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Book No. 


917.94 Sg2 6.£ 



FORM 3427 — 5000 — 10-50 


3 1223 90039 1757 


S^f\Fv3^^c< ' rcoBvBop|c 


Fashionable Private Address Directory and 
Ladies' Visiting and Shopping Guide 

Containing the Names, Addresses, Reception Days and Country 

Reside7ices of the Elite of San Fraiicisco, Oakland, 

Alameda, Los Angeles, Menlo Park, Redwood City ^ 

San Mateo, Sacramento, Sa7i Diego, San 

Jose and Santa Clara, Sail Rafael, 

Satisalito, Stockton, and 

California Colojiy i?i 

New York 

Season 1889-90 

:•:• • ••. : •. •'• ^ * -^ :> A '.•• • 
,/, , • , . ' • 



Copyright 1889, by The Bancroft Company 

Reynolds & Adams 




Between 4th and 5th Sts. 

lalaid Hardwood Floors 
'^'^*"''»^ , Artistic Borders 

Fretwork for PorUeres and Arches 


Encaustic Floor Tiling 
62778 4- 

Designs Kiarnished. withi Estimates 

Taivies G. Steele & Co. 




Respectfully call attention to their New Arrivals oi 

Koreiyn Perfumery, Colognes, Seented Soaps, Bruslies, Combs, 

Hair Oils, F*omacies, Face F*owciers and Cosmetics, 

Sponges, Patent Nledicines, Etc., Etc. 


* : 


Manufacturers and Sole Proprietors of 

irantine, for Cleaning Gloves, Clothing, Etc.; Cold Cream of Roses for 
the Face and Hands; Cough Mixture for Colds. Coughs. Ktc; Extra 
Toilet Cologne, the Hest and Sweetest; Florentine Tooth Wash, for 

the Teeth and Gums; Glucoline, the only palatable preparation of Cod Liver Oil: Glycerine 

Lotion, for Tan, Freckles, Sunburn, Etc.; Grindelia Extract, for the cure of Poison Oak .' 

Saponaceous Tooth Powder; Wine ol Pepsin, for Indigestion, Etc. 

Sole Agents for Ricord's Restorative Pills. True's Powder for Catarrh, etc., and Wm. 

Lasson's Hair Elixir. 

James G, Steele & Go's Palace Drug Store 

635 mnRKHT STREET, Palsae Hotel, San Fronoisco 


BLUE BOOK has always beeu deemed an 
esseutial adjunct to the literature of every 
prominent family in the leading Eastern 
Cities and European Capitals; and its ab- 
sence here, until last year, was noticeable ; 
therefore in supplying this undoubted want, 
we feel assured of doing a duty to society 
which will be appreciated. 
In submitting this publication to our subscribers, 
we have endeavored to give a full and complete list of 
the society people of San Francisco, Oakland, etc., 
and of those whose position or wealth has made their 
names familiar; together with their City and Country 
residences. It will also contain a list of the names 
and addresses of the California Colony in New York 
and vicinity, together with their Summer Residences. 
The Reception Days of society ladies are, in 
most cases, given, but when not mentioned, we desire 
to call attention to the following : Monday is the 
Reception day at all Hotels and Boarding Houses, 
with the exception of the Berkshire, which has both Monday and 
Thursday; and the Bella Vista, Thursday. Tuesday for Nob Hill, 
(California Street) and Taylor street to the North. Wednesday for 
Rincon Hill, South Park and streets near the Mission, Thursday for 
Pine, Bush, Sutter, and parallel streets south (a few having Tuesday), 
and the greater part of Van Ness Avenue. Friday for Pacific Avenue, 
the upper part of Van Ness Avenue and streets west of Van Ness Avenue 
as far as the Presidio. 

In the Oakland Division will be found those living in Oakland, 
Berkeley, Alameda, Fruitvale, and a few at San Leandro and San 

As there are many gentlemen prominently identified in Commercial 
and Social Circles in this city who reside in Oakland or adjacent towns, 
their names will be found classified in their respective divisions. 

We particularly desire to call attention to the Additional List, at the 
end of book, which contains not only names received too late for classi- 
fication, but also changes of residence made since the printing of the 
main portion. 


Table of Contents 


Introduction a 


Containiug the Names, Addresses, Reception Days and Country Residences of 
the Elite of the Pacific Coast. 

Los Angeles 137 

Menlo Park 145 

Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and Surroundings 109 

Redwood City 146 

Sacr am ento 147 

San Diego 157 

San Francisco 1 

San Jose and SurroundinctS lt>5 

San Mateo 146 

San Raphael 177 

s aus a lito 1x1 

Stockton 184a 

The Calieorxia Colony ix Nkw York 184i 

Prominent Residents of Pacific Coast 343 


a rt a ssoci ation ] 85 

Handel and Haydn Society, S. F 196 

Luring Clcb, S, F 201 




LoEB & Etchebarne 176 

LoRYEA, Dr.— Baths 380 

Loudon, W. M 370 

Marsh, G. T 371 

Mau, Sadler & Co Foot of Pages 

Meinecke, Charles & Co Between Table of Contents 

Melvin Clara Shopping Guide 

MiLLBRAE Dairy Facing Back Cover 

Montague, W. W. & Co bet. 184-5 

Mo ynih an ' s ; 147 

N. P. C. R. R 364 

Naber, Alfs & Brune 185 

Napa Soda Springs Bark of Hotels 311 

Nathan, Dohrmann & Co. bet. 184-5 

Neville & Co 389 

Nevin & Co., C. W Shopping Guide 

Newhall, H. M Facing San Francisco List 

News Letter 338 

Norton's Candy Facing Front Cover 

Overland Monthly 332 

Palace Hotel 184i 

Baldwin Hotel 184i 

Pacific Business College 373 

Pacific Portrait Co 145 

Pfister, J. J Shopping Guide 

Plum, Chas. M. & Co. Upholstery Company 375 

Rathjen Bros 367 

Redfern House 377 

Report 826 

Reynolds & Adams Opposite Introductory 

Roberts' Candy Between Table of Contents 

RucKER Bros 165 

S. F. & N. P. Ry 177 

San Jose Business College 373 

Schmidt, Val 378 

Sherwood & Sherwood 20i) 

Sloane & Co., W. & J Front Inside Cover 

Smith, A. H Inside Back Cover 

Sonnenberg & Co 369 



St. James Hotel, San Jose. 17(i 

Steele, James G Facing Introductory 

Stewart, Miss A. M , 368 

Swain's Bakery 368 

Swasey, F. P •S4a 

Sykes, Charles H., School of Languages ?65 

Taber, I. W., Photograplier 137 

Thors, Photographer 377 

TiioRSON, N 157 

Tribune, Oakland 334 

Union Insurance Company Back of Cover 

Utsciiig, John 376 

Vanderslice, W. K Facing Back Cover 

Wasp, The 340 

Wenzel 368 

West, Miss — Boarding and Day School 370 

Westphal, Dr. 0. F Over Table of Contents 

Wolff, Wm. & Co *. 365 

Wooster, J. B. &Co., — Commission Merchants 371 









B\'roii Hot Springs 
White Sulpliur Springs 
Napa Soda Springs 
JEtns. Springs 
Harbins Springs 
Anderson Springs 
Howard Springs 
Seigler Springs 
Highland Springs 
Bartlett Springs 
Santa Ysabel Springs 
Klamath Hot Springs 

The Mammoth Cave 

Santa Barbara 

Santa Monica 

Long Beach 

Donner Lake 

Webber Lake 

Independence Lake 

Big Trees 

Lick Observatory 

Forest Grove 

Santa Cruz Big Trees 

Pacific Congress Springs 




For Information and Tickets ask any Agent of the 



'n so 

— V 



Name, Addresses, Reception Days, and Country 

Residences of the Elite of 

San Francisco 



Elephant Brand English Portland Cement 

Bull Dog Brand Bass' Pale Ale 

and Guinness' Extra Stout 

Rohe & Bros' New York Lard 
Kornafuli India Tea, Calcutta 

New Lamhton Coals. Newcastle, N. vS. \V. 
Mexican Phosphate and Sulphur Company's Fertilizer 

A. B. Butler's Celebrated California CltlSter RaisillS 

Curtis Fruit Co's Extra Loiidoii Layers 


National Assurance Company 


Atlas Assurance Company 


Boylston Insurance Company 



I - Sansome St. 

San Fnaneisco 

-o to I- r^ 
c Lo 2 oo 
3 OO £-00 






AI.HI?!VI OF SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. Containing 4_> Photographic 

Views and a description of prominent buildings and places of interest $ -V) 

We know of nothing published of so much intrnisic merit, at so low a 
price. For the tourist it cannot fail to be a constant and pleasant reminder 
of his visit to the metropolis of the Pacific Coast, and (or residents to send to 
friends in the Hast or abroad it is a happy souvenir, for besides the beautiful 
\news. it contains a concise and pithy account of San Francisco and a wealth 
of facts about the entire Stale of California. 

BY HIIOSON'S BANKS. A novel by Joanna. 4(X) pp. PJmo, paper nO 

A highly moral story, calculated to be of great assistance in forming the 
character of youth. It is a great pity that more of the kind are not pub- 
lished as a counterbalance to the dime novel literature. 

CALIFORNIA WI I.I>-FLO WKHS. A collection of beautifully hand-painted 

Flowers, tied with ribbon. Hy Mrs. Kumce Wait. Price •'{ IM) 

CIIKISTMAS CAUOI. aixl The Old Year and the New. Double Card, 

7x7 in. Illuminated. HyJi:LiA Cli.nton Jonks J.t 

<'I.,KOI'.\TRA. Two masterly poems oji the Kg3'ptian Queen. Very tastily 

gotten up. Size, r»}^ X 7 inches. By J. C. J .Vl 

CRUISE OF THE "RUSH." Sir]\A>fER OF 'H9 (with illustrations). 

By Mrs. Cai»t. L. G. Shkpard. Cloyi. Price 1 '*i 

An account in narrative (orni/'of a irip taken on the U. S. Steamer Rush to 
the Aleutian and Seal Islandi in Bthring Sea, and various points on the 
main coast of Alaska, and dascriplions of the customs and habits of the 
inhabitants of those points, jilso coitl^t^ng an account of the seizures of 
the Sealing vessels bj- the Rusm^^ 

tional iNSTiTt'T^^cj.Nfe ^f the PacifictToast. Ih-V.t. M'o, Boards •_' <M» 

Giving a/siiccii»<HZ^escriptiou of the aims and objects of Beneficiary and 
Fraternal/Socipties'and a brief synopsis of the Leading Colleges and Private 
Seminaruta. Qompiled frcJtn official records and society archives. 

LETTER}^ <Vf TRAVEL. By Mrs. L. C. Lane. hvo. cloth J (Nl 

NERVE H'ASTE. Practical information concerning Nervous Impairment and 
Nervous F;xliaustion in Modern Life. Their Causes. Phases and Remedies, 
with adrice on the Hygiene of the Nervous Constitution. Bv H. C. Sawyer, 
M. D., member of the .vfedical Society of the State of California, late A. A. 
Surgeon V. S. Army. Third F'dition, entiiflv rewritten and enlarged, l_*mo, 

cloth . ' 1 CX) 

l"nder this title Or. Sawyer of this city has given us a treatise that can be 
well reojinmended. The subject is treated in a clear, intelligent manner and 
contains much sound advice. His observations apply with special force to our 
California climate, where but lew have the leisure or opportunity of enjoying 
relaxation from business. Those having any tendency towards Ner\'ous 
Impairment will find in it much valuable advice. 

rOEMS FROM THE TACIFIC. The Wests reply to England's Laureate. 

By Vknikr \'om)(). IJiiio. cloth 1 00 

Full gilt 1 H) 

SAN FRANCISCO BLUE BOOK. Second Kdition, iHHjt. Beinj; the fash- 
ionable Private .Afldrevs Directory and Ladies Visiting and Shoj)ping (inide 
of San Francisco and surroundings. Containing the names and ad«lresses, 
reception «lays and country resiciences of the FUite of San Francisc, San 
Rafael, Sausalito, San Mateo, Redwood City, Meiilo Park, San Jose, Sacra- 
me-iito. Los Angeles, San Diego, etc., together with the California Colon v in 
New York. About 4«M» pp. Cloth, Hvo J .V) and "I «M) 

SIIIFTINIi SC:KNES. A B<x>k of Poenig. By T. J. Richards. 12rao, cloth. 

Very elegant 1 U) 

In a plain practical manner, with a touch of simple refreshing beauty, iW\% 
poet teaches moral les.Hons in the old religious way. He has a mission and 
fulfills it in the truest sense of the port instruct<}r. — IVootiland DemiKrat. 

WINKS ANI> VINES OF CALIFORNIA. A Treatise on the Kthics of 
Wine Drinking (with illustrations^, bv Krona Ki'NiCK Wait, Jl'i pp., Hvo, 
]>aper. .V)c., cloth '. 1 (W 

'•The a(-((miplish(-d authoress has executed her fine work in an excellent 
manner, and her book is well adapted to the promotion of the interests of all 
concern««l in vMuiiltiiie."— .S<i«/a Rosa Rrf>uhluaM. 

" The book is full of information relative to the difterent counties of the 


\^\q\) dpl^olstery, Drapery ar^d pdri^itdre 

^^^ 224 SUTTER STREET ^-^ 

t Sail Francisco 

Alphabetical List of Advertisers 


Abell & Priest 371 

Alta California 328 

Argonaut 336 

Anglo-Nevada Assurance Corporation Facing Title Page 

Badger, Wm. G Shopping Guide 

Bancroft Company, The, Recent Publications.. .Facing Table of Contents 

Bancroft Company, The, Printing Dept Opposite Alphabetical List 

Bancroft Company, The, Wholesale 164 

Bancroft Company, The, General 136 

Bancroft Co., The — Pianos, Organs and Society Stationery 208 

Beach, C 370 

Bird's-eye View of Hotel Del Monte.... Facing Alph. List of Advertisers 

Blake Bros 368 

Beamish's 380 

BoERicKE & Schreck 382 

Bree, Thomas 370 

Bulletin 330 

Butterworth, T. C bet. 364 and 365 

California Market, Choice Meats bet. 108 and 109 

California Market, Benton, C. L bet. 108 and 109 

Cali 322 

Callustro 157 

Centemert, p. & Co 372 

Chadbourne & Co., F. S Between Table of Contents 

Center Market, Atchinson, B, M., & Co. — Dairy and 109 
Chapman, W. B , 366 



Cheney, Mary L 369 

Chronicle 320 

Clark, G. W. & Co 372 

Cochrane, E. O 373 

CouLsox, Dr 370 

Creme De Lik 368 

Crosett&Co., J. F 366 

CusiN & Ernest 109 

Daniel, John 368 

Day, Thomas & Co l)etween 318 and 319 

DE Fremery &. Co, James Outside Back Cover 

Del Monte, Interleaf between 310 and 311 

Derby, Miss Shopping Guide 

Duhem, a 376 

El Monte Hotel 181 

Examiner 324 

Field Seminary 370 

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co Inside Back Cover 

FoKD, Bros. & Co 370 

Garrett tfc Smith Inside Back Cover 

Goldberg, Bowen t^ Co Facing Table of Contents 

Goodban, Mrs. F Shopping Guide 

Graham, Gervaise 109 

Gimp, S. «<c G 308 

Haas, (^eorue 307 

Hamilton, W. T 185 

Henko, a. V 374 

Haslehur8T, Dr. A. 372 

Heald's Bi'RiNEss College Next to Last Page in the Book 

HoBsoN, T. W. <fe Co 16.') 

Hochstadter ik Co., W. 8 Over First Page Alphabetical List 

Hotel Vendome 176 

Irving Institute 370 

Jackhtjn, Byron ..Facing Front Cover 

.loNEH, Mundy & Co between 184g and I84i 

Kahler, H. S. & Co between 310 and 311 

Lacam, H 137 

Lake, Mihh 373 

Lee, Mm E. Anna 374 

(,oldber(5, Bou;e9 9 ^o 









426-432 Pins bt. 




<$l7oeolate5iS'°Boi) Boi)S 


09 t\)q pr(?mi5(^s 



Year Ordi^rs by fi\3\\ 


El(^(^a9t ^oda podrjtairjs 



L ^ u.^ 101 post street 

obercs® NEAR 

0'(5o99or, fT^offatt 9 (;o. 

San PJ^aneiseo, Cal. 

Deutz & Geldermann's 


Vuy I KvniNi; FiNK «'M \Mi' acnk ok Fihui-k 


St. Estepiie 


St. J i: LI ex 



Chat. Leoville 
Chat, I^arosk 
Chat. Favkil 


Chat. Margaux 
Chat. Beychevelle 
Chat. .Moxtrose 
Chat. Lafite 

Sal'terxes SiPERiEUR Hai't Satterxes Chat. Y<ii km 

In Cases. Quarts hjkI Pints 

C. Marey & Liger-Belair, Nuits 



Clos de Voi'GKor 
In Cases, Quarts and Pints 

Chabu.s ( White) 

In CasoH of 1 iJo/eii R«)ttl»*H, of pcrftM-t aji<l n*lial>lf purity une iuale«l for 

liM-<ii<'iii.i| :irii| t:il»Ic iMtv :i'i<I "ii:i niiitiM'.l liv »i|iipj>"rs 


'•t'.K K'.KNT- 

314 Sacramento St., San Franjisco 




Bachelor's Cotillon Club, S. F 272 

BoHEML\N Club, S. F 229 

Byron Mauzy Musical Cllb 303 

California Club, Los Angeles 141 

California Lawn Tennis Club, S. F 280 

Cercle Francais, S. F 262 

Concordia Club, S. F 238 

Cosmos Club, S. F 224 

Deutscher Verein, S. F 244 

DiRiGo Club, S. F 297 

Harvard Club, S. F 268 

Merchants' Club, S. F 255 

Oakland Canoe Club, Oakland 291 

Olympic Club, S. F 279 

Pacific-Union Club, S. F 209 

Pacific Yacht Club, Old Sausalito, Cal 285 

Plaiseur Club, Sacramento 153 

Press Club, S. F 294 

Sadik Club, S. F 309 

Sainte Claire Club, San Jose 174 

San Francisco Yacht Club, Sausalito 289 

San Francisco Yerein, S. F 249 

San Rafael Lawn Tennis Club, San Rafael 179 

Society OF California Pioneers, S. F 293 

Union League Club, S. F 298 

Yale Club, S. F 265 


Young Ladies' Drill Corps, Sacramento 156 


Berkshire, The Sin 

Baldwin. 184i 

El Monte Hotel 181 

Grand Hotel 313 

Hotel Bella Vista 317 

Hotel Pleas anton 318 

Lick House 312 

Occidental Hotel 314 

Pleasanton, Hotel 318 

Palace Hotel 184i and 311 

Renton, The 313 

St. James Hotel, Sax Jose 176 

Yendome, Hotel beween 176- 77 




Argonaut, The ^^~ 

Daily Alta Califoknia 329 

Daily Morning Call 323 

Daily Morning Examiner 325 

Daily Report 327 

Evening Bulletin 331 

Evening Post 342 

Oakland Evening Tribune... 335 

Overland Monthly 333 

San Francisco Chronicle 32 1 

San Francisco News Letter ''3".' 

Wasp, The 341 


Alcazar Balcony 377 

Alcazar Main Floor 375 

Baldwin Balcony 367 

Baldwin Main Floor 3G5 

Bush St. Stage 37S 

California Dress Circle 371 

C a LI F O R N I A M A I N F LO or 309 

Grand Opera House Dress Circle 374 

Grand Opera House Main Floor 372 

TivoLi Balcony 380 

TivoLi Main Floor 379 

Orpueum Main Floor -'^l 

Orpheum Second Floor -IS- 


Containing tlie names of the leading houses of the Pacific Coast 38.'! 


Containing names received too late for classifualion; also, 
changes of resi<lence of pnrtipp in main ]><>rtion of )»o<>k. 
since going to press . 


San Francisco Blue Book 


NoTK. — The Italics designate the Reception Day, the Bold-Faced Type, 

the Country Residence 

Abbott, Augustus ; Cosmos Club Sacramento 

Abbott, Mr and Mrs S. Leonard, Jr; 2411 Pierce st. Friday 

Abbott, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; 311 Haight st. Tuesday Pacific Grove 

Miss Carrie B. 

William M. 

Ackerson, Miss L. F. ; Hotel Pleasanton. Monday 

Adams, J. M., 2510 Washington st. or Pacific-Union Club 

Adams, Mr and Mrs John Quincy; 734 Sutter st. Thursday 

Adams, L. L. ; 401 California st. 

Adams, Mr and Mrs S. L. ; 822 Shotwell st. 

Adams, Mr and Mrs L. S. ; 82') Bush st. Thursday 

Miss Ella 

E. 0. 

Adams, Mr and Mrs W. J. ; 1922 Franklin st. 

Ager, Capt John E. ; 214 Samsome st. 

Albertson, Dr and Mrs Joseph A. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Albright, George W. ; 36 New ^lontgomery st. 

Aldrir'^ Miss Helen Piedmont 

Alexa ueF; Mr and Mrs Charles O. Oakland 

Alexander, Lieut and Mrs ; Palace Hotel 

Alexander, Mr and Mrs Charles B. Del Monte 

Alexander, Joseph ; 1408 McAllister st. 

Alexander, Mr and Mrs C. B. ; 4 West 58th st. New York 

Alexander, S. Cameron ; Cosmos Club 

Allen. Mr and Mrs E. T. ; 2204 Jackson st. 

Menlo Park 
San Rafael 

Fair Oaks 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Allen, Mi^s Elsie; 800 Ellis nt. 

Allen, ^Ir and Mrs Harry H. San Rafael 

Allen. Mr and Mrs Henry F. Ross Valley 


Allen, Judge J. M. ; Grand Hotel San Mateo 

Allen, Mr and Mrs I. P. Alameda 

Alligood, Capt C. A. ; 36 New Montgomery 8t. 

Allison, Mr and Mrs D. E. ; Palace Hotel Del Monte 

Alverson, Mrs Blake; 1019 Geary st. Thursday 

Alvord, Mr and Mrs William ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Alvord, H. B. ; Comos Club San Jose 

Ames, Mrs E. C. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Ames, Mr and Mrs Fisher ; The Bella Vista Monday Del Monte 

Ames, Mr and Mrs Pelham W. San Rafael 

Miss Gertrude 

Miss Alice 

Anderson, Miss; 1222 Pine st. 
Anderson, Capt and Mrs A. ; 110 Capp st, 

Miss Minnie 


Anderson, Mrs W. W.; Hopkins Academy Tuesday Oakland 


Miss Ethel 

Anderson, Mr and Mrs W. G. ; 2200 Devisadero st. 
Andrews, Col and Mrs A. ; Lick House Monday 
Andrews, Mr and Mrs Frank G.; St. James Hotel 
An drug, Mr and Mrs George H. 
Andrnss, Capt and Mrs; Presidio 

Miss May 

Angus. Mr and Mrs J. S. ; 2209 Devisf.dero st. 
Arey, Mr and Mrs Walter; 2225 California st. 

—Miss Ruby W. 

Arguello, Miss Tula; 912 Bush st. Tuesday 

San Jose 
San Mateo 

Tuesdaij Santa Clara 

San Diego 

Washington, D. C. 

Arguello, Miss Lola 

Armstrong, Mrs; Haight and P>aker fits, 

Armstrong, Mrs II. W. ; 814 Fulton st. 

Arnold, Mrs Austin ; 4i:5 Van Ness ave. Thursday 

Arnold, Mrs Lucy ; 1711 Rhode Island ave. 

Arnold, George H.; Baldwin Hotel 

Arthur, Charles S. ; Purser O. & O. S. S. Co. ; Occidental Hotel 

Ashburner, Mrs. William ; 1014 Pine st. 

Ashwortli, Mr and Mrs Thomas; HOO McAllister Thursday 

Atherton, Mrs Domingo G. ; 1950 California st. Menlo Park 

Athorton, Mr and Mrs F. I). Menlo Park 

1 r} tn«- r i; \ >' ' » .\ m r. K h a > r < m m ' « ' ' - .>Ktiir(ii t iu\ ur I r<'ii( li >«»ui>^, put tiji in 
f laM VHpecifllly for ('hll«lrt'ir» Diet, IiivalidN, Si<-k <ir Weak I'lTJionti. 

MM' ^\i)lKi: .<,• II) i'„, tw I ....»t Veon»« 


A«iiP. Mr and Mrs William L. ; 700 Post st. Santa Cruz 

Ashe, Mrs Caroline L.; 2315 Sacramento st. Thursday Santa Cruz 

Miss Linie 

Miss Millie 

Miss Bettie 

R. Porter 

Atkinson, Thomas T; 1444 McAllister st. 

Austin. Dr and Mrs H.; SE cor. McAllister and Gough sts. 

Austin, Joseph ; Palace Hotel 

Auzal, Dr E. W. ; Cosmos Club Mare Island 

Aver, Dr Washington, 1622 Clay st. 

Miss Mabel 

Avers, Capt J. C. ; U. S. A. East 
Ayres, Mrs E. ; 1208 Sutter st. Tuesday 
Miss Anna 

Babcock, John P. ; The Westminster, 614 Sutter st. 

Babcock, William San Rafael 


Bach, Charles; 1583 Folsom st. 

Bachelder, Mr and Mrs Horace Thursday 

Bachelder, Mr and Mrs T. F. Thursday Sunol 

Bachman, Mr and Mrs S. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Backus, Gen. and Mrs Samuel W. ; NW cor. 20th and Howard sts. 

Babin, Mr Landry C; 534 California st. 

Bacon, Joseph S. ; 806 Jones st. 

Miss Mae Helene 

Badlam, Mr and Mrs Alexander; 1024 Franklin st. Friday 

Miss Maude 

Alexander T. 


Baggs, Mr and Mrs Montgomery ; The Westminster 
Bagley, Mrs Angeline D.; 28 Liberty st. 

Miss Adele 

Miss Sarah N. 

-David B. 
-Albert B. 

Bailey, Dr E. I. ; Phelan Building 

Bailey, Lieut and Mrs C. J. ; Black Point Thursday 

Bailey, Mr and Mrs James D. ; 1915 Franklin st. 

Bailey, Mrs Mary ; 1001 Fillmore st. 

Bailey, Mrs Maria ; American Legation Tokio, Japan 

Baird, Mr and Mrs B. H. ; 1458 Franklin st. First Thursday of Month 

Miss Marie 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S French Soups are put up for family use iu 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 


Mountain View 

Mountain View 


Baker, Mr and Mrs A.; Hotel Pleasanton Muiabuf 

Baker, Mr and Mrs John S. Portland. Or. 

Baker, Mr and Mrs L. L. ; 1822 Washington st. Thnmlaii Del Monte 


Baker, Miss Mattie S. San Jose 

Baldwin, Mrs; 26 McAllister st. 

Baldwin, Charles A. ; Pacific-Union ('luh 

Baldwin, Mr and Mrs Alex. R. 200(5 Washington st. 

Baldwin, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; 1217 Cal. st. Tues^dan 

Baldwin, Geo. W. ; Baldwin Hotel 

Baldwin, Mrs I^eon ; NE cor. Gough and r>roadway 

Baldwin, Mrs M. V.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Baldwin, Mr iS: Mrs D. ; SE cor. Pacific ave. and Buchanan st 

Baldwin, Mr and Mrs A. S.; 830 Haight st. Thursdny 

Balfe, M. J. ; 2446 Jackson st. 

Balfour, Mr and Mrs Roljert; 2120 Broadway Menlo Park 

Ball, G.; Palace Hotel 

Ball, Capt H. M. ; 1908 Stockti.n st. 

Ball, William K. ; 1317 Larkin st. 

Ballard, Irwin; The Berkshire 

Ballenl>erg, N. ; 710 California street 

Bancroft, Mr and Mrs A. L. ; 1604 Franklin .st. Walnut Creek 

Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Hul^ert H. ; Address, 721 Market st. Walnut Creek 

Bancroft, Mr and Mrs W. i'.. ; 3118 Washington st. Friday San Rafael 

Bandnian, Mr and Mrs Julius; 514 Lombard st. 

Miss Antonia F. 

Bandman, Mr and Mrs Charles J. ; 221') Broadway 
Banning, Mrs Mary If. Monday 
Miss Lucy 


Friday Larkspur 
Los Angeles 

-Miss Marv 


Barber, Mr and Mrs William 

Miss Alice Jackson 

Miss Mary Dunkin 

Barclay, Peter f . ; 927 Haight et. 

Barkan, Dr A. ; 1808 Gough st. 

Barbour, Mr and Mrs J. H. 

Barnard, Mr and Mrs George B. ; 46 O'Farrell et. 

Barnell, Mr and Mrs Robert; The Berkshire Monday 

Barnes, General and Mrs W. H. L. ; 821 Sutter et. 

William S. 

Barnes, Mr and Mrs W. P. : Lick House Monday 

Miss Bessie 

Barnes, C. L. ; 306 Stmkton st. 
Bamhart, Mr Geo. ; 013 Clay st. 

Ross Valley 

San Jose 

Santa Cruz 

RICHARDSON & R0BBIN8' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham. Rolled Ox 
Tonmie. Curried Oystem and Fowl. Plum I'liddinR nnd Potted Mcatu: to l)<« 1 ;i.l 
of all flriit-clajs Grocem. MAU, SAULEU A. CO., Paoiflc CoH«t A«' ut- 

SAN FRAN(.I.-5< O 

Barr, Mr and Mrs John D. ; 1214 Mason ist. Thursday 

Miss Lottie 

Miss Fannie 

Milton H. 

Barr, Stewart A. ; 1211 Mission st. 

Barra, E. J. ; 738 Sixteenth st. 

Barreda, Mrs F. L. ; 1614 Cahfornia st. Tuesday East 

Miss Rose 

Miss Christine 

Bariett, W. G. ; cor. First and Natoma sts. Sausalito 

Barriolhet, Mr and Mrs Henry; Grand Hotel Monday San Mateo 

Barron, Mr and Mrs Edward ; Baldwin Hotel Monday Mayfield Park 

Barrows, Rev and Mrs C. D. ; 901 Sutter st. 

Barry, Thomas F. ; 806 Lombard st. 

Barstow, Mrs George ; 927 Pine st. 

Bartlett, Col Charles ; U. S. A. Alcatraz 

Bartlett, George H. ; 306 Stockton st. 

Bartling, Major and Mrs H. ; 826 Powell st. Monday 

Miss Emma 

Barton, Benj. F. ; 612 Bush st. 

Barton, Mr and Mrs Willard T. Piedmont 

Bass, Dr Frederick; 1401 Folsom st. 

Bass, Mr and Mrs Thomas J. ; SE cor. Noe and 15th. sts. Lake Tahoe 

Bassett, Mr and Mrs A. C. Menlo Park 

Bastain, C. C. ; Galindo Hotel 

Bates, Mrs A. B. ; 1619 Washington st. Friday Santa Cruz 

Miss Mary J. 

Mr and Mrs Dudley C. 

Bates, George W. ; 1705 Octavia st. 

Miss Laura 

Bates, Morris U. ; 317 Geary st. 

Bauer, Mr and Mrs John A.; .509 Post st. Monday 

Miss Lulu 

Batchelder, Mr Nathaniel ; 36 New Montgomery st. 
Bauer, John E. ; 1838 Geary st. Thursday 

Miss Nellie 

John E., Jr. 

Baum, Mrs Charles; 1705 Powell st. 


Bausman, Mr and Mrs William; 10 Bond st. 

Mies H. 

Miss Laura 

Henr>^ S. 

Beich, Mr and Mrs Chilion ; 1301 Taylor st. Thursday 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have beeu sold in this market for 

over teu vears. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market, 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agent 


Beach, Thoma.s 1>. ; Bohemian Chib 

Beach, Mr and Mrs Tyler; St. James Hotel 

Beale, Truxton ; 1007 California st. 

Bean, Lieut W. H., U. S. A. ; Presidio 

Beauregard, A. T. ; Cosmos Club 

Beaver, Samuel E. ; 118 Grant ave. 

Beaver, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 13O0 Taylor st. 

Miss Ethel 

Miss Kate ^ 

Miss Anna 

Frederick H. 

Mr K. W. 

Beck, Mr and Mrs F. E. ; 1716 Bush st. Taesdaif 
Beck, Harry M. ; 101i» Sutter st. 
Beck, Mr and Mrs Milton W. 

Miss Myrtle 

Beers, Kev. and Mrs Hiram W. ; Occidental Hotel 
Beck, Mr Thomas; (J. S. Appraiser's Building 
Becker, Prof. George; U. S. Geological Building 
Beford, Miss Fannie ; Hotel Pleasanton Mondaif 
Belcher, E. A.; 322 Geary st. — Union league Club 
Belcher, Judge W. C; Palace Hotel 
Belcher, Judge and Mrs 


Belden, Mr and Mrs Charles A. ; 2218 Devif^adero st. 

Belden, Mr and Mrs Josiah 

Belknap, Mr and Mrs David P.; 24 Metcalfe Place 

Belknap, Admiral and Mrs Geo. C. 

Bell, Mr and Mrs Francis V.; G22 Polk st. 

Bell, Lieut. J. A., U. S. N. 

Bell, Mr and Mrs John 

Bell, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 1661 Octavia st. 

Bemis, Mr and Mrs Charles C. ; 419 Bryant st. 

Bender, E.; 1000 Clay st. 

Bendixen, C. Edward; 808 I^eavenworth st. 

Benedict, W. E.; 102 Ellis st. 

Itenjamin, Mr and Mrs A. F. ; 2712 Pine st. \Vednei«1ay 

Bee, Frederick A.; 192.'J Pine st. 

Frank M. 

San Jose 

San Diego 

Tue»daif Del Monte 

San Jose 
Moudnij St. Helena 


San Rafael 
New York 

Mare Island 

Mare Island 
Santa Barbara 

Angel Island 

Benjamin, Lieut. E. E., U. S. A. 

Benjamin, Mr and Mrs Edward J. ; 907 Pine 8t. 

Bennett, Mr and Mrs. Clement ; 2419 California .'^t. Mnndai/ 

Bennett, James G. ; San Jos^ Costa Rica, Central America 

Bennett, Major F. T., U. S. A. ; Presidio or 1713 Baker st. 

M.\TTONr.s (iIEs.snIULEK. The Empress of TaliW- Watcrr«. The Favorite 

of h11 Vixifors lit CiirlHl)**!! Nf A F SviM.KFi A- Co . riicifi'- ('oust .Vir.-iitu 


Bennett, T. A. ; Grand Hotel 

Bennett. Dr. William ; 1460 O'Farrell st. Abroad 

Bennett, William; lOo Grove st. New Hope 

Benson, John; 803 Stockton st. 

Bent, Mr and Mrs E. F. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Bentley, Horatio X. ; 1460 O'Farrell st. 

Benyaurd, Major AV. H. H. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Bergin, T. J. ; 2012 Jackson st. 

Bermingliam, John ; 611 Chestnut st. 

Miss Charlotte 

Berry, ^Ir and Mrs Fulton G. ; Fresno Santa Cruz 

Miss Maude 

Berry, Mr and Mrs W. F. San Rafael 

Berry, Mr and Mrs Washington 

Berry, T. C. * San Rafael 

^T. B. 

Bertheau, C ; 26 McAllister st. 

Berton, Geo. A. ; 110 Turk st. 

Best, Lieut and Mrs Clement, Jr, U. S. A. ; Presidio 

Best, Mrs K. R. ; 1023 Hyde st. Friday 

Beylard, Mr and Mrs E. D. San Mateo 

Bermingham, Capt; 611 Chestnut st. Friday 

Miss J 

Bigelow, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 816 Powell st. 

Bidwell, General and Mrs John Chico 

Bigelow, John F. Ross Valley 

Bigelow, Mr and Mrs S. C. ; NW cor. McAllister and Steiner Monday 

Biggs, Mr and Mrs Harry C. ; 1240 Sutter st. 

Billings, Mr and Mrs George E. ; 1612 Clay st. Tuesday 

Bingham, Lindsley G. ; 1119 Leavenworth st. 

Bird, Dr and Mrs X. J. ; 136 McAllister st. Wednesday 

Birdsall, Mr and Mrs Sacramento 

Miss Etta 


Bishop, Mr and Mrs Thomas B. ; 1503 Larkin st. 

Mr and Mrs W. A 

Bissell, H. M. ; 1408 California st. Del Monte 

Miss Julia 

Miss Theresa 

Bixler, Mr and Mrs David; SW cor. Union and Pierce sts. Friday 
Blair, Capt and Mrs Samuel; 1315 Van Ness ave. Thursday Del Monte 

Miss Jennie 


Blaisdell, C. J.; The Renton 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can bo made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Blake, Mr Wni. E. ; JGlii Geary 8t. 

Blake, Dr and Mrs Charles E. ; 1G14 Geary st. 

Blake, Dr and Mrs Charles E., Sr; 1414 Hyde st. 

Blake, Charles T. ; 4 Vernon Place 

Blake, Maurice C; 325 17th st. 

Blakeman, Mr and Mrs T. Z.; 2420 Pacific ave. Friday Santa Cruz 

Blakeney, Thomas J.; 137 Montgomery st. 

Blanchard, John ().; 200<> Jackson st. 

Mr and Mrs Henry P. 

Miss Katie 

Blanchard, Mrs L. A. ; 1008 Bush st. 

Blan<ling, Mr and Mrs Gordon; 1000 Franklin st. Friday Del Monte 

Miss Lena 

Miss Edith 

Blaney, Mrs Charles D. San Jose 

Blaney, Mr and Mrs E. W; 617 Eddy st. 

Blankman, Dr and Mrs William; Nucleus Building 

Bleth^n, Mrand Mrs C; The Kenton Monday Del Monte 

Blethen, Mr Clement; 2294 Sacramento st. 

Miss Mamie 

Bliss, Miss Annie; 1597 Pacific ave. Mondnu San Jose 

Geo. O. 

Block, Mr and Mrs James N.; 1533 Sacramento st. 
Block, Mr and Mrs E. M.; 1613 Larkin st. Friday 

Miss Rosalie 

Blood Mr and Mrs Ira E. ; 17th and Noe sts. 

Miss May 


Blood, Dr. and Mrs John N.; 324 Noe st. 

Bloodgood, Miss Annie; Hotel Pleasanton Mntidny 

Bloom, S. ; 230 7th st. 

Blount, Mrs A. K. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Blow, Mr and Mrs A. W.; 912 Pine st 

Blum, Mrs A. ; 520 Ellis st. 

Blum, Mr Simon, 818 Market st. 

Boardman, Mr and Mrs Geo. C; 1750 Franklin st. Tuesday Del Monte 

Miss Dora 

Samuel H. 

George ("., Jr. 

Bode, William ; Hotel Pleasanton 

ode, Geo. C. ; 1827 Pacific ave. 
Jioalt, Judge and Mrs John H. ; :i32 Haight st. 7'-/-.-/-.., Del Monte 

Miss Alice 

Boericke, Dr William, 834 Sutter st. 

How pifiiMiiii iiiKT iiif i ncHttr or an K\<iiiim I'art 
nice cup of FKANCO-AMKKR'AN K(>«U> ('« ' 
retiring. M.VU. S\!>i ' 


Boericke, Dr and Mrs William; lo20 Pine ?t. 

Bogart, Mr and Mrs Wm. San Rafael 

Boggs, Hon and Mrs John Colusa 

Boggs, Mrs John; 2115 Broadway East 

Bolado, Mr and Mrs Joaquin ; 528 Sutter st. Moiahtif Salinas City 

Miss Dulce 

Bolton, Mr J. R. ; 22 J 1 Jones :^t. 

^liss Fanny 

Miss Lizzie 

Kobert C. 

Bond, C. A. ; The Bella Vista; ]001 Pine st. 

onelli, Mr and Mrs E. S. ; Hotel Fairmount Wednesday 
Bonestell, Chesley K.; 907 Sutter st. 
Bonestell, Mrs John T,; 150S Sacramento st. 
Bonestell, Mr and Louis H.; 512 Stockton st. 
Louis Cutler 

onneil, Mr and Mrs Edwin ; 1709 Gough st. 
Allison C. 

Bonner, Mr and Mrs John; 1900 Vallejo st. 

Bonney, Miss Gallic; Oriel Hotel Monday/ 

Bonny, George; 106 Montgomery st. 

Boomer, Mr and Mrs A. H. ; 948 Haight st. Monday 

Booth, Mr and Mrs A. G. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Bonneau. Mr Thomas San Rafael 

Booth, Hon Newton Sacramento 

Borden, Mr and Mrs Ivy; 1501 Van Ness ave. 

Borden, Rhodes • Fresno 

Borel, Mr and Mrs Antoine; 606 Stockton st. Thursday San Mateo 

^riss Chonita 

-Miss Sophia 

Borhyte, Miss Belle; 1418 Sutter st. 

Boruck, Mr and Mrs Marcus D. ; 2125 California st. Sacramento 

Miss Belle 

Miss Florence 

Leland S. 

Bosqui, Mr and Mrs Edward Ross Valley 

Miss Helen 

Miss Katie 

Miss Emma 

Edward L. 


Bothin Mr and Mrs H. E.; NE. cor. Van and Jackson Friday 

Botsford, Mrs E. ; The Berkshire Monday San Jose 

Bourn, Mr and Mrs William B.; 1300 Hyde st. St. Helena 

FUR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAX FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Bourn. Mrs. W. B.; NW. cor. Pacific ave. and Gough st. Frhhitj 

Miss Ida 

Miss Maude 

Miss May 

Bourne, Jolin B. ; 2oir. California st. 

Bouvier, Mr and Mrs Alfred ; 2524 Broa<hvay Frolay 

Bowen, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; 2018 Franklin st. Friday Del Monte 

Miss Mary 

Miss Edith 

Bowen, Mr and Mrs C. K. 

Bowen, Mr and Mrs Joseph J. ; 1:^06 Jones st. 

Bowers, (J. \V. ; 2<;i() Jackson st. 

Miss Cora Smith 

Bowie, Mr and Mrs A. J ; ll«13 Clay st. FrUhiii 

Miss Bessie 

Bowie, Allan St. John ; 1225 Geary st. 

Miss Jessie 

Bowie, Dr and Mrs Hamilton ('. ; 1510 Pine st. 

Bowie, Mr and Mrs Harry P. 

Bowie, Dr Robert I. ; 2202 California st. or 313 Kearny st. 

Bowman, George F. ; 2(540 Pacific ave. 

Bowman, Mr and Mrs John ; 1832 Sutter st. 

Bowman, Prof M. L. ; Hotel Pleasaiit<>n 

Bowman, Mrs May; 828 Union st. 

Boyd, Mr and Mrs Alexander; 2020 Washington st. 

Boyd, George Davis 

Boyd, Mr and Mrs Colin M. ; American Exchange. 

Boyd, George D. ; 2022 Washington st. 

Boyd, James T. ; Pacific-Tnion Club 

Boyd, Mr and Mrs James T., Jr ; 317 Twenty-second st. 

Boyd, Mr and Mrs John F. 

Boysen, Julius; HI 1 Valencia st. W'tduesday 

Miss W. T. 

Edward C. 

Boysen, Dr and Mrs J. Thomas; Palace Hotel Momhui 
Bradley, Mr and Mrs George L. ; Baldwin Hotel Monday 
Bragg, Mr and Mrs Rol>«'rt; NE. cor. Castro and Beaver sts. 

Miss Mary 

Mis.s Lizzie 

John S. 

Robert, Jr. 

Brand, Mr A. ; 534 California st. 
Brahanc, .Mr and Mrs (J.; 1225 Fulton st. 
Brandenetein, M. J.; 1(»11 Bush st. 


Santa Cruz 

San Mateo 
San Mateo 

Sac Rafael 

San Rafael 

YUM YU.M SWEET COR.N', the fluent In the land, uohl everywhere. Auk your Grocer 
^'^r it MAI', SADLKU A <<). Sole PmiirletfTK. 




Bragg, Miss Adah ; NE. cor. Castro and Beaver sts. 

Miss Ethel 

Bradford, Mr. A. C; 611 Commercial st, 

Bradshaw, Miss Sue Ella; 424 Haight st 

Brander, Mr George L. 

Brandt, Lieut L. P.; U. S. A. ; 504 Grove st. 

Brastow, Mrs S. D. ; 1116 Hyde st. Thursday 

Brauerman, Mr and Mrs Louis; 1016 Eddy st. 

Breede, Henry L.; 1014 Stockton st. 

Breeze, Charles K.; Cosmos Club 

Breeze, Mrs. Thomas; 1330 Sutter st. 



.J, J J Portland. Me. 

}yednesday Syracuse, N. Y. 

San Rafael 



Breon , Mr and Mrs Paul ; Lick House 

Breyfogle, Mr and ^Irs 

Brewer, Rev and Mrs Alfred Lee 

Miss Adaiene 

Miss Susie 

Rev. William A. 

Edward C. 

Brewer, Dr and Mrs 

Brewster, Mr Charles H. ; 2418 Post st. 

Mrs. Julia 

Briel, M. ; 226 Stockton st. 
Briggs, Mr and Mrs A. R. ; Hotel Pleasanton 
Brigham, Dr and Mrs C. B. ; 2202 Broadway 
Brison, William M. ; 539 Geary st. 
Bristol, Miss Maude K. ; 919 O'Farrell st. 

Miss Helen 

Mr and Mrs Robert D. 

Brittan, Miss; Beresford House 

Brittan, Mr and Mrs N. J.; Pacific-Union Club 

Britton, Joseph ; 829 Union st. 

Britton, George W. ; 1313 Taylor st. 

Brookes, Samuel M,; 611 Clay st. 

Brooks, Samuel H.; 634 Polk st. 

Miss Mary 

Miss Lucy 

Brooks, William A. ; 621 Bush st. 
Brooks, Mrs M. J. ; 621 Bush st. 
Brooks, Mr George H. ; 611 Commercial st. 
Brown, Dr Charlotte Blake ; 1212 Sutter st. 
Brown, Miss M. R. ; 322 Eighteenth st. 
Brown, George C. ; 1026 Washington st. 

Concord, Cal. 
Del Monte 

San Jose 
San Mateo 

San Mateo 


Lake Tahoe 

Redwood City 

Santa Cruz 

'.'hicken and Game 
your Grocer fo 


Brown, Mr and Mrs .1. E. Oakland 

Brown, Mr and Mrs J. William ; 60^ Biieh st. Highland Springs 

Brown, ^Ir and Mrs S. H. ; DO.S Tri*at avc. Thurfuhijf 
Brown. iMr and Mr^ Thos. ; lOl'.t Bush st. Thursday 

Miss Liz/ie 

Miss Gracv 

Miss Fannie 

Brown, Mr and Mrs J. W.; 1)02 Pino st. 

Brown, James N, ; 1011> Bush st. 

Brown, Mrs L. W. ; 712 Suiter st. 

Brown, William E.; Palace Hotel 

Brown, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; 426 ?311is st. Thumlay 

Brown, Mr and Mrs William G.; 815 Treat ave. ; Wedne»d(iy 

Brown, Mr and Mrs Winsor L.; 517 Mason st. Del Monte 

Bruce, Mr and Mrs Robert; 2122 Pacific ave. 

Bru«riere, Mr and Mrs E. A. ; 1800 Franklin st. Friday Del Monte 

Brumagim, J. W. ; 1812 Sacramento st. Thursday 

Miss Minnie 

Stuart M. 

Brune, Mr and Mrs Henry; 824 Grove st. Tuesday 

Brunswick, Mr and Mrs E.; 2109 California st. 

Brunt, Walter N.; r)2l Twenty-first st. 

Bryan, Capt and Mrs William J.; 600 Folsoni st. W^hirsdny 

Mr and Mrs William V. 

Bryant, Mrs. A. J. ; 822 Sutter st. Thursday 

Bryant, Mr and Mrs George H. ; 2315 California st. Tuesday 

Bryde, Mrs ; The Berkshire Monday 

The Misses 

J'urkhee, Spencer C; 1U06 Laguna st. Thursday 
Miss Annie 

■Samuel G. 

lUickingham, Mrs Vacaville 

P.uckingham, A. E. ; 1016 Franklin st. Tuesday 

-Miss Ed it I 

Buckingham, Thomas H.; Palace Hotel Kelseyville 

Ti.,r.i,;n«K..r« xc ««^ \f^o w I* . ^ ^•'^^•* Market st. .)f<>iidai/ 
inicKingham, Mr ana Mrs >> . r.; -, Tin.*- o i u o 

** ' ( White Sulphur Springs 

P.uckley, Dr C. F. ; 811 O'Farrell st. 

Buckley, Mrs E. P. ; 1103 Jackson st. 

Buckley, Mr D. J. ; cor. Market and Montgomery sts. 

liucknall, Dr and Mrs George J.; 1121 Lagtma st. Thursday St. Helena 

Miss Marguerite H. 

Miss Marie K. 

ButTord, Mr and Mrs Samuel F.; 1814 Sutter st. Wedueitday 

Try UK IIAl;l»-«»N ^i i i Itiin ru(l«lliik'. Honi'loni* Chi. 

Hiiin. bimI Turkf'v t ()ynter«. hikI Fowl fur I.uiu I 

i'UuUn. Ktc. All J..-. . 

.M.\lJ. s'ai')LKK di CO.. Purlflc ('oint ArimUs 


Bull, Mr and Mrs Alpheus ; Francisco and Leavenworth sts. 

Alpheus, Jr. 

Bundschu, Charles; 125 Chestnut st. 
Bunker, Mr and Mrs Robert F. ; 620 Eddy st. 

Miss Ella 

Bunker, Mr and Mrs William; The Bella Vista Thursday 
Burbank, Mr and Mrs M. B.; 1114 Clay st. 
Bardick, George R. ; 1523 Scott st. 

Miss Fannie 

Burgess, Mr and Mrs George H. ; 1019 Hyde st. 

Burgess, Dr and Mrs O. O. ; 329 Geary st. Friday 

Burgin, Mrs John F. ; 801 Golden Gate ave. Fridny Litton Springs 

Miss Agnes 

Fred, Jr. 

Burke, Mrs San Jose 

Miss Mamie 

Burke, Judge and Mrs Ethelbert ; 824 Powell st. Tutsday 
Burling, Mr and Mrs William; 1618 Washington st. 
Burling, Mr Benjamin L. ; 1618 Washington st. Tuesday 

Miss Mamie H. 

G. B. 

Burling, J. W. ; The Bella Vista 

Burnett, J. C. ; U. S. N. ; Comos Club, 1420 Clay st. ^' McArthur ' 

Burnett, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 1713 Larkin st. Friday 

Burnett, Mr and Mrs W. C; 1916 Broadway 

Burns, Mr and Mrs A. M. ; 1506 Washington st. Tuesday 

Miss Daisy 

Burns, Clayton J. ; Hotel Pleasanton Los Angeles 

Burns, Mr and Mrs Isidore ; Grand Hotel Monday 
Burns, Mrs M. A. ; Occidental Hotel Monday 

Miss Lillie 

Burns, Paul O.; Cosmos Club San Jose 

Burns, W. F. ; Hotel Pleasanton. 
Burr, Lieut George W. ; Presidio 
Burrell, Mr and Mrs; 1322 Mission st. 

Miss Nellie E. 

Burrows, Frank D. ; 737 Market st. 

Burton, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1024 Washington st. 


Bush, Capt Hyman P.; lOU Golden Gate ave. 

Bush, Mr. Chas. S.; 210 Bush st. 

Butterfield, Miss Ada; 1105 Taylor st. Menlo Park 

Butler, Mr and Mrs Geo. Ross VaUey 

Buxton, O. W.; Palace Hotel 

Byrne, J. W. ; Occidental Hotel 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only. 
Ask vour Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors. 



C;i<luc, Mrs I'., 2123 Sacramento St. 

Mis8 Cora 

Mi83 Florence 

C'achot. Miss Minnie; 207 Taylor !*t. 
Cachot, Dr Maximilian A. ; 207 Taylor st. 
Calmlin, Miss G. H. ; 01(5 Jones st. 
Cahill, ?:. J.; Grand Hotel 
Cahill, Edward; 70(> Stockton St. 

Miss Mamie 

Cahii. Mr David; 20') Sansome st. 
Calhi^'han, Mrs D. ; 8.S0 Eddy st. 

The Misses 

Callahan. Rev Father Menlo Park 

Cammeyer, Mr; 607 Market st. 

Cammoek, J. M. ; Grand Hotel 

Campbell, Mr Vernon; Eddy and Powell sts. 

Campbell, Alexander, Jr ; 1415 Mason st, 

Campbell, Donald Y.; 530 California st. 

Campbell. Mr and Mrs H. .f. ; 1310 Hyde st. 

Campboll. Mr and Mrs John F. ; 151".> Van ave. 

Miss l8al)el 

Campbell, Mr and .Mrs Walter C. ; 1820 Turk st. }fn,idap 

Mrs Mariner 

Campbell, W. S. ; Cosmos Club New York 

Campbell, William H., Jr.; 2301 Devisadeio st. 

Cantin. Eugene; 613 Clay st. 

Capp. Prof A. B. ; 1148 Sutter st. 

Carey, General and Mrs J. T. ; Grand Hotel Mouda]! 

Card. Dr Ejzerton F. , 2406 Sutter st. 

Carl in, Lieut John W., V . S. N. Mare Island 

Carleton, Miss Ida; 1822 Sacramento st. 

Carlson, C. J. ; 523 Pine st. 

Carman, Dr William ; 410 Post st. .V<nuln., 


Carmany, Mr and Mrs John W. ; 514 Hyde si. 
Carolan. Mr and Mrs James; 1714 Cal. st. 

Miss Evelyn 

Miss Genevieve 

Miss Emeline 

Frank J. 

Herl)ert E. 

Tiiesdaij Hotel del Monte 

Carpenter, Ford A. ; Si^fual Cor|»s 
Carpenter, Edwin W. ; 1311 Taylor st. 
Carpenter, Mrs M. A. ; 026 Clay st. 


Portland. Or. 

GORDON & IHLWOKTH'S Fine I'ri»j*ervcHl Fruits, Jellies, Olives. Ketchup, Wine 
JellicR, Ktc, to be had of all faury tJrocerB. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Paolflc CoNftt ARCUti. 



Carr, Mr J. .S. ; U. S. Postoffice 
Carr, Colonel and Mrs B. O 

Carrey, Mr and Mrs Edmond; 522 Ellis st. 


Carrigan, Mrs Andrew; 2124 California st. 




Carroll, Edgar B. 

Miss Flora 

Miss Lela 

Carroll, John ; Palace Hotel Mondai/ 


Miss F. 

G. L. 

Carroll, Mr and Mrs R. T, ; 1520 Van Ness ave. Friday 

Carroll, Thomas P. ; 518 Lombard st. 

Carroll, Mr Richard ; 1520 Van Ness ave. 

Casa, A. Delia ; Grand Hotel 

Case, George A. ; 2338 AVashington st. 

Case, Mr and Mrs I. W 

Casey, Mr John ; U. S. Building, City 

Casey, Mr and ]Mrs AV. J . 

Cassell, Mr and Mrs John F. ; 2118 Pacific ave. Friday 

Casserly, Mrs Eugene ; 2123 Buchanan st Friday 

Miss S. Margaret 

John B. 


St. Helena 

San Rafael 


Astoria, Or. 

Santa Clara 

Del Monte 

Castelazo, Arthur; 405 Geary st. 


Castle, Mr and Mrs Frederick L. ; Van Ness ave. & Sutter st. 

Miss Eva 

Miss Blanche 

Miss Hilda 

Albert E. 

Arthur H. 

Castle, Mr and Mrs Michael ; Washington & Laguna sts. 1st 

Neville H. ; Washington and Laguna sts. 

Castle, Mr and Mrs Walter M. ; 1720 Bush st. Friday 

Castle, Hon. and Mrs AVilliam R. 

Catherwood, Mr and Mrs R. B. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Catlow, Mr and Mrs John ; San Jose ave. and 24th st. 

Center, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; 214 Shotwell st. 



c(- 3d Fridays 

San Jose 




H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for vourself. 

MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agcnt.s 


Cliabot, Mrs A. Oakland 

Miss E. H. 

Chadbourne, Mr ami Mrs F. S. ; llOG st. 

Chalmers, AVm. L. ; Kelsey House Oakland 

Miss Jean 

Chamberlain, Mrs Eloine ; 306 Stockton st. 

^Iis8 Cherry 

Miss Belle 

Miss Charlotte 

Chamberlain, Col. and Mrs W. H. ; 1431 Mission st. 

Chamberlain, Col. and Mrs \V. E., Jr. Oakland 

Chambers, Mr and Mrs K. C. ; 2220 Sacramento st. 

Champion, Mr and Mrs Charles Noble; 1123 Broadway 

Chapman, Mr and Mrs Frank; 810 Powell st. Tlinrxihiij 

Chapman, Mr and Mrs. W. S. ; Palace Hotel Mondntf 

Chapman. ^Ir and Mrs Wilfred B. ; 1123 California st. TuesJay 

Chase, Miss; 1222 Pine st. 

Chase, Mr and Mrs Horace Blanchard Yountville and Napa Soda Springs 

Cheese:nan, Mrs Morton; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Jennie 

George S. 

Cheney, Mr and Mrs John Vance; i»08 Sutter st. "Solitude,'" Napa Co. 
Chesebrougb, Mr and Mrs A. ; 2428 Jackson st. 
Ctievassiis, Mr and Mrs PMward; 2321 Scott st. 
Chevers, Miss Helena; 2311 Jackson st. Friday 
Childs, Wm. ; Palace Hotel 

Mrs O. W 

the Misses Emma and Carrie 

Chinn, Mrs Thomas; 2028 Clay St. 

Chismore. Dr George; 920 Market st. 

Chown, Mr and Mrs James G. ; 922 Geary st. 

Chown, Mr and Mrs James V. ; 1411 Post st. 

Choynski, Herl)ert; 1200 Golden Gate ave. 

Chretien, Mr and Mrs John M. ; 804 Bush st. Tucifday 

Chrystal. James B. ; 310 Stockton st. 

Chrystal, Pierre J. ; 214 O'Farroll st. 

Chunh, Rev. and Mrs Edward l'>. ; 103G Valencia st. 

Church, Seymour; 20{) fiear}' st. 

Church, Mrs T. K. ; 1010 Franklin st. Tuesday 

Cicott, Mr Frank X. ; JJck House 

Clapp, Mr and Mrs Milton B. ; 023 Hyde st. 

Clark, Mr and Mrs. C. H. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Clark, Warren D. ; NE cor. California st. and Van Ness nve. 

Clark, Joseph ; Union Club 

II. O. WILBUK & SONH'H fhocolnte and (\m>oii I'n'pHratluns arc unexcelled for 
quality. Affk your OriJotT for them. MAI'. .SADI.KK A CO., I'aolflc Coast Aifcnti 



Clark, Mrs George W. ; 720 Union st. 

George W. 

Harry L. 

Clark, Miss Minnie Sacramento 

Clark, Miss Laura Sacramento 

Clark, Mr & Mrs Robert C. ; NE cor. 16tli e^ Castro Tkursdai/ Santa Barbara 
Clark, Mr and Mrs W. C. ; 1703 Broderick st. 

Santa Clara 


Friday Napa Soda Springs 

Clark, Mr and Mrs John J. ; 327 Fremont st. 
Clark, Mr and Mrs Z. P. ; 2612 California st. 


Clark, Dr J. G. ; Office 238 Kearny st. 
Clarke, Mrs Jeremiah ; 2119 California st. 

Miss Edith 

Miss Lottie 

Edward K. 

Clarke, T. D. ; Grand Hotel 

Clawson, Leonard E. ; 129 Oak st. 

Clayton, Mrs C. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Clement, Mr and Mrs L. H. ; The Bella Vista 

Miss Ethel 

Clements, John ; Lick House 

Cline, Mr. Walter B. ; Cor. Annie and Stevenson sts. 

Clongh, Charles L. ; Cosmos Club 

Cluff, Mr and Mrs William ; 1916 Vallejo st. 

Clover, Richardson; U. S. N. U. S. Steamer "Dolphin" 

Thursday Lake Co. 

Cluness, Dr and Mrs W. R. 

Miss Mabel 

Miss Minnie 

Clunie, Mr and Mrs Thomas J. ; 836 Turk st. 
Coats, Mr Geo. K. ; 105 Montgomery st. 
Cochran, Dr and Mrs John; The Berkshire 
Cochrane, Dr and Mrs E. O. ; 850 Market st. 
Code, Mr and Mrs James A..; The Berkshire 
Code, Mr and Mrs Philip D.; 930 Valencia st. 

Miss May 

Miss Gladys M. 

Philip, Jr. 

Coe, Miss Grace E. ; 1408 Bush st. Wednesday 

Coffey, Hon. J. V. 

Coffin, Mrs D. B.; 1614 Post st. 

Coffin, Mr and Mrs James; 

Coffin Mrs Trenmor 

Cofran, John W. G.; 1404 Van Ness ave. 

Coggins, Edward B. ; The Westminster 


Tuesda i/ 

Santa Clara 
Del Monte 
Del Monte 

San Rafael 
Carson City, Nev. 

Napa City. 

Always reliable and uuiform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents- 




Los Angeles 

Cosmos Club 
Los Angeles 

Cohen, Edward A. ; 1706 Fillmore st. 

Cohen, Mrs and Mr R.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Cohn, Mrs David; 1404 Sutter st. 

Coit, Mrs Lillie H.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Colburn, Mrs C. H.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Cole, Hon. Cornelius; Hotel Pleasanton 

Cole, Foster P.; 1707 Gough st. 

Cole, Mr and Mrs N. P.; 1801 Franklin St. Monday 

Charles M. 

Cole, Dr an<l Mrs K. r,ev»'rly ; 218 Post st. 


Cole, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 2006 Push st. 

Miss Gusrtie 

Miss Etta 

Cole, Willoughby Los Angeles 

Coleman, Carleton C; Pacilic ave. and Fillmore st. San Rafael 

Coleman, Mrs Carleton C; 190<> Franklin st. Napa Soda Springs 

Coleman, Mr and Mrs Evan J.; 14.)0 Sacramento st. Tue»da\f Del Monte 
Coleman, Harry Oakland 

Coleman, Mrs J. H.; Lick House Monday 
Coleman, Mrs Maria; Washington, D, C, 

James V. ; Nevada Block 

Coleman, Nicholas D. ; Cosmos Club Los Angeles 

Coleman, Mr and Mrs William T.; Pacific ave. and Fillmore San Rafael 

Rol>ert L. 

Colley, F. A.; L*02 San Jose ave. 

Collier. Mr and Mrs William P>.; Occidental Hotel Mi>,nJ<nj Lakeport 

Collins, Mr and Mrs T. W.; 1824 Eddy st. 

Colton, Mrs D. D.; California and Taylor sts. 

Condict, J. Elliot; 020 Sutter st. Thursday 

Connell. Miss Nora; 2221 Sutter st. 

Conner, Mrs Julia W.; 145o Franklin st. Friday 

Miss Julie 


Conrad, Mr and Mrs David; 441 Golden Gate ave. 
Conrad, Mr an<l Mrs J. (J.; 1316 Buchanan st. 
Conrad, Samuel: 317 Bush st. 
Conroy, Miss; 2024 California st. 
Cook, Dr. A. S.; 224 Post st. 

Miss C. L. 

MrsC. A. 

Cook, Mr and Mrs H. N.; SO'J Hyde st. 
Cooke, Mrs Wm. li. ; .',22 O'Farrell st. 
Walter I^. 

Tuettdat^ Santa Cruz 

W rd nrsdn tf 

Tr)- the FKANro-AMKKH AN FOOD CO'S Netural FlHv«»r FriMH-h S«)U|.», put ni» In 

gl«M f»<I»«'<iHnv iitr Cliililrflis I)i«'t. IllVali'llI, Hlck or Wl*Mk IVOKItlB. 

MAU. HADLRK A CO.. I'aciflc Coagf AffOiit«. 


Cook, Mrs Elisha; 10th st. and HofFave. Wednesday 

MiisS Leonide 

Mr and Mrs William Hoff 

Dr Channing 

Coon, Mrs H. P. , 1159 Alice st. Oakland 

Coon, F. H.; 2 Pine st. 

Coon, Mr and Mrs Harry I. ; 614 Folsom st. 

Cooper, George D. ; 1456 Franklin st 

Cooper, Mr and Mrs J. B. H.; 1926 Octavia st. Wednesday Del Monte 

Miss Alice 

Cooper, Mrs. S. M. ; 1608 Van Ness ave. 

Cooper, Mrs Sarah B. ; 1902 Yallejo st. 

Cooper. AVilliam ; 330 O'Farrell st. 

Cope, Miss Anna ; 826 Powell st. 

Cope, Warner W. ; 614 Sutter st. 

Cope, Mr and Mrs W. T. Santa Cruz 

Corbitt, Wni. ; Palace Hotel Monday San Mateo 

Miss Minnie 

Miss Nellie 

Cormack. Mr and Mrs C. F. ; 2508 Folsom st. 

Corning, Mrs Phoebe ; 843 Mission st. 

Cornwall, Mr & Mrs P. ; SE cor. Buchanan & Page Wednesday Glenwood 


Corran, Mr and Mrs W. H. L.; 626 Haight st. 

Cortez, Madame Marie A. ; Van Ness Seminary 

Cory, Mr and Mrs I. H.; 326 Oak st. Wednesday 

Cosby, General George B. Sacramento 

Cotton, Mrs Aylett K. ; 837 Post st. 

Cotton, Capt. Gilbert P. ; U. S. A.; Presidio 

Coulson, Dr Nat. T.; NW cor. Hayes and Webster sts. 

Coulter, Mrs Clarence H. ; Hotel Pleasauton Monday 

Coulter, Mr and Mrs Robt. ; 1921 Clay st. TJmrsday 

Coursen, Miss Ellen; 1060 Fulton st. 

Cousins, Mr and Mrs J. J.; 624 Golden Gate ave. 

Cowie, Wallace M. ; 1224 Twenty-first st. 

Cowles, Mr and :Mrs Samuel AV. ; 35 Twelfth st. 

Cowels, Wm. Northrope; Grand Hotel Santa Barbara 

Cox, Capt. J. B. ; 2740 California st. Friday 

Coxe, Major and Mrs F. M.; Hotel Beresford Monday Hotel Ben Lomond 

Craig, Mrs Wm. ; Clay near Fillmore 

Craigin, Mrs A. E. ; 912 Pine st. 

Cramer, Walter H. ; 1123 Devisadero st. 

Crane, A.E.; Hotel Pleasanton 

Creighton, Mr and Mrs T. F.; 623 Shotwell st. Thursday 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use iu 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 


Crane, Mr and Mrs Lemuel P. ; 210 Fillmore et. Weduesda;^ 

Miss Daisy L. 

:Mi8s Lillie B. 

Douglas H. 

Crawford, Mrs. J. ; 1502;< California st. 

Creanor, Mrs Stockton 

Miss Nan 

Miss Louise 

Cressey, E. P. ; Occidental Hotel 
Crim, Mrs Samuel: I'.'VJO Howard st. 

Greorge S. 

Crim, Mr and Mrs Win. H. ; 2o2(> Howard st. 

Chrii-ty, Mrs H. P.; Hotel Pleasanton yfondnij 

Crittenden, C. S. ; 305 Jones st. 

Crocker, Col. Charles F. ; 915 Leavenworth st. ; Millbrae 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs Clark W.; 1609 Sutter st. Thurxday 

Miss Fanny 


Crocker, Mrs E. P». ; Sacramento East 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs H. S.: Pala.o Hotel .)fnndn„ 

Charles H. 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs Henry J. ; Occidental Monday 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs John H. ; 1409 Clay st. 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs Wm. H. ; California and Jones Tuexday Del Monte 

Crocker, George; 1100 California st. 

Crockett, Mr and .Mrs J. B. ; 202<) California st. Friday 

Crooks, J. E. Benicia 

Crouch, Miss Sacramento 

Cropper, Mrs Minnie; Palace Hotel 

Cropper, Mrs Thornburg; Pacitic ave. 

Crothers, K. A.; 1018 Bush st. 

Miss Jennie 

Crowley, Mr and Mrs Patrick ; lt)29 Sacramento st. 

Miss Daisy 

Miss Josie 

Cummings, Francis; 1722 Sutter t-t. 

Cunningham, Mr and Mrs James; 2518 P»roadway st. 


Cunningham, John, 201) Gough st. 

Curlett, Wm. San Rafael 

Curian, Mr Hugh; SK cor. Sansome and Pacific sta. 

Cnrrey, Judge and Mrs Montgomery; Palace Hotel Monday Dixon 

Currier, Willis J. East 

t.'urry, Mr and Mrs It. J. Dixon 

RICHARDSO.S A ROIUUNS' Hoij.mI Chl«keii. Tiirkev. <:.><>k.M| Ilatn. RoUed ux 
Tniiicne, (;urrie«l oynteriatul Fowl. Plum Puddlns aud Potted McaU; to be had 
of all flmt-claaa Grocera. .M AU, SADLER A CO., Paclflc Coatt Afc««nt«. 


Ciinier, Mr and Mrs.J. P. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Miss Marie L. 

Miss Florence G. 

Curry, Mr and Mrs John; Palace Hotel Monday 

Curtaz, Mr and Mrs Harry J.; 2517 Fillmore st. Monday 

Curtis, Mr and Mrs Allen A. San Rafael 

Curtis, Edward; Grand Hotel 

Curtis, John M. ; 710 Post st. 


Curtis, Mr and Mrs Jonathan: 1720 Baker st. 

Curtis, Mr and :Mrs W. G.; 811 Polk st. Thursday 

Cusheon, Miss L.; 830 Bush st. Wednesday 

Cushing, Dr and Mrs Clinton; 63(3 Sutter st. Coronado Beach 

Gushing, Mr and Mrs Sidney B. San Rafael 

Cuspenera, Madame; The Berkshire Monday 

Cutlar, Dr and Mrs Roger; 421 Ellis st. 

Cutler, Mr and Mrs Ben A.; 503} Broderick st. Thursday 

Cutter, Mrs B. B. ; 5C0 Van Ness ave. Friday Los Medanos 

Cutter. Mr and Mrs C. G.; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Cutter, Mrs J. H.; 2532 Washington st. 

Cutting, General and Mrs John T.; Occidental Hotel Monday 

Daggett, Mr and Mrs ; Bush and Mason sts. 

Miss Grace 

Dallam, Mr and Mrs R. B. ; 1731 Sutter st. Thursday 

Miss Ella 

Miss Annie 


Danforth, Mr and Mrs Edwin P. ; 1200 Mason st. 

Miss Fanny 

Edward P. 

Daniels, Mr and Mrs John ; 2013 Polk st. Saturday 

Miss May W. 

Miss L. 

John, Jr 

Daniels, Mrs Joseph ; 1012 Leavenworth st. Wednesday 

Miss Josephine Fanny 

Sam Houstin 

Dauneviller, Prof Marc J. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Dapray, Lieut John A., U. S. A. ; Black Point; Phelan Building 

Darling, Mr and Mrs George L. ; 515 Fell st. Tuesday 

Darling, Major John A. ; Pacific-Union Club Fort Mason 

Davidson, Prof and Mrs George; 1117 Hyde st. 

George F. 

Thomas D. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold iu this market tor 

over teu vcars. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Darr, Mr and Mrs Francis A. ; 20 J2 California st. 


Miss Alice 


l>arwin, Chas. P.. San Rafael 

Davidson, Mr and Mrs David !>. Hotel Rafael, San Rafael 

Davidson, Rev H. ; 417 Mason st. 

Davis, Mrs Addie M. ; 11 20 Gougli st. WefJiipsdait Blithedale 

Davis, Mr and Mrs A. G. ; 1605 Scott st. Wednesday 

Davis, Mr J. M. ; 17 Fremont st. 

Davis, C. ; 591 Ellis st. 

Davis, Mr and Mrs E. G. ; 30() Stockton st. Mnndnif 

Davis, Edward C. ; 22.14 Sutter st. 

Davis, Mr and Mrs George A. ; 1109 I'.ush st. Wednesday 

Mr and Mrs A. M. 

Davis, T)r and Mrs O. E. ; 107 Kidley st. 

Da\ne, Dr and Mrs Henry C. ; 2203 Sacramento st Jd and 4th Fridayx 

Davis, Mr and Mrs Horace; 1011 Bush st. ThniMhnj 

Davis, Mrs Isaac E. ; 1802 Pacific ave. 

Davis, Lieut and Mrs .1. M. K. ; Presidio Fortress Monroe 

Davis, Mr and Mrs John B. F. ; 920 Guererro st. 

Davis, Mr and Mrs P. L. ; 2317 Sutter st. Wednesday 

Davis, Kev and Mrs Wm. W. ; 2108 Jackson st. T»':'"l'n/ San Rafael 

Miss Mary Converse 

Day, Ben W. ; <)10 Commercial ^t. 

Dayan, Mr an<i Mrs Judge AV. ; 517 Mason st. 

Deacon, William; sil Twentieth st. 

Deacon, Mr and Mrs Geo. T. ; 1012 San Carlos ave. Wednesday Stockton 

M. G. 

F. C. 

Deady, Judge and Mrs Matthew P. ; Kwi Tenth st. Portland. Or. 

Mr and Mrs Edward N. 

Paul K. 

Henderson B. 

Deady, Miss Nellie M. ; 210 Waller st. Thnrsday 
Dean, Mrs E. J. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

the Misses 

Dean, Mr and Mrs Walter E.; Baldwin Hotel Monday Del Coronado 

Walter L. 

Dean, Peter Oakland 

Deane, Mrs M.; 1919 California St. Thursday San Rafael 

Miss Mamie 



MATTONI'S GIKHSHUBLER. The EmprcM of Tftbh- Watent. The FAVoHr.< 

of All VJaltors at Carlnbnd. MAU. SADI.KK A CO.. I'nolfic Coa<»t Ak'«ui») 


Deane, Mr and Mrs Coll ; 1124 McAllister st. 

Deane, Dr and Mrs Tenison ; 806 Bush st. Tuesday 

Deane, Mr and Mrs Evans B. ; 1218 McAllister st. 

Dearborn, Capt. and Mrs H. C; Palace Hotel Monday " City of Pekin" 

Dearborn, Irving A.; Palace Hotel "Ci^y of Sydney '* 

Debney, Capt. Girard ; 917 McAllister st. 

Charles G. 

Decker, Mrs Peter Europe 

Miss Alice 

Deering, Mrs K. A.; 413 Mason st. 

Mits Minnie 

Deering, F. P. ; 929 Fillmore st. 

Miss Annie 

J. H., Jr. 

De Forrest, Mr and Mrs AV. F. ; Grand Hotel Monday 

De Golia. Mrs Geo. E. Thursday Vernon Heights, Oakland 

Degener, L. E. (Counsel of Guatemala) Cosmos Club 

De Greyer, Mrs J. A. ; 707 Mason st. Tuesday 

De Guigne, Mr and Mrs C. San Mateo 

Deitler, Mrs Geo.; 3309 Clay st. 

Miss Mamie 

Miss Georgie 

Deitzel, Mrs. ; 19 Webster st. 


Deitzler, Miss ; 1904 Webster st. 

De Kraft, J. C. P.; Hotel Pleasanton 

De la Montanya, 31r and Mrs James ; Tuesday 

Miss Jennie 

De la Montanya, Mr and Mrs Jas., Jr; 1508 Taylor W^^k West Springs 

Delane, Charles ; 105 Montgomery st. 

De La Requena, Madame ; The Berkshire Monday 

De Laveaga, Mrs M. A. : 1228 Geary st. Friday 

Delehanty, Lieut and Mrs ; 1525 Bush st. 


Delmas. Mr and D. M. ; Palace Hotel JMountain vfew and Del Monte 

Miss D. 

Miss A. 

Miss J. 

De Long, Mr and Mrs Frank C. Novato. Marin Co. 

Deming, Halleck; 714 Ellis st. 
Dempsey, Miss ; Palace Hotel Monday 
Denicke, E. A.; 819 Turk st. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER ct CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Deming, Joseph G. ; ^25 Page nt. 

Periling, Miss Mamie Sacramento 

Miss Ella 

Denigan. Mr and Mrs Tlios. ; 1715 Octavia st. 

Denman, Mr and Mrs James; 2101 Webster st. Friday 

Miss May 


Dennis, ]>r and Mrs Frank II. ; Palace H^tel Mondny 

Dennis, Mr and Mrs L. W. Los Angeles 

Dennis, Madame Zeiss; Palace Hotel Mondnfi 

De Noon, Mrs; The Berkshire Momiati 

Miss Km ma 

Miss Dottie 

Denver, Miss Jennie ; 320 Turk st. 

De Russey, Colonel Isaac D. ; Pacitic-Union CluVj 

De Ruyter, Mr andMrs John E. ; 2200 Devisadero st. San Rafael 

De Sabla, Mr and Mrs Eugene ; 219 Geary st. 

De Sabla, Mr and Mrs Eugene, Jr. 

Descalso, Mr and Mrs Luke M. ; 1020 Howard st. 

Deuprey, Mr and Mrs Eugene N. ; 2(32i> Bush st. 

De Vecchi, Dr and Mrs Paolo; 2417 Pacific ave. 

Devine, John ; SE cor Kearny and Clay sts. 

Devlin, Robert T. Sacramento 

De Voe, Mrs P>. 0. ; 1116 Powell st. Wahiexdau 

Dewey, Mr and Mrs P^ugene 

Dewey, Lieut and Mrs Theodore G. ; \j . S. N 

Dewey, Mr and Mrs W. P.f Baldwin Hotel 

Dexter, Mr and Mrs Frank 

IVxter. Henry Stanley; Pacific-Tnion Club 

De Young, Mr and Mrs M.H.; lv»10 California st. 

Dibbern, J. Henry; 217 Sansorae st. 

Dibble, E. A. San Rafael 

Dibble, Mr and Mrs Henry C.; 101(j Sacramento st. 

Dibblie, Mrs H. C. ; 17B» (May st. Thnrxdnii 


Dickinson, Colonel and Mrs John II. ; Palace Hotel Mnudmi Santa Rosa 

New York 
Washington, D. C. 


Thiiisilmi San Rafael 

Dickson, Mr and Mrs Robert ; Baker and Haight sts. 
Dillenback, Captain J. W. ; Pre8idi<» 


Dillctn MrsNano; 

Miss Marie 

Miss Kate 

Thomas I. 

IMllon, Mrs Kate ; 
Dimon<l, Harry P. 

•')01 Van Ness ave. 

.SOI Sutter 8t. 
; 317 Powell st, 

How pleasHtit uffor tin- ThcHt<T or an KvcnluR riirlv to be hIiIc t(» offor voi 
nice cm. of FHANl ()-AMKKlC.\N FOOD CO'S KRKNCH HOllbl. 
rttlrtnir. MAU. HAIH.KFt A CO., riicirtc (on 

fftT your euc!»f« H 
.ON iMjforc 



Dimond, Gen. and Mrs W. H. ; 2204 Pacific ave. 

Miss Eleanor 

Miss Mae 

Friday Menlo Park 

-Mr and Mrs E. R. 
-Mr H. VV. 

Dinsmore, Mr and Mrs C. G. ; Palace Hotel 
Diss, Mr and Mrs J. Wallace F. 
Doane, Mr and Mrs W. G. ; 2013 Bush st. 
Dobinson, J. H. ; Palace Hotel 

Dodge.MrandMrs Henry L,; 1298 Van Ness l^^^,^^ Ra^aeil" Monterey 



-Miss M. 

Dodge, Mr and Mrs N. ; 1019 21st st. 
Dodge, Zenas U. ; 225 Post st. 

Miss M. 

Doe, John S. ; Grand Hotel 

Doe, Mr and Mrs Loring B. ; Cosmos Club, 1727 Pine st S,/K^ ^°^^' 

^Mendocino Co. 

Dolbeer, John; 828 Lombard st. 

Dole, Miss Sarah L. ; 1036 Valencia st. 

Donahue, Mrs Annie or M. ; 454 Bryant st. Wednesday 

Donahue, Col. and Mrs J. Mervyn ; 2220 Broadway st. San Rafael 

Donahue, Mr Peter J. ; 346 First st. Del Monte 

Donaldson, Mr and Mrs R, A. ; 1151 Octavia st. Wednesday 

Donnell, Mrs Arthur; 1227 Myrtle St. Tuesday Howell Mt. 

Donohue, Mr and Mrs Jos. A. ; 526 Harrison st. '^MenloPark 


Mr and Mrs Jos. A., Jr. 

Donohue, Mr and Mrs D. British Consul ; The Bella Vista 

Dennis, Jr. 

Miss Rose 

Doolan, Thomas; 1424 Mission st. 

R. P. 

Dore, Mrs Elizabeth ; 2902 California st. 

^liss Ruby 

Dore, Maurice; 1215 Jones st. 

Miss Charlotte 

Miss Nellie 

Mrs Charles 

Dorland, Mr and Mrs T. A. C. ; 623 I7th st. 

Miss Leonora 

Dorn, Lieut and Mrs Edward J., U. S. N. ; The Bella Vi.>^ta 
Dorr, Mrs L. L. ; 1020 Post st. 

S Thursday 
■|! San Rafael 

Santa Cruz 


FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
fligested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

M.\U, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 

AN KH A ^< l> 


Dornitt, Miss Ellen ; 818 Powell st. Tuesdnif 
Doughty, Kev. John ; 1^)0S Leavenworth 8t. 
DonghisB, Mr and Mrs Mark \V. ; Talace Hotel 
Douty, Mr and Mrs Frank S.; oOl) Webster st. 
Dowling, Mr and Mrs Thomas H. ; 251 G Fillmore st 
Downey, Ex-Gov. and Mry John (i. 
Doxey, Mr and Mrs Wm.; l>l(i Fnlton st. 
Doyle, Mr and Mrs John T. 

Mies Fannie 

Miss Emelie 

JohnT., Jr. 


Del Monte 

Los Angeles 
Ringwood, ■ Menio Park 

Napa City 
San Rafael 

Dozier, Thomas P.. 

Drake, Mrs Charles Thursdiui 

Dressel, Dr and Mrs G. ; is 19 ciay st. 

Drexler, Mr and Mrs Louis 1*. ; 1705 Powell st 

Drinkhouse, Mr and Mrs J. A. ; 42 South Park 

Miss Lulu 

John A., Jr. 

Frederi<k R. 

Drown, A, N. ; NE cor. Jackson and Pierce sts. 
Dabedat, Eugene; 1014 Sutter st. 

Edward ; 217 Grant ave. 

Du Hois. Dr H. A., Jr. San Rafael 

Dutr, Miss A. M. ; Hotel Pleasanton Moudaii 

Dugan, Albert D. ; 410 f)ak st. 

Duggan, James P>. ; 105 Montgomery st. 

Duisenberg, C. A. C. ; 1031 JLirrison St. 

Duncan, Mr and Mrs Hilarion ; 1823 Turk st. Clayton 

Miss >Lirion 

Duncan, Mr and Mrs William L. ; 1200 Market st. 

Dunn, Hon John P. Sacramento 

Dunn, H. L. ; 105 Montgomery st. 

Dunn, Mr and Mrs Peter J., Jr. San Jose 

Dunning, W. B. ; V. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

Dunbar, Chaplain and Mrs <.i. W.; U. S. A., Presidio Fridny 


X. W. 

Dunkelberger, Col and .Mrs Los Angeles 

Dunphy, Mr and .Mrs W. H. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Dunphy, .Mr and Mrs William; 2122 Washington st. Europe 

Miss Jennie 

James C. 

Dunsmtiir, Alexander; Pacific- 1 nion (./lub 

Dunwo<xlv. Li«Mit an«l .Mrs F. M.; F. S. N. '• Bear" 

Yt'.M YUM 8WKKT t<»K.N'. the finent in the land, mU\ ever) wbi-re. Ai»k your Grocer 
fur It. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprletom. 

-/ SAS FKAN< I-< •> 

Durand, Mr and Mrs Joseph A. ; 17 Soutli Park 

Miss Gabrielle 

Durbrow, Mr and Mrs A. K.; 1615 Washington St. 

Miss Kate 

Durbrow, Mr and Mrs Elbridge ; 170<5 Buchanan st. Friday 
Durbrow, Mrs Joseph ; 1124 Bush st. Thursday 

Miss P^mnia 

: — Miss Carrie 


Durden, Henry S, ; 1720 Tnion st. 

Dutard, Mr and Mrs Hyppolite; Palace Hotel Monday 

Dutton, Mrs Henry ; 1 732 Pacific ave. 

Dutton, Mr and Mrs Samuel E. ; 2511 Sacramento st. 

Dutton, Mr and Mrs Wm. J.; 2007 Devisadero st. Tuesday 

Duval, Geo. L. Peru 

Eagan, Capt. and Mrs Chas. P.; Occidental Hotel Moiiday Monterey 

Miss Estelle M. 

Charles E. 

Eagleson, J. G.; 317 Stockton st. 

R. ; 328 Geary st. 

Earl, Mr and Mrs John O. ; 24:-40 Jackson st, 

Eastland, Mr and Mrs Joseph G. ; 1409 Sutter st. 

Easton, Mr and Mrs Ajisel ]M ; 915 Leavenworth st. Millbrae 

Easton, ^Irs A. M. ; Leavenworth and Pine sts. San Mateo 

Easton, George D. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Easton, Mr and Mrs George ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Easton, Mrs O. W. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Miss E. B. 

Easton, Mr and Mrs Wendell ; Palace Hotel Monday 
Eaton, Mrs Hester A.; 2102 Mason st. Thursday 
Ebbets, Mr and Mrs Arthur M. ; 1401 Jones st. Tuesday 

Miss Carrie 

Miss Annie 

Eddy, Miss Mabel; 1420 California st. 

Edgar, William M.; 12 Mason st. 

Edgerton, Mrs Frances B. ; 1001 Leavenworth st. TJiursday 

Edmunds. Miss Emily ; The Bella Vista Thursday Del Monte 

Emonds, Lieut Frank H. ; U. S. A. Angel Island 

Edston, George; 423 California st. 

Edwards, Miss; Scott st. near Haight 

Edwards, Mrs M. A. ; GOP Post st. 

Miss Mercv 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. A 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agen 


Kells, Mr anil Mrs John S. ; 2508 Folsom st. 

Mips Lulu M. 

Kellfs, Mr and Mrs Charles P. Oakland 

K^'an, Major John ; \\ S. A. Fort Canby, W. T. 

Eggers, George H. ; 1130 Eddy st. 

Tli<> Misses 

Khrenl.crg, I)r A. T.; 1»18 Hydi' st. 

Tliomas E. 

1-liniian, Mr and Mr.< M. ; 515) Van Ness ave. 

Klam, Mrs K. H. ; 1902 Broadway st. 

Eldridge, Oliver; 615 Sutter st 

ICiiot. Joseph B.; 325 Seventeenth st. 

Elliot, Charles; r>14 Sutter st. 

I'lliott. Miss Kate ; Tjjo lierkshire Monday 

Elliott. Mrs W. E. ; 1020 Franklin st. iV/rfa// 

Miss Fannie 

^liss Mamie 

Mies Kate 

El!is, Asa; Int. Revenue Collector 

Ellis. Mrs \V. T. Marysville 

Ellis, Mr and Mrs A. C. ; 2524 Washington st. 

Eloesser, Mr and Mrs Arthur; I'll Stockton st. 2d and 4fh Thumdaifs 

El well, Frank I). ; 24 Fell st. 

Emmerich, Mr E. ; 36 New Montgomery st. 

Emery, W. H. ; 1632 Post st. 

Emmal, Joseph B. ; 612 Jones st. 

the Misses 

P^mmons, Elmer S. ; 1023 Valencia st. 

Endres, Jacob; 408 Haight st. 

Engelbrecht, H. ; 1523 Webster st. 

Engelbrecht, Mr and Mrs 11. A. ; 106 Webster st. 

Engelbrecht, K. T. ; 834 Turk st. 

English, Mr and Mrs .John F. ; 2417 Howard st. 

Eppinger, Mr and Mrs J. ; 1102 Van Ness ave. Mondmi 

Erickson, Miss E. ; 117 Jones st. Thnntday 

Estee. Mr and Mrs Morris M. ; Pala<'o Hotel Mondaii ''Hedgeside. ' Napa 

Evans, Mr and Mrs Evan C. San Rafael 

Evans, Mrs George S. ; 141 Hanco«k st. Wednrsdati 

Miss Hallie 

Evans, L. J. ; NW cor Ilaight and (Jougli '^t-. 

Evans, Mrs M. C. San Jose 

Evans. Judge and Mrs O. P.; 2416 Washington st Fiidmi 

Everest, Mr an<l Mrs FI. B. Riverside 

Miss Nellie 

Try KK'H.VKDSON & KOHHINS' I'otteM M.atR. Plum I'u«1<IIiik, Moik-Icxh chlikeii. 
flHin. aiMl Turkf^y. KoIUmI ox Toiikup, Curried oysterH, iiutl Fowl for Luncheon. 
Fienirs. Etc. All flmt-claM Qroceni keep them. 

}A\V, H.VDI.KK A CO.. Pnolflc Coimt Aifentn 



Everett, Mr and Mrs E. ; The Bella Vista 

Everts, Mr and Mrs P. ; The Bella Vista Tfiursday 

Eyre, Colonel and Mrs E. E. ; Palace Hotel Monday Menlo Park 

Miss Marj' 

Perry P. 

Eyre, Mr and Mrs Edwin L. ; 1804 Octavia st. 

Fagan, Mr and Mrs E. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Fair, Charles L. ; Palace Hotel 

Fair, Sen. James G. ; Occidental Hotel Virginia City. Nev. 

Fair, James G., Jr. ; Palace Hotel 

Fair, Mrs Theresa; 112J Pine st. Thursday Del Monte 

Miss Tessie 

Miss Birdie 

Fairchild, Harriet M. ; The Berkshire 

Faison, Lieut. S. L., U. S. A.; Benicia. 

Falkenstein, Mr and Mrs H. ; Palace Hotel 


Fallon, J. H. ; 438 Geary st. 
Fargo, Calvin F. Pacific-Union Club 
Fargo, Mr and Mrs Earl A. ; 1919 Sutter st. 



1810 O'Farrell st. Friday 

Fiirgo, Jerome B, 

Miss Lulu 

Fargo, Mrs L. L. Santa Cruz 

Farnfield, Charles P. ; Cosmos Club 

Farnsvvorth, Mr and Mrs; 125 Golden Gate ave. 

Miss Lotta 

Farnsvvorth, E. D. ; 105 Scott st. 

Farquharson, Charles; 620 Sutter st. 

Farquharson, David; Baldwin Hotel 

D. F. 

Farrar, Mrs Wm. H. Tuesday 1003 South Hope st., Los Angeles 

Farwell, Mr and Mrs Willard B. 2318 Steiner st. Friday 

Miss Edith 

Fasanotti, Rev. A. ; 620 Vallejo st. 

Faull, Mr and Mrs John A. ; 1209 Sutter st. Tuesday 
Miss Mary 

Fay, Mr and Mrs Edward; 2315 California st. Tuesday 

Featherston, Mrs Mary; 1805 Jones St. Thursday Santa Cruz 

Miss Lillian 

Miss Minnie 

John N. 

Fechheimer, Benjamin C. ; 1453 Franklin st. 

Felton, Hon. Chas. N. ; Palace Hotel 
Chas. N., Jr. 

Menlo Park 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 

>.VN FKANCl.*-Ci> 


Felton, Walter W. ; 1400 O'Furrell 8t. Mazatlan. Mexico 

Ft'iin, Mr aiul Mrs T. \V. ; 3027 California st. 

Fennell, Gerald M. ; Palace Hotel 

Fenniraore. Mr and Mrs Watson I). ; 501 (jioary st. 

Ferj^nson, Mr and Mrs G. B. ; TUv Kenton Momhiii 

Ferguson, Mrs W. !S. ; 448 Guerrero st. 

Fernald, Mr and Mrs F. L. ; Hotel Pleaeanton Momhui 

C. B. 

Ferral, Judge and Mrs Robert ; 2')! 8 California st. 
Ferrer, Manuel V. ; 1810 Pine st. Friday 

Miss Carmelita 

Miss Eugenie 

Miss Adele 


Field, Mr and Mrs Hampton S. ; 1608 Post st. Mondai/ 

Field, Justice and Mrs Htephen J. ; Pacific-Union Cluh Washington, D.C. 

Field. Mr and Mrs Walter M. San Jose 

Fielding, W. B.; ()21 Bush st. 

Filkins, Mr and Mrs C. W. 

Fillmore, Mr an<l Mrs Jerome A 

Findley, Mrs Thomas; 2310 Clay st. 

Miss Mamie 

Miss Edith 

Miss Lulu 


Finlayson, James ; 1811 Gough st. 

Finley, Mrs M. J. ; SE cor. Francisco and I>eavenworth 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Rose 

Miss Mary C. 


Occidental Hotel Moudaii 


Del Monte 


i Friday 
I Santa Cruz 

Finn, Judge John F.; l>02 Van Ness ave. 
Finigan.Col. ami Mrs P. A. ; 1248 California st. 
Fish, Mrs Jennie F. ; 1310 O'Farrell st. Friday 
Fish, Mr and Mrs Azel H. ; Hotel Westminster 
Fish, Mr an<l Mrs T. F. ; The Bella VisUi Thursday 

Fisher, Mr and Mrs Charles A. ; .'^9 Jones st. 

Dei Monte 

Fisher, Mr and Mrs K. F. The Berkshire 
Fisher, Mrs Jennie; 210 Powell st. 
Fisher, Dr Walter E. ; Occidental Hotel 
Fisher, Will E. ; Ifotel Pleaeanton 
Fisher, Wm. H. ; 1512 California st. 
F'iske, Dr and Mrs Henry M. ; 2100 Bush st. 


Carson City, Nevada 
Tuenda If 

GORDON A DII-WORTHH Kino PrcHcrvcd Frulm, Jt'Uleii. OHveii. Ketrhiiii, Wine 
Jellies, Ktc, to Ix* had of all fnticv (iroccrtt. 

MAU, SADLKR A. CO.. Paclflc ('o«Rt ARcntii 


Fitt'li, Mr and Mrs George K. ; 703 Bush st. 


Miss Florence 

Fitch, Mrs S. L. ; 1008 Green st. 

Fitch, Mrs H. A. ; 3021 Polk st. 

Fitch, J. R. ; 2409 Jackson st. 

Flack, Mr and Mrs George D. ; 290ii Folsom st. Thm-.^iJau 

Mies Minnie 

Flagg, C. C. ; The Berkshire 

Flavin, Mr and Mrs M. J. ; Palace Hotel Moudcii/ Menlo Park 

Fletcher, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 714 Waller st. Thursday 

Fletcher, Captain Montgomery ; Pacific-Union Club 

Fletcher, Lieut and Mrs Robert H. ; The Bella Vista Thiusdai/ 

Flint, Mr and Mrs B. P. ; 1121 Hyde st. 

Flint, Dr and Mrs Thomas; Grand Hotel Monday San Juan 


Flood, John \\. ; 422 Eddy st. 

Flood, Mr and Mrs George W. F.; 1424 Mission st. Del Monte 

Flood, Mrs James C. ; 1010 California st. Menlo Park 

Miss Jennie 

James L. 

Flonrnoy, Colonel and Mrs George; 1140 21st st. 

Miss Marguerite 

Flournoy, Mr and Mrs George, Jr. ; 2929 California st. 

Floyd, Capt. and Mrs R.S. ; 415 Istst. Wednesday Clear Lake. Kelseyville 

Miss Harry 

Folger, J. A., Jr. Oakland 

Mies Bessie 

Folger, Daniel W. ; 1916 Franklin st. 

Foley, Miss Mamie San Jose 

Folsom, Mr and Mrs A.-; 2918 Sacramento st. ^Yednesday 

Folsom, Rev. De F. San Mateo 

Folsom, Mr and Mrs George A. ; 1509 Jackson st. Thursday 

Folsom, George S. ; Cosmos Club 

Folsom, J. R.; Cosmos Club 

Fonda, \Yilliam M.; 3011 Sacramento st. 

Charles B. 

Henry S. 

Mr and Mrs William T. 

Foote, General and Mrs Lucius H. ; 800 McAllister st. 

Forbes, Mies Kate San Rafael 

Miss Edith 

Mrs Alex 

Forbes, William D. ; 2214 Jackson st. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for vourself. 

MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Forbes, A. B ; 29 Essex et. 


Ford, Mr Alfred B. ; 1620 Broadway 

Ford. Mr C. W. R.; 26 McAlliater st. 

Ford, Joseph A. ; Palace Hotel 

Foriiian, Robert B. ; 2120 Broadway Menlo Park 

Forman, Mr and Mrs Sands W. ; 700 Post st. France 

Formes. Karl ; 833 1^ Sutter st. 

Forney, Stelinian, U. S. Coast Survey; Cofeinos Club 

Forsaith, E. W. ; Grand Hotel 

Foss, Oscar; 4 2K Geary st. 

Foster, Mr and Mrs A. W. San Rafael 

Foster, Mr and Mrs Charles J. " Hacienda." Sausalito 

Foster, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; Hotel Pleasanton Muinlai/ 

Foster, William Honolulu, H. I. 

Foulkes, Dr and Mrs John F. ; N\V cor. Wash, t'v: Fillmore >t-. H - .ln.s,hi,( 

Foute, Rev and Mrs R. C. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Fowler, Bishop and Mrs Charles H. ; 235 Buchanan st. 

Fox, l)r and Mrs C. W. ; Baldwin Hotel Mvitday 

Foye, W. R. S. ; 1611» Howard st. 

Frank, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 2001 Van Ness ave. 

Franks, Mr Chris; V. S. Building, City 

Francis, Mr and Mrs D. P.. ; 2:>20 California st. 

Francis, Harry San Rafael 

Eraser, Mr and Mrs T. E. ; Lick House Monday 

Freeborn, Mr and Mrs James; NE cor. Jackson and Gough sts. 

French, Mr and Mrs Frank J ; 1617 Jackson st. Friday 

Freu<l Mr and Mrs I. ; 1816 Sacramento st. 

Friedlander, Mrs Isaac; 1913 Clay st. Santa Cruz 

Miss Fannie 

Miss May 

T. Cary 

Friedlander, Joseph ; Anglo-Cal. Bank 

Friedman. J. ; Palace Hotel 

Frill, Captain and Mrs I>. E. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Frisbie, General and Mrs; 1308 (jieary st. 

Froelich, Christian, Jr. ; Pacitic-Cnion Club 

Frolich, MrsT. H.; 1216 Clay st. 

Fry, Colonel and Mrs J. I).; 1812 Jackson st. 


Fuendelinjr, Pastor J.; 70o Bunh st. 

Fulda. Mr and Mrs L. R. ; 106 Ellis st. 

Fuller, Mr and Mrs William P., Jr. ; 922 Fillmore st. San Jose 

Fulweiler, Jud};e J. M.; Cosmos Clul) Auburn 

II. O. Wn.BI'R A SONS'S ChocolHtu hikI 1'»m'om I'repMralluiiN art unexcelled for 
quality. .Vxk > our c;n.<er for them. .M.\r. S.VDI.KK ACO.. raclflc Coast .\ROiit<i 



Fuller, Mr and Mrs William P.; 839 OFarrell st. 

Miss Nellie 

Miss Bertha 

Fulton, Mrs. Paymaster 

Fulton, Mrs William, Jr.; 2418 Washington st. 

Fulton, Miss. A. M. ; 1215 Sutter st. Thursday 

Washington, D. C. 

Gadesden, Valentine, 1111 Sutter st. 
Gage, Mr and Mrs William S. ; 822 Bush st. 

Miss Hattie 

William S., Jr. 

Gallagher, Mr and Mrs Henrj^ ; 224 Castro st. Tuesday 

Gallatin, Mr and Mrs Albert; 1840 California st. Tuesday Sacramento 

Miss Jennie 

Albert, Jr. 

Galloway, W. T. ; 2203 Devisadero st. 

Galpin. Philip G.; 1736 Broadway 

Galvani, Signor G. B, ; 325 O'Farrell st. Europe 

(iamble, Mrs S. B.; 1222 Fine st. 

Mr and Mrs J. M. 

Miss Clara 

Garber, Judge and Mrs Eugene R.; Palace Hotel -j^^^ Napa Soda Springs 


Santa Clara 
and Willows 

Garber, John 

Gardet, Mr and Mrs Victor; 2310 Webster st. 




Gardiner, Miss ; The Berkshire 

Gariepy, Mrs; 533 Taylor st. 

Garnett. Mr and Mrs Louis A.; 35 Essex st. 


William H. 


Edgar M. 

Garniss, Mr and Mrs James R. ; 1224 Pine st. 
Garratt, Mr and Mrs AVilliam T. ; 405 Sixth st. 

Miss Julia 

Garrett, L. M., U. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

Garvin, Rev. and Mrs Thos. D. ; Oriel Hotel 

Garwood, Dr. and Mrs William T. ; 1523 Bush st. 

Gashwiler, Mr and Mrs S. F. ; 1820 Vallejo st. 

Gately, Miss Mamie ; 718 O'Farrell st. 

Gatewood, Lieut C. B. ; Phelan Building 

Gattig, L. ; 526 California st. 

Gauld, Mr and Mrs James G. ; 2220 Webster st. Friday 



Always reliable and uuiform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Age u 


Geldermann, Mr and Mrs E. ; 1923 Broderick st. Friday 

Gerald, E. F.; Pacific-Union Club 

Gerberding, A. ; Bohemian Club 

Grere, Mi!»s Lucia; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Gerstle, Mr and Mrs l^ewie; 1517 Van Ness ave. 


Ghaselin, Dr ; Occidental Hotel 

Gibbon, A. D. Mare Island 

Gibbons, Dr and Mrs H., Jr.; 020 Polk st. Monday 

Gibbons, Mrs T. P. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Gibbons, General and Mrs, IT. S. A.; Palace Hotel Monday 


Gibbs, Mr and Mrs C. V. S.; 722 Post st. San Rafael 

Miss Mattie 

Harry T. 

Gibbs, Mr and Mrs Charles E. ; So'S Post st. Tuesday 

Miss Lena J. 

Miss Mary P. 

Miss Sophie H. 

Gibbs, Mr and Mrs Frederick A. ; 4:)1 Bartlett st. Wednesday 

Gibson, Mrs E. ; 520 Bush st. 

Gibbs. Mr and Mrs George W.: 2857 Sixteenth st. 

Gib.=on. Mrs F. A. ; 15 Hill st. Lawrence. Santa Clara Co. 

M. P. 

Giffard, Mme. E. C; 1222 Pine st. 

Githn, Mr and Mrs. O. F. ; 2621 Sacramento st. 

O.scar, F., Jr. 

Gihon, Albert Dakin ; 708 Jones st. 
Gillette, D. B. 


(iillig, Mr and Mrs John ; The Bella Vista Thurnlay Virginia. Nev. 

Gillig, Mr and Mrs Harry ; Lick House Abroad 

Gilliland, Mr and Mrs Adam ; 923 Fillmore st. Tae.sday 

Gilion, James; Baldwin Hotel 

Gilman, Capt. H. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Gilmor, Mrs New York 

Miss (iracc 

Gilmore, F. P. ; 1104 Market st. 

Gilmore, Mr and .Mrs John H. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Gilson, Mr and Mrs L. ; Palacr Hotel Monday 

Gir\in, Mr and Mrs K. 1). ; 2424 California st. Friday 

Girvin, Mr and Mrs J. W. Wednesday Lorin. Cal. 

(livens. C. S. ; (K*cidcntal Hotel 

(ilass, Comm;M>d.r Mini Mr- V S. X San Rafael 

Try the FRANCO-AM KkIC AN FOOD CO'8 Natural Flavor French 8ou|»^ put uj» in 
clftM especlNlly for ChildnMi'n Diet, Invalidit, 8irk or Weak I'orMina. 

MAU. HADF.KK A CO.. Parlflr <'oa»t Agentx. 


Glass, Mr Louis; Pacific-Union Club 

Gleason, Miss Annie (Mile. Anita Alameda), 2415 Fillmore 

Glover, Mrs J. S. Sacramento 

Glover, Mrs. George F. 


Gnudelmyn, Joseph ; Lick House 

Goad, Mr and Mrs W. Frank ; 2000 Washington st. Hotel del Monte 

Miss Ella 


Miss Genevieve 

Goad, Mr and Mrs J. W. Colusa 

Godley, Mr and Mrs Montgomery ; 1818 Sacramento st. 

Jesse E. 

Godsey, G. P. ; Lick House 

Goewey, James M, ; 300 Page st. Tuesday Monterey 

Miss Gertrude 

Charles H. 

Frank B 

J. Mon^'oe 

Goetze, Mrs Henry; 1006 Fillmore st. 

Golcher, Mr and Mrs Henry C.; 105 Broderick st. Tliursday 

Golcher, Mr and Mrs J. W.; 1503 Taylor st. Wednesday 

Goldberg, Mr and Mrs J. ; 2620 California st. 

Gonzales, A.; 300 Van Nessave. 

Gonzales, Mrs J. S. ; 1114 Powell st. 

Goodall,Mr and Mrs C. M.; 1062 Fulton st. 

Goodall, Capt. and Mrs Charles; SE cor. McAllister and Pierce sts. 

Edward S. San Mateo 

Goodall, Edwin Oakland 

Goodman, Mr and Mrs T. H. ; Palace Hotel Monday Del Monte 

Goodman, Mr and Mrs T. H. ; Palace Hotel Monday Hotel Vendome 
Goodman, Mrs J. H. ; Palace Hotel 
Goodrich, E. D. ; Palace Hotel 
Goodrich, Taylor; 513 Taylor st. 
Goodspeed, Mrs R. C. ; 300 Fair Oaks st. 

^[iss Annie 

0. C. 

Goodyear, Miss Grace Benicia 

Gordon, Mrs; The Renton Monday 


U. P. 

Gordon, Major & Mrs D. S. ; U. S. A.; 720 Finest. Monday Hotel Vendome 

Gordon, Geo. W. ; Grand Hotel 

Gorham, Mrs. George ; Res. Virginia City, Xev. Santa Monica 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use in 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 

>.\N I i;.\.N< l.M II .'^*i 

(rorom, Nelson; U. S. Building, City 

Gottig, Lawrence; 180G Pine bt. 

Gove, Mr and Mrs Andrew J.: t>25 Valleju st. 

Miss Alice 

Gove, Lieut and Mrs C. A. ; l. S. N. ; Hotel Pleayanton Moinla;i 
Gould, Mr and Mr.« E. IL ; Lick House Moudnif 
Graham, Mr and Mrs George 8. Hotel Rafael 

Graham, General and Mrs W. M. ; V. S. A. Alcatraz Island 

Miss Mary 

Mirts Haltie and Miss Mela 

Graham, Mrs C. Tempest; Bu^h et. Boulder Creek 

Miss Maud 

Miss Lily 

Grannis, Mr and INIrs George W.; ID Hawthorne st. Wednesdnif 
Grant, Mr and Mr.« Adam ; 1112 Bush nt. Thursda;/ Hotel Rafael 

Joseph D. 

Grant, Mr and Mrs Charles AV. : 2017 Clay st. 

Miss Belle 

(irant. Mr and Mrs (Jeorge F. ; 14'20 California st. Thinsday 

Grant, Mr and Mrs Jesse; Palace Hotel MouOa]i 

(irant, Mr and Mrs Thomas C. ; Palace Hotel Monday Napa 

Grant, Mrs Geo. F. ; 1420 California st. 

Grattan, Mr and Mrs W. H.; 330 Geary st. 

Miss Bessie 


Graves, Krne.«t ; Cosmos C lul> San Luis Obispo 

Graves, Hiram T. ; 204 Lombard st. 

Graves, Mr and Mrs Robert N. ; 2718 California st. 

Miss Alma 

Graves, Mr and Mrs Walker C. ; 2131 Howard st. \\\'diu\sd(iy Fresno 

JetTerson James 

Walker C, Jr. 

Gray, (ieorge K. ; 1115 lUish st, Anna 

George Vernon 

Gray, George F. ; 432 Elli.< st. 

Gray, Henry W.; 208 Jones st. 

(iray. Rev. John; 6ir> Folsom st. 

<iray, Mrs >LitthiaK Hotel Rafael 

(Jreen, Mr and Mrs A. T. Berkeley 

<ireen, .Mr and Mrs Charles E.; 2G07 Fillmore st. 

Green, Mrs Duff; The Bella Vieta Thuntday 

Miss F. 

(ircn. -Mrs (>. ; The I'leasanton 

KICH.VUl>HON «fc KOBBLN'S' Bone*! CliU ki'ii, Turkey, ('<.<»kc<l Hiun. K«»1K'«1 Ox 
Tongue, <'urric<i OysternMnii Fowl, I'luin I'lulditiK mid I'ottctt Meats; to t>f had 
of All flmt-cUM (irocera. M AU. HADLKK & CO., Pftcitlc CoMst AKi'iit*. 


Green, Mr and Mrs F. H. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Greenbaum, Mrs L. ; 1026 Ellis st. Tuesday Napa Soda Springs 

William L. 

Greenblatt, Mr and Mrs M. ; 1300 Laguna st. 

Green, Mr and Mrs Harrj- A. ; 38 Eleventh st. Friday Pacific Grove 



Greenebaum, Mr and Mrs Alfred ; 1296 Van Ness ave Friday 

Greenebaum, William ; 2100 Van Ness ave 

Greenway, Edward M. ; Baldwin Hotel and Koom 4, Nevada Block 

Gregoire, Mr and Mrs Louis ; 716 Capp st. Tuesday 

Gregory, Mrs H. P. ; N W cor. Jackson and Burant Wednesday Soquel 

Gregory, Mr and Mrs J. N. ; Palace Hotel Monday Sausalito 

Grey, Miss Jane; St. Ann's Building, cor. Eddy and Powell sts. 

Griffin, William D. ; 134 Haight st. Tuesday 

Miss Mollie E. 

Griffing, Mrs. A. ; 1416 Jackson st. 

The Misses 

Griffith, Mr and Mrs Edwin L. San Rafael 

Griffith, Capt and Mrs Millen ; 509 Harrison st. 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Carrie 

Miss Alice 

Grim, Mr and Mrs A. K. : 1810 Gough st, 

Alfred R. 

Grim, Mr and Mrs Alonzo 31,; .3020 Washington st. 

Griswold, Dr. N. R. ; Palace Hotel 

Griswold, N. L. ; 809 Haight street 

Griswold, Mr and Mrs N. W. ; 2105 Pine st. Thursday 

Miss Delia E. 

Gros, Mr and Mrs. Alfred; 1113 Hyde st. 

Gross, Miss Mabel Berkeley 

Grosvenor, Mrs. Fredrica ; The Berkshire Monday 

Grow, Mr and Mrs Charles A ; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Gruenbagen, Mr and Mrs W. ; 412i Post st. Friday 

Gummer, Mrs C. V.; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Giilich, E. L. ; The Bella Vista 

Gump, Colomon ; 1224 Geary st, 

Gunn, Mr and Mrs J. O'B. ; 1833 Clay st, Friday 

Gunnison, A. J.; 1404 Van Ness ave, 

Gunst, Mr and Mrs Si ; 203 Kearny st, 

Mr and Mrs Lee 

Mr and Mrs A, 

Gunst, Mr and Mrs M, A. ; 1518 Pine st. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market tor 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

M AU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Gutte, Isador; 217 Leavenworth st. 

Gutte, Julius; 2202 Jackson st. 

Gutzkow, Mr and Mrs Frederick; IS Columbia square Wedm-arlay 

Mis8 Minnie 

Gwin, Mrs Sarah C. ; 1603 Gough st. 

Miss Maggie 

Gwin, Mrs M. E. H.; HoO Sacramento st. 

Miss Carrie 

Gwin, Mr and Mrs William M. ; 1512 California st. 

HauH, Mr and Mrs George; ()12 Ellis st. Wednesda;/ 

Habenicht, F. ; 1321 Pine st. 

Haber, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 160;i Scoti st. Tuesday 

Miss Ruth S. 

Louis F. 

Hackett, 506 Hattery st. 

Hadley, Mr and Mrs Frederick W. ; 518 Capp st. 

Hagar, George Colusa 

Hagenian, Mr and Mrs George ; 72i> I>ush st. 

Miss Lillie 

ifagcr, Judge tfc Mrs.Fohn S.;N?]cor. Jackson & Gough Friday Menlo Park 



Hager, Mrs. L. T. ; Palace Hotel 

Haggin, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 1250 Taylor st. Tuesday Del Monte 

Miss Rita 

Miss L. G. 

Haggin Mr and Mrs Louis T. ; 1310 Taylor st. Tuesday 

Miss Ella 

Hahn, Mr and Mrs Eugene; 1107 JJush st. 


Haight, Mr and Mrs George ; Stage Station, Contra Costa Co. 

Haijrht. Mrs \V. A. ; 710 Leavenworth st. 

Haile, Mrs Cornelius; San Jose 

Haine?, Dr and Mrs Byron W. ; The Pleasanton }yeduesday 

Hair, Mr and Mrs James; Florence House 

Haker, (i. F. ;:;117 California st. 


Hale, Miss; 2518 Broadway st. 

Hale, Mr and .Mrs Joseph P.; Occidental Hotel Monday Abroad 

Miss Josephine 

Haley, Mr and Mrs J. J. ; 601 Buchanan st. 

Hall. Mr and Mrs A. A. ; The Bella Vista Thursday 

ll:i!l. Ml :iii<l Mrs Charles P. Sacramento 

MATTONI'H GIR88HUBLER. Tho EmprcM of Tablv Waters. The Favorite 

of nil NMiiitorf nt Carlnbiid. MAU. SADI.KK & CO.. pMclflc Coa«t AgiiiH 

39 .SAN KK AN CI.- CO 

Hall, Mr and Mrs Wm H. ; 1307 Hayes st. 

Miss Anna 

Hall , Mr and Mrs Harry E. ; Pacific- Tnion Club, Palace Hotel Sausalito 

Hall, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 2323 Pacific ave. Monday 

Hall, Mr and Mrs John C. ; 2034 Bush st. Tuesday 

Hall, Mrs M. C. San Jose 

Hall, Mrs X. C. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Hall, Mr and Mrs Milton R.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Hall, Mrs Robert C. ; 2512 Washington st. Thursday 

Hall, William H. Sacramento 

Hall, Mr and Mrs William P. Thursday Petaluma 

Miss Hattie 

Hall, Will S. ; 1460 OTarrell st. 

Hallett, Mr and Mrs George H. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Hallett, William T. ; Palace Hotel 

Hallidie, Mr and Mrs A. S. ; 1026 Washington st. 

Halioway, W. E.; 43 California st. 

Halsey, Mr and Mrs A.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Halsted, Mr and Mrs J. L.; 612 Webster st. 

John B. 

Halsted, Mr and Mrs W. A.; 814 Scott st. Mednesday 
Haley, Dr. Charles S.; 110 McAllister st. 


Hamer, Susie C; Palace Hotel Thursday Ventura 

Hamill, John E. ; 25 Dorland st. 

Hamilton, Claude T. ; Cosmos Club 

Hamilton, Ed H. ; 508 Montgomery st. 

Hamilton, Mr and Mrs F. F.; The Renton Monday Erolia 

Hamilton, James T. ; 1013 Scott st. 

Hamilton, Mrs Lulu ; 2034 Bush st. Tuesday 

Hamilton, Mr and Mrs Robert M. ; 1015 California st. Tuesday 

Miss May 

Miss Lelia 


Robert, Jr. 

Hamilton, Dr. and ^Mrs AV. ; The Oriel Monday 


Hamilton, Mr and Mrs Alex. F. Fisher ; 951 Chestnut st. 

Hamilton, William ; Grand Hotel 

Hamlin, Miss Sarah D. ; 1408 Van Ness ave. 

Hamm, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; Cosmos Club San Rafael 

Hammersley, George H. ; 1028 Hyde st. 

Hammersley, George H., Jr.; 1512 Sacramento st. 

Hammersmith, John A. ; 270t:» Sutter st. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper aud better 
thau can be made at borne. All tirst-class Grocers keep them. 

MAL'. SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 



Hammond, Gardiner 

Hammond, John ; 714 Geary st. 

Hammond, Mrs John Hays Hammond; 2504 Seott st 

Hammond, Kev. John I>. ; 027 Hayt'S st. 

Hammond, Major Richard P.; Pacific-Union Club 

Hammond, General Richard P., Jr., 2504 Scott st. 

Hampton, Jolin C. 

Hanchott, MrsL. J. ; 1105 Bush st. 

Mis^s Virginia 

Hancock, Mrs. Ida; 1021 Larkin st. 

Hand, John S, ; 314 Kearny st. 

Hanlon, Col. and Mrs Charl.'S F. : 1027 J;uk>f.ii 

Miss Emelie 

Miss Josie 


Daniel M. 

Hanlon, Mr and Mrs John D. ; 1915 Baker st. 


S San Rafael 
t Monterey 
Virginia City. Nev. 

Los Angeles 

7'"' Slim/ 

Hatiuetto. Mr and Mrs Ernest; 1013 Post st. 
Miss Daisy 



Los Angeles 

San Diego 

San Ramon. Contra Costa County 

Haraszthy, Arpad; 1021 Larkin st, 

Carl J 

Harbison, Mr and Mrs H. K. 
Harkness, Dr ; Lick House 
Harlan, Miss Addic 
Harmon, Samuel H. ; 3 Essex Place 

Edward N. 

Miss Lyle A. 

Harney, Mr and Mrs. William ; cor. Jones and Jackson sts. 
Harpham, Lee; The Berkshire 
Harron, Mr. John O. ; Cosmos Club 
Harrin^r, William; 1004 Stockton st. 
Harrington, M ins Sarah ; Oriel Hotel Mnndntj 
Harrinj^lon, Mr. an<l Mrs. W. P. ; Palace Hotel 

Miss Mamie 

Harris, Lieut IL L. ; Presidio 

Harri.son, Capt and Mrs C. H. ; Palace Hotel ; M<.n,hf,> 

Harrison, Dalton; Cosmos Club, 40<) California st. 

Harrison, F.ieut and .Mrs G. F. E. ; 2507 Sacramento st. 

Harrison, Mr and .Mrs J. W. 

Harrison, Mr and .Mrs Ralph C. ; 911» Pine st. 


Harrison, .Mr and .Mrs Randoljih ; SOO Ellis st. 
Miss Ta/ie 




How pleasant aft<T ' 
nire cup of Fl; 

an Kveninir I'nrfv to l»e ahle to ■ 

MAU. SADI.KK A CO., Pacilk* i;otu>t AkcuU 


?AN FKAN«.l>>CO 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs William Greer; 2200 Broadway st. Saturday 

The Misses 

Hart, Judge C. F. ; 1309 Taylor st. 

Hart, Mr and Mrs Harry ; 903 Sutter st. Monday 

Hart, Jerome A.; Pacific-Union Club 

Hart, Ross Riverside 

Hart, Miss Susie; 24 Clinton Park Friday 

Hartwell, Mr and Mrs William H.; 243 Oak st. 

Harvey, Colonel and Mrs Menlo Park 

Harvey, Mr and Mrs J. Downey Los Angeles 

Harwood, Miss Jennie ; 1024 Washington st. 

Has Brouck, Joseph Tamalpais 

Hasbrouck, Mr and Mrs ; 9J8 Sutter st. Tuesday Santa Cruz 

Haselton, Mr G. B. ; 801 Leavenworth st. 

Haskin, Major W. L. ; Presidio 

Haslehurst, Dr and Mrs 0. A.; 1411 Octavla st Wednesday Del Monte 

Miss G. M. Thursday 

Hassell, J. J. ; 2751 Bush st. 
Hastings, C. F. D. , 2400 Fillmore st. 
Hastings, Mrs E. L. ; 700 Post st. 

Miss Bettie 

Hastings, Mr and Mrs D. N.; The Bella Vista Thursday 
Hastings, Mrs Dio ; 2400 Fillmore st. Friday 
Hastings, Judge and Mrs E. O. F. ; 1506 Pine st. 
Hastings, Dr J.; The Bella Vista Thursday 


Hastings, Mr and Mrs Robert P. ; 2024 Jackson st. Azalea, Cordelia. Cal. 
Hastings, Judge and Mrs S. Clinton ; 120 Phelan Building Portland. Or. 
Hastings, Mr and Mrs J. Uhler; 1912 Pacific ave. Friday 
Haswell, Charles H., Jr. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Hatch, Mr and Mrs A. T. Suisun 

Hatch, Dr and Mrs James H.; 213 Geary st. Del Monte 

Hatch, Miss Mary ; The Bella Vista Thursday 
Hathaway, Mr and iNfrs E. V. ; 38 South Park Wednesday 


Hatton, George F.; Palace Hotel Santa Monica 

Hausman, Frederick H. ; 907 Pine st. 

Havens, Mr and Mrs H. B. ; The Bella Vista 

Havens, Charles I. ; 2835 Howard st. 

Havens, Mr and Mrs Howard ; 1911 Sacramento st. 

Hawes, Mrs Eugenie ; Palace Hotel 

Hawes, Col and Mrs Alexander G. ; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Hawkins, Mr and Mrs John E. ; Lick House Monday 

Hawkins, 3Ir William ; 340 Fremont st. 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good mitiitious. easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

M.\U, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents- 



Hawks, Harry D. ; 1514 Larkin Kt. 

J. Lawrence 

Hayden, Lieut John L. ; Presidio 

Hayes, George K. B. ; 1814 Buclianan at. 

Hayinan, Mr and Mrs Al ; Occidental Hotel Thursdaif New York 

Haymond, Creed; 501 Harrison st. "Bella Vista" San Mateo Co. 

Hayiie, Duncan; 522 Montgomery st. Santa Barbara 

Brewton A. Berkeley 

Hayne, Judge and Mrs Robert V. San Mateo 

Hayne, Miss Mae ; 9()8 Sutter st. Tiwi^day 

Haynes, Dr and Mrs B. W.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Hays. Mr and Mrs Ira C ; 528 Gearv st. TneioJat/ 

Hays, Mr and Mrs John C. 
Hays, T. Abe: 721 Hayes st. 
Hays, Dr. \V. W. 
Hays. Mr an<l Mrs William C. ; 
Hay ward, Mr un<l Mrs Alvinza 

Visalia, Tulare Co. 

1022 Golden Gate ave. 

San Luis Obispo 

Til f Slid 1/ 
San Mateo 

Haywood, Mr and Mrs Franklin ; NE cor. Hayes and Baker sts. Monday 

Los Angeles 

Hazard, Mr and Mrs Henry T. 

Head, Mr and Mrs A. E. ; 1105 Taylor st. 

Miss Anna 

Heald, E. P.; HOO Polk st. 

Healy, Capt. and Mrs M. A. ; Occidental Hotel 

Hearst, Sen. and Mrs George; 1105 Taylor st. 

William R. ; 508 Montgomery st. 

Heath, Mrs R. W.; 1512 Taylor st. 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Roberta 

William R. 

Heath, Richard W. 

Heathcote, Mr and Mrs Basil ; KUO Franklin st. 

Heazelton, Mr and Mrs George; 1285 Pine et. 

Hfebbard, J. C. B. ; 121 Eddy st. 

Hecht, Mr and Mrs Isaac; Palace Hotel 

Hecht, Mr and Mrs M. H. ; 2100 Washington st 

Heirn. J. F. IL; 120 Sutter st. 

Heise, Mr an«i Mrs Charles E. ; 2.')17 Pacific ave. 

Heitschu, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; Cosmos Club 

Hellen, Mr and Mrs C. C. ; Occidental Hotel 


Heller, Mr and Mrs Moses; Lick House Monday 

Helmer, J. S.; lllSTayloret. 

Hellman, Mr anrl Mrs .\. ('. 

Hellman, Anthonv E. ; 120<; O'Farrell st. 

Washington, D. C. 

Ross Valley 
San Rafael 

Lake Tahoe 


Portland, Or. 



YU3! YUM SWKET COK.V. the flne«t In the land, sold everywhere. Aak your Grocer 
for It MAU, SADLER d CO. Sole Proprietorn. 




Salem, Or. 

Hellman, Horace G. ; 226 Stockton st. 
Hellman, Mr and Mrs Kichard; 1829 Pacific ave. 

George N. 

Henarie, D. V. B. ; Palace Hotel 

Hencke, Mr and Mrs AVilliam ; 1008 Vallejo st. 

Henderson, J. H. Cosmos Club 

Henderson, Mr and Mrs John C. ; 2oll California st. 

Hendricks, R. G. 

Hendricks, W. C. (Secretary of State) 

Hendrickson, W. ; 1137 Bnsh st. 

Hendry, Mr and Mrs C. J.; 430 Ellis st. 

Hendy, Mr and Mrs Samuel J. ; 102 Bartlett st. Thursday 



Henley, Senator and Mrs Barclay ; 308 Haight st. Santa Rosa 

Hennessey, Mr and Mrs H.; 909 Broderick st. Tuesday 

Miss Minnie 

Henricksen, B. E. ; 1320 Fell st. 

Henshelwood, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Henzel, E. F. ; 1908 Steiner st. 

Heppner, J. O. ; Cosmos Club 

Herman, Mrs Lucien ; 1427 Washington st. Friday 

Herokl, Adam ; (State Treasurer) 

Herold, Mrs A. ; 1710 Bush street 




Herold, Rudolph; 1612 Van Xess ave. 

Herrin, W.F.; 1919 Baker st. 

Herrman, Mr and IMrs George; 15C0 Larkin st. Tuesday 

Mr and Mrs S. 






Herrman, Mr and Mrs Oscar ; 2414 Webster st. 

Herrman, Mr and Mrs William ; 623 Turk st. 

Herron, J. O.; Cosmos Club 

Herzslein, Dr. and Mrs Morris; Palace Hotel 

Hess, Mr and Mrs Frederick; 821 California st. 

Heuer, Major William H. ; 1814 Sacramento st. 

Hewes, Mr and Mrs David 

He^vitt, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 415 Powell st. Wednesdaif 

Hewlett, Mrs Elizabeth ; 410 Buchanan st. Wednesday 

Hewlett, Mr and Mrs H. H.; Palace Hotel 

Heydenfeldt, Solomon, Jr. ; Lick House 
Heyer, Albert ; 500 Third st. 



,r J ^Residence, Stockton 
Monday j ^^^^^ ^^j ^^^^^ 

Chicken and Game Pates Truflaed, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 

<.\N FH AN CISCO 44 

Heydenfeldt, Mr and Mrs Solomon ; 1016 Post st. 

MisH Ziehi 

Thomas O. 

Heyman, Henry; 62.'} Eddy st. 

Heyncman, Charles H.; 2;j(K> Post st. 

Heyneman, Mr and Mrs Manfred H. 

Ileywood, Mr and Mrtj Franklin; NE cor. Hayes and liaker stg. 

Hicks, Frank S. ; NE cor. Jackson and Gough sts. Los Angeles 

William T. Menlo Park 

Hiester, Mr and Mrs Amos C. : L*<;41 Ho\vanl st. 

The Misses 

William A. 

HijrginR, Mrs. A. E. ; 2.521 Jackson st. Mondaif 


Miss Libbie 

Highton, Mr and Mrs H. E. ; Baldwin Hotel i^ ^, . '''!""'"•( ^ o ,i 

^McCloud River, P.O. Baird 

Ilihn, Mr and Mrs F. A. Santa Cruz 

Hill, Dr and Mrs Thomas L.; 1600 Gough st. \ 'i'l^"'>^<^^R<'»'\ Tu,:^,!,,,/ Eve. 

^ ( Blue Lakes 

Hill, Mr and Mrs Horace L. ; 1900 Wash st. Friday jWhite Sulphur Spr. 


Hill, Mr and Mrs ^Forgan ; Occidental Hotel Monday Santa Cruz 

Hiller, Dr and Mrs Albert; 1011 Sutter st. 

Hillman, Mrs Richard; SW cor. Pacific and Gou<;h sts. Fridai) 

Hilly er, Curtis J. Virginia City. Nev. 

Hillyer, Miss Nellie; 2620 Bush st. 

Hine, Mrs. George W. ; 1SI32 Pine st. 

Hinsdale, G. S.; Lick House 

Hirsch, Mr and Mrs Charies J. ; 807 Jones st. Santa Cruz 

Hitchcock, H. R. Honolulu. H. I. 

Hitchcock, Mrs Helen M. ; 1010 Powell st. Tuesday 

.Miss Nellie 

Hitchcock, Mrs M. T. ; Palace Hotel .Uoi.dny Larkmead, Napa Co. 

Hittell, John S. ; 102;') Hyde st. 

Hittell, Mr and Mrs T. H. ; 808 Turk st. Friday San Pablo 



Hoag, Jared C. ; 14r»0 O'Farrell st. Thurnday Sonoma County 

Charles C. 

Jed J. 

Hobart, Mr an<i Mrs W. S. ; Van Ness ave. and Washington st. 
Miss Alice 

**i' ■"' ' Mi^. i Mini I iiu'iiiik;. ihhmm "^ * iim nvii. 

H < urri«-il oysturK, huU Fowl for Luncheon, 

l'i< . II thrin. 

.M,\r, SADI.KH it CO.. Pacific ('on««t .\«euts 



Hobart, Mr and Mrs C. V. 

Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Frederick; 1016 Bush st. 

Miss Annie 

Frederick, Jr. 


Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Hiram H. 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Anna 

1708 Geary st. Friday Santa Cruz 

37 Hill St. 

; 431 Bartlett st. 

Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Jobn K. ; 
Hoburg, Mr and Mrs Frank T 
Hochkofler, Rudolph ; 1825 Sacramento st. 
Hoffman, Judge Ogden ; Pacific-Union Club 
Mr and Mrs Southward ; 1113 Bush st. 

Ogden, Jr. 

Southward, Jr. 

Miss May 


Ross Valley 

Hcjge, Colonel Joseph P. 

Miss Pauline 

Miss Mary 

Charles J. 

1323 Gearv st. 


Hogg, Mr and Mrs James ; 815 Eddy st. 

Hohweisner, Mr and Mrs ; 433 Oak st. 

Hoitt, Mr and Mrs Ira G. 

Holbrook, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1901 Van Xess Ave. 

Miss Mamie 

1724 Broadway 

Friday Del Monte 

1915 Sacramento st. 


Holbrook, Mrs Cornelia F. 

The Misses 


Holcombe, Mr Walter G. ; 

MissE. A. 

Holden, Mr and Mrs S. P. 

Miss May 

Holden, Professor E. S. Mount Hamilton 

HoUaday, Mr and Mrs Jesse ; Washington and Gough sts. 

Holladay, Mr and Mrs S. W.; NE cor. Clay and Octavia sts. Wednesday 

Miss Louise Ord 

Edmond Burke 

Holland, Mr and Mrs Nathaniel ; 1414 Taylor st. 

Hollingsworth, Mrs. H. ; 732>^ Geary st. 

HoUis. Mr and Mrs William ; The Renton Monday 

Holloway, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; Palace Hotel Monday Hotel Rafael 

Holmes, Mr and Mrs; 1214 Lafayette st. Tuesday 

Holmes, Mr and Mrs A. J. ; 1219 McAllister st. 

Holmes, Mr and Mrs Walter Sausaiito 

Holmes, Mr and Mrs Henry T. ; 1922 Pine st. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only. 
Ask vour Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors^. 


Holmes, Captain J. W. Ship "Chalmers" 

Holt, Mr and Mrs L. M. Riverside. Cal. 

Holt, Mrs Thos. ; 1411 Hyde st. FriJaii 

Hohvay, Mrs S. P. ; 822 Sutter f^t ; 

Homer, Mrs Charles; NW cor. Broadway and Taylor ists. 

Hood, Mrs E. A. Los Guillicos 

Hooker, Mrs H. C. ; Occidental Hotel 

Hooker, Mr and Mrs Charles G. ; 017 Bush Ht. 

C. Osgood 

Miss Jennie 

MisB Bessie 

Robert G. 

Hooker, Richard G. ; SOU Powell st. 

Hooper, Mrs C. A. Ross Valley 

Hooper, Mr and Mrs George F. Sonoma 

Hooper, Mr and Mrs (Jeorge W, ; ")o7 Harrison st. 

Hooper, Mr and Mrs John A.; NW cor. Clay and fiagunasts. 

lIooi)er, Mr and Mrs R. B.; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Hopkins, Mr and Mrs C. H. ; The Pleasanton 

Hopkins, Mr and Mrs E. W. : 2100 California st. Thnr..ln,i Menlo Park 

Miss Maud 

Hopkins, F, C. ; The Berkshire 

Hopkins, Mr and Mrs ^Moses Redwood City 

Hopkins, Mr and Mrs Peter; 2000 Broadway st. Fridaif 

Miss Jennie 

Peter, Jr. 

Hopkins, Dr and Mrs W. E. ; U. 8. A.; Presidio 

Hopkins, C. T. Oakland 

Hoi)ps, Mr and Mrs George H. ; 1711> Webster st. 

Horning, C. C. ; 017 Mission st. 

Horsburg, Mr and Mrs David W. ; 1517 Washington st. Wednes^daif 


Hort, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 1920 Jackson st. Ut and .id Fridays 

Horton, Frank H. ; 411 p:ddy st. 

Horton, Mrs P. B. ; 1G15 Clay st. Wtdnendnn San Rafael & Santa Cruz Mts, 

Miss Minnie 

Horton, Mr and Mrs Robert L. ; 1033 Ellis st. Tlnnsdaff 

— ^Miss Mabel 


Hosmer, Mr and Mrs J. A. ; 2517 Sutter st. 

Hotaling, Mri^Mrs .Vnson P.; N Ecor.Franklin& California st. Menlo Park 


HouHPworth, Mr an«l Mrs Harrison; 1235Hyde8t. 

GORDON A DII.WOKTH'.s Fliif I'reservol Frultn, Jellies. Olives. Ketchup, Wluc 
Jfllifs. V.u-.. to ho liii'l <»f hII fniicy fJnK'crn. 

M.\U, 8,\I>LER & CO., Pacific Coast AgentP. 


^AN l-iiANLi>Ci> 

Honghton, H, B. ; Palace Hotel 

Houghton, General and Mrs J. F. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Minnie 


Houseworth, Thomas ; 1218 Ellis st. 

Frederick A, 

Houseman, John I. ; 2704 Laguna st, 

Hovey, Mr and Mrs S. D, ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Del Monte 

Howard, Miss Babette; 

Howard, Mr and 3Irs Charles Webb 

Miss Maud 


San Mateo 



Salt Lake City 

San Mateo 

San Mateo 

Howard, Mr and Mrs George H, 

Howard, Mr and Mrs William H 

Howe, Mr and Mrs Chas. M. ; Phelan Building, rooms 314 and 31 H 

Howell, Mrs; 512 Folsom st. 

Howitt, R. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Howland, George; 1312 Taylor st. 

Howland, Mr and Mrs Robert M 

Miss Edith 

Miss Loula 

1215 Sutter st. 

Santa Cruz Mts. 

San Jose 

Hoy dock, C. 

Hoyt, F. T. ; 324 Montgomery st. 

Hubbard, Lieut E. W. ; U. S. A., Presidio, ordered East 

Hubbard, Mrs Van Dyke ; Van Ness, bet. Turk st. and Golden Gate ave. 

Hubbard, ^Nlr and Mrs H. C. ; 427 Franklin st. Friday 

Huddart, MrsE. J.; 923 Hyde st. 

George F. 

Hudson, Mr and Mrs Horace R. ; 1611 Washington st. 


Hueter, Ernest L. ; 2312 Howard st. 
Hug, Mr and Mrs Joseph ; 1525 Sutter st. 

Miss Annie 

Miss Hattie 


Hughes, Mr and Mrs ; Oriel Hotel Monday 
Hughes, Mr and Mrs E. C. ; 1321 Clay st. 
Hughes, C. Y. ; 735 O'Farrell st. 
Hughes, Mrs F. M. ; 806 Bush st. 



-Miss Emily 
-Miss Fannie 
-Edward O. 

Hughes, Dt Jerome ; 54 Oak st. 
Hughes, Colonel Robert P. ; 2318 Clay st. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQCET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agenr.< 


Hnie, Mrs S. E. ; 1932 Pine st, 

Mies Sadit' 

Kobcrt B. 

William H. T. 

Mrs. S. E. 

-George B. and Edward M, 

Hunt, -Mrs M. E. ; Palace Hotel, Thursday Ventura 

Hull, Capt. G. A. ; 36 New Monttromery at. 

Humbert. Mrg. P. A. ; r>31 Bush Bt. 

Humes, Miss; 1411> Post st. 

Humphreys, Mr and Mrs William P. ; 810 Chestnut st. Thursday 

Hunt, Mr and Mrs W. P.. ; 1437 Pacific ave. Tuesday 

Wm. F. 

(ieorge Elliott 

Hunt, Charles W. ; 24C9 Webster st. 

Hunt, Judge and ^Frs John, Jr. ; 1703 OciaMa st. 

Hunt, John D. ; 102<; Hyde st. 

Miss Sarah 

Miss Carrie 

Hunt, Mr and Mrs Kandol ; The Bella Vista Thursday 
Hunt. William B. ; 410 leaven worth st. 
Hunter, Lieut and Mrs Charles H. ; Presidio Friday 
Huntsman, Mrs. George H. ; 824 Sutter st, Thursday 

The Misses 

Mrs I^uise 


Hurlbut, Dr; The Berkshire 

Huston. John; Lick House 

Hutchins. Dr and Mrs C. I*.; u\7 Bush .st. 

Hutrhinsou, Mrs. E. I.; loOl Washington st. 

Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs Joseph; 110 Liberty st. Thursday 

Hutchin.son. Miss; 1620 California st. 

Hutchinson, Mrs C. L ; 1620 California st. 

Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs Eli J. ; 2718 California st. Monday 

Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs Fre<lerick W. ; 2400 Webster st. Friday 

Hutihinson, H. T. ; 2504 California st. 

Hutchinson, Mrs Henry L. ; Hotel Pleasanton Mnnday Europe 

Hutchinson, Miss K.; 1910 Howard st. 

Hyde, Judge and Mrs George; 719 Geary st. Thursday 

Miss Mamie 

Miss Gertrude 

Hyde, Miss Helen; SW cor l*ierce and Tnion sts. Friday 

Hyde. Mr and Mrs Henry C. ; Occidental Hotel }fnnday San Rafael 

Miss l>rti«' 

II <» WlI.BrR A SOXS'K Chocolate aud C<k«hi I'rcpnratioui un unexcelled for 
-quality. Auk yourGro<er for thcin. MAI', SADI.KR AiVO.. rnciflc Coiiht ArcjUh. 


Hyde, Miss Marie C. ; 730 Geary st. 
Hyde, Rothwell ; 1631 Sacramento st. 
Hyman, Mr. and Mrs J. ; 1946 California st. 

Ingram, Charles M.; 2312 Steiner st. 

Irelan, Mr and Mrs William J.; 827 Post st. 

Irvine, Mrs J. ; Occidental Hotel Monday 

Irving, R. A. ; 1460 O'Farrell st. Los Angeles 

Irwin, J. X. H.; 30 Post st. 

Irwin, Joseph N. H. ; 14 Grant ave. 

Irwin, Capt John; U. S. N. ; 1001 Pine st. 

Irwin, Mrs William; 1329 Leavenworth st. Fridaif Yreka 

Mii^s Lulu 

Irwin, Mr and Mrs William G. Honolulu 

Isaacs. Wm. B. ; 1428 Post st. 

Itsell, Col. and Mrs. A. J. ; 1832 O'Farrell st. Thursday San Rafael 

Miss Mae 

Miss Maud 

Ivers, Mrs Richard; Palace Plotel Monday 

Miss Aileen 

Richard, Jr. 

Ives, Stephen D.; Cosmos Club 

Ives, Miss Florence ; 801 Sutter st. 

Izer, Rev Dr and 3Irs George W. ; Hotel Oriel, 1904 Market st. Monday 

Jackson, S. M. London and San Francisco 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs Byron ; 941 Golden Gate ave. Thursday 
Jackson, Miss Caroline C. ; 1606 Van Ness ave. Oakland 

Jackson, J. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Jackson, Mr an.l Mrs Charles H. ; 517 Mason st. Napa Soda Springs 
Jackson, Colonel and Mrs John P. ; 720 Sutter st. Napa Soda Springs 


John P., Jr. 

Mr and Mrs George T. 

Jacobi, Mr and ]Mrs Frederick; 1320 Sutter st. 

Jacobs, Mr and Mrs B, M. ; Lick House Monday 

Jacobs, Edward L. ; 1912 Broadway st. 

Jacobs, Julius; 423 California st. 

Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Henry; 612 V^an Ness ave. 

Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Isador; 505 Golden Gate ave. 

Jacoby, Franz ; 2601 Sacramento st. 

James, Arthur R.; 615 Sutter st. 

James, Mr and Mrs D. H.; 14 Oak st. 

James, George; 905 Fillmore st. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Hotel Rafael 
rs(ht V 

James, Mr and Mrs Jetferson ; 2131 Howard st. 

James, Mr and Mrs N. T. ; 721 Ashburj' st. Tufsday 

Janeway, Jolin H. ; Cosmos Club 

Janin, Mr and Mrs Henry; Palace Hotel Monday New York 

Jarboe, Mr and Mrs John R.; 917 Pine st. Thun^dny Santa Cruz 

Miss Kate 


Jaynes, ^Ir and Mrs Frank; Palace Hotel Monday 

Jeffries, Mr and Mrs; Oriel Hotel Monday 

Jelly, A. C. ; Palace Hotel Sacramento 

Jenisch, M. ; Palpce Hotel 

Jenks, Dr and Mrs George H.; 321 Gear)' st. 

J. Shepherd 

Jenner, Miss May; 510 Geary st. 

Jennings, Mr and Mrs C. B. 

Jennings, Mr and Mrs D. A.; 2105 Devisadero st. Thu 

Jennings, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; 915 Fifteenth st. 

Miss Mamie 

Jerome, Ed B. ; Custom House 

Jessen, G. M.; 1524 Jackson st, 

Jessup, Mr and Mrs J. D. ; 12 Liberty Ft. 

Jewell, Rev. F. F. ; <>10 Buchanan st. 

Jewell, Dr and Mrs J. G. Europe 

Jewell, T. E. ; Grand Hotel 

Jewett. Miss Fidelia; The Berkshire Monday 

Jewett, Mr and Mrs J. H.; 809 Hyde st. Monday Marysville 

Jobson, Mr and Mrs William G. ; 19 Hill st. 

Johnson, Mrs Frank S. ; 1500 Taylor st. 

Johnson, Mrs Frank; 2020 Franklin st. 

Johnson, C. R.; Cosmos Club Fort Bragg 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs Frank San Rafael 

Johnson, Frederick S. ; 1721 Jackson st. 

Johnson, George A.; 1513 Pierce st. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 1620 California st. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs James A.; 1707 Octavia st. 

Mr and 'SItb Howard R. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 1721 Jackson st. Friday 

Johnson, Mrs Ko])ert C. ; 005 O'Farrell st. 

Johnston, Mrs Samuel; Hotel Oriel Monday Del Monte 

JollifTe, Mrs. W. H. ; 122-'> Pine st. Thursday 

Miss Nellie 

Jones, Mr and .Mrs Charles .V. ; 525 Fell st. 

Jones, Caleb; Palace Hotel 

Jones, Mr and Mrs C. W. ; 246 Chattanooga st. 


rrunifd, inu'!' 
ill \Hi found «i 

y u li I 

f? . \ 1 ' 1 . I . I i 

Oll'l .IV'V'li 



Jones, Mr and Mrs Charles ; The Berkshire Monday 

Jones, Mrs Clinton Ross Station, Marin Co. 

Jones, Mr and Mrs D. H. ; P-^lac-e Hotel Monday 

Jones, Edgar Floyd , ,- Napa Soda Springs 

Jones, John E. ,' ; , Round Valley, Inyo Co. 

Jones, Miss Lillie; 731 Sutter st. TKu^'^tpay Durham, Butte Co, 

Jones, Mr and Mrs M. B. ; 1121 Pine st. Tfi^xrjday 

Jones, Simon L.; 1510 California st. 

Jones, Mr and Mrs Webster; NE cor. Gough and Clay et^s'. , ^ 

Miss Grace ''^'.^'/> 

Jones, Winfield S. ; 1313 Hvde st. '''\'> , 

W. Brooks 

Jones, Mr and Mrs Witcher San Jose 

Miss Maggie 

Joost, Herman ; 307 Battery st. 
Joran, Miss Elise; 730 Geary st. 

Miss Pauline 

Miss Lulu 

Jordan, H. C. ; 227 Capp st. 
Jordan, R.; 897 Fulton st. 
Joseph, IMrs E. ; Palace Hotel 


Josselyn, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1815 Gough st. 
Jost, Charles, Jr. ; 1108 Post st. 

William R. 


JouUin, Mr and Mrs Amadie ; 611 Clay st. 
Jourden, Mr J. P. ; Windsor Hotel 
Joyce, Martin ; The Berkshire 
Judah, Mr and Mrs Henry R. TJiursday 

Mrs E. E. 

Judge, Mr and Mrs H. M. ; The Bella Vista 
Judkins, Mr and Mrs P. C. ; The Renton 
Judson, Russell H.; 2305 Devisadero st. 
Jungen, Lieutenant and Mrs Carl W. ; IT. S. 
Junkins, Mr and Mrs; 1032 Twenty-fourth st. 


San Mateo 




Mare Island 

Kahler, Mrs C. ; 11 Guerrero st. Thursday 

Henry S. 

Kahn, Dr and Mrs Adolph; 2821 Pine st. 

Kane, Mrs Thomas; 340 Page st. 

Kane, Mrs. E.; 2857 16th et. 

Kauzee, Miss Letitia ; 726 Turk st. Wednesday 

Kast, Mr and Mrs L. S. ; 1150 Guerrero st. 

Kaufman, J. ; 1201 Van Ness ave. 

FOR (CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up hy the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Kaufman, Mrs Rosalie; 1521 Jackson st. 

Charles H. 

Miss Emma 

MisB Laura 

Miss Jessica 

Katz, Mr and Mrs K. ; ."Or> Kiurny ^i. 

Kavanagh, J. T. ; ,911 Mi AlHstor st. 

Kavanagh, G. H.; 2017 Pacific ave. 

Keane, Th9nik«?; 3-40 Pago st. 

Kearny, M.'^l^eo- ; l^alace Hotel Fresno 

Kear^ij^, '^.' ^. ; 613 Clay st. 

Keal'itg, James M. ; Supt. Ahn.s House 

Keeler, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 1921 Octavia st. Tuesday 

Keeney, Mr and Mrs Charles M. ; 2428 Fillmore et. 

Keeney, Dr and Mrs James W. ; 2220 Clay st. Tuesday Monterey 

Keith, Prof and Mrs N. S. ; The P>erkshirc Monday 

Keith. Mrt^ William H. ; 1501t Washington st. Tuesday 

Miss Eliza D. 

William H. 

Kellehcr, Mr and Mr.^ Alfred J. ; 2324 Clay st. 
Kellogg, Miss ; 7 Glen Park ave. 
Kellogg, Mr and Mrs Fred S. ; 2205 Fillmore et. 
Kt'llogg, L. M. ; The Bella Vista Thursday 

■ Miss 

Kellogg, M. B. ; 2424 Pacific ave. 

Kelly, James R. : 309 Leavenworth st. 

Kelly, Mis.>^ El ise; 1315 Van Ness ave. 

Kelly, Edgar S. New York 

Kelsey, B. San Rafael 

Kendall, Mr and Mrs Frank I. ; 1258 Grove st. Oakland 

Kenfield, Mrs Daniel M. ; 2125 California st. 

Kenitzer, Mr and Mrs Henry ; Lick House Monday 

Kenna, R. E. ; Right Rev. Santa Clara 

Kennedy. Mr and Mrs John F. ; 1727 Pine st. 

Kenny, Mr and Mrs George L. ; 22 Lapidge st. Oakville 

Kenny, Kearn ; 2503 California st. 

Kentfield, Mrs; 331 Fremont st. ]V(dn€sday San Rafael 

Mr and Mrs E. E. 

Kenyon, Drand Mrs C. (i.; The Pleasanton Monday 

Kern, F. W. ; 118 Fair Oak st. 

Kerr, Mark B. ; .'?07 Powell et. ; Cosmos Club 

Kerr, Earl; The Berkshire 

Kerr. Kennett C; I.'. S. Appraiser's Bnihling 

K"\v, Mr and Mrs M. ; The Pleasanton Mondau 

RICHAKIiSON Si KOHBLSS' Ilonod Chicken, Turkey, C«K)ke«l Hriii, Rolled Ox 
ToiiRne, rurrled Oysteni aud Fowl, Plum FuddinR Hiid I'ottcd Mcata: to tn? had 
of all firHtclaHsGroccrM. MAU, SADLEK A. CO.. Pacific Coast AgenU. 



Kewen, Colonel Perrie; 1010 M <Jt. 

Miss May 

Keyes, ^Ir & Mrs Winfield S.;915 Van Ness ave. TJinrsihiy 


Miss A. C. 

Kidd, James; 505 Hyde st. 

Kidder, Miss ; Oriel Hotel Monday 

Kilgariff, John M. ; 614 Sutter st. 

Kimball, Mrs G. G. ; The Pleasanton Monday 

Kincaid, Miss C. B. ; 730 Seventeenth st. 

Kincaid, Rev. and Mrs William ; 930 Fillmore st. 

Kindrick, Mrs; 1711 Erode rick st. 

King, INIr and Mrs Fritz ; 1732 Broadway st. 

King, Mr and Mrs Homer S. ; 1001 Leavenworth st. 

King, Thompson ; 1501 Van Xess ave. 

Kingsbury, Frank ; Cosmos Club 

Kingsley, C. H. ; Palace Hotel 

Kinne, Mr and Mrs C. Mason 

Miss Ella 

Miss Alice 


^ Howell Mt 
I Napa Co. 

Red Bluff 

Thursday East 

San Rafael 

Kinney, Mr and Mrs Abbott 

Kinney, M. J. 

Kinsey, Griffith J. ; 903 Sutter st. 

-Mrs H. G. 

Kinsman, Charles F. ; Oriel Hotel 

Kip, Right Rev. and Mrs William I.; 901 Eddy st. 

W. I. Jr. 

Kirby, Miss Josie 

Kirchoffer, Dr. Frederick; German Hospital 
Kirk, Miss Florence; The Berkshire Monday 
Kirketerp, Christian ; 101 7 Bush st. 

3Iiss Emilie 

Kirketerp, W. C. ; 1815 Broadway st. 

Kirkham, Ralph W. ; Pacific Club 

Kirkland, Miss Cordelia S. ; 1306 California st. 

Kirkpatrick, Mr, E. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Kirkpatrick, Mrs E, L. ; 808 Leavenworth st. 

Kittle, Miss; 903 Sutter st. 

Kittle, Mr and Mrs N. G.; 1610 Franklin st. 

John G. Jr. 

Nicholas, G. 

William S. 

Miss Maggie 

San Gabriel Mission, Los Angeles 

Astoria, Or, 

El Paso de Robles 


Del Monte 


THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than oau be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Kittle, Mr aud Mrs John G. Ross Valley 

Mi 88 Lucia 

Klcinliaiis, Mr and Mrw John ; 640 Fell 8t. 

Mies Lucy 

Knight, Mr and Mrs George A. ; 2201* Huchanan st. 

Knight, N. R. A'ameda 

Knighton, K.; Hotel IMeaBanton 

Knoderer, Theodore; 1217 Clay st. 

Knoi)h, Mr and Mrs M. E. ; 21 11th st. Tocgdaij San Mateo 

Knorp, Albert 706 Larkin st. 

Knowles, Mr and Mrs Charles S. Boston, Mass. 

Knowles, George B., Jr. ; 1>09 Taylor st. 

Miss Lillian 

Charles T. 

Edwin I. 

Knox, Mr an<i Mrs C. C. ; 21 11th st. 

Kohl. Captain and Mrs WiUiani ; Palace Hotel Munda;/ San Mateo 

Miss Mamie 

Kohler, Mrs Charles; 1358 Post st. 

Miss Marie 


Kohler, H. H. ; 1358 Post st. 

Miss Emma 

Miss Caroline 

Kohler, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 807 Sutter st. 

Miss Hennic 

Henry, Jr. 

Kohii, Mr and Mrs I. ; 1316 Sutter st. 4th Weduofdaij 

Kruse, Edward ; 620 Turk st. Del Monte 

Edward. Jr. 


William H. 

Knisi, Herman ; 1l';>2 (jloideii Gate avc. 

Knnjith. Air and Mrs Oscar; 401> (ii»l.l<.n Gnh" ;i\<-. 

L,at hman, Samuel ; 603 Sutter st. 
Lacy, Mr and Mrs lienjamin T.; (do Chesnutst. 
Lad<l, Mrs George L. ; 2836 California st. 
Lake, Mrs M. C; 1005 Pacific ave. Tun<da;i 

Fre<lerick Billings 

Lake, Miss -Mary; 1534 Sutter st. Fridoij Monterey 

LambiTt, William P. ; 117 Stockton st. 

La Montague, Mr and Mrs Pierre San Rafael 

L'AiiMjurcjiiiv. Mi-^ Mainif f ; Petaluina avc. 7'-/, s,/,;,/ San Rafael 

Always reliable and uuIform-HORACE R. KELLY & CO'8 Key Went Havana CIgara 

MAU, SADLKK <^ CO.. Taciflc Coast AROnts. 



Lampf^on, Mrs Sarah F.; 608 19th st. 

Miss LiUie 

Lancaster, Mr and Mrs E. A. ; 759 Howard st. 

I^anders, Mr and Mrs John ; 1121 Bush st. 


Lungdon, Col and Mrs Loomis L.; U. S. Art., 

Russell C. 

Landr?berger, Mr and Mrs I. ; 717 Fillmore st. 

Miss Lillie 


I ane, Dr and Mrs Levi C. ; 2302 Clay st. 

Lang, Lieut T. F. ; Presidio 

Langhorne, Mr and ^Irs James P.; 2419 Pacific ave. 

Langley, Mrs Melanie ; 23-1 Haight st. 

Lansing, Miss Ada M.; 744 Ellis st. Friday 

Lansing, Mr and Mrs G. W. ; The Pleasanton Monday 

Larcher, Prof Edward; 811 Geary st. 

La Kue, Mr and Mrs C. Lee 

La Rue, Hon and Mrs H. M. 

Li Rue, Mr and Mrs Jacob E. 

Latham, Mrs J. K.; 2111 Pine st, 

Miss Edith 

Miss Florence 

L itham, Mr and Mrs Frank B. 

Latham, Mrs Milton S. ; 1104 Post st. 

Milton S. 

Latlirop, Mr andMrs Ariel; 1211 Hyde st 

Lathrop, Charles G. ; 2101 Van Xess ave. 

Latimer, L. D. ; Pacific Club 

Latoa, Mr and Mrs Charles A. ; Palace Hotel 

Latson, Mr and Mrs Frank P. ; 520 Oak st. 

Latz, Mrs B. ; 1006 Van Ness ave. 

Lauden, Mr and Mrs M. E. ; 821 Pine st. 

L iwler. Judge Frank W. ; 1400 Golden Gate ave. 

Miss Lillie 

Lawless, Mrs E. J. ; 1513 Larkin st. 

Lawlor, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 3019 California st. 

Miss Lillie 


I^awrence, W. H. 

Luwson, W. ; 312 Pine st. 

Lawton, Mr and Mrs Gardner T. ; 1221 California st. 

Miss Teresa 

Lawyer, Mr and Mrs A. M. ; 1422 Clay st. Tuesday 


San Jose 

Presidio Friday Monterey 




San Anselmo 
Del Monte 

ls(. Friday 

Winsor, Sonoma Co. 


Portland, Or. 

San Jose 

San Mateo 

VUM YUM SWEET CORX , the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. mat;, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 


Layman, Mran<l Mrs Frederick O. ; ;):^0 Pinp st. 

I^ach, G. W. ; Lick House 

Lean. Mr an<l Mrs W. ; Oriel Hotel Minnhiy Auburn 

I^avitt, S. B. ; 2037 Howard st. 

Le Breton, Mr and Mrs A. J. ; 712 Sutter 8t. 

Miss Julia 

Ije Breton, Edward.!.; 1414 Sutter st, 

I^ Breton, Mrs Julia ; 1414 Sutter st. 

Le Count, Mr and Mrs J. P.; lUT Van Ness ave. 

Miss p:ila 

Miss Susie 

Lecca, Ginlio ; 1012 Pine st. 

Lee, Arthur; .Spring Valley Water Go's Office 

Lee, Mrs B. F. ; 2021 Webster st. 

Lee, W.' H. C. ; 124 California st 

I^e, Mr and Mrs Bradner W. ; 1003 South Hope st. ruexdnif Los Angeles 

r^e, W. (Jr. ; Hotel Plea^ianton 

Lee, Dr W. M. , Grand Hotel 

Lees, Captain and Mrs L W.: 1022 Pine st. 

Frederick W. 

Lefavor, Lieut and Mrs F. H. 
Leggett, Joseph; 918 Dolores st. 
Leghorn. John G. ; 1810 Leavenworth st. 
Leichter, C. ; 1722 Clay st. 
Leigh, J. W.; 611 Commercial st. 
Leighton, Mr and Mrs J. B.; 2402 Larkin st. 
Lemmon, George; 023'^ Golden Gate ave. 

Lankershin, Mr and Mrs J. B, ; 850 S. Olive st. | , a '^^''"'^'il^ , 

( Los Angeles, Coronado 

Lent, Mr and Mrs William M. ; HOO Pnlk st. New York 


George H. 

I^onard, Charles L.; Bohemian Club 

I.e Roy, Gorges; 226 Stockton st. 


Lessock, Mr and Mrs A. il . ; 12.')8 California st. 

The Misses 

Levy, Mrs Charles S. Stockton 

L«vy, Eugene W.; U'oO ( iolden (iate ave. 

I.evy, Mr and Mrs IF. M. : in v_> st 

Miss Dahlia 

Martin H. 

Levy, Mrs John ; Tlie Berkshire .U. -,././;/ 

Miss (ioldie 

I^vy, Judge and Mrs Walter H. ; 661 Harrison st. 

Try RICHAUDSdN A HOBBIN8' Potted Meatii. Plum Puddlnjf. BonclcM (hickeji. 
H«m, and Turkey. H«i!kHl Ox Tonpv ■ - .^ Oysters, aud Fowl for Lunrheon. 
Picnics, Kto. All flp«t class Grocer m. 

1)1. KK .t CO . Paciflf r.mif Vl—iiIm 


Lev}-, Mr and Mrs S. W. ; !2".)G Van Xess ave. 

Melville S. 

Lewis, Dr and Mrs D. O., U. S. X. ; The P.ella Vista .}fonday 

Lewis, W. S. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Lewis, William ; 1212 Geary st. 

Lewitt, Dr W. B. ; 605 Lagiina st. 

Libby, Mr and Mrs Dorville; 822 21st st. 

Libby, Mr and Mrs D. B. ; 439 K Bryant st. 

Lichtenberg, William ; Cosmos Club San Rafael 

The Misses San Rafael 

Liebes, Mr and Mrs Herman ; 1714 Van Ness ave. 

Lightner, T. ; 1312 Golden Gate ave. 

Lightner, Mrs Joel F. ; 1759 Howard st. 

Lilienthal, Mr and Mrs Ernest; 1913 Mission st. 

Lilienthal, Mr and Mrs Ernest E,. ; 1818 California st. 

Lilienthal, Henry; 946 21st st. 

Lilienthal, Mr and Mrs J. Leo ; 191S .faekson st. 

Lilienthal, Mr and Mrs Philip N. ; SW cor. Franklin and Clay i«ts. 

Lilienthal, Dr and Mrs Samuel ; 131G Van Ness ave. 

Limekin, Mr and ^Nlrs; 927 Golden Gate ave. Thursdai/ 

Lincoln, Mr and Mrs Jerome ; 555 Harrison st. Hotel del Monte 

Miss Ethel 

Jerome B. 

Linderman, Mr and Mrs Dell; 1501 Van Ness ave. 

Linsay, Mr and Mrs J. A.; 1819 O'Farrell st. 

Lion, Rev and Mrs Edgar J. ; 812 Fulton st. 

Lippman, George W. ; 1151 Octavia st. 

Lipsoher, Mrs M. ; 526 Ellis st. 

Lissak, Louis S. ; Palace Hotel 

Lissak, Mr and Mrs Adolphus H.; 1258 California st. 


Miss Madeline 

Little, Mr and Mrs John T. ; 2515 Gough st. 

Miss Grace 

Miss Laura 

Miss Ada 

Little, Mrs Amos R. ; Baldwin Hotel 

Little, Dr and Mrs Joseph R. ; 134 Geary st. San Rafae 

Little, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; 311 Scott st. Thursday 

Littlefield. Miss Emma Salinas City 

Littlefield, Mr and Mrs J. H.; The Bella Vista Thursday 

Littlefield, Miss Rose Salinas City 

Livermore, Obadiah Sausa'ito 

Livermore, Mr and Mrs H. P. : 2021 California st. jRockridge'park. Oak. 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening: Partv to be able to ofiPer your guests a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 

SAN h;a\<is(m ,")i» 

Livingston, C. H. ; Palace Hotel 
Livingston, MissG.; 9J4 Van Net<i ave. 
Livingston, J. >L ; for Annie and Stevenson sts. 
Livingston, Monroe ; l>^0'.t Pint' st. 

Miss Alice 

Miss Florence 

Lloyd. Kenben H. ; 1008 Folsoni !st. 

Lockwood, Arthur D. ; 1817 Baker .st. 

Lockw<x)d, Miss Florence Redwood City 

Loewy. W. ; 940 Geary st. 

Kogan, Mrs James C-. ; 1812 Webster st. 

Logan, Mrs M. A. ; Grand Hotel 

Lohse, Mr and Mrs John F. ; -JoPJ Washington st. Thursday 


Lohse, Miss Kittie; 1333 Pine st. 

Miss Lulu Mr and Mrs L H.; 1812 Washington st. 

Long, .Mr and Mrs John T.; The Berkshire MDnihui 

Long, L. L. ; The Bella Vista 

Loom is. Mr and Mrs George; Palace Hotel Mondaif Menlo Park 

Lord, Tlieodore A.; NE cor. Vallejo and Octavia sts. 

Loring, Mr and Mrs David W.; 2604 Jackson st. 

Miss Ruth 

F. H. 

Loring, Mr and Mrs Prescott; 2521 Sutter st. 

Ix)ryea, Dr and Mrs A. M. ; 1322 California st. Firi^f Tuesday of Month 

Miss Amy L. 


Ix)tz, Miss Matilda Paris 

Loughborough, Mr and Mrs Alexander H.; 820 O'Farrell st. | Ian Rafael 

Miss Fannie 

-Miss Josie 

A. Z. 

< reorge A. 

Ixjughhead, Henry W.; Cosmos Club 
].<>ughery, Robert J.; 684 Stevenson st. 
Ix)ve, John L. ; 30 Glen Park ave. 
Ix)ve, Mrs Josie S. ; 1714 Clay st. 


Ixjveland, Mrs Mary T.; 2443 Larkin st. 

.Miss .May 

L..vell, Mansfield; 1312 Taylor st. 

Low, Mr an<l Mrs Charles A. ; 52U Calilornia st. 

U0K1>()N A IHI.WOUTHs Fine rreserved Fruits, JcUIcb, Ollveii, Ketchup. Wine 
JellleK. Ktc, to be lia<l of all fancy Ctr»>cer>«. 

' MAU, MADLKK & CO., Pacific ConhX AKcnt^. 


Low. Mr aud Mrs E. Louis, Jr. ; 901 Fillmore st. Wednesday 

Low, ex-Governor and Mrs F. F.; Gougli and Sutter sts. Hotel Rafael 

MiRS Flora 

Low, Mr and Mrs George A. New York 

Lowenberg. I. B. ; 609 Van Ness ave. 

Lowndes, Mrs A. O.; 613 Larkin st. 

LoMndes, Mr and Mrs A. P.; 1212 Washington st. 

Miss Gertrude 

Miss Flora 

Floyd J. 

Loyall, Miss Camilla; 2315 Scott st. 

Lucas, Lieut E. W. Van C. East 

Lucas, Robert H. San Rafael 

Luchsinger, Miss Rose Agnes; 1016 Franklin st. Taesdaij 

Luckhardt, Ca?sar ; 1812 Howard st. 

Ludlow, Captain Nichol ; Pacific- Union Club 

Ludovici, F.W.; Cosmos Club Mill's Building, New York 

Ludovici, W. Oscar; 614 Bush st. 

Ludwig, Mr and Mrs Ernest H. ; 10 Willow ave. 

Lugsden, Mr and Mrs Jay; Palace Hotel Monday Del Monte 

Miss Flora 

Lundborg, Dr and Mrs J. A. W.; 1504 Taylor st. Tuesday 
.Miss Florence 

Luning, Nicholas ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Clara 

Lunt, Mr and Mrs O. A. Alameda 

Lusk, F. C. ; Pacific-L'nion Club Chico 

Luther, Mr and Mrs John B. ; 336 O'Farrell st. 

Lux, Mrs Charles ; 1900 Jackson st. Friday 

Lyle. W. S. ; 1603 Van Ness ave. 

Lyman, Mrs D. B. ; The Bella Vista 

Lyman, Dr J. Chester San Rafael 

Lyman, Colonel W. W.; Cosmos Club St. Helena 

Lynde, William C; 1416 Larkin st. 

Lynds, A.; Lick House 

Lyon, E. H. ; 1419 Van Ness ave. 

Lyons, Clarence; 208 Hyde st. 

MacCrellish, Mrs Frederick; SW cor. Pine and Mason sts. Thursday 

Macdonald, Mr and Mrs William ; 2219 Scott st. Friday 

Macdougall, Miss Florence; 431 O'Farrell st. 

MacGrotty, Mr and Mrs Alfred; 422 Franklin st. 

Mackay, John W. ; Palace Hotel Virginia City, Nev. 

3Iackev, Mr and Mrs Duncan C. ; 1419 Washington st. 

H. O. WILBUR & SONS'S Chocolate aud Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coa^t Agents. 


Miukey, H. ; The Berkehire 

Mackey, Mr and Mrs Alexander; 019 19th st. 


Walter S. 

Mackenzie, Rev. Robert; Sacramento and Washington stn. 

Macloon, Capt. and Mrs C. H* ; 2-111 WiiKliinjzton st. Europe 

MacMurray, Major and Mrs J. W. ; Fort Mason Thiirsilcn Alaska 

Macondray, Miss M. L. ; The Bella Vista Tfunx^Imj 

Macondray, William; 1821 Sacramento st. Menlo Park 

Miss Nina, care Major J. L. Rathhoiip, r<jnsiil I . >. I'aiis, France 

Miss Inez 

George N. 

Frederick W. 

Horatio N. 

Macondray, Faxon A. ; 1950 California st. 

^Madden, Miss; 1100 California st. 

Madison, Mrs S. E. : 151"> Sacramento st. Thnrsday 

Frank f). 

Maguirc, Hon. J. G. 
Mahon, Mr and Mrs 

Miss Sadie 

Miss Bell 

Mahon, Mrs Frank ; 142!t Mason st. 

Mailliard, Mr and Mrs John \V. ; 2716 California st. Hotel Rafael 

Main, Mr and Mrs Charles ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Maison, Mr and Mrs N. E. ; 5G1 17th st. Wednesday 

Mallon, Mr and Mrs John; 2508 Sacramento st. 

Malter, George H. ; 912 Scott st. 

Manchester, E. W. M.; Hotel Pleasanton 

Manchester, Miss M. L. ; The Bella Vista Thamday 

Mancusi (iuiseppe; 522 Sutter st. 

Mangels, Clans; 2518 Howard st. 

Manh«'im, Henry S. ; 217 SanFome st. 

Mann, Clarence M. ; 2217 W»']»ster st. Tuesday 

H. T. 

Fred H. 

Dr. F. P. 

Miss I^eila 

Mrs. S. E. 

Mann, Mr.-*. S. S. ; 104 Turk .«l. Monday 

C. S. 

F. A. 

Mann. Seth; 2444 Howard st. 
Charles H. 

H. R. KELI.Y'S K<JUQ17RT Key West Havana Cigam have uo e(|ual. Smoke them 
ami see for yourHoIf. 

MAU, SADI.KR A CO.. Paciflc Coaxt Awnts 

()1 SAN FK.\NC'f;>rO 

Mann, Mr and Mrs Harry; Occidental Hotel Tuesday 

MisB Tottie 

Mann, Mr and Mrs Henry R. ; California and Lagiina sts. 

Manning; Miss A. M.; The Renton Monday 

Manning, Mr and Mrs Seymour H. ; 407 North Calhoun st. Baltimore 

Marble. L. ; Oriel Hotel 

Marks, Mr and Mrs Joseph ; 1119 Van Ness ave. TJiursday 

Marlin, Mr and Mrs A; 230 Eleventh st 

Marriott, Mr and Mrs Frederick Alameda 

Marsh, Mr and ^Mrs H. F. ; 2507 Howard st. 

Marsh, Lieut Frederick; Alcatraz Island 

Marshall. Dr and Mrs Benjamin ; 924 Sutter st. 

Marshall, Gen'l and Mrs E. C. ; The Bella Vista 

Miss Nellie 

Marshall, Capt and Mrs J. H. San Diego 

Marshall, Mr and Mrs Louis ; 2195 Devisadero st. Hotel Vendome 

Marshutz, L. C. ; 412 Eddy st. 

Mariston, Mr and Mrs C. A. Friday Hazel Glen Hotel, Sunol 

Martel, Mr and Mrs James L.; 2226 Cal. st. Thursday Mountain View 

Miss Adele 

Miss Ethel 



Martenstein, Jacob; 1129 Turk st. 

Martenstein, Mr and Mrs Jacob A.; 616 O'Farrell st. 

Marlin, Mrs Ada N. ; 3116 Washington st. Friday 

Martin, Mrs Eleanor; 725 Sutter st. Del Monte 

Martin, Mrs H. B., The Bella Vista Thursday 

Martin, Mr and Mrs Henry McL.; California and Taylor sts. JsantaCruz 

Martin, Mrs J. M. San Jose 

Martin, Mr and Mrs J. P. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Martin, P. J. ; 2103 California st. 

Martin, W. H.; Jackson and Franklin sts. 

Martin, Dr AVilliam, U. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

Martin, Mrs E. F.; 2740 California st 

Martin, ^Yilliam ; 2914 California st. 

Martin, William C. ; 314 Oak st. 

Martinez, Mr and Mrs Raoul ; 1825 Sacramento st. Tuesday 

Marwedel, C. F. ; 2011 Bush st. 

Charles W. 

Marye, George T., Jr.; Occidental Hotel 

Maskey, Mr and Mrs F.; 32 Kearny st. 

:\Iaslin. S. P. ; 1500 Second St., Sacramento Occidental Hotel. S. F. 

Trv the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up iu 
■ glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

^ ' MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agent. 

SAX FUANClMi) t>2 

Mason, Mr and Mrs N. H. A. : 1401 McAllister st. Tue'<day 

Miss Dixie 

Miss Maude 

Marten, Mr and Mrs Joseph M. Oakland 

Mathews, Mr and Mrs Harvey ; 1632 Clay sf. TlimstUui 

Mathews, Mif=s Lulu ; 920 Jackson st. 

Mathews, Mr and Mrs Henry K.; 803 Pine st. 

Matthews, Miss Cora; 415 First st. Clear Lake, Kelseyville 

Matthews, Mrs M. ; The Berkshire Momlny 

!\LitthewB, William ; 2115 Sacramento st. 

Mathieu, Mrs Marianne; 2523 California st. 

Frank L. 


Mau, .Mrs H. Albert; 221') Broadway at. I'riday Larkspur 

Miss Alice 

Miss Julia 

>Liu, Mr and Mrs AVilliam F. ; 1327 Sutter st. TJutn^dni/ Larkspur 

Mauldin, Mrand Mrs Hugh; Hotel I'ella Vista Thnrxday 

Maupay, Miss Emma; The Berkshire Mondnii 

Mans, Lieut Marion P. Angel Island 

Maxwell, Mr and Mrs J. 1). ; 801 leaven worth f-t. 

Maxwell, Mr and Mrs J. W. C; 318 Van Ness ave. 

Miss Emily 

Maxwell, Walter; Bohemian Club Los Angeles 

May, E. F. ; 538 Guerrero st. 
May, Mrs Edward ; The Berkshire 

Miss Alice 

May, Mr and Mrs Frederick Washington. D. C 

May, Mr and Mrs Henry Washington, D. C. 

May, Dr and Mrs \\. B. ; 1114 Clay st. 

Mayer, Albert M. S.; 412 Jones st. 

Mayer, Chailes, Jr. ; 1124 Fillmore st. 

Mayer, J. ; 1513 Pierce st. 

Mayer. Miss Josephine ; The Berk -hi re MoikUiij 

Mayer, Col and Mrs Samuel D. ; The Bella Vista Thuranlaij 

Maynard, Mrs George F. ; 1512 California st. Walnendny San Mateo 

Miss Flva 

Miss I^ena 

Miss Sal lie 

Maynard, Mrand Mrs John H.; Palace Hotel Mondnt/ San Mateo 
Maynard, Mrs Lafayette Sausalito 


MisB Sadie 

Duff. G. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA: put up iu 1 pound round caulttors ouly. 
Atk your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole ProprictorK. 


Maynavd, Mr and Mrs W. J.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Mayne, Charles; Pacific-Union Club Del Monte 

McAfee, Mrs J. C. ; The Bella Vista Thursday 


McAfee, Mr and Mrs Carroll ; Palace Hotel 

McAlester, Miss A. E. ; 8 Verba Buena st. 

McAlister, Elliott ; 328 Montgomery st. Ross Valley 

McAllister, Mrs Hall Ross Valley 

Miss Eva 

M. Hall 

McAllister, Dr and Mrs W. F. M.; Palace Hotel Monday Colorado 

McAllister, Ward ; Pacific-Union Club 

McAran, Thos. P. ; Palace Hotel Thursday San Jose 

McBean, Mr and Mrs P. McG.; 2611 Pacific ave. Friday 

McCall, Robert A. ; Westminster Hotel 

McCall, J. C; 22 Montgomery st. 

McCabe, Mrs M. A. ; Point Lobos ave., bet. 18th and 19th aves. 

McCarthy, Mr and Mrs F. F.; Palace Hotel Monday 

McCenery, Julius C; Lick House 

McClatchy, Mrs. James ; Grand Hotel Monday Sacramento 

Miss Emily 

Miss Fannie 

McClung, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; 1913 Devisadero st. 
McClure, Mrs Davis; Occidental Hotel Monday 
McClure, Mr and Mrs Penuel; 408 Ellis st. Thursday 
McCombe, Mr and Mrs; 712 Golden Gate ave. 

Miss Eliot 

McCoppin, Mr and Mrs Frank; Occidental Hotel Monday 


McCormick, Miss Eva; 924 Valencia st. 
McCormick, Mr and Mrs William H. ; 1715 Larkin st. 

Miss Lizzie 

Emanuel B. 

^McCoy, Henry J. ; 724 Hayes st. 

McCreary, Mr and Mrs Chas. Sacramento 

McCutchen, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; 1501 Scott st. Friday Sisson 

Miss Alice 

McDonald, Mrs D. L. ; 1800 Laguna st. 

Miss Laura and Miss Blythe 

^IcDonald, Frank V. Berkeley 

McDonald, Captain James M. ; 912 Union st. 
McDonald, Mr and Mrs Jasper; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 
McDonald, Mr and Mrs Mark L. ; Occidental Hotel Santa Rosa 

McDonald, Mr and Mrs M. J. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


McDonaltl, I>r K. H. ; WeBtniinPter House 

K. II., Jr. 

Mi'Donoiigh, Mr and Mrs R. ; Lick House Monday 

MfElroy, Mrs; 704 Tine st. Thursday 

^hP^lmy, Mr and Mrp Robert ; SW cor. Buchanan and Haiglit stB. 

Robert I>. 

Mr and Mr.s James R. 

M<Khoy, Mr and Mrs Robert 1>. ; lltuf< Valen<ia st. 
M<H\ven, Mrg J. A. ; HWo Clay st. 

Mias Susie 

M<Farlane, 11. C. Honolulu H. I 


McFarlane, A. G. : 1323 Oak si. 

McGary, Mr and Mrs Edwartl ; 1036 Mission st. Thursday 

Miss Clara B. 

MiGauley, Mrs Julia F. ; 134") Union st. Monday 

Miss Julie C. 

James F. 

McGavin. Mr and Mrs Walter J. T. ; 910 Taylor st. San Rafael 

McGee, W. A. ; 20 Montgomery st. Fruitvale 

Mc(iill, Henry M.; ISO.S Fillmore st. 
McGilvray, .Mr and Mrs James B. ; 1322 Bush st. 
McGlynn, Peter J. ; 1500 Golden Gate ave. 
:McGuinnes8, J. P., U. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 
-McKay, Thomas D. ; Occidental Hotel 
MfKee, Mrs; Bush and Mason sts. 


McKee, Mr and Mrs John; 20 12th st. 

McKcever, General and Mrs Chauneey Washington, D. C. 

Miss Helen 

Miss Elsie 

M<'Kenty, Mrs IJta; 1222 Pine st. Wtdiiei<day 
McKinley, Mr and Mrs \). A. ; Palace Hotel Monday 
McKinstry. Judge and Mrs E. W. ; lolT) Washington st. 

Miss Laura 

.lames C. 

M« Kisick, Judge and Mrs L. D. Alameda 

Miss Rose and Miss Madeline 

McLaine, Mr and Mrs Laughlin ; S20 Bush st. 


Mcl^ren, Norman ; 014 Sutter st. 

McLaughlin, I>eo ; 301) California st. 

McLean, I>r and Mrs Robert A. ; NW cor. Pacific ave. and Dcvisadero st. 

Mclean, St«Tling ; CosmoB Club 

1 iiK FRANCO-.\MERIt a > f<»i)|) « «» > Irt-n - are jiut U|i for fainjly ubc in 

({UArt 8Ud pint CHnM mid one Hiicl u hnlf ]') ir?*. 

^' M . i... A fO.. Paciflf ' '"I-' v-r.!!'" 



!M('Lennoii, Mr and Mrs Frank P. ; 1515 Clay st. Santa Barbara 

McLeod, Mr and Mrs Daniel ; Occidental Hotel Moudai/ 
Mc]Mahon, Mr and Mrs B. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Miss Marion 

Miss Paralee 

Miss Alice 

McMahon, Miss; 716 Jones st. 

.Are:Millan, Robert; 202 Ridley st. Ist d'jrd Tuesdays Cazadero & Blue Lakes 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Emma 

Mc^Ionagle, Dr Beverly ; 8118 Sacramento st. 
McMnllen, Mr and Mrs Frank ; 820 Grove st. Tuesday 
McMullin, Mrs George 0. ; 1104 Post st. 

Miss Mamie 

George O. 

Casa Blanca, San Joaquin Co 

1935Clavst. Friday 

McMullin, Mrs John 
McMullin, Morgan D. 


D. M. 

McMullin, Thurlow ; 1104 Post st. 
McMullin, Mrs Jennie; 1252 California st 

Latham M. 

McMurtry, W. S., Jr. ; Palace Hotel 
McNeil, Miss; 1019 California st. Tuesday 
McNulty, Mrs Charles A.; 1252 California st. 


^IcXulty, Dr and Mrs James M. ; Palace Hotel 
McNutt, Dr and :\rrs W. F. ; 1805 California st. 
McPherson, Mr and Mrs Maynard; 609 Polk st. 

Miss Belle 


McRuer, Mr and Mrs Donald C. ; 18 Laurel Place 

McVay, Miss Nellie; 1919 Sutter st. Wednesday 

Mead, Mr and Mrs Charles H. ; 1505 Larkin st. 

Mead, Mr and Mrs Le^ris R. ; 2606 California st. 

]Mead, Mr and Mrs Walter; 1611 Sacramento st. 

Meade, Mr and Mrs George W. 

Meagher, Mr and Mrs Thomas F.; 926 Clay st. 

Mehlert, Mrs E. ; 1717 Laguna st. 

Meinecke, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1917 Franklin st. 

Miss Inez 

Miss Minnie 

Meinecke, George H. ; 405 Geary st. 
Melone, Mr and Mrs Drury ; Palace Hotel 

Tuesda v 

Tuesda if 


Santa Cruz 

San Jose 



Byron Springs 

Del Monte 

Isf and 3d Taesdaii-^ 

Oak Knoll, Napa Co. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANxV. CIGARS have been sold iu this market for 

over ten rears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


^Melrose, Mr and Mrs Kenneth; *2o]7 Octavia st. 

Melville, William R. Blithedale 

Mendell, Colonel and Mrs George H. ; 2310 Clayet. 

George H., Jr. 

Menzios, Thomas San Rafael 

Merle, (^harleg F.; 302 O'Farrell st. 

Merrill, Captain A. H. ; U. S. A. Alcatraz Island 

Merrill, Mr and Mrs John C. ; 14 Stanley Plaoe 

Miss Daisy 

John C. Jr. 

Morrill, Mr anti Mrs John F. ; 1732 Washington st, Friday 

Merrill, Louis; 207 Thirteenth st. 

Merry, Mr and Mrs W. L. ; 2030 Pacific ave. Frkhu/ 

Merten, Mr and Mrs August F. ; 923 Fillmore st. 

Mesick, Richard S. ; 24 Montgomery st. 

Messer, Mr and Mrs N. T.; 1811 Pierce st. 

Messersmith, E. J. ; Hotel Bella Vista 

Messing, Rev. Dr A. J. ; 708 O'Farrell st. 

■Meux. J. P. ; Hotel Pleasunton 

Meyer, Capt and Mrs; 1610 Van Ness ave. 

Meyer. Miss Kmina; The Berkshire MoniJaii 

Meyer, Em.; 1319 (rough st. 

Meyer, Mr and Mrs Eugene ; 1730 Pine st. 


Meyerfeld, Mr and Mrs J. ; 1513 Pierce st. 

Meylert, Dr and Mrs A. P. ; Palace Hotel Mondatj 

Mezes, Sidney ; 530 California st. Berkeley 

Michalitschke. Mr and Mrs A. ; 2102 California st. 

.Middleton, Mr and Mrs Samuel P. ; 600 i>ush st. 

Middleton, Mr and Mrs John ; 2311 Jackson st. Friday 

:Miel, Rev C. f..; 206 Lombard st. 

Mivrhell, William E. ; 514 Eddy st. 

Miles, General and Mrs Nelson A. ; U. S. A., Presidio Del Monte 

Miss Cecelia 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Chas. E. ; 312 Hai^ht st. Wrditfudaif 

Miller, H.Clay; 1137 Fiuah St. 

Miller, Mr and Mrs H. M. A. ; 1115 Pine st. Monda;/ 

Miller, Dr John J. San Jose 

Miller, Ed.; 105 Montj^oniery st. 

Miller, Mr and Mrs C. O. G. Oakland 

Miller, Mr and .Mrs Charles New York 

.Miller, E. E. W. ; Hotel Bella Vista 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Henry; 34 Essex st. 

.Miller, Herbert; Oriel Hotel 

ChlcV* -' /:-."^ ■"'•''•t Truffled, made In ♦*"»•' »• -•• i-. »-.• •»•„ t-p ^v-.-.v . »•> kI- 

vill txj fuuiid deli' k 



Yosemite Valley 

Mills Seminary, Cal. 

Miilbrae and New York 

Menlo Park 

1st and 3d Thursdays 

Miller, Miss Ida; Hotel Pleasantoh Monday 

Miller, Louis Jr. ; 807 Van Ness ave. 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Samuel; 1011 Pine st. 

Mill, Mrs C. T. 

Mills, D. O. 

Mills, Mr Edgar; 916 Jones st. 

Miss Addie 

Mills, Mr and Mrs Edward T.; 322 Haight st. 
Mills, Mrs James E. ; 2106 Van Ness ave. 
Mills, Mrs. W. L. B.; 1918 Sutter st. 
Mills, Mr and Mrs William H.; 1707 Octavia st. 
Miner, Mr and Mrs W. H.; 2025 California st. 

Frank G. 

Mitchell, Edward H. ; 6 Ford st. 

Mitchell, Mr and ^Mrs G. H. ; The Renton Monday 

Mitchell, Mr and Mrs George M. ; 813 Grove st. 

Mitchell, Senator John H. Portland, Or. 

Mitchell, Mr and Mrs R. W. Portland. Or. 

Mizner, Mr and Mrs L. B. Guatemala, Central America 

-Edgar A. 
-William G. 

Mizner, Henry W. 

Moale, Colonel and Mrs Edward ; U. S. A., Presidio 

Moffatt, Mr and Mrs ; 1419 Post st. 


Molera, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; 850 Van Ness ave. 



Thursday Monterey 

Molineux, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 216 Bush st. 
Molloy, Miss Bessie; The Renton Monday 
Montague, Mr and Mrs W. W.; 1103 Bush st. 


Monteagle. Mr and Mrs Louis F. ; 2002 Pacific ave. 
Montanya, J. De La; 1510 Taylor st. Tuesday 

Miss Jennie 

Monteagle, Mr and Mrs Robert C; 209 Turk st. 
Montealegre, Mrs Carlos F.; 512 Sutter st. 


Montealegre, Mrs S. J.; 1114 Bush st. Thursday 
Montgomery, George S.; Grand Hotel 
Montpellier, A. ; California and Battery sts. 

Santa Clara 


New York 

Moody, Mrs; NW cor. Pacific and Gough sts. 

Moody, Mr & Mrs Joseph E.; SEcor Lombard & Jones i^nJa*/ Del Monte 

Miss Eda 

Frederick C. 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Moore, H.H. ; 411 Montgoniery et. 

:M«)ore, A. P. ; Palate Hotel 

;M(X)ie, Mr and Mrs Alfred S. ; 1711 Jones st. Wedrngday 

Moore, ^Ir and Mrs Alfred; 1511 Gough st. 

Moore, Mr and Mrs Austin D. ; Pacific ave. and Devisadero sts. Friday 

Charles A. 

Percy P. 

Moore, Edward; 2122 Busli st. 

Moor»', Mr and Mrs George A. ; 1912 Washington st. Tiiesdoi/ 

Moore, Harry P.; 518 Golden Gate avo. 

Moore, Howell C; Cosmos Clul) 

Moore, Mr and Mrs James San Rafael 

:Moore, Mr and Mrs Justin P. San Rafael 

^loore, Miss May F. ; 711 j^ Hayes st. 

William h?. 

Moore, Mrs Robert S. ; 619 Valencia tt. 
Moore, Mrs Samuel; Palace Hotel Mondaif 

Miss Maude 

Moore, Mr and Mrs Walter; Palace HoteHwhen in S.F.) 
Mooreland, Mr and Mrs; Hotel Oriel Momlaii 
Morgan, Major M.R.; Phelan Building 
Morgan, Mr and Mrs; 41o Van Ness ave. 
Morgan, Mr and Mrs Cosmo; 2210 Devisadero st. 

Morgan, Edwin D. ; 2.312 Clay st. Frklaii 

^Miss Alice M. 

Miss Laura R. 

Mi.'^s Susie D. 

J. Marshall 

Morgan, Percy T. ; Cosmos Club 

Morgan, Mr and Mr.s William P. ; 1451 Franklin st. Friday 

Morrill, Grant A.; 706 Taylor st. 

Morrill, Mrs Paul ; Taylor and Bush sts. 

Morris, ."^am F. ; 707 Mason st. Tuesday 

Morris, Mrs R.; 2118 Bush st. 

Morrison, Miss Angela San Jose 

Morrison, Miss; SW cor. Union and Fillmore sts. 2d and 4th Fridays 

Morrison, Col and Mrs George H. ; 008 Geurrero st. jcarson City Nev 

Morrow, RolKjrt F. ; 916 Leavenworth st. 

Morrow. Hon an«l .Mrs W. W.; (100 P.iish st. Hotel del Monte 

Miss Maud 

William IL 

.Morse, Mr and Mrs <ie<jrgc \)., >J») .Market st. 

M<»rs«' ('apt and Mrs H. (i. ; Pala«o Hotel Monday Str. "Alameda" 

Paso Robles 
San Jose 

Los Angeles 

Hotel Rafael 
iCoronado Hotel and 
/Napa Soda Springs 

RICH.\KI).*<ON & ROBBIN8' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Ctwked Ham. Rolle*! Ox 
Toiiiru**, <'iirri(Hl Oystcrn and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Mcata; to )>c had 
of all Ontt-clHBM Cirocerii. MAU, SADLKk A CO., Pacific Coast AKcnts. 


Moree, I. H. ; 1216 Jones st. 

Mortimer, C. White, vBritish Vice-consul) Los Angeles 

Morton, Mr and Mrs Henry D ; 305 Taylor st. 

Morton, Sargent S. ; 321 Oak st. 

Morton, W. R. ; 309 Taylor st. 

Mosby, Colonel John S. ; 712 Sutter st. 

Mosely, Mr and Mrs Andrew S. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Moses, Mr and Mrs Charles S. ; 2206 California st. Tuesday 

Moss, Professor Bernard Berkeley 

Mott, Lieutenant T. B. ; IT. S. A. Alcatraz Island 

Mott, Baldwin E. ; 2820 Clay st. 

Moulder, Hon. and Mrs A. J.; 812 Bush st. Thursday 

Miss Augustus 

Moulton, Mrs Adeline; 1120 Gough st. Wednesday Blithedale 

Miss Florence 

Moulton, Mr and Mrs Frank ; 607 Harrison st. 

Moulton, Mrs Josials ; 925 Pine st. 

Moultrie, Mrs L. M. ; The Berkshire Monday 


Mozart, Mr and Mrs E. H. ; Hotel Oriel Monday 

Mozley, MrsB.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Mullan, Capt and Mrs D. W., U. S. N. ; 818 Powell st. Tuesday 

Mullin, Mr and Mrs Jas. ; 422 Ellis st. Thursday 

Geo. A. 

Millins, Mr and Mrs Charles F. ; 1809 Gough st. Jd and 4th Fridays 

Munro, Mr and Mrs Geo. R. ; 1111 Seventeenth st. Thursday 

Miss Mattie 

Miss Minnie 

Murphy, Hon and Mrs B. D. San Jose 

Miss Mary 

Murphy, Mrs Martin San Jose 

Murphy, -Mrs D. T. ; Occidental Hotel Abroad 

Miss Nellie 

Miss Fannie 

Murphy, Daniel T. ; Pacific-Union Club, Palace Hotel 

Murphy, Daniel San Jose 

Murphy, Judge Daniel J. ; 119 Liberty st. 

Murphy, Mr and Mrs Eugene P.; 1301 Guerrero st. 

Murphy, James T.; Cosmos Club San Jose 

Murphy, P. W. ; Pacific- Union Club San Luis Obispo 

Murphy, ^Ir and Mrs Samuel G. ; 931 Bush st. 

Murray, Mrs Jean ; 1708 Clay st. 

Murray, Alexander S. ; 1025 O'Farrell st. 

Myrick, Judge and Mrs Milton H. ; Palace Hotel Monday 


THE FRANCO-AMERICAX FOOD GO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER ct CO.. Pacific Coast Asents 


Nager. Miss A. ; Hotel Pleaeanton Monday 

:Mi8B E. 

Nagle, George W. ; Bohemian Club 

Nance, .Mr and Mrs C. P. ; 'M7 South P'irst Rt. Thursday San Jose 

Iln-h J. 

Naglce. Miss Marie San Jose 

Napthaly, Benjamin F.; 2315 Webster St. 

Narjot, Mr and Mrs Ernest; lOOl Hyde st. 


Nash, H. C. ; SVV cor. Powell and California sts. 

Nash, .TayT. ; 910 Hyde st. 

\ash, JoFeph ; 3100 Pacinc ave. 

Naiiphton, Mr and Mrs J. F. ; 2201» California st. 

Natorp, Bernard; 109 California st. 

Naiiton, K. H. ; 1418 Clay st. 

R. H., Jr. 


Neal. Robert W. ; Florence House 

Neale, Mr and Mrs Vincent San Rafael 

Neill, Mr and Mrs James; 1123 California pt. Tuesday 
Nelson, Capt and Mrs Charles; ISll Gough st. Thursday 

Miss Maggie 

Nesmith, L. G. San Jose 

Nesfield, Mrs D. W. C. ; 1503 Pacific ave. 

Neul)erger, Mr and Mrs Gustave : 1<>28 Octavia st. 

Neville, Mrs A. E.; 1631 O'Farrell st. 

Newell, Mr and Mrs David ; 5 Pearl st. 

Newell, :Mr and Mrs W. H. Seattle 

Newell, Mr and Mrs; 703 Bush st. 

Newhall, Mr and Mrs E. W. ; 1624 Octavia st. 

Newhall, Mrs Margaret J.; 1290 Van Ness ave. Hotel Rafael 

George A. 

Walter S. 

Newhall, Mr and Mrs Henry G. ; 2110 Broadway st. 
Newhall, Mr and Mrs W. Mayo; 1206 l\.Kt st. San Rafael 

Newlands, Mr and Mrs Francis G. Carson City. Nev.. and New York 
Newlands, James ; 2902 Clay st . 

.Miss Jessie 

James, Jr. 

Newraark, Mrs H. ; 1 10<) Eddy st. 

Newton Mr and Mrs Morris; Palace Hotel Monday 

Niblack, Lieutenant \. P.; Cosmos Club Navy Dept. Washington, D. C. 

Nichols, Mr and Mrs A. C. San Rafael 

Miss Belle 

Always trltabk auU uuifomi— IIOKACK 1{. KKM.Y &. (OS Kt'\ Wcht Havana ClRara 

MAU. SADLER A CO.. Pacific Coaat ARentM. 



Nichols, Mr and Mrs D. C. ; Palace Hotel Monday 
Nicholson, Mr and Mrs Peter ; Hotel Pleasanton Mondatj 


Nichohon, Mr and Mrs W. A. S. ; 510 Baker st. 
Nickel, Mr and Mrs J. Le Roy; 1415 Jones st. 
Nickerson, Mr and Mrs A. A. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Maude 

Miss Mvra 

Nightingale, Mr and Mrs John; 300 Haight st. Wednesday Cazadero 

Miss Minnie 

Miss Georgie 

Dr John 

Joseph B. 

Noble. Mr and Mrs H. H. Sausalito 

Noble. F. L. K. ; Bohemian Club 

Noble, Burr; 36 New Montgomery st. 

Noble, Mr and Mrs Patrick ; 1729 Sutter st. Tuesday 

Noble, Mrs C. G. ; Hotel Bella Vista 

Noble, Lieutenant Robert H. ; U. S. A. Angel Island 

Noble, Rev and Mrs Thomas K. ; 711 Jones st. 

Nojot. Krnest; 711 Howard st. 

Nolan, Lieut James E,, L". S. A. ; Presidio 

Nolan, J. C. ; Occidental Hotel 

Nolan, Mr and Mrs Patrick T.; 142S Golden Gate ave. Wednesday 

Miss Kittie 

Norcross, Daniel ; 413 O'Farrell st. 

Norfleet, Dr Ernest, V. S. N.; Palace Hotel Mare Island 

Norris, Mr and Mrs B. F.; 1822 Sacramento st. Friday 

Norri«, Miss F. L. ; 835 California st. Tuesday 

Norris, Dr Basil ; Occidental Hotel 

Norris, Mr and Mrs William ; 927 Bush st. Thursday 

North, Mr and Mrs G. L.; 2522 California st. Friday 

Norton, Mr and Mrs G. X.; 2414 Washington st. 

Norton, Mr and Mrs Harry D.; The Clifton 

Norton, Miss M. E.; The Renton Monday 

Norton, Mi=s May; 1708 Geary st. 

Norton, Mrs S. J. ; 1511 Jones st. 

Norton, J. F.; 419 Geary st, 

Nougues, Mr and Mrs Joseph M.; 2226 California st. Napa Co. 

Nugent, John F. ; 426 Geary st. 

Nugent, Miss Sybil; 320 Harrison st. 

Nunan, Mr and Mrs Matthew; 422 Oak st. 

Nuttall, Mr and Mrs J. Robert K.; Palace Hotel Monday Del Monte 

Nve, Mrs V. S. Albeto, near Willows 

YUM YUM SWEET COR.^, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU. SADLER ct CO. Sole Proprietors. 


Nutting, Mr and Mrs Calvin S. ; 1521 Golden Gate ave. 
Miss Grace 

O'Brien, Mr and Mrs J. J. ; 300 Van Ness ave. 

O'Brien, Mr and Mrs James; 910 McAllister st. Thursday 

O'Callaghan, Daniel ; IC) Twelfth st. T'nt'sdatj 

Miss Maggie 

O'Cunnell, Daniel; 1024 Broadway st. 

O'Connell, Mi.sH Maggie; 800 McAllister st. ThursiUtif 

O'Connor, Mr and Mrs Cornelius ; 825 O'Farrell st. Wed. Del Coronado 

Miss Lillie 

Miss Maud 

O'Connor, Mrs J. San Rafael 

The Misses 

O'Farrell, Mrs John J. ; 2035 Howard st. 

O'Kane, Mr and .Mrs William; Lick House 

0'Lear\', Fergus; Grand Hotel 

O'Sullivan, Mrs Cornelius D. ; 1025 Bush st. Tliti.rxday 

Cornelius, D., Jr. 

Oesting, Mr and Mrs Paul, Jr. ; 1410 Taylor st. 

Ogden, Mrs M. L. ; 1001 Sutter st. 

Ogden, Mr and Mrs Richard L. ; 2000 Pacific ave. Frida}/ 

Okell, Charles J. ; Cosmos Club 

Oliphant, Mrs D. D. Portland Or. 

Oliver, J. H., V. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

Oliver, Miss Mattie; San Jose ave. and Twenty-fourth st. llnhydmi 

Onesti, George; 1213 Taylor st. 

Orcutt, F. L. ; Cosmos Club 

Orena, Mr and Mrs Gaspar; 720 Geary st. WediWMlay 

Orena, Mr and Mrs Dario; 727 Geary st. 


Ortez, Miss Julia; 2531 Finest. 

Ostroski, Mr and Mrs S. ; P.aldwin Hotel Monday 


Otis. Mr and Mrs James; Occidental Hotel San Rafael 

Otis, Mrs Lucy; I'JOO Franklin st. 

Miss Helen 


Oullalian, D. J.; Occidental Hotel 
( )verton, Mrs Alice C. ; 1414 Geary st. 

Victor <;. 

Robert H. 

Charles P. 

Klias V. 

Try I ' ■■■'•" •"^' * :"■ '" 11,11 riKMiiii:. r.<>in'i(*s> < 11.1^111. 

; OvBtern. ami Fowl for I.iinrIi.M:i. 

MAli, «ADLER & CO.. Faciflc Coast .Vyeiits 


Owen, Frank; Hotel Pleasanton 

Owen, Mr and Mrs W. J. ; Hotel Pleasanton Mondai; 

Miss Alice 

Oxnard, Robert; 2117 California st. 

Oyster, Lieutenant Joseph S., U. S. A. ; Presidio 

Pace, Mr Charles; 1018 Jackson st. 

Pace, James D. ; 34 Nevada Block 

Pacheco, Mr and Mrs Roniualdo ; The Bella Vista Thursidaii Mexico 

Page, Mr and Mrs Arthur; 1805 Pierce st. San Rafael 

Page, Mr and Mrs Charles; 2518 Pacific ave. 

T-jge, Mr and Mrs Hamilton; 201 Buchanan st. Cazadero 

Page, Mr and Mrs James D.; 402 Geary st. Martinez 

Page, Olaf Valparaiso, Chili 

Page, Mrs Thomas S. San Rafael 

Mrs Thomas S. 

Miss Meta 

William D. 

Mr and Mrs George J. 

Paige, Calvin; Lick House 

Paige, Mr and Mrs Timothy; 2002 Pacific ave. Friday 


Paine, Colonel and Mrs J. C; Palace Hotel 

Miss Florence 

Miss Helen 

Painter, Edgar ; 510 Clay st. 

Painter, Mrs Caroline A.; 831 Jackson st. Coyote VaUey, Lake Co. 

Walter M. 




Palache, Mr and Mrs Gilbert; 1249 Franklin st, Hotel Vendcme 

Miss Ida 

Miss Sadie 

Thomas Hood 

Palache, Robert K.; 1910 Devisadero st. 

Palmer, Mr and Mrs George; 824 Powell st. Tuesday 

Pariser, James A.; 49 First st. 

Parke, Lyman C; 1118 Gough st. 

Parker, Mr and Mrs L. M.; 901 Larkin st. Thursday 

Parker, Mrs M. W. ; Grand Hotel Monday 

Parker, Stafford H. ; 1512 California st. 


Parkhurst, Mr and Mrs John W. ; 1419 Taylor st. Thursday Martinez 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to oflFer your guests a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Parks. Miss Lizzie; 614 Sutter Pt. 

Parks, Mr K. F. ; Westminster Hotel 

Parrott, Mrs A. M.; 517 Sutter st. San Mateo 

Parrott, Mr and Mrs Louis B. ; 1913 Franklin 8t. San Rafael 

Parrott, Mr and Mrs John; Gough and Washington sts. Menlo Park 

Parrott, Mr and MrsTiburcio; 414 Montgomery st. St. Helena 

1 'arson, Dr Edward ; Pacific-ITnion Club 

Partridge, A. C; 1414 Leavenworth st. Ttiexdiui 

Miss Ella S. 

Miss Jessie E. 

I'art ridge, Mr and Mrs George ; 812 Twenty-lirst st. 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Alice 

Partridge, Mr and Mrs John ; 2120 Jackson st. Frklny 

Partridge, Mr and Mrs Samuel C; 11^7 Leavenworth st. Oakland 

Patterson, Lieut and Mrs Robert H. ; Presidio 

Paterson, Judge and Mrs A. Van K.; 310 Haight st. 

Patterson, Miss Lizzie Hotel Rafael 

Paterson, William T. ; New City Hall 

Patterson, Miss Martha; 59 Hoff ave. 

Miss Isabel 

Patton, Mrs Charles L. ; 1910 Broadway st. 
Patton, Jasper N.; 1825 Carlos ave. 

ranll, Mr and Mrs John A. ; 1215 Sutter st. 

Miss Mary 

Pawlici, Dr and Mrs L. ; 700 Sutter st. 

Paxton, Mr and Mrs Charles E.; Palace Hotel 

Paxton, Mrs John A. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Payne, Warren H. ; Palace Hotel 

Payne, S. W.; 759 Market st. 

Payne. Redmond W^ ; Floo<l Building 

Payne I>r Eugene ; Flood Building 

Payne, Clyde S.; Fairmont Hotel 

Payne, Mrs Thewlore; Palace Hotel Monday 

Warren R. 

Payoi, Mr and Mrs Henry ; <»2() Ellis st. Wednesday 



l*ayson, Capt and Mrs A. H. Residence San Mateo Del Monte 

Payton, Clifford ; The Clifton Monday Suisun 


Pearce. C. W.; Cosmos Club 

Pearson, Mr and Mrs H. li. Santa Monica 

Miss Emma 

ii.iM'S tit i»ILWORTH'.~ hinc i .;t-, .mhu"*, 'Ml\c^. Kruimp, SNiiif 

Jellie*. Etc., to be had of all fn 

\I»r.KR X- rn Vnr'ifn- r.inst Airriits 


Pearson, Miss Laura; 1222 Pine st. 

Pease, Mr and Mrs R. H., Jr.; 2600 Pacific ave. Friday 

C Portland, Me. 
Penk, Mr and Mrs J. E.; 424 Haight st. Wednesday I Syracuse, N. Y. 

i Santa Cruz,Cal. 
Peck, Lieutenant F. P. ; Presidio 
Peele, Mrs ; The Renton Monday 
Pendleton, Mrs M. E. ; Hotel Pleasanton 
Pennell, Prof Robert F. ; 214 Castro st. 
Pennell, Mr and Mrs Charles C; 1414 Taylor st. 
Pennell, Henr}' E, ; 1702 Larkin st. 

Thomas M . 

Perine, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Grand Hotel Monday 
Perine, Mr and Mrs George M. ; 9 Van Ness ave. 
Perkins, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 1454 Franklin st. 
Perrault, Dr and Mrs Julian ; 1400 Jackson st. Friday 
Perrin, Dr and Mrs E. B. ; 1935 Clay st. 

Miss Addie 

Perry, Mrs M. L. ; 2034 Bush st. Tuesday 

Miss Lulu 

Perry, General and Mrs A. J. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 


Perry, Senator and Mrs George H. Alameda 

Perr}', Henry; 504 Geary st. 

Perry, John, Jr. ; Occidental Hotel 

Pescia, Dr and Mrs Joseph; 1520 Taylor st. 

Peters, Mrs Mary; 1016 Sutter st. 

Peters, Charles R. ; 1016 Sutter st. San Rafael 


Peterson, Mr and Mrs F. C; 1034 Mission st. 
Peterson, S. B.; 312 Haight st. Wednesday 

Frank B. 

Seabury B. 

Miss Carrie 

Peterson, Mr and Mrs A. S. ; 337 Eddy st. Wednesday 


Peterson, Mr and Mrs Frank ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 
Peterson, Mrs G. H. ; 109 Oak st. Wednesday 

Miss Louise 

^liss Leona 

Pettit, Mr and Mrs E.; 818 Powell st. Tuesday 

Miss Eva 

Peyton, Colonel and Mrs Bernard Santa Cruz 
Miss Julia 

H. O. WILBUR & SONS'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER <fcCO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Phelan, Mr and Mrs Jame.*^ ; SW cor. Valencia and 1 7tli stP. ^e '^^'.""'A"' 

/oanta Cruz 

Miss Mollie 

■James D. 


Phelps, Mrs C. A. ; 313 Devisadero st. 

Miss Mary 

Miss Inez 

Walter J. 

Louis J. 


Phelps, Mr and Mrs T. G. 

Pliillips, Mr and Mrs T. K. ; 1817 O'Farrell st. 

Phippen, Miss; 2008 Jackson st. 

Pichoir, H. F. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Pickens, :Mr and Mrs J. R. ; 1925 Webster st. 

Pickering, Mr and Mrs Loring; 101>< liusb st. 

Pickering, Mr and Mrs F M. ; 2444 Jackson st. 

Pickett, Mrs; 1332 Bush st. 

Charles H 

Pierce, Henry 

Pierce, Mr and Mrs Chas. D. ; 1410 Grove st. 

Pierce, Mr and Mrs Ira; 1730 Jackson st. 

Pierce, J. M ; 2413 Fillmore st. 

Pierce, Mr and Mrs R. T.; Palace Hotel 

Miss Annie 

Miss Grace 

Mies Florence 

Pierscn, Mr and Mrs Arthur; 1G09 Washington st. 
Pierson, Mr and Mrs H. IT. ; P>aldwin Hotel 
Piers* )n, Mr and Mrs Fred H. ; 2214 Van Ness ave. 
Pierson, Mr and Mrs Lawrence H. ; 1520 Vallejo st 
Piersun, Mr and Mrs William M. 
Pike. Mr and Mrs Charles W. 
Pillsbury, Mr and Mrs Frank W. 

Frank W. 

Pillsbury, Miss; 1802 Pacific ave. Fnilaij 

Pillsbury, E. S. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Pinckard, Mr and Mrs George M. 

Pinkard, Mrs; •.»05 Sutter st. 

Pinkham, Miss Ella M. ; 1036 Valencia st. 

Pinto, Mrs Ricardo M.; 18DI Van Ness ave. 

IMper, W. A. ; Lick House 

Pitman, Mrs Capt H. C. 

Pitts, .MisH N. A.; 115 Ridlev st. 

Redwood City 

Santa Barbara 



Napa Soda Springs 

Santa Clara 

2214 Van Ness ave. 
700 Jones st. 



San Rafael 

Fridai/ Centra! America 


Pixley,Mrand .Mrs Frank M. 

i Jd A fth Fridni/H 

Union vSc Fillmore sts, - Owl's Wood, 

/ Ross Valley 

H. R. KBLLY'B BOUQUET Key West Havana Ci^rarfl have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER 6i CO.. Pacific Coa.<»t A(cent« 


Place, George E. Los Angeles 

Piatt, Miss; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Piatt, Mi<^s Carrie ; 1428 Golden Gate ave. Wednesday 

Piatt, Horace G. ; 701 Stockton st. 

Plum, Charles M.; 15 lltti st. Wednesday /Etna. Springs 

Miss Lulu E. 

Miss F. Anita 

Charles M., Jr. 

Pluramer, Mr and Mrs C. Moody; 408 California st. 

Plummer, Dr Richard H.; 652 Mission st. 

Poett, Mr and Mrs Alfred ; 319 First st. Santa Barbara 

Polhemus, Mr and Mrs George San Jose 

— ]Miss 

Pomeroy, Mr and Mrs Carter P. San Rafael 

Pond, Mayor and ^Nlrs E. B.; 1019 California st. Tuesday 
Ponton De Arce, Mr and Mrs Lucas; 950 Bryant st. 

Miss Marie 


Poole, Miss Ermentine; XW cor. Washington and Hyde sts. Tuesdai/ 
Poole, Mr and Mrs J. Lawrence ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday San Rafael 
Pope, Mrs A. I. ; 1601 Van Ness ave. St. Helena 

Miss May E. 

Miss Florence 

George A. 

Popper, Max; 1065 Mission st. 

Porter, Mrs A. A.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Porter, Miss Florence'; 120 Turk st. 

Porter, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; 116 Eddy st. 

Porter, Mrs B. F.; The Berkshire Monday 

Miss Sadi^ 

-Miss May 

Poulson, Mrs Edna S.; Hotel Pleasanton \^^d,iesd<xy after 3:30 PM. 

' i Snell s Seminary, Oakland 

Poultney, Mr and Mrs T. ; 1834 O'Farrell st. 

Pounds, H. H. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Powell, W. ; California and San some sts. 

Powell, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 3 460 O'Farrell st. Thursday Abroad 

Powers, Dr and Mrs G. H.; 1602 Taylor st. Tuesday 

Powers, Mrs Lucius ; 1502 California st. 

Prather, John M. ; 11 Kearny st. 

Pratt, Judge and Mrs O. C; 731 Sutter st. Thursda>/ \ ^o ^.!"^;. 
" •' / Butte Co. 

O. C, Jr. 

Pratt, Mr and Mrs R. H. ; Lick House Monday St. Helena 

Pratt, William H. ; 708 Howard st. 

Pray. Mrs A. B. ; 1222 Pine st. 

Pray, Mr and Mrs Frank Pierce ; 611 Chestnut st. Friday Santa Cruz 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up iii 
glass especiallv for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

Af A TT CAnTTTT? Ar fCi Vanifin f'naaf A craxt^ 



Prendergast, Rev J. J. ; 628 California st. 

Presby, F. L. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Prescott, Mr and Mrs George W. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Preston, Mr and Mrs Edgar F. ; 1922 Sacramento st. 

Preston, Otis J. ; 1431 Mission st. 

Preston, Ralph J. ; 614 Sutter st. 

Priber, C. E. ; 26 Webster st. 

Price, Lieutenant and Mrs David ; U. S. .\. 

Price, Prof. Thomas: 71') Post st. 

West Point 

— Miss Anna 
—Miss Minnie 
— Miss Ix)llie 
—Arthur F. 

Price. Or and Mrs W. E.; 527 Haight st. 
Pringle, Henry B. 

Pritchard, Mr and Mrs Miguel G. ; 2rv23 Octavia st. 

Proll, Mrs P. B. ; 2418 California si. 
Provine. Judge and Mrs; The Renton Mondaij 
Purdy, Mrs I. B. ; The Bella Vista Thmsdnn 
Putnam, Miss Caroline R. ; 1223 Pine st. 

Miss E. W. 

Miss Minnie 

Putnam, Mr and Mrs S. ().; 1012 Washington st. 

San Rafael 

( Wed iifuddi^ 


Qualtrough, Lieut and Mrs Edward F. 
<2nay, .Joseph M.; Pacific-rnion Club 
(^uinan. Capt and Mrs W. R. 
IJuint, Mr and Mr'* Loaixl-r 

U.S.N. WrdneMlay Mare Island 

Pinole. Cal. 

Radovich, Bozo 

Katferty, Lieut W. C. 

Rail, E. B. ; The Bella Vista 

Raisrh, Mr'and Mrs Albert J. ; Castro st. near I6th st. 

Ralston, Mr and Mrs William C. 

Ramsdell, Mr and Mrs Ira C. ; Palace Hotel Mondnij 

Ramsden, Mr and Mrs Chas. H. 

Randall, Charles W. 

Randall, George C. ; Cosmos Club 

Randell, Mrs H. V. ; 105 Montgomery st. 

Randol, J. B. ; Pacific- Union Chib 

Rank, W. M.; 622 Haight st. 

Rankin, Mr and Mrs Ira P.; 725 (ieary st. 

Rattenbury, Mrs W. H. ; 1017 Pierce 8t. 

Alcatraz Island 



New Almaden 

TKY (JKA.VUM.V's IiKLi<jliT JA1'.\.N TKA: put up in 1 pouml round canisters only 
A«k vour Grocer f«»r It. MAL'. SAUI.KK A CO., Sole Prot.rietors 


Rapp, Mr and Mrs ; 903 Fillmore st. 


Raum, Mr and Mrs George E. ; The Pleasanton Monday 

Rawlings, Mr and Mrs Loyd; The Bella Vista Thursdai/ 

Ray, Lieut and Mrs C.M.,U.S.N.; 1013 Finest. U. S. Steamer 

Ray, Robert ; Market and Montgomery sts. 

Raymond, George A.; 1411 Hyde st. 

Raymond, Mr and Mrs R.; 563 17th st. Wednesday 

Miss Emma 

Raymond, Mrs Samuel A. ; 920 Polk st. Monday 
Read, Mr and Mrs W. D. ; 306 Stockton st. 
Reade, F. William 

Reamer, Mr and Mrs George C. W. ; 410 Buchanan st. 


) Wednesday 



1. Lynne 

Rearden, Judge and Mrs T. H.; 216 Bush st. 
Redington, Henry W. ; Palace Hotel 
Redington, Mrs John H ; Bay and Larkin sts. 
Redington, Mr aud Mrs William P. ; 1307 Taylor st. 

Miss Julia 

Redding, Mrs B. B. ; 2100 California st. 
Redding, Mr and Mrs A. P. ; 2444 Jackson st. 
Redding, George H. H. 

Redding, Mr and Mrs Joseph D. ; The Pleasanton 
Reddy, Mr and Mrs P. ; Lick House Monday 
Reed, Mr and Mrs Charles F. ; 1200 Van Ness ave. 
Miss Florence 

San Rafael 

Del Monte 


Brigh^^on, Sacramento Co. 

San Rafael 


Reed, Mrs Henry 
Reed, Miss ^Minnie 

Miss Mabel 

Regan, Mr and Mrs C. R. ; 1106 Powell st. Wednesday 

Miss Kate 

Regan, Mr and Mrs J. C. 

Regensburger, Dr and Mrs Jacob; 1432 Geary st. 


Miss Alice 

Regensburger, Mr and Mrs Martin; 1919 Webster st. Wednesday 

Reid, Cc.lonel and Mrs A. C; 899 Pine st. 

Reid, Mr and Mrs A. L. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Reid, R. I., U. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

Reis, Mr and Mrs Christian ; 835 California st. Tuesday, 

Christian Jr. 

Ferdinand Jr. 

Reis?, Bernard; 1245 Franklin st. 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



San Rafael 

Santa Barbara 

Keis, Mr and Mrs Julius C. ; '-''iOl Sacramento st. 

Miss May 

Kolfe, Miss K. ; Hotel Pleasanton Moudn;/ 
U«'ynoMs. Mr and Mrs Frank B. ; 1227 Eddy st. 

Misg Mamie 

Rhodes, ^Irs Susan ; Hotel Oriel 3/o«daj/ 

Raleigh K. 

W. H. L. 

Rice. Mrs Lydia C. ; 1122 Pine st. Thursday 

Rice, Mr and Mrs George H. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Richards, Mrs; 1003 Pine st. 

Mies Ada 

Richards, W. H. ; 1021 Market st. 
Richards, Mr and Mrs Charles O. ; 2417 Pacific ave. 
Richanls, Mr and Mrs D. ; 1310 Valencia st. 
Richardson, Mr and Mrs M. ; 1030 Pine st. 
Richardson, Mr and Mrs W. G. ; 203<) Scott st. 
Kichter. Dr and Mrs C. Max ; G14 (Jeary st. 
Rickey. Mr and Mrs T. K. ; 37 Liberty st. 

Miss Carrie 

Miss Nellie 

Ricord, Miss M. E.; 1421 Clay st. 
Riileout, Mr and Mrs Norman ; Palace Hotel 
Riordan, Rev P. W.; 1122 Eddy st. 
Rising, Judge Richard ; Palace Hotel 


Miss Nettie 

Rix. Alfred: 743 Pine St. 

Rix, Mr and Mrs Edward A. ; 1910 Vallejo st. 

Rix, Judge Hale; 30 Potter st. 

Rixford, Em met t H. ; 2S1.1 Pine st. 

Rixford, Mr and Mrs (inlian P.; 1713 Pierce st. Wednesday 

Miss Geneve 

Robhins, Henry R., Jr; 114 lU'visadero st. 

Roberts, Dr H. S.; 202 Stockton st. 

Roberts. Mr and Mrs Steven; 2118 Pacific ave. 

Robert.'^on, Mrs E. H. ; 614 Sutter st. 

Robertson, Mr and Mrs Ooorge M. ; 2217 Octavia st. 

Victor J. 

Robertson, Dr and Mrs John W. ; NE. cor. Stoi'kton and Chestnut stK 

Ro]»ertKon, Miss Margie C ; 1510 Jones st 

Robinson, ('apt Frank W. ; Pnsidi(j Reservation 

Hobinson, Mr and Mrs J. A. Redwood City 

Robinson, Miss Jessie; 1618 Folsunj st. 

Monda;/ Marysville 

Virginia City, Nev. 

qtiart and pint ('hiim and one nud ti lialf |> 

MAf. - 

;itf' )Mii n\* M'i iitiiiiijk \iSii ill 

«t: CO.. Parific Coast Agents. 


RoVjinson, Lester L. ; 500 Van Ness ave. Los Medanos 

Mrs S. E. 

Robinson, Mr and Mrs R. A.; 308 Seventeenth st. Thursday 

Miss Mina B. 

Robinson, Mr and Mrs Sanford ; Grand Hotel Mondajj Guatemala 

Robinson, Sanford ; 320 Sansome st. Simmons, Tehama Co. 

Roe, Mr and Mrs Geo H.; 2618 Pacific ave. Fridai/ Napa Soda Springs 

Roecling, F.; 1810 Washington st. 

Rodgers, The Misses ; 1010 Folsom i^t. Napa 

Rodgers Mrs Isabella D. ; 1036 Valencia st. 

Rodgers, Arthur ; Occidental Hotel 

Rodgers, Allen G. ; Cosmos Club 

Rogers, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Rogers, B. ; The Berkshire 

Rogers, Mrs John J.; Presidio 

Rogers, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Rogers, Miss Florence ; (abroad) Marysville 

Rojas, Mr and Mrs Jose Monday San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. 

Roma, J. Mariano; 1212 Sutter st. 

Romaine. Nicholas T. ; 1701 Buchanan st. 

Roman, Mr and Mrs Anton; 1020>2 Pine st. 

Miss Nettie 

Rooney, Thomas H. ; 912 Guerrero st. 

Roos, Mr and Mrs A. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Root, H. ; The Renton 

Root, Miss Nellie; 907 Steiner st. 

Rose, Mr and Mrs A. W. Jr., Palace Hotel San Mateo 

Rose, O. G. San Rafael 

Rose, Mrs W. D. San Mateo 

Rosener, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 1430 Geary st. 

Rosenfeld, Mr and Mrs John ; Lick House Monday 

Rosenstirn, Dr and Mrs Julius ; 932 Sutter st. 

Rosenstock, Mr and Mrs S. W. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Rosenthal, Adolph, Consul German Empire; 318 Sacramento st. Alameda 

Rosenthal, I. L. ; 304 Stockton st. 


Rosewald, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 938 Gearv st. -i ^'^ CL'^f 3d Wednesdays 
' ' ( and 1st nednesday Eve. 

Ross, Miss; 1200 Van Ness ave. Tuesday 

Ross, Mr and Mrs George; 929 O'Farrell st. 

Ross, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; 1035 Valencia st. 

Rothchild, Mr and Mrs J. M.; 1700 Broadway 1st and 3d Fridays 

Rothe, Mr and Mrs E. ; 1324 Geary st. 


Rothschild, Joseph; 218 Stockton st. 

FOR ('HILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easilv 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAN" FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Roth well, R. Percy ; 322 Geary st 

Rountree, James O.; 1814 Geary st. Friclay 

Mies Laura 

■ Miss I>oui8e 

Jainep, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs Walter Ellis 

Rountree, Mr and Mrs Newton ; 306 Stockton st. 
Rountree Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. ; J 729 Broadway st. 
Rowan, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; Palace Hotel 
-Thomas, Jr 

Los Angeles 

Rowand, Doctor and Mrs; Hotel Pleasanton 

Rowell, Rev Joseph ; 1416 Sacramento st. 

Rowland, ?>. Ellis; 512 Jones st. 

Rowley, Mr and Mrs B. N. ; 14 Pierce st. 

Roy, R.; 1016 Vallejost. 

Rucldock, John C. ; 2514 Pine at. 

Ruj^er, Miss ; Presidio Frulay 

Ruggles, Mr and Mrs James D. ; 2210 Jackson st. 

Runi-ie, Lieut James E., V. S. A. ; Cosmos Club 

Runyon, Mr and Mrs Frank W. ; 1037 Post st. 

Rush, Dr and Mrs G. W.; U. S. N. 

Rues, Mr and Mrs Henry B.; 6 Columbia sq. 

Miss Florence 

Russell, Mr and Mrs Alexander; 2010 Bush f^t. 
Russell, Miss Susie; 1703 Broderick st. 
Rutherford, Mr and Mrs A. H. ; 1105 P,ush 
Rutherford, T. L. ; Pacific Club 
Ryan, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; 20 Stanley Place 

Miss Daisy 

Miss Ruth 

-Shirley B. 


Thurxihiij Napa Valley 

Mare Island 




ThiirsdfUl Del Monte 

Rutherford, Napa Co. 

Menlo Park 

Ryan, John; New City Hall 

Ryan, James H. ; 916 Jackson st. 

Ryder, Miss Georgia 

Ryer, Mr and M'rs John B.; 2.513 Folsom st. 

Ryder, M'rs W. M. ; Palace Hotel Moixhiy 

Fletcher F. 

Ryland, Mr and Mrs C. T. 

The Mifises 


Caius T., Jr. ; 312 Eddy st. 

Ryland, Mrs J. ; 512 Eddy et. 


San Jose 

San Jose 

AlwnvB reliable and uniform-HORACE R. KELLY & CO'8 Key Went HaviDt Clg»rt 

MAU, SADLER A CO.. Pacific Coast Agent*. 



Sabin, Judge George M. Carson City, Nev. 

Sabin, Mr and Mrs John I. ; 1800 Pierce st. 

Sachs, Samuel L. ; 601 Leavenworth st. 

Sadler, Mr and Mrs Herrman J. ; 906 Van Ness ave. Thursday Larkspur 

Salazar, Mr and Mrs J. A. Mission San Jose 

Salisbury^ ^Mr and Mrs Monroe ; 1812 Gough st. 

f 3d Thursday 
Samuel, Mr c*c Mrs M. ; cor. Geary ct Van Ness ave. ^ Mt. Diablo Vineyard. 

i Clayton 
Miss Helen 

-Miss Lelia Joyce 
-Mr B. C. 

Sampson, Mr and Mrs John A. ; 1412 California st. 

St John, Chauncey M. Oakland 

Sanborn, Mr and Mrs F. G.; 1020 Dolores st. 

Sanchez, R. B.; 31 Stanley Place 

Sanders, Mr George H. ; 923 Pine st. 


Sanderson, Mrs George R. ; 2112 Broadway Tuesday 
Sanderson, Lemuel A. ; 1617 Larkin st. 


Sanderson, Mrs S. W. Europe 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Sibvl 

Sanger, Capt Joseph P. Port Townsend, Wash. 

Sangteller. Capt and Mrs; Scott st. near Haight st. 
Sargent, Mrs A. A. ; 1630 Folsom st. 

The Misses 

Sargent, Mr and Miss E. L. ; 1S19 Mason st. Tuesday 

Saunders, E. St. Helena 

Savage, Colonel and Mrs Richard H, ; 509 Kearny st. Thursday 

Sweeney, Mr and Mrs L. H. San Rafael 

Sawtelle, H. W., M. D.; U. S. Marine Hospital 

Sawyer, Dr and Mrs A. F. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs L. S. B. ; 617 Hyde st. Wednesday 

Sawyer, Judge and Mrs Lorenzo; 734 Sutter st. Cazadero 

8axe, Colonel and Mrs P. ; Lick House Monday 

Schact, Mrs Henry; 745 Golden Gate ave. 

Schafer, Mr and Mrs Frederick W. ; 2023 Pine st. 

Schenck, Captain W. S., L^. S. M. C; 226 Stockton st. 

Schenck, Mr and Mrs W. T. Y.; 1427 Post st. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

^lAU. SADLER ct CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Schramsburg, Napa Co. 
Redwood City 


Schilling, Mr and Mrs August; 2322 Clay st. 



Schmidt, Mr and Mrs Henry; 1023 Sutter st. Thundaij 

Schmidt, Mr and Mrs Val; 2216 Van Ness ave. Thursdaif 

Schmitt, Mr and Mr^^ Maurice: 1501 Gough st. 

Schmieden, Mr and Mrs Henry; 730 Post st. Friday San Rafael 


Schoemann, O.: 1220 Kllis st. 

Schram, Jacol) 

Schroeder, Mr and Mrs J. B. 

Schroeder, H., Jr.: NW cor Fell and Gough sts. 

Schulte,J. G. W.; 710 Haight st. 

Schussler, Mr and Mrs Herman F. A.; 1450 Franklin st 

Schupsler, Mr and Mrs Tohy; 541 McAllister st. 

Schuyler, Thomas .1.; 005 Sutter st. 

Scott, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; 305 Buchanan st. 


Scott, Mrs C. C. G.; 1840 California st. Tuesday 

Scott, Mr and Mrs Henry T. ; SW cor. Clay and Laguna sts. 

Miss Josephine 

Scott, Mr and Mrs Irving M.; 507 Harrii?on st. 

' Miss Alice 

Scott, Mr and Mrs E. Friday Fair Hills Terrace, San Rafael 

Scott, J. A. ; Cosmos Club 

Scott, Dr and Mrs Winfield Fort Huachuca, Arizona Ty. 

Scrivener, Mr and Mrs Arthur; Pacific-Union Club 

Scruggs, Mit^s Sarah L. ; 103<j Valencia st. 

Searle, Charles; 1218 McAllister st. 

Searles, Mr and Mrs Edw. F. ; SE cor. California «S: Mason New York 

Searles, Mr and Mr^^ Robert; 206 Haight st. Monday 

Searls, Judge Niles ; The IVresford 

Seaton, Mr and Mrs Daniel ; <»14 Capp st. 

Miss Dollie 

Seaver, Mr and Mrs W. A. ; J>i<k Huuhc Monday 
Sedgwick, Mr and Mrs Jdlm ; 1000 Van Ness ave. 
Mies Ik'ssie 

Seghers, J. B., Jr 

Selby, Mr and Mrs Percival \V. 

Selby, Mr and Mrs Prcnties 

Selby, Mrs Thomas; 2110 Buchanan st. 

Miss Annie 

Selfridge, E. A.; 2615 California st. 
Sidigman, Mr and Mrs An>ert L. 

San Diego 

Menlo Park 


Menlo Park 

New York 


ol nil iir-i ri<i'<i < 1 1 1 'tcr>. 

' Honed ("liirkfii, Turkey, CfM)k«'d Ham. Rolled Ox 
iiud Fowl. IMum I'uddinK and Potted Meat«: to he hnd 
MAU, SADLER A CO.. raclfic Comt Agvnts. 



Olema. Marin Co. 
Angel Island 

Virginia City 

Sessions, Mr and ;Mrs George W. San Mateo 

Severance, H. ^Y.; U. S. Consul Honolulu, H. I. 

Miss May 

Severance, J. Seymour; Grand Hotel Menlo Park 

Sewall, Oscar T. ; 2610 Jackson st. 

Sewell, Mr and Mrs Daniel; 1105 Shotwell st. Thursday 

^liss Eldora 

Schaeffer, Mrs J. W.; 1512 Leavenworth st, 

Shafter, Judge James McM. ; 951 Chestnut st. 

Shafter, Colonel and Mrs AV. R. ; U. S. A. 

Shainwald, Mr and Mrs Herman ; 2209 Webster st. 

Sham, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; Palace Hotel 

Shannon, Michael ; 2310 Jackson st. 

Sharon, Mr and Mrs A. D. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Sharon, Mr and Mrs Fred W. ; Palace Hotel Monday New York 

Sharon, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; Palace Hotel Monday Virginia City. Nev. 

Sharp, Mrs Geo. F.; Baldwin Hotel Monday 

Sharpstem. Judge John R. ; 1007 Sutter st. 


Shattuck, Mr and Mrs C. H. ; 520 Commercial st. 
Shattuck, Mr and Mrs D. D. ; 814 Powell st. Thursday 

Miss Alice 

Shaw, Mr and Mrs Charles N. ; Palace Hotel Monday Del Monte 

Shaw, Miss Annette N. ; 2219 Scott st. Friday 

Shaw, Dr and Mrs H. B. ; 1416 Clay st. 

Shaw, Miss May; 741 Golden Gate ave. Wednesday 

Shaw, .Mr and Mrs Stephen W. ; 334 Ellis st. 

Shaw, Hon and Mrs William J. ; 2219 Pacific ave. 

Shay, Mr and Mrs Frank Alameda 

Shea, Mr and Mrs James ; 1325 Golden Gate ave. 

The Misses 

Sheehan, Mr and Mrs John F. ; 407 Montgomery st. 
Sheehy, Mrs Robt. ; 803 Van Ness ave. Tliursday 


Sheffield, Charles; 1517 Sacramento st. 

Sheldon, Mr and Mrs Mark ; 1001 Golden Gate ave. 

Sheldon, Edward H. ; 226 Post st. 

Shepard, Mr and Morgan ; 1615 Clay st. 

Shepard, Mrs Alice; 608 19th st. 

Shepard, Miss Evelyn 

Shephard, Miss Maude; 30O Haight st. 

Sherman, Mr andlMrs O. D. ; 108 Turk st. 

Miss Lizzie 

Redwood City 


KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Sherwood, Mr and Mrs Eugene; 1357 Post et. Thursday Salinas City 

^lisB Jessie 

Miss Rosemary 

Miss Isabel 

Miss Winnie 

Lionel Claude 

Slierwood, Mr and Mrs Henry II. ; 2121 California St. -[ sJnRaiLtl 

Sherwood, Mr and Mrs Robert ; 1 123 Cal. st, Thursday Hotel Vendome 

William R. 

Ro]>ert L. 

Shields. William ; Occidental Hotel East 

Shinn, Miss A. R. 

Shipley, John H., U. S. N. ; Cosmos Clul) 

Shipman, Miss Elizabeth H. ; 1012 Washington Pt. 

Shirley, Paul Martinez 


Shorb.MrandMreJ.deBarth; Oct. Hotel \ s»„ Gabrlel'/'L. A. Co. 

Miss Inez 

Short, Captain and Mrs John ; 1404 Jackson st. 

Dr. Edward 

Shotwell, Mr & Mrs J M. ; HID Washington st. 

-Miss ( Trace 

Miss Minnie 

Shreve, Mr and Mrs Geo. C. ; 1117 Finest. 

Miss liessie 

George R. 

Siebe, Mr and Mrs Frederick C; 838 Fulton st. 

Frederick C . , Jr. 

George H. 

Siebe, Mr and Mrs John D. : 2:122 California st. 


Simons, Mr and Mrs P. I>. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Blanche 

Simons, Mr anrl Mrs Stuart Alameda 

Simpkins, Mr and Mrs Charles H. ; Palace Hotel Monday Menlo Park 

Mihs Alice 

Harry R. 

Sirni^son, Mrs T. li. ; 113o Ellis st. Thursday Oakland 

Miss Mariana 

Rol>ert N. 

Simpson, Mrs J. ; 2418 Webster st. 
Simpson, Dr James; 234 Poflt st. 

THE t 'I> ro'.s ! Hrv ]>ut up fur family use iu 

auil u till \n. 

.MA I .- \iM.r. I. «fc (.O.. raciflc Coant Ag:cutf>. 


Simpson, Mr and Mrs A. L. Stockton 

Miss Estelle 

Miss Bertha 

Simpson, Consul and Mrs John ; IcO-t Pacific ave. 2d c(- last TJiui'sdai/a 

[Del Monte 
Sims, Mr and Mrs J. F. ; 24J4 Mission st. 
Sims. Mr and AJrs John R. ; The Berkshire Mondatj 
Sinclair, Mr and Mrs; 633 Golden Gate ave. 


Sinton, Col. and Mrs R. H.; The Bella Vista Thursday 

^liss Lizzie 

Sjoholra, Mrs Maria; 934 Bush st. 

Skae, Mrs John; Palace Hotel Monday 

Miss Alice 

Skelton, E, AV. ; 335 Eddy st. 

Skenner, Mrs. Giace; The Berkshire Monday 



Slack, Mrs Charles W. ; 825 Ellis <t. 

Slaker, Lieut and Mrs A.; V. S. A., Presidio 

Sleight. Cornelius Los Angeles 

Slevin, Mr and Mrs Thomas E. ; 2413 Sacramento st. 

Sloan, J. Ral|.h ; 1519 Clay st. 

Sloss, Mr and Mrs Louis ; 1500 Van Ness aA-e. 

Louis, Jr. 


sloss, Mr and Mrs Leon ; 1717 Jackson st 

Slosst.n, Mr and Mrs Edward P. ; 2330 Fillmore st. 

Small, A. H. ; 1312 Taylor st. 

Smart, Mr and Mrs George C. : Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Smedberg, Col and Mrs W. R. ; 1611 Larkin st. Tuesday 

Miss Helen 

Smiley, Samuel; 1701 Gough st. 

Miss Nellie 

Smith. Mrs Bessie G. ; ISIO Gough st. 

Smith, Arthur H. ; 716 Elhs st. 

Smith, Miss Quica; 1827 Pacific ave. 

Smith, Miss C. A. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Smith, George H,; Palace Hotel 

Smith, Mrs C. B. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Miss Clara 

Miss Minnie 

Smith, Mrs H. B., Jr. Alameda 

Smith, Mr and Mrs C. W. M. : 1719 Clay st. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters ouly 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 


Smith, Rev. Jamee K.; 801 Leaveuworth st. 

Smith, Charles W. ; HIS (iearyst. 

Smith, Colin MrKae; Bohemian Club 

Smith, ^rr and Mrs A. H. H. ; 716 Ellis st. ritunday 

Smith, Miss Ella; 500 Van Ness ave. Friday Sacramento 

Smith. Miss Cora; 2010 Jackson St. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs F. M. ; Palace Hotel MomUnj 

Smith, Mr and Mrs George F. ; 1717 Clay st. Tuexdatf 

Smith, Capt and Mrs G. F. ; The Berkshire Mondaif 


Smith, Mr and Mrs George Law. ; 2220 Jackson st. Friday 

Miss Maude A. 

Smith, Hiram C. ; 2115 Broadway st. Stockton 

Smith, Rev. J. C; The Berkshire 

Smith, Mr and Mrs .1. Henley ; Occidental Hotel Momlajt 

Smith, Rev. and Mrs J. K. ; The Berkshire Moudaxf 

Miss Edith 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Julius P.; 2o05 Washington st. FHday Livermore 
Smith, Capt and Mrs Nicholas T. ; 212<> California st. Friday 
Smith, Mr and Mrs S. Harrison; Occidental Hotel 
■Smith, Mr and Mrs Sidney M.; 328 Bryant st. Wednesday Paris. France 

Miss Ethel S. 

Miss Helen J. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Sidney V. San Rafael 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Theo. E. ; 1(')19 Washington st. Friday 

Miss Juliet M. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Tremaine Sausalito 

Smith, Mrs William H. ; 2201 Buchanan st. Friday 

Miss Belle 

Smith, William F. ; 1202 Mission st. 

Smith, Mr and ^Irs William F. ; 2515 Broadway st. 

Snead, Miss Minnie Dixon. Cal 

Snodgrass, Mi^s L. ; l.')20 Eddy st. Saturday 

Snyder, Mrs Juha Melville; 138 McAllister st. 

Sobey, A. L. 810 20th st. 

Somers, Dr George B. ; 1034 Mission st. Thnrxdai/ Del Monte 

.Mr.MW. J. 

Mr and Mrs James C; 1034 Mission st. 

Somers, Mr and Mrs H. C. ; 2000 Folsom st. Thursday 

MisH Ida O. 

Frank A. 

Somerville, William S.; '.U9 Post st. 
Sonnenl)erg, Mrs J. ; 1305 Octavia st. Tuenday 
Mins Sarah 

H. O. WILBUR A 80N8'8 Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Auk your Grocer for them .MAl'.SADLEK A CO., raciflc Const Agent* 



Sonntag, Henry P. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Sonntag, Mr and Mrs Charles; Palace Hotel Monday Del Monte 

Sonntag, Julian ; 905 Sutter st. 


Sonntag, Henry P. ; Palace Hotel 

Sontag, Mrs Henry ; 817 Post st. 

Spalding, Rev and Mrs Edward B. ; 1534 Mission st. 

Spalding, Henry K. M.; 1534 Mission st. 

Spalding, Mrs. Volney; The Bella Yista 

Sparhawk, Miss S. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Spaulding, Mr and Mrs George ; 1109 Clay st. Thursday 

Mr and Mrs James G. 

Spaulding, Fred D. ; 1717 Clay st. Tuesday 

Spaulding, N. W. ; 17 Fremont st. 

Spaulding, Jerome; 713 (3'Farrell st. 

Spaulding, John; 1715 Clay st. 

Spaulding, Mrs S. M. 

Spear, Capt. and Mrs A. F.; 2908 Folsom st. Thursday 


Spencer, Judge and Mrs F. E. 

Miss Grace M. 

Spencer, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 2436 Jackson st. Friday 
Spencer, J. D. ; Supreme Court Building, Post st. 
Spe.nce, Mr. and Mrs Clark ; Hotel Oriel Monday 
Spence, Mr and Mrs David J. 

Miss Arcadia 

Mr and Mrs R. B. 

Sperry, Mr and Mrs George B. ; 22 California st. 
Sperry, Mrs A. W.; Occidental Hotel Monday 

Miss Beth 

Sperry, Miss Evelyn; 1036 Valencia st. 

Speyer, Mr and Mrs Morris ; 2412 AVashington st. 

Miss 01 ga 

Walter M. 

Speyer, AValter ; 2128 Pine st. 

Spiers, Mr and Mrs Jas. ; NW cor. Laguna and Wash. sts. 

James, Jr. 

San Anselmo 

San Jose 

San Jose 


( Friday 
'( Haywards 

Sprague, Major C. J. ; Phelan Building 
Sprague, Richard H. ; 409 Market st. 
Spreckels, Mr and Mrs C. August 
Spreckels, Mr and Mrs Claus ; 2027 Howard st. 

Mr and Mrs Adolph B. 

Spreckels, Mr and Mrs John D. ; 2504 Howard st. 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

Del Coronado 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
and see for yourself. „ .„ ^ 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Spring, Mr and Mrn Edward S.; 802 Van Ness ave. 
Spring, Miss Emma; :>0 Hawthorne at. 

Mi83 Hattic 

h?proule, James ; 2336 Pacitif ave. 

Spruanoe, Mr and Mrs John ; 1329 Sutter st. J/o/.(/a// 

Staab, Mr and Mrs H. G.; 214 Powell st. Thursdaii 

Staarke, Mr and Mrs George; 818 Bush st. 

^tadtmuller, F. D. ; 819 Eddy st. 

Stadfeld, J., Jr. ; 1210 Jackson st. 

StadJeld, William C. ; 1£08 Jones st. 

Stafford. Mr and Mrs William G. ; 12lG OFarrell st. 

Stahl, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; U. S. Navy 

Stanford, Mr and Mrs J. B. ; 1711 Broderick st. Tuesday 

i Tiiesihi 1/ 

Stanford, Mr and .Mre Leland ; Cal. c^ Powell sts. - Menlo Park 

/Washington, D. C. 
Stangroom, Charles N.; 317 Eddy st. 

Miss Mabel 

Stanley, Samuel L.; 1218 Hyde st. 

Samuel I> 

Mrs Fannie S. 

Staples, James W. ; 217 Sansome st. 

Staples, Mr and Mrs J. D. ; 711 Taylor st. Thursday. San Joaquin Co. 

John C. 

Starbird, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; IG-m Golden Gate ave. 

Miss Sadie 

Starr, Mr and Mrs A. M. ; The Kenton. Monday 
Starr, Mr and Mrs William C; 1115 Van Ness ave. 
Stealey, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; 1412 Folsom st 

.Miss Ida 


Stearns, Mr and Mrs William H. ; 1110 Jackson st. 

Miss Nellie 

Stebbins, Kev Horatio; IGOI* Larkin st. 

Steel, William; 424 California st. 

Steele, Mr and Mrs E. L. G. Oakland 

Steele, Mr and Mrs James G. ; 912 Pine si. Timixihuj 

Steen, Mr and Mrs Y.. T.; 1812 Market st. (Van Ness House) Thumdny 

Steile, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 1030 Bush st. 

Miss Lillian 


Stern, Sigismund; 621 Leavenworth st. 




1 ry :!»•• KKA.M < )-aMKI;h .VN K»<>l» (<• - put U|> iu 

fr'.OM c'Hpeoially for Clilldren'K I)iet. I' 

^' .... .V *.-... .». ii(tt Agent. 


Steinhart, Mr and Mrs Ignatz ; 916 Sutter st. 

Stetson, Mr and Mrs Edward G. San Rafael 

Stetson, Mr and Mrs James B. ; 1801 Van XesB ave. 

Miss Sallie 

Albert L. 

Steuart, Mr and Mrs James ; Geary st. 

Stevens, Mrs N. J. ; The Pleasanton 

Stevenson, A. ; The Berkshire 

Stewart, Miss; 1222 Pine st. 

Stewart, Lieut-Col Charles S. ; 533 Kearny st. 

Stewart, Mrs A. B. San Jose 

Stewart, Dr and Mrs George T. Los Angeles 

Stewart, Mr and Mrs James; 2(317 Bush st. 

Stewart, Senator and Mrs Wm. M.; Hotel Pleasanton Washington, D. C. 

Stillman, Mr and Mrs Alfred ; 2525 Broadway st. 

Stillwell, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 534 Turk st. 

Stilwell, Mr and Mrs Henry C. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday Monterey 

Stinson, Miss Arlie; 816 Chestnut st. Thursday 

Stinson, W. H. ; 806 Filbert st. 


Stock, Ernest C. ; 617 Jones st. 

Stokes, James Brett, Bohemian Club Del Monte 

Stone, Rev. and Mrs. A. L. ; 2534 Washington st. Friday 


Stone, Mr and Mrs P.P.; 1030 Dolores st. 

Stone, J. C. ; The Bella Vista 

Stone, Miss Kittie ; 1882 Washington st. 

Stone, Mr and Mrs L. D. ; 2520 Howard st. Thursday Hotel Vendcme 

Miss Hattie 

Stone, N. B. ; 109 Montgomery st. 

Stone, Mr and Mrs Charles B. ; 130 flaight st. 

Stone, Mr and Mrs X. J. ; 1010 Dolores st. 

Stone, Mr and Mrs Walter S. ; 2318 Steiner st. 

Stoneman, Ex-Gov and Mrs George Los Angeles 

Miss Catherine 

Stoney, Lieut and Mrs George M., U. S. X. ; 2500 Pacific ave. 

Miss Kate M. 


Stoney, Judge and Mrs Thomas P. ; 1132 Valencia st. Friday 
Story, Mr and Mrs Charles R. ; 30 McAlhster st. 


Stow, Mr and Mrs Vanderlyn; 1010 Pine st. 
Stow, Mr and Mrs W. W. 1013 Pine st. 
Miss Xellie 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Ageuts 




i|Los Angeles 

Angel Island 
Seattle. Wash. 

Straub, Lieut Oscar I., U. S. A. 
Strauss, Mr and Mrs Levi; 621 Leavenworth st. 
Strauss, Mr and Mrs M. ; 701 Golden Ciate ave. 
Streeten, James M. ; 330 Pine st. 

Strickland, Lieut & Mrs Geo. D., U. S. N. ; 

Stringer, C. P. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Strong, Dr and Mrs C. G. ; Hotel Pleasanton Moioiai/ 

Strother, Lieutenant L. H., V. 8. A. 

Strozynski, Stanislas; ID Powell st. 

Struve, H. G. 

Stuart, Mr and Mrs A. C. ; 11»02 Broadway st. 

Stuart, Charles A. ; 1601 Hyde st. 

Stuart, William A. ; 1704 Larkin st. 

James F. 

Stump, Miss Alice; 1434 Golden Gate ave. 
Sturdevant, Mr and Robert O. ; 512 Hyde st. Friday 

Miss Belle 

Joseph H. 

Sturgis, Lieut Samuel D., Jr. ; Presidio 

Stnrtevant, Mr and Mrs Henry; 502 Powell st. Mondaij 

Cullen K. 

Miss Faith 

Sullivan, Hon. and Mrs Frank J. ; Oak and Webster sts. Santa Cruz 

Mi.«.« Ada 

Miss M. 

Sullivan, Judge J. F. ; 1624 Jackson st. 
Sullivan, Dr and Mrs Maurice J. ; 820 Scott st. Thurxday 
Sullivan, Mrs and Mrs J. F.; 1617 Jackson st. Tuesday 
Sullivan, Mrs Thomas; Occidental Hotel Monday 
Miss M. 

Sullivan, Dr. and Mrs J . F. ; 1 105 Van Ness ave ^ ^^' '"'"'" '' 

-Miss Angela 

I Sunny wood. Santa Clara 
1810 Van Ness ave. 

Sumner, Mr and Mrs F. W 

Sumner, W. B. ; 415 Front st. 

Sumner, MisF Mary P.; 1036 Valencia st. 

Sunderland, Mrs Thomas ; Palaee Hotel Monday 


Sutherland, Mrs E. F.; Lick House Monday 

Miss C. 

Suiro, Adolph : Sutro Heights 

Sottim, Mr and Mrs J. B.; 712 Golden Gate ave. 

Swain, Miss Clara; 1714TurkBt. 

GORDON A l»ll.\>«n;i li - jiiu' 1t<-~ 
Jellie*. Etc., to be had of all fan' 

UltK, JfliU'H, OllVl'H. Kft< IHIJ". »VlIl' 


iSiitro, Mrs Adolph ; NW cor. Hayes and Fillmore sts. Tuesday 

Miss Clara 

Charles W. 


Swain, Mr and Mrs R. A. ; 1608 Van Ness ave. Mountain View 

Miss Amy 

Frank R. ; 813 Sutter st. 

Harry L. 


Swain, Mr and Edward R. ; Baldwin Hotel Tuesday 
Swain, Mr and Mrs R. R. ; 603 Polk st. Tuesday 

Mr and Mrs Edward R. 

Frank A. 

Sweeney, Miles D. ; Market and Montgomery sts. 

Swett, John ; 1419 Taylor st. 

Swift, Mr and Mrs Charles J.; 1714 Pacific ave. 

Swift, Hon. and Mrs John F., U. S. Minister Tokio, Japan 

Swinerton, Mr and Mrs W. A.; 1910 Baker st. 

Symmes, Mr and Mrs Frank J. ; 630 Harrison st. Wednesday 

Syz, Harry W. ; 2014 Webster st. 

Xaggart, Miss ; Palace Hotel Monday 
Taggart, Mr and Mrs Clayton ; 2417 Fillmore st. 
Talbot, Mr and Mrs C. F. A. ; 1819 California st. 
Talbot, Fred C. ; 2311 Scott st. 

Talbot, Mr and Mrs William H. ; 2840 Buchanan st. 
Talbot, William; 930 Haight st. 
Talbot, Mrs W. C. ; 1730 Jackson st. 
Tallant, Mrs. Elizabeth; 1001 Bush st. 

Miss Anne 

Tallant, Mr and Mrs Frederick W. ; 1214 Hyde st., nr. Cal. -| y^dome 

Tallant, Mr and Mrs John D. 1425 Clay st. 

Tamm, Charles L. ; 329 Bartlett st. " Belgian Consulate " 

A. J. 

Tams, Mr and Mrs Sampson ; 1915 Van Ness ave. Wednesday Monterey 

Tanner, Capt and Mrs Z. L. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Tarnes, Mr and Mrs Juan ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Tarrant; Dr and Mrs Wm. H. ; Haight and Pierce sts. Thursday 

Miss Rowena M. 

Tatum, Mr and Mrs Henry L. ; 2525 Pacific ave. Friday 

Tay, Mrs George H. ; 1005 Leavenworth st. Napa Soda Springs 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Irene 

Miss Hattie 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Taylor, Col and Mrs C. L.; 709 Bush st. 

Taylor, Mrs Irene; 43G Oak st. WednrsiJai/ 

Taylor, Edward S. ; 1023 Hyde st. 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs W. Hintkley ; 1610 Franklin st. 

Taylor, Col and Mrs Stuart; Hotel Bella Vista 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs Thomas G. ; lUll Pine st. 

Miss Minnie 

Taylor, C. E. ; 312 Pine st. 

Taylor, Dr. W. E.; Baldwin Hotel yfnndmj 

Miss Grace 

Napa Redwoods 

Santa Cruz 


Tuesday Del Monte 

Taylor, Capt and Mrs William H.; 21 2S Cal. st. 

Miss Edith 

Miss Carrie 


W. H., Jr. 


Terhau, Mrs R. J. ; 1515 Scott st. 
Teller, Mr and Mrs Philip S. ; 18 r2th gt. 

Miss Adelaide 


Mr and Mrs J. D. P. 

Temple, Jackson ; Supreme Court Building, Post st. 

Ten Bosch, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 1452 Franklin st. Thursday 

Tennant, Miss Euielie 

Miss Mary 

Terrill, Dr George M.; 400 Stockton st.. Cosmos Club 
Tevis, Mr and Mrs Lloyd; 131G Taylor st. Tuesday 
Tevis, Dr Harry L. 



Tevis, Carter; care Wells, Fargo i^ Co's Bank 

Tevis, Mr and Mrs William S. ; 1311 Hyde st. 

Tevis, Dr Samuel G.; 22G Post st. 

Tewksbury, Mrs Emily; 2032 P.ush st. 

Tharpe, Mr and Mrs E. H.; (irand Hotel Monday 

Thayer, Mr and Mrs Edward N.; 1519 Webster st. 

Miss Rose 

Thayer, Miss Emma L. 
Thayer, Orson V. ; 2514 Washington st. 
Thellar, Edward A. ; 1917 l*acific ave. 
Thellar, Samuel L. ; 202<'. Pacifu; ave. 


Theobald, Mrs; 801 I^eavenworth st. 
Theobald, Mrs George J. ; 302S California st. 

San Jose 

Del Monte 
New York 

Del Monte 


Chicken «•"» <:«•»". 


TmfBed.made In ♦*"• **' 
1)0 fuuiid del 

>iinti atvlA l.t 


■ \n. 

95 SAN FRAN( fK( i> 

Theobald, George, Jr. ; 1239 Pine st. 
Theobald, Mr and Mrs R. W. ; 1911 Lyon st. 
Thibault, Mrs Emma; 1317 Hyde st. 

Miss Sallie 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs George W. Thursday Sausalito 


Thomas, Mr and Mrs J. P. Sausalito 

Thomas, Miss L. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 
Thomas, Leon B. ; 727 O'Farrell st. 


Thomas, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 510 San Jose ave. Friday 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs P. J.; 1307 Taylor st. 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs E. D. Berkeley 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs R. P. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Thomason, Edwin R. ;^ 2514 Folsom st. 

Edwin R., Jr. 

Thompkins, Gilbert San Leandro 

Miss H. 

Thompkins, Mr and Mrs M. M.; 1920 Jackson st. San Anselmo, San Rafael 

Miss Susie 

Miss Julia 

M. M., Jr. 

Thompson, G. R. ; 806 EUis st. 

Miss Meta 

Thompson, Mrs Charles I. ; Palace Hotel 

Thojiipson, Mrs. ; Fillmore near Clay st. 

Thompson, Bradford F. ; Second and Brannan sts. 

Thompson, General and Mrs R. R. ; 1501 Van Ness avenue Tharsditu 

Thompson, Miss Fannie Marysville 

Thompson, Robert A. ; 605 Polk st. 

Miss Mary Nixon 

Miss Virginia 

Thompson, Miss Roberta A. ; 2213 Fillmore st. 

Thore, C. P. ; Palace Hotel 

Thorn, Charles C. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Thorn, Mr and Mrs S. F. ; Palace Hotel Monday - Santa^Cruz^Mts 

Thornberg, Mr and Mrs Frederick A= ; 507 Gough st. 

Thornburg, Mrs H. J. ; Palace Hotel 

Thorne, Dr and Mrs AV. S. Monday Hotel Vendome, San Jose 

Miss Grace 

Thorne, C. P. ; Palace Hotel 

Thorne, Owen ; Westminster Hotel 

Thornton, Mr and Mrs Crittenden ; 1915 Webster st. Friday Santa Cruz 

YUM YUM SWEET CORl^, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



San Pablo 



Washington. D. C. 

Thornton, Mrs Geo. F.; 1035 Clay st. 
Tliornton, Mrs Bessie 

Miss Lucille 

Miss May 

Thornton, Colonel H. I. ; Palace Hotel 
Tliornton, .hulge and Mrs J. D. ; Occidental Hotel 
Thors, Mr and Mrs Louis; 928 Sutter st. 
Thorson, Mr and Mrs N. ; S13 liu^h st. 
Tiiro^-kmorton, Miss S. ; The Bella Vista 
Tihbe, Mr and Mrs A. A. 
Tibbittjs. ^Irs Jennie; 504 Geary et. 

Howard C. 

Tierney, John Lawrence; 110 Post st. 

Tildon, Charles L.; 'A24 Post st. 

Tilford. E. A.; Palace Hotel 

Tilley, Mrs T. A.; 1320 California st. 

Tillinghast, Donald F. Sausaiito 

Tillinirhast, Mr and Mrs J. J., V. S. N. Mare Island 

Tillman, F.; lOUi Larkin st. 

Tillman, F., Jr. ; 923 Grove st. 

Tingle. Mr and Mrs George R. ; Occidental Hotel Monday 


Tinney, T. J. ; Palace Hotel 
Tinnin. Willev J.; 1404 California st. 

Tisdale, Mr and Mrs W. D. 
Tisdall, Capt. W. N., U. S. A, 


San Jose 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tobin, Mrs Mary A.; SEcor. California and Taylor sts. 
Miss Agnes 

—Miss Beatrice 

Kirliard M. 

Tobin, Mr and Mrs James; 437 Fifteenth st. 

Miss Florence 

F. K. 

Tobin, Michael E. ; The Bella Vista 

Tobin, Mr ai-.d Mrs Richard C. ; 71S O'Farrell st 

Tobin, Robert J. ; 513 Van Ness ave. 

Toland, Dr Charles G. ; 820 Filbert st. 

Toland, Mrs M. W. .M.; Occidental Hotel 


Toohy, Hon D. J. 

Topping, Miss; S\V cor. T^nion and Filliiiore 

Torrevson, J. D. 


Del Monte 

!?il II nd 4l}t J'ridn>is 

Carson City. Nev. 

Try KI(;H.\KI).-i()N A KOHHINS" Tottci .MrHts. IMum Pudding. H<»nfloi«« chtrketi. 
Ham. aod Turkey, Kolled Ox Tonictie, Curried Oystenj, aud Fowl for Lunclicou. 
I'icDic*. Etc. All flrat-claM Grocom keep them. 

MAU, SADLKK 6s, CO.. Paciflc Coast Agcntii 


Torbeit, Mrs Chas. J. ; 1300 Leavenworth st 

Miss MoUie 

Touhill, Miss Nellie ; 403 Hyde st. 

Miss Anita 

Miss Mary 

Tourney, George; ]31*5 Jones st. 

Towers, Lieutenant John A. ; Presidio 

Town, Dr. L. L., U. S. A. ; Presidio 

Towne, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. ; Palace Hotel Mondaif Del Monte 

Towne, 3Ir and Mrs Arthur G; 2519 Broadway st. 

Townsend, Mr and Mrs £. W. ; 2003 California st. Friday 

Townsend, Mr and Mrs William R.; 1028 Pine st. 

Tracy, Mrs A. F. The Bella Vista Thursday 

Theodore F. 

William E. 

Tracy, Miss Etta ; 213 Geary st. Wednesday Napa Soda Springs 

Trask, Dv and Mrs ; 1033 Ellis st. 

Treanor. Mr and Mrs J. P. ; 2336 Pacific ave. Friday 

Treadwell, Mrs Mabel; Palace Hotel Monday 

Treadwell, John; Lick House 

Treat, Warren Martinez 

Tripp, Lieut F. A. ; U. S, A., Presidio 

Truesdell, Mrs A. W. ; 712 Sutter st. 

Truman, Mr and Mrs Ben C. ; Palace Hotel Monday Europe 

Miss Georgia 

Trumbo, Mr and Mrs I. ; Palace Hotel Monday 

Trumbo, J. W. ; Palace Hotel 

Trumbull, David Valparaiso, Chili 

Tubbs, Mr and Mrs A. L. ; Palace Hotel Monday Calistoga 

Tubbs, Mr and Mrs W. B. ; Van Ness ave. 

Miss Nettie , Palace Hotel 

Austin ; Pacific-L'nion Club 

Alfred S. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Tucker, S. E.; Comos Club 

Tuggle, H.; The Berkshire 

Turk, Mr and Mrs James Monday Astoria. Oregon 



TurnbuU, General and Mrs Walter; 1007 Leavenworth st. Tuesday 

Turner, Lieut and Mrs. J. A., U. S. N. ; Comos Club Vancouver 

Turner, Mr and Mrs R. Los Angeles 

Turrell, M. H. ; Palace Hotel 

Twiggs, John W.; 226 Post st. 

Tyson, Mr and Mrs George H. ; 518 Lombard st. Friday 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Underbill, Mr and Mrs George L.; 2111 Tine St. 
Underbill, Mr and Mrs Henry B.; 192(j Pinest. 
Underbill, Mr and Mrs Jacob ; Grand Hotel 
Unger, Frank L. ; Lick HouFe 
Unruf, Mr and Mrs II. A.; Baldwin Hotel 
Upson, Mr and Mrs 

Miss Lucy 

Miss Adelaide 

Urioste George de ; 191 G Jackson st. 

Urmy, Rev. and Mrs W. S. ; 1423 Jackson et. 

Urruella, Mr and Mrs Juan ; 191(3 Jackson st. 

Vnil, Mr and Mrs A. H.; 2702 iSacramento st. 

Frank A. 

Vail, David H.; 2'.>12 Clay st. 

Vale, Mr and Mrs William , 912 Pine St. 

Valentine, Jobn J. 

Valette, William M.; ;-.22 Geary st. 

Van liergen, ^Iraiid Mrs J. W. ; 1422 Larkin st. 


Van liergen, Mr and Mrs N. ; 834 Post st. 







Muiidd 1/ 



East Oakland 

Van Buren, Gen. Tbomas B. ; 539 Geary st. 
Van Daalen, Mr and Mrs; 212 Twenty-third st. 

Miss Florence 



Van Dusen, Lieut and Mrs Goo. Vi., U. S. A. 

Van Dyke, Mr and Mrs William M. 

Van Fleet, Judge and Mrs W. C. ; 1609 Sutter st. 

Van Heusen, Mrs Henry; 322 Ellis st. Monday 

Van Ness, Mr and Mrs T. C. ; 1020 Green st. 

Van Norden, Mr and Mrs Ro}>ert T. ; 1M)5 Steiner st. 

Mips Kate 

Van Grdon, Mr and Mrs L. ; 207 Twenty-fourth 8t. 

Miss Emily 

T. Starr 

Van Wyck, Mr and Mrs H. L. ; 2'>48 Jackson st. 
Van Wyck, Mrs and Mrs S. M. ; K'XJO Taylor st. 

Sidney M., Jr. 


Fort Mason 
Los Angeles 

Hotel Rafael 

Man dm/ 

W cdi.ti«taij 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & C0*8 Key West Havana ClRari 

MAU, SADLER A CO., raciHc Coast Agentn. 


Van Winkle, Mr and Mrs H. L. ; 2O09 California st. 

Van Winkle, Mrs I. S. ; 2120 Jackson st. San Rafael 


Mis?i Belle 

Van Winkle, Mr and Mrs Henry L. ; 2220 Webster st. 

Vance, Mrs Bessie ; 400 Franklin st. 

Vanderslice, Mr and Mrs AY. K.; 2702 California st. 

The Misses 

Vandewater, Mrs K. J.; The Bella Vista Thursday 
Vassault, Ferdinand; 626 Eddy st. 

Ferdinand I. 

Lawrence S. 

Miss T. E. 

Veuve, Henry H.; Pacific-Union Club 

Vidaver, Rev Dr Falk ; 916 O'Farrell st. 

Vincent, Clarence ; The Berkshire 

Vocke, G. C; 1706 Leavenworth st. 

Vogdes, Lieutenant Charles B. ; LT, S. A. Presidio 

Volkmann, G , >i'E cor. Hayes and Fillmore sts. 

Vollmer, Miss Kate E.; 190J Vallejo st. 

Von Schmidt, Mr and Mrs Alexis W. ; 2420 Mission st. 

Miss Lillie 

;San Luis 
Obispo and 
San Rafael 

Voorhies, T>r and Mrs. Alfred H.; 2111 California st. Del Monte 

Miss Marie 

Miss Katie 

Voorman, Mr and Mrs; 800 Bush st. 
Miss Viola 

"Wadham, Mr and Mrs L. ; 1909 Leavenworth st. 

Wadsworth, Mrs. E. ; The Bella Vista Thursdaif 

AVadsworth, Henry; Pacific-Union Club 

Wadsworth, J. C. L. ; Pacific-Union Club 

AVagner, H. L.; 1221 Washington st. 

Wagoner, Luther; Cosmos Club 

AA''ain Wright, ]Mr and Mrs Edward W. ; 2526 California st. Thursday 

AVainright, Mr and Mrs William ; 1409 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Lizzie 

Miss Annie 

AVainright, Mr and Mrs James ; 808 Taylor st. Tuesday 

Miss Ella 

Miss Amie 

James W. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Wait, Mrs Frona E. ; 719;^ Bush st. 

Waites, Mr and iMrs C. B. ; Palace Hotel ; Mondaif 

Wakefiekl, Mrs Lucinda; 1942 '2 Mission 8t. 

Walcott, Earle A. ; 631 Eddy st. 

Walker, Judge George B. ; 2531 Pine st. 

Walker, Miss Annie San Rafael 

W^alker, Dr. M. M.; U. S. A. Fort Canby, W. T. 

Walker, N. S., Jr; Cosmos Club New York 

Walker, Mr and Mrs S. P. ; 825 Sutter st. Muudau 

AValkins, Mr and Mrs N. A. ; 1302 Laguna st. 

Walkington, Mrs P^. J. ; Palace Hotel Mondaif 

Walkington, Mr and Mrs T. G. ; Hotel Pleasanton Moiida>i Cazadero 

Wallace, Miss Belle Napa City 

Wallace, Mr and Mrs Kyland ; 2324 Polk st. Friday 

Wallace, Judge and Mrs. W. T. ; 799 Van Ness ave. Thursdai/ San Rafael 

Miss Marguerite 

Wallace, Mrs E. ; 2220 Broadway st. 

Wallace, Mrs. L. E. ; 1811 Post st. 

Wallenrod, Mr and Mrs George; 1209 Florida st. Tharsdaij 

Wallis, Talbot H. (State Librarian) Sacramento 

Walsh, Mrs. James A. ; 712 Golden Gate ave. 

Walsh, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; The Berkshire Monday 

Walter, Mr. and Mrs D. N. ; 1700 Van Ness ave. 

Miss Adele 

Walter, S. H. ; 824 Geary st. 

Walter, W. T. ; Palace Hotel 

Walton, Charles S. Los Angeles 

W^andeeforde, Juan B. ; 211 Sutter st. Hay wards 

Miss Ivy 

Warburt<jn, Lieut and Mrs E. T. ; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 
Ward, Mr and Mrs Wni.; 290.1 Bush st. 
Ward well, Mrs Mary; 1405 Van Ness ave. 

Miss Fannie 

Warner, Dr and Mrs Alexander; 1120Gongh st Wednesday Blithedale 
Warner, Mr and Mrs Charles; Westminster House Monday 
Warrin, Mrs M. A. ; 1016 Sutter st. 

Washburn, Mr and Mrs Albert H. ; 2525 Fillmore St. Wawona 

Washburn, Mrs Georgia; 1418 California st. 

George E. 

W^ashington, F'rank B. ; 1525 Bush st. 

John T. 

W^aterhouse, Mr and Mrs Columbus; 2213 Howard st. 

Frederick A. 

W^aterman, Mrs T. J. ; Palace Hotel Mondatf 

lULllAKlJ.-o> A N.-^' Honed rliicken. Turkey, ' 

TDUjftjf, ('ur r«! and Fowl, IMutn I'uddinK aip: 

ui all flmt-cht . ... -^cr*. MAU, SADLEK A c 

1 ' 



1 iinin.' < ' 




Waterman, Charles S. ; 2000'Broadway st. . 


Waterman, Governor and Mrs R. W. 

Waterman, Mr and ]Mrs Waldo S. 

Waterworth, Henry W. ; Comes Club, 1312 Taylor st. 

Waters, Mrs G. L. ; The Beresford 

Waters, George L. ; Hotel Bella Vista Thiirsdajf 

Miss Lillian 

Watkins, Mrs A. A. ; 1302 Lagima st. Thursday 
Watkins, Miss Emma 
Watson, Capt and Mrs J. Crittenden, U. S.^N. ; 1928 Sutter st 
Watson, Jerome W. ; 2440 Pacific ave. 

Miss Jennie 

Watson, Martin V. B.; 2400 Pacific ave. 

Watson, Mr and Mrs Lawrence ; 1122 Pine st. 

Watt, Rev and Mrs ; Hotel Oriel Monday 

Wattles, Mr and Mrs AVilliam S 

Wattles, John B. ; 1608 Washington st. 

Watts, W. P. ; Cosmos Club 

Wayne, Mr and Mrs Wm. 

Webb, Judge and Mrs 

AVeber, Adolph C. ; 840 Folsom st. 

Adolph H. 

Webster, Mrs B. F. 

Miss Sadie A. 

Frank W. 


Ben Lomond 
San Jose 



Salinas City 

2411 Washington st. Thursday 

AVebster, Fred R. ; Pacific-Union Club 
AVebster, F. L. ; Grand Hotel 
Webster, Reginald H. ; 2005 Fillmore st. 
AVeck, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 2107 Howard st. 
AVeihe, Mr and Airs August ; 2410"Fillmore st. 

Miss Florence 

AVeiland, Mr and Airs Robert P. ; Palace Hotel 

Weill, Air and Airs Charles ; The Berkshire Monday 

AVeill, Henry; Palace Hotel 

Weill, Leon ; Palace Hotel 

AVeill, Raphael; Palace Hotel 

Weill, Sylvin; Palace Hotel 

Weir, Airs Alary S. ; 27 Oak st. Thursday 

Welch, Charles AV. ; 1422 Turk st. 

AVelch, Air and Airs Samuel B. ; 2234 Broadway st. 

AVeller, Airs ; Hotel Pleasanton 

AA'eller, Mr and Airs Charles L. ; The Bella Arista Thursday 

AVelles, Lieutenant Roger; TJ. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Wells, F. Marion; 757 ML^siuu st. Berkeley 

Wells, Mr and Mrs Apa R. ;"l711 Van Ness ave. 

Wensinger, Mr and Mrs F. S. ; Occidental Hotel Monday jso^oma^Co 

Wenzell, Prof nncT Mrs Wm T. ; 436 Oak at. Wednesdat/ Napa Redwoods 

West, Mary B..-;'-ll»O0 Washington st. Fridaj/ 

West, Miss H.'R. ; Hotel Pleasanton Mondat/ 

West, Lieutenant Horace B.; U. S. N. ; Occidental Hotel " Rush " 

WesterfeUl, L. ; 1003 Geary st. 

Wetlrerbec, Mr and Mrs Henry ; Palace Hotel Mondinj Fruitvale 

W'etfiered, Mr and Mrs Jas S. ; 320 Van Ness ave. Summit Soda Springs 

'^-'^ Miss E. 

* Wood worth 

Whartenby, Mr and Mrs James ; 408 Ellis st. 

Wharton, Mr and Mrs George H. Oakland 

Miss Bessie 

Wheeler, Capt D. D. : 2217 California st. 

Wheoler, Alfred A. ; 621 Clay st. Sausalito 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs Charles S. ; .S28 Green st. 

Wheeler, Harold; ♦>11 Biisli st. Sausalito 

Miss Helen 

Wheeler, William R.; Cosmos Cluli 
Wheeler, D. J. ; 1400 Post ht. 

Miss Agne.s 

Whipple, George; 308 Van Ness ave. Tnesdni/ 

Miss Lizzie 

White, Mr and Mrs George Knight Sausalito 

White, Miss Hattie, 37 Welsh st. 

White, Mr and Mrs Lovell ; 1G16 Clay st. 

White, Patrick J.; 2315 Bush st. 

White, Robert; 1253 Octavia st. 

Whiteley, Harry M.; 2310 California st. 

Miss Carrie 

Whiting, Mrs S. E. ; 1501 Scott st. Fridaij Sisson 

Whitney, Mrs A. L. ; 1825 Turk st. 

Whitney, Mr and Mrs Calvin E.; 1213 Jones st. 

Whitney, C. W. ; 1712 Pacilic ave. 

Wliitney, Sumner; 113 Page st. 

Whitney, Capt and Mrs F. A.: Hotel Pleaston Monday San Diego 

Whitney, I'r and Mrs J. L).; Palace Hotel Monday 

Whitney, Miss M. M.; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

Whitney, Mis.^ May ; 113 Page st. Friday 

Whitney, Mr and Mrs George E. 

Whittell. I>r and .Mrs Alexander; 235 PoPt st. 

THE KK.\XCO- .< ('(»\s Kri'iH-li Sou|»« are put up for family use In 

quart aud i md a half pint kImxn jant. 

MAU, 8ADI.EK A CO., raclflc CoMt Agent*. 


Whittell, Mr and Mrs George; 1221 Jones st. Tuesday 

Whittier, W. Frank; 2400 Howard et. 

Whittimore, D. H.; 230 Page st. 

AVhitwell, Dr and Mrs William S. ; 438 Bryani st. 

Wholer. Mrs A. M.; 1928 Sacramento st. 

Wickersham, I. G. Petaluraa 

-Miss Lizzie 
— Miss Mav 

Wickes, George W.: NE cor. Geary st. and Grant ave. 

Wickham, Charles E.; 627 O'Farrell st. 

Wicks, S. G. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Wickson, Mr and Mrs G. G.; 741 20th st. Wednesday 

Wieland, H. W.; 236 Second st. 

Wig'jin, Mr and Mrs Samuel B.; 1505 Washington st. 

Wiggins, Mr and Mrs W. W. ; 1810 Broadway st. 

Wightman, Mrs John M. ; Grand Hotel Monday 

Wi'imore, Mr and Mrs Alphonso A. ; 1318 Leavenworth st. Wednesday 

Wilber, Miss Elida, 222S California sK 

Wilcox, Miss Jeannette; 1036 Valencia st. 

Wilcox, Mrp A. H. ; 912 Bush st. Tuesday San Diego 

Miss Fannie 

Miss Toleta 

Wilder, Mr and Mrs Charles J. ; 1703 Broderick st. 

Wildes, Mrs J. H. Oakland 

Wilkins, Hepburn San Rafael 

Wilkins, James H. San Rafael 

AVill, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 806 Van Xess ave. 

Willard, Mrs Eleanor ; 525 Harrison st. 

Miss Daisy 


Willey, Harry I; 1523 Jackson st, 

Willey, Mr andMrs O. F.; 2115 California st. Friday Hotel Vendcme 

Frank D. 

Williams, Hon. and Mrs A. P.; Palace Hotel Monday 

Williams, Mrs C. H.; 1417 Geary st. Monday 

Williams, Charles E. Marysviile 

Williams, Mrs F. W. ; 8J5 Leavenworth st. 

AVilliams, Capt. and Mrs Frank ; 1309 Broadway st. 

Williams, Mrs Fred; 40o ^'an Ness ave. Friday 

Miss Flora 

Williams, Mr and Mrs H. ; 1925 Octavia st. Thursday Hotel Vendome 

Miss M. A. 

Harry A. 

Williams, Mr and Mrs Henry B.; 319 First st. San Jose 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up iu 1 pound round canisters ouly 
Ask your Grocer for it. ilAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 



William?, Mr and Mrs Henry F. ; 2422 Howard st. 

Miss Cliarlotte 

Williams, Mrs Mary ; llOi) Clay st. Thursday 
Williams, Dr and Mrs Robert E. ; 1235 Cieary st. 

Miss Marie 

Williams, Mr and Mrs T. T. ; Silver State Housa 

Williams, Capt W. W.; U. S. A. 

Williamson, Dr and Mrs John M. ; ()3>s Hai^ht st. 


San Rafael 

Tttesda if 

; Hotel Pleasanton 
Hotel Pleasanton 

28 Liberty st. 



Coronado Beach 

Los Angeles 


Tuesday Santa Barbara 



Butte Co. 
New York 

Williamson, R. W.' 1202 leaven worth st. 

Williar, Col and Mrs H. R. ; Hotel Pleasanton 

Williar, Mr and Mrs H. R. 

Williar, Mr and Mrs J. H.; 

Willis, Mrs William 

Willis, MrandMrs A. M. ; 

Wilmerding, J. C. ; Pacific-Union Club 

Wilshire, H. Gay 

Wilshire, Mr and Mrs W. B. ; The Bella Vista 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Horace; 1307 Taylor st. 

Wilson, Harry L. 

Wilson, Mr& Mrs J. L. ; Filbert st. , bet. Van Ness ave. & Polk st 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Alexander W. ; 801 Scott st. 

Wilson, Col C. L. ; Baldwin Hotel 

Wilson, Dr Frank ; 711 Pine st. 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Chas. E.; 629 Hayes st. 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Edgar M. ; 2214 Jackson st. 

Wilson, E. J. ; Grand Hotel 

Wilson, Miss E. S. ; 920 Valencia st. 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Sam ; 521 Post st. 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs James K. ; Palace Hotel 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; 2514 Filbert st. ; Tuesday 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs J. N. E. ; cor. Union st. and Van Ness ave 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs John Scott; 2330 Pacific ave. 

Wilson, Joseph ; 1214 Mason st. 

Wilson, Mrs K. ; 1107 Bush st. 

Wilson, Mrs. L. S. ; Hotel Pleasauton Monday 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Russell J. ; 2020 Buchanan st. 

Wilson, Mr and Mrs Samuel M. ; 711 Pine st. 

Montford S. 

Wilson, Thomas S.; Hotel Pleasanton 
Wilson, Mr and Mrs William A. ; 1114 Bush st. 

Miss .Marie E. 

M'ss Kate 

Winn, Mr and Mrs A. H. ; The Berkshire Monday 
Winn, Lieut F. L.; U. S. A. ; Presidio 

Hotel Rafael 
Del Monte 

II. O. WILBUR A HONB'tJ Chocolnte uud t'«»(<m rropHrations art unexcell»*<I for 
qualifv Ank \V)iir Tirorcr for tlniii M A T R A Ttl.K I* .tCO. I'lififlo Tonvf AL'ciifM 


Winans,Mrs Joseph; 926 Clay st. Del Monte 

Miss Lillie 

Joseph W. 

Winslow, Chauncey M. ; Bohemian Club, 2117 California st. 

Winslow, Capt. Gordon Berkeley 

Winter, William; 710 Capp st. 

Winterberg, JJr W. ; 602 Sutter st. 

Wise, Mr and ^Irs Everett E. Healdsburg 

Wise, Mr and Mrs John H.; 1409 Leavenworth st. Wednesday Gilroy 

Harry E. 

Wise, Mi.s A. M.; 2130 Market st. Tuesday 
Wissel, Albert F. ; 904 Steiner st. 
Witcher, Major John S ; 36 New Montgomery st. 
Witham, Mr and Mrs Walter D. ; 2501 California st. 
Withrow, Mrs K. H. ; 925 Pine st. 

Miss Eva 

AVitt, E. ; 826 Powell st. 

Wittram, Mr and Mrs Frederick; 2319 California st. Wednesday 

Wolcott, Capt C. C. ; U. S. N., Mare Island 

Wolff, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; 1322 Leavenworth st. Thursday Monterey 

Wollweber, Mr and Mrs B.; The Berkshire Monday 

Miss C. J. 

Wood, Lieutenant A. X.; V. S. N. ; Cosmos Club 
Wood, Charles; 1024 Bush st. 

Miss Dora 

Wood, E. ; Lick House 

Wood, Mr and Mrs George M. ; 1507 California st. 

Wood, Mr and Mrs Henry P. San Rafael 

Wood, John S. ; Occidental Hotel 

Wood, Dr. Leonard S. ; Presidio 

Wood, J, W. ; Palace Hotel; Monday 

Miss Nellie 

Wood, Lieut. S. S.; U. S. N.; Cosmos Club 

Wood, William H.; Hotel Pleasant on 

Wood, Mr and Mrs William S. ; 1920 Clay st. Yosemite 

Miss Eleanor 

Wood, Willard M. ; 2105 Webster st. 

Woodman, Mrs; 916 Van Ness ave. 

Woods, Frederick N.; 1021 Nineteenth st. 

Woods, Miss May ; The Berkshire Monday 

Woods, Mr and Mrs Kobert J.; 2714 California st. San Rafael 

Woodward, Robert B.; NE cor. Geary st. and Grant ave. 

AVoodward, Gideon P. ; 1429 O'Farrell st. 

Woodward, J. H.; 21 Montgomery st. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
aud see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



; 103 Broderick st. 
1310 Golden Gate ave 

Wood worth, Mr and Mm 
Woodworth, Selim ; 320 Van Nen- aic. 
Woodworth, Samuel 
Wooley, Mr and MrH Douglas 
Woolrich, George L.; 29J4 California Ht. 

Miss ^ 

Woolworth, Mr and Mrs K. C; 1G2G Sacramento st. 


W<x)ettr, Mr and Mrs F. L. ; 2«»02 Cal. st /',;,/..,, 
Woo«ter, Mrs John B.; 2902 California Ft 


Wooster, Mr and Mrs Philip L.; 290 J California et 

Worden, Lieut and Mrs Chap A. 

Worden, C. E. 

Wormser, Mr and Mrs Samuel 1. ; l>a4 Caliioiuia st. 

Wrey, Mr and Mrs G E. ]]. ; The lierkshire Monday 

Worth, Mr and Mrs Henry C; 1310 Golden Gate ave. 

Wright, Mr and Mrs C. S.; 1407 Hyde st. Thursdaij 

Wright, Mr and Mrs Edward C. 

Wright, H. W. 

Wright, Mr and Mrs Henry C. ; 

Wrik'ht, Mr an<l Mrs J. B. 

Wright, J. M.; 2519 Sacramento st. 

Wright, John A ; 2222 Washington st. 

Wright. Mr and Mrs S<ilden S. ; <U0 Ix)mbard st. Friday 

Miss Roberta E. Lee 

-Mis^ Annie 

Ralph K. 

William H. 

Wright, Whitaker 

Wyllie, Mr and Mrs Alexander 

Yanke, Mr and Mrs R. L. ; 117 Jones st. Thursday 
Yates, Mrs R. H.; Hotel Fairmont Monday 
Yemans, Dr and Mrs Her]>ert W. ; 711 Taylor st. 
Yerington. Miss; J2.V) California st. 
Yoell, Mr and Mrs Alexander 


Yost, I>. Z.; Pacific-rnion Club 

Yoi't, Mr and Mrs John D.; 1422 Sutter st. 

John I)., Jr. 


Young, Andrew S.; 1710 Jackson st. 
Voung, Carlos G.; 1616 Geary st. 


Stony Point 

Del Monte 

Napa Soda Springs 

Napa Soda Springs 
Marc Island 

San Jose 


San Rafael 
San Jose 

San Diego 
San Jose 


Try r 

- put u|> ii. 
.■»i .\ t . .-.Xj'i.r.ii rtc »''.. inciiM' 1 cast Agent . 


Young, Charles F.; Laguna and McAllister sts. 
Young, Frederick .).; 1213 Octavia st. 

Henry H. 

Henry J. 

Young, George A.; 1904 Broadway 

Young, Captain J. D. Sacramento 

Young, Mr and Mrs John P.; 1919 Devisadero st. TJiursday 

Young, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; 314 Lombard st. 

Young, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 502 Fowell st. 

Young, Walter; 514 23d st. 

Young, William; 1811 Sutter st. 

Younger, Dr Alexander S. Steamer " Oceanic " 

Younger, Dr r.nd Mrs Wm. J. ; 1414 California st. Tuesday Del Monte 

Miss Maud 

Miss Bessie 


Younger, Dr and Mrs Edward A.; 688 McAllister st. Friday Alameda 

Zadig, Mr and Mrs Herman ; 2297 Franklin st. 

Zander, AV. E. Hotel Rafael 

Zech, August F.; 211 Scott st. Tuesday 

Miss Tillie 

Miss Hattie 

Miss Gussie 

Zech, Frederick, .Jr. ; 1229 Bush st. 

Zeile, :\Ir and Mrs Frederick W. ; 2023 California st. Friday 

Zeilin, W. S.; Cosmos Club 

Zifferer, Prof and Madame; The Bella Vista. Thursday 

Zimmerman, Frank C. ; 1321 Sutter st. 

Zook, Mr and Mrs Frank K. ; The Berkshire. Monday 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 

. -^MN.^ /Art "Printers 

^/fl^U.* Estimates Furnished 

.,.^^ , -QfV^^^'^S. *^^ IVe refer our Patrons to this as a 

5^ b CXh,' UTH" c *^£:,^^=^ L specimen of our l^ork 


H'e carry in Stock at all times a very Complete stock of 

BOOKS .^;i^cy S TA T I ONER V 





Pianos and Organs 

We control the best Agencies for the Pacific Coast; buy largely for cash ; 
and carry a well-selected assortment. Our prices are the lowest consistent with 
quality and durability; our terms the most liberal; and the established reputa- 
tion of the house makes our guarantee an absolute protection to customers. 

The most Correct and Complete Line of 


For Real Estate. Countv and F.lectinn Puipinfi 

We make a specialty of SoClCty StatlOJlCry 

Carrying a Complete Line of French, 

English and .-imerican Writing Pipers 

We have juit issued our new Sample Book of Fine Writing Papers short'- 
ing the different grades we carry, with samples of Copper Plate Engratn'ng, 
.Steel Die Stamping — in Color Bronze, 
prevailing sizes of Paper and VISIT' 
INC CAROy., and the Prices of same, 
which 'will be Mailed upon application. 







DnKi, f*e\hAX>Lh 

^»«. JM-^>s 




ts/\n^V pt^otS)U©H 

16, 17, 28 & 30 

Centre XIarlvet 

Telephione Xo. 1415 SUTTER STREET 

LZ^i- ^CZ^± 

FINS iBUTTst^ A g-pH^iAL-Ty 







49~Goods purchased in this Market need no other recommendation. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

t^oultry, &arm and £^^5 

Het. Pine and Summer Sts. iSA x i" iv A X*. i >sce) 

All Orders attended to at the Shortest Notice. Couds Delivered Free of Charge to 

any part of the City. 




Cucumber and 

Elder Flower Cream 

Has marvfltms jiowrr to softi-n, wliitfU, blench ami 
l>iirify flu' huiiiaii skill. It is |)rci>Hic'd fruin the milk 
of alnumdsi, till- juice of the ciwuinhcr ami the i»urcst 
Ciller flower water, ami is an ex<|nisite toilet prejui ration. 
ncitluT fjreasy nor claniniy. ami hy its jiiirifyinj: an I 
hcalin>r <jnaliti«'s it renders the skin heautifnliy soft, 
|inre ami t)f satin-like texture ami bloom, keej inu it 
free from wrinklo ami i»rcscrvinu its yonthfnl ai»pe»r 
ance nnto olil au'c. For clcaiisiny the fiue from co**- 
metics or other imjmritics it is vastly sn]>erior to soap 
ami water, vaseline or otlicr |ire]>arations. It cnres 
cha|>j»e<l lipsor hamls antl ron(;hene<l skin, and nrevents 
tan ami frt'ckles. It should be on every lady's dressinjj- 
case. Fri«e. $1.00 per bottle. For sale by 
drnjTpists, or at 103 Post Street, and 40 6 
O'Farrell Street, San Francisco. 

.>^inc»' 1 have |.]i(rei| my prcparatinii* uii the market 

there have been many nnscrni»nlons imitaturs. Mesnre 

to ask for .Mrs. (iraham's Cmnmber an«l F.ldcr Flower 

•'nam. and see tliat iit-r iiaint- i» printerl on tin- label 

and wr:i)i])er. 

, |,,> ^u?epie ^pamei ;:,',;;;;,Si,;;, ,;;^,t;i'. 

'/ ly. ilarmh'ss a.s n 

Koseieai; will nni lulioll. While it creates the 
loveliest com|dexion, it is ini] ossible to iletect 
its itresence on the face evt-n in the briuhtest 
snnliRht. It is the |)erfectioii of cosmetics. 
Price. <'1.II0. 

MRS. (;KK\ AISK (iKAlI.VM. \m Post street, 
."^an Franciseo, tn'rtts ladies at tlu'ir homes or at 
her rooms for all ilefects of face or liirnre. Send 
stamp for her book, "How to Me Heantifnl." 

Fi^BDch Re^tauiiant and ConfectioneriJ 

IHOaison iPlEDfnONT 

E.cusiN. Y, ERNEST (^or. Sth? a^d U/as^^iQ^tOF) Sts. 




Suppliedat shortest notice in lerv best style 


to private houses, also ICI\ CRF.ASf in different forms and i/uantitiei 

Waiters Furnished. Crockery. Glassware and Silverware loaned at low rates 


8an Francisco Tclephonf, 3380 
Oakland Telephone. 463 

prcr>Gf? <?ater<{r8 

San Ff^anaisso 



Note:— Where street oulv is mentioned Oakland should be understood 

Abbott, Rev and Mrs Granville S.; 569 11th st. 

Granville, S., Jr. 

Ackinson, Miss Blanche; 1426 10th ave., East Oakland 
Adams, Miss Bessie; cor. 10th and Filbert sts. 
Adams, Mr and Mrs Edson ; Bay place and Oak ave. 

Edson F. 


Agard, Dr A. H. ; 1259 Alice st. 

Ainsvvorth, Capt and Airs J. C. ; Rose Lawn, €laremont ave. Wednesday 

Miss Daisy 

Miss Maude 

Miss Bella 

Harry B. 


Captain and Mrs George J. 

Akerly, Rev Benjamin ; Adeline and 10th sts. 

Benjamin N. 

James C. 

Morris K. 

Albrecht, Mrs; Fruitvale 

Miss Laura 

Aldrich, William A. ; Piedmont 

Miss Helen 


Alexander, Mr and Mrs 0. ; 1406 Alice st. 

Mr and Mrs Charles O. Del Monte 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Alexander, Mr ami Mrs S. T. ; lOOG 16tii st. 

Miss Lottie 

Allen, Arthur; Alameda 

Allen, Mr and Mrs C. R. ; 318 14th et. 

Allen, Mrs Frank Howard; 1231 Poplar st. Wcdiifsdaif 

Allen, Mr and Mrs I. P. ; Santa Clara ave., Alameda 

Allen, Mr and Mrs James G. ; 1325 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Allman, Mins Emma J. ; 12G3 Harrison st. 

Ames, Judge and Mrs J. P. ; 1132 Adeline st. Thursday 

Anderson, Mrs W. W. ; Hopkins Academy Tuesday 

The Misses 

Angu^ Mr and Mrs William ; Third ave. and 12th st. • ^'^t n'*'i7 . 
° ' /Last Oakland 

Antliony, Mr and Mrs Edwin R. ; Alameda ave., near Peru, Alameda 

Anthony, Mr and .Urs John A.; Central ave. Alatm-da 


Anthony, Mr and Mrs R. M. ; 9iU ISth st. 

Applegate, J. Henry, Jr. ; Alameda 

Archihald, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 118 Ninth st. Tlnimdaif 

James J. 

Armes, Mr and Mrs C. W. ; 1201 West st. 

Amies, Mr and Mrs G. W. ; 1118 Brush st. 

W. 1). 

Arthur, Mr and Mrs J. I). ; N\V cor. 12th and Castro sts. 

K. M. 

BalH-ock, Allen H.; 121G Webster st. 

P>acon, Mrs Alonzo; Alameda 

liacon, Mr and Mrs Frank; lt23 Linden st. 

Bacon, Mr and Mrs Henry D. ; IKJO Oak st. Wednesday 

Miss Carrie 

Badger, William G. ; Fruit vale 

P>ailey, Mr and Mrs George D.; 17th and Castro sts. 

Baker, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; 1234 Regent st , Alameda 

Baker, James W. ; Galindo Hotel 

r.aldwin, Mrs C; 930 Adeline st. Monday 


.Alexander, Mr and Mrs Lloyd ; Vernon Heights Thnrxdmi 

Mrs. J. G. 

I'.angs. Mr and -Mr.s Franklin ; US tUh st. 
liarker, .Mr and Mrs Joshua L. ; Berkeley 
Barker, .Mr and Mrs Timothy L.; IIPJ Castro st. 
r>arnurd, Mr and Mrs George B. ; 554 Jioth st. 

Chicken and name Pftte« Truffled, made In *' 
(AN FOOD CO., will J>e found deli, 
your '^irocMT for them. M . 


Barnes, ^Ir and Mrs E. T. ; Central ave.. Alameda 

Barney, Mr and Mrs Alfred S. ; Vernon Heights 

Barstow, Mr and Mrs xVnson ; 1104 Broadway 

Barstow, Mr and Mrs D. P. ; NW cor. Market and 18th sts. 

Barstow, Mrs Ellen F. ; 1064 22d st. 

Bartlett, Mr and Mrs Columbus; Alameda 

Bartlett, Mrs Earl ; East Oakland 

Bartlett, N. C. ; 447 Prospect ave. 

Bartlett, Mr and Mrs Pliny; 1311 Franklin st. 

Barton, Mr and Mrs John; Broadway and Central ave., Alameda 


W. F. 

Barton, Mr and Mrs P. W.; Clinton ave., Alameda 

Barton, Mr and Mrs W. T. ; Piedmont 

Bas'^^ett, Mr and Mrs J. F.; 964 Market st. Thursday 

Bayley, Mr and Mrs George B,; Castro st. 

Beck, Mr and iNIrs W. F. ; 512 Charter st. 

Beffino-ton, Mr and Mrs J. M.; S\Y cor. 10th and Oak sts. 

Bell, Mrs G. W.; Centenial and 14th sts. 

Bentley, Mr and Mrs W. K.; 220 11th st. Wednesdm/ 

Benton. Mr and Mrs J. E.; 533 16th st. 

Miss May 

Benton, Rev and Mrs J. A ; 437 Hawthorne st. 

Berryman, Mr and Mrs H. B.; Berkeley 

Bigelow, Mr and Mrs Elijah ; 1155 Brush st. 

Bird, Mr Frank L. ; 2048 Encinal ave., x\lameda 

George P. 

W. O. 

Mrs R. I. 

Bishop, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; Jackson st. Wednesday 

Bissell, Mr and Mrs George R. ; Alameda ave., Alameda 

The Misses 


Louis H. 

Bissell, William A. ; Alameda Del Coronado 

Blake, Mrs Frances; Telegraph ave. bet. Knox and Caledonia ave. 

Miss Alice 

Blow, A. H. ; 759 Harrison st. 

Blow, "\V. W. ; 454 Ninth st. 

Boalt, Mr and Mrs John H. ; 1003 12th st. 

Boardman, Charles T. ; Galindo Hotel 

Boardman, Mr and Mrs Edward ; ^Magnolia near Eighth st. 

Boland, Mr and Mrs Archibald ; Webster st. 

Bonham, Mrs M. T.; 626 8th st. 

YUM YUM SWEET COR-^, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 


Bonner, Mr and Mrs Thomas; Brook and Orchard sts. 

Bonte, Rev. and Mrs J. H. C. ; Berkeley 

Booth, Dr and MrsE. B.; Alameda 

Booth, Mr and Mrs Lucius A.; Hope ave.. Piedmont Weduexday 

Booth, Mr and Mrs W. H.; Alameda 

Booth, William F. ; Berkeley 

Bowen, Mr and Mrs P. M. ; 1303 Chestnut t^t. 

Bowen, Mr and Mrs C. R.; 1439 Market st. 

Bowles, Mr and Mrs P. E.; Kth near Market Hts. Napa Soda Springs 

Bowman, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; Piedmont 

George F. 

Bowman, Mr and Mrs H.; 630 Uth st. 

P>radley, Prof, and Mrs C. B.; 6G8 18th st. Monday 

Bradley, Mr and Mrs ; 364 14th st. 


Miss Grace 

Bradley, Prof, and Mrs C. B.; Berkeley 
Bray, Mr and Mrs Watson A.; Fruit vale 


Edward M 


Brayton, Mr and Mrs Albert P.; 1167 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Louise 



Breik, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 678 14th st. 

Miss Nellie 

Miss Emma 

Miss Augusta 

Miss Louise 

Samuel, Jr. 


Brett, Mr and Mrs John R.; 062 13th st. 

Miss MaVjcl 

Brigham, Mr and Mrs C. O.; 1019 Oak st. Friday 

Miss Lena 

lirigham, Mr and Mrs Frank E. ; 1017 Oak !?t. Friday 

Brigham, Frank ; Oak and 10th sts. 

Brooks, Mr and Mrs Welby A.; Alameda 

Bromwell, Col and Mrs L. L. ; 9th and Jackson sts. Wednesday 

Bromwell, L. L. ; 953 Madison st 

Bronson, Miss Cora; Kelsey House 

>Ls8 -Mallei 

Brown, Mr and Mrs An>ert; 1387 Alice st. Wrducisday 

Try RICHARDSON A ROBBINH' Potted MeaU. Plum Puddinr. BoneleM Chicken. 
Ham. and Turkev, Rolled Ox TonKtie. Curried OysterB, and Fowl for Luncheon. 
IMrnim. Ktc. \i\ firwt-clauu Grocern ketM» thnn. 

M V' <AI)LE1{ A CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 


Brown, Mr and Mrs Arthur, 1031 Filbert st. 

Brown, Mr and Mrs David; Alameda 

Brown, Mr and Mrs Roland G. ; 1389 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Lillian 

Miss Florence 

Brown, WinsorL.; Sunol Glen, vSunol 
Browne, Mrs; 6th Avenue, East Oakland 

Miss Effie 

Browne, Mr and Mrs P. D. ; Highland Park 
Buck, Dr and Mrs E. W.; 1011 Webster st. 


Buffington, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 10th and Madison sts. 

Bugbee, Mr and Mrs Sumner W. ; Hotel Merritt 

Bulkley, Mrs. Kate A.; 545 Albion st. Friday 

Bunker, Miss Minnie; 150 Lake St. Friday Santa Clara 

Bunnell, Prof and Mrs George \V. ; Caledonia and Telegraph ave. 

Burk, F.; Blake House 

Burnham, Mr and Mrs O. H. ; 1017 Madison st. 


Caduc, Com and Mrs Philip ; " Mosswood," Tel. ave. {Def Coronado 

Miss Cora 

Miss Florence 

Cahill, Mr and Mrs Edward F. ; 1368 10th st 

Cambden, Mr and Mrs Charles ; 10th and Market sts. 

Cameron, Mr and Mrs W. W. ; 23th st., bet. Grove st. and Telegraph ave. 

Campbell, Mr and Mrs Alexander; Orchard ave. 

Miss Jessie 


Daniel Y. 

Campball, Mr and Mrs Henry C. Sausalito 

Campbell, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 12th and Chestnut sts. Monday 

M. Gertrude 

Campbell, William ; Alameda 

Canoran, Mrs Arabella; Claremont ave., North Temescal. Thursday 

Carmany, Mr and Mrs Cyrus W. ; East Oakland 

Carmony, John; 13th ave., beyond Lynn, East Oakland 

Miss Mary A. 

Carneal, Thomas D. ; 12th street, near Castro 

Carpenter, Horace W. ; Alice and Third sts. 

Carrick, Mr and Mrs D. ; cor. 12th ave. and 15th St., East Oakland 

Chabot, Mrs A. ; 104 East 15th st., East Oakland 

Miss Helen 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Chabot, Mr and Mrs R. ; 11th and MadiHon sts. 

Miss Etta 

Chalmers, William L. ; Kelsey House 

Mis8 Jean 

Chamberlain, Mr and Mrs Charles H. ; 1571 Seventh ave., East Oakland 

Chamberlain, Colonel and Mrs W. E. ; Oakland 

Chapman, E. B. ; East Oakland 

Chapman, Mr and Mrs T. F. ; 120 East 14th st. 

Chapman, Rev and Mrs. E. S. ; 1264 Twelfth ave. ; East Oakland 

Chase, Mr and Mrs John L. Sioux Falls, Dak. 

Chase, Mr and Mrs Q. A.; Broadway, near Moss ave. 

Cheever, Mr and Mrs M. R. ; 1401 7th ave.. East Oakland Wednesdatf 

Chetwood, Rev Hobart ; Hotel Merritt 


Chickering, Mr and Mrs William H. ; 070 16th et. 
Chipman, Mrs Dwinelle ; Alameda 

Miss Fannie 

Clay, Mr and Mrs C. C; E. 14th st., Fruitvale 
Clement, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; 1264 Harrison st. 

Miss Katie 


Clement, Mr and Mrs H. N. ; Berkeley 

Cluff, Mr and M/s Edwin H.; Fruitvale 

Coc'kroft, Mr aod Mrs L. F. ; Prospect Heights Tuesday 

Coffin, Mr and Mrs Albert F.; 018 16th st. 

Coffin, Mr and ^Irs C. B. ; 1387 Harrison st. 


Coghill, Mr and Mrs T. B. ; 1304 Jackson st. Wednesdaif 

Cohen, Mr and Mrs Alfred H. ; Fruitvale 

Cohen, Mrs Emily G.; Versailles and Buena Vista aves., Alameda 

Miss ^label 

Miss Edith 

Miss Ethel 

W. G. 

Daniel Y. 

Mr and Mrs Edgar A. 

Colby, Mr and Mrs G. E.; Claremont ave. Wcdiusihiu 
Cole, Mr and Mrs Leander G. ; 1545 Webster st. 
Cole, Mr and Mrs R. E.; 512 12th st. 


Coleman, Mr and Mrs John W. ; 8th and Brush sts. Del Monte 

Miss Jessie 

Harry L. 

CondroD, Mrs D. B. ; Field Seminary Thursday 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key Went Tlavaua Cigar« 

MAU. SADLER A CO.. Pacific Coant Agents. 


Conklin, Mrs. F. G. ; Fourth ave. and 16th sts., East Oakland 
Conners, John ; 1115 Jackson st. Wednesday Pleasanton 

Miss Mollie 

Miss Maggie 

Cook, Mrs H. E.; 1227 Linden st. 

Cook, Prof and Mrs Albert S. ; Dwight way and Auburn st., Berkeley 

Cook, Mr and Mrs Carroll ; 122 Lake st. 

Cooke, Mrs F. W. ; 1309 Eighth st. 

Cooks, Mr and Mrs Louis ; 1524 Eighth st. 

Cool, Dr and Mrs Russell H. ; Galindo Hotel 

Coon, Mrs H. P. ; 1159 Alice st. 

Coon, Mr and Mrs Henry Irving; Fruitvale 

Cooper, E. R. ; 829 Grove st. 

Coplin, Mr and Mrs A.; 556 20th st. Thursday 

Miss Ethel 

Cordiell, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 16th and Webster sts. Wednesday 
Cornwall, Dr and Mrs Ambrose; Vernon Heights 
Corran, Mr and Mrs W. H. C. ; Tubbs' Hotel 
Costigan, Mr and Mrs James M. ; 1305 Franklin st. 


Craig, Mr and Mrs Homer A ; 2223 Green st. 

Craig, Mr and Mrs Hugh ; Piedmont Hotel Thursday 

Crane, Mrs A. M. ; 584 35th st. 

Lauren E. 

Crane, Mrs S. H. ; 971 Market st. 
Crane, Mrs W. VV. ; Galindo Hotel 
CrelUn, Mr and Mrs John ; 1061 Oak st. 



Crockett, Mrs J. B.; Fruitvale 

Miss Emma 

Crockett, Mrs Robert; Fruitvale 

Crouch, Mr and Mrs E. ; 1061 Seventh ave., East Oakland 

Cullen. Mr and Mrs. ; 10th ave., between 14th and 15, East Oakland 

Miss Alice 

VV. o. 

Cumming, Capt and Mrs George ; Fruitvale 

A. M. 

Cunningham, Mr and Mrs Loring ; 479 Orchard ave. 
Cushing, Mr and Mrs Volney ; Berkeley 
Cutter, Mr and Mrs Chester G. ; 146 Lake st. Wednesday 
Miss Annie 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easilv 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Dam, L. E. ; 493 Locust at. 


Dargie, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; 11 GS Jackson st. jsanta^ Barbfr? Co. 

Miss Annie K. 

Thomas T. 

Davis, Mr and Mrs John W. ; Alameda 

Davis, Mrs M. V. ; 759 IGth st. 

Day, Mr and Mrs Clinton ; Piedmont way, Berkeley 

Dayton, Mrs J. B. ; loth st., near Madison WedHOtdajt 

■ Miss Jessie 


Dean, Mr and Mrs Carl ; Oakland 

Dean, Mr and Mrs Elisha B. ; 1219 Grove at. 

Dean, Mrs J. !». ; 1325 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Emily 


Dean, Mr and Mrs Peter; Madison st. Hotel Rafael 


Deane, Mrs John ; Claremount Wednesday 

Miss Esma 

Miss Frances 

Dearhorn, Mr and Mrs G. W. ; cor. 12th ave. and 15th st., East Oakland 
De Estrella, T. ; Berkeley 

de Fremery, Mrs H. S. Abroad 

de Fremery, Mr and Mrs James; 1305 Adeline st. Abroad 

de Fremery, Mr and Mrs William C. B.; Prospect ave. }y''edtiesday 


De Golia, Mr and Mrs George E. ; Vernon Heights Thursday 

De Gomez, Mr and Mrs F. ; 463 26th st. Tuesdays 

De la Montanya, A. ; 656 6th st. 

Delger, Mr and Mrs Edward F. ; 1453 Telegraph ave. Wednesday 

Delger, Frederick ; Telegraph ave. and 19th st. 

Denham, Mr and Mrs B. F. ; 1397 Alice st. ]\\diui<d<iu 

Denny, Horace; P^ast Oakland 

De Pue, E. J.; 1115 .'M ave., East Oakland 

Derby, Mrs; Fruitvale 


A. G. 

Detrick, Mr and Mis E., .Mameda 

Detrick, -Mr and Mrn Edington, Jr., Oakland 

KILlIAi:U.-ON A IIOHHINS' Boned Clui ken. Turkey, Cooked Ham. Rolled Ox 
TonRue, Cnrried OyHturt- und Fowl, Plum I'uddinK Hnd rotte«l McaU: to be had 
ul all rtrst-clasb Grocerh. MAU, .SADLER A CU.. Paciflc Coast Agents. 


Dewing, Mr and Mrs A. A. ; 358 East 14th St., East Oakland Tuesday 
Dietz, Mr and Mrs Alfred C. ; San Pablo ave. 


Miss Alice 

Dillon, Miss ; 7th and Oak sts. 

Dingie, Mr and Mrs W. J.; Hays' Canon 

Diss, Mr and Mrs J. Wallace F. ; Regent St., Alameda -JLo^^Palmitos 
Donnell, Mr and Mrs Arthur C. ; 1227 Myrtle st. Tuesday Howell Mt. 
Donnelly, Miss May ; Fruitvale 
Dorhman, Mr and Mrs F.; 2214 Alameda ave., Alameda Friday 

:Miss M. 

Mr B. 

Dornin, Mr and Mrs George D.; Dwight way, Berkeley 


Mr and ^Irs Oscar G. 

Dougherty, C. M. ; East 14th st., Fruitvale 

Driscoll, Mrs J. M. ; 16th and ^Yebster sts. Wednesday 

Drum, John S. ; 953 Market st. 


Dunham, Mr and Mrs Benjamin F. ; 1397 Alice st. Friday 

Miss Mamie 

Mr and Mrs Frank 

Dunwoody, Lieut and Mrs F. M.; V. S. R. M. S., 12th and Chestnut sts. 

Dwinell, Charles H. ; Berkeley 

Dyer, Mr and Mrs J. B. ; 1257 Jackson st. Thursday 

Miss Alice 

Miss Ruth 

Miss Minnie 


Eastland, Mr and Mrs Joseph G. ; Rockridge 
Eastland, Mr and Mrs Van L. ; 817 Grove st. 

Eastman, Mr and Mrs C H. ; 12th st. and 7th ave., /East Oakland 

Eaton, Mr and Mrs Joseph C. ; 19th ave. and East 24th st., East Oakland 

Edwards, Mr and Mrs George C. ; 1568 Webster st. Thursday 

Ed\Yards, Mr and Mrs J. G. ; Oakland 

Eels, Mr and Mrs Charles P. ; San Pablo ave. Thursday 

Eels, Miss Emma L. ; Mill's Seminary, Seminary Park 

Eldridge, Mr and Mrs S. A. ; Harrison and 14th sts. Wednesday 

Elliot, Mr and Mrs N. L.; 1022 Peralta st. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agenta 

OAKLAND . 118 

Elsey, Mr ami Mrs Charles ; SW cor. 11th and Grove sts. 

Emery, J. C. ; San Pablo ave. 

Emery, Mrs Joseph ; 1308 Webster st. 

Ernest, Dr. J.T.; Oakland 

Evarts, Mr and MrsP. ; lllo Jarkson st. Wednesday 

Everett, Mrs 8. L. ; 1116 Adeline st. 

Everett, Mr and Mrs Edward ; 719 Eighth st. 

Everest, Mr and Mrs H. B. ; 1375 Madison st. 

Miss Nellie 

Everson, Mr and Mrs Wallace; 16th and Filbert sts. Friday 
Ewing, Mr and Mrs Thomas ; Vernon Heights 

Fabens, Mr and Mrs (jeorge ; Alameda 

Farnam, Mr and Mrs Charles W. ; Frnitvale 

Farnham, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; Oakland 

Farquliarson, Mr and Mrs David; 1167 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Mary 

Farrier, Mr and Mrs H. L. ; 1253 Sixth ave., East Oaklan<l 

Miss Emma L. 

Miss Annie F. 

Felton, Mrs Katherine; 930 Adeline st. Monday 

Fields, Mrs I). 1. ; Olive House. Wednesday 

Fine, Mrs A. ; Si.Kth ave. and 12th st.. East Oakland Monday 

Fischer, Mr and Mrs ; Haywards 

J. K. 

Fish, Mr and Mrs Charles H. ; 804 10th st. 

Fish, Mr and Mrs Harvey ; 918 Grove st. 

Fish, Dr and Mrs M. W. ; 461 East 14th St., East Oakland 

Miss Julia 

Fisher, Mr and Mrs lingo; -Vlameda 
Fitzgerald, Mrs Kate; 313 14th st. 

Miss Maggie 

Mies May 

K. M. 

Edward L. 

Fletcher, Frank A. ; (Jakland 

Flint, Mr and Mrs E. Du Bois; Myrtle st. Tuesday 

Flint, :srr and Mrs Edward P.; 521 13th st. Tuesday 

Miss Helen P. 

MisH Alice M. 

Flint, Harry L. ; Glen Echo, off Piedmont ave. 
Folkers, G. A. W. ; 915 Myrtle st. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN POOD CO'8 French 8oup« are put up for family UMiu 

quart and pint can;* and one and a half pint kIhhk Jam. 

MALI. SAIH.KK «t CO.. raciflc Coast Agent!> 


Folger, Mrs James A. ; 1303 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miijs Elizabeth 

James A. Jr. 

Foote, Mr and Mrs \V. W. ; 504 13th st. 

Ford, Mr and Mrs Jerome B. ; 923 Fifth ave., East Oakland 

Forrest, Mr and Mrs C. T. ; Webster st. 

Fox, Judtre and Mrs Charles N. ; 1057 Market st. 


George H. 

Francis, Miss; '*Ro8smore" 

Freeman, Captain and Mrs E. ^M. ; 1019 Linden st. 


Freeman, Mr and Mrs Littlejohn; 1724 Lincoln st. 

Fry, Mr and Mrs Willis B. ; 513 Frederick st. Thursday 

Gage, Mr and :Mrs Steven T. ; 1300 Harrison st. 
Gamble, Mr and Mrs James; Piedmont 

The Misses 


Garber, Judge and Mrs John; Claremont ave., North Temescal Thursda;/ 

Miss Belle 

John, Jr. 

Garcelon, Mrs Kate; 1213 Madison st. 

Garthwaite, Mr and Mrs W. W. ; Prospect Heights Thursday 

Mrs H. 

Mrs C. T. 

Mrs Alice 

Gaskill, Mr and ]Mrs George C. ; Oakland 

Gaskill, Mrs Rollin C. ; Oakland 

Gaskill, Mr and Mrs D. W. C; 1395 Harrison st. 


Mr and Mrs Barney W. 

Gibbons, William H. ; Alameda 

Gibbs, William C. ; 154 Third st. 

Gibson, Judge and Mrs E. M. ; Hays' Canyon 

Gibson, Miss G.; Olive House Wednesday 

Gifford, Mr and Mrs W. B.; Oakland 

Gilbert, Charles W. ; Oakland 

Oilman, Dr and Mrs S. M. ; Prosnect ave. 

Girvin, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; Lorin, Alameda county Wednesday 

Glasscock, Mr and Mrs John R. ; 6th and Jackson sts. 

TRY GRAXDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters ouly 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 


Glasscock, Hon W. H. ; 5th and HarriHon ste. 
Glenn, Mr ami Mrs A. G.; Fruit vale Tue)«Uui 

John C2. 

Goldsmith, Paul; Blake House 

Goodall, Capt and Mrs Edwin ; 1170 Madison st. 


Goodfellow, Mrs M. J. ; 1353 Webster st. 

Mips Bessie 

Goodfellow, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; 13(53 Sixth ave.. East Oakland 
Goodwin, Mr and Mrs Millard F.; 1028 Seventh ave., Fast Oakland 
Gordan, Mr and Mrs Harry F.; 1353 Webster st. 
Gordan, Mr and Mrs .1. E. ; 473 Merrimac st. 
Gordon, Mr and Mrs N. H.; 14.^1 Webster st. 

Miss Gertrude 

Gowell, Orrin ; 2121 East 14th St., Fruitvale 

Grant, Mr and Mrs G. E. ; 1303 Third ave., East Oakland 

Miss Abbie 

Grant, Mr and Mrs George; Highland Park ]Vednexday 

Graves, Mr and Mrs W. H. H. ; 512 Seventeenth st. 

Grayson, Mr and Mrs George W.; cor. Ninth and Madison sta. , lowp Hill 

Robert R. 

(ireen, Mr and Mrs Adam T. ; .Berkeley 

The Misses 

Green, Mr and Mrs Edmund ; 1317 Jackson st. Wediifsdat/ 

Miss Lillian 

Edward Frank 

Greene, Judge and Mrs W. E. ; 1226 14th st. 

Miss Mabel E. 

Miss P^thel 

Gregory, Mr and Mrs H. P. ; cor. Durant and Jackson sts. 
Griftin, Mrs S. E. ; Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Mamie 

(irimes, Mr and Mrs Allen; cor East 14th st. and Sixth ave. Ttiefdaff 

Miss Alice 

Grimwold, Mr and Mrs A. D.; Fruitvale 

Grove, Mr and Mrs S. E. ; 810 East 15th st.. Oakland. Tiwsdnu 

Guild, Mr and Mrs C. B. ; Oakland 

Hackett, Capt and Mrs Edward ; 1303 Jackson st. Wednfuday 

Capt John 

Hager, Mr and Mrs E. C, ; Pro8i)ect Heights 

H. O. WILBUR & 80N8'8 Chocolate aud Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. A»ik your Grocer for them. MAI', SADLER ACO., Pacific Coast A«enf«. 


Hale, Miss Mamie ; 364 Peralta st. Tuesda;/ 

Hale, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; 1212 Castro st. Wednesday 

Miss Sadie F. 

Haley, Dr C. S. ; Lake Shore ave. 

Hall, ]\Ir and Mrs E. M. ; 1369 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Hattie 

Hamilton, Judge and Mrs Noble ; 1271 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Miss Nettie 

William B. 

Mr and Mrs Edward H. 

Hamilton, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; 466^ ^Sth st. Tuesday 
Handy, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 1305 Madison st. Tuesday 
Hanford, Mr and Mrs James N. ; 1205 Peralta ht. 


Hansen, Chas. R. ; Golden Gate, Berkeley 

Chas. R., Jr. 

Harmon, Mr and Mrs A. K. P. ; 1568 Webster st. Thursday 

Harmon, Mr and Mrs A. K. P., Jr. ; Fruitvale 

Harmon, D.; 961 Jackson st. 

Harmon, Mr and Mrs J. B. ; Fruitvale 

Harries, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; 1361 Jackson st. 

Harrington, Mrs L.; 1167 Jackson st. 

Miss Agnes 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs R. T. ; 616 Third st. 

Harrison, A. D. ; San Antonia ave., bet. Morton and Paru; Alameda 

Harrul, W. B.; 3558 Pacific ave. ; West End, Alameda 

Hart, Miss Frankie ; Oakland 

Hart, W. H. ; 12th and Market sts. 

Harvey, Mr and Mrs Le Roy G.; 1228 Filbert st. 

Hathaway, Mr and Mrs Charles AV. ; Sycamore Park ; San Lorenzo 

Miss Minnie 

Haven, Mr and Mrs Charles D.; Eighth and Chestnut sts. Sonoma 

Haven, Mr and Mrs James; Brooklyn Heights 

Haven, Mr and Mrs William; 16th st., near Brush st. 

Havens, Mr and Mrs A. W. ; 1652 Webster st. 

Havens, Frank C. ; Vernon Heights 

Hawley, Mr and Mrs C. J.; 1118 Seventh ave., East Oakland 

Hawley, Mr and Mrs George T.; Summit ave.. Prospect Heights 

Hawley, Mr and Mrs George W.; Clinton ave. 

Hawley, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 522 Knox Place 

Hawley, Mr and Mrs Levi H.; 2100 Telegraph ave. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQLTET Key West Havana Cigars have uo equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Hayes, Mr and Mrs C. E. ; 527 East 11th St., P^ist Oaklaml 
Hayes. Mr and Mrs J. R. ; Center and Seventh sts. Momiatj 


Miss Mamie 

Haye^^, Mr and Mrs D. V.. ; l>0,^ Linden st. 

Miss Stella 

Hayes, Mr and Mrs Thomas R. ; Adeline and Seventh sts. Santa Cruz 

The Misses 

Mr and Mrs Edward 

Hays, Mr and Mrs John C, Ji* ; ALimeda Wed^iesdaij 

Heim, Mr and Mrs J. F.; 1361 Market st. Wednesday 

Henderson, .Miss Minnie; Fruitvale 

Hendy, Dr and Mrs G. W. ; 15th and Madi.«on f-tP. 

Henry, Mr and Mrs A. C. ; 1221 Harrison st. 

Henshaw, Judge and Mrs Frederick W,; Eighth and Filhert sts. 

Henshaw, W. G.; East 14th st, and Fifth ave. 

Henshaw, Mrs Sarah E.; 941 Myrtle st. 


Mr and Mrs E. T. 

Henf^haw, Mr and Mrs W. G.: cor. Hth and Seventh ave., E. Oakland 
Herrick, Mr and Mrs E. M. ; Webster st. Wednesday Saratoga, Cal. 


Herrick, Mr and Mrs W. F. ; 1302 12th st. Tuesday 

TliM Misses 

Hesse, Prof Frederick (J.; 801 Jackson st. 

Hewes, .Mr and Mrs David Europe 

Hickman, Mr and Mrs L. M.; 1300 Madi8<»n si. Wednesday 

Miss Macie 

Miss Lide 

Hickman, Mrs R. D.; 1006 Franklin st. 

Hickock, Mr and Mrs Arthur M.; Central ave., Alameda 

Hickok, Mr and Mrs B. E.; 115o Madison st. 'Tuesday 

High, Mr and Mrs W. D. ; 1428 Webster st. 

Hilganl. Prof Eugene W.; Berkeley Tuesday Mission San Jose 

Miss Louise 

Mips Alice 

E. M. 

Hiliigess, Mrs .Maria; lierkeley 

The Misses 

Hinckley, Mr and Mrs I). B.; Fruitvale 

Hinkle, .Mr an<l Mrs J. M.; 1020 Adeline st. Tuesday 

Hofcr, -Mr and Mrs Ciraudjan; 1()74 Telegraph ave. 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'8 NttnnI Flavor French Soupi. put up In 
f laM etpecially for Children's Diet, IiivhHiIh, Sick or Weak ren<ons. 

MAU. HADI.KK & CO., I'atlHc Coast Ageut. 


HiRchman, Mr and Mrs T. W.; Railroad ave. and Morton St., Alameda 

The Misses 

Charles H. 

Wool worth H. 

Hook, Dr and Mrs W. E.; Jackson st. 

Horton, Mrs Sarah W. ; 964 Eighteenth st. 

Hostetter, Mr and Mrs Frank; 13th ave. and 15ih st., East Oakland 

Miss Etta 

Howard, Mr and Mrs John L.; Vernon Heights Thursday 

Howell, Mr and Mrs John G. ; 6G9 Seventeenth st. 

Howell, Albert; Oakland 

Howell, Mr and Mrs M. D. ; 1317 Alice st. 

Hubbard, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 122 East 12th st., East Oakland 

Miss Kate 

Samuel, Jr. 

Hunt, Mrs Jonathan; Glen licho 


— Miss Daisy 

H. 0. 


Mr and Mrs S. O. 

Hurd, Mr and Mrs M. S.; 534 Sycamore st. Tuesday 
Hush, Mr and Mrs V. G. ; E. 14th st, Fruitvale 

Miss Estelle 

Miss Hattie 

Hutchinson, Miss ; 8th and West sts. 

Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs; 8th and Brush sts. Wednesday 


Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs H. L. ; 1166 West 10th st. 

Hyde, Wallace E. ; Oakland 

Hyde, Mrs W. B. ; 1825 Telegraph ave. Thursday 

Irish, Mr and Mrs John P.; 1488 Adeline st. 


Issacs, Mr and Mrs J. D. ; 13th and Alice sts. 

Jackson, Mr and Mrs D. H. ; 8th ave. and 15th sts., East Oakland 

Miss Gail 

Jackson, Mrs; 1211 7th ave.. East Oakland 

Janin, Mr and Mrs L. B. ; 1355 Webster st. 

Johnson, Miss Alice; 122 9th st. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs W. P.; Merrimac st., near Webster st. 

MATTONI'S GIESSHiJBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Fav«rite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Jones, Mr c^ Mrs N. G. ; 4th ave. ])et\veen 13th ik 14th sis., East Oakland 

Jones, Mrs Vernon: Orchard st. m-ar Telegraph ave. 

Jordan, Mr and Mrs Frank C. ; Santa Clara and Central aves., Alameda 

Jordan, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; Market st. near 14th st. 

Jorgensen, Carl; 1303 17th st. 

Kahn, Miss Henrietta; 778 9th st. Wednesdnj/ 

Kahn, Mr and Mrs Solomon ; 762 9th st. Wednesday 

Keith, W. ; Berkeley 

Kellogg, Charles W. ; 12.'>3 Grove st. 

Kellogg, Prof and ^frs Martin ; Berkeley 

Kflly, Mr and Mrs H. W. ; 1214 Brush st. 

Kelsey, Mr and Mrs Noah; 130 9th st. 

Kenna, P. J. G. ; Fruit vale 

Kerr, Mr and Mrs Mark B. ; Berkeley ' 

Kimball, C. H. ; 1350 Jackson st. 

King, Mr and Mrs George Lyman ; 11th and Jefferson sts. Wednesday 

Kirkham, General and Mrs R. W. ; Oak and Sth sts. 

Miss Kate 

Kirkland, Joseph B. ; Alameda 
Knight, Mr and Mrs Allen ; 1424 Webster st. 
Knight, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; 1300 Jackson st. 
Knowles, Capt and Mrs Josiah N.; 1300 Webster st. 

The Misses 

Knox, Dr and Mrs H. E.; 480 Merriraac st. 

Miss Mary 

Knox, Mr and Mrs Israel ; Knox Place and Telegraph ave. 

Knox, Mrs K. G.; 1825 Telegraph ave. Thursday Pacific Grove 

Koerber, Mr and Mrs August ; Alameda 

Kurtz, Mrs B. C. ; 521 13th st. Tuesday 

Iramreaux, Miss Mamie; Petaluma ave. San Rafael 

Landsberger, Mr and Mrs Isador; Alameda 


Henry M. 

Langley, Miss Melanie; 150 E. 12th st., East Oakland 

Charles F. 

I^thrope, Rev and Mrs H. I). ; East Oakland 

John M. 

Lawson, Mr and Mrs William; 1308 Madison st. Tuesday 
\je Conte, Prof and Mrs John; Dwight way, [Berkeley 
I^ Contc, Vroi and Mrs Joncph ; Bancroft way, Berkeley 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Kvenlujf Party to »)e able to offer your KueBtM a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER A <:0., Pacific Coast A Rent*. 


Lewis, Dr and Mrs W. F. ; 810 E. 15th st. Tuesday 

Irving, C. 

John M. 

Leckie, Mr and Mrs Robert ; 977 6th ave., East Oakland Mondaij 
Leiske, Mr and Mrs Robert ; East Oakland 
Liliencrantz, Dr and Mrs August ; 13th and Madison sis. 
Little, Col and Mrs William C. ; Broadway near Moss ave. 

Livermore, Mr and Mrs H. P. ; Rocridge Park j MonJlr^rNapi Co. 

Miss Grace 

Lie welly n, Mrs E. ; San Lorenzo 

Lohman, Mrs Fannie E. ; Lake and Madison sts. Wednesday 

Miss Jennie 

Miss Fannie 

Lucas, Mrs William; 12th st. and 3rd ave. 

Lyon, Mr and Mrs W. Parker; SW cor. Eleventh and Grove sts. 

macDonarld, Miss L. S.; 484 Merrimac st. 

Magill, Mr and Mrs Arthur E. ; 310 East 17th st., East Oakland 

Mallory, Miss M. B. ; 12th st. and Third ave. 

Mangels, Christopher ; Alameda 

Mansfeldt, Mr and Mrs Hugo; 1163 Alice st. Thursday 

Marcellus, Mr and Mrs E. P.; 555 19th st. 

Marriot, ^Ir and Mrs F. ; Willow and Alameda ave., Alameda Thursday 

Marsh, Mr and Mrs E. B.; Field Seminary 

:Marstou, E. W. ; 1391 Webster st. 

Martin, Mr and Mrs J. West; 720 14th st. 



Martin, Miss Ruth E.; 1224 Webster st. 

Marwedel, Mr and Mrs Edward H.; 163 10th st. Friday 

Masten, Mr and Mrs N. K.; 1232 Madison si. 

Miss Mamie 

Miss Irene 


Masten, Mr and Mrs Joseph N. ; 1428 Webster st. 

Mastick, Mr and Mrs C. L.; Central ave. and Oak st., Alameda 

Mastick, Mr and Mrs E. B.; Pacific ave. and Prospect st., Alameda 

The Misses 

Mastick, Mr and Mrs George H.; Pacific ave. and Wood st., Alameda 
Mastick, Mr and Mrs R, W. ; Santa Clara ave. and Willow st., Alameda 
Mathews, Mr and :Mrs E. G. ; 104 E. 12th st., E. Oakland Wednesday 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Marweda, Mr and Mrs E. N. ; 215 Ninth st. Friday 
Mauzy, Dr and Mrs K. D.; 730 11th st. Tuesday 

Miss Alice 


Mauzy, Dr and Mrs W. P. ; 814 14th st. Wednesday 

Maxwell, Mr and Mrs George H. ; Berkeley 

May, Mr and Mrs; 527 East 11th st., East Oakland 

Mayer, Miss Ray; 1418 Eiglith et. 

McChesney, Prof and Mrs J. P..; 1350 Franklin st. 

McClure, Rev and Mrs David; Caledonia ave. 

MfCoy, Mr and Mrs Charles; 02 East 12th st., East Oakland 

McCurrie, John P.; Alameda 

McCutchen, Mr and Mrs E. J.; Alameda 

McElrath, Major and Mrs J. E.; 668 Sixteenth st. 

Miss M. 

McGilvray, Mr and Mrs Wm. D. ; 1267 Twelfth ave., East Oakland 
McGillivray, Joseph; IJ^o Franklin st. 



McKee, Mrs Samuel B.; 1033 Adeline st. Monday 

Miss Sallie 

Miss Nellie 

Miss Amy 

Samuel B. 

J. C. 

McKenna, James ; Alameda 

McKieick, Judge and Mrs L. D.; 1167 Castro st. Del Monte 

Miss Rose 

McKnight, Mr and Mrs Andrew J.; Fruitvale 

McLean, Rev and Mrs J. K. ; 520 Thirteenth st. 

McNear, Mr and Mrs George W.; Linden and 10th sts. Del Monte 

John A. 



Mead, Mr and Mrs L. R. ; Oakland Hotel Rafael 

Mead, I^e Grande; Alameda 

Mea<l, William H.; Temescal 

Meade, Mr an<l Mrs Calvert; 1315 Myrtle st. 

Mecartney, Mr and Mrs Amos; Bay Farm Island, Alameda 

Meehan, Mr and Mrs Jesse P. ; Oakland Lake Tahoe 

Me«'k, H. W, ; San Ix)renzo 

M.lviii. Mr and Mrs S. If. ; .^-•S En-t Mtl, wt., East Oakland 

<iOKI>ON & DILWORTHS Fine Freierved Krultn, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup. Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be bad of all faucy Grocer*. 

M.\U, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Ajfcnts. 


Merriam, Mr and Mrs Charles; Berkeley 

Merrill, Mr and Mrs Thomas L. ; 457 Merrimac place 

Merritt, Dr Samuel ; 1213 Webster st. 

Metcalf , Mr and Mrs George D. Berkeley 

Metcalf, Mr and Mrs Victor H. ; 1263 Harrison st. 

Mhoon, Major John B. ; 1017 Adeline st. 

Miller, Miss Agnes; 1224 Webster st. 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Albert ; 14th and Union sts. Monday 

Miss Charlotte 

Miss Annie 

Harry East 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Charles E.; Alameda Hotel Del Monte 

Miller. Mr and Mrs C. O. G. ; 1031 Market, or 1264 14th sts. 

Miller, Edward H., Jr.; Alameda 

Miller, Robert W. ; Galindo Hotel 

Miller, Mr and Mrs W. E.; 1277 Webster st. Wednesday 

Mills, Mrs C. T. ; Seminary Park 

Millnack, Miss Jessie; 836 18th st., Oakland Friday 

Mininger, Mrs Adeline : Broadway and R. R. ave. ; Alameda Thursday 

Miss Grace 

Moe, Mrs George W. ; 520 13th st. 

Moffitt, Mr and Mrs James ; Broadway and 22d sts. Wed?iesday 

Montague, Mrs Samuel C. ; 1019 Filbert st. 

Moore, Mr and Mrs A. A. ; 6th ave. and 20th st. ; East Oakland Tuesday 

Moore, Mr and Mrs J. P.; 1010 Franklin st. 

Morgan, Mr and Mrs Benjamin ; Berkeley 

Morgan, Mr and Mrs C. B. ; 1363 Castro st. 

^Morgan, Mr and Mrs James ; 120 East 14th st. ; East Oakland 

Morris, Mr and Mrs AVilliam ; 1428 Webster st. Tuesday 

Moses, I'rof and Mrs B.; Berkeley 

Mowe, Mrs George W.; 1313 Madison st. Wednesday 

Murdock, Mr and Mrs George H. ; Alameda 

Nagle, Mr and Mrs H. H.; 973 5th ave., East Oakland 
Nahl, Mr and Mrs; Alameda 

Naylor, Mr and Mrs Chas E. ; Alameda Thursday 
Neal, Mr and Mrs Charles S. ; Morton station, Alameda 
Nelson, Capt and Mrs Charles; Seminary Park 


Miss Maggie 

Nicholson, Dr and Mrs J. E. : 626 8th st. 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 


Newton, Mr and Mrs; Peralta Heights Thursday 

Miss Alice 

MisH JeBsie 

Miss Mabel 

Nichols. Charles M. ; 10H2 Ttli avc, East Oakland 
Nicholson, Mr and Mrs J. H.; 402 22d st. 
North, Mr and Mrs George L. ; Alameda 

O'Brien, Col and Mrs W. H. ; Clareraont ave. Friday Napa Co. 

Oliver, William Letts; 1110 12th st. 

Olney, Mr and Mrs Warren D. ; 481 Prospect ave. 

( >lsen. John ; 1705 Lincoln st. 


O'Meara, Miss Jennie; Park st. station, Alameda. 

Orr, John K. ; 1110 Alice st. 

Otis, Mr and Mrs Frank; Santa Clara ave. & Parii St., Alameda Thursday 

O'Toole, Dr and Mrs M. C. ; North Berkeley 

Ott, F. W. ; Oakland 

< hvens, John K.; Alameda 

Miss Mamie 

Palachc. Mr and Mrs James; Claremont ave. '* Fairview " Wednesday 

The Missef^ 

Palmer, Mr and Mrs C. T. H. ; Piedmont ave., Berkeley 

Palmer, Mr and Mrs Frank; r)92 Sycamore st. 

Pardee, Dr and Mrs E. H.; 072 11th st. 

Pardee, Dr and Mrs George C. ; 1307 Eighth ave.. East Oakland 

Partridge, Mr and Mrs Samuel ; 1224 Webster st. Tuesday 

Patten, Mrs E. A.; 1028 Seventh ave., East Oakland 

Paulsell, A. C. ; 1319 Grove st. 

Payne, George H. ; W^est End, Alameda 

Pennoyer, Mr and Mrs Albert A. ; 1353 Alice st. Wednesday 

Ferine, Miss Eva; 1317 Jackson st. Wednesday 

Ferine, Mr and Mrs N. P. ; Fruitvale 

Miss Florence 

Ferine. Mr and Mrs W. T).: SQK Oak st. 

Miss Madge 

Perkins, Hon and Mrs George C; 939 12th st. Del Monte 

Miss May 

Miss Susie 

IMerce, Mr and Mrs C. D. ; 1416 Grove st. Wednesdat/ Lake Tahoe 

J y iii( HAliDSON A r.^i^V'^"^' v-"r,i M,.,its. I'lum Pnddinjr. Boneless < hicKen. 
Ham. aii'I Tnrkev. . (;iirri«*d OvHterK, «ud Fowl for Luncheon. 

J':. lii. w. Kf( All' ki'cp them. 

.MAU, 8ADLKR & CO., Pacific Com! Agents 


Peterson, Capt S. B.; 1218 Grand st., Alameda 

Miss Carrie 

Mr and Mrs Frederick C. 

Frank B. 

Pheby, Mr and Mrs Thomas B, ; 1275 Alice st. Tuesday 

Miss Elise 

Phillips. Mr and Mrs J. W. ; 977 Sixth ave., East Oakland Monday 


Miss Mamie 

Pierce, Marshall; 459 Merrimac st. 

Miss Henrietta 

Miss Josephine 


Pierce, W. Frank; 568 18th st. 

Pillsbury, Miss Edith ; Alameda 

Pinkham, Frank; Galindo Hotel, Oakland 

Pinkerton, Mrs G. H.; 1014 Broadway 

Pitman, Mrs Capt H. C; Berkeley 

Poindexter, Mr and Mrs Frank H. ; Alameda 

Pond, Mrs Ella C. ; Berkeley 

Porter, Mr and Mrs ^V. H.; 660 Fourteenth st. 

Posey, Dr and Mrs A. C. ; 11th ave. and 22d St., East Oakland 

Potter, Mr and Mrs E. E.; 1305 Twelfth ave., Ea^t Oakland 

Powell, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; Berkeley 

Prather, Mr and Mrs Thomas; 1253 Alice st. Thursday 

Prather, Mr and Mrs W. L. ; 507 Eleventh st. 

—The Misses 

Prentiss, ^a«nuel K.; 176 Lake st. 

Prescott, Mr and Mrs F. S.; 1366 Tenth ave., East Oakland Wednesday 

Pringle, Mr and Mrs E. J.; 826 East 19th st., East Oakland 

R.abe, Mr and Mrs William; 1406 Alice st. Wednesday 

Miss Frances Louise 

W. H. 

Ralston, Mr and Mrs A. Jackson: 534 25th st. Thursday Santa Cruz 

Miss Claire 


Ralston, Mrs Lizzie F. ; 172 13th st. J\ednesday Michigan Bluff 

Miss B. 

Ralston, Mr and Mrs William C. ; Visit at cor. 9th <k Madison Auburn 

Randall, Mr and Mrs Chas W. ; Piedmont 

Randolph, Daniel L.; Alameda 

Ransome, Mr and Mrs Ernest L. ; 1505 10th ave., East Oakland 


THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


RedingtoD, Mr and Mrs Jofleph; Alice st. 

Reed, Mr and Mrs George W. ; 974 KUh st. 

Reqiia, Mr and Mrs Isaac L. ; Piedmont Wednesday 

Miss Amy 


Reynolds, Major and Mrs G. P.; 1855 Central ave., Alameda 

Riley, Mr and Mrs P. T. ; Berkeley 

Risdon, Mr and Mrs Robert; 8th and Myrtle sts. 

Rising, Miss S. A.; !»14 Castro st. Tuesda;/ 

Rising, Prof and Mrs W. B. ; AUston and Chapel, Berkeley 

Robinson, Miss May; 917 Peralta st. San Rafael 

Robinson, Mr and Mrs Samuel, Park Hotel, Alameda Friday 

Rodolph, Mr and Mrs C. T. ; 1409 Brush st. 

Rodgers, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 120:> Jackson st. Wednesday 

Romer, Eugene ; 1926 Alameda ave., Alameda 

Roos, Joseph; Alameda 

Rosborough, Miss Fanny; Highland Park 

Ruse, Mr and Mrs Frederick ; Claremont 

Russell. Mr and Mrs John A; Pacific and First ave. ; Alameda 

Miss Jean 

Miss Ada 

Ruther, Mr and Mrs Fred; 131() 10th st. Wednesday 

Sather, Mrs Pedar; r2th and <jrove sts. 

Saunders, Mrs J. M. ; Olive House Wednesday 

Savage, Mr and Mrs W. C. ; Broadway Wednesday 

Sawyer, Mrs Anna M. ; Berkeley 

Scott, Mr and Mrs Paul ; Alameda 

Seabury, Capt and Mrs ; P>erkeley Steamer " Rio Janeiro " 

Seaman, Mr and Mrs George B. ; 1204 Harrison st. 

Sears, Judge and Mrs ; San I^andro 

Miss Stella 

Sears, Mr and Mrs H. B.; 14th and Chestnut sts. 

H. B., Jr. 

Seaton, Mr in<l Mrs Horace H.; cor. Jackson and Lake sts. Wednesday 

Mr and Mrs William 

Selby, Mr and Mrs Prentiss; Alice st. Thursday Santa Cruz 

Prentiss, Jr. 

Sessions, Mr and Mrs E. C; Highland Park, East Oakland 

Shanklin, Mr and .Mrs J. W. ; 9;{S Filbert st. 

Shattuck, Mr and Mrs Charles H. ; Central ave., Alameda Tltmsday 

Shattuck, Mr and Mrs F. K. ; Shattuck ave.; Berkeley 

Shay, Mr and Mrs Frank ; -Vlamcda 

Sheldon, John P. ; 932 14th st. 

U. O. WILBUR & SONS'S Chocolate aud Coroa {'reparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Auk your Grocer for them. MAC SADLEK A CO., racinc Coattt Agcnta. 


Shephard, Mr and Mrs J. L. N.; San Pablo ave. Thursday 

Miss Madeline 

Miss Louise 

Shephard, Mr and Mrs Morgan ; San Pablo ave. 

Shephard, Capt and Mrs L. G.; 1303 Seventh ave. Friday 

Shepherd, John E. ; 1123 Peralta bt. 

Shepherd, L. F. ; 1217 Franklin st. 

Sherman, William ; 620 14th st. 

Miss Lizzie 

Simons, Mr and Mrs O.; 277 Second st. 

J. E. 

Simons, Mr and Mrs Stuart ; Alameda 
Simpson, Mr and ^Irs A. M. ; 1265 Grove st. 
Simpson, Mrs T. B.; 1653 Telegraph ave. Thursday 

Miss Marianna 

Miss Lucy- 
Smith, F. M.; Eighth ave. and E. 24th st. 
Smith, Mr and Mrs A. D. ; 910 Myrtle st. Wednesday 


Leon D. 



Smith, Mr and Mrs G. Frank; 914 Castro st. Tuesday 

Miss Ada B. 

Miss Gertrude 


Smith, Mr and Mrs H. B., Jr.; cor Berton and Central aves., Alameda 

Smith, Mr and Mrs George E.; 1063 Eleventh st. 

Smith, Henry L ; 76S Ninth st. 

Snell, Miss Mary E. ; 568 Twelfth st. Tuesday 

Miss Sarah H. 

Mr and Mrs R. B. 

Snow, S. A. : 719 Eighth st. 

Soule, Prof and Mrs Frank; Oak and 10th sts. Tuesday 

Spaulding, Mr & Mrs Nathan \V.; Highland Park, East Oakland Friday 

Sperry, Mrs M. S.; 16th and Jefferson sts. 

Miss Minnie 

Miss Beda 

Squire, Henry P. ; 11th st., near Alice st. 

St. John, Chauncey M.; Oakland 

Stanley, Judge and Mrs A. ; 1221 Jackson st. Wednesday Del Monte 

Stanford, Mrs J.; 1218 Oak st. 


Starr, Mr and Mrs A. D.; 1353 Grove st. Monday 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 


Starr, Mrs L. M. ; oth ave., East Oakland 

Steele, Mr and Mrs Edward L. G.; 824 Jackson St. Thursday 


Stephenson, Mr and Mrs C. V.; 118 Dth st. Thunday 
Stevens, Mrs Levi; Fruitvale 

Miss O. E. 

Miss Dollie 

Stewart, Mrs Wm. M. ; Alameda 

Stolp, Mr and Mrs G. M. ; 118 VMh st., Oakland 

Fred A. 

Stone, Mr; 182") Telegraph ave. Thursday Boston 

Miss Sophie 

St)ni*, Mr and Mrs Byron F.; 1311 Harrison st. 

Stone, Mrs R. Catherine; Field Seminary Thursday 

Stiibhs, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 1228 Madison st. 

Stubbs, David D.; Alameda 

Swenarton, Mr and Mrs .1. A. ; 1374 Franklin st. 

Swift, Mr and Mrs Samuel; 1112 East IGth st., East Oakland 

Swyney, W. J. ; Railroad ave. and Benton st., Alameda 

The Misses 


Taber, Mr and Mrs I. W. ; 1351 Madison st. Tn sday 

Miss Daisy 

Taft, H. C. ; 1303 Harrison st. 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs Arthur C; East Oakland 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs Channcey; NW cor. Castro and 8th sts. De! Monte 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs Hinckley; Oakland 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs William H.; 704 8th st. 

Templeton, M. F. ; E. 14th st., Fruitvale 

Tevis, Mr and Mrs Joshua; 2051 E. 14th st., East Oakland Saturday 


Dr Samuel 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs R. P. ; Berkeley 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs W. D. ; 561 E. 11th st., East Oakland 

Miss Clara S. 

Miss Maggie A. 

Thompson, R. B. ; Summit ave. 

Thompson, Mrs M. J.; 17th ave. and E. 2')th st., East Oakland ThuvMlay 

Miss Josepliine 

Thomson, Mr and Mrs A. D. ; 1115 Jackson st., Oakland Wtdnesday 

Miss Mollie R. Conners 

Miss Maggie Conners 

Thors, Mr and Mrs Ixjuis; College ave., Berkeley 

Alway> rvlUble and uniform— HORACE R. KEI.LY & CO S Key Wot Hftvana Clgar» 

MAU, SADLER St CO.. Paclflc Coast AgentH. 


Tibbey, Miss Sadie; Alameda 

Tompkins, Mrs Sarab; 1271 Jackson st. Wednesdaif San Leandro 

The Misses 


Touchard, Mr and Mrs G. L. ; 1077 8th st. 


Trembly, Dr and Mrs J. B. ; 8th and Myrtle sts. 

Tubbs, Mr and Mrs Hiram ; 5th ave. and 12th St., East Oakland 

The Misses 

Tucker, Dr and Mrs J. C. ; 1051 Market st. 

Miss Etta 

Miss Mae 

Tuttle, Mr and Mrs C. A.; :Madison and 10th sts. 

Upham, Mr and Mrs Isaac; Hotel Merritt 

"Van Loben Sels, Mr and Mrs P. J. ; 1305 Adeline st. 
Van Sicklen, Mr and Mrs F. W. ; Central ave. and Union St., Alameda 
Vanden Berg, Mr and Mrs S. L. ; 1018 Adeline st. Monday 
Vandyke, William H. ; 14th ave., near East 23d st., East Oakland 

Miss Carrie 

Vincent, Edward ; 1271 Jackson st. Wednesday 


Vrooman, Mrs Henry; Claremont 

Wade, Mr and Mrs E. E. ; 1373 11th ave., East Oakland 
Wade, Mr and Mrs S. H. ; 1375 11th ave., East Oakland 
Wadsworth, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 1 347 Alice st. 

Miss M. 

Walcott, Mr and Mrs J. ; Bancroft way, Berkeley 

Miss Mabel 

Miss 3Iaud 

Earl A. 

Wall, Mrs; Berkeley 

Dr B. P. 

Wall, Mr and Mrs Jesse S. ; 1439 Market st. 

Miss Ella 

Miss Louise 

Miss Bessie 

Wandesforde, Mr and Mrs J. B. ; Hay wards 
AVard, Mr and Mrs D. H. ; 1216 Webster st. 
Ward, Mr and Mrs Joseph W. ; 517 Frederick st. 

Miss Hortense 

Ward, Mr and Mrs J. Walter, Jr; 1239 Linden Monday 

GORDON & DILWORTHS Fiue Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Waters, Miss Jennie; 56S 12th st. Tuesday 

AVatkins, Mrs P. T. ; Webster st. 

Watson, Mr and Mrs Charles L. ; 1375 Madison st. Friday 

Watson, Captain ; 26th st. near Broadway 


AVatt, J. McA. ; 1204 Madison st. 

Wattles, Mr and Mrs William S. ; Berkeley 

Wellman, Mrs Bela ; E. 1-llh st., East Oakland 

The Misses 


Wentworth, Mr and Mrs Ira M.; West lierkeley 
West, Mr and Mrs Albert A. ; 1977 Webster st. ircJ/zm^/v 
Weston, Mr and Mrs B. F.; 150 Lake st. Friday Santa Clara 

Weston, Mrs Sarah S. ; 1245 Webster st. 

F. F. 

Westover, Mr and Mrs C. ; 610 12th st. 
AV^etherbee, Mr and Mrs Henry ; Fruitvale 
Wharton, Mr and Mrs George H. ; Oakland 

^Miss Bessie 

Wheaton, Mr and Mrs George H. ; IGO Lake st. Tuesday 

Miss Bessie 


Wheaton, Mr and Mrs William R. ; 1050 Poplar st. 

The Misses 

Whiteomb, Frank K. ; I>erkeley 

White, Mrs; Claremont ave., North Temescal. TJiursday 

White, Capt and Mrs ; Highland Park 


Whitney, Mr and Mrs George; 1076 Htli st. 

■ Miss Violet 

The Misses 

Whitney, Mr and Mrs S. A. ; 1155 Madison st. Wednesday 
Whittaker, Mr and Mrs A. E. ; 722 11th st. 

Wildes, Mr and Mrs Henry; Third ave. and 12th st, Ipag^ OaktjJ-(,i 

Wildes, Mrs J. H.; Oakland 

Wilcox, Mr and Mrs David; 1201 Alice st. Thursday San Jose 

Miss Minnie 

Miss Bertha 

AVilkinson, Warring; cor. Warring and Dwight way, Berkeley 

Wilkinson, Profit Mrs C. Dwight way and Col. ave.. Bkly J^sonoma'^ 

AVillcntt, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; 050 Linden st. 

Williams, Mrs A. F. ; 21.'il Telegraph ave. Wednesday 

Mr and Mrs G. F. 

Try HKHAHnsoN A Km | MfRts. IMuin lMi(ltlln>j. Hoiu-U'M Chlokeii, 

Ham. aii'l Turkey. K<. u«. Ciirricd uvNterH. unci Fowl (or Luncheon, 

ririiirn. Klo. All firntcui'.* «.r<>ccr>» kf««i» thi'm. 

Air, .^AI) 

MAlf, .^ADLKK & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 


Willcutt, Mr and Mrs George ; Jones st., near Telegraph ave. 
Williams, Mr and Mrs E. C. ; 969 Brush st. 

Miss May 

Miss Mary 

Winchester, Mr& Mrs J.P. ; Pacific ave., bet.Woodct Chapin sts., Alameda 

Wood, Mrs Annie; 815 13th st. 

Wood, Mr and Mrs C. L. ; Bay st. and Pacific ave., Alameda 

Miss Annie Y. 

Miss Mary K. 

Ed. C. 

Wood, Mr and Mrs C. E. P. ; 8th st. & 5th ave., East Oakland Thursday 

Miss May 

Wood, Mrs Eliza, 1003 9th ave.. East Oakland 
AVoolsey, Dr E. H. ; 12th and Jackson sts. 
Wright^ Mrs C. S. ; 758 18th st. 

Wright, Mr and Mrs Geo. T. San Antonio ave. jlst& 3d Thursdays 

bet. Morton and Parii '( Alameda 
Landsberger H. M. 

Harrison A. D. 

Yates, Mr and Mrs Charles M. ; Alameda 

Yelland, Mr and Mrs II. D. ; 1464 7th ave., East Oakland 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have beeu sold iu this market for 

over ten years. A sufl&cieut guarantee that thev are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 




^he JQ^-ncroft Qompany 

Bool^sellerG 'm- 

A-1[ C0MPL1:TE stock of 
^ current Literature; 
Standard Books in fine 
Bindings, books bound to 
order in any style at the 
lowest rates. 


L^^.'j ill great variety. 

the Tiffany of "the 
Pacific Coast for ICngrav- 
ing, Stamping, lUuiuin- 
ating. and Artistic I'rint- 
ing; Wedding and Party 
Invititions, Visiting, 
Menu, and Guest Cards 


^PRINTING, Bookbind- 
er ing, Lithographing 
and P^ngraving. New 
Type, New Machinery. 
The popular place for 
prompt and 

^\x-ti»ttc l^Uovh 

oftOOKS Printed 
^'S and PublLshcd for 
Authors; Briefs, Pamph- 
lets and Catalogues, 
Labels and all kinds of 
Color Printing, Cards, 
Bill-heads, Circulars and 
everN- description of Coni- 
nierc'.al work. 

JVIanufacturing Departmeiii] 

OrZLAXK FORr.IS for Law, Real Estate, County and IClection; Blank 
^7, Books to Order for Merchants, Bankers and County Officers; Blanks to order; 
Check Books. Bonds and Stock Certificates. 

por the gcliool l^ocni 

.CCHOOL and College Text Books; School Library Books, Cyclopaedias, Diction- 
?: aries, School Apparatus, School Desks, Furniture, Ktc. 

Piano Depaptnient 

Pianos and Organs, Best i:i every Grndi; and fully \Varranlc<l 

gpanish-yiniei'icaii Commercial Ageiicy 

The object of this department is to develop the Industrial aiul Commercial 
Intercourse between the United States and Spanish America. 

Besides a tlioroughly systematical ai^d reliable Bureau of Information, the 
department issues annually the Manual. 



^^ CAUiPO^rtlA 



I \ 1 I"* \ |\ S I () ( () \I M What wiiiild yoii not K>^p '^i"' a jjocid portrait of your 

. ^ ^ Fiancee. Husband. Wife, or Hahy / of yon r l-ather. 

Mother. Si>lcr. or Urolhtr - An artistif and Iruthfnl Portrait i.s an acceptable present at all 
t«aKOUS. Would not sotnfhodv prixe your own portrait ' 

«,u;irantecs satisfactory work, and is acknowledged l)y Art Critic*, the world over to make 
11 IK MKS;i' 1 '< )K'1K A I'l ^>. The new style of M \'.y//A >'!'] XX 1 I 1< )'l < )- 
( ; iv A 1 "1 i 1 •< )K f K' ^\ \'V lecently perfected and introdticed by Mr. Taber is the best 
cl.issofwurk fvjr large size pictures either from life or copy. Just the thing for Presents. 
Keasonable Cost. 

\Me\vs of Pacific Coast SccMier y 

In Albums and Souvenirs, at all prices — fine Presents for friends abroad. 


(open evenings) in Palace Hotel. 


Main Office and Gallery 
\ I ( >X'i'( .( JM KWN' ^STKEI^ 1" 

San Fr»anciseo, Cal. 

HijjH Art 


Pari3ia9 l^adies' Jailor 

;',1_M SI:'I'1'1:K» S'rWKKT 

S^n Ff^Qneiseo 

Tailor-Made Suits, Ri«liiij< Habits, Jackets, Tlsters, Wraps and Cloaks of 
Kvery Description. C»ood Fit Guaranteed 



Aekerman, ^Ir and Mrs; St. James Park Weclnesdau 

Anderson, Judge and Mrs; 52 Lovelace ave. Wednesdoif 

Ayres, Col and Mrs J. J. ; Pearl st. Tuesday 

Baker, Mr and Mrs W. A. ; 242 X. Main st.; Baker Block Moudnii 

Baldwin, Miss; Thorn Block 

Baoning, Mrs Mary; 431 N. Fort st. Thursday 

Miss ^lary 

Bereman, Miss ; 347 S. Fort st. 

Bonsall, Mr and Mrs J. P.; cor Lucas and Arnold aves. Friday 

Bowring, Mr and Mrs Henry ; Pearl st. Tuesday 

Boyce, Col and Mrs ; Grand ave. Wednesday 

Bradbury, Miss ; cor. Hill and Court House Monday 

Briggs, Mr W. R. ; Baker Block Monday 

Miss Lillian 

Burnham, Mr and Mrs R. W. ; 25 Loma Drive Friday 
Carron, Mr and Mrs T. J. ; Ellis ave. Wednesday 

Miss Carrie 

Caswell, Mr and Mrs William ; -100 Grand ave. Thursdai/ 
Chandler, Mr and Mrs Burdette; 545 E. First st. Tuesday 
Cheeney, Judge and Mrs William ; 936 S. Hill st. Thursday 
Childs, Mr and Mis O. W. ; 1011 S. Main st. Tuesday 

The Misses 

Clacius, Dr and Mrs; cor. Pico and Figueroa sts. Wednesday 

Clarke, Mr and Mrs A. K. ; 1112 Hill st. Tuesday 

Clarke, Miss Daisy; Olive st. Monday 

Cook, Mr and Mrs Joe ; Ellis ave. Wednesday 

Creighton, Mr and Mrs Telfair; Palm House Wednesday 

Damarin, Mrs Edith Friday 

Davis, Mrs Mamie Perry; 507 S. Pearl st. Tuesday 

Davisson, Dr and Mrs ; cor. Aliso and Michignn ave Tuesday 

De Szigethy, Dr and Mrs Charles ; 14 Main st. Monday 

Dillman, Miss ; Heathman House 

Dunkelberger, Mr and Mrs T. R. ; 1000 N. Ninth st. Tuesday 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Kej' West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 

and see for yourself. „ .^ .-. 

MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agent«. 


Du Puy, Jiul^'e and Mrs; 1.'04 AV. Pico st. Thursday 

Miss Florence 

Eastman, Col and Mrs F. H. ; Rossmoore Monday 
Ellis, Kev and Mrs; Ellis College Friday 


Ellis, Mr and Mrs Charles J. ; cor Ellis ave. and Scaiff Wednesday 
Embody, The Misses; 1102 Downey ave., E. Los Angeles Thursday 

English, Mr and Mrs Taylor ; Ellis ave. Wednesday 
Finlayson, Mr and Mrs Jas. A. ; 105 Daly St., E. Los Angeles Monday 
Fremont, Oen and ]\Irs ; Hotel Marlborough Wednesday 


Friesner, Mr and Mrs W. M.; Figueroa st. and Ellis ave. Wednesday 
Frye, Col and Mrs William ; cor. Central ave. and 9th Tuesday 
Furrey, Major and Mrs W. C. ; 214 S. Fort st. 
Gates, Mr and Mrs C. W. ; 138 Hill st. 

Mr and Mrs Carroll ; 138 S. Hill st. Thursday 

Gephard, Mrs; Hotel Pleasanton Monday 

The Misses 

Oermain, Mr and Mrs Eugene ; 1030 Olive st. 
Glassell, Mr and Mrs; Waters near Temple st. 


Goodwin, Mr and Mrs L. C. ; 441 S. Fort st. Thursday 
(iraves, Dr and Mrs; cor. Ottawa and Pearl sts. Wednesday 
Hazard, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 209 S. Fort st. Fnday 
Hellman, Mr and Mrs T. W. ; cor. Main and Fourth sts. Monday 
Henderson, Mr and Mrs J. A.; Hotel Lincoln Thursday 


Hough, Mr and Mrs Deacon; 81.5 Pearl st. Tuesday 
Houghton, Judge and Mrs S. 0. ; 34 Orange ave. Thursday 

The Misses 

Howell, Mr and Mrs; 1014 S. Hill st. Thursday 


Hoyt, Miss 

Hu'bbell, Mr and Mrs F. C. ; Boyle Heights Tuesday 

Hughs, Mrs; St. James Park Tuesday 

Jonej, Mrs; Nadeau Hotel Monday 

King, Mr and Mrs A. T, ; Hotel Marlboroiigli 

Lace)', Mr.s; East Los Angeles, Downey ave. Thursday 

Lankershim, ]^Ir and Mrs James B. ; 850 S. Olive st. Monday 

Leek, Mr and Mrs Henry V. ; Manhattan ave. Wednesday 

Lee, Mr and .Mrs Henry T. ; W. .Vdams St. Wednesday 

I>ee, Mr and Mrs Bradner W.; Flower an«l 10th sts. Tuenday 

Ia'w'is, Mr and Mrs S. B. ; Hotel Lincoln Thursday 

l/cwis, Mrs S. AL ; Adams st,, I'alm House 

Try the FRANCO-AMKRICAN FOOD CO'8 Natural Flavor Frciuh Soups, pot up In 
glass eiipcci ally for Children's Diet, InvalidH. Hlok or Wt-ak Persons. 

MAU. KADLEU A CO., I'acinc Coast Ageut. 


Lindley, Dr and Mrs Walter; .S. Fort, near Sixth st. Thursday 
Littleboy, Mrs ; 956 E. First st. Tuesday 
Lockhart, Miss Fannie; Ottawa st. 
Lowell, Miss Grace ; Scheffelin Grove Fnday 
Lynch, Mr and Mrs Joe; Westminster Hotel Monday 
Lyon, Mr and Mrs Wm. S. ; 1400 Seventh st. 
' Macneil, Mr and Mrs H. L. ; Sixth st. Monday 
McKinley, Judge and Mrs ; Lovelace ave. Wednesday 
Mansfield, Mr and Mrs John; 301 Hill st. Thursday 
Masser, Dr and Mrs W. H. ; cor. Temple st. and Bunker Hill ave. Friday 
McFarland, Mr and Mrs Dan ; cor. Figueroast. and Ellis ave. Wednesday 
Merrill, Mr and Mrs John ; Hotel Marlborough Wednesday 


Miles, Miss Sadie; Orange ave. Tuesday 
Mott, Col and Mrs S. D. ; 543 S. Main st. Tliursday 
Moore, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; 153 Figueroa st. Wednesday 

Munday, Mr and Mrs M. E. C. ; Manhattan ave. Friday 
Neal, Mrs J. A. ; Adams st., Palm House Wednesday 


Newmark, Mr and Mrs; cor. Grand ave. and 10th st. 
Obear, ^Fr and Mrs James ; Pasadena ave. Friday 


O'Melveny, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 26 Hansen st. , E. Los Angeles Thursday 
O'Melveny, Miss Adele ; 528 S. Pearl st. Tuesday 
Otis, Col and Mrs H. G. 322 S. Hill st. Monday 

The Misses 

Owens, Dr and Mrs Jas. Stormont; 939 Pearl st. Wednesday 

Owens, Dr and Mrs J. B. ; 421 S. Fort st. Tuesday 

Parsons, Mr and Mrs Charles; 15 Loma Drive Friday 

Patrick, Mrs Mar 3'^ ; 124 Dimond st. Friday 

Patton, Miss Susie 

Perry, Mr and Mrs W. H.; 507 S. Pearl st. Tuesday 

Miss Florence 

Plater, Mr and Mrs John ; Baker Block Monday 
Polk, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; ^'inth st. Tuesday 
Ponet, Mr and Mrs Victor; Adams st. Wednesday 
Prager, Mr and Mrs William ; Baker Block Monday 
Pridham, Mr and Mrs William; Baker Block Monday 
Prussia, Mr and Mrs F. B.; 141 S. Fort st. Monday 
Richards, Mr and Mrs Clarence; W. Adams st. Wednesday 
Robbins, Mr and Mrs A. S. ; 811 Pearl st. Wednesday 
Roginat, Baron and Baroness; E. Los Angeles Thursday 
Rose, Mr and Mrs L. J. ; Grand ave. and Fourth st. Monday 
The Misses 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it, MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



K088, Dr and Mrs F. B. ; The Kossmoore Monday 

Ross, iVIr and Mrs Percy ; 775 S. Hope st. 

Ross, I^Irs ; Pearl st. Tuesday 

Rowan, Mr and Mrf^ T. E. ; 429 S. Main st. 

Miss Joe 

Rowan, Miss Maude; Olive st. Monday 

Salisbury, Dr and Mrs; 5;i8 S. Pearl st. Taesdny 

Schallert, Mr and Mrs John ; Paeheco st. 

Scott, Mr and Mrs T.ester; Hotel Westminster Monday 

Seamans, Capt and Mrs; Ellis ave. Wednesday 

The Misses 

Severance, Mr and Mrs Mark; Adams st. Wednesday 
Silent. Mr and Mrs Charles ; W. Adams st. Wednesday 

Mr and Mrs Ed. 

Miss Libbie 

Silver, >rr and Mrs Herman; 941 Pearl st. Wednesday 

Miss Cora 

Slauson, ^Ir and Mrs J. S. ; Figueroa st. Wednesday 
Smith, Mr and Mrs; 535 Pearl st. 

Miss Leonora 

Snedaker, ]\Ir and Mrs ; Manhattan ave. Wednesday 

Solano, Mr and Mrs Alfred; 535 S. Main st. Monday 
Spence, Mr and Mrs E. F. ; 3.^7 S. Olive st. Thursday 

Miss Kate 

Starkey, Miss Jessie; The Winona Wednesday 

Stewart, Dr and Mrs ; r\hiin st. Monday 

Stickel, (ieorge; 221 ji S. Spring st. 

Stoneman, Ex-CJov and Mrs; (irand ave. and Jenkins st. Wednesday 

The Misses 

Th<.)rm, Capt and Mrs , 19 Mayo st. Thursday 

Tubbs, Miss; Beaudry st. Tuesday 

Unruh, Mr and Mrs H. A. ; Arcadia Wednesday 

Vail, Mr and Mrs Hugh ; Adams st. Wednexday 

Van Nuys, Mr and Mrs T. R.; Olo S. Spring st. Friday 

Vignes, Mr and Mrs L. J. ; 13 Manhattan ave. Thursday 

VoseVjurg, Mr and Mrs John ; Figueroa st. Wednesday 

Wells, Mr and Mrs Ci. Wiley ; 915 S. Hill st. Thursday 

Wheeler, Mrs J. O. ; Baker Block - Monday 

White, Hon and Mrs S. M. ; cor. S. Main and 11th sts, Tuesday 

Workmann, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; Boyle Heights Tuesday 

Worth, .Mr and Mrs Charles; The Winona Wednesday 

Chicken and Game I'&teii Truffled, made In the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO.. will l>c found dellrlouH for Hrenkfaiit, Lunch or Supper. ABk 
your Grocer for them. .MAC, HAULER A CO.. Pacific Coa«t AgenU. 


California Club 


The California Club was founded May 20, 1837, and incorporated 
December 24, 1888. 


Dan. Freeman 
W. G. Hughes 
Nicholas D. Coleman 
F. B. Prussia 

Vice- President 

Ass'l Secretary 

Dan. Freeman 
W.G. Hughes 


Nicholas D. Coleman 

C. Cabot 
H. J. Stewart 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritions, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents, 




Ainsworlh, Dr F. K. 
Austin, J. M. 
Bard, Thomas R. 
Baker, P. C. 
Baker, Robert S. 
Banning, Joseph B. 
Banning, Wm. 
Banning, Hancock 
Baruch, B. • 
Barnch, Jacob 
Beaudry, P. 
Biesell,'H. L. 
Black man, W. R. 
Bleecker, H. 
Bonebrake, George H. 
Bonsall, W. H. 
Bow ring, Edward 
Bonynge, W. A. 
Boyce H. H. 
Breed. L. N. 
Broaddus, Charles 
Brodrick, W. J, 
Brown, Thomas B. 
Cabot, C. 

Campbell, Alexander 
Childress, A. D. 
Clark, W. H. 
Chadbonrnc, F. S., S. F. 
Chad wick. \i. A. 
Cohn, Kaspare 
Cohn, Max 
Cole, Seward 
Coleman, Nicholas D. 
Conrey, N. P. 
Cook, J. E. 
Cowles. W. N. 
Cox, Ernest A. 
Craig, James 
Craig. M. K. 
Crank, J. F. 

Creighton, Telfair 
Crocker, Charles F., S. F. 
Crow, H. J. 
Crandall, E. E. 
Curlett, Wm. 
Cuzner, James 
Da vies, James N. 
Del Valle, R. F. 
De Szigethy, Dr C. H. 
Dickson, Oeorge E. 
I)obin8on, G, A. 
Dunkelberger, Isaac R. 
Dunn, Williamson 
Dunton, C. H. 
Dupuy, J. R. 
Duque, Thomas L. 
Egan, Richard 
Elliott, John M. 
Ellis, Charles J. 
Ellis, J. Ellwood 
English, W. Taylour 
Estudillo, J. G. 
Estudillo, Francisco 
Fairchild, J. A. 
Fallon, C. John 
Fisher. C. L. 
Fleishman, H. J. 
Forman, Charles 
Forman, Charles, Jr. 
Forster, J. F. 
Forster, M. A. 
Fowler, E. W. 
Fox, C. J. 
Freeman, A. C. 
Freeman, Dan. 
Frink, (Jeorge W. 
Fullerton, J. T. 
Furrey, W. C. 
Gaffey, John T. 
Garbutt, F. C. 

How pl«««nt •ft«r the Theater or an Kvonincr I'nrtv fi» >«> ni.lf to off.r vunr ir\iost« a 
nice cup of FRANCO-AMERICAN 'ore 

retiring. M i»t». 



Gardner, W. P. 
Garvey, Richatd 
Germain, Eugene 
Gibbon, T. E. 
Gillig, H. M. 
Glenn, George E. 
Goss, Thomas 
Goucher, W. H. 
Graves, J. A. 
Grierson, Lieut C. H. 
Griffith, F. T. 
Hagen, W. R. 
Hall, A. I. 
Hall, Col Robert H. 
Hall, E. E. 
Hall, Wm. Ham. 
Harkness, Fred. 
Harper, W. H. 
Harrell, A. J. 
Harris, Rusk 
Harvey, J. Downey, S. F. 
Haverstick, J. W. 
Hazard, H. T. 
Heilman, I. W. 
Hellman, H. W. 
Hicks, F. S. 
Hotchkiss, A. B. 
Houghton, S. O. 
Howard, F. H. 
Hughes, W. G. 
Hughes, Dr West 
Hunter, J. E. 
Jevne, H. 
Jewett, S. P. 
Johnson, E. P. 
Jones, A. C. 
Jones, E. W. 
Judson, A. H. 
Kerckhoff, W. G. 
King, George W. 
Kinney, Abbot 
Lacy, Wm. 
Lacy, Wm., Jr. 
Lacy, R. H.' 

Lacy, Sidney 
Lark in, A If. O. 
Latham, H. W. 
Lee, H. T. 
Lewis, S. B. 
Lindley, Hervey 
Lindley, Walter 
Lion, Gus. 
Loeb, L. 
Loew, Jacob 
Lovell, John 
Lowe, T. S. C. 
Mackey, C. E. 
MacGowan, Dr D. Granville 
Macneil, H. L. 
Mathews, John R. 
Maxwell, AValter S. 
Melius. J. J. 
Meredith, J. M. 
Miles, D. E. 
Montgomery, J. W. 
Mooie, Walter S. 
Mortimer, C. White 
Mossin, John G. 
Mott, S. H. 
Mott, T. D. 
Murray, Dr C. P. 
Mosgrove, H. 
McCool, D. 
McFarland, Charles 
McFarland, Dan. 
Mcllhenny, S. K. 
McLaughlin, Jas. 
Kabor, H. H. 
Newhall, H. G. 
Newhall, W. S. 
Newmark, H. 
New mark, M. A. 
Newmark, M. H, 
Newton, LB. 
Niles, Wm. 
Northam, R. J. 
O'Melveny, H. W. 
Osborne, H. Z. 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Outhwaite, J. H. 
Patrick, J. H. 
Patrick, Walter iM. 
Pat ton, George A. 
Parsons, Charles T. 
Perry, Lieut J. A. 
Plater, John E. 
Polk, I. H. 
Po'^son. R. N. 
Pomeroy, A. E. 
Kcynolds, Mcrick 
Hhodes, Thomas 
Richards. Clarence J. 
Rognait, Karon 
Rose, L. J., Jr. 
Ross, Erskine M. 
Rowan, T. E. 
Rowland, Wni. R. 
Robinson, J. C. 
Russell, H. M. 
Rntan, C. F. 
Safford, George S, 
Schu maker, F. G. 
Schuyler, J. I). 
Scott, L. F. 
Severance, Mark S. 
Seyler, Charles 
Shaw, Charles N.. S. F. 
Sheldon, Lionel A. 
Shankland, J. H. 
Silent, Charles 
Silent, Edward I>. 
Silver, H. 
Simpkins, C. H. 
Simpkins, H. R. 

Slauson, J. S. 
Slauson, Jas. 
Smith, George II. 
Smith, Col J. R. 
Spence, E. F. 
Stern, E. L. 
Stern, B. 
Stewart, I)r G. T. 
Stewart, H. J. 
Story, F. Q. 
Sumner, C. A. 
Teed, Freeman a. 
Trcichel, Col Charles 
Truman, Ben C.. S. F. 
Vail, W. L. 
Van Nuys, I. N. 
Variel, R. H. F. 
Vickery, O. A. 
Volkmar, Col Wm. 
Watch tel, J. V. 
Walton, C. S. 
Walton, Fred A. 
Ward, Ben E. 
Ward. F. Minott 
W^ard, Shirley C. 
Weldon.T. J. 
White, Stephen M. 
Whiting. Pwight 
Wills, Dr W. Lemoyne 
Wilshire, H. G. 
Wilson. H. T. D. 
Wood, F. W. 
Woollacott, H. J. 
Workman, W. 11. 
Wright, E. T. 

RICHARIi.HON A KOBIUNS' Boned Chicken. Turkev, Cooked Ham, Kolled Ox 
Toninie, Curried Oystent and Fowl. Plum I'uddinfc and Potted Mealg; to be had 
of all flr»t-claM Orocers. MAU. SADLKR A CO.. Pacific Const Agentt. 





/ -> ^ 

♦ ^ 



ies Tailor 


HOUSE Presses 

i/an Kess five. 

r'^ ^ COR. McAllister St., S. F. 

c cccccccooococcco 

-7 rtHBIT*. *^P/CI4LTY 



<Vh:k'M.a>j, b^Ki-ixcii axi> Itai.ia.x akk ^Sl•Ol^:KX 






Pai^ifir Portrait (^)iiii)aii\ 

1221 MARKET ST. 

T T OBRIEN. Manager 

Hctwcen Hij^li'i' " '1 Vi»o, 



Atherton, Faxon and Mrs 

Atherton, Mrs 

Adams, Mr and Mrs AV. J. 

Bassett, Mr and Mrs A. C. 

Coleman, Mr James L. 

Dim end, Gen and Mrs W. H. 

Miss Eleanor 

Mr and Mrs E. K. 

Donohoe, Mr and Mrs Joseph A. 

Mr and Mrs J. A., Jr. 

Mr Edward 

Doyle, Mr and Mrs John T. 

Mr and Mrs John T., Jr. 

Miss Fannie 

Eyre, Col and Mrs E. E. 

Mr and Mrs E. L. 

Mr Perrj' P. 


Flood, Mrs James C. 


Felton, Hon. Chas. 

Charles, Jr. 

Hager, Judge and Mrs John S. 

Hicks. Mr W. P. 

Holbrook, Mr and Mrs Chas. 


Hopkins, Mr and Mrs E. W. 
Hopkins, Mr and Mrs Timothy 
Hecht, Mr and Mrs 
Loomis, Mr and Mrs Geo. 
Mills, Mr Edgar 

Miss Addie 

Macondry, Miss >s'ina 

Miss Inez 

Mr Fred. W. 

Prior, Mr and Mrs J. K. 
Patrick, Mr and Mrs 
Eyan, Mr and Mrs E. B. 

Miss Dai^;y 

Stanford-, Gov. and Mrs Leland 
Selby, Mrs Thomas 

Miss Annie 

Mr and Mrs Percival W. 

Watkins, Mrs Eleanor 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Brittan, Mr aiul Mrs Nat. 
Hopkins, Mr and Mrs Moses 
Josselyn, Mr and ^Irs Charles 

KoV>inson, Mr and Mrs Jan. A, 
Schroeder, Mr and Mrs J. B. 


Bowie, Mr and ^Irs H. P. 
Barroilhet, Mr and Mrs Henry 
Beylord, Mr and Mrs E. T>. 

Brewer, Rev. A. L. 
Corbitt, William 


Miss Nellie 

Crocker, Col Clias. Fred. 
De Guigne, Mr and Mrs Chris. 
Howard, Mr and Mrs W. H. 
Miss lialx'tte 

Hayne, Judge and Mrs Duncan 
Hayward, Mr and Mrs Alonzo 
Judah, Mr and Mrs H. R. 
Kohl, Capt and Mrn William 

MisH Mamie 

^laynard, Mr and Mrs John 
Parrott, Mr and Mrs John 
Pur rot t, Mrs A.M. 
Pay son, Capt and Mrs A. H. 
Rose, Mr and Mrs A. W. 

THE KKANCO-AMERICAN KooD CO'S French Soujm are put up for /ainlly use In 
quart and pint cHnx and one Hud a half pint kIba" i^^- 

MAU, SADLEK & CO., Pacific Coant AgcutP. 






• jV' Wf^CJ 



HOME jVlfiDE^. 


(5) 41S J STRKK't, Sacrainciito, Cal, <7i) 

We send our Fine Candies packed in layers in 1, 1,', 3, 5, an<l 10 pound boxes 
by I''xpress all over the coast. All orders sent will receive pronij)t and careful 
attention. A cordial invitation is extended to all sojourning in our city to visit. 



Adams, Mr and Mrs F. B. ; 1525 L st. 

Adams, Miss Lizzie; 910 Seventh st. 

Alsip, Mr and Mrs E. K. ; 1711 N st. 

Armstrong, Judge and Mrs J. W. ; 917 st. 

Atkinson, Prof and Mrs E. C. ; 1711 I st. 

Bainbridge, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 816 M st. 

Barrett, Miss Mamie ; 701 Twelfth st. 

Beckman, Mr and Mrs AVilliam ; Golden Eagle Hotel 

Bennett, Miss Eva; 1411 K st. 

Bernard, Miss Lizzie; 600 L st. 

Birdsall, Mr and Mrs Fred ; 727 Ninth st. Thursday 

jNIiss Etta 

Bonte, Mr and Mrs Charles; 909 F st. 

Bowers, Mr and Mrs W. O. ; Golden Eagle Hotel 

Boyd, Mrs J. W. ; 912 G st. 

Miss Mabe) 

Breckenfeld, Mr and Mrs H. B. ; 1316 T st. Tuesday 

Briggs, Dr and Mrs W. A. ; 1300 I st. 

Brown, Mrs W. B. C. ; 1100 H st. Thursday 

Brusie, Mr and Mrs Jud. C. ; 917 K st. 

Buchanan, Mr and ]Mrs A. N. ; Tenth and H sts. 

Bullard, Miss Etta Davisville 

Burnham, Mr and Mrs C. E. ; 916^ J st. 

Carey, Mr and Mrs R. S.; 1003 H st. Thursday 

Carroll, Miss Flora, SW cor. 10th and H sts. Thursday 

Miss Liela 

Carroll, Miss Mae; 729 Seventh st. 
Chipman, Mr and Mrs H. C. ; 914 N st. 
Clark, Miss Minnie ; 1128 10th st. 
Clark, Mr and Mrs George H. ; 1017 Fourth st. 
Clark, Mr and Mrs C. W. 10th and H sts. 
Miss Laura 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELiGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 


Cluness, Drand Mrs W. R.; 805 H et. 

Miss Minnie 

Coleman, Mr and Mrs W. P.; 325 J st. 
Cosby, Gen and Mrs George B. ; 120S P. ^^t. 

Miss Edith 

Cothrin, Mr and Mrs W. K. ; 1228 N st. 
Cox, Mr and Mrs Frederick ; 2l8t and W stfl. 

Mrs Genevieve 

Mr and Mrs Crawford J. 

Crocker, Mr and Mrs B. R. ; 618 L et. 
Crouch, Mr and Mrs E. A.; 303 O st. 
Crouch, Miss Bessie; 220 O et. 

Miss Mamie 

Davidson, Gen and Mrs H. B. ; 1114 N st. 
Demming, Miss Mamie; 2l8t and T sts. 

Miss Ella 

Denson, Judge and Mrs S. C. 1021 H st. Thtasiiaij 

Dillman, Mr and Mrs C. F.; 1214 N st. 

Dillman, Mr and Mrs M. J.; 1420 O st. 

Dixon, Dr and Mrs G. M. ; 728 Ninth st. 

Dorn, Mrs W. E. ; lUX) G st. 

Dray, Senator and ^frs F. R. ; 1323 I st. Thursday 

Miss Annie 

Duel, Mr and Mrs S. J.; 1118 II st. TJiursday 

Miss Alice 

Miss Ethel 

Faris, Mr and Mrs James; 1123 H st. Thiirtiday 
Felter, Mr and Mrs J. I. ; 619 Tenth st. 

Miss Emma 

Felter, Mr and Mrs W. R. ; 1700 H st. Thursday 

Folger, Mr and Mrs A. G.; 1122 H st. 

Foy, Mrs A. L. ; 1228 N st. 

Frost, Mr and Mrs A. L. ; 1521 1 st. Thursday 

Gale, Mr and Mrs George; 912 Fourteenth st. 

Gardner, Dr and Mrs M. ; Sutter Building 

Garfield, Miss Susie; 218 M st. 

Gerber, Mr an<l Mrs W. E.; 1424 N et 

Gill, Mr an<i Mrs John A. ; 1108 G st. 

Gillis, Mrs J. L. ; 1220 Seventh st. 

Glover, Mrs J. T.; 1021 "^ Front st. 

Gregory, Mayor and Mrs. E. J, ; 721 I st. 

Gregory, Miss Millie; 128 J 81. 

MisB Daisy 

Miss Malvene 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party lo l>e able to offer rour ruestii a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agent*. 


Griffith, Mr and Mrs Fred D. ; 1812 H st. Thursday 
Griffith, Mr and Mrs J. T. ; 1231 H st. Thursday 

Miss Eva 

Griffin, Miss Lizzie; 2512 H st. Tuesday 

Grissini, Mr and Mrs W. W. ; 1417 I st. 

Hahn, Miss Florence; 1309 H st. 

Hale, Mrs E. W. ; Fifteenth and O ste. 

Hall, Mr and Mrs T. B. ; 1236 st. 

Hamilton, Col and Mrs E. R. ; cor. Fifth and J 8ts. Tuesday 

Hanchette, Miss Louise; 1402 H st. 

Harmon, Mr and Mrs R. B. ; 606 Seventh st. 

Hart, General and Mrs A. L. ; 1027 L st. 

Heilbron, Mr and Mrs Henrj^ ; 604 N st. 

Hendricks, Sec and Mrs W. C. ; 1823 H. st. Thursday 

Hetzel, Mr and Mrs Selden; 624 O st. 

Hickman, IVIr and Mrs Frank ; 1313 I st. 

Hoitt, Mr and Mrs Ira G. ; 916 L st. 

Holl, Judge and Mrs Solon; 1325 G st. 

Holt, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; 1220 G et. 

Houghton, Mr and Mrs C. S. ; 1315 H st. Tliursday 

Hopkins, Mr and Mrs A. S. ; 1413 1 st. 

Hubbard, Mr and Mrs C. H. ; 1429 I st. 

Hughson, Miss Edith ; 704 N st. 

Huntington, Dr and Mrs T. AV. ; 515 13th st. 

Huntoon, Miss Eva; 721 M st. 

Hurd, Mrs Horatio; 1317 H st. Thursday 

Ingram, Mr and Mrs William, Jr.; 724 N st. 

Irvine, Mr and Mrs R. C. ; 1900 H st. Thursday 

Jackson, Mr and Mrs Geo. VV. ; 813 Eighth st. 

Jobson, Mrs Jennie ; 21st and T sts. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs Grove L. ; 720 H st. 

Johnson, Miss Mollie B. ; IIGO F st. 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs A. J.; 1319 I st. 

Kaseberg, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; 1515 H st. 

Miss Mary 

Miss Fannie 

Katzenstein, Mr and Mrs G. B. ; 1213 O st. 
Keegan, Mr and Mrs J. J.; Metropolitan Building 
Kennedy, Mrs M. A. ;. 1603 H st. 
Kewen, Miss iSIay ; 1616 M st. 


Laine, Dr and Mrs J. R.; 913 K st. 

La Rue, Mr and Mrs H. M. ; 1600 H st. 

Leake, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; 1215 Seventh st. Tuesday 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


I^noir, Mr and Mrs C. J. ; 803 M st. Friday 

Lewis, Mr and Mrs L. L. ; 1623 H et. Thursday 

Lindley, Mr and Mrs D.; 1021 H st. Thursday 

Lindley, Miss Liela J. ; 1314 H st. Thursday 

Lindley, Miss Helen; 1314 H st. Thursday 

Lindley, Mifts Mamie; 1314 H st. Thursday 

Ix)cke, Miss Ella ; 330 M st. 

Lorenz, Mr and Mrs George W.; 1007 I st. Wednesday 

Lyon, Mr and Mrs William M. ; 1601 Second st. 

^fcClatchy, Mr and Mrs V. S. , 2207 J st. 

McClatchy, Mr and Mrs C. K. ; 1416 Third st. 

McCord, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; 1220 N st. 

McCreary, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1128 Tenth st. 

McKee, Mrs E. H.; 420 P st. 

MrKillip, Mi?s Hattie; 1415 J st. 

McKune, Judge and Mrs J. H.; loll H st. 

McLaughlin. Major and Mrs William; 1621 Second st. 

McNasser, Col and Mrs James ; 1200 Tenth st. 

ISIebius, Mr and Mrs L. ; 1101 N st. 

Merkeley, Mrs R. J. ; P.O. Box 366 

Miller, Mr and Mrs Frank; 831 N st. 

Milliken, Mr and Mrs J. M.; IIOS H st. Thursday 

Miss May 

Miss Louise 

Mills, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; 152h Third st. 

Mott, Mr and Mrs Geo. M. ; 1515 I st. 

Nichols, Dr and Mrs C. B. ; 1601 L st. Thursday 

Nichols, Dr and Mrs H. L. ; POD F st. 

Nixon, Dr and Mrs A. B.; 918 M st. 

Norris, MrR W. E. ; 1012 P st. 

Orcutt, Mr and Mrs F. L. ; 1803 H st. TJiursday 

Parkinson, Dr and Mrs J. H. ; 1030 I fit. 

Petrie, Miss Ix)ttie ; 622 J st. 

Pond, Mr an<l Mrs J. H.; Lull House 

Porter, Mr and Mrs J. N.; 722 Ninth st. 

Post, Mr and Mrs C. N. ; 11)22 H st. 

Ray, Mrs F. E. ; 710 H st. 

Richardson, Miss Jocey ; 1503 H st. Thursday 

Miss Minnie 

Robin, Mr and Mrs Charles; 1420 I st. 
Rose, Mrs Charles H. ; 1202 H st. Thursday 
Ru8^•ell, Mr and Mrs P. H. ; 102".» H st. 
Russell, Miss Susie ; 102^.i H fit. 
Ryan, Mr and Mrs F. D. ; 1200 P Bt. 

Chicken and (Jame Tftten Trumed, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO.. will »>«; fojiiid dellciouR for Hrcakfai^t, Lunch or Hupper. Ask 
your Grocer (or them. MAU, BADLER A. CO., Paclflc Coiut AKents. 


Saflford, Judge and Mrs W. S ; Lull House 
Sheehan, Gen and Mrs T. W. ; 2l8t and U sts. 
Siddons, Mr and Mrs W. M. ; 1421 I st. 

Miss Daisy 

Simmons, Dr and Mrs G. L. ; cor. 10th and N sts. 

Miss Celia 

Slight, Mrs S. P. ; 1309 I st. Wednesday 

Smith, Mr and Mrs H. G.; 500 Ninth st. Wednesday 

Smith, Miss Ahce, 1224 H st. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs F. B. ; 500 Ninth st. Wednesday 

Smith, Mr and Mrs S. Prentiss; 2100 J st. 

Snead, Miss Minnie Dixon 

Miss Kate 

Snider, Dr and Mrs T. A. ; 913 M st. 

Southworth, Dr S. S. ; 1905 J st. Granda Vista, Bolinas, Marin Co. 

Dr E. L. 

Fred B. 

Scott S. 

Speiker, Mr and Mrs J. J. ; 1322 I st. Friday 
Steffens, Mr and Mrs Joseph ; 1524 H st. Thursday 

Miss Lulu 

Miss A. 

Steinman, Mr and Mrs B. U. ; 717 I st. 

Stephens, Mr and Mrs R. D.; 926;^ Sixth st. 

Stevenson, Miss Carrie; 1228 N st. 

Stevenson, Miss Lela Vacaville 

Miss Mahle 

Sullivan, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 1430 H st. Thursday 
Sullivan, Miss Julia; 1430 H st. Thursday 

Miss Sophie 

Talbott, Miss May F. ; 1626 H st. 

Taylor, Miss Mary ; 1810 H st. Thursday 

Miss Clara 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs. L. S. ; 1207 O st. 

Tebbetts, Dr and Mrs F. F. ; 914 6th st. 

Thayer, INIiss E. ; 1021 K Front st. 

Toll, Miss Laura; 1808 O st. 

Tozer, Gen and Mrs L. ; 1429 H st. Thursday 

Tryon, Mr and Mrs E. H. ; 1122 Ninth st. 

Tufts, Mr and Mrs A. C; 1605 H st. 

Tyrrell, Miss Lulu; 617 N st. 

Upson, Mr and Mrs L. S. ; 1010 F st. 

Miss Lucy 

Van Fleet, Judge and Mrs W. C. ; 815 Eighteenth st. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Van Voorhies, Mr and Mrs A. A. ; 1403 H. st. Thurxdat^ 
Van Voorhies, Mr and Mrs R. J. ; 800 J st. 
Waterman, Gov and Mrs R. W. ; 1100 H st. 


Watson, Mrs J. R. ; 731 F st. 
Weinrich, Miss Kittie; 1114 N st. 
Weinstock, Mr and Mrs H. ; 1207 L st. 
Wilcox, Miss Florence; 1020 F st. 

Mies Mertie 

Williams, Mr and Mrs Fred Y. ; 719 H st. 
Wilson, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; 516 M et. 

Miss Ida 

Miss Lutie 

Wiseman, Miss Jidia; 308 M st. 
Wittenbrock, Miss Eliza; 1303 I st. 
Wocd. Dr and Mrs William ; 814 Seventeenth st. 
Wood, Mr and Mrs A. A. ; State House Hotel 

Miss May 

Wright, Col and Mrs J. B. ; 1402 H et. Thursday 

VUM YU.M SWEET COK.S. the tinest In the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
''"^ " MAIT, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprletom. 


Plaiseur Club 



Adams, Mrs Fred B. 
Adams, Miss Lizzie 
Alsip, Mrs E. K. 
Armstrong, Mrs J. W. 
Barrett, Miss Mamie 
Bainbridge, Mrs J. C. 
Bernard, Miss Lizzie 
Bennett, Miss Eva 
Beckman, Mrs William. 
Birdsall, Mrs F. 
Birdsall, Miss Etta 
Boyd, Mrs J. W. 
Boyd, Miss Mabiel 
Bowers, Mrs W. O. 
Brusie, Mrs Jud. C. 
Breckenfeld, Mrs H. B. 
Bullard, Miss Etta 
Carroll, Miss Maye 
Carroll, Miss Flora 
Chipman, Mrs H. C. 
Clark, Mrs Geo. H. 
Cothrin, Mrs William 
Cosby, Miss Edith 
Cox, Mrs Crawford 
Cox, Miss Fredda 
Crouch, Mrs E. A. 
Dray, Miss Annie 

1527 L street 

910 Seventh street 

1711 N street 

917 street 

701 12th street 

816 M street 

600 L street 

1411 K street 

Golden Eagle Hotel 

727 Ninth street 

727 Ninth street 

912 G street 

912 G street 

Golden Eagle Hotel 

917 K street 

1315 I street 

Davisville, Cal. 

729 Seventh street 

SW cor. Ninth and H streets 

914 N street 

1017 Fourth street 

1228 N street 

1208 P street 

21st and T streets 

21st and T streets 

Mrs Crocker's, Third and streets 

1323 I street. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQITET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Pillnian, Mrs M. J, 
Dorn, Mrs W. E. 
Duell, Miss Alice 
Felter, Mrs W. R. 
Folger, Mrs A. G. 
Gale, Mrs Geo. 
Garfield, Miss Susie 
Gardner, Mrs Dr 
Gerber, Mrs \V. E. 
Gill, Mrs John A. 
Gillis, Mrs J. L. 
Gregory, Mrs E. J. 
Gregory, Miss Millie 
Gregory, Miss Maloene 
Gregory, Miss Daisy 
Grissim, Mrs W. W. 
Hahn, Miss Florence 
Hale, Mrs E. W. 
Hamilton, Mrs Ed R. 
Hanchette, Miss Louise 
Harmon, Mrs R. B. 
Hall. MrsT. B. 
Hart, Mrs A. L. 
Heilbron, Mrs Henry 
Hendricks, Mrs W. G. 
Hetzel, Mrs Selden 
Hickman, Mrs Frank 
Holl, Mrs Solon 
Holt. Mrs E. J. 
Houghton, Mrs C. S. 
Hubbard, Mrs C. H. 
Hugh son. Miss Edith 
Huntoon, Miss Eva 
Huntington, MrsT. W. 
Irvine, Mrs R. C. 
Jackson, Mrs Geo. W. 
Jobson, Mrs Jennie 
Johnston, Mrs A. J. 
Johnson, Miss Mollie B. 
Kascberg, Miss Fannie 
Kaseberg, Miss Mary 
Katzenstein, Mrs George li. 
Laine, Mrs J. R. 
Txak«', Mrs W. S. 

14200 street 
1100 G street 
1118 H street 

720 18th street 
1122 H street 
912 14th street 
218 M street 

Metropolitan Building or 430 J st. 
SWcor. 15th and N streets 
1108 G street 
1220 Seventh street 

721 1 street 
126 J street 
126 J street 
126 J street 
1417 1 street 
1309 H street 
15th and O streets 
Sacramento Bank 
1402 H street 

606 Seventh street 
1236 O street 
1027 L street 
604 N street 
1812 H street 
624 street 
1313 I street 
1329 G street 
1220 G street 
131,') H street 
1429 I street 
704 N street 
721 M street 
515 1 3th street 
1900 H street 
813 Eighth street 
21st and T streets 
1319 I street 
1100 F street 
1515 H street 
1515 H street 
1213 O street 
913|.i K street 
1215 Seventh street 

FOK cm - DAILY DIET nothing in better thflu a k(km1 nutrltlonn. easllv 

dig. ; , such as is put up by the FKAN'CO-AMKKICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU. SADLER A. CO., Paclflo Const AKeiitn. 



Lindlej, Miss Helen 
Lindley, Miss Mamie 
McCord, Mrs J. L. 
McKee, Mrs E. H. 
McKillip, Miss Hattie 
McLaughlin, Mrs William 
Merkeley, Mrs R. J. 
Milliken, Miss May- 
Nichols, Mrs Dr 
Norris, Mrs W. E. 
Petrie, Miss Lottie 
Porter, Mrs James N. 
Post, Mrs C. N. 
Ray, Mrs F. E. 
Ross, Mrs Chas. 
Russell, Miss Susie 
Siddons, Miss D.iisy 
Smith, Miss Alice 
Snead, Miss Minnie 
Snead, Miss Katie 
Steffens, Mrs Joseph 
Steffens, Miss A. 
Steinman, Mrs B. N. 
Stephens, Mrs R. D. 
Stevenson, Miss Lela 
Stevenson, Miss Mabel 
Socke, Mi=s Ella 
Sullivan, Miss Julia 
Sullivan, Miss Sophie 
Talbot, Miss May 
Taylor, Miss Carrie 
Tebbetts, Mrs Dr F. 
Toll, Miss Laura 
Tozer, Mrs L. 
Thayer, Miss E. 
Tryon, Mrs E. H. 
Van Fleet, Mrs W. C. 
Van Voorhies. Mrs A. A. 
Weinrich, Miss Kittie 
Weinstock, Mrs H. 
Wilson, Miss Ida 
Wilson, Miss Lulu 
Wiseman, Miss Julia 
Wright, Mrs J. B. 
Wood, Miss May 

1314 H street 
1314 H street 
1220 N street 
420 P street 
1415 J street 
1621 Second street 
P. 0. Box 366 
1108 H street 
1603 L street 
1012 P street 
622 J street 
722 Ninth street 
1922 H street 
710 Eighth street 
1200 H street 
1029 H street 
1421 I street 
1224 H street 
Dixon, Cal. 
Dixon, Cal. 
1524 H street 
1524 H street 
717 I street 
926K Seventh street 
Vacaville, Cal. 
Vacaville, Cal. 
330 M street 
1430 H street 

1430 H street 
1626 H street 
1613 H street 
914 Sixth street 
1808 street 

1431 H street 
Booth & Co. 
1116 Ninth street 
821 18th street 
1403 H street 
1114 N street 
1207 L street 
516 M street 

516 M street 
308 M street 
1402 H street 
State House 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Young Ladies' Drill Corps 

Miss Ma ye Kewen 


Bennett, Miss Eva 
Bennett, Miss Syble 
Brown, Miss Phoebe 
Bassett, Miss Florence 
Balsdon, Miss Emma 
Boyd, Miss Miiybel 
Carroll, Miss Minnie 
Carroll, Miss Maye 
Clark, Miss Minnie 
Clark, Miss Effie 
Coghlan, Miss Delia 
Coghlan, Miss Anna 
Cravens. Miss Fannie 
Cox, Miss Fredericka 
Demming, Miss Mamie 
Demming, Miss E. 
Diinlap, Miss Mamie 
Dray, Miss Anna 
Evans, Miss Lillie 
Gregory, Miss Millie 
Govan, Miss Geanie 
Gregory, Miss Mel vine 
Griffith, Miss Eva 
Gregory, Miss Daisy 
Hinekson, Miss Lncy 
Henderson. Miss Margaret 
Hun toon, Miss Eva 
Harrison, Miss 
Hess, Miss Effie 
Hatch, Miss Grace 
Halsey, Miss Fannie 

Hughson, Miss Edith 
Jackson, Miss 
Kaseburg, Miss Fannie 
Kaseburg, Miss Mary 
F>indley, Miss Helen 
Lindley, Miss Mainir 

[ The Misses 
mry ) 

Lewis, Miss Alida 
Magann, Miss Alice 
Magann, Miss Delia 
Massey, Miss Mabel 
Massey, INIiss Teeny 
McKillip, Miss Hattie 
Oatman, Miss 
Pyran, Miss Belle 
Richardson, Miss 
Richardson, Miss 
Russell, Miss Mamie 
Robertson, Miss Florence 
. Schwartz, ISIiss Addie 
Schwartz, Miss Sadie 
Shaw, Miss Minnie 
Shaw, Miss Nellie 
Smith, Miss Alice 
Smith, Miss Alcie 
Smith, Mi?s Lillie 
Smith, Miss Libbie 
Sullivan, Miss Sofie 
Sullivan, Miss Alice 
Simmons, Miss Celia 
Siddons, Miss Daisy 
Steffens, Miss Lulu 
Siddons, Miss Nellie 
Todd, Miss Ella 
Upson, Miss Addie 
Upson, Miss Lucy 
Waterman, Miss Helen 
Waterman, Miss Abby Law 
Waddilove, Miss Ella 
Waddilove. Miss Carrie 
Wilcox, Miss Mcllie 
Wilcox, Miss Florence 
Wilson, Miss Lnlu 
Wilson, Miss Ida 
Weil, Miss Florence 

Alwiiyg reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY Jk CO'.S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents 






W I T H (.. . T 


You ARE Behind the Times 

A N \n i: Ai. « \ I iKoitNi A ntoiurr 


ALLUSTRO POLISH. For all metals, silverware, jewelry, etc.. warranted to yive <iui(.ker and 
111c Pit laxtiiij.;; lustre than any other j)olish. 

ftLLUSTRO METAL SOAP F< «r ciij^m ;(\ t-d <>r highly finished surface^ of i)retious metals in general. 

ALLUSTRO WINDOW AND MIRROR POLISHER, l-or cleaning anil highly polishing windows, mirrors. 

]ilatf or C'lininnii glass. / 

ALLUSTRO PALM SOAP I'or removing stains, softening and wmtening the hands. 
ALLUSTRO MECHANICS SOAP. I-or mechanics, printers, piiintekand artisans. 
ALLUSTRO BRICK. !.r scouring and \_/X,_^ 

ALLUSTRO TOOTH POWDER. A renjarkaMy plea>ing deutrifice. 

'or Salt b\ Healn s GrueralU 


33 /Harket Street, 

Palaee f7ot(?l, ^^^^ prar>(;iseo 

* FA I F< ) K * 

«• ^'3 (//La//,f / ,^^/iec/ 

I'ndf) IhtliHf Holrl 

^/'a^i (^ym-ncf^cc^ ^^^uC. 



Aitken, Judge and Mrs J. R.; cor. Second and A sts. Thursday 
Arndt, Dr and Mrs H. R. ; Second and Cedar Friday 
Anderson, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 1269 12th st. Wednesday 
Bowers, Hon and Mrs W. W.; Florence Hotel 

The Misses 

Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Hubert H. ; Fourth and Fir Wednesday 

Ballagh, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; cor. Fifth st. and Feirv ave. 

Babcock, Mr and Mrs E. S. ; Coronado Hotel 

Berry, Mr and Mrs John; 10-45 Eighth st. 

Buck, Mr and Mrs J. S. ; 21st and Fir Wednesday 

Buck, Mr and Mrs A. ; 2143 Fifth st. 


Brust, Mr and Mrs S. B. ; B and Front st. 
Beane, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; Albemarle Hotel 
Brushyhead, Mr and Mrs E. W.; Third and Cedar 
Britt, Mr and Mrs E. C. ; Fifth and Maple 
Bailhache, Major and Mrs; 15th st. bet. C and D 


Bruce, Mr and Mrs L. M. ; 1053 10th st. 

Burleigh, Dr and Mrs ; First and Fir 

Braley, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Fourth and Hawthorn Wednesday 

Burnham, Dr and Mrs L. ; cor. Eighth and C 

Birdsall, Mrs M. A. ; Commercial Hotel 

Beckwith, Mr and Mrs F. A.; Florence Hotel 

Brooks, Mrs H. N. ; Third st. and Brooks ave. Tlmrsday 

Brodrick, Mrs I. D.; Second and Hawthorn 

Blancharde, Mrs M. E. ; 1307 12th st. Thursday 

Chambers, Mr and Mrs Gordon ; Albemarle Hotel 

Copeland, Mr and Mrs J. L.; Florence Hotel 

Cleveland, Mr and Mrs M. C. ; 1332 First st. 


MATTONl'S GIESSHUBLEK. Tne Empress of Table Waters. Thj Fa.orire 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Collins, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; Brewster Hotel 

Cothran, Mr and Mrs E. E. ; Corouado Hotel 

Cox, Mr and Mrs E. A. ; Johnson Heights Saturday 

Chonteau, Mrs Louise ; cor. Ninth and G sts. 

Capron, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; r2th and D sts. 

Carter, Mr and Mrs John ; 4th and Cedar 

Carter, Mr and Mrs Cassius; 018 Fir st. Tuesday 

Cave, Dr and Mrs D. ; cor. Fifth and E 

Conkling, Mr and Mrs H. N. ; Fifth and Ivy 

Collier, Judge and Mrs D. C. ; Sixth, near Cedar 


Collier, Mr and Mrs W. M. ; 1540 Sixth st. 

Clarke, Mr and Mrs \V. H. ; Fifth and Date 

Choate, Mr and Mrs I).; Fifth and Fir 

Chase, Major and Mrs Levi ; cor. D and 12th sts. Thursday 

Chase, Mr an<l Mrs H.; 1042 11th st. 

Copel.ind, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; Florence Hotel 

Cop'land, Mr and Mrs G. D. ; 1546 A st. 

Christian, Mr and .Mrs H. T.; 1440 Third st. Tuesday 

Crepin, Dr and Airs H. N.; 1930 First st. 


Clark, Mr and Mrs R. G. ; 2144 A st. Wednesday 

Clough, Air and Mrs J. H.; Second and Cedar 

Culton, Mr and Mrs J. W.; G, bet. 24th and 25th sts. 

Doig, Dr and Mrs J. R.; cor. Front and Fir 

Dare, Mr and Mrs D. D.; Brewster Hotel Wednesday 

Douthett, Mr and Airs AI. A. ; cor. 11th and C sts. Tuesday 

Derby, Airs E. C. ; 1827 Third st. Friday 

Daley, Air and Airs Thos. ; 713 10th st. Thursday 

Dalton, Air and Airs R. A. ; cor. 10th and Fir 

Davison, Mr and Airs I). F.; Cedar, bet. Fourth and Fifth 

Dalton, Mr and Airs R. H. ; Fourth near Grape 

Ensign, Col. and Airs E. J.; Seventh near D Thurfiday 

Edwards, Dr. and Airs Wm.; Fourth and Fir 

Ekings, Mr and Mrs L. ; 1254 First et. 

Emerson. Mr and Airs R. B. ; 1253 Union st. 

Eaton, Mii^8 L. ; Florence Hotel 

Edwards, Miss Annie; 1H37 Third st. 

Eigenmann. Prof, and Mrs; cor. Eighth and C. 

Fusman, Air and Mrs Robt. H. ; 720 Cedar 

Fields, Air and Airs AI. S. ; Coronado Beach, Third and C ave. 

Fisher, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; Brewster Hotel 

Folt/., Airs Clara ; Front near W Monday Eve. 

Fairweather, Mr an 1 Airs Henry; cor. 17th and G 

Try the FRANCO-AMKRICAN FOOD CO'H Nattiral Flavor Freuch Houps, put up in 
clMS especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, 8Iok or W(>ak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Ageuts. 


Fisher, Mr and Mrs Jas. ; Albemarle Hotel 
Frisbie, Mr and Mrs .r. C. ; cor. F and Ninth 
Fisher, Mr and Mrs Walter ; cor. D and Seventh sts. 
Fish, Mr and Mrs John ; 554 I8th st. Saturday 
Fishburn, Mr and Mrs D. G. 1843 Third st. 


Falkinham, Mr and Mrs Jos. ; cor. Hawthorn and Albatross 

Gassen, Mr and Mrs A. G.; cor E and 11th Thursday 

Gillmore, Mr and Mrs Jesse; 1766 Front st. 

Ginty, Mr and Mrs John; 7th and Ash 

Geddis, Mr and Mrs George; 1066 First st. 

German, Mr and Mrs M. ; 1053 10th st. Thursday 

Gochenaner, Dr and Mrs D.; First and Olive sts. 

Gray, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; First and Grape 

Gillmore, Mr and Mrs M. T. ; cor. Fourth and Beech 

Geuchten, Mr and Mrs; cor. Ninth and C 

Hadley, Mr and Mrs W. E.; Horton House 

Howard, Mr and Mrs Bryant; cor. 10th and B Thursday 

Hildreth, Mr and Mrs H. R. ; cor. 3d and Ash 


Hale, Mr and Mrs B. H.; cor. Cedar and 3d 
Hewitt, ^Ir and Mrs H. E. ; Albatross st. 
Hannahs, Mr and Mrs Geo. ; cor. 2d and Laurel 


Haight, Mr and E. G. ; cor. Front and B 

Hill, Mr and Mrs K. M.; 2044 4th st. Thursday 

Higgins, Mr and Mrs A.; 2d and Beech 

Hub bell, O. S.; cor. 6th and C 

Hastle, Mr and Mrs E. D.; 5th ave. block 

Hodge, Mr and Mrs N.; cor. Union and Cedar 

Harper, Rev and Mrs W. F. ; cor. 14th and A Tuesday 

Hanbury. Mr and Mrs J. D.; 12th near D 

Hamilton, Mr and Mrs Chas.; cor. Seventh and Ash 

Hamilton, Mr and Mrs F. N.; First and Ash 

Henderson, Judge and Mrs J. J.; cor. Union and Date 

Hunsaker, Judge and Mrs W. [.; First and Juniper sts. 

Harbison, Mr and Mrs R. H.; cor. 12th and C 


Howard, Mr and Mrs L. B.; Brewster Hotel Monday 
Hawley, Mr and Mrs A. W.; 2040 12th st. 
Henderson, Miss Lizzie; 10th and B Thursday 
Hyde, Mr and Mrs G. F. ; 5th st., near Cedar Friday 
Ingle, Mr and Mrs Heber, cor. 7th and Ash 
Ingle, Mr and Mrs S. G. ; cor. 6th and Beech 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Ivers, Mrs Mary ; 1922 Ist st. 


Julian, Mr and Mrs A. H. ; cor. Union and Date 


Jewett, Mr and Mrs S. ; cor. 5th and Palm 

Jones, Mr T. (i. and danshterp; 1734 3d st. 

Jenks, Mr and MrH C. L. ; cor. State and D Friday 

Jorris, Mr and Mrs J. G. ; cor. Union and A 

Kutchin, Mr and Mrs; Fourth and Elm sts. Wednesday 


Kenny, Mr and Mrs G. L. ; 2d and Hawthorn Wednesday 

Keating, Mr and Mrs Arthur ; Fourth and Elm 

Kew, Mr and Mrs M. ; Florence Hotel 

Krating, Mrs A. C; 1723 First et. 

King, Mr and Mrs W. M.; First and Laurel 

Kellogg, Dr and Mrs E. T. ; cor. Third and Ivy Thursday 

Keenam, Mrs \Vm. ; Fifth, bet. Redwood and Spruce 


Kinney, Miss Mary T. ; cor. Third and Elm 

Knapp, Mrs 

Leach, Mrs M. H.; cor. First and D 

Loomis, Mrs M. E. ; Horton House 

Levi, Mr and Mrs S.; 1726 Ninth st. 

Ludlum, Mrs E. M. ; cor Fourth and Elm Wednexdatj 

The Misses 

Lonsbery, Mr and Mrs E. P.; Second and Laurel sis. 
Livingston, Mrs IL M. ; Albemarle Hotel 

The Misses 

Lane, Mr and Mrs L. M. ; First and Fir sts. 

Inland, Mrs M. E. ; Cedar st. 

Long, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; First and Laurel sts. Thursday 


rx)ring. Dr and MrsI^"onard, U. S. A.; Hortun House 

Luce, Judge and Mrs M. A.; Second near Cedar 

Lacey, Mr and Mrs D. S. ; Seventh and Beech 

Leifchild, Mr and Mrs E. L. ; 1)2.5 13th st. 

Ixjvi, Mr and Mrs M. E.; ]7()l First st. Friday 

I^ifirhild, .Mrs; Elm and Fourth 

Levet, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Third near Date 

The Misses 

Maize, Capt and Mrs W. K., U. S. A. (retiretl); cor. First and laurel 
Metcalf, Mr and Mrs T. E. ; Fourth and Cedar 
Moore, Mr and Mrs M. W. ; 2044 Fourth st. Thursday 
McDaniel, Kev .m.! Mph B. F. ; 7:M drape Thursday 

H. O. WILBUR A SONB'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Auk your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER dcCO., I'aclflc CoiutARouta. 

lol SAN DIE»;0 

Marshall. Capt and Mrs John ; cor. Fourth and Beech 

Miner, Mr and Mrs M.' E. ; 2242 D 

Monohan, Mr and Mrs T. J. ; 1456 First st. 

Maginn, Mr and Mrs B. W. ; 1618 First st. 

McLiire. Mr and Mrs L. S. ; 24th and H sts. Thursday 

McDonald, Mr and Mrs J. Wade; cor. Seventh and Ash 

McRea, Mr and Mrs J. W. ; cor. Fifth and Grape 

Morse, Mr and Mrs E. W. ; 10th and G sts. 

Marston, Mr and Mrs Geo. ; cor. Third and Ash 

Mannasse, Mrs H. ; 1343 Front st. 


Mills, Mr and Mrs A. P. ; cor. State and A 
Murtzman, Dr and Mrs B. F. ; cor. 22nd and E sts. 
McKie, Mr and Mrs N. ; 744 Hawthorn 

The Misses 

McBride, Miss ; 1922 First st. 

Maxwell, Mrs A. M. ; Front and Ash sts. 

Nntt, Mr and Mrs E. A. ; Fifth near Olive 

Noble, Dr aod M.s W. B. ; 941 Uih st. 

Niles, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; First and Beech sts. 

Neeley. Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Front and A 

Nerney, Mr and Mrs T. A; 2031 Union st. Thursday 

Nason, Mr and !Mrs A. G.; cor. Grape and Union Thursday 

Mr and Mrs H. Thursday 

Isason,Miss; Albatross near Grape Thursday 

Overbaugh, Mr and Mrs Geo. ; Sixth and Beech Wednesday 

The Misses 

Pauly. Mr and Mrs C. W.; 1340 Cedar, cor. Fifth Tuesday 
Puterbaugh, Judge and Mi-s Geo. ; Fifth near Palm 
Patterson, Mr and Mrs W. K. ; cor. 15th and C sts. 
Pierce. Judge and Mrs. I. W,; First and Olive 


Parker, Judge and Mrs Edwin ; 927 Seventh st. 
Parker, Mr and Mrs T. S. ; Palm and Fifth sts. 
Pierce, Mrs E. M.; 1835 Third st. Friday 
Preston, Mrs; First and Fir 


Perry, O. H.; Fourth and Laurel 

The Misses 

Parish, Mr and Mrs W. ; 11th andD sts. 
Perry, Mrs C. O. ; cor. Ninth and D sts. 
Patton, Dr and Mrs E. ; Florence Hotel 
Peck, Mrs C. M. ; 639 20th st. Wednesday 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use iu 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 

SAN DlEfJO 102 

Phillips, Mr and Mrs G. K.; 2112 D at. 

Restarick, Kev and Mrs H. B. ; cor. Eighth and C sts. Wed itesdatf 

Kafferty, Mrs; \m 10th at. 

Keniondino, Dr and Mrs P. C. ; St. James 

Robertson, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; 17.5<> First st. 

Robinson, Mr and Mrs W. E. ; 2030 10th st. Tncadaii 

Surr, Mr and Mrs .Joseph ; Front and B 

Smith, Mr and Mrs C. K. ; 1045 Eighth st. 

Scones, Mr and Mrs T. J^ E. ; cor. Sixth and A 

Sill, Mr and Mrs S. J.; cor. Seventh an«l Ash Mondaij 

Sprigg, Mr and Mrs J. C. ; 20th and K ste. Wednesdaii 

Shepard, Mrs .J. ; Villa Montezuma; 20th it K ste. Tuesdai/s (did Fridays 

Sherman, Mr and Mrs John ; Second and Fir 

Scott, Mr and Mrs Chalmer; First and Elm Tuesdan 

Smith, Mr and Mrs J. H.; 1108 18th st. 

Simpson, Capt and Mrs J. H. ; 1141 Seventh st. 

Smith, Mr an i Mrs C. ; cor. G and Ninth sts. 

Seaton, Mr and Mrs M. A. ; 1167 Union 

Sevort, Mr and Mrs H.; cor. 14th and F 

Smiley, Mr and Mrs V. W.; First and Elm 

Stough, Mr and Mrs O. J. ; Fourth and Ivy Fiidfuj 

Smith, Mr and Mrs W. M. ; Third and B 

Shirley. Kate B. ; State and E 

Story, Mr and Mrs Hampton L. ; First and A 

Sefton. Mr and Mrs J. W. ; Sixth near Maple 

Sherman, Mr and Mrs M. ; 24th and II 

Schellenborger, Mr and Mrs; 24th and H 

Stattler, Mr and Mrs S. ; i»22 Eighth st. 

Smith, Mr an<l Mrs C. P.; T^.S Ninth st. 

Schiller, Mr and Mrs M. ; 130') Front st. 

Smart, Dr and Mrs VV. N. ; 1329 State st. 

Sloane, Judge and Mrs W. A. ; 2222 C st. 

Summer, Mr and .Mrs F. M. ; l.'X)7 12th Th"r<,hni 

Thompson, Miss Bertha; 1450 First st. 

Turner, Miss; *.'27 Seventii st. 

Thomas, Mr and Mrs J. R.; 2d and Hawthorn 

Titus, Mr and Mrs H.; Sixth and Cedar 

Timpkin, Mr and Mrs H.; First and Laurel Friday 

The Misses 

Thomas, .Mr and Mrs R. A. ; cor. Ninth and D 

Thompson. Mr and Mrs J W.; cor. Fourth and Beech 

Toles, Mr and Mrs Jerry; <'or. Second and Umrel Thumlnj 

.Misses Gertrude and Trilla 

Tihbitts, Miss; 24th ami H sts. Thursday 

RICHARD.SON A !:■ Honed thickcu, Turkey. (.•«K>ke<l Hain. Kolled Ox 

Tonrue, Currle<l mU Fowl. I'lum Pudding niid rotte<l Mcnta; to be had 

of all flmt-claM (irvccr*. MAU, .SADLKk it CO.. Pacific Const Agentn. 



Vivian, Rev and Mrs A. H. ; eor. Third and Ash 
Van Norman Dr and Mrs E. V. ; Fifth and Maple 
Vail. Mr and Mrs S. ; Fourth and Ivy 


Ware, Mr and Mrs K. J. ; G24 10th st. 

Warfield, Mr and Mrs M. M. ; Coronado Beach 

Wool wine, Mr and Mrs W. D. ; Sixth near D Friday 

Witherby, Mr and Mrs J. G. ; 1106 D 

Woodward, ^liss ; Second and Juniper 

Walker, Mr and Mrs M. ; 541 20th st. 

Wilkins, Mr and Mrs H. B. ; Third and Fir 


Wellborn, Mr and Mrs O. W. ; 1 1th and D 

Walz, Mr and Mrs E. A. ; Brewster 

Wamplemier, Mr and Mrs T. ; 10th and G 

Woodward, Mr and Mrs W. B. ; cor. 5th and Laurel 

Whitney, Mr and Mrs AV. W. ; Highland Villa 

White, Mr and Mrs T. F. ; 1348 Front st. 

Wagoner, Mr and Mrs J. R.; Fifth and Palm 

Winterburn, Mr and Mrs W. ; 1140 14th st. 

Way, Miss Emma F. ; cor. Elm and Third sts. 

Yeamans, Dr and Mrs H. W. ; cor. Seventh and T) Thiusday 

Young, Mr and Mrs J. ; 6th and Cedar 

Young Mr and Mrs W. W.; 742 14th st. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding, Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey. Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 

The; B^r^G;f'of^^ G^orr^^^nY 

ooooooooooooo o o ooooooooooooo 

A complete stock of current Literature; Standard 

books in Fine Bindings; books bound to order 

in any style at the lowest rates. Fine Art 

and other Illustrated books; Bibles and 

Prayer books, Juvenile books. 

Gift books and Novelties 

ooooooooooo o o o o ooooooor»ooooo 

Bool^^eller^^, ^tatioqer^ and printer^ 


Avierican and European Manufacturers 

OOOOOOOOOOOO O O O 00<J0000000000 

Scientific and Agricultural Works ; a full line of 
the latest editions of current Medical Books, 
New books received daily, as publish- 
ed. Libraries supplied on the most 
reasonable terms. Any work not 
in stock promptly ordered 
from the East or Europe. 

ooooooooooooo o o o oooooooooooo 

72:1 Market gt. gan Srat^clAco 



^ X D 







Carpel .md Ininiitiire House 


Strictly One Price Everything Marked in Plain Figures 

•RncKei^s BuiJdiuff" 61 to 67 North First Strent 



Jh?(^ n^mmotf? jHous^ of \:Y)(i pacific C^oast 



\i\(^t) ^388 /lleret^aQt Jai o 

CL ( ) T H I K K S 



special and clt'j^atitly appointed department on second floor for 
Boys' and Children s Clotliim^ 


40 to 54 West Santa Clara Street 




Adams, Miss Mary P.; cor. 15th and William sts. 

Adams, C. L. ; 509 S. Third st. 

Adel, Capt and Mrs W. F.; 516 N. First st. 

Alexander, Mr and Mrs J. H.; 313 S. Tenth st. Thursday 

Alexander, Mr and Mrs Henry J.; cor. 8th c*c San Carlos ave. Thursday 

Allen, Prof and Mrs C. H.; 419 S. Third st. 

Andrews, Mr and Mrs ^Y. C. ; 176 N. Third st. 

Miss Mabel 

Andrews, Mr and Mrs Frank G. ; St. James Hotel Thursday 
Archer, Judge and Mrs Lawrence; cor. Keyes and Senter st. 


Arques, Mrs Nellie G.; 361 Market st. 

Miss Maud 

Austin, Mr and Mrs Paul Page; 121 E. St. James st. Monday 
Auzerais, Mr and Mrs Louis ; cor. Empire and Fourth st. 
Auzerais, Mr and Mrs John ; Hotel Vendome Monday 
Barnhart, Mr and Mrs 0. H. ; 142 N. Third st. 
Beach, Mr and Mrs Tyler ; St. James Hotel Thursday 

H. S. 


Beal, Mrs G. P. ; Sunol st. Tuesday 

Miss Flora 

Miss Etta 

Beans, Mr and Mrs T. Ellard ; 489 N. First st. 

Miss Mary 

Miss Fannie 

Beans, Mr and Mrs W. K. ; 336 X. First st. Tuesday 
Belden, Mrs David; cor. 11th and San Antonio 
Bentley, Mr and Mrs I. R. ; Washington st. Friday 
Bethel, Miss Laura; 298 S. First st. 
Bishop, Mr and Mrs S. A.; Alameda ave. 
Blackford, Miss Lillian ; 53 S. Sixth st. 

H. K. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
aud see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Blanchanl, Mr and Mrs \V. W. ; Alameda ave. Tue»ilnii 
Blanchard, Miss Blanclie ; 44') N. First st. 

Miss N. 

lUaney, Mr and Mrs Charles D.; Saratoga ave. 

Booksin. Mr and Mrs Henry Jr.; 72 S. Sixth st. Wcdue^daji 

Boring, Mayor and >rr5 S. \V.; 4')0 N. Fourth st. 

I'.owden, Mr and Mrs N. ; cor. Fourth and IlensU'y ave. 

Bowman, Mr and Mrs G. M. ; 480 N. First st. 

Miss Edna 

Bowman, Mr and Mrs G. !>. ; North First st. 

Brainard, Mr and Mrs Henry A. 

Breyfogle, Pr and Mrs C. W.; cor. Thinland St. James 

Miss Stella 

r.rown, Mr and Mrs A. M. 
Br>'ant, D. T.; Saintc Claire Club 
Burchard. Mr and Mrs D. W. : 47>; N. Third st. 
r>urke, Mrs; Naglee Tlace 

J. Naglee 


Miss Mamie 

Burkholder, Mr and Mrs Frank ; cor. Ninth and San Carlos 
Boulware, Mr and Mrs M. A.; 281 E. St. James st. Wednesdaif 
r»ens<)n, Miss Maud; S. Third st. 

Miss Uuth 

Baker, Wm. B.; 217 S. 11th st. 

Miss Mattie 

Barker, Dr and Mrs A. M. ; 336 N. Third st. 

Black, Mr and Mr.s T. K.; cor. 10th and Santa Clara sts. 

r.rackett, Miss Dora: 469 S. Second st. 

J. N. B. 

Bruce, Mr and Mrs G. M.; Stockton ave. 
Ballou, Mr and Mrs J. (i A. 

Miss A Hie 

Burns, Mr and Mrs Paul O. ; Seventh and William sts. 

Burns, Mr and Mrs X. E. 

Burns, Mr and Mrs D. ; La Mollo House 

Cadwallader, Mr and Mrs N.; Alameda avf T"'<,Jnii 

Campbell, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Go F'ox ave. 

Ca.«ey, Mr and .Mrs W. J. ; Hotel Vendonic Mimdnij 

Castle, Neville H.; Sainte Claire Club 

Clulds, Trof and Mrs C, W. ; Almaden Koad 

Chipman, Mr an<l Mrs L. J. ; 410 E. San Salvador 

Qark, Mr an<l Mrs W. S. ; Alameda ave. Tutudn;/ 

Miss IVlle 

Always reliable and unifonn-IIORACR R. KELLY Jc CO'8 Key Went llMvaDa Cigari 

MAU. SADLER A CO . I'ariflc Coast ARcnt*. 


Clark, Mr and Mrs James ; Locust and Park aves. 
Clayton, Mr and Mrs J. A. ; 471 N. First st. 

Miss Ethel 

Clayton, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; Sunol st. Tuesday 
Cole, Mr and Mrs L. R. Alameda ave. 
Columbet, Mr and Mrs Peter; Fifth and William 
Cook, :Mr and Mrs J. W. ; 388 S. First st. 
Crandall, Senator and Mrs; Paul Block 

Miss Albertine 

Clayton, Mr and Mrs Ed ; N. Sixth st. 
Caldwell, Dr and Mrs K. ; S. Second st. 

Miss Carrie 

Callisch, Mr and Mrs Louis; S. Second st. 
Campbell, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 65 Fox ave. 
Cochrane, Dr and Mrs A. H. ; 216 S. Second st. 
Columbet, Miss Annie; 731 E. Santa Clara 

Joe F. 

Dawson, Mr and Mrs E. L.; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Day. Mr and Mrs John A. 

Denicke ; Mr and Mrs E. A. ; West San Carlos st. 

Dougherty, Mr and Mrs W. P.; cor Sixth and Washington sts. 

Duflfy, 3Iiss Nellie ; cor. 11th and San Antonio 

Dunne, Mrs Catherine ; 436 S. Third st. Wednesday 

Miss Kate 

Davis, Mrs E. Livingstone; cor. Hedding and Elm sts. 

Miss Fanny 

Denny, Mrs Elizabeth A.; 339 South Third st. 

Miss Cora 

D& Saisset, Mr and Mrs Pedro; 243 Guadalupe st. 

Miss Yetta 

Dusing, H. F. 

Earle, Mrs M. ; 694 S. Second st. 

Miss Mae 

Pld wards, Mr and Mrs H. W. 

Miss Cora 

El wood, Prof and Mrs J. H. ; 223 S. Second st. 
Enright, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; 411 S. Second st. 

Joseph G. 

Estabrook; Miss F. M. ; South 10th st. 
Etchebarne, Mr and Mrs Peter ; 287 North 3d st. 

Miss Josephine 

Miss Lolita 

Miss Leontie 

Field, Mr and Mrs Walter M. ; 476 N. Third st. Monday 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Field, Arthur G. ; Sainte Claire Club 
Flagg, Mr and Airs E. C. ; h^iinol st. Tuesday 
Foote, Mr and Mrs H. S.; Campl>eirs Station 
Friant, Mr and Mrs; 140 S. Second St. Thursday 

Mies Louise 

Miss Felicia 



Faull, Joseph H.; Alameda ave. 

Finck, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; S. Ninth st. 

Fisher, Miss Amelia; ror. Fifth and William sts. 

Foley, Miss Minnie; Milpitas Koad 

Foster, Mr and Mrs Fred; l.'>2 N. Fourth st. 

Findley, Miss Minnie 

Finigan, Dr and Mrs L. ; William st. 

Gaines, Mr and Mrs W. S.; oO.", N. Fourth st. 

Miss Addie 

(iillespie, Mr and Mrs K. .).; i»0 Orchard st. 
Gappy, Mr and Mrs E. H.; (iOl S. Third st. 

Miss Ruth 

Edward S. 

George, Mrs Fanny ; l'J3 N. Third st. 

Miss Mattie 

Gill, Wm. L. , N. First St., Sainte Claire Club 

(^Josby, Pearly .1. ; 10*J N. San Pedro st. 

Hale, Mr and Mrs O. A. : 209 S. Second st. /.s/ Mou<l>i;i 

Hale, Mr and Mrs; 231 Guadalupe st. 

Miss Jennie 


Hall, Mrs C M. ; .\lameda ave. Tuesday 

Haydock, Mr and Mrs C. ; 4S3 N. Fifth st. Thmxday 

Henry, .Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Alameda ave. Tuenday 

Higgins, Mr and Mrs K. L. ; Santa Clara st. 

Hill, Mr and Mrs Morgan; Madrone 

Hirst, Rev and Mrs X. C. ; .Vlamela ave. TnjAdny 

Hobbs, Miss .AUie ; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Hobson, Mr and Mrs W. B. ; l'>4 S. Second st. 

T. W. 

Hobswn. Mr T. W.; Sainte Claire Club 
Howell, Mr and Mrs John ; cor. loth and William sts. 
Huggins, Mr and Mrs A. (i.; -Maiucda ave. Tnendny 
Hall, Dr and Mrs J. C. ; 1M.> N. Third st. 

Miss Pearl 

Harmon, Mr and Mrs Chas H.; 12H S. Ninth st. 

of Mil ViBitom at (nrlnhMd. MAI'. SADI.KK A Co.. Paclrtc foa't AKCiJt« 


Hill, Dr and Mrs W. B. ; 715 W. Julian st 

Holly, Mr and Mrs John R.; N. First st. 

Hunkins, Mr and Mrs S. B. ; cor. St. James and Fourth st. 

— Miss Eva 

Hughes, Mr and Mrs W. F.; San Augustine st. Saturday 

Miss Mamie 

Ingalebe, A. W.; Sainte Claire Club 

Jones, Mr and Mrs Witoher: Hotel Vendome Monday 

Miss Margaret 

Johnson, Mr and Mrs T. E. ; Schiele ave. 
Johnson, Mr and Mrs S. N. ; North Eighth st. 

Miss May 


Kalfus, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; Rose Lawn 

King, Mr and Mrs A. ; Julian and 14th sts. 

Kirkpatrick, Mr and Mrs W. J. ; 343 Marlaire st. 

King, Prof and Mrs F. L. ; 339 South Second st. 

Knickerbocker, Mr and Mrs E. ; 404 North First st. 

Laine, Mr and Mrs T. H. ; Santa Clara 

Lauck, Mr and Mrs George 

Ledyard, Dr and Mrs F. K. ; 441 S. Second st. Thursday 

Miss May 

Ledyard, Dr and Mrs F. K. ; 439 S. Second st. Tliursday 
Leonard, Mr and Mrs H. M. ; Santa Clara 
Lewis, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; 130 E. St. James st. 
Lewis, Mrs E. M. ; 223 Santa Clara st. 

Miss Helen 

Miss Carrie 

Lusson, Dr and Mrs P. M. ; 31 N. Second st. Thursday 

Miss A. 

^liss Cornelia 

Lux, Mr and Mrs H. ; Alum Rock ave. 

Miss Lizzie 


Lacoste, J. Frank; 140 X. Third Sv. 

Leib, Mr and Mrs S. F.; Alameda ave. 

Lowe, Ralph ; Sainte Claire Club 

Lowe, Mr and Mrs James R. ; 195 W. St. James st. 

Malarin, Mr and Mrs M.; Santa Clara st. 

Miss Paula 

Miss Mariana 

Mask, Mr and Mrs L N, 

McClellan, Mrs G. W.; Alameda ave. Tuesdai/ 
Carrie Foster 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


May, Judge and Mrs; Stockton ave. 

Miss Cora 

Miss Emily 

Maynard, ^Ir and Mrs E. W. 

Mc(ieelieo, Mr and Mrs J. H.; San Pedro and St. .lamep sts. 

MeKiernan. Mr and Mrs Charles; 225 San Angnstine 


MeLanghiin, Mr and Mrs E.; cor. "tli and Kee«l 

Miss Tina 

Miller, Rev and Mrs W. Y. ; 177 S, Second st. Wediiesdaif 

Miss Eetitia 

Miss J^lizabeth 


McMillan, Mr and Mrs J. Y.; N. Fourth 6t. 

Miss Ida 

Miss Meda 


Montgomery, Miss Fannie; S. Second st. 

Montgomery, Mr and Mrs T. S. ; S. First st. 

Moody, Mr and Mrs A. E.; N. Sixth st. 

Moody, Mr and Mrs D. B.; 57 Devine st. 

Moore, Judge and Mrs John: Alameda ave. 7\irs<hi>i 

Miss Bessie 

Howell C. ; Sainte Claire Club 


Morrison, Miss Julia; cor. Fourth and Julian sts. 

Miss Angela 

Miss Winnifred 

Miss Fannie 

Morrison, Mr and Mrs Thomas F.; Hotel Vendome 
Mnirson, Mr and Mrs George; 50*.» E. St. Jolin st. Tuenhuj 
Murphy, Mrs Martin; 301 S. Market st. 

Isaar T. 

Murphy. Mr and Mrs J. M. ; San Augustine st. 
Murphy, Dan >[.; Sainte Claire (Uub 
Murphy, Mr and Mrs P.. D. ; 357 S. Third st. 

.Miss Mary 

Mauvais, Mr and Mrs K. ; Stockton ave. 

Miss Juliet 

Miss Edith 

Maybnry, H. ; Alameda ave. 

Miss Bhmche 

Miss Cariotta 

Mc<je<jg]»egan, Mr and Mrs J. T., Alameda ave 

<t(>KI)ON &. DILWORTH'« Fine PriHrrvd Fruli», JelHei, Ollvw, Ketchup. Wine 
Jellie*. Ktc. t<» >>c had of all fanry (inM-er?*. 

M\I" -VltlKl; X- ((I I'll' ifii i'liii-t \L'fiit» 


Nagles, Miss Marie; Naglee Place 

Miss Antoinette 

Nance, Mr and Mrs C. P. ; 367 S. First st. Thursday Pacific Grove 

Hugh J. 

Nance, Mr and Mrs John A. 
Nesmith, L. G.; vSainte Claire Club 
Newhall, Mr and Mrs Silvester; Willow Glen 

Miss Bessie 

Owens, Mr and Mrs Fred; 215 S. Second st. 

Owen, Mr and Mrs C. J.; San Fernando and Delmes ave. 

Owen, Mr and Mrs C. P. ; 129 W. Julian st. 

O'Connor, Judge and Mrs M. P.; Second st. 

Park, Mrs C. T. ; Empire and First sts. 

Parkhurst, Mr and Mrs AV. A.; 518 S. Second st. 

Phillips, Mr and Mrs Mitchell ; 203 N. Third st. 

Pierce, Brand Mrs R. E. ; Hotel Vendome Monday 

Pierce, ^Ir and Mrs R. T. ; Santa Clara 

Pierce, Mr and Mrs J. H.; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Pierce, Mr J. P. ; Santa Clara 

Miss Annie 

Miss Florence 

Miss Grace 

Pol hem us, Mr and Mrs George B.; Stockton ave. Tuesday 


Miss J. 

Miss Nellie 

MrC. B. 

Porter, Norman ; 75 PI St. James st. Wednesday 

Miss Evangeline 

Miss Anna 

—Miss Elizabeth 
— Mis^ Marv 

Potts, Dr and Mrs J. S, ; Hotel Vendome Monday 
Faulsell, Mr and Mrs A. C. ; 763 S. Second st. 
Pfister, Mr and Mrs A. ; 10 S. Second st. 

Frank M. 



Randol, J. B. ; Almaden 

Reed, Mr and Mrs E. P. ; 269 N. Market st. 


E. C. Sainte Claire Club 

Reed, Mr and Mrs ElHot; 279 N. San Pedro st. 

Rhodes, Judge and Mrs A. L. ; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate aud Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER ct CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Rhiehl. Mr and Mr:^ A. ; 253 N. Third st. 

Mies Eiiinia 

Miss Tessie 

Richards, Mr and Mrs W. S. ; Third and San Salvador 

Miss Sadie 

Kinaldo, Mr and Mrs Tobe ; Julian and Third sts. Wednesday 
RiK'ker, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; Stockton ave. Tnt'sddif 
Kucker, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; 271 N. Fifth ^=t. 

Miss Susie 

Miss Lucy 

Kucker, James T. ; Sainte Claire Club 

Kutker, Hon, S. N. ; Sainte Claire Club 

Russell, Prof and Mrs F. P. ; cor. Second and Keyes sts. 

Ryder, Mr and Mrs G. W. ; 35G S. Serond st. Wediieulny 

Miss Georgie 


Ryland, Mr and Mrs C. T.; -^31 N. First st. 

Miss Ada 

Miss Norma 

Miss Hattie 

John W. 

C. T.,.Tr, 

D wight 


Ryland, Mr and Mrs J. R. ; Los Gatos 

Reynolds, Judge and Mrs John; 177 Devine st. 

Keen, Mr and Mrs Peter C. ; Seventh and Washington 

Saunders, Mr and Mrs E. B. ; Sto 'kton ave. Tuesday 

Saxe, Mr and Mrs J. D. ; East San Jose 

Shaw, Miss Jeannette; Pierryessa ave. Saiurday 

Sheehan, Mr and Mrs J. M.; Alum Rock ave. 

Shortridge, Mr and Mrs Charles M.; Lefranc lilock 

Smith, Mr and Mrs T. O. ; George st. Wednesday 

Smith, Mr and Mrs R. J. ; 470 N, Third st. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Frank; S. Second st. Friday 

Spence, Mr and Mrs A. A.; Alameda ave. 

Spence, Mr and Mrs R. B, ; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Spence, Mr and Mrs D, J. 

Spf-ni'^T, Judge and Mrs Francis E.; '2\i] Autumn st. Fridmj 

.Miss Grace 

Sin^letary, Mr and Mrs C'has F.; 2'>7 S. Third st. 

Miss Loie 

Spring, Mr and Mrs T. W.; 171 Orchard st. 
II. M. .N. 

TRY GRAKDMA'S DELIGHT JAl'AN 'JK.\:i.ut nj. iii 1 i.onn.i rouiul < iniiMcrs only 
Auk your Grocer for if. MAU, SAUI.KK ii CO., Sole Proprieto 


Simpson, Dr and Mrs William; 253 South Second st. 

Singletery, Mr and Mrs J. E.; 325 E. San Antonio 

Mr and Mrs E. C. ; Stockton ave. 

Taylor, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; Taylor Block 1st Thursday 

Tennyson, Mr and Mrs D. T). ; 353 North Third st. 

Thorn, Dr and Mrs W. S. ; Second and St. James sts. Monday 

Miss Grace 

Thorpe, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; 355 South Fifth st. 

Thurston, Mr and Mrs G. P. 

Tisdale, Mr and Mrs W. D. ; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Tosetti, Mr and Mrs Ernest' 

Travis, Mr and J. C. ; S, Second st. Friday 

Trimble, Mrs ; Milpitas Road 

Miss Maggie 

Miss Mattie 

Tupper, Mr and Mrs 0. M. ; S. Third st. Wednesday 

Tennyson, Mr and Mrs D. D. ; 355 N. Third st. 

Thayer, Mr and Mrs H, P. ; Guadalupe 

Urmy, Prof C.; Hotel Vendome 

Wagener, Mr and Mrs S. H. ; cor. San Carlos and Third sts. 

Miss Effie 

Walsh, Miss M. A. 

AVallace, Mr and Mrs J. W.; Thursday 

Wapple, Mr and Mrs Geo ; 27 East st. Tuesday 

Weber, Hon and Mrs C. M.; Madrone 

Welch, Mr and Mrs George; 289 S. Tenth st. 

Whitton, Capt and Mrs A. K. ; N. First st. ^ Wednesday 

Wilcox, Mr and Mrs E. J. ; S. First st. 

— Miss Annie 

Miss Edith 

Williams, Mr and Mrs C. W. ; 530 N. Second st. Thursday 

Williams, Mr and Mrs Ed; 609 S. Third st. 

Miss Edith 

Miss Emma 

Williams, Mr and Mrs A. S.; 307 N. First st. 

Williams, Mrs E.; S. Third st. 

Wood, Mr and Mrs Uriali; 425 S. Second st. 

Wooster, Mr and Mrs C. M. ; Second and San Antonio 

Worcester, Mr and Mrs H. B.; E. Santa Clara st. Wednesday 

Wright, Mr and Mrs W. H. ; Eighth st. 

Wright, Mr and Mrs W. F. ; 258 N. 14th st. 

Wright, Mr and Mrs C. D. ; 217 N. First st. Wednesday 

Wright, F. ; Sainte Claire Club 

AVright. H. W.; Sainte Claire Club 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Wriglit, Mr iiiul Mrs Alexander; 72 S. ^^ixth st. Wednesdai/ 
Walthal, Mr and Mrs J. ; 304 S. Second st. 
Wharton, Wm. H.; W. Santa Clara fit. 
Wakefield, Kev and Mrs John B. ; Si N. Second st. 

Geo. F. 

Miss H. 

Yoell, Mr and Mrs J. A. ; Alameda ave. Tuesday 

Mies <Tertriide 

J. H. 

Younger, Col and Mrs; Forest Home 

Miss Rosalie 

Miss (jiiissie 

Miss Florence 

Mr and Mrs Ed 

Sainte Claire Club 

Incorporated 1888 

Dk. K. E. Piekck - President 

A. W. Incalsbk Secretary 

W. K. Beans ..... Treasurer 

i{(»Ai;i) i»i i)iKi;< roRs 
Dr. K. H. Tierce S. N Kucker 

.1. H. Henry Arthur (J. Field 

O. B. Barnhart V. M. Woo<*trr 

1. L<.el. 


over ten yettrs. ,\ sufflpl'int gu. the market 

Si Ay , >.\ I >i r li tv < ' » ini-iiK ( oatit Af^entii 




Andrews, F. 0, 
Ahlers, H. C. 
Averett, A. E. 
Auzerais, L. F. 
Austin, P. P. 
Barnhart, 0. H. 
Bryant, D. T. 
Beans, W. K. 
Beans, T. E. 
Bragg, G. H. 
Burohard, D. W. 
Bark, J. N. 
Bowden, N. 
Castle, N. H. 
Chadbourne, F. 8. 
Clayton, E. W. 
Clayton, \V. D. 
Cunningham, J. F. 
Derby, Thos. 
])awsou, E. L. 
Dunlap, R. B. 
Dunne, P. J. 
Edwards, H. J. 
Etchebarne, P. 
Enright, J. G. 
Field, Arthur G. 
Field, W. M. 
Findlay, J. W. 
Flagg, E. C. 
Friant, A. 
Flickinger, J. H. 
Gill, \V. L. 
Goodrich, E. E. 
Graves, G. E. 
Hagan, C. A. 
Hill, Morgan 
Hobson, T. W. 
Henry, J. H. 
Ingalsbe, A. W. 

Jones, B. L. 
Kennedy, W. C. 
Killner, G. N. 
Lowe, R. 
Lacoste, J. F. 
Lefranc, H. 
Lenzen, J. 
Loeb, I. 
Lieb, S. F. 
Murphy, D. M. 
McCabe, A. M. 
MeMurtry, G. S. 
Miller, Dr J. J. 
Moore, H. C. 
Murphy, D. B. 
MeMurtry, W. S., Jr, 
Xe&mith, L. G. 
Owen, F. 
Pierce, Dr R. E. 
Polhemus, G. B. 
Rea, J. ^Y. 
Reed, E. C. 
Roberts, J. R. 
Rucker, J. H. 
Rucker, J. T. 
Rucker, S. N. 
Schemmel, H. L. 
Stone, L. D. 
Shortridge, C. M». 
.Spence, A. A. 
Smith, G. K. 
Tully, J. A. 
Whitton, A. K. 
Wright, F. V. 
AVright, H. W. 
Wooster, C. M. 
Wright, W. H. 
Yoell, J. H. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 

IToeb J^ 5tcJt«^t»arne 

Clttt oi Snn 3o$c 

Qru (6oo6$t yniictj (^oo&St 3:tc. 

il. £. <f or. IFiisl on6 ^o 

„„,ai„ SIS. San 3c»sc, CnHfoiuia 

il^llHii Hotel 

SAX T<^i^E, CAT.. 

2 < 





^ M 

- O) 


r. P5 ^ 

iV' ;c ^ 




L - ^ 

jrai ' --•^^'•" 



-/ -^ 

< ^ 





Headquarters of all Fraternal Societies 




^otef ^enRorqe 

^^HE NEW HOTEL VENDOME, San Jose, Cal., was 
opened for the reception of guests during the month of 
February, 1889, and is one of the largest and most 
elegantly appointed hotels in the State. It is situated in 
the center of a finely cultivated park, twelve acres in 
extent, and surrounded by trees of many years' growth. 
The location is in the most fashionable part of the city of 
San Jose, and is only a few minutes' walk from the 
Southern Pacific Railroad Depot and the business portion of the city. 
Street cars pass the door at short intervals. Architecturally the 
hotel is one of the most attractive buildings in the United States, in 
the Queen Anne style and four stories high, with a large tower at the 
north end. A wide portico surrounds the front and south side of 
the first floor, which is over 300 feet long, and a porte cochere with 
verandah on the north side. The appointments of the hotel are first 
class in every particular, being furnished throughout in the most 
elegant and attractive manner. The house is heated by steam, 
lighted by gas, and incandescent light, with electric bells in every 
room. An Otis elevator, run by steam, conveys guests and 
baggage to different floors. 

Particular attention is given to the aiisine and the table is 
always supplied with the very best the market affords. A large 
club house and billiard room is connected with the hotel as well as 
an extensive livery stable for the accoriimodation of the patrons of 
the hotel. Beautiful drives to places of great interest are numerous: 
such as the famous Lick Observatory^ on Mt. Hamilton, over a 
Macadamized Road, built by Santa Clara County at great expense; 
also Alum Rock, Saratoga Springs, the Great New Almaden Quick- 
silver Mines, the second largest in the world; and many others. 
Guests are carried free to and from all trains. 
Rates same as other first-class hotels; special rates are made for 
permanent boarders. Applications for terms, etc., answered by 
return mail. Address all communications to 

E. E. ADAMS, Manager 


San Jose, California. 


E. E. ADAMS, Manager 


A«laiTis, Mr ami Mrs E. JC. 
Au/erais. Mran<l Mrs John E. 
]iacon, Mr and Mrs J. H. 
Beckwith, Mr and Mrs Geo. C. 
Bishop, Mr and Mrs W. W. 

M isses 

Bothin, Mr and Mrs H. E. 
Bowie, Mr and Mrs Aug. J. 


Brickell, Miss Louise 

Ca*Uic, Miss 

Campbell, Mr a id Mrs I). M. 

Casey, Mr and Mrs W. J. 

Coleman, Mrs C. C. 

Costigan, A. B. 

Cox, Mrs B. L. 

Craig, Mr and Mrs \V. E. 

Devf^, Mrs B. O. 

Fi.-ke, Mr an.l Mrs F. E. 

Friedlander, Mrs I. 


Fuller, Mr and Mrs W '' Ir 

r;rul>e, Miss 

Hall. Mr \V. B. 

Ha\ iland, Mr an<l Mrs J. T. 

Heyler, C. J. 

Hickman, Mr and Mrs L. M. 


Hinel>angh, Mr and Mrs P. C. 

M iss (J race 

H<>]»l.-iiis, Mr and Mrs < '. H. 
Jt'iikiris, Misses 
.Icwett, ColJ. C. 
JohiMoii, Mr and Mrs S. K. 
Jonex, Mr and Mrs W'itcli.r 

Miss Maggie 

I^anders, Mr and Mr-t .lulm 
Lcwiit, Judge and Mrs J. It. 
McCulloch, Mr and Mrs J. \K. 
McK inlay, George A. 

McKisick, Judge and Mrs L. D. 

Miss lioss 

Miss Madeline 

Miss Theodora 

McLean, Mr and Mrs ^^'. A. 
Meade, Mrs I). J. 
Morgan, Mr and Mr** W I' 


Mon-ison, Mr a»ii. .\ii.> L r 
Morrison, Mrs W. P. 
Mullins, Mr and Mr8 C, T. 


Newhall, Mr and Mrs W. Mayo 

Orvis, Henry P. 

Owen, S. M. 

Oxnard, Mr and Mr.s TiH.inas 

Miss A. M. 

Miss M. D. 


Pierce, Dr and Mrs R. E. 

Price, Mr E. M. 

Robinson, ('apt F. N. 

Rogers, Oscar O. 

Scriptnre, Mr and Mrs H. I). 

Seaton, Miss S. 

Skiles. Mr and Mrs C. E. 

MihR Ethel 

Smith, Mr an«l Mrs A. E. 
.St<»ue, Mr and Mrs L. 1). 

Miss H attic 

Tallant, Mr and Mrs F. P. 
Thonie, Dr and Mi> W s. 

M iss ( T race 

Urmy, Mr ClaR'ncc T. 
Wehner, Mr a?! 1 \f- NVm. 

Minn Id 

Willey, Mr ami MrsO. F. 
WillianiH, Mr and Mrs H A 


\Vdliam4, Henry 







_ 5 

Ihc cvnlrr of a highlv rulti 


0«T) JoM^< v<«I. Ilrat in llalN*t«<lc;(j|r«(icSlra« 



-t' -»- '."IF* 

t:'(«tt%< £t<lUi 

C It MUltc 


jiid (rvr from (or«. Rit**^")^ krmh 

; r 

<M»' PMa«i cM BiCfl* KW««lart Id all the Aoai- 
■■i an «llHr }ttm» wiilif iM ftwawU 


Tbc finc»l Miuir Hall and Rallfinm m Ibr i'aciftr Ow« 
* — '-' ' IB Ihc Mmmc Hall 

.,— ->. .- ....4 <i< Han FiBBTtico 

8aB J<aw'« PMikiaaU* M —ibi h aad U'tBlrf Utmatt. 

I ■(•l«* lor TaurUta BM^ » aMlll** 

t fc AOAM9. M«nB(«r 



1 .^::vi:> 





The Only Direct, and The Shortest, Quickest and Best Equipped 
Broad-Gauge Road to the Immense 


And the Beautiful Scenery of the 

S-- ^ -^ 

X«^— 5 

The Grandeur and Variety of the Views on the Line of this Road are 
unsurpassed, and every faciHty will be offered to the Invalid, Xourist, 
Itlercliatit and Sportsman in Search of Health, Pleasure or Game. 


will fiiul it to their advantage to select their ground 
on the line of this road; and for 


The Accommodations it Oflers Cannot be Surpassed 

CTAPC PriMMTTPTTOMQ This is the only Direct Line to Utton Sprinter. 

O 1 AuHi uUiiilIliV> 1 lUllO Thisis the Only Direct Line to SkHKiCH- SprliiRS. 

This is the New Line to Kiireka. Umiiholdt Hay. 

This is the Slujrtest Line to .>I4-ii<Io<miio City. 

This is the Hest HcjuiplH-d and most Conjfortable Line to Lakcport, ltiirtl«-tt Spilnjfs, 

IliKtilanfl SprliiKH and SiMla Itay. 
This is the most ric'ures<iue Line to the WoiiiI«Tful C;eyM«TM. 
Round-trip tickets are sold via Cloverdale and Calistoga at Reduced Rates. 

_ 1 -- «-^'^«^« For a pleasant dav and a jjoo<l time in the woods, the 

SUnaQy CXeUrSlOnS nelds or on the mountains, gu by this route. 

xicK-i/r oi'iicE' 



I'lider I'alace if «>! 

General Office, 410 mission St. 


Alexander, Mr and ]\Irs R. S. 
Alexander, Mr and Mrs J. E. 
Ames, Mr and Mrs Pelham 

Miss Gertrude 

Miss Alice 

Allen, Mr and Mrs Henry F. 

John De Witt 

Babcock, William 


Bancroft, Mr and Mrs W. B. 

Berry, Mr and Mrs W. H. 

Berry, Tom C. 

Berry, T. B. 

Barker, Mr and Mrs William 

Miss Mary 

Miss Alice 

Barstow, Mr and Mrs S. F. 
Buckley, Dr and Mrs 
Butler, Mr and Mrs Geo. E. 
Bogart, Mr and Mrs William 
Brander, Geo. L. 
Boyd, Mr and Mrs John F. 
Bourn, Mr and Mrs W. B. 
Buck, Mr and Mrs Chas. G. 
Crosby, Eev and Mr Arthur 
Cushing, Mr and Mrs Sidney B. 
Coffin, Mr and Mrs James 
Davidson, Mr and Mrs D. B. 
Donohoe, Mr and Mrs Dennis 

Mr and Mrs Dennis, Jr. 

Miss Rose 

Donahue, Mr & Mrs J. Mervyn 
DeYoung, Mr and Mrs M. H. 

Dodge, Mr and Mrs Geo. 
Duffy, Mr and Mrs Thomas J. 
Favre, ^Irs Otto 
Forbes, William 

Mrs Alexander 

Miss Kate 

Miss Edith 

Foster, Mr and Mrs A. W. 
Fish, Mr and Mrs C. H. 
Graves, Mr and Mrs Robert N. 
Griffith, Mr and Mrs E. L. 
Glass, Capt and Mrs Henry 
Green, Mr and Chas. E. 
Gerstle, Mr and Mrs Lewis 
Graham, Mr and Mrs Geo. 
Hyde, Mr and Mrs Henry C. 


Hoffman, Mr and Mrs Southard 
Hoffman, Ogden 



Heathcote, Mr and Mrs Basil 
Johnson, Frank S. 
Johnston, Mrs W. B. 
Josselyn, Mr and Mrs G. ^I. 
Kittle, Mr and Mrs John G. 

Miss Lucia 

Kent, Mr and Mrs A. E. 
Lichtenberg, Mr and Mrs Wm. 

Mr and Mrs Rudolph 

Locke, Mr and Mrs W. L. 
Lilienthal, Mr and Mrs F. R. 
Mr and Mrs J. Leo 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boueless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



L'Ainoureaux, Miss Mamie 

Miss Alice 

Lord, Mrs J. M. 
Latham, Mr and Mrs F. B. 
Moore, Mr and Mrs Jas. P. 
McDonald, Rev and Mrs Jas. 


McAllister, Mrs Hall 




McCarthy, Mr and Mrs E. \V. 
Neale, Mr and Mrs V^incent 
Nichols, C. C. 
Perry, Mr and Mrs Grattau 
Paj^e, Mr and Mrs Arthur 

Mr and Mrs Geo. T. 

Mrs Thomas 


W. S. 

Parrott, Mr and Mrs L. B. 
Pomeroy, Mr and Mrs Carter P. 
Pool, Mr and Mrs Lawrence 
Park, Mr and Mrs T. W. 
Kedington, Henry W. 
Kolle, Mr and Mrs John S. 

Stoy, Rev Wm. 


Son tag, Mr and Mrs Henry 


Stewart, Irvine 

Sweeney, Mr and Mrs L. H. 

Scott, :Mr and Mrs Eb. 

Smith, Mrs Geo. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Sidney V. 

Spencer, Mr and Mrs F. W. 

Sloss, Mr and Mrs Louis 



Seibel, Mr and Mrs F. 

Miss Ella 

Miss Mollie 

Tremper, Frank E. 
Tompkins, Mr and Mrs M. 

Miss Susie 

Miss Julia 

Van Winkle, Mrs L S. 


Miss Belle 

Whiting, H. C. 

Wilkins, Mr and Mrs Hepburn 

Wheeler, F. A. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA: pnt up iu 1 pound round canisters only 
A»k youi Grocer for if. MAI', .SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 


San Rafael Lawn Tennis Club 

Club Groinids, Cidlodon Avenue, Sa7i Rafael^ Cal. 

The San Rafael Lawn Teuuis Club is composed of residents of Sau Rafael, and of 
San Franciscans who reside there during the Summer, It was organized October 14, 
1880, and incorporated May 24, 1884. The object of tht organization is the promotion 
of lawn tennis, and tournaments are annually held upon the Club grounds. 


Wm. Babcock - 
Mrs Basil Heatheote 
E. C. Evaus - 
Arthur Page - 





Wm. Babcock 
E. C. Evans 
W. P. Bourn 


Thos. C. Berry 

Mrs Basil Heatheote 
Arthur Page 
Miss Page 


Bennett, R.R. 
Bourn, Miss Ida 
Bourn, W. B. 
Berry, T. C. 
Berry, Wm. 
Berry, T. B. 
Babcock, AVm. 
Gushing, S. B. 
Gushing, Mrs S. B. 
Gurlett, Wm. 
Donahue, J. Mervyn 
Donahue, Mrs J. M. 
Evans, E. G. 
Forbes, W. B. 
Francis, Harry 
Gillett, D. B. 

Heatheote, B. 
Heatheote, Mrs B. 
Hamm, Mrs L. 
O'Gonnor, Miss 
O'Connor, Miss M. 
Xeale, Vincent 
Neale, Mrs Vincent 
Newhall, W. Mayo 
Xewhall, George A. 
Page, Miss 
Page, George T. 
Page, W. D. 
Page, Arthur 
Pringle, Harry 
Severance. Jas. S\ 
Walker, Miss 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S French Soups are put up for family use iu 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



"^1 /T\09te" \\o\:e\ 

— ^^ausalito, California 


Outside of San Francisco 

FiK>.T Class in All its Ari'oiXTMKNTs 


|^ot aQd <§old 5alt U/ater Batiks 

<$or)r}eet^d u/itt^ tl^e j^ot:(^l 


/////y//. Q^//y/. 



Avery, Francis ; ''The Nook " 

Barrett, Mr and Mrs W. G. ; " Casa Madrona " 

Belknap, Mr and Mrs D. P. ; " Admiral Bullfrog '" 

Bell, James ; "The Roost " 

Bigland, Mr and Mrs S. H. ; " Bellagio "' 

The Misses 

Brown, Miss Lizzie ; " Hillside " 

Case, Dr and Mrs C. ; " Sunnyside " 

Campbell, Mr and Mrs H. C. ;' "The Heights " 

Cobb, Major and Mrs Harry A. ; " Bird's Nest Cottage " Thursday 

Miss Mamie 

Cooper, Miss May ; " The Hutlette " 

Cormack, T. E. K. 

Coward, M. G. ; El Monte Hotel 

Crall, Maj and Mrs George A. ; " Buckeye Cottage " 

Fiedler, Mr and Mrs F. 

The Misses 

Fleury, Paul ; " Mira Mar " 


Foster, Mr and Mrs C. J.; " Hacienda " 

Gardner, Mr and Mrs James; " The Bower '' Friday 

George, Mr and Mrs Robert ; " Loma Vista " 

The Misses 

Gray, Capt Emmet; " Cabana Bonita " 

Groom, Mrs 

Hall, H. H.; " Russell Cottage " 

Hamlin, Mr and Mrs M. C; "La Vuelta " Thursday 

Miss Lillian 

Miss Helen 

Miss Amy 

Tyrrell L. 

Harlan, Mr and Mrs Charles; "Monte Vista" Tuesday 
Harmes, :Mr and Mrs J. T. ; " Oak Knoll" 
Harrison, Com and Mrs C. H. ; " Hazel Mount" 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easilv 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Harrison, Mr and Mrs J. W. 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; " Magnolia Cottage" 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs Kobert 

Hearst, W. R. ; *« Sea Point" 

Hellraan, Mr and Mrs A. C; " Chedder Villa" 

Hodgdon, Mrs; " Rose Cottage" Wednesdai^ 

Miss Rosa 


Holden, Mr and Mrs S. P.; " Inglenook" 

The Misses 

Hunter, Id. C. ; "Fairmount" 

Jackson, Mr and Mrs J. Ross; " Dextor Cottage " 

Miss Carrie 

Jackson, T. W. 

Miss M. 

Jackson, W. A.; El Monte Hotel 

.leronie, Mrs T. F. ; " Gardner Cottage " 

Lee, Rowland ; " Alcazar " 

Linforth, Mr and Mrs Ed.; " The Nook " Tuesday 

Marvin, Mr and Mrs A. T. ; " Cliff Cottage " 

Meade, Mr and George W. ; " Hollyoaks " 

Miller, Major O. C. "The Pines " 

Murphy, Miss Nettie ; " Hillside " 

Nation, G. M. ; '' Alvaston " 

Noble, Mr and Mrs H. H. 


Pariser, Mr and Mrs James A. ; " Vista de Mar " 

Alfred D. 

Peltret, Miss Lou ; " The Nook " Tuesday 

Miss Nellie 

Reade, F. William 

Reed, Major and Mrs ( i. W. ; " Mossbrae " 

Richards, Mr and Mrs J. ; '• Hillside " 

Ritchie, Mr and Mrs William ; " Madrone Villa " 

Miss Agnes 

Miss Nellie 


Rutherford, George; " Rutherford Villa " 
Miss Helen 

-Miss Nellie 

Schultz,Mr and Mrs Charles; " Vera Cottage " 

Shwmaker, Mr and Mrs K. H.: " SchneH's Building" Tmsdaij 

Mies Mary O. 

Shoohert, Mr and Mrs J. E. 

GORDON & DILWORTH'8 Fine Presonod Frultn, JcllIeB. Olives. Ketchup. Wlno 
Jellies. Etc., to l>c had of all faucy (Jrocen«. 

MAI'. >viiiKr: X- ( o I'lK ific Coast .\ pout!. 

183 SAU3ALIT0 

Slinkey, Col and Mrs J. E. ; El Monte Hotel Monday 

Miss Lillie 

Sperry, Mr and Mrs J. W. 

Tashiera, Mr and Mrs George; " Redonda Vista" 
Theobald, Mr and Mrs George J. ; " Ivanlioe Cottage '' 
Thomas, Capt and Mrs George W. 

Miss Cora 

Tillingast, D. F.; " The Bungelow " 

The Misses 

W. D. 

Wheeler, Mrs S. G. ; '* Rose Cottage" 

Miss Helen 

Windsor, Mrs T. 

Winterburn, Mr and Mrs George H. ; El Monte Hotel 

Woods, E. L. ; " The Roost '* 

Wooley, Mr and Mrs D. M. 

Yoell, Mrs E. A.; " Ivanhoe Cottage " 

Miss A. V. 

Always reliable and uuiform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 




hotoiiraphic Parlors 

A }^ 




All Styles of 


Executed in a Most Superior Manner 


Paid to Ivm.akj.kmknts in 

Cravoii, W aUM" Color or Iiuliri Ink 


Portraits on Watch-Dials, Porcelain, Etc 



Adams, Mr and Mrs Henry; 171 El Dorado st. 

Adams, Mr and Mrs H. E. ; Magnolia, bet. Centre and Commerce 

Arnold, Mr and Mrs Fred ; cor. El Dorado and Lindsay 

Atherton, Mr and Mrs George A. ; 162 Poplar st. 

Atwood, Mr and Mrs Leroy S, ; 387 Grant st. 

Atwood, Mr and Mrs Oscar; 371 Stanislaus st. 

Austin, Mr and Mrs W. B. ; Flora, bet. Otter and Beaver 

Baggs, Mrs Wm M. ; 365 Beaver st. 

Baldwin, Mr and Mrs Herbert; 129 Park st. 

Baldwin, Judge and Mrs F. T. ; Miner ave., bet. Aurora and Sacramento 

Beecher, Mr and Mrs J. L. ; cor. Lindsay and El Dorado 

Belding, .Mr and Mrs Chas. ; El Dorado, bet. Park and Flora 

Belding, Mrs W. J. ; 543 Market st. 

Bennet, Mr and Mrs C. 0.; Channel, bet. American and Stanislaus 

Bennett, Mr and Mrs Paul W. ; 158 El Dorado st. 

Bid well, W. E. ; cor. Sutter and Lafayette 

Miss Lena 

Bogue, Mr and Mrs A. R. ; Sutter, bet. Market and Lafayette 
Boisselier, Mrs H. G. ; 273 Miner ave. 

Miss Emma 

Bostwick, Mr and Mrs I. S. ; 245 Weber ave. 

Bours, Mrs B. W. ; North, bet. Hunter and San Joaquin 

Wm. M. 

Buck, Mr and Mrs T. B.; Yo Semite House 

Buckley, Mr and Mrs W. D.; 365 Beaver st. 

Budd, Mr and Mrs Jas. H. ; Channel and Ophir 

Budd, Judge and Mrs Jos. H.; Sutter, bet. Channel and Miner ave. 

Budd, Mr and Mrs J. E.; Acacia, bet. Beaver and Elk 

Buell, Mr and Mrs P. A.; SE cor. El Dorado and Flora 

Campbell, Mr and Mrs J. C; Flora and Beaver 

Carter, Mr and Mrs S. L. ; 135 Fremont 

Chalmers, Mr and Mrs Alex. ; cor. Lindsay and El Dorado 

Miss Anna 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER &C0., Pacific Coabt .\geuts. 


Chalmers, Mr and Mrs George; 215 Lindsay 

Miss Kittie 

Chesnutwood, Mr and Mrs George ; 327 Washington 

Clark, Dt and Mrs Asa; Hunter and Park 

Clark, Mr and Mrs Geo. C; Hunter and Park 

Claves, Mr and Mrs J. K.; Acacia, bet. Centre and Commerce 

Clayes, Mrs J. C. ; 207 Hunter st. 


Miss Madge 

Cobb, Mr and Mrs F. I).; Sutter, bet. Fremont and Lindsay 

Corcoran, Mr and Mrn H. J. ; Flora, bet. Hunter and El Dorado 

Colnou, Mr and Mrs K. L.; El Dorado, bet. Wash, and Lafayette 

Condit, Mr and Mrs J. H. ; 277 Miner ave. 

Crawford, Mr and Mrs B. C. ; 197 Flora 

Crawford. Mr and Mrs B. B. ; Centre and Flora 

Cross, Dr and Mrs L. E. ; 348 Miner ave. 

CroFF, Dr and Mrs S. N. ; 177 Park 

Cutting, Mr and Mrs Francis; 97 Centre st. 

Cutting, Mr and Mrs L. M. ; 99 Centre st. 

Daggett, Mr and Mrs W. C. ; 235 Miner ave. 

Davenport, Dr and Mrs; Centre and Acacia st. 

Davis, Mips ^Maggie ; cor. Opliir and Sonora sts. 

Davis, Mr and Mrs Frank ; El Dorado and Acacia sts. 

Miss Maud 

De Vinney. Dr and Mrs C. L. ; Hunter St., Ijet. Acacia and Poplar sta 
Doak, Mr and Mrs J. K. ; SW cor. Hunter and Fremont sts. 
Dolirmann, Mr and Mrs C. W. ; 2^9 Oak st. 

Miss Gussie 

Miss l-ou 

Dorranoe, H. T. ; Yo Semite House 

Dudley, Mr and Mrs W. L. ; Flora and San Joaquin sts. 


Miss Mamie 

Dunham, Mr and Mrs Sliubael ; 180 El Dorado ht. 
Dunham, Mr and Mrs James S. ; Hunter and Magnolia sts. 
?'arle, G. A. ; 207 San Joa(iuin 

Easton, Mr and Mrs A. ; lieaver, bet. Lafayette and Sonora 
Elliott, Mr and Mrs L. W. ; cor. Fremont and Commerce 

Miss Gertie 

Farnum, Mrs K. (i.; 206 K\ Dorado 
Farrington, Mrs H. L. : 400 Sutter 

MisQ CJra<e 

Farrington, Mr and .Mr- H. S.: 241 Flora st. 

RICH A i\: ROHHINS' Hoiie«l Chicken. Turkey, C«Hjk»«l Ham, Kollo-1 ox 

1 irrierl OystcfH and Fowl. Plum I'uddinK nnd I'ott«Ml Meatu; to l>e had 

«.i a ! iirvt cla«HCirucer». MAU, HAULER A CO.. I'aclflc Coast Agents. 


Folger, Mrs M. A. ; cor. Center and Acacia 

Miss Gussie 

Miss Mattie 

Fraser, Mr and Mrs P. B.; 162 Lafayette 

Garwood, Mr and Mrs John ; 247 Fremont 

Gerlach, Mr and Mrs Louis; Flora, bet. Hunter and S. Joaquin 


Miss Nellie 

Grattan, Dr and Mrs C; cor. Sutter and Lindsay 
Gray, Mr and Mrs George; 247 Fremont 

Miss Hannah 

Greenwood, Mr and Mrs H.; 139 Lafayette 
Gross, Mr and Mrs J. E. ; 168 Park st. 
Haas, Mr and Mrs C. ; 186 Fremont st. 
Haas, Mr and Mrs C. J. ; Lindsay Point 
Hamilton, Capt and Mrs J. C ; 157 Beaver st. 

Mrs Jeff 

Hammond, Mr and Mrs John ; 195 Hunter st. 

Hansel, Mr and Mrs Joseph ; 63 Aurora st. 

Hansel, Mr and Mrs Louis ; 77 San Joaquin st. 

Hart, Mr and Mrs George; Acacia, bet. Beaver and Elk 

Hedges, Mr and Mrs E. R. ; Commercial Hotel 

Henderson, Mr and Mrs M. P. : Flora and San Joaquin 

Henderson, Dr and Mrs R. W. ; Sutter, bet. Weber ave. and Channel 

Miss Ella 

Hewlett, Mr and Mrs H. H. ; ]77 Oak st. 

Hoisholt, Dr and Mrs A. W. ; North, bet. Hunter and San Joaquin 

Hubbard, Mrs H. S. ; El Dorado and Poplar 

Miss May 

Hudson, Dr and Mrs A. S. ; 199 Hunter st. 

Dr and Mrs A. T. 

Huggins, Mrs Emma; Weber Point 

Miss Mamie 

Hutchinson, C. F.; 156 Park st. 

Hyatt, Mr and Mrs G. C. ; 329 ,Aliner ave. 

Inglis, Wm. ; 425 El Dorado st. 

Johnson, Capt and Mrs R. S.; cor. Park and Centre sts. 

Miss Ida 

Keagle, Mr and Mrs C. H. ; Centre st., bet. Rose and Magnolia 

Keniston, Mr and Mrs C. M. ; 349 Weber ave. 

Kearns, Mr and Mrs J. 

Kile, Mr and Mrs J. M. ; Stanislaus st., bet. Weber ave. & Channel st. 

Kelsey, Mrs A. ; El Dorado and Oak st. 

Miss Algae 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 

















— • <' C n — • :f x rt — i: ►^ i' n ►^ 

^ "^ C 

X w :::• 

>-■=: = 

'X r: — p 

c < "^ ^. 

-* <^ c s 

Pi 3 X c 

^ c :: 
p v. 

:r: ;^" c 

— c "^ 

2 ^ § 2 

"Z -^ — ■ 



-' (D 

? 5 ? b 

•^ X- 


o s: p ^ 

p " 

T :i 

~ o ^ 

^ ^. S: 

r p•i- 
? — § 

ro S ^ 

^- ^ 


P -! 

% 2 

- O 




:r* "-t 'X 

w p- c — ^ 

^— ii t^ rr :: ^ 

^ zr - (T) - X rt 

S C w rt rt C- 

-• o 

S rt 

R i 

O ^ 

p rt 

^ ^ ■^- 

^ S O ^ 

o <: '^ 




:i p 

/^ X 

2. i^ 

rt* ^ 

X :; 

o - 

" p 


< -! rt S 

P '^. 

5 rt 

P_ ^ 

X ^^ 

^ 2* 

o " 


^ rt 


O ^ 

^ P 

rt :=: 





o c 

cc '■■' C •— ^ /^ »^ 


2 ;i. §- £ -^ 

T. t- 

ffi .2 -2 

X 2 -r r ^ 

.- ~/ 

:> CJ = := 


>— - ^ w >^ 

Ji 1- ^ (^ " 

- '^^ 4^ T- S ,- 


































■ — 



i^ ct ^ 

S 2 > 
















^— rt 




:r bi: 


" — 





















' '^ 













"— " 


X -r 


X :: 

X ;i 

— X 

S1N30V 310S "00 "V AHva ^a M.QSdJ » 

.WW^WWWw'W^'^'^''^ ^ 







C5 — cr^ 

3: - m 

DD i i 

m ^' I 

m s ^ 

CO P^ I 



















— j 


c o 

C ) 


: v: 

( . 




^ — J 
















2 OO 

^ 55 
r— — • pn 




I ' 
















5 OO 


3 ;:33 









California Colon\' in Xcav York 





It is tli(»r«>ii}rhly Fin- ;ni<l KArtlnjiDikL' proof, lias five broiifl, ciisy stnirw Jiys. aiid five 
«-U'\jiturs. Kver\1 room is ex\ra Ijitire, iiirlit aud airy. Tlie system of ventilation is j»erf<ft. 
ronibinini; flue fioni tirejilac^. iUU^ line for fresh air from outside, and utitlet flue to the r<K»f. 

Guests Entertaine^d^Pn Either the American or European Plan 

AN'^is an^djunct to the Hotel, and is the finest in the city. 

E B A L D \\^ I X 


' 'I' II 1 

.1 M II" P| •, 

!';:.?>/ M "ipmWMfflMi^ 

THIS HOTKI- \vji« eoinjilrted and ojMind in May. isTT. and is condneled on the .\nieri(-aii 
I'lau. Over >:t,-'i'Ni.(liin hiiH heeii exiM-ndfd by .Mr. lUiidwin in it>> construction and fnrni-liintr. 

SifMat«'d on Market Street, iit tlie interHcction of Powell and Kddy Streets. an<l frontink'on 
four |>rinci|ial •'tree^^ in the husin«'<«s ct-nter. It Is convenient of acces.x to and from all 
'lUnrterK of the city. Kluht lines of Street < 'ars pass its doors. 



H. I. Bai.uwin. rroprielor 


The California Colony in New York 

Within some years past quite a number of San Franciscans have 
removed to the City of New York, and now form what is known there 
as the California Colony, It was not deemed by the publishers of the 
Blue Book that it would be complete without the names and addresses 
of these former residents, especially as many of them are at best only 
temporarily removed from their Pacific Coast homes. Accordingly these 
names and addresses have been secured and are here presented for the 
information of our readers, together with names of Californians now 
resident in other Eastern cities. 

Adams, Mrs Dr Samuel; Detroit, Michigan 
Aldrich, Miss Letitia; Madison Square Theater 
Alexander, Henry ; 642 E. Ninth st. 

Mr and Mrs C. B. (nee Hattie Crocker); 4 W. 58th st. 

Alexander, Mrs Lieutenant {nee Fanny Lent); 566 Fifth ave. 

Aron, Joseph Paris, France 

Atherton, Mrs Gertrude; 340 W. 59th st. 

Miss Muriel 

Baker, Thomas; Broadway Theater 
Bean, Mr Fred W.; 13 AV. 22d st. 

Miss Alice P. 

Beiden, Mr and Mrs Josiah; 7 W. 51st st. Saratoga 


Belknap, Edward S. ; 5 Beekman st. 

Berolzime, Mrs Kate; 44 W. 28th st. 

Bernard, \Vm. F.; Continental Hotel Saratoga 

Best, Miss; Daly's Theater 

Behrends, Bernard ; Hoffman House 

Belasco, David; 126 Waverly Place 

Billings, M. and Mrs Frederick; 279 Madison ave. Woodstock, Vt 

Bierstadt, Mr and Mrs Albert; 1271 Broadway 

Birch, Mr and Mrs William; 219 Seventh ave. 

Boyer, Mrs 

Miss Lizzie 

Bosqui, Frank ; St. Nicholas ave. and 133d st. 
Booker, Mr and Mrs Wm. Lane; New York Hotel 
Bradford, J. Otey; 140 W. 53th st. 

Miss Lucile 

Brewster, Mr and Mrs Benjamin ; 695 Fifth ave. 
R. E. ; Pierrepont House, Brooklyn 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN', the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 


Brooks, Noah; Newark, N. J. 

Mrs B. S. ; 241 W. 75th st. 

P.I088, Mr and Mrs A. C. ; Bath Beach, L. I. 

Batler, Mr and Mrs L. F. {nee Linda Baby) ; 203 W. 14th st. 

Baron, Frank P. 

Baker, James A.; 917 Seventh ave. 

Beyea, Dr L. ; 216 E. 14th st. 

P.arnes, Edwin D. ; Gilsey House 

Burling, Miss Jessie 

BuUard, E. P. ; 46 W. 25th st. 

Butler, C. J.; 20 Lafayette Place, Brooklyn 

Bugbee, Mr and Mrs Sumner W. ; East New York, L. I. 

lUitterfield, Don Carlos, Mr and Mrs 

Bacon, Mr and Mrs John P. {nee Miss Cunningham) 

Bnrgoyne, Mr and Mrs Wm. M. ; 155 W. 68d st. 

^Wm. M., Jr. 




Banner, Michael; 342 W. 70th st. 

Corcoran, Frank; St. James Hotel 

Clemens, Mr and Mr^ Sam B. ; Hartford, Connecticut 

Casey, Capt Thos. L., V. S. A.; The San Carlos, Broadway and oOth Ht. 

Curtis, Miss Amy; National School of Design 

Carpentier, Horace VV.; 108 E. 37th st. 

Chenery, Leonard, U. S. N. ; 45 E. 30th st. 

Clark, Smyth; Brooklyn 

Cohn, Mr and Mrs Fred H. ; 128 V.. 79th st. Long Branch 

Cox, Mr and Mrs Jennings S.; 76 W. 68th st. Huntington, L. I. 

Convis, Charles E. ; 227 W. 14th st. 

Craddock, Miss Nannie; Madison Square Theater 

Curtiss, Mr and Mrs FranK ; 46 W. 40tli st. 

Crane, A. M. ; Stewart Building 

Clark, Joseph ; Hotel Brunswick The Hollywood, Long Branch 

Delafield, Robt. Hare; 20 N. Washington Square 

Dorsey, Edward Bates; Union I^eague Club 

Dungan, Charles W. ; La Normandie 

Davis, Erwin ; 121 Madison ave. Rye, Winchester Co. 

Dewey, Mr and Mrs Eugene E.; 180 Fifth ave. 

Donaliue, Peter J. ; Hoffman House 

Donaghue, Mr and Mrs B. O. ; Yonkers, N. Y. 

Dorris, Mrs; W. 49th i-t. 


Edmondson, TIioh. J. ; Dehnonico's, 26tb st. 

RICH -i' Boned fljickeii, Turkey, r. ^x 

- aud Fowl, Plum Pudding aiicl id 

01 uii iJFM cjii -. MAU, SADLER &. L»' . 1 u' nn. ' u;i3i ,\»i<iil»». 


Edwards, Mr and Mrs Harry; 185 E. 116th st. 

Mr and Mrs Maze; Bath ^each, L. I. 

Ellis, Mr and Mrs John S.; Bartow-on-Sound 

Samuel Cladius ; 69 Madison ave. Bartow-on-Sound 

Eppstein, Fred J. ; 203 W. 45th st. 

Eagan, Rev. F. Dillon 

Fair, Mrs Theresa ; Hoffman House 



Ferris, Mr and Mrs David C. ; 277 W. 71st st. 

Ferguson, George N. ; 154 W. 53d st. 

Foster, Mrs Lelia Love 

Fonda, Mrs Alfred; The Effingham, W. 5Sth st. 

Frank, Mr and Mrs Sam ; 1071 Park ave. 

Frank, L. P. 

Freeman, Miss Lulu ; Clarendon Hotel 

Fritz, Henry 

Fremont, Gon and Mrs John C. ; Stiuen Island Los Angeles 

Funk, Charles C. ; 46 W. 25th 

Fearon, Mr and Mrs Robert {nee Torb?rt ) ; New Brighton, Staten Is. 

Garvey, Mrs Wm. V.; 8 W. 22nd st. 

Gault, Mr and Mrs John; 200 AV. 57th st. 

George, Mr and Mrs Henry; 327 E. 19th st. 

Mr and Mrs Henry, Jr. 

Gibson, Mr and Mrs George R. (nee Belden); 7 W. 51st st. Saratoga 
Gillette, Mr and Mrs Milton G.; 2101 Fifth ave. 


Gilmore, Harry 


Miss Grace 

Glazier, Mr and Mrs Simon W.; 17 E. 67th st. Long Branch 

Gray, John; 346 Fourth st,, Brooklyn 

Gunter, Mr and Mrs Archie C; 80 Madison ave. 

Goodman, Mr and Mrs A. J. [nee Mmnie Buchanan) ; 142 W. 16th st. 

Greene, Mr and Mrs Clay; The Aberdeen 

Gutherie, Wm. D. ; 20 E. 35th st. 

Gall, Charles Funkenstein ; 45 W. 2Sth st. 

Greenebaum, Mr and Mrs Henry; 1607 Lexington ave. 

Hague, Mr and Mrs James D. : 175 \V. 58th st. New Haven, Conn. 

Hamlin, Mr and Mrs George; Mott Haven, X. Y. 

Miss Florence Belle 

Halpin, Mr and Mrs John J. ; 47 W. 35th st. 
Haggin, Mr and Mrs Ben Ali ; 10 E. 54th st. 
Heitshu, Miss Gertrude ; 32 W. 57th st. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S French Soups are put up for family use iu 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents.. 


Hastings, Charles S. ; 13 AV. 53d st. 


Haskins, Mr and Mrs D. C. ; 313 W. 22d st. 
Harris. Mrs Lon ; 4 Lafayette place 
Harper, J. M. ; Fifth Avenue Hotel 
Harpending, Mr and Mrs Asbury; Plainfield, N. J. 

Asbury, Jr. 


Miss Genevieve 

Miss Clara 

Hartshorn, Ben M. ; 24 W. 56th st. Pleasure Bay, N. J. 

The Misses 

Herman, M. ; 34 E. 67th st. 

Henderson, John D. 

Hillyer, M. C; 20 W. 12th st. 

Hinton, Mr and Mrs Richard J. ; 53 W. 24th st. 

Huntington, Mr and Mrs Collis P. ; 65 Park ave. Throg's Neck, Ct. 

Haxton, Mrs H. R. {nee Agnes Thomas) ; 42 W. 35th st. 

Homans, Harry S., Jr. ; 60 Broadway 

Hatch, Mr and Mrs Stephen; Murray Hill Hotel 

Harper, Miss Lulu; 24 W. 39th st. 

Hersey, Miss Blanche ; 1418 Broadway 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs J. M. {nee Florence Tyrrill) 

Hemphill, Rev and Mrs John {nee Mamie Coghiil); Philadelphia, Pa. 

Irwin, Benoni; Yonkers, N. Y. 

Miss Constance 

Jackson, Mr and Mrs Schuyler {nee Angela Forbes) ; Newark, N. J. 
Janin, Mr and Mrs Henry; The Berkeley, 20 Fifth ave. West Point 


Jones, E. Perry; 545 Lafayette place, Brooklyn 

Jerome, Mr and Mrs H. {nee Miss L. Hastings) ; The Burlington, W. 30th 

Keene, Mr and Mrs James R. ; Far Rockaway, L. I. 

The Misses 

Keene, Harry ; Delmonico's, Fifth ave. 

Kelly, Mr and Mrs Eugene; 33 W. 57th st. Orange, N. J. 

Kelly, Eugene, Jr.; 19 Wash. Square. 

Kelly, Edward; 33 W. 57th st. 



Kelly, Edgar S. ; 328 W. 32d st. 

Miss Anna 

Kibbe, William C. ; 45 Broadway 

Kipp, William Ingraham, 3d; I9th and ^inth ave. 

Ix)well, Miss Augusta; Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ton years. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coaat Agents 


Littauer, William ; 578 Madison ave. 

Locke, Mr and Mrs Chas. A. , 230 W. 50th st. 



Lande, Mr and Mrs Bernard; The Marlborough 
Lawton, Mr and Mrs Franklin ; New Rochelle, N. Y. 


Laffan, Mr and Mrs Wm. M. ; 335 Lexington ave. 

La Grange, Gen and Mrs Oscar H. ; Larchmont, N. Y. 

Lent, Mr and Mrs Wm. M. ; 566 Fifth ave. 



Leverson, Montague M. 
Leszynski, Julius ; Park ave. 

Albert H. ; 636 Lexington ave. 

Lines, Eev and Mrs Sam'l Gregory; 65 E. 89th st. 

Lowsberry, Mr and Mrs R. P. {nee Haggin) ; 102 E. 35th Bedford, N. Y. 

Luning, Herman ; 463 W. 24th st. 

Lyster, Frederick ; 18 W. 23d st. 

Lynch, Mrs Dominick (nee Fonda); The Effingham, W. 58th st. 

Lane, FrankUn R. ; 132 E. 25th st. 

Marvin, Azor S. ; 18 AVashington Place 

Mayer, Marcus R. ; 242 W\ 42d st. 

Magagnos, James K. ; 118 Sumner ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mack, John J. 

Maguire, Thomas ; 46 W. 33d st. 

Thomas Jr 

Marks, Mrs Thomas {nee Fonda) ; The Effingham, W. 58th st. 

Martinez, Mr and Mrs Raoul ; Albemarle Hotel 

Massett, Stephen C. (" Jeemes Pipes ") ; 74 E. 11th st. 

Massen, Mr and Mrs Louis ( nee Lillie Arrington) ; Madison Square Theater 

Makenna, Miss; 20 W. 12th st. 

McAneny, George B ; The Cumberland Coney Island 

McClintock, Wm. H. ; 27 7th ave. Jackson. Amador Co., Cal. 

McCaulley, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; Murray Hill Hotel 


McCormick, Mr and Mrs R. C; Jamaica, L. I. 
McDowell, Harry ; The Benedict 

Melbourne; Brevoort House 

McKinney, Mrs {nee Dita Hopkins) ; Madison ave. 
MacAllister, Rev F. Marion ; Elizabeth, N.J. 
Minear, A. P. ; Gilsey House 
Mills, U. O. ; 634 Fifth ave. 
-Mr and Mrs D. O., Jr 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritiotis, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Miller, Mr and Mrs Charles; 14 E. 44th st. 


Miss Mary 

Miss Mand 

Miss Blanche 

Minturn, Mr and Mrs John ; 338 E. 5l8t st. 
Monson. A. C. ; oO Madison ave. 
Murray, ^Slr and Mrs Henry B. ; Roseville, N. J. 
McAllister, Mr and Mrs Ward; 16 E. IHth st. 

Miss Louise 

McHarg, Peter; St. James Hotel 

McCullough, Mr and Mrs John G. ; 507 Madison ave. Rutland, Vt. 

McDermot, Mr and Mrs Hugh F. ; Jersey City, N. J. 

McDowell, Mrs Gen Irwin ; Brevoort House 

McDonald, Mrs Alice R.; Fifth ave. near 57th st. 

McEwen, Arthur; abroad 

Norton, Mrs Harry 

Nutman, James E.; 70 Broadway 

Newlands, Mr and Mrs Francis G.; Gramercy Park Carson City, Nev, 

Neustadter, Mr and Mrs Henry ; Windsor Hotel 

Newton, Mr and .Mrs Henry; 054 St. Nicholas ave. 

Ogden, Com R. L. ; The Aberdeen 

Pacheco, Mrs Romualdo; 9 W. 22d st. 

Peixotto, Ben. F.; 47 W. 130th st. 

Pillsbur}', C. J. ; Boston, Mass. 


Piatt, Rev Horace; Rochester. N. Y. 

Page, B. Frank 

Perrine, E. M. ; 45 Broadway 

Phelps, Mr and Mrs Charles (nee Minnie Booth) 88 W. Washington Sq. 

Parsons, (ieorge F. ; 17 E. 59th st. 

Randall, Wm. W.; Rockville Center, N. J. 

Randoli)h, Miss Maggie; 161 Madison ave. 

Reynolds, Wm. T.; Brooklyn 

Reid, Mr and Mrs Whitelaw (tiee Mills) 451 Madison ave. Rye, N. Y. 

Riotte, Mr and Mrs E. N.; 102 W. 13Gth st. 

Rix, Julian ; Paterson, N. J. 

Rich, David; Orange, N. J. 

A. L. 

Rogers, George E. ; 46 W. 25th st. 

Rogers, >rr and Mrs Ford H., Detroit. Michigan 

Rosener, Mr and Mrs Ilarn,-; Hoffman House 

Miss Fay 

Charles John 

fJOKDON <Sc DILWOKTII'S Fine Pr. ' Fniltn, Jelllon, Olives, Ketchup. Wine 

Jellies. Etc.. to J>c had of nil fni rn. 

,vi.i».i> c, <n facfflc Coast .VgentH. 


Roseiifeld, Louis, Hoffman House 
Reed, Mrs E. B. ; 136 W. 34th st. 

Miss Lillian 

Rosenbaum, Mr and Mrs A. S. ; 44 E. 69lh st. 

Rosenfield, A. ; 1270 Lexington ave. 

Roberts, George D. ; Hoffman House 

Roosevelt, Mr (feMrs Elbert C. {nee Mabel Lawton); New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Rosenbaum, Henry; W. 6l6i st. 

Reynolds, Mrs E. H. {nee Fuller) ; 247 Fifth ave. 

Ross, Harry ; St. James Hotel 

Rudkin, Mr and Mrs James T. ; 315 Clinton st. 

Seaman, Mr and Mrs Vernon ; Brooklyn 

Seaman, Pr and Mrs L. L. {nee Fannie Freeman); 18 W. 31st st. 

Seligman, Mr and Mrs Jesse ; 2 E. 46th st. Long Branch 


Seligman, Dewitt J.; 74 E. 5oth st. Long Branch 

Sehgman, Isaac W. ; 58 W. 54th st. Long Branch 

Seligman, Jacob; 128 E. 65th st. Long Branch 

Severance, A. J. ; The Aberdeen 

Selover, Abia A.; Park Avenue Hotel 

Selover, Mr and Mrs James M. ; 3 Boulevard 

Sisson, ]Mr and Mrs Geo. H. ; The Hanover, 15 Fifth ave. 

Schroeder, Mr and Mrs Edward C. {nee Minnie Stebbins):Plainfield, N. J. 

Schroeder, Charles ; 1212 Broadway 

Shainwald, Mr and Mrs R. L. ; 1054 Lexington ave. 

Shaffer, Col and Mrs W. F. ; 35 W. 51st st. 

Shannon, Mrs C. A. ; Clinton, Maryland 

Share, H. P.; 6 E. 18th st. 

Shaw, Mr and Mrs John \V.; Windsor Hotel 

William P. 

Sharon, Mr and Mrs F. W. ; Fifth ave and 33d st. 

Sherman, Miss Julia; Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Somers, Frederick M. ; 41 W. 34th st. 

Snow, Frank C; 42 W. 23d st. 

Steinhart, Ezekiel ; Windsor Hotel 

Staples, John 

Stoat, Mr and Mrs Philip {nee Miss Van Wart) 

Scoofey, Leonidas; New York Hotel 

Miss Ida 

Snyder, Mr and Mrs Val Perry {nee Miss Sheda Trobert) ; 121 W. 97th st. 

Siedenthop, Charles; Norwalk, Conn. 

Stanford, Charles; Albany, N. Y. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs Edwin {nee Bullock); Hartford, Conn. 

Stevens, Mr and Mrs Eugene ; 182 W. 75th st. 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will he found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Scholle, Mr and Mrs Wm. ; Lexington ave. 
Taylor. Mrs Fred B. ; 10 E. 65th st. 


Taylor, Edward R. ; New York Club 
Taylor, Mr and Mrs Peter; 356 W. 58th st. 

Miss Allie 

Triest, Mr and Mrs Julian 

Thurman, I. B.; 365 Filth ave. 

Taylor, Howard P. 

Teal, Ben; 327 W. 42d st. 

Teflft, Mr and Mrs E. (nee Benchley) ; The Dakota. W. 72d st. 

Thompson, Mr and Mrs J. Wm. ; 212 VV. 45th st. 

Miss Ida 

—Miss Rita 

Thompson, Mr and Mrs Wm. Neely; Madison ave. 

Thompson, Mrs K.; Plainfield, N. J. 

Thompson, Mr and Mrs Henry ; 40 W. 59th st. 

Tichenor, Mr and Mrs James F. ; Newark, N. J. 

Toland, Mrs Annie; 41 W. 61st st. West Point 

Uhler, J. Clem ; 205 W. 43d st. Yacht " Siesta " 


Miss Maud 

Upshur, Mr and Mrs George L.; Stateu Island (Staten I.) 

Van Vleck, Durbin; 55 Liberty 

Verdenal. Mr and Mrs D. F. ; The Dakota, W. 72d st. 

Miss Lottie F. 

Miss Blanche E. 

D. F., Jr. 

Vernon, Col and Mrs George F. W. ; Baltimore, Md. 

Wright, George 

Wambold, David ; The Continental Hotel Saratoga 

Wallace, Thomas; Montreal, Canada 

Williams, Mr and Mrs J. H. H. ; The Grenoble 

Miss Lottie 

Miss Agnes 

Withington, James H. ; Binghamton, N. Y. Long Branch, N. J. 

Willett, Ed. W.; 1005 Lexington ave. 

Wilcox, Mr and Mrs Frederick P. [nee Bessie Garvey); 122 W. 79th st. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate 

Wilson, Dr Francis P. ; New York Hospital 

Williams, Rev. Albert 

Whitlach, Mr and Mrs James ; 220 First St., Brooklyn 

Wolcott, A. F. ; Delmonico's, Fifth ave. 

Wormser, Louis; 2 E. 05th st. Long Branch 

Wormser, Mr and Mrs Simon ; 836 Fifth ave. Long Branch 



Weill, Alexander; Paris, France 

Walter, Henry ; Windsor Hotel 

Watrous, Mr and Mrs Charles ; 352 Lexington ave. 

Henrv W. 

Walter W. 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up in 
elass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Nathan, Dotirmann & Co. 




♦ Sli m ti mum i ■ < • n i 

* — i=C?C 

Marble Statuary 

13 -^/-.V^ QQ*-CT» T 53 i-v-i T-»p 

rv ^---z >j ^ . . ^ c 

TJ^ V* ^1 ■• C»^ Xr^'^^'^C" XT v-> C: " C* '>^ O O 

5 O'Cl' 



Sap prai^eiseo. Qal. 


XTisitoi^s ^\^r^looia:i^ 

j|obscj,oLD/^, goo/n§. 


(Formerl\^ of Oakland) 


The Only Real Private Parlors in the City 

Special Attention given to 


Telephone No. 971 

323-325 Market St., S. F. 

, The great Mexican Remedy for Disnr- 

Q YY\ I Q I'Y^ '^^^^ "^^ *''^ Kidneys ami Bladder, Damiana 
is recognized l)y all Physicians as the 
"T^ *AI hii^i Xeivous Stimulant, gives health and 

XJlvvd^S* strength to the (Generative and Procreative 
"-^^^-'-^ Organs. For sale everywhere. 

NABER, ALFS & BRUNE -» - -' '^^rrVrrco. ..e„.« 



San Francisco Art Association 

/JO Pi7ie Street 

On March 28, 1871, the Sau Francisco Art Association was organized, with the 
worthy object of encouraging excellence in artists and a superior taste in the public. 
Incorporated, August 1, 1889. The School of Design is also conducted by this Associa- 
tion. An exhibition by local artists is held annually, besides numerous other displays. 

L. L. Baker, President --..... 2 Pine street 

John A. Stanton, Vice-President - - - - 611 Clay street 

J. B. Crockett, Second Vice-President S. E. cor. First and Xatoma streets 
James D. Phelan, . - . . lOl Phelan Building, Treasurer 

E. E. Potter, Secretary . . . . . 42s California street 

J. R. Martin, Assistant Secretary . - . - . 430 Pine street 


Wm. Keith, Pine and Davis streets Edward Bosqui, 523 Clay street 

David Bixler, 320 Sansome street D. P. Belknap -j^^' ^'£^?*l'^*^Vi^^'^' 

^ { ViX. 28th, B. C. 

George H. Hopps, 429 Pine street Henry Heyman, 623 Eddy street 


Mrs.E.B.: J^Vashington 


Alvord, :\Irs. William; Palace Hotel Crocker, Mrs. E.B.; j^^'ashingtonst 

' ' (and \ an Nes: 

Bierstadt, Albert Cilman, D. C. 

Booth, Hon. Newton ^^^P' ^):^^Z\T'^: Ingraham 

{ 901 Eddy street 

Breuil, Edmond Mezzara, Joseph 

Cerrutti, G. B. Rogers, Ford H. 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Alvord, William 

Babcock, Harrj' 

Babcock, William, Jr. 

Bacon, Henry D. 

Baird, Mrs. J. H. 

Baker, Livingston L. 

Bancroft, A. L. 

Barnes, W. H. L. 

Barroilhet, Henry 

Beard, John L. 

Bell, Thomas 

Benson, John 

Blakeney, T. J. 

Blanding, Gordon 

Bixler, David 

Bixler, Mrs. David 

Booth, H. J. 

Bosqui, Edward 

Boyd, James T. 

Boyd. John F. 

Breede, Henry L. 

Brereton, Robert 

Brittan, N. J. 

Bull. Alpheus 

Burnett, W. C. 

Cahill, Edward 

Callandreau, J. 

Coleman, Carlton C. 

Coleman, J. W. 

Coleman, William T. 

Coleman, Mrs. William T 

Collins, W. J. 

Colton, Mrs. D. D. 
*Cook, Seth 

Crocker, John H. 

Cushing, Volney 

Deane, Coll 

Dean, W. E. 

Dennison, Mrs. L. 

Dewey, E. E. 
* Dewey, S. P. 

Dewey, William P. 


400 California street 
306 California street 

306 California street 

307 Sansome street 

Pine and Davis streets 
132 Post street 
426 California street 
524 Montgomery street 

426 California street 

803 Stockton street 

U. S. Appraiser's Building 

324 Pine street 

330 Sansome street 

Union and Pierce streets 

523 Clay street 
324 Pine street 
29 Nevada Block 

Stockton and Post streets 

401 California street 

318 Pine street 

406 Montgomery street 

1307 Stockton street 

121 Market street 

S. F. Stock and Exchange Bldg. 

121 Market street 

Occidental Hotel 

805 Howard street 

California and Taylor streets 

327 Pine street 

435 California street 
78 Nevada Block 

310 Pine street 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pouud round canisters only 
A.«ik your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 



De Young, M. H. 

Dodge, Henry L. 

Donohoe, Joseph A. 

Downey, John Gr. 

Duncan, William L. 

Eldridge, Oliver 

Eyre, E. E. 

Faull, John A. 

Felton, Charles N. 

Fitch, J. R. 
*Flood, James C. 

Floyd, R. S. 

Forbes, A. B. 

Freeborn, James 

Fry, J. D. 

Garnett, Louis A. 

Gibbs, Frederick A. 

Gibbs, George W. 

Giffin, 0. F. 

Glazier, Isaac 

Grant, Adam 

Graves, Robert N. 

Gray, R. B. 

Hager, John S. 

Haggin, James B. 

Haggin, Miss M. D. 

Hall, Harry P. 

Hanscom, John 0. 

Harmon, A. K. P. 

Hastings, Charles F. D. 

Hayward, A. 

Head, A. E. 

Heald, E. P. 

Hearst, Mrs. George 
*Heuston, H. M. 

Heydenfelt, S. 

Hickox, George C. 

Hill, Harry C. 

Hill, Horace L. 

Hochkofler, R. 

Holcomb, W. A. 

Hooper, George F. 

Hopkins, W. S. 

Hotaling, A. P. 

Bush and Kearny streets 
114 Market street 

304 Montgomery street 
303 California street 
314 California street 
1209 Sutter street 

322 Pine street 

120 Sutter street 
401 California street 
420 Montgomery street 
326 Montgomery street 
524 Sacramento street 
33 Fremont street 
33 Fremont street 
12 Annie street 

Bush and Sansome streets 
406 ^lontgomery street 
328 Montgomery street 
Occidental Hotel 
50 Nevada Block 

3 Mission street 
79 Nevada Block 
120 Phelan Building 
224 California street 

24 Post street 
1105 Taylor street 

34 Nevada Block 

43 Merchants' Exchange 

314 California street 
38 California street 

429 Jackson street 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Howard, Mrs. Chandler 
Irwin, R. B. 
Jackson, J. P. 
Janin, Henry 
Jarboe, Mrs. Mary H. 
*Johnson, Robert C. 
Keene, James R. 
Layman, F. 0. 
Lent, William 
*Livingston, Mark 
Livingston, Louis 
Madden, Thomas P. 
May, John C. 
Mayne, Charles 
McLane, Louis 
Meineeke, Charles 
Merrill, John F. 
Mills, D. 0. 
Moore, H. H. 
Morrow, Robert F. 
Murphy, E. P. 
Muybridge, E. J. 
Xewhall, George A. 
Norris, William 
Norton, Edward 
Parrott, Mrs. A. M. 
Parrott, Louis B. 
Parrott, Tiburcio 
Payot, Henry 
Pierce, Henry 
Piatt, Rev. W; H. 
Prescott, George W. 
Redington, John H. 
Requa, Isaac L. 
Robinson, L. L. 
Roman, Anton 
Sawyer,- L. S. B. 
Seligman, Abraham 
Schmiedel, Henry 
Scott, Miss Alice W. 
Scott, Irving M. 
Scott, Henry T. 
Shaw, William J. 
Stanford, Leland 

538 California street 

330 Pine street 

25 Fremont street 
Occidental Hotel 

524 Montgomery street 

314 Sacramento street 
225 Market street 

423 Kearny street 
414 California street 
1304 Guerrero street 

516 California street 
934 Pine street 
414 Montgomery street 
306 California street 

204 Sansome street 
407 Market street 

First and Mission streets 

79 Nevada Block 
320 Sansome street 
331 Montgomery street 
U. S. Appraiser's Building 

320 Pine street' 

First and Mission streets 
First and Mission streets 

Fourth and Townsend streets 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Stearns, J. H. 
Sutro, Adolph 
Tevis, Lloyd 
Toland, Mrs. M. B. M. 
Tubbs, A. L. 
Underhill, Jacob 
Upham, Isaac 
Wallace, George 
Weill, Raphael 
Whartenby, James 
Whitcomb, A. C. 
Wiggins, W. W. 
Wihnerding, J. C. 
Winter, William 
Woodbury, F. C. 
Woodworth, Selim 
* Deceased 

Sutro Heights 

California and Sansome streets 

611 Front street 
214 Sansome street 
204 Sansome street 

Kearny and Post streets 

612 Clay street 

214 Front street 
710 Capp street 

Abbott, Charles H. 

Ames, Fisher 

Ashe, R. P. 

Bacon, Jacob 

Badlam, Alexander 

Bailey, James D. 

Barker, T. L. 

Barron, Mrs. E. S. 

Bass, T. J. 

Beach, T. P. 

Belcher, W. C. 

Belknap, D. P. 

Beaver, George W. 

Bemis, Charles C. 
Bender, Miss E. 
Birmingham, J. 
Bendel, Herman 
Beyfuss, Ernest 
Bigelow, S. C. 
Bishop, Thomas B. 
Blaisdell, N. 
Boalt, John H. 
Boedewig, Geo. 
Bonnell, Edwin 
Borel, Antoine 
Brady, Harry J. 


Fifth and Bluxome streets 

607 Kearny street 

130 Sansome street 

508 Clay street 

322 Montgomery street 

710 California street 

126 Market street 

14 Ellis street 
604 Merchant street 
520 Montgomery street 
405 Montgomery street 
418 California street 
435 California street 

313 Battery street 
126 Kearny street 
440 California street 
327 Pine street 
220 Sutter street 
438 California street 
609 Pine street 
619 Clay street 
311 Montgomery street 
29 Grant avenue 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Brayfogle, Edwin S. 

Britton, Joseph 

Brookes, Samuel M. 

Brown, Arthur 

Brown, Edward 

Brown, Mrs J. E. 

Brown, W. 

Bruce, Donald 

Bruce, Robert 

Buckingham, Thomas H. 

Bush, Norton 

Bush, R. J. 

Cahn, David 

Callaghan, Mrs D. 

Carlson, C. J. 

Carlsen, Emil 

Case, J. D. 

Castner, Mrs C. A. 

Cebrian, J. C 

Chadbourne, F. S. 

Chalmers, W. L. 

Chamberlain, W. H. 

Chismore, George 

Chittenden, Alice B. 

Cope, W. W. 

Cornwall, P. B. 

Coulter, W. A. 

Crocker, Mrs Clarke W. 

Crocker, George 

Crocker, Henry .1. 

Crocker, William H. 

Crockett, J. B., Jr. 

Curtin, Miss K. T. 

Davis, Horace 

Davis, H. C. 

Davis, S. B. F. 

Dapray. Lieut J. A. ; U. S. A. 

D'Estrella, T. 

De la Montanya, James 

Delong, Frank C. 

Dennigan, Thomas 

Denny, Horace 

Diblde, H. C. 

Dickenson, Mrs \V. L. 

209 Geary street 

525 Commercial street 

Prospect avenue near 28th street 

508 California street 

120 Sutter street 

California and Sansome streets 

536 Clay street 

316 California street 

420 Powell street 
Custom House 
Paris, France 

Care of S. P. Co., Foot Market 
813 Haight street 
1801 Octavia street 

920 Market street 

1609 Sutter street 
322 Pine street 

1508 Taylor street 
1716 Octavia street 
45 Nevada Block 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Dolbeer, John 
Donahue, Mrs Annie 
Donahue, J. Mei-vyn 
Donahue, P. J, 
Dornin, George D. 
Dugan, Miss Susie 
Dusbury, Horace 
Duncan, H. 
Dunham, Frank 
Dutard, H. 
Eastland, Joseph G. 
Easton, Wendell 
Edwards, Miss Josephine 
English, John F. 
English, F. M. 
Erlanger, Miss Julia 
Fair, Mrs Theresa 
Farnfield, Charles P. 
Feder, Miss Ray S. 
Finegan, P. A. 
Fischer, Miss J. K. 
Fisher, Hugo 
Forman, R. B. 
Foote, L. H. 

Freeman, Mrs Little John 
French, F. J. 
Gamble, Mrs J. B. 
Gerberdiug, A. 
Gibbons, Mrs Dr H., Jr. 
Gibbs, C. V. S. 
Gifford, W. B. 
Goodall, Edwin 
Goodall, Charles 
Granniss, G. W. 
Grant, George F. 
Grant, Joseph D. 
Grant, Thomas C. 
Gump, Solomon 
Hamilton, Robert 
Harvey, Downey 
Harmon, Miss A. L. 
Harrison, R. C. 
Has Brouck, Joseph 
Hausman, F. H. 
Hawes, A. G, 

10 California street 
454 Bryant street 
410 Mission street 
55 Nevada Block 
214 Sansome street 

126, 128 Davis street 
604 Commercial street 
618 Market street 

313, 315 Davis street 

1120 Pine street 
Cosmos Club 

2120 Broadway street 

528 California street 

61 Merchants' Exchange 

920 Polk street 

303 California street 

10 Market street 

24 Montgomery Block 

Cor. Bush and Sansome streets 

581 Market street 

1604 Stockton street 

230 Montgomery street 
607-13 Clay street 
328 Montgomery street 
220 Sansome street 

Always reliable and uuiform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Haquette, E. 
Hearst, John 
Hecht, M. H. 
Hedger, H. A. 
Hendry, Mrs. C. J. 
Heyman, Henry 
Higgins, Mrs. Wm. L. 
Hill, Thomas 
Hittell, Mrs. T. H. 
Hobart, W. S. 
Hobbs, Miss Jennie 
Hofer, Mme. Grandjeau 
Hoffman, Ogden 
Holbach, August 
Holloway, W. E. 
Hooker, Charles G. 
Hopps, George H. 
Hughes, Dr Jerome 
Hyde, Rothwell 
Irelan, William, Jr, 
Jacobi, Frederick 
Johnson, J. C. 
Jones, W. S. 
Jorgensen, Christian 
Josselyn, Charles 
Joullin, A. 
Keith, William 
Kelley, Mrs. H. W. 
Kellogg, C. W. 
Kenitzer, Henry 
Koerber, August 
Kunath, Oscar 
Latimer, L. P. 
Lauden, Mrs. H. E. 
Lewis, Miss Rosa F. 
Lincoln Jerome 
Livermore, Charles B. 
Lohse, John F. 
Lotz, Miss Matilda 
Luther, J. B. 
Lutzen, Chas. F. 
Lynch, Jeremiah 
Mallon, John 
Malter, G. H. 
Manning, Miss A. M. 

25-27 Sansome street 
1608 Golden Gate avenue 
430 Ellis street 
623 Eddy street 
227 Geary street 

23 Montgomery street 
224 California street 
100 Flood Building 

430 California street 

917 Bush street 

429 Pme street 

54 Oak street 

1631 Sacramento street . 

Pioneer Building 

Cor. Bryant and Second streets 

611 Clay street 

611-13 Front street 

Lick House 

8 Montgomery avenue 

228 Montgomery street 
230 California street 
320 California st. 
538 California street 

712 Sutter street 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Marshall, Benjamin 
McCombe, John 
McCoppin, Frank 
McCormick, Miss Eva 
McDonald, D. A. 
Martin, Mrs. Eleanor 
Martin, P. J. 
Masten, N. K. 
Marye, Geo. T. 
Meade, Calvert 
Mesick, R. 8. 
Michalitsehke, Mnie. A. 
Middleton, S. P. 
Molera, E. J. 
Montague, W. W. 
Monteagle, R. C. 
Morgan, E. D. 
Morretti, A. 
Narjot, Ernest 
Newlands, F. G. 
Norton, Mrs. S. J. 
O'Connor, Cornelius 
Otto, Ernest 
Parrott, John, Jr. 
Partridge, John 
Perkins, George C. 
Perkins, Samuel 
Pescia, Joseph J. 
Peters, Charles R. 
Phelan, James D. 
Pierce, Mrs. Ira 
Pillsbury, E. S. 
Pixley, Mrs. F. M. 
Potter, E. E. 
Powers, G. H. 
Powning, Joseph 
Rathbone, J. L. 
Rathbone, Mrs. J. L. 
Rearden, T. H. 
Redding, Joseph D. 
Redington, W. P. 
Richardson, Mrs. M.C. 
Roberts, H. S. 
Rodrigues, A. 

924 Sutter street 

402 Montgomery street 

725 Sutter stre«it 
2103 California street 
507-09 Montgomery street 

420 California street 
60-61 Nevada Block 

22 Montgomery street 
609 Sacramento street 
309-11 Market street 

315 Montgomer}- street 

305 Sansome street 

212-14 California street 

10 Market street 

48 Market street 

611 Washington street 

1016 Sutter street 

101 Phelan Building 

1730 Jackson street 

324 Pine street 

S.W. cor. L'nion and Fillmore sts. 

428 California street 

215 Geary street 

230 California street 

Pept. 7. New City Hall 

8 Montgomery st. 

SE cor. Stevenson and Second sts. 

7 Montgomerj' avenue 
227, 229 Stevenson street 

Tr\' the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up in 
glass especiallv for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agent. 



Roe, George H. 

Rogers, C. A. 

Rogers, E. B. 

Rollius, W. E. 

Roos, Joseph 

Rosenstirn, Julius 

Rosewald, J. H. 

Ross, Thomas 

Russ, Henry B. 

Russ, Frederick 

Sabin, John I. 

Samuels, B. C. 

Sanders, Gee. H. 

Sawyer, A. F. 

Sawyer, Lorenzo 

Schnable, Herman 

Sehussler, Toby 

Scobie, James 
Scrivener, Arthur 

Searls, Mrs M. T. S. 
Seregni, F. 
Shafer, Frederick F. 
Shaw, S. W. 
Shehan, Gen. John F. 
Sloss, Louis, Jr. 
Smedberg, W. R. 
Smith, Mrs. Geo. Law 
Smith, Sidney M. 
Smith, C. W. M. 
Smith, G. Frank 
Smith, William F. 
Spiers, James 
Spreckels, A. B. 
Spreckels, Glaus 
Spreckels, C. A. 
Spreckels, John D. 
Stadtmiller, F. D. 
Starbird, A. W. 
Stanton, John A. 
Stearns, Miss Nellie 
Steele, Edward L. G. 
Stone, B. F. 
Strong, George H. 
Sullivan, Frank J. 
Sumner, F. W. 

317 Mason street 
800 Sutter street 

857 Market street 

N.E. cor. Sutter aufl Hyde streets 

1)38 Geary street 

203 Montgomery street 

323 Pine street 
1257 Octavia street 
923 Pine street 
302 Stockton street 
Appraiser's Building. 
427 Second street 
27 Grant avenue 

London and S. F. Bank 

24 Post street 

308 Phelan Building 

310 Sansome street 
316 California street 
2226 Jackson street 
123, 125 Market street 
224 Sansome street 
502 Montgomery street 
10 California street 

California Sugar Refinery 

327 Market street 

327 Market street 

327 Market street 

819 Eddy street 

101, 107 Market street 

611 Clay street 

208 California street 


220 Market street 

Phelan Building 

810 Van Ness avenue 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up b.v the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agent.". 



Swain, R. R. 

Swan, Benjamin R. 

Syz, Harry W. 

Swayne, Robt. H. 

Taber, I. W. 

Taylor, John 

Taylor, John W. 

Thors, Louis 

Tobin, Alfred 

Towne, A. N. 

Turnbull, Walter 

Turner, William E. 

Vale, Wm. 

Vail, A. H. 

Van Wyck, H. L. 

Vickory, Wm. E. 

Von Perbant, Carl 

Von Schroder, Baron J. H. 

Wadhams, L. 

Wallace, Mrs. W. T. 

Walter, I. X. 
Wandesforde, J. B. 
Watkins, A. A. 
Waymier, J. A. 
Weill, Leon 
Wells, F. Marion 
Wheelan, Mrs. A. Randal 
White, Lovell 
Whitney, George E. 
Whitney, J. 0. 
W^hitwell, William S. 
Williams, H. B. 
Williams, Frank 
Williams, H. A. 
Williams, ^Irs. Virgil 
Wilson, C. T. 
Wilson, M.S. 
VA^ilson, S. M. 
Winsinger, F. S. 
Withrow, Miss E 
Wright, J. :M. 
Yates, Frederick 
Yelland, R. D. 
Zeile, Frederick W. 

603 Polk street 
310 Stockton street 
410 California street 

S Montgomery street 

1025 Larkin street 
California and Tajlor streets 
S.E.cor. 4th and Townsend streets 
228 i Montgomery street 

857 Market street 
308 Pine street 

108 California street 

Superior Court, Dept. G, Xew 
[City Hall 
529, 531 Market street 

303-17 Market street 
402 Montgomery street 
N.E. cor. Sansome and Market 
757 Mission street 

532 California street 

907 Sutter street 
202 Market street 

116 California street 

202 Sansome street 
202 Sansome street 

34-40 First street 
120 Sutter street 

220 California street 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Handel and Haydn Society 

Pio7ieer Hall, Fourth Street 

The Handel and Haj-dn Society was organized in July, 1886, and incorporated 
February-, 1873. for the purpose of encouraging and promoting musical interests in San 
Francisco. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening at Pioneer Hall, after which 
anj- special business is transacted. The annual meeting is held in June. Any person 
may become an associate member bj' subscribing Ten Dollars per annum towards the 
funds of the Association, 


J H. DoBiNSON, President 

R. P. Hammond, Jr., - - . . Vice-President 
Geo. D. Cooper, - - - Second Vice-President 

Wm. Doxey, Treasurer 

J. R. Martin, --.... Secretary 
J. N. Whytlaw, Librarian 


Wendell Easton D. M, Delmas 

Joseph Austin W. J. Younger 

W. H. Tarrant J. H. Culver 

Wm. Balnaves 0. H. Pope 

W. H. Taylor Jameh N. Driscoll 

H. J. Stewart, Conductor Mrs. H. J. Stewart, Accompanist 


H. J. Stewart John Parrott 

Leonard S. Clark William Doxey 

James U. Dobinson 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Ageuts 





Allen, Miss Nellie 

Allen, Mrs. E. D. 

Barnett, Miss K. 

Bartlett, Miss Colema 

BiUington, Mrs. Frank 

Blanding, Mrs. H. H. 

Breed, Mrs. J. C. 

Bridgeman, Mrs. 

Brougham, Miss B. 

Bruce, Mrs. M. 

Clark, Miss Addie 

Clark, Miss B. 

Clark, Mrs. F. W. 

Cohen, Mme. Waldo 

Collins, Mrs. A. B. 
Crabh, Miss Carrie 
Curtis, Mrs. T. J. 

Dellepiane, Mrs. K. 
Dhelig, Mrs. A. J. 

Donnelly, Miss Ella 
Earle, Miss Lilian 
Easton, Miss Emily 
Fay, Miss M. A. 
Fitzpatrick, ^Irs. 
Flynn, Miss Xellie 
Gallagher, Mrs. J. P. 
Gamble, Miss L. J. 
Gonzales. Mrs. J. J. 
Gray, Miss A. 
Gray, Miss E. 
Hackett, Mrs. M. A. 
Hellman, Miss Pauline 
Hopkins, Mrs. Carrie 
Ingham, Mrs. E. J. 
Josephs, Miss Xellie 
King, Mrs. M. G. 
King, Miss Nellie 
Littlewood, Miss Ada 

Livingston, Mrs. Anna 
Lester, Miss Mamie 
Mannion, Miss M. 
Marshall, Miss J. S. 
Mason, Miss J. 
McDevitt, Miss Annie R. 
MelUraich, Mrs. T. D. 
McKay, Mrs. Helen 
Morris, Miss M. 
Moser, Miss A. 
Moser, Mrs. J. C. 
Northrup, Miss Agnes 
O'Brien, Miss A. 
Pace, Miss Emma 
Park, Miss A. T. 
Park, Miss L. 
Parkhurst, Mrs. Helen M. 
Quigley, Mrs. T. J. 
Rise, Mrs. M. E. 
Roach, Miss Helen C. 
Roberts, Mrs. Annie 
Russell, Mrs. J. E. 
Sibley, Mrs. H. J. 
Stebbins, Miss C. E. 
St^bbins, Miss L. 
Stebbins, Miss M. 
Stillwell, Miss Lillie 
Swallow, Miss Lizzie 
Tarrant, Miss R. M. 
Thompson, Mrs. C. M. 
Thompson, Miss Ella 
Tomliuson, Miss S. 
True, Mrs. R. W. 
Waterman, Miss Belle 
Waterman, Miss Eugene 
Wilson, Mrs. C. T. 
Wohlke, Mrs. 
Woodworth, Mrs. James 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have uo equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 




Booth, Mrs. J. 
Brougham, Miss M. 
Clark, Miss A. 
Clark, Miss L. K. 
Clark, Mrs. L. S. 
Clifford, Mrs. A. 
Collins, Mrs. L. M. 
Devlin, Miss Angy 
Devlin, Miss C. 
Dye, Mrs. Josephine 
(Gallagher, Miss Nellie 
Gamble, ]Miss N. E. 
Harnett, Miss Theresa 
Henneberry, Miss D. 
Hener, Mrs. H. R. 

Husing, Miss L. 
Martin, Miss Ada 
Morris, Mrs. M. E. 
Morrow, Mrs. J. F. 
Older, Mrs. Emma 
Otto, Miss Charlotte 
Parent, Mrs. C. L. 
Parks, Mrs. Kate 
Pracht, Mrs. Julia 
Small, Miss Ada 
.Smith, Mrs. J.IP. 
Spiro, Miss A. M. 
Tobey, Miss 
Van Orden, Mrs. C. H. 
Wilcox, Miss Jeanette 


Billington, Frank 
Brown, Alexander 
Camp, G. W. 
Clark, L. S. 
Coulter, W. A. 
Doxe^', William 
Dudley, E. C. 
Dunlap, AV. B. 
Dye, C. 
Gililland, Q. J. 
Gray, Alexander J. 
Harries, J. B. 

Kennedy, H. J. 
Knox, Thomas R. 
Martens Henry 
McKean, W. 
Merrill Eugene 
Morrow, J. F. 
Nixon, Thomas C 
Noble, A. 
Pope, O. C. 
Shew, William 
Spencer, M. M. 
Walsh, T. J. 
Whitcomb, (I. F. 


Allen, E. D. 
Barrows, William 
Bridge, Walter 
Burham, W. S. 
Capp, C. S. 
Clark, C. B. 
DriscoU, James N. 
Edminster, William 8. 

Eicheuberg, H, G, 
Helke, A. 
Jones, Ellis 
Jones, H. S. 
Kelley, T. R. 
Ladd, 8. E. 
Mayer, A. 
McCurrie, J. P. 

RICHARDSON <fc KOBBINS' Boned Chicken. Turkov, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding' and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Groccr.s. MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 



OBrieu, Wm. T. 
Parent, C. L. 
Parks, Martin L. 
Pritchard, T. 
Raushaw, William H. 
Ravenscroft, Dubey 
Sademan, Frank A. 

Sclioensteiu, F. F. 
Sparrow, A. J. 
SiiUivan, Lucian N 
Tarrant, W. H. 
Van Orden, C. H. 
Whytlaw, J. X. 


Alvord, William 
Bacon, Jacob 
Baker, L. L. 
Baird, Mrs. B. H. 
Barron. Mrs. Edward 
Burns, Isidor 
Bruce, Robert 
Bowen, E. J. 
Bishop, Thomas B. 
Boalt, Judge J. H. 
Brown, W. E. 
Brittan, N. J. 
Boruck. M. D. 
Bancroft, A. L. 
Bowman, Mrs. Cleorge F. 
Bigelow, S. C. 
Belcher, W. C. 
Bull, Mrs. Alpheus 
Balfour, R. 
Babcock, William 
Bowie, Mrs. H. P. 
Badlarn. Alexander 
Barstow, Mrs. George 
Bailey, George B. 

Casanova, Henry 

Carey, John T. 

Gartner, Mrs. C. A. 

Chapman, W. B. 

Clark, Warren D. 

Cluuie, Thomas J. 

Cooper, George D. 

Cornwall, P. B. 

Crocker, Mrs. Clark ^^^ 

Grocker, Mrs. E. B. 

Currev. Hon. John 

Darling, Major 
Dean, W. E. 
Deering, F. P. 
Delmas, D. M. 
De Vecchi, Dr. P. 
De Young, M. H. 
Dibble, Henry C. 
Dillon, Thomas I. 
Dobinson, James H. 
Dodge, H. L. 
Durbrow, H. 
Douty, F. S. 
Easton, Wendell 
Eyre, Colonel E. E. 
Fair, Colonel J. G. 
Fair, Mrs. Theresa 
Fasanotti, Rev. A. 
Finn, Judge 
Fry, R. D. 
Gallatin, Albert 
Garnett, Mrs. L. A. 
Grant, I. D. 
Grant, Thomas C. 
Gray, Rev. John 
Grow, Charles A. 
Hamilton, Robert 
Hammond, Richard P. 
Hawes, Colonel A. G. 
Harrison, R. C. 
Hallidie, A. S. 
Haquette, E. 
Heilbronner, August 
Hearst, Mrs. George 
Hogg, James 
Hopkins, E. W. 

KELTA''? KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been .sold in this market tor 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

M\r. .«!ADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Holloway, W. E. 
HoflFman, Judge O. 
Hooker, Charles G. 
Hooper, George F. 

Howard, Charles Webb 

Huntington, W. 

Houghton, General J. F. 

Jacobi, F. 

Jarboe, J. R. 

Kerr, David 

Koenig, Frank 

Lesser, E. W. 

Lloyd, R. H. 

Lohman, Miss 

Lynch, Hon. Jeremiah 

Marshall, Dr. Benjamin 

Mayne, Charles 

Melone, Drury 

Maxwell, Walter 

McCombe, John 

McDonald, Captain J. M. 

McKee, John 

McKinstry, Mrs. E. W. 

McKisick, Judge L. D. 

Merry, Mrs. \V. R. 

Meinecke, Charles 

Morrow, Robert F. 
Monteleagre, C. F. 
Morgan, E. D. 

Murdock, C. A. 
Partridge, John 
Parrott, Louis T. 
Pausers, Dr. George H. 
Pew, J. W. 
Perry, John, Jr. 
Pierce, Mrs. Ira 
Pixley, Mrs. F. M. 
Pillsbury, E. 8. 
Phelan, James D. 
Pond, Mrs. Ella C. 
Potter, E. E. 
Prescott, G. W. 
Rankin, Ira P. 
Redding, Josepli D. 
Requa, Mrs. 

Robinson, L. L. 

Rodgers, Arthur 

Sanders, George H. 

Sabin, John I. 

Sawyer, L. S. B. 

Scott, Irv^ing M. 

Schussler, Mrs. 

Sherman, L. C. 

Sherwood, Robert 

Simpkins, C. H. 

Smith, H. C. 

Smith, J. Henley 

Spaulding, Mrs. Volney 

Spencer, George W. 

Staples, Mrs. D. J. 

Stadtmiller, F. D. 

Stump, Irwin C. 
Steinhart, J. 
Stearns, Miss Nellie 
Swan, Dr. Benjamin 
Tevis, Lloyd 

Tisdall, Captain William K. 
Tobin, Robert 
Towne, A. N. 
Truman, Ben C. 
Turnbull, Gen. Walter 
Van Xess, J. C. 
Van Ness Seminary 
Vessaria, Louis 
Veuve, H. H. 
Waymire, James A. 
Weill, Raphael 
Wells, F. Marion 
Whitwell, Dr. W. S. 
Williams, Henry B. 
Wisson, Samuel M. 
Winsingt;r, F. L. 
Wood, W. S. 
Woodward, R. B. 
Wright, John A. 
Wooster, F. L. 
Younger, Dr. William J. 
Yates, Mrs. R. H. 
Zcile, Frederick W. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'8 ready made Soups are cheaper aud better 
than can be made at home. All first-clas.s Grooers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 


Loring Club 

Roofus^ ^ij Sutter Street 

The Loriug Club was founded iu 1876 for the study of part songs and other music 
adapted to male voices, and consists of 60 active, or singing, and 259 associate mem- 
bers. The revenue of the Club is derived from the associate members, who pay |ia 
per annum as a subscription to defray necessary expenses. Rehearsals are held every 
Monday evening and the regular meeting on the first Monday of each month. The 
annual invitation concert is considered as one of the fashionable events of the vear. 

OFFICERS, 1889-90 

F. F. Low, President 
Wm. Alvord, Vice-Pres. 
W. C. Stadtfeld, Secretary 
W. A. MuRisoN, Treasurer - 

C. W. Platt, Librarian - 

D. W. Loring, Musical Director - 

Anglo-Califoruian Bank 

Bank of California 

69 Nevada Block 

- Occidental Hotel 

Olympic Club 

- Bank of California 

Robt. Husband, 
W. F. Hooke, 
J. H. Mundy, 


101 Mission street 
577 Market street 
16 Front street 


R. Forster, 
Wm. Nielsen, 
T. S. Atherstone, 
H. M. Fortescue, 

616 Mason street 
11 Yerba Buena street 
22 Post street 
315 Pine street 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to offer vour guest* a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 





Andersen, H. 
Blum, S. 
Crandall, E. D. 
Day, W. H. 
Fortescue, H. M. 
Graham, J. H. 
Greig, AA''illiam 
Husband, R. 
Morrissey, J. G. 
Xieman, H. 
Puilenky, G. 
Park, R. 
Stratton, C. A. 
Sylvester, W. G. 
Von der Mehden, J. L. 

635 California street 

129 Kearny street 

121 O'Farrell street 

206 Sansome street 

315 Pine street 

135 Fremont street 

1615 Devisadero street 

101 Mission street 

Appraiser's Building 

437 Sixth street 

D. N. and E. Walter & Co. 

217 Front street 

16 Front street 

935 Market street 


Atherston, T. S. 
Boysen, E. C. 
Emmons, E. S. 
Hutchinson, E. C. 
Howland, C. A. 
Husted, F. M. 
Landsherger, H. M. 
Mansfield, W. D. 
Morris, J. J. 
Mitchell, F. S. 
Milner, C. H. 
Snook, G. C. 
Spencer, Dr. J. C. 
Woods, W. G. 
Walsh, G. C. 


22 Post street 
9 Montgomery street 
516 California street 
30 California street 
7241 Market street 
610 Montgomery street 
123 California street 
. 202 Market street 

30 New Montgomery street 
Pacific Bank 
16 Post street 
630 Sacramento street 
514 Sutter street 
1360 Market street 
6 Battery street 

Forster, R. 
Hausman, F. H. 
Hueter, E. L. 
Helke, A. 
Humphrey, J. (t. 
Loring, P. 


616 Mason street 

Safe Deposit Bldg., room 2 
601 Market street 

617 Mission street 
1247 Market street 
317 California street 

chicken iind Game PStes Truffled, made iu the French style by tho FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delirious for liroakfast,' launch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Mills, F G. F>. 
Mundy, J. H. 
Mackay, W. 
McGauley, J. F. 
l^'achtrieb, J. J. 
Stone, F. F. 
Stadtfeld, W. C. 
Tenuent, T. H. 
Werth, F. A. 

620 East street 
16 Front street 
715 Market street 
619 Clay street 
119 Clay street 
410 Pine street 
69 Nevada Block 
2310 Webster street 
452 Bryant street 


Amos, J. P. 
Austin, B. C, Jr. 
Bien, L. 
Daly, S. 
Dobbs, L. L. 
Goldstein, F. M. 
Hooke, W. F. 
Murison, W. A. 
Nielsen, William 
Piatt, C. W. 
Stone, C. B. 
Stark, G. J. W. 
Woodbridge, A. 

1581 Folsom street 

412 California street 

315 Pine street 

207 Eighth street 

210 Battery street 

2106 Larkin street 

318 First street 

Occidental Hotel 

1 1 Yerba Buena street 

Olympic Club 

31 and 33 California street 

1659 Eighth street, Oakland 

2017 Howard street 


Blair, Robt. 
Cutting, Jno. T 
Clark, L. S. 
Duffy, Thos. J. 
Elder, Alex. 
French, F. M. 
Gregory, S. 0. 
Hinz, Wm. 
Low, C. P. 
Low, J. 0. 
Moore, Geo. A. 
Moore, Ed 
Muller, H. 
Nelle, Geo. 
Sayre, J. H. 
Steuart, I. 

510 Montgomery street 
23 California street 
224 Montgomery street 
Safe Deposit Building 
129 California street 
35 Beale street 
Alma, Santa Clara Co., 
545 Market street 
17 ^lain street 
17 Main street 
208 California street 
2122 Bush street 
German Savings Bank 
567 Market street 
330 Pine street 
218 California street 


Always rohable and uniform-HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Alvord, Will. 
Alvord, Mrs. Win. 
Alexander, S. Cameron 
Anthony, Jno. A. 
Babcock, Wm. 
Brewster, C. U. 
Buckingham, A. E. 
Boysen, Ed C. 
Burton, Ben 
Blum, M. 
Barnard, H. W. 
Barker, T. L. 
Behlow, C. J. 
Bridge, H. S. 
Balfe, M. J. 
Bundschu, Chas. 
Bowers, G. W. 
Baker, L. L. 
Belcher, E. A. 
Belcher, W. C. 
Brown, A. M. 
Badger, Wm. G. 
Briiggemann, H. 
Bostwick, F. F. 
Baker, A. S. 
Cooper, Geo. D, 
Cannany, J. W. 
Crocker, Mrs. C. W. 
Carlson, Edward 
Crocker, Chas. F. 
Cook, Dr. A. S. 
Chapman, E. K. 
Cushing, F. W. 
Calaine, Ed 
Clmrch, Rev. Ed B. 
Currier, J. P. 
Colton, Mrs. D. D. 
Dewitt, Miss Cora A. 
Dean, W. E. 
Dorr, Dr. L. L. 
Davis, R. J. 
Drown, A. N. 

Bank of California 

Palace Hotel 

Bank of British Columl)ia 

S. P. R. R. Co. 

Parrott & Co. 

432 Montgomery street 

413 Montgomery strett 

9 Montgomery street 

2101 Hyde street 

308 California street 

132 Market street 

130 Market street 

1807 Octavia street 

103 Montgomery street 

2446 Jackson street 

With J. Gundlach & Co, 

2G10 Jackson street 

1882 Washington street 

322 Geary street 

Palace Hotel 

510 California street 

17 Post street 

526 Montgomery street 

215 Bush street 

204 Sansome street 

641 Market street 

25 Kearny street 

1609 Sutter street 

2 Sutter street 

915 Leavenworth street 

224 Post street 

410 Pine street 

2815 Claj' street 

Lick House 

1043 Valencia street 

2 Sutter street 

N. E. cor. California & Taylor sts. 

726 11th street, Oakland, Cal. 

79 Nevada Block 

14 Phelan Building 

Pacific Bank 

Cor. Pierce and Jackson streets 

H. O. WILBUR & SONS'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER »fcCO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



P^lirenberg, Dr. A. T. 
Eldridge, Oliver 
Easton, Wendell 
Eliot, J. B. 
Fox, Chas. W. 
Fiske, Dr. H. M. 
Fajmouville, Bernard 
Freeman, J. H. 
Fenkhausen, C. 
Fargo, E. A. 
Folger, Clinton 
Forderer, Jos. F. 
Fritch, J. Homer 
Fry, Willis B. 
Galloway, W. T. 
Ounn, J. OB. 
Gauntlett, Mrs. M. L. 
Gamble, Jno. M. 
Hutchinson, E. C. 
Hammond, J. D. 
Hartley, Dr. J. W. 
Hall, Jno. C. 
Hill, Horace L. 
Hobson, C. B. 
Husband, Robt. 
Healy, Dr. J. A. 
Hillman, Jno. R. 
Heynemann, Alex. 
Haight, Robt. 
Hausman, F. H. 
Hamilton, Robt. 
Harrison, R. C. 
Ingram, Chas. M. 
Jordan, R. 
Jones, W. S. 
Jones, J. D. 
Jarboe, Jno. R. 
Johnson, Chris 
Kalisher, Ed 
Knowles, Thomas 
King, H. L., Jr. 
Kern, F. W. 
Krogh, F. W. 
Larsen, C. G. 
Llewellyn, Mrs. E. 

'2'2o Grant Avenue 
615 Sutter street 
618 Market street 
Chronicle Office 
318 Pine street 
24 Phelan Building 
Box 2253, City 
219 Sansome street 
4:14 Front street 
316 Front street 
312 California street 
226 Mission street 
143 East street 
22 Post street 
2203 Devisadero street 
65 First street 
Palace Hotel 
1222 Pine street 
30 California street 
1037 Market street 
Phelan Building 
Xevada Block 
314 California street 
22 Post street 
101 Mission street 
850 Market street 
405 California street 
310 Pine street 
226 Front street 
Safe Deposit Building 
Care of Baker & Hamilton 
230 Montgomery street 
2312 Steiner street 
897 Fulton street 
228 Montgomery street 
16 Front street 
917 Pine street 
16 Front street 
520 Market street 
Olympic Club 
Wells, Fargo & Go's Bank 
118 Fair Oaks street 
51 Beale street 
18 Eddy street 
San Lorenzo 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELiGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only. 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors. 



Low, F. F. 
Lofstadt, J. N. 
Lonergan, Geo. M. 
Lilienthal, P. N. 
Liu coin, Jerome 
Landsberger, H. M. 
Michaels, H. 
Murison, W, A. 
McKee, Jno. 
McGauley, Mrs. J. F. 
McLean, Dr. R. A. 
Melville, W. R. 
McKowen, W. A. 
McDonald, R. H., Jr. 
Marsh, H. F. 
Martin, W. C. 
McFarland, A. G. 
Murray, B., Jr. 
Murray, A. S. 
Moore, R. S. 
Martin, 8aml. 
Marston, E. W. 
Murdock, C. A. 
Miller, H. M. A. 
Mackay, Alex. 
McCarthy, L. P. 
Mitchler, A. G. 
Moore, Jas. 
Marsh, J. H. 
McBean, Mrs. Alex. 
Munson, A. K. 
Mead, Frank R. 
Natorp, B. 
Nachtrieb, J. J. 
Northup, Jno.W. 
Nordwell, 0. W. 
Osborn, Russell W. 
Payne, Geo. H. 
Pennel!, Thos. M. 
Perry, J., Jr. 
Pidwell, C. T. 
Paige, Timothy 
Perwo, W. A. 
Partridge, Saml. C. 

200 Sansome street 
920 Market street 
City of Paris 
Anglo- Calif ornian Bank 
228 Montgomery street 
123 California street 
40 First street 
Occidental Hotel 
234 California street 
619 Clay street 
603 Merchant street 
Bank of California 
Berkeley, Cala. 
Pacific Bank 
2507 Howard street 
314 Oak street 
1323 Oak street 
Bank of California 
412 California street 
Riordan Iron Works 

103 California street 

1391 Weljster street, Oakland 

532 Clay street 

16 California street 

715 Market street 

807 California street 

16 California street 

310 California street 

2507 Howard street 

1202 Harrison street, Oakland 

104 California street 
Newhall & Co. 

109 California street 

119 Clay street 

34 Kearny street 

218 Bush street 

510 California street 

West End, Alameda, Cal. 

516 California street 

Occidental Hotel 

Odd Fellows' Hall 

2002 Pacific avenue 

Cor. Hayes and Lagnna streets 

529 Commercial street 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep tlicm. 

MAU, SAKI.EH tt no.. Parifif Const Aeronts 



Pratt, R. H. 
Pennie, J. C, Jr. 
Price, Thomas 
Powell, H. A. 
Quinn, AV. H. 
Redding, Jos. D. 
Robinson, L. L. 
Ranlett, Horace D. 
Rideout, N. D. 
Siebe, Fr. C. 
Stone, W. S. 
•Swain, F. A. 
Smith, Arthur A. 
Smith, W. F. 
Sobey, A. L. 
Staab, H. G. 
Severance, J. S. 
Smedberg, W. R. 
Spiers, Jas. 

Smith, Mrs. Geo. Law 
Spreckels, J. D. 
Stadtfeld, Jacob, Jr. 
Self ridge, E. A. 
Scott, Mrs. Henry T. 
Shotwell, Mrs. J. M. 
Tubbs, A. L. 
Titcomb, Jno. H. 
Truesdell, Mrs. A. W. 
Thornton, Miss Kittie 
Tittle, Robt. 
Van Winkle, Mrs. H. L. 
Williams, H. B. 
Wilson, Mrs. N. 1. 
AVilson, Ramon E. 
Watson, Jas. E. 
Whitcomb, G. F. 
Wilson, Geo. E. 
Wright, Jno. A. 
Wagner, H. L. 
Walsh, Geo. C. 
AVilson, Mrs. K. 
Yates, Mrs. Ella J. 
Young, Wm. R. 

Fourth and Townsend streets 
1506 Post street 
524 Sacramento street 
207 Sansome street 
Huntington, Hopkins & Co. 
S Montgomery street 
820 Sansome street 
■420 Montgomery street 
2220 Broadway 
83S Fulton street 
126 Sutter street 
213 Sutter street 
122 California street 
206 Sansome street 
810 20th street 
10 Geary street 
4th and Townsend streets 
316 California street 
2200 Washington street 
2226 .Jackson street 
327 Market street 
56 Nevada Block 
2615 California street 
S. W. cor. Cla^ and Laguna sts. 
318 Pine street 
613 Front street 
110 California street 
712 Sutter street 
620 Grove street 
577 Market street 
2112 Jackson street 
2016 Van Xess avenue 
20 Drumni street 
419 California street 
P. 0. Box 1838 
435 A Minna street 
20 Drumm street 
208 Sansome street 
^Room 2, Safe Deposit Building 
6 Battery street 
1125 Leavenworth street 
Fairmount Hotel 
132 Market street 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER <k CO. Sole Proprietors. 




]V[oet 8t Ghandon 

^[<^\\ f\\ib b\\Y 

Bmt Imperial 


i/Ei^r b\\Y 


5J?ese are tl?e pauorite U/ir^es 

Iq tt^e East:(^rr7 5tates apd ir? Europe 

212-214 Market Street 

San F^aneiseo, Cal. 


Pacific-Union Club 

Club Building, Northwest Corner of Post and Stockton Streets. 

The Pacific-Union Club is a consolidation of the Pacific and the Union Clubs- 
two social organizations that existed in San Francisco; the former since the year 1852 
and the latter since 18->4. These two Clubs were consolidated in February, 1889, under 
the name of the Pacific-Union Club. 

OFFICERS, 1889. 

Thomas C. Vax Xess, Pres. - - 206 Sansome street 
WiNFiELD S. Keyes, Yice-Pres. - - 915 Van Ness Ave. 
Joseph M. Qcay, Secretary - - 314 California street 
John McKee, Treasurer 



Joseph M. Quay, 314 California street 

Horace G. Piatt, 402 Montgomery street 

John McKee, 


Frederick R. Webster, 460 Townsend street 

William E. HoUoway, 430 California street 

John McKee, 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S readv made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Austin C. Tubbs, 
Winfield S. Keyes, 
Joseph M. Quay, 


611 Front street 

915 Van Ness Avenue 

314 California street 


William E. Holloway, 
Frederick R. Webster, 
Joseph M. Quay, 

430 California street 
460 Townsend street 
314 California street 


Horace G. Piatt, 
Austin C. Tubbs, 
William E. Holloway, 

402 Montgomery street 
611 Front street 
430 California street 


Winfield S. Keyes, 915 Van Ness avenue 

John McKee, 

Horace G. Piatt, 402 Montgomery street 

The President is ex-officio a member of all Standing Committees. 


Russell J. Wilson. 
I. Lawrence Pool 
Horace F. Cutter 
Louis B. Parrott 
Charles Page 
Tom C. Grant 
John B. Wattles 
John De Witt Allen 
Jerome A. Hart 
Joseph D. Grant 
Henry Schmiedell 
William F. Goad 
John M. Adams 
Daniel T. Murphy 
Clinton Day 

Abbot, George 
Abbott, Charles H. 
Adams, John M. 
Aldrich, William A. 

202 Sansome street 

Pacific-Union Club 
306 California street 
316 California street 
213 Sansome street 

213 Grant avenue 

N. E. cor. Bush & Sansome sts. 

320 Pine street 

606 Montgomery street 

2510 Washington street 

N. E. cor. Bush & Sansome sts. 

320 Sutter street 


5th and Bluxome streets 

314 California street 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Allen, John De Witt 
Alvord, William 
Ames, George E, 
Andrews, Horace D. 
Ashe, R. Porter 

Bibcock, Harry 
Babcock, William 
Baird, Andrew 
Baker, Livingston L. 
Baker, Robert S. 
Baldwin, Archibald S. 
Baldwin, Charles A. 
Balfour, Robert 
Bandman, Julius 
Banning, William 
Barnes, William H. L. 
Barney, James M. 
Barrett, William G. 
Barroilhet, Henry 
Bates, George E. 
Beale, Truxtun 
Beatty, William H. 
Belden, Josiah 
Belkna,p, C. H. 
Bell, Thomas 
Belloc, Hippolyte 
Bender, David A. 
Benson, John 
Berg, William 
Bergin, Thomas I. 
Beylard, E. Duplessis 
Bigelow, Samuel 0. 
Bishop, Thomas B. 
Bissell, William A. 
Blanding, Gordon 
Bliss, Duane L. 
Boalt, John H. 
Boardman, George C. 
Bonny, George 
Bonynge, C. W^. 
Boomer, Alexander H. 
Booth, Newton 
Borel, Antoine 
Bostwick, I. S. 

400 California street 
First and Mission streets 

130 Sansome street 

306 California street 

306 California street 
438 California street 

Cor. Pine and Davis streets 

830 Haight street 

316 California street 
30 California street 
805 Treat Avenue 
426 California street 

1st and Natoma streets 
524 Montgomery street 
409 California street 

307 California street 
121 Post street 

426 California street 
524 Montgomery street 

803 Stockton street 

60 Merchants' Exchange 

38 Nevada Block 

440 California street 
327 Pine street 
Phelan Building 
324 Pine street 

438 California street 
514 California street 
106 Montgomery street 

320 Sansome street 

311 Montgomery street 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boued Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Bourn, William D. 
Bowie, Augustus J. 
Bowie, Henry P. 
Bowles, Phillip E. 
Bowman, George F. 
Boyd, James T. 
Boyd, John F. 
Grander, George L. 
Brigham, Charles B., M. D. 
Brittan, Nathaniel J, 
Bromwell, Lewis L. 
Brown, Thomas 
Brown, William E. 
Browne, Ross E. 
Bruce, Robert 
Bruguiere, Emile A. 
Burke, Martin J. 
Bush, Frederick D. 
Butler, George E. 
Byrne, James K. 
Byrne, James W. 

Cadwaiader, Charles 
Cahill, Edward 
Cahn, Pavid 
Carey, John T. 
Carpentier, Alphonse 
Carrey, Edmond 
Castle, Frederick L. 
Center, William 
Chapman, Wilfrid B. 
Chesebrough, A. 
Clark, Joseph 
Clay, Clement C. 
Cochinard, Fulgence 
Cofran, John W. G. 
Coit, Griffith 
Coleman, Carleton C, 
Coleman, Evan J. 
Coleman, James V. 
Coleman, John W. 
Coleman, William T. 
Cooper, E. Mason 
Cooper, George D. 
Cormac, Thomas E. K. 

401 California street 

217 Sansome street 
302 Montgo'hiery street 

440 California street 

29 Nevada Block 

218 Sansome street 
703 Market street 
Pacific-Union Club 
218 California street 

400 California street 

4th and Townsend streets 
307 Sansome street 
316 California street 
800 Franklin street 

401 Montgomery street 

310 Pine street 

406 Montgomery street 
3 Sansome street 

508 California street 
604 Commercial street 
202 Davis street 
331 Montgomery street 
123 California street 
202 Market street 

179 Kearny street 
412 Montgomery street 
313 California street 
20 California street 
121 ^larket street 
110 Sutter street 
Nevada Block 
S. F. Stock Exchange Bldg. 
121 Market street 
Wells, Fargo & Co. 
041 Market street 
224 Sansome street 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up in 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agenta. 



Cornwall, Pierre B. 
Costigan, James M. 
Crocker, Charles F. 
Crocker, George 
Crocker, Henry J. 
Crocker, Henry S. 
Crockett, Joseph B. 
Culbertson, Arthur 
Cutter, Horace F. 
Dan forth, E. P. 
Day, Clinton 
Dean, Walter E, 
De Crano, Edmund G. 
De Guigne, Christian 
Delatield, Robert H. 
Delmas, D. M. 
Denman, James 
Denson, Samuel C. 
De Pile, Eigar J. 
Derby, Chancellor 
Dewey, Eugene E. 
Dewey, William P. 
Dexter, Henry S. 
Dimond, William H. 
Dodge, Henry L. . 
Donahue, James Mervyn 
Donahue, Peter J. 
Donohoe, Joseph A. 
Donohoe, Joseph A., Jr. 
Dorn, Diademus S. 
Douty, Frank S. 
Doyle, John T. 
Drown, Albert N. 
Dunham, Benjamin F. 
Dunphy, AVilliam 
Dunsmuir, Alexander 
Dutton, William J. 

Earl, Daniel W. 
Eastland, Joseph G. 
Eastman, Hosea B. 
Eells, Charles P. 
Eldridge, Olivier 
Evans, Oliver P. 
Ewing, Thomas 

450 Main street 

207 Battery street 

4th and Townsend streets 

215 Bush street 

219 Bush street 

1st and Natoma streets 

Pacific-Union Club 
723 Battery street 

220 Sutter street 
79 Nevada Block 

414 Montgomery streets 

310 Pine street 
1201 Webster street 

419 California street 

310 Pine street 

401 Sacramento street 

400 California street 
116 Market street 
410 Mission street 
55 Nevada Block 
Montgy. and Sacramento sts. 
Montgy. and Sacramento sts. 
300 Pine street 

4th and Townsend streets 
432 Montgomery street 
621 Clay street 
17 Beale street 
Flood Building 
620 East street 

401 California street 

202 Sansome street 
604 Commercial street 

316 California street 
303 California street 
230 Montgomery street 
327 Pine street 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use in 
quart and pint cans and one aud a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER ct CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Eyre, Edward E. 

Fair, James G. 
Fargo, Calvin F. 
Felton, Charles N. 
Fillmore Jerome A. 
Fletcher, Montgomery 
Flood, James L. 
Floyd, Richard S. 
FoUansbee, John G. 
Forbes, Andrew B. 
Forman, Charles 
Forman, Robert B. 
Foster, Arthur W. 
Fox, George H 
Fraser, Thomas E. 
Freeborn, James 
Fricott, Jules 
Froelich, Christian, Jr. 
Fry, John D. 

Gallatin, Albert 
Galpin, Philip G. 
Gamble, James 
Gansl, Albert 
Garber, Eugene R. 
Garber, John 
Garthwaite, E. H, 
Gerald, E. F 
Gibbs, George W. 
Gillette, Daniel B., Jr. 
Gilman, Byron 
Gilson, Livingston 
Girvin, Richard D. 
Givens, Charles S. 
Glass, Louis 
Glenat, Louis 
Goad, William F. 
Godetfroy, Alfred 
Goewey, James M. 
Goodall, Charles 
Goodall, Edwin 
Goucher, W. H. 
Grant, Adam 
Grant, George F. 
Grant, Joseph D, 

314 California street 

Nevada Bank 
Pacific-Union Club 

4th and Townsend streets 

7 Nevada Block 
120 Sutter street 

401 California street 
320 Sansome street 
316 California street 

322 Pine street 

5th and Townsend streets 

Lick House 

420 Montgomery street 

202 Market street 

326 Montgomery street 

21 First street 

21 First street 

432 Montgomery street 

36 Nevada Block 

Palace Hotel 

327 Pine street 
42 Market street 

33 Fremont street 
68 Nevada Block 

323 Pine street 

2424 California street 
221 Market street 
323 Pine street 

606 Montgomery street 
10 Market street 
30 Page street 
10 Market street 
10 Market street 

Bush and Sansome streets 
1420 C!aliforuia street 
Bush and Sansome streets 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



Grant, Tom C. 
Gray, George E. 
Grayson, George W. 
Grayson, Robert R. 
Green, Charles E. 
Grow, Charles A. 
Gunn, James OB. 
Gunnison, Andrew J. 
Guthrie, Alexander 

Hagar, George 
Hager, John S. 
Haggin, James B. 
Haggin, Louis T. 
Hague, James T>. 
Haldan, EJward B. 
Hale, Joseph P. 
Hall, Henry E. 
Hall, John C. 
Hall, Marcus P. 
Hall, Wm. Hammond 
Hallidie, A. S. 
Hamilton, Alexander 
Hamilton, Alonzo C. 
Hamilton, Robert M. 
Hammond, John Hays 
Hammond, Richard P. 
Hammond, Richard P., Jr. 
Hammond, William H. 
Hardin, C. H. E. 
Harkness, H. W., M. D. 
Harmon, Albion K. P. 
Harries, William H. 
Harrington, W. P. 
Harrison, Henry D. 
Harrison, Ralph C. 
Harrison, Robert 
Hart, James W. 
Hart, Jerome A. 
Harvey, J. Downey 
Hastings, Robert P. 
Haswell, Charles H., Jr. 
Hawes, Alexander G. 
Hayne, Robert Y. 
Hay ward, Alvinza 
Hearst, George 

217 Sansome street 
1115 Bush street 
327 Pine street 

327 Pine :treet 

4th and Townsend streets 

Phelan Building 

Mission and First streets 

328 Montgomery street 
316 California street 


50 Nevada Block 

45 Nevada Block 

413 California street 
210 Battery street 
528 Market street 
Nevada Block 
318 Pine street 
593 Ellis street. 

329 Market street 
326 Sacramento street 

Cor. Pine and Davis streets 
401 California street 
City Hall (old) 
610 Commercial street 
36 Clay street 

Cor. California and Dupont sts. 

Nevada Block 

426 California street 

Palace Hotel 

230 Montgomery street 
325 Montgomery street 
302 Montgomery street 
213 Grant avenue 
904 Taylor street 
Phelan Building 
34 Montgomery street 

220 Sansome street 

221 Post street 
224 Post street 
53 Nevada Block 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQrET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
aud see for vourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Head, Addison E. 
Hearst, William R. 
Heath, Richard W. 
Heatley, Edward D. 
Henley, Barclay 
Herrin, William F. 
Hesketh, Sir Thomas 
Hewlett, Henry H. 
Hewston, John, Jr. 
Hill, Harry C. 
Hill, Horace L. 
Hobart, W. 8. 
Hochkofler, Rudolph 
Hodges, A. D., Jr. 
Hoffman, Ogden 
Hoffman, Southard 
Hoge, Joseph P. 
Holbrook, Charles 
Holden, Edward S. 
Holloway, W^illiam E. 
Hooker, C. G. 
Hooper, William B. 
Hopkins, Edward W. 
Hopkins, Moses 
Hopkins, Timothy 
Hopkins, William S. 
Hotaling, Anson P. 
Houghton, James F. 
Howard, Charles Webb 
Howard, John L. 
Howard, William H. 
Howland, (reorge 
Hubbard, Samuel 
Hull, Edward 
Humbert, Pierre 
Hunt, L. S. J. 
Huse, Frederic J., M. D. 
Hutchinson, A. J. 
Hutchinson, Eli I. 
Hyde, Frederick A. 
Ives, George I. 

Jackson, D. H. 
Janin, Henry 
Janin, Louis 

518 Pine street 
412 Battery street 
303 California street 
305 Sansome street 

314 California street 

224 California street 
38 California street 

U. S. Appraisers' Building 
U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Superior Court, Dept. 4 

225 Market street 
850 Mission street 
430 California street 
917 Bush street 
Occidental Hotel 
Phelan Building 
Phelan Building 

4th and Townsend streets 

429 Jackson street 
216 Sansome street 
516 California street 
132 Market street 
523 Montgomery street 

Occidental Hotel 

2606 Pacific avenue 

419 California street 
630 Commercial street 
324 Pine street 

211 Sansome street 

Chicken ami (iame Pates Tniffleil, mnde in the Frt-iich style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FO(jD CO.. will be found (lelicious for Hr<'MkfHst, Ijjiich or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. M.\r, .SADLER it CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Jarboe, John R. 
Jaynes, Frank 
Jennings, Hannen 
Jerome, Henry A. 
Jewett, John H, 
Johnson, Covington 
Joice, Erastus V. 
Jones, John P. 
Jones, Samuel L. 
Jones, Simon L. 
Josselyn, Charles 

Keene, Harry 
Kellogg, Calvin W. 
Kellogg, Marmaduke B. 
Kenney, Charles A. 
Keyes, Erasmus D, 
Keyes, Winfield Scott 
Kimball, Gorham G. 
King, Homer S. 
Kinney Abbot 
Kirkham, Ralph W. 
Kittle, Jonathan G. 
Kuowles, Josiah N. 
Kohler, Hans H. 

Ladd, George S. 
Larkiji, Alfred Otis 
Latimer, Loienzo D. 
Lawler, Frank W. 
Lawton, Gardner T. 
Lent, Eugene 
Lent, William M. 
Lincoln, Jerome 
Llewellyn, William H. 
Lloyd, Reuben H. 
Locan, Frank 
Lombard, Orville D. 
Loomis, George 
Low, George A. 
Low, Frederick F. 
Lukens, Edward G. 
Lusk, F. C. 
Lyle, William S. 
Lyons, Thomas L. 

230 Montgomery street 
302 Montgomery street 

1103 Van Ness avenue 

6 Merchants' Exchange 

205 California street 
205 California street 
38 Market street 

214 Front street 
530 California street 

915 Van Xess avenue 
314 Pine street 

202 California street 
28 California street 
626 Montgomery street 

323 Pine street 
New City Hall 
75 Nevada Block 
Superior Court, Dept. 8 
230 California street 

228 Montgomery street 

17 Nevada Block 
1114 Post street 

13 Pine street 
208 California street 
Sansome & Pine streets 
40 California street 

25 Nevada Block 
832 Bush street 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



MacdonalJ, William 
Macdonough, Joseph 
Mackay, John W. 
Macneil, H. L. 
MacMouagle, Beverly, M. D. 
Maddeu, Thomas P. 
Mann, Henry R. 
Marshall, Benjamin, M. D. 
Martin, Henry MacLean 
Martin, William H. 
Martinez, F. N. R. 
Marye, George T., Jr. 
INIastick, Edwin B. 
Matthews, William 
Maxwell, George H, 
Maxwell, John W. C. 
Maxwell, Walter S. 
May, Henry 
Mayer, Josef 
Mayne, Charles 
Menzies, Thomas 
Merrill, John F. 
Mesick, Richard S. 
Meyer, Herman L. E. 
Meyer, William 
Middleton, Samuel P. 
Mills, Darius 0. 
Mills, Edgar 
Molera, Eusebius J. 
Montague, Wilfred W. 
Moore, Austin D. 
Moore, Robert 8. 
Morgan, Charles B. 
Morrow, Robert F. 
Moses, Charles S. 
Mullins, Charles F. 
Murphy, Daniel T, 
Murphy, P. W. 
Murphy, Samuel G. 
Murphy, Samuel J. 
McAfee, C. William 
McAllister, Ward, Jr. 
McBean, P. Mc(i. 
McCoppin, Frank 

410 Pine street 
41 Market street 
7 Nevada Block 

Occidental Hotel 
724 California street 
924 Sutter street 

1 Flood Building 
814 Front street 
215 Sansome street 
520 Montgomery street 

61 Nevada Block 
318 Van Ness avenue 

42 Nevada Block 

524 Montgomery street 
225 Market street 
61 Nevada Block 
210 Battery street 

22 Montgomery street 


204 Montgomery street 

609 Sacramento street 

309 Market street 

109 California street 

Cor. Howard and Beale sts. 

14 Fremont street 

414 California street 

609 Brannan street 

301 California street 

Cor. Bush and Sansome sts. 

1st National Bank of S. F. 
1 1 Phelan Building 
10 Montgomery street 
430 Montgomery street 
2011 Pacific avenue 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CKJARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten yeans. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market. 

MAT, SADLER'* CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 



McFarland, Dan. 
McKee, John 
McKinley, Archibald 
McLaughlin, Frank 
McMuUen, Frank 
McMiirray, Robert 
McXear, George W. 
McNutt, Win. F., M. D. 
McRuer, D. C. 

Newhall, Edward W. 
Newhall, George A. 
Newhall, G. D. 
Newhall, W. Mayo 
Newhall, Walter S. 
Newlands, Francis G. 
Nickel, J. Leroy 
Nickerson, Alfred A. 
Norris, William 
North, George L. 

Owen, Wilson J. 
Oxnard, James G. 
Oxnard, Robert 

Page, Charles 
Page, Henry 
Page, Wilfred 
Paige, Calvin 
Parrott, John 
Parrott, Louis B. 
Parson, Edward, M. D. 
Payne, Theodore F. 
Pay son. A. H. 
Pease, Richard H., Jr. 
Perkins, George C. 
Petersen, Charles 
Petre, Reginald W. 
Phelan, James D. 
Pichoir, Henry 
Pierson, William M. 
Pillsbury, Evans S. 
Pixley, Frank M. 
Playter, John E. 
Piatt, Horace G. 
Pogson, R. M. 

129 Folsom street 

808 Clay street 

California and Battery sts. 

306 California street 
405 Montgomery street 

205 Bush street 
309 Sausome street 

309 Sansome street 
225 Bush street 
305 Sansome street 
1415 Jones street 
328 Montgomery street 
516 California street 
405 Montgomery street 

800 Sutter street 

124 California street 
316 California street 

Lick House 

414 Montgomery street 
306 California street 
103 Montgomery street 
310 Payre street 

557 Market street 
10 Market street 

Phelan Building 
320 Sansome street 
75 Nevada Block 
324 Pine street 
213 Grant avenue 

402 Montgomery street 

GORDON &. DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives. Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be ha J of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Polheinus, Charles B. 
Pool, I. Lawrence 
Poudensan, P. 
Prentiss, Samuel R. 
Preseott, Geo. W. 
Preston, Edward F. 
Pringle, Edward J. 
Quay, Joseph M. 
Ralston, William C. 
Randol, James B. 
Rathbone, Jared L. 
Reade, Francis R. 
Redding, Joseph D. 
Reddington, William P. 
Reed, Simon G. 
Reis, John O'N. 
Requa, Isaac L. 
Richards, Charles 0. 
Richards, Hugo 
Rideout, N. D. 
Rix, Edward A. 
Robinson, James A. 
Robinson, Lester L. 
Robinson, Luke, M. D. 
Robinson, Sanford 
Roe, George H. 
Rose, Andrew W., Jr. 
Russell, William F. 
Rutherford, Thomas L. 

Sabin, .John L 
Santa Marina, Eug. J. de 
Sawyer, Alfred F., M. D. 
Schmieden, Henry 
Schroder, Baron J. H. von 
Sch ussier, Herman 
Scott, Henry T. 
Scott, Irving M. 
Scrivener, Arthur 
Searls, Niles 
Selby, Prentiss 
Sewall, Oscar T. 
Sharon, Frederick W. 
Sheldon, Mark 
Shf-rwood, Henry H. 

401 California street 

N.W. cor. 1st and Mission sts. 

310 Pine street 

522 Montgomery street 

314 California street 

41 li Calif ornia street 
320 Sansome street 

8 Montgomery street 
Stevenson and Second sts, 

408 California street 
79 Nevada Block 
46 Fremont street 

225 First street 

425 Market street 

320 Sansome street 

217 Geary street 

320 Sansome street 

227 Stevenson street 

224 California street 

1 S. F. Stock Ex. Building 

325 Pine street 

302 Stockton street 

320 Pine street 

109 California Street 

27 Grant avenue 

N.W. cor. 1st and Mission sts. 

N.W. cor. 1st and Mission sts. 

N.W. cor. LeidesdortF& Cala. sts. 

The Beresford 

416 Montgomery street 

1 1 First street 
212 Market street 

MATTONI'S GIESSHITBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all VisitoM ar Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 



Shiels, George F., M. D. 
Shoobert, John E. 
Shorb, J. de Barth 
Shreve, George C. 
Simpkins, Charles H. 
Simpson, Asa M. 
Slauson, J. S. 
Smith, Hamilton, Jr. 
Smith, Hiram C. 
Smith, J. Henley- 
Smith, S Prentiss 
Smith, Sidney V. 
Smith, William F. 
Southgate, James J. 
Spencer, George W. 
Sprague, Richard H. 
Spreckels, Adolph B. 
Spreckels, Clans 
Spreckels, C. August 
Spreckels, John D. 
Stanford, Leland 
Steele, Edward L. G. 
Steinbach, Ignatz 
Steinbach, Rudolph 
Steinhart, Sigismund 
Stephens, John D. 
Stetson, Edward Gray- 
Stewart, William M. 
Stillman, Alfred 
Stitt, John G. 
Stone, Charles B. 
Stoutenborough, Chas. H, 
Stringham, Irving 
Struve, H. G. 
Stubbs, John C. 
Swan, Benjamin R., M. D. 
Swift, John F. 
Symmes, Frank J. 
Talbot, William H. 
Tallant, John D. 
Tarns, Sampson 
Taylor, Chauncey 
Taylor, John W. 
Taylor, William H. 
Ten Bosch, John M. 

307 California street 

108 Montgomery street 
48 Market street 

110 Sutter street 

109 California street 

212 Sansome street 
206 Sansome street 

316 California street 

327 Market street 
327 Market street 
327 Market street 
327 Market street 
4th and Townsend streets 
208 California street 
916 Sutter street 
217 Sansome street 

508 California street 
508 California street 

307 California street 

394 California street 
324 Pine street 

4th and Townsend streets 

310 Stockton street 

814 Valencia street 

222 Sutter street 

2840 Buchanan street 

N.E. cor. Cal. and Battery sts. 

Cosmos Club 

6 Merchants' Exchange 
302 Montgomery street 

TRY GRAxXDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA: put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO.. .Sole Proprietors. 



Teschemacher, Henry F. 

Tevis, Lloyd 

Theller, Samuel L. 

Thomas, William 

Thompson, Joseph P. 

Thompson, Robert R. 

Thornton, Harry I. 

Tilford, E. A. 

Tobin, Alfred 

Tobin, Robert J. 

Towne, A. N. 

Townsend, Frederick 

Tritle, Frederick A. 

Tubbs, Austin C. 

Tubbs, Alfred L. 

Tubbs, Alfred S. 

Tubbs, William B. 

Tucker, James E. 

Upham, Isaac 

Valentine, John J 
Van Buren, Thomas B. 

Van Ness, Thomas C. 

Veuve, H. Henry 

Vouillemont, Eugene G. 
Wadsworth, Henry 
Wadsworth, James C. L. 
Walker, James D. 
Wallace, George 
Wallace, William T. 
Ward, D. Henshaw 
Watt, Robert 
Watson, Charles L. 
Wattles, John B. 
Webster, Frederick R. 
Wenban, Simeon 
Wensinger, Francis S. 
Wetherbee, Henry 
Wheaton, George H. 
W^heeler, Harold 
White, Josiah H. 
Whiting, Dwight 
Whiting, H. C. 
Whitney, Francis L. 
Whitney, Joel P. 
Whittell, George 

N.W. cor. Cal. and Sansome sts. 
330 Pine street 

Pacific Union Club 

N.W. cor. Van Ness and Pine 

504 Kearny street 

Palace Hotel 

8 Montgomery street 

4th and Townsend streets 

611 Front street 

611 Front street 

611 Front street 

611 Front street 

U. S. Appraisers' Building 

214 Pine street 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 
539 Geary street 
206 Sansome street 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 
401 California street 

Superior Court, Dept. 6. 
204 California street 
40 First street 
641 Market street 

460 Townsend street 

624 Sacramento street 
111 Market street 
221 Front street 
621 Clay street 
79 Nevada Block 

410 Mission street 
460 Townsend street 

130 Sansome street 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to off.T vour guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Whittier, William F. 
Wickes, George VV. 
Wigmore, Alphonso A. 
Wilder, Charies J. 
Willey, Harry I, 
Williams. Henry B. 
Wilmerding, J. Clute 
Wilshire, William B. 
Wilson, John Scott 
Wilson, Ramon E. 
Wilson, Russell J. 
Wilson, Samuel M. 
Win slow, Chauncey R. 
Wise, E. Everett 
Wood, William S. 
Woodward, Henry W. 
Woodward, Robert B. 
Woodworth, Selim E. 
Wooster, Fred L. 
Worden, Clinton E. 
Wright, Edward C. 
Wright, John A. 
Yerington, Henry M. 
Yost, Daniel Z. 
Yost, John D. 
Zeile, Frederick W. 

231 Front street 

419 California street 

129 Spear street 

4th and Townsend streets 

1526 Jackson street 

202 Market street 

214 Front street 
204 California street 
2530 Pine street 
419 California street 
202 Sansome street 
202 Sansome street 
409 Market street 

38 Sixth street 

309 California street 

419 California street 

320 Van Xess avenue 

218 Front street 

N.E. cor. Ritch & Townsend sts. 

4th and Townsend streets 

212 Sansome street 

U. S. Appraisers' Building 

215 Bush street 

220 California street 


Amory, Lieutenant E. L. 
Bean, Lieutenant William H. 
Becker, Prof. George F. 
Bennett, Major F. T. 
Benyaurd, Major W. H, H. 
Brice, Lieutenant Com'd'r, John I. 
Cotton, Lieutenant G. P. 
Darling, Major John A. 
De Russy, Colonel I. D. 
Dilleuback, Captain J. W. 
Donohoe, Denis 
Emory, Captain W. B. 
Engard, Lieutenant E. C. 
Heuer, Major W. H. 
Kerr, Mark B 
Lopez, Lieutenant R. F. 


Lovell, Lieutenant J. Q. 

Ludlow, Captain Xicoll 

McKeever, General Chauncey 

Melville, Dr. W. H. 

Mendell, Colonel G. H. 

Merrill, Captain A. H. 

Moale, Colonel Edward 

Nichols, Lieut. Com'nder Henry E. 

Oyster, Lieutenant J. S. 

Perry, General A. J. 

Price, Lieutenant David 

Rose, Lieutenant W. E. 

Selfridge, Lieutenant Russell 

Watson, Captain J. Crittenden 

Williams, Captain W^. W. 

W^olcott, Captain C. C. 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up bj' the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Cosmos Club 

Club Buildi7ig, jiy Powell Street 

The Cosmos Club was organized in 1881 and incorporated in 1883. The member- 
ship is extensive, and the number of Army and Navy members is greater than in any 
of the other Clubs. The aim of the organizers to keep this Club the most select in 
the city has been preeminently successful, and its position as such is generally con- 
ceded." Every three mouths the members have a banquet in their elegantly furnished 
club house. 

OFFICERS, 1889-1890 

Sampson Tams President 

S. G. Murphy Vice-President 

Warren D. Clark Secretary 

H. L. Tatum Treasurer 


Sampson Tarns F. H. Green 

S. G. Murphy Chas. J. Swift 

Warren D. Clark W. S. Zeilin 

H. L. Tatum Walter F. Beck 
George C. Randall 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats. Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkev. Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics, Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific CoRst Agents. 




Abbott, Augustus 
Adams, Charles H. 
Alexander, S. Cameron 
Alvord, Henry B. 
Ball, H. M. 
Bangs, Franklin 
Barger, D. E. 
Barry, Thomas F. 
Bartlett, Columbus 
Bass, Frederick 
Beck, Eugene B. 
Beck, Walter F. 
Benson, John 
Berg, William 
Bishop, Thomas B. 
Boyd, Colin M. 
Boyd, John F. 
Boiling, Randolph 
Bowen, J, J. 
Breeze, Charles K. 
Brison, Wm. M. 
Browne, Christopher R. 
Burns, Paul 0. 

Cahill, Ed. J. 
Campbell, W. S. 
Carson, Samuel 
Center, William 
Chappell, J. J. 
Clarke, E. K. 
Clark, Warren D. 
Clough, Charles L. 
Cohen, Edgar A. 
Cole, E. P. 
Cole, R. Beverly 
Cole, Thomas 
Coleman, Nicholas D. 
Commins, Frank 
Cunningham, J. M. 
Coon, F. A. 
Danforth, E. P. 
Davis, H. C. 
Davis, Wm. 

Sacramento, Cal. 
Cosmos Club 
London, England 
San Jose 

908 Stockton street 
Oakland, Cal. 
1429 Sacrameato street 
806 Lombard street 

46 O'Farrell street 

803 Stockton street 
418 Post street 
1503 Larkin street 
American Exchange 
San Rafael 
306 Jones street 
Contra Costa county 
539 Geary street 
Cosmos Club 
San Jose 

Grand Hotel 

W ashington 

2204 Pacific Ave. 

214 Shotwell street 

Cosmos Club 

21 19 California street 

Cor. Cala. st. and Van Xess ave 

Cosmos Club 


1521 Scott street 

218 Post street 

2006 Bush street 

Los Angeles 

504 Geary street 

2518 Broadway 

1239 Pine street 

1200 Mason street 



THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Dargie, T. T. 
Dargie, Wm. E. 
Deering, Frank P. 
Degener, L. P. 
Dimond, Henry P. 
Doe, Loring B. 
Donohue, Denis 
Drummond, J. H. 

Easton, A. M, 
Easton, Wendell 
Emerick, Harry F. 
Eliot, J. B. 

Farnfield, C P. 
Ferris, John W. 
Folger, J. A., Jr. 
Forney, Stehman 
Folsom, George S. 
Folsom, J. R. 
Fnedlander, T. C. 
Fulweiler, J. M. 

Goodrich, Taylor 
Graves, Ernest 
Green, F, H. 

Haggin, L. T. 
Hamilton, Claude Terry 
Hamm, L. J. 
Harrison, A. Dalton 
Harrison, W. Greer 
Harron, John O. 
Hayes, G. R. B. 
Hayne, Robert Y, 
Heitschu, Samuel 
Heppner, J. Otto 
Hunt, John 

Ives, Stephen D. 
Johnson, C. R. 

Kingsbury, Frank 
Knight, N. R. 
Kohler, Hans H. 
Kerr, Mark B. 

Langhorne, J. P. 
Lichtenberg, Wm. 
Loughead, H. W. 



929 Fillmore street 


Cosmos Club 


2299 Sacramento street 

Glen Ellen 


Palace Hotel 

Occidental Hotel 
325 17th street 

Cosmos Club 

320 Sansome street 


Washington, D. C. 
Cosmos Club 
Cosmos Club 
1913 Clay street 
Auburn, Cal. 

30 Post street 
San Luis Obispo 
Pleasanton Hotel 

1250 Taylor street 

Cosmos Club 

San Rafael 

San Rafael 

2200 Broadway 

Cosmos Club 

1814 Buchanan street 

San Mateo 

Portland, Oregon 

Cosmos Club 

1703 Octavia street 

Cosmos Club 

Fort Bragg, Cala. 

Cosmos Club 


1802 Pacific ave. 

W^ashington, D. C. 

2419 Pacific street 
San Rafael 
Cosn:os Club 

Always reliable and uniform-HORACE R. KELLY A GO'S Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Ludovici, F. W. 
Luckhardt, C. A. 
Lyman, W. W. 

Macondray, Wm. 
Marwedel, E. H. 
Martin, Henry 
McBean, P. McG. 
McCarthy, T. F. 
McDonald, R. H., Jr. 
McKinstry, E. W. 
McGovern, Jno. F. 
Melville, Wm. R. 
Molera, E. J. 
Moore, Howell C. 
Morgan, Percy T. 
Murphy, James T. 
Murphy, S. G. 
Murray, A. S. 

Naunton, R. H. 
Northam, R. H. 
Nugent, J. F. 

Okell, Charles J. 
Orcutt, F. L. 

Paterson, A. Van R. 
Perry, Henry 
Pomeroy, C. P. 
Powning, Joseph 
Price Thomas 

Randall, George C. 
Randolph, D. L. 
Riordan, Thomas D. 
Robinson, Dr. Luke 
Roe, Edward A. 
Rothwell, J. P. 
Rountree, James O. J. 
Schenck, W. T. Y. 
Scott, J. A. 
Sessions, G. W. 
Simpson, James 
Simpson, Wm. P. 
Starr, Wm. C. 
Stone, W. L. 
Stoney, Geo. M. 

New York 

1S12 Howard street 

St. Helena, Napa Co., Cal. 

1821 Sacramento street 
East Oakland 
Palace Hotel 
2611 Pacific street 
San Mateo 
813 Sutter street 
1515 Washington street 
2513 California street 
850 Van Ness ave. 
San Jose 
San Jose 
931 Bush street 
1025 O'Farrell street 

1418 Clay street 
Los Angeles 
426 Geary street 

Cosmos Club 
Sacramento, Cal. 

310 Haight street 
504 Geary street 
San Rafael 
646 Fell street 
715 Post street 

Cosmos Club 

1708 Octavia street 
316 Van Ness ave. 
Cosmos Club 
Union League Club. 
1814 Geary street 
1426 Post street 
Cosmos Club 
2621 California street 
234 Post street 
234 Post street 
1910 Leavenworth street 
Washington, D. C. 
2500 Pacific ave. 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham. Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents . 



Sullivan, Frank J. 

Sullivan, Matthew I. 
Sullivan, Maurice J. 
Swift, Charles J. 

Tams, Sampson 
Tatum, H. li. 
Ten Bosch, J. M. 
Terrill, Geo. N. 
Tevis, H. L. 
Thompson, R, A. 
Thornton, Crittenden 
Tillinghast, D. F. 
Tilden, Chas. L. 
Tucker, S. E. 

Vale, Wm. 
Wagaer, H. L. 
Wagoner, Luther 
Walker, N. S., Jr. 
Waterworth, H. W. 
Watts, W. P. 
Weber, Arthur 
Weller, Chas. L. 
Wheeler, Wm. R. 
Whitney, F. L. 
Whitney, J. D. 
Wickes, G. W. 
Wise, Jno. H. 
Wood, C. H. 
Wood, H. P. 
Woodward, R. B. 

Young, Thos. 
Younger, W. J. 
Yost, Jno. D. 

Zeilin, W. S. 

525 Oak street 

1218 Twenty -first street 

724 Gough street 

1714 Pacific ave. 

Cor. Van Ness ave. and Jackson st. 

2525 Pacific ave. 

1452 Franklin street 

400 Stockton street 

605 Polk street 

1315 Webster street 


Auburn, Cal. 

Cor. Jackson st. and Van Ness ave. 

912 Pine street 

506 Sutter street 
Cosmos Club 
New York 
1312 Taylor street 
Cosmos Club 

Bella Vista 
Cosmos Club 
2030 Laguna street 
Palace Hotel 

Cor. Geary st, and Grant ave. 
1409 Leavenworth street 
1014 Bush street 
San Rafael 

Cor. Geary st. and Grant ave. 
2316 Clay street 
300 Stockton street 
1422 Sutter street 

Cosmos Club 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up iu 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Paciflc Coast Agents. 


The Bohemian Club 

Club Rooms, ijo Post Street 

The Bohemian Club was organized April 1, 1872. It was instituted for the 
association of gentlemen connected professionally with literature, art, music, the 
drama, and of those having appreciation of the same. The membership is limited to 
600. The "High Jinks" held on or about the last Saturday evening of each month is 
the distinctive feature of this Club. 


Peter Robertson 
George H. Wheaton 
Albert Gerberding 
James D. Phelan 


- Vice-President 

- Secretary 


L. L. Baker 
H. J. Stewart 


Hy. J. Brady 

J. M. McDonald 
Raphael Weill 

How pleasant after the Theater or au Evening Partv to be able to ofF-ir vour guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Abbott, Charles H. 
Abrams, John 
Adams, John M. 
Alexander, Charles 0. 
Allen, John De W. 
Alvord, William 
Arditi, Luigi 
Ashe, R. Porter 
Austin, Joseph 

Babcock, Harry 
Babcock, William 
Baker, Livingston L. 
Baker, Wakefield 
Bancroft, Albert L. 
Barnes, W. H. L. 
Barrett, Lawrence 
Barroilhet, Henry 
Bartlett, Gideon N. 
Barton, WiUard T. 
Bates, Morris S. 
Bayley, George B. 
Bayley, Robert 
Beach, Thomas P. 
Beard, John L. 
Beaver, George W. 
Be Dell, William B. 
Behr, Herman H. 
Belcher, William C. 
Belknap, David P. 
Bender, Andrew S. 
Bennet, Thomas 
Benson, John 
Berry, Fulton G. 
Berry, Washington 
Bigelow, Henry D. 
Bishop, Thomas B. 
Bloomer, H. R. 
Boalt, John H. 
Boardman, (ieorge C. 
Boericke, William 
Boncstell, John T. 

Bonynge, Charles W. 
Booth, Edwin 
Boruck, Marcus D. 
Bosqui, Edward 
Bosworth, H. M. 
Bourn, William B. 
Bourne, John B. 
Bouvier, Alfred 
Bowers, Mrs D. 
Bowie, Allan St. J. 
Bowie, Augustus J., Jr. 
Boyd, James T. 
Brady, Harry J. 
Brandt, Hermann 
Brastow, Solomon D. 
Breon, Paul 
Briggs, F. H. 
Brittan, Nathaniel J. 
Bromley, George T. 
Bromley, Isaac H. 
Bromwell, Louis L. 
Brookes, Samuel M. 
Brooks, William 
Brown, John W. 
Brown, Roland (t. 
Brown, William E. 
Bruguiere, Emil A, 
Buckbee, S. C. 
Budd, Wayman C. 
Bullard, L. J. 
Bunker, ^^'illiam M. 
Burgin, J. F., Jr. 
Burke, Hugh M. 
Bush, David 
Bush, Richard J. 
Butler, George E. 

Cahn, David 
Camp. G, A. 
Carlsen, Emil 

Carlson, Charles J. 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Ageuts. 



Carolan, Francis J. 
Cartan, Francis M. 
Casserly, Augustine 
Castle, Frederick L. 
Castle, Michael 
Center, William 
Chadboume, Forest S. 
Chapman, Wilfred B. 
Chenery, Leonard 
Chester, Frederick 
Chismore, George 
Churchill, Clark 
Churchill, William 

Clark, Benjamin 
Clark, William C. 
Clement, Henry N. 
Clough, Charles L. 
Clough, Edward H. 
Clunie, Thomas J. 
Coleman, Evan J. 
Coleman, Harrj' L. 
Coleman, William T. 
Coney, Alexander K. 
Cook, William Hoff 
Cope, Warner W. 
Cowles, W. Xorthrope 

Cramer, Francis A. 
Crocker, Charles F. 
Crocker, George 
Crocker, Henry J. 
Crocker, William H. 
Crockett, Joseph B. 

Culbertson, Arthur 
Cunningham, John S. 
Curlett, William 
Currey, M. S. 
Cuthbertson, Walter J. 
Cutter, Chester G. 

Dam, Henry J. W. 
Davenport, William B. 
Davis, George A. 
Davis, Henry L. 
Day, Clinton 

De Vecchi, Paolo 
De Ojeda, Louis 
Dean, Walter E. 
Dennis, S. W. 
De Pue, Elmer 
De Pue, Edgar J. 
Dewey. Eugene E. 
Dewey. William P. 
Dibble. Henry C. 
Dickinson, John H. 
Dimond, William H 
Diss, J. W. F. 
Dodge, William W. 
Donahue, J. Mervyn 
Donahue, Peter J. 
Dornin, George D. 
Douty, Frank S. 
Doxey, William 
Driffield, V. C. 
Dungan, Charles W. 
Dunsmuir. Alexander 
Durbrow, Harry 
Duval, George L. 
Earnest, Joseph T. 
Edwards, Henry 
Edwards, John G. 
Edwards, William 
Edwards, William P. 
Eickhoff, Henry 
Elliot, Charles 
Estee, Morns M. 
Evans, Agustus F. 
Ewer, Warren B. 
Fargo. Calvin F. 
Fargo, Jerome B. 
Farntield, Charles P. 
Felton, Charles N. 
Field, Henry K. 
Finn, John F. 
Fisl er, Edward 
Fisher, George A. 
Fletcher, George William 
Flint, Brilsford P. 
Flood, James L. 

THE FRANX'O-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use in 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. 

MAU, SADLER Jc CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 



Florence, William J. 
Foley, M. D. 
Foote, Lucius H. 
Forsyth, William 
Foster, A. W. 
Foster, Charles J. 
Foster, George H. 
Fox, Henry L. 
Fox, Joseph M. 
Freeborn, James 
French, Frank J. 
Froelich, Christian, Jr. 

Gage, W. S. 
Gallegos, Juan 
Gerberding, Albert 
Gibbs, William C. 
Gillesby, John H. 
Gillette, Daniel B. , Jr. 
Gillig, Henry M. 
Gilman, Charles H, 
Godley, Montgomery 
Goold, E. Louis 
Gordon, C. Powell 
Gower, Samuel J. 
Graham, James H, 
Granniss, George W. 
Grant, George F, 
Grant, Joseph D. 
Grant, Thomas C. 
Grayson, Robert R. 
Greathouse, Clarence R. 
Green, Charles E. 
Greene, Clay M. 
Grismer, Joseph R. 
Gunter, Archibald C. 
Gutte, Isador 

Haggin, James B. 
Haggin, Louis T. 
Haldan, Edward B. 
Hall, Frederick W. 
Hall, Henry E. 
Hall, John C. 
Hamilton, Alexander 
Hamilton, Edward H, 

Hamilton, Robert H. 
Hammond, Richard P., Jr. 
Hammond, R. P. 
Haraszthy, Arpad 
Hardin, Charles H. E. 
Harney, William 
Harrison, Ralph C. 
Hart, Jerome A. 
Hartshorn e, Benjamin M. 
Harvey, J, Downey 

Hasbrouck, Joseph 
Hathaway, William R. 
Haven, Charles G. 
Hawes, Alexander G. 
Head, Addison E. 
Hearst, George 
Hearst, William R. 
Heazelton, George 
Hellman, A. C. 
Hellman, Horace G. 
Herold, Rudolph, Jr. 
Herzog, Theodore D. 
Hesketh, Thomas 
Hewston, John, Jr. 
Heyman, Henrj' 
Hickox, Arthur H. 
Hickox, George C. 
Hiiborn, Samuel G. 
Hill, Barton 
Hill, Horace L. 
Hill, Thomas 
Hobart, Walter S. 
Hochkotler, Rudolph 
Holloway, William E, 
Hooker, C. Osgood 
Hooker, Robert G. 
Hooper, William B. 
Hopkins, Edward W. 
Hotaling, Anson P. 
Houghton, H. B. 
Howard, Charles Webb 
Hug, Charles A. 
Huse, Frederick J. 
Hussey, Horace P. 

KELLY'ii KEY WEST HAVANA CRiAKS have been sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Hyde, Frederic A. 

Irwin, Benoni 
Irwin, Joseph N. H, 

Jarboe, John R. 
Jarboe, Paul R. 
Johannes, H. C. 
Johnson, Charles B. 
Johnson, E. Covington 
Jones, Harrison A. 
Jones, Roswell S. 
Jordan, Hermann C. 
Josselyn, Charles 
JouUin, Amedee 

Keenej% James W. 
Kelley, Edgar S. 
King, Frederic R. 
King, Joseph L. 
Knight, George A. 
Kohler, Charles 
Kohler, Richard 

Landers, John 
Landers, William J. 
Lansing, Gerrit L. 
Lark in, Alfred 0. 
Lathrop, Barbour 
Lathrop, John 
Leonard, Charles Lee 
Leverson, Montague R. 
Litchtenberg, William 
Lippincott, Mrs. Sarali M. 
Lloyd, Reuben H. 
Loring, Francis H. 
Loryea, A. M. 
Ludovici, F. W. 
Lutlier, John B. 
Lynch, Jeremiah 

Macdonough, Josepli 
MacFarlane, Edward C. 
Maddox, C. H. 
Magill, Arthur E. 
Malone, John T. 
Malpas, Alfred 
Malter, George H. 

Marcus, George 
Marshall, Benjamin 
Marshall, Henry 
Marshutz, Leon C. 
Martin, J. P. 
Martinez, F. N. R. 
Martinez, Henry 
Marye, George T., Jr. 
Man, William F. 
Maxwell, Walter S. 
Mayer, Samuel D. 
Majmard, John B. 
Maynard, John H. 

McAllister, M. H. 
McComb, John 
McDonald, James M. 
McDonald, M. Jasper 
McDonald, Mark L. 
McCreary, Byron 
Mclver, Charles C. 
McMurray, Robert 
McNutt, William 

Mead, Lewis R. 
Meade, Calvert 
Melliss, D. Ernest 
Melone, Drury 
Menzies, Stewart 
Michael, Francis 
Mickle. Etting 
Miller, Albert 
Miller, C. 0. G. 
Miller, Harry East 
Miller, Frank 
Miller, H. M. A. 
Mills, Edgar 
Mills, F. G. B. 
Mix, Lee W. 
Mizner, Edgar A. 
Mizner, Lansing, Jr. 
Montealegre, C. F. 
Montgomery, George T. 

Moore, Arthur W. 
Moore, Elliot J. 
Moore, Horace H. 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Morris, William 
M(vrrow, Robert V. 
Morrow, William W. 
Morton, John M. 
Moulder, Andrew J. 
Muecke, G. A. E. 
Murphy, Daniel T. 
Murphy, Eugene P. 
Murphy, Samuel G. 
Myrick, Milton H. 
Nagle, (reorge W. 
Neal, Charles 8. 
Newhall, (reorae A. 
Ne^\hall, (leorge D. 
Newliall, Walter S. 
Newlands, Francis G. 
Niles, Addison C. 
^oble, F. L. H. 
Noble, Patrick 
Norris, William 

O'Connell, Daniel 

Ogden, Richard L. 

Oliver, William Letts 

Palmer, Clinton 

Palmer, Edwin C. 

Parrott, Louis B. 

Parsons, Thomas J. 

Partridge, John 

Paton, R. W. 

Payne, Theodore F. 

Payne, Warren R. 

Payne, William H. 
Payot, Henry 
Pease, Richard H., Jr. 
Perkins, George C. 
Pew, John W. 
Phelan, James D. 
Pillsbury, Evans 8. 
Pissis, Albert 
Pi X ley, Frank M. 
Piatt, Horace (i. 
Plummer, Charles B. 
Polk, Joseph B. 
Pomroy, Everett, B. 
Pond, E. B. 

Powers, George H. 

Pratt, George C. 

Pratt, J. W. 

Prescott, George W. 

Preston, Edward F. 

Price, Arthur F. 

Raschen, Henry 

Redding, Albert P. 

Redding, Joseph D. 

Reynolds, Frank B. 

Richmond, Charles A. 

Richter, C. Max 

Rix, Julian W. 

Robertson, Peter 

Robertson, Thomas F. 
Robinson, Cornelius P. 
Robinson, James A. 
Robinson, Sanford 
Rodgers, Arthur 
Roeckel, Joseph 
Rogers, Robert C. 
Rollins, Edward W. 
Rose, Andrew W., Jr. 
Rosenstirn, Julius 
Rosewald, J. H. 
Rowell, Leonard F. 
Roy, Robert 
Ruggles, James D. 
Runyon, Edward Wheelock 
Rutherford, Alexander H. 
Rutherford, Thomas L. 

Sanderson, George R. 

Sayre, J. Hunt 

Schenck, Caspar 

Schmidt, Louis 

Schussler, Herman 

Severance, James 8. 

Sexton, William 
Sharon, Fred. W. 
Shaw, Charles N. 
Shaw, Stephen \V. 
Sheehan, John F. 
Sherman, Harry H. 
Sherwood, William R. 
Shockley, W. 11. 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest In the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
'**'■ '*• MAU. SAI)LP:r a CO. Sole Proprietors. 



Shreve, George R. 
Simpson, John H. 
Simson, Robert 
Sloss, Leon 
Sloss, Louis, Jr. 
Small, A. H. 
Sm^dberg, W. R. 
Smith, Brainard F. 
Smith, Colin M. 
Smith, C. W. M. 
Smith, J. Mott 
Smith, Sidney M. 
Somers, Frederick M. 
Spencer, George W. 
Sperry, George B. 
Spreckels, Adolph B. 
Spreckels, C. August 
Spreckels, John D. 
Stafford, William G. 
Stanton, John A. 
Staples, David J. 
Steel, Thomas 
Steele, Edward L. G 
Steinhart, 8. 

Stetson, James B. 
Stevens, Edwin 
Stewart, H. J. 
Stett, John G. 
Stokes, James Brett 
Stone, Charles B. 
Stone, Frank F. 
Stone, Lucius D. 
Stone, Walter 8. 
Story, George A. 
Stoutenborough, Charles H. 
Straus, Meyer 
Strong, George H. 
Strong, Joseph D., Jr. 
Stuart, Harry C. 
Stuart, James E. 
Stuart, John 
Sullivan, Frank J. 
Sullivan, Sir Arthur 
Sumner, Frank W. 
Swan, Benjamin R. 

Swift, John P . 
Syz, Harry W. 
Taylor, Edward G. 
Taylor, John W. 
Taylor, Stuart 
Taylor, William H. 
Taylor, William 8. 
Teschemacher, Henry F. 
Thompson, A. Slason 
Thompson, James A. 
Thornton, Crittenden 
Tichenor, J. Fred 
Tippett, J. E. 
Towne, Arthur G. 
Townsend, Edward W. 
Tracey. Robert L. 
Truman, Benjamin C. 
Tubbs, Alfred 8. 
Tubbs, Austin C. 
lurnbull, Walter 
Twiggs, John W. 

Uhler, J. Clem 
linger, Frank L. 
Upham, Isaac 
Upton, Matthew G. 
Valentine, John J. 
Van Xess, Thomas C. 
Van Wyck, H. L. 
Victor, Conrad 
Von Huhn, Alexander 
Von Perbandt, A. 
Wadsworth, Henry 
Wadsworth, James C. L. 
Walker, James G. 
Wallace, William J. 
Walter, Sooly H. 
W^alter, William 
Wandesforde, Juan B. 
Ward, William 
Washington, Frank B. 
Waterhouse, Columbus 
Waterman, Waldo T. 
Watkins, A. A. 
Wattles, John B. 
Way mire, James A. 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. -«. n^oct Ao-ant«; 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Webster, Frederick R. 
Weill, Leon 
Weill, Raphael 
Weill, Sylvaia 
Wells, Y. Marion 
Wells, George R. 
Wethered, Woodworth 
W^heaton, George H. 
White, William H. 
Whiting, Dwight 
Whitney, George E. 
Wliitwell, William S. 
Wiggin, Marcus P. 
Willey, Harry I. 
Williams, Frank 
Williamson, James C 
Wisley, William J, 
Wilson, Frank P. 
Wilson, Horace 
Wilson, James K. 
Wilson, John Scott 

Wilson, Mountford S. 
Wilson, Robert A. 
Wilson, Russell J. 
Wilson, Samuel M. 
W^inslow, Chauncey R. 
Wood, James M. 
Woods, John S. 
Woods, Robert J. 
Woodward, Robert B. 
Woodworth, Selim E. 
Worden, Clinton E. 
Wores, Theodore 
Weight, Charles W. 
Wright, George S. 
Wright, John A. 

Yale Charles G. 
Yates, Frederick 
Younger, William J. 

Zeile, Frederick W. 

FOR CHILDKENS DAILY DIET nothing is better thnn a pood nutritioiiB, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANXO-AMEKICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Arditi, Luigi 
Booth, Edwin 
Booth, Newton 
Bowers, Mrs. D. P 
Bromley, Isaac H. 
Brookes, Samuel M. 
Clemens, Samuel L. 
Ooolbrith, Miss Ina D. 
Froude, James Anthony 
Oilman. Daniel C. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell 
Lippincott, Mrs. Sarah 
Miller, Joaquin 
Rogers, Randolph 
Salvini, Tommaso 
Stoddard, Charles Warren 
Wallace, William T. 
Wilson, J. Crawford 
Winter, William 


Burton, Lt. Col. Geo. H., U. S. 
Carlin, Lt. Jas. W., U. S. N. 
Dapray, Lt. J. A., U. S. A. 
Darling, Maj. John A., U. S. A. 
Dietz, Surg. W. D., U. S. A. 
Faison, Lt. S. L., U. S. A. 
Fletcher, Lt. Robt. H., U. S.A. 
Gatewood, Lt. Chas. B., U. S. A. 
Gill, Ens. Wm. A., U. S. N. 
Hay den, Lt. John L., U. S. A. 
Kuepper, Ens. C. M., U. S. N. 
Lyman, Lt. Chas. G., U. S. A. 
Martin, Surg. Wm., U. S. N. 

OConnell, Capt. J. J., U. S. A 
Patterson, Lt. R. H. , U. S. A. 
Perkins, Lt. C. M., U. S. M. C. 
Pope, Lt. John, U. S. A. 
Rafferty, Lt. Wm. C, U. S. A. 
Runcie, Lt. Jas. E., U. S. A. 
Schenck, Capt.W. S., U. S. M. C. 
Sturgis, Lt. Sam'l D., Jr., U. S. A. 
Towers, Lt. John A., U. S. A. 
Town, Lt. Col. F. L., U. S. A. 
Webster, Asst. Paym., E. B., U. S. N. 
Wheeler, Capt. D. D.. U. S. A. 
Wright, Ens. Benj., U. S. N. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding, Boueless Chickeu, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, aud Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 


Concordia Club 

Rooms, 1 02 O' Far r ell Street 

The Concordia Club was organized in 1864. It is the principal Jewish Society in 
the city, and composed chiefly of wholesale merchants. The rooms are only open 
evenings and Sundays, and the entertainments consist of monthly and bi-monthly 
receptions. The regular meeting of the members is held on the first Wednesday of 
each month. 


J. M. RoTHCHiLD, President 

Samuel Sachs, Vice-President 

G, M. Bettman, Recording Secretary 

Henry Sinsheimer, Financial Secretary 

A. Herman, Treasurer 

307 California street 

S. VV. cor. Bush and Sansome sts. 


Joseph Silverberg, 
Simon Newman, 
H. S. Manheim, 
M. I. Cahn, 
Louis S. Haas, 
j. m. rothchild, 
Samuel Sachs, 
G. M, Betpman, 
Henry Sinsheimer 
A. Herman 
E, M. Heller 

29 Battery street 
529-531 Market street 
217 Sansome street 

100-02 Front street 

307 California street 

S.W. cor. Bush and Sansome sts. 

112 Sansome street 

37-39 Battery street 

112-14 Sansome street 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agent* 




Ackermaii, Charles L. 
Ackermaii, I. H. 
Ackerman, I. S. 
Ackerman, Sig. H. 
Ackerman, Edward 
Ackerman, Samuel J. 
Adler, A. A. 
Adler, M. 
Alexander, Jos. 
Augustine, M. 
Anspacher, Simon 
Bachman, L. S. 
Brown, L. 
Brown, M. 
Brown, A. 
Bastheim, J. 
Block, D. 
Bauer, M. 
Bauer, S. 
Brandenstein, M. 
Blum, Leon 
Bloom, Jonas 
Bettman, Gus M. 
Brown, A. L. 
Blaskower M. 
Bachman, D. S. 
Baumgarten, Jos. 
Blum, Chas. 
Blum, Maurice 
Bauman, Sig. 
Brooks, Max. 
Blum, Mose 
Bernham, Fred 
Cahn, Israel 
Cahen, M. I. 
Cerf, A. 
Cerf, J. 
Cook, A. 
Cahn, I. W. 
Dinkelspiel, Samuel 
Dinkelspiel, J. S. 

42(5 California street 
123 Kearny street 
108 Pine street 
123 Kearny street 
807 Market street 
529-531 Market street 
222 Sansome street 
423 California street 
516 Market street 
125 Sansome street 

302 California street 
10-12 Battery street 
121 Sansome street 
121 Sansome street 
121 Sansome street 
129 Sansome street 
107 Sansome street 
547 Market street 
547 Market street 
529 Clay street 
201-03 California street 

303 California street 
300 Front street 

7 Montgomerj' street 

225 Montgomery street 

10-12 Battery street 

7 Montgomery street 

116 Battery street 

116 Battery street 

14-16 Battery street 

215 Sansome street 

308 Calif ornia street 

116 Sansome street 

1120 Post street 

129 Sansome street 

111 Battery street 

111 Battery street 

123 Kearny street 

418 Sacramento street 

37-39 Battery and Pine sts. 

120 Sutter street 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELlGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors. 



Einstein, M. 

Einstein, Z. 

Eppinger, J. 

Ettlinger, B. 

Emanuel, E. 

Esberg, M. 

Erlanger, Jonas 

Elsasser, A. 

Englehart, A. J. 

Frank, M. J. 

Frank, E. M. 

Frowenfeld, J. 
Foorman, I. S. 
Foorman, S. 

Falkenstein, H. 

Frank, Geo. W. 
Fenchtwanger, S. 
Fisher, Ph. I. 
Fisher, Godfrey 
Frank, A. 
Gump, G. 
Gump, S. 
Guggenheimer, L. 
Gunst, M. A. 
Goodman, T. 
Goldstein, Sanford 
Greenberg, Jos. 
Gerst, G. 
Greenberg, S. H. 
Goldstein, W. 
Greenebaum, Sig. 
Heller, Martin 
Heller, E. M. 
Heller, M., Jr. 
Heller, E. L. 
Heller, 8. W. 
Hoflfman, J. 
Hyman, M. 
Hart, Chas. 
Herman, A. 
Helbing, D. A. 
Hochstadter, William S. 
Haas, Louis S. 
Hoflfman, S. 
Hart, Mose 

206 Front street 

129 Sansome street 

305 California street 

305 California street 

432 Fourth street 

California and Battery sts. 

304 Davis street 

117-19 Market street 

209 Sansome street 

133 Sansome street 

1721 Sutter street 

1307 Van Ness avenue 

330 Pine street 

330 Pine street 

N. E. cor. Battery and Sac. sts. 

323 California street 

133 Sansome street 

14 Battery street 

7 Montgomery street 

406-08 Battery street 

581 Market street 

581 Market street 

1 1 Front street 

203 Kearny street 

547 Market street 

201-3 California street 

205 Fremont street 
302 California street 

206 Kearny street 
123 California street 
115-117 Bush street 
112 Sansome street 

1 1 2 Sansome street 
112 Sansome street 
315 Pine street 
315 Pine street 
309 Front street 
110 Sansome street 
106 Battery street 
324 Pine street 
21-3 Battery street 
224 Sutter street 
100-02 Front street 
1157 Octavia street 
1117 Post street 

Chicken and (Jame PfttCH Truflled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO. will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Hirschfelder, S. 

Hyman, Henry W. 

Start, Samuel 

Jacobi, L. 

Jacobs, Henry 

Judis, Alphonso 

Kronthal, H. 

KuUmun, H. 

Kalisher, E. 

Kahn, Jos. 

Koshlaiid, M, 
Kline, George 

Katten, Simon 
Kohn, George A. 
Klan, Karl 

Koch, Henry 
Levi, H. 
Levy, M. L. 
Levy, Isaac 
Levy, W. H. 
Levy, Fred. H. 
Levy, Jos. 
Lewis, William 
Lyons, E. G. 
Lowengrund, E. L. 
Lyons, E. H. 
Lilienthal, Dr. James E. 
Levi, Jacob, Jr. 
Loewe, Jos. 
Livingston, Jos. 
Lewis, Sol 
Levy, Jules 
Levy, Felix 

Morgenthau, M. 
Morgenthau, G. 
Marx, B. 
Meyer, C. 
Mandel, E. 
Manheim, H. S. 
Manheim, Isaac 
Meyer, Eugene 
Miehels, Leopold 
May, Jos. 
Morgenthau, Henry 

109 Sansome street 

214 California street 

1120 Sutter street 

905 Montgomery street 

10-12 Main street 

112 Sutter street 

16 Sansome street 

106 Battery street 

21-23 Sutter street 

7-9 Battery street 

220 California street 

Battery and Pine streets 
547 Market street 
406 Front street 
100-02 California street 
21-23 Sansome street 
117-19 Market street, 
420 Sansome street 
519 Clay street 
New City Hall 
104 Kearny street 
420 Sansome street 
30 California street 
508 Jackson street 
318 Turk st.; 432 Fourth street 
539 Market street 
1316 Van Xess Avenue 
117-19 Market street 
217 Battery street 
200 Davis street 
320 Sansome street 
5-7 Sansome street 
209 Sutter street 
108 Bush street 
108 Bush street 
14-16 Battery street 
425 Eddy street 
107 Sansome street 
217 Sansome street 
217 Sansome street 
205 Sansome street 
17-19 Sansome street 
25-27 Fremont street 

'^^^ t^^n^'^^K^^^^?^^:^^' ^^^^ GO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. AU first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 



Eli, Mark 
Napthaly, J. 
Neustadter, J. H. 
Neustadter, D. 
Newman, S. 
Newman, J. 
Nicklesburg, J. 
Nicklesburg, M.. 
Nicklesburg, S. 

Oppenheimer, H. 
Oppenheimer, C. 

Poly, Isaac 

Roos, A., Sr. 
Roos, A., Jr. 
Roos, Achille 
Rothchild, J. M. 
Rosenbaum, S. 
Rosenbaum, V. 
Rosenberger, Dr. J. 
Reiss, I. 
Reiss, S. 
Reiss, B. 

Rosenbaum, A. M. 
Rosenthal, M. 
Rosenberg, B. 
Rothchild, T. H. 
Rosenthal, Meyn 
Rosenthal, I. L. 
Roth, Fred. 
Rose, Sam 
Strauss, Levi 
Sachs, Martin 
Sachs, Lippman 
Sachs, Sam., Jr. 
Sachs, David 
Sachs, Ben 
Sachs. S. L. 
Sachs, Sanford 
Sachs, D. M. 
Steinhart, William 
Schweitza, J. 
Schweitza, B. 
Schweitza, ^M 

413 California street 
426 California street 
133 Sansome street 
133 Sansome street 
117 Battery street 
117 Battery street 
129 Sansome street 
129 Sansome street 
129 Sansome street 

117 Battery street 
5-7 Sansome street 

519 Clay street 
519 Clay street 

319 Market street 
31 Kearny street 
31 Kearny street 
303 California street 
325 Montgomery street 
125 Sansome street 
1432 Geary street 
24 Sutter street 
24 Sutter street 
516 Market street 
206 Front street 
16 Sansome street 
217 Battery street 
322 Clay street 
107 Kearny street 
107 Kearny street 
120 Sutter street 
125 Sansome street 

14 Batterj'^ street 

Bush and Battery streets 

29 Sansome street 

29 Sansome street 

29 Sansome street 

29 Sansome street 

Bush and Battery streets 

Bush and Battery streets 

Bush and Battery streets 

5 Battery street 

519 Clay street 

29 Battery street 

29 Battery street 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & CO'8 Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Stern, Abe 
St^efee, Arnold 
Sutro, Chas. 
Seller, Fred 
Sal berg, M. 
Stein, A. 
Strauss, Louis 
Silverberg, J. 
Son, A, A. 
Schmitt, Chas. A. 
Schmitt, M. 
SahJen, H^ 
Stern, J. 
Stern, S. 
Scheelem, S. 
Slessinger, L. 
Schwabacber. A. 
Sinsheimer, H. 
Steinl)erger, A. 
Schoole, A. W. 
Spitz, A. 
Spitz, J. 
Simpson, A. D. 
Scheidman, B. 
Samuels, D. 
Strauss, S. J. 
Sweet, S. 
Sachs, Isaac 
Salz, M. J. 
Strauss, M. 
Tash, M. 
Taussig, H. A. 
Wangenheim, S 
Waugenheim, E. • 
Waterman, Emil 
Weil, M. 
Weil, Louis P. 
Weiglein, J. J. 
Weyl, Cery 
Wolf, Max 

14 Battery street 
29 Sansome street 
408 Montgoniei-y street 
316 1-2 Montgomery streot 
110 Battery street 
29 Battery street 
S.E. cor. Market and [2d streets 
24 Sansome street 
29 Battery street 
13 Sansome street 
6 Merchants' Exchange 
6 Merchants' Exchange 
14r-16 Battery street 
14^16 Battery street 
14r-16 Battery street 
319 Market street 
8 Batterj^ street 
319 California street 
220 California street 
119 Pine street 
324 Pine street 
13 Sansome street 
13 Sansome street 
121 .Sansome street 
121 Sansome street 
123 Post street 
112 Sansome street 
222 Sansome street 
29 Battery street 
1515 California street 

106 Battery street 

107 Post street 
107 Kearny street 

547 Market street 
28 Main street 

127 Battery street 
117 Battery street 
208 Front street 

Market and Sansome streets 
25 Sansome street 
2204 California street 

128 Sansome street 
304 Battery street 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkev, Cooked Ham. Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Cumed Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding "and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Deutscher Verein 

Rooms, Pioneer Buildings Fourth Street 

The Deutscher Verein was organized October 2, 1876, for the purpose of social 
recreation and cultivation of music, singing, and German literature among its mem- 
bers. The regular meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. The 
composition of the organization is entirely German. 


Dr. Julius Koebig, President 
C. Leichter, First Vice-President 
S. H. Walter, Second Vice-President 
M. Bertheau, Recording Secretary 
E. W. Roeder, Financial Secretary 
I. G. Oldelehr, Treasurer 
Dr. G. Dresel, Librarian 

26 McAllister street 

313 Battery street 

824 Geary street 

26 McAllister stree': 

1 and 3 Sansome street 

415 California street 

509 Kearny street 


H. Ankele, 325 California street 
C. E. Bendixen, 808 Leavenworth st. 
C. Bertheau, 26 McAllister street 
Julius Fay, 821 California street 

George Nelle, 567 Market street 
C. E. Priber, 11-13 First street 
F. D. Stadtniiiller, 819 Eddy street 
8. H. Walter, 824 Geary street 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up in 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persous. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Ankele, H. 
Bach, Charles H. 
Basse, Th. 
Barkan, Dr. A. 
Baiim, Dr. R. 
Beckh, Dr. G. 
Bendel, H. 
Bendiken, C. E. 
Bergen, Geo. Van 
Bergen, J. W. Van 
Bergen, Win. Van 
Berth eau, M. 
Bertheau, C. 
Beyfuss, C. 
Brand, H. J. 
Bruns, C. 

Buncken, L. C. Von 
Bundschu, Charles 
Castelhum, F. E. 
Cramer, F. A. 
Cramer, Walter H. 
Denieke, E. A. 
Dohrmann, F. 
Dresel, Dr. G. 
Dnisenberg, C. A. C. 
Eggers, D. 

Ehrenberg, Dr. A. T. 
Ehrenberg, E. T. 
Engelbrecht, H. 
Engelbrecht, H. A. 
Fay, Julius 
Ferrer, Dr. H. 
Folkers, T. H. A. 
Frauenholz, H. 
Frese, W. 
Fueudeling, J. 
Gouker, C. 
Geilfuss, H. 
Goettig, L. 
Graf, H. 

325 California street 
1583 Folsom street, 
920 Sutter street 
14 Grant Avenue 
1705 Powell street 
1024 Geary street 
313-327 Battery street 
211 California street 
834 Post street 
413^18 Clay street 
413^15 Clay street 
26 McAllister street 
26 McAllister street 
2120 Pine street 
320 Kearny street 
7 Montgomery street 
301 California street 
S.E. cor. Market and 2d sts. 
23 Ridley street 
Auburn, Cal. 
270 California street 
230 Calfornia street 
539 California street 
130 Sutter street 
105 Stockton street 
314 Sacramento street 
S. F. Stock Brewery 
225 Grant avenue 
150 New Montgomery street 
21 First street 
21 First street 
City of Paris 
16 Geary street 
118 Montgomery street 
Bavaria Brewery 
2531 Pine street 
705 Bush street 
426 California street 
935 Market street 
1806 Pine street 
541 Market street 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Greenblat, M. 
Gundlach, J. 

Haas, Dr. J. 
Habenicht, F. 
Hagen, H. Von 
Haker, G. F. 
Heick, William 
Heinecken, A. C 
Hinrichs, G. 
Herbst, A. 
Herold, R. 
Hermann, William 
Hess, F. 
Hinz, William 
Hochkofler; R, 
Hoch stein, A. 
Hohwiessner, C. 
Huefner, O. 
Hueter, E. 
Hundesser, 0, 

Jacoby, Franz 
JaflFe, M. 
Joost, H. 
Jordan, H. C, 
Jordan, R. 

Kaehler, G. E. A. 
Kirchhoff, Theodore 
Kochbig, Dr. J. 
Koehler, H. H. 
Koehler, Charles, Jr. 
Kruse, William 

Landis, G. C. 
Leiehter, C. 
Lemcke, W. 
Lisser, L, 
Loescke, P. Von 
Loewy, W. 
Lohse, J. F. 

Mangels, Christopher 
Mayer, Charles, Jr. 
Mayrisch, A. 

411 Bush street 

S. E. cor. Market and 2d sts. 

14 Grant avenue 
413-415 Clay street 

630 Haight street 

637 Golden Gate avenue 
415 California street 
526 California street 
411 Bush street 
545 Market street 
38 California street 
730 Haight street 
510 Battery street 
California Demokrat 
411 Bush street 
323 California street 

327 California street 
316 Pine street 
312 Battery street 
626 Montgomery street 
897 Fulton street 

Merced, California 
111 Sutter street 
26 McAllister street 
626 Montgomery street 
626 Montgomery street 
209 Front street 

716 Leavenworth street 
1722 Clay street 
1710 Buchanan street 
1241 Franklin street 
1824 Market street 
310 Pine street 
270 California street 

2518 Howard street 
569 Market street 
405 Battery street 

How pleasant ufter the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to off'r vour quests a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Mayrisch, G. 
Marcus, G. 
Meineke, Charles 
Morse, Dr. J. F. 
Meussdorflfer, H. C. 
Meyer, Captain 
Meyer, J. E. 
Muecke, G. 
Nelle, George 

Oldelehr, J. G. 
Oterendorp, Capt. K. Van 
Otto, Dr. W. 

Padelinetti, C. 
Peterson, F. M. 
Plage mann, H. 
Pollack, J. 
Priber, C. E. 

Raschen, M. 
Richter, Dr. M. 
Richter, P. 
Rinn, H. 
Roeding, F. 
Roemer, E. 
Rosenbaum, F. H. 
Rosenthal, A. 
Rosenthal, A. 
Roeder, E. W. 
Rothe, E. 
Ruether, F. 

Schacht, Henry 
Schill, A. 
Schilling, A. 
Schmidt, A. 
Schoemann, 0. 
Schulte, J. G. W. 
Schupsler, H. 
Siebe, F. C. 
Soelke, T. 
Speyer, W. 
Stadtmiiller, F. D. 
Stahl, A. 

405 Battery street 

1^ Sutter street 

S. W. cor. Franklin & Wash, streets 

200 Stockton street 

8 Kearny street 

314 Clay street 

210 Battery street 

26 McAllister street 

567 Market street 

415 California street 


526 Pacific street 

1023 Powell street 
324 Washing !;on street 
317 Larkin street 

N. W. cor. Clay and Battery streets 
26 Webster street 

210 Sansome street 
614 Geary street 

Cor. 2d and Market streets 
1826 Post street 
1910 Washington street 
105 Stockton street 
569 Market street 
31S Sacramento street 
946 Mission street 
N. W. Sansome and Sutter streets 
1324 Geary street 

211 California street 

16-18 Pmmm street 
26 McAllister street 
2322 Clay street 
1709 Baker street 
East Oakland 
710 Haight street 
1450 Franklin street 
328-336 Sansome street 

325 California street 
819 Eddy street 
301 California street 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 
over ten years. A sufficient guaramee^that^t^hey^ar^^^^^^^ 



Stauf, W. 

Tillman, F, 
Tillman, F., Jr. 
Tourney, George 
Trubenbach, H. E. 

Ulrichs, J. F. 

Vocke, G. C. 
Volkmann, G. 

Wagner, Dr. Henry L. 

Walter, S. H. 
Weber, A. C. 
Westerfeld, L. 
Winterberg, Dr. W. 
Wissel, A. 

232 1-2 Montgomery street 

327 Battery street 
327 Battery street 
526 California street 
113 Clay street 
16-18 Drumm street 

131 Montgomery avenue 
112 Market street 

506 Sutter street 
824 Geary street 
18 Geary street 

632 Sutter street 
904 Steiner street 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S French Soups are put up for family use in 
quart and pint oauK and one and a half pint glass jarx. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


San Francisco Verein 

Rooms, Corner Sutter St. a?id Grant Avenue 

The San Francisco Verein was incorporated in October. 1853, and is largely com- 
posed of prominent German citizens. The clubrooms were located at 430 Pine Street, 
(now occupied by the Bohemian Club) from 1869 until 1874, when they moved to their 
present rooms, which were fitted up at a cost of sixty-five thousand dollars. The 
membership is limited to 250. 


Louis Hirsch 
m. s. lowenthal 
Hans H. Kohler 
8. W. Saalburg 
Wm. Frank 
Louis Simon 
I. Marx 


First Vice-President 

.'second Vice-President 

Financial Secretary 

Recording Secretary 


Lil rarian 

YUM YUM SWEET COR.^, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 




Abrams, Dr. Albert 
Ach, Hy. 

Ackerman, Sigmund L. 
Adelsdorfer, Joseph 
Adler, Charles 
Altschul, Charles 
Arnstein, Ludwig 
Arnhold, Benjamin 
Aronstein, Dr. A. 
Bachman, D. 
Bach man, S. 
Bachman, N. S. 
Barth, Philip 
Beekh, G. W. 
Bergmann, J. 
Bissinger, 8. 
Blach, Dr. Charles 
Bloom, D. 
Bloom, J. 
Bowman, John S. 
Brandenstein, Joseph 
Brand enstein, A. J. 
Brandenstein, M. J. 
Braverman, Sigmund L. 

Cahn, Mayer I. 
Castle, W. M. 
Cohen, H, 
Cohn, Ed'.vard 
Cohn, Dr. D. 
Cohn, I. 

Col man, Charles 
Dibbern, J. Hy. 
Dinkel.spiel, Hy. 
Dresbach, William 
Duchesne, Paul 

Eckel, Dr. J. N. 
Ehrman, M. 
Ehrman, Solomon 
Ehrman, Joseph 
?'sl>erg, M. 

433 Geary street 

303 California street 

320 Montgomery street 

19 First street 

816 Sutter street 

3 Sansome street 

S. E. cor. Market and Second sts 

310 Sansome street 

1616 Sutter street 

10-12 Battery street 

S. E. cor. Battery and California 

10-12 Battery street 

440 California street 

2211 Pacific avenue 

N. E. Townsend and 6th streets 

305 Kearny street 


303 California street 

215-17 Battery street 

19 First street 

S. W. cor. California and Gough 

118-20 Market street 

119 Montgomery street 

129-31 Sansome street 
200-12 Davis street 
19 Grant avenue 
225 Montgomery street 
1404 Sutter street 
1008 Sutter street 
130 Kearny street 

217 Sansome street 
39 Battery street 
316 California street 
312-318 Sansome street 

324 Geary street 

104-10 Front street 

104-10 Front street 

104-10 Front street 

S. E. tor. Battery antl California 

H. O. WILBUR A SON'S Chocolate and Cocor Preparations are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLElt & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Ferrer, Dr. H. 
Fechheimer, Benjamin C. 
Fisher, Ph. I. 
Frank, William 
Frank, E. M. 
Frankenthal, J. 
Fredericks, Joseph 
Freidenrich, D. 
Fries, William 
Friedlander, S. J. 
Friedman, J. 
Furth, Simon 

Gensberger, M. 
Gerstle, Lewis 
Goodkind, A. 
Greenebaum, Sigmund 
Greenebaum, J. 
Greenebaum, Alfred 
Greenebaum, Emil 
Greenebaum, Moses 
Greenebaum, "William 
Greenewald, Otto H, 
Grinbaum, M. S. 
Guggenheim, Leon 
Gutte, Isidore 
Gutte, Julius 

Haas, William 
Hausmann, B. 
Hausmann, S. 
Hausmeister, Julian 
Hecht, Isaac 
Hecht, A. E. 
Hecht, M. H. 
Hecht, Bert R. 
Heller, E. S. 
Hess, Frederick 
Hess, Joseph L. 
Heilbronner, August 
Heilbronner, Max 
Heiuecken, A. C. 
Herrmann, S. 
Heynemann, Alexander 
Heynemann, H. 

16 Geary street 
706-20 Kearny street 
14 Battery street 
1716 Sacramento street 
217 California street 
6-10 Sutter street 
649-51 Market street 
426 California street 

306 Pine street. Room 9 
21-23 Sansome street 
484 Palace Hotel 

207 Front street 

110 Bush street 
310 Sansome street 
120 Sansome street 
115-17 Bush street 
232 Montgomery street 
51-53 First street 

314 California street 
17-19 Sansome street 
17-19 Sansome street 
117-19 Market street 
215 Front street 
11 Front street 

307 California street 
307 California street 

18-20 Sutter street 

123 Post street 

212 Pine street 

25-27 Sansome street 

25-27 Sansome street 

25-27 Sansome street 

738-40 Market street 

303 California st., rooms 25-26 

411 Bush street 

300-06 Front street 

111 Sutter street 
310 Sansome street 
220.^ McAllister street 
317 Sacramento street 
310 Pine street 
Merchants' Exchange, Room 28 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents, 



Hofinan, H 
Hirsch, Charles 
Hirsch, Louis 
Hyman, H. W. 
Hyman, M. 

Jacobi, F. 
Jacobi, J. J. 
Jacobs, Isidor 
Jaffe, M. 
Joachimsen, H. L. 

Klau, Leopold 
Klauber, A. 
Koch, Hy. 
Kohler, Chas. 
Kohler, Hans H. 
Kroeplien, George 
Kronthal, H. 
Kruse, E. 

Landsberger, I. 
Lebenbaum, Louis 
Levi, Jacob 

Liebermann, Theodore 
Liebes, H. 
Lilienthal, J. Leo 
Lilienthal, E. R. 
Lilienthal, P. N. 
Lipman, L. 
Livingston, Jas. 
Lloyd, R. H. 
Lowenthal, M. S. 
Loupe, L. 

Mack, A. A. 
Mandlebaum, F. 
Mandlebaum, R. 
Marks, Eli 
Marks, Joseph 
Marx, L 
May, Joseph 
Mayne, Charles 
Mendheim, H. 
Meyer, All)ert 

Meyer, Daniel 
Meyer, Hy. 

310 Sansome street 
200-12 Davis street 
214 California street 
108 Sansome street 

S. E. cor. Bryant and Second sts. 

S. E. cor. Bryant and Second sts. 

12 Main street 

316 Pine street 

426 California street 

100-02 California street 
16-18 Drum street 
23 Sansome street 
626 Montgomery street 
626 Montgomery street 
415 California street 
16 Sansome street 
209-1 1 Front street 
127 California street 
215-17 Sutter street 
117-19 Market street 
326 Pine street 
111-13 Montgomery street 
100-02 Front street 
100-02 Front street 
N. E. cor Sansome and Pine sts. 
325 Pine street 
200-12 Davis street 
9-13 Nevada Block 
320 California street 
218 California street 

1 1 Front street 
4 Sutter street 
4 Sutter street 
413 California street 
306 Montgomery street 
108 Sansome street 
25-27 Fremont street 
524 Montgomery street 
417 Mason street 
212 Pine street 

212 Pine street 
212 Pine street 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO.. will be found delicious for Breakfast, I>uneh or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADI^EK & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Meyer, Moritz 
Meyer, Moritz 
Meussdorfifer, J. C. 
Michels, Leopold 
Moore, I. C. 
Miiser, Otto 

Neuman, Rud. 
Neustadter, I. 
Neustadter, J. 
Neuman, Dr. Leopold 
Nielsen, H. 

Ordenstein, M. 
Perutz, Alfred 
PoUitz, Edward 
Rehfisch, M. 
Rose, L. S. 
Rosener, Samuel 
Rosenfeld, John 
Rosenthal, A, 
Rothschild, Hugo 

Saalburg, S. W. 
Samson, R. 
Scheeline, M. 
Scheeline, S. C. 
Scheeline, Solomon E. 
Schmolz, William 
Scholle, Albert W. 
Schussler, H. 
Schwabacher, Louis 
Schwabacher, S. 
Schwartz, Isidor 
Seller, F. 
Shainwald, H. 
Shoenfeld, Albert 
Simon, H. L. 
Simon, Louis 
Sloss, Leon 
Sioss, Louis, Jr. 
Sloss, Louis 
Son, A. 
Speyer, D. E. 
Speyer, Morris 
Spreckels, A. B. 
Spreckels, Claus 

212 Pine street 
102 Battery street 
810 Market street 
17-19 Sansome street 
117 Front street 
541 Market street 

310 Sansome street 

S. W. cor. Sansome and Pine sts. 

S. W. cor. Sansome and Pine sts. 

24 Montgomery street 

30 California street 

306 Battery street 

London, Paris & American Bank 

304 California street 

316 Pine street 

406 Montgomery street 

1430 Geary street 

202 Sansome street 

318 Sacramento street 
118 Front street 

111-13 Montgomery street 
228| Montgomery street 

328 Montgomery street 

212 Pine street 

420 Montgomery street 

324 Pine street 

516 California street 

319 California street 
319 California street 
215 Sansome street 
112 Battery street 
404-G Montgomery street 

S.E. cor. Market and 2d streets 

S.E. cor. Market and 2d streets 

310 Sansome street 

310 Sansome street 

310 Sansome street 

13-15 Sansome street 

10-12 Battery street 

415 California street 

327 Market street 

327 Market street 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Spreckels, C. A. 
Spreckels, J. D. 
Steinberger, X. 
Steinhart, Ignatz 
Sfeinhart, Sig. 
Stiefel, A. 
Straus, Jacob 
Strassburger, I. 
Strybing, C. H. 
Sussman, Samuel 
Sutro, A. 
8ntro, Charles 
Sutro, E. 
Sutro, Gustav 
Sweet, S. 

Thannhauser, August 
Thannhauser, S. M. 
Triest, B. 
Triest, Jesse E. 
Toplitz, R. L. 
Toklas, F. 

Voorman, H. 

Waldeck. Hugo 
Walter, D. X. 
Walter, Isaac 
Walter, H. X. 
Walter, Xathan F. 
Waterman, H. 
Weil, Julius 
Weil, Leopold 
Wiel, L. P. 
WolflF, William 
Wollberg, Joseph 
Wormser, I. 
Wormser, Samuel I. 
Wunsch, M. 


327 Market street 

327 Market street 

116-18 Sansome street 

N.E. cor. Sansome and Pine sts 

S.W. cor Bush and Sansome sts. 

102 Battery street 

326 i Montgomery street 

1212 Mason street 

104-10 Front street 

408 Montgomery street 

408 Montgomery street 

408 Montgomery street 

408 Montgomery street 

222 Sansome street .'. 

311 California street 

311 California street 

116-18 Sansome street 

116-18 Sansome street 

532-40 Market street 

219 Bush street 

506 Battery street 

S.W. cor. Bush and Sansome sts. 
529-31 Market street 
529-31 Market street 
529-31 Market street 
100-02 Front street 
314 California street 
108 Sansome street 
17-19 Sansome street 
27 Sansome street 
105 Front street 
306 Montgomery street 
107 Front street 
107 Front street 
111 Sutter street 
306 Montgomery street 

Try RICHARDSON A ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Merchants' Club 


Wm. Greer Harrison, President, 
Geo. H. Sanderson, Vice-President, 
S. W. Ehrman, Treasurer, 
Thos. J. Haynes, Secretary, 

305 California street 
122 Market street 
104 Front street 
913 Fillmore street 


Wm. Greer Harrison, 
Geo. H. Sanderson, 
S. W. Ehrman, 
W. H. Talbot, 
E. B. Beck, 

305 California street 
122 Market street 
104 Front street 
204 California street 
32 FremMit street 


Geo. H. Sanderson, 

122 Market street 


W. H. Talbot, 

204 California street 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
aud see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 




Alexander, 0. 
Allen, H. F. 
Allen, C. R. 
Ames, J. P. 
Ayres, G. I. 
Adams, W. J. 
Ayres, Irwin 
Alexander, C. 0. 
Armsby, J. K. 

Briggs, A. R. 
Beck, E. B. 
Beck, W. F. 
Brigham, F. E. 
Bothin, H. E. 
Berg, Wm. 
Barker, T. L. 
Brandensteiu, M. J. 
Brison, W. M. 
Bunker, H. C. 
Bowles, P. E. 
Baldwin, Barry 
Bannister, Alfred 
Bruce, Robert 
Beyfuss, Carl 
Beveridge, H. 
Bowers, W. F. 
Brown, Ed. 
Bolton, J. D. 
Brooks, Peyton H. 
Borrowe, Wm. 

Coleman, W. T. 
Carneal, T. D. 
Cutler, A. D. 
Carolau, Jas. 
Craig, Hugh 
Cutting, J. T. 
Catton, F. R. 
Chapman, E. B. 
CluflF, Wm. 
Cutting, Franoia 
Coburn, C. W. 

108 California street 
202 California street 
16 Howard street 
6 California street 
225 Market street 
Pier 13 Steuart street 
32 Fremont street 
108 California street 
204 California street 

12 California street 
32 Fremont street 
32 Fremont street 
129 California street 
213 Market street 
60 Merchants' Exchange 
126 Market street 
118 Market street 
121 Market street 
400 Front street 

306 California street 

307 California street 
16 California street 
316 California street 
206 Front street 

311 Sansome street 
407 Market street 
508 California street 
1314 Jones street 

S. W. cor. Spear and Misson 
1608 Van Ness ave. 

121 Market street 
202 Market street 
125 Market street 
1 1 5 California street 

312 California street 
25 California street 
406 California street 
22 California street 

Cor. Pine and Front streets 
125 Market street 
6 Battery street 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER «fc CO., Sole Proprietors 

merchants' CLL'B 


Coit, Griffith 
Coogan, T. C. 
Clement, E. B. 
Chapman, W. B. 
Chickerhig, W, H. 
Carpentier, A. 
Coffin, Jas. 

Dalton, Frank 
Dodge, H. L. 
Detrick, E. 
Dutard, H. 
Donnell, A. C. 
Davidson, D. B. 
Deming, Jay 
Dyer, J. B. 
De Young, M. H. 
De Long, F. C. 
De Ruyter, J. 

Ehrman, M. 
Evans, E. C. 
Ehrman, «. W. 
Eldridge, S. A. 
Eby, John D. 
Esberg, Mandel 
English, John F. 

Folger, J. A., Jr. 
Field, A. B. 
Freeman, A. G. 
Firth, A. K. 
Fontana, M. J. 

Ghirardfclli, D., Jr. 
Gorrill, R. W. 
Girvin, R. D. 
Oirvin, J. W. 
Giesting, J. G. 
Gillan, James 
Greenebaum, E. 
Gilman, C. H. 

Haas, William 
Hughes, H. 
Hochkofler, R. 
Hogg, Jas. 
Haslett, Sam'l 

20 California street 
310 Pine street 
405 Montgomery street 
123 California street 
206 Sansome street 
508 California street 

307 Montgomery street 

308 Davis street 
114 Market street 
6 California street 
126 Davis street 
318 California street 

Cor. Montgomery and Pine 

405 Front street 

435 California street 

Cor. Kearny and Bush streets 

Novato, Cal. 

307 Davis street 

104 Front street 

302 California street 

104 Front street 


29 Spear street 

S. E. cor. California and Battery 

313 Davis street 

104 California street 
126 California street 
202 California street 
225 First street 
116 California street 
411 Jackson street 
4 California street 
307 California street 
4 California street 
609 Market street 
318 Pine street 
208 Front street 
716 Batter}^ street 

100 California street 
123 California street 
38 California street 
22 California street 
452 Spear street 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S French Soups are put up for family useiu 
quart and pmt cans and one and a half pint glass jars Jamuy use lu 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Harrison, R. J. 
Herrick, E. M. 
Holmes, C. S. 
Hanson, W. H. 
Hinsdale, G. S. 
Hueter, E. L. 
Haslett, S. M. 
Hewlett, Fred'k 
Harrison, W. G. 
Hoffman, Ed. 
Hulse, J. G. 
Hirshfeld, D. 
Hooper, J. A. 
Haslett, P. E. 
Hyde, M. D. 
Huddleston, H. 
Harrington, W, B, 
Husband, Robt. 
Ingersoll, G. S, 
Johnson, F. S. 
Jennings, C. B. 
Jacobs, Isadore 
Jones, E. D. 
Jackson, A. W. 
Judd, N. A. 
Johnson, W. P. 
Klan, Leopold 
Kittredge, E. H. 
Kinsey, C. C. 
Kendall, F. P. 
Kissel, R. H. 
Kohler, H. H. 
Kerr, Peter 
Lowenthal, M. S. 
Levi, Jacob, Jr. 
Levi, H. 
Low, J. 0. 
Lilienthal, E. R. 
Laidlaw, R. D. 
Lund, Henry 
Locke, W. L. 
Lemcke, Martin 
Low, C. P. 
Livingston, John 

803 Battery street 

17 Steuart street 

Pier 3 Steuart street 

Pier 11 Steuart street 

12 California street 

601 Market street 

1203 Battery street 

300 Davis street 

305 California street 

218 Sacramento street 

314 California street 

323 California street 

4 California street 

Cor. Front and Broadway 

630 Commercial street 

52 Market street 

Hotel Pleasanton 

S. W. cor. Spear and Mission 


121 Market street 
121 California street 
409 Washington street 
207 California street 
204 California street 
23 First street 
401 California street 

100 California street 
1 1 3 Market street 
121 Market street 
125 Market street 

116 Pine street 
1802 Pacific Ave. 
302 California street 
320 California street 

117 Market street 
117 Market street 
125 Market street 
100 Front street 
217 Front street 
214 California street 

121 Market street 

122 Davis street 
132 Market street 
320 California street 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars, 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Const Agents, 

merchants' club 


Lawson, William 
Lovell, M. 

Mail, William F. 
Merry, William L. 
Moore, A. S. 
Meade, G. W. 
Moore, J. J. 
Mooney, S. V. 
Moore, A. D. 
Meigs, A. W. 
Montague, W. W. 
Meade, L. R. 
McGlauflin, L. W. 
McNear, G. W. 
Morrow, Geo. P. 
Mohns, Hy. 
Morgan, E, H. 
Miller, C. E. 
McCormick, F. H. 
McCann, Frank 

Newton, Morris 
Nagle, H. H. 
Noble, H. H. 
Newhall, G. A. 
Neal, G. F. 

Osborn, C. M. 
Owen, J. B. 
Palache, J. 
Polhemus, E. 
Page, Arthur 
Powell, W. 
Potter, E. E. 
Palmer, J. 
Parsons, T. J. 
Page, G. T. 
Piatt, E. B. 
Pilsbry, F. W. 
Philips, L. A, 
Peterson, F. C. 
Rank, W. M. 
Rowley, B. N. 
Ruggles, J. E. 
Rouse, W. H. 
Rix, E. A. 

312 Pine street 

116 California street 

9 Beale street 

125 California street 

125 Market street 

IS Drumm street 

302 California street 

14 Drumm street 

Pier 10 Steuart street 

121 Market street 

309 Market street 

Cor. Beale and Howard streets. 

309 California street 

306 California street 

39 Clay street 

17 Beale street 
219 Front street 
9 Beale street 
9 Beale street 

306 California street 

307 Montgomery street 
309 Sansome street 

34 California street 

31 California street 

Market and California streets 

202 California street 

208 California street 

302 California street 

Cor. California and Sansome 

428 California street 

110 Sacramento street 

106 Davis street 

302 California street 

104 California street 

225 First street 

109 California street 

301 California street 

14 Montgomery street 

40 California street 
114 Market street 
416 Front street 
225 First street 

RICTHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkev, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


merchants' club 

Rogers, W. H. 
Risdon, R. N. 
Raymond, G. A. 
Roemer, C. 
Ransome, E. L. 
Root, E. M. 
Russell, J. L. 
Rithett, R. P. 

Stone, B. F. 

Stone, C. B. 

Sweeney, L. H. 

Sanderson, G. H. 

Siegfried, J. C. 

Sussman, Samuel 

Sperry, Jas. W. 
Schenck, W. T. Y 
Sanborn, W. D. 
Sadler, H. J. 

Sutton, A. M. 
Savage, W. C. 
.Smith, F. M. 
Smith, S. M. 
Schmidt, M. 
Shattuck, D. D. 
Smith, H. C. 
Spreckels, Glaus 
Stratton, F. S. 
Swayne, R. H. 
Schacht, H. 
Spaulding, N. W. 
Shattuck, C H. 
Street, H. C. 
Simons, G. S. 
Somers, H. C. 

Tilley, W. J. 
Talbot, W. H. 
Talbot, F. C. 
Tallant, N. W. 
Thomas, J. P. 
Thore, C. P. 
Townsend, W. R. 
Taylor, S. J. 

Van Sicklen, F. W. 

411 California street 
108 California street 
206 California street 
336 Pine street 
508 California street 
122 Market street 
412 Front street 
220 California street 

126 California street 
304 California street 
114 Market street 
122 Market street 
118 Market street 
104 Front street 
22 California street 
222 Market street 
32 Montgomery street 
9 Beale street 
122 Front street 
118 Market street 
230 Montgomery street 
125 Market street 
25 Main street 
317 Front street 
Pier lOSteuart 
327 Market street 
325 Montgomery street 
504 Battery street 
122 Davis street 
17 Fremont street 
520 Commercial street 
415 Montgomery street 
220 Sutter street 
2906 Folsom street 

126 Market street 
204 California street 
204 California street 
125 Market street 
109 Davis street 

121 Market street 
414 Clay street 

114 Market street 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'8 Natural Flavor French SoiinH nntnni., 
glass especially for Children's Diet, luvalids. Sick or WearPerHwis 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 

merchants' club 


Whitney, C. E. 
Woods, F. N. 
Walker, Cyrus 
Wightman, John, Jr. 
W^atson, G. W. 
Wormser, S. I. 
Wellman, W. B. 
White, Wilson 
Wigmore, A. A. 
Wooster, F. L. 
W^olflP, Wm. 
Woods, R. J. 
Watson, H. H. 

Young, C. G. 
Yates, 0. M. 
Young, E. B. 

101 California street 
101 California street 

205 Sacramento street 
Pier 11 Steuart street 
107 Front street 
126 Market street 
409 California street 
129 Spear street 
218 Front street 
105 Front street 
2714 California street 
218 Sansome street 

25 Davis street 

101 Front street 

430 Montgomery street 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MA.U, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Cercle Fran^ais 

The Cercle Fraucais was organized April 12, 1884, and incorporated, June 9, 1888. 
"The membership is mostly composed of French merchants, a good number residing 
outside of San Francisco. The regular meetings take place on the second Thursday ot 
'Cach month. 


Raphael Weill ------ President 

Emanuel MErER ----- Vice-President 

E. DuBEDAT Secretarj' 

Daniel Roth ------- Treasurer 

E. Charonnot G. W. Frank 

L. KauflFman E. Gallois 

J. Kahn 

D. G. Lucien 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Eveninjj Partv to he able to oflPer your irue.sts a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Abraham, J. 
Abrams, Jno. 
Aguillou, C. 
Alexander, J. 

Antoldi, 8. 
Antonelle, J. S. 

Barroilhet, H. 
Baron, A. 
Bazet, D. 
Brand, L. 
Bergez, J. 
Berges, P. B. 
Berson, G. 
Bergivin, A. 
Beum, E. 
Bine, L. 
Bine, S. 
Bloch, Ach. 
Bloch, F. 
Blum, L. 
Blum, C. 
Blum, J. 
Blum, M. 
Brandt, J. B. L. 
Bernard, B. 

Cailleau, A. 
Cahen, A. 
Cahn, N. 
Carpy, C. 
Charonnot, E. 
Chesuey, D. 
Coblentz, J. 
Coblentz, F. 
Coblentz, G. 
Chouchi, A. G. 

Dahlman, N. 
Debret, M. 
Delmas, D. M. 
Denaveaux, M. 
Dubedat, E. 
Dubedat, Ed 

Duhem, A. 
Duncan, J. 
Eisenberg, A. 
Eisner, M. S. 
Etchebarne, C. 
Fagothy, J. G. 
Falk, J. 
Flamant, E. 
Fleury, P. 
Frank, G. W. 
Freling, A. 
Fusenot, J. 

Gallois, E. 
Godchaux, A. 
Godehaux, E, 
Godchaux, Laz. 
Godchaux, Lue. 
Gro3, A. 
Grogau, A. E. 
Gregoire, L. 
Greenzweig, G. 

Hainque, M. 
Hallgarten, B. 
Hirsch, L. 
Hirschfeld, E. 
Hirscbfeld, A. 
Husson, P. 
Husted, F. 

Kahn, H. 
Kahn> J. 
Kahn, M. 
Kautfman, L. 
Klein, L. 
Klein, M. 
Koenig, A. 
Koenig, F. 
Kullman, A. 
Kullman, 8. 
Labadie, E. L. 
Lacoshe, F. 
Ladaguous, J. 

KE LLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten vears. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 
• MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



La Tour, G. De, 
Le Roy, E. 
Levy, B. 
Levy, Jules 
Levy, L. 
Levy, J. W. 
Levy, Laz. 
Levy, Max. 
Levy, M. 
Levy, N. 
Lippmann, J. 
Loaiza, L. 
Locb, G. 
Lohse, J. F. 
Loujeou, J. 
Loviza, W. 
Lowenberg, E. 
Lyons, E. G. 

Marks, J. 
Marrais, L. P. 
Martin, H, S. 
Mather, H. 
Mayer, J. 
Mayer, N. 
Masson, F. 
Meyer, E. 
Messager, E. 
Meyer, Eug. 
Meyer, L. 
Myers, L. R. 
Neoli, G. G. 
Nerson, A. 
Neuberger, G. 
Nordman, J. 

Ojeda, F. Di 
Olarovsky, A. E, 

Payot, H. 
Pereira, S. L. 
Pesoli, E. A. 
Pike, B. D. 
Pissis, A. 

Priet, P. 
Puttman, H. 
Raas, E. 
Reiss, B. 
Reiss, J. 
Reiss, S. 
Remeid, H. J. 
Reus, A. 
Richards, C. W. 
Roeekel, J. 
Roos, A. 
Roth, D. 
Roth, J. 
Routier, Senator 
Salomon, S. 
Schmidt, A. 
Schmidt, M. 
Schul, M. 
Seigel, M. 
Siegel, L. 
Simon, A. 
Simon, E. 
Simon, J. 
Somps, P. G. 
Sondag, J. 
St, Germain, F. De 
Swyney, W. G. 

Thomas, L. 
Verdier, E, 
Verneil, J. L. 
Wartenweiler, A. 
Waters, W. E. 
Weil, Ach. 
Weil, M. 
Weill, H. 
Weill, L. 
Weill, R. 
Weill, S. 
Willard, J. 
Willard, L. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD COS ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Yale Club 

The Yale Club of California was organized September 1, 1877. and is composed of 
residents of this State who have formerly attended at Yale College. The regular 
meetings are held on the second Friday of January, April and October, at place desig- 
nated by the Executive Committee. The annual meeting and banquet is held on the 
last Friday of October of each year. 


Martin Kellogg, President 
Gordon Blanding, 1st Vice-Pres. 
Ely I. Hutchinson, 2d Yice-Pres. 
MouNTFORii S. Wilson, Secretary 
Donald Y. Campbell, Treasitrer 

530 California street 
324 Pine street 
419 California street 
202 Sansome street 
530 California street 

YUM YUM SWE ET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 




Allen, James M. 
Andrews, Wellington M. 
Bacon, Joseph S. 
Barnes, W. H. L. 
Barrett, C. H. 
Beaver, George W. 
Benton, Joseph A. 
Blake, Charles E. 
Blake, Charles T. 
Blanding, Gordon 
Booth, William F. 
Brewer, John H. 

Campbell, Donald Y. 
Carpenter, E, W. 
Clarke, Samuel J. 
Crocker, William H. 
Cunningham, James 
Cnnningham, John 
Day, Sherman 
Drew, George W. 
Du Bois, H. A., Jr. 
Dwindle, Charles H. 
Folsom, D. F. 
Forbes, Cleveland 
Foster, William 

Galpin, Philip G, 
Goodale, Charles 
Gordon, George W. 
Gordon, Moses S. 
Green, Edmund F. 

Hillyer, Curtis J. 
Hutchinson, Ely I. 

Janin, Louis 
Janvier, Allen E. 
Jarboe, John R. 
Jolinson, Francis 
Johnson, Sidney L. 
Jordan, William H. 
Kellogg, Martin 
Kendall, Wesley 

305 Sansome street 

218 California street 
426 California street 

1300 Taylor street 

200 Stockton street 

324 Pine street 
200 Market street 
430 California street 
530 California street 
410 California street 
506 Battery street 
322 Pine street 
2518 Broadway street 

512 Jones street 

29 Essex street 

432 Montgomery street 

508 California street 

419 California street 
211 Sansome street 

230 Montgomery street 

530 California street 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Keyes, Winliekl S. 
King, Clarence 

Lockwood, Arthur A. 
Loomis, H. B. 
Lord, Theodore A. 
Love, John Lord 
Lyman, J. Chester 

McLean, Edward 
Metcalf, George D. 
Metcalf, Victor H. 
Naphtal}^ Joseph 
Newhall, Henry G. 
Newhall, William Mayo 
Newlands, Francis G. 

Page, Charles 
Page, Olaf 

Palmer, Charles T. H. 
Pearson, William 
Poston, John M. 
Pratt, W. A. 

Reade, William 
Pvoberts, E, P. 
Robinson, San ford 
Rothschild, Joseph 
Rowell, Joseph 
Schofield, William 
Sill, Edward R. 
Sleight, Cornelius 
Smith, Sidney V., Jr. 

Torryson, J. D. 
Trumbull, David 
Tuttle, Frederick P. 

Wilson, Monntford. S. 

915 Van Xess avenue 

1828 Vallejo street 
116 Leidesdorff street 
325 27th street 

113 Fair Oaks street 

426 California street 
309 Sansome street 
309 Sansome street 
305 Sansome street 

2518 Pacific avenue 
]07 Fell street 

320 Sansome street 
303 California street 
1416 Sacramento street 

224 Third street 

212 Sansome street 

202 Sansome street 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soui>, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Harvard Club 

The Harvard Club of San Francisco was organized January 15th, 1874, for the pur- 
pose of promoting social intercourse among its members. It is composed of the 
Pacific Coast Alumni of Harvard University, and numbers 120 members. Business 
meetings are held on the third Thursdays of January, April and July, and the annual 
meeting on the third Thursday of October. 


D. Ward 
Pelham W. Ames 
William C. Little 
Harold Wheeler 
H. H. Sherwood 


- First Vice-President 

Second Vice-President 



Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Abbot, George 
Ames, Pelham W. 
Anderson, Dr. Walter D. 
Ashe, Gaston M. 
Aver, Dr. Washington 

Baker, Wakefield 
Barnes, Charles L. 
Barnes, William S. 
Baum, Alexander R. 
Belshaw, Charles M. 
Bigelow, Samuel C. 
Bonestel, Chesley K. 
Boyd, Dr. Samuel G. 
Bridge, Samuel J. 
Briggs, Frederick H, 
Brigham, Dr. Charles B. 
Buck, Geo. "F. 
Bush, Walter N. 
Comte, Jr., Auguste, 
Cook, William Hoff 
Courtis, William M. 

Davidson, George F. 
Davidson, Thomas D. 
Davis, Horace 
Davis, Hon. John F. 
Delger, Edward F. 
Du Bois, Pierre C. 

Faulkner, Dr. Henrj^ W. 
Foster, Samuel L. 
Frank, George W. 
Friedlander, T. Cary 

Garnett, Edgar M, 
Gibbs, Frederick A. 
Gillig, Henry M. 
Grimm, Dr. Charles H. 
Grayson, Robert R. 

Haggin, Louis T. 
Hammond, Charles M. 
Hammond, Jr., Gardiner G. 
Handy, Dr. George W. 

Pacific Union Club 
516 California street 
Vallejo, Cal. 
2315 Sacramento street 
1622 Clay street 

1882 Washington street 

Care of Daily Examiner 

821 Sutter street 

330 Pine street 

Antioch, Cal. 

440 California street 

438 California street 

715 Clay street 

Roxbury, Mass. 

Care of Dxily Examiner 

703 Market street 

Stockton, Cal. 

S. F. Boys' High School 

5344 California street 
319 California street 
West Point, Cal. 

1117 Hyde street 

1117 Hyde street 

41 First street 

2323 Sacramento street 

1151 Broadway, Oakland 

313 Capp street 

906 Market street 

434 Bartlett street 

313 California street 

1913 Clay street 

35 Essex street 

35 Fremont street 

Bohemian Club 

Nevada City, Cal. 

327 Pine street 

Nevada Block 

Upper Lake, Lake Co., Cal. 

Upper Lake, Lake Co., Cal. 

Cor. 15th & Madison sts., Oakland 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Hastings, Robert P. 
Hardin, Charles H. E. 
Hearst, William R. 
Hiuehman, Augustus F. 
Hoflinan, Charles F. 
HoUoway. William E. 
Howard, Oscar Shafter 
Howard, Albert A. 
Huntington, Dr. Thomas W. 

Jelly, Arthur C. 
Jennings, Sidney J. 
Jennings, James Henuen 
King, Frederick R. 
Lake, Frederick B. 
Le Conte, Prof. Joseph 
Lent, Eugene 
Leverett, William 
Little, William Coffin 
Lux, Dr. Frederick W^. 
Maxfield, Joseph E. 
McDowell, Henry B. 
McElrath, John E. 
McLellan, Ceorge F. 
McMonagle, Dr. Beverly 
McNutt, Dr. William F. 
Melville, Dr. William H. 
Merrill, Geo. B. 
Michael, Francis 
Mills, James E. 
Minns, Prof. George W. 
Noble, Francis L. 

Paterson, Dr. Edward M. 
Pinkerton, Thomas H. 
Powers, Dr. Geo. H. 
Prentiss, Samuel R. 
Pringle, Edward J. 
Putman, Osgood 

Redding, Joseph D. 
Reid, William T. 
Reis, Jr., Ferdinand 
Ryer, Fletcher, F. 
Sanderson, George R. 
Sawyer, Dr. Albert F. 

Pacific Union Clnb 

Bohemian Club 

Care of Daily Ex.indner 

610 Commercial street 

Iowa Hill, Placer Co., Cal. 

Pacific -Union Club 

516 California street 

University of Cal , Berkeley, CaL 

S. P. Go's Hospital, Sac, Cal. 

123 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 
New Almaden, Cal. 
New Almaden, Cal. 
530 California street 
1905 Pacific avenue 
University of Cal., Berkeley, CaL 
699 Polk street. (Nevada Block) 
Belmont, San Mateo Co., Cal. 
Cor. Mission and Main streets 
703 Market street 

302 Montgomery street 

2121 California street 

N. E. 8th & Broadway, Oak., CaL 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

703 Market street 

405 Montgomery street 

47 Montgomery Block 

Nevada Block 

1317 Gough street 

2106 Van Ness avenue 

1819 Broadway street 

Care of Daily Examiner 

1117 Washington street, Oakland 
1155 Broadway, Oakland, Cal. 
215 Geary street 
Pacific- Union Club 
522 Montgomery street 
1012 Washington street 
Hibernia Bank Building 
Belmont, San Mateo Co., Cal. 
835 California street 
103 Montgomery street 
312 Pine street 
302 Stockton street 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Pirnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Sawyer, Dr. Wesley C. 
.Sawyer, William T. 
Seavey, Oscar ¥. 
•Severance, James S. 
Sharon, Frederick W. 
Sharkey, Dr. James M. 
Sherwood, John D. 
Sherwood, Henry H. 
Southard, Dr. William F. 
Stebbins, Rev. Horatio 
Stetson, Edward G. 
Stow, Vanderlynn, 
Stringham, Prof. Irving 
Symmes, Frank J, 

Taylor, John W. 
Tevis, Hugh 
Tiffany, William G, 
Thayer, Eugene L. 
Thomas, William 
Troutt, James M. 
Tubbs, Alfred S. 
Tubbs, Austin C. 

Ward, David Henshaw 
Ward, John T. 
Watkins, James T. 
Winn, Prof. Abel T. 
Wigmore, John H. 
Wilson, Ramon C. 
Wheelan, Fairfax H. 
Wheeler, Alfred A. 
Wheeler, Harold 
Whitney, Calvin E. 
Whitwell, Dr. William S. 
Zinkeisen, Oscar T. 

San Jose, Cal. 

422 Battery street 

Auburn, Placer Co., Cal. 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend streets 

Palace Hotel 

634 Washington street 

Spokane Falls, Washington 

212 Market street 

Oakland, Cal. 

1609 Larkin street 

508 California street 

222 Sutter street 

University of California, Berkeley 

222 Sutter street 

Blue Creek, Box Elder Co., U. T. 

Benson, Arizona 

Aurora, Nevada 

215 Post street 

206 Sansome street 

2217 Fillmore street 

611 Front street 

611 Front street 

Room 4, 220 California street 

Room 4, 220 California street 

Nevada Bank 

230 Hermann street 

133 Spear street 

419 California street 

San Luis Obispo, Cal. 

Care of H. Wheeler, 621 Clay st. 

621 Clay street 

1213 Jones street 

438 Bryant street 

Cosmos Club, 317 Powell street 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Bachelors' Cotillon Club 

The Bachelor's Cotillon Club was organized in 1885 for the purpose of giving a series 
of Germans throughout the winter. The meetings are held at B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 
Eddy Street, every two weeks during the season, one of the merhbers being appointed 
as leader for each occasion. 



Ashe, Miss Millie 
Alexander, Mrs. C. 0. 
Breeze, Miss 
Bates, Miss 
Boalt, Miss 
Bowie, Miss Jessie 
Bowie, Miss Bessie 
Bissell, Miss Julia 
Bissel), Miss Theresa 
Board man, Miss 
Blethen, Miss 
Buckbee, Miss Annie 
Brooks, Miss Maggie 
Brooks, Miss Lucy 
Borden, Miss Helen 
Blair, Miss 
Bourn, Mrs. W. B. 
Bourn, Miss Ida 

2315 Sacramento street 
San Rafael 
1330 Sutter street 
1705 Octavia street 
332 Haight street 
1225 Geary street 
1913 Clay street 

1408 California street 
1750 Franklin street 
2297 Sacramento street 
1906 Laguna street 
634 Polk street 
634 Polk street 
957 Broadway, Oakland 
1315 V^an Ness avenue 
1300 Hyde street 
1300 Hyde street 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER <fe CO., Sole Proprietors 

bachelors' cotillon club 


Bourn, Miss Maud 
Barber, Miss Mary 
Barber, Miss Alice 
Brown, Mrs. A. Page 

Collier, Mrs. W. B. 
Crocker, Mrs. W. H. 
Corbitt, Miss 
Corbitt, Miss Nellie 
Clarke, Miss Edith 
Clarke, Miss Lottie 
Cheesman, Miss 
Casserly, Miss 
Crocker, Miss 
Carleton, Miss 
Carolan, Miss 
Carroll, Miss 

Miss Lela 

Coleman, Miss 
Crabbe, Miss 

Dimond, Miss 

Miss Mae 

Mrs. E. R. 

Donohoe, Mrs J. A , Jr. 

Button, Miss 

Uurbrow, Miss 

Durbrow, Miss Carrie 

Delmas, Miss 

De Guigne, Mrs. 

De Fremery, the Misses 

Eyre, Miss 
Friedlander, Miss 
Friedlauder, Miss May 
Fair, Miss 
Floyd, Mrs. R. S. 
Forbes, Miss 
Gwin, Miss 
Girvin, Mrs. R. D. 
Graham, the Misses 
Goad, Miss 
Gray, Miss 

Hastings, Mrs. R. P. 
Heathcote, Mrs. Basil 
Hager, Miss 

1300 Hyde street 
"Ross, " Marin county 
' * Ross, " Marin county 
2604 Jackson street 

2827 Pine street 

1150 California street 

Palace Hotel 

Palace Hotel 

2119 California street 

2119 California street 

Palace Hotel 

2123 Buchanan street 

1609 Sutter street 

1822 Sacramento street 

1714 California street 

Sacramento, Cala. 

Sacramento, Cala. 

754 8th street, Oakland 

2406 ^Vashington street 

2204 Pacific Ave. 
2204 Pacific Ave. 
2204 Pacific Ave. 
Menlo Park 
2020 Buchanan street 
1124 Bush street 
1124 Bush street 
Palace Hotel 
San Mateo 
Oakland, Cala. 

Palace Hotel 
1913 Clay street 
1913 Clay street 
1120 Pine street 
415 First street 
2214 .Jackson street 

2224 California street 
Alcatraz Island 
Washington and Gough 
1115 Bush street 

2024 Jackson street. 

San Rafael 

Gough and Jackson streets- 

'^"^ ^^Jt'^^^rT^^F^^^^^/^^^ ^.O'S French Soups are put up for family use in 
quart and pint cans and one and a half pint glass jars. ^y u^*^ m 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


bachelors' cotillon club 

Howard, Mrs. Geo. H. 
Hopkins, Miss Maud 
Harrington, Miss 
Hyde, Miss Gertrude 
Hoflfman, Miss 
Houghton, Miss 
Hanchett, Miss 
Hall, Mrs. Harry E. 
Holbrook, Miss 
Howard, Miss 
Irwin, Miss Ida 

Jones, Mrs. Webster 
JoUiffe, Miss 
Jarboe, Miss 

Kohl, Miss 
Kittle, Miss 
Kittle, Miss 

Lockwood, Miss 
La Montagne, Mrs. 

Monteagle, Mrs. Louis 
Moody, Miss 
McLennan, Mrs. F. P. 
Miller, Mrs. H. M. A. 

Maynard, Miss Lena 

Miss Sallie S. 

Martin, Mrs. Henry McLane 
Miles, Miss 

Newhall, Mrs. W. Mayo 
Nuttali, Mrs. J. Robt. R .- 
Newlands, Miss 

Otis, Miss 

Otis, Mrs. James 

Ortiz, Miss 

Perry, Miss 
Pierce, Miss Grace 
Pierce, Miss Florence 
Parrott, Mrs. Louis B. 
Pope, Miss 
Patterson, Miss 
Perrin, Miss 

Mrs. E. B. 

Pinto, Mrs. Ricardo 

Palace Hotel 

California and Laguna streets 

Palace Hotel 

719 Geary street 

1113 Bush street 

Palace Hotel 

1105 Bush street 

Palace Hotel 

1901 Van Ness 

San Mateo 

Occidental Hotel 

Gough and Sacramento streets 
1225 Pine street 
917 Pine street 

San Mateo 

Pacific ave. and Steiner street 

"Ross, " Marin county 

Redwood City 
Hotel Rafael 

2002 Pacific Avenue 
Lombard and Jones streets 
1515 Clay street 
1115 Pine street 

1512 California street 
1512 California street 
California and Taylor streets 
Fort Mason 

120G Post street 
Palace Hotel 
2902 Clay street 
1900 Franklin street 
Occidental Hotel 
2531 Pine street 

Hotel Pleasanton 

Santa Clara 

Santa Clara 

1913 Franklin street 

Van Ness and California street 

San Rafael 

1935 Clay street 

1935 Clay street 

1801 Van Ness avenue 

Alwfiys reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 

bachelors' cotillon club 


Robinson, Mrs. James A. 
Reed, Miss Florence 
Reynolds, Miss 

Sinipkins, Miss 
Sherwood, Mrs. H. H. 
Scott, Miss Josephine 
Shreve, Miss 
Swift, Mrs. C. J. 
Smedberg, Miss 
Shepard, Miss 
Stetson, Miss 

Tompkins, Miss 
Taylor, Miss 
Tubbs, Mrs. W. B. 
Tevis, Mrs. W. 8. 
Tucker, Miss 
Tompkins, Miss 

Miss Susie 

Taylor, Mrs. W. Hinckley 
Tatum, Mrs. H. L. 
Torbert, Miss MoUie 
Tyler, Miss .Sj'bil 
Thornton, Mrs. Crittenden 

Voorhies, Miss 
Miss Katie 

Watson, Miss 
Wheeler, Miss 
Woolrich, Miss 
Woods, Mrs. R. J. 
Wooster, Mrs. F. L. 

Redwood City 
1200 Van Xess Ave. 
1227 Eddy street 
Palace Hotel 
2121 California street 
Clay and Laguna streets 
1117 Pine street 
1714 Pacific avenue 
1611 Larkin street 

1800 Van Ness avenue 
San Leandro 
2128 California street 
1311 Hj'de street 
1051 Market street, Oakland 
San Rafael 
San Rafael 

Steiner st. and Pacific avenue 
2525 Pacific avenue 
1300 Leavenworth street 
Palace Hotel 
1915 Webster street 
2111 California street 
2111 California street 

2440 Pacific avenue 


2904 California street 

California street 

2602 California street 


Alexander, C. 0. 
Adams, M. 
Blanchard, Jno. 
Barnes, W. S. 
Bee, E. N. 
Baker, Wakefield 
Beazley, F. C. 
Beaver, Fred H. 
Bowie, A. .St. J. 

123 California street 
Pacific U. C. 
425 Market street 
821 Sutter street 
208 California street 
1882 Washington street 
Saratoga, California 
418 California street 
1225 Geary street 

EICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham, RoVled Ox 
Ton.^ue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Puddinsr and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


bachelors' cotillon club 

Boardman, Geo. C. 
Buekbee, Spencer C. 
Buckbee, Samuel G. 
Boardman, S. H. 
Bissell, H. M, 
Borden, Rhodes 
Boyd, Geo. D. 
Blair, W. S. 
Babcock, William 
Babcock, Harry 
Brown, A. Page 
Bell, Lieutenant J. A. 
Carlin, Lieut. J. W. 
Crocker, W. H. 
Clarke, E. K. 
Cheesman, Geo. S. 
Clarke, Warren D. 
Coggius, E. B. 
Coon, Fred H. 
Casserly, Augustine 
Cotton, Lieut. Gilbert P. 
Crocker, Henry J. 
Carolan, Herbert 
Carolan, F. J. 
Carroll, E. B. 
Coleman, H. L. 
Campbell, Donald Y. 

Dean, Walter L. 
Dimond, H. W. 
Deering, James H. 
Dargie, T. T. 
Dapray, Lieut. J. A. 
Douglass, W. A. 

Eyre, Perry P. 
Faison, Lieut. F. C. 
Froelich, C. 
Friedlander, T. C. 
Fisher, W. H. 
Forbes, W. D. 
Gray G. Vernon 
Green way, E. M, 
Howard, Geo, H. 
Hayne, Duncan 

1750 Franklin street 
467 Montgomery street 
1906 Laguna street 
1750 Franklin street 
121 Market street 
957 Broadway, Oakland 
520 Montgomery street 
1315 Van Ness avenue 
San Rafael 
San Rafael 
2604 Jackson street 
Mare Island 
Bohemian Club 
332 Pine street 
Cosmos Club 
331 Montgomery street 
202 Market street 
614 Sutter street 
2 Pine street 
Bohemian Club 
215 Bush street 
115 California street 
115 California street 
S. F. Stock Exchange 
530 California street 
Baldwin Hotel 
202 Market street 
Law Library (New City Hall) 

Black Point, or Phelan Building 
327 Market Street 
Palace Hotel 


Pacific-Union Club 

Room 24, Merchants' Exchange 

1512 California street 

2214 Jackson street 

1115 Bush street 
4 Nevada Block 

Palace Hotel 

522 Montgomery street 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'8 Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up in 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Hamilton, Alex. 

Howard, C. W., Jr. 

Humes, Jno. X. 

Hammond, Gen'l R. P. 

HoflFman, Ogden 

Hoffman, Southard 

Houghton, H. B. 

Hall. Harry E. - 

Holbrook, Henry M. 

Hicks, W. P. 

Jacobs, E. L. 

Jones, Webster 

Kittle, N. G. 

Kittle, John G. 

Kearnej^ M. Theodore 

Kroeplien, Geo. 

Kirkman, Lieut. Geo. W. 

Loughborough, A. Z. 

Lent, Geo. H. 

Lyman, Lieutenant Chas. G. 

Lee, Arthur 

Lee, W. H. C. 

Moody, F. L. 
Miller, H. M. A. 
McMurtry, \Y. S., Jr. 
McAllister, Ward 
Madison, Frank D. 
McLaren, Norman 
Murphy, D. T. 
Moore, Chas. A. 
Marsh, Lieut. Fred 
Moulton, A. B. 
McAllister, Elliott 
Mau3, Lieut. Marion P. 
McAfee, Edwin 
McGee. W. A. 
Mizner, L. B., Jr. 
Miller, Henry East 
Miller, Henry 
McNear, Geo. W. 
Newhall, W. Mayo 
Newhall, Walter S. 
Newhall, Geo. A. 
Noble, Lieut. R. H. 
Otis, James 
Oxnard, Robt. 

1015 California street 

320 San some street 

415 First street 

610 Commercial street 

1113 Bush street 

1113 Bush street 

900 Broadway, Oakland 

Palace Hotel 

1901 Washington street 

Jackson and Gough 

Nevada Block 

26 & 28 Fremont street 

Pacific avenue and Steiner street 

Pacific avenue and Steiner street 

Palace Hotel 

310 Stockton street 

Angel Island 

829 O'Farrell street 

699 Polk street 


Care of Spring Valley Water Co. 

Care of Spring Valley Water Co. 

426 Townsend street 

16 California street 

San Jose 
Pacitic-Uniou Club 

1515 Sacramento street 
309 Sansome street 

Pacific-Union Club 

Port Discovery, Wash. Ty. 


430 California street 

328 Montgomery street 

Angel Island 

Wells, Fargo & Go's Bank 

20 Montgomery street 

Benicia, Cal. 



306 California street 
309 Sansome street 
225 Bush street 
309 Sansome street 

Angel Island 

41 First street 

220 California street 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Agents 



Palache, T. H. 
Pope, Geo. A, 
Parker, E. L. 
Paige, Cutler 
Phelan, James D. 
Robinson, James A. 
Reis, Ferd, Jr. 
Raflferty, Lieut. W. 0. 
Redington, Henry W. 

Strother, Lieut. L. H. 
Sprague, Rich. H. 
Simpkins, H. R. 
Sheldon, E. H. 
Sherwood, H. H. 
Sherwood, R. L. 
Straub, Oscar I. 
Shreve, Geo. R. 
Smith, Colin M. 
Stokes, James Brett 
Spaulding, Henry K. 
vSwift, Chas. J. 
Sherwood, W. R. 
Small, A. H. 

Tevis, W. S. 
Tompkins, Gilbert 
Tevis, Hugh 
Tevis, Dr. Sim'l G. 
Tripp, Lieut. Fred A. 
Town, Dr. F. L. 
Tubbs, W. B. 
Tucker, S. E. 
Towers, Lieut. John A. 
Thorn, C. C. 
Winslow, Chauncey R. 
Watson, J. W. 
Worden, C. E. 
Waterworth, H. W. 
West, H. B. Lieut. 
Wood, Dr. Leonard 
Wheeler, A. A. 
Woolrich, Geo. L. 
Wood, R. J. 
Wil«!on, M. S. 
Whiting, Dr. flobert 
Wooster, F. L. 

309 San so me street 
204 California street 
15 Nevada Block 
116 Leidesdorff street 
Bohemian Club 
Macondray & Co. 
835 California street 
Alcatraz Island 
302 California street 

Angel Island 

409 California street 

Palace Hotel 

327 Market street 

214 Market street 

212 Market street 

Fort Canby, Wash. 

106 Montgomery street 

216 California street 

18 Beale street 

1534 Mission street 

First National Bank Building 

1123 California street 

316 California or 1312 Taylor sta. 

1311 Hyde street 
San Leandro 
1316 Taylor street 
226 Post street 
Angel Island 
Cosmos Club 
Presidio, Cal. 

252 Market street 

409 Market street 

122 and 124 Market street 

Cor. Rich and Towusend streets 

1312 Taylor street 
Occidental Hotel 

621 Clay street 

2904 California street 

2714 California street 

202 Sansome street 

Mare Island 

2602 California street 

How plfasiant after the Theater or au Evening I'arTy to be nble to off^r your pruests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast AgentB. 


Olympic Club 

Rooms and Gyninasmm, 'Alcazar Building, 120 O' Farrell St. 

The Olympic is one of the best athletic clubs in the United States. It was founded 
in 1860 and the history of the organization has been one of uninterrupted prosperity. 
The accommodations for members are unsurpassed. Although the building they now 
occupy is large and commodious, owing to the constant increase of the membership 
and the consequent addition to the funds, the club has contracted for theerection of 
anew building, to be owned by them, and which, when completed, will excel both 
in its size and appointments anj' similar construction in this country. 

There are 17 Charter, 75 lyife and nearly 1,353 Active Members. 


Wm. Greer Harrison, President 
R. P. Hammond, Jr., Vice-President 
W. E. HoLLOWAY, Secretary 
Henry B. Russ, Treasurer 
John A. Hammersmith, Leader 

305 California street 
610 Commercial street 
430 California street 
203 Montgomery street 
118 Sutter street 


A. C. Forsyth, 520 Bush street 
A. B. Field, 126 California street 
M. H. Weed, 327 Market street 

Barry Baldwin, 618 Gr. Gate ave. 
J. H. GiLHULY, 9 Beale street 
E. A. Rix, 225 First street 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the market. 

►^i.---:-Vi.-.:;-- , . MAU, SADLER ■& CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


California Lawn Tennis Club 

Club Grounds, Southeast Corner oL Bush and Scott Streets 


The California Lawn Tennis Club of San Francisco organized September 13, 1884. 
Club grounds, southeast corner of Bush and Scott streets. Club colors: red and white. 

The club comprises about ISO members, including some of the most prominent 
people in the city. The grounds are conveniently located, under lease for 10 years, 
and have three asphalt courts, a clubhouse with dressing-rooms, shower bath 
facilities and reading-room ; a driveway on the Bush street side enables carriages to enter 
the grounds. Tournaments are held in the Spring and Fall of each year, and on 
Saturday afternoons, Club day, games are always in progress. 

The grounds are open every day in charge of a keeper; and visitors are welcome at 
any time. 


M. S. Wilson 
Mrs. H. H. Sherwood 
Everett N. Bee 
Charles R. Yates 


202 Sansome street 
212 Market street 
208 California street 
Ihe Berkshire 


Dell Linderman 

Mrs. H. H, Sherwood 

Everett N. Bee 

Frederick H. Beaver 

A Taylor 

M S. Wilson 

C. R. Yates 

1501 Van Ness avenue 
212 Market street 
208 California street 
418 California street 
2218 Taylor street 
202 Sansome street 
The Berkshire 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than ran be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Ageuts 




Alvord, William 
Balfour, Robert 
Brander, George L. 
Coleman, Mrs. \Vm. 
Crocker, Charles F. 
Fair, James G. 
Fair, Mrs. Theresa 
Flood, Miss J. 
Format!, Robert B. 
Hager, Mrs. Johii F. 
Mackay, John W. 
Parrott, Mrs. A. M. 
Ferine, George M. 
Scott, Henry T. 
Taylor, William H. 
Tubbs, A. L. 

Bank of California 

1229 Taylor street 


Beaver, Fred H. 
Bee, Everett N. 
Bigelow, J. F. 
Blair, Miss Jennie 
Boardman, F. D. 
Boardman, G. C, Jr. 
Bolado, Miss Dulce 
Bourn, W. B. 
Boyd, George 
Breeze, T. H. 
Browne, C. E. 
Buckbee, Spencer C. 
Carrigan, A. 
Casserly, J. B. 
Chase, H. B. 
Clarke, Miss Lottie 
Code, J. A. 
Coggins, E. B, 
Coleman, Robert L. 

418 California street 

208 California street 

Nevada Bank 

1315 Van Ness avenue 

316 California street 

208 California street 

528 Sutter street 

1300 Hyde street 

2020 Washington Street 

1300 Sutter street 

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 

407 Montgomery street 

2124 California street 
2123 Buchanan street 
Napa Soda Springs 
2119 California street 
1217 Bryant street 
614 Sutter street 
1299 Taylor street 

YUM YUM SWEET COR>', the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



Collier, W. B. 

Dargie, T. T. 
Davis, R, J. 
Deane, E. B. 

Eyre, Edward L. 
Eyre, Miss Mary 
Eyre, Perry P. 
Fair, Miss Tessie 
Fischer, Mrs. Edward 
Forbes, S. 

Gadesdeu, Valentine 
Gibbs, Miss Martha 
Girvin, R. D. 
Godley, Jessie E. 
Grant, J. D. 
Gray, Geo. V. 
Greeuway, E. M. 
Harrison, R. 
Heathcote, Mrs Basil 
Hellman, George 
Hoffman, Ogden 
Hoffman, Southard 
Hooker, Miss Jennie 
Houghton, Miss Minnie 
Ivera, Miss Ailene 

Jackson, S. M. 
Jacobs, E. L. 

Kilgarif, J. M. 
King, Thompson 
Kittle, N. G. 
Kittle, John G. 
Kittle, Miss 
Landers, W. G. 
Linderman, Dell 
Longhead, H. W, 

Macondray, William 
Madison, F. D. 
Magee, W. A. 
Magee, Thos., Jr. 
McC'utchen, E. J. 
McAllister, Ward 
Mc(Javin, Walter 

226 Post street 


Pacific Bank 

402 Montgomery street 

405 California street 
Menlo Park 
307 California street 
1120 Pine street 
The Berkshire 
Spring Valley Water Works 

1111 Sutter street 
722 Post street 
307 California street 
16 Californiastreet 
Sansome & Bush streets 
1115 Bush street 
Nevada Block 

919 Pine street 
410 Sutter street 
1S29 Pacific avenue 
302 California street 
1113 Bush street 
917 Bush street 
Palace Hotel 

Palace Hotel 

L. & S. F. Bank 
Nevada Bank 

418 California street 
1501 Van Ness avenue 
1610 Franklin street 
1610 Franklin street 
1610 Franklin street 
401 California street 
1501 Van Ness avenue 
L. & S. F. Bank 

1821 Sacramento street 
512 Market street 
800 Van Ness avenue 
800 Van Ness avenue 

419 California street 
430 Montgomery street 
Nevatla Bank 

H. O. WILBUR «fc SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



McKerrow, A. J. 
McKinstry, Miss Laura 
McLaren, Norman. 
McPherson, William 
Melville, William R. 
Moore, Percy B. 
Morgan, Miss Susie 

Newhall, George A. 
Newhall, W. Mayo 

O'Connor, Miss Lily 
Ortiz, Miss Julia 
Otis, James 

Paige, Cutler 
Palache, T. H. 
Parrott, John 
Payson, A. H. 
Pope, Miss Mary 
Price, Arthur 

Ralston, William 
Reis, Ferdinand, Jr. 
Requa, Mark 
Rutherford, Mrs. A. H. 

Salazar, A. J. 
Severance, J. S. 
Sherwood, H. H. 
Sherwood, Mrs. H. H. 
Sherwood, R. L. 
Simpkins, Miss Alice 
Simpkins, Henry 
Skae, Miss Alice 
Small, A. H. 
Somerville, Philip 
Spencer, Dr. J. C. 
Spiers, Miss 
Stetson, Miss Sallie 
Stringer, C. P. 

Taylor, Augustus 
Taylor, W. H. 
Tevis, W. S. 
Tevis, Mrs. W. S. 
Thorn, C. C. 
Tobin, Joseph 
Tubbs, A. S. 

Easton & Eldridge 
1515 Washington street 
614 Sutter street 
1001 Pine street 
Bank of California 
2121 Buchanan street 
2312 Clay street 

309 Sansome street 
309 Sansome street 

825 O'Farrell street 
1512 California street 
1900 Washington street 
2002 Pacific avenue 
1249 Franklin street 
414 Montgomery street 
vSan Mateo 

1601 Van Ness avenue 
715 Post street 


835 California street 


1105 Bush street 

508 Sutter street 

Fourth and Towusend streets 

212 Market street 

212 Market street 

212 Market street 

2100 California street 

2100 California street 

Palace Hotel 

1312 Taylor street 

914 Howard street 

614 Sutter street 

2200 Washington street 

1801 Van Ness avenue 

800 Sutter street 

2128 California street 

2128 California street 

W. F. & Co's Bank 

1311 Hyde street 

252 Market street 

S.E. corner California and Taylor 

611 Front street 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., .Pacific Coast Agents. 



Tubbs, Miss Nettie 
Tubbs, W. B. 
Tucker, S. C. 

Van Fleet, Mrs. W. C. 
Watson, Miss Jennie 
Wilson, Mountford S. 
Winslow, Chauncy R. 
Wise, H. E. 
Wood, Miss Eleanor 
Woods, Robert J. 
Wooster, Ellis 
Wrey, George 
Wright, W. Q. 
AVright, C. W. 
Yates, C. R. 
Younger, Miss Maud 

611 Front street 
611 Front street 
28 California street 


2440 Pacific avenue 

202 Sansoine street 

709 Sutter street 

1409 Leavenworth street 

1920'Clay street 

N.W. cor. Vallejo and Front sts, 

The Berkshire 
Sebastopol, Sonoma Co. 
220 Montgomery street 
The Berkshire 
1414 California street 


Baldwin, Charles A. 
Oook, Joseph E. 
Hicks, Frank S. 
Howard, 0. Shafter 

Preston, R. J. 
Schofield, W. B. 
Stetson, Mrs. E. G. 
Wilshire, H. G. 

■Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERT- 
('AN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agent.'. 


Pacific Yacht Club. 

Club House, Old Sausalito. Cal. 

The Pacific Yacht Club was organized June 28, 1878, with the purpose of advancing 
yachting interests, and incorporated in November, 1888. The Club have their head- 
quarters at Old Sausalito, where receptions are given during the season. The annual 
regatta is held in September. 


John D. Spreckel.s 
John H. Dickinson 
LuMAN VVadham - 

0. F. WiLLEY - 


Vice President 




E. W. Xewhall 

S. A. Eldridge 

John H.Dickinson 
John D. Yost 

Philip Caduc 

A. B. SpreckeU 

J. C. Kelly 

John D. Spreckels 
0. F. Willey 
Philip Caduc 




GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives. Ketchup' Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Allen, H. H. 
Allen, T. H. 
Austin, B. C. 
Barnes, W. H. L. 
Blethen, E. 0. 
Brittan, N. J, 
Brown, J. W. 
Bulger, Martin 
Bermingham, J. 
Borland, Archie 
Boyd, Jas, T. 
Brown, C. E. 
Bellrude, J. S. 
Bass, T. J. 
Bowie, H. R. 
Belknap, D. P. 
Brazelle, J. M. 
Barkan, Dr. A. 

Caduc, Philip 
Castle, S. 
Coleman, J. V. 
Corrigan, J. J. 
Cousins, J. C. 
Curtis, S. T. 
Crocker, Geo. 
Cory, I. H. 
Connolly, P. 
Crocker, C. W. 
Center, Wm. 
Dewey, W. P. 
Donovan, W. J. 
Dunphy, Wm. 
Donahue, J. M. 
Dunsmuir, A. 
Doane, M. 
Donahue, P. J. 
Duval, Geo. L. 
Deane, P. 
Dahl, B. F. 
Eckley, John 
Ebbets, A. M. 

Edwards, AVm. 

Floyd, R. S. 

Fritch, Geo. 

Ferguson, A. S. 

Eraser, T. E. 

Flood, J. L. 

Fay, E. 

Finnigan, P. A. 

Fair, Jas. G. 

Fair, Chas. L. 

Gallagher, E. M. 

Griffith, Millen 

Gardner, Jno. 

Graves, R, N. 

Garratt, W. T. 

Garibaldi, G. G. 

Grant, J. D. 

Grinbaum, M. S. 

Greenebaum, Sig. 

Howes, Jabez 

Higgins, W. T. 

Hall, W. G. 

Hill, Jno. T. 

Hawkins, J. J. E. 

Hoelflisch, M. 

Head, A. E. 

Hawkins, M. 

Hainey, Wm. 
Hale, J. P, 
Hamilton, R. M. 
Howard, C. W. 
Hawkins, Wm. 
Havens, C. G. 
Hageman, Geo. 
Hirschman, A. 
Humphry, W. P. 
Hotaling, A. P. 
Irwin, Wm. 
Johnson, C. M. 
Johnson, J. M. 
Jones, J. B. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham. and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Ovsters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Johustou, T. W. 
Kelly, J. C. 
Keating, Robt. 
Kohn, Geo. A. 
Kaeding, Chas. 
Laeremans, T. 
Liverinore, 0. 
Lloyd, R. H. 
Laver, A. 
Lent, W. M. 
Levy, H. M. 
Leavitt, Chas. H. 
Landers, Jno. 
Lavery, J. V. 
Lee, Frank 

Macdonald, D. A. 

Macdonough, Jos. 

Martenstein, W. H. 

Martenstein, Jacob 

Mason, Jno. 

McKew, Jno. 

Menzies, Stewart 

Murphy, F. 

Murphy, Jos. T. 

Morrow, R. F. 

Mesick, R. S. 

Mills, Edgar 

Mallon, Jno. 

Malter, Geo. H. 

Mackay, J. W. 

Mooney, S. V. 

Moore, R. S. 

Mangels, Claus 

McFarland, Dan 

Messer, Nat. T. 

Newhall, E. W. 

Nagle, Geo. D. 

O'Connor, Cornelius 

O'Kane, Jno. 
Onderdonk, A. 
Ott, Jno. \y. 
Pacheco, R. 

Parrott, Tiburcio 
Perkins, Geo. C. 
Porter, D. 
Pixley, R. F. 
Pendergast, Thos. 
Plum, C. M. 
Quinlan, P. B. 
Rosenfeld, Jno. 
Rose, A. W. 
Roberts, M. R., Jr. 
Rosener, Samuel 
Reilley, C. J. 
Shelley, W. N. 
Smith, George F. 
Schmitt, M. 
Scott, I. M. 
Sachs, L. 
Syz, H. W. 
Spring, E. S. 
Spreckels, A. B. 
Spreckels, J. D. 
Spreckels, C. A. 

Schlessinger, L. 

Skelley, M. 

Taylor, J. W. 

Te\ is, H. L. 

Taylor, W. H. 

Talbot, W. H. 

Verdenal, D. F. 

Wood, W. S. 

Weille, Leon 

Wallace, Jas. H. 

Williams, Capt. F. 

Wattles, J. B. 

Wilson, J. C. 

Weill, Raphael 

Willey, 0. F. 

Woodworth, F. A. 

Wilshire, W. B. 

White, Jas. P. 

Wadham, L, 

Yost, D. Z. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQLTET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
aud see for yourself. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 




Ayers, G. P. 
Bandman, J. 

Bryant, G. H. 

Benjamin, E. S. 

Benton, C. L. 

Baldwin, Barry 

Cramer, F. A. 

Cole, C. M. 

Chadbonrne, F. 8. 

Crocker, H. S. 

Crocker, C. H. 

Costigan, J. M. 

Davis, W. S. 

Dickinson, J. H. 

Eldridge, S. A. 

Elliott, Chas. E. 

Fargo, Calvin F. 

Forsyth, A. C. 

Fowler, W. H. C. 

Goggin, E. W. 
Gunn, J. O'B. 
Gove, W. R. 
Gove, A. J. 
Gage, W. S., Jr. 
Gullutin, A. 
Hohweisuer, T. 
Hug, Chas. A. 
Harrison, J. W. 
Hunt, H. B. 
Hawks, H. D. 
Harrison, C. H. 
Josephi, D. E, 
Jennings, J. H. 
Kohler, H. H. 
Kruse, VV. H. 
Koster, J. L. 
Lesser, E. W. 
Luther, J. B. 
Lee, John 

Lissak, Louis S. 
McLeod, D. 
Meyer, E. M. 
Murcus, George 
Montealegre, C. F. 
Melville, W. R. 
Martin, John 
Minor, T. H. 
Macauley, T. 
Naunton, Geo. 
Newell, M. A. 
Nelson, Chas. 
Nolan, J. C. 
O'Kane, W. D. 
Ohlen, Ed 
Potter, E. E. 
Palmer, J. J. 
Price, Thos. 
Piatt, C. W. 
Prunell, C. C. 
Pereira, S. L. 
Ross, Geo. 
Riordan, T. D. 
Scott, H. T. 
Shay, Frank 
Shortridge, S, M. 
Slinkey, J. E. 
Smith, C. W. 
Sparrow, A. R. 
Straub, W. 
Stack, T. J. 
Thomas, Leon B. 
Walter, Hy. 
Wheeler, E. A. 
Watson, Thos. 
Woodlock, John 
Williams, Thos. H. 
Yost, John D. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. maU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietorg 


San Francisco Yacht Club 

Chib House, Saicsalito, Cal. 

The San Francisco Yacht Club was organized in July, 1869, and reorganized in 
July, 1873. The directors meet quarterly. The Secretary can be communicated with 
at 220 Market street. 

oypiCEKs, 1889 

I, Gl'tte 

W. Leti'.s Oliver 
Chas. G. Yale 
Chas. W. Kellogg 
Fred. B. Chandler 
Matthew Turnek 


- Vice-Commodoi-e 

- Secretary 


Financial Secretary 


C. H. Harrison 
Prescott Sawyer 


W. X. McCarthy 

J. W. Pew 

Louis SI0.5.S, Jr 

MAU, SADLER et CO.. Pacific Coast Ageut-s. 




Alexander, Chas. O. 
Barnett, M. M. 
Bohen, Geo. 
Blum, Leon 
Berry, Fulton G. 
Belknap, D. P. 
Baker, L. L. 
Banning, Hancock 
Barrett, W. G. 
Bromwell, L. L. 
Chandler, F. B. 
Chapman, L. B. 
Cartan, F. M. 
Castle, Arthur 
Cole, E. P. 
Currier, J. P. 
Chittenden, Chas. 
Donahue, J. M. 
Dowling, Thos. 
English, John F. 
Floyd, R. S. 
Franks, J. 
Gutte, I. 
Guerry, Alfred 
Harrison, J. W. 
Hirsch, Louis 
Hellmann, A. C. 
Hobbs, Wm. 
Hayes, D. E. 
Halden, E. B. 
Kouse, Wm. 
Kellogg, Chas. W. 
Kohler, Hans 
Lukins, E. J. 
Le Count, J. P. 
Lincoln, Jerome B. 
Larson, Henry 
Livingston, J. 
Merritt, Dr. Samuel 
McDonough, J. 
Musser, Otto 
May, Jos. 

Moore, R. 8. 
Marcus, Geo. 
McCarthy, Wm. 
Mackin, J. F. 
Malter, G. H. 
Moore, Joseph 
McXear, Geo. W. 
Metcalf, Geo. D. 
Newman, Dr. L. 
Xewhall, E. W. 
Oliver, W. L. 
Pew, John W. 
Presson, Geo. R. 
Russell, E. 
Robertson, A. 
Reed, Geo. W. 
Regensberger, Dr. A. 
Sloss, Jr., Louis 
Sloss, Leon 
Shoobert, J. E. 
.Streeten, J. M, 
Shotwell, J. M. 
Spreckels, J. S. 
Smith, F. M. 
Sperry, J. ^V. 
Stone, L. D. 
Stickney, B. 
Sawyer, Prescott 
Stanley, S. B. 
Sanderson, Geo. R. 
Spinney, W. S. 
Turner, Mathew 
Taylor, W. H. 
Tillinghast, D. F. 
Tashura, Geo. 
Tallant, F. W. 
Williams, H. B. 
White, George Knight 
Worden, C. E. 
Wynants, P. P. 
Watson, Thos. 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
TonpTue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all fir«t-cla«s Grocers. MAC, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Oakland Canoe Club. 

Oakla7id Creek, foot of Alice St. , Oakland 

The Oakland Canoe Club was organized Januan,- 12,, 1886, and the boathouse of 
the M3-stic Boat Club purchased and remodeled to suit the purposes of its new owners. 
The building is easy of access by several local railroad lines and has a good landing- 
place at all stages of the tide. 


W. W. Blow ----- Coimnodore 
A. D. Harrison - - - Vice-Commodore 

Henry M. Landsberoer - - - Secretary 

W. (I. Morrow . . . - . Treasurer 


W. W. Blow A. D. Harrison 

George T. Wright Henry M. Landsberger 

Henry Olsen W. G. Morrow 

Abe Gump • T. E. Kent 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Beasley, Thomas D. 
De la Montanya, A. 
Eugelbrecht, Mrs. H. 
Piatt, A. G. 
Richards, B. W. 

San Diego, Cal. 
656 6th street, Oakland 
834 Turk street 
Lakeport, Cal. 
Ontario, Cal. 


Allen, Arthur 
Blow, A. H. 
Blow, W, W. 
Campbell, W. W. 
Cooper, E. R. 
Darueal, Hervey 
Earle, Alfred 
Eugelbrecht, R. T. 
Folkers, CI. A. W. 
Giusti, John J. 
Guiler, H. 
Gump, Abe 
Hackett. 8. A. 
Harms, R. G. C. 
Harrison, A. D. 
Hasslocher, E. A. von 
Havens, A. W. 
Kent, T. E. 
Kuster, H. C. 
Landsberger, H. M, 
Mathieu, Frank L. 
Morrf)W, W. G. 
Olsen, Harry 
Olsen, John 
Ransome, Leslie 
Tallant, F. W. 
Turton, Harry 
Wood, C. J. 
Wriglit, Geo. T. 


454 Ninth street, Oakland 

454 Xinth street, Oakland 

Yokahama, Japan 

829 Grove street, Oakland 

65 Nevada Block, San Francisco 

406 California street, 8. F. 

834 Turk street, 8. F. 

118 Montgomery street, 8. F. 

N. E. Post and Stockton, 8. F, 

581 Market street, San Francisco 
Davis Block, Oakland 
118 Montgomez-y street, S. F. 
406 California street 
567 Market street. San Franci.scc 
23 Nevada Block 
597 Mission street 
Los Angeles 

123 California street, 8. F. 
41 First street, San Francisco 
916 Leavenworth street, 8. F. 
1765 Lincoln street, Oakland 
1765 Lincoln street, Oakland 
977 7th avenue, Oakland 
N, E. Battery & California. 8. F. 

9!1 Sutter street, 8. F. 
71 Nevada Block 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up in 
glass espcciallv for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sit-k or Wrak Persons. 

MAU, SADLEK A CO.. Tacific Coast Agents. 


Society of California Pioneers 

Rooms, Pioneer Bicildmg, Fourth Street 

The Society of California Pioneers was organized in August. 1850. The object of 
the Societ}- is to collect and preserve information of the early settlement of the 
countrj-, and to perpetuate the memor>- of the founders of this State, and also the 
male descendants of members. All who were in California prior to January 1. 18-50, 
are eligrible to membership. The regular meetings are held on the first Monday of 
each month, and the annual election of officers on the seventh day of July. 


Arthur M. Ebbets 


Charles R. Story .... San Francisco 
John F. Lohse .... San Francisco 

C. T. Ryland San Jose 

A. K. P. Harmon Oakland 

Wm. M. Eddy Santa Barbara 

Howard Havens Treasurer 

Hiram T. Graves Secretary 

Edward E. Chever .... Marshal 


Isaac E. Davis 
A. W. Von Schmidt 
A. E. Phelps 
John O'N. Reiss 

Samuel Deal 

Peter Dean 

Edward Kruse 

Michael Kane 

S. H. Daniels 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All flrst-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 


Press Club 

Club Rooms, Southeast Corner of Bush a7id Mo?ttgo7?iery Streets 

The Press Club of San Francisco was organized August oO, 1888, with 80 charter 
members. The object of the Club is to bring members of the newspapers and other 
literary professions together in closer personal relations, and to advance the interests of 
professional journalism. The active membership consists of 12.3 members, which 
number is constantly being increased. 


(teorge D. Squire.s 
Hugh Hume 
Geo. H. Meyer 
A. L. Pounstone 
T. F. Prendergast 


- Fir.-it Vice-President 

Second Vice-President 




(lias. Uirich 
S. M. p]\ving 
T. F. Bonnet 

J. O'H. C'oigrave 
C. O. Ziegenfuss 
J. D. McArdle 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Party to be nble to offjr your guests a 

MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Adam, L. D. 
Allen, I. 

Bancroft, H. H. 
Barber, J. E. 
Barendt, A. H. 
Bigelow, H. 
Black, O. 
Bonner, John 
Bonnet, T. F. 
Brooke, H. L. 
Briggs, H. H. 
Bartlett, W. C. 
Bacon, E, H. 
Bogart, W. F. 

Carroll, J. B. M. 
Carson, Will 
Chamberlain, W. H. 
Cheney, J. V. 
Clemens, W. M. 
Coouey, J. T. 
Cowles, P. 
Cook, A. C. 
Cooke, W. B. 
Coe, C. M. 
Corey, J. J. 
Cosgrave, J. O'H. 
Cosgrave, John P. 
Cromwell, B. 
Chamberlain, S. S. 
Coleman, Jas. V. 
Carpenter, L. G. 
Calhoun, J. A. 
Culver, E. S. 

Davis, Sam 
Dement, Edward D. 
De Forrest, H. L. 
De Young, M. H. 
Dressier, W. D. 
Drury, Wells 
Dunning, J. P. 
Dye, Wm. P. 
Dargie, Wm. E. 

Donahue, James 
Diehl, Chas. 8. 
Dewey, A. T. 
Denny, J. 0. 

Elwert, Max 
Ewing, S. M. 

Finlay, John 
Fitch, Geo. H. 
Flynn, Charles 
Forman, Sands W. 
Flynn, Thos. E. 
Francouer, F. I. 

Gates, Harry 
Gill, Ed S. 
Gagan, W. H. 
Geary, M. J. 
Gibson, Robert 
Green way, E. M. 
Groom, J. J. 
Gunzendorffer, Gus. 
Goldsmith, Paul 

Hahn, Eugene 
Hart, W. N. 
Haycock, Judson 
Haxton, H. R. 
Horton, S. W. 
Hume, Hugh 
Hamilton, E. H. 
Hoyt, F. T. 
Haezelton, G. B. 
High, Gavin D. 
.Hearst, W. R. 
Hatch, J. 
Irvine, Leigh 
Irwin, J. N. H. 
Isaac, John 
Jackson, A. C. 
Jordan, J. S. 
Jackson, J. Ross 
Kelly, Allen P. 
Kelly, G. P. 

K-FT T Y'S KEY WEST H WANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 



Kerr, J. P. 
Krauth, F. K. 
Lane, F. K. 
Lawrence, A. M. 
Lipscomb, A. D. 
Love, J. H. 
Low, C A. 

McArdle, J. D. 
Meyer, Geo. H. 
Michelson, Chas. 
Moffett, S. E. 
McMullen, Jas. 
^IcCormick, J. S. 
Moran, E. F. 
Murphy, F. J. 
Murphy, P. J. 
McComb, John 
Moffitt, F. J. 
Mills, Wni. H. 
McLennan, J. H. 
Murphy, Al 
McEwen, Arthur 
Morgan, Matt 

Xorcross, Daniel 
Xaughton, W. W. 

Older, Fremont 
Owen, J. J. 

Painter, E. 
Powell, E. L. 
Pixley, Frank M. 
Pounstone, A. L. 
Pratt, J. W. 
Prendergast, T. F. 
Reckard, E. L. 
Ricord, W. C. 
Roberts, Percy W. 
Squires, Geo. D. 
Shortridge, C. M. 

Sheehau, J. F. 
Simpson, Jas. 
Smythe, J. B. 
Stowell, F. W. 
Shinn, C. H. 
Simpson, J. C. 
.Stone, F. J. 
Siebold, Louis 
Sarcander, J. F. 
Smith, T. 0. 

Thompson, Walter 
Timmins, J. 
Townsend, E. W. 
Truman, B. C. 
Turnbull, Walter 
Trevathan, Chas. 
Tlirum, J. F. 

Ulrich, Charles 
Vassault, L. S. 
Vivian, T. J. 

Ward, J. M. 
Washington, John 
Wetmore, C. A. 
Weeks, G. F. 
Whitty, J. H. 
Wiggin, Marcus P. 
Williamson, D. E. 
Wishaar, E. B. 
Woodard, J. A. 
Williams, T. T. 
Wells, W. R. 
Waugh, A. P. 
Yale, C. G. 
Young, John P. 

Zeeliandelaar, F. J. 
Zeigenfuss, C. O. 

MATTONI'S GIE98HUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


The Dirigo Club 

The Dirigo Club was organized June 27. 18>^, and incorporated December 9th of 
the same year. The object of the association is the maintenance and support of 
Republican principles, and the promotion of social intercourse among its members. 


W. H. Chamberlain 
E. A. Belcher 


T. H. Minor 

President, 322 (xeary street 
Vice-President, 322 Gear}' street 
Secret&ry,pi'ot€m., 401 California street 
Treasurer, IS Market street 


J, 8. Mumaugh, 401 California street W. H. Chamberlain, 522 Geary street 
J. P. Rothwell, 322 Geary street A. F. Pollock, 909 Broderick street 

G. J. Bucknall, 301 Sutter street Walter E. Huey, 10 California street 

K A. Belcher, 322 Geary street T. H. Minor, 18 Market street 

W. H. Kruse, 209 Front street 

The membership on Sept. 1, 1889, was the same as that of The Union 
League Club. 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Asi 
vour Grocer for them. MAU, .SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


The . Union League Club 

Chib House, l^o. jp^ Gcayy Street 

The Union League Club is the successor of The Dirigo Club in its Club House and 
social privileges. It was organized June 11. 1889, and incorporated July 18. 1889. The 
objects of the Association are: to support and inculcate the principles and ideas of the 
Republican Party ; to further and. by social, moral and political influences, assist in 
advancing of good and wise government and the honest and patriotic admin- 
istration thereof; and the promotion of social intercourse among its members. 


W. H. Chamberlain . . - . President 
EuwARi) A. Belc'IIeii - - - - Vice-President 

J. 8. MuMAi'fiH Seci-etary 

T. H. Minor -...-- Treasurer 


Wendell Ka^ton W. U. Chanibei-lain 

John W. Hegler W. H. Kruse 

G. J. Bncknall, M. D. T. H. Minor 

A. F. Pollock A. P]. Ca.stle 

E. A. Belcher J. S. Miunaugh 

J. 1'. Roth well 

II. <). WILBLK &SON'."; Chocolate iind Cocoa Prei>aration.s are unexcelled for quality. 
Ask your Grocer for them. M AU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 




Alexander, C, 0. 
Arnold, Dr. J. D. 

Backus, 8. W. 
Badlam, Alex. 
Badlam, A. T. 
Bailey, J. D. 
Bandmann, C. J. 
Barnes, W. S. 
Beamish, Percy 
Belcher, E. A. 
Belshaw, C. M. 
Bonestell, C. K. 
Brown, J. F. 
Brown, W. E. 
Bucknall, Dr. G. J. 

Carmany, J. W. 
Carr, Byron 0. 
Castle, A. E. 
Clark, Walter A. 
Clark, Z. P. 
Chamberlain, W. H. 
Conly, W. H. 
Cook, Carroll 
Cooney, Michael 
Coulson, Dr. X. T. 
Crocker, C. F. 
Crocker, C. H. 
Crocker, H. J. 
Crocker, W. H. 

Danforth, E. 
Danforth, E. P. 
Dargie, W. E. 
Davis, Horace 
Davis, John F. 
Deane, J. J. 
Decker. Dr. C. W. 
De Haven, Rhodes 
Dennison, Eli 
De Young, M. H. 
Derby, Chas. 
Dibble, H. C. 

121 California street 
235 Post street 

27 Main street 

322 Montgomery street 

322 Montgomery street 

416 California street 

30 California street 

426 California street 

Cor. Market and 3d street 

Cor. Fourth and Tov»-nsend 


438 California street \ 

25 Flood Building 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend 

301 Sutter street 

23, 25 Kearny street 

St. Helena 

200 Davis street 

Mountain View 

410 Pine street 

322 Geary street 

1007 Gough street 

12, 14 Flood Building 

405 Kearny street 

850 Market street 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend 

215 Bush street 

215 Bush street 

322 Pine street 

723 Battery street 

718 Battery street 


41 First street 

Cor. Bush and Kearny 

0, 10 Phelan Building 

34, 40 First street 


Cor. Bush and Kearny 

Virginia City, Xev. 

53 Nevada Block 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET uothing is better than a good nutiitious, easily 
digested soup, huch as is put up by the FRANXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Dickiusou, J. H. 
Dimond, W. H. 
Dodge, H. L. 
Durst, J. H. 

Easton, George 
E^ston, Wendell 
Edwards, Geo. D, 

Fenkhausen, Rudolph 
Foley, M. D. 
French, F. J. 
Flint, Jr., Thomas 
Flood, George 
Furlong, A. W. 

Giestiug, J. G. 
Grattan, W. H. 
(xreen, M. J. 
Gregory, Eugene J. 
Grisnier, Jos. R. 
Gunn, J. O'B. 

Hallidie, A. S. 
Haumore, H. M. 
Haslett, Sam'l 
Hawes, A. G. 
Healy, Dr. J. H. 
Heazleton, Geo. 
Hecht, M. H. 
Hegler. John H. 
Hilby, F. M. 
Hinkle, W. S. 
Hoitt, Ira G. 
Hopkins, E. W. 
florton, F. H. 
Howard, B. Chandler 
Howe, L. W. 
Huey, Walter E. 

Irelan, Jr., Wm. 

Jennings, C. M. 
Jewitt, J. H. 
Johnson, F. S. 
Johnson, (rrove L. 

Kelly, J. V. 
Kerr, Earl T. 
Killnirn, Paris 

402 ^Montgomery street 
202 Market street 
114 Market street 
420 California street 
423 California street 
G18 Market street 
414 California street 

414 Front street 

Eureka, Nev. 

528 California street 

South San Juan 

1410 Post street 


600 Market street 

St. Helena 



Alcazar Theater 

Cor. Mission and First 

329 Market street 
Santa Cruz 

452 Spear street 

220 Sansome street 

SoO Market street 

727 Market street 

25 Sansome street 

113 Front street 


426 California street 


18, 20 Phelan Building 


Yokohama, Japan 

508 California street 

10 California street 

Pioneer Building 

330 Pine street 

121 Market street 

Santa Clara 

903 Battery street 


YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest In the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



Kimball, C. H. 
Knight, George A. 
Kron, O. J. 
Kohler, Hans H. 
Knox, Thomas R. 
Kruse, W. H. 

Lilienthal, P. L. 
Leugfekl, A. L. 
Lindsay, C. T. 
Litchfield, J. M. 
Lloyd, Reuben H. 

Maeabe, J. S. 
Macdonald, Wm. 
Macdonough, Jos. 
Maguire, J. W. 
McMurray, R. 
Merrill, Isaac M. 
Maxwell, (xeorge H. 
Maxwell, J. D. 
Maxwell, W. S. 
McXear, John A. 
Minor, T. H. 
Minor, C. A. 
Montague, W. W. 
Moore, H. P. 
Moore, 0. E. 
:Moore, P. P. 
^Morrow, W. \V. 
Mumangh, John S. 
^lurphy, Daniel 
Murphy, D. J. 

Nash, Herbert C. 
Northam, R. J. 

O'Connor, Con. 
Olsen, J. B. 
Otis, F. M. 

Pease, Jr., R. H. 
Pollock, A. F. 
]*atton, Charles L. 
Price, Thomas 
Price, A. F. 

Rea, James 
Redding, (1. H. H. 

508 California street 
234 Montgomery street 
407 Front street 
626 Montgomery street 
New City Hall 
209 Front street 

Cor. Sansome and Pine streets 

Cor. Market and Powell street-i 


12 Post street 

913 Nevada Block 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend streets 

410 Pine street 

Cor. Spear and Market streets 

014 Mason street 

North San Juan 

San Diego 

60, 61 Nevada Block 

421 California street 

Los Angeles 


18 Market street 

IS Market street 

309 Market street 

409 Taylor street 

634 Market street 


325 Montgomery street 

401 California street 

San Jose 
New City Hall 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend streets 
Los Angeles 
7 Nevada Block 
710 California street 
1 1 First street 

577 Market street 
909 Broderick street 
637 Kearny street 
524 Sacramento street 
524 Sacramento street 

San Jose 

2100 California street 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Pre.<erved Fruits, Jellies, Olives. Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Agouts. 



Redding, Jos. D. 
Reed, Charles F. 
Regensburger, Dr. M. 
Roth well, J. P. 
Scott, Irving M. 
Severance, H. W. 
Shay, Frank 
Sheehan, J. F. 
Sherwood, H. H. 
Sloss, Louis 
Sloss, Leon 
Sloss, Louis, Jr. 
Shortridge, S. M. 
Spence, R. B. 
Sperry, Austin F. 
Sperry, George B. 
Spreckels, Claus 
Spreckels, C. A. 
Stanford, Leland 
Stump, I. C. 
Swan, Dr. Benjamin R. 

Talbot, W. H. 
Taylor, J. W. 
Thorn, C. C. 

Vail, Frank A. 
Van Fleet, W. C. 

Wagoner, Luther 
Warner, Dr. A. 
Waymire, J. A. 
Webb, H. H. 
Whittell, Dr. A. P. 
Whitworth, J. M. 
Willey, F. D. 
Williams, A. P. 
Williams, Dr. W. R. 
Wood, W. S. 

8 Montgomery street 
1200 Van Ness ave. 
1 14 Geary street 

16 California street 

Cor. First and Mission streets 

Honolulu, H. L 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend streets 

Redwood City 

214 Market street 

310 Sansome street 

310 Sansome street 

310 Sansome '?treet 

234 Montgomery street 
San Jose 



327 Market street 

327 Market street 

Cor. Fourth and Townsend streets 

50 Nevada Block 

310 Stockton street 

204 California street 
Promontory, U. T. 
220 Market street 

857 ^larket street 

318 Pine street 
224 Kearny street 
402 Montgomery street 
Pioneer Building 

235 Post street 
Seattle, Wash. 

317 Montgomery street 

25 Fremont street 

Cor. Geary and Gough streets 

9 and 13 Nevada Block 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
atifi see for vourself. 

MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


The Byron Mauzy Musical Club 

The above Club was organized in the early part of the year ISXS, aud now numbers 
over three hundred members. Its object is to foster a love for the best music, to 
encourage teachers to bring forward their best pupils, thus striving by competition 
and emulation to incite them to ambitious work and to bring forward aspirants for 
the Lyric stage. A large Orchestra is connected with the club. Concerts are given 
twice each month, and members are entitled to two invitations foi each concert. The 
fees are :i 1.00 per quarter. 

A. A. Batkin is the Secretary, aud Prof H. R. Austin is the Conductor of the 
Orchestra, which is composed of the following members : 


Alleiiberg, Leo. 
Austin, F. Victor 
Cragin, V. R. 
Weigel, E. E. 

507 Uolaen Gate avenue 
1609^, Clay street 
1921 Buchanan street 
1524 Bush street 


Beckedorff, G. H. 
Denton, C. 
Dowdell, R. 
Schoenberg, M. 

42 Fvuss street 
1311 Larkin street 
324 8th street 
1019 Sutter street 

Belnig, R. 
Werner, A. 


308 Post street 
918 Market street 

Classell, J. 
Lacla, Atlolph 


314 Post street 
213 Powell street 

Isreal, E. A. 


551 Stevenson street 

Trv RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats. Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken. 
Ham. and Turkev. Rolled Ox Tongue. Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luucheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Habbish. Geo. 
Johnson, C. 


810 Post street 
310 Post street 

rieissner, H. J. 
Toplitz, Mel. 


405 Octavia street 
1002 Van Ness avenue 

Euphrat, M. T. 
Mauzy, E. R. 


312 Post street 
308 Post street 

Moore, G. J. 
Mocker, Wm. 


1511 Gongh street 

725 Golden Gate avenue 

Batkiu, A. A. 
Mauzy, Byron 


338 Oak street 
308 Post street 

Burnett, G. 


214 Haight street 

Puriiell, Alvin 


308 Post street 


Alexander, Mrs. J. 

Alferitz, Mr. and Mrs. 

Allen, Mrs. E S. 

Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Charles D., 

Argue, Miss. A. E. 

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. H. 11. 

Austin, Miss Sissy 

Austin, F. Victor 

Banch, T'eter, Jr. 

Band, Mr. C. W. 

Baker. Mr. H. K. 

Bearing, Miss B. 

Barr. Mr. an<l Mrs. 

2200 Pine street 
G20 Green street 
510 (Jeary street 
2500 Washington street 

IGOOl Clay street 

lfi09.^ Clay street 

122 Front street 
925.', Natoma street 
1010 Union street 

TRY GRANI)MA'.S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters only. 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, .SADLER it CO., Sole Proprietors. 



Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. M. 

Bartlett, Prof. W. B. 

Bauman, Miss M. 

Bateman, Messrs. 

Becker, Mr. Geo. 

Belgrave, Mrs. 

Bell, Mr. M. L. 

Bernard, Miss Blanche 

Bernard, Miss Flora A. 

Berolzhime, Mrs. 

Blote, Mr. and Mrs. H. 

Birchall, Mrs. M. 

Bretz, Mr. A. 

Briggs, Mrs. E. M. 

Brown, Miss 

Brown, Mrs. B. 

Brnn, C. B. 

Bruns, Carl 

Bruns, Miss Clara E. 

Bruns, ^Y. G. 

Buchau, Professor 

Bull Charles G. 

Bury, Miss May E. 

Buyer, Mr. and Mrs. C. 

Buzard, Dr. and Mrs. A. E. 

Cabanass, Mrs. 
Canton, Miss Maud 
Capp, Mr. S. M. 
Carels, Mr. J. H. 
Carter, Miss Etta 
Cellarus, Mr. C. 
Chamberlain, Mrs. J. P. 
Chase, Miss Minnie 
Christian, Miss Bertha 
Clark, Mrs. J. J. 
Connelly, Miss 
Connelly, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 
Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 
Corliss, Mrs. M. J. 
Coursen, Miss Cathie 
Coursen, Miss Ellen 
Crandall, Mr. E. S. 
Crosby, Mrs. G. W. 
Cushman, Mrs. E. M. 

1828 O'Farrell street 
123 Phelan Building 

2422 California street 
1537 Eddv street 

1122 Market street 


1103 McAllister street 
1719 Bush street 
11 Seventh street 

Daunmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. R. 
Deasy, Mr. J. 
Denning, Misses 
Denton, Mr. Carl 
Dickman, Mr. and Mrs. 
Dockstader, Miss L. S. 
Donigan, Mr. Joiin 
Donovan, Mrs. J. 
Douglass, Mr. John 
Drake, J. H. 
Dunbar, Miss E. M. 
Dunn, Dr. and Mrs. R. K. 
Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. 
Dunn, Miss 
Eagan, Mrs. J. P. 
Eaton, Mrs. H. J. 
Elkington, Mr. James E. 
Ellsworth, J. W. 
English, Mr. and Mrs. Francis 
Fallon, Mr. and Mrs. William 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easilv 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Farnham, Mr. John 

Fassonan, Mrs. E. 

Fitzgerald, Mrs. B. 

Fitzgerald, Miss 

Forbes, Mrs. 

Ford, Miss N. 

Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. W. P., Jr. 

Fusier, Mrs. 

Galvin, Mr. 

Gamble, Mr. J. M. 

Ganghran, Mrs. M. 

Garthorne, Mr. G. H. 

Geishaker, Miss M. 

Gilmore, Miss F. A. 

Goldman, Mrs. C, 

Goldman, Miss Ernestine 

Gorman, Miss 

Graves, Miss 

Gray, Miss Annie L. 

Gregg, Miss 

Griffin, Miss Charlotte 

Griffiu, Mr. W. D. 

Grunhagen, Miss Charlotte 

Gschwandner, Professor 

Gumraer, Miss Lillian 

Hallihan, Mrs. Thomas 

Hamley, Mr. J. S. 

Hanks, Mr. W. S. 

Handford, Miss E. V. 

Harding, Miss E, 

Harper, Miss Lulu 

Hart, Mr. 

Hart, Mrs. H. S. 

Hauseman, Mrs. 

Haymanson, Professor A. 

Heiman, Mrs. C. 

Heney, Miss 

Hewlett, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 

Heyman, Miss Kittie R. 

Hill, Mr. E. P. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. 

Hopkins, Miss 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Moses 

Hopkins, Mrs. Peter 

Hopkins, Miss Mae 

Howe, Miss Susie 

Hoyt, Mr. F. W. 

Irish, Colonel and Mrs. J. P. 

James, Mrs. T. K. 

Jenkins, Miss Clara 

Johnstone Miss Susie 

Jordan, Mrs. L. 

Joseph, Miss Nellie 

Keenan, Mrs. L. 

Keefe, Mrs. K. 

Kelly, Mrs. J. F. 

Kernan, Miss 

Kilham, Mr. H. 1). 

King, Mrs. E. J. 

Kline, Mis.} R. M. 

Knapp, E. G, 

Kneib, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. 

Kohler, Miss M. 

Koster, Mrs. W. A. 

Krebs, Mrs. 

Kuntze, Mr. R, 

Kupfer, Miss Rosina 

La da, Madame 

Lartigue, Mr. J. P. 

Lanfar, Mrs. A. L. 

Lavinson, Miss A. 

Lawlor, Miss 

Leckie, Mrs. R. B. 

Lejeal, Professor 

Levy, I. G. 

Levy, Mr. and Mrs. M. 

Little, Mrs. S. J. 

Littlefield, Mrs. 

Lopez, Mrs. M. 

Loring, Miss Grace 

Lubbert, Miss 

Maguire, Miss 

Maguire, Mr. James 

Maitland, Mrs. M. 

Maxwell, Mr. Henry 

Martin, Mr. Leslie W. R. 

Marsh, Mrs. H. D. 

McChesney, Miss Alice 

McChesney, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 

McClelland, Mr. and Mrs. John 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
'OJ" it. MAU, SADLER & CO. Sole Proprietors. 



McCrellis, Mrs. B. F. 
McDonough, Mr. J. M., Jr. 
McDonald, Mrs. J. M. 
McGregor, Maj. Thos. 
Mcintosh, Mr. Charles 
Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. 
McKinn, Mrs. 
McLean, H. W. 
Mergenthaler, Miss 
Merriman, Miss Fannie 
Merriman, Dr. A. F., Jr. 
Meyer, Mr. George H. 
Michaels, Mr. A. 
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. 
Motte, Mme. E. de la 
Monk, Mrs. H. P. 
Moore, Miss Clara 
Morris, Mrs. M. E. 
Morrison, Mrs. T. H. 
Mosher, Mr. 
Mott, Ernest A. 
Muncy, William G. 
Murdock, Mrs. William 
Murphy, Miss Annie 
Nippert, Mrs. L. 
Noble, Miss Pearl 
Norman, F. G. 
Norwood, Mrs. R. E. 
Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. George 
Palmer, Professor H. C. 
Pancoast, Dr. F. 
Parkhurst, Mrs. X. X. 
Pattiani, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. 
Peters, Miss Lillian 
Pfund, Miss Amelia 
Pieper, Mr. Henry C. 
Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
Ptetson, Mr. M. B. 
Pugsley, Mrs. 
Purdy, Mr. A. J. 
Purdy,' Miss Eloise 
Racoullait, Miss 
Randall, Miss Mary 
Rapp, Mrs. J. 
Rappin, Miss E. 

Rappin, Miss Victoria 
Raymond, Miss 
R^dmon, Dr. and Mrs. 
Redmon, Miss Maud 
Redmon, Miss Stella 
Roeckle, Professor Joseph 
Reid, Mrs. G. 
Reindl, Professor J. J. 
Remillard, Mrs. D. 
Reynolds, Miss Alice 
Rendall, Miss May 
Reynolds, Professor Clark 
Reynolds, Miss Edith 
Reynolds, Miss Eva 
Reynolds, Miss D. M. 
Reynolds, Mr. S. H. 
Richardson, Miss Lizzie 
Roberts, Miss Zeno 
Robertson, Mr. E. B. 
Rogers, Miss Lottie 
Ross, Mr. 
Ross, Mrs. George 
Rutherford, Mrs. H. M. 
Ryan, Miss Fannie E. 
Ryan, Miss Lizzie 
Sadler, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb 
Samuels, Mrs. F. S. 
Schernstein, Professor Carl 
Schneider, Miss Lily 
Schulz, Miss 
Sesnon, Mr. Robert F. 
Shaner, Mr. Charles 
Sherwood, Miss Lily 
Sherwood, Miss Theresa 
Sholl, Miss 
Sichel, Professor Abe 
Smith, B. J. 
Smith, Mrs. S. P. 
Smith, Miss Phoebe 
Snyder, Mrs. Melville 
Solomons, Miss 
Soto, Jose 

Staples, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. 
Staniels, Mrs. C. B. 
Starr, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor Freuch Soups, put up in 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Starrs, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. 
Sullivan, Mrs. J. 

Taylor, Mrs. 
Taylor, Mrs. S. H. 
Taylor, Mrs. W. C. 
Thomas, Mrs. Clara 
Thomas, Miss Alice 
Thomas, C. F. 
Thomas, Miss T. 
Thompson, Mrs. Charles E. 
Thompson, Mrs. F. R. 
Tittle, Miss Carrie 
Turner, Miss 
Tuttle, Miss Jennie 

Ulrich, Mrs. Alvin 
Ulrieh, J. Alvin 

Walker, Mrs. J. M. 
Walker, Mrs. William 
Walton, Mr. 

Ward, Dr. and Mrs. J. W. 
Warren, Alfred 
Weaver, Mrs. 
Webb, A. B. 
Webb, Mrs. C. H. 

Webb, E. Carter 
Weber, Mr. C. F. 
Weigel, Miss Ada 
Werner, Mr. 
Watkins, Mrs. H. W. 
Whaites, Miss E. B. 
Whalin, Miss 
Whalin, William 
Wharf, F. L. 
Wiehe, Mrs. 
Williams, Mrs. J. L. 
Wilson, Alice 
Wilson, C. M. 
Wissell, Mr. A. 
Winslow, Herbert H. 
Wood, Miss Isabel 
Woolner, F. J. 
Wrinkle, Mrs. L. J. F. 
Wysham, Professor H. Clay 
Wysham, Mrs. H. Clay 

Young, Miss S. M. 

Zacharias, Mr. and Mrs. Z. 
Zifferer, Professor 
Ziflferer. Mme. Billioni 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to offer your euestft a 
retiring. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Sadik Club 

Rooms 2jig Mission Street, Excelsior Hall 

The Sadik Club was organized February, 1887, with eight charter mem- 
bers. Its objects are the promotion of acquaintance and the cultivation of 
social intercourse among its members ; also advancement in such literary and 
other siTbjects as the Club may decide upon. The membership is limited to 
70 members; 35 active and 35 associate. 


Chas. McCullough President 

Philip A. Fisher Vice-President 

Wallace L. Thompson Secretary 

Wm. B. Cookson Treasurer 

Chas. W. Haseltine . - - - Sergeant-at-Arms 

honorary MEMBEPvS 

Prof Silas A. White Hon Horace Davis 

Prof Ebenezar Knowlton Rev. J. A. Cruzan 

Judge Robert Ferral Mr Chas. Murdock 

Prof D. C. Stone Mr H. W. Barnard 
Mr A. W. Gunnison 

GORDON & DILWORTH'S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 





Andrews, Harry A. 
Curtis, Marvin 
Cookson, Wm. B. 
Chapin, Geo. 
Deacon, M. G. 
Deacon, Frank 
Fisher, Philip A. 
Fisher, Lumon S. 
Hanley, Chas. C. 
Harris, Norman C. 
Harper, Fred G. 
Hendry, J. Easton 
Haseltine, Chas. W. 
Hey wood, Fred. 

Lindsley, Howard 
Lindsley, Wm. 
Meeker, James D. 
Mercer, Horace 
Melendy, Harrj'' W. 
McCullough, Chas. 
Poland, Harry F. 
Roberts, Fred 
Somers, Frank A. 
Spear, Lewis E. 
Stone, Chas. F. 
Scott, Harry 
Thompson, Wallace L. 
White, Henry, Jr. 


Allison, Miss Ethel E. 
Ashton, Miss Lily 
Bartlett, Miss Finnic E. 
Brownell, Miss Alice R. 
Bullock, Mrs John 
Curtis, Miss Mabel 
Cookson, Miss Annie 
Davies, Miss Cordelia 
Greene, Miss Bertie 
Hilton, Miss Martie 
Johnson, Miss Bertha 
Lyman, Miss Isabel 
Lyman, Miss Emma L. 
Longfellow, Miss May 
Ludlow, Miss Lulu I. 
Melendy, Miss Lelia 
Mclllriach, Miss Effie 

Poppe, Miss Martha H. 
Roberts, Miss Carrie 
Roberts, Miss Edith 
Reid, Miss Annie M. 
Ruthrauff, Mrs Wm. 
Sankey, Miss May 
Stone, Miss Josie L. 
Sarle, Miss Floy A. 
Scott, Miss Edna 
Teague, Miss Katie 
White, Miss Lily M. 
White, Miss Eva L. 
Warden, Miss Christie E. 
Warden, Miss Florence A. 
Winter, Miss Annie 
Winter, Miss Hattie 

Chicken and Game Pates TruflBed, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU, SADLER &, CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



iJ.ii-U ^ DI) j\ DPHra ^ £3 



ChmatE Uniform and JJgrBEablB, Fvee from Malaria and Cold SEa Rir, HEalth- 
Giwing Natural Minsral UlatBr, Natural ScEnErij UnsurpassEd, Grand Moun- 
tain Landscaps, Fragrant with FIdwets, nBaUh, BEauty, Satisfaction 

For beauty of natural scenery, pleasant climate the year roiuid, solidity of improve- 
ments and hfalthfulness of natural mineral water tli^ noted Napa .Soda Si-kinos has no 
e<iual in the entire United States. Its natural advantages are rare and unsurpasse«l. Its 
pure sparkling springs of water, dry atmosphere, clear and balmy sunshine, even tem- 
perature, gentle breezes in the hottest seasons, varied and extensive views of mountain, 
plain and watered landscape, and sweet aroma of fruit and Howers, make it a gratifying 
haven of rest for the pleasure-seeker and a paradise for the invalid. Here the sojourners 
may treat themselves to most exhilarating Napa Soda Water baths^liot or cold — and 
Alrink the delightful natural beverage from fountains that flow on forever. The costly 
structures that adorn the premises are built of the solid rock, an<l will prove as endilring 
as the mountains on vvhieli they stand. Winter and Summer alike the place hoUs its 
charms and welcomes both the well and ailing. It stands on the nu)untain side one 
thousand feet above the valley. Oranges, lemons, palms, tigs and olives, as well as other 
fruits aTid ornamental trees, line its paths and l)eautify its broad acres, wliile the air is 
fragrant tlie year round with the incense of blooming Howers. The sunlight penetrates 
every sleeping-room, there are gas and water in every buihling, a music-hall for concerts 
id dancing, and Idlliards and ten-])in alleys for ladies and gentlemen. '1 hei^e is a 
-;cination about the varie<l attractiftns of Napa Soda Sphinos that hoMs strangers 
id visitors by its charm and makes them bide at rhis point long beyond their allotted 
Lime. The place contains over one thousand acres ami is a princely alxxle for pleasure- 
seekers as well as those in feeble health. Opkn ai-f. ihk Year Roitnd. Addresfe. 



cnONTEREY, CALi. — Ameniea's Farnous Summer and Winter Resort' 

Vieujs of the Celebrated Hotel del JVIonte, JVIontcreu, Cal. 

Th« Most Magnifiecnt S«s«ide Establlshmant In th« Wopid 

H. S. Kahler & Co. 



Opposite Kiftli S.A.ISI KKAXCISCO 

Rats PrESSEd, 25 OeuIs 

-xS Charles 

rreparations are unexcelled for 
-u SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 

;ide Re^ 


Palace Hotel 

S. F. THORN, Manager 

Reception Day — Monday 

Alvord, Mrs William 

Ames, Mr and Mrs Fisher 

Bachman, Mr and Mrs H. S. 

Barton, Mr and Mrs John 

Beebe, S. J. 

Belcher, W. C. 

Breyfogle, Dr and Mrs E. S. 

Brown, W. E. 

Buxton, O. W. 

Carroll, Miss 

Miss F. 


George L. 

Chapman, Mr and Mrs W. S. 
Cheeseman, Mrs M. 


Clark, Mr and Mrs C. H. 
Coit, Mrs L. H. 
Crocker, C. H. 
Curry, Judge and Mrs J. 
Deane, Mrs E. J. 
Decker, Mrs Peter 


Delmas, Mr and Mrs D. M. 
Dennis, Dr and Mrs F. H. 
Dickinson, Col and Mrs J. H. 
Dickenson, Mr and Mrs W. L. 
Dunphy, Mr and Mrs W. H. 
Easton, Mr and Mrs "Wendall 
Estee, Mr and Mrs M. M. 
English, Mr and Mrs J. M. 
Eyre, Mr and Mrs E. E. 

Falkenstein, Mr and Mrs A. 

• Miss 

Ford, J. A. 

Friel, Capt and Mrs D. F. 

Friedman, Capt 

Fries, Mr and Mrs Wm. 

Gilson, Mr and Mrs L. 

Goodman, Mr and Mrs T. H. 

Goodman, Mrs J. H. 

Goodrich, E. D. 

Gregory, Mr and Mrs J. N. 

Hallett, Mr and Mrs G. H. 

Harvey, Mr and Mrs Downey 

Harrington, Mr and Mi's W. P. 


Hecht, Mr and Mrs Isaac 
Henarie, D. V. B. 
Herlztein, Dr M. 
Hickman, Mr and Mrs L. M. 


Houghton, Gen and Mrs J. F. 


Hovey, Mr and Mrs S. D. 
Howard, Mr aod Mrs G. H. 
Joseph, Mrs E. 
Kearney, M. Theo. 
Lathrop, Mr and Mrs Ariel 
Laton, Mr and Mrs C. A. 
Liebenthal, Mr and Mrs A. 
Lusk, Mr and Mrs A. 
Lugsden, Mr and Mrs Jay 
Mack, Mr and Mrs A. 
Main, Mr and Mrs Charles 

H. O. WILBUR & SONS'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. M AU SADLER & CO. , Pacific Coast Ageuts. 



Mandelbaum, Mr and Mrs F. 
Martin, Mr and Mrs J. P. 
Marchand, Mr and Mrs A. 
Ma^'ne, Charles 

Sawyer, Dr and Mrs A. F. 
Shaw, Mr and Mrs C. N. 
Simpkins, Mr and Mrs C. H. 

Melone, Mr and Mrs Drury 

Simons, Mr and Mrs P. B. 

McKinley, Mr and Mrs D. A. 



Sunderland, Mrs M. 

McNulty, Dr and Mrs P. Pv. 


Mills, Mrs W. 0. 

Taggart, Miss 

More, Mrs Sam 

Tichenor, Mr and Mrs J. ' 

Morehead, J. M. 

Tilford, E. A. 

Morse, Capt and Mrs H. G. 

Towne, Mr and Mrs A. N 

Mudgett, J. G. 

Tubbs, Mr and Mrs A. L. 

Myrick, Judge and Mrs M. H. 


Nuttall, Mr and Mrs J. R. K. 

Turrell, C. B. 

Page, Mr and Mrs H. F. 

M. H. 

Phelps, Mr and Mrs T. G. 


Preseott, Mr and Mrs Geo. W. 

Usher, Miss 

Rosenstock, Mr and Mrs S. W. 

Weil, Mr and Mrs A. 

Rumsdell, Mr and Mrs Ira L. 

Wenban, Mr and Mrs S. 

Ryer, Mrs W. F. 

Whitney, Dr and Mrs J. I 

Sab in. Judge G, M. 

Wieland, Mr and Mrs R. 1 

Sachs, Mr and Mrs Sara 

Wood, Miss Nellie 

Sachs, Ben 

J. W. 

Lick House 

Allen, Commodore T. H. 
Andrews, Colonel A. and Mrs 
Barnes, Mr and Mrs W. P. 
Breon, Mr' and Mrs Paul 
Briggs, Mrs G. G. 
Clements, John 
Cohen, Mr and Mrs R. 
Dana, Mrs D. 
Ebbetts, Miss L. 
Godsey, G. P. 
Huston, John 

Kenitzer, Mr and Mrs Henry 
Leach, Captain G. W. 
McCreary, Judge J. J. 

McKibbin, Mrs M. P. 

Piper. W. A. 

Pratt, Mr and Mrs R. H. 

Reddy, Mr and Mrs P. 

•Rosenfeldt, Mr and Mrs John 

Saxe, Colonel and Mrs P. 

Terry, Mrs D. S. 

Thayre, Mrs B. B. 

Treadwell, John 

Trempor, F. E. 

Walters, Mrs 

Walters, Miss 

Weiland, Mr and Mrs J. H. 

White, W. H. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBTNS' Potted Moats. Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey. Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, aud Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep tliera. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Grand Hotel 

S. F. THORN, Manager 

Reception Day — yionday 

Allen, Hon J. M. 

Becker, Dr G. F. 

Becker, Mrs A. C. 

Bedell, H. E. 

Bennett, T. A. 

Brown, Mr and Mrs A. M. 

Burns, Mr and Mrs I. 

Cahill, E. J. 

Calm, E. C. 

Cammack, J. M. 

Curtis, Ed 

Curtis, S. S. 

Carey, J. T. 

Delia Casa, A. 

Doe, J. S. 

Forsaith, E. W. 

Hamilton, Wm. 

Hauser, R. \V. 

Heazelton, E. 

Hoyt, Mr and Mrs F. T. 

Jewell, T. E. 

Josselyn, G. M. 

Leeds, E. F. 

McClatchy, Mrs C. 

McClatchy, Misses 

Montgomery, G. S. 

Mootrey, Thos. Jr. 

Nathan, I. 

O'Leary, F. 

Severance, J. S. 

Thorn, Mr and Mrs S. F. 

Underhill, Mr and Mrs J. 

Wilson, E. J. 

Yell, Hon and Mrs Arch 

The Renton 


Blethen, C. and family 
Gorden, Mrs and Miss 
Hennessy, Mrs and Miss 
Hollis, Wm. H. and family 
Judkins, Mr and Mrs T. C. 
McKinne, Mr and Mrs A. W. 

Peele, Mrs H. X. 

Pressen, Gen and Mrs R. 

Sterrett, Mrs and Miss 

Smith, Mr and Mrs William T. 

Tuttle, Mr A. D. 

Tuttle, Mr and Mrs Chas. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQaET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
aud see for yourself. . 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Occidental Hotel 


Reception Day — Monday 

Allen, R. J. 

Andenried, Mr and Mrs G. A 

Barreda, Madame 


Bartlett, Captain R. ^V. 
Battams, W, 
Bizette, Madame 
Blakeman, Mr and Mrs T. Z. 
Brown, Mr and Mrs W. H. 
Burns, Mrs M. D. 


Burns, Mr and Mrs C. 0. 

Byrne, J. W. 

Camp, Maj and Mrs G. A. 

Chamberlain, Mrs 

Conness, D. B. 

Cutting, Gen and Mrs J. T. 

De Coursey, Capt. F. E. 

Donnelly, L. E. 

Duncan, Mr and Mrs A. D. 

Ellis, Mrs 


Emeric, Mr and Mrs H, F. 
Fair, James G. 
Feist, Mr and Mrs A, 
Fillmore, Mr and Mrs J. A. 
Givens, C. S. 

Gurney, Mr and Mrs J. F. 
Hale, J. P. 
Halstead, Mrs 

The Misses 

Hawley, Mrs J. M. 


Hawley, W. N. 

Healey, Capt and Mrs M. A. 

HeUen, Mr and Mrs C. C. 

Hind, Mr and Mrs R. R. 

Hooper, Jos. 

Hull, E. 

Irwin, Colonel and Mrs B. J. D. 

The Misses 

Irvine, Mrs James 
Jaracki, Mr and Mrs H. 


Jones, Mrs D. 


Kendall, C. B. 

Lamberlenghi, Mr and Mrs A.W 
Lankershim, Mrs J. B. 
Lewers, Mr and Mrs Robt 


Luere, F. 
Madden, T. P. 
Maguire, John 
Mann, Mr and Mrs H. 
Marye, G. T. 
Marye, Mrs G. T. 
McNeil, Miss 
McKay, F. D. 
Moorhead, J. 
Munday, J. H. 
Norris, Dr B. 
Norris, William 
O'Conner, Mrs. M. J. 

The Misses 

O'Mera, Miss 

Otis, Mr and Mrs James 


Palmer, Mr and Mrs J. J. 
Parker, Mr and Mrs Sam 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient guarantee that they are the Best on the markets 

MAT. SADLEK <fc CO., Pacific Coast Agent 



Parker, Mr and Mrs A. 


Perry, Mrs N. A. 


Poland, Mrs M. B. 

Pond, Mayor E. B. and wife 

Potter, Dr and Mrs S. 0. L. 

Powers, S. S. 

Rogers, Mrs E. 

Rogers, Arthur 

Ruggles, Gen and Mrs 

The Misses 

Seifried, Mr and Mrs F. J. 
Simpson, Mrs G. H. 

Smith, Mr and Mrs S. H. 
Stewart, I. 

Stout, Mr and Mrs G. H. 
Sullivan, Mrs E. R. 


Sullivan, Thos. 

Thornton, Mr and Mrs J. D. & Son 

Urso, Madame 

West, H. B. 

Wheeler, Captain W. 

Wing, Captain 

Wright, Mr and Mrs Geo. S. 

Wright, J. T. 

The Berkshire 

yii Jones Street 

Bachman, Mr and Mrs L. 

Beck, A. J. 

Beck, Mrs Robert 

Beebe, Ida 

Bent, Mr and Mrs E. F. 

Bibby, Mrs A. M. 

Bibby, Miss 

Blitz, Mrs C. 

Boelcher, Mr. 

Bolles, Mr and Mrs Lieut T. Dix 

Burnett, Mrs Robert 

Caswell, Mrs E. 

Deering, Mr and Mrs Chas. J. 

Devine, Lena 

Dickey, Mr and Mrs J. R. 

Dwyer, L. 

Eastman, Miss 

Eastman, Mrs J. R. 

Fairchild, Hariiett 

Farrington, Mr and Mrs W. P. 

Flagg, C. C. 

Frederica, Mrs Grosvenor 

Hardy, Mr and Mrs William 

Harkey, H. B. 

Harrison, Mr and Mrs W. 

Harrison, Miss Virginia 

Haysham, Lee 

Hobson, C. B. 

Hurlburt, H. R. 

Hurley, Mr. 

Jewett, Fidelia 

Jones, Mrs C. C. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO'S ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Joyce, Martin 

Keith, Prof and Mrs S. N. 

Keller, E. W. 

Kerr, Earl 

Leiiegan, Lieut and Mrs 

Lincoln, Mr and Mrs Charles 

Martin, Miss Lillie 

Matthews, Mr and Mrs W. A. 

Maupay, Emma 

Mayer, Josephine 

McMahan, Mr and Mrs B. 

McMahau, Alice 

McMahan, Marion 

McMahan, Paralee 

Megowan, Miss 

Meyer, Emily 

Moore, Mr and Mrs Alfred 

Morton, Mr and Mrs H. J. 

Moultrie, Miss 

Moultrie, Mrs L. J. 

Murray, W. H. 

Parks, Dr. 

Porter, Miss May 

Porter, Miss Sadie 

Porter, Mrs B. F. 

Rhodes, Mr and Mrs Charles 

Rogers, B. 

Shawhan, Wm. 

Sims, Mr and Mrs John R. 

Smith, Capt and Mrs G. T. 

Smith, Mrs C. Todd 

Smith, Mr Walter 

Smith, Minnie 

Souther, W. H. 

Stanton, Mr and Mrs Wm. 

Stanton, Miss Emily 

Stern, Mr and Mrs H. 

Tuggle, Dr 8. 

Valentine, J. F. 

Valette, W. 

Van Cleif, Judge and Mrs 

Walz, Mr and Mrs E. A. 

Warburton, Mrs H. R. 

Weil, Mr and Mrs Charles L. 

Wetzlar, Mr and Mrs A. J. 

Williamson, S. 

Wolhveber, Mr and Mrs Theodore 

Wollweber, Miss Clara 

Woods, May 

Yates, Mr and Mrs C. R. 

Always reliable and uniform— HORACE R. KELLY & GO'S Key West Havana Cigars 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Hotel Bella Vista 

looi Pi7ie Street 

Reception Day 

Blinker, Mr and Mrs W. M. 
Burling, J. W. 
Bond. C. A. 

Barclay, Mr and Mrs W. 0. 
Blair, Mr and Mrs J. N. 
Clement, Mr and Mrs L. H. 
Canfield, Mr and Mrs C. L. 
Eaton, Mrs 

Everts, Mr and Mrs P. 
Everett, Mr and Mrs E. 
Fish, Mr and Mrs T. F. 
Fletcher, Lieut and Mrs R. H. 
Foster, Mr and Mrs J. F. 
Folsom, Mr and Mrs G. T. 
Gillig, Mr and Mrs J. 
Gummer, Mrs C. V. 
Gere, Miss Lucia 
Gulich, Mr E. 
Hatch, Miss M. 
Hawes, Col and Mrs G. 
Hooper, Mr and ^Irs R. B. 
Hunt, Mr and Mrs R. 
Hall, Mr and Mrs A. A. 
Huntsman, Mrs 

The Misses 

Hausman, Mr 
Kellogg, Mr and Miss 

— Thursday 

Long, Mr L. L. 

Marshall, Gen and Mrs E. C . 

■ Miss 

Martin, Mrs H. B. 
McAfee, Mr E. 
McAfee, Mrs T. C. 
Miller, Mr E. E. W. 
Mauldin, Mr and Mrs H. 
Moore, Mrs G. W. 
Messersmith, Mr E. T. 
Miles, Mr and Mrs D. E. 
Rail, Mr and Mrs E. B. 
Spalding, Mrs Volney 
Sinton, Col and Mrs R. H. 
Stone, Mr J. C. 
Tracy, Mrs A. F. 
Tracy, Mr T. F. 
Tracy, Mr Wm. E. 
Tobin, Mr M. E. 
Taylor, Col and Mrs Stuart 
TurnbuU, Gen and Mrs W. 
Vande water, Mrs R. J. 
Wilson, Mr and Mrs F. M. 
White, Mr and Mrs G. K. 
Waters, Miss Lillian 
Wilshire, Mr and Mrs W. B. 

MATTONI'S GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 


Hotel Pleasanton 

Sutter Street 

Reception Day — Monday 

Albertson, Dr and Mrs 
Baker, Mr and Mrs A. 
Bloodgood, Miss A. 
Bensley, Mrs J. 
Bovee, Mr and Mrs W. H, 
Bradley, Mr and Mrs Geo. L. 
Bishop, Mr and Mrs Ira 
Currier, Mr and Mrs J. P. 
Cushing, Dr and Mrs 
Davis, Mr and Mrs E. G. 
Easton, Mrs 0. W. 


Fernald, Mr F. L. 
Foster, Mr and Mrs S. 
Green, Mr and Mrs F. 
Gawey, Mrs 


Gilmore, Mr and Mrs J. H. 
Gauley, Mrs A. 8. 
Huntington, Mr and Mrs W. V. 
Haines, Dr and Mrs 
Hawkins, Gen and Mrs 
Herd, Mr and Miss 
Hayes, Mr and Mrs T. 
Hanlon, Mr and Mrs C. F. 
Higgins, Mrs 

Mi 88 

Hall, Mr C. B. 
Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs H. 
Hall, Mr and Mrs M. R. 
Kenyon, Dr and Mrs C. 
Lewis, Mr and Mrs A. J. 
Lezavor, Lieut and Mrs T. H. 
Ludlow, Capt, U. S. N. 


Ludington, Col and Mrs M. I. 
Mozeley, Mrs B. 
Moreland, Mr and Mrs A. J. 
McDonald, Mr and Mrs J . 
McNally, Mr and Mrs 
Perry, Gen and Mrs A. J. 
Poulson, Mrs E. S. 
Piatt, Mr and Mrs C. B. 
Redding, Mr and Mrs J. D. 
Sonntag, Mr and Mrs. A. P. 
Sparhawk, Miss 
Strong, Dr and Mrs 
Shepard, Mr and Mrs A. D. 
Stahl, Mr and Mrs A. VV. 
Walkington, Mr and Mrs S. 
Wilcox, Mr and Mrs D. 


Williar, Mr and Mrs H. R. 
Wilson, Mrs S. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA; put up in 1 pound round canisters ouly 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER «fc CO., Sole Proprietors 

Personnel uf the Press 


fie ©nf^v 

on t^e (ioQ(g)t 


The Finest Designs from the 
East and Europe 



539 prar^eiseo 

©Ifie feei&i' (SJQ'^ Macftine maEe 







Abbott, A. F, ; Fruit-raiser 

Abbott, J. P. ; Merchant 

Abell, S. P.; Liveryman 

Adams, T. W. ; Postmaster 

Adams, Alva; State Cxovernor 

Adams, Jewett, W. ; Ex-Governor 

Adridge, D. W. 

Alexander, John F. ; Attorney-General 

Allatt, H. E.; Citrus Farmer 

Allen, C. H.; Prof. State Normal School 

Allen, Wm. L. N. 

Allison, J. M. ; Stock-raiser 

Alsops Thomas 

Alvord, Geo. T. ; Railroad Superintendent 

Anawalt, M. J. ; Farmer 

Anderson, Elias; Real Estate Owner 

Antes, S. G. ; Farmer 

Antony, E. L. ; Attorney 

Aram, John 

Arem, Joseph; Farmer 

Armbrust, B. 

Armold, C. B. ; County Treasurer 

Armstead, W. T. ; Attorney 

Arnold, B. L. ; Teacher 

Arnold, Jesse H. ; Merchant 

Ashenfelter, H. C. ; Real Estate 

Ashley, Mrs Mary A. 

Ashwell, George R. 

Atkinson, George E. ; Supt. Sawmill 

Atwood, Millen; Bishop 

Atwood, Maj. E. B., U. S. A. 

Austin, W. H.; Physician 

Ayers, C. M.; Farmer 

Bach, E. \Y.; Merchant 

Bailey, D. H.; Physician 

Baird, John C. 

Baker, A. C. ; Attorney 

Marysville, Cal. 
Antioch, Cal. 
Escondido, Cal. 
Escondido, Cal. 
South Pueblo, Colo. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Prineville, Or. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Riverside, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
San Diego, Cal. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Dallas, Texas 
Jordan \'alley, Oregon 
Anderson, Cal. 
Valley Center, Cal. 
Cameron, Tex. 
Grangeville, Idaho 
San Jose, Cal. 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Napa City, Cal. 
Jefferson, Texas 
Corvallis, Or. 
Orange, Cal. 
San Jacinto. Cal. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Chilliwack, B. C. 
Tacoma, Wash. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
San Antonio, Tex. 
Winters, Cal. 
Milpitas, Cal. 
Helena, Mont. 
Denison, Texas 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Chicken and Game Pates Truffled, made in the French style bv the FRAN'CO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO., Avill be found delicious for Breakfast,' Lunch or Supper. Ask 
j-our Grocer for them. MAU. SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Baker, George W. ; Attorney 

Bancroft, F. J.; Physician 

Barbour, A. K.; Attorney 

Barbour, Chauncey; Journalist 

Barker, W. H. 

Barucastle, J. D. 

Barnes, E. H. ; Banker 

Barnes, L. S., M. D.; Physician 

Barnhart, G. H. ; Mang. San Pedro Mine 

Barton, H. M.; Banker 

Bates, C. M.; Physician 

Bates, Geo. ; Principal Gymnasium 

Bates, Benj.; Farmer 

Bean, C. 0. ; Civil Engineer 

Beans, T. Ellard; Banker 

Beard, Thos. K. 

Beckman, Wm.; Banker 

Belcher, E. A. ; Attorney 

Benton, H. M.; Farmer 

Blake, Mrs E. A. C. 

Blossom, J. A. ; Mining Operator 

Blythe, C. E.; Farmer 

Bowen, Robt. ; Mining Operator 

Bowman, C. E. ; Farmer 

Brackeuridge, Geo. W. ; Banker 

Breck, Geo. 

Breene, P. W. ; Lieut. -Governor 

Broadwater, C. A.; Banker 

Brown, Leroy D. ; Pres. State University 

Brown, Judge M. C. 

Browne, J. J. ; Capitalist 

Brownson, J. M.; Banker 

Bryan, Thos. J. 

Buck, F. H. ; Farmer 

Buckman, Geo. R.; Correspondent 

Bullard, \Ym. H. 

Burbank, David, M. D, ; Physician 

Burgess, F. P. ; Newspaper Proprietor 

Burleson, Ruf us C. ; Clergyman 

Burlingame, E. C. ; Contractor 

Burleigh, H. J. 

Butler, R. D.; Supt. Instruction 

Cadwalder, N. ; Capitalist 
Caldwell, E. H.; Merchant 
Calhoun, (ieorge V.; Pliysician 
Campbell, F. M. 
Campbell, John G. ; Merchant 

Eureka, Nevada 
Denver, Colo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Walla Walla, Wash. 
Astoria, Oregon 
Las Cruces, N. M. 
Healdsburg, Cal. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Tucson, Ariz. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Highland Springs, Cal. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
Courtland, Cal. 
New Tacoma, Wash. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Prosser, Wash. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
San Francisco, Cal. 
North Yakima, Wash. 
Vacaville, Cal. 
Battle Mountain, Nev. 
Farmington, Cal. 
Silver King, A. T. 
Corralitos, Cal. 
San Antonio, Tex. 
Helena, Mont. 
Leadville, Colo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Rsno, Nev. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Spokane Falls, Wash. 
Victoria, Tex. 
Miles City, Mont. 
Vacaville, Cal. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Miles City, Mont. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
National City, Cal. 
Waco, Tex. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Dillon, Mont. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San, Cal. 
Corpus Christi, Tex. 
La Conner, Wash. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Prescott, Ariz. 

GORDON & DILWOUTH'.S Fine Preserved Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup. Wine 
Jellies, Et'v ^" I"' had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Campbell, J. C. ; Merchant 

Camron, W. W.; Capitalist 

Cannon, A. M. ; B.uiker 

Capelle, Victor A.; Cath. Clergyman 

Capron, John G. ; Capitalist 

Capron, John G. ; Capitalist 

Cardon, Thomas B. ; Merchant 

Carey, Alex. H. 

Carlile, J . K. ; Farmer 

Carlson, Wm. E. ; Real Estate 

Carpenter, M. B. ; State Senator 

Catr, B. O. ; Vineyardist 

Carr, Jesse 

Carroll, Edgar B. 

Carson, George; Merchant 

Carson, John; Sawmill 

Carver, D. B. ; Banker 

Case, I. W. ; Banker 

Cass, O. D.; Physician 

Castleman, R. M. ; Pres. Board of Trade 

Catlin, A. P. 

Chadwick, J. S. ; Real Estate 

Chadwick, S. F.; Attorney 

Chalmers, L. H. ; Attorney 

Chalmers, P. J. ; Farmer 

Chamberlain, Mrs M. Z. 

Chamberlain, J. B. 

Channel, B. F. ; Capitalist 

Chandler, William S. 

Chapin, 0. S. ; Real Estate 

Chapman, E. M. ; Capitalist 

Charles, J. Q,; Attorney 

Charles, William 

Chase, Miss Martha 

Chase, John 

Chase, George W. ; Capitalist 

Cheney, A. E.; Attorney 

Chipman, N. P. 

Christ, George 

Christy, William; Banker 

Church, M. J. 

Church, F. ; County Treasurer 

Churchill, Clark; Attorney 

Clapp, Miss H. K. 

Clark, G. J.; Attorney 

Clark, S. A.; Journalist 

Clark, George J. ; Notary Public 

Grant's Pass, Or. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Spokane Falls, Wash. 
Salem, Or. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Logan, Utah 
Raton, New Mexico 
Malheur City, Or. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Denver, Col. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Salinas, Cal. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Compton, Cal. 
New Tacoma, Wash. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Astoria, Or. 
Denver, Colo. 
Austin, Tex. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Salem, Or. 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Farmington, Cal. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
Horse Shoe Bend, Id. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
Nanaimo, B. C. 
Poway, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Victoria, B. C. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
National City, Cal. 
Eureka, Cal. 
Red Bluff, Cal. 
Nogales, Ariz. 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Fresno, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Kauffman, Tex. 
Salem, Or. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equaL Smoke them 
and see for yourself. 

MATT. SADLER Xz CO.. Pnfifip Coflst Asrpiits 



Clark, Robert M. ; Attorney 

Clark, J. S. ; Real Estate 

Clark, H. H. 

Clarke, \V. S. 

Clarke, Asa ; Physician 

Clarke, vV. J. 

Clayton, X. W. 

Clayton, A. W. 

Clayton, James A. ; Real Estate 

Clayton, George R. ; Physician 

Clev^elaud, A. C. Stock-raiser 

Cleveland, E. M.; Real Estate 

Clindinning, J. 

Cluflf, H. H. 

Cockrell, F. M. ; Capitalist 

Cochran, John H.; Speaker State Assembly 

Cockburn, Frank Q. ; Mining 

Cogswell, E. B. ; Farmer 

Coke, Richard; U. S. Senator 

Colby, L. J.; Horticulturist 

Cole, R. E.; Physician 

Cole, A . M. ; Druggist 

Cole, C. K.; M. D.; Banker 

Collier, J. A.; Merchant 

Collins, J . \V. 

Colman, James M. ; Manager Coal Co. 

Colombet, Mrs Murphy 

Council, Robert, Merchant 

Conner, Mrs Louisa A. 

Converse, Mrs C. W. 

Cook, T. N. ; Real Estate 

Cooper, E. H. 

Cooper, J. W.; Farmer 

Corbett, H. W. ; Banker 

Corey, B., M. D.; Physician 

Corlett, W. W. 

Cornwall, Clement T. ; Lieut-Governor 

Corns, William C. ; Farmer 

Cory, David A.; Merchant 

Ct»uch, Thomas 

Courteney, A, A.; Real Estate 

Cowden, James; Farmer 

Cox, Frank; Attorney 

Cox, J. H. D. ; Real Estate 

Cozzens, \V. W.; Orchardist 

Craig, L. W. 

Crane, (i. B. ;^ Physician 

Carson City, Nev. 
San Diego, Cal, 
Helena, Mont. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Buffalo, Wyoming Ty. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
San Jose, Cal. 
Sherman, Texas 
Cleveland, Nev. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Lewiston, Idaho 
Provo City, Utah 
Dallas, Tex. 
Dallas, Tex. 
Prescott, Ariz. 
Bellota, Cal. 
Waco, Tex. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Helena, Mont. 
Coquille, Or. 
Cheyenne, W^yo. 
Seattle, Wash. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Prescott, Ariz. 
La Conner, Wash. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Pacific Grove, Cal. 
Eagle Pass, Tex. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Portland, Or. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Victoria, B. C. 
Pomeroy, Wash. 
Helena, Mont. 
Butte, Mont. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Taison, Cal. 
Phfvnix, Ariz. 
Riverside, Cal. 
San Jost', Cal. 
Salida, Colo, 
Helena, Cal. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA: put up in 1 pound round canisters ouly 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors 



Cravatli, A. K. ; Real Estate 

Crepin, H.; Physician 

Creswell, H. T.; Attorney 

Crittenden, H. B.; Real Estate 

Croaks, Edwin W. ; Physician 

Cross, W. H. ; Clergyman 

Cunningham, J. M. 

Cunningham, Ed. H. ; Capitalist 

Curry, James E. ; Farmer 

Curtis, N. Green; Attorney 

Cushman, E. B. ; Real Estate 

Dallas, M. ; Capitalist 

Dale, F. W. 

Dale, F. W. 

Daly, ^larcus 

Darcy, P.M.; Ex-Chief of Police 

Dare, D. D. ; Banker 

Davis, M. M. ; Banker 

Davis, C. W. ; Banker 

Davis, E. W. ; Banker 

Davis, H. C. ; Lieut. -Governor 

Davenport, W. 

Davrson, W. J. G. ; Physician 

Deady, Matthew P. ; U. S. Judge 

Dean, Peter; Banker 

Deal, W. E. F.; Attorney 

De Courey, M. L. ; Real Estate 

Deegan, Ross 

Deemer, John A. ; Mining, etc. 

Diehl, C. 

Dimmick, F. M. ; Clergyman 

Dimond, William H. ; Attorney 

Dodge, J. M. ; County Clerk 

Doherty, Robert; Farmer 

Dolph, J. N. ; U. S. Senator 

Dormer, John; Secretary of State 

Dorrington, J. W. ; Journalist 

Dorsey, Stephen W. ; Stockraiser 

Douglas, Benj. 

Dovey, W. C. ; State Supt. Instruction 

Downing, S. N. A.; Physician 

Downs, Francis; Attorney 

Drake, M. W. T. 

Drake, B. F.; Capitalist 

Drew, H. L. ; Banker 

Driffill, J. A. ; Real Estate 

Escondido, Cal. 
Tucson, A. T. 
Austin, Nev. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Las Vegas, N. M. 
San Antonio, Tex. 
Lodi, Cal. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Liberty, N. M. 
Libert)', X. M. 
Butte City, Mont. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Yaquina, Or. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Helena, Mont. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Portland, Or. 
San Rafael, Cal. 
Virginia City, Xev, 
Colorado Springs, Col. 
Helena, Mont. 
Georgetown, N. M. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Menlo Park, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Hanford, Cal. 
Portland, Or. 
Carson City, Xev. 
Yuma, Ariz. 
Chico Springs, N. M. 
Xew Westminster, B. C. 
Carson City, Xev. 
Coquille City, Or. 
Santa Fe', N. M. 
Victoria, B. C. 
Salem, Or. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Pomona, Cal. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS have been sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient guarantee that thev are the Best on the market 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Druinmontl, J. H.; Vineyardist 

Dunn, E. C. ;Pisah 

Durkee, J. E.; Freighter 

Dwyer, Col. Jos. \V. 

Dwyer, Edward; Capitalist 

Dyer, John C. 

Eagan, M. J. 

Eaman, T. J.; Stock-raiser 

Earp, Virgil W. ; City Marshal 

Earnest, Frank; Cattle-dealer 

Eastou, G. A. ; Chaplain 

Eceles, Thomas; Physician 

Eddy, William M. ; Banker 

Edgar, G. A. ; Merchant 

Edgar, William F. ; Physician 

Edmonds, Henry V. 

Edwards, Melvin; Sec. of State 

Edwards, John; Banker 

Edwards, E J., Livestock 

Eisenbeis, Charles; Merchant 

Eldredge, H. L. 

Eldridge, E. ; Farmer and Sawmill Owner 

Elliot, W. S. ; Farmer 

Elliott, W. T. 

Ellis, Col L. A. ; Sugar Planter 

Ellis, A. C. ; Attorney ^ 

Eisner, J. E. ; Physician 

Embody, D.; Banker 

Engel, Peter; Jeweler 

Enright, Joe; Orchardist 

Eppenetter, C. G. ; Hotel 

Eschman, C; Druggist 

Estes, H. W.; Farmer 

Evan, John; Ex-Governor 

Evans, Mrs Jane 

Evans, J. W. ; Real Estate 

Ewer, Seneca; Capitalist 

Failing, Henry; Banker 

Fair, Mrs Theresa 

Fair, J, G. ; U. S. Senator 

Fairbanks, H. S. ; Banker 

Fairchild, E. W.; Real Estate 

Fairchild, Mrs A. 

Fairweather, H. W. ; Banker 

Fallon, E. F. 

Farquharsou, A. S. ; Merchant 

Farrell, M. J. 

Glen Ellen, Cal, 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
Raton, N. M. 
San Antonio, Texas 
Rawlins, Wyoming Ter. 
Clifton, Ariz. 
Camp Verdi, Ariz. 
Colton, Cal. 
Rawlins, Wyo. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
Helena, Mont. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
New Westminster, B. C. 
Denver, Colo. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Pha?nix, Ariz. 
Port Townsend, Wash. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Whatcom, Wash. 
Linden, Cal. 
Deer Lodge, Mont. 
Austin, Tex. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Denver, Colo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Marysville, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Phcenix, Ariz. 
Baker City, Or. 
Denver, Colo. 
Chilli wack. B. C. 
Phcenix, Ariz. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Portland, Or. 
San Francisco, Cal. 
Virginia City, Xev. 
Petalunia, Cal. 
San Jacinto, Cal. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Sprague, Wash. 
Hollister, Cal. 
Puyallup, Wash. 
Austin, Nev. 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled foi 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Farrington, Wm. ; Capitalist 

Ferry, James L. ; Hotel-owner 

Finfrock, J. H. ; Physician 

Fisher, W. J. ; Real Estate 

Fisher, Wm. V. ; Farmer 

Fisher, D. E. 

Fitch, W. A.; Capitalist 

Flanagan, W. H.; Physician 

Fleming, John W. ; Mining 

Fleming, James; Horticulturist 

Flint, Thomas 

Flower, F. S.; Real Estate 

Flynn, J. P.; Pres. Saredo Imp. Co. 

Folsom, S. M: 

Foote. A. D. 

Foote, Frank M. 

Forman, Charles 

Fox, Richard; Orchardist 

Fox, Charles A. 

Frank, A. 

Frazier, J. A. ; Man. Mineral Water Co. 

Freeman, Daniel; Agriculture 

French, E. D. Physician 

French, Wm. A.; Farmer 

Fullerton, J. C. ; Attorney 

Fulton, R. L. ; Journalist 

Gage, E.'B. 

Gaines, Judge R. R. ; Justice Supreme Court 

Gallatin, Albert; Merchant 

Galloway, J. C; Real Estate 

Ganz, Emil; Merchant 

Garbatt, F. C. ; Real Estate 

Gardner, Dan; Farmer 

Garrard, William; Supt. U. S. Mint 

Gates, J. E. 

Geer, G. W. 

Geist, A. W. 

Germain, Edward; Merchant 

Germain, Eugene; Merchant 

Gibson, Paris; Real Estate 

Gillis, James; Farmer 

Gilman, A. ; Railroad Superintendent 

Gilmer, J. F. 

Gilpin, William 

Gilson, F. A.; County Recorder 

Ginty, W. M.; Real Estate 

Gird, Richard; Capitalist 

San Jose, Cal. 
Marshfield, Or. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Bellota, Cal. 
Butte City, Mont. 
Eagle Pass, Texas 
Grant's Pass, Or. 
Silver City, N. M. 
National City, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Seredo, Texas 
Albuquerque, X. M. 
Boise City, Idaho 
Evanstou, Wyo. 
Virginia City, Xev. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Raton, X. M. 
Yuma, Ariz. 
Carlsbad, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Poway, Cal. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Roseburg, Or. 
Reno, Xev. 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
Austin, Texas 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Carson City, X"ev. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Raton, X. M. 
Pueblo, Colo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Great Falls, Mont. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Eureka, Xev. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Denver, Colo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Ensenada, L. Cal. 
Pomona, Cal. 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up in 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Given, 8. R. 

Glide, J. H.; Stock -raiser 
Glenn, J. H.; Merchant 
Glenn, M.; Farmer 
Godbe, W. S. 

Goddard, L. M. ; District Judge 
Goldschmidt, Adolf: Merchant 
Goodfellow, G. E. ; Physician 
Goodyear, Mrs C. V. 
Gordon, J. E. ; Farmer 
Gorham, H. M.; Mining Supt. 
Gosper, J. J. ; Real Estate 
Graham, P. A.; Merchant 
Graham, W. H. ; Real Estate 
Grant, John; M. P. 
Grant, James B. ; Ex-Governor 
Graves, Amos; Physician 
Graves, W. F. : Farmer 
Gray, J. H. 
Gray, John S. 

Gray, Gordon Y. ; Man. S. San Diego Co. 
Gray, Douglas; Mining 
Greeg, Joseph W. ; Stock-raiser 
Gregg, E. P. ; County Judge 
Green, E. K. ; Capitalist 
Green, P. M.; Banker 
Greene, L. D.; Farmer 
Greene, George B. ; Farmer 
Green well, Mrs A. C. 
Grether, John; Capitalist 
Griffin, H. L. 
Grubbs, V. W.; Attorney 
Gruwell, J. D. ; Farmer 
Guion, James H.; Real Estate 
Gnnnell, A. T. ; County Judge 
Gunter, Jot; Capitalist 
Gusdorf, Alex- 
Hodges, Arthur 

Hatfenden, Albert; Real Estate 
Hagan, Martin, M. D.; Physician 
Hagar, George C. ; Land Owner 
Ilagerman, James J.; Capitalist 
Haight, E. J., C. unty Auditor 
Hailey, John 
Hale, O. A.; Merchant 
Hall, Charles V.; Real Estate 
Hall, George \V.; Manufacturer 

Minidoka, Idaho 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Salinas, Cal. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Leadville, Colo. 
Tucson, Arizona 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Benecia, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
( rold Hill, Nev. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Escondido, Cal. 
Cuero, Texas 
Victoria, B. C. 
Denver, Colo. 
San Antonio, Texas 
Salinas, Cal. 
Victoria, B. C. 
Lewiston, Idaho 
San Diego, Cal. 
Prescott, Ariz. 
Monterey, Cal. 
Sherman, Texas 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Pasadena, Cal. 
Walnut Grove, Cal. 
Courtland, Cal. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Ogden, Utah 
Greenville, Texas 
Farmington, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Leadville, Colo. 
Sherman, Texas 
Taos, N. M. 
Princeville, Or. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Orange, Cal. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Boise City, Mont. 
San Jose, Cal. 
I..OS Angeles, Cal. 
Seattle, Wash. 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for It, MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors. 



Hall, 8. C. 

Hall, R. M. ; Comm. General Land Office 

Haller, Granville O. ; Major U. S. A. 

Hallet, Moses; U. S. Judge 

Hallett, Mrs W. L. 

Haley, Ora 

Halloek, J. F. ; State Comptroller 

Haley, John; Representative 

Hamilton, T. S, 

Hammond, R. P.; U. S. Surveyor-General 

Hansl, A.; S. A. and A. P. R. R. 

Hanthom, J. 0.; Canner 

Hardenbrook, E. H. 

Hardesty, E. P. ; State Senator 

Hardin, C. H. E. 

Harding, E. J. ; Land Owner 

Harford, F. G. ; Banker 

Harlocker, L. ; Farmer 

Harlow, J. C. ; State Printer 

Harp, W. B. ; Farmer 

Harold, A. M. ; Farmer 

Harris, T. L. ; Vineyardist 

Harris, M. C; ^lercliant 

Harris, William A. ; Attorney 

Harris, L, B. ; Engineer 

Harrison, F. H, ; Physician 

Hart, Archibald; Real Estate 

Harvey, James 

Harvey, J. S.; Horticulturist 

Hawlej% T. H. ; Supreme Judge 

Hawthorn, Mrs R. L. 

Hayford, J. H.; Physician 

Haynes, J. P, ; Farmer 

Hazard, Henry T.; Attorney 

Headley, J. H. 

Heath, Russel; Assemblyman 

Hecht, Charles 

Hedges, Cornelius; Journalist 

Heilbron, August; Capitalist 

Heitman, F. M. 

Hellman, I. W.; Banker 

Helm, J. C; Supreme Justice 

Helmcken, J. S. ; M. P. C. S. 

Hemtz, J. E. P. : Physician 

Henderson, J. J.; Attorney 

Henley, Barclay; Attorney 

Lewis ton, Idaho 
Austin, Texas 
Seattle, Wash. 
Denver, Colo. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Laramie, Wy, 
Carson City, >!ev. 
Boise City, Idaho 
Butte City, Mont. 
San Francisco, Cal. 
San Antonio, Texas 
Astoria, Or. 
Deer Lodge, Mont. 
Wells, Xev. 
Wabuska, Nev. 
Gervais, Or. 
Pataha Cit}-, Wasli. 
Coquille, Or. 
Carson City, Xev. 
Modesto, Cal. 
Farmington, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Pataha City, Wash. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Evanston, Wyo. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Xanaimo, B. C. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Carson City, Xev. 
East Portland, Or. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Genoa, Xev. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Bisbee, Ariz. 
Carpinteria, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Sc cramento, Cal. 
Eureka, Xev. 
Pasadena, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Victoria, B. C. 
Monterey, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 

RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkey, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
Tongue, Curried Oysters and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all first-class Grocers. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Henry, John L. ; Attorney -at-Law 

Henry, Francis 

Henry, A. 

Hensley, G. B. ; Real Estate 

Hereford, B. H. 

Herff, F. 

Hesse, Fred G. S. 

Heuser, S. G. ; Ex-Governor 

Hewlett, H. H.; Banker 

Hilgard, E. W.; Prof in University 

Higgins, H. I. ; Mining Operator 

Hill Harry C. 

Hill, William; Pres. Water Co. 

Hill, J. L. ; Physician 

Hinckley, H. J.; Stock-raiser 

Hinde, George; Collector of Customs 

Hitclicock, Hollis; Capitalist 

Hobson, F. W,; Merchant 

Hoefler, Joseph; Merchant 

Holiday, William H. 

Holland, F. T. ; Capitalist 

Holden, E. S. ; Director Lick Observatory 

Holgate, E. ; Judge 

Holmes, Charles 

Hood, Mrs E. A. 

Hooks, J. F. ; Physician 

Horton, Dexter; Banker 

Howard, Oliver 0.; Major-General U. S. A. 

Howard, J. W.; Physician 

Howard, Bryant; Banker 

Howard, Judge Sumner 

Howbert, Irving; State Senator 

Howland, C. C; Man. Electric R. R. 

Howell, J. W. 

Hubbard, A. W. ; Fruit-raiser 

Humphrey, J. F. ; Mayor 

Huuton, John 

Hurd, Columbus 

Hurd, E. R. 

Hurt, Judge J. M.; Court of Appeals 

Hussey, J. C. ; Capitalist 

Hustler, J. G, ; Merchant 

Hutton, C. E.; Principal High School 

Hutton, A. W. ; Superior Judge 

laeger, L. J. F. ; Farmer 

Ink, T. H.; Farmer 

Inman, M. F. ; Farmer 

Dallas, Texas 
Olympia, Wash. 
Moscow, Idaho 
San Diego, Cal. 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Laredo, Texas 
Buffalo, Wyo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Petaluma, Cal. 
Albany, Or. 
Beowawe, Nev. 
Wilmington, Cal. 
Petaluma, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Francisco, Cal. 
Corvallis, Or. 
Bozeman, Mont. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Paris, Texas 
Seattle, Wash. 
Gov. Isl., N. Y. 
Dillon. M. T. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Prescott, Ariz. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Bisbee, Ariz. 
Anderson, Cal. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Cheyenne, Wy. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wy. 
Dallas, Texas 
National City, Cal. 
Astoria, Or. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Colton, Cal. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
St. Helena, Cal. 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to offer your eue.sts a 
retiring. MAD, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Irvine, Thomas H. 

Jacks, David; Capitalist 

James, W. S. 

Jennings, William 

Jennings, Frank W. 

Jennings, Hyde; Attorney 

Jewett, 8. P.; Capitalist 

Johnson, Alex. 

Johnson, Joel H. 

Johnson, Thomas; Merchant 

Johnson, 8. 8. ; Manager Lumber Co. 

Johnson, F. M.; Attorney 

Johnson, A. R. 

Johnson, A.; Farmer 

Johnson, F. M. ; Attorney 

Johnson, A. R. ; Attorney 

Jones, J. P.; U. 8. 8enator 

Jones, O. S. 

Jones, J. H. 

Jorres, G. W. ; Postmaster 

Kalteyer, George H.; Merchant 

K'ampmann. Mrs Caroline 

Kearby, J. C. ; Attornej- 

Keating, R. P. ; Mining 8upt. 

Keefer, J. 8.; Hotel 

Keller, M. B. ; Physician 

Kellogg, Martin; Prof, in University 

Kelting, J. A. ; Real Estate 

Kelly, Henry; Mayor 

Kendall, B. F. ; 8tock-raiser 

Kenedy, Capt. Mifflin; Capitalist 

Kettle, G. E. 

Kiesel, Fred. J. 

Kimball, Frank A.: Capitalist 

Kimball, Nelson F. 

Kimberlin, Prof. J. M. 

King, T. H.; Stockman 

Kittridge, W. A. 

Knapp, R. B. ; Merchant 

Knight, E. W.; Banker 

Knippenberg, Hon. H. ; Mining 

Koch, P. 

Lacy, A. E. 

Ladd, W. 8.; Banker 

La Dow, Stephen W. ; Rancher 

Laidlaw, J, A. 

Lamb, Charles C. 

Miles City, Mont. 
Monterey, Cal. 
Gold Hill, Xev. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fort Worth, Texas 
Samanda Park, Cal. 
Granville, B. C. 
Kanab, L^tah 
Elleusburg, Wash. 
National City, Cal. 
Corvallis, Or. 
Nanaimo, B, C. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Corvallis, Or. 
Burnett, Texas 
Gold Hill, Nev. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Helena, Mont. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Antonio, Texas 
San Antonio, Texas 
Dallas, Texas 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Monrovia, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Grant's Pass, Or. 
Stone, Or. 

Corpus Christi, Tex. 
Denver, Colo. 
Salt Lake City, Utali 
National City, Cal. 
Boise City, Idaho 
Santa Clara, Cal. 
Greenville, Texas 
Taos, New Mexico 
Portland, Or. 
Eagle Pass, Texas 
Glendale, Mont. 
Bozeman, Mont. 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Portland, Or. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
New Westminster, B. C. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

THE FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD COS ready made Soups are cheaper and better 
than can be made at home. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Lamb, John M. 

Lampert, G. B. : Banker 

Lainpert, Lockhart Henry 

Land, William 

Landrum, R. W.: Real Estate 

Langdon, W. W. 

Langley, M. D. 

Langsdorf, J. M. 

Latz, James A. ; Capitalist 

Leach, A. M. ; Lumber 

Le Bach, J. W. ; Clergyman 

Lee, John 

Lee, Hamilton; Clergyman 

Lee, 0. F. ; Physician 

Leech, Chas. W. ; Mining Operator 

Lehnherr, C; Farmer 

Leiser, J. J. , M . D. ; Physician 

Leivy, Augustus; Mayor 

Lemme, R. W. ; Viticulturist 

Leonard, W. A. ; Publisher 

Leonard, O. R. Supreme Judge 

Leonard, H. C. ; Real Estate Owner 

Lerch, Frank; Real Estate 
Lewiu, Louis; Merchant 
Lewis, W. R. 
Lewis, Meyer; Merchant 
Lewis, T. T. 

Lindley, Hervey; Real Estate 
Lindsay, John M. 
Lippett, E. S. ; Attorney 
Lipscombe, J. M.; Farmer 
Littlefield, Sheldon; Capitalist 
Loak, P. H.; Stockman 
Locan, F. ; Farmer 
Locke, George S. ; Farmer 
Lock wood, Frank; Vineyardist 
Logsdon, J. M.; Capitalist 
Loomis, Abner 
Love, John 
Lowthian, Thomas 
Luce, M. A.; Attorney 
Lyons, W. J,; Real Estate 
Mabary, Frank; Real Estate 
MacBeath, Donald; Contractor 
Mack, C. E. ; Attorney 
Macleay, Donald: Banker 
Macniel, H. L. ; Real Estate 

Boise City, Idalio 
Monrovia, Cal. 
Socorro, N. M. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Moscow, Idaho 
Skull Valley, Ariz. 
Ogden, Utah 
San Jose, Cal. 
Brownsville, Cal. 
Paris, Texas 
Lander, Wyo. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Marys ville, Cal. 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
Myrtle Point, Or. 
Helena, Mont. 
Temple, Texas 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Silver City, N. M. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Portland, Or. 
San Angelo, Texas 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
New Westminster, B. C. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Ketchum, Idaho 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Lewiston, Idaho 
Petaluma, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Fresno, Cal. 
Lockeford, Cal. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
San Jacinto, Cal. 
Fort Collins, Colo. 
Chico Springs, N. M. 
Denver, Colo. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Jacinto, Cal. 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Portland, Or. 
Los Angeles, Cat. 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS* Potted Meats, Phim Puddinj?. Boneless Chicken. 
Ham. and Turkey. Rolled O.x Tongue. Curried Ovsters, and Fowl for Luncheon. 
Picnirs. htr. -Vll fir-r class Grocers keen tbem. 

MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Macy, Everett; Miixing Operator 

Magee, S. L. ; Farmer 

Magee, H. M. ; Capitalist 

Malpas, A, ; Farmer 

Mansfield, G. H. ; Capitalist 

Manson, Peter: Physician 

Manville, H. S. 

Marcy, Russell 

Markham, V. D. : Attorney 

Marsh, T, E. ; Farmer 

Marsh, R. 

Marshall, James T. 

Marshall, C.JH.; Rector 

Martin, J. C. ; Farmer 

Martin, C. J.; Capitalist 

Martin, J. H.; Lumber Operator 

Alason, C. P. 

Mast, D. B. : Farmer 

!Mater, Charles 

Matthews, Judge J. C. ; Attorney 

Matz, N. ; Catholic Pastor 

Maxey, 8. B. ; U. S. Senator 

McAllister, James P. 

^IcCarty, John, M. D. : Physician 

McCarty, Daniel; Farmer 

McClelland, W. T.; Physician 

]McCutcheon, Col. I. D. ; Attorney 

:McCurdy, J. W. 

McDonald, A. D. ; Express Agent 

McDonald, T. P. ; Principal Schools 

McFadden, John; Merchant 

McFadden, James; Real Estate 

McGarvey, W. T. ; Postmaster 

McCrraw, J. H. ; Sheriff 

McHaley, George W. ; Farmer 

McKay, Angais 

McKinley, S. 

McKisick, L. D.; Attorney-at-Law 

McLane, A. L. ; Capitalist 

McLaren, John; Real Estate 

McLaughlin, Ed; Banker 

McMeans, A. C. ; Teacher 

McNaught, James; Attorney 

McNaught, J. F. ; Attorney 

McVicker, John 

Meacham, H. M.; Assessor 

Meigs, J. J,; Physician 

Pinal, Ariz. 
Clements, Cal. 
Pasadena, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Lakeside, Cal. 
Gold Hill, Xev. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Raton, N. M. 
Denver, Colo. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Laramie, Wyo. 
Leadville, Colo. 
Denver, Colo. 
Dayville, Or. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Carson City, Xev. 
Salt Lake City, L^tah 
Pomeroe, Wash. 
Leadville, Colo. 
Lampasas. Texas 
Denver, Colo. 
Paris, Texas 
Tombstone, Ariz. 
McKinney, Texas 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Paradise Valley, Nev, 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Gold Hill, Nev. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Salinas, Cal. 
Seattle, Wash, 
Prairie, City, Or. 
Walla AValla, Wash. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Oakland, Cal. 
San Antonio, Texas? 
San Jacinto, Cal. 
San .lose, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Elko, Xev. 

YUM YUM SWEET CORN, the finest in the land, sold everywhere. Ask your Grocer 
for it. MAU, SADLER & CO., Sole Proprietors. 



Melrose, Richard 

Menomy, J. B. 

Metcalf, James B. ; Attorney 

Meyer, A. L. ; City Mayor 

Meyers, John: Farmer 

Millay, Jerry; Banker 

Miller, John; Civil P^agineer 

Miller, James; Dairyman 

Miller, Jacob; Livestock 

Miles, Nelson A. ; General U. 8. Army 

Mills, Mrs 

Miley, James 

Milroy, R. H. 

Minear, John I. ; Mining 

Ming, Mrs Katharine L. 

Mitchell, John H.; U. S. Senator 

Mitchell, H. M. ; Real Estate Owuer 

Monk, H. M. 

Monroe, W. N. 

Monteith, C. C. 

Morgan, T. G. ; Mining 

Moore, Frank R. : Capitalist 

Moore, F. L. ; Merchant 

Morehead, A. H. ; County Clerk 

Morgan, Hon, W. C. ; Mayor 

Morris, Fred 

Morris, B. F, ; Land Office 

Morrison, F, P. 

Morse, E, W,; Real Estate 

Morse, E. H. ; Real Estate 

Morse, Phil; Lumber 

Mott, T, D,; Capitalist 

Mott, 8. H. ; Manager Lumber Co, 

Moulton, L, F. ; Farmer 

Moynahan, James; 8tate Senator 

Muir, B. L. ; Real Estate 

Muller, Judge C. F, 

Munkres, G. W. 

Murdock, John A. 

Murphy, Barney; Banker 

Murphy, Jolin T. 

Murphy, Mrs Mary 

Murphy, John 

Murphy, W. J. ; Farmer 

Murray, David; Capitalist 

Murray, Carlisle; I'hysician 

Murray, William; Stock-raiser 

Anaheim, Cal. 
Lewiston, Idaho 
Seattle, Wash, 
Phcenix, Ariz, 
Oregon City, Or, 
Phrenix, Ariz. 
Walnut Grove, Cal, 
San Rafael, Cal, 
Mayer, Ariz, 
Fort Mason, Cal. 
Mills Seminary, Cal, 
Reddington, Ariz, 
Olympia, Wash, 
Jackson, Cal, 
Helena, Mont. 
Portland, Or. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
GoM Hill, Nev. 
Monrovia, Cal. 
Wallace, Idaho 
Battle Mountain, Nev, 
Spokane Falls, Wasli. 
Tombstone, Ariz, 
Silver City, X, M, 
Brownwood, Texas 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Mount Idaho, Idaho 
Lugonia, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal, 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal, 
Los Angeles, Cal, 
Los Angeles, Cal, 
Colusa, Cal, 
Denver, Colo, 
San Diego, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo, 
Buflfalo, Wyo, 
Beaver City, Utah 
San Jose, Cal, 
Helena, Mont, 
San Jose, Cal. 
Helena, Mont, 
Phamix, Ariz, 
Ellensburg, Wash, 
San Diego, Cal, 
Dayville, Or. 

TRY GRANDMA'S DELIGHT JAPAN TEA: put up in 1 pouud round canisters only 
Ask your Grocer for it. MAU, SADLER A CO., Sole Proprietors 



Mussell, Jake; Stock-raiser 

Nadeau, Geo. A.; Rancher 

Naglee, Miss Marie 

Nelson, George: Real Estate 

Xesmith, T. L. ; Banker 

Xewlands, T. J.; Physician 

Newman. G. 0.; Engineer 

Xewmark, M. H. ; Merchant 

Nicholson, Dan W. ; Attorney 

Nicols, J. G. : Capitalist 

Nolan, Geo. N.: Real Estate 

Noland, George; Attorney 

Noon, .John -T. : Mining 

Norton, J. <t.; Viticulturist 

Norton, 0. 0.; Farmer 

Noi'ton, E. S. : Farmer 

Norton, D. C. ; Man. Land and Water Co. 

Gates, J. W. ; Attorney 

OTBrian, Morris; Capitalist 

O'Brien, J. D. 

Obiston, F. F. ; Mining Supt. 

Obiston, F. F.; Mining Supt. 

O'Connell, Eugene; Catholic Clergyman 

O'Connor, Thomas M.; Banker 

O'Connor, J. W.; Physician 

O'Connor, Myles P. : Farmer 

Odle, James 

O'Neill, William 0. ; Journalist 

Orchard, G. F. : Banker 

Ormsby, O. C. ; Pliysician 

Ornelas, P., M. D. ; Mexican Consul 

Ostrander, .John Y. ; Attorney 

Packard, C. A,; Real Estate 

Padgitt, Mrs Kate Ross 

Paine, Sumner; Farmer 

Paine, C; Real Estate 

Parchen, H. M. ; Merchant 

Parish, J. L. ; Clergyman 

Parks, J. F. ; Mining Supt. 

Parkhurst, W. A. ; Real Estate and Ins. 

Parkhurst, A. L. ; Real Estate 

Parsons, R. J. 

Patten, L. B. 

Patterson, T. M. : Attorney 

Patton, S. E. ; Contractor 

Paul, R. H. 

Paul, Samuel 

Caldwell, Idaho 
Florence, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
EUensburg, Wash. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Eagle Pass, Texas 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Astoria, Or. 
Nogales, Ariz. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Lodi, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Temecula, Cal. 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Las Vegas, N. M. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Idaho Springs, Idaho 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Victoria, Texas 
Salida, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Mt. Idaho, Idaho 
Prescott, Ariz. 
NTew Tacoma, Wash. 
Logan, Utah 
San Antonio, Texas 
Seattle, Wash. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Waco, Texas 
Meridian, Cal. 
Poway, Cal. 
Helena, Mont. 
Salem, Or. 
Amador City, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Luis Obispo, Cal. 
Woodbridge, Cal. 
Caldwell, Idaho 
Denver, Colo. 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Tuscon, Ariz. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

How pleasant after the Theater or an Evening Partv to be able to offer your guests a 
retiring. MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 



Pauly, A. ; Real Estate 

Pearson, Henry H. ; Arcadia Hotel 

Pearson, William C. 

Pearcy, Edmond 

Pellit, H. A.; Viticulturist 

Percival, D. T.; Banker 

Perkins, A. O. ; Real Estate 

Perkins, J. N. ; Physician 

Perry, Benj. F.; Physician 

Personne, S. ; Catholic Clergyman 

Peshine, I. H. H. ; Post Treasurer 

Peters, T. W. 

Petsch, A.; Farmer 

Pettibone, Jay 

Pfouts, W. (t,; Mining 

Phipps, S. C. 

Pierce, John B. 

Pinney, James A, 

Pitman, James M. ; Searcher Records 

Piutti, William; Professor of Music 

Pleasants, James M. 
Pomeroy, FT. E. ; Real Estate 
Pomeroy, A. E. ; Real Estate 

Pond, H, M.: Physician 

Porter, B.; Merchant 

Porter, R. S. 

Potts, J. W. ; Real Estate 

Powell, E. M.: Civil Engineer 

Powning, C. C. 

Prather, Wm. T. ; Farmer 

Pratt, William; Fruit-Clrower 

Preble, C. S. ; Ex-Surveyor General 

Prefontaine, F. X.; Catholic Pastor 

Pressly, J. O. ; District Judge 

Price, W. C. ; Mining Operator 

Price, W. E. ; Farmer 

Prim, P. ; Superior Judge 

Preston, W. B.; Bishop 

Preuss, E. A.; Postmaster 

Proctor, E. C. ; Artesian \Ve\U 

Prouty, C. C; Farmer 

(i>uiggle, V. S. ; Farmer 

(^linby, S. J.; Physician 

Raas, Joseph C. ; Merchant 

Ragsdale, Prof. P. C; Supt. Public Schools 

Ramsilen, Charles H.; Banker 

Rand, Jasper 

San Diego, Cal. 

Santa Monica, Cal. 

Grangeville, Idaho 

Lewiston, Idaho 

St. Helena, Cal. 

Cheney, Wash. 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Pomeroy, Wash. 

Aspen, Colo. 

Las Vegas, N. M. 

Fort Mojave, Ariz. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Cucamonga, Cal. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Butte City, Mont. 

Modesto, Cal. 

Boise City, Idaho 
Boise City, Idaho 

San Jose, Cal. 

Ontario, Cal. 

Winters, Cal. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

St. Helena, Cal. 
Salinas, Cal. 
Cameron, Texas 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Dallas, Texas 

Reno, Nev. 
Linden, Cal. 

St. Helena, Cal. 
Reno, Nev. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Santa Rosa, CaL 
Tuscarora, Nev. 
Franktown, Nev. 
Jacksonville, Or. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Jacinto, Cal. 
lone, Cal. 
< ialt, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
San Angelo, Texas 
Brownwood, Texas 
Oakland, Cal. 
Boise City, Idaho 

H. O. WILBUR & SON'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ak|£ your Grocer for thera. .MAU SADLER ACQ., racifle Const Agents. 



Raverdy, JohnD. ; Catholic Pastor 

Rayuolds, J.; Journalist 

Reaves, Thomas; Real Estate and Jeweler 

Reed, Charles B. ; Druggist 

Reed, D, C. ; Real Estate 

Reid, William; Banker 

Reel, A. H. 

Renton, William; Sawmill Owner 

Reynolds, Merick; Lumber Merchant 

Reynolds, J. ; Physician 

Rhea, James; Dentist 

Rhodes, P. J. ; County Recorder 

Rice, John C. ; Farmer 

Richards, F. S. 

Richards, C. J. ; Real Estate Owner 

Rickey, T. B. ; Stock-raiser 

Riebold, J. 

Riggins, G. A.; Pha»*macist 

Rimpan, Theo. ; Merchant 

Ringer, L. M. ; Merchant 

Rives, Henry: Attorney 

Robards, W. C; Clerk, U. 8. Dist. Court 

Roberts, George W. : Real Estate 

Robertson, James; Farmer 

Robinson, H. ; Catholic Pastor 

Robinson, Mrs M. 8. M. 

Robinson, W. 0.; Farmer 

Robinson, W. E. ; Real Estate 

Robinson, Lyman 

Roder, Henry; Capitalist 

Rogers, W. W. ; Grand Master Odd Fellows 

Rogers, W. E. ; Real Estate 

Roller, William W. 

Romero, Rafael; Merchant 

Rooney, John; Fai-mer 

Rose, Aron; Capitalist 

Rose, Innis E. ; Attorney 

Ross, John E. 

Rossen, Mrs H. J. 

Routt, John L. 

Rowe, William H. 

Rourk, J. A. ; Capitalist 

Rowell, C. ; Physician 

Rowland, Albert; Farmer 

Rowland, William R. ; Capitalist 

Russ, George W. ; Capitalist 

Russell, C. W. C. ; Attorney 

Denver, Colo. 
Las Vegas, X. ^L 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
EUensburg, Wash. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Portland, Or. 
Chey*>une, Wyo. 
Port Blakely, Wash. 
San Pedro, Cal. 
Salem, Or. 
Denison, Texas 
Mt. Idaho, Idaho 
Salinas, Cal. 
Ogden, Utah 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Carson City, Xev, 
Warren, Idaho 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Anaheim, Cal. 
Almota, Wash. 
Eureka, Xev. 
San Antonio, Texas 
National City, Cal. 
Linden, Cal. 
Leadvillc, Colo. 
Col. Springs, Colo. 
Stockton, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Canon City, Colo. 
Whatcom, Wash. 
Elko, Nev. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Salida, Colo. 
La Cueva, N. M. 
Perkins, Cal. 
Roseburg, Or. 
Myrtle Point, Or. 
Jacksonville, Or. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
San Diego, Cal. 
Fresno, Cal. 
Puente, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Antonio, Texas 
San Bernardino, Cal. 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no equal. Smoke them 
and see for voursel f . 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Russell, William H. ; Farmer 

Russell, "W. H. H.; Attorney-at-Law 

Ryder, George W. ; Jeweler 

Ryland, C. T. ; Capitalist 

Ryerson, George; Governor 

Sadler, R.; Merchant 

Sampson, A. B, 

Sanders, W. F. 

Sargent, Cyrus R.; Vineyardist 

Savage, James; Farmer 

Scheld, Pliilip; Brewer 

Schmidt, J., Jr. 

Schmitt, George H. ; Physician 

Schneider, L. ; Farmer 

Schneider, C. P.; Merchant 

Schorn, L. ; Real Estate 

Schroeder, J. B. 

Schryoer, A. C; Merchant 

Scofield; Farmer 

Scott, Joseph; Stock -raiser 

Scott, Robert 

Scott, W. M. ; Tax Collector 

Scott, E. B. ; Real Estate 

Scott, Henry; Farmer 

Scott, Chalmers 

Scribner, C. I.; Editor 

Seaton, T. H.; Capitalist 

Sewall, J. A. ; Prof. State University 

Seymour, S. E. ; Lumber 

Sharp, J. P.; Farmer 

Shaw, T. C; Farmer 

Shaw, T. C. ; County Judge 

Shelby, W. S. 

Sheldon, Lionel A.; (rovernor 

Sheldon, A. Z.; Attorney 

Shelton, L. D. W. ; Manager Lumber Mill Co. 

Shelton, J. M. ; Co. Commissioner 

Shepard, EliT. ; Vineyardist 

Shepherd, Jesse; Capitalist 

Shippj-, B. J.; Farmer 

Short, A. S. ; Physician 

Shortridge, C. M.; Journalist 

Shuler, J. J.; Physician 

Singleterry, E. C. ; Banker 

Singleterry, C. F. ; County Clerk 

Simmons, (i. L. ; Physician 

Simpson, S. P.; Banker 

Lintlen, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Ensenada, Lower Cal. 
Eureka, Nev. 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Helena, Mont. 
Minturn, Cal. 
Woodville, Or. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Carson City, Xev. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Redding, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Anaheim, Cal. 
Raton, N. M. 
San Antonio, Texas 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
Miles City, Mont. 
Show Low, Ariz. 
Sherman, Texas 
Encinitas, Cal. 
Salinas, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Pomona, Cal. 
Honey Grove, Texas. 
Boulder, Colo. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Ellensburg, Wash. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Salem, Or. 
Santa Fe, X. M. 
Santa Fe, X. M. 
Col. Springs, Colo. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Ellensburg, Wash. 
Glen Ellen, Cal. 
San Diego, Cal. 
Santa Clara, Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Raton, X. M. 
San Jose, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
Eagle Pass, Texas 

qnart and pint cans and one and a half pint 


Soups are put up for family use in 

glaKs jart*. 

DLEK A CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 




Simpson, Williain,-M. D. ; Physician 

Sisson, George H. ; Yice-Pres. Intnl. Co. 

Skinner, J. 1 ). ; County Treasurer 

Slater, M. H. ; Mining Supt. 

Slattery, M. 

Slaughter, W. B. ; Livestock 

Smith, William: Merchant 

Smith, Derwent H. 

Smith, E. G. ; Soda Manufacturer 

Smith, W. W.; Farmer 

Smith, Samuel C. : Capitalist 

Smith, Isador 

Smith, W, T. ; Merchant 

Smith, Mrs J. 

Smythe, Mrs J. H. 

Snyder, A. C: Cattleman 

Soule, Frank: Prof, in Cniversity 

Spalding, Jno. ; P^piscopal Bishop 

Sparks, John: Stock-raiser 

Spence, C. E. ; Ex-Mayor 

Spencer, Frank F,. ; Superior Judge 

Splawn, A. J. : Farmer 

Sprague, Otis: Railroad .Supt. 

Sprague, John W. 

Spring, T. W. ; Merchant 

Squire, W. C. ; U. S. Senator 

Stanford, Josiah: Capitalist 

Stanley, A. C; Physician 

Stanton, Irving M.; Postmaster 

Stapleton, G. W. 

Starkweather, Alfred; Farmer 

Stautfer, H. W. : Dentist 

Stayton, Jno. W. : Chief Justice, Sup. Ct. 

Stayton, R. W. ; Attorney 

Stead, J. H. : State Senator 

Steele, William L. : Pliysician 

Steele, B. W. : Journalist 

Stephens, R. D. ; Postmaster 

Stephens, J. L. : Physician 

Stephens, E. L. : Physician 

Stevens, J. H. ; Merchant 

Stephens, J. A.; District Attorney 

Stevens, James H. : Farmer 

Stevenson, E. J. 

Stewart, E. : Farmer 

Stewart, AV. M.; U. S. Senator 

Stoddard, Dr. C. B. ; Dentist 

San Jose, Cal. 
Ensenada, Lower Cal. 
Placerville, Cal. 
Leadville, Colo. 
La Cinta, X. M. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Monrovia, Cal. 
Santa Fe, X. M. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Vacaville, Cal. 
Carlsbad. Cal. 
Idaho City, Idaho 
Elko, Nev. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Chej'enne, Wyo. 
Berkeley. Cal. 
Denver, Colo. 
Georgetown, Texas 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
X. Yakima, Wash. 
New Tacoma, Wash. 
New Tacoma, Wash. 
San Jose. Cal. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Warm Springs, Cal. 
Sam's Valley, Or. 
PueLlo, Colo. 
Butte City, Mont. 
Farmington, Cal. 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Victoria, Texas 
Corpus Christi, Texas 
Salida, Colo. 
Helena, Mont. 
Col. Springs, Colo. 
.Sacramento, Cal. 
Boise City, Idaho 
Silver City, N. M. 
St. Helena. Cal. 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Ellensburg, Wash. 
Gold Hill, Nev. 
Dayville, Or. 
Gold Hill, Nev. 
Austin, Texas 

Chicken and Game PStes TruflBed, made in the French style by the FRANCO-AMERI- 
CAN FOOD CO.. will be found delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper. Ask 
your Grocer for them. MAU. SADLER «fe CO.. Pacific Coast Agents. 



Stone, T. X.; Educator 

Stone, C. P. ; Merchant 

Stone, W. F. 

Stone, M. X.; Attorney 

Stone, C. P.; Merchant 

Stout, J. C; Physician 

Strauss, C. M.; Supt. Instruction 

Street, Webster; Attorney 

Streeter, Rienzi; State Senator 

Striplin, S.; Horticulturist 

Strong, F. R.: Attorney 

Strong, Solomon, Sr. 

Stuart, Hon Granville; Merchant 

Sullivan, E. H.; Attorney 

Sullivan, Hon, James; Auditor 

Swan, Thomas 

Swan, A. H. 

Swanholni, Henry 

Swayne, Mrs Belle 

Syer, Robert; Farmer 

Sylvester, C. W.; Real J:state 
Symington, John; Physician 
Tabor, H. A. W.; Ex-Senator, U. S. 

Talmage, James E. 

Tarke, Louis; Farmer 

Tatum, F. J.; Merchant 

Taylor, S. W. 

Taylor, Henry T. ; Civil Engineer 

Teague, John 

Teller, H. M.; Ex-Secretary of Interior 

Temple, J. E. 

Tenney, H. B, ; Publisher 

Thatcher, W. F. : Physician 

Thatcher, Moses 

Thatcher, John A. 

Thomas, W. W.; Real Estate 

Thomas, P. R., Supt. Insane Asylum 

Thombs, P. R.; Physician 

Thompson, John; Farmer 

Thompson, E. W, 

Thompson, I). P.; Banker 

Thompson, Jesse E. ; Physician 

Thomson, W, F, ; Horticulturist 

Thorne, William; Bishop 

Threadgill, John; Capitalist 

Thurlow, rieorge M. 

Tibliitts, W. B. ; Farmer 

Elko, Xev, 
Seattle, Wash. 
Denver, Colo. 
Virginia City, Nev. 
Seattle, Wash. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Phcenix, Ariz. 
Longmont, Colo. 
Valley Center, Cal 
Portland, Or. 
Woodland, Wash. 
Fort Maginnis, Mont. 
Colfax, Wash. 
Helena, Mont. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
(?he3'enne, Wyo. 
Rocky Bar, Idaho 
National City, Cal. 
San Jose, Cal. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Santa Fe, N. M. 
Denver, Colo. 
Provo City, Utah 
West Butte, Cal, 
Fort Worth, Texas 
Hudson, N. M. 
Pomona, Cal. 
Victoria, B. (.'. 
Denver, Colo. 
Chico Springs, X. M. 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Dallas, Texas 
Logan, Utah 
Pueblo, Colo. 
Escondido, L. Cal. 
Pueblo, Texas 
I'ueblo, Colo. 
Woodbridge, Cal. 
Beaver City, Utah 
Portland, Oi. 
Las Cruces, N. M. 
Bernardo, Cal. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Taylor, Texas 
Yuma, Ariz. 
Ontario, (.'al. 

RICHARD80N & ROBHI.\.S' Honed thickou, Turkev. Cooked Hhio. Rolled i)x 
ToiiKTie, Curried Oyster- nnd Fowl, Plum Pudding "aud Potted Meats; to be had 
of all firMt-elH.Ms (;rocerh. MAU, SADLER A CO., Pacitic Coast Agents. 



Tibbitts, George W. 

Tillman, E. M. ; Physician 

Tisdale, W. D. : Banker 

Todd, Robert B. 

Torreyson, J. D. ; District Attorney 

Trahern, U. W. ; Capitalist 

Trenchard, C. J. ; County Clerk 

Tre welly n, W. H. H. 

Trezevant, J. T. , Jr. : Banker 

Tritle, F, A.; Governor 

Tnillinger, J. C. ; Mayor 

Tubbs, Silas; Farmer 

Tucker, E. P. 

Tullidge, Edw. W. 

Turner, D. McNeill; District Attorney 

Tustiu, Mrs Mary 

Utt, Lysander; Merchant 

Van Zandt, Mrs F. 8. 

Van Alstine, J. R.; Farmer 

Vanderhurst, William; Merchant 

Van Gasken, William 

Van Scoy, Thomas; Pres. Willamette Univ. 

Vickers, J. V. 

Violett, J. W.; Farmer 

Voorhees, A. C. ; Attorney -at-Law 

Wallace, Joseph; Capitalist 

Wallis, Talbot H.; State Librarian 

Walker, J. H. ; Farmer 

W^arburton, Joseph; Bishop 

Warfield, Mrs Kate 

Waring, George S.; Fruit-grower 

Warner, Wm. ; Farmer 

Warner, H. C. ; Raisin-grower 

Warren, F. E. ; Governor 

Waters, Frank A.; Livestock 

Weaks, W. P.; Vineyardist 

Weatherby, A. J.; Farmer 

Webb, G. W. ; State Treasurer 

Weber, G. 

Webster, D. J.; Attorney 

Weedin, Thos. F. 

Welch, C. H. ; Capitalist 

Wells, E. W. ; Mining Operator 

Whalley, J. W. ; Attorney 

Whipple, J. C. 

Whitcomb, E. W. 

White, Gov. B. F. ; Governor 

Squak, Wash. 
Dallas, Texas 
San Jose, Cal. 
Phcenix, Ariz. 
Carson City, Xev. 
Stockton, Cal. 
Astoria, Or. 
Las Cruces, X. M. 
Dallas, Texas 
Prescott, Ariz. 
Astoria, Or. 
lone, Cal. 
Dillon, Mont. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Corpus Christi, Texas 
Tustiu City, Cal. 
Santa Ana, Cal. 
Menlo Park, Cal. 
Ellensburg, Wash. 
Salinas, Cal. 
Miles City, Mont. 
Salem, Or. 
Tombstone, Ariz, 
lone, Cal. 
Raton, X. M. 
Pasadena, Cal. 
Sacramento Cal. 
Pataha City, Wash. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Glen Ellen, Cal. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Saratoga, Cal. 
Fresno, Cal. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
St. Helena, Cal. 
Weatherbys, Or. 
Salem, Or. 
Moscow, Idaho 
Elko, Xev. 
Florence, A. T. 
Taj'lor, Texas 
Prescott, Ariz, 
Portland, Or. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Dillon, Mont. 

MATTONI'3 GIESSHUBLER. The Empress of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of all Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



White, Stephen M.; Lieut. -Governor 

Whitehill, H. H.; Sherifif 

Whitney, A. L. ; Real Estate 

Whittier, Mrs. A. M. 

-Wilcox, A. W. ; Physician 

Williams, Mat; Farmer 

Williams, Ben 

Williams, W. L. ; Attorney 

Williams, D. B. ; Farmer 

Williams, E. 

Williams, George H. ; Attorney 

Willis, Henrj'^ W. ; Judge 

Wilson, E. H. 

Wilson, Mrs B. D. 

Wilson, B. F. ; Mining Operator 

Wise, H. A.; Farmer 

^^'ithers, G. G. ; Journalist 

Witmer, H. C. ; Real P^state 

Wood, Chas. B. 

Wood, Fremont; Attorney 

Wood, F. L. ; Farmer 

Woodmansee, Chas.; Capitalist 

Wooldridge, A. P.; Banker 

Wrathall, James; Stock-raiser 

Wren, Thos. ; Attorney 

Yerrington, H. M.; Gen'l Supt. V. & T. R. R. 

Yesler, H. L. ; Banker 

York, W. E. ; Vineyardist 

Yorkum, B. F. ; Genl Mgr. S. A. & A. P. R. R. 

Young, J. W. 

Young, C. S. ; Ex-State Supt. Pub. Inst. 

Zeiger, Charles; Merchant 

Zulick, C. M. ; Governor 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Silver City, N. M. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Riverside, Cal. 
Laredo, Texas 
Salinas, Cal. 
Bisbee, Ariz. 
Dallas, Texas 
Pataha City, Wash. 
Carson, Nev. 
Portland, Or. 
San Bernardino, Cal. 
Benicia, Cal. 
San Gabriel, Cal. 
Galena, Nev. 
Pomeroy, Wash. 
Pueblo, Colo. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Grangeville, Idaho 
Boise City, Idaho 
Dayville, Or. 
Ogden, Utah 
Austin, Texas 
Grants ville, Utah 
Eureka, Nev. 
Carson City, Nev. 
Seattle, Wash. 
St. Helena, Cal, 
San Antonio, Tex. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carson City, Nev. 
Albuquerque, N. M. 
Prescott, Ariz. 

KELLY'S KEY WEST JIAVANA CIGARS have beeu sold in this market for 

over ten years. A sufficient gruarantee that they are the Best on the market 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 





V^>^V^^i.XiV>^ XWJ LI L^ California 

Scenic Route 





CROSS the bay b}- fast and steamers, to Sausalito, 
a distance of six miles, passing Black Point, Alcatraz and 
Angel Island, with a view of Fort Point, the Golden Gate and 
ocean bcN'ond. Connecting with train at Sausalito, the route 
runs along Richardson's Bay, skir.ting Mouat Tamalpais, 
through the 'c'hannirig'''feosB Valley to Sail Anselmo Station, 
where trains connect with San Rafael (the suburban home of 
San Francisco's merchants, capitalists and professional men); 
on, over White's Hill (a spur of Mount Tamalpais), winding and 
doubling up many hundreds of feet, showing one of the most wonderful 
pieces of engineering skill in railroading, crossing over into San 
Geronimo Valley follows the picturesque windings of the Lagunitas 
and Paper Mill Creeks through the Redwoods where Camp Taylor is 
situated, the paradise of campers and picnickers, thence along the 
beautiful shores of Tomales Bay( i6 miles), it then enters the well-known 
agricultural country surrounding Tomales and Valley Ford, passing on 
through the celebrated fruit vales of Sonoma County (the richest 
valleys in the Statej until it comes to Freestone, where begins the 
romantic scenery of the great Redwood Forests. Again winding and 
doubling up the mountain sides, at the grade of 120 feet to the mile, to 
Howards, then descending rapidly through the canons of Howards 
Creek to Russian River, along its rough and heavily timbered banks to 
Duncan's Mills, thence north tlirough the beautiful caiion of Austin 
Creek to Cazadero (the terminus), surrounded by scenery unequaled 
by anything of the kind in California, with the gigantic redwood forests 
in their primeval vastness and grandeur. 

^ ^^^^^jfe^^^^^i^(^^,,^^^^^;jPi^^>;g-j^^j^^l^^^^^:^j;gg>^^ijj^>j^»^^^N^ 


. geigpi)or?e3287 / 15 Polk St« \^e^^M^'''^g^/ ^ 

i ^^8^ ■ 



i»agpMBgggys8 w<g9»e»^ttg»s8g'!a<i^^»gg ags<g<i^S8gsft^g»»^^ 

¥ • • • 


y-maimd miOi 

Martell Cognac. 

Government Wine 

ts and SSBernes 

POmnQERY SEC Champagne. J 
Morgan. Bros., port St. Mary's Sherries 

Hungarian Wines from the Roj'al Hun 
Cellars at Budapest (Hungary). 

Dubos Freres, Bordeaux, Fine 

Dixon's Double Diamond Port. 

Greenlees Bros' Lome Highland \V 

Jameson's Irish Whiskies, Dublin, f^^, 

Fabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Exp^tt Beer 
Celebrated Select Blue I^ibbon Beer. 


'' °- ^"'^ '°' ^'^^ SAN FRANCIScb,-GAL 



! y. Espahol ? 
Voiis Frangais? 


Sprechen Sie Deutsche 
Parlate Italiano? 

School of Languages 


ti, French, German, Italian and Latin thoroughly and rapidlv taug ht. ^C lasses and 
'nvate Lessons. Thorough Instruction. For circulars or information apply to 

CHAS. H. SYKES, Principal 










br Sale by all First-class Wine Merchants and Grocers 


Sole Agent for Pacific Coast 

123 California. St., SAX KraNCISCO 


Butler, ^oaet^map or House ^^ruapt 


J: F. Crosett & Go's Employment Agency 


No. 202 Stockton Street No. 628 Sacramento Street 





Manufacturer an J Iniponer of the 

Choicest French Candies, Fruit 
Glace and Maroons^ the Latest Nov- 
elties in Candies and Bon 'Bons at 
this Establishment. 

Candies put up in Tin Boxes^ to be sent by Mall or Express 

mi.AN B.:i,Dz.o S2,A Market St. 


Full Assortment of FANCY BASKETS and BONBONEIR BOXES always ou hand 

Try a Glass of Haas' Delicious Ice Cream Scdi 






Established 1856 

The Family Dining-Room connected with our establishment offers the best 
inducements to Eastern visitors who are in search of a quiet, elegantly 
appointed Restaurant, of undoubted excellence. 

Overland Lunches Carefully Prepared. Wedding Breakfasts a Specialty. 

' 213 Slitter St., San Francisco 


Surgeon Dentists 



In the way of Cosmetics we know of 
nothing which equals 


This admirable preparation improves 
and preserves the cuticle to a degree which 
is absoluteU- astonishing. Society ladies, 
who take a proper degree of pride in their 
personal appearance, use it exclusively, 
and the dressing-table of no boudoir can 
be considered complete if Dickey's Creme 
de Lis is not found on it. Its constant use 
will render any skin soft and beautiful. 

Sold by All Druggists 




ressn|aK^iqQ rar^ioP3 
14 GRUNT rniENUE City of Paris Buildin, 

Rooms 69 and 70. Entrance, Room 70 

Particular attention Paid to Fitting and Stvles to suit Customers 
Also, Corsets Fitted to the Figure 


hnpjrters and Dealers i>t 




Bet. MoHtgomiry and Kearny 

Sail Francisco, Cal, 

Manufacturers of Monuments. Headstone?. 

Mantel Pieces, Plumbers' Stones, Table 

and Counter Tops, Imposing-Stones 

Etc. At Lowest Cash Prices 




FINE EUROPEAN PAINTINGS From the Principal Art Galleries 

Etchings and Engravings, Statuar3^ Bric-a-Brac Ornaments 
Mirrors, Picture Frames 

San Francisco 
Portland, Or. 

581-583 Market St. 




MAY I,. CHKNi:V f ., 
WARRl-IN CHENHVi ^'^nagers 

Ssxn prQnelseo, Cal. 

HE p)urpo<5)e of tKe pacific coast bureau of 

EDUCATION i<S) to £'urni/:S>f\ thoroughly qualified 
Teachers to Schools and Families. ©IRe rnanaCfer/" €)ofH 

(^oFFege (^racjuafc/, Ra^^e a ooicje acquainrance amooo' 
coffege 6reel men anb coomen. 

An experience of nearly three years in placing Teachers 

has developed their dlscrinDination and judgment. 



rReref*ore preparecj to recomme"f2b ooitFi conPislence 
Principals and Professors foh I^ornrjal Schools, Colleges and 
Academies, Public School Teachers of all Grades, Governesses 
Resi dent and V is iting . ©J^eij a?ii>o recommeric| (i)|e)Cciaf irHt) 
In aFF elepartmentr^ of (#n/frucfioa, incFucJIno' Elocution, 

Apt, music. Ancient and Modern Lianguages. ISarKTUaqe 

©JeacftertS) ooiFF 6e e^amir^ei. 6^ competent jacjaef^) of 
pronunciation a n cj accent. PePerencei^) in^eariaSFv 
requiresl. JMo charge to those desiring Teachers f< 
of Bureau. 

ror services 




Ilo\. IIORACK DAVIS, President University of Californi.i 
kl(,ll I RHV. \VM. INCRAJIAM KIP. Hishop of Californi.i 


MRS. S H. (.AMUI.I-; MR. R|( HARD 

Ri:v I 1)\\ ARI) H. CmR( II DR. S. II. WII.I 

IIO.N. IRA (.. IIOITT, State Su|ierinten<lent Public Instruction 








Jt^e (T\a<^<^ioT)i prapeeseo (Jloues 

Formerly handled by P. CENTEMERI & CO- 

Nouv For Sale toy the Sole Ag^eiits 

<? SoHfiEHBEt^G 8t Co. ^ 

906 /r\arKet: Street, pear StoeKtop 

Opp. Flood Building. S. F. 
il Orders Promptly Attended Xo 




A Select Boarding and Day School 
i^or Voian^ Lvaciies 

Tliirteenth Year. Fifteen J'rofessors and 
Teachers. Every home comfort and care. 
Private assistance to rapid and thorough 
advancement. Full Academic Course. 
Ancient and Modern Languages, \'ocal 
and Instrumental Music, Drawing and 
Painting. For Catalogue or inK)rni.i- 
tion, address 



1036 Valencia St. San Francisco 


— ^''^ — VTV — rr— -~wi — vsv — 

Eighteenth Year. Nineteen Trofessors and Teachers. Kindergarten, Primary, Inter- 
mediate and College Preparatory Departments. Best Methods of Instruction 
employed, thorough Scholarship exacted. Buildings inviting and 
comfortable. Grounds amole and attractive. 

MRS. R. G, KNOX, Proprietor 

MRS. W. B. HYDE, Principal 



I 1606 Van Ness Ave., S. F. $ 

• • 

Special Courses for Students Preparing for College. Certi- 
ficates of Admission can be Granted to vasSEir, 
Wellesley and Smith Colleges. Primarv Depart- 
ment in Connection with the School 

T. "W. BREE 




80A ivARKiN strh:e:x 

Banios Guitars, Mandolins and Drums manufactured to order; 1st prize Silver Me<li 
■■ ' Mechanics' Fair, 18k:>, 1HK6, lKh7. 



Importer of 

Latest Styles 
of Stationerv 

10/ Montgomery St., opp. Occidental Hotel, 


NBW BOOKS ''HSi;;?., 


^.,, Special Attention 

'"^ given to 

Wedding and Msiting Cards 


NEAR POST 224 Stockton Street, 


For all Adjustable 

Dress aM Siirt Forms -- 


S. F. 

MADE TO 1 )?>!)£ R 

The Studabecker Tailor Square 
for Dress Cutting 

Lessons given and PERFECT PATTERNS 
cut to measure 



9 A. M. TO 5 P. M. 

H. T. CouiiSON 


850 MARKET ST., cor. Stockton, opp. 4th St. 
San ppaneiseo 


p. O. BOX, 2473 


\ S \ \ \ \ \ \ S \ \ \ \ \ N 


(» 9 




V \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 




\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 


Galifomia pire Worlds Co. 




SPECIAL PIECES FOR EXHIBITION to order at short notice 


— -N \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ r 





M '/ I "i 17 1 5" 1 3 \ I I 3.\ t~{ L \ i \ ici \ n \ I -i ] /(>' 

u,] it] J 





Bancroft's History Building. S. F. 



Copying Old Photos Made a Specialty st^fb>^o1?own'lrd^^^^^^^ °' 
Cra3'on, Water Colors, Porcelains, Etc., relsonawf rates^^ ^^^ """^^ 
Our Photos, Boudoir, Cabinets, # 6x lO fo'^^l^i^r"'^'^" '''"'''' 

Don't Fail to Give us a Call 





Or A. 0). Hasleliursl 

(Office ^oitv». 

5Mo linitb 1 to.-i 337 Ceary St., eor, 



W. CLARK & CO. »z;S. 


Foreign f^^^ American Wall Paper 

Interior Decorators and Manufacturers of Window Shades 

653 Market Street, San Francisco, California 


AOE ru 

(VI A o K 



/jV full is LErr hand glovi: 

Branch Icr Facilic Coast 
108 110 

Post Street 



Evening Gloves a Specialty 

First Quality Gloves Fitted if Desired 

x.i^r^tiP. je,.i6i js^- / / y / y J x ■/ v*1 


o<] eDucsciX)n [>o oC] for propic 1>o 





C .A D E iVI ^ 

rT, B, HID RC ESTER, Principal 



Associate Principal Associate Principal 


First class, centrally located, well e(|uippe(l. full corps 

(<f Teathers. All ])raticlies l)elonuing to 

the Modern Business CoUej^e. 

Skxu kok Circulak . ■ 

f t y 'y/xj/yyy//y 

/ y y J J 







iCO^^AHYi^ NINTH g^ I 


^HRS. fl?. piiUm W ©o. 

ine oarpeliags "^ ^ 

JLlegaal U pKolslery 
^ • ^ I?^ich Jfurailu" 


1301-1307 Market St., Cor. 9th 

San Francisco, Cal. 



Silks and Tailot^s' Goods 

532 mflHKET STf^EET 
San ppaneiseo 


piorist ai)d Decorator Ladies' and Gents' Shoes 




lla- nil llaml the Fiiu-st Stock of l-iulies' 
aud Cn'iits' J<oots iind Shoes 


335 BUSH ST. 



3 C 


1 [IZl 

• Dl 



Redfern House 

221 F*ost Street San Kraracisco, Cal. 

De Saville 

Ladies' Tailor and Dressmaker 

True London-Cut Riding Habits and Suits 





Physicians' Prescriptions a Specialty 

All the Latest Novelties in Perfumery 
Val. Schmidt's Famous Sachet Powders 

will last two years 

238 Kearny Street 








u5 n: 11? iiijiss.ij; 




26t|23;|2s3'2sj sxc^- 


33;'® 231 320 32 32i 

337 ^ 341 34C ,34;. 347 

353^!C9 37; laZi 37.1 


i2i,02i,5£3 021 510:517 


j29'53l523 53,=-537;530 

OirjalSiOli 0C05C7 5C5 


i27.^G20iG31 033jC; 
^•n'ri>.r.-,»5'.-j:o .-, 

en 1)09 iCCj|co5 jscs, osa . 

6t5 677618 (>a,oa; 

) i ' ! t 

31 li0,127,l?0 123 ly 



2-10 ij..' 2j. 2o'. 2iji 2i"" 

n 15 17 

-33 LSI 1 29 J 27 j 2: 

vl jUii 1U> 

S3 31 TO 

07 1 CO j] 

I ( i I 


■"I I I" I J~ 

175 273 ,271200.207 2'... 

■i , t . I ■ 

, I I . ■ 
;>?! StC 305.307 .j-OC 311 

2.- 321 31? ii: ,315,31 
i I ! I I 

371 30'. %Ti3G5 303 3C1 

I I I 1 ■ 

35:339 401 403 405,40: 
^1 >■ i I I 


^„4l;415 •tl3 411 40r 
445 447 44r 451 ,453 455 


iO7 4C0 403,401-450.45: 

Jy3,495197 401' uOl ;>03 

aISoI3 51150C''507 5C5 

511 54." 34C,547 540 551 

503 501 550 557 555,553 

(. Ti I 1 

530 50J.5!i2,525507,500 

15i IM 104 lOilGC 15; 
' f_ I 

200,266 270 272:274 j270 

16 14 

31 3-: 


.2C11S lie 114 m in 

le; 124 120 i2i 13<. 1:: 

t ("I I i ,1 

i:C,17i ir4,170jl7S,lSC 

.1 I ( I I,, 

^ 214 21; 21CJi;c 20" 
_ ■ i I I ( 

::fi2u 222224 22c 225 
i.O4-'02,2CO,25i "50,254 



3!-t,3:o'3i6 320 322,324 

SCO 35fc ,350 354 iJ52 '350 


} t C » , 

imi3Q9,a3r!6a5;uQ3 6o: 

037'G35,fli;(HS 045:64; 

-'59,057 iCS.^053 ,651 ,04; 

II i I I 

r;S5.0S7 liS9'C01,0y>J o'J; 

I I ! I I 

5 72;" 70 <wl6G 04! 6-; 

d yj;oi72lsc 









so 15S4;_3402'4:>4'i00'-l0i 

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I I I I I 

302,3(H'3«; 35S37C 372 
I 1^1 ■ 

40:4a3 4<»4ir.;400,39S 

. i I 1 I, 

:ii 4:-J4M416 4l3 42t- 

■ 1 I I I 

I I . M 


. , , I i 

D04i02 500 49s4'JC4t4 
I I 

5W 5CS 510,512 514 51C 

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2. 550 5431540,544 54: 

I r I I I 

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554 -jyC ,55ej5^ 502 5&H 

oOU 5» 590 5P4 502 5£i 

• I M 


, , , I ( 


•Mi 546 <H4 wlC vHi, 03S 

65C'052 054 .6551051 000 
I I I I I 
I I 1 I..I . 

C0C094 <392'o*C'lt<t 'Je- 
I i i i l_ 

■ I I r 

Eg; 5S 50 54 

;6!SS so 82. 



105100,104102 100 9S 

;*i4a0 13fH(.)14i!l 

150;l*l.l5L15y 14S140 

!S'^164'1SL l?t latnOi 

I ' 

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204 2!/. 2CO 19S 1501104 




I l~( I f 

232 250 2iS 240:2l4-24: 

M "I I 

t I- T 

27e2S02S2 2J!4 2S<32c; 
t t . I I I 

I t I . 
30O 2W230 29-i,29i:,29',i 


320 326,330 i32!3.'M,:i30 

470 472,474 476 47s 4Si- 

34S34CS44 34234C;a'K 

374 37C37b,3b<;3i:^,3&i 

I I M I 

305 30^392 3^,355 ate 


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4-"J4'..4-t2C426 43C43L 


44-» 442 440 43i -«3C ^3^ 


I M I 

;iS 52t: 522 524 J2c 525 

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540 5St53C oa4,632 530 

! MM ! 

5CC,5Sc 570 572 574 57'- 

I I- i I I 

M I M 

5Si 5^' 5«,5Ki,5*,a7S 
I I I M 

, i M I 
Ofi»lC,01i 02^^022,024 

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030,634 032,030 026 026 

I I M 

liCl ,0C4 €0C v»Os ,6(0 

C54 liol OSC-070 C7C 





.d5 '''" 

l,cO ' 






^, - ■ 









I/T)port(^r ai7<d /T\ar7ufaetur(^r of 

Cents' Furnishing Goods, Underwear, 

Cloves, Handkerchiefs, Collars, etc. 

Copnen Market and ThiPd Sts. 



Box D 



82 IW 





M \ an 





128 'l»i IM 




13V ! 132 I3i 




liulns 176 




lo:; iw i8«lis«{i» 


2J2 J30 ■£i»iii6\ iJtl 


■2M -Ua \M 240 1 242 


251 1 282 1 2')0 


2«.; 25* : 2-JO 




— ^»R. LORYEA^S — 

New Hammam Baths 


2fg POST STREET ^^^- I^"PO"^ and Stockton Sts. 

Best Turkish^ Russian and Medicated Bath House on the Coast 

5;nrtlo Rahh <ti r\c\ Gents' Department Open Dav and Night 
ir>9ie tJacp, :>I.OO i^adies admitted from s a. 9 p. m 

Good Bed All Night and Bath, only One Dollar 




tmi EI 

KllSllsTu] |253,25i:2<9-J47 £ 45243] 

ji>!»|iaib33,'23o2S :S39^i41j 

ki2 240238-236234)23i|230J 


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Jl75;i73i:h69'l6:|165il63| }l64 106163 170.1 72;i74:iTf' J76 | 781^^2184 j 86 



96 94 92,90 33 


10010* lIMl |106;10S 

109UVllJll5:iU'n9il2 li [l2312M27129iai|13^li] |>^;^'l32130:i2ei26:iij] 1122:120113,110,114^^3 






4:9 FIRST ST. 














117 47 


Proprietors of the Celebrated 


A HouKeopjitiiic Family Meilitiuf Case slioiild ;x' in cverv 
household. The price niiiges from |»i.0(» to :}!^.">.00, iuchirtiiii: 
book. A 7') ])a.sre book, triviiiv: explieit outline of Ilouueopatliv 
mailed free on a])]ilication. 

Business Established in 1870 

55 57 ."i9 61 B3 

2ol]262|^G3}2C4 5()5p66|2a7 268pG«'27o|27l|27l|;73|g74]275J276 277 

M ^ 

































157 155 153 iro 149 

133 135;i.T7 [139|141|U3|145|U 

p<p93 26gJ20lJ290p89^28»^287;2SCJ2g6J284pB3|g S2|28l!2So|279J279[ 







1461144 142 

140 128|136 

249 251 253 255 257 , 259 

:',23 322 321 320 

1 ^ 1 ? 1 \ 1 

319 318,317,316 315 314 313 312 


366 256 254 253 

324' .•',25! 326 1327 1 328 1 329 1330 

331 1 332:333 

'346 344 

343 342 341 340 339 

338 337 

S36 335 


S46 347 

848 349 

3511362 353 













Embracing Names and Addresses of Reliable and 

Prominent Houses, Classified under 

Appropriate Business Headings 

Agrricultural Implements 

Byron Jackson, 625 Sixth 

Thomas H. B. Varney, 42-44 Fremont 

Ale and Porter 

J. F. Buruell, 519 Sacramento 
Sherwood & Sherwood, •212-214 Market 
William Wolff & Co., 105 Front 

Altering and Kepairing 

A. V. Heuko. 685 Sutter 

Amusement — Places of 

Alcazar Theater, 116 O'Farrell 
Baldwin Theater, 932-936 Market 
Bush Street Theater, 325 Bush 
Chinese Theater, 626 Jackson 
Chinese Theater, Grand, 814 Washington 
Chinese Theater, New, 623 Jackson 
Chinese Theater, Royal, 836 Washington 
Grand Opera House, X s Mission, bet. 

Third and Fourth 
Orpheum, S s O'Farrell, bet. Stockton 

and Powell 
Panorama, cor. Market and Tenth 
Panorama. SW cor. Eddv and ^lason 
Standard Theater, 320 Bush 
Tivoli Opera House, 28-32 Eddy 
Woodward's Gardens, Mission, bet. Thir- 
teenth and Fourteenth 

Art Galleries 

S. & G. Gump, 581 Market 

San Francisco Art Association. 430 Pine 

Artificial Stone 

P. H. Jackson & Co.. 228-2.30 First 


Pacific Portrait Co.. T. J. O'Brien, Man- 
ager, 1221 Market 

Artists' Materials 

The Bancroft Company, 721 Market . 
T. J. Bass tt Co., 14 and 16 Ellis 


H. M. Xewhall & Co., 309-311 Sansome 

Awning Makers 

Xeville ct Co., 31 and 3:^ California 


W. K. Vanderslice & Co., 136 Sutter 


T. W. Bree, 804 Larkin 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRAXXO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MAU, SADLER &. CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Batliiiis: Suits 

.1. .1. rCister <>^- Co., TJO Snlt.T s(., room 4'.i 


I)r.Lurve)i, Klectric. Itussi;iii .iiul I inki^^li. 
■2\x Post 

Beds and lieddiii}; 

W. ct J. Slojuu' d- Co.. t;-l1-»i47 Miirket 
Charles ^[. Plum & Co. rpholstory Co.. 

Market and Niiitli 
F. S. ChadlxMinro i<: Co.. 7-41 Markot 

Kedding: Supplie.s 

A. V. Hcnko. (W.'t Sutter 

Beer — Lager 

Jones, Muudy & Co., Iri Front. Val Blatz's 
Celebrated Milwaukee " Weiner " and 
" Private Stock " (Red Ribbon) 

Bell Founders 

W. T. (iarratt & Co., Fremont and Xatoma 

Billiard Table ."\Iaiiufarturers 

The Brunswick-Kalke-Colk'udor Co., (;.".:> 

August Junglilut tt Co.. !•> and V2 (iolden 

(Jate Avenue 


.<her\vood it Sherwood, l'1_>-J1 I M.-nket, 
Caracas and Florida Tonic 


Sherwood it Sherwood, 'Jli-JU Market, 
(Day and Martin's) 


The Bancroft Company, 7J1 Market 

Booksellers — LaAV 

The Bancroft Company, 721 Market 

Booksellers and Publishers 

c. Beach, 107 Montgomery 

The Bancroft Company, 721 Market 

Books — Subscription Agents 

The History Company, 7_':'> Market 

Boots and Shoes 
.lohn Itschig. :j:!o Bush 

Brass Founders 

Thomas Day & Co., -2:2:2 Sutter 

\V. T. (iarratt & ("o., Natoma and Fre- 

Brass Goods 

Thomas Day it Co. (Limited), 222 Sutter 

\V. T. (iarratt & Co., Natojna and Fre- 

Itritannia Ware 

Nathan. Dohrmann it Co.. 12t;-i:'.() Sutter 

S. tt (i. «;umi>, nHl Market 

Bronze Goods 

Thomas Day it Co. (Limited). 222 xiltcr 
Nathan, Dohrmann it Co.. 12(> Sutter 
S. A- <;. (;ump. .\sl-.>:; Mmkct 


For Clcaninu^, S<'(uiring and liriirlitcniiii;, 
(•.:;:: Market, Palace Hotel 

Candies and Confections 

(ii'orirc Hiias, S2I Market 
Moynihan's, -lis ,1 St., ."-acramcnto. C.-il. 
Norton, 2H7 Kearnv 
(t. F. Roberts, 10 Post 

Cards, Fancy — Manufacturers 

The Bancroft Company. 721 Mnrkct 

Cards, Invitations, Ktc. 

'i1ic Bancroft Company. 721 .M.nkct 

Cari>et Cleaning 

A. V. Henko, 6:;5 Sutter 

Carpet Dealers 

Charles M. Plum it Co. Cpliolsterv Co., 

1;-!01-1S()7 MarKct 
W. it .L sloane A Co., 641 and (i47 Market 
Rucker Bros., fil-67 North First, San .lose 

Carpet Laying 

A. V. Henko, 6:!5 Sutter 

Cusin it Krnest, 2H9 U'Farrell 


W. B. Chai»man 'Perrier-.FoTiet), 12:'. Cali- 
.lames De Fremerv it Co., 410 Batterv 

(Delbeck, "Extra Dry," " Vin Brut,'' 

'• L. Delmonico "). 
Jones, Mundv it Co. (H. H. Mumm & Co.) 

16 Front 
Charles Meinecke it Co. (Deutz & (TJlder- 

maun's "(iold l^ic Sec") 814 Sacramento 
yherwood it Sherwood (Moet it Chandon) 

212 and 214 Market 
William Wolfl" it Co., Pommery Sec, 105 

Rathjen Bros.. 21 Stockton 


Boericke it Schreck, IIomeoi»jitliic Phar- 
macy, 2S4 Sutter 

Val Schmidt, 2oH Kearny 

James (L Steele it Co., Palace Drug Store, 
6a'i Market 


Slierwood it Sherwood. 212-214 >Lirket, 
agents Ellen ville Chamixigne Cider Co. 


Man, Sadler it Co., ;t-l.'» Beale 

Miss Derby. Phelan Building 

Clocks, Chinas, Etc. 
s. it (i. (Jump, 5S1 Market 

Complexion I'owders 

Dickey's CrOme dc i-is 
.bimes" (i. Steele it Ci>., ('>.■>'> Market 
Mrs. Ciraham's Cm-umbcr and Elder 
Flowt-r Cream, lo:'. I'ost 

MATTONI'S GIES8HUBLER. The EmpresK of Table Waters. The Favorite 

of nil Visitors at Carlsbad. MAU, SADLER it C(J., Pacific Coast Agents 



Crockery ami Glassware 

N;ith:m. Dohnaami it Co., V2i-V^l Sutter 

l>airy Froduee, Etc. 

H. M. Atchiusou & Co., 16 Centre Market 
corbett's Home Dairv. Devisadero ami 

< )ak. Telephone. 40:i.T 
Millbrae Dairy, Mission and Ninth 


(i. W. Clark ct Co., 645 .Market 

Augiiste Duhem. l_'l Sutter 

S. & G. Gump, :Market 

Charles M. Plum Sc Co. Upholsterv Co., 

l:^l-i:!07 ^larket 
W. it .1. Sloaue Sz Co., 641 and 64:! Market 


W. S. Hoehstadter & Co., J-M Sutter 


Dr. N. T. Coulsou, n^O Market 
Dr. A. U. Haslehurst, 3:!7 (Jearv 
Dr. O. F. Westphal, •t;i"> Market 
Dr. E. (). Cochrane, s.tO Market 


Sherwood A Sherwood, -IVl aud -'14 Market 
(agents Kentucky Carlisle Whisky) 

Diainuntl Setters 

\V. iv. Vauderslice tfc Co., 1H6 Sutter 

Miss Ida E. Derby, :J04 Phelau Hniltliug 
Miss A. M. Stewart, 14 (Jrant .Vve., rooms 

69 and 70 
Kedferu House, 221 Post 
F. Zweifel, 442 Van Ness Ave. 
H. Lacam, oil Suttef 

Dress Cutting 

Taught bv Stndabeeker Tailor Square. 
W. M. Loudon, 224 Stockton 

Dress Fornis 

Patterns cut to measure, W. M. Loudon. 
224 Stockton 

Dress and Skirt Forms 

W. ^L Loudon, 224 Stockton 

Druggists and Perfumers 

Val Schmidt, iiW Kearny 

Boericke & Schreck, Homeopathic Phar- 
macy. 2H4 Sutter 

.lames G. Steele «fc Co., Palace Drug Store. 
6:!5 Market 

A. H. Smith, 1S()0 Polk 

(iarrett & Smith, S8 Grant Ave 

Greeubaum <fc Co., 128 Post 

Dry Goods 

Loeb tt Etchebarne, NE cor. First and 
Fountain, San Jose 

Educational Books 

The Bancroft Company, 721 Market 

Educational Institutions 

Barnard's Business College, 46 O'Farrell, 
Shorthand and Typewriting a Specialty 

Field Seminary for Girls and. Young 
Ladies, Telegraph avenue and Knox 
-place. Oakland 

Educational Institutions— ro«<</. 

(iarden City or San Jose Business College 
and Academy, I'.O. Box 49*), San .fose, 
H. B. Worcester, Principal 

Heald's Business College, E. P. Heald, 
President, 24 Post 

Hopkins Academy, Oakland, W. W. 
Anderson, Principal 

Irving Institute for Young Ladies, 1036 
Valencia; Rev.Edward B. Church, AlM. . 

>nss Lakes English, French and German 
Boarding aud Day School for Girls, IrC'.A 
Sutter; Miss M. Lake. Principal 

Meisterschaft School of Languages, 12<» 
O'Farrell, Charles H. SykesT Principal 

Mill's College. Alameda Co., Cal.; C. C. 
Stratton, D. D., Pre.sident; Mrs. C. T. 
Mills, Principal 

Pacific Business Collese. H20 Post, T. A. 
Robinson, M. A., President 

Sackett Boarding aud Dav School, 5-2<.t 
Hobart, I). P. Sackett, Pfiucinal, Oak- 

St. Matthew's Hall, ."^au Mateo, CaL, Rev. 
Alfred Lee Brewer, Principal 

Miss West's School for Girls, 16(hi Van 
Ness .V venue 

Cheney's Pacific Coast Bureau of Educa- 
tion, :!00 Post 

Electroplate rs 

Thomas Day Sc Co., Limited. 2.'2 Sutter 
E<iward G. Denniston, 6.v-{ Mission 

Employment Offices 

J. F. Crosett it Co., Male Department. 
62S Sacramento : Female Department! 
2t>2 Stockton 

Engravers and Designers 

The Bancroft <ompauy, 721 Marker 

Etchings, Engravings 

S. it (r. Gump, nxi Market 


A. Duhem, 121 Sutter 

Furnishing Goods 

Percy Beamish, 698 Market 

Fretwork (Artistic) 

Reynolds it Adam's, .547 and -it*) Brannau 


F. S. Chadbourne & Co., 741 Market 
Charles M. Plum it Co. L'pholsterv Co.. 

1801-7 Market 
W. & J. Sloaue it Co.. 641-647 Market 
W. S. Hoehstadter & Co., '224 Sutter 

Furniture Packing 

A. V. Henko, 635 Sutter 

Furniture Kepairing and Polishing 

A. V. Henko, 635 Sutter 

Gas Fixtures 

Thos. Day & Co., Limited, 222 Sutter 

Ginger Ale Importers 

Sherwood <t Sherwood, 212 and 214 M.trket 
(Rcss' Royal Belfast) 

Glove Importers 

P. Centemeri it Co., 108 aud 110 Post 
Sonuenberg it Co., 906 Market 

Try RICHARDSON & ROBBINS' Potted Meats, Plum Pudding. Boneless Chicken, 
Ham, and Turkey, Rolled Ox Tongue, Curried Oysters, and Fowl for Luncheon, 
Picnics. Etc. All first-class Grocers keep them. 

MAU, SADLER it CO.. Pacific Coast Agents 



Gold Pens 

The Bancroft Company, 721 Market 

GrandinaN Deligfht .rapan Tea 

Man. SiKil.T it Co.. H-I.t Keiile 


<ioMber>j. Howen & Co., 4'J6-4.SJ Pine 
Man, Sadler tt r'o., y-l.i Beale 
."^herwood <t Sherwood, 212 and 214 Market 
Kathjen Bros., 21 Stockton 


Neville tind Co.. :'.l and :>;! California 

The Balawin. NE cor. Market and Powell 

Hotel Bella Vista. lOol Pine 

The Berkshire, 711 .Tones 

Hotel Del Monte, Monterey 

El Monte Hotel, Sansalito." .1. E. Sliukey. 

The Grand. Market an<l New Montgomery 
Lick Honse, SW cor. Montfioniery anil 

Occidental Hotel, Montgomery, bet. Bnsh 

and Sntter 
The Oriel Hotel, lltOl >rarket 
Palace Hotel, Market and NewMontg'y 
Hotel Pleasanton, N\V cor. Sutter A Jones 
Hotel Rafael, W. E. Zander. Manager, 

San Rafael, Cal. 
The Renton, 712 Sutter 
The Sea Beach Hotel, J. T. Sullivan, Prop. 

Santa ("ruz, Cal. 
St. James Hotel, San Jose, Cal., Tyler 

Beach. Prop. 
The Westminster, 614 Sutter 
Hotel Veudome, San Jose. Cal., E. E. 

.Kdams, Manager 

HoixKeopathic Pharmacists 

Boericke iV: Schreck, 2:U Sutter 
Ice Cream Freezers 

W. W. Montague it Co., :!(>.»:{17 Market 
Nathan ,r)ohrmanu ct <'o., 126 Sntter 

Insurance Companies 

.^uglo-Nevada .\ssnraiiceCori>oration, 41(> 

Firemen's Fund Insurance Company 410 
California, 1). J. Staples, President 

Cnion Insurance Co., 416 California, Na- 
thaniel T. James, President 

Interi<»r Decorators 

(Jeo. W. Clark & Co.. 64.'. Market 

('has. M. Plum Sc Co. Cpholstery Co., 

Market and Ninth 
W. & J. Sloaue & Co.. 6JM;47 Market 
.«^. AG. Gump, .'>X1 Market 

Inlaid Flooring; 

Reynolds A Adams. .'>47 and .'d'.t Brannnn 

Japanese and Chinese Goods 

<;. T. Marsh it Co., 625 Market 

\V K. Vanderslice & Co.. l.u; suftcr 

LadieH* Tailors 
F. Zweifel. 442 Van Ness Ave. 
H. Ijicam, ::21 Sutter 

Imager Beer, Imported 

.lones, Mundy & Co.. Agents Auheuser 
and Budweiser Lager Beers, Anheuser- 
Busch Brewing Association, St. Louis 

Sherwood it Sherwood, 212-214 Market 


Thomas bay it Co. Limited. 222 Sutter 
Nathan, Doiirmann it Co.. 126 Sutter 

Law Blanks 

The Bancroft Corai>any, 721 Market 


Xfe Wineif and Lhiunrs 


The Bancroft Com])any, 721 Market 

.>Iachine Threads 

Neville it Co., SI to :w California 

>Iamiracturlng Jewelers 

W. K. X'anderslice it Co., 1X.6 Sutter 

Manicui^e Parlors 

Madame Lee, Beautifies the Hands. Nails. 

and Complexion, 40-t Sutter 
Clara Melvin, French Method Manicure 

Surgeon Chiropodist, 126 Kearny 


Thos. Day it Co., Limited, 222 Sutter 

S. it (t. Gump, .")M Market 

W. W. Montague it Co., :m to :!17 Market 

Charles M. Plum it Co. Upholstery Co., 
Market and Ninth 

W. it J. Sloane, 641-647 Market 
Marble and Granite 

John Daniel it Co.. Impc^rter and Dealer 
in Italian Marble ana Scotch Granite 
Monuments, Mantels, etc., 421 Pine 

Marbleized Iron Mantels 

Thos. Day it Co., Limited, 222 Sutter 

W. W. Montague it Co., :!<»'.• to :\1~ Market 


B. M. .Vtchiuson it Co.. Dairy Produce, M 
to :'.() Centre Market 

C. L. Benton it Co., Poultry, Game and 
Eggs, 6."). 66 and 67 Califoniia Market 

California Market, California to Pine bet. 
Montgomery and Kearny, 'Ihos. Brown 

Massage Treatment 

•'Alpha " Masseur's Agency. .Mrs. F. (inod- 
ban. Manager, 61.'> Pine 

.Merchants — Commission 

B. M. Atchlnson it Co., !(> to :?{), Centre 

Wilfrid B. Chapman, 12.'^ California 
.lames De Fremery it Co., 41(» Battery 
J. W. (irace it Co., 4.'.() California 
Alfre<I (ireenebauin it ( o., F>\-i\\ First 
Jones, Mutidy it Co., 16 Front 
H. M. Newhall it Co.. ;!(>9 Sanscmie 
Newhalls Sons it Co., 2:^.'> Bush 
Sherwood it Sherwood, 212 >Iarkct .ind 

1.V17 Pine 
J. B. Wooster it ('«).. 12 and I JPin.- 
Newell i^ Bro.. _'2I Davis 


RICHARD.SON & KoBBINS' Boned Chicken, Turkev, Cooked Ham, Rolled Ox 
'longue. Curried Oy»ter« and Fowl, Plum Pudding and Potted Meats; to be had 
of all flrst-cl«g8 Grocers. M AH, SADLER it CO.. Pacific Const Agents. 


Thirteenth year. Fifteen Professors and Teachers. Every home comfort and 
care. Private assistance to rapid and thorough advancement. Full Academic Course. 
Ancient and Modern LanKuajies, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Drawing and Paint- 
iiie. For (JataloKue or information, address, 

REV. EDWARD B. CHURCH, M. A., Principal 



"ALPHA" Masseur's Agency, Mrs. F. E. Goodban, Man- 
ager, 615 Pine Street, near Stockton. Telephone No. 78. 


"ALPHA" Nurses' Agency, Mrs. F. E. Goodban, Man 
ager, 615 Pine Street, near Stockton. Telephone No. 78. 



Merchant Tailors 

T. W. Hobsou & Co., 40 to iA We-^t Sauta 
Clara St., San Jose 


Millbrae Dairy(Pure Country Milk), Third 

and Brannan 

Millinery Goods 

H. S. Kahler & Co., 1010 Marktt 

Mineral Waters 

Jones, Mundy & Co.. Apolliuaris and 
Hunvadi Janos and Friedrichshall. 16 

.■^herwood i Sherwood (Henk's Wau- 
kesha). •_'12-21-1 Market 

Jackson & Wooster. Napa Soda Water 


'^. it G. Guni]., .jKi Market 


The Bancroft Company,'7"21 Market 


s. it Ct. <;iimp. "vsi Marker 


Jiihn D.iniel & Co., 421 I'inc 

Music Tea<'liers 

I'. W. Bree. M.-mdulin. (initar and Hanju. 
H(t4 Larkin 


Alia California fdaily and weekly], Alta 
California Publishiner Co., •'i^^t Califor- 

.Vrgonaut [weeklvl, Arsronant Publishino^ 
Co., '2V, Grant Ave. 

Evening Bulletin [evening, weeklv. over- 
land, etc.), S. F. Bulletin Co., 622 Mont- 

Morning Call Tdaily .ind weekly], San 
Francisco Call Co.. 'rlr) Montgomery 

."^an Francisco chronicle [d.iily and 
weekly'. M. H. De Young, Junction 
Market, Kearny and (ieary 

K.xaminer [daily .ind weeklyj. W. U. 
Hearst. N'E cor. Market and (irant .Vve. 

News Letter [weekly]. Frederick Marriott, 
Flood Bdg, SW cor. Market and Fourth 

The Overland Monthly. Overland Pub. 
Co., 420 Montgomery 

Kvening Post [daily 'and weekly], Po.'<t 
Publishing Co., 727 Market 

Oakland Tribune [daily and weekly]. 
Tribune Publishing Co.. Oakland 

Pacific Rural Press I weekly], 220 Market 

Pacific States Watchman, 220 Market 

Report [daily], "238 Montgomery 

The Wasp [vveekly], John P. Jackson, -VW 


"Alpha" Nurses' Agency, >[rs. F. Good- 
ban, Manager, 61.t Pine" 

Oil Clotlis and Linoleum 

Charles M, Plum it Co. r]>holsterv Co., 

180i-l.S07 Market 
W. and J. Sloane & Co., 611-64.S Market 

Olive Oil 

James De Fremery it Co.. 410 Battery 

(Barton & Guestier, Bordeaux) 
Sherwood & Sherwood, 212 and 214 Market 


William G. Badger, 72-=) Market 
The Bancroft Company. 721 Market 

Paper Hangers, Etc. 

G. W. Clark & Co., 646 Market and 46 Third 

Paper Hangings 

G. W. Clark, it Co.. 645 Market and 46 Third 
W. and J. Sloane ct Co., 641-<>4o Market 

Papier Mache 

Ladies' Jerseys in all sizes and made to 
order. W. M. Loudon, 224 Stockton 

Patterns Cut to Measure 

Skirt Forms. W. M. Loudou, 224 Stocktou 
Parquetry (Hardwood Flooring) 

Reynold> it Adam>, .t17 and -vHi Brannan 


The Bancroft Co.. 721 Market 

Pliot«»grapli Galleries 

Swa.sey, 26 Montgomery 
L W. Taber, s Montgomery 
Ix)uis Thors. 102.i Larkin 
Abell it Priest, 72:; Market 

I'ianos and Organs 

Wm. (i. Badger. Sole Agent for Hallet it 
Davis Co's Pianos. Parlor and ^'e^t^y 
C>rgaus. 72.T Market 

The Bancroft Company. 721 Market 

Picture Frames 

S. iV: (J. Gnmp, 'v^l Market 

Pictures and Engravings 

The Bancroft Company. 721 Market 
S. Jc <J. Gump, 5S1 Market 

Pickle Manufacturers 

Sherwood it Sherwood. 212-214 Market. 
.Vgeiits Crosse it Blackwell's 
The Pacific Portrait Co.. 1221 Market 
Preserved Fruits 

Man. .S-idler ct Co.. y-l-iBeale 

Sherwood it Sherwood. 212 and 214 Market 

Auents Crosse it Blackwell's Jams and 



C. W. Nevin. ^V2 Commercial 

The Bancroft Company. 721 Market. i'.> 

First. This book is a specimen of our 


Plated Ware 
W. K. Vanderslice it Co., 1H6 Sutter 

Plumbers and Gas Fitters 

Thos. Day it Co.. Limited, 222 Sutter 

The Bancroft Company. 721 Market, 
make a specialty «>f Publishing Works 
for Authors 

H. R. KELLY'S BOUQUET Key West Havana Cigars have no ^qual. Smoke them 
and see for vourself. 

MAU, SADLER it CO., Pacific Coast Agent 




\V.' T. (wirratt 0; Co.. cor. Fremont jiml 

Byron Jjickson, ('.•J.'>-<)ol Sixth 

Joshua Hendy .Machine Works, :!;t-51 Fre- 

W. W. Montague ct Co.. 309-317 Market 

W. \V. .Montague & Co., nOK-317 Market 

Refrigerator. s 

W. W. Montague & Co., 809-817 Market 
Nathan, Dohrmann ct Co., 1_*6 Sutter 


Hotel del Monte. Monterey. Cal. 

El Monte Hotel. Sausalito, Cal., J. E. 

Slinkey, Proprietor 
St. .lames Hotel. San Jose. Cal., Tyler 

Beach. Proprietor 
Napa Soda Springs. Napa County 
Pacific (irove, Monterey. Cal. 
Hotel Vendome, San Jose, Cal.. E. E. 

Adams, Manager 


Swain Brothers, 'JIH .Sutter 

Sail Duck and Twine 

Neville tt Co.. :!1-H:! California 

Sanitary A ppliance.s 

.roseph Budde. manufacturer of Patent 
Water closets, 48 Fremont 

School Furniture 

The Bancroft Company, 7J1 .Nfarket 
Chas. H. Sykes, 129 O'Farrell 


J. T. Crosett & Co.. Female. 2<H' .Stockton, 
>fale, ♦■)2K Sacramento 


W. K \:inderslice it Co., i:W5 Sutter 
Skirt Foring 

Willow and all adjustable forms. W. M. 
Loudon. 224 Stockton 

Staineil Gias.oi 

T. c. P.utterworth. l."> pdlk 


The Baiu rnft ('om])any. 721 Market 
C. Beach. 1(I7 Montgomery 

Stoves, KaiijEces, Ktc. 

W W. Montague .t Co.. :;(»'.t-;;i7 Market 

SuitH — I.a«lieH' 

II. [.aiaiii. 821 Sutter 

Surgeon DentistH 

Blake Bros.. New Chronicle building 
Table Delicacies 

Sherwood it Sherwoo*!. 212-214 .Market 
.Man. Sadler «fc Co.. 9-l.'> Be.ile 


.V. Tliorsou. ('»:;.". Market 

Neville & Co., ;{!-:« California 


Thomas Day it Co., Limited. 222" Sutter 
Floor and Hearth 

P. H. Jackson it Co.. 22S-2:W First. Illu- 
minating Tiles and Skylights 

W. W. M(»ntague it Co.. 809-817 Market 
English, Encaustic and Plain 


Reynolds it .\dams, ;'vl7 and 549 Brannan 

Ford Bros, it Co., .'82 Market 

W. T. Hf.milton.SE cor Geary it Stockton 


F. S. Chadbourne it Co.. 748 Market 

A. V. Ifenko. 680 Sutter 

Charles M. Plum it Co. Upholstery Co., 

1801-1807 Market 
W. it J. Sloane it Co., (Vn-647 Market 
W. S. Ifochstadter it Co.. 224 Sutter 

I'pholstery Goods 

W. it J. Sloane & Co., 641-647 Market 
F. S. Chadbourne it Co., 741-74n Market 
Charles >L Plum it Co. T'i)holsterv Co. 
1801-1807 Market. 


The Bancroft Comjtany, 721 Market 

A'ault Lights 

P. H. Jackson it Co., 280 First 

Wall Paper 

a. W. Clark it C0..608 Market, S. F. 
W. it J. Sloane it Co., 641-<;47 Market 

"Water Closet.** 

.Iosi']>li Budde. 48 Fremont 

AVcdding Stationery 

1"hc Hamroft ('oniiuiny. 721 M.irket 

AVindow Shades 

(i. W. Clark it Co.. 6.');; Market 
W. it J. Sloane it Co.. 641-647 Market 
F. S. Cliadbourue it Co.. 741-745 Market 
Chas. M. I'iuni Cjtliolstery Co.. Market 
.and Ninth 




.1. H. Burnell. M'.i Sactanu-nto 

James De Fremery it Co.. 410 Battery 

.\irents B.-irton it (iuestier Bordeaux 
.lones, .Muudy it <'o.. Iti Fnuit 
(harles Meineike it Co.. ;;14 >aeramcntu 
Naber. Alfs it Brune. 82:^-82'. Market 
Sherwood it Sherwood. 212-214 Market and 

1.V17 Pine Wolffit Co.. 10". Fr<.nt 
Jiathjen Bros., 21 Stockton 

AA'ooden Mantels 

Thomas l>ay it Co. ; Limited |, 222 Sutter 
S. it C. <;um]i. .V<1 .Market 

>\ ood < ill |i«>l 

Ui'vnolds it Vdani'i, •M7 and .'>4'." Brannan 

H. o. WILBUR & 80N'S Chocolate and Cocoa Preparations are unexcelled for 
quality. Ask your Grocer for them. MAU SADLER itCO., Pacitic Coast Agents 



eville 8c Co. 


j^am/noeKs, ftc, Ete. 



Wk havk Tknts for Camping Parties 

Canopies and Floor Covers for Weddings, or 

Parties; Either for Sale or for Rent; 

AT Shortest Notice. 


Additional List 

Containing the Names received too late for Classi- 
fication; ALSO Changes of Residence of Parties 
in Main Portion of the Book since 
Going to Press 

Adams, Miss Aggie; 1211 Mission st. Tuesday 

Miss Hattie 

Will P. 

Badger, William G. ; 1921 Sacramento st. Tuesday 


Blake, Dr and Mrs Alfred E. ; 2142 Post st Moiahvj 

Bouton, Mrs C. W. ; 1421 Webster st. Tuesday Reno, Nev. 

Miss Lillian 

Miss Cloy 

Caswell, Mr and Mrs George; 1921 Sacramento st. Tuesday 
Caulfield, Mr and Mrs H. R. ; 443 O'Farrell st. Wednesday Santa Rosa 

Miss Genevieve 

Chapman, Miss Mattie ; 118 Liberty st. Tuesday 
Cheney, Mr and Mrs Warren ; Tuesday Berkeley, Cal. 

Code, Mr and Mrs James Arthur ; 624 Haight st. Wednesday 
Cookson, Mr and Mrs Frank; 1919 San Pablo ave. Wednesday Oakland 

Miss Annie 

William B. 

Coulson, Dr N. T.; NW. cor. "layes and Webster sts. Yosemite 

FOR CHILDREN'S DAILY DIET nothing is better than a good nutritious, easily 
digested soup, such as is put up by the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD CO. 

MA J, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents 



Coulter, W. W. ; 1921 Clay st. 

Crosett, Mr and Mrs J. F. ; 2525 Folsom et. 

Culver, Miss; 1041 S. Hill st. Wednesday 

Denman, Miss Kate; Wednesday 

Donnels, H. C. ; 101 Scott st. 

Eells, Mrs James ; 1920 Franklin st. Friday 

Eells, Mr and Mrs Chas. P. ; 1920 Franklin st. 

Everett, E. ; Hotel Bella Vista 

Faroe, Dr K. ; 841 Market st. Friday 

Miss A. M. 

Fairbanks, Mr and Mrs H. F. 

Miss Lizzie 

Col D. B. 



Ben Lomond 

Pacific Grove 

Los Angeles 



Paris, France 


-Will H. 

Florence, Santa Clara 


Gibson, Mr and Mrs M. P. ; 15 Hill st. 

<jreenberg, Mr and Mrs S. H. ; 2418 AVebster st. 

Hardin, Mr and Mrs C. H. E. ; 1812 Washington st. 

Hill, Mr and Mrs A. B. ; Thursday 

Hinkle, Miss Kate; Sutter and Pierce sts. 

Hochstadter, Robert B. ; 1528 Sutter st. 

Jackson, Mr and ]Mrs John ; 326 17th st. Wednesday San Mateo 

Miss Edith Ljle 

Jackson, Miss Hattie; 1805 Stockton st. Sacramento 

Jackson, Mr and Mrs D. A.; 1211 Seventh ave. Wednesday East Oakland 

Mulcreave, Miss Alice; 621 Octavia st. 
Mulcreevy, Miss Josie ; 321 OctaAaa st. 
Mundy, J. H.; Occidental Hotel 
Nager, H. I.; Hotel Pleasanton Friday 


Menlo Park 

Santa Cruz 

Nevin, Mr and Mrs C. W.; American Exchange Hotel 

Phelps, W. J. ; 313 Devisadero st.l 

Phillips, Mr and Mrs William A.; 1922 San Pablo ave./ Wednesdn,/ 

Robert B. 

Pilsbry, Mr and Mrs T. W.; 700 Jones st. 
Rol>erts, Mr and Mrs G. F.; 2513 Clay st. 
Shepard, Mrs A. A.; Tuesday 
SiniB, Sam'l J.; 1226 Treat ave. 


1st and 3d Mondays 
Highland Park, Oakland 
Berkeley, Cal. 

GOKDON & DIL WORTH'S Fine Prawned Fruits, Jellies, Olives, Ketchup, Wine 
Jellies, Etc., to be had of all fancy Grocers. 

MAU, .'^ADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents. 


Seweil, Mr and Mrs Daniel ; 1105 Shotwell st. Wednesday Sonora 



'■ — Dottie 

Daniel R. 

Swasey, F. B.; 26 Montgomery st. 

Spencer, Mrs T. F.; 1211 Mission st. Tuesday 

Taber, Mr and Mrs F. A. ; 113 Scott st. Wednesday 

AVeight, Mr and Mrs John A.; 1615 Jackson st. Thursday 



Wells, Mr and Mrs W. H. Thursday San Mateo 

A. H. 

Westphal, Dr 0. F. ; lUoFell st. 

Mr C. Westphal, Jr. 

Miss E. Westphal 

Wiekersham, Mr and Mrs; Thursday Petaiuma 

Miss May 

Mr and Mrs, Jr. 

Zook, Mr and Mrs Frank K.; Sutter and Pierce sts.[ Thursday 

\ Abroad 

Try the FRANCO-AMERICAN FOOD GO'S Natural Flavor French Soups, put up iu 
glass especially for Children's Diet, Invalids, Sick or Weak Persons. 

MAU, SADLER & CO., Pacific Coast Agents.