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an Francisco 




Washington Street, 


Warm, Co^ and Shower Baths. 

Grand antidote for the dust, «S:c., which abound 
in this region — always in order. 

'a LSD, 

Shaving, Hair^Dnessing & Champooning, 
done up to suit the nicest taste. 


Booksellers and Stationers : 

Publishers of Cheap Publications and Periodicals. 
Agents for American & Foreign Newspapers. 

Wells' Fire-Proof Building, 



Importers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 
«tc., &e. 



Ath door from Kearny on Clay. 

II icho icish this Book can have it by applying 
at the '^'Journal of Commerce'' Office or to the 

♦'noisy carrier." 



. -v*-^^ 



3 1223 04590 0405 


917.94 S227 E 810898 


Form 3427 







September 1, 1850. 




sue LIBRAE- 

'=/ / 7 9 V 
S 22 1 - ^- 




It is not to be expected, in a City like this, 
where whole Streets are built up in a week and 
whole Squares swept away in an hour — where 
the floating population numbers thousands and a 
large portion of the fixed inhabitants live in tents 
and places which cannot be described with any 
accuracy, that a Directory can be got up with the 
correctness that they are in older and more estab- 
lished cities. We have scarcely a house num- 
bered, and what there are will puzzle quite as 
much as assist. Still we think such a Book is 
needed, and feel confident it will save much trou- 
ble. That we have done it more correctly than 
otheis would, we do not claim. But we do claim 
to have done it to the best of our ability, under 
the circumstances, and leave it with the Public to 
decide upon its merits. 

Note. — On account of the length of the names 
of some of the Streets, we have, in many cases, 
abridged them to the initial: As Commercial and 
Clay are the only two streets, near each other, 
commencing with the same letter, it will be very 
easy telling what is meant; as, for instance, 
Wash b K and M means Washington st between 
Kearny and Montgomery. 


Abarta,P. clerk, cor. Kearney and Sacreimento sts 
\ccolty, Rev Michael, Rom Cath Church, Yillejo 

b Stockton and Dupont 
Acker, R W. New York Bakery, Kearny b Cali- 
fornia and Pine 
Acker, James, Refreshment Stand.Kearny b Clay 

and Washington 
Acklev, J T. of Rntledge & Co. Clay b K & M 
Ackley c^ Morrison, GenStage Pro. Empire House 
Adams, capt J. weigher an ganger, Mont b P andC 
Adams, J J. laborer, Kearny b Pac and Jackson 
Adams House, John Adams, K b P and Jackson 
Adams, John, Adams House, K b P and Jackson 
Adams, Paul, fruit store, Jackson b M and San 
Adams, Samuel, druggist c Kearney and Jackson 
Adams, J H. of Blood & Co., Mont b Jackson and 

Adams & Co. Express to U S, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Adams, James, policeman, Broadway, b M and P 
Adams, Wm. trader, Virginia, b J and Wash 
Adams, Joel, grocer, Cal b Kearny and Dupont 
Adelsdorfer & Neusta Iter, dry goods, Sacramen- 
to st 
Adelsdorfer, F Jr. of Adelsdorfer & Neusta Iter, 
Sacramento st 
A 2 

AddamSjCapt Jolin,mai"inei*,Green b Powell and 

Addelsdorfer tfc Schwarz, dry goods, c Sac and 

Addison,*^ J E. Clerk District Court, City Hall 
Adrain, Wm., of Wm A Mosher & Co. corner 

Sansome and Pacific 
Adlam, Henry, M. D., Physician, c Dupontand 

Agate, Wm., at J Sharps, Sac b Mont and Ky 
Aiken, J M at Tontine House, c Mont and Cen- 
tral Wharf 
Alden & Co. painters, Kearny b California and 

Allen Edward H., clerk, at S H^Williams & Co. 

Cal b Sans and Mont 
Alborner, Ira, plasterer, Spofford b Clay and 

Alden S H & Co. painters, Richmond, b Webb 

and Kearny 
Alden, S H., of S H Alden & Co. Richmond, b 

Webb and Kearny 
Albirge, Nicolet, at Beaudry & Co's . Mont b Pine 

and Bush 
Albion House, Croxton & Ward, B'way, b Mont 

and Sans 
Albert, Pedro, clerk, Empire House 
Almy, B D , at Pacific News ofiice, Kearny b 

Pacific and Jackson 
Allen, John K., sporting man. Central Wharf 
Allen, Tilly, of F Argenti & Co Clay st on the 

Aldersey, John, & Co. merchant ship broker, 248 

Montgomeiy st 

\lbion House, Barnet Keesing, c Jackson and 

Dupont sts 
Alta California, E Gilbert & Co.Washington st. 

on the Plaza 
Ames, J Judson, Journal of Commerce office 
Amed, Daniel,cabinet maker,Sacramento,b J and 

American Hotel, Stockton b B and V 
Ambro'^e, Goodhue, of Hoff & Ambrose, c Cen- 
tral Wh irf and Battery st 
Ames, Orville T , of Haight & Ames, c Mont 

and Jackson sts 
Anthony, Capt G W., ship master, Sac b Kearny 

and Dupont sts 
Anthony, Edward N. clerk, at Adams & Co. 

Mont b Sac and Cal 
Angel, Panelte, sporting, Pacific b K and D 
Angel, J F. of Eddy & Co., Stockton, b P and J 
Anderson, James R. clerk, Washington b S and P 
Anderson, Geo lighterman, Mont b P and B 
Anderson, Samuel, Illinois House, c Broadway 

and Battery 
Ansalin, Merandol & Co. importers, c Sac and 

Kearny sts 
Anderson, James & Co. brokers, c Mont and Cal 
Andrews, Stebbins, of Moore & Andrews, Mont 

b Sac and Commercial 
Angel, J C at Horr, Brothers & Co. California st. 

b Mont and Kearny 
Annan, Lord & Co. general jobbing, 275 Mont 
Annan, \Vm C of Annan, Lord & Co. 275 Mont 
Appleton, J N. trader. Pike b Sac and Cal 
Apollo Saloon, Wise & Leonard, c Battery and 



Appleton, Win R. salesman, Sansome b Central 

Wharf ;ind Sac st 
Arrington.Wm. of Cogliill and Arrington, Jack- 
son st Wharf 
Arfmris, J R. printer, Stockton, b P and J 
xlrnold, C S. carj^enter, Stockton, b P and J 
Arnold, A. com merchant, foot Pine st 
Arthur, J. F. Gothic Hall, c Mont and Jackson 
Argenti, F & Co. bankers, Clay st on the Plaza 
Arnold & Winter, hair dressers, Wash b K and M 
Arnold, Jacob, of Arnold & Winter, WbK&M 
Armstrong, wood cut eugraver, Mont near Bush 
Archer, Isaac H. ofLironi, Archer & Co., Jack- 
son st Wharf 
Ashle^', Simeon, carpenter, Mont b Pine and Bush 
Ashford, capt M J . iron ship Antelope. ComWhf, 

Clark's Point 
Ashton, Hugh, carpenter, Bowinan's alley, b 

Powell and Stockton 
Astor, J J boatman, wharf foot Sac st 
Aspel, S. Couiier office, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Assing, N. Mncoa and Wo')Sung Res*aurant, c 

IveariiY and Com st 
Aspinall & Brothers, com mchts, 200 Mont 
Aspinall, Jos of Aspinall & Brothers, 2G0 Mont 
Aspinall, Philip, Aspinall iSc Bi other. 2G0 Mont 
Assessor".- Office, county, 43 City Hall. 
After & Carter, grocers. Kearny, bCal and Pine 
Atkinson, John H. clerk, Broadway, b P and S 
Auld, Edward H. c jrpenter, Stockton bP and J 
Austin, A. of Austin k Button, c M and Cent Whf 
Austin, J W. of Finley, Johnson & Co. cW and M 
Aubrey. Arrhur, at Custom House, c Cal and M 
Aul 1, J M., saddler, c Pacific and Mont 


Austin Si Prag, stove and tin ware dealers, 24G M 
Austin, Henry, of Austin &: Prag, 24:() Mont 
Barnes, John P.. tin smith, Pacific b S and Powell 
Baiters, E '1\ of Morgan & Batters, c Pacific and 

Barrigo, A A., Pacific, rear Am bakery. 
Barstow, DrWm., physician, c Stockton and Jack 
Ballas. Charles, Burdo Restaurant, Dupont bJand 

Bates, Clias. S. , chemist and druL;gisc, Wash op- 
posite Pike st 
Batchelder, J M,, contractor, Pike bClay and \V 
Baker, Frank, Paper hanger, Leidesdorff Place, 

b Clay and Sac 
Barter, Michael, sheriti officer, Leidsdorlf Place. 
Badger, L. of Badg.-r & Jacobs. Leidsdorff PI 
Bassett, Henry, laborer. Clay b D and K 
Baily, Hiram, carpenter. Half \Vay House 
BarneSjJohn, upholsterer. Clay b P and Stockton 
Bartlett, J F. carpenter. Prospect bCal and Sac 
Bartlett W. , proprietor J ournalCommerce,Mont 

b Clay and Wash 
Baj)tiste, Jean, cabinetmaker. Pike bSac and Clay 
Barry, Wm T., Sac b P and Stockton 
Bartling, Edward, lighterman, c Sac andStockton 
Bandman, Nei lson,of Neilson & Co., Mont b P&B 
Baxter, Harvejs Elephant House, Cal b iM and K 
Ball. Leverett, carpenter, at Am Hotel, Stockton 

b Y and B 
Bates, T G painter, Webb b Cal and Sac 
Ball. James, com merchant, Cal b M and Sans 
Baker, Wm. jr. of S H Wil'iams Sc Co. Cal bM 

and Sans 
Baker. Robert S. of Cooke, Baker & Co. Cal b M 

and Sans 


Backus, Wm. tin smith, Pacific b K and Mont 
Backus, Geo. tin smith, Pacific b K and Mont 
Bartlett, F A. of Bingham, Reynolds & B. cor 

Broadwav and Sansome 
Bartlett, W A. of Bingham Reynolds & B. cor 

B and S 
Bach, Mayer, of Simonsfield, Bach & Co Sac b 

K and M 
Bacon & Mahony. shipping and com mchts, cor 

Clay and Mont 
Boardman, Bacon & Co . com mchts, Sac b Mont 

and Sansome 
Boardman, E S of Boardman, Bacon & Co. Sac 

b M nnd Sans 
Bacon, Robert H. of Boardman, Bacon & Co Sac 

b M and Sans 
Bartlett, Erastus, f Butler & Bartlett, Sac b M 

and Sans 
Barmore, John, upholsterer, Pacific b Virginia 

and Stockton 
Bassett& Guild, Kearny st Restaurant, Kearny 

b Pacific and Jackson 
Bassett, P. V. of Bassett & Guild, K b P and J 
Baker & Robinson, counsellors, adobe building 

on the Plaza 
Baker, G W. f. Baker and Robins -n 
Baldwin & Co. jewelers and watchmakers, Clay 

st on the Plaza 
Baldwin,GeoC. of Baldwin & Co. ' lay on Plaza 
Baush, Jacob,of Fitzgerald, Baush and Brewster, 

Sac b M and K 
Baugher, J Constantine, of Speck & Baugher, 

Sac b K and ]M 
Badkins J grocer. Com Whf. Clark's Point 
Babcock, D. druggist. Broad wa^^ Clark's Point 


Bailey, Orrin, scrivener. Sac b K autl Dupout 
J3arlow, David, Broadway, b B ami Sau 
Barrett, H. Mariner, Broadway, b M and San 
Bay Hotel, Peter Guevil, Battery, b B W and V 
Barnes, Rob't, Mariner, brig Malek Adbel 
Bailey, J K. of McDonald & Co. Ke irnv b Sac 

Baker, John E, of Nelson ct Baker, Webb b 

Sac and C 
Barnum, Sam'! W. blacksmith, Webb b Sac and 

Bazin, V. tailor, c Mont and Bush 
Baker, J P. of Crocker & Baker, Mont b P and 

Bevans, T P. apotliecary, B'way b P and Stock 
Bargin, Thos. chandler, c Green and Powell 
Beatty, Edward, carpenter, Green b S and Du 
Benson Wm J at C Courier's office, B W b S 

and D 
Berghauser,John, boarding house,B'way bS and 

Beston, Thos. provision store, Pacific b S and P 
Beers. Henry J. restaurant, head Cunningham's 

Bennett, Matthew, laborer. Pacific b D and K 
Benham, Calhoun, of Wilson, Benham & Rice, 

Laftan's B. on the Square 
Bt'uson. John, merchant, Pacific b M and P 
Beatty, Wm. com merch, Jackson b M and P 
Belden, E- of Joseph & Belden, Pacific b P and S 
Benelon, J. French store. Jack b D and K 
Beck, G. of Beck & Palmer, c W and D 
Beck, Miss Helen, dress maker, c S and Sac 
Benton, John, clerk, C. S and P 
Beede, Joseph, beer man, Sac b P and S 


Becket, James, trader, Kearny b P and Bush 
Beach & Forrey, com mereh'ts. rear 271 M 
Beach, Jno \V. of Beach & Forrey, rear 271 M 
Beck k Palmer, shipping and com mercht's, Wf 

foot Sac 
Bergo, Geo. clothing and drv goods, Clav b K 

and M 
Berger, G. of Lacombe & Co. Clay b K and 'SI 
Bennett k Kirby. hard ware. Clay b K and M 
Be mett, Rob't H. of Bennet & Kirbv. Clav b K 

and :\I 
Beach, G H. com nierch't, Sac b K e^ M 
Bendixon,G.of Lurco k Co Jackson b M and San 
Bennett. Nath. Associate Justice Supreme Court, 

Citv Hall 
Benton. H P. tin smith Kearner b W and J 
Beatty, Sam'l G. boarding house. Gibb, off K 
Bennett & Hallock, gen mereh'ts, Mont b J and 

BeahThos.of Worthing Beal & Bunting, Mont b 

J and W 
Berrian, Augustus, clerk". No. 45 L'ity Hall 
Bennett, Jesee, Caulker Wash b P and Stock 
Beidamau k Co. clothing store, Jackson b M and 

Beidaman, J C. of Beidaman k Co. Jack b M and 

Beck, Elam & COjCom iutici^L b, Jackson i M and 

Beck, David L of Beck, Elam k Co. Jackson b M 

and San 
Berger, Geo. clothing s.C ay b K and M 
Belknap k White, San b J and W 
Belknap, Augustus, of Balknap k White, San b 

J and W 


Beach, Asael, of Beach & L ickhart, c Bat and 

Beach & Lockhart, Apollo warehouse, c Bat and 

Berrv,A]\L printer. Courier office, Mont b S and 

Benson, W J. roller, Courier office, Mont b S and 

Beals, H. Channing, com merch't, Clay b M and 

Bernard, R O. painter, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Beohm, J W. tin smith, Bat b Broad and Vallejo 
BertrandjC A. shipping office,c Broadway and B 
Beecher, Wm A. of Ellis, Crosby & Co. Sansome 

b P and J 
Behrens,J. wholesale com merch'ts!,Mont b P and 

Begin, Jos. Lafayette Market, K b C and Sac 
Benson, Wm. laborer, c Broadway and Bat 
Bell, William, steward, c Broadway and Bat 
Beaudry & Co. syrup manufacturers, Mont b 

Pine and Bush 
Beaudry, V. f Beaudry & Co. Mont b Pine and B 
Beaudry, P. of Beaudry & Co. Mont b Pine and B 
Bell, Jos. cook, San b Cal and Pine 
Bidleman, Joseph, com mer. Mont b J and Wash 
Bilton, Geo. merch. Vallejo b S and Powell 
Biden, C S. com mer. Long Wharf. 
Bird, Horatio F. builder, Kearney b Cal and Pine 
Billings, F. of Halleck, Peachy & Billings, Sacb 

D and K 
Bispham, John B. counsellor. Sac b D and K 
Bingham, Jas W. of Bingham, Reynolds & Bart- 

lett, c Broadway and San 


Bingham, Reynolds & Birtlett, com merch'ts, c 

Broadway and San 
Billin2:s Franklin B. clerk, S Huckings & Co. C 

Bissell. a W PB. of Robinson, Bissell & Co. whf 

foot Sac 
Blanchard, J B. of Blanchard & Carpenter, c J 

and Virginia 
Blood, Chas. tin smith, Stockton b P and J 
Blumenthals, Sam'l. shoemaker, Clay b D and K 
Blumenthais, Moses, shoemaker, Clay b D and K 
Blake. Geo H. jeweller, Clay b D and K 
Blanding,Thos J. carpenter, BuenaVistaA.venue 

off Sac st 
Blatner & Smith, Kearny st Market, Kearny b 

Cal and Pine 
Blatner. H. of Blatner & Smith, K b Cal and Pine 
Blackman, A. tin smith, Jackson b K and Mont 
Blood, L L & Co. com mchts, Mont b J and W 
Blum, L & J. Oregon clothing store, Wash b K 

and Mont 
Blake, capt N. mariner, California House 
Blackwell, Courier office, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Blake, Geo W . of Quimby, Harmond & Co.) Cen- 
tral Whf 
Bluxom, J D C.-of Bluxom & Co. Sac st whf 
Bluxom, Isaac, jr. of Bluxom & Co. Sac st whf 
Bluxom, Joseph, of Bluxom & Co. Sac st whf 
Bluxom & Co. com mchts, Sac st whf 
Blair, David, boatman, Sac st whf 
Blair, James P. agent Aspinall S T co. Com Whf, 

Clark's Point 
Blakely, J S & Co. grocers, c Mont and Pacfic sts 
Black, Geo. clerk' c Pine and Sansome 
Blythe, F D. hardware, 244 Mont st 


Boyd, JoliQ J. Agfent for Empire Line Sch'rs, 

foot Washington street 
Boyer, Wm. shoemaker, cor. of Powell and Ma- 
son sts. 
Bourguignon, A. laborer, Broadway, b Stockton 

and Dupont sts. 
BDurder. Mrs E. boarding house, cor. Broadway 

and Powell 
Booth, George, carpenter. Pacific b S and P 
Bossenb Ty, Louis, Stradt Hamburg, Pacific b 

K and Dupont 
Bochm, M. cigar dealer, Spofford b W and Clay 
Bowles, Joseph, merchant, c Stockton and Sac 
Bouquet, Joseph, c erk, Clay b Mont and K 
Bougher, J C. firm Speck & Bougher, Sac b K 

and M st 
Bottcher, Eugene, com merch.,c Cal & Kearny 
Bock, Lewis, com merchant, Cal b K and Mont 
Boschulse & Muller, Pacific b M and Kearney 
Bonvalot, Koux&Co. variety store, Central whf 
Bonvalot, L. Bonvalot, Roux& Co. Central whf 
Bond, James B. firm Hussey, Bond & Hale, Sac 

Book, Lewis, merchant, Cal b Spring and Mont 
Bodenheim, Henry, firm Bodenheim & Sharf, 

Wash b K and Mont 
Bodenheim & Sharf, Wash b K and Mont 
Bonesteel, Lewis, carpenter, c Mason and Jack- 
Bott>!, Campbell & Emmet, counsellors, c Com 

and Mont 
Botts, Charles T. f Botts, Campbell & Emmet, 

c Com and Mont 
Bogardus, J B gen a^t at Cooks, c Clay and M 
Bowen, W H. merchant, California House 

Boston Notion, David L Morrill, 271 Mont 
Bowen,GeoM. accountant, Adobe building on the 

Bowles, J D. (L W Jones & Co) Central whf 
Boschultz & Miller, gen merchants. Pacific b M 

and K 
Boschultz. Theo. fir.n Boschultz & Miller, Pa- 
cific b M and K 
Bourne, J B. clerk. Sac b M and K 
Boatman's House, Norton k Co. foot Broadway 
Boyd, Chas. mariner, c Broadway and Sansome 
Boyd k McKune, bakers, Broadway b Sansome 

and Ohio 
Boyd, Wm. firm Bovd Sc McKaine Broadway b 

b Sansome and Ohio 
Booth, John B\ carpenter, Jackson b M & San 
Bouch, Mrs Cath. crockery ware store, Kearney 

b Sac and Cal 
Bourn, Russell, firm Chipman. Bourn k Co. 

Mont b P an i Broadway 
Bown, James, merchant, San b Cal and P 
Brown, Henry, clerk,Commercial st bK and Mont 
Brisljane.Wm. Custom House officer for Steamer, 

c Cal and Mont 
Brent, J L counsellor,. Clay bK and Mont 
Brady, J B. draus^htsman, Citv Hall 
Braut, Alfred, carpenter. Sac b M & Kearny 
Bryant, Geo W. of Mygatt k Bryant, WashbK 

and Mont 
Bridgemai), J B.of E L Woodford & Co. Jackson 

b San and Bat 
Brewer. Geo W. c Clay and Pike st 
Brooks, Henry B. at Leonard k Tays, foot Wash 
Brooks. Sheppard k McCrackan, counsellor, cor 

Mout and Jackson 


Brooks, Beiij S. of B Shephard & McCrackaii cor 

Mont and Jades 
Bradford, G B. com mercht. Cen Wharf 
Brier, Gaspard, f Huffman & Brier, Cen Wharf 
Brown, Ezekiel, f Ottinger & Brown, Cen Wharf 
Brown,James, sporting, c Mont and Gen Wharf 
Brown L D. counsellor, 271 Mont st up stairs 
Bradley, H W^. artist, 271 Mont st up stairs 
Brannan S. real estate broker, M b Sac and Cal 
Brewster, R E. f Plummer& Brewster, Sac Whf 
Brewster, Benj. f Fitzgerald, Baush & B. Sac 

b M and K 
Brooks & Friel, tin plate workers, Battery b Br 

and P 
Brooks, J VV. f Brooks and Friel, Battery b Br 

and P 
Branks, R. Thistle House, B'way b M and San 
Brown, Geo. com mcht, Mont b Pacific and Jacks 
Brown, G clerk, Mont b P and J 
Brown & Phillips, mchts, Pacific b K and Mont 
Bronson, Geo, grocery. P b K and M 
Broadway Exchange, A J. Gladding,Broadway b 

M and Sansome 
Brown, D W C, f Ebbets & Co. c Cal and Sans 
Broadway House, W^m M Bruner, Broadway b 

Sans and Battery 
Bruner, Wm M. Broadway House, b Sans and 

Brown, Geo. Love joy's Hotel, Br b Sans and Bat 
Brown, Wm.H. clerk, B'way b Sans and Bat 
Briggs H. at Bee Hive, B'way b San and Bat 
Brown, Henry, boatman, Battery b Br and Val 
Brown, E. merchant. Pine b M and K 
Bradbury, John, man. miners' tools, No. 8 & 10 

Newburyport Av 
Bradford,Thos. G. Clerk, San b Cal and Pine 


Britnell, John, New Bedford House, San, b Pa 

cific and Battery 
Brown, Wm. E.,*Tin Smith, San b Pacific & 

Brownell, Charles, carpenter, B'way b Powell 

& Mason 
Brydges, Edward, clerk, c Stockton & Vallejo 
Broadhead, Rob't, carpenter, Vallejo b Stockton 

& Powell 
Brown, J. Boston Eating House Stockton b Val- 
lejo & Green 
Brackett, John, Teamster, c Green & Stockton 
Bradley, G. W., carpenter, Pine b K and Mont 
Briant, Edward, Custom House, Powell,b B'way 

and Pac 
Briant, Wolfred D. Powell b B'way & Pacific 
Brunegan, Michael, Taylor, Pacific b D & K. 
Brave, Lucid, Boarding House, Pacific b D & K. 
Bryant, Henry, Grocer, Pacific b D & Stockton 
Brown, Mrs Mary, Boarding House, Stockton b 

P & Jackson 
Brown, Charles, Boarding House, Stockton bP 

& Jackson 
Brown, W. carpenter, rear N Bedford Coffee 

Bryant, Mrs J. dressmaker, c Wash and Virginia 
Brockhurst, Samuel, gardener, Jackson b P and 

Brown, V. painter. Wash c Cottage place 
Brown. Wm H., trader, Wash c P and Stockton 
BrvantjSamuel, shoemaker, Stockton b Clay and 

Bradbury, Andrew, City Hospital, c Clay and 

and Powell 
Branch, Tibbets F. f Branch & Lucas, Leids- 

dorff place b C and Sac 


Branch, Bjron, Leidsdorff place b C aud Sac 
Brown, Chas. clerk, Clay b D and K 
Brown, Wm H. gunsmith, Clay b D and K 
Brooks, Geo A., paper ware house. Clay b P and 

Brown, Chester, carpenter, Prospect b Cal and 

Bruch, Louis, com merchant Spring near Cal 
Brown, James H. hatter. Wash b Dupont and K 
Bradford, J. Hoppin, Jeweller, Kearney b Cal 

and Pine 
Brown, Samuel, Blacksmith, Kearney b Pine 

and Bush 
Brown's Hotel, Philip Brown, Kearney c Pine 

and Bush 
Brooks, Wm H., Kearney b B and Sutter 
Brown, Geo. cook, Duxbury House 
Bryant, Wm A,, f W. H. Mosher, c Sansome 

and Pacific 
Breeze, Thos. clerk, Clay st wharf 
Brions, Edward, laborer. Powell b B'way and 

Buttenop, Henry, carpenter, Pacific b Dupont 

and K 
Budd, Geo, silversmith, n'r the upper end Green 
Bunker, Andrew, carpenter, Jackson b P and 

Bulkhead, Wm R. , city police, City Hall 
Burton, C H. f C H. Burton and B., Virginia c 

Jackson and Wash 
Burton, J B. f C H Burton and B., Virginia b 

Jackson and Wash 
Burrow, G W. carpenter, c Stockton and Wash 
Buffum,JC.,beer manufacturer, Spofford bWash 

and Clay 


Burns, Edward, shoemaker, Stockton b Clay 

and Wash 
Buer, Michael, Cafe d Paris, c Wash and Pike 
Bush, O. N. Bush House, c Clay and Pike 
Bush, Henry, Bush House, c Clay and Pike 
Buckley, J B., painter, Wash b P and Mason 
Burdell, Dr. (t. dentist, Clay b Duj)ont and K 
Butnar, Francie, tin smith, Stocton b G and Sac 
Buckley, Francis, carpenter, Prospect b Clay 

and Sac 
Bullet, Wm. f Bullet & Patrick, c Sansome and 

Burkmer, S E., marble cutter, Belden b P and B 
Buckley. Wm N. blacksmith, Cal rear of Dux- 
bury House 
Burr, Henry A. clerk, Cal b S and M 
Butler, Jos T. carpenter, Kearney b P and 

Burnside, W J. agent for Pilot Association, Cal 

b M and Sansome 
Burger W. .pilot for Sac and San Joaquin rivers, 

S. T. Saloon, Clark's point 
Burgber, N. & Co. mchts.c Central w'f and Mont 
Burrows, Chas H. barkeeper, Eldorado 
Button, Royal, f Austin and Button, c Mont and 

Central wh'f 
Bucklin, John, f Dodge and Bucklin, Kearney 

on the Plaza 
Burgoyne &Co. bankers, c Wash and Mont 
Burgoyne, Wm W. f Burgoyne & Co. c Wash 

and Mont 
Burleigh, N O. trader, c Mason and Jackson 
Burgoyne, Benj. clerk, c Wash and Mont 
-Bunting, Thos. f Worthing, Beals & Bunting, 

Mont b J and Wash 


Burgess, Noah, carpenter, Emmerson's Arcade 
Burthe}', Louis, f Marniess & Burthey, Wash 

b K and Mont 
Butler, W F. architect, No. 45 City Hall 
Buckman, Franklin, tin smith, Jackson b M and 

San some 
Butts. Charles B. Jackson b M and Sansome 
Bucklin & Dodge, Empire House, Kearny on 

the square 
Bucklin, John F. f Bucklin & Dodge, Kearny 

on the square 
Busher, Herman, clerk refreshment stand, Cres- 
cent Cit}' 
Burlingame, A L. book-keeper, 247 Mont 
Burdich. Wm P. Jeweller, Jackson b M and San 
Burton, Thos L. foot of Wash st 
Burton, Henr}^ tailor, Jackson bM and San 
Buzby & Brothers, c Jackson and Sansome 
Bushnell, Geo W. t Muscott & Bushnell, Cen- 
tral wh'f 
Butts, Chas. refreshment table, c Central wh'f 

and Mont 
Buckley & Morse, blacksmiths, Clay b Mont and 

Buckley, B S f Buckley & Morse, Clay street 

Buckley, Wm. blacksmith, Clay st wh'f 
Bunting, Wm C. teamster, Cal b K and Mont 
Burnham, Allen M. laborer, India stores 
Burns, Edward H.custom house inspector, c Bat- 
tery and B'way 
Butler & Bartlett, com merchants, Sac b M and 

Butler, Rafael jr. of Butler and Bartlett, Sac b 
Burtiii, Andre, grocery, Kearny head Com 
Butterfield, ChasH. clerk, c B'way and Bat 


Buckley, Edward P. of White, Graves & Buck- 
ley, B'way b and San 
Burrows, O H. mchts, c Gold and Sansome 
Buckelew. B R & Co, gen mchts, Buckelew's 

Whf . Clark's Point 
Bucknell, B F. Waverly House, P b M and K 
Bunham, Louis, barber, c B'way and Battery 
Bush, Henry, of Crocker & Bush, San b Cal and 

Burnham, G W. lumber dealer, San b Cal and 

Burlin, Wm. mercht, P b M and San 
Bucklin, John W. of Bucklin & Dodge, Empire 

Byram, printer, Alta Office, Wash on the Plaza 
Bvron House. Bailev & Smith, Sac b M and K 
Byeington, Horace, measurer, City Hall 
Carnes, Nath W. Bunker Hill House, c Pacific 

and Mason sts 
Call, Mango, laundry, B'way b M and Powdl 
Cameron, J C. grocer, B'way b P and Stockton 
Card, Wm M., carp'r Bowman's, San b S andP 
Castellena, A T. restaurant, near the upper end 

Green st 
Capron, John F. carpenter, c Green and Stockton 
Cagan, Wm. builder. Pacific b K and Dupont 
Caswell, Elliott, carpenter, Broadway b K and 

Carr, J D. custom house, Stockton r Mar Hos. 
Campbell, Albion, carpenter, B'way b S and P 
California Guards, room c Dupont and Jackson 
Cameron, John, laborer, Stockton b P and Jacks 
Cannard, O C. machinist, Stfickton b P and J 
Carpenter, W B.f Blanchard & Carpenter c Jack- 
son & Virginia 


Gating, M. baker, Jackson b S and Dupont 
Cary, David, boarding hoiis;*, Jackson b S & Du 
Camerden, Michael, Quincy Market, Jackson, b 

S and Dupont 
Casaforth, Michael, merchant, Dupont, b W & 

Castell, John, laundry. Mason b J and Wash 
Carmet, J. f Buffum & Co. ,Safford, b C andWash 
Carrigon, Thos. Assist. State Marine Hospital, 

Stockton, b B'way and V 
Cameron, Duncan, waiter, c Clay & Pike sts 
Cade, Jonath m, merchant, c Stockton and Sac 
Carpenter, James, painter,Stockton b C and Wash 
Cartland, N. B., clerk, Simmons H & Co., N. 

Carn T, Ambrose, beer man 'r, Sac b Stock & P. 
Calderwood, David, carpenter, head Sac. above 

Carlyle, William B. mission house, Kearny b P 

and Bush 
Cape Foy restaurant, boarding house, K b Cal. 

and Pine 
Carpenter, Jacob, carpenter, New Bedford house 
Campbell, C J. pilot, Cal b M and San 
Carrigan James, Sec'y of pilot com,, Com Whf. 

Clark's pt 
Camden, O T. book keeper, San. b Cal. & Pine 
Cairns, John, clerk, whf. foot Sac. st 
Carter, Chas D., f Reed & Carter, 271 Mont, st 
Cape Cod House, Crocker, Evans Tavlor, Mont. 

b Cal & Pine 
Carty, Daniel, beer mercht. Cal b M & San 
Caldwell, John, Jr., f Davis & Cildwell, San. b 

P & California 
Campbell, James, blacksmith, Pine b San & Mont 


Catchlove, Chas., boarding house, Ohio, b P & 

Cai'ty, Jeremiah, Grocer, B'way, b Ohio & Mason 
Caldwell, Chas., boarding house, B'way b Mont. 

& Sansome 
Cacetta, Vincent, boarding house, B'way b San 

& Ohio 
Caldwell, W W., depot for preserved meats, San 

b P and B'way 
Caldwell, Henry M., clerk, San b P & B'way 
Castle, Edward H., merch't. c B'w^ay k Battery 
Caspar}^, Michael, f Markwald C & Co. Kearny 

b Pac and J 
California Restaurant, Glassen Tinteman,\Vash 

on the Plaza 
Canterberry,Chas J., paintei,Mont b Cal and Sac 
Cannon, J B. & Co., auc. & com. merch'ts, Mont 

b Cal and Sac 
Carlisl ■, Rob't, carpenter, Stock b Clay& Wash 
Cavert, M L., merch't, Moiit b Sac and Cal 
Caughey & Bromley, com. merch'ts, wharf foot 

Sacramento st 
Caughey, S W., f Coughey & Bromley, wharf 

fiot Sacramento st 
Carter, James M., book keeper, 247 Mont st 
Catton, JC., com. merch't, Jack b M and San. 
California House. John Cotter & Co., J b K & 

Carter, W D., printer, P N. office, K b J & Pac 
Canton Restaurant, c K & Jackson 
Campbell, J , boot & shoe store, Jac b M & K 
Cader, James, laborer, Langley opposite K 
Catterniole, Geo., clerk, 260 Mont 
Cjmpbell, Alex., f Botts, Campbell & Emmet, c 

Com k Mont 
Carroll, Thos. W, , clerk, Baltimore Restaurant 


Caugbliu, Johu M., gen'l dealer, Sac b M and K 
Cadv, D W, measurer, County Surveyor's office 
Callets, S C, at H U. Na'-lee's, 280 Mont 
Carpenter, And. J., clerk, Kearny st 
Cessin, F., f Fry & Cessin, Mont b Cal & Pine 
Celte, Eugene D,, pbysician, Vir v J & Wasb 
Chandler, D W., butcher, c Jack & Kearny 
Chase, James, lighterman, Pac b Stock & K 
Chase, Frederick C , tin smith, Pac b Stock & K 
Chrystal, Francis, carpenter. Va b Jack & W 
Charles, T C, French master, c Pac & Dupont 
Chase, B T., carpenter, Sto.-k b Pac & Jack 
Chipchase, John, carpente •, Jac b Pac & Stock 
Cherry, John W., painter, Wash Place b J & W 
Chapman, J., merch't, VVMsh Place b J & W 
Chard, Capt W., com. merch't, J b Dupont & K 
Chase, Wm H., f Thompson & Co, c Wash and 

Cottage Place 
Chase, D., laborer, c Clay and Dupont 
Chaser, L T., gold scale manufacturer, Pikeb S 

& Clay 
Chetham, Carpenter, head Sac, above Stock 
Child, J A., laborer, Kearny, b Pine & B 
Chiron, B., clerk, c Sacramento & Kearny 
Chadderdon, A M. , carpenter, Sto b B'way & Y 
Chapin, S A., f Chapin & Sawyer, c Jack & San 
Chipman, Brown & Co., grocers, Mont b B & P 
Chipman, N., Chipman & Brown, Mont b B & P 
Chad wick, blacksmith, New^buryport Avenue 
Chick, A C, clerk, San b Pin- k Cal 
Chistianson, Christian, importer, Pine b San & 

Christie Henry. Mclntire house, Pac b K & M 
Child, Geori^e, trader, c Mont & B'\vay 
Chandler, Dennison, Clark's j)t market, B'way 

Clark's point 


Chittenden, H W., Eureka hotel, MuntbSifeCal 
Chichester. JaroesH., commerch't. Clay b Mont 

& Sansome 
Chauviteau, J J. & Co., general bankers & com 

merch^ts. Clay st Whf 
Chauviteau, H., at J J. Chauviteau & Co., Clay 

st Wharf 
Chauviteau, Francis, at J J. Chauviteau & Co. 

Clay st Wharf 
Chapman, Jos., paints, oils & glass dealers, 275 

Montgomery St 
Chapman, Amos, painter, Pac b Mont & San 
Christal, Cornan & Co. , wholesale merch'ts J b M 

& Sansome 
Christal,Michael, f Christal, Cornan & Co., Jack 

b M & Sansome 
Charlick O., agent Law's line steamerss. J st whf 
Chapin, C E., f F M Warren & Co., c Jk & San 
Chelter, SW., 

Chard, Johnson & Co.,gen'l imp'rts,No 1 Gold st 
Chambers & Co., Eldorado, c Wash & Kearny 
Chauncey, David M., county assessor, 43 C Hall 
Choat, John, tin smith, Kearny b W & Jack 
Chaffee, H., clerk, Pac News, Kearny b J & Pac 
Cheshire, Alfred B., com merch't., 248 Mont 
Chambers, David, f Page, Bacon & Co., Month 

Clay & Washington 
Chipman & Woodman. Clay st reading room, 

moved to Sacramento City 
Chipman, W VV.,fChipm'n& Woodm'n, Sac st 
Chetwood & Edwards, counsellors, c W & Mont 
Cipnani, C F., f Henrickson,Remick& Co., Mont 

b Sac & Cal 
Cima, Juan, dealer in foreign goods. Wash b K 

& Montgomery 


Cit3' Hall, c. Pacific & Kearny 
Clark, W S., broker, Diipont b B'way & V 
Cleveland, Thos. P. dentist, Pacific b Sa& Powell 
Clapp, Michael, carpenter, Stock b B'way & Pac 
Clane, Peter, restaurant, Pike b Wash & Clay 
Clark, J H., druggist. Stock b Wash & Clay 
Clinkard, MS., confectioner, Prosp't b Clay & Sac 
Clark, Thomas, mason, head Sacramento st 
Clauson, Mrs. Susan, board 'g house, K b Bush & 

Sutter sts 
Clark C, pilot on the rivers, Cal b Mont & San 
Clark, E G., clerk. San b Pine & Cal 
Clapp, James, real estate broker, c Bush & San 
Clark, Jos E., clerk, foot Pine 
Clark, Jos., c Pacific & Sansome 
Clark, VVm Q., merch't, B'way b San & Battery 
Clark, W Squire, C, Clark's Point foot B'way 
Clark, Lyman, clerk, Sacramento House 
Clinch,Geo., master mariner, Gold b Sac & Mont 
Claresy, J., c Pine & Sansome 
Climax, Roy & Brennen, c Pacific & Kearny 
Clarke, Jeremiah, counsellor '* ** 

Clinton, James, market man, K b J & Wash 
Clark, Reuben, builder, c Clay & Spofford 
Clark, Joim A., merch't Mont b Sac & Cal 
Clayton, H J., Jack b M & Sansome 
Clark, James, merch't, 244 Mont 
Cleary, Thos W., clerk, Baltimore Restaurant 
Clark & Wheeler, Counsellors, Clay b M & K 
Clark, W H., f Clark & Wheeler, " 
Clark, Samuel J Jr., counsellor " 
Clay St Reading Room, Chipman & Woodman 

Clay b K & Mont 
Clement, Augusta, f Van Damm & Clement, 242 

Montgomery st 



Clary, John, Venetian H., Dupont b J & W 
Claughley, James A., Empire House 
Count, Francis, laborer, B'way b P & S 
Coorammo, ¥., laborer, near up. end Green st 
Coleman, John, laborer, Union Place b G & M 
Coleman, Joseph, carpenter, c B'way & Powell 
Coleman, Mrs Martha M.jboard'g " *' 

Coleman, John, Green c K & Stockton 
Coleman, W T & Co., com. merch't, San b J & 

Coleman, James, Foreman Herald, Mont b W & C 
Coyle, Rev Francis, R C. Church, Val b S & D 
Collins, Mrs Ellen, dressmaker, Polk Sane b S 

& D 
Collins, J., carpenter, c Virginia & Wash 
Collins, Cushman & Co., importers, Battery b 

Sac & Cal 
Collins, David, f C. Cushman & Co 
Collins, C, mission H., Kearny b P & B 
Collins, SM., " 

Coleman, Chas F., carpenter, Cal near P 
Cook, E , blacksmith, B'way b S & P 
Cook, C HH., com. merch't, Jack b P & M 
Cook, Charles, f Palmer C & Co., Adobe B Plaza 
Cook, John, 

Cook, Frederick, lighterman, Mont b P & M 
Cooke, George, painter, Batterj^ B'w^ay & V 
Cooke, Wm B & Co. periodical depot, c C & M 
Cooke, Baker & Co., com. merch'ts, Cal b M & S 
Cooke, Joseph J., f C. Baker & Co., " " 

Cooke, Geo Lewis " 

Cook, Henry D Herald Building, Mont b C & W 
Cohn, M., f F. Cauffman & Co., dry goods, Pac 

bD& S 
Conklin, Mrs M., Virginia b P & J 


Conklin, Richard, painter, c Wash & cottage PI 
Cook, Elisha, counsellor, c Wash & Mont 
Coffee, GW. ,inspt'r steam boilers, San b P& B'wy 
Coffee, Patrick, teamster. Pike b W & C 
Commach, Edward, restaurant, " " 
Cox, Edward, tailor. Wash b S & P 
Coit, B., M. D., physician, Wash opp Pike 
Cole, R.E.,fCole&' Pearsons, Dentist, ClaybK 

Cole, J., f Mace & Cole, 247 Montgomery 
Cole, Cornelius, f Pratt & Cole, c Mont & Jack 
Cole, GHT.,fR J. Stevens &Co., c" & Clay 
Conner,E., publisher Alta California, W in Plaza 
Conner, J W., f Sill & Conner, cheap publica- 
tion depot, c Clay & Dupont 
Congden, Capt. H. B., master schr Gen. Lane 
Cordes, Steffens & Co., c Clay & Mont 
Cooper, G H., painter. Sac b K & D 
Cooper & Co., dry goods, Sac b M and K 
Cooper, J. , f Cooper & Co . 
Cooper, T., 
Cooper & Co., Jobbing, Kearney b W & J 
Cornell, ChasW. Washington house, Sac b K & D 
Couvert&Digrol, fancy goods dealers, '' " " 
Courtois, B., dry " " c S & Kear 

Coxeter, L. , Pilot outer bar 
Cool, A T., f McDonald & Co., Ky b S & Cal 
Colgar, Wm J., c Pine & Mont 
Cockran, JR., carpenter, Mont b Cal & P 
Cockran, Chas W., blacksmith, San b P & B 
Corrigan, J B., com merch't. Clay st whf 
Colton, Dr James, physician, c Batt & B'way 
Coit, Wm H., com merch't. Clay b M & S 
Connell, Thos., boatman, Central wharf 


Coffin, L B. city assessor, No. 52 City Hall 
Cox, Geo W. clerk, c Battery & B'way 
Cox, Sully, drinking house, K b P and Jackson 
Congress Hall, Logan & Hudson, c San & Pacific 
Converse, A T., brass founder, B'way b S & B 
Coffin, Coffin, boardino: house, Battery b Br andV 
Collier, F Law's line Steamers, Jackson st wharf 
Collier, Col Jas, collector of customs, c Mont and 

Collier, E D. at custom house, c Mont and Cal 
Collier, John A. at custom house, c Mont and Cal 
Conner, Daniel, 3Ic'Intire House, Pacific b M 

and K 
Cottrell, Joseph, grocery, foot B'way and Cl'ks Pt 
Coombs, John T. S T. Saloon, B'way b B and 

Coombs, Fred. Daguerreotype artist, c Sac and 

Corliss, John, carpenter, c K and B'way 
Collier, James, clerk, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Cost & Verplanck, com mchts, Herald build M st 
Cost, A J. f Cost & Verplanck, Herald build M st 
Cozzens, Davenport, f Hedley & Cozzens, 253 
■ Mont 
Conner, Alex, clerk C. C. Richmond's, Jackson 

b M and San 
Commercial Hotel, J. Ford & co, Jackson b M 

and San 
Coburn, Thos. tailor, Jackson b M and San 
Cornan, P. P. f Christal, Cornan & co, Jackson 

b M & San 
Cowell, John, merchant, c San & Jackson 
Coghill & Arrington, com mchts, c San and Jack 
Coghill, H J. f Coghill & Arrington, c San and 



Colve:-, H W., rear Odd Fellow's Hall 

Cotter, J & Co California House, Jackson b M 

and K 
Conrad, Christopher, refreshment stand, Kearny 

b W and C 
Corbin, Able, blacksmith, San b W and J 
Colgan, Edward P. at Central House 
Copelo, Dr Juan, Italian Physician, Mont b P 

and J 
Cohen, H M. clothing, Mont b J and W 
Corbett, Wm., as't alderman, Mission Dolores 
Conroj^ & O'Cenner, hardware, Mont b J and W 
Conroy, J C. f Conroy & O'Conner, Mont b J and 

Cohen, H., f Heller, Lehman & co. Clay b M and 

Cohn, Louis, merchant, Jackson b M and San 
Cohn, M., f Cohn, Kaufaman & co. Clay b M and 

Cohn, Kaufman & Co. clothing. Clay b M & K 
Comptroller's Office, 74 & 75 City Hall 
Crumme, Mr. merchant, c Sac & Stockton 
County Surveyor's Office, City Hall 
Commercial, Street, House, P. S. Gordon, Com 

b M and K 
Coughlin, Wm M. merchant, Sacb K and Mont 
Crocker, Evans & Taylor, Cape Cod House, M 

b Cal and P 
Crocker, Thos. Cape Cod Himse, Mont b C and P 
Crocker, Baker & Co. water w'ks Mont b C and P 
Crocker, S S & Co. , water works, Mont b C and P 
Crocker, Chas. carpentL^r, Mont b C and P 
Crocker & Bush, restaurant, Sansome b C and P 
Crocker, G F. f C i& Bush, Sans b C and P 
Crocker, Allen S. f J W Jones & Co. Central 

Whf. n Mont 


Crowell, John, laborer, c Puc and Powell 
Crowell, Benj. jr. clerk, c B and C 
Croft, Clement, clerk, K b B'way and P 
Crescent, House, Samuel Harding, Pac b M and K 
Crudden, Daniel, Albany Market, c M and P 
Coxton, Richard, Albion House, B'way b San 

and M 
Crawford, George, agent, Cal b K and D 
Cross, Hobson & mchnt's, San b P and J 
Cross, Alex, f Cross, Hobson & co. San b Pac 

and Jackson 
Cr(^eley, Chas W. f Underwood, McKnight & co. 

San b P and J 
Craig, Charles M. clerk, Pac b K and D 
Crandall, mason, Jackson b P and S 
Crosett, Wm. corn mcht Jackson below San 
Crosett, J. L f Myric, Crosett & co. Jackson be- 
low San 
Crosett, W. C. f Myric, Crossett & co. Jackson 

below San 
Craigmiles, John, mcht. at Dalton House 
Cressy, Richard, sporting, Empire House 
Cresent, City House, Winley & Lear, Kearny b 

W and C 
Cronise, W. H. V. auctioneer, c Jackson and M 
Cronise, J S., merchant, c Jackson and Mont 
Cronise, Titus, Clerk, c Jackson and Montgomery 
Cranska, capt Wm H, ch inspector, c B'w & Bat 
Crosby, C W f Ellis & co, com mer San b P J. 
Cornin & Markley and clothing, Mo. 

b C and W 
Cornin, Daniel, f C & Markley, Mont b C & W 
Cramer, Ranback & co., importers, Sac b M & K 
Crane & Rice, prop. "Cal. Courier,'' M b S & C 
Crane, James N. f Crane and Rice, M b Sac & C 
Crains, W. architect, Cal b K and D 
Crook, James, merchant, Clay b P & S 


Crawley, Daniel, clerk, c Wash & Kearney 
Crittenden & Randolph, counsellors, 280 Mont 
Crittenden, A P. f C & Randolph, 
Custom House, op 9 a m., cl 2 p m. c M and Cal 
Culver, W. H., shipping mch't, Pine b San and 

Cushman, Chas., f Collins, Cushinan & Co. Bat 

b Sac and Cal 
Cummings, C, storage, San b P and B 
Cummings, Wm., constable, Clay in Plaza 
Cummings, J, f Fox, O'Conner & Co. grocers, 

Pac b S and P 
Cummings, Edward, f Phillips & co. house pa- 

perers, Dup b J and W 
Cummings, H. R. f Cummings & Phillips, gro- 
cers, c Dupont and Wash 
Currier, Chas., carpenter, head Sac street 
Curtis, Jos. R., f Moffat & co. assayers and bank- 
ers, c Dup and Clay 
Curtis & Leavitt, market, Whf . Clark's Point 
Curry, John, counsellor, c Sac and Mont 
Curry, Elias, carpenter, Jackson b P and S 
Curry, Samuel, carpenter, Jackson b P and S 
Cushing, Geo. A,, f Wooster & Cushing M b 

W and J 
Cutting, David, mariner, board ship Globe 
Cunningham, James, f C. G. Amory & co. sail 

maker, over Law's line 
Cunningham, Joseph, f C. G. Amory & Co. sail 

maker, over Law's line 
Cunningham, Samuel, tailor, Union pi b G and U 
Cunningham Wharf, foot Vallejo st 
Davidson, H B Dramatic Museum, Cal b M & K 
Davidson,'tRothschildSjbanker, C b M & K 
Davison, H. agent, Kearny street 


Davison H E gen merch't Sac and Montgom 
Davrah, Chas. laborer, Pow b B'y and Vallejo 
Dahn, Adolph, Laundry, Green above Pacific. 
Davis, Chas. H. clerk, Adams & co., M b J and C 
Davis, J A, Painter, Wash b K and M. 
Davis, Shadrack, cabinet maker, Stockton b C 

and W 
Davis, E. T., sporting, Pac b D and K 
Davis, Dr., physician, c Green and Stockton 
Davis, James, clerk, Clay b M and K 
Davis, N.H. f Wood, Davis & Morgan, Mont b 

C and W 
Davis. R. D. W. f Bacon & Davis, foot Wash 
Davis & Co., gen com mrcht's, Mont b P and J 
Davis, J. W f Davis & co. Mont b P and J 
Davis, N. Reynolds, f Davis & co. Mont b P &J 
Davis, Mrs. S. C. Kearny b W and J 
Davis, Jehu H. & Co. Eureka Hotel, Mont b Sac 

and Cal 
Davis & Caldwell, Lemon syrup manfct'y, San b 

Cal and P 
Davis, Wm. E. f Davis & Caldwell, San b Cal 

Davis, Wm. H. com mcht. Mont b S and C 
Davega, B F. &Co., dry goods, Kearny Plaza 
Dall, Joseph, f Dall & Austin, c San and Sac 
Dall, John f Dall & Austin, c San and Sac 
Daniels, Joseph, clerk, c San and Sac 
Dana, Brotheis, sh'p'ng & com mchts. San b P 

and J 
Dana, Wm. A. f Dana & Brothers San b P and J 
Dana, Henry F. f Dana & Brothers, San bP and 

Dall & Austin, com mchts. c San and Sac 
Day, George, carpenter, Mont b C and P 


Davenport, Wm. H. com mcht. San b P and J 
Danlieimer, Fred jeweller, K b P and J 
Davoe, James, B. foreman courier office, Mont b 

Sac and Cal 
Darling, E. refresliments, c Central wlif, 
Dalton House, C. A. Smith. Jackson b M and S 
Dart, G. W, saloon, Com b K and Mont 
Dearborn, Samuel H painter Sac b M and K 
Devalin, Wm. H blacksmith, B'wy b S and D 
DeHermacourt, E. A. carpenter, Pac b Dand K 
Delbo, Wm. pensioner, c Pac and Dupont 
Denny, John, paint dealer, c Wash and Virginia 
Delli, Joseph, Venetian House, Dupont b W and J 
Devenny, Patrick, baker, Powell b B'way and V 
Dexter, Bela, steward atS. M. Hospital, Stock b 

B'way and V 
Dexter, C. H. book keeper, foot Wash «t 
Dexter, Henry S civil engineer, Gold c Sansome 
Decoster, S. J. carpenter, San b Cal and Pine 
Dehon, T. M. J. & Co. Cal b M and San 
Dennison S. S. f Chandler & Dennison, Wash 

market , c K and Jackson . 
Dederer & Valentine, Western Hotel, B'way b 

Bat and San 
Dederer, S. f Dederer & Valentine, B'way b 

Bat and San 
Dewitt & Harrison, com mcht. San b P & B'way 
Dewitt, Alfred, f Dewitt & Harrison, San b P and 

Dewitt, A. carpenter, Stockton b C and S 
Denton, Wm. H. clerk, Sansome b C and P 
Dean, Oliver, clerk, cor. Sansome and Jackson. 
DeWolf, Thos. R. f Dickson & DeWolf, Ex- 
change Building, c Wash and Mont 
Dewey & Smith, real estate dealers, c Mont & 


Dewey, Squire P. f Dewey & Smith, c Mont and 

Dewey & Heiser, com. merch. Sansome b Cali- 
fornia and Pine. 

Dewey, Sam'l S. f Dewey & Heiser, Sansome b 
California and Pine 

Dewees, E. W. comptroller's office, 74 City Hall. 

Derick, Geo. saddle & harness maker, Kearney 
and Gibbs st. 

Denny, F. W. house and sign painter, Wash b 
Kearney and Mont. 

Delmonico's Hotel, Delmonico & Treadwell, 
Mont b Wash and California. 

Delmonico, Sero, f Delmonico & Treadwell, 
Mont b Wash and California 

De Boom, Vigneaux & Grisar, com merch. Cali- 
fornia b Mont and Sansome. 

:Del Vecchio, Chas. merchant, c Spring and Cal. 

Detrich, John, tin plate worker. Pacific b Mont 
and Kearney. 

Delaveau, John, harbor pilot, at H. B.'s office, 
Com Wharf, Clark's Point. 

Depuy, Fulkes & Co. com merch. c Jackson and 
Battery . 

Depuy, A. f Depuy, Fulkes & Co. c Jackson and 

DevittjDavidM. Powell b Broadway and Pacific. 

Deotch, Luis, jeweller, Clay b Kearney and 

Deluc & Crellet, French confectionary, c Sacra- 
mento and Webb. 

.Dibble, Frederic, at Wash Baths, Wash b Kear- 

. ney and Montgomery. 

Dickerson, Jeff, f Eastin & Co. Eagle Saloon, c 
Central wharf 


Dick August, Pacific b S and P. 

Dinsmore, Wm. H, printer, Alta office, Wash 
1)1 aza. 

Disclos, Peter, boarding house. Sac b K and D. 

Dickson, John, f Dickson Sc Hay, Jackson b San- 
some and Mont. 

Dickson, De Wolf & Co. com merch. Exchange 
Building, c Mont and Wash. 

Dickson, Horatio N. f Dickson, De Wolf and Co. 
Exchange Building, c Mont and Wash. 

Dickson & Hay, land office, Jackson b M and S. 

Dixee, Benj. D., S T Saloon, W W b Battery 
and F. 

Dickey (Jeo, clerk, Jackson between M and S. 

Dopman, Henry, carpenter, Pac b K and M, 

Dougan, Patrick, laborer, Pac b K and M. 

Dounwerd, E'hvard, laborer, Stockton b P and 3 . 

Doriss, James G. Wash b K and M. 

Dolchy, F. W. Union market, Wash b D and S. 

Douglass G. teamster, Clay b S and P. 

Dodge, Capt. Thos. mariner, Clay b S and P 

Dougal tN: Graves, feed store and livery stable, c 
Keiirne}' and Bush. 

Dougal, W\ H. f Dougal & Graves, c Ky & Bush 

Dodd, Benj. mariner, First st. 

Doherty, Geo. ass't editor Herald, Month Wash 
and California . 

Dodge, Jacob L. f Bucklin & Dodge, Kearny b 
Wash and Cal. 

Dodge & Bucklin, Empire House, Kearny b 
Wash and Cal. 

Dodge, Philip, marinei, Batte y between Broad- 
way and Vallejo. 

Dowell, N. tin smith. Clay b M and K. 

Dow & Co. auct. and com merch. Kearnv b P 
and J. 


Dow, James G. Dow & Co. Kearney b P and J. 
Dows. James & Co. wholesale liquors, c Mont 

and Wash. 
Dobb Abner, blacksmith, Webb b C and S 
Dorman, E. H. blacksmith, Pacific b M and S. 
Dorman, E. H., Maine Hotel, Pac b S and Ohio 
Doonin &Co. restaurant, Jackson b S and M. 
Doonin, G. D. do do do 

Donovan, John, clerk, Kearnej' and Pine. 
Dorniss, Geo. D. restaurant head Cunningham's 

Dorniss & Beers, head Cunningham's wharf 
Dramatic Museum, Robinson & Evrard, Cal b 

Mont and Kearney 
Dryer, Thos. J city ed. and rep. Cal. Courier, 

Mont b S and C ' 
Drummond. G. W. cook, head Gold st. 
Drake, Davi 1, f Baker & Drake, Mont b S and C 
Drake, Chas. f Baker & Drake, Mont b S and C 
Duncan, Robt. carpenter, Broadway b S andD. 
Duzzenberg, James, Shades tavern, Pacific b K 

and Dupont 
Dubrana, Francis, shoemaker, Pac b K and D, 
Dupienac, Dr. A. T. dentist, Dupont b J and P. 
Duncan, J. H. laborer, Stockton b J and P. 
Durbee, Chas. gen. merch't, Jackson b K and D. 
Duncker, C. F, com " c Cal and Kearney. 

Dunbar. Fred, f Dunbar & Gibbs, com merch't. 

Wash b K & M 
Duiivage, John E. edit. Alta Cal. Wa-h in plaza. 
Dubourdilca, Bernard, baker. Sac b K and D. 
Duxbury House, Albert Marshall, Cal b M and K. 
Dufau, T. W. importer, Cal b M and S. 
Dunham, James V. clerk (Grayson & Guild), 

San b P and J. 


Dungan, Moore & Pendergast, com. mercli. foot 

of Sacramento. 
Dungan, A. S. f D. M. & P. com. mercli. foot of 

Duncker, F. com. merch. c Cal and K. 
Durfee, John, carpenter, Pacific b M & S. 
Duisenberg, Chas. f Mebins, D & Co. Kearney b 

J and P. 
Dupignac, Ricli'd F. sporting, Empire House. 
Dupignac. bar-keeper, Empire House. 
Dunham. S. H. musician, Parker House. 
Dunlop. Sam'l, printer, Pac News office, Kearney 

b J and P. 
Dupasquier & Co. Jackson b M and K. 
Dunbar & Gibbs, wholesale grocers, c Wash and 

Dunbar, F. wholesale grocer, c Wash aud San. 
Dunbar E. E. Dunbar's Cal. Bank, Wash b K 

and M. 
Duncan, James Mont b W and C 
Dunn David, f Tillman & Dunn, Clay b K and M 
Dunne, McDonald & Co. c Kearnev and Pacific. 
Dunne, James, f Dunne, M'Donald & Co. c K 

and Pacific 
Dunne,Peter,f Dunne, McDonald i&Co.cKand P 
Dunn, W. W. printing press manuf. Ohiob Pac 

and Broadway. 
Durand, Ezra, city police, Pacific b K and D. 
Durando, F. P. f E E, Stone & Co com. merch. 

c San and Pine. 
Duzenburg. James, Fireman's Hall, Pacific b 

K and D 
Duryea, Wm. clerk, wharf foot of Sac. 
Duchesne, C fresco painter, Sac b K and D. 
Dyer, Alt ham, merchant, Cal. House. 
Dyer, Leon, do do do 


Dyson, James, Excellent House, Wash and D. 
Earl, Peter, painter, Pac b S and D. 
Earl, Peter, sporting, Pac b D and K. 
Eagan, John S. dealer in paints, oils, etc. Mont 

b Sac and Cal 
Eagle Saloon, Eastin & Co. Mont and Cen wharf. 
Eastin, Eagle Saloon, do do do 

Eastin, Anglestine. f Eastin & Co, do do 
Earl, E. M. f Earl, Mackintosh & Co. c Mont and 

Earl, John O. f Earl, Mackintosh & Co. c Mont 

and Wash 
Eason, Wm. G. f Beck, Elam & Co, Jackson b 

Mont and Sac 
Eaton, David, mariner. 
Eason, W. G. commis. merchai^t, Union Place b 

G and U. 
Ebbets &Co. com merch't, c San and Cal. 
Ebbets, A. M. f Ebbets & Co. c San and Cal. 
Eccleston, J. H. merchant, c Mont and Cal. 
Eddy, WmM. county surveyor, 90 City Hall 
Eddy, Lathrop S. notary public and councellor, 

275 Mont 
Eddy, Lathrop S. f Wood & Eddy, 275 Mont. 
Eddy, W. T. contractor, Stockton bB'way and 

Eddy, Anthony, laborer, r Rising Sun, Pacific b 

Dupont and Kearney 
Eddy, J. C. f Eddy & Co. grocer, Stockton b 

Pac and Jackson 
Eddie, G. M. trader, c Powell and Val 
Edwards, John S. blacksmith, c Pw'll and Mason 
Edwards, Mrs M. boarding, Stockton, rearMarine 

Edgerton,James,policelstdistrict, Station-house 


Edwards, Tlios. broker, Wash b D and S 
Edwards, D. A. blacksmith, San b J and W. 
Edwards, Henry B. fSaunders& Edwards, Clay 

b M and K 
Edwards, Jonathan, f Chetwood & Edwards, Ex 

building, c W & M 
Edwards, H. J. clerk, S. J & Co. c Cal and San 
Eddy, Sam. f Tonten & Eddy, Sac bM and San 
Egan, John, Philadelphia House, Jackson bDu- 

pont and Kearney. 
Equiro, Resa, Dupont b P and B'way 
Eigenbrodt,Chas. S. f Vandevoort& Co. 275 M'y 
Elleard's, by C. M. Elleard, Clay b M and K * 
Elleard, Chas. M, (Elleard's) do do 

Elleard, C. F. f Richling & Elleard, Jackson 
Elephant House, A. G. Cakes, Cal b M and K 
Ely, Elihu, jr. book-keeper. Custom House 
Elam, R. H. f Beck, Elam & Co. Jackson b M 

and S 
Elden, Chas. B. f Cooper & Co. Sac b K and M, 
Eldridge, J. Oscar, f Dow & Co. auctioneer, 

Kearnej^ b J and P 
Elkins, T. clothing, Mont b P and J 
Elsworth, O. B. com ag't and Custom H B 
El Dorado, Chambers & Co. c Wash and K 
Ellis, William, printer, Alta office, Wash on plaza 
Ellis,John,Salmon&Ellis, broker, Pac b D and K 
Ellis, David, trader. Pacific b M and K 
Ellis, Crosby & Co, com merch'ts, San b P and J 
Ellis, Moses, f Ellis, Crosby & Co. San b P and J 
Elliot, John, com merch't B'way b San and Batt 
Elliot, Sam'l, at Wash'n Baths, Wash b M and K 
Emery, Wm M. tobacconist, Wash oppte Pike 
Emmons. Fred., Merchant's Hotel, Kearney b 

Sac and Cal 


Empie, E. P. clothing, San b P and B 
Emmet, John T. attorney and counsellor, G Laf- 

fan's buildings 
Emmet, C Temple, f Botts. Campbell and Emmet, 

Wash b M and K 
EmjDire House, Bucklin k Dodge, Kearney b W 

Emerson's Arcade, runs from Wash to Clay b 

Mont and Kearney 
Emerson, S. B. builder, do do 

Empire Brewery, W. Bull, 2d st near Mission 
English, Lawrence,baker, Powell b B'waj- and Y 
English, J. W., Old Bay State, San b C and P 
Engle, M. W., f Page & Co. Mont b W and J 
Endicott. G. W. county treasurer, c Mont and 

Central wharf 
Encezo, Manuel, Wash b K and M 
EnsigQ, Geo. H. lumber merch't, North Beach 
Epsom, Theo. domestic, Dupont b P and B'way 
Evans, H. tin plate worker, Cal b. Spring and M 
Evans & Bobinson, coopers, Mont b Cal and P 
Evans, Wm. f Evans & Kobinson,Mont b C and P 
Evans, John B, printer,Jour.Com. office,Dupont 

b Wash and Clay. 
Everett & Co. com mercht's, wh'f foot Sac st 
Evrard, James, i^ropri'r Dramatic Museum, Cal b 

M and K 
Evans, Cape Cod House. Mont b P and C 
Evans, Hale, cook (Old Bav State) San b C and 

Esche, Wapler Sc Co. com mercht's, Spring near 

Esche, Otto, com merch't, Spring near Cal 
E^pic, O, f Gosseand Espic, com merch'ts. Cen- 
tral wharf 


Esper, Chas carpenter, Jackson b D and K 
Ettridge, C. do do S and D 

Ewing, Mrs Sarah, boarding, Sac b K and D 
Ewer, J. R. carpenter 
Eureka Hotel, Jehu H. Davis & Co. Mont b Sac 

Excellent House, James Dyson, c Dupont and 

Fanning, H. T. cabinetmaker, Bush bM and K 
Fackner, E. D. c'erk, S. J. & Co. c Sansome 

and Cal 
Fauntleroy, W. H. pilot Sac and San Joaquin 

rivers, S T Saloon, Clark's Point 
Fay, Pierce & Willis, com merch'ts, c Clay and 

Fay, C. T. f F. P. & W. c Clay and Mont 
Fay, Andrew, boatman, Wh'f foot Sac st 
Fay & Carsin, grocers, Mont b C and P 
Falkenberg.J. H., piano maker, Jackson bD and 

Farnsworth, A. M. wood dealer, Clay b S and P 
Farrell, Bobt. carpenter, Stockton b G and U 
Fairchild, J W. ornamental painter, Wash b 

P and S 
Fansh-aWjWmD. compositor, Herald office, Mont 

b C and W 
Fash. Bobt. com merch't, 271 Mont 
Fairchild, H. printer, Courier office, Mont b Sac 

and Cal 
Farther, N., Dramatic Museum, Cal b M & K 
Farwell, W. W. counsellor, foot Wash 
Farwell, John, clerk. do do 

Farris, Geo. & Co. general store, Broadway b 

San and Batt 
Farnham, Alex, steward, steamer Miner 


Feigl, S. clothing and dry goods, CJay b M and K 
Ferrari, Pedro, clerk, Jackson h M and S 
Fell & Co. com merch'ts, 248 Mont 
Fell, Wm. f W. Fell & Co. c Wash and Mont 
Fenton, P. baker, Clay b K and Leids 
Ferrall & Flannery, grocers, Clay b K and Leids 
Ferrall, P. B. f Ferrall & Flannery, Clay b K 

and Leids 
Felix, Manuel, laundr^'^, Virgioi.i b J and P 
Felt, Pierre, wine merchant, Mont b B and Sutter 
Ferguson, Reynolds & Co. grocers, Ceu wh'f 
Ferguson, Thos. f Ferguson, Reynolds & Co. 

Central wharf 
Fergus, Thos. grocer, c Wash & Virginia 
Fernandez, A. at Lafayette Restaurant, Jackson 

B K and D 
Ferguson, Geo. carpenter, c Pac and Powell 
Fitts & Tilden, ship'g and com merch't Mont b 

Fitts Friend P. f Fitts & Tilden, Mont b S and 

Fickett, J. H., Byron House, Jackson b D and K 
Fitzgerald, Bausch, Brawster& Co., Sacramento 

b K and M. 
Fitzgerald, Ezekiel, f F. B. B. & Co. Sacramento 

b K and M 
Fish, Capt. master. Schr Velasco 
Fish, James H. f Turner, Fish & Co. San some b 

W and J 
Fish, Wm H. printer, Pac News office, Kearny 

b P and J 
Fish, Wm H. cabinet maker. Bush b M and'K 
Fisher, P, M. tin plate worker. Pac b M and K 
Fierro, F. merchant, Jackson b D and K 
Fierro, Philippe, merchant, Dupont b J and W 


Finley, Johnson & Co. gen com mercli'ts, c W 

and Mont 
Finley, John M. f Finle}', Johnson & Co. c Wash 

and Mont 
Fitch t^ Co. auc'nandcommerch'ts, 270 Mont 
Fitch, Henry S. f Fitch & Co. 270 Mont 
Fireman's Hall, J. Duzenbur^^ Pacific b K andD 
Flannery, f Fen-all & Flanner;y , Clay b K and 

Flannegan, T. & Co Waterman's Arms, Ohio b 

P and B'way 
Flower, Sam'l. reporter Herald, Mont b C and W 
Flechenberg, Philipi, Mont b B and Sutter 
Flandray. liobt. carpenter, Kearny b J and W 
Flint, Addison, civil engineer, Clay b S and P 
Flint, Peabody & Co. com merch'ts, Com wharf 

Clark's Point 
Flint, James P.f Flint, Peabody & Co. Comwh'f 

Clark's Point. 
Flint, Edward P. f Flint, Peabody & Co . Com 

wh'f, Clark's Point 
Flet, W H D. butcher, B'way b M and P 
Fleming, John, do slaughter-house, Presidio 

Flemming, Thos. baker, Powell b B'way and V. 
Flemming, John, shingler. Green ab Stock 
Fleishhaker, Sam. f Beideman & Co. Jackson b 
- M and S 

Fletcher, A. W. tinsmith, Clay b M and K 
Floyd, Henrj', clerk, Jackson st,Mejicana,E. Pasqual, Jackson b M and S 
For wood, Wm. cook, Wash st Rest 
Forman, W D & Co. grocers, Wash b K and M 
Folsom.Capt.Jos.L. ass't quarter-master U.S.A. 

Cal bKand M 


Forbes, A. C. physician, Kearney b B and Sutter 
Forry, Wm. f Beach and Forry, r 271 Mont 
Fox, Chas. J. f Sandford & Fox, tin smiths, Pac 

b K and M 
Fox,W B f Fox, O'Connor & Gumming, Pacific 

b S and D 
Fowler & Smith, lightermen, c Mont and Wash 
Fowler, Albert, lighterman, do do 

Ford, J. & Co Commercial Hotel, Jackson b 

M and S 
Forman & Co. vegetable store, Jack b M and S 
Fordham, Mathew, Bay market wharf, foot of 

Sac st. 
Fogg, H. H. carpenter, Stockton b C and W 
Foote, Sam'l, comb maker, San b Cal and P 
Foote, John, laborer, Kearney b B and Sutter 
Foster, Benj. F. printer, Alta office, Washington 

on plaza 
Foster, Chas. f Treat & Foster, Jackson b M 

and S 
Foster, James, carpenter. Shamrock House 
Foster Chas. E. Shamut Lunch, near Rincon 

Folger, Francis B. f Moore, Folger & Hill, c 

Wash and Mont 
Folger, James, mason, c Pac and Powell 
Folger, Henry, lighterman, do do 
Frank, Chas. refreshment clerk, Elleard's, Clay 

b M and K 
Prazer, D. counsellor, Wash b K and M 
Frazer, Alex, clerk at B. C. Young's, Wash b 

M and K 
Franklin, Stephen, clerk Burgoyne & Co. c 

Mont and Wash 
Franklin, A. f Newfield, Waters & Co, Kearney 

near C 


Franklin, E. C. ass't surgeon, State Marine Hos- 
pital, Stockton B'way and V 
Franklin, Geo. A. Cresent Hotel, Pac b K & M 
Franklin W. refreshment stand, c Clay and K 
Franklin, Selim & Co. gen naerch'ts, foot Wash 
Francis, John, boarding house. Battery b B'way 

and Vallejo 
Fremont Hotel, John Sutch, Batt near Val 
Fremery, J. De. f Giklermeester, De Fremery k 

Co. Stockton b B'way and Val 
Freman, Louis, laborer, Kearney b B and Sutter 
Freres Lazard, Sac b K and M 
Freaner, J. A. deputy sheriff, City Hall 
Fridenberd,Chas. f Ollendorif, Wolff & Co. Jack- 
son b M and S 
Frisbie, L P. refreshments, Parker House • 
Frisbie, C. merch't broker, 276 Mont 
Friederich, A. refreshments, Sac b K and M 
Friend, George, printer, Jour. Com. office, Du- 

pont b Clay and Wash 
Friend, Henry, boatman, Clark's Point 
Frost, Joseph, clerk, Spofford b W and C 
Frost, Joseph, baker, Kearney b Cal and P 
Fry, Chas. f Fry & Cessin, Mont b Cal and P 
Friel, Wm. f Brooks & Fry, tin plate worker, 

Batt b B'way and V 
Furman, Thos. B. blacksmith, Webb b Sac and 

Furley, John F. Broadway below Batt 
Fuller, Orrin R. machinist, Sac b K and D 
Fuller, Silas, f Carter, Fuller & Co. com merch, 

Jackson b K and D 
Furniss, Gardner, com merch, Howison's wharf 
Furney, John, laborer, Dupont b J and W 
Gale, F. M. saloon. Com b M and K 


Gainsborg, Hiram, jeweller, c Ohio and B'way 
Gamlin, carpenter, Stockton b C and W 
Gamlin, tin plate worker, Stockton b C and W 
Gale, J H and T M. co.ifectionarj manuf. Pacb 

M and S 
Gasser, Louis, f Gasser & Tinteman, Wash c 

Garrison, Oliver, merch't, Sac House 
Garrison, Daniel, merch't, do do 
Garrick, Luke, Tontine House, Central wh'f 
Gavin, D. f Smith and Gavin, do do 
Gager, James H. book keeper D L Eoss, c Mont 

and Wash 
Gassett & Sanborn, Jackson st wharf 
Gasset, Francis, f Gassett & Sanborn, Jackson 

st wharf 
Galland, Hart & Co. Wash b M and K 
Galland, Adolphus, f Galland, Hart & Co. Wash 
Gamage, S. pilot Sac and San Joaquin rivers, 

S T Saloon. Clark's Point 
Gaskins, John, Hotel du Commerce, off Sac b K 

and D 
Galloway, Joseph,f Beck, Elam k Co. Jackson b 

M and S 
Galloway, Capt J S. com merch't, Union Place b 

G and*^ U 
Gardiner, Jared M. mariner, Stockton b B'way 

and Yal 
Gardiner, J J. measurer, 90 City Hall 
Gardiner, J E. carrier to Courier, c Jackson and 

Gardiner, Howard C. merch't, Batt. b B'way 

and Yallejo 
Gardiner, John, f Cooper & Co. Sac b K & M 
Gardener, John, clerk, c Wash and K 


Gardner, Darius, f Kelly & Gardner, 273 Mont 
German, Robt. cai'penter, c Wash and Stock 
Gee, Lewis, printer, Jour.Com. office, Dupont b 

Wife C 
Genella, J. &Co. china and glass ware, B'way b 

M and S 
Gem, the. White, Graves & Buckley, B'way b 

George, J B. and A J. com merch'ts. Sac b K 

and M 
Geberding, clerk, Cal. Courier, Mont b C and S 
Gerard, Joseph, trader, Stockton b W and C 
Geary, John W. city, mayor, office City Hall 
Gerry, Dr. S. Russell, physician, c Mont and P 
Geulter, Peter, grocery, Jackson b M and K 
Genth,Duncker,Botscher & Co., c Kearney & C 
German, Adolph, grocer, B'way b P and S 
Gilfillan, J. James, baker, Cal b K and D 
Gihon, Dr. J H. physician, Kearney b P and B 
Gilson, Edw'd, com merch't, Mont b W and J 
Giles, Geo. mariner. Gold b S and M 
Gillam, W, trader, Com wharf, Clark's Point 
Gibson, J M. f Shankland & Gibson, Kearney b 

W and J 
Gildermeester, J P H, f G, De Fremery & Co. 

Stockton b B'way and V 
Gildermeester, A H. clerk, Stockton b B'way 

and Val 
Gilpatrick, Daniel, blacksmith, Kearney b Pine 

and Bush 
Gilpatrick, Moulton k Campbell, blacksmiths, 

Pine b S and M 
Gilpatrick, D. f G. M. & C. blacksmith, Pine b 




Gilman & Stevenson, counsellors, Adobe build- 
ing, plaza. 
Gilman, Chas. f Gilman & Stevenson, Adobe 

building, plaza. 
Gillespie & Co. merchants, India Stores, Battery 

ent on San 
Gillespie, C V. f Gillespie & Co. c Filbert and 

Gillespie, David, vrharfinger, Central wharf 
Gilbert, E. & Co, pro Alta Cal newspaper, Wash 

on plaza 
Gilbert, Dr. James, physician,Dupont b J and P 
Gilbert, W T. painter, Waeh b P and M 
Gibson & Tibbits, grocers. Sac b K and D 
Gibson, Edward W.f Gibson & Tibbits, grocer, 

Sac b K and D 
Gibbs, C V S. f Dunbar & Gibbs, merch't, c 

Wash and Virg 
Gibbs, John S. at J. Cowell & Co. c Jackson 

and San 
Gimeson & Whittaker, Franklin market, Bryant 

foot of B 
Gibbs, George, trader, Stockton b P and J 
Gibbs, C V S. f Dunbar & Gibbs, c Sansome and 

Glen & Co. com merch'ts, Cal b M and S 
Glen, Wm. f Glen and Co. do do 
Glenn, Thos. builder, c Clay and Spofford 
Glassen &. Tinteman, Wash c plaza 
Gline, John, boarding-house, Yal b S and P 
Gladding, A J. - do B'way b M and S 
Gladwin k Whitmore, jobbing merch'ts, Cal b 

M and S 
Gladwin, Wm H F . f Gladwin & Whitmore.Cal b 
•M and S 


GlendinningjWm. mariner, San b C and Pine 
Glen Cottage, Mason b J and W 
Glirardol, Domingo, grocery, Batt b B'way and V 
Glen, Thomas, f Glen & Co. Cal b M and S 
Godeffroy, Sillem & Co. Clay st wharf 
Godeffroy, Alfred, f Godeffroy, Sillem & Co. 

Clay st wharf 
Goulden, J C. clerk, c San and B'way 
Gosse, S. com merch. Central wharf 
Goodwin, H L. teamster, Belden b P and Bush 
Godwin, Janies, mariner, Mont bP and B'way 
Gorton & Wilcox, market, Mont b B and S 
Gorton, H P. butcher, Kearny b S and Cal 
Goin, Thos. shipping offices, Central wharf and 

Clark's Point 
Gorse, Andrea, grocer, c Wash and Mont 
Goodman, James H. com merch, headCenwh'f 
Gowan,S J. f J. B.Cannon & Co. Mont b C and S 
Goldstein & Co. cl -thing, Mont b Cla}^ and Sac 
Goldstein, Joseph, do Clay b M and K 
Goss, G W. exchange broker, Parker House 
Gondola House.Treat and Foster, Jack bM and K 
Gothic Hall, J F Arthur, c Mont and Jackson 
Gongales, Jose, printer, Pac News office, Kearny 

b J and P 
Gomez, Louis, sporting. Empire House 
Gomes, Florencio, boarding, B'way b D and S 
Goble, Geo. F. trader, c Vallejoand Powell 
Gonzales, Antonio, sporting, Virginia b W and J 
Godfred, Frank, restaurant, Stockton b P and B 
Goodyear, Matty, trader, c Dupont and B'way 
Goodall, Wm. carpenter, Stockton b P and J 
Gould, T F. merch, Pine b San and M 
Gould, H J. ag't water works. Pine b San and M 
Gould, Alfred S. clerk Herald office, Mont b 

Wash and Clay 


Gordon, George, contractor, c Wash and Virg 
Gordon, Henry, attorney, do do 

Gordon, P S. Commercial st House, Com b K 

and M 
Gordon, John, f Taylor & Gordon, tin smiths, 

Mont b P and J 
Gordon, Mrs. E. Mansion House, K'ny b P and J 
Gordon, Nicholas A., Boston Notion, 271 Mont 
Gordon, H G. counsellor, c Clay and Mont 
Goodall, Muzzy & Co. produce and com merch, 

San b J and W 
Goodall, Thos H. f Goodall & Co. Sansome 

b J and W 
Gough, Chas. laborer. Green b S and D 
Grover, Dr W A. physician, 66 City Hall 
Grant, David B. clerk. Wash b S and P 
Grant, Adam, dry goods, Jackson b M and Sac 
Griffith, J W. gilder, San b P and B 
Grove, Robt. S. cook and steward. Battery b 

B'way and Val 
Greig, Wm., Mclntyre House, Pac b M and K 
Gray, Nath., New York coffin ware-room, Sac 

c Dupont 
Gregory's Express, J. W. Gregory, Jackson st 

Gregory, Joseph W. Gregory's Express, Jackson 

st wharf 
Gregory & Griswold, lightermen, Sac b KandM 
Gregory, Joseph M. f Gregory & Griswold, Sac 

b K and M 
Griswold, John, f Gregory & Griswold, Sac b 

K and M 
Griere, Pierre, poi-ter at Wells & Co. c Clay and 

Griffin, John W. at Schultz & Palmer, Jackson 

street wharf 


Grush, J. Henry, carpenter, Emerson's Arcade 
Graves, James, f Dougal & Graves, c K and Pine 
Graves, Howard W. f Graves & Buckley, B Vay 

b San and Bat 
Graves, Philip, blacksmith, BVay b S and D 
Graham, Robt. merch, Vail b P and S 
Grundai, Chas. carpenter, Green ab Stock 
Grey, George, do Stock b P and J 

Gredy, James, merch, Green above Stockton 
Graves, James, f Dougal & Graves, c Kearney 

and Bush 
Grayson & Guild, com merch, San b P and J 
Grayson, Andrew J, f Grayson & Guild, San b 

P and J 
Gray, Wm. baker. Stock b G and U 
Gray, F C. «& Co. brokers, B'way b Batt and S 
Green & Morgan, com merch. Clay st. wharf 
Green, Henry, f Green & Morgan Clay st. wh'f 
Green, Thos. merch. Ohio b Pac and B'way 
Green, Geo.W. butcher, Washington House, Sac 

b K & Dupont 
Green, Talbot H. f Howard & Green, Mont 
Greene, Wm. pres't Board of Aldermen, Ohio b 

P and B'way 
Greene, Edmund, f Muir & Greene, com merch. 

c San and P 
Green, Joseph De Puissaye, ag't for Lloyd's, 

Pac b K and D 
Guild, N M. f Bassett and Guild, K st restaurant 

Kearney b W & J 
Guild, Albert H. f Grayson, Guild & Co. San b 

Pac and J 
Guvol, Galbraith & Co. com merch'ts. Month 

W and J 
Guichard, E. chemist, B'way b D and S 


Guyod, Alexis, carpenter, Polk lane b D and S 
Guvitt, John, carpentrr, Stockton b P and J 
Gunn, John, baker, S. F. bakery, Jackson st 
Guirand, L. prop'r Lafayette Hotel, BVay b S 

and Batt 
Gusher, Fred. A. grocer, Bw'ay b S and Batt 
Gunning, Joseph, clerk, c P and Sansome 
Guillet & Lions, fancy store. Com b K and Mont 
Gwilliam, Price, bar keeper c Mont and Central 

Harrigan, Andrew, laborer, Vallejo b P and M 
Harlan, Jacob W., trader, Green b Sand D 
Harlan, Joel, trader, Green, b S and D 
Hagan, James, Harbor Master, Cent wharf 
Hagan Peter, Carpenter, Green b S and D 
Hadler, H, trader, Broadw. b S and D 
Haller, Alex., Ship owner, Jackson, b M and P 
Harlow, James, f H Taylor & co , com and stor 

age, Fremont, b H and F 
Hanna, James, Attor. at law, Sac near Dupont. 
Hartman, Jos. VV. merchant. Telegraph HilL 
Harris, James, Murray House, Cal. b K and D 
Harris, James, Blacksmith, San b W and D 
Harriss & Bankhead counsellors, Jackson, b K 

and D 
Harriss S and B, clothing, Mont, b J and W 
Harris, Dr. S R Physician, Wash b S and D 
Harris, Thos H., Constable, Portsmouth square. 
Hazeltine, Grocer, c Jackson and Sansome 
Ham, E A, Printer, Courier Office, Mont b S & C 
Haliday, Thos, Painter, 275 Montgomery 
Hasty, Geo., f Smith and H, Dalton House 
Hausman,A,drygoodsand clothing,MbClandS 
Harman, A K P, f Quimby, H and Co.,Cenl wh'f 
Hardy, corner Clay and Sacramento. 


Haskins, Ralph, Jr., trader, cor Cal and Mont 
Hazard, P F, gen'l merchant, Mont b S and Cal 
Hasson, James C. com merchant Sac st wharf. 
Hazen & Co., Battery b Broadway and Vallejo. 
Harpir, F de M C, cor Mont and Pacific 
Haas& Struver, com. merchant, cor Mont, and B 
Hawks, Edward E, sausage maker, San b W and J 
Hardy & Whiting, Bakers, cor Battery and Val. 
Hardy, Wm. f H& Whiting, cor Bat and Vail. 
Hezen, Kelsey, Battery b Broadway and Vallejo 
Hanks, L B, Lumber dealer. Gold cor Sansome 
Harding, Sam'l, Crescent House, P b M and K. 
Hager, John S. counsellor, Exc B c M and W 
Harvev, Henry, Clerk, foot Washington street. 
Hallock, JohnY,f Bennett and H,Mont bJ andW 
Hanigsberger, S, f Langsfelt & Co. CI b K and M 
Hanigsberger, Jos. do do 

Harms, H,,Harm's Hotel, c Jackson and Dupont. 
Hay, Geo C f Dickson and Hay, Jack b Sa and M 
Hay, Henry, Master Mariner, Fremont Hotel 
Haig, David Boarding House Webb st n Sac. 
Hager, H clerk Cross, Hobson & co. , San b P & J 
Hanks, Fred. J clerk Everett& co. Howison'swhf 
Haskins, John, clerk, Simmons, H & Co. Clay 

st wharf 
Hanson, Mr. harbor pilot, H. M. office. Central 

Hale, H. f Hussey, Bond & H. Whf ft Sac st. 
Haven & Co. express forwarders, Mont b Sac 

and Cal 
Haven, J P. f Haven & Co. Mont b Sac and Cal 
Haven R S. clerk, do do do 

Harrison, Joseph N. trader, Kearney b Clay and 

Hackett, John K. counsellor, c Wash and Mont 


Harper, Daniel, laborer, Stockton b B'way and 

Hathaway, Lewis, carpenter, Mont b P and B 
Hathaway, Borden, carpenter, Mont b P and B 
Hastings & Co. variety store. Wash b M and K 
Hastings, S A. f Hastings & Co. do do 

Hastings, S W. do do do do 

Hastings, S .Chilton, Chief Justice SupremeCourt 
Hawes, Horace, counsellor, c Mont and Wash 
Halstead, Wm. clerk, Mont b S and C 
Haight, Henry H. counsellor, c Jackson and K 
Haight, Henry, f Page, Bacon & Co., Clay b 

M and K 
Haight & A.mes, com merch'ts, c Mont and Jack 
Haight, Edgar, f Haight & Ames, do do 

Hamilton & Luyster, com merch'ts, Cen wharf 
Hawley & Co. 's Express to Sacramento, Month 

S and Cal 
Hawley, Sterling & Co. com merch'ts, Sac b 

Mont and S 
Hawley, F P. f Hawley, Sterling & Co. Sac b 

Mont and S 
Hawley, D N. do do do 

Hall, Edward, f Henry Johnson & Co. druggist, 

Dupont b W and J 
Hall, Edward, blacksmith, B'way b S and D 
Hall, Winslow, carpenter, Webb b S and Cal 
Hall, James, boatman, B'way b S and Batt 
Hall James A. boatmaii Clark's Point 
Hall & Mai-tin, auctioneers, Jackson b M and S 
Hall, Alme J. f Hall & Martin, do do 

Hays, Col. John C. high sheriff, Stockton r Ma- 
rine Hospital 
Hayes, Wm. carpenter, Emerson's Arcade 
Hayes, Thos. deputy sheriff, Hotel Mission road 


Hayes & Bailey, jewellers, Clay b M and K 
Hayes, E M. f Hayes & Bailey, Clay b M and K 
Hart, John, mariner, Jackson b K and D 
Halt. J B. counsellor, c Mont and Wash 
Hart, Henry, f Galland, Hart & Co. Wash b M 

and Kearny 
Hart, R D. & Co, dry goods, 38 Sacramento 
Hart, W. merchant, Mont b J «& W. 
Hart, Lyon A. & Co. clothing store. Wash b M 

Hart, Montague, f L. Hart & Co. Wash b M and K 
Hart, Michael, do do do do 

Haynes, John W. clerk, foot Sac st 
Haynes, T J. f Ogden & Haynes, foot Clay st 
Hay den & Mudge, com merch'ts, Herald Build. 

Mont st 
Hayden, C W. f Hayde & Mudge,Herald Build- 
ing Mont st. 
Haskell, D. Hale, of Adams & Co. express, Mont 

b S and Cal 
Haskell, John M. blacksmith, Cal b K and D 
Haskell, L. com merch, 277 Mont 
Haskell, J B. carpenter, c Batt and Val 
Harrison, H T. f Backus & Harrison, MontbS 

and Cal 
Harrison, James, gen store, c Mont and Pac 
Harrison, Henry A. f Dewitt & Harrison, com 

merch, San b P and B'way 
Harrison, Albert A. sporting. Empire House 
Heckler & Merrifield, bakers, Cal r Elephant 

Hernandez, J C D, hair dresser, Jackson b Dup 

and Stockton 
Hendrick, Chas. gold smith. Wash b D and S 
Henry, Francis, tailor, c Mont and Pac 


Henry, Mark, grocer, Val b S and P. 

Henry, John, f Coopei & Co. Sack b K and M 

Heyman, A. von, consul for Bremen, Sac b K 

and D 
Hershaw, J. S. gen grocer, Cal b K and M 
Heiser, Chas. L. f Dewey k H. San bCal and P 
Heiter, Simon, dry goods and clothing, Sac b 

M and K 
Heydenfelt, S. counsellor, rear 271 Mont 
Heslep, A J. clerk, c Jackson and K 
Herrick, Edwin, com merch, Mont b S and Cal 
Herald, San Francisco, newspaper, Mont b C and 

Hersh, David, trader, Mont b C and W 
Hennasy, Patrick, baker. Clay b K and Leids 
Henderson, F. f Kelly and H. Sac b M and K 
Heuston, John, boarding house. Sac b M and K 
Hedley & Cozzens, wholesale grocers, 253 Mont 
Henricks, J. tailor and draper, Jackson b M 

and San 
Henry, Schroder, Von der Meder & Co. merch, 

Jackson b M and San 
Hewes & Cutter, Central wharf 
Heatley, E D & Co. com merch. Exch Court 

off Mont 
Henfield, Geo. H. tin and copper smith, Pac b 

M and San 
Heller, Lehman & Co. clothing, Clay b M andK 
Heller, M. f Heller, Lehman & Co. do do . 
Hess & Brother, dry goods, c Wash and D 
Hess. A. f Hess & Brother, do do 

Hess, do do do do 

Hinrickson,Reinecke k Co. com merchts,Mont b 

Sac and Cal 


Hinrickson, H W. f Reinecke & Co. Mont b S 

and Cal 
Hillin, Henry, baker, S. F. Bakery, Jackson st 
Hibbard, teamster, Jackson b M and P 
Hilton, John, boarding house, Green ab Stoc^ 
Hicke}', John P. druggist, foot Jackson st 
Hinkley & Davis, counsellors, c Dup and Sac 
Hinckley, Dr R L. Physician, San b Cal and P 
Hitchiugs & Sully, paper hangers, Wash, alley 

b M and S 
Hitchings, Edw'd W.fH&S do do do 
Higgins, Daniel, clerk, Pac b M and S 
Hildreth, S. carpenter, c Jackson and Kearny 
Hix, Solomon, cook and steward, Batt b B and V 
Hiler, Wm H. boatman, Central wharf 
Hitchcock, G B. f Marvin and H. booksellers. 

Herald building, Mont 
Hill, Daniel, saloon, Ohio b P andB'way 
Hill, Horatio, f Moore, Folger & Hill, c Wash 

and Mont 
Hill, Wm. clerk, c Stockton and Union 
Hill, Wm. carpenter, Pac b M and P 
Hill, Chas. H. contractor, Stockton b P and J 
Hinckley, L F., carpenter. Sac b D and K 
Hoogs, Octaviau, merch, Mont b C and Wash 
Hoar, Wm. cake baker, Powell b B'way and V 
Hoare, P. gardener, Bryant Place b P and Bush 
Holbrook, Humphrey, cook, do do do 
Hodson, Edmond, merch, Val b S and P 
Hobach, Camilla, do c Powell and Green 
Hogan, Michael, trader, c Dupont and B'way 
Hooper, Allen, cook, Stocton b P and J 
Hort, Brothers, merch, Cal b K and M 
Hogan, James, merch, Telegraph Hill 
Hobson, Wm L. f Cross, H. & Co. com merch, 

San b P and J 


Hobson, Joseph, f C H & Co. com mcht, San b P 
and J 

Hodgman, John, clerk Simmons & Co. Clay 

st wharf 
Hotchkiss, John B. restaurant, Mont b S and Clay 
Hochkofler & Tenequel, wharf foot Clay st 
Hochkofler, Ralph, f H. & T. do do 
Hodge, R B. carpenter, Moiit b B and P 
Hoag, R T. f W D Foreman & Co. W B K & M 
Hosmer & Brothers, grocers, foot Wash st 
Hosmer, E A. f Hosmer & Bro. grocer, foot of 

Wash Qt 
Hosiner, E T. do do do do 

Hosmer, Geo. jr. do do do do 

Hoff & Ambrose, Whitehall, c Com whf and Bat 
Holt, Z. com merch. Clay st wharf 
Holkins, Joel & Co. merchants, 273 Mont 
Howison, Henry, pro Howison's Pier, foot Sac st 
Hoff, Wm C. grocer, do do 

Hood, Francis B.tin plate workei',Mont b P andJ 
Hood, John M. f Middleton & H. auct. 269 Mont 

b P and J 
Howell, Jos. L. merch, Batt b B'way and Val 
Howell, B H. com merch, 253 Mont 
Holmes. Aaron, watchmaker. Wash b K and D 
Holmes, James C. counsellor. City Hall 
Hotel du Commerce, C. Renault, P B O and S 
Hooper, Ambrose J. broker, Jackson b S and M 
Hooper, Wm. f Cross, Hobson & Co. San b Pac 

and Jackson 
Hotalling and Barnstead, c San and Jack 
Hotalling. C K. f H & Barnstead, c San and Jack 
Hoberj, Wm H. at Bennett & Kirby's, Clay b 

Holladay, S W. counsellor, Jackson b M and S 


Hoadley, Milo, deputy surveyor, City Hall 
Hosfall, J H. measurer, do do 

Howard & Green, com merch, Mont b Sand Clay 
Hov-ard, Wm. D. M. f H. & G. do do 

Howard, Geo. H. ag't Stockton steamers, Mont 

b S and Clay 
Howard, James, laborer. Green above Stockton 
Howard, Wm., laborer. Green above Stockton. 
Howard, S, clothing, Kearny b com and Sac. 
Howard, James, Counsellor, Laffan's building. 
Howard, W B H, counsellor, Kearny b B and P 
Howland,P., Pilot Sac and San J Rivers,S T Sa- 
loon, Clark's Point 
Howland.Rufus, Boarding House, Bryant PI, off 
Howland, Frederic, boarding bouse, BryantPlace 

off Bush. 
Howland, WmW., boarding house, BryantPlace 

off Bush. 
Howland, R. boarding house, Bryant Place, off 

Holland, Nath. , counsellor, Laffan's building. 
Holland, C F. Boatman, Central Wharf. 
Holden, E S S & Co., Druggists, San b Cal and P 
Hobbs, Isaac, Mill Wright, c Wash and Powell. 
Howard, Chas. G., Printer, Sac b K and Mont. 
Hoffman & Saunders, counsellors, Clay in Plaza. 
Hoffman, Wm. M f H Saunders, Clay in Plaza. 
Hoffman, Wm M, Justice Peace 2d Township, in 

Hoffman, W T. Clerk, San b Broadway and P. 
Hoffman,Ogden,Jr., Lawyer, Laffan's building. 
Howe, Henry W., Jeweller, Clay b M and K. 
Howe, Mrs. Agnes, Bonnet Maker,Mont b P & B 
Howe & Hunter, Com Merchants, Ja b B and S 
Howe, Wm L, f H Hunter, do do 


Howard, Sam'l, at City Hospital, Clay Street. 
Hurtardo, Jose, Fonda Equitativea, DupontbJ 

and Washington. 
Hutcliin, A B, Carpenter, Virginia b J and W. 
Husband, Herman, Bath House,c Mason and W. 
Hubbard, Dr. Lorenzo, Res dent Physician, St M 

Hubert, Numa, Pacific b K and D. 
Hungerf ord, John T. counsellor, rear 271, Mont. 
Hungerford, Dana, L. do do do 

Huysey, Bond and Hale, ship and Com Merch. 

Wharf foot Sacramento. 
Huzsey, F. A. f H B & H. foot Sacramento 
Huttmann, Filler & Co, com merch, Jackson b M 

and S. 
Huttmann, Francis, f H M & Co, J b M and S 
Hull, P P, Cal Courier. Mont b Cal and S. 
Hughes, Herman, Jr., com merchant, 271 Mont. 
Huflman and Brien, Central Wharf. 
Huffman, f Huffman & B, Central Wharf 
Humbert, J. pressman. Courier office, Mont b 

Cal and S 
Hunt, Joseph, printer, do do do do 
Hunt, James R. at Moore, Folger & Hill 
Hunt, Rev. T. Dwight, Past Con church, Mason 

b Bw & V 
Hunt, Geo. carpente •, Bw b D and S 
Hunt, Davis S. gunsmith & macht, W b D & S 
Humenthal, M A. importer, c Kearny and S 
Hutton & Timmerman, com merchts, Bw b Batt 

and Wf 
Hutton, J. F. (f H & Timmerman) do do do 
Hussey, Chas. S. carpenter, head Cal st 
Huntley, Capt. lighterman, San b C and P 
Huddart, Rev. R. T. c Pine and San 


Hubbeflf, CB. Ag't atC. L. Ross, c W and M 
Huie, James B. auct. & com mercht, M b J & W 
Huerlin & Belcher, gen dealers, c Jackson & S 
Hudson, Dr M H. physician. Gold b S and M 
Hudson, Geo A. f Logan & H. Congress Hall, 

Hubbard, Wm. Our House. K b P and G 
Hubbard, Alex, jeweller, Ward's Court 
Hunter, Wm J. f Howe & Hunter, J b B & S 
Hunter, C E & Co. gen merchant do do 

Hunter & Brother, com merchts, Howison's whf 
Hunter, Chas. f Kennedy &H. Am bakery, Pac 

b K and D 
Hunt, G B. f L L Blood & Co. Mont b J and W 
Hugues, Aime merchant, Green b S & D 
Hutchinson, Jo' in P. carpenter, do do do 
Hutchinson, John G. cook, Bw c Mason 
Hyatt, Dr J S. clerk for Street Com. City Hall 
Hyatt, Elisha, teamster, Sutter b M and K 
Innes, Wm. J. teamster, c Sac and Mont 
Inness, J W. Jr. a Mclntire, c Wash and Mont 
India stores, f Gillespie & Co Batt b Cal and P 
Ingalls, Seth H. civil eng and architect, c Mont 

and Sac 
Ingalls,John, Harbor Pilot,off ComWhf Clk's Pt 
Inman, Albert, cook, Mont b Sac and Com 
Ickelheimer, H Painter, Wash PI b J and W 
Illinois House, S Anderson, c B W and Battery 
Isaacs, H G. deputy warfinger, Centr Whf 
Isaacs, Lewis, clerk, at L. Lewis, ClaybK&M 
Jacobson, Dr. F. M. Physician, at Com Hotel 
Jacoby, Herman & Co. com merchts, Jackson 

b S and Batt 
Jacobs, S. L. Dry Goods, b Jackson, M & S 
Jansen, C. & Co. do do do 


James, R. W. c Clay and Kearny 
Jara, Andrea merchant, Pacific b M & S 
Janes, H. P. Counsellor c Com & Mont 
Jacobs, W. M. Com mercht, Clay b M and K 
Jackson, H C. Tontine House, c Cent Wharf and 

Jackson & Shirley, crockery & groceries, Pacific 

Jackson, Kobt. f J & Shirley, Pacific bK&M 
Jackson, John, carpenter, Mont b P & J 
Jackson, John, laborer, Pine b M & S 
Jackson, Francis, waiter, c Bw & Batt 
Jackson, W. mariner, Gold b S & M 
Jarvis, L F. grocer, c Cal & Mont 
Jennings, O B. importer, Cal b Spr & M 
Jennings, L VV. carpenter, Happy Valley 
Jennings, W N. paper carrier, Alta C, c P 

& Sac 
Jenkins, Benj. clerk, r Wash 
Jenkins, E B. pilot outer bar, Cal b M «& S 
JeErejs, & Co. Sac House, c Bw and Batt 
Jeffreys, W D. f Jeffreys & Co. do 
Jobson, David, clerk. Pacific ab Stockton 
Joice, Mathew,clerk,H Sparks, c Mont and Jack 
Joice, John, trader. Mason b Bw and V 
Joice, Erastus, trader, do do do 
Joliffe, W H.Pilot Sac and S J rivers,S T Saloon, 

Clark's Point 
Jorys, F. tailor, Cal b K and D 
Joseph, G F. (f J & Belden) Ale and Porter, Pac 

b P and B 
Joseph, Chas. merchant, c Powell and Green 
Joseph, J J. baker, Bw b San and B 
Joseph, J. soda cracker baker, Powell b Bw & V 


Jordan, Meltiah (f Kogers & Richardson) San b 

J and Wash 
Jordan, Michael, builder, Pacific b K and D 
Johnson, James, carpenter, Bw b P and Mont 
Johnson, James C. trader, Kearny b W & Clay 
Johnson, VVm. E. trader. Pacific b K and D 
Johnson, Traf ton boarding house, Pacific b S & P 
Johnson & Canfield, clothing, Jackson b K and D 
Johnson, Mrs M S. dressmaker, 
Johnson, Henry ff H J & Co.) Druggist, Dupont 

b W and J 
Johnson, R H. carpenter, Stockton b C and W 
Johnson, Thos R. Solomon's Temple, Kearny b 

P and Bush 
Johnson, Henry clerk, Kearny b P and B 
Johnson & McCarty, provision dealers,271 Mont 
Johnson, John (f J & McCarty) do do 

Johnson, John (Chard, Johnson & Co) No 1 G st 
Johnson, F. clerk. Elephant House 
Johnson, Josiah builder,Newburyport Av.8 & 10 
Johnson, Chas H. (f Finley, J & Co) c W & M 
Johnstone, Geo. machinist, c W and Mason 
Jones, James M. (f Weller, J & Kinder) lawyers, 

Pac b K and D 
Jones, F L. house and sign painter, J b K and D 
Jones, J P. do do do do do do do 
Jones, John laundry, Jackson b P & M 
Jones, Henry laborer, Pike b C and W 
Jones, E P. N W c Cal and K 
Jones, Wm Carey counsellor, Clay b M and K 
Jones, Wm H. auct, Mont b W and Jack 
Jones, Edw. clerk Superior Court, City Hall 
Jones, Edw. butcher, Ohio b P and Bw 
Jones, S W «& Co. coal and wood yard, Sac b 

P and Cal 


Jones, S W & Co. lightermen, Central wharf 
Judah, ChasD. counsellor, c W and Mont 
Justice Court. 1st District, 2 Laffan's build 
Kaiser, A. blacksmith, Green ab Stockton 
Kamon, Frederick grocer. Pacific b K and D 
Kate. James, carpenter, Virginia b S and W 
Kauftman, T. (f Cohen, K & Co) dry goods, Dup 

b J and P 
Kauffman, Julius ' f Runkel & K) c Mont & Cal 
Kauffman, W. (f Steinberger & K.) W b M & K 
Kashaw, Israel clerk, c Batt and Central whf 
Kazza, Testa De mariner, c Bw and Sansome 
Kettelle, Wm G. auct and com mercht, Mont b 

S and Cal 
Kendig, Wainwright & Co. auct and com mercht, 

Mont b C and Washington 
'Kendig, Benj. (f K. W &Co.) Mont b J and W 
Keely, Peter blacksmith, Mont b P and J 
Keesing, Barnet Albion Hotel, c Jackson & Dup 
Keyes, Wm E. dry goods, Clay b M and K 
Kendall, E A. barkeeper, Crescent City Hotel 
Keep, E G . machinist, Stockton b P & S 
Kennief, B. dentist. Pacific b D & S 
Keon, Andrew tailor, Mason b P & Bw 
Kennedy, Geo. & Hunter, American House, P 

b K and D 
Kern, Sam'l F. blacksmith, Kearny b P& Bush 
Keith,John W. carpenter, Bw bD and Stockton 
Kellensberger, E. merchant, Spring st n Cal 
Kemble, E C. ed Alta Cal, Wash in Plaza 
Kelly, counsellor, Clay in Plaza 
Kelly, H (f R D Hart & Co. ) 38 Sac st 
Kelly & Henderson, grocers, Sac b K and M 
Kelly, John (f K & Henderson) do do do 
Kelly & Gardner, hair dressers, P S S 273 Mont 


Kelly, Solomon (f K & Gardner) 273 Mont 
Kelly, E. tin plate worker, c Jackson and Mont 
Kelly, Zeno boarding house, Mont b P and B 
Kelly, Patrick do do Batt b Bw and V 

Kelly, Hezekiah (f R D Hart & Co.) merchts, 

38 Sac 
Kelt}^ James laborer, Ohio b Pac and Bw 
Kearny st Restaurant, Bassett & Guild, K b J 

and Washington 
Kennebec House, T M Rollins, Sac b Mont & S 
Kelsey, Smith & Risley, shoe and clothing,Clay 

b Mont and K 
Kelsey, Wright F. (f K, Smith & Risley) Clay 

b Mont and K 
Kellen & Buckley,painters,Leidsdor£f Place offC 
Kiser, A. clothing store, Wash b M and K 
Kinsman, Franklin carpenter, c Pine and Mont 
Kinnan, A P. gro and com mercht, foot Wash 
Kiernan, Francis pilot, Custom House 
Kilgore, Hannib il, tin smith, Kear b J and W 
Kittredge & Co., blacksmiths Com whf Clk's Pt 
Kitfield, A E. (f J H Morgan & Co.) grocer, c 

Battery and Vail 
J^irk & Scribner, Pacific market, c San & Pacific 
Kirk, Francis (f K & Scribner) c do do 

Kittle, N G. clerk, San b P and Bw 
King, Reuben clerk. Battery c Bw 
King, Geo. boarding house, Bryant Place b P 

and Bush 
King, Michael plasterer, Pacific b M and P 
King, Capt Edw A. boarding officer, do do do 
King, James of Wm. banker, c Com and Mont 
King, John C. cabinet maker, Sac b K and Dup 
Kirby, Wash L. (f Bennett & K.) Clay b M & K 
Kirby, Mrs John C. boarding, Kear b J and W 


Kinney, Patrick blacksmith, c Dup and Bw 
Kingston, Wm. Boston Eating House, Stockton 

b Vail and G 
Kinder, Wm R. (f Weller, Jones & Kj lawyer, 

Pac b K & Dup 
Kilborn, T C. carpenter, Wash Place b J and W 
Kingsbury, JasA. clerk, Jackson b D and K 
Kittrege, F S. clerk, do do do 

Kimberlin, V A. Jackson b P and M 
Kimball, D W. carpenter, c Mason and Jackson 
Kimball,Chas P. public crier, c do do do 
Kimball, Hazen trader, c do do do 

Kimball, James do c do do do 

Kimball, John do c do do do 

Klaucke, M F. gen merchant, c Clay and Mont 
Klose, A. clerk, Pac b Stockton and Dup 
Knight, Robt. market, San b P and B 
Knights,MrsE M. seamstress, Emerson's Arcade 
Knapp, Sam'l B. (f W FeU & Co.) 248 Mont st 
Knowles, James jeweller, c Clay and Mont 
Knowles, C. boiler maker, on b steamer McKim 
Kohler, F D. state Assay er, Plaza 
Koch, Chas. merchant, Dup b J and Pac 
Koch, Mrs BetsyV. Globe Hotel, do do do • 
Korn, T R. (f Smiley, R & Co. ) Wash b M and K 
Korb, JohnC H. boatman, Central wharf 
Kohl, A. foot Bw, Clark's Point 
Kreps, F. clerk, Mont b P and J 
Kraft, Heniy & Co. dry goods, Clay b M and K 
Kraemer, O W. segar store. Com b M and K 
Kroning, Plump & Runge, c Cal. and Kearny 
Kroning, Wm f K, P & R. c do do do 
Kunhardt, Henry R. f Meyer & Co. 243 Mont 
Kuhtmann & Co. gen com merchts, M b C & P 
Kuner, Albert, engraver. Kearny b P and J 


Kyte, JAldbam, ship & com merch, M b C & W 
Kyburg, Sam'l, mercbant, c Mason and Powell 
Largbton, Octave, printer, K b B and P 
Lafayette Market, J. Begin, K b Clay and Sac 
Langlois, very Rev. Mr. R C Cburcb, Vail b 

J and P 
Lawrence, Daniel, macbinist, Bw b J and D 
Lacomber, Louis, laborer, Franklin House 
Lammer & Waterman, grocers, K b C and P 
Lammer H. grocer, Kearny b Cal and P 
Lailey, Wm. printer, Altu office. Wash in Plaza 
Lancom, B C. well sinker, Pine b M and J 
Larcom, T H. blacksmith, do do do 
Larcom, N B. laborer, do do do 

Lander, John, boarding house, Mont b P and B 
Lafayette Hotel, L Guirand, Bw b San & Batt 
Lavers, Wm. Sailors' Home, Batt b Bw and V 
Lacy,A]fred,Australian House do do do 
Lallemand, B. refreshment stand, San b Pac & J 
Langmaid, Amos, boarding house, Pac b San & M 
Lakin, H R. clerk, do do do 

Lamoureaux, C H. tin smith, 241 Mon 
Lark, Louis, f Rozenswig & L. WashbK &M 
Lacombe & Co. importers dry goods, C b K & M 
Lacombe, Alfred, f Lacombe & Co. C b K <^ M 
Lauer, Dr. John E. physician. Clay b K and M 
Labatt, S R, f Davega & Co. do do do 
Labatt, A C. do do do do do 

Lafoy, Numa, Wash b K and M 
Lafitte, HB. clerk, c Jackson and Mont 
Larco N & Co. merchants, Jackson b M and S 
Labrosa, F. f N Larco & Co. do do do 
Langfeld & Co. clothing, Clay b M and K 
Larned, A S. hair dresser, do do do 

Larned, Fred S. Custom House 


Law, RobtA. at Wykoff & Co., Mont b J and W 
Law's Line Steamers, office Jackson st wharf 
Ladd, Wm. com merchant, Jackson b M and S 
Ladd, A T. coal and wood dealer, San b P & Cal 
Lane, N E. carpenter, Wash b P and S 
Lambert, W, f W & E L. brokers, W b P and S 
Lambert, E. do do do do do 

Lambert & Co. grocers, Sac b M and K 
Lambert, H. f Lambert & Co. do do do 
Lambert, Chas. clerk, Webb b Cal and S 
Lambert, Thos. clerk, foot Bw, Clark's Point 
Langley, J A. Nightingale, c Pac and San 
Lawton, O. f Potter & L. grocer, K bP & Bush 
Lambert, Dr Bernard, physician, 248 Mont 
Lawton, at W H Davis, Mont b Cal and S 
Lamb, C, Jackson and Batt 
Lebrun, Rev Chas. R C Church, Yall b S and P 
Leighay, Dan'l. cooper, Green b S and D 
Lefer, Andrew, restaurant, Stock b P and Bw 
Lecher, Richard, laborer, Pac b D and K 
Ley, H D. watchnqaker 
Leclerc, J. gen store, Jackson b K and D 
Leetch, R H. pilot outer bar, Cal b M and K 
Ledley, Wm. contractor. No 160 c K and Bush 
Leonard&Tay, provision and produce, foot Wash 
Leonard, Willard, f L& Tay, foot Wash 
Leonard, Moses G. Alderman, Happy Valley 
Leonard, Fred, carpenter, Mont b P and Bw 
Learned & Sweet, hairdressers, Clay b M & K 
Lecount & Barrier, do 

Lehman, J. f Heller, L & Co. do 
Lewis, M. importer of watches, do 
Lewis, Lewis, dry goods & clothing, do do do 
Lewis, M. clerk, Adelsdorfer & N. Sac st 
Lewis, T. vender. No 4 Stockton Place 








Leavenworth, Hon. M S. Glen Cottage 
Leavenworth, H T. printer, Jour Com, Dupont 

b C and W 
Lee, James, clerk, San b P and B 
Lea, B F. butcher, c Kearny and Jackson 
Leigh, John, Restaurant, Tontine c M & Cent whf 
Lemon, J McK. f Fitch & Co. Mont b W and C 
Leavitt, John, Montgomery House, Mont b C & P 
Leverd, Alfred, Hotel Richelieu, Pine b K & M 
Lentell, John f J H Morgan & Co, grocer, c 

Batt and V 
Legget, Thos W. grocer. Pacific b S and M 
Leggett, T A. f McDonald & Co. com mercht, 

K b S and Cal 
Levein, J H. com mercht, Mont b J and P 
Levi, M & Co. clothing store, Wash b M and K 
Letter, G W. f Reynolds & L. do do do 
Leroy, Victor, Clay st wharf 
Leroy, H R. do do 

Lester, Geo L. at Custom House, Mont c Cal 
Ling, Robt. Pilot outer bar, Cal b M and K 
Ling, Mrs E., Kearny b J and W 
Liberty House, Fortune Lequier, c Pac and San 
Livingston, C. clerk, Haven & L. Mont b S & C 
Lightner. Joel F. clerk, Grayson & Guild, San 

b P and J 
Light, Wm. billiard table, Parker House 
Little, Kingsbury, boarding house, Gibbstoff K 
Libby, Dennis, lightering, Jackson st wharf 
Libbey, Wm. carpenter, Stockton b C and W 
Linn, Hector, tailor, Pac b M and K 
Lippincott, J B & Co. com mercht, San b J & P 
Lilly, S D.f Simmons, L & Co. clothing, San 

b J and P 
Lilly, Christopher, speculator, Virginia b J & W 


Lilly, Joseph, Jr. clerk, c Green and Stock 
Light, James, contractor, Mason b P and J 
Louderbach, D. boarding, Virginia b W and J 
Lockwood, David, ship carpenter, Stock b C & W 
Longe, Frederick, baker, Pac b P and S 
Lount, D S. Richmond House, Stock b Bw and V 
Louis Joseph, laborer, c do do do 

Louisburg & O'Brien, housesmiths,]Mont b J & P 
Louisburg, John, f L & O'Brien, do do do 
Lorkay, R Raphael, Restaurant, 51 Sac 
Locke & Morrison, com mercht, wharf foot Sac 
Lockhart, Benj. f Beach & L. c Batt and Sac 
Lockhart, R A. counsellor, c Wa«h and Mont 
Lovel, Edw S. merchant, San b Pac and J 
Lovegrove, H W. confectionary, Mont b P and B 
Lovejoy's Hotel, J H Brown, Bw b San and B 
Logan, H C. f Logan & Hudson, Cong Hall, San 
Longley, S. clerk rest., Longley's Lane, off K 
Loring & Hogg, jewellers, Ward's Court 
Lonjhi, Joseph, barkeeper, Delmonico's 
Lord, Wm. mason at Boston Notion, 271 Mont 
Lord, R H. f Annan, Lord & Co., 275 Mont 
Lord, EC do do do do do 

Lord & Washburn, gen merchts, J b M and S 
Lord, D L. f L & Washburn, do do do 

Low, Wm H. carpenter, c Stock and Pac 
Low, F F. f Lambert & Co. grocer, Sac b K & M 
Low, Henry S. clerk. Com. whf, Clark's Point 
Lock & Robb, carpenters, Belden b P and Bush 
Long, G K & Co. painters, Webb b S and Cal 
Long, David, sporting. Empire House 
Lubeg, Wm. f Hitchiugs & L. Wash alley b W 

and Clay 
Lurabard, Chas. clerk, foot Pine 
Ludden, Benj. Market, Pac b D and S 


Lunt, Daniel, boarding house, Vail b S and P 
Luther. Capt. John H. master schr Pomona 
Ludlow, S. Beebe & Co. bankers, Mont b W & C 
Ludlow, J. Pilot outer bar, Cal. b M and K 
Ludlow, Anthony, lighterman, Bw b San and B 
Lynch, Chas. f D J Oliver & Co. Sac b M and K 
Lyndall, VV E. watch maker. Clay b M and K 
Lyons, Henry A. Associate Justice Sup'me Court 
Lyon, C S., Mont b C and Wash 
Lynde & Putnam, water dealers, Wash b W & J 
Lynde, J D. f L & Putnam, do do do 

Lynde, Joseph B . at J W Osborn," Mont b C & S 
Mann, Sam'l, casing liquors Webbb Sac & Cal 
Mason, Thos. blacksmith, Mont b Cal and Pine 
Marston, John C. builder, Vallb P and Mason 
Marshal, Valentine, nurseryman, Bw b S& Dup 
Martin, J C. Court Exchange, Kearny b P & Bw 
Mahon}^ Dennis, Albany Market, c Pac & Mont 
Mayorga, D L A. boarding house, Bw b M & San 
MaiiieHotel, Damon Mastin Styles, Pac b San &0 
Mastin, J S. pro Maine Hotel, do do 

Marsh, John A. accountant, c Rw and Battery 
Marks, H & Bro., gen store, Bw b San & Batt 
Marks, Henry, f H Marks & Bro. Bw b S & Batt 
Marks, Mark, do do do do do 

Markwald, Louis, f Caspary & Co. K b P and J 
Markwald, Adolph, f M Caspary & Co.,- Kearny 

b P and Jackson 
Mansion House, Mrs E Gordon, K b P and J 
Marriott, C. real estate broker, Mont b C and W 
Macmannas, E. baker, ClaybK & Leidsdorff P 
Marklev, Levy, f Cronin & Markley, Mont b 

C and Wash 
Made, Abel, barber, Kearny b Com and Clay 
Marlette, S H. civil engineer, Sac b K and Mont 


Marsh, Col. trader, Comwlif, Clark's Point 
Mason, B A. f Mumford, Mason & Co. c Cal 

and Sansome st 
Martin, Wilmot, clerk at Locks <& M., Sac st whf 
Martin, E T. com mercht, 277 Mont 
Mace & Cole, do do 247 Mont 
Mace, A M. f Mace & Cole, 247 Mont 
Matsh, RobtS. painter and gilder, Jackson bM 

and San 
Marstin,Geo jr. sail maker, on board bark Globe 
Mason, N H. carpenter, Dalton House 
Macoa & Wosung, Rest. N Assing, c Com & K 
Macrae, Geo W. counsellor, Clay b M and Kear 
Mairow & Co. real estate exchange brokers, 

Mont n Washington 
Maynard & Co. wholesale grocers, foot Wash 
Martin, R S.. Reporter for the Herald, Mont b 

Clay and Wash 
Marshall, H. deputy cl'k Superior Court, City H 
Marshall of the city, office 77 and 78 City Hall 
Martin, Henry, f Hall & Martin, Jack b M & San 
Marshall, Sandy, vender, No 4 Stockton st 
Maguire, Thos & Co. Parker House, K on Plaza 
Marriposa House, B Vallefou, K b J and Wash 
Martin, S. importer foreign goods, J b K & Mont 
Mason, J S. com mercht, 248 Mont 
Mathes, W J., Central House 
Marye, Simon B. county attorney, c Clay & Mont 
Marvin & Hitchcock, books & stationery, Herald 

build, Mont st 
Marvin, A S. jr., f Marvin & Hitchcock, Herald 

build, Mont st 
Marniesse & Burthey, Balto rest, W b K <& M 
Marniesse, L. f Marniesse & Burthey. Wash b 

K and Mont 


Mavrenner, D J. f H W Wallis & Co. Stockton, 

Sac b M and K 
Mack & Co. com merchts, Cal b S and Mont 
MansiDg, Wm. bakery, Cal b Dupont and K 
Massan, Aime, foreign goods dealer, Sac st 
Masonic Hall, for Masons and Odd Fellows, K 

b Pine and B 
Macphun.Wm. shipwriglit,Pine b K and Belden 
Marshall, Albert, Duxbury House, Cal b Spring 

and Mont 
Marsh. E C. at S H Williams & Co. Cal b 

Mont and San 
Mantouchet,Chas. watch maker, P b Mont & San 
March, Albert, tin plate worker, Pac b K & Mont 
Macondry & Co. com mchts, cPine & Sansome 
Macondry, F W. f Mcondry&Co. do do do 
Mahony, T S. f Baker & Mahony, c Clay & Mont 
Martin, Patrick, Dupont b J and Pacific 
Martin, Mrs Eugenia, Hotel Du Franca, Dupont 

b J and Pacific 
Maltby, VV. carpenter, Pacific b Dupont and K 
Martines, Nicholas, rear Am bakery. Pacific st 
Maria, Eugene, Stock b Pine and Jack 
Maume, M . f Maume & Dee, c Dupont and Wash 
Mackie, Henry, com mercht, Jack b Dup and K 
Massy, Atkins, cabinet maker, do do do 
Martin, Louis N. carpenter, Dup b J and Wash 
Madde, Chas. do Clay b Mason and P 

May, Dr H B. physician, Pike b Clay and Wash 
March. W S. restaurant. Stock b Wash and Clay 
Macy, Albert, carpenter, c Pacific and Powell 
Macy, Geo G. blacksmith, do do do 
, M:igee, John, carpenter, Powell b Bw& Vallejo 
Mahii, Stephen, wheelwright. Green ab Stock 
Maley, Joseph, cartman, Green b Stock & Powell 


Marty, A. shoemaker, Bvv b D and Kearny 
Martin, W H. sporting, Pac b K and Dupont 
McQuadale, A. com mercht, Cal b Mont & San 
McAllear, T. baker, Yallejo b Mason & Powell 
Mcxindrews. John, wheelwright, Virginia b P & J 
McClure, John, tin smith, Battery, b Bw and V 
McCartney, Thos. boatman, Clark's Point 
McCann, John, clerk, Gold b Mont and San 
McClenachan, Robt. com mcht, Green n Taylor 
McCracken, John, f Brooks, Sheppard & McC. 

c Jackson and Mont 
McCummiskey, sporting, Crescent City House 
McCrary, AB. f Reynolds & Co. K b W and J 
McCartney, C. clerk, 260 Mont st 
McCarthy, Dennis, street com. City Hall 
McCarty, David, teamster, Sac b K and Dupont 
McCarty, John, f Johnson & McCarty, 271 Mont 
McCahill, Thos. f Taffe, Murphy & McCahill, c 

Sac and Mont 
McCan, Mrs R J M. grocery. Stock b Bw & Vail 
McDonald, A. clerk, Pac b P and Stock 
McDuffet, James, hatter, c Dupont and Bw 
McDonald & Co. com merchts, K b Cal and Sac 
McDonald M. Pilot outer bar, Cal b M and San 
McDavitt, AV J. clerk, Alta office, Wash on Plaza 
McDowell, Tj W. register clerk. Custom House 
McDermot, C C. jeweller, at Hayes & Bayley, 

C b K and M 
McDonald,W. f McDonald & Co. K b Sac & Cal 
McDonald, S G. do do do do 

McDonald. J M. f Dunne, McD & Co. c K & Pac 
McDonnell, Wm. boatman. Central wharf 
McElroy, John, pressman, Month Wash & Clay 
McEacliarn, ast. editor J of Com. Cal b D and K 


McGowan, James, hair braider, W b M «& Powell 
McGowan, John, baker, Stock b W and Clay 
McGleer, Thos. blacksmith, Dunbar's Arcade, b 

VV and Clay 
McGowan, H E. Associate Justice law sessions, 

City Hall 
McGrath & Towles, Rendezvous, c K and Wash 
McGrath,H P.f McGrath & Towles, do do do 
Mclntire, Joseph, printer, Alta office, Wash st 

on the Plaza 
Mrlntosh & Co. provision store, c Wash & Mont 
Mcintosh, R. f Mcintosh & Co. c do do do 
Mcintosh, Edward, clerk, San b P and Bush 
Mclntire House, Pacific b K and Mont 
McKaraher, John G. clerk. Jack bD and Kearny 
McKaraher, A J. do do do do 

McKibbin, Wm. white smith, Sac b K and Dup 
McKenju, Arthur, clerk, Robt Smith & Co. Cal 

b M and Sansome 
McKnight, Wm S. f Underwood & McKnight 
McKee, Jno.f Barbeng & McKee, Mont b Wash 

and Clay 
McKendry, Archibald, blacksmith, K b Sac & C 
McKune, Robt. baker, Bw b Ohio and Sansome 
McKnish, laborer, Bw b San and Battery 
McKenzie, Thompson & Co, com merchts, Mont 

b P and Jackson 
McKinley & Co. Fulton Market,K b J and Wash 
McKinley, L. f McKinley &Co. do do do 
McLaughlin, Michael, boatman, Central wharf 
McLane, J. baker. Pacific b Powell and Stock 
McLane, Hugh, baker, do do do do 
McLean. Edw. Restaurant, Longley Lane, off 

Mont St. 
McLean, W J. sup. powder Magazine, 271 Mont 


McMister, J C. carpenter, Pine b K and Mont 
McNally, Peter, boatman, Clark's Point 
McNeil, Daniel, carpenter, new EpiscopalChurch 
McNamara, P S. do Bowman's alley b P 

and Stockton 
HcRae, counsellor, c Clay and Mont 
Melvine,Wm, printer, Alta office,W on the Plaza 
Meserve, Theo., pressman, do do do do 
Merrifield, A D. real estate broker, 273 Mont 

up stairs 
Meer, John, accountant, Sansome bPand Jack 
Merideth, Gilmore, f Robinson, Bissell & Co., 

Sac st wharf 
Merryfield, F. baker, Cal rear of Elephant House 
Merritt, Henry, carpenter, Mont b P and Cal 
Merrimack House, Williams & Johnson, c San 

and Pine 
Merchants' Exchange Reading Room, c M & W 
Meeks, W N. f Manrow & Co. Mont n Wash 
Mebins, Duisenberry & Co. fancy goods, Kearny 

b P and Jack 
Meredith, S C. printer, P News office, K b P & J 
Medina, Hartog & Co. mchts, Wash b K & Mont 
Medina, Marzera N. Mont b J and Wash 
Meyer, Wm & Co. importers. 213 Mont st 
Megguier, T S. physician, Jack b M and San 
Mevrill, Edw. at J T Little & Co. San b P & Jack 
Merchants' Hotel, Kearny b Sac and Cal 
Merchants' Saloon, Mont do do do 
Meyers, S V. f Henrichsen, Reneck & Co. Mont 

b Sac and Cal 
Merrill, A. carpenter. Pike b C and Sae 
Meyer, J H. carpenter, Pac b D and K 
Meyer, D f Meyer, Bro,& Brecht, J b D «& Stock 
Meyer, L. do do do do do do 


Meiggs, H. lumber dealer, 271 Mont 
Minard, Abel, trader, Mason b P and Jack 
Mills, Sam'l D. tinman, Stock b Bw and V 
Miison, Henry, wheelwright, Green above Stock 
Miller, John, sash and show case maker, Stock 

b G and Union 
Miller, DrB. physician, c Union and Mason 
Mitchel, Sam'l, Butcher, Bw b D and Kearny 
Milter, Dantford, sporting, Stock b P and Jack 
Mings, M. market man, c Dupont and Jack 
Mirron, A. San F bakery, Jack b V and Stock 
Mines, Rev F. rec Trinity church, c J & Powell 
Miller, Capt J. mariner, Jack b K and Dupont 
Mills, S B, M D, atDr Smith's Hospital, c Clay 

and Powell 
Michler, Wm. gunsmith, BnshbK and Dupont 
Miller, John, deputy county assessor, 43 City Hall 
Miller,Mosley E. fHutton & Miller, Bw, Cl'k's P 
Miners' Eestaurant, Worster & Cushing, Mont b 

Wash and Jack 
Michael, F. f J S Moore & Co. Wash b K and M 
Middleton & Hood, auctcom mchts, 269 Mont 
Middleton,John,f Middleton& Hood, do do 
Mirandol, A & Co. importer, c Sac and Kearny 
Mitchel, John, barber, c Mont and Bw 
Mills, L R. grocer, Batt b Bw and Vallejo 
Miller, Nath. do do do do 

Miller, Mrs. Restaurant, Mont b Sac and Cal 
Minturn, Chas. ag't steamer Senator, Bw Clk's P 
Millard, Wash J. clerk, c Mont and Clay 
Mickle, E & Co. com mchts. Clay st whf . 
Mitchel, E H. master mariner, c Clay and Mont 
Milligan, H F. printer, Alta office, W on Plaza 
Morse, P A. counsellor, c Mont and Wash 
Moorhead, Whitehead & Waddington,Clay st wf 


Moorhead, W G. f M, W & W. Clay st wharf 
Morris, Chas A.f Woodruff & Morris, do do 
Moss, Sam'l, jr. com mercht, Mont b Sac & Cal 
Montlue, Henry, at J J Chanviteaus, Clay st whf 
Morgan, N D, f Green & Morgan, do do 
Morgan, P H. f Wood, Davis & Morgan, Mont b 

W and Clay 
Moorhouse, Sam'l, 275 Mont st up stairs 
Morrill, David S. Boston Notion, 271 Mont st 
Morgenthen, M, f Heller, Schmer & Co. Clay 

b K and Mont 
Morgan, David, refreshment stand, Batt b Bw &V 
Moam, James, waiter, rear Eastern Hotel 
Moore, David, teamster, c Kearny and Jack 
Moran, Isaac A. clerk Justice Court, Laffan's 

build, on the Plaza 
Morrison, Augustus, hardware, c Clay st and 

Leidsdorff Place 
Morgan, W S, jeweller, c Clay and Mont 
Montrose, J B. carpenter, near Rincon Point 
Morrison, Horace, f Lock& Morrison, Sac st wf 
Morrill, Wm. printer, Courier office, Month Sac 

and Cal 
Morrison, Leonard H. c Mont and Sac 
Moore & Andrews, Oak, Mont b Com and Sac 
Moore, Robt. f Moore & Andrews, do dodo do 
Morse, J B . f Buckley & Morse, Clay b M & San 
Morse, George, blacksmith, do do do 

Montgomery House, Tibbits & Leavitt, Mont b 

Cal and Pine 
Monmert, Achille, Hotel Richelieu, Pine b M & K 
Moulton, David, blacksmith. Pine b M and San 
Morton, J H & Co. grocer, c Batt and Yallejo 
Moor, Sam'l, boarding, Batt b Bw and do 
Morris, L. f Morris, Levi & Co. W b K & Mont 


Moore, J H. physician, Central House 
Moore, Tickenor & Co. dry goods. Clay b K & M 
Moore, C. f Moore, Tickenor & Co. do do do 
Morriss, Josiah, clothing:, do do do 

Moore, Folger & Hill, auc and com merchts, c 

Wa<h and Mont 
Moore, Geo H. f Moore, Folger & Hill, do do do 
Mount, T L. clerk, Huerlin & Belcher, c Jack 

and San some 
Moulton, Wm P. tinsmith, c Jack and Mont 
Moody, Jos C. permit clerk. Custom House 
Morgan, S Griffith, at Macondry & Co., c Pine 

and Sansome 
Mora,Wm. boarding house, Sac b K and Dupont 
Morgan, Albert, liestaurant, K b Sutter & Pine 
Moore, Joseph, engineer, K b Sutter and Bush 
Morton, Wm. carpenter, K b Pine and Bush 
Morse, Geo. blacksmith,Calrear DuxburyHouse 
Moore, Chas. f Dungan, Moore & Pendergrast, 

Sac st whaif 
Mosher, Wm H & Co. com merchts, c Sansome 

and Pacific 
Mowry, Barton, mason, Powell b Bw and V 
Mowry, Rhanaldo, carpenter, do do do 
Mowry, Sylvester, mason, do do do 
Morgan, David, carpenter, Dup b Bw & Vallejo 
Morriss, Geo W. do Pac b S and Powell 

Morriss, John W. do do do do 

Morriss, Joseph, do do do do 

Mortellee, P M. New York House, Pac b Stock 

and Powell 
Morgan, E L & Batters, grocers, c Pac and Dup 
Mortluc H. f J J Chauviteau & Co. J b K & Dup 
Morrison, Dr J physician, Duj)ont b J and Wash 
Mosby, B S. laborer, Stock rear Bay State Hotel 



Morgan, H G. at Dr Smith's Hospital, c Clay and 

Murhart. G. trader, Bw b D and K 
Murry, Wm & Forman, butchers, Bw \) D and K 
Mulchj, A. baker, Virginia b P and Jackson 
Mulch^', A. jr., baker, do do do 
Musson, Eugene, counsellor, on the Plaza 
Muller, Herman, merchant. Spring n Cal 
Mullot & Co. com merchts, Dujd b C and Wash 
Murray House, James Hair, Cal b K and Dupont 
Murphy, Daniel S. f Taffee, Murphy & McCahill, 

c Sac and Mont 
Mudge, B W. f Hayden & Mudge, Herald build, 

Mont st 
Muller, Louis, f Boschuler & Muller, P b M & K 
Mumford, Col. J D. counsellor, J b M and San 
Murhart, Gustave, fruit store, do do do 
Murtin, HenryS. f JFord&Co. do do do 
Muzzy, Chas O. Goddale, Muzzy & Co. San b J 

and Wash 
Murry & Sanger, merchts, J b S and Battery 
Muniow,D.f Chard, Johnson & Co. No 1 Gold st 
Munfry, Wm. Hotel, Webb b Sac and Cal 
Murphy, Dennis, carpenter, Bw b San and Dup 
Muller, Nath. grocer, Batt b B and V 
Mumford, Mason & mchts,c Cal and San 
Mumford,GN.f Mumford, Mason & Co. do do do 
Murry, James, shipping office, c M and Cent'l whf 
Munro, John W. at the Waverly House, Pac b 

M and Kearny 
Muscott & Bushnell, counsellors, Central wharf 
Muir & GreeQ, brokers, c Pac and San 
Muir, Alexander, f Muir & Green, do do do 
Murphy, John, clerk, San b P and Jack 
Mygatt & Bryant^ wash baths, cW and Maiden L 


Mygatt, Henry, f Mygatt & Bryant, do do do do 
Myers, Isaac, clothing and dry goods, Clay b K 

and Mont 
Myers, Edward R. com mclit, 253 Mont 
Myrick, Crosett & Co. gen jobber, J b San and B 
Myrick, F W. f Myrick, Crosett & Co. do do do 
Napthraley. Josepb , carpenter, Stock b Bw and V 
Napoleon Restaurant, Sanchez, K b Sac and(.'al 
Nauman,L. printer, J of C office, D b W and Clay 
Nagle,Richa dP. blacksmith, Mom bCal andPine 
Nagle, Capt Jeremiah, ship Elizabeth, Clark's P 
Naglee, H M. banker, 280 Mont 
Nash, Capt James S. mariner, schr Jas L Day 
Neugebauger, S. stationery and fancy goods, M 

b Sac and Cal 
Nesbit, F A. merchant, Jack b S and Dupont 
Negus, James E. tailor, Alta Cal build, W on P 
Nelson & Baker, blacksmiths, Webb b Sac & C 
Nehon, Thos. f Nelson & Baker, Webb b Sac 

and Cal 
New England House, W B Wilton, San b Cal 

and Pine 
New Bedford House, John Britnell, San P & B 
Newell, Wm. boarding house, Pac b K and M 
Nelson, James, ag't pilot boat Relief, Bw b Batt 

and Front 
Nevius, R W. refreshments. Com whf Clark's P 
Nelson, R. boatman. Clark's Point 
Nelson, H H. com mcht, Mont b Pac and Jack 
Newfield, Waters & Co. jewelry and clothing, K 

b Com and Clay 
Newfield, Lewis, f Newfield, Waters & Co. K 

b Com and Clay 
Neep, John, Cal Brewery, V b Powell & Mason 
Newman, Frederick, carpenter, Stock b P and J 


Nevins, T J. ag't A& PT Society, W b S & D 
Nexsen, G J W. clerk, c Dupont and Clay 
Neal, W. Pilot on the Sac and San Joaquin river, 

under Hutton & Tim., Clark's Point 
Neustadter, S W. f Adelsdorfer & N. Sac st 
Newell, Wm S. printer. Alta office, W on Plaza 
Nichols, H. at Baldwin's, Clav st on the Plaza 
Nichols, A C. Clay st wharf 
Nickerson, JB. clerk, N Y market. Central whf 
Niles, E & W J. Niles, Clay b M and K 
Nickerson, J S. grocer, San c Cal and Pine 
Nicholson, John, trader, Green b San and Dup 
Nicholas, Chas. boardino; house, Pac b D & Stock 
Nicholas, James, laborer, c Jack and Dupont 
Northrup, S C. f C Farris & Co. Bw b S and Batt 
Norton, A S. Boatman's House, Bw Clark's Point 
Norton, Satterlee & Norton, counsellors, No. 1 

Laffan's Building, Plaza 
Norton, Ed. f Norton, Satterlee & Norton, do do 
Norton, Myron, do do do do do 

Noonan, Jeremiah, Boarding House,Bush b Dup 

and Kearny 
Norris, Theopulus, com mcht, Cen Whf 
Noah, Joel, clothing, Jackson b K and Mont 
Norton, Joshua W. ship and com mcht, c M and J 
Noyes, Geo F. counsellor, Clay b K and Mont 
NorthrojD, E S. compositor, Herald, M b W&C 
Norris, David, printer, Alta Of. Wash on Plaza 
Nunes, Ralph, customhouseinspector,Bwnorth of 

Nugent &Co. prop of Herald, Month W and C 
Nugent, John, editor Herald, do do 

Nutting, blacksmith, Maiden Lane, b J andWash 
Nute, Joseph P . carpenter, Mont b Cal and Pine 
Nunes, Albert, f Yale & Nunes, Adobe B on Plaza 


Oakes, A G. pro Elephant House, Cal b M & K 
Oakes, f Endicott, Greene & O. Cent Whf 
Oat, Capt Jos M. sail maker, at Amory Sc Co 
Oliviera, Mon le, Dr. Maison de Sante, Stockton 

b Bw and V 
Owen, J P. painter, Bw b S and D 
Olney, F A. clerk, Pac b K and D 
Orellana, Manuel C. do do do 
Oldfield, M. state mar Hosp. Stock b Bw and Y 
Otis, James, f Macondray & Co. c San and Pine 
Osman, E E. Swan, Wash b M and K 
Ollendorff, AVolf & Co. clothing store, J b M & S 
Ollendorf, Louis, f Ollendorf, Wolf & Co. do do 
Old Bay State, Switzer & English, Boston Row 
Odell, Gideon, book-keeper, K b P and J 
Oliver, Dennis J. dealer in paints, oils, &c. Sac 

b M and K 
Orrego Brothers, Sac st wharf 
Ottinger & Brown, com and ship mchts,Cen whf 
Ottinger, Douglas, f & Brown, Central whf 
Osborn, J W. china goods, Mont b S and Cal 
Osborn, Dr Wm B. physician, c Stock and Pac 
O C Osborne, Sr. com mt.c Mont and Clay, up strs 
OC Osborne, jr. do do do 

Ogedn, Benj. Virginia, b P and Jack 
Ogden & Haynes, gen com mchts, Clay st whf 
Ogden, li L. f Ogden & Haynes, do do 
Osgood & Eagleston, com mchts, Com wf,Clk'sP 
Oughton, Wm E. printer, J of C, Dup b W & C 
O'Brien, John, sporting, Clay b K and D 
O'Brien, Dr P M. physician, Pac b S and D 
O'Brien, John, f Louisberg & O'Brien, house 

smiths, M b J and P 
O'Conley, Nicholas, public bakery, Jack P & D 
O'Connor, P. f Fox, O'C & Cummings, traders, 

Pac b J and P 


O'Connor, John F. f Conroy & O'Connor, Mont 

b J and W 
O'Dominis, clerk, S H. Williams & Co. Cal b 

M& S 
O'Hare, James, baker, Valparaiso ab Mason 
O'Leary. Wm. boatman, Sac st wharf 
O'Meara, James, printer, P N office, K b J and P 
O'Meara, Robt. clerk. Green ab Stock 
O'Neil, Robert, Travellers' Rest, c Bw and Mont 
O'Neil, Chas. blacksmith, Green ab Stock 
O'Neil, John, laborer, head of Valparaiso 
0'Rourke,John, pro Rising Sun, Pac b K andD 
O'SuUivan, Michael, steward at Simmons, H&Co 
Parsons, S. f Cole & Parsons, dentist, Clay b 

Dupont and K 
Parlow, Nath. lighterman, c Bw and Mason 
Pajeken, C & Trisius, trader, Pac b K and D 
Palos, Peter, Constitution Hotel, do do do 
Pasfield, Chas. porter, Everett & Co. whf ft Sac 
Parkell & Riche, bowling alley, c Bw and Batt 
Parkell, H H. f P & Riche, do do do 

Pary, Capt Lorenzo, mariner, Mont b P and J 
Parker, W C. f Stevenson & P. Adobe -B. Plaza 
Parker, Edw H. com mercht, c Jack and San 
Parker, C F. builder, c Clay and Kearny 
Parker House, Maguire & Williams, K b W & C 
Parker, A H. clerk, S H Williams & Co. Cal b 

M andS 
Parker, Edw M. carpenter, c Powell and Mason 
Parker, John, tin plate worker, Pike b W and C 
Page, T E. carpenter, Mont b C and P 
Page, Bacon & Co. bankers. Clay b K and M 
Page, Francis W. f P. Bacon & Co. do do do 
Passy, J L. deputy clerk, Sup'r Court, City Hall 
Palache, James, draughtsman, do do 

Parsons, Levi, Judge District Court, do do 


Parsons, Capt Wm H. mai iner,Bush c Bryant PI 
Parsons, A P. printer, Pac b K and D 
Parsons, Clias C. carpenter, Stock b P and J 
Palmer, J L. f Williams & Palmer, San b P & B 
Palmer, Cook & Co. bankers, Adobe B Plaza 
Palmer, Wm W. f Scliulfz& P. Jack st wharf 
Palmer, Wm H. f Wm Pickett & Co., J b M & K 
Palmer, E. pilot on the Sac and San J rivers, S T 

Saloon, Clark's Point 
Palmer, Mark, tinman, c Bw and Mason 
Palmer, Mrs. EM. board'g house, cBw & Powell 
Palmer, Robt. com mercht. Jack b K and D 
Palmer, J C. f Palmer,Cook & Co. broker, Adobe 

B Plaza 
Palmer, H. f Beck & Palmer, com mercht, c 

Wash and Stock 
Patterson, Kobt. grocer, c Bw and Powell 
Paterson, Peter, mariner, c Stock and Vail 
Patterson, Thos. laborer, Kearny b Cal and Pine 
Patterson, D G. f G R Long & Co. Webb b C & S 
Pacific Mail Steam Ship office, Howison's wharf 
Pacific Bathing House, 273 Mont 
Pacific News, daily paper, Kearny b J and P 
Painter, J. printer, Cour office, Mont b S and Cal 
Patrick, James, jDrovisions, Clay b M and S 
Patten, R B. clerk at Wells & Co. c Clay & M 
Paul, E F. at C C Ricmond & Co. J b M & S 
Payne & Sherwood, aucts & com mchts, 247 M 
Payne, Theodore, f P & Sherwood, do do do do 
Parkinson, F D. Jack b M and S 
Pagin, Lewis, carpenter, Kearny b Sac and Cal 
Paris, Lorenzo, c Jackson and Mont 
Packhard, L C. salesman, Maynard & Co. foot 

Wash st 
Pallet, Edm. counsellor, La£fan's building 


Parker, Wm. H., St Francis, Clay b D & Pike 
Pendergast, C H. f Dungan, Moore & P. foot Sac 
Pendergast, Thos. carpenter, Dup b J and W 
Pendergast, Mrs Mary, dressmaker, do do do 
Pepper, Capt Simon, master Joseph Hewitt 
Peirce, J B. f Fay, P & Willis, c Clay & Mont 
Peirce, Allen, merchant, Clay b S and D 
Peirce, Henry &Co. carpenter, MontbP andC 
Peirce, S L. do do do do 

Peirce, J H. artist, c Mont and Com 
Pearce, Allen, auct and com. K b W and J 
Percador, Angel, refreshments, K head of Com 
Peabody, Theo G. mariner. Jack st wharf 
Peabody, f Flint & Peabody, Clark's Point 
Pelton, gentleman, c Pac and Sansome 
Perry, Jos A. carpenter, c Cal and Webb 
Pearson, Dr John, physician, Bw b Powell and D 
Pearson, John, Hotel, Jack b M and K 
Peck, Geo H. produce mcht, Clark's Point 
Peck, Josias, L. clerk, Pike b W and C 
Perkius, Joseph, boarding house. Jack b D and S 
Perkins, Joseph C. printer, P N office, K b J & P 
Perkins, Kichard F. mcht, Sac b San and M 
Phelan, J & M. commchts, Jackson b M and K 
Phelps,A.deputy clerk Superior Court, City Hall 
Phelps, Alex, f J Dows&Co. c Mont and Wash 
Philip, John, baker, S F B, Jackson b S and V 
Philips, Peter T.Knickerbocker house, P b K & D 
Philips, Wm F. counsellor, Spofford b W & C 
Philips, Miss Ann, boarding c Kearny and Pine 
Phelps, Augustus, f Williams, Putnam & P. Sac 

b K and M 
Philips, S. clerk, c Bw and San 
Philips, C:ipt J D. mariner. Jack b S and B 
Philips, Henry, cook, Batt b Bw and V 


Philips. Wm. f Brown & P. mcht, Pac b K & M 
Philips, John, clerk, do do do 

Philips, Rasberry, hair dresser, Clay b K & D 
Phipps, J W. f Cummings & P. grocer, b Wash 

and Stockton 
Phipps, A. f P & Cummings, paper dealer, c W 

and Stockton 
Phair, Henry, shoe maker, c Wash and Virginia 
Phair, Mrs J. dress maker, do do do 

Phair, James, printer, Pac News, K b J and P 
Pickett, Wm. ass't ed do do do do 

Pickett, W & C. gen merchts. Jack b M and K 
Pitcher, James, laborer, c Stock and Vail 
Pick, Thomas, cook, Green ab Stock 
Piltia, John, K b P and Bush 
Pillet, Edwin, counsellor, Laffan's building- 
Pickering Thos L. carpenter, K b Bush and Pine 
Pickering, G G. do do do do 

Pinner, B & Bro. clothing, Jack b M and S 
Pinner, J f B, P & Bro. , do do do 

Pimont, Louis, Pension Bourgeoise,r D and Bush 
Pinkham, B S. compositor, H office, M b C & W 
Pierce, Henry, Eagle Bakery, Stock b G and U 
Pierce, Dr W Allen, physician, c Sac and Mont 
Pierce, H & Co. builders, Mont b Cai and P 
Pierce, W S. f H Pierce & Co. do do do 
Pierce, J G., Clay st wharf 
Pfingsthorn, Hey man & Co. com merchts. Sac 

b K and t> 
Piatt, Conrad, mcht. Clay b K and M 
Plumridge, George, cartman, Bw b P and M 
Plymouth Rock, Southwick & Sweetzer, San b 

Cal and Pine 
Planters' Hotel, John Stigall, Pac b K and M 
Piatt, Henry, sporting, c Central wharf and M 


Piatt, Lemuel, Tontine, c Central wharf and M 
Plummer, A A. harness maker, San b Cal & Pine 
Plummer & Brewster, wholesale mchts,whf ft Sac 
Plummer, Bard, f P & Brewster, do do 

Plumb, E Lee, mercht. Jack st wharf 
Plump, R, f Croning, P and Runge, c Cal & Pine 
Plume, John V. f Burgoyne & Co. c W «& Mont 
Plume, Geo W. clerk, c Wash and Mont 
Porter, Capt E S. barque Penbroke 
Porter & Co. com mercht, 279 Mont 
Porter, Edw. do do K b P and Bush 
Pope, John F., H C b Bw and Mason 
Post, Philip, f Selby & P. metal dealer. Sac 

b D and K 
Post, J B . f S H Williams & Co com merchant, 

Cal b M and S 
Pooler, J. printer P N office, Kearny b J and P 
Pomeroy, E A. trader, Parker House 
Potsdamer & Rosenbaum, clothing, W b K & M 
Potsdamer & Rosenbaum, do Jack b S & M 
Potsdamer, Theo. f P & Rosenbaum, do do do 
Port & Jounit, traders, Mont b P and Bush 
Powell, Chas. mariner, Ohio b Bw and P 
Poor, Col, Benj. Com whf, Clark's Point 
Pollard, C J. lithographer, c Mont and Clay 
Pollard & Randall, real estate ag'ts, c C & Mont 
Pollard, Aaron, f P & Randall, do do do 
PollarJ, Chas. refreshments. Empire House 
Post, e^oseph A. at S H Williams & Co. 
Potter & Lawton, grocers, Kearny b Cal and Pine 
Potter, T F. f P & Lawton, do do do do 
Potter, Chas. clerk, c Jack and Mont 
Potter, Wm C. f Roth & P. Jack b M and S 
Potter, Geo C. ass't Surveyor, City Hall 
Powers, John S. deputy sheriff, do do 


Power, George, boatman, whf foot Sac 
Price Current, head Central wharf 
Pratt & Cole, counsellors, c Jack and Mont 
Pratt, James, f P & Cole, do do do 
Pratt, Edw S. barkeeper, Parker House 
Pray, Connord, f Austin & P. 2JG Mont 
Price, S. f E D Heatley & Co Ex Ct off Mont 
Price, Sam'l, Consulate for Chili, do do do 
Peschall, John G. tailor, Jack b M and S 
Prescott, A K. clerk, R b P and W 
Prentiss, Wm H printer, P N office, c b J and P 
Pryer, Joseph, laborer, Pack b K and D 
Pryer, A. well digger, do do do 

Prechet, Chas M D &Co. drug store, J b S &D 
Prechet, G. f Meyer Bro. & Co. grocer, Jack 

b S and D 
Probst, Smith & merchts, Cal b S and M 
Probst, Fred, f P, Smith & Co. do do do 
Pulis, J C. Collector, Pac b K and D 
Putnam, Custom House Inspector, Clay b M & P 
Putnam, A J. f Williams, Putnam & Phelps, Sac 

b K and M 
Putnam, H W. f Lynde & P. San b M and S 
Pugh & Co. Jacob, clothing, Mont b J and W w 
Quimby, Harmon & Co. boots & shoes, Cent whf 
Quimby, Geo. f Q, Harmon & Co. do do 
Quarter Master's Department, Cal b M and K 
Quevedo, Lafour & Co. Jack b M and S 
Quin, James, laborer, Bowman's alley 
Raphael Restaurant, Sac b M and Kearny 
Ralph, Andrew, tailor, Dup b P and Bw 
Ramira, Philipe, Pacific and Am. Bakery 
Ramez, Philip, gentleman, Dup b J and W 
Rand, Chas W. Clay b M and P 
Rand, Chas. light' -rman, Old Bay State, San 


Rand, J W. bricklayer, San b P and B 
Ray, James H. com mercht, San b J and W 
Ray & Brennan, Climax, c Pac and Kearny 
Ray, Benj, f R& Brennan, do do do 

Rapp, Henry, storage and com, c Bush and K 
Ramsey, Chas. grocer, ft Bw and Clark's Point 
Ragston, Mrs M J. boarding house, K b J and W 
Rawson, Chas. clerk, c Sac and Kearnv 
Ransom, S M. f Chapman, B & Co. grocer, Mont 

b P and B 
Rainey, John, gen dealer, Mont b J and W 
Rapine, G. jeweller, Wash Court 
Rabe, Dr Wm. druggist, Clay b M and K 
Rabe, Win. notary public and counsellor, Clay 

b M and K 
Raynes, John,f J F Stuart & Co. Jack b M and S 
Raphael, Folk & Co. drapers & clothing, Mont 

b P and J 
Raphael, J G. f R, Folk & Co. Mont b P and J 
Raphael, Simon, mercht, do do do 

Randall, Silas, carpenter, Pike b Sac and C 
Randall, J W. f W T Coleman & Co. S b J & W 
Randall, FrancisW. Union Saloon, c Batt & Jack 
Randall, Frank, at Wash Baths, Wa^^h b K and M 
Randall, A. G. f Pollard & R. c Clay and Mont 
Randill, Robt S. trader, c San and Pine 
Renshaw, A W.Wyoming lumber yard, c Green 

and St' ckton 
Reading Room Clay st. Chipman & Woodman, 

b M and K 
Recorder's office, John A McGlynn,Pac b C & D 
Rendezvous, McGrath & Towles, c Kearnj^ & W 
Ruddach, Joseph H. Custom House Inspector, at 

Bennett & Kirby 
Rutherford, Francis O, painter, Sac b M and K 


lleinicke, H. f Hinrickson, R & Co. Mont b Sac 

and Cal 
Redington, John H. f E S. Holden & Co. San b 

Cal and Pine 
Reeve, J M. f Alden & Co. painter, San b K 

and Webb 
Reeve, Fred, boatman, B\v, Clark's Point 
Reeve, Geo. i J Cotter & Co. Col H. J b M & K 
Revere, Nath S. sporting, Empire House 
Revsegrue, Sam'l, carpenter, Clay ab Mason 
Reihling, Edleysen & Co.mchts, Jackb M and S 
Reihling, T S. f R Edleysen & Co. do do do 
Readshaw, Wm J. barkeeper, Rochester House 
Releshman, Henry, B. House, Jack b K and M 
Revmond & Letter, Wash st Rest. W b K & M 
Revmond, L B. f R & Letter, Wash b K and M 
Rexford, C W. com ed Herald, H build, Mont 
Reed, Julius, laborer, Pike b W and C 
Reed, Henr^^ c Bw and Mason 
Reed, Joel, blacksmith, c Pow and Bw 
Reed & Carter, ship mchts, 271 Mont 
Reed, Robt. f R & Carter, do do 
Reed, Henry & Co. com mchts, Mont b Cal and S 
Reed, A H. fruit store, Clay b K and M 
Reed, Gardner R. f Thurston & R. c Clay and K 
Reed, Thos. blacksmith. Ohio b P and Bw 
Reynolds, Oscar A. f Bingham, R B & Co. c 
Reynolds, Benj, com mcht, Jack b K and D 
Reynolds, Benj. carpenter, Pac b S and P 
Reynolds, Jesse R. do do do do 

Reynolds, Wm H. clerk, F, P& Co. Com wharf, 

Clark's Point 
Reynolds, Nicholas, f Ferguson, R & Co. Cen wf 
Reynolds & Co. wholesale and retail grocery, 

Kearny b J & W 


Reynolds, Thos. f R & Co. Kearny b J and W 
Rednez. tailor, Clay b K and D 
Riche, Vitol, Bowling alleys, c Bw and Batt 
Redgely, David, auctioneer, Kearny b J and W 
Richelieu Hotel, Frencli Rest. Pine b M and K 
Ricketson, John, clerk, San b P and J 
Risley, B W. f Kelsey, Smith & R. Clay b K & M 
Riley, Hazen K, clerk, Byron H., Sac st 
Riley, Thos. tinsmith Kearnv b W and J 
Richardson, Chas. pilot outer bar, Cal b M and S 
Richardson B. f D S Hewlett & Co. Sac b M & K 
Richerson, W T f Rogers R & Co. San b J & W 
Richard, Pinckner, carpenter. Stock b G and U 
Ribley, H. Clay b M and P 
Rice, Thos. clerk, 275 Mont 
Rice, Wm. mariner, c Bw and Sansome 
Rice, F W. f Crane & R. California Courier 
Rice, James, jr. counsellor. Clay b K and M 
Richmond, C C & Co. druggist, Jack b S and M 
Richmond House, N R Richmond. Sac b W and K 

Sac nDupont 
Roath & Poiter, stoves and tin work, J b M and S 
Roath, E M C. f R & Potter, do do do 
Rogers, Amos L. f R Richesen & Co. S b J & W 
Rogers, Thos. laborer, Ohio, b Bw and P 
Rogers, Wm. harbor pilot. Harbor master's office 
Rodgers, E C tin plate worker, Pike b W and G 
Rodgers, J H. Health officer. Stock b Bw and S 
Rodgers, A E casing liquors, Cal rear Museum 
Rodgers, Richeson & Co. coal yard, San bJ andW 
Rotand. Fred, lighterman, Bw b San and B 
Roach, John, boatman, do do do do 
Roussell, A. f Sabatie & R. Mont b J and W 
Rousseau, James P. lighterman, Sanb Cal and P 


Rousch, J N. trader, Bush b M and K 
Rochat, Henry, Hotel Riolielieu, Pine b M and K 
Roe, Chas C. pro. bar, c Wash and Kearny 
Rosenbaum, F. dry goods and j<>bbiDg,SbK & M 
Rosenbaum, J. f Potsdamer & R. W b K and M 
Rosenbaum, Adolph, do do do do do 

Rosenbaum, Jacob, do do Jack bS and M 

Rosenbaum, Adolph, do do do do do 

Roe. Rufiis, market, Batt b Com and S 
Rozenswig& Lask, dry goods and clothing,Wash 

b K and M 
Rozenswig, B. f R and Lask, Wash b K and M 
Rozenthal, S. dry goods. Sac b K and M 
Roding, D. f N Larco and Co. Jack b S and M 
Robertson, W A. f Baker and R. Adobe B Plaza 
Robertson, G P clerk, Cross, Hobson & Co. San 

b P and J 
Robertson, Peter, do do do do do do 
Robinson, James, mariner, Pac b S and P 
Robinson, J. baker, Virginia b J and P 
Robinson, Thos. f Evans & R. cooper, M b C & P 
Robinson, D G. pro Dramatic Museum, Cal b 

K and M 
Robinson, Arnold & Sewall, com mchts, ft Pine 
Robinson, Gina, do do do do 

Robinson, S B. clerk, do 

Robinson, Chas. lighterman, Mont b P and Bw 
Robinson, Cyrus D. grocer, Webb b S and Cal 
Robinson, Wm H& Co. gen com mcht, c S & M 
Robinson, Bissell & Co. gen com mcht, Howison's 

Robinson, A. f R, Bissell & Co. Howison's whf 
Robinson, John, seaman, Mason b P and Bw 
Rochester House, A C True, Sac b K and M 
Rowland, Hollis, at Bee Hive. Bw b S and Batt 


Rowlev, Samuel, seaman, Mason b P and Bw 
Kosa, Francis, boarding house, Pac b D and S 
Roberts, J H. sporting, Stock b P and J 
Eothrick, Larkin, painter, Jackson b M and P 
Eooney, B. Restaurant, Jackson b S and D 
Rollins, Capt F M. Kennebec H. Sac b M and S 
Roliinson, J R. ship'g and com mclit, c Sac & M 
Roelofson, WmF. f Vassault k Co. Com wharf, 

Clark's Point 
Robb, Samuel, f Lock & R. carpenters, Belden b 

P and Bush 
Rowe, A L. 271 Mont, up stairs 
Roux, A. f Bonvalot & Co. 
Russ, C L. c Powell and Bw 
Ross, David, plasterer, Buena Yista Av. b C & S 
Ross, Mr. ass't at St Mar Hospital, Stockton st 
Ross, D L. com mcht, c Wash and Mont 
Ross, Cath Mrs. ladies boarding house, Wash b 

K and D 
Ross, AVm. carpenter, Emerson's x^rcade 
Rowland, Wm E. grocer, Wash b S and P 
Robinson, M. clerk St Mar Hospital, Stock st 
Ruth, Tissot & Co. com mcht, Spring st n Cal 
Ruth, Theophilus, f R Tissot & Co. do do do 
Rube, John, laborer. Rising Sun, Pac b K and D 
Rungan, A H. painter, Stock b J and P 
Rushworth, H. clerk, f S J & Co. c Cal and San 
Rusenbach, Geo. Kearny b J and W 
Russ, J C Christian, jeweller, Mont b P and B 
Russ, AG. do do do 

Rudsdale, M. com mcht, c San and Pine 
Runkel, Kaufman k Co. dry goods,c Mont & Cal 
Runkel, Philip, f R, Kaufman k Co. do do do 
Rutledge, P & Co. tin and copper smiths, Clay 

b M and K 


Range, Arnold, f Croning, Plump & R. c K & C 
Russell, Sam'l, boarding house, Gold b San & M 
Ryckman, Wm L. clerk, foot Wash st 
Ryan, Thos. accountant, Pac b M and P 
Ryan, Thos. laborer, Bowman's alley b P and S 
Ryan. Michael, carpenter, do do do do 
Ryan, Edwin, tin man, Bw b S and P 
Ryan, Edward, clerk, c Mason and Wash 
Sackett, Col. Joseph, trader, K b P and Bush 
Sardenas, pilot Sac and San J rivers,S T Saloon 

Clark's Point 
Savage, J H. trader, c Mason and Bw 
Savage, John, Bw b M and P 
Sanderwassar, P F. grocer, c Stock and Vail 
Sangrado, Manuel, musician, Bw b S and D 
Santander, Manuel, laborer, do do do do 
Salmon, T. fSalmon & Ellis, brokers, P b K& D 
Sailey, Wm. printer, Alta off. Wash in Plaza 
Salas, Bascunen, Fehrman& Co., merchants, Cal 

b M and K 
Sanchez Brothers, real estate brokers, C b M & K 
Sanchez, Bernardino, f S Brothers, do do do 
Sanchez, Santura, do do do do do 

Sanchez, Joseph, broker, Bw b S and D 
Sawyer, Otis V. f Chapin & S. c Jack and San 
Sawyer, AVm V. carpenter, Mont b C and P 
Sawyer, B W. do do do do 

Savoni, Archer & Co. gen com mchts,J b S & B 
Savoni, C S. f S, Archer & Co. do do do 

Savoni, A S. do do do do do do do 

Sagers, James W. U S Insp. Customs, Sac n Dup 
Sanderson, F C. compositor Herald office, Mont 
Sebatie & Roussel, grocers, Mont b J and W 
Sebatie, A. f S & Roussel, do do do 
Sanger, W P. f Murry & Sanger. Jack st wharf 


Sage & Smith, com mcht, 273 Mont 
Sage, E J. f S & Smith, do do 
Sampson & Co. auct and com mchts, K b J & W 
Satterlee, John, f Norton, S & Norton, att'ys, 2 

La£fan's building 
Sargent, Capt Aaron, com mcht,c Clay and Mont 
Sargent, RobtG. blacksmith, W Laneb W and J 
Sanborn, Theo. C. f Gassett & S. Jack st wharf 
Sanborn, N H. com mcht. Jack b S and B 
San Jose Hotel, Thos N Starr, K b Clay and Com 
Sanford& Fox, tin and sheet iron workers, Pac 

b K and M 
Sanford, S iml. f S & Fox, Pac b K and M 
SanfordEdmnndP. druggist, c Kearny and Jack 
Sanford, F Coleman, gen mercht, Jack b S & B 
Saunders & Edwards, counsellors. Clay b M & K 
Saunders, John H. f S & Edwards do do do 
Saunders, C R. f Hoffman & S. Clay on Plaza 
San Francisco Market, Kearny b Clay and Sac 
Scholler, James, carpenter, Stockton b P and J 
Scott, Chas G, City Treasurer, Po b Bw and V 
Scott, G B, Clerk, F DBlyth, Mont, b J andW 
Scheetz, Chas T. Jour Com office, D b C and W 
Scott, Capt. Solomon at the CusHouse M b C & S 
Scott, Joseph, Tobacconist, K b Pac and J 
Schwartz, Joseph, Jeweller, a H & B, Clay b M 

and K 
Schloss Brothers, Whole Dealers C b M and S 
Schloss. P and Co., Merchants, Washb M & K 
Schultz, Cincinnatus, Mercht, a Bennett & Kirby 
Schultz, F, Importer French Goods, J b M & K 
Schultz & Palmer, Whol Grocers, J st Wharf 
Schultz, Martin f J and Palmer do do 
Schultz, F A, Pacific between D and S 
Schule,Christiansen & Hellen,Imp,Pineb S & B 


Scouler, James, carpenter, Stockton b J and P 
Schuyler, James, Butcher, Cal b M and Spr 
Scbyler, James, Butcher, Dalton House 
Scribner, G. f Kirk & S, Pac Market,c San & P 
Schemit, Laurent, Refreshment stand, do d P & J 
Schmidt & Laureht, c Jackson and Mont 
Scoffy & Kelsey,Auc and Com Mer, M b W & J 
Scooffy, P M. f S & Kelsey, do do 
Schulthess, T F. Architect, c Jackson and Kear 
Schleiden, Wm.Custom H Broker,Cal b M & S 
Schroeder & Tamm, Mont b Bush and Sut 
Selover, A A. mercht, Clay b S and Dupont 
Sedley, Henry, engineer at J L Riddle & 

Mont st 
Seaton, Alfred, Jackson b P and M 
Seten, A. dp clerk District Court, City H 
Secor, Theo. f Sullivan & S Mont b Cal and S 
Sexsmith, Geo. com mcht, Clav b M and S 
Seaman, Ferdinand, boatman, whf foot Sac st 
Seals, David D. drinking house, K b P and J 
Seleiiger, Lawrence, boatman, CLirk's Point 
Seddon, Geo. watch maker, Bw b Batt and S 
Sesson, Leonard, carpenter, M b P and C 
Sewall, Wm D. com mcht, foot Pine 
Selby & Post, metal dealers, Sac b F and D 
Selby, Thos. f Selby & Post, do 

Sequier, Fortune, Liberty House, c Pac and San 
Seaver, Chas M. merchant, San b Cal and P 
Sharp, Henry, Dp County Assessor, City Hall 
Sharp, Geo jr, Drughtsman, City Hall 
Sharp, Henry A S. c Mason and Bw 
Sharp, Mrs Mary, Boarding H, Jack b K and D 
Sharp J. grocer. Sac b K and M 
Shannon, Mrs J. Daguerreotype, c Clay & Dup 
Shankland & Gibson, Auc & Com, K b W and J 


Shankland, Eobt. f S and Gibson. do 
Shattuck, D O and F W. Lawyers, Clay street 

b D and K 
Sheaf. Joseph C, laborer, c Clay and Dupont 
Shepherd, David, laborar Polk Lane b S and D 
Sheppard, J Asbury, f Brooks, S & McCracken, 

c M and J 
Shepheard,Philip, W . Justice 1st District Jack- 
son b M and S 
Sharff, M. f Rosenheim & S. Wash b M and K 
Shesser, O.f S and Vanbergen, Jackson b M & K 
Shuler,Dr. J S. Physician, c Mont and Sac. 
Shulty,G. W. Machinist, Clay b K and Leids'ff 
Shirley, J. f Jackson & S. crockery and grocery, 

Shea. Mrs Julia, K b J and W 
Shadwick, John, carpenter, Bw b S and D 
Shaw, Griffin, blacksmith, San b P and B 
Sherwood, Wm J. f Payne & S. 247 Mont 
Sherman, Hiram B. c Wash and Mont 
Sherman, Richard M. com mcht, c Clay and M 
Sherman, J C. clerk, San Jose Hotel 
Sharron, Wm. broker, c Union and Mason 
Shaw, Henry E. cabinet maker. Jack b D and K 
Shear, Wm. Virginia b J and W 
Sherburn, E.printHr,Mchts Hotel, K b S andCal 
Shillaber, Theo. f Everett & Co. Howison's whf 
Shore, John W. at Hussey, Bond & Hale, ft Sac 
Shloss & Brother, clothing, Sa<3 b K and D 
Shloss, Sam'l,f S & Brother, do do do 
Simmons, Japheth, baker. Jack b S and D 
Simmons, Moses, mason, Dalton House 
Simmons, Hutchinson & Co, com mcht andexch 

brokers. Clay st whf 
Simmons, B. f Simmons, H and Co. Clay st whf 


Simmons, S C. f Winston & S.Mont b S and Cal 
Simmons, Lilly & Co.wbol store, Sac b M and K 
Simmons, Lilly & Co. clotbing San b P and J 
Simmons, Warren, f S, Lilly & Co. do do do 
Simons, V. clothing, c Cal and Ivlont 
Simons, Nathan, on Thos, Bennett, foot Sac 
Simons, J. clothing store, Mont b P and J 
Simon, Louis, do do do do do 
Simonsfield, Bach & Co. gen importers, Sac b 

K and M 
Simonsfield, Julius,f S, Bach & Co. Sac b K&M 
Simpton, G. pilot outer bar, Cal b S and M 
Simpson, J. B. dry goods. Clay b K and M 
Simson, Wm. baker, Clay b K and Leidsdoff 
Silver, John, boarding house, Batt b Bw and V 
Sibley, A H & Co. importers K b S and Cal 
Siddell, George, c Jackson and Batt 
Sibert,F W. trader. Mission House.K bP and B 
Silvey, J S. pilot Sac and San Joaquin rivers, S 

T Saloon, Clark's Point 
Skey, Mrs Jane, dress maker, Vail b M and P 
Skey, G W. carpenter. Clay b M and P 
Skinner, H A. wood dealer, Clay b P and S 
Skinner, Lucien,f Wells & Co. banker,c C & M 
Skillman, A. printer,? N o£&ce, K b J and Pac 
Slate, Saml. boatman. Central wharf 
Sloat, L W. Pro. Merchts' Exchange, c W & M 
Sloat, Wm. trader, c K and Pine 
Slocumb, Sam'l W. clerk, W H Mosher & Co. c 

San and Pac 
Smiley, Korn & Co. hardware, Wash b M and K 
Smiley, James, f S, Korn & Co. do do do 
Smither, James L. Merchants' Hotel, K b S & C 
Smith, John, carpente •, Vail b S and P 
Smith, John, do c Powell and Wash 


Smith & Hammond, Mrs. boarding liouse,Cal B 

Smith, W B. market, Kearny b Cal and P 
Smith & Wells, wheelwrights, K b Bush and P 
Smith, John D. do do do do do 

Smith, Stewart A . f Probst,S & Co. Cal b M & S 
Smith, William, clerk, whf foot Sac 
Smith, T P. engineer, Marine Hospital, Stock - 
Smith, Dr P. pro City Hospital, Clay st 
Smith, James, provision store, c Dup and Wash 
Smith, Chas. Knickerbocker, Pac b P and S 
Smith, Albert, Fire Eng. builder, PacbK andD 
Smith, Thos. merchant, Yall b S and P 
Smith, T M. carpenter. Green ab Powell 
Smith, Geo. laborer, do do do 

Smith, G F C. do do do do 

Smith, W H do do do do 

Smith, James M. carpenter, Bw b S and D 
Smith, Dr D Stewart, physician, Broadway 
Smith, John C . laborer, Bw b S and P 
Smith, Wm C R. f Bailey & S. Sac b M and K 
Smith, Thos JM. compositor,Herald office,Mont 
Smith, J C. Ass't Justic • SuxDerior Ct. City Hall 
Smith, R S. blacksmith, San b W and J 
Smith, Capt Thos. merchant, 244 Mont 
Smith, R P. at Central House 
Smith, Francis B. carpenter. Clay b K and M 
Smith, Louis, sporting-, En.pire House 
Smith & Hastv, Dalton House, Jack b M and S 
Smith, C A. f S & Hasty do do do do 

Smith, John W. ship chandlery, Happy Valley 
Smith, R. bar keeper, Crescent City House 
Smith, D S. lighterman, c Wash and Mont 
Smith, Benj, clerk at We]ls& Co. cClay & Mont 
Smith,FredM.f Dewey & Smith, c Jack& Mont 


Smith, Wm. f Spencer & S. San b J and W 
Smith & Gavin, grocers. Central wharf 
Smith, AC. f S & Gavin, do do 
Smith, Stewart, f Sage & Smith, 273 Mont 
Smith, W O. at Pacific Baths, do do 
Smith, T J & Son, counsellors, 271 Mont 
Smith,T J. jr. translator of languages, 271 Mont 
^mith James, butcher, whf ft Sac 
Smith, Herbert & Wm Miners stores, P b K & M 
Smith, John C. bar proprietor, c K and Wash 
Smith, W A. printer, Bw b M and San 
Smith, Thos. do Herald office 
Smith & Co. draj'men, Sumner b M and San 
Smith, D R. f Smith & Co do do do 

Smith, William, counsellor, Laffan's building 
Snook, Robert, clerk, whf ft Sac 
Snook, G & W. tin and stove dealers.K b J & W 
Snook, Chas W^ carpenter, do do 

Snell, Geo, clerk at C C Richmond, J b M & S 
Snell, W T. blacksmith, Clay b M and S 
Snyder, Jacob, tin smith. Wash b M and K 
Snyder, Henry M. stove dealer, Jack b D and S 
Snyder, Mrs A. boarding house, do do do 
Soule, Henry, cabinet maker, Stock b G and W 
Southworth, A B. metal dealer, 275 Mont 
Southworth, City Insp. weights, Clay b D «& Pike 
Southwick & Sweetzer, Plymoth Rock, San b 

Cal and P 
Southwick, J. H. f S & Sweetzer,S b Cal and P 
Soho, Geo. j^rocer, Mont b P and Bush 
Solomons, Philip, trader, c Mont and Bw 
Spaulding, f Wilson & Spaulding, Clay b K & D 
Spenn, Wm. stone mason, Green ab Powell 
Speny, Wm J, ass't surveyor, City Hall 
Sprague, Thos. at H M Naglee, 280 Mont 


Spear, T G. Jour of Com. office, Dup b C and VV 
Spear, Edw S. broker, 271 Mont 
Spear, Willis, carpenter, Bw b D and S 
Sparrow, Walter, clerk, Probst, Smith & Co. Cal 

b M and S 
Spairow, J W. boarding, Batt b Bw and V 
Spiers, Geo. carpenter, Mont b P and Bw 
Spiers, Mrs Eliza, stay maker, M b P and Bw 
Spurr, John, carpenter, San b Cal and P 
Speck & Baugher, com mcht. Sac b M and K 
Speck, Alex, f S & Baugher, do do do 
Spinney, Joseph S. skip'g office, whf foot Sac 
Sparks, Hervey, banker and dealer real estate, 

c M and J 
Spencer & Smith, lightermen, San b W and J 
Spencer, O A. Parker House 
Starkey, Janion & Co. com mcht,c San and Cal 
Stetson, Edwin L. f Glen & Co. Cal b M and San 
Stoddard, S W. blacksmith, Cal bK and Dup 
Stempleman, Harry, market, a Hotel du Com 
Starr, J. Beer manufactory, Bush b K and D 
Starr, Thos N. San Jose Hotel, K b C and Com 
Stevens, R J & Co. ship'g and com mcht, c Clay 

and Mont 
Stark & Co. merchants, San b Cal and P 
Story, Wm F. f W H Mosher & Co. com mcht, 

c San and Pac 
Stewart, Nathan, laborer, K b Bush and Sutter 
Stewart, W. clerk at C C Richmond, J b M «& S 
Stuart, J F & Co. com mcht, do do 

Steward, Chas W. laundry, Bw b M and P 
Sturzennegger, John B. contractor, c Taylor and 

Sturzennegger, John, contractor, c Taylor & Lorn 
Street, D G. carpenter, Pow b C and W 


Street, N J. carpenter, Powell b C and W 
Stoddard, Wm. blacksmith, c Wash and S 
Stoddard. Wm. blacksmith, c Wash and S 
Steward Col Wm M. Stock b J and W 
Stanley, D B. N Market, Pac b P and D 
Stamper, S. f Stamper & B. clothing, W b K & M 
Stamper, J. do do do do do 

Stillman, J W. clerk, Dunbar's Cal Bank 
Staples, A. Central House, Wash b M and K 
Staples, G H. do do do do do 
Star House, Chas Webster, Mont b J and W 
Stowell, Williams &. Co. do do do 
Stowell, Wm H, f Simmons, H &,Co. Clay st whf 
Stevens, G A. at Com Hotel 
Steel, Henry, blacksmith, Clay b M and S 
St. Frances, W H Parker, Clay b D and Pike 
Stevenson & Gilman, counsellors, Adobe, Plaza 
Stevenson, J D. f S & Gilman, do do 
Stevenson & Parker, land agents, do do 
Stevenson, J D. f S & Parker, do do 

Stephenson. Isaac, boatman. Central wharf 
Stevenson, Henry C. clerk, Mont b B and S 
Stevenson, James, com mcht, Jackson b K and D 
Stout, Dr Arthur B. Hospital, Wash b B and S 
Stedman & White, watch makers. Clay b K & M 
Stedman, Wm. f S & White, do do 

Stickney, Wm W. waiter, San b Cal and P 
Stone, E S & Co. com mcht. c San and P 
Sturtevant, Joseph M D. physician, San b C & P 
Stanton, Alfred, carpenter, Mont b C and P 
Stanton, H A. at H Reed & Co. Mont b C & Sac 
Struver, Justus, f Haas & S. com mcht, c Mont 

and Bush 
Stoughtenburgh, Wm E. auct and com, fopt Bw, 

Clark's Point 


Stackpole, Dr J S. physician, c Bw and Batt 
Stiles, Maiine Hotel, PacbSan& Ohio 
Stigall, John, Planters' Hotel, Pac b K and M 
Strybing, C H. carpenter, Mont b B and Sutter 
Sterling, J W. f Hawley, S & Co. Sac b M & S 
Story, Chas K. f Tyler & Story, do do & K 
Steonberger & Kaufman, clothing, W b M &K 
Steonberger, Simon, f S & Kaufman, do do do 
Steons, George, clerk, San Jose Hotel 
Story, N. L. barkeeper, Crescent City House 
Stiles, Wm.* at H M Naglee, 280 Mont 
Stowell, Levi, f S, William- & Co. G b S and D 
Sutter, John H. carpenter, Pac b S and P 
Sullivan, E L. Wash b M and K 
Sullivan, James, f S & Secor, Month S andCal 
Sullivan & Secor, coopers, do do do 
Sutton, O P, mcht. at Richmond's, Jack b M & S 
Sutton, Jesse, c Jack and Stock 
Such, John. F ¥ Hotel, Battery st 
Suffern, Wm. sadler, do b Bw and V 
Suffern, Jose, grocer, c San and Bw 
Suffloni, Manuel, grocer, Pac b M and S 
Suffloni, Rafael, clerk, do do do 
Suffloni, Antonio, do do do do 

Swain, R A. clerk, Everett & Co. Howison'swhf 
Swain, G. W^. trader, Pac b K and D 
Swain, Alanson, com mcht, c Cal and Mont 
Swain, Chas E. clerk, S. Lilly & Co. San b Com 

wharf and Sac 
Svvan & Thompson, New York Bakery, Kearny 

Com and Clay 
Swan, Gersham, f S & Thompson, K b Com & C 
Sweitzer, W B. fancy dry goods, Kearny st 
Sweetzer, Henry, f Southwick & S, San b Cal & P 
Swaisey, Anthony, carpenter, Kearny b Com & S 


Sweeny, Michael, butcher, whf foot Sac 
Sweet. Albert, f Laiiied & S, Clay b M and K 
Swift, Mrs. boarding house, c Dup and Green 
Swift, Mrs. boarding house, Dup b J and W • 
Swift, ¥ R. at Macondray & Co. c Pine and San 
Swift. D B. clerk, Sac b K and M 
Swift & Brother, gen mcht, Sac b K and M 
Swift, S C. f S & Brother, do do do 
Swift, James, do do do do do 

Swift, Solomon, mcht do r'o do 

Sylvester, L. tin smith. Jack b M and K 
Sykes, John Y. Pacific N office, K b J and P 
Taaffe, Murphy & McCahill, drv goods,c S & M 
Taaffe, Wm. f T Murphy & McCahill, do do 
Taiboret, Sam'l. laborer, Kearny b Bush and S 
Tarbox, W L. joiner, Belden b Bush and P 
r Tarroni, Lorenzo, trader, Pac b K and D 
Tailer, John, Restaurant, Sac b Cal and P 
Talle}^ James, baiber, Pac b K and M 
Tate. Robt H. clerk, Batt b Bw and V 
Tamm. Wash, mercht, Battery entr 
Tay, Geo H. f Leonard & Tay, foot Wash st 
Taylor, J M. f Harlow, Taylor & Co. mercht, 

Trem b H and F 
Taylor, Lewis, Cape Cod House, Mont b P & Cal 
Taylor, John B. City Hall Lunch, head Gold st 
Taylor, James, baker, Pac b San and Mont 
Taylor & Gordon, tin plate workers, M b P & J 
Taylor, A C. f T & Gordon, Mont b P and J 
Taylor, M V B. tin plate worker do do do 
Taylor, H F. painter,at Oliver & Co, S b M & K 
Taylor Chauncey, clerk, c Mont and Cal 
Taylor T. shoemaker,Tontine, c M & Cent whf 
Taylor, Wm O. at Hastings & Co. W b K & M 
Ten Eyck, Anthony, counsellor. Clay b S & D 


Ten Ejck, M. brass finisher, Union PI b G & U 
Tears, John, laborer, c Pac and Mason 
Teller, J M. f McDonald & Co. com mcht, K b 
. C and Cal 

Thayer, S A & J G. com mcht, M b S and Cal 
Thibault, Fred, merchant, 245 Mont 
Thurston & Reed, c Kearny and Clav 
Thurston, T G.f Thurston & Eeed,c K and Clay 
Thomas, Wm H. c Jackson and Mont 
Thomas, Dr David, surgeonW A. Ohio bP & Bw 
Thomas, J V. cabinet maker, c Sac and Kearny 
Thomas, Mrs Ellen, dress maker, c G & Stock 
Thompson, Eugene C.f T & Co. painter, c Wash. 

and Cotta Place 
Thompson, Sam'l McD.gen store, c K and Jack 
Thompson, Edwin, f G Farris & Co. gen store, 

Bw b S and Batt 
Thompson, Henry B. c Kearny and Wash 
Thompson, G. carpenter, Cal b K and Dup 
Thompso]!, James do Cal rear Pike 
Thompson, Henry J. boatman. Central whf 
Thompson, Sam'l, clothing, Jack b M and S 
Thompson, Rich'd E. tin plate worker, c J & M 
ThomjDson, James, f Swan & T. K b Com andC 
Thoi)ipson, Stephen, Exchange, Parker house 
Tibbits, Richard H. f Gibson & Tibbits, SacbK 

and Dupont 
Tilman, F. at Beaudry & Co. M b P and Bush 
Tibbey, Chas J. clerk, c Bw and Batt 
Timmerman, J B. f Hutton & T. com. mcht, Batfc 

b Bw and V 
Titcomb, John H. mercht, Mont b Cal and S 
Tirrell. A T, carpenter, Mont b P and C 
Tinteman, W. f Glaysen &Co. c Wash & Plaza 
Tillinghast, Wm. H. f E Mickle & Co. Clay st wf 


Titman Brothers, cUy goods, Jack b S and M 
Titman, E. f Titman & Bro. do do do do 
Tillman & Dunn, manuf jewellers, Clay b K & M 
Tillman, John, f T & Dunn, Clay b K and M 
Ticknor, Lewis, f Moore, T & Co. C b K and M 
Ticroff, A. f Cohn, Kaufman & Co. do do do 
Tierney, Mathew, Union Market, Wash b S & M 
Tinman, Frederic, copper, Pac rear Am Bakery 
Tibbey, Capt W H. mariner, c Green and Stock 
Tittle, Fred G. mason, c Bush and Kearny 
Tittle, August, do do do do 

Tittle, Fred, jr, do do do do 

Tice & Schuyler, City Market, Cal b Sp'g and M 
Tice, Janes, f T & Schuyler, do do do 
Tice, George, clerk, do do do 

Tilden, Thos. f Titts & T. mcht, M b Cal and S 
Tisso, S C. f Ruth, T & Co. Spring near Cal 
Tone, Jose, laborer, Green ab Stock 
Towner, G W. contractor, Bw b S and D 
Towner, J W. engineer, c Bw and Dup 
Tompkins, G. B. clerk, c Bw and Stock 
Toby, Edw'd, clerk Herald office, Mont n Clay 
Toppin, A. clerk, at Webbs & Co c Clay & M 
Totten & Eddy, gen jobbers, Sac b M and San 
Toy, Daniel, clothing store, Mont b P and J 
Towles, Arthur, f McGrath & T, c K and Wash 
Tower, Wood & Co. gen store, 40 Sac 
Tower, Peter, f Tower, Wood & Co. 40 Sac 
Towne & Vanwinkle, blacksmiths, S b P and Bw 
Towne VVm J. f T Vanwinkle & Co. do do do 
Towne Wm H. grocer, Bw b San and Batt 
Tontine House, Austin & Button, c M and Cen wf 
Treasurer's Office, 76 City Hall 
Treadwell & Co. importers clothing, boots, &c., 
Kearny b Com and S 


Treadwell J C. f Delmonico & T M b W and C 
Treadwell, Joseph C. merchant, do do do 
Trusspard, F A. tin smith, Clay b M and K 
True, Albert C . Rochester House, Sac b M and K 
True, Edmund W. clerk, do do do 

Treat & Foster, Gondola, Jack b M and K 
Treat, Geo. f T and Foster, do do do 
Trowbridge, Morrison & co. storage shipThomas 

Bennett, ft Sac 
Trowbridge, Geo. do do do 

TracY, J B. machinist 

Trinity BowlingSaloon,G Rrown,Pac b San & M 
Tripp, J C. Clerk, c Webb and Sac 
Tripp, carpenter, Mont b P and Cal 

Truper, Andrew, musician, Stock b Bw and V 
Trescott, Dr. physician, Bw b S and D 
Treroff, Aug. f Colm, Kaufman & co. Pac bK»& D 
Trull, Geo. G. machinist, c Mason and Jack 
Truebody, John, carpenter, c Pow and Wash 
Tull, Stephen, carpenter, Pike b C and W 
Turry, G. grocer, Jackson b C and W 
Turnbull, Robt. broker, Wash b J and D 
Turnbuil <fe Walton, wool com merch. 251 Mont 
Turnbull Wm. f T & Walton, do 

Turnbull, Dr. J W. physician, do 

Turner, Fish & co. shipping & com. San b J &W 
Turner, David L. f T, Fish & co. do do 
Tvler & Storv, grocers. Sac b K and M 
Tyler, AS. f T & Story, do do 
Tyrrel, Richard, boatman, Clark's Point 
Ulmer & co. dry goods, Clay b K and Mont 
Ulmer, S Henry, f U & co. do do do 
Union Hotel, Geo Brown, Pac b San and Mont 
linger, H. dry goods. Sac b K and M 
Union Saloon, Francis W Randall, c Jack & Bat 


Uny, Oscar, dry goods, Clay b K and M 
Underwood, M'Knight & mer.San bP& J 
Underwood, Tlios.f U,McK & co. do do 
Upham, Geo T. clerk, S H Williams & co. Cal b 

Mont and San 
Uri,James,pilot outer barbor,Cal b Mont & San 
Vanvelsar, Chas baker, Kearny b Cal and Pine 
Van Damme S. clerk, San b Pine and Bush 
Van Ness,H. pilot Sac & San Joaquin river, S T 

Saloon, Clark's Point 
Van Pelt, Chas. pilot, do do do do 

Van Kuren, A. c San and Bw 
Van Winkle, P Warren, Cal b Spring and Mont 
Van wart & co. centre market, c Sac & Kearney 
Vanwart, Edward, f V & co. do do 

Vanbergen, John, Jackson b M and K 
Van Dervoort & co. com mcht. 275 Mont st 
Van Dervoort, Jos C. f V D & co. 275 do 
Vanderwater, John, builder, Powell b Bw and V 
Van Damme & Clement, 242 Mont st 
Van Damme, Adolph, f V D & Clement, 242 M 
Vance, James, Wash st wharf 
Vandervert, Henry, deputy assessor,No. 43, City 

Van Winkle, H.f Town & V W.San b P & Bush 
Van PeltjCapt D. Lightcoman,Bw bSand Bat 
Van P Houten, John A. San Francisco market, 

Kearney, Com and Sac 
Van Blarcom, Peter D. com mcht,K Com & Sac 
Valentine, T B f Dederer & V. Bw b San & Bat 
Vallier, John, clerk, at Morriss& Co.Clay b K&M 
Vaquez, James, trader. Central House 
Vasquez, Miguel, Pac R of A Bakery 
Varon, Henry, laborer, Pike b Clay and Wash 
VassaultjF & mcht,Com whf.Clark'sPt 


Vassault, Ferdiuand, f Vassault & Co. do do 
VennigerhotZjJohn G. grocery. Webb b Cal & S 
Yeallef on, Bernard, Marriposa, Kear b J & Wash 
* Vcrplank, Philip, f Cost & V. Herald Bid Mont 
Vernam,John S. draughtsman, City Hall 
Venable S. deputy clerk. District Couii 
Velasco, Elias, laboi er, Stockton b P and Jack 
Vermehr, Rev Dr John, Pastor Grace Chapel c 

Jackson and Powell 
Veranda, Willis Johnson, c Wash and Kearny 
Yiney, Chas. refreshments, K b Com and Sac 
Vinton, Olives, c B\v and Bat 
Virt, Auguste, Hotel Richelieu, Pacb M andK 
Visher, Edward, mcht, Cal b K and Mont 
Vowels, Geo. furniture dealer. Sac b M and K 
Vose, Wood & Co. Jackson b San and Bat 
Vogan, Thos .f V, Lyon & Co. Mont b W & Clay 
Vogan, Lyon & Co. com mchts, do do do 
Wadsworth, James C S Mont b M and C 
Wapler, Adolph, mcht. Sprg near Cal 
Warwick, Elijah, tin plate worker, Pike bW & C 
Way, Thos. teacher, U H A, c Powell and Vail 
Walsh, James, shoemaker, Virginia b P and J 
Watson, W. trader, Bw b S and D 
Watson, R S.f Macondrav & Co.c Pine and San 
Wakeman, A C. Cal b Spr and Mont 
Waterman, J. grocer, Kear b P and Cal 
Wagstaff, R. pilot outer bar, Cal b M and S 
Walden, J J. clerk, S J & Co. c Cal and San 
Watkins, G. liquor business, rear Dra. Museum 
Wade, John, mcht. on board brig Sisters 
Wait, J F. barkeeper, Star H. 250 Mont 
Washington Baths, Mygatt, Bryant & Co. Wash b 

M and K 
Washington St Rest. Reymond & Setter, do do 


Wainwrigbtj James E. f Kendig,W& Co. Montli^ 

W andC 
Washburn, E Hollis, f Lord & W. Jack b M & & 
Waddington, f Morehead, Whitehead & W. foort 

C street 
Waddington, Thos. tailor, Jackson b M and S 
Warren. F M & Co. ship'g and com. J near Saa 
Wadsworth, James C L. c Jack and K 
Walton, Wm F. f Turnbull & W. 251 Mont 
Watson, Job, f Paul White & Co. San b W iSt J 
Watson, Noble Henry, artist, c K and Pine 
Watson. Aug A. &Co. grocers, Bw b S and Bat 
Watson, Thos. gentleman, Wash b P and S 
Walker, Thos B. clerk, Grayson & Guild, Sa*L 

b P and J 
Walker, B B. miner, Spoflf b W and C 
Walker, Wm W. teamster, Wash H.Sac bK &, D 
Walter, Abraham, f Newfield, W & Co. Kear b 

Com and C- 
Wardwell, A. notary public & conveyancer, Mont 

b S and Cal 
Waverly House, B F Bucknell, Pac b M and K 
Warner, James A. butcher, San b P and Bw 
Warner, Chas. merchant. Pine b S and M 
Wallis, Jos. I. Montgomery House, M b Cal & P 
Ward, Philip, carpenter, Dup b Bw and V 
Ward, C W . do Bw b M and K 

Ward, Wm. Albion House, Bw b M and San 
Weisenthal, Andrew, City Hospital 
Weed, Joseph, Kearnj' b P and Bush 
West, Geo. carpenter, Mont b P and Biish 
Weeden, Geo A. lighterman, c Mont and Clay 
Wells, Eobt & Co. com ivicht. Howison's wharf 
Wells & Co. bankers, c Clay and Mont 
Wells, Thos G. f W & Co. do do 


WelLs, Henry J. clerk J C 2d township, Plaza 
Wells, Alex, counsellor, c Wash and M 
Weller,Jno B.f W, Jones & Kinder,Pac b K & D 
West, Wm H. grocer, do do 

West, Dr. Benj. physician, Clay b M and K 
Wehler. Edward, Universe Rest. Jack b D & K 
Western Hotel, L Dederer, Bw b San and B 
Welden, Chas M. tin plate worker, M b P and J 
Webster, Capt Wm. ship Elizabeth, Clark's Pt 
Webster, Chas F. Star House, 250 Mont 
Webb, Joseph W. tin plate worker, Cal b J & M 
Wells, Jacob L. wheelwright, Kear b P & Bush 
Welton, Merritt W. measurer. City Hall 
Weston. S E. salesman, S, Lilly & Co. whf ft Sac 
Weir, Jas B. groceries & pro. Clay b M and S 
Weston, Wm K. architect & build'r, Jack b M & S 
Weber,, Ernest, cigar store, Pac b M and K 
Wheeler, Peter, engineer, Alta of. Wash in Plaza 
W" heeler, G W. f Haw ley. Sterling and Co. Sac b 

M and S 
Wheeler, Frank, clerk, at the 'Woodcock' 
Wheeler, Alfred, f C & W. counsellors. Clay b 

M and K 
Wheeler, David, carpenter, Mason b Clav and S 
Whittaker, A W. printer, P N offi. K b J and P 
Whipley, John, carpenter, c Spr and Cal 
Whitney, F E R. watchman, Pac b Mas and Pow 
Whitfied, Dr Geo. physician, Spoff b C and VV 
Wheelock. Mrs J. milliner & dressmaker. Stock 

b P and J 
Wheelock. A. G. at custom house, c Cal & Mont 
Whitten, M S. tin smith off. Wash b M and K 
Whitcher, J E. surveyor & civ. engineer, Meilus 

b Miss and H 
Wheaton, Dr S M. dentist. Clay b M and K 


Whitcomb, A C. counsellor, Clay b M and K 
Whitcomb, C A. do do do do 

Whitney, Granville, painter, Mont b S and Cal 
Wheaton, Geo W. Mont b J and W 
Whitten, James F. baker, Kear b C and Com 
Whitehead, f Moorhead,W & Waddington, foot 

Clay st 
Whaley, Thos. com merch, Motit b P and J 
Whitman & Salmon, mchts,brig Treaty, Clk3 Pt 
Whitney, Wm J. com mcht, c San and Cal 
Whiting, Asa, f Hardy & W. baker, c Bat & Val 
Whitman, K H. gentleman, c Pac and San 
Whitehouse, Joel, machinist, Pine ab Dup 
Whitmore, H M f W & Gladwin, com mercht, 

Cal b M and S . 
White, Dr Henry, physician, Wash b S and D 
White, Dr W L. do City Hospital 

White Brothers, importers, Cal b M and K 
White, Wm F. f W, Brothers, do do 
White, James W. counsellor do do 
White, Philo, f Stedman & W, Clay b M & K 
Whitehall, Hoff & Ambrose, c Batt & Cen whf 
White & Williams, shipg & com business. Jack 

b S and Batt 
White, Wm H. f W & Williams, do 

White, Urial H. x^ainter and glazer. Jack b S & D 
White & McNulty, grocers. Jack b M & S 
White, A M. f Belknap & W, San b W and J 
White, Herman, carpenter 

White, Jacob, Stranger's Home, Pacb M and K 
White, W H. cook and steward, Batt b Bw & P 
White, James M. f W, Graves & Bucklen, Bw 

b S & Batt 
Wheeler, A B. painter, Kear b C and P 
Williamson, Miss Margaret, boarding h.l07 Kear 


Wilder, C R. cabinet maker, Cal b K & D 
Witeman, Peter, carpenter, Kear b P and B 
Willis, H P. f Fay, Peirce & W, c Clay & Moat 
Willett, R H. carpenter. Green b S and D 
Wilcox, Alex, blacksmith, Bw b S and D 
Willits, John, jr. carpenter, Bw b S and P 
Winn, M L. confectioner, do do do 
Winlack. Miss J B. schl for young ladies, c Yall 

and Mason 
Winslow, F B. clerk 
Wilcocks, D. City Hospital, Clay st 
Winding, Dr. apothecary, state Mar. hosp, Stok 
Wilson, Sam H star Bakery, Cal b K and I)up 
Wilson, James, lighterman, c Green and Powell 
Wilson, Mrs Mary, dress maker, do do 

Wilson, Wm Cbakerjrear Rising Sun, P b K & D 
Wilson, Rich ird, boarding house, Pac b S & Pow 
Wilson, Edward, clerk, J & Canfield, Jac b D & K 
Wilson, Benham & Rice, counsellors, Laffan's B 
Wilson, John, f do do do 

Wilson, John, boatman, Jackson st whf 
Wilson, E A. harness maker, c Gibbs and K 
Wilson, A T. counseller, Wells' Buil, c C & M 
Wilson, John, harness maker, c Gibbs and K 
W^ilson, J Downs, grocer, c San and Cal 
Wilson & Jarvis, wholesale grocers, c San & Cal 
Wilson, WmO & Co. grocers, Pac b K & M 
Wilson, John L. f do do do 

Wilson, L T. shipg & com mcht, Bw b B andF 
Wilson, J S. clerk^S J & Co. c Cal and San 
Wilson & Spaulding, book store. Clay b K & Du 
Williams, Elias, clerk, Kear b P and Bush 
Williams, Robt. do do do do 
Williams, S H & Co. com mcht, Cal b M aud S 
Williams, N S. clerk, S H W & Co. do do 


Williams, T. H. clerk, C B & Co. Cal b M and S 
Williams, Rev A. 1st Presb Cli. Dupb P & Bw 
William3,Heury ,f Stowell, W & Co. Mnt b J & W 
Williams, Louis, seaman, Bvv ab Stockton 
Williams, John carpenter. San rear NBC House 
Williams, H. measurer, City Hall 
Williams, J T. f White & W. Jack bS and B 
Williams, A J. merchant, atDalton House 
Williams, B F. Parker House 
Williams, printer, P N office, Kear b J and P 
Williams, Richard, tailor. Jack b San and M 
Williams, Wm. cooking, Pac b M and K 
Williams, Putnam & Phelps, New York Rest.Sac 

b M and K 
Williams, R b\ do do do 

William-!, J L. carpenter. Mont rear Adams & co. 
Williams, B S. manufac. Newbury port av San 
Williams & Johnson, Merrimac H. c San& Pine 
Williams, Joseph B. do do do 

Williams & Palmer, boarding h San b Bsh & Pine 
Williams, R M. f do do do do 

Williamsten, H H. grocer, c Pac and Stockton 
Wilson &. Eagleston, shipg office. Central whf 
Winter,Louis,f Arnold & \\\ Wash bM and K 
Winser, Saml L. com mcht, Sac near Mont 
Wise & Leonard, Apollo Saloon, c Sac and Bat 
Wise, C K. f do do do 

Wise, Chas K & Co. , shipg agents, do do 

Wilkins,R B. com mcht. head Central whf 
Wimle}' & Lear, Crescent City H. Kear in Plaza 

do Wm f do do do 

Winston & Simmons, com mcht. Mont b S & Cal 

do Thos B. f do do do 

Wisner, S P. com mcht. c Mont and Sac 
Wright, Wm. market, San b P and B 


Wright, Wm. boatman, Bw b S and B 
Willows & Catchlove, butchers, Ohio b P & Bu 

do Geo. f do do do 

Wilcox, John, f W & Gorton, market, Mont b B 

and Sutter 
Wilton, Wm B. New Eng House, San b C and P 
Wilkie, Alex, lemonade & soda fac. do b Bsh & P 
Winchester, J. ed Pacific News, Ktar b J and P 
do W M. carpenter, Mont b P and Cal 

Willing, M E. printer, Cal. Cou. Mont n Cal 
Wing, J B private watchman, Dup b Clay & W 
Worster & Cushing,Miners' Rest. Maid 1. b J &W 

do Edwin P. f do do do 

Worthington, Beale& Bunting, com mcht. Mont 

b J and W 
Worthington, Herbert, f WB & B. Mont b J &W 
W^ood, Eben, blacksmith, rear Dunbar's Bank 
Wood & Eddy, counsellors, 275 Mont 

do Wm G f do do 

do Geo N. boarding h. c Union and Pow 
Woodruff E & Co. merchants, San b Cal and P 
Woodcock, by T K. Battelle, (Uay b M and K 
Woodman. L C. fChii3man& W. do do do 
Wodell, Eli, porter, S, L & Co. San b S & Cen wf 
Woodford. E S & Co. gen shij)g & com Jack st wf 
Wolf, Louis, printer, Pac News, Kear b J and W 
Woods, Harvey A. blacksmith, M. lane b do 
Woodworth & Morris, shipg & com mcht.Cla st w 

do Fred A f do. do 

Wood,Davis & Morgan, counsellors, Mnt b C & W 

do R N. f do do do 

Wolf, Julius, f 011endorf,W & Co. Jac b S & M 
Worrill, A C. refreshment stand KearbCom&G 
Worth, Benj. clerk, M M & Co. c San and Cal 
Woodruff, P D. merchant, Mont b Sac and Cal 


Woodruff, W A. jeweller, Clay ii Dupont 
Woodruff, Job, American Hotel, Stock b Bw & V 
Wood, Albert, carpenter c Pac and Pow 
do Wm. market, c Bw and Stock 
do Albert A. carpenter, Pac b Mas and P 
do Sam P. tin plate worker. Stock b P & J 
do Chas f Tower, W & Co. Sac b M & K 
do Saml. tin smith, Kear b W & J 
do Wm. Franklin market, San b Cal & Pine 
do Eben, blacksmith, do do do 

Woods, F H. clerk, Adams & Co. Mont b Cal & S 
Woods, Miss Sarah, dress maker, c Bw & Macon 
Woods, J C & Co. com mcht. foot Pine 
Woodyard, H W. cus house insp. Bw b S & B 
Woodward, James, blacksmith, San b C & P 
do Sam'l. carpenter, do do do 
do R R. grocer. Pike b W and Clay 
Woodside, E G. carriage maker, Somer b M & K 
Wooley, S F. f N & CO. Boatman's H. Bw b S B 
Worn, Geo A. com mcht. c Cal and Kear 
Worley, Wm. mariner, Pac b Dup &S 
Wright, C J. pilot outer bar, Cal b M & S 
do David, engineer, Bw b P and S 
do Dexter R. counsellor, 275 Mont 
do T L clerk, Jack b San and M 
do Wm. wine & spirit bottler, Bw b S & M 
do Patrick C N. clerk, Clay b K & M 
Wyman, Oliver, carpenter, Pine b M & K 
Wyman, R & Co. clothing. Jack b M & S 

do T S. f do do do 

Wykoff & Co whoPsl deal & impts.Mont b W & J 

do Geo. f do do do 

Wylie. John W. clerk, Bw b B and Front 
Wynn, Gehricke & Co. Cal b M and S 
do John B. f do do do 


Yale & Nunes, counsellors, Adobe Build. Plaza 
Yale, Gregory, f Yale & Nunes, do do 
Yalmstine, Zelko, jeweller, Clay st on the Plaza 
Ygnacio Zarule, at Tontitie House, c Mon and 

Central wharf 
Young, ChasB. exchange broker. Wash b Clay 

and Mont 
Young, John H. laborer, c Dupont and Bw 
Young, Geo A. do No 12 Bush st 

Young, Wm blacksmith, Clay b M and San 
Young, Edward, Stradt, Hamberg, Pac bPand 

Zroneton, Joseph, gen agent, Pac b S & Mont 
Zachresky, Alexander, lithographer, Clay b D & 




Names of Streets north of Market street, run- 
ning nearlynorth and south, in the order inwhich 
they would be pas? ed going from the water of the 
main harbor back from east to west : 

Front, Battery, Sansome, Montgomery, Kear- 
ney, Dupont, Stockton, Powell, Mason, Taylor, 
Jones, Leavenworth, Hyde. 

Smaller streets & places running the same way : 

Emerson's Arcade, leads from Washington to 
Clay, between Kearney and Montgomery. 

Leidsdorff Place, leads fromClaytoSacramento, 
between Kearney and Dupont. 

Maiden Lane leads from Jackson to Washing- 
ton, between Kearney and Montgomery. 

Ohio street, leads from Pacific to Broadway, 
between Montgomery and Sansome. 

Pike street, leads from Washington to Sacra- 
mento, between Dupont and Stockton. 

Spring street, leads from California to Pine, 
between Kearney and Montgomer3^ 

Virginia street, leads from Broadway to Wash- 
ington, between Powell and Stockton. 

Webb street, leads from Sacramento to Califor- 
nia, between Kearney and Montgomery. 

Names of Streets north of Market street, run- 
ning nearly east and west in the order in which 
the would be passed going from the water of 
North Bay, from north to south: 

Bay, Francisco, Chestnut, Lombard, Green- 
wich, Filbert, Union, Green, Vallejo, Broadway, 
Pacific, Jackson, Washington, Clay, Sacramento, 
California, Pine, Bush, Sutter, Post, Geary, O'- 
Farrell, Ellis, Eddy. 


Smaller Streets, running the same way: 
Commercial street leads fromFront toKearney, 

between Clay and Sacramento. 
Gold street leads fromSansometoMontgomery, 

between Pacific and Jackson 

City Government. 

John W. Geary, 
Franklin Tilford, 
Milachi Fallon, 
Benjamin L. Berry, 
Charles G. Scott, 
Thomas H. Holt, 
Dennis McCarthy, 
Wm. W. Erwin, 
P. H. L. Dodge, 


Wm. Green, Preside it, 
Moses G. Leonard, 
John Middletiin, 
A. Selover, 
Morgan L. Mott, 

C. Y. Stuart, 
Chas. Minturn, 

D. Gilles^Die, 

John B. Bispham, Cleil 







Street Commissioner, 


Mayors Clerk. 


A. Bartol, President. 
Wm. Sharon, 
Wm. Corbitt, 
L T. Wilson. 
J. P. Van Ness, 
A. Morris, 
G. W. Green, 
James Grant, 
.Dr. Wm. A.Grover, elk. 

Officers of the Superior Court 

P. A. Morse, 
H. C. Murrv. 
J. C. Smith, 

Chief Justice, 
Associate do. 
do do. 


Edward Jones, 
John Caperton, 
John L. Powers, 
B. F. Harley, 
John Frener, 
John Hays, 
W. B. B. Beaty, 
Thos. B. Johnson, 
Calhoun Benham, 


M. Fallon, 
Robert Beck, 
Wm. Lambert, 
A. J. McCarthy, 
Geo. W. Casserly, 
Wm. C. Meridith, 
Wm. N. Burkhead, 
Chas. A.. Howard, 
Hampton North, 
David Swerney, 
John Hagan, 
James Edgerton, 
Robert Mclntire, 

Deputy Sheriff, 

do do. 

do do. 

do do. 

do do. 
Sheriff's Clerk. 
Cl'k. Rec. Court, 
District Attorney. 


City Marshal, 


Assistp.nt Captain. 

do. do. 

do. di). 

First Sergeant, 

do do. 

do do. 
Second Sergeant, 

do do 

do do 


Seth Hurd, 
John Hill, 
David Bailey, 
Thos.*C. Risler, 
Henry Day, 
Edward Burton, 
James Flynn, 
Isaac M. Ward, 
J. D. Pearson, 

N. R. Scott, 
William Newell, 
E. J. Smith, 
John Louder, 
Robert Roach, 
James Adams, 
Wm. C. Dotter, 
N. H. Nichols, 
J. A. Moran, 


Ezra Durand, D W Thompson, 

John Addis, Benj Og-den, jr. 

Francis R. Brady, Wm Stewai-t, 

John Purcil, Wm Beebe, 

Samuel C. Harding, John Wilson 

Augustus Gardiner, Geoige W Anthony, 

George Porter, Edward Lambert 

D H T Moss, Samuel Gilmore, 

A Deas, Thos S Artisan, 

Andrew Petrie, J M McKenzie, 

R N Little, James Leland, 

Gardiner White, Wm R Kerr, 

John R Sidell, J C Puiis 
Thos R Eddies 


Jacob B. Moore, Post-Master; 

C C Moore, Cashier; 

Frank Moore, E DeWolf, General Clerks; 
L H Robie, J B Brown, Box Delivery Clerks; 
E. Higgins, Gen. Delivery Clerk, A to Z 

Chas H Melch r, do do ' do K to Z 
Timothy Pa^e, Foreign & Ladies' Deliv. Clerk; 
F B de las Casas, Jr. Mailing Clerk; 
F B Henderson, Night Clerk; 

John Short, Newspaper Delivery Clerk. 

Office hours from 8 A M to 6 P M. 

Mails for Sacramento and Towns above on the 
Sacramento river and branches, close daily, Sun- 
days, excepted, at 3 o'clock P M. 

Mails for Benicia, Sonoma. Nappa, Junction & 
Stockton, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays,at 
2 o'clock, P M. 


Mails for San Jose, Mission of San Jose, and 
Santa Clara, close Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Fridays, at 7 o'clock A M. 

Mail for Monterey and Santa Cruz, Wednes- 
days, at 7 o'clock, A M. 

Postage on letters for all parts of the United 
States and Oregon, 40 cents. 

All parts of California, 12 1-2 cents. 

Drop letters. 2 cents. 

Postage on Newspapers to the United States Sl 
Oregon, 3 cents, inland postage, 1 1-2 cts. to be 
added; and in all cases, unless sent from the Of- 
fice of Publication, must be paid in advance. 


Adams & Co's. Express — Office, Mont b Sac 
and Cal. Forward Gold Dust and Packages to 
all parts of the United States by every steamer. — 
Gold Dust to be forwarded,must be hanifed in bj 
11 o'clock the day previous to that on which the 
steamer leaves. 

Berford & Co's Express. — Office Clay st on 
the Plaza. Packages, &c. forwarded to San Jose 
every day, (Sundays excepted.) 

Gregory's Express — Office Jackson st. wharf. 
Gold dust and packages forwarded to all parts of 
the world by every Steamer; also, to Sacramento 
and the Northern Mines,, daily 

Haven & Co'.s Express — Office Montgomeiy 
b Sacramento andCalifornia; Gold dust and Par- 
cels forwarded to all parts of theUnited States by 
every Steamer 

Hawley & Co.'s Express — Montgomery, b* 
Sac and Cal. ; Packages and parcels forwarded, 
to Sac and the Northern Mines daily. 


Todd & Co.'s Express — Office Montgomery b 
Sac and Gal. ; Pare 'Is. etc. forwarded to Stockton 
and the Southern Mines daily. 

Laws' Line Steamers— Sail the 15th of each 
month; O. Charlie, Agent; office Jackson st whf . 

Ainusem ents. 

Athenaeum Exhibition of Model Artists. Com- 
mercial st , between Kearney and Montgomery, 
Dr. Colyer, proprietor. 

Bull Fighting Arena, onVallejo st, , near Cath- 
olic Church. 

Dramatic Museum, on Cal st., between Kear- 
ney and Montgomery, Robinson and Evrard, pro- 

Rowe's Olympic Circus, on Mont, st., between 
Sacramej^to and California. 

Places of Public Utility. 

Merchants' Exchange Reading Room, cor 
of Montgomery & Washington sts. — L.W. Sloat, 
Proprietor. Papers from all parts of the United 

A Mail made up for each Steamer and for ves- 
sels to all parts of the world, open from 9 A. M. 
tolOF. M. 

Chan Of e hours from 2 to 3 P. M. 


Clay Street Reading Room — Clay st. between 
Kearney & Montgomery-Chipman & Woodman, 
Proprietors. Papers from all parts of the world : 
Files extending as far back as November. Books 
for the registry of Miners* names. 


Places of Public Worship, 

And residences of Officiating Clergymen in San 


First Baptist Church, Washington street, Rev. 
O. C. Wheeler, h. corner Powell and Union sts. 

Trinity Church, Powell st., b. Washington and 
Jackson sts., Rev. F. S. Mines, h. adjacent. 

First Congregational Church, corner of Jack- 
son and Virginia sts., Rev. T. D. Hunt, h. corner 
of Mason and Vallejo sts. 

Methodist Episcopal Church. Powell st.. Rev. 
W. Taylor, h. Jackson, st., between Powell and 
Mason ^ts. 

Grace Chapel, Powell street. Rev., P. L. Ver 
Mehr, h. corner o' Jackson and Powell streets. 

Roman Catholic Church, Vallejo street, be- 
tweenDupont and Stockton sts. Morning service 
in the Spanish, French and English languages. 

FirstPresbyterianChurch,superiorcourt Room 
City Hall, Rev. A. Williams, h. Dupont st. be- 
tween Broadway and Pacific sts. 

Worship on Sundays at 11 o'clock A. M., and 
and 4 and 7 1-2 o'clock, P. M. 

Open-Air Preaching. — By the Rev. Mr. Tay- 
lor, on Portsmouth Square, on Sundays, at 2 1-2 
o'clock, P. M. 

Newspapers in the City. 

Alta California, Daily and Weekly, E. Gil- 
bert & Co., Proprietors, E. C. Kemble and J. E. 
Durivage, Editors. Office Washinj^ton st. on the 


California Courier. DaiJj, Crane and Rice, Ed- 
itors and Proprietors, T.J. Dryer, City Editor and 
Reporter. Office Mont st., between Sac and 
Cal.. near the Custom House. 

Herald, Daily, Nugent k Co., Proprietors, Jao. 
Nugent, Editor. Office Mont St., betweeu Clay 
and Washington. 

Journal ofCommerce, Daily, Washington Bart- 
lett,Proprietor. Office Mont st. . between Wash- 
ington and Clay. 

Pacific News, Daily, J. Winchester and R. Ni. 
Allen, Proprietors, J. Winchester, Editor. Office 
Kearney st.. between Pacific and Jackson. 

The Evening Picayune, Daily, Gihon & Co., 
Proprietors, P. A. Brinsmade, Editor. Office 
Jackson st., between Kearney and Mont. 

The Watchman, Monthly, Albert Williams, 
Editor. Office at Jour, of Com. office. 


For the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.— 
W. A. Fauntleroy, W. Neal, H. Van Ness W. 
Burges, L. Gamage, J. S. Silvey, H. Van Pelt, 
W. Sandezniss, E Palmer, P. Howard, W. H. 
Jolifi". Office under Hutton and Timmerman's, 
Clark^s Point. 

Pilots for the Outer Bar. — On board Pilot Boa^ 
Rialto — Gr. Simpson, R. Leitch, L. Coxelta, C. 
J. Wright, Chas. Richardson. 

On board Pilot Boat Relief — E. B. Jenkins, 
M. McDonald, Jas. Urie, C. J. Campbell, Robt. 
Sing, J. Ludlow. 

W. S. Burnside and James Nelson, AgeatSi 
office California b Mont, and Sansome. 


Harbor Master — James Hagan, office, Commer- 
cial whf. Clark's Point. J. Carngan, secretary, 
Pilot Commissioner's office, Clark's Point. 

Harbor Pilots — John Delavean, John Ingram, 
Wm. Rogers, Mr. Hanson. Office at the Har- 
bor Muster's office. 

Custom House — corner of Cal. & Montgomery. 
James Collier, Collector. Open from 9 A. M. 
till 2 P. M. 


In conclusion we shall touch upon but two 
things, about which little has been said by others 
but which we think are of importance, and first, 
the one brought more particularlyto our notice as 
connected with this woik that of numbering the 

Under the present settled state of change it is 
very plain that all j)lans of numbering the build- 
ings will very soon become defective from the 
going on,nor will it be likely to be better for some 
time to come. If then a plan could be adopted 
giving the location quite accurate, and still inde- 
pendent of the buildings. We think it worthy 
the consideratiom of the public. Now we enjoy 
theopinion that we haveone of that nature, which, 
for all business operations, would answer every 
purpose. It is this: to have the streets, com 
mencing at Bay street,on the north and Frontst., 


on the east marked off by posts, or otherwise into 
spaces of fifteen or twenty feet, more or less, as 
would seem to be the most convenient. Byhaving 
these spaces numbered, you have your streets 
marked off perfectly independent of any change 
which may occur in the building. This could be 
done by the city government wholly, or they 
could merely designate the number of feet to each 
space, and any one, by means of a map, could 
easily tell what their number should be, and put 
them up accordingly. The other subject is that 
of bell- ringing as it is now practiced for our 
churches. We have seen the whole congrega- 
tion of a religious meeting stari from their seats 
at the ringing of the bells of other churches, sup- 
posing it was for fire; and how are our firemen 
to knowwhether the bells are ringing to call them 
with all their powers, to fight the devouring 
flames, or, with their most devotional feelings, to 
attend a prayer meeting. How widely different 
the objects, yet the same summons, put forth in 
the same manner, calls them to both. This is 
certainly wrong, and we think our City Council 
should make it the duty of bell-ringers, in all 
cases of business or for Church, to set the bells 
at regular intervals, as they do in the Atlantic 

We will now return our thanks to all those who 
have kindly assisted us in this work, and our 
wishes that they, with others, will assist us in our 
future efforts, which we trust to be able to make 
more full in many respects. 


Business Advertisements. 




Shipping and Commission Merchants, 

Corner of Sansome st. and Broadway — Are daily 
receiving Invoices, comprising: 

Provisions, Boots & Shoes, Furniture, 
Groceries, Blankets, Stationery, 

Liquors, Dry Goods, etc. 

Clothing, Hardware, 

Which are offered at the lowest market rates. 



Eussey, Bond & Hale, Commission Merchants, 
Howison's Wharf, foot of Sacramento street. 
Refer to — Geo B. Upton, Esq., Messrs. Samp- 
son & Tappan, Lombard & Wetmore, Boston; 
Mason & Thompson, Andrew Foster k Sons, 
Simeon Draj)er, Esq.,iVeio F(-r^;Alex. Brown 
& Sons, Kirkland, Chase & Co., Birckhead & 
Pearce, ^aZ^imore; Mason & Kirckland, Phila- 
delphia; JohnB. Howell, Esqr., New Orleans; 
Ed. Carrington, Esq., Providence; Maxwell, 
Wright & Co., Rio Janeiro. Have for sale, 
vessels, lumber, provisions, flour, groceries, 
and assorted cargoes. 

Turner, Fish & Co., Shipping and general Com- 
mission Merchants, Sansome street,near Jack- 


D. Gibh, Importer & Commission Merchant, 
brick building, Central wharf. Drafts for sale 
on Messrs. Watson, Thompson & Co., Glasgow, 
payable in London — Messrs, JohnThompson, 
Watson & Co. Valparaiso. 

Chapin & Savyer, Commission Merchants and 
general Merchandise, Washington st. , a few 
doors below Montgomery. For sale Leather, 
sole, harness & belting; calf skins, lining do., 
with a general assortment of Shoe Findings, 
&c. &c. &c. 

JBellmap, White & Co., dealers in Provisions, 
Wines, Liquors, Teas, and Groceries, of every 
description, Sansome st. south of Jackson. 

Wynn, Ghericke & Co., Importers and Commis- 
sion Merchants, California st., between Mont- 
gomery and Sansome. 

A'edina Hartog & Co., Lnport, Commission and 
General Merchants, Montgomery st. 

Smyth d: Block, Wholesale Grocers and Commis- 
sion Merchants, head of Central wharf. 

W. Thompson, Jr. , Commission and Ship Broker, 
No 1 Commercial Buildinof, Central Wharf. 


James B. TF<^ir, Grocer & Commission Merchant, 
Clay st. near Montgomery. Has constantly in 
store, and receiving daily, fresh supplies of 
goods suitable for traders. Also, ship and 
Miners' stores. 

P. Naylor, Importer of sheet iron, tin plate, 
copper tinman's tools, &c. &c.; California st., 
2d door from Montgomeiy, Brick Building. 


Dunne, Mr Don n aid d- Co., Commission Merchants 
and Real Estate Agents, corner Kearney and 
Pacific sts. Refer to John O.Woodruff & Co., 
New Orleans; Haven & Co., N. York; Keith, 
Ray & Co , St. Louis; Burgoyne «& Co., San 

Moliler, Cadue & Co., Lightermen. Ships dis- 
charged, supplied with water, and ballasted at 
the shortest notice — Howison's Wharf, foot of 
Sacramento st. Office up stairs. 

Books and Stationery. 

Marvin 6^ fi'i/t/j cocfc, Stationers and Booksellers, 
wholesale and retail, at the Pioneer Bookstore, 
in the Herald buildings, Montgomery st. near 
Clay. Monthly arrival of Stationery, selected 
expressly for this market. 

Cooke 6^Zeco?/7i/, Booksellers and Stationers,pub- 
lishers of cheap Publications and Periodicals, 
Agents for American and foreign Newspapers, 
Well's fire proof Building, Montgomery st. 


Pratt tS^ CoZe, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, 
in Gothic Hall, on the corner of Montgomery 
and Jackson sts. James Pratt, notary public, 
Cornelius Cole. 


Charles R, Story, (successor to C. C. Richmond 
& Co.) wholesale and retail Druggist, Jackson 
street, south side, between Montgomery and 
Sansome sts. Invoices bought. 


Benjamin H. We^t, M. D. Physician & Surgeon, 
office over the Eagle Saloon, corner of Central 
Wharf and Montgomery' street. 

Mrs. Shannon, Midwife, corner of Clay and Du- 
pont sts., at her Dageurrian Rooms, or Stock- 
ton street. opposite the Hospital. References — 
.E<ig;ir Thorn, M. D., Wooster Beech, M. D., 
John Wheeler, M. D., J. Hasell, M. D., E. F. 
Peck, M. D.,W. Kinney, M. D., J.A.Houston, 
M. D., Thos. Edwards, M. D., A. C. Castle, 
M. D. D. D. T. Nestell, M. D., C. A. Ward, 
M. D., T. H. Blount, M. D. 

Dr. May's Dysentery and Diarrhea Syrup, has 
been extensively employed in this city for more 
than one year, and it may be said with truth, 
that for the cure of the above complaints it has 
no equal. It seldom fails to cure the most pro- 
tracted and aggravated cases. The truth of 
this remark can l)e attested by some of the most 
resjDectable members of this community. This 
Medicine is prepared in this City by the pro- 
prietor, and sold byhim at wholesale and retail. 
Dr. Maydevotes especial attention to the treat- 
ment of gravel and stone in the kidneys and 
bladder; also to general practice. Dr. Lee's 
Solvent on sale. Office corner of Pike & Clay 
streets, near the old Post-Office. 

Hotels, Restaurants, etc. 

San Jose Hotel, Kearney' st., 2 doors from Clay. 
Board and Lodging, per week, $15 00; board 
without lodging, $12 00. James G, Shepard 


0. N. c^H. Bush, Proprietors of the well known 
Bush House, corner of Claj' and Pike sts., in 
the immediate vicinity of the Post-Office, re- 
spectfully announce that they are constantly 
prepared to offer their friends and the public 
the facilities and comforts of a home Having 
had a long* experience in conducting such an 
establishment, they can safely pledge them- 
selves to render satisfaction to all who ma}' fa- 
vor them with their patronage. Their location 
combines healthiness and centrality, and em- 
braces a fine view of the harbor of San Francis- 
co. All desirous of obtaining the best of fare 
and accommodations, and gentlemanly treat- 
ment, at unusually low rates, will need no se- 
cond invitation. 

*' Economy is iceallh." — The Model, CoQimercial 
street, next door to Simmons & Lilly's, is the 
cheapest Eating House in town. Open at all 
hours, day and night. Try it. 

Livery Stable. 

Tattersalts' Livery Stables, corner of Kearney & 
Pacific streets. 


Buckley 6^ Morse. Ship-smiths, foot CI ay street. 
Blacksmi thing in all its various branches done 
with neatness and despatch. Vault doors and 
shutters, for fire-proof buildings, done cheap. 
Constantl}' on hand and for sale, iron, steel, 
coal, bellows, anvils, and blacksmith's tools. 
Invoices of iron, steel, cables&anchors bought. 
Miners' tools by wholesale and retail. 


Nelson &■- Baker's Cheap Blacksinitli Shop, Webb 
street, near Sacramento st. Blacksmithing in 
all its brancnes attended to; Picks and bars 
made to order; Horse-shoeing done in a supe- 
rior manner. All orders neatly and promptly 
executed. Horse and mule shoes and nails 
bought and sold. 


Omitted Names. 

The names of the following residents of this 
city in 1850 have been omitted in the original 
edition of this work: 

Alsop & Co. com mchts. Cal b S & M 
Atherton, F D. c Montgomery and Cal. 
Baiid, John H. c Pacific and Mont 
Baker, L L. mcht. Clay n Montgomery 
Bailey, W J. f Harrison, Bailey & Hooper 
Barron & Co. com mchts. c Mont and Mcht 
Barron, William E. f Barron & Co. 
Belden, Josiah, mcht. c Clay and Mont 
Berton, Francis, mcht. c Mont and Pacific 
Blackwood, William, clerk, Clay n Mont 
Bohen, Geo T. mason, B'way n Stockton 
Bourne, E W. clerk, Clay st whf 
Bowie, A J. Dr. physician, Clay b Mont and K 
Center, John, gardner, cor Centre and Folsom 
Chenery, Richard, Clark's Point 
Collins, C. J. hatter, Sansome b Pacific k Bdwy 
Cornell, J. H. pilot steamer Erastus Corning 
Cox, M. B. Supt. P. M. S. S. Co. office, Mont 
Dean Peter, Clay opp Portsmouth square 
Doble, Abner, blacksmith, Webb b Cal and Sac 
Donahue, J. M. blacksmith shop, Mont b P and J 
Donahue, P. blacksmith, Mont b P and J 
Dwindle, John W. counsellor. Cross, Hobson 

& Co's bdg, Clay 
Dwindle, Sam'l H. counsellor. Cross Hobson & 

Co's build.. Clay 
Eaton, I Ward, Clay b Kearny & Montgomery 
Eaton, Ira A. mcht. Clay near Montgomery 
Ehrhorn, Adolphus, f Hdlmann Bros. & Co. c 

Cal and Leidsdorff 


Ellis, HenrjH. master mariner, brig John Dunlap 
Ellis, John S. f Salmon & Ellis, Pac n Kearny 
Flood, J C. cor Pacific and Mason 
Freelon, Thos, W. counsellor, c Clay & Kearny 
Freeman, Benj H. stair builder, c M and Sac 
Gibb, Daniel, merchant. Central wharf 
Giorgiana, A. merchant, Com b Bat and Front 
Gorton, John H. foreman B. H. Freeman 
Grogan, Alex B. f Grogan & Lent 
Grog. in & Lent, com mchts, c M and Wash 
Halleck, Henry W. f Halleck, Peachy & Bil- 
lings, Sac b Kearny and Dupont 
Halleck, Peachy & Billings, counsellors, Sac b 

Kearny & Dupont 
Hamilton, Robert, merchant, Mont n Jackson 
Hammond, Eichard P. civil engineer, S b K & D 
Harrison, Bailey & Hooper, mchts. c M and Pac 
Harrison, Chas H. Capt. f H. Bailey & Hooper 
Hellmann Bros, & Co. com. mchts, c Cal and 

Hellmann, Richard, f Hellmann Bros & Co. c 

Cal and Leidsdorff 
Himmelmann, A. Kearney b Bush and Sutter 
Hochkofler & Jencquel, mchts. whf foot Clay 
Hooper, A J. f Harrison, Bailey & Hooper 
Houston, Thos R. sailmaker. Pine b San & Bat 
Hyde, George, alcade, office Clay o Portsm Sq 
Kenny, Michael, Boston Notion H., Mont and W 
Kentfield, John, Capt. Happy Valley 
Kerrison, Robt. E. Clay b Kearny and Mont 
Laidley, James, Commercial b Kearny & Mont 
Lake, Delos, counsellor, c Mont and Clay 
Lazard, Fieres, dry goods, c Mont and Pine 
Lent, William M . f Grogan & Lent, c M and W 
Livermore, O. clerk with Wm T Coleman & Co. 


Lobse, John F. merchant, Wash b M and San 
T'ux, Chas. stock dealer, Kearny n Sacramento 
Martin, CamiJo, merchant, Wash b M and San 
McGlynn, Daniel C paints and oils. Sac n M 
McGlynn, John A. C'y Recorder, Citj' Hall 
McGovern, Philip, c First and Mission 
McLea, Donald, a lean d porter, cMissionandFirst 
Mohler, Caduc & Co. ship storage Howison's 

wharf, foot Sac 
Montagnie, de la Jos E. c Sac and Webb 
Noel A. c Clay and Kearny 
Nutting, Calvin, blacksmith, c Maiden Lane 

and Gibb 
O'Brien, W S. c Pacific and Mason 
Olphan A. merchant, c Montgomery and Pac 
Peachy, A C. f Halleck, Peachy & Billings, Sac 

b Kearny and DujDont 
Poulterer, T J. auctioneer, c M and California 
Randolph, B H. merchant, Claj' n Montgomery 
Russ, ICC. goldsmith, c Harrison and Sixth 
Salmon & Ellis, ship and com mchts. Pac N K 
Salmon, Francis, f Salmon & Ellis, Pac n K 
Sharp, Geo F. counsellor, c Pacific and Kearny 
Sherwood, Robt. watchmaker, M b Sac and Com 
Taylor, C L. lumber and com mcht. D b C & Pine 
Thompson, Wm jr. com and ship broker. Com 

building. Central wharf 
Triest, B. merchant. Sac b Sansome and Battery 
Tucker, J W. importing jeweler. Com b K and M 
Van Brunt, R N. Agt. Pioneer Line Schooners, 

c Mont and Clay 
Wetherbee, Henry, mcht. Pacific b San & Bat 
Whipple, S B. Clay o Portsmouth Square 
Whitney, Sumner, Pine St House, Pine b M & S 
Willis, William, c Bw and Sansome 


Washington Street, 


Warm, Cold and Shower Baths. 

Grand antidote ^for the dust, &c., which abound 
in this'region — always in order. 


Shaving, Hair-Dressing & Champooning, 
done up to suit the nitfest trfste. 


'Booksellers and Stationers: 

Publishers of Cheap Publications 'and Periodicals. 
Agents for American & Foreign Newspapers, 

•/• II'' ILsl^Fire-Pro'of Buihling, 



Importers and ''Wholesale andRitiailr'Di^alers in 

Clo tiling', Boots, Shoes, Hats, 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 
&c., &c. 



4r^ door from Kearny on Clay^ 

" ^ ^ ' ' .1. ■ . ■ . ■ T * ' " ■■■■'*■ < - .- ,1 

%^^All who wish thfif Book can have it hy applying 
at the "Journal of Commerce''' Office or to the