiX describe the events 00 each day of 
the week before the last Judgment. Sense here is so completely sacrificed 
to metrical requirements that these seven poems are, to a large extent, 
unintelligible to me. CLX dcAls with the seven resurrections --namely, 
(i) that of the apostles, (a) of the prophets, (3) of the confessors, (4) of 
the martyrs, (5) of the saints, (6) of the Virgins, penitents, and baptized 
infants, and (7) of the rest of the hunun race. Poem CLXI treats of 
the coming of the demons out of hell to earth, the fall of the idols, etc. 
The last poem, CLXII, describes the triumph of the angels over their 
foes, the rewards of the righteous, the punishments of the wicked. 

Il may be well to give a prkis of the three most important of the 
poems, namely^ I, XI, and Xtl. 


I.^ The creation of the world (h'ne 3), the sun (5), heaven (13), 
earth (15), light and darkness (171 18), day and night (19, ao)> the earth 
separated from the primal material ((Z9, 30), surrounded by the firma- 
ment (34), the world like an apple (36), the mists, the current of the cold 
watery air (44), the four chief winds, the eight sub-winds (45-52), the 
colours of the winds (53-80), the distance from the earth to the 
firmament (97-101), the seven planets (101-104), the distance from the 
earth to the moon (105-112), the radiant heaven, that from moon to 
sun (113-116), the windless, ethereal heaven, the distance between the 
firmament and the sun (1^1), the motionless Olympus or third heaven 
(125-128), the distance from the firmament to heaven (133-136)1 from 
earth to the depths of hell (141), the five zones, the firmament round the 
earth like its shell round an egg (165-169), the seventy»-two windows 
in the firmament (181, 182), with a shutter on each (188), the seventh 
heaven revolving like ^ wheel (199), with the seven planets from the 
creation (204), the signs of the zodiac (205-320), the time — 30 days, 
\o\ hours — that the sun is tn each, the day of the month on which it 
enters each, the month In which it is in each sign (233-256), the division 
of the firmament into twelve parts, the five things which every intelligent 
man should know^namely, the day of the solar months the age of the 
moon, the height of the tide, the day of the week, saints' festivals^ 

XL The Penance of Adam and Eve. For a week after the expulsion 
Adam was without fire, house, drink, food, or Clothing (1483-1486). 
He laments to Eve their lost blessings (1491-1530), and admits his 
fault (1531-1534). Eve asks Adam to kill her, so that God may pity 
him the more (1535-1546). Adam refuses to destroy his own flesh and 
blood (1547-1560). Then, at Eve's request, Adam goes to seek for 
food and finds nought but herbs (1561-1572), *the food of the lawless 
beasts/ He proposes to Eve to do penance, to adore the Lord in 
silence, Eve in the Tigris for thirty days, Adam in the Jordan for 
forty and seven, a flagstone under their feet, the water up to their necks, 
Eve^s hair dishevelled and her eyes directed to heaven in dilent prayer 
for forgiveness (1573-1628). Adam prays the Jordan * to fast with him 
on God ' {co troisced lais for Did) with all its many beasts^ that pardon 

^ A Middle-Irish prose abstract of part of this poem will btf found in the first 
volume of the Laws, pp. 26^30. 



may be granted to him. The stream ceases: gathers together every 
living creature that was in its midst ; and they all supplicate the angelic 
host to join with them in beseeching God to forgive Adam (1629-1652). 
Forgiveness is granted to Adam and to all his seed save the unrighteous 
( 1 653-1 660). When the Devil hears this, Mike a swan, in the shape of a 
white angel,' he goes to Eve as she stands in the Tigris and gets her 
to leave her penance, saying that he had been sent by God. They then 
go to Adam, who at once recognises the Devil and reveals the deceit 
to Eve (1661-1716). Eve falls half-dead on the ground, and reproaches 
Lucifer (1717-1756). Lucifer defends himself, repeating at lengfth the 
story of his expulsion from heaven for refusing to worship Adam (1757- 
1872), He concludes by threatening vengeance to Adam and his de- 
scendants (1873-1880). Adam then leaves the river and Lucifer departs 
(1884). Adam and Eve then live alone for a year on grass, without 
proper food, fire, house, music, or raiment ; drinking water from their 
palms and eating the green herbs in the shadow of trees and in caverns 
(1885-1896). Eve brings forth a beautiful boy, who at once proceeds 
to cut grass for his father, and whom his father called Cain (1897-1910), 
God at last pities Adam and sends Michael to him with various seeds, 
and Michael teaches him husbandry and the use of animals (1913-1932). 
Seven years afterwards Eve brings forth Abel (1933). In a vision Eve 
sees Cain drinking the blood of Abel. Adam therefore builds a house 
for each of the brothers (1941-1956). Gabriel announces the murder 
of Abel and foretells the birth of Seth (i 957-1 968). Adam's seventy 
sons and seventy daughters are bom to him after the transgression 
(1969). The signs set in Cain^s forehead (1997-2000). Gain's death 
in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, which is thenceforward barren (2005). 

XII. Adam's death. Adam, being 930 years old and feeling his 
death at hand, tells Eve of his approaching end (2021-2032). Eve 
regrets that she does not die first (2033-2037). Adam comforts her 
by saying she will die in nine months, and tells her how to act after 
his death (2040-2076). Michael comes at Eve's entreaty to cleanse 
Adam's soul and take it to heaven (2077-2152). God comes to receive 
Adam's soul, which remains in the third heaven, named Ficconicia 
(2153-2208), till the Resurrection. Adam's body is anointed with the 
Oil of Mercy and buried in Hebron (2217-2228), where it remained 


till the Deluge* His head was then swept to Jerusalem, and remained 
in the gateway till Christ's cross was planted therein (2229-2240). 
Enos, Noah, and other patriarchs are then mentioned (2241-2292). 
The numbers of years from Adam to the Deluge, from the Deluge to 
Abraham, from Adam to the birth of Christ (2293-2336), the number of 
years to the murrain, the names of some of the leading princes reigning 
about that time in Ireland and in Scotland, those of Eadgar on one side 
of the English Channel and Hlothair on the other, an allusion to the 
ravages caused by the Danes from Denmark (2337-2380) : the rest till 
the day of doom nobody could declare except the high King of the sun, 
whose life never ends (2381-2388). 

The tradition mentioned in lines 7529, 7530, that Christ was bom 
from the crown of the Virgin's head, is worth noting^ ; and the description 
of some of the signs at the Crucifixion (7761-7772) may be quoted 
as a specimen of the style of the poem (I omit two chevilles), and as 
illustrating Sophus Bugge s theories about the Baldr-saga : — 

Darkness sprang over every plain : 

Earth's dead arose : 

Dear God's elements were afraid 

When the veil of the temple was rent. 

Every creature wailed — 

Heaven and earth trembled: 

The sea proceeded to go over (its) bounds : 

Hearts of black rocks split. 

The King who suffered in (his) fair clay, 

A cross for sake of Adam's children. 

Thereafter took a prey (of redeemed souls), 

So that he overcame Hell. 

The metre in which the bulk of the Saliair is composed is deibide, 
each line of the quatrain consisting of seven syllables, the second and 

* So according to the A. S. Adrian andRitheus (Kemble, Salomon and Satumus^ 
p. 204) Christ was bom of his Mother, *)>urh jwct swi^re bre6st,' through her right 
breast. So the Bodhisattva was bom from MAyi's right side (Kem, Der Buddhismus^ 
30, n.). See, too, other strange births, Liebrecht, Volkskundcy 490 ; and note the 
punishment of certain sinners, Visio Tnugdaliy ed. Wagner, 1882, p. 28 : *Pariebant, 
dico, non solum femine, set et viri, non tantum per ipsa membra, que natura 
constituit tali officio convenientia, verum per brachia simul et per pectora, exibantque 
erumpentes per cuncta membra.' 


fourth ending with a word exceeding in the number of its syllables the 
words respectively ending the first and third ; the first and second lines 
rhyme together, as do the third and fourth. Alliteration is frequent, 
and a word in the middle of one line often rhymes with a word in the 
beginning or middle of the following line (e.g. riinib^ diilib^ lines 9, 10, 
sorcha^ dorcha, 17, 18). Poem CLII is in a different metre, rannaigecht 
mdr^ each line ending in a monosyllable, and only the second and fourth 
lines rhyming. In CLIII-CLXII the first and third lines of each 
quatrain regularly end in rhyming trisyllables, the second and fourth 
in rhyming dissyllables. Internal rhymes are frequent, e.g. fogur^ 
domnuchy 8021, 8023, Itiaicktki^ cruaidi^ 8037, 8039. The first, second 
and third words in the first line of a quatrain sometimes rhyme re- 
spectively with the first, second and last words of the third line ; see 
e.g. 8125-8127, 8137-8139. 

The text has been printed with the utmost care. It is right to say 
that in the MS* several of the marks of length are so faded that they 
can be discerned only by the keenest eyts and in the most favourable 
light. I may, therefore, have undesignedly omitted some of these marks. 
Contractions have been extended, and the extensions represented by 
italics. The text has also been punctuated, proper names spelt with 
initial capitals, apostrophes have been used where vowels have been 
omitted, and hyphens introduced to separate the transported I and n 
from words beginning with vowels. 

In conclusion, though several of the words are explained in the 
Index, it contains so many new vocables as to the meanings of which I 
am either doubtful or quite in the dark, that I have called it an Index 
Verborum rather than a Glossarial Index. It will, it is hoped, be useful 

to future Irish lexicographers. 

^ W. S. 



saltar narann inso as dorkrni Oen^^j Celi-E>e. 

[Ra-R-IiasC'rL B. 502, fo. 1 9 a. coL 1 — fcx 4Z b, coL zS\ 



[So. 19 J. I-] 
otfv li Tirnry nair, 

dcr6sa2 docmm dr>riaf^. 
moffibcLbea bc±bcadadL 

rf dsfbdEcmaib aicr&i, 
li l£ffi^ tsaid. liar cncr tair, 
Irs nii^mrar inrsusLT^aiL 
9 Ri corxEnfb robsd. fail 
nanfdnib, lian-ainseraib, 
li Ixrhbeo besx, b^.Tth adenn, 
ri ocnU^Barjl, cenf?rccim. 

13 Ri dorigiic nem aoadiedi, 
nah^afbrecb, 11!*^: jmdjjoclbech, 
«rxr talanL \6LIb dacht, 
ooiDtreai, co^xJbssaid, cxffnnarL 

17 Ri doTTgnt sosxha saer 
«ncr dorcha coD-aixaeb* : 
iodaxaiiai islaiibe* ^"^ 
anile isadaig rmlan. 

ji Ri rodelb tfea^ixi! De 
dodieladbaj rraniak, 

t fr/samla scdiacli 

inmafjt amia ^cmthaclL 

15 Ri rodelb else carfeiirl 

rosdcb ccnresBt cocasram, 
e:^ SLfs isrsrb condaTh. 
tUr marb oczs beodiadi. 
>9 Ri n>d»epL biaiziar, brass, 

talam t:crr : m torarh:. debs lii ea l , 
(fiariT:-ra fPTbarh: foiifdjeL 
33 Ri rodbrcibiig, rfcaac cn:c*, 

dosDnn delbia dexbia dnfng, 
mar cbuZl icbia fcrrciud. 

37 Ri roddb dhrna iartain 
bora codcrb rmTbalrrarTn, 
rhh roscm osbhb, baaid isric, 
indaeoT uair isdic 

41 Ri cfriaVdiras nsnr n-an. n-djir 
ff>riaibinass nan-al p-oTnTnai, 
zarsr^^Aib oosesnib srcih 
iarxDesrafb ccGDesrap2± 

45 Ri TOord2ig »ri/ ziraeiha 
tor^aib ocujocbi bnarba, 
ceikri prmg-ae'Jia corii|:aIb, 
cetkrj ibrafdha feociuai *, 

49 Cdhii fogaecha ailc 
rL^t aocuir e:^^:iia5ie, 
biibi an<arim ^fircbcit 
dD^-acdbaib dsiraedi decc 

* MS. coQ2ii&£:b. * MS- ii'iarhi 

* MS. pioarrir.d. 

■ Written as a carrectiam 
» MS.fcodirtib. 




53 Ri rodelb datha nangaeth 
rosderb fr/sratha slanaeb, 
iarclechtaib rith roratha (?), 
combrechtaib cachilldatha. 

57 INgel, incorcarda glan, 
inglass, induaine allmar, 
inbuidi, inderg, derb ddna, 
nisgaib fergg frisodila. 

6i INdub, indliath, indalad, 
intemen, inchiar chdlad, 
indodar, doirchi datha, 
nidat soirchi sogabtha. 

65 Ri rosordaig oscar^maig 
na ochi fogaetha feochrai ^ 
rodelb cenditha, dfn saeth, 
cricha nacethri priingaeth. 

69 Anair incorcra glanbda, 
andess ingel gle, amra, 
atuaid indub gailbech, grach, 
aniar ' indodur engach. 

73 INderg, inbuidi 'male, 
eter gil ' ocus corcrai, 
indtiani, inglass, croda (?) * lir, 
eUr huidir isglegil. 

77 INdliath, inchiar, grainne ahguir, 
tXer huidir iscirduib, 
intemen, indalad tair, 
eUr duib ocus corcair. 

81 Coir rocoraiged acruth, 
doronad an-orddugud, 
fogaessaib glessib cenchlith 
iarsessib, iarsuidigthib. 

85 Na da gaeth dec, tolaib tress, 
tair ocus tiar, tuaid istess, 
rii roscuibdig cotagaib, 
roscuibrig fo secht nglessaib '. 

> MS. fcochnug. • MS. anair. 

[fo. 19 a. 2.] 

89 Ri dosnarbair iarsessaib 
imthalmain con-ilglessaib, 
each digaeth dib imgMs ngle 
isoengles f(?raib huile. 

93 Ri dosrat iarnglessaib clecht, 
iarmbessaib centarimthecht, 
indarahuair, blaith iarmblai, 
induair aile ainbthechae. 

97 Rf tadban iomus donleirg 
othalmain cofirmimint, 
fris domidet, met glanna, 
fritiget natalmanna. 

101 Rosuidig secht rinn[e] reim 
ofirmimint cotalmain, 
Satuirn, loib, Mercuir, Mars, 
Sol, Uenir, Luna Idnmas. 

1C5 Ri rorimi, rigda inbla, 
otha talmain coesca, 
semile fichet archet 
fordamidet 'naglanm^t. 

109 IS h^ sain int-aear huar 
linib haial friimluad, 
dianidainm triallach, derb tra, 
annem niabach n-airerda. 

113 INdrae ohescgu cogrein 
ri rorlm congle glanleir, 
dacet mile, mor insmacht, 
hXrt cethair cethrachat 

117 ISse sin int-ethier huais 
cengaeth, cenaear n-angluais, 
dianidainm, cen balba mbla, 
innem n-amra n-etherda. 

1 21 Trichutrumma, intsain doleir, 
et^ firmimint isgrnn, 
morf rindbalcc, roffr sein, 

» MS. gel. 

( is written over g, and there is a dot under the first a. 

* MS. garoda or gardda, bat 
•Sic. Readftglassaib? 


dorindnacht dorimirib. 

125 IS hisin indOlimp huag, 
cenchumscugud, cenimluad, 
iarsliucht saer nasruthe sen, 
dianidainm intresnoebnem» 

129 Damile d^c, torainn ngle, 
archoicc^taib d^c mile, 
cain rith rindrethait insain 
ofirmimint cotalmain. 

133 Met nar^, ruathar cint, 
othalmaiu cofirmimint, 
isse inmet sain, srethaib srath, 
ofirmimint coriched. 

137 Cethrimili fichet sain 
artrichait cet domilib 
oshunn coriched, reim n-oU, 
cenmotha firmam^tom. 

141 A met na ree sein uile ^ 
othalmain corigsuide, 
vsised fil othalmain tinn 
sfs cofudomnaib Ifi^. 

145 Ri car^^thuir thuathaig, dein, deirg, 
rofuathaig fein firmim^/it, 
feib baderb laiss oscar^ maig 
rosdelb donmaiss ecruthaig. 

149 Ri nan-uile n-adbar n-dn, 
arm-buili bladmar bithmdr, 
ingl6ruill cocessair chain 
dosrorainn icoic[c]ressaib. 

153 INcuiced criss guires chness 
mod ruithes tr/asirthes, 
fri'sasad sluagda saigthe ^ 
dahuarda imdamesraigthe. 

157 Huarda andess isuarda atuaid, 
indamesraigthe, ism6rbuaid, 
incriss tessaigthe ', isderb de, 

eter nada mesraigthe. 

161 Rf targcai etch ruing reil 
rosuidig smachtai fouagre[i]r, 
rodagni cench^tlud ngle 
dochetchruth nafirmiminte. 

165 Amal bis abloesc immog 
acht noslui linib hilchor, 
fial nafirmiminti imbith 
tr/a bithu f^rabithrith. 

169 'Macuaird focheird atoimsi, 
iarsreith suairc fr/ sirsoiUsi, 
isannsu infom«x 'moa mbeir, 
ni triit tarsnu toimsideir. 

173 Rorannad iam-intliucht fail, 
feib rodelgnaisset auctair, 
dasebratta fochis chain, 
das^ phairt 'nan-irchomair. 

177 Huide mfs dogrrin car^phairt, 
iarseis nan-ugtar n-ardaitt, 
forith hi/iathur * (?), [gluair] ngle, 
etch mblia^am dosstimchellae. 

181 Hisindfirmimint cogle 
sesca ddse senistre, 
dothaitni fridia 'malle 
car^phairti se senistre. 

185 Ata iamiini indrig reil 
rodelb duine : : : huagreir, 
fodluthad, cendolma ndein, 
comla fcrcach senisteir. 
[fo. 19 b. I.] 

189 Tr^nbrat demin, torom n-dn, 
marbad gemen coem comldn, 
tuinech torachta rosrig 
imthalmain contib immib. 

193 IM thrfnimi ata centair 
trinimi impe, hit himsliin, 

» MS. uiU. « MS. saigthi. > MS. tessaigthi. 

* MS. riathur, with a dot cinder and a mark of aspiration over the first r, and a stroke over the t. 

B 2 


insechUnad nem, isse sein 
rochertad etemimib. 

197 Ni sossad suaircc 8l6ig a[i]ngel 
acht iscuairt ch6ir coemdaingen, 
ankj/bis rothmol forluth 
triabithu forbithimputh. 

30I INdfinnimint, ilar mbla, 
isnasechtrind alregda, 
ata f^TTOenrith, gluair ngle, 
otha inn-uair rocruthaigthe. 

305 Ri rorann niandath osleirg 
nifualrad fann firmimeiftt, 
srethaib samlaib, slemnaib slecht, 
indibrannaib derbdai d^c. 

309 Ri oscarMrm, oscar^dinn, 
dorat ainm forcachn-oenrinn, 
nimennair iarndligud dlecht 
donadibrennaib deec. 

313 Fuath car^renna, ruathur ngle, 
itimchuairt finniminte, 
feib rosderbait delgnaid [ ] 
ishuandelbaib ainmnigUr. 

317 Aquair, Pise, Ariet, Tauir* treb, 
Geimin choir ecus Cancer, 
Leo, Uirgo, Libru, Scoirp scrus, 
Saigitair, Capricom«x. 

331 Ri cordnaib roscoraig 
innanndlumaib dermoraib, 
sreith nasliab, oscar^blai, 
frisreith ' gr/an ocus escai. 

325 Tricha lathi, 16rda' luad, 
ladech n-iiara ocus lethuar, 
cotmll trechess oscar^dind 
rethess grian incar^oenrind. 

339 IN grian suairc, iam-urd riagla, 
forcuairt cacha oenbliadna. 

hi qaindecim \jAd€^ cain dind, 
issann t^it incachn-oenrind. 

333 Grian in-Aquair, hed centiir, 
dor6ined im-mis Endir, 
ocus hiPisc [ ] cogle 
dorimther im-mis Febrae. 

337 Grian in-Ariet, aurdaircc df, 
dothadbat im-mis Martfi, 
ocus hiTauir grfan diareir 
dothaitni im-mis Apr^il. 

341 Grtan hinGemin im-mis Mdii 
isdemin, ni imarchlii, 
nochochiuin guires car^^treib 
im-mis luin grian iCanceir. 

245 IM-mis luii ingrian il-Leo, 
issann ferass alangleo, 
teit grian adem^ friatuisc 
inUirginum ^ in-Auguist 

349 Dothaitni grian fhiadcachdning 
iSeptimb^ inLibnim, 
gnan nodafoilcc nochosceil 
iScoirp im-mis Ochtimb^r. 

253 IN Sagitarium gnan dosfeim 
oscar^rian inNouimbeir, 
inDecimb^, ischian dii, 
bidgrian inCapricomd. 

257 A the sein indaserind 
dosrosat Fiadu forf inn, 
oscar^rian rethait fonmbith 
riu reithes grian alanrith. 

261 A coic cari&lae d*fiss cenbrath 
dlegair docachintliuchtach, 
docachoen, cengldma gn^, 
bis fograda ecailse. 

365 Laa mis %rait^ ^sca aes, 
rith mara cen immarbdes, 

* MS. pisca ta air. ' MS. fris reith. * Uris written as a correction over the iuar of iuarda, 

* um b written as a correction (I) of em. 


laa sechtmaine, feili noeb n-uag, 

iarcertglaine con-imluad. 
369 Ri rosrethaig, sr6eniLib slamm, 

dorethaib roenaib retlann, 

feib nosairbrig osrannaib 

rosanmnig dian-aomaiinaib. 
173 Cid caem lean inleth Jfail frr'np 

firmiminti nan-ilriod, 

inleth aili, lith cengas, 

nocon-eitchiu .ci$icheinme[i]s. 
377 Ri rogni clichis oenineirg 

iamafithis finnimeint, 

comfoci^ tadbain adfdch 

imthabnain docar^oenleidi. 
381 Ri rodelb firmimint fir 

conarennaib cendimbrig, 

immontalmaiQ, cengoi ngle, 

imsoi ontrath coaraile. 
385 Ri dorigni mmrlinn mair 

osanflnniiiunt imslain, 

inmuirlinn aili isi inmiiir, 

fo[r]dasniada imthalmain. 
[fo. 19 b. a.] 
389 Ri reil dorairhgert cachfdith 

coimdiu ci^mtaig car^coemgraid, 

dorosait grein crotha glain, 

forosna nem imthalmain. 
393 Ri dorigni esca n-&n 

ocus indfairrgge imsldn, 

foriaguil dosrona inrf, 

condatcora, comchnibdi. 
397 Sess^^ rann domuin ce^^du 

hissi meit fil in-escu, 

ocus isingr^in coglan 

s^ commet dec intalman. 
301 Ri dorigne ilar mil 

' MS. diiiignand, but with a dot under au, 
repetitions of the first line of each poem, do not 

fondiairrce ndermair ndirfm, 

nithadbann nech acht mori 

an-amnann n^ch an-ainnL 
305 Rd dorigni sreba sluag 

donah^naib friimluad, 

doaltaib ianaslebib, 

dograigU) fi^nnagreidib. 
309 Hil^da nan-anman n-ia 

is nan-ildelbda ndermir, 

nifail hicrl rimess son 

acht mad inrf donoebnim. 
313 Ri dorigne a6ar n-uar, 

pcus t&ne reil roniad, 

ocus talam bladmar, brass, 

ocus srutb raglan rethess. 
317 Ri rosil talmain iartain 

dolubaib, doildbadaib : 

Ian indomun diambolud, 

con-immad an-iltorud. 
331 Ri conic huacht ocus tess, 

mori firen frim'ftrless, 

ishe rosuidig qachseis, 

ri centuirim, cenaisn^is. 
335 INrf reil narun corath 

doarfaid diin cachn-ingnad, 

diathuicsin treothu, din ngle, 

is trialin amirbaile. 
339 Ri rogni car^nduil foleith, 

aicseid ocus nemaicseid, 

achi inri rodelba sain 

nifail nach rf fortalmain. 
333 Nifail dodainib daihgnib, 

doainglib na harchainglib, 

nech thucas tr/adindchur de, 

na fail d'ingnud ^ lam'rigse, 
Morlse ri nime ndir^ 

* This and similar lines, being mere 
covBt ia the numbering. 




13 i dorigni riched reil 

conachrichaib diacomr^ir, 
treb thogach, duanach, dangen, 
dosluag amra &rc[h]angeL 

541 Riched conilhur adrohg, 
saer, sithech, nadimchumung, 
cathir dronoU cocetrath, 
met dondomonn adechmad. 

345 Failet ann trimuir cenmeth, 
duirimthimchellat^ riched, 
mur doglain huaine, gnim cain, 
mur dior, mur dichorcair. 

349 Mur n-uaine cenchess im-mach, 
mur n-6ir fricness nacathrar*^, 
im-medon fngelgloir cain 
mur ndermor dichorcairglain. 

333 Fail ami, cotrichim trethan, 
cathir chrichid, chomlethan, 
fail inti, frisfd solus, 
set sir cethriprimdon^ . 

357 Met car^doruis dib foieith 
toeb fritoeb, dini iartom«x, 
mili darcachn-oendorus. 

361 Fail crois d'6r incachdor^j 
frisella slog sirsolus, 
ri rosdelba centalgga, 
hite remra ro&rdda. 

365 En dodergor forcar^^crois 
oschind lerglor nzch anfois, 
incachcrois frihem61 cuir 
gemm dermor doleic lo^muir. 

369 Archangel cer^lai, luad ndil, 
conasluag orfg richid, 

coclasschetal, coceol gld, 
timchell car^a oenchrose. 

373 Fail ann faithchi cechdoruis 
cain fnUichmi derbthomuis, 
samlaim[se] c^h dib fofeib 
fritalmain conamuireib. 

377 Cuaird carhafaithchi foieith, 
r(?»agrmchaib airgdidib, 
conabrugaib foblath bil, 
conalubaib ligaidib. 

381 Ced adbal lib, lathar ngle, 
met nafaithchi fairsihge, 
mur d'argut, cengnim n-aithbi, 
rognid imcachoenfaith(chi). 

385 Airfcrtoich namur im-maig ^ 
immondim doca^^oenleith, 

[fo. 20 a. I.] 
cosostaib slanaib sidib 
diarmidi dohilmilib. 

389 Ocht n-airf(?rtaig ann fri'sreith 
cocomraicet 'moncathraig : 
nimtha samail nas^t smith 
donm^t fail car^airfc^tuig. 

393 Cachairf(?rtach Ian lubaib, 
r^T^iangrenchaib credhumaib, 
mur dochriad chaim rochalcad 
cotren imcar^ n-airf(!?rtach. 

397 Damur de[e]c, toraind ngl^, 
'nan-airfi?rtach, 'nafaithchi, 
cenmthat natri'mdir im-maig ' 
failet im[on] pri'mchathraig. 

401 Cethrar^a dor«x hitreib 
richid conarigsuideib, 
atri car^a faithchi feith, 
isatri cachairf(7rtaich. 

405 Cethridoruis airri im-mzch 

MS. dutr imthimchellat* 

' MS. immaig. 


nan-irf(?rtach n-immechtrach, 
fnsintetblai, tolaib smacht, 
frisincetna [a]thchomarcc. 

409 Comla d'argut, cain ardreich, 
car^doruis dondfaithchisin, 
comlada creda corath 
fridoirsi nan-irfortach. 

413 Nafri'thmuir ondun im-mach 
innan-huili n-airfortach, 
samlaithir fri'bladbail mbla 
otha thalmain coh^sca. 

417 Mur nafaitchi, feib dasli, 
rosdelbtha dofindniini, 
an-airde, adbul foneib, 
otha thahnain coglangrnn. 

431 Natrimuir, met an-athfaig, 
timchellait inpri'mcathraig, 
tadbain an-airde cenmeirg 
othalmain cofirmimeint. 

425 Suidigud namur im-maig 
immondun, immoncathraig, 
rathrian car^mdir, monor ngle, 
reil radiall secharaile ^. 

439 Ri rosfossaig cotangeib 

nassossaid 'monprimchathraig, 
deimni ataichmi ondun im-mar<^ 
'na^thchi, 'nan-irft^rtach. 

433 Sluaig sil Adaim, aidble baind, 
innandalaib frianderbraind, 
gle iarhdiigud dib rosoich 
sechinud etch oensossaid. 

437 Bid car^sluag di[i]b foleith 
'nan-airf(?rtach, 'nafaitchib, 
Idnaib doligaib fofeib 
dosidaib, dosonmigeib. 

441 Noeb isntiibhuaga corath 

fobraenbuada, iarmbraenchath : 
sc^rdair fr/sinslog im-maig, 
bertair isinmorchathraig. 

445 Cathir De conasoillsi, 
cidat mora aprimdoirsi, 
nitheit inti 6thalmain treib 
achi mad oentriar dodoeneib. 

449 Doni condi dligid D^, 
duine 6% iarfirinne» 
congnim adma nadchlithe 
dnine amra athirge. 

453 Cong^rdair cobdid im-maig' 
nanaeb isinpnmchathraig, 
febdae fo lib, lith rochlos, 
czch dib daraprimdoros. 

4/; 7 Nadoirsi chaindelbdai, glain, 
lainderdai dondlfc logmair, 
con-ollbladaib, segtait sl6ig, 
r^Tifacomladaib dergoir. 

461 Tn athchomairc cer^doniis, 
cain glanthogairt toebtomuis, 
fricachclothalty erim hgdr, 
athchomarc' for car^oenmdr. 

465 Aurdrochait nandor«x n-og 
cain set solus doderg6r, 
atat fon^im, nassad ngle, 
airddiu car^ceim araile. 

469 O cheim docheim, erim ngur, 
isreid dreimm isinprimdmi, 
cainsluag sidi, set rosaig, 
m6r mili c^t doch^taib. 

473 Hicnaird nam-mur, mor n-athbarA, 
im-medon napnmchathrach, 
lebinn glainidi gl6rdai, 
drochte dronai derg6rdai. 

477 Filet ann brugi bldthi 

MS. secharaili. 

* MS. immuig. 

' MS. atchoimarc. 



bitbura each bithr&thi, 
cotorthib cachthoraid dil, 
r(?iiambolthaib milidib. 

481 Fail ann centoirsi didnad^ 
fail soils! cen^dibad, 
ceoil gluara, caini, gnnni, 
buana, baidi, blaithbinni. 

485 Fail ann ni s&sas ce^^ sl6g 
hirichiud rigda rom6r, 
[fo. 20 a. 2.] 
fogur nangr^, nac^ol ngle, 
bolud namblath liiboltnaigthe'. 

489 Fail m6r dosostaib, saer ^n, 
fail m6r class cobsaid comnar, 
fail ann mor sldag, seol snassi, 
fail mor ceol cer^oenclassi. 

493 Failet ann linni lethna, 
ailli aninni anoebtrethna, 
gleorda immocanat classi, 
suarca, segdai, somblassi. 

497 Failet ann srotha se^^gga 
docheniul each coemlenna, 
Cnsasad sloig, sir sotlaib, 
fail ann m6t dofindtopraib. 

501 Failet ann lecga lordai, 
failet foraid foiordai, 
forbrig naslog dosrogaib, 
fail ann m6r do rigsrothaib. 

505 Fail ann m6r mbfle mbroga, 
m6r dri frthnthoga, 
mor s^t s^tach, sldn saine^ 
mor cet cetach clirmaige. 

509 Mor ceol caimnaig oenbine 
fail iroenmaig rindnime, 
mor seol suilig, mor sreth s^is, 
nadr6ig tuirim noaisneis. 

513 Fail ann iarset, srethaib smacht, 

> MS. mbotlnaigthi. ' MS. huili. 

cet acethair cethrachat, 
fiadgnuis indrig cotagaib 
iar n-drem afochraicaib. 

517 O thosuch domuin cobrad 
clann Adaim, cidhe acomrad, 
ni choemsaitis, digrois seis, 
cer^ oen fochraic dib d'aisnes. 

531 Cenmothat sain cotaigaib 
fail innim dofochraicaib, 
lir bannai fleochaid, fu&m tr<cc, 
no slamma siiechta snigit 

535 Sossad dan morig rathmar 
fil forlar napnmchathfach : 
ismor cet mill 'mobeir 
hitimchuaird afosscemeil. 

539 Dior derg rognfd huile * 
dorig riohid rigsuide : 
ri cortinaib doforgaib 
osnamdraib erordaib. 

533 Sossaid Aingel* cosoillsib 
nessaim donapnmdoirsib, 
Archahgeil conan-airbrib 
isnessam donaebainglib. 

537 Uirtutes, nert oscar^maigi 
isnessam doArchahglibi 
Potestates» deoda tlus, 
isnessam Uirtutibus. 

541 Prindpatftf, blaith aseis, 
isnessam Potestat^s, 
Dominationes, drong demein, 
fodiuplaib indfbsscemeil. 

545 Amra inslog roscing uili 
forscemul indrigsuidi^: 
n6eb inrori roscongaib 
Troni conam6rdrohgaib. 

549 Sluaig Hiruphin rosfossaig 
itimchuairt indrigsossaid, 
> MS. DaiAgel. * MS. -suide. 


tuas sech cer^oen fondrig reil 

semait slog sder Saraphin. 
553 Noihgrad nime, noebda ambal, 

imrig nan-uili n-adbar, 

cendimbdaid fr/'briga blat, 

cen imhuail, cenimmfeTrmat^. 
557 Lainib Idnaib forig recht, 

issh^ an-arim firchert, 

dase sesczX^ sluag fofeib, 

cer^^oengroid donagradaib. 
561 Arim cer^sluaig, lith cenmeth, 

nifail nech rodasfessad, 

achi marofitir inrf 

dodosrosat donemphnf. 
565 Ri huasal uasdaib uili, 

ri richid con-imdruine, 

ri febda firian fossud, 

rf rigfial* 'narigsossud. 
569 Ri roh6c, ri sen icein, 

ri rodelb nem imglangrein, 


ri nan-huile noeb corath, 
ri cairn, ri cain, ri cruthach. 

573 Ri dorigni nemthech necht 
doainglib centarimthecht, 
tir nan6eb, namac mbethad, 
clar find, fota, foriethan. 

577 Rosrethaig sosad, sid saer, 
fossad forethaib rig roen, 
cuaird chdin, glanna, crichid, gle, 
doaes amra athirge. 

581 Morf immarthus osintsl6g 
^ndm Dominus' Sabaoth, 
diacain uasdind, ior^tol sercc, 
ceol ceihri sanct find^r^et. 

585 Ri roordaig inclais chert 
na ceihri sanchi find fichet, 

[fo. 20 b. I.] 
cdin canait canthuj dontslog 
^nctus Deus Sabaoth. 

589 Ri fossud fial, febda, find, 
sid sossud, selbda, soenmind, 
lasfail tret nan-iian, nuall ngle, 
'm6n-Uan n-iiag nemlochtaigthe. 

593 Ri reil rohorddaig inn-Can 
iarsintsleib f^raimluad, 
cethrimili mac 'nandiaid, 
cethorcha ocus c^t glanriad. 

597 Crichid class, congloraib cnith, 
donah6gaib ceneilniud, 
canait ceol hgluair immalle 
indiaid indUain etrochtai. 

601 Comchoema, comluatha, gluair, 
iarsintsleib indiaid indUain, 
scribtha 'nangnuisib corath 
an-ainm isainm indAthar. 

605 IN ri rohordaig inguth 
donanemdaib fntinphiud, 
lethan, londgf^r, lathar ngle, 
ama/ tondg»r n-iluisce. 

609 No amo/ guth crot carait nuall, 
canait cennar^locht 16rmuad, 
linib lerthol uascer^raind, 
no ama/ nuall derm6r toraind. 

613 Ri bili bethad foablath 
slige frisrethad soergrdd, 
abarr, abroenrad cer^leith 
roleth darroemag richid. 

617 Forsasaid ind^nlaith dn, 
rongaib glerath cheol comlan, 
cenaurchra, corogud rath, 
dothorud no duilerad. 

631 Alaind indenlaith cothgaeib. 

* MS. cenimfi^rbat. 

* There seems a ponctam delens under, as well as over, the/ 
^ MS. domnius. 

C [ IV. 3- 1 



cer^en glermaith cet n-etteib,^ 
canait cenbet, cogleor gle, 
cet ceol carha oenheitte. 

625 Ri rogni m6r n-adba n-an, 
m6r ngnim cadla, c6ir, comlan, 
lam'rig rogmdr osce^^maig 
fil etch ollgrad cenesbaid. 

629 Fail leis secht nimi, nert n-uag, 
cengeis, cenbine findluad, 
imthalmain ^, tolaib tine, 
con-anmaimm cer^oennime. 

633 Aear, ethiar oscar^drung, 
OlimpuSy firmamentum, 
nem n-ViSce, nem n-ahgel n-uag, 
nem hifail Fiadu findmuad. 

637 Fil leis ilar n-amra hdrohgi 
fil mor n-adba cenimroll, 
fail lais ndi ngraid, cossar chaid, 
fail lais sosad cer^oengraid. 

641 Fail indechmad, grad con^h, 
censechnad * slan sil Adaim, 
d6ini foadoi tri'amnai trel, 
cotaoi Fiada findgel. 

645 Fail ann sid, fail suba sldn, 
cenguba, cenathchosan, 
fr/srethu sluaigi segda thuir, 
fail bethu buan bithsuthain. 

649 A fail domaith IdrhDia dil, 
dianoebaib innanoemtmb, 
nifail iarsetad naseis 
nech connf acetmad d'aisneis. 

653 Coimdiu conn ctchgradz, gluair, 
targ[ ] drong betha bithbuain, 
romsaera iarhdul acri cath, 
inri dorone inriched. 

Ri dorigni riched reil. 


657 "13 i dorosat nanoingrad 

Xv nimi fricumtach coemndr, 

foglanblad achrotha glain, 

friaadrad, fnaainnitin. 
661 Trigr^d doib, torainn glan, 

asnessu dochum talman, 

Ang^li frisretha seis, 

Archang^li, Uirtutes. 
665 P^/fxtates, oebind bla, 

ithe tri'graid medoncha, 

Principatus, bag centreis, 

ocus Domination's. 
669 Trigroid hisuachtarchom dib 

ifjrecnarcus indardrfg, 

Troni fnngsuide r'il, 

Hiniphin is Saraphein. 
673 IN dechmad grad, canar lib, 

censechnad slan sil Adaim, 

uasbith cenguasor^/ icri 

dodosruasat monaebrf. 
677 Ri rochoimsig nagrada 

cotoimsib cech degd&na, 

linib lianmag angnim cain, 

frian-iarair, frian-ainnitin. 
681 Secht ngrad ann, airegda ingnim, 

fr/asainsemla indardrfg, 

dogr^ss doib, cenchithu cruth, 

tnabithu coaairfitiud. 
[fo. 20 b. 2.] 
685 Dagrad dib, derbdu dalaib, 

fritorroma sil Adaim, 

fricech[c]angin ngnathmair nglain, 

Angil ocus ArchangeiL 
689 Angeil gl'glana, gnim cert, 

* e written over the a of aettaib.' 

MS. imtbalmaind. 

' MS. centechrad. 



dorcir D^ fritcchtairecht, 
indArchaihgil cenchaire, 
ith^ naoasaltechtaire. 

693 Uirtutes, nerta cer^than, 
fridenam nafirt findglan/ 
Potestates, delbda atlacht, 
atfebda fnTollomnacht. 

697 PrincipaUtfi blathi gne, 
friathi nahgnim cinte, 
D(Mninationes, n6ebda cnith, 
sluag soerda fW'smachtugud. 

701 Troni, dichraidiu corabrig, 
fiadri[g]suidiu indardrig, 
hilar shircanait ceol hgleir 
Hiruphin is[S]araphein. 

705 Crichid cenchrinhed inchlass 
fochanat riched rindmass, 
cliar gel fiTrmaig rind roalt 
nacethrisen find fichet 

709 Nosfreccrot na8l6ig slana 
doib conhettgat hilgrada, 
conidhed canthus inslog 
sancius Deos Saba6th. 

713 Ri rofoilsig dam, deilm^ n-an, 
ni dothoimsib nan-hilgrad, 
diasostaib saidbrib sluagdaib, 
dian-airbrib, dian-ilbuadaib. 

717 Dodeccr^ osbetha bann 
srethaib ilretha r^dann, 
caine mix g6o gr^ne, 
connaibe fochomgMre. 

731 Diafebsai aidchi huimle, 
diacennsai, diangnathchuibdi, 
diacainduthracht * cenchaire, 
diandeeircc, diatrocaire *. 

725 Diaslaine \ slicht cendochta, 

dian-dne, dian-etrochta, 
diacruth gle, coemda, glanna, 
diangne noebda n-adamra. 

739 Diasidaib, srethaib seolaib, 

diangnfmaib, diahglanche[o]laib, 
diamodaib amraib aildib, 
dian-aitdib, dian-ilarmib. 

733 Arim nan-angel innim, 
doreir arFiadat findgil, 
frilaidbsigud, derb ndana, 
iarfailsigud^ spirtalda. 

737 Nihed an-airim, amorl, 
Ifn acuire fochoemli, 
acht madlin intsluaig atraig 
icoemthecht car^rchaingi(I). 

741 A hoen, ad6, atrf trel, 
ado friu conidcuicfer, 
dacuicinr, iarhgairib gle, 
isshi indarim deichde. 

745 Dadeich derba, torainn tr/cc, 
tiagait hisincertfichit, 
ocitf trideich, triallait Wait*, 
iss^^ tiagait hitrichait. 

749 lArsintrichait, taidbret bf, 
doaidbet imut arf, 
cethrideich, iarslanaib smacht, 
isi inddrim cethrachat 

753 Coicdeich iarsreith sliucht f6nait, 
18^^ tiagait icoicait, 
scdeich, cengairim, cenacht, 
issed inddrim sescat. 

757 Secht hdeich hisechtmoga slan, 
ochi ndeich ochtmoga ollmar, 
nodeich innochait iarset, 
oc«j deich hdeich inglanchet. 

761 Deichcet inmili, mod m6r, 

' Or delm, if the dot under f b a punctum delens. ' MS. -chain-. 
* MS. -slaine. • iar is written as a correction over /ri. 

C 2 

• MS. diairtrocaire. 
• / is written over r. 



ocus deichmili inlege6n, 
deichlegeon dogres cachdia, 
issed tiagait hicuinia. 

765 Deichcunia, coleir ciagl^is, 
VB^d tiagait inmar^s, 
deichmares, miad milib bla, 
techtas coderb cat/nia. 

769 Decim cat/nia rochlds 
tiagait in-exercitiiS| 
deich[n]exerciti^, teanm Xra^ 
tiagait coderb inturba. 

773 Deicbturba derb nandrong nden, 
iss^^ tiagait in-agmfi», 
deich n-aigmfif angel gr<fid ngil 
icoemthecht car^archahgil. 

777 Fail secht n-archangliu innim 
laruiri richid rindgil, 
lacar^n-archangel foleith 
sechtAticli agm^ doahglib. 

781 ISh^sin innomad grad^ 
dor6nad fcmim noebndr, 
angel hgleglan cenmennar 
icoemthechtaib archangel, 
[fo. 21 a. I.] 

785 Na ochi grad cenmothd sin, 
dosr6sat Dia coderbden, 
achi mori r&ngle fomim 
nifail roairme 'an-4rim. 

789 Tuirmem friagairm fiadrig recht 
ainm na ceihrt fer ^nAfichtiy 
drohg duassach d*arbrib angel 
nan-uasal, nan-archangel. 

793 Gabriel, Michel, maith an-gmm, 
Raphiel, Panachel oebind, 
Babich^l, Raguel roclos, 
Mirachel, Rumel rigdos. 

297 Fafigialy Stt/vsagial sldn, 









Sarmichiel, Sarachel saergr<fd, 
Ur[i]el, Hermichel maith mass, 
Sarachel, Barachel bladbras. 
Lihigiel, Darach^l cenchol, 
Segiel, laSariel sairdron, 
Lonachel, Arabh^P tan, 
Stichiel, Gallichiel gleglan. 
Guidem doib, derb dfn cenmeth, 
arinrig rodelb riched, 
'mobethu cenchithu, cruth cain, 
triabithu 'nambithoentaid. 
Cibhe gabas cuit nSi hgrad 
etir iarmerge is tiugnar, 
rodmbia nem, nassad ndangen, 
imbithoentaid archangeL 
Datrian insein, sluaig roclos, 
robai innim rian-imarbos, 
atr/an huili, fotheidm thinn, 
dochuatar dochum n-Iffirn. 
Atethach, aChoimdiu cain, 
dom'fi^croid, dom'hessbadaib, ^ 
tabair dam dilgud hifi^ 
dom'ainblib, dom'aneolaus. 
Ciarobai doanble ar&d 
airmi aidbli nan-ilgrdd, 
anroradiitf, sonad sir, 
isdomolad mororfg. 
Cianobeth c^ tehgad hdron 
fnsirlabra cenairchron, 
nfaisneidfind tr/abithsfr 
c^tmad adamra m'ardrfg. 
A[r]druiri bdan betha bricc 
doruirmi car^luag sainglic, 
arcli, arnduasach, am-abb, 
inri huasal doruasat. 

Ri dor6sat nanoe[n]gr<fd. 

MS. darachel. 




833 A If oRf rigda oscar^th«r 
1 VX roraide friLuciphur : 
' biait f6t, feib dochangen ngelj 
airbri imdai archangel. 

837 ' Tabair uait ainnitiu iarsreith 
doAdom, dom'chomdelbaid, 
na n6i hgrad coibli gleir glain 
biait foimti fnVairitein/ 

841 ' Airmitiu d'Adam, nich^l, 
arimsiniu, nithib^r, 
ar badaimiul fiadcar^thur 
dianamthairbiur fons6sur/ 

845 Roraidi fns rf narind, 
aFiadu firen firfind, 
* nocotbia ainnitiu glan, 
darnatabrai reir d'Adam.' 

849 Roraidi Lucifiir leir 

aithesc hdiumosach hdrochceil : 
' bamri reil oscslcA caingin, 
fomgnifet indilaingil. 

853 ' Betit indangeil fomtrdg, 
dog^n f<£in mochomtocbdil, 
biam tigema oscer^druhg, 
nibia rf aile huasum.' 

857 Lucifer colin agroid 

rot[r]ascair achomthocbail, 
rotairinn adiummis^ tind, 
dorimmart dochum n-Iffim. 

861 Mili blia^a», mod hglanna, 
adfiadat nascribenna, 
ochruthad angel, gnim cert, 
conostarraid tarimthecht. 

865 Ruiri narind rdltai mdil 

targai dind domuin drechmair : 
niseng abrig osczck bla : 
ferr czch rig morf rfgda. 
Mori rigda oscar^ thur. 


869 13 i dorigni carcair cain 
Xv doLucifur, diademnaib, 
tir hdorcha hdub[ach] nddr hdrenn, 
ger, diani[d]comainm Iffern. 

873 Cathir grmnne, g\6nh cath, 
censlane, serb, sirechtach, 
aigthech, uamnar^, ilar mbrath, 
gaibthech, guamnar^, golpartar^, 

877 Buidni biasta, buiriud pian, 
ruibni riastroi frianriad, 
bddud, plagud, breud, bruth, 
tragud, largud, leod, loscud. 
[fo. 21 a. 2.] 

881 IMonmbeist mbuirr, bl6raid bcnn, 
ostuind truim, tolaib ilchend : 
duilgib drichnes fr/car^sluag, 
coruibnib riches roruad. 

885 Coic c// cenn frrcliartain tinn, 
coic c// fiaccail cechoenchind, 
c// lam, c// bass, indel nglaiss, 
c// n-ingen forcar^oenbaiss. 

889 Ilar thor hdoel, duba druihg, 
ilar cruma cael clenchruind, 
ilar cuan ng^r, ciasta, cerb, 
ilar mbiasta mbuan, mbelderg. 

893 Ilar \o8cmd Ian dogail, 
foralar icimsergain, 
(nczch imchuaird nacathrach, 
ilar nathrach n-imathlam. 

897 Ilar mbrothlach nambled mberg, 
nambiasta n-ochrach n-airderg, 
ilar ndelb hdomblas ahgal, 
ilar lonnbras leoman. 

901 Ilar lasrach lonn ceMleth, 
ilar casrach hgarbthened, 
ilar hdldm hdlomtha tuarcat, 
ilar hdorcha hdubluachat. 



905 Fail m6r domuirib^ moamdr, 
hlffim cotuilib tromthdr, 
friplagud nasluag siabar, 
rna[m]badud, fna[m]bithphianad. 

909 Muir ndubtem^, temel truag, 
muir hdaiged tened tromraad, 
muir mbren,muir tren,dengge dath, 
muir n^ m«ir neme natrach. 

913 INmuir serb suiges insluag, 
mor hdelb drubas fothromnualj 
incar^ haird fobr6n f lantach, 
gol mairg ocus m6rhiachtad. 

917 Hfttu, huacht ocm tess 

crintu, chdac, grandaib garbchess, 
sluag luath landub fe^ralar, 
cohglamrud, ra»-athchossan. 

921 Gdir %€x gr/bi, hfr isferg, 
fothair dfni hd^r hherderg, 
friahgrella cenchoibli ngle, 
sroigli tenna, teinntide. 

935 Acethair ceihorchai cet 
nisechmalat foroensh^t, 
failet fridaronad Diabuil, 
in-Iffum dohilphfanaib. 

939 Cianobeth cet mill fer, 
conatengthaib iarnaideib, 
oenphian dib, cobrath mbrudin, 
nichoemstais doderbthurim. 

933 Madnofail d'hilphianaib ann, 
in-Iffum huathmar imgann, 
lia natluibi formaigaib, 
no duili for fidbadaib. 

937 Fail ann rig nadrigda bes, 
gribda, gann, cetaib ilgMs, 
duairc, doer, dressachtach adrech 
cloen, cessachtach, cossaitech. 









* MS. domuraib. ' MS. tuainech ? 

* MS icraeslnc 

Crimnach, gruamnach, gnath ic- 

hirach, uarach, airbirech, 
ciar, cemalach, caras cath, 
dian, drenngalach, diumi/^ach. 
Engach, huaichlech, ilar crech, 
tedmnach, tuaimnech^ disceinm- 

gr/staig, craestuib, gronne agne, 
discir, doescair, dergnaide. 
Ri dorat tromdigail tind, 
forsluag n-anhettail n-Iffim, 
tniaga, t4na frigortai, 
buana, bana, bithbochtai. 
Anduili' cestait intsMaig, 
icrdesluch* Iffim adniaid, 
ciarombet c^t tengad dein, 
niaisneidfind fnm'aimsir. 
Adba n-Iffim, ilar phian, 
mairg bis f6crithfeidm comchian, 
glenn golmar, gann, gr<lne ali, 
morf rogmar dorigni. 

Ri dorigni carcair cain. 


Ri dorigni Pardus mblaith, 
cuairt' crichid, cobsaid, com- 
caintfr toirthech, digrms foss, 
dodainib rian-immarbos. 
Rf robennar^ bruig reid mblaith, 
Pardi^j frisuirded siergraid, 
iarcinniud car^thuir thogaig, 
con-immud cer^iltoraid. 
Col-ldinib loraib lubaib, 
comagib, comorbrugaib, 

» Sic, Read An huiU ? 
* MS. cuaird. 



coscathaib scoth f<9rcachmaig, 
conamblathaib bolordaib. 

973 Cocadius cainol roclos; 
con-ainius, con-aebinneos, 
r^'nabruig barrglas, bladmar, 
feidb tadbas babithsamrad. 

977 Bethrach, broeiuu*^, brogar^, bras, 
tir tethra^^, togar^, tonnglas, 

[fo. 21b. I.] 
saer saech[t]airthir, suthach srath, 
caem, cain, cetharchair ^ cruthach. 

981 Clar c6ir, cobsaid, ctimtaig dind, 
fal iriUya forsaid ferfind, 
isdfn caich, is mur mbroigthech, 
bithblaith, bithur, bithtoirthech. 

985 Sossad slaiiy suthar^, sid sder, 
fal fossud, fidach, firooeb, 
sreba sencha, selbcha sreith, 
cendrchra, cenimhesbaid. 

989 Mag maith, moinech, milib mind, 
doinech, daith, dinib derb dind, 
cosrethaib saidbrib seolaib, 
airbrib aidblib, ilch^laib. 

993 Rf roordaig innadail, 
topur indbordain forldin, 
astecat glaini crotha, 
cethrisreba sirsrotha. 

997 Snith d'fln, sruth d'ola', dal dil, 
snith loga lemnacht langil, 
^ruih maith mela, monar hglan\ 
frisasad nanoebamnan. 
1 00 1 Aimn foleith cer^srotha slain, 
cenchleith fnclotha coemdail, 
Fisson, Geon, cain cenlen, 
Tibris ocus Eufraten. 
1005 Fisson sair sires areim, 
Tibris siar siles slan^im, 
» MS. cetharchain. « MS. dfoU. 

Eufraten combuaid fodes, 
Geon fothuaid* dian dirges. 

1009 INdola sdir, iarslicht sldn, 
infin siar srethaib sirdal, 
inmil fodess, digrais buaid, 
inlenmacht sflas sairthuaid. 

1013 IMsoat, dosoat iarsain, 
dor^ir indrig donoebnim, 
cenmeth, cenditha, cenchais, 
cer^leth fochricha Pardais. 

1017 R(i foides enlaith n-en ndil, 
cenlen darr6endes richid, 
r(7canat ceola cenchais, 
beoda fobiliu Pardais. 

loai Docain coglerdaith cengreis, 
indenlaid cairn cenaithmeis, 
set sdire fr/riagla raith, 
cliara caine cet ceolmaith. 

1025 Cet dochetaib en iallaib, 
c^t n-itte, c// ceol cliaraib, 
mor cet ceol calad cencleith, 
gleor canar dorig richid. 

1029 Rf rodelb Pardos foali, 
ishe am-armdos airgdidi, 
dorat mur mor n-imme thenn^ 
di6r immaimthimchell. 

1033 Ri betha barrglais boirchich, 
ri Pardais con-iltoirthib, 
rodelb lanamain iartain, 
donahuilib anmannaib. 

1037 Ri doruasat Adam n-dn, 

fochruth cengtiasacht coemnar, 
r(7»grad, cenaml6s rochlos, 
hiPardos rian-immarbos. 

1041 fiai Adam tritrath centess, 
imbadud fograd glanches, 
f(?rtalmain tinn centreorud, 

• a written over ae, * MS. fathaid. 



cenanmain, ceninbeogud. 

1045 Bai corp Adaim tri'btrathaib, 
cenanmain fr/derbfathaib, 
frnindrad centr/st, delm hgle, 
icfigrad Crist d'esserge. 

1049 ISsmtresl6 iarnagein, 
rodelbad anim Adaim, 
iartoebthogud Criadin hdocht, 
cenoentogud fr/afirchorp. 

1053 Coroainmniged iarsain 
onacethri r^tglannaib, 
Archon, Dissis, rotdelb Dia, 
Anatole, Missi[mb]ria^. 

1057 Noimis 14na, lathar ndil, 
orohet Adam anmain, 
iarsliucht sruithi senchad sUn, 
corodelbad abanscal 

1061 Dianid comainm £ua dn, 
crichid, chorcorda, coemnar, 
dil, delbda*, toga' rainni, 
fotha febda firclainne. 

1065 Iarsain asraracht Adom 
assaSuan cenimgabud, 
confacca inmn&i, mfn adath, 
segda, suaichnid, sochnitar^. 

1069 Amal rodeccai aggnuis 

dosroega sechcar^ nderbduis, 
dorarngert df, eraim ngle, 
combad sainserc sochaide. 

1073 * IS orot rirfes cencleith 
each amathair 'saathair : 
ondiu triabithu, buaid nein, 
biaid cerAoen uainn* dit'ogr^ir.' 

1077 Ardruiri indroith, rigda ail, 
gargruide Cricroich coemnair, 

* [fo. 21 b. 2.] 
rofigli 'nacrf roclos, 
inrf dorignf Phardos. 

Rf dorigni Pardos mblaith. 


1081 73 ^ rorade aithesc nglan 
Xv friEua ocus friAdam, 
toirthi Parduis, bag cengeis, 
iartimnu De domeldais. 

1085 ' Aratoimlid frisid sdin 
toirthi Parduis, bolad niir, 
ile, uile, aurdaig rann, 
isdiles duib acht oenchrann. 

1089 ' Cofessabair bith fosmacht 
centniaigi, centochomrac, 
censnim, censaethar frisreith, 
cenaes, cenolcc, cenanim. 

1093 ' Cenchrine, cengalar cniaid, 
imbithbethaid combithbuaid, 
farhdul conem, nassad hgle, 
in-aes togach tr/chtaige.' 

1097 Mili bliadan, buadach gair, 
ocus se huara dohuaraib, 
cengoe, cengabud, roclos, 
robai Adum hiPard«x. 

I loi Dia artooir, derbait mail, 
rodelb cech cooir comlain : 
nitli tlaithcumtaig arcest 
im'f roraid imi-athesc. 

Ri rorade athesc hglan. 

• Comiptions of ^Aptcros, A^ts (i)Xiov), 'Ararokij, VLwfiiAfipia. Compare MS. Harl. 3362. fol. 7, 
cited by Kemble, Salomon and Satumus, p. 194 : 

Anathole dedit A, Disis D» contalit Arctos, 
£t Mesembrios M; coUtge, fiet ADAM. 
• MS. delba. * Written as a correction over torgy. • MS. nain. 




1 105 T)af(?nntech Diabul desin 
xJ friAdam conachlannaib, 
am-bith sunn cenlocht, luad hgle, 
'nacurp n-udg dochum nime. 

1 109 Nahuili anmanna icrf 
dodosrosat mon6ebrf ^ : 
friPardus imuich cenchad 
isAdom nosordaiged. 

1 1 13 INdtiair theigtis ascechcrfch 
sluaig suht nime 'monardrig, 
car^^anmanna corptha cain 
doticed dochum n-Adaim. 

1117 Cach dib assa airm corath 
foagairm ocus frfaadrad, 
doAdaum, balainn [injmod^ 
dothictis diaairfitiud. 

iiai Rosmachtastar Dia donim 
forsnahuilib anmannaib, 
atichtu ascer^leith cengreis, 
combitis ard[r]eich Parduis. 

1125 lArsain imsaitis f(?rdeis 

censil n-tiabair nahaincceiss, 
cach dib diaadbai coglan 
iarmbennachad doAdam. 

itap Bafeochair fdg, fichdb ell, 
inbeist imamnas, imchenn, 
ciachnith fogebaid fonim 
conair d'admilliud [Adim.] 

1153 Lucifer, lin cest hglanna, 
luid im-mesc nan-anmanna, 
*sintsluag £r<Tardus im-maich', 
conid ann fuair innathraig. 

1 137 'Nirbdimmain dobith im-maichV 
arDiabul frisinnathraig, 

' arthuaichle tricce, delm ngle, 
ardoglicce, arth'amainse. 

1 141 ' Bamor inguassacht 'sincol 
Adam huassot d'ordnigod : 
ossar nanduli ^ methlad, 
nibadchin duini amandrad. 

1145 'Orat noisichu &7'cath, 
toisechu rothuistiged, 
atgliccu asaimdil cer^cruth, 
nachat[t]airbir fondossor. 

1 149 ' Gaib mochomarle cenchess, 
denamm cotach iscarddes, 
coiste fadein frim'cheil nglain, 
ass ndteig dochum n-Adaim. 

1 153 < Tabair dam inad it'churp 
iarmodliged, iarm'intliucht, 
r(7ndechsam fogrfs ianhbia 
amdis adochom n-£ud. 

1157 * Aura[i]lem fuirri 'malle 
torud incrainn aurgairthi, 
coroheralasi coglan 
iarum inmbiad forAdam. 

1 16 1 ' Acht condechsat andis 'maid 
as dartimna atigemai, 
nisbia grad laDia ifi^, 
ticfait cenblath oPhardus/ 

1 165 'Cialuag nomtha fiadcar^thur,* 
arinnathir fnDiabul, 
*• arfailti duit im'churp chain 
cenna[ch]locht dom'chomaittreib ? 

1 169 ^ Arthreoir duit iar[s]et sain 
d'admilliud £ud isAdaim, 
ardul lat iarffr fr/greis, 
ciphe gnfm frisan-eirreis ?' 

1173 ' Caluag ismo dob^ duit 
feib ata meit armorhuilcc, 

^ MS. mon6embr{. ' MS. immuich. ' MS. immoich. * i written as a correction over a. 

D [ IV. 3. ] 



[fO. 2 2 a. I.] 

am-<Sentu ianhbes, iaribbruth, 
bid dogr^s arn-anmnigud.' 

1177 O fofuair adbai donbrath 
rosamlai indelb nanatrach, 
isf6il dodeochaid friToss 
iarcoir Farduis dondoros. 

1 181 Rogart indnathir im-maig: 
' indamchluini, ab^ Adaim ? 
deni, aEua chrotha cain, 
sechcdch cena m'acallaim/ 

1185 'Nimhuain fnacallaim neich/ 
arEua frisinnathraig : 
' itu icfrithalim im-mach 
nan-anmanna n-indligtech/ 

1 189 ' Massathd indEua roclos 
cocld frifeba hiPardos, 
ben Adaim alainn nadchres, 
furri alim molanles/ 

1 193 < INtan nadbi Adam hifos 
isme chometas Phardos, 
cenchess, amil blaith banna, 
dognim less nan-anm[ann]a/ 

1197 ' Ciaheret teit Adam uait, 

cialeith focheird achainchuaird, 
tan nadbi fnliudir ifos 
frithalmi intsluaig iPardos ? 

1 201 ' Fofacaib lim, lith nglanna, 
frithalim nan-anmanna, 
intan teit foglanblad cenmeth 
fadein d'adrad inChomded. 

iao5 *Ail dam ni d'athchomarc huaitV 
arindnathir ch6el comsuairc*, 
' uair isglandil dochial chain, 
aEuiy aandeir Adaim ! ' 

iao9 * Cibhed imraidi dorad 

nichomcraidfe, amil mindndr, 
* Written as a correction over ior\. 

isderb nibadoirchi \{us 
sloinnfi duit iarndiutii^j/ 

1 2 13 ' Abbair frim, a£ua dn, 
feib donrala fricomrad, 
lasinflaith farmbretha ifos 
inmaith formbetha iPardos?' 

1 21 7 'Condechsam cenlocht iarsreith 
innarcorp dochmn richid, 
nichuingem flaith bfsmo if«x 
nanfil domaith iPard^x. 

1221 ' Cech fia [ ] feib roclos 
dosrossat Dia hiPardos, 
acht oenchrann uili cencleith, 
ata dfdu forriaguiL 

1225 ' H^ dodilsig ddn Dia dil, 
amil banna bdnamail, 
Parditf fridonad adruing 
acht madtorad indoencraind. 

1229 'Lecid incrannsa coglan, 
rofuacart damsa is d'Adam, 
torud craind gairb darmogair 
bethi mairb diandessabair/ 

1233 'Ciabethi commeit ftviiibla, 
tiisu isAdam, a£ua, 
ni f(?rgliccu, a choem, glanna, 
inda oen nan-dnmanna. 

1237 'Cia beith slog m6r foib im-mar^, 
istr6g nif(7m-intliuchtach : 
anuz/ Qtch n-anmanna mbor[b] 
isamlaid ataid fr/oenord. 

1241 ' Nocorrubai forlaith lain 
cuht mad maith aoenur&n, 
uair natarfaid duib ni d'ulcc, 
ismessaiti fom-intliucht 

1245 *IS mor fom-essbaid imgaes, 
ata Dia icfortogdes, 
tan is d'oencraunn maidis uilc 
* Written as a correction over chatot. 



nadleic duib ni dothormailt 

1349 'Aire arrancas incrann ngdr 
isheire nachalecar ddb, 
deochair et[er] maith isolcc 
conaraib accaib d'intliucht. 

1253 ' Nabdat dolam, eirg doncrminn 
diafromad imm6enubull9 
dechair eUr olcc ismaith 
rotbia codocht ondardflaith/ 

1257 'Cidmaith fintliucht, erim ngle, 
cid l&n raith dochomarle, 
dul cosincr^mn nilamur 
arbith arnahdrbalur. 

ia6i 'Tair, anathir, fein doncrounn, 
ocus tuc de oenubuU, 
acht cotora int-ubull dam 
rannfat etrom isAdam. 

1265 ' Rofessammar fiadcarAdruhg 
<uht condessamar inn-ubuU, 
doscel cenhfr, erim hgle, 
dus inflr mar atbeire.' 

1269 'A £ua solus cengeis, 
hoslaic r6m dor»f Parduis, 
cenlen acht coros innunn, 
dob^r donchraunn inn-ubull.' 

1273 ^Ciaoslac rot teis innonn 
donchraunn ciab^ra uboll, 

[fo. 22 a. 2.] 
nibia iuirech ior\. hif»x 
dothairisem hiPardus.' 

1277 'Acht dob^r inn-ubull duit 
dodeochair maith ocus uilcc, 
cennach[loch]t doreg im-mach 
manimthair cacht na cumrech.' 

J 28 1 Rooslaic £ua foclith 
indorus riasinnathraig : 
cennachcith luid, nirbumall, 

^ MS. rotsaraid. 

forarith cosinn-oencrann. 

1285 Dofuc £ua inn-ubull n-tiag 
dondabaill) bascel n-imthniag, 
dofuaid £ua aleth, nirbuglan, 
roleic inleth n-aill d'Adam. 

1289 Ri rothraith drohg Iffim [ ] 
rosglafd focrithfeidm comtruag, 
rogail cedsaithrach tr/chath 
infail faebrach baf(7rmtech. 

Ba formtech Diabul disein. 




shunn dua[i]d £ua foleith 
leth indubuill aurchotig, 

roclaemclai elf, lethansmacht, 

dorochair di acoemthlacht. 
1297 £ua fr/tindrad cenlocht, 

baingnad abith imnocht, 

rosgab crAh grdic, cenchruth nglan, 

coroleic guth f^rAdam. 
1301 Fogairm £ua, feib rodlecht, 

dodechaid cenfrithuidecht, 

Adam fein cenae, cenlocht, 

confacca amnai lomnocht. 
1305 ' Noconalaind maratai,' 

arsd, arAdam, friadagmnai, 

' cid ardotralaid hicacht ? 

cia rots&raig^ 'motnoebthlacht?' 
1309 'Nochonep^ rit insein, 

amothigerna, aAdaim, 

coragba huaim, cenhuath hgle, 

coluath leth indubuillse.' 
1313 O rogab Adam cenclith 

leth indubuill aurchotig, 

rofacaib athlacht centhucht 

corabe fesin lomnucht. 
1.^17 *Ti* rotbrathaig, aben baith, 
» Sic. Read a? 

D 2 



rotrathaig narbsat ffrgaeth ? 
donrat fnsnim saethraich s^is, 
rotbaithig, rombaethigeis.' 

1331 ' Nathir iarffr, feib roclos, 
gaid dfm atichtu iPardos, 
iartichtain df sunn tuc de 
ubull doncraunn aurgairthe. 

1325 * Atrubairt rim iarsein sunn : 
' aben, geib uaim inn-ubull, 
madail duit cofesser olcc, 
ar[na]bad essel t'intliocht/ 

1339 'A £ua, afiss madail duit, 
dechair maith^ ocus morhuilcc, 
geib inn-ubull[sa] caem, nglan, 
raind etrut ocus Adam. 

1333 ' Rogabitfsa huad innsain 
ubull cosinjnthorgain, 
huair ndfetar ciardt olcc 
cofacca mobith lomnocht. 

1337 'IMthegind siar ocus sair, 
forfemdinn athimargain, 
niblaith, bahingnad nth rois, 
rofaid fofidrad Pardois. 

1341 * Nathir rong&el, garb agroph, 
donrat frisaeth tnaaslach, 
dochdin rochind agnim cain, 
abreic ronmill, aAdaim.' 

1345 ' A Eud, conhilur glonn, 
nimanjacamar th'uboll, 
isreil f^mn feib atam nocht 
r(?iidrancamar frt amorolcc. 

1349 * Ata ni ismessu de tra : 
scarthain cuirp ocus anma, 
corp lobtha hitalmain tind, 
isanmain dochum n-Iffim/ 

1353 Huair dorochair dib atlacht 

rosUn truaigi istocomrac, 
duairc leo dochraid acuirp gil, 
cenfial hglan dian-imditin. 

1357 R^il dochach dib dath achuirp 
oforfacaibthi glenuicht : 
arscath af(£ile, fuam hgle, 
tucsat duilli nafiche*. 

1361 Nifrith fnligthorba ndul 
acht indficomna ahoenur, 
fid fann iPardis^ corath 
nzch crann f(?rsm-beth duilirath. 

1365 Cocuala Adam hitrial 
angel coarad friGabrial : 
* seint^r lat cocoir comn hgle, 
coroa agloir fo secht nime. 

1369 ' Heirgid huili congraid glain 
hicomdail fnarhDulemain, 
combdaid fngnfm dangen ndil, 
sldaig angel do secht nimib. 
[fo. 22 b. I.] 

1373 * Tinolaid f(?rsluagad slan, 
nibahuathad forcomdal, 
r^dechsaid cogle rochlos 
hicoemthecht Dd doPhardos/ 

1377 lArsain doluid inrf rdad 
doPhardf^ conamorsluag, 
remi codangen cenchol 
class aihgel iccoc^tol. 

1381 Dessid hiruphin iarfir 
bahe rigsuide indardrig, 
im-med6n Phard[uis] corath, 
inbale hffail crann bethad. 

1385 Rosemad etch sluag iarsreith 
ctchgradi gluar conaairbreib, 
ocus dessid morf reil 
fodessin forhiruphein. 

* There is a horizontal stroke over h. 

* Written as a correction over palme. 



1389 DcUid* ind[f]idbad forlar 
Parduis frifidrad fonnram, 
rostairbir adduiri den 
arairmitiu aDuleman. 

1393 * INcualabarsi coglan 
ingnim dorigni Adam, 
adula, cenidna hglan, 
darm'thimna, darm'f(7rcetal ? 

1597 Dodechaid each dib f(7rleth 
iscdth inchrainn f(7rteched, 
con-erbairt guth D^ donim : 
' nimaith romba, aAdaim I' 

1401 Roraid Adam, erim n-iiag, 
friDia aaithesc n-erthniag : 
' marosdrugi!^ dosmacht 
moben forom roaslacht' 

1405 Atb^rt Dia d'Adam coglan : 
' dochin huair nachatamar, 
dog^nat doclanna iartain 
dogr^ acin d'imresain. 

1409 ' Diambad athirge dogn^th 
Adam con-immud achndd, 
dodilgfitis do cogl^ 
achinta doridise. 

1413 Forfbrcongart fein fofeib 
inflaith feig fcTraaihgleib : 
* curid Adam cengnim nglan 
aPharditf dochum talman.' 

141 7 Lotar indaihgil iarsain 
dodlomad £ua isAdaim, 
dograig domma frigorta, 
lobraig lonna lomnochta. 

1421 Gaid Adam doib arf(?rc]u : 
' anaid firim, anoebaingliu, 
comblassind riandul im-mach 
ni dothorud croinn bethad.' 

1435 ' Anfamit frit, monuar baV 

> MS. DclUg. « d written 

arsluag angel fr/Adam : 
' istruag linni fiadcachthur 
an-dorinni Luciphur/ 

1439 ' INdamchluine, aDe dil, 
arth'anglib, arth'archahglib ? 
indeonaigi dam triarath 
ni dothorud croind bethad? ' 

1433 'Ni blasfi torad inchraind 
bethad fnlolad mordruing, 
hed beit 'mole fogr/s grihn 
an-dis dochorp ist'anim. 

1437 Rosbade atol tnafroiss, 
rosplage bal immarbois, 
roslfn ciabair granne cath 
iarum oshunn doduad. 

O shunn duaid £ua foleith. 




i rorddi, eraim nglan, 
friEua ocus friAdam : 
< dochuabair huaim darmorecht, 
nipta ni dom'deolaid^r^. 

1445 ' Eirgcid imbethaid mbdethraig, 
seirgthig, snimaig, sirsaethra^; 
toirsech, tr6g, cenf iala fos, 
forbia log fam-imarbos. 

1449 ' Forclanna, ftvmeic, fonnna, 
fogniat duib car^oenlaa, 
noc[h]osta maith, monar hden, 
conosti alltff forhdcen. 

M53 *IMmad n-ohg[g]alar fortd, 
scarad cuirp oo^janma, 
snim octtxsaethar cerAthan, 
des ocus crfni chrithlam. 

1457 'Frithalid* aslach' Diabuil 
ceMlaithi cer^oenbliadain, 
nachforfuca lais diathig, 

over «. • ch written over ig. 



dochum n-Iffi'r/f adhuathmiir. 

1461 ' Fomgnimrada diamatglain 
iarm'thimnaib, iarm'f(?rcetlaib, 
dolvrthar nem, noithech cruth, 
dochach iamachainairliud.* 

1465 Ri richid rdnmair, nisuail, 
ri betha blddmair bithbuain, 
nitlaith aglegraim cechtan, 
ri roraid, ^raim n-erglan. 
Ri rt^raide, ^raim nglan. 

[fo. 22 b. 2.] 
1469 T^ i doridnacht talam tlacht 


doAdaum iarnathannthecht, 
nirbo dfmdach doDfa dein 
manbad airc[hjra diaaimsir. 

1473 Bdi Adam sechtmain ifos 
iarnathathchor aPardos, 
friloirsi centein, centech, 
cendig, cenbiad, cenheted. 

1477 Hdair rombatar imbochtai 
dochilatar in-huachtgortai ; 
mor doimaithbeur^ incachthan 
bdi tXjtr £ua isAdam. 

1481 'A £ua choir crotha cain, 
artroig tra dot'impartain, 
fuarlr, ronlad aPardos 
triat'inignim, triat'iromarbos. 

1485 'ISmor forfacsam domaith 
orochradsam am-ardflaith, 
Pardftf ronbai fogairmglain, 
conahuilib airmitnaib. 

1489 *• Oetiu, failti diSn roclos, 
slainte, aine, oebinneos, 
bruigi balthai, glannai cruth, 

» MS. -f<fur. » MS. nosodhord(aig)e(d) 

lubai amrai, airfidud. 
1493 < Sassad saeri, sid slan sain, 
nassad noibi d'anmannaib, 
aithbi derrit, hilar ndd, 
cobrai menic fr/'aihgliu. 
1497 ' Bithbethu ianhbes iorY^i deis 
dogrds imbrugaib Pardais, 
ir-robatar fogne chain, 
duile De 'coam-airmitein. i 
1 501 ' NahuOi anmann fonim 
dosrossat moDia derbdil, 
f(?rgrAm oscar^dinn condath 
issind nodosordaiged '. 
1505 'Nfnioiscfed tene, delm ngle, 
ocus ninbaidfed (usee), 
nafaebur ff dim, met gal, 
nateidm, nacredemgalar (?) 
1509 ' Nibai doddilib De dil 

duil nothiss^^ fri'armenmain, 
innim natalmain diarcur, 
acht int-angbaid • Lucifur. 
15 13 'Cid Lucifur, linib sess, 
nichoemnacair am-amless, 
cein bamar forecht, reim ngle, 
iartimnu, (arfomgaire. 
15 1 7 'Huair rosdraigsem Dia dil 
dorat diin nahuilisin, 
oscachdinn car^duil 'maid 
atat frinn* hicotarsnai. 
1521 ' NiDia robolochtach rind, 
aEua chorcra caemfind, 
issinn rosdraig inflaith, 
ciarontdraig diabithmaith.' 
1535 Rordid £ud, arbai hicacht, 
hitruage iartarimthecht : 
' aAdaim amrai oscar^maig, 
cid narAa[m]marbai im'chintaib? 

'MS. intangbaig. ^ MS. frim. 



1529 'ISme dochoid darsinsmacht, 
isme doroni intarmthecht : 
coir duit momarbad dishain, 
amothigerna, aAdaim I 

1533 * Acht cotorchrorsa, delm cert, 
im'chinaid, im'tharimthecht, 
mote dogentar cogle 
frrt odoDia trocaire.' 

1537 * IS lor rochrdidsem indrig/ 
ars^, arAdam, cendimbrig, 
' aben, nfden fingail f(7rt, 
ciabea ingortai, ciamtoebnocht. 

1541 ' Nihimmer molaim, luad neim, 
fi^nn'fuil xizch form'feoil fodein, 
cidmor dolocht, linaib gal, 
isdom'chorp forcoemnacar. 

1545 ' Nocochoir duin asnarAmud. 
atherruch dia athsargud, 
nademai infirflaith, aben, 
arndibad, arldndilgen[n]. 

1549 ' Nddechsam huaid huidi cfan 
lademnu ifudomnaib pian, 
nar^arndilsi Dia dochur 
dorisi doLucifur. 

1553 ' Nifail maith foarhdalaib/ 
arsi, arEua, 'aAdaim, 
cenetach dmi, centech te, 
cenbiad atbelam gorte. 

1557 ' Ronb&e biad, ronbai tlacht, 
c^in bamar centarimthecht, 
iartarmthecht ddn isiarhdial 
nlcharfail tlacht no dagbiad. 

1 56 1 ' A fir, cuiri cuaird cenmeth 
iars^t suairc f(7rcar^noenleth, 
di^ infogebtha fr/feis 
dobiud diin nf domelmais/ 

1565 Rola Adam cuaird col^ir 


hifocus, in-etercdin, 
nifuair ni dobiud badglan 
fodiud achi lubai intaiman. 
[fo. 23 a. I.] 

1569 Lubai intalmian, glas andath, 
biad nan-anman n-indligtech, 
nidadtlaithi dun fr/Teis 
ianhbiadaib blaithib Parduis. 

1573 * A Eu4 denam cogle 
pennait buan isatheirge, 
corglamnais fiadrig narecht 
|ii diarcintaib, diartarmtecht' 

1577 'Dena mothinchosc dishain, 
amothigemai, aAdaim, 
hdair nar^fetar fiad car^rainn 
cinnas dognfther pennaind. 

1 581 'Dena mothinchosc coMir 
iarth'intliucht, iardoglanch^il, 
nadem i€\Vi iorcroA narAthur, 
naraib f(?rm essbaid d'oenmud. 

1585 ' Adram incoimdid 'mole 
hitoe, cenchomlabraeS 
eirggsiu isruth Tigir trdn, 
isragsa isruth n-Iordandn. 

1589 * Trila trjchat, torainn ndil, 
dobith duitsiu isruth Tigir, 
m^sse in-Iordandn fosmacht 
secht la caine cethrachat 

1593 ' Beir let lice clochi cobsaid 
fot'suidi, fot'choemchossaib, 
corucsa limm lice n-aili 
fochumma, fochosmaile. 

1597 'Coraig incloich isintsruth, 
dena fuirri fothrucud, 
batuicse ama/biae comblait 
coriae int-usr^ dobragait. 

1601 *Thofolt scailti cer^cruth cenmeth 




iarsinsruth forcar^n-o^nleth, 
bi hitost fr/snim sneid sain, 
dorosc f<£ig fri'sna nemdaib. 

1605 ' Suidig dodalaim cer^thrath 
fr/mirig nime noe ngrad, 
guid iarfirdul ciab^ hitoss 
imdilgud dot'immarbos. 

1609 * Nidarglain d'acallaim D^ 
iartannthecht, iam-ihglaine, 
amidat gle6ir glethig gle 
anhb^oil ethcich elnide. 

161 3 ' Aitchem nahuili dull 
rodelb Dia triaglanrtini, 
corguidet lenn rig narecht 
imdilgud diartarimthecht. 

161 7 'Deni inchnithsain dom^maith, 
ocus attaig infirflaith : 
cororcoemchinni cogle, 
nitgluase, nitchumscaige/ 

1 6a I Secht la cethrachat cenl^n 
d'Adaum isruth lordandn, 
trila trtch^i d'Euai dil 
hisniammaib srotha Tigir. 

1625 Aingeil De cachld donim 
oDia dothorromu Adaim, 
diafercetal feib roddet 
cocenn not laa ndeec. 

1639 Rogaid Adam hitgi thren 
mum forsruth n-Iordan^n, 
cotroisced lais f<7rDia hdil 
conahuilib hilmilaib. 

1653 Tarrasair insruth 'nathoss 
diaremim, diaanforos, 
inrigsruth diarith roan, 
cotarddad dilgud d'Adam. 

1637 lArsin targlammair insruth 
ccf^mfl beo bdi 'nacnsluch, 

» MS. 

Ifn acuiri cruth rosgab 
combatar huili imAdam. 

1641 Rogadatar diblinaib, 
Adam, sruth is ilmilaiS 
truag rofersat annual n-dn 
fr/sluag n-dag na ndi noebgrad. 

1645 Corguiditis leo cenchlith 
nahuili grada aCoimdid, 
cotardad Dia dilgud hglan 
cennach hdibdud doAdam. 

1649 Gadatar Dia cotasgeib 

nanoi[n]grada co[n]an-airbreib, 
imdilgud d'Adaum hif»x 
diagdbud, diaimmarbt^ . 

1653 Dorigni Dia aragradaib 
slandilgud cinad Adaim, 
con-aittreib thalman cer^than 
cofmtTa nallglan noebiiasal. 

1657 Ocus rodilig iarsain 

diachlannaib, diachinedaib, 
acht inth^ natibri cert, 
t^is darreir hDe in-anrecht. 

1661 Marrochuala Demun dub 
dilgud dothabairt d'Adaum, 
' ragsa iarfebai cogl^ 
dochum n-Euae dorise. 

1665 ' Conostuc astsruth triathlds, 
comsmoM nth f(7rbds, 
corobadur ni diamud 
'moacrabud dochumscugud/ 
[fo. 23 a. 2.] 

1669 Doluid Lucifer luath laind, 
inf&il feochair firthuachaill, 
mar hela ir-richt ahgil gil, 
coEua dosruth Tigir. 

1673 Roraid ria int-angel rosmert 
darlia, badiaairchisecht : 




^ a£ua rial crotha gil, 
isclan atdi israth Tigir. 

1677 ' A ben, ciarbogle dochnith, 
rochoemcldis gai 'singarbsnith, 
cennar^ ihbr% mblddbrais rofeis 
rotmarbais^, rotmudaigeis. 

1 68 1 'A ben, tair ardoDia ass, 
nabi nf sia istsruth amnas : 
dori mad romfdid fi^rfecht, 
uad t&nac dot'tairchissecht' 

1685 lArsain tic £ai asintsnith, 
bai fortir cotinnngud, 
dosfdnic n^l iars^tsain 
cotannairt h^ cenanmain. 

1689 Nihaithgen £ua cogle 
Lucifer linib hilgne, 
donbanscail febdai bd hire*, 
bde amenmai icumtabairt 

1693 ' A Eua, cid amotgeib ? 
ismor dogni d'imrateib : 
cucut glethdnac donim 
lafomgairi De derbdil. 

1697 ' Tiagum ass dochum n-Adaim, 
aben, ndbi ichildalaib, 
gadamar huili Dia ndil 
imdilgud duib fc^cintaib.' 

1 70 1 lArsain dochuatar cotr^n 
corice sruth n-Iordan^n, 
coAdam, huastreba tor, 
Eua dn is Ludfor. 

1705 Marrodeir(c)e Adam astsruth 
forEua, for Luciliir, 
rohgab crith, balan dogail, 
rol-lin groin gnuisi DiabuiL 

1709 ' Monuar, aEud fechtai, 
rotmera dothuicthechtai, 

fer thdnic lat forfecht foss, 
ish^ rotmert hiPardos. 

1 7 13 * A Eua truag» centucht ndil, 
cid dotfuc osruth Tigir, 
cenforhgaire rig rechta, 
cenaiigd nglan coemthechta?' 

1717 Maratchuald Eud insain, 
reba adchosain Adaim, 
dosfuit f(?rlar, luid is-sds, 
isbec nadechaid dianbas. 

1731 'A Lucifeir, a Demuin, 
cid 'moatai diarlenamuin ? 
rongailaigeis, clan roclos, 
ronbaithaigeis hlPardos. 

1725 ' O roscarsatar arcuir 
nachari^n, a Lucifuir : 
triat'chuimleng itdm hicacht, 
nichuingem dochomaitecbt 

1739 'Nisinn rogab domaithiwj, 
n6 rotchuir ot'firflathiitf, 
nisinn rothimgair fochlid 
dochor dodindgnaib ricfaid. 

1733 'Nisinn rogab nasosta 
batar font, ahanfosta 1 
nisinn rotscar friVshiaga, 
firit'cheolu, frit'hilboadu. 

1737 ' Nisinn dotrat fochairib 
ofbrdigib, ot'monnaigib, 
r^wdatfil fodeUb DiabuU 
triabithu fobithphianaib. 

1 741 'Nisinn fotragluais donim, 
ahanbhuais! triiM^imresain : 
nisinn rotscar friVgnim cain, 
nisinn rogab th'ainnitin. 

1745 'Nisinn rotla ot'soillsib^ 
fotrochess ot'm6rchoimsib^ 

^ MS. rotmtnnais. 

* MS. hairc, but with a dot under the a. 

B [ IV. 3. 1 



dadotfail fodein toimdig 
imbithphein, imbithdorchib. 
1749 * Dochumthocbail frlrig recht 
iarflr dotrat in-amnert, 
fofuarais mor doduilgi 
triat'diummitf, tr/at'anhuiinli. 
1753 * Cidt^i diarfagail hif«x 
hu&ir dorralaid oPhardttf, 
ronsldtais 'moarmbethaid nglain, 
donrdtais icomrarcain/ 
1757 'INcuman lat, a Adaim, 
nafuarus d'ulcc fotdagain ? 
mochur domaig nimi nair, 
mabith fothrdaigi digrmd. 
1 761 'INcuman lat, aAdaim, 
nafudrus d'ulcc ro[t]dagain ? 
mochur acomgnais angel 
in-hlffem nddr hddirdahgen. 
1765 ' INcuman lat, aAdaim, 
nafuarus d'ulcc foddagain ? 
mochur fochrithdelm chaire 
in-Iff<fnf cet ngolgaire. 
[fo. 23 b. I.] 
1769 'INcuman lat, a Adaim, 
nafuaritf d'ulc foddagain ? 
mochor aflaith Fiadat find 
itir sianbrat siriff/'m. 
1773 * INcuman lat, aAdaim, 

nafuart^ d'ulcc tr/at'dagain ? 
mobith fochiabair cengrad 
fodeilb Diabuil, fod6ermam. 
1777 ' INcuman lat, aAdaim, 
nafuaruf d'ulcc fo[t']d&gain ? 
niraba cenchith, cenchath, 
onl6 rodattuistigad* 
1781 ' Trdag [a] Adaim dodigail 
trfat' digain diin diblinaib, 
dochursu abrog Pharduis bil, 

ismochursa donaebnim. 

1 785 ' Adfiasa duit cenbr^c mbrais, 
orsam heolar^ set senchais, 
f(f ib leir donralad donim, 
missi ocitf tiissu, a Adaim. 

1789 'Diatarat Dia tinfed hglan 
dochum dochuirp ftalam, 
rodelgnad fr/car^duil tind 
inld rodelbad t'anim. 

1793 ' Diarotchruthaiged cogl^ 
fochosmailitff deilbi Dd, 
dian-erbrad iriozch hduil ndil 
cotiss^^ dot'airmitin. 

1797 ' Diarf&id Dia Michel donim 
cucut sechcach, dAdaim, 
conotruc foglanblad glan 
doadrad inDuleman. 

1801 ' O r'adrais rig narecht rinn 
Fiadait ffr f(7roll ioAxsA 
roidpart Dia car^ hduil dein 
tr/bithu frit'airmitein. 

1805 ' Diarf6ed Dia Michd car^dd 
con-ahgliu, con-archangliu, 
cotistais cenmerbi mod 
doadrad adeilbiseom. 

1809 ' Diarfaid Dia Michel, isaod hgle, 
dochur cuarda secht nime, 
cotuc nCi noebgraid inraith 
in-oendail cosinfirflaith. 

1813 • Roraid Michel fnm iarffr 
cotissainn d'adrad indrig, 
cenfuirech,*cenchoised cath, 
combad me toisech tissad. 

1817 * lArsain dodecad fodeoid 
laf(7rhgaire maith Mich^il, 
cotarrasar fom'niab glan 
hifiadnaissi inDuleman. 

18a I ' Rorddi rinn inri rdn : 


' cluinid alucht nanoingrdd I 
labraid uaib ainnitiu gUn 
dom'chomdeilbsi, doAdam.' 

1815 ' Roraid Miche) frisinrig 
atbesc firen cen dimbrfg : 
* c6ir docac^gmd cocnith chain 
dochomdelbsu d'ainnit^ii.' 

1819 'Radimse f>7'Di[a] asmothas 
athesc feochair firamnas : 
' nacb b^ Adam, berim iigle, 
6ssar nandille n-ulle ? 

1833 ' IN c6ni insinser iarsreith 
dodul d'adrad itits6sair, 
r6 ins6sar, cendalbad ndil, 
iscb6ir d'adrad inUinsir ? 

1837 * Roraid tn'an intsluajg cogle, 
eWangle igarchangle, 
roforgetlsat lladcarAthur, 
'isftr forsta Luciiiir.' 

i8^t ' lArsain rorade guth D^ : 
'cluinte, a Lucifuir cogl^ I 
bidhe intsosar basbaasal 
cein beosa 'coadinduasad.' 

1845 ' Ciachfasat lucht noengmd cain 
diaainnitnigud Adaim, 
niragsa d<S, digrois cnith, 
buair imsiniu bituist^d. 

1B49 * Romla fochetoir donim 
Dfa, triat'chinaid, aAdaim, 
iarfrithtuidecht damsa amne 
&-/athimna, {^■[ajfonigaire. 

1S53 'U^ n&demsam cuibdi ngH 
nabuimli fnafomgaire, 
ronriid Ifn aisluaig [ ] siiig 
cenbuaid indochum n-Iffirn. 

1857 'A Adaim, ciabadhe doddis, 

nimmanfacamar dogndis, 
triat'chinaid ronlad coglan 
donimib docbum talman. 

I ' lArsain tarrasarsu hifos 
daram-^ssine biPardos, 
basomnech duit asca^ Acnith . 
manitissfi/ cumscugud. 

S ' Rothacriu cog^r iarsain 
tren dorat»f domenmain, 
missi hiplangubaib fc^r^, 
litfisu iiigrtanbragaib Parduis. 
[fo. 33 b. ».] 

9 ' Amrubart brec cofoigli 
fnl fein, frit'mnai codailbi, 
igmaith amrorfKr moguj 
cowabtorlus aPharda/. 

J ' Atb«rim fM aithesc ndron, 
ancondDfis d'ulc is d'herchot 
innim, bitalmain iaitiun, 
igfiit dogen, aAdaim. 

7 'Mannerat caf Atii 'si[n]biuth 
imdochlaind, imdocfainiud, 
icalhaib garbaib cenchleith, 
ifigalraib, itedmannaib.' 

It O rofereal aiigriss figlain 
andfss ocan-imressain, 
dofuargaib Adam astsruth, 
Tofdid uddaib Lucifur. 

)5 Bdi Adam iarsain cogl£ 
bliadfUQ forbniig betba' ce, 
cennech n-aili, foendul feb, 
acht se oenur 'sa 6«nbea. 

89 CentOTud tren, delm nglanna, 
atht f^r, cuit nan-anmanna, 
ccnbiad, centenid, centecb, 
cennds, cenchecri, cenb^tach. 

> MS. bethad. 
B Z 



1893 Ocool VKui dabois builid, 
dodig {sic) f(?rsnaglasluibib, 
hifoscadaig nacr^nn hglan, 
inhuamaib tirmaib talman. 

1897 Rue £ui gein, c&in inb^t, 
fochetoir rogab hitntheohti 
maith atreoir trebair diathreib 
icbuain indii^oir diaathair. . 

1901 Fristoimsidir dath aball 
soillsidir 6en naredann, 
builid, ballda, blddmar, bras, 
badba, feochair, fframnas. 

1905 * ISmaith robai Dia rind, 
a hEua fossad, herfind I 
rombdi mor domgdes hif«x 
triabdes nar^ dotromarbiKf.' 

1909 Rogart Adam ainm diamac, 
CaYn^ garb, cr6da, comnart ; 
ranlin mebul ocus brath, 
duine dremun, discaiheach. 

1913 O roairchis Dia fodeoid 
doAdam ichithi inditoir, 
crichid imroraid coglan 
ismithig cobair d'Adam. 

1917 Foidis Dia Michel, m^hglan, 
donim dochum natalman, 
coinbr% car^thoraid [ ] dil, 
is cosflaib ^csamlaib. 

1931 Cotart doAdam iarsreith 
friadanad carAsil sdindleith, 
iscor'thinchoisc d6 cogle 
ordugud natrebaire. 

1935 Rosdechraig d6 iorVxcc glain 
car^luib tncc ticc triathalmain', 
'sna huili aidmi corath 
batardaingne fntrebad. 

1939 IS rothaiselb 66 iartain 

' Here and elsewhere I have placed a diaeresis 

etch mil beo bdi f<7rtalmain, 

' dena fr/t'fognam coglan 

andomnad, andegdamnad.' 
1933 Secht mbliadna iarsain cogl^ 

coruc Eud gein n-aile, 

doAdam, bacain ingial, 

mac diarbochomainm Abial. 
1937 Togaide De, torum hgle, 

duine firien, firfuirbthe, 

robai iarcomram De dil 

icfognam diathuistidib. 
1941 ' Dothar&s aslingge dam/ 

arsi, arEua friAdam, 

' fuil Abeil, condruine dein, 

dool huile doChaetn/ 
1945 ' Tabair dom^mnain insain, 

amothigema, aAdaim, 

huamun lam'cride, lam'cheill, 

Cdrn domarbad Abeil.' 
1949 ' A ben, cob^rthair insain, 

madmaith laDia hderbdemein, 

nibfat in-oentaig frifes, 

biaid czch dfb innathegdais/. 
1953 Dorigni Adam ddthech, 

tech docer^tarde forleth, 

tech doChdVn, cain intrial, 

ocus tech aili d' Abial. 
1957 Foidis Dia Gabrial hglan 

r(>nderbfis sc^oil cohAdam, 

' CaYn ciar, garbdai, cench^il, 

ati ictrial marbtha Ab^il. 
1961 * Acht nafinnad Eua hdad 

inscel friTeba firthrtiag, 

CaTn ibas dig diafuil, 

uair v&mac diles Diabuil. 
1965 ' Nacumscaiged Xra fe^rcial 

ciamarbaid CaVn Abfal, 

over the 1 of this name. * MS. t^athalmai n 



rombia xtioc achrotha glain 
diamba comainm Seth saindil.' 
[fo. 24 a. I.] 

1969 Bretha doAdatim roclos, 
cengabud far[n]^-immarbM', 
sichimoga mac ladis dein 
achertchiimma d'ihgenaib. 

1973 Ri thuargaib ddmac Adainiy 
huasnatuathaib dermiraib, 
Ab^l ocus CaTn cain, 
conaclannaib comnartaib. 

1977 Ri rothidnacht dodoenib 
domun conadegm6inib, 
babuidech d*Abial ochein 
is badimdach doChaeVn. 

1981 Ri dordasat oscachcnith 
nocoderaa asfdugud, 
CaVn cuilech, garg athrfal, 
iarsin coromarb Abfal. 

1985 Ddc^t mbliadan, mellach miad, 
\^d roposldn d' Abfal, 
nidalb, adfiadar ochein, 
coromarbad oCha^Vn. 

1989 INrf roraidi iarsin 

rocachh-oen dichlaind Adaim, 
aracomaltis areir 
conaromarbtais Caein. 

1993 Ciph^ nodmarba fonim 
CaYn isincinaidsin, 
nigebthar fnagnimrad gal 
fair dob^rthar j/r^/digal. 

1997 lArsain dorat mori r^il 
comartha inchuil f(?rCaeYn, 
amabeth fochlith incol 
dolvrt cnocc foraheton. 

aooi lArsin [ba]marb CdVn cenrad 

fescur ihglind losofath, 

diamba cronn crom codocht dron 

fnsincnocc bdi 'nah^ton. 
3C05 Huair dorochair CaTn ann 

ihglinn losophath imgann, 

ata fochoibchi chaire 

centoirthi, centarbaige. 
2009 Ri dorat Seth soer iarcein 

d'Adaum inn-inad n-Abeil, 

conidhiiad silsat iarsain 

clanna soera sfl Adaim. 
3013 Cethracha bliadais, nibalb, 

adfiadar cen4g n-ergarb, 

fofeth cengalar, cenchath, 

coragaib inSeth sflad. 
2017 Arcoimdiu gle coniinib 

bae r^ rianaprimduilib, 

dorimgart corp dochri chain 

inrf doridnacht XsXmain. 

Ri doridnacht' XslSam tlacht. 



Saegul Adaim, nirbogair, 
cenbaegul cofessabair, 
tricha d6, derb bai f5 feib, 
amoic^taib dobliadna/^. 

3C35 lArsin tdnic galar glan, 
feib tic docarA, fcvAdam, 
robdi fr/Teba car^thucht 
aben Eua fmiducht. 

2029 Rofitir Adam addil, 
rordid frfEua findndir, 
' roscarusa rut isrot'chlaind, 
isdongalursa atbailim/ 

2033 ' Dirsan doDia, toirm nglan,' 
arsi, arEua friAdam, 

* Written as a correction over cen. 

' MS. dorignacht. 



* nachbisiu fricete * ifus, 
nsurAmissi t^ite arthuus. 

3037 ' Monuar isdochloemchlod chain/ 
arsf, arEua, ' aAdaim I 
missi tniag cennert h\(us, 
tussu dothecht arthui^.' 

2041 'A £ui gleir crotha glain, 
tabair coleir dot'm^mnain, 
nocobia nacein isgle 
sunn ipein darm'^ssese. 

3045 * ISgarit ciabe cenbrath 
re robde eUrarcruthad, 
nibia fogrils, isgne hgle, 
acA/ n6[i]mfs darm'hessese/ 

3049 ' Abbair frim cenlocht, afir, 
cid dog<^in friVchorp coemdil ? 
arisderb lat t*^c dishain, 
amothigeraa, aAdaim I ' 

3053 ' Nachamtaidled cos nalam, 
natath duini domh^tran, 
cotistar oDia donim 
d'ordugud mochuirp coemdil. 

3057 * Lecid mochorp, cain inmod, 
innacbacht cenchumscu[gu]d, 
derb limm lessaigfid mochrf 
insaerdenmaid domrignf, 

3061 ' £rig, ah£ua cogrinn, 
ocus heirg itchrosfigill, 
foid huait fe^rdeis D^, aben, 
m'anim cogle f<?maebn«w. 

3065 ' INdanim dorigni Dfa dam 
h^ rostimgair coinglan, 
taet cuce cohuag diathreib 
icoemthecht sludig doahgleib. 
[fo. 34 a. a.] 

3069 ' Aben*, nimdana iarfir 

immadala modegrfg, 
indferg dorigni, r^im ngle, 
bann baide acus tr6caire. 

3073 * Attaig, Eua, inrfg rdin, 
coti iarfeba im'chomddil, 
menichi frim'dichial hden 
coti Michial archangel/ 

2077 Atraig Eua, insoe forlar, 
congul cogoe, codermar, 
frire n-uare nodossaig 
cotruaigi, conderfadaig. 

3081 ' Arco-fiiin damsa, amorf 1' 
arsi, arEua cocoemlt 
' incoir iarth'adrad hifttf 
ddn labrad hit'frecnarr»x? 

2085 ' Meit mochuil, met mophectha, 
manimb^ set sirhettia, 
menitabra dilgud dam 
nochomtha labra langlan/ 

30S9 Fillid agliini fuTrlar 

Eua truag durf chomrdd, 
' frit arf richid moder 
conomthi inmilid Michel. 

2093 ' Doglanad anma Adaim 
diascarad friadualchaib, 
dia imthitf, iarndul fi^rcel, 
cori arbri archangel.' 

3097 ' Erig, aEua, donldr, 

glerib rochlos dochomrdd : 
rosiacht dind richid doscel, 
dotriacht inmilid Michel. 

3101 ' Dochuaid aanim ochurp 
Adaim, haEua coemcucht 1 
coraig cen grain, cain in diiis, 
coda dflaim, achoemgnuis I ' 

3105 Dodechaid' Eud iartain 

• ( written as a correction over the first / of Me, 

MS. Aaben. 

'MS. Dodochaid. 



coluath indochum n-Adaim, 
cofuair Adam, met ngrada, 
. centinfissin n-anala. 
a 1 09 Uair nacuala cocruth chain 
guth Adaim diaacallaim, 
roscloi acisdl cenchoimsi 
fncoi cian, frisirthoirsi. 
21 13 'A Eua, tocaib dorosc 

ocus daim dun dothinchosc : 
suidig th'imcaisin ngeir nglain 
stias coleir donanemdaib. 
aii7 'A ben, tocaib dognuis nglain 
dodescin anma Ada[i]m, 
feib immurchurthir cogel 
et^arbri archangel.' 
31 3 1 IMsoidi Eua iarsain 

dodescain anman Adaim, 
c(mhsx2k inn-anmain c6em ciuin 
Adaim icoemthecht Michiuil. 
3125 INtan bai Eua iartain 
icaithni anma Adaim, 
r^wfacca chuici iarsetaib 
sluag n-angel roclasschetlaib. 
3139 Coi^acca Eua riastsluag 
saraphin, saer ahimluad ^, 
cain intretel dof6rgaib 
cotrib hettib f^rdrdaib, 
3133 Confacca Eu4 iarsin, 
iarsindaeor donoebnim, 
Criataitnemchi rosochta 
tri heoin gela etrochta. 
3137 INtan bdi icdeiscin nan-^n 
Eua f<^ssin ceniml^n, 
amo/ ruithni dogrein glain 
foriemid an-imcasain, 
3 141 Rochlos inchlas conem n^l 
nanoebangel imMich^l, 

rosernsat sreith costiaiic sein 
'macuaird immaltoir n-Adaim. 

3145 Congabsat claschetal coir 
indihgeil immonalt6ir, 
roloiscset luib fiadcarAdruhg 
dianidainm omam^tum. 

3149 Rosined indethach thren 
codiriuch triasinn-ah^r, 
cor'oslaic, cenchoimsi hgle, 
doirsi nafirmiminte. 

3153 Conoebthanic Dia donim 
dofrestul anma Adaim, 
inrigruiri uascachdu, 
condessid 'narigsuidiu. 

3157 Luid fiadinrig ran, reim hdein, 
oenangel in doangleib, 
sephain cogrinn coel nglain ngil, 
bdi athoirm dind fo secht nimib, 

3161 Foguth inchuirn, cohog dn, 
doluid slog na n6i noebgrad : 
batar ffrdruine acliar glan 
fiadrigsuide inDuileman. 

3165 Concanat, cainiu r^taib, 
fochliaraib, fochlasch^tlaib. 
isb^nachta incar^than 
ardrf nan-uile n-adbar. 
[fo. 24 b. I.] 

3169 Roslechtatar huili iarlar 

sluag n-uag nan-ahgel noebndr : 
rogadatar coDia ndil 
imdilgud cinad Adaim. 

ai73 ' Dochomdelbaid, amori, 
tii doru[a]ssat donephni : 
heralmit f<7rt, comul hgle, 
ardodeirc, ardothrocaire.' 
3177 lArsain rofiid inri ruad 
saraphin cohoponn uad, 

MS. ahimluag. 



iarleittreib rotoeb nasl6g 

cosnahettib doderg6r. 
ai8i Coragaib anmain cenches 

Adaim coroda bades, 

isruth nasirdrung nasnau 

indatinum ciriasu. 
a 1 85 Cotuc lais anmain hgil nglain 

Adaim amlaid asruthsain, 

orosoidig marthuis tan 

f [i]addgnui8 inDuleman. 
2189 Fodoralaid fein ior]&x 

anim Adaim coc[o]emgTid, 

'naligu, fiadinrig mad, 

bdi iriri teora prfmhuar. 
2193 Cotarat inri iarsain 

laim fochenn anma Adaim, 

cennachcathim, dlin inscel, 

corosathin doMich^l. 
2197 ' Nibadicheoil, toraind hgle, 

aMich^oil, frfam6rgaire, 

anim Adaim sunn \ius 

rodosamaig hiPardi^ . 
2201 ' Beir inn-anmain hgil nglain 

Adaim din conaairbrib : 

suidig fodiglaim cengms 

isintresrfgrainn Parduis. 
2205 * IN Urtio ctf^lo,' arDia, 

' dianidainm Ficconicia, 

bid ann centaidbsin pene 

coamsir nahesseirge/ 
2209 Nahuili groda cachdd, 

et/rangliu isarchaihgliu, 

babind aclasschetal hglan 

icmolad inDuleman. 
2213 Ardilgud d'anmain Adaim 

diaphecthaib, diadualchaib, 

arabrith cengrisse hgress 

* MS. rocechUig. 

arisse dochum Parduis. 

2217 Ola thr6caire duib sunn 
isindluib omamentum, 
tabartar imcborp n-Adaim 
diaglanad diadualchaib. 

2221 Tri hanairt slana, soer sain, 
ecortar imchorp n-Adaim, 
' ocus atnagar col^ir 
fritaeb adnacuil Abeil. 

2225 Corp arsenathar Adaim, 
iam-eladnaib ilddnaib, 
och^in fogarbchacht biis br6n, 
coroadnacht in-£br6n. 

2229 Robai ann fothromthur thenn 
coioracht tonngt^r hdilenn, 
corp Adaim fodalaib dron 
congradzjib 'naadnacol. 

2233 Trethan dilenn osca^r^maig 
ismor n-frenn rocechlaid*, 
dothuc doAdaum achenn 
conic coHierusalem. 

2237 lArsain tarrasair incenn 
indorus Hierusalem : 
centrtist roclannad iartain 
croch Crist icolaind Adaim. 

2241 lanus' arthitf trianarath 
torogart ainm De Athar, 
ocus Noe, nassad hdil, 
c^tnadarinnscan arim. 

2245 Nocorogenair fonim, 
dochiniud £ua isAdaim, 
duine badchoimiu, corp criad, 
inda Noe mac Lamiach. 

2249 Cethrur gelda, gnimraid gtiir, 
febdai adfet inscr/ptuir, 
sinium saegul osca^^^maig 
batar 'sindaimsir toisig. 

* i.e. Enos. 



2353 Mathi/jsalem, ^rim hgrihn, 
bahe ingradgemm riandilinn, 
Noe, Sem sldn, balaech liath, 
isinmael Melchisediacb. 

3357 Ochtihbliad^fa sescat, niscail, 
arn6[i]cetaib dibliadnaib, 
cenbaigul raith, retbaib renn, • 
saegul maith Mathi/jsal^xn. 

2a6i Coic c// hYi^dan iarhgaes gle, 
isW robae in-aes Noe, 
intan breth do claim, cain miad, 
Sem, Cham ocus lafiath. 

3265 Tan tanic diliu, delm n-uag, 
darsinmbith, darsinmorsluag, 
iss^</ bai in-aes Noe cenchlith 
secdt caini doblfadnaib. 
[fo. 24 b. 2.] 

3369 Secht Id cethrachat ar c// 
bdi Noe 'naairc, ba derbret*, 
iarhdilinn, triamna comblait, 
bai iri c/i hXvaudan archoicait 

3373 Noifichit sicht mblia^n bind 
bai Sem mac Noe riahdilinn, 
ado triBchit cotgaib 
iarhdilinn arcoicc^taib. 

3277 Melchisidech, saigtis sldaig, 
anaimthis incachglanbuaid, 
iarset cenbaegul cotgaib 
sdegul sec^t dobliadnaib. 

3381 Ri rodr6sat oscar^rainn 

dechnebur d6ib donchetclaind, 
innandalaib, tolaib grihn, 
otha Adaum codilinn. 

3385 Adam la Seth, srethaib iath, 
lan^r, Cainan, Malaliacb, 
lareth fial, fichtib r6t, 

ocus int-amra £n6c. 

3389 Mathusalem, sercc nasluag, 
ocus Lamech, linib luad, 
ocus Noe, noithech trell, 
rosn&i uastonnaib dilenn. 

3393 O Adam, herbdg arclann, 
cotarscur hdermar hdilenn 
deichfichit bliada^, buaid mbil, 
r//^ri deicb ardibmflib. 

3297 Otha dilind, troeta sluag, 
coAbram n-amra n-adruad 
ado sescat, sliucht cenchlith, 
dobliad;iaii5 am6ic^tib ^ 

3301 O Adam coAbram n-dn, 

cohgradaib glanmam coml&n, 
trimili miadbla imchloi hglicc 
cethri bliad[na] isnoifichit. 

3305 O Abram, cenbaisi becht, 
cotanic Moisi ahEgept, 
nisechnada f(7rcheill cain, 
cethracha archoicc^taib. 

3309 O Adam, cenbassi bruig, 
coluid Moisi Muir Romuir, 
ochi bliad/ia fochet foli 
sechi cet isteoramili. 

3313 Otha Moise, monor hgle, 
coDauid mace n-Iesse, 
cenbet, cenbaegul ' cotgaib, 
saegul coic cet dobliadiMu'^. 

2317 Otha Adam, comul hgle, 
coDuid mac n-Iesse 
ceihri bliad»a sescat slig 
archet archethramilib. 

2331 Otha Dai«'d, cenbaig ihbroin, 
condici brait Babiloin 
sesca noimbliad»a buana 

' Written as a correction over nocobr^c ' MS. amoibcetaib. 

' After e an f seems inserted by a later hand. 

' [ IV. 3. ] 



ocus c6ic c// cohuaga. 

S335 Otha Adam cosinbrait 
Babiloin bai foblathblait, 
noimbliad;ia cethrachat gni 
secA^ cet cetheoramili. 

3339 Otha inbrait, brechta rainn, 
cotuttacht Cri>/ icolaind 
coic c//, ciaragla {sic) car^alt, 
ocus s^ bliadiia sescat. 

3333 Mad oAdam docar^sl6g, 
cong^nair mac De dim6r 
c^ic milt isc^t, cialla cacbt, 
ocus s^ bliadna nochat. 

3337 O gein Cm/, c^tlach c^t mbla, 
cohdr cetacb nacethra 
mill fon6ibriaguil recht 
achi dioenbliadain de[e]c. 

3341 O Adam nahglorgrad hgle 
com6rdr nan-hinnine ^ 
se mili, mod hgialta nglicc, 
cethribliad;fa n6ifichit 

3345 l^^n tanic indigail truag 
forhinnilib nan-iltuath, 
citnirig rechta, reim hdein, 
robatar 'sindamsirsin ? 

3349 IN-amsir Cinaeda cain 

meicc Maelcholaim f(?rAlbain, 
forherainn cenlethrainn lainn 
doChinaed mac Maelcholaim. 

3353 Ocus Briain f<7rMumaiVf maiss, 
Donncad ft>rLaigniu lanbrois, 
isCathal f(>rCruachain chain, 
ocus Eochaid forhUltaib. 

3357 IS Fergal nan-airech n-ell 
Ibr Ailech rebrach Rigrenn, 
mac Condxtif^t meic Neill rewgail, 
flaithri sluaga^^ sil Eogain, 

* Sic. Read indile. 

3361 Ocus Dubdaletha 16ir 
f(>rsretha sil h£rim6in, 
siii cosaidbri segtai rainn 
osmur maigni meic Alprainn. 

2365 Othalinus, linib slog, 
banuzc donOtha hermor, 
baf(?rngairthid uascar^maig 
inresin doR6manchaib. 
[fo. 25 a. I.] 

3369 Batar ddrig, reil asliucht, 
fi^madathir immuir n-Iucht, 
Hlothair* fe^rFronccaib congail 
ishEtgair forSaxanaib. 

3373 IS Maelcoluim, cetaib ngal, 
riambuidnib broga Bretan, 
congelgart cer^comlainn cain, 
degmac DomnaiU meic Eogain. 

3377 ISsindaimsirsin, cet glonn, 
rob^i lohgas nacdllom, 
hicsaigid forcar^gnfm hgarg 
Danair atirib Danmarg. 

3381 Ohsain cobrdth, brigach beirt, 
nidamsnfmach et^rcheirt, 
nifail innim ik2^h hicrf 
tuccas sain acht monaebri. 

3385 Ardri grmty gle roclos, 
ishd dorigne Phardos, 
isferr caring, rigda achrutb, 
nifail crx'ch fcTrasaeguL 

Saegul Adaim nirbugair. 




i rorddi frisil Seth 
comet angnim cocomtren, 
cenoentaid immuich nataig 
friclainn CaVn miscadaig. 
3393 Cendula dars^is nosmacht 

' MS. Blothair. 


dartimna indrig dorosat, 
foriagail roithenaig r^il 
cenchardes fH'claiiul Caetn. 

1J97 Cenimcloemclod, maine mass, 
cenluige, cenlanamnas, 
cenchuibdi dethi no cuil, 
' c^in bethi fordnimg ' dorouin.' 

1401 Roaintadaigsetar iarcein 
flil Selh oau clann CaeTn, 
corothuismiset iartain 
trcnfir ocus Uenchoraid. 

340J Clann Chafn ocut sil SeUi 
ro6entaigset cocomthren, 
condeochatar darcai-Asmacht 
d'adrad idal isarracht. 

1409 Romiscnjgsetar Dia iidron 
achlaima cenimmardol, 
corochinn iarnangnimaib 
atabairt fothromdigail. 

1413 INri corath rlge drong 
fn'snagaJb cath no comlonn, 
cain coDOibi, blaith alii, 
ferr cuh rfg rf roradi. 

Ri roraidi frisil Seth. 



> i roraide athesc n-an 
friNoe nassad n-imUn : 
' sil Seth dochdtar darm'reir 
biclemnas ctain[n]i Caefn. 
1411 ' Rochummaiscset ciabtai^iain 
friclaind C&fn miscadaig : 
lomaaraigset asca^ Acnith : 
dursan dam atuistigud. 
»4)5 ' Huair dochuatar dannosmacht 
coclaind [Cain] cet n-arracht, 
dardreich ndomuin, tromsnilh tenn 

dolecub tonngur ndilenn. 
1419 'Dileglat claind Adaim huaig 

cobnigib betha balcbuain, 

dosb^ uili imbas imbath 

otha tvrcbail cofuined. 
*433 ' Acht Noe ochtur diathreib 

nil&im doclaind Adaim, 

imbethaid doshin nah<5c 

achi infer amra £n6c.' 
»437 Mori dorosat cafAtreib 

robae x€ rianavngleib, 

arrobet cairAri cengrain cest, 

inri roraid inn-athesc. 

Ri roraidi atlujc n-an. 

"44« '/~^iuin, a Noe noithig, cenlen, 
V^^ doticfa cKliu trom, Irdn ; 
' dentar lal, fr/srethad 8l6g, 
het[h]ar dtrecra, dim6r. 
»445 ' Adluthalh tarbacb iartain 
dobii isdobilomain, 
dofid Leb^n, IJnib cI4r, 
trethaebleda^A tr^n, dennar. 
»449 ' Coica cubat, nignim grach, 
isintaiblcd ichlarach, 
eetkorcha 'sinmedon mud 
isintricha 'sinduachtanich. 
»453 ' Cethrib Bostaib, slicht 'andaircc, 
odnimlurgain codnim[s]lait, 
sesrachaib sreth soer tmbtait 
conespiidaib oenchubaiL 
»4S7 ' Comet centoirsi, ixtAdt, 
atoirosi cenimfordol, 
afot, alethet, luad n^ 
tier isle oats ardde. 
'\ ' Coica cubat, gnim cenUes, 



innalethet centogaes : 

[fo. 2S ^* ^0 
irf chit cubat, comul hglan, 
bed bad^ fot adr»mlurgan. 

3465 ' Tricha coir cubat cenchleith 
innahairde icomsreitb, 
frisruam sniges donim noeb 
adorttf assafirthoeb. 

2469 ' Senistir fritoimsi dein, 
frisoilsi, friimcaissin, 
innahairdde armosmacht 
cenforcraid acht oenchubat. 

2473 ^ Hilar n-adba n-amra n*iiag 
calngnim glanbda friaimluad, 
sretbaib sretta fr/sid sain 
lin leptha dolanamnaib/ 

2477 Ri rothimgair imcar^ ihbuaid, 
romiscnig fingail fo[r]ruaid : 
nitlaith rotuaslaig delm de, 
roraid 'nachluasaib ' cluinte/ 

' Cluin, aN6e noith^ cenlen/ 


2481 13 i roraidi friKoe nar : 

Xv ^ heirg isinn-ethar n-imblan, 

tu isdothrimeic namma, 

ocus forcetbri cdinmna.' 
2485 P^coba, cainiu car^fiacb, 

setig Noe meicc Lamhiach, 

mna natrimor, monar hgle, 

Olla, Oliua, Oliuane. 
2489 Sessiur doclainn, cain amfad, 

batar icNoe mac Lamfach, 

trimeicc mathi, milib li, 

ocus teora ingena. 
2493 Sem saer asinser*, sliucht hgle, 

« MS. bae. 

innaclainni crutbaige : 

genatar fritindrem tlacht 

ingen tUroaxh n-oenmacc 
3497 Olla ben Sem, soer fr/ahdil, 

Oliua ben Chaim cboemnAir, 

Oliuana, baigthi treitb, 

as6sser ben lafeitb. 
3501 Ri dorimmart, nisluag suail, 

inairc Noe f[o]roenhu4ir, 

dineoch rotbecht muir istir, 

lanamain car^oenmil. 
3505 Innin-adbaib, bag cenail, 

ba sluag m6r dolanamnaib, 

conal6intib, lathar hgle, 

isdiambiadaib techtaide. 
3509 O rolfnad indarc huag 

robdi indigal forimluad : 

adfiadar fir, forum hgle, 

babriatbar rig roraide. 

Ri roraidi friNoe nar. 


3513 T^ i tharlaic sruthlind snamaig 
Xv dodilgenn clainni Adaim, 
acht oenchethrur fer namma, 
ocus acethri 6enmna. 

3517 Ocus £noc crabuid guir, 
amal adfiad inscr;ptuir> 
aoenur othuinn dotbuinn, 
ama/ car^n-etbait etruim. 

3531 Snegdatar sruamma donim, 
romebdatar tr/athalmain, 
ftTtuili doib, tola hgle, 
cethracha Id oct^ aidche. 

3535 Airdde nadilenn olar, 

feib adfet scribenn c6emnar, 

' MS. asinsfer. 



cuicpriinchubai[t] dec cencleith 

rosiacbt suas osnaslebib. 
3539 INtan conscerthar car^hdijil, 

am^ adfet inscriptiiir, 

ishe airet sain rosaig 

lassar Mi brdtha brethaig. 
3533 Donech robai imbethaid bi 

dorosat Dia hicoemcbrf, 

dosrat indiliu fothracht 

ack^ inrothecbt indoenbarcc. 
3537 Ri nimi nair, nassad hg\6y 

rf conic traig istuile, 

irtuassi car^mbrig, car^ihbrait, 

huaisle car^ri ri tarlaic. 

Ri tharlaic sruthlinn snamaig. 



I 13 i sder rodosis cogle 

Noe lin amuintire, 
cethracha archet lathi lenn, 
diambai fothonnaib dflenn. 

3545 lArsain rogab techt f(?rciil 
indiliu troeta tremiSr, 
rorathaig Noe nangabud 
indfairge doimthragud. 

3549 F6idid Noe thecbtaire uad, 
infiach fechtaide fonnluath, 
dus infagba sliab no srath 
no iath f<7rsatarrasad. 

^553 O fuair ffach abiad fod^in 
immaig forcarraic, forsleib, 
fcrachulu cosceol gle 
nithanic doridise. 

[fo. 25 b. I,] 

3557 Huanduair thall Noe acheill de 
dondfiuc[h] dub delaidi, 
conacart fein, febda bainn, 

* MS. tir/^im. 

iarsain cuca incolaim. 
3561 Ri cengrtfin, cengris, cengmss, 
nimfail bith innaheisleis, 
nicli choel, iscoem ali, 
inri saer rodosassai. 

Ri sder rodosas cogle. 

2565 TToidis Noe incolum hglan 


JL uad f<?nnlinnmuir n-allmdr, 
dus infagbad, h^rimm hgnhn, 
talmain trein tarbaig tlrimm ^ 

3569 Focheird incolum, cuairt hgle, 
iartimnu, iarforngaire, 
cotoracht inn-aircc cenbrath 
nifuair ait f(?rstarrasad. 

3573 Roreraig' Noe uad alaim 
arcenn incolaim coemn&ir, 
cotuc cucai amuig, mod hgle, 
combai im-medon nahaircce. 

«577 CombAi Noe secA/mB.m iarsain 
centaidbsin, cenimcasin, 
dibith buan acA/ fairggi froig 
dilhuaith n6tir no lalmain. 

3581 ISsindochtmad lathi lainn 
f6[i]did Noe uad incolaim, 
diis infagbad diachuaird chain 
taidbsiu dothir natalmain. 

3585 lArtrath nona, noithi m4il, 
tic incolum 'nachomddil, 
dochum Noe, nassad ndil, 
iscroeb dophailm 'nabelaib. 

3589 Maritroimairc Noe fodeoid 
inphaibi ingulbaun indeoin, 
roderb lais, liih cennarAcol, 
dochuaid diliu d<Hidomon. 

2593 Roattlaig buidi dondrfg 

' MS. Rirorig. 



robdid inmbith conabrig, 
arasoerad, srethaib sell, 
dothonng&r dennor dilenn. 
3597 Huair nar^toracht tren infiacb 
cofis sc^l dom^ Lamiach, 
ish^ fatb incholuim gle 
iarsain rofaidi Noe. 

Fo[i]dis Noe incoXtwi hglan. 


a6oi nr^arrasair, batromm, indarcc, 
JL amo/bis long f(?rfoentracht, 
foglere roslessaig Dia 
ffirslessaib slebi Annenia. 

a6o5 Ri ro&rcongart cogle 
forNoe lucht nahairce 
atbuidecht immach coglan 
asindairc dochum talman. 

3609 lArtuidecht doib asindaircc 
ri roraid fr/u f(7roenaitt : 
' nabarsflaid frisid sain, 
linaid inhuili talmain.' 

J613 INDecimbf'r kalainn, cdin benn, 
luid Noe fortonnaib dilenn, 
iqtnnt Va\ainn Mai iarhdia 
doluid f(?rsleib Armenia. 

a6i7 Adropart Noe, nuall cencleith, 
edpart uag uad donComdid, 
fr/Tegad car^druihg dorhell 
iarUmam dothuinn dilenn. 

a6ai IN rf roradi iarsain 

friNoe r^'nachaemclannaib : 
' toirthi indomuin docer^leith 
taircaid, tomlid, tinolaid. 

a6a5 * Nibartorbac, ^rim n-uag, 
dOiu thromm troeta trensluag, 
hicein atchethi uascarAmaig 

intuaig nimi n-illdathaig.* 
3629 Mori niclethach cenchrad 
rofallnai inn-ethar hdermar, 
orian dorian, foraig thaig, 
cosinsliab ftTrstarrasair. 

Tarrasair, batrom, indaircc. 


3633 13 i rotidnacht bith mbuidech, 
Xv otha t»rcbail cofuined, 
mainib nujccroid, mo car^fiach, 
doXrib m/zccaib meic Lamiacb. 

3637 ^i rodelb dreich domuin duinn, 
roselb sreith sobdil saerdniing, 
rohuc cendith, fochucht chert, 
acrich iarfut, iarlethet. 

3641 Cnch talman cer^cnith imracht, 
brig bladmar, bruthmar, breccbdrc, 
orian Depre^fane anair 
sfar [co] colomnaib Herccail. 

3645 A lethet, atuaid fades 

diafethet buiid nadimchres, 
oRiphi rigtreib imra 
codithreib nan-Etheopda. 

3649 Mori, nachdoimm diachlannaib, 
raroinn itrxbrigrannaib, 

[fo. 25 b. 2.] 
roainmnig ihgleochu[a]ird glicc 
Assia, Eoraip issAffricc. 

3653 Ri dorat Eoraip nan-iath 
dochlainn ' amra lafiath, 
cotuasciurt n- Assia triablait, 
cosrethaib srotha Eofrait 

3657 ^i rotbidnacht dochlainn Chaim 
inn-AfTrjic n-uasail n-imslain, 
cosin Romuir, ruathur cert, 

* MS. clai/tm. 



eter Assia ocus hEgept. 

a66i Saerchlaim Sem diatarat Dia 
pnmrann airegda Assia, 
osnith n-£ofrait, nimtha sain, 
cocricha airthir domuin. 

2665 Coicmeic de[e]c, digrais seel, 
robatar lalafeth, 
aseeht fiehet laSem slan, 
iseuieiur laCam eoemnar. 

2669 Ciabeit fribrig ihbladmair mbrais 
indrfg 6stalmain telglais, 
ferr earing rindbalce nareth 
ri doridnacht* bith mbuideeh. 
Ri doridnacbt bith mXmiech. 




^ludig sil Adaim, aidbli druihg, 
eondanaib domuin dessduind, 
rodomnad, ostrebaib dal, 
dofognam Demuin codermar. 

2677 Ondairiur astorgaib grxan 
cofuiniud, iorgaX firian, 
rodamnad, fodigail daeht, 
d'adrad hidal isarracht. 

2681 Onduair atbath Noe nar 

coaimsir n-aurdairc n-Abram, 
nifriUi dib oenfer foleith 
nohetraiged inCoimdeid. 

2685 Rodiultsat an-Dia ndil, 
roliunsat infirehretim, 
tair ocus tiar, tess is tuaid, 
rodasgab cess conglanbuaid. 

2689 Arcathbarr cenduithi dath, 
isbrathlahg bnSithi bidbad, 
niddi doi indrongaib artuath, 
arsdi soi slonnaib srethsluag. 

Sluag sil Adaim, aidbli druihg. 


2693 13 ogenair fer maith combuaid 
Xv fon^l car^naidi Nemruaid, 
focan seel car^druihg dualaig, 
robotr^n f(9riltuathaib. 

2697 Nemruad sein, mac Ceo, mac Cairn, 
tuargaib agleo comorgr^lin, 
gnim tuir othalmain cenmeth, 
comsed lais inriched. 

2701 Ropomilid, milib gal, 
ropfoglainntid, ropfelsam, 
ecnaid ermaith carAdana, 
rop6bergnaid ilgrada. 

2705 Lais cetnaairaecht insain 
arthds dochlannaib Adaim, 
athomitf cogl^ cohglain 
indre et^mem istalmain. 

2709 Doroemaidir, bith combuaid, 
anair, siar, fodes, fothuaid, 
tirib, tuathaib, tolaib sreth, 
mflib, stadib, linib leth. 

2713 Senchaidi sil Adaim ain 
targclamtha lais in-oendail, 
scela dochein leo roclos, 
feib r^il rolathi aPardos. 

2717 Feib rothimgair CaYn clar 
cetnafingail forAbfal, 
feib rodiglad, sc^l dol^ir, 
forsil Seth, forclaind CaeVn. 

2721 Acht Noe aochUr fobr6n, 
'nahethur luchtmar lerm6r, 
clann Cain, sil Seth nasen, 
dorigni indiliu andilgen. 
2725 Frithalem rig nimi n^l, 
flaith carAafini firthr^n, 
nitharda fomn, delm triagail. 

MS. dorignacht. 



digail seirb seirgthig samlaid. 

1739 • Gabaid mochopiairle hglain/ 
arNebrdad friclainn Adaim, 
' ftvbcir fc^mem, nassad ngrinn, 
ocux nobsaerfa ardilinn.' 

2733 Maithgein mairre mo car^miad, 
cathgeib rte?ngaire goriad, 
ingnan gluair goires car^ngair, 
cenmair tuaith diarogenair. 

Rogenair fer maith combuaid. 


3737 T3 ochomarleicsetar iarsain 
-IV airig sil uaibrig Adaim : 

* ropadferr dun, tola gle, 

techt 'narcorp dochum nimc. 
a 74 1 * Turcbam tor ndennor ol4r, 

denam fr/Dia comthocbal, 

gniad carA huan immasech, 

beram conoibi nemthech. 
[fo. 26 a. I.] 
3745 ' Acht rissam nemthech ndaingen 

in-oentaid nanoebahgel, 

nirtora diliu, tren all, 

isdemin narAhepelanu' 
3749 Forcongair Nemrdad forcar^, 

cohglonnaib gelgniad coemrdd, 

athuidmi, frigaile hgair, 

frimuinbi maigi Sennair. 
3753 Sennar mac Sem, srothaib iath, 

hua doNoe xsuxc Lamiach, 

sechtmad mac fichet Seim slain, 

oroainmniged mag Sennair. 
3757 Dorinolsatar intsluaig 

dognim tuir noithig Nemniaid, 

tdargabad, batren indail, 

coriacht sdas osnan^laib. 

3761 INri nadrelic doib sain 
rostairmesc tr/a hilberlaib, 
conatucad nech cogle 
cid notharged diaraile. 

2765 Ri dorat oenb^la doib 

riacumtauch intuir Nemr6id, 
roemnastar doib triagart 
comtar ado sechtmogat. 

3769 Ri dorigni scail intsluaig, 
h^ rothairmesc tor Nemrudid, 
dochuaid glaini ahergnai 
dochoemthecht achomlvrlai. 

2773 Ri rodechraig claind Adaim 
arch^ill ^, archruth, argradaib, 
nihairim claen, cain insmacbt, 
dachenel saer sechtmogat^ 

3777 lArcomarlib Nemruaid nair 
cosonardib nasaerddil, 
cenlen istr^n rodamert 
inscel rochomarleicset. 

Rochomarleirsetar iarsain. 


3781 13 i rochar Abel nan-iath, 

Xv Seth, Noe, Melchisediach, 

£noc ecus Loth, lith Ian, 

ocus int-amra Abram. 
3785 Rf doraiga Abram n-dn 

arflrinni aoenuran, 

sechsluag sil Adaim nahgal 

batar icadrad idal 
3789 Rothairhger d' Abram cer^ihbuaid 

arathuidecht omorthuaid, 

aradula leis fodess, 

rambiad tfr bithdiless. 
3793 Ri rothidnacht do tfr Cairn 

* MS. archeU. 



ociis clirbruigi Canndin, 
comba forba d6 iartain 
diaclannaib, diachen^laib. 

3797 Ri lasindeochaid fodess 
condnanacair ^ ambitbles, 
luid lais Loth, linib lathar, 
fodes, xxaac aderbrathar. 

2801 Ri rdnic doglinn Mamrai 
dothegdais Abraim amrai 
fodeilb trfir, digrois insmacbt, 
diatormailt inn-oegidacht. 

2805 Ri asb^rt friSarrai slan 
noberad mac doAbram, 
f(?rb^rtais achlann iartain 
comtis leir fladgenemain. 

2869 Ri rosaer Loth conachlaind 
diasai inmndi icoirthi salaind, 
diatard digail, deilm n-amra, 
forcathracha Sodomda. 

2813 Ri rodail d'Abrdm* cerAtoir, 
domac Thaire meic Nach6ir, 
romsaera fc'rcrochad plan, 
ri reil rorochar Abial 

Ri rochar Abial nan-iath. 

2817 TJ i 


dorat d'Abram insin 
frisilad, fmfrtuistin', 
isairdirc, fobetha bare, 
mar diarbochomainm Isac. 

2821 Ri dorat dlsaac, babuaid, 
octfx doingin ^athuail, 
uaidib genatar, lith lor, 
Issau ocus lacob. 

2825 ISsau slechtach, slicht imracht, 
roboserccach lalssdc, 

islacob, con-idnaib ail, 
ropoimnain Ifamathair. 

2829 ISsac fr/'dead n-aissi, 
glead gnima glangaisse, 
badluim deg6ir, dramm datta, 
basen6ir dall dinerta. 

2833 Rogaid s^ire foramac 
cenleire, linib legart, 
f(>rlssau cofargbad ail, 
cotarddad abennor^/ain. 

2837 S^ Rabecca iccloistecht fris, 
ingen Bathdail ceneislis, 
coruc ahoscor coglan 
dochosnom nabennachtan. 
[fo. 26 a. a.] 

2841 INhed bdi Issau ictriall immach 
'sin sliab iarffr frifiadach, 
doluid inben triabet n-og 
cotr^t nooisce lacob. 

2845 Goromarb menn moeth immaig, 
rodmberb foieth dolubaib, 
gnim dian cohgldre imracht 
corothriall s^re d'Isaac. 

2849 Rofuaig crocenn inmind m6ir 
triabdig imlaim n-Iac6ib, 
fochosmailius lama Issau, 
gnim dana ciarb'immargii. 

2853 Rolathair coluath, lith n-og, 
amathair dolacob, 
asraracht centreithi tracht, 
cotarat seire d'Issdc. 

2857 '^^^ mead ints^re dron 
colssaac diachubuchol, 
richt Issii sluagach, slicht n-6g, 
bahuamnach lalac6b. 

2861 'Fail sunn s^re sainglicc sldin 

* Perhaps connanacair, as there seems a ptinctam deleos over d. 
* MS. dambram. * Written as a correction over 'thuicsin. 

[ IV. 3- 1 



duit, ameic airdirc Abrdim \ 
lalssau saergr/nn, srethaib sluaig, 
lat'nwr n-oebind rtw-iibdaid.' 

2865 ' Nician bai hissau icseilgc, 
manidgau d6 triachoemcheilg, 
mochthdnic astsleib isgle 
mase thuc ins^rese.' 

3869 ' ISme dorigni inseilgc s^ig 
f(7rsinch^tnaleirg dontsl^ib, 
fuair hifocus, gleiri gair, 
adbar seire dom' athair.' 

2873 * Nabi icimrigi forbudid, 
ameic ingini Bathdail I 
nithu Issau semnach nasl6g, 
achi istiS int-engar^ Iac6b.' 

2877 ^ Nacathaig fri'm, asniith ran, 
aathair, am^'c Abram, 
frit* seircc hgraidgr/nn ism6 Issau, 
fritt nirdidim immargau. 

2881 * Tuc huait friimdel n-achtach 
dam doldim dialdm^ir^tad, 
cofessur cogle ihgnim n-6g 
inhe [Isjsau no inne lacob.' 

2885 ' Gia dob^r molaim it'laim, 
nichel, atu bit' choemddil, 
atatgen, istd rommalt, 
tren dogni mochumtabart. 

2889 ' Domjr Issau ', irgna buaid, 
ocus ingen binn Bathuail, 
doig ambith foaengne gle, 
coir doib ciabtis cosmaile/ 

2893 ' Bess issh^ Issau, slicht n-og, 
bess noconh^ lacob, 
bess isgl^ m*esbaid im*gaes, 
bess ism^ fil fuTrtogaes/ 

2897 SenJbccul sein och^in m6ir, 
lacar^ smith, lacar^sen6ir, 

' MS. abtraim. 

nimedar mall immasech, 
acht corbdall bidamarsech. 

2901 Duni truag, docharda, dall, 
loburda, lubrach, lanmall, 
olcc athairsin imgaes figle, 
iarscaichsin ach^tfaide. 

2905 ' Tomail inspire soer, sldin, 
anoeib, am^/c ain Abraim I 
hitb dochuit fr/t' gndssad nglain, 
duit ropsdsad sainemail/ 

2909 Dorumalt Isdac iarsain 
inspire cosobartbain, 
tuargaib adilaim atroig 
isr6dail abennacbtain. 

2913 Linib glangrad, cruth imracht, 
tter Abram is Isaac, 
inbennacht targbad dontsl6g 
cotarddad do Iac6b. 

2917 Dasecbtmb1ia</i^, cenbaes mbroin, 
v&^d bdi in-aes lacoib, 
cain adrann car^tucht rothecht 
intan rue inpn'mchinnecht. 

2921 Huair dorat inspire sdim 
diaathair domar Abraim, 
arhuamun abrdtbar diabrath 
nifitir cid dogenad. 

2925 Asb^rt fris amathair maith : 
* heirg f(?rteched riat' brathair, 
caemgnim caindelb[d]a cengrain, 
cotreib lainderda Labain/ 

2929 Luidis lacob conabuaid 

dothig Labain meic Bathuail, 
bacain condolbtha cenbrath 
inbaid lommartha cairech. 

2933 lArsain condasfuair immaig, 
itoeb indliss lainnerda^ 
diingin congili andath, 

* MS. iisac 



cenbini ocnigi acairach. 

3937 At^ batar ann fofeib, 

fiadchuirib clann ocdireib, 
imgil, cenglora, cengr<?in, 
dfingin lola Labain. 
[fo. 26 b. I.] 

2941 Roraid frm ingilla combiiaid: 
' cia airm sunn fil mac Bathuai^, 
brathair momathar, mod n-in^ 
fer dianidcomainm Labia ?' 

3945 lArsin fersat faiiti fris, 
risinhgilla ceneislis, 
luid indaranai, bareim ran, 
diahinnisi doLaban. 

2949 Atroig Laban, Ifnib gal, 
'mach arcenn m^c ashethar : 
ferais frais f^rfailti fr/s, 
damb^f'r fr/'aais diathegdais. 

3955 Rothairgid Laban Idn log 
aringaire dofacob, 
C2Lch huan bee badubbrecc dath, 
carA uan liath, czch uan alath. 

3957 lAcob noseraad sreith 
isnahoimrib uiscidib, 
flesca beca, brecc andath, 
arambelaib nacairach. 

3961 Natreoit chairach immasech 
icfegad naflesc finnglan, 
datha naflesc cotagaib 
bed nobid f(?rsnahuanaib. 

3965 Tuc adiingin iarsein 
Labain, I6r cenimressain, 
iarnathimgaire fnbail, 
d'ingaire caire Labain. 

3969 An-anmann cengnim caire, 
radait auctair ecnaide, 

Lia ligda, linib gial, 
ocus indrigda Rachial. 

3973 B4i inailt incechtarde 
ocnasethraib sochraide, 
an-anmann, cenmedra mael, 
Bala ocus Selpha sochain. 

3977 Robatar uli mdle, 
etir sethra is hinailte, 
cengrtfin, iarconideddaid choir, 
icomlepaid oen lacoib. 

3981 Bertait cethrimeic fothri, 
d6 fribrfg bailee foglanli, 
ochtur^ onasethraib sreith, 
eethrur onahinailteib. 

3985 Cuit ear^amna dib foleith 
diaelaind choir inacomsreith, 
feib rosern rf run car^ruth, 
isferr diin andeligud. 

2989 Semeic la Lia, lini[b] gial, 
ocus damae roRachial, 
rf bethra bailee rodascar 
cethra maiee nadacumaL 

3993 Ruben, Semeon, Leui lor, 
Isaehar soer, Zabulon, 
ludas iarnDia ce[n]Uree (?) 
si meic Lia liuchdeircce. 

3997 Neptalim isDdn dana, 
ddmac buadacha Bala, 
Asser isGad, delbda d^, 
da mac Selpha sochaine. 

3001 lOseph an, aurdairc ochein, 
ocus inbdn Beniaro^m', 
rogabsat cathairi g(al 
damac rachaine RachiaL 

3005 Ddnuic dec sin, cen[n]adi griin, 
lacoib hui Abariim, 

^ MS. niit. * MS. ben iamtin. 

6 2 



cona[n]dechraib incar^thrcib, 
conacethraib mdthrechaib. 

3009 Sechtmoga bliada» bai tiiaid 
ifail Labain meic Bathdail, 
corothrfall diathir, din cert S 
conadibmaccaib dd[e]c. 

3013 Tan tdnic Rachial atiiaid, 
ingen Labain mete Bathiiail, 
dorigni thargleo tn'abrath, 
tuc lea lamdeo dathar. 

3017 Doluid Laban lonn 'nandiaid, 
eUrraag ischaill is[s]liab, 
rmdastdrraid, cenchess hgle, 
tess immedon intslebe. 

30a I Maratchonnairc Rachial rin 
ingen lainnerda Labain, 
luid as f(?rleith, lathar hdu, 
zmal nobeth fr/ldnti. 

3025 Dorat Rachfal chorcra, chaem 
lamdeo aathar sfs fotaeb, 
roclos agol, rochlai dath, 
zmal mnai beth iclamnad. 

3029 Romert Laban, linib gial, 
indaban fersrabi Rachial, 
nirbob^ leo, luth n-alta, 
lamachtad mna lamanta. 

3033 Ferais lacob combdaid 

failti m6ir irtmac mBathuail, 
conarlaic do, cohgrad gle, 
siriud sldn nasaccroide '. 

3037 Huair nafuair alamdeo ann 
bai inbangleo nar'imgann, 
tuargabad leo ft^rsinmaig 
carnn comluga iscomchotaig. 
[fo. 26 b. 2.] 

3041 Carnn inchotaig sin lacdr^ 

cennachndfl cocaid cobrdth, 
eUrchlainn laind Labain 16ir 
ocus clanna lacoib. 

3045 Aihgel De thimgair car^slog 
bai icimguin fr/Iacob, 
rofersat cath, comul ngle, 
cenbath arfut nahaidche '. 

3049 Rodbi int-aihgel saer, nisneid, 
lacob sechbil asceith, 
is6sain *, aidbligthe • insc^l, 
roa[i]nmnigthe hxah/\, 

3053 Luid techt con-ascadaib hdad 
olacob, cain int-imldad, 
colssau soid, basliucht ngle, 
dobith doib 'nambrdthirse. 

3057 lArsain rotharhgert Issii 
cain glanb^t, nihimmargau, 
ambith cenances, nadchres, 
'na cardes, 'nacomathches. 

3061 Cenolcc, cenfingail, gnim ngle, 
iartimnaib nambrdtharse, 
cenmeihgg, cenmebuil, cenbrath, 
cendebuid, cendolbanrad. 

3065 Meicc lacoib, ilar ambla, 
hit meicc sethar doDina, 
Sechim mac Ammoir, tr/abrath, 
romarbsat lucht achatrach. 

3069 Ddsecht mh\\adna bai ifux, 
forecht riagla, fochddus, 
corothimart, cota mert, 
d6 thochta itfr n-Egept 

3073 Ri doraega, digr<?is gair, 
lacob hilais sechabrdthair, 
comA diaclaind, crichid seel, 
ddthreib dec mac n-Isra^l. 

3077 Mac-tharhgertaid De donim 

' MS. c^rt. 'MS. saccraige. 

* MS. hisoshain. 

* MS. nafaithcbe. 
» MS. aidbligthi. 



bagart glangeltaid coemdil : 
isbreo osbri nan-abb n-dn, 
inrf dorat doAbrim. 

Rf dorat d'Abram insin« 


3081 T^orarhgert lacob coglan 
jLJ diaclaind inlin robatar : 

* bethi uli frxTessa feig 
hirrichtain lessa loseiph/ 

3085 Foidis lacob, gee congreim, 
loseph ars^t coSecheim, 
cain cdim fodiud 6threib, 
combiud dim diabrathreib. 

3089 O rosiacht coSechim sldn 
loseph 'coambai incdl comlan, 
fofudir ann fer, forom ngle, 
icimthecht achonaire. 

3093 Roiarfacht d6 infer fdig : 

* can dodechad, cid notheig ? 
cid condaige, adbul gair, 
nocia foratai iarair?' 

3097 * Dodeochad m'oenur ^ om* threib 
combiud donabuachaillib : 
amscith, amtnamain car^th6ir, 
foriarair mac n-Iacoib/ 

310X * Meicc lacoib, congXon glain, 
msised hitdi 'coniarair, 
isnaraidaib rodoscar 
atat imthaebaib Totham/ 

3105 Dodechaid loseph iarsein 
corocht Totham coabrathreib, 
assan 'nalaim, luath aruth, 
marclach fuirri dobiud. 

3109 Arachind tinolsat dail 
meicc lacoib hui Abrdim', 

roraid car^dib ris 'mosech : 
* innhe seo int-aislingthech ? * 

31 13 * A brdthriu, fegaid ft?rngl6ir, 
nddenaid ni basdc6ir, 
cia nomthoirs^(/ ni dorath, 
ni foirbsi notaiscdrad.' 

31 1 7 'Monuar nocomaith dochial, 
aloseph, am^'c Rachial, 
rot robaeth cengdes hglinne', 
derb rotogaeth t'aslingge.' 

31 a I ' Anromidair moDia dam 
etir doinib intalman, 
ni chumaihg nech uaib tr/abdig 
athormach nachadigbdil.' 

3125 O shunn atches ochein m6ir 
ffs doloseph mac lacoib ; 
rommiscnigsetar fosmacht 
abrathir tr/a imformat 

3129 Luid col6n doib isinslfab 
loseph cohglor, rmglanmiad, 
cocroit 'nambrathreib abrath 
dial-lathreib remaragad. 

3133 Rof6emad leo abds fosmacht 
menisoerad morigmac, 
nim-anacht airdmes roclos, 
ff^hairdes no condolhos. 
3137 ISsindinbaidsin amne, 
iartimnaib rig noemnime, 

[fo. 27 a. I.] 
doEgept conglor, cohgroig, 
luid lucht mor dochennaigeib. 
3141 O recait fri'u fc^rsinmaig 
loseph ossar, ambrathair, 
baf6 lith luidiy luad cert, 
combo Gri'th itiiaith Egept 
3145 lAsse mac Sechis, slicht ngle, 

' MS. monenur. 

* MS. abraim. 

' MS. ngliimi. 



batoissech nacennaige, 
diabrathrib fein, febda tr/all, 
isse doniacell * losiaph ". 

3149 PutriTaris, forom cert, 
issd baherri Aegept, 
tuc arloseph, diamba imbrait, 
irtchzk lelh n-unga n-argait. 

3153 Aes los^ph intan rorith 
hitfr n-Egept frxa ' derbdith, 
^(wgaes gelbda fochucht chert, 
secht mh\\2Ldna derbda ddec *• 

3157 Ddsecht mblia</«a, babuaid becht, 
bdi Joseph itlr n-Egept, 
coioxacht^ atilaid iartain 
colacob conamaccaib. 

3 161 Batar icachtaib iarcein 

fosmachtaib huaislib los^iph, 
doIac6b, bagnimrad cert, 
rofirad feib doramgert. 

Dorarhgert Iac6b coglan. 




i conoebi osceMthreib 
rofaidi rianabrathreib, 
cengoe, cengaili, gnim cert, 
comb6c fodaire in-Egept. 

3169 lArsain rorith, babuaid becht, 
fr/'toisech ituaith Egept. 
car^maith buan combai d6 lius 
dorat d6 auagcommvj. 

3173 lArom rodacar abcn*, 
indgemai doniacel, 
tr/aaslach n-imthach fochlith 
dorimgart *nacomlepaid. 

3177 Roraid fr/a ingilla coglan: 

' nihetragim dala ban, 
ocus md indaire centre6ir, 
m*oenur itirib anheoil/ 

3181 Roradi fr/s inb^ blaith : 
* natabair laim fr/m doraith : 
anf dobiur duit amne 
fail mor neclr lasmadbuide/ 

3185 * Aben, hendach/ f<?rtgniiis hglain, 
nar^amluaid dot'baethbriatraiby 
inhed bambeo, buaid ngelbda, 
nifellub form'thigerna/ 

3189 Roscnitai inben coleir, 
uair nadema ingilla ardir, 
f(?rsinhgllla hglan cenchol 
cinnas dolvrad baegol. 

3193 I Ss^(/ roscnitai inben baeth, 
6narabi ifus inlaech, 
ingilla dothecht nachthan 
le coseotu istech talman. 

3197 *Tair lim dodeiscin mos^t 
agillai, nihimmarbr^c, 
oslaic reom aglas dontaig, 
aloseph caem Cannanaig I 

3201 'A fir, tair remum istech, 

narbamcrimnach comrairgnech, 
uair nadigthira, fri set sldn, 
istech hdorcha m*oenurdn/ 

3205 lArsain luid loseph istech, 
nirb'anhumal imrisnech, 
nifitir inmnai diabrath 
combai iarcdl nacomlad. 

3309 Huair foHemid uascar^cruth, 
iarhglerib, a6entagud, . 
doloseph, bagnim n-etig, 
imfiprbart fair forecin. 

* Written as a correction over rochennaig, * MS. ioseph. ' Written over cen, * MS. deac, 
* MS. cotori : over s is written 4 <uht, * a written as a correction over in. 



5215 Atmllai uaide iramach, 
assalamaib lomnachtach, 
roh^ige inben nert acind, 
roscar frifi^le firthind. 

3217 Tarraid ag fodoire tr6ig 
doloseph dn mac lacoib, 
achor hicarcair, gnim ngann, 
fosmachtaib ihguf^rgall. 

3221 Ardri biian betha broenaig, 
r^nic buaid c^ch pr/moenaig, 
cengaili arcli cotangaib, 
ri conoibi oscarAoentreib. 
Rf conoebi oscer^threib. 




oarfas fis, foromm cert, 
doF(?rann, dorig Egept, 
nifrith d6 cosdidib srath, 
diadnlidib nech dosfucad. 

3229 Nifrith fr/'geirchert osmaig 
Eigept conziorVdzXh^ih^ 
ecnaid no drui no sui sn^id\ 
nech dosfucad coglanr^id. 

3233 Badebthach F<?raind frxathuaid 
corogail rolaind roniaid, 

[fo. 27 a. 2.] 
frxdruidib duithib car^treib, 
fr/asuidib, fr/aecnadeib. 

3237 Batar iri sothochta sere 
ddcomalta icrfg Egept, 
sechcarA friddlaib * car^threib 
*nagrfldaib, 'nachomarleib. 

3241 Friatoil togaig, fri'aig thaig, 
'nachoraib, 'naglanchocrdib", 
indarafer d'Egept comblait, 

araili glechert d'Affraic. 
3245 Batar cenancess rochlos 

'nachardess, 'nachomaltos, 

babrdthair md/har, mod hgle, 

cechtarde dib diaraile. 
3249 Gaid rf AfFrici doib, delm n-6g, 

combad tadchrethi doderg6r, 

feib sogabtais oscar^rainn 

achf coromarbtais Yorsdtm, 
3253 lArsain tr/allsat folaimm fair, 

forYorzinvif forsiim-ardJlaith, 

indarafer feimdeth gail 

arba d*Egept aathair. 
3257 INfer aili d'Afifraic din 

fncathslait cairi comlain, 

tarmlaic acholainn fr/cath, 

tarmmairt Ft^rainn domarbad. 
3261 Rohirgaibthi lasinrig, 

rodirgnaithi fodimbrig, 

fofuctha icachtaib cocfan 

isincarcair colosfaph. 
3265 Doarfas aislihgthi d6ib 

'sindaidchisin fochet6ir, 

hicacht carcrach cr/mnach [ ] 

basnimach amenma^drad. 
3269 Rue loseph doib congloir gle, 
I breith c6ir foran-aslingthe : 

feib baderb tarbaid tr/'abrath 
I baamlaid rochomallad. 

3273 'IMmdrach indarafer, 

nibagr^dach, cre^chfaider, 

biad araili, slanaib sfd, 

ihgr^daib icondardrlg/ 
3277 Bae inri, fogldmaib gne, 

doddlaib aaislingthe, 

dondleo lerggach, ninhbai bin, 

MS. ssneid. 

MS. fr/dalaib. 

' MS. cocrflcrdib. 



bafergar^ fr/adegdiinib. 

3281 Atchiiaid do int-6clach, gnim hgle : 
' nabi fe?rsnim th'aislihge : 
ata 'sincharcair cenchess 
duini t'apthaib tuaslaicfes. 

3285 * Fer rue breith forffs, fomith, 
f(7mdfs bdmar ic^xnriuch, 
feib rotharngair achfall chain 
[isjsamlaid f(!?rcoemnacair.' 

3389 lArsain tucad fograd cain 
loseph dn asincharcair, 
fladsliiag Eigept, amra bainn, 
combai ifr^cnarc«j F^vaind. 

3293 Roiarfacht Ft^rainn fadein 
d6 fiadintsldag coglanl^ir : 
' nirbatruag, innis doscel, 
ciatuath duit no cfacen^l?' 

3297 Atchuaid loseph corath, 
cofossad, coainmnitach : 
' nic6ir %6 fiadrfg cohgr^in, 
atiiaid dam, acr/ch Canndin. 

3301 ' Nihed domthabair fograd, 
m'athair bahiia doAbrdm, 
int-Abram adrann ochein, 
nir'bunad fann doChalld^ib. 

3305 * Ata hitarhgeire och^in, 
saip, a Forainn r^^/iglanchdil 1 
bidldn de inbith bladmall, bin, 
donDia dian-adrann Abrdm.' 

3309 * Tarfas ^ dam fis, fdaim n-amra, 
romloisc gns ahetarba, 
nech nosfuaslaiced, fuam cert, 
nifuar d'intliuchtaib Egept/ 

3313 ' Aisneid inn-aislingthi n-an,' 
arloseph alainn imnar, 
* cluinem uait centm, centlas, 

indffs cinnas dotarfas/ 

3317 ' Andommarfas, am^i'c raith, 
duitsiu dalfas ceMihbithmaith, 
diamb^a breith ffr f^Trsein 
nibia dfl forth' airmitein.' 

3321 'Bidbreth ffr b^ratsa, aflaith,' 
ars^, arloseph inbithraith, 
* gnfm gle fr/bllblad cerAcruth, 
cendolbad, cent«jcumud.' 

3.^25 ' Secht mbai metha tarfas dam, 
secht mbae caila, clii n-ingnad, 
na secht mbae caela, eld gle, 
duatar na secht mbae remrae. 

3329 ' Secht punainn Idna dogr^n, 
secht punaind sehga, saeb ddl, 
na secht sehga, ba truag tra, 
duatar na secht granmara.' 

3333 * Coedala inguth 'coarad rim, 
cluinti, a Foraind nadandind, 

[fo. 27 b. I.] 
ismor indrdn, ruathar hgle, 
fil rfathur it'aislihgthe. 

3337 * Tabair domenmain cenbrath, 
delgnaid doear^intliuehtach, 
bidldn bith fonelaib bla 
doscelaib nafissisea. 

3341 * Diamlvra breth ffri fair, 
f^rsinn-aislihgthe n-ingnad, 
indmass domuin dotrega, 
doldaig fein abithdo^ra.' 

3345 * IN fer foil b^ras breith hgle 
cocoir fi^rsinn-aislihgthe, 
cendoimme diss nambrig mbrass, 
roinne ris dof lathemnas.' 

3349 Cor'faillsigder duit cenchess 
int-aisliVf^M^ laind landes, 

» MS. Ttarfas. 



gnim cadla, agillai cengroin, 

attaig Dia n-amra n-Abraim. 
5353 * Rotbia limm airmitiu intsI6ig, 

rotbia gr<id, rotbia on6ir, 

mafYraid duit dcachcruth 

indfissiu dofuaslucud.' 
3357 * Tuctar dam gr^mmann cencr^d/ 

arsd, arloseph cosoergrad, 

' feib taragir dochomrad cloth 

cocomlan diacomollud/ 
3361 'Rotbia lim gmm D^ fod^in, 

rotbia m'ordan coglanleir, 

gr/an ocus esca 'mole, 

muir istlr, di*u(ch)t isdathe/ 
3365 Atchtiaid Joseph d6 cogle, 

doFor(ai)nn ahaislingge, 

r(?;sad]umaib dluthaib dein, 

[isjcorunaib riagaltaib. 
3369 Macdn lacoib cosinrath, 

bah^ inliacoir lainn ludgmar, 

6sglaindfrge 'nagnim cert, 

rogab airrfgi n-Egept. 
3373 INt-aislinge ludgmar, Ifn cert, 

bahuathmar lasluag n-£gept : 

am^/ teidm torainn atass, 

ffss doForaind doarfas. 

Doarfas ffs, fe^romm cert 



Ri trfarath doraiga och^in 
tr/aimcasin rdid rordil, 
combai loseph, Ifn asloig, 
6s£geipt uasail ardm6ir. 
3381 Secht mbliadiui lana mole, 
sommd, sldna, sonaidd, 
6gab loseph gloir garta 
coaimsir nam6rgorta. 

3385 Fotroirgell, bagnim cialla, 
loseph cocenn secht ihbliada/», 
nagebad, cidmor insmacht, 
etach, nahor, nahargat. 

3389 Nig^bed loseph nachfiach 
onatuathaib acht madbiad, 
caihgnib cainib, ciniud cert, 
diadliugud dorfg Egept. 

3393 Rothinolad lais insain 

nafuair frisna secht mbliadirai't^, 
'naduinib trdnaib daingnib, 
innaindsib eradblib. 

3397 Dosrocht gorta garbda, garg, 
dosrort fr/Todla fodard, 
rodascr/h cenchoimsi cruth, 
roslfn toirsi isderchainiud. 

3401 Doratsatar uili arbiad 
tuatha Egept dolosiab, 
cidm6r rothechtsat fosmacht 
et^ror ocus argat. 

3405 Doratsatar fi^in dondrlg 
andoire dochinn ambfd, 
natiastais aidid hgorta 
innalainib lomnochta. 

3409 Rosbiath loseph sechcar^claind 
sloig fer n-Egept imF(?raind 
fogne riagia, niathar n-dn, 
irixi c6ic ihbliada« comldn. 

3413 Rosbiathastar fiadcar^sluag 
cenrad frxForainn findniad, 
si cit dec mill, vaod hdil, 
arfichit cet domilib. 

3417 Ce[n]mothat dala dligid 
aes dana ocus primfilid, 
druid diana docar^maig, 
cruitti clfara, clesamnaig. 

3431 Cenmothat mogaid, m^w/cert, 
sluag soraid Cr/timthirecht, 

[ IV. 3. 1 



ismna bana, buidnib bid, 
meicc ina ootf ingena. 

3425 Cenmotha insluag roslin mairg, 
natuath tniag ascer^oenaird, 
tictis iarn-elluch fosmacht 
dochennuch itfr n-Egept 

3429 Rf rombennach oscar^ maig, 
cenon, cenolcc, cenerbaid, 
gorboradl car^ maige m6ir 
loseph dn mac Iac6ib. 

[fo. 27 b. 2.] 

3433 Ruiri richid, rigda gdir, 
crichid car^cuirid comliin, 
arcli fricath oscdch bldi, 
inri triarath doraegai. 

Ri tr/arath doraega och^in. 


5437 TSindara bliad^iVr, luad hgn'nn, 
A 6r'gab ingorta gerthind, 
luid clann lacoib, bagnim cert, 
doluaig bfd itir n-£gept. 

3441 IMmlat dargarbaib* gelt*, 
iartirib amraib Egept, 
il-lurg intsldaig, tniag adi, 
cosintuaith imbdi int-ardrf. 

3445 Roslin mertain, rosgab cess, 
diafechtaib otir dfles, 
cenergna n-eolais, centre<5ir, 
cenbtrla itirib ane6il. 

3449 Roptar snfmaig' iars^taib 

diahgnfmaib, diambaethb^taib, 
fiadnasiuagaib oscerAmaig, 

truagaib, ti^rsig, ddrc6intig. 

3453 Meirtnig rostacht am^mna, 
rosnart fochacht comfedma, 
cennech diabreith, leo baceist, 
cosinn-airrfg an-atheisc. 

3457 Lotair tr/amedon intsliiaig, 
broccaig, nart^miim comthrdaig, 
rmgabsat foss, febda fir, 
hifrecnarcf^ indardrig. 

3461 Foidis techtairi tind huad, 
aracenn cogrihn, coluath, 
ama/ atgeoin ingnim cert, 
airri airtmitnech Aegept 

3465 Tinsit andiiine fotr^fig, 
fillsit gldine fochombdig, 
roslecht diaduis diadoss^ 
fiadagndis 'nafr^narct^. 

3469 Roiarfacht doib, derb roclos, 
loseph r(?»gloir, cenamlos : 
' raid[id] aflr diiir forngair 
c^ duib no can tancabair ? 

3473 * Cid f<?«dnaigid *nanhbrdig bras, 
cenairig, cenflreolas, 
cenb^la fnriad relta, 
amo/ des hdian taiscelta. 

3477 * No maraes mbraith f^^raig thaig, 
bis ochathraig dochatroig, 
censcribenn lib, Hnib drech, 
censcela rfg no ruirech ? 

3481 < Nimtha fcTrsaraail sunn se 
acht mad aes braith Isligthe', 
no slebbaire loittit smacht, 
no br^caire icbrecairecht/ 

3485 * Donrimmart gorta con^rtnn 
attuaid acrfchaib Canndin, 

* Over dargaUib. • Over gart > Over miscnig. 

* Sic. Saoold it not be rosiechtsat dia ndtOs, dia ndoss ? • MS. islidte. 



fr/am-adlaic uaig, huar'cnch coin, 
feib tecait sluaig fer ndomuin. 

3489 ' Fonrathaig tir Cairn ochdin 
am-athair badoChaldeib, 
roalt cengrxs gaibt {sic) cengroin, 
bamac Isaic meic Abrdim. 

3493 ' Brdthir sinn huile marXJkm^ 
Hn arcuire *sarcomdal, 
icgaire am-athar narAthan, 
ismac aile anhbrathair 6ssar.' 

3497 * Masoffr ^ fr/lieraim n-4n, 
formbith iannui doAbram, 
tucaid huaib eUre hgle 
fritichtdin doridise. 

3501 ' Tan tissaid arciil nachtan 
lib diatf inbrathair ossar, 
forbia f(?m-eitteire fein, 
isdogdntar forn-ogreir.* 

3505 Riandula doib fe^rafecht 
diatfr conacennaigecht 
il-laim indairrig fr/andail 
doratsatar Issachair. 

3509 Roraid loseph, sc^l cenchess : 
* dogr^s dogen ff^nhbithless, 
incer^huair f<7rmbia farhdail 
uaimm duib drDia n-Abaraim.' 

3513 lArsin dochuatar diatlr 
feib fosrudcar cendimbrig, 
rofiicsat fribiscaid tr6g 
ascaid arDia dolacob. 

3517 I Arum rancatar diataig 
soera, slana, somenmnaig': 
dosfarraid maith fogloir glain 
flaith i6ir 'sindarabliad^ii/k 

ISindarabliadai>f, luad hgr/hn. 


3521 13 oatdaig Iac6b dn 

Xv diaChoimdid, bagnim com- 

feib fuair achlann, glanffr cert, 

fdilti laairrig n-Egept 
3535 Feib rostr/all fochaihgnib ciiSin 

in-iathaib aidbli aniuil, 

rosnalt cenb^t oscer^maig 

dosrat {ors6i sainemail. 
[fo. 28 a. I.] 
3539 Feib dosfuc iorc6\, nicress, 

6scar^mdr conamorless, 

atichtain buidig diatig 

isdiaruirig roatlaig. 

Roatlaig lacob dn. 




origset comarli c6ir 
maccrad amra lacoib, 
andul iarfithisi fecht 
doridisi itlr n-Egept 

3537 Dochuatar iarsdtaib slain, 
cenb^taib cethim comlain, 
cotren tluachtar darcar^tfr 
coruactar cosinn-ardrfg. 

3541 Fuaratar col6r cenhfr 
fdilti mor icondairrig, 
feib bamellach laceill c6ir 
rosmbdi cennarA fochetoir. 

3545 Gabais loseph escra n-iiag 
atnaig il-laim fir diasludg : 
tabair tr/ahaccail diambrath 
isaccaib naCannanach. 

3549 Nidimraig lotar diatir, 
nibdardimdaig dondairrig, 

^ MS. Mafof ir. 

' MS. somennaig. 

H 2 



feib roellacht doib cer^tnall 
bai ambennacht forlosiaph. 

3553 Tan batar nalfni arinmaig, 
amo/ bid mfli onchathraig, 
rodlohg, nimebul diadail, 
drong dremun dian-irgabail. 

3557 Nibtar foichligthi fri't6ir 
rocro[i]chligthi fochet6ir, 
tuctha codiira donmaig 
f(?racula donchathraig. 

3561 Tuctha coneoch rostechtai, 
'nacimmidib ci/^nrechtai, 
batrdag afatal cenbrfg 
combatar fiadinn-airrig. 

3565 Frisrogart int-airrf d6ib 
roraidi fr/u fochetoir : 
* tniag dodail farcuire figle 
farhgabail uili icmeirle. 

3569 * Uair lib[si], ni lathar fidil, 
inmeirii cenimressain, 
infarcin clothach asbiur 
f(j?rcrochad cosinn-oenf iur.' 

3573 * A aim Egept cenchess, 
rosatglechert fr/arlanles, 
niclothach dot*bdaid, dot'blaid, 
• truaig dochrochad cenchinaid. 

3577 *Niheol diin, ciacol fogr/in, 
dur dron doBeniamein, 
fonralaig mairb mesctha mir 
dodalaib indescr^sin. 

3581 *Fortgellam ztch hduis, din cert, 
it'gnuis, aairri Egept, 
am-idain, fiadtestaib Dd, 
dochinaid indescraise/ 

3585 * Tucaid dochind f(?m-anma 
uaib aitire n-eramra, 

fam-6sarbrdthair foddin, 

dianid comainm B^iamdin *. 
3589 * £irgid' iarforsetib sndid, 

isleicid Beniemdin, 

huair isleis, lith ' cesta hgle, 

frith escra naEgipte.' 
3593 * Ossar naclainne, gnim hgle, 

fir foxal fainne ffre, 

issd isdiliu diarslog 

liam-athair, lalac6b. 
3597 ' Guidmit nf, menipgrain lat, 

dii, aairrf nahEgept, 

cia rondairane dotVdir, 

coronsaera B^/iiemein. 
3601 * Mad marb duini fonim glass 

dochumaid, isgnim n-amnas, 

bid marb lacob fodein 

diachainiud Beniemein.' 
3605 * A maccrad lacoib din, 

frigartrad dochlainn Abrdim, 

cenchlothchobair, cennach mblaid, 

dorochrobair f(C?rcinaid/ 
3609 Rorelsat ascel cenbrfg, 

roslechtsat fiadinn-airrig : 

' f(7rtgellam Dia, dana de, 

darslana onchinaidse/ 
3613 'Tabraid f(?rcobais centldis, 

rad fi^rais riandig tiugbais, 

failsigid fc^rnech nith ihbras, 

dorinnsid gnim n-imamnas/ 
3617 * Ciambadlonnbr^ss digal Dd, 

{omn bacomadas fr/arcloenrd : 

coir ciaroncnhad coldr 

icinaid artargabal. 
3621 ' Ronbaidsemmar, bagnim trog, 

rocraidsemmar Iac6b, 

^ MS. WMiamin. 

* MS. Heirgib. 

MS. litth. 



romertsam coem diarhgndthaib^ 
rorecsam am-oenbrathair. 

3635 * Atmora arcinaid donbrath, 
nidarn-idain diars6erad : 

[fo. 28 a. 2.] 
triallamm am-aided, seel ngr/nn, 
tiagamm fochlaideb hgdrthind.' 

3629 ' Nirbochoir dam f^nhbddud^ 
fota ataid in-imgdbud, 
targa fortacht De f(?rt6ir, 
achiniud amra lacoib 1 

3633 ' Bidbann buada f(7rarnddil, 
ahiarmhui uagdai Abraim 1 
gengnim hgessi, tn'adil ngair, 
iss messe rorecsabair.' 

3637 Rodosmachtaigset foalaim, 
roattlaigset acomdiil, 
snlset coc6ir acainti, 
rochisset armorfailti. 

3641 ' Fuapraid cotenn, nibartroig, 
eirgid arcenn Iac6ib, 
cenlen, islethan forcert, 
tren ft^rtrethan in-Egept.* 

3645 Ri dafiic attiaid iartain 
Jacob conamaccaib, 
dialotar fodess feTrfecht 
foainm loseph in-£gept. 

3649 O sunn rancatar fodes 
coloseph hicomaithches, 
ani badech docar^threib 
dorat loseph diabrathreib. 

3653 Robai lacob, bagnim cert, 
censnim itirib Egept, 
malle fr/achlainn r(?mimblait, 
ddbliadtf/» arsechtmogait 

3657 Mori coragrad ochdin 
dofuca Abrdm oChalld^ib, 
h^ cotnarlaic iarc6ir cheirt 

doib anisin dorigset 

Dongset comarli c6ir. 


3661 /^ shunn atbath loseph 4n 

V>/ nismboe saere ^(Tsaergr^d : 

fir Egept, comeit cloine, 

dosratsat fothromdoere. 
3665 Rodosdairsatar diardir 

iam-ec indamrai Iose[i]ph, 

daire aralaid, eraim ngld, 

nitharlaid f<7rbith buid^. 
3669 Mor dochlainn, batrog [insc^lj 

beirthi dislog Israhel, 

cosuilib dessaib, deilm hdil» 

conb^dais assacennaib. 
3673 Mor dacer^^ulcc, nabucert, 

fodaimtis fosluag n-Egept : 

nibai d6ere badteinn^ 

comarbdais apr/mgeinnd. 
3677 Ciarbothromm andoire dacht 

robae anDia 'coaf(?rtacht : 

inmet f(7rdingtis intsluaig 

f(7rbartais incarAoenhuair. 
3681 lOseph mac lacoib iin, 

meicc Issaic, meic Abaraim, 

doromalty firniagla recht, 

deich fichit bliadna in-Egept 
3685 Dochuaid fared, duithi cin, 

ficrslicht sen sdithi soerdil, 

facbaid ddmoc, maith angroim, 

Mdnnases oau YJSr^sn, 
3689 Dormn^nsat cari fosmacht, 
fosrogmsat fir Egepc, 
diambdaid, diammatbiia, diamiad, 
cosinn-iiair atbath losiaph. 

O shnnn atbath loseph in. 




3693 "D og^nair Moisi, xaod hgle, 


in-amsir natromd6ire * : 
rolad, ciarbochain achruth, 
ass hisruth Nfl diabddud. 

3697 Conafuair T«rmod, gnim cert, 
ingen Fflrainn rig Egept, 
Vmdsmth, icinnlat aldm, 
cainbe fial, fe^rssaid, findnar. 

3701 lArsin r(?f(?rngart diamnaib 
conotuctdis asintrdig 
inm^ mbec incrotha glain, 
uair dorat Dia foam^main. 

3705 Rodacar Termed iarsein 
feib caras cdch aoengein, 
coron-erail, bacain glonn, 
baforgo diadegaltrom. 

3709 O shunn roalt corobatrdn, 
diall fr/claind mac n-Isra^l, 
dochuaid ifat fiadcar^claind, 
narbomac d'ingin Foraind. 

37x3 ISsu cenlen, Idad nglanna, 
cenathair tr^n talmanna, 
fevfailtig gnim gle car^thuir 
'sindaimsir irog^nair. 

Rogdnair Moisi, mod hgle. 


37*7 A'^otranic 14 fipTsinmaig 
V^.x fr/oendiis icimsergdin, 
indaranai diachlainn cheirt, 
araili badoEgeipt 

[fo. 28 b. I.] 

3731 O shunn atgeoin, narbotrdn, 
infer dochlainn Israhdl, 
babe ingnim garb cenchert, 
romarb infer ahEgept. 

> MS. 

3735 Rofitir intiiath cogle 

fer domarbad doMoise, 

feib leir dorigned cocert 

atchuas doafrrig Egept. 
3739 Forfuacart Forainn cocert 

f(?rferaib amraib Egept, 

nabeth d6 dfn innachdu 

achi abas no ahinnarbu. 
3733 Dodeochaid Moisi forfecht 

forteched riasluag n-Egept, 

iartfrib, iarslicthib srath, 

cofamaic indingenrad. 
3737 Cofuair slog m6r forsinmaig 

dogillaib isd*ingenaib, 

iciramain chairech fosmacht 

dochum topur istiprat. 
3741 Ocddne natrebthach tren 

imslessaib sldbe Cordb, 

bamor angair fi^rsinmaig 

icdail usn' diacairchaib. 
3745 Dessid Moissi, bamod hgle, 

fiTTOchair naconaire, 

snimarA, saethrar^, bee anert, 

aoenur, icsfrimthecht. 
3749 Moisi batr^n incar^diil 

dochiniud clainni Abrdim, 

nicheil ceol hgle hgnimrad hglicc, 

is dordir De cotr^fnic. 

Cotr<fnic la f<!?rsinmaig. 




obatar ann, cainig cain, 
'coacdirib hitimmarcain, 
in-immblib intsluaig comblait, 
dfingin inpr/msacairt 
i 3757 Roraid frxMoisi, mod hglan, 
iarsain indaraingen : 



' cid nadiarcobrai, din cert, 

ah6claig ut ahEgept ? 
3761 ' Atarfail cenduine ^ tr^n 

arn-oenuK in-etaii^n, 

immunn-usr^ n-oar, car^cnith, 

aU insltiag icarsdrgud.' 
3765 Atr^nacht Moisi, vaod hgle, 

nipuh^irge meraig^, 

cotarat cobair trein trait 

dohingenaib intsacairt 
3769 Rogartatar leo diataig 

Moise amru carAn-armaig, 

con-^icsitar asc^ 

dian-athair cenims^na. 
3773 IN sacart sluinti gaissi 

rofer faflli fr/'Moisc, 

aracruthy aracheil nglain, 

aifortacht diaingenaib. 
3777 Rofastai i[n]sacart iarsein 

inaoentaid, in-oentreib, 

iartimnu indrfg, niathar ndil, 

dorat [d6] aprnningin. 
3781 Hiclemnas intsacairt cenMn, 

ifichaib slebi Coreb, 

donimalt Moisi, xxiod ngle, 

ann tresraind aaimsire. 
3785 Noemrf nime, nert cer^^sluaig, 

coemcli cenbini bithbuaid, 

ri betha borggaig cenbrath 

rosDordaig ' feib robatar. 

Robatar aim cainig cain. 


3789 13^ 1^^ Mojsi immoig 

J3 isleib Choreb 'coachairib, 
conidnailassair inrf 

atathlassair teintidL 
3793 Ri rofi?rcongart amne 
fomkic n-amra, fETMojse, 
roraidi fr^ mathar cert : 

* isferr duit dul in-£gept' 
3797 Roraid Moysi, monor ngle, 

* nituidecht frrV fomgaire : 
rofetar fein, febda bainn, 
amfer ecraite doForaind.' 

3801 ' Heirgg lamobrethir f^echt, 
arcenn intsloaig in-£gept : 
notnoibfaider fiadcar^daind, 
notsoerfaider f^TrF^raind. 

3805 ' B^ra ' oaim comartha lat, 
notsaerfa fi^recomnart, 
cansLch fil ni n-uag fonim, 
coni tichtain fm'menmain.' 

3809 Fofiiair mor dobuiid cenbrath, 
mor n-ecnai uaig rai»-6grath, 
con-uaill, bam6r ngaissi ngl^, 
fofiiair Moise, bdi lathe. 

Bae lathi Moisi immaig. 

3813 73 i dorat 
JLV fl-laii 


i dorat fleisc mblaith mbalnii 
-laim Moisi mac Amraf, 
[fo. 28 b. 2.] 
diarlass indnib, r%da sc^ 
imnin rig isleib Chor^b. 
3817 Ri roridi codina 

fnM6ise taidbsiu alama, 
i[n]darahaair df baclam, 
induair aile bagl^lan. 
38ai Ri dorat sain Casam lii 
doMoisi, donuic Amrii, 

* MS. ccnndaine. 

' MS. rosnoidaib. 




isamlaid sain, s^gda insmacht, 
* dogr^s dogensa XxAorXzchV 

3835 IN ri rofafdi fri*t6ir 

dochlannaib aibni Iac6ib, 
* dochath labrethir fiDe dil 
fnTorann conadniidib. 

3829 Rf rochart Moise fi^rfecht 
coForann, corfg n-Egept, 
cotarlaiced uad cenl^n 
clanna amra Israhel. 

3833 * Manistarlaice coluath 
meicc \2xahe\ linib tuath, 
f6idfet mor hdigal dishain, 
*modflfat uad ar^cin.' 

3837 Ri fotat huili naslofg, 
issh^ artuire dergoir, 
ninlen cloen, nago, naceist, 
ri dorat d6 inmblaithfle[i]sc. 
Ri dorat fleisc mblaith. 




aidid Moisi fiadcar^clainn 
iarsain iarum fr/Torainn : 

Messaig dosluaig fein foleith, 3877 

leic uait athuaith dinCh(o)imde[i]d.* 
3845 Asb^rt Forainn, ioroxxa hgle, 

natibred doib asaere, 

cofess^(/ cia bad m6 nert 3881 

anDiasom no dia Egept. 
3849 Dogniat druidi indrfg, 

tn'abrichtu ainble anffr, 

nathracha coMath donflaith 3885 

dolbsait afuath dfaflescaib. 
3853 Dorigni Moisi, mod hdil, 

in-anmaim indrig donim, 

labrethir nDe fiadflathib, 3889 

diafleisc combaglenathir. 

« MS. Radidid. 

3857 Nathir Moisi fuabrad cath, 
frmathracha nandrdad, 
istig arbelaib indrig 
dodasfuaid cos[in]n-oenmfr. 

3861 Gabais anathraig doldr 
Moisi fiadintaig lomndn, 
noscroith, nodosai ifleisc, 
lasinslog, robomorcheist. 

3865 Moisi minn osbetha bare, 
hua Iac6ib meicc Isaac, 
aaithesc glan, gnimrad hgle, 
isdoreir De roraide. 

Roraid Moisi fiad car^clainn. 


3869 13 ahuamnach Ft^rainn amne, 
• • J3 iarsin roraid friMoise : 
*■ maith limm dula doib f<7rfecht, 
masomaith latuaith n-£gept' 

3873 Dodechaid Moisi diathig, 
atreib Fe^rainn foniabrig, 
conh^caid coglan insc^l 
dodagdainib Israhel. 
Kvaal dochuaid Moisi uad 
forcofigart cuce inmorsluag, 
dorat fohfr fd^rcar^smacht, 
rolln dfmc^ isdasacht. 
Asb^rt F(?raind censena, 
fr/achlanna, friachenela : 
' f<7rtuatha De, tonun Xi^i^ 
tabrad car^tormach hdo^re.' 
Batar toirsech intuath tniag 
fr/Moisi aran-imluad ; 
' acht furail saethar is[s]macht 
nifuaramar ni duft^rtacht' 
Radid^ frm Moisi combdaid : 
' nabid fri'baisi mbeltrdaig, 




dal De donessai cer^rainn, 
bidtressai indds big F(7raind.' 
3895 Ardrf Egept, Uar nglonn, 
ri g6ach, guinech, garblonn, 
batarb tnu frxgleo, fr/cath, 
aned babeo bahuamnach. 

Bahuamnach F^^rainn amne. 

3897 T^ i rordid frxMoisi cotr^n : 





' abbair fr/claind n-Isro^, 

dentar leo, lathar hgle, 

uan d'idpairt car^oentige. 
3901 ' Uan firenn bliadif^ insein 

cengaili hduib no temein, 

afuine f(?rgn*s cer Acruth, 

cenachndma dobrissiud. 
3905 ' Frithalid inn-uan cenlocht 

doidpairt incariioenpbort, 

ahithi istig cenni immach, 

cossaib cenn isinathrach. 
[fo. 29 a. I.] 
3909 * Menibe istig, torum hgle, 

dodoenib lin ahithe, 

taet nech ammuig onachdruhg 

czch uaib inahiallacround. 
3913 * Lalubai lacbtoc, luad hgle, 

lahardn nemdescaigthe, 

bachla &rldim, linib ell, 

f(7rcressa fcm-imthimcbell. 
3917 ' A ithi f(?rsessam sain, 

ahfuil fo^im-aursannaib, 

diaf<?rraib, fuidel foleith, 

aloscud duib iteneid. 
3921 *A denam dogr^ insein 

docar^ oen incach oentreib, 

dof<?raithmet, monar clecht, 

> MS-tened. 

f(?rtuaslaicthi aEgept/ 
3925 Atat inmuirig fotrdig 
doming nimi noebndir : 
dorat m6r hdfgal hicri 
iorngah ri rordidi. 

Ri rordid fnMoisi cotr^n. 





Ri dorat mor hdigal tren 
dosairad mac n-Isra^ : 
bamaidm torainn f(?rcer^maig, 
f(9rForainn re^nathuathaib. 
Loscainn riasca, reim hdata, 
cuili, biasta, brecnata, 
bolcgach, lasruth fola fann, 
dorcha, tene ^ istorann. 
Flag napr/mgeinne huili, 
et^cethri ocus duine, 
gol cer^a clethi, gnfm cert, 
rochlos lafini Egept. 
Ri dorat nadeichplaga 
forthu fr/liuair combaga, 
nilac rogni iarc6ir cath, 
inn dorat mor hdigal. 

Ri dorat mor hdfgal tren. 


Roleicset dilmain uadaib 
'nandirmaib, 'nammorsliia- 

samlaid dochotar forfecht 
cosetaib amraib EgepL 
Cethrichet tncha tramnaih, 
ind6iri doib dobliadjMf?, 
in-Egept daiU tairb«rt tren, 
dochlaind airdeirc IsaHL 




3953 lArsain scarsat frid6ire 

Egeipt coh-ilur cl6ine, 

ianhbliadnaib^ coriagail raith 

trichat iarcethric^taib. 
3957 Dorigset s^t, sliucht combnaid, 

cenb^t ahEgeipt sairtuaid, 

cengrissa, bacain intsluaig, 

doRamissa, doSochuaith. 
3961 Ri ragmas dasfuc trianert 

adoire amnas Egept, 

dorat nel impu fri de 

istor tened car^n-aklche. 
3965 IN tene icloscud intsluaig 

Egeipt 'sindaidchi adhuair, 

inn^l dorcha doib frid^' 

^(^bruissitis acairpd^. 
3969 lArsin roraidset colainn 

sluaig fer n-Egept friT(?rainn : 

' tiagam f<?rarcul cenl^n, 

lecamm uain claind nA^xahiX, 
3973 * IN dia asdech f(7rbith biian 

dorat meth forarmorsluag ; 

atd ic[c]athugud cotr^n 

darcenn clainne Israh^l/ 
3977 Asb^rt F^^rainn fergach fnu : 

* nileicfem arlaesechu, 

conostucam lenn imbrait, 

latoeb ara-oir 'sam-argait* 
3981 Dochuaid F(>rainn con^M^% 

'nandiad imMuir romra Ruad, 

nasluaig remi rosatr[i]uin 

ocus F(?rann fohirdiuid. 
3985 INri dodasaer iarsin 

arForaind cona airbrib, 

triamuindnn Mara Romuir 

dosfiic innan-irchomair. 
3989 IN muir mdr, comflib seel, 

' MS. iumbliaMdaib. 

tnastuc Dia claind n-Isra^<l, 
roddil ri gr^e cenrainn 
ftvfi?rmnu f<£ne Forainn. 

3993 B4e Gaidel finglegelt cain 
in-Egept 'sindamsirsain, 
dobreth Scotta fiadcar^clainn, 
ingen airmittnech F(7raind. 

3997 Atroebaid Gaidel combuaid 
dula d6 itidegaid intsluaig, 
uair bafaith, fn'glea sc^I, 
uamun D^a xsioc n-Isro^l. 

4001 lArsain dochuaid Gaidel Glas 
il-libuim lir lethanbras, 
fuaproid meirge mara maill 
arhuamun ferge Foraind. 
[fo. 29 a. 2.] 

4005 Luid Gaidel cain conabuaid 
idrsain sechlndia sairthiiaid^ 
corogab tir, torom hgle, 
in-insi Depr(?fane. 

4009 Luid ondindsi, erctais sldaig, 
Depr(?rane sel siarthuaith, 
bdi 'nafichaib Ifn ihbliadna 
fonacr/chaib Caspianda. 

4013 Robaided ann, arim chert, 
dodegdoinib fer n-Egept, 
coic c^t rig rdn, regtai rainn, 
immonn-ardrig, imF(?raind. 

4017 Lin intsluaig cenmotha sin 
nifitir nech an-drim : 
nochinned f(?rcar^dine 
arimbed ahilmile. 

402 1 Ri tarlaic Muir Romuir mad 
f([7rF(?rainn r(>mim6rsluag, 
nithema leo diatfrib 
cid oenfer dohilmilib. 

4025 lAmandamnad, gnim glinni, 

* MS. fn'dew. 



iannarbad aprimgindi, 
nicheil cech sui, srethaib slecht, 
cosin rosmMi rosleicset 

Rosleicset dilmain uadaib. 




i tuc claind n-lsrah/l ass 
intan rommol inmorchlass, 
cenmna, cenm^zrcu, fncath 
s/ cet mili fer n-armach. 

4033 Oshunn rosiachtatar tir 
roattlaigset dondarrfg, 
aUmam iarhgdbud cacht, 
ianhb&dud andergndmat 

4037 lArsin tdargabad inchlas 
domolad De bacomdas : 
cansatar, badeoda indus, 
hili uli cantemus. 

4041 Siur doMoisi, Maire mir, 
iarsain rosephain timpin : 
rochachain ceol dorfg n^l 
labantrocht mac n-IsraA^'l. 

4045 Ri rdn rodluig riasinsMag 
adruimni dogba dubruad, 
rf oscar^brf conem n^l, 
inri tuc claind n-Isro^l. 

Ri tuc claind Isro^/l ass. 




atar buidig doDia dron 
iarUmam doMuir Romor, 
robdar dimdaig D^ fomith 
oshunn rancatar dithrub. 
4053 ' Truag doDfa donrat im-mert, 
narAanrelic in-Egept : 
donfuc iars^taib cerAcruth 
diam-^caib isindithrub. 

» MS. Ccenbiad. • MS. 

4057 * Cenbfad \ cenlinn, lethan locbt, 
cen^tar^ beos arbithnocht, 
ronlfn bochta, ronbds bath, 
dogena ingorta armarbad/ 
4061 Ri rordid frm aurdairc dul : 
* inhed bethi 'sindithnib, 
nochofeTrbia immaig no taig 
airchra bfid no etaig.' 
4065 Ri rodosas donmaind blaith 
ocus indiall en imthlaith, 
inlind friatoir ascerAmaig 
dofuc doib asindailig. 
4069 Srotha indithruib, delm n-ada, 
ciabtar nemi nemnecha, 
lacar^, ciatserba slassa, 
doibseom batar somblassa. 
4073 Dorigset s^t, sliucht combuaid, 
al-lam chle frimuir morgluair, 
siarthdaid darcarA fich friTeth, 
focrich n-amnais n-Amal^ch. 
4077 Gnisit cathu croda rfad 

frisluag n-uathmar n-Amaliach : 
dorochau: m6r n-armar^ de 
tall tn'acrosfigill M6ise. 
4081 O roldset &r mtsluaig 

Amalech aurdairc adrdaid, 
imsliab Sina, srethaib socht, 
rosuidigsetar lohgphort. 
4085 lArcathaib, iarnithaib niad, 
friclainn n-iraig* n-Amaliach, 
isl^ib Sina, sluagda angal, 
fobannaib buada batar. 

Batar buidig doDfa dron. 


4089 T^oarfas gnim n-ingnad d 
JlJ iskib Sfna foch^toir, 

nafraig, with a dot OTer the second letter. 
I 3 



fiadgnuis intsliiaig ^, torom hgle, 
daig derg dennor teintide. 

4093 IN[n]f dodechaid donim, 
dodihgnaib richid rindgil, 
cofiETinaig recht sainglicc slan 
f(7rciniud n-airdirc n-Abr4m. 

4097 Rf rogart caini gnima 
Moisi lais islfab Sina, 
[fo. 29 b. I.] 
cendig, cenbiad, bamod hgl^, 
cocenn cethrachat lathe. 

4101 Rf doridnacht doMoisi 

deich mbriathra glana gadssi^ 
iarsrethaib rfagla, reim hdil, 
dothinchosc inmorpopuil. 

4105 Dothidnacul rechta reil 
cenimracul triaglancheil, 
inri thdnic donim glass 
cotimnaib doib dodrfas. 

Do&rfas gnim n-ingnad doib. 

fothuinn \,2\man fnbenhiiair. 
4125 Gorogaid Moisi iarsin, 

forsinRfg conaaihglib, 

corol^iced d6 achosc fein 

'satimargain diauagr^ir. 
4129 Manibed Moisi, m(>^hgle, 

asb^rt inRi orddnide, 

6enfer dfb fngleo nagail 

nafaicbed beo f<?rtalinain. 
4153 Fiadgnuis D^, badiada tur, 

icfoglaim rfagia isrignin, 

isleib Sina[f], sliucht ngle, 

aned cian robai Moise. 

Anhed robde Moisi ist[s]leib. 

4109 A 1 


nhed robai Moisi istsleib 
nochosrala fe^rdagceil, 

-dorigned leo, nir'gnim coir, 

ocdam deligthi dcrg6ir. 
41 13 lArsain, bamessu ceMsc^l, 

dothiiathaib mac n-Isra^l, 

eUr fini ismni ccnrath, 

andul huili diaadrad. 
41 17 Diultud iorxi'g n-ahgel n-iiag, 

bamor ingnim donmorsluag, 

ecus ahithi ind[f ]eoir gairb 

fiaddeilb ind6cdaim hermairb. 
4121 Ferggach frni Fiadu bacoir, 

fn'clainn n-engaig n-Iacoib, 

cotarmart tairb^ intslijaig 

* In the MS. the dot is over the A 

4137 p 


0Rf6cart Moisi fonert 
f(>rsinsluag bdi 'nacoimthecht, 
iarsin fr/re teora n-iiar, 
coromarbtais inmorsMag. 

4141 Conar'choicled, croda gair, 
nech amdthair no athair ; 
no diabrdthair, bdg comblait, 
no diachaim, no diacharait 

4145 Roshort Moise, monor hgle, 
et^cethri oci« duine, 
et^rfiru ismarcu ismna, 
dosrat fochlaidiub digld. 

4149 Rum^m[n]aiged lais iarsein 
indelb dind6r derg demein : 
doridnacht doib, nirbothruag, 
tr/'anambiud donmorsliiag. 

4153 Dorimnai Dfa, Xxaiom hgle, 
acosc censil comairge, 
iam-urd gaissi, croda cacht, 
bforMoisi f[7rf6cart 

Forf6cart Moisi fonert. 

' Perhaps gaeisi. 




4157 "pA otharraid teidm duairc d6ib, 
I J iarcein dogalur med6in ; 

bamarb sochaidi dontsluag 

dondimsnith roenar^ roruad. 
4161 Ri roraidi frni cogM : 

' denaid natbraig n-umaide : 

ti^rgabar fri crann corath 

uasinsMag frisirsellad. 
4165 'Ciphe ardosc^ donmaig 

incrann oavx innathraig, 

biatslana car^ahd^nat, 

dogalur nihep^at.' 
4169 Figuir Cm/ atbeir annsain, 

dodeochaid diartesargain, 

tuargabad fr/crann corath, 

is dararcenn rocrochad. 
4173 Cibh^ frisaiccidar ann 

Issu Cm/ cumtachta arann, 

rambia nem, nassad ndaihgen, 

imbithoentaid archaingel. 
4177 Sloig sil Adaim docer^du, 

et^moebu isphecthachu, 

ili huile, comgrad ngle, 

atd acomdal friMoisL 
4181 Manbad ruirig nimi nair 

conic car^suilig sogr^d, 

baI6r d'huathaib oscer^maig 

donatiSathaib diatarraid. 

Dotharraid teidm duairc doib. 

4185 T^ i rordide fr/u cenl^n 


fnclainn n-amrai n-Isro^l, 
r(?ifderndtais doib eclais hglain 
ocus indarcc testemain. 
4189 Dias doib fr/s6irsi slecht. 

fnceTdach/y fln'pr/mgoibnecht, 

[fo. 29 b. 2.] 
Adiar adma irdaig mdr, 
isint-amra Ithiddn. 

4193 Dotreib Leui, Iat[h]ar ndil, 
doreir indrig donoemnib, 
sechtmoga fer, fobaid fecht, 
fri acobair, fn'atimthirecht 

4197 Cetnagnim gnisset marchloc 
dabach humai istudloc, 
con-ilur delb, lethan lecht, 
trethan derb tnTer ndeec. 

4201 Gnim tanaissi, tadbat ruin, 
admat adf<£t inscriptdir, 
et^rfiru isnuzccu ismnd, 
bacc iaimn cer^oenfir iarma. 

4205 IN tres gnim, T0g\6 cenchol, 
tegdas D^ tab^macol, 
nir'bu dfn[n]im laDia ndil 
conamflib mfrbailib. 

4209 Cethramad gnim, indarc liag, 
cain imracht fncach n-imliiad, 
6t delgnaid, dfn docar^threib, 
zmal csLchscrin n-ildelbaig. 

4213 Ri dororainn d6ib, babiiaid, 
inn-eclais n-orhuill noebdaig, 
eUrfot, cenchaillti cert, 
etirairddi ocus lethet 

4217 Tricha cubat, comul ngl^, 
etirlethet isaird^ 
coica cubat, fochucht cruth, 
innafut fnsuidigud. 

4221 Cliraib cainib crotha glain, 
sldnaib, soeraib, sodelbaib, 
iartinnrud taircfait carAgreim 
dofidmd saindfl secbeim. 

4225 Cuairt cethrochair, cumtaig grid, 
nirbodrecfarothail dermir, 




cathcldi gelbdai, gnim n-ogdai, 

fachl&i febdai forordai. 
4339 Ri rosorddaig clethaib clar 

dosforgaib srethaib soergra d, 

rodascinn fnliergna alt, 

ddchlar dec s^gdai sescat. 
4353 Ddchlar d^c 'mondori/x hdron, 

caintomttf cenimmf(7rdol : 

cethriclair d^c, derbdair sein, 

semtair immonsenisteir. 
4337 Tri cldir fichet incar^sliss 

clichet cenag, cenanfiss : 

ddchubat, nidechelt tair, 

bid il-lethet cer^oenchldir. 
4241 Cethricldir fos«^mib d^ 

inhuillib naecals^, 

feib dorumat, rigda rad, 

trichubat ince^^ oenchlar. 
4345 Se fotha dec, derb cenlocht, 

ar secht fichtib doarggot, 

et«/mi islar, lith fn"baig, 

ddfotha dib ztch oenchlair. 
4349 Airddi nafochrai^ foil 

huasnafothaib findniini, 

cubat fritiit alame, 

cenimjbrcraid n-imhairme. 
4253 Dorus sneid sair segdai mdil, 

solitf frigrnn cain comldir, 

cenardgrain gnim, cian car^cnith, 

intsanctair 'nafiriarthur. 
4357 Cethriclair comlain, gnim hgle, 

o[c]cohgbdil nasanctare, 

cofothaib fiadtuathaib treib 

conafuathaib f(7rordaib. 
4261 Altoir fridorus antuaid 

friloscud n-edpart noebiiaig, 

alt6ir aurgnaidi *nadess 
friaumaigthi nadimchres. 

4365 INpn'maltoir cosindrath 
frignimgart gloir rot^rcbad, 
cer^thucht foardbilib 6ir 
baharddidir ucht Aroin. 

4369 Deil telchinni tiar istair, 
anniab amo/ chorcarglain, 
dfrge cer^tolgdail tailce 
fMorgbdil nadrumslaite. 

4273 Tuiri tren diriuch dolar 
frisiniud sruthi soergrad, 
fondnimslait d^in derbtha sl6ig, 
f^^tribdelbaib dec derg6ir. 

4377 Coluid tnasindrummslait druin 
fntuidmi nasuanemuin, 
fair tuas cenlen, laid lorda, 
^n uais con-aib Jbr6rda. 

4281 Coroiset Idr dicer^leith 
fomaclaraib hicomsreith, 
gnfthi ondrumslait immar^ 
sithbi n-anart n-ildathach. 

4285 Oenanart tairsiu anechtair, 
coemthoracht ciacomnertaid, 
frisnima seirgthi s6eba, 
frignima, frigarbgaetha. 

4389 Clar diargut, gle cenmeth, 
cer^tarde nadaprimleth, 

[fo. 30 a. I.] 
iartuidmidib, togach t6ir, 
sechtmoga folach hderg6ir'. 

4393 Yri srehg doib, fr/cuimrech ngle, 
nan-anart coir coimtige, 
bacan dron dergoir togaig^ 
dochur forcer An-oenfolaig. 

4397 Suidigdir tairsib immaigS 

> The r is written over / ' MS. ndergoir (the second mark of length in a later hand). 

' MS. togaid. ' MS. immaig. 



diataibsin donaslogaib, 

slessa set fhsella slog 

tricessa dec doderg6r. 
4301 ' D^naid £rilarba cer^druing 

arcc amra, demin feTgaill, 

'monfleisc/moanmaind, monor ngle, 

imnolecdai taiblide. 
4305 Cethricubait, comol hgle, 

dobith ifut naairce, 

atri 'naairdi, hum/ cert, 

ocus ad6 'nalethet. 
4309 Cethridrolaim di6r dron 

asindairc diahimmarchor, 

dddrol treothu, derg angne, 

dondor amra forloiscthe. 
4313 Delb hiniphin f(>rsindaircc, 

dind6r hilarchdin imthdirc, 

cofathaib niam, nassaid gle, 

coscathaib asciath scailte. 
4317 * 'Sintsanctdir suidigt^r lib 

indarc noeb cona aidmib, 

isanart sroil, sreth centair, 

et^ inslog 'sinsanctdir. 
4321 G)c^tlaib gnannaib ceMcruth, 

cocliaraib, r(?»-airfitiud, 

con-orthonaib, coc6raib, 

comolbthogaib dermoraib. 
4325 Flesc Moisi, flesc Ar6in aith, 

cenlaisi, linib ollgroid, 

coica n-unga n-6ir gleglain 

cer^tarde nadaflescsain. 
4329 Flesc maith Moisi, monar cert, 

rofer foraesa aEgept, 

nathir doilbth[e], delgnaid cruth, 

derbaid f(7rafiniachU/r. 
4333 Flesc Ar6in, baamra ddis, 

gradgloir glanna fiadgelgndis, 

foblath bil bolaid noibe. 

fothorud ceMdegmoine. 

4337 'Sindlestar Idn cosinmaind 
f/cet dior centddrainn, 
hisinpnmchaindelbra choir 
tri cet n-unga hderb hdergoir. 

4341 Secht xhbenna buana, bdaid ferb, 
fiETTsinchaindelbrau cruanderg, 
gnitis dindor gle glanna, 
fcTTsmbitis secht sutralla. 

4345 Cuich gela cuairt cennar^cleith 
suig fr/'sreba suairc sainred, 
intu nobniindis bannae 
nosuildis nasutralla. 

4349 Secht cil unga 'sin meis m6ir 
cocethricrossaib derg6ir, 
furri ad6 sechtmogai sla 
d'aran remtiir nemdesctha. 

4353 INcaindelbra 'sindleith tess, 
cain, caindelbda, cendimes, 
inmias atuaid, taircthi niin, 
cosnabargenaib remuir. 

4357 liar nacdach, nac6d cass, 
ilar lestar 16r, lannmass, 
ilar mfas m^mnaib m6rdaib 
cosnadelbaib derg6rdaib. 

4361 Dior huili, ilar hdelb, 

condruine, ni mod n-inderb, 
nastaba, tolaib gestal, 
stomacha istuslestar. 

4365 Srethaib sutrall, soillsi scuir, 
frisoimsi 'sintab^macuil, 
caindelbroi gelbdai glordai 
it^ delbdai derg6rdaL 

4369 Forlassad col^ir dogr^ 
ola anucheir focboml^ 
iamat^rchor fWdldnad, 
cenherchur, cenairdfbdad. 
I 4373 Tech fricomdail cerAtharbai, 



cenchomraidi cenchomlabrai, 

cenf&ilti, centoirsi troig, 

soillsi eUrld ocm adaig. 
4377 Tempul diada, dfn otch din, 

tegdais rodigrois rochdin, 

fr/'acallaim De, sunn sel, 

fn'tinchosc, friTorcetal. 
4381 Nar^tathigi aes baeth, 

mni no meicc no laine laech, 

nacihged s^t asossad, 

achi aes flrien ffrfossad. 
4385 A^s tniag, aes deoda dessa, 

athldich oct^Iaichessa, 

sluaig sin siiairc, ddairc, tolaib gair, 

impe 'mocuairt dfanechtair. 
4389 Tiagat 'sindeclais foH 

aes 6%^ sacairt, leignidi, 
[fo. 30 a. 2.] 

isdes humal, ceim f<?rais, 

fam-athirge, larhglanchobais. 
4393 ^N chlass inchleir, bacert c6ir, 

toimet coleir dondalt6ir, 

tairismig, nibatldamnaig, 

ath^ feta, forhiiamnaig. 
4397 Gaibed carA agreimm tarbdi 

doreir Ar6in meic Amrai, 

glaini glethig fr/acacairt, 

fnabrethir inprimsacairt. 
4401 ' Dentar lib iarmbes cechcuir 

dogr^ isintabemacuil, 

edpart matinda, m^t bla, 

ocus idpart fescorda. 
4405 Bolud naluba ascar^thoeb 

latorroma inSpirta Noeb, 

clu con-dne fri'gnassad, 

fr/slane, fiisirsassad. 
4409 Ri rordid fr/u : ' sernnaid sreith 

'mondeclais dicar^oenleith, 

forson reilgce corebaib, 
doanartaib oengelaib. 

4413 'Dorus indindliss fodess 
cain set solttf narb'imchress, 
frituttacht D^, deoda nuall, 
fnathigid namorsluag. 

4417 'Nabid fi^m-aittreib, mm/neim, 
et^chrann caingil isgr/in : 
set inSpirda Noeb foleith 
fnlauttacht, frilathigcid.' 

4421 Bid amne indeclas foil 
feib dosrorann int-ardri, 
uascar^maig rodasderscaig 
cenOTTcraid, cenimthesbaid. 

4425 Ri dosrat foriaglaib recht 
dosfuc ahfathaib Egept, 
ish^ mal naslog, slan sfu, 
inri ran raraid frfu. 

Ri roraidi frm cenl^n. 



Ri rordid friu aithesc n-uag 
dohorddogud f^Tfsinsluag, 

immonn-eclais n-ena n-aird 

tr^eba docarA6enaird. 
4433 Tntreba c(m\im anair 

grmi friturcbail toebdein, 

isatri dondleith aniar 

fnsreith, frifuiniud Brian. 
4437 Tr/lreba dondleith andes 

cencleith friTeba firles, 

isatn* tecrais etch mbuaid 

frisinn-eclais afirthuaid. 
4441 Ri roraidi frm tr/arath, 

fr/aiffrenn, fn celebrad, 

treb Letii lerol cengrns 

im-medon, immonn-eclais. 
4445 INdaranuic dloseph dn 



Mannasse mflib ol[l]gr<^d| 

dessid iarndligud D^ de 

in-inud trebe Leue. 
4449 Rf dorat Aar6n fosmacht 

combahe bapr/msacart, 

ocus Moisi, mo cech n-ail^ 

itoisigecht inpopaiL 
4453 Ri betha buirr, buan ablat, 

ri domuin [ ] dorosat, 

ri oscar^ rfg, cengleo cert, 

ri roraid friu inn-athesc. 

Ri roraid firiu athesc n-iiag. 

sech bafeochair, baformtech. 

Baf(?rmtech iarsain inslog. 

448I X^ aidid Moisi fr/sinsluag 




T^ * f^^'Tntech iarsain insl6g 

fr/Moisi ocu[s] (rihAidn, 
imdliged sacairt, sder smacht, 
oci;^ immontofsigecht. 

4461 Atr^jcht^ iarsin codian, 
tri'adiumf^ istr/anriad, 
in-agaid Moisi, mod n-in, 
Core, Abiron, Dathan. 

4465 iNri rodfgail insain 
forru fein f^Trasluagaib, 
rosloisc tene, tolaib gal, 
ocus TOs[s]laic intalam. 

4469 Atroig insluag diarb'gnath cath 
diambas arrodis brathar, 
con-eriatar, lin atuir, 
corice intabernacuil. 

4473 Rosnort int-angel cogle 
arherge doib fn Moise, 
cethrimili dec dontsluag 
lacet toisech hdian dermuad. 

4477 IN-agaid mac n-ammra n-&n 
tnallsat cath calma comlin, 
intsldaig 'nasrethaib 'mosech 

amabetis forimluad, 
flesc car^atreibi cengeiss 
dothabairt leo dondeclais. 
[fo. 30 b. I.] 

4485 Nech assa flesc, buan bolud, 
(iraigfes foalantorud, 
toimled dodeoin De, din hgle, 
ord saer nasacerd6te. 

4489 Clannaid Moisi doib cer^fleisc, 
batuaslucud domorcheist, 
flesc Aroin, amra bolud, 
rothaitni folantorud. 

4493 Rooirdned Axon insain 
isacerddti in phopail : 
doraimed dium«x namborb, 
roairbered cer^fodord. 

4497 Mosi m6rglan, moltais mdil, 
targai inslograth 'nas[6]erdail, 
clethaib cialda, gair cencleith, 
iarrethaib rfagla rdidid. 

Radid Mosi fn'sinsltiag. 


4501 T3 ocluned car^, clu cengeis, 

Xv tan teged Aron d'eclais, 

66 dicer^leith, deoda tfi, 

cantais c^ola chiclni. 
4505 Ado secht ndeich, comgrmn c6ir, 

tuidmide dronmind derg6ir, 

ocus ubull dond6r gle 

et^r cech d4 cluicine. 
4509 lAmacf^mrech, cumnech gloir, 

dichocholl huillnech Ar6in, 

[IV. 3.1 



iarnacrechad, crichid cruth, 
iarsrethad, iarsuidigud. 

4513 Aron baamru etch n-ail, 
saided 'sintabernacuil, 
centathair diagrad fog]6ir, 
'nachath&ir druimnig derg6ir. 

4517 IN chathair ch6ir, cain acucht, 
centathair donprimsacurt, 
16r duis fiadcar^dming dein, 
adruim frisintuiridein. 

4521 Dothairced cauch dib ad&il 
docer^leith immonsanctdir, 
senad sruithi, s6erda sI6ig, 
dofuctais recht Iscanoin. . 

4535 Achethri meic, monor hgle, 
Aroin uasail meic Amrae, 
bitis frigartgI6ir, cain cacht, 
osalt6ir n6ib nan-edpart. 

4539 Slilaig nasacart, srethaib gr<^d, 
cauch dib 'sadruim friachoemchlar, 
dondeclais noeb bamasse, 
firicumtach nac6emclasse. 

4533 Nafogroid ann friandeocbair, 
nadeochain, nasuibdeochain, 
friannad caindle, gnim cert, 
Cribiirbe, fr/limthirecht 

4537 INslog biid if«x frifeis 
docer^leith immonn-eclais, 
s^olaib soidhgeib, suilgib srath, 
ctolaib cuibdib rochluined. 

Rocluined car^, clu cengeis. 


4541 13 Amertnech Moisi, mod n-uag, 
J3 frzbilchaingni, fri'imluad, 
friaf(?rcetal ascer^cruth, 
firjasrethad, fri'asuidigud. 

4545 Friorddugud caich fomdm, 

is£rnmmad an-ilgrad, 
fricuibdigud fogI6ir glain, 
fr/atinchosc, fr/atimmarcain. 

4549 Friambid co6g, forecht ran, 
fnsreith iarslecht nasI6gdiin, 
fohuamun D^, dind arthli^, 
cenhdabur, cenimmarb«x. 

4553 Dorat achliamain cogl^ , 
comairli maith doMoise, 
' guid dondRfg reil, reim fobaid, 
nech dontsluag dot'imchobair.* 

4557 Rogaid [Moisi], monor ngl^, 
iarsin forrfg nair nime, 
corothogad nech dontslijag 
diachobair fnca^^n-imluad. 

4561 INri doraiga trxarath 

asintslijag fri'sid sonthach, 
fr/etargle6d caingen nglicc 
ddfer d^c istrzHchit. 

4565 Sessiur derb dib docar^trbib 
dob[r]ithemnaib bronngaethaib, 
fr/cocairt caingen, gnim ngle, 
f<?rb^laib morglain Moise. 

4569 Cahgnib gleraib, gloraib cacht, 
ardib trenaib tocomrac, 
laMoise modmar cenmeth, 
sech bamolmar, bamertnech. 

Bamertnech Moisi, mod n-uag. 


45 73 T Snasabbotib saeraib, 
X isnafelib ffra6ebaib, 
tictis d'eclais, tola tr^n, 
sloig m6ra mac n-Isro^. 
4577 Ticed C2xh dib docar^ leith 
con-edpartaib diaChoimdeid, 

[fo. 30 b. 2.] 
batar hili sl6ig ascuir 



frit6ir dontab^macuil. 

4581 Ticed ann Moisi combdaid, 
cathbarr gaissi car^ morsluaig : 
basainigthi sechcechngnuis 
Hal glainidi friagelgniiis. 

4585 Cid dondeclais, cid doddil, 
cid dochertchlais achomrdid, 
diis iiTseck/mogzity mod cert, 
bah^ Ifn bid 'nachoemthecht. 

4589 Cen6cdaine, cenaes mbaeth, 
ach/ toga fer ffal, ffrgaeth, 
friatimarcain, cuibdi cacht, 
fr/Tuigli, fnbrithemnacht. 

4593 Dochoistecht fr/ timna trel, 
fri hidna, fri forcitel, 
sreba nasltiag ascar^threib 
tictis isnasabboteib. 

ISnasabbotib soeraib. 



FORCohgrjd Moisi maith, m6r, 
cenbaisse braith forArdxiy 

darcenn intsluaig, tolaib smacht, 

dul doerdduch nan-idpart 
4601 Atraiged Ar6n fr/andail, 

cosldn6g isintsanctdir, 

baceim comlan comgraid hdil 

icomdail inglanaihgil. 
4605 Tairced int-ahgel donim 

icomdail Ar6in imdil, 

con-innisenn d6 cenlen 

adlaice mace n-Israh^l. 
4609 Aisneided Ar6n foleith 

doMoisi cenimthesbaid 

mor doathescaib idnaib, 

doch^tlaib, doglantimnaib. 
4613 Aisneided Moisi cenchleith 

diathuathaib, diadagdoineib, 

conn2ichbtih dfb nar^sluag sen 
digsed huad cenf(?rciteL 
4617 Condechaid cogl^ centair 
d'acallaim D^ 'sinsanctair, 
briathar bunaid, bdg cenbrdth, 
huair bacubaid forcongrad, 

Forcangrad Moisi maith m6r. 


4631 T3 i Rosbiath iam-urd ri[a]gla 

Xv frire ddfichet bliadna, 

isindithrub, digrois sc^l, 

dithreib dec mac n-Israh^. 
4625 Ri thuc doib inmaind donim 

fr/'tuara tarbaig, hderbdil, 

ocf^ indiall ^n diad^oin 

conabetis cenhurf^oil. 
4629 Ri thuc doib sruam us^' uair 

asindailig reil, rachruaid, 

cer^blas bamaith leo fonim 

fogeibtis f(7rsnuscisin. 
4633 Naddthuaith d^c centrebad, 

mndib, mjrcaib istr^nferab, 

soillsidir ingrein alf, 

inri r^il rodasbiathdi. 

Ri rosbiath iam-urd riagla. 


4637 TV /r aire ingen Ammrai ain, 

IVX finngel frtsamlai soergr^d, 
mor dul d'ulcc doromnat add, 
robd icffCTrmait friabrdtritL 

4641 Rosgab daimi, rosoi dath, 
fiadroscaib nasluag sonthach : 
menbad Moisi, monar ndein, 
atbelad dinchlaimisein. 

4645 Duini delbda, toga drong, 
banscal iedbda f(^retrom, 

K a 



cen aliud imgaissi gn^, 
siur maith doMaisi Maire. 

Maire ingen Amrai &in. 

4649 /^^shunn rosiacht insldag 


coArnon n-airdairc n-ad- 

foidit uadib dreimm trzablad 

diatuathaib dothascelad. 
4653 Rodosterbaiset foleith 

oenfer glicc dicarAoentreib. 

rodasfaidset ftrset slin 

dochuairt imcr/cha Canndn. 
4657 Corofegdais leo cenbrath 

inm6r immed achathrach, 

asliiaig imtarliin diahgail, 

imtaiilerda ac6raid. 
4661 IMtartaicthig atrebthai, 

imtarimdai an-ilchethrai, 

imdar ilarda alubai, 

imtar cdine aclarbrugai. 
4665 Oshunn dochuatar ior%i\. 

nochostarraid nar^oenret, 

coniachtatar, monor hgle, 

cocenn cethorchai lathe. 
4669 Huair rofegsatar intir, 

etermin ocus anmfn, 
[fo. 31 a. I.] 

tancatar cencredim crutb 

f(?racdlu dondfthrub. 
4673 M6r n-ergal, m6r n-erbach n-dag, 

mor tortrelmaf A fr/imluad, 

i8m6r cath hgarbron rochacht, 

coAmon orosiacht. 

Oshunn rosiacht insliiag. 


4677 /^"^ absat aCoimdid * dothair 

\jj fiadambriathrib*nammord&il: 
* farhDfa dofevfuc forbrath, 
cian atd ocf<?nhbrecad. 

4681 ' Fuaramar tfr n-uar n-ainbtech, 
acgarb, anmfn, etortech, 
conAlux drohg, tr^n athbach, 
conAmmvA ahillnathrach. 

4685 ' Con-ilur achorad cruaid, 
OQus coniurt ammorsluag, 
r(?if-armaib grondaib, glassaib, 
rt'/figaib, ra^hemmassaib. 

4689 ' Cocuradaib gleraib cath, 
cot»radaib trenmiled, 
ro/iacathrachaib calmaib, 
daihgnib, deimnib, dithogl^bV 

4693 Rotr/'all Satan asoimled 
arecnach ammorchoimded, 
indna trdag triamuin roscacht, 
timna Diabuil rogabsat 

Gabsat aCoimdid dothdir. 


4697 T Arsin rohimcl6e insc^l 
X lal^ssu ocus l[a]Ca]^ : 
' g6 thairic d6ib ascar^du, 
nachascreitiu abrothriu I 

4701 * Fuarammar morthfr mainbthech, 
toichthech, tr^bthach, iltairthech, 
con-ith isblicht, bafo fecht, 
coffn, comil, cocruthnecht. 

4705 * Memais remaib f^Trcer^tudith, 
bidf(TCOScraig r^T^glanbudid, 
bidlib huili, linib bla, 

MS. achoimdid. 

' MS. deimnim dithagUib. 



eter tir iscathracha. 
4709 ' Cos^taib saidbrib sidnaib, 

con-ardib, con-ildanaib, 

tfrib, tdathaib, tolaib d£l, 

feib rotharhgered d'Abram/ 
4713 Cia roscuibdig morf ran 

roscuibrig focacht commdm, 

rola nel dicar^treib to! 

iarsin inscel roimchl6e. 

larsin roimchI6i inscel. 


4717 T Arsin tarmairt moDia dil 

X frisintdaid n-engaig n-anbil, 
coro[s]sluiced talam tenn 
acor foleittreib lethglenn. 

4721 Raidid frm Moisi cenl^n, 
menbad lessu ocus Calepb, 
amal ^n 'mon-iadai sds, 
noragdais huili o^nbds. 

4735 S^t cethrachat lathi l&n 
fail oshunn codr Cannan, 
rigfidir s^t bas mo de 
cocenn cethrachat mbliadne. 

4739 Nocorfa nech dib ar^c 
donadib trebaib d[e]^c 

cocrx'ch Cannan, crzchid seel, 


acht mad £ssu ocus Caleb. 

4733 Tfr Cannain cofairgi froig 
nista dar^is an-ecnaig, 
acht marannait, airdairc dul, 
f(?rmeic iarforn-adnacul. 

4737 Ridid * fri'Moisi iarsein 
moDia d^oda baderbdein, 
toimlid f(7nre marcari^ruith 
dogr^ss ingnais indfthruib. 

4741 Menbad Essu, immaid raith, 

> MS. Radidid. 

ocus Caleph c6ir, cial[l]maith, 
atabairt fo thalman * tlacht 
iarsin moDia dil tarmart. 

lArsin tarmairt moDia dil. 




ochu&id aclu f(7rcar^leith 
cosc^laib atr^nmiled, 
corolfn cer^tuaid toirsi 
arhiiamun am-m6rlo[i]hgsi. 

4749 Dodeochaid c&xh dicar^treib 
cosinsoersluag n-anaichned, 
sluag cer^thiri, derb colar, 
con-ilur mili Modb. 

4763 Rosgab cr/th grain[n]e atcha 
et^ tfr iscathracha, 
robaid brig nasluag nasreth 
cengnim, cengail, cengasced. 

4757 Tarchomail car^ cumtaig arg 
cosinsl6g serig serbgarg, 
nifnth dib tuath trelmach, tr^n, 
gabad friclainn n-Isro^l. 

4761 Tinolsat d6ib, Xoxum hgle, 
cethricatha coimtide, 
[fo. 31a. 2.] 
Seen, Bassan, badbda sl6g, 
amra Modb isAmm6n. 

4765 Memaid remib, ruathar hdein, 
fcTTsnacethrib sl6gaib sein, 
cirtis cerpaib incath cron 
f(?rleccaib arddaib Am6n. 

4769 Dorochratar ann fir/gail 
fiTTsnasldbib slamdergaib, 
sessiur sescat cet frilar 
ar secht mf lib, bamordr. 

4773 Ri dosfnarggaib, uathmar ail, 
cathaib cr6daib comramaib, 

' MS. fothalmain. 



aclu cenchiabair ce^^leith, 
iarsin iarmaib dochilaid. 

Dochuaid aclu f(7rcer^Ieth. 




oidit huadib Baldm ihbras, 
badrui, bac6ir, bacomadas, 

diam-mallachad dicar^bla 

tr/abrechtaib adruidechta. 
4781 Doluid fcTragabrai gluair 

Balam ahucht inmorsluaig, 

r(?iin£gabdais cle fr/cath, 

cotuaid D^ diamallachad. 
4785 Doluid afigel D^ diatraig 

arcinn Baldim baethbriatraig, 

nar^areilic siar nosair, 

asindfiad hitarrasair. 
4789 Gabaid fe^rbualad aheich 

Baldm baeth dicer^oenleith, 

conA arlassdir indldir 

dondaithiusc airdairc imnair. 
4793 ' Cenombuala fobagaib 

lat'feirg, lat'bruth, aBaldim ? 

nimleic angel D^ nar^leth 

^('michlaidiub derg tened.' 
4797 Forcongart t6isech intsluaig 

fcTrBaldm cennar^glanbtiaid : 

< asinbaile atdi tr/abrath 

deni uait dmallachad/ 
4801 Asoslaic Baldm agin 

fr/athesc n-alaind n-imdil, 

uran uair baldn dorath, 

nirochan acht bennachad. 
4805 Tuargaib Balam aguth hgluair 

darasargud inmorsluaig ; 

diamlviinactiad, monar hgle, 

forfeimdes ahergaire. 

» MS. 

4809 Nirds nar^hduine dalbda 
zomxsius huili aaurlabra, 
isderb is lam'Choimdid cain, 
rodelb nem ocus talmain. 

4813 Mace Beoir, bdg ihbuiden ihbras, 
baleor pldg fr/ag n-amnas, 
forset saer, deochair tmblait, 
uair bafael feochair foidit 

Foidit uadib Balam mbras. 


4817 T3 i rosheitte, ri rosbiath, 
Xv rf dodassder aranriad, 
isindfthrub fn'sith sain, 
cethrideich doib dobliadiiai^. 

4821 Ri dorat comarle nglaein 
doMoisi cona sliiagaib, 
diatfr tr^bach cennachcacht 
iarciunniud acethrach[a]t. 

4825 Ri roraid riu uascer^ cruth : 
' mithig ddib techt ondithnib, 
cosintfr saer suthach slan, 
dorairhgered doAbram. 

4829 * Eirggid forset dobartaig : 
nabid uamnaig, imeclaig : 
messe f<7rsaera arcar^cath, 
etirdered istossach. 

4833 ' Ciambat ilardai nasluaig, 
ciamtar imdai indrfg roniaid, 
nigebat irih f^Tmachmaig 
icatbaib, icomramaib/ 

4837 Ri dordt doib biad bacet 
dona dib ^ trebaib de^c, 
arri 6ch^in, glan all, 
ishe inri reil rosh^ti. 

Ri rosheti, ri rosbiad. 





4841 '/^"^Junid mothimna dol^ir: 

Vw/ narbardiSrcridig * docheil, 

nad^naid frm, ruathur ihbras, 

cuibdi, cardes no clemnas. 
^845 ' Lam fn'idal nglethech hgal, 

friethech, fr/grifijrgal, 

censaint, cenaccobur ii^iy 

maini caine coc^ile. 
4849 ' Cengail, cenecnach, gnfm cain, 

cenetrad, cenduinorgain, 

honoir tuistide, dreim hglan, 

sere D^ ocus comnessam. 
4853 ' Com^taid iarn-urd riagla 

iDchaisc car^aoenbliad;u, 

ochoicid d^c, isdin cert, 

cosinn-oen febdai fichet 
[fo. 31 b. I.] 
4857 'Foirbthi, feidli, feth cenchel, 

foglaim ocusfe^cite], 

ladeichthimna, \.o\um ii^i^ 

cometaid recht n-imdibe. 
4861 'Ladechmada', derbtha bf, 

primiti ocus pnmgeinni, 

honoir doDia, digrais gair, 

dogr^s isintab^macuil. 
4865 < C&ch conaalmsain iartain, 

iarndligud, iarfidutrachtaib, 

isiarriinaib cridi ch6ir 

dogr^ iconglanalt6ir. 
4869 ' Nadermaitid timna nD^, 

idna huimie aumaigthe, 

niburn-ecnaigid D^ dil, 

nibfeTTC^tludaig, cluinid/ 

' Cluinid mothimna dol^ir/ 

* Written as a correction over dochuirdig. 


4873 /'^rddaigid inn-eclais n-uaig, 
\^ dogr^ immedon intsluaig, 
se sluaig rempi, rigda gair, 
ocus s/ sldaig 'nadegaid. 

4877 Nocolainied nech dontsldag 
mace n-IsraA/l fn[i]mluad, 
dochois nalaim, comrac cuir, 
fn'clar dontab^macuil. 

4881 Treb Leue colini th[^]ol 
immoneclais cenansh^ol, 
friaimmarchur oscer^cruth, 
friasrethad, fr/suidigud. 

4885 Muint/r nasacart fosmacht 
ocimmarchur nan-anart, 
batheisreitc, srethaib srath, 
immonn-eclais dianechtair. 

4889 Drong nahdeochain, derb lacar^, 
frtlmmarchor curtfnad, 
cosnafuilgib, h2asiod ngle, 
cotuidmib nadrumslaite. 

4893 Sluag nasacart, sochla dal, 
fr/immarchur nacoemclar, 
cocar^cmntuch, cain allf, 
conafothaib findruini^ 

4897 Senad nasruithi foleith, 
ama/ bite 'nacomsreith^ 
iartimnaib De tiagait de 
d'immarchur nasanctdre. 

4901 Achethrim<7/ir conamblait 
Aron indhuasalsacairt, 
iarn-urd rfagia, ruathur hgM, 
fri'immarchur nahairce. 

4905 INdarc huasal osintsI6g 
iamacumtuch doderg6r, 
rewaaidmib, aidble bainn, 
cocilumn lin dodegmaind. 

The -da is in the margin. ' MS. findmine. 



4909 Ar6n amra, ard agair, 
bahuasalsacart huasaib, 
deichtimna De, digrais bes, 
forabruinnib dobithgr^, 

4913 Treb Leue col-llnib cest, 
nocodlegat atainnesc, 
fr/airdiu domuin, din cloth, 
fr/caingniu, fir/cathugod. 

4917 Na aurraind tfri natiiad, 
na imfognam rige ronlad, 
na snim no saethar, sliucht hgle, 
ack/ dliged an-ecailse. 

4921 INri rosnordaig, reim n-uag, 
et^eclais ocus sluag, 
indeclas diareir cogle, 
insluag doreir naecailse ^ 

4925 INdeclas conagradaib, 
sruithib sl6gaib saerdanaib, 
airbrib alaib uascer^maig, 
ardib anaib ordaigid. 

Orddaigid inn-eckix n-uaig. 




idid Moisi m^cc d6ib, 
huair basnimar^, smith, sen- 
' lessu mac Nun, nassad ngle, 
f(?rtoisech dann'essese.' 
4933 Mosi mac Amra, mftc Caid, 
meic Leue, meicc lacaib, 
meic Isaic, m^ic Abraim 6ig, 
meic Thaire dil, meic Nach6ir. 
4937 Meic Reu rochdin, rdathar hdein, 
meic Seruch saer, meic Ebeir, 
meic Sale sl&in, srethaib gal, 
meic Fallech, meic Arfaxad. 
4941 M^V Sem sochraid, srethaib iath. 










meic nair Noe, meic Lamiach, 
meic M^thussalem 6scer^rot, 
oo^ meic huasail £n6c. 
Meic lareth, tomthaib tn'ath, 
meic maith molbthaig Malalfal, 
meic Cainain, meic £nos ail, 
meic Seth saindil, m^'c Adaim. 
Adam mac D6, dihgnaib ddl, 
dorimgair Fiadu findnar, 
gle cocar^n-eladain n-6ig, 
s^ senathair annorsl6ig. 

[fo. 31 b. 2.] 
Dorumalt Moisi, mod mass, 
in-oitid, in-oclachas, 
iarn-urd riagla, rethaib recht, 
didchet bliadna in-£gept 
Dafichet aili comblait 
iclemnus inprimsacairt, 
OS sl^ib Choreb, grata bainn, 
fi^rinnarba 6Forainn. 
Dafichet aili, deilm n-uag, 
do 'sindithrub riasintshiag, 
iartinmu rig nimi nel, 
ocimthus nuzc n-Israh^ 
Se fichit bliadan insain, 
cenforcraid, cenimhesbaid, 
saegul Moisi, mflib rann, 
feib leir adfet inscribenn. 
INri rongart lais immach 
Moisi cTfchid glantoisech, 
conruc leis ontslog (orltth 
ondudir thanic aamser. 
Oshunn roscarad frfasMag 
Moisi con-ilur imluad, 
nibae dib nech lasmadbecht 
aadnacul no hetsecht 
Mac Ammrai baardri intsluaig. 

1 MS. -si. 



combdig baldai, combithbdaid, 
cr/ch aaissiy derrit* breth, 
Moisi menicc nordded. 

Rddld Moisi menic doib. 


4981 T in afer f][r'ferdais feirg 

X.^ frfcath croda claidebderg, 
techt cet dec irich% deilm dil, 
arsecht cetaib domilib. 

4985 ISh^ lin doniaraid dfb 
diatuathaib cenimmirfm, 
iam-ec an-athar, cerAcruth, 
iamandfth isindithrob. 

4989 Mairb huili isdithrab insin, 
an-athir, as-senathir, 
cenoenfer mbeo fonim nel 
achi ma[d]h£ssu ocusCaleph. 

4993 INri rodastraeth tr/afrois 
hicinaid an-immarbois, 
rodastroeth tr/achetfaid ngairg 
cin indecnaig 'sindoenaird. 

4997 Deithbir badchosc docar^ sain, 
cobrath triabithu samlaid, 
donech fngnim, cetlach ngle, 
baeth an-^nach nasniithe. 

5001 Cendrim mogad nachthreib, 
maccaib, mndib no ingenaib, 
oscer^aig fngaethgail gnim 
lainib laechaib aldnlfn*. 

Lin afer ^ ferdais feirg. 



rooirdnistar mac Ndn 
Essu, con-immud hilrdn, 
corb'h^ bahirdri dontslog, 
icdul darmaige ' Mo6b. 


5009 Ri rordid friliEssu n-uag : 
< heirg fnlessu namorsluag : 
frithail cocalma, gnim ngle, 
catha garba, geindide. 

5013 ' Suidig nasldagu 'nasreith, 
bii impu docar^ oenleitb, 
nig^bat fr/Vgnuis ngr^^ddai 
buidni borba barbardai/ 

5017 Ri dorat sainhsamlai slain 
ii?rclainn n-airegdai n-Abrdim, 
ambith cencessu, cenchacht, 
cein bae bEssu itoissigecht 

5021 HEssu cocoscor congrad 
dosrat fochoscor coemndr, 
iarmaigib Moab, mod mass, 
cosruth n-£ordanain n-admas. 

50J5 Trifichit mili iars^t, 

trichoic mili laglanchet ^ 
cet mili morfesser miiad 
docar^oenleith donmorsldag. 

5029 HEssu fodiud, delm n-uag, 
triur dorosem insldag, 
cenlen fr/srethad sechtar, 
coimthr^n 'coan-imnertad. 

5033 Cia nolindais {otvol inmag 
sliiaig cer^thiri, tolaib gal, 
rianothuathaib ^ codinnim 
nomaidfed forilmilib. 

5037 Ri ror^idig doib s^t slin 
doascnam tiri Canndo : 
cossaib drmaib, digrds sc^ 
lotar darsnith n-Eordan^ 

5041 Dofucsat leo asintsnith, 
fricorgud, fricertngud, 
lasinslog, ba]6r n-eire, 
doch mor cach[a]oentreibe. 

» MS. d^rrit. 

MS. alalln. 

* Written over tiri. * In margin : vasorum, • BIS. -aid 

L [ IV. 3- 1 



5045 Ri rianadiSilib, delm n-dag, 

ri bias beos ianhbrath bithbdan, 
rl uas gr/in, isgle roscar, 
inrf r^il rooirdnistar. 

. Rl. 


[fo. 32 a. I.] 

5049 "[3 * rodaslfn dobrig brais 
Xx. clanna Israel admais, 
corosirset acricha 
immaigib imhEricha. 

5053 lArsain roserasat ascuir 
drteclammad amorchruid, 
insluag lonn, Hn an-athbaig, 
san chan immonprfmcathraig. 

5057 INchathir c»mtaig datha 
frifrithalim n-ilchatha, 
dosrimchelsat, derb, dana 
sechi muir ti^na, dermara. 

5061 Secht stuic rosephain insldag 
immoncathraig friimluad 
corolegai, lathar ngle, 
mur cerAlathi sechtmaine. 

5065 Lucht nacathrach conali, 
hili, huili, ilmfli, 
doreir De troethas car^ngail, 
dochotar fogin daideib. 

5069 Achi mad Rab, amro gnimaib, 
nithema dontromdigail, 
dothr^n natrdag nithuaraid 
oenfer donamorsldagaib. 

5073 Ri dosfuc f(?rso[i]rthib sldin, 
adoirthib dithruib dermair, 
reim n-an cenag, iarset sir, 
inrf rdn rodaslanlin. 

Ri rodaslin dobrig brais. 




4nolsat tor tolach talc 
corad comfossad comnart, 
arcind tdaithi D^ dochath 
secht tuatha Canndn cathach. 

5081 Clanna Cannan gniset cath 
ir/hiaith D^, ddr rodelbad, 
coroclaithe fobrig br6in 
icnchaib broga Bethr6in. 

5085 Tan t«rcbad Essu adil&im 
fnCoimdid nime noebn&ir, 
nomaided incath gronna 
{orsecht tuathaib Canndna. 

5089 Tan bascith lais, lathar ngnnn, 
adilaim icrosfigill, 
dossleced hiessu fr/athoeb^ 
foramuintir baffrroen. 

5093 Dor6nsat toisig intsldaig 
comairle nglicc ro^^glanbdaid, 
rosuidigset folama 
dicloich tr^na dermdra. 

5097 Romebaid incath iarsein 
ocus roscail indimguin, 
nirb'hanad dfb, derb inrad, 
coralid huili anderg&n 

5101 Coromarbtha na secht rig 
conasluagaiby slocht ^ ndirim, 
cer^oenfer beo, torgbad dail, 
dochiniud clainni Canniin. 

5105 Doaitne ingrian fr/sins]6g 
dondleith aniar darGab6n, 
nisgluais rosmbai innatass 
fri rae ddlathi lanmas. 

5109 Tarrasair intsoillsi dil 
iartimnu D^ donoebnim ; 
fir sluaig Cannain comtarroairb 
nirosluaid asindoenairm. 

* written over 1. 



5 1 13 Andorigni Dia donim 
dofertaib, doadamraib, 
ardainib fr/liuair mbdge 
atdirecroi, dfdrme. 

51 17 Na sechi rig r^il, reim ruanaid, 
roffgail g6ir comm6rsIiiagaib 
buadaib, bagaib, brigaib blat, 
tuathaib, tMb tinolsat. 

Tinolsat tor tolach talcc. 

;i2i "13 ( 




oraind Essu, airdirc sc^, 5157 

dosluagaib nuic n-Isro^l, 

indiraind d^, deilm ddna, 

sechi pnmtbuatha Cann&na. 
5125 IMraind atM d'espaib 5 161 

dorigset mor d'imresnaib, 

rcTnidcrannchor roscoraig 

&matuathaib dermoraib. 
5139 Cetnacrann iarcuimnib cein 

babdidnib Beniem^in, 

isnaddlaibse iars^ol 

intdnaise laSem[e]6n. 5 1 65 

5133 Saidid intres, bagnim c6ir, 

lasil suilig Zabuloin, 

incethramad, gnimraid graid> 

laclaind n-irglain n-Isachair. 5169 

5137 INcuiced crannchor, gnim g^r, 

laglanthor cinid Ass^r, 

insess^^ [crannchor] iarseing 

dochlainn noithig Neptalim. 5173 

5141 INsechtmad crannchor laDdn 

iarcertrad glannchor comlan, 

int-ochtmad glanbda, gnim ngr/nn, 

laciniud n-amra n-Eflfrmm. 5177 

[fo. 32 a. 2.] 
5145 INn6mad laGdd cenchess, 

^ MS. ingl^ram. 
L % 

condg frisruth anairdes, 
indechmad crann dludas diadeoin, 
isroga rann laRubeoin. 
Treb Mannase, mflib gne, 
rorannadside hicerde, 
fn'sruth aness fofuair greim, 
al-leth n-aill tuaid icEfifraim. 
Treb Leue, colinib sc^, 
fothlrib mac n-Israh^l. 
cennachhgaile, rewgrad gl^, 
fr/soere, frisacerdote. 
INdeclas n6eb conaairc 
rodosuidigthi in-oenailt, 
fr/silad saincomnart sldn, 
fr/taircomrac acomddl. 
Secht pnmthuatha Canndin cain 
fallain conafortuathaib, 
tXer sessu nasluag soimm, 
dorigni h£ssu ingl^raim^. 

Rorainn Essu, airdirc seel. 


Treb luda, treb Semeoin s^im, 
oois treb Beniamein, 
darthuaid ontsruth tana thren 
cocr/cha mara Torr^n. 
Lethtreb Mannase centdir, 
tr^b Eflfraim, tr^b Issachdir, 
atuaid cer^hdiriiKh dontsruth 
frisiniud, fnsuidigud. 
Treb Neptalim, noithech sc^l, 
OQus Xreb dibnech Ass^r, 
cer>icruth rognisset ambuaid 
dontsruth rosinset sairthuaid. 
Treb Zabulon slaides feirg, 
ocus Xreh Ddn daigerdeirg, 
acuir fnglanaige ngluair 



omuir Galaile sairthuaid. 
5181 Treb Ruben, tr^b Gaid nadchress, 

fograd f]r/sruth anairdess, 

nocomeirtnech amasse, 

0CU5 leithtreb Manndsse. 
5185 Dondleith anair dothreib Ddin 

semait sreith sMbe Lebdin, 

frislatbrig slaidi sluaig sr^in 

icaccTfch uaig IsroMl. 
5189 Annaneos, nuall nadchres, 

Sidarios, ruad riges, 

Echeos, glere cengr^fin, 

tr/sluaig sin slebe Lebdin. 
5193 Ebron, Gassear, Masheal mdr, 

Gabaa, Gesseon, Galdd, 

j/cathracha attaig liaig 

clainni Isra^/1 adruaid. 
5197 Ri dosfuc tr/adfthrub tr^n 

istrisi[n]d8ruth n-Eordanen, 

ri r^gart c6ir cotagaib, 

dorotacht doib cer^oentreib. 

Treb luda, tr^b Semeoin s^im. 




i dosfdargaib tr/ananert 
ad6ire huathmair Egept, 

ish^ rodasidaigy sliucht sldn, 

forcrichaib clainne Canndn. 
5305 ForFelistfn oscer^maig, 

C^rNathsaredy ftrGalaib, 

for Arabia conasl6g, 

f(?rModb is forAmm6n. 
5209 F(?rbrugaib Abethib ban, 

fcTTsretiiaib naSamratdn, 

fomamaigib, mod cenl^n, 

san chan im sruth ^ hlordan^n. 
5213 F(?rZeb, forZebe, sliucht n-dn, 

* Written over niord in 

f(7rPsaImandra, forlsmdl, 

ftTsliab Si6in, rethaib rad, 

forGalad, f^rlosophath. 
5217 FevAmalech oscer^drung, 

forAssur is forTirum, 

f(7rMadian min, mod glanna, 

f(?rCi8Son, f<?rSissarra. 
5221 F(7rfiliis Loth, linib gial, 

f(7rEdom, forhldumiam, 

f(?rAmorreorum, reim n-dn, 

f<7rGebal isf(7rBassdn. 
5235 F(?rtir hGeth, f(v<^armill cron, 

forTerebinthe, fbrTabor, 

£!7rGaIgala rochar Dia, 

formaig Messopotamia. 
5239 Fortlrib na[n]ingen n-uag, 

Selfaid fn'tindrem tromsliiag, 

Malaa, Melcha, Egia dn, 

Micha ocusl^er^ak tonnbdn. 
5333 Forglinn n^Ammrai, amrai rdd, 

c^tna adbai doAbrdm, 

fc^rSeon slanda nasl6g, 

f(7rSamara, forBethr6n, 
5337 ForhEricho, aurdaig slog, 

f(7rGiluae hglain, f(^rGab6n, 

forriathur Cedr6in cenbreic, 

fbrsliab n-amra n-Olaueit. 
[fa 32 b. I.] 
5241 F(or) Q2(ch) tuaithtrein,derbcenlen, 

rogabsat meicc Israhel : 

doreir D^, bagnim cenchol, 

rolethsat darsindomun. 
5345 Otlia Alaxandir ain, 

aness oAffraic imslain, 

fothuaid cocr/ch Med isP^rs, 

rorigset acomaithches; 
5349 Dondleith anfar, aith cenl^n, 

' imcnch 6iordan^.* 



otraig m6r mara Torr^n, 
fosrugensatar comblait 
sair cocrjch n-orda n-Eofrait. 
5353 MoDia trice frisrethchor slamm, 
xi conic trethnu torann, 
ri rt^fidathaeb oschH chain^ 
xi centathair dosfuarcaib. 

Ri dosfuargaib trianert. 



Rodasder uascer^milr 
arcer^n-irgail, r^im rogdr, 
re^narAasclai cath no crech 
aned bai Essu atoissech. 

5361 Robris ior in'chzk cath cnlaid, 
rue acoscur anglanbuaid, 
r^-ilur muirech, mod neim^ 
coiruhdxl ruirech rorei]. 

5365 Oshunn bdth £ssu mac Niin, 
atoisech tolaib tromthtir, 
liunsatar czch dib foleith, 
rodiultsatar aCoimdeid. 

5369 Fichi hXvaudan ocm ch^t 
a^ £ssu meic Nun rian-^c, 
corliadnacht, fograda gmm, 
inTamara, isleib ££fraun. 

5373 Ri robai riambetha bann, 
dorigni retha retglann, 
ronrotaig cer^ngr^^d hicn, 
inrf r&n rodasaeri. 

Ri rodas&er uascer^miir. 

w r\ 

Shunn Rosearsat, gnim gl^, 
friadrad rig noebnime, 
rodasbate pldg dibaid, 
dosrat focar^tromdigail. 
5381 Dosrat cenbaide fomnad 
fod6ire, fobithfognam, 

Gussdn garg, erodu cerAnia, 
toisech Mesopotamia. 

5385 OchtihbIiadifadoib,toromm[n-dn], 
fodubdoire doGussdn, 
r(7»astorslaic uad tnablait 
Nathanel amra aurdaire. 

5389 Rodasdder eoleir col6r 
rail ri naModb Egl6n, 
cotuc 6geth huad triachath 
ardcin iarnamarbad. 

5393 Rodasdiersatar diambrfg 
Sissarra oeus labfn, 
rewdossaersat dicer^thraeht 
Diborra ocus Baiic. 

5397 Fosrordingsetar codian 
Amalech ocjs^ Madian : 
gle rodasaer Gedeon eain 
laf(7rtacfat D^ donoebnim. 

5301 Diatarfas indlassar I6r 
asindailig r^il rom6r, 
diafer broen forinenai hglain 
diambai tart ftTsintalmain. 

5305 Ort trifiehit mili mas 

artr/'beetaib, gnim n-amnas, 
inidapad Oreb de 
Psalmanae Zeb [is] Zebe. 

5309 Bai clann Israel ca^^treib 
fod6ere, fodeinnitneib, 
cenbuaid, eenbrig, eenbaeg mblat, 
fr/arig osunn roscarsat. 

Oshunn roscarsat, gnim gl^. 



retha doGedeon glan gUc 
deich mdcc ocus trffiehit, 
rosnort acA^ oenfer, baliaeh, 
ambrathair Abimeliach, 
5317 Acht atnila int-ossar uad 




londs toxal natromsluag, 
bagnim tniag dodaing d'aes raith 
atascomaing fi^roenchlaich. 

5321 Uardai atoisig cer^threib, 
nibtar foismid f(7roensreith, 
Tolia, lor, loipti 6^y 
Abisson, Abigil6n. 

5325 Ri rosdilsig do^ thrice 
n6nbur d6ib istr/Bchit, 
fbroencloich cuchtai, cain blai, 
isann ructhai ambrethai. 

Bretha doGedeon gk/i glicc. 


5329 /^"^ enair dothreib Ddn, delm 
VJ ndein, 

Samson slan, sochla, saergein, 
mac Mandail, mind mordais mdil, 
dochiniud amra Abr&im. 
[fo. 32 b. 2.] 

5333 Dochuaid assathfr immach, 
huair badelbda, diumnutfsach, 
cotuc mndi n-uallaig, tniag gnim, 
dithuathaib naFilistin. 

5337 Nl rosaisneid nech fomeirg, 
gnimrada Sam86in slegdeirg, 
feib lor doranic, tuc ndein 
m6r docer^ hulc ochlemnaib. 

5341 Trisluag nasinnach, sliucht ngl^, 
doloscud nafinemnae, 
tr«Eisinfidba cndma crdaid, 
dian-erbailt mlli morsluaig. 

5345 Tnasinfodb [ ] ngell nglan, 
triasinceist cruaid cdin comram, 
triadoirsi, tarbach clissiud, 
nacathrach doforbrissiud. 

5349 Dian-erlai uadaib diatreib 

' The secoixl a is written over e 

tren asnatricumrigib, 

trianan-indriud centlathe 

cosluagaib cer^oenratbi, 
5353 Mori reil rigda rathmar 

dorigni firt n-imathlam, 

diambai icselach nasldag 

Samson slan, serig, slamnia(d). 
5357 Diambai in-hitaid osindleirg 

dcslaide inchatha cr6deirg, 

dia roddil d6 Dia dig 

dolind glan asindfiaccaiL 
5361 Dianmert fodein tniag cummz, 

dob^nrad amonnungga, 

bade bai andith iartain 

andegdoenib in-oentaig. 
5365 Samson slattra slaidi slda[i]g, 

ba mdl machta mac Manuail, 

nifrith amacsamla sain 

isindamsir rogenair. 
Genair dothreib Din, delm ndein. 


5369 /""^ enair gein airmitnech dn 
VJT Samuel 6%^ ettal, imndr, 
mac Elcanna, glan abbeirt, 
ocus mac Anna ambreit 

5373 Alcanna, crichid agrrim, 
deNamatha 6sleib Effraim ; 
Anna, bdsi aben combdaid, 
mdthair sainsemail Samdail. 

5377 Basui, basacard * sruit[h], saer, 
bahalgen, croibdech, glandeb ^ 
bafaith hmnal, ennac, 6%^ 
friTorcital namorsl6g. 

5381 Rf dorat digail iartain 
forhEli conamaccaib, 
Samuel iarsin, srethaib smacht, 

* MS. glan hieb. 



sechbafaith, baprimsacart 
5585 Oshunn bdth Essu combdaid 
coamsir saindil Samtiai(l)9 
nibae dib cotacoimsed 
dopr/mfaith n^rimthdisech. 
5589 Ri dasfuargaib, miUb seel, 
fortirib mace n-Israh61» 
diathuaid batr^nfer badrech \ 
rog^nair gein airmitnech. 

G^nair gein ainnitnech dn. 


5393 TJ ahuallach forDagon* dfan, 
JlJ diahidal immid anr[r|an, 
arc D^ cuce rian-6caib, 
iarsligthib, Iarprrmr6taib. 

5397 Diatardad dfgal cotr^n 
fiTTtirib mac nAsxahfi^ • 
icind Hele conachlaind, 
dochuatar huile imbadbraind. 

5401 Diatorchair dib isinchath 
tnchet mili fer n-annach, 
imd&mac Hele andiis, 
Ofhe ocus Finees. 

5405 Diarncsatar leo indairc 
Filistfn feib dosrimthairc, 
Unib gelglor conangrain 
dothempul d^rmor Dagain. 

5409 Or'siacht coDagan diathaig 
aire inCoimded ci/inachtaig, 
dorigni d^ min isldaith, 
rochlaemchlai gne 'sindoendair, 

5413 M6r domilib, buiden mbras, 
dorochair dib, delm n-amnas, 
rodosnairg Dia, toromm hgle, 
arairgabail nahairce. 

5417 Cid nahf naherbalt dfb 
rodospianta fodimbrfg, 
lotar forxvL immach, mod ngle, 
conara an-imthelgthe. 

5431 Arcc indrfg reil rfgi &ir 

morchoimded nime noebnair, 
robai ami fogns grada 
secht m{s caine comldna. 

5435 Tuargabad indarc corath 
f(7rdi6cbde cendomnad^ 
al-loeg fogaile cachta, 
at^ caine, comblechta. 
[fo. 3i a, I.] 

5429 Rochumrigthe leo dondairc 
cuibdigthe feib dosrimthairc. 
fuath lochad ' landai lordai, 
fuath nan-ainne erordau 

5433 Ri rosnordaig nadibai 
cosinn-airc cenimmarbae, 
iarconair ch6ir, cnchid sc^l, 
cotarrasair forambel (?) ^ 

5437 Batar ann ttiatha friTeis 
dianidainm Bidsomieis, 
dosrinolsat, toga hgle, 
doimcassin nahairce. 

5441 Acht chena insluag, lathar ndil, 
dodeochaid diahimcasin, 
tnfichit fer, feochair gl6ir, 
bamarb uadib fochet6ir. 

5445 C&eca mill, medar n-dag, 
iarsin bamarb donm<»sfaaag, 
dontdaith dathgbun, dine ngle, 
imchathraig Bidsomite. 

5449 Bidsomite fo[i}dit sc^ 
cosloagn nwic n-Isnbel, 
cotiss^ nacbsldag dib de 

Sic. Read badech ? 

• written over a. 
* MS. fi^babel, with /.d oTcr ba. 

• MS. written orer w. 



coluath arcenn nahairce. 

5453 Dodeochatar nattiatha 
cuce, caine, comliiatha, 
d'Milti fria, cenait n-uabuir, 
friliairc indrig roruanaid *. 

5457 lArsin cotucsat hif6i 
indarc docharraic AM, 
argra de delbais cer^cath 
cotegdais Aminadab. 

5461 YXizoTus rigdu rath, 
dochinud Aminadab^ 
fn'cacart dun, caingen figW, 
bah^ sacart nahairce. 

5465 INdarc amra, ilair blad, 
in-adbai Aminadab, 
robai^iV^it ibbliadan ihbind 
isintiiaith Cariath[i]arim. 

5469 Corodmbroe xi betha bailee, 
rodcldi tr/agmha comthailc ; 
badremun degrach dochath, 
sechba menmnach bahnalla^A. 

Bahuallar^ forDagon ' dfan. 



/^ shunn donSacht inddrcc dag 

dann6rt(ri, dann6rtuath, 
meic Israel, cosreib sdil, 
rothinolsatar oe[n]d4il. 

5477 Friinnarbu n-idal n-^l 
dothirib mac n-Isra^l, 
dorinolsat, srethaib srath, 
combdtar huili imMesbad. 

5481 Ror&id Samuel, snimach sc^, 
fr/sluag n-(rach n-Israh^ ; 
' doforfua digal cer^maig 
icin f((?rn-idal n-angbaid. 

5485 ' Manichuirid hdaib coluath 

ilar fom-idal n-oUmuad, 

derb dofbrfiia digal tinn 

orfg nime n&ir n6ebfind/ 
5489 Doratsat r^ir nDe cer^dd 

m^c Israel fiadchainchld ; 

rodosslechtsat doDia dil 

iarsin cenadrad n-fdail. 
5493 O shunn atchuas iarflr 

dosldagaib naFilistfn, 

dodeochatar r^wacath 

cucu corice Mesbad. 
5497 Roraidsetar, ^rim n-dag, 

meic Israel friimldad : 

^ cofob linni bdaid donchath 

guid inCoimdid curmdaXauch! 
5501 Adropart audpart tr/arath 

isrogaid coduthrachtach, 

Samdel dorig nimi n^l, 

darcenn clainne Isro^/l. 
5505 INri thuc inn-arcc forcul 

immitf racht ' darcer^m6rmdr, 

incer^airm, cer^dd, cendin 

dorat maidm f^Filistfn. 
5509 Ri dorat digail cendfn 

for8l6gaib naFilistfn, 

oscer/^thracht fnsratha smacht 

indarc oshunn doroacht 

6shunn doruacht indarc dag. 



' MS. roruanaib. 

■ written over a. 
» MS. Ecoitchitchinn, 


Abia, erctha bu4id, 
d&nuicsain segda Samdail\ 
nibatclithemail 'mosc^l, 
brithemain mac n-Isro^/l. 
5517 Ecoitchinn^ eat frignfm ngann, 

* MS. immmi/jracht. ^ MS. samu^l. 

with dot over second /. 




frjgubreith, fr/gdfi7rgall : 

badimdaig dfb, tola tr^n, 

sloig mora mac n-Isro^l. 
5521 Linib ireh ddl, tola hgl^, 

otha Ddn coBersabe, 

dochum Samuel cosindratb 

dodeochatar coRamath. 
[fo. 33 a. 2.] 
5525 Gadatar doDia, delm n-dag, 

isgadatar doSamiial, 

fricathu, fribruth, fribrfg, 

condbetis cenoenrfg. 
5529 lArfacht d6ib Samuel frrsreith : 

' cid ta[ch]thi Dfa fi^rcoimdeid ? 

forrfse isferr ctchrig rdin, 

ardruire nime noebndir. 
5533 * 1^6nmissi robriss recht r^il 

foirb ritecht darbforn-amr^ir, 

arft?rfelmdine cenMn, 

adegdiine tsrahel I ' 
5537 lArsin roraide insldag 

an-athesc fir fr/Samdal : 

' fr/immad ihbrig mbuidemi mbla 

niruibem cenrig nd6enna.' 
5541 Rooirdnistar Samuel faith 

Saul mac Cis r(7;iglanbaig, 

fri'soerbrfg hddasaig, deilm hdil, 

dooenrfg [ ] uasail; 

5545 O shunn rogab rfge niad 

Saul digrois daigermtiad : 

rodaslin galma ocus gl6ir 

clanna dmra Iac6ib. 
5549 Connabetis cenrig rain 

gddatar huili ahoendail : 

romiscnigset, mflib sc^l, 
Abla ocus Oh^l. 

Oh^l, Abfa^ erctha buaid. 

* leg. n-ammain 



ds ri Amm6n, aurdairc rdd, 
dorat smacht f(7rsluag Ga- 
cosuilib dessaib teimaib 
dogait asacoemchennaib. 

5557 Conaclannaib rosdoeraid, 
gnim nammail ^ fodubroeiiaib, 
cocoicthib trenaib trommaib, 
cocroicnib diahgl^drommaib. 

5561 Rogdid sMag Galad cogle 
f(7rNas ossud sechtmaine, 
dus infoigebtais fonim 
nech donech an-imditin. 

5565 Foidit atechtairecht trdag 
coSaul is coSamiial, 
dus infogebdais nert n-6g, 
nos-ains^</ f(?rsMag n-Amm6n. 

5569 Dolluid Saul iars^t sen, 
s^cet mfli, ceniml^n, 
ocus tricha mfli mass, 
dosldagaib n-Iuda n-amnas. 

5573 Rodobris coslattra sldn 
forNds cath calma comldn : 
bah^ achetnacoscur hgl^ 
iamagabail ir-rige. 

5577 Doluid Sdul, gl^raib cath, 
cotdatha n-Ammon n-engach, 
tor troeta tr/'dth, sas nasl6g, 
roiad imNas ri Amm6n. 

Nas ri Ammon, airdirc rad. 


5581 /^'^oscur n-aili tr^n tdargaib, 

V-^ diar'maid forsnamorsluagaib, 
con-immud muirech, mod n-dn, 

[ IV. 3. ] 



riaSduly rian-Ianothan. 
5585 Diatancatar cucu intsldaig 

Filistfn feochair * firchraaid, 

nirewdilgud acht r(7»gail, 

diandibdud, diandianarggain. 
5589 Dodfgail Ndais, noithech ig, 

f(7rSdul, f(?rsldag Galad, 

cocath g^r geimlech, gnim n-6g, 

icoemthecht ne[i]mnech n-Amm6n. 
5593 Dfarmide daigrech din 

drohg daigrech naFilistfn, 

tricha mile cairptech cath 

iss^ mill fer n-armach. 
5597 Lotar lin ateglaig dein 

bagnfm dedgair coanaimteib, 

ddmfle laSaul sldn 

ismlle lalonathdn. 
5601 Cofoparmtar inslog 

naFilistin, nan-Ammon, 

corilsatar og glan6g iigr/nn 

ftvAmmon, forFilistim. 
5605 Mace Ciss 6ragab rige 

robris form6x n-iknile, 

rosindre iarcoscur gl^, 

dorigne coscur n-aile. 

Coscur n-aili tren tiiargaib. 

5609 T^echt dodeochatar otlr 


fianna feoch[r]a Filistfn, 
sluaig sin sirden frislait sr^n 
dodilgen vaac n-Isra^L 
5613 Arim asluaig, slicht cenchol, 
Ifnib atuath, atromthor, 
secht mill fer, ferr c^ch ngail, 
r(7/f-annaib, r^T^gascedaib. 

5617 Tin61satar, tola tren, 

sl6ig mora mace n-Israhfl, 

[fo. 33 b. I.] 
bahuamnaig tr/amnaig diatroig 
combatar uili in-oend&il. 

5621 Cororaid moRi noebnar 

sech car^ n-oen fr/lonathin, 
condXgsed f arfoimsin ' fir 
do'rfaicsin sluaig Felistin. 

5625 Dochuaid lonothan ftvieth 
aoenur 'saarmiger, 
coromarb dfb, dini nder, 
fichi mili fer fortr^n. 

5639 Ri dorat digail, delm n-dn, 
f<7rrfgaib rian-Ianothdn, 
o[M]achim, comflib sl6g, 
cocr/ch n-iraig n-Achilon. 

5633 Nir'lfnaib fer, formnaib snas, 
lainib ligdaib, ler n-emmas, 
nisnacht osbrf brigda brass, 
acht moRi r%da rinnmas. 

5637 Rucsat r^im, rod rainni sloig, 
dochlod clainni lacoib, 
fr/brfg bert, fr/cumtarA hgal, 
otfr fecht dodeochatar. 

Fecht dodeochatar otlr. 


5641 X^ i roraid fr/Samdel sdg 


con-erbarad fr/Saul, 
condechsad lin athor triath 
cendil d*argain Amaliach. 
5645 Condtuctha lais ambrat, 
^tach, nah6r, naargat, 
atairbirt uili fnldr, 
et^rmndi isfer, badergdr. 

' MS. foecbair. 

'' MS. iaii^roimsin. 



5649 Cenldin cethra, cengraig c6ein, 
ccntr6etu muc f(?roenr6en, 
f<?«ndtuctais leo coatech 
almai gabur nachairech. 

5653 Dodeochaid Sdul iarsein 
cosindneoch fuair di6caib, 
coroslig seirgib selggaib, 
dfglaib demnib dr«»idergaib. 

5657 Tri c// mfli, maith insc^l, 
dosluagaib mac n-Isro^I, 
ocus deich mill, mor mbla, 
diocaib treibe luda. 

5661 Rosaraig Saul nasluag 
ani roraidi Samiial, 
tuc leig toirti attfr natr/ath, 
ocus tuc r% n-Amaliach. 
5665 Togach rohiccad infiach 
fr/Agach, fr/Amaliach, 
osbri niblaith abrig buan 
inRi roraid friSamdaL 

Ri roraid £r/5amdel^sug. 


5^<59 T^adebthach fr/Saul slan 

XJ Dia deoda, dechrach, dermar, 

diar'anacht Agach, rad hgl^, 

diar'sdraig af(?rngaire. 
5673 Samual cenanad' rosiach 

coAgach rig n-Amaliach : 

rochind aaided n-ada 

fochlaideb inGalgatha. 
5677 Ri roraid fri^amuel faith 

athesc n-inclithi u-imtlaith : 

*inn-iiied Sdul, slicht sfd, 

deni lat oirdned Duid' 

5681 Ri doraega, niathar ngW, 
Dauid degmac less^, 
or'bamtfc sldn secht mbliadna* 
dorat fogr^d chomchialla. 

5685 Ri betha binn, bdan ablat, 

arcrdan h%riww^ arclithcomnart, 
dondin^lach sainti 'masech 
acht badimdach, badebthach. 

Badebthach fr/Saup] sldn. 


5689 T Nri dosfuc sechinsWg 
X Abimelech • coMo6b, 
ab^» isaddmar, cain bid, 
dialuid oBethil ludde. 

5693 Abimelech, censfl mbr6n ; 
N6emi, Malign, Cellc6n, 
Orbba fr/luth, lith hgarta, 
ocusRuth Moabdita. 

5697 Dodechaid huide fata 
Ruth rochain Modbdita 
laN6emi, mflib bla, 
coto^acht Bethil luda. 

5701 Rooentaig* iarsin friBoz 
nkzc Salamoin, nirb'anfost : 
hdaide rogenair iarc^in 
nkjc diarbochomainm ObAd 

5705 Salamon slan, srethaib s^, 
babiannhuasAib Fares : 
Fares £r/jg^nail, gnim ngl^, 
bamoc Tamair isludae. 

5709 Ruth xndihah Obed, rdd hgle, 
Obeth athair less^ : 
less^, cendimess dfth, 
baathair dfles Daufd« 

^ MS. cmanag. 

' MS. mblia/fda. ' MS. abimebedL 

If % 

* S. Vju^X2^^ 



[fo. 33 b. 2.] 

5713 Duid toga dodelm gM 
bai fechtas ichingaire : 
dofarraid leo, Ian dogail, 
conic caerig diachdireib. 

5717 Cororaith for6enaib riad 
Dauid aoenur 'nadfad, 
triagradaib achoiblid chain, 
cotarraid inleoamain. 

5 7a I Cof(?rbart Dauid ddna, 
coleomain nalonnbdga, 
cotuc tri'aldeschur cenchleith 
asachrdesluch incdireig. 

5735 Rofersat cumleng hgradach 
Dai^/'d 'sindleo lonndbdgach : 
tressiu Datti'd, tolaid crjch, 
lafc7rtachtain indardrfg. 

INrf dosfuc sechin8l6g. 



"13 othin61sat sldag[ad] sfr 

tuatha feochra Filistfn, 
r(7»-hilur mbuada, mor sc^l, 
cotuatha mac n-Israh^I. 

5733 Con-immud sleg ocus sluag, 
coTfKixai curad claidebruad : 
batr^n roindled leo insain 
dian-inred isdian-argain. 

5737 Dodilgenn androng hdalach, 
amban, amac m6rgradachy 
diacor diacrichaib, x^od cert, 
diafichaib af<7raithmet 

5741 Sinsit cenerbr6n donchath 
insl6g dermor diummiArsach, 
r(?;igabsat longphort ngldm hgle 
forldr glinne Tribinthe. 

5745 YXerioQus ocus chidn 

> MS. 

dorigset huili comtriall, 
intsluaig cendil, tolaib tlacht, 
diatuaithtir rothin61sat 

Rothin61sat sliiagad sir. 




ucsat leo tr^nfer n-frach 
diarb'ainm Gola garbgnf- 

nirb'fer suairc sochraid osl6g : 

bah^o duairc derm6r. 
5753 Matud m6gda merda m^d, 

mor d*^tuch aimthimchell, 

inaairdde, adbul deil, 

secA^ ferchubait core sein. 
5757 Lurech imme, garb achruth, 

fricomrac, fricathugud ; 

c6eca doch^taib uiiga 

robae innacomthrumma. 
5761 Bdi slind ^ agae fiadcar^druhg 

seek/ c// uhga doium, 

cocraunn chain, cr/'chid, cummZf 

remidir d^il damchuhga. 
5765 Ahiallacrann humai glain 

otha agluine cotalmain : 

dohium glass rochummad, 

cathbarr immachertmuUar^. 
5769 Claideb g^r garbda 'naglaic, 

m^it claidib garmna comthailc, 

sciath (orzchliUy niclithi, 

balethiu indd damseche. 
5773 Fer car^laithi lais il-Mn 

disl6gaib mac n-Isro^I, 

nifr/Ui dib oenfer foleith 

folilsad ardi hgaisc[e]id. 
5777 Gola gronna congzil glua[i]r, 

ddna fr/tola tromsluaig, 




fri'srengal nirb'suairc asmacht, 
batr^nfer dualrc Xi thucsat 

Tucsat leo tr^nfer n-irach. 


5781 /"^ iabdarilardap] intsliiaig 
Vj clainni Isw^/1 adnlaid, 
rosgab crith, gl^raib ellach, 
riahGola hg^r garbgrmnar^. 

5785 Dosrat hituaim immondeil, 
roscacht cenhuail, cenergail, 
glerden roscndi sechcar^nddil, 
tr^nfer cer^lae diandigbail. 

5789 Rolin toirsi, rogab ferg, 
Saul slisfota slegderg, 
fer car^lae laiss, ciarbobin, 
domarbad diadegddinib. 

5793 Saul mac Ciss croda, ger, 
ri c6ir clainni Israh^l, 
rogell aingin cenmeth 
fn'6enfer dafihggebad. 

5797 Dosrat frisnfm, serig sel, 
cendin demin diatairchel, 
tniagdai garbdai cennachtlf 
ciamtaramrai ilardai. 

Giabdarilardai intsliiaig ^ 


5801 l~\odeochaid Dauid amn^, 
X^ ossar clainne less^, 
isindinbaidsin othreib, 
'sin slog col6n diabrathreib. 
[fo. 34 a. I.] 

5805 Cocuala inc6e, nua[l]laib n^I, 
b6e fe?rsluagaib Isra^'l, 
acomruc d^sse cenchath, 
fer car^ lae dib nomarbad. 

» MS. instluaig, » Read 

5809 Roiarfacht DauiA cenchleith 
isinphopull diabratreib : 

* coalog dolvir no ciarath 
inri dondftur nombffad?' 

5813 Atchuadatar inbrdthir, 

briathraib bithib bithblaitbib, 
doD(7i//'d, cennf iarcul, 
feib l^ir rodgellai Saul. 

5817 Rogellai Saul mac Ciss 
ahingin cendil h-indliss, 
lacarAmaith do dob^rad 
dondoenfiur dafihgebad. 

5821 Dauid dualach, tolaib gal, 
bah^ inset sluagach salmglan, 
badeccair taidbsen diadrech 
isinda[i]mser dodechaid. 

Dodeochaid Da»fd amn^, 


5825 * "13 egatsa,' arDauid cenl^n, 

Xv * coSaul rig n-Israh^l, 

cotuc aingin cenclith 

is coromarb inc6raid.' 
5829 Grabsat acharait cerAcruth 

achosc isa chairigud : 

diabraithrib robogdbud 

alabrad noaimrddud. 
5833 Roraidi Da»/'d cotren 

fiad dagddineib Isro^ : 

* dingebsa * infer hut dontsl6g*, 
istdbar dam adagl6g.* 

5837 Rogellai Saul iarsain 

doDauid cenimresain 

aingen d6, demin sc^ 

agrod sechclainn n-Isroi/l. 
5841 * Ainige fris, fc^kSir glain, 

amnc Cis ch6ir comramaig ! 
fing^bsa ? » MS. doritslog. 

. J 



cendimiad imchoible cruth, 
coffrian diafinigud/ 

5845 ^ R6tbiat limm anige intsluaig 
fotheisc sainigthe Samudil, 
feib thorgaib brfg imratha 
fom'forgal fein ffr[f]latha. 

58^9 * Enech Joseph uascec/idu 
Moisi, lacob islessu, 
henech fodeoid oscer^ddil 
uaisliu doib Dia Abardim. 

5853 *Huaimdaitfri*cer^hddiI,delm Tig\6, 
fr/Vlaim, am^ic less^, 
fri'sotharfa dochor cain 
acht coromarba incoraid.' 

5857 'Muirfetsa Gola, gnfra hgle, 
bih^ cora arcardine, 
biaid mobrfg bdg f(7rassa, 
doreir morig regatsa.* 

* Regatsa/ zxDauidi cenl^n. 

5861 y uid cenlurig, lathar hdein, 


Dauid arcinn indfirsin, 
cengae, censcfath, cloiihi bann, 
cenchlaideb clar, cenchathbarr. 

5865 Rogab c6ic clocha cengr^in 
atrjig intsrotha dermair, 
dodosrat fein fribudid [ ] 
innath^ig n-uaig n-digarda. 

5869 Gabaid cloich dfb, bagnim hg^r, 
sr<5id huaid isinn-aer, 
roben Gola iclethi achind, 
corocht conice ainchinn. 

5873 Doluid 'Dauid cucai iarsin, 
gaibid d6 achlaideb fessin, 
cotuc achenn tr/'agail hguir, 
comb6e f(?rb($laib Sauil. 

* MS. Luig. 

5877 D^ttid cenbini adreth budid 
orulrig nimi noebudig, 
nitruag dluige rfanadreich, 
baluath luide cenluirech. 

Luid ^ cenluirig, lathar hdein. 


5881 A trachtatar nadasliiag 

±\, donchath croda claidebniad, 
doimruachtain cinn icenn, 
doimthuargain cocomthenn. 

5885 Frifurad nahgniam hglorarA 
naciirad, nacruadchorad, 
colin ahdrong hdfan hdaigrechy 
bdtar ciai ic[c]omclaidbed. 

5889 Ri dorat triall farsincath 

riahD(7i//d hdian, ddssachtach, 
coroemid incath cendil 
fd^rslog faelid Filistfn. 

5893 Bai crd garb darcorp centlf 
icath glinni Treibinthi, 
diatorchair dib, toromm ngl^, 
s^ssiur cSica coicmile. 

5897 Sliiaig naPilistin fon^l 
ocus sliiaig mac n-Isro^/l, 

[fo. 34 a. 2.] 
nfrbuchian fr/ginol hgal 
tin6l dfan atrachtatar. 

Atrachtatar nadasliiag. 



shunn romebaid incath 
rfanDuid cosinm6[r]rath : 
atb^red insl6g cogur : 
* ferr comor ' indd Saul' 
5905 Ocmolad Dai^t'd, delm n-uag, 
sechSaiil, sech inmorsldag, 

• .i. DaM/d. 



babind ac^ol hgrihngel ngl^ 
innan-ingen n-Ebraid^. 

5909 INtan ba6eninfli aig 
ocSaiil conasliiagaib, 
deichmfli mora, mordith, 
dorochratar ocDaufd. 

5913 Tin61 Dtfj^d diluth glan 
friherud nahairmiten, 
cetheirtr^in tairbbig foleith 
dichairdib, dichomdfneib. 

5917 lArsin tuc fobrfg buadaig 
ingin Sduil srethsluagaib, 
Michol m6r, m6 zich ngaine, 
dohinchaib nandagdaine. 

5921 Or'ort Gola, cruach gdach, 
diambdi insluag 'coamormolad, 
lamtikzc croda [ ] cohgail 
baduairc laiss aimcasain. 

5935 INtsliiaig indruirig combrfg 
inmuirig immonn-ardrig, 
bafaelid car^ dib dialoid 
incath oshunn romebaid. 

Oshunn romebaid incatb. 


59^9 T~^origensatar sid slan 

1^ Dauid ocftf lonathdn, 
farriaguil D^, fochocht chain, 
fr/'ar^ hifut asaegail. 

5933 Dorat lanothdn iarffr 
huad aheirriud doDaar/d, 
eter etach fnriad rath, 
tXjtr gae is[s]ciath ischlaideb. 

5937 Rochimiset acotach cdid 
cennach cocad imchomddil, 
cidolcc, cidmaith, tr/abith sir, 
etir Sdul isDaufd. 

5941 Duthracair Michol cenmeth 
abrdthair, aairchinnech, 
ambith icairddes cendith 
lonathdn ocus Dauid. 

5945 Bdi Dfli/id fogl6rai grad 
iarc6rai frilonathdn, 
innathig fomfad, fecht ng^, 
octr/all dothecht coSaul. 

5949 Rogab Mfchol, medar fir, 
cotrebar tinchosc nDauid : 
* nidechais fri'slemna see}, 
corfg n-ergna n-Isrfl^l. 

5953 *Ndteig cotdrss, agass gl^, 
comjc Ciss cencommairg^, 
babaeth meni adair rtin, 
ndtabair toeb fri'SauL' 

5957 Doluid Saiil frismiad sid 
coluath dothegdais Dai^/d, 
fn'tairsin Dai//d ifus 
cenaigsin, cenfurachn^. 

5961 INduair dodechaid, tarm tr^n^ 
ri croda clami n-Isra^l, 
ann dothaet Dat/zd, delm hgiSr, 
immach f(?rs^t coSaul. 

5965 Semai Saul insreth slain 

imthreib x^aui^ comm6rgriin 
roiad mamathraig, nlih hgl^, 
imchathraig xsieic less^. 

5969 Mar'tchuala Michol inmbreis 
conroAz, insluag 'montcgdais, 
rothin6l dintoirt tachtai 
nalinbroit, nahanartai. 

5973 Dor'imthas, bah^ ingnim cass, 
amb^ findchass firamnas, 
rosuidig cosuairc naslaimm 
immuacuaird immoncerchaeilL 

5977 Condema fuaih indfir de 
coluath innagaeiiigc. 



feib ba b^s bith ic^tlud 
dogr^s doib foain^tgud. 

5981 Rogart asdort^ immaig 
smacht sokx Saul sdergein, 
roraid comall, monor hgl^, 
'infail tall mao. n-Iess^?' 

5985 Roraid Michol, mfn aguth^ 
fr/Sadl diachennsagud : 
* menipc^l crfnlaig dochath 
mochen tfchtain degathar.' 

5989 ' A Michol merda, menranach, 
gelda, genbda, comdelbach, 
taet *mach fochl^ire cachta 
doch^[i]le, dochomalta.* 

5993 ' Ani condnigi, am^c Ciss, 
achU gaili ceneisslis, 
[fo. 34 b. I.] 
atd sunn, cennar^ gliim hgl^, 
et/r daldim th'ingin^.' 

5997 ' Ciabeith doldm, lalhar ii^iy 
dardrochmac n-an n-Iess^, 
ninanais fMindtemm tinn, 
ahingen Achinoym T 

6001 ' Cidnech badm6 miscais lat, 
arf [IJsw^l con-armacht, 
tiss^^ rlandigla fom'guth, 
nirlgda duit mosirgud.' 

6005 * A Mfchol mer, meftmozch, mas, 
ahua engach Athemas, 
nftbis^ fr/Vdil hdogrtf hder, 
rfgdomna mac n-IswA/1/ 

6009 * A m«c Ciss f(?rt'glonnaib gaib, 
nabris fordochommorgeib, 
na^bdid triaderbdga tr^n, 
cenn n-erbdga n-Isro^/l/ 

6013 *0 dorala, niathar figM, 
£r/m'thala mac less^, 

duit, ab^ f^ne fechtach, 
ilibac^le cri'dserccach.' 

6017 ' Am^i'c Ciss clechtaig, gnim ngH, 
nahettroig mac n-Iess^, 
tairitm thogail gn^thaig ngil, 
nasdraig dodegingin. 

602 1 ' Kdsdraig lonathdn uais 

cohgail gndthaig, corochniais, 
cenolc, cena[i]nces, cendfth, 
rogab cairdes friDufd. 

6035 * Nasdraig Samuel fdith finn, 
c<m%^ grad mialnar, ndebdind, 
nasaraig cengdisi hgl6r 
Miisi, los^ph, Iac6b. 

6029 * Nabris bdig n-airech noUech, 
noainech nafer ffrgdeth, 
nagndthaig ni assia dosc^l, 
nasdraig Dia n-Ism^/l/ 

6033 * Cia dobertha dam fr/mth6ir, 
ab«i, c// n-unga hderg6ir, 
argais galais no gait hgle, 
tiianais m<zc n-lesse. 

6037 * Rodonanacht Dia donim, 
cain glanalt cenimresain, 
fogr<^dglunn, cenchiiairt hglassa, 
dochuaid uait donfabullsa.' 

6041 f oruirecht Mfchol nannfth, 
cendul indegaid Dai^/d, 
corocht Da«/d, reim iamith, 
ic^in in-oen nandithrub. 

6045 lArsin adcocrot cencrad, 
t)aufd ocus lonathdn, 
cor'chinnset cenchfthu cess 
tr/abithu 'nambithchardess. 

6049 An-6entu dogr^ss cer^cruth, 
at6ebtu cendiscailiud, 
fofiadnatb indinngnaib gal, 

* a written over 1. 



iartimnaib dorig^ntar. 

Dorig^nsatar sId sl&n. 


6053 T^ &i Dai^id 'sa druim (rtfrdig 
xJ fecht fiadindrig 'sindrlgthaig, 
fochdinbuide nandrong hddl, 
in-oen§uidi islonath&n. 

6057 Luam laidi fochaini cnith, 
gengaili ocairfitiud, 
dondr^y dontsltiag, centeidm tind, 
icseinm athimpdin t^idbind. 

6061 Dauid indratha, r^im saer, 
bafotha flatha fimoeb : 
sephain seol salmda osbla^ 
baceol n-amra n-adamra. 

6065 Basegunn s^im ascer^ud 
archnith, archill, archoibliud, 
lasinslaag s6er, so[i]smert sid, 
bind leo coistecht frtDautd^ 

(S069 Ciarboairfidud hc&ch 
linib tairchitul ndermdr, 
iars^t slemun, 8echinsl6g, 
dochoid Demun iSa61. 

6073 Sreeis Saiil uad insleig 
forDamd bindrlgthig, 
triacbl&r cniaid itoeb achinn 
robidgc ing&i gluair gertbind. 

6077 Atnzracht insldag istaig, 
batoracht niiall integlaig : 
indar hczch gae indr^ 
robde tnamed6n Dauid. 

6081 Atroracbt lonathan ard 
come reim roanaid rogarg, 
cor'idnacht Dautd, toem ngl^» 
uad co6en nafidbaide. 

6C85 Rochathaig cogarg» combrig, 

* MS. 

fr/aathair, fr/sinn-ardrfg» 
rahgab guba, rochl6i cruth, 
ardula diasarugud. 

6089 Ferais Mfchol debaid tinn 
friSaul, fn'Achinoim, 
nochor'bo choimsech acath» 
batoirsech, batromdebthach. 
[fo. 34 b. 2.] 

6093 Ferais insliiag athb^ ngdr 
f(7rsindrfg niam, ftTrSatil, 
adul censamstigud sid^ 
diasdrugud imDauid. 

6097 Mar Sauil slaide glonn ngal 
badtiscud lonn leoaman, 
rosoer cenchfabair cachta 
achllamain, achomalta. 

6101 Ri rodnanacht f(Tsinmaig, 
cendmarc ondleoamain, 
h^ ipsder cenbuide indrig 
isintsuide imboe Dautd. 

Bde Datad 'sadruim fntroig. 


6103 "p^origni Damdf deikn n-dn, 
jL>^ comarle ocuslanothdn, 
imdul cencleith Crigail gdir^ 
cenbeith itegluch SauiL 

6109 Roraidi lonathdn frts : 
' Saul natabair d'eideis, 
an CnVgairm i£atil sunn sd 
naclochi dian-ainm EphcL 

61 13 * Cofesser fr»elba sfd 

inmaith frit nw^mta indaidr^. 
indeil dtirdiadiadi natres» 
no'ndtkhraditaidl D^amks. 

6117 * Dotma oomaida oaim, 
bid sodamna^ CnftlnnbdakL 

I IV. 3-1 



imdul r[e]ut, recht hgdr hgle, 
nothecht arciil dorise. 

6iai ' Fochuriub uaim saigit sn^id, 
i€\% friglaineilc fr/VglancWil, 
airet rosso, r^im corath, 
cid ic^in nofaicserad. 

6135 'Mad hicein chingges cenchess 
Ivr cheim cinnes dot'lanles : 
menipclan frisoirchi sain 
toirchi codfan d[o]rfgthaig/ 

6x29 Dochtiaid lanoth&n istech, 
cosindr%, cosinteglach, 
r^mlessid censil ndogra 
innasuidiu rigdomna. 

6133 R[o]iarfacht Satil frisnim 
d'lanuthan sc^la Duid : 
' ciabaile ifail, delm hda, 
dofer comtha comddna? 

6137 ' Ciabaili ifail immaig 
drochmac lesse ahgbaid ? 
nithoracht fiadnar^drung tra 
sunn in-oen nal&asa.' 

6141 Atchuaid lanuthdn, dn aig, 
dondrig rdn innarfgthaig : 
' dochtiaid, cendechel, deilm tra, 
diathreib, doBethil ludl' 

6145 Rordid Saul frisnuad sess: 
' cia istsltiag nddigni m'amles, 
tan istitfsu rogni inse, 
adrochmeic namerdrige?' 

6149 Dochtiaid lonothdn immach 
combdi f^rmtir nacathrach, 
feib nognathaiged cendith, 
dia inrathaigfed Da»i'd. 

6153 Focheird cenMn onmtir 'malg 
airchur tr^n forsinn-ailig, 
segda, sodalbtha, slicht ngl^, 
icomartha CMmnigth^. 

6157 ' Mdta nech ir^cloich thall/ 

arlonathan nlrb'imgann, 

' orthad coMath, tdet cotricc, 

isl^ced uad insaigit' 
6161 Rl roleth brat nimi ndir 

imthoebu tahnan tonnbdin, 

ocftf gr/in hgtiir conalf, 

diai^ir car^duil dorignf. 

Dorigni Dauid, delm n-dn. 


6165 T uid ass Dji^'d, tolaib rath, 

J 4 cengde, censciath, cen- 

iarcdlaib garb rogdel gail, 
fdcaib aarm 'sindrigthaig. 

6169 lArsin dochtiaid fochucht cacht 
coAchimilech sacart, 
cotormalt leis, gle[i]re guir, 
bargena r^ile remMir. 

6173 Cianchacht imchangnib cuirpcriad, 
roiarfacht Abimeliach, 
doDa»/d r'iarfacht cucht cain, 
' indatglain lucht dotheglaig?' 

6177 Dorat Da»/d teist iarfir 
ifrecnarcttx indardrfg, 
cencomrac d6 fr/mnd imne 
re trild is teoran-aidche. 

6 181 Robdi cenglorai, cengeis, 
claideb Golai 'sindeclais, 
fri'brig ihbladailc fiadcar^l6g, 
iamathabairt doSa6L 

6185 Rordid Da»i(l ciarbodalb, 
' olcc dul ic^in cendagarm, 
frAala indrig, niathar mbras, 
domrala trtatinninas.' 

[fo. 35 a- !•] 
6189 DoAchimilech nirb'folith, 



rofer fiiilti friDuid, 

ocus doridnacht do immach, 

claideb Golai %ix golach. 

6193 IDumeus atchtiaid insc^l 
doSaul rig Israh^, 
Dai»'d colucht raboliach, 
rochaith bfad Abimeliach. 

6197 Nitrtiag fiSair fdiiti fosmacht 
DaMd icsluag nasacart, 
i)cus rue cenloga leis 
claideb Gola ceneisleis. 

6aoi Luid Saul cer^thucht iarmbrath 
cor&gaib lucht nacathracb, 
ort sidag nasacart cenclith, 
coiciur arcethrifichtib. 

6305 Rosnort iarc^trud agleo 
iii-^tgud» ephud lineo S 
labruth mbrathlaig, bdg amn^, 
'sinchathraig dian-ainm Nou^. 

6309 Acht itrulai oenfer dfb 
corice tegdais Dauid, 
Abiathar conablait, 
mace Abimeliach sacak t 

6ai3 Romiscnig Saul, gnim ngM, 
DoMf d m6nmic less^, 
coforr^grad lais, lethan sc^l, 
nabeth f^rcrfch n-Isro^l. 

6317 lAmafocra domo^ Ciss 
Dauid nitharat eisleis, 
cennar^techel dochuaid ass, 
rue atheged coAchess. 

6a a I Roimraid dixh fiad indrfg 
introth dodeochaid Do^td, 
' innh^ seo incli glanna 
Dotf/d ri natalmanna? 

6225 'IN doso[m] labras insldag 
nan-ingen n-amnas n-adrdad : 

' MS. epndlineo. * MS. oenmile. y 

' ort Dai^d derb deichmili, 

ort Sadl serb 6enmili*?' 
6229 lArsin rongab galar g^r, 

fnsnim calad nirb'imthr^n, 

corochumscaiged achfall, 

cotunscanad (jiV) car^n-anrfad. 
6233 Cororaid Achis tr/asnfm, 

niharaithis forDauf d ; 

' berid uain cenmfad immarA 

induini hdian hddsachtach.' 
6237 Luid Doia'd, linib aslog» 

hit[f]rib minib Maob, 

con-aes lathair, con-aig thaig, 

coamdthair is coathair. 
6241 lArsin roaittreb coog 

indess im-Maffa, im-Mo6b, 

brig bladmar rogab Maffa 

priinadbar indJirflatha. 
6245 O roathain fiad inslog 

aathir lorn% Moob, 

foIsra^/1, ilar crfch, 

iarsin ass doluid Dauid. 

Luid ass Dauid, tolaib rath. 

6249 O aul iarselaib frisnfm 


dorat mebail forD^mtd, 
diatardad Mfchol fogms 
doAlathi mtfc Lais. 

6253 Rordidset coleir coluth 
amuint^r fein fnSadl : 
' biaid nech imb&nugud D^ 
dos&rgud ' xtkiic less^. 

6257 ' Digelaid doDia ce^^cruth 

iorX fein, fort'clainn, &rt*chiniud, 
Da»id fri'dalgud nachdil 
dosargud 'mochetmuintir.' 

MS. dos&rngod, bat there 11 a dot over the former u, 
N 2 



6161 Tuirid natuath doach txia, 
ikr nuall laac n-Isra^l, 
cotrethn^ iarsrethbniig siig, 
bitar debthaig fnSaiil. 

Saul iarselaib fiisnfm. 


£165 T^ <^ DoHiil H mdr foleith 
D fofaacni, foinnarthaib, 
fodichrutb, focl^re grflm, 
inditbrnb slebe Cartneill. 

6i6« Icailltib S^b, srethaib sleg, 
imnilaid Dizui'd tonngel, 
isleib Slon immall^ 
isindithrubaib ainge. 

6373 Secet caini gascid glain 
diocaib friimmargail, 
doDaw'd iarffr frifrdss, 
bab^ alin fordofigm 

6377 Baatrocbt coein, corcarda, c6ir, 
ronatimthaigtb derg6ir, 
drong n-ingen, drong ngilla cert, 
rriatindrem, fmtimthirechL 

fiiSi Friseilg, fnBadrad fogrifd, 
cenmeirg frt'ciallrad coml&n, 
eomS^m bilathmair cenl^n, 
firtilathaib mac n-IsruA/L 
[fo. 35 a. a.] 

6i8| IMsliab Canneill docachleith 
cengarbgrnm Enachomaithcib, 
bamenic nodechrad ddil 
imchethraib n-aidblib Nabdil. 

6»9q Nab^ iCannill rocblos 

gab&l gremma icomaithcheos, 
balcbetbraid osbetha \A&, 
aittrebthaid indithnibi. 

619J Abigail, glan agrdmm, 
> MS. Dlddi^ltr. 

ben Nabiil sMbJ CarmeiU, 
set autbach, alicht nidchelar *, 
banscal cruthar A coerotr«bar. 

6)97 A almai aidb[l]i cenmeirb 
imChamiill docafjoenleirg, 
mHi dogabraib frtgleith, 
teoramili docb&ireib. 

6301 Docbdas oDiMi'd coathech, 
inbaid lommartha cairech, 
coNab&l frigabiil ngl^, 
diaglaniil imfeis n-aidche, 

6305 Araburba fri'aig thaig 

isarcbumga ameninanaraid ', 
Nab&l sin slebi Caimil 
rofemid immoenbargin. 

63011 Coic mailt, dacA nibargen inbil, 
dac^t mfas docharidb, 
dapbaitt r/na, iarset nd, 
rue inben lee doDaufd. 

6313 Cethrib c^taib gilla caln 
iars^taib friimmargai], 
rmannralh linic 'nadiil 
Dauid domarbad Nab&il. 

6317 Ferais inben fSilti frit, 

fiiDautd cennach n-eisleis : 
'cucut lucsam forset sain, 
nifailmet darth'ainnitein.' 

6311 ' Manithorasta modiil,* 
arDduid frimnii Nabii], 
' imbarach 'Einchamair chain 
nobfad Nabil cenanmain.' 

6315 Kabal nemnecb, gemlech, crbi, 
Bttib tadail dorofln : 
'sindecbmaid 1&, Ifth cenchol, 
bamarb Nab&I aoenor. 

6319 lArain tuc Duui'd cenddil 
Abigail mnai Nabail, 
• MS. 



dosrimthos d6 Dia donim, 
r^-innmos, r^if-innilib. 
6333 INrI robennach sechcdch 
Tkadii finliellach n-ollgr<fd, 
secht d^ badichmaig cendf th 
isdf thraib imbai Daia'd. 

Bde Da«id r^ m6r foleith. 


6337 Ocphi*, niptar seccle 8l6g, 
O atchuadatar do§a61, 
' Dji^i'd dichmaig, doig notcheil, 
'narndithruib, 'naraderriteib.' 

6341 Doluid Saul, nisuail sain, 
lln asltSaig conaarmgail, 
fri'gnfm hgdr c^mtaig catha, 
combdi icU^r indithruba. 

6345 Rosuidiged longphort leis, 
bagndn comnort ceneisleis, 
rosainig cosrethaib s^t 
f^^rmaigib nacairechtr^t 

6349 FoMair fiaddfnib athuir 
huaim itirib indithniib, 
frignim cind achuirp car^cruth 
luid inti diaimthelgud. 

^Ihl Dauid cotr^th[aib] darb'bai 
b&i in-iarthur nahuamai, 
tr^in iardmchul daire daill, 
conafiin, conafairaind. 

6357 Ror&idset iri% r^im cendith, 
amuint^ f<6in friDaufd, 
' feib tharngert duit, rem cenbrath, 
innossa rochomolnad. 

6361 ' An-dorarngered och^in 
dorairbered fot'huagr^ir, 
iscian inbdaidsi fosmacht, 
isinddairsi doroacht 

' Ziphaei, i Reg. xxvi. i. > 

6365 ' M6r intuicthiu oDfa dil, 

duitsiu, aDoiMd toebgil 1 

osddlaib tharaic tn ablsut 

fot'ldmaib dodergnamait. 
6369 ' Gaibther doclaideb ger gM 

dot'reir, am^c less^ 1 

naroa dil derbdroiig immach 

Satil slan serblonn sirthech.' 
6373 Atroracht Doiad iarsin 

ocusrochoisc amuintir, 

badechrad fod^tgail dtiir 

doletrad ^taig Sadil. 
6377 Dod^caid fein, febdai glonn, 

Dauid delb dreim [ ] dodrong, 

cor'letair, gnfm hdetlach diir, 

inn-^tach bai imSaul. 
6381 Cia dochuaid Sadl immach 

asinduaim isinteglach, 
[fo. 36 b. I.] 

rogaba friglamma gn^ 

nimbai samdi laSeph^'. 

Sephi, niptar seccli sWg. 




olluid Dj»2d d&na diir 
aidchi sima coSatil, 
conic agdi c««nech c6ir, 
laciiach ndruimnech nderg6ir. 
6389 INg4i robac it6eb achind, 
maroen frichdach coemgrimi, 
rue Dotti'd, bag^ire giir, 
ind^esin oSaiiL 
6393 Manbad omain D^ donim 
gM fncar^comul c6cmdil', 
frisretha sell nagrdss gdir 
nob^rad leis cemi Sadil. 
6397 Dorigni troich ndorchaid d^ 
M& lascphi. » MS. cocmdfl. 



cotorchair icath Gilu&e, 
nimbdi suidi saigthi sId 
ondaidchi doluid Dai»d. 

Doluid Dotti'd ddna diir. 


6401 /"^m bae Dot^/'d dichmaig, dil 

V^ isdithruib 'coaimditiny 

bacomaithechy gMre gM, 

Nabail slebi Carmelle. 
6405 G>rothafind Sadl ass, 

latochim abag ihbladbras ; 

laid fmdintr^n ^^ narbodis, 

idr nGed coriacht Achis. 
6409 Dorat Achis, gl^rib crech, 

inchathir dianidainm Siclech, 

conatlr, tolaib dliged, 

doDamd fmprlmhined. 
6413 O roaittreib D<iM*d dian 

iSiclig conamormiad, 

is^ aainm oshain iU^ 

Siclech &n nan-Iudaid^. 
6417 Fecht dochoid Do^id cengms 

dothecht sl6gaid laAcheis, 

dara^issi tanic crech, 

cor'ort, coroloisc Siclech. 
642T Nir'leicsetar leo nacein 

Dottfd sluag naFiiestein, 

artess^^ Daui^ nachdis 

fofbacru uadib d' Achis. 
6435 *Arn&ronfuapair cosneid 

mac lesse meic Ob^id, 

niraga linn Dota'd tr^n 

dochath fr/sluag n-IsroA/L* 
6419 Nirelic Dia Doi^'d dil 

dothuilled intsMagaid sin, 

6x ishe sin, srethaib sl6gy 

> 5iV. Read dinn tren ? 

fech; diaromarbad Sa6L 

6433 Tan dochdaid Damd iarsain 
coAchis conasluagaib', 
fiiair addn ndonn iarnacrod, 
Siclech, lomm iarnaloscod. 

6437 Centech, centegddis, delm ngl^, 
ceninnmas, ceninnile, 
cenduine mbeo fonim n^l 
n'innisfed d6ib nar^n-oensc^l. 

6441 Cenmni, cenmofcn, mix hgal, 
cen6r, cenargat n-albnar, 
censo^d fntoirsi atroig, 
tannairt Doiad ahaidid. 

6445 Luid Doi/i'd indiaid intsl6ig 
coroacht cosruth Pess6ir, 
cofuair fer d'aes indfechta 
iarfemiud ahimthechta. 

6449 D6 dobreth biad cenbrath 
laDuid diacomnertad, 
rue eolas uair narbosclth 
dochum intsloaig rianDotad. 

6453 lArsin dochuaid Doia'd ass 


cotril) c^taib, gnim n-anmas, 
fogeib dac^t c6ir cachta 
f6s iarfemiud imthechta. 

6457 Mebaid &mi, bafiSam fKr, 
&rsintsldag m6r rianDocqid, 
cofirgsat centuili hdala 
huili cniid angabdla. 

6461 Gabais insluag raind indfaidb, 
gluair iarnangalais gl^airb, 
cennf dondini bai \Sus 
hisuidib firi hifonis. 

6465 Nirelic Dotfid, dalb tenn, 

acht rsunn nafadb cocoitchenn, 
doib icein congrad cengrAS, 
cobrith combad beim fi^rais. 

» MS. -til. 



6469 O dochuaid coAchis n-4n 
fofuair mathiiij commorgrid, 
congSiU. g\6 cech cluid rognfd 
doreir Dd c6m boe Damd, 

Cein b6i Daui'd dichmaig, dil. 

6473 ^ aul sirach slaide sluaig 


basnfmach iarn-^c Samtiail, 
cosaibe fogaili gn^, 
cennoibi, cenfdithsine. 
[fo. 35 b. 2.] 

6477 M^ Cis cenlfthaib foMn 
forcrfchaib mac n-Israh^l, 
rodlin snim sribgrihn, slicht ng\6, 
ohingrim meic lesse. 

6481 B&i mac Ciss icocud chlan 
(nDamd conam6nnfad, 
cotorachtatar otfr 
sluaig fer fortr^n Philistin. 

6485 Dor'in61 fri'bualad mbal 

sluagad n-Isra^l n-armglan, 
aracenn, cengailib gne, 
f^rcldraib cainib Giluae. 

6489 INdadaig riasincath hgdr 
robai snim m6r forSaul, 
arnaconfitir tr/arath 
cia fors'maidfid inm6rchad. 

6493 Dodeochaid Samiiel iarsin 
coSatil imi-aidchisin, 
con-erbairt fr/s, r4d cenbrath : 
'notmairfider imm&rach; 

6497 * Ocus dotrimeicc, mod cert, 
hit'chinaid, it'tairimthecht, 
acus &T trog, dfglach, tr^n, 
forsl6g n-frach n-Israhel ; 

6501 * Ocw roscarad frr't'scdl 

ardflaithius mace n-lsroA/l : 
t'imthacht fnaf(^gad coffr 
doridnacht Dia doDamd.' 

6505 INri scaras g6i fnTfr, 
cohgaib cl6i, gianas anffr, 
dorat adigla, deilm n-og, 
rue breith pr/'mda forSaol. 

6509 INtrath rothaitne ingnan glan 
oscer^rfan imdreich talman, 
feib bagndth d6ib dul dochath 
rogab cich achatheirred. 

6513 Gnfsit cath ciana, c^t hglonn, 
snisit friTfana ferdrong, 
icath Giluae conaslog 
romarbad iarsin Sa61. 

Saul sfrach slaide sluaig. 


6517 "O Atar ocSaul mae Ciss 

JD morffssiur doelaind dilis, 

cethrimeic, monor n-ada, 

tri ingena imglana. 
6521 Melchisau, basluagach sldn, 

lessu, Ispas, lonaddn, 

Brfgente, Merob medrach, 

ocus Michol morm^mnaeh. 
6535 Aehinoym amdthair mass, 

ingen amra Athemas, 

ocus Satil, srethaib gal, 

nibochlethaib robatar. 

Saul sfraeh slaide sldaig K 

6539 Oi 


il Saul snfmaieh fnsr^n 
forclainn n-fraig n-Isra^/l, 
nirosliuna bed diacur 
ach/ madtreb luda ahoenur. 
6533 Dorat Abner triagail ngiiir 

* Sic, Thi& should of course be BtUar oc Satii mac Ciss. 



rfgi dlspas mac Sadil, 

f(vdeichtreib tarraid areir 

isfortreib Beniemein. 
6537 lArhdechraib d6ib dini d^ 

debthaig immonn-ardrfge, 

centlf tarba, f^raig thaig, 

niptaramra oentadaig. 
6541 Fosralaig cenrige rdad 

or's&raig Saul Samtial, 

immanduinib duinnig dtiir 

niptarstiinig sfl Sadil. 

Sfl Saul snimaig fnsr^n. 


6545 T3 ^ [dlgal] deithbir dor&ith 
JLJ dirain ferdeichtreib dim- 

lataidbsin fainni fordin 
in-aimsir dainni Sadil. 

6549 Rodoselaig cer^sluag saer 
rodosdedaig fodubraen, 
garbthenn dosrimmart cuairt cacht, 
dosnarmchell cer^ n-ecomnarL 

6553 Rodastroeth etch n-olc arhuair 
rosglaed cer^locht cenlonnbuaid, 
dosr^imgair 9xstchc6\ cath 
indinbaid robdi indfgal. 

Bae digal deithbir dor&ith. 


6557 T^ ogab Dottid, tola ngl^, 
XV rfgi n-ogda n-Iudaid^, 
iarngormchath nangniad ngdr, 
itorcha[i]r sldag imSaiil. 

6561 Roaittreb in-£br6n dn 
rochaitreb Cebr6n comldn, 
fortreib ludae, cengns hgXit 

* Written OTcr glnair. 

x/ mis ocus sechi mbliadn^. 

6565 F6idis DatM'di censfl mbr6in, 
techt colspas mac Sa6il, 
cotuctha d6, saer duinter, 
Michol chaem ach^tmuint^. 
[fo. 36 a. I.] 

6569 ISpas mac Sauil cenl^n, 
rogab rige n-Israh^l, 
daftic Michol, ciarb' olc leb, 
oAlathis mac Lais. 

<^573 Corucad AoDauid. htiad, 
' arbuide n-Iuda n-ollmtiad, 
armbeith ianhbes hit6ebtaid 
dogr^ innarflr6entaid.' 

6577 Bai cluichi garb, glinni gl6rS 
f(E7rochair linni Gabon*, 
et^Abn^r mac N^ir nair 
ocus lob mac Sairb soer&il. 

6581 Cethror arfichit cogM 
doBeniemin is d'ludae, 
fochutn^x^raiu cencl6i clu, 
dorochair 'sinc^tchuinnscliu. 

6585 'Singleo th&naise iamarfm, 
do6caib Beniemfn, 
dorochratar, traig frtVoig, 
trilfichit artribch^taib. 

6589 Romebaid incath iarsin 
f(vAbn^r conasluagaib 
Asser mac Sairb, srethaib sc^ 
cofAd aim romarb Abn^r. 

6593 lOb badicerta cnch, 
toisech miltnechta Dauid, 
macSairb, baglanger imgail, 
romarb Abner 'nadlgaiL 

6597 Banna ocus Recab, r^im rtiin, 
marbsat Ispas mac SadU : 
fri'sretha sell iamadith 

' bon written over buain. 



nicaat acbenn zoDauti, 
6601 C^in \At DoHid Torluda ti€a 
liartge mac n-Israb^l, 
in-Ebron fngnitn n-aircc n-fd 
bretha itchl laaic doDauid. 
6605 Atnmon asinser, slicht n-6g, 
Eleab, Abisoloo, 
Athenoias, frtgart ngl&D, 
Asfotblas ocus Esrom. 
6609 Ri dorit recht n-Iuda n-oU, 
doDauid deoda drechdonii, 
srethaib slinaib g16gaib sid 
riMgrtfdaib rogab Dauid. 

Rogab D<i»i'd, tola ag\4. 

'indlsat ddil, derb cenldn, 
sniithred sl6ig mae n-Isra- 

66.3 'T-^i 


iartimnu D^, din cech sfd, 

dodeochatar coDotHd. 
6617 Doratsat rfgi, r6im hg\6, 

domoc amra lesse, 

doDamd conamflib 

fortdathub, forilttrib. 
6$ii Rogab DdMid rfgi ran 

cechacrfchi cocomlin, 

othS DiD, frrtola Di, 

coclir broga Bersab6. 
6G15 Arcnith cengailc imgaes, 

ars^ere, arairmitin, 

nib^ remi ianachdi^ 

rfg n-aile MdadamrU. 
6619 LfD amuircch, Ifn amil, 

rfm aruiTech corogrdd, 

Ifn asltlaig sliin fris&i slait, 

bsundr {nd&l tinolsat. 

Tindlaat diil, derb cenWn. 

6633 'T~*richa bliarfow, cenbaes brig, 
J. iam-urd ri[a]g1a, ia-its 

fortir, f<?rtalain, treb tlicht, 

coragab fir flathemnicht. 
6637 DoDaufd ccntressi tra 

sluinnit seissi senchassa, 

fri'ceihrachait ihbliiK^ ihbalcc 

rorfaglad afoDomnachl. 
6641 Ceth[r]ic6raid, c6ir andfth, 

dorocbratar laDaufd. 

Benedab, S^b, G61a cain, 

isinfer cos^ m^raib. 
6645 Cethrur naltJaided, lafded hgM, 

laDoutd moc n-Iesse, 

Ethin delbda, tolaib nSn, 
. Assaph, Eman, IthidtJn. 
6649 Agitophel, s6d cengrris, 

is hissau Arachiteis, 

dede cosinairdib {sic) sId, 

daprimchom^rlid Daufth. 
6653 Tan rogab airichas n-aid 

DuMt'd daigermas derbgargg, 

friig n-dathmar, uascefA bla, 

baslin dotuatarA tncha. 

Tricha blia<£i», cenbaes brig. 

6657 'T^iSargabad lais, Ifth ccnKn, 

X pri'mchalhir mac n^Isro^l, 
forsleib Sioin, srethaib sell, 
cor'fothaig Hierusalnn, 
6661 Suidig for«Wi'> snuta*! Jilin- 
Sion 8n^i< 


cathir coi 



6665 Tricha mill, mod cenhfr, 
lotar d'6caib laDufd, 
arcenn nahairce congrad 
cotegdais Aminaddb. 

6669 Conaclassch^daib glinnib, 
conacruittib cdolgrmnib, 
con-organ cainiu cUaraib, 
comdinib, com6nniadaib. 

6673 Bai indarc £7rcuclaigi gell 
'coatabairt diHienisalem : 
tarall 1dm Oxa inn-airc n-6ig : 
bamarb Oxa fochdt6ir. 

6677 Cair dosfuargaib, rfgda ell, 
cosMagaib Hienisalem, 
arcc D^ thargcai oscar^ traig 
tucad lais donpr/mchathraig. 

6681 Riasinn-airc noib, noithi mail, 
lingged arfailti hdermdir, 
"Daui^ fr/aluth, Ifnib smacht, 
2jnal druth icfursdoracht. 

6685 Badegrach rod^c immach 

Mfchol m^mnach, meruallach, 
fbrsinrfg, reim cendochta, 
bar^il di ahimnochta. 

6689 Rochdrsaig inrig fomeirg 
corondusaig fomorfeirg, 
cotarat Dai^'d, delm n-om, 
amallachtain arMfchoL 

6693 INcathir centomaidm tenn, 
dfan' comainm Hierusalem, 
cain cumtach, cltl cotagab, 
oscar^du doMargabad. 

Tiiargab[ad] lais, lith cenl^n. 

6697 T^auid cotrethnaib tor trell 


{pTsrethbruig Yi\iTusa\em, 
r6riagla fodelba tlacht 

tnh\v3udna derba tribhat. 

6701 Rosrethaig tolgdail triath tenn 
iartorgbail 'Ruxusaltm^ 
oscer^ddndfne drohg tr^n, 
il-ldnrige n-Isro^/l. 

6705 Mespossad friattach n-in 
mac baccach bae icionaddn, 
dafuc DaMd osdrongaib 
sechcdrA innabithcommaid. 

6709 Ammon mac Dauid, delm n-dn, 
dorat forran fi^rTamdr ; 
tier fer ismndi bacol, 
isde bde amudagod. 

6713 Abisalon, ni frisid, 

romarb Amm6n mac nDufd, 
combdi cendfamra fogrns 
teorablia/fiFia forlohgais. 

6717 MuinUr Dai^'d, frisId sl6g, 
fecht lotar corfg n-Amm6n| 
impu roger[r]tha atuinchi 
is rober[r]tha alethu[l]chi. 

6721 Nisrelic Da«rid, delm n-6g, 
dfan-imcasin donm6rsI6g ; 
fnan-athnugud, friatogo 
robdtar inhEricho. 

6725 Tuc DoM'd Annon mac Ndis 
r% n-Amm6n indig tiugbdis, 
cotuc amind diachind cb6ir 
irabi tallann derg6ir. 

6729 Roart D^f^'d, gMrib crech, 
tir n-Ammoin furcer^n-^enleth, 
rodamnad cosdthib sl6g 
Ramath, cathir nan-Amm6ii« 

6733 Teora h)izdna, bochta brig, 
b6i gorta in-aimsir Daia'd, 
cotarmartad huili ambds 
icinaid Ammonitas. 

6737 Satil robris cotach hg^r 



Ammonita islsrah^l, 

dosrat fochrdach cachta, 

romarb sMag Ammonita. 
6741 AihgeP D^ tharic ztch sid, 

radid cogl^ friDuld : 

arnaraib digal farsI6ig, 

adfbad f^rsis Sa6il. 
6745 Doratta darcemi intSloig 

morf(fs8iiir clainne Sa6il, 

dosr'idnacht Dai/id datta 

il&maib Ammonita. 
6749 LahAmonfta coataig 

archomailliud inchotaig, 

dor^ir D^, sochlai senchai, 

rochrochdai in-oentelchai. 
6753 Sedba, Sobab, Nathan nir, 

Salemon oc«x Ibdr, 

Elessia lanmas cer.^dfa, 

lafeig ocm labfa. 
6757 Elizammama, anrdaig rid» 

Elida, Elezelidb, 

danna David, sretha 8n6 seD, 

bretha d6 vcSAinusc^asi. 
[fo. 36 b. I.] 
6761 Ri con-anunodair bith mbin, 

ri con-allodaib* o[l]lm&ry 

xi coldinib Idathaib Iftb, 

ostdathaib tn&rgaib Datad. 

Doi^d cotrethnaib tor trelL 


6765 'THinolaat deimni tcclai 

X sldagai sergi Sirecdai, 

cotolcaib nator talc, tr^n, 

doorgain iruu n-Israhel. 
6769 Dodibad tuath itroiti, 

dochrfnad uad A£fraice, 

^ MS. AAgk. 









' MS. alladaib. 
O % 

cotindnid natnath, torm tenn, 
dohindriud HiVrusal^m. 
F(>rrogellsat iarffr fecht 
noragtais itlr n-Egept, 
cobrath natargtais dfatig 
cor'airgtis Alaxandir. 
Focart d6ib Dac^fd derb drdad, 
fosropart inserb slegrtiad, 
combdtar lanaib lerggaib 
donasr&baib srebdergaib. 
Ort dib Dafad, delbda drech, 
deichxoSci derbdai troigthech, 
ocht c// c6rad carpat cruaid 
cethorcha mfli marcsluaig. 
INrf doruisat ctchx{%^ 
rf cengudsacht, cendimbrfg, 
rfahDjiiid tr^n derbdai raind 
dosrat hir^n romadmaim. 
SMag naSerda, sretha drong» 
friTdam febda faebarglonn, 
lethnaib, Itiathaib, Idardaib lac, 
trethnaib tdathaib tin61sat« 

Tin61sat deimni tedae. 


Rothrdeth natlktha diana, 
dosrat foglied comriada : 
trialonnbruth nambrfg ihbassa 
rol-lin tondgcrr diammitfa. 
Dorairchel ilar tiri 
cnaird gairbthenn fochoemr^e, 
Djitfd, ciarbo deoda doss, 
dorigni mor d'immarbos. 
Dia ror&ined* lais Hn slog 
bdi fooy^fiachtu clannm6r, 
diatoc inmndi dorimid, 
diaromarb atr^imilid. 



6805 Ddinib, dfnib, tolaib dind, 
mdinib, milib amm6nnind, 
gl^ roscacht tr/agriin, tr/acath, 
dosrat fotr^ig diatr[o]ethad. 

Rotr^^eth natiiatha dfana. 


6S09 /^R*fi4ided fob, bdtniag sc^l, 


'arim sluag mac ViAstdhi\ 

otha Ddn, fri'thola D^, 

cocUr broga £^rsabe, 
68x3 N6imis Idna, lathar Wcc, 

isoenld tesbaid difichit, 

fnriad robalcc natriath tenn 

zoXoxacht Hinisalem. 
6817 Dorigni lob dondrfg rdin 

insl6g dorim 'narl[g]d4il, 

c6ir adff t deserc D^ dil 

trichet dec d6ib dimilib. 
68a I Ocbt c// mill foroen recht 

dini nan-6entreb hd^ac, 

treb luda arffr, adfet sc^l, 

c6ic c// mfli fer fortrdn. 
68a5 lArcar^ n-draim dfb aruair, 

cosl&naib sid fri'srethbtiaid, 

r6riid ^ innia, ndall cenMn, 

torraim Dfa sldag n-Isra^l. 
6829 ' Menisb^nachad lob dn/ 

arint-ahgel t% imndr, 

* ferg D^ rofig {orizx\Mr 

cterrfg ocus phopuL' 
6833 lOb ba6g imgnfm cert, 

dondrig, dontsl6g basain[s]erc, 

othir dothfr fnbrig ihbreth, 

ondrfg dfarfm rofdided. 

Or'feidcd f6b, bdtniag sc^l. 


' There is a hook over the a. 


683 7 Tr7 ergach fris Ffadu, f(f idm n-tiag, 
JL aran-drim nam6rsldag, 
uair narbo leis asnar^ cruth 
ambfathad nar^ an-^tiud. 

6841 Bai ferg aili laDia ndil, 
lathigema don6ebnim, 
diar'ort amflid, mdt gal, 
tuc amndi iamaraarbad. 

6845 Roraid Spirut D6 friGdd 
aithesc gl^, crichid, comldn : 
' rdid fjr/D<7<^/dy nig6 gaib, 
roga d6 artribbrethaib. 

6849 < Secht ihblfadna d6 bochta biian, 
ocm gorta conaimMad, 
no tri'mis agair riacreich, 
no gri's galair trib latheib V 
[fo. 36 b. 2. J 

6853 Roraid Gdd fn Dac^/d tan, 
ciarbochrdd riamenmanrad : 
' toticfa dfgal nochath 
triath'imrddud hdiummasach.* 

6857 Corogaid Duid iarsein 
asoerad f(?randiinteib, 
digal basmaith lais fodein 
tabrad iom dia6gr^ir. 

6861 Dauid babibdu rechta 
fr/cachtimnu tarmthecbta, 
d'fis trialla deochair dochath, 
Ffadu iri% feochair, fergacb. 
Ferggach fr/s Fiadu, feidm n-uag. 


6865 T^ osnort int-angel cosn^id 
XV triachinaid diumsa Duid, 
sech(moga mfli, mor sc^l, 

» MS. tn'ablathaib. 



dodini mac n-Israh^ 

6869 Dorigni Da»id fogail 
athirgi fothromd^iaib, 
coc^tlodaib salm slechta, 
in-^tgodaib cilecda. 

6873 Ri rodet dilgud derb, dein, 
doDaM'd diam6rchintaib, 
dodeccraib agnfm clithi 
iamahettlaib athirgi. 

6877 Dod^ochaid Gad glanbda gle, 
comae n-amra n-Iesse, 
ra»-erbairt fris, fath cenchlith, 
< dena tegdais donChomdid. 

6881 ' Tdargaib alt6ir doDia dil, 
buidnib balcthoir donChomdid, 
in-^iria, cenlunni U, 
Omammdi labussi/ 

6885 Dorimiscan Dot^i'd insein 
doruirig nimi n6ebgil, 
nicheil fngnim hgl^rda hglan 
tempul sain s^gda Solman. 

6889 Mor mfli iarset roslas, 

mor c^t, m6x hdfni hdronmas, 
mor sldag rosmacht fr/sndad sel, 
nitrtiag rosnort int-ahgel. 

Rosnort int-ahgel cosn^id. 


6893 T^oroditisaig Dfa amac 
X->/ 'naagid fr/Tr/tuttacht, 
m6r d'ulc tr/abrathaib rognl 
diaathair combad athri. 

6897 Dor'in61 sliiag sleoda sneid, 
in-agaid hdeoda hDaivid, 
triabladblat feib rofirad 
cotarmart aathrfgad. 

6901 Tiiargaib cosluagaib cosreith 

' The last two letters are obscure. 

combuadaib, combrithemnib^, 

nir'drda d6 dul donchath 

iartecht corfgna aathar. 
6905 Abisol6n, srethaib sMag, 

rothin61 cath claidebruad, 

d'innarba Da»i'd cotr^n 

nabeth forcrich n-Israh^l. 
6909 GMrdin rofersat incath 

trenfir 'Dauid comorrath : 

riacruadgail nac6rad cr6n 

rotheich slog Abisol6n. 
6913 Ua[r]romebaid incath cerb 

fi^AbisoI6n slegdergg, 

among buidi, mfn adath^ 

rogiul dog^scu darach. 
6917 lOb tr^nfer derbtha treith 

toisech mfltnechta Dacad, 

donchath chr6donn rogab gromm 

atacomohg dooenbeim. 
69J1 O shunn romarbad amar 

dor'arbrad fothochomracht, 

cotarmairt ^c, basc^l tr6g, 

dochumaid Abisol6n. 
6935 Asb^ lob, basc^l treith, 

fi[a]dintsl6g m6r, friDuid: 

' ragab' bds baide fobr6n 

dochaine Abisol6n.' 
6939 lArmn rogab arfge 

DoMid con-ilur mile, 

uair dorochair leis icath 

Abisol6n sl6gbuadach, 
6933 Dilliud f47rDuid ddna 

con-immud cer^drochdila, 

Abisol6n dfandiumsaig 

rlanarian doroditisaig. 

Dorodiiisaig Dfa [a]mac. 

> MS. Ragabas. 






iat&nic Dac^i'd andess 
darlordanan, nirb'imchres, 
t&mactar 'nad&il cenl^n 
sl6ig luda, 8l6ig Israel 

6941 Rofer sl6g luda cosl&n 
fdild friDauid ndenn&r, 
baf&lti f6il, nirbothr^n, 
failti sloig mac n-Isro^l. 

6945 Rofer Sephi, gl^ssib gl6r, 
f<7rs^88ib Abisol6ii, 

[fo. 37 a. I.] 
rotrtall cath aiH fogrnm 
mac Bachaire osl^ib Effrmm. 

6949 Sephi IIU7C Bachairi braiss, 
doclainn Israel admaiss, 
rothin61 s\6g, nirb'frisidy 
d[o]chomh^irge friDuid. 

6953 Romebaid fair, nifuair din, 
rian-I6b comuintir Duid, 
corocht incathraigy c^t mbla» 
Abella Pedamacha. 

6957 Corongiuil lob ilar cath, 
nirbochioin c6ir ronarmrad, 
condessid mardltSm dardreicb 
immondtin docar^6enleith. 

6961 Bae banscal ^cnaid is'ddn 
iarfrecroib imcerAglanrdn, 
d'acallaim I6b hii 'sinchath 
doluid formtir nacathrach. 

6965 Gorelic gairm, ba gnfm n-6g, 
formac Sairb, nirbuerthr6g, 
donmtir fiadintdog immaig 
condemal lob d'acallainL 

6969 * A lob it'foimsid frtsfd, 
achoimsid for8l6g nDufd, 

nahimbeir luinni col^n 
{ormvLimim ^ mac n-IsrabA. 

6973 * Senfoccul baada, buan sc^l, 
latuatha mac n-Israhel, 
docar^^cheist chialchaid rotchni 
iarfaig inPedamachd.' 

6977 Roraid lob, ilar ddil, 

fiadintslog frisimhbansdul : 

' teilgc cenn meic Bachairi 'mach, 

nig^bthar ell nacathrach.' 

6981 Roradi inben iarsein 
comblathi, cenimresain : 
* ferr oenfer dontslog dodul 
indi inmor domudugud.' 

6985 Dorigned sain arlob 

mac Sairb frisretha soersl6g, 
cenn mctc Bachairi immach 
rolad darmilr nacathrach. 

6989 Dorumalt Damd cenchess 
ahorddan, ahairechass, 
cofargaib friSolam sl&n 
iarsin inflaithitfx (ar\in. 

6993 Samma mac Geraid coudith 
iarndebaid d6 friDuid, 
roslecht doDoi^'d cotrmt 
darlordanan diat&nic. 

Diatdnic Damd aness. 




ogab Solam, srethaib sldag, 
rfgi n-Isriz^l n-adrtiad, 
rf samlaid nifrtth sunn sel, 
et^r talmain isn6ebnenL 
7001 Con-^cnu 6g, cocnith glan, 
targcai cecAslSg siis Solman : 
bal6r f^Tggsil oscar^maig 
arorddan, arairmitein. 

MS. iarmnimmt. 



7005 £cna Solmaxiy srethaib sl6g, 
osbith bladmar inarderg6r, 
nuicsamla Solman, sith nglan^ 
nifrith dorig^b talman. 

7009 Ddarrig dec, digrais gair, 
h^d robdtar icSolmain, 
carA fisrachuaird, demin so^, 
£7rd4thuaith dec \%xah£\. 

7013 Frithalim tigi indrig 

sloig sir Solman meic Dauid, 
fritinol bid ocus chiis 
carAdib idnd car^oenmfss. 

7017 Fess ce^A n-aidchi, cenchess cain, 
tairbi tigi Solamain, 
cenlubai lergg, leri lii, 
censelgc slebi nahuisci. 

7031 Tricha xniach cniithnecht osbldi, 
\rificK\\, miach n-eornie, 
deichndaim^r^et b6, nibr^c, 
(KU5 cet molt, ba morthr^t 

7035 Ar^cnu, arordun oil, 
frifrecru fcTrgal firdrohg, 
amru brigaib, brosnaib gal, 
osrigaib rogab Solam. 

Rogab Solam, srethaib sltkg. 

rohuc hed docarA ardrfg. 
7041 yiac Daidd frilarba tr^n, 
rii mace n-amra n-Israh^, 

[fo. 37 a. 2.] 
ceng6i, cengeiss, cmntaig rath, 
Solam isleis rot»rcbad. 

ISIeiss rothurcbad oldr. 




7039 T S leis rothurcbad ol&r 

X incumtach crichid comlin, 
oflcar^ dothmaig, cocruth glan, 
tempul smith sochraid Solman. 

7033 Fdcbaid Datfid, d^de xidein, 
diamarbad icSolamain : 
lob tr^n [ ] dlomad cath 
(7atf[S]ambe mac Gerad 

7037 Solam basdi saigtis m&il 
fnToglaim &nai iml&in, 
'cpadradi nidal cenbrig, 


adrad indidaU din 
dorat Dfa digail ndermdir, 
ft^rclainn Solman, snith nasreith, 
coroscartha frideichthreib. 

7049 Sil Sohnan f(7rr6ed, r^im Xi^i, 
rodastr6eth ri rindnime, 
cenfergal, cenmiad mathit^, 
cenordan, cendrdflathius. 

7053 Viae Solman Robuam rofich 
f(7rdethreib conadligthib, 
ocus hirobuam roclos 
&rdeichtreib rogab flatheos. 

7057 Solam bdsui saigtis dmihg 
fnToglaimm n-ecnai n-eruill, 
roscar fribtiaid isfriblaid, 
ohuair adartha indidail. 

Oadrad indidail 4in« 


7061 73 1 dorat digail, deilm n-dag, 
JLV fersinrig r^il hirobuam, 
diancursaig inf&ith foleith, 
diambdi icadrad indidail. 

7065 Domarbad indfitha &in 
luid hirobuam conagr^n, 
seccais al&m, lathar ngrmn, 
immonclaideb ngarb ng^rthinn. 

7069 Diatormailt infdith inmbiad 
dartimna iiD^, baanriad, 



rf rofaed leo Idn dogail, 
iarsain cucai diaargain. 
7073 Ruri betha, brfg nadbr^c, 
rorude imgr^a glang^c, 
rochacht caxhxi fogr/in glain, 
inrf dorat indfgail 

Rf dorat digail, deilm n-dag. 


7077 T Am-^caib hirobuam rdin 

X dodeichtreib, deithbir golgair, 
in-IsTtf^l, fogl6r gal, 
robii in6r n-arracht n-fdal. 

7081 B&i m6r n-ergal ndegrach hdian, 
bdi m6r doulc, doanrfad, 
tXer d^threib, tolaib treb, 
ocus deichtreib nan-imned. 

7085 B4i d6ib fnlindriud in6r cath 
dian-indriud i8diatr6ethad, 
cer^sluaig 'mosech, fi^raig thaig, 
dogeintib isd'echtrannaib. 

7089 Bdi, badeithbir, toirsi thrtiag 
fordeichtreib ri7ifam6rsldag, 
sldag nuall nan-idal cer^threib 
imhlrobuam iam-^ib. 

lAm-^caib hirobuam rdin. 

Ifnib aclechtchlann comliiad, 
fri'gnfm hgl^ hgl^riu cerAcnith, 
irti&x riD€ dohorddugud. 
7105 IN-amsir Hele cenchol, 
conglere, cenimforddoli 
fordeichtreib conagrad gM, 
Achab dn rogab rfg^. 

Rogab rfgi, r^im n-achtach. 




T3 ogab rfgi, r^im n-achtach, 

Achab dallach imthaltach, 
croda, r(7»glandath, ^^gail, 
friandamnad, friatimmarcain. 

7097 Fritimarcain cdich forecht 
iarfinnaltaib fath firchert, 
friadrad De, tolaib gdl, 
frnnandrad n-ahgbaid n-id&l, 

7101 Frihinnarba n-echtrann n-dag, 

' MS. IHgnim o^ck cnmtaig c6ir graid ; 


13 1 dor'dargaib H^e fdith. 

gl^re crdanmaith cer^com- 
lestar Idn, cendeb n-engaig, 
inSpirta sa^r j^r^/delbaig. 

7113 Teorablia^/i^itf, buan insc^l, 
bdi tart ft^rtdaith n-Isro/^l, 
nirelic deochair Dia dil 
broen fleochaid doib donoebnim. 

71 1 7 Ann dognid H^le amra 
infirt n-aurdaircc n-adamra, 
oenmac nafedba fofeib 
dothathbeogud ah^caib. 

7121 Ort inc6ecait, bagnim glan, 
dosacarddaib nan-fdal, 
roloisc tene diblinaib 
infeoil ffadnahardrigaib. 

7135 Diabreithir baferr cerAhddil 
H^le romlene noebn&ir, 
roloisc tene trom, tuaimnech 
c/t fer f(!7rtren, f(?ruaibrech. 

7119 Rohoirdnestar, araseircc, 
H^le, Helesius airdeircc, 
firignim cumtaig c6ir etcher Ai. ^, 
combah^ doib bdpnmf&ith. 
[fo. 37 b. I.] 

7133 Dorurgabsat Hele f^th 

bat A mark {,,) is under ceck und^raid. 



sliiaig aingel nimi noebniir, 
iorntm noebda niab nemed, 
icaqiut dian dergthened. 
7137 Tuistid talman, tolaib drofig, 
bladmar frifuismiud ferdrong : 
isamni brfgaib rongaib 
R( osrfgaib doniargaib. 

Ri doniarg^b H^le faith. 


i Ruc H^Ie Qsctck r6t 
in-6enbailt coHen6c, 
he dorat rath, ruithnib rfan, 
emnaide fi>rHelessiain. 

7145 Diar'luid Helessium cenl^n 
fectas dosruth lordandn, 
luid insruth furciil, ceim cfan, 
lafiWTigaire Helessiam. 

714.J Diambrtjnach, mod f^^mlech hgle, 
insruth nemnech nemide, 
oshain cobrdth, nib^g brass, 
canidhe insruth slin somblass. 

7153 Dialuid set sSer, slan cenbrath, 
Helesitu Ian donoebrath, 
fobas martra rodasmacht 
iiun(K:rad romallachsat. 

7157 Dkrodaii D(a codkn 
derb labr^thir Helesiam, 
bagnfm tuicsi dontuaith deia, 
sniaim uisci dothalniannaib. 

7161 Ri frisindalat' intsluaig, 

rii congritdgart, conglanbu^id, 
ri tarcai cethhm, fuaim iigl^, 
morf reil rofuc Hele. 

R( rac Hele oscecArfit. 

' Written over luaid. 


5 T^iambrtinacA Helesiai lor 

J_-/ mellach fn'cobair coemslog, 

bee d'olai glannai bdi is'treib 

ronnirothallai il-lestroib. 
9 Oenmac mnd, batoirm tniagi, 

bamarb dobidc oenuaire, 

atruracht abrath, beirt pfan, 

6shuim tanic Hele sf am, 
3 Dorigni firt n-amra n-uag 

Helesius fiad inmorsluag, 

claimi Nemain doreir De 

luid' agledail fortjesse, 
7 Bafinbert Helessi lain 

oclmthecht iartfr Dathain, 

fn'nuall n-angel cenmailli 

bainsluag dolindailli '. 
I INcorp roliad, luad ngM, 

foHige 16r Heless^, 

atroracbt cencheo, gnfm * c6ir, 

ami/ bidbeo focheuSir. 
5 O shunn cdi Helessitff arcel 

etffnoebu fomoebnem, 

bafergach iri\i Dia donim 

artharmthecht daratimnaib. 
) Fedb rogdid cofobaid fiai 

acobair ftwHelessiam, 

indola gl^, gleoir corath, 

isdode6in Dd rosbmnach. 

DiambAmach Helessiur 16r. 


J "Yy i doraraic doib m6r sli3 — 

JA. fogradgr/it echtroi 

furro cohgffbgdl cherta 

> MS. doUndaille. ' MS. ba; 
[ IV. 3- 



dodfgail atarmthechta. 
7197 Ri rodatmll, tolaib drohgS 

faime ffan fortren, f<?rtromm, 

Ifn armar^, censfl n-etla, 

dodamnad am-morphectha. 
7201 Ri dosrat fogailib gail, 

fodairib, fothromdiglaib, 

fosolaig cengrad, cengloir, 

br6naig imbrait Babiloin. 
7205 Secht mfli tr^nfer fri'l6ir 

ructha imbrait ihBabil6in, 

onimnfli, m^t cachta, 

doaes car^ahintliuchta. 
7209 Deichmfli fer ferdais nual 

is^^ rombai 'sinm6r8ldag, 

cenmni, cenmacu foUi, 

cenaes hddn, ceniunachi. 
7215 Rf tarccacht bith mbladmar ihbras 

rosmacht cer^n-adbar n-amnas, 

ti congdXh iarsiraib seircc ", 

rf corigaib doraraic. 

Rf doraraic doib in6r %\uag. 

l^^l "D i 


tarlaic inlfc ochdin 
hicenn nadeilbi dontsleib, 
isint-herdomn 6g cenrig 
icscribunn coir caindligid. 
7221 Rii roscar inrfg roclos 
friarigi, friaardflatheos, 
combdi sechi [mjbliadna foleith 
zmal nacethra ic[c]omgIeith. 
[fo. 37. b. 2.] 
7225 Ri roheim ddl domuin troig 
corala dr inm6rs]oig, 
diatuc leo cenmerbe ammaig, 
cenn deOlferne 'sincathraig. 

* Written over giottn. ' Perhaps 

7229 Rf rofaed inn-ahgel n-uag, 
bagnim hdahgen fr/*himluad, 
feib imroraid, rigda sc^l, 
dochobair mjc n-lsxah/V 

7233 Dia rohort fr/saerbudid sain, 
fn6enhuair donanaimteib, 
noifichit mili, met oath, 
0CU8 coeca arcet corad. 

7237 Rf roreraig, rigda tr/all, 
iam-edaib doEzechiam : 
c6ic blia^mz ddc, dochtaid dul, 
doforcraid fprasaegul. 

7241 Ri rue ingmn cuires cdrA 
diar^im ruithess corognath, 
fri deich n-dara foracul, 
fogne buada buan brfgrun. 

724s Ahdorigni morf railh 

arsfl n-Adaim dobithmaith, 
osbith builid, bdg centreis, 
islia tuirim is aisn^is. 

7249 Formorgrmn Med ocus Vers 
Greic ocwRomain rigthess {sic), 
forhng2i betha comblait, 
f(C>rarfga rf tharlaic. 

Rf tharlaic inlic ochein. 

7253 T^ i roeim ' doib ddl tr/arath, 


cidhed aman bahingnad, 
dosfl Adaim, grjdaib cruth, 
cosmailius cosainigud. 

7257 Doalmaib airbrib fon^im, 
do^naib aidblib a^ir, 
dobfastaib bit cenblaid, 
dohiascaib snait isrothaib. 

7261 Dodechraib gotha nan-^n 
ocus acrotha comthr^n, 


' Written over Roroen, 



doberlaib cer<^mil bladmair, 

dian-ergnaib, dian-iladbaib. 
7265 Gld nihinunn seis nasmacht, 

gne, nahintliucht, na admat, 

nab^rla, naciall, nacruth, 

nahergna no horddogud. 
7269 Rf rodasgni, gnim glanna, 

ildelba nan-anmanna, 

ri congrad cenchredim cain, 

mori ran roheirn dooib. 

Ri roeirn doib ddl tr/arath. 


7373 T^ i thuc doib ilar luba 

Xv triathalmain ahimthuga, 

forberat uili immalle, 

ciatecsamla itcosmaile. 
7377 Sain ni diafognai ce^^Iuib 

dosr6sat Dia diadegthoil, 

sasait, sergait, Ifnait blait, 

fcait, bethaigait, marbait. 
7281 Ri rosfaillsig foriagail 

fmtaidbsin cer^oenblfadain, 

foligdath fr/didnad suth, 

fricrfnad, frihurugud. 
7385 Brechtrtfd cer^datha foli 

clechtmaith dosrigni int-ardri, 

dath amiaid frzcetlud hglan 

nibdi foretgud Solman. 
7289 Adamra indrig naruam rath, 

nimtha luad aran-ilar, 

adfu luibni fidbad fann 

»^ruibni rinndglan retglann. 
7393 Rf dosrergaib osbith balcc 

frzserggad, frnnforbart, 

nignath imbrue oscer^treib, 

rf congrad dofuc dooib. 

Rf tuc doib ilar luba. 




i rosder Abel centair 

dogradmiad domuin der- 
daroega, fr/suilge seirc, 
tri'ahuimle, tn'aglanedpairt 

7301 Rf rosaer fnlormach tr/ath 
Noe n6ebglan mac Lamiach, 
qcus Abram fiadcar^druhg 
dearmgrad Caldeonim. 

7305 Ri Tosdsr Loth, lathar hdil, 
dintslog, isadahingin, 
diatargbad inplig badbda, 
diatardad sdr Sodomda. 

7309 Ri rasder Isaac ochdin 
dondidpairt isi[n]dardsMib, 
diatuc int-aingel inmolt 
diambai fonchlaidiub gl^nocht. 

7313 Ri Tas<!ier lacob doaitt 
doldim Isau meicc Isaic, 
diahdechaid fothuaith combuaid 
dothig Labain meic Bathuail. 

7317 Rf Tosder fritreba t6ir 

Joseph ossar [clainne] Iac6ib, 

[fo. 38 a. I.] 
dianfarslaic Dia trialdthar 
doldmaib aderbrdthar. 

7321 Ri TO^r loseph, fo fecht, 
asincharchair in-Egept, 
combahairri oscer^clainn 
orofdaslaic ffs F<7rainn. 

7325 Ri Tosder Moisi, met rath, 
dosruth Nfl cenabddad, 
dfar'erail Dfa, derbod raind, 
forT^rmod ingin Forainn. 

7329 Ri Tosder Moise, mor sc^l, 
ocus popul n-Israh^l, 

P a 



doMuir Romuir, rigda smacht, 
isdodiglaib nan-Egept\ 

7333 Ri xo^ft segda at6ir, 
dogin Balaim mete Be6ir, 
dialuid clann Israel din 
doaittreib tfre Canndin. 

7337 Ri rosd^r, saerda [injscel, 
sluag noebda mac n-Israhdl, 
diarosfuc, ruamna cenldn, 
darsruth n-uarda n-Iordanen. 

7341 Ri Tosd^r lessu mjc Ndn 
diambai ictogail napri'mddn, 
r^asluag dichra, ddna, 
dochathaib naCannana. 

7545 Ri ran rodasder secho 
Raab dirdenaib hEricho, 
diarlegsat, duiri athbach, 
sfcA/ muir innapr/mchatrach. 

7349 Ri Tosder Oeth ' 6cda 
dochlaidiub naCiclopda, 
ocus Geodeon, gnfm hdana, 
doburba nambarbarda. 

7353 Ri Tosder Samson cenhir 
doldmaib naFilistfn, 
diar'bris dfarig roimsi rath 
pr/mdo[iJrsi namorcatrjch. 

7357 Ri rosder Susannam slain * 
diatucad isinmorddil, 
donguforgull roches cath, 
dian-erracht each diaclochad. 

7361 Ri Tosd^r Hele fdith 
ocusEnoc dn imthldith, 
fogriandaib caidib cengeis 
indiamraib blathib Parduis. 

7365 Ri TOsder Dauid alchur 
diambai aoenur isMithnib, 
diatuc incairig coglan 

' Su, Read dodlglaib nan^Egeptach ? 

agailig indleoman. 

7369 Ri xo%der Dauid ddna 
dochathaib nacombdga, 
diatuc cenn G61ai, gnfm hgiir, 
combae f(?rb^laib Saiil. 

7373 Ri xo^er Ezechiam slan 
ciarbTocus ad^dendal, 
diarohicad cosolmai 
dongalur, dondinnlobrai. 

7377 Ri xo^>der Daniel, deihn hglan, 
acuthi naleoman, 
(TowNeman, ros6e If, 
asindindlobrai grandf. 

7381 Ri xo^der Michiam, mod mblaith, 
dodium»j uaibrech Achaib, 
ocus lonas fiadcar^clainn, 
dfatanic abril bledmaill. 

7385 Ri xozder^ baleor dobuaid, 
naNinuiandai fnoenhuair, 
dia rostarmchell, mor inmairg, 
tob tened dicar^oenaird. 

7389 Ri xo^der Toba, derb de, 
diambai itroga nadaille, 
isnatrim^c cosindrath 
rodasaer is't[s]umn tened. 

7393 Ri xo^er Petur cer^cruth 
bahecgal rianabddud, 
dial-luid coCxisf, ceng6i hgle, 
diambdi forddi nafairge. 

7397 Ri xosder Pelar centair, 
bahettal in-aurgabail, 
dianforslaic angel D6 dil 
acosraib, acumrigib. 

7401 Rf xosder Eoin bai tan 

tr/anagnim ngle6ir hgldglan, 
digae gona indnemi glais 
ocus dindolai amnais. 

* Read Oythis-OvT« (Od. 9)? 



7405 Rf sl6gdil rosaer cenlen 
Maire m6rdil Magdalen, 
cenathelluch, deoda tliix, 
d'athemich in-immarbf^. 

7409 Ri saer Teclai hdiascaig ndil 
onabiastaib b^ldergaib, 
isint-aniiaLbrocht f(?mith 
bahadbalbocht dindfuatluch. 

7413 Ri Tosder Vo\ bliith aniab» 
ocus noeb nasl6g Siliem, 
batar fochircolggaib cath 
icrmchumgaib nacatrach. 

7417 Romsaera Dia trebar tr^n 
arDemun r^Txradubn^ 
[fo. 38 a. 2.] 
feib rodasaer, slicht roscar, 
cer^noeb remitrubarmar. 

7431 Ri cengieli caine imniin, 
ri conaibe osce^^noebdiiil, 
fogni carAminn, mocar^miad, 
ri narind rosier Abial. 

Ri rosier Abial centair. 



tuarcgab carMind diadulib, 
rosuidig fr/sid cerAsreith 
rf cendith docarA6enleith. 
7441 Kicheil car^ui segda slin, 
manidcloe ergna n-imlin, 
fognlat geill ce^ Acoim n-inceil 
donRig r^il ror6en remib. 

Ri ror6en romaib cenmeth. 




f R0r6en romaib cenmeth 
etch hdoraid &rcef>4oenleth, 
uair bdtar mogaid, mod hglan, 
dorig nimi ocusXzHm^XL 
7429 Ri dorat fothraig cerAtuaith 
r<7/igail, fOTigrain, ^^glanbuaid, 
conidh^ aconn, acenn, 
acathir Hiemsalem. 
7433 Rf dorat sobarthain slain 
forciniud n-amra n-Abraim, 
mor rfg, mor faithi, mor mban, 
g^nair oAbram armglan. 
7437 Ri osccr^rinn, ruathar hdil, 

' MS. 


dosntiargaib 6scerA iath 
Isaac, Iac6b, losiaph \ 

Moisi ocusltssxL f6fridi, 

Samuel deoda ocus Don/'d. 
7449 Ri rochar Heli cer^dia, 

Helesium islsaia, 

Heremiam frifeba fiss, 

Etzecbel bDanielis. 
7453 Hestra, Osse, Ohel in, 

ocus Abdias imlan, 

isMichiae, baf6 fia, 

Ambacuc is Fufifoniae. 
7457 Agiac, 2^hariae cencheist, 

athair lohm'n uasail Babtaist, 

Misaelis fiadcerAdrung 

ocus Machabeorum. 
7461 Rf d'anglib glanaib g^raib, 

ri d'arbrib fonemn^laib, 

ri corigaib, rigda afl, 

m6 rigaib, rf dosfuargaib. 

Ri dosnuargaib 6scar>^iath« 

74^5 T") i ROsaer Sarra combuaid. 


Rabecca in gin roBalhuail^ 
nadlphiair, mor am-miad, 
Lia 16r ocusRachial. 




7469 Ri dosfuargaib oscer^crfch 
Ester, Conra iHudith, 
mathri nafatha, mod ihbldith, 
ocus indAnna banfdith. 

7473 Ruiri richid, rf roscar 
huili mdthri nan-apstal, 
nadiMaire, milib tri'ath, 
mdthah loYiain Elizafiath. 

7477 Ri rodasaer oscer^threib 

zictch n-olcc, arcer A n-erbaid, 
sldag nanoebuag immasech 
lasluag namban n-athergech. 

7481 ArhDia delbda, tolaib drohg, 
arFlaith fial, febda, ioroWf 
arClf, nicloen oscer^blai, 
Ri naroen rosaer Sarrai. 

Rf rosaer Sarrai combiiaid. 




ace Zachair sainsercc int- 

glainelcc cenmbathail mbithbuaid, 
mac Eiizafeth, sid hgM, 
remthectaid rig noemnim^. 
7489 lOhain Babtaist, blaith ingein, 
baremthechtaid Cvisi coemdil, 
rosluind doMaire mormiad 
diambai imbroind Elizafiad, 
7493 Diatanic Maire, mor mfad, 
dofis seel Elizafiad, 
diaraid ria eenchaire cath 
Maire mdihaix inChoimded. 
7497 Hua lobe cenathis cinn 

dorinnscan bathis mblaith bind, 
gleoir ind6graith 6scechddil 
lohain m6rmaith mac Zachdir. 

Mac Zach^r sainsercc int- 

7501 "D ^ 


i doRaiga, ruathar hgl^, 
indflesc dochlainn lesse, 
ind6g findlem, glan agn^, 
Maire ingen Ebraid^. 

7505 INsa dosraiga och^in 
oaimsir athar Ab^il, 
baili buan cer^b^lai bind, 
Maire dag ingen lochim. 
[fo. 38 b. I.] 

7509 Rf thanic donim nerta 
diaroet chorp nddinachta, 
m6 etch mbrfg ardeseirc hdii, 
dothesargain sil Adaim. 

7513 Ri dor6sat bith ihbuidi, 
conic troig ocus tuili, 
robai nSi mis, morda re, 
imbnl na6gda Ebraide. 

7517 Ri thanic icoUa erf, 
h^ donrosat donephnf, 
donfuaslaic dochum nimi 
tri'achoimp^rt nahingini. 

7521 Huaislium rfgaib rfgda gein, 
rf rogenair imBetheil, 
dorarhgert cer^faith ochein 
gigned iflaith Ochtauein. 

7535 Diatdnic Gabriel donim, 
mor inglanmiad dondlngin, 
mor inbrig De rodasta 
doreir indrfg dosraiga. 

Ri doraiga, ruathar hgM, 



Ri ROgenair, ni bine, 
domuUuch nahlngine : 
r^il doraittni oscer^rainn, 
rian-Enair, in-ocht kallainn. 


7533 Ri diar-rocheL caia caLzen. 

class aiigel Uarchj-'i'T^el, 

sid dodoenaib oscci-^bfTdg. 

indocbail D^ iia5oem±a:b. 
7537 Rl roniithniz Tt^'-.'—A ria 

riasnadniii:b 'lucri'.c^iil. 

diaiucsaUr leo IrJ: izr 

miiT ociM mis isderzV, 
7541 Rf bai imBeiLI. t-siii bttji. 

mc reim t«ici 3>-Zz-;pr. 

diamhai inr^^^iaar oict;i:=;t r. 

diarT*on Hena^ ^-— .3--«-j.- 
7545 RJ mcaj aae» = iiro^ 

Ri rorcaair. m bine. 



r-jTj . ^ra 


cor'al: ia.-»i=. bizz:=t «.>-i.-=ib>-_i 3erl 

-:*: XL ivrtrsitrA'-i. :;-i 


1Li.=iU=.-,;,i evr ivjs 

««^c-::jie ii-ina_2- 

i-,*: A-j-ir;- L-ra ^i- 

feraiEiiir, •' •■'— ^ - v-^iiii- 

'X.-S i^. i-A.>*-.Ait -,. 

diarcbi; >:«rT o^^.-It-sa^ 

7;>= i. z-f.zAs rT^ aV)- 

=3 Ri rcc=cf:.2ciiari- 3irar *tti. 

.f^2rt*i la-a it^-V„ 

dosr^r^-'J::- ca: i^Isi-i^'- 

;v-i^t. ?■. ;■> V-.:.', 1 

ri dtra =):r omta ^i; 

i-ii-.-,i-./a t-»i.'T vijui.. 

Kfrv:L.z^ rt^ica ZC.-At 

-=>ij i. -w.^' yi.^A3. rii. 

=7 Ri rtoi-: Skc«-,& is.-_-jr. 

K-ti-r-r.; * '~v,r. 

d-.KTT -.-k i:.inra:Tn,!.-jr. 

S;3iVI i-lnjj^ V-!i.' 

rtijrr.i-n.'- v-fc- 'rf::::, 

Mt;,:a. v'.if ', v.m I-t 

arirrsrt miE. irjE-.i::ij^. 

-1,,; i. -y,-^ -^^.,,-X '^ 

.61 Ri -jTjTVi ii-Tip;!;* -a. 

-.^-.« i:::^*,: .■^-•^.'. 

fr-^rn± s^stas ir-^-.r lirjro 

^jrr^t-jr. .-, If^yji v-. 

ccnan'puai ul ^.■^-i^?:*^ 

liV, V.fT'A ^'.'..".-j-i; 

kiei ran-ist ■■;^;*. 

-^;- i. K— r; -s;.;.! Ijrt-.; 


S—T.i^::.* ii->r "jTi.-.- 

n*3r::r-. inctr.:. isrjoiv 

■:-,-:.:rt -^r...--- r-^- 

Ecf-BiiittB.i,ni: ,>j--. 

nr -j-v-i-ir c;.-.^^ 



7601 73 i 


Rob^^nach, mellach biiaid, 
na secht lestru usn' (iair, 
[fo. 38 b. 2.] 
diamboe 'sinchoiblid gil glain, 
diandema infin ihGalail. 

7605 Ri imRulaid, rfgda fecht, 

combuidin m6ir 'nachoemtecht, 
diar'hiicc inclam, comul ngM, 
bae f(?rtoeb naconair^. 

7609 Rf nithanic, tolaib drong, 
incathraig Capharaaum, 
diabrethir f<fin, feib rothdir, 
rofccad vaac inchetuir. 

7613 Rf conattail il-luing I6ir, 
in-ainbthine dein denndir, 
diar'choisc inhgaeth corbothldith, 
corabi inrianfeth robldith. 

7617 Ri rofaed drohg hdotchaid, nddb, 
'sindorcraid cenimf(vdddl, 
diar*hfcc fer fothedmaib \ra 
dogrethaib dremnaib demna. 

7621 Rf rosas nacoicmili, 

cenmotha 8l6g cechdine, 
dochoicbargenaib, mod n-4n, 
ocus donddoenbrataa 

7625 Rf rob^«nach, ferr cer^gein, 
nadAiasc, nacoicbargein, 
cotjriuaraid l^o foleith 
ddchliab ddc diafuidlechaib. 

7639 Ni dinsid tiar na tair, 
rf in-hislib, ri in-arddaib, 
adrell cer^rig immosech, 
ferr cer^rig ri rob^nach. 

Rf rob^nach, mellach biiaid. 

> MS. -mUi. 


7635 T3 i cos'tuctha dagalar 
Xv bodor (7^1/famlabar, 
immuich arb^Iaib intsliiaig 
rodashicc isindoenhuair. 

7637 Ri conattaig, tuiccsi ddil, 

deog d'uisqi^ f(7rsinmbannscdil, 
dian-ebairt fne centlais 
bii coicer innacomgnais. 

7641 Ri rohic, amra tola, 

mnai truaig dindrobur fola, 
diataraill aldm focleitb, 
finna abrothimi inn^taig. 

7645 Rf rohicc mjc nafedba 
diantuc othoraib demna, 
amra firt fiadrongaib ddl, 
diarohiccad inbaccldm. 

7649 Ri condranic f(?rsinmaig 
frideichnebur doclannaib, 
nfcian rolla fe^rdala 
comtar coema comlana. 

7653 Ri rob^wnach secht ihbargin 
la bee d'iascc, nfrbo daidbir, 
facbait secht cleib d'fuidlib de 
sloig nacetheoramfle *. 

7657 Ri rochdimchlai cruth cia c6ir 
intan luid islfab Taboir, 
diatarfaid, gldalt cenhacht (?), 
ad^acht tr/anadoenacht. 

7661 Tan bateist coicfer, gnim n-og*, 
Petar, lohain islacob, 
cohgaissi ceilli, old cass, 
Moise (^TfArHele admass. 

7665 Rf bethad buadaig, buan blad, 
cli imgr^ha gluair ili gor : : : 
nicerr fribrig buidni bla 

* Written over coir. 



ferr carArfg ri cos'tuctha. 

Rf cos'tuctha digalar. 


7669 T^ f Roirscart isroglan 

Xv tempul s6er scgda : : 
tegdais dil deoda D^ bf, 
bid teg n-amra n-auraaigthi. 

7673 Rf rothodiusaig ahuaig 
Lazair baI6r doldnbuaid, 
iama^caib, feib roclos, 
in-adnacul cethri ndenos. 

7677 Mori r^il, commit glaine, 
imnialaid muir nGalaile, 
cossaib tfrmaib, deoda gdir, 
fescur fiadnaapsAzlaib. 

7681 Ri roshfcc fiadchuirib clann 
f(?rsints^t naddmjc dal], 
dianderaa donchrlaid ch^ir 
rtTmbarosc roglan ror^iL 

7685 Ri roftic immrim n-amra 
indomnuch naglanphalma, 
diatucad d6 immasech 
indassan isint-ochech. 

7689 Rf frisin-erbairt insluag 
huili tXtr tren ociw triiag ; 
' dena am-fc triabithu sir, 
atb^nachda, ameic D^jy/d !' 

7693 ArCoimdiu gl^ n/wtaig rath 
t«rcbaid cer^gne cer^cumtach, 
cain elf cendigna, cenchacht, 
mori rigda rohirscart. 

Ri rohirscart isroglan. 

[fo. 39 a, I.] 
7^97 "D ^ dorigne triacheiU iiglain 
JLV humalloit diaapxAilaib 
india dardain, fogl6ir gle, 

riacaisc m6ir nah^sserge. 
7701 Ri rob^miar^ tuara doib 
imtroth n6na foch^t6ir, 
dian-ebairt friuu tr/arath, 

robui nech dfb 'coaglebrath. 
7705 Ri roraidi fr/u cogle 

feTgal febda firinne : 

' nech uaib tic artht^ donm^iss 

ish^ ata f(7rdrochs^is.' 
7709 lArsin dochuaid ludas ass 

r(w-ilur xhbriathar fogks, 

commaimi arfg, bagnim trait, 

archuic ungaib dec argait 
7713 Ri roraidi frm cocert 

fr/sinsl6g bdi 'nachoemthecht : 

' scailfidir intret cogl^ 

innocht immonnoegaire.* 
7717 lArsin asb^'r Pet«r bin 

ocus a^tan fiildr : 

' nf nomscarad WiCxist cain 

nifil innim notalmain.' 
7; 21 Ri roraidi athesc n-uag 

fr/Pet^r fiadinmorsluag : 

' nomdiultfa fothrf tr/achleth 

riasiu gaires incailech.' 
7725 INri rodasalt sunn sel 

fn'tinchosc, fr/forcetel, 

roraid irrsx tr/acomrad cain : 

* bid fi?rcomdal inGalaiL' 
7729 Cuaird nime imchlar betha bind, 

suairc slan fn'sretha so^rgrmn, 

gnim centathair taidbrit bi, 

morf rachain dorignu 

Ri dorigni tri'acheil nglain. 



T) * secht nimi, x( talman, 

ardruiri nan-iladbar, 
[IV. 3.] 



imrulaid etronn, fo fecht, 

irixi triTiliad^w tr/chat. 
7737 Ri dochoid fecht forfolocht 

bah^ inri tairchert torocht, 

diarochind ludas inmbrat(h) 

diambui ihglinn losofath. 
7741 Ri risfer failti osblai 

ludas tr/aphoicc mbrathemdai, 

rf cosnicad sluag *nadail, 

rf rucad in-aurgabail. 
7745 Ri rdad rofucad hicacht 

hitech cosluag nasacart, 

diarodiult Pet«r cobras 

nadrabe 'namuinteras. 
7749 Rf rodamair cerA ndigail 

fophlagaib fiaderrigaib, 

ri tarcbad fiadchuirib clann, 

rf f<?rs*tardad guforgall. 
7753 Rf dochoid iricravm cnicha 

asathoil nir'athrucha : 

ri noeb diatardad indneim, 

rf go^t 'nathoeb colagein. 
7757 Ri dochoid iarsoeralt slecht 

asadoenacht 'nad^acht : 

rf rosdilset frian-uine, 

rochainset nahilldiiile. 
7761 Tarblaihg dorcha darcar^mag : 

mairb thalman asrachtatar ; 

bath6innaig diiili D6 dil 

diar'fodluig ffal intempuO. 
7765 Rochichlaig ztch duil, deilm hglan, 

rochrithnaig nem istalam, 

muir darcri'cha rothriall techt, 

cr/de cloch ciar roscdilset. 
7769 Ri roches hicr/'aid chain 

croich darcenn clainni Adaim, 

iarsin rue creich, calma adrenn, 

cotarat Iditn darhlffern. 

7773 Ri rochuimrig Demun dub 
diani[d]comainm Lucifur : 
atat fochrithfeidm osain 
sloig hlffimn r^an-amsaib. 

7777 Ri dofuc brait hlffim uair 
apein, acrithfeidm comtruaig, 
rosuidig sldnaib foadeis 
f(?rbruigib bdnaib Parduis. 

7781 Rf doeni, tolaib caihgen, 
ri aingel, ri archa[i]ngel, 
dessid iarsin, soerda clu, 
osrigaib 'narigsuidiu. 

7785 Mori rfgfial ftvlassad, 
isflaith firian forbhassach, 
dor6ssat cer^mbrig, mod hglc, 
ferr cer^rig rf secht nime. 

Rf secht nime, rf talman. 

Conice inso corp saltroch narann \ natri- 
coicait duan. Ado haufem ^st fr»Toisi(tin) 7 
friathirgi, ocus adeich fri habneis naheisseirgi, 
conld dadoain dec arthribc6ictaib duansamlaid. 


[fo. 39 a. 2.] 

7789 T samaithrech, febda fecht, 

X aCoimdiu, domtharirothecht 
dilig dam car^cin romthe, 
aCrw/, ardotrocaire. 

7793 Ardothitacht cain hicrf, 
ardogein, amo noebri 1 
ardobathis ihbuain hifus, 
dilig dam cech n-immarbitf. 

7797 Ardochrochad colore, 
omarbaib arth*eseirge, 
tabair dam dilgud mothal, 
aritFiadu ffrlhrocar. 



7801 Ardofresgabail soer sel* 
cosinn-Athair fomoebnem ', 
feib roradis frim riatecht, 
dilaig dam motharimthecht. 

7805 Ardothitacht, d^oda ingair, 
domess f<7rslog sfl Adaim, 
arnoengreid nimi cenchlith, 
dilgiUr dam mochinaid. 

7809 Arbuidin nafdtha fir, 

ardrofig molbthach namartir, 
dilig dam czchcxn romgab, 
arfairimi nan-hilasalathar. 

7813 Archleir nan-aps/j/ ccnchol, 
arsluag nan-uag ndeiscipol, 
arcar^ noeb corath rigda, 
dilig dam momfgnima. 

7817 Axctch noebuaig osbith bras, 
arbantrocht napr/mlaichas, 
dilig dam czch cin fonim, 
arMaire n-amra n-Ingin. 

7821 Armuint/'r talman, torm hdil, 
armunt/r nimi noebgil, 
tabair dam dilgud basdech, 
domchintaib uair ' amaithrech. 

ISamaithrech, febda fecht. 


7825 XT imtha saegid f(7rDia hdron 
-L \l con-ilur mod medar nglan, 
cond2scvln arcnchid ngel, 
ruiri reb richid romchar. 
7829 Relat tr/arintriuchta (?) rdid, 
des indintliuchta din ^m, 
iarfinnalta fr/'sid sloig 
inganta m6ir morig r^il. 
7833 Retha gaissi canar lib 

cotibgaib cenbaisse blad, 
ddna cenecla nachneich, 
slana iarsreith ecna corath. 
7837 Coniarfwj duib, duraib eim, 
ni doninaib morfg rdil, 
gleod car>^cesta uair daruair, 
leor buaid diafesta doleir. 
7841 Denaid fr/artarba cenchrith, 
amra rith relaid iarsreith, 
nadibleisc linib run raith, 
tur daith f<?rcar^ceist foleith. 
7845 Cia 'cata, iarngl6 doleir, 
ddla De diareir rothiiir, 
ciam^t naree, reim n-uag, 
robui inrl mad riacachdiiil. 
7849 Cia dorat comairli coir 

cenbrfg riibroin dondrig hiruin, 
nasiu nobeth bith ochein, 
siu dogneth rf reil cachhduil. 
7853 Si[u]dognetis aihgil uais 

artuais cer^caihgil iars^is, 
siu nobetis moini arbes 
nagr^ nadoine fondeis. 
7857 Nariched natalam tir, 

namuir mil met magar muad, 
no nar^diiil glanglanna cdl 
nem ndl no anmanna iiag. 
7861 Cia rochuimnig domrig rain 
cengrain cordascuibdig fein, 
etch duil derb fnsoerbuaid slain 
rosdelb fnbenuair diardir. 
7865 Cia adbar adbal infess 

diacess inbith bladmar brass, 
incuman lib arcar^n-ai 
ciabunad diambai inmass ? 
7869 Heisse rotheipi etch hduil 

* Written over iomtm. 

* Written over -chel + cceXum, 

Written over -isam. 




iarruin rosleice^ diar^ir, 
inrf doruasat cer^cri, 
int-uasabb rogni ingrain. 
7873 Cia rolin dosilaib bith 

dolubaib Ifgaib cenchleith, 
cia rodelb friathuil andath, 
ciarath forca^Aluib foleith ? 
7877 Cia rosdechraig innacr/', 

cia rosgni iarcechraig gleo, 
cia cruthaig glanglanna clii 
nadu nar^n-anmanna beo ? 
7881 Bunad anman lib ingle 

re'^fgaib gne glanbda col-lf, 
ciacinn cenbaegul riahgein, 
saegul sein cer^duini bf ? 
7885 Cia 'cata indarim dag 

fil ftTTsluag sil Adaim din, 
[fo. 39 b. I.] 
cia 'coata, cenddnim duib, 
drim hguir ganim cec Atraig ? 
7889 (3nchetna duini robili, 
etir fer ismndi col-lf, 
fwdomun d^rgidach D^ 
gle cosndedinach atchf. 
7893 Crfcha aicgein airm itdt, 

aicbeil imrat, rfgda inset, 
cose nirosfoillsig mori 
doneoch icrf riana^c. 
7897 Cid canat tonna, toirm tr^n, 
cennar^Mn lonna fri't6ir, 
f<?«gaibet gala, crech figiir, 
car^Ieth darmtir mara m6ir ? 
7901 Can tic tuili trethan tuaircc 

lethan cuairdd fobetha barcc, 
cialeth fondomun rothdig 
intan astrrfig forcar^tracht ? 

7905 Cialfn nasluag, srethaib drohg, 

dosceil tonn muad mara mind, 
ceti arbair trebait ann 

dondleith tall dontalmain tinn ? 
7909 Fillit angliini cognath 

cerAtrjth cennar AhdiSiri dr^il, 
molad marcharait coh6g 
canait ce^/^slog dondrig rdil. 
7913 Cid roleth bith, brigach cuaird, 
cid dogni suairc sirach set, 
isindaidchi fr/riad reb, 
oc«x gr/an gel cidimthet ? 
7917 Oc2tf esca cid dodfeim 

tan doceil nar^hgesca nglan, 
cid dogni cithu gaeth cain, 
cid narAgaim tr/abithu sam ? 
7931 Cialin naretlann adrann 

mod mall friarim oscer^ dind, 
rethait rithrosc iarsetsain, 
cidcotasgaib na sechtnxA ? 
7925 Cia de ismo messar r(?mbuaid 
infail uaib rofessad iarfir ? 
aer alad, ilar neil, 

n6 intalam tren trebach tf r ? 
7929 Cia de islethiu domun dur 

no isdoimniu amiir, monur muad, 
ciaso baili ata incrjnn 
lethas barr daraer n-dar ?* 
7933 Cid 'mifoilngi torann tren 

cenlen lin abarann mbuan, 
argair cer^n-ah^l athrial 
sair, siar, isinaher n-uar ? 
7937 Cia cr/athras usr^ n-an, n-uais, 

iarluais {orzzjch n-iathmass n-^is, 
cia roalt crotha dogr^ 
dorat bes fi^rsrotha s^is ? 

' Written over rosttippt. 

■ Written over ndag. 



7941 Cairm itat adbai nahgaeth 

baeth balnai imrdt fric^Lch- 
ifabruach ? 
neoil indaeoir, noithech bes, 
cid doib dogr^ bid f(^luad ? 
7945 Cialin nangaeth carait nual ? 

ciabrig buan canait friimluad ? 
ciadechair fail dararath ? 
ciadath ata f(?rcar^gaeth ? 
7949 Congili cinnas atat 

na sechi nimi noebda cuaird ? 
cid dosgni fostaib cenbet ? 
ciamet fil 'nasostaib suairc ? 
7953 Cia 'coata iomus inchlair 
richid rain fr/Torus fir ? 
cia doroemadair ochein 
diareir coemchathir indRig ? 
7957 Cade Ifn atheglaig lib 

rosdedlaig Dia dil diathreib, 
indfir rodelb beiha brig 
indrig robdi rianagein ? 
7961 Tuirmid tri'ariagla, rdt reil, 

ciain^t bliad^n cobrath mbilan, 
tuirid lib tr/abescna brfg 
ciahaes esca forsindldan. 
7965 Can dodechamar ille 

forbith ch^ chetarchair gle, 
infitir fc^rcialbann eld 
ciadd cosatiagam d^ ? 
7969 Acht arhDia, derb centair, 

rondelb riandail domuin diiir, 
'coarflaith cenguasacht, cencrich, 
'coarrig donRuasat ce^^hduil ? 
7973 Cia rogni etch n-uili n-uag 
lethan luad fri'buidi mbrfg, 
cu:hi monoebrf donim ndl 
arn-oenDia trdn, ishd arndil. 
7977 IS he doruasat cer^ret 

cenbet, am-uasabb, nadbrec, 
rf rosmacht f(!7raessu ec 

iarset rochacht gaessu Gr/c. 
7981 Cometaid cenecla agdis 

ecna cenbaes oibind bes, 
doneoch dorucai morf 
bee dofucaid ni diagr/s. 
7985 Tairinnid iormhrix^ir m6ir, 
atibtroig treithfir fondrfg, 
[fo. 39 b. a.] 
ennga huimli duib lagiis, 
nabid iorbkv& nofribrig. 
7989 Nabagaid ahecnu uag 

nual cenecla crabuid giiir, 
lib niderb osbetha brfg 

retha indrfg rodelb car^nddil. 
7993 Truag f(!?rmbith fodorchaib trel 
f(9rfeb fothomthaib D^ dil, 
ingnassaib garbdai cer^cin 
nidatglain f^m-adbai hil. 
7997 Hili huili ddili Dd, 

dili dniini dreim asmd, 
iarnacdintuistin foleith, 

coemthuicsin car^neich nimtha. 
Boo I Ni hetroigim rdna Dd, 

gle nisteclaigim fri'mla, 
firthuicsi rig bethad bf, 

anhed beo hicri nimtha. ^xmika, 
8005 Ni naderna sen nasdi 

nadrdi nisderbai bamd, 
ciapsat guir fncrjbud hgl^ 

tdir f<?rdalaib Dd nimtha. ^imiha, 
8009 ISme Oeng«f c^le Dd, 

coemdos gle clere fodchna, 
diathuicthib deimnib De 

tuicsin iorosichiii nimtha. l^imiha, 
8013 Morf corunib, cain eld, 



car^du diaduilib ata osbith, 
balcc bladmar [ ] fr/mre 
ar^/adrad frimre nimtha. ^xmiha. 

Deichduan naheisseirge inso. 



acoiR docar^cristaide ; 
cianochiad car^thratha, 
huamun domnaig tr/staide 
sechtTCinXvi rialathi mbratha. 
8021 Biaid fog</r fenedach 

r(?«gairib grtfndaib garbaib, 
isindomnuch dedenach 
rian-eisseirge domarbaib. 
8025 Ticfa nel derg teinntide 
atudisciurd nime ninaig, 
grjnna, g^r, garb, geintide, 
lethfaid dartalmain tinaig. 
8029 Ticfa fleochud fuilide 

asindnful dorcha dogor, 
tniag deochair diarcuiribne 
linfaid inn-huili hdomon. 
8033 IMtrjth terta tinscanat * 
frossa f^gfola fomnaig, 
niurcca, niimscarat, 

coti leth lathi indomnaig. 
8037 Ticfat luaichthi lasracha, 
ticfat toirae centola, 
ticfat cruaidi casracha*, 
ticfat froslacha fola. 
8041 O leuth lathi lanaide 

cotrath nona nicletha, 
fleochud fola falaide 

fochetheora ardda inbetha. 
8045 Tomadmann tuath talmanna, 
cretha granna isglorae, 
inmuir colin anmanna 

' MS. tinscanait. 

tet daramuru mora. 
8049 Mairg cer^n-oen 'nafnthele 
nar^foichlidar cofooil, 
uamun brdtha bithf(61e 
ciadogneimmis bacooir. 

Bac6ir docar^ cr/staide. 

8053 T sindlathiu tdnaissi 

X dia-luain luaidfit^r arbair, 
nidatairdi aniussa 
cr/lhnaigfid nem imthalmain. 
8057 Tonna saile s^taigfit 
fr/'snahairera ardda, 
biasta bledmaill beccaichfit, 
fochichret gaire garga. 
8061 Guba gr jnne golgaire, 

cui cencheol, garg ahgretha, 
cenaine, cenf(7mgaire, 
fochethri ardda inbetha. 
8065 Bethu bronach belgaide, 
censid, censldine suba, 
drohg togach condedgaire 
iarhdith f<!?rtrdgaib duba. 
8069 Truaga dini domblassa, 

bergga conbenfat bassa, 
nisuan sidi somblassa, 
lergga conlfnfat lassa. 
8073 Ferad car^ aneimele 

friDia, din asda[i]thiu, 
friar Coimdid cohgelfele, 
ararsoerad 'sindlaithiu. 
ISsindlaithiu tdnaise. 


intres laithiu laindcrda 
dia-mairt 'roi^tuairc amura 
arCoimdiu c6ir caindelbda 

' MS. cosracha. 




timmairgGd cuaird adula 
[fo. 40 a. I.] 
8081 Legfl[ait) fothai fudomnai 

domuin dein, d£I asderbu, 
cretbfait clocba cnithamrai, 
fosceraitar fnandelbu. 
S0S5 DIuma dergga teinCide, 

niseol seim, nisuairc soraid ', 
gura, cerpa, geinnlide, 

fochichret cuaird indomuin. 
8089 Turcgeba snith sroibtened 
ahuillib talman toebaig, 
cumgeba cnitfa croithfider 
forbrujnnib betha broenaig. 
8093 Bidoenbreo bith brainechda 
otbathurcbail cofuined, 
linraid cloencheo cairechda 
ctchnnd reil corian ruided. 
8097 Ri cosaidbrib slanchaingen, 
dORiSsat grdne goho : 
con-arbrib aarcha[i]ngel, 
ronsoera 'sintressl6ho ! 

'Sintreslathiu lainnerda. 

8iei ' O inchethramad lithlathiu 
kJ cetaine, cetaib omun, 
ticfe athach ^caine, 

croilhfaid inn-huili ndomun. 
810S Turcgeba inmuir mormofigach 
othalmain, tolaib tine, 
cumgeba agMh glorglonnach, 
coroa niulu nime. 
S109 Nuall nambledmall mbeccedach 
nambiasta ihbdiderg mbirarA, 
sluaig nasedlang setfada^^ 
{oniairaolU tfrimm tiiuch. 

3 Dofuit sfs arithisi 

trethan tromm, toromm n-adbal, 
cortmchkss afithissi 

cid teite fothuinn talman. 
7 Tic tathellach tathldgud 
congniihaib fiadnastogaib, 
athemich fn'aathniigud 
combi 'nachrichaib coraib. 
I Gaetha galacha gera, 
ginmara, cetaib ah^l, 
combruet naSdbada, 
comberat leo 'sinn-aWr. 
5 lAlla ainble, engacha, 

imriadat cech n-ialh n-allmar, 
diana, daingne, dedgarcha, 
diallait forbiad intalman. 
9 Ticfait airdc inganta, 

casr^ craaidi, cru gmnna : 
sil n-Adaim a[t]limmar[a, 
Irdaga cechdu andala. 
.3 Atb«ra insluag sirecbta^A 
sil n-Adaim sernait srethu, 
an-athesc truag, dfnertairA : 
' ferr diSn bas indabethu.' 
7 Bresma btiana bruthacha, 
grrtha grainne rowgairgge, 
sreba srliama smthacha, 
consceraitw frifairge. 
.1 Fillfidir nem, nassad glan, 
afudomnaib aadbair, 
cinnfidir agnas adbal 

comb[r]uifider frj'talmain. 

,5 Mac mor Maire Ingine 

rons6era laprimmaithiu, 

arcaf^n-olcc n-6g n-indlide 

'sinchethramad lithlaithiu. 





8*49 /"^oiced laithe Ifgaide 

VwX dia-dardain, tolaib tine, 
ticfet toime dfglaidi 
consc^rtar renna nime. 
8153 Nicheil car^duil delgnaide 
timmarta condattnlaga, 
domun duR condedgaire 
roscar friabriga buana. 
8157 Beti dorchai tri'amannai, 
betit adhuatha adbail, 
srebai solmai sfabardai 
linfait 6nim cotalmain. 
8 161 Toethsat ruibni r^tlannai 
sis asostaib asesta; 
nisfoelsat atetbannai, 

fj^rmuchthair grian isesca. 
8165 Coe granna ocus golgaire, 
duba dian ocus toirse, 
cenaine, cenfc^rhgaire, 
censfd, censuba soillse. 
8169 Sruama serba, seimlide, 

fochasrachaib dosfemed, 
muada merda meirblige, 
isnalasrachaib tened. 
8173 Dia deoda doroegasa 
tarcai turn condaithe, 
marcar^noeb romsoerasa 

archuni inchoiced 14ithe. Coiced, 


[fo. 40 a. I.] 
8177 Q^essed lathi lordata 

«^ dia-haine, tolaib tuile, 
doberthar inmormartra 
ann iorsiX Adaim huile. 
818 1 Nich^lat ind^cnaide, 

leir adfiadat iarsrethaib, 
atbdlat ec etlaide 

cachmil beo roblais bethaid. 
8185 Bidbronar^, bidbrainechda, 

cruachda focherdaib casrach : 
nibaglorach groigechda 
luarda colerggaib lasrach. 
8189 Oslaicfitir coemdoirsi 

richid ranmair cenbine, 
domun ^(^nachoemsoillsi 
fertuigthir arbair nime. 
8193 Nanoeb isindnoebaingil 

isindlassair Maith lethain, 
atsoer imcar^coemcha[i]hgein 
zxnal iasc bis hitrethain. 
8197 lArhdul acrf chaihgnide 

coCrw/ caid fordoi dessel, 
bithoentu achaiblide 

cengoi madchi» rosessed. 
Sess^e/ lathi lordata. 




ia-sathaimn nasechtmaine 
bfaid inbith focr/thur, 
firfid gr^pbainn gergaile, 
zmal choire forfichud. 
8205 Fochicher achruadchasra 
iarfeirg diagalaib glethib, 
luadfit lergga luathlasra, 
sinfit suas osnasl^bib. 
8209 Sergfait srotha serblomma 
iarsrethaib siabrai sirfecht, 
centuili, cenderbthonna, 
cenrethaib riaglai rigrecht 
8213 Roinnfitir tr/'athomthaigi 
sithbe nasMbi slemun, 
cloifitir tr/'achomchaire, 
menmaigfitir codremun. 




8a 1 7 Cocl6efet nahaicneda 

cechddla, deilm asamru, 
s6efeit nabiat attreba 
et^rbeohu ocus marbdu. 
8231 Ardrf richid rinnnime 

Cm/ caid conic ca^^ngr jphainn, 
ronfaema ardinnbile 

coronsaera dfa-sathaimn. 

Dfa-sathairnn nasechtmaine. 

8325 T 1-ldithiu naldnchangen 

X domnaig tadban diarndoidhgib, 
ticfait airbri archangel 

dochum talman IfarCoimdid. 
8339 Cp«gera int-archa[i]ngel 

gairm gluair^ 6scriaid cer^duine, 
fcTTsil n-Adaim n-ardaihgen 
con-h^irset hili huile. 
8333 ISsinchetna eisseirge 

riacdch foguth indaihgil, 
apstail conaseiselbe 

coCxisi cenchrad diaca[i]hgin. ' 
8337 'Sindeisseirgi thanaisi 

atressat fdthe inbetha : 
foismedaig nisfailgaisi 
dontress ess^rgi ingMha. 
8341 'Sinchethramaid essergi 

atreisset martir thalman, 
isincoiced eisseirgi 

huilidettu noeb n-arbar. 
8345 ISint[s]ess^(/ eisseirgi 

heirgit othalmain ta[i]sced 
aes 6%ey aes athirge, 
nanoidin iamambaisted. 
8349 ISsintsec[t]maid eisseirgi 

atroig car^oen coanmain, 

* Written over cruaid. 

atenid, atrommthuilib, 
amuir, atir, atalmain. 
8353 Tinolat drong t6ebadbal 

dochum ddla tr/acnlhfeidm, 
muint^ nimi noebarbar, 
muint^ thalman iss iffeimn. 
8357 IS fossud afledugud 
linib anduis andile, 
asossud, asrethugud, 

fiadgnuis r^il rig secht nime. 
8261 Na secht nime noebnara 
fillfitir fodlaib fuiled, 
gebaid tene toebdana 
otha thurcbail cofuined. 
8365 Forhinnaib nalasrasin 

seiss intsludig innasrethaib, 
osdindaib nacasrasin 
r(7/»buaid fobrdtha brethaib. 
8269 ^^^ ^^^ robdadach 

conidfoidreich doib huile, 
^(T/iachroich deirg doddalaig 
fjr/aaiss fiadgndis cer^duine. 
[fo. 40 b. I.] 
8273 Seiss isuidiu amiadamla 

Mac De Athar centimme, 
innachuiriu gr/anamra, 
addapstal dec imme. 
8277 Mac nahOge ebraide 

dor6sait sl6gu hisa[i]thiu, 
din artr6ge delgnaide 
diarndftin isindlaithiu. 

Il-ldthiu naldnchaingen. 

8381 T Ndomnuch nacomddla 

X iam-eisseirge co[n]dremna ', 
nibaceim soer sograda, 

' MS. dremona, with dot over u. 

[ IV. 3- 1 



tecait druing duba demna. 
8385 Tuir nan-arbar n-iffernna 
cendil acarcraib comul, 
fogarbdath acrithfedma 
linfait inhuili hdomun. 
8289 Dofoethsat nahfdala, 

dee duib nahgeinte cuilech : 
nisfoelsat angnfmrada 

dobith fiadgndis indRuirech. 
839.^ Ruibni ruada richessa, 

tene derg troethas duisse, 
duilgi trdaga tr/chessa, 
con-ilur fergg fr/*ahgni^e. 
8297 G>ngluaisfi fonn fudomna 

domuin dein, ddl condubai, 
artuaisfi ^(^/tdodomnai, 
cenbuaid, cenbrig, cenbrugai. 
8301 Coe granna ocus glammairecht 
condith cenchoimsi hgmha, 
cencenpsa, censadailecht, 
censfd frisoillsi sretha. 
8305 Sreba siabra saraigtfr 

snimaig forhinn nalasra, 
cretha ciara granaigt^r 
gnimaig [orcvaxi nacasra. 
8309 Guidem fr/sinmorchoimdid 
incer^ huair arcomrdda, 
arsoerad diartr6gdoidhgib 
indomnuch nacomddla. 

INdomnuch nacomddla. 


^313 T l-Iathiu indluain lainnerda 
X bratha fr/shdalat pfana, 
ferfait arbair aihgelda 
catha fridemna dfana. 
8317 Troethfaidir drohg dergnaide 
tr/adremnu tolaib guba : 

rian-angliu cent^rbaide 
mebais f(?rdemnu duba. 
8321 Conat6isiuch dolbaide 
Lucifer l^om asdiiru, 
in-Iffem ogolgaire 
fochichritar forcdiu. 
8325 lArsin b^rtair firbretha 

ffadgndis De f(?rclainn Adaim, 
scertair iarnahgnfmgr^th(a), 
dechraigfit^r 'nanddlaib. 
8329 Dlomthar lat drohg demnachda 
ipfanaib daraib Ifi&m, 
peccthaig censil hderbgarta, 

fochiabraib cruadaib cr/thfeidm. 
8333 Cer^firian foglangeltad 

fi?rdeiss D^ bi, buan bithfeidm ; 
fodimiad cer^anrechtar^, 

forlaim cli dochum n-Iffeiran. 
8337 INdf(?rmdig, mgdbrethaig, 
inchosnamaig, inchuilig, 
indniid, inderetecdaig, 
ingeint, ingalaig guinig. 
8341 INmeirlig, indadaltraig, 
ingoaig gloraib guba, 
in[t]santaig, indiumi^fsaig, 
indeithchich linib luga. 
8345 INdferggaig, indetradaig, 

induinoirgnid r(7;idremnai, 
aes ecnaigf aes athchossain, 
aes indindlaig nosdedlai. 
8349 IT he sin inpr/'mpeccthaig 
artrebat hlffemn hdarach, 
tiagait cenni d'ffrettlaib 

laDemun hdremun trdagach. 
8353 Dochum pene suthaine 
icarcair guires grithu, 
iatsom nipdat duthaine 
icafiilahg triabithu. 



8357 Bethu br6nach bithloirsech 
ftu, dochtai iarsetaib, 
cuairt gl6rach, niclithchoimmsech, 
uacht, gorta, cnth fcvdetaib. 
8361 Dia dil, tuistid dftnidi 

nanddla ndelbda ndegrach, 
ronsoera argliphiti 

[najhdemna in-Iffumn engach. 
8365 INdnoib isindffrianaig 

doreir indAthar nemda, 
f(?figerdar cendfmiada^ 
dochum flatha sechtedma. 
[fo. 40 b. 2.] 
8369 Nassad side sirdidde, 

amru cechnduis cenchithu, 
imcaissiu naTrm6ite 

ognuis dognuis tr/abithu. 
8373 Bith isdmaib sonmige 

iarmbas cendomgnas ndangen, 

'nandalaib cendonmige 
dogr^ hicomgnais ahgel. 
8377 Cenchrini, cengalara, 

censnfm, censaethar snfid, 
cenoccur«j cotulta, 

cenaurchra broitt nabfid. 
8381 Bith isoere sirsoillsi, 

classa caine, ceoil gelbda, 
innoebi censirthoirsi, 

cenhass, cendes, cenerchra. 
8385 Adroillemm, adaittrebam 

oentaid aihgel cer^tratha, 
liarCoimdid cocaitchennam 
iarmbuaid abrethaib brdtha. 
8389 Adfiadat ind^cnaide, 

doreir narfagla asm6o, 
imriadat coh^ttlaide 
mill bliadna 'sindl6o. 

Il-lathiu indluain lainerda. 

FiNiT, amen finit . ago D^o gratias. Feil Maire hifogomur indiu. 

' MS. diamiada, with dot over first a. 

B 2 



3- '<it.-. 

i-'—' V 

*. '-iT- 

•% « ^''^r: 


■*•'--, ' 


* - - - i.* -J- -1. ^ 




4735. So airdirc sc^l, 512 1 ; airdlrc i4d, 

airer, a territory \ sg. dat. airiur, 2677 ; ace. 

pi. -a, 8058. 
airerda, plecuant^ iia (airear .1. aoibhinn, 

airet, space ^ 2531. 
airniul, 843. 
air-phortach, air-fortach, ir-fortach, irpd- 

frvXoy, portico^ 'vestibule (?), 393, 406, 412; 

sg. gen. -aig, -aich, 392, 404 ; ace. -ach, 

396 ; pi. n. -aig, -oich, 385, 389 ; gen. 

-ach, 398,414- 
airrf, viceroy^ governor^ 34^4> 35^5 5 gen. 

airrfg, 3507 ; dat. 3542, 3550, 3564, 3610, 

3728, 4034; ace. 3456, 3534; voc. aim, 

3573> 3582, 3598. 
SLirrigef governorship, 3372. 
aislingthecb, dreamer, 31 12. 
ait, 5455 ; do aitt, 7313 (the ordinary mean- 
ing, place, will not do here), 
dith cen 16n, keen <without hurt, a cheville, 

aithbi derrit, 1495. 
aithmeis, loaa ; ace. of aithmes, aithmheas 

.i. traghadh, ebbing, O'Dav. 55, O'Cl. 
al, gen. pi. 42. 

diaib, adj. delightful, 4927. Cf. Fel. Sep. 3. 
alehur (leg. allchur?), 7365. 
all,^^<j/,0*Gl. Compounds: all-glan,i656; 

all-mar, 58, 2566, 6442, 8126. 
allod, dat. pi. -aib, 6762 ; perhaps alladh .i. 

oirdhearcas, O'Cl. 
alt, 4231, seems O'Davoren's alt .i. tech. 

Compounds cloth-alt, 463 : Conn-alt .i. 

teach Cuinn, O'Cl. 
am, twben}, am-rubart, 1869; am-rorfus, 

aman, 7254. 

imarc, 6102 (amharc .i. \ocht,/ault, 0*C1.). 
ambreit, 5372, barren, sterile, 
amI6s, 1039, 3470. 
ammail (nammail ?), 5558. 

ammodair(?), 6761. 

am-nert, <weakness, 1750. 

amrai rid, wonderful speech, 4233, a che- 
ville. So amra tola, 7641. 

an-aeb, ugliness, 18 ; hence the adj. an- 
aebda, Jr. Texte, p. 271. 

anaimthis (?), 2278. 

an-bil, twicked, 4718. 

an-bhuais, voc. sg. 1742. 

an-dind, 3334. 

an-he6il, 3188; cf. a tir ane6il, out qf a 
hostile (?) land, Cogad G. 54. 

an-hettail, 950, impure, impenitent (i) ; cf. 
anetal, 0*Don. Supp. 

anfabrocht, 741 1 = anfobracht, Corm. ; an- 
bhobhracht, O'Cl. 

an-foros (an-for-fos ?), dat. 1634. 

an-fost, 5702. 

an-fosta, 1734. 

ahgbaid, wicked, 15 12, 5484, 6138. 

an-gluais, 118. 

an-recht, unright, evil, 1660. 

an-rechtach, unrighteous, 8335. 

an-rfad, 878, 4462^ 6232, 7070, 7082. 

an-rfan, 5394. 

an-se61, 4882. 

an-uimle, 1752 ; the abstract noun from 

an-humal, unhumble, 3206. 

apad, a warning, 3284. 

AquaLiT ^ Aquarius, 217, 233. 

ar, 1482, for dar, we are}* 

ir, rfgi ^ir, 5421. 

arann, for erunn, pro nobis, 4i74» 

ar-ehfu, I look at, v^cas; ar-dos-c6, 4165 ;, LU. i2o» ; nim-aircecha- 
sa, LU. 74*>; Rev. Celt. i. 46, ii. 490. 

arco-fuin, 2081 : see Cormac Tr. p. a. 

ard, high, in compounds: -aitt, 178 ; -bile, 
4267; -daingen, 8231; -flathius, 650a, 
705a; -flatheos, 7aaa; -grain, 4a55; 
-ruiri, 829, 1077 ; -slfab, 7310. 

arg, 4757. 
argra, 5459. 




Ariet, Aries^ a 17, 237' 

arim nglain, 7583. 

arlassair, aUocutus est, 379 1> 479' > c^« ^^ 

arlasair Loegaire, LU. 11 4*. 
arm, weapon. Compounds: -dos, 1030; 

-gal, 634a; -glan, 6486, 7436; -grad 

(leg. -rad?), 7304; -rad, 6958; -rath, 

6315. Hence armacht, 600a. 
arrodis (?), 4470. 
ar-trebaim, I inhabit, 8350. 
ar-t6aisim, 3539, 8399: cf. F61ire Ep. 374. 
asaimdil (?), 1147. 
as-oslaicim, I open ivide, 4801. 
assa, whose is, 4485. 
atmaim, / confess ; atamar, deponent pret. 

sg. 3, 1406. 
atar-fail, we are, 3761. Cf. ar, supra, and 

co-ro-r, dar, infra. 
*atbadim (♦atbidim ?), redupl. perf. sg. 3 ; 

atroebaid, 3997. 
atcha, 4753. 
ateoch, I beseech, pres. conj. pi. 3, ettgat, 

710, perf. sg. I ; atethach, 817. 
athacb, 8103, a blast}', athach gaolthe .i. 

sidean gaoithe, O'Cl. 
athbach, 473, 4683, 7347 ; sg. gen., athbaig, 

5055; athfaig, 431, may mean attack 

(atbbhach .i. ionnsaighidh, O'CL). 
ath-chom-arc, 408 ; pi. n. -aire, 461, seems 

to mean bulwark, Cf. the words cited 

in Curtius, G. £. No. 7, and arc .i. dind, 

H. 3. 17. p. 131^. 
ath-chossan, contention, 8347. 
athelluch, 7407 ; perh.=aitheallach .i. ath- 

suidhiughadh, 0*C1. 
athergecb, repentant, 7480. 
ath-rf, an ex-king, a deposed king, 6896. 
ath-rfgad, to dethrone, 6900. 
athrucha, 7754, he changed; athrughadh, 

0*C1. ; s. V. cumsgughadh. 
ath-sirgud, to re-outrage, 1546. 
z\Sb,ye are, 7986. 
ittaig 6aig (?), 5195. 

aurdaig, 1087, 5337, 6757; irdaig, 4191. 

aurgnaide, 4363. 

aurraind, 4917 « urrainn, O'Don. Supp. 


bacdn, a hinge, peg, 4395. O'Dav. s.v. 

bacc-1^, a lame-handed person, 7648 ; dl 

bac-laim, Laws i. 134. Hence 0*R.'s 

badb, comp. badb-rann, battlefield}, 5400. 
badbda, warlike, 1904, 4763, 7307. 
bdeg, 531 1. 
hi^ih, foolish, lustful, Comp. -b^t, 3450; 

-brfathar, 3186 ; -brfathrach, 4786. 
b^ethigim, I befool, 1330, 1734. 
b^ethrach, 1445. 
bdg, fght, in chevilles : b. cen ail, 3505 ; b. 

b. cen treis, 7347 ; b. amne, 6307. 
bai, good, profit (W. budd), 6353. 
baigtbi treith, 3499. 
bainn, 3559, 3391. 
bat, 6485; b. immarbois, 1438; monuar 

b., 1435. 
bale, strong, 3991. Compounds: -bethraid, 

6391 ; -thor, 6883. 
ballda, 1903, 4978. 
balnae, odorous, 3813, 7943. 
banamail, womanish, 1336. 
ban-b6aid, 61 18. 
ban-^ith, ^ro^i&^^'j J, 7473. 
bdn-gleo (lit. a white fight), a bloodless 

battle, 3038. 
banna, active ?, 119 5, 1336. 
b^nugud, 6355. 
bar, infixed pers. pron. of pi. 3 ; na-bar- 

sflaid, 361 1 ; ni-bar-torbae, 3635. 
barann, 7934 ; .1. b6im, a blow, O'Cl. 
bare, fo betha b., 3819, 7903 ; os betha b., 

bargena remrair, panes propositionis, shew" 

bread, 6173. 
bsLVr-gUs, greentopped, 975, 1033. 



bisaim, / kill^ ron-b^ bath, 4059. 

bassa, pL gen. 6795. 

bate, ro-das-bate, 5379. 

batbail, 7486. 

b^> 5974> ^0^5; .1. bean, <woman, 0*C1. 

b6ccaigim, 8059. 

b^ccedach, 8109. 

becht, opinion f feelings itUa, 2305, 3157, 

3169, 4975, 7541. 
b6im forais, 6^6S=sc6\m forais, q.v. (blim, 

.i. c^im ^rjfjM, Jtepf 0*C1.) ; beim foris,Wb. 

38»; b^im forois, Sg. 138*. 7. 
beirt, 3381, 7 171; perhaps also glan ab- 

beirt, 5371. 
b61, i^f mouth ( = x'*^<>Oi comp. -derg, 

893, 7410, 8110; -tr6ag, 3890. 
b^lgaide, 8065. 
beothach, aiivef 38. 
I. berg, adj. 897. 
3. berg, pi. bergga, 8070. 
bert, a birtbi 1897. 
b^t, 3538 =b^d .i. gniomh, deed^ 0*C1. 
bethaigim« I quicken, feed, 7280. 
bethra, sg. gen., 3991. 
bethrach, 977, watery} from beathra .i. 

uisge, O'Cl. 
bethraid, 6391. 

bfast»bestia, in 3934 seems to mean louje, 
bf = Lat. pix, sg. dat. bii, 3446. 
bfim, / twound; nom-bffad, 5813 ; bhfas .1. 

gonfas, O'Cl.; cp. bfth .1. guin, O'Cl. The 

pret. of benim is formed from the root 

of this verb, 
bil, 1783, 3395, 6309; Xmsdth,good, 0*C1. 

See an-bil. 

bin, 3379, 5791. 

bine, crime, 509, 630, 3936, 3786, 5877, 

7539, 8190. 
bith*, a prefix ; -blaith, 984,5814; -boch- 

tae, 953; -chardess, 6048; -chommaid, 

6708 ; -fognam, 5383 ; -diless, 3793 ; 

•doera, 3344 ; -feidm, 8334; -fele, 8051 ; 

-gres, 4913; -imputh, aoo; -less, 3510; 

-maith, 7346; -6entu, 8199; -phfanad 

908; -raith, 3333; -rathe, 478; -rith, 

168; -samrad, 976; -toirsech, 8357; 

-toirthech, 984 ; -iir, 478, 984. 
bithe .i. hsinndsL, feminine, O'CI. ; pi. dat. 

bithib, 5814. 
bitomain «: bitumen, 3446. 
bid, 3065, 3339, 3433 ; 6s each blii, over 

every field, 3435 ; 6s bla, 6063. 
bIad,/£7;;7^ ; ace. blaid, 7059. Compounds : 

-ailc, 6183; -bail, 415; -blat, 3336,6899; 

-bras, 800, 1679, 6406; -mall, 3307. 
WiAvsxzx, famous, 39, 315, 1466, 1903, 3669, 

6343, 7006, 7138, 7313, 7363, 7866, 

blaith, in chevilles ; b. a denn, 11; b. iar 

mblai, 95; b. a seis, 541 ; b. a ngus, 

7587 ; b. a niab, 7413 ; b. in gein, 7489. 

Compounds: -bind, 484; -flesc, 3840. 
blat, f. 4453, 5685 ; dat. 3271, 3^43, 3655, 

3755, 4143, 490I1 4957, 5^51, 5685, 6311, 

7351 ; ace. 747, 3455, 2655, 4815, 5387, 

6367, 7279; gen. pi. 555, 53ii. 
bledmall, a sea-momter ; sg. gen. 7384 ; pi. 

n. 8059; gen. 8109. 
bloesc, shell, 165. 
bl6raid, 881. 

bochta brfg, a cheville, 6733. 
boirchech, 1033. 
bolgach, bolcgach, boils (' ulcera et vesicae 

turgentes'), 3935. 
borgach, 3787. 
borr, proud, 4453 ; .i. . . . m6irmheanmach, 

braen-b6aid, braen-chath, 443. 
brainechda, 8093, 8185; cp. braonach .i. 

br6nach, sad, O'Cl. ? 
brathaigim (from mrathaigim), / betray, 

brathemdae, traitorous, 7743. 
brathlang, 3690. 
brathlaig (gen. sg. ?), 6307. 
brathreib, dat. pi., 3139. 



br^cairecht, lying, S484. 

brecc-barc, 3642. 

brecht, variety , pi. dat., 56. 

brechtrad, variety, 7285. 

brecnata, lociutJ ?, 3934. 

bres, f. noise, ace.) 5969 (breas, O'CL). 

bresim, outcry (breisim .i. gdir> O'GL), pi. n., 

bresma, 8137. 
hrethsLch, jtuiicial, sg. gen. m., 3539. 
breud, burning, 879. Gf. hreo, Jiame^ 
brfgda, 5635. 
brfg-r6n, 7244. 

broccachy smelting like a badger, 3458. 
broe, 5469 : see bruim. 
broenach, rait^, 977, 3221, 8092. 
broenrad, 615. 

brogach, having bruige or lands, 977. 
broigthech, ^r^/<7^/^ ?, 983. 
bronn-g£eth, wije^Jbearted, 4566. 
brosnaib gal, 7027. 

brothime,/»i^rw, 7644 (brothairne, 0*C1.). 
brothlach, 897, may be the same word as 

brothlach, cooAing-pit, 
bruc, sg. dat., 7295. 
bruden, 931. 
bruig, cen bassi b. 2309. 
bruim (br6im?), / break; co m-bniet, 

8123; bruifider, 8 1 44. Perhaps co rod- 

broe, 5469, belongs to this verb, 
brugai, ace, 8300. 

bruinim, bruinnim ? nobruindis, 4347. 
bruissitis, 3968, forbrissitis^/7ff^^<»y/ffr?, 
bruth, /envor, 879. 
biiaid, in chevilles : b. ngl^ 39 ; bk n^in 

(ndein?), 1075; b. iribil, 2295; b. ferb, 

4341 ; b. becht, 7541. 
buan, in chevilles: b. in sc41, 7 113; b. 

blad, 7665, 
buide, 6055, 7513. 
buidnib bli, 3433. 
buili, 150. 
builid, adj. 1893, 1903, 7347 (^builigh, 

'handsome,' Circ, of Ireland, 146). 


buiriud, roaring, 877* 


cachta, 5427, 5991. 

cadla, beautiful, 626^ 3351. F61. Dec. 9. 

ci\, ivit, 7185; cogn. with Gom. ke go, 
and Gr. kmi. 

caiblide, 8199, for coiblide^ 

caidib, dat. pL, 7363. 

c£idius, c^dius, holiness, 973. 

caillte, 4215, for coillte, violation}, Laws, 
i. 58. 

diin, /air, in chevilles : c. a mfad, 2489 ; 
c. in smacht, 2775; c. al-lf, 4695; c. 
caingen, 7533; c. cl6, 8013; c. dind, 
331. Gompounds: -airliud, 1464; -be, 
3700; -bli, 5691; -buide, 6055; -chl6, 
5490; -chuaird, 1196; -delbdae, 457, 
2977, 4354> 8079; -dliged, 7320; -ol, 
973; -tfr, 963; -tomuS| 4234; -tuistiu, 

csLinde\bm= candelabrum, 4342, 4367. 
caingel (for caingen ?), 7854. 
caingen ngl6, 5463. 
caingnide, 8197. 
cdinig, pi. n., 3753. 
cairechda, 8095. 

cdirech-thr^t, aJfocA of sheep, gen. pL, 6348. 
cais, hatred, ace. sg., 10 15, 10 19. 
caitrebaim (?), rochaitreb, 6570. 
calaib, dat. pi., 6167. 
camair»Lat. camera, sg. dat., 6323. 
canthus, 587, 711. 
cass, adj., 4357, 5973, 7663. 
caric = Lat. carYca, dried Jigs, 6310. 
caterua, 10,000 x 1000, 768 ; from the Lat. 
cath, battle, Gompounds: -clii, 4227; 

-eirred, 6512; -Slat, 3258. 
cathach, <warUke, 5080. 
cechraig, sg. dat., 7878. 
c4im form, path (/knowledge, 4391. 
c^ir (Lat. cera), <ivax, 4370 ; a plaster, 7683. 
ce\, death, 3685, 7185. 

• [IV. 3.] 



c61, emen^ 3090; ON. heill, 5987, 7859; 

•i. faisdine, prophecy, O'Gl. 
cenmthat, 399 ; for cenmothit, besides there 

are, 3417, 343 '• 
cennaigechty merehandlse, 3506. 
ceo, 7183. 
ce6I-grinn, 6670. 

cerb, keen, 891, 69i3 = cerp, 4767, 8087. 
cerdacht, a tinker's trade, 4190. 
cerdaib, pi. dat., 8186. 
cemalach, 943. 
cerr, 7667. 
cert. Compounds: -chlass, 4586; -cMm* 

ma, 1973 ; -glaine, 268 ; -muUach, 5768 ; 

•rad, 5143. 
cess, sorrow, 349, 1195, a688, 3019, 3383, 

3349, 3445, 3573, 5M5, 6047, 7017 ; pK 

ace. cessu, 5019. Ex*ced*tu. Cf.jc^dor?. 
cessa, n. pL, 4300. 
cessair, dat., 151. 
I. c^t, Jirst; -adbar, oToix«t«fia, 33, 30; 

-chuinnscle, 6588 ; -muinter, 6360, 6568. 
3. c^t, a hundred; c. ihbla, 6955 ; c. nglonn, 

6513 ; c^taib omun, 8103. 
c6te, 3035, perh. 0*Clery*s c^ide .i. conair, 

cetharchain, 980, seems a corruption of 

cethrochair, q. v. 
cethem, soldiers, gen. -Im, 3538. 
cethrochair, ( « cethar + ochair), quadran- 
gular, 4335. 
c^tlach, 3337, 4999. 
c6tlud, beginning, unfulfilment, 5979, 6871, 

7387. Hence 
c^tludach, wi/ul/illing, 4873. 
c^trud, 6305. 
c6tur = centurio, 7613. 
cfa (.i. fear, man, O'Cl.) •= Osc. c^vs, Lat. 

civis ; n. pi. ciai, 5888. 
cfabair,ifl<ferji, 1439, 1775,4775,6099,8333. 
cialL Compounds : cialbann, 7967 ; -chaid, 

6975 ; -maith, 4743. 
clallrad, 6383, 

ciaragla(?), 3331. 

ciasta, 891. 

cilecda, made qf haircloth (cilicium), 6873. 

cimmid, captive, 3563. 

cint : see ruathar. 

cfr-cholg, a ridged sword}, 7415. 

cfr-dub, black'crested, 78 ; ech cfrdub, LU. 

c\i\i, Jletus, 1383, 1779; pi. ace. cithu, 683, 

807, 6047, 7919, 8370. 
claideb, sword. Compounds : -derg, 4983 ; 

-r6ad, 5734, 5883, 6906. 
claideb garmna, a weaver's beam, 577o« 
♦claigim, / lament, redupl. perf. ro-chich* 

laig^KcVXayc, 7765. 
claime, leprosy, 4641, 4644. 
clannm6r, prolific, 6803. 
cl^r, a plain. Compounds : -bruig, 3794, 

4664 ; -mag, 508. 
clecht, 55, 93, 3933. Compounds: -chlann, 

7103; -maith, 7386. 
clechtach, 6017. 
clemnas, relatioruhip by marriage, 3430, 

3781, 4844, 4958 ; from cliamain, q.v. 
clen-chruind, 890. 
clesamnach,yif^/^r, 3430. 
clethach, 3629. 

clethe cinn, crown of the bead, 5871. 
elf, housepost, and, figuratively, /rwir^, 831. 
clfamain, son-in-law, 4553, 6100; pi. dat. 

cl^mnaib, 5340. 
cliar na n«apstal, 7813. 
clichet, a collection ? (clichidh .1. tionoilidh| 

O'Cl.), 4338. 
clichis, 377. 

dissiud, a leaping, 5347, 0*Dav. 64. 
clith, .i. dluith no fir, compact or true, O'Cl. 

Compounds: -choimmsech, 8359; -cho- 

mnart, 5686. 
clithemail, 5515. 
clochad, to stone, 7360. 
cloen. Compounds: -cheo, 8095; ^, 3618. 
doithi bann, 5863. 



cloth^yanfottj (icXvrdr). Compounds : -alt, 
463 ; -chobair, 3607 ; -roag, 7031. 

cl6, icXcofi in cbevilles: c. n-ingnad, 3326; 
c* gle, 3327 ; c. cass, 7663 ; c. cotagab, 
6695 ; c. cengaisy 4501, 7563. 

duiccfne, a little hell (clocc), 4504, 4508. 

cluid, 6471. 

cluithi cin, 3685. 

cnai, dat. sg^yjleeee, 5303. 

♦cndim, ro-s-cndi, 5787 ; ro-t-chni, 6975. 

cness na cathracb, 350, 

cobrai, 1496 « cobhra .1. comSuilbhire, 0*CK 

cocaid,yW, lawful ^ 3042. 

co*coitchennaim, I am in common witb, 


cod, Jugy mug, 4357. 

coel («caol .i. gairm, ery, O'CK), 2159. 

coem, ilear. Compounds: -chaingen, 8195; 
-^helg, 2866; -chenn, 5556; -chinnim, 
1619 ; -chlir, 4530, 4894 ; -chlass, 4532 ; 
*chlf, 3786; -choss, 1594; -chrf, 2534; 
-daingen, 198 ; -dil, 6394, 7490 ; -dorus^ 
8189; -doss, 8010; -gnfus, 2014; -grid, 
2190; -grinn, 6390; -If, 2082; -nir, 658, 
1062, 1078, 2498, 2526, 2574, 2668, 5022; 
-rid, 2750; -rfge, 6798; -sl6g, 7166; 
-Soillse, 8191 ; -thoracht, 4286; -threbar, 
6296 ; -thuicsiu, 8000. 

coibche, 2007 ; a scribe's mistake for coid- 
chc? fo choidchi, always} . 

coible, 839, 923, 5843. 

1. coibled, sg. gen. -lid, 5719; dat. -liud, 
6066 ; coibliud buada, LU. 102^. 

2. coibled, f. banquet (con-fled), 7603. 
coiclim, Ijpare (coicles gl. parcit, LB. 38^)1 

-coicled, 414 1, 
coicthib, pi. dat., 5559. 
coimse, 211 1, 2 151, 8302. 
coinunsech, ^/<9f/, 6091. 
coimmsid, master, 6970. 
coimsigim, I measure ?, 677, 
coimtide, pi. ace, 4762. 
c6ised, caware ?, 1815. 

com-b^rla, common speech^ 2772. 

co-mblechta, 5428. 

com-chaire, 82x5. 

com-chfalla, 5684. 

com-chlaidbed, 5888. 

com-chotacb, 3040. 

com-d£n, 6136. 

com-delb, 1824, 1828. Hence 

com-delbach, 5990, and 

com-delbaid, 838, 0173. 

comdetu, dat. -aid, usage\ (coimde .i. gnath, 

O'Gl.), 2979. 
com-dfne, 5916. 
com-feidm, 3454. 
com-fossad, 5078 ; -{bssaid, i6. 
com-gleith, ^rasiff^ together, 7224* 
com-gl^re, 720. 
com-grid, 4179. 
com-grinn, 4505* 
com-lepaid, a common bed^ 2980. 
com*l^, 4370. 
com-luga, 3040. 
com-mairnim, I betraj, 77 ti. 
com-nertad, 6494 ; com-nertaid, 4286. 
com-nort, 6350 ; for comnart. 
com-rairgnech, 3202 ; for comroircnech. 
com-rfada, 6794. 
com-nar, 338. 
com-sndid, 962. 
com-sreth, 2466, 2986, 4282. 
com-Suairc, 1206. 
com-thalc, 5470, 5770. 
com-thenn, 5884. 
com-th6cbail, 854, 858. 
com-thr^n, 16, 7262, 
com-thrfall, 574^. 
com-thr6ag, 3458, 7778, 
com-thrumma, equal weight, 576o« 
comul, union^ 8286: in cbevilles; c. ngl6, 

2i75> 3317, 3047, 42171 7607; comol 

ngl6, 4305 ; c. nglan, 2463. 
condolbos, affection}, 3136. 
condolbtba, loFuely ? , 2931. 

8 % 



con-gl6aisiin, eommoveo^ 8297. 

c6r, a chorus^ 4333* 

corcar-glain, /ii/^/^ ^/flij, 352, 4270. 

co-ro-r, ut noj, 16 19, 

corptha, corporeal^ 11 15. 

cosnamacb, contentiouj, 8338. 

cossar, 639. 

cosraiby pi. dat,, fetter j}, 7400. 

cossaitechy compiaming, 940. 

cotach, treaty, 3041, 5937, 6737, 6750. 

crieslach, ma*w, 954, 5724. 

craestuib ?, 947. 

crechad, 451 1. 

credem-galar?, 1508. 

credim, ace, 7271. 

cres, narrow if 3059; cress, 3539. 

cretha, pi. n., 8307. 

cretbaim, / tremble, 8083. 

erf, htufy, 311, 655, 675, 1080, 1 109, 2019, 

2059, 2383, 3927, 7517, 7793i 787i> 7877i 

7896, 8004. Cf. Kptas, 
criathraim, 41, 7937. 
crichid, adj., 354, 579, 597, 705, 962, 1062, 

1915, 3075, 3434» 451 1> 4751, 4970, 5373, 
5435, 6846, 7030. Compar. cricbidiu, 

LU. 58^. In 3434 and 7827 it seems a 

cridsercacb, 6016. 
crimnacb, 941, 3202, 3267. 
crfnad, wittering, 7284. 
crin-cbumga, 7416. 
crinhed, 705. 
crfntaig, 5987. 
crislach, womb', sg. dat. crisluch, 1638, 

wbere it means the deep cavity of a river, 
critb-delm, 1767. 
critb-feidm, 958, 1290, 7775, 7778, 8254, 

8287, 8332. 
critb-lam, trembling-banded, 1456. 
critbnaigim, I tremble, 7766, 8056. 
critbur, sg. dat. 8202, 8230. 
cr6da, in cbevilles: c. lir, 75 ; c. gair, 4141 ; 

c. cacbt, 4155. 

cr6-donn, blood-brown, 6919. 
cross-^gell, crou-vigil, 2062, 4080, 5094. 
cr6acbda, 8186. 
cr6ad, bard. Compounds: -cbasra, 8205 ; 

-cb6rad, 5886 ; -gal, 691 1. 
cr6an, 5686. Compounds: -derg, 4342; 

-maitb, 7 no. 
ro-chr6as, ^^£1/ hardness, 602a. 
crutbacb, shapely, 572. 
crutb-amra, wonderfully formed, 8083. 
c^c (.i. cumbac no cumbang,0*Cl.), 33,918. 
cubuchol, sg. dat. = Lat. cubiculo, 2858. 
cuclaige, f., shaking, tottering, turning aside, 

6673 ; carpait bi cuclaigi, LU. 91''. Cf. 

ra-cbuclaigetar a crideda, LL. 176^ ; cu- 

cligid Temra, cumascacb Tailten, Rawl. 

B. 512, fo. 102^. 2. 
cucbtai, 5327. 
cuibdi cacbt, 4591. 
cuibdigim, I adjust, 87, 4713 ; p. part. p. 

cuibdigtbe, 5430; inf. cuibdigud, 4547. 
cuilecb, sinful, 8290, 8338 ; from cuil .i. 

olc no toirmisgtbe, 0*C1. 
cuimleng, conflict, 1727. 
dil-lom, bare poll, pi. gen., 2378. 
cuinnscle, conflict, sg. dat. -iu, 6584. 
cuinia, cunfa (Lat. cuneus), a huftdred thoU" 

sand, 764, 765. 
cuire .i. buidbean, a troop, 0*C1., 8031, 

cuirid, gen. sg. ?, 3434. 
cuma, grief, dat., cumaid, 3602. 
cumga, for cumce, 6306, 7416. 
ciunmaim, / make, pret. pass. sg. 3, 5767. 
cumtaig, 4757, 7043. 
curtfnad, curtains, gen. pi., 4890. <Cor- 

tinae sunt aulaea,' Isidorus cited by DieZ| 

s. V. cortina, 

da, 6135, .i. maAth,good, O'Cl. 
dacbt, 2679, 3677, for docbt, q. v. 
dz%,good. Compounds: -arm, 6186; -bfad 

1560; -cfail, 4110; -16g, 5836. 



daidbir, ^r, 7654. 

daig, blasu^ 4093» sg. gen. -ed, 910. 

daiger, Hgbtmng (dofiiit di daigir, .i. teine 

gelain, Rawl. B. 51a, fo. I05^ a). Hence 

the compounds -derg, 5178; -0138,6654; 

•in6ad, 5546. Hence also 
daigrech, adj. 5593, 5594, 5887. 
I. daith, 990, bright ? : cf. daitben .L soillsi. 
a. daith, quiek^ active, 7844 ; compar. 

daithiu, 8074. Hence 
daithe, f. 8174. 
dalb tenn, 6465 ; a cbeville (dalbb .i. breg, 

lie, O'CL). 
dalbda, 4809. 
dalgud (dilgud ?), 6 a 59. 
dam-chuing, ox-yoke, 5764. 
dam-secbe, ox-bide, 577a. 
damnaim, doninaim = Lat. damno?, 2675, 

a679 ; deg-damnad, 193a. 
din-dfne, 6703. 
dinim (?), 7887. 

dar (=id + ar, at£-ar ?), we are, 361a. 
dar-arn-6ssi-ne, after us, i86a. 
darb=di-a-ro-ba, 6353. 
dath-glan, pure coloured, 5447. 
6aXtaL, pleasant, 3831, 6747 ; data, 3933. 
debthachy contentious, 6364, 6538. 
deccair, 58a3, = deacair .1. iongnadb, ^tvon" 

der, O'CL To this, perhaps, deccrai, 

717 ; deccraib, 6875. 
dechair, division ; pi. dat«, dechraib, 3007, 

6537, 7361. 
decbel, 6143. 

dechelt, 4339. 

dechrach,^r/offi ?, 5670. 

dechrad,yttrf ?, 6 3 7 5 . 

dechraigim (dechrigim Z^ 435), I divide, 

ipas, 2773i 7877, 8338. 
dechraim imm, 6387. 
d^en-dil, 7374. 
dedgair, 5598 » deaghdhair .L luath, quick, 

dedgaire, 8067, 8155, quickness. 

dedgarach, 8137, speedy, 

dedlaig, a redupl. perfect (from dlugim, 

Jindo ?), 7958 ; nosdedlai, 8348, seems a 

metrical license for nos-dedlaig. 
cl^S"* good I -altram, 3708 ; -damnad, 1933; 

-ingen, 6oao ; -mann, 4908 ; -thol, 7378* 
degrach, 5471, 6685, 7081, 836a ; perhaps 

= dechracb, q. v. 
deilm, in cheviUes: d. n-uag, 4961, 7061 ; 

d. ndil, 4983, 5543 I d- Ti-in, 6105 ; d. 

dana, 5133 ; d. nglan, 7377, 7765 ; d, as 

amru, 8318. See delm. 
dein (.i. glan, pure, O'CL), 1803, 1943, 

3157, 3347, 3367, 5597, 7033, 808a, 

delaide, 3558, recusant (deala .i. diultadh, 

delbdae, shapely, 4368, 6781, 7481. 
delgnaid, 3338, 431 1, 4331. 
delgnaide {unjust, O'CL), 8153, 83794 
delgnaim, 174, 17914 
deligthe, 4113. 
dellig (leg. deUid?), 1389. Cf. deillidh .i, 

luighe, O'CL 
delm, in cheviUes : d. cert, 3 1 ; d. h-bg, 

3349, 6507, 6731 = d. n-iiag, 3365,5039, 

5045, 5525, 59051 6501 ; d- n-amra, 
a8ii; d. n-dn, 5639, 6709; d. n-om, 
6691; d.nda, 6135; d.ngl^, 5853, 6437; 
d. ng6r, 5963; n-ada, 4069; d. ndein, 
5339; d. n-amnas, 5414; d. tria gail, 

demin sc61, sure {the) story ; a cheville, 5839, 
701 1. 

demnachda, demoniac, 8339. 

den (for dein, q.v. ?), i39i» 145I1 3073. 

d^ne, 3741, seems to mean v/atering cattle, 
Cf. dein .L tipra, H. 3. 18, p. 68. coL a. 

dengge, 911. 

denn (deann .i. If no dath, O'CL), colour, 

denus, denos, tJbe space of a day, 347, 7676. 

deochair, 4533, 4815, 7115, 8031. 



deoda, divine y in chevilles: d. tlus, 539, 
7407 ; d. nuall, 4415 ; d. gair, 7679 ; d. 
in gair, 7805. 

deonaigim, / accord, grant , 1431* 

d^rachy tearful, 871. 

derb, sure, in cbevilles : d. tra, 1 1 1 ; d. de, 
i59y 7389 ; d. roclos, 3469 ; d. cen locht, 
4345 ; d. cen 16n, 5241, 6613 1 ^* cen tair, 
7969 ; d. coldr, 4751 ; d. la each, 4889 ; 
d. in rdd, 5099. Compounds: -dein, 
4738 » -den, 786 ; ^demein, 1950 ; -dil, 
150a, 4626; -dindy 990; -dith, 3154; 
•drong, 6371 ; •d^is, 1070 ; -fath, 1046 ; 
-fis,i958; -garg,6654; -gart,833i; -glan, 
7570 ; -randy 434 ; -r^t, 2270 ; -thomus, 
374; -thonn, 821 1 ; -thurim, 932. 

derbaim, /ro^o, 26, 54. 

derbdae, jure, tried, 35, 6787. 

derbod raind, confirmation qfa Jtave, 7327. 

derfadacb, 2080. Cogad G. 4a. 

derg, red. Compounds: -ir, 5100, 5648 ; 
-nima, 4036, 6368; -drdae, 476, 4360, 
4368; -thene, 7136. 

d^rgidach, 7891. 

dergnaide, 948, 8317. 

der-m6ad, very noble, 4 47 6* 

dessa, 4385. 

dess-dond, 2674. 

da-gal, 6375. 

detlach, bold, 6379 (dctla .i. dana, FeL 
ProL 242). 

dfa darddin, Tbunday, 7699* 

dfal, 1559, for diall| deviation. 

dfallaim, devio, 8128, 3 sg. pret. dorhell 
(do-ro-ell), 2619; adrell. 

dfamra, 6715. 

dfan. Compounds: -arggain, 5588; -di- 
umsach, 6935. 

dfartain, 885 = diardain, anger, rougbneu, 

dfascach, 7409. 

dicerta?, 6593. 

dicheoil, 3197. 

dichial, 2075. 

dichmaig, 6335, 6339, 6401. 

dichra,y^rxv}i/, 7343. 

dichraidiu, 701. 

diglaide, 8 151, vengeful i. 

dfgrais, excellent, in chevilles: d. s^is, 519 ; 

d. buaid, loii ; d. sc61, 2665, 4625, 

5039 ; d. gais, 3073, 4863, 7009 ; d, bes, 

491 1 ; d. in smacht, 2803. 
digthim(?), 3203. 
dilliud, 6933. 
di\xtim,free, 3945. 
dimblaith, 6546. 

dimbrfg, 3514, 6786, qveaknejj, contempt* 
dimmain, 11 37. 
dimraig, pi. n., 3549. 
dfn, protection, in chevilles: d. ngl6, 327, 

4487 ; d. c6rt, 301 1, 3581, 4855; d. cloth, 

4915 ; d. cech sfd, 6615. 
dindchur, 335. 

dind, dind-liss, 4413 ; dinn-'bile, 8223. 
dinduasad, 1844. 

1. dfne, beginning (J. tosach| 0'C1.)| 359, 

2. dfne, 990, 4027, 5447, 6890. 
df-nertach, yjr^^/r, Jtrengtblejj, 8143. (di- 

nerta, 3832, should prob« be dinertach<) 
co-dfnnim, <weakfy, 5035. 
dinsaeth ?, 67. 
dfnsid, 7629, a dejpiser}. 
dirain, 6540, may be 0*Clery's diorain, a 

pouring or dropping. 
dfrecra, 3444, 51 16, incomparable, enormout, 
dirgnaim, 3262. 

dfsciiliud, 6050, separation. Hence 
dfsciiltech, 191 2. 
dfsceinmnech, 946; aingil disceinmnecha 

(gl. apostataeque angeli), LH. 11^. 
diss (.i. dear6il, 0*C1.), 3347 ; cotdiss, 5953, 
dftha, 1015, seems»dithu (leg. dfthu), in* 

Jury, O'Don. Supp. 
ditnide, S 161, protective. 
diuplaib, 544, may be a scribe's mistake 



for diuplaU, dat. of diuplad-- O'CXerfs I 

Mubladb .i. dfdean ' shelter.' 
ro-dlecht, 1301 ; pret. pass. sg. 3. of dligim. 
dlomtha, 903 : cf. dlomhaisin, dejtntctionh 
dlongaim, 3555, 
dluim, 3831 = dKimh .i. iomad, ahundance^ 

dl^iiDi 903, 3367, 6959, ^/otti/, darkneiSy 0*C1. 
diuthath, caulking^ ^445. 
docharda, 2901, damaged, 
dochty 1356, 3003. 
dochtaid dul, 7339. 
dodig, 1894. 
do^-domnae, 8399. 
do-d6alach, 837 1. 
d6e na fairge, seabank, 7396; doe dessel, 

d^tTfbase, Compounds: -daingeiii 1764; 

-miin, 1776. 
d6eraim, dderaim, / tmlave, 3599, 3665, 

5389, 5393 ; rosMloeraidi 5557, seems a 

mistake or license for ros-d6erai. 
do-feimim, for do-emim, protego, nffhy 353, 

7917, 8170. 
dogba, 4046. 
doidnge, f. 8336, difficulty} '^ sg. ace. Ml. 

37*. 10, Z*. 1033, gl. 5. 
doilge : see duilgi. 
doimm, poor, 3649 (doim .1. daidhbhir, 

do-imm-thaircim, timmthaircim, do-s-r-im- 

thairc, 5406, 5430. 
d6inech, populous, 990. 
dolam, j/ow, 1353. 

dolbaide, S 121, feigned and hence^/j^ ?. 
dolbanrad, 3064. 
dolroa, slowness, 187. 

do-menaim, / remain, do^ru-mensat, 3689. 
domgnas, 8374. 
do-midiur, 3rd sg. redupl. perf. ; doroe- 

maidir, 3709"doroemadair, 7955; pass. 

pret sg. 3 ; donimat, 4343. 
donad, 1337. 

dond-leO| 3379. 

donech (do-n-ecb?), 5564. 

donessaiy 3891. 

d6nmige, adversity, 8375 ; deriv. of d6in- 

mech; di s6inmechaib et d6inmechaib, 

Z\ 863. 
doraidy 7436 = doraidh .1. aimhr^idh, uneven, 

doriith, 3183, 6545. 
dorchaid, 6397. 

dorhell: see dfallaim and Z*. 873. 
doromnat, 4639. 
do-ro-tacht, 5300. 
do-rua, adveniet; do-t-rua, 61 17. 
domaraid, remansit, 4985 ; tuaraid, 5071. 
doss, 3467. 
dramm, 3831 « dram .1. iomad, abundance, 

drecb, 939, 3479, .i. dealbh, O'Cl. ; ar- 

dreich, 1 1 34. Compounds : -donn, 66 1 o ; 

-mir, 866 ; -rothail (?), 4336. 
dr^il, 7910. 
dremna, madness, 8383, 8346. The ace. 

pi. dremnu, 8318, seems to come from a 

subst. = O'Clery's dreamhan. 
dremun, mad, furious, 191 3, 547 1| 7^20, 

8353 ; co-dremun, 8316. 
drenn-galach, battle-^aliant, 944. 
dressachtach, 939, wandering}; dreasachd 

.1. iomluaidhill, O'Cl. 
drichnes, 883. 
drochy bad (Skr. drub). Compounds: 

-ciall, 850; -ddil, 6934; -maC) 6138, 

6148; -s6is, 7708. 
drochte, pi. n., 476, where drocbte derghrdai 

\& = aurdrocbtib dergoir, LB, I09*, 
drolaim (leg- drolain ?), rings }, 4309 (dro! 

.i. 16b, O'Cl.). 
dron, strong*, straight, O* OX. Compounds: 

-mas, 6890 ; -mind, 4506 ; -oil, 343, 
dr6ad (?), 6777. 
drubaim (driibaim?), / stay, I remain}, 

914 ; cf . a fomidHib (gl. immoratufl, Ml. 



49^.), and drubh .1. tairisiomh no comh- 
naidhe, O'Cl. 

druimney 4046. 

dniing, 35. 

drumm (better dniimm), haek^ ridge. Com- 
pounds: -derg, 5656; -lurgain, 2454, 
3464 ; -Slat, f. sg. gen., 4272, 4892, dat. 
4275, 4283, ace. 2454, 4277. 

dixfjitf proper (.1. dual, O'GL). 

duairc, surly, stem, 9 3 9i 4157. 

dualach, lawful, 3, 2695. 

duanach, songful, 339. 

d6assacb, bountifuH, 791, 5543. In 831 
d6asach seems a subst. ; cf. Avom-duasach, 
'very bountiful,' O'Don, Gr. 340, and 
duass,^£^. Conn. s.y. doss. 

dub, black, dark. Compounds: -brecc, 
3955 } -d6ire, 5286; -liiacbe, 904; -n^l, 
7418; -roen, -raen, 5558, 6550; -riiad, 
4046 ; -themen, 909. 

duilgi, 883, 8295. 

duinnig ?, 6543. 

duin-oirgnid, homicide, 8346. 

duirimtbimmchellaim (do-air-imm-do- 
imm-t.)i 346. 

I. d6is, I. s^d, treasure, O'CI., 1857, 3581, 

4333f 4519, 8358> 8296, 8370. 
a. d^iis, a champion ?, 3467. 
duith, base, infamous ? (opposite of suith, 

Corm. s.y. duthchern?), pi. dat, 3335. 

Hence apparently 
duithe, ace. sg, -I, 2689. 
d6r»Lat. dunis (.1. cniaidb no doilidh, 

0*C1.), 3578; duraib eim, 7837, perhaps 

belongs to this. Compounds: -chathacb, 

6115; -chridech, 4842. 
dursan, 2424, for dirsan, bad ne*wsl 
diisaigim, d(isgaim, / awake, rouse ; ro-n- 

ddsadg, 6690. 


^caid, narravit (ex ath-gaid, Vgad ?), 3875, 
9-fut pass. pi. 3 ; con-6icsitar, 3771. Cf. | 

con-^cid, con-ecestar, Ir. Texte, pp. 

256, 319. 
6-coitchenn, uncommon, 5517. 
6-comnart, unequal cori/lict, 3806, 6552. 
^-craite, enmitj (W, anngharant), 3800. 
e-cruthach, shapeless, 24, 148. 
ed ( = eadh .1. aimsior, time, O'Cl. ?), pi. 

dat. edaib, 7238. 
6is, 7938. 
eisleis, eisslis, neglect, 5994, 61 10, 6200, 

6218, 6318, 6346 (eislis, O'Cl). 
eitchiu, 276 ; compar. of eitig, eidigh, .1. 

grdnna, O'R. 
^ittim, vestio, I clothe, 4817, 4840. 
€\, criminal}, 5477 : cf. 61iugud, accusation. 
eU,^ock, multitude, 1129, 2357, 3915, 6677, 

ellach, union, 6334. 
ro-ellacht, 3551. 
enmaim, / twin, 1 divide, 2767 ; part. pass. 

emnaide, 7144, where it means doubled; 

cf. eamhnadb .i. dubladb, O'Cl. 
ena, 4431. 

1. engach, adj. noisy} (eanghach .!. glor- 
ach no cainntech, O'CL), 72, 945, 2876, 
4122, 4718, 5578, 6006, 8163, 8125, 8364. 
Hence enchache (gl. scurrilitas), Z*. 765. 

2. engach, a babbler, gen. engaig, 71 1 1. 
^f 575a> « tree}. 

6raim, a faring, 107 1, 1468, 3497, 3667. 

er'^amra, very wonderful, 3586. 

erbach, 4673. 

er-baid, ace, 3430, bane (Curtius, No. 410) ; 
erbada lathi brdtha, the banes <f Dooms* 
day^ Vis. Ad. 

er-br6n, great sorrow, 5741. 

CT'Chol, great crime, 1874. 

erctais, 4009, they were filed, erctais sluaig, 
a cheville, 4oo9=earcdaois na sluaigh .i. 
do liondiiis na sluaigh, O'Cl. ; earcadh .i. 
lionadh, O'Cl. erctha buaid, 5513, per- 
haps belongs to this. 

er-derg, very red, 922. 




er-dornn, 7219, greatest, 

eretecdach, heretic ^ 8339. 

er-find, 'very fair ^ 1906. 

er-garb, 'very rough, 2014. 

er-glan, 'very pure, 1468 ; irglan, 5136. 

^rim ( = 6raiin, supra), a faring, in chevil- 

les: L n-g6r, 463, 469; e. ngl^, 1267, 

1831; 6. n-6ag, 1401, 2625, 5497; 6. 

ngrinn, 2253, 2567. 
er-maith, 'very good, 2703. 
er-marfo, 'oery dead, 4 1 20. 
era-mass (='ernbas?)| 4688, 5634. 
ern-61, 367. 

er-oU, 'very great, 7058. 
er-6rdae, 'very golden, 532, 5432. 
er-rf ( — airrf, supra), go'vemor, 3150, 7750. 
ertach (=eardacb J. fesda no soUamain, 

O'Cl.), sg. dat. erdduch, 4600. 
er-thr6g, 'very wretched, 6966 » erthWiag, 

eTud,fear, 5914. 
escra, cup, 3545, 3592. 
espaid, <want, defect, pi. dat espadaib, 2456, 

where it seems to mean apertures or 

essely i328 = eisil .i. eiseolacb no nemheo- 

lach, ignorant, 0*C1. 
etar-l^n, great hurt, 3762. 
etere, eitteire, hostage, 3499, 3503. 
etbait, bird, ace. 2520. 
^thchech, ^itbchecb, /^'ivr^^, 161 2, 8344. 
etla, sadness, repentance, sg. gen. 7199, pi. 

dat ettlaib, 6876. 
etradach, lustful, 8345. 
6trany interfering v/ith ?, 2054. 
^tlaide, sad, 8183, 8391. 
etraigim, 2684, 3178, 6018, 8001. 
ettal, 5370, perhaps ettal, 7398. 
exercitus, ten thousand times ten thousand, 


faball, dat. 6040. Is this 0*Cl.'s fabhall .i. 

feacht no siubbal, or fodbull^ fahallf 
adboll, aboil, /i;ffc', occasion,0*Don, Supp.? 

fachldi, 4228. 

faebar-glonn, edge^deed, 6790. 

fael, 4816, wolfi. 

faicserad, nearness, 6124. 

fiil*fael, q.v.?, 1670. 

farsaidi, Pharisees, 7550. 

fatal, 3563, lingering, delaying* 

fath, 6879, J. foghlaim, instruction, O'CU 
7098. In 4315 fathaib seems a Ucense 
for fothaib, pi. dat. of fothai, foundation* 

feb, 1SS7, good, for feb, 7994?. 

feba, 1962, 2027, 2075i 4438, 7451- 

febda, ^00^/^, 36,696,1074,2557,3147,3779, 
4288, 4856, 6377, 6790, 7482, 7706, 7789. 

febsae (^feabhsa .i. eolas, knowledge^ 
O'Cl.), 721. 

fecht ( =feacbt .i. turas,y w«r«^,0'CL), 5947. 

fechtacb, 6015, leg. fechtnach?. 

fechtaide, 2550. 

fedbda, v/idowed, 4646. 

f^dim, 1507. 

feg-fola, gen., 8034. 

feib, 417, 7675- 

fiiidm n-6ag, 6837. 

felmiine, 5535. 

fi6ne, champion, 3992, 6015. 

finedach, 8021. 

feochair g16ir, 5443. 

ferb («Lat verbum?), 434i« 

fer-drong, a troop of men, 6514. 

fescorda, 'vespertinus, 4404* 

feta, 439^- 

feth (feth?), 2015, 2846, 4075, 4857. 

fethet, 2646. 

1. fia, i22i = fiadh .1. hi^dh, food, O'Ch 

2. fia, 7455«fiadh a. tighearna, lord, O'Cl. 
fiach, i^^/?, 2485, 2635. 

fiad, 4788«-fiadh 4. fearann, land, O'CL 
fizArzA, deer, 6281. 

fian, f. sg. datfein, 6283 ; pl.acc.fiana, 6514. 
fiantach, 915. 

[ IV. 3. ] 



Hchy f.>-Lat. ficusy sg. gen., 1360. 

fTcbomna, i, fig-tree^ 1362 (omna, oak), 

fidba, 5343. 

fidradi <wood^ ^^^A^ 

figlim, 'vlgilo^ 1079, 7599. 

finbert, 7177. 

findj^ir. Compounds: -alta, 7098, 7831 
-chass, 5974; -gel, 4638; -glan, 2962 
-luad, 630; -m6r| 7566; -muad, 636 
-nir, 2030, 3700, 4950; -r(iad, 3414 
-topur, 500. 

findlem, 7503. 

fin-gabaini (?), finggebad, 5796 ; fihgebad, 
5820 ; (dingebsa, 5835 should perhaps be 

fir, true. Compounds: -anmas, 1830, 1904, 
5974; -breth, 8325; -chert, 7098; 
-chland, 1074 ; -chr6aid, 5586 ; chniind, 
36; -drong, 7026; -druine, 3163; -dul, 
1607 ; -eolas, 3474 ; -6tthi, 8351 ; -find, 
846; -flaith, 1812, 6244; -fossad, 4384 ; 
fairbthe, 1938 ; -gaeth, 1318, 4590, 6030; 
-iarthar, 4256 ; -less, 322, 4438 ; -maith, 
7566; -n6eb,6o62; -6entu,6576; -roen, 
5092; -sder, 7568 ; -thind, 3216 ; -th6eb, 
2468; -thr^n, 2726; -thr6car, 7800; 
•>thr(iag, 1962; -th6achaill, 1670; -th6aid, 
4440 ; (frisinn-eclais a ffrth6aid, due north 
qf the cburcb), -thuicse, 8003 ; -6achtar, 

ffraid, 3355. 

fissiu»Lat visio, 3356. 

fithis, 278. 

flaith-rf, 2360. 

foadoi (?), 643. 

fobaid (« fobhaidh .!. luath no 6sgaidh, 

jwift or nimbUf O'CL), 4195, 4555, 7189. 
fochessaim?, fo-t-ro-chess, 1746. 
fo-chicher, 8205 ; fo-chichret, 8060, 8088 ; 

fo-chichretar, 8324 ; redupl. futures from 

focherdaim, / cast ; so f6ichursa ( -> fo- 

ci-cbur»), TBF. 
fochniim (?), fo-d-chni, 8010. 

fochrai, 4249 : cf. fochra daraid, partition 

qf boards ?, Conn. s.v. Crannchaingel. ' 
fodard, 3398, a license for fodord, murmur. 
fodluigiro, I rend^ 7764. 
foen-dul, 1887, for foendel, Laws, i. 212 ; 

f6indel (fo-ind-el), wanderingy strtying. 
foen-tracht, a sloping strand}, 2602 (foen 

«faoin, O'R.). 
fo-gaeth, a sub-wind, 48, 49. 
foglas, 7710. 
fo-grdd, sub-grade, 4533; pl- foghridha, 

O'Don. Supp. 
foichligthe, 3557. 
foidreich, 8270. 
foil, astute, 3345. Hence foile, astutia, 

ZK 248. Cogn. with Lat. in-volare, Fr. 

volen Cf. Com.yiir (gl. prudens) ; Br. 

/itr *sage'; borrowed from Lat. Jitr, 

* homme de ruses.' 
-foilcc, 251. 
foimsid, 6969. 
foimsiu?, 5623. 
f6ismed, 5322. 

folach, i.yprop, support}, 4292, 4296. 
folainun, 3253. 
folith, 6189. 

follomnacht, rule, governance, 696, 6640« 
folocht, 7737. 
fomnach, 8034. 
fomnad, 5281. 
f6nmissi ?, 5533. 
fonn-luath, 2550. 
fonn-rto, 1390. 
fooil: coiooW, patiently} \ gu f6il, H. Soc. 

{oT{Ti),you, infixed and suffixed pron. ; do- 

for-fiia, 5487 ; bid-for-coscraig, 4706. 
for-aesa, 4330. 
for-bassach, 7786. 
for-clu, 1 42 1, 
for-dingim, opprimo, 3679; fo-s-r-or-difig- 

setar (for for*8-ro-d,), 5297. 
for-erainn, 2351. 



for-6tromm| very hgbt^ 4646. 

for-failte, ^rm/ vjelcome^ ^951. 

for-failti^m, 7715. 

for-find, very fair, 2581 98 a, 1802. 

for-f(iacraiin, I proclaim^ 3739. 

for-gal, 2678, 7036, 7051 ; forggal, 7003, 

for-gellim, fo-t-r-oirgell, 3385 ; for for-t- 

for-glicc, very eunningf 1235. 
for-gOy elxucey 3708. (Cf« forgho s6d .1. 

roghsW, O'GI.) 
for-fadaim, fodas niada, leg. fodas riada?, 

388 ; for for-das-rofada ?. 
for-lin, very full, 994. 
formnaib snas, 5633. 
for-mucbainiy I imoiber, 8164. 
forngaire, 8063, 81 67, 
forngairtbidy imperator, 3367. 
for-oUy very great, i8oa, 7483.^ 
forom ngl^, 3091, 3845; f. cert, 3149; 

foromm cert, 3335 ; forum ngle, 351 1. 
forraiby pi. dat., 3919. 
forrin, assault, 6710. 
forr6ed (?), 7049. 
for-r(iad, very red, 3478. 
forssaidy 3700. 
for-sasaim, 617. 
for-tromm, very heavy, 7198. 
for-tiiatb, great tribe, 3330. 
for-tuigim, I cover, 8193. 
for^iiaibrecb, very haughty, 3874, 7138. 
for-6allachy very proud, 7571. 
for-iiamnachi very timid, 4396. 
foscadacb, f., shade, shelter, 1895 (fosgadb 

.i. sgdile, O'Cl.). 
fo6-sceinel,>^///0o/| 538, 544. 
fossad, adj., stable, 1906 ; fossud, 986. 
fotaty 3837 ; for fo-an-tit, under whom 

fot-dagain, 011 thy account, 1758, 1763, etc. 
fothacbt, 33. 
fothair, 923. 

fris-aicciury / hope, expect, 4173. 

frisamlaii 33, 4638 ; perhaps also 3821. 

frisotharfa?, 5855. 

fris-(s)ellainiy 4399. 

fris-toimsiuri 190T. 

frith-61ey 8049. 

fnth-m6r, countenwall, 413. 

frituttachty 6894, opposition, contravention, 

froslacha, showers }, 8040. 

fualrad, ao6. 

fuaiDy fuaim, in cbevilles: f. trice, 533 ; 

f. ngl6, 1359 ; f. cert, 3311 ; f. ffr, 6457 ; 

fuaim n-amra, 3309 ; ngl4, 7163. 
fuarfr, alas, 1483 ; forfor, foraoir, O'Don. 

fuidlecb, remains, leavings, 7638. 
f^SiilaLch, pallet, couch, 7412 ; o fiiatlaig (gl. 

a grauato), 0*Mulc. Gl., H. 3. 16, col. 95 

(f6at .i. clar no crann, O'Dav.). 
fuiled, gen., 8363. 
fuilgib, pL dat., 4891, to folach ?. 
fuilide, hloodred, 8039 (fuilidhe, O'CL). 
fiiirigim, I delay; fo-rui-recbt, 6041. 
fuismiud, 7138. 
fulach, 986. 

fdnd, preparation, 5885. 
furse6racht,y»^/«7, 6684. 


gabrai, dat, horse, 4781 (the nom. sgr is 

gobur, Corm.). 
gabul-rind, a pair qf compasses, 6664. 
giele, 7431 «giile, q.v. 
gielim, 134T, 6167 » gaolaim .1. brisim, 

/ break, O'Cl. 
gdeth-gail, 5003. 

g<[ethrige, wisdom, cunning}, 5978. 
gdilaigim, 1733. 
gailbech, blustery, 71 ; sg. gen. f., fogur 

gdeithe gere gailblge, H. 3. 17, p. 146*^ 


gaile (leg. gdile), 3167, 3903, 5437, 6058, 
6475, 6487, 7301, 7599. 

T 2 



gailigi sg. dat., ma<w^ belly t^ 73^8. 
giine, 59i9«=gaoine .i. maith,^(M/, 0*CI. 
gais galals, 646a. 
g£ise, 6037. 

galach, holdy 8121, 8340. 
galais, 6463. 
galar ined6in, 4158. 

galma (.1. cr^as, hardtbood, O'CK), 5547* 
garb, rough. Compounds: -cbacht, 2227 ; 
-chess, 918 ; -dath, 8287 ; -gaeth, 4288 ; 
-gnfmach, 5750 ; -greim, 6286 ; -gren- 
nacb, 5784 ; -lonn, 3894 ; -ron (l^g* 
-br6n?), 4675; -Sruth, 1678; thene, 902; 
-theniiy 6551, 6798. 
garbdae, 1959, 3397, 5799i 7995- 
garbdath, 8287. 
garg-ruide, 1078. 

gart, 3078, 6607 ; gart-gI6ir, 4527. 
gartrad, 3606. 
gee congreim, 3085. 
Geimin B Gemini, 218 ; Gemin, 241. 
geimlech, 5591 ; gemlech, 6325, 7149. 
geint » gentes, 8340. 
geintide, 8027 ; geinntide, 8087. 
g6ir-cbert, 3229. 
g4ire, 6391, ibarpiess* 
gelbdae, 3155, 3187, 4227, 43^7, 8382. 
gtXyfair. Compounds : -fele, 8075 ; -gart, 
3375; -glor, 5407; -gn6is, 4334, 4584; 
-gr6ad, 2750. 
gelda, 5990. 

gelt, 3441. 

gemen, 190. 

genbda, 5990. 

ger-gaile, 8203. 

gertha, 5470. 

g^r-thind, jJbarp-Jtrong, 3438, 3628, 6076, 

gtei, gen., 3635. 

gcstal, 4363 ^geastal .1. gniomh, deedf 0*C1. 
^aly pledge, 1935. 
gialU, 2343. 
ginmar, 8122. 

gin6I, 5899. 
gl^ed, 6794. 
gldedim, 6554. 
gldim, ace, 5995. 
gldma, 263, 3277 ; glamma, 6383. 
glammairecht, 8301 — glamaireachd, con- 
Jtanthabblingi, O'R. 

glamrad, clamour} , 920. 

glan,/f/r^. Compounds : -ieb, 5378 ; -aige, 
5179; -dil, 5707, 6304; -aingel, 4604; 
-alt, 6038 ; -alt6ir, 4868, 7558 ; -big, 
5542; -blad, 659, 1203, 1799; -b6aid, 
2278, 2688, 4798, 5094* 5262, 7162, 7430 ; 
-ch6t, 5026; -chfall, 1582, 3306, 4106, 
6127 ; -chobais, 4392 ; -chocriib, 3242 ; 
-dath, 7095; -dil, 1207; -dfrge, 3371; 
-edpart, 7300; -elc, 6122, 7486; -fial, 
7590; -ffr, 3523; -gaisse, 2830; -g^c, 
7074; -geltad, 8333; -geltaid, 3078; 
-g^r, 6595 ; -glanna, 7859. 7879 ; -gi4d, 
39»3; -grfan, 570; -leir, 3294, 3362; 
-If, 2982; -m£m, 2302; -miad, 3130, 
7526 ; -phailm, 7686 ; -riad, 596 ; -r6n, 
16 1 4, 6962 ; -thimna, 4612 ; -thogairt, 
462 ; -th6isech, 4970 ; -thor, 5138. 

glanbda, 69, 24741 5i43> 6877i 788a. 

glanna, 7167. 

glann-chor, 5144. 

glassa?, 6039. 

gl6, clear, in chevilles ; g. cenmeth, 428. 
Compounds: -alt, 7659 (.i. glain-innsce, 
clear speecby O'Cl.) ; -brath, 7704; -chert, 
3244, 3574 ; -druimm, 5560 ; -garb, 
6462; -gelt, 3993; -glan, 3820, 4327, 
7402; -graim, 1467; -nathir, 3856; 
-nocht, 7312 (pi. -nuicht, 1358) ; -rath, 
618; -thinac, 1695. 

glea, 3999. 

gl^ad, 2830. 

gledail, 7176. 

gl6re, abundance (.i. iomad, O'Cl.), 6403. 

gleith, grazing f 6299. 

gleo-chuaird, 2651. 



gleoir, bright, 7191, 74oa> 7499- 

gleor, bright y 1028, n. pi., 161 1. 

gleorda, luminous y 495. 

I. gl6r, iar ngl^rib, 3310. 

3. gler, 4569. Compounds: -daith, loai ; 
-den, 5787 ; -din, 6909. 

gleraib, glerib, in chevilles: g. cath, 873, 
5577; g.ellach,5783; g.crech,6409,6739. 

gl^raim?, 5164. 

glerda, 6887, for gleorda, q.v. 

gl^ib, pi. dat., 6945. 

gl6thech, 161 1, 4399, 4845. 

gl^the (gtethe .i. glan, O'Gl.), pi. dat., 8206. 

glinn, clear, 6669. 

glinne, eleameul, 6577. 

glfphit, torment y 8363. 

gl6ir, nMJCy 1368. 

gl6r (.1. glan, pure, O'GI.), 6577. Com- 
pounds: -glonnacb, 8107; -grid, 2341; 
-uill, 151. 

glora (gl6ra?), 2939. 

gidrdsLC, purijUed, 475, 4367. 

gluair hgn^, pure (the) Jkind, a cheviUe, 203. 

gn^ssad, 2907, 4407. 

gnatb-chuibde, usual harmony , 722. 

gnathmar, 687. 

gnfm, deedy in chevilles : g. cain, 347 ; g. 
cert, 3167, 3439, 3697, 4535; g. c6ir, 
7183 ; g. glan, 7121 ; g. gann. 3219 ; g. 
glinni, 4025 ; g. ngl€, 3061, 3281, 3593, 

4357, 4567. 5oii> 5377, 5707, 5857, 6017, 

6213, 7547; g. rigiTy 5137, 5869; g. 

ngrinn, 5143 ; g. n-amnas, 5306, 6454 ; 

g. n-6g, 5591, 7661 ; g. glanna, 7269 ; 

g. hdana, 7351 ; g. ngfir, 7371 ; g. cen 

chol, 5243. In compounds: -gart, 4266 ; 

-greth, 8327. 
gnfmraid grdid, 5133. 
gnith, 8 1 18 (perhaps gnioth, a shouty uproary 

goe, co-goe, 2078. 
go^t, «was wounded (pret. pass, of gonim), 


g6 grene, sunray, pi. ace. gr6ne g6ho, 8098 

(go J. ga, speary O'Cl. ; goth neid, ib.), 
golach, 5921, 6192; a license for galach?. 
golgiir, lamentation, 7078. 
golmar, <wail/uly 959. 
golphartach, 876 »= golfartach, LU. 33^, 

gorfad(?), 2734. 
gorm-chath, red battle (gorm, .1. dearg, 

O'CL), 6559. 
grach, 71, 2449« 
grid ( = gradus) . Compounds : -gart, 7262; 

-gemm, 2254; -gl6ir, 4334; -glonn, 

6039 ; -greit, 7194 ; grinn, 2879 ; -mfad, 

graigechda, 8187. 
graim, 3687. 

griinne ah-guir, a cheville, 77. 
grinaigter, 8307. 

griamaVy/ull qfgrainy/ulleared, 3332. 
graph (from graphium), 1341 ; where it 

seems to mean a serpent's sting, 
graphainn, 8303, 8222. 
grita, gradda (.i. oirdheirc, conspieuousy 

O'Cl.), 4959, 5015. 
^iiCyWoman} y 1 299 ; seems borrowed from 

O. W. gureicy or Com. grec. So gruag ,\, 

bean, O'Cl. 
gr^im, 3361 ; pi. n. gr^mmann, 3357- 
greiss, 2561; may bc = 0'Clery's greis .i. 

orgain, destruction, 
grell, 933. 

grenchaib, pi. dat., 378. 
greth, a shout (greath .i. giir, O'Cl.), 7620, 

7666, 8062, 8138. 
grfan, sun. Compounds : -amra, 8275 ; 

-brug, 1868. 
grfb (Lat. gryphus), a griffin : gen. grfbi, 

921; comp., -gal, 7195. 
gr flxla, griffonishy 938. 
grinn-gel, 5907 (grinn .i. glan, O'Cl.). 
grfss,gris, 1155,1881,2561,3959,5423,6563. 



gruad, 6559. 

guinech, dealing ^oundj^ 3894, 8340. 

gus, 187 1, 7587 ; .1. gniomh, deed, O'Cl. 


iarfus, s-fut. sg. i, of iarfaigim, / aii, 7837. 

iann-ua, great^grandjon, pronrposy 34981 
3634, 5706 ; ind iarmui (gl. apnepotes), 

iath (J. fearann, land, O'Cl.), 7445. Com- 
pound: -mass, 7938. 

fd, 6603 ; idh,goodfjujt, 0*R.: cf. I6vs}, 

iffema, 8285 ; a license for iffernach Uifemah 

ily manyy 7996 ; where il seems a license 
for i/i. Compounds: -adba, 7364; -del- 
bach, 4312; -tairthech (a license for 
-toirthech), 470a, 

ilar, multitudey in chevilles: i. mbla, aoi ; 
i. blad, 5465 ; i. mbrath, 875 ; i. crfch, 
6347 ; i. diil, 6977 ; i. ndelb, 43^1* 
Compound: ilar-chiin, 4314. 

imbdnugud?, 6355. 

imbrue?, 7395. 

inmi-aithber, mutual reproach, 1479. 

imm-amnas, ntery harsh, 11 30, 3616. 

immar, oj, like, 581 ; later, mar, 3187. 

immarbies, 366. 

imnurdol, 3410, for immfordol, q. v. 

inmi-irim, a great number, 4353. 

immasech, in tunu, 3743, 2899. 

imm-athlam, 'oery rapid, 896, 5354. 

imm-chenn, dwble-beaded, 1 1 30. 

imm-chloemchlod, interchange, 3397. 

imm-chl6im, 1 change, 4697. 

imm-chloi thech, changefld ? , 1 4 . 

imm-chobair, to assist greatly, 4556. 

imm-chres!«, very narrow, 3646, 4364, 44 i4i 

imm-chumung, very narrow, 34a. 

iromdel?, 3881. 

imm-dil, very dear, 4803. 

imm-druine, great skill}, 566. 

imm-eclach, very timid, 4830. 

imm-esbaid, ace, great deficiency, 4966. 
imm-forbiur, 3d sg,, t-pret. imforba[i]rt, 

imm-forddol {;-6xi\), great error, 3458, 4334, 

7106, 7618 (fordal, error, O'Cl.). 
imm-format, ^r^^ ^irz^, 556, 3138. 
imm-gann, very bitter}, 934, aoo6, 3038, 

6158 (gann J. goirt, O'CL). 
imm-gel, very fair, 3939. 
imm-glan, very pure, 65 ao* 
immirfm, 4986. 

imm-Un (immSlin?), 7443, 7454. 
imm-16n, ^r^>tf/ weakness ?, 3138, 5570. 
imm-nir, itfTf mo<^i^, 3 3 1 4, 4793, 5 370, 68 30. 
mm-nertaid, great strengthening, 503a. 
imm-nochta, great nakedness, 6688. 
immracht, sg. 3d, t-pret of immigim ?, 

3641, 3835, 3847, 3913, 4310; imm-us- 

r*-acht, drove it about}, 5506; immact 

(gl. jecit). Lib. Arm., is the same word, 

minus the infixed ro» 
immracul, 4106. 
imm-riim, / row, or go, about, perf. sg. 3 ; 

imra, 3647. 
immrisnech, contentious, 3306 ; from im- 

imm-ruachtain, 5883. 
imm-s^na,^ra/ denial (s6ia), 3773. 
imm-Slin, very sqfe, 3483, 3658, 5346. 
imm-iruth, a great stream, 4160, where it 

seems to mean diarrhoea, 
inmi-thacht, 6503. 
imm-thiirc, 4314. 
imm-thaltach, 7094, a license for immthol- 

tach, very desirous, 
imm-thelgud, dtfecation, 5430, 635a. 
imm-tbesbaid, great defect, 4610. 
imm-thliith, very sqft, 4066, 5678, Ti^i, 
imm-tbimmcbell, a i, around him, 5754, for 

n-i. around you, 3916. 
imm-tholtacb v. immtbaltach. 
imm-thr^gud, a great ebbing, 3548. 
imm-thr^n, very strong, 503a, 6330. 



imm-thr6ag, 'vtry nvretcbcd, 1286. 
imm-thugai a great coverings 7274. 
imm-thiis, leadings preceding, 2095, 4964. 
immua-cuaird, around about, 5976. 
imm-iiall, exeeuive pride, 556. 
imne?, 6179. 
impartain, 1482. 
ixnrige, 2873, read immrfgni, sluggisbness, 

dilatorinejj K 
imtar, imdar, for in-batar, 4659-4664. 
imthach, adulterous, meretriciotu, 3175 ; lai- 

cbessa imtha, pL ace. Raw!. B. 512, fo. 

42\ 2. 
in-beogud, quickening, T044. 
inceil, ace, 7443. 
indaTi // seemed, 6079. 
indlide, 8 1 47, prepared ?. 
indliss, 5818. 
indna?, 4695. 
iniSy a fortified (artificial ?) island used as a 

storehouse, 3396. 
ros-indre, 5607, 

innarthaibi 6266 » indredaib (gl. uagationi- 

bus), Ml. 8i»>. 
insa, 7505. 
iDt[S]Uuchtach, having intelHgenee,262, 1238, 


fr ( -= Lat ira), 92 1. Hence 

frach, 4086, 5482, 5632, 5749, 6500, 6530. 

irCy 1691 : bith mo ircc doiusa, interfectio 
mea mihi est, Z\ 61. 

irdaig, 4191 «aurdaig. 

fr-diuid, 3984, for ffr-diuid ?, 3984. 

ir-glaiii 'very pure, 5136. 

ro-irscart, carved}, 7669, 7696. 

feligtbe (MS. islidte), abased, 3482. 

r\m2Lchi, eunuchs } , 7212. The same loan- 
word seems to occur, Rawl. B. 512, fo. 
60 a. I. in the legend of Eugenia: 
d[^] iunaich . . . immailli frfa. Tecmaid 
in-araili 16 hf 7 a hiunaige sech toeb 


lac, 6791. 

lachtoc»Lat. lactuca?, 3913. 

Ideschur?, 5723. 

Idesechu, ace. pi., 3978. 

liiehess, lay<woman, 4385. 

Idid 16rda, 4279. 

Idided, 6645 = laoidbeadh .i. greasacht, ex' 

hortation, O'Gl. 
lainderda, lainnerda, brilliant, 2928, 2934, 

3022, 8077. 
lainib, pi. dat., 3408, 5634. 
laisi (liisi ? 16isi ?), ace, 4326. 
limachtad, handling, touching, 2882, 3032. 
l^m-dia, lit. handgod, ace. pi. l<bndeo, tera' 

phim, 3016, 3026, 3037. 
Xkn, full, in compounds: -brass, 2354; 

-b6aid, 7674 ; -chaingen, 8225 ; -daille, 

7180; -des, 3350; -dilgenn, 1548; -gel, 

998 ; -les, 1 192 ; -Ifn, 5004 ; Ifnaim, 5076 ; 

-mall, -mass, 104, 4358, 5108, 6755 ; 

-rfge, 6704 ; -rith, 260 ; -torud, 4486. 
lanaide, 8041. 
landae, 5431. 
largud, 880. 

l£r-n, apud nostmm, 649. 
lassa?, 8072. 
lathar, in chevilles : 1. ngle, 381, 2507, 3899, 

5063, 5997; 1. ndU, 1057, 4193, 5441, 

7305; ni 1. ndil, 3569; 1. ndein, 5861; 

1. ndu, 3023 ; 1. ngrinn, 5089, 7067 ; 

1. trice, 6813. 
lithar, 7319. 

Idthraim ?, rolathair, 2853. 
legart, 2834. 
Iege6n (*»Lat. legio), ten thousand, 762, 

16ignid, lector, 4390, from 16gend, as serib- 

nid from serfbend. 
leittreib, dat., 2179, 47^0. 
16naim, liunaim, Ihurt, 2686, 5267 ; perhaps 

also 6531. 



leod, mangling^ 880 (leodh .i. leadradh no 

gearradh, O'Gl.). 
16om, I'wn, 832a. 
lerg, billside^ 2870, 6298, 7019. In 6779, 

8073, 8188,8207 the meaning is doubtful, 
lerggach, 3279. 
16re liiy 7019. 
ler, in compounds: -gl6r, 366 ; -m6r, 2722 ; 

-61, 4443; -thol, 611. 
lethan, <wide^ in chevilles: 1. sc^l, 6215; 

1. smacht, 1295. 
letb-rann, balf-fart^ 2351. 
leth-ulcha, half-beard^ 6720. 
letraim, I tear ^ cut^ 6379, infinitive, letrad, 

X\z, flood, 1674 (.i. tuile, O'Gl). 
liacoir {liac-6ir?), 3370: cf. Ifag-dhealg, 

Ifan-mag, 679. 
Ifgaide, 380, 8149. 
Hg-dath, 7283. 
lig-thorba, 1361. 
Ifn, number y and dat. pi. Ifnib, in chevilles : 

1. cert, 3373 ; I- a sl6ig, 3379 ; 1. a tuir, 

4471; Ifnibsess,i5i3; 1. gal, 1543, 2949; 

Lluad, 2290 ; 1. lathar, 2799 \ 1* ^% 39^5 ; 

L drech, 3479; J* tuath, 3834; 1. legart, 

2834; 1. gial, 2971, 2989, 3029, 5221; 

1. ollgraid, 4326; 1. smacht, 6683; co 

l(nibsc61, 5153. 
Ifn-brat, Vmen sheet , 5973* 
linn-muir, 2566 = muir-linn, 285, 287. 
lith, yrj/rwi/, in chevilles: 1. cengeis, 275; 

1. cenl^n, 6657 ; L cenmeth, 561 ; 1. cen- 

chol, 6327 ; I. cennach col, 2591 ; 1. roch- 

I0S9 455; 1* nglanna, 1201; 1. ngarta, 

5695 ; 1. Idn, 2783 ; 1. ]6r, 2823 ; 1. n-6g, 

2853; L fri bdig, 4247. Compound: 

Ifth-laithe, 81 01, 8148. 
Hud, accusation^ 4647 ; W. Uiwed. 
loburda, <weakenedy 2902. 
loga, 998. O'R.'s logha, splendid, from 


16ir, 2361. 

loittim, I hurt f 3483. 

lola (?), 2940. 

lom-nachtach (for -nochtach), quite naked, 

lonn, angry, (6gdn lonn .i. 6gdn feargach, 
O'Cl., s.v. lonn6gin). In compounds: 
-big, 5722 ; -bigach, 5726 ; -brass, 900, 
3617 ; -bruth, 6795 ; -b6aid, 6554, 

16rdae, 225, 501, 4279, 5431. 

16rdata, 8177. 

16r-m6ad, 610. 

16ad, a speaking, 7290, in chevilles : 1. hdil, 
369; n-^im, 1541 ; 1. cert, 3143; >• 
ngrinn, 3437 ; 1. ngle, 3913, 7181. 

luam, 6057. 

luarda, 6791, 8188 (16ar .i. borb). 

luath-lasair, s<wift flame, 8207. 

lubrach, diseased, 2902, from lubhra .i. 
easldinte, 0*C1. 

luibne, t<wigs, 7291 « luibhne .i. meoir, 
fingers, 0*C1, 

luth, 3031, 5913. 


mael, tonsured, and thence priest, 2256 : but 

in 2975, blunt, obtuse i. 
magar, 7858, small fish, Corm. Tr. 120. 
mag-r6id, 308. 
mainbthech, 4701, seems O'Clery's mainbh- 

theach; but the meaning (cealgach, crafty) 

which he assigns to this word does not 

suit in 4701. 
mairre, 3733, leg. miir-r^ ?. 
mil, /r/nrr (maglos, W, mael), iioi, 3431, 

4497i 53^^> 6629. In 865 it seems an 

adj., noble (mil .i. uasal, O'CI.). 
mandrad, destruction, 7ioo = menradh .i. 

milleadh, O'CI. 
mares = myrias, fivptdf, ten hundred thousand, 

mathigim, 6663. 



matlnda, mudmtimmj, 4403 ; a r6tla matiiidai ! 

RawL B. 513, Uy, 4a*. a. 
matody 5753, applied to Goliah. 
inedar, nturanct^ 2899, 544 5, 5949. 
medra, 3975. 
mdrb, acc^ 6297, seems = meirbhe X breg, 

m lit, CCL 
meirbligey 8171. i 

meirg, dat. 5337 -meirc fgL erngo) Sg^ 5a», 

seems here used In the fig. meaning of 

emvy, iO-^xnll. 
meirge, 4003, (X bratach, stamdari^ O'CL). • 
n»«rfe, tbeft, 3568, 3570. 
TD^Zy t crafts 3063, and Conn. 
iD^iunaib, 4359, leg. menmnaib ?. 
menmaigim, 4149, 8216, leg. menmnai- > 

menmanrad, menmannrad, menmandrad, 

3368, 6306, 6854. 
mennar, mennair, 311, 783: cf. cen men* 

nan- ^gL nideticet; ML 35 d. 33. 
roeraim, rot«mera, 1710. j 

mer, mad. Compounds : -slnag, 4806 ; 

-fxaHacb, 6686. 
merbe, wdstake « meirbhe J. mearbball, 

merda,yvrRiic/, 5753, 5989, 817 1. 
mert, barmy hmrt, 4053. 
mertaim {^a-fupim}}, 1673, i7ii» 2779, 

3039, 3071, 3633. 
mertatn, nvt ar uttjj, 3445. 
mertnech, /tr6U, /atigutJ, 3453, 4541, 


mesraib, 44, dat. pL of mesor = menscra ? 
mesrugod, mtnimrarey 44. 
met, in cberilles: m. glanna, 99; m. gal, 
1507,6441,6843; nLbla,4403; nucath, 

7335; m. rath, 7325- 
methlad, 1143, read meth lat ? (meth, 

jikimt, 4571;. 
miad-bla, 3303. 
mOib, ^-itb thotuamdj, m cberiKes: m. li, 

3491; m. rann, 4967; m. gne, 5149; 


m. sccl, 5389, 5551 ; m. bla, 5^: m- 
triath, 7475- 

milide, 480. 

miltnecht, scUirriitg, ^Dorfarcy 6594, 6918. 

mind-Dar, 12 10. 

mtrr, mjrrbj 7540. 

miscadacfa, accmrsed^ ^I9^t 2423 ''mioscaith 
.L maBachd, O'CL;. 

mo for imm6 : noo a m^, artmmd its really 
905, for inuD-o ; mo-dilfat, 3836. 

moch-thinic, early cajmcj 3867. 

mod, «cr«-^, in cheriUes: m. nglanna, 861, 
5319; m.ngl^ 3575, 3247, 3^3. 3745, 
3765, 3783, 4099, 4"9. 4891, 54 19, 7787; 
m.n-in, 3943,4463,5583,7623; m.ndil, 
3415. 3S53; m-cert, 3431, 4307, 5759* 
6497 : m. nglan, 3757, 74^ ; m- n-cim, 
4417, 5263; m. n-6a^, 454»5 m. mass^ 
4953. 5023; m. ngemlech ngle, 7149; 
m. mbUitli, 7381, 7471; m. cen 1^ 
51 II, m. cen Im*, 6665. 

modmar, 4571. 

mogaid, 7427, slaves. 

inMa. 5753. 

molbthacfa, /rizurorv-r^, 494^, 7810. 

molbtbo^aib, dat. pL, lamds ?, 4334. 

molmar, 4572. 

mooar, L\. oboir, <r«ri, O'CL'k, mooor, ia 

cheriLes: m. hgian, 999: m. ngl^, 437, 

*3n. 2487, 3797,4145. 43C3» 4535, 4557, 
4667, 4807, 5983; m. decht, 3933; m. 

cert, 4339; m. n-ada, 6519; m. ndein, 

. 4643 : m. m4ad, 793<>- 

monnar bal, 1435. 

vc6r, great, m cheriHes : m. in Mi tju hr , 115; 
m. in inairg, 7387 ; m. n-athhach, 973 ; 
m. mbU, 5659: m- seel, 5731, 7329, 
7553 ; m. am-mfad, 7467. In ccm- 
pocnds: -ar, 3342; -chad, 6493; cha- 
tkair, 444, 735^; -cheist, 3S64 : -chin, 
66S4, 6S53; -chlass, 4050: -cbozzadio, 
8309; -diil, 755*; -<^ 7406; -dfth, 
591 1 ; -droog, 548 ; -ferg, 665c ; -gaire, 




2198 ; -glan, 4569 ; -gluair, 4074 ; -gorta, 

3384; -grdd, 6470; -grddach, 5738; 

-grdin, 5966, 7249 ; -fachtad, 916 ; 

^loinges, 4748 ; -maith, 7500 ; -martra, 

8179; -iniad, 6414, 6482, 6672, 7490; 

-mind, 6806 ; -molad, 59^2 ; -mong, 

5362 ; -mongach, 8105; -olc, 1330, 1348 ; 

-pheccadi 7200; -phopul, 4104; -thr^t, 

7024; -thiiath, 2780. 
mudaigim, destroy, 1680, inf. mudugodi 

6712, 6984. 
muinbi, 2752. 

muincinn, a sea-straity 3987. 
muirech,/or^,0*R., 3925, 5263, 5583, 5926, 

6629, (each r^im imma muirecb, LL. 


muirlinn (^linnmuir, supra), 285, 287. 
in6ra, 8078. 


nachar-, not tu ; nacbar-16n, do not hurt us, 
1726; dd nachar-cobrai, <u;i&f is it that 
thou dost not help us ? 

niir, 1086,4558, gen. ndir, i759i 4181,5488, 

narbar ( » ni-rob-bar), be ye not, 4842. 

nassad, 8369, in cbevilles: n. ndangen, 811, 
4175 ; n. ndil, 2343, 2587 : n. ngI6, 467, 
i095> 2537, 4932; n. ngrinn, 2731; n. 
nglan, 8141 ; n. n-imlan, 2418. nassaid, 
4315 is perhaps a metrical license, 

necht, 57 3> /«"•'• 

n^ib, 4i9-=n^im, 467, 7257. 

n61, cloudf nuallaib n. a cheviJIe, 5805. 

nem-aicsid, invisible , 330. 

nem^le, bemoaning, 8073. 

nemide, poisonous, 7 150. 

nem-n^l, heaven-cloud, 7462. 

nem-thech, heavenly house, 573, 2744, 3745* 

nessaim, 534, pi. of nessam, nearest, 538, 


nfab, 1819,7135, 7413- 

nfabacb, 112. 

niam, colour, 43 15. 

nibar ( = ni-b-bar), be ye not, 3641, nibur, 

4871 ; nibfor, 4872; nifor(n), 1238. 
ni-char-fail, non nobis est, 1560. For the 

ch, cf. ci-chib-foniireth, I. B. T. 
nid-ar-n, <we are not, 1609,3626, cf. perhaps 

no-dar-b^-ne .i. biaidh linne, 0*C1. 
nifor(n), see nibar. 
ninach, 8026. 
ni-r, not us, 2747; cf. for the pronoun 

nor-laoidheann .i. doni ar ngreasacht, 

nfth, 3615, 4085, 5967, 6041. 
no for na, the article, ace. pi. 4304. 
nocho-for-bia, non vobis erit, 4063, 
noeb, holy. Compounds: -aingel, 8193; 

-arbar, 8255; -dind, 6026; -d6il, 7422; 

-find, 5488; -gel, 6886; -glan, 7302; 

-n^r, 782, 2170, 3926; -nem, 128, 312, 

6842, 7000, 7 1 16, 7x86, 7488, 7802; 

-rath, 7154; -ri, 7995; -riagul, 2339; 

-thinic, 2153; -thlacht, 1308; -6ag, 

4262, 5878. 
n6isech, famous, compar. -u, 1145 (n6is 

.1. oirdheirc, O'Cl.). 
n6ithech,^i770fu, conspicuous, (J. oirdheirc, 

O'Cl.), 13, 1463, 2291, 2758, 5140, 5i73» 

5589, 7943. 
noithi miiil, 2585, 6681. 

n6s, 1892. 

n6all, in chevilles: n. cendeith, 2617; n. 

cen l^n, 6827 ; n. nad cress, 5189 ; nua- 

laib n^I, 5S05. 


6c, young. Compounds : -b6, a young cow, 
(ace. dual, di 6cbde), 5426 ; -dam, 4x12, 
4120; -duine, 4589; -ech, 7688. 

occurus, hunger, 8379. 

6cda, 7349. 

ochair, edge, 3746, 6578. 

ochrach (leg. ocrach), ravenous, 898. 

6egaire, shepherd, 7716. 




6ene -= ieiunium, 7600. 

6entadach, 6540. 

6g(lae, 4227, 6558, 7516. 

6g-ratb, 3810, 7499. 

6ibnech, 5174. 

oisce (?), 2844. 

01imp« Olympus, 125; Olimpus, 634. 

oil, great ( » iroXXor). Compounds : -blad, 

459, 3323; -g«4d, 628, 4446; -mir, 

6762 ; -m6ad, 6574. 
omar, trough, channel, oimrib uiscidibi 2958 

-"'canalibus aquanim,' Gen. xxx. 41 

6mnacby uamnach,^ai/tf/, 7763. 
ong-galar, 1453. 

orc-rad, s<wme, 7618 (ore = porcus). 
or-olly 4214. 
orotj^br thee, 1073. 
orthad, 6159, ^^* him go }, (orta .1. imthigb, 

ortbonaib « orationibus, 4323. 
6s3Lr'brith3Lir, yotmgejt brother, 3587. 
oscor, 2839. 


paitt, a leathern bottle, 63 11. 

pennaind'poenitentia, 1580. 

piair, sister, na df phiair, 7467 : cf. for p 

(exsv?) piuthar. 
pfan - poena : comp. -guba, 1867. 
pfanaim, I pain, 5418. 
Pise = Pisces, 217. 
pligud, 879. 
prfm- B primus. Compounds: -adbar, 6244 ; 

-alt6iry 4265 : -chaindelbra, 4339; -eha- 

thair, 422, 454, 474, 6658, 6680, 7348; 

-ehinneeht, 2920 ; -ehomairiid, 6652 ; 

-ehubat, 2527; -dorus, 7356; -d6n, 7342; 

-fdith, 5388, 7132 ; -gaetb, 47 ; -geinne, 

-gindi, 3676, 4026; -goibneehty 4190; 

-ined, 6412; -laiehas,78i8; -lethy429o; 

-maithiu, aee. pi., 8146; -pbeecthaeh, 

8349? •r6t,5396; -th6iseeh, 5388* 

psaltair«psalterium, in the title, gen. sal- 

trach, note after 7796. 
punann, ji6f4/; 3329, 3330. 


raehaine, 3004, for ro-ehdini. 

raeht (ro-aeht), see immraeht. 

rdd, in ehevilles: r. ngl6, 5671, 5709; r. 
een bratb, 6495. 

ragmas, 3961, for rogmas ?. 

rdidaib, dat. pi. 3103. 

rin'g\€, 787. 

rinmar, 1465. 

rath, 7355, 7947 (rath .i. baile, O'Cl.). 

reb, 7828, 7915 ; rebaib, 441 1 ; reba, 17 18. 

rebraeh, 2358. 

regtai, 4015. 

reilgee, 441 1. 

r6im, in ehevilles: r. n-oll, 139; r. een 
dfth, 6357 ; r, een brath, 6359 ; r. een 
doehta, 6687; r. n-aehtaeh, 7093; r. 
n-^, 5223; r. fobaid, 4555; r. ndein, 
2i57> 3347; r. Tin, 2947; r. ruanaid, 
5 1 17; r.hgl^, 2069, 6617, 7049; r.ndata, 
3933; r.ndil,4i04; r.n-6ag, 4921,7847; 
r. rog6r, 5258 ; r. iar ruth, 6043 ; r. eo 
rath, 6128 ; r. rdin, 6597. 

remidir, preparation ; rem6ir, 4352, 4356. 

rem-theehtaid,/or/;^orr, 7488, 7490. 

r^n, for r6en, 6788. 

renn, 2259. 

rethaib, in ehevilles: r. 2259; r. reeht, 
4955 ; r. rid, 5215. 

rfan, sea, 2631, 2643; ruithnib riian(?), 

rfan-feth, 7616. 

riasea, paludis ?r 3 9 3 3 • 

riastrai, 878. 

rfathur, 3336. 

rfgda, in ehevilles: r, inbla, 105; r. rid, 
4243 ; r. gais, 4875 ; r. ell, 6677 ; r. sc^l, 
7231; r. trial], 7237; r. smaeht, 7331; 




r. ail, 7463 ; r. fecht, 7605 ; r. in s6t, 

rf, gen. rig, king. Compounds: rfg-diil, 

6818 ; -doss, 796 ; -flal, 568, 7785 ; -rann, 

3650; -recht, 821a; -r6n, 4134; -sossad, 

550; -sruth, 504; -threb, 3647. 
riges, 5190, for riches,^/ww^ ?. 
rigthess (rfg-thess ?), 7250. 
rind, rinn, j/ar. Compounds: -balcc, 123, 

2671; -gel, 778, 4094; -glan, 7292; 

-mas, 5636; -nem, 510, 7050, 8221, and 

perhaps rind-rethait, 131. 
rintriuchta (?), 1837. 
rith-rosc, 7923. 
ro for ra = fria, 1990, 2179, 2990: with 

pron. rot, rut. 
robar fo\3L,Jiuxuj janguinlSf 7642. 
ro-balcc, very strong, 
ro-bliith, 7616. 

ro-b6adach, very victorious^ 7572, 8269. 
ro-chiin, very f cur ^ 4378, 
ro-chr6as, great valour^ 6022. 
roddet, 1627. 
ro-dfas, a great pair^ 4470. 
ro-digrais, very excellent^ 4378. 
r6e-mag, 616 (r6e .i. magh, O'Cl.; rae .i. 

fearann, ibid.), 
roen. Compounds : -des, i o 1 8 ; -mag, 510. 
roenach, 4160. 
ro-nn, strong <wine, 6336. 
ro-garg, very fierce ^ 6082. 
ro-glan, very pure y 7684. 
rogmir, 627, 960. 
ro-gnith, 7242. 
ro-reil, 7684. 

rogud, 619 (gl. extensione), Ml. 37<*. 
ro-g(ir, 5258. 
roimsi, 7355, (roimhsi .i. peacadb, jiir, 

ro-maidm, a great breach ^ 6788. 
romra, 3982, 0'Clery's romhra .L romhara. 
ro^ro-char, multum amavit, 2816. Perhaps 

r6t-ro-baeth may be another example. 

3119. So do-ro-r-chair, H. 2. 17, p. 165*, 

unless this be a scribal mistake for do- 

ro-r6ad, very red, 4160. 
ro-sat(?), rosat glechert, 3574; rosat[t] 

riuin(?), 3983. 
ro-s€im, very s lender ^ 39. 
rosso, 6123. 
r6t, 2287. 

roithenach, serene^ 2395. 
roth, wheels orbQ), 1077. Compound: 

-mol, 199. 
riiam, 6094, 7289. 
Hiamna, 7339. 
Hianaid, strongs 6082. 
riian-dath, 205. 
riiathar, r6athur. In chevilles: r. cint. 

133 ; r. mbras, 4843, 6187 ; r. ngl6, 213, 

3335> 4903* 5681, 6013; r. cert, 2659, 

3795 ; r. n-dn, 341 1 ; r. hdil, 3779, 7437 ; 

r. ndein, 4765, 4937* 
rub»Lat. rubus, 3815. 
(ro)-nide, 7074. 
ruided, 8096. 
ruithess, 154, 7242. 
ruithnib rfan, 7143. 
ruithnigim, I cause to sbine/orth, 7537. 
ruth. In chevilles: 16ath a ruth, 3107; 

for-ruth, 3285, 4051, 741 1; r6\m far 

ruth, 6043. 


sacc, sacJk, 3548. 

saccail, to press into a sack, 3547. 

saccrad, f. sacks, 3036. 

sacerdote » sacerdotium, 4488, 4494, 5156. 

sadailecht, 8303. 

saechtairthir,979 ; perhaps forsechtaur-thfr. 

saerda, ennobled, 7337* 

Saigitair« Sagittarius, 220. 

sain. In compounds: -chomnart, 5159; 
-dil, 4234 (cf. sain-dilse, 0*Don. Supp.): 
-glicc, 2861, 4095 ; -§erc, 6834, 7485. 



sainigthe, 4583, 5846. 

sainigud, differentiating^ 'oarying^ 735^* 

sair siar, hither and thither^ 793^* 

siir-dron, 802. 

salm^/ja/m. Compound: -glan, 5822. 

salmda, 6063. 

samai (sammai ?), 6384, pi. dat. 8373. 

samlaid, altogether ; note after 7796. 

sam-s6gud (?), 6095. 

sanctiir<=sanctuariuin, 4256, 4258, 4317, 

4320, 4522, 4602, 4618, 4900. 
satbe, ivuarm, 6731. 
scaichsiu, 2904, infin. of scuchim. 
sc^l. In chevilles : s. do l^ir, 27 19 ; s. cen 

chessy 3509 ; s. ngrinn, 3627. 
scemel == scabellum, 546. 
sdatb, 9ving^ 43 1^; dn sciath (gL alarum 

tuarum), Ml. 39^. 21 ; hua sdathalb (gL 

ptonis suis), ML 39^. 23. 
Scoirp - Scorpio, 219, 253. 
scrusy 219. 
secde, 6337. 

sechem^ jhitttm-^vood, 4224. 
sedinad, 674. 

sechrad Qeg, sechnad ?), 642. 
secht-delbacb, upti/orm, Tin, 
atfdlang, 8111. 
s^gda, 1068, 3823, 4232, 4253, 5514, 6155, 

6888,7333,7441 (seagfadha .L ealadhanta, 

Uamedy 0*0.). 
segtait sl6ig, 459. 
segunn, 6065. 
seimlide, 8169. 


setrgthe, 4287. 

setrgtbedi, 1 446, 2738, VL^itbered, sbrrvelUdt, 

was r-sensus?;, 651, 2393. 

seiselbe, 8235. 

9as6j 8266, 8273. 

wBss fastis X baidhen, /r«f, O'CL;, pi. 

dat. sessib, 6946. 
sebtdi, bnvh^, 5355 : seaiaigh, O'CL 
selbcfaa, n. p^ 

selbda, 590. 

sell, 3595i (perhaps seall .1. seal, a 4paee of 
time, O'CL). 

semnach, 2875. 

s^na, denial, 3881. 

sencba, pi. n., 987. 

seol, in chevilles : s. seim, 8086 ; s. snassi, 

Serb, bitter. Compounds : -garg, 4758 ; 
-lomm (leg. lonn ?), 8209 ; -lonn, 6372. 

sergaim, / ^wither, dry up, 7279, 8209; 
infin. serggad, 7294. 

serig, strong, 4758, 5356, 5655-8eiric .1. 
liidir, O'CL 

sesrachaib, pi. dat., 2455. 

sesraib, pL dat, resemjoirs, vati, barrels 7, 
43 ; so in H. 2. 17, p. i46i», na barca 
cona sesraib, cona daraib ; and pL gen. 
LL. 169% ace. dub-iesra di rota rotaide 
monad. Cogn. with Lat sit-ula?. 

s^sta,pL gen., 8162. 

s^tad, 6$t, 
I stoigim, / maJke way {set), 8057. 

s^fadacb, 81 11. 

sfabar, 907, ghost h 

siabardae, 8159-siaborthe, LU. 44**(?). 
\ siabrae, 8210; slabra, 8305, n. pi. 

sian-brat, 1772. 

sid (s.'d?j, 261 1 ; sid ngJe, 7487. 

sidaigim, 5203. 

sir, long; iar sfraib, 7215. Compounds: 
-iidde, 8569; -den^n;, 5611; -dibad, 
482 ; -druhg, 2183 ; -ettia, 20S6 ; -fecht, 
8210; -iffem, 1772; -immthccht, 3748; 
-labra, 826; -siethrach, 1446; -4a%«d, 
4408; -s^liad, 4164; -^jV.he, %i^i \ 
-^j^jis, 362 ; -V/tUib 'pL dat.;, 499 ; 
-*ruth, 996 ; -thes, 154 ; -th&ne, 2112, 
8383; -thuist:^, 2818. 

sfrach, 6473, 79 14. 

sfrechtach, 874* 8 1 3 3 - W. hiraftf iy>g I 

^rHech, 6372, fiunArring ?; s'rtk*, plun* 
dering partUi, O'Dvs, ^ 'V?' 



sis, 6744. 

sfthbe, rod^ 4384 ; sithbe na sl6be ?, 8314. 

sithech, 34 a. 

sla, 4351. 

slaide, 6097. 

sXdLmmyJIocciu ? slaimm in pi., used as ace, 

5975 ; slamma snechta, Jlakes of mvwy 

524 : cf. slamanna, O'CL, s. v. sloch 

slamm(?), 269, 5353. 
slamm-derg, red-clotted}^ 4770. 
slamm-riiad, 5356. 
slin, jalviu. In compounds : -£eb, 54 ; 

-chaingen, 8097; -dilgud, 1654, -6im, 

slinaib sfd, 3375 (slin, tqfety^ repayment^ 

indemnttyy 0*Don. Supp.). 
slasaim, 6889 (slas .i. slaighe no marbhadh, 

slassa, 4071. 

slat-brfg, 5187 (slait 7 slatra .i. liidir, O'CI.). 
slattra, itrong^ 5365 ; adv. co-slattra, 5573. 
8l4bbaire, dovtml^ 3483 (slaopair, H. Soc. 

slecht, 307, 4189, cutting}. Hence 
slechtach, 3835. 
sleg, j^ar. Compounds: -derg, 5338, 

5790 ; -r6ad, 6778. 
sleoda, 6897. 
slind (gae), 5761* 
sUs-fota, hngiidedf 5790* 
sliucht, slicht, track, in chevilles : s. hgl^, 

2493, 3055, 3i45> 41351 49'9, 534I16155- 
6479 ; s. sid, 5679 ; s. n-6g, 3859, 3893, 
6605 ; s. roscar, 7419 ; s. cen chol, 5613 ; 
s. sldn, 5303 ; s. n-in, 5313; s. co mb(iaid, 

3957, 4073- 
slocht, slaughter {Jt)y 5103. 
8l6g, host. Compounds: -b{iadacb, 6933; 

-dil, 7406 ; -d6n, 4550 ; -rath, 4498. 
smachtaigim, 3637 ; infin. smachtugud, 

snimach, 3513. 

snas, 5633. 

sndd, 1603, 3331, 3589, 4353, 6131, 6663 ; 

adv, co-sn6id, 6435, 6865. 
I. snfim, 3639, 8378. 
3. snfim, snfsit, 6514 -> snisiot .i. dorigh- 

neadar cosnamh no cathughadh, O'Cl. 
snfmach, sad, 3747i 4930| ^474, ^529, 8306. 
sn6, 6759. 

sn6ad, 5957, 6145, 6891. 
sobiil, 3638. 
sobarthain, 7433. 
s6d cen greis, 6649. 
sodila, 60. 
sodalbtha, 6155. 
sodamna, 61 18. 
soenmind, 590. 
soer, s6ir, saer. In compounds: -£11,6580; 

-alt, 7757 ; -brfg, 5543 ; -biiaid, 7333, 

7863; -ddil, 4498; -dron, 803; -grid, 

3358, 3663, 4330; -grfnn, 3863, 7730; 

-slog, 6986. 
s6erda, saerda, 7337, 7783. 
so-gabtha, 64 ; so-gabtais, 3351. 
so-gr£d, 4183, 8383. 

soidngib, pi. dat. eojy}, 4539: cf. doidhge. 
soimled, 4693. 
solmse, 4366. 

sofrse (better sdirse), carpentry , 4189. 
solaig (s61aig?), 7303. 
so-menmnacb, cheerful, 3518. 
sonad, 833. 
sonaide, 3383. 
sonardib, pi. dat. 3778. 
s6nmige, prosperity, 8373 ; sg. dat. is- 

s6inmichi, Z^ 863. 
sonthach (perhaps s sonntach .i. luthghii- 

roach, O'Cl.), 4563, 4643. 
so-§id, 6443. 
so-smert, 6067. 
so-thochta, 3337. 
sribaib, pi. dat, 6780. 
sreb, stream, 43, 5475, 8305 ; so 
sreb-derg, redstreamed, 6780. 



srSm, I cajtf 5870, 6073. 

sr^n, 561 1, 6529. 

sren-^, 5779. 

sreng, 4293. 

srethy 27 1 1, 4319. In cheviUes: s. cen 

tiir, 4319; pL dat. srethaib; s. srath, 

i35i 4687, 5479 ; s. <ln)ng, 7905 ; s. (ath, 

2285, 4941; s. smacht, 513, 5383; s. 

sl6g, 6431, 7005 = s. sl6ag, 6905, 6997 ; 

s. sluaig, 2863 ; s. sc^ 6591 ; s. saergrid, 

6662 ; s. socht, 4083 ; s. sretta, 2475 ; 

s. grid, 4529; s. sell, 2595, 6659; s. 

gsd, 4939, 6527 ; s. seis, 5705 ; s. slecht, 

4027 ; s. sleg, 6269. Compounds : -bruig, 

6263, 6698 ; -chor, 5253 ; -sliiag, 2692, 

srethad, 2443. 
srethugudy 8259. 
sretta, gen. sg^ 2475. 
srib-grinn, 6479. 
sr6en, 269. 

sroib-tene (sulpbur-jire)^ JigJbtnh^y 8089. 
sruth, stream. In chevilles : s. na sreith, 

7047 ; sTOthaib fath, 2753. Compound : 

sruth-lind, 2513. 
srutbacb, streamy ^ 8139. 
sntithred, collection of streams y 6614. 
stad = stadium, 2712. 
stoc, trumpety 5061. 
stomacha, 4364. 
suachtarchom (?), 669. 
s6g=(Lat sucus), 5641, 6263, where it 

seems to mean strength, energy, spirit. 

The n. pL, s{iig, 4346, seems to mean 


snilgc* 4539i 7399- 

suilig, 4182, 5134, X sofulaing, O'Don. 

suillim ? no-suildis, 4348. 
suinig, 6544 ; perhaps = suinich, liberal^ 

suirded, 966. 
suimm « sununa, summit, chief, pi. dat., 

4241 ; nom., d6 i mbatar suimmi na 
sacart, Laud 610, fo. 12. a« 2 ; tancatur 
na suimmi sacart, ibid. 


tabemacul, f. 4514, 4580, 4864, 4880. 
tachaim (?), rado ; in the figurative sense, 

cid ta[ch]thi Dia, fwby do ye vex God} 

5530 ; t-pret., perhaps ros-tacht, 3453 ; 

or is this the s-pret. of tachtaim, ango i 
tachtae, 5971. 

tadail, 6326 ; for todail, baustus. 
tidrainn, 4338. 
taibled, a story (Lat tabulatum), 3450. See 

taiblide, tabulat, 4304. 
taicthech, 4661. 
taichme, 374, 431. 
ro-thiig, redupL perf. of techim, IJlee, 7903 

"tiich (gl. confugit, ML 32*>). 
tairbbech, tairpech, 5915. 
tairbe,/r^/, commodity, 7018. 
tiircim, 1 prepare, make ready, provide, 2624 ; 

2d pi. imper., tiircid, 2624 ; s-pret. act 

sg. 3, ron-tiraig, 1524. 
tairchert, 7738. 
tairchil, 4223. 
tair-ic, comes, 4699. 
tairinnim, / bend down, 4495, 7993. 
tairsin, 2903, 5959. 
taisced, 8246, store, ^wealth; 8246 where it 

is used with a pi. verb, 
talc, strong, 5077* 6767. Hence 
talgg3» 3^3> for talca, strength. 
tallaim c^ill, I lose hope, 2557. 
tan, adj., 803, 2187, 6853, 74oi, seems 

cogn. and synon. with a^rtviff and tenaz. 
tarat liim dar, lit. put hand over, subdued, 
tarbaige, looi, profit, fruitfulness. 

1. Urcai, targca[i], 5 ; seems 3d sg, im- 
perf. (?), from tiircim. 

2. tarcai, targcai, targai, surpassed}, 4498, 



7003, 7163, 8174. I" ^679 ^^c meaning 

is obscure, 
tarccacht, 7213. 
tarfuaraid, 7637, remansit, 
targtais, 6775, for do-regtais, redup. ady 

pres. pi. 3 of torgim, / come, 
ta-r-gdamtha, 2714 ; ta-r-glammair, 1637, 

from teclammaim, tecmallaim, / collect. 
targleo, 3015. 
tarimthecht, transgr'esuon^ 94, 574, 864, 

1526, 1534, 1558. 6498. 
tarmhic, 3259. 
tarmmairt, tarmairt, 1688, 3260, 4717, 

6444, 6923 ; tarmart, 4123, 4744* 6900; 
tarmartad, 6735. 
timactar, redupl. perf. pL 3 of tair-icim, 

tarrasar, stetl^ 1819 ; tarrasair, stetit^ mofuit, 

1633, 2237, 5109, 543^; <icp. perf. of 

tarscur, 2294, for trascur, overthrowing, 

inf. of trascraim. 
tarsnu, athwart, 172. 
tascaid, 3515 =- taiscid, inf. of taiscim. 
tass, 1829, 5107, 7591 ; tas .1. comhnaidhi, 

tath, 2054, perhaps tath .i. taobh, iide, 

tath-beogud, to revivify^ 7120. 
tathellach, 81 17. 
tath-lassair, 3792, dry flame} (tath .i. searg, 

tathl6gud, 8117. 
Tauir- Taurus, 217, 239. 
tauttacht, coming, 4420 * tuttacht, q, v. 
techel, tojlee, 6219. 
tech talman, 3 196 = O.N. jar^{is, Landn. i, 

ch. 5. 
teclai, 6765. 
teclaigim, 8002. 
tecrais, 4439* 
tedmnach, dijeased}, 946. 

teduar, 7543- 

teipim, / cut, separate, 29, 7869 (teibeadh 

.i. buain, O'Cl.). 
teisc (for teist ?), 5846. 
teist, testimonium, 3583. 
telchinni, 4269. 

te\'%\zs, greefifaced, 2670 (tel for tul). 
terbaide, 8319, for terbaige?: cf. a ter- 

baig .i. a galar, Ir. Texte, 818. 
terbaim, I separate; ro-dos-terbaiset, 4653. 
terchur, 4371. 
tessaigthe, torrid, 1 59. 
t6t, 2 1 (tete .i. tuatha, 0*C1.). Compounds : 

-adbul, 21 ; -bannai, 8163 ; -blai, 407. 
tethrach, 978. 

tho, thy, 1601, 6019 -to, 3824. 
ti, 13 17, for ci (?). 
tf (for int-f ?), 5780. 
tfi, 4503, design, intention, 
timm-gairim, 2477, 2717, 3045 ; do-r-im- 

gair, 4950. O'Clery's meaning (/ ask) 

does not suit, 
timm-gaire, an asking (.1. iarraidh, O'Cl.), 

timm-thaircim, do-s-r-imthairc, 5406, 5430. 
timm-thosaim (?), do-r-imthas, 5973 ; do- 

s-r-imthos, 6331. 
timpin, a stringed musical instrument, tim" 

brel, 4042, 6060. 
tinach, 6261, 8028, 81 12. 
tinaim, 1 melt away, 3465 ; tin J. leagadh, 

tindrad, 1047, 1297,4223. 
tindremm, tindrem, 5999, 6280 -tionnramh 

.1. friathaileamh. 
tine, 8106, 8150, service, O'Cl. 
tinfissiu, 2108, inhaling, 
tinninas, 61 88. 

titacht, coming, advent, 7793, 7805. 
tiug-bds, 3614, 6726. 
tiug-nir, matins, 810. 
tliith, weak, faint, 2479, 7549, 7615 : in 

157 1 > *^i tender, 
tlaith-chumtaig, 1103. 



tidithe, 5351, weakneu. 

tlis, <weakneuy 1665, 3315 ; ace. tliis, 3613, 

tlf .i. tlacht, deligbt^ O'Cl, 1103, 3443, 5799, 

5893, 6539, 7549t 
tluachtar, 3539-doruachtatar(?). 
Uus, pity, mUiinejj, 4039, 4551, 7407. 
tnu (leg. tn6,/re?), 3895. 
to, tfy, 3824 : see tho. 
tob tened, 7388. 
to-chomrac, confiict (W. cyfranc), 1090, 

tochomracht, taedium, 6932, Z*. 864. 
tochta, 307 a. 
t6eb, side. Compounds: -adbal, 8353 ; 

-dioa, 8363; -dein, 4434; -gel, 6366, 

7594 ; -nocht, 1540 ; -thogud, 1051. 
t6ebach, 8090, having sides, 
t6ebtu, 6050, 6575, being side by side. 
t6ein ngl4, 6083, a cheville, lit. a clear 

toga ngle, 5439, a cheville, lit. a clear 

togach, chosen, 339, 967, 978, 1096, 3341, 

4291, 5^^5» 8067. 
to-gies, 1346, 2462, Jratid, circumvention, 
togud, 1053. 
toichthecb, 4703. 
toimdig, 1747. 

I. t(Ar, pm-smit (O'Don. Gr. 33), 3557. 
3. t6ir (.L f6irithin, succour, O'CL), 3631, 

3835, 4067, 4391, 6033. 
toircbi, 6138. 
totnn, in cberilles : t. nglan, 3033 ; t tren, 

toirty^daL, 5971. 
tola, excess, multitude, in cfaevilles : t. ngl^, 

3523, a739, 55«^ ^557; t. tr^ 4575, 

55'9> 5^'7; cen tola, 8038. PL dat. 

tolaib tladit, 15, 5747; t« tress, 85; 

t. smacfat, 407, 4599; t. drong, 7n7» 

7197, 7481, 7609; t. tine, 8106, 8150; 

t tutle, 8178; t- grino, 3383; t sretb. 

3711; t. gair, 4387; t. gcstal, 4363; 

t. treb, 7083 , t. gal, 4467, 5034, 5831, 

7099 ; t. dil, 4701 ; t. riin, 6647 ; t. rath, 

6165; t. dliged, 641 1 ; t. dlnd, 6805; 

t. caingen, 7781. Hence 
tolach, multitudinous, 5077. 
tolad, 1434; tolaid, 5727, should perhaps 

be tolaib. 
tolcaib, dat. pi., 6767. 
tolg-dail, 4371, 670T. 
tomthaib trfath, a cheville, with threaten* 

ings tf lords, 4945 ; fo t. D6, 7994» 

under Go^s threats. 
tomthaigi, 8313. 
I. tonn, skin, surface (.1. crolceann, O'Cl.), 

t. Ulman, 4134, 8116. Compounds: 

-gel, 6370 ; -glas, 978. 
3. tonn, wave. Compound: -bin, 5232, 

t6ir, 4391. 
tooir, 1 1 01. 
I. tor, a lord, 1703. 
3. tor, a multitude (.i. Imat, O'Dav.), I4$f 

5077, 6349, 6767, 7646 ; n- ««»• t«J«'» 
145; dat. tur, 1165, 6831; pi, n. tulr, 
8385 ; gen, tor, 6767 ' mor tortrelmach ', 
4674, should be m6r tor trclmach ; ace, 
tuni, 8174. Compound; trom-tbor, 

t6r, 24S7,/atiguel 

toraeht, 6078. 

torainn. In ehevillcs: t. hgl6, 139, 3197 ; 

t ndil, 1589. 
torgbaddiil, 5103, 
torgbiil, 4372. 
torro, 6771, 7821. 
torocht, 7738. 
torom, torum. In ehevilles: t. figl^ 1937, 

3885, 3909, 4007, 409«' 
toromm, 4153, 47^t, 4^59, 5415, 58^5; 

t n-adbaJ, 8144 ; <- n^in, 189. 
torraim, has ^patched (/ver ?, Tcf, torrusta;, 


*^ IV * "* 



I. tracht, trace}, 2855. 

3. tracht, strength, 5295. 

3. tracht, it rand, 7904. 

traig, ace, 4375. 

I. triig, ebby 3538, 7904 ; fo-tr£ig, 3465. 

a. triig, strand, 370a, 5350. 

trait, 3767, 7711 «traid .1. luath no opann, 

s<wift or sudden, O'Gl. Hence 
traite, 6769^ 

I. trebthach, ^rmrr ; but in 3741, shep- 
herd h 
a. trebthach, adj., 470a, cultivated}. 
trechess, 337. 
treithe, 3855 > g^n treithe .i. gan ain^olas, 

without ignorance, O'CI. 
treith-fcr, 7986, an ignorant man (treith .i. 

ain^olach, O'CI.). 
trell, trel, 3391, 4593, 6697, 7993* 
trelmach, 4674, 4759, having harness (tre- 

trcm-{ir, 3546, very recent, 
irin. In compounds: -athbach, 4683; 

-brat, 189 ; -ch6raid, 3404 ; -§l{iag,3636. 
tr^oda, trinal, 7570. 
tre6ir, 1169, 1899, vigour, power. Of the 

same or a like meaning is 
tre6rud, 1043. 
tres, sg. ace. tris, 3315. 
tres-rann, a third part, 3784. 
tretel, 3131. 
tre-thaibledach, 3448, the tristega (rptWcyn) 

of the Vulgate, Gen. vi. 16. 
I. trethan,/oor (treathan .i. troigh, 0*C1.), 

3644, 4300. 
a. trethan, sea, 3333, sg. dat, 353 ; pi. n. 

(noeb) -trethna, 494 ; dat. trethnaib, 

6697 ; ace. trethnu, 5354. The gen. sg. 

trethan, 7901, and the dat. sg. trethain, 

8196, seem to belong to an n-stem. 
triallach, in. 
triamain, weary, 7551. 
triamannai, 8137. 
triimnacb, weary, 5619. 

trice, 1926, frequent}, 5325, urgent}. 

trichem, 353. 

trichessa, 8395. 

trichtaige, a space of thirty years, 1096 ; 

in-£is trichtaigf, LU. 34*>. 
trist, curse; cen trist, 1047, 3339. 
tristaide, 8019. 

tuidme, binding together, 4378. 
tuidmidib, pi. dat, 4391. 
tuinech (« Lat. tunica), pi. n. tuinchi, 

tuire, 3838. 
tuiridein (leg. tuirigein ?), house^illar, 4530 

(tuirighin tuir fhuilnges tech, Forus 

Foe. LL. 395»). 
t6is (--Lat. tus), incense, frankincense, 7540. 
tuisc, ace. sg., 347. 
tunscanad (?), 6233. 
t6r, searching, 4i33> 6344. The compound 

trom-th6r, 906, 5266, seems to belong 

to a different word, 
turadaib, pi. dat, 4690. 
turba (from the Lat.)i 10,000x100,000, 

tuscumud, fiction, falsehood, 3334. 
tuttacht, coming, 2330, 4415 ^ tauttacht, 



6ag, perfect. In compounds: -commus, 

3173; -rfar, 4ia8. Hence 
{iagdae, 3634. 

{iaibrech, /ro»^, i&tft(fi&/y, 7382. 
6aichlech, 945, full of pride (uaichle .i. 

uallcha, O'CI.). 
6ais (.i. uasal, O'CI.), 117^ 4380, 6021, 7586, 

7937. The nom. pi. m. uais, 7853, seems 

from an adj. ♦uas. 
{iamnach, terrible, 875. 
{larach, chilly, 942, 8350. 
{larda, chilled, 7340. 

6as-abb, 7872, 7978 : cf. abb ( •= abbas)^ 831. 
{lasal-techtaire, 69 a. 



6as, prep, with suffixed pcrs. pronouns: 

sg. 3, uasot, 1143 ; pi. 3, uasdaib, 565. 
uilidettu, <wbolenejj^ 8244. 
6ine, time^ seajon, ace. pi., 7759. 

uiscide, watery, 40. 
uran (?), 4803. 
6r-fc6il,/rfii& meat, 4628. 
(uMgad, growing green, 7284. 


990 read derbdiiML 

1004 read £ii6at^. 

1004, 1006 after 'Tibris* insert (jic). 

1 395 read kthan tmacht. 

1478 read in4)iiacht gortai. 

1 541, 4417, 5363 read n^m. 

1904 ree^ badbda. 

3397 omit the first comint, 

3418 after 'Noe* inicrt a comma. 

4674 read tor trdmach. 

6787 after * tr^ * am/ 'raind ' in»crt a comma. 

■* ■ ,1