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Full text of "San Francisco city directory : for the year commencing October 1856 : containing a general directory of citizens, a street directory, and an appendix of all useful and general information appertaining to the city"

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3 1223 04590 0520 



917,94 S2g7 A 565459 


FORM 3427-5000-8-46 



Sail Francisco DlicctQi) r^«^»Q. 


W ^: J^ i 


'•'[SI %# S I'F A3.^H Ifi -ifS. 

Whole<^a|c ancf Retail B<5«Pler« in 


"NOS/'llS A^^D 117 OAlyTl'ORXLV STREET, 

(Corner of I^dKodorf^-y. SAN IK A.N OISCO. ' " 

B R A N- C II F F I C F : 

Corner of K. and I'ouilk Streets, 

Si .a>. O 3^ ^V XiX JEeJJNTTO OimE". 

1 S . «1 ^- 


Importers and Whole«5ile Dealers in 



y A N F li^vN C IS i.:. 'j. 

First Preiiiiimi 

Has, by tbe s\ii)eriorvtv of his l)aguerrcofyi)C>< an. I Arviurotypes, again '• ■ '•'"1* 


^ ' :" r'> '^MtelVirof 1856, bclusrHh'' i i^''^'- I'nt''' '' '^''"' ■''>'■' ^!l 


liiivi- purl•i^i\^0(l tlie P.itont TJijjht of {^ittinw Af.>!>rotvnos fbv this S 

.'.1 to take them iw a%tyle uueiiuiileU hftlif Unit-. '! dt.'ites, of aii) si, 

;>' to life size. > 

I iK'imee all pictures taken on ff'iSi in lit 

,_,. , and a fniud upau.tho puhric,; n m 

iiuld say4o all wiio have been deecivei) 'iv . 1 

'this new and heaiitiful iiTvention lentil t!ie> 1 

..>r 8tatt', an»; ('alrod Vat' 
j.miitationot tho tf > ni!, 

a vith bojju^ i' 

n th'.- Gt'iiiiiuo A; 

ilto he the nftos* durable picture known, ^ n. iilie- acids, wiflfti-, ni 

. ia ihe l,;nitcd festate-, 
' Jailer}-, 

m alVect thepr. , The Anil>rotype !.sp:i; .. 
• i"^ Specimens uf Work o!i.exhi»ii;iiPii ; 

Corner of Moatgpmery -^nd Sa'cramenlo . 

^in uimI 




Barrett & Slierwoo 






and our Stock is the largest and richest in the 

^^ Persons going home, or sending presents, are requested to call i 
those beautiful articles, so suitable for gifts. 

We import direct from the English Manufacturer, 
at New York Prices. 

We import, and set to suit all tastes. 

Are executed under our own inspection, and evei 
we repair is warranted for one year. 



, . (One door North of Commercial.) 

€I^\* ^J%'0 C0.1I.^MERCI,1Xj SmEETS, J^'JS^R FJROJ^'r, S^J^' FR»1J\' CISCO, 

A First class Hotel, Fire Proof. Water and all Modern Improvements in every story, 
iuated centrally, and near the Landings. The cheapeast and best kept hous< the 
Etcific, and capable of accommodating two hundred persons at one time. Single o jble 
oms, and the best of Beds and Bedding, always clean. 

HAL.EY & TIIOilIPSOI¥, Proi rietors. 


Importer and Dealer in all kinds of 


.A. IT ID 


No. 90 Battery Street, 


























Made at short notice and on reasonable terms. 

144 Sacramento Street, above Montgomery. 





Hosiery, Gloves, Under-Lineiij 







144 Sacramento Street, above Montgomery. 

****** ^ ^ **♦ rr 


Importers and Jobbers of 



88 California Street^ 

(Between Sansomc and Battery.) 

L. ^V. SLOAT, 

Coumiissioncr for i\)t WiuM Slatts Cmirt nf €km, 

.. A N D 

DB^or A.11 tlio St^tojs of* tl3L© TJaaiioii., 


DC^ Protests Noted and Extended, and General Averages adjusted ; Charter Par- 
ties, Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Mortgages, Deeds, and other Papers di-awn 
and acknowledged, in conformity with the laws of the ditlcrent States. 





SOT A/v^ ^.islxix^stozx JStx-©©*, 

(Opposite the Plaza,) 

Manufacturer of Mathematical Instruments, Turner 
„^ of all kinds of Metals, Ivory and Wood. 

1?^ Keeps constantly on hiind : Opera Glasses, Telescopes, Spectacles, &c. &c. 

^ ALSO: DBiia.i£i.x-4^ ilS^llSy of etU. sizes. 


65 Loiig \*Tiarf, 2d Door above Battery Sheet - - - San Francisco. 

Dealer in Gnns, Pistols, Rifles, Fishing Tackle and Sporting Articles. ^ 

jf. J3. Guns, Kifles and Pistols made to order, or repaired in the best manner. ^J 

^ — -»^^^-* 






Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware. 

97 Battery Stieet, 64 and 66 Long Wharf, 


» » » » > 

[Incorporated according to an Act of the Legislature of California, Jan. 1, 1855.] 
G:^.A^iS. :E>. EZI3VE::B.A.T iT ■, 3F*x-eis±cLe33.t. 


THOS. N. HIBBEN, ^Trustees. 

G. B. HAYWOOD, ) D. E. APPLETON, Sec'y. 

i m»m > 

OZX^^S. C3r.AJLj.A.GjAJ:EL, .A.SG>xx.ty 3>B"©X7i7- "^"orlU.. 






-A-cSriEjaxTTS E'on. ■x>:ec£: s..^XjX3 oi* 







Nos. 196 and 198 Pacific St., North Side, bet. Rearny aud Diipont. 

This well-known House has been newly fitted up and greatly enlarged. Permanent 
and Transient Boarders will find the best of Accommodations on terms as follows : 

BOARD AND LODGING, bv the Week $6 00 

BOARD WITHOUT LODGING, by the Woek • 5 00 

BOARD AND LODGING in Private Rooms 7 00 



I LODGING From 37 to 75 cents. 





Ferdinand Eoskill, Humboldt. 

A. S. Tobias, San Francisco. 



62 California Street. 

E. H. Wilson, 

Sacramento Street, one door below Front, ) 
San Francisco, Cal. ^ 


W. T. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Farming 

Implements, and other Goods adapted 

to the General Trade, 




Sacramento Street, one door below Front, San Francisco. 

N. B. — Liberal Cash Advances made on consignments. Particular attention paid 
to the purchase of Goods and Puget Sound Leather. 




Plated and Britannia Ware, Cutlery, Lamps, &c. &c. 

Between Montgomery and Sansome, opposite LeidesdoriT, 




The Undersigned is prepared to contract for Cargoes of 

m'^w^ ^^^^ <^^^^) <^^^Sm^ 


Deliverable at the Mills at Humboldt Bay, or at this Port, on the most 

favorable terms. 


is well and favorably known in this, as well as in the markets of 
JSo-utlx .AjxxxGrrlca,, .^\.-u.isttx>^li^, Axxd OIxIxxa. 

tl^ Every facility is offered for vessels proceeding to Humboldt Bay, a STEAM 
TUG being always in readiness to tow vessels in and out of the harbor. 

N. DUPERU, 62 California Street. 


The Subscriber offers his services to the public as an Operator on 



Nails Penetrating the Flesh, &c. 

IIT" Operations performed in five minutes, mthout pain or blood, so that the boot or 
shoe can be worn immediately after the operation, vrithout the least inconvenience to 
the patient. He has devoted much time and thought to the subject, and believes that 
he entirely comprehends their nature and treatment. His success for the last fifteen 
years has been such as to waiTant him in promising to all who may confide in his ex- 
perience and skill, great and satisfactory benefit. 

D:^ My Certificate Book, which contains certificates from many of the most eminent 
men in the United States, is open to all who may think proper to examine the same. 


S TT H. C3r :E3 O 3>a' O J^ I n O 3E» O 3D I JS T , 

148 Montgomery Street, Up Stairs, 









Importers and "WTiolesale Dealers in 







Wm. B. SiWtKi 


«« V 




Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

w w 


92 Clay Street, below Battery, opposite Railroad 
House, and 152 and 154 Battery Street, 

11!^= All work executed with despatch, and orders promptly filled. 





(Between Washington and Clay.) 

D^= Coffee Roasted and Ground to Order, and delivered free of charge. 

^^0 (SI 

la ^^ 



M. \ 

Scactiiljk limto litters, I 

General Depot for California - - - 131 Clay Street, San Francisco 


E. Lamlix. 


E. LAMLIN & CO. ^ 









awarded by the State Fair of San Jose, for 1856, being the THIRD AXNUxVL 
PREillUM received against all competitors. 

The largest and most complete assortment in the country of HATS and CAPS, both 
of French and American manufacture ; Children's Faucy Hats and Caps ; Gentle- 
men's Caps ; Ladies' Riding Hats always on hand. 

of the latest style, that cannot be suqjassed, either for beauty of appearance or goodness 
of quality, They are light, handsome, and tasty, of our own manufacture. Those 
wisliing a Hat or Cap of anv descrijition, for Gent's, Youth's, or Children's wear, can 
always be suited at the EAGLE HAT STORE. 

COLLINS & CO., 157 Commercial Street. 

\/:z^:r^r, "v 

i^l^s-^^^^P®i^g— -^^^l^ef^s— -^t^M 








m\k €km p^air ^tiartes. 

Stockton Street, bet. Jackson and Faciilc. 


Musical Instruments, Italian and Roman Strings, 

Geriiiau, Freucli, Eiif>ii.sli and American Toys and Fancy Goods. 

Clothing Warelioiise^ 

Nos. 101, 103, and 105 Battery Street, 

(Corner of Merchant) SAX FEAXCISCO. 

Country Merchants are invited to call and examine 
our heavy stock. 


The nn ersigned has on hand, and is constantlv 

lecei I g, a large supply of SUPERB IN- 

STROIEXXtS, from" aU the best Manu- 

^^actories in the United States, among which 

are : 
Nuns &/ Clark's, Chickering St, Son's, Bacon & 
Eaven's, Brown &o Allen's, Woodward &l> 
Brown's, and other celebrated Makers. 
Persons desirous of a superior article, and at a reasonable cost, will do well to call 
and examine. "WlXX, C3r- ZBa-CLgOX*, 








A.isr ^ F p E isr D I X 


* ■•«»■ > 



S-A.3Sr m-A-KTOISCO = 


No. 151 Clay Street, three doors below Moutgomery, 

18 6 6. 


The publishers, in presenting this work to the citizens of San Francisco, would 
state that it is not their design to offer a voluminous -work of unnecessary bulk, to 
catch the eye by its size, but on the contrary, to present a full and general Directory 
of citizens, combined with a complete record of all local information, societies, insti- 
tutions, etc., in as condensed a manner as possible. 

In accordance with the above design, the work has been printed in small type, 

containing near one hundred and fifty names on a page, and with full confidence of its 

being a complete and thorough Directory, they respeclfuUy wait upon you with the 

result of their labors. 


OCTOBEK, 1856. 



APPENDIX 115 to 137 


Hebrew Young Men's Literary Ass'n 129 

Mercantile Library Association 129 

S. F. Accumulating Fund 129 

Young Men's Christian Association 129 


Cliinese See Yup Asylum 125 

R. C. Orphan Asylum 125 

S. F. Orphan Asylum 125 


BLOCKS, BUILDINGS, HALLS, etc.. . . 122 
BENE VIOLENT SOCIET'S (see Societ's) 129 








DISTRICTS (Wards) OF S. F 137 




HOSPITALS 125 and 126 

British Hospital 125 

County Hospital 126 

Sisters of Mercy 126 

U. S. Marine 126 

H0TP:LS 123 and 124 


JOUSTT STOCK COMPANIES. . . .132 and 133 

Alta Telegraph Co 132 

American Russian Commercial Co 133 

BroadAvay Wharf Co 133 

California State Telegraph Co 133 

California Steam Navigation Co 133 

Central Wharf Co 133 

Clay Street Wharf Co 133 

JacLson Street Wharf Co 133 

Merchants' Transportation Co 133 

Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road Co 133 

Pacific Express Co 133 

Pacific Mail Steamship Co 133 

Pacific Wharf Co 133 

Sacramento Valley Rail Road Co 133 

Saucelito Water Co 133 

San Francisco Gas Co 133 

S. F. and Mission Dolores Plank Road Co. 133 

S. F. Steam Sugar Refining Co 133 

Vulcan Foundry Co 133 

Vallejo Street Wharf Co 133 

Washington Street Wharf Co 133 

Wells, Fargo & Co 133 




MILITARY Companies 128 


REMOVALS, ETC., 15 and 16 








P^ureka Benevolent Society 129 

First Hebrew Benevolent Society 129 

French Benevolent Society 129 

German Benevolent Society 129 

Ladies' Aid and Protection Society 129 

Ladies' Society of Israelites 130 

Ladies' United" Hebrew Benevolent Society 130 

S. F. Ladies' Protection and Relief Society 130 


California Academy of Natural Sciences. . 130 

California Pioneers 130 

German Club 130 

Pacific Club 130 

Pathological Society of San Francisco. . . 130 

San Francisco Verein 130 

Turn Verein Society of San Francisco. . . 130 



Commissioner of Emigrants 135 

Collector of Taxes on Consigned Goods.. 135 

Dock Masters 135 

Port Wardens 135 



THEATRES ' • ' " 123 


Custom House 134 

U. S. Branch Mint 134 

U. S. Surveyor General's Office 13.S 

U. S. Naval Agent 135 

U. S. Marshal's Office 135 

U. S. District Attv's Office 135 

U. S. Engineer's Office 135 

Post Office 135 




Allen W. C. & Co 19 

Almy & Co 19 

Alton, Welch & Co ....'. 19 

American Exchange 20 

Annan W. C. & Co [ 20 

Armes G. W. & Co 20 

Austin Henry 8 

Badger Wm. G 10 

Barrett & Slier\t^ood Front Cover. 

Bell John C 24 

Blakiston John S 45 

Bonny, Brooks & Moore 31 

Bourne's Dr., Electo-Chemical Baths. .^7 and 28 

Bi-eslauer H. & Co 20 

Briggs, Dey & Co '. 3I 

Buswell Alex- 31 

Carl Charles 34 

Chapin Geo. W. & Co ". " ' 37 

Chamblin J. L 37 

Clark Jonas G. & Co., Back Cover. 

CoflPee & Eisdon 138 

Collins & Co 9 

Comstock & Co.'s City Express 38 

Courts J. W. & Co 45 

Crawford & Foye 38 

Crevolin & Co 37 

Crowell, Crane & Brigham 38 

Crowell John M. & Co Back Cover. 

Curry Charles 37 

Day Thomas 43 

De La Montanya J. & Bro 43 

Dilhorn & Co 43 

Drexel, Sather & Church 43 

Duffy James 45 

Duperu N 7 

Empire State Dining Saloon 45 

Engel M .' 4 

Figel & Brother 48 

Eisher L. P 50 

Gilbert, Stringer & Co 53 

Golden Gate Clothing Warehouse 55 

Gordon, Brooks & Root 5 

Guerin M 53 

Ham I. H ; 58 

Hamburger Bros 64 

Hathaway & Co 58 

Haven J. P. & R. S ' " ' 61 

Hayes E. M. & Co [ 5 

Hinckley Geo. E 64 

Hucks & Lambert • 64 

Hudson J 64 

Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co 67 

Irvine Wm 68 

Jordan M 08 

Kohler A , 10 

Krambach R. g 

Labatt Henry J 72 

Lamlin E. & Co 8 

Leszynsky L 72 

Levin & Cohn 72 

Lewis H. M 72 

Liddle Robt 4 

Marks A ].. 77 

McGreavey Geo 77 

Mead & Bennett 77 

Meyer Siegmund T. & Co 80 

Moise Henry, gg 

Monarch Fire Assurance Co 67 

Moore Samuel W 80 

Noisy earner's Co 5 

Norcross D 3 

Orleans House 5 

Park & White ."'.'.' ' 88 

Pearson & Crane 90 

Pease E. T. & Co '..Back Cover. 

Peirce J. & 0. S 90 

Pollack Brothers 90 

Prior J. K 93 

Rail Road House 1 

Redington & Co Front Cover. 

Richards 1 93 

Riley C. & Co :.......".".'.'.'."." 94 

Roach John 93 

Roskill & Co '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 6 

Royal Insurance Co 68 

Saulmann's Coffee Saloon 93 

Sawyer Otis V. & Co Back Cover. 

Sawyer, Johnson & Co 8 

Schmolz Wm 93 

Sims & Eraser 105 

Sloat L. W '.".'.'.*.'. 4 

Spatz, Newhouse & Co 102 

Steinhart Wm. & Co 102 

Steinhart Bros 4 

St. Losky, Levy & Co 102 

Taylor A. J. & Co 105 

Tillman F " ' 2 

Timmerman J. B. & Co io5 

Timmerman, Hyde & Co 105 

Todd Alex. H Back Covei: 

Tyler S.H g 

Vance's Daguerrean Rooms Front Covei-. 

Vulcan Foundry Co 53 

Walton House ,. no 

Warren Orran P 1 10 

Waterman E. R Back Cover. 

Whiting & Co no 

Whitney Geo. 0. & Co Front Cover. 

Wilson & Dunlap •. g 

Zachariah Dr. I. Jr 7 


Abrams J. M. & Bro. brokers, Mont cor Merch 

Adams Sam. lime, 42 Batt 

Alexander & Le^y, box mfts, 86 Sac 

Allen Theodore, stevedore, bds International htl 

Allman John, Western Hotel, Davis bet Bd^y 

and Vallejo 
• Alton, Welch & Co. flour, 88 Front 
Amos F. R. butter, cheese, etc, 48 Wash mkt 
Austin Henry, stoves and tin ware, 152 Batt 
Aylward Thos. sail maker, bds HiUman's tempe- 
rance house 

Babcock W. F. of Forbes & B. h Essex st 
Backus J. & Co. stoves, etc, Front cor Wash 
Baker Henry, Sec'y Plank Eoad Co. 25 Athene- 

um building 
Bannatt Harris, boarding, Coml st n Mont 
Barbier A. s^Tups, etc, 148 Wash 
Barker T. L" off. Front cor Sac 
Bauer A. & Co. 66 Merch 
Beals Henry C. Mission, bet 5th and Simmons 
Behrens Julius, roal, 55 Sans 
Behrens, segar broker, Cal cor Leidesdorff 
Bell & Huntoon, dealers in butter, 79 Front 
Bell Lucius, of B. & Huntoon 
Blakiston J. S. sail maker, 3 Clav n Da%-is 
Boies E. E. off. Masonic Hall, 110 Mont 
Booth & Co. of Sac City, off. Front cor Sac 
Boraem H. Toler, atty,' 140 Clav 
Boulden G. T. & Co. mfts washing fluid, 62 Sans 

h Everett bet .3d and 4th 
Bowers J. B. of Davis & B. 151 Wash 
Boyce Thos. advertising agt. off. Mont cor Wash 
Brandt B. L. painter. Sac cor Batt 
Brenham Chas. Am Russian Coml Co. Mont cor 

Browm J. E. of Donohoo, B. & Reed, 86 Davis 
Buft'um E. Gould, editor Alta California 
Burr, E. W. com mer, Front n Cal 

Campbell & Pratt, attys, 123 Mont 

Cannon Geo. Q. Western Standard off, 11 8 Mont 

h 150 Bdwy 
Carr & Dow, com mers, 58 Clav 
Can- G. W. of C. & Dow 

CarraccUa Pablo, Spanish teacher, Kear c Wash 
Center John, off. 25 Athcneum bldg, h Folsom 

cor Center, Mission Dolores 
Clark L\-man, International livery stable. Sans 

cor Jackson 
Clarke A. H. of Jones, Reed & C. 37 Sac 
Cooper J. R. & Co. impts watches, diamonds, etc, 

85 Sac n Batt 
Comet & Sibour, grocers, 98 Front 
Comwell & Co. 43 and 44 Washington market 
Craib & Smith, fish emporium, 83 Davis 
Craib Alex, of C. & Smith 

Craig Peter & Co. ship and steamboat joiners, 

Clark n Driim 
Crane Jas. M. author. Sac cor Leids, up stairs 
Crowell, John M. & Co. grain, 67 Clay 
CiuTv Capt. John, h Dupont n Lombard 
Gushing John M. of Stanwood & C. East between 

Jackson and Wash 

Da-s-is & Bowers, clothing, 151 Wash 

Davis G. W. of D. & Bowers 

Dinkelspiel L. of Simon & D. Cal cor Batt 

Donohoo, Brown & Reed, flour & grain, 86 Davis 

Donohoo W. 0. of D. Brown & Reed, 86 Davis 

Dow N. G. of Carr & D. 58 Clay 

Edwards & Walton, wines and liquors, 109 Batt 

cor Merch 
Edwards A. S. of E. & Walton 
Ellerhorst Hemy D. com mer, Davis cor Jac'n 
Esche Bros, merchants, 84 Batt 
Euler & Liesenfelt, mfts billiard tables, 152 Batt 
Euler Henry, of E. & Liesenfelt 
Ezekiel J. auctioneer, h Dupt bet Pine and Bash 

Fairfield H. produce, 15 Clav 
Fh-nn Ed. H. of Jones & F. East n Wash 
Flvnn E. L. flour inspector, 88 Front 
Frye J. B. broker, 70 Front 

Gammans Geo. B. of Bosworth, Masten &, Co. 

Gatchell E. T. apothecary. Pacific n Front 

Gay & Spooner, com mer, 30 Front 

Gay A. O. of G. & Spooner 

George Jas. h Fremont n Folsom 

Gibson Le^vis, off. 26 Batt n Pine 

Gleeson Mrs. T. Commercial hotel. 47 Pacific 

Gray Wm. J. printer, h 288 Jackson 

Green Wm. Fred, atty, Xaglee's bldg, Merch 

Haight F. M. attv, Mont cor Wash 

Haight H. H. ]\l6nt cor Wash 

Halfet H. P. atty, Sansome cor Clay 

Hammond John, of H. & Knowles, Calbel Davis 

Hampton Robt. broker, foot Pacific st 

Hayes W. atty, of Stanley & H. 160 Clay c Mont 

Hirschfeld & Jordan, com mers, 66 Clay 

Holmes Aaron, jeweler, 

Howell L. V. H. 79 Davis 

Hubbard J. & Co. liquos, 135 Front 

Hubert X. atty. Sac n Mont 

Hull & Lohmann, off. Front cor Sac 

Hull Edwd, oft'. Front cor Sac 

Hunter S. H. of Justh & H. 108 Batt 

Huntoon Wm. M. of Bell & Huntoon, 79 Front 

Hyam B. D. Wash cor Powell 

Jones & FljTin, produce, East n Wash 



Jones Albert G. of J. & Flynn 

Jones, Reed & Clarke, auc and com mers, 37 Sac 

Jones Wm. H. of J. Reed & Clarke 

Justh & Hunter, assay otF. 108 Batt 

Jnsth E. of J. & Hunter 

Kerrison Robt E. American Exch livery stable, 

Halleck n Sans 
Kroning Wm. grocery. Sac cor Kear 
Knox Geo. T. notary public, 106 Mont 

Lamlin E. & Co. mfts Gregory's celebrated vege- 
table brandy bitters, 131 Clay 
Leonard W. off. 87 Front cor Clay 
Level S. dry goods, 86 Sac 
Liddle Robt. gun maker, 65 Coml 
Lillie L. off. 25 Batt n Pine 
Lindley T. M. & Co. off. Front cor Sac 
Lisenfelt Phillip, of Euler & L. 152 Batt 
Logan H. C. broker, 157 Mont 

Mails H. books, 169 1-2 Wash 

Manchester & Hodges, attys, 144 Wash 

Mathewson & Co. produce, 22 Clay 

Meyer Morris, dry goods, etc, 3 Custom house bl 

Michel M. clerk at Goodwin & Co. & Meeker's 

Milne Mrs. Boston House, 52 Jac'n 

Mudge T. A. merchant, 67 Front 

Murray H. K. com mer, 109 Batt cor Merch 

North C. L. off. Masonic Hall, 110 Mont 

Osbom J. L. at Ophir flour mills, 149 Batt 
Osborn 0. C. Ophir flour mills, 149 Batt 

Palecki Jos. cooper. Wash bel Front 

Perkins Wm. C. storage warehouse. Drum n Mkt 

Perley D. N. atty, Hentsch bldg, Mont cor Jac'n 

Peterson & Trinius, assay off". 124 Sac 

Peterson Chas. M. of P. & Trinius 

Piper S. L. of Van Riper & Piper, 102 Jac'n 

Pulvermacher F. of E. Lamlin & Co. 131 Clay 

Eeed Wm. C. of Jones, R. & Clarke, 37 Sac 
Reed Geo. of Donohoo, Brown & R. 86 Davis 
Reynolds Wm. T. agt of Tucker, Thatcher & Co. 

Sac City, 91 Front 
Rice and Bi-o. geu'l agts, 138 Mont 

Rice Wm. P. of R. & Bro. 

Rice Henry, jr. off. 123 Mont ^ 

Richards 0. S. produce com mer, 88 Front 

Richards R. K. atty, 138 Mont 

Roeben Geo. Charley's Rancho, Pacific bet Davis 

and Drum 
Rosenthal & Sornin, watchmakers and jewelers, 

165 Wash 
Rosenthal J. of R. & Sornin 

Schaadt Peter, saloon. East bet Jac'n and Wash 

Sherman Chas. H. carpet store, 168 Mont 

Shew Wm. DagueiTcan artist, 113 Mont 

Simpson Jos. atty, 101 Merch 

Smith S. Wilson" T. of Craib & S. 83 Davis 

Sneath R. G. off. Front cor Sac 

Sornin A. of Rosenthal & S. 165 Wash 

Spooner J. A. of G. & Spooner, 30 Front 

Stanley & Hayes, attys, 160 Clay cor Mont 

Stanley Edwd. of S. & Hayes. 

Stanwood & Gushing, Boston market, East betw 

Jac'n wid Washington 
Stephen C. matresses, etc, 53 Jac'n 
Stevens H. D. at Dan's saloon, 138 Mont 
Strobridge J. M. & Co. clothing, etc, Coml cor 


Tarpy Martin, Santa Cruz lime, 55 Clay 
Triber, locksmith, 86 Sacramento 
Trinius Chas of Peterson & T. 124 Sac 
Tobin Richard, off. 174 Mont 

Van Riper & Piper, carpenters. 102 Jac'n 
Von Dermendeu H. A. mdse broker, 67 Front 

Wadsworth J. C. L. ofl. 84 Front cor Clay 
Walton N. C. of Edwards & W. h Essex bet Fol- 

som and Harrison 
Ward Geo. R. broker. Armory Hall, 112 Mont 
Wheeler F. A. & Co. hair dresser, Kear n Merch 
Whiting M. S. off. 64 Cal 
Willis Henry M. atty, 160 Clay cor Mont 
Wilson & Dunlap, com and mdse brokers, Sac n 

Wise James, portrait painter, 115 Mont 
Wistar Isaac J. atty, Hentsch's bldg, Mont c Jac 
Woodworth & Co. impts piano fortes, 16 Mont 



Removals and Names received too late for regular insertion, may be found in the appendix. 

ABBEEVIATIONS. — al, alley — bds, boards — bel, below — bet, between — com , commission — cor, 
corner — E, East — excb, exchange — h, house — mer, merchant — mftr, manufacturer — N, North — n, 
near — off, office — opp, opposite — pi, place — S, South — S F, San Francisco — shpg, shipping — W, 

ABBREVIATIONS OF STREETS.— Bdwy, Broadway— Btty, Batter}'— Cal, California— Gomel, 
Commercial — Merch, Merchant — Moutg, Montgomery — Sac, Sacramento — Stock, Stockton — ^Washt, 

Abbott O broker, Merchants' Exchange, Clay 
Abbot Chas. L. pilot, cor Washington and East 
Abbott Geo. carpenter, h Stevenson, n 2nd 
Abbot Mrs. nurse, rear of 204 Stockton 
Abell Alex. G. Comr of Emigrants, office 161 

Battery, cor Washington 
Abernethy, Clark & Co. com merchants, Stewart, 

near Mission 
Abernethy George, of A., Clark & Co 
Abrahamson Peter, stoves etc, 224 Dupont 
Abrams & Levy, impts of dry goods, 71 Battery 
Abrams Jacob, of A. & Levy, h Minna 
Abrams Bro. brokers, 151 Clay 
Abrams J. C. of Abrams Bro 
Abrams J. M. of Abrams Bro 
Abrams P. of Sichel & A. h 130 Bush 
Abrams David, segars, cor Jessie and First 
Abrams D. h Green, bet Stockton and Powell 
Acker R. W. Rincon Pt Bakery, Beal, n Folsom 
Ackermann L. & S. dry goods, Va Block, Stock 
Ackermann & Moi'itz, dry goods, 53 Kearny 
Ackermann H. of A. & Moritz 
Aekerman Julius, physician, Bush, above Dup't 
Ackley Geo. stages, Kearny, near Green 
Adams & Smith, wood yard, Davis, cor Market 
Adams James, of Adams & Smith 
Adams C. A. clerk at Owens, 91 Front 
Adams Eliza Mrs. h St. Marys st 
Adams Frank, at Wm. G. Badger's, 103 Battery, 

h 274 Stockton 
Adams John W. boards 252 Dupont 
Adams Joseph Jr. ganger, 67 Jackson 
Adams L. S.of D. Tafft & Co. bds Orienlal Hot' 
Adams Ralph, at Chapin's emplo}Tnent office, 

cor Kearny and Clay 
Adam&R. H. hatter, 175 Clay 
Adams R. H. M. hat finisher, 175 Clay 
Adams Samuel, druggist, Dupont, cor Clay 
Adams Thomas, of Biggs, liibbe & Adams, Com- 
mercial, cor Montgomery 
Adams Wm. wood and coal, Sutter, n Dupont 
Adams W. H. at Arrington & Co.'s 53 and 55 


Adcock W. M. boots and shoes, 54 Commercial 

Addison Gen. John E. 177 Dupont 

Addison Daniel, h Commercial, above Battery 

Adelphi Theatre, Dupont, near Clay 

Aden F. F. at Jansson, Bond & Co. Battery, 

cor Clay 
Adelsdorfer Brothers, impts fancy goods, San- 
some, cor Sacramento 
Adelsdorfer Edw'd, of A. Bros, h Clay, n Powell 
Adelsdorfer Joseph, of Adelsdorfer Bros 
Adler & Co. clothing, 113 Sacramento 
Adler Jonas, of Adler & Co 
Adler B. biitcher, Sacramento, near Dupont 
Adrain & Story, ship chandlers, 89 Front 
Adrain W. of Adrain & Story 
Agard W. B. of Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. 151 Batty 
Agnew & Deffebach, Mercantile printing office, 

130 Sansome 
Agnew Thomas H. of A. & D. 
Ahem J. M. grocer. First, cor Tehama 
Ahlenfeld M. D. of J. W. Courts & Co. 181 Clay 
Ahrend S. Silver Star, 50 Pacific 
Abrens Ciiristian, jeweler, 214 Dupont 
Aiken John, sail maker. Long Wharf 
Aiken Samuel, boiler maker, Vulcan Foundry 
Aikin G^eorge, consul for Great Britain, 126 Cal 
Aine Louis, carpenter, h 127 Bush 
Aitchinson Geo. physician, Wash't, n Stockton 
Alan Wm. iron moulder, Beal st, rear Sutter 

Iron Works 
Alan John, washing and ironing, 1 66 California 
Albertson J. C. attorney 177 Clay 
Albin L. printing office, 61 Merchant 
Albin L. Jr. printing office, 61 Merchant 
Alby Andrew, fruit store, Sansome, n California 
Alcayaga J. grocer, Jackson, below Drum 
Alden & Stevens, Alden's restaurant, 150 Clay 
Alden S. E. of Alden & Stevens, 152 Clay 
Aldrich D. E. of Maitell & Aldrich, Clay, cor 

Aldrich Dr. E. S. offi NW cor Clay and Montg 
Aldrich L. of McDougall, Aldrich & Sharp, 101 



Aldricli IMiss L. dress raaker, Wash't, n Stockton 
Alemany Eev. Arch Bishop, pastor St. Mary's 

Cathedral, h Pine, NE cor Quincy 
Alers Augustus, physician, 223 Dupont 
Alers W. grocer, Sutter, cor Dupont 
Ales-svorth J. W. produce com niercht, 1 9 Chiy 
Alexander J. & Co. auctioneers, 87 Long "SAHiaif 
Alexander & Hangary, Chelsea Laundiy, Third, 

near Bryant 
Alexander Geo. of Chelsea Laundry 
Alexander J. H. at D. S. Lord & Co.'s, 132 

Alexander M. tailor, 121 Bush 
Alexander Eobert, saloon, cor Montg and Washt 
Alexander Theodore, cheap John, 88 Long Wh'f 
Alexis, butcher 6 Clay St IMarket 
Allein Bernard, examiner. Custom House, 40 Pike 
Allen W. C. & Co. importers jewehy, 146 Clay 
Allen & Spier, Union Book Store, 148 Clay 
Allen J. E. of Allen & Spier 
Allen, Lowe & Co. com merchants, 132 Clav 
Allen Edward H. of G. B. Post & Co.'s, boards 

Stockton, cor Greenwich 
Allen H. H. of Greene, Heath & Allen, 58 Front 
Allen Major, R. Asst Qr Master U. S. A., cor 

California and Montgomery 
Allen Chas. H. at Wm. G. Badger's, 103 Battery 
Allen A. S. Allen's Pavillion, 84 Montgomery 
Allen E. hah" dressing saloon, 73 Davis 
Allen Elihu, caipenter, 27 Sansome 
Allen Geo. P. paints, oils, etc, 8 First 
Allen James, Pine, above Kearny 
Allen Rowe, at Frank Baker's, 110 Clay 
Allen E. N. cor East and Sacramento 
Allen S. H. h St. Marks Place, above Dupont 
Allen Wm. S. book-binder, 128 Sansome 
Allen Wm. H. agent, h 10 St. Charles 
AUman John, American House, Davis, n Pacific 
AUovan A. F. at Woodworth & Co.'s, 130 Clay 
Allovan J. D. at Woodworth & Co.'s, 130 Clay 
Almy & Co. produce com merchants, 16 Clay 
Almy G. N. of Almv & Co 
Almy And'w Y. of Eedington & Co. h 31 S. Park 
Almy Benj. D. h Sacramento, cor Stockton 
Almy M. B. of Goodwin & Co. h Powell, north 

of Washington 
Almyer Leon, glazier, Pinckney, near Broadway 
Alta Telegraph Company, 97 Merchant 
Altman S. dry goods, Stockton, cor Pacific 
Alton, Welch & Co. flour merchants, 67 Clav 
Alton W. S. of Alton, W, & Co., h John street 
Alsop & Co. com merchants. 111 and 113 Cal 
Alvoy Charles, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Alvord William, imptr of hardware, 50 Battery 
Ambrose Samuel, steamboat market, 5 Jackson 
Ambrose T. H. Dag'n artist. Clay, cor Kearny 
Ambroze M. fruit, Sansome, near Bush 
Ames H. stevedore, Minna, bet 2d and 3d 
Ames Geo. H. of H. Can-ison & Co., 153 Sac 
Ames John, recording clerk, Hall of Records 
Ames Henry, sash, door and blind mft, 43 Washt 
Ames Josiali P. Folsom, bet 2d and 3d 
American Exchange, AV. W. Estabrook, San- 
some, near Sacramento 
Amos Fred'k R. Washt Market, Miss, bet 2d & 3d 
Amory C. G. sail makei-, 32 Clay & gO Long W'f 
Amos W. C. li Battery, above Vallejo 
Amos F. R. at 70 Merchant 
Anatole Pychaud, collector, Bdwy, n Montg 
Anderson IVIrs. A. El Dorado, Kearny, cor Washt 
Anderson & Co., S. & G., saloon, under Ameri- 
can Theatre 

Anderson Charles, collector, 200 Clay 
Anderson D. ale a porter. Pacific, cor Montg 
Anderson David, of McGregor & Anderson, 103 

Anderson Edward, h Bluxome, bet Brannan and 

Anderson F. C. Pacific Exch, Stewart, bel Market 
Anderson Jas. T. A. accountant, Greenwich, 

above Battery 
Anderson James, clerk at Murray's ship'g office 
Anderson James, watch-maker at Tucker's, 125 

Anderson T. of Doyle & Anderson, h Stevenson 
Anderson W. C. office Wells' building 
Anderson Rev. W. C. pastor 1st Presbyterian 

Church, Stockton, near Broadway 
Andreas Andrew, segars, 149 Kearny 
Andrew J. H. wood sawyer, 195 Stockton 
Andrews W. & Co. stone yard. Front, cor Union | 
^Vndrews A. J. carriage maker at Ross', Kearny, 

near Post 
Andrews Geo. h Harlan place 
Andnis Tliomas J. printer. Globe office 
Angel J. S. at Wines & Co.'s Express, 118 Sac 
Angell E. C. dentist, 156 Sacramento 
Angell Horace P. foi'cman Pacific Foimdery 
Angellis Edward, German Hall, 55 Montgomery 
Anjal B. boot maker, 285 Dupont 
Annan W. C. & Co. com and shpg merchants, 

89 Front 
Annis "Wm. steamboat joiner. Drum, n Jackson 
Anonsohn I. clothing, Davis, n Pacific 
Ansaldu, Jackson restaurant, cor Jackson and E. 
Anshel L. tailor, Sullivan st 
Ansons Victor, butcher, 2 Clay St Market 
Anthony E. T. box maker, Sac, cor Battery 
Anthony Josej)h, liquors, cor Davis and Chamber 
Anthony Joseph, liquor store, 72 Jackson 
Antonio & Co. fruit and produce, east cor Comcl 
Antonio S. of Antonio & Co 
Anton\4tch Florio, bar, cor East and Clay 
Applegate Uriah, wheeh\Tight, 89 Pine 
Appelton D. E. Secy Noisy Carrier's Book and 
Stationery Company, 97 Batty, 64 and 66 
Long Wharf 
Apodaco Ramon, restaurant, 224 Pacific 
Aragony James, Clenientma, bet 1st and 2d 
Archbaid John, at Flint, Peabody & Co.'s 
Ai-chburger Geo. Eureka bath house, 100 Pacific 
Ai-del & Co. merchant tailors, 161 Montgomery 
Ai-ees Peter, of Paul Palette & Co., 281 Dupont 
Arees P. restaurant, 195 Kearny 
Armes G. W. & Co. broom makers, junction of 

Market and California 
Armes C. W. of G. W. Armes & Co 
Ai-mor J. G. sign painter, 79 Merchant 
Armstrong Mrs. private boarding, Pine, n Dupont 
Armstrong Christopher, clerk, Washt, n P. 0. 
Ai-mstrong E. I. St. Nicholas Hotel, cor Sansome 

and Commercial 
Ai-mstrong John W. attorney, 98 Merchant 
Armstrong Mi-s. Rebecca, music teacher, Union, 

near Kearny 
Armstrong Thos, wood engraver, cor Sansome 

and LeidsdoiiF 
Armstrong, Thos. H. boards 196 Pacific 
Ai-mstrong W. W. box clerk at post office 
Arnold A. E. & Co. Union stable, Stevenson, n 2d 
Arnold Mrs. h 20 Washington 
Ai-p Geo. grocer, Union, cor Kearny 
Arrington & Co. groceries and provisions, 53 
ami -55 Front 





Produce Commission Merchants, 





R, GRlIi ii CORN HAL, 

No. 67 CLAY STREET, below Front. 

W. C. ALLEN & CO. 


cfejiamonfe, |Mrg, 



fhkim WMi 




i-A.L S O 


A Full Assortmfeiit*of Daguerreotype Material, 
No. 146 Clay Street. 

W. C. AMAN & CO. 


And Arbonin, Marett & Co's Cognac Brandy, 


Eagle Line California Clippers, for San Francisco, 
94 T7^a,ll St., 3sr:E:"^7v "itoiiib:. 



< ■»«» > 



C. Vr. ARMES, 

a. "W. AHMES & CO. 





I iO 

Junction of Market and CsElifornia Sts. 

Brooms, "Whisps, &c., made to order and kept constantly on hand. 







No. Ill Sacramento St., between Sanlqme and Montgomery, 

(Opposite the Mail Steam Ship Co's OfSce.) 

EMPIRE BLOCK, SECOND STREET, between D St. and Maiden lane, M.1RYSVIIIE. 



Arrington N. 0. of A. & Co., h Mason, bet Jack- 
son and Pacific 
Arrington Wm. of A. & Co., h Mason, N. of 

Artaud Theodore, dentist, 151 Kearny 
Artliem C. G. of Geo. Petersen & Co., 67 Front 
Ai-thur J. D. agricult'l impts, Washt, cor Da^^s 
Aithnr Henry, 117 Pine 

Ash Chas. dni\-nian, h St. Mark's pi, above Dup't 
Ash David, boiler maker, h Post, cor Market 
Ashbum Thomas, 19 Spring 
Ashe E. P. navy agent, Washt, cor Kearny 
Ashes S. tailor, Davis, n Clark 
Ashim Brother, clothing, 119 Sacramento 
Ashim Bros, clothing, cor Comcl and Leidsdorff 
Ashim M. B. of A. & Brother, h Geary,. nDupont 
Ashmead & Kellum, carpenters, 2 Morse alley 
Ashmead G. S. of A. & Kellum 
Ashton Charles, collecter, 200 Clay 
Asphaltum Composition Co., factory Clementina, 

near First 
Aspinall Benjamin, h Folsom, cor Essex 
1 Assion J. tailor, 148 Sacramento 
I Astley James H. elk at E. Booth's, 66 Sac 
! Aston James, ilission, bet 2d and 3d 
j Atienne, T. boarding house, 298 Stockton 
I Atkinson A. physician, h Stockton, cor Bway 
' Atkinson J. H. of T. P. Bevans & Co, Stockton, 
i cor Broadway 

Atkinson Thos. boat builder, Market, cor Main 
Atkinson W. sail maker, 32 Clay 
Atwill Joseph F. & Co., 172 Washt, h N.E. cor 
' Clay and Powell 

Atwood W. mason, Tehama place, off 1st st 
Aubeit A. elk at H. Hentsch, Montg, cor Jack'n 
Aubert Paul, jeweler, rear 351 Dupont 
Aubrey F. 0. cabinet maker, Mission, bet 2d &3d 
Austen Joseph, hardAvare, Washt, bet Front and 

Austin A. & Co. dry goods, 115 Montgomery 
Austin A. C. foreman Vulcan Foundcry 
Austin Franklin B. real estate, office i52 Sacra- 
mento, h California, cor Dupont 
Austin Henry, stoves and tinware, 92 Clay 
Austin Dr. H. dentist, 175 Washington 
Austin M. E. of J. Baker & Co., 45 Sacramento 
Averell Anson, butcher. Pacific, cor Kearny 
Avery H. G. stoves, etc., Davis, cor Sacramento, 

h Fremont, n Harrison 
A Wan, Chinese provisions, 169 Sacramento 
Ayers Jas. J. printer. Excelsior office, 151^ Clay 

house 112 Dupont 
Ayres John C. brass foundry and lock factory, 

Oregon, bet Front and Davis 
Ayres W. O. physician, 226 Washington 

Babbitt & Co. intelligence office, 83 Commercial 
Babcock Benj. E. at off. N. W. Ice Co. 
BabcockD. drugs and medicines, 77 Davis 
Babcock H. S. general book-keeper, Lucas, Tur- 
ner & Co. h Essex n Folsom 
Babcock Jasper, deputy sheriff, h 77 Broadway 
Babtista Juan, restaurant, 204 Pacific 
Bach John, gunsmith, 52 Commercial 
Bach M. billiard table mftr, 78 Jackson 
Bache Maj. Hartman, topog'l engineer, U. S. A. 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Bache F. M. bds Oriental Hotel 
Bacharach Chas. segars, 179 1-2 Washington 
Bachelder C. (M. D.) off 106 Davis 

Bachman Bros impts dry goods, 64 Battery 
Bachman Xathan, of B. bros 
Bachman H. S. of B bros 
Bachman David h 64 Batterv 
Bachman S. of Wm. H. Steinhart & Co. 62 Sac 
Bacon T. H. & J. S. com merch'ts, 61 Cal 
Bacon J. S. of T. H. & J. S. Bacon, bds Rassette 
Bacon J. clerk T. H. & J. S. B. h Second 
Bacon Jacob, of Whitton, Towne & Co. printers, 

151 Clayh 28 Prospect pi bet Sac and Cal 
Bacon J. W. cabinet maker, Webb n Cal 
Bacon R. H. hardware, Sansome cor Wash 
Bacus O. J. stoves and tinware, Front cor Wash 
Bada Juan, segars, 273 Dupont 
Badel John, toys, Vallejo n Dupont 
Badger Wm. G. imptr of clothing, 101, 103, 105 

Battery h Second above Folsom, E side 
Badger J. B. at Wm. G. Badger, 103 Battery 
Bagly Wm. P. watchman, Appraisers' stores 
Bailey & Jones, fraits, 102 Davis 
Bailey W. M. of Bailey & Jones 
Bailey & Woodhams, Stockton cor Union 
Bailey J. H. of B. & Woodhams, Stock cor Union 
Bailey Wm. & Co. Pacific Oil and Camphcne 

Works, off' 38 Commercial 
Bailcv Alex. H. Temperance Ex. 89 Bush 
Bailey C. H. of Morehouse & B. 24 Clay 
Bailey F. cabinet maker, 79 Broadway 
Bailey I. L. of Knapp & B. Kearny n Geary 
Bailey J. X. wood and coal, 206 Montgomery 
Bailey John B. steward, Brooklyn place 
Bailey Wm. A. M. St. Charles pi cor Kearny 
Bailey Orrin, notary public, 100 Merchant 
Bailey ]\Ii-s. Sarah h 134 Keamy 
Bainbridge, H. cashier, at Lucas, Turner & Co. 
Baines Thomas H. of Hastier, B. & Co. 110 and 

112 Clay 
Baker Frank, carpets and upholstery, 110 Clay 
Baker 6c Steel, shipping off, Davis n Pacific 
Baker J. G. of Baker & Steel 
Baker J. &, Co. com mer, 45 Sacramento 
Baker Geo. W. attorney, 119 Merchant 
Baker G. P. mer. Front cor Clay bds Tehama 
Baker J. P. at GoodAAin & Co. & Meekers 
Baker, S. imptr boots and shoes, 66 Sac 
Baker David, of S. Baker 
Baker John h SW cor Second and Biyant 
Baker & Mayer grocery, cor Ecker and Stev'son 
Baker William of Baker & Meyer, bakery, Clay 

above Powell 
Baker A. S. pickle mftr, 20 Sacramento 
Baker & Co. Pine street Rice Mills, 127 Pine 
Baker Henry of Baker & Co. 
Baker, Stevens & Co. merchants, 55 Front 
Baker C. C. of Baker, Stevens & Co. 55 Front 
Baker W. carpenter, 28 St. Mark's place 
Baker L. C. machinist, bds Sac cor Dupont 
Baker Stephen N. drayman, h Bryant bet Second 

and Third 
Baker, J. Jr- at 55 Front 
Baldwin & Co. clothing and shoes, 151 Sac 
Baldwin Calvin T. of Baldwin & Co. 
Baldwin & Titman, liquors, 145 Clay 
Baldwin E. F. of Baldwin & Titman 
Baldirtin A. R. broker, bds Union Hotel, Keamy 

cor Merchant 
Baldwin C. H. com mer, 30 Front 
Baldw-in Edwin, bds San Francisco House, Clark 
Baldwin H. S. physician, off 163 Clay 
Baldwin John, seg:n-s, Davis above Pacific 
Baldwin J. G. attorney, 40 Montgomery block 
Baldwua, Marcus M. lapidarj-, Cal u Leidesdoi-ff 



Baldwin John (colored) marketing, h Sutter n 

Ball Dr. B. L. dentist, 161 Montgomery 
Ball Capt. Francis, Quincy 
Ballentine J. builder, Cal cor Kearny 
Bailey W. J. of Edwards & Bailey, h Greenwich 

n Dupont, 
Bambcr John, of J. W. Hoag & Co. E cor Jackson 
Bancroft H. H. stationery, etc. Montg cor Merch 
Banham Wm. veterinary surgeon, Pine cor Morse 
Bandman, Nielson & Co. impts, 48 Front 
Bandman Julius, of B. Nielson & Co. 
Banfic'ld John, ship carpenter, h Harrison betw 

Third and Fom-tli 
Bangle Edward, carriage painter, 158 Cal 
Bank John, carpenter, h Dupont n Filbert 
Bank Eobt (colored) barber, cor Union and Laf 
Banks J. A. carpenter, 77 Jackson 
Banks T. C. at Wells, Fargo & Co. Montgomery 

cor California 
Banncrman J. B. engraver, cor Clay and Montg 
Bannct Joseph, glazier, Pinckney n Broadway 
Barbat J. phys and apothecary, Powell n Pacific 
Barbaro B. S. laborer, h Union n Stockton 
Barbcau L. J. off 137 Clay 
Barber Thos. h Greenwich n Mason 
Bardell Michael, Minna n Third 
Bardet Alex, architect, Vallejo n Dupont 
Bardwell J. L. com mer, 2 Merchant n East 
Barger Wm. H. h Dupont bet Sutter and Post 
Barkcloo John, h Bryant bet Second and Third 
Barker, Dawes & Wister, attorneys, Montgomery 

cor Jackson 
Barker A. H. off cor Front and Jackson 
Barker Joshua, employe Pacific Express Co. bds 

Tehama House 
Barker Joseph, Tehama n Second 
Barker Wm. attorne)'. Wells' building 
Barker Henry R. drayman, Harrison, cor Third 
Barkley Wm. Branch Hotel, Sansome, bet Pine 

and Busli 
Barlow J. B. coal yard, 127 Pine 
Barlow W. W. off Front, cor Clay 
Barmer Samuel, segars, 97 Pacific 
Barnard Wm. stone cutter. First, bet Folsom and 

Barnard Thos. G. carpenter, H. Hawthorn, bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Barnes Geo E. printer. True Cal Off, 66 Merch 
Barnes W. W. printer, h Third, n Folsom 
Bamet Joseph, of Caro & B. Montg, cor Pine 
Barnett Michael, distiller. Clay, cor Yerba Buena 
Barney Bernard, tinsmith, h Dupont, n Green 
Barney R. G. supt clerk at U. S. Branch Mint 
Barnliart Saml H. at Empu-e and Keystone L'on 

Works, 90 Bush 
Barovich N. Sebastopol Saloon, Clay, cor Davis 
Barraillae Chas. basket maker, 404 Stockton 
Barras H. D. butcher, Brighton Mkt, 220 Stock 
Barreta Augustine, Boarding House, Greenwich, 
n Stockton [Montgomery 

Barrett & Sherwood, watches and jewelry, 135 
Ban-ett Saml, of B. & S. h Powell, n Clay 
Ban-ett Thos. clerk at Barrett & Sherwoods, 135 

Barrett James, Boarding House, 44 Bdwy 
Barrett Wm. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Barring & Geterman, painters, Jackson, corner 

Stout's Alley 
Bamngton,Wm. bottler, 50 Broadway 
Barroilhat H. at Belloc, Freres & Sescau, 147 

Barron Edward, butcher, 13 Washt Market 
Ban-ow Sam, at M. & Francis P. Manahan's 

Gem Saloon, cor Sac and Front 
BaiTow Samuel, h Clemintina, bet 1st and 2d 
BaiTy & Patten, impts liquors, 116 Montg 
Barry Theo. A. of Barry & Patten 
Barry & Blake, shoe store, 20 First 
Bariy James, of B. & Blake, 20 Furst 
Ban-y Da\id, grocer, Lombard, cor Mason 
Bany D. W. at Wells, Fargo & Co.'s, Montg, 

cor California 
Barry E. L. constable 2d To^vnship, 115 Merch 
Barrv P. attorney at law, Montg, cor Jackson, h 

301 Pacific 
BaiTy Wm. actor, h 234 Keamy 
Barry Wm. liquors, 152 Sansome 
BaiTy Mrs. teacher of music. Mission, n Jane 
Barstow D. attorney, 40 Montg Block 
Barstow David P. attorney, 68 Montg Block 
Barstow S. F. Bulletin off, 70 Merchant 
Bartlett C. J. edtr Tme Cal. bds Rassette House 
Bartlett Earl, attorney, 163 Montg 
Bartlett H. W. daguerrean artist, cor Clay and 

Bartlett Joseph, drapnan, Spring, cor Summer 
Bartlett W. editor True Cal. 66 Merchant 
Bartling Wm. book-binder, at J. J. Lecoimt's, h 

Pacific, above Taylor 
Barton & Grimm, merchts, off Sansome, cor Cal 
Barton Wait, com mer. Wash, bet Davis & Front 
Barton Wm. Barton's Hall, 256 Pacific 
Bai-wold T, segars, 157 Keamy 
Baiymann Rudolph, mer. Pike, n Sacramento 
Bass T. J. at Duncan & Co. Montg, cor Merch 
Bash & Cohn, segar-makers, 99 Bdwy 
Bash I. of Bash & Cohn, 99 Bd^\y 
Basse, Jansen & Co. grocers, 89 Clay, bet Btty 

and Front 
Basse Thos. of B. Jansen & Co. h Washington, 

bel Dupont 
Bassett Nathaniel, h Webb, n California 
Bassett E. & A. Granite Yard, JMontg, bel Sutter 
Batchclder J. M. of Brenan & B. lo'Stewart St 

Bateman David, engineer, Kelly, n Montg 
Bateman Wm. A. Pioneer Stables, Cal, cor Webb 
Battles, Wm. Ward, of Waite & B. bds Rassette 
Battersby John, stoves and tinware, 82 Sansome, 

h Bush, bet Montg and Sansome 
Bates Geo. M. physician and surgeon, 68 Merch 
Bauer J. H. druggist, 163 Pacific 
Bauer & Klepzig, gunsmiths, 212 Washt 
Baum Charles, Custom House broker. Battery, 

op Custom House, h 156 Bdwy 
Baum Jonah, furniture. Third, cor Jessie 
Baxter C. G. at J. R. Hughes, 147 Montg 
Baxter J. of Rankin & Co. Btty, ab Pacific 
Baxter Wm. H. elk, 91 Batty, li Stock, cor Pine 
Bayerque J. B. of Pioche & JB. h Mission road 
Bayerque R. at Pioche & B. Montg, cor Jackson 
Bayly Mrs. mid-wife. Mission, n First 
Baziile Marie Mme. milliner, 176 Cal 
Bazin V. tailor. Third, bet Market and Mission 
Beain John, blacksmith, 85 Montg, h Rich, bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Beal Albert S. clerk, at G. B. Post & Co. h 

Greenwich, cor Stock 
Beal Samuel, furniture, 147 Battery 
Beach H. D. at Rail-Road House 
Beach Mrs. Eliza, Boarding House, Pike, n Clay 
Beach, Joseph D. C. of Bowman, Gardiner & Co. 

Third, n Folsom 



Beard John, laborer, h Thkd, bet Harrison and 

Beattv Z. A. of McCorab & Co. Bttv, cor Bdwy 
Beaver G. W. of James Patrick & Co. 161 Bttv 
Becherer Adolf, of Constiue & Co. 207 Wash 
Beck Joseph P. irrocer, 223 Pacific 
Beck A. G. Prof of Spanish languages, 51 Bush 
Becker B. A. se-ars, 146 Montg 
Beckh G. W. of Taylor & B. cor Sac and Montg 
Beckmann F. watclunaker, 155 Kearny 
Beckwith J. S. assav otfice, ISIontg, cor Cornel 
Bee Albert W. of Meeker & Co. Sac City, off 

119 Front 

Becbe H. W. Empire Warehouse, h 252 Powell 
Becching Robt. blacksmith, 35 Pine 
Beer Julius, of AVeil & Co. 84 Battery 
Beers & Davis, grocers, 83 Clay 
Beers Henry J. of Beers & Davis, h Eddy, bet 

Taylor and Mason 
Beers J. B. dentist, Masonic Hall, Montgomery, 

h 3Iason, n Vallejo 
Bcggs W. W. engineer, of S F Gas Co, First, 

cor Xatoma 
Begin Joseph, butcher, 12 Washt Market 
Behrcns, (M. D.) office 3 Athencum Building, cor 

Cal and Montg 
Behr H. physician, 226 Stockton 
Beis John, h Howard, cor Third 
Belding Geo. pedler, Sonoma Place 
Belknap D. P. attorney, 20 Court Block 
Bell Chas. laborer, bds*196 Pacific 
Bell Patrick, saloon, Cal cor Kearny 
Bell Wm. H. h 8 Harhind pi above "Dupont 
Bell Thomas, liquors, 74 Batterj-, h cor Lombard 

and Jones 

Bell Wm. ship carpenter, h Brannan bet 2d and 3d 
BeU Joseph (colored) steward, h Kearny between 

Green and Vallejo 
Bell James, hardware mer, Cal bet Sansome and 

Bell James, of Falkner, B. & Co. 128 Cal, h 32 

South Park 
Bell J. W. at Wells, Fargo & Co. h Green near 

Bell G. W. at Wells, Fargo & Co. h Green near 


Bell J. of Kennedy & Bell, 140 Sacramento 
Bell John C. upholsteiy and carpet warehouse, 

1 82 Clay, Court Block, h cor Greenwich and 


Bellan Edwd, tinman, 249 Dupont 
BellangcT Camille, restaurant, 238 Pacific 
Bellanger J. & Co. Jefferson House, Cornel, bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Belleau E- Cosmopolitan saloon, 136 Montg 
Bellemere Louis, Howard east of Third 
Bellis Jackson, bds 196 Pacific 
Belloc Freres & Sescau, impts dry goods, 147 

BeUoc L of Belloc, Freres & Sescau 
Bellow John, boarding-house, 114 Pacific 
Belvedere Laundry, Broadway cor Mason 
BenasB. tailor, 171 1-2 Washington 
Benchley & Co. impts hardware, 65 Battery 
Benchley John, h cor Montgomery' and Jackson 
Benchley L. B. of B. & Co. h Powell 
Bender John, pianoforte maker, cor Powell and 

Bendix Henn', marke*^, Sutter cor Dupont 
Benecke C. A, of H. \V. Stein & Co. 185 Clay 
Benham Calhoun, attorney, U. S. Court building 
Bening George, saloon, cor Washington and East 

Benjamin jMrs Julia, millinery, 56 Montgomery 
Benjamin F. J. book-keeper, Smiley, Yerkes & 

Co. comer Sansome and Sacramento 
Benjamin Joseph, 56 ^Montgomery 
Benjamin E. B. Tehama bet Front and Second 
Benjamin Chas. steward, Kearny, Telegraph hill 
Benjamin Fredk. agent, 86 Bush 
Bennet Peter, Washington market, h Hinkley n 

Bennet :\Irs. M. B. milliner, 379 Stockton 
Bennett, Blasdel & Co. com mer. Wash cor East 
Bennett R. H. of B. Blasdel & Co. h Essex pi 

bet Essex and Chai-lcs 
Bennett H. AV. h 93 Bush 
Bennett Dr. off" 14 4 Sacramento 
Bennett D. at Chelsea Laundry, Third bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Bennett Wm. Chelsea Laundry, Third bet 

Hanison and Bryant 
Bennett Nicholas, of "Thomas & Bennett, East n 

Bennett John H. of Mead & B. East cor Merch 
Benson J. broker, ofi' Clay NE. cor Montgomery. 
Benson E. S. notary pub and conveyancer, Montg 

cor Merchant 
Benton ]\Irs. M. P. drawing and painting, Vir- 
ginia lilock 
Benzen Adolphus, at Supt Public Schools off, 33 

City Hall 
Benzi & Roturier, drugs. Pacific cor Dupont 
Berdan John H. policeman at City Hall 
Berel Jacob, cordials. Summer cor Montgomery 
Berg Robt. " David Scannell," foot of Jackson 
Beriren & Sons, soap and candle works. Green n 

Berger M. clothing, 91 Pacific 
Berger jNL's. di-ess maker, Stockton n Cal 
Bergson O. of Ramsay & B. 69 Merchant 
Bergona Leonardo, saloon. Clay cor Dmm 
Berghauser John, h Dupont n Filbert 
Berko^^'itz ili's. M. dress maker, 235 Clay 
Berlin R. D. piano tuner, Dupont cor Clay 
Bernard Eger ijc Co. crockery, 140 Washington 
Bernard B. of Bernard, Eger & Co. 
Bernard N. shoes, 203 Kearny 
Bernard A. sculptor and modeler, Brenhani pi 
Bernard John, h Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Berneng H. & Co. grocers, Stockton cor Vallejo 
Berney W. groceiy, Dupont cor Green 
Bernheim Maurice, of Mercer &B. 136Keaniy 
Bernstein J. T. job wagon, Montg cor Cal 
Berolzheimer Max, book-keeper, at Wm. Stein- 
hart & Co. 62 Sacramento 
BeroWtch Crippo, restaurant, Davis cor Oregon 
Berrante, J. Louis, h Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
Berri E. ofiice 135 Montgomery 
Berry F. G. at R-vin & Co. 101 Front 
Berry J. & Co. mfts carnages, 21 Bush 
BeiTv R. N. office Front cor Clay 
Berry Albert, Couro & BeiTy, 136 Pine 
Ben-^- F. G. clerk, 136 Pine 
Berthelot J. F. of Welling &, Co. Wash bet Front 

and Davis 
Bertiandeas A. caqienter, 114 Dupont 
Bertody Chas. physician, 225 1-2 Washington 
Berton F. clerk, at H. Hentsch, Montg cor Jack 
Bertrand John B, bootmaker, 79 Merchant 
Berwin P. & Bros, imptrs and jobbers, 71 Batt'y 
Benvin A. of P. B. & Co. h !^lission and First 
Beryi-s Henry, h To'misend bet 2d and 3d 
Besse & Co. hair dressers4214 Washington 
Basse E. N. of Besse & Co. 214 Washington 



A A A * A < 
















Bessey A. P. & Co. dra^-mcn, 105 Sansome 
Bessey J. N. ale house, Jackson n Davis 
Besson & Pons Madams, corset makers, 145 Sac 
Bettingen, Albert, tinsmith, 185 Pacific 
Betjeman L. grocer, Third cor Folsom 
Bevans T. P. & Co. drags, Stockton cor Bdway 
Bcvans John, h Stockton cor Broadway 
Bevall Richard, steward, Kelly n Alontgomery 
Bewley A. H. book-keeper, G. 0. Whitiic}' & Co. 
h Mission row [Kearny and Dupont 

Be_vthein & Schenk, N. York brewciy, Post bet 
Beythien C. of Bcvthien & Schenk 
BejTiette F. h 135'Bush 
Bichard Nicholas, off. on ship Lewis, Howard 
Bickle C. h Post bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bidau Peter, agent, 2.32 Dupont 
Bielawski C. at Sm'vcyor Gen's off, Montg block 
Biellez Francisco, provisions, 283 Dupont 
Bieu Rev. H. Congregation Emanuel, h Powell 
Ret Broadway and Vallcjo [cor Mason 

Biesta Frederick, clerk, at French Consul, Jacks 
Bigarel D. merchant tailor, 175 Washington 
Bigelow J. & Co. boots and shoes, 73 Commcl 
Bigelow J. of J. Bigelow & Co. 
Bigler, Thomas & Hempstead, attorneys, 98 Merch 
Bigler John, of B., Thomas & Hempstead. 
Bigley C. grocer, 48 Clay, h cor Pine & Trinity 
Bigley Cornelius, boarding house, 117 Pine 
Bigley Thomas, shijjwright. Sac wharf 
Bigger W. J. clerk at post office, li St. Marys pi, 

bet Bush and Pine 
Biggs, Kibbe & Adams, saloon, cor Montg and 

Biggs A. R. of B. Kibbe & Adams, h 122 Bush 
Biggs & Hearsee, Two Brothers, 92 Pacitic 
Biggs Wm. notary pulilic and claim agent before 

U. S. Gov't, 150 Montgomery 
Bigot Mrs. lace articles, 252 Clay 
Bililer W. of Wagner & B., Franklin mkt, 97 Bush 
BiUier Eugene, hair dresser, 123 Kcarnv 
Billings Fred'k, of HaUeck, Peachy & B., Mont- 
gomery Block 
Billings J. F. wood and coal, Vallejo, n Stockton 
Bingay Caroline Mrs. dr-ess maker, 99 Pine 
Bingham & RejTiolds, com- merchs, office 79 front, 

store 201 Sansome 
Bingham J. W. of Binirham & Reynolds 
Binncy Isaac B. of J.H. Wilder "& Co., Wash- 
ington, cor Kcaniy 
Bioren C. W. at Duncan & Co.'s, Montg, corner 

Birch Elizabeth, j\Iariner House, 60 Pacific 
Birdsall, Coghlin & Co. shipwrights, Rinconpt 
Birdsall Geo. Stanley place, bet 1st and 2nd 
Birdsell Mrs. Antelope, Pacific vvharf, n Drum 
Birgham Adolphe, h Sutter, bet Stock & Dupont 
Birmingham Patrick, drayman, Howard, E. of 3d 
Biron Dr. H. office 152 Sacramento 
BiiTcU Andrew, Vallejo, bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bisagno Brothers, crockery, etc., 114 Clay 
Bisagno Bertholomy, of Bisagno Brothers 
T"'- • Louis, of Bisagno Brothers 

G. W. P. of Alsop & Co., Ill & 113 Cal 
• D. A. harness-maker, 94 Broadway 
\Vm. Broadway House, Pacific, cor Kearay 
I John, butter, "etc., 45 & 46 Washt market 
asey, reporter, 66 Mercht, h 8 Lombard 
vichard, Bulletin office 
-•v. F., St. Ignatius Church 
i)avid, atty, at Eugene Casserh''s 
'; Vrs. Ann, 77 Broadway 
> imuel. Lodge Saloon, 96 Davis 

Black W. K. carpenter, h Howard, E. of Third 
Black Aaron, (colored) laborer, Bower place 
Blackburnc 0. P. pensman, Montg, cor Cal 
Blackiston J. sail maker, 1 Clay 
Blackman, Howard & Co. wines and liquors, 79 

Blackman C. H. of B., Howard & Co, h Sac, bel 

Antique Castle 
Blackman 0. P. of B., Howard & Co, h Sac, bel 

Antique Castle 
Blackman John, laborer, Stockton, n Green 
Blackmore Thomas, boarding house, Beal, above 

Folsom * 

Blackwood Wm. com mercht, 37 Cal, h Rich, bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Blaihl John, liarbcr, 180 Wasliington 
Blair Archibald, machinist, h Dupont, cor Union 
Blake W. J. & Co. com merchts, Central wharf, 

foot of Commercial 
Blake W. J. of W. J. Blake & Co 
Blake Francis, steam power press, 168 Merchant 
Blake John, of Barry & B, 20 First 
Blake Capt. Pliilip, depty wharfinger, Claystwh'f 
Blake M. C. attorney, 1.3 Wells' Building 
Blake Wm. (colored) hairdresser, Niantic Hotel 
Blakeslee Rev. S. V. pastor Spring Val'y Chapel 
Blanc Alex, butcher. Battery, cor Pacific 
Blanchard & Reid, Clinton" Mill Depot, Washt, 

below Front 
Blanchard & Porter, carpenters, 196 Pacific 
Blanchard D. L. inspector at Custom House 
Blanding & Blanding, attys, U. S. Court build'g 
Blanding W. of Blanding & B. 
Blanding Louis, of Blanding & B. 
Blankman Dr. Wm. Green, cor Sonoma place 
Blankenstein L. Mrs. milliner, 81 Montg 
Blanton Tho. R. printer, True Cal off 
Blasdale H. G. of Bennet, B. & Co. cor Washt 

and East 
Blaser C. coffee mft}'-, Clementina, bet 1st and 2d 
Blass M. h rear of 27 Montg 
Bleasco Wrn. Second, bet Stevenson and Jessie 
Blethen Jas! H. Capt. 134 Dupont 
Bleyman E. of Neppert & B. 212 Washt 
Bliffins Mrs. C. lodging house, 129 Kearny 
Blinn S. P. Tehama, n Second 
Blitz Bernard, 15 Pike 

Blitz Caroline Mrs. boarding house, 15 Pike 
Bload Chas. restaurant, 156 Pacific 
Blodget Thomas, waterman. Spring, cor Summer 
Bloch I. E. h 92 California 
Bloch M. at Greenhood, Newbaur & Co. 92 Cal 
Blochman Mrs. E. milliner. Stock, n Vallejo 
Block A. clothing, 298 Stockton 
Block J. tailor, 146 Kearny 
Block J. dry-goods, 4 Virginia Block, Stock 
Blohm C. C. teacher, Vallcjo, bet Stockton and 

Bloomingdale E. of Triest & B. h Bush, bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Bloomingdale J. merchant, 79 Cal, h Green, ab 

Blond Edward, gardener, h Silver, n Third 
Blood E. S. bds 196 Pacific 
Blood J. H. attorney. Cornel, S W cor Montg 
Blood I. M. policeman, at City Hall 
Bloomer & Raye, ]iaints and oils, 183 Montg 
Bloomer Hiram J. of B. & Raye 
Bloomer W. policeman, at City Hall 
Bloomlield W. J. boatman, h Union, n Battery 
Blossom W. H. La Belle Creole. 89 Washt 
Blum & Brother, diy-goods, 207 Clay 



Blum Jacob, of Blum & Brother 
Blimi Moses, of Blum & Brother 
Blum & Wertheuner, fancy clothing, 171 Clay 

and 74 Cal 
Blum L. of Blum & Wertheimer 
Blum H. clothing, etc, 103 Montgomery 
Blum Robt. Franklin Hotel, Paciific, cor Sansome 
Blume, Chas. of John Saulnier & Co. cor Front 

and Jackson 
Blumenberg, J. H. gilder & japanner, 22 Kearny 
Blumenthal & Hirseh, china, glass and eartlien- 

ware, 149 and 151 Clay, and 152 Kearny 
Blumenthal Martin A. of B. & Hirseh 
Blumenthal A. L. importer of cloths, 142 Sac 
Bluxome John D. ganger, at Custom House 
Bluxome Isaac Jr. "33" Sacramento, bel Front 
Blythe T. H. h Geary, n Kearny 
Boardman Joseph, architect and builder, Jessie, 

n Annie 
Boas E. & Co. imptr segars, etc, 84 Sac 
Boas E. h 368 Powell 

Bockman John C. grocery, cor Second & Minna 
Bockwoldt John, cooper, Bdwy, n Front 
Bodeker B. musician, h Dupont, cor Union 
Boden John, copy clerk, Hall of Records 
Bodwell Chas. A. h Montg, n Vallejo 
Body John E. com mer, off. Washt, cor Battery 
Boen, Geo. broker, at Union Hotel 
Bofer Wm. & Co. hardware and carper+ers' tools. 

Sac, n Montg 
Bofer B. carpenter, 75 Bush 
Bogardus Charles, contractor and builder, bds at 

Barnum House 
Bogardus J. P. at Pacific Printing off. Ill Washt 
Bogart J. M. book-keeper, 112 Washt 
Bogart 0. H. gunsmith, 112 Washt 
Boggs Alex, book-keeper, Bennett, Blasdell & 

Co. cor Washt and East 
Bohen Geo. T. mason and builder, 199 Pine 
Bohm J. clothing store, 85 Cornel 
Bohm Simon, clerk at J. Bohm 
Bohme F. Chelsea Gardens, Fourth, n Mission 
Bolm John, of Schroder & Bohn, 292 Dupont 
Boichut & Bernard, painters, Sullivan 
Boillet Julius, of Franklin & Co. 202 Pacific 
Bollai-d V. dyer, Bdwy, cor Duncan Court 
Bolton, Barron & Co. mchts & bnkrs, 92 Merch 
Bolton Jas. R. of Bolton, Barron & Co 
Bolton John H. at Bolton, Barron & Go's 
Bolton J. B. porter, at Reddington & Go's 
Bon & Menant, Pacific Asphaltum Co. Thu-d, cor 

Boir Charles, of Bon & Menant 
Bond & Co. bakers, 306 Stockton 
Bond A. T. of Bond & Co 
Bond J. W. of Bond & Co 
Bond & Hale, com merchts, 59 and 61 Sansome 
Bond James B. of B. & H. 80 Beaver, N Y 
Bond & Tomlinson, painters, Brenham Place 
Bond Thomas, of Bond & T 
Bond Chas. W. of Janson, Bond & Co. Battery, 

cor Clay 
Bond Richard, builder, Clementina, n First 
Bond Thomas I. carpenter, 201 Quincy 
Boneaux T. barber, 26 Commercial [Merch 

Bonestell L. H. at Stationers' Hall, Montg cor 
Bonis Peter, veterinary surgeon, Kearny n Post 
Bonnard F. A. & Co., publishers of " Sun," 103 

Bonnard F. A. Sun cflfice, h Ellis cor Powell 
Bonneau John E. at W. C. AUen & Co. 146 Clay 
Bonnell Edw, printer. Excelsior GiSce, 151 Clay 

Bonnell A. C. Bulletin off, h Clay above Mason 

Bonnell Chas. T. h 87 Dupont 

Bonny, Brooks & Moore, general machinists, 51 

Bonny E. B. of Bonny, Brooks & Moore 
Booker W. L. agent Monarch Ins. Co. 126 Cal 
Bootz A. printer, California Dem't, 205 Dupont 
Bootz Adam, Phila House, Bush cor Belden 
Booth & Co. produce com dealers, 4 Merch n East 
Booth A. B. of Booth & Co. 
Booth, E. impt hats and caps, 66 Sacramento 
Borel Alfred, 172 Montgomery 
Born & Weiss, coffee saloon, 56 Montg 
Born P. of Born & Weiss 
Borrey Francis, fruits, etc. 294 Dupont 
Boruck Marcus D. of Chase & Boruck, h Wash 

n Powell [Front 

Boscawitz Leopold, of Wm. Langerman & Co. 81 
Bosqxii Edward, collector, Palmei-, Cook & Co. 

Washington cor Kearny 
Bossange L. broker, 70 Front 
Bossuge John, coppersmith, 227 Pacific 
Boston Joseph, agt Santa Craz Tan'ry, 86 Wash 
Bostwick I. D. of Eaton & B. Davis cor Wash 
Bosworth, Masten & Co. grocers, 69 Front 
Bosworth J. H. of B. Masten & Co. 
Bosworth O. F. saloon, Dunbar al rear City Hall 
Bosworth T, M. commercial reporter Bulletin, h 

Codman place 
Bothe Sophia, midwife, 88 Broadway 
Bothwell Wm. storekeeper. Appraiser's store, h 

Union cor Montgomery 
Boucher & Garwig, tailors, 123 Sacramento 
Boucher E. of Boucher & Gar\vig [Kearny 

Boudin & Gleizes, bakery. Union bet Dupont and 
Boudin Isidore, of Boudin & Gleizes. 
Boulden G. T. California n Leidesdorff [Sac 
Boullet Arsene, French Benevolent Society, 159 
Boulon S. syrups, etc. Union n Powell 
Bouquet J. Julius, grocery, 321 Dupont 
Bourchen Chas. h Tehama n First 
Bourdin J. & Co. carriage makers, Bdwy n Stock 
Bourdin C.French dry goods, 117 Montgomery 
Bourgeois Alex, carriage maker, Hardie place 
Bourn James, h Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Bourn W. B. merchant, Sacramento cor Front 
Bourne John, clerk at Castle Bros. 
Bourne G. M. (M. D.) c.ectro-chemical baths, 

water cure physician, cor Sansome and Coml 
Bourne Russell, office 94 Front 
Bom-quin Chs. dentist, 261 Dupont 
Bons Charles, grocer, Third cor Stevenson 
Bouscher & Co. produce, 59 Merchant 
Bouse Thos. laborer, h Bealebet Market & Missn 
Bousquet Andrew, at Baker & Co. 127 Pine 
Boutin Henry, Le Phai-e off, Wash cor Montg 
Boutiton S. Stockton Ex. Stockton cor Pacific 
Bouv\Tnan B. boot maker, Sutter above Montg 
Bovee Wm. H. & Co. coifee and spices, 123 Front 
Bovee Wm. H. h Pacific N side, 4th house above 

Bovee Jas. S. at Wm. H. Bovee & Co. 
Bowers J. B. of Davis & Bowers, 137 Wash 
Bowers J. T. printing office, 171 Montgomery 
Bowhery I. h 1 Rassette place 
Bowie A. J. physician, off 174 Clay 
Bowie Hamilton, h John bet Powell and M;; r. 
Bowlin R. H. editor Town Talk, 149 Wl-u 
Bowman, Gardiner & Co. Omnibus lino-, Diirdjl 

n Folsom, stage office Keamy opji Pl.n/.a 
Bowman S. P. of Bowman, Gardiner o Co. ', I'} 

n Howard 





Southeast corner Sansome and Commercial Sts. 


Are affecting the most extraordinary CURES of Fever and Ague, Intermittent and 
other Fevers, Jaundice, Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys, the Genital and Urinary Organs, 
all Sexual Disorders, Paralysis, Neuralgia, including Tic Doloreux, Stiff Joints, and are 
also employed with astonishing success in 

"diseases of the eye. 

Also, all Indolent Ulcers, Tumors, Swellings, Abcesses, Cancer of the "Womb, all oth- 
er affections of the "Womb, and Cancerous Affections generally, and Scrofula. These 
Baths seem to be Xature's own chosen medium for effecting cures where aU other means 
would fail without them, and prove beyond the possibility of a doubt, to all who take 
tlieni, the iniquity of Medical practice which poisons the human system by administei-- 
ing to it calomel, arsenic, lead, zinc, iron, antimony, quinine, iodide of potassa, and a 
whole host of deadly drugs which remain in the svstem, and are EXTRACTED BY 

During nearly fifteen years I have never given even a solitary dose of oil or salts, 
much less any POISOXOUS DRUGS, or herbs, and have XEVEE seen a case in which 
they were requisite, if Water treatment was employed. When will the people cease to 
be such simpletons as to hire men to POISOX and BLEED them, while they also rc- 






Southeast cor. Sansome & Commercial Sts., opposite the St. .Nicholas Hotel. 

< »«» » 

See the preceding page. 

tain on their statute books laws against poisoning, maiming and bleeding CATTLE ? 
Are the members of the human family less worthy of protection than animals ? I assert 
in the face of this entire State and the world at large, that there never was, is not now, 
and never will be, a case in which calomel, crude mercury, quinine, arsenic, lead, zinc, 
iron, antimony, iodine, or any other POISOX, should have been, or be, administered to 
the human system, or in which bleeding, capping, or leeching, was required ; and far- 
ther, that hundreds of thousands fill premature graves through an ill-timed or over- 
dose of salts or oil. Let the people ponder on these things, and if the poor deluded 
victims of medical rascahtv, desire health, I pledge the honor of one man at least, that 
I will so employ NATURE'S AGENCIES of Good Food, Air, Pure Water, Exercise, 
Clothing, the Electro-Chemical Baths, and the Sleeping and Waking Hours, that with- 
out a particle of NASTY and POISONOUS medicine, I will so arouse the powers* of 
their systems, that if there be any strength left, they shall speedily get perfectly weU in 
body, with minds so expanded to the perception of natural philosophy, as thereafter to 
cause them to set their laces against all professional rogues or fools, and awake them 
to a knowledge of the evils of entrusting their own vital interest to the keeping of oth- 
ers whose interest must ever be antagonistic to their own. 

Address, hy letter or personally, DR. BOURNE, Water Cure Physi- 
cian, Sansome St., opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, San Francisco, 
Importer into this State of the FIRST and ONLY apparatus for giving those dehghtful 
and beneficial Electro-Chemical Baths, and whose experience in their use warrants him 
in speaking of them in the terms which he employs. They require great caution in 
administering them, and Dr. Bourne never entrusts that duty to others, thus avoiding 
all danger. 

|jr^° So many lying and forged certificates, and PRETENDED editorial recommenda- 
tions are published, that those truthful statements of facts which Dr. Bourne could oflei- 
are withheld, rather than any should suppose they were merely " got up." 

IJg" Consultations without charge, and charges very moderate for the benefits con- 

Quick Cifi-Cj Sure Citre^ if curable^ is the motto of Or. Bourne. 


Sonlheast Corner of ^'ansome and Commercial Sis., opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. 
DR. BOURNE, Water Cure Physican, 

Havin" every facility for the scientific administration of Water Treatment, offers the 
advantages of this natiu-al, rational, and most efficacious mode of curing diseases, to 
invalids, in either acute or chronic stages of suffering, and especiallv to those laboring 
under the RUINOUS EFFECTS OF CALOMEL, and Drug treatment generally. 

There are no nauseous or poisonous medicines to swallow or pay for, as Dr. BOURNE 
does not administer anv whatever, nor bleed, cup or leech, blister nor plaster, so it is 
not only the BEST but CHEAPEST system for restoration to health. 

^;g" In Chronic or Acute Rheumatism, Diarrhoea, Fever and Ague, Isthmus Fever, 
Dyspepsia, ALL Nervous and Sexual disorders — in fact, in all cases, the WATER CURE 
is'of UNEQUALED VALUE. Apply personally or by letter, as above. 

The "Russian," Disrger Indian ! Turkish, or Egyptian "Steam Baths," the invention 
of barbaric minds— with all their EVIL CONSEQUENCES to Weak Lungs, Palpitating 
Hearts, and debiUtated Digestive and Nutritive Organs, are NOT Water Cure, and bear 
no more relation to that glorious system than does a horse to a red herring, notwith- 
standing all the false representations to that effect. Dr. BOURNE is the Pioneer and 
only Water Cure Physician on the Pacific Coast, and is daily demonstrating his skill in 
his art with the highest success — cui-ing those whom the medical fraternity had placed 
almost beyond the confines of hope ; such being the general character of the cases de- 
manding and receiving relief at his hands. Let them continue to come and be 
HEALED, and converted to this wiser and better way. 





Bowman C. C. Montgomeiy cor Jackson 
Bowman Joseph, boarding house, Folsom n 3d 
Bowman James, merchant, h 80 Bush 
Bowman S. M. Hanison bet 1st and Fremont 
Bownes W. F. & G. M. ship brokers, -\Iarket cor 

Boyd & Co. hatters, 150 Commercial 
BoVd O. H. of Bovd & Co. h 207 Stockton 
Bovd & Miller, bakerr, 139 JNIission 
Boyd Joseph, of Bovd & ]\Iiller 
Bovd Alex, room Xo. 7 Wells building 
Boyd Joseph, tinsmith. Third near Folsom 
Boyd Jas. T. attorney. Wells building 
Boyd T. C. wood engraver. Clay XE cor Montg 
Boyd Thos. architect, Wells building 
Boyle Andrew A. of Hobart & Boyle 
Boyle Edward h Hubbard bet 2d and 3d 
Boyreau C. of A". Marziou & Co. h Sutter n Dup 
Boysen & Brother, hatters, 159 Kearny 
Boysen Chas. and Julius, of B. & Bro. [Mission 
Bracket & Keyes, Stewart st. market, Stewart n 
Bracket W. L. of Bracket & Keyes 
Brackin ^liss Ann, dress maker, 260 Dupont 
Braconnier Louis, fm-niture, 151 Pacific 
Bradshaw & Co. gen com mer, cor Cal and Btty 
Bradshaw T. T. of Bradshxiw& Co. 
Bradshaw Sam. C. of Bradshaw & Co. 
Bradliury J. G. at Babbitt & Co. 83 Commercial 
Bradford G. B. h Tehama n Second ]somc 

Bradford W. printer, Price Current off, 130 San- 
Brader Peter, of Turner & Co. 128 Broadway 
Bradlev H. W. ambrotj-pes, Clav cor Kearny and 

177 Clay 
Bradley John, gents clothing, etc. 72 Cornel 
I.Brady James, laborer, h Brooks n Post 
iBradV John S. Third bet INIarket and Mission 
iBrady J. G. printer. Town Talk off, 149 Wash 
iBrady Thos. produce com mer, 34 Clay 
Brady John J. Pacific Citv hotel, 35 Pacific 
Brady T. A. dep clerk 4th Dist Crt, 13 City Hall 
Brady Thos. C. dep county clerk, 12 City Hall 
Bragg Mary, nurse, Beale n Sutter iron works 
Bragg, RoUinson & Co. com mer, 32 Front 
Bragg, George F. of Bragg, RoUinson & Co. 
Bragg Benj. F. moulder, Beale n Sutter iron wks 
Bragg, Robt. ship joiner, Beale n Sutter iron wks 
Branch O. B. carriage maker. Bush n Sansome 
Branch W. of Ennis & B. Stockton cor Union 
Brandenstcin A. of A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. 
Brandon J. R. & Co. impts, cor Cal & Batty 
Brane Carl, c:rocer, cor Hinklev and Pincknev 
Brannan Edwd. drajTiian, Taaife, McCahill & Co 
Brannan Patrick, blacksmith, Bdwy n Stockton 
Brannan Samuel, off. Masonic Hall n Montg 
Branniff John, contractor, h 69 Kearny 
BrascaA. restaurant, 168 California 
Brauer A. & Co. publishers S. F. Jourl, 66Merch 
Bravennan &Levy, watches & jewelry, 167 Wash 
Bravermau L. of J3. & Levy, 167 Washington 
Bray & Brother, com mer, 97 Front 
Bray John G. of Brav & Brother 
Bray W. A. of Bray & Brother 
Brayton Rev. I. H. 'editor Pacific, 68 IMerchant 
Brayton Chas. E. at off. of Pacific, 68 IMerchant 
Brccht A. coal & wood, Stock, cor St. I\Iark's pi 
Bred linger & Kurtz, tobacco and segars, 67 Cal 
Bredlinger Hiram J. of B. & Kurtz 
Breed Daniel N. com mercht, 94 Clay 
Breed M. A. chemist and druggist, Davis, above 

Breeden J. 11. clerk, 207 Clay 
Breen Thos. & Co. machine shop, Batty, cor Pine 

Breeze Thomas, book-keeper at Eugene Kelly & 

Co.'s, cor Sac and Sansome 
Breidenstein L. jewelry boxes, 188 Kearny 
Bremer & Licgricd, carpenters. Pine, n Montg 
Bremennann Henry, S. F. Yerein, 140 Kearny 
Brenan ct Batchclder, lumber, 10 Stewart st wh'f 
Brenau J. T. of Brenan & Batchelder 
Brennan & Co. produce com merchants, Clay, n 

Brennan James, of Brennan & Co 
Brennan & Gilmore, mercht tailors, 156 Clay 
Brennan James, of Brennan & Gilmore, 156 'Claj 
Brennan D. R. book-keeper at 0. T. Giffin's,-99 

Brennan IMartin, Miner's House, 48 Pacific 
Brennan Martin, ballasting. Battery, cor Green 
Brennan W. H. copy clerk. Hall of Records 
Brenner G. tailor, 47 Montgomery 
Brcnschcid Wm. of C. Staib & Co, 178 1-2 Clay 
Breslauer H. & Co. dry goods. Ill Sacramento 
Breslauer Henry, of XL Breslaixcr & Co 
Breum C. H. upholstery and papering, 128 Clay 
Brewer Honnan, Pine, n IMontg 
Brewer Jacob, carpenter, Sutter and Sansome 
Brewer J. H. atty. Express bdgs, 2nd story 
Brewster R. E. & Co. wholesale grocers. Front, 

cor Clay 
Brewster R. E. h Harrison, cor Second 
Brewster Benj. of Jennings & Brewster, 72 Batt'y 
Briant Edward, at appraiser's stores, h Clemen- 
tina, n Second 
Brice A. butcher. 111 Kearny 
Brick well Aaron, grocer, Broadway, cor Ohio 
Brickwedel Henry, groceiy, Waverly pi, cor Clay 
Bridge ]\Iathew, mason, h Silver, n Third 
Bridge Sam'l J., U. S. Appraiser General, bds J. 

Peri-y, Jr., Prospect place 
Bricger Adolph, stationery, 131 Sansome 
Brierly Rev. B. pastor 1st Baptist Chm-ch, h cor 

Broadway, above Powell 
Briesta Fredk, Pine, cor Kearny 
Briggs, Dey- & Co. impts watches and jewelry, 

MontiT, cor Sac 
Briggs Edgar, of B., D. & Co, h Everett, n 3d 
Brign-s J. C. & Co. wines and liquors, 67 Mercht 
Brigham & Co. 41 and 42 Washt market 
Brighani D. Jr. President Pacific Express Co, h 

Brigham S. 0. sole agent sewing machines, off 

Sansome, n Cal 
Brigham Wm. H. of Crowcll, Crane & B, h 156 

Mission st 
Brignardello & Roncati, crockery, 191 Pacific 
Brignardello S. of B. & R., 19f Pacific 
Brinkman M. mft of segars, 2nd, n JNIission 
Brisco Elizabeth, Massachusetts House, Sansome, 

n Pacific 
Prison Ann, private bdg, 157 Dupont 
Bristol, Crane & Spencer, attys, 24 Montg Block 
Brittan J. W. impt stoves and hardware, 58 Sac 
Britton & Rey, lithographers, ilontg, cor Comcl 
Britton Joseph, of Britton & Rey 
Broad James, h Chestnut, bet Mason and Taylor 
Brock Ruben R. 116 Broadway 
Bi'oderic & Co. coal dealers, 55 Sansome 
Brodcric Richard, of Broderic & Co 
Broderick Thomas, shoe store, 58 Montg 
Brodie Wm. foreman foundry department, Union 

Brodie Saniiicl TI. atty, 98 Mercht 
Brogan Michael, Astor Bakery, 3d, cor Hunt 
Bromley W. L. self-raising Hour, 143 Front 





Erommer D. grocer, Sd, cor Bryant 
Bron J. bar and saloon, Cornel, cor Kearny 
Brook Henry S. Kearny, on Telegraph Hill 
Brooks Geo. & Co. paper and printing materials, 

123 Sansome 
Brooks Frank W. of Geo. J. B. & Co., h Vallejo, 

near Powell 
Brooks & Saniter, brokers, 163 jMontg 
Brooks W. H. J. of Brooks & Saniter 
Brooks & Marcus, billiard saloon, Sac, cor Montg 
Brooks C. of Brooks & Marcus 
Brooks Aaron, Garden City House, 30 Clay 
Brooks A. furniture maker, 70 Montg 
Brooks B. S. atty 163 Montg 
Brooks C. Wilcott, book-keeper at G. B. Post & 

Co.'s, Greemvich, h cor Stockton 
Brooks James, 241 Kearny 
Brooks Joseph, saloon, 114 Pine 
Brooks J. W, of Gordon, Brooks & Root, 160 

Brooks Rob't C. ship-nTight, foot of Thu-d 
Brooks Samuel, of Carey & Brooks, Sac, bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Brooks AVra. of Bonny, Brooks & Moore, 51 

Brooks Wm. S. h Dupont n Post 
Broue J. B. billiard saloon, 93 Broadway 
Broustera A. off. Batteiy, cor Wash, up stairs 
Brower David R. at State bakery, 248 Dupont 
Brower Mrs. H. H. foniished rooms, 185 Cal 
BrowTi & Co. Union Hotel, Kearny, cor Mercht 
Bi-own E. of Brown & Co, Kearny, cor Mercht 
Brown W. of Brown & Co, Kearny, cor Mercht 
Brown Peter & Co. bar, Mercht, cor Sansome 
Brown & Levanway, liquors, 86 Clay 
Brown Archibald, stoves, 3d, n Minna 
Brown A. B. builder, Sutter, cor Montg 
Brown A. F. at E. Fitzgerald & Co., 1 12 Batt'y 
Brown Brown, carpenter, h Rich, n Folsom 
Brown Charles, of Piatt & Co, Sac wharf 
Brown Chas. JMinna, u Janes 
Bro%vn Charles P. saloon, Jackson, bel Drum 
Brown C. H. tinman, 21 Kearny 
Brown Daniel, liquors, 82 Montg 
Brown David P. h Calhoun, n Green 
Brown Delos W. at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. 
Brown Ellen, confectionary, 214 Kearny 
Brown JMrs. Eliza, boarding house, 222 Stockton 
Brown F. S. of Hoyt & Brown, 2 "Washt market 
Bro^vn G. H. dentist, green, cor Stockton 
Brown G. "W. of Pcnnell & Bro\^Ti, h Tehama, 

bet 1st and 2nd 
Brown Geo. W. hay & grain, Stewart bel Miss'n 
Brown H. seaman's house. Chamber, n Front 
Brown H. S. of Stow & Bro^\'u, attys, 85 Mercht, 

h Stock, n Greenwich 
Brown Henry S. distiller, h Montg, n Vallejo 
Browii John, coffee house, Stockton, cor Filbert 
Brown John, Pacific House, Jackson, bel Front 
Brown J. F. seaman, h Silver, n 3d 
Brown J. H. dealer in clothing, 170 Claj^ 
Brown J. H. collector, Montg, cor Sac 
Brown J. S. job wagon, Clay, SW cor Montg 
Brown Louis, fruits, 87 Kearny 
Brown Mrs. M. A. h Rich, n Folsom 
Browar Michael, laborer, Varence 
Brown P. book-keeper at P. M. S. S. Co, Sac, 

cor Leidsdorff 
Brown Ridiard, of Henderson & B., h Montg, n 

Bro^vn R. M. at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. 
Brown Samuel C. bds at Union Hotel 

Brown Seth, carpenter, 70 Davis 

Brown Tho's C. ofi' 5 Montg Block 

Bro\\nr Wm. store keeper. Market, abv Sansome 

Bro^vn "Wm. Main, n Folsom 

Brown Wm. bds Orleans House, 196 Pacific 

Brown W. E. book-keeper, Wm. Bailev & Co 

Brown Wm. H. of A. J. Taylor & Co,' 209 Clay _ 

Brown W. H. niu'ht work, 158 Montg 

Brown Wm. R. of Woodside & Bro\s-n, 158 Cal 

Bro^A•n James, (colored) of Dennis & Brown, 138 

Bro-rni John, (colored) office cleaner, h Union, n 

Browning Wm. grocer. Pacific, cor Keamy 
Bronsou J. L. clothmg, etc, 147 Washt 
Bronson R. at J. L. Bronson 
Bruce Timothy, shoemaker. Market, n 3d 
Brueninghausen & Schmidt, apothecai'ies, Keax- 

ny, cor Sac 
Brueninghausen R. C. of B. & Schmidt, h 165' 

Brum A. J. 8 St. Maiy's st 
BrunnerL. watches and jewelr\', 161 Clay 
Bruning J. Columbia House, Stewart, n Mission 
Brims & Droger, grocers. Pine, n Batteiy 
Bruns John, of B. & Droger 
Bruns, Green & Co. com merchts, 17 Clay 
Bruns H. of B., Green & Co, li Minna, n 3d 
Bruns Christian, physician, 270 Dupont 
Brusic Geo. gardener, h Third n Bryant 
Bryan Mrs. D. h Howard cor Hubbard 
Bryan E. H. stoves and tinware, 167 Clay 
Bryan Marshall, peraiit clerk, custom house 
Bryant & Co. agricultural warehouse, 68 Battery 
Bryant Yv". F. of Bryant & Co. h Prospect Place 
Bryant Alex. H. attorney, 135 California 
Bryant Chas. G. physician, 80 Kearny 
Bryant Edwin, Oriental Hotel, Bush cor Battery 
Brvant Robert W. U. S. Mint, h Stockton n Sac 
Bryant T. H. tinsmith, 43 Clay 
Bryce Robt. C. carpenter, Vallejo near Mont'y 
Brydges M. C. porter house, Da^ns abv Pacific 
Bryhan Frederick, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Buchanan A. W. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Buchanan John, porter, 57 Front, h Louisa n 4th 
Buck R. coal dealer. Oregon n Batteiy 
Buckelew & Read, grocers, 205 Clay 
Buckelew M. S. of B. & Read, h Auburn st 
Buckelew G. I. of Griflith & Co. 294 Clay 
Buckelew B. R. office at McGregor & Ajiderson 

103 Commercial 
Buckingham A. A. pilot, cor Vallejo & Davis 
Buckland John W. collector, 5 Brookl^m Place 
Buckley Francis, h Jones cor Greenwich 
Buckley J. drayman, at Oliver & Buckley's 
Buckley J. constable, thu-d to^NTiship, California 

and Leidesdorflf 
Buckley J. P. of Oliver & B. h Bush cor Stock'n 
Buckley John, bargeman, U. S. barge office 
Bucknam Chas. at" J. Guerin & Co. 105 Mont'y 
Buckncm E. T. tinsmith, INIain abv Folsom 
Budman John, wood yard. Market cor Front 
Buel Rev. Frederick, Bible Repos'y, 376 Stock'n 
Buhler prof, of languages, 56 Kearny 
Buhrle C. boots and' shoes, 68 Pacific 
Buhrmister C. Stewart n Mission 
Bulcher A. (col'd) clothes renovator, 125 Merc't 
Buletti & Co. fruits, vegetables, etc. 6 Wash. Mar 
Bulger Martin, engineer, bds Brookhm Hotel 
Bull, Baker & Co. office Front cor Clav 
Bull Thomas, at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Bullock F. D. clerk, 159 Montgomery 






M m> lb J^ &%m 








121 Montgomery Street, Cor. Sacramento. 

Chronometers and Watches Cleaned and Repaired by an Experienced Workman. 



128 SANSOME, corner of Merchant Street. 

< »»— > 


Mmm iLifiKBC 

Paper Ruled and bound to any desired pattern. 

Magazines, Pamphlets, Etc., Etc., Bound to Order. 

Country Orders Promptly attended to. 



Bultmann Henry, of Wm. Bofer &. Co. 
Bunnell E. F. store keeper C:il. st stores 
Banner Mrs. employment off, 125 Washington 
Bunting, Mrs. Matilda, dress maker, 249 Clay 
Bunting Wm. caqienter, 249 Clay 
Burbank Dr. D. dentist, Ex. Building cor Mont- 

gomeiy and California 
Burbank G. attorney. No. 6 Wells' building 
Burcli W. S. Trcmont House, 121 Jackson 
Burdctt R. ^Yaterman, Varsar PI, Harrison n 2nd 
Burdick Daniel, at Baker & Co. 127 Pine 
Bui-dick E. F. at Newhall & Gregory, house 30 1-2 

Burdick Geo. at Cook, Folger & Co. 114 Brdw'y 
Burke, Wm. A. h Clay cor Priest 
Bui-ke M. J. & Co. electrotyping and electroplating 

office S. E. cor Jackson and Davis 
Burke M. J. (M. D.) Pacific abv Stockton 
Burke A. I. mail elk. Herald ofF,120 Mont'y 
Burke D. H. h Minna, bet. Third and Fourth 
Burke James, cook N. Y. bakery, 160 Kearny 
Burkhead W. N. Herald office, "l20 Montgomery 
Burkhead WmJ 142 Bush 

Burkett J. P. of J. W. Duncan & Co. 252 Pacific 
Burlieu E. N. at G. 0. Whitney & Co. 115 Cal'a 
Burling John, h Howard bet Third and Fourth 
Burling James, clerk, bds Stockton n Lombard 
Burling J. W. cashier at Abel Guy's 107 Wash'n 
Burling W. off" Merchant bet Sansome & Battery 
Burling Wm. h Stockton u Lombard 
Burmerster Henry, grocer, Mont'y cor Bush 
Burney Geo. cabinet maker, jMarket n Third 
Burnhara & Gaskin, sail makers, 9 Clay 
Burnham A. of Burnham & Gasking 
Burnham Jas. saloon, Folsom cor Main 
Burnham S. P. dep'y whai-finger. Wash, st wharf 
Burnham Wm. clerk, 176 Washington 
Burns C. grocer, Harrison cor Beale 
Burns Chas. F. sailmakcr, 32 Clay 
Burns Edward, saloon, 184 Kearny 
Burns E. H. messenger Pacific Express Co. 
Burns I. shipsmith. Market, foot of Cal 
Burns John, at Abernethy, Clark & Co. Stewart 
Burns James, laborer, Ohio n Broadway 
Burns Peter, laborer, Oliio n Broadway 
Burns Michael, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Burnap John, of Lord & Burnap, 215 Jackson 
Bm-on Louis, dyer, h Mason cor Post 
BmT Alva, at Eureka State House, Bay st N. Pt 
Burr L. Eureka State House 
Burrows Silas E. & Son, imp. and ship's 163 Bat 
Barrows Silas E. jr. of S. E. Burrows & Son 
Burrows O. Hoffman, of S. E. B. & Son 
Burrows Elisha, clerk, at Crowell, Crane & Brig. 
Burrows E. M. International Saloon, Jackson n 

Burton & McCarty, office, Front cor Clay 
Bm-ton J. office, cor Sacramento and Front 
Burscough H. South Park House, 3d n Bryant 
Buscher H. of H. Schuck & Co. Dupont c Green 
Bush D. mft hair ornaments, Waverly n Clay 
Bush David, 84 Battery 

Bush Henry, Daguerrean gallery, 218 Washing'n 
Bush Dr. J. P. office Tehama House 
Bush Martin, collector, S. F. Gas Co. 
Bush N. cabinet maker, 94 Broadway 
Bush Thos. H. book binder, 128 Sansome 
Bash Wm. butcher. Second n Minna 
Bushman Wm. carpenter. Post cor Jones 
Bustamente Francisco, cigarita mft, Apollo place 
Buswell Alex, book binder, 128 Sansome 
Butcher & Frost, ink manufactory, 149 Kearny 

Butcher Wm. T. mft of ink, Brenham place 
Butcher John T. seaman, h Bryant cor Second 
Butcher Geo. W. h 149 Kearny 
Butenap Henry, grocer, 193 Pacific 
Butler & Co. produce mer, 28 Clay 
Butler Joseph, of Butler & Co. 
Butler Benj. F. lithographer, Bdwy cor Pinckney 
Butler George, ale and porter store, Leidesdorff 
Butler H. W. assist, mailing clerk, at Postffice 
Bulter Warren C. engraver, Green n Dupont 
Butler Mrs. boarding house, cor 2d & Stevenson 
Butler ]\Ii-s. Mary, di-ess maker. Stock n Greenwh 
Butler James, at surveyor general's off, Montg 

block, h Dupont bet Pine and Bush 
Butters J. A. of Dow & Co. 88 Front n Clay 
Buttig Frcdk, boots and shoes, 60 Kearny 
Buxton Geo. waterman, h Mission n Jane 
Byington H. W. wood and coal, Dupont n Sutter 
Byrne Lafayette, Deputy Sheriff, City Hall 
Byrne Edward, notary public, 157 Montg 
Bp-ne B. of Morgan & B. Third n Harrison 
Bvrne Felix, carpenter, Howard E of 3d 
B\-rne H. H. Dist. Attr. off 17 City Hall 
B}Tne Thos. broker, 86 Sacramento [Front 

Byrne Wm. boarding house, Valk^o bet Batty & 
Byrnes J. Union Hotel, 10 First 
Byrnes P. well sinker. Pacific above Mason 
BjTUS Daniel, grocer, 294 Pacific 
Bytler & Morris, clothing, 129 Montgomery 
Bytler J. J. of Bytler & Morris 
B}Tcbee Eobt. G. book-keeper, Neefus & Tichnor, 

Stewart n Folsom 

Cabaniss, J. C. Coal Depot, Folsom, cor Maia 

Cadiz Mrs. E. h Bush above Dupont 

Cadel Peter, office Dupont n Union 

Cader John, Wood & Coal, Taylor n Lombard 

Cadv & Willev, Carriage warehouse, 96 Cal 

Cady D. AV. Surveyor, at 28 City Hall 

Cadv John, h Howard E of Main 

Cady Mills, 96 California 

Caesar R. (colored) barber, 118 Merchant 

Caffell George, h Oregon cor Front 

Cahill Edward, treasurer's clerk, U. S. Mint 

Calm Isr. of Uhlfeldcr & Cahn Bro's, 84 Cal 

Calm Lcop. of Uhlfelder & Calm Bro's, 84 Cal 

Cahn Wolf, clothing. 180 Kearny 

Caine widow Elizabeth, h Sansome n Vallejo 

Caire Just'n, hardware, 142 Washington 

Cairnes Robt. salesman, Geo. 0. Whitney & Co 

h Post bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Calef Dr. J. S. Kearny cor Commercial, h Post 

n Powell 
Calef Chas. E. clei-k at Rcdington & Co. h Post 

cor Stockton 
Caler Otmar, de]nity county clerk, 12 City Hall, 
Calhoun, Wise & Delia Torre, attys, Mont block 
Calhoun James E. of Calhoun, Wise & D. Torre 
Calhoun Chas. A. printing off', Sansome cor Cal 
California State Telegraph Co. 100 Merchant 
California Steam Nav Co. off Front cor Jackson 
California Wharf Market, S. B. Sherwood, foot 

Market, jmic Sacramento, Stewart & East 
Calish R. S. waterman, 'Mission n Second 
Calish Louis, of L. Warzaur & Co. h Cus H. blk 
Calkin M. boarding house, 241 Clay 
Callan Thomas, ale house, 43 Leidesdorff 
Callaghan John, grocer, Folsom cor Fifth 
Callahan James K. camagesmith, 79 Mont'y 
Cameron Caleb, at Sawyer, Johnson & Co's 105 




Cameron James, bakery, Beal n Folsom 
Cammet John, Third cor Mission 
Camp Albert, coppersmith, 217 Jackson 
Camp W. F. saw maker, 210 Montgomery- 
Campbell A. C. attorney, 102 Merchant 
Campbell Duncan, stevedore, Kelly n Battery 
Camj)hell George, of Dickson, De Wolf & Co. 

Merchant n Batteiy 
Campbell Patrick D. h Fourth cor Louisa 
Campbell Judge Tliompson, Bush abv Dupont 
Campbell T. attorney, 148 Montgomery 
Campbell Wm. carpenter, h Jones bet Pine & Bu 
Campbell W. H. carpenter, Hinkley n Kearny 
Campion Flore H. barber, 103 Commercial 
Campion Adulph, barber, 105 Commercial 
Camva Michael, fancy goods, 276 Dupont 
Canavan E. J. apothecary, 24 First 
Candourl, Thos. confectioner, 249 Dupont 
Canelado Francisca, Vallejo n Kearny 
Cantield J. G. register clerk U. S. customs, h Un- 
ion bet Mason and Taylor 
Cantield D. W. cl'k D. L.'Ross & Co. 113 Bat'y 
Canganna John, pastry cook. Green cor Dupont 
Canney Patrick, weigher and measurer U. S. cus 
Cannon E. E. of Lyon & Cannon, 1.35 Front 
Cannon George Q. editor Western Standard, off 
Mont'y n Herald off, h cor Mason & Vallejo 
Cantorowitz Morris, tailor. 184 Kearney 
Canty Thos. saloon. Third n Harrison 
Capp Charles, attorney. Masonic Hall, Mont'y 
Capprise Joseph, carpenter, Brenham pi, house 

Vallejo cor Sonoma Place 
Capuis Claud, blacksmith, 233 Pacific 
Carabine James, laborer, Ohio n Broadway 
Carcin L. P. printing press factory, 34 Mont'y 
Card Capt. Stephen, Pres. Merchant's Transpor- 
tation Co. office cor Davis and Pacific 
Garden R. A. Daguerrean artist. Clay cor Kearny 
Cardinett Louis, fish dealer, 27 Wash't Market ' 
Cardozo I. X. conveyancer, office 177 Clay h Tay- 
lor n Sacramento 
Carew Thomas, handcart. Battery cor Sacram'o 
Carique Edward, St. Mary's 
Carl Henry, German coffee saloon, 150 Mont'y 
Carl Chas! Stationer's Hall, Mont'y cor Merch't 
Carlile Wm. E. steward, Kearny, Telegraph Hill 
Carlo Benj. cabinet maker, 141 California 
Carlos Ferdinando, saddler, 167 Pacific 
Carlton Clias. C. at Wm. T. Coleman & Co. 
Carlton Capt. D. L. seaman, h Fremont between 

Folsom and Harrison 
Carlton F. D. clerk at Arrington & Co. 
Carlton Henry jr. of Wm. T. Coleman & Co. h 

Harrison bet Second and Essex 
Carlton H. P. school No. 1 Mission n Fourth 
Carman Benj. broker, Washington n Davis 
Carman, Wm. ph^-sician, Kearny cor Bush 
Carnaud J. mu-ic teacher, Com'cial abv Kearny 
Carnell Richard, fraits, 66 1-2 Montgomery 
Caro & Barnett, clothing, Mont'y cor Pine 
Caro Wolf, of Caro & Barnett 
Caro S. of Galland & Caro, Mont'y cor Wash'n 
Caro J. & Co. clothing, 221 Kearny. 
Carolan, Chas. A. bar keeper. Rail" Road House 
Carolan Patrick, carpenter, Anna n Jessie 
Carpeaux Chas. mason, Broadway n Stockton 
Carpenter D. H. physician, Wash'n abv Kearny 
Carpenter & Gilman, wood & coal. Mission n 2d 
Carpenter D. of Carpenter & Gilman 
Carpenter M. B. of J. Y. Hallock & Co. 99 Sans 
Carpenter L. F. clerk. Drum cor Pacific 
Carpenter N. T. Franklin House, Sansome c Bdy 

Cai-pentier Alfred, of Robert «S: C. 178 Clay 

Carpentier E. R. attorney and notaiy, 92 Mercht 

Carpentier H. W. office 92 Merchant 

Carr Geo. W. speculator, 256 Kearny 

Carrie & Damon, stationers, 109 AVashington 

Carrie Joseph A. of Carrie iS: Damon 

Carriere H. h Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 

Carrigan John, teamster. Melius n Jane 

Carrington Calvin, carpenter, 6 Milton pi 

Carrique E. T. Tyson Exchange, Com'l n Dup't 

Garrison H. & Co", furniture, 153 Sacramento 

Carrol T. h St. Mary's lane n Sutter 

Carroll & Hutric, grocers. Gal cor Dupont 

Carroll J. D. of C. & Hutrie 

Carroll D. C. saloon. Pacific cor Powell 

Carroll Son, grocer, i'irst and Mission 

Carroll W. assist editor Evening Post, 65 Merch 

Carson B. card engraver, 152 Sacramento 

Carson Wra. clerk, 193 Pine 

Cars well James, printer, 184 Montgomery 

Carter Chas. D. at Globe off", h Powell n" Vallejo 

Carter John, P. book-keeper, 26 Front 

Carter R. W. at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. [alley 

Carter Wm. Lower House, Merch cor Dunbar's 

Carton James J. Bank Exchange, h Kearny bet 

Green and Vallejo 
Carton P. S. grocer. Mason cor Greenwich 
Carvalho Clias. Chinese interpreter, City Hall 
Gary & Winegar, produce and grain, 120 Front 
Carv Jas. C. attv, of HoUadav, Sanders & Gary 
Gar"v S. D. of Carv & Winegar 
Gary T. G. Jr. of Macondray & Co. 
Casanova Henry, grocer, Bdway cor Virginia pi 
Gasas F. B. dead letter clerk at Postoffiee 
Case, Heiser & Co., shippg and corn mer 58 San 
Case Chas. L. of Case, Heiser & Co. h Wash bet 

Stock and Powell 
Case Geo. A. job wag mftr, XW cor Wash 
Case H. S. segars, 56 Montg 
Case Phillip, cor Wash and Sansome 
Gasebolt & Darbyshire, carriage mfts, 103 Kearny 
Casebolt H. of Gasebolt &. Darbyshire [Jackson 
Gaselli A. at Pioche, Baycrque &. Go. Montg cor 
Caseli Michael, figure maker, h Dupont n Union 
Casey Joseph, tailor, Adler 
Casey H. hackman, Mission XE cor First 
Cashman Wm. F. of Sullivan & C. 166 Sansome 
Cassady Wm. teamster, 7 Morse alley [Dupont 
Gasse Francois, Franco American restaurant, 252 
Gassebohn Wm. of Brune, Green & Co. 17 Clay 
Casserly Eugene, att'y, Commcl XE cor Montg 
Gassidy Thos. printer. Prices Curr't oft', 130 San 
Gastera J. E. imptr French liquors, 173 Sansome 
Castle Brothers, wholesale grocers. Front cor Clay 
Castle Goodman, of C. Bros, h Minna n Second 
Castle Frederick, merchant, office cor Front and 

Clay h Virginia block 
Castle M. merchant, cor Front and Clay 
Castle Xi( holas, Xeptune saloon, 22 Jackson. 
Gastree D. B. Justice of 4th Township, Bush n 

Catton John G. merchant, h L^nion cor Kearny 
Gaulfield W. A. caniage smith, 164 California 
Cavelry Edward, h Montg above Valkjo 
Geicich Di-. V. Hin klcv cor Dupont 
Gelle Dr. Clay cor Dupont 
Celler John, at U. S. Mint, h 356 Dupont 
Cerf Charles, mLrcliaiit, 114 Califuniut 
Cerf D. dry goods, 272 S.ockton 
Cerf J. of Bernard, Eger &. Co. 140 Washington 
Chace Benj. T. Chace's steam saw mills, Market 

cor Beale, h First cor Harris ^n 




^^OSEES' ^ 



Montgomery St., cor. Merchant. 




lain, P^bkal llBalkneous ^ Bt\ml ioolis, 

BLANK BOOKS— Full and half bound. 

PAPEES— Letter, Cap, Brief, Bill, Bath, Common and Packet Post, 

and Wrapping Paper, assorted sizes and colors. 

PENCILS — Fay's, Faber's Haskin's, and Mordant's writing and draAving. 

ENVELOPES— Buff, White, Enamelled and Fancy, Letter, 
Note and Official. 

INKS— Maynard & Noyes', Davis and Black's, and Arnold's Fluid. 

PLAYING CARDS— Cohen's, Hart's, Felt's and Fisk's. 

-A.X, S O , 

Copying and Seal Presses ; Letter Books, Letter Clips ; Chessmen, 
Backgammon Boards ; Steel Pens of all kinds. Gold Pens ; Dice, Domi- 
noes ; Patent Rubber, Rubber Bands; Blotting Paper and Boards: 
Wafers and Seahng Wax ; Port Monnaies, Pocket Books, Bankers' Cases, 
Pocket Cutlery ; Combs, Brushes ; Indelible Ink, Carmine Ink ; Nota- 
rial Seals and Wafers ; Gum Labels ; Cotton and Linen Twine ; Whit- 
ney's, Draper's, Sillman's and Pocket Inkstands ; Sand Boxes, Wafer 
Cups, Letter Stamps ; Paper Folders, Paper Weights ; Black Sand, Mot- 
to Seals; Plain and Fancy Note Paper, &c., &c. 

Togetlier with a Lar^e Stock of 


A share of public patronage solicited. 




Chadhourne J. & Co. bakers, Dupont cor Union 
ChafFe R. porter, at Seligman & Co. 107 Cal 
Chamberlain C. M. attorney, 135 California 
Chamberlain J. musician, h Stockton n Lombard 
Chamberlain Joseph, P. clerk, at PostotRce 
Chamberlin J. hair dresser, Jackson n Davis 
Chambers Calvin F. h Hunt n Third 
Chambers Creo. laborer, h Third n Brannan 
Chambers J. B. at McDonald's ale house, First, 

cor Mission 

Chambers T. J. A. office 187 Wash [Front 

Chamblin J. L. com mer. Wash bet Davis and 
Chandler John A. clerk, 162 Wash fMontg 

Chandler L. L. agent Selvita fai-m, Merch below 
Chandler Mi-s. P. h Minna bet Third and Fourth 
Chandler T. J. A. printer, Bulletin off, 70 Merch 
Chanfrau Henry, Jessie n Third 
Chapelle A. Marius, real estate agent, 97 Merch 
Chapin G. & Co. prod and com mer, East n Clay 
Chapin A. of G. Chapin & Co. 
Chapin Geo. of G. Chapin & Co. [cor Clay 

Chapin Geo. W. & Co. employment off, Keaniy 
Chapman Miss Caroline, actress. Union n Kearny 
^happen Jacob, at W. H. Bovee& Co. 123 Front 
Chard Widow Ann Maria, Dupont n Filbert 
Charles A. teamster. Union n Stockton 
Charles I. paper box maker, 110 Sacramento 
Charles Thomas, restaurant, cor Jessie and 1st 
pharles T. C. cashier Naval off, U. S. Customs, 
h Vallejo above Mason 
han-ington, W. H. h 21 Rassette pi No. 2 
base & Boruck, Fireman's Journal off', 72 Merch 
base Chas. M. of C. & B. h Wash n Stockton 
base Geo. vinegar mftr, Everett bet 3d and 4th 
IJhase Jacob, market mastei', off 127 Wash 
base Mrs. L. Washington n Stockton 
base R. P. physician, 136 Bush 
haache & Sons, wine mer, 196 Montgomery 
havance Madame, grocery, 217 Pacific 
I'hazal P. A. steamboat agent and com mer, cor 
Davis and Pacific [Harrison 

heever Capt. Henry A. h Essex bet Folsom and 
::;hell WiUiam, h Webb bet Sac and Cal 
I!helsea Laundry, Alexander & Hangary, Third 

n Bryant 

Dhemin L. editor of Le Phare, Montg cor Wash 
IJhenery Ricliard, office 160 Commercial 
"heong Wo Co, China provisions, 178 Sac 

berry J. W. painter, 186 Clay 
3heseborough Statts, baker, 1 Maiden lane 
Hhester & Sprague, agents U. S. Fire Insur. Co. 
SW. corner Montg and Wash 
hester M. of Chester & Sprague [Clay 

hevallier V. Pharmacie Fraucaise, Dupont cor 
hevassus Edwd, cashier, at J. Guerin & Co. 105 

hevers W. H. dcp clerk U. S. Dist. Court and 
commis to U. S. Coui-t of Claims, U. S. 
Court building 
Ihiegnan Victor, baker, rear 189 Pacific 
Ihild E. T. at J. M. Strobridge & Co. h 34 Minna 
ihilds Nath. R. of Knight, Harmon & Childs, 
Batter}'' bet Cal and Sacramento [Clay 

;hilds P. G. of E. T. Pease & Co. cor Front and 
Childs Thos. T. at J. M. Strobridge & Co. 
Childs Wm. miller, Sien-a Nevada mills. Third 
Chinese, See Yup, Asylum, Pine n Kearny 
Chirardelli, syrup and chocolate factory, Powell 
cor Greenwich [ket n 1st 

Chittenden & Culvenvell, sash door mftrs, Mar- 
Chittenden H. W. of C. & C. Market n First 
Chittenden John, S. F. College, Bush n Taylor 

Chittenden N. W. attorney, 2 Masonic Hall 
Choat H. E. copy clerk, Hall of Records 
Christal P. liquors, 150 Sansome 
Christian R. silk dyer, 76 Montgomery 
Christiansen Christian, book-keeper, J.Y. Hallock 

& Co. Pike n Sacramento 
Christmas W. at Babbitt & Co. 83 Commcl 
Christopher Heniy, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Chnt^sler W. L. Clementina bet 1st and 2d 
Chung Shun & Co. Chinese prov impts, 173 Sac 
Church E. W. of Drexel, Sather & Church, h 2d 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Churchhill C. N. laborer, bds 186 Pacific 
Cbylung, China goods, 166 Washington 
Cian Rev. Thos. R. Catholic Church, h Vallejo 

n Dupont 
Cincinnati Brewery, Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Cipi-ico Geo. at Montgomery baths, 163 Montg 
Cissna John C. of Jas. W. Smith & Co. h Sophia 

terrace. Pine 
Claghom Edward H. Sac cor Sansome 
Clar John, Surv. Genl's off, h Sutter above Stock 
Clark Jonas T. & Co. furniture, 128 Wash 
Clark Jonas T. of J. T. C & Co. h Prospect pi 
Clark & Locke, tinware, 110 Battery 
Clark B. P. of Clark & Locke 
Clark & Towmbl}', carpenters, 1 Maiden lane 
Clark Mrs. A. h 295 Pacific 
Clark A. clerk P. M. S. S. Co. Sac cor Leidesdf 
Clark Hiram, of Abemethy, Clark & Co. Stewart 
Clark H. C. attorney, 9 Parson's bldg, 140 Clay- 
Clark James, drug clerk, Vallejo n Dupont 
Clark John, builder, Folsom cor Hawthorn 
Clark John G. at Garrison, M. F. & Ralston 
Clark Joseph, of Cross & Co. 1 53 Battery 
Clark Dr. J. W. merchant. Front cor Clay 
Clark L. A. of Place & Clark, cor Beale and Mis- 
sion, also cor Stewart and Folsom 
Clark S. B. clerk, at 99 Commercial 
Clark W. H. oft' 10 Court block, 182 Clay st 
Clarke & Co. intelligence off, Comcl cor Leidesf 
Clark Bartlett, 132 Bush 

Clarke & Makin, cuppers and leechers, 184 Kearny 
Clarke J. H. of Clarke & Makin 
Clarke A. H. storage and com, Sac n Front, h 

Jackson above Powell 
Clarke F. printer, 184 Cal 

Clarke Geo. W. upholstery and paper, 131 Clay 
Clarke J. atty, 7 Well's building 
Clarke Lyman, stables, 19 Battery 
Clarkson H. insptr pork and beef, Meigg's wharf 
Classen & Morey, Pacific Soda Works, Jessie, 

n Second 
Claud Alfred, butcher, Dupont, cor Union 
Clausen Benjamin, Taylor, n Geary 
Clausen Francis, ranft jewelry, 138 Sac 
Clausse Mme Julia, dress maker, 112 Dupont 
Clawiter Mrs. midwife, h Dupont, n Bush 
Clayton Finnan, engineer, h Union, n Kearny 
Clayton F. D. Bond clerk U. S. Customs, h NW 

cor Washt and Kearny 
Cleary John, harness maker, 62 Montg 
Cleary Nicholas, atty, 100 Mercht 
Cleary P. P. boots and shoes, 68 Kearny 
Clement Daniel, carpenter, 204 Bush 
Clement John, salesman at Bond & Hale's 
Clement John H. laborer, bds 1 96 Pacific 
Clement Joseph, searcher of records, h Green, n 

Clement R. P. atty, 135 Montg, h 246 Kearny 
demons Mrs. S. teacher of music, h Powell, n 




Clifford Geo. com merclit, 134 Clav 

Clinch C. H. clerk 176Washt 

Cline John, hiliorer, bds 196 Pacific 

Clinton Mill Depot, Blanchard & Reid, "Washt, 

bel Front 
Clinton Temperance House, 89 Pacific 
Clock A. stencil cutter, Sutter, n Jones ' 
Cloifey Mathias, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Clough E. printer. Bulletin office, 70 Merchant 
Clough Jos, elk at J. R. Newton's, 169 Sansome 
Cloves Joseph, builder, h Third, opp Silver 
Clute A. & Co. produce merchts, 6 Mercht 
Cluver Henry & Co. grocery, Vallejo, cor Montg 
Clyde R. S. cor Clay and Montg 
Coachman J. C. Insptr U. S. Customs 
Coassaia Andrus, school, rear 402 Stock 
Coats Moses, carpenter, h Brannan, n 3d 
Cobb H. A. of Sjlover, Sinton & Co., h 369 Stock 
Coburn C. L. stables, 142 Sansome 
Cochrane Robt, ca/pent r, Sonoma pi 
Code Wra. & J. stables, 17 Battery 
Coders J. & Co. Ocean House, Front, cor Bdwy 
Codington & Taber, grocers, 110 Kearny 
Codington W. H. of C. & T., h Gearv, cor Taylor 
Cody M. liquors, 163 Pacific 
Coffev & Risdon, boiler makers. Market Square 
Cofift'v Louis, of C. & Risdon, h 16 Melius 
CofiTey J. A. liquor store, 171 Front 
Coffey J. ]\I. Lower House, Mercht, cor Dun- 
bar's Alley 
CoflSn Capt. 58 Front 

Coffin A. inspct provisions, Front, n Pacific 
Coffin Patrick, laborer, rear Union, n Stock 
Coffin Peter M. oil refiner, 114 Bdwy 
Coffin Zenas, Broadway Water Works, 116 Bdwy 
Cofre Tanier, milliner, Dupont, cor Bdwy 
Coggeshall & Co. druggists. Stock, cor Pacific 
Coggeshall J. H. of Coggeshall & Co 
Coghill J. H. & Co. wholesale grocers, 137 Front 
Coghill J. H. of J. H. C. & Co, h Stock, bet Pa- 
cific and Jackson 
Coghill W. N. of J. H. Coghill & Co. 
Coghill A. J. book-keeper at J. H. C. & Co.'s 
Coglumdolo F. beer saloon, 259 Dupont 
Cogswell H. D. h cor Front and Clark 
Cohea E. M. Inspt U. S. Customs 
Cohean Michel, cheap John, 79 and 87 Comcl 
Cohen c& Hofflin, segars, 140 1-2 Montg 
Cohen F. A. off cor Clay and Front 
Cohen Isaac, segars, 58 Pacific 
Cohen M. segars, Davis, n Pacific 
Cohen Solomon, of H. Breslaucr & Co, 111 Sac 
Cohn B. & Co. clothing, 109 Comcl 
Cohn H. & Co. impts and jobbers, 61 Battery 
Cohn Henrv, of H. Cohn & Co., h Stock, bet 

Clay aiid Washt 
Cohn A. h Oregon, cor Front 
Cohn Buschki, tailor, Jackson, n Davis 
Cohn Edward, of Levin & Cohn, 173 Clay 
Cohn John H. billiard saloon. Market cor" Cal 
Cohn Louis, of S. T. Meyer & Co, h corner Sac 

and Tavlor 
Cohn M. segars, 93 Pacific 
Cohn Isaac, h Green, bet Dupont and Kearny 
Cohn M. mercht, h cor Powell and Washt 
Cohn M. A. crockery. Second, n Mission 
Cohn Nathan, of Griesman, Cohn & Co, h Stock, 

bet Washt and Clav 
Cohn S. at H. Bnslauer & Co.'s, 111 Sac 
Cohn S. of Bash & Cohn, 99 Bdwy 
Cohn Saulman, hand-cart, Sacrameno 
Coit Beujamiri, physician, Washt, above Pike 

Colahan James H. grocer, Kearny, cor Bush 
Colbath H. M. h Harriet, n Folsom 
Colborn Mrs. A. D. dress maker, h 101 Pine 
Colburn Geo. C. cf Sparrow, Teackle & Co., 

Sansome, cor Jackson 
Colbourn Richard, h Mission, n Third 
Cole & Finney, dentists. Clay, cor Kearny 
Cole R. E. of Cole & Finney, h S ic, cor Pros- 
pect place 
Cole R. Beverley, (M. D.) surgeon, cor Cal and 

Cole Thos. Jr. at Pacific Express Co.'s 
Coles N. Willis, of Saml L. Dewey & Co., cor 

Clay and Drum 
Coleman Wm. T. & Co. com and shipg merchts, 

Cal, cor Front 
Coleman S. & Bro. mercht tailors, 159 1-2 Washt 
Coleman A. of S. Coleman & Bro 
Coleman Asa, 244 Washt, h Powell, n Union 
Coleman David R. of Gardner & C. 173 Front 
Coleman John C. carver and gilder, 81 Mercht 
Coleman Mrs. M. M. furnishing goods, 145 Sac 
Coleman Solomon, clothing, 77 Montg 
Coleman Thomas, of Hoyt & C. Market, abv 2d 
Coleman Wm. laborer, h Cal, cor Market 
Coigan Wm. James, real estate agent, 146 Clay 
Collier Richard, stevedore, Stewart, n Mission 
Collins & Co. hatters, 157 Comcl 
Collins Jas. C. of Collins & Co 
Collins Chas. J. of Collins & Co 
Collins B. R. & Co. drayman, Front 
Collins B. R. at Arrington & Co.'s, 55 Front 
Collins A. L. drayman, h Jessie, n Third 
Collins Benj. carpenter, Cal, cor St. Mary's 
Collins C. E. watch maker, 75 Kearny 
Collins Mrs. Catharine E. milliner, 208 Clay 
Collins Jas, engineer Market st steam mills, n 1st 
Collins P. watch maker, 26 Montg 
Collins S. P. of Wilson & Collins, 141 Comcl 
Collins S. H. drayman, h Jessie, n 3d 
Collins Thos, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Collins Thos, wood yard. Mission, cor Main 
Colter C. A. printer. Evening Post, 65 Mercht 
Colter E. B. copy elk, Hall of Records, hBdwy, 

n Stockton 
Columbus Christopher, tailor, 125 Kearny 
Colville Samuel, publisher of ColviUe's S. F. Di- 

rectory, 144 Washt 
Comerford" Misses, Superiors Presentation Con- 
vent School, Powell, n Lombard 
Cometo M. of J. Bourdin & Co. Bdwy, n Stock 
CominsL. gunsmith, 114 Washt 
Comins P. B. gunsmith, 114 Washt 
Commissioners of the Funded Debt of the City of 

S. F., established in 1851, 100 Mercht st 
Comstock & Co., city letter, parcel and package 

express, 129 Cal 
Comstock A. M. broker, 42 and 43 Montg block 
Comstock Walter B. of Parrott & Co., Montg, 

cor Sacramento 
Conaity Peter, laborer, h Pine, n Taylor 
Condy Robt, Second St. Exc, Second, cor Minna 
ConitI' Nicholas, carpenter, h Clarey, n Third 
Conla Patrick, furniture, Cal, above Montg 
Connell Ch. F. baker, Stockton, cor Union 
Council James D. carpenter, Francisco, n Dupont 
Council Thos, ship carpenter, Mercht, bel Drum 
Conner & Doming, porter house, 182 Jackson 
Conner Robt, of Conner & Doming 
Conner P. J. arcnitect, Montg, cor Union 
Connin Louis, clerk, 149 Kearny 
Coiiuor Jas. H. Blake's press rooms, 68 Mercht 


37 i 



And General Agency under the supervision of the Young 
Men's Christian Association, find employment for all kinds 
of Help. Also, with the above, have a 



%J « J_J< 


m MEReHiiT 







Syrups, Cordials & Ginger Wine, 


Between Kearny and Montgomery, 

For sale to the JOBBING TRADE OIVLY, at the lowest prices, 
in Reo's or Cases. 

Gun, Rifle i Pistol Warehouse, 

87 1-3 Battery St., near Commercial. 

A large assortment of Powder, Shot, Caps, Gun Flasks, Shot Pouches 
and Behs, Fine Cutlery and Gun and Rifle materials of every description, 
constantly on hand. 








Office, 129 California Street, near Montgomery. 

All orders appertainng to a City Delivery of LETTERS, PAR- 
CELS, and PACKAGES, promptly attended to. 

all others, bj leaving their orders at our Office, can have their purchases 
conveyed to any part of the City. 

TRUNKS conveyed to the Boats, &c. 

OTT AI^OIE, 23 Ooxits. 

STAMPS, for the pre-payment of City Letters, for sale at the office. 



Brick Building, 139 FRONT STREET, 

Between Jackson and Pacific. 

Tents, Tarpaulins, Back, Second Hand Sails, &c., &c., for sale. 






131 Commercial St., 2 doors below Montgomery. 



Conolly Henry, billiard saloon, Pacific, cor Kearny 
Coiaollv Wm. tinman, 2G0 Dupont 
Conrad Fr., Wm. Tell House, 79 Bush 
Conrey S. B. broker, bds at Tehama House 
Conro & Berry, Golden Gate Flour ilills, 136 


Conro ¥. D. of C. & Beny, h Trinity, n Pine 
Conroy & O'Connor, impts ii-on and steel, 25, 27 

and 29 Front 
Conroy James C. of Conroy & O'Connor 
Coustantine Edward, at Union saloon, Kearny, 

cor JMercht 

Constatt Savar, restaurant. Pacific, n Dupont 
Constine & Co. furniture, 207 TVasht 
Constine A. of Constine & Co. 
ConstoU F. & Co. game and poultry, 9 Claj^ St. 


Conte Blaise, baker, 95 Bdwy 
Conway E. F. Inspt U. S. Customs 
Conway John, carpenter, Vincent st 
Conway Mich'l, harness mkr, Dupont, cor Adler 
'ook, Folger & Co. oil and camphene mfts, 123 

Cook Geo. of C, F. & Co., h Greenwich, near 

Cook Geo. VT. of C, F. & Co., Greenwich, near 


Cook & Fenner, attys. Parson's bldg, 140 Clay 
Cook Elisha, of Cook & Fenner, Folsom 
Cook Charles, police, Dupont, n Pine 
Cook Charles, billiard saloon, Dupont, cor Bdwy 
Cook Chas. W. of Palmer, Cook & Co., h Stock, 

n Pacific 
Cook Eli, mason, 138 Dupont 
Cook E. G. engineer, h Perry, bet 2d and 3d 
Cook James, miller. Sierra Nevada Mills, Third 
Cook John, City and County Assessor, City Hall 
Cook J. M. P. painter, bds at Walton House 
Cook M. P. painter, 6 Brcnhan place 
Cook Nelson, porter at Drexcl, Sather & Church 
Cook Samuel M. INIechanic House, 20 Sausome 
Cook Wm. mercht, 50 Comcl 
Dooke Wm. B. & Co. law blanks and stationery, 

NE cor Montg and Mercht 
Cooke Geo. W. at'Wm. B. Cooke & Co. 
Cooke Robt. 177 Wash'n, h Gilbert n Montg 
Cooke Mrs.K. milliner, 177 Washington 
Cookely John, grocer, Dupont cor St. Mark's pi 
Cooley Chas. H. h Townsend bet Third and 4th 
Doolidge J. A. h at W. H. Dow, Second 
Coombs Mrs John J. Rincon House, 1st c Folsom 
Doon Henry P. (M. D.) off cor Sacra'o and Fnt 
Cooney John, grocer. Union n Montgomery 
Cooper Miss Alice, Cal cor Spring 
Cooper Mrs. Grace, fur'd rooms. Pine c St Marks 
Cooper E. S. (M. D.) office 108 Montgomery 
Cooper Henry', Pine cor St Mark's pi 
Cooper Richard, (col'd) cook, Dupont n Green 
Cooper Wm. R. boarding house 23 Trinity 
Copp Mrs. M. A. milliner, Sacra'o abv Mont'y 
Copp N. P. wood and coal, Washing'n bel Davis 
Corbett John, ale house, Leidcsdorff cor Cal 
Corbett John C. dpty clerk 4th District Court, 13 

City Hall 

•Corcoran John, boiler maker, h Market cor Post 
Cordes & Co. grocers, Clay cor Stockton 
Cordcs Jacob, of Cordes & Co. 
Cordes & Dunsing, grocers, Kearny cor Bush 
Cordes John G. of Cordes & Dunsing 
Cordes Sherman, saloon, cor Pacific whf & Drum 
Cordes Wm. at H. C. Wright's, Stewart n Mis'n 
Cordier E. & Co. 176 Montgomery 

Cordicr E. Belgian consul 

Cordiner C. L. tailor, 62 Montgomery 

Cordis John, of Martin Hollings & Co. cor Pacific 

and Powell 
Corey & Brooks, carpenters, Sacramento between 

Stockton and Dupont 
Corey John, of Corey & Brooks 
Corev Thos. tinsmith, 145 Sansome 
Corlett Wm. pilot C. S. N. Co. h Vallejo n Kny 
Corliss J. F. stone yard. Market n First 
Cormack W. E. merchant, h 118 Sacramento 
Cornet & Sibour, grocers, 129 Clay 
Cornet E. of Cornet & Sibour 
Cornfield Mrs. A. dress maker, 249 Clay 
Cornish H. C. clothing, 207 Kearny 
Corno Capt. Paul, 85"Clay 

Cornwell G. G. at Mark Sheldon's, 70 Merchant 
Cornwell J. H. of Stevens & Co. 2 and 3 Wash- 
ington market 
Cornynn Mortimer, of Hendricks & C. 198 Sans 
Correa M. A. copy clerk, Hall of Records, h Cal 

n Kearny 
Corrigan J. P. examiner U. S. customs 
Corse Willis, Sazerac Exchange, 215 Clay 
Cortelyon J. A. at Wade & Fowler's, 127 Mont'y 
Cortes" & Pardow, Sierra Nevada Mills, Third n 

Cortes D. V. of C. & P. h Howard bet 3d & 4th 
Cortez Antonia, Fonda mejicana, 212 Mont'y 
Corwall W. A. printer, Com'l off", 129 Sansome 
Coryell Dr. J. R. h 109 Broadway 
Cosgrove John, 90 Bush 
Cosgrove Patrick, fruits, Ii Third n Hamson 
Cosgrove Wm. constable, U. S. Dist. Court 
Costel Francisno, furniture, 255 Dupont 
Costelo John C. at Turner Bros. Market n Ker'y 
Costerauste Et. of J. Gucrin & Co. h Sutter abv 

Costigan John, of Dunne & Co. 164 California 
Cotter John, porter, at C. Whalley & Co. 176 

Cotton C. H. of"Wm. H. Keith & Co. cor Mont- 
gomery and Clay 
Cottrcll E.'M. at 170 Clay, h Green n Mason 
Couch John P. merchant, Clay and Front 
Couesnon, painter, basement 301 Dupont 
Coulon Edmond, tailor, 303 Dupont 
Courcellc Achille, furniture 98 Broadway 
Qpurtier J. P. Steamboat Ex. cor Drum & Clark 
Courtis Thomas, Beale bet Harri.son and Bryant 
Courts J. W. & Co. staple and fancy dry goods, 

181 Clav, opposite Court Block 
Courts J. W. of J. W. Courts & Co. 
Cousins James, ship carpenter, Clementina n 1st 
Couttoleuc J. A. & Paris, builders, Pinck'y n Bdy 
Cowan A. baker, Minna n Jane 
Cowell Henry, agent, h Union on telegraph hill 
Cowell Hcnr}', 155 Sansome 
Cowell John, 155 Sansome 
Cowles S. attorney, 92 Merchant 
Coyle J. E. Tehama Mkt, Folsom cor Tehama 
Cox Mrs. Fanny, dress maker, 257 Pacific 
Cox J. S. laborer, U. S. customs 
Cox J. Warren, clerk D. L. Ross & Co. 113 Bat 
Crabb Alex, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Crabb Alex, printer. Globe office 
Craine & England, architects, 6 Breuham pi 
Craine Wm. of Craine & England 
Cram Smith, millwright, Jessie cor Jane 
Cramer V. & Co. com merchants, 106 Clay 
Crane A. clothing, Jackson bel Davis 
Crane C. H. of Pearson & Crane, 187 Clay 



Crane J. of J. Bigelow & Co. 73 Commercial 

Crane John, forger, 167 California 

Crane Henry A. of Crovvell, Crane & Brigham, 

131 Commercial 
Craner Chas. tinsmith 140 Broadway 
Craner Simon, of Stolz & Craner, 147 Sacram'o 
Cranz Theodore, furniture, 239 Pacific 
Crattv Patrick, boarding house, Dupont n Sutter 
Crawford & Foye, sail malters, 139 Front 
Crawford A. ofC. & Fove, h Greenwich n Stoc'n 
Crawford John, at D. G'ibb & Co. bds Walton H 
Crawford Samuel, carpenter, St. Mary's pi 
Crawford Wm. wood yard, Sacra abv Dupont 
Crawley John, h Minna bet Third and Fourth 
Creamer A. of Rice & C. h Bush n Stockton 
Creigh J. D. attorney, 92 Merchant • 
Creigh Thos. collector, of S. F. Gas Co. First cor 

Creighton F. cashier at Post Office 
Creighton Geo. 100 Bush 
Creman J. D. grocer. Third cor Mission 
Crevolin & Co. syrups, 147 Jackson 
Crevolin John, of Crevolin & Co. 
Crittenden & Inge, attys, 4 U. S. Court Building 
Crittenden A. P. attorney, of C. & Inge 
Croal J. porter, at E. G. Hall's, Com'l cor Front 
Crockett & Page, attorneys, Mont'y cor Cal 
Crockett Jos. B. of Crockett & Page 
Crocket Mrs. boarding house, 323 Stockton 
Croliss Jas. F. Empire Granite Works, Folsom 

cor Fremont 
Cronin David, h cor Powell and Union 
Cronin Daniel, liquors, 99 Merchant 
Cronise, Wm. H. speculator, h Green n Stockton 
Crooks B. h Townsend bet Third and Fourth 
Crooks Wm. teacher evening school, Dupt c Cal 
Crosby & Dibblee, com merchants. 111 Batteiy 
Crosby Chas. W. of C. & D. h Stockton abv Pac 
Croskey Robt. carpenter, h Perry cor Third 
Cross & Co. impts and com merchants, 153 Batt 
Cross Maj. Qr. U. S. A. h Pine cor Mason 
Cross Richard, drayman, 63 Broadway 
Crossett R. W. bds Franklin House 
Crouch J. segars, 274 Stockton 
Crovat P. A. inspector IT. S. customs 
Crows Hub't F. elk at Goodwin & Co. 119 Front 
Crowell, Crane & Brigham, druggists, 131 Com'l 
Crowell E. of C. Craiie & Brigham, 131 Com'l 
Crowell E. W. insurance agent, 100 Merchant « 
Crowley Cornelius, fruits. Third n Harrison 
Crowley Patrick, constable 1st town'p, 172 Pacific 
Crowley Peter, liquors, 136 Battery 
Crowley Provence, shipwright, Clementina n 1st 
Crown Francis, laborer, 67 Broadway 
Crutchley H. S. clerk at J. C. Eddy &, Co. 
Cudwortli & Co. mineral water nifts, Hinckley, 

Pinckney and Vallejo 
Cudworth A. W. of Cudworth & Co. 
Culberry Isaac, book keeper Lucas, Turner & Co 
Culcheth Wm. cooper, 64 Clav 
CuUen William, h Howard n Third 
Culver W. H. attorne)-, 98 Merchant 
Culverwell S. S. of Chittenden & C. Market n 1st 
Cumming Geo. machinist. Perry abv Third 
Cumraings Andrew, laborer, h Harrison n Third 
Cmnmings Mrs. E. J. Queen City Hotel, Davis n 

Cummings H. K. com merchant, 48 California 
Curamings Walter B. 48 California 
Cumraisky John, liquors. Sacra cor Lcidesdorff 
Cundle & Co., shipping agents, 106 Davis 
Cunningham James, miller, h Califor'a n Taylor 

Cunningham's Warehouses, Francis Reed & Co 
office 2 Cunningham's Block, Front, Green 
Battery and Commerce [Howar( 

Cunningham John R. Oregon saloon, Stewart co: 
Cunningham Capt. T. B. agent, 249 Clay 
Cunningham Sara, h Heward E of Third 
Currie & Richardson, auctioneers, 106 Sansome 
Currie J. C. of C. & Richardson, 106 Sansome 
Curran Bernard, clothing, Teliama House 
Curry Chas. guns, etc. 87 Battery 
Curry Edward, bargeman, U S customs 
Curry E. L. carpenter, Jackson abv Stockton 
Curay Capt. John P. h Ellis n Mason 
Curry & Smith, (colored) whitewashers, 123 Mei 
CurrV Chas. H. (colored) of Curry & Smith 
Curtin C. produce, 32 Clay, h 204 Stockton 
Curtis & Nicholson, ship'g'otF, Davis abv Bdwy 
Curtis E. S. of Curtis & Nicholson 
Curtis & Turner, wood yard, Bdwy n Stockton 
Curtis Wm. of Curtis and Turner 
Curtis C. C. butcher, Sansome cor Jackson 
Curtis Henry, book keeper, at Frank Baker's 
Curtis T. sewing factory, 145 Sansome 
Curtis Tyler, civil engineer, 94 Front [Wash 
Gushing C. D. & Co. teas and China goods, 146 
Gushing Dr. J. J. 80 Keamv, h 151 Bush 
Cushman Chas. D. 177 Washington, h Cal N W 

cor Mason 
Cusick John, h 140 Mission 
Cutler Henry A., printer, at O'Meara & Painter's, 

132 Clay 
Cutler Rev. R. P. pastor 1st Unitarian church, h 

Sacramento n Prospect pi 
Cutter W. H. of Perkins, W'hburn & Co. 94 Fnt 
Cutter James H. com merchant, 30 Front, h Hyde 
Cutter, R. S. Tehama market^ Folsom cor Teha 
Czapkay, L. J. (M. D.) Montgomery cor Sacra- 
mento, h Third n Bryant 
Czarnikow Robert, segars, 123 Sacramento 
Czaykowski L. segai-s, 200 Clay 

Dabovich Nicholas & Co. fruits, 117 Wash 
Daggett Danl, carpenter, St. Mary's place 
Daggett J. R. at Newhall & Gregory, cor Sac 

and Battery 
Daggett R. M. editor Golden Era, 151 Clay 
Dagt A. saloon, 228 Clay 
Dahlinger C. mattrasses, 86 Pacific 
Dailey James, pilot. Pacific cor Davis 
DakeC. L. watchmaker, 51 Montgomery 
Dall Wm. U. S. storekeeper, Battery st. stores, Ii 

23 Merchant's Exchange 
Dalian John P. bakery. Second cor Tehama 
Dally W. Morris, at Crosby &Dibblee's, 111 Batty* 
Daly F. tinsmith, 69 Kearny 
Daly James, tinman. Market n Sansome 
Daly Patrick, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Daly P. N. bottler, Dupont n O'Farrell 
Dam G. W. at Wainright, Randall & Go's h Lap- 
kin cor Sacramento 
Damcron Wm. B. Naval officer, U. S. Customs 
Damon Jas. E. of Carrie & Damon, 109 Wash 
Damn Mrs. R. h Dupont n Union ^ 

Dana Bros & Co. com mers, Sansome cor Merch , 
Dana Chas. off at Dana, Bros & Co. 
Dana Henry F. of Dana, Bros & Co. 
Dana Wm. A. of Dana, Bros & Co. 
Danaher & Schmidt, dry goods, 119 Montg 
Danahcr, P. H. of Danaher & Schmidt 
Dankermeyer H. basket mftr, 54 Sansome 
Danziger Henry, of Morris & D. 84 Sac 



Darbyslure, D. K. of Casebolt & D. 103 Kearny 
Darcy & McCarthy, Metrop'a bakery, 42 Pacific 
- Darcy John, of Darcy & McCarthy 
Darling Benj. carpenter, Bush n Stockton 
Darling W. A. oti' 102 Battery, up-stairs 
Darnell Henry Y. dep'y clerk Superior Court, h 
Rich below Folsom [Vallejo 

Dartas Chas. flour mer, 85 Pacific, h Dupont u 
Dasher John, grocer, Vallejo cor Mason 
Dastas Chas. grocer, 317 Dupont 
Davenport John, h Natoma n Jane 
Davenport Thos. book-keeper, at D. L. Ross & 
Co. 113 Batterv [some cor Merch 

ii Davenport W. H. off at Dana, Bros & Co. San- 
David Auguste, tinman, 249 Dupont 
David Jules, of Abel Guy, 107 Washington 
Davidson & Co. merchants, 118 Sac 
Davidson R. of Da-i-idson & Co. 
Davidson & Dickinson, vegetables, 9 Wash markt 
Davidson John, of D. & Dickinson. 
Davidson & Lane, silks, laces, etc., 141 Sac 
Davidson John W. of I)a^■idson & Lane 
Davidson B. banker, Montg cor Cornel 
Davidson M. tinsmith, 55 Kearny [lor & Mason 
Davies, John S. of Beers & D. h Eddyb i Tay- 
Davis & Bowers, clothing, 115 Washington 
Davis G. W. of Davis & Bowers 
DaA-is & Jordan, lime, etc. cor Pront and Wash 
Davis I. E. of Davis & Jordan 
Davis & Seger, auction and com mer'ts, 60 Cal 
Davis R. D. W. of D. & Seger, h Wash above 
Powell [219 Cal 

Davis Alviro H. undertaker, Sac n Dupont, h 
Davis E. S. of A. M. Gilman & Co. 82 Pront 
Davis George H. mer, cor Clay and Pront 
Davis G€0. H. ticket clerk, P. M. S. S. Co. 
Davis J. B. P. book store, 34 Pront [block 

Davis J. C. Contra Costa Laundry, off Montg 
Davis J. Hawes, h Union cor L'nion pi 
Davis John M. of Giannini & D. 202 Wash 
Davis, J. P. com mer, 67 Cal, up-stairs 
Davis M. tailor, Jackson bel Front 
Davis S. cabinet maker. Clay above Stock 
Davis Simeon, upholsterer aiid paperer, 150 Mont 
Davis Thos. S. " Old House at Home," Bdwy n 
Pront [and Kearny 

Davis John (colored) clothing, Jackson bet Mont 
Davison Nelson G. painter, Benham pi 
Davoch M. book-keeper, P. Henderson, 61 Sac 
Dawes Mrs. h Polsom n Poiuth 
Dawson Mrs. S. Howard House, 33 Pacific 
Day Daniel, drayman. Long wharf 
Day Francis, drayman. Long wharf 
Day P. H. book-keeper, Drexcl, Satlier & Church 
Day Thomas, oil and camphene chandeliers, 194 

Dayley M. porter, at North Point Dock warehouse 
Darton Prank, bar-keeper, Montg cor Leidesdoilf 
D'ArceL. Ponton, of Sanjurjo & Co. 171 San 
De Blaine Abbe, pastor French Catholic Chui-ch, 

h Bush n Stockton 
De Boom C. bag factory, cor Davis and Wash 
De Boom Remain, com mer, San cor Pacific 
De BouUenoy Gaston, butcher, h Bdwv n Dupont 
De Cassins Madam, diviner, 381 Stock 
De Fremery James, imptr, mer, ilcrch n Battv 
De Laguna A de Leo, prof, languages, Dupoiit 
n Bine [Batty, bet Cal and Sac 

De Long, McNeil & Co. agricultural implements, 
De Long Francis, of Delong, McNeil & Co 
De Massey E. & Finance, ""French and Spanish 
book store, 126 Montgomery 

De Massey E. of E. De Massey & Finance 
D'Oliveira A. ph'-;ician, 232 Wa^hinston 
De Ro Chas. of Poulterer, De Ro & Eldridge, h 

South Park 
D'L^frey Capt. Saml. D. h Berry n Dupont 
De Yaul John, Oregon Mkt, Jackson n Davis 
De Young, Mrs. A. widow, 140 Bush 
De Zaldo R. attorney, 101 Merchant 
De la iloutagnie Alex. Clay cor Dupont 
De la Montagnie Jos. speculator. Clay cor Dupt 
De la Montanya J. & Bro. stoves, 82 Jackson 
De la ^lontanya M. of De la M. & Bro 
De la Nouvelle Mrs. Marie, h Green n Dupont 
De la Rue & Schnepel, lumber, ofiice Stewart cor 

Howard, and California cor Davis 
De la Rue Edgar, of De la Rue & Schnepel 
De St. Marina Eugene, broker, Mont'y nClay 
Deaue & Oliver, paints and oils, 141 Clay 
Deane James, of Deane & Oliver 
Dcane C. at Eugene Kelly & Co. Sans'e cor Sac 
Dean D. Clay st billiard saloon, 174 Clay 
Dean Daniel, at Pacific Ex. Co. to Sacramento 
Dean Thos. (colored) cook, Vallejo n Kearny 
Debengney Galot, polka saloon' 159 Com'l 
Deboom Cornelius, agent, 194 Pine 
Decker C. grocer, Jackson cor Stouts al 
Deconclois, artist, 166 Clay 
Decraeke J. stoves, etc, 156 Sansome, bds Frank- 
lin House 
Deeth & Starr, Golden State Bakerv, 31 Sacra 
Deeth T. ofDeeth& Stan- 
Deen Jas. S. h Mason n Jackson 
Defer A. assayer, at H. Hentsch, Mont cor Jack 
Defer Prosper, hair dresser, 276 Dupont 
Detfebach Thos. B. of Agnew& D. 130 Sansome 
Degeuer W. painter, 103 Bush 
Degoughe Peter, tailor. Pine cor St. Mary's pi 
Deitz Adam, barber, Stockton n Broadway 
Delafont & Margaud, grocers, 130 Washington 
Delafont L- of Delafont & Margaud 
Deland Stephen, variety store. Clay bel Drum 
Delahantv & Skellv, soda mfts, JlTssion n 3d 
Delahanty John, ofD. & SkeUv 
Delany Chas. McC. atty, 140 Clay 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h Dupont n O'Parrell 
Delaney ;M. veterinaiy and horse shoeing, Webb 

n California 
Delange C. Emph-e billiard mfty, Dupnt n Geary 
Delaunay Hippolyte, painter, 207 Dupont 
Delouney Gustave, artist, 7 Milton pi 
Delavan John, pilot, cor Pacific and Davis 
Delbanco Mrs. midwife, h 117 Bush 
Delehanty Rev. Cornelius, St. Mary's Cathedral, 

Pine cor Dupont 
Delger Frederick, boots and shoes, 90 Keamy 
DeUa Torre P. of Calhoun, Wise & D. 39 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Dellepiane Joseph, grocer, Jackson cor Dupont 
Deloche & Co. restaurant, Kearny n Sutter 
Delessert Eug. 172 ]Montconierv " 
Dcmerhart D'. Sheriff's off, bds" 230 Clav 
Dempster C. J. of D. L. Ross & Co. hVirginia 

Block, Stockton 
Deney Arnaud, of Millon & D. 153 Sansome 
Dening R. at Freeman & Co. Mont'y cor Sacra 
Deuison A. of Godfrey, Vosburgh &'D. Commer- 
cial n Montgomery 
Denison Jas. R. inspector of customs, h 256 Kear 
Denison Capt. Saml L. h Mission cor Fifth 
Denman C. L. contractor, Union Hotel, Keamy 

cor Merchant 
Denman James, school No. 1, Bu.hcor Stockton 



Dennenberg Jlrs. A. embroideries, 340 Stockton 

Dennery B. & Co. crockery, 192 Washington 

Deuuike J. paintex-, 242 Pacific 

Dennis Capt. Dupont n Greenwich 

Dennis Geo. iron works, off. 108 Clay 

Dennis & Brown, (colored) stables, 1.38 Sansome 

Dennis Geo. of D. & Bro-«Ti, 1-38 Sansome 

Dennison J. V. policeman, Citv Hall 

Denny G. J. clerk, D. Tatft & Co. bds Am. Ex. 

Denny J. TV. painter, Sansome cor "Washington 

Denny S. T. gilder, Brannan House 

Depierris Dr. A. Yallejo n Dupont 

Derbec E. editor L'Echo dn Pacific 

Derbv & Bassett, off. Washington bel Front 

Derby E. M. of Derby & Bassett 

Derby H. boots and shoes. Second n Jessie 

Derick L. printer, Com'I oifice, 129 Sansome 

Dettmer H. & C. E. cor Bush & Sansome 

Devenoge Mrs. E. h Francisco n Dupont 

Devine Dennis, ale and porter, 187 Montgomeiy 

Devine M. H. of C. Hall & Co. 205 Clay 

Devinney J. stevedore, Wash cor East, up stairs 

Deviny Thos. laborer, h ^linna bet 3d and 4th 

Devoe Alex. 3d assistant engineer, h 149 Keamy 

Devoe G. H. at Xewhall & Gregory, Sac cor Batt 

Dewey E. at Williams, Shaft«r & Park, h betw'n 

Powell and Mason 
Dewey Sam. L. & Co. com mer. cor Cly & Dnim 
Dcwitt, Kittle & Co. com merch. 189 Sansome 
De-witt Alfred, of D. Kittle & Co. 189 Sansome 
Dexter Chas. H. book agent, St. ]Mary's pi 
Dexter Frank, at Gamson, Morgan, F. & Ealston 
Dey E. V. of Briggs, Dey & Co. Mont cor Sacra 
Diamond M. tailor, cor Bush and Sansome 
Dibble e Albert, of Crosby & D. Ill Battery 
Dicaud John, grocer, Dupont cor Vallcjo 
Dick S. W. baker, Stockton cor Vallcjo 
Dickey Geo. S. jr. of Hodge & D. Wash n San 
Dicks E. F. salesman, 12.5 Jackson 
Dickson, De Wolf & Co. com merchants, Mer- 
chant bet Sansome and Battery 
Dickinson A. flour and s-raiu. Wash cor Front 
Dickinson C.of E. E. Brewster & Co. bds 3 Wav- 

erly pi 
Dickinson S. painter and paperer, Trinitv n Sutt 
Dickinson Wm. T. of Da^•idson & D. 
Diederichsen C. cooper, Broadway n Front 
Dietz Geo. & Co. caraphene, 132 Washington 
Dietz A. C. of Geo. Deitz & Co. 
Difley Peter, h Geary bet Dupont and Stockton 
Dilhom N. B. gas fixtures, 194 Montgomery 
Dillon John, hardware, 24 Kearny cor Post" 
Dillon Patrice, French Consul, h Jackson c Masn 
Dillon P. W. of W. Andrews & Co. Fnt c Union 
Dillon T. hardware, 3 Batterv 
Dhnon J. S. of I. B. Purdy & Co. 162 Clay 
Dingier W. H. wood and hay, Stewart cor'^Iissn 
Dii-ke L. New Texas House, Clay bel Drimi 
Dirking Auguste, watchmki* and jeweler, 40 Pac 
Du-kin Edward, mess U. S. customs, h Sansome 

bet Bush and Sutter 
Distrine Charles, hair dresser, 123 Keamy 
Ditterlme Julius, Sand Hill mkt, 57 Kearny 
Di\'ine Calvin L. printer, at Globe office 
Dixon Brothers, diy goods, 53 Montgomery 
Dixon John, of D. "& Bros 
Dixon Samuel, of D. & Bros 
Dixon Clement, h Melius 
Dixon Sirs. M. milliner, 66 Montgomery 
Dixon A. H. broker, California cor Front 
Doane Charles, of Sweetser, Hutchins & Co. 115 

Doane Mrs. C. milliner, 39 Montgomery 
Doak J. job wagon, Montgomery SE cor Clay 
Doble Abner, of Nelson & D. Pine n Battery 
Dobezensky M. of Everhart & D. 6 First 
Dobson John, of W. Andrews & Co. Fnt c Unii 
Dodd ili-s. Jane, saloon, 22 Commercial 
Dodge L. C. & Co. com merchants, 68 Merchan 
Dodge Francis, h Everett bet 3d and 4th .j 

Dodge F. M. of Geo. W. Stewart & Co. 6 Merd 
Dodge Henry L. attorney, 1 ZMontgomeiy bl 
Dodge J. W. dentist, California cor Spring 
Dodge Wm. W. of G. S. Gladwin & Co. 50 Frai 
Doe B. & J. S. lumber, S side Mkt, opp foot CaJ 
Doe Luke, bakery. Mission bet 4th and 5th 
Dolan John, laborer, bds 1 96 Pacific 
Dolan Michael, police, Vallejo cor Bartol 
Dolan Richard, liquor saloon, Keaniy cor Cal 
Dolan Thomas, 90 Bush 
Doland Wm. B. grain and feed, 3d and Front 
Dole John, of Holcombe & D. Clay cor Keamy 
Dolgardno James, h Hubbard bet 2nd and 3rd 
Dolheguy B. liquors, etc, 121 Sansome >. 

Doling Capt. P. F. steamboat Guadalupe 
Doll C. furniture, 42 Montgomery 
Dollan John, laliorer, h Jessie n 3rd 
Dollet Mrs. Yallejo n Stockton 
Domett Wm. E. pilot, cor Wash and East 
Doraonique Nicolas, tailor, 303 Dupont 
Donahue widow Catherine, Vallejo n Mont'y 
Donahue Edward, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Donahue James, President of S. F. Gas Co. bds 

124 Dupont 

Donahue Peter, Union foundry, cor 1st and Mis- 
sion, h 58 Minna 
Donahue Phillip, restaurant, ]Mont'y cor Wash 
Donahue Phillip, laborer, bds 195 Pacific 
Donaldson & Stanley, diamond sain. Sac bel Fat 
Donaldson John, Oakley's saloon. Clay cor Kear 
Donnelly John, Washington house, 96 Davis 
Donnitzer Louis, book keeper, 90 Sacramento 
Donnolly Thos & Co. manufacturers yeast pow- 
der, Dupont n Geary 
Donahoe Joseph A. of Eugene Kelly & Co. San- 
some cor Sac 
Donovan Ralph, clerk, 205 Clay 
Donovan Wm. inspector U. S. customs 
Dopke D. groceiy, Sacramento n Dupont 
Doran Hugh, h Broadway bet Powell and Masou 
Doran John, newspaper depot, 171 Clay 
Doran T. h Notoma n 1st 
Doran Wm. saloon, 189 Keamy 
Doran Wm. policeman. City Hall 
Dore M. & Co. liquor merchants, 106 Battery 
Dore Benj. hmiber, Market jimc Cal 
Dorr E. 'M. office 47 California 
Dorina: Daniel, Burton ale house, 150 Mont'y 
Dormett C. H. of W. E. Amold & Co. Steven- 
son n* 2nd 
Doming Daniel, of Conner & D, 182 Jackson 
Doscher A. L, grocer, Broadway cor Stockton 
Doscher Henry, grocer, Jessie cor Annie 
Dotherty M. saddler, 75 Keamy 
Doty W. R. Hamson abv 3rd 
Douboshka Alex, h Green n Dupont 
Doud & Ordway, furnitiu-e, 28 Bush 
Doud A of Doud & Ordway 
Doud P. wood vard, ^Mission cor 2nd 
Douglas Robt. of Thos. Pole & Co. Wash c Po'l 
Douglas E A. (colored) saloon, 218 Keamy 
Douglass Mrs. Ellen, h Minna bet 2nd and 3rd 
Douglass Wm. Y. clerk, St. Marys pi 
Dove Wm. liqiiors. Front n Vallejo 


P Sathfr ) 


^^^ W^'- 







Stand, Hanging, Side and Bracket Lamp?, Solar and Campliene Chimneys, Cut Solar 
Globes, Gas Shades, Solar, Camphene and Doric Wicks. Also, Fine Sheffield Pocket 
Cutlery, Bowie-knives and Dirks ofWostenholm's, and Edward Barnes & Son's make. 
Gas Fixtures, Fittings, and Iron Pipes for Gas or "Water. 

194 Montgomery St., bet. Jackson & Pacific. 





82 Jackson St., between Battery and Front, near New Custom House. 




©as Jfivturcs, %mp, Miite.^Hs anir Ste^iit ^ip, 

194 Montgomery St., near Jackson. 




Dow & Co. gi-oceries, etc, 88 Front, n Clay- 
Dow James G. of Dow & Co. 
Dows J & Co. liquors, 39 California 

Dow Wm. H. merchant, Davis n Market 
Dowcligan B.C. deputy sheriff, bds 230 Clay 
Dowling J. hack driver, Agnes lane, Vallejo 
Dowling Richard, harness maker, 82 Battery 
Do-\vner Dr. F. off. Sutter SE corner Kearny 
Downey Patrick, carpenter, Spofford alley 
Downs Chas. at Frank Baker's, 112 Clay 
Doye E. G. Beale n Folsom 
Doyle & Anderson, coal, Jackson n Stocktcn 
Doyle James R. of D. & Anderson, h Washing- 
ton n Stockton 
Doyle John, National house, 76 Pacific 
Doyle John, at Johnson & D. h Jackson cor Aub 
Doyle J. J. builder, 254 Pacific 
Doyle John T. attorney, Wells building 
Doyle R. E. of Johnson & D. Sansome cor Mer 
Doyle Thos. liquors, 76 Kearny 
Draffor Job- confectioner, Dupont n Broadway 
Drake J. liquor, cor Davis and Washington 
Dreyfous Mrs. C. E. Bachelors' hall, 39 Mont'y 
Dreyfous J. laborer, h Kearny bet Green and Val 
Drexel, Satlicr & Church, bankers, cor Clay and 

Drexel F. M. of D. Sather & Church. 
Drinkhouse John A. segars, etc. 96 Front 
Drinkwater T. Union Star House, 60 Fu'st 
DriscoU Dan. oyster saloon, 138 Montg 
DriscoU Richard, builder, 136 Montgomery 
Drish J. M. clerk, at Golden Gate Clothing ware- 
house, cor Clay and Kearny 
Driskie D. laborer, h St. Mar'ks place 
Drogen Henry, of Bruns &D. cor Pine and Batty 
Drouet Joseph, mftr preserves, 402 Stockton 
Drouilhat J. billiard table mftr, 234 Sacramento 
Drucker Augustus, Eureka bath house, 100 Pacific 
Drucker E. grocer, Kearny cor Sutter 
Druffell F\ H. Empire bakery. Bush above Powell 
Druhe John H. grocer, Montg n Jackson 
Duane Wm. R. printer. Fireman's Journal off. 
Dubois A. & Co. watch makers and jewelers, 124 

Dubois A. turner, 345 Stockton 
Dubois A. restaurant, 59 Mcrch 
Duboys Mrs. M. A. Calaveras House, 18 Jackson 
Dubroca Mathew, liquors, 1 57 Sansome [Beale 
Ducesnay Louis J. Sutter iron works, Folsom cor 
Duchango, Chas. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Duchemin, grocer, cor Powell and Union 
Ducoeing John, di'ayman, Sonoma place 
Dudley Mrs. E. boarding, Mission, cor Jane 
Dudley Henry D. book-keeper, 136 Pine 
Duer William, atty, of Peyton, D., Lake & Rose, 

157 Montgomery 
Duff Richard, lumber, Stewart below Mission 
Duff Mrs. Isabella, milliner. Pine cor Kearny 
Duffe Edward, carpenter, 7 CadcU place 
Dufiield Geo. W. Vallejo cor Bartol 
Duffy Hugh, wood j^ard, Bdwy cor Stockton 
Duffy James, soap and candle fiictory, 349 Stock 
Dngan James F. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Dugan Richard, inspector U. S. Customs 
Duisenberg Chas. of Mubius, D. & Co. Bremen 

Consul, h cor Harris and Harrison 
Dujardin F. at Geo. Clifford's, 134 Clay 
Dukes, M. ini))tr segars, 144 Washington 
Dulief F. H. h Green n Dupont 
Dulip & Waddington, grocers, Dupont cor Bdwy 

Dumagnon Mrs. dress maker, h Green n Duponi 

Dumartheray F. h 212 Jackson 

Dumont Victor, 301 Dupont 

Dunberry James, copy clerk. Hall of Records 

Duncan & Co. auctioneers, Mont corMercht 

Duncan J. C. of Duncan & Co. h Dupont above 

Greenwich [above Greenmch 

Duncan Wm. L. at Duncan & Co's h Dupont 
Duncan J. W. & Co. carpenters and builders, 252 

Duncan P. at Eugene Kelly & Co. San cor Sac 
Dungan J. S. at Postoflice, h Bush n Taylor 
Dunn& Co. S. F. rice mills. Market n First 
Dunn Geo. A. of Dunn & Co. 
Dunn Barney, laborer, Green n Montgomery 
Dunn James, flour merchant, 254 Kearny 
Dunn James, ship smith, Cat cor Quincy 
Dunn John, grocer, Minna n Jane 
I^unn John, syrups and cordials, 140 Battery 
Dunn Wm. h Minna, bet Third and Fourth 
Dnnne & Co. Pacific warehouse, cor Batty & Bdwy- 
Dunne James, of D. & Co. Pacific warehouse 
Dnnne Peter, of D. & Co. Pacific wai-ehouse 
Dunne & Co. house and carriage smiths, 164 Cal 
Dunne Jas. of Dunne & Co. 164 Cal 
Dunne E. F. school, No. 5, Stock cor Francisco 
Dunmore C. F. grocer. Market cor Stewart 
Dunning John, caulker, Rincon point, opp. Hosp 
Dunsing F. of Cordes & D. Kearay cor Bush 
Duperu N. merchant, 62 Cal 
Dupignac A. T. physician, Cal cor Quincy 
Dupont J. H. boots and shoes, Va. block, Stock 
Dupouy Sylvain, tailor, Dupont n Bdwy 
Dupratt Joseph, reporter Alta California, Keamj^, 

Telegraph hill 
Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. com merchants, 151 Batty 
Dupuy James, of Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. 
Dupuytren J. B. Pigne, physician, Dupont n Sac 
Duquesne D. grocery, 183 Kearny 
Durbrow Joseph, Junr, at Parrott & Co. 
Dnreu George G. of Haskell & D. 88 Pine 
Durie Wm. policeman at City Hall 
Durkan Patrick, laljorer, U. S. Customs. 
Durkin Anthony, drayman, Lombard n Dupont 
Dutard B. com mer, 59 Clay 
Dutell Alphonse, St. Mary's st 
Dutertre Louis, butcher, 5 Clay st. market 
Dutton H. of Sherman & D. h Stewart n Mission 
Dwyer David, coal yard, Cal n Kearny 
Dwyer Michael, Hunt n Third 
Dwyer Thos. builder, h Thh-d n Mission 
Dyer C. G. h 96 California 
Dyer Wm. C. cooper, Batteiy n Union 

Fades Wm. bakery. First n Mission 

Eagle L. carriage maker. Bush cor Milton 

Earl & Co. provision dealer, 81 Clay 

Earl E. M. of Earl & Co. 

Earl John, of Earl & Co. 

Earnhart Wm. J. h Bdwy cor Keamy 

Eason W. G. Sec'ty Merch'ts Transport'n Co. off 

cor Davis and Pacific 
Eastborn Theodore L. clerk. Sac cor Sansome 
Eastham Capt. H. F. seaman, Fremont n Bryant 
Eastland Joseph G. secretary S. F. Gas Co. First 

cor Natoma 
Eastman C. A. h MaWna pi, bet Clay and Sac 
Eastman E. carpenter, Yerba Buena n Claj 
Eastman Harrison, designer and wood engraver, 

h Taylor n Clay 

Card's Lane, 349 Stockton Street, 

"West side, between Vallejo and Green Sts. 


144 Clay St,, bet Montgomery & Sansome. 

« »»^o > 

PRITCHARD & MORRILL, Propkietors. 


W &*^:\\i t^'lh <^'1\J?J o'i\i/>'4'h e#?i^'l^ P^J^i^VS e!fV:U g^'^'^ 

No. 3 Clay Street AVharf, corner of East Street. 


All orders filled with dispatch, and at the lowest market rates. 



J. W. COURTS &. CO. 

(Successors to I. Myers,) 
"Wholesale and Eetail Dealers in 

181 CLAY STREET, opposite Court Block. 



Eastman Frank, printer, Taylor, 5 doors fm Clav 
Eastman Henry, draj-man, Taylor n Clay 
Eastman Joseph, -watennan. Mason n Clay 
Eastman Thomas, h Taylor, 2d house^rom Sac 
Eastman Webster, carpenter, h Clay cor Yerba 

Eastman Wm. H. carpenter, 201 Qiiincy 
Easton 0. W. asphaltmn mftr, Market cor Beale 
Eaton A. of Farron & Eaton, Market n First 
Eaton C. J. office 187 Washington [Wash 

Eaton & Bostwick, flour, grain, etc. Davis cor 
Eaton I. F. of Eaton & Bostmck [Hamson 

Eaton I. Ward, of J. L. Riddle & Co. h Essex cor 
Eaton L. P. of Gavett & Eaton, 132 Cal 
Eaton Wm. L., U. S. j\Iint, h Yallejo bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Eayi-s, H. P. Novelty -n-orks, 116 Front 
Ebbcts E. M. of Lowe, Ebbets & Co. h near cor 

Jones and AVashington 
Fberhart & Voight, saloon, Clay cor Montg 
Eberhart Joseph, of E. & Voight 
Eckel J. N. physician, 280 Stockton 
Eckel J. physician, over Palmer, Cook & Co. 
Eckenworth Joseph, carriage mftr, Keamy n Post 
Ecker Geo. O. watchmaker, 18-3 Clay 
Eckfeldt J. M. coiner, U. S. IMint 
Eckstein L. & J. Gailhard, tovs, etc. 144 Keamv 
Eddy E. W. cashier, Newhall & Gregory 
Eddy J. C. & Co. clothing, etc. Sans cor'Comcl 
Eddy Peter, h Francisco n Dupont [Front 

Edgar David A. Junr, clerk, Goodwin & Co. 119 
Edgerly W. B. clerk, Tubbs & Co. 139 Front 
Edwards A. L. & Co. grocers, 138 Front 
Edwards A. L. bds at Franklin House 
Edwards A. S. imptr liquors, 109 Batty cor Merch 
Edwards Edward, The Ai'bor, Kearnvcor Merch 
Edwards Frank G. paper hanger, at" J, C. Bell, 
182 Clay [cor Davis 

Edwards & Bailey, impts and com merch'ts, Cal 
Edwards H. F. of Edwards & Bailey 
Edwards Dr. James, real estate agent, 135Monto- 
h Everett bet Third and Fourth ° 

Edwards John, porter, at J. B. Weir & Co. 48 Cal 
Edwards Joseph, bottle dealer, Sullivan [Merch 
Edwards & Lawcombe, The Arbor, Kearny cor 
Edward L. B. dept wharfinger, Vallejo wharf 
Edwards W. P. agent for J. B. AYeir, 48 Cal, h 
Tehama n Second [Pine 

Eells R. S. & Co. wagons, stages, etc. Front cor 
Egan Chas. F. clerk at J. K. Hackett's 
Egan John, grocery and liquor, Fu'st cor Minna 
Egan Thomas, h Fomth cor Louisa n Folsom 
Egelhardt Benj. h Davis cor Clav, up-stairs 
Eger A. of Bernard, Eger & Co."l40 Wash 
Eggei-s & Co. wholesale grocerj', 5 Gala block 
Eggers G. H. of Eggers & Co. 
Ehlers W. & Co. grocers, Kearny cor Sutter 
Ehrenpfort Wm. upholsterer, 302 Dupont 
Eidenmiller Dr. Pacific n Dupont 
Eilerman H. & Co. mer tailors, 181 Wash 
Eisen Francis T. 147 Sac, up-stairs 
Eisenberg & Tobin, tailors, Montg n Wash 
Eisenberg J. of E. & Tobin 
Eisler & Frankenberg, harness makers, 284 Dupt 
Eisler H. S. of E. & Frankenbei-g, 284 Dupont 
ElamR. H. at E. P. Sevmour, h 326 Powell 
Elbey C. W. tinsmith, 260 Dupont 
Eldrid M. mftr vinegar, Sutter n Keamv 
Eldridge A. S. book-keeper, Empne warehouse 
Eldridge John, inspector U. S. Customs 
Eldridge J. 0. of Poulterer, Do Ro & Eldridge, 
h Bush above Powell 

Eldridge N. A. segars, 254 Dupont 
Elfelt E. S. mdse broker, 86 Sac, up-stans 
Elgutter Morris, of H. Breslauer & Co. Ill Sac 
Elias & Bro. Los Ajigeles mer, otF. 69 Battv 
EUery Epes, antiquarian book-store, 162 Wash 
Ellhigh Mi-s. Marv, h Bush above Dupont 
Elliot Dr. ofi". 6 Court block, 182 Clay 
Elliot Thomas, at J. McGlashan &*C6. 136 Mont 
Elliott & Tilden, builders and contractors, 201 Cal 
Elliot Gardner, of E. & Tilden, h Quincy 
Elliott W. grocery, cor Cal and Montg 
Ellis A. J. office Montg cor Sac 
Ellis A. T. h 95 Bdwy 

Ellis Geo. Second st. bakery. Second n Jessie 
Ellis H. H. policeman, at City Hall 
Ellis John S. of Scott & E. Front above Bdwy 
Ellis M. C. 134 Wash, h 103 Bdwy 
Ellis, Moses & Co. imptrs gen mdse, 54 Front 
Ellis Wm. Montgomery House, Jackson n Drum 
Ellissen A. & Co. merchants, 176 Sansome 
Ellmaker E. S. of Kinzer & Co. 2d cor Market 
Ellsworth Frank, compositor. Eve. Post, 65 Merch 
Ellsworth T. lumber, cor Stewart and Market 
Elston Samuel, h Brannan bet 2d and 3d 
Elton William Meyer & Co. merchts, 60 Cal 
Elton William Mayer, h 373 Powell 
ElwellF. clothing,' 52 1-2 Montg 
Elwell J. W. mess. Pacific Exp^Co. to Stockton 
Ely & Rankin, attornevs, 14 and 15 Wells' bldg 
Emanuel A. H. at Cundell's, Davis abv Jackson 
Emanuel Isaac, dravman, 27 Clementma 
Embury James W. of W. Annan & Co. 87 Front 
Emerson Geo. T. book binder, 70 Merchant 
Emerson Geo. W. clerk, at 131 Commercial 
Emerson Capt. Joseph, h Mason bet Cal and Pine 
Emerson Wm. L. Drayman's exchange, 75 Davis 
Emeiy Charles, sail maker, h 342 Dupont 
Emerj' Jacob, draj-man at Cook, Folger & Co. 

114 Broadway 
Emery Robt. at drug store, Dupont cor Clay 
Emmet C. T. attorney, Com'l NE cor Mont'y 
Encinal Tanning Co. "depot Wash cor Battery 
Endby M. laundry, Dupont n Green 
Enders John & Co. Alta mdls, Market n 1st 
Endes Alfred, New Orleans bakery, 179 Cal 
Engel Mon-itz, optician, 207 Washington 
Engel M. M. boots and shoes, Stockton n Bdwy 
Eugels Hemy A. tinsmith, ]\Iission n 2nd 
Engert A. F" C. merchant, 133 Clav, 3d story 
England Thomas, of Craine & E. Brenham pi 
Englander Mack, Howard n 2nd 
English & Lothrop, horse shoers, 53 Sansome' 
English Jerome A. of E. & Lothrop 
English J. W. h Howard 2d h E of Jane 
Enkinger Valentine, segars, 274 Dupont 
Ennen Wm. grocer, Jackson cor Keamy 
Ennis & Branch, Jenny Lind bakery, Stockton 

cor Union 
Ennis Wm. of Ennis & Branch 
Enpeiser Mathew, rope maker, 404 Stockton 
Ensbury Geo. A. Globe hotel, Davis cor Chamb 
Enscoe Dr. Montgomerv NE cor Bush 
Ensign G. H. off. 25 Court bl, 182 Clay 
Entoine Eugene, paper box mftr, Kearny cor Cal 
Enwi-ight JNIrs. h Geaiy cor Dupont 
Eppstem J. of H. Cohn & Co. h 2.34 Stockton 
Erba G. moulder, 150 Sacramento 
Erlandson E. at Janson, Bond & Co. Bat c Clay 
Erskin Mrs. E. bakery, 32 Montgomery 
Er^-iu Henry J. h 3rd" cor To^smsend 
Esberg M. segars, 79 Kearny 
EscLerich H. carpenter, Berry n Clara 



Estabrook W. "\Y. Am. Ex. Sansome n Sac 
Estell J. M. lessee State Prison, off. 176 Mont'y 
Estelle I\Iiss L. dress maker, 159 Dupont 
Eugene IVIi-s. dress maker, 94 Broadway 
Eukhoti" Hendrick, 213 Clay 
Enter Julius, of Kreyeuhagen, K. & Co. 49 Front 
Eyans A. engineer at Com'l mills, 1st c Natoma 
Eyans P. J. lighterage, at bethel. Miss cor Beale 
J Evans S. R. ofLa\y & Eyans, IGO "Washington 
Evans T. II. European house. Battery n Bd%yy 
Evatt Edward J. gun and locksmith, 64 JMont'y 
Evers & Brother, grocers, Vallejo cor Mont'y 
Eyers A. of Evers & Bro. 
Evcrs H. of Evers & Bro. 
Everhart & Dobezensky, stoves, etc, 6 Eu-st 
Everhart F. of Everhart & D. 
Eveillard & Eredel, saddlers, 130 Kearny 
Eveillard F. of E. & Fredel 
Eweld Edward,' at Mont'y baths, 163 Mont'g 
Ewer F. C. warehouse clerk U. S. customs, h SW 

cor Hyde and Sac 
Ewing Mrs. Louisa, li Francisco n Dupont 
Ever Jolm, builder, h Rich n HaiTison 

Fabens F. A. atty, 3 Jlontg block 

Fabre H. restaurant, 251 Dupont 

Facy H. (colored) clothes reuovater, 125 Mercht 

Fau\lnld G. W. engineer, Howard, n 3d 

Fan-child H. & Co. com merchants, 15 Clay, bet 

Drum and East 
Fairhaven Oil Co. First, bet Howard and Post 
Fake Geo. L. entrance and clearance clerk U. S. 

Customs, h Union, bet Jones and Leaven'th 
Fales E. agricultm-al implements, 74 Davis 
Falkcnstcin & Co. segars and tobacco, 84 Sac 
Falkenstein H. of Falkcnstcin & Co. 84 Sac 
Falkner, Bell & Co. Imperial Fu-e and Life Ins 

Co. 128 Cal 
Falkner E. R. of F., Bell & Co 
Faller B. real estate and money broker 30 Montg 


Fallon James, porter, 105 Front 
Fallon M. M. grocery, cor Cal and Montg 
Fanchcr «& Gough, livery stables, 99 Kearny 
Fardon G. R. potographer, 203 Clay, up stairs 
Faufield Geo. O. of"G. M. Josselj-n & Co.,Market, 

bel Cal 

Fargo & Co. wines and liquors, 52 Fi-ont 
Fargo C. F. of Fargo & Co 
Fargo D. C. Geary, bet Powell and Mason 
Fargo Frank, Bulletin off, 70 Slercht 
Farley John, saloon, 194 Pacific 
Farley Thos. P. paintei-, h Union, n Montg 
Farley Wm. of J. Ai-dle & Co. 161 Montg 
Farmer John, laborer, h Lousia, n 4th 
Farmer Richard, mercht, h Stock, n Green 
Farmer Capt. R. B. h Stockton, u Greenwich 
Famham H. S. M. printer at Bulletin off, 70 

Famch G. h 81 Bu^h, in tlie rear 
:Farnum W. H. of Otis & Farnum, 118 Front 
Fan* Alonzo, foreman at Bowman, Gardiner & 

Co., 3d, n i'olsom 
Farran Chas. com mercht, Washt, bel Dram 
Farrftn Capt. J. C. h Bryant, bet 2d and 3d 
Farrell A. E. dress maker, Green, n Dupont 
Farrell John, carpenter, Stoc'n, n Bush 
iFan-ell J. L. intelligence off", Kearny, bet Clay 
I and IMercht 

I Farrell Mrs. JMargaret, confectionary, Dupont, 
1 bet Bdwy and Vallejo 

FaiTcll Peter, Sarsfield House, Pacific, n JNIontg 

Earrington & Co. boots and shoes, 1 63 Clay 

FaiTington J. G. of Earrington & Co 

Farren & Eaton, carriage makers. Market, n 1st 

Farren J. W. of Farren & Eaton 

Earsandien ISIrs. A. dress maker, 301 Dupont 

Farwell George, book and cutlery stand, comer 

Davis & ^Yasht 
Earwcll J. D. ship chandlei-, 79 Clay, h Stock, n 

Farwell J. ]\I. at Rincon Point dock 
Fassking Louis, boots and shoes, 166 Clay 
Faul Mrs. h 260 Pacific 
Faulder J. C. Herald off, 120 Montg 
i^aulkeuberg Nelson, pilot C. S. N. Co., h Stock, 

n Greem^ach 
Faulkner, saloon, cor Pacific and Davis 
Fauntle-Roy W. H. h St. Nicholas Hotel 
Fain-e A. biiteher 4 Clay St. Market 
Eaiu'es & Reynolds, ship & citstom-house brokers, 

cor Battery and Washt 
Faures F. C, of F. & Reynolds 
I'^ay & Willis, com merchts, 61 Cal 
Fay C. T. h Oriental Hotel 
Fay John, steam soap factory. Chestnut, n Mason 
Fayard Bros, ban- dressing saloon, 164 Sac 
Fearos Theodore, h Dupont, n Union 
Feehan John, Union Saloon, 10 First 
Feeks John E. newspaper and periodical depot, 

NE cor Sansome and Washt 
Eeigenbaum M. of Ulmer, F. & Co., 100 Battery 
Feldbush H. Stock, cor Jackson 
Eeldbush John, grocer. Stock, cor Jackson 
Eeldheim & Co. Honolulu merchts, 62 Sac 
Feldheim Samuel, of Eeldheim & Co., 62 Sac 
Felker L. M. h Mason, cor Greenwich 
Fell E. L. carpenter, Leidsdorif, h Jackson, above 

Fellman Louis, grocer, Calhoun, n Green 
Felsenthal J. saloon, 143 Sansome 
Felt J. J. lumber mercht, Stewart, n Mission 
Eelton John B. atty, 170 Montg 
Feuger John, of Merrin & Co. 335 Dupont 
Fenkliousen, A. segars, 340 Stockton 
Fenn T. C. engraver, 94 Montg 
Fenner C. G. of Cook & F., Parsons' building, 

140 Clay 
Fenton P. h cor Taylor and Lombard 
Ferguson J. & T. produce merchts, 57 Clay 
Ferguson W. Hunt, n Third 
Ferguson Clement, at City Hall 
Ferguson John, ass't Post ]\Lister at P. O. 
Ferguson John, laborer, h Francisco, cor Midway 
Fernald D. L. blacksmith, Pine, bet Sansome 

and Bush 
Fernald L. S. boots and shoes, Jackson n Drum 
Eernandus L. clerk, h Kearny, n Bdwy 
Ferree Jules, billiard saloon, 145 Comcl 
Ferrell James, h Clay, n Jones 
Ferren Frank, razor grinder, Stillivan 
Eerrenbach H. watch maker, 260 Dupont 
FeiTcr Manuel, guitarist. Sac, n Stock 
Ferris D. slioe maker, cor Battery and Comcl 
Ferris D. C. clerk at Golden Gate clothing ware- 
house, cor Clay and Kearny 
Feuerstcin Rudolph, merclit, h Chestnut, n Stock 
Feussier & Co. cor Comcl and Dupont 
Feussier Henry, of Feussier & Co 
Feussier Louis, of Feussier & Co 
Fey Mrs. E. dress maker, Washt, n Powell 
Fribeger Theophelus, confcctioneiy, Dupont, n 





»^' \ \x ' 

^ a'i_Cr.i 

0'C\Q V t^V 

V\i \ ^\ ■^ 

X 191 day Stre@1 


Boys' Clothing', Hats, Caps, Shirts, 

Cravats, Gloves, Canes, Ladies' Eiding 

Hats, Whips, &c. 

Constantly on hand at wholesale and retail. 





JField E. X. clerk at J. C. Eddj & Co, cor San- 
I some and Cornel 
it'icld John, bdg house, Bdwv, cor DavLs 
(tifer M. W. physician, 230 Washt 
iJFlgaro Louis, clerk at G. 0. Whitney «Sb Co. h 
I Stockton, n Bush 

jFifrel & Brother, impts and dealers in clothing, 
;L 191 Clay 

Figel Joseph, of Figel & Brother 
Figel Samuel, of Figel & Brother 
Fildbush John, grocer, 398 Stoc'n 
Fillippi John, h Howard, bet 3d and 4th 
Fillmore Louis, grocer, Vallejo, cor Sansome 
Pinberg Mrs. F. jewcliy, 274 Dupont 
Finch Wm. G. stables. Summer, u Montg 
?inch H. G. clerk, cor California and ]\Iont'y, h 

Stockton n Pacific 
Finder A. dry goods, Stockton n Wash 
?indla Jas. coal and wood, Battery cor Pine, h 

South Park 
?inigan Dr. Holmes, drugs and med, 20 Jackson 
?ink D. watch maker, 141 Keamy 
Finley Thomas E. painter, h 18 Diipont 
?inn David, h Vallejo n Sansome 
Finn J. drapnan, it Bryant bet 2nd and 3rd 
Finnegan J. C. tinman, Jackson n Kearny 
Finnertv Thos. policeman, Citv Hall 
Finney C. G. of Cole & F. Clay cor Keamy, h 

Sacramento cor Prospect y>\ 
Finney J. T. carpenter, Green n Stockton, bds 

Powell cor Broadway 
Fireman's Journal Printing Office, 72 Merchant 
Fischer Chas. Consul of Austria, 159 Jackson, h 

200 Pine 
Fischer John, jeweler, 136 Montgomery 
Fish B. F. Black Hawk stable. Pine bet Sansome 

and Bush 
Fish F. & Co. intelligence off. cor Clay and Mon 
Fish J. H. general wharf agent, 134 Clay 
Fishbeck & Co. grocers. Mason cor Vallejo 
Fishbeck John, of Fishbeck & Co. 
Fishboume R. "W. lithographer, Ohio bet Bdwy 

and Pacific 
Fisher & Co. hats and caps, cor Mont'y and Com 
Fisher A. A. of Fisher & Co. New York 
Fisher B. teacher music and languages, 69 Kear 
Fisher C. A. h cor Montgomery and Com'l 
Fisher J. H, at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. h 7 Aub'n 
Fisher L. P. advertising agent. Wash cor Mont'y 
Fisher L. W. stock and money broker, Montg'y 

cor ^Icrchant 
Fisher M. broker, h Mission bet 2nd and 3rd 
Fisher P. San Francisco house, Clark bcl Front 
Fisherman August, shoemaker, Russ lane 
Fisk Miss, dress maker, I4O Sacramento 
Fisk & Loring, Albion saloon, 108 Montgomery 
Fisk W. T. of F. & Loring 

Fiske H. G. & E. S. tinware and stoves, 190 Kear 
Fister Christian P. hair dresser, 140 Montgomerv 
Fitch Geo. jr. of Cudworth & Co. Hinckly n Pky 
Fitch Geo. K. office Montgomery NE cor Sac 
Fitch Henry S. office 179 Clay 
Fitch Wm. S. office, Montgomeiy NE cor Sac 
Fitch J. B. of Lynch & F. cor Merch and Kearny 
•Fithers Thomas, draj-man, Spring cor Summer 
1 Fitzgerald E. & Co. im]>ts hardware, etc, 112 Bat 
Fitzgerald ^lorris, tinsmith, h Vallejo n Sansome 
Fitzgerald Wm. saloon, 98 Pacific 
Fitzgibbon John, ship carpenter, Howard n 2nd 
Fitzgibbons M. E. drayman, h Sutter n Mont'y 
Fitzjerald Edward, dept sheriff, 115 INIrchant 
Fitzjerald P. ale and liquors, 3rd cor Market 

Fitzpatrick John, trunk maker, 180 California 
Fitzpatrick John, of Tm-ner & Co. 128 Broadway 
Fitzpatrick Wm. civil engineer and contractor, 

Beale abv Folsora 
Fitzsimmons John, laborer, Filbert n Ment'y 
Flaagen ]\Irs. Catharine, boarding house, Sacra- 
memo cor Stockton 
Flaherty Lawrence, liquors, 137 Keamy 
Flanagan John, of Oliver & F. 99 Front 
Flanagan M. E. bds at Union hotel, Keamy 
Flemer Thomas, of Porter & F. 133 Keamy 
Fleming Arthur, clerk, Kearny cor Bush 
Fleming George, druggist, Kearny cor Bush 
Fleming J. J. Bay market, cor Front and Pacific, 

h Green abv Dupont 
Fleming Joim, h Water bet ISIason and Taylor 
Fleming John R. Vallejo n Mont'y 
Fleming Samuel, printer, Eve. Post oft". 53 Merc 
Fleming Wm. ship carpenter, Clementina bet 1st 

and 2nd 
Fleming W. B. at Surveyor General's ofiT. li How- 
ard E of 3rd 
Flether W. clerk, Taafi"e, McCahiU & Co. Front 

cor Sac 
Flewrrj- Paul, locksmith, 41 Leidesdorff" 
Flint «i Hayes, Custom House Exchange, Batte- 
ry cor Wash 
Flint Wm. C. of F. & Hayes 
Flint, Peabody & Co. impts and com merchs, cor 

Front and Bdwy 
Flint Edwd. P. of F. Peabody & Co. h Harrison 

n Front 
Flint Daniel, at Flint's warehouse, h Folsom bet 

1st and 2nd 
Flint John, printer, Wide West off. 1 53 Sans 
Flint Thos. P. at State bakery, 248 Dupont 
Flint Wm. K. at F. Peabody & Co. h Harrison 

n Front • 

FlintoflF Jos. blacksmith, Howard E of 3rd 
Flitcroft T. tent maker, Jac'n n Batt 
Flood H. S. salesman, at Eugene Kelly & Co. cor 

Sac and Sans 
Flood Jas. C. Auction lunch, 125 Wash 
Flood John, mess U. S. customs, Bdwy cor Kear 
Flood Michael, book seller, 137 Kearny 
Florent Eck. cooper, Stoc'n n Bdwy 
Flower Samuel, of AVade & W. attys, 127 Mont 
Fly J. S. wood and coal yard, Dupont cor Union 
Flynn E. H. of McClelland & F. bds Clinton ho- 
tel. Pacific 
FlATin E. L. flour inspector, off. 67 Clay 
Foard J. McDonough, ed. Golden Era, 151 Clay 
Fogarty Wm. laborer U. S. customs, Dupont bet 

Sutter and Post 
Fogarty Wm. elk, 48 Batt 
Fogarty W. h Hubbard bet 2nd and Srd 
Fogerty Jas. butcher. Metropolitan Market 
Fogg, Joseph h Mercht below Drum 
Foley, M. C. caulker, Bcale cor Brannan 
Folger Edward P. of Cook, F. & Co. 114 Bdwy, 

h Greenwich n Dupont 
Folger Francis B. Davis bet Market and Cal 
Folger James A. at W. H. Bovee & Co. 122 Front 
Folk James S. expressman, h cor Geary & Mason 
Folger W. H. ship chandler and ship stores, 140 

Folk Solomon, clothier, 236 Pacific 
FoUer J. musician, off. cor Montg and Bush 
Folsom & Walcom, carriage makers, Webb bet 
Sac and Cal [and Cal 

Folsom & Morey, blacksmiths, Webb, bet Sac 
Folsom Albert, of Folsom & Morcy 


Iron Buiklinov ]V. E. cor. Moutgomery & Wasliinoton Sts. 



Shasta Courier, 
Empire Argus, (Coloma,) 
llariposa Gazette, 
Yreka Union, 
Trinity Journal, 
Iowa Hill News, 
Volcano Ledger, 
San Jose Telegraph, 
Sonoma County Journal, 

California Farmer, 
Calfomia Mining Journal, 
Los Angeles Star, 
Santa Barbara Gazette, 
San Diego Herald. 
Alim di County Gazette, 
Humbolt Times, 

Sacramento Union, 
Dailv Times, (Sacramento,) 
San Joaquin Republican, (Stockton,) '. 
Marvsville Herald, 
Nevada Journal, 
Grass Valley Telegraph, 
Sonora Herald, 
Columbia Gazette, 
Mountain Democrat, Placerville, 
Calaveras Chronicle, (Mok. Hill,) 
The Pacifl-, (San Francisco,) 

Oriental, (Chinese and English,) San Francisco. 
Oregonian, (Portland Oregon Territor3',) 

Pacific Christian Advocate, (Oregon Territory,) 
Keligious Exptsitor. (Oregon TerritorT,) 
, Oregon Statesman, (Salem, Oregon Territory,) 

Table Rock Sentinel, (Jacksonville, O. T.) 

Pioneer and Democrat, (Olympia, Puget Sound, AV. T.) 

Puget Sound Courier, (Steilacoom, Puget Sound, W. T.) 
Polynesian, (Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.) 
Pacific Commercial Advertiser, (Honolulu, Sandwich Island^,; 
Mexican Extraordinary, (City of Mexico,) 
Honkong Register. 

Also on file the following papers : 

California American, Sacramento ; Democratic State Journal, Sacramento ; Sierra Citizen, Down- 
ieviUe ; Sierra Democrat, Forest City ; Mariposa Democrat ; Butte Record; Stockton Argus: Ma- 
rysviUe Express; MarysviUe Inquirer; Old Mountaineer, Quincy; San Jose Tribune; all the Sau 
Francisco Papers, andthe Principal Atlantic Papers. 


•^^ ADVERTISEMENTS and SUBSCRIPTIONS received for Papers published in 
any portion of the Atlantic States. Having Agents in New York, Boston and Phila- 
delphia, I guarantee that all orders shall be attended to with promptness and dispatch. 

To those Wishing to Advertise. 

The undersigned invites especial attention to the facilities afforded by his Universal 
Newspaper Agency, for Advertising your business in the oldest and largest circulated 
Newspapers published in this State, Oregon, Sandwich Islands, and the Atlantic States. 

Whenever you may desire to avail yourselves of the benefits afforded by this medium 
for extending your business acquaintance in this State, or elsewhere, I will be most 
happy to receive your orders. 







rolsom Geo. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 

rolsom J. L. executor's otf. 63 Montg 

ronda & Gray, auctioneers, Clay cor Sansome 

Toote «& Watson, attorneys, 101 Mercht 

Toote Henry, S. of Foote & Watson. 

Torbes & Babcock, agents P. M. S. S. Co. off. 

Sac cor Leidesdoi-ff 
orbes A. of Forbes & Babcock, h Essex 
'orl)es Alex, real estate agent, 176 Montg 
orbes Arthur, laborer, h Green n Sansome 
•"orbes G. P. atty, 2 Court block, 182 Clay 
Forbes Thomas, boarding house, 100 Pacific 
i'orcheimer D. h Customhouse block 
i'ord E, & J. Mansell, Eureka market, 27 Bnsh 
ord John, boots and shoes, Jackson bel Drum 
i'ord J. M. Daguerrean saloon. Clay cor Kearny 
i'ord Lewis S. liquor mer, 81 and 83 Wash 
ord N. M. book-keeper, at Goodmn & Co. 119 

Tord Mrs. S. fancy dress maker, 336 Dupont 
i'ord Wm. clerk. Police Court, City Hall 
ordham Robt. B. of A. L. Edwards & Co. 138 

Torgerty Patrick, carpenter, 2d n Stevenson 
Torner John, billiard saloon, Dupont cor Vallejo 
I'orrest Antonio, clerk of French Consul, Jackson 

cor Mason 
'orsaith Edw. W. butter, cheese, etc. Wash mkt 
i'ort Joseph A. messenger Pacific Express 
i'ortune J. A. at C. Hudson & Co. 99 Battery 
"■oshay I. W. Sutter bet Kearny aud Dupont 
Foster Edwd. machinist, 51 Jackson 
i'oster A. H. paper hanger, at Mantic Hotel 
"'ester B. F. of Alta California, h 204 Stockton 
'oster Daniel, ship carpenter. Main cor Folsom 
'oster J. G. h Jackson cor Mason 
'oster JohnR. at Walter M. Rockwell, 97 Batty 
'oster Joseph, The Cottage, Powell cor Francis 
oster P. B. Herald ofiice, 120 Montg 
'oster Mrs. S. Sac bet Stockton and Dupont 
oster Thomas, mariner, Vincent 
oster Thomas, of Maltby & Foster, 202 Clay 
'ountain W. H. D. mdse broker. Clay bel East 
Tourcade H. at V. Marziou &Co. li Lombard cor 


?oushee Thos. S. painter, Jackson above Kearny 
j'outs D. L., U. S. storekeeper. Appraiser's store, 

h Virginia n Jackson 
Towler Jas. L. h Stockton, bet Bush and Sutter 
?owler John, at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
fowzer J. segars, Davis cor Bwdy 
i'ox & 0' Conner, wines, brandies, etc. cor Lei- 

desdoi-tf and Clay 
?ox William, of Fox" & O'Connor 
fox H. carpenter, h mercht bel Dnim [n Davis 
Tox Thomas, Original Jackson st House, Jackson 
i'oye Chas. E. of Crawford & F. 139 Front 
frabra S. blacksmith, 2 53 Dupont 
Tracey T. J. Broadway House, Bdwj' n Front 
i'rancis D. B, clerk, atSS Front 
?rank Frederick & Co. impts and com mer, 89 

and 91 California 
?rank Frederick, h Union, bet Stock & Powell 
frank A. drayman, Jessie bet 2d and 3d 
frank August, Charles Market, 3d n Howard 
frank Charles, bakery, 88 Second [bel 2d 

^Vank J. of Waterman, Kohlberg & Co. h ISIission 
frank L. clerk at Lindauer Bros. 57 Sac 
Frank M. impt and jobber, 99 Cal 
Frank Otter H. Sansome cor Pacific 
Frank S. painter, 75 Dupont 
Frankenberg, of Eisler &, F. 284 Dupont 

Frankenthal Max, clerk, Sachs & Co. 112 Sac 
Franklin & Co. grocers, 202 Pacific 
Franklin Julius, grocer, 202 Pacific 
Franklin J. shoemaker, 1 Hinkley n Dupont 
Franklin S. & E. real estate agents, cor Sac and 

Franz Clara, dress maker. Green n Dupont 
Eraser S. of Sims & F. Oregon bet Front & Davis 
Fraser Thomas, 82 Bush 
Eraser Wm. ship carpenter, Stewart n Market 
Frantzkee F. raftr paper boxes, 65 Kearny 
Frawley Thos. Pleasant Valley Hotel, Clementi- 
na cor Ecker 
Frazee C. inspector U. S. Customs 
Frazer John, liquors, Folsom cor Beale 
Freaner J. A. olf. 84 Montgomery block 
Fredendall S. h 110 Sacramento 
Frederick Charles, druggist, 270 Dupont 
Fredet J. of Eveillard &F. 130 Kearny 
Freeborn James, 121 Front, h Dupont cor Cal 
Freedpike Morris, bar-keeper, Cal n St. Mar\''s 
Freelon Hon. Thos. W. County Judge, City Hall 
Freeman & Co.'s Express, ofi". cor Sac and Mont 
Freeman J. M. of Freeman & Co. 
Freeman E. Folsom, bet 1st and 2d 
Freeman John, mess. Cal. State Telegraph Co. 

100 Merchant 
Freeman, T. P. boots and shoes, 81 Jackson 
Freeman Wm. mechanic, li Folsom, bet Third 

and Fourth 
Freidlander Louis, of Goldstone, F. &Co. N.York 
Freiermuth Geo. A. stoves and tin ware, Jackson 

bet Drum and Davis 
French Benevolent Society, off. 159 1-2 Sac 
French E. prod mer. Wash bel Drum 
French, I. G. at Vance's Daguen-ean rooms 
French, Walrath & Co. flour,' 92 Front 
French R. B. of French, Walrath & Co. 
Frenk J. boots and shoes, 283 Dupont 
Frensioli A. fruits, 187 Kearny 
Fretz A. lodging house, 24 9 Clay 
Fretz R. S. of GaiTison, Morgan, F. & Ralston, 

Wash cor Batteiy 
Frick Jacob, compositor, Christian Advocate 
Friedberg Chas. segars, Kearny cor Comcl 
Fricdberg M. carpenter, Dupont n Union 
Friedberg M. beer saloon, Keai-ny cor Sac 
Friedel H. bookbinder, 137 Washington 
Friedlander I. & Co. flour mer, 60 California 
Friedman Jacob, drayman, Adler 
Friedman M. & Co. wood yard, foot of Market 
Friel Wm. stoves, 96 Pacific, li Kearny bet Val- 

Icijo and Broadway 
Fries Charles, lager beer, 368 Stockton 
Friiik Geo. W. Tehama House, Cal cor San 
Fisbeck & Co. grocers. Pacific cor Mason 
Frisch I. G. liquors, Kearny n Sutter 
Frisius M. com mer, 34 Front 
Fritch G. coal, Kearnj- n Green 
Fritter Elbe H. grocer. Battery cor Bdwy 
Fritz Chas. H. Baltimore House, 69 Pacific 
Frolin Chas. C. hatter, Davis above Pacific 
Froisard Joseph, restaurant, 163 Comcl 
Frontier, Deviercy & Co. jewelry mftrs, 81 Bush 
Frontin John, Danish Consul, mer, 86 Sacramen- 
to, uji-stairs 
Frost & Richards, painters, 98 Battery 
Frost H. of Frost & Richards 
Frost Geo. W. of Butcher & F. 149 Kearny 
Frost Henry M. trunk maker, ISO Cal 
Frus Ciiarles, h Third bet Folsom aud Harrison 
Fry Mrs. J. h Dupont cor Greenwich 



FuUard & Co. shpgr, off. Market cor Stewart 
Fuller J. W. musician, h Sutter n Kearny 
Puller O. furniture, 82 Montg 
Fuller Silas, agent Coose Bay Coal, off. junction 

California and Market 
Fullerton Saml. of Rodgers & F. Batty n Vallejo 
Fulmer Mrs. M. J. h Mason cor Chestnut 
Fulton A. Potrero Nuevo 

Fulton Edwd. of P. Hunt & Co. Sac cor Dupont 
Fulton John A. dealer in hides, h Townsend bet 

Second and Third 
Furelier W. Stag Hotel, 114 Pacific 
Furlong P. grocer, Davis cor Pacific 
Furman M. H. atty, 10 Parson's bldg, UO Clay 
Furst Martin I. h Green aljove Powell 
Furstneuthal G. R. clerk, 176 Washington 

Gaeot Jules, boots and shoes, 121 Kearny 

Gaffin J. A. elk, Mnt n Market 

Gaffney M. com merchant, Davis cor Pacific 

Gaggus Chas. Charles' mkt, 3rd n Howard 

Galavotti T. dancing academv, Keamv cor Post 

Gailhard J. of L. Eckstein & J. G. 144 Kearny 

Galager Chas. of J. Level & Co. Batt cor Coml 

Galboley Frank, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 

Galerger Edward, shoe maker, 7 Coml 

Gallacar Chas. Pine n Dupont 

Gallagher Chas. Wood & Coal, Wash bet Drum 

and East 
Gallagher Edw. inspect and repacker, Beale bet 

Market and Mission, h Fremont n Harrison 
Gallagher Rev. H. P. pastor St. Marj^'s Cath. h 

Pine XE cor Quincy 
Gallagher Rev. Jos. A. St. Mary's Cath. h Pine 

n Dupont 
Gallagher INIrs. Margaret M. dress maker. Bush 

n Dupont 
Gallagher Thos. of McKewen & G. 190 Clay 
Galland & Caro, clothing, etc. Mont cor Wash 
Galland B. of G. & Caro 
Galland W. of Caro & Co. 221 Kearny 
Gallard Francisco, h Dupont n Union 
Galley Ludovic, of Lecacheux, G. & Co. h Tiu-k 

cor Taylor 
Gallick W. clothing, boots, etc. 33 Pacific 
Galloby George, saloon, 8 Coml 
Galloway Jos. off. Stewart & Co. Folsom, h Pow- 
ell n Vallejo 
Gallowav Capt. W. h Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
GalushaE. B. of Goddard & Co. h 44 Minna 
Gambitz R. imptr boots and shoes, 82 Sac 
Ganahl Francis, of Parsons & G. Parson's bldg, 

140 Clay 
Ganaer Jas. Empire and Keystone iron works, 90 

Gangloff Frank, stoves, etc. 95 Kearney 
Gangloff Jos. stoves, etc. 95 Kearny 
Garbade F. of H. Wilbern & Co. Dupt cor Bush 
Garbato Mrs. Di-usilla, music teacher, Dupont n 

Garbato Luis, music teacher, Dupont n Lombard 
Gardiner B. saddlery warehouse, 91 Batt 
Gardiner Jas. H. warehouse elk. Naval off. U. S. 

customs, h 177 Stoc'n 
Gardiner John, of Bowman, G. & Co. 3d n Folm 
Gardiner John H. elk, 50 Batt 
Gardiner J. J. City Surveyor, 28 City Hall 
Gardner & Coleman, shipsmiths, 173 Front 
Gardner Jared M. of Gardner & C. 
Gardner B. W. blacksmith, Batt cor Sans 
Gardaer M. D. book keeper, 19 Clay 

Gardner R. M. painter, h 13 Virginia pi 
Garfield ^Irs. Susan, boarding house, 64 Clay 
Garland Geo. mariner, h rear 327 Dupont 
Garnett La. treas elk, U. S. branch mint 
Gamiss J. R. atty, off. 60 Cal, commissioner for 

State of Ohio 
Gan-ett Wm. T. of Reed & G. 100 Pine 
Garrett Jas. carpenter, Vallejo n Sans 
Gan-igan Laughlin, laborer. Filbert n Mont 
Garrioch Alex, of McKinlay, G. & Co. 116 Cal 
Garrison, Morgan, Fretz & Ralston, bankers, con 

Batt and Wash 
Garrison C. K. of G. Morgan, Fretz & Ralston 
Garrison C. K. & Co. agents Nicaragua S. S. Co. 

Wasli cor Batt 
Garrison Wra. R. of C. K. G. & Co. h Union clb' 
Garrone Felix, laundry. Bush bet Tayr and Jones j] 
Gartenberg Adolph, crockery, Stoc'n n Vallejo 
Garthonie Chas. 1 Clay st wharf, h Folsom bet 

1st and 2d 
Gan-ey C. agent and broker, 1 Crt bl, 182 Clay 
GaneV C. h Everett bet 3id and 4th 
Garvvig C. of Boucher & G. 123 Sac 
Garwood Greo. M. Steamboat market, 5 Jac'n 
Garwood Jos. S. h Sans opp Rassette hotel 
Gasene Francois, Social hall, Brannan cor Rich 
Gaskat Stephen, at wood yard, Dupont cor Union : 
Gaskin M. drayman, h Ellis cor Stoc'n 
Gasking G. W. of Burnham & G. 9 Clay 
Gately T. J. carpenter, h Everett bet 3rd and 4th.: 
Gates Davies, boots and shoes, 126 Davis 
Gates (Jt'o. h Geaiw n Kearny 
Gates Dr. H. S. off. 68 Merch 
Gauchet Henry, landry, Louisa bet 3d and 4th 
Gauthier, of Kohn & G. 201 Kearny 
Gautier Dr. L. P. off. Sans n Cal, h Ellis n Masn.i 
Gavett & Eaton, crockery, 132 Cal 
Gavett Jonathan, of G. & Eaton 
Gavigan William, of Roper & G. 59 Coml 
Gaylor H. O. real estate broker, 150 Mont 
Gear Mrs. h 71 Jac'n 
Gebler Theo. at Sigrirt & Bros. Ill Wash 
Geddcs C. carpenter, Dunbar's al rear City Hall 
Geddes J. S. book keeper, D. Tafi't & Co. h cor 

Bdwy and Stoc'n 
Gedge Capt. G. wharfinger, Greenwich dock 
G^dney R. butcher. Wash cor Stoc'n, h Jac'n cor 

Gee Lewis, foreman Eve Post off. 65 Merch 
Geiger Chas. Hamburgh bakery, 13 Kearny 
Geisher Henry, porter, 64 Front 
Gelien Gustave, segars, 188 Wash 
Genella Joseph, crockery-, 184 Mont 
Genella Clias. Jos. clerk, 184 Mont 
Genella Daniel, clerk, 184 Montg 
Greneve Louis, cabinet maker, Cornel bet Keamy 

and Dupont 
Geughagan "Tliomas, baker, Dupont n Francisco 
George & Couch, Mission Express, at Stage ofi". 

George David, at U. S. Mint, h Lombard n Stoc 
George Henry H. livery stable, Kearny cor Bush 
George James C. clerk, cor Gomel and Sansome 
George Robt. grain dealer, 52 Clay 
Gerberding C. O. & Co. publishers of " Bidletin," 

Montg cor Mercliant 
Gerberding C. 0. h Clay above Taylor 
Gerima Chas. South Park Ex. Brannan cor Richi 
G«rke Henry, off. Kearny bet Clay and Mercht 
Gerlach Conrad, shoe maker, 100 Kearny 
German Mission Church, Rev. A. Kellner, Du- 
pont cor Pine 








Snil EiSili iilLilES, 


First Street, Near Gas Works. 

This establishment has the largest assortment of Machinery at present on the Pacific 
Coast, for the execution of mechanical contracts. Their long experience in the mechan- 
ical requirements of the State, and their extensive assortment of Patterns, enables them 
to execute orders with the greatest promptitude. 


Of every variety and power, (constructed in conformity with the Act of Congress. 

Hydraulic Pumps and Pimipino' Engines for Mines, 
jan'ms»tujLjc jpisjessjes, 

Architectural Castings of all kinds, and every variety of Mechanical work. 



M. GTJEIli:Nr, 

"Wholesale & Retail 


'M m 

Ladies', Misses', Gent's, Boys' and Children's 








Anti-Gum Oil, Sperm Oil, Elephant Oil, China 

Oil, Neat's Foot Oil, Polar Oil, Camphene, 

Alcohol, Burning Fluid, Wicking, &c. 





Gerry Dr. S. R. ofF. 114 Merclit n Kearny 
Gerstle A. mer, 110 and 112 California 
Gei'vais Prosjjer, grocer, 25"Dupont 
Gestle G. A. cheap Jolm, 88 Long wharf 
Giannini & Davis, Plaza bakerv, 202 Wash 
Giannini Henry G. of G. & Davis, 202 Wash 
Gibb Daniel & Co. impts and com mei'chants, cor 

Front and Vallejo [nut 

Gibb D. of D. Gibb & Co. h cor Kearny & Cliest- 
Gibb Win. of Daniel Gibb & Co. [Front 

Gibbs C. V. S. purchaser, Goodwin & Co. 119 
Gibbs E. B. mer, cor Front and Cal 
Gibbs F. A. clerk, at George C. Johnson & Co. 

Battery cor Pine 
Gibbs John S. lumber dealer, Stewart n Market 
Gibbons D. L. physician, h Green n Stockton 
Gibbons Thomas, clerk, 378 Stockton [Cal 

Gibbons & Lammot, agts for Dupont powder, 6.5 
Gibbons Henry, physician, 163 Clay h 228 Stock 
Gibbons, Rodman, h Oakland [Ian pi 

Gibbons T. D. watchman U. S. Customs, h Har- 
Gibbons W. A. com mer, 65 Clay 
Gibson J. S. inspector, U. S. Customs 
Gibson Lewis, grocery, 61 Front 
Giechen John, grocer, Minna cor Jane 
Gies John, shaving saloon, 1 63 Front 
Giffin John, stoves and tin ware, 351 Stockton 
Giffin 0. F. fruit store, 99 Comcl 
Gilion T. engraver, cor Clay and Montg [Front 
Gilbert & Stringer, Phoenix oil works, Wash bel 
Gilbert Geo. S. of Gilbert & Stringer 
Gilbert Frank, clerk, cor Comcl and Sansome, 

h Virginia place 
Gilbert J. physician, 237 Keamy 
Gilbert J. A. news agent, Wash n PostofBce 
Gilchrist J. G. of J. McGlashan & Co. 127 Mont 
Gildemeester & Harvey, brokers, off. Batty cor 

Gildemeester Adrian H. of G. & Han^ey 
Gildemeester John Paul Henry, Consul of the 

Netherlands, off. cor Batt and Wash 
Giles E. book keeper at Alsop & Co. Ill Cal 
Giles J. G. builder, 242 Pacific 
Gille L. boots and shoes, 67 Keamy 
Gillespie C. V. searcher of records,'34 Mont bl 
Gillespie Patrick, laborer, Varence 
Gillctt J. W. D. clerk, 58 Front 
Gillingham C. A. & Co. merchants, 79 Wash 
Gillis Stephen, printer, Herald off. 120 Mont 
Gillman Mrs. A. boarding house, Mont cor Bdwy 
Gilman A. M. & Co. wines and liquors, 82 Front 
Gilman Geo. at Scott & Ellis, Front abv Bd^^-y 
Gilman L. of Carpenter & G. Mission n 2nd 
Gilmore Alex, of Brennan & G. 156 Clav 
Gilmore G. W. of Hobbs, G. & Co. h 2d op Jessie 
Ginn Edward, bds at Union htl, Kear cor Mcrch 
Ginnis Patrick, shoe maker, 67 Mont 
Giorgiani A. fruits, 94 Davis bet Wash and Jac'n 
Girard L. of M. Dore & Co. 106 Batt 
Girard Louis, laundry, 61 Mont [Jac'n 

Girardin A. at Pioche, Bayerque & Co. Mont cor 
Giron M. of Vachon & G. "Kearny n Coml 
Gittennan M. clerk at Schloss Bros, 7 Cul bl 
Given Jolm, cai-penter, Beale bet Fols and Harr 
Gladding A. I. grocery and mkt, Powell cor Bush 
Gladwin, Hugg & Co. groceries, etc, 59 Front 
Gladwin W. H. of G. Hugg & Co. h Powell 
Gladwin G. S. & Co. groce'i-ies, etc, 50 Front 
Gladwin Geo. S. of G. S. Gladwin & Co. 
Glascock Wm. H. 102 Merch, h Taylor cor Clay 
Glassell & Leigh, attys, 9 U. S. Court building, 

Batt cor Wash 

Glassell Andrew, of G. & Leigh 

Glasur G. A. boots and shoes, 2nd n Jessie 

Gleason H. B. off. Sans n Bush 

Gleason Mrs. T. N. Y. 4th ward house, cor Jac'i 

and Drum 
Gleason Richard, wagon maker, bds 196 Pacific 
Gleizes Benj. of Bondin & G. Union bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Glenn Tlios. builder, Brenham pi 
Glesner R. A. cabinet maker, Bdwy n Stoc'n 
Globe Hotel, Geo. A. Ensbmy, cor Davis and 

Godcheaux Bros, imptrs dry goods, 81 Cal 
Godcheaux Adolph, of G. Bros. 
Godcheaux Jos. of G. Bros. 
Godcheaux L. dry goods. Mission cor 2nd 
Goddard & Co. Pacific foundry, 1st bet Howard 

and Mission 
Goddard E. B. of G. & Co. h Bush bet Powell 

and Mason 
Godeau Alex. Bdwy n Dupont 
GodeauMrs. laundry, Bdwj' n Dupont 
Godcffrov Sillem & Co. 141 Clav, up stairs 
Godeffroy Alfred, off. 141 Clay " 
Godfrey, Vosburgh & Dcnison, hair dressers, 

Coml bet Leidesdoiif and Mont 
Godfrey N. of G. A^osbm-gh & Denison 
Godfrey Augustus, boarding house, Bdwj' n Batt 
Godfrey J. T. Godfrey's saloon, rear Citv Hall, h 

2.3 Court bl 
Godfrey S. R. of J. C. Eddy & Co. h Bush n Pow 
Goetjen N. Eclipse saloon, Folsom cor Stewart 
Goldber !M. scgars, Jac'n n East 
Golden Gate Clothing Warehouse, M. S. Martin, 

cor Clay and Keamv 
Golden Gate Nursery, W. C. Walker, Fols c 4th 
Golden State Bakeiy, Deeth & Stan-, 31 Sac 
Golden Thos. messenger U. S. customs, h Dupont 

bet Sutter and Post 
Golding Henry, general foreman at Union foundry 
Goldman G. A. of Griesman, Co!m & Co. h Val- 
lejo, bet Stockton and Powell 
Goldshmidt N. of Isaac Lamm & Co, 169 Clay 
Goldsmith A. liook-keeper, 93 Cal 
Goldsmith H. Goldsmith House, 109 Sac 
Goldsmith L. book-keeper, H Levi & Co, 65 Cal 
Goldsmith W. E. engraver, cor Clay and Montg 
Goldstein A. Samuel, tin store, 267 Stock 
Goldstein E. L. of H. Levi & Co, 65 Cal 
Goldsticker Michael, butcher, 220 Stock 
Goldstone, Freidlander & Co. impts, 82 Sac 
Goldstone L. of G., Freidlander & Co., h 255 

Gomez Wm. C. (colored) steward, Green, n Stoc 
Gomly James, bar-keeper, h 204 Stoc'n 
Gonim E. at Pioche, Bayerque & Co, Monts, cor 

Gonsalcz D. carpenter, Third, n Mission 
Gonzales Francisco, h Bdwy, n Dupont 
GiDodale S. P. imptr and com mercht, ccr Cal 

and Batteiy 
Goodall Chas. capt. str Hercules, off. Saucelito 

Water Co., cor Davis and Drum 
Croodchild E. liquors, Stoc'n, cor Green 
Goodell Mrs. F. L. boarding house. Summer, n 

Goodhue J. jeweler, 152 Sac 
Goodman Fredk, clothing, 79 Keamy 
Goodman G, bag mfty. Long Wharf 
Goodman G. S. broker and com mercht, 63 Cal 
Goodman J. imptr, 3 Custom House block, Sac 
Goodman J. & M. dry goods, 8 Va. block, Stoc'n 




iti,f 1 ^i itilitilli.* 





"WTiiVi has been conducted since its establishment in San Francisco b 
the partner, M. S. MARTIN, who is now sole Proprietor, but his connec 
tion Avith the House 335 Broadway, N. Y., is the same as heretofore. 

Come and look at the Clothing and Furnishing Goods; received per th( 
last Mail Steamer ; and we are constantly, by every steamer, receiving 
large Invoices of Glothing and Furnishing Goods from our House, 335 
Broadway, N. Y. If vou will give us a call we will show you the LAT- 
is only by manufacturing our own Goods that we are enabled to sell at 
SELL. And we particularly call your attention to our 

OXJST'Oiaj: SHXrtT'S- 

We take your measure and forward it to our Rooms, 335 Broadway, N. 
Y., where it will be cut by our best cutters and made by the best work- 
men in the United States, and returned in sixty to seventy days, and we 
warrant the Garments to fit or no sale. 

As we are always happy in showing our Goods, we invite all to come 
in and examine our Clothing and Furnishing Goods, at the 

Golden Gate Clothing Warehouse, 

Corner Clay and Kearny Streets, opposite the Plaza, 

3M. JB- 3VE-A.H."a[?IlSr, I»ro:K>'r- 




GrOodseU, spar maker, Beale, bet Mkt and Mis'n 
Groodspeed F. bds at Union Hotel, Kearny, cor 

Good^^-in & Co. grocers, 119 Front, cor Oregon 
Goodwin Chas. K. of Goodwin & Co 
Good^^'in & Co. & Meeker, liquors, 121 Front, 

west side 
Goodwin Chas. market. Mason, cor Green^\-ich 
Goodwin J. W. of Wan-en & Co, paiaters, 196 

Goostree A. J. bdg house. Pacific cor Kearny 
Gordies ]\Irs. Caroline, dress maker, 228 Clay 
Gordon, Brooks & Root, stoves etc, 160 Battery 
Gordon John, of G., B. & Root 
Gordon & Hall, feed store, 45 Batterv 
Gordon Jas. M. of G. & Hall 
Cxordon J. & Co. coach makers, 3d, cor Market 
Gordon A. boat builder, Clark, bet Davis and 

Gordon Geo. Pres't Vulcan foundrv, cor First, h 

25 South Park 
Grordon Geo. W. hair dressing saloon, Tehama 

Gordon John, plumber, h Oregon, cor Front 
Gordon J. W. W. physician, 220 Clay 
Gordon Thomas, furnishing, 128 Bush 
Gore Benj. B. book-keeper at Bond & Hale, h n 

toll gate, Folsom [Pacific 

Gorham & Jackson, com merchts. Battery, cor 
Gorham "Wm. R. h Clay, cor Prospect place 
Gorham E. of G. & Jackson 
Gostorfs L. B. genl imptr, 50 Battery 
Goud G. L. of Hubbard & Co, 117 Sansome 
Gough Richard, of Fancher & G. 99 Kearny 
Gough Wm. T. atty, 174 Clay 
Gould Alfred S. business agt of True Califomian, 

h Mason, cor Cal 
Gould Franklin, ale house, 2 Clay st wharf 
Goux J. B. dyer and scom-er. Sac, n Stoc'n 
Gowers & Co. coppersmith, 49 Jackson 
Gowers George, of Gowers & Co 
Grabs H. h Post, bet Keamy and Dupont 
Grady ]\Iathew, clerk, .378 Stoc'n 
Graham ]Mi-s. Chamber St House, Chamber, n 

Graham E. W. atty, 235 Kearny 
Graham I. (colored) steward. Pine, n Dupont 
Graham J. R. boots and shoes, 142 Battery 
Graham Wm. jeweler, Clay, cor Taylor 
Grandlield John, boatswain revenue cutter Wm. 

L. Marcy 
Granini, watch-case maker, 174 Clay 
Grant Adam, of Eugene Kelly & "Co., cor Sac- 
ramento and Sansome 
Grant C. V. Fremont, bet Folsom and Harrison 
Grant Gilbeit A. not. pub., oiF. 24 Montg block 
Grant John, marble yard, 93 Montg, h Bush, 

cor Jane 
Grant Joseph, comr of deeds for all the States, 

93 ^Merchant 
Grasshoff F. caipenter, 368 Powell 
Grattan Wm. H. builder's materials, etc., 135 

Graupe S. segars, "Gem," Front, cor Sac 
Graves & Smith, coppersmiths, 80 Jackson 
Graves E. S. of Graves & Smith 
Graves James, h Everett, bet 3d and 4th 
Graves S. P. at Turner Bros., Market, bet Kear- 
ny and Montg 
Gray Asaph, of J. L. Taggard & Co., 102 Front, 

bet Clay and Washt 
Gray A. Harrison, bet First and Fremont 

Gray G. H. atty, over Lucas, Turner & Co 
Gray H. !M. physician. Clay, cor Dupont 
Gray Jeremiah, printer. Chronicle otF. 65 Mercl 
Gray J. J. bds at Rassette House 
Gray Xathaniel, undertaker, Sac, n Dupont 
Green Adam T. salesman, Taafie, McCahUl . 

Co., Front, cor Sac 
Green Augustus, 189 Pine 
Green Frederick, of S. Price & Co., 151 Battery 
Green Fred. P. ilarket, cor Second 
Green Fred. Walter, h Dupont, n Fan-ell 
Green G. W. Washt market, h Mission, bet 4tl 

and 5th 
Green Josejjh, 189 Pine 

Green Mrs. L. private bdg, Stewart, bel IMarket 
Green widow INIai-y Ann, Union, n Montg 
Green "Wm. of Burns, Green & Co, 17 Clay 
Green Wm. crockery, 272 Dupont 
Green W. A. store ship Callao, Beale, cor Mis'i 
Greenbaum J. & Co. fancy goods, 64 1-2 Batt'y 

h cor Stoc'n and Post 
Greenberg M. machine sewing factor}-, 80 Davis : 
Greene, Heath & Allen, Virginia tobacco agency; 

65 Front 
Greene S. H. of G., Heath & Allen, 58 Front 
Greene & Nelson, imptrs, cor Cal and Front 
Greene Thomas, First, n Clementina 
Grecnhagen M. at Janson, Bond & Co., Battery^;' 

cor Clay 
Grcenhood, Newbauer & Co. imptrs segars and 

tobacco, 92 Cal 
Greentree Eli, U. S. mint, h Post, n Montg 
Green wald Henry, 211 Clay 
Greenwood & Leetch, mdse brokers, 167 Sansome 
Greenwood James, Empire steam bag factory,^ 

76 Davis 
Greer Joseph, of Street & G., Brenham place 
Gregg Isaac X. coppersmith and kon worker,) 

Market, n First 
Gregory Henry, of NewhaU & G., cor Sac and 

Greif John," S. F. baths, 180 Washt 
Gi-ellet C. C. mercht. Union, n Dupont 
Grennell Chas. depty county clerk, 12 City Hall 
Grenough & Co. hay and grain, cor Cal & Drumi 
Grenough John R. cor Cal andDnim 
Grey M. clerk at Atwills, h 204 Stockton 
Grey C. V. atty, 1 Court block, 1S2 Clay 
Grier Pierre, at Tallant & Wilde's 
Griere P. C. stall 49 Washt market 
Griesman, Cohn & Co. segars and tobacco, 88 Sac 
Griesman Joseph, of G. Cohn & Co., h Stoc'n, 

bet Washt and Clay 
Grifteth, Millen, Lion Co. Brewery, 136 Pine 
Gritfin & Sweetser, fish stall, 29 Washt market 
Griffin L. of G. & Sweetser 
Griffin, Vandeweer & Co., copper and sheet iron 

workers, etc. Sac, n East 
Griffin E. of G. Vandeweer & Co 
Griffin B. P. Boomerang, 191 Keamy 
Grilfin J. W. 156 Sans, "2d floor, bds Franklin h 
Griffin Wm. pilot, Pacific cor Davis 
Griffin Wm. shoemaker, 212 Kcaniy 
Griffith & Co. looking glass mfts, 204 Clay 
Griffith J. W. of G. & Co. 

Griffiths Thos. J. printer. Bulletin off. 70 Merch 
Grihalba Jose, mft of jeweh-r, Sullivan 
Grimes Geo. T. at Turner, Sheldon & Co. 93 Fnt 
Grimwood Adolphus, oft'. NW cor Clay & Mont 
Grinbaum M. S. book keeper, 69 Batt ' 
Griuell Peter, clerk, bds Cal n Dupont J 

Grissman C. Sac cor Front 1 



r;ri-;wold J. C. policeman, City Hall 
rioat R. V. 42 Mont bl 

T[c U T. teacher of drawing-, Jessie bet 2d and 3n 
Iro-an A. B. com merch, Sans cor Jac'n 
iio-etta John, fruits, 158 Kearny 
iro-h & Rutherford, Coml flour mills, 1st c Xato 
iio<h Saral. R. of G. & R. h Clementina n 1st 
ii'uskrut Frederick, baker, Stoc'n cor Vallejo 
iross E. S. com mer, off. Front cor Battery 
iiossman B. furniture, Mission cor Jane 
iiossman Geo. drayman, Melius n Jane 
jrotjan P. A. merchant, 112 Cal 
jrotjan T. J. merchant, 112 Cal, h Kearny bet 

Green and Union 
Trous Frederick, Harmony hall, Kearny cor Sac 
iioutsch Nicolas, furniture, 221 Dupont 
Tiozenger L. & G. h Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
iiuchney John, grocer, Bdwy cor Dupont 
iruenhagen J. F. h Green bet Mont and Kearny 
iruner F. seal engra'r and dye sinker, 171 Wash 
irulibee Joseph, pattern mkr, Folsom bet 1st &,2d 
iuerey Peter, butcher, 221 Pacific 
Tucrin J. & Co. dry goods, etc, 105 Mont 
Tuerne Luis, feed store, 370 Stoc'n 
>uilford John, sail maker, Stewart bet Market 

and Mission 
Quillet Achille, laundry, 400 Stoc'n 
iuiiimand A. billiard saloon, 225 Stoc'n 
Tuillicksen S. of I. C. E. Klepzic, 212 Wash 
Tuniraer Sarah, boarding house, 78 Stoc'n 
jrummy John, tin roofer, h 260 Dupont 
jrunn John, dentist. Clay cor Kearny 
juiin R. W. cooper, 150 Batt 
Tunu Wm. at J. McGlashan & Co. 127 Mont 
Tundlach Jacob, brewery, Vallejo n Dupont 
iuniiing Chas. Eagle saloon, 106 Kearny 
Tunnison A. J. atty, 92 Merch 
jniuhel Mrs. h Clara n Sutter 
Tuuther Jacob, laundry, Mont aby Vallejo 
Tiuiuendez Mrs. Eloi, dress maker, 234 Sac 
Tiuvy M. of Dunn & Co. Market bet Frem & 1st 
Tii-hce Horace, butter, cheese, etc, 51 Wash mkt 
iuthrie Claude, cabinet maker, Brooklpi pi 
juthrie G. W, dpty surveyor U. S. customs, h 

251 Pacific 
Tiitierrez Candido, clerk at Saunders & Hepburn 
iutte I, clerk at Goldstone, Freidlander & Co. 

82 Sac 
tuv Abel, banker and com merch, 107 Wash 
iuyol Armand, at SnerilF's off. City Hall 
iuyron Thos. laborer, Vallejo cor Bartol 
winn, Wm. M. h Jac'n bet Stoc'n and Powell 
rwyer Miss C. American house, Pacific cor Batt 

'aas & Louderback, jewelers, 171 Wash 
laas Charles, of H. & Louderback 
laas & Rosenfeld, clothing, etc, 86 Cal 

aas S. clothing, Pacific bel Front 
laas S. segars. Wash cor Batt 
laas Saml. segars, 57 Pacific 
lackett John K. atty, 148 Mont, h Pacific bet 

Stoc'n and Powell 
lackett Thos. W. whai-finger, Lombard dock 
ladelcr H. of Schmidt & H. 134 Clay 
ladley Jas. C. mason, bds 195 Pacific 
laehnlen Jacob, laborer U. S. customs 
lagadon Patrick, plasterer, h St. Marks pi 
lagan & Mayer, dry goods, 2 Virginia bl, Stoc'n 
lagan B. of H. & Mayer 

lagan James, inspt in charge of U. S. barge off. 
lagan John, inspt U. S. customs 

Hagar George, merchant, Coml cor Front 
Hagar J. S. Judge Fourth District Court, City 

Hagedon H. C. at Duncan & Co. Mont cor Merc 
Hagen Peter, paper, rear 349 Stoc'n 
Hagermann & Co. grocery. Post cor Powell 
Hagermann Wm. of H. & Co. 
Hagerman Henry, at E. Fitzgerald & Co. 112 Bat 
Hagthrop Edwd. mftr stoves, etc, 124 Sans 
Hahn John, h Sac cor Dupont 
Haight F. M. atty, Clay NW cor Mont 
Haight H. H. atty, Clay NW cor Mont 
Haight L. F. livery stable, 106 Kearny 
Haine Milton, physician, 228 Wash 
Haines John, clothier, Coml aby Sans 
Haines Capt N. h Taylor cor Sac 
Haker Wm. clerk, 150 Kearny, h Sutter n Dupt 
Hale H. & Co. com merchant, 97 Front 
Hale Henry M. of Bond & Hale, h Stoc'n 
Haley & Thompson, Railroad house, 46 Coml and 

87 Clay 
Haley John, of H. & Thompson, Railroad house 
Haley Robt. Port warden, 42 U. S. Court build- 
ing, h 58 Bdwy 
Hall of Records, Brenham pi cor Wash 
Hall C. & Co. employment off. 205 Clay 
Hall Albion, clerk, Hawley & Co. Cal cor Batt 
Hall Edwd. Fremont house, 96 Pacific 
Hall Edwd. of Henry Johnson & Co. 146 Wash, 

h Clay n Stoc'n 
Hall E. G. blank books, stationery, etc. Front cor 

Coml, h Taylor cor Jac'n 
Hall I. E. book keeper at E. G. Hall 
Hall Isaac M. of Brigham & Co. 41 Wash mkt 
Hall James, job wagon, Union n Dupont 
Hall Jos. F. City laundry, Stevenson n 3d 
Hall Milton, carpenter, 21 Leidesdoi-ff 
Hall R. jr. clerk, C. & A. J. Langley, 43 Coml 
Hall Richard, h Chestnut abv Jones 
Hall Saml. M. saloon, Brenham pi 
Hall T. grocer, 38 1st 
Hall Thos. J. grocer, Powell cor Pacific 
Hall W. D. L. of Gordon & H. 45 Batt 
Halleck, Peachy & Billings, attvs, 68 Mont bl 
Halleck Henry W. of H. P. & B. h Folsom n 2d 
Hallett G. H.' Contra Costa laundry off. Mont bl 
Hallock J. Y. & Co. hardware, 99 Sans 
Hallock J. Y. of J. Y. H. & Co. h PoweU betwn 

Jac'n and Wash 
Halphin Alex, dry goods, 197 1-2 Kearny 
Halsey Chas. notary public, Mont cor Clay 
Halsey Wm. F. of A. L. Edwards & Co. 138 Fnt 
Ham C. W. market, 2d n Mission 
Ham I H. produce com mer, Riucon Point ware- 
house, Clay st whf n East 
Ham J. H. at Frank Baker's, 112 Clay 
Hamberg Aug. paper hanger, 211 Clay 
Hamburger Bros, impts dry goods, 93 Cal 
Hamburger B. h 9 Minna 
Hambly Thos. atty, Clay cor Mont 
Hamersley G. W. invoice clerk U. S. customs, h 

Jac'n cor Mont 
Hamill John, grocer, Stoc'n cor Green 
Hamill Wm. teacher Union st school, h Dupont 

n Greenwich 
Hamilton & McKnown, Dag'n artist, 163 Clay 
Hamilton Chas. F. of H. & McKnown 
Hamilton A. printer, 130 Wash, h 19 Spring 
Hamilton Jos. harness maker, 82 Batt 
Hamilton Wm. B. actor, h Union n Kearny 
Hamilton W. F. off. 92 Front 
Hammel, groceiy, Sans cor Mar!iet 












No Charge for Dockage, 

The Vessels can Unload or Load 
rem the WAREHOUSE thereby 
dispensing with much expense other- 
wise attending Storage. 

MONEY to advance on s;oods in store. 

I. H. 


Commission Merchant, 

Clay Street. 




Hincon Point. 

]\o charo-e for CARTI\G, DOCK- 

Grain received on Storage in our Fire- 
Proof Warehouse, at 

50 cents per TON" 
Vessels can unload into or load from the 
House, directly from their decks, without 
the usual expense of wharfage, cartage and 



Liberal Advances made on consignments, 
5^" All kinds of produce sold at five per 
cent, commission. 




lammell L. A. tailor, 143 Coml 
lammil Wm. school No. 4, Union n Kearny 
[ammerschmidt John, hau' dresser, 68 Mont 
lammersmith INIrs. S. 23 Wash mkt 
lamraersmith Sam. Sans Ex. 147 Sans 
lammond L. trcas clerk U. S. branch mint 
lammond Dr. h 3d u Harrison 
lammond Rich. P. res Oakland 
lammond Wm. (M. D.) off. 42 Bush 
lammond Wm. school teacher, Dupnt n Greeu'h 
lammond Wm. & R. gents' furnishing goods, 

162 Sac 
lampshaw W. steward, h 67 Bdwj 
lampton Robt. grocer, Taylor, cor Valparaiso 
lammond & Knowles, lumber, Cal, bel Front 
lanabery Michael, h Jessie, bet 2d and 3d 
lancock Jno. "compositor," h Kearny, bet Green 

and Vallejo 
land M. D. clerk at 119 Gomel 
landy Mrs. A. C. h Harrison, above 3d 
landy J. W. laborer U. S. customs, h Beny, n 

laney Wm. W. billiards, 180 Jac'n 
langry Henry, of Clielsea laundry, 3d, n Bryant 
lankin C. grocer. Pacific, cor Taylor 
lanlon V. drayman. Union, n ]\Iontg 
lanna John, mercht, Market, bet Fremont and 3d 
lauua John, deputy clerk Superior Court, h 

Geary, bet Kearny and Dupont 
lanarhan D. H. clerk" at Sheriff's office 
lansell A. & W. E. carpenters, h Mason, n Pa'c 
ismsmaun H. Hamburg Consul, 76 Jac'n 
laraszthy A. melter and refiner, U. S. branch 

mint, h Harrison, cor Hampton place 
laraszthy A. F. hay and grain, Kearny, n Sutter 
iaraszthy C. h Jessie, cor 3d 
3arby Julian, h Sutter, bet Kearny and Dupont 
Jardie cfc Rutenberg, imptrs and jobbers, 6 Cus- 
tom House Block 
lardie D. of Hardie & R., h Bush, opp'te Tur- 
ner's Hall 
larding Sanil C. at Frank Baker's 
larding & Linckin, sail makers, 55 Front 
larding John, of Harding & Linckin 
lardy Chas. drayman at Flint, Peabody & Co.'s 

lare C. dealer in ship gear, Rincon Point 
larford John, laborer, Ohio, n Bdwy 
larker John W. Harrison, n Fu'st 
lanner Wm. book-keeper at 48 Battery 
larmon A. K. P. of Knight, Harmon'& Childs, 

Batteiy, n Cal 
lannon Chardine, restaurant, Pacific, n Dupont 
larmon Geo. (colored) cook, Varence 
iarmon S. H. lumber, Mar't, cor Fremont 
larms John, saloon, 254 Dupont 
lamden W. H. at Pacific Express Co, h Minna 
larper Wm. stage driver, h St. Mark's place 
larrington D. F. grocer, 3d, XW cor Everett 
larrington E. B. clerk, Washt, cor Mont 
iarrington Rev. J. St. Patrick's Church, Market, 

n Third 
larrington P. cattle dealer, 27 Bush 
Harris & Brother, produce com merchts, Washt, 

n Davis 
Harris G«o. of Hanis & Brother 
Harris J. F. of Harris &■ Brother 
Harris A. H. accountant, off. 177 Clay, h Pike, 

n Washt 

Harris B. (col'd) gunsmith, bet Sac & Leidsdorff, 
Harris (Jeo. A. copy clerk. Hall of Records 
Harris Isaac, clothing, 127 Davis 

Harris Dr. I. H. pliysician at State's prison, h 

Everett, n Third 
Harris Jas. L. clerk at Otis V. Sawyer & Co., 

79 Front 
Harris M. of B. Cohn & Co, 109 Cornel 
Harris S. B. collector, off. Clay, NE cor Moutg 
Harris S. L. furniture, 196 Kearny 
Harris S. R. physician. Clay, cor Dupont 
Harris Eli, painter, Brenhara place, h Bdwj', abv 

Harrison James, baker, 82 Pacific 
Harrison John, under sheriff, City Hall 
Harrison J. V. elk at P. Hunt "& Co., Sac, cor 

Harrison R. insptr U. S. customs 
Harrison S. L. auct and com, 193 Sansome 
Hanold Jas, of R. E. Brewster & Co., h Green- 
wich, n Stoc'u 
Harrold John, 106 Jessie, bet 2d and 5d 
Harropp Joseph, at Chelsea laundry, 3d, n Bry't 
Hart & Stevenson, attys, Montg, cor Jac'n 
Hart Wm. of Hart & Stevenson, h Mission Dol's 
Hart Bernard, Post, SW cor Taylor 
Hart Jesse B. atty, Ai-mory Hall, h Stoc'n, a. 

Hart Capt. John, at S. Price & Co., h Rincon pt 
Hartman Eugene, billiards, 231 Pacific 
Hartman I. atty, Gomel, cor Montg, h Town- 
send, bet 2d and 3d 
Hartman J. hatter, 151 Keaniy 
Hartman Itlichael, baker at 248 Dupont 
Hartshome B. M. coal mercht, Davis, abv Bdwy 
Harvey C. C. of Gildemester & H, Batterv, cor 

Harvey Mi's. Mary, laundiy, Dupont, n Bdwy 
Harvey M. M. atH. B. Pomroy, 147 Front 
Harvey Thomas, ship carpenter on the beach, 

foot 2d St 
Hasbach Otto, Battery, opp Custom House 
Haseltine H. & Co. merchts, Pacific wharf, below 

Haseltine H. Jr. of H. Haseltine & Co 
Haseltine W. of H. Haseltine & Co 
Haskill & Daren, blac'ths, 88 Pine 
Haskill John M. of H. & D. h Post, u Dupont 
Haskell P. sash and blinds, Tehama, n 2d 
Haskell Waldo, h Stevenson, bet 3d and 4th 
Hassard Geo. A. of W. C. Annan & Co, 89 Front 
Hassen Wm. blac'th, h Hubbard, n 3d 
Hassey F. A. off. 113 Montg 
Haste & Kirk, coal yard, 151 Clav 
Haste John H. of H. & Ku-k, h Powell cor Ellis 
Hastings John physician, 234 Washt 
Hastings John F" of Noisy Gamer B. & S. Co., 

64 Gomel 
Hastings S. A. storage, Mar't, n 1st 
Hastings S. C. atty, 92 Mercht 
Hastier, Baines & Co. com merchts, 112 Cal 
Hastier E. J. of Hastier, B. & Co 
Hasty Chas, clothing, 51 Gomel 
Hasty Capt. Wm. h Green, bet Montg & Kearny 
Hathaway & Co. grain merchts, 8 Clay 
Hathaway Chas W. of Hathaway & Co 
Hathaway D. B. of Hathaway &"Co 
Hathaway E. V. of Hathaway & Co 
Hathaway Dr. B. W. Clay, NE cor Montg 
Hathaway C. S. of JMorgan, Hathaway & Co, 28 

Front, h Clement, bet Stoc'n and Powell 
Hathaway D. physician. Mason, cor Pacific 
Haubert J. Philadelphia bakery, 43 3d, n Folsom 
Hauk Louis, bar-keeper for Pioneer saloon, cor 

Montg and Clay 



Hausche H. carpenter, h Eddy, n Mason 

Hauser & Co. clothing, 244 Dupont 

Hauser D. of Hauser & Co 

Hauser & Toerje, Trench boot makers, 165 "Washt 

Hauser Charles, of Hauser & Toerje 

Hauser David, shoe maker, 344 Dupont 

Hautier H. syrups, rear 89 Bdwy 

Haven J. P. insurance agt, 106 Montg, h 397 

Haven R. S. notary public, 106 Montg 
Haven W. S. purser of Golden Age, h 7 Har- 
lan place 
Havens Fr. D. clerk 99 Comcl 
Hawes Horace, atty, 161 Montg 
Hawes Madison, printer, h NE cor Pine & Taylor 
Hawkins Homer B. teller at Tallant & Wild's 
Hawkins J. W. inspct U. S. customs 
Hawks J. D. of Goodwin & Co., h Mission, bet 

3d and 4th 
Hawks W. W. atty, 177 Dupont 
Hawley & Co. imprs hardware, etc, Cal, cor Batty 
Hawley Chas A. of Hawley & Co, h Essex, bet 

2d and Park place 
Hawley David N. of Hawley & Co 
Hawley P. S. of Hawley & Co., h Essex near 

Hawley C. E. h 280 Stoc'n 
Hawley C. J. grocer, Batteiy, cor Commerce 
Hawley Mrs. R. E. h 3d, bet Harrison & Bryan! 
Hawthorne E. h Mission, bet 2d and 3d 
Hawxhurst W. wooden ware, etc, 114 Front 
Hay A. M. speculator, Dupont, cor Greenwich 
Hay Thos H. carpenter, bds Walton House 
Hayden & Humphreys, produce comr merchants, 

12 Clay 
Hayden C. W. of Hayden & H., h Third, above 

Hayden Miss C. M. h Everett, bet 3d and 4th 
Hayden Dr. Grenville G. dentist, 113 Montg 
Hayden J. h 256 Kearny 
Hayes E. M. & Co. liquors, 133 Clay 
Hayes A. H. printer, at Town Talk office 
Hayes E. R. jeweler at Barrett & Shenvood's 
Hayes J. h Bush, n Stoc'n 
Hayes James, marble worker, 93 Montg, h Bush, 

abv Dupont 
Hayes N. of I. Alexander & Co, 87 Long wharf 
Hayes Richard, rope maker, Dupont, n Union 
Hayes Robert, stone cutter, Sonoma place 
Hayes Thomas, county clerk. City Hall 
Hayes Thos R. clerk at Main & Winchester's, 82 

Hayes W. h St. Mark's place, n Stoc'n 
Haynes & Lawton, imptrs crockery, etc., 128 

Haynes B. of Haynes & Lawton 
Haynes T. J. & Co. com merchts, 37 Cal 
Haynes John W. com mercht, 95 Front 
Haynie Wm. M. 32 Natoma 
Hays Mrs. segars, opp Railroad House 
Hays John C, U. S. Surveyor General, 73 Mont. 

gomery block 
Haywood G. B. at 23 Battery 
Haywood G. B. of Noisy Can-ier's B. and S. de- 
pot, 97 Battery 
Hazard P. F. dancing master. Bush, cor Montg 
Hazen M. F. com merchts, Front, cor Comcl, h 

56 Bdwy 
Healy Edward, clerk at Holcombe & Dole, Clay, 

cor Kearny 
Heaney John, Clinton Oyster saloon. East, near 


Heaney Bernard, bakery, Anna, n Jessie 

Heath Jemima I. widow, Dupont, n Filbert 

Heath R. W. of Green, H. & Allen, h South park 

Heatley John D. lumber and coal, 1st, n Mission 

Hecht A. imptr and jobber, 71 Battery 

Hecker F. boots and shoes, 34 Comcl 

Hedges Geo. M. com merchts, 105 Front 

Hedrey & Co. soda mftr, 157 Cal 

Hedley P. D. of H. & Co 

Heenan & Young, blac'th, 123 Pine 

Heenan Michael, of H. & Young 

Hee Hee Co. Chinese provisions, 195 Sac 

Heighe Wm. at Wells, Fargo & Co.'s 

Heiken Carson, grocer. Pacific, cor Dupont 

Heim O. I. clerk, 340 Stoc'n 

Heinburg E. W. h 48 Clay 

Heinimann M. physician, Montg, cor Jac'u 

Heinold John, Union Bakery, 372 Stoc'n 

Heintzelman H. P. bds St. Nicholas Hotel 

Heithner Lewis, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 

Heizman John, watch maker, 52 Comcl 

Helderbrandt M. grocer. Melius, cor Hunt 

Heller M. & Bro. imptrs dry goods, etc., 83 Cal 

Heller Martin, of M. Heller & Bro 

Heller Moses, of M. Heller & Bro 

Hellmann Brothers & Co. com merchts, 124 Cal 

Hellman Max, book-keeper, at J. Seligman, 107 

Helmening & Plege, grocers, Powell, cor Vallejo 
Helmering C. A. of H. & Plege 
Helmken Theodore, of Lakemen & H., 102 Jessie 
Helmken J. T. Jessie, bet 2d and 3d 
Hemenway S. 1st, cor Folsom 
Hemphill Thomas, h Brenhan place 
Hempstead Chas H. of Bigler, Thomas & H., 98 

Hempstead D. B. notary public, off. 98 Mercht 
Henarie S. K. printer, at Town Talk ofiice 
Henderson & Brown, Cochituate baths, 57 Sans'e 
Henderson Walter 0. of H. & Brown, h Bush, a 

school house 
Henderson F. jobber of dry goods, 61 Sac 
Henderson F. H. clerk at F. Henderson's, 61 Sac 
Henderson Mrs. milliner, Natoma, bet 1st and 2d 
Henderson Capt. John, liquors. Drum, bet Jac'n 

and Pacific 
Henderson S. dry goods, 160 Sac 
Henderson Wm. P. carpenter, h Mission, bet 

4th and 5th 
Hendrickson's Eating Saloon, 74, 76, 78 and 80 

Long Wharf, and 111 and 113 Clay 
Hendricks & Cornynn, bdg house, 198 Sansome 
Hendricks Wm. bdg house, 198 Sansome 
Hendrie I. h cor Pacific and Front 
Hendrie J. W. of Lockwood & Hendrie, 176 Clay 
Henck H. segars, 64 Kearny 
Hencken H. grocer, Sutter, cor Stoc'n 
Hencken Wm. H. grocer, 3d, cor Perry 
Henne Chas. H. & Co. wood and coal, 222 Pacific 
Henley G. W. clerk, 155 Dupont 
Henley Col. T. J. Supt Indian affairs, 155 Dupnt 
Hennesey Wm. laboi'er, bds 196 Pacific 
Henrichsen Reincke & Co. merchants, 124 Cal 
Heni'ight Daniel, laborer, Sonoma pi 
Henriot Mrs. dress maker. Sac abv Powell 
Henry Augustus, printer, Coml off 
Heni-y Geo. ale house, Davis abv Bd^vy 
Henry R. saloon, 182 Mont 
Henry R. wines and liquors, 138 Clay 
Henry Wm. clerk, h Brenham pi 
Henscliel & Maurice, ship and custom house bro- 
kers, Batt opp Custom House 




I Jire an^ Parinc |nsitranx£ Jgnifg, 


The Liverpool & London Fire Insurance Co. 

Capital, - - - - $10,000,000. 

Insurance against Loss by Fire, in all parts of California, effected upon 
Claims will be paid by tbe undersigned as soon as the amount of loss is 
ascertained, without the sixty days' delay exacted by American Policies. 

I The Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company. 
The Orient Mutual Insurance Company. 

The Pacific Mutual Insurance Company. 

The undersigned have full powers from the above eminent Companies 
of New York, to Insure VeSSClS, CargOeS, and Freight, to and 
from all parts of the Globe, upon the most favorable terms. 

The long experience of the subscribers in the practice of Fire and Ma- 
rine Insurance, their presence upon the spot to settle losses, and the high 
character of the Companies represented, enable us to furnish superior 
facilities and more satisfactory guarantees than can be found elsewhere. 

General Averages adjusted. Particular losses stated and claims for 
losses prepared and collected. 

J. P. & R. S. HAVEN. 

J. F.]n^, 


Commissioner for Pennsylvania and Louisiana. 



^ ^° Protests and all Commercial and Marine "Writings Drawn. ^^^ 




Henschel H. L. of H. & Maurice 

Hense T. collector Cal Democrat, 205 Dupont 

Hensing Otto & Co. segars, 58 Kearny 

Hensley Sam. J. Pres. Cal. S. X. Co. off. Front 

cor Jac'n 
Henson Geo. boot maker, 286 Pacific 
Hentsch Henry, banker, Hentsch's building, cor 

Mont and Jac'n 
Hepburn Andrew, butcher, 181 Dupont 
Hepburn H. P. of Sanders & H. 127 Mont, h Sut- 
ter n Powell [h 42 Natoma 
Hereford T. S. invoice examiner U. S. customs, 
Heringer John C. mft of jeweby, 206 Vallejo 
Herjes Frederick, grocer. Pine cor Dupont 
Herked John, lock and gunsmith, Pacilic between 

Front and Davis 
Hermann Lucien, off. 146 Clay 
Hei-mann Sam. off. 146 Clay- 
Hermann S. com merch, 106 Clay, h 3d n Missn 
Hermann Wm. at Pioche, Bayerque &, Co. Mont 

cor Jac'n 
Hermans M. jewelry store, 1.30 1-2 Mont 
Heringhi Bernard, watches and jewelry, 250 Dpnt 
Hemning Jacob, market, .3d cor Folsom 
Herrera ISI. J. H. Consul of New Grenada, h Biy- 

ant bet 2d and 3d 
Herrick and Pracy, machinest, Market n 2d 
Herrick A. P. at wood yard, Dupont cor Union 
Herrick Nelson R. Market n 2d 
Herrick "Wm. F. engraver on wood, 174 Clay 
Herring Mrs. M. Keystone house, Jac'n bel Davis 
Herron Thos. W. steward Golden Gate, Vallejo 

n Sans 
Hertel Geo. bai-ber, 211 Kearny 
Hertel R. clothing, etc. East nClay 
Herting Conrad, tailor, 125 Kearny 
Hertz Henry, musician, 99 Bd\vy 
Hertz Morris, h 2 Rassette pi 
Herzog C. F. Pioneer sewing factory, 24 Coml 
Herzberg J. off. 176 Sansome 
Herzer H. City brewery, 1 1 Kearny 
Heslep Augustus A. lawyer. Sac n Dupont 
Heslep A. M. attv, Naglee's bldg. 85 Merch 
Hesler & Co. (Wm.) bakers, 221 Pacific 
Hess Abraham, h Stoc'n n Wash 
Hess Chas. jobber, 82 Sac 
Hess F. printer, Cal Democrat, 205 Dupont 
Hess L. 70 Cal, h Stoc'n cor Post 
Hewes David, builder, Stevenson n 4th 
Hewij R. of Poppe Bros. Batt cor Coml 
Hewlet John C. merchant, 89 Front, bds Teha- 
ma house 
Hewlit & Collins, merchants, 55 Front 
Hewston J. jr. (M. D.) practical chemist, at Kel- 
logg & Humbert's, 104 Mont 
Hey John, City bakery, 81 Dupont 
Heyfron Mathew, h Peny abv 3d 
Heyl W. S. supt Citj^ powder mag, 68 Batt 
Heymes A. h Hinkley n Dupont 
Heynemann, Pick & Co. unpts, 104 Clay 
Heynemann Leonard, of H. Pick & Co." 
Heyward C. prompter Am. thea. Green n Calh'n 
Heywood Z. B. lumber merch, Cal st whf 
Hibben Thos. N. of Noisy Gamer's, 97 Batt 
Hickey & Co. apothecaries, 323 Dupont 
Hickey And. at Folger & Moore's, h How n 2d 
Hickey James, liquors, Jac'n bel Front 
Hickox Geo at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Hicks Richard, dry goods, 144 iNlission 
Hiestand John C. "maltster, foot Stoc'n n Beach 
Higgenbotham J. C. watchman U. S. customs 
Higgins ElLsha, h Greenwich n Stoc'n 

Higgins David W. printer. True Cal off. 66 ]\.Ier 
Higgins E. wood yard, Jac'n cor East 
Higgins Geo. gold pen mft, 136 Mont 
Higgins Capt. Jas. S. h Greenwich n Stoc'n 
Higgins John, grocer, Sutter cor Clara 
Higgins Wm. L. notary public, 120 Mont 
Highberger L. B. tinsmith, 43 Clav 
Highton H. E. at Cal Chronicle, 65 Merch 
Hilderbrand A. h Francisco n Stoc'n 
Hilderbrand Henrick, artificial flowers, 99 Bdwy 
Hildreth S. T. Contra Costa mkt, 23 Coml 
Hill, Willoughbv & Johnson, liquors, 62 Front 
Hill A. A. of H: Willoughbv & Johnson 
Hill A. A. of J. C. Eddv & Co. Sans cor Coml 
Hill, Clark & Co. off. Front cor Clay 
Hill & Wills, auction and com, 112 Sans 
Hill A. grocer, 42 1st 
Hill John, Empire and Keystone iron works, 90 

Hill John (colored) clothes renovator, 121 Kear 
Hill Jos. J. at R. & N. Moore, h 68 Sac 
Hill Wm. of L. C. Dodge & Co. 68 Merch 
Hill W. B. 4 Smith's bldg. Sac cor East 
Hill W. C. book keeper, h Dupont n Greenwi( 
Hill -ividow ilargaret P. Duoont n Greenwich 
HiUard B. F. Herald off. 120 Mont 
Hillems A. teacher of languages, 124 Sac 
Hillmau H. Helen Hensley Ex. Stewart n How 
Himmelmann A. off'. 175 Wash 
Himmennan Chas. clerk, Dupont n Filbert 
Hinckle Chas. cai-jjenter, Clara n Sutter 
Hinckley Geo. E. Rassette drug store, 24 Bush, 

h Bush cor Sans 
Hincklev Geo. H, draggist and apoth, 24 1st 
Hmckley W. C. 1 MUton pi 
Hind Mi-s. E. M. Clarendon house, 72 Jac'n 
Hinson, tailor, 41 Sans 
Hip Wo Co. China provisions, 199 Sac 
Hirsch Adolph, of Blumenthal & H. 152 Kearny, 

and 151 Clav 
Hirschfeld Edwd. 40 Coml 
Hirshfeld B. clerk at Rich & Bro. 69 Batt 
Hission ilichael, h Howard n 2d 
Hitchcock A. H. attv. Parson's hide, 140 Clay 
Hitchcock Chas. (M". D.) oft'. 42 Bush 
Hitchcock G^o. B. at E. G. Hall's, h Powell bet 

Jac'n and Pacific 
Hitchings E. W. paper hanger, 175 Cal 
HitteU T. H. at Bulletin off'. 70 Merch 
Hixon Wm. M. practical upholsterer, 172 Clay 
Hoag & Hill, emplovment oft'. 42 1st 
Hoag J. W & Co. Contra Costa express, East 

cor Jac'n 
Hoag J. W. of J. W. H. & Co. 
Hoar Geo. E. Davis bet Sac and Cal 
Hoag H. com merch, 42 1st 
Hobart & Bovle, impts boots and shoes, 6 Cal bl 
Hobart Benj.'of H. & Boyle 
Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. box mft. Wash cor Drum 
Hobbs C. S. of H. Gilmore & Co. h Jessie betw'n 

1st and 2d 
Hobby, Theo. B. of Mather & Co. 132 Kearny 
Hobe & Weihe, segars. Wash cor Dupt, 91 Mont 
Hobe Geo. of Hobe & WeDie 
Hobson Abraham, shoemaker, Kearny n Sac 
Hochhalter H, Pacific Coffee Saloon, Davis n Pac 
Hochkofler & Hvman, mdse bro'i-s Sac cor Front 
Hochkotier R. of H. & Hymau, h Mis cor Fourth 
Hodes A. retail segar store, 34 Comcl 
Hodgdon John Jr. hay and grain, 5 California 
Hodgdon J. B. hay and wood, Stewart n Mission 
Hodge & Dickey, chmsts and apoth, Wash n San 




lodge Cliarles, of Hodge & Dickey 
Lodge & Wood, stationers, 116 Clay 
Lodge John G. of Hodge & Wood 
Lodge Charles, dmggist and apothy, 134 Kearny 
Lodges E. H. attorney, Clay, NE cor Montg 
Loer Henry, horse slioer, 104 Kearny 
LofF JolmJ. surveyor, li Geary n Kearny 
lofflin M. segars, 130 Montg 
bfflin N. of Cohen & H. 140 1-2 Montgomery 
[offmann & Brothers, dry goods, 113 Montg 
Trilotfniann B. of H. & Brothers 
:lotfinann S. of H. & Brothers 
lotiiuan & Peter, coopers. Front ahove Pacific 
Ir.tliuan Abram, clerk at S. T. Meyer & Go's 
loti'nian H. F. W. at Chronicle off'. 95 Merch 
Ititfiuan Jacob, S F Bakery, Jac'n above Stoc 
loli'tnan Hon. Ogden, Judge of U. S. District 
Coiu-t, 19 and 20 U. S. Court building [First 
Liftman V. architect, as])haltuni mfty, Clem n 
lotfnian W. stoves and tinware, 127 Kearny 
Inftman W. clothing, 61 Pacific [San 

liiiVmau Wm. T. at^Dewitt, Kittle & Go's, 189 
!( i-Linann F. boots and shoes, 170 California 
I'ui-'niann P. & Go. wines and liquors, 72 Jac'n 
Lijan Dennis J. messenger U. S. Customs, h 
Bush St. House [and Davis 

Jii^an John, boarding house, Oregon bet Front 
(III- an R. J. flour and grain. Wash n Davis 
IKi-e & Wilson, attvs, 5 Montgomery Block 
lloge Jas. P. of Hoge & W. h Stoc'n n Pacific 
Hogg Wm. & Son, mftrs J'rench burr millstones, 

" 147 Battery 
ll(>j<r Wm. of Wm. Ho£rg & Son, Baltimore 
lldug S. P. of Wm. Hogg & Son 
HdhI L. groceries, provisions, etc. 94 Gal G. H. compositor Eve. Post, 65 Merch 
Hollirook Mrs. Chas. M., Va. Block, Stoc cor Pac 
Holby H. beer saloon, 200 Kearny 
Holcomb Frank, h Vallejo bet Montg and San 
Holcombe & Dole, boots and shoes, Clay cor Ky 
Hokombe Samuel, of H. & Dole 
Holden Martin, boots and shoes, 82 Montg 
Holden William, Barman place 
Holitzky Mrs. nurse, 66 Kearny [Sac 

Holladay Benj. & Bro. stock dealers, Leids cor 
Holladay Jesse, of H. & Bro. 
Holland B. E. real estate broker, 150 Montg 
Holland G. policeman. City Hall 
Hiilland Edward ^l. bookkeeper, 111 Battery 
Hulland James, laborer, U. S. Customs, h Kear- 
ny cor Vallejo 
Holland Joseph, saloon, 18 Commercial 
llnlland N. attorney, 146 Clay 
IloUenbeck A. C. l"56 Battery [156 Btty 

IIi)llenbeck W. S. wholesale provision and salt, 
Hiilliday, Saunders & Gary, attys, Montg n Clay 
lliillings Martin & Co. grocery, Pacific cor Powell 
HoUub Adolph, merchant, 7 Gal. Block 
Holly Edward, baker. Green n Stoc'n 
Holman Francis A. physician, 234 Washington 
Ilolman Geo. laborer, rear Dupt cor Greenwich 
Hulmbury George, drayman, post NW cor Taylor 
Holmes Adam, wagon maker, bds 196 Pacific 
Holmes A. principal of eve. school Dupt cor Gal 
; Holmes A. produce com mercht. Wash bcl Drum 
, Holmes Allen, produce, Stoc'n near Bush 

Holmes Ellis H. school No. 3, Powell cor Jac'n 
i Holmes Jacob, wagon maker, bds 196 Pacific 
' Holt Z. broker, Sacramento cor Front 
, Holtz Francis, tailor, 97 Pacific 
Holz G. segar store. 111 Commercial 
Holz L. clerk. 111 Commercial 

Homer E. V. Mrs. boarding house, 204 Stoc'n 
Honisberger Joseph, merchant, 86 California 
Honore Louis, restaurant, 170 Commercial 
Hoogs & Co. agts for Mchts' Trans Line, 11 Da-vis 
Hook M. H. shoemaker, Brenham place [Front 
Hook S. E. porter, at A. L. Edwards & Go's, 138 
Hooper Frank P. at J. Hooper's, Market cor Beal 
Hooper John, lumber dealer. Market cor Beal 
Hooper John A. at John Hooper's [and Union 
Hooper Robert, Roberts & H. Dupt bet Vallejo 
Hooper Wm. off 100 Merch, h 274 Powell 
Hop Kee & Co. teas and China provis, 171 Dupt 
Hopkins John L. broker, h Stoc'n n Lombard 
Hopkins Joseph, grocer, Powell cor Pacific 
Hopkins R. C. Surveyor General's off, h SE cor 

Bush and Powell 
Hopkins S. A. h 376 Stoc'n 
Hopkins Samuel B. lumber. Wash bel Davis, h 

F'olsom, 4th from l\ont 
Hopkins Sheldon U. Mdse Bookkeeper, U. S. 

Customs, h Bush bet Dupt and Stoc'n 
Hopkins T. K. of Kennedy & H. Gold street 
Hopkins W. coal and wood, 155 Bush 
Hopper G. H. saloon, Pacific cor Davis 
Hopping Thomas H. car])enter, 48 Btty 
Hopps & Lougee, sign painters, 122 Sansome 
Hopps Charles, of H. & Lougee, h St. Marys pi 
Horan J. C. & Go. wholesale liquors, 92 Btty 
Horn B. C. & T. L. importers of Havana segars 
and agts Vamftd tobacco, 95 Front corMcht 
Horn Joseph, porter, Lazard Freres, 64 Sac 
Horn Philip, Sutter House, Beal near Folsom 
Horr Wm. & Co. bakery, 39 Davis, h. Val n Pow 
Hort Samuel, jobber, 94 Jac'n 
Hurton Richard Jr. ale and porter. Sec cor Jessie 
Hoskins J. E. dep whai-finger Market st wharf 
Hosmer, Snyder & Co. wines and licpiors, 83 Fmt 
Hosmer G. of Hosmer, Snyder & Co. 
Hosmer G. H. h Po^^■ell bet Jac'n and Pacific 
Hossefross Geo. h 232 Kearny 
Hotaling A. P. & Go. liquors, 154 Sansome 
Hotchin T. T. at A. J. Ti;ylor & Go's, 209 Clay 
Hotchkins Leonard K. contractor. Mis cor Markt 
Hough James F. booklieeper at Edw. H. Par- 
ker's, 137 Dupont 
Houil Victor, baker, 315 Dupont [Folsom 

Houseman Jas. F. master shipwright, Main cor 
House worth Thos. of Lawrence & H. 177 Clay 
Houston A. H. contractor, 112 Gal, h Fol n 3d 
Houston John, S. F. Luelligence Off, 73 Gomel 
Houston Robert, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Houston R. T. h Clarey bet Third and Fourth 
Hovey Geo. carriage smith, 103 Kearny 
Howard Medical Institute, 118 Sacramento 
Howard C. A. policeman. City Hall 
Howard B. C. Supt North Point Warehouse 
Howard Chas Webb, of Blackman, Howard & 

Co. 79 Front 
Howard Chas. G. & Go. painters, 90 Clay . 
Howard Geo. H. off 157 Mont, h Clem cor Sec'd 
Howard J. H. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Howard N. S. h St. Marks pi, bet Dupt and Stoc 
Howard W. H. off 1 1 6 Battery cor Wash 
Howe & Go. family grocers, Sansome cor Clay 
Howe Wm. of Howe & Go. h Rincon place 
Howe Geo. L. at Howe & Go's 
Howe i\ of Baker & Co. rice mills, 127 Pine 
Howell Joseph, h Ellis bet Powell and Mason 
Howes Geo. & Go. com merch, 155 Sans 
Howes Jabez, of Geo. H. & Go. 
Howes S. P. at Vance's Daguerrean rooms 
Hoyt & Brown, butter, cheese, etc, 2 Wash mkt 




D. Hamburgek, N. York, B. Hamburger, San Francisco, A. Hamburger, Sacramento. 


Importers and Wliolesale Dealers in 


Nos. 93 and 95 CALIFORNIA STREET. 


Xo. 43 BiLsli stieet, opposite Rassette House. 

Physicians' Prescriptions carefully prepared, day or night. 
Medicine Chests sold and replenished. 

And Improved Pump k Water Closet Manufacturer, 

33 WEBB ST., between Sacramento & California. 

Lever, Lift, Force, Rotary and Air Pumps, Soda 

Water Apparatus, Engine Pumps for Deep Wells, 

Warm, Cold and Shower Baths. 

N. B. — Self acting Closets for Jails, Asvlums, Nurseries, &c. Kitchens and "Wash 
Houses, with Dry Houses for Pubhc Buildings, laid out with economy. Iron and 
Copper Pipes, for Steam, Water, Gas, &c. 

atent Anti-rriction urease 

Original Proprietors and sole Manufacturers of 

Anti«FHction Ci 



Agency at NIANTIC FEED STORE, 116 1-2 Sansome St. 






!ovt L. of H. & Bl•o^\'n 

b'yt & Coleman, water depot, Market abv 2d 

byt Peter, of H. & Coleman 

byt Henry P. li Stoc'n cor Chestnut 

oVt J. C. agt for underwriters, AVash cor Batt 

u'ard A. physician. Wash cor Dupont, h Jac'n 

NE cor Powell 
ubbard & Co. stoves and tinware, 117 Sans 
Subbard H. P. of H. & Co. h miles N of Sac 
[Ittbbard J. liquors, off. 135 Front 
lubbard John C. painter, h Bryant bet 2d & 3d 
ilabbard John, police, 7 Spoftbrd's al 
lubbard L. phvsician, rear 228 \Yash, Wav crt 
lubbard Sam. "elk P. ^L S. S. Co, h Clay betwn 

Stoc'n and Powell 
luber C. boots and shoes, 186 Wash 
3uber Joseph, saloon, 183 Pacilic 
Hubert N. attv, 127 iNIont 
lublin, butchijr, 5 Wash mkt 
luck John, grocer, Webb n Sac 
Jucks & Lambert, pat't axle grease mft, 116 San 
flucks John, of H. & Lambert, h Melius n Jane 
Hludson C. & Co. boots, shoes, etc, 99 Batt 
tludson David, produce, 1 Clay 
HLudson Geo. atty, 92 Jlerch 
Hudson H. C. mft of mustard. Front cor Pine 
Hudson John, plumber, Webb bet Sac and Cal 
Hudson Henry S. book keejier at D. Gibb & Co. 
Huenert F. A", segar mft, 218 Wash 
Hueme P. architect and engineer, 227 Mont 
Huestis C. P. engraver at Town Talk off. 
Huff Oliver B. New York bakery, 160 Kearny 
Hug Jos. Pioneer lager beer saloon. Clay c Mont 
Hugg Henry, of Gladwin, H. & Co. 59 Front 
Hughes & Hunter C. house and sliip brokers and 

Australian agency, Batt opp custom House 
Hughes T. A. of H. & Hunter, h Mason cor Bush 
Hughes & Wallace, impts dr^' goods, 107 Sac 
Bughes Henry, of H. & Wallace, h Mason betw 

Sutter and Bush 
Hughes Barney, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Hughes Chas. pressman at Blake's, 68 INIerch 
Hughes C. J. atty, 9 Parson's bldg, 140 Clay 
Hughes Geo. fruits. Clay cor Sansome 
[Hughes James, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Hughes J. R. boots and shoes, 147 Mont 
Hughes P. D. cooper, 1st n Market 
Huin Ernest, boys clothing, 354 Stoc'n 
Hull P. P. & Co. pub'rs Town Talk, 149 Wash 
Humberg M. grocer. Sans cor Greenwich 
5lumbert A. of Kellogg & H. 104 Mont 
Humbert T. T. printer, Cal Dem, 205 Dupont 
Hume S. S. dravman, D. Tattt & Co. Front cor 
' Coml 

Humphrey L. jr. of W. J. Blake & Co. Central 
whf, foot of Coml [and Prospect pi 

Humphreys J. of Havden & H. h Sac bet Stoc'n 
Hundercker W. of :\icFarlane & Co. 7 Clay mkt 
Hungerford J. T. (M. D.) off. Leids cor Sac 
Hunnewell A. A. 118 Sac 
Hunt B. laborer, h Brooks n Post 
Hunt C. A. Hardie pi 

Hunt D. L. International hotel, Jac'n n Mont 
Hunt D. W. pattern maker, 2d n Jessie 
Hunt E. 0. vinegar mft, 2d n Jessie 
Hunt J. insurance agt, Mont cor Merch 
Hunt Jolm, hatter. Union n Stoc'n 
Hunt J. D. impt hardware, 109 Batt cor Merch 
Hunt J. L. 109 Batt, h Clay bet Dupt and Stoc 
Hunt Mrs. M. J. millinery, 141 Sac 
Hunt P. & Co. Tattersals, Sac cor Kearny 
Hont Sam. caulker, Harrison n Main 

Hunter A. A. of Hughes & H. h Dupt cor Wash 

Hunter C. C. flour mer, Front cor Oregon 

Hunter Clarence C. clerk True Cal oft'. 

Hunter David, carpenter, h 91 Dupont 

Hunter James, laborer U. S. customs 

Hunter Lewis C. clerk, h Bush n Kearny 

Hunter S. Hillen, of Justh & H. 188 Mont 

Hunter Sam. C. Albion machine s'p, Kear n Mkt 

Hunter W. T. carriage smith, 158 Cal 

Hunzinger Jean, clothes renovator, 116 Merch 

Hunzikger C. watch maker, 250 Dupont 

Hurdis &Morrill, painters & Japanners, Dpt c Sac 

Hurdis S. of H. & Morrill 

Hurgren & Shindler, furniture, 169 Jac'n 

Hurgren Andrew, of H. & Shindler 

Hurlbutt J. M. saddler, 55 Kearny 

Hussraan A. grocer, 2d cor Jessie 

Huston Guy, at A. J. Taylor & Co. 209 Clay 

Hutchings J. M. & Co. bookseller, 201 Clav 

Hutchings J. M. editor H.'s Cal Mag, 201 fclay 

Hutchings N. P. of Sweetser, H. & Co. 115 Batt 

Hutchings E. P. elk, J. T. Clark & Co. 128 Was 

Hutchinson Mrs. dress maker, 44 Sans 

Hutchinson E. & W. carpenters, 44 Sans [Sac 

Hutchinson J. P. at Briggs, Dey & Co. Mont cor 

Hutchinson J. S. cashier at Drexel, Sather & Ch 

Hutchinson Thos. W. pilot, East cor Wash 

Huth Chas. shoemaker, 315 Dupont 

Hutin T. of Carroll & H. Dupont cor Cal 

Huton Mrs. Lydia, furnished rooms, 7 Spoffrd al 

Hutton & Co. porter house, 98 Jac'n 

Hutton James, of H. & Co. 98 Jac'n 

Huxley J. Mead, dept guager, off. Front cor Sac 

Hyams Dr. off. Clay cor Sans 

Hyatt Elisha, drayman, h Bryant n 3d 

Hyatt J. G. real estate agent, 44 Bush [cor 1st 

Hvde B. M. of Timmemian, H. & Co, h Folsom 

Hyde Dr. C. C. 200 Wash, h Vallejo n Dupont 

Hyde G. Mansion house, Pine n Sans 

Hyde Harvey, h 17 St. Marks pi 

Hvde Henry, clerk at Saunders & Hepburn 

Hyde Dr. J, T. apothecary, 169 Front, h S Park 

Hyland John, blacksmith, 102 Kearny 

Hvman P. C. of Hochkofler & H. h Miss cor 4th 

Icklehammer H. house painter, 127 Kearny 

Ide John, blac'th, 194 Sansome 

Iken & Co. merchts, 50 Front 

lis John G. tin ware, 178 Washt 

Imhans Lewis, segars, Sansome, cor Cornel 

Inge Saml W. attv, 4 U. S. Court building 

Ingoldsby Rev. John, Catholic Church, Vallejo, 

n Dupont 
Ingols Parker, book-keeper, 92 Battery 
Ingram Mrs. Almira, Calhoun, n Green 
Insurance, Continental Co., agt, C. A, Low 
Insurance, Imperial Co., agts, Falkner, Bell & 

Co., 128 Cal 
Insurance, Liverpool and London Fire Co., agts, 

J. P. & R. S. Haven, 106 Montg 
Insurance, Mercantile Mutual Co., agts, J. P. & 

R. S. Haven, 106 Montg 
Insurance, Monarch Fire Co., agt, W. L. Booker, 

126 Cal 
Insurance, IMutual Pacific Co., agts, J. P. & R. 

S. Haven, 106 Montg 
Insurance, Northern Co., agts. Smith, Bros. & 

Co., Cal cor Battery 
Insurance, Oriental Mutual Co., agts, J. P. & R. 

S. Haven, 106 Montg 



Insurance, Eoval Co., agts, McKinlev, Garrioch 

& Co., Ca"l, cor Leidsdortf 
Intfeld John H. grocer, 404 Stoc'n 
Iredale A. S. iron mercht, rear 228 "Washt 
Ireland Wm. Rincon Point 
Irvin Capt. BrowTi, h Vallejo, n Batterv 
Ir\-in Wm. clerk J. H. AVidber & Co., Washt, cor 

Irvine & Co., groceries and provisions, 101 Front 
Irvine James, of Irvine & Co. 
Irvine Wm. millineiy goods, 146 Sac 
Irving Da\-id, tailor," Jane, cor Melius 
Iri'ing Henry P. atty, 57 Montg block 
Irving Robtj mar'et' Mission, n First 
l-\vin Mrs. A. dress maker, 296 Stoc'n 
Isaac HaiTy I. "Identical," Sac, cor Battery 
Isaacson Benjamin, cheap John, 79 Cornel 
Isbel T. J. clerk Geo. Peterson & Co. 
Isson S. jeweler, 54 Pacific 

lungermann J. L. -watch maker. Front, cor Jac'n 
Ivers Richard, of John T. Little & Co., h Sac, n 

Antique Castle 

Jackson & Co. agts Chemical Works, off Front 

cor Sacramento 
Jackson C. of Gorham & J. Btty cor Pacific 
Jackson C. vinegar mftr, Vallejo n Stoc'n 
Jackson F. W. Burton Ale House, 150 Cal 
Jackson J. G. of Simpson & J., Stewart n How'd 
Jackson S. barkeeper, 83 Montgomery' [dell 

Jackson Wra. (colored), stewai-d, Union cor Ca- 
Jacobs A. & Brother, clothing, 179 Pacific 
Jacobs A. tailor, 164 Battery 
Jacobs J. tailor, Dnpont n Vallejo 
Jacobs J. tailor, East n Jackson 
Jacobs J. J. h XW cor John and Powell 
Jacobs Lewis, tailor. Pine n Trinity 
Jacobs M. hats and caps, 75 Montgomery 
Jacobs Marcus, at S. T. Meyer & Go's, 62 Cal 
Jacobs X. M. merchant. Second n Jessie 
Jacobs Solomon, 62 California 
Jacobs vS. clothing, Stewait n Mission 
Jacobs S. L. & Co. importers, 70 California 
Jacobsen Peter, grocer. Mason n Lombard 
Jacoby Da\-id, Broadway bet Stoc'n and Dupt 
Jacoby Louis, com merchant, 84 Battery 
Jacoby T. clothing store, 119 Commercial 
Jaffe Jacob, clock manufacturer, 298 Stoc'n 
James E. L. at Wells, Fargo & Go's 
James Col. Geo. F. attorney. City Hall 
James S. L. carpenter, Clark below Front 
James Wm. h Dupont n Union 
Jameson & Penne, hay and grain, 145 Battery 
Jameson Wm. of Jameson & Penne 
Janes Doyle, Barber & Boyd, attys, Wells' Bldg 
Janes Horace P. attorney, Wells' Building 
Janes Henry P. attorney, 92 Merchant 
Janes J. L. at Hosmer, Snyder & Go's 
Jansen E. of Basse, Jansen & Co. h Second bet 

Minna and Tehama [cor Clay 

Janson, Bond & Co. importers of dry goods, Btty 
Janson Clias. J. of Janson, B. & Co. 
Janssen E. >S: E. Helmke, grocers, Btty cor Bush 
Jarrett Thos. Dundee Arms, Jac'n n Davis 
Jarson J. h Montgomery n Broadway 
Jaszynsky, merchant, Cal cor Front 
Jeffress John, ilinna bet 3d and 4th 
Jenkins Amanda, milliner, Dupont cor Bdwy 
Jenkins James W. of Baker & Co. 127 Pine, h 

Folsom n 2d [Front and Davis 

Jenkins Thos. New York House, Pacific between 

Jenkins Wm. (colored), h Green n Dupt 
Jenner E. K. surgeon dentist, 108 Montgomery 
Jennings & Brewster, clothing, hats, etc. 72 Btty^ 
Jennings 0. B. of Jennins-s & Brewster 
Jennings D. A. of A. L.'Edwards & Co. 138 Fronfc 
Jennings E. E. at W. E. Keyes', h Green n Stoe 
Jensen Cornelius, cooper, Kearny bet Sut and Postl 
Jensen Gustavus, ornamental painter, Stoe n Saci 
Jerome Cahn, dry goods, 294 Dupt 
Jerut Xicole, produce, 354 Stoc'n 
Jesper John (colored), barber, Mont n Bush 
Jessup & Men-ill, variety store, 36 Clay 
Jessup A. R. of Jessup & Merrill 
Jessnp R. M. merchant, 79 Washington 
Jewett Janis, Pacific off, 68 Merchant 
Jewett W. C. notary public, 127 Montgomery 
Jewett AV. S. portrait painter, 166 Clay 
Jewish svnagogue, Brdwav liet PoMell & Mason' f 
Jewish synagogue, Stoc'n bet Brdwy and A'allejo 
Jillard Mr. Xew York and Balt're House, 7 Jac'n 
Job Peter, ice cream saloon, 211 AA'ashington 
Jobsen David, h Powell cor L'nion 
Johanning Louis, h 271 Dupont 
Johanning 3Iis. M. milliner, 271 Dupont 
Johns Capt. Thos. D. bds American Exchange 
Johns AA"m. M. Stewart below Mission [San 

Johnson, Canfield & Co. imptrs clothing, etc. 100 
Johnson John, of Johnson, Canfield & Co. h Sac 

cor Powell 
Johnson Henry & Co. drugs, 146 Washington 
Johnson Henry, of Henry J. & Co. h Stoe n Ch^.y 
Johnson & Doyle, pub of Price Current and Ship 

List, Sansome cor Mcht 
Johnson S. O. at J. & Doyle 
Johnson ib Coleman, wood yard, 244 AVasIi 
Johnson A, clerk, 100 Sansome 
Johnson A. laborer, Jessie bet 2d and 3d 
Jolmson Auir. bargeman U. S. Customs 
Johnson C. of HUl, AA'illoughby & J. 62 Front 
Johnson Brothers, Pioneer Dag. Gal'ry, 185 Ciaj 
Johnson B. of Johnson Brothers 
Johnson Geo. H. of Johnson Brothers 
Johnson Chas. E. boarding house, 280 Stoc'n 
Johnson C. E. daguen-ean, Cal cor Montgomery 
Johnson Daniel, merchant, 50 Gomel 
Jolmson Elihu, attorney, 7 Amoiy Hall 
Johnson E. J. (eol'd), at Lester & Gibbs 154 Clay 
Johnson Mrs. E. J. millinery and fancy goods, 

156 Sacramento 
Jolmson i'rederick, variety store, 61 Kearny 
Johnson G^o. 244 Washington [Bat n Pine 

Johnson Geo. C. & Co. importers iron and steel, 
Johnson George C. Consul for Sweden and Xor- 

way, bds St. Xicholas Hotel 
Johnson G. W. job wagon. Wash SW cor Mont 
Johnson J. C. & Co. saddlers, 130 Sansome 
Johnson J. watchmaker and jeweler, 18 First 
Johnson James, confectioner, 356 Stoc'n 
Johnson James, laborer, 196 Pacific 
Johnson J. M. 130 Sansome 
Jolmson J. S. 353 Dupont 
Johnson James AA^. clerk, 100 Sansome 
Johnson John, carpenter, F^ilbert, Telegraph Hill 
Johnson L. (col'dj, house-cleaner, AA'ash n K'rny 
Johnson Mary A. ilrs. Kearny cor Bush 
Johnson Mrs. O. B. h St. Marks pi n Kearny 
Johnson Uixick, livery stable, 106 Kearny 
Johnson Peter, saloon, 81 Davis. 
Johnson Samuel, teamster, Greenwich n Stoc'n 
Johnson Thomas, butcher, Broadway n Sansome 
Johnson AYm. cabinet maker, Pine cor St. Mary's 
Jolmson Wm., news depot, 'Third n Kearny. 




oiiartlj Jfiit %ssmmtt CDnipng, 


Established, 1835. Empowered by Special Acts of Parliament 

Subscribed Capital, $1,500,000. Surplus Fund, $700,000, 

Alderman Sir JOHN MUSGROYE, Bart., Chairman. 
Alderman J. K. Hooper, Deputy Chairman. 

John Addis, Esq., 
C. S. Butler, Esq., 
J. D. Brown, Esq. 
G. Harris Child, Esq. 
J. G. Hammock, Esq. 

Wm. Knott, Esq., 

John Laurie, Esq. 

Robert Main, Esq., 

W. Scholefield, Esq., M. P. 

Francis Witham, Esq. 

Alderman Sir J. Musgrove, Bart. 
C. S. Butler, Esq. I J. G. Hammock, Esq. 

Aid. J. K. Hooper, | Wilham Knott, Esq. 

GEORGE H. JAY, Esq., Manager Branch Establishment, Boston. 


Nathaniel Thayer, Esq., 
Samuel Hooper, Esq., 
James Murray Howe, Esq.. 

Charles H. Mills, Esq., 
James Sturgis, Esq., 
Geo. S. Hillard, Esq. 

Office of the San Francisco A«'ency, No. 126 California street. 



ESTABLISHED 1803. CAPITAL $8,000,000. 

Policies Issued and all Losses Adjusted and 
Paid in San Francisco. 

The undersigned having been appointed Agents for the above 
Company, and having been fully empowered to adjust and pay 
all losses without referring them to London for settlement, are 
now prepared to take risks and issue Policies upon the most 
favorable terms. 


No. 128 California Street. 










mmmtt dlonptij 

Capital, - - - - Ten Millions of Dollars. 



South West cor. Montgomery and Washington sts. 

All kinds of California Jewelry and Diamond Work manufactured to 

order, and warranted to give satisfaction. 
Watches cleaned and repaired at the lowest rates, and all work warranted. 

The undersigned. Agents in California for the above-named Company, 
are prepared to issue Policies, Insuring Brick Buildings, or Merchandise 
stored therein, Household Furniture, &c., and are authorized to settle all 
Losses Here. 

The amount of the Capital of this Company, viz: TenMilHons of Dol- 
lars, M-hich would be immediately available to meet any unforseen calam- 
ity, the well-known character of its Directors, the high respectbility of 
its proprietors, and the standing which it takes among the large Insurance 
Establishments, enable it to rank with the most eligible olfices now in ex- 
istence either in Europe or America, with respect to the advantages offer- 
ed to the public. 

Tills Company wiU ever distinguish itself by Promptness ix the 
Settlement of Claims. 

Parties desirous to effect Insurance, will be furnished with all necessary 
information by 


California Street, Corner of Leidesdorff. 


Importer, Jobber and Retailer of every description of 

Straw Goods, Silk Millinery, Cloaks, 





ohnson Thomas, bill poster, Trinity cor Russ 

olmson W. L. of A. Clute & Co., 6 Merchant, 
ohnson Wm. M\Ttle, carpenter, 9 Quincy. 
ohnson Wm. Neely, dock master, 39 U. S. 

Court Building', 
ohnston & Reay, stoves, 41 Batty, 
ohnston James of Johnston & Reay, 41 Batty, 
ohnston Geo. Penn, clerk U. S. Circuit Court 

and clerk U. S. Com., 6 U. S. Comt build'g. 
ohnston James, 187 Wash 
ohnston J. W., Dapuerrean artist, 166 Clay, 
fohnston Saml. S. of Scales & Johnston, 40 Clay. 
oice E. v., notary public, Wash cor Batty. 
oUiffe Wm. H., pilot, cor Pacitic and Davis. 
ones & Stevens, com. merch'ts, 79 Cal. 
ones Charles C. of J. & Stevens, h 15 Pike. ^ 
ones, Tobin & Co., Laces, Trimmings, etc. San- 
some cor Sac. 
ones Wm. B. & Co., merchts, 123 San. 
fones, WooU &^ Sutherland, gilders, 89 Montg. 
Tones Chas., harness maker, 82 Batt. 
fones Chas., Berry n Dupont 
Tones D., agent star market, 365 Stoc'n. 
Tones D. R., Carpenter, Val cor Sonoma pi. 
Tones Ewd. of Palmer, Cook & Co. 
Tones Ewd., agent, 204 Clay. 
Tones Franklin L., painter, 192 Jac'n. 
Tones Gideon C. of Truett & J. h Minna n 2d. 
J^ones Harrison, harness maker, 84 1-2 Kearny. 
Tones Henry B., accountant. Palmer, Cook & Co. 
Tones John, of Baily & Jones, 102 Davis. 
Tones J., merchant, St. Nicholas Hotel. 
Tones J., grocer, 3d cor Minna. 
Tones Mrs. M, J., furnished rooms, 154 Cal. 
Tones S. J., at James Pattrick & Co.'s, 161 Batt.y. 
Tones S. L., auctioneer, 61 and 63 Cal. 
Tones Thos., carpenter, h Green^vich n Stoc'n. 
Tones Thomas, (colored) Broadway n Batty 
Tones Wm. E. F., printer, Globe office, h Stoc'n 

cor Sac. 
Tones Wm. M., inspector, U. S. Customs. 
Toost & Bremer, grocery, cor Pine and Leids. 
Toost T. of Joost & Bremer. 
Tordan A. P. of Davis & J., Front cor Wash. 
Toi-dan Cecelia Mrs., dress maker. Pine n Dupnt. 
Jordan James, at Montg baths, 163 Montg. 
Jordan John, carpenter. Pine n Dupont. 
Jordan W. C. at St. Charles Hotel, Is n Market. 
Jorden Michael, builder, h Stoc'n n Grcen'h. 
Jordon M., watchmaker and jeweler, 165 Montg. 
Jorgensen & Beauchamp, tinsmiths, Commercial 

n Kearny. 
Jorres H., carpenter, B'way n Stoc'n. 
Jorres M. G., carpenter, Stoc'n n Lombard. 
Jorres Wra., carpenter, Stoc'n n Lombard. 
Joseph Brothers & Co., impts. watches, jcweliy, 

etc., 149 Montg. 
Joseph J. B. of Joseph Brothers & Co. 
Joseph L. B. of Joseph Brothers & Co. 
Joseph Joseph, fish dealer, 29 Washt. Market. 
Joseph J. J., Jr., Diana bowling saloon, 159 Com. 
Joseph J. J. Sr., market, Bush cor Dupont. 
Joscphi Isaac S. & Co., imptrs. and jewelers, 176 

Josephi Robert, agent, 176 Wash, h California 

n Dupont 
Josselin, (M. D.) St. Nicholas Hotel. [Montg. 
Josselyn B. F., at Wm. B. Little & Co.'s, 1.37 
Josselyn G. M. & Co., ship chandlers. Market, 

bel Cal. [cor Cal. 

Josselyn Dr. J. H. office express building, Montg., 

Jourdan Wm., Clementina, bet 1st and 2d. 
Jullion, locksmith. 111 Kearny. 
Junther L., boots and slioes, 109 Kcamy. 
Jurado Teresa, dressmaker, 300 Dupont. 
Jurgens B. grocer, Kearny cor Pine. 
Justh & Hunter, assayers, 188 Montg. 
Justh E. of Justh & Hunter. 

Kafka Dr. Pine cor Kearny 
Kahlke P. segars, 213 Kearny 
Kalin Leopold, 242 Dupont 
Kaindler A. of Verdier & K. 150 Kearny 
Kaindler G. of Verdier & K. 150 Kearny 
Kaiser Mine jM. mantillas, Vallejo n Dupont 
Kalish A. clerk at Asliim Bros. Coml cor Leids 
Kalisher E. D. Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Kallmes Jos. at 11. Krambach, 140 Clay 
Kance F. N. Y. liakery, 160 Kearny 
Kane Michael, U. S. store keeper, Flint's store 
Kane Michael, carpenter, 404 Stoc'n 
Kane M. J. store keeper, Flint's bnd warehouse 
Kane Patrick, clerk, 83 Keamy 
Kaplan & Cowen, segars, 61 Pacific 
Karl K. Eagle hotel, 59 Kearny 
Karrison Geo. drayman, Dupont n Gi'eenwich 
Karsch & Co. impt drugs, 84 Batt 
Karsch Daniel, of K. & Co. h Clay c Mason 
Kaskal M. & Co. hatters, 149 Coml 
Kaskal I. of M. K. & Co. 149 Coml 
Kather Wm. segars, Clay cor East 
Kattenhorn H. H. Old Hickory, Front cor Jac'n 
Kavanagh Geo. Pioneer bakery, Powell bet Val- 
lejo and Bdwj' [Cal 
Kearney Mrs. Ann, ladies hair dresser, Stoc'n n 
Kearney James, plasterer, Market n 3(1 
Kearney James, drayman, Stoc'n n Cal 
Kearney M. room Naglee's bldg, 85 Merch 
Kearney Mathew, Bulletin off. 70 Merch 
Kearns Michael, Varence st 
Keating & Dennis, St. Louis house, 137 Jac'n 
Keating Patrick, Mission n 2d 
Keating Pat. grocer, Stevenson bet 2d snd Ecker 
Keefe B. at McDonald's, Leids bet Com and Sac 
Keefe M. clerk, at McDonald's, Leides bet Coml 

and Sac 
Keefe T. porter house, Davis n Jac'n 
Keefer Geo. laborer. Empire warehouse 
Keeler H. D. physician, Cal cor Spring 
Keenan John, clerk, Johnson, Canfield & Co. 
Keene Alex, laborer, 196 Pacific 
Keene John, porter, Goodwin & Co. 119 Front 
Kegg Francis, saloon, Fracisco cor Meiggs' whf 
Kehoe Heniy, milkman, Stevenson cor Jane 
Keith Wm. K. & Co. apotliecaries, Mont c Clay 
Keith John, boai'ding house, 233 Kearny 
Kelcher I, Front st house, Front cor Chamber 
Keley Chas. blacksmith. Bush n Sans 
Keller Frederick, butcher, 154 Pacific 
Keller Michael, produce dealer, Dupont c Adler 
Kellersberger R. of Rutte & Co. 104 Batt 
Kellner Rev. Augustus, pastor German church, h 

Pine n Dupont 
Kellner Sam. tailor. Pacific whf bel Davis 
Kellogg & Humbert, assayers & coin'rs, 104 Mont 
Kellogg J. G. of K. & Huiubcrt, 104 Mont 
Kellogg H. J. ass.ayer, 104 Mont [and Davis 

Kellosg A. of M. J. Burke & Co. SE cor Jac'n 
Kellogg C. L. 110 Cal, h Clay cor Stoc'n 
Kellogg Geo. H. at Flint, Peabody & Co. h Essex 

n Harrison 
Kellogg J. H. Ist lieut com rev cut W. L. Marcy 



Kells Wm. F, builder, 146 Sansome 
Kellum Chas. D. of Ashmead & K. 2 Morse al 
Kelley Eugene & Co. impts, Sans cor Sac 
Kelly Mrs. fruits, 23 Wash mkt 
Kelly Hugh, horse shoer, 104 Kearny 
Kelly James, laborer. Empire warehouse 
Kelly James, porter, h Sonoma pi 
Kelly J. J. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Kelly James R. sign painter, 28 Cal 
Kelly James W. printer, Eve Post, 65 Merch 
Kelly John, of A. Austin & Co. 115 Mont 
Kelly John, carpenter, Taylor cor Geary 
Kelly John, Dallas house, Batt cor Chambers 
Kelly John, jr. Brooklyn hotel Bdwy n Sans 
Kelly Miss Julia, dress maker, 101 Pine 
Kelly Mrs. Mary, laundry, Mont cor Bdwy 
Kelly Michael, Rassette pi 
Kelly Michael, laborer, 196 Pacific 
Kelly Richard, tailor, Vallejo n Sans 
Kelly Sam. stables, 125 Pine 
Kelly S. W. laborer, 196 Pacific 
Kelly W. policeman. City Hall 
Kelly William, Main abv Folsom 
Kelly Wm. saloon, 186 Kearny 
Kelsey Mrs. Howard house, 33 Pacific 
Kelsey E. R. printer, 171 Mont 
Kelsey Mrs. Geo. W. Folsom bet 4th and Beale 
Kelsey M. merchant, 34 Cal [Stoc'n 

Kelsey W. F. agent, Kearny cor Sac, h Cal cor 
Kemp Elias, tailor, Jac'n n Davis 
Kemp H. R. clerk. Golden Gate clothing ware- 
house. Clay cor Kearny 
Kenaday A. M. Coml off. 129 Sans 
Kendall, S. P. watch maker and jew'r, 157 Mont 
Kendall Thos. at Headly & Co. 157 Cal 
Kendrick & Smith, com mer, 21 Clay st whf 
Kendrick Daniel, of K. & Smith 
Kenfield D. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Kenna Mrs. Margaret, trimmings, 86 Pacific 
Kennedy & Bell, carpet warehouse, 140 Sac 
Kennedy E. C. of K. & Bell 
Kennedy & Hopkins, flour mills, Gold st 
Kennedy E. of K. & Hopkins 
Kennedy Alex. N. printer. Coral off. 129 Sans 
Kennedy Francis, boarding h, Bdwy n Mont 
Kennedy Frank, bar keeper. Sac cor Leids 
Kennedy Geo. house agent, 136 Wash 
Kennedy James blacksmith, Pine n Dupont 
Kennedy J. S. com mer, 70 Front, h Pow c Ellis 
Kennedy S. J. printer, h 319 Stoc'n 
Kenney Mrs. Ann furnished rooms. Pine n Dpnt 
Kenney John, of Lumorce & K. Pacific n Mont 
Keimey M. dept sheriJf, Fremont n Bryant 
Kenny David, carver, Mont bet Bush and Sutter 
Kenny Geo. L. stationer, Mont cor Merchant, h 

Francisco n Dupont 
Kenny Jos. P. Minna bet 3d and 4th 
Kent Horace J. County Coroner, 161 Sac 
Kent Thomas, jeweler. Wash cor Mont 
Kentfield J. & G. shpg mer, Stewart 
Kerlin Fred. E. not pub, 137 Mont 
Kerlin Geo. B. Fremont bet Folsom and Harrisn 
Kern S. F. boiler maker, 106 Davis 
Kerr Wm. boarding house. Chambers n Front 
Kerrison H. produce, 10 Wash mkt 
Kerthley Mary, dress maker, Stoc'n n Green 
Kester L. B. at Turner Bros. Market bet Moct 

and Kearny 
Kewin Wm. foreman at pattern depot, Un'n fndy 
Keyes J. A. carpenter. Green n Stoc'n 
Keyes Orson H. of Bracket & K. Stewart n Mis- 
sion st whf 

Keyes Wm. E. & Co. clothing, 145 Mont 
Keys E. private watchman, 37 Mont 
Keyser H. market, 3d bet Market and Mission 
Keyser Wm. butcher, Dupont cor Green 
Ivlioe John, metal roofer, h Green n Dupont 
Kibbe Millard, of Briggs, K. & Adams, h PoweD 

bet Pacific and Bdwy 
Kiden Martin, blacksmith, Brannan bet 3d & 4th 
Kiefcr Michael, boots and shoes, 348 Stoc'n 
Kiefer S. M. clerk at Post ofiice 
Kiely Richard, laborer, 196 Pacific 
Kierulflf I. N. at Sehwabe's wareh, Batt cor Un'n 
Kilduft'P. Metropolitan exch, 177 Mont 
Killett Sam. of Risley & K. Clementina n 2d 
Killett Wm. Clementina n 2d 
Killilea B. grocer, Jac'n n East 
Killilea M. at B. Killilea's 

Ivillpatrick F. tailor. Golden Gate clothing ware- 
house, Claj' cor Kearny 
Killpatrick Geo. clothing, Tehama house 
Kimball & Knight, produce, 38 Clay 
Kimball S. P. of K. & Knight 
Ivimball Chas. P. Pres. Noisy Carrier's book and^ 

stationery Co. 97 Batt, 64 Long whf 
Kimball Chas. P. carriage painter, 107 Kearny 
Kimball D. W. grocer, 272 Jac'n cor Virginia 
Kimball Henry, book binder, at J. J. Lecount, h 

Taylor bet Sac and Cal 
liimball Capt. M. C. wharfinger Pacific wharf,' 

Bdwy n Kearny 
Kimball S. T. 7 Well's bldg 
Kimball Theodore, painter, 159 Cal 
Kincaid Isaac, caulker, Rincon Pt, opp Hospital 
Kincaid L. S. ship carpenter, Stewart n Market! 
Kinchle Patk, mechanic, Tay bet Post and Geary j 
King L. & Brother, impts of clothing, 110 Sac 
King A. of L. liing & Brother 
King L. & E. groceries, etc. Front cor Cal 
King Eli, of L. & E. King 
King Lyman, of L. & E. King 
King Kenry L. carpenter, 174 Sansome [& Mason 
King of William Mrs. Jas. h Jac'n bet Powell 
King James L. com mer, Jessie cor Third 
King Joseph, boarding house, Ohio 
King Mark A. Herald ofiice, 120 Mont 
King Rev. Michael, St. Mary's Cathedral, Dupt 
King Richard, grocer, Second cor Folsom 
King Robert, fruit, 154 Clay 
King Samuel, grocer, 207 Ciay 
King Samuel A. attorney, 35 Montg Block 
King Thomas, AJhambra, 90 Pacific [& Mason 
King Thos. S. ed Eve. Bulletin, h Jac'n bet Pow 
Kingsbury David M. laborer, 196 Pacific 
Engsbury Joseph, editor of Chronicle 
Kingsland Cornelius, actor, h 234 Kearny 
Kinsman F. & C. W. carpenters, Tehama n 2d 
Kinstrey Thos. grocer, Jessie cor Annie 
Kinzer G. W. & Co. coal and wood, 2d, cor Mkt 
Kinzer G. W, of K. & Co. h 3d n Brannan 
Kip Rt. Rev. Wm. I. Bishop of Cal. h Cal n Stoc 
Kirby John, at Wm. Bovee & Go's, 123 Front 
Kirby W. L. of Bennett, Blasdale & Co. Wash 

cor East, h Chestnut bet Leav and Hyde 
Erk Christian, of Haste & K. 151 Cal 
Kirkpatrick Dr. C. A. oft'. Davis abo\e Jac'n 
Kittle J. G. of Dewitt, K. & Co. h 58 Brdw 
Kittle Nicholas G. of Dewitt, K. & Co. h 58 Bdy 
Kittredge Jonathan, Phoenix Works, Bat abv Pac 
Kittrell J. R. First opposite Tehama 
Kitzmiller Maiy Mrs. boarding house, 86 Kearny 
Klaucke, Mel & Co. Clay bel Front 
Klaucke M. F. 112 Cal, h Cal cor Montgomery 





lein Claus, blacksmith, Vallcjo n Stoc'n 
:iepzie I. C. E. & Co. gunsmiths, 212 Wash 
!liiie & Forc'liheimer, hats, 92 Sacramento 
line A. of Kline & F. h Stoc'n bet Pac and Jac 
!line Charles, boots and shoes, 54 Comcl 
line Jacob, butcher, Pacific cor Powell 
line L. clerk, Sach & Co's, 112 Sacramento 
ling 0. W. jeweler, 148 Washington 
lumpe & Pfeitlter, boots and shoes, 164 Clay 
lumpe J. G. of K. & PfeiiFer 
lumpp Wm. engraver and chaser, 188 Kearny 
!napp & B.iiley, feed store, Kearny n Geary 
!na]ip P. of K. & Bailey, Kearny n Geary 
!night, Harmon & Chikls, importers boots and 

shoes, Btty bet Cal and Sac 
knight Robert S. of K., Harmon & Childs 
night James, saloon, 255 Dupont 
knight Mrs. Jane, Bush cor Stoc'n 
night Lewis, at Frank Baker's, 110 & 112 Clay 

[night Saml, supt express dept at W. F^vrgo &Co 

Ciiight S:imuel, waterman. Spring cor Summer 

viiiLlit Capt. Thomas, Green cor Lafayette place 

ivuiuht W. H. of Kimball & Knight 

viiup Henry, of M. Mangel & Co. Wash cor Pike 

viKitt R. F. othce 150 Montgomery 

viiowles Dr. C. C. dentist, 115 1-2 Mont cor Sac 

vniiwles Irving of Hammond & K, Cal bel Davis. 

vn(i\vles Thos., San Jose Market, 1st cor Natoma. 

vnnwlton J. J., carpenter, Oregon n F^ront. 

viiox R. F. & Co., oil and camphenc, 87 Wash. 

viiux F. of R. F. K. & Co., h F'olsora n 3d. 

vnox I. W. of R. F. K. & Co., h Townsend cor 3d 

Ciiux R. F. of R. F. K. & Co., h F'olsom n 3d. 

viinx Dr. F., F'olsom bet 3d and 4th. 

viiox Geo., atty, notary public, 157 Montg. 

Ciiox John, merchant, 131 Cal. 

Vdih F. H., carpenter, h Post n Stoc'n. 

voeh John C, carpenter, h Union abv Powell. 

ioehler G., jeweler, 177 Wash. [Dupt. 

foehler Thomas, compositor Cal. Dem205 Dupt 

ioehler Wm., german bakery. Green cor Powell. 

ioesel Louis, liquor store, cor Davis and Bdwy. 

ioester Albert, Union Brewery, Mission bet 2d 
and 3d. [bel 2d 

iohlberg J. of Waterman, K. & Co, h IMission 

iohler A., impt musical instruments, toys and 
fancy goods, 276 Stoc'n. 

Johler A. accountant with Geo. Sunder, 84 Batty. 

Sohlerj Chas. & Co., Los Ajigelcs wine, 102 

iohler Chas. musician. Sac cor Stoc'n. 

iohler F. D. C'ty Recorder, Hall of Records ; 
h 3d n Harrison. 

iohler Geo. F. Dep. C'ty Recorder, h 3d n Mis. 

iohler Miss J., fancy store. Mission n 2d. 

iohlmoss John, grocer, Dupont cor Bdwj-. 

iohn & Gautiuer, furniture, 201 Kearny. 

Kohu C. of K. & G., h Powell cor Green. 

Kohn Henry, clerk, Montg cor Bush. 

Kolmcke I. C., scgars, etc., 320 Stoc'n. 

Koue D. C, tin plate factory, 46 Sansome. 

Kong Wo, provisions, 176 Sac. 

Koop Francis, tailor, Comcl bet Kearny and Dupt. 

Korl) Mrs., mid-wife, 27 Montg. 

Korb John C. H. boatman, 27 Montg. 

Korh John J., watchman, 27 Montg. 

KorlV H. C, grocer, Stoc'n cor Bdwy. [Mercht. 

Korn Julius, Editor San Francisco Journal, 66 

Kornahrens H. & Co., grocers, 3d cor Folsom. 

Kiitniker L. clothing, 71 Coml 

Kijiuiker Luis, painter, Kearny n Wash. 
'Koster Henry, baths, 1 74 Wash. 

Koster F., blacksmith, 2d cor ]\Iarket. 
Kostromitinotf P. S., Russian Consul, h Essex 

abv Folsom, bet 1st and 2d. 
Kouch Bertha, milliner, h Green n Dupont. 
Krahc Wm. A., watchmaker and jeweler, 51 

Krambach R., impt crockery, etc., 140 Clay. 
Ivi'amer F"., boots and shoes, Jac'son bet Davis 

and Drum. 
Ivi'amer Jacob, grocer, Dupont cor Greenwich. 
Kraus C, fanoy store, 3d bet Minna and Everett. 
Krause Chas., blacksmith, 155 Pacific. 
Krause Joseph, Howard n 2d. 
Ivi-ause Wm. E., merchant, 34 Cal. 
Krebs Charles, scgars, Jac'son cor Drum. 
Kremer M. of Newmark & K., Stoc'n cor Post. 
Ki'ess John, carriage nifty, 39 Sansome. [Bush. 
Kreyenhagen & Bro's., grocer}^, cor Powell and 
Kreyenhegen E of K. & Bro's, cor Powell and 

Bush. [mcrchts, 49 and 51 Front. 

Kreyenhagen, Kruse and Co., grocers and com. 
Kreyenhagen Julius of K. K. & Co. [Bush. 

Kreyenhagen & Howard, family grocers, San cor 
Ki-cyenhagen Edward, grocery, cor San and Bush. 
Ivi-eyenhagen G., grocer, 2d cor Minna. 
KroUe John, baker, 372 Stoc'n. 
Kromp Joseph, cai-pentcr, Spofford's alley. 
Kroning M., grocer, Kearny cor Cal. 
Kroppitz C, h F'rancisco n Stoc'n. 
Krueckmann Dr., h 348 Stoc'n. [Vallejo. 

Krug Auguste, drug and medicines, Powell cor 
Krug Charles of Nolting K. & Co. 1st n Mission 
Kruger Chas. saloon 193 Pacific 
Keuger Louis of Schroder & K. Wash n East 
Kruse Edward of lu-eyenhagen, K. & Co. 49 and 

51 Front. 
Kuchell & Dresel, lithographers, 1 74 Clay 
Kuck D. half-way house, Stuart cor Mission 
Kuh Leopold, works U. S. Mint, h Green n Dupt 
Kuhn Louis, 270 Wash [Wash 

Kuner Albert, seal engraver and die sinker, 167 
Kunig A. clerk at H. Hcntsch, Montg cor Jac'son 
Kuntz & Lowenstein, New York hotel, 85 and 

89 Kearny 
Kuntz Joseph of K. & Lowenstein, 85 Kearny 
Kurtz John of Bredlinger & K. 67 Cal 
Kuster & Co. grocers, 3d cor F'olsom 

La Reintrie Henry, snpt ent clerk U. S. customs, 

h Stevenson W of 3d 
L'Arme Mrs. Talmon, midwife, 203 Clay 
La Roche Abel, coffee mill, Dupont n Bush 
Labatt A. C. h Taylor n Sac 
Labatt Henry J. atty, 101 Merch, h Taylor n Sac 
Labatt Jos. J. clerk, h Taylor n Sac 
Labatt S. K. clerk at Hoffman Bros. 113 Mont 
Labatt Theo. at H. J. Labatt's, 101 Merch 
Labell Henry, 4 Morse al 
Labonna Marie, milliner, 159 Dupont 
Lacey Robt. J. carpenter, h Vallejo bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Lacourt Chas. of asphaltum composition Co. fac- 
tory, Clementina n East [Dupont cor Cal 
Lacy Rev. E. S. pastor 1st Congregation church, 
Ladd A. T. Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
Ladd Geo. watch maker and jeweler, 139 Sac 
Ladd J. W. marble yard, 44 and 83 Bush 
Lafferty Chas. Jessie cor Jane 
Lagauterie C. & Co. impts of liquors, 134 Jac'n 
Lagauterie F. of L. & Co. 134 Jac'n 
Latrauterie H. of L. & Co. 134 Jac'n 




Commissioner for the State of Louisiana, in this State. 

AVholesale and Retail Dealers in 




Keep constantly on hand a large assortment of the best 
Brands of Segars, imported to this market. 

Oldest Established in California 

mm SmWmmm^f 
Importer of Fine Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, &c. 





Three doors above Montgomery. 

Packages sent to all parts of the City free of Charge. 


i — 

I'Dagoarde Bernard, gunsmith, 203 Wash 

*) Liagomarsino G. W. h Green n Stoc'n 

j [.agomarsino Loigi, Green n Stoc'n 

' Lagrange, carpenter, 2d n Mission 

[ Laidley James, 3d bet Harrison and Bryant 

I Lainbcer John, builder, Brannan bet 2d and 3d 

.(Lake Delos, atty, of Peyton, Duer, L. & Rose, 

il 157 Mont 

i [/akemann & Helmkcn, hardware, 129 Kearny 

uL/akemann Wm. of L. & Hchnken, Kear n Cal 

I Lakmann, H. A. job wagon, Mont NW cor Mcr 

t) Lamb Jacob, butcher, Sac cor Stoc'n 

■ Lambert G. G. & Co. auctioneers, Kear cor Wash 
/( Lambert Thos. & Co. com mer, Cal cor Front 

k Lambert Thos. h 1st cor Folsom 

(i Lambert Wm. of Hucks & L. Melius n Jane 

>l Lambie Juan, Bdwy cor Kearny 

(i Lamka C. A. grocer, Davis cor Clarke 

A Lamm Isaac & Co. staple & fey goods, 169 Clay 

, Lammot R. S. of Gibbons & L. h Sans abv Vail 

Lamott Anthony, hatter, 157 Coml 
, ^ampman Henry, mariner, Dapont cor Greene 
iLancknau W. H. at Coml off. 129 Sans 
( Landeker J. S. Green bet Stoc'n and Powell 
yiLandis Gustave, constable, U. S. District Court, 
', U. S. Court Building 
jhLandreaux G. clerk, 4 U. S. Court Building 
♦ Landry N. clerk, Al)el Guy's, 107 Wash 
'•Landsberger & Co. coffee saloon, 168 Clay 
? Landsberger J. & Co. com merchts, 44 Leides'i-ff 

Lane & Co. grocers, Drummond cor Sac 
' Lane Chas. E. orn painter, 129 Kny, h Mas n Grn 
' Lane F. F. book store, Keaniy liet Suttr and Post 

Lane James A. Stewart st wlif. Jessie n Third 

Lane N. B. h Ellis cor Powell' 

Lane N. C. h Ellis cor Powell 

■ jLane P. h Drumm cor Sac 

iLane Richard, of Davidson & L. 141 Sac 
-Lane Roscoe G. at 131 Cornel [Stockton 

I Lane R. W. messenger of Pacific Express Co. to 
' Lane Thomas, policeman. City Hall 
Xane W. W. at Flint, PeabodV & Go's 
Lang C. INIrs. cap manufactory, 228 Dupont 
Lang James, policeman, City Hall 
Lang J. L. of Tandler & Co. h Teh bet 1st and 2d 
iLang Victor, watch maker, 228 Dupont 
Langdon Levi H. carpenter, Spoffoi'd's alley, h 
Cornel near Mason [Front 

Langerman Wm. & Co. segars and tobacco, 81 
Langler W. A. wood and hay, Stewart cor Mis'n 
Langley C. & A. J. impts drugs and med, 43 

Long wharf 
Langley Alfred J. of C. & A. J. L. 
Langley Charles, of C. A. & J. Langley 
Langstadter S. dry goods, Second n Mission 
Lanszweert Louis D. off. 174 Clay 
Laomus Mrs. astrologer, Dupont n Clay 
Lapfger Aug. professor of music, 222 Stoc'n 
Larco N. lic[uors and groceries, 138 Jac'n 
Larcombe J. B. Kearny cor jMerchant 
Larimer A. Mrs. nurse. Third n Howard 
Larkin Jas. laborer, U.S. Customs, h Kycor Bdw 
Larkin Thos. h Rich bet Folsom and Harrison 
Larkin Thos. O. off. Mont cor Sac, h 282 Stoc'n 
Larouche Chas. restaurant, 238 Dupont 
Larrabee G. B. watchmaker, 9 Harlan pi 
Larsenuer Lewis, stonecutter, 7 Milton pi 
Lask Louis, 232 Stoc'n [toms, h 269 Stoc 

J.ifham James H. Refunding Clerk, U. S. Cus- 
I/iiham Milton S. Collector U. S. h 269 Stoc'n 
Latham Richard, 167 California 
Lathrop Mrs. dress maker, Sutter abv Dupont 


Lathrop Calvin, agent, 111 Washington 
Lathrop E. N. of Onderdonk & L., carriage, ma- 
kers, 79 Montg 
Latson A. C. builder, 2d, n Folsom 
Latz I. coat renovator, Washt, abv Stoc'n 
Latz Henry, clothing, 95 Pacific 
Lauenstein F. L. of Saulmann's saloon, 128 

Montg, Amiory Hall 
Laurent Mrs. millinery, 147 Sac, up stairs 
Laurent Auge, book-binder, 127 Kearny 
Laurie Blair, elk, Montg, cor Cornel 
Laurion T. T. elk at J. Gueriu & Co. 105 Montg 
Lauterwasser F. P. Oriental market, bet Long 

Wharf and Clay 
Lavezzari, grocer, 135 Sansome 
Laviosa, Marengo & Co. 116 Battery, cor Washt 
Laviosa, Francisco, of L., Marengo & Co 
Law & Evans, plumbers, 160 Washt 
Law Henry, of L. & Evans, h Green, n Dupont 
Law Henry, of Reynolds & L,, cor Kearny and 

Law R. A. of WyckofF & Co, 123 Sansome 
Lawler John, rigger, Beale, bet Harrison & Bry't 
Lawler Martin, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Lawler R. C. book-keeper at Garrison, M., F.,& R. 
Lawler Wm. gold and silversmith, 147 Kearny 
Lawless Catherine, l)dg house, 235 Kearny 
Lawless Laui-ence, laborer, Taylor, bet Post and 

Lawless M. harness and Trunks, Sans'e, cor Cal 
Lawless Walter, bds 235 Kearny 
Lawrence & Houseworth, opticians, 177 Clay, 

south side 
Lawrence Geo. S. of L. & Houseworth 
Lawrence B. Jr. broker, cor Clay and Front 
Lawrence E. A. atty, 151 Clay, h Stoc'n, bel Sac 
Lawrence Francis, Hampton pi, n Harrison 
Lawrence H. H. at U. S. mint, h Beale, bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Lawrence J. E. editor Golden Era, 151 Clay 
Lawrence Patrick, painter, h Green, n Dupont 
Lawton A. T. mercht. Clay, cor Front 
Lawton O. of Haynes & L, 128 Sansome 
Lazard Freres, imptr of French goods, 64 Sac 
Lazard S. of Lazard Freres 
Lazard A. of Lazard Freres, Paris 
Lazarus E. segars, 138 Montg 
Le Blank Mrs. A. milliner, Vallejo, n Dupont 
Le Breton Edward, h Lombard 
Le Count J. J. books and stationer. 111 Montg 
Le Metejez Emille, dress maker. Bush, n Stoc'n 
Le Metejez Henry, plaster mftr. Bush, n Stoc'n 
Le Plongeon A. Bush, above Dupont 
Leahy Daniel, cooper, N. Pt., h Green, n Stoc'n 
Leary T. A. varnisher, Minna, n Third 
Leavitt Joseph S. private bdg, Cal, abv Dupont 
LebatardDr. 172 Montg 
Lebatard M. grocer, 127 Washt 
Lecacheu, Galley & Co. imptrs, 60 Front 
Lecompt Alex, mattresses, Kearny, cor Sutter 
Lccomte Nicolas, stoves, etc, 59 Clay 
Ledwith Mrs. midwife, Pine, n Dupont 
Ledwith Michael, bricklayer. Pine, n Dupont • 
Lee Charles, builder, li Washt, above Taylor 
Lee H. Clay, book-keeper at Drexel, Sather & 

Lee Henry C. Pioneer Steam Bag Factory, cor 

Davis and Washt 
Lee James, saloon, Jac'n, below Drum 
LeeN. A. tin and sheet iron, 134 Davis 
Lee Wm. laborer, Dupont, bet Sutter and Post 
Leeper Charles, liquor store 75 Cornel 



Lees I. W. Capt. Police, City Hall 
Lefevere H. of Newhall & L., Gold st 
Lefeure B. apothecary, 215 Washt 
Leffingwell W. money broker, over Herald oiF., 

Montg, h Laurel place 
Legg Robert, Green, n Stoc'n 
Lehmann Antonio, at American House, 63 Mont 
Lehey Patrick, saloon, Pine, n Mason 
Leib J. Lewis, at Howe & Co., cor Clay and Sans 
Leigh B. W. atty, 9 U. S. Court building 
Leipnitz G. apothecary, 82 Kearny 
Leithe A. M. & Co. wood yard, foot Market 
Lekens Peter, furniture, 190 Jac'n 
Leland Geo. H. & Co. newsman, "Washt, n P. 0. 
Leland Lemuel, of Geo. H- L. & Co., h Mason 
Leland Ulman, news depot, P. 0. rotunda 
Leeless Walter, shaving saloon, Kearoy, bet Clay 

and Mercht 
Lelevier Y. M. clerk, 321 Dupont 
Lemke C. grocer, 167 Front 
Lemmen Theodore, 141 Clay 
Lemon Mrs. nurse, 68 Kearny 
Lenelle V. Franklin Exc, Kearny, cor Cornel 
Lemme F. jeweler, 140 Sac 
Lent, Newell & Co. com merchts, 115 Battery 
Lent Wm. M. of L. Newell & Co. res Santa Cl'a 
Lent John A. atty, 42 Montg block 
Lent John, clerk at Truett & Jones, 58 Front 
Lentz Louis H. bdg house, Trinity 
Leon John, barber, Vallejo, n Kearny 
Leonard C. J. elk at Kenney's book store, Montg, 

cor Washt 
Leonard Mi's. E. Dupont, n Berry 
Leonard E. W. off. Montg, cor Sac 
Leonard F. C. of even'g school, Dupont, cor Cal 
Leonard H. R. architect, 150 Montg, h Green, cor 

Leonard Capt, Joseph, Hawthorn, bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Leonard William, cor Cal and Front 
Leonormand Francis, Taylor, bet Post & Geary 
Leony J. C. segars, 1 Custom House block, h 

Pine, bet Washt and Clay 
Lepercy Henry, feed store. Pacific, above Taylor 
Lennitte Francis, restaurant, Washt, n Sansome 
Leroy H. paper hanger, 172 Montg 
Leslie Miss Julia, dancing teacher, Kearny, cor 

Lester & Gibbs, Ccol'd) boots and shoes, 184 Clay 
Leszynski L. dry goods 137 Sac 
Levak Chas. clothing, 133 Comcl 
Levak Phillips, at 133 Comcl 
Levald J. watch maker and jeweller, 236 Dupont 
Level J. & Co. boots and shoes. Batty, cor Coml 
Levet J. B. carpenter, 257 Dupont and Sullivan 
Levi H. & Co. wholesale grocers, 65 Cal 
Levi Henry, of H. Levi & Co. Cal 
Levi B. Dupont, cor Post 
Levi M. B. tailor, 50 Clay 
Levi Solomon, tailor. Pine n Trinity 
Levick Isaac, sponger, 2 95 Dupont 
Levin & Cohn, Metrop'tan Segar Store, 173 Clay 
Levin Charles, of Levin & Cohn, New York 
Levine & Brother, clothiers, 203 Washington 
Levine Edward, of Levine & Brother 
Levine Joseph, of Levine & Brother 
Levinson, Bro. & Co. segars and tobacco, 83 Bat 
Levinson Jacob, of L., Bro. & Co. h Dup cor Grn 
Levinson Louis, of L., Bro. & Co. h Du cor Grn 
Levinson Mrs. Caroline, music teacher, 270 Wash 
Levinson D. clothing. First n Mission 
Levinson Henry, h 286 Washington 

Levitzky H. furniture. Second n Market 

Levy Adolph & Bro. boots and shoes, 71 Pacifi 

Levy S. of Adolph Jjevj & Bro 

Levy Aaron, dry goods. Mission cor 1st 

Levy Benjamin, diy goods, 187 Clay 

Levy E. of Bernard Dennery & Co. 192 Wash 

Levy Henry, clothing, 59 Pacific 

Levy I. & H, dry goods, 259 Dupont 

Levy John, of Braverman & L, 167 Wash 

Levy Jonas, dry goods, 84 Kearny 

Levy Julius, of St. Losky, Levy & Co. 109 Cal 

Levy Leopold, Stockton bet Vallejo and Greei 

Levy S. Stoc'n bet Bush and Sutter 

Levyn S. clerk, h 168 Bush 

Lewis & Brother, grain dealers. Wash bel Fron 

Lewis Edwin, of Lewis & Bro. 

Lewis R. P. of Lewis & Bro. 

Lewis P. Bros, impts shirts and dry goods, 95 Ca. 

Lewis Frederic, of P. Lewis Bros, [and Pow 

Lewis Philip, of P. Lewis Bros, h Val bet Stoc'r 

Lewis Mrs. Washington House, Chamber n Bttj 

Lewis Alex, Barman pi 

Lewis Mrs. Ann, Essex House, Batty n Val 

Lewis Rev. D. (Presbyterian J, Union cor Stoc'n 

Lewis David, clothing, Pacific bel Front 

Le^vis Geo. D. (colored), barber shop, 4 First 

Lewis F. R. at Ncwhall & Gregory's, h Fol bet 

First and Second 
Lewis Henry (colored), Greenwich n Jones 
Lewis H. M. watches and jewelry, 189 Clay 
Lewis John B. drayman, Montg n Vallejo 
Lewis J. Roome, of Neville & Co. Leav cor Pine 
Lewis Louie, fancy goods, 276 Stoc'n 
Lewis M. M. watches and jewehy, 183 Clay 
Lewis R. carpenter and builder, Sutter abv Mont 
Lewis Mi's. S. private boarding, San cor Halleck 
Lewis Sabin, engineer str Siei-ra Nevada, h Geaiy 

bet Kearny and Dupont [Montg bl 

Lewis Wm. J. chf engrPac and At R. R. Co. 49 
L'heritier A. surveyor and chemist, 204 Stockton 
L'hote Eugene, boots and shoes, 220 Dupont 
Lichteuberg C. B. jeweler, 197 Pacific 
Lichtenstein JMi-. h 1 82 Kearny 
Lichtfers P. foreman Cal. Democrat, 205 Dupont 
Lichthenfelts G. saloon, 113 Kearny 
Liegfeld Albert, carpenter, Pine n Mont 
Ligbtner C. W, bookkeeper. Union Foundry 
Lightner Joel F. merchant, Kearney n Green 
Lillie Lewis, bookkeeper, h 26 Batter}^ 
Lindau Ai-nold, grocer, Front cor Clark 
Lindaur Bros, imptrs clothing, 57 Sacramento I 
Lindaur D. of Lindaur Bros, h Teh bet 1st and 2d I 
Lindaur M. of Lindaur Bros. 1 

Lindauer A. clerk at Wonnser Bros. 70 Battery 
Lindenbei'g I. clothing, Jac'n bel Davis ' 

Lindenberger T. at W. G. Badger's, 103 Battery 
Lindo Miss L. dress and cloak maker, 156 Sac 
Lindsay Mrs. E. F. Sansome cor Greenwich 
Linekin Ira, sail maker, 136 Dupont 
Linekin Ira W. of Harding & L. 55 Front 
Linen James, liquors, 94 Mont, h Dupont betw'n 

Geary and Post 
Linguist John, of Mason & L. brewers, Stoc n Un 
Lion & Co. brewery. Pine n Kear 
Lion Mi-s. L. boarding house, 126 Dupont 
Lippincott W. P. City mills, 1st bet Mkt & Miss 
Lippitt F. J. atty, 44 Mont bl 
Lippman Jos. watches and jewelry, 175 Clay 
Lisiecki M. impt boots and shoes, 90 Cal, h Sans^ 

cor Bush 
Lissak A. H. broker. Front n Cal 
Little John T. & Co. produce, 30 Com row Clay 



little John T. of J. T. L. & Co. h W side Stoc'n 

S of Pine 
Little A. D. Sutter ii-on works 
Little John, caulker, Hunt n 3d 
Little Wm. h 42 Clay 

Little Wm. B. & Co.'chem's & apoth, 137 Mont 
Little W. C. teller at Lucas, Turner & Co. h 274 
Powell [and 3d 

Littlefield John W. ship cai-penter. Perry bet 2d 
LiTermore H. clerk, h Mason [cor Jac'u 

A Livermore O. at Pioche, Bayerque & Co. Mont 

a Livingston M. Bush cor Mason 
Llebaria Very Rev. John F. VaUejo n Dupont 
Lloyd Sam. H. accountant, Mont cor Merch 

m Lloyd Wm. ale and beer, Bdwy n Dupont 
Locan & Co. fancy goods, etc, 179 Clay 
Locan F. of L. & Co. 
Lochhead John, Priest n Clay 
Locicero Geo. Mont baths, 163 Mont 
Locke S. Morris, of Clark &L. 110 Batt 
Locke S. M. agent. Spring cor Summer 
Lockrow Chas. mason, Hubbard bet 2d and 3d 
Lockwood & Hendrie, clothing, 176 Clay 
Lockwood H. M. of L. & Hendrie [Pacific 

Lockwood Jared, shipwright. Drum bet Jac'n and 
Lockwood & Wallace, attys, 185 Kearny 

it Lockwood R. A. of L. & Wallace 
Loehr D. F. editor Cal Democrat, 205 Dupont 
Loehr John, bakery and restaurant. Clay cor East 
Loehr V. physician, Dupont n Sac 
Loewenberg L. real estate broker, 176 Mont 
Loewenstein & Bros, dry goods, 261 Dupont 
Loewenstein Jos. of L. ii Bros. 261 Dupont 
Loewy Bros. & Birgham, stationery, Sans n Sac 
Loewy Herman, of L. Bi'os. & Birgham 
Loewy Wm. of L. Bros. & Birgham 
Lohmann & Meyer, tailor, 1 85 Wash 
Lohmann Henry, of L. & Meyer, 185 Wash 
Lohmann Ernst, cabinet maker, 37 Mont 
Lohr Chas. C. tailor, 204 Kearny 
Lohse J. F. Mason bet Union and Filbert 
Lolike Donelly, salesman at Eugene Kelly & Co. 

Sac cor Sans 
Lolor C. P. com mer 94 Front 
Long Claude, impt hardware, etc, 1 64 Coml 
Long L. H. at Wells, Fargo & Co [East 

Loomis & Wilcox, com mer. Wash bet Drum and 
Loomis E. J. of L. & Wilcox 
Loos Thos. tinsmith, 239 Clay 
Lopes Caiman, dress maker, Dupont n Vallejo 
Lopes P. dress maker, h Green n Dupont 
Lopez Maria, 318 Dupont 
Lord & Burnap, grocers, 215 Jac'n 
Lord H. of L. & Burnap 
Lord D. S. & Co. paper warehouse, 132 Sans 
Loring & Co. liquors, 72 Merch 
Loring & Mason, grocers. Clay cor Taylor 
Loring G. G. of L. & Mason, Clay cor Taylor 
Loring & Co. mft jewelers, Batt bet Wash & Jac 
Loring Sam. of Fisk & L. Albion saloon 108 

Mont, h Green bet Dupont and Stoc'n 
Loring S. of Cunningham's warehouses, office 2 

Cunningham's bl, Front 
Loring Wm. P. H. wines and liquors, 94 Merch 
Lorquin Ernest, grocer, 1st cor Clementina 
Lothien Napier, musician, Kearny, telegra^jh hill 
Lothrop John J. Sutter n Dupont 
Lott C. F. of Dickson, De Wolf & Co. Merch bet 
Sans and Batt [Mont 

Lott Peter F. Supt U. S. Branch Mint, Coml n 
Loucks G. P. com mer, 6 Clay st whf opp East 
Louderback & Co. game, fish, etc, 5 Wash mkt 

Louderback Wm. of Haas & L. 171 Wash 

Lougee J. W. of Hopps & L. 122 Sans 

Lougee F. W. 105 Clay, h Sutter cor Mason 

Loughlin G120. K. U. S". Mint, h 15 Spring 

Louis C. figure maker, Brannan pi 

Louis M. boot maker, 147 Coml 

Louisson M. & Co. impt Yankee notions, 83 Batt 

Loupe L. of H. Levi & Co. 65 Cal 

Love & Provines, attys, 100 Mei'ch 

Love H. S. of L. & Provines, attys, 100 Merch 

Love John J. h Nicholas hotel 

Lovegrove Geo. H. 161 Mont 

Loveland David, 46 Batt 

Loveland D. H. watchman U. S. customs 

Lovett Jos. of Nickerson & L. Mont cor Merch 

Lovenkelm J. accountant, 138 Wash 

Lovree I. clothing, Pacific bel Front 

Low C. Adolphe & Co. com mers, 30 Front 

Lowe, Ebbets & Co. com mer 60, Cal 

Lowe B. F. of L. Ebbets & Co. h Jones cor Wash 

Lowe Jas. of Allan, L". & Co. 132 Clay 

Lowell N. R. at Moore & Folger's, h Perry bet 2d. 

and 3d 
Lowsnstein John, of Kuntz & L. 85 Kearny 
Lo^^^tsch I. clothes renovator, 246 Keamy 
Lozinchi Paolo, fruits, etc, 252 Dupont 
Lubbock Ca])t. H. S. steamboat Sophie 
Lubbock Capt. W. M. otf. Davis cor Pacific 
Lubeck & Co. com and ship'g mer. East cor Jac 
Lubey Wm. upholsterer, 181 Cal 
Lubosch L. clothing, 217 Kearny 
Lucas, Turner & Co. bankers, Batt cor Wash 
Lucas John, carpenter, JNIont abv Vallejo 
Lucas Wm. laborer, U. S. cust, h Jessie cor 2d 
Lncien & MongroUe, tailors, Dupont cor Clay 
Lucien G. D. of L. & MongroUe, Dupt cor Clay 
Lucke H. boot and shoe maker, 285 Dupont 
Luddy C. porter house, Jac'n cor Batt 
Ludlam A. h Howard cor Jane 
Ludlum C. 94 Kearny 
LudliimThos. B. grocer, 94 Keamy 
Ludwick Chas. porter at Taaffe, McCahill & Co. 
Ludwig J. A. carpenter. Trinity bet Bush & Sutt 
Luedke Rudolf, watch mkr and jew'r, 159 Wash 
Luesmann E. segars, 325 Dupont 
Luhr Annis, painter, Rich n Brannan 
Luhrs E. F. clerk. Sac cor Pike 
Lum Wo Co. China proWsions, 180 Sac 
Lumley Geo. liquors, Batt cor Union 
Lumoree & Kenney, stables, Pacific n Mont 
Lumoree Daniel, of L. & Kenney 
Lunt Jas. K. at Jas. Patrick & Co. 161 Batt 
Lupton Sam. commissioner, 85 Merch 
Lussey John, interpreter Police Court, City Hall 
Lutgens John, Lutgen's hotel, 64 Mont 
Button Robt. cai-penter, Brooklyn pi 
Lutz C. beer saloon, Kearny cor Sac 
Lux Chas. butcher, Kearny cor Sac 
Luyster T. G. W. variety store, 200 Wash 
Lyle J. B. at Surveyor General's off. h Howard 

E of 3d 
Lynch & Fitch, billiard saloon. Union hotel 
Lvnch Daniel, of L. & Fitch, Union hotel 
LjTich & Roeding, merchants, 138 Jac'n 
Lynch Jas. & Co. wood and coal. Sans cor Bdwy 
Lynch Daniel, butcher, 12 Wash market, h Pow- 
ell cor Geary 
Lynch Jos. P. Minna bet 3d and 4th 
Lynch Peter, laborer, Stevenson cor Jane 
Lj-nde Jos. B. salesman, Taaffe, McCahill & Co. 
Lyon & Cannon, wholesale grocers, 135 Fi'ont 
Lyon J. E. of L. & Cannon 



Lyon & Co. Empire brewery, 106 Jessie n 3d 

Lyon Wm. H. of L. & Co. 106 Jessie n 3d 

Lyon Wm. F. of L. C. Dodge & Co. 68 Merch 

Lyons Alex, printer, 258 Kearny 

Lyons B. harness maker, 147 Sans 

Lyons Dennis, dept clerk County Ct, City Hall 

Lyons Wm. F. bds at Franklin house 

McAvoy Francis, shipwright, h Mission at New 

Orleans House [Powell 

McAvoy Wm. carpenter, Wash bet Stoc'n and 

McAllister Hon. M. Hall, judge U. S. circuit 

court, U. S. court building 
McAllister Hall, McAllister's building, 146 Clay 
McAllister & Brady, Pacific City Hotel, 35 Pacific 
McCabe & Brennan, Miners' House, 48 Pacific 
McCabe J, atty, 179 Clay 

McCabe Michael, Rich bet Bryant and Brannan 
McCaffery James, porter, 39 Coml 
McCaffrey R. (M. D.) 118'Sac 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, 6 Cadell place [Sac 
McCahiU Thos. of Taaffe, McC. & Co. Front cor 
McCall W. R. salesman at Arrington & Co.'s, 
McCallan Thos. C. clerk at post off. h Pine cor 

McCann James, off. Market n 2d 
McCann Peter, market, 66 Kearny [cor Clay 
McCann Wm. at Janson Bond & Co.'s, Batty 
McCann Wm. & Co. impts of metals, 102 Batty 
McCardale Ellen, (widow) Vallejo n Dupont 
McCarle Bernard, laborer, Vallejo n Dupont 
McCartney Wm. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
McCarthy & O'Brien, Golden Age House, Cham- 
bers n Davis 
McCarthy Daniel, Mahattan House, 177 Front 
McCarthy Daniel J. of Darcy & Me. Metropoli- 
tan bakery, 42 Pacific [Powell 
McCarthy E. carpentei-, h Vallejo bet Stoc'n and 
McCarthy Eugene, bakery. Bush abv Dupont 
McCarthy Eugene, plasterer. Union cor Union pi 
McCarthy M. printer, at Sun off. 101 Mercht 
McCarthy P. feed store, Howell cor Mason 
McCarty J. laborer, Post bet Kearny and Dupt 
McCarty Michael, Clementina bet 1st and 2d 
McCeney J. C. atty, 37 Montg block [Jac'n 
McClellan D. D. clerk at post off. h Virginia n 
McClelland & Flynn, com merchts, 23 Clay 
McClelland J. A. of McC. & Flynn, h 175 Mis'n 
McClure John H at Headley & *Co.'s 159 Cal 
McColgan & O'Kane, saddlers, 136 Kearny 
McCalliam T. W. sail maker, 105 Front 
McComb & Co. storage, cor Batty and Bdwy 
McComb E. C. of McC. & Co. 
McComb D. W. insptr U. S. customs [cor Mont 
McCombe John of Freeman & Co.'s express. Sac 
McCortney F. J. watchman U. S. customs, hcor 

Green and Powell 
McCormick C. marble yard. Mission n 3d 
McCormick H. real estate, 94 Clay 
McCormick John, 2d n Market 
McConnell Hugh, ins trmnt maker, 233 Jac'n 
McCoy E. ship carpenter, Brannan bet 2d and 3d 
McCraith D. & Co. family groceries, etc. Pacific 

cor Front 
McCrea J. A. & Co. auctioneers, etc. 93 Cal 
Mc Creavay Peter, Vallejo n Montg 
McCulloch Jno. chemist, Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
McCully John, liquors, 110 Wash 
McDaniel David of Smith McD. & Co. 100 Fr'nt 
McDermot Robt. grocer, 250 Kearny 
McDermot James, foreman, Ohio n Bdwy 

McDermott C. F. mercht, 124 Dupont 
McDermott • Frank, pressman at O'Mera and 

Painter's. 132 Clay 
McDermott Miss M. K. bdg 124 Dupont 
McDermott Patrick, Clementina bet 1st and 2d 
McDonald A. D. Minna bet 2d and 3d 
McDonald Mrs. C. Dupt bet Geary and O'FaiTell 
McDonald C. E. S. impt of ale and porter, Cal 

cor Sansome 
McDonald Donald, druggist, Jac'n cor Kearny 
McDonald Duncan, Sac bet Montg and Leids 
McDonald Duncan F. ale and porter, 120 Sac 
McDonald G. W. of Swain & Co. 171 Montg 
McDonald James, liquors, Leids bet Coml and 

McDonald John, printer. Batty cor Bush 
McDonald John, shipwright, Stewart n Marke' 
McDonald I. M. stables, 165 Pacific 
McDonald John, baker, Kinkley n Dupont 
McDonough John, 118 Bush 
McDoole Patrick, porter at J. 0, Bell's, 182 Clay 
McDougal Jolm at B. C. & T. L. Bom's, 94 Fr'nt 
McDougall, Aldrich, & Sliarp, attys, 101 Mercht 
McDougall J. A. of McD. A. & S. 101 Mercht, 

h Va. block [and Davis 

McDow Marion, blacksmith, Oregon, bet Front 
McDuflie Jas. Y. U. S. Marshall, U. S. court 

McElinden Thos. miner, Vallejo n Dupont 
McElroy James, City Marshal," City Hall 
McElwain J. mercht, cor Clay and Front 
McElwee J. V. 152 Cal 
McEnnis Sister Francis, superint of the R. C 

orphan asylum. Market bet Kearny and Mont 
McEntee James, sexton Vallejo Catholic church, 

h Green n Keamy [Union u Stoc'k 

McEwen & Thomjjson, union mineral water, 
McEwen James of McE. & T. 
McFarland Mrs. cloak and dress maker, h Stev'n 
McFariand I. of C. Hudson & Co. 99 Batty 
McFarland T. of Sperry & Co. 159 Montg 
McFarlane & Co. butter and cheese, 7 Clay mkt 
McFariane Henry of McF. & Co. 
McGark Patrick, "fireman, 204 Stoc'n 
McGeorge of Morrison & Co. 84 Jac'n 
McGlauhlcn Anna, bdg h. Sac cor Dupont 
McGlashan J. & Co. book store and bindery, 127 

and 136 Montg [Wasn cor Batty 

McGlynn Daniel C. agent Encinal Tanning Co. 
McGovern Capt. Philip, Capt of watch U. S. 

customs. Bush st h 
McGowan Mrs. fruits, 24 Wash mkt 
McGowan J. laborer, Morse al cor Bush 
McGrath John, grocer, Jac'n cor Drum 
McGreavy Geo. millwright & draughtsman, 24 1st 
McGreggor James, ale house. Pacific n Dupont 
McGregor & Anderson, chronometer and watch- 
makers, 103 Coml 
McGregor, Jos.of McG. & Anderson 
McGregor Richard jr. h 1 1 Virginia 
McGuire Anis, accountant, 239 Kearny 
McGuire Stephen, porter, 113 Batt 
McHaifie J. painter, Jane bet Minna and Howard 
McHenery J. contractor, li Bdwy bet Kearny and 

McHenry C. keeper at Flint, P. & Go's warehouse 
McHenry Jesse, atty. Masonic hall, Mont 
McHenry John, atty, 98 Merch [Drum 

McHugh John, of Brannan & Co. Clay st whf n 
Mclntyre & Moore, ale and porter, Davis ab Bdy 
McKaraher John, accountant at Wainwright and 

Randall's, 100 Merch 





:igtjt anir §rattg|bmEn, 


Having; had a long and practical experience for many years in the 
Atlantic States and California, is now prepared to furnish PLAXvS and 
SPECIFICATIONS of Flour Mills, Saw and Quartz -Mills, with latest 
improvements, also Rice Cleaning Machinery, and Machuaes of all kinds 
used in the different branches of manufacture. 

N. B. PORTABLE GRIST MILLS of all sizes, constantly on 
hand. Also, jMill Stones and French Burr Blocks of all sizes. 

^" Orders for designs promptly attended to. ,,^ 

r R. McKee & Co., 60 Front Street, 
References, < J. Friedlan'der & Co., 60 California Street, 
( Bond & Hale, Sansome Street. 

W. B. MEAD, 



Grain I Produce Merchants 

Corner of Sast and Merchant Sreets, 

Between Clay and Washington St. Wharves. 



Emporter and M9catcr in 

No. 115 Sacramento Street, 

Has always on liand a large assortment of the most cele- 
brated Brands, for sale at moderate prices. 



McKay Darid, grocer, Davis n Jac 

McKay J. "VV. ship and custom house broker, Sac 

cor Batt 
McKee Andrew W. h Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
McKee Daniel, inspector U. S. custom [Powell 
McKee J. W. at Elint, Peabody & Co. h Cal n 
McKee R. & Co. grocery and com mer, 48 Prout 
McKee Redick, h Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
McKee S. B. atty, 102 Merch 
McKee W. R. h Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
McKendi-y & Co. impt teas, 69 Cal 
McKendry A. of McK. & Co. h Taylor cor Ellis 
McKenna & Pilling, hair dressing saloon, 122 Sac 
McKenna P. of MeK & Pilling 
McKenna Francis, ban- di-esser, saloon opp Rail 

road house 
McKenty Jackson, broker, 161 Mont [Dupont 
McKenzie A. R. coal yard, 127 Pine, h Sutter n 
McKenzie F. P. Inspector State prison, St Ncol's 
McKenzie G. L. printer, 130 "Wash, h 19 Spring 
McKenzie J. W. policeman. City Hall 
McKenzie W. drayman. Rich bet Pols and Har'n 
McKewen & Gallagher, gas fitters, 190 Clay 
McKewen Peter, gas fitter, under Cal exch 
McKibben Thos. housesmith, 1st n Polsom 
McKibben Wm. housesmith, 1st n Polsom 
Mclvinlay, Garrioch & Co. com mer, 116 Cal 
McKinlay Finlay, of McK. Garrioch & Co. 
McKinley Edwd. atty, 98 Merch 
Mclvinley P. C. clerk, 112 Cal 
McKinnon J. J. carpenter, Post bet Kear & Mont 
McKinney Patrick, Jessie bet 2d and 3d 
McKuight C. watchman U. S. customs 
McKowu Geo. of Hamilton & McK. 163 Clay 
McLane Louis jr. gen'l agt "Wells. Fargo & Co. 
McLaughlin Chas. U. S. mail stages, Keaniy cor 

McLaughlin J. Stevenson bakery, Steven n 2d 
McLaughlin James, Roxbury house, 94 Pacific 
McLaughlin James "W. painter, 368 Stoc, 
McLaughlin M. com mer, 94 Clay 
McLaughlin Michael, 88 Pacific 
McLay Donnald, porter and ale, 219 Dupt 
McLea Donald, ale house, Cal n Webb 
McLean Anthony, tailor and clothier, 68 Davis 
McLean E. merchant. Clay cor Front 
McLean John, carpenter, Anna n Jessie 
McLean Peter, Sac abv Taylor [Pacific 

McLeod Neil, boarding house. Drum bet Jac and 
McLoughlin Geo. boarding house, Chamb n Batt 
McMahon Mrs. h Rich bet Bryant and Brannan 
McMahon Pat. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
McManie Wm. Stevenson bet 3d and 4th 
McMann John C. paper hanger at J. C. Bell's, 

182 Clay 
McManus B. boarding, Kear n Sutter 
McMichael Capt. "Wm. whai-finger, Valle st whf 
McMillen Daniel, of "Williamson & McM. East n 

Jackson [jNIission bet 4th and 5th 

McMinn Jas. B. clerk Sup'r Court, City Hall, h 
McMullin G. 0. cor Sac and Front 
McNabb James, h Kear n Green 
McNair "Wm. atty, 237 Kear 
McNally H. agricultm-al warehouse, 85 Merch 
McNally Peter, pilot, Pacific cor Davis 
McNamara Jas. liquors, etc, Stevenson n 2d 
McName P. J. porter and ale, Jac cor Batt 
McNamee P. J. grocery. Mission n 1st 
McNanney Jos. teamster, 3d bet INIkt and Miss 
McNeil Jas. gas filter, 90 Mont [Cal and Sac 
McNeil Wm. of De Long, McN. & Co. Batt bet 
McNeil Daniel, Harrison bet Beal and Main 

McNier Geo. jr. real estate broker, 94 Jac 
McNish W. C. of J. B. Roberts & Co. 102 Batt 
McNulty C. A. clerk U. S. customs, h 29 Minna 
McNulty J. M. physician, Dupt n Clay, h iMission 

bet'sd and 4th 
McPherson A. watch maker, Davis n Jac 
McPuhn Mrs. W. fancy goods, 1st n Clementina 
McQueen Jas. S. wood yard, 14 Kear 
McQaeen Robt. carpenter, St. Marks pi between 

Kear and Dupt 
McQaillen Jos. laborer, Ohio bet Bdwy and Pac 
McQuinn M. laborer. Market n Kear 
McRuer & Men-ill, auctioneers and commission 

merchants, 47 Cal 
McRuer D. C. of McR. & Merrill 
Mc"Vea Jas. furniture, 203 Stoc [Davis 

Mc Williams John, blacksmith. Pacific wharf bel 
Mc Williams J. Howard n 2d 
]\Iaas George, blacksmith, Somer n Montg 
Macauley John, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Maculey J. P. physician, Dupont cor Wash 
Mace Mrs. dressmaker, 204 Kearny 
Macgill R. R. inspector U. S. Customs 
Macgovern & Co. gas fitters, 149 Cal 
Macgovern James of Macgovern & Co 
Macken James, coppersmith, Fremont n Howard 
Mackintosh Robt. physician, 89 Montg 
Maclay Rev. C. pastor 2d M. E. church, h Pol- 
som bet 1st and 2d 
Maclean James C. h ^Mission cor Anthony 
Macnamara Robt. laborer, Vallejo n Montg 
Macondray & Co. com merchts, 62 and 64 San 
Macondrav F. W. of Macondray & Co. h Stoc'n 

n Wash 
Macondray W. A. of Macondray & Co. N. York 
Macpherson A. W. 45 U. S. Court building 
Macrae Geo. W. atty, 56 Montg Block 
Macy Alex, school No. 4, Cal cor Dupont 
Macy Henry C. carpenter, Oregon bel Davis. 
Macy R. B. secty wharf assn, 134 Clay 
IMacyuart Dr. vety surgeon, Sutter n Kearny 
Madden Thomas, clerk, 156 Dupont 
Madgani Wm. stone cutter, Fremont n Folsom 
Madigan Garratt, Jones abv Bush 
Madigan Mary Mrs. 99 Pine 
Madison Geo. butcher, 76 Bush [ 

Madson I. painter, 52 Clay | 

Magagnos J. A. bds Jac'n bet Powell and Mas'n I 
Magee Thos. grocer, 1st cor Clementina 
Magee Thomas, shoemaker. Mission n 1st 
Maginnis Rev. John, of St. Patrick's church, h 

Jessie n Jane 
Magner Thos. grocer, Bdwy, h Powell cor Mas'n i 
Magnin Francois, band-box maker, Bdwy n | 

Magrath J. book store, 1st [Mission cor Annie 
Maguu-e Thomas, clothing, Comcl cor Batty, h 
Maguire Thos. S. P. ISIinstrels, Wash n Montg 
Maher James, Harrison abv 3d 
Mahone John, bargeman U. S. Customs 
Mahony Da\-id, h Pacific n Larkin [60 Sansome 
Mahony Florence of Case, Heiser & Co. 58 and 
Mahony James, shoemaker, 181 Pacific 
Maige P. confectionary, 207 Wash 
Mails H. book store, 188 Wash 
Main & Winchester, harness, saddles, etc. 82 Batt 
]Main C. of Main & Winchester, 82 Batty, bda 

at American Exchange 
Main A. F. at Daniel Gibb & Co 
Main Geo. S. limiber, Howard bet 3d and 4tli 
Main Wm. W. at Main & Winchester's, 82 Batty 
Majauro Custaut, haii' dresser, 226 Dupont 



Makin Mac of Clarke & Makin, 184 Kearny 
Maks A. inipt and dealer in segars, 115 Sac 
Malech A. physician, Pine cor Montg [Keaniy 
Malech IMrs. C. midwife. Bush bet Montg and 
Malla John, baker, 349 Dupont 
Mallet John H. 182 Comcl, h 139 Kearny 
Maloney Dennis, Tehama n 1st [140 Front 

Mallorj- Henry C. accountant at Wm. H. Folger's 
Malmros F. 147 Sac, up stairs 
Maloy Mme. H. dressmaker, 79 Kcaniy 
Maltbv & Foster, ovster saloon, 202 Clay 
Maltby S. K. of M'. & F. 202 Clay 
Manrulock Wm. u]jliolster, Adler st 
Maahan Francis P. h Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
Mcanhester & Hodges, attys, off. Clay NE cor 


Manchester J. B. attv, off. Clay NE cor Montg 
Manchester P. B. atty, 144 Wash 
Mangel Martin & Co. grocery, "Wash cor Pike 
Mangeot Chas. blacksmith, btoc'n cor Bdwy 
Mangeot George, hatter, 175 Cal 
Mangles P. clerk, 130 1-2 Montgomery 
Maun G. S. lumber mercht, 68 Mkt, h How n 3d 
Mann P. of Timmerman, Hyde & Co. 116 Cal 
Manor A. B. feed and grain, 1st bet ilkt and JNlis 
Manrow J. P. off. NW cor Clay and ]\Iont 
Mansfield & Wood, cloth'g warehouse, 159 Mont 
Mansfield Wm. of Mansfield & Wood 
Mansilla ^lanuel G. cigarito mftr, Apollo pi 
Maraschi Rev. F., S. J. pastor of St. Ignatius 

Church, St. Ann's Valley 
Marcel Pierre, restaurant, 179 Cal 
Marchaund Edward, restaurant, 209 1-2 Dupont 
Marcomina A. Kossuth Saloon, Comcl cor Front 
ilareou Alfred, sjTups, Greenwich n Powell 
Marcovich John, X. Orleans Ex, Davis cor Coml 
Marcus J. of Brooks & Marcus, Sac cor Mont 
Marcy James S. laborer U.S. Customs, h Pac bet 
Leavenworth and Hyde [Front 

^Maiden Calvin, at Wm.'H. Bovee & Co's, 123 
3Iardeu Ira, of W. H. Bovee, 123 Front 
Marengo John, of Laviosa & M. 116 Btty 
Margaud V. of Delafont & M. 130 Wash 
Marguerie A. hatter, 149 Kearny 
Maricr Albeit, 88 Washington 
I Marks B. clothing. Kearnv n Sutter 
i Marks M. of E. Boas & Co. 84 Sac 
I Marks S. diy goods, 278 Stoc'n 
! Marley W. C. clerk, Leids cor Sac 
iMarn Cheung & Co. teas and spices, 186 Sac 
jMarnell Richard, laborer, 196 Pacific 
iMaromy Wm. H. laborer U. S. customs [Mont 
iMarquard August, of Wm. Bofer & Co. Sac abv 
I Marriott Fred, broker, 104 Merch 
Mars J. A. U. S. mint, bds Cal abv Dupt 
Marsh E. B. clerk, Goodwin & Co. 119 Front 
Marshall Amos G. h 354 Dupt 
Marshall C. P. const 4th township, Bush n Mont 
■ Marshall H. H. at Wm. H. Bovee i Co. 123 Fut 
' Marshall Jas. laborer, 196 Pacific 
Marshall Jas. G. (colored) messenger U. S. cust 
Marshall John, drayman, 93 Front 
Marshall Robt. carriage factory, 107 Kear 
Marshultz Raphael, clerk, 82 Sac 
Marston J. C. h Virginia pi 
Martel Jas. L. real estate broker, 103 Mont 
Maitell & Aldrich, Nonpariel, Clay cor Mont 
Martell G. of M. & Aldrich 
Martenstein Jacob, miller, 136 St. Marks pi 
Martigny M. trader, Leids n Coml [146 Clay 
Martin & Dwindle, attor'ys, 7 McAllister's bldg, 
Martin Addison, merchant, Cal cor Front 

]\Iaitin A. &, Co. grocery, Mission n 2d [Jac 

Martin Camillo, Consul" for Spain and Chili, 138 

Martin C. policeman. City Hall [Mason 

Martin Dan. E. watchman U. S. cust, h Green n 

Martin ]Mme. E. music teacher, 157 Dupt 

Martin E. Lombard bet Taylor and Jones 

Martin H. grocer, Bdwy cor Mont 

Martin John, Union Citv house. East n Clay 

:Martin John, dcpt Sheriff, City Hall 

Martin John J. marine reporter, Francisco n Dpt 

Martin J. M. clothing, 45 Coml 

Maatin ^I. S. Golden Gate clothing warehouse. 

Clay cor Kear 
Martin Philip, porter. Hall of Records 
Martin R. S. marine reporter, Francisco n Dupt 
Martin Thos. S. 187 Cal 

Martin Wheeler, at Howe & Co. Clay cor Sans 
Martin Wm. policeman. City Hall 
Martinez Francisco, restaurant, 151 Coml 
Martins F. of Cordes & Co. Clay cor Stoc'n 
]\Iai-wede Chas. of Wm. Bofer &" Co Sac ab Men 
:Marx Isaac, book store, h Mason cor Eddy 
]\Iarx Samuel, examiner L". S. customs, h Mason 
Marx Simon, h Mason cor Eddy 
Marziou V. & Co. merchants, 42 Coml 
Masden Geo. drayman, Stevenson bet 2d and 3d 
i\Iason & Linguist, brewers, Stoc'n n Union 
Mason John, of M. & Linguist 
Mason F. jr. Mason's warehouse, h 212 Jac'n 
Mason J. F. h Brvant bet 2d and 3d 
Mason J. H. h Hardie pi 
Mason M. E. 93 Dupont 
]Mason Thos. Lombard n Stoc'n 
Mason W. C. of Loring & M. h Clay cor Taylor 
Masse Martin, Green n Stoc'n 
Massey Atkins, imdertaker, 161 Sac 
Massie John, billiard saloon, 195 Pacific 
Massigly Peter, billiards. Pacific n Mont 
jNIassoul, segars, 257 Dupont 
Mast John, saloon, Coml cor Kearnv 
Masten F. R. of Bosworth, M. & Co", h Tehama 
Masten Wm. C. clerk at Castle Bros. 
Masterson Thos. of Taaffe, McCahiU & Co. bds 

Oriental hotel 
Mastic & Co. lumber dealers, Stewart bel Mission 
]\Iastic S. L. of M. & Co. Folsom bel Fremont 
Mastick Edwin, Batt XE cor Coml, h Union cor 

Matal M. tabac Frangais, 226 Dupont 
Mather & Co. segai-s and tobacco, 132 Kearny 
Mather Robt. of M. & Co. 132 Kearny 
Mathew H. grocer, Folsom cor 4th 
Mathews E. G. produce com mer, Clav cor Drum 
Mathews H. lumber. Market n Beale,'h 3d n Fol 
Mathews J. produce, Mont cor Pacific 
;Mathewson & Morris, mfts jewelry, 159 1-2 Sac 
Mathewson J. of M. & ]MoiTis 
Mathewson Thos. B. 92 Merch 
Mathey Auguste, watch maker, 137 Mont 
Mathiew Alfred, hatter, 149 Kearny 
Mathieu C. A. accountant, 86 Sac 
^lathiew G. watch maker, Coml cor Kearny 
Mathoult F. furniture, 151 Bush 
Matowitch Simeon, fruits, 148 Kearny 
Maume J. M. geocery, 1st cor Xatonia 
^laurice E. of Hcnshel & M. Batt opp ens house 
Maurice Rev. F. asst pastor St. Mary's Cathedral, 

h Pine XE corner Quincy 
MauiT P. jr. French wines and liquors, 170 San 
Mautouchet R. C. watch maker, 110 Pacific 
Maxwell James G. segars, 26 1st 
Maxwell R. T. physician, Stoc n Wash 

M 80 


Aaeon Jacobs, New York. 

SiEGMUND T. Meyer, )g J, J 
Louis Cohn, ) 







O OISJS:ilXX^^S:OI!<^3ES3Fl., 


*tjtpointcd htj the Cforernors of the States of 


N. HaaipsLire, 



Rhode Island, 


New York, 

New Jersey, 





North Carolina, Louisiana, 

South Carolina, Texas, 

Georgia, Arkansas, 

Florida, Tennessee, 

Alabama, Kentucky, 

Mississippi, Ohio, 







To take Testimony, AfiSdavits and Acknowledgements to be used therein. 


Carver, Gilder, Composition Ornamenter, 

M Inb f oolung ©k$s, ^tdwre Jframe an^ Sonlbing 

M No. 46 Montgomery Street. 

^ Old Paintings Cleaned, Lined, and Restored. 



Maxwell Walter, milk bakery, Kear n Sutter 
May A. dry goods, 3d bet ]\Iarket and Mission 
Mav Frank, engineer, Mont n Green 
May H. J. Daguerrean artist, Kear cor Sac 
May H. S. engineer, Mont n Green 
May Menry W. bar keeper at Walton house 
^lay J. at B. Davidson's banking house, h 3d bet 

Kear and Mission 
.Nfay John A. Golden Gate mkt, 106 Davis 
May Prosper, wines, 184 Coml 
^lav Sam. Mont n Green 
May T. C. policeman. City Hall 
Miiyblum il. impt se^ars and tobacco, 80 Batt 
Mayer S. Bro. impt of clothing, 85 Cal 
Mayer Joseph, of S. Mayer & Bro. 85 Cal 
Mayer Jacob, dry goods, Stoc n Wash 
Alayer John B. hair dresser, 81 Kear 
Mayer L. jeweler, 205 Kear 
Maver Lewis, h Clay abv Powell 
Mayer Sam. of Hagan & M. 2 Virginia bl. Stoc 
!Mayer Simon, broker, Front SE cor Clay, h Pike 

n Wash 
JIaverhofer Dr. Kear bel Sutter 
^Mayers L. of Silverstein & Co. 219 Dupt 
Mayers Robt. jewelry, 161 Kear [Pacific 

Mavnard Frank T. of Coggeshall & Co. Stoc cor 
Maynard J. C. dock master, 39 U. S. Court bldg 
Maynard L. real estate owner, Cal cor Batt 
Mead & Bennett, grain and produce merch. East 

cor Merch 
Mead W. B. of M. & Bennett 
:\Icad Chas. H. saddler, 79 Jac 
Mead J. dra\'man. Front 
Mead J. R. of I. B. Purdv & Co. 162 Clay 
Mead W. C. saddler, San cor Cal 
Meagher Phillip, clerk, 72 Batt 
!Mebius, Duisenberger & Co. com mer, 70 Cal 
Mebius F. of M. Duisenberger & Co. h Harris cor 

Mechler & Co. bakers, rear 306 Stoc 
MochlerM. ofM. &Co. 
IMedan I. H. segai's, East n Jac 
Medena P. hardware and crockery, 246 Dupt 
Medin Alex, fruit, 116 Kear 
:Meding Mark, fruits, Kear n Cal 
Meehan Chas. tinsmith, 78 Kear 
Meek Wm. of Dupuv, Foulks & Co. 151 Batt 
Meeker S. H. of Goodwin & Co. & M. h Pacific 

cor Mason 
Meese H. cai-penter, etc, Sutt bet Kear and Dupt 
Meetz T. grocer, Dupt cor Post 
Meheurt Armand, billiards, 179 Pacific 
Mehlivitz Antonio, grocer, 1st cor Market 
Meigs G. A. lumber, Stewart n Market 
Mciuberg J. boots and shoes, 161 Wash 
Meiss H: of Hansen & Co. 244 Dupt 
Metcalfe P. & J. ale and porter, 10 Kear 
Meteer M. L. carpenter, 189 Mont 
Metsgel John, laborer, 3d cor Folsom 
Metz John, carpenter, h 81 Bush 
Mctzner Francis, Rassette pi [and Tavlor 

Messerve A. C. 128 Clay, h Filbert betw Mason 
Messinger S. butcher, Stoc cor Bdwy 
Messma Fred. Empire iron works, 90 Bush 
Mcrcado & Co. com mer, 90 Clay 
Mercantile Library Association, 17 Mont bl 
Mercer & Bernheim, confectioners, 136 Kear 
Mercer Chas. H. of Mercer & B. 136 Kear 
Mercer Mrs. produce, 50 Wash mkt 
Merchant F. G. grocer. Cal cor Kear 
Merchant S. L. supt's clerk U. S. branch mint 
Merchants' Line Pilots, Vallejo cor Davis, up strs 

Mererbeck S. grocer, 275 Dupt 

Meite P. shoes, Dupt SE cor Jac 

Merigot & Villers, barbers, 157 Kear 

^lerrifield A. D. boarding, Bdwy n Mont 

Merril S. S. drugs and med, 125 Davis 

]\IeiTill Annis, atty, 177 Wash 

IMerrill H. A. saloon, Stewart n Market 

Merrill J. C. of McRuer & M. bds Oriental htl 

Merrill R. A. of Jessup & M. 36 Clay 

Merriraan R. Pine n Dupt 

Merrin & Co. produce, 335 Dupt 

Merrin M. of M. & Co. 

Merritt S. (M. D.) express building, room 7, 2d 

story, Montg [Marcy 

Merraman, J. H. 2d Lieut, revenue cutter Wm. 
Merslieimer W. glue factory, Tarlor cor Francisco 
Mcnant L. of Bon & M. 2d cor Stevenson 
Mcndheim E. of Locan & Co. 179 Clay 
ilendheim Morris of J. Lansberger & Co. 44 

Mendon G. A. of D. L. Lord & Co. 132 San 
Mene Prosper, clerk at French Consul's, Jac'n 

cor Mason 
Mengel John, market, Sutter n Stoc'n 
Menges A. Rassette mkt, San cor JNIarket 
Menges Michael, butcher, Vallejo cor Sansome 
Menomy J. B. house smith, 149 Cal. 
Menser Henry, segars, cor East and Wash 
Mentel Wm, paper hanger, Sutter abv Montg 
Menntz Harmon, drug clerk, Vallejo n Dupont 
Menu J. A. imptr Avines and liquors, 68 Clay 
Melick C. h 1st n Jesse 
ilelin Chas. grocer, Mission cor Jane 
Melladet Paris, laundry, 325 Dupont 
jNIelletz George, grocer. Mission cor 2d 
Mellon E. ale house, Webb bet Sac and Cal 
Melville John, mercht, Batty opp. custom House 
jNIeussdorffer J. C. hatter, 165 Coml 
Meyer Adam, buckeye saloon, 278 Dupont 
Meyer C. H. of Roggenburger & Co. 7 Cal block 
Meyer Daniel, segar dealer, 72 Jac'n 
INIeyer David, agent German benevolent society 
Meyer F. & Co. gi-ocers, Mason cor Post 
Meyer F. T. saloon. Pine cor Kearny 
Meyer H. grocer, ilission cor Jane 
^Nleyer Henry, grocery. Pine cor Sansome 
Meyer H. Henry, beer saloon, 162 Coml 
Meyer H. W. Clay cor Davis 
Meyer J. & Co. stoves and tinware, 285 Dunpont 
Meyer John of Lohmann & M. 185 Wash 
Meyer John, carriage smith, Kearny n Post 
Meyer Leopold, clerk at Roggenburger, 7 Cal bl 
Meyer Louis, clerk for cheap John, 79 Coml 
Meyer Marcus C. clerk at Roggenburger's 7 Calbl 
Meyer Siegmund T. & Co. impts clothing and 

dry goods, 62 Sac 
Mever Solimon at Frank Baker's, 110 Clay 
Meyer T. L. 141 Clay 

Meyer Wm. & Co. fashionable clothing, 174 Clay 
Meyerfeld M. of Falkenstein & Co. 84 Sac 
Meyers Fredk of Voomian & Co. Dupt cor Green 
Meyers Henry at E. Fitzgerald & Co. 112 Batty 
Meyers J. D. & Co. artesion well borers,, 34 Mont 
Meyers John & Co. Oregon mkt, 47 Jac'n 
Meyers John, grocer, Geary cor Market 
Meyers Raphel, glazier, Pinckney n BdAvy 
Meyerstein Bros, clothing, 91 Kearny 
Meyerstein Henry of M. Bros. 
Meverstein Levi of M. Bros. 
Mezes S. M. 124 Cal 
Mezgar Capt. Wm. Main abv Folsom 
Mibielle Jean, teacher of languages, 212 "Wash 



Michael Jas. mcrcht, 86 Sac, up stairs [Bush 
Michaelis F. agent for N. York brewery, Dupt n 
Michalsky Herman, tinware, 127 Kearny 
Michaud M. & Co. wood and coal, 258 Pacific 
Micliel Geo. butcher, Dupont cor Yallejo 
Michels & Eohtbar, scgars, 108 Cl'y and'l97 Wash 
Michelson Edwd. book-keeper, at Waterman, 

Kohlberg & Co. h Sac n Dupont 
Michle Thcophilus, Green n Dupont 
Micholup Jacob, tinware, 342 Stoc'n, h .348 Stoc'n 
Micholup Mrs. milliner, 348 Stoc'n 
Mickle E. bds Pine cor Stoc'n [n Kearny 

Middlebrook Chas. groceries, 68 Front, h Sutter 
MiddlehofF & Kappe, Wash bakery, Dupont n 

Middlemas Geo. shipcarpenter, Main cor Folsom 
Middleton F. carpenter, 65 Bd\^y [257 Stoc'n 
Middleton Jolm, auctioneei", Montg cor Cal, h 
IVEddleton Wm. H. contractor, h 118 Front 
Miesegaes Otto H. of Wadsworth & M. 65 Clav 
Mighell Mm. at Jas. Patrick & Co.'s, 161 Batty 
Mignan Eugene, Coml bet Kearny and Dupont 
Mikael A. clothes renovater, Montg cor Wash 
Mikelson R. porter at golden gate clothing ware- 
house. Clay cor Kearny 
IVIilatovich A. tailor, 159 Sac 
Mildoon Barney, fruits, Davis n Jackson 
Miles Walter & Co. produce dealers, 38 Clay 
IMillard AYalter, agent, 201 Clay 
Milleman F. gunsmith. Miss n 2d 
Miller & Co. hardware, Batty n Bdwy [n Montg 
Miller J. D. of M. & Co. Battv n Bdwv, h Union 
Miller Thos. F. of M. & Co. Batty n Bdwy 
Miller & Co. pro and com merchts, 26 Clay [San 
Miller & Welcli, liquor, etc. Mercht bet Batty and 
Miller F. H. of M. & Welch 
Miller Albert, of Janson, Bond & Co. Batt c Clay 
Miller & Andrew, segars, 60 Kear 
Miller, butcher, Jac cor Dupt 
Miller Mrs. Elizabeth, h Francisco n Dupt 
Miller Mrs. F. British hospital, Main abv Folsom 
Miller G. W. (colored) barber. Bower pi 
Miller Hans, Fulton hotel, Jac bel Davis 
Miller Henry, butcher, Jac n Kear 
Miller John, grocer, Kear cor Post 
iMiller J. Frank, auditor U. S. customs, Powell 

W side, 2d h from Clay 
Miller J. L. of Boyd & M. 139 Mission 
Miller M. M. at Vance's Daguerrean rooms 
Miller Mrs. Susan, (widow) boarding, 237 Clay 
Miller Wm. 177 Dupi 

Miller Wm. drayman, at ILirdie & Ruttenberg's 
MiUer Wm. H. accountant, Bradshaw & Co. Cal 

cor Batt 
Milling Wm. carpenter, Russ lane 
Millon & Denery, 153 S;in 
Slillon Sebastien, of ]\I. & Denery, 153 San 
IVIillon S.Pine cor Kear 

JMills & Valentine, coffee stand. Pacific cor Davis 
Mills & Vantine, off. Front cor Coml 
MiUs S. R. of M. & Vantine 
Mills A. C. at W. B. Little & Co. 137 Mont 
Mills Jas. com mer, 50 Coml 
IMinn G. W. grammar school, Powell n Clay 
Minns Geo. W. atty, 61 Mont bl 
Minton J. of Macondray & Co. 62 San 
IMintum Chas. off. Front bet VaUejo and Green 
Mintum Walter D. Front bet Vallejo and Green 
Minzeheimer M. of M. Louisson & Co. 83 Batt 
Miranda E. carriage maker, 158 Cal 
Miro Em. ed Eagle of Freedom, Cron off. 
Mish Phineas, 269 Dupt 

MishMrs. Sarah, milliner, 269 Dupont 

Mitchell D, E. of J. J. Southgate & Co. 155 Batt 

INIitcliell D. T. clerk asst trea U. S. branch mint 

Mitchell Geo. Greenwich n San 

Mitchell H. stoves and tinware, 127 Kear 

Miichell Jacob, tinman, 52 Pacific • 

Mitchell Jas. at J. J. Southgate & Co. 155 Batt 

Mitchell J. C. clerk asst trea U. S. branch mint 

Mitchell Moses, 121 Front, h San opp Rassette h 

Mitchell T. clerk, 150 Kear, h Green cor Dupt 

Mitchell Thos. F. of J. Moulton & Co. 22 Sac 

Mitchler G. mft of confections, 251 Wash 

Mitzscherling C. engineer, 44 Mont 

Mizner L. B. State guagcr, off. Sac cor Front 

Moblitt Robt. watchman U. S. customs 

Modri Marques, segar maker, Bdv\-y- n Kear 

Moesta P. of Nemeth & M. 188 Wash 

Moffatt P. K. carpenter, Dupt bet Geary & O'Far 

Mohrig Fcrd jeweller, 156 Dupt 

Moinet Chas. hair dressing saloon, 224 Kear 

Moise Henry, carver & gilder, 46 Mont abv Bush 

Molitor A. P. of Wass, M. & Co. 89 Merch 

Moller J. R. com mer, 110 Cal 

MoUcy John, porter. Sac cor San 

MoUoy Pat. grocer, 103 Jac 

MoUoy Miss, milliner and dress maker, 30 Mont 

Moloney D. painter, Clementina n 2d 

]\Iolony Chas. printer. 111 Wash 

Mondos B. A. Pine cor Kear 

Mondt Adolph, clerk, 83 Coml 

Monell Chas. entry clerk U. S. customs, h Union 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Moneypenny Chas. Melius n Jane 
]\Iongrolle Julien, of Lucien & M. Dupt cor Clay 
Monier & Constant, hair dressers and whig mkrs, 

Coml n Mont 
Monkhouse T. A. Vulcan foundi-y, h 2d n Brynt 
IMonks Rich. Capt. police. City Hall 
Monro Peter, wines and liquors, 378 Stoc 
Monroe Geo. H. com mer, 70 Front 
Monroe John A. clerk U. S. Dist Court, and U. 

S. commissioner 
Monroe Robt. bottles, 18 Cal, h 245 Kear 
Monson, Valentine & Co. Coml prnt off. 129 San 
Monson B. H. of M. Valentine & Co. 
Montague Dr. physician and surgeon, 162 Sac, h 

Teliama n 2d 
^Montgomery Geo. broker, San cor Cal 
Montgomery Hall Billiard Saloon, Geo. L. Wat- 
ers, Mont cor Sac, up strs 
Montgomery W. auctioneer, 68 San 
Montanya J. de la & Bro. impt stoves, etc, 82 Jac 
Montpreville Cyiille, lithographer, Coml bet Kear 

and Dupt 
Moody I. cai-penter and builder, 99 Jac 
Moody Jos. L. supt warehouse U. S. customs, h 

8 Geaiy 
Moon A. 3d opp S Park 
Moon Geo. C. off. 101 Merch 
Moon Wm. L^nion pi n Union 
Moore R. & N. dry goods, 68 Sac 
Moore B. merchant, 64 Batt 
Moore Chas. St. Marks pi 
Moore D. butcher. Wash cor Stoc 
Moore G. H. merch, Davis bet Mkt and Cal 
Moore H. H. librarian M. L. S. 17 Mont bl 
Moore J. policeman. City Hall 
Moore John L. furniture, 153 Front 
Moore John J. (colored) school, Jac cor Virga pi 
Moore Jos. of Bonny, Brooks & M. Jac n Front 
Moore Jos. Perry bet 2d and 3d 
Moore J. B. 204 Clay 




D I R E C T R Y 


Moore J. B. policeman, l)ds "U^alton house 

Moore Lather L. Jessie cor Annie 

Moore Pat. Tavlor bet Pacitic and Jac 

Moore K. C. & Co. publishers Aita Cal, 124 Sac 

Moore K. C. h Union n Kear 

Moore Sam. W. commissioner, 85 Merch 

Moore Sam. W. seed store, 110 Cal 

Moore Wm. |ilumber, Summer n Mont 

Moore VT. H. lirass fouudrv, 58 Halleck 

Moory Mrs. L. boai-dinfi, Cal abv Dupt 

Moory Nelson, Cal abv Dupt 

Mora Salvadore, restaurant, 197 Pacific 

More J. C. & Co. clthg, 36 Coral, bds Parish htl 

More Sam. accountant, J. C.More &. Co. 36 Com 

Moreeno J. M. physician, Jac ii Kear 

Morehouse & Bailey, com mei', 24 Clay 

Morehouse L. of M. & Bailey 

Morel A. h Bdwy n Mont 

Moreno Jesus, cisrarito mft, Apollo pi 

Morey E. of Folsom & M. Webb bet Sac and Cal 

INIorey Erastus, Dupt n Pine 

Morey R. H. accountant. Town Talk off. 

Mor<ran & Byrne, liquors, 3d n HaiTison 

Moriran Jas. of M. & Byrne 

Morgan, Hathawav & Co. com mer. 28 Front 

Morgan 0. G. of M. Hathaway & Co. 

Morgan & Scott, Adelphi saloon, Dupt 

Morgan John A. of M. & Scott 

Morgan A. Gray, beef inspt, 177 Dupt 

Morgan C. insjit U. S. customs 

Morgan Chas. H. Front cor Clay 

Morgan David, merchant. Green n Dupt 

Morgan David, hod carrier, 295 Dupont 

Morgan E. Geo. teller at Lucas, Turner & Co.'s 

Morgan Geo. at AVells, Fargo & Co.'s 

Morgan James, laborer, Fillbert n Montg 

Morgan J. marker, 3d cor Everett 

Morgan J. clerk at 61 Sac 

Morgan J. A. sail maker. Long wharf bel Front 

Morgan J. F. bds at Walton house [Harrison 

Morgan John, sliip carpenter, 1st bet Folsom and 

Morgan Josh. A. Fremont n Bryant 

Morgan Peter, St. Mark's pi bet Dupt and Stoc'n 

Morgan Richd. Berry n Dupt 

Morgan Wm. tailor, 79 Mercht 

Morganstern Saml. clothing, 55 Pacific 

Morgentliau M. impt. 90 Sac opp custom h block 

Morin Dr. 243 Wash 

Moritz M. Bush n Stoc'n 

Morits S. of Ackcrman & M. 53 Kearny 

Morill Ellen Mrs. di-ess maker, 181 Cal 

Morrill C. drugs and medicines, Battv cor Wash 

Morrill E. A. of Handis & M. Dupont cor Sac 

Morrill J. C. grammar school No. 6, at Laguna 

Morrill J. C. at C. Morrill's, Batty n Wash 

Morrill Oliver C. Empire State rest'rant, 144 Clay 

Morrill Warren P. of Monson, Valentine & Co. 

129 Sansome 
Mon-is & Danziger, jobbers, 84 Sac 
Morris S. of M. & Danziger 
Morris A. of H. Breslaucr& Co. Ill Sac 
Morris A. of Bvtler & Morris, 129 Montg 
IMorris B. of Mathewson & M. 169 1-2 Sac 
Morris Clias. lirick mftr, Bryant and Essex 
Morris David, steamboat house, Davis bet Pacific 

and Jac'n 
Morris H. job cart, Wash SW cor Montg 
Morris John, laborer, 196 Pacific 
Morris J. L. ofi". 69 Batty 
Morris M. at H. Breslauer & Co.'s 111 Sac 
Morris Michael, verandah saloon, Wash cor K'y 
Morris P. clothing, 63 Pacific 

Mon-is Wm. Gouverneur, atty, 40 JMontg block 
IMorris W. J. fancy store, 2d n Mission 
JNIorrison & Co. stoves and tin ware, 84 Jac'n 
Morrison Andrew, Davis cor Jac'n [East 

JNIorrison Cha<. of Pond & Co. Clav st whaif bel 
Morrison C. W. at AVells, Fargo & Co.'s 
iMorrisey Edwd, shoemaker, 204 Kearnv 
IMorrisan James, grocer, Powell n Union 
IMorrison J. W. boots and shoes, 91 Batty 
Morrison Muray, atty, 92 Mercht 
Morrison Parker, Jessie cor Annie 
Morrison Robt. T. atty. Wells' building 
Morrison T. H. at Garrison, Morgan, F. & R, 

cor Batty and Wash 
Morritz Mark, stoves, 139 Kearny 
Morrow Geo. feed store, 194 Kearny 
Morse E. Eaton, Mission cor Annie 
Morse Ezra, at Flint, Peabodv & Co.'s 
Morse J. F., printer, True Califor. 66 Mercht 
Morse M. Brannan house. Bush cor Sansome 
Morsheimer J. architect, Kearny bet Clay and 

IVIortellec M. ISIrs. Jessie cor Annie 
Mortimer Lewis L. (colored) messenger U. S. 

customs, h Dupont bet Green and Union 
Morton Brothers, stevedores, 145 Front 
Morton C. of M. Bros, h Pacific cor Leavenworth 
Morton E. H. of M. Bros. [Front 

Morton Henry, drayman at Goodwin & Co.'s 119 
iMorton Wm. cabinet maker, 351 Stoc'n 
Moses A. J. insptr U. S. customs 
Moses B. I"', at Union Hotel 
Closes L. tailor, Adler 
Mosly J. R. at Wells, Fargo & Co.'s 
IVIosmond Mrs. C. grocery, 75 Jac'n [cor Jac'a 
IMoss J. Mora, at Pioche,"Bayerque & Co. Montg 
Moss Theodore, atPioche, Bayerque & Co. Montg 

cor Jac'n 
Mosse D'Alvra, Clay cor Kearny 
Mosse D. H. T. news depot. Clay cor Kearny 
Mossman, at U. S. Slint, h Post n Montg 
Mott E., Mason cor Jac'n [& Co.'s 

Moulthross J. L. book-keeper at Geo. C. Johnson 
Moulton J. & Co. pump and block mft, 22 Sac 
Moulton Jona of J. M. & Co. 
Moulton Josiali of Wilson & M. 132 Da^^s 
Moulton B. F. broker. Clay and Montg, h Montg 

aln- Vallcjo 
Moulton L. C. coal yard, 127 Pine 
jNIoulton ]Mrs. Labina, Spring cor Summer 
Mount Hojie Market, Scholl & Co. cor Powell 

and Bdwy 
Moutardier Delay, furniture, 284 Stoc'n 
Mouton Florain "Capt., 153 Dupont 
Muuttet L. of Robt. & M. 25 Clay st whf 'V 

Mowse Mme. Marie, dress maker,' St. Mary's 
Moy Eugene, ta.lo;, St. Mark's pi bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Mudge & Co. mercht, 50 Front 
iSIudge B. W. off. 13 Parson's Bldg, 140 Clay 
Mugan John, U. S. Mint, Sac cor Dupont 
Mugridge James, bakery, 82 Pacific 
Muhn Mme. fancy store. Third cor Mission 
Muir J: printer, 101 Merchant 
Mulford J. H. Jr. 1 1 1 Battery 
Mulhare J. S. at Pacific Ex. Co's, Mont cor Cal 
INIuUen W. J. at Town Talk oflSce 
Muller N. carpenter, Stoc'n n Lomb'd 
IMuller Wm. carpenter, 204 Bush 
Mulligan Wm. engineer, Dupont n Green 
Mullin Peter, produce, 3 Wash Market 
Mullins Wm. P. dry goo.ds, etc. 162 Sac 





Mnllot Louis, Sen. com mer, Sac n Dupont 
Mulloy James, ale saloon, 166 Comc'l 
Mulviile Mrs. M. saloon, Stoc n Green 
Mumfrey Mme. boarding, Pine cor Dupont 
Mund C. carpenter. Post bet Krny and Dupont 
Munro & Co. ale and porter bottlers, Cal corLdtf 
Munro R. of M. & Co. h Kearnr abv Pacific 
Munson L-a, Sui-v. Gen's olf. Mont Block 
Munson John E. Surv. Gen's off. Mont Block 
Murasky August, laundry, Folsom n Fii-st 
Murdoch Alex, cooper, Oregon bel Davis 
Murdock R. M. carpenter and builder, h 22 Trin 
Murdock John, carpenter, Third n INIission 
Murdock Wm. Bryant, bet 2d and 3d 
Murdock W. D. carjjenter, Tehama "W of 2d 
Murphy Mrs. B. brdg and lodg, Mission n 1st 
Mm-phy D. boots and shoes, Melius u Jane 
Murphy Dan'l, bds Pine cor Dupont 
MurphV Dan'l S. pilot. Wash cor East [and 2d 
Murphy D. J. atty, 13 Mont Bl, h Essex bet 1st 
Murphy D. T. of JEugene Kelly & Co. Sac cor San 
Murphy Frank P. fruits, 45 Montgomery 
MuqDhy John, drayman, Folsom cor Harrison 
Murphy John, laborer, 7 IVIilton pi 
Murphy J. G. raercht, rear City Hall 
Muiiihy John J. 128 Bush 
Mm-phy P. blackmith, at Folsom & Morev's, 

Webb bet Sac and Cal 
Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, Morse al n Bush 
Murphy Peter, marble worker, 93 Mont 
Murphy Thos. Berry n Dupont [cor Cal 

Murphy T. D. messenger U. S. Customs, h Sau 
Murr Chas. H. & Bro. bakery, 89 Keamy 
Mun- Christopher, of M. & Bro. 
Mm-ray H. K. com mer, 90 Front, bds 230 Stoc 
Murray Jas. at Excelsior Print. Otf. 151 Clay 
Murray James, shpg off. Davis bet Pac and Jac'n 
Murray John, boiler maker, Folsom n Harrison 
Murray Wm. accountant, Kearny n Green 
Murray Wm. Alta off. 124 Sac 
Murrey James, 196 Sansorae 
MuiTcy John, laborer, 4 Morse alley 
Murrey Thomas, h Francisco n Dupont 
MmTOw R. boarding house, Sutter n Keamy 
Murry M. butcher, Pacific cor Taylor 
Murtha John, clerk, Sansome cor Wash [Clem 
Murtha Wm. O. stoves, etc. Btty n Bush h 11 
Muschwitz & Fahrbach, grocers, Pacific cor Mont 
Musson Eugene, attorney, 127 Mont [Mont 

Muygridge E. J. agt Lon. Prntg & Pub. Co. 113 
Muzzy Horace, acc't at Whiting & Go's, 64 Front, 

h Sac n Dupont 
Myer N. dry goods. Third n Mission 
Myers H. grocer, Kearny cor Sutter 
Myers H. pawn broker, 182 Kearny 
Myrick G. waterman, ToMTisend cor Crooks 
Mvi'ick Joseph, com mer, 145 Front 
Myrick T. S. school No. 3, Market n Third 

Nagle G. H. h 85 Bush 

Nagle Capt. Jeremiah, ship'g agt, East cor Coml 

h Stoc n Lombard 
Nagle Wm. saloon, 232 Dnpt 
Naglee Henrv il. off. 85 Merch 
Nahl C. & Bro. artists, 79 Bdwy 
Nahl Arthur, of X. & 15 ro. 
Kamur N. confectioner, 147 Kear 
Naraur Pie, 147 Kear 
Kash Michael, shoe maker, Brenham pi 
Nathan David, segars, Pacihcand Davis 
Nater John, butcher, Dupt cor Hinkley 

Nathan Louis, 121 Bush 
Natlian Sam. C. pilot, Vallejo cor Davis 
Naulty Hemy, clei-k, bds Sac cor Dupt [Mont 
Naulty H. B. salesman at J. J. Le Count's, 111 
Naughtin Wm. Rising Sun, 82 Pacific 
Xeal, dver, Lombard n Stoc 
Neal Henry R. at W. T. Coleman & Co. h Fol- 
som bet 1st and Fremont 
Neal Wm. pilot, Taylor bet Bush and Sutter 
Neal Wm. W. pilot," Wash cor East 
Neall Jos. Pres Bear River and Auburn W. M. 

Co. 94 Clay, h Bdwy n Stoc 
Neomann John, locksmith, rear 196 Pacific 
Near Mrs. shirt depot, San n Sac, h Cal bet San 

and Mont 
Negbaur & Co. book sellers and sta'rs, 125 Sac 
Negbaur Julius, of Negbaur & Co. 
Negbaur Louis, of N. & Co. 
Need Wm. at Town Talk off. 
Necfus & Tichnor, lumber mer, Stewart n Folsom 
Neefus J. F. of N. & Tichnor 
Neefus M. S. Novelty wks, coppersmith, 116 Frnt 
Neely Robt. express wagon, St. Marks pi 
Nelson & Doble, blacksmith. Pine bet Batt and 

Nelson Thos. of N. & Doble 
Nelson Andrew, 7 Milton pi 
Nelson David, liquors, Mont cor Pine 
Nelson :Mi-s. E. 159 Bush 
Nelson H. at R. & N. Moore's, 68 Sac 
Nelson Ralph, at Nelson's whf, East n Market 
Nemeth & Moesta, tailors, 183 Wash 
Nemeth A. of N. &■ Moesta 
Nent E. clerk at V. Marziou & Co. 42 Coml 
Neppert & Bleyman, furniture, 212 Wash 
Neppert John D. of N. & BlejTnan, h 57 Kear 
Neppert S. upholsterer, Clara n Sutter 
Nesbit Sam. baker, 44 Bdwy 
Neubert John A. saloon, 219 Kear 
Neuestadter Bernard, inipt. Sac cor Batt 
Neustadtcr Henry, impt diy goods. Sac cor Batt 
Neustadter Louis W. h Custom house bl 
Neufelder F. N. of French, Walrath & Co. 92 Fnt 
Neuman E. accountant, at Wolf Bro & Co. 59 Sac 
Neuhaus & Tillman, saloon, Kear cor Wash 
Neuhaus Chas. of N. & Tillman 
Neville & Co. merchts, Wash bet Frnt and Da^-is 
Nevins A. H. dravman, Mason bet Sutt and Post 
Nevins T. J. off. 1 74 Clay 
Nevlet Victor, willow ware, Leids n Coml 
New York Mutual Life Lis Co. J. Hunt agt, off. 
Mont cor Merch [and Merch 

New Yore Fire Ins Co. J. Hunt agt, otf. cor Mon 
Newbam- J. of Greenhood, N. & Co. h Melius 
Newberger M. shoes, Stoc n Pacific 
Newcomb C. S. of Power & N. 28 Clay 
Newcomb Martin, Lombard bet Mason and Tay 
Newell & Lefevre, vinegar. Gold st 
Newell A. of N. & Lefevre 
Newell A. S. steward, 204 Clay 
Newell Miss C. Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
Newell Wm. of Lent, N. & Co. 115 Batt 
Newell Wm. L. publisher Cal Chron, 95 Merch 
Newell Wm. printer, h Hardie pi 
Newhall & Gregory, auctioneers and com merch. 
Sac cor Batt [Hamson and Folsom 

Newhall H. M. of N. & Gregory-, h Beale betwn 
Newhall Sam. W. room Mont SE cor Cal 
Newhall AVm. M. at N. & Gregoiy, Sac cor Batt 
Newhmd Edwd. livery stable, 16 Kear 
Newman Bros, brushes, etc, 76" San 
Newman Edwd. of N. Bros. 



Kewinan Thos. of N. Bros. 

Newman A. Bdwy cor Kcar 

Newman H. grocer, Folsom cor Bcale 

Newman Henry, watch maker, 100 Pacific 

Newman Tlios. clerk, 98 Kcar 

Ncwmark & Kremer, im]3ts dry goods, 84 Sac 

Newmark J. P. of N. & Kremer, li 2d n Mission 

Newton J. R. & Co. com mer, 169 San 

Newton J. B. of J. R. N. & Co. h Bdwy n Jlont 

Newton Clias. clerk. Sac cor San 

Newion S. A. at J. R. N. & Co. h 3 Waverly pi 

Newton Wm. attv, 92 Mcrch 

Nicholas :Mrs. M." M. boarding, Cal abv Dupt 

Nicholas "Wm. B. mason, Stoc n Lombard 

Nicholls John S. at D. S. Lord & Co. 132 San 

Nichols J. & Co. Indian Queen, 61 Alcrch 

Nichols E. watch maker, at Briggs, Dcy &, Co's, 

Mont cor Sac 
Nichols J. C. merchant, 55 Front 
Nichols R. J. bds at Walton house 
Nicholson Jolin, grocer, Stoc cor Green 
Nicholson John J. accountant, at Rassette house 
Nicholson J. Y. of Curtis «fc N. Davis abv Bdwy 
Nickerson & Lovett, saloon, Mont cor Merch 
Niekerson i\I. of N. & Lovett 
Nickolson Capt. J. G. 56 Bdwy 
Nicol P. & Co. wholesale liquors, Clay and Davis 
Nicola Jos. of Crevolin & Co. 147 Jac 
iNicolson A. of Booth & Co. 4 Merch n East 
;Nier Henry, mft of trimmings, Dupt n Clay 
Nier Minna, dress maker, Dupt n Clay 
Niclson H. of Bandman, N. & Co. 48 Front 
Nightingale John, wharfinger, Wash st whf 
.Nightingale Wm. saloon, Jac cor Kear 
<Nisbet Benj. R. of Lucas, Turner & Co. h Harri- 
son n 1st 
Nisbct Jas. at Bulletin off. h Codtnan pi 
Noah i\I. M. associate ed Town Talk, 149 Wash 
Noah Joel, h Masonic hall 
Nolile John, trader, Dupt n Union 
Noe Jas. broker, 150 Mont 
Noel R. clerk, at C. Schmidt's 6 custom h bl 
Noguez Dominique, feed store, 3d cor Mission 
Noisy Carrier, books and stationery, 97 Batt and 

64 Long whf 
Nolan J. wood sawyer. Stock n Clay 
Nolan M. family grocer, Stevenson n 2d 
NolandPat. laborer U. S. cust's, h Bdwyn Masn 
Nolens, charcoal depot, Kear bet Sutter and Post 
Nolting, Krug & Co. N. 0. brewerv, 1st u Missn 
Nolting R. of N. Krug & Co. 
Nolting Wm. grocer, Sutter cor Dupt 
Norcross D. military goods, etc, 144 Sac 
Norcross Mrs. D. trimming and furnishing store, 

144 Sac 
Norcross I. ornamental painter, 144 Sac 
Norris & Tittt, Glasgow ale house. Pacific betw'n 

Front and Davis 
Norris W. A. of N. & Tilft 
Norris David, Chronicle off. 65 Mcrch 
Norris Mrs. M. Zoe pi 

Norris Wm. Sect Cal. S. N. Co. Front cor Jac 
North Beach Rice Mills, props Waite & Battles, 

Francisco, cor Powell 
North- West Ice Co. Battery, above Pacific 
North C. L. agent, 145 Sansomc 
North John G. shipwright, foot 3d [California 
Northam Edw. F. real estate agent, Montg, cor 
Northrop D. B. atty, 68 Montg block 
Northrup & Simmonds, junction Cal and Mar't 
Northrup Nelson, of N. & Simmonds, Cal and 


Norton Chas. A. printer Cornel Off. 129 Sans'c 
Norton E. Judge 12th Dis't Court, City Hall, 

157 Montg 
Norton E. F. Fremont, cor Harrison 
Norton George M. Fremont, bet Folsom and 

Norton H. at Wells, Fargo & Co's 
Nowzillet Louis, mftry jewelry, Comcl, between 

Kearny & Dupont 
Noyes Amos, ship broker, Washt, cor Batty 
Noycs E. S. of Howe & Co. Clay, cor Sansomc 
Nuild A. D. at Turner, Scldon & Co's, 93 Front 
Nudd J. iM. clerk, bds at AValton House 
Nugent John, editor Herald, 120 JNIontg 
Nugent John, policeman. City Hall 
Nugent Richard, boot and shoe store. 52 1-2 Com 
Nnnes Joseph A. atty, 101 Merchant 
Nusbcauraer Luis, grocer, Kearny, cor Bush 
Nuttall Dr. R. K. off. 103 Montg [Hall 

Nuttman Jas. E. Chief Eng'r Fire Dep't, 25 City 
Nutting Calvin, black & wliitesmith, rear 165 Jac 
Nye Wm. C. coal yard, Brenham place 

"Brady Richard, Pacific, abv Mason 

"Brian Dan'l, teamstei, Dupont, n Filbert 

O'Brian M. butcher, 11 Washt mar't 

O'Brien Mrs. C. Rich, bet Folsom and Harrison 

0"Brien James, saloon, 83 Bdwv 

O'Brien John, Capt. of Police, City Hall 

O'Brien John, mfty iron railing etc, 167 Cal 

O'Brien John, druggist and chemist, Clay, cor 

O'Brien John, saddle and harness maker, 75 

O'Brien Michael, 167 Cal 
O'Brien Michael, Golden Age House, Chamber, 

n Davis 
O'Brien M. O'Brien House, Vallejo, n Davis 
O'Brien Patrick, cabinet maker. Bush, n Stoc'n 
O'Brien Wm. 167 Cal 
O'Brien Wm. S. Auct. Lunch, 125 Washt 
O'Callaghan G. wood yard, Bdwy, cor Montg 
O'Callahan D. J. agt Los Angeles wine, Cal, cor 

O'Callahan James, Jane, bet 3d and Jessie 
O'Connor Mrs. dress maker Stoc'n, n Cal 
O'Conner Pat', saloon, 7 Milton place 
0' Council Jas. wood and hay. Mission st whf 
'Council M. shoes and boots, 22 First 
O'Connor Daniel, Jane, bet 3d and Jessie 
O'Connor Jos. carpenter, Stevenson, cor Jane 
O'Connor Hubert, drayman, Taylor n Post 
O'Connor J. F. of Coiiroy & 0"C. 27 Front 
O'Connor M. Western Hotel, Jac'n, bel Davis 
O'Connor Martin, laborer, bds at 196 Pacific 
O'Connor Michael, Minna, bet 3d and 4th 
O'Connor Moses, bottler, 195 Sansome 
O'Connor Peter, of Fox & O'Connor, Leidsdorff, 

cor Clay 
O'Doheity Geo. weigher and measurer U. S. 

O'Donald Bernard, carnage driver. Green, cor 

O'Donnell Bernard, laborer, Stoc'n, n Green 
O'Donnell James, U. S. nursery, Folsom, cor 5th 
O'Donovan E. bdg house, 84 Pacific 
O'Grady Wm. H. off. 18 Court block, 182 Clay 
O'Hagan John, carpenter, John, n Sansome 
O'liara Tho's, of O'Neil & O'H., Pacific, near 

O'Kanc Tho's, saddler, 136 Kearny 


O'Kecfe Dennis, bdg House, Pacific, bet Front 

and Davis 
, O'Learv W. boatman at Cal st wharf 
U'Mard Henry, laborer, Vincent 
O'Meara & Painter, job printinsj-, 132 Clay 
O'Meara John, of O'M. & Painter, h Washt, cor 

O'Meara Jji'^, entry clerk Naval off. U. S. cust's 
O'Morse Jas. laborer U. S. customs 
O'Neal D. locksmith, 2d, n Market 
O'Neil «& O'Hara, stoves and tin-ware. Pacific, n 

O'Neil Tho's, of O'Neil & O'Hara, 
O'Neil Mrs. C. H. Everett, bet .3d and 4th 
O'Neil Dennis, barber, Metropolitan baths 
O'Neil John, Eriu-go-braugh House, Front, abv 

O'Neil J. M. inspector U. S. customs 
O'Neil Michael, bdg house, 121 Pine 
O'Neil R. butcher, 15 Washt market 
O'Neill Dennis, atMontg baths, 163 Montg 
O'Neill Edward, clerk C. S. N. Co., h Stoc'n, n 

O'Rouke Jolni, Empire Brewery, 106 Jessie 
O'Rourke B. Louisiana House, 152 Pacific 
Oakley 0. B. silver plater, 149 Cal 
Oakley R. 0. at Duncan & Co's, Mont cor Mcht 
Oakley Sam'l E., Bryant bet 2d and 3d 
Ober Dr. Mont cor Bush, h St Marks pi 
Obenauer John, grocery, Vallejo n Apollo pi 
Ochs Louis, brding house, Sac cor Sausome 
Ochs M. fancy goods, 57 Mont 
Ocks S. butcher, 200 Pacific 
Ogden F. & Co. carriage ^\Tch'use, Pine cor Btty 
Ogden, R. L. clerk, 9 Ath'ra Bldg, h Stoc n Pac 
Ogle James, grocer. Second Stevenson 
Oglesby James, policeman. City Hall 
Ogilvie J. Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Ohm Edward, watchmaker, 193 Clay 
Ohrt Cliristian, segar mrcht, Mchts Ex, 137 Clay 
Olbrecht Augustus, Kearny bet Dupnt and Mont 
Old Line Pilot Office, Pacific cor Davis, up stairs 
Olds Wm. B. lawyer, Union n Stoc'n 
Olenick M. painter, 219 Dupont 
Oliver & Flanagen, liquors, 99 Front 
Oliver W. H. ol" 0. & Flanagen 
Oliphant H. D. com mer, 68 Btty, h Cal n Pow 
Oliver & Buckley, paints, etc. 86 and 88 Wash 
Oliver D. J. of 0. & Buckley, h Bush cor Stoc'n 
Oliver John B. of Dcaue & Oliver, Ivrny cor Cal 
Olmstead T. D. C. of Arrington & Co. 53 and 55 

Olnev James N. gold-dust dealer, 6 Masonic Hall 
Olnev J. N. Jr. 118 Sac 
Olphcrts & Kelly, saloon, 186 Kearny 
Olpherts Robert, of 0. & Kelly 
Onderdonk & Lathrop, carriage makers, 79 Mont 
Onderdonk E. of 0. & Lathrop, h 256 1-2 Stoc'n 
Onderdonk Geo. caiTaiges, Cal cor Pine, h Stoc 

n Jac'n 
Ondornetti & Co. grocers. Pacific n Dupont 
Onz 0. of Wolf Bros. & Co. res 59 Sac 
Openauer Geo. tailor, Dupont n Filbert 
Oppenheim M. h Green bet Mason and Taylor 
Opposition Pilot Office, Wash cor East, up stairs 
Ordway R. of Doud & O. 25 Bush 
Oregon Market, John DeVaul, Jac'n n Davis 
Oriental Hotel, agt L. D. Richardson, Btty cor 

Bush [Long whf and Clay st 

Oriental Market, F. P. Lauterwasser, East bet 
Orleans House, J. A. Yandervoort, 196 Pacific 
Ortel Joseph, cutler, Leide.sff bet Sac and Comcl 

Ortman & Co. grocers, Kearny cor Post 
Osbom James, bag mills, 149" Btty 
Osborn W. K. atty, Mont cor Comcl 
Osmer Chas. of Schultz & 0. foot of Market st 
Oster Henry, drayman, Jones bet Pine and Busl 
Osterman D. liquors, etc. 90 Davis, St. Ch.arles B 
Ostner Charles, carver, 190 Jack'n 
Ostner Ciiarles, canx-r, Hinkley n Keamv 
Ottenheimer Bros, impts dry goods, etc. Btty coi 

Otterson Daniel, of D. Toy & O. 70 Comcl 
Ottignon John L. carriage factori", 159 Cal 
Otis & Fai-num, flour and gram, 118 Front bet 

Wash and Jac'n 
Otis Stephen, of O. & Farnum 
Ottjignom Joseph, basket maker, 44 Sansome 
Otto'Chas. of A. Phillippi & Co. 44 Mont 
Ougea L. laundrv, Brannan pi 
Oughton Wm. E. of W. W. Kurtz & Co. 153 San 
Overton J. P. broker, 92 Mercht [Bdy n Bat 

Ovington & Jones (colored), sailor bding house, 
Ovington Jeflrey, of O. & Jones 
Owen L. C. at off. of Commis'r of Emigrants 
0«Tier, Sickels & Taylor, ship chandlers, I"'ront 

cor Jac'n 
0^^^ler Henry, of 0. Sickels & Taylor, h Vallejo 

n Mont [h St." Anne's Valley 

Owens P. H. & P. A. ship chandlers, Frnt n Clay, 
Owens James H. clerk at Morgan, Hathaway & 

Co's, 58 Front 
Ozame Celine, dressmaker, Bdw n Dupont 

Pace Chas. chronometer mftr, 153 Battery 
Pacey Edwd H. at U. S. Mint, h Mis n 3"d 
Pacific Asphaltum Co. Bon & Menant, 3d cor Stev 
Pacific and Atlantic RR. Co. 49 Mont Block 
Pacific Express Co. Express Bldg, Mont cor Cal 
Pacific Gardens, Geo. Roben, Third cor Harrison 
Pacific Mail S. S. Co. Sac cor Leidesdoi-ff" 
Pacific Oil and Camphene FactoiT, Wm. Bailey 

& Co. Taylor st. North Beach" 
Packard Albert, atty, off'. Clay, NE cor Mont 
Paddock N. C. Front cor Jac'n 
Page Jas. D. Empire State Restaurant, 144 Clay 
Page Gwyn, of Crockett & Page, atty. Express 

Bldg", h Sroc'n n Jac'n 
Page N. Jr. of Soule & Page, Mkt cor Spear 
Page Robert C. 127 Wash, elk Bd of Supervisors, 

19 City Hall, h cor Mis and Bdwy 
Pahud & Vignier, impts wines and liq'rs, 125 San 
Pahud F. of Pahud & Vignier. [rison and Bry't 
Paig Ellridtce, printer. Golden Era, Beal bet Har- 
Painter J. B. of O'Meara & P. h 111 Bdw 
Painter T. P. printer, at O'Meara & Painters, 132 

Paitz George, restaurant, 72 Bush 
Palecki J. cooper, Wash n Front 
Palette, Paul & Co. feed store, 281 Dupont 
Palm Valentine, bakery, 100 Kearny 
Palmer, Cook & Co. bankers. Wash cor Kearny 
Palmer, Joseph C. of P., Cook & Co. h Stoc cor 

Green [h 2d, abv Folsom 

Palmer Cvrus, of Goddard & Co. Pacific Fndry, 
Palmer W. A. of Goddard & Co. h 2d abv Fols " 
Palmer W. L. of Goddard & Co. h 2d n Fremont 
Palmer S. L. & Co. agricult'l impl'ts. Wash c Dav 
Palmer Edward H. pilot, Vallejo cor Davis 
Palmer Edwin, dep. U. S. Mar'I, U. S. Comt Bdg 
Palmer Henry, real estate agt, Comcl cor Mont 
Palmer N. wood and coal, 195 Stoc'n 
Papy J. J. atty, 56 Montg Bi 





Parburt G. R. attv, 2 Court Block, 182 Clay 
Pardee E. H. oculist, Brenham pi cor Clay st 
Pardee S. C. li Cal n Stoc'n 
Pardee W. J. h Cal n Stoc'n 
ii Pardee W. J. Nicaragua SS. off., h Stoc cor Cal 
S Pardow Geo. of Cortes & P. Sierra Nev. Mills, 3d 
Pares Becenti Marinaro, Vallejo u Kearny 
Paris Mr^. Theresa, restaurant, Adler 
J Parisen John F. clerk, at Chas. Minturn's, Cun- 

uinirham's wharf. 
Parish Daniel, Parish Hotel, cor Btty and Cornel 
Park E. W. & Co. (rrocers, Btty cor Jac'n 
Park & \yhite, family medicines, "Wash opp new 

Post Office 

Park J. D- of Park & White, h John abv Powell 
Park A. L. Naglee's bids:, 85 Merch, h John st 
Park A. L. Bulletin off. ^70 Merch 
Park H. C. Union school, PoweU n Clay 
Park John C. 33 Pacific 

Park Thos. B. 157 Mont [h Tehama n 1st 

Paik T. W. of Williams, S. & P. attys, 85 Merch 
ParkcU W. H. Niautic hotel. Clay cor San 
Parker R. & Co. impts wines & liquors, 124 Frnt 
Parker & Weller, butcliers, 8 Wash mkt 
Parker Robt. A. of Parker & W. 8 Wash mkt 
Parker Chas F. carpenter, Everett bet 3d and 4th 
Parker Edw. H. com mer, agt Hazard powder Co. 

137 Front [ell bet Pacitic and Jac 

Parker Geo. A. of Wm. Lancrerman & Co. hPow- 
Parker K. C. of J. Y. Hallock & Co. 99 San 
Parker R. A. h Hardie pi 
Parker S. H. 92 :Merch 

Parker Thos. B. Bank exch, Mont cor Wash 
Parker Wm. news depot, 358 Stock 
Parker W. C. of West & P. 96 Merch 
Parker W. at Daniel Gibb & Co. 
Parkinson Chas. Folsom bet 2d and 3d 
Parkinson Geo. C. Rialto, 248 Clay 
Parovitich Peter, coffee stand. Drum cor Pacific 
Parrott >i Co. bankers, Mont cor Sac 
Parrott John, of P. & Co. h Folsom bet 2d and 3d 
Parsons & Ganahl, attys, Parson's bldg, 140 Clay 
Parsons Levi, Parson's bldg, 140 Clav, h Stoc'n 

S Sac 

Pascal Louis, restaurant. East n Jac 
Passerien A. grocer. Green cor Kear 
Paster & Van Doren, saloon, 103 Wash 
Paster Sam. E. of P. & Van Doren, 103 Wash 
Patch Mrs. S. boarding. Post n Kear 
Pate B. T. atty, 13 Armory hall, :Mont 
Patenghi Mad. dress mkr, Market opp Oriental h 
Patridge H. K. Clinton temp htl, 89 Pacific 
Patrick Jas. & Co. impts, 161 Batt 
Patrick Rich, impt hardware, 50 Batt [Batt 

Pattel S. accountant, at Jennings & Brewster, 72 
Patten B. A. of Bany & P. 116'Mont 
Patti?n's Exchange, 1 Custom house bl, opp Am 
Patten Wm. prop'r of P.'s exch, bds Rassette h 
Patterson C. P. & Co. packing, Meiggs whf 
Patterson C. P. H. Laurel pi 
Patterson Arthur, Burton ale, 220 Dupt 
Patterson Geo. Lombard cor Jansen 
Patterson Thos. Sec'y and agent Saucclito Water 

Co. Drum cor Wash 
Patton J. R. tailor, 193 Clay 
Pattridge R. K. whailinger, Meiggs whf 
Paugburn Jas. L. accountant, 85 Wash 
Paul Almarin B. & Co. lessees True Californian 
Paul W. P. drayman. Rich bet Fols and Harrisn 
Paulaski Lewis," of I. Meyer & Co. 282 Dupt 
Pauli G. T. of Basse, Janssen &, Co. h Mnna bet 

2d and 3d 

Pavillier A. broker, 93 Front 

Pavne Wm. C. com buver, 100 Front 

Pavson D. W. at Cook^ Folger & Co. h 118 Bdv 

Payson H. R. Sec'v Sac V. R. R. Co. 101 Merch 

Pavson H. R. Bryant bet 2d and 3d 

Peabody Alfred, of Flint, P. & Co. Boston 

Peabodv A. W. accountant, Jonas, T. Clarke & K' 

Co'. 128 Wash 
Peabodv H. G. sign painter, 80 San, h 9 Geary 
Peachv"A. C. of Halleck, P. & Billings, 68 Mont 

Peachy John B. cashier U. S. customs, h Montbl 
Pecare M. imjjt of clothing, 105 Cal 
Peck Dr. market, 62 Pacific 
Peck J. A. com mer, 86 Wash 
Peek Lewis, broker, 151 Bush 
Peck ilartin, grocer, Harrison cor Main 
Peel Jonathan, Folsom bet 1st and 2d 
Peirce & Sword, pro Wash mkt, Powell c Wash 
Peirce E. of P. & Sword, Powell cor Wash 
Peirce J. & 0. S. furniture, 125 Jac 
Peiser H. clothuig, 75 Pacific 
Reiser J. & S. mer tailors, 81 Kear and 69 Mont 
Peake W. B. fiour and grain, Wash bel Front 
Pear Isaac S. patent beadsteds. Clay c Y' Bucna 
Pearkes Geo. attj-, 151 Clay, h Sac bet Kear and 

Pearson & Crane, dentists, 187 Clay 
Peai-son Jas. of P. & Crane 
Pease E. T. & Co. mfts self raising flour, Front 

cor Clav 
Pease J. H. of E. T. P. & Co. 
Pease E. T. & Co. flour mer, Cal bel Front 
Pease John H. of Cudwoith & Co. Hink cor Val 
Pease Wm. C. of Cudwonh & Co. Vail c Pink'y 
Peasely Mrs. Cath. rear 294 Dupt 
Peat J. F. window glass, 157 Jac 
Pelham Wm. J. porter and ale, Stoc cor Vallejo 
Pell T. J. at Chelsea laundry, 3d n Bryant 
Pelouze Wm. type foundiy, 70 Merch 
Pelton J. C. supt pulilic schools, 33 City Hall, h 

Cal SE cor Benton 
Pendergast C. H. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Penne D. H. of Jameson &P. 145 Batt 
Penneil & Brown, lumber mer, Stewan n How'd 
Penuell J. T. of P. & Brown, h Tehama bet 1st 

and 2d 
Pennington, Mary E. boarding. Clay cor Pike 
Pentland Henry, laliorer, bds 196 Pacific 
Penycook John, ilanhattan bakery, 3d c ilinna 
Peolmann Wm. confectioner, Geary n Dupt 
Perego Susannah, dress maker, Agnes In, Vallejo 
Pereii-a Frank, fmit store. Clay cor Stoc 
Perissee J. P. saloon, East bet Wash and Jac 
Perkhiem Franz, Hawthorn bet Folsom and Har 
Perkins, Washburn & Co. jobbers, 94 Front 
Perkins E. S. of P. Washburn & Co. h Clemen 
Perkins Edw. root beer mft, 138 Bdwy 
Perkins Luke H. whai-finger, Clav st whf 
Perkins 0. M. of E. Fitzgerald & Co. 112 Batt 
Perley D. W. atty, exp bldg, Mont cor Cal 
Perrier Mrs. E. B. trimmiiitrs, etc, Stoc n Bdwy 
Perrine H. E. of Smith, McDaniel &. Co. 100 

Front bet Clay and Wash 
Perrochon Edou. of Regnandin & P. 169 Coml 
Pcny John jr. stock broker, Mont cor Merch 
Persbachcr John, of C. 'NMialley & Co. 176 Mont 
Peschle Francis, tovs, 284 Dupt 
Pert E. G. h Eddy'n Powell 
Peters C. R. manager Batt st warehouse, 16 Batt 
Peters Capt. Felix, rear 293 Dupt 
Petersen Geo. C. & Co. com mers, 67 Front 




Importers and Wholesale Dealers in all 

Washington Street, 

Opposite the Post Office, 

And Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast 

For the followino- Celebrated Articles : 

Guysott's Extract of Yellow Dock and 

Wistar's Balsam or Wild Cherry. 
Osgood's India Cholagogue. 
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. 
Perry Davis' Pain Killer. 
Bragg's Mexican Mustang Liniment. 
Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure. 
Jone's American Cholagogue. 
Lyon's Katharion for the Hair. 
McLane's Pills and Vermifuge. 

B. A. Fahncstoek's Vermifuge. 

Merchant's Gurgliug Oil. 

Lyon's Extract of Jamaica Ginger. 

Dr. Jayne's Family Medicines. 

Balm of a Thousand Flowers. 

Radway's Ready Relief. 

Carter's Spanish Mixture. 

Hoofland's German Bitters. 

Redding's Russia Salve. 

Qurno's Catarrh Snuff. 

Curtis's Hygeana and Cherry Syrup. 


u^Xj & O, 


All of which we offer to the Trade at prices so 

that the purchaser cannot fail to realize a handsome profit 
on his investment, either at 





Petersen Geo. of Geo. P. & Co. bds Rassctte h 
Petersen J. B. of Hagermann & Co. 72 Jac 
Petersen C. M. stock broker, 117 Merch 
Petersen Fred, drayman, Front [5.3 Front 

Petersen G. H. accountant, at Arrington & Go's 
Petersen 0. H. physician, Cal cor Quincy 
Petibeau E. drugs, Vallejo bet Stoe and Dupt 
Petigny Mrs. milliner, 203 Clay 
Petterson John, ship carpenter, foot 1st 
Pettersson A. ship broker, Jac cor East 
Pettibeau Wm. French and English school for 

young ladies, 3d n Mission 
Pettinos Geo. F. Cal n Stoc 
Pettingill B. A. Excelsior printing off. 151 Clay 

cor Y Buena 
Pettit Wm. baths, Mont bl, h 99 Pine 
Peyre Fred, pawn broker, 152 Kear 
Peyser M. W. h Oregon 1 d bel Front 
Pevton, Duer, Lake & Rose, attvs, 157 Mont 
Peyton Balie, of Peyton, D. L. & R. 
Pfeiffer, flour mill, Francisco n Stoc 
Pfoiffer John, of Klumpe & Pfeiffer, 164 Clay 
Pfeiffer J. W. locksmith, 196 Kear 
Pffiefer Geo. clerk, 90 Kear 
Pforr John & Bro. grocers, Kear cor Bush 
Pforr Henrv, of John P. & Bro. 
Pflucgers H. of Rasche & P. 190 Wash 
Phair Mrs. Anne, dress maker, Jessie bet 2d & 3d 
Phair Thos, ale house, Jac'n, bet Davis & Druni 
Pbalen N. grocer, Clementina, bet 1st and 2d 
Phclan Edward, grocer, Berry, n Clara 
Phelan J. & M. imptrs and com mchts, 99 Front 
Phelps A. ]\I. Harlan place 
Phelps B. off. 13 Parson's building, 140 
Phelps T. G. of S. & G. Anderson & Co., under 

American Theatre 
Phelps W. S. shipwright. Dram, n Sac 
Phenix F^ire Insurance Co. agt E. W. Crowell, 

off. 100 ilercht 
Philipps Asher, tailor, 213 Clay 
Philipps Raphael, tailor, 213 Clay 
Philips James M. contractor, 150 Montg 
Phillips E. & Co. boot and shoe store, cor Leids- 

doi-ffand Comcl 
Phillippia & Co. locksmith, 44 Montg 
Phillipps Miss Sarah, milliner, 87 Montg 
Phillips F. 144 Bush 
Phillips James, laborer, 1st, n Fremont 
Phillips J. W. Taylor, bet Bush and Sutter 
Phillips S. S. imptr wines and liquors, basement 

cor Sansome and Sac 
Phipps Alfred P. at E. Fitzgerald & Go's, 112 


Pick Maurice, of Herneman, Pick & Co., 104 Clay 
Picket Wm. clerk 180 Montg 
Pickett Charles E. editor, h Rassette House 
Picket E. W. boot and shoe dealer, 35 Pacific 
Pidwell C. T. clerk at 61 Sac 
Pidwell JohnF. at Genella's, 184 Montg 
Pierce & Co. bakers, 133 Jac'n 
Pierce H. of Pierce & Co., 133 Jac'n 
Pieree Wm. of Pierce & Co., 133 Jac'n 
Pierce Arnold, ship carpenter, Main, n Market 
Pierce Chas. mason, 116 Pine 
Pierce John, restaurant, Davis, n Pacific 
Pierce John, Southern Packet off. foot Market 
Pierce S. H. at Wells, I'argo & Go's 
Pierre Madam F. sausage maker, 61 Mercht and 

24 Washt mkt 
Pierson James, cabinet maker, rear Metropolitan 


Piersoa J. W. J. of Johnson, Canfield & Co., h 

Pierson J. D. cabinet maker, Bdwy, n Stoc'n, h 

111 Bdn-y 
Pierson Jos. 't. 107 Bdwy 

Cal, bel Stoc'n 
Pike Mrs. J. dressmaker, 146 Bush 
Pike James F. stevedore, 146 Bush 
Pike J. saloon, 345 Dupont 
Pilling J. of McKenna & P., 122 Sac 
Pilling John, barber, opp Railroad House, Ccfmcl 
Pilliphs Richard, saloon. East, n Jac'n 
Pillips A. grocer, 2d, cor Stevenson 
Pillsbury S. grain and feed, 116 1-2 Sansome 
Pinchard Mme Julia, dress maker, 130 Bush 
Pinckham Wm. J. harness maker, 82 Battery 
Pinckham J. C. boot maker, 1st, n Natoma 
Pindell J. M. inspctr U. S. customs 
Pinet Y. of V. Marziou & Co., h Sutter, bet Du- 
pont and Stoc'n 
Pinkham S. book-keeper Palmer, Cook & Co., 

Washt, cor Kearny 
Pinner J. H. clothing," boots and shoes. Clay st 

wharf, n East 
Pioche & Bayerque, bankers, INIontg, cor Jac'n 
Pioche F. L. A. of Pioche, Bayerque & Co., h 

Mission road 
Pioneer Steam Bag Factory and Salt Mill, cor 

Davis and Washt 
Piper Christopher, 77 Kearny 
Piper John, fruit store, 130 1-2 Dearny, h Washt, 

n Montg 
Piper John, confectioner, 199 Washt 
Piper J. B. billiard saloon, cor Jessie and First 
Piper W. A. 92 Mercht 
Pirrie Adolphis, baker, 211 Kearny 
Pirrie Geo. A. restaurant, Stewart, bet Market 
Piscr Jacob, hair dressing, 49 Montg 
Pitcher John, street contractor, Taylor, cor John 
Pitts A. W. liquor dealer, 67 Jac'n 
Pitts Henry A. fruit dealer, 71 Jac'n 
Pixlcv & Smith, attvs, 30 Montg block 
Pixley F. M. of P. & S., attys, 30 Montg block 
Place & Clark, hay and grain, cor Beale and 

Mission, also cor Stewart and Folsom 
Place C. of Place & Clark 
Planel L. T. prof of music, 245 Wash 
Plate A. G. gunsmith, 103 Coml, h 107 Post 
Plato D. clothing, Pacific bel Front 
Platshek Julius, clothing, 127 Coml 
Platshek S. clerk, 127 Coml 
Piatt & Co. street contractors, Sac st whf 
PlattH. B. ofP. &Co. 

Piatt Geo. at Wm. T. Coleman & Co. Cal c Fnt 
Piatt Geo. accountant, P. H. & P. A. Owens, 39 

Piatt G. K. atty, 105 Merch 
Piatt Henry B. contractor, 224 Stoc 
Piatt Sam. lawyer. Green n Mont 
Plege Henry, of Hclmering & P. Powell cor Vail 
Plum Chas. M. at Frank Baker's, h Bush n Stoc 
Plume Geo. W. Green n Stoc 
Plummer B. Front n Cal 

Plummer Mrs. J. C. furnishing store, 218 Kear 
Plunkett Thos. San n Greenwich 
Pock Chas. lager beer saloon. Clay cor Dupont 
Podlech Augustus, bar tender, 55 ilont 
Poe Francis^ atty, 10 Comt Bl, 182 Clav 
Poehlmann M. of SchoU & Co. Powell cor Bdw 
Pohlmann H. jeweler, 102 Mercht 
Pointer Nathan (colored), tailor, Kearny n Green 
Pole Thos. &, Co. grocers, Powell cor Wash 
Polhemus C. B. of Alsop & Co. Ill and 1L3 Cal, 

h Powell n Bdw 



0. S. FEIRGE, 


Nos, 125 & 127 JACKSON ST, 

Between Montgomery and Sansome. 

We have on hand a large assortment, and are in the receipt 
of the latest styles of 




c) The Trade Supplied at the Lowest Wholesale Prices. 

Leopold Pollack, San Francisco, Joseph Pollack, New Yoik. 





:mm m 



Pistol Holsters, Porte-Monaies, Fancy Goods & Yankee Notions, 

Agents for A. HI. POLLAK'S Celebrated Water Proof Fancy Saloon Matches. 



Office 187 Clay St., a few doors from Kearny. 

1^" A large stock of Teeth and Gold Foil of the best quality always on 
hand, and for sale lower than at any other place in the city or State., j 





Pollard A. wines and liquors, 382 Stoc'n 

Pollard C. P. drug store, Bush cor Mont 

Pollard Isaac, at Woodside & Brown's, 158 Cal 

Pollack Bros, gloves, Yankee notions, etc. 47 Bat 

Pollack Leopold, of Pollock Bros. 

Pollock D. H. boots and shoes, Kearny cor Sac 

Pollock James, tailor, 173 Wash 

Polinourie & Co. billiard table mftrs, 147 Jac'n 

Polock J. S. real estate agent, 97 JNIercht 

Pomeroy David, of Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. Wash 

cor Drummond 
Pomroy H. B. mcrcht, 139 Front, h Wash 4 doors 

abv Powell [cor Pacific 

Pomeroy Sam'l, clerk at Robinson's Depot, Drum 
Pond & Co. grocers, Clay bel East 
Pond Wm. of Pond & Co. [Green'h cor Stoc 

Pond Rev. Wm. G. P. pastor Greenwich st Ch, h 
Pons E. of Viot & Pons, 187 -Wash 
Pons P. New Orleans Bar, Davis cor Vallejo 
Pons Peter, barkeeper. Union n Dupont 
Pool J. Lawrence, at North Pt. Dock Warehouse 
Poole Mrs. dressmaker, 125 Bush 
Pooler R. H. whai-fingcr, Brdway whf [Clay 

Poorc W. elk at R. E. Brewster & Go's, Frut cor 
Pope A. J. lumber, Pine cor Btty 
Po])e C. grain and feed, Dupont n Bush 
Pt)pe H. carpenter, Clara n Bush 
Pope Geo. G. & Co. produce com merchts, Clay 

one door bel Dram 
Pope Lewis, butcher, Powell cor Val 
Poppe Bros, segars, Btty cor Cornel 
Poppe Charles, of Poppe Bros. [135 Keaniy 

Porter & Flenner, Empire Livery Stable, 133 and 
Porter Wards worth, of Porter & Flenner 
Porter Capt. Geo. S. h Green n Stoc'n 
Porter Jas. printer, at Globe offi. h Mont cor Sut 
Porter Rufus K. mailing elk at Post Off. h Yerba 

Buena, W side, n Sac 
Portois Peter, architect, Pine cor Kearny 
Post G. B. & Co. com merchts. Front cor Green 
Post G. B. of G. B. P. & Co. bds Green'h cor Stoc 
Post A. J. of G. B. P. & Co. bds Green'h cor Stoc 
Potier M. O. grocery', Stoc cor Wash, h Vii-ginia 
Potter Chas. of Thomas Lambert & Co. 
Potter Chas. S. of McRuer & Merrill, h Fre nFoI 
Potter James D. Post bet Dupt and Stoc'n 
Potter John S. cook. Green n Stoc'n 
Potter T. F. Jr. Fashion Stables, 117 Kearny 
Pettier L. of J. Guerin & Co. 105 Mont 
Potts Benj. B. bricklayer. Union n Mont 
Poulterer, De Ro & Eldridge, auc and com house, 

Cal bel Front. 
Poulterer Thos. of P., De Ro & Eldridge, h S Prk 
Poulterer T. J. auctioneer, h South Park 
Poultney & Smith, South Park Livery Stables 
Poultney Geo. of P. & Smith 
Pousia Adrian, Sutter bet Keaniy and Mont 
Powell C. F. inspector U. S. Customs 
Powell Wm. G. ship carpenter, Rin Pt. opp Hos 
Powelsell Peter, drayman, Lewis pi, Tay n Post 
Power & Neweomb, produce com mchts, 28 Clay 

bet Drum and Davis 
Power M. J. of Power & Neweomb 
Powers D. N. dentist, bds at Franklin House 
Pracy GJeorge, Market n Second 
Pragg M. stoves and tin ware, 43 Clay 
Pratt Adolphus, h Jessie cor Annie 
Pratt Henry, h Kearny bet Green and Vallejo 
Pratt H. G. carpenter, 46 Washington 
Pratt James, atty, 2 Court Bl, 182 Clay 
Pratt James, printer, 151 Clay, h Minna n 3d 
Pratt Jas. N. at Little & Go's', 137 Mont 



Prav & Walker, Columbia Hotel, 119 Pine 

Pray Atwell, of Pray & Walker 

Precht Carl, physician and druggist, 223 Dupont 

Precht George, liquor mereht, 133 Clay 

Predfont Eugene, market, Sutter n Kearny 

Prescott G. W. woodyard, foot Taylor st 

Prescott Wm. h St. Marks pi [and Lombd 

Presentation Convt school, Powl bet Greenwich 

Presidio and Mis'n line omnibuses, Kny cor Clay 

Preston O. J. h Post bet Stoc'n and Powell 

Pretgel Augustus, iron works, 90 Bush 

Prevost D. R. agt of Wells & Prevost, 64 Cal 

Price Joel W. h 8 Milton pi 

Price S. & Co. com mchts, 151 Btty 

Prieshard Samuel H. com broker, 94 Clay 

Priest Samuel, h Folsom n Third 

Prince Casma, dressmaker, 305 Dupont 

Prindle D. S. carpenter, Mont cor Pacific 

Pringle Edward J. attorney, 170 Mont 

Prior Charles, liquors, 137 Kearny 

Prior James K. gas fitting, 1 60 Wash 

Pritchard James, Em. State Restaurant, 144 Clay 

Pritchard S. H. com mer. Front cor Clay 

Probasco J. W. 292 Jac'n [up stairs 

Procureur A. Peter, cng'ver of jewelry, 135 Mont 

ProU Henry, harness maker, 114 Kearny 

Proll John, carpenter, Hardie pi 

ProU J. & H. Sheeland, carpenters, San cor Mkt 

Promes Geo. grocer, Pacific n Mont 

Prosch Chas. " Alta California," Union n Kear 

I'roveaux Francis, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 

Provines R. R. of Love & P. atty, 100 Mereht 

Pruden Leon, caipenter, Duncan court 

Puech Drendone, carpenter. Filbert u Dupont 

Pugh & Co. hatters, 160 Comcl 

Purcell John, plasterer. Clay n Taylor 

Purdv I. B. & Co. fashionable clothing, 162 Clay 

Purdy J. B. dep. shenfi; City Hall [Mont 

Purkitt J. N. agt Warren's com roofing, Clay cor 

Putnam S. 0. at Cal. Steam Nav Go's off. Front 

cor Jac'n 
Pyser S. A. 138 Sacramento 

Quan Own, teas, etc. 138 Sacramento 
Quantock Henry, joiner and frame maker, 105 Jac 
Queen City Hotel, Mrs. E. J. Cummings, Dam 

bet Pacific and Bdw 
Quillin Miles, baker, Dupont n Francisco 
Quinn Dan'l H. hattei', 157 Comcl 
Quimby Z. M. watches and jewelry, 148 Kearny 
Quinn Mrs. dressmaker, Sut'r bet Kear and Dupt 
Quinn Charles, fniit dealer, Green n Stoc'n 
Quinn James, liquor store, 171 Front 
Quinn John, ale and porter, 85 Battery 
Quirk J. D. G. clerk, Cal cor Montgomery 
Quon Mark, boot-black, 26 1-2 Fii'St 

Rabe Dr. Wm. atty and com'r, Rabe's bldg, 163 

Raabe Chas. E. painter, 1 Rassette pi 
Rafter James, St. Mary's pi 
Ragan Pat. boarding, Batt n Bdwy 
Ragazoni I. clerk, 246 Dupt 
Railton Wm. moulder, Fremont cor Folsom 
Raimond R. E. com mer, 105 Front, h 278 Stoc 
Rainsford John, porter, Goodwin & Co. 119 Fmt 
Ralston Sam. W. clerk, at G. M. F. & R. 
Ralston W. C. of Garrison, M. F. & E. bankerg, 

Batt cor Wash 
Ramage G. W. 164 Mont 




Ramsdell A. G. agt coal depot, bet Fmt & Davis 

Ratnsay, restaurant, Jac cor East [Merch 

Ramsay & Bergson, cai-penters and builders, 69 

Ramsay W. B. of R. & Bergson 

Rand Chas. E. & Co. shpg mer, foot Clay 

Rand D. H. police oiF. h Spring cor Summer 

Randall & Co. merchants, Cal cor Front 

Randall T. M. of R. & Co. 

Randall A. F. baker, Stoc cor Union 

Randall Albert G. of Wainwright R. & Co. 100 

Merch, h Taylor n Wash 
Randall A. "W. baker, Stoc cor Union 
Randall Chas. reporter, 65 Merch 
Randall Capt. Henry, Stoc n Greenwich 
Randall P. M. Hanison cor Beale 
Randall Wm. printer, Eveg Post, 65 Merch 
Randolph & Lipman, Cal cor Front 
Rankin & Co. com mer, Batt bet Pacific and Bdy 
Rankin Ira P. of R. & Co. 
Rankin Robt. of Ely & R. U Wells' bldg 
Ransom W. D. telegraph otf. 101 Merch 
Ransom Leander, chief clerk Surveyor Gen'ls off. 
Rampendalil H. saloon, 157 Pacific 
Rapepoh J. wines and liquors, 115 Wash 
Raphall Jas. clerk, 62 Cal 
Raphael I. tailor, 69 Kearny 
Raphael H. J. cashier. Wines & Co's express 
Raphael Morris, merchant tailor, 51 Bush 
Rapp & Co. printing off. 142 Wash 
Rasche & Pfiuegers, pianos, 1 90 Wash 
Rasco Eugene, whitewasher, 77 Mont 
Rassette Jos. Rassette house. Bush cor Sans 
Rathjen Miss L. segars, 88 Mont 
Ratliff Henry, saloon, Davis cor Clarke 
Ray Henry, baker, 160 Kear 
Ray Jas. H. off. 119 Sans [son n Sutter 

Raye Wm. R. of Bloomer & R. 183 Mont, hMa- 
Raye Jas. painter, 183 Mont 
Rayer Chas. boarding, 301 Dupt [Drum & East 
Ravmond J. P. & Co. flour and grain, Clav bet 
RaVmond J. P. of J. P. R. & Co. h Jac abv'Pow 
Raymond W. P. of J. P. R. & Co. h Jac abv Pow 
Raymond Chas. H. physician, 200 Clay 
Ravnes Capt. John, Mont abv Bdwy 
Read V. B. of Buckelew & R. 205 Clay 
Realis, resturant de L'Esperance, 171 Coml 
Rearton John, laborer, Vallejo cor JNIont 
Reay Alfred W. of Johnston & R. 41 Batt 
Rebard Bros, hatters, Mont cor Sac 
Reddish Thos. J. pilot. Pacific cor DsLvis 
Redington & Co. wholesale dragsists, 107 Clay 
Redington John H. of R. & Co. h 31 S Park 
Redman W. J. boarding, Jessie n 3d 
Redmond J. B. 110 Cal 
Reed & Garrett, machine shop, 100 Pine 
Reed And. brick layer, Brenham pi 
Reed A. H. fniits, 89 Long whf 
Reed B. F. accountant, at Hosmer, Snyder & Co. 

h Powell opp John 
Reed B. H. com mer, 127 Front 
Reed C. teamster, 195 Stoc 
Reed Edwin, saloon, 1st cor Stevenson 
Reed Francis, of Cunningham's warehouses, off. 

2 Cunningham's bl. Front 
Reed G. R. 100 Pine 
Reed H. R. otf. 92 Front 
Reed Jas. iron worker, 90 Bush 
Reed Jos. 193 Pine 
Reed Jos. job wagon, h Green n Dupt 
Reed J. Sewall, of McKendrv & Co. h Dupt 
Reed Thos. J. Chronicle oft'." 65 Merch 
Reed W. E. clerk at C. Whalley's 176 Mont 

Reese M. real estate owner, 112 Merch 

Reese W. S. off. McAllister's bldg, 146 Clay 

Reevey Peter, iron works, 90 Bush 

Regan J. confectioner, 33 Mont 

Regan John, cook, Vallejo bet Dupt and Kear 

Regan John, h Trinity bet Bush and Sutter 

Regensburger H. merchant, Stoc cor Pine 

Regensburger J. physician, 153 Sac, h Stoc n Pine' 

Regent Mr's. Ann, h 83 Bush [stairs 

Regnaudin & PeiTochin, jewelers, 169 Coml, up 

Regnaudin Chas. of R. & Perrochin 

Rehnart W. blacksmith, Fremont bet Fols & Har 

Reichert John A. attv, of Sa-\\Ter & R. 102 Merc 

Reilay J. (M. D.) 104 Mont, 3d story 

Reilly & Stewart, com mer. East bet Cly & Wash: 

Reilly J. of R. & Stewart 

Reillv P. J. druofgist. Mission cor 2d 

ReilleyPat. S. Co Clerk's off. 12 Lity Hall 

Reincke Henrichsen, Cal n Sans 

Reinhart F. of J. Silberman & Co. h Minna 

Reinhart & Bro. oft". J. Silberman & Co. 

Reinstein Louis, of Rothan R. & Co. 70 Sac 

Reis L. Sac cor Leids 

Rclas Antonia, washwoman, Duncan ct 

Rene J. E. agt French underwriters, 172 Mont 

Renfert Henry, tailor, 77 Kear 

Renford E. A. bds Union htl 

Rennie John J. auc and com mer, 86 Davis 

Renoul Fred, carpenter, Virginia pi 

Renoult Chas. \vines, 189 Pacific 

Repenn Fred, boots and shoes, 146 1-2 Mont 

Ressey A. P. Mission bet 2d and 3d 

Reuther R. printing press fcty, 34 Mont 

Reuther G. h 34 Mont 

Revalk J. jeweler, h Howard cor 3d 

Revertegat T. B. E. paper hanger, 245 Clay 

Revidan Simeon, clerk, Vallejo bet Kear & Dupt 

Rey J. J. of Britton & R. Coml cor Mont 

Reynhart G. W. at Vance's Daguerrean rooms 

Reynold C. 0. 1st st house, 1st n Tehama 

Reynolds & Law, grocers, Jac cor Kear 

Reynolds Thos. of R. & Law 

Reynolds Fred, cook, St. Marys st 

Reyolds Jane, milliner, 286 Stoc 

Reynolds John, atty, 135 Mont, h 151 Stoc 

Reynolds Jos. clerk, Wash n P. 0. 

Reynolds N. com mer, 79 Davis, h Powell n Filb 

Reynolds X. S. accountant, Sun oft". 101 Merch 

Reynolds P. B. clerk, at Chas. Hort/s, 51 Coml 

Reynolds Pat. laborer. Rich n Folsom 

Reynolds Robt. T. drayman at Flint, Peabody & 

Co's warehouse 
Reynolds S. F. atty, 135 Mont, h 151 Stoc 
Re\-nolds Thos. Jac'n st house, Jac bel Front 
Reynolds T. H. accountant, at Union htl 
Reynolds Wm. of Faures & R. Batt cor Wash 
Reynolds W. Union htl 
Rhodes Anthonv, Tavlor n Gearv 
Rhodes W. H. editor"True Cal, 66 Wash 
Rice & Creamer, hair dressing saloon, tmder 

American exch 
Rice H, of R. & Creamer 
Rice & Sherman, furniture, Kear bel Sutter 
Rice John, of R. & Sherman 
Rice A. W. milkman, Folsom bet 1st and 2d 
Rice Benj. house raiser, Sutter abv Kearny 
Rice Chas. L". S. market, 19 Kear 
Rice F. W. inspector U. S. customs 
Rice Jas. jr, attv, 176 Mont 
Rice Jerome, of J A. McCrea & Co. 93 Cal 
Rich S. & Bro. impts and jobbers, 69 Batt, h 124 












Optical and Mathematical Instruments, 

Philosophical Apparatus, Electro-Magnetic 

Machines, Galvanic Batteries, 

Thermometers, Telescopes, Hydrometers, 

Barometers, &c., &c. 

Is iDi-epared to attend to all orders for 

ejL H^ Uki)i 4i> V W \^ <U>^ ^il»a^ «j 

111 the neatest and most prompt maner, sneli as 
RemoYing Ifuisances from Privies, Cellars, &c. 

Orders may be left at the Wood Yard, 111 Kearny St. 

jj^^All Work done promptly, according to agreement, and strict atten- 
tion paid to neatness and cleanliness. 


(^M, ^Uiim anil Wthitx f ip, 

Plain and Ornamental Gas Fixtures, Chande 

liers, Brackets, Pendants, Globes, Shades, M 

Gas, Steam and Water Cocks, etc. M, 







The undersigned would very respectfully communicate 
to Owners and Masters of Vessels, that they have made 
arrangements which enable them to make SAILS for the 


Square Sails, with three Reefs, 30 cts. per yard. 

a a u oj^e « 26 " " " 

" " without " 22 " " « 

Fore '*& Aft Sails, " " 23 « « " 

" " " with 2 Bonnets 35 " " " 

" « " « 3 Reefs, 25 " « " 

Studding Sails, 19 " " " 

Boat Sails, from 50 cts. to $1 per yard. 

Canvas sewed together, (by hand) at seven cents per yard, sewing. 
The above prices include all materials except Canvas, which they will fur- 
nish at the lowest wholesale price. 

Repairing 62 cents per hour when no contract is made. 
All out door jobbing, 70 cents per hour. 

Venetian Awnings, including Iron Frames and Fixtures, from $12 
to $40. These Awnings are hung on an Iron Rod, and worked in a neat 
ornamental dress. In squally weather they can be furled in an instant, 
with the greatest convenience possible, 

A general Assortment of Tents constantly on hand. 

11 40 pel 

' bolt. 

9 88 


8 36 


8 74 


13 30 


11 40 


9 50 


7 22 



rartuEl Sail 

A'o. 35 Jackson Street, third door below Dhvis, 


1^" Late of 67 South Street, New York, where they couducted Sail 0^ 
Making for years. 



Richard L. 200 Wash 

Richards & Bros, wood and coal, Pacfic cor Stoc 
Richards Chas. E. of R. & Bros. Batt cor Bush 
Richards Thos. G. of R. & Bros. 
1 Richards & Co. wood and coal, Market n Batt 

ichards C. of Frost & R. 98 Batt 

ichards Calvin, painter, 1.38 Uiipt 

ichards I. nisht work, 1 1 1 Kear 
Richards 0. watennan, Spring cor Summer 
Richardson Amos, bds 196 Pacitic 
Ricliardson Mrs. Ann, BrookhTi pi 
Richardson A. B. of Cmrie &"R. 106 Sans 
Ricliardson Jessie, Van Ness house, Clark betwn 

Front and Davis 
Richardson John, clerk, 113 Batt 
Richardson L. D. agt of Oriental htl. Bat c Bush 
Ricliardson M. vegetables, 46 Wash mkt 
Richardson Win. at D. Gibb & Co. Front c Vail 
Ririiardson Wm. drayman, Folsom bet .3d & 4th 
Richardson W. L. contractor for raising buildings 

Market n Batt 
Richet C. mft jewelry, 296 Dupt 
Richit N. F. grocery. Wash cor Dupt 
Richmond Wm. C. at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. 
Richter Miss H. W. vocal music teacher, 300 Dpt 
Ricker Freeman, waterman. Spring cor Summer 
Ricketson John, salesman, 118 Batt 
Riddell De Witt C. teller at Drexel, Sather & C. 
Riddell Speer, teller at Drexel, Sather & Church 
Riddle J. L. <5c Co. carriage depot, San cor Pine, 
Ridgeway T. J. laborer U. S. customs 
Riely Jas. h Green cor Mont 
Riggs Edward, at gnager's off. Front cor Sac 
Riggs J. H. segars, Tehama h 
Rilev C. & Co. sailmakers, 35 Jackson 
Rile'v P. of A. P. Hotaling & Co. 154 Sans 
Riley Thos. Bull's Head stable, 126 Bdwy 
Riley Thos. tinner. Union n Kearny 
Rincklurs Henry, tinsmith, 43 Clay 
Ring Richard, porter, Goodwin & Co. 119 Front 
Riugot & Bigley, shipwrights. Sac wlif 
Eingot Jos. of R. & Bigley, h Bush cor Jones 
Rinneberg H. tin, 66 Mont [Coml 

Riordan S. S. clerk, at J. C. Eddv & Co. San cor 
Rippon Jos. H. at Wm. H. Bovee & Co. 123 I'nt 
Rippon Wm. St Marks pi bet Kear and Dupt 
Risdon J. X. of Cotfey & R. Market sqr, h Har- 
son bel Beale [Merch 

Rising Ricliard, clerk, at McDougal, A. & S. 101 
Risley & Killett, plasterers, Clementina n 2d 
Eislev Joab, of R. & Ivillett 
Ritchie Mrs. A. A. h 18 S Park 
Ritron ]Mlle E. actress, St. Marks pi 
Ritt Christian, sailor boarding, 319 Dupt 
Ritter L. E. & Co. bankers, 65 Cal, h Pine cDpt 
Rivcrin Frank, carriage maker, Hardie pi 
Rix Hale, attv', off. Justice's Ct, Bush n Mont 
Rix Oscar, clerk 4th township court. Bush nMon 
Roach Rhilip A. app'r U. S. customs, h 27 Munia 
Roach Jas. laborer, bds 196 Pacitic 
Roach John, optician, 55 Sac, h 25 Minna 
Roach T. M. builder, 139 Jac 
Roben Geo. Pacific garden, 3d cor Harrison 
Robert & Carpentier, French clothing, perfumery, 

etc, 178 Clay 
Robert Jules, of R. & Carpentier 
Robert & Mouttet, com mer, 25 Clay st wharf, 

bet East and Drum 
Robert S. of R. & Mouttet 
Robert Sam. turner, Vallejo n Mont 
Robert Thos. L. messenger Pacific Express Co. 
to Sacramento 

Roberts & Hooper, synips and cordials, Dupt bet 

Vallejo and Union 
Roberts W. H. of R. & Hooper 
Roberts J. B. & Co. boots and shoes, 102 Batty 
Roberts Jas. B. Green cor ^lont 
Roberts S. M. L. horse shocr. Bush bet Sans and 
Robertson Mrs. dress maker, 48 Mont 
Robertson Alex, grocer. Bush cor Dupt 
Robertson's Coal Yard, J. H. & R. L. Robertson 

proprietors, 62 Clay 
Robertson J. H. of R.'s coal yard 
Robertson R. L. of R.'s coal yard 
Robertson J. off. Batt cor Wash 
Robertson Jas. bakery, Jessie cor Annie 
Robertson R. L. carpenter and bldr, Oregn n Fnt 
Robie Levi, grocery, Cal cor Mont 
Robiere R. Pinckney n Bdwy 
Robison D. Xccly, vegetables, Diiim cor Pacific 
Rol)inson & Walker, grocers, 157 Sac 
Robinson R. of R. & Walker 
Robinson E. saloon, Bdwy n Ohio 
Robinson E. R. accountant. Railroad house 
Robinson F. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Robinson John, paper hanger. Union n Kear 
Robinson John C. Chelsea laundry, 3d n Bi-yant 
Robinson Jos. paints and paper, 122 Sans 
Robinson Jos. M. clerk, Virginia pi cor Dupt 
Robinson Nat. W. at Pacific Express Co. Mont 

cor Cal 
Robinson Rich. P. clerk. Police Court 
Robinson R. & W. W. boots and shoes, 89 Batt 
Robinson Robt. W. draj-man, Stevenson bet 2d 

and 3d 
Robinson Sam. P. laborer. Green n Sans 
Robinson T. house and sign painter, 124 Sans 
Robinson W. Howard bet 3d and 4th 
Robinson Wm. painter. Green bet Kear &, Mont 
Robinson Wm. ship joiner. Sac whf 
Robinson Wm. J. X. City letter parcel and pack- 
age deliver^-, 132 Cal 
Roche Thos. Young America, Jac cor East 
Rock John, speculator, A^ncent st [abv Powell 
Rockwell Walter M. hardware, 97 Batt. h Jac'n 
Rodehamel W. A. bds at Franklin h 
Roden A. G. of AVright & R. 158 Pccific 
Rodgers A. Filbert n Stoc 
Rodgers A. T. tailor, 83 Bush 
Rodgers P. K. dra}-man, h 119 Bush 
Rodgers Robt. C. atty, 100 Merch 
Rodgers Thos. pilot. Pacific ccr Davis 
Rodie Robt. saloon, Kear cor Sac 
Rodie Robt. machinist, bds Sac cor Dupt 
Rodriguez F. of Mercado & Co. 90 Clay 
Rocben Geo. Charley's ranch, Jac cor Drum 
Roesing E. L. 7 Clay st mkt 
Rogers & FuUerton, merchants, Batt n Vallejo 
Rogers Wm. H. of R. & FuUerton, h Greenwich 

bet Stoc and Powell 
Rogers & Bean, carpenters, 196 Sansome [Btty 
Rogers G. E. clerk, at Jennings & Brewster's, 72 
Rogers H. F^olsom st wharf 
Rogers Henry, boatman, Vallejo n Mont 
Rogers John, grocer, 83 Kearny 
Rogers Mrs. M. A. B. bdg house, 230 Stoc'n 
Rogers ]\Irs. J. E. dressmaker, 13 Court Bl, 182 

Roggenburger & Co. impts dry goods, 7 Cal Bl 
Roia M. washerwoman, h Duncan court 
Roland James, h Louisa n 3d 
Rolfe A. T. at W. C. Talbot &, Co. Mis n How'd 
Rolker Henry & Co. X. 0. House, Mis corEcker 
Rolland & Galina, carpenters, 2d n Mission 





Eollinson J. K. of Bragg, R. & Co. Har bet 2d 

and 3d 
Eoloff Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, h Green n Stoc'n 
Eoloff John, sliip carpenter, li Green Stoc'u 
Roman Major Richard, h Diipont n Sac 
Ronard G. modeler in plaster, 1-11 Cal 
Roncati F. of Briguardello & R. 191 Pacific 
Rooch F. musician, h St Marks pi bet Kearay 

and Dupont 
Root James, of Gordon, Brooks & R. 1G5 Btty 
Roper & Gavigaii, clothing mchts, 59 Gomel 
Roper Daniel, of R. & Gavigan. 
Rosa Salvator, imptr of musical inst'ts, 193 Clay 
Rose David, furniture, 12 Kearny 
Rose Frederick, clerk, Hinc'y bet Pinc'y and Val 
Rose G. H. dentist, Mont cor Jac'n 
Rose Joseph, h Filbert a Mont [157 Mont 

Rose Julius K. atty, of Peyton, Duer, Lake & R. 
Rosekrans H. sign painter, 100 Cal 
Rosekranse R. J. h Harlan pi 
Rosenbaum A. S. & Co. impts segars. Clay cor Bat 
Rosenl)aum J. & L. dry goods, 3d bet Market and 

Rosenbaum & Shubart, fancy goojjs, etc. Ill Sac 
Rosenbaum, Sigismund D. of R. & Shubart 
Rosenbaum F. of R. & Albert, Shasta, off 81 Bat 
Rosenbaum F. clothing, 81 Battery 
Rosenbaum Jos. F. bookseller, Stoc'n cor Sac 
Rosenbaum ]\I. clerk, at A. S. Rosenbaum & Co's 
Rosenbaum S. G. dry goods, 150 Sac 
Rosenberg J. segars, "l60 ISIont 
Rosenberg Dr. 2>L Wash abv Dupont 
Rosenblatt Mrs. F. dressmaker, h 310 Dupont 
Rosencranz John, fancy goods, Dupont n Bdw 
Rosenfeld E. & J. impts segars & tobacco, 80 Sac 
Rosenfeld J. of E. & J. Rosenfeld, bds Rassette 

Rosenfeld J. of Haas & R. 86 Cal 
Rosenstock M. imptr clothing, 70 Btty 
Roseustock S. W. imptr clothing, 70 Btty 
Rosenswig Bernard, h Wash cor Powell 
Rosenthal S. drv goods, Kear cor Cornel 
Roskill & Co. nuius, 62 Cal 
Roskill Ferdinand, of Roskill & Co 
Ross D. L. & Co. com merchts, 113 Btty 
Ross Chas. L. at S. F. Ross's, h Kear n Post 
Ross H. 1". bookbinder, 130 Mont 
Ross Ivory, carpenter, h 204 Stoc'n 
Ross James, Chronicle off. 65 Merchant 
Ross James, Green bet Kear and Mont 
Ross Joseph, plasterer, Union a Kearny 
Ross L. h Beal n Folsom 

Ross S. F. coach mftr, Kny bet Sutter and Post 
Ross Thos. gas fitter, Clementina n 1st 
Ross Wm. h Stewt n Mission 
Ross W. G. inspector U. S. Customs 
Ross Dr. W. T. at St. Charles Hotel, 1st n ilkt 
Rossi Carlo, phvsician. Pacific n Mont 
Rossi X. at U. S. Branch Mint, h 9 Post 
Rossitcr James, wire blinds, Francisco n Dupont 
Rossignol Julian, grocer, 3d cor Stevenson 
Retail Frederick, oystennan, h 181 Dupont 
Rotenberg A. dry goods, Kny n Sutter 
Roters Richd, seaman n Rincon Pt 
Roth Carsten, saloon. 7 Bartlett 
Rothan, Reinstein & Co. impts clothg, etc. 70 Sac 
Rothan J. of R. Reinstein & Co. New York 
Eohtbar H. H. of Michels & R. segars, 108 Clay, 

h Clav bet Taylor & Jones 
Rothwell Williara,"flour and grain, 38 Clay 
Roturier Chas. of Benzi & R. Pacific cor Dupont 
Roullard Prosper, hair dresser, 257 Dupont 

Roulstone A. J. clerk, at Geo. Petersen & Co's 

h Green abv Kny 
Rountree B. F. auc and com mer, 115 Clay 
Rourk Hugh, h Jac'n cor Davis 
Roiissau C. shoemaker, 5 Bartlett 
Rousset, Anger & Co. impts, 107 Sac 
Rowell Dr. I. 132 Kearny 

Rowlandson Thos. impt ale and pter, 37 Leidesf 
Roy David, carpenter, Brannan bet 2d and 3d 
Roze Arsene, restaurant, 208 Clay 
Rueben Geo. wholesale perfumy, Wash n Mom 
Rudman John, wood. Market cor Front 
Ruggles Chas. S. stevedore, Mason bet Filbt and 

Greenwich [Co's, 82 From 

Rusrcrles John E. accountant, at A. M. Gilman & 
Rundells W. R. Act'g Dep. Naval Officer, U. S. 

Customs, h St. Marks pi 
Rnnkal D. of Zeile & Co. 234 Jac'n 
Runstedt ]\lrs. E. dressmaker, 253 Wash 
Ruse Mrs. A. B. h 1st n Clementina [149 Cal 
Rushert Geo. of Macgovern & Co. gas fittings 
Russ Adolph, h Bush cor Belden 
Russ C. h Bush cor Belden 

Russ Horace P. Am Riv Granite Quar, 160 Com: 
Russ I. Christian, jeweler, 57 Mont 
Russell G. T. printer. Commercial off. 129 Sam 
Russell Horace, h BeriT n Dupont 
Rutenberg J. H. of Hardie & R. h 315 Powell 
Rutheiford Thos. 124 Sac, h 148 Sansome 
Rutherford Tlios. acct. Golden Era, h 148 San 
Rutherford T. L. of Grosh & R. h San n Wash 
Ruthrauff Mrs. Julia, h Melius bet Jane and 3d 
Rutlcdge ]Mrs. Mary, h Btty abv Vallejo 
Rutte & Co. impts wines, lic[uors, etc. 104 Btty 
Rutte Th. de, of Rutte & Co. 
Ryan & Co. dealers in produce, 54 and 56 Clay 

bet Front and Davis 
Ryan J. D. of Ryan & Co. 
Ryan P. of Ryan & Co. 
Ryan Miss, dressmaker, 31 Mont 
Ryan Edward, stables, Stoc'n n Wash 
Ryan James T. inspector U. S. Customs 
Ryan Lawrence, Justice of Peace, h 172 Pacific 
Ryan Matthew, laborer, Vallejo n Sansome 
Rvan Michael, poiter, at W^. Langerman & Co's, 

81 Front 
Ryan Patrick, carriage painter, 79 Mont 
Ryan Stephen, laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Ryan Thos. boot maker, 79 Kearny 
Ryan Thos. baker, Pinc'y n Bdw 
Rvno Lafavette, laborei-, bds 196 Pacific 
Ryberg Chas. G. at Scott & Ellis's, Fnt abv Bdw 
Rvckman G. W. Vallejo bet Stoc'n and Powell 
Ryckman A. of E. W. Park & Co. Btty cor Jac'n 
Rvder G. W. port warden, 42 U. S. Court Bldg 
Ryder Peter, at 110 Clay 
Rvder Wm. accountant," at 86 and 88 Wash 
Ryder W. C. Everett bet 3d and 4th 
Ryer George, tragedian, Union n Kearny 

Sabin A. B. Mission st wharf 

Sabatie A. E. & Co. Fnch impts, 127 and 129 San 

Sachs L. & M. & Co. impts, 112 Sac 

Sachs L. of L. & M. Sachs, h St. Marks p. 

Sachs M. of L. & M. Sachs, h St. Marks pi 

Sacramento Valley R. R. Co. 101 Mcht 

Sage Henry, of R."B. Turner & Co. 44 Clay 

Salina August, produce, Dupont n Vallejo 

Salmon F. Stoc'n bet Sutter and Post 

Salter Charles, 117 Sacramento 

Sammis Edwd, brick mason, Rincon Pt opp Ho8 



ii^ampson Chas. E. pilot, Wash cor East 
|>anipson Henry, stevedore, 346 Diipont 
'>ainson Augnste, hair dresser, 257 Dupoiit 
isain<om A. B. saloon, 104 Merc-ht 
iSamiiels D. dry goods, 3 Virginia Bl, Stoc'n st 
Samuel Morris, boots and shoes, Dnpt n Adler 
San Kee Co. rice cleaners, 169 Sac 
Ranches R. B. Trea's Clk, U. S. Branch Mint 
Sanchez Antonio, h Sac n Stoc'n [35 Mont 

Sander Julius & Co. U. S. Lager Beer Brewery, 
Sander Robt. & Co. drug store, Sansome st opp 

Tehama House 
Sander H. waterman, Mary's lane n Bush st 
Sanders James, saloon, Kny cor Geary and Mkt 
Sanders Lewis J., U. S. storekpr. Oriental Stores, 

h SE cor Clay and Pike 
Sandgrcen J. E. draughtsman, ^lusical Hall 
Sandy Geo. H. printer, Town Talk office 
Sanitcr H. atty, of Brooks and S. 163 Mont 
'Sanjurjo & Co. mchts, 171 Sansome 
Sanjurjo Francisco, of S. & Co. 
Sanovia Leon, h Sac cor Pike 
Santa Marina Joseph De, segars, 136 Mont 
Santinie Mrs. C. saloon. 77 jac'n 
Saretore Joseph, Helvetia Hotel, 247 Dupont 
Sargent Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, Trinity st 
Sargent Geo. piiysician, Trinity st 
Sarles M. A. real estate dealer, at " Alta " office, 

h 8 Geary 
Saroni Chas. S. h Pacific n Stoc'n 
Sarsfield C. painter, ^Market n 2d 
Sather P. of Drexel, S. & Church, h 2d cor Har 
Batterlee John, atty, otf. Clay XE cor Mont 
Satterlee Wm. R. Dep Clerk Sup'r Court, h Sut 

above Folsom 
Saudrie G. restaurant, Wash n Sansome 
Saul Edward, carriage maker, 159 Cal 
Saulmann's Cotfee Saloon, 128 Mont, Arm'y Hall 
Saulmann Aug. J. Saulmann's Saloon, 128 JNIont 
Saulnier John & Co. impts Frcli wines, Front cor 

Saulsbury E. J. policeman, City Hall 
Sauniler Peter, segars, 3d n Mission 
Saunders & Hepburn, attys, 127 Mont 
Saunders John, of S. & Hepbnrn, h Stone n Clay 
Saunders Chas. R. atty, of HoUadav, S. & Cary, 

113 Mont 
Saunders Peter, barkeeper, Dupont cor Henley 
Savage 0, S. painter, Brenham pi 
Savage Richard, mcht, 229 Clav 
Savage Richd W. Statistical Clerk, U. S. Cus- 
toms, h 269 Stoc'n 
Savage W. Susquehannah House, Btty abv Pac 
Sawyer, Johnson & Co. paints, oils, etc. 105 Front 
Sawyer Wm. B. of S., Johnson & Co. 
Sawver & Reichert, attys, 102 Mercht 
Sawyer E. D. of S. & Reichert [97 Front 

Sawver Otis V. & Co. leather and shoe findings. 
Sawyer A. F. (M. D.J), otf. 12 Atli'm Bldg, Mont 

cor Cal 
'Sawyer Chas. H. 76 Kearny 
Sawyer Frederick A. atty. Express Bldg 
S;i.vyer Lorenzo, atty, 9"Court Bl, 182 Clay 
Sawyer L. L. messenger U. S. Customs, h Front 

cor Clay 
Sawyer W. J. atty, Howard bet 3d and 4th 
Sayburam J. spar maker, 3 California st whf 
Sayer & Smith, hardware, etc. Pine cor Sansome 
Sayer Thos. S. of Saver & Smith 
iSayer J, boots and shoes, 90 Mont [Front 

iSayre J. H. clerk, at A. L. Edwards & Co's, 138 
Sayres J. H. clerk, at Brewster & Co's 

Sayward John, h Tehama N of 2d 

Scales & Johnson, produce com mchts, 40 Clay 

Scales Wm. M. of Scales & J. h Har n Fremont 

Scalmanini C. & Co., N, Helvetia Saloon, 23 Clay 

Scannell David, Sheriff, City Hall 

Scarl Mrs. h Charles st 

Seenck C. Geary bet Mason and Powell 

Schachman M. jeweler, 199 Pacific 

Schad Wm. fancv bakerv, 179 Washington 

Schaefer J. P. Globe Hotel, 243 Dupont 

Schafer J. F. clothing, 164 Mont 

Schaffer John F. bedding and furniture, 118 Sans 

Scharter Chas. H. at Em. State Res'nt, 144 Clay 

Sehaffner Mrs. Susannah, dressmkr, Grn n Dupt 

Schal G. V. D. carpenter, Berry n Clara 

Scharff" H. C. ^L grocery, Eeker cor Market 

Sehartz H. & Co. grocers, Dupt cor Geary 

Schauberg Wm. saloon. Wash cor Dupt 

Schander John F. pilot, Vallejo cor Davis 

Schwabe H. M. & Co. storage, 197 Sans 

Scheadacker John, Du])t cor Greenwich 

Schenck H. stal)les, 35 Batt 

Sclienk H. of Beythien & S. Post n Dupt 

Schetter H. & Co. letter and parcel deliv, 129 Cal 

Seheuring G. of H. Eilerman & Co. 181 Wash 

Schie Louis, h 121 Dupt 

Sehleiden Wm. custom house broker, opp custom 

house, h Kear bet Dupt and Mont 
Schleim Aug. Pacific cotfee saloon, Davis n Batt 
Schloss Broths, impts clothing, etc, 7 Cal bl cor 

Schloss Benj. of S. Bros. 
Schloss Phillip, of S. Bros. 
Schmidell Henry, dry goods, 106 Clay 
Schmidt & Hadeler, impt fr'ts, pres, etc, 134 Clay 
Schmidt T. A. of S. & Hadeler 
Schmidt Fred, grocer, Stoc cor Yallejo 
Schmidt H. of Brueningiiausen & S. h 165 Sac 
Schmidt J. tailor, 68 jNIont [Folsom 

Schmidt Julius H. Surv Gen's off. h Hawthorn n. 
Schmidt Th. E. of Danaher & S. 119 Mont 
Schmitt Charles, impts French goods, 6 Custom 

house bl 
Schmitt Henry, 6 Custom House bl 
Sehmolz Wm. U. S. surveyor's instrument ma- 
ker, 118 Mont, h Post bet Kear and Dupt 
Schneider C. carpenter. Berry n Clara 
Schnepel Cesar, of De la Rue & S. Stew't c How 
SchoU «& Co. Mount Hope mkt, Powell corBdwy 
Scholl A. of S. & Co. 
SchoUe Bros, impts, 4 Custom house bl 
Schopt Henry, h St. Marks pi n Dupt 
Schow H. at'Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Schoycr Ralph &, Co. jobbers, 94 Jac'n 
Scho)-er R. h Gustavus bet Cal and Sac 
Schpecht Jacob, brewery, 99 Bdwy 
Schrciber Jacob, furniture, Jac'n n Kear 
Schroder & Bohn, stoves & tinware, 292 Dupt 
Schroder J. of S. & Bohn 

Schroder & Kruger, Blue Anchor, Wash n East 
Schroder Louis, of S. & Kruger 
Schroder F. A family groceries, 188 Clay 
Schroder H. & Co. com mers, Batt opp Custm h 
Schroder John, grocer, Pacific cor Mont 
Schroth & Carl, German coffee saloon, 150 Ment 
Schroth Chas. German bakery, 65 Kear 
Schcrrebaik Peter T. laborer, Stevenson c Jane 
Schubart E. of Rosenbaum & S. 
Schubert Chas. segars, 116 Kear 
Schubnell S. watch maker, 73 Kear 
Sehuch H. & Co. grocer, Dupt cor Green 
Schuler John, segars, 256 Dupt 

'■^ 98 











Theodolites, Solar Compasses, 



Mountain Barometers and Thermometers, Chains, etc, etc. 



German "galicrg aniJ €^Mfcclioiitrjj. 






Schultc & Osmers, Ensiirn saloon, foot Market 
Kchiilte J. G. W. of S. & Osmers 
Kdniltz Julius, clerk, h 181 Dupt 
Scimltze F. & Co. <;raiii and feed, Sac cor Front 
Scluiltz K. Eclipse saloon, Folsom cor Stewart 
Seliulze F. seprars, etc, 130 Coml 
Scluiinaclier A. boots and shoes, 164 Wash 
Schuppcrt A. brewery, Stoc'n cor Jac'n 
Schur B. boot maker, Kear bet Sutter and Post 
Schwerin, fancy bakery, 179 Wash 
Scintich ]\I. & Co. fruits, Davis cor Oregon 
Scrimjreour J. at I. P. Purdy & Co. 162' Clay 
Scofield Richard (colored) steward. Vail n Uupt 
Scofield A. butcher, 2d n Minna, h 78 Bush 
Scotchler J. B. accountant. 111 Mont 
Scott & Ellis, sbippinii off. Front abv Bdwv 
Scott A. F. of S. & Ellis 

Scott Edmund, real estate agent, Coml c Mont 
Scott Geo. carpenter, Gj-eenwich n Stoe'u 
Scott M. 72 Batt, h Stoc'n n Post 
Scott Thos. A. of Morgan & S. Dupt 
Scott Wm. H. brick mason, Tehama W 2d 
Scott Rev. Wm. A. pastor Calvarv Prcs chui"ch, 

h S Park 
Scovern J. G. job cart, Mont NE cor Sac 
Scribcr F. carpenter, Jac'n n Kear 
Scndder Geo. M. of Turnbull, W. & Co. 165 San 
Seaberst H. Post bet Dupt and Stoc'n 
Seal>urv P. G. merchant, h Charles st 
Seachs'L. St. Marks pi 
Scales Daniel, real estate agt, .3-36 Du]it 
Seaman J. M. baker, Stoc'n cor Vallejo 
Searing M. G. at Ed. H. Parker's, 137 Front 
Searle &. Wynn, merchants, 86 Sac 
Searlc John, Portuguese Consul, 86 Sac 
Searle Aianson, Alta mkt. Clay cor Y Buena 
Searle Wm. Alta mkt 

Scars John F. accountant, at Lucas, T. & Co. 
Scdgley John, carpenter, Bdwy cor Taylor 
Seeligson M. of Solmonson & Co. 80 Kear 
Seger Geo. auctioneer, 60 Cal 
Scibel & Co. U. S. market, 19 Kear 
Seiden Fred, barber, Jac'n bel Dmm 
Seigfride John B. iron works, 90 Bush 
Selby Thos. H. & Co. imi>ort's metals, 44 Cal, h 

Harrison bet 2d and 3d 
Selhv John N. of Thos. H. S. & Co. 
Seldcn H. J. of Turner & S. 93 Front 
Seleg Moses, butcher, 2d n Minna 
Scligman J. & Co. importers, 107 Cal 
Seligman Henry, of J. S. & Co. h Green between 

Stoc'n and Powell [Stoc'n and Powell 

Seligman Jesse, of J. S. & Co. h Green between 
Sellig Mo-ses, h Trinity pi cor Bush 
Selover, Sinton & Co. auctioneers, 102 Mereh 
Selover A. A. h Clementina bet 1st and 2nd 
fieong Kee, pi-ovisions, 172 Sac 
Screw Julia, Townsend bet 3d and 4t]i 
Seruffrignon Jule, butcher, Post cor Jones 
Seth Wm. H. (coloi-ed) stcwanl. Green n Dupt 
Seully F. imjiorter, 138 Jac'n, h ^''allejo n Stoc'n 
Seymour E. P. wooden ware, etc. Butt cor Clay 
S!i;i!)cr & Co. furniture, 151 Sans 
Shahcr Wm. R. of S. & Co. 
Shaher J. F. of S. & Co. 
Sliaertcr John B. h Sac bet Kear and Dupt 
Sliaerr Jo<. tailor, Vallejo bet Kear and Dupt 
Shafer CJeo. Howard bet 3d and 4th 
Shaftcr O. L. of Williams, S. &. Park, attys, 85 

Mereh, h Tehama n 1st 
Shafte?J. McM. otf. 85 Mereh 
Shannon John, plasterer, h Silver cor 2d 

Shannon J. h Vallejo bet Stoc'n and Powell 
Sharkey Jas. M. physician, Dupt cor Wash 
Sliarkley Flournoy, Port Warden, h Stoe n Sac 
Sharon Wm. Stoc'n bet Wash & Jac'n 
Sharp Geo. F. & Wm. H. att^-s at law, cor Mont 

and Waslit 
Sharp H. Leidsdoi-ff, cor Sac 
Sharp Jonn, laborer, Vallejo, n Dupont 
Sharp John, book store, 267 Stoc'n 
Sharp L. mercht, Leidsdoi-ff, cor Sac 
Shai-jD S. A. of McDougall, Aldrich & S., attys, 

101 Mercht 
Shase John, dra}Tnan, Rich, bet Folsom an\ 

Shattuck D. D. butter, hams etc, 7 and 8 Washt 

Shattuck D. O. Judge Sup. Court, 25 Montg 

block, h Perry, abv 3d 
Shattuck J. M. book keeper J. P. Raj-mond & 

Co. h Prospect place, n Sac 
Shaw Geo. X. & Co. com mercht, Comcl, cor 

Front, h 2d st 
Shaw Jacob, orange dealer, 38 Montg 
Shaw John O. dentist, Bush,n Kearny 
Shaw Lorin, sloop P. A. Owens, Jessie, cor 

Shaw Mrs. fruit, 38 IMontg 
Shaw ]\Ioses G. book-keeper at Davis & Seger's, 

h Clay, bet Stoc and Dupont 
Shaw S. W. portrait painter, 14 Court block, 182 

Sliaw Tob.ias, Pacific, abv Mason 
Shearer Lewis, 88 INIercht 
Shearer S. atty, 20 Court block, 182 Clay 
Shears I'red'k, at Flint, Peabody & Go's ware- 
Shee Timothv, miner, Montsr, n Filbert 
Sheffield C. P. of Stead & S^ Battery, cor Jac'n 
Sheldon Geo. liquors, Front, h 204 Stoc'n 
Sheldon P. A. physician, 201 Clay 
Sheldon Mark, butter, cheese, etc, 70 Mercht 
Siieldon Bishop, at 70 INIercht 
Slielly John, sash maker, Market st mills 
Shelly Wm. N. pilot, Vallejo and Davis 
Shelton George, book-keeper at Hill, Willoughby 

«!c Johnson's, 62 Front 
Shenden Robt. furniture, 88 Pacific 
Sliendon Wm. copy clerk. Hall of Records 
Shenstone John, laborer. Union, n Stoc'n 
Shepard John H. 9 Montg block 
Shepard L. X. Hawtiiorn, bet Folsom & Harrison 
Shepard W. W. atty, off. Clay, XE cor Montg 
Slieper Fred'k, grocer, Montgl cor Sutter 
Shephard T. AV. atty, off'. 136 ]\Iontg 
.Slicppard J. merchant tailor, 158 Comcl 
Sheppard J. Averv, at i'eraale Institute, Stoc'n, 

n Cal 
Sheppard J. L. N. off. cor Sac and Front 
Sliejipard S. A. Masonic Hall, Montg 
Sheppard A. W. book-keeper at St X'^icholas Ho- 
tel, Sansome, cor Cornel 
She])perd Phillip, shoemaker, 228 Pacific 
Sherman & Dutton, hay dealers, Stewart, n Mis'n 
Sherman A. G. of S. & Dutton, Stewart, nilis'n 
Sherman C. H. upholster, 171 Washt 
Sherman R. M. real estate agent, off. Clay, XE 

cor Montg 
Sherman Walter B. of Rice & S. Kearnv, below 

Sherman Wm. W. carpenter, bds 196 Pacific 
Sherman W. T. of Lucas, Turner & Co. h Hars'n, 

bet 1st & Fremont 



Sherman Wm. off. Montg:, cor Clav 
Sherwood B. F. of Lent, Newell & "Co. 115 Batty 
Sheridan Edward, U. S. Hotel 66 Pacific 
Sherwin Geo. W. fruit, Davis, cor Oregon 
Sherwood Geo. E. laborer U. S. customs, h Bar, 

bet Dupont & Keaniy 
Sherwood Eobt. of Barrett & S. jewelry, 135 

Montg, h SE cor Folsora and Harris 
Sherwood S. B. Cal whf mkt, foot Mkt, junction 

Sac, Stewart and East 
Sherwood W. S. ass't appraiser U. S. customs, 

bds St Nicholas Hotel 
Shew "Wm. Dagucnean gallery, 113 Mont 
Shiels Wm. furniture, Montg, cor Pine 
Shindler Gabriel, of Hurgren & S. 169 Jac'n 
Shirley John, crockery, etc, 143 Washt 
Shirley Joseph, milkman, Rich, n Folsom 
Shockley Flournoy, 42 U. S. Court building 
Shonwasser S. dry goods, 6 Va. block, Stoc'n 
Short Henry, scene painter, Vallejo n Kearny' 
Short Jno. Jr., pohceman, City Hall 
Short John, clerk at Post Office, h Jackson, abv 

Shotwell, cashier at Alsop & Co's, 111 and 113 

Shourds Chas. A. bag fiictory, 73 Jackson 
Show Mrs. Therese, lod'g house, Dupont, n Sac 
Shubart Elias, of Eosenbaum & S. 114 Sac 
Shute & Marshall, carriage factory, 107 Kearny 
Shute Henry, of S. & ^larshall, 107 Kearny 
Shutter Carl, Phila. Home Saloon, cor Montg 

and 3Iercht 
Shurtleff L. E. drayman. Hawthorn, bet Folsom 

and Hamson 
Shreve G. C. & S. S. chronometers, watches, etc, 

139 jNIontg 
Sibour A. of Cornet & S, Front n Wash 
Sichel & Abrams, imptrs and jolilicrs, 81 Batterv 
Sichel M. of S. & Abrams, h 130 Bush 
Sichel P. N. mercht, 64 Battery 
Sichrist C. C. grocer, 73 Pacitic 
Sichrist Chas. N. grocer, Bdwy, cor Powell 
Sickles John, of Owner, S. & Taylor, Front, cor 

Siddall Henry, miller at S. N. mills, Third 
Sieberst H. com mercht, 98 Front 
Siemon Mark, h 133 Bush 

Sien Bernard, of Traverse & Co. Bdwy, n Dupt 
Sier Dominique, clerk, 85 Pacific 
Sierra Nevada Flour Mills, Cortes & Pardar, 3d, 

n Howard 
Sigahom Herman, clerk Pioneer sewing factory 
Sigrist Brothers, tinware, 112 Kearny, 111 Wash 
Sig-rist Fred'k, of S. Bros 112 Kearny 
Sigrist J. J. of S. Bros, 111 Washt, 
Silberman J. & Co. imptrs and jobbers of cloth- 
ing, 9 Custom House block. Sac 
Silberman Phillip, clerk J. Silberman & Co 
Silver Mrs. 247 Pacific 
Silver S. A. mercht, h Union, n Stoc'n, 
Silver Wm. Barman place 
Silver W. J. furniture, 116 Jac'n 
Silverberg S. ("Geary st market) Geary, n Dupont 
Silversmith Julius, 66 Meri'ht, or 118 Sac 
Silverstein & Co. painters, 219 Dupont 
Silverstein A. of S. & Co 
Silverstein H. 217 Keaniy 
Silvei-thorn Wm. II. 115 Mercht, h Washt, abv 

Simeon Pierre, (« oloredj Hotel Francaise, 63 

Simmonds E. laborer U. S. customs 

Simmons Chas. C. teamster, 114 Bdwy, 

Simon & Dinklespiel, dry goods, Cal cor Btty 

Simon & Bohm, jobbers dry goods, 59 Sac 

Simon H. L. of S. & Bohm 

Simon S. L. of S. & Bohm 

Simon Augustus, syrup mfty, Bdwy, cor Keamj 

Simon B. salesman at U. Simon's, Cal, cor Bat'j 

Simon Benj. grocer, Dupt cor Post 

Simon David, 87 Coml 

Simon Henry, shaving saloon, €lay opp East 

Simon I. clothing, 87 Coml 

Simon L. dry goods, 74 Cal 

Simon L. 334 Dupt 

Simon S. merchant. Sac abv Mont, h TJni c Keai 

Simon S. hair dressing saloon, 71 Jac'n 

Simon U. of S. & Diukelspiel, Cal cor Batt, 1: 

cor Stoc and Pacific 
Simonds Emanuel, porter at Post Office 
Simonds Monteville, of Northrup & S. Cal c Alki 
Simonds Rev. S. D. pastor M. E. church, ilissa 

h Sac n Stoc 
Simons Eugene, 93 Front 
Siraonton G. H. editor Globe, h Kear cor Wash 
Simpson & Jackson, shipg mers, Stewart n Howe 
Simpson A. M. of S. & Jackson 
Simpson, block and pump maker. Sac whf 
Simpson A. boots and shoes, 274 Dupt 
Simpson Jos. atty, 101 Merch 
Simpson J. M. milliner, 214 Wash 
Simpson Robert notary and conveyancer, 2 Ma 

sonic Hall bldg 
Simpton Geo. boarding officer U. S. customs 
Sims & Eraser, mfts tire proof doors, etc, Oregor 

bet Front and Davis 
Sims J. R. of Sims & Fraser 
Sinclair Ellen & Co. intelligence, 200 Wash 
Suig Kce Co. Cliina provisions, 198 Sac 
Sinton R. H. of Selover, S. & Co. 102 Merch 
Sisk ilrs. E. dress maker, Bush cor Mont 
Skelly Michael, of Delahantry & S. soda works 

Mission n 2d 
Skerrett N. dry goods, 139 1-2 Sac 
Skerry W. J. surveyor, 28 City Hall 
Skidmore W. D. at Pacific Exp Co. 
Skinner Mrs. Catharine, dress maker, 249 Wast 
Skinner Robt. brick layer, 249 Wash 
Slade & Co. com mers, 81 Clay, np stairs 
Slade Calvin, of S. & Co. h Hawthorn st 
Slater Mrs. dress maker, 140 Sac 
Sloan E. W. F. atty, Mont cor Coml 
Sloanaker I. N. tailor, 117 Clay 
Sloat L. W. not'y and conveyancer, 110 Mont 
Slocum G. M. shipmaster. Market bel Cai 
Slocumb R. W. h Mason abv Clay 
Smidt Casper, tailor, 211 Clay 
Smidt Chas. engineer, i'rancisco n Dupt 
Smiley, Yerkes &, Co. auctioneers and commission 

mers. Sac cor Sans 
Smiley G. W. of S. Yerkes & Co. h Cal abv Dpi 
Smiley T. J. L. of S. Y. & Co. h Cal abv Dupt 
Smiley Chas. P. at S. Y. & Co. h Cal abv Dupt 
Smiley Jas. contractor, Bdwy n Stoc 
Smilie Dr. E. R. dentist, 161 Mont 
Smith A. & Co. Hillman's temp house, 82 Davis 
Smith Bros. & Co. agts Northern Assm-auce Co. 

and general impts, Cal cor Batt 
Smith Edw. of S. Bros. & Co. h Dupt c O'Farr'l! 
Smith & iVeeman, stair builders. Market n 2d 
Smith G. W. & Co. ship and steamboat joiners,] 

Clark bet Davis and Drum 
Smith J. E. & Co. hardware, etc. Clay n^ront 
Smith J. W. & Co. impts wines, etc, 57 Front 



Smith Jas. W. of J. W. S. & Co. h 1st cor Teha 

Smith, MtDaniel & Co. procers, 100 Front 

Smith Stephen, of S. MeDanicl & Co. 

Smith & Travis, artesian well contrs, 138 Mont 

Smith Mrs. h 123 Bush 

Smith A. W. ale and porter, 122 Jac'n 

Smith Algernon, recording clerk U. S. customs 

Smith Mrs. Amelia, dress maker, 68 Kear 

Smith And. V. restaurant, East n Jac'n 

Smith Andrew, job wagon, Mont N W cor Clay 

iSmith Austin E. atty, 92 Merch 

Smith Benj. stock l)"roker, ]Mont cor Merch 

Smith C. W. of Graves & S. 80 Jac'ij 

Smith Mi-s. C. L. furnished rooms, 13^0 Cal 

Smith Mrs. Caroline, Union u Union pi 

Smith Chas. (colored) caterer, Green n Stoc 

Smith Chas. B. (colored) 123 Merch 

Smith Capt. Chas. H. Bdwy n Batt 

Smith Cornelius, boots and siioes, Jac bel Davis 

Smith D. S. feed store, 97 Jac'n 

Smith Daniel F. tinman, bds Walton h 

Smith E. Frank, Franklin printing otf. 184 Mont 

Smith Mrs. E. H. Jac'n st house, 5 Jac'n 

ISmith E. J. policeman, 161 Front [1st and 2d 

Sniitii E. L. of Winans & S. h Clementina betwu 

Sniitli E. "\V. Justice of the Peace, 115 Merch 

iSmitli Frank, baker, 204 Clay 

Smith F. of Suliling & Co. Bush cor Dupt 

Smith Fred, tailor, "209 Mont 

Smith Geo. bds Franklin h 

Smith Geo. upholsterer. Union n Kear 

Smith G. Frank, of Pixley & S. 30 jSIont bl 

Smith G. Frank, h Joim bet Powell and Mason 

Sinitli Geo. JNI. Geary bet Kear and Dupt 

Smith Geo. W. street contractor, Harr'n c Beale 

Smith H. Clay, clerk at Post Othce 

S:iiiih Henry, (colored) boarding, Jac'n n East 

Smith Henry, (colored) steward. Union n Stoc 

Smitii I. Plummer, of Walton & S. Walton house, 

Vallcjo cor Batt 
Smith Isaac, waterman, Spring cor Summer 
Smith J. Triplett, inspector U. S. customs 
Smitii Jas. butcher, 228 Clay 
Smith Jas. 3d bet Harrison and Bryant 
Smith Jas. Troy house, Jac'n bel Davis 
Smith Jas. at Jac'n st h, 5 Jac'n 
Smith John, laborer, Everett bet 3d and 4th 
Smith John C. barber, 180 Wash 
Smith Jos. musician, Cal n Dupt 
Smith Jos. E. lumber, Brannan bet 2d and 3d 
Smith Jos. A. of Poultney & S., South Park liv- 
ery stable 
Smith Josiiua, Stewart n Howard 
Smith Mrs. Julia B. teacher, 204 Clay 
Smith Julius, upholsterer, 211 Clay 
Smith Mrs. Lavinia, Green n Dupt [Mont 

Smith M. P. at U. S. mint, h Post bet Kear and 
Smith N. P. Clay abv Jones 
Smith Peter, salt fish, 53 Clay 
Smith Peter, tragedian, Union n Kear 
Smitii Philip 11. 161 Front 
Smith Capt. Bobt. 232 Sac 
Smith K. L. of Sayer & S. Pine cor Sans 
Smith Kobt. of Adams &. S. Market cor Davis 
Smith Airs. S. millinery, etc, Bush cor Mont 
Smith Sam. brick layer, Green n Dupt 
Smith Sidney V. atty, 135 Mont, h Laurel pi 
Smith Stephen H. clerk, 80 Bush 
Smith Mrs. Susan, Mercantile hotel, 161 Front 
Smith Thos. Market opp Cal 
Smitii Thos. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
Smith W. H. confectioner, 342 Stoc 

Smith W. M. of Kendrick & S. 21 Clay st whf 

Smith Walter, segar mft, 85 Wash 

Smitii Walter G. clerk, JNicaragua S. Ship Co. 

h Union Club 
Smitii W. A. clerk at Noisy Carriers 
Smith Wm. :Mchin, dcjiuty U. S. Marshal, U. S. 

Court building 
Smith Wm. laborer, Harlan pi 
Smith Wm. Rich bet Teliama and Harrison 
Smith W. W. dentist, 24 1st, h 42 Bush 
Snapper S. Wash Hair-dresshig Sal'n, 123 Wash 
Snell Geo. W. of Reddington & Co. h Brynt n 3d 
Sniffen Geo. F. teller, at Drexel, Sather & Church 
Snook G. & W. stove deafcrs, etc. 141 AYash 
Snook Chas. W. at G. & W. Snook's 
Snook Edwd, at G. & W. Snook's 
Snow Charles, carpenter, Greenwich n Stoc'n 
Snyder Dr. Albert A. off. 24 Court Bl, 182 Clay 
Snyder A. W. of Hosmer, S. &. Co. h Powell 

opp Jolin 
Snyder H. M. h 119 Pine 
Snyder J. R. Treas U. S. Branch Mint, Cornel n 

]\Iont, h Jones cor Lombard 
Snyder W. A. (M. D.^, h Bush cor Sansome 
Sole George, boots and shoes, Davis n Pacific 
Solomon Samuel, speculator, Cal n Sansome 
Solomons Israel, mcht, h Aubn bet Jac'n and Pac 
Solomons Jolm, mcht, h Wash abv Dupont 
Solomons S. acc'tant, at S. T. Meyer & Co's, bds 

Rassette House 
Solraonson & Co. dry goods, 80 Keai-ny 
Solmonson J. of S. & Co 
Soltz Chas. grocer, Btty n Yallcjo 
Somer Charles, baker, 248 Dujiont 
Somers Henry, mcht, h Cal n Stoc'n 
Sontag & Co. com mer, 187 Sansome 
Sontag Julius H. of S. & Co. h Powell st 
Sontag Richard, of S. & Co. [137 Front 

Soptts Fielding (colored), at Edwd H. Parker's, 
Soule & Page, lumber mchts, Market cor Spear 
Soule S. of S. & Page 
Sonic Frank, Cal. Chronicle off. 65 Mcht 
Southgate J. J. & Co. ship chandlers, 155 Btty 
Soutliwick W. C. gate-keeper Folsom Road, h 3d 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
South worth & Co. dealers in hardware, etc. 44 Btty' 
Southwortk A. B. of S. & Co. bds at Mrs.Petit's, 

CalifoiTiia st 
South worth P. T. of S. & Co. bds at Oriental HotI 
vSpackman H. W. accountant, 68 Battery 
Spanna Pictro, jeweler, Dupont n Bdwy 
Sparrow, Tcackle & Co. com mchts, San cor Jac'n 
Sparrow Erastus, of S., Teackle & Co. 
Spatz, Newhouse & Co. impts, 72 Cal 
Spaulding Chas. A. rl estate iirokr, Brooklj-n Htl 
Spaulding Chas. J. bar-tender, Brooklj-n Hotel 
Spear Edward S. auc and com mer, 131 Cal 
Spear John N. carjjenter. Sac n Dupt, h219 Cal 
Spear T. G. printer, 70 Merchant 
Spear T. R. dentist, 228 Wash 
Speckels Wm. Bay Market, Front cor Pac'ific 
Speer Rev. Wm. Chinese Jlission, li Sto(5'n n Sac 
Spence W. & Co. fresli and salt fisli, 35, 36, 37 

and 38 Washington Market 
Spencer Capt. C. W. h 75 Sutter 
Spencer David, mariner, h Davis abv Bdw 
Spencer L. C. (colored), saloon, 216 Kearny 
Sperry & Co. impts of clocks, 157 Mont 
Sperry J. A. of Sjierry & Co. 
Spcyer Morris, fancy goods, 138 Wash 
Spier R. P. of Alleii & Spier, 148 Clay 
Spies F. paper-hanger, 29 Mont 




Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 


Wm^ Steinhart, ) g^^ y.-^ncisco. E. A. Steakn, New York. 



ft J jM 

f \i ^^.iir "^LJ/ "^^ ^iu' Ci) D 
CJLOTHI]^!^, BOOT^, SHOES, <&€. 








fa Jflor k Cakniis, f artagas u &ii., - - - f aba 
109 California Street, 





Spiller Ferdinand, drayman, h 54 Clay 
Splane Mrs. nurse, Clementina n 2d 
Sporborg M. & Co. dry jroods. Custom House Bl 
Spraorue C. I. of Chester & S. SW cor Mont and 

ISprajiue C. J. inspector U. S. Customs 
'Spratt & Hunter, Alhion Machine, Kearny n Mkt 
Spreckels C. jrroccr, Pine cor St. ilarys 
Spreckles 1). jrrocer, Powell cor FillKit 
Squire H. X. Front bet Vallejo and Green 

fSquier J. H. broker, 92 Merchant 
■^t. Dennis Mine, astrologer. Union n Union pi 
''-^; J.'an. washing and ironing, Powell n Filbert 

hist Restaurant, 192 Pacific 
^:. J.osky, Levy & Co. impts of segars, 109 Cal 
>t. Losky Sam'l, of St. L., Levy & Co. 
St. Ours F. J. de, impts of dry goods, 158 Sac 

- aier J. G. jeweler, 138 Sac 

r.ird Jolm, laborer, bds 19G Pacific 
MauLT C, Ins. of Weights and Meas., Pow n Jac 
Stahl Christian G. hat and cap mftr, 165 Wash 
■Staib C. & Co. boots and shoes, 178 1-2 Clay 
Stallnian Clir. & Co. tailors, 114 Mont 
{stand Francis, American House, 63 and 65 Mont 
'Stanford Bros, impts, Cal cor Front 
liStanford A. P. of S. Bros, res South Park 
Stanford Chas. of S. Bros, bds Rassette House 

tanford Josiah, of S. Bros, bds Rassette House 

taniels W. H. of Stanyan & Co. ]\Ikt cor Beale 
Stanley & Hayes, attys,"85 ^Slercht 
"tanley Edward, of S. & Hayes 

tanlev S. L. clerk, 93 Front 

tanley James, h St. Marks pi 
rHtaiiton Chas. H. broker, Kearny cor Mcht 
Stanton I. druggist. Pacific cor Dupout 
Stanwooil W. ott". 157 Mont 
'^t^myan C. H. & Co. teamsters, Mkt cor Beale 
st,i]itier Louis, caliinet maker, 229 Pacific 
Stall mck Geo. toll collector. Mis-ion st wharf 
Stark Mrs. Grace, bdg house, 4 Milton pi 
~^' ':k Joseph, machinist, 4 Milton pi 

- i A. E. clerk, at J. M. Strobridge & Go's 
!■ Henrv, clerk, h Bdw n Mont 

i T. X! of Deeth & S. 31 Sac 
s Wm. X". policeman, 181 Dupont 
>tau<s S. J. & Co. segars, 130 1-2 Mont [Jac 
Strad & Sheffield, impts saws and files. Batty cor 
Stt-adman J. A. grocer. Union bet Bat and Sans 
Stearns J. H. accountant, at 104 Mont 
St.,!, bins J. C. atty, 9 Court Block, 182 Clay 
iBtednian Chas. printer. Herald off. 120 Mont 
iSteel W. H. of Baker & S. Davis n Pacific 
Steele Henry, blacksmith. Summer cor Mont 
Stelling C. X. cooper, 120 Jac'n 
Steen Edw. T. off. Cornel cor Mont 
Stcen Harry, barber, 22 First 
Steen J. Wash'n Hair-dressing Saloon, 123 Wash 
Steiger Chas. R. Vulcan Fndiv, li 1st cor Melius 
Steil Henry, tailor, Vallejo st cor Apollo pi 
Stein H. W. & Co. gent's clothing and furnishing 

goods, 185 Clay 
Stein E. frame maker, Jac'n bet Mont and Kear 
5tein Jacob, tailor, 248 Kearny 
iteinbach A. carpenter, 204 Bush 
Steinbach Oscar, accountant, 126 Cal 
Steinbach R. mercht, 126 Cal [48 Mont 

5teinbuhler Win. upholsterer and paper-hanger, 
Steinert Edward, segars, Market n Howard 
iteingger H. lithographer, Val bet Stoc and Pow 
Steinhart Bros, dry goods, 88 Cal 
Steinhart F. of S. Bros. 
Steinhart S. of S. Bros. New York 

Steinhart Wm. & Co. impts of dry goods, 62 Sac 
Steinweg Chas. carriage maker, St. Marks pi bet 

Keamy and Dupont sts 
Steinweg L. segprs, etc. Pacific bel Front 
Stcmman J. Xew Atlantic Hotel, 181 Pacific 
Ste]ipacher ]M. h Bdw n Powell 
Sterling Peter, grocer, Mission cor 5th 
Sterling'- P. W. marble business, 44 Bush 
Stern David, bdg house. Sac n Btty 
Stern David, at Levi Srranss's, 17"^Iinna 
Stevens & Co. butter, lard, etc. 2 and 3 Wash Mkt 
Stevens Geo. W. of Stevens & Co. 
Stevens A. J. produce dealer, 38 Clay 
Stevens Chas. of Jones & S. Boston " 
Stevens D. O. St. Charles Hotel, 1st n Market 
Stevens George, tin-roofer, Clem bet 1st and 2d 
Stevens Geo. tinsmith, 4 Hawthorne n Folsom 
Stevens G. W. printer, at 151 Clav 
Stevens L. of Baker, S. & Co. h 191 Mission 
Stevens ^M. V. h Folsom cor 5th 
Ste\ens P. H. h 105 Kearny 
Stevens Robt. U. S. Mint, h Greenwich n Stoc'n 
Stevens R. I. Treas's Clerk, U. S. Branch Mint 
Stevens T. H. of Alden's Res't, 150 and 152 Clay 
Stevens Thos. H. h Mission bet 4tli and 5th 
Stevens V. C. printer. Chronicle off. 65 Mercht 
Stevens Wm. saloon (celler), 185 Mont 
Stevens W. A. at Mrs. Hyde's, Pow bet Wash 

and Clay " [Cal cor Stoc'n 

Stevenson J. D. atty at law, Mont cor Jac'n, h 
Stewart Henry, liquors. Pacific whf bel Davis st 
Stewart Geo. W. & Co. grain and produce, 6 

Merchant abv East 
Stewart James, bdg honse. Chamber n Btty 
Stewart Street jMarket, Bracket & Keyes, Stewart 

n ]Mission 
Stewart AV. of Reilly & S. East bet Clav and Wash 
Stewart W. A. butcher. Pacific cor Powell 
Stable Edwd, baths, etc. 160 Mont 
Stickel S. B. blacksmith, 105 Kearnv 
Stickland Geo. drayman, 2d bet Brim and Bry't 
Stienmann John, bdg house, 181 Pacific 
Stienweg Charles, wheelwright, n Pine 
Stigcr Mrs. A. dry goods, 138 Kearnv 
Still John H. & Co. book store, 86 Kearny 
Stilling Peter, grocer, Brannan cor 2d 
Stilliiiuer Win. at Rodgers & FuUerton's, bds at 

AValtoii House 
Stillman J. W. h 232 Kearny 
Stin-on Perr^-, carpenter, Stoc'n n Lombd 
Stirling Alex. P. at Herald off. 
Stirling John F. Herald off. h Leavenworth bet 

Geary and O'F'arrel 
Stivers D. A. luinl)er yard, Mkt cor Stewart- 
Stock John, bowling saloon, 3d cor Howard 
Stockel & Stevens, blacksmiths, 105 Kearny 
Stockton B. liquors, Cal cor Sansome 
Stockton B. (;. acc'nt. Telegraph Go's, 101 Mcht 
Stoddard E. P. accountant. Front cor Clav 
Stoddard S. B. Front cor Clay, h I'owcll corTay 
Stokes D. (col'd), wbitewasher, Mont cor Comcl 
Stokes Jas. J. h Minna bet 2d and 3d 
Stolz & Craner, dry goods, 14" Sac 
Stolz Aaron, of Stol/ & Craner [Mont 

Stone C. P. bullion dealer, XW cor Jac'n and 
Stone C. P. banker, Hentschc's bldg, Jac c Mont 
Stone Edw. F. of Morgan, Hathaway & Co. 28 

Stone J. C. com mcr. Market bet Frem and 1st 
Storey W. B. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Storm C. of E. M. Hayes & Co. 133 Clay 
Story Bro. & Co, paints, oils, glass, etc, I'os Clay 



Story Ch:is. R. of S. Bro. & Co. 

StorV Geo. L. of S. Bro. & Co. 

Story Wm. F. of Adrain & S. 89 Front 

Stott & Co. night work, Clara n Sutter 

Stott & Co. camphene and oil, 126 Sans 

Stott Alex, of S. & Co. 126 Sans 

Stott Chas. of S. & Co. 126 Sans 

Stout Arthur B. physician, 240 Wash 

Stoutz Ade, of Rutte & Co. 104 Batt 

Stow & Brown, attvs, Naglee's bldir, 85 Merch 

Stow W. W. of S. *& Brown, h 2So' Stoc 

Stowell & Stoddard, Front cor Clay 

Stowell ]Mrs. boarding, St. Marks pi bet Kearny 

and Uupont 
Strahle Jacob & Bros, billiard table mft, 123 Sac 
Stratman John, police off. h Tiiylor cor Green 
Stratton !Mrs. S. A. dry goods, 162 Kear 
Strauss Levi, dry goods, clothing, etc, 62 Sac 
Strauss Louis, jobber, 4 Custom house bl 
Strauss ^I. boot maker, 3d bet Market and Missn 
Strauss Miss Rosalia, milliner, 139 Kear 
Street & Grear, carpenters, Brenham pi 
Street John T. of S. & Greer 
Stringer Wm. of Gilbert & S. Wash bel Front 
Strob^idge W. C. of J.M. Strobridge & Co. New 

Strobridge A. at J. M. S. & Co. 
Strolin E. F. segars, Metropolitan Exch 
Strong H. L. carver, 51 ^lont 
Strouse K. drayman, Jessie bet 2d and 3d 
Struve G. pressman, 205 Dnpt 
Strybing C. H. com mer, 75 Jac'n 
Stuart & Kline, butchers. Pacific cor Powell 
Stuart Wm. A. of S. & Kline 
Stuart C. Metropolitan exch, Mont bl [Stoc 

Stuart Miss Mary, cloak and dress maker, Bdwy 
Stuart Mrs. M. A. Everett bet 3d and 4th 
Stubbs Jesse, seaman, L^nion n Dupt 
Stuber & Conrad, Wm. Tell house, 77 Bush 
Stuber ^Maurice, of S. & Conrad 
Stultz M. cabinet maker, Dupt n Filbert 
Stumcke Chas. mft guitars and violins, 140 Sac 
Sturdivant Robt. 0. accountant, U. S. customs, 

h Sutter n Kearnv 
Stussi F. carpenter, 29 Mont 
Stuthmeister Rudolph, physician, 219 Kear 
Styles Dr. h Sutter bet Kear and Dupt 
Suca Antonio, fruits, East n Jac'n 
Suhling & Co. grocers, Bush cor Dupt 
Suiivan Isaac, (colored) coat renovator, 75 Merc 
Sullivan & Casliman, liquors. Front cor Cal 
Sullivan C. D. O. of S. & Cashman [and 2d 

Sullivan & Harvey, ship carpenters, Beale bet 1st 
Sullivan Edmund, of S. & Harvey 
Sullivan E. L. atty, off. Clay NE' cor Merch 
Sullivan F. Market bet Mont and Kear 
Sullivan John, office Dupont cor Pacific, h Ellis 

bet Stoc and Powell 
Sullivan John, real estate agt, 261 Dupt 
Sullivan J. W. news agt. Wash st n P. 0. 
Sullivan M. Everett bet 3d and 4th 
Sullivan Philip (colored) Union n Dupt 
Sullivan Wm. H. Cal aby I)upt [cor Mason 

Sunder Goo. impt hats and caps, 84 Batt, h Clay 
Surbled F. h Clara n Bush ' 
Sutherland Robt. boiler maker, Brooklyn pi 
Sutherland R. H. carpenter, Brooks betw Geary 

and Post 
Sutherland Thos, W. attv, off. Court bl 
Sutliff G. W. butcher, 1 \Yash mkt 
SutroA. h 53 Minna 
Sutro Adolph, segars, 116 Mont 

Sutro Chas. accountant at Bairy & Patten's 
Sutro E. clerk at Hamburger Bros. 93 Cal 
Sutro Gustave, 116 Mont " 
Sutro Hugo, jeweler, h 53 Minna 
Sutro Otho, professor of music, Wash abv Pike 
Sutter Sam. Howard n 2d 
Sutton Chas. off. Front cor Sac, h 8 Harlan pi 
Sutton 0. P. appraiser L'. S. customs, h 109 Bdj 
Sutton Wm. Empire State house, Jac'n cDrum j 
Swain & Co. gas fixtures, 171 Mont 
Swain R. A. of S. & Co. 
Swain Isaac, storage, 119 Jac'n 
Swain J. H. boots and shoes, 169 Wash 
Swain R. A. com mer, 36 Front 
Swain Robt. B. merchant, Cal cor Front 
Swan Geo. Mont cor Vallejo [ter and Post 

Swan Jacob, New York bakery, Taylor bet Sut-j 
Swan L. at Howe & Co. Clay cor Sans 
Swasey Charles accountant at Castle Bros, Clay 
cor Front [h Green n Stoc 

Swasey G. A. Port Warden, 42 U. S. Court bldgl 
Swasey Wm. F. notary public, Mont cor Merch 
Sweeney Daniel, police, Bdwy cor Kear 
Sweeney Myles D. liquors, etc, 148 Batt n Jac'n 
Sweet Mrs. ^I. A. boarding, Bush cor Milton pi 
Sweetser, Hutchings & Co. com mer, 115 Batt 
Sweetser Henry, 20 Wash mkt 
Swenev J. P. seed store, Cal cor Sans 
Sweny Thos. clerk at Toy & Addison, 23 Coml 
Swett F. P. contractor. Clay cor Taylor 
Swett John, school Xo. 1, Hampton pi n 3d 
Swift ilrs. boarding, 272 Jac'n 
Swift A. J. night work, Vallejo n Powell 
S«-ift E. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Swift John F. produce and vcget's, 1 Wash mkt ( 
Swigert Adam, stoves, etc, Kear n Post 
Sword John, of Peirce & S. h Wash cor Powell 
Sylva Jos. boarding, 33 Bdwy 
Sylvester Henry, butcher, Kear cor Sac 
Sylvester L. stoves and tinware, 227 Dupt 
SjTiier E. G. stoves and tinwai-e, 84 Davis 

Taaffe, ]McCahill & Co. importers diy geods, etc,! 

Front cor Sac 
Taaffe Wm. of T. McC. & Co. h Chest't n Jones^ 
Taber A. L. at R. E. Brewster & Co. Fnt c Clay 
Taber Jacob S. of Codington & T. 110 Kear 
Taber John S. clerk, Kear cor Sac, h Pine betwn 

Kear and Dupt 
Taber Jos. E. clerk, Cal cor Kear 
Taber W. H. Geary bet Kear and Dupt 
Tafft D. & Co. wines, liquors, etc. Front c Coml 
Tafft Dexter, of D. T. & Co. bds Rassette h 
Tafft H. S. of D. T. & Co. bds Rassette h 
Taggard J. L. & Co. com mers, 102 Front 
Talil H. H. segars and fruit, Dupt n Adler 
Tahlman Chas. clothing, 107 Coml 
Tahlman N. clerk, 107 Coml 
Tainter & Bessey, ale house, Jac'n n Da^-is 
Talbot W. C. & Co. lumber, Stewart n Howard 
Taliaferro T. W. impost clerk U. S. customs, h 

Greenwich SE cor Stoc 
Tall H, D. clerk, J. M. Martin, 45 Coml 
Tallant & Wilde, bankers, Mont cor Clay 
Tallant D. J. of T. & Wilde, h 113 Dupt 
Talmage W. H. of Hosmer, Snyder &, Co. h Val- 
lejo bet Stoc and Powell 
Tallman W. C. clerk, 67 Clay 
Tarns S. h Jac'n abv Stoc 
Tandler & Co. impts and jobbers, 5 Cust 
Tandler A. of T. & Co. 

-J' crC::^(C 




J. R. SIMS, 


Fire-Proof Doors and Shutters, 

Bauk Vaults, Grating, Balconies, Railing, etc., etc 


All kinds of Blacksmithing done to order. Secondhand Shutters al- 
ways on hand, and for sale at low rates. 

Particular attention paid to country orders. 
N. B. Oregon St is in front of tlie Custom House, north side of Merchants' Exchange. 


i SPiBf lii UPiilfil 




Between Sansome and Montgomery, 

Gold Dust and Foreign Coin Bought and Sold. 

Money received at Interest, and Loans effected. 


B. M. HYDE, 


T130IE11MAN, HYDE & CO. 

^itdiniiccrs ^ €m\msm Ptrdjants, ! 



Advances on Merchandise consigned for sale. > 






Taney Jas. sash and door maker, Market st mills 
Taney Josiah D. sash and door maker, Market st 

Tarbell F. & Co. com mers, St Chas. bl, 88 Dav 
Tarbox & Collins Misses, cloak and dress makers, 

148 Sac 
Tarl Henry H. frait, Dupt n Bdwy 
Tartas Marie, dress maker, 245 Kear 
Tarpy M. lime, cement, and plaster, 58 Clay 
Tasheira A. L. accoimtant at Drexel, Sather & 

Tasker, Little & Ducliesney, Sutter iron works, 
Folsom cor Beale [ter iron works 

Tasker Thos. Sutter iron works, h Beale rear Sut- 
Tate Eobt. H. grocer, 269 Wash 
Tavara J. produce, 2 Merch ^ 
Tay Geo. H. stoves, etc. Front cor Wash 
Tayloe J. E. at Wells, Fargo & Co. [Sac 

Ta'vlor & Beckh, attrs, 10 Armorv Hall, Mont c 
Taylor E. W. atty, of T. & Beckh, h Brenham pi 
Taylor & Cook, lumber, Cal bel Davis 
Taylor & Post, lumber, Cal bel Davis 
Taylor C. E. & W. W. watermen, h Kear c Post 
Taylor C. L. & Co. sash mftrs, Cal st whf 
Taylor A. J. & Co. gunsmith, 209 Clay 
Taylor A. C. tinware and stoves, 208 Mont 
Tavlor A. J. accouutant. 111 Mont 
Taylor Chas. of Owner, Sickles &, T. Fmt c Jac 
Taylor Chauucv, accountant, at Tallant & Wilde 
Tavlor Mrs. C." A. millinerv, 147 Sac 
Taylor E. cashier P. M. S.'S. Co. h Cal between 

Stoc and Dupt 
Taylor E. W. h Brannan pi 
Taylor F. B. camphene distiller, Lombard n Pow 
^ Taylor Howard P. printer, Bdwy n Kear 
Taylor J. B. Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
Taylor Jas. ^M. Main bet Howard and Folsom 
Taylor John, blacksmith. Main abv Folsom 
Taylor John, druggist, glassware, 132 Wash, h 

Mont n Vallejo 
Taylor John B. produce, 69 Clay 
Taylor Jos. actor, h 234 Kear 
Taylor Wm. costumer, h 234 Kear 
Taylor W. A. inspector U. S. customs 
Taylor Wm. C. associate edr Fireman's Journal, 

h Bdwy n Kear [n Kear 

Taylor W. M. printer True Cal, 66 Merch, h Bdy 
Taylor W. T. clerk, Jonas T. Clark & Co. 128 

Teackle E. W. of Sparrow, T. & Co. Sans c Jac 
Teed Henry, caqjenter, h Clay cor Jones 
Teese L. & Son, importers, 162 Batt 
Teideman Henry, h Clementina 
Tell E. L. drayman, I'ront n Sac 
Teller J. D. P. merchant. Clay cor Front 
Temple I. J. butcher, 360 Stoc 
Ten Eyck Jacob, flour and grain, 52 Clay 
Tennent Thos. sun-eying, navigation warehouse, 

Batt opp Custom House 
Terrell J. E. dept U. S. Marshal, TJ. S. Crt bldg 
Terry Chas. engineer, Stevenson bet 2d and 3d 
Tetlow Sam. Bella Union, 197 Wash 
Tetlow S. diamond saloon, Sac n Front 
Te\'is Llovd, attv, 92 Merch 
Tewksbm-y J. M. (M. D.) off. Bush cor Mont 
Tewksbury M. R. (M. D.) Kear n Coml 
Thain Jas. N. at S. Price & Co. h Beale bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Thain John M. agt Indpt water Co. 156 Batt 
Thams W. accountant at Truett & Jones, 58 Fnt 
Thaw Wm. M. printer, l^ireman's Jour off. 
Tayer B. B. & Co. drugs, Mont n Market 

Thayer Silas C. E. clerk at J. Guerua & Co. 10. 

Thayer Chas. E. segars, opp Rassette h [Dup 
Thayer E. H. com mer, Wash cor Davis, h 17 
Theebold John V. barber, Intr'l htl, h 96 Pacili 
Thein John, of Xolting, Ivnig & Co. 1st n Missi; 
Thesine John, of Henry EoLker & Co. Mission co 

Thibault F. J. not pub, Mont cor Coml 
Thiele Louis, bar keeper, saloon Mont cor Clay 
Thode H. cooper, Vallejo bel Batt 
Thomas & Bennett, bar. East n Wash 
Thomas E. W. of T. & Bennett 
Tliomas Mme. midwife, Bdwy n Dupt 
Thomas Mme. Vallejo n Stoc [98 Merc. 

Thomas Alonzo, attv, of Bialer, T. & Hempsteai 
Thomas Rev. E. C. pastor M. E. chm-ch,h Pow 

ell n Wash 

Thomas Eev. E. ed Clu-ist'n Advo'e, 111 Wash 
Thomas Geo. H. clerk, Pacific cor Front 
Thomas Henry, blacksmith, 159 Cal 
Thomas Jas. Green n Dupt 
Thomas Jas. H. bricklayer, Brenham pi 
Thomas John A. hatter, 157 Coml 
Thomas Jos. B. impt and com mer, 145 Front 
Thomas 0. H. atty, 174 Clay 
Thomas P. J. printer. Union n Dupt 
Thomas W. policeman. City Hall 
Thompson A. segars, Mont cor Pine 
Thomjjson D. C. Hawthorn bet Folsom and Ha 
Thompson E. B. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Thompson E. E. wharffnger. Mission st whf 
Thompson Geo. brick mason, Hubbard betwn 2i 

and 3d 

Thompson Geo. C. of McEwen & T. Un'n n Sto 
Thompson Jas. of Haley & T. Eailroad house 
Thompson J. S. merchant, St Marys st 
Thompson John, fruits Kear cor Pine 
Thompson John, Chelsea laundiy, 3d n Brj-ant 
Thompson R. h Sac n Kear 
Thompson R. A. jr. inspector U. S. customs 
Thompson Mrs. Sarah, milliner, 59 Mont 
Thompson W. H. clerk, P. M. S. S. Co. h Esse 
Thompson Wm. Xeely, off". Mont bl 
Thompson W. S. can'iage mft, 3d cor Market 
Thompson Jas. S. dept clerk Sujjr Court, hPow] 

ell bet Pacific and Bdwy 
Thomson P. gents furnishing goods, 143 Sac 
Thorn & Co. liquors, Oregon bet Batt and Froc 
Thorn Ed. B. printer. Globe off. h Stoc cor Sac 
Thornton, Williams & Thornton, attys, 136 Sa 
Thornton H. I. atty, 136 Sac 
Thornton Jas. D. atty, 136 Sac 
Thonxon Wm. atty, 176 Mont [Mont 1 

Thornton W. Ccolored) job wagon, Mont oppc 
Thorpe Wm. H. attv, 163 Mont 
Thrall Dr. H. H. off. 165 Clay 
Thurn Cipriano, produce dealer, 38 Clay 
Thurston X. S. clothing. Pacific cor Front 
Thyarks Henry, of Umbsen & T. 244 Kearny 
Tibbets Dr. 2ci opp Silver [cor W'as 

Tibbey E. S. at Ganison, Morgan, F. & R.'s, Btt 
Tibbev Marv Ann, h Green n Stocn 
Tibbits Dr. 'S. M. off. 185 Clay, h Stoc'n n .Jac 
Tiehenor A. acc'nt, at J. C. Horan & Go's, 92 B; 
Tichenor S. W. of J. C. Horan & Co. 92 Bttv 
Tichner L. off. 62 Sac, h Sut bet Dupt and Stc 
Tichnor H. B. of Neefus & T. h Stewt n Folsoi 
Tietjen H. accountant. Pine cor St. Marvs 
Tifl't Nelson, of Noms & T. Pacific bet Front an 

Tilden Chas. L. of Elliot & T. 201 Cal, h Quinc 





Tildcn & Gilmore, brokers, Cal cor Front 

Tilford Frank, artv, 98 Merchant 

Tilghman Geo. Clearance Clerk, Naval Off. U. 

S. Customs, li 3d, S of Folsoin 
Tilghraan J. H. inspector U. S. Customs 
Tillinjjhast W. H. at W. T. Coleman & Co's, h 

Pine St cor Prospect pi 
Tillman Fred'k, of Xeuhaus & T. Kny cor "Wash 
Tillman John, painter. Pine cor Trinity 
Tillotson Thos. & Co. h'dware and cuti y, 48 Bat 
Tilman F. safe mfty, 90 Battery 
Tilton John, at Hathaway & Co's, Rincon Pt 
Tilton S. S. wood, coal, etc. SW cor Powell and 

Pacific [116 Cal 

Timmerman, Hvde & Co. auct and com mchts, 
!Timmermau J. B. & Co. exch off. 116 Cal 
Timmerman J. B. of J. B. T. & Co. h Har cor 3d 
Tinmiins John, printer, 276 Stoc'n 
Tin Youk & Co. China mchts, 207 Dupont 
Tinckin D. g-rocer}^. Sac cor Pike 
Tinkner Henry, paper-hanger, Brenham pi 
Titcomb J. Cal cor Front 
Titman Georj;c, of Baldwin & T. 145 Clay 
Tittel F. G. 109 Bush n Kearny 
Tittel Ernest, Mary's lane n Bush st 
Tittel i". G. E. grain and feed, 70 Iveaniy 
Tobias A. I. com mecht, 35 Front [Wash 

Tobias A. S. of Roskill & Co. 62 Cal, h Stoc cor 
Tobias Z. P. shoemaker, Sue bet Stoc and Dupt 
Tobin J. H. of Ehrenberg & Tobin, JMont n Wash 
Tobin M. E. of Jones, T. & Co. XE cor San and 

Tobin Rich'd, atty, 127 Mont, h Bdvr n Dupont 
Tobin Robert I. builder, Kearny n Bdw 
Tobin Thos. of Jones, T. & Co.'h Powell n Jac'n 
Todd A. H. of Cunningham's Warehouses, otf. 2 

Cunningham's Block, Front st 
Todd Alex'r H. broker and general com agt, off. 

Davis cor Wash 
Todd ilrs. Amelia J. dressmaker, 252 Clay 
Todd J. C. paper warehouse, 88 Clay 
Toellner G. hair dresser, 220 Keamv 
Toerje Herman, of Hauser & T. 165 Wash 
Toland Dr. H. H. 85 Merchant 
Toler H. h Tehama W of 2d 
Tolles W. R. tinsmith, 98 Kearny 
Tomey Dr. John, Cal cor Spring 
Tomlinson John, of Bond & T. Brenham pi 
Tompkins E. B. of Walter & T. 170 Mont 
Tong K. Achick, impt of Chinese provis, 175 Sac 
Toole Mrs. A. O. milliner}-, 30 Mont 
Toole J. L. candy foctory, 140 Btty 
Toomey J. laborer, Silver bet 2d and 3d 
Toomey John, 230 Clay • • 

Toomy Henry, mcht, 86 Sac, h 189 Pine 
Topping Ambrose, at Garrison, Morgan, F. & R. 

Bttv cor 
Torpy Michel, h 42 1-2 First [Pine n Dupt 

Tonjuet Paul, draughtsman, Vulcan Foundry, h 
Torrence & Parker, Bank Exch Billiard saloon, 

Mont cor AVash 
Torrence John, of T. & Parker 
Torrens G. Wood and coal yard, 100 Bush 
Torrey E. N. carpenter, 201* Cal, h Dupt n Cal 
Toney J. M. carpenter, 136 Dupont 
Toney Joseph F. of Walker & T. Stewt n Mis 
Touaillon & Proux, grain and feed, 3d bet Mkt 

and Mission 
Touchard Madam, Sac n Dupont 
Touchard G. of V. Marziou & Co. h Lorn cor Mas 
Taurnache Mde. Xello, teacher, 74 Kearny 
Toussaint F. accountant, Leidcs cor Cornel 

Towan Stephen, porter, D. S. Lord & Co's, 132 

Tower A. jeweler, Sullivan st 
Tower A. D. at Wells, Fargo & Co's 
Tower N. Jr. 119 Montgomery Bl 
Tower Z. B., Brev. Maj! U. S.'Eng. 119 Mont Bl 
Towle James, Captain of Police, Citv Hall 
Towne James W. of Whitton, T. & Co. 151 Clay 
Towne P. of Worthley & Co. 29 Clay bet Drum 

and East 
Townsend A. D. nurse, Essex n Folsom 
To\\'iisend J. B. atty, 13 Armory Hall 
Townsend L. R. architect, Cal cor Leidesff 
Townsend Sarah, nurse, Essex n Folsom 
Toy & Addison, clothing, 23 Comcl 
Toy D. & Otterson, clothing, 70 Comcl 
Toy Daniel, of Toy & Addison and of Toy & Ot- 
terson, h Powell cor O'Farrel 
Tracy F. P. atty, 1 ]\Iont Bl 
Tracey J. L. acc'nt, Flint, Peabody & Co's 
Trainor J. B. at Young Aanerica House, Stev bet 

2d and Ecker 
Trainor Peter, boots and shoes, Kear cor Cal 
Trant ]\Ii-s. dressmaker, Vallejo n Mason 
Trapadoux John, restaurant, 238 Pacific 
Trapet Pierre, Restaurant Europe, 137 Kearny 
Trask J. B. State Geologist, otf. 174 Clay 
Trask J. L. clerk, U. S.. Customs, h 6 ViiginiaBI 
Traus Frederick, musician, St. Marys st 
Trautvetter A. boots and shoes, 221 Kearny 
Travers ^M. stables, Bdw cor Mont [Marcy" 

Travers Robt. H. 3d lieut revenue cutter " Wm. L. 
Traverse & Co. blacksmiths, Bdw n Dupont 
Ti-averse P. of Traverse & Co. 

Travis F. of Smith & Travis, 138 Mont ^ 

Treadwell & Co. impts hardware, etc. Cal cor Bat 
Treadwell L. L. of Treadwell & Co. 
Treadwell J. P. atty, 104 Mont, 2d story 
Treanor James, U. S. Mint, h cor Union pi 
Tremble W. H. h Clementina bet 1st and 2d 
Trembley W. W. of Randall & Co. h Waverlypl 
Tremere F. H. accou'ant, at Torrence & Parker's, 

Mont cor Wash 
Trenis J. tailor, Bdw cor Dupont 
Triest & Bloomingdale, importers and jobbers of 

clothing, 94 Sac 
Triest B. of T. & Bloomingdale 
Triggs Dorothea, widow, (col'd), Union n Dupont 
Trille Andre, grocery, Dupont cor Vallejo 
Trimble Dr. James, Pacific cor Btty 
Trimble W. H h Clementina bet Ist and 2d 
Trinius Chas. off. 174 Clay [175 Moat 

Trocque Theo. accountant, at J. Guerin & Co's, 
Truesdail S. V. restaurant, 148 Comcl 
Truesdell O. P. printer, 151 Clay 
Truett & Jones, wines, licjuors, etc. 58 Front 
Truett Miers F. of T. & Jones, h Bush abv Exaj 
Truett G. F. machinist, 4 Milton pi 
Truett H. B. h Powell cor John 
Trulle John, saloon, Kearny cor Cal 
Trummer Henry, silver-plater, 152 1-2 Wash 
Trunce T. T. carpenter, Dupont n Sac 
Truzar Augustus, barber, Mont n Kearny 
Tubljs & Co. ship chandlery, etc. 139 Front 
Tubbs A. L. of Tubbs & Co. 
Tubbs H. of Tubbs & Co. 

Tucker John W. watches and jewelry, 125 Mont 
Tucker S. S. policeman. City Hall 
Tucker T. J. teacher, bds 196 Pacific 
Tuftes Samuel, blacksmith, 86 Bush 
Tuite M. dry gcods, .54 Comcl 
Tung Sang Co, rice and teas, Dupont 



Tung Yu Co. impts Chinese provisions, 191 Sac 
Turkington Wm. cabinet-maker, Sac n Dupont 
Turnbull, Walton & Co. liquor and com mclits, 

165 Sansome 
Turnbull W. of T., Walton & Co. 
Turnbull Dr. J. W. 177 Wash 
Turner & Co. Pioneer Soda-water Wlis, 128 Bdw 
Turner Cephas, of Turner & Co. 
Turner Bros, wine, syrup and cordial mfts, Mkt 

bet Mont and Kearny 
Turner G. M. of Turner Bros. 
Turner R. of Turner Bros. 
Turner, Selden & Co. liquors, 93 Front 
Turner C. C. of T., Selden & Co. 
Turner R. B. & Co. produce deal's, 44 Clay 
Turner A. G. at Wells, Fargo & Go's 
Turner Cornelius (col'd), stewai-d. Green n Dupt 
Turner G. com mcht, 62 Clay 
Turner Geo. h Mission bet 1st and 2d 
Turner Rich'd, cook, 196 Pacific 
Turner Eob't, Herald off. 120 Mont 
Turner Vi, Tremont House 
Tuttle H. A. inspector U. S. Customs 
Tyler S. H. Eagle Coffee and Spice Fact'y, 78 

Davis bet Wash and Clay 
Tyte Alex, musician, 224 Stoc'n 

U. S. Court Building, Btty cor Wash 

U. S. Fire Insurance Co. of New York, Chester & 

Sprague agts, off. Mont cor Wash 
U. S. Marshal, G. Y. McDufiiie, off. Batt c Wash 
U. S. Nurserv, Jas. O'Donnell, Folsom cor Fifth 
U. S. Surveyor Gen'l, J. C. Hays, off. 93 and 94 

Mont Bl 
Udell J. H. & Co. pub Evening Post, 65 Mcht 
Uhlfelder & Cahn Bros, jobbers in dry goods, etc. 

84 Cal 
TJhlfelder S. of U. & Cahn Bros. 
Uhlhorn & Co. coffee mfty, Mkt n Post 
Uhrig Christian, deputy sh'ff, 5 Warner's Row 
Ullmann M. newspaper depot. Wash cor San 
Ulmer, Figenbaum & Co. impts dry goods, 100 

Ulmer S. H. of U., Figenbaum & Co. 
Umbsen & Thyarks, grocers, 244 Kearny 
Underbill Jacob, agt Ths. Tillotson & Co. 48 Bat 
Unger & Co. impts and jobbers of hats and caps, 

86 Sacramento 
Unger Adolph, of U. & Co. [Dupont 

Unger Herman, of U. & Co. h Sut bet Stoc'n and 
Upton John B. at Town Talk off. 149 Wash 
Upton M. G. assistant ed. Herald, 120 Mont 
Urban Jos. musical inst mft, 18 Kearny 
Urie Jas. S. pilot, Pacific cor Davis 
Urrutia Y. impt Havana segars, 139 Wash 
Uznay Chas. of Wass, Moli'tor & Co. 89 Mcht 

Van Allen Mrs. L. E. 7 Harlan pi 

Van Allen W. K. 148 Btty 

Van Bergen John & Co. liquors, 136 Wash 

Van Bergen N. of John Van B. & Co. [stairs 

Van Bokkelen J. L. com mcht, off. 133 Clay, up 

Van Brunt R. N. accountant, at Drexel, Satlier 

& Church's 
Van Dcr Meden F. E. ale and port, Leid cor Cal 
Van Dcrscheevcr Dr. off. 1st cor Mission 
Van Doren W. J. of Paster & Van D. 103 Wash 
Van Dyke Jos. plasterer, 3d lict Har and Bryant 
Van Gulpen, cloths, etc. 165 Mont 
Van Hadeln John, grocer, Powell cor Green 

Van Ness James, Police Ct, City Hall 

Van Ness J. P. builder, Pine n Dupont 

Van Ness Jos. pilot, Vallejo cor Davis 

Van Pelt Capt. David, off. Fnt cor Jac'n 

Van Pelt H. K. at Newhall & Gregory's, Sac c Bat 

Van Pelt Peter, at Newhall & Gregory's 

Van Reed J. H. 131 Cal 

Van Rensselear J. h 130 Sansome [Dupont 

Van Straaten J. H. pawn bker, NW c Wash and 

Van Straaten Benj. pawn bkr, N W cor Wash and 


Van Valkenburg H. gold-dust dealer, Mont c Cal 
Van Vieck A. auctioneer, 61 and 63 Cal 
Van Vleck Durbin, wood engrav, San cor Cal 
Van Voorhies A. surveyor U. S. Customs 
Van White Peter S. h Powell bet Clay and Wash 
Van Winkle P. W. executor of J. L. Folsom's 

estate, 63 Mont Bl 
Vachon A. & Giron, engravers, Kny n Gomel 
Vail J. metal-roofer and plumber, 33 Leidesdff 
Valentine John, of Antonio & Co. East c Come! 
Valentine S. D. Gomel Printing Off, 129 Suns 
Valentine Thos. B. of Monsou & V. Comcl Pntg 

Otiice, 129 Sansome 
Valentine W. E. bookseller, Int'nal Hotel, Jac'n 
Vance James, livery stable, Minna n 2d 
Vance R. H. dagu'ean artist, 115 1-2 Mont c Sac 
Vance Wm. dag'n artist, 140 1-2 Mont 
Vandarame Mrs. A. 189 Pine 
Vanderveer T. G. of Griffin, V. & Co. Sac n East 
Vandervoort Jas. A. Orleans House, 196 Pacific 
Vandevoigt J. D. at 82 Bttv 
Vandyke Jas. at Wm. H. Bovee & Go's, 123 Fnt 
Vandyke & Kennedy, plasterers, Dupont n Sac 
Vanes Joseph, fireman, Vallejo n Mont 
Vanover J. Stamper, printer, li Geary bet Kny 

and Dupont 
Vantine Jas. of Mills & V. Front cor Comcl 
Vantine John, Mont Baths, 99 Pine 
Vanvalkenburg A. of J. A. McCrea & Co. 93 Cal 
Varnell F. W. at Shaber & Go's, 151 Sansome 
Vassault F. real estate bker, 102 Mcht 
Vasselin H. billd table manft, Clara n Bush 
Vaughen E. ship cai-penter, h Brannan n 4th 
Vauthn Michael, h St. Charles st 
Vanwie Arie, carpenter, Jac'n cor Stout's al 
Veling Conrad, at Harmony Hall, Kearny st 
Venard G. mftr ground coffee, Kearny n Sutter 
Verdenal D. F. clerk, at Jesse B. Hart's, Express 

Bldg, Mont cor Sac 
Verdenal Mrs. F. dressmaker, 310 Dupont 
Verdenal J. M. acc'nt, at L. E. Ritter & Go's, h 

310 Dupont 
VerdieV & Kaindler, dry goods, 150 Kearny 
Verdier E. of V. & Kaincllcr 
Verdin Adol])h, shoemaker, 218 Wash 
Vernon J. J. acc'nt, J. A. McCrea & Co's, 93 Cal 
Verplanck, McMullin & Co. grocers, Front c Sac 
Verplanck P. of V., McMullin & Co. Fnt cor Sac 
Verthemain R. h 189 Pine 
Viaced D. hair-dresser, 140 Mont 
Vignier A. of Pahud & Vignier, 125 San 
Vigoureux Chas. Lombard bet Powell & Mason 
Villalen Sen'r, jeweller, 135 Mont 
Vincent & Payot, book store, 187 Kearny 
Viot & Pons, French library, 187 Wash 
Viot Eugene, of Viot & Pons 
Viout Eugene, furniture, 277 Dupont 
Vischer Mrs. h 200 Pine 

Vischer Edward, agent, 159 Jac'n, h 198 Pine 
Voight C. H. of ELgTs & Co. 5 Custm House Bl 
Voight Louis, of Eoerhart & V. Clay cor Mont 



Volberg Charles, upholsterer, -Wash cor Pike 
Voldier Chas. saloon, 230 Pacific 
Von Dehsen Claus & Co. g'cers, Fols cor Fmont 
Yon HoUcn Geo. F. grocer, Stewt cor Mission 
Von Schmidt A. W. surveyor, Hawth'n bet Fols 

and Harrison 
Von Senden Diedrich, h Post cor Powell 
Vonnenberg N. H. Folsom st Bakery, Fol bet 3d 

and 4th [n ^al 

Voorhees Ben]. F. at Nicaragua S. S. off., h Pow 
Voorman & Co. grocers, Dupont n Green 
Voorraan Henrv, grocer, N W cor Dupt and Jac'n 
Vorbe J. F. brick mftr, Bryant cor 2d 
Vorhe X. brick-maker, Chestnut cor Powell 
Vosburgh F. of Godfrey, V. & Denison, Cornel 

bet Leidesdorif and ;Mont 
Vulcan Foundry, l"ii-st cor INIellus 

Wackenheimer Lazard, diy goods, 269 Dupt 
"Wackenrcuder V. surveyor, Vallejo bet Stoc and 

Wade & Flower, attys, 172 Mont 
Wade J. H. of W. & Flower, h Stevenson c Jane 
Wade J. L. segars, 75 Kear 
Wade 0. R. 79 Wash 
Wade Theodore, dentist, h Post n Kear 
Wade W. N. stables, Stoc n Green 
Wadham H. clerk at Post Office, h John 
Wadhams Wm. h 11 John [brokers, 65 Clay 
Wudsworth & Miesegaes, merchandise and ship 
Wadsworth W. R. of W. & Miesegaes 
Wadsworth Benj. C. clerk at W. & Meisegaes 
Wael J. H. teacher, 110 Kear 
Wagner & Bihler, Franklin mkt, 97 Bush 
AVagner Geo. of W. «S: Bihler 
Wagner A. of A. Bauer & Co. 66 Merch 
Wagner W. boots and shoes, 77 Mont 
Wainwright, Randall & Co. auctioneers, 100 Mer 
Wainwright Jas. E. of W. Randall & Co. 
Wait E. 0. State telegraph off. 101 Merch 
Waite & Battles, North beach rice mills, Francis- 
co cor Powell, off. Front cor Coml 
Waite Abram, of W. & Battles, h Russ In 
Wakefield L. H. 3d cor Bryant 
Wakelee H. P. agt for Wines & Co.'s express 
Wakeman A. C. Tehama bet 1st and 2d 
Wakeman W. tinsmith. Pine cor St Marys Stoc 
Wakenreudu Vitus, Surv Gen's off. h Vallejo abv 
Walbridge E. job wagon, Mont SW cor Wash 
Walbridge J. H. pressman Coml off. 129 Sans 
Walcora Jacob, of Folsom & W. Webb betw Sac 

and Cal 
Walcott A. musician, bds Parrish's htl 
Waldow Mrs. G. music teacher, 373 Stoc 
Waldrcn D. G. Sans cor Merch, h Chestnut bet 

Stoc and Powell 
Waldron J. F. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Walker & Ton-ev, boots and shoes, Stew n Missn 
Walker Geo. of W. & Torrey 
Walker Wm. & David, grocers. Pacific abv Masn 
Walker & Shutter, Philadelphia h saloon, Mont 

cor Mercii 
Walker A. of Robin.son & W. 157 Sac 
Walker Alvin A. of Pray & W. 119 Pine 
Walker Chas. waiter. Bower pi 
Walker John, carpenter, bds 196 Pacific 
Walker W. C. florist, 173 Clay 
Walker W. C. Golden Gate bakery, Folsm c 4th 
Walker W. Z. accountant, at Tub'bs & Co. 139 
Front [Pine and Bush 

Wall Jas. A. clerk U. S. customs, h Dupt betwn 

Wallace Alex, at Jas. Patrick & Co. 161 Batt 
Wallace Geo. attv, of Lockwood & W. 185 Kear 
Wallace John T.'at Coroner's off. h Un'n n Stoc 
Wallace Thos. of Hughes & W. 105 Sac, up strs 
Wallack F'red. at N. Y. bakery, 160 Kear 
Waller E. laborer U. S. customs 
Waller Geo. C. attv, 68 Mont bl 
Waller R. H. attv,' 1 Mont bl 
Wain Wm. jr. asst cashier U. S. customs 
Walrath A. of French, W. & Co. 92 Front 
AValsh Edw. laborer, Mont n Filbert 
Walsh Jas. collector of taxes on consigned goods 
Citv Hall [150 Mont 

Walsh J. Walter, editor and pub Sun'y Varieties, 
Walsh S. T. broker, off. 124 Sac, h 191 Pine 
Walsh Walter, accountant at Oliver & Buckley's 

86 Wash 
Walsh Wm. Clementina bet 1st and 2d 
Walter & Tompkins, mer tailors, 170 Mont 
Walter G. F. of W. & Tompkins 
Walter D. N. accountant, at Triest & Blooming- 
dale's, 94 Sac 
Walter I. tailor. Wash cor Maiden In 
Walthcr F. confectioner, 126 Kear [lejo 

Walton & Smith, Walton house, Batteiy cor Val- 
Walton David H. of W. & Smith 
Walton Daniel, boot maker, 65 Kear 
Walton John, Deputy Collector U. S. customs, h 

Lomliard bet Taylor and Jones 
Waltcn W. C. wines and liquors, 90 Front, h Es- 
sex n Folsom [h Tavlor cor Wash 
Walton Wm. F. of TurnbuU, W. & Co. 165 San 
Waltz Benj. printer. Bulletin off. 70 Merch 
Wand S. Dupt cor Filbert [Tehama 
Wand Thos. N. of Jas. W. Smith & Co. h 1st cor 
Warbass Wm. H. at C. Morrill's, Batt cor Wash 
Warburg M. G. of Schwabe & Co. 197 Sans 
Ward Bryan, laborer, Mont cor Vallejo 
Ward Geo drayman, F'ilbcrt n Stoc 
Ward G. R. broker, 112 :Mont 
Ward Isaac M. laborer U. S. customs, h Sim- 

monds cor Harrison 
Ward Pat. laborer, Varence st 
Ward P. Shades saloon, Kear cor Coml 
Wardwall G. T. accountant, J. B. Weir's, 48 Cal 
Wardwell C. 0. & Co. com mer, 50 Cal 
Wardwell A. M. of C. O. W. & Co. 
Ware W. of Whitman & W. Market n 1st 
Warner Wm. agt Contra Costa Ferry Line, East 

cor Jac'n 
Warren & Co. painters, 196 Kear 
Warren J. C. of W. & Co. [n Greenwich 

Warren H. S. of Town Talk, 149 Wash, h Dupt 
Warren Orran P. (M. D.) bot'ic physician, Mar- 
ket cor 3d 
Warren Robt. A. cabinet mkr, rear Metrop'n bl 
Warshauer A. tailor, 166 Sac 
Warszaur & Co. impts hats and caps, 81 Batt, h 

Custom House bl 
Washburn & Co. auc and com mers, Cal c Front 
Washburn E. H. of W. & Co. h 271 Stoc n Jac'n 
Washburn G. M. job wagon, Mont NE c Wash 
Washburn J. K. boiler maker, Stevenson bet 2d 

and 3d 
Washburn J. M. of Perkins, W. & Co. 94 Front 
Washburn Lewis, ]Mont n Bdwy 
Washburn R. W. at Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Washington G. dra}-man, Harrison cor Beale 
Washington S. Y. Dpty Collector U. S. h Dupt 

bet Pine and Bush 
Washington Hair Dressing Saloon, 123 Wash 
Washington Market Grocery, 137 Wash 




The Foiir 

Story, Pire Proof Granite Building, corner Battery and VaUejo Sts. 

The proprietors of tlie above 
House, return to the public their 
sincere thanks for the almost 
unparalleled patronage bestow- 
ed upon them for the past twelve 
months, and in now entering up- 
on their second year, would as- 
sure them that they commence 
with renewed exertions to ren- 
der the house second to none on 
the Pacific coast. 

The House is centrally situa- 
ted, and near the landings of 
both Ocean and River Steamers. 

Superior accommodations for 
families. Single or Double 
Rooms, with best of Beds and 
Bedding, always clean, at the 
following prices : 

Board per week, $6.00 

Single Meals, 59 

Lodgings per night, 50c, Toe, or §1 

" week, $3, $4, S3 or §6 


House open all night. 



Office and Residence on Market Street, 

Xear the corner of Third and Market. 

Dr. Warren, former President of the X. H. Bot. Medical Societv, also one of the Trus- 
tees of the TS orcester Medical Institution, at Worcester, Mass., "after an experience of 
more than twenty years' extensive practice, offers his professional services to the citi- 
zens of ban Francisco and vicinity. 

Vegetable substances afford the mildest, most efficient and congenial remedies to the 
human system. 


Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 

13 ^1 

No. 64 Front, corner Sacramento St. 
'r :e: JEi. TML ss 











Wass, Molitor & Co. assaytrs, 89 Merch 
Wass S. C. of W. Molitor & Co. 
Wasserman S. segars, Kear liet Clay and Merch 
Wasserman A. importer, 70 Sac, h IBush n Kear 
AVasson A. painter, Sans cor Wash 
"Watson Z. furniture, 137 Jac 
Waterman, Kolilber<; & Co. com mers, 40 Coral 
Waterman M. of WT Kohllierg: & Co. h Folsom 
Waterman E. flour insptr, Davis cor AYash 
Waters Dan. blacksmith, Sutter iron works 
Waters E. D. jr. at Excelsior print otf. 151 Clay 
Waters E. D. 1st abv Harrison 
Waters Geo. L. of JNIontgomery Hall billiard sa- 
loon, Mont cor Sac 
Waters Geo. P. Mariners hotise, Bdwy n Front 
Waters Jas. laborer, Rich n Folsom 
Waters J. N. H. job wagon, Mont NE cor Clay 
^"aters W. F. & Co. produce, 1 Wash mkt 
Waterson Mrs. Tlios. Clementina n 1st 
AVatkins Henry, butcher, Jessie cor 1st 
Watriss G. E. h Bush bet Sans and Mont 
Watrous Chas. merchant, Clay, h Bdwy n Mont 
Watson Adam, foreman blacksmith dept, Union 

Watson D. carpenter, Chestnut cor Mason 
Watson G. F. at F. Baker's, 110 Clay 
Watson Jas. tailor, 356 Stoc 
Watson John S. impost accountant U. S. custms, 

h Perry opp Pacific Garden 
\Vatson John V. atty, of Foote & W. 101 Merch 
Watson M. cashier at Sweetser, Hutchings & Co. 

115 Batt 
Watson Petto, 292 Dupt 
(Watson W. H. liquors, 91 Merch 
Watts Mrs. private board'g. Mission bet 2d & 3d 
Watts E. H. carpenter, Green cor Vincent 
Watts Jas. carpenter, Kear bet Sutter and Post 
Waugh G. M. Hall of Records, h Folsom NW 

cor Harrison 
Waupooh Jas. laborer, bds 196 Pacific 
W'eaton Benj. carpenter, Sutter bet Tayl & Jones 
Weaver Mrs. E. J. fruits, boquets, etc, 47 Wash 

Weaver Henry, 130 Sans 
U\aver Martin, laborer, 368 Stoc 
^A'eaver P. L. otf. i'ront cor Clay 
Weaver P. R. Niantie liotel. Clay cor Sans 
Webb C. C. & Co. paper, ink, etc, 85 Clay, h 

Bush l)et Mason and Tavlor 
.Webb G. W. of C. C. W. & Co. h Green betwn 

Dupt and Stoc 
Webb Hiram, merchant, h Waverly pi 
Webb Sam. accountant, at C. C. Webb & Co. h 

Mason bet Union and Green 
Webb S. P. atty, 161 Mont 
Webber John H. Taylor bet Post and Genrj 
Weber G. boots and shoes, 180 Clay 
iV "icr Geo. musical inst maker, Minna cor Jane 

-ter C. ¥. bds Franklin house 

-ter H. of Tmnier, Selden & Co. 93 Front 
Icrspoon John, of Cross & Co. 153 Batt 

;u\vood Wm. carpenter, 157 Bush 
i\ -cuer F. O. carpenter and builder, 368 Powell 
Aiililen W. accountant at A. S. Rosenbaum & 

Co. Clay cor Batt 
■i-Veight Abram, Russ lane 
iVcihe August, of Hobe & W. Wash cor Dupt 
tVcil & Co. impts segars and tobacco, 84 Sac 
jfVeil Theodore, of Weil & Co. Cal betwn Front 

and Batt 
hVcil A. dry goods, 197 Kear 
iVeii Henry, accountant at Lazard Freres, 64 Sac I 

AA'eil A. clerk at Rothan, Reinstein & Co. 70 Sac 

AYeir J. B. impts and com mers, 48 Cal 

AA^ciss G. 56 Mont 

AVeiss Moses, fancy store, 98 Kear 

AVelcli Abram, of Alton, AV. & Co. h John betw 

Powell and Mason 
Welch Jas. M. carpenter, h Bush cor Mason 
AA'elch Jas. M. jr. at N. Y. bakerv, 160 Kear 
AA^-lch Alichael, laborer. Rich n Folsom 
AA^elch R. C. of Miller & AV. Merch bet Batt and 

Welch Thos. shoemaker, h 73 Davis 
AA''elch AA". silver plater, 149 Cal 
AA'elchance Jacob, carpenter, 195 Stoc 
AA'ellcr Chas. L. Post Master, h Cal abv Kear 
WcUer Peter H. of Parker & W. 8 Wash mkt 
AVellhoft' Isaac, dry goods, 88 1-4 Kear 
AA'clling & Co. coiii mers. Wash beti'ntand Day 
AA'elling J. M. of AV. & Co. 
AVellman B. com mer, 127 Front 
Welluer Louis, segars, 80 Pacific 
AVells, Fargo & Co. bankers and expressmen. 

Mont cor Cal 
Wells & Provost, pickle and preserye warehouse, 

D. R. Provost agent, 64 Cal 
AA^ells A. 249 Kear 

AA'ells A. R. stair builder, bds Franklin house 
AVells F. H. atty, 135 Mont 
A\''ells Geo. H. carman, Jessie n Ecker 
AVells H. I. 146 Clay 
AA'ells Robert, Lion Co. Brewery, 136 Pine 
AVells Sam'l, acc'tant, at R. E. Brewster & Go's 
I^ront cor Clay ' 

Welsh Chas. East cor Mcht, h Chestnut abv Jones 
AA^'lsh Daniel, laborer, h Pine bet Masn and Tay 
Welskie S. milliner, Stoc'n n Bdw 
AVelton Merit, agent, 46 Clay, h Sutter cor Lar'n 
AA^endcll AV. G. at Fitzgerald & Go's, 112 Btty 
AVendt J. AV. cabinet-maker, Harlan pi n Dupt st 
AA''ennerhold C. at U. S. Mint, h 2d n Mkt 
AA'ensinger F. S. h Sutter n Leavenw'h 
AVerdcr H. carpenter, Lewis pi, Taylor st n Post 
AVergart Jacob, gas fitter, 194 Mont 
AA'crlin J. G. boots and shoes, 28 Gomel 
AA^erner C. hair-dressing saloon, 3d n Mission 
AVerthcimcr F. of Constine & Co. 207 AA'"ash 
AVertheimcr L. of Blum & AV. 171 Clay, h Bhsh 

bet Stoc'n and Dupont 
Wertheimer L. & E. segars and tobacco, Btty cor 
Sac, h Stoc'n cor Post [cor Cal 

Werthcman R. & C. Lecpiin, rl estate agts, Mont 
AVesctzky J. J. mcht tailor, 125 Kearny 
AA^est & Parker, stock brokers, 96 Mercht 
West C. II. of W. & Parker 
AVest F. A. inspector U. S. Customs. 
AVest F. G. printer, 130 Sansome 
West Henry, h Geary cor Taylor 
AA^est James E. sailniaker, A'arence st 
AA\'st J. R. notary public, 102 Mcht, h Tay n Sac 
AVestall Edward, bookliindcr, 128 Sac 
AVestall Mrs. AVm. Dunbar al, rear of City Hall 
AVeston Martin, C]ii)j)er Market, Jae'n n Drum 
Wetherbee Hein-v, h lAlarket n Stcwt 
AVetherbce Seth H.of C. E. Rand & Co. foot Clay 
AVetiicred Jas. S. notary and cnvevncr, 110 Mont 
Wetzel Thco. impt wall jiaper, 132 Clay 
Weygant F. E. Clinton Temi>'nce Hotel, 89 Pac 
AVeyse Juliu*, beer saloon, 151 Kearny, cellar 
Whaling J. AV. butcher, Pine cor Duj)bnt 
AVhalen Jcrouiiah, acc'ntant, at Engineers' oflf" 25 

City Hall 
Whalley C. & Co. crockery, 176 Mont 



What Cheer House, R. B. \YoocIward, 119 Sac 
Wheaton IVIrs. A. S. h Hardie pi 
Wheeler Alfred, atty, h SE cor Dupt and Lombd 
Wheeler Edwd A. salesman, at Hawley & Go's, 

Cal cor Battery 
Wheeler Frank, gymnas'm, Bat het Cal and Pine 
Wheeler Fred. A."Montgomei-y Baths, 163 Mont 
Wheeler Heury, h Stoc'n bet Bush and Sutter 
Wheeler John, Sutter bet Stoc'n and Powell 
Wheidhees Quieren, barber, Val n Dupont 
Whelan Geo. J. atty, 92 Mercht 
Whipple Stephen, club rooms, 1 62 Comcl 
Whipple Wm. carpenter, bds 196 Pac 
Whitacre Wm. T. printer. True Cal. off. 66 Mcht 
Wliitcomb, Pringle & Felton, attys, 170 Mont 
Whitcomb A. C. of W., Pringle & Felton 
White & Wilson, com mer, Mch bet San and Bat 
White Joseph, of White & Wilson 
White A. jNI. ale-bottler, h Misn st cor 1st ayenue 
White A. acc'nt, at Jones & Tobin's, San cor Bat 
White Benj. news agent, San cor Wash 
White B. F. printer. Chronicle off. 65 Mcht 
White Carl, butcher, Mont cor Val 
White Chas. D. grocer, 3d cor Folsom 
White Chas. W. grocer, 17 Clay 
White Mrs. Fanny, fancy goods, 344 Stoc'n 
White HemT, baths, 220 Kearny 
White James, drayman, Fremont n Bryant 
White John C. lumber dealer, Stewt n Howard 
White Mrs. Mary, ArcadeHouse, Webb bet Sac 

and Cal 
White Mrs. Mary, milliner, 61 Mont 
White T. A. of Park & W., Wash opp Post Off. 
White Eobt. Jr. Herald off. 120 Mont, h Jansen 

bet Greenwich and Lombd 
White Wm. cooper. Mason cor Greenwich 
White Wm. Beal bet Folsom and Harrison 
White William, atty. Pacific cor Mont 
White W. A. at Newhall & Gregory's, Sac cor Bat 
White Wm. H. 1.56 Sansome, 2d tioor 
Wiiite W. M. stables, 129 Cal 
Whiting & Co. liquors. Sac cor Front 
Whiting B. G. of W. & Co. 64 Front 
Whiting M. S. h John bjt Powell and Mason 
Whiting Capt. R. L. of str Sonora, h South Park 
Whitman & Ware, machinists, Mkt n I'irst 
Whitman J. R. of W. & Ware 
Whitman J. H. acc'nt, at E. J. Hall's, h Min n 2d 
Whitman J. S. teacher of writina:, 119 Bush 
Whitman S. P. Wash Mkt, h Wash aby Pike 
Whitmore Chas. horseshoer, 144 San 
Wliitmore H. M. Mont cor Cal, h 190 Cal 
Whitney & Mailott, Whitney's Saloon, 65 Mcht 
Whitney Franklin, of W. & Mailott 
Whitney G. A. of W. & Mailott [and Davis 

Whitney D. G. flour and grain, 60 Clay bet Front 
Whitnev Geo. 0. & Co. impts furnitm-e, 115 and 

117 Cal 
Whitney Geo. T. h 8 Milton pi 
Whitney Henry M. h 2d n ]Minna 
Whitney J. Jr.'Stm Nayigation Off. Fnt cor Jacn 
Whitney J. P. physician, Brenham pi 
Whitney S. (col'd), laundry, Wayerly pi n Clay st 
Whitney Wm. J. furniture, 134 Wash, h Jac cor 

Mont [h Brannan pi 

Wliitney Wm. K. acc'nt, at B.B. Thayer & Go's, 
Whitticr W. Frank, at Sawyer, Johnson & Co's, 

105 Front 
Wbittle Mrs. M. dressmaker, 34 Kearny [Clay 
Whitton, Towne & Co. Excelsior Printg Off. 151 

Clay n Mont [and Jones 

Whitton A. of W., Towne & Co. h Wash bet Tay 

Whitwell S. H. off. 6 Athen'um Bldg 
Wichelhausen & Co. segars, Davis cor Jac'n 
Wichelhausen Louis & Co. segars, 119 Wash 
Wickman Wm. saloon, East st cor Wash 
Widber J. H. & Co. druggists. Wash cor Kearn 
Widman W. F. grocer, Dupont cor Filbert 
Wiegand C. assayer, U. S. Mint, Comcl n Mo 
Wierss Wm. A. F. of Zweybruck & W. 213 Was 
Wierzbicki E. P. physician, rear 228 Wash s 

Wayerly court [cor Ci 

Wiggins Wilfred, law student, Expss Bldg, Moi 
Wightraan John, at F. Baker's, 110 Clay 
Wilbar Marshall, carpenter and bldr, Jessie n 3 
Wilber Geo. B. of Jonas T. Clark & Co. Bostor 

Mass. j 

Wilbern H. & Co. grocers, Dupont cor Bush 
Wilbert Jacob, saloon, Dupont cor Clay 
Wilcocks B. accn't, at Town Talk off. "149 Was! 
Wilcox I. A. of Loomis & W. Wash bet Drum' 

and East 
Wilcox James, saloon, 28 First 
Wilde J. W. of Tallant & W. Mont cor Clay 
Wilder H. at Benj. Doye's, Mkt cor Cal 
Wilder Hiram, at 151 Kearny, 3d floor 
Wilder L. I. at S. S. Phillips's, Sansome cor Sai 

Wilder Wm. A. at S. V. Smith's off. 135 Mor 
Wilder W. P. teas and wines, 133 Cal ; 

Wiley S. R. bdg house, Jac'n cor Mont i 

Wilkey & Donovan, painters, 70 Davis I 

Wilkey Edward, painter, 70 Day, h Val cor Sa 
Wilkey F. house and sign painter, 2d n Mis 
Wilkins E. G. acc't, at Parish Hotl, Bat cor Coi 
Wilkins Henry, atty, 127 Mont, h Sutter n Po\v 
Wilkinson James, cooper, Btty cor Comcl 
Wilkinson Thos. Union Ball Court, Mission n 6 
Willcutt J. L. at Flint, Peabody & Co's, h Frenl 
Willey Otis F. h Mason bet Clay and Sac 
AVilley Rev. S. H. pastor Howard st Presb'n CI 

h Howd st, rear of church 
Williams, Shafter & Park, attys, 85 Mcht 
Williams C. H. S. of W., Shafter & Park 
Williams Andrew, atty, Raabe's Bldg, 163 Cla 
Williams B. B. ship broker, Oregon cor Btty 
Williams Francis, laborer, Lombd n Stf^'j'n 
Williams Franklin P. printer, 184 Ment 
Williams H. B. at Wm. T. Coleman & Co's, 

Stoc'n n Wash 
Williams H. F. carpenter, 127 Wash 
Williams Henry S. intelligence off". Dupt cor Cla! 
Williams John, porter, 46 Btty 
Williams Jos. carpenter, 27 San, h Jes bet 2d & 3 
AVilliams J. whitewasher, Pac aby Stoc'n 
Williams J. H. broker, Cal cor Front 
Williams John J. atty, 136 Sac 
Williams John L. Chronicle off. 65 Mcht 
Williams J. (colored), whitewasher, 263 Pacifi' 
AYilliams Nicholas, traits, 61 Kearny 
Williams Rev. Peter S. h 193 Cal 
Williams S. carpenter, Tehama cor 2d 
Williams S. H. Folsom bet 3d and 4th 
Williams Thos. engineer, Val n Sans 
Williams W. whitewasher, 87 Bush 
Williams Wm. saloon, 3d bet Minna and Evere 
Williams J. W. wood and hay. Mission st whf 
Williamson & McMillen, grocers. East n Jac'n 
Williamson Andrew, of W. & McMillen, h 3d c( 

Townsend [WasI 

Williamson A. groc and liquors. East bet Clay an! 
Williamson D. grocer, 3d cor Townsend 
Williamson Edward, compositor. Clay cor Pik 
Williamson John, at U. S. Hospital, Frem c Ho i 




Williamson Dr. J. M. Kearny cor Bush 
Willis H. P. h 30 Minna 

Willis M. W. music'n, St. Chas. Hotl, 1st n Mkt 
*Villis S. D. Clinton Temperance Hotel, 89 Pac 
liVillis Wm. accountant, at Genclla's, 144 Mont 
iVilliston H. C. 153 Sansome 
Willman Joseph, h 181 Dupont 
iVillutr Charles, saloon, 225 1-2 Dupont [Front 
iVilloughhy B. W. C. of Hill, W. & Johnson, 62 
^illouj,'hl)y Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 195 Cal 
iVills John, carpenter, Filbt st n Telegraph Hill 
ViluKT Jas. acct'ant, Pahner, Cook & Co. Wash 

cor Keaniv 
Vilraerding J.'C. of Fargo & Co. 52 Front 
Vilson & Co. hay and feed, 23 Btty 
iVilsou A. of Wilson & Co. 
Vilson & Co. grocers, Union cor Mason 
V^ilson & Dunlap, forwd and com mer, Fnt c vSac 
Vilson E. H. of W. & Dunlap [and Bdw 

IVilson & Moulton, painters, 132 Davis bet Pac 
Vilson John N. of W. & Moulton 
Vilson & Collins, (Clayton's), 141 Cornel 
Vilson E. of Wilson & C. 141 Comcl 
Vilson Alfred, mason and plasterer, Kearny st n 

Telegraph Hill 
Vilson Alfred, Neptune Saloon, 22 Jac'n 
Vilson C. h Tehama n 2d 
Vilson Chas. h Davis cor Bdw 
Vilson Chas. drayman, at Wm. Bailey & Co's, 

38 Comcl 
Vilson C. L. Pres't of Sac VaUey R. R. Co. off. 

101 Mcht, h Brvant bet 2d and 3d 
Vilson Chas. S. h Howd bet 3d and 4th 
Vilson E. H. mcht, 64 Front 
Vilson G. 0. h Natoma st 
Vilson Isaac, liquors, 159 Kearny 
Vilson James, of White & W. incht, Mcht bet 

Sansome and Btty 
Vilson James, atty, 16 Wells' Bldg 
Vilson James, Scandinavian, Pac whf bel Dav st 
Vilson James, h Rich bet Brannan and Townsd 
Vilson John, saddles and harnesses, 98 Sansome 
Vilson John, atty, 100 Merchant 
Vilson J. D. Sec'y of Arazoua Mining Co. off. 

4 Athen'm Bldg, h Stoc cor Pacific 
Vilson Joiin G. saloon, 100 Davis 
Vilson J. L. msn and plsterer, Kny st n Tel Hill 
Vilson John R. at Jas. Patrick &"Co's, 161 Bat 
Vilson Robt. ship cai-penter, Rincon Pt, opp Hos 
Vilson Sam'l B. at B. C. & T. L. Horn's, 95 Fmt 
Vilson Sam'l H. baker, 183 Cal 
Vilson Sam'l M. attv, 5 Mont Block 
Vilson Wm. at J. McGlashan, 127 Mont 
Vilson W. C. Folsom st Bakerv, Folsom u 4t!i 
Vilson W. 0. dealer in bags, 63 Clay 
Vimnier J., Mchts' Coffee Saloon, 148 Mont 
Vinall S. A. blacksmith, Stevenson n 2d 
Vinans & Smith, mdse brokers, 48 Cal 
7inaus J. C. of W. & Smith, h Wash cor Btty 
Vinant J. G. dravman. Empire Warehouse 
Winchester E. H.'of Main & W. bds at Am Exch 
7indham J. C. printer, 12 St. Charles st 
Vinegar A. B. of Cary & W. 120 Front 
Vines G. H. & Co's Express, 118 Sac 
Ving Frederick, grocer, Howard cor 3d 
Ving John G. com mer, Fnt c Comcl, h 56 Bdw 
Vingerter Chas. J. tailor, 64 Kearny 
Vinkle & Westate, Cal. Bakery, Brty cor Val 
Vinkler M. acc'nt, at S. Altman's, Stoc'n cor Pac 
Vinkley & Co. Cal. Baker}-, Val cor Btty 
Vinn M. L, ice-cream saloon, 163 Clay 
Viaship Edward, teacher, Bdw n Kearny 

Winslow Dr. C. F. rear 228 Wash st, Wav court 
Winslow James, drayman, at Geo. Petersen & 

Co's, 67 Front 
Winslow M. boiler-maker, Fol bet Main and Beal 
Winslow R. E. " Buck and Breck" Saloon, Kny 

cor Clay 
Winter Chas. furnishing, Dupt bet Bush and But 
Winter Daniel, painter, 77 Jac'n 
Winter John, com mcht, 67 Cal [132 Clay 

Winterburn Jos. printer, at O'Meara & Painter's, 
Winteiton John R. h Bush n Keamy 
Wise B. J. storekeeper, N. Point Dock Wrhouse 
Wise Elbert, at W. M. Rockwell's, 97 Btty 
Wise Geo. tailor, 273 Dupont 
Wise J. portrait painter, 115 1-2 Mont cor Sac 
Wise John H. guager, U. S. Customs [Mont Bl 
Wise TuUy R. of Calhoun, W. & DeUa Torre, 39 
Wisker Wm. builder, 148 Sansome 
Witham Wm. L. pressman, 68 Mcht 
Witkowskt Marks, dentist, 198 Keamy 
Wohlens Henry, h Pine cor St. Marj^s 
Wohler Herman, office, 92 Merchant 
Wokce & Co. China mchts, 235 Dupont 
Wolt Bros. & Co. clothg impts and jobbers, 79 Sac 
Wolf J. of W. Bros. & Co. h Sutter bet Stoc and 

Wolf F. of Bernard, Eger & Co. 140 Wa>h 
Wolf Fred, impt Frch goods, Jones al n Wash st 
Wolf J. A. of G. W. Armes & Co. Mkt cor Cal 
Wolfe Jas. E. h 4th bet Mission and Mkt 
Wolfe Wm. h 65 Broadway 
Wolff Bernard, pedlar, Hiuc'y n Dupont [Kear 
Wolff L. clotliier, Pac bet Front and Davis, h 253 
Wolffs. Bernard, fruits, etc. 31 Mant 
Wood & Co. stevedores. Wash cor East, up stairs 
Wood lie Parkell, Niantic Hotel, Clay cor Sans 
Wood A. G. h 248 Dupont [Front cor Sac 

Wood Chas. S. acc'nt, at Taafe, McCahill & Co's, 
Wood Mrs. Emma, dressma'r, Wav pi n Wash st 
Wood Frank S. of Hodge & W. 116 Clay 
AVood Geo. (col'd), Humboldt Shaving* Saloon, 

175 Clay 
Wood Henry, segar dealer. Clay cor Pike 
Wood Joel, laborer, U. S. Customs 
Wood P. A. chemist and druggist, 3 East 
Wood P. T. Niantic Hotel, Clay cor Sansome 
Wood Sam'l A. boots and shoes. 111 Btty 
Wood Thomas, machinist, Wav'lv pi n Wash st 
Wood M. of Manstield & W. 159 "JNlont 
Wood W. F. bds at St. Nicholas Hotel 
Wood Wm. G., Clk 4ta Dis Court, h Grn n Stoc 
Wood Z. mason, Waverly pi n Clay st 
Woodbem- Calvin E. pilot, Sonoma pi 
\A'oodham Maurice, of Bailey & W, Stoc c Union 
Woodleaf H. at H. Cohn & Co. 61 Btty 
Woodley John H. draraian, 4th n Folsom 
Woodroffe fil. H. U. S. Laundry, Jac'n bel Front 
Woods F. H. Stock bro'r, Mont cor Comcl 
Woods Harris, drayman, Clementina cor Ecker 
Woods Roi>t. F. City Treas'r, off. Kny n Wash 
Woodside & Brown, carriage makers, 158 Cal 
Woodside E. G. of W. & Brown, h Mission bet 

Thorn and Wood 
Woodward C. C. of Town Talk, 149 Wash 
Woodward H. W. atty, JIasonic Hall, Mont 
Woodward R. B. What Cheer House, 11 J Sac 
Woodworth & Co. piano imjjts, 16 Mout 
Woodworth Fred, of W. & Co. h 36 iMinu 
Woodworth Selim E. h 36 Minna 
Wooley Dr. G. W. penmanship, Bethel Chapel, 

Pine st 
Wooff Cohn, clothing 83 Coml 





Woolf Geo. clerk, Israel E. "SVoolf, Cal cor Sans 
Woolf Israel E. impt shirts, Cal cor Sans, h Un- 
ion n Stoc 
Woolfe L. clothing, Pacific bel Front 
Wooster Dr. Pine cor Kear 
Worden, clerk, at J. A. McCrea & Co. 93 Cal 
Wores J. hat and cap mft, 161 "Wash 
Wormser Bros, impts -wines, liquors, etc, 70 Batt 
Wormser Isaac, of W. Bros, h Stoc cor Post 
Wormser Louis, ofW. Bros, h Stoc cor Post 
Wormser L. of Wm. Meyer & Co. 174 Clay 
Wormser M. clothing, Jac'n n Drum 
Wormser M. clothing, 17 Kear 
Worn Geo. A. Parsons building, 140 Clay 
Worn Jas. A. atty, Parsons building, 140" Clay 
Worthington Wm. paints, 122 Sac, bds What 

Cheer house 
Worthley & Co. Cal produce, 29 Clay bet Drum 

and East 
Worthley Thos. of W. & Co. 
Wray Jacob, butcher, Clay st mkt, h 173 Mission 
Wrede Brown, clerk, Pine cor Dupt 
Wright & Roden, stables, 158 Pacific 
Wright G. H. of W. & Roden, bds Franklin h 
Wright G€0. W. of Palmer, Cook & Co. Wash 

cor Kear, h ilission 
Wright H. C. grocer, Stewart n Mission 
Wright Jas. ship joiner. Sac whf 
Wright Jas. sail maker, Clementina n 1st 
Wright John, steyedore, Davis cor Vallcjo 
Wright Jos. D. H. market, 52 Kear 
Wrigley Jos. foreman boUer dept. Union foundry 
Wulzen & Bro. saloon. Coral cor Batt 
Wundsch Dr. off. Bush SW cor Kear 
Wyatt Rev. C. B. rector Trinity church, Pine bet 

Kear and Mont 
Wyatt G. H. Port Warden's off. 42 U. S. Ct. bldg 
Wyckoff & Co. importers, 123 Sans 
Wyckoff Geo. of W. & Co. 123 Sans 
Wymman C. boarding, 18 Kear 
Wyman G. D. painter, Wash bel Front 
Wynn J. B. of Searie & W. 86 Sac 
Wynn Wm. porter at Arrinton & Co. 53 Front 
Wyre N. H. Mont cor Jac'n 

Yanney D. H. P. off. Sac, over Wines' exp 
Yard Chas. jr. printer. Union n Kear 
Yard Chas. sr. upholsterer, Union n Kear 
Yerkes Isaac, at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. 
Yerkes Jos. of Smiley, Y. & Co. 

Yerris Geo. carpenter, Dupt cor Greenwich 

Yoast F. grocery, Virginia cor Jac'n 

Youitata Louis, shoes, 213 Wash 

York Carl, York saloon, 138 Kear 

York i\Irs. R. (colored) dress maker, 261 Pacif 

You Song Co. teas, China provisions, 194 Sac 

Y'oung Chas. B. clerk at Morgan, Hathaway 

Co. 28 Front 
Young Donald, of Heenan & Y. 123 Pine 
Young Edw. at Sea baths, Meiggs whf 
Young Dr. J. C. off. Montg cor Cal, 2d floor, 

Chatham pi 
Young Ladies Seminary, 193 Cal 
Young Thos. bonnets and fancy goods, 165 Cla 
Young Thos. Columbia house, Chamber n Dav. 
Young Wm. goldsmith, Greenwich n Dupt 
Younge Andrew S. pilot, Vallejo cor Pacific 
Younger Alex, carpenter, St Charles pi 
Younger Wm. dentist, 161 Mont 
Yu Fung Co, impts Chinese provisions, 181 Sa 
Yu Tie Co. impts Chinese provisions, 179 Sac 
Yu Yune Co. impts Chinese provisions, 177 Sa 
Yung Nicolas, grocer. Pacific cor Sans 

Zabriskie Wm. M. atty. City Hall 

Zachariah Dr. I. off. 148 Mont 

Zacharias H. watch maker, 256 Dupt 

Zahn E. 135 Mont 

Zahn Henry, grocer, Vallejo bet Powell and Ma 

Zakreski Alex. & Co. lithography, 100 Merch 

Zaldo Ramon de, atty, 101 Merch 

Zander L. T. at WeUs, Fargo & Co. 

Zane John P. harness maker, 84 1-2 Kear 

Zantzinger L. F. h Stevenson n 3d 

Zazarias Lyon, segars, 161 1-2 Kear 

Zeh Luis, butcher, 293 Dupt 

Zeile & Co. bakers, 234 Jac'n 

Zeile Dr. Fred, sulphur baths, 163 Pacific 

Zeile John, flour mills. Pacific n Mont 

Zeller Michael, N. 0. bakery, 53 Kear 

Zemmar Eugene, pawn broker, Coml above Kea 

and Dupt 

Zeyn John, di'ayman, Clementina bet 1st apd 2 
Ziel, Bertheau & Co. com mers, 72 Cal 
Zimmerman, C. bar room. Spring cor Summer 
Zinzes F. P. grocery, Dupt cor Union 
Zork Henry, painter, Vallejo bet Dupt and Kea 
Zschiesche C. stove maker, Dupt n Vallejo 
Zweybruck & Wierss, segars, 213 Wash 
Zweybruck C. F. of Z. & Wierss 



(For Index to Appendix see page li.) 


Abbott Street, from Third to Fourth, near Harri- 

Adelle Alley, opens on Jackson street, N. side, 
between 284 and 288. 

Adler Street, opens on Dupont street, E. side, be- 
tween Broadway and Pacific. 

Andrew Street, from Mission to Harrison, be- 
tween Fifth and Simmons. 

Ann Street, opens on Folsom street, between 
Fouith and Fifth. 

Annie Street, from. INIarket to Braunan, between 
Second and Third. 

Anthony Street, from ilarket to Howard, between 
First and Second. 

Arcade or Dmibar's Alley, in rear of City Hall. 

Balance Street, opens at 124 Jackson street, N. 

side, between Montgomery and Sansmne. 
Bartol Street, opens at 69 Broadway, N. side, 

near Montgomery. 
Bartlett Street, opens at 203 Pacific, S. side, to 

214 Jackson street, between Kearny and 

Battery Street, from Market N. to Flint's wharf. 
Bay Street, from North Point west to Larkin 

Beach Street, from North Point Beach W. to 
Webster street. 

Beale Street, from Market, junction of Pine and 
Davis, S. E. to Brannan. 

Belden Street, opens at 137 Pine, S. side, near 

Berry Street, opens on Dupont, east side, near 

Bloxorae Street, from First, SW„ between Bran- 
nan and ToNvnsend. 

Boston Street, opens between Fifth and Simmons, 
near Harrison. 

Bower Place, opens on Green street, between 
Stockton and Dupont. 

Brady Street, from Market, SE. to aiission. 

Brannan Street, from Beale, SW. to Mission 

Brannan Place, opens on Green street, N. side, to 
Union, near Dupont. 

Brenham Place, W. side Portsmouth square, be- 
tween Clay and Washington streets. 

Brooks Street, from Market N. between Kearny 
and Dupont. 

Brown Street, from Mission SE. to Harrison ; 
opens on MacAllistcr, N. side, near Larkin. 

Brown's Alley, opens on Pine, N. side, near 

Broadway "Street, from Broadway wharf W. to 

Larkin street. 
Bryant Street, from Main SW. to Mission Creek. 
Bryant Place, opens on Bush street, N. side, 

between Montgomery and Sansome. 
Bush Street, from Market W. to Lone Mountain. 

Calhoim Street, from Union to Green, between 

Sansome and Montgomery. 
California Street, from junction of California and 

Market street wharves W. to Larkin. 
Canal Street, from Front to Batteiy, between 

Washington and Clay. 
Card's Alley, opens at 347 Stockton street, W. 

side, between Vallejo and Green. 
Carolina Street, from Chestnut to Lombard, be- 
tween Jones and Leavenworth. 
Caroline, opens on Powell, between Pacific 

and Jackson streets. 
Carr Street, opens on Pine, W. side, between 

Leavenworth and Hyde. 
Cat Alley, opens at 249 Dupont, W. side, between 

Pacific and Jackson. 
Centre Street, fi'om Mission Creek to the Church. 
Chambers Street, from Davis to Battery, between 

Pacific and Broadway. 
Channel Street, from Third SW. to Mission Bay. 
Charles Place, opens on Montgomery street, W. 

side, between Pacific and Broadway. 
Charles Street, opens on Hams, between Folsom 

and Howard. 
Chestnut Street, from North Point Docks W. to 

Larkin street. 
Clara Street, opens on Bush, S. side, between 

Kearny and Dupont. 
Clark Street, opens at 144 Front, E. side, between 

Pacific and Jackson. 
Clay Street, from Clay street wharf W. to Larkin 

Clementina Street, from First to Second, between 

Howard and Folsom. 
Codman Place, opens on Washington, S. side, 

between Stockton and Powell. 
Commerce Street, opens on Battery, E. side, be- 
tween L'^iiiou and Green. 
Commercial Street, opens at Central wharf, W. 

to 180 Dupont street. 
Crescent Street, from Stockton to Powell, near 




Corbett Street, from Dolores to Mission Creek. 
Crooks Street, from Townscnd to Brannan, be- 
tween Thtrd and Fourth. 

David Street, opens on Howard, between Fifth 

and Simmons. 
Davis Street, from Market N. to Clark's Point. 
Decatur Street, from Bryant to Brannan, between 

Price and Kate. 
Delancy Street, opens on Pine, S. side, between 

Leavenworth and Hyde. 
Dent's Place, opens on Jackson street, N. side, 

between Stockton and Powell. 
Dock Street, opens on Battery, E. side, between 

Filbei-t and Union. 
Dolores Street, from Market, W. of Guerrero. 
Drum Street, from California N. to Vallejo street 

Duncan's Court, opens at 110 Broadway, N. side, 

between Dupont and Stockton. 
Dupont Street, from Market street to North Beach. 
Dunbar Alley, from Washington street to Mer- 
chant, rear of City Hall. 

East Street, from Jackson street wharf SE. to 
to Folsom. 

East Midway Street, from Francisco to Bay, be- 
tween Dupont and Kearny. 

Ecker Street, from Market SE. between First and 

Eddy Street, from juncton of Powell and Market 
W. to Larkin. 

Edward Street, opens on Bush, N. side, between 
Hyde and Larkin 

Elizabeth Street, from Market SE. to Harrison, 
between Third and Fourth. 

Ellen Street, from Mission SE. to Harrison. 

Ellen Place, opens on Pacilic, N. side, between 
Leaven woi'th and Hyde. 

EUet Place, opens on MacAllister, N. side, be- 
tween Hyde and Brown. 

Ellis Place, from junction of Stockton and Mar- 
ket W. to Larkin. 

Elmira Street, from Lombard to Chestnut, be- 
tween Powell and Stockton. 

Emma Place, from First to Third, between Mis- 
sion and Howai-d. 

Essex "Street, from Folsom to Harrison, between 
First and Second. 

Essex Place, from Essex street to Charles, be- 
tween Folsom and Harrison. 

Everett Street, opens on Third, S. side, between 
Mission and Howard. 

Fallon Street, from California to Pine, near 

Fanny Street, from Harrison, between Fourth and 

Fifth Street, from Market S. E. to Channel. 
Filbert Street, from Front, N, of Union, W. to 

Finley Street, opens on Lombard, S. side, between 

Leavenworth and Hyde. 
First Street, from Market S. E. to Townsend. 
Fitcher Street, opens on Green, S. side, between 

Leavenworth and Hyde. 
Flower Street, opens on O'Farrell, near Larkin. 
Folsom Street, from East S. W. to Brown, thence 

S. to Corbett. 
Fourth Street, from Market S. E. to Channel. 
Francis Street, from O'F.uivll, S. side, S. be- 
tween Leavcuwurth and Jlydu. 

Francisco Street, from Montgomery W., N. of 

Chestnut to Larkin. 
Frederick Street, opens on First, S. W. between 

Bryant and Brannan. 
Fremont Street, from Market S. E. to Brannan. 
Front Street, from Market N. to Front street 

Fuller Street, from Kearny E. to "Webb, between 

Sacramento and California. 

Gaines Street, from Green to Union, between 

Battery and Sansome. 
Gano Street, opens on Ellis, S. side, near Mason. 
Geary Street, from junction Market and Kearny 

W. to Larkin. 
Gold Street, opens at 163 Sansome, "W. side, near 

Grant's Place, opens on Keamy, W. side, between 

Post and Gearj\ 
Green , Street, from Front, N. Vallejo, W. to 

Greenwich Street, from Front, N. of Filbert, "W. 

to Larkin. 
Guerrero Street, from Market S. to Corbett, be- 
tween Valencia and Dolores. 
Gustavus Street, from Sacramento to California, 

between Powell and Mason. 
Gwin Street, from Ellis, N. side, between Hyde 

and Larkin. 

Halleck Street, opens at 63 Battery, W. side, to 
34 Leidsdorff. 

Hall's Alley, opens at 227 Dupont, W. side, be- 
tween Jackson and Washington. 

Hampton Street, from Geary, S. side, between 
Leavenworth and Hyde. 

Hardie Place, opens at 58 Kearny, E. side, be- 
tween Bush and Sutter. 

Harla^i Place, opens on Dupont, W. side, be- 
tween Bush and Sutter. 

Hartman's Alley, frrom Greenwich to Lombard, 
between Mason and Taylor. 

Harris Street, from Market SE. to South street. 

Harrison Street, from Stewart SE. to Tracy. 

Hayes Street, from Ellis, S. side, between Taylor 
and Jones. 

Haywood Street, from Mission NW. near Fourth. 

Helen Street, from Turk, S. side, between Hyde 
and Larkin. 

Hery Street, from Chestnut to Lombard, between 
Hyde and Larkin. 

Hermann Street, from Market E. to Mission. 

High Street, from Powell, W. side, near Clay. 

Hinkley Street, opens on Kearny, W. side, be- 
tween Broadway and Vallejo. 

Hooper Street, from Fifth to Harris, S. of Chan'l. 

Houston Street, from Jones to Taylor, near 

Howard Street, from Steward W. to Brown, 
thence S. to Corbett. 

Hubbard Street, extends E. from Howard, be- 
tween Second ami Third. 

Hubbell Street, from Harris to Simmons, between 
Irwin and South. 

Hunt Street, from Third NE., near Howard. 

Hyde Street, from MacAllister N. to Jefferson. 

Irwin Street, from Han-is to Simmons, between 
Hooper and Hubbell. 

Jackson Street, from Jackson st. wliarf W. to 



Fane Street, from ^Market SE. to Howard, between 
Second and Third. 

Jefferson Street, from Powell W. line of City 
front N. 

Jennie Place, from W. side Mason, between Pme 
and California. 

Jessie Street, from Second SW. between Steven- 
sou and Mission. 

Johnston Street, from Market SE. to ISIission 

John Street opens on Powell, W. side, to Mason, 
between Pacific and Jackson. 

Joice Street, from California to Pine, between 
Stockton and Powell. 

Jones Street, from Junction of Market and McAl- 
j lister N. to Jctfcrson. 

IJoncs Allev, from 135 Jackson, S. side, to 102 
AVashington, between Montgomery and San- 

Julius Street, from Turk, N. side, between Lea- 
venworth and Hyde 

Kate Street, from Bryant to Brannan, between 

Harris and Decatur. 
Kearny Street, from Market N. to North Point 

King Street, from Second SW. to Harris. 

Larkin Street, from Market N to the beach. 

Lafayette Street, from Green to Filbeit, between 
Kearnv and Dupont. 

Lam-a Place, opens on Pine, S. side, near Mont- 

Laura Street, opens on Ellis, N. side, between 
Taylor and Jones. 

Laurel Place extends NE. from Essex Street, be- 
tween Folsom and Hanison. 

Leavenworth Street, from Mc^Ulister N. to Jef- 

LeidesdorlF Street, opens at 139 Clay, S. side, be- 
tween Alontgomery and Sansome 

Louis Street, opens on Howard, SE. side, be- 
tween Harris and Simmons. 

Lombard street, from Sansome W. to Larkin. 

Louise Street, near Folsom, between Fourth and 

, Luconia Street, near Biyant, between Second and 

McAllister Street, from Market W. to Larkin. 

Maiden Lane, from 182 Washington, N. side near 

Maiden Lane, from Jackson, S. side, between 
Montgomerv and Kearny. 

Main Street, from Market Street Wharf SE. to 
Rincon Point. 

Malvina Street, opens from Mason, W. side, be- 
tween Clay and Sacramento. 

Margaret Strce"t, opens from Folsom, SE. side, 
near Price. 

Mark Street, from Mason W. to Taylor, between 
Wa-shingtou and Clay. 

Market Street, from Market Street Wharf, SW. 
to Dolores. 

Market Place, junction Battery and Bush with 
Market Street. 

Mary Street, from Jlission, SE. side, between 
Fifth and Simmons. 

Mary Lane, from 121 Bush, S. side, between 
Kcaniv and Dupont 

Massey'.*; Court, from 257 Dupont, W. side, be- 
tween P.ieilic and Jackson. 

Mason Street, from Market X. to Jefferson. 

Mathew Place, from Mason to Taylor Streets, be- 
tween Clay and Woshington. 

Melius Street, "from First to Annie, between Mis- 
sion and Howard. 

Merchant Street, opens at 105 Battery, W. side, 
to Keaniy. 

Jlichael Street, from Chestnut to Lombard, be- 
tween Dupont and Stocton. 

Jlidway Street, from Francisco to Bay, between 
Dupont and Stocton. 

Miller Street, opens on Pacific Street, N. side, to 
Broadway, near Stockton. 

Milton Place, opens at 181 Bush, N. side, and E. 
from Dupont, near Kearny. 

Minna Street, from First to Third, near Mission. 

Mission Street, from Mission Street Wharf, SW. 
to Brown, thence S. to Corhett. 

INIontgomery Street, from Market N. to Francisco. 

Mo wry 's Laue, opens at 136 Broadway, N. side, 
near Stockton, to VaUcjo. 

Xatoma Street, from Fkst to Annie, between Mis- 
sion and Howard. 

Newell Street, from Stockton to Powell, between 
Chestnut and Lombard. 

North Point Street, from North Point W. to Lar- 

Oak Street, opens on Mason, W. side, near Geary. 

O'Farrell Street, from junction Market with Du- 
pont, W. to Larkin. 

Ohio Street, opens at 55 Broadway, S. side, to 
122 Pacific, between Montgomery and San- 

Ord's Place, from Stockton, near California. 

Oregon Street, opens at 120 Front, E. side. 

Pacific Street, from Pacific Street Wharf W. to 

Parker Street, from Pine to California, between 

Dupont and Stocton. 
Pearl Street, from Battery, E. side, to Front, be- 
tween Filbert and Green^rich. 
Pike Street, opens at 212 Sacramento, N. to 231 

Pine Street, from junction of Front and Market 

W. to Larkin. 
Pinckney Phice, opens at 82 Broadway N., be- 
tween Kearny and Dupont. 
Polk Lane, opens on Stockton E., near Broadway. 
Pollard Street, opens on Vallejo, N. between Val- 

lejo and Green. 
Porter Street, from O'Farrell to Geary, between 

Stockton and Powell. 
Portsmouth Square, bounded by Washington Sf. 

N., Kearnv Street E., Clay Street S., and 

Brenham Place W. 
Post Street, from junction of Montgomery and 

Market W. to Larkin. 
Potter Street, from Market to Mission, opposite 

Brown Street. 
Powell Street, from junction of Eddy and Market 

N. to Jcftcrson. 
Price Street, from Market SE. to Mission Creek. 
Priest Street, from Clay to Washington, between 

Jones and Leavenworth. 
Prospect Place, opens on Clay, S. side, between 

Stockton and Powell. 

Quinoy Street, opens at 201 California, S. side, 
between Koamy and Dupont. 



Eassette Place No. 1, opens on Sutter, S. side, be- 
tween Kearny and Dupont. 
Rassette Place No. 2, opens on Sutter, S. side, W. 

of No. 1, between Kearny and Dupont. 
Rassette Place No. 3, opens on Sutter, S. side, 

near Dupont. 
Reed Street, from Clay to "Washington, between 

Jones and Leavenworth. 
Rich Street, from Folsora to Townsend, between 

Third and Fourth. 
Richmond Street, opens at 5-3 Front, "W". to 64 

Riley Street, from Taylor to Jones, between Clay 

and Sacramento. 
Ridley Street, from Market SE. to Mission. 
Robins Place, on Union, N. side, between Kearny 

and Dupont. 
Robinson Place, from Union Filbert, between 

Kearny and Dupont. 
Rosalie Street, between Simmons and Harris, 

near Harrison. 

Sacramento Street, from Sacramento St. Wharf 
W. to Larkin. 

Salmon Street, from Green to Union, between 
Mason and Taylor. 

San Luis Alley, opens at 229 Jackson, S. side, 
between Dupont and Stocton. 

Sansome Street, from junction of Sutter and Mar- 
ket N. to Chestnut. 

Sand Street, opens S. Clay, between Powell and 

Scotland Street, from Filbert to Lombard, be- 
tween Powell and Mason. 

Scott's Place, from Pacific to Broadway, between 
Powell and Mason. 

Selina Place, N. side California, between Dupont 
and Stocton. 

Second Street, opens S. side Market, SE. to 

Sherwood Place, from Third NE. between Mis- 
sion and Howard. 

Silver Street, from Third to Second, between Har- 
rison and Bryant. 

Simmons Street, from Market SE. to Mission 

Sinton Street, from Post, S. side, between Lea- 
vean worth and Hyde. 

Sonoma Place, from Green to Union, between 
Stocton and Dupont. 

South Street, from Mission Creek to the Bay. 

Sophie Street, from Ellis, N. side, between Lea- 
venworth and Hyde. 

Sparks Street, from Dolores E. to Folsom. 

Spear Street, from junction California and Mar- 
ket SE. to Rincon Point. 

Spofford Street, from Clay, N. side, to Washing- 
ton, between Pike end Stockton. 

Spring Street, opens at 161 California, S. side to 
Summer, between Montgomery and Kearny. 

Stevenson Street, from First SW. to beyond 

Stewart Street, opens at Market Street Whaif 
SE. to Rincon Point. 

Stockton Street, from Market N. to North Beach. 

Stone Street, opens at 280 Washington, N. side, 
to Jackson, between Stockton and Powell. 

Stout Street, opens at 238 Wasliington, N. side, 
to Jackson, between Dupont and Stockton. 

St. Charles Street, opens at 242 Dupont, E. side, 
between Pacific and Broadway. 

St. Charles Place, from Sonoma Place to Kearny 

St. Marks Place, from Kearny to Stockton be 

tween Post and Geary. 
St. Mary's Street, opens at 201 California, S. side 

to Pine, between Kearny and Dupont. 
Sullivan Street, opens at 236 Jackson, N. side, t( 

325 Pacific, between Dupont and Stockton. 
Sutter Street, from junction Sansome and Markei 

W. to Larkin. 
Suzan Street, from Howard SE. near Simmons. 
Summer Street, opens at 83 Muntgomery, W 

side, to Kearny, between and California. 

Taylor Street, from Market N. to Jeiferson. 
Tay Street, opens at 345 Clay, S. side, between 

Powell and Mason. 
Tehama Street, from First to Second between 

Howard and Folsom. 
Third Street, from Market SE. to Channel. 
Thorne Street, from Market SE. to Mission 

Tilford Street, from Third SW. to Simmons, be- 
tween Bryant and Brannan. 
Toby Street, from O'Farrell to Ellis, between 

Hyde and Larkin. 
Townsend Street, from First SW. to Mission 

Tracy Street, from Mission Creek W. to Dolores, 
Traftord Street, from Folsom SE. near Harris. 
Trinity Street, opens at 1 15 Pine, S. side, between 

Montgomery and Kearny. 
Turk Street, from junction Market and Mason, 

W. to Larkin. 
Tyler Street, from junction of Market and Taylor 

W. to Larkin. 

Union Place, from Green to Union, between Du- 
pont and Stockton. 

Union Street, from Front W. to Larkin. ', 


Valencia Street, from Market SW. to Corbett. ■ 

Vallejo Place, opens on Vallejo Street, N. side, | 
between Stockton and Powell. } 

Vallejo Street, from Vallejo Street Wharf W. to | 

Valparaiso Street, from Mason to Taylor, between 
i'ilbert and Greenwich. 

Varrens Street, from Green to Filbert, between 
Kearny and Dupont. 

Ver J\Iehr Place, from Montgomery W. to Du- 
pont, between Post and Sutter. 

Vincent Street, from Green to Union, between 
Montgomery and Kearny. 

Virginia Street, opens at 272 Washington N. to 
Pacific, between Stockton and Powell. 

Virginia Place, opens S. side Washington, oppo- 
site Virginia Street. 

Wallace Street, from Sacramento to California, 
between Kearny and Dupont. 

Washington Street, from AVashington St. Wharf 
W. to Larkin. 

Washington Square, bounded N. by Filbert, E. 
by Stockton, S. by Union, and W. by Powell. 

Washington Place, opens at 211 Washington, N. 
side, to Jackson, between Kearny and Du- 

Waverly Place, opens at 232 Clay, N. to 229 

Webb Street, opens at 162 California, N. side, to 
153 Sacramento, near Kearny. 

Webster Street, from Chestnut to Lombard, be- 
tween Montgomery and Kearny. 



J'est Street, opens on Geaiy, N. side, between 
Hvde and Larkin. 

Vest Broadway, from Francisco to Bay, between 
Powell and Stockton. 

VUliam Street, from Davis W., between Califor- 
nia and Sacramento "^Vhan-es. 

Vetmore Place, opens at 326 Clay, N. side, be- 
tween Powell and Mason. 

Wingate Place, opens at 181 Stockton W., be- 
tween California and Sacramento. 

Yansen Street, from Greenwich to Lombard, be- 
tween Mason and Taylor. 

Yerba Biiena, from Clay to Sacramento, between 
Mason and Taylor. 

Zoe Place, opens on Folsom, between Fremont 
and Beale. 

« ■»»» > 


C:^ Note. — The comer numbers only of each Block are used as a reference. Those streets 
running North and South being numbered from Market street as a centre, and those runnmg East 
ind "West from the water line, as laid down in the City Map. 



177 Stockton 


327 Mason 

Commences at Market, and runs 


213 Powell 


363 Taylor 

North to Lombard. 


249 Mason 


399 Jones 




285 Taylor 


435 Leavenworth 


7 Bush 


321 Joiies 


471 Hyde 


31 Pine 


357 Leavenworth 


507 Larkin 


55 California 


393 Hyde 


75 Sacramento 


429 Larkin 


85 Commercial 



95 Clay 

From Drum west to Dupont. 


109 Merchant 




119 Washington 

From Market west to Lai'kin. 


1 Drum 


143 Jackson 




13 Davis 


167 Pacific 


1 ]SIarket 


27 Front 


191 Broadway 


7 Drum 


51 Battery 


215 Vallejo 


31 Davis 


75 Sansome 


239 Greene 


55 Front 


99 Leidesdoi-ff 


263 Union 


79 Battery 


105 Montgomery 


287 Filbert 


103 Sansome 


131 Kearny 


311 Greeni.\nch 


121 LeidesdorfF 


167 Dupont 


335 Lombard 


139 Montgomery 
155 Webb 



173 Kearny 


From Davis, west to Larkin. 


209 Dupont 

From Market north to Beach. 




245 Stockton 




1 Davis 


281 PoweU 


1 O'Farrell 


25 Front 


317 Mason 


25 Geary 


49 Battery 


353 Taylor 


49 Post 


73 Sansome 


389 Jones 


73 Sutter 


109 Montgomery 


425 Leavenworth 


97 Bush 


145 Kearny 


461 Hyde 


121 Pine 


181 Dupont 


497 Larkin 


145 California 


217 Stockton 


169 Sacramento 


253 Powell 


193 Clay 


289 Mason 



217 Washington 


325 Taylor 

From East, water front, west to 


241 Jackson 


361 Jones 



265 Pacific 


397 Leavenworth 



289 Broadway 


433 Hyde 


25 Drum 


313 Vallejo 


469 Larkin 


48 Davis 


337 Green 


73 Front 


361 Union 



97 Battery 


385 Filbert 

From Battery west to Larkin, 


121 Sansome 


409 Greenwich 



157 Montgomery 


433 Lombard 


9 Battery 


197 Kearny 


457 Chestiiut 


33 Sansome 


223 Dupont 


481 Francisco 


69 Montgomery 


233 Pike 


505 Bay 


105 Kearny 


255 Stockton 


529 North Point 


141 Dupont 


291 Powell 


553 Beach 



From Market south east to Bran- 



1 iMarket 


17 Pine 


41 California 


65 Sacramento 


75 Commei'cial 


85 Clay 


109 Washington 


133 Jackson 


157 Pacific 


181 Broadway 


205 Vallejo 


229 Green 


253 Union 


277 Filbert 


289 Greenwich 

From East street west to Larkin, 




1 East 

17 Drum 

41 Davis 

65 Front 

89 Battery 
113 tSansome 
149 Montgomery 
185 Kearny 
221 Dupoiit 
257 Stockton 
293 Powell 
329 Mason 
365 Taylor 
401 Jones 
437 Leavenworth 
473 Hyde 
409 Larkin 


From Market north to North 
Point street. 


























1 Market 

11 Geary 

25 Post 

49 Sutter 

73 Bush 

97 Pine 
121 California 
145 Sacramento 
155 Commercial 
165 Clay 
177 Washington 
201 Jackson 
225 Pacific 
249 Broadway 
273 Vallejo 
297 Green 
321 Union 
345 Filbert 
369 Grecn-wich 
393 Lombard 
417 Chestnut 
441 Francisco 
465 Bay 
475 Beach 

From Pine north to Clay, be- 
tween Sansome and Mont- 
gomery . 



1 Pine 
25 California 
49 Sacramento 
59 Commercial 
69 Clay 


From East street south west to 


2 1 East 

8 7 Stewart 

32 31 Spear 

56 55 Main 

80 79 Beale 

104 103 Fremont 

128 127 I'irst 

202 201 Second 

276 275 Third 

350 349 Fourth 

424 423 Fifth 


From Market north to Francisco. 


2 1 Market 

12 11 Post 

26 25 Sutter 

50 49 Bush 

70 69 Pine 

98 97 California 

122 121 Sacramento 

134 133 Commercial 

146 145 Clay 

166 165 Washington 

198 197 Jackson 

216 215 Pacific 

240 239 Broadway 

264 263 Vallejo 

288 287 Green 

312 311 Union 

336 335 Filbert 

360 259 Greenwich 

384 383 Lombard 

408 407 Chestnut 

432 431 Francisco 

From Pacific st. north to Broad- 


2 1 Pacific 

24 23 Broadway 

From East street west to Larkin. 


2 1 East 

6 5 Drum 

32 31 Davis 

56 55 Front 

80 79 Battery 

104 103 Sanscme 

140 139 Montgomery 


175 Kearny 
211 Dupont 
247 Stockton 
283 PoweU 
319 Mason 
355 Tavlor 
391 Joiies 
427 Leavenworth 
463 Hvde 
499 Larkin 


From Sacramento street nort 
to Washington, between Di 
pont and Stockton. 


2 1 Sacramento 

26 25 Clay 

50 49 Washington 


From Market street west to Lai 


2 1 Davis 

26 25 Front 

50 49 Battery 

74 73 Sansome 

110 109 Montgomery 

146 145 Keamv 

182 181 Dupont 

218 217 Stockton 

254 253 Powell 

190 289 Mason 

326 325 Tavlor 

362 361 Joiies 

398 397 Leavenworth 

424 433 Hvde 

470 469 Larkin 


From Market street north to Jef- 


2 1 [Market 

12 11 Eddy 

26 25 Ellis 

50 49 O'Farrell 

74 73 Gearv 

98 97 Post' 

122 121 Sutter 

146 145 Bush 

170 169 Pine 

194 193 California 

218 217 Sacramento 

242 241 Clav 

266 265 AVashington 

290 289 Jackson 

314 313 Pacific 

338 337 Broadway 

362 361 Vallejo 

386 385 Green 

410 409 Union 

434 433 Filbert 

458 457 Greenwich 

482 481 Lombard 

506 505 Chestnut 

530 529 Francisco 

5.54 553 Bay 

578 577 North Point 

602 601 Beach 

626 625 Jefferson 





115 Clay 


337 Vallejo 

From Market street west to Lar- 


125 Merchant 


361 Green 



135 Wasliington 


385 Union 



159 Jackson 


409 Filbert 


1 East 


183 Pacific 


433 Greenwich 


13 Drum 


207 Broadway 


457 Lombard 

( 28 

27 Davis 


231 Vallejo 


481 Clicstnut 

1 52 

51 Front 


253 Green 


505 Francisco 


75 Battery 


279 Union 


529 Bay 


99 Sansome 


303 Fill)ert 


553 North Point 


105 Lcidesdorff 


327 Greenwich 


577 Beach 


131 Montgomery 


351 Lombard 


167 Kearny 


375 Chestnut 


203 Dupont 



239 Stockton 


East street west to Larkin 


275 Powell 




311 Mason 


Market street north to 


1 East 


347 Taylor 



25 Drum 


383 Jones 




49 Davis 


419 Leavenworth 


1 Ellis 


73 Front 


455 Hyde 


25 O'Farrell 


97 Battery 


491 Larkin 


49 Geary 


121 Sansome 


73 Post 


157 Montgomery 



97 Sutter 


195 Kearny 


Market sti-eet north to 


121 Bush 


221 Dupont 

i Chestnut. 


145 Pine 


257 Stockton ' 




169 California 


293 Powell 

! 2 

1 Sutter 


193 Sacramento 


329 Mason 


25 Bush 


217 Clay 


365 Taylor 

49 Pino 


241 Washington 


401 Jones 


73 California 


265 Jackson 


437 Leavenworth 


95 Sacramento 


289 Pacific 


473 Hyde 


107 Commercial 


313 Broadway 


509 Larkin 


\.bernethy, Clark & Co.'s Wharf, Stewart street, 
between Market and Mission ; length 200 ft, 
widtli 60 ft. 

Jrannan's Wliarf, Stewart street, between Mis- 
sion and Howard ; length 237 ft, width 45 ft. 

3renan & Batchcler's Wharf, Stewart street, be- 
tween Market and Mission. 

Broadway Wliarf, foot of Broadway; length, 
from Davis street, 800 feet, width 80. 

Central Wharf, foot Commercial street; length, 
fi-om East street, 600 feet, width 47 feet. 

California Street Wharf— see Market st. Wliarf, 

3Iay Street Wharf, foot of Clay street ; length, 
from East street, 800 feet, width 50 feet. 

Urowell's Wharf, extends from Battery street, be- 
tween Union and Filbert ; length 324 feet, 
width 65 feet 

]!unningliam's Wharf, continuation of Front St., 
corner of Green. 

belt's Wliarf, Stewart street near Mission. 

riint's Wharf, continuation of Battery street, be- 
tween Filbert and Greenwich. 

folsom Street Wharf, foot of Folsom street ; 
united length of main wharf and arms, ex- 
tending N. on East street, and South on 
Stewart street, 893 feet ; average width 55 ft. 

Ireenwich Dock, a continuation of Battery St., 
N. of Greenwich ; length 175 feet, width 60 ft. 

Ham & Hathaway's Wharf, Spear street comer 

of Harrison, Rincon Point ; length 250 feet, 

width 80 feet. 
Howard Street Wharf extends from Howard St., 

corner of Stewart ; length 137 feet, width 

45 feet. 
Jackson Street Wharf, foot of Jackson street ; 

length, from East street, 600 feet, ^vidth 50 ft. 
Lombard Dock, a continuation of Lombard St., 

from Sansome to Battery. 
Market and California Street Wharf, foot of Mar- 
ket street ; length, from East street, 600 feet, 

width 50 feet. 
Mastick's Wharf, Stewart street, between Mission 

and Howard ; length 300 feet, width 46 feet. 
Meiggs' Wliarf, from Francisco street, between 

Powell and Mason, North Beach ; length of 

main wharf 1,600 feet, with two arms of 260 

feet each ; width 42 feet. 
Mission Street Wharf extends from Mission st. 

corner of Stewait; length 600 feet width 50 ft. 
Nelson's Wharf, East street, between Market and 

Central wharves ; occupied by Mazatlan and 

Guaymas line of packets ; length 100 feet, 

•\vidth 40 feet. 
North Point Dock, a continurtion of Sansome 

street from Lombard to Chestnut; length 

300 feet, width 40 feet. 



Pacific WTiarf, foot of Pacific st. length 1,130 
feet, width 50 feet. 

Pennell & Bro^Ti's Wharf, Stewart street, near 
Howard ; lenjrth 300 feet, \\-idth 92. ' 

Pope's Wharf, Stewart street near Howard; 
length 237 feet, 'vvidth 45. 

Rand's Wliarf, East street, between Clay and 
Central wharv-es ; length 100 feet, width 40 ft. 

Rmcon Point Dock, opposite Rincon Pomt ; di- 
mensions, 1 50 feet by 1 50 feet. 

Robinson's Wliarf extends from Clark street, be- 
tween Jackson and Pacific. 

Roussett's Wharf, Stewart street neai- Howard ; 

length 137 feet, width 45 feet. 
Shaw's Wiarf — see Cowell's wharf. 
Smith's Wharf, Stewart street comer Howard ; 

length 147 feet, width 46 feet. 
Vallejo Street Wharf, foot of Vallejo sti-eet; 

length, from Front street, 1,000 feet, width 

70 feet. 
Washington Street Wharf, foot of Washington 

street ; length, from East street, 600 feet 

width 50 feet. | 


Halls, Buildinos, Blocks, Etc. 

Alta California Building, 124 Sacramento street. 
Antique Castle, SE. comer of Sacramento and 

Stockton sti-eets. 
Apollo Hall, 252 Pacific street, above Stockton. 
Armory Hall, NE. corner of Montgomery and 

Sacramento streets. 
Argenti's Building, W. side Montgomery street, 

near Commercial. 
Assembly Hall, Kearny street, comer of Post. 
Athisneiim Building, SE. comer Montgomery 

and California streets. 
BatteUe's Building, 136 Montgomery street. 
Bay State Row, W. side Sansome street, be- 
tween Bush and Pine. 
Bolton & Barron's Building, Merchant, NW. 

comer of Montgomeiy stieet. 
California Block, SE. comer of Califomia and 

Battery streets. 
Commercial Row, Clay street comer of Dram. 
Court Block, 184 Clay street, and 115 Merchant. 
Cunningham's Block, Front street comer Green. 
Custom House Block, SE. comer of Sansome 

and Sacramento streets. 
Empire Block, S. side Califomia street, between 

Battery and Sansome. 
Express Building, Montgomery street comer of 

Hentsch's Building, NW. comer Montgomery 

and Jackson streets. 
Howard's Building, 137 Montgomery street. 
Masonic Hall, 110 and 112 Montgomery street. 
Masonic Hall, (colored) 306 Stockton street. 
Maynard's Row, N. side Califomia street be- 
tween Battery and Sansome. 
McAllister's Building, 146 and 148 Clay street. 
Metropolitan Block, W. side Montgomery street 

between Wasliington and Jackson. 
Miners'a Hall, NE. comer Keamy and Bush 

Montgomery Block, E. side Montgomery street 

botv.-ecn Washington and Merchant. 
Musical Hall, Bush street between Montgomery 

and Siinsome. 
Naglec's Building, SW. comer Merchant and 
Montgomery streets. 

Odd Fellow's Hall, 184 Montgomery street. 
Pacific Garden, Third street comer Hamson. 
Parson's Building, 138 and 140 Clay street. 
Phoenix Block, X. side Clay street between 

Montgomery and Kearny. [Bush 

Pick^vick Hall, SE. comer Montgomery and 
Rabe's Building, 163 Clay above Montgomery. 
Riddle's Building, S. side Clay near Sansome. 
San Francisco Hall, N. side Washington street 

above MentgomerA*. 
Shennan's Building, 146 Montgomery street. 
South Park, Third street between Brannan anc 

St. Charles Block, comer DaA-is and Washintoi! 

Temperance Hall, 142 Washington street. 
Trainei-^s Row, SE. comer Kearny and Suttei 

Turn Verein Hall, N. side Bush street between 

Stockton and Powell. 
U. S. Court Building, NE. comer Battery and 

Washington streets. 
Virginia Block, N W. comer Stockton and Pacific 

Wells' Building, SW. comer Clay and Mont 

gomery streets. 

Public Building's and lustitutious. 

British Hospital, head of Main street, Rinconj 

City Hall, Kearny street between Washington 
and Mei'chant. 

Churches, (see churches and clergymen.) 

County Treasurer's Office, 185 Kearny street 
above Washington. 

Custom House, Battery street between Washing- 
ton and Jackson. 

Hall of Records, Washington street comer Bren- 
ham Place, opposite the Plaza. 

Engine Houses (see Fire Department.) 

Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy, 324 and 326 

Stockton street. 
Jail, (county) N. side Broadway between Keamy 

and Dupont streets. 



Post Office, NW. corner Wiisliington and Bat- 
tery sti'cets. 

School "Houses, (sec Public Schools.) 

Police Station House, basement City Hall. 

U. S. Brandi Mint, N. side Commercial street 
above Montjiomciy. 

U. S. Marine Hospitalj Rincon Point. 

Baukiuo* Houses. 

B. Davidson, corner Montgomeiy and Commer- 
cial streets. 

Drcxcl, Satlicr & Church, comer Battery and 
ChiT streets. 

Garrison, Morgan, Frctz & Ralston, corner Bat- 
tery and Washington streets. 

Abel Guy, 107 Washinutou street. 

Lucas, Turner & Co., corner Battery and "Wash- 
ington streets. 

Palmer, Cook & Co., corner Keamy and Wash- 
ington streets. 

Parrott & Co., coraer Montgomery and Sacra- 
mento streets. 

Tallant & Wildo, comer Montgomery and Clay 

Wells, Fargo & Co., corner Montgomery and 
Calilbrnia streets. 


Contra Costa Express, J. N. Hoag & Co., olBcc 
corner East and Jackson streets. 

Erocman & Co.'s Express, J. M. Freeman super- 
intendent, 124 Montgomery street corner of 

Mission Dolores Express, George & Couch, 
leaves Stage office, comer Kearny and Clay 
streets, at 2 p. m. and 5 p. m., daily. 

Pacific Express Co., Dexter Brigham,"Jr., Presi- 
dent, office NE. comer Caliiforuia and Mont- 
gomery sti'cets. 

Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, NW. corner Cali- 
fornia and Montgomery streets ; Louis 
McLdue, Jr., general agent ; Samuel Knight, 

Wines G. H. & Co.'s Express, 118 Sacramento 
street between Montgomery and Lcidesdorff. 

Public Markets. 

Clay Street Market, I.'IG Clay street, and C3 Mer- 
chant street. 

New World Market — extends from Commercial 
to Clay street, corner of Lcidesdorff. 

Washington Market extends from Washington 
to Merchant street, between Montgomery and 


Adclphi Theatre, Dupont street, between Clay 
and Wu'^hiii-ton. • 

American Tlicatre, Sansome street, between Sac- 
ramento and California. 

Chinese Theatre, Dupont between Washington 
and Cl.ay streets. 

Metro] )o1it;ui Theatre, Montgomery street botw^jen 
Washiiiiitun and Jackson. 

ITniou Theatre, Commercial street above Kearny. 
San Francisco Hall, (Minstrels) Wasliingtou St., 
between Montgomery and Keamy. 


Albion Hotel, Montgomery street between Bush 

and Sutter. 
Alhambra, Thomas King, 90 Pacific street. 
American Exchange, W. W. Estabrook, San- 
some St. between Sacramento and Califomia. 
American Hotel, John Allman, Davis street near 

American House, F. Stand, 63 and 65 Mont- 
goraerv street. 

Broadway "House, T. J. Faeey, Broadway near 

Brooklyn Hotel, John Kelly, Jr., Broadway near 

Calaveras House, INIi-s. M. A. Duboyce, 18 Pacific 

Chaml)ei-s Street Honse, Mrs. Graham, Cham- 
bers street near Front. 

Clinton Temperance House, Weygant^fe Co., 89 
Pacific street. 

Columbia Hotel, Pray & Walker, 119 Pino. 

Columbia House, Thos. Yoimg, Chambers street 
near Davis. 

Commercial Hotel, Mi-s. T. Gleeson, Pacific be- 
tween Front and Davis. 

Crescent City Hotel, Sansome street, from Clay 
to Commercial. 

Franklin Hotel, Robt. Blum, Pacific comer San- 
some street. 

Franklin House, N. T. Caiijenter, Sansome cor- 
ner Broadway. 

Fulton Hotel, Hans Miller, Jackson street below 

Garden City House, A. Brooks, 30 Clay street. 

Globe Hotel, Geo. A. Ensbury, Davis street cor- 
ner Chambers. 

Globe Hotel, J. P. Schaefer, 245 Dupont. 

Golden Age House, McCarthy & O'Brien, Cham- 
bers ne;ir Da^is. 

Hillman's Temperance House, A. Smith & Co., 
80 and 82 Davis street. 

Howard House, Mi-s. Kelsey, 33 Pacific street 

International Hotel, D. L. Flint, Jackson near 

Jackson Street House, Thos. Reynolds, Jackson 
below Front. 

Jackson Street House, Mrs. E. H. Smith, 5 Jack- 
son street. 

Keystone House, Mrs. M. Herring, Jackson be- 
low Davis. 

Louisiana House, B. O'Rourk, 152 Pacific street. 

Mai-iner's Home, Geo. P. Waters, Broadway 
near Front. 

Mariner's House, Elizabeth Birch, 60 Pacific st. 

Massachusetts House, Mrs. E. Brisco, Sansomo 
near Pacific. 

MereantUe Hotel, Mrs. Susan Smith, 161 Front. 

Montgomery House, Wm. Ellis, Jackson below 

National House, John Doyle, 76 Pacific street. 

New Texas House, L. Dirks, Clay below Drum. 

New York 4th Ward House, Mrs. Gleason, Jack- 
son comer Drum. 

Niantic Hott;!, AVuod & Parkell, corner Clay and 
Sansome. b^^<^ l^ush. 

Oriental Hotel, Edwin Bryant, comer Battery 



Original Jackson Street House, Thos, Fox, Jack- 
son near Da^-is. 
Pacific City Hotel, McAlester & Brady, 35 Front 

Parrish's Hotel, Daniel Parrish, Battery comer 

toramercial streets. 
Philadelphia House, Adam Bootz, Bush comer 

Queen City Hotel, Mrs. E. J. Cummings, Davis 

above Pacific. 
Eaih'oad House, Haley & Thompson, 46 and 48 

Commercial, and 87 Clay street. 
Eassette House, Joseph Eassette, comer San- 
some and Bush. 
Rising State, J. C. Price, Chambers street near 

Eising Sun, Wm. Naughton, 82 Pacific. 
Eoxbury House, Jas. McLaughlhi, 94 Pacific, 
San Francisco House, P. Fisher, Clarke street 

below Front. 
Sansome Exchange, Sam. Hammersmith, 147 

Seaman's Home, H. Brown, Chambers street 

near Front. 
Steamboat Exchange, J. P. Courtier, comer 

Dnim and Clark. 
St. Nicholas Hotel, E. I. Armstrong, Sansome 

corner Commercial. 
St. Louis House, D. Keating, 137 Jackson. 
Susquehannah House, W. Savage & Co., Battery 

above Pacific. 
Tehama Hotel, G. "W. Frink, Sansome comer 

Treraont House, W. S. Burch, Jackson between 

Sansome and Montgomei-y. 
Tremont House, Edward Hall, 96 Pacific, 
Troy House, James Smith, Jackson street below 

Two Brothers, Biggs & Hearsee, 92 Pacific. 
Union Hotel, Brown & Co., Keamy street comer 

Union City House, East street between Clay and 

United States Hotel, Edward Sheridan, 66 Pacific 

Van Ness House, Jessie Eichardson, Clark below 

Walton House, Walton & Smith, comer Battery 

and Vallejo. 
Western Hotel, M. O'Conner, Jackson below 

Westem Hotel, John Albnan, Davis between 

Broadway and Vallejo. 
What-Cheer House, E. B. Woodward, 119 and 

121 Sacramento street. 


Bay Warehouse, Samuel Price & Co., Sansome 
between Greenwich and Lombard. 

Cowell's Warehouse, Lewis P. Sage, Battery cor- 
ner Union. 

Crosby & Dibblee's Warehouse, Union and Com- 
merce near Battery. 

Cunninghani's Warehouse, on Front, Green, Bat- 
tery and Commerce streets. 

Dow's Warehouse, Wni. H. Dow, Davis between 
Califiiriiia and I'iiic. 

Empire Warehouse, U. W. Becbe, comer Alarkit 
and Beal. 

Flint, Peabody & Co.'s Warehouse, Sansome and 
Battery between FUbert and Greenwich sts. 

Flint's Bonded Warehouse, M. Kane, Jr., Store- 
keeper, Battery comer Filbert. 

Ham's Warehouse, I. H. Ham, Spear corner of 
Han-ison, Eincon Point. 

Hathaway & Co.'s Warehouse, Spear comer of 
Harrison, Eincon Point, 

Lombard Warehouse, Bahre & Lemmen, San- 
some corner Lombard. 

Market Street Warehouses, S. A. Hastings, Mar- 
ket comer Fremont. 

Mason's Warehouse, F. Mason, Jr., Union and 
Commerce near Battery. 

New Orleans Warehouse, California cor Davis. 

North Point Dock Warehouse, Flinr, Peabody & 
Co., Sansome sti-eet corner Lombard. 

Moore & Folger's Warehouse, Davis street cor- 
ner Pine. 

Oriental Bonded Warehouses, Battery between 
Pine and Bush. 

Pacific Warehouse, Dunne & Co., comer Battery 
and Broadway. 

Schwabe's Warehouse, I. N. Ivierulff, Battery 
comer Union. 

Scott's Warehouse, I. Friedlander & Co., comer 
Sansome and Greenwich. 

Cliurclies and Clergymen. 

Eev. Wm. A. Scott, D. D.. Pastor. Bush 
street, near Montgomery. SerWccs every 
Sabbath, at 11 o'clock, A. M., and 7 1-2 P. 
M. Eeserved seats for strangers. Gallery 
pews are all free. Pastor's residence. South 
Park, east end of Gordon's Block ; study in 
the rear of rhe church. 

CATHOLIC CHUECH— Vallejo street. Very 
Eev. J. F. Liebaria, Eev. Thomas E. Cian, 
Eev. John Ingoklsbv. 

CATHOLIC CHUECH — Mission Dolores. 
Morning services m English, French and 
Spanish. Vespers at 4 P. M. Eev. E. 
O'Connell, Pastor. 

CHINESE CHAPEL— Comer of Stockton and 
Sacramento streets. Eev. Wm. Speer, Mis- 
sionarv Pastor; residence over the church. 

CHUECH OF GOD— Services in the Pme street 
Chapel, near Montgomery street, at 1 1 A. M. 
and 7 1-2 P. M. Seats free. Eev. H. Cum- 
miners. Pastor. 

street, between Dupont and Stockton. Ser- 
vices at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. Sabbath 
School and Bible Class at 2 P. M. B. Bri- 
erly. Pastor ; residence, Broadway, near the 

Court room, City Hall. Senices every Sun- 
dav, at 11 A. M. i\ Eickett, Pastor. 

Comer of California and Dupont streets. 
Services at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. Sab- 
bath School at 12 1-2 P. M. Eev. E. S. 
Lacy, Pastor ; resides Cal. st., near church. 

— On Sutler street. Eev. F. Mooshake, Pas- 
tor. 8er\-ices at 11 A. M. and at 1 1-2 and 
. 7 1-2 P. M. evei-v Snndav. 




ton sti-eet, near Broadway. Services at 11 
A. M. Sabbath School and Bible Class at 

I P. M. 

street, between Clav and Sacramento. Ser- 
vices at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. Sabbath 
School at 2 1-2 P. M. E. P. Cutler, Pastor ; 
residence, Sacramento street, between Pros- 
pect place and Powell street. 

Dame des Victoires," — Bush street, be- 
tween Dupont and Stockton streets. Abbe 
D'Blaine, Pastor. 

CHURCH— Services at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 
P. M. Sabbath School at 2 P. M. E. Ban- 
nister, Pastor. 

GRACE CHURCH— (Episcopal)— Powell st., 
Iwtween Paeitic and Jackson. S.;rvices at 11 
A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. Smidav School at 
3 P. M. Right Rev. Wm. I. fop, D. D., 
Rector ; residence, California street, near 

GERMAN SERVICE— WUl be held at the 
comer of Dupont and Pine streets, CA-ery 
Sunday, at 10 1-2 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. 
Sunday School in German at 9 A. M. Ser- 
vice every Wednesday evening at 7 1-2 
o'clock. "Augustus Kellner, Pastor; resi- 
dence, next house west on Pine street. 

CHURCH — Green-svich St., between Stock- 
ton and Dupont. Services at 1 1 A. M. and 
3 1-2 P. :M. Wniiam G. P. Pond, Pastor; 
residence in the rear of the church. 

Natoma street, between Second and Thu-d. 
Rev. S. H. Willey, Pastor ; residence, How- 
ard sti-cet, in rear of the chiurch. 

MARINERS' CIIURCH—(Union)— Clark st.. 
near Drum. Rev. Geo. Davis, Pastor- 

Powell street, near Wiishington. Services 
at 11 A. M. and 7 P. M. Rev. E. Thomas, 
Pastor ; residence, next door to the church. 
Sunday School at 2 P. M. 

M. E. MISSION CHARGE— Preaching at 
Mission Dolores, at 11 A. M. Sabbath 
Scliool at 12 1-2 P. M. Rev. S. D. Sinonds, 
Pastor ; residence on Sacramento street near 

M. E. CHURCH— (colored)— Stockton street, 
between Broadwav and Vallejo. Sen-ices at 

II 1-2 A. M., 3 1-2 and 7 1-2 P. M. Sab- 
bath School at 1 1-2 P. M. John J. Moore, 

SerN'ices held in the room of the Superior 
Court, Citv Hall Buildinir, at 11 A. M. 

between Dupont and Stockton. Morning 
service in the English, French and Spanish 

ST. CYPRLVN— (African M. E. Church)— 
Jackson street, between Stockton and l*ow- 
ell. Services at 11 A. M., 3 P. M. and 7 1-2 
P. M. Rev. Mr. Ward, I'astor. 

ST. KiNATIUS — (Catholic)— Market street, 
St. Ann's Valley. Rev. F. Marasdii, S. J., 
l'ast<»r; Rev. F. Hixio, S. J., Assistant. 

ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL — (Catholic) — 
Northwest corner of Califoiiiia and Dupout 

streets. l*Iost Rev. .t\jchbishop Alemany 
and Rev. H. P. Gallagher. Pastors ; Rev. F. 
Mam-ice, Assistant. Residence of the clergy 
of the Cathedral, northeast corner of Pine 
and Quincy streets. 

ST. PATRICK'S— (Catholic>— Happy Valley. 
Rev. Jolin McGinness, Pastor; Rev. John 
Harriuiiton, Assistant. 

SEAJNIEN'S BETHEL-On Mission street, near 
Main. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. 
M. Rev. William Tavlor, Pastor. 

Folsom street, above Fu'st. Services at 11 
A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. C. Maclay, Pastor ; 
residence in the rear of the church 

SPRING V^VLLEY CHAPEL— Services at 11 
A. M. Preaciunu: hv Rev. S. V. Blakeslee. 

TRINITY CHURCH— (Episcopal)— Pine st., 
between Montgomery and Kearny. Services 
at 11 A. M. and 7 1-2 P. M. C. B. Wyatt, 

lard place, north side of Vallejo street, be- 
tvveen Dupont and Keamv. Preaching every 
Sabbath, at 2 P. M. and' 7 1-2 P. M. Rev. 
J. D. Lewis, Pastor. 

ZION CHL'RCH— (African M. E.)— Pacific St., 
between Powell and IMason. John J. Moore, 

between Powell and Mason streets. Rev. H. 
Bien, Pastor; residence, Powell street, be- 
tween Broadwav and Vallejo. 

Stockton street, between Broadway and Val- 
lejo. A. Levy, Reader. 


1854, Bush street, a few doors above Kcarnv. 

Organized February, 1851 ; located on she 
San Souci Road, near Mission Dolores ; 
completed March, 185-i, at the cost of $30,000. 
There are now forty-seven Orphans under the 
charge of the Matron, Miss Adams. Board 
of Management for 1856. — ilrs. R. H. Wal- 
ler, President ; Mrs. F. W. M\condray, Vice 
President ; Mi-s. W. J. Pardee, Treasurer ; 
Mrs. C. V. Gillespie, Secretary; Trustees, 
Frederick Billings, F. W Macondrav. 

— Foimded Jmie 9th, 1851 ; situated on Mar- 
ket street, between Second and Third. Ag- 
gregate number of Orphans, and Half Or- 
phans, under the charge of the Institution, 
one humUcd and twenty, whose ages range 
from one jear to fourteen years. Officers — 
Philip Roach, President ; Gustave Touchard, 
Vice Pre^idcnt ; E. P. Seymour, Secretary; 
P. Dunne, Treasurer. Lady Managers — 
Sister Francis McEnnis, Mrs. P. Donahue, 
Mrs. Jolin Parroit. 



Riiicou Point, fronts on ilarrisuii, and ex- 



tends from Main to Spear streets ; building- 
completed December, 1853, under the super- 
vision of Richard T. Hammond and Samuel 
J. Bridge, Commissioners ; Ammi B. Young, 
Architect; Reuben Clark, Superintendent; 
Charles Homer, Builder ; II. H. Toland, M. 
D. Surgeon and Physician ; John Y. Fynd, 
Assistant Surgeon and Pliysiciau, and resid- 
dent ; John Nye, Steward ; Geo. W. Veatch, 
Apothecary . 'Wm. Lindop, Dresser. Statis- 
tics for tlie' Quarter euding the 30tli Septem- 
ber, 1856. — Number of Seamen remaining 
from last quarter, 143 ; number admitted in 
current quarter, 388 ; whole number treated, 
531 ; discharged cured in the current quarter, 
379 ; died in the cniTcnt quarter, 12 ; remain- 
ins October 1st, 1856, 140. 

COUNTY HOSPITAL— Greenwich, between 
Jones and Leavenworth streets ; unoccupied. 

BRITISH HOSPITAL— Main, above Folsom 
street, Rincon Point; established in 1852; 
supported by Government of Great Britain. 
Thos. Bennet, M. D., Superintendent and 
Physician ; Sirs. F. Miller, Stewardess and 

CY — (late State Marine Hospital)— Nos. 324 
and 326 Stockton street, between Broadway 
and Vallejo streets, having the care, by con- 
tract, of the the City and County sick, at an 
expense to the latter of ($3,500) three thou- 
sand five hundred dollars per month. The 
religious Sisterhood attend the jiatients in 
person ; they number twenty, who are dis- 
tributed about the various duties of the Hos- 
pital, some as nurses, others attending the 
departments of cooking, washing, etc. Aver- 
in'-ii number of patients, private, 20 per month; 
indigent, 130. Physicians and Surgeons, 
visittusr — D»"s- Bowie, Gray, Sawyer, Stout, 
Bertotfy, aud McCaullay. Resident Physi- 
cian and Surgeon, Dr. O'Brien ; Apotheca- 
ry, Dr. Barry. 


OLD LINE PILOTS— Office comer Pacific and 
Davis streets, up stairs. Pilots — Wm. II. 
Jolliffe, James Dayley, Thomas J. Reddish, 
Peter McNally, John Dolavan, James S. 
Urie, Thomas Rodgers, and Wm. Griffin, 
j^o-i^t's — Fannv, Relief, and Golden Gate. 

Washington and East streets, up stairs. Pi- 
lots Charles L. Abbott, Wm. E. Domett, 

Daniel S. Murphy, Wm. W. Neal, Charles 
F Sampson, and Thomas W. Hutchinson. 

ner Vallejo and Davis streets, up stairs. Pi- 
lotsWEdward H. Palmer, Henry Van Ness, 
Samuel C. Nathan, John F. Schauder, A. A. 
Buckingham, Wm. A. Slielly, and Andrew 
J. Young. Boats — Walter Francis and Dan c- 
imr Featlier. 

lusuriiiice Compiinies. 

Low, Agent, 30 Front street. 

HOME INSURANCE Co.— J. Hunt, Agent' 
cor MontiTomerv and Merchant streets. 

IMPERIAL INSU'R^VNCE Co.— Falkner, Bell 
& Co., Agents, 128 California street. 

Co.— Arthur B. Stout, M. D., Agent, 240 
Wasliinsrton street. 

SURANCE Co.— J. P. & R. S. Haven, 
Asrents, 106 Montsromerr street. 

L.Booker, Agent, 126 California. 

Van Allen, Agent, 148 Battei-v. 

Hunt, Agent, corner Montgomery and Mer- 
chant streets. 

ANCE Co. — J. Hunt, Agent, corner Mont- 
gomerv and Merchant streets. 

Agent, corner Montgomery and Merchant 

thers & Co., Agents, corner California and 
Batterv sti-eets. 

PARK INSURANCE Co.— J. Hunt, Agent, 
corner Montaomery and Merchant streets. 

Crnwell, Aeent, 100 Merchant street. 

ROYAL INSURANCE Co.— McKinley, Gar- 
rioch & Co., Agrents, 116 California street. 

Co. — Chester and Sprague, Agents, comer 
Montgomery and Washington streets. 

A'jent, corner Montgomery and Merchant 


AUSTRIA— Charles Fischer, 159 Jackson street. 
BELGIUM— E. Cordier, 176 Montgomery. 
B1\E:\IEN— Charles Duisenberg, 70 Califomia- 
BRITISH— Geo. Aiken, 124 California. 
CHILI— CamiUo Martin, 138 Jackson. 
COSTA RICA— S. H. Greene, 58 Front. 
DANISH— Joseph Frontin, 86 Sacramento. 
FRENCH^-Patrice Dillon, Jackson cor. Mason. 
GUATEMALA— S. H. Greene, 58 Front. 
HAMBURG— H. Hausmann, 76 Jackson. 

Fremern, Merchant St., Ijet. Sans and Btty. 
MEXICAN— Wm. E. Barron, 92 Merchant. 
NETHERLANDS— J. P. H. Gildemeester, Bat' 

terv corner of Washinuton. 
NEW GRENADA— ]\I. J. II. Herrcra, 4 Bolton 

& Barron's Building, Merchant street. 
OLDENBURG — H. Hausmann, 76 Jackson. 
PERU— Chas. B. Polhemus, of Alsop & Co., 

California street, near Battery. 
PRUSSIA — H. Hausmann, 76 Jackson. 
RUSSIA — P. Kostromitinoff, Essex street, be- 
tween First and Second. 
S^iN SALVADOR— Richard W. Heath, 56 

California street. 
SAXONY — Julius Krcycnhatrcn, 51 Front. '■ 

SPAIN— Camillo Marlni, 138 Jack.son. 
SWITZERLAND— R. Kciiersbergcr, 104 Bat- 

tejy street. 



:N^EWsrArERS, etc. 

ALTA CALIFORNIA— Daily, weekly, and 
steamer p;ipei-. II. C. Moore & Co., })u!)- 
lishers. UtKce, 124 Saenuueuto street, near 

paper. L. Albin, editor and proprietor. Ut- 
tice, 61 Merehant street. 

and steamer paper. Wm. L. Newell, pub- 
lisher. Office, 95 Merelumt street. 

CALLfc\)RNIA DEMOCRAT — Daily and 
weekly paper. Dr. F. Loelir, editor and 
publisher. Office, 205 Diipont street. 

Rev. E. Thomas, editor. Office, 111 Wash- 
in^itou street. 

EAGLE OF FREEDOM— Weekly paper. Pub- 
lished at Evening Post office, 65 Merchant 

EL ECO DEL PACIFICO— Daily paper. J. 
Jofre, editor ; E. Derbee, publisher. Office, 
124 Sacramento street, near Mont<;omery. 

EVENING BULLETIN— Daily, weekly, and 
steamer paper. Thos. King, editor; C. O.Ger- 
bering & Co., publishers. Office, Montgom- 
ery street, corner of Slerchant. 

EVENLVG POST— Daily paper. I. H. Bray- 
ton and J. H. Brodt, editors ; J. H. Udell & 
Co., publishers. Office, 65 Merchant street. 

EVENING STAR— Weekly paper. Published 
and edited by scholars of Evening School. 
Office, 72 Merchant street. 

FILLMORE RANGER— Weekly paper. Frank 
B. Wilder, publisher. Office, 15 Wr^-ht's 
(Hentsche's^ Building, NW. corner of Mjut- 
goraerv and Jackson streets. 

FIREMi^^'S JOURNAL — Weekly paper. 
Marcus D. Boruck, editor ; Chase & Boruck, 
publishers. Office, 72 Merchant street. 

MORNING GLOBE— Daily paper. Siraonton 
& Co., publishers. Office at Duncan & Co's 
room, corner of Montgomery and Merchant 

GOLDEN ERA— Weekly paper. Lawrence, 
Daggett & Ford, editors and proprietors. 
Otiice, 151 Clay street. 

LE PHARE — Daily and steamer paher. Che- 
mm, editor ; Rapp & Co., publishers. Of- 
fice, 150 Washington street. 

PING REGISTER — Semi-monthly paper. 
Theo. M. Bosworth, editor and publisher. 
Office, 151 Clav street. 

MIRROR OF TIIE TIMES— Weekly paper. 
Published by a committee. Office, 119 Mer- 
chant street. 

PACIFIC— Weekly paper. Rev. I. H. Brayton, 
editor ; J. H. Udell & Co., publishers. Of- 
fice, G6 Merchant street. 

PATHFINDER— Daily paper. J. B. Brown & 

Co., publishers. Office, comer of Clay and 

Montgomery streets. 


— Weekly paper. Robert E. Doyle, editor 

and publisher. Office, Sansome street, NE. 

corner of Merchant. 

and steamer pajier. John Nugent, editor 

and publisher. Office, 120 Montgomery st. 
ly, and steamer paper. Julius Korn, editor ; 

A. Brauer & Co., publisher. Office, 66 Mer- 

cli«mt street. 
monthly paper. Published by Still & Co. 

Office, 104 Merchant street. 
SAN FRxSJS' CISCO SUN— Daily and weekly 

paper. F\ A. Bunnard & Co., publishers. 

Office, 10.3 jNIerchant street. 
STAR OF EAU^IRE — Weekly (campaign) 

paper. Pulilisiicd at 151 Clay street. 
SUNDAY VARIETIES— Weekly paper. J. 

Walter Walsh, editor and publisher. Office, 

150 Montgomery street. 
TOWN TALK — Daily, weekly, and steamer 

paper. R. H. Bowlin, editor ; P. P. Hull & 

Co., publishers. Office, 149 Washington st. 
TRUE C^VXIFORN^AN— Daily and steamer 

paper. W. H. Rhodes, W. Bartlett, and C. 

J. Barilett, editors ; Almarin B. Paul »i Co., 

lessees. Office at Duncan & Co.'s sales-room, 

corner of Monttiomery and Merchant streets. 
VOICE OF ISRAEL^Weekly paper. Rev. 

H. Bien & Co., editors and publishers. Of- 

tice, 102 Merchant street. 
WESTERN STANDiVRD — Weekly paper. 

George Q. Cannon, editor and publisher. 

Office, 118 1-2 Montgomery street. 
WIDE WEST— Weekly paper. W. W. Kurtz 

& Co., publishers. Office 162 Washington 

— I\Ionthly publication. J. M. Hutching s 
editor and publisher. OlSee, 201 Clay street 

Mei'cliauts' Excliange. 

Opened, March, 1882. Rooms, 137 Clay street, 
comer of LeidesdorfF. Telegraph to Point 
Lobos erected in September, 1853, being the 
pioneer Telegraph on the Pacilic coast. 
This institution is sujjported by the mer- 
chants of San Francisco, and is supplied with 
all the leading foreign and domestic papers. 
By means of telegraphic communication with 
Point Lobos, vessels and steamers are report- 
ed on the bulletin boards of the Exchange 
when several miles at sea. Sweeny & Baugh, 

Chamber of Commerce. 

Organized, May 1st, 1850. Incorporated No- 
vcmi)er 3d, 1851. Meets montliiy, at their 
rooms, in the Merchants' Exchange. F. W. 
Macondray, President ; W. W. VVadsworth, 



omjSIbus, stage and steamboat lines. 


MISSION OiESriBUSES— Leave California 
Exchange, comer Clay and Keamy streets, 
for Mission Dolores, via Mission and Folsom 
streets, everv 30 minutes diirins: the dav. 

NIBUSES — Run from the comer of Town- 
send and Third sti-ects, South Park, Rincon 
Point, and head of Meiggs' ■wharf. North 
Beach, every ten minutes dui-ing the day and 

PRESD)lb OMNIBUSES— Leave California 
Exchange, comer Clay and Keamy streets, 
for Presidio, hourly during the day. 


corner of Clay and Keamy streets, for Union 
City, Centerville and San Jose, via San An- 
tonio, daily at 9 a. m. ; and for San Jose 
via San ilateo and Red Wood City, daily at 
2 p. M. Warren F. Hall, Agent. 

California Exchange Building, Keamy steet 
near Clay, for San Jose, Santa Cruz and 
Monterey, every day at 9 a. m. 


Leaves Pacific wharf daily, at 4 p. m., for 

Sacramento, Stockton, Marvs-vnlle, Coltisi 
and Red Bluffs. 

AND NAPA— Leave Pacific whaif Tues- 
days, Thursdays and Sattirdays for San Jose 
at 9 A. 31., and for Napa at 1-2 past 9 a. ji, 

AND SONOMA— Leaves Davis st. wharf, 
between Broadway and Yallejo st. wharves, 
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 
10 X. M. 

CONTRA COSTA FERRY— Steamer Clinton 
leaves Jackson street wharf, for Oakland 
and San Antonio, at 1-2 past 9 a. m., and 1, 
and 5 p. m., dailv. 

STEADIER HERCULES— Leaves Washington 
street wharf, for SauceUto, every morning at 
1-2 past 8 o'clock. 

Ocean Steamers. 

To Crescent City, Trinidad and Humboldt 
Bay, steamer Senator. Office comer Front 
and Jackson streett. 

For Panama, leaves Vallejo street wharf on 
the 5th and 20th of each month. The Co- 
lumbia leaves Vallejo street wharf, upon the 
amval of each steamer, for Portland, Oregon. 

Central wharf, weeklv, for San Diego. 

ERS FOR SANT JUAN— Leave Pacific 
Wharf on the 5th and 20th of each month. 

* »«» ► 


Military Companies. 


Armory 110 Sacramento street — Organized 
June 22d, 1853. — A. McKendrv, 1st Lieut, 
comdg. ; L. R. Mills, 2d Lieut. "; C. L. Tay- 
lor, Brevet 2d Lieut. ; Caleb Clapp, Orderly 
Sergt. 80 members. 

EUREICA CADETS — Armory comer Clay and 
Kearav streets — Organized August, 1856. 
P. A. Forrester, Capt. ; J. K. O'Reilly, 1st 
Lieut. ; J- F. Lvons, 2d Lieut. ; James Wi- 
lock, 3d Lieut. ; "P. Reilly, Qr. Master Sergt.; 
Thos.P. Farlev, Orderlv Sergt. 30 members. 

ARTILLERY — Armorv 41 Sacramento st. 
—Organized July 29th, 1849.— T. D. Johns, 

Capt. ; Jas. F. Curtis, 1st Lieut. ; Charles 
S. Eigenbrodt, 2d Lieut. ; R. B. Hampton, 
3d Lieut. ; J. L. Van Bokkelen, Qr. Master 
Sergt. ; J. Mead Huxlev. 50 members. 

Armory over Engine Co. No. 12 — Organized 
August 31st, 1855. — Jeremiah B. Moore, 1st 
Lieut, comdg. ; Eli Cook, 2d Lieut. ; E. J. 
Smith, Brevet 2d Lieut. ; John Kmtz, Qr. 
Master Sergt.; W. B. McMinn, Orderly 
Sergt. 66 members. 

112 Sacramento street — Organized May 16th, 
1856. — John A. Clark, Capt. ; Asa L. Lor- 
ing, 1st Lieut. ; Peter Van Pelt, 2d Lieut. ; 
Nathaniel M. Ford, 2d 2d Lieut. ; Wm. H. 
Watson, Brevet 2d Lieut. ; E. W. Crowell, 
Orderly Sergt. 56 members. 



J. B. Badger, comdg. ; King, 1st Lieut. ; T. 
S. Cunniughain, 2d Lieut. ; S. Teny, 3d 
Lieut. ; A. Dauiels, 4th Lieut. ; J. Alden, 
Orderly Sergt. 

-AfARION RIFLES— Armory corner Clay and 
Kearuv streets- Organized May Uth,* 1852. 
— E. A. Rigg, Capt. ; J. W. Stillman, 1st 
Lieut. ; John W. May, 2d Lieut. ; F. A. 
Bonnard, Brevet Lieut. ; L. F. Zantzinger, 
Qi-. Master's Sergt. ; E. B. Zabriskic, "Or- 
derly Serirt. 50 members. 

S. r. NATI6n.\X lancers— Armory at the 
Nightingale, Mission Dolores — Organized 
June 25th, 1852.— Thomas Hayes, Capt. ; 
M. Fennel, 1st Lieut. ; M. Hayes', 2d Lieut. ; 
J. C. Beideman, Brevet 2d Lieut. ; H. W. 
Byington, Qr. Master's Sergt. ; J. M. Peter- 
son, Orderly Serirt. 85 members. 

S. F. MINSTEL GUARD— Organized August 
9th, 1856.— Edwin Deaves Capt.; S. C. 
Campbell, 1st Lieut. ; Jerry Bn-ant, 2d 
Lieut. ; Wm. Birch, 3d Lieut, i G. W. Brady, 
Orderly Semt. 50 members. 

WALLACE GUARDS— Armory corner Clay 
and Kearny.— Robert Monroe, Capt.; W. 
T. Ross, 1st Lieut. ; Hubert H. Kelly, 2d 
Lieut. ; Charles McCardy, 3d Lieut. ; Jas. 
H. McDonald, Orderly Sergt. 35 members. 

tween Montgomery and Leidesdoi^'.— Caleb 
Clapp,. Capt. ; "Wm. Weiss, 1st Lieut. ; J. 
D. Carroll, 2d Lieut. ; J. H. Fitzgerald, 2d 
Lieut. ; C. Hohnes, Brevet 2d Lieut. ; C. H. 
Bartlett, Orderly Sergt. 100 members. 

gan, Capt. ; Joseph L. McKee, 1st Lieut. ; 
J. R. Estill, Orderly Sergt. 24 members. 


ASSOCIATION.— Established October 7th, 
1855 ; rooms S W. corner Dupont and Broad- 
way. The Library consists of 300 volumes, 
and the rooms are su]ip!ied with the current 
newspapers and periodicals of Europe and 
America. Officers— Seixas Solomons, Pres- 
ident; Emanuel Levy, V. President ; Abram 
Hoffman, Secretary ;' Henry Schmiilt, Finan- 
cial Secretary ; S.' Level, Treasurer ; B. E. 
Van Stratten, Librarian. 

— Organized January 24th, 1853 ; rooms No. 
17, Montgomery block. The Library num- 
bers 5000 volumes, including a valuable Li- 
brary of reference, which is free for public 
use. The Reading Rooms are supplied with 
nearly one hundred different newspajiers, and 
thirty different magazines ami ])eriodicals. 
Hours from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Terms 
of membership — Initiation fee, $5 00 ; month- 
ly dues, SI 00; life membership, $100 00. 
Officers — F. A. Woodwortli, President ; E. 
H. Washbuni, Vice President; E. H. How- 
ard, Corres])onding Secretary ; W. C. Hyde, 
Recording Secretary ; W. R. Garrison, Trea- 
surer ; H. H. Moore, Librarian. 

BRARY— At Bethel, Clark su't near Drum. 

ASSOCL\.TION— Established April 27th, 
1854 ; Office, Phojnix Block, 174 Clay street. 
The objects of this association is to accumu- 
late a fund from its members, and to invest 
the same on such terms as its constitution 
prcscribes, and thereby receive the benefit of 
associated action. Officers — E. W. BmT, 
President ; W. F. Hen-ick, Secretary. 

TION — Organized July, 1853 ; rooms in Ar- 
mory Hall Building, corner Sausome and 
Montgomery streets. This Association is 
designed esi>ecially to promote the moral, in- 
tellectual, and social improvement of the 
young men of San Francisco, and is wholly 
free from sectarian aims and influences. The 
Reading Rooms are supplied with all the 
leading domestic and foreign papers and 
magazines. The Library coutliins about 1400 
volumes, and is open daily from 3 to 10 P. 
M., except Sundays ; on Sundays from 8 1-2 
to 10 1-2 A. M. Terms of membership — 
The payment of an annual fee of five dollars 
constitutes an active member, and of three 
dollars an associate member. A payment of 
twenty-five dollars constitutes a life member 
without furrher dues. C. W. Bond, Presi- 
dent ; I. W. Knox, Secretary ; L. P. Fisher, 

Benevolent Societies, 

tablished October, 1850. L. Tichnor, Pres- 
ident ; M. Mayblum, Vice President ; Phillip 
Scliloss, Treasurer ; S. Uhlfelder, Secretary. 

ETY — Established in 1849 ; annual election 
of officers in January. Louis Cohn, Presi- 
dent; Aaron Stolz, Vice President; H. J. 
Labatt, Secretary ; Ruid Berel, Treasurer. 

ganizcn in 1851, for the relief of the sick and 
indigent of the French population ; office 
159 1-2 Sacramento street. F. Scully, Pres- 
ident; E. Venard, Vice President; "M. Re- 
bard, Treasurer ; A. Thomas, Secretary ; A. 
]\Iarcou, Secretary; Ai'sene Boullet, Col- 

CIETY— Organized January 7th, 1854; of- 
fice Mission street, near Third. The objects 
of the Society are to aid the infirm of the 
German population generally, ^yhose resi- 
dence in the State does not exceed six months 
duration, and especially all the members of 
the Society. Terms of membership, $1 00 
per month. The society numbers five hun- 
dred and eighty-nine paying members. The 
])ro])erty of the society consists of a lot on 
Pacific street, A'alued at $5,000, and furniture 
of iiospital, etc., valued at S800, and $1721 
cash in iiand, belonging to the Hospital 
Building Fund. Officers— G. W. Beekh, 
President; J. Gundlach, 1st Vice President; 
L. Jacoby, 2d Vice President ; B.J. Broder- 
sen and 1). Karsch, Secretaries ; H. Nielson, 
cashier ; David Meyer, Agent. 

SOCIETY— For the benefit of Seamen of 




the Port of San Francisco ; organized March, 
185G; Oifice 80 Davis street, at Hillman's 
Temperance House. Officers — Mrs. C. Tl>o- 
mas, Pii-st Directress ; Mrs. C. D. Knight, 
Second Directress ; Mrs. E. Peck, Corres- 
ponding Secretary; Mrs. H. B. Gushing, 
Treasurer ; Board of Trustees— M. P. Webb, 
Esq., President ; L. Peck, Esq., Secretary; 
Mrs. E. H. Lambert, Financial Agent, 80 
Davis sti-eet. 

Established August 12th, 183.5. Othcers — 
]\Irs. B. Eegensburger, President ; Mrs. Su- 
ti-o. Vice President; Mrs. Y. Mayblum, Sec- 
retary ; Mrs. Bloominedale, Trca-urer. 

LEXT SOCIETY— Established in 185.5. 
Mrs. r. Tandler, President ; Mrs. E. ^Yolf, 
Vice President ; ^Mrs. Sarah Waldo, Secre- 
tai-y; Mrs. J. Rich, Treasurer. 

tablished August 4th, 185-3. The objects of 
the Society are to render aid or protection to 
women in need or distress, residents or stran- 
gers; office 151 Sacramento street. Officers 
—Mrs. A. E. A. Holbrook, President ; Mrs. 
E. B. Galusha, Secretary; Mrs. Nathaniel 
Gray, Vice Presid?nt; Mrs. A. W. Darling, 
Treasurer ; its. F. A. Baldwin, Agent. 

Societies, General and Social. 


SCIENCES— Organized April 22d, 1853; 
rooms Phoenix Block, 174 Clav street, be- 
tween Montgomery and Keaniy. This So- 
ciety was organized for the promotion of in- 
formation in regard to the Natural History 
and resources of California. Officers elected 
for 1856 — Leander Ransom, President ; Dr. 
A. Kellogg, 1st Vice President . Dr. J. N. 
Eckel, 2d Vice President ; Edward Bosqui, 
Treasurer; Dr. Wm. 0. Ayres, Correspond- 
ing Secretary ; il. Geo. Read, Recording 
Secretary ; T.J. Nevins, Librarian ; Dr. 
Jas. R. Trask, Curator of Geology and Mine- 
rology ; H. G. Bloomer, Curator of Botany ; 
L. W'. Sloat, Curator of Conchology ; Dr. L. 
Lanszweit, Curator of Zoology. 
ganized August, 1850. — Rooms, Bella L'nion 
Building, Washington street, r\\-o doors 
above Kearny, opposite the Plaza. The 
Society is composed of native Califomians 
and pioneer residents of California, (citizens 
of U. S.) prior to January 1st, 1850. Its 
object is to cultivate the social virtues of its 
members ; to collect and preserve inforaia- 
tion connected with the early settlement and 
conquest of the country ; and to perpetuate 
the memory of the Pioneers of Califoniia. 
The Society numbers 700 members. — Officers 
for 1856 : " Thomas 0. Larkin, President ; 
F. J. Lippit, W. T. Thompson and T. D. 
Johns, Vice Presidents; G. B. Post, Treas- 
urer; A. B. Perkins, Secretary; S. R. Har- 
ris, (M. D.) A. B. Stout, (M.'D.) Wm. Ar- 
rington, A. G. Randall, M. M. Harvey, H. 
S. Brown and J. H. Gardner, Board of Di- 
rectors ; E. Gould Buffum, W. B. Farwell, 

Wm. H. Clark, Otis V. Sawyer and G. K. 
Fitch, Corrcs]jonding Committee. 
GERIMAN CLUB,(social so. iety)— Rooms S. 
side Pine street, between Montgomery and 
Sansorae. The rooms ara supplied with all 
the domestic publications, and most of the 
European and German periodicals and pa- 
pers ; tosether with a select library. 

President ; W. B. Farwcl!, Secretav. 
PACIFIC CLUB, (social society,)— Organized 
May 20th, 1852 — SE. corner ilontgomery 
and Jackson streets ; contains library and 
reading rooms, supplied with all the domes- 
tic and foreign newspapers and periodicals. 
Numbers 100 members. 
the promotion of Medical Science — Or- 
ganized in 1851. A. J. Bowie, M. D., Presi- 
dent ; A. B. 'Stout, M. D., Secretary. 
S. F. MEDICAL SOCIETY— Organized Nov. 
17th, 1853. The Socity has for its object the 
promotion of Medical Science, and the en- 
comagement of tlie social vu-tites among the 
members of the medical profession, and is 
intended to embrace every regular member 
of the profession, of San Francisco. 45 
members. Officers : H. Gibbons, M. D., 
President ; F. Downer, ]M. D., and B. A. 
Sheldon, ?*I. D., A^ice Presidents ; Y\\ P. 
Gibbons, M. D., Con-esponding Secretary ; 
W. Carman. M. D., Recording 'Secretary j 
F. A. Holman, M. D., Treasurer; W. 6. 
Ayres, Curator. 
SAN FRANCISCO VEREIN, (social society,) 
—Organized Oct. 2d, 18.53.— Rooms 140 
Kearny street, Hunt's Building. Library 
numbers 3,000 volumes. Reading room is 
supplied with 30 ditferent newspapers, and 
all the current magazines and periodicals. 
Numbers 230 members. Officei-s elected 
Oct. 1st, 1856 : Col. A. Haraszthy, Presi- 
dent ; H. Siering, and G. W. Beckh, Vice- 
Presidents ; Era. Neuraan, Recording Secre- 
tary ; Louis Jacoby, Seci-ctary of Accounts ; 
Edward Ivrusc, Treasm-er ; The. Wallweber, 
society) — Organized in 185.3 — Kcaniy street, 
between Pacific and Broadway. Officers : 
A. J. Lafontaine, President ; J. Thiele, Vice 
President ; Weigort and Reisser, Tumwards ; 
J. Kock, Singward. 

Masonic Societies. 

ED MASONS of the State of California. 
Officers elected May, 1856: Wm. H. How. 
ard, M. W. Grand ■:Mastei-, San Jose ; J. A. 
Raymond, R. W., Deputy Grand :Master, 
Shasta ; Lemuel Lvon, R. W., Senior Grand 
Warden, Stockton ; P. W. Randle, R. W., 
Junior Grand Warden, Marysville ; Addi- 
son Martin, R. W., Grand Treasurer, Sacra- 
mento ; Alex. G. Abell, R. W., Grand Sec- 
retary, San Francisco ; 0. C. Wheeler, Rev. 
& W., Grand Chaplain, Sacramento ; John 
F. ]Morse, W., Grand Orator. Sacramento ; 
L. C. Owen, W., Assistant Grand Secretary, 
San Francisco ; Charles Marsh, W., Grand 



IVIaisli il, 2si\;ul;i; A. G. Simiison, W., 
Grand Staiul ird Bearer, Forhestown ; Thos. 
Foster, W., Grand Sword Bearer, Los Anjie- 
los ; (ieori^c C. Yoiint, W., Grand Bihle 
Bearer, Napi ; J. P. Smith, W., Senior 
(irand Deaeon, Yreka ; Gardner Elliot, ^V., 
Junior Grand Deaeon, San Franeisco ; H. 
G. Brown, W., Grand Steward, Downievillc ; 
J. B. Bukc)-, W., Grand Steward, Plaecr- 
villc; n. L. Davis, W, Grand Organist, 
S.ui Franeiseo ; J. W. Ilartman, W., Grand 
Pursuivant, Santa Rosa; 0. D. Chafee.^t 
W., Grand Tyler, Saerauicnto. The Grand 
Lodjre of F. and A. M., of California, holds 
its annual C<)nnnunieations, at the city of 
Sacramento, on the second Tuesday of May, 
and there are now in existence, under its ju- 
risdiction, 99 chartered Lodges, and 4 lyider 
Dispensation. Of these, there arc seven in 
S ui Francisco, wliose names are as fol- 
lows ; 

.•.U.IFORNIA LODGE, No. 1— Stated Meet- 
ings, first Tluirsdav in eac% month. Ottieers 
—Alex G. Abell, W. Master, and Gr. Sec. ; 
Henry F. Williams, Sen. Warden ; Gardner 
Elliott, Jun. Warden, and J. G. D. ; Theo. 
A. Barry, Treasurer; Elisha W. Bourne, 
Secretary ; Benj. H. Freeman, Sen. Deacon ; 
Wm. H. Lyon, Jun. Deaeon ; James H. 
Bristow, Chaplain; Benj. J. Patten, Mar- 
shal ; Wm. H. Moore and John Brannan, 
Stewards ; Phineas Gardner, Tvler. 

^leetings, first Wednesdav in each month. 
Officers— J. J. Papv, W. Master; J. K. 
Washhnrn, Sen. Warden ; W. H. Pottortf, 
Jun. Warden ; Jas. Ballentine, Treasurer ; 
John Wade, Secretary; A. Helbing, Sen. 
Deacon ; T. E. Bvrnes, Jun. Deacon ; T. 
Harris, Marshal ; D. McNeil and I. Myers, 
.Stewards ; P. Gardner, (California Lodge,) 

Meets at the Masonic Hall, on jNIontgomery 
street, betwec n Sacramento and California. 
Keunion C)rdinaire, le premier Vendredi de 
chacpie, niois. Les Offieiers — Leopold Levy, 
V. JMaitre ; Sosthene Driard, ler Surveil- 
lant ; Constant lluhert, 2dc Suxweillant ; 
Louis Beraud, Tresorier ; A. J. A. Guillet, 
Secretaire ; Charles Thierry, ler Diacrc ; 
Pierre Portois, 2de Diacre; Prospere Cor- 
biniere, Orat ;ur ; Amie Gazan, Marechale ; 
Jacipi'is Delange and Louis Gohert, Maitres 
de Ceremoni's ; Jean Branger, Couvreur. 

OCCIDENTAL LODGE, No. 22— Stated Meet- 
ings, fourth ^[ondav in each month. Officers 
—Albert G. Randall, W. Master ; Wm. M. 
La Roche, S.-n. Wanlen ; John P>. Newton, 
Jnn. W^arden ; Samuel Loring, Treasurer ; 
Edward S. Pienson, Secretary; J. Oscar El- 
dridge, Sen. Deacon; David B. Hunt, Jun. 
Deacon ; Aimis Merrill, Chaplain ; James 
G. Pearson, Marsh.-il ; Stewart Smith, Lum- 
lev Franklin, Stewards; Joel Noah, Tvler. 

GOLDFN (iA'i'E LClDGE, No. 30— Stated 
Meetings, first Tuesday in each mouth. Of- 
ficers — LawrMico C. Owen, W. Master ; 
Wm. S. Pnelps, Sen. Warden ; James 
Hayef, Jun. Warden; Adolplms A. Hobe, 
Treasurer ; James C. George, Secretary ; 
Geo. S. Hull, Sen. Deacon ; Thomas Big- 

ley, Jun. Deacon ; Ed. M. Cottrcll, Marshal ; 
Geo. II. Leland. James L. Miller, Stewards ; 
Joel Noah (of Occidental Lodge), Tvler. 
Meetings, second Wednesdav in each month. 
Officers^-Chas. R. Saunders, W. Master ; J. 
]\I. Abrams, Sen. Warden : Henry L. Davis, 
Jun. Warden ; W. Melvin Smith, Treasurer; 
Chas. T. Wilson, Secretary ; J. E. Terrill, 
Sen. Deacon ; Geo. L. Kenny, Jun. Deacon ; 
Geo. Gates, Marshal ; Albert H. Clark, S. 
C. Gardner, Stewards ; John Torrence, 
LEBANON LODGE, No. 49— Stated Meetings, 
fourth Thursday in each month. Officers — 
Jacob Mayer, W. Master ; Louis Cohn, Sen. 
'\A^trden ; "R. R. Pearcc, Jun. Wai-den ; M. 
Elguttcr, Treasurer; H. J. Labatt, Secre- 
tary; F. A. Benjamin, Sen. Deacon; A. 
He'eiit, Jun. Deacon ; Frederick Lewis, ]Mar- 
shal ; S. Steinhart, B. Simon, Stewards ; 
Joel Noah (of Occidental Lodge), Tyler. 

MASONS of the State of California— Offi- 
cers elected May, 185G— O. H. Dibble, M. E., 
Nevada, G. H."P. ; W. W. Traylor, M. E., 
Sonora, D. G. H. P. ; W. G. West, E., 
Shasta, G. K. ; J. A. Jackson, E., Colum- 
bia, G. S. ; T A. Thomas, E., Sacramento, 
Gl-and Secretary; P. W. Shephcard, E., San 
Francisco, G. Treasurer ; Rev. Morris Evans, 
Gass Vallev, G. Chaplain ; A. Hollub, San 
Francisco, G. Q. H. ; A. D. Park, Diamond 
Springs, G. R'. A. C. ; J. L. Thompson, 
Sacramento, G. Guard. The Grand Royal 
Ai-ch Chapter of California holds its Annual 
Convocations at the city of Sacramento, on 
the Friday next preceding the second Tues- 
day in May, and there are now in existence 
under its jurisdiction fifteen chartered Chap- 
ters and one under dispensation. Of these 
there are two in the city of San Francisco, 
whoso names, officers and days of meeting 
are as follows : 

meetings, 1st and 3d Mondays of each month 
at ]\Iasonie Hall, NE. corner of Kearny and 
■Waslnngton streets. Officers — A. Hollub, 
INI. E. H. P.; P. W. Shephcard, E. K. ; 
Lewis Peck, E. S. ; H. Mathews, C. H. ; L. 
Wertheimer, P. S. ; F. Pulvermaelier, R. A. 
C. ; W. Revnolds, M. 3d V. ; Isaac Kohn, 
M. 2d v., Treasurer; M. Wliitney, M. 1st 
V. ; Samuel Currv, Martin J. Burke, Sec'y. 

meetings, 1st and 3d Tuesdays of each month, 
at the same hull as preceding. Officers — W. 
H. Howard, I\I. E. II. P.; R. E. Raymond, 
E. K.; J. C. L. Wadsworth, E. S. ; W. B. 
Little C. H. ; ISI. S. Martin, M. 3d V. ; 
G. T. Knox, R. A. C ; H. S. Gates, M. 2d 
V. ; A. G. Randall, M. 1st V. : Eli Cook, 
Treasurer : E. W. Bourne, Secretary ; P. 
Gardner, Guard. 
There are two Encampments of jhe Order of 

Knights Templar in this State — one' in this city 

andlhe other in Sacramento — both holden under 

the General Grand Encampment of the United 

Stat s. 

— Holds its regular meetings at the Asylum, 
NE. corner of Kearny and Washiugtoa 



streets, on the first Friday in each month. 
Officers — Leander Ransom, M. E. Sir Kt., 
Grand Commander ; Richard F. Knott, E. 
Sir Kt., Generalissimo ; Jas. C. L. Wads- 
worth, Sir Kt., Captain General; James H. 
Bristow, Sir Kt., Prelate ; Eli Cook, Sir Kt., 
Senior Warden ; Wm. G. Badger, Sir Kt., 
Junior Warden ; John H. Brown, Sir Kt., 
Treasurer ; J. Frank Miller, Sir Kt., Re- 
corder ; John S. Watson, Sh* Kt., Standard 
Bearer ; John W. Tucker, Su" Kt., Sword 
Bearer; W. B. Little, Sir Kt., Warder; 
Phineas Gardner, Sir Kt., SentLuel. 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

ganized May 17th, 1853. — OiJicers for the 
year ending June 30th, 1857 — H. M. Hcus- 
ton, ]M. W. Grand ^Master, Ivlaiysville ; War- 
ren Heaton, R. W. D. Grand Master, Forest 
City; :\I. K. Shearer, R. W. Grand Warden, 
Diamond Springs ; T. Rodgers Johnson, R. 
W. Grand Secretary, San Francisco ; Geo. 
I. N. Monel, R. W. Grand Treasurer, Sacra- 
mento ; S. H. Parker, of San Francisco, and 
M. Hyneman, of Auburn, R. W. G. Repre- 
sentatives ; Henson Hazel, W. Grand Chap- 
lain, Auburn ; Joseph W. Ililsee, W. Grand 
Marshal, Vallejo ; J. St. C. Wilson, W. 
Grand Conductor, St. Louis ; G. K. Hen- 
dall, W. Grand Guardian, Oroville ; J. L. 
Wilson, W. Grand Herald, San Francisco. 
A. S. Iredale, District Deputy Grand Master 
for San Francisco. 

DEGREE LODGE, No. 2,— San Francisco- 
instituted September 21st, 1853. Meets at 
Odd Fellow's Hall. 

— Grand Lodge of California — Officers for 
the year ending June 30th, 1857 — Prescott 
Robinson, M. W. Grand Patriarch ; Peter 
Decker, M. E. G. High Priest ; David Ken- 
dall, R. W. G. Senior Warden ; T. Rodders 
Johnson, R. W. Grand Scribe ; Philo White, 
R. W. Grand Treasurer ; :SL K. Shearer, R. 
W. G. Junior Warden ; Chas. H. Randall, 
W. G. Sentinel ; N. W. Moore, W. D. G. 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 1— Meets at Odd FeUow's 
Hall. Officers— G. M. Ganvood, C. P. ; S. 
Webb, H. P.; J. L. Van Bokkelen, S. W. ; 
L. H. Nolte, Scribe ; J. G. Canfield, Treas- 
ure! ; H. P. Eavers, J. W. 

WALHALLA, No." 7— INIeets at Odd Fellow's 
Hall. Officers— J. Fischer, C. P. ; Charles 
E. Raabe, H. P. ; Wm. Bitter, S. W. ; J. 
La Fontaine, Scribe ; A. Himmelmann, 
Treasurer ; H. Meese, J. W. 

CALII^ORNIA LODGE, No. 1— Meets on Mon- 
day evenings at Odd Fellow's Hall, Officers 
— Alex. Eaton, N. G, ; Thomas King, V. 
G. ; Francis Cook, Secretary ; Chas.Da\-is, 
P. G."" Treasurer. 

Friday evenings at Odd Fellow's Hall. Of- 
ficers^. G. Canfield, N. G. ; Jas. B. Chase, 
V. G. ; John G. Mitchell, Secretary; M. S. 
Buckelew, Treasurer. 

HARMONY LODGE, No. 13— Meets Tuesday 
evenings at Odd Fellow's Hall. Officers — 

W. Kulp, N. G.; John Fischer, Y. G.; C. 

Raabe, Secretary ; A. Himmelman, Treasurer. 

YERBA BUENA LODGE, No. 15— Meets on 
Thm-sday evenings at Odd Fellow's Hall. 
Officers-^as. A. J. Bohen, N. G. ; George 
T. Bohen, V. G. ; H. P. Eaves, Secretary ; 
A. S. L-edale, P. G. Treasurer. 

TEMPLAR LODGE, No. 17— Meets on Wed- 
nesday evenings at Odd Fall. Officers — G. 
M. (Garwood, N. G. ; Horace Morrison, V. 
G. ; R. S. Lamot, Secretary; Geo. W. Ry- 
der, Treasm-er. 

ilAGNOLIA LODGE, No. 29— Meets on Wed- 
nesday evenings at Odd Fellow's Hall. Of- 
ficers— :Martin White, P. G. N. G. ; John 
Shelley, Y. G. ; Asa DeCrag, Secretarj' ; 
Julius T. Pomerv, Treasurer. 

Temperance Societies. 

C. C. Knowles, G. W. T., San Francisco ; 
Aniazroh Smith, G. W. Y. T., Do-vvnieville ; 
Thos. M. White, G. W. R., Placerville ; H. 
A. Burnett, G. W. Treasurer, Sacramento ; 
L. L. Alexander, G. W. U., Sonora; T. B. 
Gibbs, G. W. S.. Georgetown; B. C. Mc- 
Cur'-y, G. W. Chap., Iowa Hill. Annual 
Sessions held in Sacramento city, commenc- 
ing on last Tuesday in May. There are 60 
Subordinate Divisions in the State. 

MORNING STAR T. OF H., No. 2, San Fran. 
Cisco— B. D. BuUard, W. C. T. ; S. Robb, 
W. R. — meets at Temperance Hall avery 
Tiiesdav evening. 

Meets at Temperance Hall 1st and 3d Satur- 
day nights of each month. J. S. Gorham, 
D.'T. ; S. Robb, D. R. Council Depart- 
ment of Twilight Degi-ee Temple — C. C. 
Knowles, C. of C ; B. D. BuUard, R. of 
C. — meets at Temperance Hall 2d and 4th 
Satiu"day evenings. 

E. Wolfe, S. P. T. ; J. S. Gorham, B. P 
T.; Mrs. Kinir, S. R. : J. H. Brown, B. R. 

SONS OF TE:MPER^VNCE.— Officers of Grand 
Division of the State of California — E. W. 
Roberts, G. W. P., Rough and Ready ; W. 
R. Kerr, G. W. A., Stockton ; A. C" i\Ian- 
ning. G. W. S., Sacramento ; A. "M. Winn, 
G. W. T., Sacramento ; Rev. O. C. Wlieel- 
er, G. Chaplain, Sacramento ; Wm. Flem- 
ing, G., Forest City. 


Temperance Hall every Thursday evening. 

Tem])crancc Hall eveiw Monday evening. 

on Taylor street, near Clay, every Tuesday 


Joint Stock Companies. 

ALTA TELEGRAPH Co.— Office 97 Merchant 
street— H. H. Hartley, President; A. G. 
Ricliardson, Treasurer ; AV. W. Smith, Sec- 
retary ; James Gamble, General Snperin't. 



— Office NE. corner of Montyomciv and 
Jackson streets — J. JMora Moss, Presiilent ; 
S. J. Henslcy, Vice President ; W. Burling, 

JROADWAY WHARF Co.— Capital, S120,- 
000 — Office 140 Clay street. — Levi Parsons, 
President ; J. H. Fish, Secretary. 

Capital, S300,000.— Office 101 Merch't St.— 
H. W. Carpcnticr, President ; W. B. Ran- 
som, Superintendent and Secretary ; Jas. C. 
Palmer, Treasurer; E. 0. Wait, Operator; 

B. G. Stockton, Book-keeper. 

— Capital, 82,500,000 — orj,^anized March 1st, 
1854. — Office corner Jackson and Front 
street. — Saiul. J. Hensly, President ; James 
Whitney, Jr.. Vice President ; Wm. Norris, 
ENTR^\X WHARF Co.— Capital, $300,000— 
Office, Masonic Hall, 112 Montjroniery street. 
— Geo. H. Howard, President; George R. 
Ward, Secretary. 
:LAY STREET WHARF Co.— Capital, $300,- 
000 — Office 68 ilerchant street. — Joseph B. 
Leonard, President; Dr. H. S. Gates, Vice 
President ; C. O. West, Secretary ; Wm. 
K. Garrison, Treasurer. 
8200,000.— Office 140 Clay street. —Leyi 
Parsons, President ; J. H. Fish, Secretary. 

Capital, S100,000.— Office corner Davis and 
Pacific streets. — Capt. Sephen Card, Presi- 
dent ; W. G. Eason, Secretary. 

— Ca])ital, S2,000,(t00 — ten per cent, called 
in. — Office 49 Montgomery Block. — H. W. 
Halleck, President; Samuel J. llenslcy, 
Vice President ; Chas. R. Bond, Secretary ; 

C. V. Garrison, Treasurer ; W. J. Lewis, 
Chief Engineer. 

PACIFIC EXl^RESS Co.— Office NE. corner 
Montgomery and California streets. — D. 
Brigham, Jr., President. 
Sacramento street comer of Leidesdorti". — 
Forbes & Babcock, Agents. 

PACIFIC WHARF Co.— Capital, $200,000- 
Office 189 Sansome street. — Nicholas G. 
Kittle, President and Treasurer ; J. G. Kit- 
tle, Secretary. Tiiis Comjiany is free from 
all liabilities, and has paid all claims due the 
city at the teimination of each and every 

—Capital, $1,.500,000.— Office 101 Merchant 
street. — C. L. Wilson, President ; Wm. T. 
Sherman, Vice President; Edward Jones, 
Treasurer ; II. R. Payson, Secretary. 

SAUCELITO WATERCo.— Capital $150,000 
Office corner of Washington and Drum sts. 
Wm. H. Talmage, President ; D. Brigham, 
jr., Sccretai-y. 

SAN FRANCISCO GAS Co.— $1,000,000 
Capital. Incorporated in 1852. Office, First 
street, lietween Natoma and Howard. Jas. 
Donahue, President ; J. Mora Moss, Vice 
President; Josejih G. Eastland, Secretary ; 
Win. \V. Bcggs, Engineer and Sujierintcnd- 
ent. The Company have 12 miles of gas 

pipe laid, and have eighty-one retorts, and 
two gas holders in ojicration, the aggregate 
cajiacity of which is 1 G6,00() cubic feet of gas.' 
Diameter of tank of original gasometer, fifty- 
three feet ; diameter of tank of new gasome- 
ter, ninety feet. 

ORES PLANK ROAD Co.— $300,000 
Capital. Organized November 19th, 1850. 
Office 25 Atlicneum building, SE. corner 
Montgomery and California streets. John 
Center, President ; Henry Baker, Secretary. 
This Company owns the Mission- and Folsora 
street plank roads, the former two and one 
quarter miles long, com]iletcd July 25th, 
1851 ; and the latter two and one eighth miles 
long, completed Nov. 14tii, 1853. Charter 
extends to eight years from March 7th, 1853. 

ING Co. — Comer Price and Harrison streets 
— will commence refining suyar, Jan., 1857. 

VULCAN FOUNDRY Co. (late Gordon & 
Stein )— Cai)ital, $103,000. Office First 
street, between JMission and Howard. Geo. 
Gordon, President ; T. A. jNIonkliouse, Mana- 
ger ; Paul Torquet, Draughtsman ; A. C. 
Austin, Foreman. 

$220,000.— E. P. Flint, President ; Chas. L. 
Case, Treasurer ; W. B. Mintum, Secretary. 

Capital, $200,000.— Benj. Richardson, Presi- 
dent ; John Nightingale, Secretary ; Gus- 
tave Touchard, Treasurer. 

WELLS, FARGO & Co.— Capital, $600,000— 
Bankers and Expressmen — Office NW. cor- 
ner INIontgomery and California streets. — 
Louis McLaue, Jr., resident Agent. 

Com-ts and Teniis. 

Hon. H. M. McAllister, Judge; George 
Penn Johnston Clerk ; cliambers, United 
States Court Building, corner of Battery and 
Washinerton streets. 

For the Northern District of California. 
Hon. Ogden Hoffman, Judge ; John A. Mon- 
roe, Clerk; chambers, United States Court 
Building, corner of Batter}- and Washington 

CALIFORNIA— Hon. Hugh C. Murray, 
Chief Justice ; Hon. Solomon Heydenfeldt, 
and Hon. David S. Terry, Associate Justices- 
Joseph R. Beard, Clerk" 

— Hon. John S. Hager, Judge ; Thomas 
Hayes, Clerk ; Court Room, City Hall; reg- 
ular Terms, First Monday of Febuary, April, 
June, August, October, and December. 

RICT— Hon. Edward Norton, Judge ; Tho- 
mas Hayes, Clerk ; Court Room, City Hall ; 
recjular Terms, First Monday of ev(M-v uiontli 

SUl'ERIOR COURT— Hon. "David U. Shat- 
tuck. Judge ; James IJ. McMinn, Clerk ; 
(^ourt room, 7 Citv Hall. 

P]IOl5.\TK ('()i;i;f— Hon. Thomas W. Free- 
Ion, Judgr; Thomas Jfayes, Clerk; Court 



room, 15 City Hall ; tenn«, tliird Monday of 
Jammry, March, May, July, September, aud 

Ereelon, Judge ; C. M. Chamberlain and E. 
W. Smith, A.ssociate Justices ; Thos. Hayes, 
Clerk; Court room, 15 City Hall; terms, 
first Monday of February, April, June, Au- 
gust, Octol)er, aud December. 

COUNTY COURT— Hon. Thomas W. Free- 
Ion, Judge : Thomas Hayes, Clerk ; Court 
room, 15 City Hall ; terms, first Monday of 
January, March, May, July, September, and 

POLICE COURT— Hon. James Van Ness, 
JudiiC ; William Ford, Clerk; Courtroom, 
6 city Hall. 

U. S. Goverumeut Officers. 

CUST0:M house— Located west side of Bat- 
tery, between Washington and Jackson sts., 
open daily from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M., Sundays 
excepted. Collector's oflice — Milton S. La- 
tham, Collector, residence, 2G9 Stockton st. ; 
S. Q. Wasliingtou and John Walton, Depu- 
ty Collectors ; Charles Mouell, Entry clerk ; 
Henry La Reintrie, Superintendent Entry 
clerk ; Marshall Bryan, Permit clerk ; F. D. 
Clayton, Bond clerk ; J. G. Cantteld, Regis- 
ter clerk ; F. C. Ewer, Warehouse clerk ; G-. 
"W. Hamersly, Invoice clerk; T. S. Here- 
ford, Invoice Examiner; George L. Fake, 
Entrance and Clearance clerk; Algernon 
Smith, Recording Clerk ; Edward Dirkin, 
John Flood, and Dennis J. Hogan, Messen- 
gers. Auditors's oflice — J. Frank jNliller, Au- 
tlitor ; Robert 0. Sturdivant, Book keeper ; 
James H. Latham, Refunding clerk ; John 
S. Watson, Impost book keeper ; Richard 
W. Savage, Statistical clerk; Cashier's De- 
partment — John B. Peachy, Cashier ; Wm. 
Wain, jr.. Cashier's clerk, T. D. Murphy, 
Messenger. Watchmen — Phili]5 McGovern, 
Captain of the watch ; O. C. McKnight, 
Robert Moblitt, T. D. Giljbons, E. J. iMe- 
Cortucy. Appraisers' otfice — Samuel J. 
Bridge, Appraiser General ; Philip A. Roach 
and b. P. Sutton, Appraisers ; W. S. Slier- 
wood, Assistant Appraiser ; Bernard AUcin, 
J. P. Corrigan, and Samuel Marx, Examin- 
ers ; James L. Trask, James A. AVall and 

C. A. McNulty, Clerks; Thomas Golden, 
Messenger; Daniel E. Martin, Watchman 
and Superintendant of Laborers ; James L. 
Marcy, Wm. Fogarty, Wm. S. Brooks, Geo. 
E. Sherwood, Isaac M. Ward, and Patrick 
Durkan, Laborers. Warehouse Department 
— Joseph L. Moody, Superintendent of ware- 
house; Sheldon W. Hopkins, Merchandise 
book keeper; D. L. Fonts, Store keeper. Ap- 
praisers store ; Wm. Bothwell, Store keeper. 
Appraiser's store ; Wm. Dall, Store keeper, 
Battery street stores ; L. J. Sanders, Store 
keeper. Oriental Stores ; Michael Kane, Store 
keeper, Flint's stores ; E. F. Bunnell, Store 
keeper, C.difornia Stores ; L. L. Sawyer, 
Messenger; Wm. P. Bagly, John Cusiek, 

D. H. Loveland, and J. C. Higenhotham, 
AVatchinen ; James Holland, J. W. Handy, 
Wm. Lucas, James Larkin, E. Waller, J:ii. 

O'Morse, Edward Briant, and Patrick N< 
land. Laborers. 

NAVAL OFFICE— Wm. B. Dameron, Nav£ 
Officer; W. M. Rundells, Actino; Deput 
Naval Officer ; T. C. Charles, Cashier ; Jai 
O'Meara, Entry clerk ; George Tilghmai 
Clearance clerk ; James H. Gaediner, Wan 
house clerk ; T. W. Taliaferro, Impost clerl ]$ 
James G. Marshall, (colored) Messenger 

Surveyor; G. W. Gut!n-ie, Deputy Survej 
or . Lewis L. Mortimer, (colored) Messcngei 
Patrick Canney and George O'Dohertj J 
Weighers and Measurers ; Peter Burns, 1 
J. Ridgeway, Wm. H. Maromy, J. ]\I. Wood 
J. S. Cox, and E. Simmonds, Laborers j! 
Guagers — John D. Bluxome and Jolm B 
AVise ; Jacob F. Haehnlen and James Hut 
ter. Laborers. Barge Office — James Hngar 
Inspector in charge ; George Simpton, Board 3 
ing officer ; John Mahone, John Buckleip 
Aug. Johnson and Edward Curry, Bargemen 
Inspectors — D. L. Blanch\!rd, P. A. Croval 
E. M. Colica, E. F. Conway, J. C. Coach J] 
man, J. R. Denison, Wm. Donovan, .Join 
Eldridge, C. Frazee, J. S. Gil)son, R. Harri 
sou, John Haii:an, J. W^. Hawkins, Wm. M 
Jones, C. INIorgan, David McKee, R. R. :^Ja£ P( 
gill, A. J. Moses, J. M. O'Neil, J. .M. Prin 
dell, C. F. Powell, W. G. Ross, F. W. Rice 
C. J. Spraffue, J. Triplett Smith, W. A 
Taylor, T. H. Tilghman, H. A. Tuttle, R 
A.'Tuttle, R. A. Thompson, jr., F. A. West 
Richard Dugau, James T. Ryan, and D. W 

Cutter Wm. L. Marcy. J. H. Kellogg, Is 
Lieutenant, commanding ; J. H. Merryman 
2d Lieutenant ; Robert II. Travcrs, 3d Lieu 
tenant; John Grandfield, Boatswain. 

DISTRICT— Major Harlnuxn Bache, Topo 
graphical Engineer U. S. A., General Su))er 
intendent Light House Establisliment, Pacifii 
Coast, boards at Oriental Hotel ; F. M 
Bache Clerk, boards at Oriental Htl. Ligh 
House Keepers — N. Van Wagner, Keeper a 
Alcatraz Island ; E. S. Swan, Assistan' 
Keeper at Alcatraz Island; J. C. Fruchypi 
Keeper at Fort Point ; John Wolf, Keeper a 
-Point Bonito ; Alexander Brown, Assistan 
Keeper at Point Bonito ; Nerva N. Wines 
Kee])er at Farallones ; John A. Wines, Is 
Assistant Keeper at Farallones ; George C 
Collins, 2d Assistant Keeper at Farallones 
Thos Keneloy, 3d Assistant Keeper at Faral 
lones ; John John, Keeper at Huml)oldt Bay 

SAN FJixVNClSCO— Estal)lished hi 1854 
Peter Lott, Sui)erintendcnt ; J. R. Snyder 
Treasurer ; A. Haraszthv, Meltcr and Rcrin 
cr ; J. M. Ockfeldt, Co'iner ; C. Wiegand 
Assayer ; B. G. Barney, Superintendent'! 
clerk ; S. L. Merchant, Superintendent'! 
clerk ; L. A. Garnett, L. Hammond, R. B 
Sanches, R. I. Stevens, and Ivhvard Cahill 
Treasury clerk's; J. C. Mitcliell and D. T 
IMitchell. Clerks and Assistant Treasurers ol 
the United States. Coinage at the Miniji 
from its commencement up to Septcmbei 
15th, 18.5G; 




Gold coinage of 1854, 59,715,358 43 

Silver coinage, none. 

tiold coinage 0^1855, 21,417,077 43 

Silver coinage, 164,075 00 

Gold coinaii-eof 185G, 23,718,401 28 

Silver coinage, 177,000 00 

Total 855,192,512 14 

RAL'S OEFIGE— 73 and 74 Montgomevy 
Block, NE. corner of Wasliington nnd Mont- 
gomery streets. John C. Hays, Siirv.cyor 
General ; Leander Ransom, Chief Clerk. 

corner of Kearuy and Washington streets, 2d 
srorv. Richard P. Ashe. 

— No. 14, United States Conrt hnilding, NE. 
corner AVashington and Battery streets. Jas. 
Y. MeDnffiie, United States ilarshal. 
NEY'S OFFICE— Nos. 4 and 5 United 
States Court building. Wm. Blanding, U. 
S. District Attorney. 

— Nos. 19 and 20, ^lontgomery Block, 4th 
story. Brevet Major Z. V. Tower, U. S. 

OST OFFICE— Washingeon street, NAY- cor- 
ner of Battery. Office hours — from April to 
October, 7 A". :M. to 6 P. M. ; from October 
to April, 8 A. M. to 5 P. :\I. Cliarles L. 
AVellcr, Post Master; John Ferguson, Assis- 
tant Post Master ; F. Creighton, Cashier ; 
■\V. W. Armstrong, Box Clerk; Rufus K. 
Porter, Mailing clerk ; H. W. Butler, Assist- 
ant flailing clerk ; J. Shade Dungan, Regis- 
ter clerk ;"F. B. Casas, jr., Dead Letter 
clerk; D. D. McClellan, S. M. Keifer, H. 
Clay Smith, W. "\Yadham, and Jo'mi Short, 
General Delivcrv clerks ; Thomos C. Mc- 
Callan, Foreign "Delivery clerk ; W. J. Big- 
ger, Ladies Delivery clerk ; Jas. P. Ciunn- 
berlain, Newspaper Department ; Emanuel 
Simouds, Porter. 

State Officers in San Francisco. 

:;OMJnSSIONER of emigrants for the 

Port of San Francisco — .iVlexandcr G. Abell. 

Office, IIG Battery, corner of Washington 


GOODS— James Walsh. Office at Sheriff's 

office, Citv Hall. 
)OCK MASTERS—,!. C. Maynard and Wm. 

Necly Johnson. Office, No. 39 U. S. Court 

Building, corner of Battery and Washington 

PORT WARDENS— G. W. Ryder, Flournoy 

Shocklcv, Robert Haley, and G. A. Swasey. 

Office, No. 42 U. S. Court Building, corner 

of Battery and Wiishington streets. 

City and County Goveinjuent. 

lan. President. Lawrence Ryan represents 
1st Township ; E. W. Smith" represents 2d 

Township ; C. W. Chamberlain represents 
3d Township ; David Castree, 4th Town- 
ship. Robert T. Pa<je, Clerk. Cliamber of 
the Board, No. 20 City Hall : clerk's office, 
19 Citv Hall. 

SIFERIFF— David Scannell. Office, Citv HaU. 

COUNTY CLERK— Thomas Hayes. "Office, 
12 Citv Hall. 

COUNTY" RECORDER— F. D. Kohler. Of- 
fice, Hall of Records, west side of Plaza. 

TREASURER— R. E. Woods. Office, Kearny 
street above Washinston. 

ASSESSOR— Jolm Cook. Office, 29 aty Hall. 

SURVEYOR— J. J. Gardiner. Office, 29 City 

CORONER^!. Horace Kent. Office, 161 Sac- 
ramento street. 

SEXTON— John T. Wallace. Office, 161 Sac- 
ramento street. 

ton. Office, 33 Citv Hail. 

Nuttman. Office, 25 Citv Hall. 

SUP'T STREETS— J. J. Gardiner. Office, 24 
Citv Hall. 

MARSHAL— James McElrov. Office, Citv Hall. 

co:mmis'RS of the funded debt, 

for the citv of San Francisco, established in 
1851— D. "J. Tallant, William Hooper, John 
Jliddleton, Henry Haight, Wm. M. Lent. 
Office, 100 Merchant street. 

Public Scliools. 

The Dcpartmcnl of Public Instmction consists 
of a Board of Education, a Superintendent of 
Public Schools, and some ^ixty-tive persons en- 
gaged as Principals and Assistants of the various 
Schools' The aggregate monthly exj)enses of 
the Department are about 59,500, of which 
amount about 87,500 are paid for salaries of In- 
structors. The aggregate nmnber of scholars is 
about 5,000. 


President ; R. W. Fishboiu'n, Wra. Sherman, 
R. II. Til)bets, F. C. Ewer, Henry B. Janes, 

Elisha Cook. 


No. 1 — Hampton jjlace, near Third street. Mr. 
John Sweet, Principal. 125 scholars. 

No. 2 — Corner of Bush and Stockton streets. 
James Denman, Principal. 110 scholars. 

No. 3 — Corner of Powell and Jackson street. Jlr. 
A. Holmes, Principal. 130 scholars. 

No. 4 — Union street near Kearny. Wm. Ham- 
mill, Principal. 130 scholars. 

No. 5 — Corner of Stockton and Francisco streets. 
Mr. E. F. Dunne, Piincijial. 45 scholars. 

No. 6 — At the Laguna. ]Mr. J. C. Morrill, Prin- 
cipal. 77 scholars. 

No. 7 — Mission, between Fourth and Fifth streets. 
:Mr. H. P. Carlton, Principal. 52 scholars. 

Union — Powell, between Clay and Sacramento 
streets. Ellis H. Holmes, Principal. 90 

Evening — Dupont street, corner of Califoniio. A. 
Holmes, Principal. 200 scholars. 



No. 1 — Hampton place, near Third street. Mrs. 

Sarah Dudley, Principal. 142 scholars. 
No. 2 — Corner of Bush and Stockton streets. 

Miss E. A. PomeroY, Principal. 1 59 scholars. 
No. 3 — Market, between Second and Third. Mr. 

T. S. MjTick, Principal. 1.56 scholars. 
No. 4 — Corner of California and Dupont streets. 

Alexander Macy Principal. 177 scholars. 
No. 5 — Corner of Jackson and Powell streets. 

Miss H. A. Hancke, Principal. 1-30 scholars. 
Ifo. 6. — Union, between Kearny and ilontgomery 

streets, ilrs. A. H. Austin, Principal. 148 

No. 7 — Francisco, near Stockton street. Miss A. 

M. Kennedy, Principal. 40 scholars. 
iq-Q. 8 — Mission, between Fourth and Fifth streets. 

IMrs. S. A. Hann, Principal. 90 scholars, 
jfight — Corner of Dupont and California streets. 

ilr. T. C. Leonard, Principal. 80 scholars. 

jfo. 1 — Hampton place, near Thii-d street. Mrs. 

Forrester, Principal. 200 scholars. 
No. 2 — Comer of Folsom and Second streets. 

Miss J. Clements, Principal. 90 scholars. 
No. 3 — Market, between Second and Third streets. 

Miss M. O'Brien, Principal. 118 scholars. 
No. 4 — Corner of California and Dupont streets. 

Mrs. M. Dean, Principal. 352 scholars. 
2Jo. 5 — Washington street, rear of Baptist Church. 

Mrs. E. Burt, Principal. 160 scholars, 
jjo. 7 — Union, near Kearny street. JNL.-S. A. S. 

Page, Principal. 150 scholars. 
No. 8— ^Vallejo, iiear Dupont street. Miss M. A. 

Powers, Principal. 100 scholars, 
jfo. 9 — Stockton, near Francisco street. Mrs. J. 

H. Nevins, Principal. 93 scholars, 
jjo. 10 — At the Laguita. Miss H. C. Kitteridge, 

Principal. 56 scholars. 
No. 11 — Comer of Clay and Leavenworth streets, 

Miss J. Ivnos, Principal. 60 scholars, 
jfio-ht — Comer of Dupont and California streets. 
° ilr. W. C Crooks, Principal. 60 scholars. 

jifo. 1 — At Mission Dolores. Mr. Thomas C. 

Leonard, Principal. 97 scholars. 
Ifo. 2 — Clay, corner of Leavenworth street. Miss 

S. Knox, Principal. 47 scholars. 


Jackson street, corner of Virginia place. Mr. 

John S. Moore, Principal. 60 schokirs. 

File Depaitiueut. 

CHIEF EXGIXEER— .James E. Xuttman. 

Jones, President ; Marcus D. Boruck, Sec- 

retarv ; H. A. Cobb, Treasurer. 
E]MPIRE Co. No. 1— Organized 4th June, 1850. 

Location, Sacram.mto, near Kearny street. 

David Scanuet, Foreman; C. A. Howard, 

Eirst Assistant ; , Second Assistant ; 

T. A. Douglas, Secretary ; C. E. Snook, 

Treasurer; D. C. McCarty and P. Hunt, 

Members of board of Delegates. 

]\L\XHATTAN Co. No. 2— Location, Jackso: 
between Montgomery and Dupont streets^ 
Ira Cole, Foreman ; Washington Grey, First 
Ass't ; Harvey Lake, Second Ass't ; 

Briska, Secretary ; King, Treasurer 

Jasper Babcock and T. P. Smith. Membe; 
of Board of Delegates. 

HOWARD Co. No.' 3— Organized 15th June^ 
1850. Location, California, near Sansomi 
street. F. E. Whitney, Foreman ; W. T 
Chase, First Ass't ; G. A. Whitney, Second i 

Ass't ; P. A. Whitney, Secretary ; , 

Treasurer ; David Rand and John L. Ot- 
tintrdon, Members of Board of Delegates. 

Cxy.EFORNIA, Co. No. 4— Organized 7th Sep- 
tember, 1850. Location, Market, near Bat- 
tery. W. S. O'Brien, Foreman ; John H. 
O'ijrien, Fu-st Ass't ; Julius D. Scliultze, 
Second Ass't ;• Adam T. Green, Secretaiy; 
E. B. Tompkins, Treasurer; E. B. Tomp- 
kins and J. W. Lees, Members of Board o^ 

KNICIvERBOCIvER Co. No. 5 — Organized. 
17th October, 1850. Location, Sacramento, 
near Sansome street. Edward S. Spear,; 
Foreman ; Lafayette Stivers, First A^s't ; 

Wm. B. Fairman, Second Assistant ; , 

Secretary; J. H. Robertson, Treasurer; C. • 
E. Buckingham and E. S. Spear, Membera 
of Board of Delegates. 

MONUMENTAL Co. No. 6— Organized 12th 
September, 1850. Location, Brenhani place, 
between Washington and Clay streets. Geo, 
H. Hossefross, Foreman ; "W. II. Silver- 
thom. First Ass't; Chas. S. Way, Second 
Ass't ; Charles M. Chase, Secretary ; Joseph 
Figel, Treasurer; Gfeo. H. Hossefross and 
R. H. Sintou, Members of Board of Dele- 

VOLL^'^TEER Co. No. 7— Location, Pine, be- 
tween Montgomerv and Sansome streets. J, 
C. Lane, Foreman; G. W. Shaw, First As- 
sistant; J. S. Ells, Second Ass't; J. D. Van 
Buren, Secretary ; G. Reed, Treasurer ; J. 
B. Moore and J. C. Lane, Members of Boards 
of Delegates. 1 

PACIFIC Co. No. 8— Organized 19th Septera- ' 
ber, 1853. Location, Jackson, between FrontJl 
and Davis streets. M. S. Necfus, Foreman;!. 
Thos. Jarrett, First Ass't; G. H. Thomas,J 
Second Ass't ; Wm. Speckels, Secretaiy ;', 
H. H. Kattenhoru, Treasurer; G. H.. 
Thomas and William Speckels, Members off' 
Board of Delegates. ■; 

VIGILANT Co. No. 9— Organized 2d FebV 
ary, 1852. Location, Stockton, between Pa- 
cific and Broadway streets. Wm. H. Bovee^ 
Foreman ; Harry 0. Gough, First Ass't ; Ja- 
cob Chappel, Second Ass't ; Terence McCue, 
Secretary ; John Nicholson, Treasurer. 
Members of Board of Delegates not elected 
till 4th Mondav of October. > 

CRESCENT Co. "No. 10— Organized 4th No^ 
vember, 1852. Location, Pacific, between- 
Montgomeiy and Dupont streets. James 
Herbert, i'oreman ; George Farley, xVssistj 
ant Foreman ; Edward ^IcGratty, Secretary}; 
E. W. Graham, Treasm-er ; C. S. Biden am 
James Herbert, Members of Board of Del 

COLUMBL\ Co. No. 11— Organized 4th No 
vember, 1852 Location, Bush betweeB 



Kearny and Dupont streets. Charles Gray, 
Foreman ; John Toomy, Assistant Foreman ; 
Wm. II. Brennan, Secretiiry; John reimy- 
took, Treasurer ; R. Doyle and E. P. Buck- 
ley, Members of the Board of Delegates. 

TEENSYLVAJJIA Co. No. 12— Organized 4th 
November, 1852. Location, Jackson, be- 
tween Dupont and Kearny streets. John 
liinnah Foreman ; T. L. Gai-vin, Assistant | 
Foreman ; J;is. Thom])Son Secretary ; Thos. 
Tennant, Treasurer ; Franklin L. Jones and 
Tlios. Tennant, Members of the Board of 

YOUNG AMERICA Co. No. 13— Location, 
Mission Dolores. M. Hayes, Foreman ; J. 
Whelau and L. Winbriuger, Members of the 
Board of Delegates. 

TIGER Co. No, 14— Organized 22d February, 
1855. Location, Second one door west of 
Mission street. Caleb Clapji, Foreman ; P. 
C. Wilkinson, 1st Assistant Foreman; John 
Carroll, 2d Assistant Foreman; J. Sewell 
Reed, Secretary ; Wm. M. Ilaynie, Treasu- 
rer ; Charles Flunili and E. Fitzgibbons, 
Members of Board of Delegates. 


ST. FRANCIS Co. No. 1— Organized 15th 
June, 1850. Location, Dupont between Sa- 
cramento and Clay streets. Louis II. Robic, 
Foreman ; F. C. Wagener, 1st Assistant, and 
James Knight, 2d Assistant Foreman ; Ja- 
cob Ezekiel, Secretary ; Alfred Hubert, Fi- 
nancial Secretiiry ; F. Bertou, Treasurer ; J. 
J. Berry and Jacob Ezekiel, Members of the 
Board of Delegates. 

LAFAYETTE Co. No. 2— Organized 19th 
September, 18.53. Location, south side of 
Broadway, between Dupont and Stockton 
streets. II. A. Cobb, Foreman ; Franek 
Maillot, 1st Assistant, and Joseph Boverat, 
2d Assistant Eoreman ; T. A. Slitchell, Sec- 
retary; Emile Grisar, Treasurer; H. A. 
Cobb ano T. A. Mitchell, Members of Board 
of Delegates. 

SANSOME Co. No. 3 — Organized on the eigh- 
teenth of June, 1850. Location, Montgomery 
between Jackson and Pacific streets. Wm. 
Adrain, Foreman ; Wm. P. Edwards, 1st 

Assistant, and Alexander F. C. Engcrt, 2d 
Assistant Foreman ; T. D. Green, Secreiary; 
Jolin AV. Havnes, Treasurer ; Florence Ma- 
houey and Robert A. Law, Members of the 
Boiu-d of Delegates. 

Districts of the Cit}'. 

down in the Consolidation Bill : 

First Dislrict — Bounded by Kearny street on the 
west. Pacific street on the south, and the Bay. 

Second District — Bounded by I'aciftc street on the 
south, the Bay on the" north, Leavenworth 
street on the west, and Kearny street on the 

Third District — Bounded by Clay street on the 
south. Pacific street on the north, Kearny 
street on the west, and the Bay on the east. 

Fourth District — Bounded by Clay street on the 
south, Pacific street on the north, Larkin 
street on the west, and Kearny street on the 

Fij'th District — Bounded by Pine street on the 
south. Clay street on the north, Kearny street 
on the west, and the Bay on the cast. 

Sixth Dislrict — Bounded by Pine street on the 
south, Clay street on the north, Larkin stitel 
on the west, and Kearny street on the east. 

Sevaith District — The triangle bounded by Mar 
ket, Dupont and Pine streets. 

Eighth District — Bounded by Market street on the 
soutli. Pine street on the north, Larkin street 
on the west, and Dupont street on the east. 

Ninth District — The triangle bounded by Second 
and Market streets and the Bay. 

Tenth District — Bounded by the Bay, and Harris, 
Market and Second streets. 

Eleventh District — Ait irregular space, commcnc 
ing at the foot of Harris street, running along 
Harris to Market, along Market to Larkin, 
along Larkin to Bush, along Bush to the 
boundaries of the new county of San Fran- 
cisco, and along this boundary to the place of 

Twelfth District — Bounded by Bush street on the 
south, the Bay on the north, the boundary of 
tiie new County on the west, and Leaven- 
worth and Larkin streets on the cast. 





Coffey & Ri8(lon'8 




Corner of Bush and Market Streets, 

OiPiDOoit© tlxo Oxrloxxta-l Hotel, 


The undersigned, who have been Foremen, Managerc; and Acti\c 
Partners in the above establishment for the past three years, liavinj: jmrchaseil Mr. 
Snow's interest in the sanie, will continue the Imsincss as heretofore, at the Old Stand, 
where we arc prepared to inauulac-tiire 


of every description ; > 

Steam and Water Pipes, 

and <lo SHEET IKON WOKK of all kinds 'at the shortest notice, and on the most 
reasonable terms. Tarticular attention paid to all orders from the Mines for STEAM 
B<^1LERS .)r WATER I'll'E, ENGINES or RUMPS ibr niininjr i)urposes. 





(Successors to Thoma,- Snow >■<: Co.) 




AND I)KA],i:i{S IS 

84 Front Street, corner of. Clay. 

mm ¥. MwiiE i m. 

Importers and Jobbers of 


Rubber Hose and Packing, Leatlier and India Rubber Belting, 

Hardware, Fairbanks' Platform and Counter Scales, 

Douglas' Force and Lift Pumps. 

No. 97 Front Street, near Washington. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Gallego, Haxall, Suffolk Mills and Domestic 

67 Clay Street, belo-w Front. 


(Successor to C. S. Bishop,) 

zs^iiL^cs^f-wrix^ ^s:2r^ o^s:mQ2 "c^CE^u^ 

Office, Corner Davis and Wa.sliin}»'ton Streets (Up Stairs). 

Eefcrs to : Samuel Price & Co., Dunne & Co., Flint, Peahody & Co., French, Wal- 
rath & Co., H. Hugg «Sb Co., W. B. Peakc, Bray & Brother, and Frank Laun]ie.<»t(;r. 

The Old Pioneer £\|>re!$§iii<in of 1840, 

Between San Franci.«co, Oregon, Stockton, and tlie Southern Mines, 

Oifice, Corner Davis and Washington Streets, Up Stairs, 

Offers his services ns a Buyer or Seller of Merchandise and Produce, havino: been 
actively engafred in husiness since 1849, he posscssi's an extensive acquaintance, and 
hein^r constantly in the market, feel that he is alile to buy or sell to the best advantajre. 
Thankful for past favors, and by continuing to give my strict, undivided per- 
sonal attciition to my business, I hojie to merit and receive a continuance of the pul)lic 
patronage. Pledging myself that any business entrusted to my care will receive 
prompt attention. 







> cS^ ^ p' ^ ,.^1/ , 


Fit! aitiire. Wareroo) 

In the Buildiug formerly known as the Cllji] * r^ 

.128 Washington Bfi 


"- r'jl 

49 iivi '-1 Fourth streets, between J . : ■ ' ti 

Iiii;;. , ■ ..ers, "v, -::'.alp aiid, Seta:) j 

' . e 'V uostfiptpi. of" . 

X2M- K3r :C%JSi J^ 1* -^C^ JSL H. X E! 'jr* ^j 

T!i;:.v .o<! AJjibpgnny, Walmjt, 0;ik, i^rlor and<.'hanjbcr >5f u^ ; 
' jt'asi. '' .)uib'j9, Lotm^oi? sirtd i\a^y Chairs ; • , . 
Work, tkin', rvjiiti*, pHiing^ TBxtcii-^ii aaml FaAcy TahU-s ; * 

Mer<.l<;i!its', Lawj-ets' m\d Soiiidini^- Desks ; 

HooV Ov • !<erTCt!irio=, ]-?in-cn.ii^. Kiii(>ho!inl.<.;irir! Wlini • 'C. .t~ 

("'hA. 'i8 of Sill (jujJilitt newest style and uiost up[Aoverl ni.'.ic, 

V/e uvo T'.ieiviiig by every a 'sscl I'Cfxn^t v I'nd fonijilete Invui; s of Oi'O^ 
wmitB of the lately or and Coasi 

' ' ridb puri'Laied aud ror.t to steamers And ressele, and,. :£> every jvut of tt 


128 Washington j